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J/r.y..r,/3ruvh. .^_ L^^ \ 



Harlem Library. 




Only fifty copies of this edition printed. 

/O ; -A 

! 10 


This catalogue in its present form owes its origin to the example of the Chicago Public 
Library, which solved a serious problem for Library associations by showing them how 'not' to 
pay for their catalogues. To the advertisers who have so laudably assisted us in this enterprise, 
we return nur thanks, with the hope that they may reap from this close connection with our 
readers all the advantages which they have a right to anticipate./ 

The system of classification and arrangement adopted, is mainly the one used by Mr. 
Schwartz in Part I. of the Apprentices' Library Catalogue, with such modifications as the com- 
parative differences between the two libraries in size and circulation seemed to justify. These 
modifications are, briefly: a fuller author entry, the addition of the imprint, and the omission and 
separation of many of the classes and sub-classes not represented on our shelves. 

The system of numbering, which accounts for our omission of the size in the description of 
a book, calls for a brief explanation. 

Each general class is designated by one of the letters of the alphabet, the sub-classes by 
one of the Arabic numerals, and the alphabetical key-words by a series of 999 numbers applied 
to the names of the authors under each class and corresponding to the four sizes on the 
shelves, as follows: Books measuring 8 inches and less to the page (13°, 16°, 18°, etc.) are 
numbered from 1 to 500 ; 8-10 inches (8°), 500-800 ; 10-14 inches (4°), 800-900 ; 14 inches 
and upward, (f) 900-999, according to the place of each author in the alphabetical combination; 
for example ; H. 3158 is the class letter and number of Froude's History of England, in 
which the letter H shows that it is found in the general class History, the numeral 3, that it 
belongs to the sub-class Histories of England and the additional number 158, that it is in the first 
column of sizes, viz. : with those measuring 8 in' hes and less to the page. 

Part I. contains an arrangement of all the books in the library excepting those in Class F, 
the individual works comprised under each class being arranged in alphabetical order under the 
author's name when known, or under the first prominent word in the title when the book is 
anonymous. An exception to this rule, however, must be noted in Class B., individual biogra- 
phies being arranged under the subject or person whose life is narrated. 

Assumed or pseudonymous names are entered both with the real name in italics and also 
alphabetically with a cross reference to the real name. 

Those books which have a dagger (f) attached to their class numbers are mostly works of 
reference, afterwards incorporated into Class V. They do not circulate, but may be consulted in 

the Library. 

Part II. contains Class F, comprising Prose Fiction and .luvenile Literature. In Prose Fic- 
tion the class number is omitted, and there is both an author and a title entry in the same alpha- 
bet. The anonymous books in this class are entered under the first word in the title not an article, 
instead of the first prominent word, as in Part I. A selection of books suitable to our young 
readers, in the departments of history, biography, science and miscellaneous literature has been 
made to serve as an introduction to the more advanced works on the same subject in Part I. 

Finally, a list of the abbreviations used throughout the catalogue is prefixed to this part, to 
which the reader is referred for further particulars. 

J/i eu^ouejL €:.cJl^^^ QcJe^-J aJ^>^ ^xrrO^^/^^^ -^^^ 

iybXAMlJt^ fir /'Xiyyt^'K/^LA.^ 



AUTICLE IV.— LIBRARY AND READING ROOM. J Sec. 5. All books may be retained two weeks and re- 

I newed at the end of that time, excepting 

Section 1. The Library shall be open "every day new publications, which may be retained 

excepting Sundays and legal holidays, from I one week and shall not be renewed until 

9 A. M. until 9 P. M. they have been two months in the Library. 

Sec. 2. Any person may be admitted to the priv- 
ileges of the Library and Reading Room on 
the payment of three dollars per annum, 
two dollars for six mouths, or one dollar for 
three mouths. 

Sec. 3. Resident clergymen shall be entitled to the 
privileges of the Library without charge. 

Sbc. 4. Only one book may be taken at a time on 
the regular ticket, but the payment of ten 
cents entitles a member to an additional ex- 
tra book. 

Sec. 6. Any person who shall detain a book longer 
than the time specified in Section 5, shall for- 
feit and pay to the Librarian two cents per 
day for each book so detained. 

Sec. 7. Any person who shall lose or mutilate or 
deface by writing or marking, or otherwise 
injure any book, shall make the same good 
to the Librarian ; and if the book so lost or 
injured be one of a set, shall pay to the Li- 
brarian the full value of said set, and wiU 
thereupon be entitled to the remaining vol- 


Wm. H. Colwell, President. 
Henry Patterson, V.-Prest. 
Wm. G. Wood. M. D., Treas. 
Geo. L. Ingrahame, Sec'y. 
John S. Kenyon, 
D. P. Ketchum, 
Charles Randall. 

Charles H. Botsford, Librarian. 


Class A. — Fine Arts, Useful Arts 
AND Amusements. 

A. Fine Arts — General Works. 

A. 1. Architecture. 

A. 2. Engraving, Printing, Telegraphy and 

A. 3. Painting, Sculpture, &c. 
A. 4. Music. 
A. .5. Amusements. 
A. 6. Useful Arts — General Works. 
A. 7. Agriculture and Gardening. 
A. 8. Meclianical Arts. 

A. 9. Household Arts. 

Class B. BlOrtR.VIMIY. 

B. Collective Biography. 
B. 1. Individual Biography. 

Class D. — Poetry .vnd Drama. 
D. General Works. 
D. 1. Poetry. 
D. 3. Drama. 
D. 8. La' in and Greek Poetry. 

Class E. — Education. 

Class F. — Prose, Fiction and Juven- 
ile Literature. 

F. Prose Fiction, including Translations. 
Juvenile Literature— Fiction. 


History, Travel and Adventure. 


Poetical and Prose Miscellanies. 

iVote.— See Part U. of this Catalogue. 

Class <w. — German Literature. 

Class H. — History. 

H. Lniversal History and Mythology. 

H. 1. Ancient History and Antiijuities. 

H. 3. Ancient Greece and Home. 

H. 3. England, ScotUind and Ireland. 

H. 4. France. 

H .I. Europe. • 

H. 6. Asia and Africa. 

H. 7. North America, including the I'nited 

Class K. — Language, Rhetoric and 

Class L. — Literature. 

