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Full text of "Catalogue of the Guildhall library of the city of London, with additions to June 1889"

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Prepared under the Direction of the Library Committee 



1 ^ ^^S^ : 
Blades, East & Blades, 23, Abciiurch Lane, E.G. 

cJtiBrart? Committee 


Mr. Edgar Francis Jenkins {Chairman). 

Sir James Clarke Lawrence, Bart. 
Sir John Whittaker Ellis, Bart., M.P. 
Sir Robert Nicholas Fowler, Bart., M.P. 


Sir Reginald Hanson, Bart., M.A., LL.D., F.S.A. 
Joseph Savory, Esq. 
George Robert Tyler, Esq. 


Mr. Alfred Brookman, F.R.G.S. 
Edward Dresser Rogers, Esq., Deputy. 
Mr. William Creasey. 
Mr. James G-allaher. 

Henry Lawrence Hammack, Esq., J.P., Deputy. 
Mr. Alfred Wagstaff. 
Mr. Andrew Mitchell Torrance. 
William George Barnes, Esq. 
James Edmeston, Esq., Deputy. 
Mr. Henry Greene. 

Mr. Augustus Alfred Wood, A.K.C., F.C.S. 
Mr. Henry Hugh Thompson. 
Major Hymen Aron Joseph. 
Samuel Elliott Atkins, Esq., Deputy. 

Mr. Henry Clarke (specially appointed). 

William Braham, Esq., Deputy. 
Mr. John James Baddeley. 
Mr. George Harris Haywood. 
Mr. Thomas Loveridge. 
George Shaw, Esq. 
Henry Hicks, Esq. 
George Manners, Esq., F.S.A., F.L.S. 
Mr. Thomas Townend. 
Mr. Joseph Barrett. 
Whinfield Hora, Esq., Deputy. 
Charles John Todd, Esq. 
Mr. George Canning Edwards. 
Mark Shephard, Esq., Deputy. 
Mr. Howard Carlile Morris. 

Librarian — Mr. Charles Welch. 

Senior Sub-Librarian — Mr. E. M. 
Junior Sub- Librarian — Mr. B. Kettle. 


Hulcs anb Regulations of tt^c Cibrary. 

I. The Library shall be open daily (except on the 
days mentioned in Kule II.) from Ten o'clock a.m. until 
Nine o'clock p.m. 

II. The Library shall be closed from the 6th to the 
12th of .November, both inclusive, on Sundays, Good 
Friday, Christmas Day, Bank and Public Holidays, Fast 
and Thanksgiving Days by Proclamation, and on such 
other days as may be deemed necessary. 

III. Every person desiring to use the Library shall 
be required to vrrite his or her name and address in the 
" Readers' Admission Book," and such signature shall be 
taken and considered to be an assent to the Rules and 
Regulations of the Library ; and any one giving a false 
name or address shall not be permitted to enjoy the 
privileges of the Library or Museum. 

IV. Every reader shall write the titles of the 
Works required upon the Printed Tickets provided for 
that purpose (one Work only to be applied for on each 
Ticket), deliver the same to one of the Library Attend- 
ants, return the Works to the Ticket Clerk at his desk 
near the entrance, before leaving the Library, and receive 
back the Tickets, the Reader being responsible for the 
Works so long as the Tickets remain uncancelled. No 
person shall be permitted to take any Book or Books 
from the shelves in the Library. 

V. It is expressly forbidden to take out of the 
Library any Book, Map, Print, Drawing, Manuscript, or 
any other article belonging to the Library. 

VI. Persons under 16 years of age shall not be 
admitted to the Library, except by the special permission 
of the Committee, for which written applications, accom- 
panied by recommendations from Parents, Guardians, 
Employers, or others must, in all cases, be submitted. 

VII. No person shall write or make marks in, or 
turn down the leaves of any printed Book, Manuscript, 
or other Work. 

VIII. If any defects be observed in any of the 
Works in the Library, it is requested that immediate 
information thereof be communicated to the Librarian. 
Any person damaging any of the Books, Prints, Drawings, 
Plans, or Manuscripts, whilst in his or her possession in 
the Library, shall pay for the damage such amount as 
shall be determined by the Librarian or the Committee. 

IX. Extracts may be taken from any printed Book 
or Manuscript ; but the whole or greater part of a Book 
or Manuscript shall not be transcribed without the 
sanction of the Library Committee. 

X. No person shall lay the paper on which he is 
writing on any Book. 

XI. No tracings from any Map, Plan, or other 
Work shall be taken without permission from the 

XII. Readers desirous of suggesting any additions 
to the Library, may do so by writing the same in the 
" Readers' Suggestion Book," which shall be laid before 
the Committee for their consideration. 

XIII. Catalogues shall be kept in the Library for 
public use. 

XIV. The titles of all Books, Manuscripts, Prints, 
Maps, and Drawings, which may be presented or 
bequeathed to the Library, shall be entered, with the 
names of the donors, in a Book kept for that purpose. 

XV. No person shall be admitted to any part of 
the Library premises who is intoxicated, or not in a 
clean condition ; nor shall any audible conversation be 
permitted ; no person shall be allowed to partake of 
refreshments, or to smoke in the Library, or in any part 
of the building ; and any person who shall offend 
against these Regulations, or shall be guilty of any 
other misconduct, shall not be allowed to remain within 
the building. 

XVI. The Attendants shall not be permitted to 
receive any fee, perquisite, or gratuity whatsoever. 


[D.C] The Dutch Church Library. 

[C.C.] The Library of the Clockmakers' Company. 

[S.M.] Memorial Library of Alderman Sir David Salomons, B*- 

[R.L.L.] Law Library, presented by Gabriel Prior Goldney, Esq., Remembrancer. 



A. (C. F. B.) 

Which is the true Church? 8"- London, 1879. 

A. (J.) 

Upon the late lamentable Fire in London. In an 
humble imitation of the most incomparable Mr. 
Cowley his Pindarick strain. 4"- London, 1667. 

[A. (J. R.)] See APPLETON (John Reed). 


Biographisch woordenboek der Nederlanden. . .personen. 
21 vol. in 27. [D.C.] 8"- Haarlem, 1852-78. 

AACHEN, Das Kcinigliche Gymnasium zu. 
Jahresbericht...fur das Schuljahr, 1877-78, erstattet 
von... Dr. Heinrich Schwenger. Hierbeieine Abhand- 
lung des ordentlichen Lehrers Johannes Briill : He- 
rodots Babylonische Nachrichten ... 

4"- Aachen, 1878. 

ABBOT (William). 
Conflicts and conquests : or, Christian experience of the 
author. B"- London, 1815. 

ABBOTT (Edwin). 
A concordance to the works of Alexander Pope. With 
an introduction by Edwin A. Abbott, D.D. 

8°- London, 1875. 

ABBOTT (Eev. Edwin A[i!Bott]), D.D. 
How to parse : an attempt to apply the principles of 
scholarship to English grammar. 8°- London, 1875. 
How to tell the parts of speech : an introduction to 
English grammar. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1875. 
Bacon and Essex : a sketch of Bacon's earlier life. 

8°' London, 1877. 
Philochristus : memoirs of a disciple of the Lord. 

[Anon.} 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1878. 

A Shakespearian grammar : an attempt to illustrate 
some of the differences between Elizabethan and 
modern English. New edit. 8"- London, 1879. 
Onesiraus : memoirs of a disciple of St. Paul. By the 
author of "Philochristus." [Anon.'] 

8°- London, 1882. 
Flatland, a romance of many dimensions : with illus- 
trations by the author, A. Square [pseud.']. 

40- London, 1884. 
Francis Bacon : an account of his life and works. 

8"- London, 1885. 

ABBOTT, Evelyn. 
Hellcnica : a collection of essays on Greek poetry, 
philosophy, history and religion. 8"- London, \880. 

yKschyUis : by Ernest Myers. 

Aristotle's coiioe])tion of tlie State : by Anilrew Cecil Bradley. 

Eiiicurns : by William Leoiianl Courtney. 

Greek oracles : by Frerieriek William Henry Jlyers. 

Plato's Itepnhlic, The theory of education" in : by Riohanl 

Lewis Nettleshii). 
Polybins : by .James Leigh Strachau-Daviilson. 
Soi)h6cles, Tlic tlieology and ethics of : by Evelyn Abbott. 
Thucydides, The speeches of . by Richard Clavorhouse .Tebb. 
Xenoiihon : by Henry (irahani Dakyiis. 

ABBOTT (Francis). 
A treatise on the management of public clocks, par- 
ticularly church clocks : with hints for their improve- 
ment, and means for regulating them. 2nd edit. 
[C.C.] 8°' London, n.d. 

ABBOTT (G. Blizard). 
History of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution 
f or aged freemasons and widows of freemasons. Re- 
printed from The Freemason. 8"- London, 1884. 

ABBOTT (John William). 
A history of London from the earliest period to the 
present time ; with some account of the present 
state of its most important public buildings. 1st and 
2nd edit. 8"' Zo?;do«, 1820-1. 

ABBOTT (Richard). 
Narrative of ...his apprehension, imprisonment and 
release, in the years 1689-91. Edited by the R'- 
Rev. Alexander Goss, D.D. [Chetham Society, 61.] 
4"- [Manchester,] 1864. 

ABEL (Clarke). 
Narrative of a journey in the interior of China, and of 
a voyage to and from that country in the years 1816 
and 1817. 4°- London, 1818. 

ABEL, Alderman [William]. 

A dialogue or accidental discourse betwixt Mr. 
Alderman Abel and Richard Kilvert, the two maine 
projectors for wine... Printed in the same year of 
grace 1641. 4°- London, 1641. 

An exact legendary, compendiously containing the 
whole life of Abel, the maine projector and patentee 
for the raising of wines. . . broadside [with a curious 
woodcut]. [Lojidon,] 1641. 

[Resolution of the House of Commons] concerning the 
prices of wine... May 26 [and declaring the illegality 
of the patent obtained by Alderman Abel and Master 
Richard Kilvert]. fo. sh. [London,] 1641. 

The copie of a letter sent from the roaring boyes in 
Elizium to the two arrant Knights of the Grape in 
limbo. Alderman Abel and M. Kilvert, the two great 
])rojectors for wine, and to the rest of the worship- 
ful brotherhood of the patent... 4"- London, 1641. 

The last discourse betwixt Master Abel and Master 
Richard Kilvert, interrupted at the fii-st by an ancient 
and angry gentlewoman... London, IdW. 


ABELL (Mrs. Elizai!ETH). 
Recollections of the Em])eror Napoleon during the first 
three years of his captivity on the island of St. 
Helena. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1845. 

[ABELL (Henry G.).] 
The gi'cat bullion robbery of May, 18.55. 

8"' London. [1856.] 





Register and chi'onicle of ...edited by Sir Henry Ellis. 
[Camden Society, 39.] i"- London, 1847. 



A cathedral is " subservient " to adequate clergy endow- 
ment : an answer to "Is there to be a cathedral in 
Aberdeen?'' 8°' Aberdeen, 18G1. 

ABERKETHY (John), Bishop of Caithness. 
A cliristian and heavenly treatise containing physicke 
for the soule ; very necessary for all that would enjoy 
true soundnesse of minde and peace of conscience. 
3rd edit. [D.C.] 4"- London, IQiQ. 

A letter from a friend to a person of quality, in answer 
to a letter ... about. fo. sh. London, 1682. 

ABILLON (AxDKi d'). 
Le Concile de la Grace, ou reflexions theologiques sur 
le second Concile d'Orange, et le parfait accord de 
ses decisions avec celles du Concile de Trente. [D.C.] 

4"- Paris, 1645. 

ABINGDON (Thomas). 
The antiquities of the cathedral church of Worcester. 
To which are added, the antiquities of the cathedral 
churches of Chichester and Lichfield. 

sm. 8°- London, 1717. 

ABINGDON ([WiLLOUGHBY Bektie,] Earl of). 
A letter to Lady Loughborough, in consequence of her 
presentation of the colours to the Bloomsbury and 
Inns of Court Association. 4th edit. 

8"- London, 1798. 


A short state of facts in answer to the case of the. 

fo. sh. London, n.d. 

Some reasons humbly offered to the Commons in par- 
liament assembled, by the people called Quakers, 
relating to the Lords amendments to the Act to 
declare the alteration to the Abjuration Bill ... 

fo. sh. n.d. 

An alarm to the counties of England and Wales,- with 
the oath of abjuration for ever to be abjur'd ... 

40- London, 1660. 

The case of the abjuration oath endeavoured to be 
cleared to the satisfaction of those who are required 
, to take it. 4"- London, 1702. 

ABNEY, Dame Maey. Sir PRICE (Samuel). 

ABNEY, Mrs. Sarah. See WATTS (Isaac). 

ABXEY, Alderman Sir Thomas. See SMITH 

Report of the parliamentary .select committee on 
aboriginal tribes (British settlements). 

S"- London, 1837. 
Woman slavery in Natal: a letter to the ... Society 
on native law rer.'oi.K British law. 8"'- London, 1878. 

ABRARANEL (Solomon), "of the House of 
David." See ARNALL (William). 

Unefpial and partial assessments : or, tlie Ijookof asacss- 
inents to the jtoor's rate of tlie parish of St. John. 
nami)stead, laid open ... K"- London, 18] l! 

ABRAHAMS (George). 
The resurrection of Christ's identical body proved : 
in reply to Mr. J. Godsmark of Hackney. 

8°- London, 1850. 

ABRAIVI (William Alexander). 

A history of Blackburn, town and parish. 

8°-- Blachhurn, 1877. 

Preston guild merchant, 1882. Memorials of the 
Preston guilds illustrating the manner in which the 
guild merchant has been held from the earliest on 
record until the last guild in 1862 ... with abstracts 
of all the Royal charters ... genealogical notes of 
the Guild Mayors . . . Reprinted from the Preston 
Guardian. 4°- Preston, 1882. 


Absalom's Conspiracy : or, the tragedy of treason. 

fo. sh. London, 1680. 

Al-Mufassal, opus de re grammatica Arabicum ... ad 
fidem codicum manuscriptorum edidit J. P. Broch : 
breviter prasfatus est C. A. Holmboe. [Publications 
of the Royal University of Chi'istiania.] 

8"- ChrhUanhe, 1859. 

Academic Speculum. The history and mystery of 
Mr. Sparewater. 8°- London, 1830. 


Dictionnaire...revu corrige et augmente par I'Academie 
elle-meme. 5«- edit. 2 vol. 4"- Paris, 1825. 

Dictionnaire des termes appropries aux arts et aux 
sciences... pouvant servii' de supplement au diction- 
nau-e de I'Academie... suivi d'un traite raisonne de 
ponctuation de E. Raymond. 4°- Paris, 1824. 


The Academy : a weekly review of literature, science 
and art. January, 1876 — December, 1886. Vol. 9 
to vol. 30. 12 vol. 4"- London, 1876-86. 

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and 
Wales. List of members, charter of incorporation, 
and bye-laws. 8°- London, 1884. 

ACERBI (Joseph). 
Travels tlii-ough Sweden, Finland and Lapland to the 
North Cape, in the years 1798 and 1799. 2 vol. 

4"- London, 1802. 

ACHERLEY (Roger). 
The Britannic constitution : or, the fundamental form 
of government in Britain. fo. London, 1727. 

Greek romances of Heliodorus, Longus, and Achilles 
Tatius. Translated by the Rev. Rowland Smith, 
M.A. [Bohn's Library.] 8<'- London, 1855. 

A full and authentic report of the above prosecution 
for libel... 8"- London. [1852.] 


The valley of Achor : or, a caveat to England, in xxxvii 
querys. 4"- London, 16()0. 

ACKERMANN (Rudolph). 
The microcosm of London. 3 vol. 

roy. 4"- London, 1808. 
History of the abbey chui-ch of St. Peter's, Westminster, 
its antiquities and nionunients. 2 vol. 

roy. 4"- London, 1812. 
A history of the University of Oxford, its colleges, 
halls, and public buildings. 2 vol. 

roy. 4"- London, 



ACKERMANN (RvuoLvn)— continued. 
A history of the University of Cambridge, its colleges, 
halls, and public buildings. [Anon.] 2 vol. 

4"- London, 1815. 
The History of St. Paul's school. 4"- London, 181G. 


Het Boeck der Ghetuygenissen vanden verborghen 
Acker-Schat. [D.C.] 4°- ?i.d. 

ACKLAND (Joseph). 
Russia : a review of her history and of her economic 
condition. 8"' London, 1878. 

ACKLAND (Rev. Thomas Gild.vnk), M.A. 

The Christian King : a sermon preached at St. An- 
drew, Holborn ... on the death of George the Third. 
2nd edit. 8«- London, 1820. 

The nation's disease and cure : a discourse upon the 
times ... 3rd edit. 8"- London, 1832. 

Hints on spectacles : when required and how to select 
them. 2nd edit. 8"- L^ondon, n.d. 

ACLAND (Arthur H. Dyke), M.A., and 
RANSOME (Cyrik), M.A. 
A handbook in outline of the political history of 
England to 1881, chronologically arranged. 

8°- London, 1882. 

ACLAND (Charles Thomas Dyke), M.P. 
What is the use of a vote to agricultural labourers and 
to village artizans ? 8"- Zowf/ow, 1885. 


ACLAND (James). 
Proceedings under the royal commission of inquiry 
into the constitution and conduct of the Corporation 
[of London, pt. 1]. 8°- Lojulon, 1853. 

ACLAND (Sir Thomas Dyke), M.P. 
The county franchise and Liberal policy. Two ad- 
dresses to tenants of allotments ; with supple- 
mentary matter. 2 vol. 8"- Ijondon, 1884. 

ACONZIO (Giacomo). 
Satanae stratagemata ; libri octo. Accessit eruditissima 
epistola de ratione edendorum librorum, ad Johan- 
nem Vuolfium Tigurinum, eodem authore. [D.C.] 

8»- Basilece, 1565. 

ACOSTA (Joseph de). 
The natural and moral history of the Indies : reprinted 
from the English translated edition of Edward 
Grimston, 1604, and edited ... by Clements R. 
Markham, F.R.S. [Hakluyt Society, 60, 61.] 2 vol. 

S"- London, 1880. 

ACTON (Samuel). 
Description of a design for improving the public 
ways of Holborn bridge, Skinner street, and Fleet 
market ... 4°- London, 1826. 


[ACUM (Joseph), jun.] 
Solicitor's guide to what papers have to be used and 
fees paid. county courts, in matters of bankruptcy 
and proceedings by debtors, under Sections 125 and 
126 of the Bankruptcy Act. 1869. 8"- Ilnll, 1874. 

ADAIR ( ). 
Speech in the general court of the East India Company, 
on the motion of Alderman Lushington for the 
remuneration of the services of Warren Hastings. 

8"- London, 1795. 

ADAIR, Helen. 

Introductory note to the new baUad of Helen Adair. 
Air, " Robin Adair." 4°- sh. Private circulation 
only. 1877. 

Helen Adair : a new ballad. Air, " Robin Adair." 
4°- sh. Private circulation only. [1877.] 

AD AIM of Cobsam. 
The Wright's chaste wife ... edited by Frederick J. 
Furnivall, M.A. [Early English Text Society, 12.] 

8°- London, 1865. 

ADAM of Murimuth. 
Chronica sui temporis, nunc primura per decem annos 
aucta (MCCCIII.— MCCCXLVL), cum eorundem 
continuatione (a.d. MCCCLXXX.) a quodam 
anonymo. Ad fidem codicum manuscriptorum edidit 
et recensuit Thomas Hog. [English Historical 
Society.] 8°- Londini, 1846. 

ADAM, Jean. See TYTLER (Sarah). 


A nest of serpents discovered : or a knot of old 
heretiques revived, called Adamites ; with the 
Adamites' sermon, delivered in Mariebone parke, by 
Obadiah Couchman. 4°- London, 1641. 

ADAMNAN, Abbot of lona. 
The life of St. Columba, founder of Hy.... [edited] by 
the Rev. William Reeves, D.D., M.R.I.A. [Ii-ish 
Archajological and Celtic Society, 2.] 

4°- Duhlin, 1857. 

ADAMS and others v. MALKIN. See HURD 

ADAMS (Prof. A. Leith), M.A., M.B., F.R.S. 

Monograph on the British fossil elephants. [Pala30nto- 
graphical Society, 31, 33, and 35.] 

40- London, 1877-81. 

ADAMS (Rev. Benjamin William), D.D. 

History and description of San try and Cloghran parishes, 
county Dublin. 8°- London, 1883. 

ADAMS (Charles). 
Hunter and the stag : a reply to Prof. Owen from 
the scientific point of view. 2nd edit. 

8°- London, 1882. 

ADAMS (Ernest), Ph.D., F.L.S. 
The elements of the English language. 14th edit. 
[S.M.] 8°- London, 1875. 

ADAMS (F. M.), B.A. 
A treatise on the law of trade -marks. 8°- London, 187 4. 

ADAMS (Ferdinando). 
Petition of Ferdinando Adams, Humphrey Paynter, 
Jeremy Kempsall, and others to the house of Com- 
mons, for the payment of money for neates leather 
shooes taken to the Tower for the forces in Dunkirke. 

fo. sh. n.d. 

ADAMS' (Francis). 
The free school system of the United States. 

8"- London, 1875. 

ADAMS (Francis Ottiwell), F.R.G.S. 
The history of Japan. 2nd edit. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1875. 

ADAMS (G. E.). 
Genealogical memoranda relating to the family of Bray, 
of Barrington, co. Gloucester and Berks. 4''-sh. n.d. 

ADAMS (Georcje). 
The description of a new sea quadrant for taking the 
altitude of the sun from tlie visible horizon ... to 
which is added, the description of two methods for 
procuring an artificial horizon at sea ... 

8°- London, 1748. 
B 2 



ADAMS (George G.), F.S.A. 
Medals commemorative of events in British history. 

4"- London. 1878. 
On two coronation medals of George I. 

8"- London, 1879. 

ADAMS (Henry). 
Notes in mechanical engineering : compiled principally 
for the use of students attending the lectures on 
this subject at the City of London college. 

8"- London, 188.3. 
Strains in ironwork, a course of eight eleriientary 
lectures delivered before the Society of Engineers 
... 1882-3. sm. 8°- London, 1884. 

ADAMS (Rev. James). 
The pronunciation of the English language vindicated 
from imputed anomaly and caprice. 

8°- Edinburgh, 1799. 

ADAMS (John). 
Londinium ... the renowned City of London surveyed 
and illustrated in a Latin poem. Translated by 
W. F. of Gray's Lm. 4°- Lo?!f/o«, 167[5 ?] 

ADAMS (John). 
Index vUlaris : or, an alphabetical table of all the 
cities, market towns, parishes, villages, and private 
seats in England and Wales. fo. London, 1680. 

ADAMS (John). 
The mathematician's companion : or, a table of loga- 
rithms. [C.C.] 8"- Londo7i, 1790. 

ADAMS (John Quincy). 
An oration ... in commemoration of the anniversary 
of American Independence. 8°- Boston, 1793. 

ADAMS (Robert and James). 
Works in architecture ... containing plans, elevations, 
. sections, and detail of the principal buildings, public 
and private, erected in Great Britain in the reign of 
George III. ... 125 plates, engraved by Bartolozzi, 
Piranesi, Zucchi [and others]. 3 vol. in 1. 

imp. fo. London, 1822. 

The sacrifice of thankef ulnesse : a sermon preached at 
Pauls Crosse, 3rd December, 1(515. Whereunto are 
annexed, fine other . of his sermons preached in 
London and elsewhere. 4"- London, IGIG. 

Workes... being the summe of his sermons, meditatfons, 
and other divine and morall discourses. [D.C.] 

fo. London, 1630. 
ADAMS, Alderman Sir Thomas, B*- Sec HAEDY 

■ ADAMS (Lieut.-Col. W. H.). 
Mr. Fergusson's system of fortification. (From the 
United Service Magazine.) 8"- [fjondon, n.d.] 

ADAMS (W. H. Daveni-okt). 
Dictionary of English literature ; being a compre- 
hensive guide to English authors and their works. 

4"- London. [1877.] 
Songs of society from Anne to Victoria. Edited, with 
notes and introductions. 8"- London, 1880. 

The Isle of Wight : its history, topography, and 
antiquities. New edit. 8»- London, 1884. 

The men-y monarch, or England under Charles II : 
its art, literature and society. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1885. 

Vdl. 1. Tlic diarists : Jolin 
lOvelyn, Siiimiol Popys. 
I'iic imisicijiii;*. 
The rlnimntwts. . 
'i'iif iliicliessL'H : Cleve- 
liiml, I'drlsnioiitli, Ilicli- 
iMiiiirl, Miizarin. 
.Icii.ii Di-Mlc^n. 

Vol. 2. Tlie actors of tlie restor- 
Tlie actresses. 
Tlic i)oets. 

Tliu I'iirl of Roclicstrr, 
tlie Diikc of liuoking- 

The pros ' writers. 

ADAMSON (John). 
Lusitania illustrata : notices on the history, antiquities 
and literature of Portugal. 

8°- Neu:castk-upon-Tiine, 1846. 

ADAMSON (Robert), M.A. 
Fichte. [Philosophical Classics for English Readers.] 

8°- Edinburgh, 1882. 

ADAMSON (Thomas). Sec DIGGS (Thomas). 


Adaptability : an exposition of the law of all phe- 
nomena, particularly exemplified in the history and 
relation of superstition, morality, and human pro- 
gress. 8°- London, 1856. 

ADDERLEY (Rt- Hon. Sir Charles Boavyer), 
K.C.M.G., M.P. [1st Baron Norton]. 
Punishment is not education : a review of a charge on 
the subject of tickets-of-leave, by M. D[avenport] 
Hill, Recorder of Birmingham. 8°- London, 1856. 
A few thoughts on national education and punishments. 

8''- London, 1874. 

ADDINGTON (R*- Hon. Henry), Speaker of 
the House of Commons. 
Speech, February 12 [on the Union between Great 
Britain and Ireland]. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1799. 

ADDINGTON (Henry), B.A. 
Some account of the abbey church of St. Peter and St. 
Paul at Dorchester, Oxfordshire. 8"- Oxford, 1845. 

ADDISON (Charles G.). 
History of the knights templars, the Temple church, 
and the Temple. 4"- London, 1842. 

The Temple church. 8"- London, 1843. 

Wrongs and their remedies ; being a treatise on the 
law of Torts. [R.L.L.] 2nd edit. 

8"- London, 1864. 
ADDISON (Henry Robert). 
Recollections of an Irish police magistrate and other 
reminiscences of the South of Ireland. 

8"- London. 1862. 

ADDISON (Joseph). 
A letter from Italy to Charles, Lord Halifax, 1701. 
Together with The mourningmuse of Alexis,a pastoral 
lamenting the death of Queen Mary, by Mr. Congreve, 
1695 ; to which is added. The despairing lover. 

80- London, 1709. 
The campaign, a poem to the Duke of Marlborough. 

6th edit. 8"- London, 1725. 

The Tatler. 4 vol. 8°- London, 1789. 

Poetical works. [Johnson's English Poets, 30.] 

8"- London, 1790. 
Works. New edit., with notes by Richard Hurd, D.D., 
Bishop of Worcester. 6 vol. 8"- London, 1811. 

Tlie present state o£ the 
war, anil the necessity 
of an augmentation 
The late trial and con- 
viction of Count Tariff. 
The W'hi;? l^xaiiiiner. 
Vol. G. Thr I'rci-huhler. 

Of the Oiiristiaii religion. 
The drummer : or, the 

haunted house. 
A discourse on ancient 
and modern learning. 

Criticism on Milton's " Paradise Lost." From " The 
Spectator," 31 Dec, 1711, 3 May, 1712. [Arbor's 
Reprints, 8.] 8"- London, 1868. 

Srr AIKIN (Lucy). COURTHOPE (W. J.), 
JOHNSON (Samuel). 

A vindication of addresses in general, and of the Middle 
Temple address and proceedings in particular. 

fo. London, 1681. 
A second return to the letter of a noble peer, concerning 
the addresses. fo. sh. London, 1682. 

Vol. L rooms on several occa- 
Oato : a tragedy. 

DialciHiii's niiou theuseful- 
iirss cif aurient medals. 
!irks nil Italy. 

■ Tatler. 

■ SiK'ctiUor. 
The Siipctator, continued. 
The (iuanliaii. 
The Lover. 


2. Ken I 



ADDY (SiDNKv Oi.dall), M.A. 
Historical memorials of Beauchief Abbey. 

4"- Orford, 1878. 

ADDY" (Wimjam). 

The Bible in stenography. .32"- [London,'] \^*.)\. 

Stcnograjjhia : or, the art of short- writing eompleated in 
a far moi'e compendious method than any yet extant. 

8"- London. [IG'Jy.] 

Mayor's reports, delivered to the City Council ... 
1877-8, 1880-;-3. 4 vol. 8°- Adelaide, 1878-83. 

The Adelaide Almanac and Directory for South Aus- 
tralia. Edited by Josiah Boothby. 1873, 70, 78-80. 
5 vol. 8<'- Adelaide, 1873-80. 


Particulars composing the prizes. 4"' I^ondon, 1774. 

ADIS (Hen in). 
A cup for the citie and her adherents. 

4o- London, 1048. 

ADLARD (Geokge). 
The Sutton-Dudleys of England and the Dudleys of 
Massachusetts in New England, from the Norman 
conquest to the present time. 8"- London, 1802. 

ADLER (Rev. Dr. Hermann). 
The Jews in England. A lecture delivered to Jewish 
working men. 8"- London, 1870. 

ADLER (Dr. L.). 
Die Bedeutung des Essaerbundes in der fortschreitenden 
Culturentwickelung der Menschheit. Vortrag in dem 
Beaniten-Verein zu Cassel. 8"- C'us.icl, 1880. 

ADLER (Marcu.'; N.), M.A. 
Memoir of the late Benjamin Gompertz, F.R.S.,F.R.A.S. 

8"- [London, imb?] 

Reasons for the refusal of a certain sollicitor (now in 
Newgate) to answer the interrogatories of the 
S 1 C--m — e in regard to the late adminis- 
tration of a noble peer. 8"- London, 1742. 

An act appointing judges for the Admiralty. 

fo. sh. London, 1059. 
An act for constituting commissioners for . . . managing 
the affairs of the, and navy. 4"- London, 1()5'J. 

The rape of tlie table : or, ten honest lawyers. A 
poem ... containing a faithful report of some extra- 
ordinary proceedings in a certain court of Vice- 
Admiralty ... 8"- Didilin, 1811. 

ADOLPHUS (John), F.S.A. 
Tlie history of England, from the accession of George III 
to the conclusion of peace in the year 1 783. 2nc[ edit. 
3 vol. 8"- London, 1805. 

Speech, before a committee of the House of Commons, 
in summing up tlic case of the English ship-builders 
on their petition respecting ships built in India, May 
23 and 24. London, \iiU. 

Sec HEXDEESON (Emily). 

[ADOLPHUS (John Levcestei',).] 
Letters to Richard Heber, M.P., containing critical 
remarks on the [Waverley] novels, and an attempt 
to ascertain tlieir author. 2nd edit. 

8"' London, 1822. 
Sir BAKNEWELL (Richard V.). 

ADOLPHUS (John Levcesteu) and ELLIS 
(T H OM AS Flow v. h ) . 
Reports of cases argued and determined in the court of 
King's Bench, containing the cases from Easter 
term, 4 William IV, 1834, to Michaelmas vacation, 
4 Vict., 1841. 12 vol. [R.L.L.] 

8"- London, 1 835-42. 
Queen's Bench reports. New series, containing the 
cases determined from Hilary term, 4 Vict., 1841, to 
Easter term, 14 Vict., l^yl. 10 vol. [R.L.L.] 

S°- London, 1843-54. 

ADRETS. Francis de Beaumont, Baron des. Sea 

ADRICHOMIUS (Chkistianus). 
Theatrum Terrge Sanctse et biblicarum historiarum, 
cum tabulis geographicis sere expressis. [D.C.] 

fo. Colonidj Agrippime, 1028. 


History of a late infamous adventure between a great 
man and a fair citizen. 8"- London, 1708. 


Advice to the unwary : or, the last legacy and dying 
speeches of a late person of honour. 

broadside. London, 1085. 


Lives of saints . . . sermons on saints' days formerly ob- 
served by the English church. Edited ... by the Rev. 
Walter W. Skeat, M.A. [Early English Text Society, 
70,82.] 2pt. 8"- London, \mi-b. 

The homilies of ^Ifric, with an English trans- 
lation. By Benjamin Thorpe, F.S.A. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1H4.3-0. 
The poetry of the Codex Vercellensis, with an Engli.«h 
translation. By John M. Kemble, M.A. Pt. 1. 
The legend of St. Andrew. 8"- London, 1844. 

Anglo-Saxon dialogues of Salomon and Satm-n. By 
J. M. Kemble, M.A. 2 pt. 8"- London, 1845-7. 


Het Licht der Waarheid doorstraalende in de Leere der 
Hervormde Kerke. Tweede druk. ■ 4 vol. [D.C.] 

8"- Leaden, 1738-9. 

Kort Ontwerp van het Licht der Waarheid. Vierde 
druk. [D.C.] 8°- Leyden, 1750. 

Demosthenis et ^schinis principuum Grseciaj oratorum 
opera, cum utriusque .autoris vita et Ulpiani com- 
mentariis novisque scholiis, ex quarta eaque postrema 
recognitione Graeco-Latina. fo. l^'i-aneofurti, 1004. 

yEschyli et Sophoclis tragedise et fragmenta. Graece et 
Latine ... [Scriptorum Grsecorum Bibliotheca.] 

8"- Fai-i-^iiii. [IH .] 
The tragedies... re-edited, with an commentary, 
by F. A. Paley. [Bibliotheca Classica.] 2nd edit. 

8"- London, 1801. 
The tragedies ... literally translated, with notes and an 
introduction, by Theodore Alois Buckley, B.A. 
[Bolin's Classical Library.] 8"- lAnnlon, 1849. 

The tragedies ... a new translation, with a biographical 
essay and an appendix of rhymed choral odes, by 
E. H. Plumptre, M.A. 8o- London, 1873. 

The Agamemnon ... transcribed l)y Robert Browning. 

K"- London, 1 877. 
The new readings contained in Hermaini's [)ostlnnnous 
edition ... translated ... by George Burgos, 1\I.A. 
[Bolin's Classical Library.] 8"- London, 1M5.3. 

yEschylus : by Reginald S. Copleston, M.A. [Ancieiit 
Classics for English Readers.] 8"- London, \H~d. 
Sir LIXWOOT) (Rev. William). 




Pabularum ^sopicarum delectus [ex recensione A. 

Alsop]. 8"- O.roiiia', 1G98. 

Phaedri Augusti Liberti Fabulge jEsopise. Ex editione 

J. Gr. S. Schwabii... [Delphin Classics.] 

S"- Londini, 1822. 
Fables of M?,o^ and other eminent mythologists, with 

morals and reflections by Sir Roger L'Estrange. 

Brd edit, corrected and amended. London, 1669. 

[Fac-simile of the origina].edit.] fo. [Lo«f/oH, 1880.] 
Fables. 8°- London, n.d. 

See OGILBY (John)- 


Old ^sop at Whitehall ... or some fables relating to 
government. 8°- London, 1698. 

^sop an alarmist [or political fables] . 

8°- London, 1794. 


Three speeches, being such speeches as the like were 
never spoken in the city : the iirst by Master 
Warden to the feUowes of his company, touching 
the affaires of the kingdome, the second by Mistris 
Warden .'. . and the third by Mrs. Warden's chamber- 
maid. By Anti-Brownistus Puritanmastrix. 

4"- London, 1642. 

The speech of a cavaleere to his comrades, in answer to 
the Warden's speech 4°- London, 1642. 


Heads of proposals for a more beneficial establishment 
of a regulated company to carry on the trade of 
Africa or Guiny. fo. sh. n.d. 

AFRICA, South. 

The South African Conference. The views of the 
Cape ministry and their supporters on Earl Carnar- 
von's South African policy, as set forth in their 
speeches in the Cape parliament. 8°- London, 1876. 

• The South African directory (Saul Solomon & Co.) : 
embracing the Cape Colony, the Orange Free State, 
the Transvaal State and Natal. 8"- Cape Town, 1883. 

An extract of the report of the lords commissioners of 
trade ... setting forth the fictitious and real accounts 
of the Company from the 10 per cent, duty ... 

4°- sh^- [1709 ?] 

An essay upon the trade to Africa, in order to ... bring 
the disputes between the Company and the separate 
traders into a narrower compass. 8"- 1711. 

Engagement of the royal adventurers as to their sub- 
scriptions, broadside, n.d. 

Mr. Paterson's claim upon the equivalent consider'd 
by council learned in the law. fo. sh^- n.d. 

Reasons against confirming the charter to the Com- 
pany by act of parliament. fo. sh. n.d. 

Reasons against its estalilishment at London, exclusive 
to the plantations and all the out-ports, and othei' 
.subjects of Great Britain. fo. sh. n.d. 

Reasons for the joynt stock [of the], fo. sh. n.d. 

Some considerations relating to the trade to Guiny. 

fo. sh. n.d. 

The Company's considerations of the late act of parlia- 
ment for .settling the trade to Africa, answcr'd 
paragrapli by paragraph. broadside, n.d. 

The falsities of private traders to Africa discover'd, 
and the mischiefs they occasion demonstrated : and 
an account of the settlements purcliased, built, and 
now po.sscst by the Company. fo. sh**- n.d. 

The petition of several merchants of London trading 
to tlic coast of Barl)arv [against the bill for lictter 
securing the trade to the Conifjany]. fo. sh. n.d. 

The[irJ account of the exports for the African trade 
prov d to be wrong stated and erroneous, fo. sh. i).d. 

The members of the courts [of assistants] , officers . . . 
names of those of the Royal African Company, 
1687-90 ; and of the East India Company in 1680, 
1684, and 1685. 4°- ^London,'] 1680-90. 


Reports, together with the rules and regulations for 
[its] government ... 8®- London, 1811-13. 

Ninth report. 8«- London, \%\b. 

AFZELIUS (Arvid-Aug.). 
Swenska folkets sago-hafder, eUer Fiiderneslandets 
historia. 'Vol. 1-3 (and 4, pt. 1-3). 6 vol. 

8°- Stockholm, 1845-[64]. 

AGAR (Ben). 
Clericus mercati ... An humble remonstrance of the 
severall heads and ground-worke conceived for the 
draught of a bill of information, to be exhibited into 
the high court of parliament, concerning tlie generall 
clarke of the market. 4"- London, 1641. 

AG AS (Ralph). 
Civitas Londinum : a survey of the cities of London 
and Westminster ... in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. 
Published in fac-simile from tlie original in the 
Guildhall library, with a biographical account of 
Ralph Agas ... by William Hemy Overall, F.S.A. 

40- London, 1874. 


Seroux d'). 

History of art by its monuments, from its decline in 
the fourth centm-y to its restoration in the sixteenth : 
translated from the French. 3 vol. in 1. 

fo. London, 1847. 

AGNES' ST., ORPHANAGE, Paddington. 
The first annual report ... 12°- London, 1875. 

Agnus Dei. 

32°- Printed by V. S. for Nicliolas Lyng. 1606. 

AGRICOLA. pseml 
Two letters to Sir William Howe : to which are an- 
nexed, by the same author, political observations. 

S"- London, 1779. 

The new and better art of Agriculture. fo. [1687.] 

AGUILAR (Grace). 
The spirit of Judaism : edited by Isaac Leeser. 

8"- FhUdde/phia, 1842. 
The women of Israel : or characters and sketches from 
the Holy Scriptures and Jewish history, illustrative 
of the past history, present duties, and future destiny 
of the Hebrew females, as based on the word of God. 
New edit. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1865. 

HAMMER. JosEi'H von. 

AIKIN (Akthuu). 
The Annual Review. 7 vol. 8"- London, 1802-8. 

AIKIN (John), M.D. 
A view of tlie character and public services of John 

Howard, LL.D., F.R.S. 8"- London, 1792. 

A dcsci'iption of the country from thirty to forty miles 

round Manchester ... 4"- London. [1795.] 

Annals of the reign of George the Third, from its 

commencement in 1760 to the general ])eace in 1815. 

2 vol. 8"- London, 1816. 

AIKIN (John), M.D., ENFIELD (Rev. Wil- 
liam), LL.D., and JOHNSTON (Willlwi). 
General l)iograj)liy : or lives, critical and historical, of 
the most eminent persons of all ages ... 10 vol. 

4"- London, 1799-1815. 


AIKIN (Lucy). 
Memoirs of the court of James the First. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1822. 
Memoirs of the court of Queen Elizabeth. Gth edit. 

2 vol. 8"- London, 182(5. 

Memoirs of the court of Charles the First. 2nd edit. 

2 vol. 8°- London, 1833. 

The life of Joseph Addison. 2 vol. 8"- Zowr/w?, 1843. 
tier BARBAULD (Anna L^etitia), LE BRETON, 
Philip Hemeky. 

The passion sermon at Pauls-Crosse upon Good Friday 
last, Aprill 7. London, 162G. 

AIWER ([Rev.] Alfred). 
Charles Lamb. [English Men of Letters.] 

8°- London, 1882. 

AINSLIE (Prebendary Alex. Colvin), M.A. 
Analysis of the elementary education act, 187G, vrith 
notes. 8"' Londo)i, 187G. 

[AINSLIE (Lieut.-Gen. George Robekt).] 
Illustrations of the Anglo-French coinage ... 

4''- London, 1830. 

AINSLIE (Robert). 
The present state and claims of London. 

8"- London, 183G. 

Annotations upon the five bookes of Moses, Psalmes, 
and Canticles. [D.C.] fo. London, 1G39. 

AINSWORTH (Robert). 
Dictionary, English and Latin : new edit., with 
additions ... by [the Rev.] Thomas Morrell, D.D. 

4"- London, 1773. 

AINSWORTH (William Harrison). 

The Lord Mayor of London : or, city life in the last 
century. 3 vol. 8"- London. 1862. 

Old St. Paul's : a tale of the plague and the fire. 
With illustrations by John Franklin and H. K. 
Browne. 8"- London, n.d. 

The Tower of London : a historical romance. Illus- 
trated by George Cruikshank. 8°- London, n.d. 

AIREY (John). Sec OLIVER (Henry). 


Papers from the charter chest of the Earl of Airlie, at 
Cortachy Castle, 1420-1 oGO and 1578-1(;82. [Edited 
by John Stuart. Spalding Club Miscellany, 4, .").] 

4"- Aberdeen, 1849-52. 

AIRY (Sir Georoe Biddell), M.A., F.R.S., 
Astronomer Royal. 
A treatise on trigonometry. New edit., revised by Prof. 
Hugh Blackburn, M.A. [Encyclopasdia Metropoli- 
tana.] 8"- Lo?idon, 1855. 

Account of the construction of the new national standard 
of length and of its principal copies. 

4"- London, 1858. 
Popular astronomy : a series of lectures delivered at 
Ipswich. 7th edit. [S.M.] 8"- London, 18G8. 
On sound and atmospheric vibrations, with the mathe- 
matical elements of music. 2nd edit. [S.M.] 

8"- London, 1871. 

AIRY (Osmund), B.A. 
Geometrical optics. [S.M.] 

8"- London, 1870. 

AIRY (Rev. William), M.A. 
A digest of the Domesday of Bedfordshire ... with 
preliminarynotebyhisson, [the Rev.] Basil Reginald 
Airy, M.A. fo. Bedford, ISSl. 

AISLABIE (Rt- Hon. John). 
A speech upon the consolidated bill [in behalf of Mr. 

Aislabie]. 4"- London, 1720. 

Speech ... upon his defence, made in the house of 
Lords, against the bill for raising money upon the 
estates of the South-Sea directors ... 1st and 2nd 
edit. 4"- London, 1721. 

Second speech on his defence in the house of Lords... 

4"- London, 1721. 

AITCHISON (David), M.A. 
The despot and his rule ... 8°- London, 18GG. 


Guns, nails, locks, wood screws, railway bolts and 
spikes, buttons, pins, needles, saddlery, and electro- 
plate. [British Manufacturing Industries, 5.] 

80- London, 1877. 

AITKEN (Rev. W. Hay M. H.), M.A. 

The testimony of the christian sacraments on the 
subject of personal holiness. 12°- London, 1878. 

AITKEN (William), M.D. 
Handbook of the science and practice of medicine. 
[Encyclopasdia Metropolitana.] 8"- London, 1858. 

AITON (W[illiam] T.), gardener to His Majesty. 
An epitome of the 2nd edit, of Hortus Kewensis, for 
the use of practical gardeners... 8"- London, 1814. 

Saken van Staet en Oorlogh, in, ende omtrent de 
Vereenigde Nederlanden, 1G21-G9. 7 vol. [D.C.] 

fo. 'sGraren-ILiglw, l()()'J-72. 
Historien onses Tyds Bchelzende Saken van Staat en 
Oorlogh ... IGGy tot 1G79. [D.C.] 

fo. Ainnterdam, \C)^h. 
Vervolgfi van Saken van Staat en Oorlogh ... 1G79 tot 
1G87. [D.C.] fo. Amsterdam, 1G88. 


A letter from a gentleman in London to his friend in 
the country, concerning the treaty at, concluded 
Oct. 8. 8"- London, 1748. 

Considerations on the definitive treaty signed at, 
Oct. 7-18 ... 8"- London, 1748. 

The interests of the empress queen, the kings of 
France and Spain, and their principal allies, with 
respect to tlieir glory ... betrayed in the preliminary 
articles signed at, April 30. 8°- London, 1748. 

AKBER, Emperor of Persia. 
Ayeen Akbery : or, the Institutes of the Emperor 
Akber, translated from the original Persian by 
Francis Gladwin. 3 vol. 4"- CulcuUu, 1783. 

AKENSIDE (Mark), M.D. 
An ode to the Earl of Huntingdon. 4"- London, 1 748. 
Poetical works. [Johnson's English Poets, G3, ()4.] 

8°- London, 1790. 
Poetical works. [With life by the Rev. Alexander 
Dyce. Aldino Poets.] 8"- London, n.d. 

See JOHNSON (Samuel). 

AKERMAN (John Yoncie), F.S.A. 

A descriptive catalogue of ^are and unedited Roman 
coins, from the earliest period of the Roman coinage 
to the extinction of the empire under Coiistantinus 
Paleologus ; with numerous plates from the originals. 
2 vol. S"- L.ondon, 1834. 

Remarks on the coins of Ephesus struck during the 
Roman dominion. 8"- London, 1841. 

Coins of the Romans relating to Britain described and 
illustrated. 8"' London, IHU. 

Tradesmen's tokens current in London and its vicinity, 
between tlie years KUH and 1 (172. described from the 
originals in the British Museum and in several 
private collections. 4''- London, 1849. 



AKERMAN (John Yonge), F.S. A.— continued. 
An account of excavations on the site of some ancient 
potteries in the western district of the New Forest, 
conducted by the Rev. John Pemberton Bartlett. 

4°- London, 1853. 
Legends of old London. 8°- London, 1853. 

Remains of pagan Saxondom. 4°- London, 1855. 


The hill country of Alabama, U.S.A.: or, the land of 
rest. 8"- London, 1878. 


The Alabama : a statement of facts from official 
documents, with the sections of the foreign enlist- 
ment act violated by her equipment. 

8"- London, 1863. 

The official correspondence on the claims of the United 
States in respect of the Alabama. 

8"- London, 18(57. 

British and American Mixed Commission. British 
Claims — Memorials, demurrers, briefs, and decisions. 
34 vol. Appendix — Testimony. 38 vol. American 
Claims — Memorials... Nos. 1-19. Testimony, Nos. 
1-19. 2 vol. Final award, list of cases and index. 
1 vol. 75 vol. 8°- 1871-3. 

The Alabama claims : published for the National 
Union of Conservative and Constitutional Asso- 
ciations. 8°- London, 1872. 

The case of the United States to be laid before the 
tribunal of arbitration to be convened at Geneva, 
and the provisions of the treaty between the United 
States and the Queen of Great Britain concluded at 
Washington, May 8, 1871. 8"- London, 1872. 

Letters on monetary science. 1st and 2nd edit. [S.M.] 

8°' London, 1848. 

History of Verulam and St. Alban's : containing an 
historical account of the decline of Verulam and 
origin of St. Alban's, and of the present state of the 
town ... sm. 8°- St. Alban's, 1815. 

St. Alban's Abbey : a summer day's pilgrimage. 

8"- London. [1843.] 

ALBANY, Louise Maximilienne, Countess of. -SVr 
LEE (Veenon). 2'-^t'"d- 

ALBEMARLE, George, Duke of. Sec MONK 

ALBEMARLE (George Thomas!, Earl of). 
Memoirs of the Marquis of Rockingham and his con- 
temporaries ... 2 vol. London, 1852. 
Fifty years of my life. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1H7G. 

ALBERONI (Cardinal Julio). 

Scheme for reducing the Turkish Empire to the obedi- 
ence of Christian princes ... together with a scheme 
of a perpetual Dyet for establishing the publick 
tranquillity ... 8"- London, 173G. 

Moral reflections on [his] ministry. 8"- London, 1735. 

ALBERT, Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Consort 
of (^ueen Victoria. 
Principal speeches and addresses . . . with . . . .some out- 
lines of his character. 8"- London, 1HC)2. 
Sec GREY (Licut.-Gen. Hon. C[hable8]), MARTIN 
(Sir Theodore). 

ALBERT EDWARD, Prince of Wales. 
Order of Her Majesty's proceeding to St. Paul's Catlio- 
dral, on Tuesday, the 27th of Feb., to oll'er tlianks 
for the recovery of His Royal Highness from his 
late dangerous illness. fo. London, 1872. 

ALBERT EDWARD, Prince of Whiles— continued. 
A form of service on the occasion of the thanksgiving 
for the recovery of His Royal Highness. 

fo. London, 1872. 

The national memorial to ... the Prince Consort. 

fo. London, 1873. 

[Presented to tlie Librai\v by H.M. Queen Victoria, with Her Majesty's 
autograpli, December, 1873.] 

ALBERTANO of Brescia. 
Liber consolationis et consilii ... edidit Thor Sundby,- 
[Chaucer Society.] 8°- Londini, 1873. 

ALBERTI (Fabius). 
The pontifical law on the subject of the utensils and 
repairs of churches, as set forth ... in his work, en- 
titled "De sacris utensilibus tractatus, Romae, 1783." 
Translated and abridged by W. H. H [ale] . 

8"- London, 1838. 

ALBERTI (Leon Battista). 
Architecture ... in ten books; of painting, in three 
books ; and of statuary, in one book. [Italian and 
English.] By James Leoni. 2nd edit. 2 vol. in 1. 

fo. London, 1739. 

ALBIN (John). 
A history of the Isle of Wight, from the earliest times 
to the present period ... 8°- Newport, 1795. 

ALBINUS (Peter). 
On foreign languages and unknown islands. Translated 
from the original Latin ... by Edmund Goldsmid. 
[Bibliotheca Curiosa.] 8°- Edinburgh, 1884. 

ALBION MILLS, Southwark. 
Ballads upon the great fire at, March 2. 

fo. sh^' London, 1791. 
ALBOQUERQUB (Afonso d'). 
The commentaries of the great Afonso Dalboquerque, 
second viceroy of India. Translated ... with notes 
and an introduction, by Walter de Gray Birch, 
F.R.S.L. [Hakluyt Society, 53, 55, G2. 09.] 4 vol. 

8<'- London, 1875-84. 

ALBOROW, Richard, HAWLEY, Oliver, and 
CONDON, John. 
An account of the proceedings against, for high treason, 
in robbing the king's mail near Ilford, Essex, April 12. 

fo. London, 1686. 

ALBRIZZI ([Isabella-Teotochi,] Countess). 
Sec CANOVA (Antonio). 


Album international des viUes d'eaux, des manu- 
facturiers, du commerce et de I'industrie. Guide 
en cinq langues ... 4"- Paris, 1873. 

Album de la f abrique : guide international de I'acheteur 
en gros, et annales de I'industrie et du commerce. 

4"- Paris, 1874. 

ALBYN (Ben.iamin). 
A true narrative of unparalleled grievances, whei-ein 
may be seen ... the surpassing miseries of the Eng- 
lish nation above other nations. 4°- London, 1697. 

ALCIATI, Andrea. ySee GREEN (Henry). 


ALCIPHRON. pseud. See DICKSON (Samuel). 

ALCOCK (Rev. Henry J.), M.A. 
End it, or mend it ! viz., the present union between 
State and Church. 8°- London, 187G. 

ALCOCK (Randal H.). 
Botanical names for English readers. [S.M.] 

8"- London, 1876. 

ALCOCK (Sir RuTiiEiiroRo), K.C.B., D.C.L. 
Tlic capital of the Tycoon : a narrative of a three 
years' residence in Japan. 2 vol. 8"- />o>«/oh, 1863. 
Art and art industries in Japan. 8"- London, 1878. 



A sigiie from Heaven : or, a f earef ull and terrible noise 
heard in the ayre at Alborow, Suffolke, on the 4 day 
of August at 5 in the afternoono ... whereunto is 
annexed, a prophesie of Merlins concerning Hull 
in Yorkshire. 4°- London, 1(342. 

ALDERSON (Chaklks). 
Selections from the charges and other detached papers 
of Baron Alderson : with an introductory notice of 
his life. 8°- London, 1858. 

ALDEESON (Sir Edward Hall). Baron of the 
Exchequer. Sec ALDERSON (Chaules), BARNE- 
WELL (Richard V.). 


Report upon the more perfect preparation of the ward 
lists of the City of London, June 19th. 

4"- sh. London, 1877. 

Report on the mode of conducting parish business in 
the ward. May 17th. 12°- London, 1878. 

Aldine edition of the British poets. 5'2 vol. 

8<'- London, 1875-84. 
Akenside : with life by the Rev. Alexander Dyce. 
Beattie : with memoir by the Rev. A. Dyce. 
Burns : with memoir by Sir Harris Nicolas. 
3 vol. 

Butler : with life by the Rev. John Mitford. 

2 vol. 

Chaucer : edited by Richard Morris, LL.D., with 
memoir by Sir Harris Nicolas. 6 vol. 

Churchill : with memoir by James L. Hannay, and 
notes by W. Tooke, F.R.S. 2 vol. 

Collins : with memoir by W. Moy Thomas. 
• Cowper : with notes and a memoir by John Bruce. 

3 vol. 

Dryden : with life by the Rev. R. Hooper. 5 vol. 
Falconer : with life by the Rev. J. Mitford. 
Goldsmith : with memoir by the Rev. J. Mitford. 
Gray ; with memoir by the Rev. J. Mitford. 
Milton : with life by the Rev. J. Mitford. 3 vol. 
Parnell : with life by the Rev. J. Mitford. 
Pope : with memoir by the Rev. A. Dyce. 3 vol. 
Prior : with life by the Rev. J. Mitford. 2 vol. 
Shakespeare's poems : with memou- by the Rev. 

Alexander Dyce. 
Surrey : with memoir hy James Yeowell. 
Spenser : with life by J. Payne Collier. 5 vol. 
Swift : with life by the Rev. J. Mitford. 3 vol. 
Thomson : with memoir by Sir Harris Nicolas. 

2 vol. 

White, Kirke : with memoir by Sir Harris Nicolas. 
Wyatt : edited, with memoir, by James Yeowell. 
Young : with life by the Rev. J. Mitford. 2 vol. 

A list of some of the choicer productions of the Aldine 
Press, from its first establishment under Aldus 
Manutius, Pius, Romanus, at Venice in 1494 ... to 
which is added a list of Giunta editions : selected 
from the stock of James Bohn. [Printed on coloured 
paper, 12 copies.] 8"- London, 1830. 

A poem on the cruelty of shooting •: with ... remarks 
on the loth of May, 17G8, particularly on young 
Allen. 8°- London, 17C9. 

ALDIS (Eli.taii). 
Carvings and sculptures of Worcester Cathedral. 

4«- London, 1873. 

ALDIS (W. Steadman), M.A,. 
An elementary treatise on geometrical optics. [S.M.] 

8"- C(imhrid(ir, 1872. 
An elementary treatise on solid geometry. 2nd edit., 
revised. [S.M.] W>- Cambrhhje, 1873. 

Ornithologia. 3 vol. in 1. [D.C.] 

fo. Francofurti, 1610-30. 
Quadrupedum omnium bisulcorum historia. [D.C.] 

fo. Bonon/o', 1G21. 
De quadrupedibus solidipedibus volumen integrum. 

[D.C.] fo. Francofurti, 1G23. 

De animalibus insectis libri septem. [D.C.] 

fo. Franco/ iirti, 1G23. 
De reliquis animalibus exanguibus, utpote moUibus, 
crustaceis, testaceis et zoophytis libri quatuor, post 
mortem ejus editi. [D.C.] fo. Francofurti, 1G23. 
De piscibus libri v. et de cetis liber i. [D.C.] 

fo. Francofurti, 1G29. 

[ALEMAN (Mateo).] 
Histoire de Guzman d'Alfarache, [traduite] par Le 
Sage. 2 vol. 12«- Paris, 1819. 

ALEPH. psvvd. Sec HARVEY (William). 

ALESIUS (Alexander). Scc_ HALES (Alex- 




ALEXANDER (Drawcansir). ^AV(7/r7. See 
SMOLLETT (Tobias George). 

ALEXANDER (Miss Fkancesca). 
The story of Ida : epitaph on an Etrurian tomb, by 
Francesca. Edited by John Ruskin, M.A., LL.D. 
2nd edit. 8"- Orpin(jton, 1883. 

Roadside songs of Tuscany, translated and illustrated... 
edited by John Ruskin, M.A., LL.D. 

4°- Orpington, 1885. 

God's covenant displayed by., .with a prooemial discourse 
of the reasons of his conversion. 4°- io«(/o«, 1G89. 

ALEXANDER (John), of Berne. 
A synopsis of algebra ... to which is added, an appendix 
by Humphrey Ditton. Done from the Latin by 
Sam. Cobb, M.A. S"- London, 1709. 

ALEXANDER (John). 2)xeud. See TAYLOR 

ALEXANDER (Maj.-Gen. R[()i5Ein]). 
The rise and progress of British opium smuggling, and 
its effects upon India, China, and the commerce of 
Great Britain ... 8"- Z««(/o«, 1856. 

ALEXANDER (William), M.D. 
A short survey of the lineal descent of the sovereign 
princes that are most considerable in Europe ... 

12"- Edinburgh, 1704. 

ALEXANDER (William), F.S.A., F.L.S. 
Picturesque representations of the dress and manners 
of the Chinese: illustrated in 50 coloured engravings, 
with descriptions. roy. 8"- London, 1814. 

A journey to Beresford Hall, the seat of Charles 
Cotton, the celebrated author and angler. 

4o- London, 1841. 



ALEXANDRA, Princess of Wales. 
Dejeuner on her arrival in England, March 7th. 

8"- London, 18G3. 
Sec TUPPER (Maetin Faequhae). 

ALEXANDRE (Jacques). 
Traite general des horloges. [C.C.] 8°- Paris, 1734. 

ALEYN (John). 
Select cases in Banco Regis. 

22, 23 and 24 Car. 1. 
fo. London, 1681. 

Tragedies... complete, including his posthumous works : 
translated from the Italian. Edited by Edgar Alfred 
Bowring, C.B. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1870. 

ALFORD (Hexry), D.D., Dean of Canterbury. 
Four lectures on the influence of the fifth command- 
ment as the great moral principle of love of country. . . 

8"- London, 1849. 
Two letters to John Sperling on the Lord's Day 
question ... 8"- L^ondon, 1856. 

The Queen".s English : a manual of idiom and usage. 

3rd edit. 8"- London, 1870. 

The Greek Testament: with a critically revised text... 
and a critical and exegetical commentary. 4 vol. 

8«- London, 1871-4. 
Life, journals and letters ... edited by his widow. 

8°- London, 1873. 


A description of Europe and the voyages of Ohthere 
and Wulfstan, written in Anglo-Saxon by King 
Alfred the Great : with his account of the Mediter- 
ranean islands, of Africa, and of the history of the 
world to the year B.C. 1413, chiefly taken from Orosius; 
containing a fac-simile copy of the whole Anglo- 
Saxon text ... a printed Anglo-Saxon text . . . and a 
literal English translation and notes, by the Rev. 
Joseph Bo.sworth, D.D., F.R.S. fo. London, 1855. 

King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon version of the compendious 
history of the world by Orosius : containing ... an 
introduction on Orosius and his work ... a. literal 
English translationwith notes... [and] Mr. Hampson's 
essay on King Alfred's geography... by the Rev. 
Joseph Bosworth, D.D., F.R.S. 8"- London, 1859. 

West-Saxon version of Gregory's Pastoral care. With 
an English translation ... edited by Henry Sweet, 
M.A. [Early English Text Society, 45, 50.] 

8°- London, 1871. [1872.] 

Orosius : edited by Henry Sweet, M.A. Pt. 1. Old Text and Latin original. [Early English 
Text Society, 79.] 8"- London, 1883. 

Sec INGRAM (Rev. James), PAULI (Dr. Reinhold), 
SPELMAN (Sir John). 

ALGAR (P.). 
Hand-book to Canterbury (New Zealand). 

8"- London, 18(;(). 
Hand-book to Auckland (New Zealand). 

8"- London, mM. 
Hand-book to Nelson (New Zealand). 8"- London, 
Hand-book to Wellington (New Zealand). 

8"- London, 18(17. 
Hand-liook to Otago and Soutnland. 8°- London, 1K()8. 
Hand-book to Tasmania. 8"- London, 18G8. 


Articles of peace between Chai'lcs II and Algiers con- 
cluded by Admiral Tliomas Allen. ..4"- London, 

A letter written by the (rovernour of Algiers [Aga 
Mahomet Dey and Baba Hassan] to the States 
(ieiieral of the United Provinces, in relation to the 
signing the peace... fo. sh. Lom/on, 1079. 

Case yf many biindreds of poor English captives in 
Algiers, together with some remedies, fo. sh. n.d. 

The petition to pai'liament of disconsolate fathers and 
wives, on behalf of their distressed children and 
husbands which are now slaves and captives in 
Algiers. fo. sh. n.d. 

ALICE, Princess, Grand Duchess of Hesse. 
Biogi-aphical sketch and letters. 8"- London, 1884. 


Reasons against the general naturalization of aliens 
[with] a supplement. fo. sh''- n.d. 

Reasons offered [for and against] passing the bill for the 
better preventing the covering aliens" goods imported. 

fo. sh^- n.d. 

Banking and currency reform. 8"' London, 1865. 

ALISON (Aechibald), LL.B. 
Essays on the nature and principles of taste. 2 vol. 

8"- Edinburgh, 1811. 

ALISON (Sir Aechibald), B*-, D.C.L. 
History of Europe, from the commencement of the 
French Revolution in 1789 to the restoration of the 
Bourbons in 1815. 2nd edit. 10 vol. 

8"- Edinburgh, 1835-42. 
Continuation of the history of Europe, from the fall 
of Napoleon in 1815 to the accession of Louis 
Napoleon in 1852. 9 vol., with index. 

8"- Edinburgh, 1853-9. 
England in 1815 and 1845, and the monetary famine 
of 1847 : or, a sufficient and a contracted currency. 
4th edit. [S.M.] 8"- Edinburgh, ISil. 

Free trade and a fettered currency. [S.M.] 

8"- Edinburgh, 1847. 
Essays, political, historical, and miscellaneous. 3 vol. 

80- Edinburgh, 1850. 

Vol. 1. Tlie Reform bill. 

Military treason anil na- 
tional guards. 

Tlie French Revolution 
of 1830. 

The British peerage. 

The fall of tlie Con- 

Kegro emancipation. 


The conmicrcial crisis of 

Colonial government anil 
theWest Iniliaqucstion. 

Lessons from tlio past. 

Free trade and protec- 

Thirty years of Liberal 

Fall of the Throne of the 

The Navigation laws. 

The crowning of tlie 
column, anil crushing 
of the jiedestal. 

Crime and transporta- 

Free Trade at its zenith. 
Vol. 2. Montesquieu. 

Homer, Dante, and Mi- 
chael Angclo. 
The Creek drama. 
The Roman Republic. 

The British school of 

The Tyrol. 

Partition of the kingdom 

of tlie Netlierlands. 
The Athenian democracy. 

Robert Bruce. 

National monuments. 

The Crusades. 

The Carlist straggle. 

The Copyright question. 

The decline of Turkey. 


The Roman Campagna. 

France in 1833. 

The Afl'ghanistan ex- 

The old Scottish parlia- 

Ships, colonies, and com- 
Vol. 3. Cliateaubriaud. 

Virgil, Tasso, aud Ra- 

C uizot. 

The romantic drama. 



The British school of 


Tlie Year of Revolutions. 
British history diu'ing the 

eiglitecnth century. 
Madame ile Stael. 
M. lie Towiueville. 
M ii'hrh't's France. 
The fall of Rome. 
Karamsin's Russia. 
The historical rouiauco. 
The British theatre. 
1 )irect taxatiou. 

Free - trade reform and 

ti nance. 
The Royal progress. 

The life of John, Duke of Marlborough, with some 
account of his contemporaries and of the war of the 
succession. 3rd edit. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1855. 

The lives of Lord t'astlereagh and Sir Charles Stewart, 
the second and third Jtaniuesses of Londonderry : 
with annals of contemporary events in which they 
bore a part. 3 vol. Edinburgh, 1861. 



ALISON (Sir Arch i hald), B*-, D.C.h.— continued. 
Some account of my life and writings : an autobio- 
graphy ... Edited by his daughter-in-law, Lady 
Alison. 2 vol. 8"' Edinburgh, 1883. 

ALKAIR, Egypt. 
The true and exact account of a famous new prophet 
[Schapti Zephi] at, fo. sh. London, 1687. 


A letter to a physician concerning alkali and acid, being 
an answer to a late piece, intituled A dialogue ... 
[by Thomas Ernes]. 8°- London, llOO. 

ALLARDYCE (Alexander), M.P. 
An address to the proprietors of the Bank of England. 
3rd edit., with additions. 4°- London, 1798. 

ALLARDYCE (Alexander). 
Memoir of the Hon. George Keith Elphinstone, K.B., 
Viscount Keith, Admiral of the Red. 

8°- Edinburgh, 1882. 

The goldsmith's repository : a treatise on the art of 
assaying metals .. . [CO.] 8°- London, 1789. 

A knot untied : or, allegiance sworn to the King no 
breach of allegiance due unto God. 

4"- London, IGGO. 

ALLEN (Rev. Dr.). 
An account of the behaviour of James Maclaine, from 
his condemnation to his execution, October 3 ... 
3rd edit. S"- London, 1750. 

ALLEN (Alexander). 
An etymological analysis of the Latin verbs. 

8°- London, 1830. 

ALLEN (Ed. Heron). 
Violin-making as it was and is ; being a historical, 
practical and theoretical treatise on the science and 
art of violin-making ... preceded by an essay on 
the violin and its position as a musical instrument. 

8"- London, 1884. 

ALLEN (F[ifield]), D.D., Archdeacon of Mid- 

A charge to the clergy . . . wherein is given some account 
of the life of the late Bishop of London [Edmund 
Gibson]. 4°- London, 1749. 

ALLEN (Ge()R(;e). 
Plans and designs for the future approaches to the 
new London Bridge ... also suggestions for the 
formation of a quay for steam vessels, the opening of 
new streets and avenues, and the improvement of 
existing thoroughfares, within the City of London 
and the borough of South wark. 8°- London, 1828. 

ALLEN (Grant), B.A. 
Physiological festhetics. 8"- London, 1877. 

The colour-sense, its origin and development : an essay 
in comparative psychology. 8°- London, 1879. 

Early Britain : Anglo-Saxon Britain. 

8"- London. [1881.] 
Biographies of working men. [The People's Library.] 

8"- London, 1884. 

Tliomas Telford, stoiie-niiisoii. 
George Steplienson, engine-man. 
Jolm (libson, sciiliitor. 
William Hersohel, bandsman. 

ALLEN (Rev. J. P.), M.A. 
Christian dogma : its relation to spiritual life and 
church communion. An address delivered at the 
annual assembly of the Glouecstcr.shire and Here- 
fordshire Congregational Union, at Weston-super- 
Mare, April 10. 16°- London. [1878.] 

Jean Francois Millet, painter. 
James Garticld, canal-boy. 
Thomas Edward, shoemaker. 

- ALLEN (J. Ro.MiLLv), F.S.A., Scot. 
On the discovery of a sculptured stone at St. Madoes, 
with notes on [Celtic] interlaced ornament. [Society 
of Antiquaries of Scotland.] 8°- 1883. 

ALLEN (John). 
Modern Judaism : or, a brief account of the opinions, 
traditions ... of the Jews in modern times. 

8"- London, 181 G. 

ALLEN (John), M.D. 
Reply to Dr. Lingard's vindication, in a letter to 

Francis Jeffray. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1827. 

A short history of the house of Commons, with 

reference to reform. 8°- London, 1831. 

ALLEN (John), jun. 
Translation of the charter granted to the city of 
Hereford by William Ul, June 14, 1G97. 

4°- Hereford, 1820. 

ALLEN (L[ucas] B[enjamin]). 
Brief considerations on the present state of the j)olice 
of the metropolis : with a few suggestions towards 
its improvement. 8°' Lotulon, \82\. 

ALLEN (Robert). 
VindiciaB pietatis : or, a vindication of godliness . . . 
from the imputations of foUy and fancy. [D.C.] 

8°- London, 1663. 

ALLEN (Robert). 
An essay on the nature and methods of carrying on a 
trade to the South-Sea. 8°- London, 1712. 

ALLEN (Robert J[ames]), B.A. 
Suggestions on the organisation of the British army, in 
a letter to Earl Grey. 8°- London, ISbb. 

ALLEN (Thomas). 
The history and antiquities of the parish of Lambeth 
and the archiepiscopal palace, in the county of Surrey. 

8"- London, 182G. 
The history and antiquities of London, Westminster, 
and South wark. 4 vol. 8"- London, 1827. 

The history and antiquities of London, Westminster, 
and Southwark. 17 vol. With additional illustra- 
tions and a MS. index. 8°- London, 1827. 
A new and complete history of the county of York, 
illustrated by a series of views ... from original 
drawings by Nathaniel Whittock. 6 vol. 

8"- London, 1829-31. 
Picturesque beauties of Great Britain : a series of views 
from original drawings ; with historical, topographical, 
critical, and biographical notices. Kent. 

4"- London, 1833. 
The history of the county of Lincoln, from the earliest 
period to the present time. [Anon.] 2 vol. 

4"- London, 1834. 

ALLEN (W. H.). 
The Russian official map of Central Asia : compiled in 
accordance with the discoveries and surveys of 
Russian officers up to the close of the year 1877. 

2 sh''- London. [1878':'] 

ALLEN (Cardinal William). 
Defence of Sir William Stanley's surrender of Deventer. 
January 29, 1586-7. Edited by Thomas Heywood, 
F.S.A. [Chetham Society, 25.] 

4"- [.Vanche.-ifer,] 1851. 

ALLEN (William). 
Life ... with selections from his correspondence. 
3 vol. 8°- Zo;«/o«, 1846-7. 

ALLEN (Captain William), R.N.,and THOMP- 
SON (T. R. H.), M.D., R.N. 
A narrative of the expedition sent by Her Jfajesty's 
Government to the River Niger, in 1841, under the 
command of Capt. H. D. Trotter, R.N. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1848 
ALLEX, William, the younger. Sec FREE (John). 



ALLEN (Alderman William Fek\ele\). 
The Corporation of London : its rights and privileges. 

8"- London, 1858. 

ALLEYS (Edavakd). 
The Alleyn papers. A collection of original documents 
illustrative of the life and times of ... with an intro- 
duction by J. Payne Collier, F.S.A. [Shakespeare 
Society, 18.] 8"- London, 184.3. 

Str COLLIER (J. Payne), RENDLE (William). 

ALLIBONE (S. Austin). 

A critical dictionary of English literature, and British 
and American authors, living and deceased, from the 
earliest accounts to the latter half of the nineteenth 
century ... 3 vol. la. Q°- London, 1859-71. 

Prose quotations, from Socrates to Macaulay, with 
indexes ... 8°- Philudelphiu, 187G. 

Poetical quotations, from Chaucer to Tennyson, with 
copious indexes ... 8"- Phihiddphiu, 1878. 

Great authors of all ages ; being selections from the 
prose works of eminent writers from the time of 
Pericles to the present day. 8°- Philudeljjliiu, 1%S0. 

ALLIES (Jaiskz), F.S.A. 
On the ancient British, Roman, and Saxon antiquities 
and folk-lore of Worcestershire. 2nd edit. 

8°- London, 1852. 

ALLIN, George. 
News from Islington : or, the confession and execution 
of George Allin. 4°- London, 1674. 

Ballyshannon : its history and antiquities, with some 
account of the surrounding neighbourhood. 

sm. 8"- Londondernj, 1879. 

ALLINGHAM (William). 
Day and night songs : and The music-master. 

8°- London, 18G0. 
Laurence Bloomfield in Ireland. 8°- London, 18(34. 
Fifty modern i)oems. 8°- I^ondon, 1865. 

The ballad book : a selection of the choicest British 
ballads. 8«- London, 1879. 

ALLMAN (Prof. G. J.). M.D.. LL.D. Scu CHAL- 

ALLNATT (Charles F.). 
Cathedra Petri... The titles and prerogatives ascribed 
to St. Peter, and to his see and successors, by the 
early fathers and councils of the church. 1st and 
2nd edit. 8°- London, 1878-9. 

ALLNUTT (Henry). 
Diagram showing the fluctuation in the imperial average 
j)rice of wheat, annually, from 1641 to the present 
time. 3rd edit. ob. sh. London. [1885.] 

Considerations on the best mode of improving the 
present imperfect state of the navigation of the 
river Thames, from Ilichmond to Staines ... 

8«' llcnlcij, 1805. 

[ALLOT, RoiiERT.] 
England's Parnassus : or, the choycest flowers of our 
moderne poets, with their pooticall comparisons ... 
London, l(jOO. [Collier's Reprints.] 

4"- Loiido)!, 1867. 

ALLPORT (Douglas). 
Collections illustrative of the geology, history, an- 
tiipiitics and associations of Camberwell and the 
neighbourhood. 8"' OinibenwU, 1841. 

ALLSOP,' T[noMAs]. 
Letters, conversations and recollections of Samuel 
Taylor Coleridge. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1858. 

ALMACK (Barugh). 
Hints to landowners on tenure, prices, rents ... 

[S.M.] 8°- London, 1846. 

The Thee and Thou almanack for 1649. 

4"- \_London,'] 1649. 
The Dutch bloudy almanack for 1653. 

4"- London, 1653. 

Collection of almanacks for 1675. 

1. Merlini Anglici ephenieris. By William Lilly. 

2. E<t)HMEl'lS : or, a diary astronomical and meteorological. By 

John Gadbury. 

3. An Episcopal almanack. 

4. The Kheijheril's almanack. By John Bnckuall. 

5. The Country almanack. 

6. Kalendarium Nauticum. By Henry Seaman. 

7. News from tlie stars. By William Andrews. 

8. Apollo Anglicanns. By Richard Saiiaders. 

9. Pond : an almanack. r. 
ID. Swan : a new almanack. 

11. Angelns Britannicns. By John Tanner. 

12. Poor Robin : an almanack after a new fashion. 

Collection of almanacks for 1680. 

1. Merlini Anglici ephenieris. By William Lilly. 

2. E<l>H'.\lEr(S : or, diary astronomical and astrological. By John 


3. The Protestant almanack. By Pliiloprotest. 

4. News from tlie stars. By William Andrews. 

5. Apollo Anglicanns. By Richard Sannilers. 

6. Dade : a new almanack. By William Dade. 

7. Woodhouse : a new almanack. By John "Woodhouse. 

8. Pond : an almanack. 

9. Dove : speculum anni. 

10. S\\'an : a new almanack. 

11. Swallow : a new almanack. 

12. Rose : a new almanack. By George Rose. 

13. Nmicius Ciclcstis : or, the starry messenger. By Henry Coley. 

14. Cnlpeiijier revived. By Nathaniel Culpepper. 

15. Fly ; an almanack. 

16. Calendarium Astrologicnni. By Thomas Trigge. 

17. Perkins : a new almanack. By F. Perkins. 

18. Si)ecu,luni persi)icuum Uranicum. By Lancelot Coelson. 

19. Bowker : an almanack. By .James Bowker. 

20. (),\Y MniA AS^'MATA. By John Wing. 

21. Angelns Britannicns. By John Tanner. 

22. Si)eculum Uranicnni. By Tliomas Fowle. 

23. 'EKKAHSIAAdriA. Bv John Partridge. 

24. White : an almanack." By Tliomas White. 

25. An almanack. By William Reailman. 

26. A Y'ea and Nay almanack for the people called, by the men 
■ of tlie world, Quakers. 

27. Poor Robin : an almanack after a new fashion. 

Collection of almanacks for 1688. 

1. Merlintis junior. By Henry Coley. 

2. EiMl'iMEl'lJ.. By Joini Gadbury. " 

4. Nnncius Syilercus. By Henry Coley. 

5. Ajiollo Anglicanns. B\' Uiciiard Saunders. 

6. Vox Urania;. By Daniel Woodward. 

7. News out of tiie west from tlie stars. By William Davis. 

8. News from the stars. By William Andrews. 

9. Dove : speculum anni. 

10. Pond : an alman.ack. 

11. OAY'MniA AH'MATA. By John Wing. 

12. Annus mirabilis. By J. Partridge. 

Annus mirabilis : or, strange and wonderful predictions 
and observations gathered out of Mr. J. Partridge's 
almanack for 1688 ; and astrological judgments in 
the much- talked of year 1688-9. By John Whalley. 

4"- London, 1688-9. 
An almanack for the year of Christ 1695, with the 
Jewish kalendar. By Isaac Abendana. 

12"- Oxford, 1695. 
Partridge's almanacks for the years 1733, 38-41, 43, 46. 
Parker's Ephenieris for 1738-41, 43, 46. 7 vol. 

8"- London, 1733-46. 
[With manuscript diai ics of occurrences, by Stephen 
Monteage, oflicirJly attached to the South-Sea and 
Custom houses. A curious picture of the routine 
life of a man in office upwards of a century ago.] 

Collection of almanacks for 1 734. 

1. The Ladies diary : or, the woman's a'lmanack. 

2. Remarkable news from the stars. By William Aiulrews. 

3. Mcrlinus Anglicns. junior. By Henry Coley. 

•1. E<t>IlMEri2 : or, a diary astronomical. By J. Gadbnry. 

5. Angelns sideralis. By John llai'tley. 

6. \'o\ stcllaruni. By Francis Moore, jiliysician. 

7. Merlinns Liberatus. By John Partridge. 
H. Parker's Eplicmeris. 

9. The Cu'Iostial diar\' ; or, an e])hemeris. Bv Salem Pcaree. 

11. Poor Robin. 

12. Ajiollo .\nglic.t,nns. Uy Ilichard Sa.unders. 

13. S]iecnhnn anni. liy Henry Season. 

14. '(lAi/iTrm ^uifiaia. By John Wing. 



ALMANACKS, USA— continued. 

15. Wing: a progiiasticiition for 1734. By John Wing. 

16. Tlie Bi-itisli telescope. By Kdmiiiid Weiirer. 

17. Cnli>epi>er reviveii. By Natliauiel Culpepjier. 

18. Kly : calculateil for the meridian of King's Lynn. 

19. Perkins : a new almanack. By F. Perkins. 

20. S\vallo\v : a new almanack. 

21. Calendarium astrologicum. By Tliomas Trigge. 

Miniature almanacks publislied by the Stationers' 
Company. For the year 1740, with a view of the 
front of Guildhall ; for 1779, with a view of Somerset 
house; for 17S2, with a view of the Pantheon, 
Oxford street ; for 1 7f-)3, with a view of the Ordnance 
Office, Old Palace yard ; for 1 794, with a view of 
the Coal Exchange, Thames street ; for 1795, with 
a view of Drury Lane theatre ; for 185(5, with a 
view of the Commercial Travellers' School, Pinner. 

32"' London, 1740-185(). 

Rider's British Merlin for the year of our Lord God 
1752, being bissextile or leap-year. Compiled for 
his country's benefit by Cardanus Rider. 

12"- London, 1752. 

The Ladies' diary, or woman's almanack for 1752. 
[C.C.] 8"- London, 1752. 

[In this year September had only 19 days, the remainder 
being remitted or annihilated by Act of Parliament, 
24 Geo. II, 1751, on the abolishing of the old, and 
commencement of the new style.] 

Trusler's Moore's almanack improved : or, the farmer 
and countryman's calendar for the year 1792. 

8'"- London, 1792. 

Trusler's country almanack for the year 1795. By the 
Rev. Dr. John Trusler. 8°- London, 1795. 

Rider's British Merlin for 1800-3, 1812, 1815, 1820. 
5 vol. 12°- London, 1800-20. 

Royal kalendar for 1800-4, 7-13, 15-17, 19-25, 28-32, 
34-8, 41-6, 49-57, GO-86. 79 vol. 

12"- London, 1800-86. 

Almanach imperial pour 1809 ... par Testu. 

8"- Purh. [1809.] 

The Epicure's almanack, or calendar of good living ; 
containing a directory to the taverns, coffee-houses, 
inns, eating-houses ... in the metropolis. 

12"- London, 1815. 

Moore's almanack improved ; or, WiUs's farmer and 
countryman's calendar for the years 1815, 19, 23-25, 
28-30, 33. 9 vol. 8"- London, 1815-33. 

The imperial almanack, 1822-6. 5 vol. [C.C.] 

r2»- London, 1822-6. 

British almanack of the Society for the diffusion of 
useful knowledge, and companion, for the years 
1829-86 : with index to the years 1828-43. 59 vol. 
^ [Vol. 1 for 1828 wanting.] 8"- London, 1828-85. 

Almanac of the Jews for the year 5591 after the 
creation of the world, answering part of the years 
1830 and 1831, Anno. Dom.: translated by Julius 
Rubensohn. MS. 4"- London, 1831. 

The Union Review almanack : an ecclesiastical calendar 
for the year of grace 1865. 8"- London, 1865. 

St. Botolph, Bishopsgate. Parochial almanack for 

1866-7 [with some account of the parish]. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 186C)-7. 
Almanack for the years 1870, 1871, and 1873-87, by 

Joseph Whitakcr, F.S.A. 17 vol. 

8"- London. [1869-87.] 
Financial Reform almanack for 1874 and 1876-87. 

13 vol. S"- London. [1873-86.] 

Almanach de Gotha: annuaire genealogique, diplo- 

mati(iue et statisti(iue. 14 vol. 24"- 6V/(a, 1874-87. 

The Era almanack, dramatic and musical : conducted 
by Edward Ledger. 13 vol. 8"- London, \Wti}-^l: 

ALMANACKS— ro)i/;/(Mcr/. 

AU past time and almanack for 1881-3 and 1885 ... 
containing a classification of all the eclipses from 
creation: also ... the original, or antediluvian solar 
cycle ... the ancient Hebrew solar cycle ... the solar 
cycle of the Christian era ... by which the date 
of every day since creation is obtained in unbroken 
weeks of seven days. By J. B. Dimbleby. 4 vol. 

8"- London. [1880-4.] 

Oliver & Boyd's new Edinburgh almanac and national 
repository. (5 vol. 12"- Ed'mhurgh , 1882-7. 

An olde almanack in forme of a booke of reference for 
this present yeare of grace 1883. Imprynted chiefly 
in black letter, wherein is showen diverse quainte 
sayinges and pictures ... with a morall for each 
monethe and much more that is profyttable to be 
read and thought uponne. Newlye sett forthe by 
Charles Letts. 4"- London. [1883.] 


Maxims found amongst the papers of the great 
Almanzor. fo. sh. 1(]93. 

ALMON (John). 
The correspondence of John "Wilkes, with memoirs of 
his life. 5 vol. 8"- London, 1805. 

ALPHAND (A[i)OLPHE J. Charles]). 
Les promenades de Paris : histoire, description des 
embellissements, depenses de creation et d'entretien... 
etude sur I'art des jardins et arboretum. Texte et 
planches. 2 vol. fo. Pdrix, 1867-73. 

ALPHEN (Jerome van). 
De CXI°- Psalm in sestien Leerredenen. Tweede 

di-uk. [D.C.] 4"- Utrecht, 1745. 

Ontledende verklaaringen en Aanmerkingen over eenige 

Psalmen ... [D.C.] 4"- rtrerlit, 1745. 

ALPHEN (Jerome Simon van). 
Daniels IX"- Hoof dstuk, en bysonder De LXX Jaaren 
der Babylonische Verwoestingen en de LXX Weeken 
bestemd ter aanbrenginge van het Waare Heyl over 
Daniels Volk en Heylige Stad. [D.C.] 

40- Amsterdam, 1716. 


The Eastern Alps, including the Bavarian Highlands, 
the TjTol, Salzkammergut, StjTia and Carinthia : 
handbook for travellers, by K. Baedeker. 4th edit. 

8"- Le/jisic, 1879. 

ALSAGER (Thomas Massa). 
Register for the year 1838 of the trusts and charities 
administered by the Clothworkers' Company : also of 
the estate and other sources of income, the exclusive 
property of the Company, with the application thereof, 
also of all accounts with other companies ... 

8"- London, 1838. 

ALSOP (Mr.). 
Speech to the King [James IIJ upon the presenting 
of an address. fo. sh. [1()87.] 

ALSTEDIUS (Joiiann Heinricii). 
Methodus sacrosancta; theologiaj octo libris tradita... 
7 vol. [D.C.] 4"- Ilanockti. [1618-23.] 

1. Priccognita. 

2. 'I'heologia Naturalis. 

3. Theologia Catooliotica. 

4. Theologia Soholastica. 

5. Tlieologia Casuum. 

G. Proplietica. 

7. Acroaniatica [Polcmica]. 

Methodus S.S. theologian in sex libros tributa. [D.C] 

12"- Jfanorid; 1619. 

Lexicon tlieologicum in quo sacrosanctic tlieologia; 
termini dihicide explicantur juxta seriem locorum 
communium. [D.C] 8"- llanoriiv, 1620. 

Comjiendium theologicum, exhibens methodum S.S. 
TheologiiK. [D.CO 8"- Ilunorin, 1624. 

Logica theologica. [D.C.] 12"' Fnnirofnrti, 1625. 



ALSTEDIUS (JoHANN Heinrich)— co?rf/n;(erf. 

Definitiones theologicae. [D.C.] 

12°- FrancofurU, 1626. 

Distinctiones per universam theologiam sumtse ex 
cauone sacrarum literarum et classicis theologis. 
[D.C.] 12°- Fmncofarti, 1626. 

Paratitla theologica in quibus vera antiquitas, et 
phraseologia sacrarum literarum et patrum, sive 
priscorum Ecclesise doctorum, ita illustratur, ut 
imiversum sacrosanctaj theologiae syntagma hac veluti 
clavi reseretur. Opus Methodo tlieologiffi...prEemit- 
tendum. [D.C.] 4"- Fraucofurli, 1626. 

Quiestiones theologicae breviter propositse et expositse 
in gratiam tyronum. [D.C.] 

12"- FrancofurU, 1627. 
Diatribe de mille annis Apocalypticis. [D.C.] 

12»- Fmncofarti, 1627. 
Synopsis theologiae. [D.C.] 12"- Hanoi'ia', 1627. 
Regulae theologicas quibus corpus doctrine Christianae 
partim illustratur, partim confirmatur. [D.C.] 

12°- Francofurti, 1628. 

ALTHAM (Rev. Roger), D.D. 
A sermon .preached at the opening of the church of 
St. Botolph, Bishopsgate, December 1. 

4°- Loudon, 1728. 

ALTING (Heinrich). 
Scriptorum theologicorum Heidelbergensium tomus 
primus [secundus et tertius]. 3 vol. in 2. [D.C.] 
i°- Amdelodami , 1646. 
Exegesis logica et theologica Augustan^ confessionis : 
cum appendice problematica : num Ecclesiae Re- 
formatae in Germania pro sociis Augustanae con- 
fessionis agnoscendae et habendae sint ? Accessit 
syllabus controversiarum quae Reformatis hodie 
intercedunt cum Lutheranis. [D.C.] 

4°- Amstelodami, 1647. 
Exegesis logica et theologica Augustanae confessionis... 

AO- Avistelodami, 1652. 

ALTON, Hampshire. 
Strange and terrible news from ... of a tempest of 
thunder and lightning, Dec. 19. 

fo. sh. London, 1687. 

ALVANLEY, Cheshire. 
A true relation of the great thunder, lightning and 
prodigious hail at, June I'J. fo. sh. London, 1687. 

ALVAREZ (Father Francisco). 
Narrative of the Portuguese embassy to Abyssinia 
during the years 1520-7 ... Translated from the 
Portuguese and edited, with notes and an intro- 
duction, by Lord Stanley of Alderley. [Hakluyt 
Society, 64.] 8"- London, 1881. 

ALVAREZ (Franciscus Didacus). 
De incarnatione Divini Verbi disputationes Lxxx. 
■ [D.C.] 4"' Lucjdimi, 1614. 

ALVAREZ (Jose). 
The foreign debt of Spain, 1822-70 : a review of its 
conversions, with tabular statements of the result to 
the Government and the bondholders. 

80- London, 1870. 

AM AM A (SrxTiNUs). 
Rybelche Conferentio [over de] Nedcrlandtsche over- 
'settinghe des Rybcls. [D.C.] A<>. ,1 1623. 
De Hebreuscho Grammatica ofte Taal-Konst. [D.C.] 

8"' Am.'<terd(im, 1627. 
Ebreuschc Woord-Boek. [D.C.] 8"- Fmneker, 1628. 

AMATEUR, p.^rnd. 
The rational treatment of hor.scsand our other domestic 
animals ... 8"- London, 1873. 


Loss of the steamship Amazon : an appeal to the pro- 
prietors touching the first 8"- London, 1852. 

The names of the committee of the house of Com- 
mons and the charge to them left on Sept. 9 ... 
with their determination, concerning the French and 
Spanish embassadors and the reason of denying them 
forces. 4"- London, 1641. 

AMBROSE, Saint, Archbishop of Milan. 
Opera omnia. [D.C.] fo. Paris, 1569. 

Opera omnia ex recognitione Romana. 5 vol. in 2. 
[D.C.] fo. Colonice Agrijy^ince, 1616. 

See THORNTON ([Rev.] R.). 

AMBROSE (Isaac). 
Looking unto Jesus, a view of the everlasting gospel. 
[D.C.] 4°- London, 1658. 

The Ambulator : or, the stranger's companion in a 
tour round London within the circuit of twenty-five 
miles ... 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 9th edit. 

12"- London, 1782-1800. 


The rights of Great Britain asserted against the claims 
of : being an answer to the declaration of the 
General Congress. 2nd edit. 8°- London, 1776. 
Considerations on the provisional treaty with, and the 
preliminary articles of peace with France and Spain. 

8°- London, 1783. 
Plan of the new constitution for the United States, 
agreed upon in a convention ... New edit. 

8°- London, 1792. 
State papers on the negotiation and peace with 
America,, 1814 ... 8°- London, 1815. 

Map of the British possessions in North America. 
Compiled from documents in the Colonial Depart- 
ment. London, 1827. 

AMERICA, British plantations in. 
The importance of ... to this kingdom : with the state 
of their trade and methods for improving it, as also 
a description of the several colonies there. 

8°- London, 1731. 
Representation of the Board of Trade relating to the 
laws made, manufactures set up, and trade carried on 
in His Majesty's plantations in America. 

fo. London, 1733. 
An abridgement of the several acts relating to trade 
and navigation to, from and in the ... 

fo. London, 1739. 
A letter to G.G. [on taxing the] 8"- London, 1767. 
Two papers on the subject of taxing the ... 

8°- London, 1767. 

AMERICA, South. 
Levey's South American, Asiatic, and Oceanic business 
director}' of the principal cities and towns in Cuba, 
West Indies, Mexico, Central America, Brazil, Argen- 
tine Republic, Uruguay, Chili, Peru, Australia, New 
Zealand, India, China, Japan and British Colombia. 

8"- Ne)D York, 1878. 


Practical suggestions as to instruction in farming in 
Canada and the North- West, and the United States 
of America. 8tli edit. 8°- London. [1882.] 


1. The declaration of American independence. 

2. Articles of confederation. 

3. The constitution of the United States. 

4. The constitution of the State of New York. 

5. Population tables of the states and territories. 

12"- Manchester, 1863. 



Consolatory thoughts on ... 8"- London, 1782. 

Report on the progi-ess of library architecture, by 
William F. Poole ; and resolutions of the Association 
concerning the building for the library of Congress. 

8"' Boston, 1882. 


Directions to the American Loyalists, to enable them 
to state their cases by way of memorial to the com- 
missioners appointed to enquire into the losses ... 

8°- London, 178."). 

James Fenimore Cooper. By Thomas R. Loundsbury. 

8"- Boston, 1883. 

Map of the . . . showing its connections and land grants. 

Folded sh. Chicago. [1875.] 
Panoramic map of the great ovei'land route from 
Occident to Orient : Europe to China, Japan and 
Australia. Folded sh. Chicago, 187(3. 


Proceedings of the 14th annual session ... held in 
Cambridge, Mass., July, 1882. 

8°- Cambridge [U.S.A.], 1882. 

A short history of the conduct of the present ministry 
with regard to the ... 8"- London, 17G6. 

The celebrated speech of a .celebrated commoner 
[William Pitt, Earl of Chatham] upon ... 

8"- London, 176G. 
Correct copies of the two protests against the bill to 
repeal the ... with lists of speakers and voters. 

80- London, 17C6. 

Dinner at St. James's Hall, London, November 26. 

8"- London, 1863. 

AMES (Joseph), F.R.S., F.S.A. 

A catalogue of English heads : or, an account of about 
two thousand prints, describing what is peculiar on 
each, as... the name of the painter, graver, scraper... 
and some remarkable particulars relating to their 
lives. 8°- London, 1748. 

Typographical antiquities, or the history of printing 
in England, Scotland and Ireland : augmented by 
William Herbert of Cheshunt, and greatly enlarged 
with notes, and illustrated with appropriate engi-av- 
ings, by the Rev. Thomas Frognall Dibdin. 4 vol. 

4"- London, 1810-19 

AMES (William). 
Rescriptio scholastica et brevis ad Nicholai Grevinchovii 
responsum illud prolixum, quod opposuit dissertation: 
de redemptione generali et electione ex fide prcevisa 
[D.C.] 4"- Ani^telodami, 1615 

Bellarminus enervatus sive disputationes anti-bellar- 
miniana3 in illu.stri Frisiorum Academia, quae est 
Franekcraj publice habitag. 4 vol. in 2. [D.C.] 

12°- Aiiistelodanii, 1G28. 
Medulla Theologica. Editio tertia. [D.C.] 

12°- Amstelodami, 1628. 
De conscientia et ejus jure vel casibus libri quinque. 

[D.C.] 12"- Amsle/odaini, 1631. 

Anti-Synodaliascriptavel animadversioncs indogmatica 
ilia, qute remonstrantcs in Synodo Dordracena exhi- 
bucrunt et postea divulgarunt. [D.C.] 

12"- Amstelodami, 10.33. 

AMHURST (Nicholas). Sec D'ANVERS (Caleb). 

Account of the state and condition of the corporation 
of the Amicable Society, for a perpetual assurance 
office, and of the joint stock of the said society. 

4"- London, 1714. 
Terms, methods, and advantages of insuring lives for a 
perpetual assurance. broadside. London, 1749. 

Holland. Translated from the Italian by Caroline 

Tilton. 8"- London, 1880. 

Morocco, its people and places. Translated by C. 

Rollin-Tilton. 4"- London. [1880.] 


The history of, with a preliminary discourse in which 
are contained the four books of Justinian's Institutes 
of the Roman law, and the history of Count 
Zosimus... [Corpus Historicum.] 8"- London, 1H14. 

The Roman history of, during the reigns of the emperors 
Constantinus, Julian, Jovianus, Valentinian, and 
Valens : translated by C. D. Yonge, B.A. [Bohn's 
Library.] 8"- London, 1862. 

AMOS (Andrew). 
Obsei'vations on the statutes of the Reformation parlia- 
ment in the reign of Henry the Eighth. 

8"- London, 1859. 

AMOS (Sheldon), M.A. 
The science of law. [International Scientific Series, 1 0.] 
2nd edit. 8"- London, 1874. 

A concise statement of some of the objections to the 
contagious diseases acts of 1864, 1866 and 1869, 
dealing with the argument up to the present time. 

8"- London, 1876. 
The science of politics. [International Scientific Series, 
45.] 8"- London, 1883. 

AMPSINCK (Johann). 
Eenighe proposition nopende de Kerckelijcke discipline. 
[D.C.] 8"- Haei-lem, 1590. 

AMSINCK (Paul). 
Tunbridge Wells and its neighbourhood, illustrated by 
a series of etchings and historical descriptions : the 
etchings executed by Letitia Byrne. 

roy. 4"- London, 1810. 

A companion to endless amusement, containing nearly 
400 interesting experiments in various branches of 
science. 12°- London, n.d. 

AMYRAUT (Moyse). 
De la justification centre les opinions de Monsieur de 

la MiUetiere. [D.C.] S"- Suamui; 

Specimen animadversionum in exercitationes de gratia 
universali. [D.C.] 4"- Salnumi, 1648. 

La morale Chrestienne. 4 pt. in 6 vol. [D.C.] 

8°- Sawnur, 1652-GO. 

A confession of faith of seven congregations or churches 
of Christ in London, which are commonly (but un- 
justly) called Anabaptists. 1st and 2nd edit. 

4"- London, 1646. 

An order of the Lords assembled in parliament for the 
punishment of, and sectaries, that shall disturbe the 
ministers in their publicke exercises ... 

4°- London, 1646. 

Declaration of several of the people called Anabaptists 
in and about the City of London. 

fo. sh. London, 1659. 

The humble apology of some, commonly called Ana- 
baptists, with their protestation against the late 
wicked and most horrid insurrection ... in the City 
of London. 4"- London, 1660. 

Ml'. Baxter baptised in blood : or, a sad history of the 
cruelty of the Anabaptists in New England. 

4°- London, 1673. 



AXACHAESIS, the younger. 
(Abbe J. J.). 


A short history of : collected from original, ancient, 
chronological, and other authentic documents. 
Printed for private circulation. 

8"- [Tottenham,] 1845. 

Ancient Classics for English Readers. Edited by the 
Rev. W. Lucas Collins, M.A. 28 vol. 

8°- Edinburgh, 1870-9. 
.^schylus. By Reginald S. Copleston, M.A. 
Aristophanes. By the Rev. W. Lucas Collins, 

Aristotle. By Sir Alexander Grant, B*-, LL.D. 
Caesar, The commentaries of. By Anthony 

Catullus, Tibullus, and Propertius. By the Rev. 

James Davies, M.A. 
Cicero. By the Rev. W. Lucas Collins, M.A. 
Demosthenes. By the Rev. W. J. Brodribb, M.A. 
Euripides. By William Bodham Donne. 
Greek Anthology, The. By Lord Neaves. 
Herodotus. By George C. Swayne, M.A. 
Hesiod and Theognis. By the Rev. James Davies, 


Homer. The Iliad. By the Rev. W. Lucas 

Collins, M.A. 
Homer. The Odyssey. By the Rev. W. Lucas 

CoUins, M.A. 
Horace. By Sir Theodore Martin. 
Juvenal. By Edward Walford, M.A. 
Livy. By the Rev. W. Lucas Collins, M.A. 
Lucian. By the Rev. W. Lucas Collins, M.A. 
Lucretius. By W. H. Mallock. 
Ovid. By the Rev. Alfred Church, M.A. 
Pindar. By the Rev. F. D. Morice, M.A. 
Plato. By Clifton W. Collins, M.A. 
Plautus and Terence. By the Rev. W. Lucas 

Collins, M.A. 
Pliny's Letters. By the Rev. Alfred Church, 

M.A.. and the Rev. W. J. Brodribb, M.A. 
Sophocles. By Clifton W. Collins, M.A. 
Tacitus. By William Bodham Donne. 
Thucydides. By the Rev. W. Lucas Collins, M.A. 
Virgil. By the Rev. W. Lucas Collins, M.A. 
Xenophon. By Sir Alexander Grant, B*-, LL.D. 

Ancient Historic Ballads. 12°- Neiocmtle, 1807. 

Riclianl Plantagenet. 
Tlie Cave of Morar, the Mau 
of Sorrows. 

Tlie Battle of Floilden. 
Tlie Hermit of Warkworth. 

Epochs of Ancient History. Edited by the Rev. G. W. 
Cox, M.A., and Charles Sankey, M.A. 10 vol. 

8"- London, 187G-81. 
The Roman empire of the second century : or, the 

age of the Anton ines. By W. W. Capes, M.A. 
The Gracchi, Marius, and Sulla. By A. H. Beesly. 
Roman history. The early empire : from the 

assassination of Julius Cajsar to that of Domi- 

tian. By W. W. Capes, M.A. 2nd edit. 
The Athenian empire. By the Rev. George W. 

Cox, M.A. 2nd edit. 
The Greeks and the Persians. By the Rev. G. W. 

Cox, M.A. 2nd edit. 
Rise of the Macedonian empire. By Arthur M. 

Curteis, M.A. 
Early Rome : from the foundation of the city to 

its (lesU-iiction by the (ianls. By W. fline 

I'h.l). 2iiH edit. 
The Roman 'JViumvirates. By Cliarles Mci'ival(! 

D.I).. Dean of Ely. 2nd edit. 

ANCIENT mWIOWI— continued. 

The Spairtan and Theban supremacies. By Charles 

Sankey, M.A. 
Rome and Carthage, the Punic wars. By R. 

Bosworth Smith, M.A. 

ANCRE [Concini Concinio] Marquis d', Marshal 
of France. 

The true relation of the deserved death of that base 
and insolent tyrant . . . translated out of French. 

4"- London, 1617. 

Sec CIMBER (L.). 

AND AGO YA (Pascual de). 
Narrative of the proceedings of Pedrarias Davila in 
the provinces of Tierra Firme or Castilla del Oro ... 
translated and edited ... by Clements R. Markham, 
F.R.G.S. [Hakluyt Society, 33.] 8"- London, 1865. 

ANDERSEN (H[ans] C[hristian]). 
I Sverrig. 8°- Kjohenhavn, 1851. 

Nye eventyr og historier. 8"- Kjohenhavn, 1861. 

Eventyi" og historier. 2 vol. 8°- Kjohenhavn, 1862-3. 


An historical and chronological deduction of the origin 
of commerce, from the earliest accounts ; containing 
an history of the great commercial interests of the 
British empire ... 4 vol. 4°- London, 1787-9. 

Another edit., revised and continued to the year 1789, 
by Mr. Coombe. 6 vol. 8°- Dublin, 1790. 

ANDERSON (Arthur). 
Steam communication with India : a letter to the 
directors of the projected East Indian Steam Navi- 
gation Company ... 3rd edit. 8"- London, 1840. 

ANDERSON (Benjamin). 
Narrative of a journey to Musardu, the capital of the 
western Mandingoes ; with an appendix. 

8°- Neiv York, 1870. 

ANDERSON (Hon. Mrs. Caroline D.). 
Practical religion exemplified by letters and passages 
from the life of the Rev. Robert Anderson... 4th edit. 

12°- London, 1846. 

ANDERSON (Christopher). 
Memorial on behalf of the native Irish, with a view to 
their improvement in moral and religious knowledge 
through the medium of their own language. [Anon.] 

8«- London, 1815. 
The annals of the English Bible. New edit., edited 
by Hugh Anderson. 8"' London, 1862. 

ANDERSON (Edmund). 
Les reports des mults principals cases argues et adjuges 
en le temps del jadis roign Elizabeth, cibien en le 
Common- Bank comme devant touts les juges de cest 
roialme. [R.L.L.] 2 pt. in 1 vol. 

fo. London, 1664-5. 

Modern horsemanship : a new method of teaching 
riding and training by means of pictures from the 
life. 8"' Edinburr/h, 1884. 

ANDERSON (George), A.M. 
A general view of the variations which have been made 
in the affairs of the East India Company ... 

8"- London, 1792. 
Supplement ... including an answer to the observations 
pul)lished by George Tierney on tliat subject. 

8"- London, 1792. 

ANDERSON (George). 
The reign of bullionism. 8"' fllaxf/oir, 1867. 



The manner pointed out in which the Common Prayer 
was read in private by Mr. Garrick, for the instruction 
of a young clergyman .. . 8"- London, ITJT. 

ANDERSON (Jamks), LL.D. 
An account of the present state of the Hebrides and 
western coasts of Scotland ... 8°- Edinburgh, 1785. 

ANDERSON (Rev. James). Svc HOWIE (John). 

ANDERSON (John), M.D., F.R.S.E. 
Mandalay to Momien : a narrative of the two ex- 
peditions to Western China of 18G8 and 1875, under 
Colonel Edward B. Sladen and Colonel Horace 
Browne. 8°- London, 187G. 

ANDERSON (Joiix Corbet). 

Shropshire, its early history and antiquities ; compris- 
ing a description of the British and Roman remains, 
its Saxon and Danish reminiscences, the Domesday 
survey... and the history of its forests, towns, manors, 
abbeys, chui-ches .. . 8°- London, 186i. 

The Roman city of Uriconium at Wroxeter, Salop ; 
illustrative of the history and social life of our 
Romano-British forefathers. 8"- London, 1867. 

Monuments and antiquities of the old parish church of 
St. John the Baptist at Croydon... destroyed by fire 
January 5th, 1867. [Printed for subscribers.] 

fo. [Lomloii,] 1871. 

Croydon: pre-historic and Roman. 8"- \_Lojuhn,'] 1874. 

Saxon Croydon. 8°' [London,] 1877. 

Croydon old church, parish register and the Whitgif t 
charity. _ 8°- [London,] 1878. 

The archiepiscopal palace at Croydon. 

80- [Lo)idon,] 1879. 

A short chronicle concerning the parish of Croydon in 
the county of Surrey. 8"- [London,] 1882. 

English landscapes and views : comprising 24 engrav- 
ings on steel . . . with an historical and topographical 
description. ob. fo. London, 1883. 

Sir BRIDGER (Chaeles), RULE (William 

ANDERSON (John P.). 
The book of British topography : a classified cata- 
logue of the topographical works in the librai-y of the 
British Museum relating to Great Britain and Iceland. 

8°- London, 1881. 

ANDERSON (Joseph), LL.D. 
Scotland in early Christian times : the Rhind lectures in 
archseology, 1879-80. 2 vol. S^' Edlnhargh, 1882. 

1st SKniES— 

Materials aud methods. 

Structural remains [churches, rouud towers, oratories]. 
Existing relics :— books, bells, croziers aud reliquaries. 
2nd Series — 

Decorative metal work, brooches. 

Decorative stonework, monuments. 

The art and symbolism of the monuments. 

Inscribed monuments, in Celtic aud Ogliams, iu Runic and 
Roman letters. 

Scotland in pagan times, the iron age : the Rhind lectures 
in archeology for 1881. 8"- Edinburgh, \%m. 

Christian and pagan burial, Viking burials. 

Northern burials and hoards. 

The Celtic art of the pagan period. 

The architecture of the Brochs and their contents. 

Lake-dwellings, hill-forts, and earth-houses. 

ANDERSON, Lionel. 
The tryal of Lionel Anderson, (diast Munson, William 
Russell, William Parry, Henry Stai'kcy, James Corker, 
and William Marshal, for liigh ti-cason as Romish 
priests : together with the ti yal of Alexander Lums- 
den, a Scotchman, and the arraignment of David 
Joseph Kemish for the same offence, January 17, 
1679. fo. London, 1680. 

Norse mythology : or, the religion of our fore-fathers, 
containing all the myths of the Eddas systematized 
and interpreted ... 4th edit. 8''' Chicago, 1884. 

ANDERSON (Richard), F.C.S., F.G.S. 
Lightning conductors : their history, nature, and mode 
of application. 8"- Loyidon, 1879. 

ANDERSON (Robert), M.D. Sec MOORE (John), 
SMOLLETT (Tobias George). 

(Hon. Mrs. Caeollne D.). 

My wanderings in Persia : with map showing the 
scientific frontier in Afghanistan and the Russian 
advance in Central Asia. 8°- London, 1880. 

ANDERSON (Walter), D.D. 
The history of France during the reigns of Francis II 
and Charles IX. 2 vol. 4°- London, 1769. 

ANDERSON (William). 
The Scottish nation : or, the surnames, families, litera- 
ture, honours, and biographical history of the people 
of Scotland. 3 vol. 9,"- Edinburgh, 1863. 

Calendar ... for the session 1879-80. 

8°- Glungow, 1879. 


ANDERSSON (Charles John). 
The Okavango river : a narrative of travel, exploration, 
and adventure. 8°- London, 1861. 

ANDERTON (James). 
A key to unlock all the wards in the City of London, 
and open the eyes of the livery : with reference to a 
key to Christ's Hospital, published in 1820, by J. J. 
Maxwell, with recent practical illustrations. 

8«- London, 1832. 
[An address] to the electors, freemen householders, of 
the ward of Farringdon without, fo. London, 1841. 

ANDERTON, William. 
A true copy of the paper delivered to the sheriffs by, 
at the place of execution, June 15. 

fo. sh. London, 1693. 


ANDRE (Edouard). 
L'art des jardins : traite general de la composition des 
pares et jardins. 8°- Paris, 1879. 

ANDRE (George G.), C.E., M.S.E. 

The draughtsman's handbook of plan and map draw- 
ing ; including instructions for the preparation of 
engineering, architectural and mechanical drawings. 

4''' London, 1874. 


History of Chicago from the earliest period to the 
present time. 3 vol. 4°- Chicago, 1884-6. 

ANDREE (John), M.D. 
Observations upon a treatise on the virtues of hemlock 
in the cure of cancers, written by Dr. Stiirck . . . 

8"- London. [1761.] 

ANDREE (Richard). 
Zur Volkskunde der Juden. Mit einer Karte iiber die 
Verbreitung der Juden in Mittelalter. 

8°- Leipzig, 1881. 

De orygynale cronykil of Scotland be Androw of 
WyiitowUjPriowrof Sanct Serfisynchc in Loch Levyn. 
Now first published, with notes, a glossary ... bj 
David Macpherson. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1795. 





ANDREW (Sir William P.), C.I.E., F.R.G.S. 
Railwaj's in Bengal. London, 1853. 

Letter to Viscount Palmerston on the political impor- 
tance of the Euphrates Valley railway ... 

8"- London, 1857. 
Euphrates Valley route to India in connection with 
the Central Asian and Egyptian questions. 2nd edit. 

8°- London, 1882. 

The Euphrates Valley route to India : an examination 
of the memoir published by W. P. Andrews, F.R.G.S. 
By two travellers. 8°- London, 1857. 

ANDREWES (Alderman [Charles James]). 
Church life and organization : an address delivered at 
the annual meeting of the Berks ... Association of 
Independent Churches ... at Newbury, April 9. 

8°- Reading. [1877.] 

ANDREWS (Alexander). 
The history of British journalism, from the foundation 
of the newspaper press in England to the repeal of 
the Stamp Act in 1855 : with sketches of press 
celebrities. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1859. 

ANDREWS (David). 
A letter to G. Wakefield, B. A., on his Spirit of Christi- 
anity compared with the spirit of the times in Great 
Britain. 8"' London, 1794. 

ANDEEWS (G. T.). -Src JACKSON (John George). 

ANDREWS (George). 
Reports on cases argued and adjudged in the court of 
King's Bench, 11 and 12 George II. [R.L.L.] 

fo. London, 1756. 

New London bridge, but no new taxes : or, the feats of 
the tricksters and trio, in a letter to the chairman 
of the parliamentary committee... 8°- London, 1823. 

ANDREWS (James Pettit), F.S.A. 

The history of Great Britain connected with the 
chronology of Europe : with notes ... containing 
anecdotes of the times, lives of the learned, and 
specimens of their works. 2 vol. in 1. 

4°- London, 1794. 

History of Great Britain, from the death of Henry VIII 
to the accession of King .James I ; being a con- 
tinuation of Dr. Henry's History of Great Britain. 
3rd edit. 2 vol. 8<'- London, 1806. 

ANDREWS (John). 
The anatomie of basenesse (1615). Edited with in- 
troduction and notes, by the Rev. Alexander B. 
Grosart. [Fuller Worthies' Library : Miscellany, 2.] 
Printed for private circulation. 8"- \_Blucl-hum,'\V67\. 

ANDREWS (Lancelot), Bishop of Winchester. 

Tortura Torti : sive adMatthsei Torti librum responsio. 
[D.C.] 4"- L.ondini, 1609. 

Opnscula quasdam posthuma : to which are added, two 
answers to Cardinal Perron and two speeches in the 
Star (Jhambcr. [D.C.] 4"- London, \C>2'd. 

The Morall Law expounded ; also 19 sermons upon 
priiycr in general, and the Lord's Prayer in par- 
ticular ; also 7 sermons upon our Savioui''s tontations 
in the wihlernesse. [D.C.] fo. London, \CA2. 

AnnaKUfTitaTiu Sacra : or, a collection of posthumous 
and orphan lectures delivered at St. Paul's and 
St. Giles his church. [D.C.] fo. Lotidon, 1657. 
,SVv I.S.A.ACSOX (Henry). 

A dictionary of the Hawaiian language : to which is 
ai)pen<leil, an English- Hawaiian vocabulary and a 
chronological table of remarkable events. 

8"- Honolulu, 1865. 

ANDREWS (Richard). 
The gaol of Newgate unmasked. 

8°- Westmimter, 1809. 
ANDREWS (Thomas), M.D., F.R.S. 
Studium generale, a chapter of contemporary history : 
the University of London, the Queen's University, 
the Catholic University, the College of Maynooth. 

8°- London, 1867. 

ANDREWS (William), F.R.H.S. 
Punishments in the olden time : being an historical 
account of the ducking stool, brank, pillory, stocks, 
drunkard's cloak, whipping post, riding the stang. 

London, 1881. 
8°- London. [1882.] 

A celebrated character (Charles 

People and steeple rhymes. 
The Caistor gad-whip manorial 

Dog whippers and sluggard 

The book of oddities. 

Revivals after execution. 
Female jockeys. 
John Metcalf, the blind road- 

Odd shdwers. 
SiiiL;nlar funerals. 
^\'ll^lllsiL'al wills. 
Curious epitaphs. 

Curious epitaphs, collected from the graveyards of 
Great Britain and Ireland : with biographical, genea- 
logical and historical notes. [At the end is a biblio- 
graphy of epitaphs.] 8°- London, 1883. 

Historic Yorkshire. 8°- London, 1883. 

ANGAS (George French). 
Savage life and scenes in Australia and New Zealand. 
2nd edit. 2 vol. 12o- London, 1850. 

ANGEL (Christopher). 
An encomion of the famous Kingdome of Great Britaine, 
and of the two flourishing sister Universities, Cam- 
bridge and Oxford. [Greek and English.] 

40- Cumh ridge, 1619. 

ANGEL (Moses). 
The law of Sinai and its appointed times. 

8°- L'ondon, 1858. 
PHILLIMOEE (Catherine Mary). 

ANGELIUS (Johannes). 
De rebus publicis Hanseaticis ... tractatus specialis. 
4 pt. [Pt. 1 is wanting. D.C.] 

16«- Lvgd. Bat., 1631. 
ANGELL (Charles Frederick), F.S.A. 
Some account of the parish church of St. Marj''s at 
Town Sutton, or Sutton Valence, in tliQ county of 
Kent. 8°- London, 1874. 

ANGELL (John). 
Stenography, or short-hand improved : being the most 
compendious, lineal and easy method hitherto extant. 

8°- London, n.d. 

ANGELL (Joseph K.). 
A treatise on the law of carriers of goods and 
passengers by land and by water. [R.L.L.] 

8"- London, 1849. 

ANGELL (Samuel). 
A letter to Lambert Jones, chairman of the New 
London Bridge committee, on the subject of 
widening the Poultry as proposed in the report of 
the select committee on metropolis improvements. 

8"- T.ondon, 1837. 
An historical sketch of the Royal Excliange. 

8"- London, 1838. 

ANGELL (Samuel) and EVANS (Thomas). 
Sculptured metopes discovered, amongst the ruins of 
the temples of the ancient city of Selinus in Sicily, 
by William Harris and Samuel Angell in 1823. 

fo. London, 1826. 


The gentleman angler ; containing sliort, plain and 
easy instructions ... with several observations on 
angling, angle rods, and artificial flies ... 2nd edit. 

12''- London, 1736. 

Another edit. 12"- Zo«(/o«, 1786. 



ANGLESEA, Lord and Lady. 
A letter from London to a friend concerning the case 

of... fo. sh. London, 

Some reasons against the bill for separating the Earl 

and Countess of Anglesey. fo. sh. n.d. 

ANGLESEA, Arthur, Earl of. 
Further reasons offered against the bill for exemplifying 
[his] last will ... f o. sh^- n.d. 

An answer offer'd to the further reasons against the 
bill ... fo. sh^- n.d. 

Sec ORMOND, James, Duke of. 

AngliiE tutamen, or the safety of England ; being an 
account of the banks, lotteries, mines, diving, drain- 
ing, lifting, and engines now on foot. 

London, 1695. 

The Holy Eucharist : unison of teaching between the 
ancient church, the church of England, and John 
Wesley. S"- London, n.d. 

Rerum Anglicarum scriptores post Bedam prfficipui ... 
"Willielmus Malmsburiensis, Henricus Archidiaconus 
Huntindoniensis, Rogerus Hovendenus, Chronicon 
Ethelwerdi, Ingulphus Abbas Croylandensis ... 
[Edited by Sir Henry Savile.] [D.C] 

fo. Fruncofurti, 1601. 

ANGLICUS. piieud. 
The currency. A letter to Lord Dunfermline ... on 
the effect of the projected interference of the govern- 
ment with the long-established currency of Scotland. 
3rd edit. 8°- London, 1845. 

Present state of religion in France, Italy, Spain, 
Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Armenia, Bulgaria, 
Turkey. 19th year's report. 8°- London, 1873. 

Diplomatic mystifications and popular credulity : or 
the Alliance ... [S.M.] 8"- London, 1855. 

Anglo-Indian domestic life. A letter from an artist in 
India to his mother in England. 8°- Calcutta, 1862. 


An epitome of useful information for merchants, 
shippers, and travellers to and from the eastern and 
western colonies. For 1882, 4, 5. 3 vol. 

8°- London, 1882-5. 

The Standard of Israel and journal of the Anglo-Israel 
Association. 1875-6. Vol. 1 and 2. 

8°- London, 1876-7. 

Annual reports from, 1871 to 1886, with reference to 
the social, moral, and political condition of the Jews 
in various parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Each 
report is followed by appendices containing his- 
torical and statistical information. 15 pt. 

8°- London, 1871-86. 
Memorial addressed to tlie Shah of Persia, on the 
occasion of his visit to London in June, 1873, pray- 
ing for an amelioration of the condition of his 
Jewish subjects. [English and Persian.] 

4''' London, 1873. 
Laws of the Anglo- Jewish Association. 

8"- London, 1880. 

ANGLO-SAXON. x>seud. 
Apostolic succession. 12°- London, 1876. 

ANGrXTILLARA, Giovanni Andrea dell'. Str 

ANGUS (Joseph), D.D. 
The voluntary system : a prize essay in reply to the 
lectures of Dr. Chalmers on church establishments. 

8°- London, 1839. 
Four lectures on the advantages of a classical education 
as an auxiliary to a commercial education delivered 
in the theatre of the City of London School. 

8°- London, 1846. 
The hand-book of English literature. 

8°- London. [1865?] 

A word or two to the 228 members who voted against 
the second reading of the Jews' Relief Bill, May 17. 

80- London, 1830. 

ANJOU, Francois de France, Due d'. Sec 


ANNE, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland. 
[Addresses presented on her accession to the throne, in] 
the " London Gazette," March 30. 

fo. London, 1702. 
Addi-ess of the house of Commons to, with Her 
Majesty's answer. fo. sh. London, 1702. 

Her Majesty's most gracious speeches to parliament, 
March 30, 1702 ; June 6, 1712 ; and AprU 9, 1713. 

fo. sh=- London, 1702-13. 
Observations on the speech of, at the late prorogation. 

fo. sh. [1702.] 

The history of the reign of, digested into annals. Year 
the first. 8°- London, 1703. 

The representation of the Lords in parliament assembled 
to ... January. 18, and Her Majesties answer. 

fo. London, 1703. 

Address of the house of Commons to. 

fo. sh. London, 1703. 

The humble address of the Lords in parliament 
presented to ... December 5, with Her Majesties 
answer. fo. sh. London, 1706. 

Answer of, to the parliament of Scotland, fo. 1706. 

An oration sacred to the Imperial Majesty of Anne, 
Queen of Great Britain. 8°- London, 1707. 

Address of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Commons 
of London, to the Queen [declaring their hearty 
detestation of all anti-monarchical principles] . 

40- sh. London, 1710. 

The humble representation of the house of Commons 
to, with Her Majesty's answer, fo. sh. London, 1711. 

A letter from a Tory freeholder to his representative 
in parliament, upon Her Majesty's speech on the 
subject of peace, June 6 ... 8"- London, 1712. 

The protest of the L[ord]s upon a[ddressing] Her 
M[ajesty] for her sp[eech]: with the names of the 
L[or]ds. 8°- [London, 1712.] 

Her Majesties speech to both houses of parliament, 
April 9. fo. sh. L^ondnn, 1713. 

A vindication of her late Majesty, of the Duke of 
Ormonde, and of the late ministry from reflections 
cast upon them in a pamphlet intitled " The conduct 
of the Duke of Ormonde in the campaign of 1712." 
1st and 2nd edit. S"' London, 1715. 

Memoirs of the conduct of her late Majesty and her 
last ministry, relating to the separate peace with 
France. 8"' London, 1715. 

The life of her late Majesty, as well before her accession 
to the throne as after. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1721. 
Sec MARSHALL (Nathaniel). 

The noble triumphant coronation of Queen Anne, wife 
unto the most noble king, Henry the Vlllth. 
[Arber's English Garner, 2.] 4»- London, 1877. 




ANNESLEY (James). 
A trial at bar, between Campbell Craig, lessee of James 
Annesley, plaintiff v. the Earl of Anglesey. 

8°- London, 1744. 

ANNET (Peter). 
Expeditious penmanship, or shorthand improved ; con- 
taining the necessary rules of this art, illustrated 
with a multitude of examples. 8°- Lotulon, n.d. 

Annuaire de I'economie politique et de la statistique: 
par MM. Guillaumin, Joseph Garnier et Maurice 
Block. 1850-3, 18G9 et 1879-86. 13 vol. 

12°- Paris, 1850-86. 
Annuaire des deux mondes : histoire generale des divers 
etats. 1853-61, 1864-5 et 1866-7. Yol. 4-11, 13 
and 14. 10 vol. 8°- Paris, 1854-68. 

The annual biography and obituary, from 1830 to 1836. 
Yol. 14-21. 8 vol. 8°- London, 1830-7. 

Annual Register (Dodsley's) : or, a view of the history, 
politics, and literature for the year[s] 1758-1862. 
[17.'»8-9, 8th edit.; 1760, 7th edit.; 1761-2, 5th edit.; 
1763, 6th edit. : 1764, 4th edit. ; 1765, 5th edit. ; 

1766- 74, 4th edit. ; 1775, 5th edit. ; 1776, 4th edit. ; 
1777-8, .3rd edit.; 1779-82, 2nd edit.] With an index 

1758- 1819. 105 vol. in 106. 8°- Zow/o«, 1784-1863 
Another copy for the years 1758-79. [1758, 5th edit. 

1759- 60, 7th edit. ; 1761, 3rd edit. ; 1762, 5th edit. 
1763-4, 1st edit.; 1765, 3rd edit.; 1766 1st edit. 

1767- 70, 2nd edit. ; 1771, 1st edit. ; 1772, 2nd edit.; 
1773, new edit. (Dublin, 1774); 1774, 1st edit.; 1775, 
6th edit. ; 1776, 2nd edit. ; 1777-9, 1st edit.] 22 vol. 

8°- London, 1764-1801. 

Annual Register : a review of public events at home 
and abroad, for the year[s] 1863-85. New series. 
23 vol. _ 8°- London, 1864-86. 

The New Annual Register : or general repository of 
history, politics, and literature for the year[s] 1780- 
1810 [1800, 1808 and 1809 wanting]. To which is 
prefixed, a short review of the state of knowledge, 
literature, and taste in this country, from the earliest 
times to the death of George II. [The vol. for 1780 
is the 3rd edit.] 28 vol. 8«- London, 1782-1811. 


ANQUETIL (Louis Pierre). 
Histoire de France, depuis les Gaulois jusqu'a la mort 
de Louis XYI. 5«- edit. 12 vol. 8°- Paris, 1825. 
See LEMAIRE (H.). 

ANSBERTUS (Ambrosius). 
In sancti Johannis apostoli et evangelistse Apocalypsim 
libri decem. [D.C.] fo. Colonia, 1536. 

AN.SELL (George Frederick). 
The Royal Mint. Its working, conduct, and operations 
fully and practically explained: with suggestions for 
its better management. 8o- London, 1870. 

ANSELM, Saint, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Opera omnia. 4 vol. in 1. [D.C.] 

fo. Colonial Anrippinm, 1612. 
Sec RULE (Martin). 

ANSON, CJkohge, Lord. 
A voyage round the world in the years 1740-44. 
Compiled from pai)crs and other materials of Lord 
Anson, l)y [the llcv.] Richard Walter, M. A., chaplain 
in that expedition. 4"- London, 

Another edit. 2vol.ini. 12"- yl?/r, 1790 

,SVr BAlUlOW (Sir John). 

ANSTED (Prof. David Thomas), M.A., F.R.S. 
The Ionian islands in the year 1863. 8°- London, 1863. 
Physical geography. 5th edit. 8°- London, 

ANSTED (Prof. David Thomas), M.A., F.R.S., 
and LATHAM (Robert Gordon), M.A., M.D. 
The Channel islands. 8°' London, 1862. 

[ANSTEY (Christopher).] 
The new Bath guide : or, memoirs of the B — r — d 
family. In a series of poetical epistles. [With 
illustrations. Title page wanting.] 

sm. 8°- London, 1800. 

[ANSTEY (_John).]_ 
The pleader's guide, a didactic poem in two books ; 
containing the conduct of a suit at law . . . By John 
Surrebutter, {jiseiid.l [Book 1.] 8°- London, 1796. 
The same. [Pt. 1 and 2.] 8th edit. 

12°' London, 1826. 
ANSTIS, John, Garter King-at-Arms. 
Chronological data of the coronation days of the kings 
and queens of England, from Alfred the Great to 
George the Fourth, originally compiled by ... 

8°- London, 1821. 
ANSTRUTHER (Alexander). 
Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court 
of Exchequer, from Easter term, 32 George III, to 
Trinity term, 37 George III. 2nd edit. 3 vol. [R.L.L.] 

8°- London, 1817". 

Translations of the writings of the Fathers down to 
a.d. 325. Edited by the Rev. Alexander Robefts, 
D.D., and James Donaldson, LL.D. 24 vol. 

8°- Edinhargh, 1870-6. 

Vol. 1. The Apostolic Fathers. 

2. Justiu Martyr and Athenagoras. 

3. Tatiaii, Theophilus, and the Clemeutlne Recognitions. 

4 anil 12. Clement of Alexandria. 

5 and 9. Iren^-eus. 

6 and 9. Hippolytus, Bishop of Portus. 
■ 7. Tertullianus against Marcion. 

8 and 13. The %\Titings of Cyprian, Kovatiau and Minucius 

■ Felix-. 
9. Fragments of 3rd century. 
10 and 23. The WTitings of Origen. 

11, 16 and 18. The writings of TertiiUian, with the extant 
works of VictoriiRis and Commodianus. 

14. The writings of Methodius, Alexander of Lyoopolis, Peter 
of Alexandria, and several fragments. 

16. Apocryphal Gospels, Acts and Revelations. 

17. The Cienientine Homilies. The Apostolic Constitutions. 

19. The seven books of Arnobius adversus Gentes. 

20. The WTitings of Gregory Thaumaturgus, Diouysius of 

Alexandria, and Archelaus. 

21 and 22. The works of Lactantius, together with the Testa- 
ments of the Twelve Patriarchs, and fragments of the 
2nd and 3rd centuries. 

24. Early liturgies and other documents. 

Anthologia epigrammatum Grsecorum ... cum Latina 
interpretatione. 8°- Flexiw, 1624. 


Regulations... 8"- London, 

List of the members ... corrected to March, 1872, July, 
1875, April, 1881 and November, 1883. 4 pt. 

8"- London, 1872-83. 
Journal... 15 vol. 8"- Zow/o/;, 1872-86. 

Anthropological Review. 8 vol. 8"- 1863-70. 
Journal of the Anthropological Sociot_y. Vol. 2-8. 
[Vol. 1 bound with the Anthropological Review.] 
7 vol. S"' London, 1864-71. 

Memoirs read before the Society, 1863-9. 3 vol. 

8"- London, 1865-70. 

Vol. 1. On tlie negro's jilaco in nature. By James Hunt, Ph.D., 

On the weiglit of the brain in the negro. By Tlionnis it. 
Peacock, M.D. 





Observations on tlie past anil ])reseiit populations of the New 

Worlil. By Williruu Bollaert, F.A.S.L. 
On the two i)rincipal forms of ancient British and Gaulisli 

skulls. 2 pt. By John Thurnam, M.D., F.S.A. 
Introiluction to tlie paUvograpiiy of America : with obser- 

Tations on the Quipu of the Peruvians, and examination of 

sjjurious Quipus. By William Bollaert, F.A.S.L. 
Titi and its inliabitauts. By W. T. Pritchard, F.R.G.S. 
Some account of the astronomy of the red man of tlie New 

World. By William Bollaert, F.A.S.L. 
Tlie Neanilerthal skull : its peculiar conformation explained 

anatomically. By Josei)h Barnard Davis, M.D., F.S.A. 
On the discovery of large kist-vaens on the Muckle Hcog," 

in the island of Unst (Slietland), containing urns o'i 

chloritic schist. By George E. Koberts, F.G.S. 
Notes on certain matters connected with the Dahonian. B^ 

Capt. Richard F. Burton, F.K.G.S. 
Notes on certain anthropological matters respecting the 
, South Sea Islanders (Tlie Sanioaus). By W. T. Pritchard, 


On the Pliallic worship of India. By Edward Sellon. 
The liistory of anthropology. By T. Bendyshe, M.A. 
On tlie weight of the brain and cajiacity of the crauial cavity 
of a negro. By Thomas B. Peacock, M.D. 

Vol. 2. Essential points of difference between the larynx of tiio 
uegro and that of the white mau. By George Duncan 
Gibb, M.D. 

On the dervishes aud hadjis of the East. By Arininius 

Some remai'ks on the origin, manners, customs and super- 
stitions of the Gallinas people of Sierra Leoue. By J. M. 
Harris, F.A.S.L. 

On the testimony of local phenomena in the West of England 
to the permanence of anthropological tyjies. By John 
Beddoe, il.D. 

Maya hieroglyphic alphabet of Yucatan. By William 

Bollaert, F.A.S.L. 
Observations on the people inhabiting Spain. By H. J. C. 

Beavan, F.A.S.L. 
Remarks on genealogy In connection with anthropology. By 

George M. Marshall, LL.M. 
On certain "siniions" skulls, with especial reference to a 

skull from Louth, in Ireland. By C. Carter Blake, F.G.S. 
Description of a new goniometer. By Dr. Paul Broca. 
Contributions to an Introduction to the anthropology of the 

New World. By W. Bollaert, F.A.S.L. 
On tlie ))sycliical characteristics of the English people. By 

L. Owen Pike, M.A. 
On the iconography of the skull. By W. H. Wesley, F.A.S.L. 
On tiie orthograiihio iirojectiou of the skull. By Alfreil 

Higgius, F.A.S.L. 
On Hindu neology. By Major Samuel R. J. Owen, F.L.S. 
Notice of the brochs anil the so-called Picts' houses of 

Orkney. By George Petrie. 
Report on the ancient remains of Caithness. By Josep)i 


Descri])tion of a living microcephale. By John Shortt, M.D. 
Notes on a hermaphrodite. By Capt. R. P. Burton, F.R.G.S. 
Some remarks on Indian gnosticism. By Edward Sellon. 
On tlie resemblance of inscri2)tious found on ancient British 

rocks with tliose of Central America. By Berthold 

Saemann, Pli.D. 
On the alleged sterility of women of savage races ... By 

R. B. N, Walker, F.A.S.L. 
On the analogous forms of implements among early and 

primitive races. By Hodder M. Westrojip, F.A.S.L. 
Rcjiort on explorations into the archaic antliropology of the 

islands of Unst, Brassay. and the mainland of Zetland. Bv 

James Hunt, Ph.D., F.S.A. 
Report of Zetland anthropological e.xpedition. By Ralpli 

Tate, F.G.S. 

On the head-forms of the West of England. By John Beddoe, 

Report of exjilorations conducted ia the Kirkhead cave at 

XJlverstone. By J. P. Morris, F.A.S.L. 
On the influence of some kinds of peat in destroying the 

human body. By James Hunt, Pli.D., F.S.A. 
On tlie interpretation of some inscriptions on stones, recently 

discovered in the islands of Brassay, Zetland. By James 

Hunt, Pli.D., F.H.A. 
The history of ancient slavery. By John Bower, D.C.L. 
Blood rclationsiiip in marriage considered in its influence 

upon the olY'spring. By Arthur Mitchell, M.D. 

Vol. 3. The Hovas and otlier characteristic tribes of Madagascar. 
By Lieut. S. P. Oliver, F.A.S.L. 
Description of the skeleton of an Ai'no woman, and of three 
skulls of men of the same race. By Joseph Barnard Davis. 

Further researches and observations on the two princijial 

forms of ancient British skulls. By Jolin Thurnam, M.D. 
Elasticity of animal type. By C. W. Devis, B.A. 
Vocal and other inflnenees upon mankind, of pendency of the 

epiglottis. By Sir George Duncan Gibb, Bt., M.D. 
Note on the skulls found in the romiil barrows of the South 

of Hngland. By C. Carter Blake, F.G.S. 
On the gyjisies of Bengal. By Babu Rajciulrala'la Mitra. • 
The psychological unity of mankind. By C. H. Waice, F.A.S.L. 
The Indians of the Mosquito territory. By John Collinson, C.E. 
On tlie Saracens iu France, especially in Burgundy and 

Lorraine. By Dr. Gustave Lagneau. 
On the ancient or fossil potterv found on the shores of 

Ecuador. By William Bollaert," F.R.G.S. 
Is the character of the Scotch the exiiressiou of the soil of 

Scotland ? By John Cleghoru, F.A.S.L. 


The Bayaderes : or, dancing girls of Southern India. By 

John Siiortt, M.D. 
On the land dayas of Upper Sarawak, Seutah, Lihoy, Letung, 

and Qnoss. By Edward P. Houghton, .\I.D. 
Habits and manners of Marvar tribes of ludLa. By John 

Shortt, M.D. 

Report on excavations in Caithness cairns. By Joseph 

Note on a skull from the cairn of Get, Caithness. By C. 

Carter Blake, F.G.S. 
The character of the voice in the nations of Asia and Africa, 

contrasted with that of the nations of Europe. By Sir G. 

Duncan Gibb, Bt., M.D. 
The fishing Indians of Vancouver's Island. By Edward B. 

Bogge, R.N. 

On the horned cairns of Caithness. By Joseph Anderson, 

Anthropological remarks on the population of Venezuela. 

By A. Ernst, F.A.S.L. 
Examination of Central American hieroglyphics of Yucatan, 

by the recently discovered Maya alphabet. By William 

Bollaert, F.R.G.S. 
Report on the researches of Dr. Edouard Dupont in the 

BelgLan bone caves on the banks of the river Lesse. By 

C. Carter Blake, F.G.S. 
On ancient Peruvian graphic records. By William Bollaert, 


On tlie i)liysical characteristics of the inhabitants of Bretague. 

By John Beddoe, M.D. 
Account of the skull of a Ghiliak. By J. Barnard Davis, M.D. 
On the head-form of the Danes. By John Beddoe, M.D. 
On the stature aud bulk of mau in the British Isles. By 

John Beddoe, M.D. 

List of fellows ... corrected to July 15. 

8«- [Londo)i, 1867.] 

Journalof anthropology, 1870-1. 8"- London. [1871.] 

Anthropologia . . . vol. 1 with supplement. 

8"- London, 1873-5. 

Introduction to anthropology. By Dr. Theodor Waitz. 
Edited ... from the first volume of "Anthropologic 
der naturvulker," by J. Frederick CoUingwood, 
F.A.S.L. Vol. 1. 8"- London, 18G3. 

On the phenomena of hybridity in the genus homo. 
By Dr. Paul Broca. Edited ... by C. Carter Blake, 
F.A.S.L. 8"- London, 18G4. 

The plurality of the human I'ace. By Georges 
Pouchet, M.D. Translated and edited (from the 
2nd edit.), by Hugh J. C. Beavan, F.A.S.L. 

8°- London, 1864. 