L. General Works— Literary Collections, 

L. 1. Literary History. 
L. 2. Essays and Literary 'Miscellanies. 
L. 3. Orations and Addresses. 
L. 4. Humorous Works. 
L. a. CJuotations, Anecdotes, E.xtracts, &c. 
L. 6. Bibliographj' — Lil)rary Catalogues, Re- 
ports, etc. 

Class in. — Medical Science. 
M. General Works. 
M. 1. Anatomj- and Physiology. 
M. 3. Hygiene. 
M. 3. Patholog}' — General and Special. 

Class W. — -Natural History. 

N. General Works. 
N. 1. Botany. 
N. 8. Zoology. 
N. 3. Ethnology. 

Class O. — French Language and Lit- 

Class P. — Philosophy. 
P. General Works. 
P. 1. Mental Pliilosophj-. 
P. 2. Moral Philosoph}'. 
P. 3. Mystical Philosophy, 
Witchcraft, tfcc. 



R. 1 

R. 2 
R. 3 

R. — Theology. 


Exegetical Works. 

Ecctesiastical History. 

Honiiletical and Doctrinal Theology. 
R. 4. Apologetical and Polemical Theology. 
R. 5. Devotional and Practical Theology. 
R. 6. Religious Miscellany. 

Class S. — Natural Science, Physics 
and Mathematics. 

General Works. 

Physics and Mathematics. 



Physical Geography and Meteorology. 

Geology and Mineralogy. 

X. — Travel, Geography, Voy- 
age and Adventure. 

General Works— Geography and Uni- 
versal Travel. 

Europe, including the British Isles. 

Asia and Africa. 

North and South America. 

U. — Political, Social and Le- 
gal Science. 

Political Science — General Works. 

Trade and Finance. 

Social Science — General Works. 

Political Economy and the Labor 


Legal Science. 

Le'gislative Annals — Reports and Pub- 
lic Documents. • 

Class V, — Encyclopedias and Works 
OF Reference. 

Class W, — Periodical Literature. 



T. 1. 
T. 2. 
T. 3. 



U. 1 






Addresses 36 

jEroiiautics 56 

Africa 28, 62 

Agriculture 5 

Amusements 4 

Anatomy 42 

Ancient Greece and Rome 24 

Ancient history 22 

Anecdotes 40 

Antiquities 22 

Apologetical theology 50 

Architecture 1 

Arts 1 

Asia 28, 62 

Astronomy 56 

Ballooning 56 

Bible 48 

Bibliography 41 

Biography, collective 6 

" individual 9 

Botany 44 

Chemistry 56 

Church history 50 

Collected works 30 

Cookery 6 

Criticism 33 

Devotional theology 54 

Dictionaries 72 

Doctrinal theology 50 

Domestic economy 6 

Drama 19 

Ecclesiastical history 50 

Education 20 

Elocution ■ 30 

Encyclopedias 71 

Engiueermg 2 

England 24, 60 

Engraving 4 

Essays 33 

Ethnology 45 

Europe 2<), 60 

Exegetical theology 48 

Extracts 40 

Fiction, see Part II 

Finance 67 | 

Fine arts 1 

■ Fishing 4 ! 

France 26, 60 | 

French language and literature 46 [ 

Gardening 5 

Geography 58 

Geology 57 

German literature 21 

Government and politics 67 

Greece iM, 60 

Heraldry 47 

History 21 

Homiletieal theology 50 

Household arts 6 

Humorous works 38 

Hygiene 42 

Inquisition 50 

Ireland 24, 60 

Juvenile literature, see Part II 



Latin and Greek poetry . 


Legal science 




Legislative annals .70 

Library catalogues 41 

Literal-)- history 33 

, Literary collections 30 

! Literature 30 

, Logic 47 

■ Magazines 73 

' Manufactures 5 

Mathematics 56 

Merbanical arts .- 5 

Medical science 42 

Mental philosophy 47 

Metaphysics 47 

Meteorology 57 

Microscopy 44 

' Middle ages .21 

Militarj' tactics \_\\ 5 

! Mineralogy 57 

Mora! philosophy 47 

Music 4 

Mystical philosophy 47 

Mythology ' '2I 

Natural historj- 44 

Natural science 55 

North America 28, 64 

Orations 36 

Ornithology 45 

Painting 4 

Pathology ^ .'43 

Periodical literature 72 

PhUosojihy 46 

Phrenology [47 

Physics . . ' 56 

Ph} sical geography 57 

Physiology 42 

Poetrj- 15 

Polemical theology 52 

Political economy 68 

Political science 6 

Printing 47 

Public documents 70 

Quotations 40 

Reference books 50 

Reformation Ji 

Reports 70 

Religious miscellany 54 

Rhetoric 30 

Rome 24/ 60 

Scotland 24, 60 

Sculpture •. 31 

Serials , 73 

Sermons 50 

Social science 67 

South America 28 64 

Spiritualism '.47 

Sports 4 

Telegraphy 4 

Theology [48 

Trade 67 

Travel !....!! !58 

United States, histoi-y of ! . .' .28 

" " travels in 64 

Universal histoi-y 21 

Useful arts 5 

Voyages M 

Women 68 

Works of reference 71 

Writing 5 

Zoology 44 


Class A.— Fine Arts, Useful Ai:*ts and Amusements. 


A.— General Works. 

ART Journal, av. N. Y., 187G-77...-A. 804 

BELL, Sir C. Anatomy and philoso- 
phy of the expression as connected 
■with the fine arts. Lonfl., 1872 A. 521 

BOHN, H. G. Guide to the knowledge 
of pottery, porcelain, &c. Lond. , 
1857.--- A. 48 

BURCKHARDT, Bi: J. Cicerone, orart 
guide to painting in Italy. Lond., 
1873 A. 63 

CHURCH decoration. N. Y., 1876.-..A'. 89 

DWIGHT, M. A. Introduction to the 

studvofart. N. Y., 18G8 A. 130 

EASTLAKE. C. L. Hints oh household 

tavte. Host., 187G. A. 9759 

EGGLESTON, E. Christ in art. N.Y., 

1875 -- - R. 1827 

ELMES. J. Arts and artists. 3v. Lond., 

1825 A. 135 

General and bibliographical diction- 
ary of the line arts, wiih lii.storical 
sketches of tlie different schools. 
Lond., 1826 A. 581 

FAIRHOLT. F. W. , edr. Dictionary of 

terms in art. Lond. , n. d A. 142 

GARRETT, Rhoda nml Agnes. House 

decoration. Phil. 1877 .A. 91C2 

HALL, Major H. B. Bric-a-lirac hunter. 

Phil. 1875... A. 183 

HAMERTON. P. G. Painter's camp. 

Bost., 1867... T. 184 

Thoughts about art. Bost., 1874. A. 184 

JAMESON," Mrs. Art, literature and 

character., 1865 A. 227 

Sacred and legendary art. 2v. 

Bost., 1865 --"-. A. 227 

JARVES. J. J. Art idea. N.Y., 1870-A. 228 
KNIGHT, C, puM. Pictorial gallery 

of arts, useful arts. Lond., n. rf.A. 850t 
LESSING, G. E. Laocoon— essay upon 

the limits of i)ainling and poetry, 

tratLS. by Ellen Frothingham. 

Bost., 1874 A. 265 

LOFTIE, W. J. Plea for art in the 

house. Phil. 1877 A. 9272 

MOLLER, C. O. Ancient art and its re- 
mains. Lond., 1852 A. 093 

REYNOLDS, Sir J. Literary works, 

with memoir bv H. W. Beechj' 2v. 

Lond., 1835--." A. 370 

ROOT, M. H. Camera and the pencil. 

Phil.. 1864 A. 377 

SAMPSON, G. W. Elements of art 

criticism. Phil, 1867 A. 731 

SMITH, W. Art education. Bost.. 

1872.-- A. 747 

STILLMAN, W. J., «<?/■. Poetic localities 
of Cambridge, [with heliotype 

illus.l Bost.', 1876 D. 1753 

TAINE, H. A. Art in Greece. N. Y., 

1873 A. 432 

■ — — Art in Italy. N. Y. , 1875. A. 432 

Art in the Netherlands, N. Y., 

1872.. --A. 432 

Ideal in art. N. Y. , 1872 A. 432 

Philosophy of art. N. Y., 1873..A. 433 

TYTLER, Sarah. Old masters and their 

pictures. Bost., 1874 . ...A. 3451 

Modern painters and their paint- 
ings. Bost.. 1874 -A. 3451 

VIARDOT, L. Wonders of European 

art. N. Y., 1871 A. 460 

Wonders of Italian art. N. Y., 


WALPOLE, H., Earl of Oxford. Anec- 
dotes of painting in England. 

Lond., 1871 --A. 464 

Note— S«f also : Kiography, CoUcctivf.. 
CROWEST, F. Great tone poets. B. 107, CUN- 
NINGII.\M, A. Lives of eminent painters, sculp- 
tors and arcliitects. B. 107. HOBBES, J. R. 
Dictionary of musiiians. B. 324. DICTIONARY 
of painters. B. 6a.i. SHEDD, Julia A. Fa- 
mous painteri! and paintings. B. 743. SPOONER, 
S. Biographical historv of the line arts. B. 752. 
TYTLER, Sarall. Musical composers and their 
works. B. 45.3. URBINO, Mrs. S. R. Princes of 
art. B.4!it. and ttnihr : Biography. Indivi- 
dual. Lives of diflerent artists. 

A. 1.— Architecture. 

! EXAMPLES, of modern architecture, ec- 
! clesiastical iind domestic. Bost. 

I 1873 _ A.1828t 

j FIELDS, W. Stones of the temples, or, 
lessons from the fabric and furni- 
ture of the church. N. Y., 1S73-A. 1149 
I FREEMAN, E, A. Historical and archi- 
i tcctural sketches. Lond., 1876. .-A. 1157 

GARDNER, E. C. Homes, and how to 

make them. 1875 A. 1162 

GWILT, J. Rudimentary architecture. 
' [with a translation of the] ten books 

j ofVitruvius. Lond., 1874 A. 1180 

[HORTON, Caroline W. Architecture 
for general students. N. Y., 

1874 --A. 1213 

LUGAR, R. Architectural sketches for 
cottages, rural dwellings, etc. 

Lond., 1805 A. 855 

LEFEBRE, M. Wonders of architec- 
ture. N. Y., 1873..-. A. 1264 

€las8 A.-FINE ARTS, ETC. 


MELIZIA, F. Lives of celebrated arch- 
itects. - - B. 678 

PLAW, J. Sketches for country houses, 

etc. Lfind., 1803 ..A. 1871 

ROSENGARTEN, A. Haudbook of 

architectural styles. N. Y., 1876. A. 1737 

RUSKIN, J. Lectures on architecture 

and painting. N. ^.,1872 A. 1381 

Seven lamps of architecture. N. Y. 

1873.--. -... A. 1381 

Stones of Venice. 3v. N. Y., 1873. A. 1381 

SCOTT, F. R. Art of beautifying su- 
burban home grounds. N. Y'., 
1873 A. 7738 

VAUX, C. Villas and cottages. K. Y., 

1872 A. 1738 

VIOLLE T-le-duc, Eugene. Annals of a 

fortress. Bost., 1876-.. ..-A. 1776 

Discour.scs on architecture. Bost., 

1875 A. 1776 

Habitations of man in all ages. 

Bost., 1876 

-Story of a house. Bost., 1874----A. 1776 

VITRUVIUS, [Architecture] ten books 
of, see GwiLT, J A. 


A. 2. 

-EneraTlng, Printing, Telegrapliy and 

BAKER, W. S. American engravers 

and their works, Phil., 187.5 A. 2023 

Origin and utilitv of engraving. 

Bost, 1875 - A. 2514 

BERJEAU, J. Early Dutch, German 
and English printers' marks. Lond., 
1866 A. 2523 

DUPLESSIS, G. Wonders of engraving. 

N. Y"., 1876 A. 2129 

JACKSON, J. Treatise on wood engrav- 
ing, with a chapter on the artists of 
the present day by U. G. Bohn. 
Lond., 1866. ...A. 2636 

LUMLEY, E., edr. Art of judging cTiar- 
acter b}' handwriting. Lond., 
1875 A. 2274 

PREECE, W. H. and Sivewright, J. 

Telegraphy. N. Y., 1876. .A. 2357 

SAVAGE, "W. Dictionary of the art of 

printing. Lond.. 1841 A.2732t 

WESTLAKE, -J. W. How to write let- 
ters. Phil., 1876 ---A. 2476 

A. 3.— Painting, Sculpture, Etc. 

BLACKBURlSi. H. Academy notes. 