Lectures on man : his place in creation and in the 
history of the earth. By Dr. Carl Vogt. Edited by 
James Himt, Ph.D., F.A.S.L. 8"- London, 1864. 

The anthropological treatises of Johann Friedrich 
Blumenbach ; with memoirs of him by Marx and 
Flourens, and an account of his antliropological 
museum by Prof. R. Wagner ; and the inaugural 
dissertation of John Hunter, M.D., on the varieties 
of man. Translated and edited ... by Thomas 
Bendyshe, M.A. 8"- London, 1865. 

Lake habitations and pre-historic remains in the tur- 
baries and marl-beds of Northern and Central Italy. 
By Prof. Bartolomeo Gastaldi. Translated from the 
Italian and edited, by Charles Harcourt Chambers, 
M.A., F.A.S.L. 8"- London, 1865. 




Martyrium Christianum : or, a christian and sober testi- 
mony against sinf ull complyance, wherein the unlaw- 
fulness of hearing the present ministers of England 
is clearly demonstrated ... 4°- London, 1664- 


Anticipation continued ; containing the substance of a 

speech intended to be delivered from the T e to 

P 1 ... [with] a sketch of the debate wliicli will 

take place in the H e of L ds on tlie motion 

for an address and amendment. 8"- I^ondon, 177'J. 


The anti-covenant : or, a sad complaint concerning the 
new oath or covenant ... 4''' London, 1643. 



Anti-Jacobin Review and Magazine, from 1798 to 1809. 
34 vol. 8°- London, 1799-1810. 


Antimoixeia : or, the honest and joynt-design of the 
Tower Hamblets for the general suppression of 
bawdy-houses. broadside. London, 1C91. 


The Antiquarian : a medium of intercommunication 
for the virtuosi. Nos. 1 to 3, May 6 and 20, and 
June 3. 4''- Loiulo?i, 1871. 

Publications ... 5 vol. 4"- London, 1849-54. 

The Antiquarian Magazine and Bibliographer. Edited 
by Edward Walford, M.A. 10 vol. 

8"- London, 1882-6. 

Vetusta monumenta : quse ad rerum Britannicarum 
memoriam conservandam Societas Antiquariorum 
Londini, sumptu suo, edenda curavit. 5 vol. 
[Vol. b contains plates 1 to 17 (Bayeux tapestry) of 
vol.6.] la. fo. Zo«f/o», 1747-1835. 

Archseologia : or, miscellaneous tracts relating to 
antiquity... 49 vol. in 56. 4«- iowrfo?!, 1770-1886. 
Index to the first 15 vol. ... and catalogues of the 
painted books and MSS. in the library. 

4"- London, 1809-16. 
Index ... from vol. 16 to 30 inclusive. 

4"- London, 1844. 
A copy of the royal charter and statutes. 

8°- London, 1774. 
Orders and regulations established by the council ... 
for transacting the business of the Society. 

8°- London, 1784. 
Liber quotidianus contrarotulatoris garderobae. Anno 
regni regis Edwardi Primi vicesimo octavo, a.d. 
1299 et 1300 ... [With observations by John 
Topham.] 4"- Londini, 1787. 

Military antiquities of the Romans in Britain, by 
William Roy, F.R.S., F.S.A. fo. London, 1793. 
Some account of the collegiate chapel of St. Stephen, 
Westminster: with plans ... and specimens of .the 
architecture and ornaments. By John Topham, 
F.R.S. Description of the additional plates, by Sir 
H. C. Englefield, B*-, President. 

atlas fo. Zo«f/o», 179.^-1811. 
The royal charter and statutes, orders and regulations... 

4"' London, 1815. 
Lists of members for the years 1819 and 1820, and 
1822 to 1843. la. fo. London, 1819-43. 

Lists of the fellows for 1863, 1877-86. 

8"- London, 186.3-86. 
Proceedings of the Society ... 1 st series from 1 843 to 
1859. 4 vol. 8"- London, 18'i9-59. 

2nd series from 1859 to July, 1885. 12 vol. 

London, 1860-86. 

Codex Exonicnsis : a collection of Anglo-Saxon poetry... 
with an English translation, notes and indexes, by 
Benjamin Thorpe, F.S.A. 8»- London, 1842. 

Catalogue of antiquities, coins, pictures, and miscel- 
laneous curiosities in the possession of tlie Society of 
Antiquaries of London. Compiled Ijy Albert Way, 
F.S.A. «"• J.o/idon. [1847.] 

Layamons Brut, or chronicle of Britain : a poetical 
semi-Saxon paraphrase of the Brut of Wace. Now 
first pulilished ... [with] a literal translation, notes 
and a grammatical glossary, l)y Sir Frederic Madden, 
K.H. 3 vol. 8"' London, 1847. 

Catalogue of Roman coins collected by the Rev. Thomas 
Kerrich, M.A., F.S.A., and presented by his son to the 
Society of Antiquaries of London. 

8°- London, 1852. 
Catalogue of a collection of printed broadsides in the 
possession of the Society of Antiquaries of London. 
Compiled by Robert Lemon, F.S.A. 4°- Zo«(7o«. 1866. 
Catalogue of a collection of works of pageantry, 
bequeathed to the Society of Antiquaries of London 
by Frederick William FaLrholt, F.S.A. 

8°- London, 1869. 
The prehistoric monuments of the British Isles. 
Cornwall : by [the Rev.] William Collings Lukis, 
M.A., F.S.A. fo. London, 1885. 


The Antiquary : a magazine devoted to the study of 
the past. 14 vol. 4°- London, 1880-6. 


Caxton's game and playe of the chesse, 1474 : a 
verbatim reprint of the first edition. With an 
introduction by William E. A. Axon, M.R.S.L. 

8°- London, 1883. 

Folk-lore relics of early village life : by George 
Laurence Gomme, F.S.A. 8"- London, 1883. 

Fairs, past and present ; a chapter in the history of 
commerce : by Cornelius Walford. 8"- London, 1883. 

Vita Haroldi. The romance of the life of Harold, 
King of England, from the unique manuscript in the 
British Museum : edited, with notes and a transla- 
tion, by Walter De Gray Birch, F.S.A. 

8"- London, 1885. 

Coins and medals, their place in history and art : by the 
authors of the British Museum official catalogues. 
Edited by Stanley Lane Poole. 8°- London, 1885. 

Gleanings from the natural history of the ancients : by 
the Rev. M. G. Watkins, M.A. 8°- London, 1885. 



ANTONIDES (Theodor). 

Schrift-maatige Verklaaringe over den Eersten Alge- 
meinen Send-brief van den H. Apostel Simeon 
Petrus. [D.C.] 4"- Leeuwarden, 1694. 

Schrift-matige Verklaringe over den Tweeden AJge- 
meinen Send-brief van den H. Apostel Simeon 
Petrus, mitsgaders van den H. Apostel Judas 
Thaddeus. [D.C.] 4"- Leemmrden, 1697. 

Schrift-maatige Verklaaringe over den Algenieenen 
Send-brief van den H. Apostel Jakobus. [D.C.] 

4°- Leeuwarden, 1699. 

ANTONINUS (Marcus ^lius), Imperator. 

De scripto quodam Cleri Secundarii et Leguleorum 
Coloniensium plane detestabili adversus Evangelii 
doctrinam et ordines Imperii nuper edito querela 
M. A. Antonini Imperatoris qui Philosophus a bonis 
literis magna laude cognominatus est. [D.C.] 

8"- 1543. 

ANTONINUS (Marcus Aurelius), Emperor of 

T'gulden Boeck van het Leven ende Seyndtbrieven 
vanden welsprekenden orateur ende Keyser Marcus 
Aurelius. [D.C.] 8"- Amxtel'redam, 1595. 

Eorum qua; ad seipsum libri xii. [Gr. et Lat.] 

8"- aiasf/Hw, 1745. 
The meditations of ...a new translation ... with a life, 
notes ... by [the Rev.] R[ichard] Graves, M.A. 

8»- JSut/i, 1792. 

The thoughts of ... translated by George Long. 2nd 
edit. [Bohn's Library.] 8"- London, 1880. 




The Apc-gentleworaan : or, the character of an ex- 
change-wench. 4°- London, 1G75. 


The Apocalypse of Adam-Oannes : the Book of God, 
[with] an introduction [and] a commentary. [By 
Dr. Kenealey.] 3 vol. 8"- London. [i8GG-7.] 


J us Majcstatis circa Sacra, sive tractatus theologicus de 
jure Magistratus circa res ecclesiasticas. 2 vol. 
[D.C.] B"- Jlediobimji, 1042. 

Ai'gonau'ticorum libri iv. ab Jeremia Hoelzlino in 
LatinuTn conversi, commentario, [scholiis,] et notis 
illustrati ... 8°- Lugd. Bat., 1041. 



Apology for the conduct of a late celebrated second- 
rate minister ... 8°- London, n.d. 

Van de Apostasie, dat is van den Afval der Christenen. 
Door een Ondersoecker der Waerlieyt. [D.C.] 

120- Amsterdam, 1059. 
APOSTLES, Sagas of the. Sec UNGER, C. R. 

The writings of the Apostolic Fathers. Translated by 
the Rev. Dr. Roberts, Dr. Donaldson, and the Rev. F. 
Crombie. [Ante-Nicene Christian Library, 1.] 

8°' Edinhurgh, 1873. 

See HOLLAND (Rev. H. S.). 

The wisdom of the nation is foolishness ... or. the 
necessity of dissolving the Apothecaries Company . . . 

8°- London, 1700. 
Some scruples, offered by the Company of Apothecaries, 
on the intended excise so far as it relates to the 
vintners and brewers of wine. fo. London, 1733. 
Reasons offered against the Bill for exempting 
Apothecaries from serving... parish and ward-ofRces. 

fo. sh. n.d. 

APPLEGARTH (Rouert William). 
Rights for man : or, analytical strictures on the consti- 
tution of Gt. Britain and L'eland. 8"- London; 1792. 

Handbook of American travel : the Southern tour, by 
Edward H. Hall ; the Northern, Eastern, and 
Western tours. 3 vol. 8"- New York, 1872-0. 

[APPLETON (John Reed) and JONES (Morris 

[An account of the family of] Evans [county of 
Montgomery]. 8°' Netccmtle-npon-Ti/ne, 1805. 

The origin, object and operation of the, with their 
a^lication to times past, present, and to come ... 

8°- London, 1814. 

The apprentices of Londons petition, presented to 
parliament. 4°- London, 1041. 

The petition of the weamen of Middlesex, with the 
apprentices of Londons petition presented to parlia- 
ment. 4°- London, 1041. 
A declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in 
parliament, for the incouragement of all such 
apprentices as voluntarily list thcm.selves, to go in 
this present expeditioii for the defence of religion... 

4''- London, 1(142. 
An humble declaration of the, and other young men of 
the City of London, who were petitioners for peace. 

4°- London, 1042. 

APPRENTICES— ro«<;«««/. 

A declaration of the valiant resolution of the famous 
prentices of London, with their protestatior. 

4"- London, 1042. 

Tlie humble petition and address of divers young men 
and apprentices of the City of London to the lord 
mayor, aldermen and common council. 

4"' London, 1047. 

The humble petition of many thousands of young men 
and apprentices of the City of London to parliament 
presented, 13 July. 4"- London, 1047. 

The humble desires of the citizens, young men, and 
apprentices of the City of London, presented to both 
houses of parliament, July 20. 4"- London, 1047. 

The humble remonstrance of the apprentices of the 
City of London to the lord mayor, court of alder- 
men and common councell of the same City, as to the 
whole kingdome. 4"- London, 1047. 

A remonstrance and declaration of the young men, 
apprentices of the City of London, to the lord mayor, 
court of aldermen and common council. 

4°- London, 1047. 

Two humble petitions of the apprentices of London 
and parts adjacent, for lawfull recreations ... 

40' London, 1047. 

Petition and address of divers young men, on behalf of 
themselves and the apprentices of the City of London, 
to the lord mayor, aldermen and common council. 

fo. sh. [London, 1059.] 

A pre.sentation to London ; being an answer to the 
young men and apprentices returned to some part of 
their petition and address, directed by them to the 
major, aldermen and common council. 

4°- London, 1059. 

A vindication of the London apprentices petition, and 
the legality of their subscriptions asserted. 

4"- London, 1059. 

The tryals of such persons as under the notion of the 
London apprentices were tumultuously assembled in 
Moore-Fields and other places, on Easter holidays 
last, under colour of pulling down bawdy-houses. 

4"- London, 1008. 

A briefe and true relation of the gi-eat disorders and 
riot attempted and committed upon the house and 
goods of Thomas Hubbert, in Moore fields, on the 21st 
March last ; and vindicating the City apprentices from 
the scandalous aspersion cast upon them, of being the 
first promoters of it. 4°- London. [1008?] 

Relief of apprentices wronged by their masters, how 
by our law it may be obtained without any new act 
of parliament. 4"- London, 1087. 

Hints to masters and apprentices, pointing out their 
respective duties, for the mutual advantage and 
happiness of both. By a magistrate. 8"- London, 1807. 

Some rules for the conduct of life : to which are added, 
a few cautions for the use of such freemen of 
London as take apprentices. 12"- London, 1837. 

Another edit. 8"- London, n.d. 

Petitions and answers. The whores petition to the 
London prentices ... 1088. Edited by F[rederick] 
0[uvi'y], citizen and weaver. [Reprint.] 

4''- London, 1870. 

The hue and cry after their petition. fo. sh. 9i.d. 

Instructions for the apprentices in the City of London. 

4<'- sh. n.d. 

Petition of apprentices to the lord mayor, aldermen 
and common council [for the calling of a new 
parliament] ... fo. .sh. n.d. 

Further petition and remonstrance of apprentices and 
the freemen [upon the militia]. fo. sh. n.d. 

Petition and address of divers young men, apprentices, 
to the lord mayor, aldermen and common council 
[for the restoration of the free parliament] ... 

broadside, n.d. 



APPRENTICES— fo/;//«»fr?. 
The apprentices faithful monitor. Printed for the 
Company of Tinphite Workers, fo. sh. London, n.d. 
Sec BAENARD (Sir John). 

APULEIUS (Lucius). 
Opera omnia : ex editione Oudendorpiana. [Delphin 
Classics.] f) vol. 8"- Londini, 1825. 

Vol. 1. Metamonilioseou. I De Muiulo. 

2. Florida. Aiiologia. 

De Ueo Socratis. 3-5. NotEe Tarioruin. 

De Doguiate Platouis. | 

Works ... A new translation. [Bohn's Library.] 

8°- London, 1853. 

"AQUARIUS." 2)seud. 
The Tower (high-level) ? bridge : an imperial question. 
An appeal to the public. 8°- London, 1878. 

The thousand and one nights, commonly called in 
England the Arabian Nights' entertainments. A 
new translation from the Arabic, with copious notes, 
by Edward William Lane. New edit. ... edited by- 
Edward Stanley Poole. 3 vol. 8°- London, 1877. 

ARAGrO (FRAxgois [Jean Dominique]). 

Meteorological essays : with an introduction by Baron 
Alexander von Humboldt. S"^- Lo)idon, 1855. 

Popular astronomy. Translated and edited by Admiral 
W. H. Smyth, D.C.L., and Robert Grant, M.A., 
F.R.A.S. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1855-8. 

Biographies of distinguished scientific men. Translated 
by Admiral W. H. Smyth, D.C.L., the Rev. Baden 
PoweU, M.A., F.R.S., and Robert Grant, M.A., 
F.R.S. 8»- London, 1857. 

Arago, Francis. 
Bailly, Joliii S. 
Caruot, L. N. M. 
Fourier, Joseiih. 
Fresuel, A. J. 

Herscliel. William. 
Laplace. Marquis de. 
Malus, Stephen Louis. 
Watt, James. 
Young, Thomas. 


ARBER, Edavard, F.S.A. 
English reprints. 30 vol. in 15. 8°- London,\8&^-ll. 

1. John Milton. Areopagitica [24 Nov.], 1644: 

preceded by illustrative documents. 

2. Master Hugh Latimer, ex-Bishop of Worcester. 

Sermon on the ploughers, 18 Jan., 1549. 

3. Stephen Gosson, Stud. Oxon. The schoole of 

abuse, [Aug.?] 1579, and A short apologie 
of The schoole of abuse, [Nov.?] 1579. 

4. Sir Philip Sidney. An apologie for poetrie,! 595. 

5. Edward Webbe, chief master gunner. His 

trauailes, 1590. 
(•). John Selden. Table-talk, 1(389. 

7. Roger Ascham. Toxophilus, 1545. 

8. J oseph Addison. Criticism on Milton's Paradise 

lost. From the Spectator, 31 Dec, 1711, 
3 May, 1712. 

9. John Lyly, M.A. Euphues : the anatomy of 

wit ... 1579, and Euphues and his England ... 
1580. Collated with early subsequent editions. 

10. George Villiers, second Duke of Buckingham. 

The rehear.sal. First acted 7 Dec, 1671, 
published [July?] 1672: with illustrations 
from previous plays. 

11. George (Jascoignc. Certaync notes of instruc- 

tion in English verse, 1 575. The Steele glas . . . 
1576. The complaynt of Philomeno ... 1576 : 
preceded by George Whetstone's Remem- 
brance of the well-inii)loyed life and godly 
end of (Jeorge Gascoignc, es(iuire [1577]. 

12. John Earle, M.A. Micro-cosmographio, editio 

pi-inceps, 1628: with additional cliaractcrsfrom 
the 5th edit, of 1 (529, and the (Ith edit, of 16;53. 

13. Tiie fyrste [secondc ... to seventli] sermon of 

Master Hughe Latimer, whiche he preached 
before the Kyngcs Maiest ... 1549. 

ARBER, Edward, YB.K.— continued. 

14. Sir Thomas More. Utopia. Originally printed 

in Latin, 1516. Translated into English by 
Ralph Robinson. His 2nd and revised edit., 
1556 ... 

15. George Puttenham. The arte of English poesie, 

[June?] 1589. 

16. James Howell, B.A. Instructions for forreine 

travell, 1642. Collated with the 2nd edit, of 

17. Nicholas Udall, M.A. Roister Doister. Written, 

probably also represented, before 1553. Care- 
fully edited from the unique copy, now at 
Eton college. 

18. The revelation to the monk of Evesham, 1196. 

Carefully edited from the unique copy, now 
in the British Museum, of the edition printed 
by William de Machlinia about 1482. 

19. James I. The essayes of a prentise in the 

divine art of poesie, Edinburgh, 1585. A 
counterblaste to tobacco, London, 1604. 

20. Sir Robert Naunton. Fragmenta Regalia. 

Probably written about 1630. Reprinted 
from the 3rd posthumous edit, of 1653. 

21. Thomas Watson. Poems, viz.. The E/oarojUTrafl/a, 

or passionate centurie of love [1582]. Meli- 
boeus, sive Ecloga in obitum ... 1590. An 
eglogue upon the death of ... Sir Francis 
Walsingham, 1590. The teares of fancy or 
love disdained. Posthumously published in 
1593 ... 

22. William Habington. Castara. 3rd edit, of 

1640 ... 

23. Roger Ascham. The scholemaster, wi'itten 

between 156.3-8. Posthumously published. 
1st edit.; 1570 ... 

24. Tottel's Miscellany. Songes and sonnettes by 

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, Sir Thomas 
Wyalt, the elder, Nicholas Grimald, and un- 
certain authors. 1st edit, of 5th June, collated 
with the 2nd edit, of 31st July, 1557. 

25. Thomas Lever, M.A. Sermons, 1550. 

26. William Webbe, graduate. A discourse of 

English poetrie, 1586. 

27. A harmony of the essays ... of Francis Bacon, 

Viscount St. Alban, Baron Verulain ... 

28. Rede me and be nott wrothe ... written by 

William Roy and Jerome Barlowe ... 1528. 
A proper dyaloge betwene a gentillman and 
a husbandman... together with a compendious 
olde treatyse shewynge howe that we ought 
to haue the scripture in Englysshe. Written 
by a Lollard, about 1450 ... 

29. The last fight of the "Revenge" at sea, under 

the command of Vice-Admiral Sir Richard 
Grenville, on the lOth-lltli of September, 
1591. Described by Sir Walter Raleigh, 
November, 1591 ; Gervase Markham, 1595 ; 
and Jan Huygcn van Linschoten, in Dutch, 
1596 ; Englisli, 1598 ; and Latin, 1599. 

30. Barnabe Googe. Eglogs, epytaphes, and son- 

nettes, 1563. 

Tlic first printed English New Testament translated by 
Wm. Tyndall ... 4°- London, 1871. 

A transcript of the Registers of the Company of 
Stationers of London, 1554-1640 a.d. [Privately 
printed.] 4 vol. 4°- London, 1875-7. 

An English garner : ingatherings from our history and 
literature. 7 vol. 

4"' London and Birniinghdin, 1877-83. 

Vol. 1. (V) The late pxpedition in Scotlanil, niailo hy the King's 
Jliglmcss' army, under the conduct of the lion, the Karl of 
Hertford, (is'w.) 
Sir r.Sydncy. SyrP.S. His Astrophel and Stella. Wherein 
the excellence of sweet poesy is concluded. (1681-1684.) 



ARBER, Edward, F.S.A. — continued. 

E. Spenser iind otliers. Astiojiliel. A iiastoral elegy upon 
tlie ileatli of the most noble and ralorous knight, Sir riiili]) 
Sidney. (1591.) 

(?) The great frost. Cold doings in London, except it be at 
tlie lottery. With news out of the country. (1608.) 

J. D. Estiuire. The secrets of angling : teaciiing the choicest 
tools, baits, and seasons, for the taking of any fish in pond 
or river. (1613.) 

K. Pceke. Three to one. Being an English-Spanish combat 
))erformed by a western gentleman of Tavistock, in Devon- 
shire, with an English quarterstaff, against three Spaniards. 

(V) A true relation of a brave English stratagem ])ractiseil 
lately upon a sea town in Galicia, one of the kingdoms of 
Spain. (1626.) 

J. Taylor. The carriers' cosmography : or, a brief relation of 

the inns, ordinaries, hostelries and other lodgings in or 

near London. (1637.) 
(?) England's joy : or, a relation of the most remarkable 
■ passages, from his Majesty's arrival at Dover, to his 

entrance at Whitehall. (1660.) 
N. N. A narrative of all the proceedings in the draining of 

the great level of fens, extending into the counties of 

Nortliampton . . (1661.) 
(V) A relation of the retaking of the island of Sta. Helena 

and three Dutch East India sliips. (1673.) 
Capt. H. Knox. Nineteen years' captivity in tlie kingdom of 

(jonde Uila in tlie Higlilands of Cevlon, between March, 

1660, and October, 1679. (1681.) 
Capt. 11. Bodenham. Voyage to Scio in 1551 A.n. 
Eev. J. Broome. Curious names of a jury at Huntingdon in 

1619 A.i). 
L. Bryskett. A pastoral eclogue. 
J. Campion. The English trade to Scio. 
C. Cotton. Winter. 
Content. Sonnets after Astrophel. 
S. Daniel. Poems and sonnets. 
Bp. J. Earle. Character of a child. 
Queen Elizabetli. Importune me no more. 
Eev. J. Fox. A false fearful iinaginatiou of fire at Oxford 


C. Gascoigne. Grascoigne's arraignment at Beauty's bar. 
II. Greene. Lamilia's song. 

Eev. E. Hakluyt. The antiquity of tlie trade with tlie 

The voyage of the Dog to the Gulf of Mexico, 1589. 

Sir W. Herbert. Tlie boat of Bale. 

W. Lauson. Comments on the secrets of angling. 

E. Leigh. Hints to travellers. 

T. Lodge. Siren pleasant 1 foe to reason. 

My bonny lass ! thine eye. 

Sir J. Mennis or Rev. J. Smith. King Oberou's apiiarel. 

Phillida flouts me. 

J. Milton. Books. 

Sir T. More. A letter to his wife Alice. 
A. M[unday]. Cajitivity of John Fox of Woodbridge. 
T. Nash. Somewhat to read for them that list. 
Earl of Oxford. Sonnets after Astrophel. 

What cunning can express. 

M. Eoydou. An elegy. 

Sir W. Raleigh. The recapture of the island of Bark. 

Conclusion of liis liistory. 

Conceipt begotten by the eyes. 

Could t)ie Romans have resisted Alexander ? 

Lord John Talbot compare 1 to ^-Emilius. 

The infancy and age of time. 

The last refuges of the devil to maintain his kingilom. 

The life of man described. 

W. Shakespeare. Life of man described. 
Sir H. Sidney. A very godly letter made unto Philip Sidney 
his son. 

Sir P. Sidney. Letter to his brother Robert. 
T. Stevens. A letter written from Goa. 
Sir J. Suckling. Why so jiale and wan ? 
Pourtli version of Cupid's attack. 

The Privy Council. A brief note on the benefits of fish days. 
Thomas, Lord Vaux. The assault of Cupid upon the fort. 
T. Wilson. Eloquence first given by God. 
CO A praise of Mistress Ryce. 
('/) A wilful wife. 

('0 An eiiitaph upon Sir Philip Sidney. 

(?) An excellent sonnet, wherein the lover exclaimeth 

against detractiou. 
(?) Beauty's fort. 
(?) Love poesies. 

(?) Ranks in the British army about 1630. 

(?) Report to Lord Burleigh of the cost of delivering wine in 

(?) The bride's " good morrow." 

Vol. 2. The manner of the triumph at Calais and Boulogne : printed 

by Wynken do Worde. (Nov., 1532.) 
The noble triumphant coronation of (Jueen Anne, w'ife unto 

the most noble King Henry VIII. (May, 1533.) Printed 

by Wynken de Worde. 
Nicholas Udall. English verses and ditties at the coronation 

procession of Queen Anne Boleyn. (May, 1533.) 
Dean W. Turner, M.D. Notes on wines used in England. 


Doctor John Dee. The petty navy royal. (1 Aug., 1576.) 

Captain R. Hitchcock. A politic jilat for the honour of the 
prince, the great jirofit of the public state, relief of the 
poor, preservation of the rich ... (1 Jan., 15H0.) 

Sir P. Sidney. Sonnets and poetical translations [?]. 

T. Sanders. The unfortunate voj-age of the Jesus to Trijioli, 
in 1584. 

ARBER, Ed'WAKD, F.S.A. — continued. 

Lyrics, elegies ... from the first ])rinted collection of 
madrigals : edited and set to music, by W. Byrd. (Nov., 

N. H. The worthy and famous voyage of Master Tliomas 
Cavendish, made round about the globe of tlic earth. 

Thomas Lodge, M.D. Rosalynd's madrigal. (1590.) 
Captain R. Hitclicock. The English army rations in the 

time of Queen Elizabeth. (1591.) 
H. C[onstable]. Diana, or excellent conceited sonnets. 


F. Meres, M.A. Sketch of English literature, painting and 

music up to September, 1598. 
Ben Jonson. Hue and cry after Cupid. (1608.) 
Sir W. Raleigh. Opening of his Idstory of the worM. (1614.) 
A fight at sea, famously fouglit by tlie Dolphin of London, 

against five of the Turks' men of war and a sattce. 

(12 Jan., 1617.) 

Ca])taiu John Smith. The present state of New England 

[i.<7., 1G24]. (1626.) 
Andrew Marvell, M.P. A dialogue between the resolved soul 

and created pleasure. 

Abraliam Cowley. The wish. (1647.) 

. David's serenade to Michal, the daughter of King Saul. 


Sitting and drinWng in the chair made out of the relics 

of Sir Francis Drake's ship. (1663.) 

D. Defoe. The education of women. (1692.) 

[J. Wright.] The seconil generation of English professional 

actors, 1625-70 A.I). (Printed 1699.) 
Rev. T. Prince, M.A. A chronological history of New 

England in the form of annals [down to 5 August, 1633]. 

Printed at Boston, N.E., in 1736 and 1754-5. 

Vol. 3. John Cains, M.D. Of English dogs, the diversities, the 
names, the natures and the properties. A short treatise 
written in Latin ... ( 1536.) And newly drawn into English 
by Abraham Fleming. (1576.) 

William Patten. The expedition into Scotland of the... 
Duke of Somerset, uncle unto ... the King's Majesty 
Edward VI. Governor of His Highness's ]>erson, and Pro- 
tector of His Grace's realms, dominions and subjects : 
made in the first year of His Majesty's most prosperous 
reign, and set out by way of diary. (Jan., 1548.) 

Jan Huyglien van Linsciioten. Voyage in a Portuguese 
carrack to Goa in 1583. 

Ralph Fitch's Voyage to the East Indies and back, 1583-91 ; 
with John Newberry's letters. 

Lyrics, elegies . . . Mnsica Transalpina. Edited by Nicholas 
Yonge. (Oct., 1588.) 

J. Eldred. The first Englishman who reached India overland, 
1583-89 A.I). (1592 ?) 

Jan Huyglien van Linschoten. Account of the four 
Englishmen at Goa. (1594 ?) 

• Of the Viceroy of Portugal [at Goa] and his Govern- 
ment in India. (1594 ?) 

Diary of occurrences in the Portuguese settlements in 

India, 1583-88. (1594 ?) 

. Eeturn voyage from Goa to Enkhuisen, 1588-1592. 

(1594 ?) 

Samuel Daniel. Delia. (1594 ?) 

Edward Wright, mathematician. The voyage of the Earl of 
Cumberland to the Azores ... in 1589. (1599.) 

Anonymous. Early seventeenth century iiooms. 

Lyrics, elegies... A book of airs. liy Thomas Campion, 
M.D., and Philip Rosseter, lutenist. ( May, ICol.) 

Two books of airs. By Thomas Campion, M.D. (1613.) 

The third and fourth books of airs. By Thomas Cam- 
pion, M.D. (1613?) 

E. S. Britain's Buss : or, a computation as well of the charge 
of a buss or herring fishing ship, as also of the gain and 
profit thereby. (1615.) 

Jolin Dryilen. Dedicatory epistle to the rival ladies. (1664?) 

The Honourable Sir Robert Howard, Auilitor of the Ex- 
chequer. Preface to four new jilays. (Mar., 1665 ?) 

John Dryden. i if dramatic poesy, an essay. (1667.) 

The Hononriilili li.,ibert Ho^yard, Auditor of the Ex- 

chequer. I'll faiv' I.I The great favourite, or the Duke of 
Lerma. (IGUS.i 

John Dryden. A defence of an essay of dramatic i)oesy. 

Andrew Marvell, M.P. The garden. ( Before 1678.) 

Thomas Blwood. Relations with John ;\[iltnn. (1713?) 
Vol. 4. [Thomas Occleve, clerk in the Office of the Privy .Seal ?] The 
letter of Cupid. [1402.] 

Edward Underhill, of the Band of Gentlemen Pensioners, 
surnamed "The hot Gospeller." Examination and imprison- 
ment in August, 1553 ; with anecdotes of the time. 
(1562 ?) 

[Luke Shepherd, M.D.] John Bon and Mast Parson. (1551?) 

Robert Toinson of Andover, merchant. Voyage in the West 
Indies and Mexico, 1556-8. 

John Fox. the martyrologist. The imiirisonment of the 
Princess Elizabeth. (1563.) 

Rev. Thomas Brice. A compendious register in metre, con- 
taining the names and jiatient sufferings of the members 
of Jesus Christ, anil the tormentcrl and cruelly-burneii 
within I'.ngland, since the death of ... Edward the Sixtli. to 
the beginning of the reign of ... [Queen] Klizabeth ... (1559.) 

George Ferrers, the poet. The winning of Calais by the 
French. January, 1558. General narrative of the re-capture. 
(1568 ?) 

The passage of ... Queen Elizabeth tlirough the City of 
London to Westminster, the day before her coronation. 



ARBER, Edward, F.S.A. — continued. 

Lor I Weiitwortb, the Lonl Deputy of Calais, and the Council 
there. Re)iort ami letters to Queen Mary. 1557-8. 

John Hi<j!ifielrl, Master of the Ordnance at Calais. To the 
Quccu. our sovereign Lady. (15.58 y) 

Rev. William Harrison, B.U., Canon of Windsor, anil Rector 
of Radwinter. Elizabeth arms England which Mary had 
left defenceless. (1558 V) 

Alcilia : Philoparthen's Loving Folly. [By J. C] (1595.) 

LjTics, elegies . . . The three books of songs or airs : by 
John Dowlaud, Bachelor of Music. (1597-1(!03.) 

Lyrics, elegies ... A Pilgrim's Solace. Bv John Dowland, 
"Bachelor of Music. (1612.) 

Sir Thomas Overbury. His observations in his travels upon 
the state of the Seventeen Provinces, as thev stood Anno 
Domini IGOa: tlieTreatyof Pence being then oiifoot. (1626.) 

Tobias Gentleman, fisherman and mariner. England's way 
to win wealth and to eniidoy shiijs aiid mariners. (1614.) 

Ben Jonson. Answer to Master Wither's song, "Shall I, 
wasting in despair ? " (1617.) 

King James. The king's majesty's Declaration to his subjects, 
concerning lawftil sports to bi' used. (IGIS.) 

The ... recovery of a sliiji of Jiristol called "The Exchange," 
from the Turkisli jiirates of Argicr. Witli the nnniatchable 
attcnijits and good success of John Rawlins, ])ilot in her, 
and other slaves: who in the end (with the slatigliter of 
about forty of the Turks anil Moors) brought the ship into 
Plymouth, the 13th February [1622] last, with the captain, 
a rencgado, and five Turks more : besides the redemption 
of twenty-four men and one boy from Turkish slavery. 

(Jeo. Wither. Fair Virtue, the Mistress of Phil'arete. (1622.) 

A miscellany of epigrams, sonnets, epitaphs, and such 

other verses as were found written with the poem afore- 
going. (1622.) 

John Rushworth, of Lincoln's Inn. The sequestration of 
Archbishop Abbot from all his ecclesiastical offices, iu 

K[ichard] Y[oung ?]. The state of a Christian lively set 
forth by an allegorv of ;i ^liip under sail. (1636.) 

Abraham Cowley, flic ( In oniric A iKillad. (1669.) 

A true and just relation i if .\l;ij,ir-l-;eiieni.l Sir Thomas Morgan's 
]irnL.'rrs-i ill France and Flandt-rs witli the si.x thousand 
Eii;_'lish, in the years 1657 and H).5S. at the taking of Dunkirk 
and other important places. (16'J'J.) 

Vol. 5. Master Roger Bodenham. Trip to Mexico, 1564-5. (?) 

Rev. Richard Hakluvt. The voyages of William Hawkins, 

senior, to Brazil, about 1530. (1589.) 
Sir John Hawkins's first voyage to the West Indies, 

1562-3. (1589'/) 
A (rentleman in the voyage. Sir John Hawkins's second 

voyage to the West Indies, 18th Oct., 1564— 20th Sept., 

1565. (1565 '0 
The third voyage of Sir John Hawkins : — 

1. Earliest tidings of the disaster in England, Dec, 1558 
[1668]— Jan., 1569. 

2. A true declaration of the troublesome voyage of Mr. 
John Hawkins to the parts of ttuinea and the West 
Indies, in the years of our Lord 1567 and 1568. 

3. The depositions in the English Admiralty Court, March, 

4. The narratives of three survivors of the 112 men landed 
near Taniiiico, on 8th Oct., 1568 : — 

(a.) The relation of David Ingram, of Barking, iu the 

county of Essex, sailor, 
(b.) A discourse written by one Miles Phillips, Englishman, 

one of the company put ashore in the West Indies by 

Mtister John Hawkins, in the year 1568. 
(c.) The rare travels of Job Hortop. an Englishman, Avho 

was not heard of iu three and twenty j'ears' space. 


5. Sir .Inlin II iwkins's iin-ti'iiilcd treachery in the summer 
of 1.071 : rin-inl (ill win, the knowledge and under the 
sanction of i^Mucn i:iiz ilielli and Lord Burleigh. 

Sir Francis Drake revived : calling upon this dull or effemi- 
nate age to follnw his noble steps for gold and silver; by 
this memorable relation of the rare occurrences (never yet 
declared to the world) iua third voyage made by him into 
the West Indies, in the years [1.0]72'and [15J73. "(1593.) 

Barnahe Barnes. Parthenophil and I'artlienophe, sonnets, 
mailrigals, elegies and odes. (May, 1593 '/) 

(?) Zepheria. (1594 '^ 

Sir J. Da vies. Orchestra: or, a poem of dancing. Judicially 
l)roving the true observation of time and measure, in the 
authentical and laudable use of dancing. (June, 1594 't) 

Noscc teipsuni ! This oracle expoiuided in two elegies. 

Hymns of Astr;ca, in acrostic verse. (1599.) 

B. (Irillin. gent., more chaste tlian kind. (1596.) 

Jolm Savilie. King James : his entertainment at Theobalds, 
with his welcome in London. (16U3.) 

Gilbert Dugdalc. The time triumiihaut, declaring in brief 
the arrival of our Sovereign liege Lord, -King James, into 
England. (1601.) 

Kir Charles Sedlev, Bt. Songs. (Before 1700.) 

Benjamin Franklin. Poor Richard improved, being an 
almanac ... for the year of our Lord, 1758. 
Vol. 6. William of ThoiiJO. The examination of Master William 
Thorpe, jiriest, of heresy, before Thomas Aruudell, Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury, 1107. (1107.) 

The exiiniination of ... Sir John Oldcastle, Lord Cobham, 
burnt by the said Archbishop, in the first year of King 
Henry tiic Fifth. (1413.) 

[V] Here beginnclli a little gesto of Robin Hood and his 
meiny : and ot the i)rond Sherilt of Nottingham. (Printed 
about, 1610.) 

Joliu Chilton. Travels iu Mexico. 1668-1686. (1688 ?) 

ARBER, Edward, F.^.K.— continued. 

Richard Ferris. The most dangerous and memorable adven- 
ture of Richard Ferris . . . who undertook, in a small wherry 
boat, to row by sea [from Tower Wharf] to the City of 
Bristow... (August. 1590.) 

Michael Drayton. Idea. (1594-1619.) 

W. Percy. Sonnets to the fairest Coelia. (1694.) 

Lyrics, elegies ... The triumphs of Oriaua. Edited by 
"Thomas Morley. (1601.1 

Lyrics, elegies ... An Hour's Recreation in Music. By 
Richard Alison, gentleman, 1606. 

G. Wither. Fidelia. (1615.) 

[?] The Interpreter. Wherein the principal Terms of State, 
much mistakeu by the vulgar, are clearly unfolded. (1622.) 

[V] Leather : a discourse tendered to the High Court of 
Parliament. (1627.) 

H. P[eacham], M.A. The worth of a penny : or, a caution to 
kee]) money. With the causes of the misery of the want 
hereof, in these hard and merciless times. (1641.) 

Sir William Petty, F.R.S. Political Arithmetic: or, a Discotirse 
concerning the extent and value of lauds, people, buildings 
... as the same relates to Great Britaiu . . . Holland, Zealand 
and France. 1677. (1690.) 

John Biou. An account of the torments the French 'Protes- 
tants endure aboard the galleys. (1708.) 

The Controversy between Isaac Bickerstafl: [Jonathan Sfllft] 
and John Partridge, 1708-10. 

1. Isaac Bickerstaff. Predictions for the year 1708 . . . 
(Feb.. 1708.) 

2. A Eevenue Officer [Jonathan Swift]. A letter to a lord. 
(30 March. 17US.) 

3. [Jonathan Swift.] An elegy on Mr. Patrige, the 
almaiuick maker, who died on "the 29th of March, 1708. 
(30 March, 1708.) 

4. John Partridge, student in physic and astrology. Squire 
Bickerstaff detected : or, the astrological imijostor con- 
victed. (1708.) 

A true and impartial account of the proceedings of Isaac 
Bickerstaff against me. (1708.) 

5. Isaac Bickerstaff. A vindication of Isaac Bickerstaff, 
against what is objected to him by Mr. Patridge in his 
almaniick for the present year 1709. (1709.) 

J. Gay. The jireseiit State of Wit, in a letter to a Friend in 

the Country. (3 May, 1711.) 
[J. Arbutlinot. M.D.] Law is a Bottomless Pit. In five pt. 

1. Exemplified in the case of the Lord Strutt, John Bull, 
Nicholas Frog, and Lewis Baboon : who spent all they had 
In-a lawsuit. (28 Feb., 1712.) 

2. John Bull in his Senses. (18 March, 1712.) 

3. John Bull still in his Senses. (10 April, 1712.) 

4. An Appendix to John Bull still in his Senses. (2 May, 

6. Lewis Baboon turned honest, and John Bull politician. 
(24 July, 1714.) 

Henry Carey. The Ballad of Sally in our Alley. (Before 
. 1719.) 

The Controversy between Thomas Tickell and Sir Richard 
Steele, 1721-2. 

1. Thomas Tiekell. Life of Joseph Addison. (172 L) 

2. Sir Richard Steele. Dedicatory epistle to William 
Congreve. (1722.) 

Vol. 7. T[liomas] D[eloney]. Three ballads on the Armada fight. 
(Aug., 1588.) 

R. L[inche ?], gentleman. Diella. Certain Sonnets, ad- 
joined to the amorous jioeni of Dom Diego and Gyueura. 

Sir Francis Vere. The commentaries of Sir Francis Vere, 
being divers pieces of service wherein he had coumiand : 
wiiitcn by himself, in way of commentary, 1589-1601. 


Lyrics, elegies ... First set of madrigals. By John Wilbye. 
"(April, 1598.) 

William Kemp. Kemp's nine days' wonder. Performed in a 
dance from London to Norwich ... (April, 1600.) 

An. Sc. I ;i n i 1( man. Daiiihniitus, or the Passion of Love. 
Comical til read, hut Tragical toact ... W hereunto is added, 
The I'assiiinate Man's Pilgrimage. (1604.) 

['0 I loved a lass, a fair one ! ( 1629 1) 

Edward Chanibcrlavne. The social jiosition of the English 

Established Clergy, in 1669. (1069.) 
[T. B. (J. Eachard, D.D.)] The Grounds and occasions of the 

contempt of the Clergy and Iteligion enquired into. In a 

letter written to R. L. (8 Aug., 1670.) 
Henry Pitman. A relation of the great sufferings and strange 

adventures of Henry Pitman, Chirurgcon to the late Duke 

of Momnouth. (10 June, 1689.) . 
J. Whicker. An account of the Adventures Of my companions, 

since 1 left them on Saltatudos. (1689.) 
Robert Lyde. A true and exact account of the retaking of 

a shij), called the Friend's Adventure of Topsham, from 

the French... (1693.) 
Daniel Defoe. The True Born Englishman. A Satyr. (Jan., 


Legion's Memorial. (14 May, 1701.) 

The History of the Kentish "Petition. (July, 1701.) 

The Shortest Way with the Dissenters : or, proposals for 

the Establishment of the Church. (1 Dec. 1702.) 

A Hymn to the Pillorv. (29 June. 1703.) 

The Prototy]ie and Plan of the Review. (Sejit., 1704.) 

Defoe's intention to sto]i the Iteview with No. 100, and 

how it came to be continued. ( I'cb., 1705.) 

Prefaces to the seven voluniesof the Review. (1705-11.) 

The Revolution of 1688, its iirinciples and piu'poses in 

a nutshell. (7-10 Jan., 1710.) 
An appca.l to Honour and .Insticc, though it be of his 

worst Enemies. (Nov., 1714.) 



ARBER, Edwakd, F.S.A. — continued. 

Isaac Bickerstaflf [z>., Riclianl Steele]. Tlie miseries of the 
Domestic Cliaplaiii, in 1710. (23 Nov., 171U.) 

Nestor Ironsides [(>., Iticlianl Steele]. Another (lescrii)tion 
of the miseries of tlie Domestic Chaplaiu, in 1713. (17 Sept., 

The English scholar's library of old and modern works. 
IG vol. 8"- London and BinninfjlKtm, 1880-4. 

1. The history of Reynard the Fox. Translated 

and printed by William Caxton, June, 1481. 

2. John Knox. The first blast of the trumpet 

against the monstrous regiment of women, 

3. Clement Robinson and divers others. A hand- 

ful of pleasant delights, containing sundry 
new sonnets and delectable histories in divers 
, kinds of metre ... 1584. 

4. [Simon Fish, of Gray's Inn, gentleman.] A 

supplication for the beggars. [Spring of 

5. [Rev. John Udall.] The state of the Church 

of England laid open in a conference between 
Diotrephes, a bishop, Tertullus, a papist, 
Demetrius, a usurer, Pandochus, an inn- 
keeper, and Paul, a preacher of the word of 
God. [April, 1588.] 
G. The return from Parnassus, or, the scourge of 
simony : publicly acted by the students of 
St. John's College, in Cambridge. [In January, 
160-2. Printed] 1606. 

7. Thomas Decker. The seven deadly sins of 

London drawn in seven several coaches, 
through the seven several gates of the City, 
bringing the plague with them [October], 

8. An introductory sketch to the Martin Mar- 

prelate controversy, 1588-90. [By Edward 

1). [Rev. John Udall.] A demonstration of the 
truth of that discipline, which Christ hath 
prescribed in His Word, for the government 
of His church in all times and places, until 
the end of the world. [July-Nov., 1588.] 

10. Richard Stanyhurst. Translation of the first 

four books of the .iEneis of P. Virgilius Maro : 
with other poetical devices thereto annexed, 
[June] 1582. 

11. Martin Marprelate, the epistle. [September- 

November, 1588.] 

12. Robert Greene, M.A. Menaphon. Camila's 

alarm to slumbering Euphues in his melan- 
choly cell at Silexedra ... 1589. 

1 3. George Joy. An apology made by George Joy 

to sati.sfy, if it may be, W. Tindale, 1535. 

14. Richard Barnfield, of Darlaston, Staffordshire. 

Poems, 1594-8. 

15. T[homas] C[ooper], [Bishop of Winchester]. 

An admonition to the people of England, 
1589. [An official exposition of the Protestant 
(as opposed to the Puritan) view of ecclesias- 
tical government.] 

16. Capt. John Smith, of Willoughby by Alford, 

Lincolnshire : president of Virginia, and 
admiral of New England. Works, 1608-31. 
Sec EDEN, Richard. 

Free trade in land : or, a few remarks on the English 
land question ... 8°- London, I'A'^b. 

Sir Robert Peel's act of 1844, regulating the issue of 
bank-notes, vindicated. 8"- London, 1857. 

ARBUTHNOT (James), jun. 
An historical account of Peterhead ... also a natural 
history of the fishes found on the coasts of Buclian. 

8«- Aberdeen, 1815. 

[ARBUTHNOT (John), M.D.] 
Law is a bottomless-pit, exemplified in the case of the 
Lord Strutt, John Bull, Nicholas Frog, and Lewis 
Baboon, who spent all they had in a law suit ... 
Pt. 1 (4th edit.), 2 (3rd edit.), and 3. 

8"- London, 1712. 
A complete key to the above. 8"- London, 

Sir ARBER, Edwaed. 

ARCH (JosKPH), M.P. 
Would protection remove the present distress, and 
benefit the working man ? [Cobden Club leaflet. 
No. 18.] 8"- sh. London. [1885.] 


British Archeeological Association : established in 1843 
for the encouragement and prosecution of researches 
into the arts and monuments of the early and 
middle ages. Journal, 42 vol. 8"- London, 1840-86. 

General index to vol. 1-30. By Walter de Gray 
Birch, F.R.S.L. 8»- London, 1875. 

Transactions ... at its second annual congress held at 
Winchester, August, 1845 ... 8"- London, 1846. 

Collectanea Archseologica : communications made to 
the ... Association. Vol. 1 and 2 (4 pt.). 

4°- London, 1861-3. 

The Archseological Journal. 43 vol. 

80- London, 1846-86. 
Index to vol. 1-25. 8"' London, 1878. 

Proceedings of the annual meetings, 1845-53. 10 vol. 

8°- Lotulon, 1846-58. 

1. Winchester, 1845. 

2. York, 1846. 

3. Norwich, 1847. 

4. Lincoln, 1848. 

5. Salisbury, 1849. 

6. Oxforil, 1850. 

7. Bristol, 1851. 

8. Newcastle - ou - Tyne, 1852 : 

Tol. 1. Miscellaneous papers. 

9. Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1852: vol. 2. 

Feudal anil military antiqui- 
ties of Northumberland and 
the Scottisli borders ; illus- 
trated by the baronial his- 
tories of Alnwick, Prudhoe, 
and Wark. By the Eev. 
Charles Henry Hartshorne, 

10. Chichester, 1853. 

Catalogue of antiquities, works of art and historical 
Scottish relics exhibited in the museum ... during 
their annual meeting held at Edinburgh, July, 1856... 

8"' Edinburgh, 1859. 

Catalogue of the archseological museum formed at 
Carlisle during the meeting of the Institute, 
July 26th to August 2nd. 8"- Carli.'ile. [1859.] 

A catalogue of the museum formed at Gloucester 
during the meeting of the Institute, July 17 to 2(5. 

8"- Glonrester. [I860.] 

Descriptive catalogue of the mu.seum formed at 
Worcester during the meeting ... July 22 to 29 : 
accompanied by a memoir on the origin and early 
history of the manufacture of porcelain at Wor- 
cester ... by R. W. Binns, F.S.A. 

go. WorceMer, 1862. 

The architectural history of the cathedral and monastery 
of Worcester : a discourse delivered at the annual 
meeting ... held at Worcester, July, 1862. By the 
Rev. Robert Willis, M.A., F.R.S. 8"- London, 1863. 

Old London. Papers read at the London congress . . . 
July, 1866. 8"- London, 1867. 

Colchester meeting, August 1 to 8. Full report of the 
proceedings. Reprinted from the Essex Standard. 

16"- Colrhrxlfr, 1876. 

Catalogue of the exhibition of ancient helmets and 
examples of mail, held in the rooms of the Institute, 
June 3-16, 1881 : with historical introductions by 
William Burges and Baron Charles Alexander De 
Cosson. [In Arch^ological Journal, 32.] 

ARCHAICUS. p.'^eud. 
Admonitions from scripture and history, from religion 
and common prudence, relating to the Jews. 

8°- London, 1753. 



ARCHBOLD (John Frederick). 
Pleading and evidence in criminal cases : with the 
statutes, precedents of indictments ... and the 
evidence necessary to support them, by John Jervis. 
Edited, including the practice in criminal proceedings 
generally, by W. N. Welsby. 12th edit. [R.L.L.] 

8"- Loudon, 1853. 
IGth edit., including the practice in criminal proceed- 
ings by indictment, by William Bruce. [R.L.L.] 

8°- London, 1867. 

19th edit. [R.L.L.] 8°- London, 1878. 

The law and practice of arbitration and award. 

[R.L.L.] 12°- London, 1861. 

Chitty's Archbold's practice of the Court of Queen's 

Bench in personal actions and ejectments, including 

the Common Pleas and Exchequer. Edited by Samuel 

Prentice. 11th edit. 2 vol. [R.L.L.] 

80- London, 1862. 
The poor law, comprising the whole of the law of 

settlement, relief, and removal of the poor. 11th edit. 

[R.L.L.] 12''- London, 1863. 

12th edit., together with the law relating to the poor 

rate, by W. Cunningham G-len. 8°' London, 1873. 

ARCHDALL (Rev. Mervyn), A.M. 
Monasticon Hibernicum : or, an history of the abbies, 
priories, and other religious houses in Ireland, inter- 
spersed with memoirs of their several founders and 
benefactors, and of their abbots and other superiours, 
to the time of their final suppression, the manner the 
possessions belonging to those foundations were dis- 
posed of, and the present state of their ruins. 

4°- London, 1786. 

Sep LODGE (John). 


ARCHER (Capt. J. H. Lawrence-). 
Monumental inscriptions of the British West Indies 
from the earliest date : with genealogical and historical 
annotations ... 4°- Loudon, 1875. 

[ARCHER (Rev. John).] 
Cheap-side cross censured and condemned, by a letter 
sent from the Vicc-Chancellour of the Universitie 
of Oxfoi'd in answer to a question propounded by 
the citizens of London in 1600 ... i°- London, 1641. 

ARCHER (John Wykeham). 

Vestiges of old London : a series of etchings 'from 
original drawings, illustrative of the monuments and 
architecture of London in the first, fourth, twelfth, 
and six succeeding centuries, with descriptions and 
historical notices. 4"- London, 1851. 

The recreations of Master Zigzag ye elder : beinge a 
true accompt of his deazels and wanderings in and 
aboute ye famed Citye of London, and of manie 
pleasant adventures that befel him and his com- 
panions in travel. Contayning also his reflections 
upon divers things past and present, with manic 
draughtcs and sculptui'es, interspersed with songes, 
poesies, tales, and other delectable matter : some of 
which be nowe set forthc for ye time. [Anon. 
With a large number of extra illustrations and 
portraits.] 8"- mounted in la. fo. London, 1852. 

ARCHER, Thomas. 
Alexandra : a gift-book to the Alexandra Orplianagc 
for infants, Hornsey Rise. Contributed ... and 
published gratuitously for the benefit of the institu- 
tion. 8°- London. [18(;y.] 

ARCHER (Thomas), F.R.H.S. 
William Ewart Cladstone and his contemi)oraries : 
fifty years of social and political progi-ess. 3 vol. 

8"- London, 1882. 

ARCHER (Prof. [Thomas C.]), F.R.S.E. 
Paper. [British Manufacturing Industries, 1.] 

80- London, 1877. 
Wool and its applications. [British Manufacturing 
Industries, 10.] 8°- London, 1877. 

ARCHER (William), F.R.S. 
Suggestions as to public library buildings . . . with more 
especial reference to the National Library of Ireland. 

S"- Dublin, 1881. 

AECHEE (William Henry). See COBDE-N 

The Architect : a weekly illustrated journal of art, 
civil engineering, and building. Vol. 11-36. January,. 
1874-December, 1886. 26 vol. 

8°- London, 1874-86. 


Report of the committee appointed to consider the 
subject of public competitions for architectural 
designs. 8°- London, 1839. 

Transactions ... Sessions, 1835-6 to 1840-1, and 1853-86. 
28 vol. in 29. [Vol. 1, 2nd edit.] 

4°- London, 1839-86. 

How to observe architecture : or, questions on various 
subjects connected therewith, suggested for the con- 
sideration of correspondents and travellers ... 2nd 
edit. 8°- London, 1842. 

General conference of architects, 1871. Report of 
proceedings. 4°- London, 1871. 

List of the members, contributions to the collection 
and library, proceedings at the ordinary and general 
meetings ... 1871-85. 4°- London, 1871-86. 

Catalogue of the medals, busts, casts, marbles, and 
stones in the collection of the Institute, complete to 
1874. - 4"- London, 1874. 

The tenth architectural examination, 1 879. 

4«- London, 1879. 

The charter of the Institute. 4°- London, 1881. 

Kalendar, 1885-6. 8°- London, 1885. 


Detached essays and illustrations, fo. London, 1854. 
The dictionary of architecture, with illustrations. 
Vol. 1, A-B. Vol. 2, C-D. Vol. 3, E^G. Vol.4, 
H-K. ' Vol. 5, L-M. Vol. 6, N-Q. 6 vol. 

fo. London. [1854-81.] 
ARETINE (Peter), p^eud. 
Strange and true newes from Jack-a-Newberries six 
windmills. 4"- London, 1660. 

Strange newes from Bartholomew-fair. < 

4"- London, 1661. 

ARETIUS (Beneihctus). 
Problemata theologica continentia prsecipuos Christiana! 
religionis locos brevi et dilucida ratione explicatos. 
[D.C.] fo. Lausamue, 1578. 

Letters concerning the country ... being suitable for 
emigrants ... 8"- London, 1869. 

Epistola apologetica ... in qua Evangelii Christi vere 
•studiosi, nou qui se falso Evangelicos jactant, iis 
defcnduntur criminibus qua) in illos Erasmi 
Roterodami epistola ad Vulturium Neocomum, 
intcndit. Per ministros Evangelii Ai-gentoraten. 

8"- l^^lmsdninjf'l 1530. 

Argumcntum anti-Normannicum : or, an argument 
proving from antient lii.stories and records tliat 
William, Duke of Normandy, made no absolute con- 
quest of England by the .sword. [By Edward Cooke V] 

80' London, 1682. 



ARGYLL ([George Douglas Campbell,] Duke 

The reign of law. r)th edit. 8"- ionrfow, 1870. 

The Eastern ciuestion. Speech on the conduct of the 
Foreign Office, during the insurrection in Crete in 
ISC)?. 8"- Ghixgoii:, 187(;. 

Wliat the Turks are, and how we have been helping 
them. Speech in the City Hall, Glasgow, September 
19 ... 8"- Ghmjow, 187(3. 

Essay on the commercial principles applicable to con- 
tracts for the hii-c of land. [Cobden Club.] 

8°- London, 1877. 

The unity of nature. [A view of man's place in the 
unity of nature, physically, intellectually, morally 
and supernaturally.] 8°- London, 1884. 

Geology and the Deluge. 8"' Glasgow, 1885. 

Biblia Sacra Polyglotta ... 5 vol. [D.C.] 

fo. Antcerpke, 15G9-71. 

Vol. ■'). 1. Communes et familiares Hebraicic liiiRUiE idiotismi. 2. 
Liber Joseph, sive de arcauo sennone. 3. Liber Jeromia', sive 
de actioiie. 4. Tubal-Caiii, sive de nieiisiiris sacris liber. 5. 
Plialeg, sire de gentium seilibus priniis. iirljisiiiie terr;i_' situ, 
liber. 6. Canaan, sive de duodecim geutibus liber. 7. Caleb, 
sive de Terrse Pron>isss partitioiie liber unicus. 8. Kxemi)lar, 
sive do sacris fabricis liber. 'J. Aaron, sive sanctorum vesti- 
mentorum, ornamentorumque summa descriptio : Neliemias, 
sive do antiqua; Jernsalem sitn volumen. 10. Daniel, sive de 
SEeculis codex integei-. 11. Index Biblicus. 12. Hebrtea, 
Clialda'a, GrsEca, et Latina omina. 13-14. Varia3 Icctioues et 
annotatiunculiEiuClialdaicam Parajihrasiu [byF. Raplieleufrins]. 
15. Variarum in GrsBcis bibliis lectionum libellus a (iuilielnio 
Cantero concinnatus. 16. TariiB lectiones in Latiuis bibliis 
editionis vulgatai ... Opera aliquot Tlieologorum [J. Harlcniius 
and others] in Academia Louaniensi 17. Talnila titulorum 
totius Novi Testameuti Syriaci. 18. Auuotationes variarum 
lectiouuni in Psalmos. 

Commentaria in duodecim Prophetas. [D.C.] 

fo. Antverphe, 1581. 

ARINGHI (Paolo). 
Roma subterranea novissima, in qua, post Antonium 
Bosium Antesignanum, lo. Severanum Congreg. 
Oratorii presbyterum, et celebres alios scriptores, 
antiqua Christianorum et praecipue martyrum coeme- 
teria, tituli, monumenta, epitaphia, inscriptiones, ac 
nobiliora sanctorum sepulchra sex libris distincta 
Ulustrantur. 2 vol. fo. Roma:, 1651. 

ARIOSTO (LuDovico). 

Oi-lando Furioso. Tutto ricorretto et di nuove figure 
adornato ... [The woodcuts by Dosso Dossi, an 
artist of Fen-ara.] 4"- Venetia, 1558. 

The Orlando Furioso, translated into English verse, 
from the Italian ... with notes by William Stewart 
Rose. [Bohn's Illustrated Lil^rary.] New edit. 
2 vol. 8°- London, 1873-6. 

ARIS, Bex.tamin. 
The trial of William Moss for the wilful murder of, 
11 Sept. 8°- London, 1805. 

ARISTIPPUS. p«nid. See COOPER (John Gil- 

Aristophanis comediaj et deperditarum fragmenta... 
[Scriptorum Graecorum Bibliotheca.] 

8"- Parhlls, 1877. 
Scholia GriEca in Aristophanem. [Scriptorum Graj- 
corum Bibliotheca.] 8"- Parhiis, 1877. 

Comedies ... A new and literal translation ... by 
William James Hickie. [Bohn's Library.] 2 vol. 
*■ 8"- London, 1853. 

Aristophanes : by the Rev. W. Lucas Collins, M.A. 
[Ancient Classics for English Readers.] 

8"- Edhdvirgh, 1872. 

Aristotelis Stagiritfe Peripateticorum principis Or- 
ganum. Gi-necc et Latini-. Jul. Pacio a Beriga 
intcrprete. [D.C.] 8°- Franeo/arti, 1592. 

ARIST OTLE— row tin ued. 
Commentarii Collegi Conimbricensis e Societate Jesu. 
Grajco Aristotelis conte.xtui adjuncta est Latina 

In duos libros de generatione et corruptione. 

[D.C.] 40- Ltujdinu, 1613. 

In libros Ethicorum ad Nichomachum. [D.C.] 

40- Lugduni, 1616. 

In libros Meteororum. [D.C.] 

4°- Lugduni, 1616. 

In libros Meteororum. [D.C.] 

4«- Colonia; 1618. 
In libros qui Parva Naturalia appellantur. [D.C] 

4°- Lugduni, 1616. 
In libros qui Parva Naturalia appellantur. [D.C] 

4°- Colonitc, 1618. 
In quatuor libros de Ccelo, Meteorologicos, Parva 
Naturalia et Ethica. [D.C] 4°- Liigdiiui,lGlC>. 
In quatuor libros de Ccelo, Meteorologicos et 
Parva Naturalia. [D.C] 4°- Coloniw, 16\». 
In universam Dialecticam. 2 pt. [D.C] 

4"- Lugduni, 1622. 
In octo libros Physicorum. 2 pt. [D.C] 

4»' Colonia, 1609. 
In octo libros Physicorum. 2 vol. [D.C] 

4"- Lugduni, 1625. 
In tres libros de Anima. [D.C] 

4°- Lugduni, 1627. 
De Anima libri tres, Graece et Latine. Jul. Pacio a 
Beriga interprete. [D.C] 8°- Franeofurti, 1621. 
Opera omnia, Grsece et Latine, cum notis Guillelmi 
Du Val. 2 vol. [D.C] 

fo. Lutetiec Puriniorum, 1629. 
Treatise on rhetoric, literally translated, with an 
analysis by Hobbes ... also the Poetic, literally 
translated, with notes... by Theodore Buckley, B.A. 
[Bohn's Library.] 8°- London, 1851. 

The Nicomachean ethics translated, with notes ... by 
R. W. Browne, M.A. [Bohn's Library.] 

8»- London, 1853. 
The Organon, or logical treatises, with the introduction 
of Porphyi-y: literally translated, with notes ... by 
Octavius Freire Owen, M.A. [Bohn's Library.] 
2 vol. 8"- London, 1853. 

The Politics and Economics ; to which are prefixed, an 
introductory essay and a life of Aristotle by Dr. 
Gillies: translated, with notes ... by Edward Wal- 
ford, M.A. [Bohn's Library.] 8«- Loudon, 1853. 
The Metaphysics, literally translated, with notes ... by 
the Rev. John H. M'Mahon, M.A. [Bohn's Library.] 

8"- London, 1857. 
History of animals, in ten books : translated by 
Richard Cresswell, M.A. [Bohn's Library.] 

8<'- London, 1862. 
Aristotle : by Sir Alexander Grant, B'-, LL.D. 
[Ancient Classics for English Readers.] 

8°- Fdiuhuiyjh, 1877. 
See GOLItJS (Theophilus), GRANT (Sir Alex- 
ander), GROTE (George). 


AJRLANIBtEUS (Piiilippus). 
Arma Suecica : hoc est vera et accurata descriptio belli, 
quod Gustavus Adolphus, Suecorum, Gothoi-um et 
Vandalorum ... Rex, contra Ferdinand! II, Ronian- 
orum Imperatoris...exercitum in Germania hactcnus 
gcssit ... [D.C] 4"- [Fraucofurii,] 1631. 

ARMIN (Robert). 

Nest of ninnies, 1()()8 : with an introduction and notes 
[by J. PajTic Collier, F.S.A.]. [Shakespeare 
Society, 10.] 8"- London, 1842. 

Italian taylor and his boy, 1609. [Fac simile re- 
print.] 4"- [London, 1810.] 



ARMINIUS (Jacobds). 
Opera theologica. [D.C.] 4°- Francofurti, 1631. 

ARMIT (Lieut. R[obert] H.), R.N. 
Light as a motive power : a series of meteorological 
essays. 2 vol. [S.M.] 8°- London, 1875-6. 

ARMIT AGE (Timothy). 
The Son of God walking in the fire with the servants 
of God. In 9 sermons upon Dan. iii, 25. [D.C.] 

80- London, 1656. 

ARMOUR (James). 
Humble petition and offer ... [to lay before the house 
of Commons proposals for pi'oviding funds, for raising 
money for the year's service, and paying all national 
debts contracted by the war]. fo. sh. n.d. 

Lists of the master, wardens, court of assistants, and 
livery, 1875-8. 4 vol. 8°' London, 1875-8. 


Genei'al exercise of ... ordered by his Highness the 
Prince of Orange, to be observed in all the infantry 
in service of the States General of the United 
Provinces ... 4"- London, 1G89. 


AEMSTRONG (Alexander), M.D., E.N. 
A personal narrative of the discovery of the north- 
west passage : with numerous incidents of travel and 
adventure during nearly five years' continuous ser- 
vice in the Arctic regions, while in search of the 
expedition under Sir John Franklin. 

8"' London, 1857. 

[ARMSTRONG (Archibald).] 
_ Archy's dream. Sometimes jester to his Maiestie, but 
exiled the court by Canterburies malice : with a 
relation for whom an odde chaire stood voide in hell. 
Printed in the yeare 1641. [Ashbee's Reprint.] 

¥>■ London, 1868. 

Of benevolence : an epistle to Eumenes. [^wow.] 

4°- London, 1751. 
Poetical works. [Johnson's English Poets, 71.] 

8°- London, 1790. 



ARMSTRONG (R[obert] A[rchibald]), A.M. 
A Gaelic dictionary, in two parts: Gaelic and English, 
and English and Gaelic ... To which is prefixed a 
new Gaelic grammar. 4"- London, 1825. 

ARMSTRONG (Robert Bruce). 
The history of Liddlesdale, Eskdale, Ewesdale, Wau- 
chojiedalc, and the Debateable Land. Pt. 1. From 
the twelfth century to 1530. [A liistory of the 
Scottisli marches and an account of the laws, customs, 
and lialnts of the border clans.] 

4"- Edinhnvejh, 1883. 

ARMSTRONG, Sir Thomas. 
A letter of advice sent to, in Newgate, after the rule 
for his execution, touching his present condition. 

fo. London, 1(')K4. 
'I'lii; bully wliig : or, the whores and wliigs lamentation 

for executing of. . fo. sii. London, 

The procceilings against, ujnn an outlawry for high 
treason : as also an account of what jiassed at hi.s 
execution, June 20. fo. London, 1684. I 


A tongue-combat lately happening betweene two 
English souldiers in the tilt boat of Gravesend, the 
one going to serve the king of Spaine, the other to 
serve the States Generall of the United Provinces : 
wherein the cause, course and continuance of those 
warres, is debated and declared. 4°- London, 1623. 

A declaration of parliament showing the necessity of a 
present subscription of money and plate, for the 
further supply of the. broadside. London, 1642. 

A declaration of the Lords and Commons, concerning 
divers well-affected persons and citizens of . . . London, 
who are willing and ready to undertake and advance 
a considerable number of souldiers, and them to arm, 
maintain and pay for severall months ensuing ... 

4«- London. 1642. 

A declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in 
parliament concerning his majesties advancing with 
his army towards London. 4°- London, 1642. 

A declaration of the Lords and Commons . . . concerning 
the late valorous service of Robert, Earle of Essex . . . 
also an order to the lord maior, that a search be 
made in the City for all officers and common souldiers 
under the Earle of Essex, to be sent to the army ... 

4°- London, 1642. 

A declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in 
parliament, for the speedy putting this City into a 
posture of defence, and to fortifie all the passages 
into the same . . . together with a true relation of a. 
great and happy victory which it has pleased God to 
give to his Excellency the Earle of Essex and his 
forces over the king's army ... 4°' London, 1642. 

A letter sent from a worthy divine to the Lord Mayor 
of the City of London ; being a true relation of the 
battaile fought between his majesty and his Ex- 
cellence the Earl of Essex, from Warwick- castle, the 
24th of October ... 4"- London, 1642. 

A true copy of a letter sent unto the R*- Hon. the 
lord mayor .of London, from a trusty friend in the 
army. Written on Munday morning, 24th October, 
immediately after the batteU. 4°- London, 1642. 

A true and perfect relation of a great and happy 
victory obtained by the parliaments forces under the 
command of Colonell Ruthin over Sir Ralph Hopton 
and his cavaliers, neer Plymmouth, with the names 
of the prisoners taken . . . read at a conference of both 
houses of parliament, 13th December. 

4°- London, 1642. 

A true relation of the late proceedings of the London 
dragoneers sent down to Oxford, consisting of foure 
companies, under the command of Sir John Seaton... 

4°- London, 1642. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in 
parliament, shewing that aU the regiments of foot 
and troopes of horse in London and all parts of 
England, shall within fortie-eight houres after publi- 
cation hereof, march to his Excellency Robert, Earl 
of Essex, to be imployed for the defence of his 
majesty and kingdome, the priviledge of parliament... 

4"' London, 1642. 

All the ordinances and declarations of the Lords and 
Commons for assessing of all such as have not con- 
tri))uted upon the propositions of both houses of 
pailianicnt, for raising of money, plate,, horse- 
men, and armcs for the defence of the king, 
kingdome, and parliament ... 4"- L^ondon, 1642. 

Good newes from Colonell Hollis his regiment : 
declaring the proceedings of the voluntiers that set 
forth with him from London, in an overthi'ow of 
cavaliers, and their flight neer Vxbridge. 

4"- London, 1642. 

Instructions agreed upon by ... parliament, and sent 
to tlie Earl of Essex, concerning the advancing of 
liis forces towards his majesty. 

broadside. London, 1642. 



ARMY — conthnml. 

Lawes and ordinances of warre established for the 
better conduct of the army. By his E.xcellency the 
Earle of Warwick, lord general! of the forces raised 
by tlie authority of parliament for the defence of 
the Citie of London and the counties adjacent. 

4°- London, 1G42. 

Londons remonstrance to tlie parliament in subscribing 
to the propositions of both houses concerning money, 
plate, horse, horse-men, and amies to be lent for the 
maintenance of an army for the king's peace ... as it 
was concluded by the lord maior, court of alder- 
men, and conimon-councell-men of the Citie of 
London in Guild-hall ; and by the masters, wardens... 
of all companies in each severall hall ... 

4«- London, 1642. 

Order against persons that shall take up amies upon 
pretence of his majesties command. 

broadside. London, 1642. 

Order [of parliament] for a chaiitable contribution for 
the relief of maymed souldiers. 

broadside. London, 1642. 

Order of the committee of Lords and Commons for 
advance of money and other necessaries for the army 
[calling on certain city parishes to subscribe]. 

broadside. \_London,'] 1G42. 

Proclamation of the lord mayor [Isaac Pennington] 
ui-ging the citizens generally to contribute towards a 
loan of 60,000/. to the parliament's army. 

broadside. London, 1642. 

A copie of the commission sent from his majestic to 
the conspirators of the Citie of London, for the 
raysing an army of horse and foot, and levying of 
money, plate, ammunition ... 4°' London, 1643. 

A declaration and ordinance of the Lords and Com- 
mons assembled in parliament for the speedy raising 
of a body- of horse, for the preservation, safety, and 
peace of the kingdom: to resist the insolencies and 
outrages committed by the souldiers of the king's 
armie ... 4°- London, 1643. 

A declaration or ordinance of the Lords and Commons. . . 
concerning the seizing of horses for his Excellency 
the Earl of Essex ... Also an order of the Com- 
mon concerning coals: that they shall be sold at 20s. 
the chaldron, or 23s. at the most... 4"- London, 1643. 

An ordinance of ... parliament for raising and levying 
of money for the maintenance of the army raised by 
parliament ... 4"' London, 1643. 

An ordinance for the further inlargement of a former 
ordinance made for the speedy raising of moneyes 
and furnishing one or more magazines of armes and 
ammunition ... 4"- L.pndon, 1643. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in 
parliament for the speedy raising and levying of 
money for the maintenance of the army raised by 
the parliament ... by a weekly assessment upon the 
Cities of London and Westminster, and every county 
and city of the kingdome. 4"- London, 1643. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons . . . for raising 
of a new loan and assessment in the county of 
Middlesex, for the maintenance of forces for the 
defence of the Cities of London and Westminster and 
the county of Middlesex ... 4"- London, 1643. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons ... for the 
speedy supply of monies witliin the City of London 
and liberties thereof, for the reliefe and maintenance 
of thq armies ... 4"- Zrwr/ow, 1643. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons ... shewing 
that all brewers of beere, ale, cider, or perry shall 
pay the excise imposed by a former ordinance ... 
before the delivering. Also, an ordinance of botli 
houses, giving power to the committee sitting at 
Haberdashers' Hall, to take speedy course for 
bringing in the monies appointed to be raised for the 
maintenance of the army. 4"' London, 1643. 

ARMY — continued. 

Declaration ... of the persons usually meeting at 
Salters' Hall, in Bread Street, to all well affected 
persons in the severall pari.shes within London for 
contributing the value of a meale weekly, towards 
the forming of some regiments of voluntiers ... 

broadside. London, 1643. 

Instructions and propositions drawne up and agieed on 
by divers well affected persons in tlie City of London 
... containing divers serious and weighty encourage- 
ments to all good men to subscribe, according to their 
ability, for the raising of an army of ten thousand 
men ... 4"- London, 1643. 

Order of the lord mayor for the speedy raising of 
money for advancing of the Scotch army. 

broadside. London, 1643. 

A declaration of parliament fully pardoning divers 
officers and souldiers of horse who have been and 
still are in mutiny, if tliey shall returne to their 
duty ... broadside. London, 1644. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons for the con- 
tribution of the value of one meale in the weeke, 
towards tlie charge of arming and forming into 
regiments the auxiliary forces now raysing within the 
City of London ... 4°- London, 1644. 

An additional ordinance for enabling Sir Thomas 
Middleton, serjeant-major-generall for the six counties 
of North Wales, to take subscriptions for raising 
forces ... i°- London, 1644. 

Orders presented to his majesty by advice of the 
Lords and Commons of parliament, assembled at 
Oxford, for the more indifferent rating and levying 
of monies to be raised by way of contribution, and 
to prevent the disorders of the souldiers of his 
majesties armies. 4"- London, 1644. 

Ordinnnce of parliament commanding all officers and 
souldiers, upon pain of death, to repair to their colours 
within 48 hours. broadside. London, 1644. 

Instructions, rules and directions, to be observed and 
put in execution by ... the commissioners of parlia- 
ment in the army under Sir Thomas Fairfax. 

broadside. l_London,'] 1645. 

Order of parliament concerning aU such persons as 
have come in from the king's quarters, being souldiers 
of fortune, before the 1st of December. 

broadside. Loj^don, 1645. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons ... giving 
power to the committees of the militia of London ... 
to apprehend all souldiers that are runne away from 
their colours, who have beene listed or impressed for 
the service of the kingdome under the command of 
Sir Thomas Fairfax. ..16 January. 4"- London, 1645. 

Ordinance of the Lords and Commons, authoi'ising the 
committee of the militia of the City of London and 
all deputy lieutenants ... under the power of 
parliament, to make search for all souldiers, that have 
been or shall be listed or impressed to serve for 
defence of the kingdome under Sir Thomas Fairfax, 
that they forthwith repaire to their colours within 
six days, upon paine of death, 25 April. 

4"- London, 1645. 

Ordinance of parliament for all papists, officers, souldiers 
of fortune, and all other delinquents ... to depart out 
of the lines of communication before the 18th of 
December. broadside. London, 164(). 

A coppie of a letter sent from one of the agitators in the 
army to an agitator in the citie. Published for 
satisfaction to the well-affected party in the kingdome. 

4"' London, 1('>47. 

A declaration from Sir Thomas Fairfax and the 
genorall councell of the armie, of their resolutions 
to adhere to the parliament in their proceedings 
concerning the king, presented to the hon. tlie 
house of Commons, 1 1 January, together with the 
parliaments answer. 4"' London. [1647.] 



ARMY — continued. 
A declaration of the officers and armies illegall, 
injurious proceedings and practises against the 11 
impeached members: (not to be parallel'd in any age) 
and tending to the utter subversion of free parlia- 
ments ... 4°- London, 1647. 

A letter, really written by a moderate cavallier to an 
intelligent and moderate independent of trust and 
credit in the now-marching army, occasioned by a 
discourse ... at London. 4"- London, 1647. 

A new declaration from eight regiments in the army... 
presented to his Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, 
neere Kingston, at his advance towards Windsor ... 

40- London, 1647. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons commanding 
all papists, officers, souldiers of fortune and all 
others that have adhered to, or assisted, the enemy in 
the late warre against the parliament of England, to 
depart out of the lines of commuiiication . . . before 
the 14th of July, or else to be proceeded against as 
traytors. 4°- London, 1647. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons ... for con- 
stituting a committee of militia within the hamblets 
of the Tower of London. 4°- London, 1647. 

. An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in 
parliament, for a committee of militia for the City 
of Westminster, the Savoy, Clements Danes, Giles in 
the Fields, Andrews Holborn, Sepulchres, James 
Clerkenwell, Mary Islington and Giles Creplegate in 
the county of Middlesex. 4°- London, 1647. 

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons in parlia- 
ment, for the raising 42,000/. for payment of the 
guards of the City of London ; and for repayment 
of such poore persons as have voluntary contributed 
money, plate ... upon the propositions, not ex- 
ceeding the sume of 10/. in the yeare 1642, and are 
not able to double the same ... 4°- London, 1647. 

. An additionall ordinance of . . . parliament for the more 
full indempnity of the officers and souldiers who 
have acted by authority, and for the service of the 
parliament. broadside. London, 1647. 

Declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in 
parliament, concerning the papers of the Scots 
Commissioners ... 4°- London, 1647. 

Declaration of ... parliament on a petition tending to 
put the army in mutiny ... and obstruct the relief e 
of Ireland. broadside. London, 1647. 

Declaration of parliament for making void a former 
declaration of .30th of March concerning the army. 

broadside. London, 1647. 

The answer of the lord major, aldermen and commons, 
to a letter sent unto them from Sir Thomas Fairfax 
and the officers in that army, with the answer of the 
Commons; also an act of common councell authorizing 
the answer. 4"- Zohc/o??, 1647. 

The last votes from the armie, June 26, communicated 
to the Commons of England and the citizens of 
London, wherein they declare their full resolutions 
concerning tlieir marching up towards the suburbs of 
London ... 4"- London, 1647. 

Two petitions from the City of London, one to the 
army the other to the house of Lords, concerning the 
late lord mayor, Sir John Geyrc, Alderman Bunco, 
and others. ..with the representation of the officers of 
the army (of their resolutions) to the p)arliament 
therein. . 4"- London, 1647. 

Vox Civitatis : or, the cry of the City of London 
against the tyranny and cruelty of the lawlesse and 
over-ruling army under the connnand of Sir Thomas 
Faiifax; witli a. vindication of the woi'thy pati'iots 
now unjustly oonnnitted to the Tower, viz: Sir John 
(laire, lord major, Aldermen Langham, Adams, 
I3uncc, and SherifFe Cullain. 4"- [^London,'] 1647. 

ARMY — continued. 
A copie of two letters sent from divers officers of the 
army in the north to Lord Fairfax, concerning the 
large petition presented to parliament, 11th Sept.; 
together with a letter gratulatory from divers 
officers of the army, at the leagure before Barwick, 
to the presentees of the foresaid petition. 

broadside. 1648. 

A letter of Thomas, Lord Fairfax, to the lord major of 
the City of London, for the better preserving a right 
understanding betweene the city and army : with 
an order of his excellency to Colonel Dean to 
march into the City of London, and seize the publike 
treasuries of Goldsmiths, Weavers, and Haberdashers- 
hall, that thereby they may be supplied with moneys 
to pay their quarters ... 4*'- London, 1648. 

A paire of cristall spectacles with which any man maj' 
see plainly at a miles distance into the councells of 
the army and . . . their designes . . . [By T. Scott ?] 

4°- London, 1648. 

Declaration of parliament that the officers imployed in 
the severall armies shall continue in the severall 
counties and places of their aboade, and not repaire 
to parliament during the weighty considerations ... 
of setling the peace of the kingdome. 

broadside. London, 1648. 

Ordinance of parliament for the redressing of the 
oppressions of souldiers by taking free quarter 
contrary to the orders of parliament. 

broadside. London, 1648. 

Proceedings of a committee of the house of Commons, 
appointed to treat with a committee of the common 
councell of the City of London and of the com- 
manders of the souldiers ... concerning the engage- 
ment for the safety and security of the king and the 
parliament during the time of the personal treaty ... 

broadside. London, 1648. 

The declaration of the Lord General Fairfax and his 
general councel of officers, shewing the grounds of 
the armies advance towards the City of London. 

4°- London, 1648. 

The petition of the knights, gentlemen, citizens, free- 
holders, and inhabitants of Surrey and the borough 
of Southwark, to the houses of parliament, 16 May, 
with a letter from the said county to the lord major, 
aldei'men and commons of London. 

4°- London, 1648. 

Two petitions presented to the Lords and Commons : 
the one... of the lord major, aldermen and commons 
of the City of London . . . the other ... of the field- 
officers, captaines, and their commissioned-officers 
of the trained-bands ... with the answers of both 
houses. 4°- London, 1648. 

An act for raising 90,000/. per menseiii, for maintenance 
of the forces raised by Parliament for the service of 
England and Ireland, for six moneths. 

fo. London, 1649. 

An act for the more certain and constant supply of the 
soldiery with pay, and preventing any further 
oppression or damage to the people by free-quarter 
or billet. fo. London, 1649. 

An answer to the Cities representation set forth by 
some ministers of the Gospel within the province of 
London concerning the proceedings of tlie Army, 
February 7, 1648. 4"- London, 1649. 

KoWovpiot' : or, eye salve to anoint the eyes of the 
ministers of the province of London, that they may 
see their error (at least) in opi)osing tlie jiresent 
proceedings of the pai'liamcnt and army in the due 
execution of justice. By .a Ministei' of tlie (Josjicl. 

4"- London, l(i49. 

Resolutions of the Commons concerning poor jjcisons 
contributing money for the army in 1642. 

broadside. London, 1649. 



ARMY — conHnued. 

The armies remembrancer, wherein they are presented 
with a sight of their sinnes and dangers ... 

4"- London, 1G49. 

The army's martyr : or, a more ful relation of the 
barbarous and illegall proceedings of the court- 
martiall at Whitehall upon Mr. Robert Lockier, who 
was shot to death in Paul's church-yard upon the 27 
day of April ; and a brief narrative of the cause 
thereof ... 4''' London, 164!). 

The justice of the army against evill-doers vindicated ; 
being a brief narration of the court-martials pro- 
ceedings against Arnold, Tomson and Lockyer, 
with the causes and gi'ounds thereof . . . 

4"- London, 1649. 

The humble remonstrance of many thousands, in and 
about the City of London, on behalf of all the free 
commoners of England, to his Excellency the Lord 
General Cromwel, and all the officers and souldiers 
in the army for the Commonwealth of England. 

40- ILondon,'] 165:3. 

A declaration of the faithfull souldiers of the army, 
shewing their resolution to stand by the good old 
cause, and maintain the liberties and privileges of the 
subject ... 4"- London, 1659. 

A declaration of the general council of the officers of 
the army : agreed upon at Wallingford-house, 
October 27th. 4°- London, 1659. 

An act for the more constant supply of the soldiery 
with pay, and preventing ... free quarter or billet. 

4*^- London, 1659. 

Let me speake too ? or, eleven queries proposed to the 
officers of the army concerning the late alteration of 
government. 4°- London, 1659. 

The humble petition and advice of divers well-affected 
to the good old cause, inhabitants in and about the 
borough of Southwark, to the officers and souldiers 
of the armies of England, Scotland and Ii-eland, 
April 27. 40- Southwarl; 1659. 

The representation and petition of the general council 
of the officers of the armies of England, Scotland 
and Ireland, to Richard [Cromwell] , Lord Protector. 

4°- London, 1659. 

Truth seeks no corners : or, seven cases of conscience 
presented to the ai-my and parliament. 4°- 1659. 

Twelve queries humbly proposed to the consideration 
of the parliament and army. 4°- London, 1659. 

Twenty-four queries touching the parliament and army. 

4°- Lo7idon, 1659. 

An act, 12 Charles II, for the speedy provision of 
money for disbanding and paying off the forces both 
by land and sea. fo. London, 1660. 

An act for supplying and explaining certain defaults in 
[the above] act. fo. London, 1660. 

An act, ] 2 Charles 11, for further . . . explaining defects 
in an act intituled, an act ... for paying off: the forces 
of this kingdom. fo. London, 1660. 

An act, 1 2 Charles II, for inabling the souldiers . . . 
now to be disbanded to exercise trades. 

fo. London, 1660. 

An act, 12 Charles 11, for raising sevenscore thousand 
pounds for the compleat disbanding of the whole 
army, and paying off part of the navy. 

fo. London, 1660. 

An act, 12 Charles 11, for the speedy disbanding of the 
army and garrisons of this kingdome. 

fo. London, 1660. 

A proclai&ation disclaiming any intention to retrench 
the arrears .. . broadside. Lo?/(/o;/, 1660. 

A proclamation for ca.shiered officers and soldiers ... 
that cannot give a good account of their being here, 
to depart out of London and Westminster. 

broadside. London, 1660. 

Eye-salve for tlie English armie and their assistants . . . 

4"- London, 1060. 

ARMY — continued. 

Order and declaration of parliament for getting in the 
arrears of the army. broadside. London, 16G0. 

A general and compleat list military of every com- 
mission-officei' of horse and foot now commanding 
his Majesties land-forces ... with an account of the 
review upon Putney Heath ... fo. London, 1684. 

Exercise of musquet and pike, as performed by beat of 
drum before his Majesty and his Royal Highness 
at Putney Heath, October 1. fo. sh. London, 1684. 

A letter from a gentleman at St. Germains to his friend 
in London. 4°- London, 1697. 

An apology for the army, in a short essay on fortitude. 

8°- London, 1715. 

The case of the Hessian forces in the pay of Great 
Britain, impartially and freely examin'd ... [By 
Horatio, Lord Walpole.] 8°- London, 1731. 

Warrant for regulating the weekly pay and stoppages 
from the di-agoons and foot. fo. sh. London, 1732. 

Warrant for regulating the clothing of the horse and 
dragoon forces. fo. sh. London, 1736. 

The case of the Hanover forces in the pay of Great 
Britain, examined ... [By the Earl of Chesterfield.] 
1st and 3rd edit. 8°- London, 1743. 

The interest of Great Britain steadily pursued, in 
answer to The case of the Hanover forces ... [By 
Horatio, Lord Walpole.] 2nd edit. Pt. 1. 

8°- London, 1743. 

A vindication of a late pamphlet, intitled. The case of 
the Hanover troops considered ... [By the Earl of 
Chesterfield.] 8°- London, 1743. 

The operations of the British army and the allied 
arms, during the campaigns of 1743-4, historically 
deducted. 8°- London, 1744. 

Mortality of the British army, at home and abroad, 
and during the Russian war, as compared with the 
mortality of the civil population in England. 

fo. London, 1858. 

Extracts from the historical records of the 3rd regiment 
of Foot, or "the Buffs." 8°- [Zowrfow, 1881.] 

An alarum to the officers and soldiers of the armies of 
England, Scotland and Ireland. 4"- jud. 

A watch- word to the City of London and the army. 
[Title-page wanting.] 4°- \_London,'\ n.d. 

Our great military and naval parliaments. 

8°' London, n.d. 

The danger to civil liberty from an independent army, 
being a short argument against giving military 
officers commissions for life. fo. sh. 7i.d. 

The Ai-my List, published by authority. Monthly. 
January, 1867, to December, 1886. 240 vol. 

8°- London, 1867-86. 

Gen. Henry Geoege). 

ARMYTAGE (Hon. Mrs. [Fanella Fitz- 
Old court customs and modern court rule. 

8«- London, 1883. 

ARMYTAGE (George J.), F.S.A. 
Index to the visitation of the county of Yorke, begun 
A.D. 1665, and finished a.d. 1666, by William Dugdale, 
Norroy king of arms. 8"- London, 1872. 

[ARNALL (William).] 
The complaint of the children of Israel, representing 
their grievances under the penal laws. [A burlesque 
on the dissenters petitioning for a repeal of the Test 
Act. By Solomon Abrabanel " of the House of 
David." \^pHeiid.'] 6th and 8th edit. 

8"- London, 1736. 

ARNAUD (George), M.D. 
Directions for the use of GouLard's original extract of 
Saturn ... 8"- \_London,'] n.d. 



ARNE (Thomas Augustine), M.D. 
Artaxerxes, an English opera in two acts ... 

8°- London, n.d. 

Commentarii ... in omnes Psalmos ... Ejusdem disputi- 
tionum adversus gentes libri viii. [D.G.] 

8"- Basileoi, 1560. 
[The commentary on the psalms is wrongly ascribed 
to Arnobius Af er, having been written by Arnobius 
of Gaul, and the editor has added the Octavius of 
Minucius Felix to the Disputationes adversus gentes 
as an eighth book.] 
The seven books adversus gentes. Translated by 
Ai'chibald Hamilton Bryce, LL.D., D.C.L., and 
Hugh Campbell, M.A. [Ante-Nicene Christian 
Library, 19.] 8°- Edinburgh, 1871. 


ARNOLD (Arthur), M.P. 
The promises of Turkey. [Eastern Question Associa- 
tion.] 8"- London. [1877.] 
On " fair trade." [Cobden Club leaflet, No. 5.] 

8°-sh. London. [1885.] 

ARNOLD (Edwin), M.A., F.R.G.S., F;R.A.S. 

The light of Asia : or, the great renunciation ... being 
the life and teaching of Gautama, prince of India 
and founder of Buddhism (as told in verse by an 
Indian Buddhist). 8th edit. 8°- London, 1882. 

The secret of death (from the Sanskrit), with some 
collected poems. 8°- London, 1885. 

ARNOLD (Edwin Lester). 
On the Indian hills : or, cofEee-planting in Southern 
India. 2 vol. 8"- Zowrfow, 1881. 

ARNOLD (George M.). 
Robert Pocock, the Gravesend historian, naturalist, 
antiquarian, botanist and printer. 8°- ionfZoH, 1883. 

ARNOLD (George M. Bkock-). 
[Thomas] Gainsborough [and John Constable]. 
[Biographies of Great Artists.] 8°- London, 1881. 

ARNOLD, John, J.P. for Monmouth. 
Clamor sanguinis : or, the cry of blood ; being a short 
but true account of the barbai'ous and bloody assault 
made, April 16, on John Arnold. 

fo. sh. London, 1680. 
England's second warning-piece : or, observations on 
the barbarous attempt to murther Justice Arnold, 
April 15. fo. [London, 1680.] 

The bill of indictment against John Giles for his 
attempt upon the body of Justice Arnold. 

fo. sh. [London, 1680.] 

ARNOLD (John). 
Answer to an anonymous letter on the longitude. [C.C.] 

4"- London, 1782. 
Certificates and circumstances relative to the going of 
his chronometers. [C.C.] London, ll'dl. 

Explanation of time-keepers constructed by him. 

[C.C.] 4"- London, 1805. 

Instructions concerning his chronometers or time- 
keepers. [C.C.] 4"- London, n.d. 
See. EARNSHAW (Thomas). 

ARNOLD (Matthew), M.A., D.C.L.. LL.D. 
England and the Italian question. H"- London. 1859. 
On translating Homer : three lectures given at Oxford. 

London, ]«()!. 

On translating Homer : words, a lecture given at 
Oxford. 8"' London, mVl. 

On the study of Celtic literature. 8"\ London, 1HI')7. 
Poems. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1869. 

1. Narrative niiil c\ef!;[,\.c 

2. Driiiimtic iiinl lyric iioeiiiH. 

New edit. 2 vol. 8"- London. IK77. 

1. Early iioeiim, imrrativo i)Ocni(i, and soimctn. 

2. Eyrlc. ilraniatic. niul olcjiiic |»)cni>i. 

ARNOLD (Matthew), M.A., D.C.L., LL.D.— 


St. Paul and Protestantism : with an essay on Pm'itan- 
ism and the Church of England. 2nd edit. 

8°- London, 1870. 

Literature and dogma : an essay towards the better 

apprehension of the Bible. 3rd edit. 

8°- London, 1873. 
Culture and anarchy : an essay in political and social 

criticism. 2nd edit. 
Essays in criticism. 3rd edi^. 
Mixed essays. 2nd edit. 


Irish Catholicism and Eugli -h 

Porro uuum est uecessarium. 

8°- London, 1875. 
8°- . London, 1875. 
8°- Lmidon, 1880. 

a guide to English literature. 

A French critic on Milton. 
A French critic on Goethe. 
George baud. 

ARNOLD (Nicholas). 
Religio Sociniana, sen catechesis Racoviana maior 
publicis disputationibus (inserto ubique f ormali ipsius 
catecheseos contextu) refutata. [D.C.] 

4''- Franequerce, 1654. 
Lucis in tenebris pars altera, seu brevis et succincta 
vindicatio locorum controversorum ex Novo Testa- 
mento. [D.C.] 8°- Franelcerm, 1663. 

ARNOLD (Richard). 
Chronicle. In this booke is conteyned the names of y"^ 
baylifs, custos, mairs and sherefs of the Citie of 
Londo from the tyme of King Richard the Furst ... 
1st edit. sm. fo. \_Antwer2}, 1502.] 

2nd edit. fo. [1521.] 

The customs of London, otherwise called Arnold's 
Chronicle : containing ... the original of ... the Nut- 
brown Maid. Reprinted [with an introduction by 
Francis Douce] from the 1st edit., with the additions 
included in the 2nd. 4°- London, 1811. 

[ARNOLD (Samuel James).] 
A letter to all the proprietors of Drury-lane Theatre 
(excepting Peter Moore and others who are, or have 
been, concerned in the management thereof) ... 

8"- London, 1818. 

ARNOLD (Th. J. I.), ^'^(r LITERATURE. 

ARNOLD (Rev. Thomas), D.D. 
History of Rome, 4th edit. 3 vol. 8°- London, 
History of the later Roman Commonwealth, from the 
end of the second Punic war to the death of Julius 
Caesar, and of the reign of Augustus : with a life of 
Trajan. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1857. 

Miscellaneous woi'ks ... 8°- London, 1874. 

Cliristiau duty of conceiiing the Roman Catholic claims. 1829. 

Essay on the social i)rogres3 of states. 1830. 

Extracts from "The Ejiglishman's Register." 1831. 

Letters on the social conilition of the working classes. 1831. 

On the education of the nviddle classes. 1832. 

Letters on the elections. 1832. 

Principles of church reform. 1833. 

Rugby school -use of the classics. 1834-5. 

Diseijiline in public schools. 

Lecture on tlie divisions of knowledge. 1838. 

Order of deacons. 1841. 

Letters to the " Hertford Reformer:" 1837-41. 

Sir STANLEY (ARTHUR Pknrhyn). 

ARNOLD (Rev. Thomas), D.D., MOUNTAIN 
(Prel'dulary Jacoh Henry Brooke), D.I)., 
(George Cecil), B.D., RUSSELL (Bishop 
Michael), D.D., D.C.L., and TALFOURD 
(Sir Thom,\s Noon), D.C.L. 
Tiie hist(n-y of the Roman Republic, from the earliest 
records to the time of Sylla. Edited by E[dward] 
Pocooko. 2nd edit., witli an inti'()dnct.(>ry dis.sertation 
on tlic credibility of early lioinan histoi-y, by Tliomas 
Arnold, D.l). [Encyclopaedia Metropolitana.] 

H"- Loinhni. 1852. 




ARNOLD (Rev. Thomas), D.D., MOUNTAIN 
(Prebendary Jacoh Henry Bk(joke), D.D., 
OTTLEY (Rev. J. B.), M.A., and RUSSELL 
(Bishop Michael), D.D., D.C.L. 
The hi.story of the Roman empire, from the time of 
Julius Caisar to that of Vitellius. Edited by E [dward] 
Pococke. 2nd edit. [Encyclopaedia Metropolitana.] 

8"- London, 1853. 

ARNOLD (Rev. Thomas), D.D., JEREMIE 
(Prof. James Amiuaux), D.D., MOUNTAIN 
(Major A. S. H.), OTTLEY (Rev. J. B.), M.A., 
and RUSSELL (Bishop Michael), D.D., D.C.L. 
The history of the Roman empire, from the time of 
Vespasian to tlie extinction of the western empire. 
Edited by E [dward] Pococke. 2nd edit. [Encyclo- 
paedia Metropolitana.] 8"- London, 1853. 

ARNOLD (Thomas) M.R.I.B.A. 
An account of St. Columba's Abbey, Inchcolm. From 
the ArchiBologia Scotica, vol. 5, p. 45... 4°- [18G'J.] 

ARNOLD (Thomas). 
A method of teaching the deaf and dumb speech, lip- 
reading, and language : with illustrations and exercises. 

8''- London, 1881. 

ARNOLD (Thomas James). Scr PHILLIPPS (Rt- 
Hon. S. March). 

ARNOLD (W[iLLL\M] T[homas]), B.A. 
The Roman sy.stem of provincial administration, to the 
accession of Constantine the Great : being the Arnold 
prize essay ... 8"- London, 1879. 

ARNOT (Hugo). 

An essay on nothing : a discourse delivered in a society. 
[Anon.'] V2°- London, 1776. 

The history of Edinburgh from the earliest accounts 
to the present time ... to which is added an appendix 
containing: — 1. A dissertation on Scottish music. 

2. An account of remarkable funeral processions. 

3. A comparative view of the modes of living, 
manners, literature, trade, and improvements of the 
city from 17(13. 4"- Edinburgh, 1788. 

ARNOT (San'dford). 
A sketch of the history of the Indian press during the 
last ten years ... its present degradation proved to 
have been produced by the extraordinary conduct of 
Mr. James Silk Buckingham. With a biographical 
notice of the Indian Cobbett (dias " Peter the 
Hermit"... 8°- London, 1820. 

ARNOTT (Neil), M.D., F.R.S. 

Elements of physics : or, natural philosophy, general 
and medical, written for universal use in plain or 
non-technical language, and containing new disquisi- 
tions and practical suggestions. 5th edit. Vol. 1 and 
2, pt. 1. 8°- London, 1833. 

The same. Gth edit. 2 pt. 8°- London, 18G4-5. 

On educational training, and modifications required to 
suit different classes in society : with notices of great 
eri'ors which have been committed, of which .some 
still prevail. 8"- London, 1859. 

Sketch of the general field of human knowledge, with 
its chief divisions, in relation to an order of study ... 
and in regard to the proposal of the University of 
London to institute a new degree in science ... 

8"- [London, 1859.] 

AJINOTT (Samuel). 
The column called the Monument described, erected to 
jierpetuatc the dreadful fire of London in 1 CAM] . . . 
with some account of the devastation of that fire, 
and the computed. 12"- London, IHOi). 

ARNOULD (Sir Joseph). 
Memoir of Thomas, fii-st Lord Denman, formerly Lord 
Chief Justice of England. 2 vol. 8"- London, IfiTii. 

Pottery. [British Manufacturing Industries, 2.] 

8°- London, 1877. 

AROUET (FEA2jgois-MABiE). 




Proclamation prohibiting the seizing of any persons, or 
searching houses without warrant. 

broadside. London, IGGO. 

Resolutions of the Commons concerning the parlia- 
mentaiy privilege of protection from arrest. 

broadside. London 1G60. 

The groans of the oppressed : or, reasons for revising, ex- 
tending, and pepetuating the late law for preventing 
frivolous and vexatious arrests. L^ondon, 1748. 

Reasons, offered on the behalf of the traders of the 
City of London, in favour of a clause to be added to 
the bill to amend the act .. . fo. sh. [London, n.d.] 

ARRIAN (Fl.wius). 
History of the expedition of Alexander the Great and 
conquest of Persia. Translated by Mr. Rooke. 
[Corpus Historicum.] 8°- London, 1812. 

ARRIVABENE (Count [Giovanni]). 
The ■ finances of Italy. A letter addressed to Lord 
Stratford de Redcliffe. London, 18G5. 

The London atlas of universal geogi-aphy, exhibiting 
the physical and political divisions of the various 
countries of the world. fo. London, 1840. 

The Bible atlas, with ancient and modern names ; 
being a delineation of the geography, and a chrono- 
logical arrangement of the history, of the Holy Bible ; 
as also of the Apocryphal books and Josephus. 

SO- London, 1835. 


Catalogue of antient and mediseval art exhibited at 
the Society of Ai-ts. [C.C.] 8°- London, 1850. 

A catalogue of works of art ... exhibited at Iron- 
mongers' Hall. 2 vol. [C.C.] 4<'- London, 18G9. 

Universal catalogue of books on art, compiled for the 
use of the National Art Library and schools of art 
in the United Kingdom. 3 vol. 4°- London, 1870-7. 


Needlework : by Elizabeth Glaister. 8°- Zowifo?;, 1880. 

The minor arts : porcelain, painting, wood-carving 
stencilling, modelling, mosaic work ... by Charles 
G. Leland. 8°- London, 1880. 



Illustrated hand-books of art history. Edited by Edward 
J. Poynter, R.A. 8 vol. 8"- London, 1880-G. 

Architecture : Classic and early Christian. By T. 
Roger Smith, F.R.I.B.A., and John Slater, B.A., 

Architecture ; Gothic and Renaissance. By T. Roger 

Smith, F.R.LB.A. 
Classic and Italian painting. By Edward J. Poynter, 

R.A., and Percy R. Head. 
English painters. By H. J. Wilmot-Buxton, M.A. ; 

with a chapter on American painters, by S. R. 


German, Flemish, and Dutch painting. By H. J. Wil- 
mot-Buxton, M.A., and Edward J. Poynter, R.A. 

Painting : Spanish and French. By Gerard W. Smith. 

Sculpture : Egyi)tian, Assyrian, Greek and Roman. 
By George Redford, F.R.C.S. 

Sculpture: Renaissance and Modern. By Leader Scott. 

I) 2 



The Art Journal, 1849-8(5. 38 vol. 

fo. London, 1849-8G. 

The art of beauty: a poem humbly address'd to the 
Oxford toasts. 8°- London, 1719. 

L'art pour,tous, encyclopedie de I'art industriel et deco- 
ratif. Emile Reiber, directeur-fondateur : [apres la 
quatrieme annee] publie sous la direction de Claude 
Sauvageot. Premiere jusqu'a la douzieme annee. 
12 vol. in 4. fo. Paris, 1861-73. 

8th-17th and 32nd-49th annual reports of the council, 
1844-53 and 1868-86. 21 vol. 8°- London, 1844-86. 

Ai-t workmanship : a montlily magazine of design to 
illustrate the master-works of all periods. 2 vol. 
[S.M.] fo. London, 1874. 

ARTHUR, Prince. Sec BERNERS, John Bour- 
CHiEK, Lord, MALORY (Sir Thomas). 

ARTHUR, Anne. 
Strange and dreadful news from Deptford, Kent ; 
being the full and sad relation of Anne Arthur, who 
had divers discourses with the devil . . . 

fo. sh. London, 1684-5. 


An appeal ... on behalf of the loyal and industrious 
artificers, labourers ... now unemployed and in 
want ; and a statement of some of the means which 
may be adopted for their immediate employ and 
relief. 8''- London, 1816. 

Reasons oflEer'd for passing the bill for preventing 
artificers in the manufactures of Great Britain from 
going into foreign parts. fo. sh. 7i.d. 

Sermons preached before the Company. 

40- and S"' London, 1617-1878. 
Adams (Thomas). 1617. 

Calamy (Benjamin), D.D. 1684. December 2. St. 

DuuHAM (William), B.D. 1670. August 30. St. 
Andrews Undershaft. 

HicKEs (George), D.D. 1682. November 28. St. Mary- 

Hugo (Rev. Thomas), M. A., F.S. A. 1860. November 

25. Ai-moury House, Finsbury. 
Mason (Charles), D.D. 1673. October 16. St. 

Michaels, Cornhill. 
Mkggot (Richard), D.D. 1676. September 13. St. 


Mir, WARD (Matthias), B.D. 1641. August 31. St. 
Michaels, Cornhill. 

Pi:i,Li\G (Edward). 1679. Oct. 21. St. Mary-le-Bow. 

Rogers (Rev. William), M.A. 1878. June 16. St. 
Botolpli, Bishopsgate. 

Scott (John). 16K0. Sept. 15. St. Mary-le Bow. 

SiMiAT (Thomas), D.D. 1682. April 20. St. Mary- 

Taylor (Thomas), D.D. 1629. July 25. 

His Majesties letter to the Company, with an account 
of tlieir proceedings at the choice of several officers, 
February 9. fo. sh. Lw/^/w, 1681. 

All address to the iiihaltitants of London, from the 
court of assistants of tlie Company. 8"- London, 1 794. 

The Durol)rivic of Antoninus identified and illustrated 
in a .series of i)Iates, axhil)iting the exciivateil lemains 
of that Roman station, in the vicinity of (!astor, 
Northamptonshire ... fo. Lmidun, 1K2H. 


The fii'st report of the select committee [of the House 
of Commons]. [C.C.] fo. London, 1824. 


Illustrated biographies of great artists. 30 vol. 

8°- London, 1879-83. 
Angelico, Fra. By Catherine Mary Phillimore. 
Bai tolomeo, Fra. By Leader Scott. 
Delia Robbia, Luca, with other Italian sculptors. 

By Leader Scott. 
Diirer, Albrecht. By Richard Ford Heath. 
Figure painters of Holland. By Lord Ronald 

Gower, F.S.A. 
Gainsborough [and Constable]. By George M. 

Brock- Ai'nold. 
Ghiberti and Donatello, with other early Italian 

sculptors. By Leader Scott. 
Giotto. By Harry Quilter. 

Holbein, Hans, from " Holbein und seine Zeit," 

by Dr. Alfred Woltmann. By Joseph CundaU. 
Hogai'th. By Austin Dobson. 
Lijndseer, Sir Edwin. By Frederick G. Stephens. 
Leonardo. By Jean Paul Richter, Ph.D. 
Little Masters (Albrecht Altdorfer, Hans Sebald 

Beham, Barthel Beham, Heinrich Aldegrever, 

Georg Pencz, Jacob Binck, Hans Brosamer). 

By William BeU Scott. 
Mantegna and Francia. By Julia Cartwright. 
Meissonier. By John W. MoUett, B.A. 
Michelangelo. By Charles Clement. 
Murillo. By Ellen E. Minor. 
Raphael. By N. D'Anvers. 
Rembrandt. By John W. Mollett, B.A. 
Reynolds, Sir Joshua. By F. S. Pulling. 
Romney and Lawrence. By Lord Ronald Gower, 

F.S.A. , 
Rubens. By Charles W. Kett. 
Tintoretto. By W. Roscoe Osier. 
Titian. By Richard Ford Heath. 
Turner. By W. Cosmo Monkhouse. 
Van Dyck [and Frans Hals of Haarlem]. By 

Percy Rendell Head. 
Velazquez. By Edwin Stowe. 
Vernet, Horace, and Paul Delaroche. By J. 

Runtz Rees. 
Watteau. By John W. Mollett, B.A. 
Wilkie, Sir David. By John W. Mollett, B.A. 

ARTOM (Rev. Benjamin). 
Sermons ... 1st and 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1873-6. 


The journal of science, literature and the arts, from 
1817 to 1830, with an index to vol. 1-20. 30 vol. 
[C.C.] 8"- London, 1817-30. 

' The industrial arts. Historical sketches, with numerous 
illustrations. [S.M.] 8"- London, 1876. 

Repei tory of the arts and manufactui'es ; consisting 
of original communications, specifications of patent 
inventions ... from the transactions of the philoso- 
phical societies of all nations. 16 vol. 

8°- London, 1794-1802. 
Index vol. 8<'- London, 1806. 

2iul series. [Title altered to Repertory of arts, manu- 
factures and agriculture ...] 46 vol. 

8"- London, 1802-25. 
Index to vol. 1-25. 8"- London, 1815. 

Continued under tlie title of Repertory of patent 
inventions and other discoveries and iniprovciiients 
in ai ts, inainif'actures and agriculture ... KJ vol. 

8"- London, 1825-33. 
New series. January, 1834-Decembcr, 1842. 18 vol. 

8"- Lon,!on, 1834-[42]. 



Enlarged sei'ies. January, 184.-5-December, 1862. 
[Vol. 8, July-December, 184(5, wanting.] ,'VJ vol. 

8"- London. [184.3-62.] 
Another copy. 1794-1802 and 1818-37. 55 vol. 
[C.C.] London, 1794-1837. 


Register of the arts and sciences : with all the important 
and interesting inventions, improvements and dis- 
coveries. 4 vol. [C.C.] 8"- London, 1824-7. 

New series. 7 vol. [C.C.] 8°- London, 1828-32. 

A short account of the great benefits which have 
ah-eady arisen to the public by means of the Society, 
instituted in London in 1753, for the encouragement 
of arts... 8°- London, \l(>b. 

Rules and orders of the Society, 1784, 1802. 

8°- ZoWow, 1784, 1802. 
Premiums oft'ered in 1823-4. 8»' London, 1823. 

Transactions of the Society. ..1783-1831, with analytical 
index to June, 1807. 47 vol. [C.C.] 

8°- London, 1783-1831. 
Journal of the Society, 1878-86. Yol. 27-34. 8 vol. 

8°- London, 1879-86. 

Sir BAILEY, William. 

AEUNDEL. Philip Howard, Earl of. See MAEY, 
Queen of Scots. 

ARUNDEL (Rev. Thomas), B.D., F.G.S. 
Historical reminiscences of the City of London and its 
livery companies. 8°- London, 1869. 

ARWAKER (Edmund), the younger. 
An embassy from Heav'n : or, the ghost of Queen 
Mary. A poem. 4"- London, 1704. 

ASBJORNSEN (P[etek] Ciik[ipten]). 
Tales from the Fjeld : a second series of popular tales, 
from the Norse ... by G. W. Dasent, D.C.L. 

8°- London, 1874. 

ASBJORNSEN (P[eteu] Chk[i.sten]) og MOE 


Norske folkeeventyr samlede og fortalte. 

8°- Christiania, 1852. 

ASCHAM (Roger). 

Toxophilus. 1545. [Arber's Reprints, 7.] 

8°- London, 1868. 

The scholemaster : written between 156,3-8. Posthu- 
mously published. 1st edit., 1570 ... [Arber's 
Reprints, 23.] 8»' London, 1870. 

English works ... with notes and observations, and the 
author's life, by James Bennet. 4"- London. [1761.] 

Whole works ... now first collected and revised, with a 
life of the author, by the Rev. Dr. [J. A.] Giles. 
3 vol. [Yol. 1 in 2 pt.] 8"- London, 1864-5. 

1. Life of Roger Ascham. 

2. Letters, continued. 

3. A report of tlie affaires 

of (ierniany. 
Tlie schoolniiister. 

i-cont. Latin ])oenis. 

Grant's oration on tlie 

life an{l death of Roger 

Seven letters of Giles 

Ascham ( Roger As- 

chani's son). 


ASGILL (John). 

An argument proving that ... man may be translated 
from hence into eternal life, without passing through 
death ... \_Anon.'\ 8"- London, 1700. 

Defence upon his expulsion from the House of Com- 
mons in 1707 ... 80- London, 1712. 

An extract of the act, pa.ssed 2 Geo. I, for the relief of 
insolvent debtors : with remarks thereon [and] a 
postscript concerning taxes ... 8°- London, 1729. 

An essay upon charity : occasioned by the calumnies 
raised against the Charitaljle Corporation created by 
letters patent of Queen Anne... 8°- London, 1731. 

ASGILL (John)— rfw/;«/(^f/. 
Reasons offered by Mr. Holland against the enlarge- 
ment of John Asgill from custody. fo. sh. n.d. 

[ASH] (St. George), Bishop of Clogher. 
A sermon preached to the Protestants of Ireland now 
in London, at the parish-church of St. Clement 
Dane, Oct. 23 ... 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1712. 

ASHBEE, Edmund William, F.S.A. 
Occasional fac-simile reprints. A°- [7/0»c/o«, 1868-9.] 

Bartholomew f aire . . . With the severll enormityes 
... tliere scene and acted. London, 1641. 

Archy's dream. Sometimes jester to his Maiestie, 
but exiled the court by Canterburies malice. With 
a relation for whom an odde chaire stood voide in 
hell. Printed in the yeare 1641. 

The stage-players complaint, in a pleasant dialogue 
between Cane of the Fortune and Reed of the 
Friers, deploring their sad and solitary conditions 
for want of imployment in this heavie and con- 
tagious time of the plague in London. London, 

The actors remonstrance, or complaint for the 
silencing of their profession and banishment from 
their severall play-houses ... London, 1643. 
The wyse chylde of thre yere old ... From the very 

rare original printed by Wynkin de Worde. 
The prophesie of Mother Shipton in the raigne of 
King Henry the Eighth . . . From the original tract 
printed in London in 1641. 
Dramatic fac-similes. 3 vol. 4°- \_London,'\ n.d. 

The interlude of " Jacke J ugeler," printed by Wm. 
Copland. From the unique original in the 
collection of the Duke of Devonshire. 
The interludes of " Thersytes," printed by John 
Tisdale. From the unic^ue original in the 
collection of the Duke of Devonshire. 
The taming of a shrew. London, 1594. 
Fac-simile reproductions. 2 vol. 4"- \^Londoi/,'\ n.<l. 
Kemp's nine daies wonder. London, 1600. 
Tarlton's jests. London, 1638. 
See SHAKESPEARE (William). 


The true copie of a letter ... to a friend, concerning 
his deportment towards the King in his late attendance 
upon his Majesties person at Hampton-court and the 
Isle of Wight. 4''- London, 

A narrative of his attendance on King Charles the 
First... [with] a vindication of his character and con- 
duct from the misrepresentations of Lord Clarendon 
... [by George, 3rd Earl of Ashburnham]. 2 vol. 

8°- London, 1830. 

[ASHBURTON (John Dunning, Lord).] 
A defence of the United Company of Merchants of 
England trading to the East Indies, and tlieir servants 
(particularly those at Bengal), against the complaints 
of the Dutch East India Company. 

4"- L.oiidon, 1762. 
A letter to the proprietoi'S of East India stock on the 
subject of Lord dive's jaghire... 8"- Loudon, 1764. 

ASHCROFT (Rev. T.). 
Spiritualism, and why I object to it : a lecture. 

12"- London, n.d. 

ASHE (Simeon). 
A sermon preached at the funeral of Jeremiah 
Whitaker, pastor of Mary Magdalene, Bennondsey. 
3i'd edit. 4"- London, 1656. 

ASHENHURST (Thomas R.). 
A practical treatise on weaving and designing of textile 
fabrics : with cliapters on the princijilcs of con- 
struction of the loom, calculations and colour. 2nd 
edit. 8"- Bradford, 1881. 



ASHLEY (Hon. [Anthony] Evelyn '[Mel- 
bourne]), M.P. 
The life of Henry John Temple, Visconnt Palmerston, 
1846-65 : with selections from his speeches and 
correspondence. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1876. 

ASHLEY (Henry). 
The doctrine and practice of attachment in the Mayor's 
Court, London ... 2nd edit. 8°- London, 1819. 

ASHLEY (James), of Bread Street, London. 
Case and appeal to the publick ... 8°' London, 1753. 

ASHMOLE (Ellas). 

The institution, laws and ceremonies of the most noble 
Order of the Garter ; and a brief account of all 
other military orders of knighthood in England, 
Scotland, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Swedeland, 
Denmark ... with the ensigns of the several orders. 
The catalogue of the knights-companions and officers 
continued to 1693. fo. London, 1693. 

The antiquities of Berkshire : with a large appendix of 
original papers, pedigrees of the most considerable 
families in the said county, and a particular account 
of the castle, college and town of Windsor. [Pre- 
ceded by some memoirs of Ashmole's life.] 3 vol. 

sm. 8"- London, 1723. 

ASHPITEL (Arthur), F.S.A. 
Description of Worcester cathedral, with some account 
of a visit ... in 1848 : with notes by Edward Cresy, 
jun., and Alfred John Dunkin. 8"- London, 1848. 

See NICHOLSON (Peter). 

ASHTON, Major John. 
A true copy of part of that paper which [he] left in a 
friend's hands : with a copy of the paper delivered 
to the sheriff, January 28. fo. sh. London, 1690. 
An answer to the paper delivered by [him] at his exe- 
cution, to Sir Francis Child, sheriff of London... [By 
Edward Stillingfleet, D.D., Bishop of Worcester.] 

i°- London, 1690. 

ASHTON (John). 
Chap-books of the eighteenth century : with f ac-similes, 
notes and introduction. 8°- London, 1882. 

The same. La. paper edit. 4°- London, 1882. 

Social life in the reign of Queen Anne, taken from 
original sources. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1882. 

Humour, wit and satire of the seventeenth century : 
collected and illustrated. La. paper edit. 

4°- London, 1883. 
Lord Mayor's show in the olden times : compiled from 
various authentic drawings and ancient MSS., the 
drawings by F. C. Price. ob. London. [1883.] 
The adventvres and discovrses of Captain John Smith, 
sometime President of Virginia and Admiral of New 
England. 8"- London, Xm?,. 

English caricature and satire on Napoleon I. 2 vol. 

8«- London, 1884. 
Old times, a picture of social life at the end of the 
eighteenth century : collected and illustrated from 
- the satirical and other sketches of the day. 

8"' London, 1885. 

See SKELTON (John). 

ASHTON (Rev. Thomas), M.A. 
A sermon preached at St. Botolph without Bisliojisgate, 
November 24, at the opening of the said church. 

4"- London, 1754. 

ASHWELL (Canon A[uTin'R] R[awson]), M.A. 
The (Jliristian ministry : a sermon preached at the 
Bishop of Chicliestur's ordination of priests and 
deacons, lield in his catlicdral on St. Tlioiuas' Day. 

8"- London. [18'7:i.] 
Compel them to come in : a sermon preached in parish 
church, Clapham, June 25, in Ijehalf of the Society 
for promoting tlic emploj'ment of additional 
curates ... 8"- London, 1876. 

ASHWELL (Canon A[rthur] R[a\vs()n]),M.A., 
and WILBERFORCE (Reginald G.). 
Life of the R''- Rev. Samuel Wilberforce, D.D., 
Bishop of Oxford and afterwards of Winchester : 
with selections from his diaries and correspondence. 
3 vol. 8°- London, 1880-2. 

53rd and 64th annual reports, 1876-7. 2 vol. 

8°- Hertford. [1876-7.] 
Journal. New series. Vol. 9 (pt. 2) and 10-17. 9 vol. 

8°- London, 1877-85. 

Asinus Onustus. The asse overladen. To his loving 
and deare mistresse, Elizxbeth, the blessed Queene of 
England. This booke was delivered to Queene Eliz., 
being at None-Such, Jul. 27, anno 1589. [A complaint 
of the poor clergy of England.] 4°- London, 1642. 

The present state of ... June, 1793. 4P- London, 1796. 

ASPLAND (A. Sydney). 
A practical treatise on the acts for marriage and 
registration, 6 and 7 Will. IV, c. 85 and 86 : with 
directions as to the various modes of proceeding ... 
2nd edit. 8°- London, 1837. 

ASPLAND (Rev. Robert). 

Divine judgments on guilty nations, their causes and 
effects considered in a discourse delivered at New- 
port in the Isle of Wight ... 1st and 2nd edit. 

8°- Cambridge, 1804. 

Reflections upon the liberal spirit of the Apostles and 
the benevolent design of the Christian ministry ... 

8°- Harlow, 1805. 

The fall of eminent men in critical periods a national 
calamity : a sermon preached, Sept. 21, on occasion 
of the recent death of the R*- Hon. Charles James 
Fox. 8°- London, 1806. 

A sermon preached, Nov. 20, on occasion of the death 
of the Rev. Theophilus Lindsey, M.A. With a 
memoir of the deceased. 8°- London, 1808. 

An oration delivered, October 16, on laying the first 
stone of the New Gravel-pit meeting-house, in 
Paradise field. Hackney. 8°- London, 1809. 

A sermon preached, November 4, on occasion of the 
opening of the New Gravel-pit meeting-house, 
Hackney. 8°- London, 1810. 

Bigotry and intolerance defeated : or, an account of the 
pro.sccution of Mr. Jno. Gisburne, Unitarian minister 
of Soham, Cambridgeshire ; with an exposure and 
correction of the defects and mistakes of Mr. 
Andrew Fuller's narrative, in letters to Jno. Christie. 
1st and 2nd edit. 12°- Lo;»/<;w, 1810-11. 

The beneficial influence of Christianity on the character 
and condition of the female sex... S"- /.o«(/o«, 1812. 

Vindication of religious liberty... 16"- London, 1812. 

A plea for Unitarian dissenters, in a letter to the Rev. 
H. H. Norris, M.A. 8"- Huckneu, 1813. 

Three sermons. 1st. The Unitarian Christian's appeal 
to his fellow Christians on the Christian name. 2nd. 
The apostles' creed concerning one God, and the man 
Christ Jesus. 3rd. Tlie inseparable connection be- 
tween the unity and benevolence of God ... 1st and 
2nd edit. 12°- London, 1814-16. 

The i)ower of truth ... S"- London, 1815. 

The tendency of the human condition to improvement, 
and its ultimate perfection in heaven : a sermon 
])reached at Hackney, Feb. 18, on tlie lamented death 
of Mr. James Hennell. 8"- London, 1816. 

Resignation to the will of God, illustrated and enforced 
by example of Jesus Christ : a sermon preached at 
R,eading, on occasion of the death of Mr. James 
Drover. S"- London, 1816. 



ASPLAND (Rev. Ror.FAiT)—coiittnued. 
An inquiry into the nature of the sin of blasphemy, 
and into the propriety of regarding it as a civil 
ofEenca ... 8"- London, 1817. 

A sermon preached, Feb. 2, on occasion of the lamented 
death of Ed. L. Mackmurdo ... S"- London, 

A funeral sermon preached, Nov. 19, the day of the 
interment of Princess Chaidotte of Wales ... 

8''- London, 1817. 

An attempt to ascertain the import of the title " Son 
of Man," commonly assumed by our Lord ... 1st and 
2nd edit. 16°- London, 1821-6. 

The character of Jesus Christ, an evidence of His divine 
mission ... 1st and 2nd edit. 12°- London, 1821-6. 

The blessing pronounced by Christ on the merciful: a 
sermon preached, Jan. 12, on the death of Samuel 
Pett, M.D., of Clapton ... 1st and 2nd edit. 

8°- London, 1823. 

A selection of psalms and a supplement to hymns for 
Unitarian worship. 2nd edit. 8°- London, 1824. 

The Apostle Paul's confession of heresy ... 

12°- London, 1824. 

A sermon preached in the Old Jewry chapel, Jewin- 
street, June 19, on the death of the Rev. Abraham 
Rees, D.D., F.R.S.: with an address by Thomas 
Rees, LL.D., F.S.A. 1st and 2nd edit. 

8°- London, 1825. 

Causes of the slow progress of Chi'istian truth ... 

IS"' London, 1825. 

The Unitarian's creed, from A plea for Unitarian dis- 
senters. 2nd edit. 12"- London, 1827. 

Elton verms Elton: or, Mr. Elton's "Second thoughts" 
answered by his first ; being remarks on his reasons 
for returning to the Church of England. \_Anon.'] 

12"- London, 1828. 

A sermon preached, Nov. 29th, on the death of the 
Rev. Thomas Belsham ... 8"- London, 1829. 

Two sermoiis preached on the death of Mrs. Mary 
Rowe. 8«- London, 1829. 

A sermon preached, Sept. 11, on the coronation of 
William IV. 8"- London, 1831. 

The religious belief of Unitarian Christians,, truly 
stated and vindic:xted from popular misrepresenta- 
tion ... 8°- London, 1831. 

Divine dispensations, a series of moral discipline ... 

8°- London, 1832. 

The future accession of good men of all climes to 
Christianity, and their final congregation in heaven: 
a sermon on the death of Rammohun Roy Rajah, 
Oct. G. With a biographical sketch. . . 1st and 2nd edit. 

8"- London, 1833. 

The English Bible and the Reformation: substance of 
three sermons preached... in celebration of the third 
centenary of the printing of the fii'st entire version 
in English of the Holy Scriptures. 8°- London, 1835. 

The beauty and excellence of Christian morality . . . 

120- London, 1838. 

Catechism for children, designed to teach the first 
principles of the Christian religion and the plain and 
great moral duties. London, 1840. 

Prayers to be used, with and by children, in families and 
schools. 16"- London, 1840. 

An attempt to delineate the character of William 
EUery Channing, D.D., of Boston ... as a writer, 
philanthropist and divine. 8"' London, 1842. 

Sermons on various subjects, chiefly practical. 2 vol. 

8o- London, 1847. 

ASPLAND (Rev. Rom: kt Bkook), M.A. 
Services at [his] ordination in the chapel, Crook's 

Lane, Chester, August 9 ... 8"- London, 1826. 

Memoir of the life, works, and correspondence of the 

Rev. Robert Aspland. 12"- London, 1850. 

ASSELINE (Louis). 
Mary Alacoque and the worship of the Sacred Heart of 
Jesus, presented in their real character. Translated 
from the French by [the Rev.] John R. Beard, D.D. 

8"- London, n.d. 

ASSELINE AU (Cji[arles]). 
Meubles religieux et civils...ou choix de reproductions 
des plus remarquables specimens executes pendant 
le cours du moyen age, de la renaissance, et des 
regnes de Louis XIII, XIV, XV et XVI. Texte 
par Daniel Ramee. 2 vol. [S.M.] 4°- Paris, 1864. 

Proces- verbal de I'Assemblee Generale des trois-ordres 
de la Province de Dauphine, tenue a Romans par 
permission du Roi. 8°- Grenoble, 1788. 

A declaration of the Lords and Commons... in parlia- 
ment, for suppressing of all tumultuous assemblies 
under pretence of framing and presenting petitions 
to the parliament. 4°- London, 1648. 


An ordinance and declaration of the Lords and Com- 
mons assessing all such as have not contributed, upon 
the proposition of both houses of parliament, for 
raising of money, plate, horse, horsemen and amies 
for defence of the King and kingdom and parliament. 

4°- London, 1642. 
Ordinance- of the Lords and Commons fbr the better 
levying and receiving of moneys assessed. 

broadside. London, 1642. 
Ordinance of parliament for the better and more speedy 
execution of the late ordinance concerning the raising 
of money. broadside. London, 1642. 

Ordinance touching the assessing, levying, and collecting 
of the latter three months' assessment appointed by 
an act of the late parliament ... fo. London, 1653. 
An order of his highness [Oliver Cromwell] for an 
assessment of £60,000 per mensem ... 

fo. London, 1655. 
An act of assessment. 4°' London, 1659. 

An act for the levying of the arrears of assessment. 

fo. London, 1660. 
An act for granting unto the King's Majesty £420,000 
by an assessment. fo. London, 1660. 

A proclamation for speeding the payment of arreiirs ... 
for three moneths assessment. 

broadside. London, 1660. 

ASSBZAT (Jules). See DIDEROT (Dexis). 

ASSHETON (Nicholas). 
Journal for part of the year 1617, and part of the year 
following: interspersed with notes of the life of his 
contemporary, John Bruen ... Edited by the Rev. 
F. R. Raines, M.A., F.S.A. [Chetham Society, 14.] 
4"- IMancheder,'] 1848. 

ASSHETON [William], D.D. 

An account of the proposal of Dr. Asshcton (as improved 
and managed by the worsliipful company of Mercers, 
London), for the benefit of widows of clergymen and 
others, by settling joyntures and annuities at the rate 
of thirty per cent. 8"- London, 1699. 

A full account of the rise and advantages of Dr. Asshc- 
ton's proposal (as now managed by the worshipful 
company of Mercers, London), for the benefit of the 
widows of clergymen and others. 18"- London, \10i. 




An ordinance of the Lords and Commons... concerning 
a new assize upon allum, copperas, Monmonth-caps and 
hats of all sorts, hopps, saffron, starch, silkes or stuffs. 

4°- London, 1G44. 



A proclamation concerning the time of holding the 
summer assizes. broadside. London, 1660. 

Publications and proceedings of the Society for pre- 
serving liberty and property ... 8°- London, 1793. 

Society of assurance for widows and orphans. Ai-ticles 
of settlement of the Society... at St. Austin's Gate, 
near St. Paul's. fo. sh. [London, 1705.] 

Lists of the subscribers to the Society . . . 

broadsides. London, 1705-7. 
Case of [marine] assurances as they now stand, and the 
evil consequences thereof ... broadside, n.d. 


ASTLE (Thomas), F.R.S., F.S.A. 
The origin and progress of writing, as well hieroglyphic 
as elementary ... 2nd edit, with additions. 

4°- London, 1803. 

See GROSE (Francis). 

ASTLEY (Sir Jacob). 
Case ... on his claim, as co-heir, to the title and dignity 
of Baron Hastings. fo. London, 1840. 

ASTLEY (Philip). 
A description and historical account of the places now 
the theatre of war in the Low Countries ... 

8°- London, 1794. 

ASTLEY (Thomas). 
A new general collection of voyages and travels. 4 vol. 

4<'- London, 1745-7. 

Memoirs and transactions ... 1821-32. 5 vol. [C.C.] 

4°- London, 1822-33. 
Statement of a plan for making a minute survey of the 
heavens, and for the formation and publication of 
some new celestial charts under the superintendence 
and direction of the Royal Academy of Sciences at 
Berlin. London, 1826. 

The Fo-Sho-Hing-Tsan-King, a life of Buddha: trans- 
lated from Sanskrit into Chinese by Dharmaraksha, 
■ A.D. 420, and from Chinese into English by Samuel 
Beal. [Sacred Books of the East, 19.] 

8"- Oxford, 1883. 

[ATCHESON (Nathaniel).] 
The history of Churcher's College, Petersfield, Hants : 
with a sketch of the life of Richard Churcher, ob- 
servations on its management, and a report on the 
case now pending in Chancery. 8"- London, 1823. 


Clerical declaration on the Athanasian Creed: alpha- 
betical list of the clergy who... recite [it] witliont 
private mental reservation. 8°- London, 1872. 

Report of the meetings in defence of the Creed . . . 
January .31 ... 8''- London, \'ATi. 

ATHANASIUS, Archbishop of Alexandria. 
Opera omnia, Greece et Latino. 2 vol. [D.C] 

fo. \_lfeidelheni(e,^ 1600-1. 

The Athena3um: a journal of literature, science, and 
fine arts. 51 vol. London, 1852-86. 

Rules and regulations and list of members, 1852, with 
donations to the library. 12°- London, 1852. 


Deipnosophists, or banquet of the learned : literally 
translated by C. D. Yonge, B.A. ... [Bohn's 
Library.] 3 vol. 8o- London, 1854. 


Athenian letters : or, the epistolary correspondence of 
an agent of the King of Persia, residing at Athens 
during the Peloponnesian war. New edit. 2 vol. 

4°- London, 1798. 

ATHENS, University of. See GREECE. 

A true narrative of the prodigious storm of wind, rain... 
that happened in, October 27... fo. Duhlhi, 1697. 

ATKINS (Samuel Elliott). See OVERALL 
(William Heney). 

ATKINS (Alderman [Sir Thomas]). 
His speech to Mr. Warner, the venerable Mayor of 
London, the wise aldermen and most judicious 
common-councellmen, in relation to the present 
affaires in Kent, Essex and Surrey, concerning the 
Scots invasion ... 4°- London, 1648. 

ATKINSON (Christopher). 
[His] case stated at large; together with a complete 
account of all his commission transactions with the 
Commissioners ... 4°- London, 1785. 

ATKINSON (Emma Willsher). 
Memoirs of the Queens of Prussia. 8°- London, 185.8. 

ATKINSON (Rev. J [ohn]C[hristopher]), B.A. 
A gloss:iry of the Cleveland dialect : explanatory, 

derivative and critical. 4°- L^ondon, 1868. 

Quarter session records. [North Riding Record 

Society.] 3 vol. 8°- London, 1883-5. 

[ATKINSON (Thomas).] 
A view of the conspiracy against social order: or, a 
candid inquiry tending to show what part the Analy- 
tical, the Monthly, the Critical Review^. . .and the New 
Annual Register, have taken in that conspiracy. 

8«- London, 1798. 

ATKINSON (Thomas Witlam). 

Oriental and Western Siberia: a narrative of seven 
years' explorations and adventures in Siberia, 
Mongolia, the Kirghis Steppes, Chinese Tartary, and 
part of Central Asia. 8°- London, 1858. 

Travels in the regions of the Upper and Lower Amoor, 
and the Russian acquisitions on the confines of India 
and China ... 8°- London, 1860. 

ATKYNS (Sir Rohert), Lord Chief Baron of 
the Exchequer. 
A defence of the late Lord Russel's innocency ... 

fo. London, 1689. 
The Lord Russel's innocency further defended ... 

fo. London, 1689. 
A di.scourse concerning the ecclesiastical jurisdiction in 
the realm of England ... fo. />o«f/oH, 1689. 

An argument in the great case, concerning election of 
members to parliament, between Sir Samuel Bcrnar- 
diston and Sir William Soames. fo. London, 1689. 
\n ciKjuiry into the power of dispensing with penal 
statutes. With animadversions ujion Sir Edw. 
Herbert['s] " Account of the authorities in law 
upon which judgment was given in Sir Edward 
Hales's case." fo. London, 1689. 


ATKYNS (Sir li(mv.uT)~~vo»tinimL 

The power, jurisdiction and priviledge of parliament, 
and the antiquity of the house of Commons 
asserted ... also a discourse concerning the ecclesi- 
astical jurisdiction in England. fo. London, 1689. 

Speech to Sir William Ashhurst, Lord-Mayor elect, at 
the time of his being sworn in ... 30th October. 

fo. London, 1693. 

An enquiry into the jurisdiction of the Chancery in 
causes of equity ... fo. London, 1695. 

The case upon his appeal against a decree obtained 
by Mrs. Took and others, plaintiffs in Chancery, 
about a separate maintenance... fo. Zo»f/o«, 1695. 

A treatise of the true and ancient jurisdiction of the 
house of Peers. fo. London, 1699. 

ATKYNS (Sir Robert). 
The ancient and present state of Glocestershire. The 
2nd edit., illustrated with 73 copper-plates, containing 
a map of the county, a plan and prospect of the 
City, a view of the cathedral, 61 seats, and 320 coats 
of arms of the nobility and gentry residing in the 
county ... fo. London, 1768. 

The landing of the French Atlantic cable at Duxbury, 
Mass., July, 1869. 8°- Boston, 1869. 

The Atlantic Monthly : a magazine of literature, 
science, art and politics. Vol. 47-58. 12 vol. 

8°- Boston, 1881-G. 


The royal illustrated atlas of modern geography ; with 
an introductory notice by Dr. Norton Shaw . . . 

fo. London. [1863-4.] 

[Maps of the antient world, after Strabo.] Engi-aved 
by R. W. Seale and W. H. Toms. ob. n.d. 

The standard library atlas of classical geography, com- 
pleted to the present state of knowledge, with index. 
[Bohn's Library.] 8"- \_London,'] n.d. 

" The Church of Christ " and the " Guild of the Holy 
Church : " a sermon preached, December 3, in Holly 
Walk Congregational church, Leamington. 

12°- Leamington. [1876.] 

ATTENREE, County Meath. 
Strange and wonderful news of the birth of a monstrous 
child with two heads and three arms, born at 
Attenree. [By E. B.] fo. sh. London, 1685. 

ATTERBURY (Francis), D.D., Bishop of 

A sermon preach'd in the cathedral church of St. 
Paul, at the funeral of Tho. Bennet, Aug. 30. 

4"- London, 1706. 
Epistolary correspondence, visitation charges, speeches, 
and miscellanies ... with historical notes. 4 vol. 

8°- London, 1783-7. 

ATTERSOLL (William). 
A commentarie upon the fourth booke of Moses, called 
Numbers. [D.C.] fo. London, 1618. 

ATTHILL (Canon William). 
Documents relating to the foundation and antiquities 
of the collegiate church of Middleham in the county 
of York : with an historical introduction, and 
incidental notices of the castle, town and neighbour- 
hood. [Camden Society, 38.] 4"- London, 1847. 


A letter to a member of Parliament : with some 
remarks upon the act for the better regulation of 
attornies and sollicitors...with a table of ecclesiastical 
fees. ^0. London, 1730. 


[ATWOOD (William).] 
Jani Anglorum facies nova : or, several monuments of 
antiquity touching the great councils of the king- 
dom ... from William I to Henry III. 

8"- London, 1681). 

Wonderf id predictions of Nostredamus, Grebner, David 
Parens, and Antonius Torqnatus ... with a large 
preface ... fo. London, 1689. 

AUBER (Petek), M.R.A.S. 
Rise and progress of the British power in India. 2 vol. 

S"- London, 1837. 

AUBERTIN (Edmonde). 
L'Eucliaristie de I'ancienne c%lise. [D.C.] 

fo. Genece, 1()33. 
AUBIGNE (Jean Henei d'). See MERLE 
D'AUBIGNE (Jean Henki). 