Lond. , 1876 A. 3044 

GREATOREX, Eliza. Summer etchings 

in Colorado. N. Y. [cop. 1873J...T. 3605 
LEITCH, R. P. Water color painting. 

Lond., re. d A. 3264 

MERRU-'IELD, Mr.i. Original treatises 

on the art of painting in oil, mosaic 

and on glass, etc. 2v. Lond., 1849. A. 3680 
PELLEGRIN. V. Theory and practice 

of linear perspective for the use of 

artists, etc. N. Y., 1873.. A. 3346 

PENLEY', A. Sketching from nature, 

in water colors. Lond., n. d A. 3870 

TYRWHITT, Rev. R. St. John. Our 

f-ketching club. Bost., 187.5 A. 3771 

TYTLER, Sarah. Modern painters and 

their paintings. Bost., 1874 B. 4451 

Old masters and their pictures. 

Bost , 1874.. A. 34.51 

VIARDOT, L. Wonders of sculpture. 

N. Y"., 1S73 A. 8460 

WALPOLE. IL, Earl of Oxford. Anec- 
dotes of painting in England A. 464 . 

A. 4.— FInsIc. 

BUSBY*, T. Music and musicians. 3v. 

Lond.. 1836 A. 4068 

CHOMET, Dr. H. Influence of music 

on health and life. N. Y'.. 1875.. A. 4087 
CHORLEY, A. F. Modern German 

music. 2v. Lond., 1854 A. 4087 

CRAFTS, Ref. W. F. Trophies of song. 

Bost., 1874 A. 4004 

CRAHv, Mrs. D. j\I. Songs of our youth, 

[with music]. N. Y^, 1875 ..A. 4563 

CRANE, W. Baby's opera, [with mu- 
sic]. Lond., 1877, A. 4104 

HAWEIS. Ret. H. R. Music and morals. 

N. Y'., 1876 A. 4190 

KNIGHT, C. & Co., jmbl. Library of . 

music — vocal and instrumental. 

3v. Lond., 1836.. A.4850t 

LY'RIC gems of Scotland, [with music]. 

Glasgow, n. d A. 4275 

MOSCHELES, F. Recent music and 

musicians. N. Y. , 1873 A. 4317 

RICE, I. I. What is music? N. Y., 

1875 -A. 4373 

SCHUMANN, R. Music and musicians, 

trans, and ed. by Fannv R. Ritter. 

N. Y'., 1877...-"- " A. 4395 

TAY'LOR, S. Science of music. N. Y., 

1875 --- ---A. 4434 

WIECK, F. Piano and song. Bost, 

1875 A. 4482 

A. 5.— Aninsenients. 
BAKER, G. M. Rifle and hound in Cey- 

l.-n. Phil., 1869---- T. 2023 

BALDWIN. W. C. African hunting. 

Lond., 1863 T. 2514 

BROWN, J. J. American angler's 

guide. N. Y., 1876 --A. 5537 

DAVY , Sir H. Salmonia, or, days of fly 

fishing. Bost, 1870- A. 5115 

DAWSON, G. Pleasures of angling 

with rod and reel for trout and sal- 
mon. N. Y'., 1876 A. 5115 

DEPPING, G. Wonders of bodily 

strenirth and skill., trans, by C. 

Russell. N. Y., 1872---- --A. 5118 

DRUMMOND, W. H. Large game and 

natural historv of South and South- 
east Africa. Edinb. , 1875 T. 2576 

GIBSON, W. H. Complete American 

trapper. N. Y., 1876 A. 5116 

GILLMORE, P. Prairie and forest N. 

Y.,1874 T. 3167 

GOULD. S. M. How to camp out. N. 

Y., 1877 ---A. 5173 

HALLOCK, C. Fishing tourist. N. Y. , 

1873 A. 5183 

HARDY, C. Forest life in Acadie. Lond., 

1869 - T. 8613 



HERBERT, W.H. "Frank Forrester." 
Sporting scenes and sundry 
ski-tches. 2v. N. Y., 1843 A. 5197 

MEUNIER, V. Adventures in tlie great 
hunting grounds of tlie world. 
N. Y., 1878 A. 5303 

MODERN poclset Hoyle, by "Trumjis." 

N. Y. \cop. 1868] A. 5311 

PRICE, Sir R. L. Tlie two Americas. 

N. Y.,1877 T. 3715 

PRIME, W. C. I go a-fishing. N. Y., 

1813..-- - A. 5715 

REVOIL. B Hunter and trapper in 
North America, trans, by W. H. 
D. Adams. Lend., 1874-, A. 5370 

SPAYTH, H. Game of draughts. N. Y. 

[mp. 18631- A. 5417 

STAUNTON, S. Chess-players hand- 
book. Lond., 1848 A. 5431 

STRUTT, J. Sports and pastimes of the 

people of England. Lond., 1831. A. 5755 

VAN SICKLEN, G. W., edr. Treatise 
of fysshinge with an angle from the 
boke of St. Albans, by Dame .Juli- 
ana Berners. N. Y., 1875 A. 5458 

WALKER. D. Manly exercises, revised 

by '• Craven." Lond., 1871 A. 5464 

WALTON, I. Complete angler. [Fac- 
simile of the Jirst edition of 1653] 
Lond., 1876..- A. 5464 

WARING, G. E., Whip and spur. Best., 

1875..-- - A. 5464 

WONDERFUL escapes and daring ad- 
ventures. N. Y..1873 T. 489 

A. 6.— Useful Arts.— General ITorks. 

APPLETON, D. & CO., publ. Diction- 
ary of machines, mechanics, en- 
gine work and engineering. 2t. I 
N. Y.,1874-- A6508t! 