AUBIGNP] (Theodore Agrippa d'). 
Histoire universelle ... 2*^' edit. 3 vol. in 1. [D.C.] 

fo. -Amstenluni, 1626. 

Sec CIMBER (L.). 

AUBREY (John), F.R.S. 
Natural history and antiquities of the county of Surrey. 

5 vol. sm. 8"- Lo?idon, 1719. 

Miscellanies on several curious subjects, now first 
published from their respective originals. 

8°- London, 1723. 
The topographical collections of Wiltshire, with 
illustrations. Corrected and enlarged by the Rev. 
J. E. Jackson, M.A., F.S.A. 4o- Devizes, 1862. 

AUBREY, Mary. 
Mary Aubrey: or, hellish murder committed by a French 
midwife on the body of her husband. 

4"- London, 1688. 
An account of the behaviour of Mary Aubry burnt, 
March 2, for the murder of her husband. 

fo. London, 1688. 

AUBREY (W. H. S.). 
The immediate future of the United States. 

8°' London. [1879.] 

AUCHER (Father Paschal), D.D., and BRAND 
(John), A.M. 
A dictionary of English and Armenian, and Armenian 
and English. 2 vol. S"- Venice, 1821-5. 

AUCKLAND (William Eden, Earl of), LL.D., 

Some remarks on the apparent circumstances of the 
war in the fourth week of October. \_Anon.'] 

8°- London, 1795. 

Speech made in the house of Peers, January 8, on the 
bill for granting certain duties upon income. 

8°' London, 1799. 

Speech in the house of Peers, April 11, on the. ..basis of 
an union between Great Britain and Ireland. 

8<'- London, 1799. 

A detailed prospectus of the Auction Mart, instituted 
1808 : illustrated by designs, plans and sections. 

40- London, 1809. 

AUDELAY (John). 
Poems. A specimen of the Shropshire dialect in the 
15th century. Edited by James Orchard Halliwell, 
F.R.S., F.S.A. [Percy Society, 14.] 

8"' London, 1844. 

The suffering condition of the servants of the Lord 
at this day vindicated ... [with] some queries by 
John Wilkinson. 4«- Bri>'tol, 1662. 

AUDOENUS (Johannes). Sec OWEN (John). 

AUDSLEY (Geor<;e Ashdown). 
The art of chromo-lithography popularly explained and 
illustrated ... fo. London, 1883. 



AUERBACH (Dr. B. H.). 
Geschichte der Israelitischeu Gemeinde Halberstadt. 
Nebst einem Anhange ungedruckter die Literator 
wie die religidsen und politi'schen Verhaltnisse der 
Judeii in Deutschland in den lestzten zwei Jahrhun- 
derten betreffender Briefe und Ui'kunden. 

8"- Halberstadt, 1866. 

AUERBACH (Rev. Meyer) and SALANT 
(Rev. Samuel). 
An open letter addressed to Sir Moses Montefiore, B*-, 
on his arrival in Jerusalem, July 25 ... with a 
narrative of forty days' sojourn in the Holy Land ... 
by Sir Moses Montefiore, W , F.R.S. ... 

8°- London, 1876. 



The last will and testament of. 

fo. London, 1G87. 

AUGUSTINE, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. 
Opera omnia. 10 vol. in 6. [D.C.] fo. Farisiin, '\hll. 
Enchiridion. [D.C.] 8°- 1579. 

Meditationes, Soliloquia et Manuale. [D.C.] 

12°- Daaci, 1619. 

Augustinus Vande Stadt Godts ... Vyt den latS'-ne 
verduytscht door Johannes Fenacolius. [D.C.] 

fo. Amsterdam, 1646. 
See CUTTS (Rev. Edwabd L.), TRENCH (Richaed 


AUNGIER (George James). 
The history and antiquities of Syon Monastery,^ the 
parish of Isleworth, and the chapelry of Hounslow... 

8"- London, 1840. 

AURELIUS (Abraham). 
Jobus, sive de Patientia liber, poetica metaphrasi ex- 
plicatus. [D.C.] 4°- Londini, 1632. 

AURELIUS (Maecus). 



Historia Romana. Ex editione Th. Chr. Harlesii. 
2 vol. [Delphin Classics.] 8"- Londini, 1829. 

AUSONIUS (Decius Magnus). 
Opera omnia. Ex editione Bipontina. 2 vol. 
[Delphin Classics.] 8°- Londini, 1823. 

AUSTIN (Alfred). 
The seasons : a i-'atire. 3rd edit. 8''- London, 1869. 
The poetry of the period. 8"- London, 1870. 

The golden ago : a satire. 8"- London, 1871. 

Interludes. 8"- London, 1872. 

Madonna's child. 2nd edit. 8°- London, 1873. 

Rome or death. 8°- London, 1873. 

Rusia before Europe. 8"- London, 1876. 

Tory horrors : or, the question of the hour. A letter 
to the Rt- Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P. 

8°- London, 1876. 

England's policy and peril : a letter to the Earl of 
Beaconsfield. 8"- London, 1877. 

On the cleansing of rivers. 8°- London, 1872. 

AUSTIN (Rev. GiLiiERT), A.M. 
Chironomia : or, a treatise on rhetorical delivery, 
comprehending many precepts, Ijoth ancient and 
modern, for the proper regulation of the voice, the 
countenance and gesture. 4"- L^ondon, 1806. 

AUSTIN (Rev: J. V.), B.A. 
The believer's test : a farewell .sermon, 26th Sept., at 
St. Giles without Cripplegate. fi"- London, 1847. 

AUSTIN (John). 
A zealous sermon, preached at Amsterdam, by a Jew 
whose name is Not-rub : it being a Hebrew word 
you must read his name backward. Text : " Hee 
that hath eares to heare, let him heare." 

4°- Am%terda)i) , 1642. 

AUSTIN (John). 
Lectures on jurisprudence : or, the philosophy of positive 
law. 3rd edit. Revised and edited by Robert 
Campbell. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1869. 

AUSTIN (William). 
The anatomy of the pestilence : a poem describing the 
deplorable condition of the City of London under 
its merciless dominion, 1665 ... 12°- London, 1666. 

AUSTIN (Wilt.shire Stanton), jun., B.A., 
and RALPH (John), M.A. 
The lives of the poets-laureate, with an introductory 
essay on the title and office. 8"- London, 1853. 

Beu Joiison, Sir William Darenant, John Dryrlen, Thomas Sharlwell, 
Nalmm Tate, Nicholas Rowe. Rev. Laurence Eusden, Colley Gibber, 
William Whitehead, Rer. Thomas Wartou, Heury James Pye, 
Robert Southey, William Wordsworth. 

Report of proceedings adopted for the establishment of 
steam communication with the Australian colonies 
and New Zealand ... 8"- London, 1850. 

Map of Australasia, constructed by A. Keith Johnston, 
F.R.S.E., F.R.G.S. 1859, additions to 1872. 

London. [1872.] 

Australasian statistics for the year ending 31st Decem- 
ber, 1874, relative to the colonies of South Australia, 
Victoria, New South Wales . . . and New Zealand. 

8"- London. [1876.] 

Australasian statistics for the year 1877, compiled from 
official returns : with introductory report by the 
government statist of Victoria, fo. 2[eIboin-ne, 1878. 

Statistical return showing the relative positions and 
aggregate importance of the Australasian colonies, at 
the close of the year 1879. 8°- Sydney/, 1880. 

The debts and assets of Australasia. Extracted from. . . 
The official directory and year-book of Australia. 

8°- n.d. 

Australian banks and the gold discoveries. Reprinted 
from the Banker's Magazine, August. 

8«- [London, 1853.] 
Political economy and representative government in 
Australia. 8°- London., 1855. 

Universal suffrage and vote by ballot in Au.stralia. An 
inquiry addressed to the Earl of Derby, K.G., by an 
old colonist. 8°- London, 1867. 

The Australian handbook and almanac, and shippei-s' 
and importers' directory for 1874-6, 1881-6. 8 vol., 
with 1 vol. of maps [1885]. 9 vol. 

8°- Melbourne, 1874-86. 

The great Soutli Land : four articles on emigration, 
designed to exhiliit the principles and progress of the 
new colony of South Australia. 8"- Stirling, 1838. 
[Correspondence relating to the Conimissioners for the 
colonization of South Australia.] 

8«- [London, 18-11.] 
The South Australian real property act as amended 
in the .sessions of 1858, with a copious index by 
Henry Gawler. 8°- Adelaide, 1859. 

The northern territory of South Australia, with map. 

8"- Adelaide, 1863. 
Regulations under which land may be purchased, or 
leased, for various purposes in the northern territory 
of South Australia. 8°- Adelaide, 1873. 

Tlie government r.iilvvay policy : message from the 
(Jovernor, [and] sjieoch of the Premier [the Hon. 
Mr. Bouc;)urt], to the Legislative Assembly. 

8"- Wallliani Abbey. [1875.] 


AUSTRALIA, SOUTH— ro«^;;»<«/. 
Reports on the progress and condition of the botanic 
garden and government plantations during the years 
187(5 and 1879. [By] R. Schomburgk, Ph.D. 2 vol. 

fo. Adelaide, 1877-80. 


The " Herald" Western Australian almanack and com- 
mercial directory, 1873, 77, 82. 3 vol. 

B"- Fremantle, 1873-82. 

Observations on the prospectus of the Company. 

8»- [London,'] 1852. 


The Latin prophecy [concerning Austria. Latin and 
English]. broadside. London, 1G84. 

The Emperor's plan for a peace [between Austria and 
Bavaria], with remarks upon it. [French and 
English.] 8"- London, 1743. 

[Silver wedding of the Emperor Francis Joseph and 
the Empress Elizabeth.] Huldigungs-Festzug der 
Stadt Wien zur Feier der silbernen Hochzeit ihrer 
Majestaten des Kaisers Franz Joseph I, und der 
Kaiserin Elisabeth (27 April, 1879). Herausgegeben 
von deni Gemeinderathe der K. K. Reichshaupt-und 
Rcsidenzstadt Wien. 
4'^- With 9 vol. of plates, ob. fo. IF/e«, 1880-1. 

The overland mail and the Company. 8"- London, IS-il. 

Bericht iiber osterreichisches Unterrichtswesen. Aus 
Anlass der Weltausstellung 1873 herausgegeben 
von der Commission fiir die Collectiv-Ausstellung 
des osterreichischen Unterrichts-Ministeriums. [Mit 
34 beilagen.] 2 vol. in 1. 8"- Wien, 1873. 


AVAUX, Count d', Ambassador [of the King of 
France] . 

A memorial to the States General, April 29. 

fo. sh. London, 1684. 
An answer to the memorial ... in a memorial presented 
to the States General by the Marquis de CasteU 
Moncayo, envoy extraordinary of Spain, May 3. 

fo. sh. London. [1084.] 
A memorial delivered to the States General ... by the 
Count d'Avaux with that of the Marquess of Castell 
Moncayo, May 9. fo. sh. London, 1684. 

AVELING (James H.), M.D. 
Yorkshire. The history of Roche Abbey, from its 
foundation to its dissolution. fo. London, 1870. 
Another edit. roy. 8"- Worksop, 1870. 

AVELING (Rev. Thomas). 
The Christian minister's estimate of life and death : a 
sermon occasioned by the death of the Rev. John 
Campbell. 8°- London, 1840. 

AVELING (Rev. Thomas W.), D.D. 
Within the fold. 12°- London, 1876. 

AVILLIER (Baron [Jean] Ch[arles] d'). 
Spain. Illustrated by Gustave Dore : translated by 
J. Thompson, F.R.G.S. fo. London, 1881. 

AWDELEY (John). 

The fraternitye of vacabondes ... edited by Edward 
Viles and F. J. Furnivall, M.A. [Early English 
Text Society, 9.] 8°- London, 1869. 

Another edit. [New Shakespere Society, series 6, 
vol. 7.] 4"- London, 1880. 


The case of the isle of Axholm, : wherein is set forth the 
charter made to the freeholders there ... with the 
opinions of Sir Robert lierkley, Serjeants IIiilc and 
Maynard on the Charter, and his late Majesties con- 
tracts and patent made to the undertakers in the level 
of Hatfield Chase ... fo. London, 1660. 

AXON (William E. A.). 
Handbook of the public libraries of Manchester and 
Salford. 4°- Manehester, 1877. 

John Ruskin : a bibliographical biography. 

8°- [Mancheder, 1879.] 
Lancashire gleanings. 8°- Manchester, 1883. 

Cheshire gleanings. 8°- Manchester, 1884. 


AYLIFFE (John), LL.D. 

The antient and present state of the University of 
Oxford ... 2 vol. sm. 8"- London, 1714. 

The law of pledge? and pawns, as it was in use among 
the Romans, and as it is now practised in most 
foreign nations. B"- London, 1732. 

AYLMER, John, Bishop of London. See STRYPE 

AYLMER (Rev. William). 
A recantation-sermon against the errors of Popery, 
particularly transubstantiation, preached at St. Mar- 
tin's in Oxford, Sept. 20 ... 8"- Oxford, 1713. 

AYLOFF, John, and NELTHORP, Richard. 
A true account of the proceedings against [them], 
October 27, for high treason, fo. sh. Loiulon, 

AYLOFFE (Sir Joseph), B*-, F.R.S. 
Calendars of the ancient charters and of the Welch 
and Scottish rolls, now remaining in the Tower of 
London ... with an introduction giving some account 
of the state of the public records, from the Conquest 
to the present time. 4°- London, 1774. 

A pamphlet on the salt trade of India. 

i°- London, 1846. 

A bill for the better discovery of the estate of John 
Aynsworth. fo. sh. [1706.] 

The case of [his] creditors. fo. sh. [1706.] 

AYRTON,_A[cTON] S[mee], M.P. 
Remarks on [his] speech in reference to the Corpo- 
ration of London, with observations on his scheme 
for a new and enlarged municipality. 

8"- London, 1860. 

AYRTON (Ei)WAKD Nugent), M.A. 
Suggestions for an act to give an indefeasible title in 
land ... [S.M.] 8"- London. [1857.] 

Coinage, weights and measures, on a ten or decimal 
plan ; offered to the Commissioners. 

8"- London. [1858.] 
A treatise on the transfer of land act, and the declara- 
tion of title act. [R.L.L.] 12°- London, 1863. 

AYSCOUGH (Rev. Samuel), F.S.A. 
An index to the remarkable passages and words made 
use of by Shakspeare ... 2nd edit. B"- London, 1827. 

AYSCU (Edward). 
A historic contayning the warres, treaties, marriages, 
and other occurrents betweenc England and Scotland, 
from King William the Conqueror untill the hapj)y 
union of them both in our gracious King James ... 

4"- London, 1G07. 

AYTOUN (James). 
How to settle the Eastern question. 8"- London, 1876. 



AYTOUN (William Edmond^^toune), D.C.L. 
Lays of the Scottish cavaliers, and other poems : with 
illustrations by Joseph J^oel Paton, R.S.A., and 
WaUer H. Paton. 4°- Edinburgh, 1863. 

Sec MARTIX (Theodore). 

AZAIS (Pierre-Hyacixthe). 
Principe universel. Demonstration et applications : 
puits de Grenelle ; desastre de la Guadeloupe ; 
chemins de fer. Loi generale des mouvements 
politiques. S*^- publication, terminee par une lettre 
au Roi. 8°- Pa 1843. 

AZOR (Juan). 
Institutionum moralium, in quibus universte qusestiones 
ad conscieiitiam recte, aut prave factorum pertinentes, 
breuiter tractantur [tomi tres]. [D.C.] 

fo. Lugduni, 1622-5. 

AZPILCUETA (Martin de). 
Enchiridion : sive, manuale confessariorum et painiten- 
tium. [D.C.] 8°- Wiiizbargi, 1586. 


[B. (A.)] 

A letter from a friend in Abingdon to a gentleman in 
London, concerning the election of burgesses for 
parliament. fo. sh. }i.d. 

B. (A.) 

The Serjeant's letter to his fellow-soldiers, on the in- 
tended invasion of the Pretender. 8°- London, n\b. 

B. (C.) 

An address to the honourable City of London, and all 
other cities, shires, and corporations, concerning tlieir 
choice of a new parliament. Together with a true 

. character of popery and arbitrary government. 

fo. London, 1681. 

B. (E.) 

Copy of a letter sent by E. B., an eminent quaker in 
London, to the Pope. With a copy of the faculties 
granted to John Locet ... fo. sh. [London, 1079.] 

B. (E.) Sec BURROUGH (Edward). 

B. (F.) 

Observations and suggestions on the railways of the 
United Kingdom ... 8°- London, 1S68. 

B. (G.) 

A sermon preached at South- Weal in Essex, 6 Sept., 
1058, at the funeral of Mr Thomas Goodwin. 

4"- London, 1659. 

[B. (H.)] 

The gospel of labour : or, new lights on the land question. 

8°- London, 1883. 

B. (H.) Sec BROME (Henry). 

B. (H.) See BURTON (Henry). 

[B. (H. W.)] 
Notes on William Fowler (of Winterton), and his 
works. 8"- [1869.] 

B. (J.) 

Mrs. Warden's observations upon her husband's reverend 
.speech in the presence of certaino gentlewomen of 
RatclifPe and Wapping. 4"- [London,"] n.d. 

B. (J.) 

A 'hriof account of the Colosseum, in the Regent's Park ; 
comprising a description of the building, the ])aiio- 
ramic view from the toj) of St. Paul's Cathedral, tlie 
conservatory... ob. London, 

B. (J.) Sec BRISCOE (.ToiiN). 

B. (M.) 

Learne of a Turk : or, instructions and advice sent from 
the Turkish army at Constantinople to the English 
army at London. 4°- London, 1660. 

B. (R. H.) See BLADES (Rowland Hill). 

B. (T.) 

Observations upon Prince Rupert's white dogge called 
Boye. 4°- London, 1042. 

B. (T.) See BLOUNT (Thomas). 
B. (T.) See BREWER (Thomas). 
B. (T. S.) See BARRETT (Thomas Squire). 
[B. (W.)] 

The trial of the ladies. Hide Park, May day : or, the 
yellow books partner. 4"- I^ondon, 1656. 

[B. (W.)] 

Sacred to the precious memory of Mris. Mary 
Boyleston ... at whose funeral was this delivered in 
a sermon at Fan-church, May 13. 4"- London, 1657. 
B. (W.) Sec BADCOCK (William). 

BABBAGE (B. Herschel). Sec SOUTH KEN- 

BABBAGE (Charles), M.A. 
Reflections on the decline of science in England, and 
on .some of its causes. [C.C.] 8°- London, 1830. 
On the economy of machinery and manufactures. 

8"- London, 1832. 
The ninth Bridgewater treatise : a fragment. 2nd edit. 

8°- London, 1838. 
A chapter on street nuisances. S°- London, 1864. 

Table of logarithms of the natural numbers, from 1 to 
108,000. ■ 8"- London, 1872. 

BABER, Henry Hervey. Sec BIBLE. Versions : 

BABINGTON ( ) and ALLEN ( ). 
Syllabus of a course of lectures on chemistry, at [ ] 
hospital, drawn up for the use of the students. 
[Wanting title page.] 8°- [18 . . ] 

BABINGTON (Churchill). Sec POTTER (T. R.). 

BABINGTON (Gervase), D.D., Bishop of 

A sermon preached at Paules Crosse, the second Sunday 
in Mychaelnias tearine, 1590. 12°- I^ondon, 1591. 

Works... containing notes upon the five books of Moses, 
and an exposition of the creed, commandments and 
Lord's prayer. [D.C.] fo. London, 1622. 

BABINGTON (Rev. J[oiin] A[lbekt]), M.A. 
Work : a sermon preached in the chui'ch of St. Peter- 
in-Eastgate, Lincoln, March 24. 8"- Oxford, 1878. 

BABINGTON (Richard). 
A treatise on the law of set-off and mutual credit : 
with an appendix of precedents. 8"- London, 1827. 


The burning of the whore of Babylon, as it was acted 
with great applause in the Poultrey, London, on 
Wednesday night, being the fifth of November last, 
at six of the clock ... 4"- London, 1()73. 

BACH (Alhekto B.). 
On nuisical education and vocal culture. 3rd edit. 

8"- London, 1883. 
The principles of singing : a practical guide for 
vocalists and teachers, with vocal exercises. 

80- London, 1885. 

BACH, Sebastian. Sec POOLE (Reginald Lane). 
BACHE (Franklin). Sec WOOD (George B.). 

BACHE (Kentish). 
A letter to the Rev. Sannicl Davidson, D.D., LL.D., in 
answer to his JCssay against tiie Johanninc authorsliip 
of the fourth gospel. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1875. 



BACHILER (John), M.A. 
London's new years gift to the God of its lato deliver- 
ances and of its liappily begun restauration. 

London, 1GG9. 

BACHMAN (JoHAN Godfrikd). 
Natuurkundige Godgeleerdheid. Met een Voorreden 
Van Salomon van Til. Uit het Latyn vertaalt door 
Casp. Joann. Goris. [D.C.] 4"- Amsierdam, ll'I-i. 

Extracts from [his] letters whilst engaged in a 
religious visit to Van Dieman's Land, New South 
Wales and South Africa. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1842. 

BACKLER ([John]). 
Catalogue of pictures painted on glass, for Arundel 
Castle... 4"- London, 1817. 

BACON (Sir Francis), Baron Verulam, Viscount 
St. Albans, and Lord Chancellor. 
The two bookes of the proficience and advancement of 
learning, divine and humane. 4°- Oxford, 1633. 
The historic of the reigne of King Henry the Seventh. 

fo. London, 1G41. 
Three speeches ... concerning the post nati, [the] 
naturalization of the Scotch in England, [and the] 
union of the lawcs of the kingdomes of England and 
Scotland. 4°- London, 1G41. 

An essay of a king : with an explanation what manner 
of persons those should be that are to execute the 
power or ordinance of the King's prerogative. 

4°- London, 1642. 
Several letters written to Queen Elizabeth, King James, 
divers lords, and others : also a confession of the 
faith. [D.C.] fo. London, 16.07. 

Sylva sylvarum, or a naturall history. In ten centuries. 
Whereunto is newly added the history, naturall and 
experimentall, of life and death, or of the prolongation 
of life. Published ... by William Rawley. 7th edit. 
[D.C.] fo. London, 1658. 

Resuscitatio : or, bringing into publick light severall 
pieces of the works civil, historical, philosophical and 
theological, hitherto .sleeping, of the R'- Hon. Francis 
Bacon ... according to the best corrected copies ; 
together with his lordship's life. By William Rawley. 
2nd edit. [D.C.] fo. London, IGGl. 

Articles of enquiry touching metals and minerals. 

[D.C.] fo. London, 1662. 

A vindication of Lord Bacon from the aspersion of 
injustice cast upon him by Mr. Wraynham ... 

8"- London, 1725. 
Works : new edit., by Basil Montagu. 16 vol. in 17. 

8"- London, 1825. 

Tdl 1. Essays. 

Meilitationes sacrse. 
Of the colours of good and 

Miscellaneous tracts upon 

human philoso])!!}'. 
.\])0i)htliegnies ... 
2. Advancement of learning, 
.'t. The wisdom of the ancients 
History of Henry VII and 

Henry VIII. 
History of (ircat Britain. 
Tlie state of Europe. 
The biograi)liy of Queen 

Characters of Julius Ca;sar 

and Augustus Caesar. 
Praise of Henry, Prince of 


4. Natural history. 

5. Tracts relating to Scot- 

land, Ireland, Spain, 
and England. 

G. Sjieeches. 

Papers relating to the 
ICarl of Essex. 
7. Tlicological tracts. 
.ludicial chargesand tracts. 

H. l)e dignit<itc et augnientis 

scientiaruni. Liliri 1- 



Vol. 9. De augmcntis scienti- 
aruni. Lihri VIII-IX. 
Novum Orgauum. 
Historia ventorum. 
Historia gravis et levis. 
Historia vita; et mortis. 
Historia densi et rari. 
Historia sympathise et 

antipathia; rerum. 
Historia sulphuris, mer- 

curii, et salis. 
Minor Latin works. 

12. Letters from tlie Cabala. 
Letters from the Resusci- 

Lettei's from tlie Bacoiii- 

Letters from Stephens. 
Letters from Birch. 
Letters from the British 

Letters from tlie Lambeth 

13. Letters. " 
Law tracts. 

14. Translation of the Novum 
Organ uni, and of 
Thoughts on the nature 
of things. 

15. Translations. 

16. (In 2 pt.) Life of Lord 

BACON (Sir Francis)— co«///»<cf/. 
Works: collected and edited by James Spedding,M.A., 
Robert Leslie Ellis, M.A., and Douglas Denon Heath. 
7 vol. 8"- London, 1870. 

Vol. 1-3. Pliilosophical works. 

4-5. Translations of tlic iihilosoiiliical works. 
6-7. Literary and professional works. 

Poems : for the first time collected and edited . . . with 
introduction, by the Rev. Alexander B. Grosart. 
[Fuller Worthies' Library : Miscellanies, 1.] Printed 
for private circulation. 8"- \_Blackburn,'] 

A harmony of [his] essays : arranged by Edward Arber. 
[Arber's Reprints, 27.] 8°- London, 1871. 

Essays : with introduction, notes and index, by the Rev. 
Edwin A. Abbott, D.D. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1876. 

The Promus of formularies and elegancies (being 
private notes, circ. 1594, hitherto unpublished): illus- 
trated and elucidated by passages from Shakespeare, 
by Mrs. Henry Pott. With preface by [the Rev.] 
Edwin A. Abbott, D.D. 8"- London, 1883. 

New Atlantis. A work unfinished. [D.C.] fo. n.d. 

A collection of the proceedings in the house of Com- 
mons against Lord Bacon, for corruption and bribery : 
with the several debates ... 8"- London, n.d. 

Preface to his works. [By John Locker, clerk to the 
Company of Leathersellers.] fo. sh. L^ondon, n.d. 
Sec ABBOTT (Rev. Edwin A.), CHURCH (Richard 
William), COLONIES, DIXON (William Hep- 
worth), GODWIN (Francis), GORDON 
(Thomas). SPEDDING (James). 

BACON (George W.), F.R.G.S. 
Bacon's new ordnance survey atlas of London and 
suburbs ... and an alphabetical index to districts, 
parishes, streets, railway stations, public buildings ... 

fo. London. [1880.] 

New ordnance atlas of the Isles, with large- 
scale plans of towns, and a copious alphabetical 
index. [With a geological map of England.] 

fo. London, 1883. 

BACON (John). 
Liber regis, vel thesaurus rerum ecclesiasticarum. 
With an appendix of documents. 4"- London, 118^. 

BACON (Matthew). 
A new abridgment of the law. 
Gwillim. 7 vol. 

5th edit., by Henry 
8"- London, 171)8. 

BACON (Nathaniel). 
An historical and political discourse of the laws and 
government of England, from the end of the reign 
of Queen Elizabeth : with a vindication of the 
antient way of parliaments in England. Collected 
from some manuscript notes of John Selden. 5th 
edit., corrected and improved by a gentleman of the 
Middle Temple. [Anon.] 4»- London, 17G0. 

The annalls of Ipsw"''": the lawes, customes and govern"'' 
of the same, collected out of y'' records, bookes and 
writings of that towne, by Nath"- Bacon serving as 
Recorder and Town Clark in that towne. Anno Dom. 
1654. Edited by William H. Richardson, M.A., 
F.S.A., with a memoir by Sterling Westhorp. 

4»- Ljmach, 1884. 

BACON (Sir Nicholas), Lord Keeper. 
Arguments exhibited in Parliament, whereby it is 
proved that the persons of noblemen are attachable 
by law for contemjjts ... in the court of Chancery... 

4"- London, 1641. 

Opus tertium. Ojjus minus. Compendium philo- 
.sophiiE. [Chronicles and Memorials of Great 
Britain, 15.] H"' London, 18.5!). 



B[ADCOCK] (W[illiam]). 
Touchstone for gold and silver wares : or, a manual for 
goldsmiths ... with the several statutes now in force 
for regulating abuses committed in that craft, and 
the charter of the Goldsmiths ... [C.C.] 

8"- London, 1677. 

BADEAU (Gen. Adam). 
Military history of Ulysses S. Grant, from April, 1861, 
to April, 1865. 3 vol. ' S°- London, 1881. 

BADER (Johann). 
Ad illustrem Principem D. Ludovicum Comitem Pala- 
tinum Rheni ... de Ansere, qui Sacramentum edisse 
dicitur . . . Epistola apologetica in qua incomparabilis 
EucharistiiE dignitas atque praecellentia vindicatur. 
Ejusdem de vero atque legitimo Csense Doniinicae usu, 
sermo. [D.C.] 8°- Argentorati, 1526. 

BADESLADE (Thomas). 
The history of the ancient and present state of the 
navigation of the port of King's Lyn, and of Cam- 
bridge, and the rest of the trading towns in those 
parts, and of the navigable rivers that have their 
course though the great level of the Fens, called 
Bedford Level ... With the method proposed for 
draining the said Fens, and amending the harbour of 
Lyn. By Col. John Armstrong, fo. London, 1725. 

BADHAM (Rev. Chakles), M.A. 
The history and antiquities of AU Saints' Church, Sud- 
bury, and of the parish generally, derived from the 
Harleian MSS. and other sources. S"- London, 1852. 

Guide books. 8°- Cohlenz and Leipsic, 1873-9. 

Alps, the Eastern. 1879. vol. 2, 

Belgium aud Holland. 

Egypt, Lower. 
Germany, Northern. 


Italv. ■ 3 vol. Vol. 1, 


4th edit.; 



5th edit.; vol. 3, Gth edit. 


London and its environs. 1878. 
Norway and .Sweden. 1879. 
Palestine and Syria. 1876. 
Paris. Gth edit. 1878. 
llliine.The. 6th edit. 1878. 
Switzerland. 7th edit. 1877. 

BtEZA (Diego de). 
Commentaria moralia in Evangelicam historiam.' 4 vol . 
in 2. [D.C.] fo. Colonke Agrippinm, 1630. 

BAFFIN, William. 
Thg voyages of, 1612-22: edited ... by Clements R. 
Markham, F.R.S. [Hakluyt Society, 63.] 

, ■ 8°- London, 1-881. 

BAGEHOT (Walter), M.A. 
Lombard Street : a description of the money market. 

4th and 7th edit. 8°- London, 1873-8. 

Physics and politics : or, thoughts on the application of 
the principles of ' Natural Selection ' and ' In- 
heritance ' to political society. [International 
Scientific Series, 2.] 3rd edit. 8°- London, 1875. 
Literary studies : with a prefatorj' memoir, edited by 
Richard Holt Ilutton. 2nd edit. 2 vol. 

8°- London, 1879. 

Vol. 1. The first Edinburgh Re- 
viewers f 1856). 

Hartley Coleridge (1852). 

Percy Bysshe .Shelley 

.Sliakcsjicarc — the man 

.John Millton (1859). 

liiidy Mary Wortley Mon- 
tagu (1HC2). 

William Cowjicr (1855). 

Letters on , the Frencli 
Cou]) d'Etat of 1851 

Csesiirism as it existed in 

Memoir of the Ilight 
Hon. Jitnies Wilson 


Vol. 2. Kilward (iihlion (1866). 
Bishop Uutler(lH54). 
Sterne ami Tliiiekprav 

Vol. 2. — (continued). 

The Waverley Novels 

Charles Dickens (1858). 
Thomas Babington Mac- 

aulay (1856). 
Beranger (1857). 
Mr. Clongli'.s Poems (1862), 
Henry Crabb llobinsoii 


Worils worth, Tennyson, 
and Drowning : or pure, 
ornate, and grotesipie 
art in English poetry 

The Ignorance of Man 

On the emotion of con- 
viction (1871). 

The mctaiihysieal basis 
of toleration (1874). 

The Public Worship 
llegulation Bill (1871). 

[BAGOT (C. H.).] 
The national importance of emigration ... 

8o- London, 1863. 

BAGULEY (William), A.M 
The Lord Chancellour's proceedings about the chappel 
in Great Queen-street, presented to parliament. 

fo. London, 1709. 
BAGWELL (Richard), M.A. 
Ii'eland under the Tudors : with a succinct account of 
the earlier history. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1885., 


An almanack for 1882, with a guide to the Bahamas : 
Nassau directory ... 8°- Nuamu. [1882.] 

See JAMES and MAKY. 

[BAIF (Laz.^j^e de).] 
De vasculis libellus, adulescentulorum causa ex Bayfio 
decerptus ; addita vulgari Latinarum vocum inter- 
pretatioue. sm. 8°- Parifiiix, 1535. 

BAIGENT (Francis Joseph). 
The history and antiquities of the parish church of 
Wyke, near Winchester. 8°- Winchester, 1865. 

The abbey and church of the Blessed Mary of 
Waverley, near Farnham, in the county of Surrey. 

8°- London, 1882. 

BAIKIE (William Balfour), M.D., R.N., 

Narrative of an exploring voyage up the rivers Kwo'ra 
and Bi'nue (commonly known as the Niger and 
Tsadda) in 1854. 8°- London, 1856. 

BAILEY (Charles), Town Clerk. 
Transcripts from the municipal archives of Winchester, 
and other documents, elucidating the government, 
manners, and customs of tlie same city, from the 
13th century to .the present period. 

sm. 8''- Winchester, 1856. 

BAILEY (John Eglington), F.S.A. 
J ohn Whitaker, the historian of Manchester . . . 

8°- Manchester, 1877. 
John Dee and the " Steganographia " of Trithemius. 

12°- 1879. 

The grammar school of Leigh, co. Lancaster, and its 
library : a lecture delivered to the members of the 
Leigh Literary Society, Feb. 10. 8°- Leigh. [1879.] 
See DEE (Dr. John). 

BAILEY (Nathan). 

The antiquities of London and Westminster. 1st, 2nd, 
and 3rd edit. 12°- London, 1722-34. 

Dictionarium Britannicum : or, a more compleat uni- 
versal etymological English dictionary than any 
extant ... 2nd edit. fo. London, 1736. 

Another edit. 2 vol. [Vol. 1, 11th edit. ; vol. 2, 3rd 
edit.] 8°- London, 1737-45. 

Another edit. Revised and corrected by Joseph Nicol 
Scott, M.D. fo. London, 1755. 

English dialect words of the 18th century, as shown 
in the "Universal etymological dictionary" of... 
edited, with an introduction, by WiUiam E. A. Axon, 
F.R.S.L. [English Dialect Society, series B. 41.] 

8"- London, 1883. 

(Johann Anton). 
Worterbuch der Englischen sprache. Zwolfte Auflage, 
g/insdich umgearbeitet von Adolf Wagner. Vol. 1. 
Engli.sch-Teutsch. Vol. 2. Teutsch-Eiiglisch. 2 vol. 

8»' Jena, 1822. 

BAILEY (Philip James). 
Festus : a poem. 9th edit. 8"' London, 1872. 

BAILEY (Thomas). 
Annals of Nottiiigliaiusliire : history of the county of 
Nottingliani, including tlie boroiigli. 4 vol. 

8"' London, 1853. 



BAILEY (Rev. T[iiomas] J[()iin]), B.A. 
Ai'e the ministers of the " rcf oniiecl Episcopal church" 
validly ord lined":' A letter addressed- to the Bishop 
of Chichester. 12"- London. [187<J.] 

BAILEY (W. H.). 
Apparatus for testing the value of lubricants : a paper 
read before the Manchester association of employers, 
foremen and draughtsmen. 8°- Manchester, 1878. 

BAILEY (William). 

A treatise on the better employment ... of the poor in 
workhouses : with some observations on the growth 
and culture of flax ... 8°- London, llb'i. 

IOC) plates of mechanical machines and implements of 
husbandry, approved and adopted by the Society for 
the encouragement of arts, manufactures, and com- 
merce. Corrected and revised by Alexander Mabyn 
Bailey. 2 vol. in 1. [C.C.] fo. London, 1782. 

BAILLIE, David. 

An account of the proceedings of the Privy Council of 
Scotland against D. Baillie ... fo. London, 1704. 
Another edit. fo. Edinhunjli, 1704. 

BAILLIE, George. 
A review of [his] case, which explains his situation in 
the most concise manner. To which is added, some 
particulars of the ungrateful and malicious conduct 
of Mr. Simon Cock. 8°- London, 1807. 

BAILLIE, Lady Geissell. Sit TYTLER (Sabah). 

BAILLIE (Joanna). 
A series of plays, in which it is attempted to delineate 
the stronger passions of the mind ... 2 vol. [Vol. 1, 
4th edit. ; vol. 2, 2nd edit.] 8«- London, 1802. 

Vol. 1. Basil. I Vol. 2. Tlie election. 

The tryal. Ethwald. 
De Molitfort. | The seoouil marriage. 

Miscellaneous plays. [Rayner, The country inn, .and 
Constantine Paleologus.] 8°- London, 1805. 

Hn- TYTLER (Sakah). 

BAILLIE (Rev. Johx). 
Memoir of the Rev. W. H. Hewitson ... 

8"- London, 1851. 

BAILLON (Prof. [E.] H.). 
The natural history of plants. Translated by Marcus 
M. Hartog, B.Sc. Lond. 3 vol. [S.M.] 

8"- Z,o/k/ow,' 1871-4. 

Vol. 1. Raminoulacea;, Dilleniacea!, MagnoliacesE, Auonaceie, Moiii- 
miacea;, Kosaceai. 

Voh 2. Coimaraceaj, Legiimiuo3fe-Mimose£E, Leguminos^-Caesalpiuiese, 
LeguminosEe-Papiliouacea;, I'roteace<-c, Lauraceas, Elieaguaceie, 

Vol. 3. MenispennacefB, Berberidacefe, NymphseaceiE, Papaveracea;, 
CapparidaceiE, Crucif era;, Resetlacea;, Crassulaceae, Saxif ragacete, 
Piperacea;, Urticacea;. 

BAILY (Ciiakles). 
Remarks on timber houses. [Printed for private dis- 
tribution.] 4°- London, WVd. 
History illustrated by stained glass [and exemplified 
in the windows of Long Melford church, Suffolk] . 

8"- London, 1873. 
Notes on a Gallo-Roman altar in the museum at 
Boulogne. 8"- London, n.d. 

BAILY, Francis. -sVr FLAMSTEAD (Rev. John). 

BAILZIE, Robert. 
Account of [his] indictment, tryal, conviction and 
execution ... Dec. 22 to 24. for high treason. 

fo. London, 1G84. 

BAIN (Alexandkk), M.A., LL.D. 
Mental and moral science: a compendium of psychology 

and ethics. 2nd edit. 8"- London, \W)i>t. 

The .senses and the intellect. 3rd edit. 8"- Ijondon, 18()8. 
Logic. Pt. 1 , Deductioji ; pt. 2, Induction. 2 vol. 

2nd edit. 8"- London, 1873. 

BAIN (Alexander), M.A., LL.D. — continued. 
Mind and body : the theories of their relation. 2nd 
and 4th edit. [International Scientific Series, 4.] 

8°- London, 1873-G. 
The emotions and the will. 3rd edit. 8"- London, IHlb. 
Education as a science. [International Scientific Series, 
25.] 8"- London, 1871). 

James Mill: a biography. 8°- London, 1882. 

John Stuart Mill: a criticism, with personal recollec- 

Practical essays. 

Cuninioii errors on the niiml. 
Errors of siii)i)ri's<rf| corrrlatives. 
The Civil Servici' :iiiiin:iLions. 
Tlie classical cuiilr-jvi-rsy. 
Metaphysics aud debating so- 

80- London, 1882. 
8°- London, 1884. 

The University ideal, past and 

Tlie art of stuiiy. 
Religious tests and subscrii)tions. 
Procedure of deliberative bodies. 

BAIN (Edwin Sandys). 
A catalogue of the portraits (paintings and prints) in 
Sergeants' Inn, Chancery-lane, in 18(58. 

A"- London, 18G8. 

BAINBRIDGE (William), F.G.S. 
A treatise on the law of mines and minerals. 3rd edit. 

S°- London, 1807. 
The same. 4th edit., by Archibald Brown. 

8°' London, 1878. 

BAINES (Edward), M.P. 
History of the county palatine and duchy of Lancaster. 
The biographical department by W. R. Whatton, 
F.S.A. 4 vol. 40- London, 1836. 

BAINES (Edward), jun., M.P. 
Letters to Lord John Russell on state education, fith 
edit. 8°- London, 1847. 

See BAINES (Thomas). 

BAINES (Rev. John), M.A. 
Hints for harvest services, and notes for harvest 
sermons. 8°- Oxford, 1866. 

BAINES (Thomas), F.S.A. 

History of the commerce and town of Liverpool, and 
of the rise of manufacturing industry in the adjoin- 
ing counties. 8"- London, 1852. 

Yorkshire, past and present : a history and a description 
of the . . . county . . . from the earliest ages to the year 
[1875]; with an account of its manufactures, com- 
merce, and civil and mechanical engineering. In- 
cluding an account of the woollen trade of Yorkshire, 
by Edward Baines, M.P. 2 vol. in 4 pt. 

4o- London. [1871-7.] 

BAINES (Thomas), F.S.A., and FAIRBAIRN 

Lancashire and Cheshire, past and present : a history 
and description of the palatine counties of Lancaster 
and Chester, from the earliest ages to the present 
time ; with an account of the rise and progress of 
manufactures and commerce, and civil and mechanical 
engineering in these districts. With numerous illus- 
trations ... and a series of portraits. 2 vol. 

4°- London. [186 .] 

BAINES (Thomas), F.R.G.S. 
Explorations in South-west Africa ; being an account of 
a journey in the yeai's 18()1 and 1862 from Walvisch 
Bay, on the western coast, to Lake Ngami and the 
Victoria Falls. 8"- London, 1864. 

BAIRD (Capt. A[ndrew] W[ils<>n]), R.E., and 
Tide-tables for the Indian ports for the years 1881 and 
1882 ... 2 vol. 8"- [London, 1880-1.] 

BAIRD (Henry M.). 
History of the rise of the Huguenot.s. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1880. 




BAKER (Awe Elizabeth). 
Glossary of Northamptonshii-e words and phrases, with 
examples of their colloquial use, and illustrations 
from various authors : to which are added, the 
customs of the county. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1854. 

BAKER (Rev. Arthur), M.A. 
A plea for the " Romanizers " (so called) in the 
Anglican Communion: a letter to the Bishop of 
London. 8°- London, 1850. 

A statement of the services and expenses of the 
Marquis of Worcester for his king and country. 

4°- London, n.d. 

BAKEE (Charles). See SCHOOLMASTEK, 2. 

BAKER (David Erskine). 
Biographia dramatica : or, a companion to the play- 
house, containing historical and critical memoirs, 
and original anecdotes of British and Irish dramatic 
writers ; also an alphabetical account and chronological 
lists of their works ... continued by Isaac Reed, 
F.S.A., and Stephen Jones. .S vol. in 4. 

8°- London, 1812. 

BAKER, Ernest E. 
A true report of certain wonderful overflowings of 
waters in Somerset, Norfolk, and other parts of 
England, a.d. 1607. [Reprint.] 

4°- Weston-super-Mare, 1884. 

BAKER, Capt. George. 
The confession of, at the place of execution, in justi- 
fication of Mr. Staines, druggist. 

fo. sh. Lo7idon, 1685. 

BAKER (George). 
The history and antiquities of the county of North- 
ampton. Vol. 1. and vol. 2 (pt. 1-5). [All 
published.] fo. London, 1822-[41]. 

BAKER (Henry Barton). 
Our old actors. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1878. 

BAKER (James). 
The life of Sir Thomas Bernard, B*- 

8"- London, 1819. 

BAKER (James). 
A collection of facts, in a series of letters addressed to 
J. W. Trust, of Newgate-street, the publisher of 
D'Alembert's book. Hell destroyed. 

12<'- London, 1"823. 

BAKER (Joseph Brogden). 
The history of Scarborough from the earliest date. 

8«- London, 1882. 

BAKER (Sir Richard). 

Meditations and disquisitions upon the seven psalmes 
of David, commonly called the penitentiall psalmes. 
[D.C.] 4°- London, 103'). 

Meditations and disquisitions upon the first psalme 
David. [D.C.] 4"- London, 1640. 

Meditation.s and disquisitions upon seven consolatorie 
psalmes of David. [D.C.] 4°- London, 1640. 

Meditations and disquisitions on the Lord's Prayer. 4th 
edit. [D.G.] 4"- London, 1640. 

A chronicle of the kings of England, from the time of 
the Romans government unto the death of King 
James ... whereunto is now added, ye reigne of 
Cliarles I and the first thirteen years of the reign of 
Charles II ... [By E. Phillips.] 6th edit. 

fo. London, 1674. 

The same. 8th edit. fo. 7.o//f/w/, 1684. 

'I'he same. Whereto will be added, a second continua- 
tion [to tiic end of the reign of] George I : by an 
impartial liand. fo. Loniion, \T.V.'>, 

Sir 15L0UXT (Thomas). 

BAKER, Robert. Sir BURY (Samuel). 

BAKER (Sir Samuel White), M.A., F.R.G.S. 

The Albert N'Yanza, great basin of the Nile, and ex- 
plorations of the Nile sources. 2 vol. 

8°- London, 1866. 

The Nile tributaries of Abyssinia and the sword-hunters 
of the Hamran Arabs. 8°- London, 1867. 

Ismailia : a narrative of the expedition to Central 
Africa for the suppression of the slave trade, orga 
nised by Ismail, Khedive of Egypt. 2 vol. 

8°- London, 1874. 

BAKER (Sir Sherston), B*- 
The office of Vice- Admiral of the Coast, being some 
account of that ancient office. Privately printed. 

40- London, 1884. 

BAKER (Lieut.-Gen. Valentine), Pacha. 
War in Bulgaria, a narrative of personal experiences. 
2 vol. 8°- London, 1879. 

BAKER, William, sugar baker. 
Trial for forging an East- India warrant, 9th December. 
1750. 4«- London, 1751. 


The bakers and brewers warning-piece: or, excellent 
orders to be observed by such as shall be appointed 
to serve the markets with corn, meal, and other 
grain, for the relief of the poor people . . . 

4°- London, 1662. 
The bakers' appeal on the ruinous and deplorable 
condition of the bakers of London . . . 

8°- London, 1730. 


The case of the master, wardens and commonalty of 
the Company of Bakers in and about the City of 
London, in relation to the penalties and several 
clauses in the late act of parliament for regulating 
the price and assize of bread. fo. sh. London, n.d. 

Reasons oiier'd to parliament for passing a clause for 
compelling persons bringing meal and flowr to 
London, to bring the same to publick markets. 

fo. sh. n.d. 

Some reasons oifered to the house of Commons ... 

against several clauses of the biU for regulating the 

price and assize of bread. fo. sh. n.d. 

Reasons against passing the bill for setling the price 

and assize of bread. fo. sh. n.d. 

The case of the bakers within the bills of mortality, 

asking to have the laws affecting them amended. 

fo. sh. n.d. 

A short state of their case ... fo. sh. n.d. 


BAKEWELL (Robert). 
An introduction to geology: intended to convey a 
practical knowledge of the science, and comprising 
the most important recent discoveries; with explana- 
tions of the facts and phenomena which serve to 
confirm or invalidate various geological theories. 
4th edit., enlarged. 8"- London, 1833. 

BALDUIN (Fhiederich). 
De casibus conscientias. [D.C.] 4"- Wittenliev(iir,\(!i?ih. 
Commentarius in omnes epistolas Pauli. 2 vol. [D.C.] 

fo. Frdnvofiirli, 1655. 

BALDWIN (Richakd). 
New complete guide to all persons who liave any trade 
or concern with the City of London and parts adja- 
cent, nth, 12th, and l"(;th edit. 

8"- London, 1768-83. 




BALDWIN (Samuei.). 
A sui-vey of the British customs : with a distinct and 
practical a,ccount of tlic several branches of revenue 
called the customs. 4"- London, 1770. 

BALE (John), Bishop of Ossory. 
The actes of Englysh votaryes : comprehending their 
unchast practj'ses and examples by all ages, from the 
worldes begynnynge to thys present yeare. CoUected 
out of their own legendcs and chronycles. 

8°' Wesel, 154G. 

A declaration of Edmonde Bonners articles concerning 
the cleargye of LOdon dyocese. 12°- London, 1554. 

Den Standi ende de Bilde der beyder Ghemeynten ... 
Ouerghestolt wten Ynghelsche int Duytschc, doer 
Carolum Rcgium. [D.C.] 8°- 1555. 

Scriptorum illustrium Majoris Brytannise quam nunc 
Angliam et Scotiam vocant, catalogus ; a Japheto 
per 3018 annos, usque ad annum hunc Domini, 
1557 ... [D.C.] fo. Bmilece. [1559.] 

Kynge Johan : a play in two parts. Edited by J. 
Payne Collier, F.S.A. ... [Camden Society, 2.] 

4°- London, 1838. 

" The temptacyon of our Lorde " : now first reprinted 
and edited by the Rev. Alexander B. Grosart, 
[Fuller Worthies' Library : Miscellanies, 1.] Printed 
for private circulation. 8°- [Blackburn,'] 1870. 

BALE (M[anfked] Powis), C.E. 
Steam and machinery management : a guide to the 
arrangement and economical management of ma- 
chinery, with hints on construction and selection. 

12°- London, 1884. 

BALFOUR (Alexander). 
License reform. The reform of the license law in 
Sweden, and the Gothenburg system : a letter 
addressed to the R*- Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P. 

8°- London, 1876. 

BALFOUR (Edward), L.R.C.S. 
Statistical data for forming troops and maintaining 
them in health in different climates and localities. 

8°- lLo7idon, 1845.] 
Cyclopfedia of India and of Eastern and Southern 
Asia, commercial, industrial and scientific : products 
of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, 
useful arts and manufactures. 2nd edit. 5 vol. 

4°- Madras, 1871-3. 

BALFOUR (Francis M.), M.A., F.R.S. 

The elements of embryology. [Pt. 1.] 

80' London, 1874. 
A treatise on comparative embryology. 2 vol. 

8°- London, 1880-1. 

BALFOUR (John Hutton), M.D., F.L.S. 
A manual of botany ; being an introduction to the 
study of the structure, physiology and classification 
of plants. 3rd edit., revised and enlarged by Joseph 
Williams, M.D. [Encyclopaedia Metropolitana.] 

8°- London, 1855. 
Botany and religion : or, illustrations of the works of 
God in the structure, functions, arrangement and 
general distribution of plants. 8°- Edinburgh. 1859. 

BALFOUR (Sir William). 
Sjr William Balfores letter of March 30, 1644, to his 
Excellency the Earl of Essex, Ld.Generall [giving an 
account of Cheriton fight]. London, 1644. [Claren- 
don Historical Society.] 8"- iEdinburfjh.'] 1882. 

[BALGUY (Rev. John), M.A.] 
Silvius's defence of a dialogue between a papist and a 
protestant, in answer to the Rev. Mr. Stebbing ... 

8"- London, 1720. 

[BALGUY (Rev. John), M. A.]— continued. 
The foundation of moral goodness : or, a fui-ther 

inquiry into the original of our idea of virtue. 

(2 pt.) 8"- London, 1728-9. 

Divine rectitude : or, a brief inquiry concerning the 

moral perfections of the Deity. 8°- London, 1730. 
A letter to a concerning the beauty and excellency 

of moral virtue, and the support and improvement 

which it receives from the Christian revelation. 2nd 

edit. 8°- Londoti, 1730. 

A second letter to a deist concerning a late book, 

entitled, Christianity as old as the Creation. 

8°- London, 1731. 
The law of truth : or, the obligations of reason essential 

to all religion ... 8''' London, 1733. 

BALIOL, Margaret. 
The deplorable case of Margaret Baliol and her sisters, 
daughters of Peter Baliol, deceased, offered to the 
consideration of parliament. fo. sh. n.d. 

BALL (Rev. F[rederick] J[oseph]), M.A. 
A sermon preached in St. Laurence's church, Reading, 
June 26, before the South Berks District Union of 
the English Church Union. 8°- London, 1877. 

BALL (Jacob). 
A funeral sermon for John Fryer, only son to Sir John 
Fryer, B*- and Alderman of the City of London ... 

4°- London, 1725. 
BALL (John), F.R.S., F.L.S. 
Peaks, passes, and glaciers : a series of excursions, by 
memlDers of the Alpine Club. 3rd edit. 

8°- London, 185'.). 
A guide to the Eastern Alps. New edit. 

8°- London, 1874. 
The Central Alps ; being the second part of the Alpine 
guide. New edit. • 8"- London, 1876. 

A guide to the Western Alps. New edit. 

8°- London, 1877. 

BALL (John). Sec HAMILTON (Robert G. C). 

BALL (Robert Stawell), A.M. 
Experimental mechanics. 8°- Lo7idon, 1871 . 

BALL (Samuel). 
An account of the cultivation and manufacture of tea 
in China ; derived from personal observation during 
an official residence in that country from 1804 to 
1826. 8"- London, 1848. 

BALL (T. Frederick). See BECK (William). 

BALL (V.), M.A., F.G.S. 

Jungle life in India : or, the journeys and journals of 
an Indian geologist. 8°' I^ondon, 1880. 

Publications ... 11 vol. 8"- London, 1868-77. 

[1, 2, 3, 10.] Ballads from manuscripts. Vol. 1. 
Ballads on the condition of England in Henry 
Vni's and Edward VI's reigns (including the 
state of the clergy, monks and friars), on Wolsey, 
Anne Boleyn, Somerset, and Lady Jane Grey : with 
Wynkyn de Worde's Treatise of a galaunt (ab. 
1520 A.D.). Edited by Frederick J. Furnivall, M.A. 
Vol. 2. Pt. 1. A poore man's pittance, by Richard 
Williams ; edited from the autograph MS. by 
F. J. Furnivall, M.A. Pt. 2. Ballads relating 
chiefly to the reign of Queen Elizabeth ; edited, 
with an introduction and notes to the whole 
volume, by W. R. Morfill, M.A. 2 vol. 
[4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13.] The Roxburghe ballads. 
With short notes by Wm. Chappcll, F.S.A., and 
copies of the original woodcuts ... Vol. 1, 2 and 
3(pt. 1). 3 vol. 



BALLAD SOCIETY— contimied. 
[7.] Captain Cox, his ballads and books : or, Eobert 
Laneham's letter, whearin part of the entertain- 
ment untoo the Queenz majesty at Killingworth 
Castl, in Warwick Sheer, in this Soomerz Progress, 
1575, is signified ... Re-edited, with fore- words 
describing all the accessible books, tales and ballads, 
( in Captain Cox's list and the Complaynt of Scot- 
land, 1548-9 A.I)., by Frederick J. Fm-nivaU, M.A. 
[11.] Love- poems and humourous ones : written at 
the end of a volume of small printed books, a.d. 
1G14-19, in the British Museum, labelled "Various 
poems." Put forth by Frederick J. Furnivall, 

[14, 15, 1(5.] The Bagford ballads. Edited, with 
introduction and notes, by Joseph Woodfall 
Ebsworth, M.A. With copies of the original 
woodcuts. Pt. 1-3. 

Jyl of Breyntford's testament, by Robert Copland, 
boke-prynter. The wyll of the deuyll and his last 
testament. A talk of ten wives ... A balade or 
two by Chaucer, and other short pieces. Edited 
by Frederick J. Furnivall, M.A. Printed for 
private circulation [and presented to members of 

. the BaUad Society]. 1871. 

1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th reports. 4 vol. 

8«- [Lo7ido», 1869-77.] 


Ancient historic ballads. 12°- Newcaath, 1807. 

A collection of seventy-nine black-letter ballads and 
broadsides, printed in the reign of Elizabeth, between 
1559 and 1597 ; accompanied with an introduction 
and illustrative notes. 8°- London, 1867. 

Three ballads concerning the times... 8"- London, n.d. 

BALLANTINE (William), Serjeant-at-law. 
Some experiences of a barrister's life. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1882. 
The Old World and the New . . . being a continuation of 
his " Experiences." 8"- London, 1884. 

Christianity contrasted with Hindu philosophy : an 
essay in five books. Sanskrit and English. With 
practical suggestions tendered to the missionary 
among the Hindus. 8"- London, 1859. 

BALLANTYNE (Rev. John). 
Comparison of the established and dissenting churches. 
2nd edit. 8"- Edinburgh, 1830. 

Facts and figures in connection with BaUarat, 
[Victoria]. 8"- Ballurat, 1858. 

BALLARD (George). 
Memoirs of several ladies of Great Britain, who have 
• been celebrated for their writings or skill in the 
learned languages, arts and sciences. 

4"- O.r/brf/, 1752. 


Gninimatography. A manual of reference to the 
alphabets of ancient and modern languages ... 

8"- London, 1861. 


An enquiry into the inconveniences of public, and the 
advantages of private, elections : with the method of 
a l)all<)lt. 4"- L<indon, . 


The niayor'.s message, and reports of tlio city officers 

for the years 1H75, 78-80, 8:',-4. 1 1 vol. 

K"- liiilliniorc. 1876-85. 

BALTIMORE, Frederick Calvert, Baron. 
Trial ... and of Eliz. Griffinburg and Ann Harvey, as 
accessaries. fo. London, 1768. 

BALZAC (Jean-Louis Guez de). 
The French favourites, or the seventh discourse of [his] 
Politicks : published by the Rev. Dr. Kennett, Dean 
of Peterborough. 8"- London, 1709. 

BAMFORD (Samuel). 
Passages in the life of a radical. 2 vol. 

sm. 8°- London, 1844. 
[A narrative of events in the Lancashire manufacturing 
districts, 1816-21 ; with biographies of the principal 
advocates of Parliamentary reform.] 

BANCROFT (Aaron), A.A.S. 
The life of General Washington, first President of the 
United States. 8°- London, 1806. 

BANCROFT, Francis. 

A true copy of the remarkable last will and testament 
of Mr. Francis Bancroft, citizen and draper of London 
. . . with a particular account of his donations to the 
Drapers' Company for the erecting and endowing 
almshouses. 8°- London, 1728. 

Report of the committee appointed by the court of 
assistants of the Drapers' Company, to consider the 
best mode to open Mr. Bancroft's school, for the 
maintenance as well as education of the boys. 

4''- London, 1804. 

A copy of the will of Francis Bancroft, deceased, late 
citizen and draper of London : with an account of 
the salaries, duties, and emoluments of the officers 
and servants of his school at Mile-end, together 
with the rules and orders for the general conduct of 
that institution. 8°' London, 1840. 

History of the United States, from the discovery of 
the American continent. 15tli edit. 10 vol. 

8°- Boston, 1856-74. 
History of the formation of the constitution of the 
United States of America. 2 vol. 8'''' London, \%%'2. 

BANCROFT (Hubert Hoave). 
The native races of the Pacific States of North America. 

5 vol. 8°- London, 1875-6. 

History of the Pacific States of North America. 14 

vol. 8»- San Francisco, 1883-6. 

BANDINEL, Rev. Bulkeley. D.D. See DUG- 
DALE (Sir William). 

BANDUSTEL (Rev. James), M.A. 
Organic reform of Convocation : an essay. 

S"- Dewshuri/, 1868. 

BANISTER (Prof. Henry C). 
Music. 5th edit., revised. [S.M.] 8°- Camhridge, 1875. 
Another copy. 8°- Cambridge, ISll. 


Proposals for increase of wealth by subscriptions of 
money according to the several particulars herein 
mentioned ; which propo.sal having the 19th of May, 
1674, been reported to the Lord Mayor, Aldermen 
and Commons in common council assembled, and 
approved by them, the same was ordered to be 
published in the Cities behalf. 2nd edit. 

4"- London, 1675. 

Corporation-credit : or, a bank of credit made currant 
by common consent in London, more useful and safe 
than money. [By Robert Moray.] 4"- Londoji, \ 682. 

Euglands interest : or, the great benefit to trade by 
banks or olRces of credit in Loudon, as it hath been 
considered and agreed upon by a committee of 
Aldermen and Commons, appointed by the R'- Hon. 
the Lord Major, Aldermen and Common-council 
assembled . 4"- J.ondon, 1 682. 



BANK OF CllEmT—ro77thuie<l. 

Several objections sometimes made against the office of 
credit fully answered. 4"- London, 1682. 

An account of the constitution and security of the 
general Bank of Credit. 4°- London, 1683. 

Bank-credit : or, the usefulness and security of the 
Bank of Credit examined ... 4"- London, 1683. 

A model for electing a bank of credit : with a discourse 
in explanation thereof, adapted to the use of any 
trading countrcy where there is a scarcity of moneys, 
more especially for his Majesties plantations in 
America. 12"- London, 1688. 

Some useful reflections upon a pamphlet, called, A brief 
account of the intended Bank of England ; whereunto 
is annexed, a short description of Doctor Chamberlen's 
bank. 2nd edit. 4"- London, 1694. 

A short account of the Bank of England. 

4"- London, 1695. 
Some observations upon the Bank of England. 

4°- London, 1695. 
A reply to the defence of the Bank ; setting forth the 
unreasonableness of their slow payments, to which 
are added — 1. The mischiefs that attend the buying 
and selling bank-notes. 2. The advantages England 
will reap by having the unclipt, hammer'd mony 
pass currant into the exchequer by weight. 

8"- London, 1696. 
A list of the governour, deputy-governour, and directors 
for the year 1698. fo. sh. [London, 1698.] 

The villainy of stock-jobbers detected, and the causes 
of the late run upon the Bank and bankers discovered 
and considered. 4"- London, 1701. 

Reasons offer'd against the continuance of the Bank. 

4°- London, 1707. 
Remarks upon the Bank of England, with regard more 
especially to our trade and government ... 

8°- Lojidon, 1707. 
A letter to the governor ... 8°- London, 1722. 

A letter to the R'- Hon. William Pitt, Chancellor of the 
Exchequer, on the conduct of the Bank Directors : 
with cursory observations on Mr. Morgan's pamphlet 
respecting the expence of the war and the state of 
the national debt. 8°- London, 1796. 

An act for confirming and continuing for a limited time 
the restriction contained in the minute of council of 
the 26th of February, on payments of cash by the 
Bank. fo. London, 1797. 

An act for establishing an agreement with the governor 
and company of the Bank of England, for advancing 
the sum of three millions towards the supply of the 
. service of the year 1800. fo. London, 1800. 

An act for empowering the governor and company of 
the Bank of England to advance the sum of three 
millions, towards the supply for the service of the 
year 1808. fo. London, 1808. 

An act to authorise the advancing for the public 
service, upon certain conditions, a proportion of the 
balance remaining in the Bank of England for pay- 
ment of unclaimed dividends, annuities, and lottery 
prizes ; and for i-egulating the allowances to be paid 
foi- the management of the national debt. 

fo. London, 1808. 
A copy of the charter of the corporation of the 
/ governor and company of the Bank of England. 

fo. London, 1818. 
Facts relative to the Bank of England, explaining the 
nature and influence of the bank charter : with a 
view of the cause and consequences of the suspension 
and restoration of the use of the standard coin. 

S"- London. [1819.] 
Report from the committee of secrecy of the Conmions 
on the charter. [C.C.] fo. London, IP)'.)-!. 

A copy of the correspondence between the Chancellor 
of the Exchequer and the Bank, relative to the 
renewal of the charter. [C.C.] 8"- London, 1833. 
An impartial inquiry into the Bank question : with 
observations on banking and currency. 

8°- London, 1833. 
The names and descriptions of the proprietors of all 
government funds and securities transferable at the 
Bank of England ... for 1780-90, 1797-1880, 
1802-5, 1812-14, 1820-2, 1836. 38-41. 6 vol. 

8°- London, 1791-1841. 

[An article from the Review upon] the Bank and 

the currency. 8°- London. [1^37.] 

A copy of the correspondence between the Chancellor 
of the Exchequer and the Bank, relative to the 
renewal of the charter. [S.M.] 8"- [Zo??Jo>/,] 1844. 
The petition of the merchants, bankers and traders of 
London, against the Bank Charter Act. 

8°- London, 1847. 
The Bank of England and the discount houses. A 
reply to X. 8°- London, 1860. 

Rules, orders, and bye-laws for the good government of 
the corporation of the governor and company of 
the Bank of England. fo. [^London,'] n.d. 

Some considerations offered against the continuance of 
tlie Bank of England ... 4°- \_London,'] n.d. 

The arguments and reasons for and against engrafting 
upon the Bank with tallies ... 4"- n.d. 

Srr BAKING (Sir Francis), FKANCIS (John). 
GODFEEY (Michael), M'CULLOCH (John 
Ramsay), PARNELL (Sir Henry), PATERSON 


The mystery of the new fashioned goldsmiths or 
bankers ; their rise, growth, state and decay, dis- 
covered in a merchant's letter to a country gent, who 
desired to bind his son apprentice to a goldsmith. 

4°' [London,] 1676. 

An enquiry into the grounds of a late pamphlet, in- 
titled, The mystery of the new-fashioned-goldsmiths 
or bankers ... and answering the exceptions in it to 
the bankers trade. 4°- \_London,'] 1676. 


The plan of a national establishment for country 
banking, and the principles by which it is recom- 
mended ... [S.M.] London, 1831. 

A view of the banking question, resulting from 
practice and experience. [S.M.] 8°- London, 

A letter to Viscount Althorp, Chancellor of the Ex- 
chequer, on his proposed interference with the 
present system of country banking. [S.M.] 

80- London, 1833. 

History of the rise, progress, and present state of 
banking in all parts of the world : in which is 
developed a new principle of circulating medium for 
the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ii-eland... 
[S.M.] 8°- London, 1833. 

The London and Westminster bank. Hints by way of 
encouraging the form'ation of a joint-stock banking 
company in London ... [S.M.] 8°- London, 1834. 

A word upon the bank and paper system of England. 

8°- London, 1837. 

Thoughts upon the principles of banks, and the wisdom 
of legislative interference. 8"- London, 1837. 

Practical remarks on currency and banking, particulai ly 
in reference to the system of Scotland : in a letter to 
Samuel Jones Loyd ... [S.M.] 8"- London, 1840. 

A directory of the joint-stock and private banks in 
England and Wales, 1851-2 ; comprising a statistical 
account of every bank, list of all the shareholders and 
private partners ... 8"- London, 1H52. 

Papers on banking and finance. By a bank manager. 
[S.M.] 80- London, 1871. 




Banking almanack, directory, year book and diary. 

Edited by R. H. Inglis Palgi-ave, F.S.S. 1877-81, 86. 

5 vol. 8<'- London, 1877-86. 

A casual discourse between a brigadier, a lawyer, a 

merchant and a goldsmith, about banks, f o. sh. n.d. 

Report of the proceedings from October, 1851, to 
April, 1852. 8«- London, 1852. 

Some considerations relating to the law of bankruptcies, 
and the imprisonment of men's persons for debt ... 

80' Nottinyham, 1736. 

A list of banki'upts of London ... and their dividends 
in 1811. S"- London, 1811. 

A brief of the bill exhibited against bankrupts. 

fo. sh. n.d. 

Observations and proposals offered to parliament by 
several creditors, merchants, and traders of London, 
relating to the bill concerning bankrupts, f o. sh. n.d. 

Reasons for allowing the benefits of the bankrupts-act 
to all against whom a commission shall be issued by 
the 26th of March next. fo. sh. n.d. 

Reasons for passing the bill for preventing of frauds 
committed by bankrupts. f o. sh. n.d. 

Reasons ofEer'd to the house of Commons to pass an 
explanatory act to further confii'm all such certificates 
of bankrupts as has been allowed and confirmed by 
the ... judges. fo. sh. n.d. 

Reasons offered for passing the bill, now depending in 
parliament, relating to bankrupts. fo. sh. n.d. 

The deplorable state of such unfortunate debtors as . 
have been declared bankrupts. fo. sh. n.d. 

BANKS (John). 
The history of the life and reign of William III, King 
of England, Prince of Orange, and hereditary 
stadtholder of the United Provinces . . . 

8°- London, 1744. 

BANKS (Sir T[homas] C[iiristopher]), B*- 

The dormant and extinct baronage of England : or, an 
historical and genealogical account of the lives, public 
employments, and most memorable actions of the 
English nobility who have flourished from the 
Norman Conquest to the year 1806 [and continued 
to January, 1837]. 4 voh 4o- London, . 

An historical and critical inquiry into the kingly office, 
and how far the act of coronation, with the oath 
established by law, is a solemnity indispensable to 
the exercise of the regal dignity ... 

8"- London, 1814. 

History of the ancient noble family of Marmyun : 
their singular office of King's Champion ... and 
other services on the coronation day . . . 

80' London, 1817. 

Baronia Anglica concentrata : or, a concentrated ac- 
count of all the baronies conmionly called baronies 
in fee, deriving their origin from writ of summons, 
and not from any specific limited creation. 2 vol. 

4"- Ripon, 1843-4. 

The Bannatyne manuscript, compiled 1568. 7 pt. 
[Hunterian V\xi\ 16, 32, 40, 46, 50, 55, 56.] 

A"- \_GlaHc,ow,-\ 1873-81. 

Tiic ancient sculptured monuments of the county of 
Angus ; including those at Meiglo in Pertlishiro,' and 
one at Fordoun in the Mearns. [By Patrick 
Chalmers.] imp. fo. luVnlmrgh, 184H. 

BANNISTER (Rev. John), LL.D. 
A glossary of Cornish names, ancient and modern, local, 
family, personal ... 20,000 Celtic and other names, 
now or formerly in use in Cornwall . . . 

8°- London, 1869-71. 


Testimonials as to his claims on the Crown. 

80- \_London, 1854.] 

Judgments of the execution of common law powers, 
delivered by Sir Orlando Bridgman ... (1660-7). 
2nd edit. [Only title-page and appendix of proposed 
work. The appendix contains cases of undue 
delegation of political and common law powers.] 

4o- London, 1867. 

A brief description of the map of the ancient world, 
preserved in the cathedral church of Hereford. 

4°- Hereford, 1869. 

Humane policy in the Colonies and Lidia : or, the free, 
just, and integral unions of coloured people with our 
people. 2nd edit. 8°- Brighton, 1870. 

Official morals reformed : or, a new writ of mandamus 
to stay wrongs in the Colonies and India ; with 
Colonial and Indian appeals now pending. A letter 
to the Lord Chancellor. [yl?!OH.] 8°- Brighton, 1870. 

Sussex and the other southern counties ancient iron 
works, and their revival by the use of peat-coke . . . 
[Anon.'] 8°- Brighton, 1870. 

Classical and prehistoric influences upon British history : 
our philanthropy from of old, our ever-struggling 
past, and our future. 2nd edit. 8°- London, 1871. 

BANTING (William). 
Letter on corpulence, addressed to the public. 3rd edit. 

8°- London, 1864. 

BANTON, Pea-ke. See CRIJTWELL, 'Chaeles 


Sponsorial stipulations at infant baptism, considered in 
their nature and results. [S.M.] 8°- London, 1856. 

BAR ANTE ( [Am able - Guillaume - Prosper 
Brugiere,] Baron de). 
Melanges historiques et litteraires. 2^- <;dit. 3 vol. 

8°- Paris, 1836. 


Baratariana : a select collection of fugitive political 
pieces, published during the administration of Lord 
Townshend in Ireland. [Edited by the Rev. — 
Simpson.] 2nd edit. 12o- Dublin, 1773. 


Memoirs of the fii-st settlement of the island of Bar- 
bados, and other the Carribbee islands, with the 
succession of governors and commanders-in-chief to 
1742. 12"- London, 1743. 

BARBARO (Josafa) and CONTARINI (Am- 


Travels to Tana and Persia. Translated . . . by William 
Thomas, clerk of the council to Edward VI, and by 
S. A. Roy ; and edited, with an introduction, by Lord 
Stanley of Alderley. [Hakluyt Society, 4!).] 

8"- 'London, 1873. 

BARBAULD (Anna L.htitia). 
Epistle to William Wilberforce on tlie rejection of the 
bill for abolisliiiig the slave trade. 4"' London, 1791. 
Remarks on Mr. (lilbert Wakefield's enquiry into the 
expediency and pro])riety of public or social worship. 
1st and .3rd edit. 8°- London, Tm. 

Works ... with a memoir by Lucy Aikin. 2 vol. 

H"- Loudon, 1825. 



BARBER (Ciipt. James). 

A letter to Sir John Cam Hobhouse, B*-, M.P., President 
of the India Board, on steam navigation with India... 
via the Red Sea. 8«- London, 1837. 

Letter to the members of the East India and China 
Association on the subject of steam communication 
with India. 8°- London, 183'J. 

Statements of facts relating to steam communication 
with India on the comprehensive plan. 

8o- London, 1839. 

The Directors of the East India Company v. her 
Majesty's ministers : the resolutions of the House of 
Commons, and the public of India and England, as 
regards a complete plan of steam communication be- 
tween the two empires. 8"- I^ondon, 183'J. 

BARBER, John. 
An impartial history of the life, character, amours, 
travels and transactions of Mr. John Barber, City- 
printer, common-councilman, alderman, and lord 
mayor of London. 8°- London, 1741. 

BARBEK (John Thomas), F.S.A. See BEAUMONT 
(John Thomas Baebek). 


Fac-simile of the grant of arms : dated June 2, 1569. 

A translation of the charter from the Latin, granted 
by King Henry VIII to the Company of Barbers of 
London, whereby they were made a corporation : 
also transcripts of the letters patent of several king.s 
and queens of England, with acts of parliament and 
bye-laws relative to the Barbers' Company ; rules 
and articles of the association of perukemakers, hair 
dressers ... 8°- London, 1785. 

The AVorshipf ul Company of Barbers of London. Copy 
of the case relative to the privileges of the members 
of the company, with the opinion of John Duke 
Coleridge, Q.C., M.P., thereon. 8"- London, 18(38. 

Case of the Barbers' Compan}^ and their union with 
the Surgeons as one company : with the barbers' 
reasons against the surgeons' application for a dissolu- 
tion between them. fo. sh. n.d. 

Petition against the passing an act for confirmation of 
his Majestie's grant to the physitions. 4°- sh. n.d. 
See LAMBERT (George), YOUNG (Sidney). 

The spirit of the ecclesiasticks of all sects and ages, as 
to the doctrines of morality, and more particularly 
the spii'it of the ancient fathers of the Church, 
examined. 8°- London, 1722. 

BARBIER (Antoine-Alexandre). 
Dictionnaire des ouvrages anonymes. ?>'^- edit., revue 
et augmentee par Olivier Barbier, Rene et Paul 
Billard. Suite de la 2*^- des Supercheries 

littoraires devoih'es, par J.-M. Querard ... Avec une 
table generalc des noms reels des ecrivains anonymes 
et pseudonynies cites dans les deux ouvrages. 5 vol. 

8°- Paria, 1872-9. 

BARBIER (Joseph). 
The famous game of chesse-play, being a princely 
exercise ; wherein the learner may profite more by 
reading of this small booke than by playing ijf a thou- 
sand mates ... 12°- London. [1G72.] 

BARBOSA (Duarte). 
A description of the coasts of East Africa and Malabar 
in the beginning of the l(!tli century. Translated... 
with notes and a preface, by the Hon. Henry E. J. 
Stanley. [Hakluyt Society, 34.] 8°- London, 18G6. 

BARBOU (Alfred). 
Victor Hugo and his time ... Translated from the 
French by Ellen E. Frewer. 8°- London, 1882. 

BARBOUR (Ai-chdeacon John). 

The Brus : from a collation of the Cambridge and 
Edinburgh MSS. [Edited by Cosmo Innes. Spalding 
Club, 28.] 4''' Aberdeen, 185(;. 

The Bruce : or, the book of the most excellent and 
noble Prince Robert do Broyss, King of Scots ... 
A.D. 1375. Edited ... with a preface, notes, and a 
glossarial index, by the Rev. Walter W. Skeat, M.A. 
3 pt. [Early English Text Society, extra series, 
11,21,29.] 8°- Zojirfo^, 1870-7. 

BARCLAY (Alexander). 
The cytezen and uplondyshman : an eclogue . . . Edited, 
with an introductory notice of Barclay and his other 
eclogues, by F. W. Fairliolt, F.S.A. [Percy Society, 
22.] 8°' London, 1847. 

See BRANDT (Sebastian). 

BARCLAY (Hugh). 
Notes on the psalm-book, especially on the Scotch 
metrical version. 8''- Ed/nburtjh, 1877. 

BARCLAY (John). 
The mirror of minds : or, Barclay's Icon Animorum. 
Englished by Tho. May. 12°- London, 1633. 

BARCLAY (John). 
The diary of Alexander Jaffray, provost of Aberdeen, 
one of the Scottish commissioners to King Charles 11, 
and a member of Cromwell's pai-liament : to which 
are added particulars of his subsequent life, given in 
connection with memoirs oi the rise, progress and 
persecutions of the people called Quakers, in the 
north of Scotland. 2nd edit. 8°- London, 1834. 

BARCLAY (Robert). 
An apology for the true Christian divinity ; being an 
explanation and vindication of the principles and 
doctrines of the Quakers. 10th edit. 

8"- London, 1841. 
Views of Christian doctrine held by the religious 
Society of Friends, being passages taken from Bar- 
clay's Apology. 8°- Philadelphia, 1882. 

BARCLAY (Robert). 
The inner life of the religious societies of the Common- 
wealth : considered principally with reference to the 
influence of Church organization on the spread of 
Christianity. 8"- London, 1876. 

BARCLAY (William), A.M., M.D. 
Nepenthes : or, the vertues of tobacco, 1614. [Edited 
by John Stuart. Spalding Club Miscellany, 1.] 

4°- Aberdeen, 1841. 

BARDSLEY ([Rev.] Charles Wareing), M.A. 
Our English surnames : their sources and significations. 

S"- London. [1874.] 

BARDSLEY (Rev. James), M.A. 
A lecture on the scriptural connection between Church 
and State. 8°- Manchester. [1861.] 

BARDWELL (William). 
Brief account of ancient and modern Westminster : 
with observations on former plans of improvement, 
and on the objects and prospects of the Westminster 
Improvement Company. 8"- London, 1839. 

A brief historical narrative of the royal church and 
parish of St. Margaret the MartjT, W^estminster ... 

8"- London. [1879.] 

BARENTS, William. See VEER (Gerrit de). 

BARETTI (Giuseppe). 
Dizionario delle lingue Italiana cd Inglese. Nona 
edizione, corretta e migliorata, da Carlo Thomson. 
■2 vol. 8»- Londra, 1839. 



BARETTI (Giuseppe)— ro»/;«»«/. 
A new dictionnry of the Italican and English languages, 
based upon that of Baretti, with additions. By John 
Davenport and Guglielmo Comelati. Italian-English 
and English-Italian. 2 vol. 8°- Londo)i, 18G8. 

A guide through the Royal Academy. 4°- London, n.d. 
Sec NEUMAN (Hexey). 

BARGRAYE (Canon John), D.D. 
Pope Alexander VU and the College of Cardinals. 
With a catalogue of Dr. Bargrave's museum. Edited 
by Canon James Craigie Robertson, M.A. [Camden 
Society, 92.] 4°- [London,'] 1867. 

BARHAM (Rev. R. H. Dalton). 
The life and remains of Theodore Edward Hook. 

2 vol. 8°- London, 1849. 

The life and letters of the Rev. Richard Harris Bar- 
ham, author of the Ingoldsby Legends : with a 
selection from his miscellaneous pcems. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1870. 

[BARHAM (Rev. Richard Harris).] 
Ingoldsby legends : or, mirth and marvels by Thomas 
Ingoldsby, Esquire [^jsei«/.]. 18th edit. 2 vol. 

8°' London, n.d. 

BARING (Sir Francis), B*- 
Observations on the establishment of the Bank of 
England and on the paper cii-culation of the country. 

8''- London, 1797. 
Further observations on-the establishment of the Bank 
of England and on the paper circulation of the 
country. 8°- London, 1797. 

BARING (Thomas). 
Speech before the electors of the City of London, 
October Gth, at the London Tavern. 

8°- London, 1843. 

BARING (Walter). 
Report on the atrocities committed upon the Christians 
in Bulgaria. [Supplement to the London Gazette, 
September 19.] fo. London, 187G. 

BAEING-GOULD (S.). Sir GfOULD (S. Baring-). 

BARKAS (T. P.), F.G.S. 

Original researches in psychology. An address de- 
livered to the Newcastle Psychological Society, 
Oct. 23. 12"- London. [1876.] 

BARKER, Henry Aston. Sn- PANORAMAS. 

BARKER (Rev. John). 
Preparation to meet God in the way of his judgments 
■the present duty of Christians. 8"- London, 1720. 
A sermon prcaeh'd to the societies for reformation of 
manners, at Salters' Hall, cm Monday, June 26. 

8"- London, 1721. 
Conversion : the act of Christ, an obligation to service, 
and an encouragement to prayer. 12"- L^ondon, 1723. 
To walk in newness of life the gi-eat duty of Christians. 

8"- London, 1735. 
Popery, the great corruption of Christianity. 

8"- London, 1735. 
A sermon occasioned hy the death of the Rev. Ben- 
jamin Grosvenor, D.D., August 27. 

8"- London, 1758. 

BARKER (Rev. Samuel), A.M. 
National jubilee. The King's accession ... General 
thanksgiving... 4"- [Vdniioitth,] IHlf). 

A sermon preached in the chnrclies of 'I'aiuiington and 
l)(;iiiiiiigton, Snd'olk, 20tli J'\3bruary, lieing the Sunday 
after the interment of (Jcorge the 'I'liii-d. 

4"- YdriiioiKh. [1820.] 

BARKSTEAD (Col. John), OKEY (Col. 
John), and CORBET (Miles). 
A letter ... to their friends in the congregated churches 
in London, with the manner of their apprehension. 

4°- London, 1662. 

Speeches and prayers ... at their execution at Tyburn, 
19th April. 4°- London, 1662. 

BARL.^US (Caspar) andBOYUS (Cornelius). 
Faces Augustse, sive Poematia, quibus illustriores 
Nuptise, a nobili et illustri viro, D. Jacobo Catsio, eq. 
et preepot. HoU. . .antehac Belgicis versibus conscriptte, 
jam Latino carmine celebrantur. [Accesserunt Jacobi 
Lydii Sermonum convivalium, de variis sponsaliorum 
et nuptiarum ritibus, libri duo. D.C.] 

8°- Dordmci, 1643. 

BARLOW (Alfred). 
The history and principles of weaving by hand and by 
power. Reprinted, with considerable additions, from 
" Engineering :" with a chapter on lace-making ma- 
chinery, reprinted from the " Journal of the Society 
of Arts." London, 1878. 

BARLOW, Sir George. Sec INDUS. 

BARLOW (Henry Clark), M.D. 
Studies from Dante. Contents — Letteratura Dantesca : 
remarks on the reading of the 114th verse of the 
Vllth canto of the Paradise of the Divina Commedia. 
Francesca da Rimini, her lament and vindication : 
with a brief notice of the Malatesti. H Conte Ugo- 
lino e I'Ai-civescovo Ruggieri : a sketch from the 
Pisan chronicles. H gran rifiuto : what it was, who 
made it, and how fatal to Dante AUighieri. The 
Young King and Bertrand de Born. 

8°- London, 1857-62. 
Critical, historical and philosophical contributions to 
the study of the Divina Commedia. With supplement. 

8"- London, 1864-5. 
On the Vernon Dante. With other dissertations. 

80- London, 1870. 

BARLOW (Joel). 
The vision of Columbus : a poem, in nine books. 

12«- London, 1787. 

BARLOW (John). 
An exposition of the 1st and 2nd chapters of the latter 
Epistle of the Apostle Paul to Timothie. [2 pt.] 
A seasonable discourse of spiritual steadfastness. 
The true guide to glory. The good man's refuge in 
affliction. Hierons last farewell. [D.C.] 

fo. London, 1632. 

BARLOW (Percival). 
The general history of Europe and entertaining 
traveller. Comprising an historical and geographical 
account of all the kingdoms, empires ... in Europe. 

fo. London, 1788. 

BARLOW (Peteh), F.R.S. 
A treatise on the streni^th of materials : with rules for 
application in architecture, the construction of 
suspension bridges, railways ... New edit., revised 
by P. W. Barlow, F.R.S., and W. II. Barlow, F.R.S., 
the whole arranged and edited by William Ilumber. 

8"' London, 1867. 

BARLOW (Stephen), A.M. 
The history of Ireland, from the earliest period to the 
present time. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1814. 

BARLOW (T. Worth iNiiTON), F.L.S. 
Cheshire, its historical and literary associations illus- 
trated in a series of biogra|)liical sketches : witli a 
reprint of the diary of Edward Bnrgluill,the Puritan 
vicar of Acton, 1628-63. 8"- Manrhcxlcr, \9,bb. 

BARLOW (Thomas), D.D., Bisliop of Lincoln. 
Do studio tlioologiic : or, directions foi' the clioico of 
books in the study of divinity. Published from the 
original MS. by W. Offley, M.A. 4°- O-i-ford, 1699. 



BARLOW (Thomas), B.D.—coNtliined. 
Case concerning setting up images or painting of them 
in churches : published upon occasion of a painting 
set up in Whitechappcl church. 8"- London, 1714. 

BARLOW (W. H.). Src BUCK (George Watson). 

BARLOWE (Jerome). See ROY (Williase). 

BARMBY (Rev. J[a.mes]), B.D. 
(iregory the Great. [The Fathers for English Readers.] 

8"- London, 187'J. 

BARNABAS, St. [Pimlico.] 
The gathering tempest ; Puscyism and the confessional 
doomed ! or. Saint Barnabas unmasked by its own 
priests ! being strictures upon tractarianism gene- 
rally ... 8°- London, 1858. 

BARNARD, Lady Anne. Sec TYTLER (Sarah). 

BARNARD (Charles). .SVr MAYER (Alfred 

BARNARD (EmvAiti)). 
History of England, from the earliest period of 
authentic information down to the middle of the 
year 1783 ... fo. London, 1782. [1783.] 

BARNARD (Geoiuji:). 
The theory and practice of landscape painting in water 
colours. Illustrated by a series of thirty drawings 
and diagrams in colours, and numerous woodcuts. 
New edit. 8<'- Loudon, 1858. 

BARNARD (Sir John). 

A defence of several proposals for raising three millions 
for the service of the government for the year 1 741! . . . 

8°- London, 174G. 

A letter to Sir John Barnard upon his proposals for 
raising three millions of money for the service of the 
year. 8"' London, 1746. 

Remarks on a letter to Sir John Barnard, in which the 
proposals of that worthy patriot are vindicated, and 
a late important transaction set in a true light. 
2nd edit. S°- London, 174(5. 

A present for an apprentice : or, a sure guide to gain 
both esteem and estate ; with rules for his conduct 
to his master, and in the world. By a late Lord 
Mayor of London [^wewt/.]. 5th and 10th edit. 

8°- London, 1747-[60]. 

Another edit. 8°- Ghi ■'ff/ow, 17 GO. 

Another edit. 8°- London, 1817. 

Memoirs of the late Sir John Barnard, Alderman of 
the City of London ; together with notes furnished 
by [Willliam Henry] Overall [F.S.A], Librarian to 
the City of London Guildhall Library : with a preface 
by Thomson Hankey. London, 1820. Reprinted 
[for private circulation only]. 8°- London, 1885. 

Reports of cases determined in the King's Bench, 
Trinity term, 12 Geo. I, 172G, to Trinity term, 7 
Geo. II, 1734. [R.L.L.] 2 vol. fo. London, 1744. 

BARNEBY (W. Henhv). 
Life and labour in the Far, Far West ; being notes of 
a tour in the Western States, British Columbia, 
Manitoba, and the North-West Territory. 

8°- London, 1884. 
BARNES, Ambrose. .Srr R. (M.) 

[BARNES (Baknahe).] 
Pythenophil and Parthenope. Sonnets, madrigals, 
elegies and odes. [London, 1593. Arber's English 
Garner, 5.] 4"- Birmingham, 1882. 

BARNES (Hfahy). 
Notes of cases in points oP practice taken in the Court 
of Common Pleas from 1732 to 175G. 3rd edit. 
[R.L.L.] 8"- London, 171)0. 

BARNES (Joshtta), B.D. 
The history of that most victorious monarch Edward 
in, King of England and France, and Lord of 
Ii-eland... fo. Cumbridtjf, 16SS. 

BARNES (Juliana). Sec BERNERS (Juliana). 

BARNES (R. Y.). 
A new and improved universal system of book-keeping 
suitable to be used in all businesses. 8th edit. 
[S.M.] 8"- London, 1875. 

BARNES (Richaku), Bishop of Durham. 
Injunctions and other ecclesiastical proceedings from 
1575 to 1587. [Edited by the Rev. James Raine. 
Surtees Society, 22.] 8"- Durham. [1850.] 


A true relation of the devilish attempt to fire the town. . . 
October IG. [By M.D.] fo. sh. London, 1G79. 

BARNET (Ja(oh). 
Remarks upon Dr. Priestley's letters to the Jews, 
upon his discourse on the resurrection of Jesus, 
and upon his letters to the members of the New 
Jerusalem ... 8''' London, 1792. 

BARNETT (Frederick). 
A new bridge for providing for the traffic across the 
Thames below London Bridge. Extract from the 
Journal of the Society of Arts. 8"- London, 187G. 

BARNETT (John). 
The songs, duetts, choruses ... in Fair Rosamond, sL 

grand opera in four acts ... 8"- L^ondon. [1837.] 
The songs, duetts, and trios in Farinelli, a serio-comic 

opera in two acts .. . 8°- London. [1839.] 

BARNETT (Rohekt W.). 
The progress and development of banking in the United 
Kingdom, from the year 1800 to the present time : 
and. The effect of the development of bankingfacilities 
upon the circulation of the country. The prize 
essays of the Institute of Bankers for the years 1879 
and 1880. 8°- [London, 1881.] 

BARNEVELDT. Jan van Olden. Grand Pensionary 
of Holland. ^Vr CROWE (Eyre Evans). MOTLEY 
(John Lothrop). 

BARNEWELL (Richard Vaughan) and 
^DOLPHUS (John Leycestek). 
Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court 
of King's Bench, 1830-4. 5 vol. [R.L.L.] 

8"- London. 1831-5. 

BARNEWELL (Richard Vaughan) and 
ALDERSON (Ed^vard Hall). 
Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of 
King's Bench, 1817-22. 5 vol. [R.L.L.] 

8"- London. 181 8-22. 

BARNEWELL (Rich.\r-d Vaughan) and 
CRESSWELL (Crksswell). 
Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of 
King's Bench, 1822-30. 10 vol. [R.L.L.] 

8°- London, 1823-32. 

BARNFIELD (Richard). 

The affectionate sliephcrd, a.d. 1594. Edited by James 
Orchard HalliweU, F.R.S., F.S.A. [Percy Society, 
20.] 4"- London, 1845. 

Poems. 1594-8. [Arber's English Scholar's Library, 
14.] 8"- Birminriham, 1883. 

History and antiquities of Barnwell Abbey and Stur- 
bridgc Fair. [Bil)Iiotheca Topographica Brit., 8.] 

4"- London, 1784. 



BAROX (John), M.D., F.R.S. 
The life of Edward Jenner, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S. : 
with illustrations of his doctrines, and selections from 
his correspondeuce. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1838. 

[BAROX (Wili.i.\m).] 
The Dutch way of toleration most proper for our 
English dissenters. 4°- London, 1698. 


A new Baronetage of England : or, a genealogical and 
historical account of the present English baronets ... 

3 vol. 12°- London, 1769. 

BAROXIUS (Cardinal aESAE). 
Annales ecclesiastici. 12 vol. in 7. [D.C.] 

fo. MogunticE, 1601-8. 

BARR (Matthias). 
Poems. 8"- London, 1865. 

Revised edit. 8°- London, n.d. 

BARRADAS (Sebastian). 
Commcntaria in concordiam et historiam Evangelicam. 

4 vol. in 2. [D.C.] fo. Mogunttcc, ]61S. 
Itinerarium filiorum Israel ex .33gypto in terra 

repromissionis. [D.C.] fo. Antverpice, 1621. 

BARRETTER, John Philip. 
An account of the life of, who was master of five 
languages at the age of 9 years... 8°- London, 1744. 

BARRETT (Rev. George S.), B.A. 
The crime and folly of war with Russia. 

8°- Norwich. [1878.] 

BARRETT (Rev. J[onathan] T[yeks]), D.D. 
Memorials of the parochial church, the collegiate 
chantry, and the chapel of St. Mary, commonly 
called Mortimer's chapel, in the parish of Attle- 
borough : together with some account of the services 
used at the consecration of churches, from the Anglo- 
Saxon to the present time. imp. 8°- London, 1848. 

B[ARRETT] (T[homas] S[quire]). 
An examination of Mr. W. H. Gillespie's argument a 
priori, for the existence of a great cause... 

8°- London, 1869. 

BARRETT (W. Alex.), Mus. Bac. 
English church composers. ['The Great Musicians.] 

8°- London, 1882. 
See STAINER (John). * 

BARRETT (William), F.S.A. 
The history and antiquities of the city of Bristol ; 
compiled from original records and authentic MSS., 
in public offices or private hands. 4°' Bristol, llSd. 


BARRliSRE, Pierre. -SVr CIMBER (L.). 

BARRTFF (Capt. William). 

Militai y discipline, or the young artillery-man : wherein 
is di.scourscd and shownc the postures both of 
musket and pike, the exactcst way ... together 
with the motions which arc to V)c used in the 
exercising of a foot company, with divers and severall 
forms and figures of battell. 4"- L(nidon, 1635. 

3rd edit., newly revised and much enlarged by 
Captaino William Barriffe. 4"- London, 1643. 

BARRTXGTOX, (!k()H(;k. 
Mcmoii-s ... from his birth in 1 7.').'), to liis last conviction 
at the Old Bailey, September 17, 1790. 

8°- London, 1790. 

BARRIXGTOX (Sir Jonah). 
Historic memoirs of Ii'eland ; comprising secret records 
of the Xational Convention, the Rebellion, and the 
Union : with delineations of the principal characters 
connected with these transactions. Illustrated with 
curious letters and papers in fac-simile, and numerous 
original portraits. Xew edit. 2 vol. 

40- London, 1835. 

BARROW (Su- Geokok), B*- 
Ceylon, past and present : with a map by John 
Arrowsmith. 8°- London, 1857. 

BARROW (Grace M.). 
The conquest of Wales and other poems. 

12°- [London, 1875.] 
Lady Jane Grey : a tragedy in five acts. 

8°- \_London, 1881.] 

A sermon upon the passion of our Blessed Saviour, 

preached at the Guildhall Chappel, on Good Friday, 

April 13. 40- London, 1677. 

A treatise on the Pope's supremacy: to which is added, 

A discourse concerning the unity of the Church. 

Xew edit. 8o- London, 1851. 

BARROW (Sir John), B'-, F.R.S., F.S.A. 

Some account of the public life, and a selection from 
the unpublished writings, of the Earl of Macartney ; 
consisting of extracts from an account of the Russian 
empire, and a journal of an embassy to the Emperor 
of China. 2 vol. 4°- London, 1807. 

The life of George, Lord Anson. 8°- London, 1839. 

BARRY (Alfred), D.D., Bishop of Sydney. 
The influence of the spiritual life of the minister of 
Christ on his pastoral work ... and preaching: its 
substance and method ... 8"- Oxford, 1875. 

,sVr BARRY (Edward M.). 

BARRY (Rev. Edward), M.D. 
A sermon preached before the British Assurance Society 
at St. Giles's in the Fields, 14th August. 

40- London, 1786. 
The friendly call of truth and reason to a new species 
of dissenters. 8°- Reading, 1799. 

3rd edit. 8"- London, 1806. 

A few observations on the expedience of parliament;xry 
interposition duly to explain ... the Tolerating Act. 

8°- London, 1800. 
Sermons preached on public occasions. 3rd edit. 

8°- Reading, 1805. 
Essays on the following subjects : celibacy, wedlock, 
seduction, pride, duelling, self murder, lying, de- 
traction, avarice, justice, generosity, temperance, 
excess, death. 8"- Reading, 1806. 

BARRY (Edward M.), R.A. 
Lectures on architecture delivered at the Royal 
Academy. Edited, with introductory memoir, by 
[Bishop] Alfred Barry [D.D.]. 8° London, 1881. 

BARRY (Rev. George), D.D. 
The history of the Orkney Islands, in which is com- 
prehended an account of their present as well as 
their ancient state ... and the means by wliich tliey 
may be improved ... 4"- Edinburgh, IHOb. 

BARRY (James), R.A. 
An account of a series of pictures in the great room of 
the Society of Arts ... at the Adelphi. 

8"- London, 1783. 
A series of etcliings from his oi'iginal and justly cele- 
brated paintings in the great room of the Society of 
Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, Adelphi. 

la. fo. London, 1808. 



BARRY (James), R.A. — coiUiiiued. 
Lectures on painting, by tlie Royal Academicians, 
James Barry, Jolin Opie, and Henry Fuseli. Edited, 
with an introduction, and notes critical and illus- 
trative, by Ralph N. Wornum. [S.M.] 

80' London, 1848. 

BARRY (John Wolfk). 
Railway appliances. A description of details of railway 
construction subsequent to the completion of the 
earthworks and structures, including a short notice 
of railway rolling stock. [S.M.] 8"- London, 1876. 

BARRY (John Wolfi:) and BRAJIWELL 
(Fkkdekick J.), F.R.S. 
Railways and locomotives : lectures delivered at the 
School of Military Engineering at Chatham in 1877. 

S"- London, 1882. 

BARRY (William Whittakek). 
A treatise on the law and practice of benefit, building, 
and freehold land societies. sm. 8°- London, 1866. 

BARTH (HENiiY), Ph.D., D.C.L. 

Travels and discoveries in North and Central Africa: 
being a journal of an expedition undertaken under 
the auspices of H.B.M.'s government in the years 
1849-65. 5 vol. 8°- London, 1857-8. 

BARTHELEMY (Abbe Jean Jacques). 
Recueil des cai'tes geographiques, plans, vues et modailles 
de I'ancienne Grece, relatif s an Voyage du Anacharsis 
jeune: precede d'une critique des cartes. 

4°- Park, 1788. 

Travels of Anacharsis the younger in Greece, during 
the middle of the fourth century before the Christian 
£Bra. Translated from the French [by WiUiara 
Beaumont]. 2nd edit. 7 vol. 8°-, and 4°- vol., of 
plates. London, 1793-4. 

Another edit. 4 vol. 8°- London, 1796. 

7th edit. 7 vol. in 4. [Corpus Historicum.] 

8«- London, 1816-18. 

BARTHFIELD, Upper Hungary. 
A true account of the Christians taking ... being a true 
copy of a letter from the imperial army. 

fo. sh. London, 1684. 

BARTHOLIN (Caspar). 
Institutiones anatomicse. [D.C.] 8°- Lugd. Bat., 1545. 

BARTHOLOMEW (Archdeacon John), A.M. 
The holiness of baptized infants. 4th edit. 

8°- London, 1850. 


Bartholomew Faire, with the severall enormityes and 
misdemeanours which are there scene and acted. 

4"- (Reprint) London, 1641. 

An account of the last, and the late City order for 
regulating the same: with two letters to a citizen of 
London on that occasion. 4°' London, 1702. 

Reasons for the punctual limiting of, to those three 
days to which it is determined by the royal grant of 
it to the City of London. 8"- London, 1711. 

Bartholomew Fair, an hei'oi-comical poem [with various 
additional MS. and other notices]. 

8°- London, 1717. 
The history and origin of. 8"- London, 1808. 

A poetical description of Bartholomew Fair. By one 
under a hood, \_piieud. i.e., John Major.] 

80- London, 1837. 
N^ws from, or the world's mad. 4"- I^ondon, n.d. 

The Siege of Troy, a dramatick performance, presented 
in Mrs. Mynn's booth ... 8"- London, n.d. 

The ordre of the hospital of S. Bartholomewes in 
West Smithfielde, in London. 12°- London, 1552. 


Orders and ordinances for the better government of 
the hospitall of Bartholomew the lesse. As also 
orders enacted for orphans and their portions, 
MDLXXX. Together with a briefe discourse of 
the laudable customes of London. 4°- London, 1652. 

A description of the preparations contained in the 
museum. 4°- London, 1831. 

The Queen, on the prosecution of William Anderson 
Rose V. the Treasurer and Governors of the house of 
the poor in West Smithfield ... special case and 
appendix. 4°- London, 1865-6. 

Calendar, session 1878-9. 8"- [London, 1878.] 

BAETLETT (Benjamin), F.S.A. See NICHOLS 

Familiar quotations: being an attempt to trace to their 
source passages and phrases in common use. 

8°- London. [1869.] 

BARTLETT (John Russell). 
Dictionary of Americanisms: a glossary of words and 
phrases usually regarded as peculiar to the United 
States. 4th edit. 8°- Boston [U.S.A.], 1877. 

BARTLETT (William Henry). 
The pilgrim fathers: or, the founders of New England 
in the reign of James the First. 2nd edit. 

80- London, 1854. 

See WEIGHT (G. N.). 

BARTLEY (George C. T.). 
Toys. [British Manufacturing Industries, 1.] 

80- London, 1877. 


BAETOLOMEO (Era Baccio della Porta). See 
SCOTT (Leader). 

BARTOLOZZI (Francis), R.A. 
Graphic illustrations of Milton's Paradise Lost: en- 
graved . . . from paintings by Thomas Stothard, R.A. 
[Imperfect.] la. fo. London, 1818. 

See TUEE (Andrew W.). 


Opera omnia, cum appendice. Grsece et Latine. 3 vol. 
[D.C.] fo. Parisu^, 1618. 

See SMITH ([Eev.] Eichard Travees). 


Tsamensprekinghe van Polytes en Anna ouer de 
Predickinge die Christus den twee Discipulcn dede 
nae Emaus gaende op den Paeschdach wt Moyse 
ende alle de Propheten. [D.C.] 

8°- Amstelredam, 1589. 

The case of the King stated from the very beginning 
of the warre ... 4°- [London,] 1647. 

BASKETT, John, v. WATSON, James. 
Reasons why the hearing of tliis cause [as to the right 
of printing bibles] should not be put off longer than 
the time already appointed. 

fo. sh. [London, 1717-18.] 

BASSANO (Paul). 
A defence of Paul Bassano, the surviving patentee for 
the im[)ortatiou of fresh salmon and lobsters by a 
new invention ... submitted to parliament. 

fo. sh*- n.d. 



BASSECOURT, Fabkice de. 
Tableau de la bonne foy et sincerite de M. Fabrice de 
BassecDurt, par cy devant deux fois Prebstre de la 
Papaute, et maintenant un des plus ardens promoteurs 
du scliisme et division es eglises de ce pays ... Par 
un amateur de verite et de paix, pour seryir de 
response a I'anti fausse-balance publiee depuis 
n'aguerres par le dit Bassecourt. [D.C.] 4°- 1618. 

Map of Broadwater... byP. Crosthwaite. Engraved 
by S. J. Neele. Loudon, 1785. 

BASSET, Thomas. 
An exact catalogue of the common and statute law 
books of this realm ... broadside. London, lG8i. 

B [ASSET] (W.). 
Corporal worship discuss'd and defended ... 

4"- London, 1G70. 

BASTIAN (H. Charlton), M.A., M.D., F.R.S. 

The beginnings of life ; being some account of the 
nature, modes of origin, and transformations of 
lower organisms. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1872. 

The brain as an organ of mind. [International Scientific 
Series, 29.] 8°- London, 1880. 

BASTIAT (Frederic). 

Popular fallacies regarding trade and foreign duties ; 
being the " Sophismes economiques "... adapted to 
the present time by Edward Robert Pearce. [Cob- 
den Club.] 8o- London, 1882. 

Essays on political economy. 3rd edit. 

12°- London, n.d. 

BASTINGIUS (Hieremias). 
Verclaringe op den Catechisme der Christelicker Religie, 
so die in den Belgischen oft Nederlandtschen 
gevnieerden Provincien, en inder Keurvorstelicker 
Pals, in Kercken ende Scholen gepredict ende geleert 
wort. Wt de Latijnsche, inde Neder-duytsche sprake 
ghebracht, door Henricum vanden Corput. [D.C] 

S"' Dordrecht, 1591. 

The several humble petitions of Dr. Bastwicke, M. 
Burton, M. Pi-ynne, and of Nath. Wickins ... to 
parliament ... 4°- London, 1G41. 

,SVr LILBUKNE, Col. John. 


The cabinet of gems, or vocabulary of precious stones, 
arranged according to their comparative value: with 
a description of the largest known diamonds and 
coloured gems in the world ... 8"- JLirror/ate, 1846. 

BATE (Geoi:c;e), M.D. 

The rcgall apology: or, the declaration of the Com- 
mons, Feb. 11 til, 1647, canvassed; wherein every 
()l)jection anil their whole charge against His Majesty 
is cleared, and for the most part retorted. 

4"- London, 1648. 

Elenchus motuum nupcrorum in Anglia: oi-, a short 
historical account of the rise and progress of the 
late trouliles in England ... [and] Motu.s compositi: 
or, the history of' the composing the affairs of 
England by the rcstauration of K. Charles the 
Second ... written in Latin by Tho. Skinner, M.D. 
Made English [hy A. Lovel] ... 8"- London, 1685. 

BATE (John). 
lOinigration to tho British colonics of North America, 
Australia, New Zealand, the Cape of (lood Hope 
and Natal, showing ... tho inducements they each 
offer to emigrants. H"- Lon(/on, '[HiVI. 

BATE (Rev. Julius), M.A. 
The Examiner examined: or, the examination of re- 
marks upon, and Mr. Catcott's answer to, the 
observations upon his sermon considered. With some 
observations upon the Hebrew grammar. [^4?;o)f.] 

8"- London, 1739. 

Experimental philosophy asserted and defended against 
some late attempts to undermine it. 

8°- London, 1740. 

An essay towards explaining the third chapter of 
Genesis, and the spiritual sense of the law ... 

8°- London, 1741. 

Remarks upon Mr. War burton's remarks ... tending 
to show that the ancients knew there was a future 
state, and that the Jews were not under an equal 
Providence. 8°- London, 1745. 

The faith of the ancient Jews in the law of Moses, and 
the evidence of the types vindicated: in a letter to 
the Rev. Dr. Stebbing. 8°- London, 1747. 

Michah, v, 2, and Mat. ii, 6, reconciled : with some 
remarks on Dr. Hunt's Latin oration at Oxford, 
1748, and Dr. Grey's Last words of David, and 
David's numbering the people. 8°- London, 1749. 

The use and intent of prophecy, and history of the 
Fall, cleared from the objections in Dr. C. Middle- 
ton's examination of the Bishop of London's dis- 
courses concerning them. 8°- London, 1750. 

A defence of Mr. Hutchinson's tenets in philosophy 
and divinity, in answer to the objections of Mr. 
Berington. 8°- London, 1751. 

The scripture meaning of Aleim and Berith, justified 
against the exceptions of Dr. Sharp in his two disser- 
tations concerning Elohim and Berith. 

8°- London, 1751. 

The blessing of Judah by Jacob, considered: the sera 
of Daniel's weeks ascertained, and the .texts con- 
strued, chap, ixj ver. 23-7. 8°- London, 1753. 

The integrity of the Hebrew text and many passages 
of scripture, vindicated from the objections and mis- 
constructions of Mr. Kennicott. 8°- London, 1754. 

A reply to Dr. Sharp's review and defence of his 
dissertations on the scripture meaning of Aleim and 
Berith. 2 pt. 8"- London, 1755. 

Critica HebrsEa : or, a Hebrew-English dictionary 
without*points ... 4°- London, 1767. 

A new and literal translation, from the original Hebrew, 
of the Pentateuch of Moses and of the historical 
books of the Old Testament, to the end of the Second 
Book of Kings : with notes critical and explanatory. 

4"- London, 1773. 

An inquiry into the occasional and standing similitudes 
of the Lord God, in the Old and New Testament. 

8°- London, n.d. 

BATEMAN, Charles, Chirurgeon. 
Tryal for high treason, 9th December ; and of 
John Holland and William Davis, for falsely im- 
prisoning William Chancey, 10th December. Also 
of Holland, Davis, and Agnes Wearing, for burglary 
and felony ... 11th December. fo. London, 1685. 

BATEMAN (John), F.R.G.S. 
The great landowners of Great Britain and Ireland. 
A list of all owners of three thousand acres and up- 
wards, worth 3,000/. a year, in England, Scotland, 
Ireland and Wales: their acreage, income from land, 
college, club, and services, culled from the modern 
Domesday Book. With an analysis. 

8°- London, 1878. 

New edit. 8"- London, 1879. 

4th edit. 8"- London, 1883. 

BATEMAN (Thomas), M.D. 
Reports on the diseases of London and the state of the 
weather, from 1804 to 1816 ... 8"- London, 1819. 



BATEMAN (Thomas) and GLOVER (Stephen). 
Vestiges of the antiquities of Derbyshire, and the 
sepulchral usages of its inhabitants, from the most 
remote ages to the Rei^orraation. 8°- London, 1848. 

BATENHAM (Gkoiuje and William) and 
Ancient Chester : a series of illustrations of the streets 
of this old city, taken si.xty years since... with preface 
and descriptions by Thomas Hughes, F.S.A. [500 
copies printed.] fo. London, 1880. 

BATES (Geoege), M.D. 

BATE (Geoege). 

BATES (Henky Walter). 

The naturalist on the river Amazons : a record of 
adventures, habits of animals... and aspects of nature 
under the Equator ... 2 vol. 8°- London, 18G3. 

Central and South America, and the West Indies : with 
ethnological appendix by A. H. Keane, M.A.I. 
[Stanford's Compendium of Geography.] With 1 
vol. of maps. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1878. 

BATES (Rev. Willl\m), D.D. 

The harmony of the divine attributes in the contrivance 
and accomplishment of man's redemption by the 
Loi-d Jesus Christ. 4°- London, 1(574. 

3rd edit. 8°- London, 1688. 

Considerations of the existence of God and of the im- 
mortality of the soul. 8"- London, 1G76. 

A funeral sermon preached upon the death of Dr. 
Thomas Manton. 12°- London, 1678. 

The sovereign and final happiness of man, with the 
effectual means to obtain it. 8°- London, 1680. 

A short description of the blessed place and state of the 
saints above. 12°- London, 1687. 

The speedy coming of Christ to judgment, represented 
in a funeral sermon on the death of Mr. Benj. Ashurst, 
11th Sept. 12«- London, 

The way to the highest honour ; a funeral sermon on 
John xii, 26, preached upon the decease of the Rev. 
Thomas Jacombe, D.D. 12°- London, 1687. 

The sure trial of uprightness ... 8"- London, 1689. 

A funeral sermon for the Rev. Mr. Richard Baxter, 
who died December 8th, 1691 : with some account of 
his life. 120- London, \m-l. 

A sermon preached upon the much-lamented death of 
the late Queen Mary : to which is added, the address 
of condolence to his'Majesty by the dissenting minis- 
ters. 3rd edit. 8"- London, 1695. 

The doctrine of the ever blessed Trinity proved to be 
a fundamental article of the Christian religion. 

12'>- London, 1737. 

Tlie four last things — death, judgment, heaven and hell, 
practically considered and applied. Edited by the 
Rev. C. Bradley. 8°- London, 1826. 

Another edit. 8"- Bunf/a//, n.d. 

Spiritual perfection unfolded and enforced ... with 
introductory remarks by the Rev. J. Pye Smith, D.D. 

16°- London, 1836. 

BATES (Prof. William), B.A. 
George Cruikshank, the artist, the humorist, and the 
man : with some account of his brother Robert : a 
critico-bibliographical essay. With numerous illus 
trations by (i. Cruikshank. 2nd edit. 

4''- London, 1879. 

' Srr MACLISE (Daniel). 

The new Bath guide ... giving an account of the first 
di.scovery of its medicinal waters by King Bladud ... 
to which is added, the life [and] character of Richard 
Nash... New edit. 16"- /^«//(, 1793. 

.SVr ANSTEY (Chkistophee). IBBETSON (J. C). 

A true relation of the cei'emonies at the creating of the 
knights of the hontmrable order of the Bath, the 18 
and 19 April : with a perfect list of their names in 
the same order as they were knighted by his Majesty. 

40- London. [1661.] 

BATH ([John Alexander Thvnne,] Marquis 

Observations on Bulgarian affairs. 2nd edit. 

8"- London, 1880. 

BATH (William, Earl of). ,S<r PULTENEY 


Proceedings of the committee to promote the establish- 
ment of, for the labouiing classes ; and a report upon 
the buildings erected ... 4"- London, 18.02-3. 

BATHURST (Elizaretii). 
Truth's vindication : or, a gentle stroke to wipe off the 
foul aspertions, false accusations and misrepresenta- 
tions cast upon the people of God, call'd Quakers, 
both with respect to their principle, and their way of 
proseliting people over to them. 12°- London, 1683. 

BATLEY (B. E.). 
A letter to the inhabitant rate-payers of the parish of 
St. Giles without Cripplegate, being a reply to 
George Meadway's pamphlet. 8°- London, 1833. 

BATT (Charles). 
Handboeck der chirurgijen. Tweede druck. [D.C.] 

8«- Dordrecht, 1595. 

BATTELY (Archdeacon John). 

Opera posthuma : viz., Ajitiquitates Rutupinse et 
Antiquitates S. Edmundi Burgi, ad annum 1272 
perductas. . 4°' Oxonhc, 1745. 

The antiquities of Richborough and Reculver, abridged 
from the Latin. 8"- London, 1774. 

BATTEN (Edmund Chisholm). 
The charters of the priory of Beauly : with notices of 
the priories of Pluscardine and Ardchattan, and of 
the founder John Byset. [Grampian Club.] 

8"- [Edinburgh,] 1877. 

BATTERSBY (Rev. T. D. Harford). 
Bondage or liberty '? a sketch of St. Paul's teaching in 
Romans, vi to viii. 12°- London, 1878. 


Narrative of the battels between the Prince d'Or and 
Mendicoso, Grand Duke of Penuria. [A satire.] 

fo. London, 1685. 

The battle of the players, in imitation of Dean Swift's 
battle of the books : in which are introduced the 
characters of all the actors and actresses on the 
English stage ... 3rd edit. H"- London, 1762. 

BATTONN (JoiiANN Georc;)- 
Oertliche Beschreibung der Stadt Frankfurt am Main. 
[Der Verein f iir Geschichte und Alterthumsknnde.] 
7 vol. 8»- Frunl-fnrt ajM., \r->[\l-lb. 

BATTY (D. T.). 
Catalogue of the copper coinage of Great Britain, 
Ireland, British isles and colonies, local and private 
tokens ... Pt. 1 to 32. Munche-iter, 1868-86. 

Momoryen of te Cort Verhael der gedenck-weerdichste. . . 
Geschiedcnissen ... van den laere 1603 tot in het laer 
1624. Tweedde editie. 2 vol. [D.C] 

fo. Arnhem, 1624. 

BAUDIUS (DoMiNicus). 
Induciarum belli Belgici libri tres. Editio tertia. 
[D.C] 12"- L,uid.B<it.;Wl'd. 



BAUER (Karolixe). 
Memoii's ... from the German. 4 vol. [Vol. 1 and 2, 
2nd edit.] 8°- London, 1885. 

Wider Herrn Hofprediger Stocker ; eine christliche 
Stimme iiber die Judenf rage. 8°- Berlin, 1881. 

BAUSSET (Cardinal Louis FEANgois de). 
BOSSUET (Jacques Benigne). 



An account of the Elector's manifesto (in the Post Boy, 
June 2(5). fo. sh. London, 1703. 

An epistle from the Elector ... to the French King. 

8°- [London,'] n.d. 

BAVERSTOCK (James Hinton). 
Some account of Maidstone, in Kent ... illustrative of 
a fac-simile of an ancient sketch of the market-place 
there ... [with] genealogical tables of the Bosville 
family. [100 copies printed.] 8°- London, 1832. 

BAVIUS ( — ) Jun., F.G.S. 
The Grub-street Miscellany, in prose and verse. 

8°- London, 1731. 

BAWD WEN (Rev. William). 

A translation of the record called Domesday, so far as 
relates to the county of York : including Amounder- 
ness, Lonsdale and Furness in Lancashire, and such 
parts of Westmoreland and Cumberland as are 
contained in the survey ... with introduction and 
glo.ssary. 4°- Doncuster, 1809. 

Dom Boc : a translation of the record called Domesday, 
as far as relates to the counties of Middlesex, Herts, 
Buckingham, Oxford, and Gloucester. 

4°- Doncaster, 1812. 

BAXTER (Rev. M.). 
Louis Napoleon, the destined monarch of the world 
and future personal antichrist. ..including an examin- 
ation of the views of the Revs. G. S. Faber [and] 
Edward Irving ... 16°' London. [1865.] 

BAXTER (Richard). 
Apology against the modest exceptions of Mr. T. 

Blake, and the digression of Mr. G. Kendall : where- 

unto is added, animadversions on a late dissertation 

of LudiomfBUS Colvinus, alias Ludovicus Molinasus, 

and an admonition of Mr. W. Eyre of Salisbury ; 

with Mr. Crandon's anatomy, for satisfaction of Mr. 

Caryl. [D.C.] 4<'- London, 1654. 

A treatise of conversion. [D.C.] 4°- I^ondon, 1657. 
Gildas Salvianus : the reformed pastor. 2nd edit. 

[D.C.] 8«- London, 1657. 

Certain disputations of right to sacraments and the 

true nature of visible Christianity. 2nd edit. 

[D.C.] 40- London, 1658. 

Catholick unity. [D.C.] 12o- London, 1660. 

A saint or a brute. [D.C.] 4°- Zo«r?on, 1662. 

A just reproof to Richard Baxter for his pride and 

insolence in calumniating the Council of Ephesus. 

fo. London, 1680. 
How to do good to many ... intended for an auditory 

of London citizens ... 4"- I^ondon, 1(582. 

The reformed pastor : a discourse on the pastoral 

office ... abridged by Samnel Palmer. 2nd edit. 

8"- London, 1808. 
Making light of Christ and salvation ... A call to the 

unconverted ... The last work of a believer ... Of 

the .shedding abroad of (lod's love... With an essay 

on bis life, ministry, and theology, by Thomas W. 

Jeiikyii, D.D. H"- London, 1846. 

Srr BOYLE (fRcv.j (!. D.), CALAMY (Edmund), 
TULLOCir (Principal John). 

BAXTER (Robert). 
Narrative of facts, characterizing the supernatural 
manifestations in members of Mr. Irving's con- 
gregation ... and formerly in the writer himself. 
2nd edit. 12°- London, 1833. 

BAXTER (Rt- Hon. W[illiam] E[dward]), 

Our land laws of the past. [Cobden Club.] 

8°- London. [1880.] 

A catechism for " fair traders." [Cobden Club leaflet, 
No. 7.] Free trade and the working men. [Cobden 
Club leaflet. No. 8.] 8°- London. [1885.] 

BAXTER (Wynne E.). 

The law and practice of the Supreme Court of Judi- 
catui'e, containing the Judicature Acts, 1873 and 
1875 ... 2nd edit. [R.L.L.] 8°- London, 1875. 

3rd edit. [Title altered to,] The Judicature Acts and 
Rules, 1873-8, and other statutes and orders relating 
to the practice of the Supreme Court of Judicature, 
with notes. 8°- London, 1879. 

5th edit. [La. paper.] 4°- London, 1883. 

The Domesday Book for the counties of Kent 
Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex, being that portion of 
" A return of owners of land in England and 
Wales, in the year 1873," which refers to [these 
counties] ... With introductory remarks. 4 vol. 

4°- Lewes, 1876-7. 

BAYARD, Col. Nicholas. 
An account of [his] commitment, arraignment, tryal, 
and condemnation for high treason, in endeavouring 
to subvert the government of the province of New 
York ... Feb. 19, 1701. fo. London, 1703. 

BAYARD, Pierre du Terrail, Seigneur de. 
The right joyous and pleasant history of, the feats, 
gests, and prowesses of the Chevalier Bayard, the good 
knight without fear and without reproach : by the 
loyal servant. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1825. 

See CIMBER (L.). 

BAYFIUS (Lazarus). See BAIF (Lazaee de). 

BAYLE (Pierre). 
Dictionaire historique et critique. 2^' edit. 3 vol. 

fo. Rotterdam, 1702. 
Historical and critical dictionary... to which- is prefixed 
the life of the author, revised and corrected by Mr. 
Des Maizeaux, F.R.S. 2nd edit. 5 vol. 

fo. London, 1734-8. 

BAYLE Y (Rev. Dr. — ). 
Great truths on great subjects : six lectures delivered 
at Brighton. 8°- L.ondon, 1874. 

Another edit. 8°- London, 1877. 

BAYLEY (Rev. Sir Emilius), B*-, B.D. 
Christian treasure-trove : an account of the recent 
discovery of ancient manuscripts containing the 
epistle of S. Clement of Rome to the Corinthians ... 

16«- London, 1877. 

BAYLEY (John), F.S.A. 
The history and antiquities of the Tower of London : 
with memoirs of royal and distinguished persons ... 
2 vol. imp. 4°- London, 1821. 

[BAYLEY (Peter).] 
Sketches from St. George's Fields. [A poem.] By 
Giorgione di Castcl Chiuso \_pseud.']. 2nd scries. 

8»- London, 1821. 

BAYLIS (T[HOMAs] Henry), M.A. 
The riglits, duties, and relations of domestic servants 
and their masters and mistresses : with a sliort account 
of servants' institutions and their advantages. 4th 
edit, witli additions, by Edward I'. Monckton, B.A. 

1(5«' London, 1873. 



BAYLY (Thomas), D.D. 
Herba p.irictis : or, the wall-flower as it grew out of 
the stone chamber belonging to the metropolitan 
prison of London, caUed Newgate. [A view of the 
New-gate.] fo. London, 1G50. 

An act, 12 Charles II, for regulating the trade ... in 
the Dutch Bay-hall in Colchester. 

fo. London, 1650. 

BAYNE (Peter), A.M. 
English Puritanism : its character and history. An 
introduction to documents relating to the settlement 
of the Church of England by the Act of Uniformity 
of 1G62. Edited by the Eev. George Gould. 

8«- London, 1882. 

BAYNES (Robert E.), M.A. 
Lessons on thermodynamics. 8°' Oxford, 1878. 

BAYNES (Canon R[obert] H[all]), M.A. ^ 
Ten years' retrospect : sermon preached in the parish 
church of St. Michael and All Angels, Coventry, 
February 27th. 8°- London, 1876. 

Is the pulpit of the National Church as real a power as 
it ought to be, and if not, why not ? A paper read 
before the monthly Church Conference, in the diocese 
of London, March 6. 8°- London, 1879. 

BAYNES (T. M.). 
Twenty views in the envir 

1. North end, Hampstead. 

2. Tbe Fir trees, Hampstead 


.3. Muswell Hill, Higbgate. 

4. The ponds at the foot of High- 

gate Hill. 

5. View from Hampstead church- 


6. View from the sjopes of High- 

gate Archway. 

7. Looking down Highgate Hill. 

8. View of Greeuwich, from 

Blackheath point. 

9. View from Blackheath, look- 

ing towards Lee. 

See WRIGHT (G. N.). 

BAYNES, Thomas Spencer. 
Port Royal logic, translated from the French : with 
introduction, notes and appendix. 8th edit. 

8«- Edhihurgh. [1879 ?] 

BAYTHORN (Edward). 
To the commissioners for paving and lighting the City 
and Liberty of Westminster. The case of Edward 
Baythorn, tinman and lamp contractor, late of the 
Strand. fo. London. [1784.] 

BAZAINE ([FRANyois Achille]), Ex-Marshal 
of France. 

I'.pisodes de la guerre de 1870, et le blocus de Metz. 

8"- Madrid, 1883. 

BAZALGETTE (Sir Joseph William), C.B. 

BEACH (Allen C), Secretary of State. 
The centennial celebrations of the State of New 
York ... 80- Albany, 1879. 

[BEACH (Pinup).] 

A letter to Thomas Burnet shewing that he hath used 
the same fidelity in printing a letter of Dr. Beach's 
in the Life of Bishop Burnet, as the editors of 
Bisliop Burnet's History of his own Times have 
eAmplified in the publication thereof ... 

8°- London, 17.36. 

V second letter to Thomas Burnet, whejxiin the former 
letter is fully vindicated, and his disingcnuity ... 
further detected ... 8"- London, ITd^. 

BEACHCROFT, Rev. Robert P., A.M. Sir 
METHUEX (Rev. Thomas Anthony). 

ons of London. 

fo. London, 1823. 

10. Blackheath. 

11. Road from Blackheath to 

12. View near the Rotunda, Wool- 

13. Woolwich, from the Rotunda. 

14. Hern Hill. 

15. Clajjliam Common. 
IG. Norwood. 

17. Richmond Bridge. 

18. Richmond Hill. 

19. Twickenham. 

20. View from Hogarth's Tomb, 

Beaconsfield, a mock-heroic poem and political satire. 

8"- London, 1878. 


Earl of. 


BEAL (James). 
Address at St. James's Vestry HaU, November 4, 
before the members of several vestries invited to 
express an opinion on the plans suggested to improve 
the government of the metropolis. 

8"- [London, 1867.] 

Free trade in land : an inquiry into the social and com- 
mercial influence of the laws of succession and the 
system of entails, as affecting the land, the farmer, 
and the laborer ... 2nd edit. S°- London-, 1876. 

BEAL (Rev. S.). 
Buddhism in China. [Non- Christian Religious Systems.] 

8°- London, 1884. 

BEALE (Lionel S[mith]), M.B., F.R.S. 

Protoplasm, or matter and life : with some remarks 
upon the " Confession" of Strauss. 3rd edit. 

8°- London, 1874. 
How to work with the microscope. 5th edit. 

8°- London, 1880. 

BEALE (Miles), M.R.C.S. 
A lecture on the times and the play of Richard the 
Third, delivered in Crosby Hall, November 8th, 1843. 

8°- London, 1844. 

BEALE (Thomas). 
A true discovery of a bloody plot intended to have 
been put in practice, November 18, against the par- 
liament by the Papists ... 4°- Lo7idon, Hj-il'. 

BEALE (William Phipson). 


BEALES (Edmond), M.A. 
Speech at St. Martin's Hall, in support of the Reform 
League, May 13. 8°- London, 1865. 

BEAMES ([Rev.] Thomas), M.A. 
The rookeries of London, past, present and prospective. 
2nd edit. 8°- London, 1852. 

BEAMISH (Richard), F.R.S. 
Memoir of the life of Sir Marc Isambard Brunei. 

80' Lo)idon, 1862. 

BE AMONT (William). 

A history of the castle of Halton and the priory or 
Abbey of Norton : with an account of the barons of 
Halton, the priors and abbots of Norton, and an 
account of Rock Savage and Daresbury Church. 

4°- Warrhujton, 1873. 

Annals of the lords of Warrington and Bewsey from 
1587 to 1833, when Warrington became a parlia- 
mentary borough ... with notices of historical and 
local events. 4°- Mani'lienter, 1873. 

A history of the house of Lyme (in Cheshire), com- 
piled from documents of the Legh family of that 
house, and from other sources. 

8"- Warrington, 1876. 

An account of the Roman station at Wilderspool in 
Appleton, Cheshire, with a view to ascertaining its 
ancient name. 8"- Warrington, 1876. 

Henry IV, pt. 1 : being an attempt to connect some 
Cheshire persons, circumstances, and places, with 
Shakespeare's drama of this name. 8°- Chester, 

An account of the Chcsliire township of Appleton 
since the Norman Conquest. 8"- Warrington, 1877. 



BEAMOXT (William)— fon^/wMfifZ. 

An account of the ancient town of Frodsham in 
Cheshire. 8°- Warrington, 1881. 

A literal extension and translation of the portion of 
Domesday Book relating to Cheshu-e and Lancashire, 
and to parts of Flintshire and Denbighshire, Cumber- 
land, AVestmoreland and Yorkshire : with an intro- 
duction and notes. 2nd edit. sm. f o. Cheater, 1882. 

BEAK (William E.). 
The relations of landlord and tenant in England and 

Scotland. [Cobden Club.] 8«- London, 187G. 

An agricultural Rip Van Winkle. [On the land question, 

tenant r. landlord.] 8°- London. [1878.] 

BEARCROFT (Philip), D.D. 
An historical account of Thomas Sutton and of his 
foundation in Charter-house. 8°- London, 1737. 

BEARD ([Rev.] John R.), D.D. 
The historical evidences of Christianity unassailable : 

proved in four letters, addressed to the Rev. Robt. 

Taylor and Mr. Richd. Carlile. 8°- London, 1826. 
Sermons : accompanied by suitable prayers designed 

to be used in families. 8°- London. [1831.] 

The life of Christ, the source and pattern of Christian 

influence ... 8"- London, 1847. 

BEARDMORE (Nathaniel), C.E. 
Suggestions for a new street through the City of London, 
from Waterloo Bridge to the Commercial-road, with 
a leading aqueduct sewer. 8°- London, 1850. 

BEATTIE (Prof. James), LL.D. 

Scoticisms, arranged in alphabetical order, designed to 
correct improprieties of speech and writing. [Inlaid 
and interleaved in 4"-] 12''- Edinhurgh, 1811. 

Poetical works. [With memoir by the Rev. Alexander 
Dyce. Aldine Poets.] 8"- London, n.d. 

BEATY (J. F.). 
Tentli annual statement of the trade and commerce of 
Chicago, for the year ending March 31, reported to 
the Board of Trade. 8''- Chicago, 1868. 

BEAUFORT (Emily A.). 
Egyptian sepulchres and Syrian shrines, including some 
stav in the Lebanon, at Palmyra, and in Western 
Turkey. 2nd edit. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1862. 

BEAUFORT, FEANgois. Due de. Srr CIMBER (L.). 

BEAUFOY ([Hknry]). 
Speech on a bill for regulating the conveyance of 
negroes from Africa to the West Indies : to which 
arc added, Observations on the evidence adduced 
against the liill. 8"- London, \7i^d. 

The secret memoirs of Madame la de Pom- 
padour. 8"- London, 1885. 

[BEAUMARCHAIS (Pierke AucirsTE Cauon 

Tararc, opora. . .rcpre.senti' pour la premiere fois, snr 
la Theatre do rAcademie-Royalo de Musi(iuc, 
Juin H. K"- /A»idreM, 1787. 

The late edict of the court of Rome. Lord Bcaumont'.s 
letter to Lord Zetland, edited by Charles Purtoii 
Cooper. F.R.S. 4th edit. H"- London, 1850. 

BEAUMONT ([Fkancis]) and FLETCHER 

Works ... with an introduction and explanatory notes 
by Henry Weber. 14 vol. 8«- Edinburgh, 1812. 

1. Introduction. 

The faithful friends. 
The knight of the burning 

2. Wit without money. 
The scornful lady.' 

The custom of the country. 
Rule a wife and have a wife. 

3. The laws of Candy. 
The beggar's bush. 
The .Spanish curate. 

The humourous lieutenant. 

4. The faithful sliepUerdess. 
Tlie mad lover. 

The nice valour. 

5. The false one. 

The little French lawyer. 
The woman's prize. 
The pilgrim. 

6. Bonduca. 

The island princess. 
The loyal subject. 
Monsieur Thomas. 

7. The chances. 

The bloody brother. 
The prophetess. 
Tlie sea- voyage. 
The noble gentleman. 

8. Tlie double marriage. 
A wife for a moutli. 
The knight of Malta. 
Love's cure. 

9. Tlie coxcomb. 
Tlie caj/tain. 
Women jilcased. 

Tlie fair maid of the inn. 

10. The woman-hater. 

The wild-goose chase. 
The queeu of Corinth. 

11. Four plays in one. 
Honest man's fortune. 
Wit at several weapons. 
Cupid's revenge. 

12. The maid's tragedy. 
King and no King. 
Thierry and Theodoret. 
The elder brother. 

13. The two noble kinsmen; 
The maid of the mill. 
Love's pilgrimage. 
The lover's progress. 

14. The night walker. 
The widow. 

The coronation. 
A masque. 
Beaumont's poems. 

BEAUMONT (Sir John), B*- 
Poems, for the time collected and edited, with 
memorial-introduction and notes ... by the Rev. 
Alexander B. Grosart. [Fuller Worthies' Library.] 
Printed for private circulation. S^- 1869. 

S. B.). 

Sir McLaren (Walter 

BEAUMONT (John Thomas Baebek), F.S.A. 

A tour throughout South Wales and Monmouthshire ; 
comprehending a general survey of the picturesque 
scenery, remains of antiquities ... 8"- Lo7idon, 1^03. 

An essay on criminal jurisprudence : with the draft of 
a new penal code. 8"' London, 1821. 

BEAUMONT (Dr. Joseph). 
Complete poems (1615-99). For the first time col- 
lected and edited ... by the Rev. Alexander B. 
Grosart, LL.D., F.S.A. 2 vol. [Chertsey Worthies' 
Library.] Printed for private circulation. 4°- 1880. 

Minutes of evidence given before the Committee of 
Privileges, to whom the petition of Thomas Stapleton, 
of Carlton in the county of York, claiming the 
barony of Beaumont, was referred. Ordered to be 
printed 20th May, 1795 ; to be reprinted 19th March, 
1840. fo. [London,'] 1840. 

The same as to the petition of Miles Thomas Stapleton, 
of Carlton in the county of York, claiming to be 
senior co-heir to the barony of Beaumont. Ordered 
to be printed 19th March. fo. {London,] 1840. 

BEAUSOBRE (Isaac de). 
Remarques historiques, critiques et philologiques, sur 
le Nouveau Testament. 2 vol. in 1 . [D.C.] 

4"- La Jfai/e, 1 742. 

BEAUVOIR ([Lttiiovic,] Marquis de). 
A voyage round the world. Vol. 1, Australia ; vol. 2, 
Java, Siam, Canton. 2 vol. 8"' London, 1870. 

Pekiii, Jcddo, and San Francisco. The conclu.sion of 
a voyage round the world. Translated from the 
French by Agnes and Helen Stephenson. 

8"- London, 1872. 

BEAVAN (Rev. A. B.). Src FOSTER. Joseph. 


BECCATELLI (Lodovico), Archbishop of 

The life of Cardinal Reginald Pole ... Translated 
[from Italian], with notes critical and historical, by 
the Rev. Benjamin Pye, LL.B. 8"- London, HGti. 

BECHER (Capt. A[lexaxi)Eu] B.), R.N. 
The landfall of Columbus on his first voyage to America, 
with a translation of the Baron Bonnefoux's history 
of his previous life : also a chart showing his track 
from the landfall to Cuba, and an outline of his sub- 
sequent voyages. 8"- Londo)!, 1850. 

BECK (S. William), F.R.H.S. 
G-loves, their annals and associations : a chapter of 
trade, and social history. [Contains notices of the 
London Company of Glovers.] 8"- London, 188.3. 

BECK (Thomas). 
The cause of the dumb pleaded : a poem. 2nd edit. 

8"' London, n.d. 

BECK (Thomas Alcock). 
Annales Furnesienses. History and antiquities of the 
abbey of Furncss. 4"- London, 1844. 

BECK (William) and BALL (T. Fkedeuick). 
The London Friends' meetings, showing the rise of 
the Society of Friends in London : with accounts of 
the various meeting-houses and burial-grounds, their 
history and general associations... 8"- London, 1869. 

BECKER (Bekxard H.). 
Scientific London. 8°- London, 1874. 

Disturbed Ireland ; being the letters written during the 
winter of 1880-1 [to the " Daily News"]. 

8"- London, 1881. 
BECKER (Prof. W[ilhelm] A[i)OLf]). 
Gallus, or Roman scenes of the time of Augustus : 
with notes and excursuses illustrative of the 
manners and customs of the Romans. Translated 
by the Rev. Frederick Metcalfe. 5th edit. 

8°- London, 1876. 
Charicles, or illustrations of the private life of the 
ancient Greeks : with notes and excursuses. Trans- 
lated by the Rev. Frederick Metcalfe, M.A. 5th edit. 

8o- London, 1880. 

BECKET, Thomas a. Archbishop of Canterbury. Sec 
BERIXGTON (Rev. Father Joseph). CATTER- 
MOLE (Richard), FROTJDE (James Anthony). 
GT. BRITAIN, Chronicles and Memorials of, 
C. R. 

BECKETT (Sir Edmund), B'-, LL.D., Q.C, 
F.R.A.S., now Lord Grimthorpe. 
A rudimentary treatise on clock and watch making : 
with a chapter on church clocks, and an account of 
the proceedings respecting the great Westminster 
clock. 1st and 6th edit. [C.C.] 8"- London, A. 

BECKFORD (William). 
Memoirs of Beckford. '2 vol. 8"- London, 1859. 

The history of the Caliph Vathek. Printed verbatim 
from the first edition, with the original prefaces and 
notes, by [Samuel] Henley [D.D.]. 3rd edit. 

sm. 8"- London, 1873. 

BECKINGTON (Thomas), Bishop of Bath and 

Memorials of the reign of Henry IV. Official corres- 
pondence of Thomas Bekynton ... [Chronicles and 
/Memorials of Great Britain, 56,] 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1872. 
Journal by one of the suite of Thomas Beckington ... 
dui'ing an embassy to negotiate a mari-iage between 
Henry VI and a daughter of the Count of Armagnac, 
a.D. 1442. Witli notes and illustrations by Nicholas 
Harris Nicolas. 8"- London, 1828. 


BECKMANN (Johann). 
A history of inventions, discoveries and origins. Trans- 
lated from the German by William Johnston. 4th 
edit. 2 vol. W>- London, 1846. 

A full relation of the murther of, July 20, by Mr. 

Barney ... fo. sh. London, 1684. 

Confession and execution of Mr. Barney, who was 
hang'd at Norwich for the murder of, August 8 ... 

fo. sh. London, 1684. 

BEDE (The Venerable). 

Opera quotquot reperiri potuerunt omnia. 8 vol. in 4. 
[D.C.] fo. Colonim Afjr/jiji/ntr, 1G12. 

Opera qusedam theologica, nunc primiim edita ; necnon 
historica, antea semel edita. Accesserunt Egberti 
Archiepiscopi Eboracensis Dialogus de ecclesiastic/I 
institutione, et Aldhelmi Episcopi Scireburnensis 
Liber de Virginitate, ex codice antiquissimo 
emendatus. [D.C.] ■4°' Lond'ml, 11)93. 

HistoriiE ecclesiasticiB gentis anglorum libri quinque, 
latine et saxonice. Cura et studio Johannis Smith, 
S.T.P. fo. Cantahrif/io', 1722. 

Historia ecclesiastica gentis anglorum. Ad fidem 
codicum manuscriptorum recensuit Josephus Steven- 
son. [English Historical Society.] 

Londhii, 1838. 

Opera historica minora. Ad fidem codicum manu- 
.scriptorum recensuit Josephus Stevenson. [English 
Historical Society.] 8°' Londini, 1841. 

Ecclesiastical history of England : also the Anglo- 
Saxon chronicle. With illustrative notes, a map of 
Anglo-Saxon England, and a general index. .Edited 
by [the Rev.] J. A. Giles, D.C.L. 8"- London, 1849. 

The Pan- Anglican synod before " St. Augustine's 
chair : " or. Venerable Bede's account of the 
Christianity that came from Rome. 

8°- London, 1878. 
&r BROWNE (Rev. George Forrest.) 

BEDELL, William, Bishop of Kilmore. 
A true relation of the life and death of. Edited ... by 
Thomas Wharton Jones, F.R.S. [Camden Society, 
N.S. 4.] 4°- [London,!, 1872. 

BEDFORD (Arthur), M.A. 
A sermon preached at St. Butolph's, Aldgate, Nov. 30, 
1729, occasioned by the erecting a play-house in the 
neighbourhood. 8°- London, 1730. 

Obse[r]vations on a sermon preach'd [by A. S. Catcott] 
before the Corporation of Bristol ... [^4/iOM.] 

8°- London, 1736. 
A defence of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and the 
incarnation of the Son of God. 8"- London, 1741. 

BEDFORD (John Thomas). 
The story of the preservation of Epping Forest. 

8"- London, 1882. 
Robert : or, notes from the diary of a city waiter. 
\_Anon.'] 4th edit. 8"- London, \m). 

BEDFORD (Rev. W[illiam] K[ii!ki>athi('k] 
Riland), M.A. 
The blazon of episcopacy. 8"- London, 1858. 

The regulations of the old hospital of the Knights of 
St. John at Valetta...with a translation, introduction, 
and notes explanatory of the hospital work of the 
• order. 8°- Edlnhniy/h. 1882. 

Collections towards the history and antiquities of . . . con- 
taining the parishes of Puddington, Luton, and 
Dunstaple. [By John Nichols. Bibliotheca Topo- 
graphica Brit., 3.] 4"- fjondon, 178.3. 

BEDINGFIELD (Roisert), M.A. 
A sermon preached at Paul's Cro.sse, 24 October, 1624. 

4"- (Irford, 1625. 



BEDLOE (Capt. William). 
A narrative and impartial discovery of the Popish plot 

carried on for the burning and destroying the cities 

of London and Westminster. fo. London, 1G79. 
The excommunicated prince, or the false relique : a 

tragedy as it was acted by His Holiness's servants ; 

being the Popish plot in a play. fo. London, 1679. 
A faithful account of the sickness, death, and burial of. 

[By T. S.] fo. sh. London, 1680. 

An elegy upon ... broadside. London, 1680. 

The examination of, relating to the Popish plot ... 

fo. London, 1680. 
The life and death of, one of the chief discoverers of 

the horrid Popish plot ... 8°- London, 1681. 

Funeral tears upon the death of [with MS. epitaph 

upon]. fo. sh. n.d. 

BEDMINSTEE, Dorsetshire. 
Strange news of a dreadful fire at, June 28. 

fo. sh. London, 1684. 

BEDWELL (William). 

Mohammedis imposturse : that is, a discovery of the 
manifold forgeries, falsehoods, and horrible impieties 
of the blasphemous seducer Mohammed . . . delivered 
in a conference had between two Mohametans in 
their return from Mecha ; whereunto is annexed the 
Arabian trudgman, interpreting certain Arabicke 
termes. 4°- London, 1615. 

A brief description of the towne of Tottenham High 
Crosse, Middlesex : together with an historical 
narration of such memorable things as are there to 
be seene and observed. (Printed 1631.) 

sm. 8°- London, 1718. 

See LA KAMEE (Pierre). 

The Bee revived : or, the universal weekly pamphlet. 
No. 37. 8°- London, n.d. 

BEECHER, Rev. Henry Ward. 
Nonconformity upon the Ward Beecher case, and the 
protests against the memorial to him from the London 
congregational ministers. 2nd edit. 

8°- London, 1875. 
The Beecher trial : a review of the evidence. Re- 
printed from the " New York Times " of July 3, with 
some revisions and additions. 8°- New York, 1875. 


Notices of Archbishop WiUiams. [Privately printed.] 

8°- London, 1869. 

The unpublished correspondence between Archbishop 
Williams and the Marquis of Ormond. Edited with 
notes. 8"- London, 1869. 

A list of the reproductions, both imitation and in fac- 
simile, of the productions of the press of William 
Caxton, England's first printer : with some pre- 
liminary observations. S"' /oi/Y/, 1879. 

[Edition of 69 copies, for distribution in Europe. 
Prefixed is a copy of the title page of the American 
edition (New York, 125 copies), and of the prefatory 
note to the same by John Springer, the printer of 
the work, pp. 12.] 

BEELS (Leonard). 
Sodoms Zondc en Sti'affe of Streng Wraakrecht over 
vorvloekte Booshcidt. Derde druk. [D.C.] 

8"- Amyleldam, 1730.' 
Groot Vermogen van weinige Vromen. [D.C] 

8"- Amsle!da?n, 1731. 
Bybel-Oeffeningen. [D.C] 4"- Amsfeldani, 1744. 
'sMenschcn Uittersten overdacht en aangedrongen tot 
Betnigtinge van (Jodtzaligheidt. [D.C] 

- _ 4"- AmMrUhim, 1748. 

Driotal van BcvcstigingPrcdikaatzcin mot hot Ondcrwys 
dor Vcrsclujne zaligmakcndo Gcnadc Godts. [D.(y'.] 

4"- Amslefdiim, 1748. 


A grant of certain impositions upon beer, ale ... for the 
encrease of his Majesties revenue. 

fo. London, 1660. 

BEER (Dr. Bernhard). 
Jiidische Literatur brief e. 8°- Leipzig, 1857. 

Leben Abrahams nach Aufirassung der jiidischen Sage, 
mit erliiuternden Ammerkungen und Nachweisungen. 

8°- Leipzig, 1858. 

BEERE (Lewis H.). 
The dense water of the ocean, its rivers and currents. 

8°- {Philadelphia, 1884.] 

BEESLEY (Alfred). 
The history of Banbury ; including copious historical 
and antiquarian notices of the neighbourhood. 

8«- London, 1841. 

BEESLY (A. H.), M.A. 
The Gracchi, Marius, and Sulla. [Epochs of Ancient 
History.] 8°- London, 1877. 

Sir John Franklin. [New Plutarch.] 

8°- London, 1881. 
BEETHOVEN [Ludwig von]. See NOHL (Lud- 


BEEVERELL (James), A.M. 
Les delices de la Grand'-Bretagne et de ITrlande ... 
Nouvelle edit. 8 vol.' 8°- Leide, 1727. 

BEGG (James), D.D. 
The proposed disestablishment of Protestantism in 
Ireland, its bearings upon the religion and liberties 
of the Empire. 8°- Edinburgh, 1868. 

The beggar's daughter of Bednall green, as edited by 
Dr. Percy. With an original preface ... 

12°- London, 1832. 

BEHMEN (-Jacob). 

Mysterium magnum : or, an exposition of the first book 
of Moses called Genesis, concerning the manifestation 
or revelation of the divine word through the three 
principles of the divine essence ; also of the originall 
of the world and the creation. fo. I^ondon, 1654. 

Theosophick philosophy unfolded in divers considera- 
tions and demonstrations. 40- London, 1691. 

BEHN (Mrs. Aphra). 
Prologue and epilogue to Romulus. 

fo. sh. London, 1682. 
A poem to Catherine, Queen Dowager, on the death of 
Charles U. fo. London, 1685. 

BEILHAVEN (John, Lord). 
Second speech ... in parliament, November 15, on the 
second article of the treaty [between England and 
Scotland]. fo. sh. 1706. 

BEISLY (Sidney). 
Shakspere's garden : or, the plants and flowers named in 
his works, described and defined. 8°' Zo«fZo/i, 1864. 

BEKE (Charles T[ilstone]), Ph.D., F.S.A. 
A lecture on the sources of the Nile, and on the means 
requisite for their final determination ... 

8"- London, 1864. 
On the mountains forming the eastern side of the 
basin of the Nile, and the origin of the designation 
"Mountains of the Moon," as applied to them. 

8"- Edinhnrgh, 1869. 
Discoveries of Sinai in Arabia, and of Midian. With 
geological, botanical, and conchological reports, 
plans ... Edited by his widow. 8"- London, 1878. 

BELAi'S (Rabbi Ahramam). 
Biblical oxi)ositions : 1. On the reverence of the ex- 
collciicy of God. 2. On the efiicacy of repentance 
and the reward thereof. 3. On peace, temporal and 
si)iritnal. 4. On the immortality of the soul. 

4"' Londo)i, 1844. 



BELCHER (John), jun. 
Lectures on the history of ecclesiastical music. 

8"- London, 1872. 

Three Belgic fables : or, hieroglyphic r idles... illustrated 
with proper cutts. fo. London, 1729. 

Handbook for travellers, by K. Baedeker. 5th edit. 

8°- LeqMc, 1878. 

BELGRANTD (Maiuk-Fhaxvois-Eugene). 

Institut de France. Extrait des comptes-rendiis des 
stances de rAcademie des Sciences. De Taction de 
I'eau sur les conduits en plomb. 4"- Pur'n^, 1873. 

On the .action of water upon lead pipes : a translation 
from the French ... with introductory remarks, by 
W. Sedgwick Saunders, M.D., F.S.A. 

S"- ILondon,'] 1881. 

La Seine. I. Le basin parisien aux ages antehistoriques. 
[Histoii'e generale de Paris.] 2*^- edit. Texte et 
planches. 2 vol. 4o- Paris, 1883. 

BELIDOR ([Bernard de]). 
Architecture hydraulique : ou, I'art de conduire, d'elever, 
et de menager les eaux pour les differens besoins 
de la vie. 4 vol. [C.C.] 4<'- Paris, 1782-90. 


BELL (Rev. Andrev*^), D.D., LL.D. 
Experiments in education made at the male asylum at 
Egmore, near Madi-as. 2nd edit. 8°- London, 1805. 


BELL (Sir Charles), K.G.H., F.R.S. 
The hand : its mechanism and vital endowments as 
evincing design. [Bridgewater Treatise, 4.] 

8°- London, 1833. 
The anatomy and philosophy of expression as connected 
with the fine arts. 6th edit. [S.M.] 

8"- London, 1872. 

BELL ([Rev.] D.), D.D. 
Henry Martyn. [Men Worth Remembering.] 

8"' London, 1880. 

BELL (Doyxe C), F.S.A. 
Notices of the historic persons buried in the chapel of 
St. Peter ad Vincula, in the Tower of London ; with 
an account of the discovery of the supposed remains 
of Queen Anne Boleyn. 8"- London, 1877. 

BELL (Major Evans) and TYRRELL (Lieut.- 
Col. Frederick). 
Public works and public service in India. 

8<'- Lojidon, 1871. 

BELL (Henry Nugent). 
The Huntingdon peerage : an account of the evidence 
and proceedings coimected with the recent restoration 
of the earldom ... to which is prefixed, a genealogical 
and biographical history of the house of Hastings, 
including a memoir of the present Earl and his family. 

4"- London, 1820. 
BELL (Jacob). Sec HANBURY (Daniel). 

BELL (JAfoi!) and REDWOOD (Theopiiilus). 
Historical sketch of tlie progress of pharmacy in Great 
Britain. 8"- London, 1880. 

BELL (Major James). 
Compendious view of universal history and literature, 
in a scries of twenty tables ... grounded on the 5th 
edit, of the German of G. G. Bredow. To whicli is 
!ip])eiided, a table of painters ... [by] Sir Matthew 
van Bi'i'e. 4th edit. la. fo. London, 1833. 


BELL (James Washington). 
Thoughts on emigration ... 8°- Leipzig, 1882. 

BELL (John), Clerk to the Parish Clerks' 

London's Remembrancer : or, a true accompt of every 
particular weeks christnings and mortality in aU the 
years of pestilence. 4°- London, 1665. 

BELL, John. 
Bell's New Pantheon : or, historical dictionary of the 
gods, demi-gods, heroes, and fabulous personages of 
antiquity... 2 vol. in 1. 4°- London, 1790. 

BELL (John). 
The United States of America proved to be the Messianic 
world-kingdom ... 8°- London, 1876. 

BELL (Robert). 
Letter to J. W. Gilbart, Manager of the London and 
Westminster Bank, on the relative merits of the 
English and Scotch banking systems ... 

80- Edinburgh, 1838. 

BELL, Robert. 
Early ballads illustrative of history, traditions, and 
customs : also, ballads and songs of the peasantry of 
England. 8"- London, 1'877. 

BELL (T.). 

The ruins of Liveden ; with historical notices of the 
family of Tresham, and its connection with the Gun- 
powder Plot ... 4°- London, 1847. 

BELL (Prof. Thomas), F.R.S. 
A monograph of the fossil malacostracous Crustacea of 
Great Britain. Pt. 1 and 2. Crustacea of the 
London clay, gault and greensand. [Palasonto- 
graphical Society, 10, 14.] 4"- London, 1857-62. 

Sir OWEN (Prof. Sir RiCHARD). 

BELL (Vernon), M.D. 
Heiden and its whey. 8°- London, 1873. 

BELL (William), D.D. 
A sermon preached at the funeral of Anthony Hinton, 
November 15, 1678, at St. Sepulchres Church. 

4°- London, 1679. 

[BELL (William), Ph.D.] 
Shakespeare's birth. A lyi-ic ode for four voices, repre- 
senting the elements : earth, air, fire and water. 
Time, 23rd AprU, 1564, O.S. Place, Stratford-on- 
Avon. 8°- London. [1864.] 

BELL (Rev. W[illiam] Lees), M.A. 
The history of Bermondsey. 12"- London, 1880. 


BELL-WHARF, Lower Shadwell. 
An account of a dreadful fire, which happen'd on the 
13th of May at Mr. Shaws, the New England Ai-ms, 
near Bell Wharf, having burnt down three-score 
houses ... fo. sh. [London, 1707.] 

BELLAMIE (Col. John). 

A plea for the commonalty of London : or, a vindica- 
cation of their rights (which hath been long with- 
holdcn from them) in the choice of sundry City 
officers ... sm. 8°- London, 1645. 

The same, reprinted. 8"- London, 1727. 

Bcllamins enervatus : or, a fuU answer to a book en- 
titled, A plea for the commonalty of London ... 
refuted by IreniX!us Lysimachus. 4"- London, IC>45. 

Lysimachus enervatus, Bellamius reparatus : or, a reply 
to a book intituled, A full answer to a plea for the 
com monaltie of London. 12"- London, 1645. 



BELLAIVIIE (Col. Joiiy)—cont!nued. 

A moderate reply to the citie-remonstrance, presented 
to the high court of parliament, 2G May, containing 
severall reasons why many well afEected citizens 
cannot assent thereunto. 4°- London, 1G4(5. 

A vindication of the humble remonstrance and petition 
of the lord major, aldermen and commons of the 
City of London, presented to both houses of parlia- 
ment, 2G May... 4°- London, 1G46. 

The city-remonstrance remonstrated : or, an answer to 
Col. John Bellamy his vindication thereof, in 
justification • of The moderate reply to the city- 
remonstrance. By J[ohn] P[rice]. 4°- London, 1G46. 

A justification of the city remonstrance and its vindica- 
tion : or, an answer to a book written by Mr. J. P., 
entituled, City I'emonstrance remonstrated. 

4"- London, 1646. 

BELLAilY (D.) and GORDON ( ). 
A new complete English dictionary, particularly adapted 
to the instruction and improvement of those who 
have not had the benefit of a learned or liberal 
education ... '2nd edit. 8"- London. [1762.] 

BELLAMY (G. So.mers). 
The new Shaksperian dictionary of quotations. 

8"- London, 1875. 

BELLARMINO (Cardinal Roberto), Librarian 
to the Vatican. 
Opera omnia, nunc postremu ab ipso authore recognita. 
7 vol. in 5. [D.C.] fo. Colonia A(jrippince,l'on-20. 

BELLARS (William). 
The fine arts and their uses. Essays on the essential 
principles and limits of expression of the various arts, 
with especial reference to their popular influence. 
[S.M.] 80- London, 1876. 

BELLASIS (Edward). 
' Cherubini : memorials illustrative of his life, 

8"- London, 1874. 

BELLETT (Rev. G[eorge]), A.M. 
The antiquities of Bridgnorth ; with some historical 
notices of the town and castle. 

16"- Bridgnorth, 1856. 

BELLEVILLE (Louis de). Sec CIMBER (L.), 

BELLEW (H. W.). 
Journal of a political mission to Afghanistan in 1857, 
under Major (now Colonel) Lumsden ; with an 
account of the country and people. 

8"- London, 1862. 
Kashmir and Kashgar : a narrative of the journey of 
.the embassy to Kashgar in 1873-4. 

8"- London, 1875. 

BELLEW (J[oiin] C[iiippendale] M[onti3s- 


Shakespere's home at New Place, Stratford-upon-Avon. 

8"- London, 1863. 

BELLEW, Richard, Lord. 
An answer to the case of... fo, sh. n.d. 

BELLTN ([Jacques Nicolas]). . 
Hydrograi)hic franooisc. Rccueil dos cartes marines, 
g('n('ral(;s et particuli^'rcs, drcssees au drpot des 
cartes, j)laiis ct joni-naux, par ordre des ministrcs do 
la mai-iiic, (h^puis 1 7;)7 jusques en 1 772. 2 vol. [Tliis 
copy formerly ))eloiiged to Napoleon I.] 

fo. [Pitri^, 1752-1804,] 


An authentic account of [his] trial and execution 
for the assassination of the R*^- Hon. Spencer 
I»crcova1. 2iul clit. 8"' Kdhihinv/li, 1812. 

BELLLNGS (Richard), Secretary of the L-ish 
History of the Irish Confederation and the war in 
Ireland, 1G41-3 ; containing a narrative of affairs in 
L-eland from 1641 to ... 1644 ... with correspondence 
and documents ... Edited by John T. Gilbert, F.S.A., 
M.R.LA, [200 copies printed.] 3 vol, 

4°- DtibUn, 1882-5. 

BELLINI (VicEXzio). 
Songs, duets, recitative ... in the grand opera of the 
Sonnambula ... 8"- London, n.d. 


Bellisarius, a great commander, and Zariana, his lady : 
a dialogue. 8"- London, 1710. 

BELLONI, John "Angelo. 
An answer to an audacious letter from Belloni, dated 
Rome, May 4 ... to which is annexed, a copy of the 
translation of the letter (which was burnt bj^ order of 
parliament by the common hangman), and a copy of 
the proposals made by John Thomson for delivering 
up the books and papers relating to the Charitable 
Corporation. fo. London, 1732. 


Those bells : a plea for suppression. 

120- London, 1876. 

BELMORE ([S. R. Lowey-Corry,] Earl of), 

The history of the two Ulster manors of Finagh in 
the county of Tyrone, and Coole, otherwise manor 
Atkinson, in the county of Fermanagh ; and of their 
owners. , [Contains particulars of the fiimily of 
Corry.] 8°- London, 1881. 

BELOE (Rev. William). 
The state of Emanuel Hospital. 8°- London, 1784. 
Anecdotes of literature and scarce books. 6 vol. 

8°- London, 1807-12, 


BELPER ([Edward Strutt,] Lord). 
Speech ,,. at the jubilee festival [of University College, 
London,] held July 9. 8"- sh. [London, 1878.] 

BELSHAM (Rev. Thomas). 
Charge delivered at the ordination of the Rev. Timothy 
Kenrick at Exeter. 8°- London., 1785. 

The importance of truth, and the duty of making an 
open profession of it ... 1st and 2nd edit. 

8"- London, 1790. 
The importance of giving a proper education to the 
children of the poor ... 8°- London, 1791. 

Dishonest shame, the primary source of the corruptions 
of the Christian doctrine ... 8"- London, 1794. 

Knowledge, the foundation of virtue ... 

8"- London, 1795. 

A review of Mr. Wilberforce's treatise entitled, A 
practical view of the prevailing religious system of 
professed Christians ... 1st and 3rd edit. 

8"- London, 1798-1813. 
Freedom of inquiry and zeal in the diffusion of 
Christian truth asserted ... 12"- London, 1800. 
A serious caution against popular errors ... 

8"- London, 1801. 

Elements of the philosophy of the mind and of moral 
philosopliy : to which is prefixed, a compendium of 
logic. ' 8"- London, 1801. 

Reflections and exhortations adapted to the state of 
the times ... 8"- London, 1802. 

The right and duty of Unitarian christians to form 
separate societies for religious worship ... 

8"- London, 1802. 

The study of the scriptures recommended ... 

I8"' L'^ndon, 1803. 



BELSHAM (Eev. Thomas)— ro«^'w»«/. 

The situation, the prospects, and the duties of Britons 
in the present crisis of alarm and danger ... 

8"- London, 1803. 

The character of the Clmstian teacher delineated ... 

8°- Loudon, 1804. 

Zeal and fortitude in the Christian ministry illustrated 
in a discourse, delivered at Hackney, April 8, on the 
death of the Kev. Joseph Priestley, LL.D. : to which 
is annexed, a brief memoir of [his] life and writings. 
1st and 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1804. 

Adherence to Christian truth ... 8"- London, 1805. 

A vindication of certain passages in a discourse on the 
death of Dr. Priestley, and a defence of Dr. 
Priestley's character and writings ; in reply to the 
animadvei'sions of the Rev. John Pye Smith in 
letters to a friend. 8°- I^ondoii, 1805. 

The progress of error concerning the person of Christ... 

8"- London, 1805. 

A discourse occasioned by the death of the R'- Hon. 
Charles James Fox ... 8"- London, 180(3. 

The importance of right sentiments concerning the 
person of Christ ... 8"- London, 1806. 

The providence of God overruling the issues of war 
and conquest ... 8°- London, 1807. 

A summary view of the evidence and practical im- 
portance of the Christian revelation. 1st and 2nd 
edit. 8°- London, 1807-9. 

A sermon occasioned by the death of the Rev. Theo- 
philus Lindsey, M.A., preached... No v. 13 : to which 
is added, a brief biographical memoir. 

8"- London, 1808. 

Letters upon Aiianism and other topics in metaphysics 
and theology. 8"- Lo)idon, 1808. 

The year of jubilee considered ... 8"- I^ndon, 1809. 

A calm inquiry into the scripture doctrine concerning 
the person of Christ. 8"- London, 1811. 

A. letter to "Viscount Sidmouth upon the subject of 
the bill lately introduced into the house of Peers, 
intituled. An act to explain and render more effectual 
certain acts... so far as the same relate to Protestant 
dissenting ministers. 8°- London, l^W. 

Uncorrupted Christianity unpatronized by the great: 
a discourse delivered at Essex-street chapel, March 24, 
on the decease of Augustus Henry, Duke of Grafton. 
1st, 2nd and .3rd edit. 8"- ZowrfoH, 1811-33. 

The Christian character exemplified in a discourse 
occasioned by the death of Mrs. Hannah Lindsey ... 
Jan. 2(3. 8"- London, 1812. 

The rights of conscience asserted and defined in refer- 
ence to the modern interpretation of the Toleration 
Act ... 8"- London, 1812. 

Memoirs of the late Rev. Theophilus Lindsey, M.A., 
including a brief analysis of his works, together with 
anecdotes and letters of eminent persons: also, a 
general view of the progress of Unitarian doctrine in 
England and America. 1st and 2nd edit. 

8o- London, 1812-20. 

A plea for the Catholic claims ... 8°' London, 1813. 

The sufferings of Unitarians in former times urged as a 
ground of thankfulness for their recovered liberties... 

8"- London, 1813. 

The claims of Dr. Priestley in controversy with Bishop 
Horsley restated and vindicated, in reply to the ani- 
madversions of the Rev. Heneage Horsley, Pre- 
bendary of St. Asaph. 8"- London, \^\\. 

The progress of intellectual, moral and religious 
improvement during the present reign ... 
• 8"- London, 1814. 

The prospect of perpetual and universal peace ... 

8"' Loudon, 1814.' 

Letters addressed to the Bishop of London, in vindi- 
cation of the Unitarians from the allegations ff his 
Lordship in the chai'ge delivered to the clergy of the 
diocese of London ... 1st and 2nd edit. 

S"- London, 18 1 5. 

BELSHAM (Rev. T:n(m\^)—cont!nued. 
A parochial vicar's remarks on Mr. Belsham's letters 
which were addressed to the Bishop of London, and 
which animadverted on his Lordship's charge 
delivered in 1814. 8°- Loudon, 1815. 

A letter to the Unitarian christians in South Wales, 
occasioned by the animadversions of the Bishop of 
St. David's. 8»- London, l^U. 

A plea for infant baptism; [with] an appendix con- 
taining forms for administering the rite. 

8"-. Loudon, 1817. 
Reflections on the sudden death of a young minister: 
a funeral discourse for the Rev. Thomas Biggin 
Broadbent who died at Latchford, near "Warrington, 
Nov. 9. 1st and 2nd edit. 8o- London, 1817-18. 
The present state of religious parties in England ... 

8°- Loudon, 1818. 
Reflection upon the death of Sir Samuel Romilly ... 

8''- London, 1818. 
The Bampton lecturer reproved, being a reply to the 
calumnious charges of the Rev. C. A. Moysey, D.D. 

8°- London, 1819. 
Christianity pleading for the patronage of the civil 
power, but protesting against the aid of penal laws... 

8°- London, 1820. 
Reflections upon the history of the creation in the book 
of Genesis ... 8°- London, 1821. 

The epistles of Paul the Apostle translated, with 
exposition and notes. 4 vol. 8°' London, 1822. 
Two sermons: 1st, on the love of truth ... 2nd, on 
the benefits arising from theological controversy . . . 

8°- London, 1823. 

Vindication of ... the new translation and exposition 
of the epistles of St. Paul, from the strictures in the 
59th no. of the Quarterly Review. 8°- London, 1824. 

Extracts from the writings of eminent divines of the 
Church of England on the history of the creation 
and fall, on justification, and on the inspiration of 
the Apostles; being an appendix to a vindication of 
Mr. Belsham's translation and exposition of the 
epistles of Paul. 8"- Loudon, 1824. 

On the character and writings of the Rev. Thomas 
Belsham. 8"- London, 1830. 

A review of American Unitarianism : or, a brief history 
of the progress and present state of the Unitarian 
churches in America. ff- Loudon, n.d. 

Sit smith (John Pyk). 

BELSHAM ("William). 
Essays, philosophical and moral, historical and literary. 

New edit. 4"- London, 1799. 

History of Great Britain, from the Revolution 1(388, to 
the termination of the regency 1820. 14 vol. 

8"- Loudon, 1805-24. 
Appendix to the History of Great Britain ; consisting 
of a selection of state papers, accompanied by 
remarks and illustrations. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1807. 

A pilgrimage in Europe and America, leading to the 
discovery of the sources of the Mississippi and 
Bloody River; with a description of the whole course 
of the former, and of the Ohio. 2 vol. 

8°- Loudon, 1828. 

BELTZ (Gi:()i«iE Frederick), K.H., Lancaster 

Memorials of the order of the Garter, from its 
foundation to the present time ; with l)iographical 
notices of the knights in the reigns of Edward III 
and Richard II. 8°- Loudon, 1841. 

BELZEBUB. vi^riul. Srr BOURN (Rev. Samuel). 


BELZONI (G[iovAXXi Battista]). 

Narrative of the operations and recent discoveries 
within the pyramids, temples, tombs and excavations 
in Egypt and Nubia ; and of a journey to the coast 
of the Bed Sea in search of the ancient Berenice, 
and another to the Oasis of Jupiter Ammon. 2nd 
edit. 4°- London, 1821. 

Plates illustrative of [his] researches and operations in 
Egypt and Nubia. fo. London, 1821. 

See PANOEAMAS, vol. 1. 

BEMONT (C]i[akles]). 

Simon de Montfort, Comte de Leicester: son gouverne- 
ment en Gascogne (1248-53). [Extrait de la Revue 
Historique.] 8«- Pavh. [1877.] 

Testament de Simon de Montfort, Comte de Leicester 
(If- Janvier, 1259). [Extrait de la Bibliotheque de 
I'Ecole des Cliartes.] 8°- Paris. [1878.] 

Benchiana : or, sketches of life and character in St. 
George's Fields, with an account of the Abbot's 
Priory [King's Bench Prison] ... 

8"' London, 1822. 

BENDLOES (William). 

Les reports ... des divers resolutions et judgments, 
donne par les judges de la ley en le temps de Hen. 
VIII, Edw. VI, Phil et Mar., Elizab., Jaques, et 
Charles I. [R.L.L.] fo. London, 1661. 

Les reports de Gulielme Benloe [et G. Dalison] des 
divers pleadings et cases, en le court del Comon- 
bank, en le several roignes de Henry VII, Henry VTTT, 
Edw. VI, Mary, et Elizabeth. [Edited by J. Rowe.] 
[R.L.L.] fo. London, 1689. 

BENEDEN (P[ikrre] J[osEPn] van). 
Animal parasites and messmates. [International 
• Scientific Series, 20.] 8"- London, 1876. 

BENEDICT (Sir Julicp). 
Weber. [The Great Musicians.] 8°- London, 1881. 

Benedictine day hours. 


12"- {London,] n.d. 


A caution to Great Britain and her colonies, in a repre- 
sentation of the state of the enslaved negroes in the 
British dominions. New edit. 8"- London, 1784. 

BENFEY (Prof. Thkodok). 
A Sanskrit-English dictionary ; with reference to the 
best editions of Sanskrit authors... 

8"- London, 1866. 


The Bengal directory ; comprising, amongst other 
information, official [military, Mofussil, conveyance, 
commercial, trades directory ...] 187i>, 1K81. 2 vol. 

8"- Culcutta, 1876-81. 

London committee formed to the Bengal 
tenancy liill. The Indian tea industry endangered 
by the ... bill. 8"- sh. [London^ n.d. 

BENH.VM (Rnv. AVili.iam), B.D., F.S..\. 

Catharine and (Jraiifnrd 'J'ait, wife and son of Archi- 
bald C anij)b(;ri, Archl)i.slio|) of (Canterbury: a memoir 
edited at tlie recjuost of the Archbisliop ... New 
edit. H"- London, 1881. 

Winchester. [Diocesan Historii's.] H"- London, 1884. 

BENISCH (Dr. A[braham]). 
Bishop Colenso's objections to the historical character 
of the Pentateuch and the Book of Joshua (contained 
in pt. 1) critically examined. 8°- London, 1863. 
Judaism sm-veyed ; being a sketch of the rise and 
development of Judaism from Moses to our days ... 

80- London, 1874. 

BENJAMIN (J[udah] P[eter]), Q.C. 
Treatise on the law of sale of personal property : 
with references to the American decisions, and to the 
French code and civil law. 2nd edit. [R.L.L. ] 

8°- London, 1873. 

BENJOIN (Georc;e). 
Jonah: a faithful translation from the original, with 
philological and explanatory notes. To which is 
prefixed, a preliminary discourse proving the genuine- 
ness, the authenticity, and the integrity of the 
present text. 4°- Cambridge, 1796. 

BENLOE (Gulielme). See BENDLOES 

BENLOWES (Edward). 
Panegyricon inaugurate honoratissimi et amplissirai 
Domini Praetoris Regii sive Majoris nobilissimse et 
florentissimffi Urbis Londinensis ... 

4o- Cuntahrifjia, 1638. 


Epea pteroenta: conveying revelations of the past. 

80- Dublin, 1860. 

BENN (George). 
A history of the town of Belfast from the earliest 
times to the close of the eighteenth century. 

8°- London, 1877. 

BENNET (Rev. Benjamin). 
Devout meditations ... with memoirs of the author by 
the Rev. S. Palmer. 8"- London, 1812. 

BENNET (Hon. H[enry] G[rey]), M.P. 
A letter to the common council and livery of the 
City of London on the abuses existing in Newgate. 

8"- London, 1818. 

BENNET (James Henry), M.D. 
Winter and spring on the shores of the Mediterranean : 
or, the Genoese Rivieras, Italy, Spain... with Biarritz 
and Arcachon, as winter climates. 5th edit. 

8°- London, 1875. 

BENNET (Rev. Thomas), D.D. 
The nonjurors separation from the public assemblys 
of the Cliurch of England examin'd and prov'd to be 
schismatical upon their own principles. 2nd edit. 

8°- London, 1716. 

See ATTERBURY (Francis). 

BENNET (Rev. William). 
Waiting for God's salvation: a sermon occasioned bj- 
the death of the Rev. Samuel Morton Savage, D.D. ... 

8"- London, 1791. 

Youth reminded of a future judgment in a funeral 
discourse occasioned by the death of Mr. John Vowel! 
... also some account of his sister. Miss Sophia 
Vowell. 8°- London, nm. 

BENNETT (James). 
The liistory of Tewkesbury. 

8"- TeirMi 


BENNETT (Rev. James), D.D. 
Tlio history of the church in Silver-street, London, 
delivered at tlic laying of the foundation stone of 
their new chapel in Falcon-stiuare, on the 17th of 
May. 12"- London, 1842. 

See BOGUE (David). 



BENNETT (Sir John). 
The fanner at The Banks : a song. Music by J. L. 

Hatton. fo. London. [1878.] 

The House of Lords : an address reprinted from the 

" Essex Telegi-aph." 8"- London, l8Si. 

BENNETT (John WinTciirncii). 
A selection of the most remarkable and interesting of 
the fishes found on the coast of Ceylon, "ind edit. 

4"- London, 1834. 

[BENNETT (Thomas Raxdlk).] 
[A letter] to the rector of Stoke Newington, and niem- 
})ers of the Stoke Newington Church Society 
[giving an account of the proceedings of the Church 
Institution]. S°- [London, 18(51.] 

BENNETT (Dr. W[illiam] C[ox]). 
Poems. 8»- London, 1850. 

New edit. 8"- London, 1862. 

Verdicts. S"- London, 18.52. 

Queen Eleanor's vengeance and other poems. 

80- London, 1857. 
Songs by a song-writer. 8°- London, 1859. 

The worn wedding-ring and other poems. 

8"- London, 1861. 
Proposals for, and contributions to, a ballad history of 
England and the states sprung from her. 

8°- London, 1868. 
Songs for sailors. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1873. 

Songs for soldiers. i°- London.. [1880.] 

BENNETT (Rev. W[iLLiAJi] J[ames] E[akly]), 

Christian zeal. Holy places. Two sermons preached 
at the re-opening of the chapel of the Holy Trinity, 
Bordesley, Birmingham. 8°- London. [1857.] 

A plea for toleration in the Church of England, in a 
letter to the Rev. E. B. Pusey, D.D. 3rd edit. 

8°- London, 1868. 


The cause of the present money crisis explained in 
answer to the pamphlet of Mr. Palmer, and a 
remedy pointed out. 2nd edit. 8''- London, 1837. 

BENNOCH (Fkancis), F.S.A. 
The storm and other poems. 8°- London, 1841. 

The bridges of London. " Are more bridges required ? " 

answered affirmatively. 8°- London, 1853. 

A paper on Metropolitan improvements and Thames 
embankment, read at the Society of Arts, 29 April. 

8°- London, 1857. 

BENNY (PniLii- B.). 
The Shechita. The Jewish mode of slaughtering 
cattle, and its advantages. 8°- Sheffield, 1875. 

BENSON (Canon Christopher), A.M. 
Discourses upon tradition and episcopacy preached at 
the Temple Church ... 2nd edit. [S.M.] 

8"- London, 18.39. 

BENSON (Ei)AVARi) White), D.D., Archbishop 
of Canterbury. 
Living tlieology : a sermon preached at the triennial 
festival of Wells Theological College in the Cathedral, 
June 6. 12°- London, 1878. 

Boy-life : its trial, its strength, its fulness ; Sundays in 
Wellington College, 1859-73 ... three books. New 
edit. 80- London, 1883. 

BENSON (James W.). 
Time and time-tellers. 

8°- London, 1875. 

BENSON (Robert), M.A., and HATCHER 

Old and new Sarum or Salisbury. [Hoare's Wiltshire, 
vol. 6, pt. 1 and 2.] 2 vol. fo. London, 1843. 

BENSON (Rev. S[amuee]), M.A. 
A guide to St. Saviour's Church, Southwark. 

8"' London, 1862. 

BENSON (Thomas), B.A. 
Vocabularium Anglo-Saxonicum, Lexico Gul. Somneri 
magna parte auctius. 8"- Oxonice, 1701. 

[BENSON (William).] 
A letter to Sir J [acob] B [anks] . . . concerning the late 
Minehead doctrine, wliich was established by a 
certain free parliament of Sweden to the utter 
enslaving of that kingdom. 8°- London, 

BENSON (William). 
Principles of the science of colour concisely stated to 
aid and promote their useful application in the 
decorative arts. [S.M.] 4«- London, 1868. 

BENT (J. Theodore), B.A. 
The life of Giuseppe Garibaldi. 8°- London, 1881. 
The Cyclades : or, life among the insular Greeks. 

8°- London, 1885. 

BENTHAM (George), F.R.S., F.L.S. 

Handbook of the British flora : a description of the 
flowering plants and ferns indigenous to, or natura- 
lized in, the British Isles. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1865. 

BENTHAM (Rev. James), M.A., F.S.A., Pre- 
bendary of Ely. 
The history and antiquities of the conventual and 
cathedral church of Ely, from the foundation of 
the monastery, a.d. 673, to the year 1771. Illustrated. 
2nd edit., edited by the Rev. James Bentham, 
vicar of West Bradenham, Norfolk. 

4«- Norindi, 1812. 

BENTHAM (Jeremy). 
Observations on Mr. Peel's speech, March 21, intro- 
ducing his Police magistrates' salary raising bill ... 

8"- London, 1825. 
Emancipate your colonies ! Addressed to the National 
Convention of France, 1793, shewing the uselessness 
and mischievousness of distant dependencies to an 
European state. 8"- London, 1830. 

Works ... published under the superintendence of his 
executor, John Bowring. 1 1 vol. 

8°- Edinlninih, 1843. 

YoL 1. Introduction to the principles of morals and legislation. 

Essays on tlie promulgation of laws, and the reasons thereof ; 

. witli specimen of a penal code. 
Essay on the influence of time and place in matters of legis- 

A table of the springs of action. 

A fragment on Government : or, a counneut ou tlie commen- 

Principles of the civil code. 
Principles of jienal law. 
Vol.2. Principles of juilicial procedure ; with the outlines of a pro- 
cedure code. 
The rationale of reward. 

Leading principles of a constitutional code for any state. 

On tlie liberty of tlje jn-pss and public discussion. 

An essay on iiolitioal tactics. 

The bo(ik of fallacies, from unfinished papers. 

Anarchical fallacies. 

Principles of international law. 

A jirotcst at;ainst law-taxes. 

Sujiply witlioiit burilen : or, escheat rice taxation. 
Tax with monopoly. 
Vol. 3. A defence of usury. 

A manual of political economy. 

Observations on the restrictive and prohibitory commercial 

A plan for saving all trouble and expense in the transfer o£ 
stock by the convei-sion of stock into note annuities. 

A general view of a complete code of laws. 

Pannomial fragments. 

Nomography : or, tlie art of inditing laws. 

Logical arrangements : or. instruments of invention and 
discovery employcil by .leremy Bentliam. 

E(pnt\' ilispatcli court jiroposal. 

Plan of parliamentary reform in the form of a catecliism. 
Radical reform bill, with extracts from the ren.sons. 
Radicalism not dangerous. 


BENTHAM (Jeremy)— co«#/?iMed 

Vol. 4. A Tiew of tlie hard labour bill. 

Panopticon : or, tho insiiectiou house. 

Panopticon versus Xew Sontli Wales : or, tlie Panopticon 
penitentiary system and the penal colonisation system 

A plea for the constitution. 

Draught of a coile for the organisation of the juilicial estab- 

lislinient in Eranee. 
Bentliani drauf-'ht for the organisation of the judlcijal 

establislnneiits compared with that of the National 

Emancipate your colonies. 
Oa houses of Peers and Senates. 

Papers relative to codification and public instruction. 
Codifieation proposal. 
Vol. 5. Scotch reform. 

Summary view of the plan of a judicatory, under the name 

of the Court of Lords' r)elegates. 
The elements of the art of packing as applied to special 


" Swear not at all " ; containing an exposmre of the ueeilless- 

uess of the ceremony of an oath. 
Truth versus Ashurst : or, law as it is, contrasted with what 

it is said to be. 
The King against Edmonds and others. 

The King against Sir Charles Wolseley, Bt., and Josejjh 

Harrison, schoolmaster. 
Official ai)tituile maximised : expense minimised. 
A commentary on 'Slv. Humphreys' real projierty code. 
Outline of a plan of a general register of real property. 
Justice and codification i)etitions. 
Lord Brougham displayed. 
Vol. 6-7. Introductory view of the rationale of evidence. 
Vol. 8. Chrestomathia. 

Fragment on ontology. 

Ess;iy on logic. 

Essay on language. 

Fragments on universal grammar. 

Tracts on poor laws and paujier management. 

Observations on the poor bill. 

Three tracts relative to Sjianish and Portuguese affairs. 
Letters to Count Toreno on the proposed penal code. 
Securities against misrule, adapted to a Mahoinmedan 

Vol. D. Constitutional code. 
Vol. 10. Memoirs and corresjiondeuce. 
Vol. 11. Memoirs and correspondence, continued. Index, 

See MILL (John Stuaet). 

BEXTINCK, Lord Geoege. Sec DISRAELI (Ben- 

BENTIVOCtLIO (Cardinal [Guido]). 
Delia guerra di Fiandra. 4°- Venet/u, 1G45. 

BENTLEY (John)- 
A genealogical table of the royal families of England, 
from the Norman conquest to the year 1790. 

ob. fo. [London, 1790.] 

BENTLEY (Richard), D.D. 
The proceedings of the Vice-Chancellor and Univer- 
sity of Cambridge against Dr. Bentley stated and 
vindicated. fo. Loiulon, 1719. 

Case of the of Ely, plaintifE in error, against Dr. 
Bentley. fo. sh. [1732.] 

Eriiendations <m Milton. l-i"- London, 17.^2. 

Works ... Collected and edited by the Eev. Alexander 
Dyce. vol. S"- Londo)i, 183()-8. 

Sir. COLERIDGE (Hartley). JEBB (Prof. 
Richard Claverhouse), MONK (James Henry). 

BENTLEY (Prof. Richard Rorert), F.L.S., 

A manual of botany ; including the structure, functions, 
classification, properties, and uses of ])lants. 1st and 
4th edit. 8°- London, ]>M;\-m. 

BENTLEY (Prof. Richard Robert), F.L.S., 
M.R.C.S., and TRIMEN (Hknrv), M. I'., F.L.S. 
Medicinal [)lants ; being descriptions, 'with original 
figures, of the principal plants employed in medicine, 
and an account of the characters, properties, and 
uses of their parts and products of medicinal value. 
The plates by David Blair, F.L.S. 4 vol. 

8"' London, 1880. 

1 History of the Ne^w World ; shewing his travels in 
! America, 1541-56, Tvith some particulars of the 
island of Canary. Noav first translated and edited 
by Rear-Admiral W. H. Smyth, F.R.S., F.S.A. 
[ [Hakluyt Society, 21.] 8"- London, 1857. 


j The Anglo-Saxon poems of Beo-wulf, the Traveller's 
song, and the battle of Finnesburh. Edited by John 
M. Kemble, M.A. 2nd edit. S"- London, 1835. 
1 A translation of the Anglo-Saxon poem of Beo'wulf ; 
"with a copious glossary, preface and philological 
notes, by John M. Kemble, M.A. 8°- London, ISH. 
Beo'wulf, an old English poem : translated into modern 
rhymes by Lieut. -Col. H. W. Lumsden. 

8°- London, 1881. 


Beppo in London : a metropolitan story. A poem. 

8°' London, 1819. 

BERANGER (P[!er]!e] J^ean] de). 
Chansons, anciennes et posthumes. 4°- Paris, 18G6. 
Songs ... translated by the author of the ''Exile of 
Idria " [J. C. H. Bourne]. With a sketch of the 
life of Beranger up to the present time. 

8°- London, 1837. 

Songs ... done into English verse by William Young. 

Ne-w edit. 8°- Ed/nburr/h, 1878. 

Memoirs ... 'written by himself. 8°- London, 1858. 

BERAULT (Pierre). 
The true and certain way to Heaven, both in French 
and English. [D.C.] 12''- London, 1681. 

BERENDT (C. Hermann), M.D. 
Analytical alphabet for the Mexican and Central 
American languages. 8"- Nen; Yorlc, 1869. 

BERENS (Rev. Edward), M.A. 
An address upoiithe office for the churching of 'women. 
Ne'w edit. 12°- London, 1830. 

BERESFORD (R*- Hon. John). 
Speech on moving the sixth article of the Union, in 
the house of Commons of Ii-eland, March 27. 

8o- London, 

BERESFORD (Rev. William). 
Lichfield. [Diocesan Histories.] 8"- London. [1885.] 


(William Coenwallis). 

BERGER (Rev. T[he()D()Re] T[homas]), B.A. 
The union of Church and State : tlie gnninds on 'which 
it should be maintained. An address delivered at ... 
Southport, May 14. 8°- London. [1873.] 

BERGERON (Nicolas). Sec CIMBER (L.). 

BERGHE (R. vanden). Sir LITERATURE. 

BERGL (Dr. J.). 
Gescliichte der ungarischen Juden, nacli don bcsten 
Quellen bearbeitet. , 8"' Kii/)osrdr, 1879. 

BERINGTON (Rev. Father Joseph). 

Letters on materialism and Hartley's Theory of tho 
human mind. [_Anon.^ 8"- London, 1776. 

The history of the reign of Henry II, and of 
Richard and John, his sons ; with events of the 
period from 1154 to 12 ll!, in which the character of 
Tlionias a Becket is vindicated fnnn the attacks of 
Croorge, Lord Lyttclton. 4"- Birniinghain, 1790. 



BERINGTON (Rev. Father JuM^i'n)—coHfhiiml. 
A literary history of the middle ages, comprehending 
an account of the state of learning from the close of 
the reign of Augustus to its revival in the fifteenth 
century. 4"- London^ 1814. 

BERJEAU (Jk.\\ Piiilihert). 
Speculum humanae salvationis : le plus ancien monu- 
ment de la xylographie et de la typographic rt'unies. 
Reproduit en fac-simile, avec introduction historique 
et bibliographique. [155 copies printed.] 

4°- Londres, 18G1. 
Geschiodenis van het heylighe Cruys : or, the history of 
the Holy Cross. Reproduced in fac-simile from the 
original edition printed by J. Veldener in 1483 ... 

4°- London, 1863. 

Early Dutch, German, and English printers' marks. 
[250 copies printed.] 8°- London, 1866. 

The book-worm. [A literary and bibliographical 
review.] 5 vol. in 2. 8°- London, 1860-71. 

Calcoen : a Dutch narrative of the second voyage of 
Vasco da Gama to Calicut (1504). Reprinted with 
an introduction and translation... AP- London, \Q1 A:. 

BERKELEY (Geor(;k), D.D., Bishop of Cloyne. 
A letter to T[homas] P[rior] from the author of 
Siris ; containing some further remai'ks on the 
virtues of tar- water ... [and] an answer to A... letter 
to the Bishop of Cloyne occasioned by his Treatise 
on the virtues of tar- water. '[Anon.'] 3rd edit. 

8°- London, 1744. 
A miscellany containing several tracts on various 
subjects. 8°- London, 1752. 

Fartlier tlioiiglits on tar-water. 

Au cssaj' towards preventing the ruin of fit. Britain. 

A cliscoui'se, addressed to tlie magistrates anil men in autlioritj', 

ocoasioued by tlie licence and irreligion of tlie times. 
A word to tlie wise : or, an exliortation to tlie Eoman Catliolic 

clergj" of Ireland. 
Maxims concerning patriotism. 
The Querist ... 

A proposal for the better supplying of churches in our foreign 
plantations ... 

A sermon preached before the Society for the Propagation of the 

Gospel iu foreign parts ... February 18, 1731. 
De motu : sive, de motus priucipio et natura et de causa com- 

niunicatiouis motuum. 

Works ... including his letters, and an account of his 
life by the Rev. G. N. Wright. 2 vol. 

B"- London, 1843. 

Vol. 1. Life of Bishop Berkeley. 

Of the principles of human knowledge. 

Three dialogues between Hylas and Philouaus in opposition to 

sceptics and atheists. 
An essay towanls a new theory of vision. 

Alciphron, or the minute philosopher; containing au apology 
for the Christian religion. 
Vol. 2. Political, philosophical, and mathematical tracts. 

Works ... including many of his witings hitherto 
unpublished. With prefaces, annotations, his life 
and letters, and an account of his philosophy, by 
Alexander Campbell Eraser, M.A. 4 vol. 

80- Oxford, 1871. 
>*?«' FRASEE (Alexander Campbell). 

BERKELEY (Hon. [GEoRai: Charles] Grant- 
lev FiTZllARDINClE), M.P. 

A pamphlet, dedicated to the ... sportsmen of Eng- 
land ... in reply to a prize essay by the Rev. John 
Styles, D.D., on the claims of the animal creation 

. to the humanity of man. 8"- London, 1839. 

My life and recollections. 4 vol. 8"- London, \%6b-Qi. 

BERKELEY (Rev. M[iles] J[()sei'1i]), M.A., 

Handbook of British mosses ; comprising all that are 
known to be natives of the British isles. 

8"' London, 1863. 

Biographia literaria : or, a biographical hi.story of 
literature, containing the lives of English, Scotch, 
and Irish authors, from the dawn of letters in these 
kingdoms to the present time. 4"- London, 

The case of the owners of the ships Berkley Castle and 
James of Montross. fo. sh. n.d. 


Collections towards a parochial history of Berkshire; 
being the answers returned to Mr. Mores's circular 
letters and queries for the parishes of Bisham, Chad- 
lesworth, Coleshill, Cumner, East Garston, Shaw, 
ShifEord, Sparsholt, Speen, Stanford, Suthamstede, 
and Yattendon ; with a few particulars of Aldworth, 
Shottesbrooke, and White Waltham. [Bibliotheca 
Topographica Brit., 4.] 4°' London, 1783. 

A glossary of provincial words used in Berkshire. 

12°- London, 1852. 

BERLICOM (Andreas van). 
In de natuirliicke Dingen aen te mercken, haer Mate, 
Reden, en Gewicht, de oorsaecken van de Bewe- 
gingen, en de bysondere Beweegh.selen. Item de 
lengte van Oost en West te vinden. [D.C.] 

4°- Rotterdam, 1656. 


Die konigliche Haupt- und Residenzstadt Berlin in 
ihren Bevijlkerungs-, Berufs- und Wohnungsverhalt- 
nissen. Resultate der Volkszdhlung und Volksbes- 
chreibung vom 1 December, 1871. 8°- Berlin, I^IA. 

Berliner Adress Buch. Redigirt von A. Ludwig. 
1874, 75, 79, 81. 4 vol. B"- Berlin, 1874-81. 

Berliner stadtisches Jahrbuch f ixr Volkswirthschaf t und 
Statistik. Zweiter Jahrgang ... herausgegeben von 
Dr. Huppe. 8°' Berlin, 1875. 

Statisches Jalu'bucli der Stadt Berlin. Vierter zu 
zehnter Jahrgang. Herausgegeben von Richard 
Bockh. [Vol. for 1882 containing the statistics of 
the year 1880 wanting.] 6 vol. 8"- /^r///;, 1878-84. 

Bericht iiber die Gemeinde-Verwaltung der Stadt Berlin 
in den Jahren 1861 bis 1876. [Contains a large map 
of Berlin.] 2 vol. 8°- Berlin, 1879-80. 

Verwaltungs-Bericht des Magistrats zu Berlin pro 
1878-81. 4 vol. 4°' Berlin, im-9,2. 

Die Bevolkerungs-,Gewerbe-und Wohnungs- Auf nahmo 
vom 1 December, 1875, in der Stadt Berlin. 3'^'* und 
4°** Heft. 4"- Berlin, 1880. 

Die Massorah zum Targum Onkelos. Nach Hand- 
schrif ten und unter Benutzung von seltenen Ausgabcn 
zum ersten Male edirt und commentirt. 

4''- Berlin, 1875. 

2nd edit. 8°- Leipzig, 1877. 

Beitr;ige zur hebraischcu Grammatik im Talmud und 

Midrasch. B"- Berlin, 1879. 

Rabbi Jesaia Berlin: einc biographisclie Skizze, im 

Rabbiner- Seminar vorgetragon. 8°- Berlin, 1879. 
Beitr;igc zur Geographic und Ethnographic Babyloniens 

im Talmud und Midrasch. 8"- Berlin, 1884. 

BERLIOZ (Hector). 
A treatise on modern instrumentation and orches- which is appended the Chef d'orchestre. 
Translated by Mary Cowden Clarke. New edit., 
revised and edited by Joseph Bennett. 

8"- London, 1882. 
Autobiography ... from 1803 to i8l'.5-, comprising his 
travels in Italy, Germany, Russia, and Enghind, 
Translated by Rachel (Scott Russell) Holmes and 
I Eleanor Holmes. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1884. 



BERLY (J. A.). 
British, American, and continental electrical directory j 
and advertiser. " The Electrician's vade mecum." 
1st and 2nd edit. 8»- London, l?^S2-3. 

The case of Francis, Lord Berminghani, Baron of 
Athunry in Ireland. fo. sh. n.d. 

Pocket almanack and official directory for 1874. 

16°- Bermuda, 1874. 

BERNARD, Saint, Abbot of Clairvaux. 
Opera omnia. [D.C.] fo. Par/st/s, 1()03. 

Bernardus de cura rei famuliaris, with some early 
Scottish prophecies ... Edited by J. Rawson Lumby, 
M.A. [Early English Text Society, 42.] 

8°- London, 1870. 


. BERNARD (Mrs. Bayle). 
Our common fruits, a descriptive account of those 
ordinarily cultivated or consumed in Great Britain. 

8°- London, 18G6. 

BERNARD (Richakd). 
Ruth's recompence : or, a commentarie upon the 
Booke of Ruth. [D.C.] 8"' London, 1628. 

The Bible's abstract and epitomie. [D.C.] 

fo. London, 1G42. 

Thesaurus Biblicus, seu promptuarium sacrum : that 
is, the Bible's treasury or holy store-house. [D.C.] 

fo. London, 1644. 

BERNARD, Sir Thomas, B' Sec BAKER (James). 

BERNARDI (Major John). 
The case of John Bernardy, Robert Cassills and 
others, prisoners in Newgate. fo. sh. [1715.] 

A short hi.story of [his] life ... written by himself in 
Newgate, where he has been for near thirty-three 
years a prisoner of state, without any allowance from 
the Government, and could never be admitted to his 
tryal ... 8»' London, 1729. 

BERNARDIN, Saint, of Sienna. 
Opera omnia. 5 vol. in 2. [D.C.] fo. Liif/dan/,lC^50. 

BERNARDISTON, Sir Samtif.i., B*- 
Trial and conviction ... for high misdemeanour, Feb. 
14, 1683. fo. London, 1684. 

Report of the trial... at Stornowaj', on the 17th and 
18th July ; with address to tlie jury by the agent for 
the defence, and charge by the shcrifp. 

8"- lulhihnn/Ii, 1874. 

BERNERS, John Bouuchiek, Lord. 
The history of Arthur, Prince of Little Britaine. 
Originally translated from the French. New edit. 

4<>- London, 1814. 
The booke of Duke Huon of Burdeux done into 
English ... Edited ... with an introduction, by S. L. 
Lee, B.A. [Early English Text Society, 40, 41, 4i3.] 
Pt. 1-.^. London, 1K82-4. 

BERNERS (Dame Juliana). 
A treatyse of fysshyuge wyth an angle ; being a fac- 
simile w;f)r()diu;ti()n of the first l)f)ok on the .subject 
of fisliing, j)rinte(l in England l)y Wynkyn l)e Worde 
at Westminster in 141)6. With an introduction by 
the Rev. M. G. Watkins, M.A. 4"- London, 1880. 

BERNERS (Dame Juli.wa) — rontinucd. 

An older form of the Treatyse of f ysshjaige wyth an 
angle, attributed to Dame Juliana Barnes. With 
preface and glossary, [and presented to the English 
Dialect Society] by Thomas Satchell. [400 copies 
printed.] 8°- London, 1883. 

The boke of Saint Albans, containing treatises on 
hawking, hunting and cote armour : printed at 
Saint Albans by the Schoolmaster-printer in 1486. 
Reproduced in fac-simile, with an introduction, by 
William Blades. 4°- London, im. 

,Si'c DALLAWAY (Rev. James). 

BERNSTEIN (Prof. JuLits). 
The five senses of man. [International Scientific 
Series, 21.] 8°- Zoh(/o«, 1876. 

BERQUEN (Robert de). 
Les merveilles des Indes orientales et occidentals : ou, 
nouueau traitte des pierres precieuses et perles ... 

4°- Puvl», 1669. 

BERRIMAN (John), M.A. 
QtoQ efareptodti ey crapKi : or, a critical dissertation 
upon 1 Tim., iii, 16. 8°- London, 1741. 

BERRIMAN (Rev. Wieliam), D.D. 
An historical account of the controversies that have 
been in the church concerning the doctrine of the 
Trinity ... S"- London, 172o. 


Scraps from the history of Edward the Confessor, 
collected from various sources (ancient and modern). 

8°- [London,] n.d. 

The natural laws of money and commerce. fS.M.] 

8°- London, 1842. 

BERRY (William). 
The history of the island of Guernsey ... from the 
remotest period of antiquity to the year 1814 ; with 
particulars of the neighbouring islands of Alderney, 
Serk and Jersey. Compiled from the valuable 
collections of the late Henry Budd. 

4"- London, 1815. 
Encyclopcedia Heraldica : or, a complete dictionary of 
heraldry. 3 vol. 4«- L.ondou. [1828.] 

Count}' genealogies. Pedigrees of the families in the 
county of Kent. fo. London, 1830. 

Pedigrees of the families in the county of Sussex. 

fo. London, 18.30. 
Pedigrees of the families in the county of Hants. 

fo. London, 1833. 
Pedigrees of Berkshire families. 

fo. London, 1837. 
Pedigrees of Buckinghamshire families. 

fo. London, 1837. 
Pedigrees of Surrey families, fo. London, 1837. 
Pedigrees of Hertfordshire families. 

fo. London. [1842.] 

BERSIER (Eugene), D.D. 
Coligny : the earlier life of the great Huguenot. 
Translated by Annie Harwood Holmden. 

8"- London, 1884. 

BERRON (JacqiJes). Str CIMBER (L.). 

BERTHOUD (Fehdinand). 

L'art de conduire et de regler les pendules ct les montres ; 
a I'usage de ceux qui n'ont aucune connois.sance 

, d'horlogerio. [C.C.] 12"' La Jfai/e, 1761. 

l'iclaircissemenssurrinvention,lath('oric,la construction, 
ct les ('preuvcs des nouvellcs niacliines propost'es en 
France pour la di'tcrmination des longitudes en nier 
par la mesure du temps. [G.C.] 4"' Put i.t, 1773. 

Traite des horologes marines, contenant la thc'orie, la 
construction, la main-d'oeuvro de ces machines, et la 
nianiore de les I'prouver. [C.C.] 4t°- Paris, 1773. 


BERTHOUD {FKiwiy.\y<v)—coiithiucd. 
Les longitudes par la niesure du temps : ou, methode 
pour determiner les longitudes en mer avec le 
secours des horloges marines. [C.C.] 

4"- Parfs, 1775. 
Essai sur I'horlogerie ... '2'^'- t'dit. 2 vol. [C.C.] 

4"- Parh, 1786. 

De la mesure du temps : ou, supplement au Traite des 

horloges marines, et ;\ I'Essai sur I'liorlogerie ... 

[C.C.] 4"- P«r;.s-, 1787. 

Traite des montres a longitudes, [et] supplement au 

Traite des montres a longitudes. [C.C.] 

4"- Pans, 1792-1807. 
Histoire de la niesure du temps par les horloges. 2 vol. 

[C.C,] 4°- Paris, 1802. 

BERTIUS (Petras). ,sVr CLUVIEK (Philip). 

BERTRAM (Charles). 
Britannicarum gentium historiae antique scriptores tres, 
Ricardus Corinensis, Gildas Badonicus, Nennius 
Banchorensis. 8°- Jlacn/K, 1757. 

BERTRAM (James G.). 
The harvest of the sea : a contribution to the natural 
and economic history of the British food fishes. 

8»- Loudon, 18(35. 

BERTY (Adolphk). 
Topographic historique du vieux Paris : continuee par 
H. Legrand, [et completee] par L. M. Tisserand. 1 et 
2. Region du Louvre et des Tuileries (avec deux 
feuilles d'un plan general de restitution). 3. 
Region du bourg Saint-Germain. 4. Region du 
faubourg Saint-Germain. [Histoire genurale de 
Paris.] 4 vol. and portfolio. 4"' Paris, 1866-82. 

BERWICK, Rev. Edward. 
The Rawdon. papers ; consisting of letters... to and from 
Dr. John IBramhall, Primate of Ireland, including 
the correspondence of several eminent men of the 
17th century ... 8°- London, 1819. 

BERWICK (Jacquks de Fitz-James, Marshal 
the Duke of). 

Memoirs ... written by himself. With a summary 
continuation from the year 1716 to his death in 17.34. 
2 vol. 8°- London, 1779. 

BESAJSTT (Walter), M.A. 
Gaspard de Coligny (Marquis de ChatiUon), Admiral of 
France ... 2nd edit. [The New Plutarch.] 

8"- London, 1879. 
Rabelais. [Foreign Classics for English Readers.] 

8"- Edinhurfjlu 1879. 
The life and achievements of Edward Henry Palmer, 
late Lord Almoner's Professor of Arabic in the 
University of Cambridge, and Fellow of Saint John's 
CoUege. 3rd edit. 8"- London, 1883. 


BESANT (Walter), M.A., and RICE (James). 
Sir Richard Whittington, Lord Mayor of London. 
[The New Plutarch.] 8°- London,\m\. 

BESANT (W[illiam] H[exry]), M.A. 
Elementary hydrostatics. 8°- Camhridge, 1863. 

BESODNER (Petrt s). 
Bibliotheca theologica, hoc est index bibliorum praeci- 
puorum eorundemque interpretum in classes diges- 
' torum. [D.C.] 4°- Francofurti. [1608.] 

BESSE (JosEi>ii). 
The life and posthumous works of Richard Claridge... 
Edited by John Barclay. 3rd edit. 

8"- ^London, 1836. 
BESSEL (Friedrich Wilhelm). Sir GREEN- 

BEST (Henry). 
Rural economy in Yorkshire in 1641 ; being the farming 
and account books of Henry Best. [Edited by the 
Rev. C. B. Robinson, B.A. Surtees Society, 33.] 

80' Durham, 1857. 

BEST (Thomas). 
The art of angling confirmed by actual experience ... 
to which is added, Nobbs's Complete troller ... 11th 
edit. 8°- London, 1822. 

[BEST (Rev. William), D.D.] 
A letter from a minister of an united parish in the City 
of London to his parishioners, on occasion of a 
collection to be made therein for the support of the 
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign 
Parts. 4°- London, 1742. 

BETHAM (Rev. William). 

Genealogical tables of the sovereigns of the world, 
from the earliest to the present period ... so con- 
structed as to form a series of chronology . . . 

fo. London, 1795. 

The baronetage of England : or, the history of the 
English bai'onets and such baronets of Scotland as 
are of English families ; with genealogical tables and 
engravings of their coats of arms. 5 vol. and 
1 vol of plates. 4°- Ljmvich, 1801-5. 

BETHAM (Sir William), F.S.A., Ulster King- 

Irish antiquarian researches. 2 vol. 

8°- DnhUn, 1826-7. 

Dignities, feudal and parliamentary, and the constitu- 
tional legislature of the United Kingdom... Vol. 1. 
[AU published.] 8°- London, 1830. 


BETHEL (Alderman Slixgsby). 

The world's mistake in Oliver Cromwell : or, a short 
political discourse, shewing that Cromwell's mal- 
administration (during his four years and nine 
moneths pretended protectorship) layed the foun- 
dation of our present condition of decay of trade. 
[A7wn.] 4"' London, 1668. 

The tryal of Slingsby Bethel upon an indictment 
preferred by Robert Mason against him, of which he 
was found guilty at the Genei-al Quarter Sessions of 
the peace for the town and borough of Southwark, at 
the Bridge House. fo. London, 1681. 

The vindication of Slingsby Bethel, one of the sheriffs 
of London and Middlesex, against the several slanders 
cast upon him upon the occasion of his being pro- 
posed for one of the burgesses to serve in the late 
parliament for the burrough of Southwark. 

fo. London, 1681. 

A seasonable answer to a pamphlet, entituled. The vindi- 
cation of Slingsby Bethel, one of the sherifEs of 
London and Middlesex ... fo. London, 1681. 

Enquiry of Slingsby Bethel after William Baly, the 
only witness against him upon the trial of the riot 
in Guildhall, 8th May. fo. sh. London, 1(')83. 

See CLAYTON (Sir Robert), LONDON, Sheriffs. 


Jean de. 


Report as to appointing of a chaplain ... 

8"- London, 1817. 

Minutes of proceedings relative to the treatment of the 
patients in the criminal wing ... Extracted from the 
journals. S"- London, 1841. 



BETHLEM HOSPITAL— ro«/;»«rt/. 
The report of tlie Oorumissioners in lunacy to the 
Secretarj' of State ... with the evidence on which 
such a report is stated to be founded ... [also] a 
letter from the Under Secretary. 8"- London, 1852. 
The observations of the G overnors on the report of the 
Commissioners in Lunacy to the Secretary of State... 
with appendixes. 8°- London, 1852. 

Sec BOWEN (Eev. Thomas), BEIDEWELL 



BETHUXE (Lieut.-Col. John Dkixkwater), 
C.B., F.S.A. 

Statements respecting the late department of the Comp- 
trollers of Ai-my Accounts, shewing the incon- 
veniences and disadvantages which will probably 
I'esult from its abolition. 8°- London, 1835. 

BETHUNE (Hon. J[ohn] E[lliot] Dhinkwatee). 
See JONES (David). 

BETTERTON (Thomas). 
The history of the English stage from the Restauration 
to the present time ... 8"- London, 1741. 

BEVAN (Chahlks). 
A proposal to raise £125,000 per annum by licenses to 
innholdcrs. victuallers, and others. fo. sh. n.d. 

BEVAN (G. Phillips), F.G.S., F.S.S. 
Industrial classes and industrial statistics. Textiles 
and clothing, food, sundry industries. [British 
Manufacturing Industries, IB.] 8°- London, 1877. 
Industrial classes and industrial statistics. Mining, 
metals, chemicals, ceramics, glass and paper. [British 
Manufacturing Industries, 14.] 8"' London, 1877. 
•The statistical atlas of England, Scotland and Ii'eland. 

fo. Edinburgh, 1882. 




(JcdlDfrioLl and iiiiniiig 




ilariiio ( commeroial I. 

Military ami naval. 

Poor law and panperisiu. 

Railway and telegraph. 



The London water supply : its past, present and 
future. With a map showing the districts of the 
water companies. 8"- London, l?t84. 


BEVAN (G. Phillips), F.G.S., F.S.S., and 
STAINER (John), M.A., Mus. Doc. 
Handbook to the cathedral of St. Paul. 

8"- London, 1882. 

BEVAN (JosKPH GuiiNEv). 
A refutation of some of the more modern misrepre- 
sentations of the Society of Friends, commonly 
.called Quakers ; with a life of James Nayler ... 

8"' London, 1800. 
A reply to so much of a sermon by Philip Dodd as 
relates to the well-known scruples of the Society of 
Friends, commonly called Quakers, against all 
swearing. 8"- London, 1808. 

B H V A N ( Rev. W [ i lli a m ] L [ ati i a m ] ), M. A., and 
PIIILI.O'I'T (Rev. H[i;Miv] W[hi(;iit]), M.A. 
Mediieval ge()gra|)liy : an essay in illustration of the 
Hereford Mappa Mundi. 8"- London, 1873. 

BEVELL (Jamks). 

An authentic narrative of the methods by which the 
robbery committed at the house of the lOarl of Har- 
rington in the Stable-yard, St. James", was discovered. 

4"- Lonilnn, 17(15. 

BEVERIDGE (William), D.D., Bishop of St. 

A sermon concerning the excellency and usefulness of 
the Common Prayer preached ... at the opening of 
the parish churcli [St. Peter's, CornhiU], November 
27, 1681. 5th and 8th edit. 4°- London, 1683-7. 

A sermon preached before the Queen at Whitehall, 
October 12. 4°- London, 1690. 

BEVERLEY (Michael), M.D. 
On the use of tea and coffee. 12"- London. [1879.] 

BEVILL (Rev. Richard). 
A sermon ... 8"- London, 1837. 


8°- London, 1879. 

BEVIS (John), M.D., F.S.A. 

An experimental enquiry concerning the contents, 
qualities, and medicinal virtues of the mineral waters 
lately discovered at Bagnigge Wells. 2nd edit. 

8°- London, 1767. 

BEWICK (Thomas). 
The howdy and the upgetting : two tales of sixty years 
sin seyne ... in the Tyneside dialect. Reprint. 

12°- London, 1850. 
Memorial edition of Thomas Bewick's works. Vol. 1 
and 2, British birds. Vol. 3, Quadrupeds. [750 
copies.] 8°- Neiccavtle-iq)oii-Ti/ne, 1885. 

Bewick memento. Catalogue, with purchasers' names 
and prices realised, of the scarce and curious collection 
of books, silver plate, prints, pictures, wood blocks, 
copper-plates and Bewick relics, sold by auction at 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, on February 5, 7, and August 
26, 1884 ; with an introduction by Robert Robinson. 

4"- London. [1885.] 

BEWICK, Thomas and John. 

See HUGO (Rev. 

BEZE (Theodore de). 
Tractationes theologicse. 2 vol. in 1. [Vol. 1, 2nd 

edit.] [D.C.] fo. Genevw, 1573-6. 

Dialogi ab Eusebio Philadelpho Cosmopolita [^jsc^f/.] 

in Gallorum et caeterarum nationum gratiam compo- 

siti : quorum primus ab ipso auctore recognitus et 

auctus, alter veru in lucem nunc primum editus f uit. 

[D.C.] S"- Edhnhurgi, 1574. 

Twee verhandelinghcn. D'eerste vande polygamic ... 

D'andere van Ondertrou ende Echtscheydinghe ... 

Verduytst wt den Latine van Henrico Heiningo. 

[B.C.] 8"- Mlddellrnvgh, 1595. 

Sermons sur I'histoire de la Resuri'cction de nostre 

Seigneur Jesus Christ. [D.C.] 8"- Geneve, 1619. 

Lilawati : or, a treatise on arithmetic and geometry. 
Translated from the original Sanscrit bv John Taylor, 
M.D. 4"- 'Bonihuij, 1816. 


Hehkew Oi-d Testajient. 
Biblia Ebrrea, eleganti et majuscida cliaracterum forma 
qua primo statim intuitu literaj I'adicales et serviles 
deficientes et quiescentes ... situ et colore discer- 
nuntur, cura et studio Eli^ Huteri. [D.C.] 

fo. Colonhe, 1603. 
[Biblia Rabbinica, edited by J. Buxtorf the elder : with 
the (Jhaldee parajihrase, and connneiitiiries of Raslii, 
Ibn Ezi'a, Kimclii, Levi Ben Gerslion Saadiah (Jaon, 
Isaiah, and the Baal-IIa-tvirim.] 4 vol. [B.C.] 

fo. Baxel, 1618-19. 
Biblia Hebraica ... ex recensione Meuasseh Ben Israel. 

[B.C.] 4"- AmMeldami, 1635. 

[Hebrew Old Testament.] 8"- Vienna, 1871. 



BIBLE — contittned. 

Gkki'.k Nkw Testament. 

Novum TcKtaraentum jam quintum ac postremum 
accuratissima cura rccoguitum a Des. Erasmo Roter. 
Cum annotationibu.s ejufdem ita locupletatis, ut pro- 
pomodum opus novum videri possit. Gra3ce et 
Latinc. [D.C.] fo. JiaxHew, 1539, 

T;;c Kcui'Tic A(af^»//v7ye arcoTo ... Nouum Jcsu Christi 
Dn. nostri Testamentum. Ut ex Bibliotheca Regia 
anno MDL per Robertum Sfcephanum excusum fuit. 
Grace. [B.C.] fo. Fmncofnrf/, IGOl. 

Novum Jesu Christi D. N. Testamentum, cum notis 
Josephi Scaligeri. Greece. [B.C.] 4°- Genet'cr, 1G20. 

Bibliorum codex Sinaiticus Petropolitanus, auspiciis 
Impenatoris Alexandii II ex tenebris protraxit, in 
Europam transtulit, ad juvandas atque illustrandas 
sacras litteras edidit Constantinus Tischendorf. 

4 vol. 4"- PetropoV, 18G2. 
Novum Testamentum. Grsece. 

32°- Colo)//i(' Ai/r//)ji//>((', 18GG. 
The Greek Testament ; with a ci'itically revised text 
and a ... commentary, by Henry Alford, B.D. 4 vol. 

8"- London, 1871-4. 
Novum Testamentum Groecum. [Title-page wanting. 
B.C.] 12«- 


Bil)lia Sacra polyglotta, Hebraice, Chaldaice, Grsece, 
ct Latine. Philippi II Hispaniarum Regis jussu 
edita ac impressa : cura Benedicti Ai'ise Montani. 

5 vol. [B.C.] ^ fo. Aidrerpia', 15Gd-72. 
[The two following entries form the 2nd volume 

of the Apparatus to this work ; for vol. 3 see Arias 
Montanus ; vol. 1 is wanting.] 

Hebraicorum Bibliorum Veteris Testamenti Latina 
interpretatio, opera olim Xantis Pagnini Lucensis : 
nunc vero Benedicti Arife Montani Hispalesis, 
Francisci Riiphelengii Alnetani, Guidonis, et Nicolai 
Fabriciorum Boderianorum fratrum collato studio, 
ad Hebraicam dictionem diligentissime expensa. 
[B.C.] fo. Anfrerploi. [1571.] 

Novum Testamentum Grace, cum vulgata interpre- 
tatione Latina Graici contextus lineis inserta... Ben. 
Arise Montani Hispalensis opera. [B.C.] 

fo. Antverji/cc, 1572. 

Biblia Sacra, Hebraice, Greece et Latine ... cumannota- 
tionibus Francisc Vatabli. Vol. 1 and 2. [Vol. .3, 
containing the New Testament, is wanting. B.C.] 
fo. Ex officina Sanctandi-eana [He/delbei-f/'], 158G. 

Biblia Sacra polyglotta, complectentia textus originales, 
Hebraicum cum Pentateucho Samaritano, Chaldai- 
cum, Grsecum, versionumque antiquarum, Samari- 
tans, Grseca LXXII Interp., Chaldaicsej Syriacse, 
ArabicEC, ^thiopicae, Persicas, Vulg. Lat. quicquid 
comparari potuit. Cum textuum et versionum 
Orientalium translationibus Latinis ... Cum apparatu, 
appcndicibus, tabulis, variis lectionibus, annotationi- 
bus, indicibus ... Edidit Brianus Waltonus. Vol. 1-4 
and G. [Vol. 5, containing the New Testament is 
wanting. B.C.] fo. Londliii, 1G57. 

Novum Jesu Christi B. N. Testametum. [Syriace 
litteris Hcbraicis, Grasce, et Latine. Studio Guidonis 
Fabricii Boderiani.] 40- Purh, 1584. 

Jesu CJhristi Bomini Nostri Novum Testamentum, sive 
Novum Foedus, cujus Gracjco contextui respondent 
interpretationes duie : una, vetus ; altera, Theodori 
Bezae. Ejusdem Theod. Beza; annotationes ... 
Acccssit etiam Joachimi Camerarii ... commentarius. 

( Graece et Latine. [B.C.] fo. Qtiildhnt/iii', 1G42. 

Veksions. Enci.ish. 
The liolie Bible, conteyning the olde Testament and 
the ncwc. [With a preface by Ai-chbishop Cranmer.] 
Printed by R. Jugge. fo. Londoii, ]'>C>H. 

[The " Bishops' " Bible, a revision of the " Great 
Bible," undertaken by Ai-chbishop Parker with 

BIBLE. Vehsions. EN(iLi.sii — continued. 

the assistance of eight bishops. It is sometimes 
called the Treiicle Bible from Jeremiah viii, 22, 
" Is there not triacle at Gilead." This copy has 
no title page, and is defective at the beginning 
and end. It has the following inscriptions on 
brass plates : — " The constables of the ward of 
Aldersgate Within and Without, Geo. Warde, 
Will. Britten, Will. Cooper, Rich. Millet, WiU. 
Eastwood, Gill. Brookes, Rob. Stone, Tho. 
Gregson. This Bible was given by these men, 
above written, for the use of the watch of 
Aldersgate the 1st Sepf - 1G49." " T. Youle & J. 
Bavy gaue the binding of this Bible ye 12 of 
May, 1G80, then being constables." There is a 
later plate stating that the watchhouse was built 
in 1808.] 

The Bible, translated according to the Ebrew and 
Greeke, and conferred with the best translations in 
divers languages. 

Imprinted by the Beputies of Christopher Barker. 

4"- London, 1598. 
[Commonly called the Breeches Bible, see 
Genesis iii, 7.] 

The Holy Bible, conteyning the Old Testament and 
the New : newly translated out of the originall 
tongues, and with the former translations diligently 
compared and revised, by His Majesties speciall 
commandement. [King James's, or authorized 
version.] fo. London, H:A'd. [N.T., IGIL] 

[Although the title page bears the date 1G13 this is 
a copy of the second iiupression of the IGll 
edition, and contains the map of Canaan, engraved 
by Renold Elstrack in IGll. It is the " She" 
Bible, see Ruth iii, 15, " And ftlie went into the 
citie." The binding bears the following in- 
scription : — " This booke was given by the 
wardmote inquest of the ward of Aldersgate, 
in the yeere of our Lord God IGIG, unto the 
use of the wardmote inquest successively, to 
remaine in Trinitie Hall for ever." An 
illuminated dedication page precedes the title, 
containing the names of the 14 donors and the 
arms of their respective companies.] 

The Holy Bible, conteyning the Old and New Testa- 
ment ; with the Apocrypha, the Prayers and Psalms. 
Printed by Robert Barker. 

fo. London, 1G33. [N.T., 1632.] 

The Holy Bible, containing the bookes of the Old and 
New Testament ... illustrated w"'- chorographical 
sculps by J. Ogilby. With the Book of Common 
Prayer. One hundred and seven fine engravings by 
N. J. Visseher. Printed by John Field. 2 vol. 

fo. Cambridge, 1660. [N.T., 1G59.] 

The Bible in miniature : or, a concise history of the 
Old and New Testaments. Printed for W. Harris, 
7U, St. Paul's Churchyard. 32°- London, 1171. 

The Holy Bible ; with a condensed commentary, 
notes ... by the Rev. Ingram Cobbin, M.A. 

4"- London, 1839. 

The Holy Bible, containing tlie Old and New Testa- 
ments [and the Apocrypha] ; with illuminations by 
Samuel Stanosby. [The 18G2 Exhibition Prize 
Bible.] 40- London. [18G2.] 

The Holy Bible. 8"- Cavihridue, 1871. 

[The Speaker's Commentary.] The Holy Bible, ac- 
cording to the authorised version IGll); with 
an explanatory and critical commentary and a revision 
of the translation, by bishops and other clergy of tho 
Anglican Church. Edited by Canon F. C. Cook, M.A. 
Old Testament, G vol. in 7. New Testament, 4 vol. 
11 vol. 8"' London, 1871-81. 



BIBLE. Yer^jioxs. English — continued: 
The Parallel Bible. The Holy Bible, containing the 
Old and Xew Testaments translated out of the 
original tongues ; being the authorized version 
arranged in parallel columns with the revised 
version. la. 8"- Camhridfje, 1885. 

The twenty-four books of the Holy Scriptures ... 
translated according to the masoretic text, after the 
Jewish authorities, by Isaac Leeser. 

8o- Philadelphiu, 1878. 

The Septuagint version of the Old Testament [including 
the Apocrypha] ; with an English translation, and 
with various readings and critical notes. 

4"- London, 1879. 

The Bible in stenography, by William Addy. 

;}2°- {London, 1691.] 

A new and literal translation, from the original 
Hebrew, of the Pentateuch of Moses, and of the 
historical books of the Old Testament to the end of 
the second book of Kings ; with notes, critical and 
explanatory, by the Rev. Julius Bate, M.A. 

4''- London, 1773. 

The Children's Pentateuch; with the Haphtarahs: or, 
portions from the Prophets, arranged for Jewish 
children by Mrs. Henry Lucas. 8"- London, 1878. 

William Tyndale's Five Books of Moses, called the 
Pentateuch, being a verbatim reprint of the edition 
of 1530 ... by the Rev. J. I. Mombert, D.D. 

8°- Ne.w York, 1884. 

The book of Job, translated from the Hebrew by 
Miss Elizabeth Smith. With a preface and annota- 
tions by the Rev. F. Randolph, D.D. 8«- Bath, 1810. 

The book of Job, translated from the Hebrew text, 
with an introduction and notes critical and ex- 
planatory, by A. Elzas. 8°- London, 1872. 

The whole book of Psalms collected into English 
metre, by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins, and 
others. [D.C.] fo. London, 1716. 

The book of Psalms, in the corresponding style of 
phonography. sm. 8°- London, n.d. 

The Proverbs of Solomon, translated from the Hebrew 
text, with notes critical and explanatory, by A. 
Elzas. 8°- Leeds, 1871. 

The book of Proverbs, lithographed in phonetic short- 
hand by James Butterwood. sm. 8"- London, n.d. 

The Minor Prophets [Amos, Obadiah, Jonah], trans- 
lated from the Hebrew text, and a commentary, 
critical, philological and exegetical, by A. Elzas. 
Vol. 2. sm. 8"- London, 1874. 

Jonah : a faithful translation from the original, with 
philological and explanatory notes, by George 
Benjoin ... sm. 8°- Canthridge, 1796. 

A new tran.slation of those parts only of the New 
Testament which are wrongly translated in our 
common version, by Gilbert Wakefield, B.A. 

8"- London, 1789. 

A translation of tlie New Testament, by Gilbert 
Wakefield, B.A. 3 vol. 8"- London, 

A translation of the New Testament, from the original 
Greek, liuml)ly attempted by Nathaniel Scarlett, 
assisted by men of piety and literature. 

8"- London, 17!)8. 

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus 
Christ, pul)lislio(l in 1526 : being the first translation 
from the (Jrcok into English, by that eminent scholar 
and martyr William Tyiidule. Repi-inted vorliatim, 
with a iiiwnoir of his lil'(^ and writings liy (leorge 
()fFor. S"- l.ond ni, 1836. 

BIBLE. Veksioxs. English — continued. 

The New Testament according to the authorized 
version, with notes, explanatory and practical ; 
together with appropriate introductions, tables, 
indexes, and maps. Prepared and arranged by the 
Rev. George D'Oyly, D.D., and the Rev. Richard 
Mant, D.D. 8°- London, 1838. 

The New Testament, the authorized English version ; 
with introduction, and various readings from the 
three most celebrated manuscripts of the original 
Greek text, by Constantine Tischendorf. Tauchnitz 
edition. 8°- Leipzig, 1869. 

The first printed English New Testament, translated 
by William Tyndall. Photo-lithographed from the 
unique fragment, now in the Grenville collection, 
British Museum. Edited by Edward Arber. 

4°- London, 1871. 

The parallel New Testament of our Lord and Saviour 
Jesus Christ ; being the authorized version set forth 
in 1611 arranged in parallel columns with the 
revised version of 1881. 4°- O.r/or(/, 1882. 

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus 
Christ, in phonogi-aphy. 12°- London, n.d. 

New translation of the Gospel of St. Matthew, with 
notes, by Gilbert Wakefield, B.A. 

4°- Wdrrington, 1782. 

The gospel by St. Matthew, in embossed type for the 
blind (Moon's system). 2 vol. ob. [London,] n.d. 

The Epistles of Paul the Apostle translated, with 
exposition and notes, by the Rev. Thomas Belsham. 
4 vol. 8°- London, 1822. 

The EpLstles of St. Paul to the Corinthians ; with 
critical notes and dissertations by A. P. Stanley, D.D. 
3rd edit. 8°- London, 1865. 

A new Biblia Pauperum ; being thirty-eight woodcuts 
illustrating the- life, parables and miracles of our 
blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, with the 
proper descriptions thereof : extracted from the 
translation of the New Testament by John Wiclif ... 
[With a preface by A. P. Stanley, D.D. 257 copies 
printed.] 4"' London, 1877. 

Apocryphal Gospels, Acts and Revelations. Translated 
by Alexander Walker. [Ante-Nicene Christian 
Library, 16.] 8"- Edinburgh, 1873. 

Afghan. See Pushtu. 


Old Testament, translated by J. Zimmermann. 3 vol. 

8"- London, 1865-6. 
New Testament. IG"- 1859. 


Bible. Edited Thomas Pell Piatt, M.A. 

40- London, 1844. 

New Testament. 8°- London, 1863. 

CiEdmon's metrical paraphrase of parts of the Holy 
Scriptures ... with an English translation, notes and 
a verbal index, by Benjamin Thorpe, F.S.A. 

8o- London, 1832. 

Akabic (Vowelled). 
Bible. 8"' Oxford, 1871. 

Armenian (Ancient). 
New Testament. 12«- London, 1871. 

Basque (Fhench). 
Gospel of St. Luke. 12"- LoWo», 1878. 

Basque (St.vnisii). 

Gospel of St. Luke. 16"- London, 1870. 

Batta (Toha). 
New Testament and the Psalms, translated into the 

langu.age of the Bata in the island of Sumatra by 

J. L. Nommenscn. 12"- IC/berfild, ISSb. 

Bible. 4th edit. 8"- Cih'iitt, /. \>^iu. 



BIBLE. Veksions — continued. 

Gospel of St. Mark. Edited by Leo Reinisch. 

8"' n.d. 
8"- PrcKjue, 1870. 
8«- B refit, 1870. 
8"- Comtanthwph, 1871. 


New Testament. 




Psalms and Proverb.s. 3rd edit. 8"- Rancjoon, 1870. 

New Testament. 12"'- Bain/alore, 1861. 


New Testament. 12°- London, 1835. 


Bible. 4 pt. 8°- 
New Testament. 8°- 

New Testament, translated by the Ven. Archdeacon 
Kirkby. 8"- London, 1881. 


Gospel of St. Matthew, translated into the language of 
the Cree Indians by the Ven. James Hunter, D.D. 

8"- London, 1877. 

Ckee (Eastern). 
Bible. 8"- London, 1881. 


Bible. 8°- Pesth, 1868. 


Bible. 80- London, 1855. 

Another edition. 8"- Kjohenliavn, 1884. 


Der Bybel. [Begins,] Hier beghit dat prologus vader 
bible des ouer-setters te du3d;sche vte latine. [Ends,] 
Deese ieghenwoerdighe bible mit horen boecken, ende 
elc boeck mit alle sijne capitelen, bi ene notabelen 
meester wel ouergheset wt den latine in duytsche 
ende wel naerstelic gecorrigeert ende wel ghespelt : 
was gemaect te delf in hoUant mitter hulpen gods 
ende bij ons iacob iacobs soen en mauricius yemants 
zoen van middelborch ter eeren gods, ende tot stich- 
ticheit ende lerijnghe der kersten ghelouighe menscho. 
Ende wort voleynd, int iaer der incarnacien ons here 
duysent vier hondert zeue efi tseuentich, den thien- 
den dach der maent ianuario. 2 vol. [The iirst 
Dutch version. D.C] fo. Delft, 1477. 

Biblia. Dat is, de gantsche Heylighe Schrif t grondelic 
ende trouwelick verduydtschet. [D.C] 8"- 1571. 

Biblia. Dat is, de gantsche Heylighe Schrif t grondelick 
ende trouwelick verduydtschet. De Psalmen des 
Propheten Davids ende ander Lofsanghen wt den 
Francoischen dichte in Nederlandtschen overgheset 
door Petrum Dathenum. [D.C] 8°- Delft, 1582. 

Biblia. [The Old and New Testaments and Apocrypha 
in Dutch. Title-page wanting. D.C] fo. 1582. 

Biblia. Dat is, de gantsche Heylighe Schrif t grondelick 
ende trouwelick verduytschet. De Psalmen des 
Propheten Davids ende ander Lofsanghen wt den 
Fransoyschen dichte in Nederlantschen overgheset 
door Petrum Dathenum. Mitsgaders den Catechis- 
mus, Ceremonien ende Ghebeden. [D.C] 

8"- Leyden, 1589. 

Biblia. Dat is, dc gantsche Heylighe Schrif tuere, gron- 
1 delijck ende trouwelijck verduytschet. De Psalmen 
Davids wt den Fransoyschen in Nederlantschen 
dichte ovcr-ghcset. Mitsgaders den Catechismus, 
Ceremonien ende Ghebeden. [D.C] 

4"- Leyden, 1596. 

Den Bibel, inhoudende dat Oude ende Nieuwe Testa- 
ment. Ghedruckt na de copie van Nicolaes Biestkens 
van Diest. [D.C] fo. 1598. 

BIBLE. Versions. Dutch — continued. 

Biblia. Dat is, de gantsche H. Schrif ture vervattende 
alle de Canonijcke Boecken des Ouden en des Nieuwen 
Testaments uyt de Oorspronckelijcke talen in onse 
Neder-landtsche tale getrouwelick overgeset. Met 
Verklaringen op de duystere plaetsen. [D.C] 

fo. Leyden. [1639.] 

Biblia. [The Old and New Testaments and Apocrypha 
in Dutch. Title-page wanting. D.C] 

fo. Amsterdam, 1643. 

Biblia. Dat is, de gantsche H. Schi-ifture vervattende 
alle de Canonijcke Boecken des Ouden en des 
Nieuwen Testaments uyt de Oorspronckelijcke talen 
in onse Nederlandsche tale getrouwelijck overgeset. 
[D.C] fo. Amsfelredam, 1643. 

Biblia. Dat is, de gantsche H. Schrif ture vervattende 
alle de Canonijcke Boecken des Ouden en des 
Nieuwen Testaments uyt de Oorspronckelijcke talen 
in onse Nederlandtsche tale getrouwelijck overgeset. 
[D.C] fo. Amsteldam, 1657. 

Biblia. Dat is, de gantsche Heylighe Schrifture 
vervattende alle de Canonijcke Boecken des Ouden 
en Niewen Testaments. De Psalmen Davids met 
eenige andere Lofsangen uyt den Franfoyschen in 
Nederlandschen Dichte overgeset door P. Dathenum, 
mitsgaders den Christlicken Catechismo, Formulieren 
en Gebeden der Gereformeerde Kercke. [D.C] 

4°- AmdeJdam, 1662. 

Another edition. [D.C] 4°- Amsteldam, \l\b. 

Biblia. Dat is, de gantsche H. Schrifture vervattende 
alle de Canonijcke Boecken des Ouden en des Nieuwen 
Testaments. [D.C] 

4°- Amsterdam, 1111. . [N.T., 1774.] 

Biblia. Dat is, de gantsche H. Schrifture vervattende 
alle de Canonijke Boecken des Ouden en des Nieuwen 
Testaments. [D.C] 4"- London, 1812. 

Biblia. Dat is, die gantsche H. Schrifture vervattende 
alle de Canonijcke Boecken des Ouden en des Nieuwen 
Testaments, uyt de Oorspronckelicke talen in onse 
Nederlandtsche tale getrouwlick overgeset. Met 
verklaringen op de duystere plaetsen aenteeckeningen 
vande gelyck luydende Texten ende niewe Registers 
over beyde de Testamenten. [D.C] 

fo. Amsterdam \_ivinted at Haarleni], 1843. 
[This beautiful stereotyped edition, in the Old Dutch 
black letter and orthography, was exhibited with 
the stereotype plates at the Great Exhibition in 
1851, by Messrs. Enschede and Sons, and after- 
wards presented by them to the Rev. Dr. Gelile, 
then Minister of the Dutch Church in London.] 

Biblia. [D.C] 4<'- AmMerdum, 1845. 

[Another edition of the same, with the Psalms, 
Hymns, and Liturgy. Exhibited upon the same 
occasion and presented as above.] 

Bible. 8"- London, 1869. 

Dat tweede deel der Bybelen naerstelijck ghecorrigeert. 
[Containing Job to Malachi and the Apocrypha.] 
[D.C] 8"- n.d. 

De Psalmen Davids wt den Franchoyschen dichte in 
Nederlantschen ouerge.set door Petrum Dathenum ... 
Mitsgaders den Christelicken Catechismus, Cere- 
monien ende Ghebeden. [D.C] 8"- 1572. 

De CL Psalmen Davids wt den Fransoyschen dichte 
in Nederlantschen overgheset door Petrum Dathen- 
um. Mitsgaders ooc den Christelicken Catechismo, 
Ceremonien ende Ghebeden. [D.C] 

8»- Dordrecht, 1596. 

De CL Psalmen des Propheten Davids met eenige 
andere Lof-Sangen uyt den Francoyschen Dichte in 
Nederlantschen overgeset door Petrum Dathenum. 
Midtsgaders do Christelicke Catechismus, de 
belijdcnisse des Geloofs ende verklaringe van ceniglie 
Hooft-stucken des .selven. AIs oock de Liturgie der 
selve Kcrcken. [D.C] 4"- Amntelredam, 1()44. 



BIBLE. Versioxs. Dutch — continued. ■ 
Davids Psalmen gedicht, aen d'eene zijde door Petrum 
Dathenum, aen d'ander zijde door J. de Brune. 
[D.C.] l-2°- Amsterdam, 1650. 

De CL Psalmen des Konincklijcken Prophete Davids 
mitsgaders noch eenige aiidere Lof-Sangen uyt den 
Fran^oysche in Xederlantschen dichte overgeset door 
Petrum Dathenum. Ende noch de Christelicke 
Catechismus, Belijdenisse des Geloofs ende de 
Lyturgie. Geheel op Musijck-Nooten gestelt. 
[D.C.] 4°- Amsterdam, 1G61. 

De CL Psalmen des Proplieten Davids en andere Lof- 
sangen uyt den Francoyschen in Nederlandtschen 
diclite overgeset door Petrum Dathenum, en tot 
gemack des Sangers geheel op Musijck Nooten en 
eenen Sleutel gestelt door Cornelis de Leeuw, 
Musicijn. Mitsgaders de Christelicke Catechismus, 
Formulieren en Gebeden der Geref orraeerde Kercken. 
[D.C.] . 12°- Am>iterdum, 1G83. 

Het Boek der Psalmen nevens de Gezangen bij de 
Hervormde Kerk van Nederland in Gebruik ; uit 
drie berijmingen, in den Jaare 1773 gekooren, met 
de noodige daar in gemaakte veranderingen. 
[Mitsgaders den Christelicken Catechismo, Formu- 
lieren ende Gebeden. D.C.] 4"''- Avivterdain, 1774. 

De Psalmen Davids met eenige andere Lof-sangen. 
[Title-page and part of preface vranting. D.C.] 

8°- n.d. 

De Evangelische Gezangen om nevens het boek der 
Psalmen by den openbaren Godsdienst in de Neder- 
duitsche Hervormde Gemeenten gebruikt te worden. 
[B.C.] 4°- London, 1813. 

Het Nieuwe Testament. [Title-page wanting. 
D.C.] 8"- [Dordrecht, ![>%?] 


Joshua to Esther. 8"- Stolpen, 1869. 

.Job to Song of Solomon. 8°- Slolpen, 1871. 

Acts to Revelation. 12"- London, 1840. 


New Testament. 12"- London, 1870. 


New Testament and Psalms. 8°- HeUingfor^, 1870. 

Bible. 8"- Brussels, 1865. 


La Saincte Bible, contenantc le Viel et le Nouveau 
Testament. [D.C.] H"- Paris, 1598. 

La Sainte Bible, interprett'e par Jean Diodati. [D.C.] 

fo. Genere, 1644. 

La Sainte Bible, qui contient le Vieux et le Nouveau 
Testament. Revue sur les originaux et retouchee dans 
le langage ; avec de petites notes marginales, et les 
textes paraU('les, i)ar David Martin. Les Pseaumes 
de David, mis en vers fraii(,'ois, revus et approuvez 
par le Synode Walon des Provinces-Unies. [La 
Forme des Prieres, lo Catechisme et la Confession de 
■Foi.] [D.C.] 2 vol. in 1. 4"- La llaye, 1742-3. 

La Bible, traduction nouvelle avec I'Hobreu en regard ... 
avec des notes philologiques, grographiques et 
litt('raires, et les variantes de la version des septante 
et du texte samaritain, par S. Cahen. [The Penta- 
teuch is of the 2nd edit, of 1845-56.] 18 vol. 

8"- Paris, 1835-56. 

Vol. 1. Iji Oeiii'se. 

Dc la Crtation scion loa iloctonrs et U's ]iliiloaoi)liCS ile In 
Vol. 2. I/Exoilp. 

Exiuncii (les critiiiues clii loinc iirciiiiiT, jBir S. Jliiiik. 
Extmit (les Observations siir In toi)ogriii)lao de la iiresiiu'llc 
rte .SiimV, par J. .M. J. Coutellc. 
Vol. 3, Le Ijcvltic|ue. 

Kxtniit (In .More N(''bonclihne. 

Des iinlniaiix propres luix SiU'riflecs et dos ilivcrscs csp6ee9 

(les siicrifUu'H ... Inid. sur I'oriKinivI k'rcc de I'hilon. 
De lit li'iire ct de IVdi'iilcintinsis, jiiir le \',m\\\\ Liirrcy. 
Notice snr Ic culendrier tnlinudicpie. 

BIBLES. Versions. French — continued. 

Vol. 4. Le.^ Nonibres. 

Beflexions sur le culte cies ancieus Hc'breux dans ses 
rajiports avec les autres cultes de rautiquiti?, jiar 
S. Munk. 

Cinquieme livre des Lois de Mauou. 

Chapitres xxvii et xxxi de la troisiome partie de la 

Direction des Egares, par Mousa Ibn Maiinoiiu. 
Sur la zone des villes levitiques et sur le cliemiu sabbatique. 
Vol. 5. Le Dcuteronome. 

Sur les Samaritaius. 

Notice sur la fenirae hebreue. 

Note [from a Caraite work] sur le verset 4 du chap, xxx 
du Deuterononie. 
Vol. 6. Josue. Les Juges. 
Vol. 7. Samuel. 

Sur r(itabUs3enieut de la royaute parmi les Hebreux. 
Vol. 8. Les Rois. 

Note sur le cli. xx du livre II des Rois. [An essay on 
Vol. 9. Isaie. 

Preface d'Abrabanel k son commentaire sur Isaie. 
Connneutaire d'Abrabanel sur les cliap. xxxiv et xxxv 

Notice sur ... Saadia Gaon et sa version arabe d'Isaie, et 
sur une version persaune, par S. Muuk. 
Vol. 10. Jer(;mie. 

Prii'face d'Abrabanel sur Jeremie. 

Observations et errata coucernaut la Notice sur le calen- 

drier judaique. 
Extrait de I'iutroduction liistorique ... i)ar Dalder. 
[On tlie chronology of the prophecies of Jeremiah.] 
Vol. 11. Eziichiel. 

More Nebouchime, ch. i-vii. 
Preface d'Abrabanel. 

Extrait de ... I'Exposition liistorique de la pr(_'dicatiou ct 
(les lectures liturgiques chez les Juifs, par le Dr. Zunz. 
Vol. 12. Les donze Petits Proplietes. 
Prt'face d'Abrabaiicl. 

Extiiiit du coniuientaire gtiographique sur I'Exode et. les 
Nonibres, jiar Lion Delaborde. 

Coniuientaire de R. Tan'lioum de Jerusalem sur le livre de 
Habakkonk, par S. Munk. 
Vol. 13. Pseaumes. 

De I'auteur et des auteurs des Pseaumes. 

Ordres des Pseaumes. 

Su^criptious des Pseaumes. 

Instruments de musique. 

Poesle hebraique. 

Accents touiques (Negiuoth). 
Vol. 14. Proverbes. 

Introductioli liistorique et litteraire, par Leopold Dukes. 
Vol. 15. Job. 

Esquisse sur la philosojiliie du poeme de Job, par Is. Cahen. 
Vol. 16. Le cinq Megilloth. [With an introduction to the Five 
• Scrolls,] 

Vol. 17. Daniel, Ezre, Nddiemie. [With a general introduction.] 
Vol. 18. Clironiques. 

Extrait de ... I'Exposition liistorique de la predication et 

des lectures liturgiques chez les Juifs, par le Dr. Zunz. 
Talile chroiiohigi(pie de raiicien Testament. [Translated 

from the Oeruiau of Dr. Zunz.] 
Additions a la Notice sur le calendrier talmudique. 

Bible, revue... par David Martin. 8''- Brussels, 186G. 
Bible, d'apres la version de J [ean] F[rederic] 'Ostervald. 

8"' Paris, 1868. 
Bible, traduite par [Louis Isaac] Lemaistre de Sacy. 

8"' Paris, 1870. 

[The Psalms of David, translated into French by 
Clement Marot and Theodore Beza. Title-page 
wanting. D.C.] [12«' Genere, 1563.] 

Les Pseaumes de David, mis en vers frauQois, revus et 
approuvez par le Synode Walon des Provinces-Unies. 
[D.C.] Nouvelle edit. 12"- £« 7/«y?, 1731. 

Le livre des Psaumes, ancienne traduction fran^aise : 
publiee ... d'apres les manuscrits de Cambridge et de 
Pai'is, par Francisque Michel. [Documents inedits 
sur riiistoire de France.] 4"- Paris, 1876. 

Le Nouveau Testament de Notre Seigneur Jesus- 
Christ, traduit en francj'ois sur Toriginal grec, avec 
des notes literales pour eclaircir le texte, par Mrs. De 
Beausobre et Lenfant. 2 vol. [D.C.] 

4"- Amsterdam, 1741. 
See French, Italian and Spanish Dialects. 


Gospel of St. Matthew. Translated by J. H. Halbertsma. 

12"' London, 1884. 


Bible. 8"- London, 1872. 


New Testament, translated into the Galla language 
by the Rev. Dr. Krai)t. 12"' Basle,' I SIW. 



BIBLE. Versions — continued. 


Biblia, das ist, die ganze heilige Schrifft deudsch. 
[Luther's version, with wood engravings. D.C.] 

fo. Slninhio'!/, 1535. 
Biblia, das ist, Alle Bi'icher der H. Schrift des alten 
und newen Testaments aus hebreischer und griech- 
isher spraacli ... aufs new vertheutscht ... durch 
Johan Piscator, Professor der H. Schrift zu Herborn. 
2 vol. [D.C.] 8°- Hei-horn, 1602-4. 

ible. 8"' Coin, 1870. 

Neues Brcmisclies Psalm- und Gesangbuch. [D.C.] 

8"' Bremen, 17(57. 
Die CL Psalmen Davids, durch D. Ajubros. Lobwasser 
in Deutsche Reimen gebraclit. Zu vier Stimmen 
ausgesetzt. Samt alien alten Psalmen, Fest- und 
Kirchen-Gesangen. ^ [D.C.] 8"- Zurich, 1785. 

Das Neue Testament unsers Herrn und Heilands Jesu 
Christi. [D.C.] 8°- Zurich, 178(5. 

Die Apokryphen. Nach dem griechischen Texte iiber- 
setzt von Dr. D. Cassel. Anhang zu der unter Dr. 
Zunz erschienenen Bibeliibersetzung. 

8"' Berlin, 1866. 


New Testament and Psalms. 8°- KonHtantinopol, 1872. 

Vetus Testamentum Grggcum, ex versione septuaginta 
intcrpretum, juxta exemplar Vaticanum Romse 
editum. 8"- Londini, 1653. 

Vetus Testamentum Greecum e codice MS. Alexandrino, 
qui Londini in bibliotheca Musei Britannici 
asservatur, typis ad similitudinem ipsius codicis 
scripturas fideliter descriptum. Cura et labore 
Henrici Herveii Baber, A.M. 3 vol. in 5. 

fo. Londini, 181(5-28. 

Psalterium Prophetae et Regis Davidis versibus elegiacis 
redditum a Paulo Dolscio Plavensi. Greece. [D.C.] 

8°- Bufiilece, 1555. 


Bible. 8°- Cambridge, 18G2. 

See TosK. 


Bible. 8"- Sural, 1861. 


Gospel of St. John. 8°- Oxford, 1877. 


Book of Isaiah. 8°- London, 1881. 


New Testament (Delitzsch's). 32"' Leipzig, 1878. 
New Testament. 8°- London, n.d. 


Bible. 2 vol. 8°- Allahnhad, 1866-9. 

(rospels of St. Matthew, St. Luke, and St. John, and 
Acts of the Apostles. 3 vol. 12°' Allahahad,l86'd. 

Bible. 8°- London, 1860. 


Bible. 8o- Koszegen, 1852. 


Bible. 8''- London, 1866. 


Bible. 24°- [Duhlin,] 1852. 


La Sacra Biblia... Tradotti da Giovanni Diodati. 

8"- London, 1872. 

See French, Italian and Spanish Dialects. 

Jachatai, or Takaii Turkoman. 
Gospel of St. Matthew. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1884. 


Gospel of St. John. 12"- Vienna, 1873. 

Gospels of St. Matthew and St. John, the Acts, and 
the Epistle to the Hebrews. 8"- London, 1847. 


Gospels. 8"- London, 1880. 

8"- L.omlon, 1864. 

BIBLE. Versions — continued. 


Gospel of St. Luke. Translated by J. T. Last. 

8"- London, 1885. 


New Testament. 8°- London, 1871. 


Gospel of St. Luke and the first Epistle of John. 

8°- London, 1882. 

Lapp (Rus-:). 

Gospel of St. Matthew. 8"- Hehingism, 1878. 

Lapp (Swedish). 
Gospel of St. Matthew. 8°- Stoclchohi, -[m^ . 


Biblia Sacra cum glossis, interlineari et ordinaria, Nicolai 
Lyrani postilla et moralitatibus, Burgensis additioni- 
bus, et Thoringi replicis. 6 vol. [D.C.] 

fo. Lugduni, 1545. 

Biblia Sacra. Testamenti veteris Biblia Sacra, sive 
libri canonici priscte Jud^oruni ecclesise, Latini 
recens ex Hebrseo facti, brevibusque scholiis illustrati 
ab Immanuele Tremellio et Francisco Junio. Acces- 
serunt libri qui dicuntur Apocryphi, Latine redditi 
et notis ... aucti a Francisco Junio ... Quibus etiam 
adjunximus Novi Testamenti libros, ex ... Syro ab 
eodem Tremellio, et ex Gr^co a Theodoro Beza, in 
Latinum versos notisque itidem illustrates. Secunda 
cura Francisci Junii. [D.C.] 4°- Geneva', 15'J(). 

Another edition. fo. Geneva-, ICAl . 

Sacrorum Psalmorum libri quinque ad Ebraicam 
veritatem genuina versione in Latinum traducti : 
primum appensis bona fide sententiis, delude pari 
diligentia adnumeratis verbis, tum familiari ex- 
planatione elucidati. Aretino Felino autore. [D.C.] 

fo. Bamleai, 1547. 

New Testament and Psalms. Interprete Theodoro 
Beza. 32°- Oxford, 1868. 

Sanctorum Apostolorum Acta, ex Ai'abic^l translatione 
Latine reddita: addita obscurorum aliquot diihcilium- 
que locorum interpretatione, per Franciscum Junium 
Biturigem. [D.C.] 8«- LAigd. Bat., 1578. 


New Testament and Psalms. 8°- Riga, 1866. 


New Testament and Psalms. 8°' London, 1873. 


New Testament and Psalms. 8"- FranJforf, 1853. 

Bible. 16''- London, 1871. 


New Testament. 12''- Singapore, 1866. 


New Testament. 8"- Cottayam, 1876. 


Gospel of St. Matthew. 12"- London, 1870. 

Acts of the Apostles. 12°- London, 1871. 


Bible. ■ 8"' London, 1819. 


Bible. 8"' Banana, 1868. 


New Testament. 8"' London. 1864. 

Mauritian Creole. 
Gospel of St. Matthew. London, mb. 


Kings to Esther. 4"- St. Fetershurgh, 1K]7. 


New Testament. Edited by J. G. Kriinlein. 

8''- Berlin, 1866. 

NiNGPo (Colloquial). 
New Testament. 8"- London, 1868. 


Bible. 8°- Christiania, 1871. 



8°- London, 1885. 

8"- Cuttacl; 1842. 

BIBLE. Versions — continued. 


Gospel of St. Mark. 

Oriya [Orissa]. 
Genesis to Joshua. 


Bible. Translated ... by J. G. ChristaUer. 

8"- Basel, 1870-1. 


Bible. S"- 


New Testament. 8"- London, 1834. 


Bible. (Dantzig version.) 8°' Berlin, 


Bible. Traduzida por Antonio Pereira de Figueiredo. 

8«- London, 1865. 

New Testament. Traduzido pelo Padre Joao Ferreira 
A. d'Almeida. 8°- London, 1819. 

Pushtu, or Afghan. 
Psalms. Translated by the Rev. T. J. L. Mayer. 

4"- Hertford, 1882. 

Roman ESE. 

Bible. 8»- Colonia, 1870. 


New Testament. 24"- Jasay, 1872. 


Octateuch and Psalms. 24°- London, 1862. 

1st and 2nd Samuel. 24o- London, 1870. 

1st and 2nd Kings. 24"- London, 1872. 

Proverbs. 240' London, 1866. 

Isaiah. 24°- London, 1866. 

Jeremiah and Lamentations. 24"- London, 1867. 

Ezekiel and Daniel. 24"- London, 1867. 

Hosea to Malachi. 24"' London, ISm. 

Ruthenian (Little Russia). 
. Gospel of St. Luke. 8"- Lemherg, 1881. 


Bible. 8°- London, 1872. 


New Testament. 12°- Berlin, 1866. 


Gospels of St. Luke and St. John. 8"- London, n.d. 

Genesis and part of Exodus. 8°- Qdcutta, 1859. 

Psalms. • 8o- Culcuttu, 1862. 

Proverbs. 8°- Qdcutta, J.862. 

Isaiah. 12°- Calcutta, n.d. 


Gospels. 8"- Calcutta, 1877. 


Bible. 8"- London, 1872. 


Bible. 8"- Belgrade, 1868. 


New Testament. 8"- Paris, 1868. 


Gospels and Acts of the Apostles. 4"- London, 1870. 


New Testament. 2 vol. 12"- Colombo, IHAO. 


New Testament. 4"- Neir Vorl,-, 18()6. 


Gospels. 8"- Dunirji, 1879. 


La Biblia ... Version rcvista...por Cipriano de Valera. 

Niicva cdicion. 8"- Lo)idon, 186!). 

Psahnos de David, traducido del Hcbrayco y ilustrada 

con una intcligcncia quo facilita la porfcccion de la 

loctura. K;"- Avixtprdani , Kn. h\\Y.\ \\T.\\\'\. 

El Testameiito Nuevo de Nuestro Seiior Jesu Ohristo. 

[D.C.] 8"' 1596. 

See French, Italian and Spanish Dialects. 

BIBLE. Versions — continued. 


Psalms. 16«- London, 1871. 

Swedish (Gothic). 
Bible. S"' Stockholm. [1872.] 


Old Testament. 4°- n.d. 

New Testament. 4°- London, 1816. 


Bible. S"' London, 1863. 


Bible. 4"- Madras, 1871. 


New Testament. 4o- Madras, I860. 


Gospel of St. Matthew, translated by the Rev. Christ. 
Fred. Schlenker. 8°- London, 1865. 


Acts and Revelation. 8°- Berlin, n.d. 

Translation of the Epistles of St. Peter and St. John, 

and to Timothy ; and of Old Testament history. 

2 vol. 8°- n.d. 


The Four Gospels, translated by Debtera Matteos. 

12«- Basle, 1866. 


Bible. 8°' London, 1862. 

TosK AND Modern Greek. 
New Testament. 8°- Konstantinopol, 1879. 


Bible. 4°- Paris, 1827. 

Turkish (Greco-). 
New Testament. 12<'' London, 1877. 

Turkish (Trans-Caucasian). 
New Testament. 8»- London, 1878. 


Bible. . 8°- O.rford, 1872. 


Gospel of St. Luke. 8"- London, 1881. 


Genesis to Ruth. 12o- London, 1867. 

Gospels of St. Matthew, St. Luke, and St. John. 3 vol. 

12»- London, 1871-2. 

French, Italian and Spanish Dialects. 
Versions of the Gospel of St. Matthew in various 
dialects of France, Italy, and Spain. Published at 
the cost and under the direction of Prince Louis 
Lucien Bonaparte. 23 vol. [250 copies privately 
printed.] 16"- London, 1858-66. 

[Pi-esented by Prince Louis Lucien Bonaparte.] 

FRENCH Dialects. 

Normand de Guernesey ... par Georges Miti-vier. 1863. 

Picard Aiuienois ... precede d'une note sur la manifere d'licrire le 
Picard, et suivl de quelques observations sur certains sous 
radicaux de cet idiome. par Edouard Paris, d'Amiens. 1803. 

Franc-Comtois de la vallee basse du Doubs, environs de Baunie- 
les-daines, par Cli. TUiiriet, avocat. 1864. 

Saintongeois de Jarnac, par M. Bnrgaiid des Marets. 1864. 

Provencal Marseillais moderue, jiar M. Marias Feraud. 1866. 

Italian Diai.ecj's. 

Sardo Logudoresc, dal Can. G. Spano. 1858. 

Milanese, dal Sig. Antonio Pioozzi. 1859. 

Vcneziano, dal Sig. Gianjacoiio Fontana. 1869. 

Berganiasco, dal Sig. Pasino Locatelli. 1860. 

Sardo Cagliaritaiio. dall" Avv. Federigo Abis. 1860. 

Genovese. dal ('anoiiico Giuseppe Olivieri ... preceduto da alcune 
osservazionilinguistico-coniparativesuUain-onunziadel dialctto 
Genoveso, del Principe Luigi-Luciano Bonaparte. 1860. 

Corso. 1861. 

Sardo Gallurese di Tempio. dal Rev. V. G. Mundula ... con alcune 
osservazioni sulla pronunzia del dialetto Tenipiese,dcl Principe 
Luigi-Luciauo Bonaparte. 1801. 

Napoletano, da un letterato della cittiV di Najioli. 1861. 

Pieniontcse. 2a eiliz., cseguita su quella di Londra dell' anno 
1k:m. 1801. 

Romano, dal Sig. G. Caterbi ; con la coopcrazione del Principe 

Luigi- Luciano Bonaparte. 1801. 
Siciliaiio, dair Avv. Lnigi Scalia ; con alcune osservazioni 

linguistico-couiparativc sulla niitura del III) Siciliano, ilel 

Principle Luigi-Luciano Bonaparte. 1801. 
Boldgiu'se. dal Contc Carlo I'epoli. 1802. 

CnlabrcseCoscntiuo, da KalVaele Luccnte ; con alcune ossorvazioiii 
sul iicruiutaiueuto dcllc vocali e de' dittonglii Calabri, ilol 
Principe Luigi-Luciano Bonajjarte. 1802. 



BIBLE. Versions. Fkknch, Italian and 
Spanish Dialects — continued. 

Romagiiuolo Faeiitiiio, dal Sig. Antonio Morri. 1865. 

Sarilo Sassarese, dal Can.Ci.Spano : accompagnato da osservazioni 
sulla prouunzia di questo ilialetto, e sn varj punti di rassomig- 
lianza die il inedesimo preseuta con le lingue dette Celticlie, 
sia ue' canibiameuti iniziali, sia nel suono della lettera L ; del 
Principe Luigi-Lnciano Bonaparte. 1866. 

Asturiano ... per un presbitero, natural de Asturias; con la 

cooperacion del Principe Luis Luciano Bonaparte, 1861. 
Gallego ... por Jos6 Simcliez de Santa Maria : precedido de 

algunas obserTaeiones conijiarativas sobre la pronunciacion 

Gallega, Asturiana, Castellana y Portuguesa, por el Principe 

Luis Luciano Bonaparte. 1861. 

Commentaries, Concordances, Dictionaries, 
AND Miscellanea. 

Concor'dantise Bibliorum, id est dictiones omnes quae in 
vulgata, editione Latina librorum Veteris et Novi 
Testamenti leguntur, ordine digeste. [D.C.] 

fo. \_nanovid ?] 1600. 

Another edition. [D.C.] fo. Hunovia:, 1618 

Paraphrasis, Dat is, Verclaringhe op het Niewe Testa- 
ment onses Heeren Jesu Christi. Door Des. 
Erasmus van Eotterdam. Wt den Latynschen tale 
overgheset in Nederduytsch door Ellert de Veer. 
[D.C.] fo. Anuteh-edam, 1611. 

Additional annotations : or, a collection of all the 
several additions to the third (above the first and 
second) impression of that most excellent work, 
intituled, Annotations upon all the books of the Old 
and New Testament. [D.C.] 8«- London, 1658. 

Jacobi Usserii, Armachani, Annales Veteris et Novi 
Testamenti ... fo. Lutetke Purisiorum, 1673. 

Matthaei Poli, Londinensis, Synopsis criticorum 
aliorumque Scripturae Sacree interpretum et com- 
mentatorum ... 5 vol. 

fo. FrancofurU ad Moenum, 1712. 

Abrahami Trommii concordantite Graecse versionis, 
vulgo dictse LXX, interpretum ... 2 vol. 

fo. Amstelodami, 1718. 

A complete history of the several translations of the 
Holy Bible and New Testament into English ... by 
John Lewis, A.M. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1739. 

A complete concordance of the Holy Scriptures, by 
Alexander Cruden. 4°- London, 1814. 

A vindication of our authorized translation and trans- 
lators of the Bible... by the Rev. Henry John Todd, 
M.A., F.S.A. 8°- London, 1819. 

Calmet's Dictionary of the Holy Bible. 4th edit., re- 
vised... by C. Taylor. 5 vol. 4°' io;?f/ow, 1823. 

The Old and New Testament connected in the history 
of the Jews and neighbouring nations ... by Hum- 
phrey Prideaux, D.D. 19th edit. 3 vol. 

8"- London, 1825. 

Dicta probantia Veteris et Novi Testamenti collecta et 
breviter explicata. Ab Emanuele Swendenborg. 

8"- Tuhinfjd., 1845. 

A history of the Holy Bible, from the beginning of the 
world to the establishment of Christianity ... by the 
Rev. Thomas, M. A. 4"- GluKOoin, IMd. 

Historical and critical commentary on the Old Testa- 
ment, with a new translation by Dr. M. Kalisch. 
[Hebrew and English.] 4 vol. 8"- London, WoQ-T2. 

Emanuelis Swedenborgii Index Biblicus, sive thesaurus 
Bibliorum emblematicus et allegoricus. 3 vol. 

8"- TuhingA, 1859-63. 

On the interpretation of Scripture, by the Rev. Chris- 
topher Wordsworth, D.D. ... 2nd edit. 

8''- London, 1862. 

The annals of the English Bible, by Christopher 
Anderson ... 8"- London, 1862. 

Dictionary of the Bible, comprising its antiquities, 
biography, geography, and natural liistory : by 
William Smith, LL.D. 3 vol. 8"- London, 1863. 

BIBLE. Commentaries — continued.. 

ConcordantiiE omnium vocum Novi Testamenti Grajci, 
primum ab Erasmo Schmidio edits, nunc, secundum 
critices et hermeneutices nostrse setatis rationes, 
emendatfE auctaj meliori ordine dispositae cura Caroli 
Hermanni Bruder. 4°- Lipsice, 1867. 

A cyclopaedia of Biblical literature, by John Kitto. 
3rd edit., edited by W. L. Alexander ... 3 vol. 

8"- Edinhurgh, 1876. 

A religious encyclopaedia : or, dictionary of biblical, 
hi.storical, doctrinal and practical theology ; based on 
the Real-Encyklopadie of Herzog ... Edited by 
Philip Schaff ... 3 vol. 4°- Edinhurgh, 1884. 

A commentary on the Holy Bible ... by the [Rev.] 
Matthew Henry ... 3 vol. 4°- London, n.d. 

Essays on the Bible. By the author of Essays on the 
Church [Robert Benton Seeley]. 8°- London, 

William Tyndale, a biography : a contribution to the 
early history of the English Bible, by the Rev. 
R[obert] Demaus, M.A. 8°- London, 1871. 

The English Bible : an external and critical history of 
the various translations of Scripture, with remarks 
on the need of revising the New Testament, by 
[the Rev.] John Eadie, D.D. 2 vol. 

8°- London, 1876. 

The canon of the Bible : its formation, history and 
fluctuations, by Samuel Davidson. 8°- London, 1877. 

Our English Bible : its translations and translators, 
by the [Rev. Prof.] John Stoughton, D.D. 

8°' London. [1878.] 

The authorized edition of the English Bible (1611), 
its subsequent reprints and modern representatives, 
by the Rev. P. H. A. Scrivener, M.A., D.C.L. 

8°- Cambridge, 1884. 

Observations on the revised version of the Bible ... by 
Kuklos. [pseud, i.e. John Harris.] 8°- London, 1885. 

Biblische studien : 1, G-eschichte; 2, Kritik der 
Quellen ; 3, Sprachliches. [By Dr. Leon Mandel- 
stamm.] 8°- Berlin, n.d. 

Eman. Swedenborgii adversaria in libros Veteris 
Testamenti. 4 vol. Tubingen, 1842-53. 

Synopsis of the books of the Bible, by J. N. Darby. 
5 vol. 3rd edit. 8°- London, n.d. 

An exposition, with practical observations, upon the 
fii-st eleven chapters of the book of Genesis, by the 
Rev. Matthew Henry. 8°- London, 1739. 

The book of Genesis, considered and illustrated ... by 

the Rev. Francis Close, A.M. 8°- London, 1826. 
Inspiration and interpretation ; being a spiritual inter- 
pretation of the third chapter of Genesis ... by the 

Rev. Augustus Clissold, M.A. Nos. 1-7. 

8°- London, 1861-4. 
Arcana Ccelestia . . . being an exposition of Genesis and 

Exodus, by Emanuel Swedenborg. 12 vol. 

8°- London, 1863-72. 
.^gypten und die biicher Mose's. Sachlicher commentar 

zu den .iEgyptischen stellen in Genesis und Exodus. 

Von Dr. Georg Ebers. Erster band. 8°- Leipzig, 
The Pentateuch and book of Joshua critically examined, 

by John William Colenso, D.D. 7 vol. 

8"- London, 1862-79. 
Lectures introductory to the study of the Pentateuch, 

by William Kelly. 8°- London, m\. 

Elihu : or, an enquiry into the principal scope and 

design of the book of Job. By Walter Hodges, D.D. 

2nd edit. 8°- London, 1751. 

A commentary on the Psalms, called Psalms of Degrees. . . 

by Martin Luther. 8"- London, 1819. 

Summaria expositio sensus interni librorum propheti- 

corum ac P.salmorum Veteris Testamenti. ..opusculum 

posthumuni Emanuelis Swedenborgii. 

8°- Tuhingce, 18G0. 



BIBLE. Commentaries — coyitinued. 
A summary exposition of the internal sense of the 
prophetic books of the Word of the Old Testament, 
and also of the Psalms of David. From a Latin 
posthumous vfork of Emanuel Swedenborg. 

B"- London, 1802. 

Lectures on Solomon's Song, by Veritas. 

8°- London, 1838. 

Notes on the unfulfilled prophecies of Isaiah ... by 
H. M. L. 8°- London, 18G8. 

Lectures on the book of Isaiah, by William KeUy. 

8°- London, 1871. 

Outline of lectures on the book of Daniel, by F. A. 
Cox, LL.D. 2nd edit. 8°- London, 1833. 

Lectures introductory to the study of the minor 
prophets, by William Kelly. B"- London, 1874. 

On the authorized version of the New Testament, in 
connection with some recent proposals for its revision, 
by Richard Chenevix Trench, D.D. 2nd edit. 

B"- London, 1859. 

Synonyms of the New Testament, by Richard Chenevix 
Trench, D.D. 5th edit. 8«- Cambridge, 1860. 

Second series. 8°- London, 1863. 

A general survey of the history of the canon of the 
New Testament, by [the Rev.] Brooke Foss West- 
cott. 5th edit. 8"- Camhrkhje, 1881. 

Otium Norvicense, pars tertia : notes on select passages 
of the Greek Testament, chiefly with reference to 
recent English versions, by Frederick Field. 

4°- Oxford, 1881. 

A commentary on the revised version of the New 
Testament, by [the Rev.] W. G. Humphry, B.D. 

8°- London, 1882. 

A plain introduction to the criticism of the New Testa- 
ment, for the use of biblical students, by [the Rev.] 
F. H. A. Scrivener, M.A., D.C.L. 3rd edit. 

8°- Camhridge, 1883. 

The messages of the Books ; being discourses and notes 
on the books of the New Testament, by [the Rev.] 
F. W. Farrar. 8"- London, 1884. 

The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon gospels in parallel columns, 
with the versions of Wycliffe and Tyndale : arranged, 
with preface and notes, by the Rev. Joseph Bosworth . . . 
2nd edit. 8"- Loj^don, 1874. 

Synopticon : an exposition of the common matter of 
the synoptic gospels, by W. G. Rushbrooke, LL.M. 

40- London, 1-880. 

Lectures introductory to the study of the New 
Testament, by William Kelly. 2nd edit. 3 vol. 

8°- London, 1869-74. 

Studies in the gospels, by Richard Chenevix Trench, 
D.D. 4th edit. 8"' London, 1878. 

Commentaries de Jean Calvin sur la concordance, ou 
harmonic, compos('e de trois euangelistcs : assauoir, 
Sainct Matthieu, Sainct Marc ct Sainct Luc. Item, 
sur I'evaugile de Sainct Jean ... 8"' 1562. 

The Gothic gospel of St. Matthew from the Codex 
Argenteus of the fourth century, by Samuel Hen- 
shall, M.A. 8"- London, 1807. 

Lectures on the gospel of St. Matthew, by William 
Kelly. 8<>' London, 1868. 

Juan de Vahh's' commentary on the gospel of St. 
Matthew ... translated from tlie by John 
T. Bctts ... 8"- London, 1882. 

Commontaires de Jean Calvin sur Ics Actes des 
apostres ... S"- 1562. 

A paraphrase and notes on the epistle to the Romans... 
by John Taylor, D.D. 4"- London, 1745. 

Honv! Ronianju :- or, an attempt to elucidate St. Paul's 
oj)iHtlc to the Romans by an original translation, 
explanatory notes and new divisions, by Robert 
Cox, M.A. H"- f.ondon. 1^24. 

BIBLE. Commentaries — continued. 

An exposition of St. Paul's epistle to the Romans ... 
by John Colet, M.A., Dean of St. Paul's ... with a 
translation, introduction and notes, by [Rev.] J. H. 
Lupton, M.A. 8°- London, 1873. 

Notes on the epistle of Paul the apostle to the Romans, 
with a new translation, by William KeUy. 

12°' London, 1873. 

Juan de Valdes' commentary upon St. Paul's epistle 
to the Romans ... translated from the Spanish by 
John T. Betts. 8°- London, 1883. 

An exposition of St. Paul's fii-st epistle to the Corin- 
thians, by John Colet, M.A. ... with a translation, 
introduction and notes, by [Rev.] J. H. Lupton, M.A. 

8"- Loridon, 1874. 
Notes on the epistle of St. Paul the apostle to the 
Ephesians, with a translation by William Kelly. 

12"- London, n.d. 

A commentarie upon the epistle of S. Paul wi-itten to 
Titus, by Thomas Taylor, D.D. 4°- London, 1612. 
Enarrationes in Apocalypsin F. Claudii. 

12''- Parisiis, 1550. 
A review of the principles of Apocalyptical interpreta- 
tion, by the Rev. Augustus Clissold, M.A. 2 vol. 

8°- London, 1845. 
The spiritual exposition of the Apocalypse, as derived 
from the writings of the Hon. Emanuel Sweden- 
borg ... by the Rev. Augustus Clissold, M.A. 4 vol. 

8°- London, 1851. 
The Apocalypse revealed, in which are disclosed the 
arcana therein foretold, by Emanuel Swedenborg. 

2 vol. 80- London, im. 
The Apocalypse explained, according to the spiritual 

sense, by Emanuel Swedenborg. 6 vol. 

8°- London, 1854-71. 
Apocalypsis explicata secundum sensum spiritualem, 
ubi revelantur arcana, quae ibi prtedicta, et hactenus 
recondita fuerunt. Opus posthumum Emanuelis 
Swedenborgii. 3 vol. 8"- Tubingce, 1861-4. 

Commentary on the epistles to the seven chiirches in 
Asia, Revelation ii, iii, by Richard Chenevix Trench, 
D.D. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1SG\. 

The Book of God. Introduction to [and a commentary 
upon] the Apocalypse. [By Dr. Kenealey.] 2 vol. 

8°- London. [1866-7.] 

History and Revelation. The correspondence of the 
predictions of the Apocalypse with the marked 
events of the Christian era ... by James H. Braund. 

3 vol. B"- London, 1870-5. 
On the White Horse mentioned in the Apocalypse. 

chap. xix. From the Latin of Emanuel Swedenborg. 

80- London, 1871. 
Lectures on the book of Revelation, by William Kelly. 
New edit. 8"- London, 

The gospel according to the Hebrews: its fragments 
translated and annotated, with a critical analysis of 
the external and internal evidence relating to it, by 
Edward Byron Nicholson, M.A. 8"- London, 1879. 

The new aid to memory adapted to the New Testament ; 
containing the most remarkable events of that sacred 
volume, by Rev. Robert R. Knott, M.A., F.S.A. 

12"' London, n.d. 

Geographical exercises in the New Testament, by 
William Butler. 8"- London, 1813. 

Bible biogi'aphy : a selection of ancient scripture lives 
for young persons, by Rev. John Campl)ell. 

8"- London, 1834 

"^riie Bil)lc atlas, witli ancient and modern names ; 
being a delineation of the geography', and a clirono- 
logical arrangement of the liistoiy, of the Holy 
Bible. Samuel Arrowsniith. H"- London, 1835. 



BIBLE. CojrMENTAKiES — continued. 

A course of lectures on the evidences of some im- 
portant facts and events recorded in the Bible, with 
reference especially to the discoveries of modern 
science ... delivered at the "VVeigh-House Chapel, 
Fish street hill, Nov., 1837-Feb., 1838. 

8"- London. [1838.] 

Illustrations of the Bible, by John Martin. 

fo. London, 1838. 

Biblical antiquities, by F. A. Cox, D.D., LL.D. 
[Encyclopsedia Metropolitana.] 8"- London, 1852. 

History of Jewish coinage, and of money in the Old 
and New Testament. By Frederic W. Madden, 
M.R.S.L. 8''- London, 18(i4. 

On Shakespeare's knowledge and use of the Bible. 
By Charles Wordsworth, D.C.L. 8°- London, 18C4. 

The Bible atlas of maps and plans to illustrate the 
geography and topography of the Old and New 
Testaments, and the Apocrypha ; with explanatory 
notes, by Samuel Clark, M.A. Also, a complete index 
of the geographical names in the English Bible 
by George Grove. [Society for promoting Christian 
Knowledge.] 4"- London, 18G8. 

Biblical monuments, by William Harris Rule, D.D. 
and J. Corbet Anderson. 8''- Croydon, 1871-3. 

Literature and dogma : an essay towards a better 
apprehension of the Bible. By Matthew Ai-nold. 

D. C.L. 3rd edit. 8o- London, 1873. 
Jottings from the Bible, by a Glasgow mechanic. 

8°- London, 1875. 
Shakspeare's debt to the Bible ; with memorial illus- 
trations. By the Rev. Charles Bullock, B.D. 

8°- London, 1879. 
The Bible work of the world. By the Rev. Charles 

E. B. Reed, M.A. 8°- London, l^Ti. 
Bibles, Testaments, Psalms, and other books of the 

Holy Sci'iptures, in English, in the collection of 
Lea Wilson, F.S.A. 4°- London, 1845. 

A bibliographical description of the editions of the 
New Testament ... By Francis Fry. 

4"- London, 1878. 

The Bibles in the Caxton Exhibition, 1877 ... flavoured 
with a squeeze of the " Saturday Review's " homily 
on Bibles. By Henry Stevens. 4°- London, 1878. 

From the beginning : or, the story of Mary Jones and 
her Bible, collected from the best materials and 
re-told by M. E. R. 8o- London, 1882. 

HARDT, Oscar von. 


An address to Lord Teignmouth, President of the 
British and Foreign Bible Society, occasioned by his 
address to the clergy of the Church of England. 
[By the Rev. Thomas Sikcs, M.A.] 

8"- London, 1805. 

A letter to a country clergyman [Rev. Thomas Sikes, 
M. A.] , occasioned by his address to Lord Teignmouth, 
President of the British and Foreign Bible Society. 
[By the Rev. John Owen.] 8"- London, 1805. 

British and Foreign Bible Society. The 1st and 2nd 
reports. H"- London, 1805-G. 

Six brief letters, occasioned by the institution of an 
auxiliary British and Foreign Bible Society at 
Chelmsford, March 23. [By John Disney, D.D.] 
2nd edit. 8"' London, '1812. 

Proceedings in the Egyptian Hall, Mansion House, 
Gth Aug., for establishing the City of London 
auxiliary Bible Society. S"- London, ]9,\2. 

Report of a meeting, holden at Yarmouth, Oct. 2i), 
for tlie purpose of forming a branch to the Norfolk 
and Norwich auxiliary Bible Society. 

8"- Yarmoidh. [1812.] 

BIBLE SOCIETIES— cotithiued. 
The 1st annual report of the Kent auxiliary Bible 
Society. 8°- Maidstone, 1813. 

The 4th report of the Leeds auxiliary Bible Society. 

8°- Leeds, 1813. 

A practical exposition of the tendency and proceedings 
of the British and Foreign Bible Society, begun in a 
correspondence between the Rev. H. H. Norris and 
J. W. Freshfield, relative to the formation of an 
auxiliary Bible Society at Hackney. Edited by 
the Rev. H. H. Norris, M.A. 1st and 2nd edit. 

8°- London, 1813-14. 

The 3rd report of the Blackheath auxiliary Bible Society. 

8°- Greenwich, 1814. 

The 3rd report, Nov. 16, 1813, of the Colchester and 
East Essex auxiliary Bible Society. 

8°- Colchester, 1814. 

The Gth report of the Bible Society of Philadelphia. 

8o- Philadelphia, 1814. 

The 2nd report of the Rochester and Chatham Branch 
Bible Society. 8°- Rochester, 1814. 

The formation, progress, and effects of Bible Asso- 
ciations, as detailed by ... the South wark auxiliary 
Bible Society in their 2nd report. 8°- London, 1814. 

The 2nd report of the South- West Essex auxiliary 
Bible Society, read and adopted ... June 8. 

8<'- London, 1814. 

Address, explanatory of the principles, views and 
exertions of the British and Foreign Bible Society... 
from the 1st report of the auxiliary Society for 
Stirlingshire and its vicinity. 8°- London, 1814. 

Report of the committee of the ...Worcester auxiliary 
Bible Society, presented at the first meeting, 
Aug. 26. 8°- Worcester. [1814.] 

The 74th, 76th-82nd reports of the British and 
Foreign Bible Society. 8 vol. 8°- Loyidon, 1878-86. 

Annual report of the Massachusetts Bible Society, 
1879. 8°- Boston \_U.S.A.^, 1879. 