BECKMAN, J. History of inventions and '• 

discoveries. 4v. Lond., 1814-.. A. 6520 

ELLIOT, G. H. European lighthouse 

systems. N. Y., 1875 A. 6581 

EVERY-day things respectinsthe animal, 
vegetable, and mineral substances 
in common use. Lond., 1861 A, 6140 

KNIGH V, E. H. American mechanical 

dictioiiarv. 3v. N. Y., 187<> A. 6649+ 

LEWIS, K. History of the life-boat and 

its work. Loud.. 1874. _ .-A. 6367 

M'CULLOCH, .T. R. Dictionary of com- 
merce and commercial navigation. 
Loud. ,1871 ; A. 6669 f- 

MOORE, J. H. Practical navigator. i 

Lond., 1784 A. 6689 1 

ROUTLEDGE, R. Discoveries and in- 
ventions of the nineteenth centurj'. 
Lond., 1876. A. 6378 

SEATON, Sir. T. Manual of fret cut- 
ting and wood carving. Lond., 
1^75 - ---- -.--A. 6309 

SIEBE. H. Conquest of the sea ; a book 
about divers and divinir. Lond., 
[prrf. 1873] : A. 6405 

TENNENT, Sir J E. Story of the 

guns. Lond., 1864 ." A. 6436 

URE, A. Dictionary of arts, manufac- 



j tuies, and mines; ed. by R. Hunt, 

3v _ _ _ A 6776+ 

VEGETABLE substances" used "in" the ' 
arts and domestic economv. Lond 

1839 'a 04 

I VEGETABLE substances used for the 

I food of man. Lond., 1832 A. 6459 

j VEGETABLE substances as materials of 

I manufacture. Lond., 1833 A. 6459 

{ ■*• 7.— Agriculture aud Gardenlne. 

; ALLEN. L. F. American cattle, historv, 
breeding and management. N. Y. , 
1871 A. 7008 

DOWNING, A. J, Fruit, and fruit trees 

of America. N. Y.. 1870 A 7575 

GREELEY, H. What I know about 

farming. N. Y., 1871 A 7175 

HALE. neu. S. R. Six of spades ; a book 
about the garden and the gardener. 
Edin., 1873..- A. 7183 

HASSARD, Annie. Floral decorations 
for the dwelling house. Lond 
1876 A. 7189 

HEWITT, R. Coffee ; its history, culti- 
vation and US1.S. N. Y., 1873. . A. 7621 

MITCHELL. D. G. My farm at Edg- 

wood. N. Y., 1872 A. 7.310 

Rural studies, with hints for coun 

^r^^T.*'"-'*' P'"^'"-'- N. Y. , 1867 A. 7310 

NORRIS, E. Farming for boys. Bost 

1872 A. 7317 

•Ten acres enough. N. Y., 1864- -A. 7317 

OLMSTEAD, F. R. American farmer in 

England. Columbus, 1859.. T 1337 

RAND, E. S. Flowers for the parlor 

and garden. Bost. , 1876 A. 7363 

Orchid culture. Bost., 1874 N. 1363 

Window gardener. Bost., 1873 

SCOTT, F. R. Art of beautifying su- 
burban home grounds. N.Y., 1873 A. 7738 

STRONG, W. E. Culture of the grape. 

Bost. , 1867 A. 7425 

THATCHER, J. American orchardist. 

Bost. , 1823- A. 7762 

TODD, S. E. Young farmers' manual. 

N. Y., 1870-.- A. 7443 

VARLO, C. New system of husbandrv. 

2v.Phil., 1785 :.A. 7458 

WARING, G. E. Handybook of hus- 

bandry a. 7789 

WARNER, C. D. My summer in a gar- 
den. Bost., 1877 A. 7465 

WATSON, A. American home garden. 

N. Y., 1870-- A. 7469 

WATSON, F. Flowers and gardens. 

Lond., 1873 A. 7469 

A, 8.— inecliaiiical Arts. 


AMONGST machines, A book for bovs 

„, N. Y., 1876 .'-.A. 8009 

BARR i , .J. W. Railway appliances, 
with details of railway construc- 
tion. N. Y., 1876 A. 8028 

BENJAMIN, P., edr. Wrinkles and re- 
ceipts. N. Y. [cop. 187.5.] A. 8556 



BURN, R. S. Building construction ; 
showing the employment of brick- 
■work and masonry. 2v. tej't and 
plates. N. Y. , [;»r/. 1873J A. 8066 

Same, showing the employment of 

timber, lead and iron work. 2v. 

N. r..n. d. A. 8066 

DAVIDSON. E. E. Linear drawing; 
showing the application of geome- 
try to" trade and manufactures. 
Lond., [18i;9] A. 8115 

EVERS, A. Steam and the steam en- 
gine. N. Y., [pref. 1872] A. 8140 

Theory and practice of navigation. 

N. Y.. n. rf. A. 8140 

GILLESPIE, W. SI JIanu.l of road 
making, including railroads. N.Y., 
1874 A. 8167 

JONES, W. Treasures of the earth, or, 
mines, minerals and metals. Lond. , 
n. d A. 8234 

LATHE, the. and its uses. Lond, 18()9.A. 8G.'57 

LAUDXER, D., edr. Cabinet cyclopasdia: 
useful arts. 

Treatise on the progressive im- 
provement and present state of the 
mauuiactures in metal. 3v. Lond., 
1831-34-. A. 8261 

Manufacture of porcelain and glass. 

Lond. , 1832 A. 8361 

Silk manufacture. Lond., 1831.. .A. 8261 

ROPER, S. Handbook of modern steam 

hre engines. Phil., 1876 A. 8377 

ROSSITER, W. Handbook of applied 

mechanics. N. Y, 1873 A 8378 

SAUZAY, A. Wonders of glass mak- 
ing. N. Y., 1870 A. 8387 

TOJIPKINS, E. Slachine cons'ruction 

and drawing. N. Y., 1873 A. 8444 

UPTEN, Miijor-fieii. E. Artillery tactics 
of the United States army. N. Y., 
1874 A. 8455 

-Cavalry tactics. N. Y. , 1874 A. 8455 

Infantry tactics. N. Y., 1874 A. 8455 

WING ATE, 'Col. G. W. Manual of rifle 

practice. N. Y.,1873 A. 8485 

YOUNG mechanic, the. N. Y., 1873... A. 8498 

A. 9 —Household Arts. 


BEECHER, Catherine E. and Stowe, 
Harriet B American woman's 
home. N. Y., 1870 A. 9934 

CAPZADELL, I^. Woman's secrets. 

N. Y,, 1876 A. 9074 


CAZANAVE, Dr. A. and Freydead, E. 
Female beauty and the art of pleas- 
ing. N. Y., 1874 ...A. 

COOK'S oracle, the. N. Y., 1825 A. 

EASTLAKE. Hints on household taste. 

Bi )st. , 1876 . - A. 

EVERY-day facts, for every day. N. Y. 

1875 A. 

GALE, Ethel C. Hints on dress. N. Y., 

1872 ...A.. 

GARRETT, Rhoda and Agnes. House 

decoration. Phil., 1877 A. 