St. John iii, 16, in most of the languages and dialects 
in which the British and Foreign Bible Society has 
printed, or circulated, the Scriptures. 

8°- London, 1881. 

Sec GOSPEL, Society for the Propagation of the, 
PHILLIPS (Chaeles). 

The Bible Treasury : a monthly magazine of papers 
on Scriptural subjects. 2nd edit. 4 vol. 

40- Glasgow, 1868-70. 

Transactions. Vol. 1-8 and extra vol. of plates. 9 vol. 

8°- London, 1872-84. 
Proceedings. November, 1878, to May, 1884. 9th 
to 14th sessions. 6 vol. in 3. 8°- London, 1879-84. 
Records of the past ; being English translations of the 
Assyi'ian and Egyptian monuments ... [Edited by 
Samuel Birch, D.C.L., LL.D., F.S.A.] 12 vol. 

8o- London, 1873-81. 

Vol. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11. Assyrian texts. 
Vol. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. Egyptian texts. 

The bronze ornaments of the palace gates of Balawat 
(Shalmaneser 11, li.C, 859-825) : edited, with an 
introduction, by Samuel Birch, D.C.L., LL.D., F.S. A. ; 
with descriptions and translations by Theophilus G. 
Pinches. Pt. 1 to 4. fo. London, imO-\ . 

The Bibliographer : a journal of book-lore. [Edited 
by Henry B. Wheatley.] 5 vol. 4°- Zo;«/o;;, 1882-4. 



li 2 



Bibliotheca Classica : edited by George Long, M.A., 
and the Rev. A. J. Macleane, M.A. 27 vol. 

8°- London, 1853-72. 
jEschylus. The Tragedies, re-edited with an 
English commentary by F. A. Paley, M.A. 
2nd edit. 

Cicero (Marcus TuUius). Orationes, with a com- 
mentary by George Long, M.A. 4 vol. [Vol. 1 , 
2nd edit.] 

Demosthenes. With an English commentary by 
the Rev. Robert Whiston, M.A. 2 vol. 

Euripides. With an English commentary by F. 
A. Paley, M.A. 3 vol. 

Herodotus. With a commentary by Joseph 
Williams Blakesley, B.D. 2 vol. 

Hesiod. The Epics, with an English commentary 
by F. A. Paley, M.A. 

Homer. The Iliad, with English notes by F. A. 
Paley, M.A. 2 vol. 

Horatius Flaccus (Quintus). Opera omnia, with 
a commentary by the Rev. Arthur John Mac- 
leane, M.A. 

Juvenalis (Decius Junius) et Persius Flaccus 
(Aulus). Satirse, with a commentary by the 
Rev. Ai'thur John Macleane, M.A. 2nd edit. 

Lucretius Cams (Titus). De rerum natura, libri 
sex, with notes and a translation by H. A. J. 
Munro, M.A. 2nd edit. 2 vol. 

Plato. The Gorgias, with English notes, intro- 
duction and appendix, by W. H. Thompson, D.D. 

Plato. The Phaedrus, with English notes and dis- 
sertations by W. H. Thompson, D.D. 

Sophocles. With English notes by the Rev. F. H. 
M. Blaydes, M.A. 

Tacitus (Cornelius). The Annals, with a com- 
mentary by the Rev. Percival Frost, M.A. 

Terentius (Publius). Comoedise sex, with a com- 
mentary by the Rev. Edward St. John Parry. 

Vii'gilius Maro (Publius). Opera ... with a com- 
mentary by John Conington, M.A. [and Henry 
Nettleship, M.A.] 3 vol. [Vol. 1, 2nd edit.] 


Bibliotheca Curiosa : edited by Edmund Goldsmid, 
F.R.H.S. 18 vol. 8°- Edmhurgh, 1883-5. 

A ballad book : or, popular and romantic ballads .. . 
current in Annandale and other parts of Scot- 
land. Collected by C. K. Sharpe. 2 pt. 

A ... journal of the most miraculous escape of the 
young Chevalier, from the battle of CuUoden to 
his landing in France ... [By John Burton, 
M.D.] London, 1749. [La. paper.] 

On the origin of the native races of America : a 
dissertation by Hugo Grotius. To which is 
added, A treatise on foreign languages and 
unknown islands, by Peter Albinus. Translated 
from the original Latin. 

The apologie of George Brisset, Lord of Gratence, 
written upon consideration of the inhumane 
murthcr of the late French King . . . Translated 
out of French into English. 1(510. [La. paper.] 

A complete catalogue of all the publications of 
the Elzevier presses ... by Edmund Goldsmid, 
F.R.H.S. Vol. 1, A-D. [La.. paper.] 

A journey round my room, by Xavicr de Maistre : 
translated from the French in its entirety. 
[La. paper.] 

A new book of old l)allads : edited by James 

Maidment. [La. i)aper.] 
Edward Wel)l)e... his trauailes. 1590. [La. paper.] 
Governor Johnston's speech on American afl'airs, 

on the address in answer to the king's speech, 

177G. [La. paper.] 
Some political satires of the 17th century ... 

2 vol. [La. paper.] 

The ballad book : edited by George Ritchie Kin- 
loch. [La. paper.] 

The maner of the tryumphe of Caleys and Bulleyn, 
and the noble tryumphant coronacyon of Quene 
Anne ... [La. paper.] 

The Norwegian account of King Haco's expedition 
against Scotland, 1263 : literally translated from 
the original MSS. by the Rev. James Johnstone, 
A.M. [La. paper.] 

The pretty gentleman : or, softness of manners 
vindicated ... London, 1747. [La. paper.] 

The secrets of angling . . . familiarly opened in 
three books, by J[ohn] D[ennys]. Edited by 
"Piscator." Vol.1. [La. paper.] 

The trial of Francis Ravaillac for the murder of 
King Henry the Great... 1610. [La. paper.] 


Bibliotheca Militum : or, the souldiers publick library, 
lately erected for the benefit of all that love the 
good old cause, at Wallingf ord house. 

4°- London, 1659. 


Bibliotheca Parliamenti : libri theologici, politici, 
historici, qui prostant venales in vico vulgo vocato 
Little Britain, done in English for the Assembly of 
Divines. 4°- London, 1653. 


Bibliotheca Studii Theologici, ex plerisque doctorum 
prisci seculi monumentis coUecta : ex D. Aurelii 
Augustini ... D. Eusebii Hieronymi ... et aliorum 
patrum . . . [libris.] [D.C.] fo. [Pa?v's(/s,] 1581. 

Bibliotheca Topographica Britannica : edited by John 
Nichols, F.S.A. 11 vol. ' 4«- London, 1780-8. 

Vol. 1. No. 1. Queries for the better illustrating the antiquities 
and natural history of Great Britain and Ireland. 

2. Mores's history and antiquities of Tunstall, Kent. 

3. Orein's description of tlie Chauoury iu Old Aberdeen, 


4. Memoirs of Sir John Hawkwood. 

5. Ducarel's history of the hosijibil and church of St. 

Katherine's, Tower of Loudou. 

6. Thorpe's antiquities iu Kent. 
Vol. 2. No. 20. Gentlemen's Society at Spalding. 

2. Reliquia; Galeana?. 
Vol. 3. No. 7. Nichols's history of Leicester. 

8 and 26. Collections towards a history of Bedford- 


9 and 14. Sketches of the history of Stoko Newington, 

10. Price's history of Holyhead. 
15. Extracts from Sir Simonds D'Ewcs' journal. 
Vol. 4. No. 11. Gough's history of Croylauil Abbey. 

22. Essex's observations on Croylaud Abbey and bridge. 

12. Ducarel's account of the towu, church and palace of 


13. Some account of the parish of Great Coxwell, Berks. 
IR. Collections towards a history of Berkshire. 

Vol. 6. No. 17. Extracts from the Black Book of Warwick, and 
Memoirs of Guy, Earl of Warwick, by Mr. I'cgge. 
Sir Thomas More's narrative of a religious frenzy at 

la. Duncombc's history of Reculver and Heme, Kent. 
21. Peggo's history of Ecclcslial Manor and Castle, and 
of Uchfield House, London. 

23. Cullum's history of Hawsted, Suffolk. 

24. Pegge's account of llonian roads. 

25. Pegge's account of the Textus ItolTeusis. 
Memoirs of Mr. William Klstob and his sister, and 

biogra))hical anecdotes of the Itev. Mr. Johnson 
vicar of Cranbrooke. 
Vol.0. Martin's History of Tlietford. 




Vol. 7. No. 27 ami 39. Diicivrel's liistory of Liiinbeth Palace. 

30. Duiicombe's history of tlio arcliieiiiscopal hospitals 

at and near Canterbury. 
Vol. 8. No. 40. History of Fotlieringay, Northampton. 

Particulars of the execution ami funeral of Mary, 
Queen of Scots. 

32. Pegge's history of Bolsover and Peak Castles, Derby. 

42. Lyon's history and antiquities of St. Radigund's or 

Bradsole Abbey, Dover. 
Tradesmen's tokens issued in the Isle of Thanet. 
29. Cooper's historical account of Wimmiugton, Bed- 

Specimen of a history of Oxfordshire. [Kiddington. 
This is an addition to the collection.] 

33. Douglas's dissertation upon two Celts. On the Urbs 

Kutupia; of Ptolemy. Memoir of William 

43. Nichols's history of Leicester (continued). 

38. History of Barnwell Abbey and Sturbridge Fair. 
Vol. 3. No. 45. Duncombe's history of Reculver aud Herne (con- 
tin Bed). 

49. Nichols's history of Canonbury. 

62. Collections for a history of Elmeswell and Campsey 
Ash, Suffolk. 

28. Lewis and Pegge's account of suffragan bishops, 
with Wharton's list of bishops. 

31. Gongh's genealogical view of the family of Oliver 


60. Nichols's history of Leicestershire (continued). 
Vol.10. No. 81. Nichols's history of Leicestershire (continued). 
■Vol. 11. No. 34. Biographical anecdotes of the Rev. John Hutchius, 
the historian of Dorset. 

35. Archbishop Sharpe's observations on the coinage of 


36. Jameson's remarks on the progress of the Roman 

army in Scotland during the campaign of Agricola ; 
also an account of Roman camps in Forfar. 

37. Gifford's description of the Zetland Islands. 

41. Pegge's sylloge of the remaining inscriptions relative 
to the erection of our English churches. 

44. Cooper's historical account of the parish of Odell, 


46. Appendix to the history of Croydon. 

List of the manerial houses formerly belonging to 
tlie see of Canterbury. 

Description of Trinity Hospital, Guildford, aud of 
Albury House ; with brief notes on Battersea, 
Chelsham, Nutfield, and Tatsfleld, Surrey. 

47. Scotland. History of St. Rule's chapel in the 

monastery of St. Andrew's ; also the riiling of the 
' Parliament of Scotland in 1606 and 1681 ; statutes 
and fees of the order of the Thistle ; suppression 
of Lyon King of Arms ; and particulars of the 
Regalia of Scotland. 

48. Thorkelin's fragments of English and Irish history. 

Bibliotheca veterum Patrum, et antiquorum Scrip- 
torum Ecclesiasticorum. 15 vol. in 14. [D.C.] 

fo. Colonke Agrippinm, 1G18. 

[Vol. 1 contains the fathers of the first century, 
vol. 2 those of the second, and so on to the 
1 ith vol. ; vol. 15 has a general index of 
authors and subjects.] 

BICHENO (James), M.A. 

A friendly address to the Jews : to which is added, a 
letter to D. Levi. 8°- London. [1787.] 

The consequences of unjust war : a discourse delivered 
at Newbury, Feb. 28, being the day appointed by 
proclamation for a general fast. 8°- London, 1810. 

BICHENO (J[ames] E[benezer]), F.L.S. 
Address delivered at the anniversary meeting of the 
Zoological Club of the Linnean Society ... Nov. 29. 

8°- London, 182G. 

The hypocrite : a comedy, in five acts. 

S"' London, n.d. 

BICKERSTAFF (Isaac), im-ud. See STEELE 
(Sir Richard). 

BICKERSTAFF (Isaac), psrud. See SWIFT 

BICKERSTETH (Edward), D.D., Dean of 

Intercessory prayer in reference to the proposed day of 
united intercession in behalf of missions ... Nov. 24. 

120- London, 1872. 

BICKERSTETH (Edward), T>.T>.— continued. 
A charge delivered at his IHtli vi.sitation of the Arch- 
deaconry of Buckingham, in June. 8"' London, 1873. 

Counsels of peace for the Church of England : an 
address to the clergy of the rural deanery of Hands- 
worth, delivered at Smethwick, July 

8«- London, 1877. 

BICKERSTETH (Rev. Robert), M.A. 
The Gospel : a farewell sermon preached in St. John's 
Church, Clapham Rise, Dec. 28, 1851. 

8°- London, 1852. 

BICKHAM (George). 
The British Monarchy : or, a new chorographical 
description of all the dominions subject to the King 
of Great Britain. Comprehending the British Isles, 
the American Colonies, the Electoral States, the 
African and Indian Settlements ; and enlarging 
more particularly on the respective counties of 
England and Wales ... Illustrated with suitable maps 
and tables [and with the arms of the chief town in 
each county]. fo. London, 1743. 

BICKMORE (Albert S.), M.A. 
Travels in the East Indian Ai-chipelago. 

8"- London, 18G8. 

BIDDLE (John). 
A table of references to 3,000 unrepealed public 
general acts, arranged in alphabetical order of their 
short or popular titles. 8°- London, 18G4. 

BIDDLE (Nicholas). 
Two letters addressed to J. Quincy Adams ; embracing 
a history of the re-charter of the Bank of the United 
States, and a view of the present condition of the 
currency. [S.M.] , 8°- London, 1837. 

The duty of communicating the bread of life to the 
heathen world : a sermon. 8°- Birminghum, 1815. 

BIDEN (W[illiam] Downing), F.G.S. 
Notes on valuations of freeholds, leaseholds for lives 
or for years, copyholds, advowsons and next presen- 
tations : also, on claims for compensation for property 
taken or damaged by the construction of railways 
and other public works. 8°- London, 18G1. 

A few words about the movement-cure : or, medical 
gymnastics. 2nd edit. 12*'- Brighton, 1875. 

BIFIELD (Nicholas). See BYFIELD (Nicholas). 

BIGELOW (Melville Madison), Ph.D. 
Placita Anglo-Normannica : law cases from William I 
to Richard I preserved in historical records. 

8°- London, 1879. 

History of procedure in England, from the Norman 
Conquest : the Norman period (lOCG-1204). 

8''' London, 1880. 

BIGG, James. 
A collection of the public general acts for the regu- 
lation of railways ; including the companies, lands, 
and railway clauses consolidation acts, comi)lete, 
1830-G6. 12th edit. 8"- Weatminstcr, 18GG. 

BIGG (Richard), jun. 
An answer to the report on the alleged combination of 
the New River and East-London Water-work 
Companies ... with an account of the actual profits 
and expenditures of the difEerent companies. 

S"- London. [1818.] 



BIGLAND (Ealph). 
An account of the parish of Fairford, in the county of 
Gloucester ; with a particular description of the 
stained glass in the windows of the church, and 
engravings of ancient monuments. [Jho».] 

4"- London, 1791. 
Historical, monumental, and genealogical collections 
relative to the county of Gloucester ... 2 vol. [Vol. 

2 eilds at p. 252 (parish of Newent) : all published.] 

fo. London, 1791-2. 
Continuation from the parish of Newington Bagpath 
(No. 181), to the parish of Pauntley (No. 198). 
[Printed by Sir Thomas Phillipps, B*-] 

fo. [Middle Hill Pre.ix, imi.] 
Continuation from the parish of Pebworth (No. 199), 
to the parish of Winston (No. 299). Pt. 1-8. 

fo. Cheltenham, 1870-85, 

BIGMORE (E. C.) and WYMAN (Charles 
W. H.). 

A bibliography of printing ; with notes and illustrations. 

3 vol. 4°- London, 1880-6. 

BIGSBY (Robert), M.A., LL.D. 
Historical and topographical description of Repton, in 
the county of Derby ; with 70 illustrations by G. R. 
Smith and others. 4"- London, 1854. 

BIKKERS (Alex. V. W.). 
The question of spelling reform. 4°- London, 1877. 

BILBY, William. See LAMB, John. 

Geschiedenis des Vaderlands . . . uitgegeven door Prof. 
H. W. Tydeman. 13 vol. S"- Amsterdam, 18S2-bl. 

BILLAULT(His Excellency [AuGUSTE-AuoLPiiK- 

, The French in Mexico ; speech delivered in the Corps 
Legislatif, February 7. 8°- London, 1863. 

BILLER (George). 
A few suggestions on prayer-book reform. 

8"- London, 1878. 

BILLERS (Joseph). 
A short state of the case of Joseph Billers, shewing 
the occasion of his being concern'd in the prose- 
cution of burglars and other criminals ... [With 
appendix.] fo. [London, 1706.] 

BILLING (Archibald), M.D. 
The science of gems, jewels, coins, and medals, ancient 
and modern. 4°- London, 1867. 

BILLING (Arthur), F.R.I.B.A. 

Restoration of the church of St. Sepulchre, London. 
[1st and 2nd edit.] 8"- LowZo;?, 1880-1. 

3rd edit. [With a statement of the cost of erecting 
the churches rebuilt after the Fire of London, and a 
list of churches pulled down under the Union of 
Benefices Act.] 8"- Lotidon, 1884. 

Mural painting, and the decorations of churches 
generally ; being a paper read at the Ai-chitectural 
Association, March l4, 1851. 5th edit. 

8°- • London, 1884. 

BILLINGS (Robert William), F.R.S.E. 
Architectural illustrations and account of the Tcm])]e 

(Jiiurch, Fjondon. 4"- London, 1H3H. 

Architectural illustrations, history, and description of 

Carlisle Cathedral. 4"- London, 1840. 

Architectural illustrations and description of the 

cathedral churcl) at Durham. 4"- London, 184.^. 
The geometric tracery of Brancepeth church, in the 

county of Durham. 4°- London, 1845. 

BILLINGS (Robert Williaji) — continued. 

Illustrations of the architectural antiquities of the 
county of Durham : ecclesiastical, castellated, and 
domestic. 4°- Durham, 1846. 

The baronial and ecclesiastical antiquities of Scotland. 
4 vol. [Each containing sixty engraved plates with 
descriptive letterpress.] 4°' Edinburgh. [1852.] 

A bill (as amended in committee) for the extension of 
Billingsgate Market in the City of London, and for 
other purposes. fo. London, 1871. 

Seasons offer'd to the house of Commons why a biU, 
called, A bill ^or making Billingsgate a free market, 
should not pass as it is now ofEer'd to the House. 

fo. sh. n.d. 

Some of the abuses complained of at Billingsgate, and 
other publick markets within the City of London, 
ofEered to the consideration of ... Parliament for 
redress. fo. sh. n.d. 

The case of the fishmongers, in and about the City of 
London, as to the bill brought in Parliament by some 
fishermen concerning Billingsgate. fo. sh. n.d. 

The elements of geometrie of the most auncient 
philosopher Evclide of Megara. Faithfully (now 
first) translated into the Englishe toung...With a very 
fruitfull preface by M. I. Dee. fo. London, 1570. 


A collection of the original bills of mortality, official 
placards, and other public papers and notices, 
placarded and published by the Company of Parish 
Clerks, during the various plagues in London, from 
1592 to 1670. [Particularly copious and curious as 
to the great plague of the year 1665.] 2 vol. 

4°- London, 1592-1670. 

A collection of the yearly bills of mortality from 1657 
to 1758 inclusive, together with several other bills of 
an earlier date, and the bills for 1823 and 1825 ; to 
which are subjoined, 1. Graunt's Observations on 
the Bills of Mortality ; 2. Petty's Political arith- 
metic ; 3. Morris's Past growth and present state 
of London ; and, 4. J. P.'s Comparative view of 
diseases and ages ... 4°- London., 1769-1820. 

BINET (Claude). *Vr CIMBEE (L.). 

BINGHAM (Capt. the Hon. D. A.). 
The marriages of the Bonapartes. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1881. 
A selection from the letters and despatches of the 
First Napoleon ; with explanatory notes. 3 vol. 

8"- London, 1884. 

BINGHAM (Rev. Joseph), A.M. 
Origines Ecclesiasticce : or, the antiquities of the 
Christian Church ... With a biographical account 
of the author ; by the Rev. Richard Bingham, B.C.L. 
8 vol. 8"- London, 1824. 

BINGHAM (Peregrine). 
A digest of the law of landlord and tenant. 

8"' Lo7idon, 1820. 
Reports of cases, argued and determined in the Court 
of Common Pleas and other courts, from Trinity 
term, 3 Geo. IV, 1822, to Easter term, 4 Will. IV, 
1834. 10 vol. [Vol. 4 wanting.] [R.L.L.] 

8"- London, 1824-34. 
Now cases in the Court of Common Pleas and other 
courts, from Trinity term, 4 Will. IV, 1834, to 
Michaelmas term, 4 Vict. 1840. 6 vol. [ll.L.L.] 

8°- London, 1835-41. 
See BRODERIP (William John). 



BINGLEY (Rev. William), M.A. 
Tour roujid North Wales in 1798. 2 vol. 

8"- Lomloi), 1800. 
Topogi-aphical account of the hundred of Bosmere, in 
Hampshire ; comprising the parishes of Havaut, 
Warblitigton, and Hayling. [.^0 copies printed.] 

4»- Ilurant, 1817. 

BINNEY (E[dwahi)] W[illl\m]), F.R.S. 
Observations on the structure of fossil plants found in 
the carboniferous strata. Pt. 1 to 4. [Palaeon- 
tographical Society, 21, 24, 25, 29.] 

4«' London, 1868-75. 

BINNEY (Rev. Thomas), D.D. 
Life and immortality brought to light through the 
Gospel. A funeral discourse on the decease of the 
Rev. Algernon Wells, to which is prefixed ; the funeral 
address of the Rev. 13. F. Burder, D.D. ... 

8°- London, 1851. 
The British School : a speech ... at the annual meeting 
of the British and Foreign School Society, May (3 ... 

8°' London, 1872. 

BINNS (R[iciiAKn] W[illiam]), F.S.A. 
A century of potting in the city of Worcester, being 
the history of the Royal Porcelain Works, from 
1751 to 1851: to which is added, a short account of 
the Celtic, Roman, and mediaeval pottery of Wor- 
cestershire. 2nd edit. [S.M.] 8°- London, 1877. 

BINNS (Rev. William). 
The permanent and transient in religion: a sermon 
preached before the British and Foreign Unitarian 
Association, in Essex-street chapel. Strand, June 12. 

12"- London. [1878.] 


Biographia Britannica : or, the lives of the most eminent 
persons who have flourished in Great Britain and 
Ireland, from the earliest ages down to the present 
times ... () vol. in 7. fo. London, 1747-r)(). 

2nd edition, with additions ... by Andrew Kippis, D.D., 
F.S.A. [and Rev. Joseph Towers, LL.D.] Vol. 1-5. 
A-F. [AH published.] 4"- London, 1778-9.3. 

The new general biographical dictionary: a specimen 
of amateur criticism, in letters to Mr. Sj'lvanus 
Urban. 8°- London, 1839. 

A dictionary of contemporary biography. 

8''- London, 18G1. 


B/wi'oc mi Mo(T-)(ov ra Xeixjjaya. Illustrabat et 
emendabat Gilbertus Wakefield. 12°- Londin/, 17%. 
Sir BOHN (Henry George), SCRIPTORUM 

BION (Jean). 
An account of the torments the French protestants 
endure aboard the galleys. London, 1708. [Arber's 
English Garner, fi.] 4"- Birminrjham, 1883. 


BIRAGO (Francesco). 
Imperatorum Romanorum numismata a Pompeio Magno 
ad Heraclium ab Adolfo Occone olim congesta. 

fo. Mediolani, 1683. 

BIRCH (Rev. Busby), LL.D., F.R.S. 
City Latin : or, critical and political remarks on the 
Latin inscription on laying tlic first stone of the 
, intended new bridge at Black- Fryars ... 3rd edit. 

8°- London, 1761. 

Sec THORNTON (Bonnell). 

BIRCH (George Henry) and SPIERS 
(Richard Phene). 
Illustrations of an old house in Lime-street, drawn to 
measurement. fo. London, 1875. 

BIRCH, Col. John. Srr ROE (— ). 

BIRCH (Capt. John Francis). 
Memoir on the national defence. 8"- London, 1808. 

BIRCH (Alderman Samuel). 
At early dawn from humble cot: a favorite song, sung 
by Mrs. Bland in the farce Fast Asleep, composed 
by Thos. Attwood. 4"- London. [1797.] 

An address to the members of the Royal Exchange 
division of Loyal London Volunteers. 

VI"- London, \m\. 
Admission of papists to hold certain commissions in the 
army : speech in Common Council, March 5. 

8"- London, 1807. 

BIRCH (Samuel), D.C.L., LL.D., F.S.A. 

History of ancient pottery. 2 vol. 8°- London, ISbS. 

Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at 
Alnwick Castle. Printed for private distribution. 

4"- London,) mo. 

The bronze ornaments of the palace gates of Balawat 
(Shalmanezer II, B.C. 859-825) : edited, with an intro- 
duction ... With descriptions and translations by 
Theophilus G. Pinches. [Society of Biblical 
Archseology.] Pt. 1-4. fo. London, 1880-1. 


BIRCH (Rev. Thomas), D.D., F.R.S. 

The heads of illustrious persons of Great Britain, with 
• their lives and characters. fo. London, 1752. 

The life of the Most Reverend Dr. John Tillotson, 
Archbishop of Canterbury : compiled chiefly from his 
original papers and letters. 8"- London, 1752. 

The history of the Royal Society of London ... 4 vol. 

4"- London, 17G0. 
S<T BOYLE (Hon. Robert), GREAVES (John), 
MILTON (John). 

BIRCH (Walter de Gray), F.R.S.L. 
Fasti monastici sevi Saxonici: or, an alphabetical list 
of the heads of religious houses in England previous 
to the Norman Conquest ; to which is prefixed, a 
chronological catalogue of contemporary foundations. 

S"- London, 1873. 

Tlie history, art, and palaeography of the manuscript 
styled the Utrecht Psalter. 8"- London, 1876. 

Index of the styles and titles of English sovereigns. 
[Index Society, 1st annual report.] 

4"- London, 1879. 

BIRCH (Walter de Gray), F.R.S.L., and 
JENNER (Henry). 
Early drawings and illuminations: an introduction to 
the study of illustrated manuscripts ; with a dictionary 
of subjects in the British Museum. 

8"- London, 1879. 

BIRCH (W[illiam] J[ohn]), M.A. 
An inquiry into the philosophy and religion of 
Shakspere. London, 1848. 

BIRD (Rev. C[harles] S[MiTn]), M.A., F.L.S. 
A sermon preached upon the funeral of Samuel Hunter 
[son of Sir C. S. Hunter, B'-, Lord Mayor]. 

8"- London, 1834. 

BIRD (Golding). M.A., M.D., F.R.S., and 
BROOKE (Charles), M.A., M.B., F.R.S. 
The elements of natural philosophy. 5th edit. 

8"- London, 1860. 

BIRD (Isabella L.), now Mrs. Bisiror. 
Unbeaten tracks in Japan : an account of travels in 
the interior, including visits to the Aborigines of 
Yezo, and the shrines of Nikku and Isc. 2 vol. 

8"- London. 1880. 
The Golden Chersonese, and the way thither. 

8"- London, 1883. 

BIRD (John). 
Method of dividing astronomical instruments. [C.C.] 

4"- London, 1767. 
Method of constructing mural quadi'ants. [C.C.] 

4"- London, 1768. 



BIRDWOOD (George C. M.). 
Paris Universal Exhibition of 1878 : handbook to the 
British Indian section. 8°- Loudon. [1879.] 

The industrial arts of India. [Pt. 1, the Hindu 
pantheon; pt. 2, master handicrafts of India.] 

8°- Lo7idon. [1880.] 

(Heney), GODARD (John George). 

BIRKMYRE (William). 
The India Council. [Cobden Club.] 8°- London, 1885. 

BIRKS (Rev. Prof. T[homas] R[awson]), M.A. 
The present importance of moral science: an inaugural 
lecture delivered in the Arts school, October 21. 

12°- London, 1872. 
The uncertainties of modern physical science ; being 
the annual address of the Victoria Institute, de- 
livered at the house of the Society of Arts, on the 
29th May ...2nd edit. 8°- London. [1876.] 


An authentic account of the riots in Birmingham on 
the 14th [to] 17th days of July: also, the judge's 
charge, the pleadings of the counsel, and the substance 
of the evidence given on the trials of the rioters ... 

8°- Deritend. [1791.] 
The same reprinted, with an introduction. 

go. Binningliam, 1867. 
A ... report of the trials of the Birmingham rioters at 
the Warwick assizes ... 8°- London, 1791. 

Thoughts on the late riots ... 8°- London, 1791. 

General and detailed financial statement of the Corpora- 
tion ; containing general summary, receipts and 
payments, income and expenditure ... statement of 
liabilities and assets, loans and capital accounts ... for 
the years 1876-81. 6 vol. 

roy. 8°- Birmingham, 1877-81. 
See JONES (David). 

Two sermons preached October 16, 1814, by the Very 
Rev. the Dean of Wells, and by the Rev. T. T. 
Biddulph, M.A. 8°- Birmingham, 1815. 

Report of committee on the Danish treaty. 

8°- London, 1855. 

Report of the meetings of the conference held in Bir- 
mingham, December 9 ; with papers read at the 
morning meeting. 8°- London, 1869. 

15th annual report ; with the regulations and list of sub- 
scribers for the year 1878. 8''' Birmingham, 1878. 

BIRNIE (William). 
The blame of kirk-buriall, tending to perswade cemi- 
tcriall civilitie. Edited by W. B. D. D. Turnbull. 

4°- London, 1833. 

BIRON, Charles de Gontaut, 

Marshal. Sec 

[BIRRELL (Augustine).] 
Obiter dicta. 3rd edit. 

8"- London, 1884. 


On the alleged obscurity of 

Mr. Browning's poetry. 

A rogue's memoirs. [Ben- 

venuto Cellini.] 
Tlie via media. 
Falstair. [liy George H. 


BIRT (Rev. Jsaiaii). 
Strictures on Mr. Mend's pamphlet, entitled. The 
baptism of infants authorized by scripture. 

8"- Plymouth, 1797. 

BIRT (Rev. Isaiah) — continued. 
A vindication of the Baptists from the strictures made 
on their sentiments and practice ... in a pamphlet 
entitled, A discourse on 8°- Plymouth, 1812. 
Adult baptism, and the salvation of all who die in 
infancy, maintained : in strictures on a sermon, 
entitled, " The right of infants to baptism, by the 
Rev. H. F. Burder, M.A." 2nd edit. 

8°- London, 1823. 

A defence of scripture baptism, in answer ... to those 
who esteem the essence of religion of more import- 
ance than the forms and ceremonies. 

8"- Plymouth, n.d. 

BIRT (John). 
Patristic evenings. 8°- London, n.d. 

BIRT (William Radcliff), F.R.A.S., F.M.S. 
Contributions to selenography. i°- London, 1874. 

BISCHOFF (James). 

A comprehensive view of the woollen and worsted 
manufactures, and the natural and commercial 
history of sheep, from the earliest records to the 
present period. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1842. 

Foreign tariffs : their injurious effects on British 
manufactures, especially the woollen manufacture ; 
with proposed remedies ... 8°- London, 18i3. 

BISH (T.). 

Liist of shares in lottery tickets on sale at his office at 
No. 13, Cornhill. broadside. London, 1834. 

BISHOP (George). 
A vindication of the principles and practices of the 
people called Quakers, from the false aspersions of 
being monstrous in their opinions in religion . . . 

4°- London, 1665. 
BISHOP (Mrs. Isabella). Sec BIRD (Isabella L.). 

BISHOP (John Le Marchant). 
False positions in modern " science " : a paper read 
before the Literary and Scientific Society in con- 
nection with Sale Presbyterian Church, Jan. 13. 

120- Manchester, 1879. 

BISHOP (Rev. Thomas), D.D. 
The errors and absurdities of the Ai'ian and Semiarian 
schemes, and especially the polytheism and idolatry 
by which they have corrupted the Christian faith ... 

8°- London, 1726. 


An apology for bishops : or, a plea for learning against 
those lying, rayling, and scandalous libels ... 

4<'- [London,] 1641. 

The bishops Mittimus to goe to BecUam, upon the 
accusation of high treason by the Parliament, for 
making their petition and protestation to his 
Majesty. 4"- London, 1641. 

The petition of the county of Kent thanking parlia- 
ment for taking away the votes of prelates. 

broadside. London, 1641. 

The petition of the company of Silk Throsters for the 
abolition of prelacy. broadside. London, 1641. 

A dialogue between the Archb[ishop] of C[anterbury] 
and the Bishop of Hercf[ord], containing the true 
reasons why tlie bishops could not read the declara- 
tion, fo. sh. London, 1688. 

A letter from a dissenter to the petitioning bishops. 

fo. sh. London, 1688. 

Seasonable advice to the bishops against their day of 
trial. [By S. T.] fo. sh. London, 1688. 

'! he proceedings and tryal of the seven bishops in the 
Court of King's Bench, in Trin. Term, 4 James II, 
1688. fo. London, 1689. 

The depriv'd bishops' recommendation to all Christian 
people on behalf of the deprived clergy, fo. sh. 1695. 



A letter ... vindicating the bill ... for preventing the 

translation of bishops. 4"- Lo?h/oii, 1702. 

An account of the proposals of the Ai'chbishop of 

Canterbury, with some other bishops, to his Majesty. 

fo. 71.(1. 

The petition and protestation of all the bishops called 
to attend parliament [against all laws made in 
their absence, since December, 1(341]. 

broadside. [Lo7ido}i,'] n.d. 

BISMAECK (Prince Otto von). 
Prince Bismarck : friend or foe? 8°- London, 1878. 
Letters to his wife, his sister and others, from 1844 
to 1870 : translated from the German by Fitz''- Maxse. 
2nd edit. 8°- London, 1879. 

Sec BUSCH (Dr. MoEiTZ). 

BISSET (Andrew). 
On the strength of nations. 8°- London, 1859. 

A short history of the English parliament. 

8°- London, 1882. 

BISSET (Rev. James), D.D. 
Inquiry into the spirit of the constitution of the Church 
of Scotland ; with a defence of the improvements 
recently introduced into her services ... 

80- London, 1866. 

BISSET (Rev. John). 
Extracts from [his] diary, 1745-6. [Edited by John 
Stuart. Spalding Club Miscellany, 1.] 

4°- Ahcrdeen, 1841. 

BISSET (Robert), LL.D. 
The history of the reign of George III. To which is 
prefixed, a view of the progressive improvement of 
England in prosperity and strength, to the accession 
of his Majesty. 2nd edit., completed to the death 
of the King. 6 vol. 8''- London, 1820. 

BISSET (Rev. William). 
The modern fanatick ; with a true account of the life, 
actions, and endowments of the famous Dr. 
Sa[cheverel]l. 8°- London, 1710. 

Sec SACHEVERELL, Rev. Henry. 

BISSON (F. Shirley de Carteret-), M.A. 
Our schools and colleges ; containing full particulars 
of all our universities, and of" our great public 
schools, our military and naval schools, our Civil 
Service examinations, our theological colleges, our 
Inns of Court and other legal examinations, our 
schools of medicine, our schools of music, our schools 
of science and fine arts ... 8°- London. [1880.] 

BITMEAD (Richard). 
The practical French polisher and enameller : a com- 
plete work of instruction in polishing and enamelling. . . 

8°- London. [1876.] 

BLAAUW (William Henry), M.A. 
The Barons' war, including the battles of Lewes and 
Evesham. 2nd edit. 8°- London, 

BLACK, Adam and Charles. 
Black's picturesque tourist of Ireland. 3rd and 16th 

edit. 8"' Edmburrjh, 1860-80. 

Black's picturesque tourist of Scotland. 17th and 24th 

edit. 8°- Edinburgh, 1865-82. 

BLACK (Rev. James), D.D. 
The blessedness of believers after death : a discourse 
delivered on occasion of the death of James Howie 
Young, in Wellington Street church, Glasgow, 10th 
December, 1871. 12<'' Glasgow, 1872. 

BLACK (William). 
Goldsmith. [English Men of Letters.] 

8°- London, 1879. 

BLACK (William Henry), F.S.A. 

A catalogue of the library in the free grammar-school 
at Lewisham, founded by Abraham Colfe, M.A., in 
1652 [with memorials of the family of Colfe and of 
the life and character of the Rev. Abraham Colfe] . 

8"- London, 1831. 

Plan of a national and civil registration of births, 
marriages, and deaths. 8"- Lo)idon, 1833. 

The primitive site and plan of Roman London, the 
course and measurements of its oldest roads, and the 
position of the long-sought Noviomagus. 

12°- London, 1863. 

Ancient Biblical chronograms : or, a discovery of the 
chronological use of the majuscular letters occurring 
in the text of the Hebrew Scriptures ... 2 pt. 

8°- London, 1864-5. 

The calendar of Palestine reconciled with the law of 
Moses, against the theory of Michaelis. 

8°- London, 1865. 

Observations on the primitive site, extent, and cir- 
cumvallation of Roman London. [With a plan of 
the site of Roman London.] 4"- London, 1866. 

Gabriel's prophetic numbers in Daniel ix, 24-26 (com- 
monly translated and explained as " weeks " of years), 
now shown to relate to the duration of the Persian 
empire only, and explanation of the chronology and 
prophetic numbers in the book of Daniel. 

40' [London, 1869.] 

Lays and legends of Mill Yard. The ballad of Squire 
'Tempest, or "These are antient things" ; with notes. 

8«- London, 1869. 

The last legacy : or, the autobiography and religious 
profession of Joseph Davis, senior, formerly a 
member and trustee of the Sabbath-keeping con- 
gregation in Mill Yard, Goodman's Fields ; together 
with public documents relating to him and to his 
benefactions. 8°- London, 1869. 

The Lawless Court : a paper on the constitution, style, 
origin, and significance of the court at cock-crowing, 
holden at Rochford in Essex. 8°- London, 1869. 

Observations on the ... Roman sepulchre at Westmin- 
ster Abbey. 8o- {London, 1870.] 

History and antiquities of the worshipful company of 
Leathersellers of the City of London ; with fac- 
similes of charters, and other illustrations. [Privately 
printed.] fo. Ljondon, 1871. 

Two papers on an unnoticed expedition of the Emperor 
Augustus into Britain. 4"- London, 1872. 

Sec HOARE (Sir Richard Colt). 

Observations on the working of the marine worms, and 
the remedies applied in the harbour of San Francisco, 
California. 8°' Melbourne, 1874. 

BLACKBURN (Charles F.). 
Hints on catalogue titles and on index entries ; with a 
rough vocabulary of terms and abbreviations, chiefly 
from catalogues .. . 8"- Zo;«/o«, 1884. 

BLACKBURN (Edward L). 
Architectural and historical account of Crosby place, 
London : compiled from original sources, with appen- 
dix of illustrative documents. 8°- London, 1834. 

[BLACKBURNE (Harriet E.).] 
Hale HaU ; with notes on the family of Ireland Black- 
burne. [Privately printed.] 4"- Liverpool, 1881. 

BLACKBURNE (Lancelot), Archbishop of 

The mystery of Godliness : a sermon preached before 
her Majesty, at St. James's Chapel, Dec. 9. 

4"- London, 1705. 

Adventures of a black coat in its peregi-inations through 
London and Westminster. vi°- London, 1760. 



BLACKER (Rev. Beaver H[e\ry]), M.A. 
Brief sketches of tke parishes of Booterstown and 
Donnj-brook, in the county of Dublin, with a [first, 
second, and third] appendix, containing notes and 
annals. 4 pt. IG"- Diiblhi, 1860-74. 

Monumental inscriptions in the parish church of Chel- 
tenham, Gloucestershire. Privately printed. 

40- London, 1877. 


The dolef ull euen-song : or, a true, particular and im- 
partiaU narration of that fearefuU and sudden 
calamity which befell the preacher, Mr. Drury, a 
Jesuite, and the gi-eater part of his auditory, by the 
downefall of the floore at the assembly in the Black- 
Friers on Sunday the 2(5 of October. Also, an exact 
catalogue of the names of such as perished ... 

4°- London, 1623. 

Something written by occasion of that fatall and 
memorable accident in the Blacke-Friers on Sonday, 
being the 26 of October. 4°- [London,'] 1623. 

Observations on bridge building, and the several plans 
offered for a new bridge ... across the Thames, at or 
near Blackfriars. 8°- London, 1760. 

An act for completing the bridge across the river 
Thames, from Black Fryars in the City of London 
to the opposite side in the county of Surry [and for 
other purposes], 7 Geo. Ill, 1766. fo. London, 1767. 

BLACKIE (Prof. John Stu.\kt), LL.D. 
Horse HellenicEe : essays and discussions on some 
important points of Greek philology and antiquity. 

8°- London, 1874. 

On tlie theology of Homer. 

Oil the Prometheus Bound of iEschylus. 

On the philological genius and character of the Neo-Helleuic 

dialect of the Greek tongue. 
On tlie scientific iiiteriiretation of popular myths, with special 

reference to (Ireek niytimlogy. ' 
On the Sopliists of the fil'tli century B.C. 
On ononiatoiircia in language. 

On the Sjtartan constitution and tiie agrarian laws of Lycurgus. 

(Jn tlio pre-Socratic i)Iiilosophy. 

liemarks on Encrli.sli hexameters. 

(.)n tiie i)nj-iu]ar itoctry of modern Greece. 

On the i>hice ami [lOwer of accent in language. 

Self-culture, intellectual, physical, and moral : a vade- 
mecum for young men and students. 12th and 14th 
edit. 8°- Edinhurgh, 1879-82. 

The same, reprinted in phonetic shorthand. 

, 8°- London, 1882. 

BLACKIE (Thomas Mokell), F.S.A. 
What is a boy ? 4th edit. 12"- Lo7idon, 1875. 

BLACKIE (W. G.), Ph.D., F.R.G.S. 

The imperial gazctecr : a general dictionary of geo- 
graphy, j)hysical, political, statistical, and descriptive, 
compiled from the latest and best authorities. 2 vol. 

4°- Edinburgh, 1856. 
A supplement ... 4°- London, 1SG8. 

Another edit. ; with a supplement bringing the geo- 
gi-ai)hical information down to the latest dates. 2 vol. 

4"- London. [1868.] 

Black Muiiday : a full and exact description of that 
great and terrible eclipse of the sun which will 
happen on the 2yth day of March, 1 652. 

4"- London, 1651. 

BLACKMORE (Lieut. John), R.N. 
The London by moonlight mission ; l)eing an account 
of mi<lnight cruises on tlic streets of London during 
the last thirteen years. With a l)rief memoir of the 
author. K"' London, 1860. 

BLACKMORE (Sir Richard), M.D., Physician 
to Queen Anne. 
Prince Ai-thur : an heroick poem, in ten books. 3rd 
edit., corrected. fo. London, 1696. 

A discourse upon the plague ; with a preparatory account 
of malignant fevers .. . 8°- London, 1121. 

Just prejudices against the Arian hypothesis ; [with] 
a vindication of this proposition, articles of faith 
depend upon inferences or are left to consequences. 

8°- London, 1721. 
Poetical works. [Johnson's English Poets, 35.] 

8°' London, 1790. 

Sfc JOHNSON (Samuel). 

BLACKMORE, William. See DODOE (Richard 

The history of Nottingham ; embracing its antiquities, 
trade and manufactures, from the earliest authentic 
records to the present period. 4°- Nottingham, 1815. 

Illustrated guide to Blackpool, west coast of Lanca- 
shire ; fashionable seaside resort. 

fo. \_Blacl'pool, 1880.] 

BLACKSHEEP (Rev.) ^^.sfWfZ. Sec HONE (Wil- 

A strange and horrible murther committed in White- 
fryers, upon Mr. John Blackston, April 7. 

fo. sh. London, 1684. 

Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court 
of Common Pleas and Exchequer Chamber, from 
1788 to 1796. 4th edit. 2 vol. [R.L.L.] 

8"- London, 1827. 

Fasciculus plantarum circa Harefield sponte nascen- ' 
tium ; cum appendice ... 12°- London, 1737. 

Paternal government. Whither are we drifting ? 

8°- London, 1873. 

BLACKSTONE (Sir William), Justice of the 
Court of Common Pleas. 

Considerations on the question, whether tenants by 
copy of court roll according to the custom of the 
manor, though not at the will of the lord, are free- 
holders qualified to vote in elections for knights of 
the shire. \_Anon.'] 8°- London, 1758. 

Commentaries on the laws of England. 3rd edit. 
4 vol. in 2. 4°- 0,r/b)< 1768-9. 

8th edit. 4 vol. 8°- Oxford, 1778. 

12th edit. With notes and additions by Edward 
Christian. 4 vol. 8°- London, 1793. 

New edit., adapted to the present state of the law, by 
Robert Malcolm Kerr, LL.D. 4 vol. 

8°- London, 1857. 

The Student's Blackstone : selections from the Com- 
mentaries ... being those portions of the work which 
relate to the British constitution and the rights of 
persons. By Robert Malcolm Kerr, LL.D. 

8»- London, 1858. 
A reply to Dr. Priestley's Remarks on the 4th vol. of 
the Commentaries on the laws of England. [^Anon.] 

8»- London, 1769. 
Reports of cases determined in the several courts at 
Westminster Hall, from 174(') to 1779. Revised by 
Charles Heneage Elsley. 2nd edit. 2 vol. [R. L.L.J 

8°- London, 1828. 
Srr DOUGLAS (D.). STEPHEN (Henry John). 



A history of the spiders of Great Britain and Ireland. 
Published for the Ray Society. [S.M.] 

4"- London, 1801. 


Statements illustrative of the necessity for additional 
means of communication between London and 
Blackwall ... 8"- London, IH.Hf). 

A statement of the advantages which will result to the 
public from the establishment of a communication 
by railroad between London and Blackwall . . . 

8"- London, 18.37. 

Observations upon the proposed extension of the Com- 
mercial Railway, from the Minories ' to Leadenhall 
street. By a citizen. 8°- London, 1837. 

BLACKWELL (J[()Hn] Kknvon), F.G.S. 
Explosions in coal mines ; their causes and the means 
available for their prevention or control ... and notes 
on the various forms of Davy lamp, and their relative 
value. 8"- London, 1853. 

BLACKWELL (Rev. Prof. Thomas). 
Letters to John Ross of Ai-nage, 1711-12. [Edited 
by John Stuart. Spalding Club Miscellany, 1.] 

4"' Aberdeen, 1841. 

[BLACKWELL (Prof. Thomas).] 
An enquiry into the life and writings of Homer. 

8°' London, 1735. 
Proofs of the Enquiry into Homer's life and writings. 
Translated into English. S**- London, IT-iT. 


[Petition of the woollen-drapers of London and 
Westminster against the Blackwell Hall Act, 8 & 9 
Will. III.] fo. sh. n.d. 

Reasons for making [the] ... Hall an absolute market, 
and enacting the clause for that purpose, fo. sh. n.d. 

Some of the many mischiefs and inconveniences to the 
clothiers and others dealing at [the] ... Hall, ariseing 
from the Blackwell Hall Act, now endeavour'd to 
be inforced by a new bill. fo. sh. n.d. 

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine : vol. 83-140. Janu- 
ary, 1858, to December, 188G. 58 vol. 

8''- London, 1858-86. 

BLACOW, Rev. Richard. 
Trial ... for libels on Her late Majesty the Queen of 
England ... 8"- London. [1821.] 

B[LADES] (R[owLANi)] H[ill]). 
Who was Caxton ? AVilliam Caxton, merchant, am- 
bassador, historian, author, translator and printer. 
A monograph. 8"- London, 1877. 

BLADES (William). 
The life and typography of William Caxton, England's 
first printer ; with evidence of his tj^pographical con- 
nection with Colard Mansion, the printer at Bruges. 
Compiled from original sources. 2 vol. 

4°- London, 1801-3. 
A list of medals, jettons, tokens ... in connection with 
printers and the art of printing. [Privately printed.] 

8"- London, \m{). 
A list of medals struck by order of the Corporation of 
London ; being a paper read before the Numismatic 
Society of London, on December IG, 18G'.). With an 
appendix of other medals struck privately or for 
sale, having reference to the same corporate body or 
its members. 8"' London. 1870. 

Typograpliical notes— 1. The early schools of typo- 
graphy. 2. The Enschede type-foundry at Haarlem. 
Reprinted from the " Bookworm." [Anon.'] 

4"' London, 1870. 

BLADES {WuAA.\->.\)—conthn(rd. 

List of medals connected with printers and the art of 
printing, exhibited at the opening of the Now Library 
and Museum, Guildhall, London. 8"- London, 

Shakspere and typography ; being an attempt to show 
Shakspcre's personal connection with, and technical 
knowledge of , the art of printing... 8"- London, 1872. 

Some early type specimen books of England, Holland, 
France, Italy and Germany, catalogued ; with expla- 
natory remarks. 8"- London, 1 H75. 

The biography and typography of William Caxton, 
England's first printer. 8"- London, 1877. 

The enemies of books. 8°- London, 1880. 

Numismatique de la typographic : ou, historique des 
medailles de I'imprimerie ... Preface et annotations 
par Li'on Degeorge. 4"- Brti.rel/cx, 1 880. 

Numismata typographica : or, the medallic history of 
printing. Reprinted from the " Printers' Register." 

4"- London, 1883. 

An account of the German morality-play, entitled, 
Depositio Cornuti Typographici, as performed in the 
1 7th and 1 8th centuries ; with a rhythmical translation 
of the German version of 1G48. To which is added, a 
literal reprint of the unique original version written 
partly in Plaat-Deutsch by Paul de Vise, and printed 
in 1G21. 2 vol. 4°- London, 1885. 

BLAEU (Jan). 
Novum ac magnum theatrum urbium BelgicEe Foederataj, 
ad praescntis temporis faciem, expressum. 2 vol. 
[D.C.] fo. AnisteJicdanii, 1G49. 

BLAEU (WiLLEM and Jan). 
Le thi'atre du monde : ou, nouvel atlas contenant les 
chartes et descriptions de tous les pa'is de la terre. 
2 vol. [D.C.] fo. AniHterdam}, 1635. 

BLAGG, William. See WALCOT. Thomas. 

The art of dyalling ; shewing how to make dyals to all 
plaines. [C.C.] 4"- London, 1609. 

BLAIKIE (William Gakdex), D.D., LL.D. 
The personal life of David Livingstone, LL.D., D.C.L., 
F.R.S., chiefly from his unpublished journals and 
correspondence in the possession of his family. 2nd 
edit. 8°- London, 1881. 

BLAIN (Rev. Jacob). 
Hope for our race : or, God's government vindicated. 

12"- London, 1871. 

BLAIR (Capt. ). 
Guilds ancient and modern ... 8"- London, 1873. 

BLAIR (Rev. John), LL.D. 
Chronological and historical tables, from the Creation 
to the present time ... New edit, [by Sir Henry 
Ellis.] 80- London, 1851. 

BLAKE (C. Cahter), D.Sc. 
Sulphur in Iceland. [With a view of the Great Geysir.] 

8«- London, 1874. 
Zoology for students : a handbook, with a preface by 
Richard Owen, C.B., F.R.S. [S.M.] 

8"- London, 1875. 

BLAKE (J. H.), F.G.S. 
Address at the anniversary meeting of the Norwich 
Geological Society, 8tli November, on the conser- 
vancy of rivers, prevention of floods, drainage, and 
water supply. 8"- [1881.] 

BLAKE, Admiral Robert. Srr DIXOX (William 

BLAKE (Thomas). 
The covenant sealed : or, a treatise of the sacrament of 
both covenants. [D.C.] 4°- London, 1655. 



BLAKE (William). 
The Ladies charity school at Highgate. Silver drops, 
or serious things. [Prefixed to this work, which is 
an exhortation to encourage the school, are letters of 
application, written in the name of the scholars, to 
individuals whose names do not appear.] 

sm. 8°- ii.d. 

BLAKE, William. Sec SWINBURNE (Algebnon 

BLAKENEY (Rev. R[ichaed] P[aul]). LL.D. Sec 
HUNT (Rev. J.). 

BLAKENEY, William, Lord. 

A letter to the R*- Hon. Lord B y ; being an inquiry 

into the merit of his defence of Minorca. [By 
Israel Mauduit.] 8°- London, 1757. 

A full answer to a libel, intituled, A letter to the B,*- 

Hon. Lord B y : being an inquiry into his defence 

of Minorca ; [with] a plan of Fort St. Philip's ... 

8"- London, 1757. 

BLAKEWAY (Rev. John Brickdale), M.A., 

The Sheriffs of Shropshire ; with their armorial bearings 
and notices, genealogical and historical, of their 
families. fo. Shrewsbury, 1831. 

Sir OWEN (H.). 

BLAKEY (Robert), Ph.D. 
The angler's complete guide to the rivers and lakes of 

England. 12°- London, 1853. 

The angler's guide to the rivers and lochs of Scotland. 

8"- Glasgow, 1854. 
The history of political literature from the earliest 

times. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1855. 

Historical sketches of the angling literature of all 

nations ... to which is added, a bibliography of 

English writers on angling. \^2°- London, 185(). 
Angling : or, how to angle and where to go. New 

edit. 8°- Londo7i, 1862. 

BLAKHAL (Gilbert). 
A breiffe narration of the services done to three noble 
ladyes [Lady Isabelle Hay, the Countess of Aboyne, 
and Madame de Gordon]. 1G31-49. [Edited by 
JohnStuart. Spalding Club, 11.] 4o- Aberdeen, \UL 

BLAMIRE, Miss Susanna. See TYTLER (Sarah). 

BLANC ([Jean- Joseph-] Louis). 
Revolution fran^aise : histoire de dix ans, 1830-40. 

9«- <?dit. 5 vol. 8''- Parh, 1849. 

1848 : historical revelations ... 8°- London, lS!j8. 
Histoire de la Revolution fran^aise. 12 vol. 

8«- Paris, 18G4-70. 
Dix ans de Thistoire d'Angleterre. 10 vol. 

8°- Paris, 1879-81. 

BLANCH (William Harnett). 
Ye parish of (Jaiiierwell. A brief account of the 
parish of CamberweU, its history and antitjuitics. 

8"- London, 1875. 

COURT CJkan). 

The disesta1)lishnient of tlic sun. [An attempt to 
disprove the existence of solar heat.] 

8"- Londuii, 18H0. 

BLAND (Peter). 
An answer to the late scandalous and libellous 
pamphlet, intituled, A complaint to the House of 
Commons, and resolution taken up by the free pro- 
testant subjects of the cities of London and West- 
minster ... wherein it is proved that the Lord Major 
of London doth not usurp his office, but is a legal 
Major, and obedience ought to be given to him. 

4°- London, 1643. 

BLAND (William), M.R.A.S. 
The principles of agriculture. 2nd edit. 

80- London, 1864. 

BLANDFORD (G. Fielding), M.D. 
Insanity and its treatment : lectures on the treatment, 
medical and legal, of insane patients. 2nd edit. 

8°- Edinburgh, 1877. 
General index to the first twenty-four volumes of the 
Journal of Mental Science ; with historical sketch 
by D. Hack Tuke. 8°- London, 1879. 

BLANDFORD (W. T.), A.R.S.M., F.R.S. Sec 

BLANDY, Mary. 
Tryal . . . for the murder of her father, Francis Blandy, 
at Oxford, 29th Feb. fo. London, 1752. 

BLASERNA (Prof. Pietro). 
The theory of sound in its relation to music. [Inter- 
national Scientific Series, 22.] 8°- Loiidon, 1876. 

BLASHFIELD (John Marriott). 
Examples of terra cotta chimney shafts, chimney pots, 
doorways, windows, balconies, consoles, pilasters ... 

ob. London, 7i.d. 

Terra cotta vases, tazzae, statues, busts, paterae, 
fountain basins .;. from ancient and modern examples 
in terra cotta. ob. London, n.d. 

BLASHILL (Thomas). 
Guide to Tintern Abbey. Monmouth. [1878.] 

BLAU (Henry), F.S.Sc. 
Some notes on the stage, and its influence on the 
education of the masses, players, and playgoers. 

8°- London, 1884. 

Selections in prose and poetry from living and 
deceased authors. 8"- London, 1847. 


BLESSINGTON, Countess of. Sec MADDEN (R. R.). 

BLIGH (Commander William), R.N. 
Narrative of the mutiny of the " Bounty" on a voyage 
to the South Seas. 8°- [New York,] n.d. 

BLIGHT (J[oHN] T[homas]). 
Ancient crosses and other antiquities in the west [and 
east] of Cornwall ... 2 vol. 4°- London, 1856-8. 
A week at the Land's End. 8°- Zo«f/o?(, 1861. 

BLIND (Karl). 
Fire-burial among our Germanic forefathers : a record 
of the poetry and history of Teutonic cremation. 

12"- London, 1875. 

BLIND (Mathilde). 
George Eliot. 3rd edit. [Eminent Women Series.] 

8"- London, 1884. 
See STRAUSS (David Friedrich). 

BLINKINSOP (Humphrey), pseud. 
Neotctajria : a country tale for London readers, con- 
tained in the first letter to his nephew. 2nd edit. 

8"- London, 1812. 



See HOOK (Theodore). 

BLISS (Philip), D.C.L. 
Life of Anthony a Wood, M.A. [Athense Oxonien- 
ses, 1.] 8°- Oxford, 1848. 

Sec WOOD (Anthony a). 

BLISSE alias WATTS (William). 
Account of a murder committed by him on WUliam 
Johnson, his near kinsman, at Mims, county of 
Middlesex ... 4P- London, 1672. 

BLITH (Walter). 
The English improver improved : or, the survey of 
husbandry surveyed ... 4°- London, 1G52. 

BLIZARD, Sir William, F.R.S. See COOKE 

BLOCH (J. S.). 
Die Juden in Spanien: eine historische Skizze. 

8°- Leqyzirj, 1875. 

Studien zur Greschichte der Sammlung der althebraischen 
Literatur. 8"- Breslau, 1876. 

BLOCH (Dr. M.). 
Das mosaisch-talmudische Polizeirecht. 

8°- Budapest, 1878. 

BLOCK (Maurice). See ANNUAIRE. 

BLOGG (S. E.). 

Geschichte der hebraischen Sprache und Literatur, nebst 
einem Anhaiig die Targumim betrefEend. [2nd edit.] 

40- Hanover, 1826. 

BLOME (Richard). 
Britania : Or, a geographical description of the kingdoms 
of England, Scotland, and Ireland ... 

fo. London, 1673. 

BLOMEFIELD (Rev. Francis). 
The history of the ancient city and burgh of Thetf ord, 
in the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk ... 

4°- Fersfield, 1739. 
Collectanea Cantabrigiensia: or, collections relating to 
Cambridge, university, town, and county ... 

4°- Norwich, 1751. 
An essay towards a topographical history of the county 
of Norfolk . . . collected out of ledger-books, registers, 
records, evidences, deeds, court-roUs, and other 
authentic monuments. Continued by the Rev. 
Charles Parkin, A.M. 11 vol. 4°- LoncZon, 1805-10. 

BLOMFIELD (Rev. Alfred), M.A. 
A memoir of Charles James Blomfield, D.D., Bishop 
of London ; with selections from his correspondence, 
2 vol. 8°- London, 1863. 

BLOMFIELD (Charles James), D.D., Bishop 
of London. 

A letter on the present neglect of the Lord's day, 
addressed to the inhabitants of London and West- 
minster. [MS. notes.] 4th edit. B"- London, 1830. 

A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese 
the visitation in October. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1842. 

BLOMFIELD (Charles James), D.D., Bishop 
of London, LOWNDES (William), M.A., Q.C., 
BLAKESLEY (Rev. J. W.), M.A., FIND- 
LATER (Andrew), A.M., NEWMAN (John 
Henry), B.D., JEREMIE (James Amiraux), 
D.D., WHEWELL (W.), D.D., F.R.S., 
BARLOW (Peter), F.R.S., and LUNN 
(Francis), M.A. 
History of Greek and Roman philosophy and science. 
[Encyclopa3dia Mctropolitana.] 8°- London, 1853. 

BLONDEL (David). 
De la primauto en I'eglise. [D.C.] fo. Geneve, \Q>i\. 
Apologia pro sententia Hieronymi de episcopis et pres- 
byteris. [D.C.] 4P- Amsteledami, 1646. 

BLOOD (Col. Thomas). 
Narrative . . . concerning the design against the life and 
honour of the Duke of Buckingham ... 

fo. London, 1680. 
Remarks upon some eminent passages in the life of 
Col. Thomas Blood, in a letter ... upon the late tryal 
relating to the Duke of Buckingham. [By R. H.] 

fo. London, 1680. 

The bloody tragedy : or, a dreadful warning to dis- 
obedient children. 8°- London, n.d. 

BLOOM (Rev. J[ohn] H[Af;uE]), B.A. 
Notices, historical and antiquarian, of the castle and 
priory at Castleacre, in the county of Norfolk. 

London, 1843. 

BLOOMFIELD (Georgiana, Baroness). 
Reminiscences of court and diplomatic life. 5th edit. 

2 vol. 8«- io)«/o», 1883. 

Memoir of Benjamin, Lord Bloomfield, G.C.B. 2 vol. 

S"- London, 1884. 

Works ... With illustrations by Birket Foster. 

8°' London, n.d. 

Views in Suffolk, Norfolk, and Nottinghamshire, 
illustrative of the works of Robert Bloomfield ; 
[with] a memoir of the poet's life, by E. W. Brayley. 

8°- London, n.d. 

BLORE (Edward), F.S.A. 
The monumental remains of noble and eminent 
persons ; comprising the sepulchral antiquities of 
Great Britain, with historical and biographical 
illustrations. 4P- London, 1826. 

BLORE (Thomas), F.S.A. 
An history of the manor and manor-house of South 
Winfield, in Derbyshire. 4°- London, 1793. 

Statement of a correspondence with Richard Phillips, 
Sheriff, respecting the Antiquary's Magazine. 

8«- Stamford, 1807. 
The history and antiquities of the county of Rutland : 
compiled from the works of the most approved 
historians, national records, and other authentic 
documents, public and private. 

fo. Stamford. [1811.] 

BLOUNT (Lady Amie). 
Humble complaint to the house of Commons, touching 
the non-execution of judgements obtained against 
William Holt. fo. sh. n.d. 

BLOUNT (Charles). See FERGUSON (Robert). 

BLOUNT (Thomas). 
Glossographia : or, a dictionary interpreting the hard 
words, of whatsoever language, now used in our 
refiined English tongue ... By T. B. 3rd edit. 

8"- London, 1670. 

Another edit. 8"- London, 1707. 

Nomo-lexicon : a law-dictionary interpreting such 
difficult and obscure words and terms as are found 
either in our common or statute, ancient or modern 
lawes, with reference to the several statutes, records... 

fo. I^ondon, 1()70. 

Animadversions upon Sir Ricliard Baker's Chronicle, 
and its continuation ... By T. B. 12''- 0.iw(, 1672. 

Fragmenta Antiquitatis. Antient tenures of land and 
jocular customs of some mannors... 

8"- London. 1679. 



BLOUNT (Thomas)— continued. 
Another edit., enlarged and corrected by Josiah Beck- 
with, F.A.S. ; with considerable additions from 
authentic sources, by Hercules Malebysse Beck with. 

4"' London, 1815. 

BLOUNT (Sir Thomas Pope), B'- 
A natural history ; containing many not common 
observations extracted out of the best modern 
writers. sm. 8°- London, 1693. 

BLOXAM (Matthew Holbeche). 
The principles of Gothic ecclesiastical architecture ... 
with notices of the internal arrangement of churches 
prior to, and the changes therein in and from, the 
reign of Edward VI. 11th edit. 2 vol. 

8°- London, 1882. 

Companion to the [above] ; being a brief account of the 
vestments in use in the church [and of sepulchral 
monuments]. 8°- London, 1882. 

BLOXHAM (Rev. Andrew). M.A. See POTTER 
(T. R.). 

BLUD WORTH, Alderman Sir Thomas. Sec FREE- 
MAN (Samuel). 

Royal blue book. 89 vol. 8«- London, 1828-87. 

BLUMENBACH (Johann Feiedrich). 
Anthi-opological treatises ... with memoirs of [the 
author] by Marx and Flourens, and an account of 
his anthropological museum by Prof. R. Wagner ; 
and the inaugural dissertation of John Hunter, M.D., 
on the varieties of man. Translated and edited... by 
Thomas Bendyshe, M.A. [Anthropological Society.] 

8°- Lo)idon, 1805. 

BLUNDELL (B[ezer]), F.S.A. 

A brief memorial of Abingdon free grammar school 
founded, a.d. 1503, by John Roysse, citizen and 
mercer of London. 8°- Abinfjdon, 1863.- 

Reason v. routine : or, the advantages and disadvantages 
of permitting defendants in criminal cases to offei' 
testimony on oath. 8°- London, 1803. 

The contributions of John Lewis Peyton to the history 
of Virginia and of the Civil war in America, 1861-5, 
reviewed. 8"- London, 1808. 

BLUNDELL (Capt. William). 
Crosby records. A cavalier's note book ; being notes, 
anecdotes, and observations of William Blundell, of 
Crosby, Lancashire, Captain of Dragoons ... in the 
Royalist army of 1042: edited, with introductory 
chapters, by the Rev. T. Ellison Gibson. 

4°- London, 1880. 

BLUNT (Lady Anne). 
A pilgrimage to Nejd, the cradle of the Arab race ; a 
visit to the court of the Ai-ab Emir ; and " Our 
Persian campaign." 2 vol. 8°- London, 18H\. 

[BLUNT (Edward Powlett).] 
Tncendium Londinense, a.d. 1060. Poema Cancellarii 
pncniio donatum ct in Thcatro Sheldoniano recitatum 
die Jun. xv"- [1825.] 

BLUNT, John. 
An account of what monies were received and paid by 
Mr. Blunt, for the class lotteiy in tlie year 1711, 
into the Exclic<|uer, and how much remains in his 
hands. With sonic obsei'vations thereupon, fo. n.d. 

BLUNT (John Em.iaii), M.A., Master in 

A history of the estal)lishmont and residence of tlic 
Jews in England ; willi an in(|uiry into their civil 
disabilities. 8"' London, 1830. I 

BLUNT (Rev. John Henry), D.D., F.S.A. 

The reformation of the Church of England : its history, 
principles, and results, a.d. 1514-47. 

8<'- London, 1869. 

The annotated Book of Common Prayer ; being an 
historical, ritual and theological commentary on the 
devotional system of the Church of England. Re- 
vised edit. 4P- London, 1884. 

The book of church law; being an exposition of the 
legal rights and duties of the parochial clergy and 
the laity of the Church of England. Revised by Sir 
Walter G. F. Phillimore, B'-, D.C.L. 4th edit. 

8°- Lo7idon, 1885. 

BLUNT (Rev. Prof. J[ohn] J[amer]), B.D. 
Undesigned coincidences in the writings both of the 
Old and New Testament, an argument of their 
veracity ... 8th edit. 8<'- London, 1803. 

BLUNT (Wilfrid Scawen). 
Ideas about India. 8°- London, 1885. 

Three letters on the horse, master, and donkey. 

8°- London, 1870. 

BLYTH (Alexander Wynter),M.R.C.S., F.C.S. 
A dictionary of hygiene and public health; comprising 
sanitary chemistry, engineering and legislation, the 
dietetic value of food, and the detection of adulter- 
ations. 8°- London, 1876. 

BLYTH (G. K.). 

The Norwich guide and directory; being an historical 
and topographical description of the city and its 
hamlets, with an account of the public charities. 

12°- London, 1842. 

BLYTH (James N.). 
Notes on beds and bedding, historical and anecdotal. 

12°- London, 1873. 

BLYTH (Thomas). 
The Lord Mayor: or, the wonders of Candlewick-ward. 
A metrical romance. 8°- London, 1838. 

BLYTH (Rev. William), M.A. 
Historical notices and records of the village and parish 
of Fincham, in the county of Norfolk. 

8«- King's Lijnn, 1863. 

BLYTT (A.). 
Christiania omegns phanerogamer og bregner med 
angivelse af deres udbredelse samt en indledning om 
vegetationens afhfengighed af underlaget. [Publi- 
cations of the Royal University of Christiania.] 

8°- Christiania, 1870. 

BOADEN (James). 
A letter to George Steevens, containing an examination 
of the papers of Shakspeare published by Mr. 
Samuel Ireland ... to which are added, extracts from 
Vortigern. 8"- London, 1796. 

The life of John Philip Kemble ; with a history of the 
stage from the time of Garrick. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1825. 

BOASE (Rev. Charles William), M.A. 
Register of the rectors and fellows, scholars, ex- 
hibitioners, and Bible clerks of Exeter College, 
Oxford ; with illustrative documents, and a history 
of the college. 4o- Oxford, 1879. 

Register of the university of Oxford. Vol. 1 (1449-63; 
150.5-71). [Oxford Historical Society, 1.] 

8"- Ch-ford, 1885. 

BO.\SE (Gi;()i!(!E Clement). 
To hnsliiuids, fathers, and brothers, specially those of 
tlic lal)oui-ing classes ; being a warning against pro- 
vailing delusions, and a word in season to the weary 
and heavy-laden. By a brother. 

8"- Edinhur(jh, 1848. 



BOASE (George Clement) — continued. 

Satanic workings. A sign and a warning. \_Anon.'] 

8°- Dundee, IS.o."?. 

The Queen's visit to the Duke of Athole, 15th Sep- 
tember. [Aiwn.l 8"- 18G3. 

The restoration of apostles, and the true position of 
those who acknowledge them in relation to the rest 
of the church. 8°- Dundee, 1867. 

She's dashing thro' the water. Oh ! who would wish 
to linger here? Expostulation. 'Twas lovely, but 
'tis faded. The time is come that we must part. 
[Anon.'] 8°- n.d. 

" Ilappy days." \_Anon.'] 8"- 

The three little pigs. [MS.] 

BOASE (Geok^ie Clement) and COURTNEY 
(William Pkideaux). 
Bibliotheca Cornubiensis. A catalogue of the writings, 
both manuscript and printed, of Cornishmen, and of 
works relating to the county of Cornwall ; with 
biographical memoranda and copious literary re- 
ferences. 3 vol. 4°- London. 1874-82. 

BOASE (John J. A.). 
Megalithic remains. 

8"- [Penzaiice,'] 1866. 

BOBBIN (Tim), p^evd. See COLLIER (John). 

II Decameron ...ridotto dal Cavalier Lionardo Salviati. 

4" ediz. 40- Firenze, 1587. 

Decamerone [da Vincenzio Martinelli, colla pre- 
fazione dell' editore, e vita di Boccaccio, tavola ed 
osservazioni] . 4°- Londm, 1762. 

The Decameron : or, ten days' entertainment. Trans- 
lated from the Italian : to which are prefix'd, remarks 
on the life and writings of Boccaccio ... 

8°- London, 1845. 
The Decameron : or, ten days' entertainment ... with 
introduction by Thomas Wright, M.A., F.S.A. 

S"' London, n.d. 

BOCCHI (Achille). 
Symbolicarum qusestionum de universo genere, quas 
serio ludebat, libri quinque. 4°- Bononice, 1574. 

BOCHART (Samuel). 

Oeogi-aphiae sacrte pars prior, Phaleg, seu de dispersione 
gentium et terrarum divisione facta in sedificatione 
turris Babel : pars altera, Chanaan, seu de coloniis 
et sermone Phoenicum. Cum tabulis chorographicis 
et duplici indice. [D.C.] fo. Cadomi, 1646. 

Hierozoicon, sive bipertitum opus de animalibus Sacrse 
Scriptura;. 2 vol. [D.C.] fo. Londtni, 1663. 

BOCK (Carl). 
Temples and elephants : the narrative of a journey of 
exploration through Upper Siam and Lao. 

S"- London, 1884. 

BOCKH, Richaed. Sec BERLIN. 

BODDINGTON (Reginald Stewart). 
Portions of Vincent and Boddington pedigrees. 

Privately printed. 4"- London, IQIG. 

Genealogical memoranda relating to the Sparks and 
Tickell families. Privately printed. 

4°- London, 1877. 
The family of Wyat. 4"- London. [1877.] 

Genealogical memoranda relating to the Browne and 
Hawkins families. 4°- [/.o//r7o//, 1 878.] 

Pedigree of the family of Collier. Privately printed. 

4"- London, 1878. 
Extracts from parish registers [relating to various 
families] ... 4"- London, 187!). 

Pedigree of the family of Gould. 4"- London, 1880. 

BODDINGTON (Regin.vld ii.)— continued. 
Pedigree fof the family] of Onslow ... 

4"- London. [1881.] 
Pedigree of the family of Townsend, with wills and 
notes relating to the family. Privately printed. 

4"- London, 1881. 
Pedigree of the family of Sheppard ... Privately 
printed. 4»- London, 1883. 

BODDY (E. Marlett), F.R.C.S. 
Hydi'opathy : or, the practical use of cold water. 

8''- London, 1879. 

BODECHERUS (Nicolaus). 
Sociniano Remonstrantismus : hoc est, evidens demon- 
stratio qua Remonstrantes cum Socinianis sive reipsa, 
sive verbis, sive etiam methodo, in pluribus con- 
fessionis suse partibus consentire ostenditur. [D.C.] 

4°- Lwjd. Bat., 1624. 

Kirchliche Verfassung der heutigen Juden, sonderlicli 
deren in Deutschland ... aus ihren ... und andei'en 
Schriften ... dargethan ... mit 30 ... Kupfern 
erlautert. 4 pt. 4"- Erhmgen, 1748. 

BODIN (Jean). 
De Republica libri sex; latine ab auctore redditi, 
multo quam antea locupletiores. Editio altera. 

8°- Francofurti, 1501. 

BODIO (L.). 
Le opere pie in Italia. 8°- Roma, 1881. 


BODY (Rev. George), B.A. 
The parting of Elijah and Elisha, and The present state 
of the faithful departed : two sermons preached at 
All Saints' Church, Margaret street, upon the death 
of the Rev. W. Upton Richards. 8"- London, 1 873. 

BOECKH (Augustus). 
The public economy of Athens : to which is added, a 
dissertation on the silvef mines of Laurion. Trans- 
lated by George Cornewall Lewis, A.M. 2nd edit. 

8°- London, 1842. 

BOEMUS (Johannes). 
Mores, leges et ritus omnium gentium ... [D.C.] 

12°- 1591. 

BOERHAAVE (Herman). 
[Proposal to print an English edit, of] The chymical 
institutions ... 4"- \_Londou,'] n.d. 

BOETHIUS (Anicius Manlius Torquatus 

Opera omnia. [D.C.] fo. Banihcc, 1570. 

A voice from the dead : or, the speech of an old noble 
peer, being the excellent oration of Boetius to the 
Emperor Theodoricus. 4°- Zo;?</o«, 1681. 

De consolatione philosophite libri quinque. Ex 
editione Vulpiana. [Delphin Classics.] 

8"- Ljondini, n.d. 

De consolatione philosophite [translated by Geoffrey] 
Chaucer. Edited ... by Richard Morris. [Early 
English Text Society, 5.] 8"- London, 1868. 


ROGER (Charlotte G.). 
Southwark and its story. 8"- /^o«(/o«, 1881 . 

Spieghel der Jesuyten, ofte Catechismus van der 
Jesuyten Secte ende leere. [D.C.] 

8"- Am.'<telred<iw, 1608. 

BOGUE (David) and BENNETT (James). 
History of the dissenters, from the Revolution in 
1(')88 to the year 1808. 4 vol. 8"- London, l.SOH-12. 



BOHN (Henry George), F.R.G.S. 
Bohn's Classical Library. 93 vol. 8°- London, 18i9-80. 
^schylus. Tragedies ... literally translated, with 

notes and an introduction, by Theodore Alois 

Buckley, B.A. 
^schylus. New readings contained in Hermann's 

posthumous edition . . . translated and considered 

by George Surges, A.M. 
Ammianus Marcellinus. Roman history . . . during 

the reigns of the Emperors Constantius, Julian, 

Jovianus, Valentinian, and Valens : translated 

by C. D. Yonge, B.A. 
Antoninus. The thoughts of the Emperor M. 

Aurelius Antoninus : translated by George Long. 

2nd edit. 

Apuleius. Works ... A new translation. 

Aristophanes. Comedies ... a new and literal 
translation, with notes and extracts from the 
best metrical versions, by William James Hickie. 
2 vol. 

Vol. 1. The Acbaraians, Knights, Clouds, Wasps, Peace, and Birds. 
2. Lysistrata, the Thesiuoplioriazusie, Frogs, Ecclesiazusse, aiul 

Aristotle. Treatise on rhetoric : literally translated, 
with an analysis by Thomas Hobbes, and a series 
of questions ; also the poetic, literally translated, 
with notes, questions and analysis, by Theodore 
Alois Buckley, B.A. 

Aristotle. The Organon : or, logical treatises ... 
with the introduction of Porphyi-y : literally 
translated, with notes, analysis and introduction, 
by Octavius Freire Owen, M.A. 2 vol. 

Aristotle. The politics and economics. . .translated, 
with notes and analyses, by Edward Walford, 
M.A. : to which are prefixed, an introductory 
essay and a life of Aristotle by Dr. Gillies. 

Aristotle. The Nicomachean ethics ... translated, 
with notes, introduction and questions, by R. W. 
Browne, M.A. 

Aristotle. The metaphysics ... literally translated, 
with notes, analysis, questions and index, by tlie 
Rev. John H. M'Mahon, M.A. 

Aristotle. History of animals, in ten books : 
translated by Richard Cresswell, M.A. 

Athenaeus. The Deipnosophists : or, banquet of 
the learned ... literally translated by C. D. 
Yonge, B.A. 3 vol. 

Atlas. The standard library atlas of classical 
geography ... with index. 

Caesar. Commentaries ... on the Gallic and civil 
wars : with the supplementary books attributed 
to Hirtius ; including the Alexandrian, African, 
and Spanish wars. Literally translated ... 

Catullus and Tibullus. Poems ... and the Vigil 
of Venus. A literal prose translation by Walter 
K. Kelly. To which are added, the metrical 
versions of Lamb and Grainger ... 

Cicero (Marcus Tullius). Orations ... literally 
translated by C. D. Yonge, B.A. 4 vol. 

Vol. 1. Orations for Qnintius, Sextiis Roscins, Qiiintiis Rosciiis ; 
against Qiiiutus Ccecilius, and against Vcrres. 

2. Tliree orations on tlie agrarian law, the four against 

Catiline, the Orations for Tullius, Ponteius, Ccccina, 
Clueutius, Cornelius, Rahirius, Murqna, Sylla, Archias, 
Flaccns, Kcaurus ; against Antonius, Clodius, and Curio ; 
and in defence of the Manilian law. 

3. Orations for his House, I'lancius, Sextns, Cadius, Balbus, 

llilo, Postunius, Marcellus, Ligarius. King Deiotarus ; 
against Vatinius, Piso; respecting the answers of the 
soothsayers, and concerning the consular i)rovinces. 

4. Fourteen orations against Marcus Antonius ; treatise on 

rhetorical invention ; the orator ; treatise on topics ; a 
dialogue concerning oratorical partitions ; treatise on the 
best style of orators. 

Cicero (Marcus Tullius). Academic questions, 
treatise Do finil)ua, and Tuscnlan disputations : 
literally translated by C. D. Yonge, B.A. 

BOHN (Henry George) — continued. 

Cicero (Marcus Tullius). The treatises ... on the 
nature of the gods ; on divination ; on fate ; on 
the republic ; on the laws ; and on standing for 
the consulship : literally translated by C. D. 
Yonge, B.A. 

Cicero (Marcus Tullius). Three books of offices, 
or moral duties ; also his Cato Major, an essay 
on old age ; Laelius, an essay on friendship ; Para- 
doxes ; Scipio's dream ; and letter to Quintus on 
the duties of a magistrate : literally translated, 
with notes, by Cyrus R. Edmunds. 

Cicero (Marcus Tullius). On oratory and orators ; 
with his letters to Quintus and Brutus : translated 
by J. S. Watson. 

Demosthenes. The Olynthiac, and other public 
orations ... translated, with notes, by Charles 
Rann Kennedy. 

Demosthenes. The orations ... on the Crown, and 
on the Embassy : translated, with notes, by 
Charles Rann Kennedy. 

Demosthenes. The orations ... against Leptines, 
Midias, Androtion, and Aristocrates : translated, 
with notes, by Charles Rann Kennedy. 

Demosthenes. The orations... against Timocrates, 
Aristogiton, Aphobus, Onetor, Zenothemis, 
Apaturius, Phormio, Lacritus, Panteenetus, 
Nausimachus, Bseotus, Spudias, Phcenippus, and 
for Phormio : translated, with notes, by Charles 
Rann Kennedy. 

Demosthenes. The orations... against Macartatus, 
Leochares, Stephanus I and II. ... translated 
by Charles Rann Kennedy. 

Diogenes Laertius. The lives and opinions of 
eminent philosophers : literally translated by 
C. D. Yonge, B.A. 

Epictetus. The discourses of Epictetus ; with the 
Encheiridion and fragments : translated, with 
notes, a life of Epictetus and a view of his 
philosophy, by George Long. 

Euripides. Tragedies ... literally translated, with 
notes, by Theodore Alois Buckley, B.A. 2 vol. 

Vol. 1. Hecuba, Orestes, PhoenissaB, Medea, Hippolytus, Alcestis, 
Bacchse, Heraclidoe, Iphigeuia iu Aulide, and Iphigeuia iu 

2. Hercules Furens, Troades, Ion, Andromache, Suppliants, 
Helen, Electra, Cyclops, Rhesus. 

Greek anthology. The : literally translated by Geo. 

Burges, A.M. To which are added, metrical 

versions by Bland, Merivale and others. 
Greek romances of Heliodorus, Longus and Achilles 

Tatius : translated, with notes, by the Rev. 

Rowland Smith, M.A. 
Herodotus : a new and literal version from the 

text of Baehr, with a geographical and general 

index, by Hem-y Cary, M.A. 
Herodoiius. Notes ... original and selected from 

the best commentators, by Dawson W. Turner, 

M.A. 2nd edit. 
Hesiod, CaUimachus, and Theognis. Works ... 

literally translated, with copious notes, by the 

Rev. J. Banks, M.A. To which are appended, 

the metrical translations of Elton, Tyler, and 


Homer. The Odyssey ... with the hymns, 
epigrams, and battle of the frogs and mice : 
literally translated, with explanatory notes, by 
Theodore Alois Buckley, B.A. 

Homer. The Iliad ... literally translated, witli ex- 
planatory notes, by Theodore Alois Buckley, B.A. 

Horace. Works ... translated literally into English 
prose by C. Smart, A.M. New edit., revised by 
Tlieodorc Alois Buckley, B.A. 

Justin, Cornelius Nepos, and Eutropius : literally 
translated, with notes, by the Rev. Jolin Selby 
Watson, M.A. 



BOHX (Hknhv Gkokgk) — continued. 

Juvenal, Peisiiis, Sulpicia, and Lucilius. Satires... 
literally translated into English prose, with notes, 
chronological tables, arguments ... by the Rev. 
Lewis Evans. M.A. To which is added, the 
metrical version of Juvenal and Persius by 
"William Gifford. 

Livy. The history of Rome... literally translated 
by D. SpiUan, A.M., M.D., and others. 4 vol. 

Lucan. Pharsalia ... literally translated into 
English prose, with copious notes, by H. T. 
Riley, B.A. 

Lucretius. On the nature of things, a philosophical 
poem, in six books : literally translated into 
English prose by the Rev. John Selbj' Watson, 
M.A. To which is adjoined, the poetical version 
of John Mason Good. 

Martial. Epigi-ams ... translated into English 
prose. Each accompanied by one or more verse 
translations . . . 

Ovid. The Metamorphoses . . . literally translated 
into English prose, with notes and explanations, 
by Henry T. RUey, B.A. 

Ovid. The Heroides, or epistles of the Heroines : 
the amours ; art of love ; remedy of love ; and 
minor works ... literally translated into English 
prose, with copious notes, hj Hem-y T. Rilej-, 

Ovid. The Fasti, Tristia, Pontic epistles. Ibis, and 
Halieuticon ... literally translated into English 
prose, with copious notes, by Henry T. Riley, 

Pindar. The Odes ... literally translated into 
English prose by Dawson W. Turner, M.A. To 
which is added, a metrical version by Abraham 

Plato. "Works ... a new and literal version, chief!}' 
from the text of Stallbaum, by Henry Gary, 
M.A., and others. G vol. 

Vol. 1. The apology of Socrates, Crito, Phsedo, Gorgias, Protagoras. 
Pliajdrus, Theiutctiis, Eutliyplirou, and Lysis. 

2. The Republic. Tima'us, and Cvitias. 

3. Meno, Euthydeiinis. the Sojjhist, the Statesman, Cratylus, 

Panneuides, and the Banquet. 
■1. Philebus, Charniidcs, Laches, ilenexenus, Hippias ITajor. 
Hippias Minor, Ion, fii-st and second Alcibiades, Theages, 
the Eivals, Hipparchus, Minos, Clitoplio, the Epistles. 

5. The Liuvs. 

6. The doubtful works ; \rith lives of Plato, by Diogenes 

Laertius, Hesychius, and Oljnnpiodorus ; introductions to 
his doctrines, by Alcinous and Albiuus ; the notes of 
Thomas Gray ; an<l a general index to the entire work. 

Plato. Summary and analysis of the Dialogues . . . 
with an analytical index, giving references to 
the Greek text of modern editions and to the 
translation in Bohn's Classical Library, by 
Alfred Day, LL.D. 

Plautus. Comedies ... literally translated into 
English prose, with notes, by Henry T. Riley, 
B.A. 2 vol. 

Vol. 1. The Trinumm\is, Miles Gloriosus, Bacchides, Stichus, 
Pseudolus, Mcniechmi, Aulularia, Captivi, Asuiaria, and 

2. Amphitryon, Rudens, Mercator, Cistellaria, Truculentus, 
Pcrsa, Casina, PieuuIus, Epidicus, Mostellaria, and frag- 

Pliny. Natural history ... translated, with notes 
and illustrations, by John Bostock, M.D., F.R.S., 
and H. T. Riley, B.A. 6 vol. 

Pliny the younger. Letters ... the translation of 
Melmoth : revised and corrected, with additional 
notes and a short memoir, by the Rev. F. C. T. 
Bosanquet, B.A. 

Propertius. Elegies ... the Satyricon of Petronius 
Arbiter : and the Kisses of Johannes Secundus ; 
literally translated. To which are added, the 
Love Epistles of Ai-istaenetus. Edited by "Walter 
K. Kelly. 

BOHX (Henkv Gi.orgk) — continued. 

Quintilian. Institutes of oratory, or education of 
an orator, in twelve books : literally translated, 
with notes, by the Rev. John Selby Watson, 
]\r.A. 2 vol. 

Sillust, Florus. and Telleius Paterculus : literall}- 
translated, with copious notes, by the Rev. John 
Selby Watson, M.A. 

Sophocles. Tragedies ... in English prose. The 
Oxford translation. Xew edit. 

Strabo. Geogi'a]ihy ... literally translated by H. 
C. Hamilton and W. Falconer, M.A. 3 vol. 

Suetonius Tranquillus. The lives of the twelve 
Cajsars, to which are added his lives of the 
grammarians, rhetoricians, and poets : trans- 
lated by Alexander Thomson, M.D., revised and 
corrected by T. Forester, A.M. 

Tacitus. Works ... The Oxford translation re- 
vised, with notes. 2 vol. 

Terence. Comedies... and the Fables of Phaedi'us : 
literally translated into English prose by Henry 
Thomas Riley, B.A. To which is added, a 
metrical translation of Phaedrus by Chi-istopher 
Smart, A.M. 

Theocritus, Bion. and Moschus. Idylls ... and 
the War songs of TjTtajus : litei-allj* translated 
into English prose by the Rev. J. Banks, M.A. 
With metrical versions by J. M. Chapman, M.A. 
Thucydides. History of the Peloponnesian war : 
a new and literal version from the text of 
Arnold, collated with Bekker, Gdller and 
Poppo, by the Rev. Henry Dale, M.A. 2 vol. 
Yirgil. Works ... literally translated into English 
prose, with notes, by Davidson. Xew edit., 
revised by Theodore Alois Buckley, B.A. 
Xenophon. Minor works ... literally translated, 
with notes and illustrations, by the Rev. J. S. 
Watson, M.A. 
Xenophon. The Anabasis, or expedition of Cyrus ; 
and the Jlemorabilia of Socrates : literally trans- 
lated by the Rev. J. S. Watson, M.A. With a 
geographical commentary by W. F. Ainsworth. 
Xenophon. The CjTopaedia, or institution of 
CjTus ; and the Hellenics, or Grecian history : 
literally translated by the Rev. J. S. Watson, 
M.A., and the Rev. Henry Dale. M.A. 
A handbook of proverbs, comprising an entire re- 
publication of Ray's collection of English proverbs ; 
with his additions from foreign languages, and a 
complete alphabetical index. 8"- London, 1857. 
A polyglot of foreign proverbs, comi)rising French, 
Italian, German. Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and 
Danish ; with English translations and a general 
index. 8"- London, 1857. 

The biogi-aphy and bibliography of Shakespeare. 
[Miscellanies of the Philobiblon Society, 8.] 

4°- London, 18G.3. 
[The bibliographj' is " printed ofE separately from 
(the author's) enlarged edition of the IBiblio- 
grajiher's Manual,"' with a title-page and 

A dictionary of quotations from the English poets. 
[Printed for private distribution.] 

4"- London, 1867. 
.Sec LO'\^TS'DES (William Thomas). 

[BOHUN (EmiuM)).] 
A defence of Sir Robert Filmer against the mistakes 
and misrepresentations of Algernon Sidney, in a paper 
delivered by him to the sheriffs upon the scaffold on 
Tower Hill, Dec. 7, 1(')83. fo. London, l(i84. 

The doctrine of non-resistance : or, passive obedience 
no way concerned in the controversies between the 
Williamites and Jacobites ... 4°- London, IdSd. 




[BOHUX (William).] 
Priviiegia Londini : or, the laws, customs, and privileges 
of the City of London. 1st and 'ird edit. 

8"- Lomlon, 1702-2a. 

BOILEAU (Ktiexne). 
Rcglemens sur les arts et metiers de Paris, rc'digcs au 
13"=- siccle et connus sous le nom du Livre des 
Mt'tiers ... avec des notes et une introduction, par 
G. B. Depping. [Documents inodits sur I'histoire de 
France.] 4°- Pmjv'.s, 1837. 

(Euvres ... avec des t'claircissemens historiques donnez 
par lui-mrme. 4 vol. 12"- Geitere, 171(i. 

(Euvres completes : accompagnees de notes historiques 
et litteraires, et precedes d'une etude sur .sa vie et 
ses ouvrages, par A. Ch. Gidel. 4 vol. 

8"- P(Hv.s, 1870-3. 

BOIS-GUILEBERT (Pieere Lepesant. Sieur de). 
Sir CIMBER (L.). 

BOISSARD (Jean Jacques). 
De divinatione et magicis praestigiis, quarum Veritas ac 
vanitas solide exponitur per descriptionem deorum 
fatidicorum qui olim responsa dederunt ; eorun- 
demque prophetarum, sacerdotum ... [D.C.] 

fo. Oppenhehnii, n.d. 

BOISSEREE (Sulpice). 
Vues, plans, coupes et details de la Cathedrale de 
Cologne, avec des restaurations d'apres le dessin 
original, [et avec 1'] histoire et description ; accom- 
pagnee de reclierches sur I'architecture des anciennes 
cathedrales. 2 vol. [S.M.] fo. Stiiltr/art, l^21-?>. 

BOIT (Charles). 
Proposals for raising a supply of £300,000, and for 
the greater encouragement of the manufactory of 
weaving ... fo. sh. n.(J. 

BOLD (Hexrv). 
St. George's day, sacred to the coronation of Charles II. . . 

fo. Loudon, L6G1. 

BOLINGBROKE (Henry St. John, Viscount). 
The case of the Lord Viscount Bolingbroke. 2nd edit. 

Lomlon, 171o. 
The occasional writer. Numb. 1-3 ... [^Inon.'] 

8"- London, 1727. 
The Craftsman Extraordinary ; containing an answer 
to the Defence of the Enquiry into the reasons of the 
conduct of Great Britain . . . hy John Trot [yMP^^r/.] . 

8"- London, 1720. 
Some farther remarks on a late pamphlet, intitled. 
Observations on the conduct of Great Britain, 
particularly with relation to the Spanish depredations 
and letters of reprisal... by Caleb D'Anvers [/)sput/.']. 

8"- London, 1720. 
Memoirs of the life and ministerial conduct of Lord 
Bolingbroke, with some free remarks on his political 
writings. 8"- London, ni>2. 

Works ... complete. Published by David Mallet. 
!'> vol. 4"- London, 1777. 

Vol. 1. Tlie life of tlip autlior. 

A li'tter to Sir Williiun Wiiiilliam, written in tlie year I7I7. 

llcHeetioiis upon exile. 

The occasional writer. 

The firHt vision of Caniiliek. 

An answer to the London .Jonrnal of Deoeniber 21, 1728. 
An answer to tlie Defenee of the Enqniry into tlie reasons 

of the coniliict of (ireat liritain. 
Remarks on the history of Unj^Iaiul. 

2. A dissertation niion parties. 

Letters on the study and nsc of history. 

3. A letter on the sjiirit of patriotism. 
The idea of a patriot k'wu. 

Of the state of jiarties at the aeeesaion of Kin;; fieorge T. 
Some reflections on the present state of the nation. 
Eetters w'ritten ahont the year 1720 to Mr. De I'onilly. 
A letter occasioned hy one of Ar<'hhishii|) Tillotson's sermons. 
Letters or essays adiiressed to .\lexaniler I'o|ie, 

4. Kssays addressed to Mr. i'ojie. 

6. rrngments or minutes of essays. 

BOLINGBROKE (Henry St. John, Viscount) 

— continued. 

Remarks on the history of England. 8"- I^ondon,n.d. 
Sir HERVEY (John, Lord). 


Le pitture di Bologna ; che nella pretesa, e rimostrata 
sin' ora da altri maggiore antichita, e impareggiabile 
eccellenza nella pittura, con manifesta evidenza di 
fatto, rendono il passeggiere disingannato ed 
istrutto ... 5°- ediz. 12"- Boloijna, nC>(]. 

BOLRON (R(jbert). 
Narrative ... concerning the late Popish plot. 

fo. London, 1680. 

The Papists bloody oath of secrecy, and letany of 
intercession for the carrying on of this present plot, 
with tlie manner of taking the oatlt ... with some 
further informations relating to the plot and murther 
of Sir Edmundbifry Godfrey. fo. London, \C)H(). 

BOLSEC (Jeeome-Hermes). Sir CIMBER (L.). 

BOLTON (Bolton). 
A plan and proposal for the re-building of London, and 
for making other improvements therein ; with way.s 
and means for so doing. fo. London, 184G. 

[BOLTON (Edmund).] 
Nero Caesar, or monarchic depraved : an historicall 
worke dedicated, with leave, to the Duke of 
Buckingham, Lord AdmiraU, by the tran-slator of 
Lucius Florus. fo. Lojidon, 1G24. 

BOLTON (Major Frank), M.I.C.E. 
A telegraphic dictionary of the English language : 
forming a complete code for the transmission of 
telegraphic and postal card messages on every sub- 
ject ... ob. 4"' l^ondon, 1871. 

[BOLTON (Rev. Robert), LL.D.] 
The ghost of Ernest, great grandfather to ... the 
Princess Dowager of Wales ; with some account of 
his life. 8"- London, 17;")7. 

BOLTON (Samuel). 
The dead saint speaking to saints and sinners living, 
in several treatises. [D.C] fo. London, 1057. 


Extracts from the diary of a field officer of the Bengal 
army during a journey overland from Bombay... in 
March and April : with sketcli of a tour from 
England to the south-west of India. 

8"- [Brif/Jifon,] 18.")3. 

Proceedings of the Students' Literary and Scientific 
Society, for 1854-5 and ISno-G. 8"- Bowhin/, IH:,C,. 

The " Times of India" calendar and Bombay directory, 
1873-7, 1880-r). 12 vol. 8"- yiow/w/, 1873-80. 

Life of Frank Buckland. 8"- London, 1885. 

BONAPARTE, Prince Louis Lucien. Sir BIBLES. 
Versions : French, Italian and Spanish dialects. 

BONAR (Rev. Horatius), D.D. 
Genl's glory declared : a sermon on behalf of tlie 
Religions Tract Society, preached at the Mildmay 
Park Conference Hall, London, Juno 25th. 

12"- London. [1877.] 

BONAR (James), M.A. 
Malthus and his work. 8"' London, 1885. 

BOXARSCIUS (Clarits). p.tmd. Sir SCRI- 
BANIUS (Carolus). 


BONA VENTURA, Saint, Cardinal Bishop of 

Expositio super Psalmo cxviii. [D.C.] 

8»- Parisiiii, 1524. 
Opera omnia. 7 vol. in 4. [D.C.] fo J/«c/«;///c/\ 1 (lO'J. 
Meditations on the supper of our Lord, and the hours 
of the Passion ... drawn into Englisli by Robert 
Manniii-,', of Brunne (about 1315-30). Edited ... 
with introduction and glossary, by J. Meadows 
Cowper, F.R.H.S. [Early English Text Society, liO.] 

8"- London, 1875. 

Intorno ad un' opera del Signor M. Steinschneider. 

4"- noma, 1858. 

Intorno alia somma delle quarto potenze dei numeri 
naturali. 4"- Rohki. 1877. 

BOND (Edward Augustus). C.B.. LL.D.. F.S.A. 

BOND (John J.). 
Handy-book of rules and tables for verifying dates with 
the Christian era ... 8°- London, 1875. 

BOND (Thomas). 
Topographical and historical sketches of the boroughs 
of East and West Looe, in the County of Cornwall . . . 

8"- London, 1823. 

BOND (Tiiom.\s), B.A. 
History and description of Corfe Castle, in the Isle of 
Purbeck, Dorset. 8"- London, 1883. 

BONE (C. R.). 
Tabular view of the orders and families of fishes ... 
engraved by J. W. Lowry. fo. sh^- London, n.d. 

[BONE (John Willi.vm), B.A., F.S.A.] 
Cleopatra's Needle by moonlight : thoughts in metre. 
Not published. 4"- London, 187'J. 

BONELLI (Joseph). 
Projet d'un chemin de fer international :i faibles pentes 
a travers les Apennins et les Alpes par la chaine du 
Mont-Blanc ... 8"- Tnrin, 18K(). 

Diritto pubblico di Malta. 

8"- Md/d, 18C.8. 

BON GAULTIER. jm'ii,!. S,r MARTIN (Sir 
Theodoke) and AYTOUN (W. E.). 

Sextus liber decretalium, tribus plus minus mendoru 
milibus cum in textu turn in glossis ab Egidio 
Perrino official! de Josayo nuper repurgatus, cum 
succinctis summariis, dilucidis casibus, notabilibus 
additionibus ... [Accesscrunt Clementis Quinti con- 
stitntiones in Cocilio Viennesi edite ab innumeris 
pene mendis Egidio Perrino officiali de Josayo authore 
insigniter vindicate... Extrauagates xx, Joannis xxii... 
Extrauagantes cumunes omnes cum summariis... 
D.C.] fo. Pan^ilh. [15.30.] 

BONN (Prof. A. William). 
(ireat Britain's new proposed decimal Albert system of 
weights, measures, and coins, compared with the 
French metric system. 8"- iMiidon, '[i^iVX 

BONNARDOT, Fuancois. 
Registres des d('lib('rations du Bureau de la ville de 
Paris. Tome premier, 14',)9-152r). [Histoire g('n('rale 
de Paris.] 4"- Purlx, 1883. 

BONNEFOUX (Baron). S,r BECHER (Capt. A. B.). 

[BONNER] (Edmund). Bishop of London. 

Articles to be en(juired of in the generall visitation ... 
exercised by him the yeare of oure Lorde 1.554, in 
the citie and diocese of London. 4°- London, 1554. 

A pi'ofitable and necessary doctryne, with certaync 
homclics adioyned thereunto, set forth ... foi' the 
instruction and enformation of the people beynge 
within his diocesse of London. 4"- London, 1555. 

Injunctions geven in the visitatio ... begunne and con- 
tinued in his cathedral churche and dioces of London. 

4"' Londo)\, 1555. 

BONNEVILLE (Pierke-Fi!Edehic). 
Traiti' des monnaies d'or et d'argent qui circulent chez 
les diffrrens peuples. fo. I'ar'iH, 180(). 

BONNEY (Archdeacon H[eni{v] K[aye]), D.D. 
Historic notices in reference to Fotheringay. 

8«- Oundle, 1821. 

BONOMI (Joseph). See JONES (Owen). 

EiCH Heinrich Alexander, Baron von). 

BONTEMPS. Isidore. ,Srr CIMBER (L.). 

BONTIER (Pierre) and LE VERRIER (Jean). 
The Canarian : or, book of the conquest and conversion 
of the Canarians in the year 1402 byMessire Jean de 
Bethencourt, Knt. ... Translated and edited ... by 
Richard Henry Major, F.S.A. [Hakluyt Society, 4(;.] 

8"- London, 1872. 

BONWICK (James), F.R.G.S. 
The last of the Tasmanians : or, the black war in Van 

Dieman's Land. 8"- London, 1870. 

Pyramid facts and fancies. 8"- London, ISIT. 

First twenty years of Australia : a history founded on 

official documents. 8"' London, 1882. 

Port Phillip settlement. 8"- London. 1883. 

The lost Tasmanian race. 8"- London, 1884. 

BOOKER (Rev. John), M.A., F.S.A. 

A history of the ancient chapel of Blackley, in 
Manchester parish ; including sketches of the town- 
ships of Blackley, Harpurhey, Moston, and Crump- 
sail ... 4"' J/unehesler, 1854. 

A history of the ancient chapel of Denton, in Man- 
chester parish. [Chetham Society, 37.] 

4"- IManrJienfer,] 185G. 

A history of the ancient chapels of Didsbury and 
Chorlton, in Manchester parish ; including sketches 
of Didsbury, Withington, Burnage, Heaton Norris, 
Reddish, Levenshulme, and Chorlton-cum-Hardy ; 
with notices of the more ancient local families ... 
[Chetham Society, 42.] 4"' [Minclieste,;'] 1857. 

A history of the ancient chapel of Birch, in Man- 
chester parish ; including a sketch of the township 
of Rusholme ... with notices of the more ancient 
local families ... [Chetham Society, 47.] 

4"- [.l/anc/icatci;] 1859. 

Book-Lore : a magazine devoted to old time literature. 
[With which is incorporated the Bibliogr.apher.] 
lH84-(i. 4 vol. 4"- London, \HHC). 

Eighty-three examples of armorial book plates, from 
various collections. (>0 cojiies privately printed. 

4"- London, 1 884. 


Reasons for altering the new duty of 30 per cent, ad 
valorem upon books imported, to a duty of 12 
sliillings per hundred weight. fo. n.d. 

II 2 




A letter to the Society of Booksellers on the method 
of forming a true judgment of the manuscripts of 
authors : and on the leaving them in their hands, or 
those of others, for the determination of their 
merit ... 8°- London, 1738. 



BOONE (James Sheroold). 
Charter-house, 1814, 181G. Prize subject, "Nilus." 
[Latin liexameter.] On the morality of the heathen 
philosophers. [Prize English essay.] 

8"- {^London, 1816.] 

BOONE (Rev. William J.), D.D. 
Essay on the proper rendering of the words Elohim and 
f?£oe into the Chinese language. 8"- Canton, 1848. 

BOOT (Gherardt). 
Vermaecklicke uyren, dat is, Versamelinghe van 
verscheyden gedenckweerdige CJ-eschiedenissen ende 
Wonderheden. [D.C.] 4"' Amstelrediun, 1(130. 

BOOTH (Barton). 
Memoirs of the life of Barton Booth, the celebrated 
actor ; to which are added several poetical pieces 
written by himself. 8'^- London, 1733. 

BOOTH (Hon. Henry). S,r DELAMERE (Henry. 

BOOTH, Henry. Sir SMILES (Robert). 

BOOTH (J. P.). 

Gold : a delusion. Dear food, high prices, and high 
discounts accounted for, with a proposed remedy by 
changing the currency. [S.M.] 8"- London, 1857. 

BOOTH (Rev. John), B.A. 
Epigi-ams, ancient and modern : humorous, witty, 
satirical, moral and panegyrical. 8"- London, 18G5. 

BOOTH, Capt. William. 

A declaration of the house of Commons in vindication 
of divers members of their house from a pamplilet, 
intituled, The humble petition of Capt. Booth, of 

> Killingholm, Lincoln ... 4"- London, 1G42. 

BOOTHROYD ([Rev.] B[ex.iamin]), D.D. 
The histoi'y of the ancient borough of Pontefract, 
containing an interesting account of its castle and 
• the three different sieges it sustained during the 
civil war ; with notes and pedigrees of some of the 
most distinguished royalists and parliamentarians ... 

8"- rontefruct, 1807. 

BOPP (Prof. F[ranz]). 
A comparative grammar of tlie Sanskrit, Zend, Greek, 
Latin, Tiithuanian, Gothic, German, and Sclavonic 
languages. Transhitcd from tlic German by Edward 
B. Eastwick,, F.S.A. 2nd edit. 3 vol. 

8"- Loudon, 18.00. 

BOR (Pii:ter). 
Nedcrlantsclic Oorloghen, bcroortcn, ende borgorlijcko 
onccnicheyden. (i vol. [D.C.] fo. Lcyden, 1021. 

BORDE (Andrew). 
The fyrst boke of the introduction of knowledge ... a 
comj)(;ndyous rcgyment or a dyctary of lielth made 
in Mountjiyllicr ... Edited, with a life of Andrew 
Boorde and large extracts fi'om his Bi'euyary, by 
F. J. Furnivall, M.A. [Early English Text' Society, 
extra scries, 10.] 8"- London, 

Archives municipales ... 4 vol. 4"- Borde((ur,\%&l-l^. 

1. Livre iles bouillons. 

2. Livre des jirivilt'ge.s. 

3. Kegistres de la Junule : di-liberatioiis de 14UG ii 1409. 

Tome comiilemeiitaire. Bordeaux vers 1450 : description topo- 
graiihique par Leo Dronyu. 

BORDEAUX ( [Jean-Hi PPOLYTE-] Raymond). 
Serrurerie du moyen-age : les f errures de poi-tes . . . 
avec dessins par Henri Gerente et G. Bouet. [S.M.] 

40' Oxford, 18i3S. 

The countrjTiian's catechisme : or, the churches plea 
for tithes. 4"- London, 1052. 

[BORLASE (Edmund), M.D.] 

The reduction of Ireland to the crown of England ; 
with the governours since the conquest by Henry II, 
A.D. 1172, with some passages in their govern- 
ment. A brief account of the rebellion, a.d. 1041. 
Also, the original of the Universitie of Dublin and 
the Colledge of Physicians. 8"- London, 1075. 

The history of the execrable Irish rebellion, trac'd from 
many preceding acts to the grand eruption the 23d 
of October, 1041, and thence pursued to the Act of 
Settlement, 1002. fo. London, 1080. 

BORLASE (Rev. William), A.M., LL.D., F.R.S. 

The natural history of Cornwall, the air, climate, 
waters, rivers, lakes, seas, and tides ; of the stones, 
semimetals, tin, and the manner of mining ; the 
constitution of the Stannaries ... illustrated with a 
map of the county ... fo. Oxford, 1758. 

Antiquities, historical and monumental, of the county 
of Cornwall ; consisting of several essays on the first 
inhabitants, Druid-superstition, customs, and re- 
mains of the most remote antiquity in Britain and 
the British Isles : exemplified and proved by monu- 
ments now extant in Cornwall and the Scilly islands ; 
with a vocabulary of the Cornu-British language. 
2nd edit. fo. London, 171)9. 


BOROSKY, George. Sir BURNET (Gilbert). 

Christopher, and STERN, John. 
Tryal ... for the murder of Thomas Thynn ; with 
the tryal of Count Coningsmark, as accessory before 
the fact to the same murder, Feb. 28, 1081. 

fo. London, 1082. 

BOROUGH (Sir John). 
Notes of the treaty carried on at Ripon between 
Charles I and the Covenanters of Scotland, a.d. 1()40. 
Edited ... by John Bruce, F.S.A. [Camden Society, 
100.] 4"- [London,'] 18(;i1. 

BORRING (Laurent Etienne). 
Notices of the life and writings of Carl Christian 
Rafn. 8"- Copenhagen, 1804. 

BORRON (Robert de). 
The history of the Holy Grail. Englisht, ab. 14,50 a.d., 
by Herry Lonelich, skjimer, from the French prose 
(ab. 1180-1200 a.d.). Re-edited by Frederick J. 
Furnivall, M.A. 4 pt. [Early English Text Society, 
exti-a series, 20, 24, 28, 30.] 8"- London, 1874-8. 

' BORROW (George). 
The Bible in Spain : or, the journeys, adventures, and 
imprisonments of an Englishman, in an attempt to 
circulate the scriptures in the Peninsula. 

8"' London, 184i). 

150RTHWICK (J. D.). 

Three years in California. 8"- Kd/nluiri/Ii, 1857. 



BORTON, Kent. 
Strange and wonderful news from Borton, near 
Canterbury : an account of the murther of a Jew, 
July 2. fo. sh. London, 1G8G. 

BOSAXQUET (Cii.vki.ks B. P.), M.A. 
London : some account of its growth, charitable 
agencies and wants. 8"- Londoti, IHG'J. 

BOSANQUET (Jojin Bkknaud) and PULLER 
Reports of cases argued and determined in the courts 
of Common Pleas and Exchequer Chamber and in 
the House of Lords, from Easter term, George III, 
179(5, to Trinity term, B'J George III, HilU. lird 
edit. S vol. [R.L.L.] London, XMi). 

New reports of cases argued and determined in the 
courts of Common Pleas and other courts, from 
Easter terra, 44 George III, 1804, to Trinity term, 47 
George III, 1807. 2nd edit. 2 vol. [R.L.L.] 

8"- London, 1826. 

A compendium of ItaliOTi history from the fall of the 
Roman empire: translated from the Italian ... and 
completed to the present time, by J. D. Morell, 
LL.D! K"- London, 1881. 

The Boscobcl tracts relating to the escape of Charles 
the Second, after the battle of Worcester, and his 
subsequent adventures. Edited by J Hughes, A.M. 

8"- Edhihimjh, 18;-50. 
.sVr HAMILTOX (Count Anthoxy). 


Bosnian and Herzegovinian fugitives and or])han relief 
fund. [Account of the work done.] 

8"- [London, 1877.] 

BOSSUET (Jacquks Bexigne), Bishop of Meaux. 
Conference avec M. Claude, ministre de Charenton, 
sur la matiere de I'eglise. 12"- Par/x, 1(182. 

A relation of the famous conference about religion 
[with] M. Claude, minister of the reformed church 
at Charenton ... fo. London, 1(;84. 

CEuvres completes ... pn'cedees de son histoire par le 
Card. De Bausset, et de divers eloges. 12 vol. 

4"- Bur-le-duc, 187S). 

1. 1 1 Utoire ct eloges de Bossuet. 
ICpritiive saiiite. 

2. ICeriture saiiito. 
3-6. Coiitroverse. 

7. (louvres oriitoire.s. 

8. (ICiivres oratoires. 

9. Eilucation dii Daupliiii. 

10. Eilucation. 
Oiuvros pastorales. 

11. Corresi)oii(lance. 
(Jl>usciiles tlieologiques. 

12. Gallicanisiue. 

BOST ([Rev.] A[u(;usti\]). 
History of the Bohemian and Moravian brethi-en : 
translated from the French ... 3rd edit. 

12"- L.ondon, 1848. 

The charter and ordinances ... together with the acts 
of the legislature relating to the city, and an appendix : 
published by order of the City Council. 

8''- Boston, 185G. 

Municipal register ; containing the city charter and 
rules and orders of the City Council, and a list of the 
officers of the city... for the years 18r)() and 1871. 
2 vol. 8"' Boston, 1850-71. 

Auditor of accounts' annual reports of receipts and 
expenditm-es of the city of Boston and county of 
Suffolk ... for the financial years 18G.'5-4, I8G0-G, 
1HG7-72, 1873-G, 1878-81, and 1883-5. 15 vol. 

8"- Bo>,ton, 18G4-85. 

Annual report of the city registrar of the births, deaths, 
an<l marriages for the year 1H70. 8"- Bo><lon,\?,l\ . 

The ;!7tii annual report of the board of education, also 
the secretary's report, 1872-3. 8"' iio.s/ow, 1874. 

Proceedings of the Bostonian Society at the annual 
meetings, 1883-5. 8°- Boston, 1883-5. 

BOSTWICK (Rev. David), A.M. 
A sermon preached at Philadelphia, before the Synod 
of New York, May 25, 1758. 8"- London, i77G. 

[BOSWELL (Gkokge).] 
A treatise on watering meadows ; wherein are shewn 
some of the many advantages arising from that mode 
of practice, particularly on coarse, boggy or barren 
lands, and the method of performing the work. 4th 
edit. sm. 8°- London, 1801. 

Historical descriptions of new and elegant picturesque 
views of the antiquities of England and Wales ; being 
a grand copper-plate repository of elegance, taste, and 
entertainment ... [135 plates, containing views of 
castles, churches, abbeys and other antiquities, with 
maps of the counties of England.] fo. London, ITSG. 

BOSWELL (James). 

The life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D., including a journal 
of his tour to the Hebrides ; with notes and additions 
10 vol. 8"- London, 1835. 

New edit., elucidated by copious notes, and illustrated. 
4 vol. [National Illustrated Library.] 

H"- London. [1851.] 

New edit., with notes and appendices, by [the Rev.] 
Alexander Napier, M.A. 5 vol. 8"- London, 1884. 

Letters ... addressed to the Rev. W. J. Temple, now 
fii'st published frona the original MSS. ; with an 
introduction. 8"- IjOndon, 1857. 

Boswelliana : the commonplace book of James Boswoll. 
With a memoir and annotations by the Rev. Charles 
Rogers, LL.D., and introductory remarks by Lord 
Houghton. 8"- London, 1874. 


BOSWORTH (Rev. Prof. Jdsepu), D.D., LL.D., 

Dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon language ... 

8°- London, 1808 [1838]. 

New edit. S°- London, 1860. 

The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels, in parallel 
columns, with the versions of Wycliffe and Tyndale : 
arranged, with preface and notes, by the Rev. Joseph 
Bosworth, D.D., F.R.S. , assisted by George Waring, 
M.A. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1874. 

BOSWORTH (TiioM.vs). 
On "rattening" in the book trade. Respectfully 
addressed to my customers and the book- buying 
public. S"- London, 18G8. 


BOTERO (Giovanni). 
A treatise concerning the causes of the magnificencie 
and greatnes of cities : now done into English by 
Robert Peter.son ... 4"- London, 1606. 

BOTFIELD (Beuiaii). 

Journal of a tour through the Highlands of Scotland 
during the summer of 182',t. [Anon. Privately 
printed.] 8"- Norton IfuU, 1830. 

Notes on the cathedral libraries of England. 

8°- London, 18411. 

Stemmata Botevilliana. Memorials of the families 
of Do Boteville, Thynne, and Botfield, in the counties 
of Salop and Wilts ; with an aiipendix of illustrative 
documents. 4"- Westminster, 1858. 

BOTHWELL, James Hepburn, 
SCHIERN (Feederik). 

Earl of. See 

1?0TSACCUS (Johannes). 
Promptuarium allegoriarum sacrarum, prajcipua fidei 
Christiana) capita illustrantium. [D.C.] 

8"- Liilecn; 1G57. 



BOTTA (P.u i, Km ilk)- 
]Monuraent de Xinive di'couvert et drcrit par P. E. 
Botta, mesure et deasiiK' par E[ugene Napoleon] 
Flandin. Oavrage jmblii' par ordre du gouvernement 
...sous la direction d'une commission de I'lnstitut. 
5 vol. la. fo. P«r/.s 1849-50. 

Vol. 1-2. Arcliiteotiire et sculpture. 
3-4. Inscriptions. 
5. Texte. 

La Norvt'ge littt'raire : catalogue systematique et rai- 
sonni' de tous les ouvrages de quelque valeur imprimes 
en Norvcge, ou composi's par des auteurs norvcgiens, 
au ID"^- siecle ... precede d'une introduction historique. 

S"- Chi-htkuuu, 18G8. 

Epistle from the bottle conjurors unto the Gothamites. 

8"- London, n.d. 


The Conservative's brief against the Gladstone adminis- 
tration. [2nd edit.] 8°- Jlaticheatei; 1884. 

[BOTTONI (Bekxakth)).] 
Casus longi super quinque libros decretalium. [D-C] 

fo. Ari/ent/nc, 14'J8. 

BOUCHAIN, Flanders. HARE (Fkancis). 

BOUCHER (Rev. J. Sidney), M.A. 
The choral service considered as an accessory of Divine 
worship : a paper read before a clerical meeting, 
Dec. 10, 1864 ... 12"- London, 18G5. 

BOUCHERETT (AYscufiiiic). 
A few observations on corn, currency . . . 

8"- London, 184U. 

Legislative restrictions on women's labour. 

12"- [London,] n.d. 

BOUCHITTE [L( lUis-Fiioi i x-He uve] . 
Negociations, lettres et pieces relatives a la conference 
de Loudun. [Documents inedits sur I'histoird de 
France.] 4»- Puri.s, 18G2. 

BOUFFLERS (Adriex de). Sit CIMBER (L.). 

BOUGAINVILLE ([Locis Antoine, Comte] 

Voyage autour du monde, en 17()lj-'J. 2*'- edit. 2 vol. 
[C.C.] 8°- Parh, 1772. 

BOUGHTON (Sir 0. W. Rouse), B*-, M.P. 
An address to a meeting held at Chiswick, Feb. 21), to 
consider the propriety of a voluntary contribution 
for the defence of the country. 8"- London, 17'J8. 

BOUGHTON (Geoiuie H.), A.R.A. 
Sketching rambles in Holland. With illustrations by 
the author and Edwin A. Abbey. 4"- London, IHHi'). 

BOUILLET (Maime Nicolas). 

Dictionnaire univur.scl des sciences, des lettres et des 
arts...avec rcxplication ct I'etymologie de tous 
termcs technitjues ; I'histoire sonunaire des diverges 
brandies des connaissances humaines ; et I'indicatioii 
des principaux ouvrages qui s'y rapportent. et 
12'^- edit. 8"- I'liris, 1802-77. 

Dictionnaire univcrsel d'hi.stoire ot de geographic : 
contotiant — ]"■ I'histoire proprement dite ... 2"- la 
bi()gra])hie univcrselle ... li"- la mythologie ... 4"- la 
geographic, ancieiuic et modcirio ... Ouvrage revue 
et continue par A. Chassang. 2i>- edit. 

8"- Piirix, 1H7(;. 

The Peruvian loans, and Dreyfus, Premsel, Societe 
Generale syndicate. Translated from the French. 

H"- Parix, 1878. 

Stones of England. Westminster Abbey. [A poem.] 

8°- London, 1878. 

BOULENGER (George Albert). Sit BRITISH 

BOULGER (Demetrius Charles). 
The life of Yakoob Beg, Athalik Ghazi and Badaulet, 
Ameer of Kashgar. 8"- L.ondon. 1878. 

England and Russia in Central Asia. 2 vol., with map. 

8"- London, 187'.). 
History of China. 3 vol. 8°- London, ISSl-i. 

BOULNOIS (H. Peucv), M.Inst.C.E. 
The municipal and sanitary engineer's handbook. 

8"- L.ondon, 1883. 

BOULTON [Matthew]. Sit SMILES (Samuel). 

BOURBON. Charles. Cardinal de. 


The British dominions in Nftrth America : or, a topo- 
graphical and statistical description of the provinces 
of Upper and Lower Canada, New Brunswick, Nova 
Scotia ; the Islands of Newfoundland, Prince Edward, 
and Cape Breton. 3 vol. 4"- London, 1832. 


Memoir of the life of Admiral Sir Edward Codi'ington ; 
with selections from his public and private corres- 
pondence. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1873. 

Selections from the letters (private and professional) 
of Admiral Sii- Henry Codrington. 8°- London, 1880. 


BOURGOIN (Edmond). Sit CIMBER (L.). 

BOURGOING (Fran^'ois). 
L'histoire ecclesiastique. 2 vol. [D.C.] 

fo. Geneve, 1563-5. 

BOURK (Huhert). 
Information ... touching the Popish plot in Ireland. 

fo. L.ondon. [1680.] 

BOURKE (TiioM.vs). 
A concise history of the Moors in Spain, from their 
invasion of that kingdom to their final expulsion 
from it. 4»- London, 1811. 

[BOURN (Rev. Samuel).] 
A sure guide to hell. By Belzebub [jiseiid.]. 2nd edit. 

8°- London. [1750.] 

BOURN (TiioM.\s). 
Gazetteer of the remarkable places in the world : with 
brief notices of tlie principal historical events, and of 
the most celebrated persons connected with them ... 
3rd edit. 8"- L.ondon, 1822. 

BOURNE (H. R. Fox). 
A memoir of Sir Philip Sidnej'. 8'^' Londoji, 1862. 
English merchants : memoirs in illustration of the 
progress of British commerce. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 18()6. 
English seamen under the Tudors. 2 vol. in 1 . 

8"- London, 1868. 
The life of John Tjocke. 2 vol. 8"- London, 187(). 
The I'oinance of trade. 8"- London, 187(). 

Another edit. 8"- L^ondon, n.d. 

BOURNE (Rev. IIicnrv), M.A. 
The history of Newcastle-upon-Tyne : or, tlje ancient 
and present state of that town. fo. Ncircaatle, 1736. 

BOURNE (Immanuel), B.A. 
The raineljow : or, a sermon preached at Pauls Ch-osse, 
tlie tenth day of June. 4"- London, IGIT. 

BOURNE (J. C. II.). 
Jean de). 

Srr BERANGER (Piekre- 



BOURNE (John), C.E. 

A treatise on the steam-engine in its various appli- 
cations to mines, mills, steam navigation, railways, 
and agriculture ; with theoretical investigations re- 
specting the motive power of heat, and the proper 
proportions of steam engines, tables of the right 
dimensions of every part, and practical instructions 
for the manufacture and management of every 
species of engine ... 7tli edit. 4"- Loiidott, IHtiG. 

A treatise on the screw propeller, screw vessels and 
screw engines, as adapted for purposes of peace and 
war... New edit. [S.M.] 4''- Loiiduii, ISGT. 

Indian works and English engineers : a letter to the 
Duke of Argyll, K.T., Secretary of State for India. 

8"- LomIoii,lH10. 

BOURNE (Stepiikn). 
Trade, population and food : a series of papers on 
economic statistics. H"- London, 1880. 

BOURRIENNE (Louis- Antdink Fauvf.lkt dk). 
Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte : to which are now 
first added, an account of the important events of the 
Hundred days, of Napoleon's surrender to the 
English, and of his residence and death at St. 
Helena ; with anecdotes and illustrative notes from 
all the most authentic sources. 4 vol. 

8"- London, WM\. 

BOUESIER (Louise). ,sVr CIMBER (L.). 

BOUTELL (Rev. Ch.vui.ks), M.A. 
The monumental brasses of England : a series of 
engravings ... accompanied with brief descriptive 
notices. fo. London, 1849. 

Heraldry, historical and popular. 2nd edit. 

8"- London, ^HC'd. 
Gold working, [British Manufacturing Industries, 3.] 

8"- London, 1877. 

BOUTRAYS (Raoul). ,sVr CIMBER (L.). 

BOUVERIE (Rt- Hon. E. Plkydell ). 
The province of government : an address delivered 
before the Liberty and Property Defence League. 

8"- London, 1884. 


[BOWACK (John).] 
The antiijuities of Middlesex ; being a collection of the 
several church monuments in that county, also an 
historical account of each church and parish. Chelsea, 
Kensington, Eulham, Hammersmith, Chiswick, Ac- 
ton ... 2 pt. 8°- London, 1705-6. 

BOWDEN (Ja.mks). 
An es.say on the anti-scriptural doctrine of the resur- 
rection of the body. 8"- London, 1878. 

BOWDLER (John). 
Reform or ruin : take your choice ! in which the 
conduct of the king, the parliament, the ministry ... 
is considered, and that reform pointed out which 
can alone save the country, lird edit. 

8"- London, 1 7'J8. 

BOWEN (EmvAHi) E.), M.A. 
The proposed control of the public schools by the 
universities. 8"- L^ondoii, 1872. 

BOWEN (Rev. Thomas), M.A. 
An historical account of the origin, progress and 
present state of Bethlem Hospital, founded by 
Henry VIII for the cure of lunatics ... [Anon.'] 

4"- London, 178.^. 
Extracts from the records and court-books of Bridewell 
Hospital ; together with other historical information 
respecting the objects of the charter ... 

4"- London, I7'J8. 

BOWEN (Rev. Tho.m.vs), M..A.—cont;niird. 
The duty of loving our country. A sermon preached 
at the cathedral church of St. Paul, July 22, before 
the Temple-Bar and St. Paul's District Military 
Association. 4"- London, 1798. 


BOWERBANK (JA.\rKs Scott). 
A history of the fossil fruits and seeds of the London 
clay. 8"- London, 1840. 

BOWES (Roiskkt), Ambassador of Queen Eliza- 
beth in Scotland. 
Correspondence. [Edited by the Rev. Joseph Steven- 
son. Surtees Society, 14.] 8"- London. [1842.] 

BOWLES (Cauincito.n). 
New London guide and hackney-coach directory. 

8"- London, 178(3. 

BOWLES (Edward), M.A. 
Good counsell for evil times : or, a plain sermon 
preached at Pauls in London, April 1 G. 

4"- London, 1648. 

BOWLES (John). 

A letter to the R*- Hon. Charles James Fox, occasioned 
by his motion respecting libels... 8"- London, ITJO. 

Considerations on the respective rights of judge and 
jury, particularly upon trials for libel ... 2nd edit. 

8°- London, 1791. 

French aggression, proved from Mr. Erskine's " View 
of the causes of the war ;" with reflections on ... the 
Frenchrevolutionand... republic. 8"- London, 1797. 

Proofs of French aggression, extracted from an answer 
to Mr. Erskine's View of the causes and consequences 
of the war. 8"- London, 1798. 

BOWLES (TnoMA? Giuson). 
Maritime warfare. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1878. 

The Eastern question : an address delivered at New- 
castle-on-Tyne, on March 12. 8"- London, 1878. 

BOWLES (Rev. William Lislk), A.M. 

The parochial history of Bremhill, Wilts ; containing 
an account ... of the Cistercian Abbey of Stanley . . . 
observations on the origin and establishment of 
parochial clergy, and ... illustrations of the monu- 
ments of antiquity in the neighbourhood, Avebury, 
Silbury and Wansdike. 8"- London, ]828. 

Annals and antiquities of Lacock Abliey, Wilts ... 
including notices of the mona.steries of Bradenstoke, 
Hinton and Farley. roy. 8"- London, 1835. 

BOWLKER (Chakles). 
The art of angling ; containing directions for fly-fishing, 
trolling, bottom fishing, making artificial flies ... 

8"- Lndlon-, 1839. 
BOWRING (Sir John), LL.D., F.R.S. 
Report on the commerce and manufactures of Switzer- 
land. [C.C.] 80- London, 1836. 
The decimal system in numbers, ooins and accounts. 

8"- London, 1854. 
The kingdqm and people of Siam ; with a nan-ative of 
the mission to that country in 1855. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1857. 
On remunerative pri.son labour as an instrument for 
promoting the reformation, and diminishing the cost, 
of olTenders. H"- London. [1865.] 

Hwa Tsien Ki, the Flowery Scroll : a Chinese novel, 
translated and illustrated witli notes. 

8"' London, 18(')8. 

The political and commercial importance of peace : a 
lecture. 8°- London, n.d. 



BOWYER (Sir Gkougk), B*-, D.C.L. • 
Commentaries on the constitutional law of England. 

■2nd edit. London, 184G. 

Commentaries on the modern civil law. 

8"- London, 1848. 

Readings delivered before the Honourable Society of 
the Middle Temple, in the year 1850. 

8"- London, 1851. 

Commentaries on universal public law. 

8"- London, 1854. 

[BOWYER, William, F.S.A.] 
The origin of printing in two essays : 1. The substance 
of Dr. Middleton's dissertation on the origin of 
printing in England. 2. Mr. Meerman's account of 
the first invention of the art. An appendix is 
annexed : 1. On the first-printed Greek books. 
2. On the first-printed Hebrew books ... 3. On the 
early polyglotts. 8"- London, 1774. 


BOX (Thomas). 
A practical treatise on heat as applied to the useful 
arts, for the use of engineers, architects ... ?>vd edit. 

8°- London, 1880. 

A practical treatise on the strength of materials, 
including their elasticity and resistance to impact. 

8°- London, 1883. 

BOXBERGER (Emil v.). 
Barkochba, Gesfinge. 12"- Leipzig, 1857. 

BOXHORN (Marc-Zuerius). 
Do Leodiensi republica auctores praecipui. [D.C.] 

16°- Ambtelodaiiii, 1633. 

Upsciilitiii at:ri I.poilii iisis, auctoribiis L. Guicciariliuo, 

Al.niliaiiio nriv)li,,. \':ilerio Andrea. • 
.TiiiUM]i> I'hii'iiitii ili^tiiria episcoporum LeoJieusium. 
l)i|il.iiii:ita l-i'iHliuiisia. 

Alia, ad res ddiiii foris(iue a Leodieusibus gestas spectantia, 
parisiui exccrpta. 

Metamorphosis Anglorum, sive mutationes varice regum, 
regni, rerumque Anglise. Opus historicum et politi- 
cum ... \_Anon.'] 12°- \_IIu<jw Comituiii,,1 t653. 

[BOYD (Rev. Andrew Kennedy Hutchinson), 

The recreations of a country parson. 8"- London, 1859. 
The graver thoughts of a country parson. 

8°' London, 18(52. 
The autumn holidays of a country parson. New edit. 

8"' London, 1805. 
The critical essays of a country parson. 

8''- London, 1805. 
Lessoiis of middle age ; with some account of various 
cities and men. 8"- London, 18(j8. 

BOYD (J. F.). 

State directed emigration ; with a prefatory letter from 
the Earl of Dufferin. 8°- Munchestev, 1883. 

BOYD (Rev. John), D.D. 
The Methodists and the Church of England. 

12"- London, n.d. 

BOYER (AiiEi,). 
The royal dictionary, in two parts : fiist, French and 
English ; secondly, Englisli and French ... For the 
use of the Duke of Glocester. 4°- London, lO'Ji). 
Xouvclle I'dit. ... par J. C. Prieur. 2 vol. in 1. 

4"- Londres, 1783. 
The political state of Great Britain. Jan., 1711, 
to Dec, 1725, and Jan., 1734, to Dec, 173'.). 42 vol. 
in ;'.'J. 8"- /.(nidon, ]7\ l-:VJ. 

BOYI.E (A.). 
The sympathy and action of England in the late eastern 
crisis, and wliat came of tliem. Also, the value of 
the Rhodope report. 8"' London. [1878.] 

BOYLE (Frederick). 
On the borderland betwixt the realms of fact and fancy. 

8°- London, 1884. 

BOYLE ([Rev.] G[EORf;E] D[avii)]), M.A. 
Richard Baxter. [Men Worth Remembering.] 

8"- London, 1883. 


BOYLE (Hon. Robert). 
Nova experimcnta physico-mechanica de acre. Ex 
Anglico in Latinum noviter conversa. [D.C.] 

8"- Oxonia; 1001. 

Works ... to which is prefixed, the life of the author 
by Thomas Birch, M.A., F.R.S. New edit. vol. 

4"- London, 1772. 

)*r SAUNDERS (Lawrence). 

BOYLE (William R[obert] A[ugustus]). 
Practical treatise on the law of charities. [R.L.L.] 

8°- London, 1837. 

BOYLESTON, Mrs. Mary. Sec B. (W.) 

BOYNE (William), F.S.A. 
Tokerts issued in the seventeenth century in England, 
Wales and Ii'eland, by corporations, merchants, 
tradesmen ... 8°- London, 1858. 

The Yorkshire library. A bibliographical account of 
books on topogi-aphy, tracts of tlie seventeenth 
century, biography, spaws, geology, botany, maps, 
views, portraits, and miscellaneous literature relating 
to the county of York ... [150 copies privately 
printed.] 4"- London, 1869. 

BOYS, Master. 
A true relation of the putting to death of Master 
Boys, a citizen of London, at Redding, by the bloody- 
minded Colonel Aston. 4°- London, 1642. 

BOYS (Thomas Shotter). 
Original views of London as it is ... exhibiting its 
principal streets and characteristic accessories ... with 
historical and descriptive notices of the views by 
Cliarles Oilier. [Descriptions in English and 
French.] fo. London, 1842. 

BOYS (William). 
The narrative of Mr. William Boys, citizen of London, 
faithfidly relating what came to his knowledge con- 
cerning the late Popish plot and the death of Sir 
Edmund-bury Godfrey ... fo. London, 1680. 

BOYS (William), F.S.A. 
Collections for an history of Sandwich in Kent ; with 
notices of the other cinque ports and members, and 
of Richborough. 4''- Canterhurij, 17'J2. 

BOYUS (Cornelius). See BARL^US (Caspar). 

BOZ. 2).'<ev(l. See DICKENS (Charles). 



Nieuwc Chronijcke van Brabandt oft tvervolch vande 
oude. Midtsgaders Ylacndcren Hollandten Zeelant ... 
[D.C.] fo. Anliecrpon, 1505. 

BRABROOK (Edwahd William), F.S.A. 
The law relating to industrial and ])rovident societies... 
to wliicli are added, the law of Fiance on the same 
subject, and I'emarks on trades unions. 

8"- Lonilon, 1801). 

BRACE (Charles Lorinc;)- 
Tlic Nonse-folk : or, a visit to the liomes of Norway 
and Sweden. 8"- London, 1857. 



BRACKENBURY (Col. C[iiahles] B[ootii]), 

Frederick the Great. [Military Biogi-aphies.] 

8"- London, 1884. 

The Ashanti war : a narrative prepared from the 
official documents ... With maps and plans com- 
piled ... by Harry Cooper, Lieut. 47th Regt. 2 vol. 

8"- Ed/nhimjit, 1874. 
The river column : a narrative of the advance of the 
river column of the Nile expeditionary force, and 
its return down the rapids. With maps by Major 
the Hon. F. L. L. Colborne. 8"' Edinbiin/li, 1885. 

BRACTON (Hknuy dk). 
Ue legibus et consuetudinibus Angliae libri quinque. 

4°- Loiidhd, 1640. 
The same. Edited by Sir Travers Twiss, Q.C., D.C.L. 
G vol. [Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain, 70.] 

8°- London, 1878-83. 

BRADBURY (Edwakd). 
All about Derbyshire. 8°- London, 1884. 

BRADBURY (Joseph). 
Saddleworth sketches. 8"- Oldham. [1871.] 

BRADDON, Lauhence. 
The trial of Laurence Braddon and Hugh Speke for 
high misdemeanour, and spreading false reports 
endeavouring to raise a belief that the Earl of Essex 
did not murther himself in the Tower, Feb. 7, l()8i5. 

fo. London, 1684. 

BRADFORD, Earl of, Lord-Lieutenant of Salop. 
A letter to the Earl of Bradford [giving an account of 
disorderly proceedings at Shrewsbury]. 

fo. sh. London, 1710. 

BRADFORD (Jacoh). 
Responses to Commandments, and oflEertory sentence 
("Let your light") ; from Communion Service in B 
tiat. 12°- London, 1873. 

BRADFORD (Thomas G.). 
A comprehensive atlas, geographical, historical, and 
commercial. 4"- Boston [U.S.A.'], 1835. 

What constitutes lawful war ? Report and authorities. 
2nd edit. 8"- Bradford, 1857. 

Official catalogue of the Fine Ai't and Industrial Exhi- 
bition, opened June 23rd. 8"- Bradford. [1882.] 

Ethical studies. 8"- Londo)i, 1876. 

BRADLEY (GEowiE Granville), D.D., Dean of 

Recollections of Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, late Dean of 
Westminster : three lectures delivered in Edinburgh 
in Nov., 1882. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1883. 

BRADLEY (Prof. Ruilxkd), F.R.S. 
A philosophical account of the works of nature ; en- 
deavouring to set forth the several gradations remark- 
able in the mineral, vegetable, and animal parts of 
the Creation, tending to the composition of a scale 
of life. To wliich is added, an account of the state 
of gardening ... in Great Britain, and othei- parts of 
Europe. 4"- London, 1721. 

The Weekly Miscellany for the improvement of hus- 
bandry, trade, arts and science. Nos. 2-17 and 21. 
July 11 to Nov. 21. 4°- London, 1727. 

BRADLEY (Rev. R[oiiEUT] H[eni(v] A.), M.A. 
In memoriam Alfred Bowen Evans : a sermon delivered 
in the Church of St. Mary-le-Strand, Nov. 17 ... 

8"- L.o>,don, 1878. 

BRADLEY (Prof. Thomas). 
Practical geometry, linear perspective, and projection ; 
with descriptions of the principal instruments used 
in geometrical drawing. [Library of Useful Know- 
ledge.] 8"- London. [1834.] 
Elements of geometrical drawing : or, practical geo- 
metry, plane and solid, including both orthographic 
and perspective projection ... 2 vol. 

la. ob. London, 1801-2. 

BRADMORE (Mrs. Sakah). 
Prophecy of the wonders that will happen, A.n. 1687 : 
also, what will be the effect of whales coming up the 
Thames. fo. L^ondon, 1686. 

[BRADSHAW (Henkv).] 
The holy lyfe and history of Saynt Werburge, very 
frutefuU for all Christen people to rede. Edited by 
Edward Hawkins. [Chetham Society, 15.] 

4"- [Winchester,] 1848. ■ 

BRADSHAW (Henkv), M.A., Librarian of the 
University of Caml^ridge. 
Address at the opening of the fifth annual meeting of 
the Library Association of the United Kingdom, 
Cambridge, Sept. 5 ... 8"- Camhridge, 1882. 


BRADWARDIN (Thomas), Archbishop of 

De causa Dei contra Pelagium libri tres. [D.C.] 

fo. Ljondin/, 1()18. 

BRADY (Prof. George Stewaudson). M.D.. 

BRADY (Prof. George Stewardson), M.D., 
F.R.S., CROSSKEY (Rev. Henry William), 
F.G.S., and ROBERTSON (David), F.G.S. 
A monograph of the post-tertiary entomostraca of 
Scotland, including species from England and Ireland. 
[Palaiontographical Society, 28.] 4"- I^ondon, liHi. 

BRADY (Henry Bowman), F.R.S., F.L.S. 

A monograph of carboniferous and permian fora- 
minifera (the genus fusulina excepted). [PaLneonto- 
graphical Societj', 30.] 4"- London, 1876 

,SVr CHALLENGER, JONES (Prof. T. Rupert). 

BRADY (John). 
Clavis calendaria : or, a compendious analysis of the 
calendar ; illustrated with ecclesiastical, historical, 
and classical anecdotes. 2 vol. 8"' London, 1812. 

BRADY (Robert), M.D. 

An introduction to old English history ; witli an ap- 
pendix of records, and a glossary, fo. />o«f/o;^, 1()84. 

A complete history of England, from the fu-st entrance 
of the Romans unto the end of the reign of 
Henry III. With a continuation containing the 
lives and reigns of Edward I, II, and III, and 
Richard II. 2 vol. fo. London, KW.")-! 700. 

An historical treatise of cities and burghs or boroughs... 
2nd edit. fo. London, 1704. 

Another edit. fo. London, 1711. 

BRAKE, Tycho. See BREWSTER (Sir David). 

BRAHMACHARI (Vishnu Bawa). 
Shri : an essay on the right form of government. 
[Translated by Capt. A. Phelps.] 

12"- [Bombay, 1809.] 




An appeal by the indigo manufacturers of Bengal to 
the British government, parliament and people, for 
protection against the Lieut. -Governor of Bengal . . . 

8"- Londuii, 1861. 

BRAITHWAITE (Rev. M[attiie\v]). 
Christianity and politics, or the rights and duties of 
citizenship : a lecture delivered in the Queen street 
chapel, Burslem, Dec. 17. 12"- Burs/em. [187().] 

BRAKELOND (Joci-ux i>i;). 
Chronica de rebus gestis Samsonis, abbatis monasterii 
Sancti Edmundi. Nunc primum typis mandata 
curante Johanne Gage Rokewode. [Camden Society, 
13.] 4"- London, 1840. 

BRAKENRIDGE (Rev.\m), D.D., F.R.S. 
Sermons on several subjects. [Title-page supplied in 
MS.] 8"- London, 1764. 

BRAMALL (Henkv), M.Inst.C.E. 
Modern progress in mine engineering : address delivered 
to the Liverpool Engineering Society ... f)th Dec, 
1883. 8"- Lh-pvpoul, 1884. 

BEAMHALL (John)- D D- Archbishop of Armagh. 
Scr BERWICK, Rev. Edward. 

BRAMLEY (Rev. H[EXKy] R[am«)E\]), M.A. 
Eternal punishment : a criticism on Dr. Farrar's 
" Eternal hope," read at a meeting of the Oxford 
Clerical Association, Oct. 21. 8"- Osfovd, 1878. 

BRAMPTON (Thom.vs). 
A paraphrase on the seven penitential psalms, in 
English verse, supposed to have been written by 
Brampton ; together with a legendary psalter of Saint 
Bernard ... With notes by William Henry Black. 
[Percy Society, 7.] 8°' London, 1842. 

BRAMSTON, Sir John. 
Ai'ticles of accusation exhibited by the Commons 
house of parliament now assembl.ed, against Sir John 
Bramston and Sir Robert Berkley, justices, of the 
King's Bench ; Sir Francis Crawley, one of the 
justices of the Common Pleas ; and Sir Humphrey 
Davenport, Sir Richard Weston and Sir Thomas 
Trevor, barons of the Exchequer. 4"- London, 

BRAMSTON (Sir John), K.B. 
Autobiography ... [Edited by Lord Braybrooke, F.S.A. 
Camden Society, 32.] 4"- London, 1845. 

BRAMSTON (William), D.D. 
A sermon ])rcachcd in the parish Church of St. Clement- 
Danes, Mai'cli 1.'), l)cing the first Sunday after Her 
Majesty's accession to the crown ... 

4"- London. [1702.] 
The great sin of lukewarmness in religion ... set forth 
in two sermons preach'd at St. Christo[>hcr's, Nov. 22 
aiul Nov. 21). 8"- London, 1713. 

HRAMWELL (Freuehick J.). F.R.S. Srr BARRY 
(Joii.N Wolfe). 

BRAMWELL ([(JKoiiiir, Willl\.\i Wilsiiii;f„] 

On lilicrty : and otlier spoeclies delivere<l at the general 
meeting of the Libertyand Property Defence Jjeague, 
1«S2. 2nd eilit. A"- /,ondon, \HK). 

Nationalisation of land: a review of Henry (Jeorge's 
"Progress and Poverty." [Libci'ty and l'i-(>i)(!)ty 
Defence League.] 2nd edit. 12"- fAimlfm, \HH^. 

BRAND (Rev. John). 
A brief description of Orkney, Zetliind. Piglitland l''ii t h 
and Caithness. Reprinted verbatim from the original 
edit, of 1701. 8"- Kilin/ninjh, IHH:',. 

BRAND (Rev. John), M.A., F.S.A. 

The history and antiquities of the town and county of 
the town of Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; including an 
account of the coal trade of that place ... 2 vol. 

4°- London, 1789. 

Observations on popular antiquities ; chiefly illustrating 
the origin of our vulgar customs, ceremonies, and 
superstitions. Revised by Henry Ellis, F.R.S., 
Sec. S.A. 2 vol. 4"- London, 1813. 

Popular antiquities of Great Britain : comprising notices 
of the moveable and immoveable feasts, customs, 
superstitions and amusements, past and present. 
Edited from the materials collected by John Brand, 
F.S.A., with very large corrections and additions, by 
W. Carew Hazlitt. 3 vol. 8«- London, 1870. 

Vol. 1. The caleiiilar. 

2. Customs and ceremonies. 

3. SuperstitioiLS. 

,sV-r AUCHER (Father Paschal). 

BRAND ([Rev.] J[oiin]), M.A. 
A refutation of the charge brought against the Marquis 
of Wellesley on account of his conduct to the Nabob 
of Oude. 8"- London. 1807. 

BRANDAN, Saint. 
St. Brandan : a medieval legend of the sea, in English 
verse and prose. Edited by Thomas Wright, M.A., 
F.S.A. [Percy Society, 14.] 8"- London, 1844. 

BRANDE,W[illiam] T[hom.\s],D.C.L., F.R.S., 
and CAUVIN, Josemi, Ph.D. 
A dictionary of science, literature and art, comprising 
the history, description, and scientific principles of 
every branch of human knowledge ; with the 
derivation and definition of all the terms in general 
use. 3rd edit. 8°- London, 1853. 

BRANDE, W[illiam] T[homas], D.C.L., F.R.S., 
and COX, Rev. Ge(;rge W., M.A. 
A dictionary of science, literature and art, com- 
prising the definitions and derivations of the scientific 
terms in general use ; together with the historj' and 
description of the scientific principles of nearly every 
branch of human knowledge. New edit., revised. 
3 vol. [S.M.] 8°- London, 1875. ■ 

BRANDON (Joseph R.). 
Some thoughts on Judaism : two lectures ... 

8"- San Fmnchco, 1881. 

BRANDON (Raphael and J[osepii] Arthur). 

An analysis of Gothick architecture ; illustrated by a 
series of upwards of seven hundred examples of 
doorways, windows... and accompanied with remarks 
on the .several details of an ecclesiastical edifice. 
New edit. 2 vol. 4"- London, 

The open timber i-oofs of the middle ages ; illustrated 
by perspective and working drawings of some of the 
best varieties of church roofs, with descriptive 
letterpress. 4"- London, 1841.). 

Parish churches ; being perspective views of English 
ecclesiastical structures, with plans drawn to a 
uniform scale, and letterpress descriptions. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1858. 

BRANDON (WooDTHoKrE), Assistant-Judge of 
the IMayor's Court. 
A letter to the Lord Mayor on the formation of a local 
court for the City of Ijondon. 8"' IjOndon, 1844. 
'I'lio customary law of the City of London of the dis- 
ti'il)ution of freemen's personal estates. 

8"- London, 1845. 
iiKjuiry into the freedom of tlie City of London in 
coiuiexion witli t]'ade,and into the laws and oidinancc.s 
within the City respecting wholesale and retail 
traders ... K"- London, 1850. 


BllAXDON (WooDTiloiil'lo) — contiinied. 

A treatise upon the customary law of foreign attach- 
ment, and the i)ractice of tlie Mayor's com't of the 
City of London tlierein ... 8"- Lotidoii, 18()1. 

A review of tlic judgments in Cox and others r. the 
Mayor ... of London, in the court of Exchequer 
Chamber ; with historical notices of the Mayor's 
court of the City of London. [Printed for private 
circulation.] 8"- London, 18().'5. 

Notes of practice of the Mayor's court of the City of 
London in ordinary actions ; with the Mayor's court 
procedure act, and the .sections of the several acts of 
parliament applied by the Queen in Council to that 
court. S"' London, 18(U. 

Observations on county courts and local municipal 
courts, as courts for the recovery of small debts. 

8"- London, 18(18. 

Imprisonment for debt and bankruptcy : with a sug- 
gestion. \_Aiion.'\ 8"- I^ondon, 18()'J. 

The Lord Mayor's court of the City of London, and the 
customary law of foreign attachment ; with obser- 
vations on the case of Cox c. the Lord Mayor of 
London. 8"- London, 1871). 

BRANDT (H. C. G.). 
A grammar of the German language for high schools 
and colleges ... 8"- New York, imi. 

[BRANDT (Seh.xstian).] 
The ship of fools : translated by Alexander Barclay. 
2 vol. 4"- Edlnhurijh, 1874. 


Reasons for passing the bill for prohibiting the 
distilling of brandy from malt or corn. fo. sh. n.d. 

Reasons ofPered why the distillers (by the intended 
act to incpurage the drawing of brandy from corn) 
should have liberty to make use of English made 
molossoes without any great distinction of duty. 

fo. sh. n.d. 

BRANNON (Piiu.ii-), C.E. 

The stranger's guide and pleasure visitor's com;)anion 
to Southampton and the surrounding country ... 
18th edit. It)"- Southampton. [1H7.')':'] 

An abstract of useful inventions ... for the saving of 
life and property from fire, for sanitary building, 
sea coast defence and harbour formation, footsui'e 
roads ... 8"- London, 187i). 

The air-boat for arcustatic air-travel, dispensing with 
the use of gas, hydrogen, hot or vapour air balloons, 
and making aero-navigation facile, rapid, safe and 
certain. 8"- London, 1871). 

Fruits of experience: or, a memoir ... written in his 
80th and 81st years. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1824. 

BRASH (RiciiAiti) RoLT), M.R.LA., F.S.A., 

The ecclesiastical arcliitecture of Ireland, to the close 
of the twelfth century, accompanied by historical 
and antiquarian notices of numerous ancient remains 
of that period. [S.M.] 4"- Dnldhi, 187;'). 

The Ogam inscribed monuments of the Gaedliill in the 
British Islands ... Edited by George M. Atkinson. 

4"- London, 187',). 

BRASSEY ([Anna,] Lady). 
A voyage in the " Suid)eam," our home on the ocean 

for eleven months. H"- London, 

Sunshine and storm in the East : or, cruises to Cyprus 
and Constantinoj)le. 8°- London, 1880. 

Taliiti: a series of [jhotographs taken by Colonel [H.] 
Stuart-Wortley, with letterpress by Lady Brassey. 

8"' London, 1882. 
In the trades, the tropics and the roaring forties. 

8"' London, 1885. 

BRASSEY (Thomas, Lord), K.C.B. 
Work and wages .. . [S.M.] 8"- London, \H12. 

Foreign work and English wages considered with 
reference to the depression of trade. 2nd edit. 

8"- L.ondon. 1879. 
Tlie British navy : its .strength, re.sources and adminis- 
tration. 4 vol. 8"- London, 1882. 
Vol. 1. SliipbiiiWiiis: for tlic i)uri)Oses of war. 

2. iliscellaiipoiis subjects conuecteil witlj sliip-UuiMiiig for 

the pui-jioses of war. 
;i. Opinions on tlie sliipbuililinK policy of the navy. 
4. Dockyiirils, reserves, trainings, pensions. 

The naval annual, 188(). 8"- Portsmouth, 188(). 

[BRATHWAYTE (RiciiAiii)).] 
Mercurius Britanicus, or the Englisli intelligencer : a 
tragic-comedy at Paris acted with great applause. 
Reprinted with sundry additions. 4"- [London,] ICA] . 

BRAUN (Emil). Sir GRUNER (Lewis). 

BRAUN (Dr. Juj.ius). 

On the curative effects of baths and waters ; being a 
handbook to the spas of Europe, including a chapter 
on the treatment of phtliisis by baths and climate, 
by Dr. Rohden of Lipi)springe. An al)ridged trans- 
lation, with notes, edited by Hermann Weber, M.D., 
F.R.C.P. [S.M.] 8°- London, 1875. 

History and revelation. The correspondence of the 
predictions of the Apocalypse with the marked 
events of the Clu'istian ei'a, from Gibbon, Mezeray, 
Mosheim, D'Aubigne, and other eminent historians. 
3 vol. 8"- London, 1870-5. 

BRAUND (John). 
Illustrations of furniture, candelabra, musical instru- 
ments, from the great exhibitions of London and 
Paris ; with examples of similar articles from royal 
palaces and noble mansions. [S.M.] 

fo. London, 1858. 

Geschichte der Juden luid ihrer Literatur in den 
roinanischen Staaten zur Zeit des Mittelalters, von 
700 bis 1200. Nach den Quellen dargcstellt. 

8"' M'iirzl/iii'i/, 18()5. 
BRAY (Mrs. Anna Ei.iza). 
Letters written during a tour through Normandy, 
Brittany, and other parts of France, in 1818 ; in- 
cluding local and historical descriptions, with 
remarks on the manners and character of the people. 

4»- London, 1820. 

A description of the part of Devonshire bordering on 
the Tamar and the Tavy: its natural liistory, manners, 
customs, superstitions, scenery, antiquities. 8 vol. 

8"- London, 1831"). 

The life of Thomas Stothard, R.A. : with personal 
reminiscences [and] illustrations from his works. 

4"- London, 1851. 

The revolt of the Protestants of the Cevennes ; with 
some account of the Huguenots in the seventeenth 
century. 8"- London, 1870. 

BRAY (Thomas), D.D. 

Essay towards promoting all necessary and u.seful know- 
ledge, botli divine and human. 4"- London, 1()!)7. 

A sermon iireach'd at St. Clements Danes, Westminster, 
24th of March, 1709, at the funeral of Jolni Dent, 
who was barbarou.sly murdered in the doing his duty 
in the execution of the laws against profaneiicss and 
immorality. 1st and 2nd edit. 8"- London, \10V-'.V2. 

Tlio tryals of Jeremy Tooley, Wm. Ai'ch and John 
Clauson, three private sohliers, for the murder of 
John Dent, in the parish of St. Pauls, Covent 
Garden, Marcli IH, 1708-'.) ... 4"- London, 1 732. 

.'ird edit. : to which is prefix'd ... the tryal of several 
informing constables, Dec. 11, 17.31 ...guilty of an 
assault on Charles Geery ... 4"'- London, 1733. 




BRAY (William), F.R.S., F.A.S. 
Sketch of a tour into Derbyshire and Yorkshire ; inclu- 
ding part of Buckingham, Warwick, Leicester, 
Nottingham. Northampton, Bedford, and Hertford- 
shires, -ind edit. 8"- London, 1783. 
Scr MANNING (Rev. OwEX). 

BRAY, William Foeestee. Scr NOBLE (T. C). 


BRAYBROOKE (Rkhard, Lord). 
The history of Audley End. To which are appended, 
notices of the town and parish of Saffron Walden in 
the county of Essex. 4°- London, 183G. 

BRAYLEY (EinvARi) Wkdlake), F.S.A. 
Delineations, historical and topographical, of the Isle 
of Thanet and the Cinque Ports. With illustrations 
by W. Deeble. 2 vol. in 1. 8°- L.ondon, 1817-18. 
Historical and descriptive accounts of the theatres of 
London : illustrated with a view of each theatre, 
elegantly coloured, drawn and engraved, by Daniel 
Havell. . 4"- London, 182(5. 

Londoniana: or, reminiscences of the British metropolis. 

4 vol. 12^- London, 1829. 

A topographical history of Surrey. By E. W. Bray ley, 
assisted by John Britton, F.S.A. , and E. W. Brayley, 
jun., F.L.S. The geological section by Gideon 
iVIanteU, LL.D., F.R.S. 5 vol. 

80- Dorlc;nq,\U\l-^']. 
Sir BRITTON (John). FERREY (Benjamin), 
HERBERT (William). NEALE (John Pees- 
TON), and STORER (J.). 

BRAYLEY (Edwakd Wedlake), F.S.A., and 
BRITTON (John), F.S.A. 
The history of the ancient palace and late houses of 
parliament at Westminster .. . 8"- London, 183G. 

BRAYLEY (Edward Wedlake), F.S.A., and 
HERBERT (William). 
A concise account, historical and descriptive, of Lani- 
beth palace. fo. London, 180G. 

History and antiquities of Lambeth palace ; illustrated 
with a series of views representing its most in- 
teresting buildings ... [_Anon.'] to. London, n.d. 

BRAYLEY (Edward Wedlake), F.S.A., 
L')ridon and Middlesex : or, an historical ... descriptive 
survey of the metropolis of Great Britain. 4 vol. 
in ."). ' 8«- London, 1810-lG. 

Tlie same : illustrated with 1,039 portraits, views, his- 
torical prints, medals ... together with an appendix, 
manuscript index, and an alphabetical index of illus- 
trations, made by W. T. Alchin, Librarian of the 
Corporation of London. 21 vol. inlaid in altas fo. 

London, 1810-16. 


A true relation of a late very famous sea-fight, made 
Ijetwixt the Spaniard and tlie Hollander in Brasil. 
for many days together ... 4"- Jjondon, llUO. 

The enii)irc of Brazil at the Vienna Universal Exhibition 
of 1873. 8°- Rio de Janr}n>,\Hl\\. 


The assize of bread newly corrected and enlarged ... 
allowed an<l commaunded to bee kept by the R'- 
Hon. the Lords, and others, of the Queen's Majesties 
privie counsaile. 4"- l^ondon, l;">y9. 

The assize of bread ; together with sundry good and 
needful ordinances for bakers ... 4"- London, HVM). 

Artachtos : or, a new book declaring the or 
weight of bread by troy and avoirdupois weights ... 
London, 1038. 4"- Reprinted [London,] 1748. 

BREAD, ASSIZE OF— continued. 
The assize of bread ; with sundry good and needful 
ordinances for bakers, brewers, inholders ... 

40- London, 1G84. 

The assize of bread both in troy and averdupois weight. 

broadside. London, 1694. 

Citizens petition to the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of 
London about the price of bread ; witli their answer 
thereunto. fo. sh. [London,] 1G98. 

A table of the assize of bread, in the London Gazette, 
April 22. fo. sh. London, 1710. 

A proposal for supplying London with bread at an 
uniform price, from one year to another, according 
to an annual assize ... 8"- Lo?idon, 1798. 

A letter to Sir William Domville, B*-, Lord Mayor of 
London, on the assize of bread. 8°- London', 1814. 
Sec HESLOP (Rev. Luke), POWNALL (T.). 

BREAR (T.). 
Brear's guide to Bradford and district. 

16«- Bradford, 1873. 

BRECHER (Dr. Gideon). 
Das Transcendentale, Magie, und Magische Heilarten im 
Talmud. S"^- Wien, 1850. 

BREEN (Hugh). 
Results of the planetary and lunar observations made 
at the Madras observatory, 1831-52. 

4<'- London, 1863. 

On the value of the moon's semi-diameter as obtained 
by [his] investigations . . . from occultations observed 
at Cambz-idge and Greenwich. 4°- London, 1864. 

Reductions of the Greenwich planetary observations, 
1831-5. 4°- London, 1864. 

On the corrections of Bouvard's elements of the orbits 
of Jupiter and Saturn. 4"- London, 1868. 


BREESE (Edward), F.S.A. 
Kalendars of Gwynedd : or, chronological lists of lords- 
lieutenant, custodes rotulorum, sheriffs and knights 
of the shire, for the counties of Anglesey, Caernar- 
von, and Merioneth, and of the members for the 
boroughs of Caernarvon and Beaumaris ; to which 
are added, lists of the lords presidents of Wales and 
the constables of the castles of Beaumaris, Caernar- 
von, Conway, and Harlech. With notes by William 
Watkin Edward Wynne, F.S.A. 4°- London, 1873. 

BREESE (Sidney). 
The early history of Illinois, from its discovery by the 
French in 1673 until its cession to Great Britain in 
17()3 ... With a biographical memoir by Melville W. 
Fuller. Edited by Thomas Hoyne, LL.D. 

8"' Chicacjo, 1884. 

BREHM (A[lfred] E[dmond]). Sec WERNER 

BREMER (Fredrika). 

A diary, The H family. Axel and Anna, and other 

tales. Translated by Mary Howitt. 4th edit. 

8"- London, 1853. 

Tlio president's daughters ; including Nina. Translated 
by Mary Howitt. 8"- London, \m\. 

The home : or, life in Sweden ; and Strife and peace. 
Translated by Mary Howitt. 8"- London, 

The neighbours : a story of evcry-day life. Translated 
by Mary Howitt. 8"- London, 1883. 

BRENAN (Rev. M.). 
Papal dominion incomiiatible wit!) the natural rights 
and positive laws of Christian nations. 

8"- London, 1828. 


BRENCHLEY (Julix ^< L:), M.A., F.R.G.S. 
Jottings during the cruise of H.M.S. " Cura9ao " 
among the South Sea Islands m 18(55. 

8"- Loinloii, 1873. 
BRENNAN (Edwaud St. John-). 
A lamentation on republican France. l(j"- Roiiif,lS7i}. 

BRENT (J(iii\), .F.S.A. 
Canterbury in the olden time. 2nd edit. 

8°- London, 1879. 
Essay ... on the history and development of gilds. 
[Early English Text Society, 40.] 8"- London, 1S70. 

A true and perfect relation of the barbarous and cruell 
passages of the King's army at Old Brainceford, neer 
London. 4"- London, KU'i. 

The humble petition of all and every the inhabitants of 
the town of Old Braintford, Middlesex. [Against the 
acts of plunder committed by His Majesties forces.] 

4"- London, U'A-2. 

Epistola de exilio suo. [D.C.] 4"- Roatochii, n.d. 

BRERETON (Sir William), B*- 
Travels in Holland, the United Provinces, England, 
Scotland and Ireland, l()34-5. Edited by Edward 
Hawkins, F.R.S., F.S.A. [Chetham Society, 1.] 

4«- [Manchester,'] 1844. 

BREREWOOD (Prof. Edwakd). 
Enquiries touching the diversity of languages and re- 
ligions through the chiefe parts of the world. 

4"- London, HW). 

The case of, and that of George Wilcocks in relation 
to Brerewood's case ; and also of the creditors of 
Thomas Pitkin, discovering the fraudulent practices 
of Brerewood. fo. sh^- London, n.d. 

BRESiSLAU (Prof. M. H.). 
A compendious Hebrew gi-ammar. 8"- London, 1855. 
Hebrew and English, and English and Hebrew dic- 
tionary, biblical and rabbinical ... 3 vol. 

80' London, 1855-6. 

BRETON (Nicholas). 

England's selected characters ; describing the good and 
bad worthies of this age, where the best may see 
their graces and the worst discerne their basenesse . . . 
[Anon.} 4"- London, 1643. 

The passionate shepheard, or the shepheardes loue : 
set downe in passions to his shepheardesse Aglaia. 
With many excellent conceited poems and pleasant 
sonnets, fit for young heads to passe away idle 
houres. London, 1604. [A reprint,] edited by 
Frederic Ouvry, F.S.A. Privately printed. 

4°- London, 1877. 

Works in verse and prose : for the first time collected 
and edited ... by the Rev. Alexander B. Grosart, 
LL.D., F.S.A. [Chertsey Worthies' Library.] 
2 vol. Printed for private circulation. 

4"- [Edinhiirgh,'] 1879. 

Notices of the mediseval geography and history of 
Central and Western Asia ; drawn from Chinese and 
Mongol writings, and compared with the observations 
of western authors in the middle ages. 

8«- London, 1876. 

BRETT (Samuel). 
A narrative of the proceedings of a great councol of 
Jews, assembled in the plain of Agedain Hungaria... 
to examine the Scriptures concerning Christ, on the 
12th of October, 1650. Also, a relation of some 
other observations in his travels beyond the seas . . . 
Printed at London, 1655. [Reprint.] 

8"- London, 1876. 

BREUES (John). 
The fortune hunters ; being a guide to such as are 
strangers to the ways and customs of London. 

8"- London, 1754. 

The Higldand spectator : or, obseiwations on the in- 
habitants of various denominations in London and 
Westminster. 8°- London, 1744. 

[BREVAL (Captain Joiix Durant).] 
The hoop-petticoat : an heroi-comical poem in two 
books. By Mr. Gay [psend.']. 3rd edit. 

8°- London, 1720. 

Bi-eviarium Monasticum, Pauli V. Pont. Max. auctoritate 
recognitum, pro omnibus sub regula sanctissimi 
patris Benedicti militantibus. [D.C.] 

8"- Venetiis, 1615. 

Gold : or, legal regulations for the standard of gold 
and silver wares in different countries of the world. 
Translated and abridged from " Die gesetzliche 
Regelung des Feingehaltes von Gold- und Silber- 
Waai-en, von Arthur von Studnitz ;" with notes and 
additions by Edwin W. Streeter. 8°- London, 1877. 

[BREWER (Anthony).] 
The meiTy divel of Edmonton : as it hath beene sundry 
times acted by His Majesties servants, at the Globe 
on the Banke-side. 4"- London, 1617. 

Another edit. 4"- London, 1631. 

See BEEWER (Thomas). 

BREWER (Rev. E[benkzkr] Cobham), LL.D. 
Dictionary of phrase and fable ; giving the derivation, 

source, or origin of common phrases, allusions, and 

words that have a tale to tell. 8"- London, 1870. 
The reader's handbook of allusions, references, plots 

and stories ... 2nd edit. 8"- London, 

Authors and their works, with dates ; being the three 

appendices to " The reader's handbook." 

8"- London, 1884. 
A dictionary of miracles, initiative, realistic, and 

dogmatic ; with illustrations. 8°- London, 1884. 

BREWEE (Rev. George S.). See HIMIXG (F. W.). 

BREWER (Rev. J.). 
An oration delivered at the grave [of the Rev. Samuel 
Pearce, A.M.], October 16, 1799. 2nd edit. 

8"' Clipstone, 1800. 

BREWER (James Norris). 
A descriptive and historical account of various palaces 
and public buildings. English and foreign ; with 
biographical notices of their founders or builders ... 

4"- London, 1810. 
Sec BEAYLEY (Edward Wedlake). 

BREWER (Prof. J[onN] S[iierren]), M.A. 
English studies: or, essays in English history and 
literature. Edited, with a prefatory memoir, by 
[the Rev.] Henry Wace, M.A. 8"- London, lUi^l. 

rrefatory iiienioir. 

A srrnuiii on tlic Psalmist of Israel. 

( 111 II. 'w sniirrr^ ,,f EiiltUsIi liistdi-v. 

On (ii-i'c-n's Short histdrv of the EiiK'lisli Iieoiilc. 

Un IlatticM House. 

Ou the Stuarts. 

Ou Shakspoare. 

On tlic study of Sliakspcare. 

On tilt? royal suiireniacy. 

Passau:cs from the life of Erasmus. 

On tho stuily of history. 

Ou the stuily of English history. 

Ou ancient Loudon. 

The reign of Henry VIII, from his accession to the 
death of Wolsey : reviewed and illustrated from 
original documents. Edited by James Gairdner. 
2 vol. 8"- London. 1884. 



B[REWER] (T[noMAs]). 
The life and death of the merry deuill of Edmonton... 
(Reprint.) 8"- London, 181 11. 


BREWER (Tir(nrAs). 
A memoir of John Carpenter, town clerk of London 
in the reigns of Henry V and VI ... 1st and "ind 
edit. 8"- London, 183G-5(i. 


The Post Office directory of the brewers and maltsters, 
and other trades connected therewith, in England, 
Scotland and Wales, and some towns in Ireland. 

8"- London, mi. 

[Their] case in relation to the bill entitled, An act ... 

broadside, n.d. 

Petition to the house of Commons . . . for the committal 
of their bill against the grievances of purveyance. 

broadside, n.d. 

Petition ... to the of Commons for taking away 
the heauie burden of fourepence upon euerie quarter 
of mault. 4"- sh. n.d. 

[BREWESTER (Humphkey).] 
To the mayor, aldermen, majestrates, and officers of 
the military force in this City of London and county 
of Middlesex, for you to receive, and in patience to 
consider. 4"- [^London,'] 16G2. 

BREWSTER (Sir D.wid), K.H., D.C.L., F.R.S. 
Edinburgh philosophical journal, 1819-30. 22 vol. 

[C.C.] 8"- Edhdunr/h, 1819-30. 

The life of Sir Isaac Newton. [The Family Library, 

24.] 12°- London, 1831. 

A treatise on optics. New edit. 8°- London, ISb^i. 
The stereoscope : its history, theory and construction ; 

with its application to the fine and useful arts, and 

to education. 8"- London, 185(). 

More worlds than one : the creed of the philosopher 

and the hope of the christian. 8"- London, IHtji). 
Martyrs of science : or, the lives of Galileo, Tycho 

Brahe, and Kepler. Oth edit. 8"- Lond-on, 18G7. 

BREWSTER (Sir Francis). 
New essays on trade. 8"- London, 1702. 

BREWSTER (Rev. James). S,r XEWTON (Rev. 

BREWSTER (Rev. John), M.A. 
The parochial history and antiquities of Stockton-upon- 
Tees ; including an account of the trade of the town 
and the navigation of the river ... 2nd edit. 

8"- Stoclton-iipon-Teex, 1829. 

BRIALMONT ([Alkxts-Hknhi]). 
History of the life of Artliui', Duke of Wellington ; 
fi'oni the French ...with emendations and additions, 
by the Rev. G. R. Gleig, M.A. 4 vol. 

8"- London, 1858-(;(). 

BRIAN (Thomas), M.P. 
The fallacies of all those who pretend knowledge of by the urine, in giving judgment of the 
same, exposed. 12"- J.ondon, 1()79. 

BRICE (Thomas). 
A comi)cndious register in metre ; containing the names 
atid i)atient suiferings of the membei-s of Jesus 
Chi-ist, and the tormented and ciuelly burned 
within England, since tlie death of ... Edwaid VI 
to the beginning of the reign of ... Elizabeth ... lof)',!. 
[Arbcr'.s English (iarncr, 4.] 4"- Binn 'nKjIiatn, 1882. 

((!ii[ai!i,ks] van). 
Souvenir.s numiHmatiqucs do la Revolution fran(;'aise 
(1870-1). l^'- ct 2''- livraisons. A"- Bi-Kxelle.'^, ISTI. 


Sad and deplorable news from Bride-lane : or, a 
warning for lovers that are either inconstant or too 
fond... 4"- London, 1676. 


A memorial presented to the lord chief justice of the 
Kings Bench, in behalf of the hospitaller and his 
friends. 4°- London, 1690. 

A sermon preach'd before the president and governors. . . 
Aug. 16, 1694, by Francis Atterbury, D.D., Dean 
of Carlisle. 8"- London, 1708. 

An act to render valid an agreement between the 
mayor ... of London and the governors ... 

fo. London, 1782. 

Reports from select committees of the royal hospitals 
of Bridewell and Betlilom. 4'^- London, 1799. 

A consecration sermon preached, May 12, before John 
[Randolph], Bishop of Bangor, the president, and 
governors ... by the Rev. Henry Budd, A.M. 

4"- London, 1807. 

A letter to the president of the royal hospitals of 
Bridewell and Bethlem, upon the original design and 
present pursuits of one of these ancient foundations 
of mercy. From a governor. 8"- I^ondon, 1830. 

A copy of the report of the Lincolnshire referees. 
Presented, 4th Nov., to the president ... 

8"- London, 1835. 

A supplication made to Edward the Sixth, for obtaining 
the house of Bridewell ; and a copy of the deed of 
settlement made by His Majesty on the hospitals of 
Christ, Bridewell, and St. Thomas. 8"' London, n.d. 

BRIDGEMAN, Mrs. Elizabe th. 
A true relation of a barbarous cruelty committed by 
her husband on ... in Castle Street, Long Acre. 

fo. London, 1686. 

An index to printed pedigrees contained in county and 
local histories, the heralds' visitations, and in the 
more important genealogical collections. 

8°- London, 1867. 
The family of Leete ; with special reference to the 
genealogy of Joseph Leete ... Edited by J. Corbet 
Anderson. Printed for private circulation. 8"' 1881. 

BRIDGES (Rev. Chakijcs), B.A. • 
Exposition of Psalm cxix, as illustrative of the charac- 
ter of Christian experience. 4th edit. 

12"- London, 1829. 

Journal of a lady's travels round the world. 

8"- London, 1883. 

BRIDGES (John). 
The history and antiquities of Northamptonshire. 
Edited by the Rev. Peter Whallcy. 2 vol. 

fo. 0,i;/«r(/, 1791. 

The Bridgewater treatises on the power, wisdom, and 
goodness of God, as manifested in the Creation. 
8 vol. in 12. 8"- London, 1833-4. 

Vol. 1. (ft! 2 pt.) On the ailaiitivtioii of cxteriml imtui-e to tlie moral 
and intellectual constitution of man. By the Ilev. Thomas 
(Ihalniers. T).l). 

2. On the adaptiition of external nature to tlic jjliysical condition 
of man. Jiy .7ohn Kidd, M.l)., I'.U.S. 2nil edit. 

.■). Asti'ononiy and general jiliysics considcreil with reference to 
natural ' tliuolog.v. By the Rev. William Whewell. M.A. 
2nd eilit. 

■1. The hand, its mechanism and vital endowments as evincing 

design. Jiy Sir Charles li(dl, K.C.II.. K.U.S. 
r>. (In 2 lit.) Anhnal and vegetalilc pliysiology considered with 

reference to natural theology. l!y i'l'ter .Mark Roget, M.U., 

See. U.S. 

G. (In2pt.) Geology and mineralogy eonsidereil with reference 
to natural theology. By the Rev. William Buckland, 

7. (In 2 pt.) On the "history, hahits. and instincts of aninnils. 
liy tlie Rev. William Kir'by, M.A.. I'.R.S. 2nil edit. 

S, Chemistry, mctccnvdogy, and the function of digestion con- 
sidered' with reference to natural theology. By William 
I'rout, M.D., F.H.S. 


Supplementary notes to the 1st and "ind edit, of Dr. 
Bucklaiid's treatise. With a plate of the fossil 
head and restored figure of the dinothcrium. 

K"- London, 1«.'57. 

BRIDGMAN (Henry Hewitt), F.R.I.B.A. See 
CAYLEY (John Joseph). 

BRIDGMAN (Sir Jcuin). 
Reports [11 to I'J James I]. [R.L.L.] 

sm. fo. Loudon, XCrM. 


An historical and topographical sketch of Knole in 

Kent : with a brief genealogy of the Sackvillc 

family. 8"- London, 1«17. 

BRIDGMAN (Sir Oklando), Chief Justice of 
the Common Pleas. 
A letter to master Bridgeman, and a letter inclosed in 
it to one master Anderton ... 

broadside. London, 
Reports of judgments delivered ... in the Court of 
Common Pleas, from IGCiO to 1(1137. Edited from the 
Hargrave MSS. by S. Bannister. [R.L.L.] 

H"- London, 1«2;5. 

BRIDGMAN (Richaud Whallev). 
A short view of legal bibliography ; containing some 
critical observations on the authority of the reporters 
and other law writers ... 8°- London, 1807. 

BRIGANTI (Joseph). 
An essay on the method of carrying to perfection the 
East-India raw silk. 8"- London, MIS). 

BRIGGS (Maj.-Gen. John), F.R.S. 
The cotton trade of India. Pt. 1. Its past and present 
condition. Pt. 2. Its future prospects. With a 
map of India ... 8"- London, 1840. 

BRIGHT (Rev. J[ames] Fkaxck), M.A. 
A history of England. vol. 8°- London, 1877. 

Vol. 1. Meducval inonarcUy, 449-1485. 

2. Personal tiiouarcliy, 14S5-1G8H. 

3. Constitntional inonarchy, 1CW9-1837. 

BRIGHT (J. S.). 

A history of Dorking and the neighbouring parishes ; 
with chapters on the literary associations, flora, fauna, 
geology ... of the district. 8"- Dork/nf/, IHM. 

BRIGHT (Rt- Hon. John), M.P. 
Disestablishment : speech delivered to his constituents 
at Birmingham, Jan. •!:>. 8"- London. [1875.] 
Speech on the eastern question, delivered in the Town 
Hall, Birmingham, Dec. 4. 8"- London. [187(1.] 
Public addresses ... edited by James E. Thorold Rogers. 

8"- London, 18711. 
On •' fair trade." [Cobden Club leaflet. No. 4.] 

8"- London. [188;').] 
Public letters ... collected and edited by H. J. 

Leech. 8"- London, 1885. 

The work of the Liberal party during the last fifty 
years. A letter [addressed to T. S. Townscnd]. 

8"- London, 188.'). 
Letter on the war [with Russia], verified and illus- 
trated by extracts from the parliamentary documents. 

8"' London, n.d. 

Sir SMITH (George Barnett). 

BRIGHT (John Edward). 
Treatise on the law of husband and wife as respects 
property. •> vol. [R.L.L.] 8"- London, 1841). 

BRIGHTWELL (D. Barron). 
A concordance to the entire works of Alfred [Lord] 
Tennyson, D.C.L., F.R.S. 8"- London, 1801». 

BRIMLEY (George), M.A. 
Essays ... Edited by William George Clark, M.A. ?>rd. 
edit. 8"- London, 18H2. 

Teiinyson's imenis. 
Wonfsworth's poems. 
Poetry and eriticisin. 
Tlie angel in the honse. 
Carlyle's life of Stirling. 
•' Esmond." 

" My Novel." 

" Bleak Hon.^o." 

" Westward Ho ! " 

Wilson's " Noctcs Amhi-osiana'." 

t'omte's " Positive riiilost)i)liy." 

BRINCKMAN (Rev. A[rtiiur]). 
A few notes on Canon Farrar's Eternal hope. 

8<^- London, 1878. 

BRINDLEY (James). Srr 


BRINDLEY (Thomas Bardel). 
Religious and social essays on atheism, ritualism, the 
confessional, the Real Presence, eternal punishment, 
temperance, civilization .. . Oxford. [1874.] 

BRINE (Rev. John). 
The proper etei'nity of the divine decrees and of the 
mediatorial office of Jesus Christ, asserted and proved. 

120- London, 1754. 

[BRINKLOW (Henry).] 

The complaynt of Roderyck Mors, sometime a gray 
fryre [of London], to the parliament house of 
Ingland, hys naturall countrey, for the redresse of 
certeyn wycked lawes, eueU custumes and cruell 
decrees. 12"- Imprynted in the Savoye. [1542 ?] 

The lamentacyon of a Christi" agaist the Citye of 
London, for some certaine greate vyces used theri. 

12"- Imprlted i y'' yere of our Lord, 1548. 

Complaynt of Roderyck Mors ... ffor the redresse of 
certen wicked lawes, euel customs a[n]d cruel 
decreys (about a.d. 1542), and The lamentacyon of a 
Christen agaynst the Cytye of London, made by 
Roderigo Mors (a.d. 1545). Edited J. Mea- 
dows Cowper, F.R.H.S. [Early English Text 
Society, extra series, 22.] 8"- London, 1874. 

BRINSDEN, Matthias. 
The case of M. Brinsden, cloath-drawer, in Black- 
Fryers, who was executed on Sept. 24, for the inhumane 
murther of his wife ... 8"' London. [1722.] 

The true watch and rule of life. 7th edit. [D.C.] 

8"- London, 1G17. 

The fourth part of The true watch ; containing prayers 
and teares for the churches. [D.C.] 

12"- London, 1(124. 

BRIXVILLIERS. Marie Marguerite, Marquise de. 
Sir CIMBER (L.). 

BRISCOE, J. Potter, F.R.H.S. 
Old Nottinghamshire. 8"' London, 1881. 

BRISCOE (John). 
A discourse on the late funds of the Million- Act, 
Lottery- Act. and Bank of England : shewing that 
they are injurious to the nobility and gentry, and 
ruinous to the trade of the nation ... By J. B. 

4"- 'London, 1(11)4. 
An explanatory dialogue of a late treatise, intituled, 
A discourse on the late funds of the Million-Act, 
Lottery- Act ... 4"- London, HVM. 

A list of the names of the puliscribers of land and 
money towards a fund for a national land bank. 

fo. sh. London, 1(105. 
Reasons humbly offered for the establishment of a 
national land-bank. fo. sh. [London.^ 1(11)5. 

A short scheme, or proposals for a national land-bank. 

fo. sh. \^London,'\ n.d. 
An answer to a late pamphlet, intituled. Reasons against 
the intended project commonly called the national 
land-bank... fo. sh. [London,] Ji.d. 



BRISCOE (Jony)—co)it;/nie(I. 

Proposals for raising money for the national land-bank. 

fo. sh. '[London ».d. 

The freehold estates of England : or, England itself 
the best fund or security. broad sh. London, n.d. 

A letter from a citizen in London ... concerning the 
land-bank established by a deed of settlement en- 
rolled in Chancery, and the land-bank proposed to be 
establish'd. broad sh. {London^ n.d. 

The freeholder's answer to Mr. Briscoe's proposals for 
a national land-bank. fo. sh. [London,'] n.d. 

Mr. Briscoe's reply to a pamphlet, intitled, The free- 
holder's answer .. . fo. sh. [L^ondon,'] n.d. 

BRISSE (Alkxandek) and ROTROU (Lkox de). 

The draining of Lake Fucino, accomplished by Prince 
Alexander Torlonia : an abridged account, historical 
and technical ... English translation by V. de Tivoli, 
jun. [French and English.] i°- Borne, 1 ST 6. 

Plans to illustrate the above work. fo. [Jio7ne, 1876.] 

BRISSET (George), Lord of Gratence. 
The apologie of ...written upon consideration of the 
inhumane murther of the late French King... Trans- 
lated out of French into English. IGIO. Edited by 
Edmund Goldsmid, F.R.H.S. [Bibliotheca Curiosa. 
La. paper.] 8°- Edinburgh, 1884. 

BRISSOX, Bahnabe. See CIMBER (L.). 

Deputy of Eure and Loire. 
[Address] to his constituents, on the situation of the 
National Convention . . . Translated . . . with a preface 
and occasional notes by the translator [William 
Burke]. 8°- Lotulon, 1794. 

Sir DESMOULIXS (Camille). 


Reasons against the bill for the better explaining the 
acts passed for erecting hospitals and work-houses 
within the city ... fo. n.d. 

A plan of the navigable canals intended to be made for 
opening communication between the interior parts of 
the kingdom, and the ports of Bristol, Liverpool and 
Hull. la. fo. n.d. 

BRISTOL ([George Digby, 2nd] Earl of). 
The Earle of Bristoll his speech in the House of Lords, 
July 20, upon the biU of indempnity. 

4°- London, IGGO. 

BRISTOL ([John Digby, 1st] Earl of). 
Defence of his negotiations in Spain. Edited ... by 
Samuel Rawson Gardiner. [Camden Society, 104.] 

4°' [London,] 1871. 

The maniac, a tale : or, a view of Bethlem Hospital ; 
and Tlie merits of women, a poem from the French... 

8"- London, 1810. 

BRISTOW (Henry William), F.G.S. 
A glossary of mineralogy. 8"- London, 18G1. 

BRISTOW (James), Bengal Artillery. 
A narrative of [his] sufferings during ten years' 
captivity with Hyder Ally and Tippoo Saheb. 

8"- London, 1793. 

BRIT (Saxe). 
Consequential damages : three letters on the American 
doctrine. 12"- London, 1872. 


Britain's mistakes in the commencement and conduct 
of the |)resent war, [and] a su[)|)lcment... wherein the 
glorious success of Admiral Vernon at Porto Bcllo 
is particularly considered. 8"' London, 17 -li). 


Britannia in mourning : or, a review of the politicks 
and conduct of the court of Great Britain with 
regard to France ... 8°- London, 1742. 

Britannia triumpliant : or, an account of the sea-fights 
and victories of the English nation. With an in- 
troduction containing the history of navigation, and 
the lives of the most celebrated admirals. New edit. 

8o- London, 1777. 


British and foreign review : or, European quarterly 
journal. 18 vol. 8"- London, 1835-44. 




(Sir Egerton). 


The British chronologist ; comprehending every ma- 
terial occurrence, ecclesiastical, civil, or military, 
relative to England and Wales, from the invasion of 
the Romans to the present time. 3 vol. 

8''- London, 1775. 

Handbook to Vancouver Island and British Columbia ; 

with map. 8°- London, 18G2. 

The gold fields of British Columbia. 8"- London, 18G2. 
Province of British Columbia : its climate and 
resources, with information for emigrants. 

8"- Victoria, B.C., 1883. 
The British Constitution analized by a reference to 
the earliest periods of history ; in which is detailed 
Magna Carta, with illustrations by the most eminent 
legal characters... By a doctor of laws. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1811. 


The British Court : a poem describing the most cele- 
brated beauties at St. James's, the Park, and the Mall. 

8"- London, 1707. 


The British essayists ; with prefaces, historical and 
biographical, by A. Chalmers, F.S.A. 45 vol. 

8"- London, 1817. 

Vol. 1- 5. The Tatler. 
6-15. The Spectator. 
16-18. The Guardian. 
19-22. The Rambler. 
23-25. The Adventurer. 
26-29. Tlie World. 
3U-32. The Counoisseur. 

Vol. 33. Tlie Idler. 

34- 35. The Mirror. 
36-37. The Lo\uiger. 

35- 40. The Observer. 
41-44. Tlie Looker On. 

45. Index. 

An address delivered April 3, 1 80G, at the Great Room 
in Poland Street, on the opening of the Society ; and 
an anniversary address delivered on the 3rd of April, 
1807. With the rules and regulations. 2nd edit. 

8"- London, 1808. 

The British Guiana directory and almanack for 1882. 

12"- Demerara, 1882. 


British Institution for promoting the fine arts in the 
United Kingdom, founded June 4, 1805 ; opened 
Jan. 18, 1 8()G. [List of subscribers, with a] catalogue 
of the works of British artists exhibited ... in 1808. 

4"- London, 1808. 

[List of the governors, 1813, with] a catalogue of the 
works of the late Sir Joshua Reynolds exhibited ... 
[in 1813]. 4"- London, 1813. 

BRITISH. li;^ 

An account of all the pictures exhibited ... from 18i;i 
to 1823, belonging to the nobility and gentry of 
England ; with remarks critical and explanatory. 

8"- London, 1824. 

[List of the] governors and subscribers ... 18:50; with 
a catalogue of the works of the late Sir Thomas 
Lawrence, P.R.A. 4"- London, 1830. 

The history of [their] present state ... describing their 
respective situations, buildings, customs, arts and 
sciences, manufactures, husbandry, plants, animals, 
minerals, forests, rivers, fisheries ... [Principally 
relating to London.] 2 vol. 8"' London, 1743. 

British Manufacturing Industries, edited by G-. Phillips 
Bevan, F.G.S. IGvol. [S.M.] 8"- London, mi . 

Vol. 1. Taper : by Prof. Archer, F.R.S.E. 

I'riuting and bookbiiiiliiig : by Joseph Hatton. 
Eiigrariug : by Samuel Davenport. 
Photograi)hv : by P. Lc Neve Foster, M.A. 
Toys : by George C. T. Hartley. 

2. Pottery : by L. Arnoux. 

Glass and silicates : by Prof. Barff, M.A. 
Furniture and woodwork : by J. H. Pollen, M.A. 

3. Jewellery : by George Wallis. 

Gold working : by the Ilev. Charles Boutell, M.A. 
Watches and clocks : by F. J. Britten. 
Musical instruments : by E. F. Rimbault, LL.D. 
Cutlery : by F. Callis. 

4. Salt, preservation of food, bread and biscuits : by J. J. 

Manley, M.A. 
Sugar refining : by C. Haughton Gill. 
Butter and cheese : by Morgan Evans. 
Brewing ; distilling : "by T. A. Pooley, B.Sc, F.C.S. 

5. Guns, nails, locks, wood screws, railway bolts and spikes, 

buttons, pins, needles, saddlery, and electro-plate : bv 
W. C. Aitken. 
Pens and papier mache : bv G. Lindsey. 

6. Ship-building : by Capt. Bedford Pirn, R.N., M.P. 
Telegraphy ; by Kobert Sabine, C.E. 
Agricultural niacluncry : by Prof. Wrightson. 
Railways and tramways : by Dr. Kinnear Clark, C.E. 

7. Acids, alkalies, soda, ammonia and soap : by Prof. Church, 

M.A., F.C.S. 

Oils and candles : by W. Mattieu Williams, F.R.A.S., F.C.S. 
Gas and lighting : by R. H. Patterson, F.S.S. 

8. Hosiery and lace : by W. Felkiu. 
Carpets : by Christopher Dresser, Ph.D. 
Dyeing and bleaching : l)y T. Sims. 

9. Metallic mining and collieries : by Warington W. Sniytli. 

M.A., F.R.S. 
Coal : by A. Galletly. 
Building stones : by Prof. Hull, F.R.S. 

Explosive compounils : by W. Mattieu Williams, P.R.A.S,, 

10. Wool and its applications : by Prof. Archer, F.R.S.E. 
Flax and linen : by W. T. Charley, M.P. 

Cotton : by Isaac Watts. 
Silk : by B. F. Cobb. 

11. Tobacco : by John Dunning. 

Hides and leather : by J. Collins, F.B.S. 

G uttapercha and indiaruljber : by J. Collins. F.B.S. 

Fibres aiul cordage : bv P. L. Sinnuons, P. It.r.I. 

12. Iron and steel : by W. Mattieu Williaiin. I'.K.A.S., F.C.S. 
Copper smelting : by J. Arthur Pliilli|is. ( '.i;., F.C.S. 

Brass founding, tin-plate anil zinc working : by Walter 

13. Industrial classes and industrial statistics. Textiles and 

clotliing, food, sundry industries : by G. Phillips Bevan, 

F.( ; .s. 

M. Industrial classes aiul industrial statistics. Mining, metals, 
clieniicals, ceramics, glass and pajjer : by G. Philli))s 
Bevan, F.G.S. 

15. Sea fisheries : by E. W. H. Holdsworth, P.L.S., F.Z.S. 

Salmon fishei'ies : by Archibald Young. 
10. Horticulture : by F. W. Burbidge. 

Acts and votes of parliament relating to the British 

Museum, with tlie statutes and rules thereof, and the 

succession of trustees and officers. 8"- I^ondon,\Wh. 
Copy of papers relating to the purchase of the Stowe 

collection [of MSS.] by Her Majesty's Government. 

■ fo. London, 1883. 
Ainnial lists of donations and bequests to the trustees... 

1828 and 182'J. 2 vol. 4''- />ow/o«, 1830-1. 

List of additions made to the collections ... in the years 

1831-5. 5 vol. 8°- London, 1833-i1. 

Genei-al contents of the British Museum ; with remarks 

serving as a directory in viewing that noble cabinet. 

2nd edit. 8°- London, 17G2. 

Letters on the British Museum [describing the contents]. 

12"- London, 1767. 
Synopsis of the contents of the British Museum. 8th 

and I'Jth edit. S"- London, 1814-21. 

A guide to the exhibition rooms of the departments of 

natural history and antiquities. 8°' London, 1870. 
Another edit. 8"- London, 1874. 

Another edit. 8"- London, 1877. 

Another edit. 8"- London, 1878. 

A guide to the exhibition galleries of the British 

Museum, Bloomsbury. [With an introduction by 

Edward A. Bond.] 8"- London, 1884. 

Catalogue of a series of photographs, from the collections 
of the British Museum, taken by S. Thompson. 
7 pt. , 8°- London, 1872. 

Department of Coins and Medals. 

Description of the Anglo -Gallic coins ... [Collection 
arranged by T. Combe ; catalogue compiled by T. 
Combe and completed by E. Hawkins.] 

4°- London, 1826. 

A catalogue of the Greek coins ... [Edited by R. S. 
Poole.] Vol. 1-5, 7, 8. 7 vol. 8«' London, 1873-84. 

Vol. 1. Italy, by R. S. Poole. 

2. Sicii.N , Ijy B. V. Head, P. Gardner and R. S. Poole. 

3. The 'J'uuric CiLersonoso, Sarmatia, Dacia, Moesia, Thrace ... 

by );. V. Head and I', (lanbicr. 

4. Selrn.'i.l KiiiL's of S\ri;i. h\ 1'. (iardner. 

5. MlU-rdnJlia ... Iiv lU-a.l. 

7. Tlic Ptolemies, King.s of Egypt, l>y R. S. Poole. 
K. Central Greece, by B. V. Head. 

Catalogue of the Roman coins . . . [Roman medallions.] 
By Herbert A. Grueber. Edited by Reginald Stuart 
Poole. 8"- London, 1874. 

Catalogue of Oriental coins... [By Stanley Lane-Poole. 
Edited by Reginald Stuart Poole.] Vol. 1-8. 

8«- London, 1875-83. 

Vol. 1. The coins of the Eastern Klialccfchs. 

2. Tlie coins of tlie Muhaniniailaii unities. 

3. The coins of tlic Turkuman llniisi s of Seljook, Urtuk ... 

4. The coinage of Egypt {K. H. 3.58-1)22). 

5. The coins of the Moors of Africa and Spain ... 
C. The coins of the Mongols. 

7. The coinage of Bukhiini (Transoxiana). 
H. Tlie eoin.s of the Turks. 

Catalogue of Indian coins ... by Stanley Lane-Poole, 
B.A. Edited by Reginald Stuart Poole, LL.D. 
2 vol. 8"- London, 1884-5. 

Vol. 1. The sultans of Dehli. 
2. Muhammadan states. 

A guide to the select Greek coins exhibited, in electro- 
type, in the gold ornament room. [By B. V. Head. 
Edited by R. S. Poole.] 8^- London, 1872. 

A guide to the principal gold and silver coins of the 
ancients, from circ. B.C. 700 to A.n. 1. With 70 
plates. By Barclay V. Head. [Edited by R. S. 
Poole.] 2nd edit. 8»- London, 1881. 

A guide to the English medals exhibited in the King's 
library. By Herbert A. Grueber. [Edited by R. 
S. Poole.] 1st edit. 8°- London, 1881. 

Medallic illustrations of the history of Great Britain 
and Ireland, to the death of (xeorge II : compiled 
by Edward Hawkins, F.R.S., F.S.A., and edited by 
Augustus W. Franks, F.R.S., F.S.A., and Herbert 
A. Grueber. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1885. 

A guide to the Italian medals exhibited in the King's 
library. By C. F. Keary, M.A., F.S.A. [Edited by 
R.S.Poole.] l.stedit. S"- ZoWo«, 1881. 

Nummi veteres civitatum, regum, gentium, et pro- 
vinciai'um, Londiiii in museo Richardi Payne Knight 
as.servati, ab ipso ordine geographico descripti. 

4"- Londini, 1830. 



BRITISH MVSEVM— continued. 


Descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the fossil 
reptilia of South Africa ... By Richard Owen, C.B., 
F.R.S. 4"- London, 187fi. 

A catalogue of British fossil Crustacea, with their sy- 
nonyms and the range in time of each genus and 
order. By Henrv Woodward, F.R.S., F.G.S. 

S"' London, 1877. 

Catalogue of the fossil foraminifera. By Prof. T. 
Rupert Jones, F.R.S., F.G.S. 8"- London, 1882. 

Catalogue of the fossil sponges . . . with descriptions of 
new and little-known species. By George Jennings 
Hinde, Ph.D., F.G.S. 4°- London, 1883. 

Catalogue of the fossil mammalia ... Pt. 1, containing 
the orders primates, chiroptera, insectivora, carnivora, 
and rodentia. By Richard Lydekker, B.A., F.G.S. 

8"- London, 1885. 

Guide to the collection of fossil fishes. 

8"- London, 1885. 


A description of tlie collection of ancient terracottas ... 

with engravings. [By Taylor Combe.] 

La paper. 4"- London, 1810. 
A description of the collection of ancient marbles ... 

witj? engravings. [Pt. 1-4, by T. Combe ; pt. 5, by 

E. Hawkins; pt. 6, by C. R. Cockerell ; pt. 7-10, 

by E. Hawkins, assisted by S. Birch and C. T. 

Newton ; pt. 11, by S. Birch.] Pt. 1-11. 

4"- London, 1812-61. 
A catalogue of the Greek and Etruscan vases ... [By 

S. Birch and C. T. Newton.] Vol. 1 and 2. 

8"- London, 1851-70. 
The collection of ancient Greek inscriptions ... Pt. 1, 

Attika, edited by the Rev. E. L. Hicks, M.A. 

Pt. 2, edited by C. T. Newton, fo. Oxford, 1874-83. 
A guide to the first Vase room ... [By C. T. Newton.] 

4th and 7th edit. 8"- London, 1871-9. 

A guide to the second Vase room ... [By C. T. 

Newton.] 2 pt. 8"- London, 'iJr^lS. 

A guide to the Bronze room ... [By C. T. Newton.] 

8"- London, 1871. 
A guide to the Graeco-Roman sculptures ... [By C. T. 

Newton.] 8"- London, 1874. 

The .sculptures of the Parthenon. Elgin room. [By 

C. T. Newton.] 2 pt. [Pt. 1, 2nd edit.] 

8"- London, 18H1-2. 


Catalogus librorum manuscriptorum Bibliothecee Cot- 

tonian;e, sci'iptore Thoma Smitho. fo. O.ion, UVM). 
Catalogue of the manuscripts in the Cottonian Library. 

[By J. Planta.] fo. London, 1802. 

Catalogue of the Harleian manuscripts . . . with indexes 

of persons, places, and matters. [Commenced by 

H. Wanlcy and revi.sed by the Rev. R. Nares : the 

indexes ])y the Rev. T. H. Thorne.] 4 vol. 

fo. London, 1808-12. 
A catalogue of the manuscripts of the King's library : 

an appendix to the catalogue of the Cottonian lil)rary ; 

togetlier with an account of books burnt or damaged 

byalateCre... By David Casley. 4"- London, ]T.U. 
Catalogue of the Lansdowne manuscripts ... with 

indexes of persons, places, and matters. [By Sir H. 

Ellis and F. Douce.] 2 pt. fo. London, ]HVX 

Catalognc of maimscripts ... new series. 1st pt., 

Arundel MSS., with coloured plates of illumitiated 

initials. 2nd pt., Burncy MSS. .3rd pt.. Index. 

[Edit(!d by J. Forshall.] fo. London, 1834-40. 
Catalogue of tlic MSS. of Francis Hargrave ... now 

deposited in the British Museum. [Edited by Sir H. 

Ellis.] 4"- London, IHlH. 

Index to the Heralds' visitations ... [By Sir N. H. 

Nicolas.] 12"' London, 1823. 

BRITISH MUSEUM. Department of Manu- 
8CK 1 PTS — co>i tin ued. 

Index to the Baker manuscripts [preserved in the British 
Museum, and the Library of the University of 
Cambridge]. 8"- Camhridge, 1848. 

A catalogue of the manuscripts ... hitherto unde- 
scribed ... including the collections of Sir Hans 
Sloane, B*-, and the Rev. T. Birch, D.D. By S. 
Ayscough. 2 vol. i"- London, 1782. 

Lists of additions to the manuscripts ... in the years 
1836-53. [By Sir F. Madden and E. A. Bond.] 4 vol. 

8o- London, 1843-68. 

Catalogues of additions to the manuscripts... in the years 
1854-81 . [Edited byE. A. Bond and E. M. Thompson.] 
3 vol. and index. 4 vol. 8°- London, 187.5-82. 

Description of the Greek papyri ... [Edited by J. 
Forshall.] Pt. 1. 4"- London, 

Catalogue of ancient manuscripts .. . [ByE.M. Thomp- 
son and G. F. Warner.] Pt. 1, Greek. Pt. 2, Latin. 

fo. London, 1881-4. 
[The catalogue gives a detailed account, with fac- 
similes, of MSS. earlier than 900 a.T).] 

Catalogue of romances ... By H. L. D. Ward, B.A. 
Vol. 1. 8"- London, 1883. 

Catalogue of the manuscripts in the Spanish language... 
By Pascual de Gayangos. [Edited by E. A. Bond.] 
Vol. 1-3. S"- [ZoHrfort,] 1875-81. 

Catalogue of the manuscript maps, charts, and plans, 
and of the topographical drawings . . . [By J. Holmes. 
Edited by Sir F. Madden.] Vol. 1 and 2. 

8°- London, 1844. 

Catalogue of the manuscript music ... [By T. Oliphant. 
Edited by Sir F. Madden.] 8»- London, 1842. 

Fragments of the Iliad of Homer from a Syriac 
palimpsest. Edited by William Cureton, M.A. 

4°- London, 1851. 

Vetus Testamentum Gr^cum e codice MS. Alexan- 
drino...typis ad similitudinem ipsius codicis scripture 
fideliter descriptum. Cura et labore Henrici Herveii 
Baber, A.M. 3 vol in G. fo. Zowf/Zw/, 1816-28. 

Fac-similes of ancient charters ... [Edited byE. A. 
Bond.] 4 pt. fo. London, 1873-8. 

Articles of Magna Carta. [An autotype of the original 
articles submitted by the barons and accepted by 
King John as the basis of Magna Carta ; with 
letterpress.] fo. sh'- [London, 1884.] 

Magna Carta. [An autotype of the original ; with 
letterpress.] fo. sh*'- London, 1884. 

[Autotype of a deed whereby William Shakespeare and 
others mortgage a house within the precincts of the 
Blackfriars, London : dated II March, 1613.] 

sm. fo. sh. [London, 1880.] 

Catalogue of a selection from the Stowe manuscripts, 
exhibited in the King's library ... illustrated with 
fifteen autotype fac-similes. [Edited by E. Maunde 
Thompson.] 4"- London, 1883. 

Wycliffe exhibition in the King's library. Ai-ranged 
by E. Maunde Thompson. 8»- London, 1884. 

A guide to the manusci-ipts and printed books illus- 
trating the i)rogress of musical notation, exhibited in 
the depai tnipnt of manuscripts and the King's library. 
[]]y E. Maunde Thompson.], J 2"- [London,] 1885. 

A guide to the autograph letters, manuscripts, original 
charters, and royal, baronial, and ecclesiastical seals, 
exhibited to the public ... [By Sir F. Madden. 
Edited by E. A. Bond.] 8«- London, 

Anotlicr edit. 8"- London, \H7H. 

Oripntdl j^fonu^cripts. 
Catalogus codicum manuscriptorum Orientalium ... 
3 pt. in 5. fo. /,o/if/o«, 1838-71. 

Pt. 1. Codices S.vriacos ct Carshunicos aiiiplectcns. [l!y .T. 

Forslialli assisted by F. Rosen.] 
Vt. 2. Coiliecs Arabieos nmplecteiis. [liy W.Oiireton niul C. Rieii. 

Kiliteil by Sir V. Madden.] 
Pt. 3. Codices /Etliiopicos amplccteiia. [J!y L. Dillniaim. Edited 

by Sir F. Madden.] 



BRITISH MUSEUM. Depaktmkxt of M.wr- 
scKiPTS — continued. 
Catalogue of Sjraic manuscripts ... acquired since tlie 
year 1838. By W. Wright, LL.D. 3 pt. 

4"- London, 1870-2. 
Catalogue of the Ethiopic manuscripts... acquired since 
the year 1 847. By W. Wright, LL.D. 

4°- London, 1877. 
Catalogue of the Persian manuscripts . . . By Charles 
Rieu, Ph.D. 3 vol. 4°' London, 1879-83. 


Index to the collection of minerals, with references to 
the table cases in which the species to which they 
belong are exhibited ... [By M. H. N. Story 
Maskelyne.] 8"- London, 1870. 

Another edit. 8"- London, 1878. 

The student's index to the collection of minerals. [By 
Lazarus Fletcher.] 8"- London, 1885. 

A guide to the collection of minerals. [By M. H. N. 
Story Maskelyne.] 8"- L.oiidnn, 

A guide to the mineral gallery ... with an introduction 
to the study of minerals. [By Lazarus Fletcher.] 

8"- London, 1885. 

Catalogue of the collection of meteorites ... [By 
M. H. N. Story 'Maskelyne.] 8°- London. [1871.] 

A guide to the collection of meteorites... [With an 
introduction by Lazarus Fletcher.] 

8°- London, 1882. 

Dep.vrtmicnt of Oriental Antiquities. 

Tablets and other Egyptian monuments, from the 
collection of the Earl of Belmore ... [Edited by 
E. Hawkins and S. Birch.] fo. London, 1843. 

Papyri in Hieroglyphic and Hieratic characters, from 
the collection of the Earl of Belmore... [Edited 
by E. Hawkins and S. Birch.] fo. London, 1843. 

Select papyri in the Hieratic character ... [Edited by 
E.Hawkins.] 2 pt. in 4. fo. Zo;(r/o/;, ]841-r)0. 

Inscriptions in the Cuneiform character, from Assjrian 
monuments discovered by A. H. Layard, D.C.L. 
[Edited by E. Hawkins.] fo. London, 1851. 

The Cuneiform inscriptions of Western Asia. Pre- 
pared for publication by Major-General Sir H. C. 
Rawlinson, F.R.S., assisted by Edwin Norris and 
George Smith. 4 vol. fo. London, 18G1-75. 

Vol. 1. A selection from the liistorical inscriptions of Chaliltea, 
Assyriii, anil Babylonia. 
2-4. A selection from tlic miscellaneous inscriptions of Assyria. 

Inscriptions in the Himyaritic character, discovered 
chiefly in Southern Ai-abia ... [By S. Birch.] 

ob. 4"- London, 18G3. 
Inscriptions in the Phoenician character ... discovered 
on the site of Carthage, during researches made by 
Nathan Davis ... in 185G-8. [Hebrew transcript 
and Latin translation by W. S. W. Vaux.] 

ob. 4"- [London,'] 1863. 
Inscriptions in the Hieratic and Demotic character ... 
^ [By S. Birch.] fo. London, 18(58. 

Fac-simile of an Egyptian Hieratic papyrus of the 
reign of Rameses III ... [With a translation and 
introduction by S. Birch.] ob. fo. London, 1870. 
A guide to the first and second Egyptian rooms ... 

[By S. Birch.] 8"- London, 1874. 

A guide to the Egyptian galleries : vestibule ... 

8"- London, 1874. 
Assyi-ian antiquities. Guide to the Kouyunjik gallery. 
[Edited by S. Birch.] 8"- [London,] \mA. 

Department of Printed Books. Sec Libraries. 

Department of Prints and Drawings. 
Catalogue of prints and drawings ... Division 1, 
political and personal satires. [Prepared by F. G. 
Stephens. Edited by G. W. Reid.] 4 vol. 

8"- London, 1870-83. 

BRITISH MUSEUM. Department of Prints 
and DuAWiNCis — continued. 
A descriptive catalogue of early prints ... [Edited by 
Cr. W. lloid.] Vol. 1 and 2. German and Flemish 
schools : by William Hughes Willshire, M.D. 2 vol. 

8"- London, l«79-83. 
A descriptive catalogue of playing and other cards ... 
accompanied by a concise general history of the 
subject ... By William Hughes Willshire, M.D. 

8"- London, 1S77. 

Prints and drawings ... reproduced by photographic 
pi'ocess. Pt. 3, German prints, fo. [Lo)idon^ 1884. 

A guide to drawings, prints and illustrative works, ex- 
hibited in the second northern gallery. 

8"- [London,] 1885. 

The print room... an enquiry: by the ghost of a 
departed collector. 8"- London, 187G. 

Department of Zoology. 

List of the specimens of British animals ... Pt. 5, 
Lepidoptera : by James Francis Stephens, F.L.S. 
[2nd edit.] Pt.7, Mollusca : acephalaandbrachiopoda. 
Pt. 11, Anoplura, or parasitic insects. Pt. 13, 
Nomenclature of hymenoptera. Pt. 14, Nomen- 
clature of neuroptera. Pt. 15, Nomenclature of 
diptera. 6 pt. 12"- London, 1851-G. 

Catalogue of the mammalia and birds of New Guinea ... 
Bv John Edward Gray, Ph.D., F.R.S., and George 
Robert Gray, F.L.S. 8"- London, 1859. 

Catalogue of the specimens and drawings of mammals, 
birds, reptiles, and fishes of Nepal and Tibet, pre- 
sented by B. H. Hodgson ... [By J. E. Gray and G. 
R.Gray.] 2nd edit. 12"- London, 

Report on the zoological collections made in the Indo- 
Pacific Ocean during the voyage of H.M.S. Alert, 
1881-2. 8"- London, 1884. 


Guide to the galleries of mammalia. 8"- [Zo»?r/ow,] 1885. 
Catalogue of carnivorous, pachydermatous, and edentate 

mammalia. ..ByJ.E.Gray,F.R.S. 8"- London, IHm. 
Catalogue of ruminant mammalia (Pecora Linnaeus) ... 

By J. E. Gray, F.R.S., F.L.S. 8°- London, 1872. 
Hand-list of the edentate, thick-skinned, and ruminant 

mammals ... By Dr. J. E. Gray, F.R.S., F.L.S. 

8"- London, 1873. 
Catalogue of seals and whales ... with supplement. 

By J. E. Gray.F.R.S. 2nd edit. 8"- Lotuhn , imG-Tl . 
Hand-list of seals, morses, sea-lions, and sea-bears . . . 

By Dr. J. E. Gray, F.R.S. 8"- London, 1874. 

List of the specimens of cetacea . . . By WiUiam Henry 

Flower, LL.D., F.R.S. 8°- London, 1885. 

Catalogue of monkeys, lemurs, and fruit-eating bats ... 

By Dr. J. E. Gray, F.R.S. 8«- London, 1870. 

Catalogue of the chiroptera ... By George Edward 

Dobson, M.A., M.B. 8"' London. 1878. 

List of the osteological specimens... 12"- London. 1847. 
Catalogue of the bones of mammalia ... 

8"- London, 18G2. 


List of the specimens of birds ... By G. R. Gray, F.R.S., 

F.L.S. Pt. .3, sec. iii and iv, Capitonida; and picida;. 

Pt. .'), Galling. 2 pt. 12"- London, m\l-H. 

Catalogue of the birds of the tropical islands of the 

Pacific Ocean ... By G. R. Gray, F.L.S., F.Z.S. 

8"- London, 1859. 
Catalogue of British birds ... By G. R. Grav, F.L.S., 

F.Z.S. 8"- London. 18G3. 

Hand-list of genera and species of birds, distinguishing 

those in the Museum. By G. R. Grav. F.R.S. 

[Edited by J.E.Gray.] 4 vol. 8"- /.o»rW, 18G9-71. 

rt. 1. Acoipitres, Fissirostres. Tenuirostres anil Dentirostres. 
2. in 2 vol. C'ouirostrcs. Scansores, Colnnilia' luid Clallina'. 
li. Strutliiones. (Jralla- anil .\nscros : with indices of peneric 
anil specific names. 

I 2 



ology — rojithiucd. 
Catalogue of the birds ... By R. Bowdler Sharpe, 
Henrj' Seebohm, and Hans Gadow, Ph.D. 10 vol. 

8"- London, 1874-85. 

Yol. 1. Accijiitres, or (Uin-nal birds of prey. 

2. Stri<_'e^. or nocturnal binls of iire.v. 

3. I'us- l ifni iii' >. or perching binls ; Coliomorpha'. 

4. Pa-.i i iliiriiir-. or perching birds ; t'ichloniorplue, pt. 1. 

5. ra^-iiril.aiiKs. or percliing birds: Cichloniorplia;, pt. 2. 

6. rassui itornies, or jiercliing birds ; Cicldomorplia;, ])t. 3, 


7. Passorifnrnies, or percliing birds; Ciclilomorphie, pt. 4, 


8. I'as.Jriihiniics. or perching birds; Cichloniori)ha;, jit. 5, 

l'arida\ IjaniidiE, CerthiomorphiE. 

9. Passerifornies, or perching birds ; CinnjTimorphiE. 

10. Passerifornies, or perching birds ; Friiigilliformes, pt. 1. 

A guide to the Gould collection of humming-birds. 
[By A. C. L. G. Gitnther.] ?>vA edit. 

8"- London, 1884. 


Catalogue of colu brine .snakes... By Dr. Albert Gitnther 
[Edited by J. E. Gray.] 12"- Loudon, 1858. 

Catalogue of the specimens of lizards ... [By J. E. 
Gray.]. 12°- London, 1845. 

Catalogue of the lizards ... By George Albert 
Boulenger. Vol. 1. Geckonidae, eublepharidse, 
uroplatidae, pygopodidse, agamidge. "ind edit. 

8»- London, 1885. 

Catalogue of the tortoises, crocodiles, and amphis- 
bajnians ... [By J. E. Gray.] 1'2°- London, 1844. 

Catalogue of shield reptiles ... Pt. 1. Testudinata 
(tortoises). By J. E. Gray, F.R.S. With supple- 
ment. 2 pt. 4»- London, 1855-70. 

Appendix to the catalogue of shield reptiles ... By 
J. E. Gray, F.R.S. 2 pt. 4o- London, 1872. 

Pt. 1. Testuilinata (tortoises^. 

2. Eiuyildsanrians, Rliyucliocephalia and Amphisbsenians. 

Hand-list of the specimens of shield reptiles... By 
Dr. J. E. Gray, F.R.S., F.L.S. 8°- Loudon, 187,o. 

The gigantic land-tortoises (living and extinct) ... By 
A.C.L.G.Guntiier,M.D.,F.R.S. 4"- Zo;«Zoh, 1877. 

Guide to the gallery of reptilia...[By Albert Giintber.] 

8"' \_Lo7idon,'\ 1885. 


Catalogue of the Batrachia gradientia s. caudata and 

iKitiachia apoda ... By George Albert Boulenger. 

2nd edit. 8"- Londou, 1882. 

Catalogue of the Batrachia .salientia ... By Dr. Albert 

Giinther. [Edited by J. E. (xray.] 8"- Loudon, 
Catalogue of the Batrachia salientia s. ecaudata ... 

2nd edit. By George Albert Boulenger. 

8"' London, 1882. 


Catalogue of fish, collected and described by Lawrence 
Theodore Gronow ... [Edited by J. E. Gray.] 

12"- London, 1854. 

Catalogue of apodal fish ... By Dr. J. J. Kaup. 
[Translated from the (xcrman by Sir J. Richardson, 
and edited by J. E. Gray.] 8"- London, 1851). 

Catalogue of lophobranchiatc fish ... By J. J. Kaup, 
Ph.D. [Edited by J. E. Gray.] 12"- London, ]Hi>i;. 

Catalogue oi the fishes ... By Albert Giinther, M.A., 
M.D. 8 vol. 8''' London, 18.'')9-70. 

A uthropod<(. 

Catalogue of coleopterous insects .... Pt. 7 and 8, 
Longicornia. By Adam White, M.E.S. 2 pt. 

12"- London, 1853-5. 
Catalogue of the coleopterous insects of Madeira ... 

By T. V. Wollaston, M.A., F.L.S. 8"- London, 1857. 
Catalogue of tlie coleojjtorous insects of the Canaries ... 

By T. V. Wollaston, M.A., F.L.S. 8"- London, IHlU. 
List of the coleopterous in.socts ... Pt. 1, Cucujidsc. 

12"- London, 1851. 
Illustration.s of typical specimens of coleoptcra ... By 
Charles Owen Waterhouse. Pt. 1 , Lycidii;. 

8"' London, 187'.). 

BRITISH MUSEUM. Department of Zo- 
ology — cont'/ lined. 
Catalogue of Halticida; ... By the Rev. Hamlet 

Clark, M.A., F.L.S. Pt. 1, Physapodes and 

CEdipodes. 8"- Londou, 1860. 
Catalogue of HispidEe ... By Joseph S. Baly, M.E.S 

Pt. 1. 8"- London, 1858. 

Catalogue of hymenopterous insects ... 7 pt. in 2 vol. 

12"- London, 1853-9. 
Catalogue of British Hyraenoptera ... By Frederick 

Smith, M.E.S. Pt. 1, Apidis, bees. 1st and 2nd 

edit. 12°- London, 1855-76. 

Catalogue of British f ossorial Hymenoptera (Formicidte 

and VespidiE) ... By Frederick Smith, V.P.E.S. 

12"- London, 1858. 
Descriptions of new species of Hymenoptera ... Bj' 

Frederick Smith. 8"- London, 187'.). 

List of Hymenoptera, Avith descriptions and figuies of 

the typical specimens ... Vol. 1, Tenthredinidre 

and siricidaj, by W. F. Kirby. 8°- London, 1882. 
Catalogue of British Ichneumonidas ... By Thomas 

Desvignes, M.E.S. 12'^- London, 

Catalogue of the specimens of neuropterous insects ... 

[By F. Walker. Edited by J. E. Gray.] 4 pt. 

12»- London, 1852-3. 
Catalogue of the specimens of neuropterous insects ... 

by Dr. H. Hagen. Pt. 1, Termitina. [Edited by 

J. E. Gray.] 12"- London, 1858. 

Catalogue of orthopterous insects ... Pt. 1, Phasmidte, 

by J. O.Westwood, F.L.S., M.E.S. 4"- London, 1851). 
Catalogue of the specimens of Blattari^... By Francis 

Walker, F.L.S. 8"- London, 1868. 

Catalogue of the specimens of Dermaptera Saltatoria. 

and supplement to the Blattariae ... By Francis 

Walker, F.L.S. 5 vol. 8'^- London, \m.)-l\. 

Catalogue of lepidopterous insects... Pt. 1, PapilionidiB 

[by G. R. Gray]. 4"- London, m>2. 

List of the specimens of lepidopterous insects ... By 

Francis Walker, F.L.S. 35 pt. in 10 vol. 

12"- London, 1854-66. 
Specimen of a catalogue of Lycaenidae ... By W. C. 

Hewitson. 4"' London, 1862. 

Catalogue of diurnal Lepidoptera of the familj' Saty- 

ridffi ... By Ai-thur Gardiner Butler, F.L.S., F.Z.S. 

8''- London, 1868. 

Catalogue of diurnal Lepidoptera described by Fabri- 
cius... By A. G. Butler, F.L.S. 8"- London, imx 

Illustrations of typical specimens of Lepidoptera 
Heterocera... By A. G. Butler. 5 pt. [Pt. 4, North- 
American Tortricidae, by Lord Walsingham.] 

4"- London, 1877-81. 

List of the specimens of dipterous insects ... [By 
Francis Walker. Edited by J. E. Gray.] Pt. 5, 
supp. 1 ; pt. 6, supp. 2 ; and'pt. 7, supp. 3. 3 pt. 

V2°- London, 1854-5. 

List of the specimens of hemipterous insects ... [By 
W. S. Dallas. Edited by J. E. Gray.] 2 pt. 

12''- Loudon, 1851-2. 

Catalogue of the specimens of heteropterous- 
Hemiptera ... By Francis Walker, F.L.S. 8 pt. 

8"- London, 1867-73. 

List of the specimens of homopterous insects ... By 
F. Walker, F.L.S. Supplement. 12"- London, 18^8. 

Catalogue of Myriapoda ... By George Newport, 
F.R.S., P.E.S. Pt. l,Chilopoda. 12°- London, IHhi]. 

Catalogue of Crustacea ... Pt. 1, Lcucosiadae, by 
Thomas Bell, V.P.R.S. 12''- London, 1855. 

Catalogue of the specimens of amjihipodous cru.stacea ... 
By C. Spence Bate, F.R.S., F.L.S. 8<^- London, 1 862. 


(luidc to the systematic distribution of mollusca ... Pt. 
1, by J. E. Gray, Pli.D., F.R.S. 8'^- London, 1857. 

Catalogue of the mollusca ... Pt. 4, Brachiopoda, 
Ancylopoda or lamp shells. 12*^- London, 1853. 



ology — coiithi lied. 
List of the mollusca ... By J. E. Gray, Ph.D., F.R.S. 

Pt. 1 , Vohitidte. Pt. "i, Olividaj. 12"- London, IHin^ 
Catalogue of PhancroiJiieumoiia, or terrestrial opercu- 

lated moUusca ... [By L. G. C. PfeifEer. Edited 

by J. E. Gray.] 12°- London, lSi>2. 

Catalogue of Pulmoiiata, or air-breathing mollusca ... 

[By J. E. Gray.] Pt. 1. London, 1S5[>. 

Catalogue of Auriculidaj, Proserpinida^, and Trnnca- 

tellida3...By Dr. LonisPfeiffer. 12»- London, m;>7. 
List of the shells of the Canaries ... collected by MM. 

Webb and Berthelot. Described and figured by 

Prof. Alcide D'Orbigny, in the '• Histoire naturelle 

des lies Canaries." [By J. E. Gray.] 

London, 1854. 

List of the shells of Cuba ... collected by Ramon de la 
Sagra. Described by Prof. Alcide D'Orbigny, in 
the " Histoire de File de Cuba." [By J. E. Gray.] 

London, 1854. 

List of the shells of South America ... collected and 
described by Alcide D'Orbigny, in the " Voyage dans 
TAmerique Meridionale." [By J. E. Gray.] 

12"- London, 1854. 
List of mollusca and shells ... collected and described 
by MM. Eydoux and Souleyet. [By J. E. Gray.] 

London, 1855. 

Catalogue of the collection of Mazatlan shells ... col- 
lected by F. Reigen. Described by P. P. Carpenter. 
[Edited by J. E. Gray.] 12"- London, 1857. 

Catalogue of the Conchifera, or bivalve shells ... Pt. 1, 
Veneridae, Cyprinidfe, and Glauconomidse. Pt. 2, 
Petricoladae (concluded), Corbiculadse. [By G. P. 
Deshayes. Edited by J. E. Gray.] 

12"- London, 1854. 

Poly sou. 

Catalogue of marine polyzoa ... Pt. 3, Cyclostomata. 
[By G. Busk. Edited by J. E. Gray.] 

8"- London, 1875. 

I 'cnnex. 

Catalogue of the species of entozoa, or intestinal 
worms ... 12"- London, 1853. 

A catalogue of British non-parasitical worms ... By 
George Johnston, M.D. 8'-- London, 18G5. 

Catalogue of the recent echinida, or sea eggs... Pt. 1, 
Echinida irregularia. 12°- London, 1855. 


Catalogue of lythophytes, or stony corals ... By 
J. E. Gray, F.R.S. 8"- L.ondon, 1870. 

Catalogue of sea-pens, or pennatulariida; ... By J. E. 
Gray, F.R.S. 8"- London, 1870. 

List of British diatomaceaB ... By the Rev. W. Smith, 
F.L.S. [Edited by J. E.Gray.] 12"- London, Wo'd. 

The British navy triumphant ... containing accounts of 
the victories of Admirals Howe, Jervis, Duncan and 
Nelson, in 17'J4, 171)7 and 17'J8. S"- Oxford, 17'J8. 

Information for emigrants ... 8"- London, 1842. 


Watches and clocks. [British Manufacturing In- 
dustries, 3.] 8"- L^ondon, 1877. 

The watch and clockmakers' handbook. 4tli edit. 
[C.C.] 8«- London, 1881. 

BRITTEN, Jamks, F.L.S. 
Old country and farming words, gleaned from agri- 
cultural books. [English Dialect Society, 3.] 

8"- London, 1880. 


A dictionary of English plant-names. Pt. 1 and 2. 
[English Dialect Society, series C, 22, 2G.] 

8°- London, 1878-80. 

BRITTON (John), F.S.A. 
An historical and architectural essay relating to 
Redcliffe church, Bristol : illustrated with plans, 
views, and architectural details, including an account 
of the monuments, and anecdotes of the eminent 
persons interred within its walls ; also, an essay on 
the life and character of Thomas Chatterton. 

4"- London, 1813. 

Beauties of Wiltshire : di.splayed in statistical, historical 
and descriptive sketches, interspersed with anecdotes 
of the arts. Vol. 3. 8°- London, 1825. 

The architectural antiquities of Great Britain, repre- 
sented and illustrated in a series of views, elevations, 
plans, sections and details of ancient English edifices ; 
with historical and descriptive accounts of each. 
Vol. 5, containing a chronological history and illus- 
trations of Christian architecture ... chronological 
lists, an architectural glossary, indexes. 5 vol. 
[Vol. 1-4, 2nd edit.] 4"- London, 1826-35. 

Unioii of architecture, sculpture and painting, exempli- 
fied by the house of Sir John Soane. 

4"- London, 1827. 

A brief memoir of Sir John Soane. [Privately printed.] 

4«' London, 1834. 

Cathedi-al antiquities. Historical and descriptive 
accounts, with 311 illustrations, of the following 
English cathedrals : viz. — [Vol. 1.] Canterbury, 
York. [Vol. 2,] Salisbury, Norwich, Oxford. 
[Vol.3.] Winchester, Lichfield, Hereford. [Vol.4.] 
Wells, Exeter, Worcester. [Vol. 5.] Peterborough, 
Gloucester, and Bristol... 5 vol. 4°- London, 

A dictionary of architecture and archaeology of the 
middle ages ... 4P- London, 1838. 

Graphic illustrations, with historical and descriptive 
accounts, of Toddington, Gloucestershire, the seat of 
Lord Sudeley. [Contains pedigrees of the families 
of Tracy of Toddington, and Sudeley of Sudeley.] 

4°- London, 1840. 

Ail essay on topographical literature ... with accounts 
of the sources, objects and uses of national and local 
records, and glossaries of words used in ancient 
writings. [Contains a list of MSS. and books relating 
to Wiltshire. 50 copies printed.] 4"- London, 18-i'i. 

Auto-biography ... in three parts. Pt. 1, personal and 
literary memoir of the author. Pt. 2, descriptive 
account of his litei'ary works. Pt. 3, appendix : bio- 
graphical, topographical, critical and mi.scellaneous 
essays. [This work was printed for presentation to 
the subscribers to the Britton testimonial.] 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1850. 
Sir BRAYLEY (Edwahd Wedlake). GODWIN 
(George). JACKSON (Rev. J. E.), ROBIXSON 
(P. F.). 

BRITTON (John), F.S.A., and BRAYLEY 
(Ei)WAKi) Wedi.ake). 
The beauties of England and Wales : or, delineations 
topographical, historical and descriptive of eacli 
county. 19 vol. in 26. 8"- London, IHOl-ll. 

Memoirs of the Tower of London ; comprising histori- 
cal and descriptive accounts of that national fortress 
and palace. B"' London, 1830. 

BRITTON (John), F.S.A., and PUGIN 


Illustrations of the public buildings of London ; with 
historical descriptive accounts of each edifice. 2 vol. 
[La. and sm. paper copies.] 8"- London, 1825-8. 



BROADBENT (Rev. Thomas Big(;in), A.M. 
The folly of vice and the wisdom of virtue, represented 
in two discourses ... London, V?\7 . 

Report of the geological survey of the State of Missouri, 
including field work of 187^-4 : with illustrations and 
an atlas. 2 vol. 8"- Jcfcr.<on C'ifi/, iSli. 

BROADLEY (A. M[kykick]). 
The last Punic war. Tunis, past and present : with a 
narrative of the French conquest of the Regency. 
2 vol. 8°- Edinhurijh, 1882. 

BROCA (Dr. P.vul). 
On the phenomena of hybridity in the genus homo. 
Edited ... by C. Carter Blake, F.A.S.L. [Anthropo- 
logical Society.] 8"- Loudon, 18154. 

BROCH (Dr. 0[le] J[ACQrKs]). 
Le royaume de Norvege et le peuple norvegien : ses 
rapports sociaux, hygiene, moyens d'existence, sauve- 
tage, moyens de communication, et economie. 

8°- Chr/xtianhi, 187G. 

BROCHMAND (Casi'ak Euasmus). 
Universaj theologise systema. Editio quinta, cui in fine 
subjunctus est in canonicam et catholicam divi 
Jacobi epistolam commentarius. 3vol.ini. [D.C.] 

fo. Ulmw, 1(358. 

[BROCK (Ikying)-] 
A letter to the inhabitants of Spital-Fields on the 
character and views of our modern reformers. 

■ 8"- London, 1817. 

BROCKEDON (Williaji), F.R.S. 
Illustrations of the passes of the Alps, by which 
Italy communicates with France, Switzerland and 
Germany. 2 vol. 4"- London, 1838. 

Sec ROBEKTS (David). 

BROCKETT (Joiix Ti;ottek), F.S.A. 
A glossary of north-country words in use ; with their 
etymology and affinity to other languages, and oc- 
casional notices of local customs and popular super- 
stitions. [2nd edit.] 8°- Neircastle-on-T^iic, 1829. 

BROCKETT (William Henuy). 
The tradesmen's tokens of the 17th century, of Durham 
and Northumberland, of Cumberland and Westmor- 
land, and of Derbyshire. 3 pt. 

8"- Gateshead- upon -T [I ne, 1851-7. 

BROCKLEHURST (Thomas Unett). 
Mexico to-day, a country with a great future ; and a 
glance at the prehistoric remains a,nd antiquities of 
the Montezumas. 8°- London, 1883. 

BRODERIP (William J(jiin) and BINGHAM 
Reports of cases argued and determined in the court of 
Common Pleas and other courts ... from Easter 
term, 51) Gen. Ill, 181',), to Easter term, 3 Geo. IV, 
1822. 3 vol. [R.L.L.] fP- London, 1S20-2. 

BRODIE (Alkxamiki:). 
Diary, l()52-8() : and of his Hon, James Brodie, ]()8()-5 ; 
consisting of extracts from the existing MSS., and a 
republication of the volume. [Edited by David Laiiig. 
Spalding Clul), 33.] 4"- A herdeen, \HC,:i 

BRODIE, Alkxandki!. 
The reminiscences of Solomon Alex. Hart, R.A. 

8"' London, 1882. 

BRODTB (Sir Benjamin C[oi,lins]), BS D.C.L. 
Psychological intjuiries ... essays intended to illustrate 
some jjoints in the physical and moral liistory of man. 
2 vol. 8"' London, 1856-62. 

BRODIE (Sir Ben.jamix C[olhns])— co«///^»ff/. 
Address on s(.)cial economy before the Association for 
the promotion of social science. 8°- London. 1858. 
Autobiography ... 8°- London, 1865. 

BRODIE (George), Historiographer Royal of 

A constitutional history of the British Empire, from 
the accession of Charles I to the Restoration ; with 
an introduction, tracing the progress of society and 
of the constitution from the feudal times to the 
opening of the history ... New edit. 3 vol. 

8°- London, 1866. 

BRODIE (Rev. Petek Bellixgek), M.A., 

A history of the fossil insects in the secondary rocks of 
England. [S.M.] ■ 8''- London, 1845. 

A statement of facts, addressed to ... capitalists and 
the labouring classes in England ... on the great 
capabilities and natural advantages of the Australian 
colonies, particularly New South Wales and Victoria, 
for emigration. 8°- London, 1862. 

BRODRIBB (Rev. W[illiam] J[ackson]), M.A. 

BRODRICK (Hon. George (C[harles]). 
Five years of Liberal policy and Conservative opposition. 

8°- London, 1874. 

Liberal principles. 8°- London, 1877. 

English land and English landlords : an enquiry into 

the origin and character of the English land system. . . 

[Cobden Club.] 8"- London, \m. 

The reform of the English land system. [Cobden Club.] 

8°- London, 1883. 

Memorials of Merton College, with biographical notices 
of the wardens and fellows. [Oxford Historical 
Society, 4.] 8"- Oxford, 1885. 


Die silurischen Etagen 2 und 3 in Kristianiagebiet und 
auf Eker. [Publications of the Royal University of 
Christiania.] sm. fo. Kviatianki, 1882. 

BROGLIE ([Albert,] Due de). 
Frederick the Great and Maria Theresa, from hitherto 
unpublished documents, 1740-2. From the French 
by Mrs. Cashel Hoey and John Lillie. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1883. 

BROGNIART (Alexandre). 
Traite des arts ceramiques : on, des poteries considerees 
dans leur histoire, leur pratique et leur theorie. 2'^- 
t'dit., corrigee et augmenti'e par Alphonse Salvetat. 
2 vol. and an atlas. 8°- Pari.^, 1854. 


List of brokers of the City of London. 1797, 1816, and 
l«21-85. 13 vol. ' 120- London, [XTri-] 

A letter, from a merchant in London to a member of 
parliament, about the Brokei's' Act. fo. sh. n.d . 

Petition to the house of Commons of the English 
brokers, against strangers and the sonnes of aliens 
exercising brocage. fo. sh. 

Reasons for passing the bill for the better preserving 
of pul)lick credit [against the practices of brokers 
and stock jobbers]. fo. sh. n.d. 

The brokerage question considered. 3rd edit. 

8"- London, n.d. 

B[ROME] (H[enry]). 
Ecclcsia restaurata : a votive poem to the rebuilding 
of St. Paul's Cathedral. fo. LMndon, 1()77. 

BROMIARDUS (Joannes). 
Summa pnedicantium. 2 vol. in 1. [D.C.] 

fo. Antverjnw, 1614. 



BROMLEY (Henry). 
A catalogue of engraved British portraits, from Egbert 
the Great to the present time. Consisting of the 
effigies of persons in every walk of human life ... 

4"- London, 179.3. 

BROMMICH, Andrew,' and ATKINS, Wiij.iam. 
Trial ... for being Romish priests, together with [that] 
of Charles Kern. fo. London, 1679. 

BRONKHURST (Rev. H. V. P.). 
The colony of British Guyana and its labouring popu- 
lation ... 8"- London, 1883. 

BRONTE. Charlotte. .SVr REID (T. Wemyss). 

BRONTE, Emily. ,SVr ROBINSON (A. Maey F.). 


BR[OOKE] (Ar[t)iuk]). 
The tragicall historye of Romeus and Juliet . . . [New 
Shakspere Society.] 4°- I^ondon, 1875. 

BROOKE (Charles). 
Ten years in Sarawak ; with an introduction by H.H. 
the Rajah, Sir James Brooke. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1860. 

BROOKE (Charles), M.A.. F.R.S. Sir BIRD 

BROOKE (Miss [Charlotte]). 
Reliques of Irish poetry ... translated into English 
verse, witli notes explanatory and liistorical, and the 
originals in the Irish character : to which is subjoined 
[Maon,] an Irish tale. 4°- Dahlin, 1789. 

BROOKE (Fulke Greville, Lord). 
Works in verse and prose complete : for the first time 
collected and edited, with memorial-introduction 
and an] essay... by the Rev. Alexander B. Grosart. 
Fuller Worthies' Library.] 4 vol. Printed for 
private circulation. 8°- [Blackburn,] 1870. 

BROOKE (Sir James), K.C.B., Rajah of 

A letter from Borneo ; with notices of the country 
and its inhabitants ... 8"- London, 1842. 

Narrative of events in Borneo and Celebes, down to 
the occupation of Labuan, from [his] journals... 
together with a narrative of the operations of H.M.S. 
" L-is," by Capt. Rodney Mundy, R.N. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1848. 

A vindication of [his] character and proceedings, in 
reply to the statements privately printed and cir- 
culated by Joseph Hume, M.P. ... 8"- London, 1 853. 

The Queen on the prosecution of Sir James Brooke, 
K.C.B., against the Eastern Archipelago Company ; 
containing the judgments of the Queen's Bench and 
the Exchequer Chamber ... 8"- London, IHb'i). 

Srr BROOKE (Charles). ST. JOHN (Spencer). 

BROOKE (Raphe). 
A catalogue and succession of the kings, princes, dukes, 
marquesses, earles, and viscounts of this realme of 
England, since the Norman Conquest to the present 
yeere. fo. London, 1622. 

BROOKE (Richard), F.S.A. 

Observations illustrative of the accounts given by the 
ancient historical writers of the battle of Stoke 
Field... in 1487, the last that was fought in the 
civil wars of York and Lancaster ... [with some] 
particulars of the houses of Plantagenet and Neville. 
[Privately printed.] 8"- Lhr.rpool, 1825. 

Liverpool as it was during the last quarter of the 
eighteenth century, 1775-1800. S"- Ltrerpool, 185;]. 

BROOKE (Canon R[ichakd] E[ngland]), 

Private confession : does the Church of England 
encourage or allow it 8"- London, 1811. 

BROOKE (Sir RoiiEirr), Recorder of London, 
afterwards Lord Chief Justice of the Common 

Reading ... upon the stat. of Magna Charta, chap. 16. 

4"- London, 1641. 

BROOKE (Rev. Stopford A[i t:rsTrs]), M.A. 

Life and letters of the Rev. Frederick W. Robertson, 
M.A. 8"- London. 1868. 

Some philosophical aspects of poetry : an addiess 
delivered to the members of the Philosophical 
Institution, Edinburgh, at the opening of the session 
1872-3. H°- Edinhimjh. 1872. 

BROOKES (Henry). 

The Bank act of 1844. Free trade in gold not incom- 
patible with our standard of value, and the true 
remedy for ruinous fluctuations in prices and in the 
Bank rate of discount. 8"- London , '[8(!)\ . 

Lord Overstone on the Bank act and the currencj'. 
Correspondence between Lord Overstone and Henry 
Brookes. S"- London, 1862. 

BROOKES (Henry). 
Natal : a history and description of the colony, including 
its natural features, productions, industrial condition 
and prospects. Edited by Dr. R. J. Mann, F.R.A.S., 
F.R.G.S. 8°- London, 1876. 

BROOKES (Joshua), F.R.S., F.L.S. 
Address delivered at the anniversary meeting of the 
Zoological Club of the Linnean Society ... Nov. 29. 

8°- London, 1828. 

BROOKES (Mrs.). 
A dialogue between a lady and her pupils, describing a 
journey through England and Wales. 3rd edit., 
with an account of England and of the metropolis, 
by the Rev. John Evans, A.M. 8°- London, 1814. 

A history of the most remarkable pestilential distempers 
that have appeared in Europe for three hundred years 
past. S"- London, 1721. 

The general gazetteer, or compendious geographical 
dictionary. Edited by A. Picquot, F.G.S. 1 8th edit. 

8"- London, 1827. 

BROOKS (Thomas). 
London's lamentations : or, a serious discourse con- 
cerning the late fiery dispensation that turned our 
City into a ruinous heap ... 4"- L^ondon, 1670. 

[BROOME (Capt. Ralph).] 
Letters from Sinipkin the second \_pseiid.'] to his dear 
brother in Wales, containing an humble description 
of the trial of Warren Hastings, in Westminster Hall. 
2nd edit. sm. 8°- Lo/idon, ]1[)2. 

BROOME (William), LL.D. 
Poetical works. [Johnson's English Poets, 44.] 

8"- London, 1790. 

Sec JOHNSON (Samuel). 

BROTHERS, Richard. 
A testimony of the spirit of truth concerning Richard 
Brothel's, in an address to the people of Isi-ael ... 
with some account of the manner of the Lord's 
dealing with his servant William Bryan. 

S"- London, 1795. 

Look before you leap : or, the fate of the Jews. A 
warning to the people of other nations, in the case of 
Richard Brothers, the prophet. S"- London, n.d. 



BROTHERTON (William). 
The olive, the rape and the fla.x ; tlieir products and 
theii- cultivation. 8"- London, 1857. 

BROUGH (Anthony). 
Considerations on the necessity of lowering the ex- 
orbitant freight of ships employed in the service of 
the East India Company. 8"- Londo,), 178G. 

BROUGHAM (Henky, Lord), F.R.S. 

An inquiry into the colonial policy of the European 
powers. 2 vol. in 1. 8"- Ed/idinrgh, 1H();5. 

A discourse of the objects, advantages and pleasures of 
science. [Anon.] 8"- Lo)/doji, 1827. 

A speech on the present state of the law of the country, 
delivered in the house of Commons, Feb. 7. 2nd 
edit. 8°- London, 1828. 

Who shall be our leaders V 8"- London, 1835. 

Thoughts upon the aristocracy of England : by Isaac 
Tomkins. gent. 1st and 7th edit. 8"- London, l!rVi]f). 

A letter to Isaac Tomkins, gent., author of the Thoughts 
upon the aristocracy of England : from Mr. Peter 
Jenkins. ■ 1st and 7th edit. 8°- London, \H3b. 

A letter to Isaac Tomkins and Peter Jenkins on primoge- 
niture: by Timothy Winterbottoni. X"' London, 1 X:55. 

Reply to Lord John Russell's letter to the electors of 
Stroud on the principles of the Reform Act. 4th 
edit. 8"- L.omlon, 18.39. 

Historical sketches of statesmen who flourished in the 
time of George the Third : to which are added, 
remarks on party, and remarks on the French Revolu- 
tion. 3 series. [Series 1 , 2nd edit.] 3 vol. 

8"- London, ]8;')y-43. 

Letters on law reform, to Sir J. R. G. Graham, B*-, 
M.P. 8«- London, 1843. 

History of England and France under the House of 
Lancaster ; with an introductory view of the early 
reformation. [^4?iOH.] 8"- London, 1852. 

Contributions to the " Edinburgh Review." 3 vol. 

8"- London, 185G. 


Koinau orators : Cicero. 
Greek orators : Demostlieiies. 
Enplisli orators : Lord Erskine. 

Pulpit rl,„|llc niH'. 

His-i'iiin \\h Historical MEMOIUS. 
Wali")li' his contemporaries. 

Political characters of the reigns of George III and 

George IV. 
William Pitt. 

George IV and Queen Caroline. 

2. FoKKlGX r{)L,i(:v : Gexukal Questions. 

Balance of power, January, 1803, and January, 1SU7. 
Forei^;n alTairs, July, 1809. 

Forcif-'n relations of Great Britain, Janmry, 183a. 

Sjianisli alfairs, January, 1808. 

Spain and the war, Octoiier, 1808. 

Spanish affairs — Saragossa, April, 1809. 

Poland, Jainiary, 1814. 

Conduct of the war, October, 1809. 

I'lirlianientary reform, February, 1811. 

Queen Consort, September, 18U. 

Dangers of the constitution, September, 1«1C. 

.\liirms of sedition. March, 1817. 

('aniiiiig : iiarliamcntary reform, November, 1822. 

High 'J'ory princijiles, October, 1821. 


Currency and connnerce, October, 1803. 

National debt, January, 1804. 

Usury : law taxes, October, 18 IC. 
CiiiMixAi, Law. 

Knglisli crinunal law, February, 1812. 

lieiitliairi : theory of iiunishments, October. 181S. 

Law of libel - liberty of the jiress, September, 1810. 
PiivsicAi, .Science. 

Kejilcr's problem. 

Meteoric stones. 

Davy's discoveries. 

Loril Nelson and Lady Hamilton. 

Muiigo Park. 




Crawford : historical and litcrarj anecdotes. 

Jacobit(i anccrlotes. 

Courier : condition of tlie Frcncli. 

American statesmen. 

Congress of Verona. 

BROUGHA]\I (Henpy, Lord)— conthined. 
Lord Brougham's acts and bills, from 1811 to the 
present time : nov/ first collected and arranged, with 
an analytical review showing their results upon the 
amendment of the law, by Sir John E. Eardley- 
. AVilmot, B"" 8"- Zo«(/o/;. 1857. 

Inaugural address before the Association for the pro- 
motion of social science. 8°- London, 1858. 
Life and times ... written by himself. 3 vol. 

8°- London, 1871. • 
Str ERSKIXE (Thomas, Lord). HILL (Matthew 

BROUGHTON (Thomas), A.B. 
The christian soldier ... a sermon preach'd to the 
second regiment of foot-guards in the Tower Chapel, 
Oct. 23, 1737. 8"- London, 1738. 

BROUGHTON (Prebendary Thomas), A.M. 
An historical dictionary of all religions, from the 
creation of the world to this present time ... 2 vol. 
in 1. fo. London, 175G. 


BROUWER (BKoiiKius). 
Schriftmatige verklaringe van den Ixviii Psalm. De 
voornaame pligten van eenen euangelie dienaar, 
voorgestelt in eene redenvoeringe over 2 Tim. iv, 
vs. 1-4. [B.C.] 4°- Amsterdam, 1752. 

BROWN (Andrew). 
History of Glasgow ; and of Paisley, Greenock, and 
Port- Glasgow... 8"- Glu^tjon-, lTdi>. 

BROWN (Rev. A[ndkew] Mokton), LL.D. 
Our day and its deniands : a discourse on the wants of 
the day, delivered before the Irish Congregational 
Union, at Newry, 12th Sept. 8«- London, 1877. 

BROWN (Archibald), M.A. 
An epitome and analysis of Savigny's treatise on obli- 
gations in Roman law. 8°- London, 1872. 
A new law dictionary and institute of the whole law. 

8"- London, 1S74. 

The law of fixtures ; embracing the Agricultural holdings 
acts, 1H75, incorporating the principal American de- 
cisions, and generally bringing the law doWn to the 
present time. 3rd edit. 8"- London, 1875. 

S(T BAIXBRIDGE (William), SXELL (Edmund 
H. T.). 

BROWN (C. Barrington). . 
Canoe and camp life in British Guiana. 

8"- London, lS7(i. 

BROWN (CoiiNFLirs). 
The annals of Newark-upon-Trent, comprising the 
history, curiosities, and antiquities of the borougli. 

4"- London. l.S7'J. 

[BROWN (David).] 
^' The truth as it is in Jesus'" defined in the constitution 
and order of the London Ecclesia of immersed 
believers... 3rd edit. 8"' London. [1870.] 

BROWN (F[i!ANcis] C[arn.\(]). 
Letters to and from the government of Madras, relative 
to the disturbances in Canara, in April, 18.37 ... 

8"- Lojn/on, 1838. 

BROWN (Rev. H[i'(;ii] Stowell). 
A quarter of a century in the Nonconformist ministry : 
a lecture. 12"- LA)ndon, 1HT6. 

BROWN (Hi:mpiii!i;v), M.P. 
Irish wants and practical remedies : an investigation, 
on practical and economical grounds, as to the ai)i)li- 
oatioii of a government system of railways in Ireland. 
[C.C.] 8"- London, 1848. 



BROWN (Rev. J. T.). 
The death of Aaron : a sermon preached in the Baptist 
chapel, Caml;ridge, Oct. 18th. on the death of the Rev. 
William Roljinson ... 8"- Xorthatnpto)! , 1874. 

BROWN (Jamks), LL.D. 
The forester : or, a practical treatise on the planting, 
rearing, and general management of forest-trees. 
4th edit. 8"- London, 1871. 

BROWN (Jamks BALinvix), LL.D. 
Memoirs of the pul)lic and private life of John Howard, 
the philantliropist. Compiled from his diary and 
confidential letters. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1823. 

BROWN (Rev. J.vmks Baldwin), B.A. 
Church and state: four addresses. 12°- London, 187G. 

BROWN (Rev. John), D.D. 

Essays on the Characteristics of the Earl of Shaftesbury : 
1. On ridicule considered as a test of truth. 2. On 
the motives to virtue and the necessity of religious 
principle. 3. On revealed religion and Christianity. 
3rd edit. 8°- Loudon, 1752. 

The real character of the age : in a letter to Dr. Brown, 
occasioned by his Estimate of the manners and princi- 
ples of the times. 2nd edit. 8°- London, \lbl. 

A letter to the Rev. Dr. Lowth, occasioned by his 
Letter to the right rev. author of the divine legation 
of Moses. \_Anoii.'] 8"- NeiraiMe-njwn-Tijne, 

BROWN (John), M.D. 
Horae subseciva;. 2nd edit. 

Locke and Syilenliaiu. 

St. Paul's tlioru iu the flush : 
What was it '! 

Dr. Audrew Combe. 

'■ Witli brains, sir." 

ICxcursus etliicus. 

Dr. Henry Marsliall anil mili- 
tary hygiene. 

llab and his friends. 

The same. 2nd series. 

Vanghan's poems. 
Dr. Clialmers. 
Dr. (ieorge Wilson. 
Dick mihi, or cur why 
}ler last half-crown. 
Our dogs. 

Queen Mary's child-garden. 

, LL.D. 

8°- Edinhnnjli. 1859. 

Artlmr II. Hallani. 

Art and science : a contrasted 

T)ic l>la,rk dwarf's bones. 

Our ( : idcon ( i rays. 

Dr. Anilrcw Brown ami Syden- 

Free competition in medicine. 

8°' Edinhurcjh, 1861. 

Presence of mind ; happy guess- 

Excursus cthicus. 

Letter to John Cairns, D.D. 

" Mystifications." 

Notes on art. 

" Oh, I'm wat, wat ! " 

Education through the senses. 

John Leech and other papers. 8°- Ed/nhnrijh, 1882. 

John Leech. 

A Jacobite family. 


Miss Stirling Kraham, of Dun- 

Tliackeniy's death. 
Marjorie Fleming. 

" In clear dream and soleuni 

Jeems the doorkeeper. 

Sir E. Lanilscer's jncturc, 

. "There's life in tlie old dog 

The enterkin. 
The Duke of Atliole. 

The mystery of black ami tan. 
E. Ct. C. to his friend in town. 
Sir Henry Kaeburn. 

BROWN (John), F.R.G.S. 
The North-west passage, and the plans for the search 
for Sir John Franklin : a review, with maps ... 2nd 
edit., with a sequel including the voyage of the 
"Fox." W- London, ISOO. 

BROWN, Capt. Joiix. 
Opinions of the press on The life and letters of Capt. 
John Brown who was executed at Charlcstown, 
Virginia, Dec. 2, 185'J ... edited hy Richard D. Webb. 

12"- London. [181; 1.1 


BROWN (LocKHAHT M. Ten.nvson). 
Tlie battle of the bridge Bromlii : a Roman ballad, 
translated from the original tongue and adapted to 
modern circumstances (Gt. Central Gas Consumers' 
Company). 8"- London, 185'J. 

BROWN (i^roi'NT) 
Catalogue of British 
stamps. 5th edit. 

colonial and foreign postage 
4"- London, 1804. 

BROWN (Mr.). 

Amu.semcnts, serious and comical, calculated for the 
meridian of London. 8"- London, 170U. 

BROWN (R.). 

Thoughts on immortality, sacrifice, and the struggle for 
eternal life, viewed in the liglit of reason only. 

12"' London, 1H77. 

[BROWN (Raavdon).] 
Margaret of Austria, Duchess of Parma ; date of her 
birth on Venetian authority. la. 8"- Venice, 1880. 

BROWN (RiciiAHD). 
The principles of practical perspective, or scenograi)hic 
projection ; containing universal rules for delineating 
architectural designs on various surfaces ... 2 pt. 

4"' London, 1X35. 

[BROWN (RoisKKT).] 
The subjects sorrow : or, lamentations upon the death 
of Britaines Josiah, King Charles ... [Also ascriljcd 
to Archbishop Juxon.] 4"- London, 

BROWN (RoiiEUT), M.A., Ph.D., F.L.S. 
A manual of botany, anatomical and physiological. 
[S.M.] 8"- Edinhnnjh, 1874. 

BROWN (Commander Samuel), R.N., K.H. 
Private report of tlie present state of Westminster 
Bridge ; with plans for its security and improvement, 
accompanied by drawings : addressed to Joseph Hume, 
M.P. ... 8°- Britjldon, 183(3. 

BROWN (Thum.\s). 

Novus reforraator vapulans : or, the Welch Levite tossed 
in a blanket. In a dialogue between Hick[cringill] 
of Colchester, David J[o]nes, and the of Wil. 
Pryn. {Anon.'] 4"- London, lOOl. 

A legacy for the ladies : or, characters of the women 
of the age ... with A comical view of London and 
Westminster : or, the merry quack ... to which is 
prefixt, the character of Mr. Tho. Brown and his 
writings, written by Dr. Drake. 8°- London, 1705. 

Works ... serious and comical, in prose and verse. 5th 
edit. 4 vol. 8"- London, \T>^). 

See WARD (Edward). 

BROWN (TiioM.\s). 
The new London spy : or, a twenty-four hours' ramble 
through the bills of mortality. 1st and 2nd edit. 

12°- London, 1771-2. 
The new cheats of London exposed : or, the frauds 
and tricks of the town laid open. 8°- London, n.d. 

BROWN (Capt. Thomas), M.P.S. 
Illustrations of the fossil conchology of Great Britain 
and Ireland, with descriptions and localities of all the 
species. [S.M.] 4"- London, 1K4',). 

BROWN (W.). 
Ob.servations on tlie jui'i.sdiction of the Lord I^Iayor'.s 
court, and the prohibition from the court of Common 
Pleas. 8"- London, 1874. 

BROWN (Waltek). 
Tales, poetry, and fairy talcs. Illustrated with ... 
woodcuts ... by the famous Tliomas Bewick. 2nd 
and 3rd edit. 4"- London, 1881-4. 

Fables. With cuts by Thomas Bewick. 

4"- London, 1884. 

BROWN, Widow. 
A true relation of the murther of Widow Brown, 
committed in Holborn. 4"- London, 1674. 



[BROWN (Wn.LiAM), jun.] 
A brief account of the ancient prison called the 'Fleet' 
...the liberty of the rules, ancient Fleet marriages. 
Also, remarks on the imprisonment for debt ... 

S°- London, 1843. 

BROWN (William). 

Thoughts on paper currency and lending on interest as 
affecting the prosjierity of labour, commerce and 
manufactures. [S.M.] S"- London, 1«72. 

BROWN (William HAia). 
Charterhouse past and present : a brief history of the 
hospital founded in Charterhouse by Thomas Sutton, 
and more particularly of the school belonging thereto. 

8"- Goduhninrj, 1879. 

BROWN (William Rohkht Henry). 
Golden Lane Brewery. The Attorney-General verms 
Brown, Parry, and others. The proceedings in this 
cause ... also a statement of the origin and progress 
of the concern ... 8"- London. [1808.] 


Catalogus senatus academici, et eorum qui munera et 
officia gesserunt, quique alicujus gradus laurea donati 
sunt, in Universitate Brunensi, Providentife, in Re- 
publica Insulaj Rhodiensis. 8"- rror/dentnv, 1873. 

Catalogue of the officers and students ... 1870-81. 
5 pt. 8"- Providence, 1877-80. 

BROWNE (A. J. JuKKS-), B.A., F.G.S. 

The student's handbook of physical geology. 

8°- London, 1884. 

,S:«' PENNING (W. Henry). 

BROWNE (Chakles F.). 
The complete works of ... Artemus Ward. 

8"- London. [1870.] 

BROWNE ([Rev.] Eiwakd Geor(ie Kirwan). 
Annals of the Tractarian movement, from 1842 to 
1860. 3rd edit. 8"- Lo?>don, 1S61. 

BROWNE (Ei)AVAHi) Harcjld), D.D., Bishop of 

An exposition of the thirty-nine articles, historical and 
doctrinal. 10th edit. 8«- London, 1874. 


BROWNE (Rev. Geokcje Forrest), B.D., M.A. 
The Venerable Bede. [The Fathers for English 
Readers.] 8°- London, 1879. 

On some inscriptions and supposed inscriptions at 
Wilne, Monkwearmouth, Jarrow, and Hawkswell. 

8»- Cumhvidfje, 1884. 
The ancient sculptured shaft in the parish church at 
Leeds. 8"- London, 1885. 

"Scandinavian" or " Danish" sculptured stones found 
in Loiidoii, and tlieir bearing on the supposed 
" Sciuidiiiaviair' or "Danish" origin of other English 
Hculi)turcd stones. 8"- London. [188.5.] 

(Jn the pre-Norman scidpturcd stones at Derby.shirc. 

8"- London. [188;").] 

BROWNE, Hahlot Knight. -sVr THOMSON 
(David Ckoal). 

BROWNE ([Rev.] J. Cave), M.A. 
I>'uiib(!tli Palace and its associations ; willi ;ui inii-o- 
duction by the Aichbishop of Canterlniry. 

8"- Edinhnnih, IH«2. 

BROWNE (J. Ross). 
Report of the detiates in the (Jonvention of Ciiliforiii:!, 
on the formation of the State (!onstitution, Iti 
Sept. and Oct., I84'J. H"- Woxh 'nujlon, \ m). 

BROWNE (Major J[ames]). 
India tracts ; containing a description of the Jungle 
Terrj' districts, their revenues, trade, and govern- 
ment ... also, an history of the origin and progress of 
the Sicks. 4°- London, 1783. 

BROWNE (James), LL.D. 
A history of the Highlands, and of the Highland clans. 
4 vol. 8°- Glasgow, 1838. 

BROWNE (Rev. John), M.A. 
A defence of the Bishop of London's second pastoral 
letter, against the exceptions advanc'd in a late piece, 
entituled, A plea for the sufficiency of human 
reason in matters of religion. * 8"- L^o?idon, 1730. 
The divine authority of the Christian religion, and the 
natural deity of Jesus Christ, the author of it. 

8"- London, 1732. 

BROWNE (John). 
The history of the metropolitan Church of St. Peter, 
York : illustrated by extracts from authentic records, 
by plains, sections, and engravings of architectural 
and sculptural details. 2 vol. roy. 4"- London, 1847. 

BROWNE (John Samuel). 
A catalogue of bishops ; containing the succession of 
archbishops and bishops of the provinces of Canter- 
bury and Y''ork, from the glorious revolution of 1688 
to the present time. 8"- London, 1812. 

BROWNE (Joseph), LL.D., M.D. 
An oration design'd to be spoke to the Queen in her 
procession to St. Paul's, Dec. 31, being the thanks- 
giving-day for the success of Her Majesty's arms; 

fo. sh. London. [1706.] 
A letter to Mr. Secretary Harley, occasion'd by his 
commitment to Newgate ... answer'd. 

8"- London, 1706. 
A practical treatise of the plague, and all pestilential 
infections that have happen'd in this island for the 
last century ; with a prefatory epistle to Dr. Mead. 

8°- London, 1720. 

BROWNE (Matthew). 
Chaucer's England. 2 vol. 8°- London. l^ii'X 

BROWNE (MoNTA(iu), F.Z.S. 
Practical taxidermy : a manual of instruction to the 
amateur in collecting, preserving, and setting up 
natural history specimens of all kinds ; to which is 
added, a chapter upon the pictorial arrangement of 
museums. 2nd edit. 8°- London, 1884. 

BROWNE (Rev. Moses). 
Percy Lodge ... a poem. 4°- London, \lhh. 

BROWNE (P[nTLip]). 
The history of Norwich, from the earliest records to 
the present time. sm. 8"- iN'o^v/r//, 1814. 

BROWNE ([Canon] R[oi!ERt] W[illl\m]), 
M.A., Ph.D. 

History of Roman classical literature. 8"- London, n.d. 

BROWNE (Thomas), D.D. 
TouHis alter et idem : or, the historic of the life and 
reigne of that famous Princesse, Elizabeth ... 

4"- London, 1629. 

IHIOWNE (Thomas), B.D. 
The story of the ordination of our first bishops, in 
(^uetui Elizabctli's reign, at the Nag's Head Tavern, 
in Cliea])sido, thoroughly examined; and proved to 
be a lato-invoiited, inconsistent, solf-contradicting 
and absurd fable ... 8"- L<nidon, 1731. 



BROWNE (Sir Thomas). 
Works and correspondence... Edited by Simon Wilkin. 
4 vol. 8°- London, 1835-0. 

Vol. 1. Memoirs of Sir Thomas Browne. 

Uoiuestic correspondence, journals. 
Miscellaneous correspondence. 

2. Kelifiio iiiedici. 

I'seudodoxia epideniica : or, enquiries into vulgar ami 
common on-ors. Books 1-3. 

3. rseudodoxia cjiidemica. Books 4-7. 
The ^'arden of Cyrus. 

H vdriotapliia : or, urn burial. 
Brami)ton nrns. 

4. l{ei)ertorium : or, some account of the tombs iu tlie 

cathedral of Norwich. 
A letter to a friend. 
Christian morals. 

Miscellany tracts published in 1684 : also miscellanies. 
Latin letters from Theodore Jonas. 
Unpublished jiapers. 

Dr. Thomas Brownie's journey mth Dr. Plot. 
Account of the MS. collections of Sir Thomas and Dr. 
Edward Browne. 

BROWNE (W. A.), LL.D. 
The merchants' handbook of the money, weights and 
measures of all nations ; with their British equivalents. 
2nd edit. 8o- London, 1872. 

BROWNE (W. A. F.). 
Epileptics, their mental condition. 8°- London, 1865. 

BROWNING (Elizabeth Bakkett). 
Poetical works... 7th edit. 5 vol. 8°- London, \%(>'i. 

BROWNING (GEomiic). 
Footprints : poems, translated and original. 2nd edit. 

8»- London, 1872. 

An -introduction to the history of educational theories. 
[Education Library.] 8°- London, 1881. 

Poetical works ... 6 vol. 8<'- London, 1808-70. 

Vol. 1. Pauline. 


2. Sordello. 

l'i])pa passes. 
'i. King Victor and King 

Dramatic lyrics. 

The return of the Druses. 
4. A blot in the 'scutcheon. 

Colonibe's birthday. 
Dramatic romances. 
. 5. A soul's tragedy. 

Christmas ere and Easter 

Men and women. 
6. In a balcony. 
Dramatis persons. 

The ring and the book. 4 vol. 8°- Zo»f/o«, 1808-9. 
Balaustion's adventure : including a transcript fi-om 
Euripides. 8"- London, 1871. 

Prince Hohenstiel-Schwangau, saviour of society. 

8"- Lo7idon, 1871. 
Fitine at the fair. 8°- London, 1872. 

Red cotton night-cap country : or, turf and towers. 

8"- London, 1873. 
Aristophanes' apology, including a transcript from 
Euripides ; being the last adventure of Balaustion. 

8"- London, 1875. 
The inn album. 80- London, \'A1I>. 

Pacchiarotto, and how he worked in distemper ; with 
other poems. 8°- London, 1870. 

La Saisiaz : the two poets of Croisic. 

8°- London, 1878. 
Dramatic idyls. 8"- London, 1ST.). 

Ferishtah's fancies. 8"- Zo//(/w/, 1884. 

Srr BIRRELL (Augustine). BROWNING SO- 

BROWNING (Tiu)M.\s). 
Prison tlioughts, by one who hath been a prisoner iu 
Lndgate ever since the 12th August, 1()8(). 

4"- London, 1082. 

BROWNING (William S[nn>T(jN]). 
The history of the Huguenots during the 10th century. 
■2 vol. S°- London, 18211. 

BROWNING (William fi[un'Tos'\)—conlhmed. 
The history of the Huguenots, from 151)8 to 1838. 

8"- L.ondon, 1839. 
Leisure hours. 8°- L^ondon, 1841. 


On the poet objective and subjective ; on the latter's 
aim ; on Shelley as man and poet : by Robert 
Browning. (Being a reprint of the introductory 
essays to [25 spurious] " Letters of Percy Bj'sshe 
SheUey.") 2nd edit. 8"- London, im\. 

A bibliography of Robert Browning, from 1833 to 1881 : 
compiled by Frederick J. Furnivall. 2nd edit. 

8"- London, 1881. 


The Brownists conventicle : or, an assemble of 
Brownists, separatists, and non-conformists, as they 
met together at a private house to heare a sermon of 
a brother of theirs neere Algate, being a learned 
feltmaker... 4"- London. \iU]. 

The clergyes bill of complaint : or, submissive suite of 
one in the behalf of all the orthodox churchmen 
throughout England, exhibited to Parliament against 
Brownists, Anabaptists... 4°- O.rford, KUB. 

BOROUGH (John). 
Reports of divers choice cases in law ... 3rd edit. 
[R.L.L.] 4«- London, 1675. 

BROWNRIG (Ralph), D.D., Bishop of Exeter. 
Sermons. 2 vol. [D.C.] fo. Zo«(/o^;, 1001. 

BRUCE (Alexaxdek). 
Letter to the Vice- Chancellor, proving the continuance 
in the suit of Lord Portmore r. Alexander Bruce, 
WiUiam Taylor, James Gordon ... of the conspiracy, 
first discovered in 1813-14, against Mr. Bruce ... in 
the collusive and fraudulent joint bankruptcy of 
Bruce, Brown and Scott ... 8°- J^ondon, 1831. 

BRUCE, H[exky] A[i:sTix], M.P. 
Life of General Sir William Napier, K.C.B. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1864. 

BRUCE (James). 
Travels to discover the source of the Nile, in the years 
1708-73 : to which is prefixed, a life of the author 
[by Alexander Murray]. 3rd edit., corrected and 
enlarged. 8 vol. [Vol. 8, plates, 4"] 

8°- Edinhuryh, 1813. 

BRUCE (John), M.P., F.R.S. 

Report on the arrangements which were made for the 
internal defence of these kingdoms, when Spain, by 
its Armada, projected the invasion and conquest of 
England ; and application of the wise proceedings 
of our ance.stors to the present crisis of public safety. 

8"- London. ]7!)8. 
[Privately printed for the use of the ministers at the 
time of Bonaparte's threatened invasion. This copy, 
signed by Mr. Bruce, was sent to the R'- Hon. Henry 
Dundas (afterwards Lord Melville), Secretary of War, 
and by him presented to the Hon. Court of 

Annals of the Honourable Ea'st India Company, from 
the first establishment by charter of Queen Elizabeth, 
1000, to the union of the London and English East- 
India Companies, 1707-8. 3 vol. 4"- London, \HH). 

The history of the ancient Savoy Palace (built by the 
Duke de Savoy, a.d. 1245), now the site of the 
Waterloo bridge. 8"- London, 1817. 

BRUCE (John). F.S.A. Srr COWPER (William). 
LAUD, William. 



BRUCE (Rev. John CoLLixcavooD), 'M.A., 
LL.D., F.S.A. 
The Roman wall : a historical, topographic;il and 
descriptive account of the barrier of the Lower 
Isthmus, extending from the Tyne to the Solwaj', 
deduced from numerous personal surveys. 

8"- Loudon, 1851. 
The same. 3rd edit. 4o- London, 1867. 

The Bayeux tapestry elucidated. 4"- London, 185(). 
A descriptive catalogue of antiquities, chiefly British, 
at Alnwick Castle. Printed [by the Duke of 
Northumberland] for private distribution. 

4"- Nrircdxtlfi-iqion-T/jne, 1880. 
,sVv XEWCASTLE-ITPOX-TYXE. Society of Anti- 
quaries of. 

Emblomata politica : quibus ea quae ad principatum 
spectant brcviter demonstrantur, singulorum vero 
cxplicatio fusius proponitur. 4"- Anjentine, 1G18. 

BRUCKNER (Rev. John). 
Criticisms on tlic Diversions of Purley : in a letter to 
Horne Tooke. By I. Cassander [y;.sp((f/.]. 

8"- L^ondon, 1790. 
Thoughts on public worship. 8"- London, 17'J2. 

BRUEN (John). Sec ASSHETOX (Xicholas). 

BRUEYS (David Augustin de). ,sVr CIMBER (L.). 

BRUGSCH-BEY (Prof. Dr. Hknkv). 
A liistory of Egypt under the Pharaohs, derived entirely 
from the monuments : to which is added, a discourse 
on the exodus of the Israelites. Translated and 
edited ... by Philip Smith, B.A. 2nd edit. 2 vol. 

8°- London, 1881. 

BRUHL ([Jkan Maukice,] Comte de). 
A register of one of Mr. Mudge's time-keepers. 
■ [C.C.] 8"- London, 1771. 

On the investigation of astronomical circles. [C.C.] 

8"- London, 17'J4'. 

Explanation of tlie most proper method of calculating 
a mean daily rate. [C.C.] 8°' London, n.d. 

BRULL (Dr. Adolf). 
Fremdsprachliche Redensarten, und ausdriicklich als 
fremdsprachlich bezeichneteWtirter in den Talmuden 
und Midraschim. S"- Leip-i/j, 18()9. 

Trachten der Juden im nachbiblischen Altherthume. 
Ein beitrag zur allgemeinen Kostiimkunde. 1 Theil. 

H°- Franlfnrt aj.]/., 187;5. 
Zur Geschichte der Samaritaner, nebst eincm Anhange 
enthaltend Varianten zur Genesis des samaritanischen 
Targums. 8"- Fnin/.fnii aj.y., IHli). 

Beitrage zur Kenntniss der jiidisch-deutschen Literatur. 

8"- Frankfurt ajM., 1877. 

BRiiLL (Johaxn). .sVr AACHEX. Das Konigliche 
Gymnasium zu. 

BRUMMELL, GiocniGE. Sn- .lESSE (Oapt. Wil- 

BRUNDRET T (Jon at i l\ n ) . 
Statement of [his] case ... submitted to the considera- 
tion of the Ijcnchers of the ]\Iiddle Temple. 

8"- [London, lH2a.] 

BRUNEL (Isami'.akd), M.A. 
Remarks on the [iroceedings at Capetown in the matter 
of tiio Bishop of Natal. H"- London, IHC>H. 

BRUNEL (Sir M[ai!(] I [samhakd]), C.E., 

A new plan of tunnelling calcidated for opening a 
roadway under the Thames. 8"- London, n.d. 


BRUNET (Jacques Chaules). 
Manuel du libraire et de I'amateur de livres ... 4 vol. 

2<'- edit. 8"- Parh, 1814. 

The same, b"- edit. 6 vol. 8°- P«y/.s, 1860-5. 

Supplement ... par P[ierre-Charles-Ernest] Deschamps 
et [Pierre-] G[ustave] Brunet. 2 vol. 

80- Paris, 1878-80. 

The genealogy of the most illustrious house of ... with 
an account of the posterity of King James I . . . 

fo. London, 1701. 


Collections, printed and pictorial, relative to the 
calamitous fall of the Brunswick theatre, Wellclose 
square, Goodman's fields, Feb. 28. With a full and 
accurate account of its destruction : to which is 
subjoined, the new musical farce of " An Uncle too 
many," by James Thomson, never performed but on 
the only two evenings the Brunswick theatre was 
opened ; and a sermon preached, on account of the 
loss of life occasioned by its destruction, by J. 
Stock, M.A. 40' London, 1828. 

Destruction of the ... with the statements of the Rev. 
G. C. Smith and Messrs. Wm. and Percy Farren, 
[and] a history of the theatre. 8°- London, 1828. 

BRUNTON (T. Laudek), M.D., D.Sc., F.R.S. 

The Bible and science. 8°- London, 

BRUSONIUS (Lucius Domitius). 
Facetiarum exemplorumque libri septem. [D.C.] 

8"- Liujduni, 1662. 


ViUe de Bruxelles. Rapport fait au Conseil communal, 
en seance du 2 octobre, 1871 [et du 5 octobre, 1885], 
par le College des Bourgmestre et Echevins, en 
execution de I'art. 70 de la loi du 30 mars, 18H6. 2 
vol. - 8°- Bruxelles, 1871-85. 

BRUTUS (Junius), p.vud. See FERGUSOX 


A new opera, called, Brutus of Alba : or, Augusta's 
triumph, as acted at the theatre in Dorset-gardens. 

4"- L.ondon, 16'J7. 

BRUYN (Lodewijck). 

Tresoor van de gewichten, maten van koorn en landen. 
[D.C.] 12"- Anif^terdani, 1668. 

Verbetert specie-boeck vervatende alderhande goude 
en silvere specien na den jegenwoordigen cours van 
gelde. [D.C.] 12°- Amderdivn, 1668. 

BRYAN (Gkc^rge). 
Chelsea in the olden and present times. 8°- Cliehea, 1 869. 

BRYAN (Michael). 
A biographical and critical dictionai-y of painters and 
engr-avers, from the revival of the art nndei' Cimabue, 
and the alledged discovery of engraving by Finigucrra, 
to tlie present time ... 2 vol. 4"- Londxni, l^Xio. 
A new edit., revised, enlarged and continued ... by 
George Stanley. 8"- London, 1849. 

Srr OTTLEY (Henuy). 

BRYAX, William. Srr BROTHERS. Richard. 

Tlie British atlas of a series of maps of the counties 
of ICngland and Wales: made from new surveys ... 
Scale 1 in. to 1^ in. to a mile. 1822-31. 


i!ciUcii-(L Is2r>. 
Clu-sliin', ln:iL 
CIciiici'stiTsliii-e, 1K2.1. 
Ilcrtfoiclsliirc, 1822. 
Liiicoliisliirc, 1828. 

Norfolk, 1H2G. 
Nortliiimptoiialiire, 1827. 
Sutl'nlk, 1820. 
Surrov, 182.1. 

York-iliiiv, K. Riilint', 1820. 


BRYANT (Jacoh). 
Address to Dr. Priestley upon his Doctrine of philo- 

sopliiciil necessity illustrated. 8"- London, 1780. 
A new system : or, an analysis of antient mythology ; 

wherein an attempt is made to divest tradition of 

fable, and to reduce the truth to its original purity. 

ard edit. ('> vol. 8"- London, 1807. 

BRYANT (WiLLi.ui Cui.len). 
Poems. 8"- London, 187:?. 

BRYANT (WiiJ.iAM Cullkn) and GAY 
(Sydney Howaki)). 
A popular history of the United States, from the first 
discovery of the western hemisphere by the North- 
men to the end of the first century of the Union of 
the States : preceded by a sketch of the pre-historic 
period and the age of the mound builders. 4 vol. 

8"- London, 187G-81. 

BRYCE (Rev. Prof. [G.]), M.A., LL.B. 
Manitoba : its infancy, growth and present condition. 

8"- London, 1882. 

BRYCE (Prof. Ja.mes), D.C.L., M.P. 
Theholy Roman Empire. Gthedit. 8°- Lo«f7o/;, 187(3. 

BRYDALL (John). 
Camera Regis : or, a short view of London. 

8"- London, 1070. 

BRYDGES (Sir HAiiFOKn Jones), B*- 
Letter to Sir Charles Forbes, B*-, on the continuation 
of war in Affghanistan and China. 

8"- PreMehpu [1842.] 

BRYDGES (Sir [Samuel] Egerton), B*-, K.J., 

Restituta : or, titles, extracts, and . characters of old 
books in English literature revived. 4 vol. 

8"' London, 1814-10. 

Censura literaria ; containing titles, abstracts, and 
opinions of old English books, with original disqui- 
sitions, articles on biography, and other literary 
antiquities. 2nd edit. 10 vol. 8"- London, 

Who M'as Ita, Countess of Hapsburg, who founded 
the monastery of Muri in Switzerland in 1018, and 
died 1020 V On this question depends the develop- 
ment of the origin of the imperial houses of Hapsburg 
and Lorraine, on which a new light is here thrown. 

8°- Purh, 182G. 

Sec COLLINS, Arthur. 

BRYDGES (Sir [Samuel] Egerton), B*-, and 
HASLEWOOD (Joseph). 
The British bibliographer. [250 copies printed.] 
4 vol. 8°- London, 1810-14. 

[BRYDGES, Sir Samuel Ecjerton, B*-, and 
SHAW, Rev. Stekhing.] 
The topographer ; containing a variety of original 
articles, illustrative of the local history and antiquities 
of this kingdom. Monthly. April, 1 78i)-June, 1 7!)1 . 
27 nos. in 4 vol. " 8"- London, n9,\W:)\ . 

The same, Jan.-June, 1791. 4"^- London, 171)1. 

BRYDONE (Patrick), F.R.S. 
A tour through Sicily and Malta : in a series of letters 
to William Beckford, of Somerley, in Suffolk. A 
new edit. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1771). 

BRYDSON (Thomas), F.A.S.Edin. 
A summary view of heraldry in reference to the usages 
of chivalry and the general economy of the feudal 
system ; with an appendix respecting such dis- 
tinctions of rank as have place in the British Con- 
stitution. 8°- Edinburgh, 179;"). 