HARLAND, Marian, pseud., see Ter- 
UUNE. Mrs. 

IN the kitchen. Bost.. 1875 A. 

JONES, Mrs. C. S. and Willi.\ms. H. T. 

Honseliold elegancies. N.Y., 1875.A. 

KIRWAN, A. y. Host and guest; a 
book about dinners, wines and des- 
.serts. Lond., 1864 A. 

LADY'S every day book of elegant arts 

and domestic economy. 7>. t. p A. 

LARDNER. D., edr. Domestic econ- 
omy. 2v. Lond., 1830 A. 

LOFTIE, W. J. A plea for art in the 
house. Phil., 1877 ....A. 

MURRAY, R. Modern household. Lend., 

[pref. 1872.] A. 

PARKES, Mrs. W. Domestic duties. N. 

Y.,1829. ...A. 

PHELPS, Elizal)eth S. What to wear. 

Bost., 1873 A. 

PUTSIAN'S, Mrs. Receipt book. N.Y. 

[cop. 1867. ] A . 

ROUND the table. Notes on cookery 
with bills of fare for every month, 
Phil., 1876 A, 

SOZINSKEY, T. S. Personal appear- 
ance and the culture of beauty. 
Phil., 1877 !.A, 

STOCKTON, F. R., and Marian. The 
home, where it should be, and what 
to put in it. N. Y., 1873 A, 

STOWE, Harriet B. House and home 
papers. Bost., 1872 ..A 

TERHL'NE, Mrs.. •■ Marian Harland." 
Breakfast, luncheim and tea. N. 
Y.,187o.... A 

Common sense in the household. 

N. Y. [cop. 1876].. .A 

TIMES (N. Y.), receipts. N. Y.,1877.A, 

UGLY-girl paper.«. by P. S. D. N. Y., 
1875.... A 

WILTON, Countess of. Art of needle- 
work from the earliest times. 
Lond. . 1844 A 








. 9378 






Class B.— Biographiy. 

B.— Biography, Collective. 

ABBOTT, J. S. C. American pioneers 
and patriots. 

See viider: Class. If. 1, Boone, D.; Carson, 
C; Columbus, C; Crockett, D. ; Franklin, B.: 
Jones, P.; L.i Salle. Chevalier de; Soto, K. de: 
Standiab, M.: Stuj-v-esant, P.. 


AGNUS, D. C. H. French Protestant 

exiles. Lond., 1871 B. ,503 


ALLIBONE. A. Dictionary of authors. 

3v. Phil., 1872 B. 504t 

AUMALE, M. le dnc d'. History of the 

princes of Conde. Lond., 1872... B. 512 
BAILEY, I. American naval biography. 

Providence, 1815. .B. 23 

BARNES, W. H. History of the fortieth 

consress nf the United States. 2v. 

N. Y., 1871 B. 517 



BOURNE, R. H. F. English merclianls. 

2v. Lond., 1866 B. 54 

Enslish seimen under the Tudors. 

Loiid , 1868 B. 54 

BOYHOOD of trreat men. N. Y , 18r2-B. 55 
BREWSTER, Sir D. Martyrs of science. 

[Lives of] Galileo, Tycho Brahe 

tinri Kepler. Lond. , 1870 B. 57 

BRICABRAC series. See Stoddard, 

R. H 

BRITISH physicians. Lives of. Lond., 

18^0 B, 58 

BROUGHAM, H., Lord. Works. V. 1-.5. 

Edinb., 1872 B 60 

Contents : V. 1. Lives of Philosophers 
of the time of Geo. III.; V. 2.— Men of 
letters, V. 3.— Sketches of Bntish states- 
men, 1st series; V. 4.— Same, 2d series; 
V. 3. — Foreiffu statesmen. 3d series. 

BULWER, H. Lytton. Historical char- 
acters: Talleyrand, Mackintosh, 
Cobbett, Canning. Lond., 1808. --B. 538 

CAMPBELL, .1, Dml Chief justices of 

England. 4v. Bost., 1873 B. 544 

Lord eh incellors of England. lOv. 

Bust., 1874 B. 544 

Lives of Lord Lvndhurst and 

Brougham. Lond., "1869 B. 544 

CARLYLE. T. Early kings of Norway. 

N. Y.,1875..." ...B. 76 

CHESNEY, C. C. Essays on military 

biography. N. Y., 1874. B. 85 

COLE, J. W. Peninsular generals. 2v. 

Lond., 1856 B. 97 

COMENIN, Viscount de. •' Timon." Emi- 
nent orators of France. Phil., 
1876 B. 101 

CROWEST, F. Great tone Poets. 

Lond., 1874 B. 105 

Contents ; Bach, Handel, Gluch, Haydn; 
Mozart, Beethoven, Spohr, Weber, Rossini, 
Schubert, Mendlessohn, Scliumann. 

CUNNINGHAM, A.; edr. British 

painters, sculptors and architects. 

Uv. Lond., 1831 B. 107 

DAVENPORT, R. edr., Lives of self- 
made men. Load., 1841 B. 115 

DE QUINCEY, T. Biographical essays 

and essays on the poets. 

See Class Ii. 

De Qulncey T. , works L. 118 

DISTINGUISHED men of modern times. 

Dante to Wilberforce. 4v. Lond., 

1838 B. 123 

DORAN, Dr. Monarchs retired from 

business. N. Y., 18o7_. B. 125 

DRAKE. F. M. Dictionary of American 

biography. Bost., 1874 B. 576+ 

DUFFEY, J. B." Live.s and portraits of 

the presidents of the United States. 

Phil., 1876 -. B. 128 

EARLE. J. C. English premiers, from 

Walpole to Peel. 2v. Loud., 

1871 ._ _ B. 131 

EDGAR, .1. G. Boyhood of great men. 

N. Y.,1874 _...B. 134 

EMERSON, R. W. Representative men. 

See Class Ii. 

EuKusoN, Ii. W., works. V. 2_..L. 136 

class no. 

' FENELON, F. de S. de la Mothe. Lives 
of ancient philosophers. N. Y., 

1841.. ..B. 146 

GODWIN, P. Cyclopaedia of biography. 

N. Y., 1872 B. 171t 

GREENE, G. W. German element in 

the American war. N. Y., 1877..B. 175 
Contents : Steuben, Kali, German mer- 

I canaries. 

I GRISWOLD. R. W. Prose writers of 

I America. Phil. [w;). 1870.] L.1606t 

' HALE, Mrs. S. J. Woman's record. 