BUCANUS (Gulielmus). 
Clnistelicke institutie, ofte grondige verklaringe vande 
gemcene ])laetscn der Christelicker rcligio ... Uyt 
hot Latijn overgcsct door Philippuni Rulicum. 
[D.C.] 8"' Amstelduiii, \(]b1. 

Historia ecclesiastica nova, qua brevi compendio, res in 
ecclesia gestas Romanorumque pontificum a beato 
Petro usque ad Paulum IIII, describuntur. [D.C.] 

fo. Lordnii, loOO. 

BUCELTN (Gahkiel). 
Historiae universalis, turn sacra; turn proplian;e, 
nucleus ... 12"- U/inn; 1072. 

BUCER (Martin). 

Metaphrases et enarrationes perpetuce epistolarum Pauli 
Apostoli. Vol. 1. [D.C.] fo. Ar//entorat/, 15H0. 

Enarrationes in sacra quatuor evangelia. [D.C.] 

fo. Bits/ lew, 1 ;'):'(). 

Drei predigc" aus dem evangelio Matt. xi. [D.C.] 

4"- [Stnisshiirfj, 1538.] 

Acta coUoquii in comitiis Imperii Ratisponje habiti ... 
[D.C.] 4"- Argentoruti, 1.541. 

Abusuum ecclesiasticorum et rationis qua corrigi eos 
abusus oporteat indicatio Lnperatoriae Majestati, in 
comitiis Reguespurgi, postulanti, exhibita. [D.C.] 

40. Avf/pnlora//, 1541. 

Scripta duo adversaria Bartholomsei Latomi et Martini 
Buceri. [D.C.] 4"- Argentontt!, 1544. 

De concilio et legitime judicandis controversiis re- 
ligionis ; criminum qufein M. Bucerum Joli. Cochlajus 
... et qua; Joh. Gropperus ad Maiest. Iniperatoriam 
perscripsit, confutatio. Item, Epistola Jo. Cochlaii 
ad eosdem ordines in Mart. Bucerum. [D.C.] 

4"- Arf/fintorati, 1545. 

Disputata Ratisbona^. . .et coUocutorum Augustanaj Con- 
fessionis responsa...tractata et decretade concilianda 
religione in comitiis, Ratisbonensi, Spirensi, Vuor- 
maci("si et Augustano. Responsio ad Stephanum, 
Episcopum Vintoniensem, Anglum, de ciElibatu 
sacerdotum et coenobitarum. [D.C.] 4"- 1548. 

Gratulatio Martini Buceri ad ecclesiam Anglicanam, de 
religionis Christi restitutione. [D.C.] 4"- 1548. 

Scripta Anglicana fere omnia ... adjuncta est historia 
de obitu Buceri, qufeque illi, et Paulo Fagio, post 
mortem et indigna et digna contigere. [D.C.] 

fo. BdHileo!., Ibll. 

Constans defensio ex S. Scriptura et vera catholica 
doctrina atque observatione, universalis Christianae 
ecclesiae deliberationis de Christiana reformatione ... 
[D.C.] 4"- Genenr, 101.^. 

De vera ecclesiarum in doctrina, ceremoniis et disciplina, 
reconciliatione et compositione. [D.C.] 4"- n.d. 

BUCHAN (David Stewart Erskine, Earl of). 
Lettei' ... to his brother, Thomas Erskine, on the subject 
of education ... 8"- Ed/nhnnj/i, 1782. 

BUCHAN, Peter. 
Ancient ballads and songs of the north of Scotland, 
hitherto unpublished ; with explanatory notes. Re- 
printed fi'om the original edition of 1828. 2 vol. 

8"- Edhibnn/li, 1875. 

BUCHANAN (Rev. Claudius), D.D. 
Onderzoekingen naar den toestand des Christendoms in 
Azii' ; benevens eenigo berigten aaugaande de over- 
zcttingen dor H. Schrift in de oostersche talen. Uit 
het Engelschc vertaald, en met eenigo Aantcekeningen 
vermeerderd door J. Werninck. [D.C.] 

8"- Hddrlrm, 1814. 
Christian researches in India : to which are prefixed, a 
memoir of the author ... 8"- London, 1840. 


BUCHANAN (David). 
Inquiry into the taxation and commercial policy of 
Great Britain ; with observations on the principles of 
currency and of exchangeable value. [S.M.] 

8°- EcUnhurgli, 1844. 
BUCHANAN (Fkancis), M.D. 
A journey from Madras through the countries of 
Mysore, Canara, and Malabar ... 3 vol. 

4"- London. 1807. 

BUCHANAN (George). 

History of Scotland. 2nd edit., revised and corrected 
from the Latin original by Mr. Bond. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1722. 

An appendix to the History of Scotland, containing : 1. 
A detection of the actions of Mary, Queen of Scots, 
concerning the murder of her husband ; 2. A dis- 
course concerning the due privilege of government 
in the kingdom of Scotland ; [and] the genealogie 
of all the kings of Scotland; 8"- L^ondon, 1721. 

Rerum Scoticarum historia ... Notas ... addidit Jacobus 
Man... 8"- Ahredoiurv, IUVZ. 

BUCHANAN (Rev. Joiix Lanne). 
A defence of the Scots Highlanders in general, and 
some learned characters in particular ... 

8"- London, 1794. 

BUCHANAN (Robert). 
Poetical works ... 3 vol. 8"- London, 1874. 

Vol. 1. Ballads and romances. Ballads aud poems of life. 

2. Ballads aud poems of life. Lyrical poems ... 

3. Cornisken sonuets. Book of Oriu. Political mystics. 

BUCHLERUS (Johannes). 
Sacrarum profanarumque phrasium poeticarum 
thesaurus... [D.C.] 12°- Colonne Agrippina, 1623. 

BUCK (Rev. Charles). 
A theological dictionary ... A new edit, by the Rev. 
Dr. Henderson. 8"- London, 1833. 

BUCK (Sir Georoe). 
The history of the life and reigne of Richard UI. 

fo. London,, 1647. 

BUCK (George Watson), C.E. 
A practical and theoretical essay on oblique bridges. 
2nd edit., corrected, and with addition of description 
to diagrams for facilitating the construction of 
oblique bridges, by W. H. Barlow, C.E. [S.M.] 

8°- London, 1857. 
BUCK (Samuel and Nathaniel). 
Views of the most remarkable ruins of abbeys and 
castles in [England]. 2 vol. [Sets 1-14.] 

ob. fo. London, 172G-39. 

A mild but. searching expostulatory letter from the 
poor and plain-dealing farmers of the neighbouring 
villages to the ... Corporation ... fo. sh. ?i.d. 

BUCKINGHAM, Gicorgk Villiehs, 1st Duke of. 
Poems and songs relative to ... and his as.sassination 
by John Felton. Aug. 23, 1628. Edited, with an 
introduction and notes, by Frederick W. Fairholt, 
F.S.A. [Percy Society, 29.] 8"- London, 1850. 

BUCKINGHAM (George Villiers, 2nd Duke 

Speech in the house of Lords, November 16. 

4"- AmHterddin, 1675. 
A short discourse njion tlie reasonableness of men's 
having a religion or worship of God. 

4"- L<nidon, 16)85. 
A letter ... to tlic unknown author of a short answer 
to the duke's paper concerning religion, toleration, 
and liberty of conscience. fo. sh. London, 1685. 
A reply to [ditto]. fo. sh. London, 1685. 

BUCKINGHAM (George Villiers, 2nd Duke 
of) — continued. 
The rehearsal. First acted 7 Dec, 1671. Published 
[July?] 1672. With illustrations from previous 
plays... [Ai'ber's Reprints, 10.] 8°- London, '[^(Si. 
A letter to a friend in the country concerning the 
Duke of Buckingham. f o. sh. n.d. 

BUCKINGHAM (James Silk). 
Travels among the Ai-ab tribes inhabiting the countries 
east of Syria and Palestine ... 4°- London, 1825. 
Travels in Mesopotamia, including a journey from 
Aleppo across the Euphrates to Orfah. 

4"- London, 1827. 
Plan for the future government of India. 2nd edit. 

8"- London, 1853. 

Sc<' AEXOT (Sandfoed). 

BUCKINGHAM (John Sheffield, Duke of). 

The temple of death, a poem : written by the Marquess 
of Normanby...with several other excellent poems by 
the Earls of Rochester and Orrery, Sir Charles 
Sedley, Sir George Etheridge ... Mr. Dryden ... and 
Madam Wharton. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1695. 

An essay on poetry, by the Earl of Muiigrave. 

80' London, 1709. 

The works of John Sheffield, Earl of Mulgrave, 
Marquis of Normanby, and Duke of Buckingham. 

2 vol. ' 4"- London, 1723. 
A short character of Charles II ; with the conference 

between the Duke and Father Fitz-Gerald. 

8°- London, 1725. 
A character of John, Duke of Buckingham ; with an 
account of the pedigree of the Sheffield-family, 
[and] His Grace's last will ... 8"- London, 1729. 
Poetical works. [Johnson's English Poets, 32.] 

8"- London, 1790. 

Sn: JOHNSON- (Samuel). 

BUCKINGHAM (Leicester Silk). 
Dramatic works. 8"- London. [1854-66.] 

Duke of), K.G. 
Memoirs of the court and cabinets of George III, from 
original family documents. 4 vol. 

8"' London, 1853-5. 
Memoirs of the court of England during the'Regency, 
from original family documents, 1811-20. 2 vol. 

8"' London, 1856. 
Memoirs of the court of George IV, 1820-30, from 
original family documents. 2 vol. 8"- London, \&bd. 
Memoirs of the courts and cabinets of William IV and 
Victoria, from original family documents. 2 vol. 

8»- London, 1861. 

Private diary ... 3 vol. 8"- London, 1862. 

Buckingham House, a poem. [Title-page wanting.] 

8"' n.d. 

A letter from a freeholder ... concerning the election 
of kniglits of the said county. 

fo. sh. \_AHsburji, 1679.] 
An answer to A letter from a freeholder ... concerning 
the election of the knights of the said county. 

fo. sh. [1679.] 

A true account of what passed at the election of 
knights for the county ... concerning several falsities 
in a pamphlet, entitled, A letter from a freeholder. 

fo. sh. [Bnckinc/haiii, 1679.] 

BUCKLAND (Francis T[revelyan]), M.A. 
Cui iosities of natural history. 4th edit. 

8°- London. 1859. 
(Juriosities of natural history. 2nd, 3rd and 4th scries. 

3 vol. ' 8"- London, 1877-8. 



BUCKLAND (Fkancis T[kevklyan]), M.A.— 

Log-book of a fisherman and geologist. 

8"- London, 187(5. 
Notes and jottings from animal life. 8"- London, \S>^2. 
Sit BOMPAS (GEOEfiE C), WHITE (Gilbert). 

BUCKLAND (Wili.i.vm), D.D., F.R.S., Dean of 

Reliquiic Diluvianae : or, observations on the organic 
remains contained in caves, fissures and diluvial 
gravel, and on other geological phenomena, attesting 
the action of an universal deluge. 2nd edit. 

4°- London, 1824. 

Geology and mineralogy considered vrith reference to 
natural theology. [Bridgewater Treatise, fi.] 2 vol. 

8"- London, ]8;5l'). 

New edit. ; with additions by Prof. Owen, Prof. Phillips, 
and Mr. Robert Brown, and memoir of the author. 
Edited by Francis T[revelyan] Buckland, M.A. 
2 vol. 8"- London, 1Hi>H. 

BUCKLE (Hexry TnoM.\s). 
History of civilisation in England. 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1857-151. 
Miscellaneous and posthumous works ... Edited, with 
a biographical notice, by Helen Taylor. S vol. 

80- London, 1872. 

Vol. 1. Miscellaneous works. 

The influence of women on the progress of knowledge. 
Mill on liberty. 

Letter to a gentleman respecting Pooley's case. 
Posthumous works. 
Keign of Elizabeth. 

2. Common place books. 

3. Common place books. 
Sixteentli century. 

Manners in the seventeenth century. 
Notes for English history. 

Sir HUTH (Alfeed Heney). 

[BUCKLER (Rev. Ben.jamix), D.D.] 
Stemmata Chicheleana : or, a genealogical account of 
some of the families derived from Thomas Chichele, 
of Higham-Ferrers in the county of Northampton ... 

i°- Oxford, 17G5. 

BUCKLER (C. Dugald). 
The colony of Tasmania : recent statistics, with map 
and appendix ; also letters from settlers containing 
useful information for intending emigrants. 

8"- London, 1883. 

BUCKLER (Edwakd H.). 
The abbey of Waltham Holy Cross : historical and 
architectural notes. 4"- London. [1882.] 

BUCKLER (George). 

Twenty-two of the churches of Essex architecturally 
described and illustrated. 8"- London, 185(5. 

Colchester Castle : a Roman building and the oldest 
and the noblest monument of the Romans in Britain... 

8<'- Colchenter, 187(5. 

2nd section : or, archajological notes and sketches not 
to be found in the journals of societies. Not pub- 
lished. 8"- ColrJiester, 1877. 

3rd section ; being a synopsis of the pamphlets of 1 87(5 
and 1877 ... 8»- Colchester, 187i). 

4th section ; being a few remarks on an anonymous 
pamphlet, entitled, The history and antiquities of 

. Colchester castle ... Not published. 

8"- Lojidon, 1882. 

BUCKLER (John Chessell). 
Sixty views of endowed grammar schools, from 
original drawings ... with letter-press descriptions. 

40- London, 1827. 

' An historical and descriptive account of the royal 
palace at Eltham. [With extra illustrations.] 

8°- Lotidon, 1828. 

BUCKLER (John Chessell and C. A.). 
A history of the architecture of the Abbey Chui-cb of 
St. Alban, with especial reference to the Norman 
structure. 8"' London, 1847. 

BUCKLER (Rev. W[illiam]), M.A. 
Uchestcr almshouse deeds, from the time of King John 
to the reign of James the First, a.d. 1200-1(525 ; 
with appendix containing some brief topographical 
notices of ancient Ivoleester. 8"- Yeor/l, 18(5(5. 

A short history of natural science, and of the progress of 
discovery from the time of the Greeks to the present 
day. 3rd edit. 8"- London, 1883. 

[BUCKLEY (Samuel).] 
[Two] letters to Dr. Mead concerning a new edition of 
Thuanus's History. 8"- London, H2H. 

BUCKMAN (Prof. [James]), F.L.S., F.G.S., and 
HALL (RoiiEKT W.). F.G.S. 
Notes on the Roman villa at Chedworth, Gloucester- 
shire ; with a catalogue of the articles in the museum 
attached to it, with a plan. 3rd edit. 

8°- Cirencester. [1879?] 

BUCKMAN (Prof. [James]), F.L.S., F.G.S., and 
Illustrations of the remains of Roman art in Ciren- 
cester, the site of antient Corinium. 

4"- London, 18,50. 

BUCKNILL (John Charles), M.D., F.R.S. 
The psychology of Shakespeare. 8"' London, 1859. 
The care of the insane and their legal control. 

8"- London, 1880. 


A candid enquiry into the principles and practices of 
the most ancient and honorable Society of Bucks. 

12''- London, 1770. 

BUCKWORTH, Sir John. Siy SCOTT (John). 

A delineation and description of the famous city Offen, 
othei'wise called Buda, together with an account of 
the siege ; and aLso, an historical relation of the 
several sieges ... ever since it came into the Turkish 
possession. Translated by Joseph Moxon. 

broadside. London, 1684. 

A letter, being an historical account of the affairs of 
Hungary, more particularly relating to Buda, and 
how treacherously it was surprised by Solyman the 
Magnificent, anno 1541 ; as also, an account of the 
late siege. [By A. B.] fo. sh. London. [1(584.] 

A description of Buda in its antient and present state : 
with an exact and compleat account of the siege 
thereof, began by the Duke of Lorrain, July 14. 
1(584, and continued by him and the Elector of 
Bavaria till November 1, at which time the siege 
Avas raised. broadside. I^ondon, H'tHb. 

A short relation of the most remarkable transactions 
in several parts of Europe between the Christians 
and Turks, including a diary of the siege of Buda : 
done into English by P. R. fo. London. 1(585. 

BUDAPEST, Statistical Department of. 
Die konigliche Freistadt Pest im Jahre 1870. Resultate 
der VolkszahluTig und Volksbcschreibung : von Josef 
Kiiriisi. [Publicationen des stati.stisclien Bureaus der 
kon. Freistadt : iv.] 8"- Pest, 1S7\. 

Die Bauthiitigkeit Budapest's in den Jahren 1873 und 
1874: von Jo.sef Kiiriisi. [Publicationen des statis- 
tischen Bureaus der Hauptstadt Budapest : xii.] 

80- Berlin, 1875. 



BUDAPEST, Statistical BeTpiirtmentof—coiithnieiL 
Die Sterblichkeit in dcrStadt Pest in den Jahren ]S72-;5 
iind 1S7(')-H1 , und dcren Ursachen : von Josef Kiirosi. 
[Pul>licatioiien des statistischen Bureaus der Haupt- 
stadt Budapest : xi. xviii.] 2 vol. 

8»' Berlin, 1870-85. 

Statistique internationale des gi-andes villes. 2<^- 
section: statistiques des finances. Tome 1. Redigu 
par Joseph Koriisi. 4"- Budapest, 1877. 

Ouvrages du bureau communal de statistique de la ville 
de Budapest ... rt'digt's par Joseph Kiiriisi. [Hun- 
garian, French and Italian.] 8"- Berlin, 

Die Hauptstadt Budapest im Jahre 1881. Resultate 
der Volksbcschreibung und Volksziihlung vom 1 
Januar 1S81 : von Josef Kiirosi. Erstes, zweites luul 
drittesHeft. [Publicationen des statistischen Bureaus 
der Hauptstadt Budapest : xv.] 3 vol. 

8"- Berlin, 1881-3. 

Tableaux internationaux des recensements de 1880-1. 
Ville de Budapest, recensement du 1 Janvier, 1881 : 
annexe a Touvrage du recensement, rc'digi' par Joseph 
Korosi. . 8"- Berlin, 1882. 

Die liffentlichen Volksschulen der Hauptstadt Budapest, 
in den Schuljahren 1873-81 : von Josef Kiirosi. 
[Publicationen des statistischen Bureaus der Haupt 
stadt Budapest : xvi, xvii.] 2 vol. Berlin, 1883—4. 

BUDD (William), M.D. 
Scarlet fever and its pi-evention. 5th edit. 

8°- London, 1871. 

BUDGELL (Eustace). 
A letter to the Craftsman, occasion'd by his presenting 
a complaint to His Majesty against Sir Robert 
Walpole. 3rd and (ith edit. 8"- London, 1730. 


The budget : a collection of letters in favour of public 
liberty, published in the interval of 17()4 to 1770. 
3 vol. 12°- London, 178!l. 

Nrr HARTLEY (David), TORREXS (Col. Robert). 

BUFFON ([Gkokge Louis Li: clerc,] Comte de). 
Natural history, general and particular, illustrated with 
above 1)00 copper-plates. Tlie history of man and 
(|nadi'U])eds : translated, with notes and observations, 
by William Smellie. New edit, enlarged, with some 
account of the life of M. de Buffon, by William 
Wood. 20 vol. 8"' London, 1812. 

Vol. 1-2. Tlie history ami tlicorj of the earth. 

2. (ieiieral liistory of animals. 

3. The natural history of man. Dissertation on tlie 

nature of animals. 

4. Of the degeneration of animals. Domestic anin)als. 
5-10. JIanimals. 

11-20. Birds. 

BUFFS, The : 3rd Regiment of Foot. ,S',r ARMY. 

BUGEAUD, Marshal Thomas Robert. S/r 
IDEVILLE (Coimt Henry n'). 

BUGG (Francis). 
Quakoi'ism struck speechless : or, a further discovery of 

the great mystery ... Pt. 2. fo. London, \1(M\. 
The (^uakoi's infalliljility shaken all to pieces ... Pt. 7. 

fo. f^ondon, 1711. 
A fini.shing stroke : or, some gleanings collected out of 

the Quakers books ... fo. London, 1712. 

The (iuakersj)i-esent principles furtlierexjjos'd to i)ublick 

view... ;>rd edit. 8"- London, ]l]-2. 

Considerations on the Quaker's solemn allirmation ... 

])r()poscd to- parliament. broadside. London, 1715. 
A clean sheet to preserve my picture of (Quakerism ... 

and my new frame from the dust whicli may arise 

from the Quakers dunghill. 8"- London. [1721.] 

BUGGE (Sopiius). 
I^une-indskriften paa ringen i forsa kirke i nordre 
Helsingland. [Publications of the Royal University 
of Christiania.] 4"- Chri^tiunia, 1877. 

BUGGS (Samuel), B.D. 
David's strait : a sermon preached at Pauls Crosse, 
July 8, 1(521. 4"- London, Ui->. 


The Builder: an illustrated weekly magazine... conducted 
by George Godwin. Jan., 18G9-Dec., 1886. Vol. 
27-51. 25 vol. fo. London, 1869-86. 

The directory of building societies ; containing a list 
of societies incorporated under the Building Societies' 
Act, 1874. Compiled by Horace Kent and 
V. M. Braund. 1884,85-6. 8"- London. [1884-6.] 

Kelly's directory of the building trades, comprising 
every trade and profession in any way connected 
with architecture and building in England, Scotland 
and Wales, and some towns in Ireland, 3rd, 4th and 
5th edit. 8"- London, 1878-86. 


A briefe declaration for what manner of speciall 
nusaiice concerning private dwelling-houses a man 
may have his remedy by assise or other action as the 
case requires . . . together with the power and extent 
of customes in cities ... 4"- iyO«(/o//, 1636. 

An apology for the builder : or, a discourse shewing 
the cause and effects of the increase of building. 

4"- London, 1689. 

An act, 14 Geo. Ill, for the better regulation of build- 
ings and party- walls ... fo. \_London, 1774.] 

Tlie Building Act, 14 Geo. Ill : iUu.strated with plates 
shewing tlie proper thickness of party- walls, external- 
walls, and cliimnies ... 4"- Onnhridge, 1787. 

Acts regulating buildings... in the Metropolis : a digest 
of the law as it now stands with reference to building, 
and matters connected therewith, in the Metropolis 
and parts adjacent thereto ... 8"- Zo«f/o/;, 1856. 

BUISSON (F[erdinani)-1<:douari)]).^ 
Rapport sur rinstruction primaire a I'Exposition 
Univci'selle de Pliiladelphie en 187t), presenti' a M. le 
Ministre de I'lnstruction Publiquo au nom de la 
Commission envoyee par le Ministere a Philadelphie. 

8"- Paris, 1878. 

Notes on India. [India Reform Tracts, 3.] 

8"- London. [1853.] 
Phj'sical geography of Hindostan. 8"- EdinhiirfjJi, 1854. 


England's position with regard to Turkey and the 
Bulgarian atrocities : letter from Dr. Sandwith ... 
opinions of Lord Derby, Lord Russell ... 

12"- Lirerpool. [1876.] 

Report by Mr. Baring on the atrocities committed 
upon the Christians in Bulgaria. [Supplement to the 
" London Gazette," Sept. 19.] fo. jMndon,lHli}. 

Reports of provincial oppression submitted to the 
Sublime Porte in the name of the Armenian National 
A.ssembly, April 11 (o.s.), 1872. 8"- London, 1877. 

The same, in the Armenian language. 4"- 187(). 

The kidnajjping of Bulgarians during the Russo- 
Turkish war : correspondence witii the Manjuis of 
Salisbury. 8"- London, 1879. 

I5ULKELEY (Sir Richard). 
[Letter of apology to Sir St. John Brodi ick, addres.scd 
to W.Y., and dated Juno 10.] fo. sh. London. 1690. 



BULKLEY (Thomas). 
All appeal unto Cajsar ; wherein is declared the loyal 
activity of Tliomas Bulkley (late of New Pro- 
vidence, merchant), in the service of His ]\[ajesty 
William III, as evidence against and prosecutor of 
Cadwallader Jones (of the province of the Bahama 
Islands, late govcrnour), for tyranous and traiterous 
usurpation of an absolute power over the persons 
and properties of His Majesties liege people in- 
habiting tlie said province ... fo. London, MVM'i. 

BULL. George, D.D., Bishop of St. David's. -sVr 
XELSON (Robert). 

BULL (Henry G.). M.D. ,sVr HAVERGAL (Rev. 
Francis T.). 

BULL (John). pKeiul. 
The opinions of John Bull, comprised in an address to 
his wife and children ... 8"- London. [17'J2.] 

BULL (John). j;.srw/. 
An enquiry into the present state of Smithfield cattle 
market, and the dead-meat markets of the metro- 
polis ... 2nd edit. 80- Zo«(/o«, 1848. 


Account of some peculiar manners and customs of 
the people of Bull-land, or the island of contra- 
dictions, detailed by old Hubert. 8"- London, n.d. 

BULL STAIRS, Bankside. 
A true and certain account of some part of the skin of 
a man, with one of his kidneys, found in a boat at 
Bull stairs. fo. sh. London. [1687.] 

BULLOUS (Anton ius). 
OperjE horarum subcisivarum sive discursuum academi- 
corum, tam ex jure i)ublico quam privato desumtorum, 
decas miscellanea .. . [D.C.] 4"- Brema', \{V>\. 

BULLAKER, Thomas. 
An exact relation of the apprehension, examination, 
execution and confession of ...who, for seducing 
his Majesties leige people, was drawne, hanged and 
quartered at Tyburne, 12th Oct. 4"- London, 1(542. 

BULLAR (John). 

A historical and picturesque guide to the Isle of Wight. 
4th edit. sm. 8°- London , li^Xl . 

A collection of old English plays. 4 vol. Privately 
printed. 4"' London, 1882-5. 

Vol. 1. Tbc trugeily of Nero, 1624. 

The iiiaydes inetamorpliosis, 1600. 

The inart.M-'il soiililier, by H. Shirley, 1638. 

The noble S[aiiuiel] R[owley], 16.34. 

2. Dicke of Devonshire. MS. 

The laily mother, l>y Henry Rlapthorne. MS. 
Sir .John van Olden Barnavelt [by Fletcher and Mas- 
singer]. MS. 
[Captain Umlerwit, by .Tames Shii-ley.] M.S. 

3. Sir (5 vies Fi oosecajipe, 1606. 
Wisdonie of Doctor Dod.nroll, 1600. 
The ilistracted emperor. MS. 
History of the tryall of clicnalry, 1605. 

4. Two tragedies in one, by Robert Yarington. 

The cai)tivcs : or the lost recovered, by Thomas Ueywood. 

The eostlie wluire. 

Everie woman in her hnmor. 

,sVr DAY (John), DRAYTON (Michael). 

BULLEN (Edward) and LEAKE (Stephen 

Precedents of pleadings in personal actions in the 
superior courts of common law ; with notes. 2nd 
edit. [R.L.L.] 8"- London, 1803. 

BULLER (TiioM.\s Wentwortii). 
A reply to a pamphlet published by David Ricardo, 
M.P., on protection to agriculture. 8"' London, 1822. 

BULLET (Jean Baptiste). 
Mi'moires sur la langue celtique ... 3 vol. 

fo. Bexanron, 1 7.'>4-IjO. 


Bullies and cowards ; being some further particulars of 
a celebrated school. By one of the boys. 

8"- London, 1878. 

BULLINGER (Heixrich). 
Opera. 13 vol. in !). [D.C.] fo. Tif/nn, 1539-90. 

\'ol. 1. Isaias Projjheta exi}ositus honiiliis cxc. 
2. Daniel Propheta expositus Iioniiliis Ixvi. 
Epitome tcmpornm et rernm. 
3, 4. In Evangelium seonnduni Mattha'um. 

In Evangelium secumluni Marenm. 
5, 6. In Evangelium secundum Lncani. 

In Evangelium secundum Joanuem. 
7, 8. In Acta Aimstolorum. 

In onnit"; a]H.<tolicas E]iistolas. 
9. In Apni'.i 1 \ ri .1 rsu Cliristi. 
10-12. Sennonuii] iln-.rl. s cjuinciue. 
13. De origins ci-roris libri duo. 
De coneiliis liliri duo. 

Huysboeck. Viif decades, dat is, viiftich sermoonen 
van de voorneemste hooftstucken de Christelijcker 
religie. [D.C.] fo. ia(;8. 

Vanden Oorspronck der Wederdoopers...wt de Latijn- 
sche tale in Nederduytsch ouerghestelt door Ger- 
ardum Nicolai. [D.C.] 8«- Delft, 1580. 

Huys-boeck. Vijf decades, dat is, vyftich sermoonen 
van de voorneemste hooftstucken der Christelicker 
religie. [D.C.] fo. Dordrecht, 1582. 

Vanden Oor.spronc der Dwalinghe . . . Vande concilien. 
[D.C.] fo. Dordrecht, 1582. 

Huys-boeck. Vijf decades, dat is, vyftich sermoonen 
vande voorneemste hoofstucken der Christelicker 
religie. [D.C.] fo. Dordrecht, 1(307. 

Van den Oorspronc der Dwalinghe . . . Vande concilien. 
[D.C.] fo. Dordrecht, 1(507. 

Huys-boeck. Vijf decades, dat is, vyftick sermoonen 
vande voorneem.ste hooft-stucken der Christelicker 
religie. [D.C.] fo. Anivtelredum, 1022. 

Vanden Oorspronck der Dwalinghe . . . Vande concilien. 
[D.C.] fo. Utrecht, 1021. 

De Openbaringhe Jesu Christi ... Eerstniael in Latijn 
wtghegaen, ende nu in Neder-duytsch ghetrouwelick 
ouergheset. [D.C.] 8o- Dordrecht, 1582. 

Een seer schoon troostelick Boeck vande sware langh- 
duerige veruolghinglie der heyliger Chi-istelicker 
Kercke. [D.C.] 8"^- Dordrecht, 1582. 

BULLOCH (James D.). 
The secret service of tlie Confederate States in Europe : 
or, how the Confederate cruisers were equipped. 
2 vol. 8"- London, 1883. 

BULLOCK (Rev. Ch.vrles), B.D. 
The S.P.C.K. and sceptical doubts ; with some remarks 
on Bible inspiration and Bible interpretation. 

12"- London, 1878. 
Shakspeare's debt to the Bible ; with memorial illus- 
trations. 8"- London. [1879.] 

History of the Isle of Man ; with a comparative view 
of the past and present state of society and manners... 

8"" London, 181(;. 

BULLOCK (William), F.L.S. 
A companion to the London Museum ; containing a 
brief description of... the curiosities and productions 
of the fine arts, now in the Egyjjtian Temple, Picca- 
dilly. 15th edit. ' 12"- London, WA. 


BULMER (Capt. John). 
[His] jiropositions, in the Office of Assurance, London, 
for the blowing uj) of a boat and a man over London 
Bridge. broadside. \_London,'] 1G43. 




BULSTRODE (Edwakd). 
Reports of divers resolutions and judgments ... in the 
reign of James I and Charles I. 2nd edit. [R.L.L.] 

fo. London, 

Bt'LWER (Sir Henry Lytton). G.C.B.. after- 
wards Lord Dalling. 
Historical characters. [Talleyi-and, Cobhett, Mack- 
intosh. Canning.] 2 vol. S"- London, 1868. 
The life of Henry John Temple, Viscount Palmerston ; 
with selections from his correspondence. Edited by 
the Hon. Evelyn Asliley, M.P. 3 vol. 

8°- London, 1870-4. 

BULWER-LYTTON (Edward), Lord Lytton. ,sVv 
LYTTOX (Edwaed Bulwek Lyttox. Lord). 

BUMPSTED (Robert). 
Petition ... to the house of Lords [as to a machine for 
supplying water and draining land] . broadside. 

BUMPUS (T. Francis). 
London churches, ancient and modern. 

8"- London. [1883.] 

BUNBURY (E[i.\vard] H.), M.A., F.R.G.S. 

A history of ancient geography among the Greeks and 
Romans, from the earliest ages till the fall of the 
Roman empire. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1871*. 

BUNBURY (Wilmam). 
Reports of cases in the court of Exchequer, from 1717 
to 1734. [R.L.L.] fo. Duhlhi, 

BUNCE (Alderman [James]). 
His speech to the Lord Maior, aldermen and com- 
mon council of London, touching the king's resolu- 
tion to accept of honourable conditions from a free 
parliament for his admitment. 4"- London, \CM). 

BUNCE (John Tiiackray), F.S.S. 
History of the corporation of Birmingham : with a 
sketch of the earlier government of the town. 
Vol. 1 and 2. roy. 80' Birminqham, 1878-8,"). 



[History of] Bunhlll Fields burial ground. 

8"- London. [18(U.] 

Bunhill Fields burial ground : proceedings in reference 
to its preservation. With in.scriptions on the tombs. 

8"- London, 1867. 

The inscriptions upon the tombs, grave-stones... in the 
di.ssenters' Vmrial-place, near Bunhill Fields. London, 
1717. [Reprinted as an] appendix to the report of 
the Bunhill-Fields committee ... with alphabetical 

.. index. 8°- \_London,'] 1867. 

History of the Bunhill Fields burial ground, with 
some of the principal in.scriptions. Printed by order 
of the Bunhill Fields pre.servation committee ; with 
a plan of the ground. 8"- London, 1870. 

BUNSEN (Ckristian C[iiari,ks] J[()s].\s], 
Baron), D.Ph., D.C.L. 
Egypt's place in universal history : an historical in- 
vestigation. Translated from tlie German by 
Charles H. Cottrell, M.A., witli notes and additions 
by Samuel Birch, LL.D. 2nd edit. ;') vol. 

8"- London, 1867. 
God in history : or, the progress of man's faith in tlie 
moral order of the world. Translated from tlie 
(ierman by Susanna Winkworth, with a preface by 
Dean Stardey. 3 vol. 8"- /^nidon, l868-7('). 

BUNSEN .(Frances, Baroness). 
A memoir of Baron Bunsciu, late minister ])lenipoten- 
tiary and envoy extraonlinary of Frederic William 
at the Court of St. James. 2 vol. 

H"- Liwdon, 1868, 

BUNTING (Heinrich). 
Chronologia Catholica. [D.C.] fo. Jfar/dehiirgi, 1608. 
Itiuerarium Sacrae Scripturae, dat is, het Reys-Boeck 
der Heyligher schrif t. [D.C.] S°- Am.'itelred(im,16(yd. 

BUNTING (Rev. Jarez). 
A great woi-k described and recommended in a sermon, 
preached May 1."), at Mr. Thorpe's meeting-house in 
New court, Carey street ... 8"- London, 180;'i. 

BUNYAN (John). 

The greatness of the soul, and unspeakableness of the thereof ; with the causes of the losing it. First 
preached at Pinner's Hall, and now enlarged and 
published for good. 12"- London, 168;'). 

The work of Jesus Christ as an advocate, clearly ex- 
plain'd and largely improv'd for the benefit of all 
believers. 12"- London, 172;'). 

The pilgrim's progress... 25th edit. 12''- London.Xl'Ai''. 

Sighs from hell : or, the groans of a damned soul ; 
discovering from the xvi of Luke the lamentable state 
of the damned... 16th edit. 12"- Ldinlnar/Ii, 1717 . 

The whole works of John Bunyan accurately reprinted 
from the author's own editions. With editorial 
prefaces, notes, and life of Bunyan, bj' George OfCor. 
3 vol. 4"- London. [1862-7.] 

The holy war .. . New edit. 8"- London, n.d. 

Sec FROUDE (James Anthony). SOUTHEY 
(Robert), TULLOCH (Principal John). 

BUNYON (Charles John), M.A. 

The law of fire insurance. 8"- London, 1867. 

The law of life assurance ; including the formation, 
constitution, and amalgamation of assurance com- 
panies... 2nd edit. 8"- London, 

BUONARROTI. Michael Angelo. Sir CLEMENT 
(Charles), WILSON (Charles Heath). 

BUONARROTI (Michael Anoelo) and CAM- 
Sonnets... now for the time translated into rhymed 
English by John Addington Symonds. 

8"' London, 1878. 

Horticulture. [British Industries.] 

8"- London, 1877. 

BURCH (W.). 
A practical essay on the water supply of the northern, 
north-eastern and eastern portions of the Metropolis ; 
cimiprising the districts of the New River Company 
and East London Water Company ... 

8"- London, 1S.")3. 

BURCHARD (Jean). Srr CIMBER (L.). 

BURCHELL (P. Lodwfck), M.B., F.R.C.S. 
A sketch of the ancient history of medicine ... being 
the annual oration delivered before the Hunterian 
Society, Feb. 13. 8"- London, 1878. 

BURCKHARDT (Dr. Jacob). 
The cicerone: or, art guide to painting in Italy... 
Edited by Dr. A. von Zahn. Translated from the 
German by Mrs. A. H. Clough. 8"- London, \87'^. 

BURCKHARDT (John Le\vis). 

'i'ravels in Nubia.: published by the Association for 
promoting the discovery of the interior parts of 
Africa. 2nd edit. " 4"- London, 1822. 

Arabic proverbs : or, the maimers and customs of the 
modern Egyptians illustrateil from their proverbial 
sayings, current at Cairo, translated and explained. 
2nd edit. 8"- L<nidon, IS?;"*, 



BURDER (Rev. GicoKnE). 

The Asseinbl.y's catechism dissected : or, an easy exphi- 
iiatioii of that excellent work on the original plan of 
Dr. Wallis... 8"- London, "iHOl. 

Missionai'y anecdotes ; exhiliiting in numerous instances 
the elficacy of the (irospel in the conversion of the 
heathen ... [with] an account of tlie idolatry, super- 
stition ... of the Pagan nations. 8"- London, 1811. 

The beauty and glory of the primitive church : a 
sermon delivered at Salters' hall, .oth J une. 

8"- London, ^9,n. 

A letter to the Rev. George Burder, in answer to 
Observations on Adam Clarke's Remarks on the fore- 
knowledge of God. 8"' I^onilon, 1818. 

The tendency of Christianity to promote universal 
peace. 8o- London, 18111. 

A sermon preached on the death of ... George III. 

8"- London, 18-20. 

A sermon delivered at Fetter lane chapel, June 22 ; 
with a history of the church ... 8"- L^ondon, 182,3. 

BURDER (Rev. Hknry Forster), D.D. 
Lawful amusements : a sermon preached at Fetter 

lane, Jan. 10. 8"- London, 1805. 

A sermon delivered at Hoxton chapel, August 1.5, on 
- the death of the Rev. Thos. Spencer of Liverpool ; 

[with] a short memoir of his life. ..8"- London, 1811. 
The duty and the means of ascertaining the genuine 

sense of the Scriptures ... 8"- L^ondon, 1816. 

The Reformation commemorated : a discourse delivered 

... Dec. 28, 1817. 8"- /.o«r7o/;, 1818. 

Obligations to the observance of the Lord's supper : a 

sermon preached Jan. 7 ... 8"- L^ondon, 181"J. 

The right of infants to baptism : a sermon delivered 

at Haberdashers' hall, Staining lane, Dec. 9 ... 1st 

and 3rd edit. 8"- London, 1819-23. 

The Scriptm-e character of God : or, discourses on the 

Divine attributes. 8"- L^ondon, 1822. 

Mental discipline : or, hints on the cultivation of 

intellectual and moral habits ... to which is appended, 

an address on pulpit eloquence by the Rev. Justin 

Edwards. 2nd, 3rd and 4th edit. 

12"- London, 1822-.3.'). 
The united claims of home and of foreign missions : a 

sermon preached ... at the Poultry chapel. May 17. 

80- London, 1824. 
Lectures on the essentials of religion, personal, domes- 
tic and social. 8"- London, 1825. 
Discourses on revivals in religion. 12'^- iMndon, 182!). 
The rise, progress and termination of Mohammedanism . . . 

8"- London, 1829. 
A discourse on election. 32"- London, \9i?>(). 

The permanent obligation of the law of the Sabbath 

compatible with a change in the day of its observance. 

S"- London, 1830. 
Four lectui-es on the law of the Sabbath as contained 

in the Scriptures. .32''- L.ondon,]?,^]. 

The paternal discipline of affliction ; together with self 

scrutiny. 2nd edit. ^^2'>■ London, 1831. 

Memoir of the Rev. George Burder, autlior of Village 

sermons, and secretary to the London Missionary 

Society. 8"- London, 1833. 

-^t'lf discipline. 2nd edit. 32"- London, 1833. 

The way of salvation. 32"- London, 1834. 

Why should I become a member of the Christian 

Church A discourse on the duty of a pul)lic pi-o- 

fession of faith in Christ ... 2nd edit. 

.32"- London, 18.34. 

BURDER (Rev. Samuel), D.D. 
Oriental customs: or, an illustration of the sacred 
Scriptures by an explanatory application of the 
customs and manners of the Eastern nations ... 

8"- London, 1839. 

BURDER (William), B.A. 
Religious ceremonies and customs : or, the forms of 
wor.ship practised by the several nations of the 
known world, from the earliest record to the jjrcsent 
time, on the basis of the work of Bernard Picart. 

8"- London, 1841. 

BURDETT (Sir Fraxcis), B«' 

Speech (at length) ... in the house of Commons, 12 
April, on instituting an inquiry into the conduct of 
His Majesty's late ministers. 8°- London, 1802. 

Speech ... at the Crown and Anchor, July ;?1, on 
dining with his constituents after his liberation from 
the Tower. 8"- London. [1810.] 

To his constituents ; denying the power of the house 
of Commons to imprison the people of England, 

8"- London, 1810. 

BURDETT (Henry C), F.S.S. 
Burdett's official intelligence for 1882-6; being pn'cis 
of information regarding British, American and 
foreign stocks, corporation, colonial and provincial 
government securities, railways, banks, canals, docks, 
gas, insurance, land, mines, shipping... known to the 
London market ... 5 vol. 4"- London, 1882-6. 


Londres, ancien et moderne : ou, recherches sur I'etat 
physique et social de cette mi'tropole. 

8<'' Park, 1839. 


BURGE (William). 
The Temple church : an account of its restoration and 
repairs. . 8°- London, 1843. 

Verhandeling van de Vryheit in den Burgerstaet. 
Tweededruk. [D.C.] ' S^' Leyden,\l?u. 

BURGES (George), M.A. 
Native guano, the best antidote against the future fatal 
effects of a free trade in corn. 8"- London, 1848. 

BURGES, Sir James Bland. B^ 


BURGES (W[illiam]). 
Architectural drawings. [S.M.] 

fo. London, 1870. 

BURGESS (Anthony). 

The true doctrine of justification asserted and 
vindicated. [D.C.] " 4''- London. 1648. 

Another edit. [D.C.] 4"- Zo;«/o«, ]6.")4. 

Spiritual refining : or, a treatise of grace and assurance. 
[D.C.] fo. London, 1652. 

The doctrine of original sin as.serted and vindicated. 
[D.C.] fo. London, 1659. 

The scripture directory for church officers and people : 
or, a practical commentary upon the whole third 
chapter of the first epistle of St. Paul to the Corin- 
thians. To which is aiuiexed, the godly and the 
natural man's choice. [D.C.] fo. /,o;/^/o;;, 1659. 

An expository comment upon 2 Cor. i. [D.C.] 

fo. London, I6(;i. 

[BURGESS (Cornelius).] 
A vindication of the ministers of the gospel, in and 
about London, from the unjust aspersions cast upon 
their former actings for the parliament, as if thoy 
had promoted the bringing of the King to capitall 
punishment. 4"- London. 1()48. 

Reasons shewing the nece.ssitj' of reformation of the 
pnblick doctrine, worship, rites and ceremonies, 
church-government antl discipline, reputed to be 
(l)ut indeed not) established by law. 

4"- London, 16(;(). 
K 2 



BURGESS (Henry). 
Memorial, addressed to Viscount Goderich,on the fitness 
of the system of the Bank of England, of the counti y 
banks, and of the branch Banks of England, to the 
wants of the people. [S.M.] 8"' London, 1827. 

BURGESS (James). F.R.G.S.. M.R.A.S. >sVr 

BURGESS (Rev. Rkiiard). B.D. 
Lectures on the insufficiency of unrevealed religion, 
and on the succeeding influence of Christianity ... 

8"- Lotulon, 1832. 
BURGESS (Thomas), Bishop of St. David's. Sir 
HOARE (Peixce). 

BURGESS (Rev. William Roscoe), M.A. 
Exsurgat Deus : a critical commentary on the sixty- 
eighth psalm. 8"- London, 1875. 

BURGHALL (Edward). Sit BARLOW (T. 



Institutio logica. dat is, Reden-konstigh onder-wys. 
[D.C.] 8"- Ae.mstelredum, 1(558. 

Synopcis logica, dat is, Kort Be-ghrijp van't Reden- 
konstigh onder-wys, oft Reden-konstigh Ruigh-be- 
werp. [D.C.] 8°- Aemstelredam, 1658. 

BURGHLEY (Willl^m Cecil, Lord). 
Collection of state papers relating to affairs in the reign 
of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary, and Elizabeth, 
1542-70 ... arranged by the Rev. Samuel Haynes, 
A.M., and the Rev. William Murdin, B.D. 2 vol. 

fo. London, 1740-59. 
Memoirs of the life and administration of . . . containing 
an historical view of the times in which he lived, and 
of the many illustrious per.sons with whom he was con- 
nected. Now first published from the original, by 
Edward Nares, D.D. B vol. 4"- Zo«r/o«, 1828-31. 
Sir CHARLTON (Rev. William Henry). 
FORSTER (John). 

Le triomphe de I'Empereur Maximilien I, en une suite 
de cent trente-cinq planches gi-avees en bois ... 
accompagnt'es de Fancienne description dict('e par 
I'Empereur ,m son secretaire. Marc Treitzsaurwein. 
[French and German.] ob. Vienna, 1796. 

The triumphs of the Emperor Maximilian I. Edited by 
Alfred Aspland. [Holbein Society, 9, 10.] 2 vol." 

ob. Manclieaer, 1873. 

BURGON (John William), D.D., Dean of 

Life and times of Sir Thomas Gresham . . . including 
notices of many of his contemporaries ; with illus- 
trations. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1839. 

Memoir of Patrick Eraser Tytler, author of the History 
of Scotland. 8"- London, 1859. 

Discstalilishment — the nation's formal rejection of 
God, and the denial of the faith : a sermon preached 
at Oxford, Oct. 18. 8"- Oxford, 1868. 

The new Lectionary : a sermon preached at Oxford, 
Dec. 31,1871. 8"- Oxford, mTl. 

The Oxford diocesan conference ; and Romanizing 
within the Church of England: two sermons preached 
Oct. 12th and 19th. 8"- Oxford, 1873. 

Home missions and sensational religion . . .alsoHumility — 
ad clerum : sermons ))i-eached before the University. 

8"- Oxford, 187(5. 

Nchemiah, a pattern to builders : counsels on the re- 
conmicncoment of the academical year. A sermon 
preached before the University. 8"- Oxford, 1878. 

[BURGOYNE (Lieut.-Gen. John).] 
The heiress, a comedy in five acts. 12tli edit. 

8"- London, 1802. 
BURGOYNE. Field-Marshal Sir John. Sir 
WROTTESLEY (Liciit.-Col. t)ip Hon, Georoe). 

BURGOYNE, Roderick Hamilton. 
Historical records of the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders, 
now the 2nd Battalion Princess Louise's Argyll and 
Sutherland Highlanders. 8°- London, 1883. 


An additional act, 32 Charles II, for burying in 
woollen. fo. London, 1680. 

Seasonable considerations on the indecent and dangerous 
custom of burying in churches and churchyards . . . 

8f- London, 1721. 

A certificate of burial in accordance with the act for 
burying in woollen. f o. sh. 1 734. 

On the law relating to burials : notes on the conse- 
cration of burial giounds and churches. 2nd edit. 

8"- Cardiff, 1876. 

A letter to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York 
on the burials question : by a North Lincolnshire 
vicar, aJia^ a Lincolnshire man. 8"- London, 1879. 

BURKE (R«- Hon. Edmund). 
Speech, Dec. 1, 1783, upon the question ... for the 
house to resolve itself into committee on Mr. Fox's 
East India biU. 8°- London, 

A letter to Philip Francis from Edmund Burke, chair- 
man ... [and the other] members of the committee 
for managing the impeachment of Hastings ; with 
remarks. 8°- London, 1788. 

Reflections on the revolution in France ... 2nd edit. 

80' London, 1790. 

A letter to a member of the National Assembly, in 
answer to some objections to his book on French 
affairs. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1791. 

A letter to a noble lord, on the attacks made upon him 
and his pension, in the house of Lords, by the Duke of 
Bedford... 1st and 7th edit. 8o- London, M^Q. 

Two letters addressed to a member of parliament, on 
the proposals for peace with the regicide Director}' 
of France. 8"- London, 1796. 

Works... New edit. 16 vol. 8"- Zo;?^/o», 1826-7. 

YoL 1. A vindication of natural society. 
Un the sublime anil beautiful. 

2. Account of a late short ailniinistration. ■ 
Observations on a late jjublication, "The jiresent state of 

the nation." 

Thoughts ou the cause of the present discontent. 
Speech on American taxation. 

3. Speeches at Bristol. On moving resolutions for conciliation 

with America. On jjresenting to the Connnons a plan for 
the better security of tlie independence of parliament. 
Letters to the sheriffs ami gentlemen of Bristol. 

4. Speech on the East India bill, ,and on the Nabob of Areot's 


5. Speech on the army estimates of 1790. 
Ileflections ou the revolution in France. 

0. Letter to a member of tlie National Assembly. 
Appeal from the new to the old Wliigs. 
Letters on tlie jienal laws against Irish Catholics ... 
7. Tlioughts on French affairs. 

Remarks ou the jiolicy of the allies with respect to France. 
I'reface to the address of M. Brissot to his constituents. 
H. Letter uiion his jiension. 

Letter ujion tlie proposals of jieace with the regicide 

Directory of France. 
On tlie genius and character of the French revolution. 
9. Letters on the American war. Bill for the relief of the 
Irish Roman Catholics. On the duration of parliaments... 
10. Speeches in parliament on the Act of Uniformity. The relief 
of I'rotostant dissenters. Middlesex election'. 
An abridgment of Uiiglisli history, from .Inlius Ca;sar to the 
end of the reign of King .lohn. 
11-16. Reports of select committci' upon Indian affairs. 

Articles of charge of high crimes and misdemeanors against " 
Warren Hastings. 

Letters, speeches, and trficts on afl'airs. Collected 
and arranged by Matthew Arnold. With a preface. 

8'>- London, 1881. 

Sir CHALMERS, George, CROLY (George), 
MACKNIGHT (Thoma.s), MORLEY (John),' 
PRIOR (James), TIMBS (John). 



BURKE (John). 
A genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners 
of Great Britain and Ii-eland enjoying territorial 
possessions, or high official rank, but uninvested with 
heritable honours. 4 vol. 8°- Londuii, 1884-8. 

BURKE (John) and BURKE (Sir Jun\ 
BKHNAliD), C.B., LL.D. 

A genealogical and heraldic history of the e.xtinct and 
doi-mant baronetcies of England, Ireland and Scot- 
land. 2nd edit. B"- London, 1844. 

New edit. 8"- London, 18(56. 

Encyclopajdia of heraldry : or, general armory of 
England, Scotland and Ireland. 8rd edit., with a 
supplement. 8"- London. [1844.] 

Another edit. 8"- London, 18()6. 

Heraldic illustrations ; comprising the armorial bearings 
of the principal families of the empire, with pedi- 
grees and annotations. 3 vol. 8"- London, IHii-i]. 

The royal families of England, Scotland and Wales ; 
with their descendants, sovereigns and subjects. 2 
vol. roy. 8°- London, 1848. 

BURKE (Sir John Bekn.^kd), C.B., LL.D., 
Ulster King-of-arms. 

Roll of Battle Abbey, annotated. Ki"- I^ondon, 1848. 

A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the landed 
gentry of Great Britain and Ireland. 1st, 4th, ,^th, 
(Jth, and 7th edit. 9 vol. 8"- London, 18.51-86. 

A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerage 
and baronetage of the British Empire. 13th, 'iOth, 
•ilith, and B5th to 47th edit. 8"- London, 18.')l-85. 

The romance of the aristocracy : or, anecdotes and 
records of distinguished families. 3 vol. 

8»- London, 1855. 

The book of orders of knighthood and decorations of 
honour of all nations ... embellished with fac-simile 
coloured illustrations of the insignia of the various 
orders. 8°- London, 1858. 

Vicissitudes of families, and other essays. iThree series. 
[1st series, 2nd edit.] 3 vol. 8°- Loudon, 1859-63. 

A genealogical history of the dormant, abeyant, for- 
feited, and extinct peerages of the British empire. 
New edit. 8o- London, 1866. 

The same. New edit. S°- London, ISHS. 

General armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and 
Wales; comprising a registry of armorial bearings from 
the earliest to the present time. 8"- London, 1878. 

Another edit. 8°- London, 1884. 

The book of precedence : the peers, baronets, and 
knights, and the companions of the several orders of 
knighthood, placed according to their relative rank. 

roy. 8"- London, 1881. 

Reminiscences, ancestral, anecdotal and historic. 

8"- London, n.d. 

Rivitl pretensions. 
Tlie rise of fiiniilies. 
Memories of tlie vice-i-egal court. 
Extinction of tlic families of illus- 
trious men. 
The story of Pamela. 
The Aberdeen romance. 
lAilies of the Onlcr of the Garter. 

Questions often askeil. 
I'lTjilexities of precedence. 
Historical galleries. 
TliC Duke of Wellington and 

Fragments of family and personal 

BURKE, RoiiEKT O'Haka, and WILLS, Wil- 
liam James. 

The Burke and Wills exploring expedition : an account 
of the ci'ossing the continent of Australia, fioni 
Cooper's creek to Carpentaria. 8"- Melbourne, \8M. 
t<(T JACKSON (Andkew). 

BURKE (S. H.). 
The men and women of the English reformation, from 
the days of Wolsey to the death of Cranmer. Papal 
and anti-papal notables. 2 vol. W- London, IHll. 

BURLEY, Capt. John, R.N. 
Captaine Burley his speech at the place of execution at 
Winchester, where he was hang'd, drawn, and quar- 
tered, for endeavouring to raise forces to take away 
the King from the Isle of Wight. 4°- London, 1648. 


Catalogues of loan exhibitions. 4"- London, 1868-72. 

Marc Antonio Ilainiondi ... [A sketch of his life and works, by 
IlicliMTd Fislicr, and] ( 'ataUiLriic. 2 pt. 

Albert Diifcr and l.iic;i^ v:ir] l.i'\ili-n ... Catalogue. Saiizio anil .\I irbri- A li i limmarroti ... Catalogue. 

JOxbibilidii (if ilrawiiijis in watc i -roluui-s, by artists born anterior to 
ISOd and now deceased, illustrative of the progress and develop- 
ment (if that branch of the fine arts in Clreat Britain. Ilevisetl edit. 

3'lxhibition of the works of old masters. 

Exhibition of drawings and etchings by Claude le Lorrain. 

Exhibition illustrative of Turner's Liber studiorum. 

BURMANN (FnANCiscus). 

De Wet ende het Getuigenisse, ofte uitleggiiige ende 
betragtinge van de verborgentheden ende voornaamste 
Saken des Wets, ofte der Boeken Mosis . . . Het erste 
[ende tweede] deel. 2 vol. [D.C.] 

4"- Amsterdam, 1737. 

De Rigteren Israels, ofte uitlegginge ende betragtinge 
van de boeken Josua, der Rigteren ende Ruth ... 
[D.C.] 4"- Am-iferdam, 1737. 

Samuel, ofte uitlegginge ende betragtinge der boeken 
Samuels. [D.C.] 4°- Amsterdam, 1738. 

De Koningen Israels met haar vervolg, ofte uitlegginge 
ende betragtinge van de boeken der Koningen, 
Kronyken, Ezra, Nehemia, Esther, mitsgaders vervolg 
ende betragtinge van de Historie der Kerke . . . tot op 
den ... ingank des Niewen Testaments. [D.C.] 

4"- Amsterdam, 1738. 

Synopsis ... dat is, Kort begryp der heilige Godge- 
leertheid. 2 vol. , [D.C.] Amsterdam, 1740. 

An oration against the studies of humanity ... trans- 
lated into English, and the original annext. 

80- London, 1721. 
Sylloges epistolarum a viris illustribus scriptarum 
tomi quinque. 5 vol. [D.C.] 4"- Lekhe, 1727. 

BURN (Rev. Ehwakd), M.A. 
Letters to the Rev. Dr. Priestley, on the infallibility of 
the apostolic testimony concerning the person of 
Christ. 1st and 3rd edit. 8"- B/rmln//Iiam. [1790.] 
Letters to Dr. Priestley, in vindication of those already 
addressed to him, on the infallibilit}' of the apostolic 
testimony concerning the person of Christ. 

8«- Birminijliam. [1790.] 
A reply to the Rev. Dr. Priestley's Appeal to the public 
on the late riots at Birmingham, in vindication of the 
clergy and other respectable inhabitants of the town. 

80- Birminghuvi, 1792. 
Pastoral hints on the importance of religiofis education ; 
with an outline of a familiar plan of instruction ... 

8"- London, 1801. 

BURN (Jacob Henry). 
A descriptive catalogue of the London traders, tavern 
and coifee-house tokens, current in the 17th century, 
presented to the Corporation Library by Henry 
Benjamin Hanbury Beaufoy, citizen and distiller ... 
1st and 2nd edit. [Privately printed.] 

8°- London, 1853-5. 

BURN (John Ildeuton). 
Familiar letters on population, emigi'ation, and liome 
colonization. 2nd edit. 8°- London, 1838. 

BURN (John SorTHEBOEx). 
Registrum ccclesiiK parochialis. The liistory of parish 
registers in England ; also of the registers of Scot- 
land, Ireland, and the East and West Indies, foreign 
countries, dissenters, the Fleet, the King's Bench, 
Mint, Chapel Royal ... with observations on bishops' 
transcripts, and provisions of the Act 52 (Jeo. Ill, 
cap. 146. 80- London, 1829. 




Livre des Anglois ;i Geneve ; with a few .biographical 
notes. - 8'^- Londoit . . 

The Fleet registers ; comprising the history of Fleet 
imrriages, and some account of the parsons and 
marriage- house keepers, with extracts from the 
registers : to which are added, notices of the May fair, 
the Mint, and Savoy chapels ... Loridon. 1833. 

The history of the French, Walloon, Dutch, and other 
foreign Protestant refugees settled in England, from 
-the reign of Henry VIII to the levocation of the 
edict of Nantes ; with notices of their trade and 
commerce, copious extracts from the registers, lists 
of the early settlers, ministers ... and an appendix 
containing copies of the charter of Edward VI. 
[D.C.] . 8"- London, 1846. 

A history of Henley-on-Thames, in the county of 
Oxford. ■ 8°- London, 18G1. 

The High Commission. Notices of the Court and its 
proceedings. 8°- London, 1865. 

The Star Chamber. Notices of the court and its 
proceedings ; with a few additional notes of the High 
Commission. 8"- London, 1870. 

BURN (Richard), LL.D. 

A digest of the militia laws. 8o- I^o)idon, 1700. 

An examination of the alterations in the poor's laws 
proposed by Dr. Burns, and a refutation of his ob- 
jections to workhouses so far as they relate to hundred 
houses ... 8"- London, 1766. 

The justice of the peace and parish officer. Edited by 
J. and T. Chitty. 28th edit. Gvol. 8°- London, IH'M. 

30th edit. Edited by J. B. Maule. 5 vol. [R.L.L.] 

8"- London, 1869. 

The ecclesiastical law. 'Jth edit., with considerable 
additions, including tlie statutes and cases to the 
present time, by Robert Phillimore, LL.D. 4 vol. 

8°- London, 1842. 

See NICHOLSON (Joseph). 

BURN (Col. [Roue in-]). 
A naval and military technical dictionary of the French 
language, in two parts : French-English and English- 
French. 4th edit. 4'^- London, 1863. 

BURN (RonKKT), M.A. 
Old Rome : a handbook to the ruins of the city and the 
Campagna. 8°- London, 1880. 

BURN, RouEKT Scott. 
The new guide to masonry, bricklaying and plastering, 
theoretical and practical. [S.M.] 4"- Edinhnnjli , n.d. 

BURNABY (Col. FKKi)[Ein('K]). 
A ride to Khiva : travels and adventures in Central 

Asia, utli and 1 1th edit. 8"- London, \i^n. 

On horseback through Asia Minor. 1 st and 2nd edit. 

2 vol. 8"- London, 1877. 


BURNE. Cm AHLoi "IE Sophia. 
Shr()[)sliire folk-loie : a slieaf of gleanings, edited ... 
from tlio collections of (reo)'giana F. Jackson. 

■ London, l88;i-6. 

BURNELL (Henuy I^lo.meiei.i.). 
The London (City) tithes act, I87'J,and the otlici' tithe 
acts atl'ecting the commutation and redcmj)tion of 
tithes in the City of London ; with an introduction, 
notes ... 8"- J.ondon, 1880. 

BURNFT ((in.KEiiT), D.D., Bishop of Salisbury. 
A sermon preached at the finieral of James Houblon, 
who was buried at St. Mary Wolnotli Church, in 
Lombard-street, June 28. 4"' London, 1682. 

BURNT:T (Giehert), T).D. —continued. 
The history of the rights of princes in disposing of 
ecclesiastical benefices and church-lands. [D.C.] 

8°- London, 1682. 

History of the Reformation of the Church of England. 
2nd edit. Pt. 2. [D.C.] fo. Zo;yf/o». 1683. 

History of the Reformation of the Church of England. 
New edit. 6 vol. S^- Or/brr/, 1816. 

A collection of several tracts and discourses written in 
the years 1677-85. 4"- L.ondon, 1685. 

Some letters containing an account of what seemed 
most remarkable in Switzerland, Italy ... to which is 
annexed, his answer to [Antoine] Varillas. 

12"- .l/y<.s/frf/«//i, 1686. 

A collection of eighteen papers relating to the affairs of 
Church and State during the reign of King James II. 

4"- L.ondon, 1689. 

A sermon preached at the coronation of William III 
and Mary II ... in the Abby-Church of Westminster, 
April 11. 40- London, 1689. 

A sermon preached at the funeral of John [TiUotson], 
Archbishop of Canterbury ... at St. Lawrence Jewry, 
Nov. 30. 4»- London, 

Speech on the bill against occasional conformity. 

fo. sh. Edinburgh. [1704.] 

Speech to the house of Lords. fo. sh. Ljondon, 1708. 

History of his own time ; with notes by the Earls of 
Dartmouth and Hardwicke, Speaker Onslow, and 
Dean Swift. 2nd edit. 6 vol. 8°- O.rford, 1833. 

BURNET (Gilbert), D.D., and HORNECK 
(Anthony), D.D. 
The last confession, prayers and meditations of Lieut. 
John Stern ... together with the last confession of 
George Borosky ... [as to the murder of] Thomas 
Thynn. ■ fo. London, 1682. 

BURNET (John), F.R.S. 
A treatise on painting, in four parts : consisting of an 
essay on the education of the eye with i-ef erence to 
painting, iuid practical hints on composition, chiaros- 
curo, and colour. [S.M.] 4°- London, 1837. 

BURNET (Sir Thomas), Justice of the Court 
of Common Pleas. 

Our ancestors as wise as we : or, ancient precedents 
upon modern facts, in answer to a letter from a noble 
lord. [A)ion.] 8«' London, 1712. 

Truth, if you can find it : or, a character of the present 
M yandP 1. [Anon.] 8"- London, HU. 

A letter to a merry young gentleman, intituled, 
Thomas Burnet : in answer to one writ by him to 
the Earl of Halifax. 8°- London, 1715. 

[BURNETT (Geoh(;e), Lyon King-of-Ai-ms.] 
Popular genealogists : or, the art of pedigree-making. 

8"- Edinhurf/h, 1865. 

BURNETT (Rev. Tho:mas), M.A. 
An e.ssay nj)on government : oi', the natural notions of 
government demonstrated in a chain of consequences 
from tlie fundamental principles of society ... 

S-^- London, 1716. 

BirilNETT (Sir William). 
Patent jjrocess for the preservation of timber, canvas, 
cordage, cotton, woollen ... from dry rot, mildew, 
moth, and decay. 8"- London, n.d. 

BURNEY (CiiAiiLEs), Mus.D., F.R.S. 
Account of the nuisical jierformances in Westminster 
Abbey and the Pantheon in May and June, 1784, in 
commemoi'ation of Handel. 4"' Lon<lon, 1785. 

(ieneral histoi'y of music, from the earliest ages to the 
present ])ei-iod... 2nd edit. 4 vol. 4"- London, ^IH'X 
Sir DARBLAY (Madame Frances). 



BURNEY (CiiAKi.Ks). 
Experiments made in the river Thames, with a view to 
discover a method for ascertaining the direction of 
currents : also, a new method proposed for measuring 
a ship's rate of sailing. fo. London, 180'J. 

BURNEY (Archdeacon Pake), D.D. 
A charge delivered to the clergy of the archdeaconry 
of St. Albans ... June IGth. 8"- LoihJoi>, 

BURNEY (Frances). Sir D'ARBLAY (Madame 

BURNEY (GicoRfiE), Chairman of the Epping 
Forest Preservation Society. 
Proceedings before the ai'bitrator. Sir A. Hobhouse : 
addresses... in Paul's case, and Gellatly and Borwick's 
cases. 8"- London, 1879. 


BURNEY (Rear-Admnal Jamks), F.R.S. 
A chronological hi.story of the voyages and discoveries 
in the South Sea, or Pacific Ocean ... ;') vol. 

4"- London, 1803-17. 


Works ... with an account of his life, and a criticism on 
his writings. To which aie prefixed, .some observa- 
tions on the character and condition of the Scottish 
peasantry [by James Currie, M.D.]. \ vol. 

8"- Li, -e.!- poo], 18U0. 

Reliques of Robert Burns ; consisting chiefly of 
original letters, poems, and critical observations on 
Scottish songs. Collected and published by R. H. 
Cromek. 8"- London, 1808. 

Poetical works. [With memoir by Sir Harris Nicolas. 
Aldine Poets.] .4 vol. 8"- London. [1875.] 

Works . . . illustrated by an extensive series of portraits 
and authentic views. With a complete life of the 
poet [by Dr. Currie] ; an essay on his genius and 
character by Prof. Wilson ; and notes, annotations 
and appendices. 2 vol. 4"- Gliff/oir. [1883.] 

Tam o'Shanter, a tale, and Lament of Mary, Queen of 
Scots. The original manuscript reproduced by the 
photo-chromolith ; with an introduction by 
Moy Thomas, and a glossary. fo. London, n.d. 
Sir LOCKHART (J. G.). SHAIRP (Principal John 
Campbell), STORER (.James). 

BURR (Thomas Ben(;k). 
The history of Tunbridge-wells. 

8"- London, 17()G. 

Report of the trial in the Court of King's Bench ... 
respecting the parochial rates claimed by the parish 
of St. Margaret, Westminster, from the inhabitants 
of Richmond terrace ... 8"- I^ondon, 1834. 

lleligio libertini : or, the faith of a converted atheist... 

8"- London, 1712. 

An answer to Dr. William Brakenridge's letter con- 
cerning the number of inhabitants within the London 
bills of mortality. 8"- London, 1757. 

BURRISH, Capt. GEoKtiE. 
The case of Capt. Bnrrish, late Commander of His 
Majesty's ship, the Dorsetshire. 8"- London, 1747. 

BURROUGH (Edward). 
V message to the present rulers of England ... 

4"- Ljondon, l(35i). 
A hue and cry after the false prophets and deceivers of 

our age... By E. B. 4"' London, 

A just and righteous plea presented unto the King of 
England and his council ... being the true state of 
the present case of the people called Quakers ... 

4°- London, KiGl. 

BURROUGH {Y.^nwiw)— continued. . 
A faithful 'testimony for God and my country : or, a 
retro-spective glass for the legislators, and the i-est 
of the sons of the Church of England (so called)... 
[Anon.] . 4"- I^ondon, 1CG4. 

A certaine sound : or, an alarm sounded to the perse- 
cuting Episcopalians in London and Westminster ... 
By E. B. 4«- London, 1665.. 

,sVr HOWGILL (Francis). . 

BURROUGHS (Jericmiah). his choice with his eye fixed upon heaven, dis- 
covering the happy condition of a self denying heart. 
[D.C.] ■ 8"- London, 1G41. 

Three treatises. 1. Of precious faith. 2. Of hope. 
3. The saints walk by faith on earth,' by sight in 
heaven. [D.C.] 4"- I^ondon, 1655. 

Four books on the eleventh of Matthew. [D.C.] 

4"- London, 1655. 

Gospel revelation in three treatises, viz., 1 . The nature 
of God. 2. The excellencies of Christ, and 3. The 
excellency of man's immortal soul. [D.C.] 

40- London, 1660. 

The saint's happinesse. Together with the severall 
steps leading thereunto, delivered in divei's lectures 
on the Beatitudes. [D.C.] 4»- L.ondon, 1660. 

BURROW (Sir Ja.mes), Master of the Crown- 

Decisions of the court of King's Bench upon settlement- 
cases, 1732-76. 2nd edit. [R.L.L.] 4"- L.ondon, 1786. 

Reports of cases argued and adjudged in the King's 
Bench during the time of Lord Mansfield, 1756-72. 
5th edit. 5 vol. ' [R.L.L.] 8"- London, 1812. 

BURROWS (Rev. Henry William), B.D. 
The Great Exhibition : a sermon preaclied May 4. 

8"- London, 1851. 

A sermon preached at the consecration of the Bishop 
of Bombay, in the Chapel Royal, Whitehall, 
Jan. 3. 8"- O.rford, 1861). 

Worthies of All Souls : four centuries of English 
history, illustrated from the college archives. 

' 8»- London, 1874. 
The life of Edward, Lord Hawke, Admiral ... with 
some account of the origin of the English wars in 
the reign of George II, and the state of the royal 
navy at that period. 8"- London, 1883. 

BURT (Geor(;e), Sheriff of London and MidcUe- 

Notes of a three months' trip to Egypt, Greece, Con- 
.stantinople, and the Eastern shores of the Mediter- 
ranean sea. 4"- London. 1878. 

BURT (Isabella). 
Historical notices of CheLsea, Kensington, Fulhaui and 
Hammersmith ; with some particularsof old families : 
also, an account of their anticjuities and present state. 

8»- Ken-i/Df/ton, 1871. 

BURTON (Rev. Charles James), M.A. 
The Creeds, the Church's rule of faith : a charge 
delivered at the visitation of the diocese of Carlisle, 
in May. S"' London, 1873. 

BURTON (Maj.-Gen. E[i)MONd] F[rancis]). 
Reminiscences of sport in India. 8"- London, 1885. 

BURTON (Henry). 
Israels fast : or, a meditation upon the seventh chapter 
of Joshuah ; a faire precedent for these times. By 
H. B. 4"- London, 1628. 


BURTON {}lEyiiY)—roiithmed. 

Truth shut out of doores : or, a briefe and true narra- 
tive of the occasion and manner of proceeding of 
some of Alderman-bury parish, in shutting their 
church-doores against me ... 4"- London, 1645. 

The door of truth opened : or, a brief and true narra- 
tive of the occasion how Mr. Henry Burton came to 
shut himself out of the church-doors of Alderman- 
bury. 4''- London, ^^Xb. 

BURTON (Isabel). 
Prevention of cruelty, and anti-vivisection. 

8°- London, 1879. 

[BURTON (Joux), M.U.] 
A ... journal of the most miraculous escape of the 
young Chevalier, from the battle of CuUoden to his 
landing in France ... London, 174'J. [Bibliotheca 
Curiosa. La. paper.] 8°- Ediidmryli , 1884. 

[BURTON (Rev. John), D.D.] 
i)conTopovi'-oc /.leXtTiJiJara. Sive iter Surriense et 
Sussexiense. Prajmittitur de linguaj Grascaj in- 
stitutionibus quibusdam epistola critica. 

8°- London, 1752. 
Sacerdos paroecialis rusticus. 8"- Oxon/i, 1757. 

BURTON (John Baki.ow). 
Lectures on entomology. 8"- London, 1837. 

The Saddlers' company and the rights of the livery ; 
being an address to the livery of London. 

8"- London. [lSC,->.] 

BURTON (Joux Hii.i.), D.C.L., LL.D., His- 
toriographer Royal of Scotland. 
History of Scotland, from Agricola's invasion to the 
Revolution of 1C)88. 7 vol. 8"- Edinhnnjh, 1S67-70. 
A history of the reign of Queen Anne. vol. 

8°- Edinburgh, 1880. 
The Scot abroad. New edit. 8"- Edinhurgh, 1881. 

The aucieut league with 

The Scot abroail. 
Tlie scliolaraud the author. 

The soiaier. 
The statcsuian. 
The artist. 

The book-hunter. New edit., with a memoir of the 
author [by Mrs. Katherine Burton]. 

4"- Edtnhiirfjh, 1882. 

BURTON ([Rev.] Joux R[i('tiAi:i)]), B.A. 
A history of Bewdley ; with concise accounts of some 
neighbouring parishes. 8"- London, 1883. 

BURTON (RiniAKi) or RonEin). pxend. 
Historical remarques and ol)servations of the ancient 
and present state of London and Westminster ... 
• 1st and .">th edit. 12°- London, 1681-1703. 

New edit. 4"- London, \8\{). 

Two journeys to Jerusalem ... 12"- London, 1719. 
New view and observations on the ancient and present 
state of London and Westminster ... 

12"- London, 1730. 
[The books published under the names Richard 
or Robert Burton arc believed to have been 
written by Nathaniel Crouch.] 

BURTON (Capt. Ricii.vki) F[iiANris]), F.R.CJ.S. 

Personal narrative of a pilgrimage to El-Medinah and 
Mcccah. .3 vol. 8"' London, 1855-(). 

First footsteps in East Africa : or, an exploration of 
Ilarar. 8"- I^ondoii, 1856. 

The lake regions of Central Africa : a picture of 
exploration. 2 vol. 8"- London, 18()0. 

The city of the Saints, and across the Rocky Mountains 
to California. 2nd edit. 8"- London, IK(;2. 

Abeokuta and the Camaroons Mountains: an explora- 
tion. 2 vol. 8"- London, 'iHiV.]. 

BURTON (Capt. Richakd F.)— continued. 

A mission to Gelele, King of Dahome ; with notices of 
the so-called " Amazons," the grand customs, the 
yearly customs, the human sacrifices, the present 
state of the slave trade, and the negro's place in 
nature. 2 vol. 8°- London, 18(U. 

Sind revisited ; with notices of the Anglo-Indian 
army; railroads, past, present and future ... 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1877. 

Book of the sword. [Pt. 1, containing the birth and 
early career of the sword.] imp. 8''' London, 1884. 

BURTON (Capt. Richard F[rancis]), F.R.G.S., 
and DRAKE (Ch.\kles F. Tyrwhitt). 
Unexplored Syria : visits to the Libanus, the TuhU El 
Safa, the Anti-Libanus, the Northern Libanus, and 
the 'Alah. 2 vol. 8«- London, 1872. 

[BURTON (RoiiERT).] 
The anatomy of melancholy ... By Democritus, jun. 

[psciid.] 3rd edit. [D.C.] fo. Oxford, 1628. 

13th edit, corrected. To which is now prefixed, an 

account of the author... 2 vol. 8°- London, 1827. 

BURTON (Thomas), M.P. 
Diary from 1(555 to 1659 ... with an introduction, con- 
taining an account of the parliament of 1 654 from the 
journal of Ouibon Goddard, M.P. Edited, with notes 
historical and biographical, by John Towill Rutt. 
4 vol. 8«- Loudon, 1828. 

BURTON (Thom.\s de). 
Chronica Monasterii de Melsa. 3 vol. [Chronicles and 
Memorials of Great Britain, 43.] 8°- London, 1866-8. 

BURTON (William). 
A commentary on Antoninus his Itinerary or journies 
of the Romane Empire, so far as it concerneth 
Britain... with a chorographicaU map of the severall 
stations, and index's. fo. London, 1658. 

BURTON (William). 

A description of Leicestershire ; containing matters of 

antiquity, history, armoury, and genealogy. 2nd 

edit, enlarged. fo. Lynn, Mil. 

BURTY (Philippe). 
Chef s-d'oeuvre of the industrial arts. Pottery and porce- 
lain, glass, enamel, metal, goldsmiths' work, jewellery, 
and tapestry. Edited by W. ChafEers, F.S.A. 

8°- London, 1869. 

[BURY (Charles A.).] 
The Church Association : its origin, character, past, 
present and future. 12"- London, 1873. 

BURY (Samuel). 
The final destruction of the great destroyer... a funeral 
sermon on the death of Robert Baker ... 

8"- London, 1714. 

BURY (T. Taluot). 
Remains of ecclesiastical woodwork. [S.M.] 

4"- Lo)idon, 1847. 

BURY ([Rt- HoiL William Coutts Keppel,] 
Vi.scount), M.P. 
Exodus of the Western nations. 2 vol. 

8°- London, 1865. 
Balance sheet of the Washington treaty of 1872, in 
account with the people of Great Britain and her 
colonics. 8"' London, 1873. 

A concise doscrii)tion of Bury St. Edmund's, and its 
environs within the distance of ten miles : illustrated 
by engravings ... of upwai'ds of forty churches. 

8"- London, 1827. 

BUSBECQ (Auoiet-Ghislicn de). 




BUSBY, Gi'.oKtiK. 

Tryal and condemnation ... for high treason, as 

a RomLsh priest and Jesuitc, at Derby Assizes, 

July 25. fo. London, 1681. 

BUSBY (Thomas Lokd). 
Costume of tlie lower orders of London. 

4"- Lo?idon, 1819-20. 
Civil and military costume of the City of London. 
[No. 1-4.] fo. London, 1824. 

1. Loril .Mayor. (Sir \V. Curtis, Bt., M.P.J 

2. Alileriimn. (Win. Heygate. M.P.) 

3. Reconlcr. (.Sir John Silvester, Bt.) 

4. Common Coimcilinaii. (W. J. Reeves.) 

[Contains lists of the lord mayors (from 118'J) 
and recorders (from 121)8) ; together with a list of 
the aldermen and common councilmen in 182.').] 

BUSCH (Dr. Mokitz). 
Bismarck in the Franco-Glerman war, 1870-1. Autho- 
rized translation from the German. 2 vol. 

8°- London, 187'.l. 
Our Chancellor : sketches for a historical picture. 
Translated from the German by William Beatty- 
Kingston. 2 vol. 8"- Loudon, 1884. 

BUSHNAN (J[()nN'] Stevexsox), M.D. 
The moral and sanitary aspects of the new central 
cattle market, as proposed by the Corporation of the 
City of London ; with plans. 8"- London, 1851. 

BUSHNELL (Horace), D.D. 
Nature and the supernatural, as together constituting 
the one system of God. 8"' Ed/nhiirgJi, 1862. 


Business life : the experiences of a London tradesman... 
2nd edit. ■ 8°- London, 1861. 

BUSK (George), F.R.S. 
A monograph of the fossil polyzoa of the crag. 
[Palajontographical Society, 1 1 .] 4"- London, 

[BUSK (Mrs. Wii.ijam).] 
The history of Spain and Portugal, from B.C. 1000 to 
A.I). 1814. [Society for the diffusion of useful 
knowledge.] 8"- Lo)ido)i, 1833. 

BUSTIN (W[ili.iam] R[ii)si)ale]). 
A militia : its relation to the regular army. The un- 
just, partial, and oppressive nature of the old system : 
a new system developed ... 8"- London, 1847. 

BUTCHER (Rev. Edmuxd). 
An excursion from Sidmouth to Chester in the summer 
of 1803 ... including sketches of the principal towns 
and villages in the counties of Devon, Somerset, 
Gloucester, Monmouth, Hereford, Salop, Derby, 
Stafford, Warwick and Worcester ... 2 pt. in 1 vol. 

8»- London, 1805. 

BUTCHER (Richard). 
The survey and antiquity of Stamford in ihc county 
of Lincoln ; with its ancient foundation, grants, 
priviledges ... also a list of the Aldermen, and the 
names of ten Lord Mayors of London who were 
born in the county of Lincohi. sm. 8"- London, 1117. 

BUTLER (Rev. Alhan). 
Lives of the fathers, martyrs, and other principal 
saints : compiled from original monuments and 
autliciitic records ... .With an account of the life 
and writings of the author by Charles Butler. 1 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1812-13. 

BUTLER (Charli:s). 
Horse juridicic subseciv;e : a series of notes respecting 
the geograpliy, chronology, and literary history of the 
principal codes and original documents of the Grecian, 
Roman, feudal and canon law. 8°- London, 1804. 

BUTLER (Cu\ULE^)—ront;nHrd. 

A calm address to the inhabitants of the parish of 
Hackney. [An address to [jrotestants in favour of 
catholic emancipation.] 8"- llncL nrij, 1813. 

An historical and literary account of the formularies, 
confessions of faith, or symbolic books of the Roman 
catholic, Greek, and principal protestant churches : 
by the author of the Hone Biblicse [/.«., Charles 
Butler]. [With] four essays [on religious orders 
and discipline of the Church of Rome, and the re- 
union of Christians]. 8"- London, 1816. 

The inaugural oration spoken on the 4th Nov.. 
1 8 1 5, at the ceremony of laying the fii-st stone of the 
London Institution ... 8"- London, 1816. 

BUTLER (Rev. GE()R(iE William), M.A. 
The book of the generation of Jesus Christ : an expla- 
nation of the difficulties connected with the genealogy 
of our Lord. • 12"- London, \%7b. 

BUTLER (Joiix Oli)L\(0. 
A brief memoir of William Butler. 2nd edit. 

8"- London, 1826. 

The geography of the globe. 7th edit., with additions 
by J. Rowbotham, F.R.A.S. 8"- London, 1847. 

BUTLER (Joseph), D.C.L., LL.D., Bishop of 

The analogy of religion, natural and revealed, to the 
constitution and course of nature. To which are 
added, two brief dissertations ; 1. Of personal identity. 
2. Of the nature of virtue. With a sketch of [the 
author's] life. [Dove's English Classics.] 

16"- London, 1826. 

Works... to which, is prefixed a preface, giving some 
account of the character and writings of the author, 
by Samuel Halifax, D.D., late Bishop of Gloucester. 
New edit. 2 vol. 8"- Oxfovd, 1844. 


BUTLER, (//;«.s STRICKLAND, Mary. 
Trial. the Old Bailey, 12th Oct., 16'jy, for a 
forgery [of a bond for £40,000] on Sir Robert 
Clayton, Alderman of London. 4"- London, 1700. 

BUTLER, MoxTAGU Russell. 
The secrets of the heart : a report on the confessional. 

12''- London, 1877. 

BUTLER, Nathaniel. 

Blood washed away by tears of repentance ; being an 
exact relation of the cause and manner of that horrid 
murther committed on the person of John Knight, 
an apprentice... 4"- London, 1657. 

The penitent murtherer ; being an exact narrative of 
the life and death of ... Collected by Randolph 
Yearwood. 5th edit. 12"- London, 

The London apprentice : a narrative of the life and 
death of ... who was executed in Cheapside, Sept., 
1657 ... with an address by the Rev. John Duncan, 
LL.D. S"- London, 1802. 

BUTLER (Samuel). 

The acts and monuments of our late Parliament. [A 
political satire on the Parliament and times.] By 
John Canne [jmend.']. A°- I^ondon, 165U. 

Hudibras : the 1st and 2nd pt. Written in the time of 
the late wars. 2 vol. 12"- I^oinlon, 

Hudibras, in 3 pt. Written in the time of the late 
wars, corrected and amended... 12"- Tjondon, \71iK 

Hudibras. With notes by the Rev. Treadway Russell 
Nash, D.D. New edit. 2 vol. 8"- i>oWo«, 1835. 

Genuine remains ... in verse and prose. Pul)lished 
from the original MSS., with notes, by R[obert] 
Thyer. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1751). 

Genuine poetical remains ... with notes hy Robert 
Thyer, and a selection from the author's characters 
in prose. fo. London, 1827. 



BUTLER (B\}.iVEL)—r()iit/iiii€d. 
Poetical -works. [Johnson's English Poets, 13, 14.] 

8°- London, 1790. 
Poeticiil works. [With life by the Rev. John Mitf ord. 
Aldine Poets.] 2 vol. 8"- London, n.d. 

See JOHXSOX (Samuel). 

BUTLER (WiJ.i.iAM). 
Exercises on the globes... "Jndedit. 8"- LvikIoii, \>ii}l). 
Chronological, biographical, and miscellaneous exer- 
cises... 3rd edit. 8"- London, 1S07. 
Chronological, biographical, histoi'ical and miscellaneous 
exercises ... "Jth edit., enlarged by Thomas Bourn. 

London, 1830. 
Geographical and biographical exercises ... 7th edit. 

London, 1811. 
Geographical exercises in the New Testament. 

8"- f.ondon, 1813. 
Ai-ithmetical questions ... Edited by Thomas Bourn. 
•Jth edit. 8"- London, 1825. 

AVv BUTLER (John Olding). 

BUTLER (Major W[ii,liam] F[KAXris]), C.B., 

The great lone land : a narrative of travel and 
adventure in the north-west of America. 10th 
edit. London, 1881. 

The wild north land ; being the story of a winter 
journey, with dogs, across northern North America. 
8th edit. 8»- /.o«f/o,v, 1881 . 

,sVr JOHXSTOXE (H. A. Munro Butler-). 

BUTT (RiciiAiii) Gathoknk). 
An appeal to the public, wherein his innocence of the 
conspiracy for raising the price of the public funds 
on the 21st of February (for which he has been 
fined and imprisoned) is asserted and maintained ... 

8"- London. [1814,] 

Trial... for the murder of William iScawen, at Croydon 
Assizes, Aug. I'J ... fo. Ljondon, 177;"). 

Memoir... reprinted, with additions, from the '• Gentle- 
man's Magazine." 8"- London, 1861. 


An historical and descriptive account of the town and 
pai'ochial chapelry of Oldham, in the county of 
Lancaster... sm. 8»- Ol</lioiii, ISIT. 

History and description of the town and parish of 
Ashton-undcr-Lyne, in the county of Lancaster ; 
and of the village of Dukinfield, in the county of 
Chester. 8»- A.s/iton, 182.3. 

An historical and t()])ogra|)hical account of the town 
and parish of Rochdale, in Lancashire : and also of 
the parochial chapelry of Saddlewortli, in the county 
of Yoi-k. 8"- Mdnrhe-sler, 1828. 

BUTTMANN (Piiii.ii'), LL.U., Lilirarian of the 
Royal Library, Berlin. 
Jjexilogus : or, a critical examination oi' the meaning 
and etymology of numei'ous (J reek words and 
j)assages, intended ])rincipally for Homer and Hesiod. 
Translated and edited ... l)y the Rev. J. R. Fishlake. 
(Jth edit. 8"- London, ISG'J. 


E()uii)nient of volunteer infanti-y. 8"- London, 1874. 

Letters from Jjusitania, and comjMjsitions in prose and 
verse, l)y T. (J. H. Also, poems and parodie.s by 
other pens. 8"' W'indnor, 1870. 


Reasons for suppressing the wearing of buttons made 
of the shreds of cloth, drugget, or other stuff. 

fo. sh. n.d. 

The button-makers case. 4"- sh. n.d. 

The case of the berry and bean button-makers ... in 

and about London. 4"- sh. n.d. 

The case of the horn-button makers in [and about] 

Sheffield. fo. sh. n.d. 

The horn-button makers reply to the answer to their 

petition. 4°- sh. n.d. 

BUXTON (, M.A., M.P. 
Memoirs of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, B'- 3rd edit. 

8"- London, 1849. 
How to stop drunkenness. 8"' Tendon. [18G4.] 

Self-government for London : the leading ideas on 
which a constitution for London should be based ... 

8°- London, 1869. 

BUXTON (Edwakii North). 
The A. B.C. of free trade : an address delivered to the 
West Ham Liberal Association, March 6. [Cobden 
Club.] 8"- London, 1882. 

Epping Forest. 8"- London, 1884. 

Will a five-shilling duty on corn raise the price of 
bread, or not ? [Cobden Club leaflet. No. 32.] 

8"- London. [1885.] 

English painters ; with a chapter on American painters 
by S. R. Koehler. [Illustrated Handbooks of Ai-t 
History.] 8°- London, 1883. 

BUXTON (H. J. Wilmut ), M.A., and POYN- 
TER (Edwahi) J.), R.A. 
German, Flemish and Dutch painting. [Illustrated 
Handbooks of Ai-t History.] 8»- London. 

BUXTON (Sydney), M.P. 
Fair trade : its impossibility. [Cobden Club leaflet. 
No. 24.] 8"- London. [1885.] 


BUXTON (Sir Thomas Fo\veli,), B*-, M.P. 
Inquiry as to prison discipline : illustrated by descriptions 
of the Borough... Compter, Fleet Prison, Penitentiary, 
Millbank . . . and the proceedings of the ladies' com- 
mittee at Newgate. S"' London, 1818. 

Sir BUXTOX (Charles). 

BUXTORF (Johanx). 
Concordantiffi Bibliorum Hebraicse. Accesserunt nov;e 
concordantiaj Chaldaicifi. [D.C.] fo. • /?rt.s77ea', 1()32. 
Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum. [With a short 
vocabulary of rabbinical terms, and a list of abbrevia- 
tions.] 8''- Ljondon, 1()4(). 
Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum ... Editio nova. 

80- Ghm/nw, 1824. 

BUYERS (Rev. William). 
Recollections of northern India ; with observations on 
the origin, customs, and moral sentiments of the 
Hindoos, and renrarks on the country and principal 
places on the Ganges ... 8''' London, 1848. 

(Joseph Clinton). 
London : or, interesting memorials of its rise, progress, 
and pi'csent state. By Sholto and Reuben Percy 
\^l)xpi«L'\. 3 vol. 12"- London, 1823. 

The Percy anecdotes, collected and edited by Reuben 
and Sholto Percy [^pscud.'] ... with a preface by 
John Tiinbs, F.S.xV. 4 vol. 8"' London, n.d. 

BYFIELD (Nicholas). 
The rule of faith : or, an exposition of the Apostles' 
creed. [D.C.] 4"' London, 1626. 



BYFIELD (Nicholas)— (v«(/;;(m/. 
The principles of wholesome woi-ds : a collection of 
such truths as are of necessitj' to be believed unto 
salvation... 4th edit. I'i"- Loiidoti, UVM. 

Short and plain account of the late-found balsamick wells 
at Hoxdon [Hoxton], and of their excellent virtues 
above other mineral waters. 12"- Loiido)/, 1()87. 

BYLES (Sir Joiix Bauxaud), Judge of the 
Court of Conmion Pleas. 
A treatise of the law of bills of exchange, promissoiy 
notes, bank-notes, and checks. 8th edit. 

8"- London, 1862. 
loth edit., edited by Maurice Barnard Byles. [R.L.L.] 

8"- London, 1870. 

BYNG, Admiral Joiix. 

A letter to a meml)er of Parliament relative to the 
case of Admiral Byng. 8"' London, ]lbi\. 

An appeal to the people, containing the genuine and 
entire letter of Admiral Byng to the Seer, of the 
Ad y ... Pt. 1. 8''' London, 175G. 

Some queries on the minutes of the Council of War 
held at Gibraltar, May 4 ; from which good reasons 
may be drawn for a noble Colonel's [Earl Effingham] 
having taken so large a part in the defence of 
Admiral B g. 8"- Lot/don, 1757. 

Trial ... at a court martial, as taken by Mr. Charles 
Fearne, Judge Advocate ... [With a plan of the 
engagement between M. Gallisoniere and Admiral 
Byng.] fo. London, 17.')7. 

The proceedings of the Lords in parliament upon the 
bill to release from ... the oath of secrecy the 
members of the court martial for the tryal ... 

fo. London, 1757. 


Cleopatra's needle : a history of the London obelisk, 
with an expo.sition of the hieroglyphics. By the 
Rev. James King, M.A. London. [188:5.] 

Egyptian life and history according to the monuments. 
By M. E. Harkness. 8"- London, 1884. 

Egypt and Syria, their physical features in relation to 
Bible history. Bv Sir J. William Dawson. C.M.G., 
LL.D., F.R.S. " 8"- London, 1885. 

BYRD, William. 
Lyrics, elegies... from Madrigals and canzonets. 1587. 
[Arber's Garner, 2.] 4°- London, 1879. 

BYROM (Joirx), M.A., F.R.S. 

The universal English short-hand : or, the way of 
writing English in the most easy, concise, regular, 
and beautiful manner, applicable to any other lan- 
guage, but particulai'ly adjusted to our own. 

8"- .]runrh('>^tcr, 17()7. 

An introduction to Byrom's Universal English short- 
hand, by T. Molineux. (Jthedit. 8"- London, \><->?>. 

An easy introduction to short-hand : being an abridg- 
ment of Byrom's celebrated sy.stem [by Henry 
Washbourne]. 4tli edit. 4"- London, 18;55. 

Private journal and literary remains. Edited by Canon 
Richard Parkinson, D.D., F.S.A. [Chetham Society, 
32,84,40,44.] 2 vol. in 4 pt. 4"' [.IW/z^.s/fr,] 1854-7. 

BYRON ([GKoiiCiK GoHDox,] Lord). 
Works ... with his letters and journals, and his life by 
Thomas Moore. 17 vol. 8"- London, 18;58. 

V(iL 1-C. Letters iind journals of 
Lord ByroiL ; witli 
noticrs of his life by 
Tliomns iloore. 
7. Hours of idleness. 

OccasioniU pieces, written 

in 18II7-H. 
Knglish bards and Scotch 

Occasional pieceSjWritten 
iu 1808-10. 

Vol. 8. Chilile Harold's iiilgrini- 

0. Occasional pieces, written 
in 1811-13. 
Hints from Horace. 
The curse of Minervn. 
The waltz. 
The Giaour. 
Tlic bride o{ Abydos. 
The Corsair. 

BYRON ([GKOKCiK GoiiDox,] Lord) — rontlmted. 

A'ol. 10. ode to Napoleon Buona- 
Lara : a tale. 
Hebrew nieloilios. 
The siege of Corinth. 

Domestic pieces, 1810. 
MoModv ou the death of 

the 'Kt. Hon. K. B. 

The prisoner of Chillun. 
The dream. 

Occasional pieces, 1814- 

11. Manfred. 

The lament of Tasso. 

Beppo : a Venetian storj'. 


Ode on Venice. 

Tlie Morgante Maggiore 

of PiiU'i. 
Tlic prophecy of Dante, 
(jccasional pieces. 

Vol. 12. I'raucesca of Rimini, 
.'stanzas to the I'o. 
The blues : a literary 

Marino Faliero, Doge of 

The vision of judgment. 
Occasional pieces. 

13. Heaven and earth ; a 

Sanianapalus : a tragedy. 
The two I'oscari. 
The deformeil trans- 

14. Cain ; a mystery. 
Werner : or, the inlieri- 

The age of bronze. 
The island. 

Stanzas to a Hindoo air. 
Lines i]isrril"-d, •' i in this 
ilay 1 i-cinplete my 
tliirty-sixth year." 
15-17. Don Juan. 

Works . . . With notes by Thomas Moore, Lord Jeffrey, 
Sir Walter Scott, and others. 8°- London, 1837. 
Don Juan, in sixteen cantos. 16"- London, n.d. 

Byron painted by his compeers : or, all about Loi-d 
Byron, from his marriage to his death, as given in 
the various newspapers of his day ; showing wherein 
the American novelist gives a truthful account, and 
wherein she draws on her own morbid imagination. 

8"- London, 1809. 
Src ELZE (Kael). hunt (Leigh). JEAFFRE- 
SOX (.John Cohdy). MEDWIX (Thomas), 
MOORE (Thomas). NICHOL (John). 

BYRON (Lioxkl Dawsox), B.A. 
Water baptism : or, did Christ ever command anyone 
either to baptise or be baptised with water ? ... 

8"- London, 1875. 

" What siiith the Scripture V " or, a plea for the name 
and person of the " One Mediator between God and 
man, the Man Christ Jesus." 8°- Lo)idon, 187(). 

Israel : or, the simultaneousness of the " fulness " of 
the Gentiles, the " fulness " of the Jews, the coming 
of the Lord, and the end of time. 1 2°- London, 1 877. 

BYSET. John. .Scv BATTEN (Edmund Chis- 


A vindication of Licut.-Gen. Cromwell and Gen. 
Ireton against the scandalous aspersion cast upon 
them in a posted libell signed by Tompson . . . 

4"- London, 1G47. 

C. (A. B.) 

The Bank of England and the discount houses. 

8"- London, 18C)(). 

C. (E.) 

The Taunton- Dean : letter to J. F., at the (xrccian 
coffee-house, [and] the Exeter queries. 

fo. sh. London, 1701. 

[C. (G. F.)] 

The Church of England as a State-establislicd (Jhurcli, 
considered with reference to the Bible ; with some 
remarks on dissent. 2nd edit. 12"- London, 18(52. 

C. (H.) 

Thecharacterof an honest lawyer, fo. sh. London, ICuG. 
C. (H.) Sir CHAMBERLEX (Hugh). 
C. (H.) ,sVr COCKRAM (Henhy). 
C. (H.) ^■^r COXSTABLE (Henry). 



C. (I.) 

A pleasant comedy, called, The two meiTy milkmaids... 
as it was acted before the King ... by the company 
of the Revels. 4"- London, HH^l. 

[C. (J.)] 

Alcilia : Philoparthen s loving folly. London. loOa. 
[Arber's English Garner, 4.] 4"- Biniiltuihdm, 1882. 

[C. (J.)] 

The great honour and advantage of the East India trade 
to the kingdom, asserted. 8"- London. [1G97.] 

C. (J.) Src COLE (John)- 

C , J. r. E , J. 

Account of the tryal before the Lord Chief Justice 
Raymond, at Guild-hall, between Mr. J. C, a mercer 
at Aldgate, and Mr. J. E., formerly his apprentice ... 
May -22. fo. sh. London, 1728. 

[C. (J. B.)] 

Some account of the churches consecrated in the 
dioceseof Chester in the year 1839. 8"- Zo;;f/o«, 1839. 

C. (J. M.) 

Monetary system. The injury, insufficiency, and in- 
convenience of a gold standard and circulating 
medium, fairly stated ; with a proposed substitute. 

8<'- London, 1837. 
C. (M. 0.) See CAMPBELL (Mahgaeet Olympia). 

C. (N.) See CARPENTER (XathAxXIel). 

C. (R.) 

Letter to a friend concerning usury ... 

12»- London, 1690. 

C. (R.) 

The times' whistle : or, a newe daunce of seven satires, 
and other poems . . . Edited . . . with introduction, notes 
and glossary, by J. M. Cowper. [Early English 
Text Society, 48.] 8"- London, 1871. 

C. (R.) Sec CRANE (Richard). 

C. (S.) Sir CARTER (Samuel). 

C. (Rev. S. T.), M.A. 
Jael, and other sermons. 8"' London, '[SIT., 

[C. (T.)] 

The just man's memorial! : to the memory of William, 
Earle of Pembroke, as it was delivei ed in a sermon 
at Baynards Castle, before the interment of the 
body. 4"- London, 1030. 

C. (W.), Pastor at White-Chappell. 
Lohdons lamentation for her sinnes, and complaint to 
the Lord her God : out of which may bee pickt a 
prayer for priuate families, for the time of this 
fearefull infection, and may scrue for a helpo to 
holinesse and liumiliation for such as kcepe the fast 
in priuate ; together with a soucreignc receipe against 
the plague. 12"- London, 1G2:>. 

C. (W.) 
Discourse for a kin' 

and parliament. 4"' London, IddO. 

C. (W.) Srr CLARK (Wll,l-IAM). 


1'lie cabal of Romish ghosts and nioi tals 
deceived and tlie sick Pope. fo. 

: or, tliu (le\ il 
London, IC.HIt. 


Cabala : sive, scrinia sacra. Mysteries of state and 
government : in letters of illustrious persons and 
gi'cat agents in the reigns of Hein-y the JOighth, (^ueiin 
Elizabeth, K. James, and the late King Cliails ... 
2 pt. 4"- London, 1054. 

Apologetica rescriptio, pro libertate ecclesiae in 
exercenda disciplina spirituali. [D.C.] 

12"- AinMehdanii, 1042. 


The cabinet of marquetry, buhl, and inlaid woods... 
[S.M.] 4o- London, 1807. 

Post Office directory of the cabinet, furniture and 
upholstery trades, in England, Scotland, Wales and 
Ii-eland. 1st and 2nd edit. 8"- Tendon, 1877-80. 

The cabinet council and the impending war. By an 
Englishman. 8"- London, 1876. 


The cabinet-maker's assistant : a series of original 
designs for modern furniture, with descriptions and 
details of construction. Preceded by practical ob- 
servations on the materials and manufacture of 
cabinet-work, and instructions in drawing adapted to 
the trade. [S.M.] 4"- Glasgow, 1859. 

CADE. Jack. Sec COOPER (William Currant). 
ORRIDGE (Benjamin Brogden). 

CADET (Dr. Sockate). 
Nouvelles etudes sur le cholera asiatique : le sulfure 
noir de mercure. Traduction du Comte Charles des 
Dorides. 8°- Rome, 1872. 


Constituciones syniodales del obispado de Cadiz. [D.C.] 

4«- Madrid, 1594. 

CADOGAN (William), M.D., F.R.C.P. 

An essay upon nursing and the management of 
children ... 7th edit. S"- London, 1757. 

A dissertation on the gout and all chronic diseases ... 

8"- London, 1771. 


Metrical paraphi-ase of parts of the Holy Sci'iptures, in 
Anglo-Saxon ; with an English translation, notes 
and a verbal index, by Benjamin Thorpe, F.S.A. 

8"- London, 1832. 


Cartularium S. Johannis Bapt. de Caermarthen, longo 
tempore perditum, nuper repertum inter MSS. 
Hengwrt : hodie in bibliotheca W'"'- W. E. Wynne, 
arm. de Peniarth,conservatum. [Preface signed T. P., 
/.e., Sir Thomas Phillipps,Bt-] fo. Clicltcidiam, \mb. 

Caernarvonshii-e : a sketch of its history, antiquities, 
mountains and productions. 12"- London, ITJ2. 

C^SAR (Caius Julius). 
[Opera] qua; exstant : ex nova et accuratissima viri 

docti recognitione. [D.C.] 8"- Lin/d. Hal., 1019. 
Opera omnia. Ex cditione Oberliniana. [Delphin 

Chissics.] 4 vol. 8"' Londini, 1819. 

VoL 1. Coimiii'iitiU'ii dc bcUo Gallico. 
Uoiiiiiiciitarii (le bello civili. 
2-1. Nota' variorum. 

Commentaries ... of his wars in Gallia, and the civil 
wars betwixt him and Pompey. Translated into 
English, with many excellent and judicious observa- 
tions tliei'eu])()n, as also the art of our modern 
training or tactick ])ractice, by Clement Edmonds, 
Remembrancer of the City of London : whorcunto 
is adjoined, the eighth commentary of the wars in 
(ialliii, with observations, together with the life of 
Ca;.sar, and an account of his medals ... 

fo. In the Savoy. \_London,'\ 1077. 



Commcntarios on the Gallic and civil wai-s ... literally 
translated, with notes and an index. [Bolm's 
Library.] H"- Loudon, imo. 

The commentaries... hy Anthony TroUopc. [Ancient 
Chussics for English Readers.] 8"- London, 1870. 

Life and actions ... in TEgypt ... collected from the 
best historians, illustrating the history of Cicsar and 
Cleopatra : from whence the plot of Mr. Gibber's 
new tragedy is taken ... 8"- London, 17"24. 

,sVr FROUDE (James Anthony), NAPOLEON 

C^SAR (Charles). .sVv LODGE (Edmund). 

C^SAR. Sir Julius. ,sVr LODGE (Edmund). 

CtESIUS (Beenaedus). .sVr CESI (Beenardo). 

CAGLIOSTRO (Alexandre, Comte de). 
Memorial or brief against the King's Attorney General 
in the cause of the Cardinal de Rohan, Comtesse de 
la Motte, and others. From the French ; with a 
preface by Parkyns Macmahon. 8"- Z>o;ir/o'*, 178i). 

CAILLIK (Re.xe). * 
Travels through Central Africa to Timbuctoo, and 
across the Great Desert to Morocco, performed in 
the years 1824-8. 2 vol. 8°- London, 18.'5(J. 

CAINE (T. Hall). 
Recollections of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 

8"- London, 1882. 

CAIRO (Ale.xander M'Neel-). See COBDEX 

CATRD (Edward), LL.D. 
Hegel. [Pliilosophical Classics for English Readers.] 

8°- Edinburgh, 1883. 

CAIRD (Principal John), D.D. 

Religion in common life : a sermon preached at 
Crathie church, Oct. 14, before the Queen and Prince 
Albert. [S.M.] 8"- Edinhimjh, 18f)r>. 

The unity of the .sciences : a lecture delivered at the 
opening of the winter session of the University of 
Glasgow, Nov. 3. 8''' Gkmjon;, 1874. 

The universal religion : a lecture delivered in West- 
minster Abbey on the day of intercession for 
missions, Nov. 30. 8°- Glasr/otr, 1874. 

Progi-essiveness of the sciences : a lecture delivered at 
the opening of the winter session of the University 
of Glasgow, Nov. 2. 8"- Gluxcjon:, 1875. 

CAIRNTIS (Prof. John Elliot), M.A., LL.D. 
Political economy as a brancli of general education ; 

being an inaugural lecture delivered in Queen's 

College, Galway, 1859. 8°- London, 1800. 

The revolution in America : a lecture ... 12°- 1862. 
England's neutrality in the American contest. 

80- London, 18(14. 
Essays in political economy, theoretical and applied. 

[S.M.] 8"- London, 1873. 

Some leading principles of political economy newly 

expounded. [S.M.] 8"- London, 1874. 

The character and logical method of political economy. 

2nd and enlarged edit. [S.M.] 8°- London, 1875. 

CAIUS (John), M.D. 
Of English dogs : the diversities, the names, the natures, 
and the properties. A short treatise written in 
Latin ... and newly drawn into English by Abraham 
Fleming. London, 157(). [Arber's English Gar- 
ner, 3.] 4"- London, 1880. 


Retrospective or scattered memorials of Calais. 2nd 
edit. 8"- London, 1843. 

CALAMY (Ben.iamin), D.D. 
A discourse about a .scrupulous conscience, preached at 
St. Maiy'.s Aldermanbury. 4"- London, 1(183. 

A .s6rmon preached at St. Lawrence Jury, 'J Sept., 
being the day of thanksgiving for deliverance... from 
the late treasonable conspiracy. 4"- London, 1()83. 
Sermons preached upon several occasions. 2nd edit. 

8"'- L(nidon, \C,<M). 

Srr SHERLOCK (William). 

CALAMY (Edmund), B.D. 
A sermon preached at the funeral of the Rev. S. Aske. 

4"- London, li]Cy>. 

A sermon preached at Aldermanberry Church, Dec. 28, 
1(1(52. 4"- Oxford, ]i;d3. 

CALAMY (Edmund), D.D. 

A sermon at the Merchants' lecture in Salters hall, 
Dec. 7, 1708, upon occasion of the many late bank- 
rupts. 8"- London, 170'J. 

An abridgement of Mr. Baxter's History of his life and 
times ; with an account of the ministers ejected after 
the Restoration. 2nd edit. 2 vol. 8"- Zo//f/ow, 1713. 

Continuation of the account of the ministers ... ejected 
after the Restoration in 16(10. 2 vol. 8"- London, Xl'll. 

The principles ... of moderate nonconformists with 
respect to ordination, exemplify'd in a sermon 
preached at the ordination of Mr. J ohn Muncldey . . . 
2nd edit. 8«- London, 1717. 

A letter to Ai'chdeacon Echard upon occasion of his 
History of England ... S"- London, 1718. 

Nonconformists' memorial ; with several new lives by 
Samuel Palmer. 2nd edit. 3 vol. 8"- i>o;;('/o/i, 1802-3. 

Historical account of my own life, with some reflec- 
tions on the times I have lived in (1671-1731) ; with 
notes by John Towill Rutt. 2 vol. 8"- /.o//f/o/(. 182'.). 
-SVr LEWIS (Thomas). 

Cones and Co.'s Calcutta directory and almanac. 2 vol. 

8"- Cdlruttd, 1875-82. 

CALDECOTT (Thomas). 
Reports of cases relative to the duty and office of a 
justice of the peace, from 1776 to 1785. [R.L.L.] 

4"- London, 1786. 

CALDER (J. E.). 
Oyster culture ... 8°- Tasmania, 1868. 

Tasmanian industries ; with notices of those of the 
Australian colonies and New Zealand ... 

8"- Taxinunni, 1869. 

CALDERON (Rev. Juan). 
Friendly discussions with my priest ; from the MS. 
of ... a protestant Spaniard. Translated by Thomas 
Parker. 8°- London, 1854. 

Life's a dream. The great theatre of the world. 
From tlie Spanish of Calderon, with an essay on his 
life and genius, by Richard Chencvix Trench, D.D. 

8"- London. 1856. 

Scr HASELL (E. J.). 

The relations of mind and brain. 8"' T^ondon, 1879. 

CALDERWOOD (Mrs. [Maroaiset]), of Polton. 
Letters and journals ... from England, Holland and 
the Low Countries, in 1756: edited by Alexander 
Fergu.sson, Lieut.-Col. 8"- Kdinlntrult, 1884. 





CALEPINO (Ambkogio). 
Dictionariiim ... linguaj latinae ... adiectae sunt Latiais 
dictionibus HebrajSE, Gallicae, Italicse, (iermanicre, 
Hispaiiica;, atcjiie Anglicis ... [recensnit] Joannes 
Passeratius. fo. LtK/diiiii. 1C>34. 

CALEY. JoHX. F.E.S.. F.S.A. 
(Sir William). 


Engelscb-Xedeilandscli en Nederlandsch-Engelsch 
woordenboek. 2 vol. 8"' Anixterd/im , 

CALLARD (Thomas Kakk), F.G.S. 
The geological evidences of the antiquity of man 
reconsidered. 8°- London, 1«75. 

The contemporaneity of man with the extinct mam- 
malia as taught by recent cavern exploration, and 
its bearing upon the question of man's antiquity. 

4"- London. [1871).] 

CALLET (FRANf;(.is). 
Tables portatives de logarithmes, contenant les loga 
rithmes des nombres depuis 1 jusqu'a ]()8()()() ... 
entierement revues et corrigees par [Jacques- 
Fri'drric] Saigey. 8"- Parix. 1795 (tirage, 1871). 

CALLIAT (Vktok). 
Hotel de Ville de Paris, mesure, dessine et grave ... 
avec une histoire de ce monument, et des recherches 
sur le gouvernement municipal de Paris, par Le Roux 
de Lincy. [This book bears the following inscrip- 
tion : — "La ville de Paris h la bibliotheque de la citi' 
de Londres, 184G.'"] atlas fo. F<n-/x, 1844. 


Cutlery. [British Manufacturing Industries, .3.] 

8"- London, 1877. 

CALLIS (Robert). 
The reading ... upon the statute of 23 Henry VIII, 
cap. 5, of sewers, as it was delivered by him at 
Gray's Inn in Aug., 1(522. 4"- Loni/on-, l()8o. 

CALMET (Auc;usTi\). 
Dictionary of the Holy Bible ... 4th edit., revised ... 
by C. Taylor. 5 vol. 4"- London, 1823. 

CAIjONNE, Chakles; Alexandbe de. 
Museum Calonnianum : specification of the various 
articles which compose the magnificent museum of 
natuial history collected by M. de Calonne in 
France. " 8"- London, 1797. 

CALTHROP (Sir HKXin ), Recorder of London. 
The lil)erties, usages, and customes of the City of 
London confirmed by especiall acts of Parliament. 

4"- London, 1()42. 

Another edit. 4"-' London, H')74. 

Reports of speciall eases touching severall customs and 
liberties of tlie City of London : whereuuto is 
annexed, divers ancient customes and usages of the 
said City of London. 8"- London, ]C)i>i>. 

Another edit. 8"- London, 1()70. 

CALVER(Capt.Ei)\VAi!i) Kil\vi( k),R.N.,F.R.S. 
Repoi't upon the discliarge of metropolitan sewage into 
tlie river Thames at Barking Creek and Crossness, 
Oct. 15. 8"' [London, 1877.] 

CALVERLEY (Ciiaules Stuakt). 
Literary i-emains. With a memoir by Walter J. 

SoiKliill. 8"- London, 1885. 

Translations into I'^iiglish and fjatiii. New e<lit. 

8"- London, 18H5. 

Verses and fly leaves. New edit. 8"- London, 1885. 

CALVERT (Dr. F. Ckace-), F.R.S., F.C.S. ■ 
Dj'eing and calico printing : including an account cf 
the most recent improvements in the manufacture 
and use of aniline colours. Edited by John Stenhouse, 
LL.D.. F.R.S., and Charles Edward Groves. 2nd edit. 
[S.M.] 8"- Monchester, 187(i. 

CALVERT (Fkedekuk), Q.C. 
Denominationalists and Secularists. 8"- London, 1876. 
Wrongs and remedies : or, the wrongs of the elementary 
education acts, and how to remedy them. 

8"' London, 1877. 

CALVIN (Jean). 
Recueil des opuscules. [D.C.] fo. Geneve, ]5()(). 
Epistolffi et responsa, cum J. Calvini vita a Theodoro 

Beza accurate descripta. [D.C.] fo. Genevcn, 1570. 
Institutio Christianae religionis. [D.C.] 

fo. Genenv, 1508. 
Another edit. [D.C.] 8"- Genera', \(S\>^. 

Institucie, ofte onderwijsinghe der Chri.stelicker religie. 

[D.C.] 8"- 1500. 

Another edit. [D.C.] fo. Lei/den, 1002. 

Another edit. [D.C.] - fo. AmMerdoin, 1045. 
Another edit. [D.C.] fo. Ainifterda/i/ , 1050. 

Institucion de la religion Chi-istiana, traduzida en 

romance Castellano por Cypriano de Valera. [D.C.] 

8"- 1597. 

Commentarii in quinque libros Mosis. 2nd edit. [D.C.] 

fo. Genercp, 1573. 
Commeiitarius in historiam Josue. [D.C.] 

fo. Genera', 1575. 
Sermons sur lelivre de Job. [D.C.] fo. GV«f;-e, 1011. 
Sermons vpon the booke of Job, translated by Arthur 
Golding. [Title-page, dedication, and last two pages 
wanting. D.C.] fo. London, 1584. 

Commeiitarius in li-brum Psalmorum. [D.C.] 

fo. Geneva', 1578. 
Commentarii in Isaiam Prophetam. 3rd edit. [D.C.] 

fo. Geneva', 1570. 
Prrelectiones in librum prophetiarum Jeremiae, et 
Lamentationes. 2nd edit. [D.C.] fo. Geneva:, H>7(). 
Lec'ons ou commentaires et expositions sur les vingt 
premiers chapitres des revelations du propliete 
Ezechiel. [D.C.] fo. Geneve, 1505. 

Pnelectiones in librum prophetiarum Danielis. [D.C.] 

fo. 1571. 

Prselectiones in duodecim Prophetas (quos vocant) 
Minores. [D.C.] fo. Geneva', 1507. 

Commentaires sur la concordance, ou harmonic, com- 
posee de trois evangelistes : a s<,'avoir, S. Matthieu, 
S. Marc et S. Luc. Item, sur L'Evangile selon S. 
Jehan, et sur le second livre de S. Luc, diet les Actes 
des Apostres. [D.C.] 8"- [Geneve,] 1501. 

Commentaires sur la concordance, ou harmonic, com- 
posre de trois euangelistes : assauoir, Sainct Matthieu, 
Sainct Marc et Sainct Luc. Item, sur I'Evangile de 
Sainct Jean ... S"- 1502. 

Commentaires sur les Actes des Apostres... 8"- 1502. 

Harmonia ex Evangelistis tribus composita, Matthajo, 
Marco, et Lnca, comniontariis J. Calvini exposita. 
Ejusdeni in Joliannem Evangelistam commentaiius. 
[D.C] fo. Geneva', 1572. 

Harmonia, dat is, ecu tsamciistemniingho gemaect wt 
de drie Evangelisten, namelick, Matthoo, Marco, 
(:ndc Luca, met de wtlcgginge. Item o|) het Evaii- 
gelium Johannis. Item do Ilandelinghen der 
Apostelen, door J. Calvinum wtgheleyt. [D.C] 

fo. Thantirevpen, 1582. 

Commentarii integri in Acta Apostolorum. [D.C] 

fo. Geneva-, 1573. 

(Jominentaires sur toutes les epistres de I'Apostre S. 
Paul et aussi sur l"e])istre aux IL'brcux. Item, sur 
les epistres canoni(|ucs de S. Pierre, S. Jehan, S. 
Jaciinos, et S. Jude, autrement appelecs catholiques. 
[D.C] 8"- [Geneve,] 1501. 



. CALVIN (Jv..\s)—ro)it>>me<I. 
Wtlegghiiighe op alle de Sendbrieuen Pauli des 
Apostcls, eiidc oock op den Seudbrief tot den 
Hebreeii. [D.C] fo. EniMeii, lulUi. 

Another edit. [D.(".] fo. A mxtprdcon, 1;)H-2. 

Another edit. [U.C.] to. Lpi/i/ch, ]M\ . 

De commentarieii op de canonicke Sendtbrieven Peti'i, 
Jacobi, Joanni.'^, [cnde] Judaj. [D.C] 

fo. Lci/ilfii, ir)S2. 
Commentary on the epistle to the Hebrews, tran.slated 

from the Latin. 12"- London, 

Institutes of the Christian religion. Translated by 
John Allen. ;5rd edit. '2 vol. 8"- Lo)ido)i, 1«44. 
,sVr CIMBER (L.). TULLOCH (Principal John). 


Archseologia Cambrensis : a record of the antiquities of 
Wales and its Marches. The journal of the. . .Associa- 
tion. 4 series. 150 vol. H"- London. \M['y-l:>. 


A poem, attempting something upon the rarities of the 
... University of Cambridge. 4"' London, ICu?). 
A true account of the election at Cambridge, March )'). 

fo. sh. \_London,'\ 1(181. 
The Cambridge case ; being a narrative of the proceed- 
ings against the Vice-chancellour ... for refusing to 
admit Alban Francis, a Benedictine monk, to the 
degree of M.A., without taking the oaths. 

fo. London, IGS'J. 
A letter about the election of members for the county 
of Cambridge, to serve in this present parliament ... 

fo. sh. London, 1(590. 
The poll for the election of two representatives in 
parliament for the University, Sept. i) ... [Pulilished 
by Mr. Mouiisey of Jesus College.] 

8°- Camhridfie. [1780.] 
A description of the University, town, and county ... 

8"- Cumhr/dfie, 
Documents relating to the University and colleges... 

3 vol. 8"- London, hSfri. 

Calendars, 1867-86. 20 vol. 8"- Camhrkh/e, 18(i7-8(;. 
The student's guide to the University . . . 4th edit. 

8"- Camhridge, 1882. 
A fragment. [A satire upon the University.] 

8"- London, n.iL 

Reasons olfer'd to the house of Commons for excepting 
the University ... and the several colleges therein, 
out of the bill for restraining the dispositions of 
lands whereby the same become unalienable. 

fo. sh. n.d. 

S,r ACKERMANN (Rudolph). CARTER (Ed- 
MUXD). FRANCKLIX (Dr. Thomas), HEY- 
WOOD (James), HUSTLER (William), KIL- 
XER (Joseph), LANGBAIXE (Gehakd). LI- 
BRARIES, LUARD (Henry Richards). 

Illnstrations of monumental brasses. 

4"- C'lv/hndf/p, 184(5. 

Sir Roger ile Triimpiii<itoii. 1290. 
Britelhis Avenel. Priest. 130T. 
Johu de Groflmrst. Priest. 
Sir Johu de Northwode. Circa 

A Priest. Circa U30. 
Ibe Lady Halsliaiii. 1395. 
Sir Andrew Luttrell. 139!). 
Tliomas de Crewe, Esq., and Lady. 

William de Lodyngtou, .lustice of 

the Common Pleas. 1419. 
John Maiiilton. Priest. 1432. 
Dr. Nelonil, Prior of St. Pancras. 


Dr..Tohu Blodwell. Priest. 14G2. 

Alderman Fclil and Son. 1477. 
Bisho]) Booth (of Exeter). 147K. 
Chief Jnstioe .sir Thomas Urswvk 

and Lady. 1479. 
John Tame, Esq., and Ijidy. 1501). 
Lord Beaumont. 1S07. 
Dr. Walter Hewkc. Priest. 1517. 
Sir Peter Legh (Knight and 

Priest) and Lady. 1527. 
The Countess of Oxford. 1537. 
Bishop (fnodricli. 1554. 
Bisho]) Pursglove. 1579. 
Dr. Edward Hawford. 


Archbishop Harsuett. 1631. 




Cambridge essays, contributed by members of the Uni- 
versity, 1855-(). 2 vol, 8"- London, l>^f)f)-(i. 


The life and genius uf .Molierc. By ('. K. Watson. .M.A. 
Tlie English language in Ainei'ica. liy C. A. Bristeil, B..\. 
Notes on modern geography. By Francis (lalton. M.A., F.(t,S. 
Limitations to seve rity in war. By Charles Buxton, .\1..V. 
(Jn the transmutatioirof matter. By (!. D. Ijiveing, M..-V. 
Tlie relation of novels to lile. By Fitzjames Stejihen, B.A. ■ 
Future prosjiects of the British navy. By H. E. Hughes, MvA. 
Alfred Tennyson's poems. By George Brimley, M.A. 
General education and classical studies. By \V. G. Clark, M.A. 


Roman law and legal education. By H. J. S. Maine. LL.U. 
On English ethnography. By J. W. Donfildsou, D.D. 
Old stiidies anil new. By Jolni Grote, M.A. 

The taste for the picturesque among the Greeks. Bv E. M. 
Cope, M.A. 

Apoeryi)hal gosjjels. By C. J. Ellicott, M..\. 

The Protestiint church and religious liberty in I'rance. By W. II. 

Waddington. M.A. 
The fly-fisher and his library. By H. R. Francis, M.A. 
The text of Hhakspcare. Bv Charles Badham, D.D. 
Coleridge. By V. J. A. Hort, M.A. 

[Papers.] 1. On primary political education, by J. F. 
Moulton. 2. On the political influence of scientific 
education, by J. Stuart. '6. On the principle of 
authority in matters of opinion, by Sedley Taylor. 
4. The basis of the Parliamentary suffrage, by M. G . 
Fawcett. 5. Justice, by H. Sidgwick. 

8"- \_C'onihr/dijfi,'\ n.d. 


CAMDEN (William). 

Reges, reginae, nobiles. et alij in ecclesia collegiata B. 
Petri Westmonasterij sepulti, usque ad annum 
reparataj salutis 1(500 [160(5]. [Anon. This col- 
lection was commenced by John Skelton. 1st, 2nd 
and 3rd edit.] 4«- Londinl, l(500-(;. 

Anglica, Normannica, Hibernica, Cambrica, k veteribus 
scripta ex quibus Asser Menevensis, Thomas Wal- 
singham, Thomas de la More, Gulielmus Gemiticensis, 
Giraldus Cambrensis, plerique nunc primum in lucem 
editi ... fo. Frunrofnrti, 1603. 

Britannia : sive florentissimorum regnorum Anglic, 
ScotiaB, Hiberniae et insularum adjacentium ex intima 
antiquitate chorographica descriptio. [D.C] 

fo. Londini, 1607. 

Britain : or, a chorographicall description of the most 
flourishing kingdomes, England, Scotland, and 
Ireland, and the ilands adioyning, out of the depth 
of antiquitie : beautified with mappes of the severall 
shires of England. Wi-itten first in Latin ...Trans- 
lated newly into English by Philemon Holland, M.D., 
finally the said author, fo. Londini, 1(510. 
[Wants engraved title, dedication, title, and first 
leaf of " The author to the reader," 4 leaves.] 

Another edit., newly translated into English, witli 
large additions and improvements. Publish'd by 
Edmund Gibson, of Queen's College in Oxford. [Red 
lines and coloured maps.] fo. Jjondon, Ki',);"). 

Another edit,, enlarged by Richard Gough [and John 
Nichols, F.S. A.]. 2nd edit. 4 vol. fo. London, im\. 

Remaines concerning Britaine... The fift impression, 
with many rare antifjuities never before imprinted, 
by the indu.stry and care of John Philipot, Somerset 
herald. 4"- I^ondon, 1()37. 

Annales rerum Anglicarum et Ilibernicarum, regnante 
Elizabetha. Edidit Tho. Hearnius. 3 vol. 

8"- 0.ron, 1717, 

The visitation of the county of Huntingdon, under the 
autliority of William Camden, Clarenceux king of 
arms, by his deputy Nicholas Charles, Lancaster 
herald, a.d. 1613. Edited by Sir Henry Ellis, 
F.R.S. [Camden Society, 43.] 4"- London, 1849. 



CAMDEX (WuAAAM)—contiimi'd. 

The risitatioii of the county of Leicester in the year 
IGl'J. Edited l.y John Fetherston, F.S.A. [Harleian 
Society, ■_'.] " 4"- London, 1870. 

The visitation of the county of Ruthind in the year 
1618-111. And other descents of families not in the 
visitation. Edited by George John Ai-mytage, 
F.S.A. [Harleian Society, 3.] 4"- London, 1870. 

The visitation of the county of Warwick in the year 
KU'J. Edited by John Fetherston, F.S.A. [Har- 
leian Societj', 12.] 4°- London, 1877. 

The publications of the Camden Society. 105 vol. 
Xew Series, ,S9 vol. Indexe.s, 3 vol. 147 vol. 

4"- London, 1838-8C. 

1. Historic of the arrival! of Edward IV in 
England, and the finall recouerye of his king- 
domes from Henry VI, a.d. 1471. Edited by 
John Bruce, F.S.A. 

2. Kynge Johan : a play, in 2 pt., by John Bale. 
Edited by J. Payne Collier, F.S.A. ... 

3. Alliterative poem on the deposition of King 
Richard II. Ricardi Maydiston de concordia 
inter Ric. II et civitatem London. Edited by 
Thomas Wright, M.A., F.S.A. 

4. Plumpton correspondence : a series of letters, 
chiefly domestick, written in the reigns of Edward 
IV, Richard III, Henry VII, and Henry VIII. 
Edited by Thomas Stapleton, F.S.A. ... 

5. Anecdotes and traditions, illustrative of early 
English history and literature, derived from MS. 
sources. Edited by William J. Thorns, F.S.A. 

('(. The political songs of England, from the reign 
of John to that of Edward II. Edited and 
translated by Thomas Wright, M.A., F.S.A. 

7. Annals of the first four years of the reign of 
Queen Elizabeth. By Sir John Hayward, D.C.L. 
Edited by John Bruce, F.S.A. 

8. Ecclesiastical documents : viz. 1. A brief 
history of the bishoprick of Somerset,, from its 
foundation to the year 1 1 74. 2. Charters from 
the library of Dr. Cox Macro. Now first pub- 
lished by the Rev. Joseph Hunter, F.S.A. 

',). Speculi Britanniaj pars : an historical and 
chorographical description of the county of 
Essex, by John Norden, 1594. Edited ... by Sir 
Henry Ellis. 

10. A chronicle of the first thirteen years of the 
reign of King Edward IV, by John Wark- 
worth, D.D. Edited ... by James Orchard 
Halliwell, F.R.S., F.S.A. 

11. Kemps Nine daies wonder : performed in a 
daunce from London to Norwich. With an in- 
troduction and notes by the Rev. Alexander 

12. The Egerton papers : a collection of public 
and private documents chiefly illustrative of the 
times of I'^linabeth and James I ; from the 
original manuscripts, the property of Lord 
Francis Egeiton, M.P. Edited by J. Payne 
Collier, F.S.A. 

13. Chronica Joccliiii de Brakclonda de rebus 
gestis Samsonis, abbatis monasterii Sancti 
Edmundi. Nunc primum tyi)is inandata curante 
Jolianne (iage Rokewode, F.R.S. 

14. Narratives ilhistrative of the contests in 
Ireland in ICtl an<l IC'.IO. Edited by Thomas 
Crofton Croker. 

15. The chronicle of William tie Rishanger of 
the Barons' wars. Tiie miracles of Simon de 
Moiitfort. Edited ... l)y James Orchard Halli- 
well, F.R.S., F.S.A. 

CAMDEN iiOGIE^TY— continued. 
IG. The Latin poems commonly attributed to 
Walter Mapes... Edited by Thomas Wright, 
M.A., F.S.A. 

17. The second book of the travels of Nicander 
Nucius of Corcyra. Edited . . . with an English 
translation, by the Rev J. A. Cramer, D.D. 

18. Three early English metrical romances, with 
an introduction and glos.sary. Edited ... by 
John Robson. 

19. The private diary of Dr. John Dee, and the 
catalogue of his library of MSS. ... Edited by 
James Orchard Halliwell, F.R.S., F.S.A. 

20. An apology for Lollard doctrines, attributed 
to Wicliffe . . . With an introduction and notes 
by James Henthorn Todd, D.D. 

21. Rutland papers : original documents illustrative 
of the courts and times of Henry VII and Henry 
VIII. Selected from the archives of the Duke 
of Rutland by William Jerdan, F.S.A. 

22. The diary of Dr. Thomas Cartwright, Bishop 
of Chester ; commencing at the time of his 
elevation to that see, Aug., I()8t5, and termi- 
nating with the visitation of St. Mary Magdalen 
College, Oxford, Oct., 11)87. Now first printed 
... [by] the Rev. Joseph Hunter, F.S.A. 

23. Original letters of eminent literary men of the 
IGth, 17th, and 18th centuries; with notes and 
illustrations by Sir Henry Ellis, F.R.S. 

24. A contemporary narrative of the proceedings 
against Dame Alice Kyteler, prosecuted for 
sorcery in 1324, hj Richard de Ledrede, Bishop 
of Ossory. Edited by Thomas Wright, M.A. 

25. 54 and 89. Promptorium parvulorum sive cleri- 
corum : lexicon Anglo-Latin um princeps, auctore 
Fratre Galfrido Grammatico dicto ... circa a.d. 
1440, olim e prelis Pynsonianis editum, nunc ab 
integro, commentariolis subjectis, ad fidem 
codicum recensuit Albertus Way, A.M. 3 vol. 

20. Three chapters of letters relating to the 
suppression of monasteries. Edited ... by 
Thomas Wright, M.A., F.S.A. 

27. Correspondence of Robert Dudley, Earl of 
Leycester, during his government of the Low 
Countries in 1585 and 158(). Edited by John 
Bruce, F.S.A. 

28. Croniques de London, depuis I'an 44 Hen. Ill 
jusqu'a Tan 17 Edw. III. Edited ... by George 
James Aungier. 

28 and 3C). Polydore Vergil's English history, from 
an early translation... Vol. 1, containing the 
first eight books ; comprising the period prior to 
the Norman conquest. [Vol. 2.] Three [] 
books ; comprising the reigns of Henry VI, 
Edward IV, and Richard III. Edited by Sir 
Henry Ellis, F.R.S. 2 vol. 

30. The Thornton romances : the early English 
metrical loniances of Perceval, Isumbras, Egla- 
mour, and Degrevant ... Edited by James 
Orchard Halliwell, F.R.S., F.S.A. 

31. Verney papers: notes of proceedings in the 

Long Parliament, temp. Charles I Edited by 

John Bruce, F.S.A. 

■32. The autobiography of Sii' John Bramston, K.B., 
of Skrecns, in the Hundied of Chelmsford ... 
[Edited by Lord Braybi'ookc, F.S.A.] 

33. Letters from James, Eail of Perth ... to his 
sister, the Countess of Erroll, and other members 
of his family. Edited by William Jerdan. 

34. Do anti(]nis legibus liber : cronica majorum et 
vicecomitum Londoniarum, et quodam que con- 
tingebant temiioribiis illis ab anno 1178 ad 
amnnn 1274 ; cum api)endice. Nunc primum 
typis mandata curante Thoma Stapleton. 


3;'). The chronicle of Calais in the reigns of 
Henry VII and Henry VITI, to the year 1540. 
Edited, from MSS. in the British Museum, by 
John Ciough Nichols, F.S.A. 

.3(1. ;SVr 2!). 

37. A relation, or rather a true account of the 
island of England ; with sundry particulars of 
the customs of these people, and of the royal 
revenues under Henry VII about the year 1500. 
Translated from the Italian, with notes, by 
Charlotte Augusta Sneyd. 

38. Documents relating to the foundation and 
antiquities of the collegiate church of Middle- 
ham in the county of York. With an historical 
introduction, antl incidental notices of the castle, 
town and neighbourhood, by the Rev. Wm. 
AtthiU ... 

39. 55, 01, 73, 87, 104 ; N.S. 14 and 31. The Camden 
Miscellany. 8 vol. 

Vol. 1. Hogister and chronicle of tlie Abbey of Aberconway. 
Chronicle of the rebclliou in Lincolnshire in 1470. 
Bull of Pope Innocent VIII on tlie marriage of Hen. VII with 

Elizabeth of York. 
Jourual of the siege of Ronen in 1591. 

Letter of George Fleetwooil, describing the battle of Lutzen 

anil death of Gustavns Adoljjhus. 
Diary of Dr. Edward Lake, chaplain and tutor to the 

Princesses Mary and Anne, 1677-8. 

2. Account of the expenses of John of Brabant and Henry and 

Thomas of Lancaster, 1292-3. 
Household account of the Princess Elizabeth, 1551-2. 
Tlie request and suite of a trne-hearteil Englishman, WTitten 

by William Cholmeley, 1553. 
Discovery of the Jesuits' College at Clerkenwell, in March, 

Trelawny papers. 

Autobiography of William Taswell, D.D. 

3. Papers relating to the proceedings in the county of Kent, 


Historical poems of the sixteenth century, from the Korfolk 

MSS. in the Bodleian Library. 
A relation of abuses committed against the Commonwealth, 


Inventory of the wanlrobe ... of Heury Fitzroy, Duke of 
Riclimond and .Somerset, and of the wardrobe ... 
of Katharine of Arragon, at Baynard's Castle. 

4. A London chronicle during the reigns of Henry VII and 

Henry VIII. 

The expenses of the judges of assize riding the Western and 

Oxford circuits, 159C-1601. 
The incredulity of St. Thomas : the scriveners' play at York. 
The chilile of Bristow, a poem, by John Lydgate. 
Sir Edward Lake's interviews with Charles I. 
Letters of Pope to Atterbury when in the Tower of London. 
Supplementary note to the iliscovery of the Jesuits' College 

at Clerkenwell, in March, 1627-8. 

5. Five letters of King Charles II, communicated by the Marquis 

of Bristol. 

Letter of the council to Sir Thomas Lake, relating to the 
proceedings of Sir Edward Coke at Oatlands ; and docu- 
ments relating to Sir Walter Raleigh's last voyage. 

A catalogue of early English miscellanies formerly in the 
Harlciau Library. 

Letters selected from the collection of autographs in the 
possession of William Titc, M.P., V.P.S.A. 

Sir Francis Drake's memorable service done against the 
Spaniards in 1587. Written by Robert Leng, gentleman, 
one of his co-ailventnrers and fellow-soldiers. 

Inquiry into the genuineness of a letter, dated Feb. 3rd, 1G13, 
and signed "Mary Magdaline Da vers." 

6. Life of William Whittingham, Dean of Durham, from a MS. 

in Anthony Wooil's collection, Boilleian Library. 
The Earl of Bristol's defence of his negotiations in Spain. 
From MSS. in the Bodleian Library and the Public 
Record Ollice. 

Journal of Sir Francis Walsiugham, from December, 1570, to 
April, 1583. From the original MS. in the possession of 
Lieut.-Colonel Carew. 

7. Two sermons jjreachcd by the Boy-bishop : one at St. Paul's, 

temp. Henry VIII, the other at Cloucester, temp. Mary. 
Speech of Sir Robert Heath in the case of Alexander 

Notes on the judgment delivered by Sir George Croke in the 

case of ship-money. 
Letters relating to the mission of Sir Thomas Roe to Gustavus 

Adolphus, 1629-30. 
Receipts and exiienses in the building of Bodmin Church, 


8. Four letters of Lord Wen tworth, afterwards Earlof StralTonl ; 

with a poem on his illness. 
Memoir, by Madame do Motteville, on the life of Henrietta 

Papers relathig to the delinquency of Lord Savile, 1642-6. 
A secret negotiation with Charles I, 1643-4. 
A letter from the Earl of Manchester on the comUict of 

CAMDEN SOCIETY— conthiiml. 

Letters addressed to the Karl of Lauderdale. 
Original letters of the Duke of Monmouth. 
Correspondence of the family of Haddock, 1657-1719. 
Letters of Richard Thompson to Henry Thompson, of Esci-ick, 
CO. York. 

40. A commentary of the services and charges of 
William, Lord Grey of Wilton, K.G., by his son 
Arthur, Lord Grey of Wilton, K.G. With a 
memoir of the author, and illustrative documents. 
Edited by Sir Philip de Malpas Grey Egerton, 
B*-, M.P., F.R.S. 

41. Diary of Walter Yonge, justice of the peace, 
and M.P. for Honiton, written at Colyton and 
Axminster, co. Devon, from 1604 to 1G28. 
Edited by George Roberts. 

42. The diary of Henry Machyn, citizen and mer- 
chant taylor of London, from a.d. 1550 to a.d. 
1563. Edited by John Gough Nichols, F.S.A. 

43. The visitation of the county of Huntingdon, 
under the authority of William Camden, Claren- 
ceux king of arms, by his deputy, Nicholas 
Charles, Lancaster herald, a.t>. 1613. Edited 
by Sir Henry Ellis, F.R.S. 

44. The obituarj' of Richard Smyth, secondary of 
the Poultry compter, London ; being a catalogue 
of all such persons as he knew in their life, 
extending from a.d. 1G29 to A.D. 1674. Edited 
by Sir Henry Ellis, F.R.S. 

45. Certaine considerations upon the government 
of England. By Sir Roger Twy.sden, B*- Edited 
from the unpublished MS. by John Mitchell 
Kemble, M.A. 

46. Letters of Queen Elizabeth and King James VI 
of Scotland ... Edited by John Bi-uce, F.S.A. 

47. Chronicon Petroburgense. Nuncprimum typis 
mandatum, curante Thoma Stapleton. 

48. The chronicle of Queen Jane and of two years 
of Queen Mary, and especially of the rebellion of 
Sir Thomas Wyat : written by a resident in the 
Tower of London. Edited ... by John Gough 
Nichols, F.S.A. 

49. Wills and inventories from the registers of the 
Commissary of Bury St. Edmunds and the 
Archdeacon of Sudbury. Edited by Samuel 

50. Gualteri Mapes De nugis curialium distinc- 
tiones quinque. Edited, from the unique MS. 
in the Bodleian Library, by Thomas Wright, 
M.A., F.S.A. 

51. The pylgrymage of Sir Richard Guylforde to 
the Holy Land, a.d. 1506, from a copy, believed 
to be unique, from the press of Richard Pynson. 
Edited by Sir Henry Ellis, F.R.S. 

52. Moneys received and paid for secret services 
of Charles II and James II, fiom 30th ]\Iarch, 
1679, to 25th Dec, 1688. Edited by John 
Yonge Akerman, F.S.A. 

53. Chronicle of the Grey Friars of London. 
Edited by John Gough Nichols, F.S.A. 

54. Sec 2o. 
5.5. Sir 39. 

56. Letters and papers of the Verney family, down 
to the end of tlie year 1()39 : printed from the 
original MSS. in the possession of Sir Harry 
Verney, B*- Edited by John Bruce, F.S.A. 

57. The Ancren Riwle : a treatise on the rules 
and duties of monastic life. Edited and trans- 
lated, from a semi-Saxon MS. of the thirteenth 
century, by Prebendary James INIorton, B.D. 

58. Letters of the Lady Brilliana Harley. wife of 
Sir Robert Harley of Bra!ni)tor, Bi-yaii, Knight 
of the Bath. With introduction and notes by 
the Rev. Thomas Taylor Lewis, A.M. 




CAMDEX SOCIETY— conlhmcci. 
59 and (i2. A roll of the household expenses of 
Kichard de Swinfield, Bishop of Hereford, 
during part of the years 1 289 and 1 290. [Vol. 1 . 
The roll, endorsement, and appendix. Vol. 2.] 
Abstract, illustrations, glossary, and index. 
Edited by the Kev. John Webb, M.A., F.S.A. 
2 vol. 

60. Grants ... from the Crown during the reign of 
Edward V, from the original docket book 
MS. Harl. 433 ; and two speeches for opening 
parliament, by John Russell, Bishop of Lincoln, 
Lord Chancellor. With an historical introduc- 
tion by John Cough Nichols, F.S.A. 

61. Src 39. 
02. Sec 59. 

G3. Charles I in 164G : letters of King Charles I 
to Queen Henrietta Maria. Edited by John 
Bruce, F.S.A. 

64. An English chronicle of the reigns of Richard 
II, Henry IV, Henry V, and Henry VI, written 
before the year 1471 ; with an appendix con- 
taining the 18th and 19th years of Richard II, 
and the parliament at Bury St. Edmunds, 25th 
Henry VI, and supplementary additions from 
the Cotton MS. chronicle called " Eulogium." 
Edited by the Rev. John Silvester Davies, M.A. 

65. The Knights Hospitallers in England ; being 
the report of Prior Philip de Thame to the Grand 
Master, Elyan de Villanova, for a.d. 1338. 
Edited by the Rev. Lambert B. Larking, M.A. ; 
with an historical introduction by John Mitchell 
Kemble, M.A. 

66. Diary of John Rous, incumbent of Santon 
Downham, Suffolk, from 1G25 to 1642. Edited 
by Mary Anne Everett Green. 

67. 84 and 105. Trevelyan papers. [Pt. 1.] Prior 
to A.D. 1558. Pt. 2. A.D. 1446-1643. Edited 
by J. Payne Collier. Pt. 3. With introduction. 
Edited by Sir Walter Calverley Trevelyan, B*-, 
and Sir Charles Edward Trevelyan. 3 vol. . 

68. Journal of the Very Rev. Rowland Davies, 
LL.D., Dean of Ross (and- afterwards Dean of 
Cork), from Mar. 8, 1688-9, to Sept. 29, 1690. 
Edited, with notes and an appendix, and some 
account of the author and his family, by Richard 
Caulfield, B.A. 

69. The domesday of St. Paul's of the year 1222 : 
or, registrum de visitatione maneriorum, per 
Robertum Decanum ; and other original docu- 
ments relating to the manors and churches 
belonging to the dean and chapter of St. Paul's, 
London, in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. 
With an introduction, notes and illustrations, 
by Archdeacon William Hale Hale, M.A. 

70. Liber famelicus of Sir James Whitelocke, a 
judge of the court of King's Bench in the reigns 
of James I and Chailes I, now first published 
from the original manuscript. Edited by John 
Bruce, V.P.S.A. 

71. Savilo coirespondence : letters to and from 
Henry Savilc, envoy at Paris and vice-chamber- 
lain to Charles II and James II, including letters 
from his brother (Jcorge, Marquess of Halifax... 
Edited by William Durrant Cooper, F.S.A. 

72. The romance of Blonde of Oxford and Jehan 
of Dammartin, by Philippe de Ileimes, a 
Trouvero of the tliirteenth century. Edited, 
from the unique MS. in the Imperial Tjibiary in 
Paris, by Adrien Jean Victor Le Roux de Ijincy. 

7'i. Srr 89. 

74. Diary of the mai-ches of the Royal army during 
the great civil war, kept by Ricliard Symonds. 
Now first published from the original MS. in the 
British Museum. Edited by Charles Edward 
Long, M.A. 

CAMDEN SOCIETY— conthmed. 

75. Original papers illustrative of the life and 
writings of John Milton, including sixteen 
letters of state written by him ...with an ap- 
pendix of documents relating to his connection 
with the Powell family. Collected and edited 
by W. Douglas Hamilton. 

76. Letters from George, Lord Carew, to Sir Thomas 
Roe, ambassador to the court of the Great 
Mogul, 1615-17. Edited by JohnMaclean, F.S.A. 

77. Narratives of the days of the Reformation, 
chiefly from the MSS. of John Foxe the Martyr- ; with two contemporary biogi'aphies of 
Ai'chbishop Cranmer. Edited by John Gough 
Nichols, F.S.A. 

78. Correspondence of James VI of Scotland with 
Sir Robert Cecil and others in England, dm-ing 
the reign of Elizabeth ; with an appendix con- 
taining papers illustrative of transactions between 
King James and Robert, Earl of Essex. . . Edited 
by John Bruce, F.S.A. 

79. Letters written by John Chamberlain during 
the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Edited from the 
originals by Sarah Williams. 

80. Proceedings, principally in the county of Kent, 
in connection with the parliaments called in 1640, 
and especially with the committee of religion 
appointed in that year. Edited by the Rev. 
Lambert B. Larking, M.A., from the collections 
of Sir Edward Dering, B*-, 1627-44; with a 
preface by John Bruce, F.S.A. 

81. Parliamentary debates in 1610. Edited, from 
the notes of a member of the house of 
Commons, by Samuel Rawson Gardiner. 

82. Lists of foreign protestants and aliens, 
resident in England, 1618-88, from returns in 
the State Paper Office. Edited by William 
Durrant Cooper, F.S.A. 

83. Wills from Doctors' Commons : a selection 
• from the wills of eminent persons proved in the 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1495-1695. 
Edited by John Gough Nichols and J ohn Bruce. 

84. Sec 07. 

85. The life of Marmaduke Rawdon of York, or 
Marmaduke Rawdon, the second of that name... 
Edited by Robert Davies, F.S.A. 

86. Letters of Queen Margaret of Anjou and 
Bishop Beckington and others, written in the 
reigns of Henry V and Henry VI. ... Edited 
by Cecil Monro. 

87. Sir 39. 

88. Letters from Sir Robert Cecil to Sir George 
Carew. Edited by John Maclean, F.S.A. 

89. ;SVv' 25. 

90 and 98. Letters and other documents illustrating 
the relations between England and Germany at 
the commencement of the thirty years' war. 
[First series.] From the outbreak of the revo- 
lution in Bolicmia to the election of the Emperor 
Ferdinand II. Second series. From the election 
of the Emperor Ferdinand II to the close of the 
conferences at Miihlhausen. Edited by Samuel 
Rawson Gardiner. 2 vol. 

91. Registrum sive liber irrotularius et consuetu- 
dijiarius prioratus Beata; Mai'ia; Wigoi'nicnsis. 
With an introduction, notes and illustrations, by 
Archdeacon William Hale Hale, M.A. 

92. Pope Alexander VII and the College of 
Cardinals, by John Bargravc, D.D., Canon of 
Canterbury [1662-80] ; with a catalogue of Dr. 
Bargrave's museum. Edited by Canon James 
Craigic Robertson, M.A. 

93. Accounts and papers relating to Mary, Queen 
of Scots. Edited by Allan J. Crosby and John 
Bruce, F.S.A. 


CAMDEN SOCIETY— (W!//;»<ef/. 

1)4 and '.)7. History from marble, compiled in the 
reign of Charles II by Thomas Dingley, gent. : 
printed in photolithography from tlie original... 
With an introdnction and descriptive table of 
contents by John Gough Nichols, F.S.A. 2 vol. 

95. Manipulus vocabulorum : a dictionary of 
English and Latin words, arranged in the alpha- 
betical order of the last syllables, by Peter 
Levins. First printed, a. d. l.OTU ; now re-edited, 
with a preface and alphabetical index, by Henry 
B. Wheatley, F.S.A. 

96. Journal of a voyage into the Mediterranean, 
by Sir Kenelm Digby, a.u. 1G28. Edited from 
the original autograph MS. ... by John Bruce, 

i)7. See 94. 
!)8. Sec 90. 

99. Diary of John Manningham, of the Middle 
Temple and of Bradbourne, Kent, barrister-at- 
law, 11)02-3. Edited from the original MS. by 
John Bruce, F.S.A. 

100. Notes of the treaty carried on at Ripon 
between Charles I and the Covenanters of 
Scotland, a.u. 1640, taken by Sir John Borough, 
Garter king of arms. Edited... by John Bruce, 

101. El hecho de los tratados del matrimonio pre- 
tendido por el Principe de Gales con la Infante 
de Espafia, Maria, tornado desde sus principios 
para maior demostracion de la verdad, y ajustado 
con los papeles originales desde consta, por F. 
Francisco de Jesus, predicator del Rey Nuestro 
Sefior. Narrative of the Spanish marriage 
treaty, edited and translated by Samuel Rawson 

102. Churchwardens' accounts of the town of 
Ludlow, in Shropshii-e, from 1540 to the end of 
the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Edited from the 
original MS. by Thomas Wright, M.A., F.S.A. 

103. Notes of the debates in the house of Lords, 
officially taken by Henry Elsing, clerk of the 
parliaments, a.u. 1621. Edited ... by Samuel 
Rawson Gardiner. 

104. See. 39. 
10.5. See^S^. 

New Series. 

1. The Fortescue papers, consisting chiefly of letters 
relating to state affairs. Collected by John 
Packer, secretary to George Villiers, Duke of 

Buckingham. Edited from the original MSS 

by Samuel Rawson Gardiner. 

2. Letters and papers of John Shillingford, Mayor 
of Exeter, 1447-50. Edited by Stuart A. Moore, 

3. The old cheque-book : or, book of remembrance 
of the Chapel Royal, 1561-1744. Edited ... by 
Edward F. Rimbault, LL.D. 

4. A true relation of the life and death of William 
Bedell, Bishop of Kilmore in Ireland. Edited... 
by Thomas Wharton Jones, F.R.S. 

5. The Maire of Bristowe is kalendar, by Robert 
Ricart, town clerk of Bristol, 18 Edward IV. 
Edited by Lucy Toulmin Smith. 

6. Debates in the house of Commons in 1625. 
Edited ... by Samuel Rawson Gardiner. 

7. Military memoir of Colonel John Birch, some 
time governor of Hereford in the civil war 
between Charles I and the parliament, written 
by Roe, his secretary ; with an historical and 
critical connnentary . . . by the Rev. John Webb, 
M.A., F.S.A. Edited by the Rev. T. W. Webb, 
M.A., F.R.A.S. 


CAMDEN ii,OCmTY—conthmM. 
8 and 9. Letters addressed from London to Sir 
Jo-seph Williamson while plenipotentiary at the 
Congress of Cologne in the years 1673 and 1674. 
Edited by W. D. Christie. 2 vol. 

10. Account of the executors of Richard [de 
Gravesend], Bishop of London, 1303, and of the 
executors of Thomas [de Bitton], Bishop of 
Exeter, 1310. Edited ... by Archdeacon W. H. 
Hale, M.A., and the Rev. H. T. Ellacombe, 
M.A., F.S.A. 

11 and 20. A chronicle of England during the 
reign of the Tudors, from a.u. 1485 to 1559, by 
Charles Wriothesley, Windsor herald. Edited William Douglas Hamilton, F.S.A. 2 vol. 

12. The quarrel between the Earl of Manchester 
and Oliver Cromwell : an episode of the English 
civil war. Unpublished documents relating 
thereto, collected by John Bruce, F.S.A. ; with 
fragments of a historical preface by Mr. Bruce, 
annotated and completed by David Masson. 

13. The autobiogi'aphy of Anne, Lady Halkett. 
Edited by John Gough Nichols, F.S.A. 

14. AVv 89 [Old Series]. 

15. Letters of Humphrey Prideaux, sometime 
Dean of Norwich, to John Ellis, sometime 
Under-Secretary of State, 1674-1722. Edited 
by Edward Maunde Thompson. 

16. A common-place book of John Milton, and a 
Latin essay and Latin verses presumed to be by 
Milton. Edited from the original MSS. ... by 
Alfred J. Horwood. (Revised edit.) 

17. The historical collections of a citizen of 
London in the fifteenth century — containing : 

1. John Page's poem on the siege of Rouen. 

2. Lydgate's verses on the kings of England. 

3. William Gregory's chronicle of London. 
Edited by James Gairdner. 

18. Documents relating to the proceedings against 
William Prynne in 1634 and 1637 ; with a 
biographical fragment by John Bruce. Edited 
by Samuel Rawson Gardiner. 

19. Christ Church letters : a volume of medieval 
letters relating to the affairs of the priory of 
Christ Church, Canterbury. Edited by J. B. 
Sheppard, M.R.C.S. 

20. Srr 11. 

21. A treatise on the pretended divorce between 
Henry VIII and Catharine of Aragon, by 
Nicholas Harpsfield, LL.D., Ai'chdeacon of Can- 
terbury. Now fii'st printed ... by Nicholas 
Pocock, M.A. 

22 and 23. Correspondence of the family of 
Hatton, being chiefly letters addressed to 
Chi'istopher, first Viscount Hatton : a.u. 1601- 
1704. Edited by Edward Maunde Thompson. 
2 vol. 

24. Notes of the debates in the house of Lords, 
officially taken by Henry Elsing, clerk of the 
parliaments, a.u. 1624 and 162(). Edited ... by 
Samuel Rawson Gardiner. 

25. The oeconomyof the Fleete : or, an apologeticall 
answeare of Alexander Harris (late warden 
there) unto xix articles sett forth against liim by 
the prisoners. Edited ... by the Rev. Augustus 
Jessopp, D.D. 

26. Documents illustrating the history of S. Paul's 
Cathedral. Edited, for the most part from 
original sources, by the Rev. W. Sparrow 
Simpson, D.D., F.S.A. 

27. The Hamilton papers ; being selections from 
original letters, in the possession of the Duke of 
Hamilton and Brandon, relating to the years 
1638-50. Edited by Samuel Rawson Gardiner. 

L 2 

148 CAMDEN- 

CAMDEN SOCIETY— coutiiuierL 

28. Three fifteenth-century chronicles ; with his- 
torical memoranda by John Stowe, the anti- 
quary, and contemporary notices of occurrences 
written by him in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. 
Edited hy James Gairdner. 

29. The register of the visitors of the University 
of Oxford, from a.d. 1(547 to a.d. 1(558. Edited, 
with some account of the state of the University 
during the Commonwealth, by Prof. Montagu 

30. Catholicon Anglicum : an English-Latin word- 
book, dated 1-483. Edited ... with introduction 
and notes, by Sidney J. H. Herrtage. With a 
preface by Henry B. Wheatley, F.S.A. 

31. -SVr 39 [Old Series]. 

32. The voyage to Cadiz in 1625 ; being a journal 
written by John Glanville, Secretary to the Lord 
Admiral of the fleet... afterwards Speaker of the 
parliament ... Edited, with introduction and 
notes, by the Rev. Alexander B. Grosart, LL.D. 

33. Letter-book of Gabriel Harvey, a.d. 1573-80. 
Edited, from the original MS. ... in the British 
Museum, by Edward John Long Scott, M.A. 

34. 3(5 and 38. The Lauderdale papers, 1(539-79. 
Edited by Osmund Airy. 3 vol. 

35. The political memoranda of Francis, fifth Duke 
of Leeds... Edited, together with other papers, 
and with notes, introduction and appendix, by 
Oscar Browning, M.A. 

3fl. Sir 34. 

37. Troubles connected with the Prayer Book of 
1549 : documents now mostly for the first time 
printed. Edited by Nicholas Pocock, M.A. 

38. Sec 34. 

39. Reports of cases in the Courts of Star Chamber 
and High Commission. Edited by Samuel 
Rawson Gardiner, LL.D. 

A descriptive catalogue of the works of the Camden 
Society ; stating the nature of their principal 
contents ... their manuscript sources, authors and 
editors ; [with] a classified arrangement and an 
index... By John Gough Nichols, F.S.A. 2 vol. 

Catalogue of the first series of the works of the 
Camden Society, in numerical order : together 
with abbreviations of their titles used in the 
general index. [A- Baudouin.] 

CAMERARIUS (Joachim). 
Commentarii explicationum in M. T. Ciceronis Tuscu- 
lanarum Quaestionum libros v. 2 vol. in 1. [D.C.] 

4P- Basikw, 1538-43. 

CAMERARIUS (Pjiilip). 
Operse liorarum subcisivarum : sive meditationes 
• historicas auctiores quam antea cdita;. Continentes 
accuratum delectum mcmorabilium historiarum, et 
rerum, tam veterum quam recentium, singulari studio 
invicem collatarum, quae omnia lectoribus et uberem 
admodum fructum, et liberalem pariter oblectationem 
affere poterunt. Centuria prima [altera et tertia]. 
3vol.ini. [D.C.] 4"- i'V«««)/«r^", 1024-32. 

CAMEKON, Dr. Auchibald. Srr HENDERSON 

CAMERON (Prof. Charleh A.), M.D. Sir 
JOHNSTON (Prof. J. F. \V.). 

CAMERON (John). 

Prsolectionum in seloctiora quaedam N. T. loca, Salmurii 
habitarum, tomus primus [secundus et fortius] ... 
3 vol. [D.C.] 4"' Siihvimi,\{\->ij-H. 

Myrothcoium ovangclicum : hoc est. Nova Tcstamcnti 
loca (jnaiivplurima ... vel illustrata, vol cxi)licata, vol 
vindicata. Quibua ad calccm adjoctuni est, Tjud. 
Cappeli Spicilcgium, ojusdem iirguiiienti, ct diatribio 
dua;, 1. J)e iiiteritrotationc loci Matth. xv, 5. 2. Do 
votoJcphta;. [!).(!.] 4"' Cre«ewe, 1G32. 


CAMERON (Mrs. [Lucy Lyttelton]). 
Englishwomen in past and present times. 

8"- London, 1841. 

CAMERON ([Commander] Verney Lovett), 
R.N., C.B., D.C.L. 
Across Africa. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1877. 

CAMOENS (Luis de). 
Poems: from the Portuguese ... with remarks on his 

life and writings, by Viscount Strangford. 5th edit. 

12"- London, 1808. 
The Lusiad. Books 1 to 5. Translated by Edward 

Quillinan, with notes by John Adamson, F.L.S., 

F.R.G.S. 8°- London, 1853. 

Os Lusiadas (the Lusiads) : Englished by Richard 

Francis Burton. Edited by his wife, Isabel Burton. 

2 vol. 8°- London, 1880. 

The Lusiads ... translated into English verse by J. J. 

Aubertin. 2nd edit. 2 vol. 8°- London, 1884. 

CAMP AN (Je.\nxe Louise Henriette). 
The private life of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France 
and Navafre ; with sketches and anecdotes of the 
courts of Louis XIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI ... 
with some records of her life and conversations by 
MM. Barriere and Maigne. 2nd revised edit. 2 vol. 

8°- London, 1884. 

(Michael Angelo). 

CAMPBELL (Alexander). 
A journey from Edinburgh through parts of North 
Britain ... 2 vol. 4°- London, 1802. 

CAMPBELL (Lord Archibald). 
Records of Argyll : legends, traditions, and recollections 
of Ai'gyllshire Highlanders, collected chiefly from 
the Gaelic ; with notes on the antiquity of the dress, 
clan-colours, or tartans of the Highlanders. 

8°- Edinburgh, 1885. 

CAMPBELL (Diana A. G.). 
Miss Sellon and the Sisters of Mercy : further state- 
ment of the rules, constitution and working of the 
society called " The Sisters of Mercy." 

8°- London, 1852. 

CAMPBELL (Donald). jjsfMc/., i.e., CAR- 
PENTER, Stephen Cullen. 
A narrative of extraordinary adventures and sufferings 
by shipwreck and imprisonment ... in an overland 
journey to India. 3rd edit. 12"- London. [179(5.] 
Letter to the Marquis of Lorn on the present times : to 
which is now prefixed, an attack on the said letter, with 
an answer to the same. Gth edit. 8"- London, ITJS. 

CAMPBELL (Hon. Dudley), M.A. 
Mixed education of boys and girls in England and 
America. 8<'' London, 1874. 

[CAMPBELL (G. L.).] 
A journal of a late expedition to the gates of St. Augus- 
tine, on Florida, conducted by General Oglethorpe... 

8"- London, 1744. 

CAMPBELL (Geor(Ik), D.D. 
The philosophy of rlictoric. 2 vol. 8"- London, 

CAMPBELL (Lord George). 
Log-letters from the Challenger. 4th edit. 

8"- London, 1877. 
CAMPBELL (Sir Georcie), M.P. 
A handy book on the Eastern Question, being a very 
recent view of Turkey. 2nd edit. 8"- Lo?idon, 1877. 
The blue books, and what is to come next. [Eastern 
(Question Association.] 8''' London, 1877. 

The races, religions, and institutions of 'J'nrkcy and 
the noighboni-ing countries. 8"- London, n.d. 

Sir C013DEN CLUB. 



A political survey of (Ireat Britain ; being a series of 
reflections on the situation, lands, inhabitants, re- 
venues, colonies, and commerce of this island. 2 vol. 

4''- Loudon, 1774. 
The lives of the British admirals ; containing an accu- 
rate naval history from the earliest periods. Con- 
tinued by Dr. Berkenhout, H. E. Yorke and William 
Stevenson. 8 vol. H"- London, 1817. 

CAMPBELL (Rev. John). 
Alfred and Galba : oi-, the history of two brothers ; 
supposed to be written by themselves. 

lO"- London, 1805. 
An attempt to illustrate and defend the Scripture 
doctrine of human depravity, the Atonement, the 
unity of God ... .S2"- NeircastJe-upon-Ti/ne, \?>Vi. 
Travels in South Africa, undertaken at the request of 
the Missionary Society. 1st and 3rd edit. 

8"- London, 1815. 

Voyages to and from the Cape of Good Hope, in the 
years 1812 and 1814. ;52"- London, 181(5. 

Onderzoekingcn naar den toestand des Christendoms in 
Zuid-Afrika, getrokken nit de Reis van ... J. Camp- 
bell ... en uit de Brieven der Zendelingen tot het 
einde van het Jaar 1815, door J. Werninck. [D.C.] 

8°- Gnmhnjen, 1817. 

Travels in South Africa, undertaken at the request of 
the London Missionary Society ; being a narrative of 
a second journey in the interior of that country. 

2 vol. 8"- London, 1822. 
An address to professed Christians on the unity of God, 

and the reconciliation in and by J esus Christ. 

18«- Pitt^hiinih, 1H24. 

The juvenile cabinet of travels and narratives for the 
amusement and instruction of young persons. 2nd 
edit. 8"- London, 1826. 

Bible biography : a selection of ancient scripture lives 
for young persons. 18"- London, 1834. 

Interesting history of Joseph, governor of the African 
kingdom of Egypt. 48"- London, 1834. 

A journey to Lattakoo in South Africa. .3rd edit. 

180- London, 1840. 

Journal of travels in South Africa, among the Hotten- 
tot and other tribes, in the years 1812-14. 

1(5"- London, 1840. 

Voyages to and from the Cape of Good Hope ; with an 
account of a journey into the interior of South 
Africa. 16"- London, 1840. 

CAMPBELL (John, Lord), LL.D., Lord Chan- 

Reports of cases determined at Nisi Prius, in the Courts 
of King's Bench and Common Pleas, from Michael- 
mas term, 48 Geo. Ill, 1807, to Hilary term, 5(5 
Geo. Ill, 181(5. 4 vol. [R.L.L.] 8"- London, mYd-U. 

Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the 
Great Seal, from the earliest times till the reign of 
Geo. IV. 7 vol., with index. [Vol. 1-3, 2nd edit.] 
8 vol. 8°- London, \U[\-&d. 

Lives of the Chief Justices of England, from the 
Norman Conquest to the death of Lord Tenterden. 

3 vol. 8°- London, 

Lives of Lord Lyndhurst and Lord Brougham, Lord 
Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal of Eng- 
land. 8"- London, 1869. 

CAMPBELL (Rev. John), D.D. 
Prospectus of " The British Banner," a new weekly 
journal of literature, liberty, humanity and religion. 

8"- London, 1H47. 

A reply to the strictures of the Edinburgh Review on 
the foreign policy of Marquis Wellesley's administra- 
tion in India ... 8°- London, 1807. 

CAMPBELL (Lawijknck Dunuas) — continued. 
A letter... on the "Aiticles of charge" against Marquis 
Wellesley which have been laid before the house of 
Commons. 1st and 2nd edit. 8°- London, 1808. 

CA]\IPBELL (Lkwis), M.A., LL.D., and GAR- 
NETT (William), M.A. 
Life of James Clerk Maxwell ; with a selection from his 
correspondence and occasional writings, and a sketch 
of his contributions to science. 8"- London, 1882. 

C[AMPBELL] (M[at;gai!i:t] 0[lympia]). 
A memorial history of the Campbells of Melfort, 
Argyllshire, which includes records of the different 
Highland and other families with whom they have 
intermarried. 4"- London, 1882. 


The London Tradesman ; being a compendious view of 
all the trades, professions, arts, both liberal and 
mechanic, now practised in the Cities of London and 
Westminster. 8°- London, 1747. 

On the constitution of the City of London : the nature 
and privileges of the several incorporate companies ; 
the manner of binding an apprentice in their halls ; 
and of taking up the freedom of the City. [The 
London Tradesman, p. 301.] 8°' London, 1747. 

CAMPBELL (Thomas). 
Poetical works ... 2 vol. 8"- London, 1830. 

British India in its relation to the decline of Hindooism 
and the progress of Christianity ; containing remarks 
on the manners, customs, and literature of the 
people ... 8"- L^ondon, 1839. 

Frkdeiuck, Baron). 
Speech on moving resolutions on the question between 
the three powers and the Ottoman Porte, July 26. 

8°- London, 1875. 
Policy of Great Britain in the war between Russia and 
the Porte : speeches in the house of Lords, 19th of 
April and the 19th of July. 80- London, 1877. 

CAMPEN (Samuel Eichaed van). Sec VAN 
CAMPEN (Samuel Richard). ' 

C AMPIN (FiiAXCis). 

The practice of hand-turning in wood, ivory, shell ... 
with instructions for turning such works in metal as 
may be required in the practice of turning in wood, 
ivory ... also an appendix on ornamental turning. 
2nd edit. [S.M.] 8"- London, 1868. 

The construction of iron roofs. [S.M.] 4"- London, n.d. 

CAMPION, Edmund. 
A true report of the disputation, or rather private 
conference, had in the Tower of London, with Ed. 
Campion, Jesuite, the last of Aug., 1581 ; set downe 
by the reverend learned men themselves that dealt 
therein. 4°- London, 1583. 

CAMPION (Robert). 
The case between the City of London and Robert 
Campion, represented to publick view after sixteen 
years private sad sufferings and attendance, early 
and late, upon the several lord mayors, aldermen 
and common councils, without relief. 

broadside. London, 1()81. 

CAMPION (Sam. S.). 
Delightful history of ye gentle craft: an illustrated 
history of feet costume ; with the jirincely and 
entertaining history of SS. Crispin and Crispianus, 
and other noted shoemakers ; with many curious 
details from early records and tracts. 2nd edit. 

8''- NorllKtinpton, 1876. 

CAMPO (Heenando do). -SVr CIMBER (L.). 




A letter to a noble lord concerning the late expedition 
to Canada. H"- London, 1712. 

A letter to a friend in the country on the late expe- 
dition to Canada. S"- London, 171-2. 

A letter to a great ]\I — — r on the prospect of a peace : 
wherein the demolition of the fortifications of 
Louisburgh is shown to be absurd ; the importance 
of Canada refuted ; the barrier pointed out in North 
America ; and the necessity of retaining the French 
Sugar Islands ... 8"- London, ll^l. 

The statutes of the province of Upper Canada; to- 
gether with such British statutes, ordinances of 
Quebec, and proclamations, as relate to the said 
province. Eevised and printed for, and published 
by, Hugh C. Thompson and James Macfarlane. 

fo. Kinf/nton, Ccnada, 1831. 

A statement of the satisfactory results which have 
attended emigration to Upper Canada, from the 
establishment of the Canada Company until the 
present period .. . 3rd edit. 8"- London, 1842. 

Emigration to Canada : a brief outline of her geo- 
graphical position, productions, climate, capabilities, 
educational and municipal institutions, fisheries, rail- 
roads. 2nd edit. 8"- Quehec, 18G0. 

The year book and almanack of Canada for 1868 ; being 
an annual statistical abstract for the Dominion, and 
a record of legislation and of public men in British 
North America. 8"- Montreal. [18(58.] 

Lovell's Canadian Dominion directory ... corrected to 
January, 1871. 8"- Montreal [1871.] 

The standard atlas of Canada: compiled ... from the 
latest official maps and surveys, and comprising a 
complete series of the topographical, geological . . . and 
timberland maps of Canada ; with descriptions of 
the provinces, cities, and chief towns ... to which are 
added, maps of the United States, fo. London, IS7S. 

What farmers say of their personal experience in the 
Canadian Nortii-West. 8°- Ottaira, IHSl. 

Lovell's business and professional directory of the pro- 
vince of Ontario for 1882 ... with a classified business 
directory of the city of Montreal. 8"' Jlontrea!, 1S82. 

Reports on Canadian archives and on the system of 
keeping public records, by Douglas Brymner. 1881-4. 
4 vol. 8"- Ottawa, 1882-5. 

Canada under the national policy. Arts and manu- 
factures, fo. Montreal, 1883. 

Notes of a tour through Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, 
and the North-West teiTitory ... by Thomas Steplien- 
son. Southern Manitoba, by Wm.M.Porritt. Agricul- 
ture in Ontario. Lecture by Dr. Macgregor. Crops 
in Manitoba, and letters from settlers. 8°- [1883.] 

A hand-book of information relating to the Dominion of 
Canada ; including the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, 
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, 
Manitoba, and Britisli Columbia. 1st and 2nd series. 

8"- London, 1883-4. 

Annual report of the department of the interior for 
the year 18«4. 8"- Ottaira, \88;k 

Re|)ort of the minister of agriculture for ... Canada for 
1HH4. 8"- Ottnira, 1885. 

Ontario gazetteer and business directory, 188()-7 ... 

8"- Toronto. [1880.] 


Explanatory remarks on [its] ()l)iccts and operations. 

H"- London, \HC>(). 

Proceedings and transactions ... for the years 1882-4. 
2 vol. 4"- .Montreal, 1HH3-5. 

The Canadian native oil: its story, it.s uses, and its 
profiits ; with .some account of a vi.sit to the oil w(!lls. 

H"- London, 

CANARIES (James), D.D. 
Rome's additions to Christianity shewn to be incon- 
sistent witla the true design of so spiritual a religion: 
a sermon preached at Edinburgh, in tlae East-church 
of St. Giles, Feb. 14 ... 4''- Edinlmrrjh, 1686. 

Reasons offered by the merchants of London . . . against 
the islands being included in the bill for prohibiting 
commerce with Spain. fo. sh. n.d. 

CANDLER (John). 
Brief notices of Hayti ; with its condition, resources, 
and prospects. 12°- London, 1842. 

Rules . . , with a short review of its history, and a list 
of the present members. 8"- London, 1876. 

CANDOLLE (Au'honse de). 
Tlie origin of cultivated plants. [International 
Scientific Series, 49.] 8»- London, 1885. 

CANISIUS (Pieuke). 
Opus catechisticum, sive de summa doctrinae Chris- 
tianae...Editio altera. [D.C.] fo. CoJonicc, Ibll, 

CANNE (AiiEDNEGo). imud. 
A new wind-mil, a new. [A satire on the Puritans, 
recommending the destruction of wind-mills because 
their sails resemble a cross.] 4°- O.rford, 1643. 

CANNE (J[ohn]), Intelligencer-G-eneral. invxul. 
See BUTLER (Samuel). 

CANNELL (Rev. Joseph), M.A. 
The case of the Pretender stated, and our duty on that 
occasion, in a sermon ... 4"' London, 1108. 

CANNING, Elizabeth. 
[Her] case fairly stated ... 8"- London, 1753. 

Trial... for wilful and corrupt perjury, at the Old 
Bailey. fo. London, 1754. 

CANNING (Rt- Hon. George). 
Speeches ... with a memoir of his life by R. Therry. 
6 vol. 8"- London, 1828. 

See BROUGHAM (Heney, Lord), BULWER (Sir 
Heney Lytton), STAPLETON (Augustus 

[CANNING (W.).] 
Gesta Grayorum : or, the history of the high and 
mighty Prince Henry Prince of Purpoole [/.c. Henry 
Helmes] ... with a masque, as it was presented (by 
His Highness's command) for the entertainment of 
Queen Elizabeth ... 4"- L.ondon, 1(,88. 

CANNON (Richaud). 
Historical record of the y2nd Regiment, originally 
termed "The Gordon Highlanders"... 8°- London, 1851. 

CANNON (Rohekt), D.D., Dean of Lincoln. 
An account of two motions, made in the lower House 
of Convocation, concerning tlie power of remitting 
sins. 8"' I^ondon, 1712. 


Canones Sanctorum Apostolorum, Conciliorum genera- 
lium et particularium, et Sanctorum Patrum. 
Pliotii Constantinopolitani Patriarchiu pricfixus est 
Nomocanon, id est, canoiunn et legum Iniperatoriarum 
de ecclcsiastica disciplina conciliatio et in ccrtos locos 
ac titulos distributio. Omnia commcntariis Theodori 
Balsamonis Antiochcni Patriarchaj explicata. [D.C.] 

fo. Far/.i/h, 1561. 

Constitutions and canons ccclesiasticall treated upon by 
the Bishop of London, president of tlie Convocation 
for the province of Canterbury, and the rest of the 
bishops and clergic of the said province, and agreed 
upon, with tlie Kings Majesties licence, in their .synod 
begun at London, a.U. 1603... 4°- London, 1678. 



CANOVA (Antonio). 
Works... ill sculpture and modelling. Engraved in 
outline by Henry Moses ; with descriptions by the 
Countess Albrizzi, and a biographical memoir by 
Count Cicognara. ;5 vol. 4"- London, 184'J. 

CANSICK (Fi(ici)KiucK Teac;ui;). 

A collection of curious and interesting epitaphs, copied 
from the monuments of distinguished and noted 
characters in the ancient church and burial grounds 
of St. Pancras, Middlesex. sm. 8"' London, 18(59. 

A collection of curious and interesting epitaphs, copied 
from the existing monuments of distinguished and 
noted characters in the cemeteries and churches of 
St. Pancras, Middlesex. 4"- London, 1872. 

A collection of curious and interesting epitaphs, copied 
from the existing monuments of distinguished and 
noted characters in the cemeteries, churches, and 
churchyards of St. Pancras ; and of Hornsey, Totten- 
ham, Edmonton, Enfield, Friern Baniet and Hadley, 
Middlesex. 2 vol. 4''- London, 187.0. 


The true spirit and elixir of cant. [A satire on Bishop 
Burnet.] fo. sh. [Zo/if/o;?,] 1()84. 

The world of cant. 3rd edit. 8°- London, 1882. 

CANTAB, imud. 
The proposed volunteer force for active service. 

8°- London, 1878. 

CANTEMIR (Demetrius), Prince of Moldavia. 
The history of the growth and decay of the Othman 
Empire. Translated from the author's own MS. by 
N. Tindal, M.A. Adorned with the heads of the 
Tui'kish emperors, ingraven from copies taken from 
originals in the Grand Seignor's palace, by the late 
Sultan's painter. fo. London, 1734. 


A collection of tracts relative to the city of Canterbury, 
and the eastern division of the county of Kent. 

80- Canterbury, 1836. 

The book of tlie chronicles, by au old woiiiau, 

Kist Kent poll book, 18.32. 

Canterbury poll book, 1835. 

Poll for town councillors, 1835-6. 

Life anil liistory of Betty Bolaine. late of Canterbury. 

Essay on Courtcnay, aliins John Nicholls Tom, of Truro ... 

Canterbury guiile ... 

Excerpta e compoto thesaurarise monasterii Sancti 
Augustini extra muros Cantuarise, a.d. 1432. 
Accedunt compoti quidam Willielmi Cliert custodis 
Collegii Cantuariensis Oxonise, a.d. 13'Ji')-7. 

8"- London, 1881. 
Extracts from ancient documents relating to the 
cathedral and precincts of Canterbury. 

8"- London, 1881. 

CAPEL (RiciiAKD). 
Tcntations : their nature, danger and cure . . . To which 
are added, Capel's Remains [concerning the trans- 
lations of the Holy Scriptures]. (Hh edit. [D.C.] 

8"- London, l(;58-9. 

CAPEL, Monsignor [Thomas Joiix, D.D.]. 
Monsignor Capel and the Ritualists : a review of a 
recent controversy, by an English Catholic. 

8"- London, 1875. 

CAPELLO (H.) and IVENS (R.). 
From Benguella to the territory of Yacca : description 
of a journey into Central and West Africa ... in the 
years 1877-80. Translated by Alfred Elwes, Ph.D. 
2 vol. [The 2nd vol. contains vocabularies of the 
N'Bunda and other African dialects.] 

8"' London, 1882. 

Port Elizabeth directory, and guide to the Eastern 
Province of the Cape of Good Hope, 1873. 

8"- Port Elizdheth, 1873. 
The general directory and guide book to the Capo of 
Good Hope and its dependencies, as well as the Border 
Republic, 1873, 1877, 1871), 1880, 1882, and 1884-r). 
7 vol. 8"- Cape Town, 1873-8,'). 

Eastern Province year-book and commei'cial directory, 
1882-4. 3 vol. 8"- Gruhumstown, 1882-4. 

The Cape post-office directory for 18(56-7 ... 

8«- Qipe Toti-n. [1886.] 

CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, Ohservatory. 

Verification and extension of La Caille's arc of meridian 
at the Cape of Good Hope. By Sir Thomas Maclear, 
F.R.S. 2 vol. 4°- [London,'] 1866. 

Observations ... Mean north polar distances of Rigel, 
(I Orionis, Sirius, and « Hydrre. Geocentric right 
ascensions and north polar distances of Encke's 
comet. By Sir Thomas Maclear. 4°- London, 1867. 

Results of astronomical observations made ... in the 
years 1856 and 1851), under the superintendence of 
Sir Thos. Maclear. 2 vol. 8"- Cape Town, 1871-4. 

The Cape catalogue of 1,159 stars, deduced from 
observations ... 1856-61, reduced to the epoch 1860, 
under the superintendence of Edward James Stone, 
M.A., F.R.S. 8"- Cape Town, 1873. 

Results of astronomical observations made ... during 
the years 1871-6, under the direction of Edward 
James Stone. 4 vol. S"- 6V/^)e Toicn, 1876-9. 

The Cape catalogue of stars, deduced from observa- 
tions ... 1834-40, and reduced to the epoch 1840, 
under the superintendence of Edward James Stone. 

8"' Cape Town, 1878. 

The Cape catalogue of 4,810 stars from the epoch 1850, 
from observations ... 1849-52, under the direction of 
Sir Thomas Maclear. 8°- London. [1885.] 

CAPES (Alfred). 
The old and new churches of London, being a series of 
illustrations... With an introductory essay on the 
principles of architectural beauty by the Rev. J. M. 
Capes, M.A. sm. fo. London, 1880. 

CAPES ([Rev.] W[illiam] W[olfe]), M.A. 
The Roman empire of the second century : or, the age 
of the Antonines. [Epochs of Ancient History.] 

80- London, 1876. 
Roman history. The early empire, from the assassina- 
tion of Julius Caesar to that of Domitian. [Epochs 
of Ancient History.] 2nd edit. 8°- London, 1877. 

The chi-onicle of England. [Chronicles and Memorials 

of Great Britain, 1.] 8"- London, 1858. 

Liber de illustribus Henricis. [Chronicles and 

Memorials of Great Britain, 7.] 8"- London, 1858. 

CAPILUPI (Camille). ;SVr CIMBER (L.). 


2nd report of the Society for the diffusion of know- 
ledge upon the punishment of death and the im- 
provement of prison discipline. 12°- London, 1815. 

Capital punishment from an utilitarian point of view. 
By a barrister. 12"' Loiidon, IHTJ. 

A collection of papers and pampUets issued by the 
Howard Association and tlie Society for the Abolition 
of Capital Punishment, on crime, destitution, capital 
punishment ... prisons, and remunerative prison 
labour. 8°- I^ondon, n.d. 

CAPITONUS (Felk'Ianus). 
Explicationes CatholicEe hicorum fere onniium A^'eteris 
ac Novi Testamenti quibus ad stabiliciidas 
nostra tempcstastate abutuntur haretici ... [D.C.] 

80- Colojiiw, 1581. 



CAPPEL (Lduis). 
Critica sacra, sive de variis qu^ in sacris Veteris Tes- 
tamenti libris occurrunt lectionibus libri sex. [D.C.] 

fo. Littetkc Parinioruiti, 1G5U 

CAPPER (Bexjamix Pitts). 
A statistical account of the population and cultivation, 
produce and consumption, of England and Wales ... 
and hints for the prevention of a future scarcity. 

sm. 8°- London, 

CAPPER (Charles). 
The port and trade of London : historical, statistical, 
local, and general. 8°- London, 18G2. 

CAPPER (Hexky). 
South Australia, containing the history of the rise, 
progress, and present state of the colony. Hints to 
emigi-ants and a variety of ... infoi-mation ... 3rd edit. 

8"- London. [1839,] 

CAPPER (John), M.R.A.S. 
A brief notice of the vegetable productions of Ceylon. 

8°' London, n.d. 

CAPPER (Samuel James). 
The shores and cities of the Boden See : rambles in 
1879 and 1880, with maps of the district. 

8°- London, 1881. 

CAPPS (Edward). 
The national debt financially considered. 

8°- London, 1859. 

[CARACCIOLI (Charles).] 
The antiquities of Arundel : the peculiar privilege of 
its castle and lordship. With an abstract of the lives 
of the Earls of Ai-undel, from the Conquest to this 
time. By the master of the Grammar School at 
Ai-undel. 8°' London, 170(5. 

CARAVITA ( . )• . 
Barsene, reginadi Lidia : a serious drama in two acts ... 
[Italian and English.] 8"- London, 181o. 

CARDIGAN HOUSE, Lincoln's Inn Fields. 
An act for sale of the scite of Cardigan house, lately 
demolished by fire... fo. sh. [London, 172G.] 

CARDOXI (Gasparo Martixetti). 
Ravenna antica. Lettera ottava [la narrazione dell' 
ammazzamento del Cardinale Alidosio, e della 
battaglia di Ravenna] e lettera decima [i Guelfi e i 
Ghibellini]. 8"- Faenzu, 1877. 

Gli amore di Cecilia e di Giorgione, pittore famoso. 

8"- Faenzu, 1881. 

CARDONNEL (Adam de). 
Numismata Scotiaj : or, a series of the Scottish coinage, 
from the reign of WiUiam the Lion to the Union. 

4"- Edinburgh, 178(5. 

CARDWELL (Rev. Prof. Et)Ward), D.D. 
Documentary annals of the Reformed Church of 
England ; being a collection of injunctions, declara- 
tions, orders, articles of in( ir)4() to 171(). 
With notes, lii.storical and cxi)lanatory. 2 vol. 

8"- Oxford, 183(5. 

Synodalia : a (collection of articles of religion, canons, 
and j)rocoe(liiigs of convocations in the pi'ovince of 
Canterbury, from l.')47 to 1717. With notes, his- 
torical and explanatory. 2 vol. 8"- Oxford, 1842. 

CATlDWI'JJi (U'- Hon. Edward, Lord). ,S',v 
S'J'A.NIIUI'T';. (PniLii> Hknkv. Karl). 

CAREW, Sir Ai,exander, B'' 
Speech or confession of ... who was beheaded on 
Tower-hill on Munday, Dec. 23. 4"- London, 1644. 

CAREW (George, Lord), afterwards Earl of 

Letters to Sir Thomas Roe, ambassador to the court of 
the Great Mogul, 1615-17. Edited by John Maclean, 
F.S.A. [Camden Society, 76.] 4°- [London,] imo. 

CAREW (Sir Richard), B'- 
Excellent helps really found out, tried, and had ... by 
a warming-stone .. . 4"- London, \(ib'2. 

CAREW (Richard). 
Survey of Cornwall : to which are added notes, illus- 
trative of its history and antiquities, by the late 
Thomas Tonkin, and now first published from the 
original manuscripts by Francis, Lord de Dun- 
stanville ... 4°- Londo)i, IdiW. 

CAREW (Thomas). 
Hinc illiE lacrymse : or, an epitome of the life and 
death of Sir William Courten and Sir Paul Pyndar, 
with their great services and sufferings under the 
Crown of England ... fo. London, Hj'iiX. 

CAREY (J[oiix]) LL.D. 
Latin prosody made easy. New edit. 8°- Z/0»f/o», 1808. 

CAREY (Lieut.-Col. [Robert]), C.B. 
Narrative of the late war in New Zealand (1860-1). 

8°- London, 1863. 

CAREY (William). 

Desultory exposition of an anti-British system of 
incendiary publication ... intended to sacrifice the 
honor and interests of the British Institution, the 
Royal Academy, and the whole body of British 
artists... 8°- Zowrfo?;, 1819. 

A candle to light Lord Lauderdale and the house of 
Peers through a dark passage. 8°- London, 1820. 

Ridolfi's critical letters on the style of Wm. Etty, 
R.A.', and on his Destroying angel inflicting divine 
vengeance on the wicked ... 8"- A'^ott/nglniin, ISS'd. 

CAREY (Rev. Prof. W[illiam]), D.D. 
A dictionary of the Bengalee language : Bengalee and 
English, and English and Bengalee. Abridged from 
Dr. Carey's 4"- dictionary. 4th edit., edited by 
John C. Marshman. 2 vol. 8°- &m»(^)orc, 1869-71 . 

,sVr CULROSS ([Rev.] James), SMITH (George) 


The currency ; showing how a fixed price of gold 

subjects England to loss abroad and to convulsions 

at home. [S.M.] 8"- London, 1847. 

The thre bokes of cronicles ... whyche John Carion 
(a man syngularly M-ell sene in the mathematycall 
sciences) gathered wyth great diligence of the beste 
authors... Whcreunto is added, an appendix con- 
teynyng all such notable thynges as be mentyoned ... 
15,'52-50. Gathered by John Funcke of Niu-en- 
borough... 4"- London, IboO. 

CARITAS. j>sei(d. 
The words of Palmerston. Political fly-sheets. No. 8. 

8°' London. [1854.] 
The days of England not " numbered." Reply to Sir 
Archibald Alison. 8"' London, I 

CARLETON (Sir DuD),ia), afterwards Viscount 

The letters from iind to Sir Dudley Carleton, during 
his embassy in Holland, I (i 1 6-20. With a liistoi'ical 
])reface by Philip, Lord Royston, l^arl of Haidwick. 
[Printed without a title-page. 50 copies.] 3rd edit. 

4<'- [London, 1780.] 


CARLILE, Marv Annk. 
Report of [her] trial for publishing A new year's 
addi-ess to the reformers of Great Britain ... July 
•24... 8o- London, imi. 

CARLILE (RiciiAi!!)). 
A dialogue on [his] approaching trial for publishing 
the Age of Reason ... H°- London, 1819. 

Letters, to the reformers of Great Britain. 

8»- London, 1821. 


A true copio of the articles whereupon Carlisle was 
delivered, 8 June, 1 (545, after it had beene block't up 
a whole yearc and three weekes, and endured 42 
weekes close scige. 4°- Oxford, 1G45. 

CARLISLE (Sir Anthony). F.R.S. 
Means of preserving health and prolonging life ; with... 
medical topography of London. 8"- London, \8-il. 

CARLISLE ([Gkokge William Fkkdekick,] 
Earl of). 

Diary in Turkish and Greek waters. 5th edit. 

8°- London, 1855. 

CARLISLE (Rev. Henky Hermann), LL.B. 
The man and the minister : a sermon preached, June 18, in 
the Congregational Church, Christchurch, on the death 
of the Rev. Joseph Fletcher. 8"- Christchurch. [1876.] 

CARLISLE (Nicholas), F.R.S., F.S.A. 
A topographical dictionary of England ... 2 vol. 

4°- London, 1808. 
A topographical dictionary of Ii-eland . . . 

4o- London, 1810. 
A topographical dictionary of the Dominion of Wales... 

40' London, 1811. 
A topographical dictionary of Scotland, and of the 
islands in the British seas. 2 vol. 4°- London, l8Vd. 
A concise description of the endowed grammat-schools 
in England and Wales. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1818. 
An inquiry into the place and quality of the gentlemen 
of his Majesty's most honourable Privy Chamber. 

8"- London, 1829. 

CARLOS (E[invARi)] J[ohn]). 
Historical and antiquarian notices of Crosby Hall. 

8"- London, 18.32. 
Some account of the Chapel of our Lady, in the priory 
church of St. Mary Overy, Southwark. 

8°- London. [1832.] 
St. Saviour's Church, Southwark. [A cutting from the 
" British Magazine" for Nov.] 8°- London, 1834. 

CARLYLE (Rev. Alex.vnder), D.D. 
Autobiography ... containing memorials of the men 
and events of his time. [Edited by John Hill Burton.] 
2nd edit. 8°- London, 

Sartor Resartus : the life and opinions of Herr 
Teufelsdrilckh. S"- London, 1838. 

Chartism. 8°- London, 1840. 

On heroes, hei'o-worship, and the heroic in history. 

Six lectures. 8<'- London, 1841. 

Past and present. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1845. 

Critical and miscellaneous essays. 3rd edit. 4 vol. 

8°- London, 1847. 

Vol. 1. Jean Paul Frieilricli 
Stiitc of Geriuan litera- 

Life and writings of 

(ioethe's Helena, 

Life of Hcyiic. 
(Jenuan i)lii.v Wrights. 
2. Noralis. 

Signs of the times. 

Jean Paul Friedricli Ricli- 

ter again. 
On liistorv. 
Lutlier'.s psalm. 

Tlic Nibeluufjcn lied. 
German literature of the 

fourteenth and litteeutli 

Taylor's Historic survey 

of German poetry. 
Goethe's portraits. 

CARLYLE ( T H o M as) — cordin ued. 

Vol. 3. Biography. 

Boswell's Life of Jolmson. 
Death of Goethe. 
Goethe's works. 
Corn-law rhymes. 
On history again. 

Count Cagliostro. 
Deatli of Edward Irving. 
The diamond necklace. 
4. Mii'abeau. 

Parliamentary history of 

the French Revolution. 
Sir Walter Scott. 
Varnhagen von Bnse's 


Petition of the coi)yright 

On tlie sinking of the 

Baillie the Covenanter. 
Ur. Francia. 

An election to the Long 

Jean I'aul Friedrich lUch- 
ter's Kfview of Madame 
de Stand's " AUemagiie." 

From " German romance." 


Schiller, Goethe, and Ma- 
dame do Staid. 
Tlie tale, by Goethe. 

Letters and speeches of Oliver Cromwell ; with eluci- 
dations. 3rd edit. 4 vol. 8"- London, 1850. 

Latter-day pamphlets. 8"- London, 1855. 

The French Revolution : a history in three parts. 
1. The Bastille ; 2. The Constitution ; 3. The GuiUo- 
tine. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1857. 

History of Friedrich II of Prussia, called Frederick 
the Great. ('> vol. 8"- Zow(/oh, 1858-()5. 

Collected works ... 31vol. 8°- London. [1870-1.] 

Vol. 1. Sartor Resartus. 

2-4. French revolution. 
5. Life of Schiller. 
6-11. Miscellanies. 

12. Heroes and lioi-o-worsliip. 

13. Past and present. 

Vol. I-t-18. Cromwell's letters ami 
19. Latter-day pamphlets. 
21). Life of Sterling. 
21-30. Frederick the Great. 
31. General inde.K. 

Life of Friedrich Schiller. 
Life of John Sterling. 
Translations from the German 

8"' London, 1871. 
8"- London, 1871. 
3 vol. 
8"' London. [1871.] 

Vol. 1-2. Goctlie's Wilhelm Meister's apprenticeship ami travels. 
3. Musanis. Tieck. Richtcr. 

Reminiscences ... edited by James Anthony Froude. 

2 vol. - 80' London, 1881. 

Reminiscences of my Ii'ish journey in 1849. 

8°' London, 1882. 

Letters and memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle... edited 
by James Anthony Froude. 3 vol. London, 1883. 
Early letters of Thomas Carlyle, 1814-2(;. Edited by 
Charles Eliot Norton. 2 vol. 8"- London, 188(). 
Scr BIRRELL (Augustine). BRIMLEY (George), 
COXWAY(Moncuee Daniel), DAVEY(Samuel), 
FROUDE (James Anthony), LARKIX (Henry). 

CARLYLE (Thomas) and EMERSON (Ralph 

Correspondence... 1834-72. 2vol. 8"- London, imi. 

CARLYLE (Thomas). 
Pleadings with my mother : the Church in Scotland ... 

12''- Edinlmnjh, 1854. 
The moral phenomena of Germany. 8"- London, n.d. 

CARLYON (Miss Ellen). 
Short stories. 12°' London, 18(30-4. 

Particulars of a freehold estate ... intended to form a 
new square ... which will be sold by auction by Mr. 
Robins, Nov. 11. fo. sh. London, 1824. 

CARNARVON (Henry, Earl of). 
A speech delivered in the house of Lords, Jan. 25, on 
his resignation of office. 8"- London, 1878. 

Resume and sequel No. 1 to the... 8°- [London, ISGL] 


Reply ... to the report made on the C()ns]nraoy of the 
18th Fructidor, 5th year, by J. Ch. Bailleul. 

8"' London, 1799. 
A treatise on the defence of fortified places ... trans- 
lated from the French by Lt.-Col. Baron de Monta- 
Icmbert. 8°' London, 1814. 

.bVfl ARAGO (FBANgois). 



CAROLINE, Queen Consort of George IV: 
The proceedings and correspondence upon the subject 
of the inquiry into the conduct of Her Royal 
Highness tlie Princess of Wales . . . 8"- London, 1 807. 
A collection of newspaper cuttings... concerning her 
trial, death and funeral. fo. \_London, 1807-21.] 
The Queen's claim to coronation examined. 

8"- London, 1821. 
Description of the grand picture of the Queen's trial ... 
painted by V. A. Revelli. 8°- I^ondon, 1824. 


CARPENTER (Rev. B[enjamin]). 
Memoirs of the life and ministry of the Rev. Hugh 
Worthington, natus July 2, 1752, obit July 2(), 1813. 

8°- Dadlpij. [1813.] 

CARPENTER (John), Town Clerk of London. 
The Liber Albus. [Chronicles and Memorials of 
Great Britain, 12.] 8"- London, \%b^d. 

Liber Albus, the White Book of the City of London. 
Compiled a.i;. 1419... Translated by Henry Thomas 
Riley, M.A. 4°- Loudon, 1861. 

Sre BREWER (Thomas). 

CARPENTER (Rev. Lant), LL.D. 
A review of the labours, opinions, and character of 
Rajah Ramniohun Roy, in a discourse on the 
occasion of his death... and a biographical memoir. 
To which is subjoined, an examination of some 
derogatory statements in the Asiatic Journal. 

8°- London, 1833. 

CARPENTER (Miss Maky). 
Reformatory schools for the childi-en of the perishing 
and dangerous classes, and for juvenile offenders. 

S"- London, 1851. 
Female life in prison. By a prison matron. 2nd 
edit. 2 vol. 8"- L.ondon, 18152. 

Reformatory prison discipline, as developed by Sir 
Walter Crofton, in the Irish convict prisons. 

8«- London, 1872, 
C [ ARPENTER] (N[ATnANiKi,] ). ^ 
Philosophia libera, duplici exercitationum decade 
proposita : in qua paradoxa quaedani ad exercenda 
juvenum ingenia adversus vulgares hujus temporis 
philo.sophos suscipiuntur ; validisque rationibus con- 
firmantur. Cui prasit Pai'adoxon, ignorantem docto 
prteferendum esse. [D.C.] 8"- Fmncofnrt/, W2^. 

CARPEXTER (Stephen Cullen). Sit CAMPBELL 
(Donald). j/.triuL 

CARPENTER (William). 

Man's best food ; being a reply to a work by Dr. E. Lan- 
caster, F.R.S., " On food." 3rd edit. 8"' London, W7b. 

Proctor's " Planet earth ".. . 8"- London, \S75. 

The delusion of the day : or. Dyer's reply to 
"Parallax." 8"- London, IHIT. 

CARPENTER (Willl\m B[enjamix]), C.B., 
M.D., F.R.S. 
Tlie microscope and its revelations. 2nd edit. 

12"- London, 1857. 
5th edit., prepared with the a.ssistance of II. J. Slack, 
F.G.S. 8"- London, 1875. 

Principles of human physiology. Edited by Henry 
Power, M.B., F.R.C.S. (;th edit. 8"- Londoji, -IHCA. 
Animal physiology. New edit. 8"- London, 1870. 
Principles of mental [)hysi()logy, with their ajiplications 
to the training and discipline of the mind, and the 
study of its rnorl)id conditions. 8"' I^ondon, 1874. 

Petition to the Common Council for an order that all 
approntices free of otlier c()mi)anicH lio f)rcsontod, 
bound, antl made free of their (Company. 

broadside. London, 1(')81. 

CARPENTERS' GOMVA.^Y— continued. 

[An order of the Company, Jan. 3rd, with] an act of 
Common Council for regulating the trade of car- 
pentry, fo. sh. London, 1720. 

Petition to the Common Council to subject persons 
exercising their trade to their bye-laws, f o. sh. n.d. 

CARPENTIER (Pere Pierke). 
Glossarium novum ad scriptores medii aevi, cum 
Latinos tum GaUicos ; seu supplementum ad auctio - 
rem glossarii Cangiani editionem ... 4 vol. 

fo. Pavhiiif, 17G6. 

CARR (E.). 

The story of Sir Richard Whittington, Lord Mayor of 
London in the years 1397, 1406-7, and 1419 A.n. 
Illustrated... 4P- London, 1^1. 

CARR, Henky. 
Triall of Henry Carr, author of the Weekly Pacquet, 
at the Guildhall, July 2, 1G80 ... fo. London, 1G81. 

CARR (Henry). 
Poisons in domestic fabrics in relation to trade and 
art : a paper read before the Society of Arts . . . 

8°- London. [1880.] 

CARR (J. W. CoMYNs). 
The abbey church of St. Albans. Illustrated ... by 
Ernest George and R. Kent Thomas. 

40- London, 1877. 

Papers on art. 8°- London, 1885. 

Drawings by the old masters. ' Thomas Saiiisborough. 
James Barry. | Bossetti's influence ou art. 

Sir Joshua Reynolds. ] 

CARR, Thomas. 
Some observations on the trial of Mr. Carr, who was 
executed at TyV^urn, Jan. 18 ; with some remarks on 
the partial and xjontradictory account given of him 
by the Ordinary of Newgate. 4°- London, 1737. 

[CARR (Rev. William), B.D.] 
Horaj Momenta Cravense : or, the Craven dialect 
exemplified in two dialogues between farmer Giles 
and his neighbour Bridget. To which is annexed a 
copious glossary. By a native of Craven. 

80- London, 1824. 

CARREL (Akmand). 
History of the counter-revolution in England, for the 
re-establishment of popery, under Charles II and 
James II. History of the reign of James II by the 
'R*' Hon. C. J. Fox. [Bogue's European Library.] 

8"- London, 1846. 


Reports of cases argued and ruled at Nisi Prius, in the 
Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer ... 
from Hilary term, Ci Vict. 1843, to Hilary term, 
13 Vict. 1850. 2 vol. [R.L.L.] 8"- LMndon, UVo-bO. 

Reports of cases argued and ruled at Nisi Prius, in the 
Courts of (Jueen's Bench, Cominon Pleas, and Ex- 
chequer ... from Eastei- term, 4 Vict. 1841, to Hilary 
term, 6 Vict. 1841. [R.L.L.] 8''- London, IM'A. 

Reports of cases argued and ruled at Nisi Prius, in the 
Courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas, and on 
circuit, 182:i-41. 9 vol. [R.L.L.] 

8"- London, 1825-41. 

London in the nineteenth centui'y : a descriptive and 
satiiMc;al poem, containing... information on gaming- 
houses, deceptions, frauds, and subterfuges employed 
to ensnare the unwary in eveiy pai't of London. 

8"' London, n.d. 



CARSTARES, William, D.D. 
A full discovery of the late fanatical plot in Scotland : 
or, the deposition of William Carstares. 

fo. sh. London, 1G85. 

Les images des dieux ; contenant leurs pourtraits, 
coustumes et ceremonies de la religion des payens ... 
traduites par Anth. du Verdier, Sieur de Vaupriuas. 
Augmentees de I'histoire et genealogie des dieux des 
payens [par E. Laplonce Richette]. 8"- Z/oh, 1023-4. 

CARTE (Thomas), M.A. 

History of the life of James, Duke of Ormonde, 
from his birth in 1()10 to his death in 1(')88 ... with 
a collection of letters written by Charles I and II, 
the Duke of Ormonde ... Bvol. fo. London, \T?)^^-'o. 

History of England. 4 vol. fo. London, 1747-5.'). 

Vol. 1. From tlie earliest times to the ileath of King Joliii, A.D. 

2. From tlic accession of Henry III, 1216, to tlie Jeath of Henry 

VII, April 21, 1509. 

3. From tlie accession of Henry VIII, 1500, to 1613. 

4. From 1613 to 1654. 

CARTER (Edmund). 
The artificer's looking-glass .. . S"- London, ll'li). 

CARTER (Edmund), of Chelsea. 

The history of the University of Cambridge, from its 
original to the year 1753 ... 8"- London, 1753. 

The history of the county of Cambridge, from the 
earliest account to the present time . . . [Edited by 
William Upcott.] 8»- London, 1819. 

CARTER (F[rei)Kkick] Hayne), F.S.S. 
Practical book-keeping adapted to commercial and 
judicial accounting; with outlines of book-keeping 
for beginners,' and sets of books and forms of 
accounts for different professions and trades. 3rd 
edit. [S.M.] 8o- Edinhurgh, 1,875. 

CARTER (James). 
[An address] to the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and 
Commons of the City of London [on the building 
trade]. 8"- I^ondon, 1851. 

CARTER (John). 
A plaine and compendious exposition of Christ's 
Sermon in the Mount. [D.C.] 8"- London, 1(527. 

CARTER (John), F.S.A. 

Specimens of the ancient sculpture and painting now 
remaining in this kingdom, from the earliest period 
to the reign of Henry VIII ... 2 vol. in 1. 

fo. London, 1780-94. 

Specimens of Gothic architecture and ancient buildings 
in England : comprised in one hundred and twenty 
views. 4 vol. 32"- L.ondon,mi\. 

The. ancient architecture of England ; including the 
orders, during the British, Roman, Saxon and 
Norman eras, and under the reigns of Henry III 
and Edward III. A new edit., with notes ... by 
John Britton, F.S.A. roy. fo. London, 1837. 

CARTER (Matthew). 
Honor redivivus : or, an analysis of honor and armory... 

12"- London, lOOO. 
A true relation of that honorable, though unfortunate 
expedition of Kent, Essex, and Colchester in KUH. 
2nd edit. 8"- Colchester, 1789. 

CARTER (Owen B.). 
Ulustratioiis of the churches of Wiltshire. No. 2. 
Great Bedwyn Church ; with some account of that 
parish and churcli, by a late vicar. Nos. 3 and 4. 
Wilton Church, Bishopstone Church, Steeple Ashton 
Church, Potternc Church. 

atlas fo. SuUshunj. [1852.] 

Several proposals to raise money, by sundry and 
different methods, offered to the consideration of 
the Commons of Great Britain. fo. sh. n.d. 

CARTER (RiciiAiin) and ELLERS (Petek). 
A scheme for preventing the exportation of wool. 

4"- London, 1713. 

CARTER (RoiiEUT Bhudenell), F.R.C.S. 
Eyesight, good and bad : a treatise on the exercise and 
preservation of vision. 8"- London, 188U. 

C[ARTER] (S[amuel]). 
Reports of several special cases argued and resolved in 
the Court of Common Pleas, from l()th to I'Jth of 
Charles II. [R.L.L.] fo. London, 1G88. 

CARTER (Rev.T[iiOMAs] T[helluss()n]), M.A. 
The divine service : a sermon preached at the eighth 
anniversary of the consecration of S. John the 
Evangelist, Bovey Tracey, June 17. 

8"- London, 18(51. 

Unreality in religion : a sermon preached at St. Paul's, 
Knighisbridge, March 13. 8"- London. [1«(58.] 

Constitutional order, the rightful claim of the Church 
of England : a letter to the Archbishop of Canter- 
bury. 1st and 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1 HIT. 

A further plea for constitutional liberty : a second 
letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

8"- London, 1877. 


The conduct of Admiral Vernon examin'd and vindi- 
cated ... [with] lists of the officers killed, and of the 
military promotions that have happen'd thro' those 
deaths ... 8"- L.ondon, 1741. 

An account of the expedition to Carthagena ... 

8"- London, 1743. 

A journal of the expedition to Carthagena, with notes: 
in answer to a late pamphlet, entitled. An account 
of the expedition to Carthagena. 8°- London, 1744. 

Authentic papers relating to the expedition against 
Carthagena ... with copies of letters between Admiral 
Vernon and General Wentworth... 8°- L^ondon, IT-i-i. 

Original papers relating to the expedition to Carthagena. 

8"- London, 1744. 
Sir SMOLLETT (Tobias Geokge). 

CARTHEW (Thomas). 
Reports of cases adjudged in the Court of King's 
Bench, from 3 James II to 1 2 William III. [R.L.L.] 

fo. L^ondon, 1741. 

CARTHUSIAN, ji.^-nid. Sir RYDER (W. J. D.). 
SMYTHE (Robert). 


An abridgement of an Acte of Common Counsel, 
passed 2 July, for the better seruice of Hir 
Maiestie in her cariage, and for the better gouerne- 
ment of cartes, carters, carres and carremen, and the 
gouernement thereof. 12°- \_London,'] 158(). 

An Act of Common Councell, made 1 July, for 
the better rule, oversight and government of the 
carrs, carts, carters or carmen, within the City of 
London. 8"- L^ondon, 1(158. 

Act of Common Council relating to carrs and carts. 

fo. London, Kid,'). 
[This Act takes from the Woodmongers' Company 
and transfers to the Governors of Christ's 
Hospital, the licensing and government of all 
carts, and provides for the laying in by the 
several companies a stock of sea coal, to prevent 
the sudden dearth of that commodity in times 
of war or scarcity.] 
The true and deplorable case of the waggoners, carryers 
of goods ... fo. sh. [London,] 1707. 



Orders for regulating the standing of carts for hire in 
the City of London and liberties thereof. 

8»- London, 1825. 
The case of the waggon- carriers [presented] to parlia- 
ment, fo. sh. n.d. 

CARTWRIGHT (Ciiaklks). 
Abstract of the orders and regulations of the court of 
directors of the East-India-Company ...with a list of 
duties payable on all goods imported from the East- 
Indies and China ... 8"- London, nSS. 

CARTWRICxHT (Chris^toi-iiek). 

Electa Thargumico-Rabbinica : sive annotationes in 
Genesin. Ex triplici Thargum, seu ChaldaicA para- 
phrasi, nempe Onkeli, Hierosolymitann, et Jona- 
thanis ... [D.C.] S°- LondinI, 1(348. 

Certamen religiosum : or, a conference between the 
late King of England and the late Marquesse of 
Worcester concerning religion ; with a vindication 
of the Protestants' cause ... 4°' London, 1652. 

[CARTWRIGHT (Major John).] 
Letters to the Lord Mayor [Matthew Wood] ; with an 
appendix containing an analysis and new classification 
of the state of the representation of the house of 
Commons. 8"- London, 1817. 

Mantegna and Francia. [Biographies of Great Artists.] 

8°- London, 1881. 

Confutation of the Rhemists translation, glosses and 
annotations on the New Testament ... [D.C.] 

fo. 1618. 

CARTWRIGHT (Dr. Thomas), Bishop of 

Diary ; commencing at the time of his elevation to that 
see, Aug., 1681!, and terminating with the visita- 
tion of St. Mary Magdalene College, Oxford, Oct., 
1687. Now first printed ... [by] the Rev. Joseph 
Hunter, F.S.A. [Camden Society, "22.] 

4"- London, 1843. 

CARTWRIGHT (William), M.A. 
The ordinary, a comedy. 8"- London, 1651. 

CARTWRKrHT (W[illl\m] C[oi!XWallis]), 

Gustave Bergenroth : a memorial sketch. 

8"- Edinhiiri/h, 1870. 

CARUANA (A. A.), D.D. 
Report on the Phfenician and Roman anti(iuities in 
the group of the islands of Malta, fo. 1882. 

CARUANA (Rafakllk). 
Collezione di monumenti e lapidi sepolcrali dei Militi 
Gerosolimitaiii nclla di San Giovanni in 
Malta, :5 vol. fo. .lA//^/, 1838-40. 

CARUS (C[aul] G[rsTAVK]), M.D. 
The King of Saxony's journey through England and 
Scotland in the year 1844. Translated l)y S. C. 
David.son, B.A., Ph.D. 8"- London, 1846. 

C.\RVER (J[oNATnAN]). 
Travels througli the interior parts of Nortli America in 
the years 1766, 1767, and 1768. [Edited l)y Alex- 
ander Bicknell.] 2nd edit. 8"- London, 

CARWITHEN (Rev. J[onN] B[avlv] 
S[oMr.i!s]), B.D., and LYALL (Itcv. A.). 
Hif<t/>ry of the ('hristian Clnircli from the 4th to the 
12th century. [Encyclopedia Motr()i)olitana.] 

8"' London, 1856. 

CARY, Hexky, M.A. 
Memorials of the great civil war in England from 1646 
to 1652 : edited from original letters of eminent 
persons in the Bodleian Library. 2 vol. 

8°- London, 1842. 

CARY (John). 
A disco m'se on trade and other matters relative to it ... 

8o- London, 1745. 

CARY (John). 
New guide for ascertaining hackney-coach fares and 
porterage rates ; being an actual and minute ad- 
measurement of every street, which is a can-iageway, 
throughout the metropolis. 8°- L^ondon, 1801. 

Universal atlas. [47 maps. No title-page.] 

imp. fo. London, 1806. 

CARY, Thomas, and HATLEY, Geohge. 
[Their] case relating to French wine at Copenhagen 
which they wish to import. fo. sh. [1705.] 

CARYL (Joseph). 
An exposition, with practicall observations, upon the 
eighteenth and [subsequent] chapters of the book of 
Job. 7 vol. [The volumes containing chapters 
1 to 17 are wanting. D.C.] 4"- London, 1653-66. 

CASALIS (Rev. E[r(;ENE]). 
The Basutos : or, twenty-three years in South Africa. 

8°- London, 1861. 

CASAUBON (Isaac). 
Epistolse, adjecta est epistola de morbi ejus mortisque 
causa, deque iisdem narratio Raphaelis Thorii. 
[D.C.] 4o- Hagw Com/th, 1638. 

[CASAUBON (Meric).] 
Treatise of use and custome. 4"- London, 1638. 

CASE (Thomas). 
The quarrell of the covenant, with the pacification of 
the- quarrell. In 3 sermons. 4"- London, 1644. 

CASPARI (Dr. Prof. [Carl] P[aul]). 
Ungedruckte unbeachtete, und wenig beachtete Quellen 
zur Geschichte des Tanf symbols und der Glaubens- 
regel. [Publications of the Royal University of 
Christiania.] 3 vol. 8"- Chvhtianhi, 1866-75. 

CASS (Rev. FitEOKRKK Charles), M.A. 
[History of] South Mimms. [London and Middlesex 

Archaeological Society.] 4"- Went mincer, 1877. 
[History of] Monken Hadley. [London and Middle- 

.sex Archasological Society.] 4"- Wext)ninster, 1880. 
[History of] East Barnet. [London and Middlesex 

Archajological Society.] 4"- WeMmiiixtrr, 1885. 

CASSANDER (Geoiuie). 
Opera quae reperiri potuerunt omnia. Epistoliu cxvii, 
et colloquia II cum Anabaptistis, nunc jirimum cdita. 
[D.C.] fo. Porisiix, 1616. 

CASSANDER (S.). ]>.n,d. S<r BEUCKNER (Kev. 

CASSEL (Dr. David). 
Lclu-buch der jiidischen Geschichte und Literatur. 

8°- Leijizifj, 187t). 

Cassell's history of the war between France and Ger- 
many, 1870-1. [By Edmund Oilier.] 2 vol. 

la. 8<'' London. [1871-2.] 
(!as.scirs illustrated history of the Russo-Turkish war. 
[By Edmund Oilier.] 2 vol. 

la. 8''- London. [1878-9.] 

CASSELS (Walter R.). 
Iji'ttcr on a gold (•nrrency for Lidia, addressed to Sir 
Biii'tle Frere, K.C.IJ., (iovernor of Bombay. [S.M.] 

8"- Bonibat), 1864. 



CASSINI ([Jean-Dominique]), fils. 
Voyage fait par ordre du Roi en 17(18, pour eprouvcr 
les montres marines inventt'es par M. lo Roy. Avec 
le memoire sur la meilleure maniere de raesnrer le 
tems en iner ... par M. le Roy raine, horloger du 
Roi. [C.C.] 4"- runs, 1770. 

CASTEL CHIUSO (Gioegione di). psnid. See 
BAYLEY (Peter). 

CASTELL (Edmund). 
Edniundi Castelli Lexicon Syriacum ex ejus lexico 
Heptaglotto seorsira typis describi cui'avit atque sua 
adnotata adiecit Joannes David Michaelis. 2 pt. in 
1 vol. 4"- Goetti/if/ue, 1788. 

CASTELLAN (Louis de). S,r CIMBER (L.). 

CASTELLI (D.wid). 
Leggende Talmudiehe. Saggio di traduzione dal testo 
originale, con prefazione critica. 8°- Pisa, 18G9. 
II Messia secondo gli Ebrei. 8"- Firenze, 1874. 

CASTIGLIONE (Conte Bali).\ss.\ke), Bishop 
of Avila. 

De Curiali, sive Aulico libri quatuor : interprete Bar- 
tholomEEO Gierke, Anglo Cantabrigiensi, ex Italico 
sermone in Latinum conversi. Quibus accessit : De 
Aula dialogus Gulielmi Insulani Menapii Grevibur- 
gensis. [D.C.] 8"- Aygenlomtl, 1619. 

CASTLE (William). 
The Jesuits undermining of parliaments, and Pro- 
testants with their foolish phancy of toleration, 
discovered and censured. 4°- London, 1G42. 

CASTLEMAINE, Roger, Earl of. 
Tryal for high .treason... June 23. fo. London, IGSI. 

CASTLEREAGH (Robert Stewart, Viscount). 
Speech in the Irish house of Commons, Feb. 5, on 
offering resolutions proposing an entire union between 
Great Britain and Ireland. 8°- London, 1800. 

Observations on [his] speech of the 19th of July, 1804, 
and on the state of the East India Company's affairs. 

8"- London, 1805. 

«S'(r ALISON (Sir Archibald). 



CASTRO (Adolfo de). 

The Spanish Prote.stants, and their persecution by 
Philip II : a historical work. Translated from the 
Spanish by Thomas Parker. 8°- London, 18M. 

History of religious intolerance in Spain... Translated 
by Thomas Parker. 8°- London, 1853. 

CASTRO (Alfonso de). Archbishop of Com- 

Adversus omnes hsereses libri xiiii. [D.C.] 

fo. Antrerpiw, 1556. 
CASTRO, Inez de. -SVr LUIZ (Nicolas). 

[CASWALL (Edward).] 
A new art teaching how to be plucked, being a treatise 
after the fashion of Aristotle, writ for the use of 
students in the Universities : to which is added, a 
synopsis of drinking. By Scriblerus Redivivus 
[//sewr/.]. Sthedit. 12"- Oxford, 

Pluck examination papers for candidates "at Oxford 
and Cambridge in 1836, wherein the theory of the 
art of how to be plucked is exhibited in practice ; 
thus completing tlic end of the entire science. By 
Scriblerus Redivivus [imiid.']. 2nd edit. 

12°- Oxford, 183G. 
CASWALL (Rev. Henry), M.A. 
Vmenca and the American church. 12<'- London, 1839. 

CATAFAGO (Joseph). 
An English and Arabic dictionary : Arabic and English, 
and English and Arabic ; in which the Arabic words 
are represented in the orieut;il character, as well as 
their correct pronunciation and accentuation shown 
in English letters. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 


BoiiNjHenryG. Catalogue of books. 8''- London, \?>\\ . 

Catalogue of books. Vol. 1 containing natural history, 
books of prints, science ... 8"- L^ondon, 1847. 

BoiiN, John. Catalogue of ancient and modern books 
in ail classes of natural history, agriculture, garden- 
ing, mining, hunting, hawking, fishing ... with the 
prices affixed. 8"' London, 1835. 

BouTON, J. W. Catalogue of a ... library ... now on 
sale at the pi-ices affixed. 8°- Neir Yorl-, 1868. 

Payne and Fos.'i. Catalogue of printed books and 
manuscripts in various languages. 8°- London , .' 

QuARiTCH, Bernard. A general catalogue of books 
arranged in classes. 8"- London, 1868. 

A general catalogue of books ; with the supplement, 
1875-7. 2 vol. 8"- London, 1874-7. 

A general catalogue of books. 8"- London, 1880. 

A catalogue of religions and superstitions ... followed 
by a catalogue of Greek and Latin classics ... 
[General catalogue, pt. 8.] 8"' London, 1884. 

RiviNGTONS and Cochran. A catalogue of books. 

8°- London, 1824. 

RoDD, Thomas. Catalogue of books, ancient and 
modern ... 1832. B"- [London, 1832.] 

Catalogue of books, 1834 ... 8°- London, 1834. 

Smith, Alfred Russell. A catalogue of rare and 
curious old books. 8°- London, 1882. 

Smith, John Russell. A catalogue of a ... collection 
of upwards of twenty-six thousand ancient and 
modern tracts and pamphlets, collected and arranged. 
On sale... by Alfred Russell Smith. 8"- London, 1874. 

A catalogue of ten thousand tracts and pamphlets, and 
fifty thousand prints and drawings, illustrating the 
topography and antiquities of England, Wales, Scot- 
land and Ireland, collected ... by William Upcott 
and John Russell Smith. Now offered for sale by 
Alfred Russell Smith. 8°- London, 1878. 

Thorpe, Thomas. Descriptive catalogue of the 
original charters, royal grants, and other documents, 
constituting the muniments of Battle Abbey ... 
comprising also papers relating to the family of 
Browne, ennobled as the Lords Viscount Montague... 
Sidneys, Earls of Leicester, and the Webster family. . . 

8°- London, 1835. 

Catalogue of a ... collection of curious books ... 

8°- London, 1842. 

TiiijBNER, Nicolas. Tri'ibners catalogue of dictionaries 
and grammars of the principal languages and dialects 
of the world. 2nd edit. 8"- London, 1882. 

Turner, Matthew. A catalogue of books sold ... at 
the Lamb in Holbourn. fo. [Ljondon, 1687.] 

Willis, G., and Sotiieran, H. A catalogue of books... 
English and foreign ... 8"- London, 18(i2. 


Art Collec;tions. 
Bernal, Ralph. [Illustrated] catalogue of [his] 
celebrated collection of works of art, from ■ the 
Byzantine period to that of Louis XVI... also of the 
beautiful decorative furniture and service of plate. 
With the purchasers' names, and prices. 2 vol. 

8"- L.ondon, 1855. 
CiiAUNCY, Charles, M.D., F.R.S., and Chauncy, 
Nathaniel. A catalogue of [their] cabinet of antique 
marble figures, bustos, and bronzes. 

8"- London. [17'.I0.] 
Hamilton Palace collection. Illustrated priced cata- 
logue. 4"- London, 1882. 




Jupp, Edward- Basil, F.S.A. Catalogue of [his] 
collection of porcelain and modern pictures ... 2 vol. 

8"- [London, 1878.] 
SiiANDOX collection. Catalogue of works of art and 
vertu ... formed by Robert Napier. [C.C.] 

S"- London, 1877. 
Straavhekry Hill. A catalogue of the classic con- 
tents of Strawberry Hill, collected by Horace 
Walpole. With the names of purchasers, and the 
prices [realized] . 2 vol. [La. and sm. paper copies.] 

4"- [London, 1842.] 
Gooseberry Hall, the renowned seat of Sir Hildebrod 
Gooseberry ... [A parody on the prefatory remarks 
in the above sale catalogue.] 4°- [I^ondon, 1842.] 

Coins axd Medai^s. 

Hamiltox, Captain J., and Sanders, James. Cata- 
logue of the ... collection of English historical 
medals, and English and foreign civil, military, and 
naval decorations. 8"- London. [1882.] 

RoLFE, Rev. S. C. E. N. Catalogue of British, Saxon, 
English and Scottish coins. 8"- London. [1882.] 

Shepherd, John. [Priced] catalogue of [his] choice 
and valuable collection of English and foreign coins 
and medals. 8°- [London,'] 1837. 


Alchin, William Turner. Catalogue of the library 
of W. T. Alchin, librarian to the Guildhall library... 

8«- London. [18G5.] 

Babbaoe, Charles. Catalogue of [his] mathematical 
and scientific library ... 8°- London, 19,72. 

Baylis, Aid. Sir Robert. A catalogue of [his] library. 

8°- London, 174D. 

Beckford Library. The Hamilton Palace libraries. 
Catalogue of the second [and third] portion of the 
Beckford library, removed from Hamilton Palace. 
2 vol. 8"- London. [1882-9.] 

BiBLiOTiiECA Mk.iicaxa. Catalogue of books and 
MSS., almost wholly relating to the history and 
literature of North and South America. 

8"- [London, 1869.] 

Black, Rev. William Henry, F.S.A. Catalogue of 
[his] library. 8"- London. [1873.] 

BoLi.AND [Sir William], Baron of the Court of Ex- 
chequer. Catalogue of [his] library. 

8"- [London,] 1840. 

BR.v:(iE, W., F.S.A. Catalogue of books relating to 
tobacco ... forming a library of the whole literature 
of tobacco. 8°- London. [1882.] 

Burn, Jacob Henry. Catalogue of upwards of 20,000 
volumes of books and tracts, collected by [him]. 

8°- [London, 18G9.] 

Cai.ey, John, F.R.S., F.S.A. Catalogue of [his] 
topographical and historical library. 

8"- [London,] 1834. 

Ciiauncv, Charles, M.D., F.R.S., and Cifauncy, 
Nathaniel. A catalogue of [their] libraries. 

H"- [London, 1790.] 

Clarke, Adam, LL.D., F.A.S. Catalogue of [his] 
library ... [Prices affixed.] 8"- [London,] 1833. 

Co.merkord, James. Catalogue of [his] library. 

8"- London. [1881.] 

Cooper, Charles Purton, Q.C., M.A., F.R.S. Biblio- 
theca Coopcriana : catalogue of portions of [his] 
library. 8"- London, 1852. 

Crokei!, Thomas Crofton, F.S.A. Catalogue of the 
gi-eater part of [his] lil)rary. 8"- [London, 18r)4.] 

Cro\vmnshii;i,d, Edward A. Catalogue of acollection 
of ... books, in wiiich is included the greater portion 
of [his] liljrary. [London, 18G0.] 


Drake, Samuel Gardner, A.M. Catalogue of [his] 
library. [Contains an article by S [amuel] A. D [rake] 
on Drake, his life-work and his library.] 

S"- Boston [U.S.A.], 1870. 

Eyton, J. Walter K., F.S.A. Catalogue of [his] 
library. 8°- London, 1848. 

Farmer, Rev. Richard, D.D. A catalogue of [his] 
library. 8"- London, 1798. 

Hartley, Leonard Lawrie. Catalogue of [his] 
library. Compiled by J. Corbet Anderson ... Pt. 1 
and 2. 8°- London, 1885-G. 

Hkber, Richard. Bibliotheca Heberiana : catalogue 
of [his] library. Pt. 7. 8°- [London, 1835.] 

HiBBERT, George. A catalogue of [his] library. 

8°- London, 1829. 

Hugo, Rev. Thomas, M.A., F.S.A. Catalogue of [his] 
collection of books, wood-engravings, and engraved 
woodcut blocks ... by or relating to Thomas and 
John Bewick ... 8"- London. [1877.] 

Hulthem, Charles van. Bibliotheca Hulthemiana : ou, 
catalogue methodique de [sa] collection de livres et 
des manuscrits ... 6 vol. 8°- Gand, 183G-7. 

Humphry, John. Catalogus librorum bibliothecas 
Joannis Humphry, nuper de Rowell in Comitatu 
Northamptoniensi, cum aliis eruditorum virorum 
libris ; horum auctio habebitur Londini 4to die 
Decembris, 1G82, aedibus Jonathanis Miles, vulgo 
dicto Jonathan's cofEee-house in Exchange-alley, 
Cornhill, with French and Italian books, and many 
curious manuscripts in vellam ... By William Cooper. 

4°- London, 1682. 

HuRD, Philip. Catalogue of [his] library ... 

8"- [Lo?idon,] 1682. 

Jolley, Thomas, F.S.A. Catalogue of the 7th 
remaining portion of his library of ... works relating 
to London ... 8°- London. [1853.] 

Jupp, Edward Basil, F.S.A. Catalogue of [his] library 
comprising... books illustrated by Thomas and John 
Bewick, and engraved wood blocks by Bewick ... 

8«- [London, 1878.] 

KxiOHT, William, F.S.A. Catalogue of [his] archi- 
tectural and historical library... 8°- [Lotidon, lS'i2.] 

Catalogue of [his] library ... 8°- London. [1847.] 

Laing, David, LL.D. Catalogue of the first [and 
second] portion of [his] library ... 

8°- Londoji. [1879-80.] 

LiisRi, Guglielmo. Catalogue of [his] mathematical, 
historical and bibliographical library . . . 

8"- London. [1861.] 

Catalogue of ancient MSS. and printed books ... 

8"- [London, 18G2.] 

Nayler, Sir George. Catalogue of [his] heraldic, his- 
torical and topographical library ... 

8"- [London,] 1832. 

Newman, W. L., City Solicitor. Catalogue of [his] 
miscellaneous library ... 8"- London, 1835. 

Nichols, John Bowyer, F.S.A., F.L.S. Catalogue of 
the first portion of [his] library ... 

8"- London. [18G4.] 

Nichols, John Gough, F.»S.A. Catalogue of [his] 
library... 8"- London, 1874. 

Oekor, George. Catalogue of [his] library ... 

8'- London. [18G5.] 

OuvRv, Frederic, F.S.A. Catalogue of [his] library 
of manuscripts and printed books ... 

8"- [London, 1882.] 

Payne, J. T. Catalogue of [his] collection of books 
and miniatures. 8"- London. [1878.^ 

Rlmbault, Edward Francis, LL.D. Catalogue of [Iiis 
library ... 8"' London. [1877. 

Smith, George. Catalogue of [his] ... library ... 

8«- London. [1867.] 





SouTiKiATK, J. W. Catalogue of the rare and bijoux 
portion of [his] library. fi"- [Lnndoii, 

Stevicns, Henry, F.S.A. Catalogue of the first portion 
of [his] ... collections of rare books and manuscripts 
relating chiefly to the history and literature of 
America... and [his] Franklin collection. 

SuNDKHi.ANU LiiiHAitY. Bibliothcca Sunderlandiana : 
sale catalogue of the ... library of printed books 
known as the Sunderland or Blenheim library ... 
5 pt. 80- London. 1881-;}. 

TiTE, Sir William, M.P., F.R.S. Catalogue of [his] ... 
collection of books, manuscripts, autograph letters, 
and engravings. 8"- London. [1874.] 

TowNELEY LiBKAi'vV. Catalogue of the Towneley 
Library, removed from Towneley Hall, Lancashire. 

8«- London. [1883.] 

TuKXEK, Dawson, M.A., F.R.S. Catalogue of ... 
[his] library. 8°- [London, 1859.] 

Tykkei.l, Edward, City Remembrancer. Catalogue of 
[his] library. 8"- London. [1864.] 

WiiiTiiV, Thomas. A catalogue of [his] library. 

8"- London. [1838.] 

WiiTTE KxirJUTS LiBRAKY. [Priced] catalogue of the 
library. Pt. 1. 8°- London, 1819. 


[BRAGCiE, W.] Catalogue of [his] collection of manu- 
scripts. [Some prices marked.] 8"- London. [187G.] 

Cole, Robert, F.S.A. Catalogue of [his] collection of 
MSS. and autograph letters. Pt. 1. 

8"- [Lo>idon, 18C1.] 

Towxeley Maxusckipts. Catalogue of the Towneley 
manuscripts, removed from Towneley Hall, Lanca- 
shire. 8°- London. [1883.] 

TuiiXEu, Dawson, M.A., F.R.S. Catalogue of [his] 
manuscript library ... 8"- [London, 1859.] 


Chauxcy, Charles, M.D., F.R.S., and Chauxcy 
Nathaniel. A catalogue of [their] ... collection of 
natural history. 8''- [London, 1790.] 

CuosTHWAn-E's Museum, Keswick, Cumberland. Sale 
catalogue ... S"-, 1870. 

FiLLixciHAM, John Joseph Ashby, F.S.A. Catalogue 
of ... [his] literary and antiquarian collections ... 
[Compiled by Jacob H. Burn.] 8«- [London, IH&I.] 

Gkecoky, Samuel. Catalogue of [his] collections 
illustrating the history of the Corporation of the 
City of London ... 8"- London. [1859.] 

PoKTi.AXD Museum. A catalogue of the Museum. 

4°- London, 1786. 


BE\yiCKE, Benjamin. Catalogue of [his] collection 
of hot-house and green-house plants. 

8«- [London, 1784.] 
F()TiiEi!(iii,r,, J., M.D. Catalogue of [his] collection 
of hot-house and gi-een-house plants. 

8»- [London, 1781.] 


Chauxcy, Charles, M.D., F.R.S., and Chauxcy 
Nathaniel. A catalogue of [their] collection of 
prints, di'awings and miniatures. [Prices and pur- 
chasers' names in MS.] 8"- London. [1790.] 

J upp, Edward Basil, F.S.A. Catalogue of [his] col- 
lection of drawings and engravings. 

8"- [London, 1878.] 

LoxDox. Catalogue of prints and drawings illus- 
trative of London and its environs ... [Prices 
marked.] 8"- London. [185;5.] 

Ottley, William Young, F. A.S. Catalogue of [his] . . . 
collection of engravings. [Prices marked.] 

8"- London. [1837.] 



STiiAWisEHHY HiLL. The Collection of rare prints 
and illustrated works, removed for sale in 
London. A catalogue of the ... collection of en- 
graved portraits. 4"- London. [1842.] 

Names of purchasers, and the prices [realized] . [50 
copies printed.] 4"- [London, 1842.] 

CATCOTT (Rev. Alexaxdek), A.M. 
A treatise on the Deluge ... 8°- L^ondon, 17(58. 

CATCOTT (Rev. A[lexaxi)E1!] S[t()PFOHI)]), 

The Supreme and Inf eriour Elahim : a sermon preached 
before the Corporation of Bristol ... 1st and 2nd edit. 

8"- London, 173()-42. 
The state of the case between Mr. Bedford and Mr. 
Catcott, in answer to Mr. Bedford's Examination ... 

8"- London, 1738. 
Sermons. 8"- Bristol, 1752. 

Sir BATE (Rev. Julius), BEDFORD (Arthuk), 
HUTCHINSON (John), SHARP (Thomas). 

The , humble advice of the Assembly of Divines... 
sitting at Westminster, concerning a larger cate- 
chisme ... 4°- L^ondon. [1647.] 

The humble advice of the Assembly of Divines... sitting 
at Westminster, concerning a shorter catechism ... 

sm. 4°- London. [1648.] 
A catholic catechism ; being a manual of faith and 
duty, as held and taught by nearly all branches of the 
Church of Christ. 12"- Melbourne, 1874. 


CATES, William L. R. 
A dictionary of general biography. 8"- London, \9iC)l . 
Supplement to the 3rd edit. 8"- London, 1885. 

A letter to Vice-admiral Edward Vernon . . . concerning 
some gross misrepresentations in a pamphlet, entitled, 
Original papers relating to the expedition to the 
island of Cuba. 8"' London, 1744. 


Cathedral wealth and cathedral work. 



L^ondon, 1861. 
ScT DIXON (William 

CATHERINE II, Empress of Russia. 
Ivan Czarowitz : or, the rose without prickles that 
stings not. A tale, translated from the Russian. 

8"- London, 1793. 

Mi'moires de I'lmperatrice Catherine II. Ecrits par 
eUe-meme, et precedes d'une preface par A[lexandre] 
Herzen. 8"- Londres, 1859. 

CATHERINE DE MEDICI. Queen of France. Sir 

An explanation of the parts of a Catholic Church, and 
the ornaments and ceremonies used in the Holy 
Sacrifice. By a Catholic priest. 8°- Jh-istol, 1866. 
Articles of Catholic and orthodox belief. 

8"- Kinf/s Lynn, 1872. 

Church of. 


The new Magna Charta : or, historical record of the 
debates and proceedings in both houses of Parlia- 
ment on the settlement of the Catholic claims ... 
2nd edit. fo. L^ondon, \H2iK 



Catholicon Anglicum : an English-Latin wordbook, 
dated 1483. Edited ... with introduction and notes, 
by Sidney J. H. Herrtage. With a preface by 
Henry B. Wheatley, F.S.A. [Camden Society, 
N. S., 30.] 4"- \_London,'] 188-2. 

CATHRALL (Willi.\m). 

The history of Oswestry ; comprising the British, 
Saxon, Norman, and English eras ... with notices of 
botany, geology, statistics, angling, and biography. 

8°- (MreMnj. [1855.] 

CATLIN (Geokge). 
Illustrations of the manners, customs, and condition of 
the North American Indians : in a series of letters... 
5th edit. 2 vol. 8"- London^lUi). 

CATNACH, James. See HINDLEY (Chaeles). 

CATO. pseufl. Sir TRENCHAED (John). 

A defence of our establishment ; and the administration 
vindicated from the falsehood of several late libels, 
viz., Cato's letters... and The historical account of the 
advantages of the Hanover succession. 

B"- London, 1722. 

See GORDON (Thomas). 

CATROU (Father [Fran^'ois]) and ROUILLE 
(Father [Julien]). 
Roman history ; with notes, historical, geographical and 
critical. Translated from the French. 6 vol. 

fo. London, 1728. 

CATS (Jacob) and FARLIE (Roisert). 
Moral emblems ; with aphorisms, adages, and proverbs, 
of all ages and nations... Translated and edited, with 
additions, by Richard Pigot. 3rd edit. [S.M.] 

4"- London, 18G5. 

CATTAN (Christopiiei: de). 
Geomancie ; whereunto is annexed, the Wheeleof Pytha- 
goras. Translated from the French [by Francis 
Sparry]. [Title-page wanting.] 4"- London, Ib'dl. 

CATTERMOLE (Rev. RiciiAKn), B.D. 
Becket, an historical tragedy ; the Men of England, an 

ode ; and other poems. [ylwoH.] 8"- iowr/o;/, 1832. 
The great civil war of the times of Charles I and Oliver 

Cromwell. 4"- London, 1857. 


An act, 32 Charles II, prohibiting the importation of 
cattel from Ireland. fo. London, 1680. 

Rules made at a court of mayor and aldermen, held at 
Guildhall on the 27th Nov., to regulate the drivers 
of cattle within this City and bills of mortality. 

8"- London, 1792. 

Various orders for regulating the standing of carts for 
hire, driving of cattle. the City of London and 
liberties thereof [during the mayoralties of Aid. 
Garratt and Aid. Brown]. 8"- London, 1825. 

CATTOIS (Dr. Fu.). See VERDIER (Aymak). 

The English i)eeragc : or, a view of the ancient and 
present state of the English nobility ; to which is 
subjoined, a chronological account of sucli titles as 
have liecome extinct, from tlie Norman con(|uest to 
the begiiuiing of tlic year 17!)0. 3 vol. 

roy. 4"- London, 1 711(1. 

CATULLUS (Caius Valerius). 
Opera omnia. Ex editioiie F. G. Doeringii. [Delpliin 
Classics.] 2 vol. 8"- Londini, 1822. 

CATULLUS (Caius Yx^.iimvii)— continued. 

The poems of Catullus and Tibullus, and the Vigil of 
Venus : a literal prose translation by Walter K. 
Kelly. To which are added, the metrical versions of 
Lamb and Grainger, and a selection of versions by 
otherwriters. [Bohn's Library.] 8°- London, 1854. 

Catullus, Tibullus, and Propertius. By the Rev. 
James Davies, M.A. [Ancient Classics for English 
Readers.] 8"- London, 1877. 

Portraits, memoirs, and characters of remarkable 
persons, from Edward III to the Revolution. 3 vol. 
in 1. 4»- London, 1813. 

Calcographiana : the printseller's chronicle, and col- 
lector's guide to the knowledge and value of engraved 
British portraits. 8°- London, 1814. 


CAULFIELD (Richard), LL.D., F.S.A. 
The episcopal and capitular seals of the Irish cathedral 
churches illustrated. Pt. 1, Cashel and Emly. 

8°- Cork, 1853. 

Rotulus pipaB Clonensis, ex originali in registro EcclesiEE 
Cathedralis Clonensis asservato nunc primum editus ; 
cum prefatione ... 4"- Corcag/ie, 1859. 

The autobiography of the R*- Hon. Sir Richard Cox, 
B*-, Lord Chancellor of Ireland. 8°- London, 18G0. 

The life of St. Fin Barre, first bishop and founder of 
the see of Cork. 8°- London, 1864. 

Annals of St. Fin Barre's cathedi'al, Cork, compiled 
from records in the British Museum... and other 
authentic sources. 16°- Cork, 1871. 

The council book of the city of Cork, from 1609 to 
1643, and from 1690 to 1800. Edited from the 
original ; with annals and appendices compiled from 
public and private records, sm. 4°- Gn/Idford, ISld. 

The register of the parish of the Holy Trinity (Christ 
Church), Cork, from July, 1643, to February, 1668 ; 
with extracts from the parish books, from 1664 to 
1668. 8«- Cork, 1877. 

The council book of the corporation of Youghal, from 
1610 to 1659, from 1666 to 1687, and from 1690 to 
1800. Illustrated with a map of Youghal, temp. 
Eliz., the insignia of the corporation ... Edited from 
the original ; with annals and appendices compiled 
from public and private records. 

sm. 4"- Gtuldford, 1878. 

The council book of the corporation of Ivinsale, from 
• 1652 to 1800. Illustrated with a map of the haven 
and river of Kinsale, seals of the corporation . . , 
Edited from the original ; with annals and appendices 
compiled from public and private records. 

sm. 4<'' Guildford, 1879. 

Annals of the cathedral of St. Coleman, Cloyne, com- 
piled from public records, the chapter books and 
archives of the cathedral. 8"- Cork, 1882. 

CAUMONT, Arcisse de. See SMITH (Charles 

Novum " antidotum Lincolniense :" the law not " Public 
opinion." Some remarks on the Bishop of Lincoln's 
reply to the one hundred and forty. 8"- London, 1866. 

CAUSSE (Bartiiolomeus). 
De ware Beukelaor des Christelijckcn geloofs, in 
tsamensprekingen gestelt. Overghesettet door Vin- 
centium Mucsevoet. [D.C.] 8"- Leyden, 1595. 

CAUSTON (H. Kent Staim.e). 
The Howard papers ; with a biographical pedigree and 
criticism. 8°- London, 1862. 

CAUVIN (Joseph). Ph.D. See BRANDE (William 



CAVALCASELLE (G[iovanni] B[attista]). 
Scr CROWE (J[oseph] A[rchek]). 

Primitive c.avalerism revived : or, a recognition of tlie 
principles of the old cavaleers .. . fo. London, \(Sii\. 

[CAVALLI (Stkfano).] 
A short account of the life and death of Pope Alex- 
ander VII; with a description of his funeral... 
together with ...the ceremonies performed at the 
creation and coronation of Clement IX... Trans- 
lated from the Italian by P[hilip] A[yres]. 

•i"- London, 1GG7. 

[CAVE (Edwakd).] 
Miscellaneous correspondence ; with essays and disser- 
tations on various subjects. No. B. 8°- L^ondon,\lAA. 

CAVE (George). Sir COTTLE (Rev. James). 

CAVE (Canon V\^illiam), D.D. 

Primitive Christianity : or, the religion of the ancient 
Chi'istians in the first ages of the Gospel. 2 vol. in 1. 

8"- London, 1G73. 

Antiquitates Apostolicae : or, the history of the lives, 
acts and martyrdoms of the holy Apostles of our 
Saviour, and of the two Evangelists, SS. Mark and 
Luke ... [also the most eminent of the primitive 
fathers]. 3rd edit. 2vol.ini. fo. London, 

Scriptorum ecclesiasticorum historia literaria, a Christo 
nato usque ad sieculum xiv, f acili methodo digesta . . . 
Editio novissima. 2 vol. fo. B(in/Iea\ 1741-5. 

CAVEIRAC (Abbe de). Scr CIMBER (L.). 

CAVELER (William). 
Select specimens of Gothic architecture ; comprising 
the most approved examples in England, from the 
earliest to the latest date, forming a complete chrono- 
logy of that style. 2nd edit. 4"- London, 183'J. 

The life of Cardinal Wolsey. [Edited by John Holmes.] 

4"- LMidon, 1852. 


The book of the Thanes of Cawdor : a series of papers 
selected from the chartei'-room at Cawdor, 1236-1742. 
[Edited by Cosmo Innes. Spalding Club, 30.] 

4"- Edinburgh, 1859. 

CAWDREY (Daniel). 
The account audited and 'discounted : or, a vindication 
of the threefold diatri bee of 1. Superstition; 2. Will 
worship ; 3. Christmas festivals ; against Dr. Ham- 
mond's threefold Paradiatribees. [D.C.] 

8"' London, 1G78. 

CAWDREY (Zacharv). 
A discourse of patronage ; being a modest enquiry into 
the original of it, and a further prosecution of the 
history of it. With a true account of the original of 
vicaridges . . . 4"- London, 1(j75. 

CAWTHORN (James). 
Poetical works. [Johnson's English Poets, G5.] 

8"- London, 1790. 

Scr JOHNSON (Samuel). 

[CAWTHORNE (Joseph).] 
A candid enquiry into the case of the Prince of Wales ; 
shewing that a very considerable sum is due to his 
Royal Highness, more than the amount of his debts. 
2nd edit. 8°- London, Mm. 

[CAWTON (Thomas).] 
The life and death of that holy man of God, Mr. 
Thomas Cawton [the author's father], sometime 
minister at St. Bai-tholomew's behind the Royal 
Exchange... 8"- London, \<i(i'2. 

CAXTON, William. 
The game of the chesse. [A fac-siniile.] 

4"- London, 1855. 

Game and playe of the chesse, 1474 : a verbatim 
reprint of the 1st edit., with an introduction by 
Will iam E. A. Axon, M.R.S.L. [Antiquary's 
Library.] 8«- London, 1883. 

Book of curtesye, printed at Westminster, about a.D. 
1477-8 ... Edited by Frederick J. Furnivall, M.A. 
[Early English Text Society, extra series, 3.] 

8"- London, 1868. 

Ars moriendi. [A fac-simile.] 4"- Luondon, 18G9. 
The dictes and sayings of the philosophers. A fac-simile 
reproduction of the first book printed in England by 
William Caxton, in 1477. 4"- L.ondon, 1877. 

The history of Reynard the fox : translated and 
printed by Caxton, June, 1481. [Arber's English 
Scholar's Library, 1.] 8"- London, 1880. 

The Ij'f of the noble and crysten prince, Chai-les the 
Grete, tran.slated from the French and printed, 1485. 
Edited ... by Sidney J. H. Herrtage, B.A. [Early 
English Text Society, extra series, 36, 37.] 2 pt. 

8"- London, 1880-1. 
The right plesaunt and goodlie historic of the foure 
sonnes of Aymon : Englisht from the French ... and 
planted about 1489. Edited by Octavia Hill. 
[Early English Text Society, extra series, 44.] Pt. 1. 

8°- London, 1884. 
See BEEDHAM (B. H.). BLADES (William), 
DIBDIN (Rev. Thomas Frognall), KNIGHT 
(Charles), LEWIS, John. 


A guide to the objects of chief interest in the loan 
collection, Queen's Gate, South Kensington. 

8°- London, 1877. 

Balance sheet and report of executive committee. 

8°- [London,^ 1877. 

Catalogue of the loan collection of antiquities, curiosities, 
and appliances connected with the art of printing, 
[exhibited at] South Kensington. Edited by George 
BuUen, F.S.A. 8»' [La. paper.] London. [1877.] 

Condensed catalogue of manuscripts, books and en- 
gravings on exhibition at the ... Mechanics' Hall, 
[Montreal,] June 26-29, in commemoration of the 
400th anniversary of the introduction of printing 
into England. 8"' Montreal, 1877. 

Manuscripts and printed books in the Irish language 
and character, and fac-similes of the national manu- 
scripts of Ireland. Exhibited by Edward Murphy, 
of Montreal. 8"- [Montreal, 1877.] 

Scriptores rerum gestarum Willelmi Conquestoris : in 
unam collecti ab J. A. Giles, LL.D. 

8"' L.ondhv, 1845. 

CAYLEY (Arthur), jun. 
The life of Sir Walter Ralegh. 2 vol. in 1. 

4"- London, 1805. 

CAYLEY (George John). 
The working classes : their interest in administrative, 
financial and electoral reform. [S.M.] 

8"- L.ondon, 1858. 

CAYLEY (John Joseph) and BRIDGMAN 
(Henuv Hewitt), F.R.I.B.A. 
International Fisheries Exhibition, London, 1883. 
Scheme for a central wholesale fish market for 
London, on the river. Lambeth side, between Water- 
loo Bridge and Charing Cross Railway Bridge ... 
Prize essay. 8"- London, 1884. 

CAZALET (Edwai!!)). 
The Eastern question : an address to working men. 

8"- London, 1878. 



[CAZENOVE (John).] 
A reply to IVIr. Say's letters to Mr. Malthus on the 
subjectof the stagnation of trade. 8°- Loii(h)i, IS20. 
Outlines of political economy ... view of the laws re- 
lating to the production, distribution and consumption 
of wealth ... and the nature and effects of taxation. 

London, 1882. 

The money crisis. 8"- London. [184:8.] 

CAZENOVE ([Rev.] John GiR-iON), D.D. 
St. Hilary of Poitiers and St. Martin of Tours. 
[Fathers for English Readers.] 8"- London, 1883. 

CK, Loch. 

The annals of Loch Ct' : a chronicle of Irish affairs 
from 1014 to a.d. lf)90. Edited, with a transla- 
tion, by William M. Hennessy, M.R.I. A. [Chronicles 
and Memorials of Great Britain, 54.] 2 vol. 

8"- London, 1871. 

CECIL (Sir Robert). 
Letters to Sir George Carew. [Camden Society, 88.] 

4"- [London,] 18G4. 

CEDRENUS (Georgius). 
Annales, sive historiae ab exordio mundi ad Isacium 
Comnenum usque compendium ... Greece et Latine 
editi : Guilielmo Xylandro Augustano interprete. 
[D.C.] fo. Ba^ilea;. [15(5G.] 

CELLIER (Elizabeth). 

Answers to queries concerning the Colledg of Mid- 
wives. 4°- London, 1(587-8. 

A letter from the Lady CresweU to Elizabeth Cellier, 
on the publishing her late vindication : also, A whip 
for impudence. fo. sh. [1680.] 

The Pope's letter to Madame Cellier, in i-elation to her 
sufferings for the Catholick cause. 

fo. sh. London, 1(580. 

•Answer to the Pope's letter, dated from the Vatican, 
Aug. 1 ... fo. sh. London, 1680. 

Trial ... at the Kings-Bench- Barr, June 11. 

fo. London, 1680. 

Malice defeated : or, a relation of the accusation and 
deliverance of Elizabeth Cellier . . . and the mystery 
of the meal tub discovered ; with an abstract of her 
arraignment and tryal ... fo. London, 1(580. 

Tryal ... Sept. 11, for publishing the libel ... Malice 
defeated. fo. sh. [London,'] 1680. 

Mistriss Celier's lamentation for the loss of her 
liberty. fo. sh. Lo)idon, 1681. 

Sit DANGERFIELD (Thomas). 

CELLINI (Benvenuto). 
Memoirs ... written by himself ; containing a variety 
of information respecting the arts and the histoi'y of 
the sixteenth century. Now fii-st collated with the 
new text of (iiuseppe Molini ... with notes and ob- 
servations of G. P. Carpani. Translated by Thomas 
Roscoe. 8"' London, 1878. 

Sit BTRRELL (AtKUi.STINE). PLON (Eu(jene). 

CELSIUS (Oeaus O.). 
Bibliothecae Upsaliensis historia. 

8"- Upmliii', 1745. 

Publications. 6 vol. 8"- Dublin, 1847-55. 

1. Lcabhar iia g-Ceart : or, the Book of Rights. 
Now for the first time edited, with translation 
and notes, by John O'Donovan, M.R.I. A. 

2. Cambrensis ev(!r.sus, sen jjotius historica lides in 
rebus Ililjcrnicis Giraldo Cainbrensi abiogata : 
in ((uo plcrasquo justi historici dotes desiderari, 
plci-()S(iiio najvos inesse, ostendit (Ji-atiaims 
Lucius, Ililiernus... Impress, an. 1662. Edited, 
with translation and notes, liy the Rev. Matthew 
Kelly. :} vol. 

CELTIC SOCIETY— continued. 

3. Miscellany. . .Edited by John 0'Donovan,M.R.I. A. 

The genealogy of Coroa Laidli'e. 

I'oeiu on the battle of Duu, by (Tilla-Bi ighile Mac Coiini- 

Docwra's tracts. 

Several poems, peiligrees, and extracts. 

4. Cath Mhuighe Leana, or the battle of Magh 
Leana ; together with Tocmarc Momera, or the 
courtship of Momera... Edited, with translation 
and notes, by Eugene Curry, M.R.I. A. 


CENT (Nehemia). 
A word to London's Provinciall Assembly : or, a view 
of some passages in the ministers late vindication of 
their government. To which is added, a vindication 
of the covenant against all intruders and opposers. 

4"- London, 1G50. 

CENTLIVRE (Susannah). 
The busy body, a comedy. 8°' London, n.d. 

The Central- Asian question from an Eastern stand- 
point. 8°- London, 1868. 


The Century : illustrated monthly magazine. Nov., 
1881-April, 1887. [Continuation of Scribner's 
Monthly.] 11 vol. 8°- Neir York, 1881-7. 


Anthologias Grascas libri tres ... accedunt interpretatio 
Latina, poetarum anthologicorum notitia, indices 
necessarii. 8"- O.ronii, 1766. 

Bi-metallic money, and its bearings on the monetary 
crises in Germany, France, England, and the United 
States. S"' London, 1876. 


Vida y hechos del ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la 
Mancha. Parte primera. 8''- A inheres, 17 

Don Quixote de la Mancha, translated from the 
Spanish. With engravings from pictures painted by 
Robert Smirke, R.A. 4 vol. 8"' London, 1818. 

The history of Don Quixote of La Mancha, translated 
from the Spanish by Motteux : edited, with notes 
and memoir, by John G. Lockhart ... and a notice of 
the life and works of Motteux, by Heiu'i van Laun. 
4 vol. 8"- London, 1880-1. 

The ingenious gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha ... 
a translation, with introduction and notes, by John 
Ormsby. 4 vol. 8"- London, 1885. 

Sit OLIPHANT (Mrs. [Margaret]). 

CESI (Bernardo). 
Mincralogia, sive naturalis philosophia3 thesauri : in 
quibus metallicic concretionis medicatorumque fos- 
silium niiracula, terrarum pretium, colorum et pig- 
nientorum apparatus, concretorum succorum virtus, 
lapidum atque gemmarum dignitas continentur. 
[D.C.] fo. Lugdiini, l(Ki(;. 

CESNOLA (Major Alexander Palma di), 

Lawrence-Cesnola collection. Cyprus antiquities ex- 
cavated ... 1876 to l«7!l. ob. fo. London, 1881. 
[An album containing photogra{)hs of antitjuitics 
illustrating the PhcBiiician, Greek, Roman and 
Venetian occupations of the island.] 
Salaminia (Cypius) : the history, treasures, and an- 
ti<iuities of Salamis in the island of Cyprus. With an 
introiluction by Sanniel Bircli, ]).(J.L., LL.D., F.S.A. 

8"- London, 1882. 



CESNOLA (Gen. Loris Palma di). 
Cyprus : its .iiicicnt cities, tombs, and temples. A 
narrative of researches and excavations during ten. 
years' residence as American consul in that island. 

8"- London, 1877. 

General Getewayo at Rorke's Drift : by a South 
African Boer. 8"- luVnhnriih, l«7it. 


The declaration of the people of the Sevennes in 
France, as it is transmited to us in the foreign 
printed papers. fo. sh. [1703.] 

The true and last declaration of the Cevennois, and 
other papers concerning their persecutions. [Im- 
perfect and wanting title page.] 4"- 1703. 


A narrative of events which have recently occurred in 
the island... 8"- 7>o;/r/o«, 181;'). 

The Ceylon Times directory. 8"' Colombo, \^T2. 

Taxes on food in Ceylon. [From the "Sheffield and 
Rotherham Independent," Aug. 1(5.] fo. sh. 1877. 

The Ceylon directory, calendar, and compendium of 
uscfui information [editions of 1880-1 and 1885-()] : 
to which is added, a planting directory for Southern 
India (coffee, tea and cinchona estates). Edited by 
A. M. and J. Ferguson. '1 vol. 

8°- Colombo, 1881-5. 

CHABAILLE ([FBANgois-ADRiEN-] P[olycabpe]). 
Sec RAPETTI [Louis-NiCOLAs]. 

(John Oldfield). 

CHADWICK (David). 

The depression of trade : a paper read at the Social 
Science Congress, Cheltenham, Oct. 25 ... with a 
summary of the discussion thereon. 8"- Loi/(lon,\H78. 

Blochairn Iron Company, Limited. Smith r. Chad- 
wick . . . brief history of the case . . . and result of the 
trial... 8"- London. [1882.] 

CHADWICK (Edwin), C.B. 

Report on the sanitary condition of the labouring 
population of Great Britain : a supplementary re- 
port on the results of a special inquiry into the 
practice of interment in towns ... 8"- Ljondon, \%A?>. 

A lecture on the economical, social, educational, and 
political importance of open competitive examina- 
tions for admission to the public service. 

8"- London, 1857. 

A paper on the chief methods of preparation for legis- 
lation, especially as applicable to the reform of 
parliament : also, a speech thereon by Sir James 
Stephen, K.C.B. 8"- London, 1859. 

CHADWICK (John Oldkikld), F.S.S., F.R.G.S. 

What steps should be taken to protect shareholders and 
the public from mismanagement in joint-stock under- 
takings ? A paper read Oct. 1st... at Manchester, 
before the . . . National Association for the Promotion 
of Social Science. 8"- London. [1879.] 

Reports on the estate of Sir Andrew Chad wick and the 
recent proceedings of the Chadwick Association in 
reference thereto : by Edmund Chadwick, chairman, 
and James Boardnian, secretary and treasurer ... to 
which is prefixed, the life and history of Sir Andrew 
Chadwick... 8"- London, \HHl. 

CHAFFERS (William), F.S.A. 

Hall marks on gold and silver plate ; with tables of 
annual date letters employed in tlic princijial assay 
offices of England, Scotland and Ireland, from the 
earliest period of tlieir use to the present day, showing 
the exact date of ancient jjlate. 8"- London, \HC>'.'). 

t)th edit., to which is now added, a history of L'orfevrerie 
francaise... 8"' London, 

CHAFFERS (William)— 

Marks and monograms on pottery and jiorcelain ; with 
short historical notices of each manufactory, and an 
introductory essay on the vasa fictilia of England. 
1st and 2nd edit. 8"- /.o/«/o», 18(13-0. 

Gilda aurifaln-orum : a history of English goldsmiths 
and plateworkers, and their marks, stamped on plate, 
copied in fac-simile from celebrated examples ... with 
their names, addresses and dates of entry. Aho, 
historical accounts of the Goldsmiths' Company and 
their hall marks, the regalia, the Mint, closing of the 
Exchequer, goldsmith-bankers, shop signs, [and] an 
introductory essay on the goldsmith's art. 

8»- London, 1883. 


Lettres historiques et dogmatiques sur les jubih's et les 
indulgences, a I'occasion du jubih' universel ci'lebre 
a Rome, par Benoit XIV, I'an 1750 ... 3 vol. 

8"- La Haye, 1751. 

Ein Beitrag zur historischen Kritik in Betreff der Tar- 
gumim und Midraschim. Zweite Auflage mit Anmer- 
kungen und Zusiitsen von Jacob Briill. 

8°- Pressbuvf/, 1853. 

CHALAIS, Comte de. Sre CIMBER (L.). 

CHALES (Claude Francois Milliet de). 
The elements of Euclid, explained in a new but most 
easy method : written in French ... now made 
English. 5th edit. [C.C.] 8°- London, 1712. 

CHALKLEY (Thomas). 
Journal of [his] life, travels, and Christian experiences : 
written by himself. 8'^- London, 1829. 

Report on the scientific results of the voyage of H.M.S. 
Challenger during the years 1873-6, under the com- 
mand of Capt. George S. Nares and Capt. Frank 
Turle Thomson : prepared under the superintendence 
of Sir C[harles] Wyville Thomson, F.R.S. ... and 
John Murray, F.R.S.E. Narrative, 2 vol. in 3 ; 
botany, vol. 1 ; physics and chemistry, vol. 1 ; and 
zoology, vol. 1-13 (with a vol. of plates). 19 vol. 

4o- London, 1880-5. 


Vol. 1. (Pt. 1 ,incl 2.) ... with a general account of the 

scientific results of the expeilition : by Staff -Commander 

T. H. Tizard, R.N. ; Prof. H. N. Moseley, F.R.S. ; J. Y. 

Buchanan, M.A. ; ami Johu Murray, Ph.D. ... partly 

illustrated by Dr. J. J. Wild. 
2. On the magnetical and meteorological observations made 

during the voyage: by Sir Frederick Evans, K.C.B., F.E.S., 

and Staff-Commander Tizard. 
The pressure errors of the Challenger thermometers : by 

Prof. P. G. Tait, M.A. 
On the petrology of St. Paul's Rocks (Atlantic) : by Prof. 

A. Renard, F.G.S. 


Vol. 1. Reports on jiresent state of knowledge of various insular 
tionis ; on the liotauy of the Bernuiilas and various other 
islands of the Atlantic and southern oceaus ; and on the 
botany of Juan Fernandez, the Southern Moluccas and 
the Admiralty Islands: by William Bottiug Hemsley, A.L.S. 


Vol. 1. Report on researches into the composition of ocean-water ... 
by Prof. William Dittmar, F.R.S. 

Report on the specific gravity of samples of ocean-water ... 
by J. Y. Buchanan, M.A., F.R.S.E. 

Report on the deep-sea temperature observations of ocean- 
water : taken hy the officers of the expedition ... 


Vol. 1. General introduction to the zoological series of reports : by 

Sir C. Wyville Thomson, F.R.S. 
Report on the brachiopoda ... by Thomas Davidson, F.R.S. 
Report on the pennatulida ... by Prof. Albert v. Kiilliker, 


Report on the ostracoda ... bv G. Stewanlson Brady, M.D., 

Report on tlie bones of cetacoa ... by William Turner. M.B. 
Report on the ileveloiiment of tlie green turtle (chrloiie 

riiidi.i. Schneider) ... by William Kitchen Parker, F.R..'<. 
Report oji the shore fishes ... by Albert (iiintlier. M.A.. M.D. 
2. Report on certain livdroid, alcyonarinn, and madreporariau 

corals ... by H. N. 'Moseley, M.A., F.R.S. 
Report on the binls collected ... bv Philip Lutley Sdnter, 

M.A., Pli.D. 

M 2 


CnXLLE^lGEU— continued. 

3. lieiiort on tlic pcli.iiioiilea ... by Alexaiiiler Agassiz. 
Keport on tlje pycnogoiiida ... by Dr. P. P. C. Hoek. 

4. Reiiort on tlie anatomy of tlie petrels : by W. A. Forbes, 

B.A.. F.L.S. 

Report on the Jeep-sea medusae: by Prof. Ernst Haeckel, 

ir.D.. Pli.U- • 
Reixnt onUlie liolotliurioidea : by Hjalmar Tliecl. 
8. Report on tbe. oi)liiuroiilea: by Tlieoilore Lyman. 

Soiue point,-; in tlie anatomy of the thylacine, cuscus, anil 

I)liascosjale ; with an account of the comimrative anatomy 

of the intrinsic muscles ami nerves of the mammalian 

pes : liy Dr. Prof. D. J. Cnnuingham. 
C. Report cm the actiniaria : by Prof. Richard Hertwig. 

Reimrt on the tvuiicata- ascidiie simpliccs : by Prof. 

William A. Henlman, D.Sc, F.L.S. 

7. Rei)ort on the anatomy of the s))heniscld.-E : by Prof. 

Morrison AVatson, M.D. 
Report on the pelaaic hemiptera : by F. Buchanan White, 
M.D., F.L.S. 

Re])ort on tlie hvdroida. 1st pt.— iilumularida? : by G. J. 

AUiuan. LL.D. " 
Report on the specimens of the genus orbitolites : by W. B. 

Carpenter, C.B., M.D. 

8. Report on the copepoila : bv George Stewardson Brady, 

M.D., F.R.S. 
Report on the calcarea : by N. Polejaeff, M.A. 
Report on the cirripedia : by Dr. P. P. C. Hoek. 

9. Report on the fovaniinifera ... by Hemy B. Brady, F.R.S., 

F.L.S. [With a bibliogr.ijihy of the foraminifera.] 2 vol. 
(te.xt and plates.) 

10. Report on the nudibranehiata ... by Dr. Rudolph Bergh. 
Rejiort nil the niyzostomida ... by Dr. L. von Graff. 
Report on the cirripeilia- anatomical part : bv Dr. P. P. C. 


Report on the human skeletons — the crania : by Vv'illiam 

Turner, M.B., LL.D. 
Report on the polvzoa — the cheilostomata : h\ George Busk, 

F.R.S., V.P.L.S.' 

11. Report on the keratosa ... by N. Polejaeff, M.A. 

Report on the crinoidea— the stalked crinoids : by P. 

Herbert Carpenter, D.Sc. 
Report on the isojioda— the genus serolis : by Frank Evers 

Beddard, M.A., F.R.S.E. 

12. Report of the annelida polychieta ... by Prof. William C. 

M'Intosh, M.D., LL.D. 

13. Report on the lamellibrauchiata ... by Edgar A. Smith, F.Z.S. 
Report on the gepliyrea ... by Dr. Prof. Emil Sclenka. 
Report on the schizopoda ... by I'rof. G. 0. Sars. 

CHALLENOR, Richard. 
Mr. Challenor his confession and speech made upon 
the ladder before his execution, the 5th of July, 'in 
Corne-hill. just against the Royall Exchange. 

4"- London, 1(543. 

CHALLLS (Rev. James), M.A., F.R.S., F.R.A.S. 

An essay on the mathematical principles of physics, 
with reference to the study of physical science by 
candidates for mathematical honours in the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge. [S.M.] 8"- CambndfjP, l>^Tii. 

CHALLIS (Thomas M.). 
Free trade in food : a letter to Lord John Russell, M.P., 
on the proposed removal of Smithfield market. 

H"- London, 1851. 
Government majorities : a letter to Lord John Rus- 
sell, on the new ministerial device for the subversion 
of local self-government. H"- London, lHi>l. 

Smithfield and Newgate markets, as they should and 
might be : an answer to the Hon. Frederick Byng. 

K"- London, 185 1. 

CHALMERS (Alexandku), F.S.A. 
A history of the colleges, halls, and public buildings 
attachei} to the University of Oxford ; inchiding tlie 
lives of the founders. 8"- Oxford, IH lit. 

The general biographical dictionary ; containing an 
historical and critical account of the lives and 
writings of eminent persons in every nation ... New 
edit, :52 vol. 8"- Loinlon, IH\2-17. 

Biographical - memoir of Richard (iough, F.S.A. 
[Catalogue of the l)ooks relating to ]{ritish topo- 
grai)liy bequeathed by (Jougli to the Hodleiaii riibi ary, 
17',ll).] 4"- Oxford, ISl'l. 

,sVr CRUDEN (Alexandkh). 

CHALMERS (George), F.R.S., F.S.A. 

The beauties of Fox, North, and Burke, selected from 
their speeches, from the passing of the Quebec Act, 
1774, down to the present time ... [Anon.l 2nd 
edit. 8«- London, 1784. 

The deformities of Fox and Burke, faithfully selected 
from their speeches ... [Anon.] 8"- London, 1784. 

Life of Thomas Ruddiman, A.M., keeper for almost 
fifty years of the library belonging to the Faculty 
of Advocates at Edinburgh : to which are subjoined, 
new anecdotes of Buchanan. 8°- I^ondon, 1794. 

Caledonia : or, an account, historical and topographic, 
of North Britain, from the most ancient to the 
present times ... 3 vol. 4°- London, 1807-24. 

The life of Mary, Queen of Scots, drawn from the 
State papers ; with subsidiary memoirs. 2nd edit. 
3 vol. 80- London, 1822. 

. Src CHURCHYAKD (Thomas). DE FOE (Daniel). 

CHALMERS (James) and GILL ([Rev.] 
W[illiam] Wy.vtt), B.A. 
Work and adventure in New Guinea, 1877-85. 

8°- London, 1885. 

Local government. [English Citizen Series.] 

8"- London, 1883. 

[CHALMERS (Patrick).] 
The ancient sculptured monuments of the county of 
Angus ; including those at Meigle in Perthshire, and 
one at Fordouu in the Mearns. [Bannatjaie Club.] 
imp. fo. Edinburgh, 1848. 

CHALMERS (Patrick), F.R.Hist.Soc. 
The adhesive stamp : a fresh chapter in the history of 
Post Office reform. 8"- London, 1881. 

The penny postage scheme of 1837 : was it an in- 
vention, or a copy? 8"- L^ondon, 1881. 
Opinions of the press upon " The penny postage scheme 
of 1837 : was it an invention, or a copy ? " ... 

8"- Winddedon, 1882. 
The position of Sir Rowland Hill made plain. 

8°- London, 1882. 
A shoi-t review of the adhesive stamp ... with resolution 
of the Dundee town council. 8°- Ijondon, 1883. 
Opinions from the press (fresh series) upon the letter 
and parcels post, and the adhesive stamp. 

8«- Wimbledon, 1883. 
James Chalmers the inventor of the "adhesive stamp," 
not Sir Rowland Hill ... 8°' London, 1884. 

Who invented uniform penny postage ? Change of 
inscription ujion the City statue of Sir Rowland Hill... 

4"- sh. London, 1884. 

CHALMERS (Rev. Petf.k), A.M. 
Historical and statistical account of Dunfermline. 

8"' Edinburgh, 1844. 

CHALMERS (Rev. Prof. Thomas), D.D., LL.D. 
On the power, wisdom, and goodness of God as mani- 
fested in the adaptation of external nature to the 
moral and intellectual constitution of man. [Bridge- 
water, 1.] 2 vol. 8"- London, 
Lectures on the establishment and extension of national 
churches, delivered in London, April 25 to May 12. 

8'^- (ildst/oir, 1838. 

Srr ERASER ([Rev.] Donald). 

CHALONER, Thomas, M.P. 
Tjcx talionis : or, a declamation against Mr. Cliallener, 
the crimes of the times, and the manners of you 
know whom. 4"- [Lo7idon,] 1047. 

CHALONER (Thomas). .sVy' GLOVER (Robert). 




A new and compleat history and survey of the cities of 
London and Westminster, the borough of Southwai-k, 
and parts adjacent. 2 vol. fo. London, 171)9. 

Letters written during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. 
Edited from the originals by Sarah Williams. 
[Camden Society, 71*.] -i"- [London,'] \m\. 

CHAMBERLAIN (R*- Hon. Jo.^ki'ii), M.P. 

Licensing reform and local option : a speech delivered 
to the committee of the six hundred of the Birming- 
ham Liberal Association, Nov. 15. 

8"- Bhiiihifjhdm. [187G.] 

Six years of educational work in Birmingham : an 
address delivered to the Birmingham School Board, 
Nov. 2. Birinlnrjham. [187(5.] 

Public-house reform : a speech in reply to an article, in 
the " Fortnightly Review," by the R*- Hon. Robert 
Lowe, M.P. 8"- London. [1877.] 

The French treaty and reciprocity : a speech delivered 
in the house of Commons, Aug. 12th. [Cobden 
Club.] 8"- London, 1881. 

Our sailors : a speech delivered in the house of 
Commons, May I'J ... on moving the second reading 
of a bill to provide for the greater security of life 
and property at sea. 8°- London, 1884. 

CHAMBERLAYNE (Eiw.^iii)), LL.D. 
The present warre parallel'd : or, a brief relation of 
the five yeares civil warres of Henry III, King of 
England ... [Anon.] 4°- London, 1047. 

AngliiE notitia : or, the present state of England ; to- 
gether with divers reflections upon the antient state 
thereof. 1(369-1707. [1(;(;<), 2nd edit.; KwO, 4th 
edit.; 1671, 5th edit.; 1672, 6th edit.; 1674, 8th 
edit.; 1676, 9th edit.; 1677, lOth edit.; 1679, 12th 
edit.; 1(582, 14th edit.; 1(584, 15th edit.; 1687, Kith 
edit.; 1(592, 17th edit.; 1(594, 18th edit.; 1700, 19th 
edit.; 1702, 20th edit.; 1704, 21st edit.; 1707,22nd 
edit.] 17 vol. 12"- and 8"- London, IGGO-llOT. 
The above set is wanting in the first edit, pub- 
lished either in 1667 or 16(58, the .3rd reprinted 
from the 2nd in 1(569, and the 7th for 1(57:5. 
No 11th and 13th edit, are known, and the omis- 
sion is probably due to a printer's error in the 
title-pages of the volumes for 1679 and 1(5X2, 
which should be described as the 11th a7id 12th 
edit, respectively. The 21st and 22nd edit, were 
compiled by the author's son John Chamber- 
layne ; the -former has an elegant binding, and 
bears the monogram A.R. (Anna Regina) sur- 
mounted by the royal crown. 

Maguae Britannise notitia : or, the present state of 
Great Britain ; with divers remarks upon the antient 
state thereof. The 22nd [-.^Xth] edit, of the south 
part call'd England, and 1st [-17th] of the north part 
call'd Scotland. In 2 pt. 1708-55. [1708, 22nd 
edit.; 1710, 23rd edit.; 1716, 24th edit.; 1718, 2.')th 
edit.; 1723, 26th edit.; 1 726, 27th edit. ; 1727, 28th 
edit.; 1728, 29th edit.; 1729, 29th edit.; 1735, 31st 
edit.; 1736, .32nd edit.; 1737, .3.3rd edit.; 1741, 34th 
edit.; 1743, 35th edit.; 1745, 36th edit.; 1748, 37th 
edit.; 1755, .38th edit.] 17 vol. 

8''' London, 1708-55. 
The first volume (for 1708) is called by a printer's 
error the 22nd instead of the 23rd edit.; a similar 
mistake occurs in the issue of 172!) which is 
called the 29th instead of the 30th, but the 
mistake is corrected in the following volume 
which is described as the 3 1st edit. 

CHAMBERLEN (Dr. Hu(ni). 

Papers relating to a bank of credit upon land security, 
proposed to the parliament of Scotland in 1693. 
Also a MS. letter of Hugh Chamberlen. 

fo. sh"- [London,] 1693. 

A reply to a pamphlet, called,' Observations on the 
Bank of England. By H. C. 4"' London, ICm. 

A bank dialogue between Dr. H. C. and a country 
gentleman. fo. sh''- [London, 1(596.] 

An answer to a libel, entituled, A dialogue between Dr. 
H. C. and a country-gentleman. 4"- London, 1(596. 

Petition and proposals for a land-bank to increase 
trade ... fo. .sh. [London,] n.d. 

A short abstract of Dr. Hugh Chamberlen's proposal 
and of Mr. Briscoe's present printed proposal, com- 
pared together, fo. sh. [Lo/idon,] n.d. 

An answer to a late pamphlet, intituled, A short abstract 
of Dr. Chamberlen's proposal. 4"- [f^nndon,] n.d. 

A new fund raised on the foundation of Dr. Cham- 
berlen's Bank. fo. sh'^- [fAnidtni,] n.d. 

An humble proposal to the house of Commons [for 
raising a tax to discharge the arrears of the navy and 
army]. fo. sh. 7i.d. 

Petition to the house of Commons, touching a pro- 
posal to supply the government with money without 
interest. 4"- sh. n.d. 

CHAMBERS (Ei-iihaim), F.R.S. 
Cyclopedia : or, an universal dictionary of arts and 
sciences ... 5th edit., with supplement. 4 vol. 

fo. London, 1741-53.. 

CHAMBERS (Geoikik F.), F.R.A.S. 
Descriptive astronomy. [S.M.] 8"- Oxford, 1867. 
A digest of the law relating to public libraries and 

museums, and literary and scientific institutions ... 

2nd edit. 8"^- London, 1879. 

CHAMBERS (Joiix). 

A general history of Malvern, sm. 8°- Worcrster, XAll . 

A general history of Worcester. 8"- Worcester, 

Biographical illustrations of Worcestershire ; including 
lives of persons, natives or residents ... to which ia 
added, a list of living authors of the county. 

8"- Worcpdo; 1820. 

A general history of the county of Norfolk, intended 
to convey all the information of a Norfolk tour ; 
with... antiquarian, statistical, pictorial, architectural, 
and miscellaneous information, including biographical 
notices. [Anon. Vol. 1 contains a table of the 
indications of spring in Norfolk for a period of 50 
years.] 2 vol. sm. 8"- Norwich, 1829. 

CHAMBERS (Rev. J[oiin] C[iiAiii.Ks]), M.A. 

The witness of St. Gregory the Great against the 

claims of the Roman papacy. 8°- London, 1864. 
Sec SHIPLEY (Oeby). 

CHAjVIBERS (John- David), M.A. 

Sti'ictures, legal and historical, on the judgment of the 
Consistory Court of London, in Dec, 1855, in 
the case of