N. Y, 1872 B. 610 

HALL, Mrs. M. Lives of the queens of 
England before the Norman Con- 
quest. Bost., 1859 B. 610 

I HARSHA, D. A. Orators and states- 
men. Phil. [(»;). 1854.] B. 612 

iHEADLEY, J. T. Farragut and our 

naval commanders. N. Y., 1867 . .B. 615 

' Napoleon and his marshals. N. Y., 

1846 B. 1326 

1 Winfield Scott and Andrew Jack- 
son. N. Y.. 1852 B. 192 

; HEROIC Life. Phil., 1876 B. 197 

I HIGGINSON, T. W. Bri^if biographies. 
' V. 1. English statesmen. N. Y., 

1875 B. 202 

HINTON, R. T. English radical leaders. 
V. 2 of HiGGixsoN. T. W. edr. Brief 
biographies. N. Y., 1875 ..B. 204 

HOBBES, .1. R. Dictionary of painters. 

2v. Lond.. 1849 B. 625+ 

I HOLLAND, II. R., tord. Lives and 
writings of Lope de Vega Carpio, 
and G. de Castro. 2 v. Lond., 
1817 ..B. 

HO WELLS, W. D., edr. Clwice autobiog- 
raphies B. 

V. 1. Life of Alfieri. Bost., 1877.. B. 2U 

V. 2. Lord Herbert of Cherbury, 

and T. Ellwood. Bost., 1877 B. 214 

V. 3. Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina, 

Margravine of Bayreuth. 2v. Bost., 

1877 .B. 214 

V. 4. jMemoirs of Carlo Goldoni. 

Bost. 1877 B. 214 

HOWITT, W. Homes and haunts of the 
most eminent British poets. 2v. 
N. Y., 1856 B. 214 

JAMES. G. P. R. Lives of the Cardinal 
de Hetz, J. Baptiste Colbert, J. de 
Wilt, and the jljirquis de Louvois. 
2v. Phila., 1837 B. 227 

JOHNSON, R. , edr. Little classics, v. 14. 
Authors. N. Y., 1876 B. 

JOHNSON, S. Lives of the English 

Poets. 3v. Phil., 1819 B. 

Same. 2v. Phil., 1870 B. 

JOHNSON. S. Livesof eminent persons. 

See Class Ii. 

JouKsoN. S., works, v. 12 L. 

JONES, Major. E. R. Lincoln, Stanley, 

and Grant. Lond., n.d L. 

KING, E. French political leaders, v. 3 

of HiGGLNSON, T. AY. , edr. Brief 

biograph'es. N. Y. , 1876 L. 

KLACZKO, J. Two Chancellor.s— Gort- 

chakoff and Bismarck. N. Y. 1876 









LAMARTINE, A. de. Memoirs of cele 
lirated European characters. 3v. 

Lond., 1854-50 ,; -,:^- 

Contents; V. 1.— Heloiso; Columbus; Paliss-y, 
the potter; Roostam, Cicero; V. 2.-Socrate8; 
Jacuuard; Joan of Arc; Cromwell; Homer; 
Guttenberg; V. 3— Tell; Madame deSevigne: 
Autar; Bossutt. 

LANMAN, C. Dictionary of the United 
States congress and the general 
government. Hartf.. 18(59. B. 656t 

LARDNER, D., edi: Cabinet cyclopae- 
dia. Biography. 21 v. Lond., 

1830-40 w\;--., 

British Admirals, by R. Bell and 

R. Sonthey. 5v. - -B. 

British lawyers, by II. Roscoe.-B. 

British military commanders, by 

Rev. G. R. Gleig. 3v B. 

British statesmen, by J. Foster 


-Foreign statesmen, byT. P. Court- 
G P. R. James and E. E. 
Gv. - B. 

.B. 261 


I PUBLIC characters. 1798-1810. lOv. 

Lond., 1709-1810 B. 

655 i RAE W. F. Wilkes, Sheridan and Fox. 

1 N. Y., 1874 B. 

RANKE, L. History of the popes. 3v. 
Lond.. 1871 B. 

READ, F. B. Men of mark. Cincin., 
1873 B. 

REVOLUTIONARY Plutarch. [Distin- 
guished cliiiracters in the annals of 
the French republic] 3v. Lond., 
1805 B. 

ROWELL, G. P. & CO., puU. Men who 
advertise. N. Y., 1870 B. 

SAINTE BEUVE. C. A. English por- 
traits. N. Y., 1875 B. 

Portraits of celebrated persons. 

N. Y., 1875 B. 

SABINE. L. Loyali.sts of the American 
revolution." Bost., 1874 B. 



Cn>we. - 

Literary and scientific men of Great 

Britain and Ireland, by R. Bell 



-Of Italv, Spain, and Portugal 3v. _B. 

LECKY \V."E. II. Leaders of public 
opinion in Ireland— Swift, Flood, 
Grattan, O'Connell. N. Y., 1870. -B. 

LEWES, G II. Biographical history of 
philosophy. N. Y., 1873 ' 

LODGE, E. Portraits of illustrious per- 
sonages of Great Britain. Lond., 
1850 ;-V--V^- 

LOSSING, B. J. Biographical sketches 
of the signers of the declaration of 
independence. N. Y. [myj. 1848.].B 

MAUCALL, W. Foreign biographies. 
Lond., 1873 




B. 660 


B. 666 

McCarthy, J. Modem leaders. N. Y., 
1872 ---, ^ 

MACEUEN, M. Celebrities of the past 
and present. Phil., 1874. -B 

MACFARLANE, C. Lives and exploits 
of banditti and robbers. Lond 



B. 279 

1837 -.-,--V"a 

MAGOON, E. L. Dislinguished Amer- 

ican orators. N. Y. , 1873 B. 284 

Orators of the American revolu- 
tion. N. Y.,1873 B. 284 

M \RTINEAU, H. Biographical sketches. 
N. Y., 1809 v-^,-^ 

MAYOR, W.. edr. Select lives of Plu- 
tarch. Phil., 1810 -B. 

MELIZIA, F. Lives of ceblirated arch- 
itects. 2v. Lond., 1820 --B. 

MUSICIANS, dictionary of with a bis 

tory of music. 3v. Lond. , 1837 .B. OOOf 

NEIL S. Epoch men. N. Y. [wp._ 
1809.] , 

PAGE H. A. Noble workers. Lond., 
1875 .- -B- 

PARTON, J. Famous Americans of 
recent times. Bost. , 1867 - - .B. 

PLUTARCH'S lives, trans., with Me, 
by J. aiuirW. Langhorne. 4v. N.l., 
1873 -■ 



.B. 328 


.B. 354 

SAN Souoi series, see Stoddard, R. H. 

SARGENT, E. M. Public men and 
events. 1817-1853. 2v. Phil., 
1875 B. 

SCOTT, Ar W Lives of the novelists. 
Phila., 1825 B. 

SENIOti, N. W. Biographical sketches. 
Lond. , 1803 B. 

SHEDD, J. Famous painters and paint- 
ings. Bost., 1870 B. 

SKEAT, Rev. W. W. Shakespeare's 
Plutarch. Lond., 1875 ..B. 

SMILES, S. Lives of the engineers. 5v. 
Lond., 1874 B. 

SMITH. G. Thiee English statesmen— 

[ Pym, Cromwell and Pitt. N. Y , 

1807 ----B. 

SMITH, G. B. Poets and novelists L. 

j SPARKS, J. edr. Library of American bi- 
ograpliy. 1st series. lOv. N.Y., 
1844-48 B. 

I Contents; V. 1. Everett, 'E. Life of John 

Starlc ; Prescolt. W. H. Life of C. B. 

' Brown; Arfiu'lronri, J. Life of R. Mont- 

eomery; .sV;n?*«. .1". Life of Ethan Allen. 
V. 2. Pnilmiiy. W. B. O. Life of Alex. 

I Wilson; mUiara. G. S. Life of Captain 

i John Smith. V. 3. Sparks, J. Life of 

Benedict ,\rnold. V. 4. Armstrnng J. 

I Life of Anthony Wayne; Uphmn, C. W. 

I Life of Sir Henry Vane. V. 5. Francw, C. 

I Life of John Eliot. V. 6. Wheatmi, H. 

I Life of Win. Pinkney; Chamdiiri, E. T. 

Life of Wm. Ell.Tv; Peabody, W. B. O. 
Life of Cotton Mather. V. 7. Soweii; F. 
Life of Wni. Phips ; Ptalimli/. \V. B. O. 
Life of Israel Putnam; Seil^ntii/.-. .Vrf. C. 
M. Memoir of Lucretia M. David-^on ; 
Penu'ick. J. Life of David Kittenhouse. 
V. 8. Miller. S. Life of Jonathan Ed- 
wards; Pealxiaij, W. B. O. Life of David 
Brainerd. \.\). Buwai,Y. LieofBjron 
Steuben; Ifayward, C Life of Sebastian 
Calmt; Fellon.C.C. Life of Wm. Eaton. 
V. 10. Rmwick, J. Lite of Rob. Fulton; 
Ererrll. A. H. Life of Joseph Warren ; 
Clteelaiid. II. R. Life of Henry Hudson; 
Sjiiirkt,; J. Life of Father Marquette. 
— Sttine. 2d series, lov. Bost., 

1844-46 B. 

Contents: V. 1. Life of Robert de La Salle; 
Everett, A. H. Lite of Patrick Henry. 
V. 2. Bmren, F. Life of James Otis; 
Peabody, W. B. O. Life of James Ogle- 
thorpe. V. 3. Pidlindij, W. B. O. Life of 
John Sullivan; Iloffwan, C. F. Adminis- 









tration of Jacob Leisler ; Wai-e, W. Me- 
moir of Nathan Bacon: Mi/h^G.'E. Life 
of John Mason. V. 4. Garnmell, W . Life 
of Roger Williams; 'Spragt/e, W. B. Life 
• of Timothy Dwisht ; Sparks, J. Life of 
Count Pulaski. V. 5. Renwiik, J. Life 
of Count Rnmford; Whitimr, H. Life of 
Z. M. Pike; Mackle, 3. M. Life of Sam. 
Gorton. V. 6. Kingdey, J. L. Life of 
Ezra Stiles; Whittkseij. C. Life of John 
Fitch; Jillig.G. K. Life of Annie Hutch- 
inson . V. 7. Sparks, J. Life of John Ri- 
bank; Frands. C. Life of Seb. Rale; Pal- 
frey. J. Q. Life of W. Palfrey. V. 8. 
Sparks, J. Life of Clias. Lee ; Reed, H. 
Life of Jos. Reed. V. 9. Burnap, G. W. 
Life of Leon Calvert; GammeU, W. Life 
of Sam. Ward; Hali, J. Memoir of Thos. 
Posey. V. 10. Cfreene, G. W. Life of 
Nathaniel Greene. V. 11. Mackenzie, A. S. 
Life of Stephen Decatur. V. 12. Sabine, L. 
Life of Edw. Preble; Ellis, G. E. Life of 
Wra. Penn. V. 13. Pick, J. M. Life of 
Dan. Boone ; Bntcen, F. Life of Benj. 
Lincoln. V. 14. Sparks, J. Life of John 
Ledyard. V. 15. Hubbard, F. M. Life of 
W. K, Davis; Lothrop, S. Life of Sam. 

SPOONEK. S. Biographical history of 

th« line arts. 2v. Phil. 1873 B. 751t 

STEPHENS, J. Ess.ys in eccle.'siasical 

bio!j;r.iphy. 2v. Lont)., 1875 B. 421 

STODDARD, It. H., edr. Biic a-bra • 

series. lOv, N. Y., 1874 B. 423 

V. 1. Personal reminiscences bvChorley 
Plauce. and Young. V. 2. Anecdote biog- 
raphy of Tliackeray and Dickens. V. 3. 
Prosp' r ."Mi-rimee's letters to an incognita, 
with recollections by Lamartine and Geo, 
Sand. V. 4. Personal reminiscences by 
Barhain, Harness, and Hodder. V. 5. Per- 
sonal reminiscences by Moore and Jerdan. 
V. 7. Personal reminiscences by Cornelia 
Knight and Thomas Raikes. V. 8. Personal 
reminiscences by Ke.ley, O'Keefe. aid Tay- 
lor. V. 9. Personal recollections of Lamb, 
Hazlitt, and others. V. 10. Personal remi- 
niscences by Constable and Gillies. 
San siiuci series. 3v. N. Y., 1876-7B. 423 

V. 1. Men and manners in America one 
hundred years ago. V. 2. Life opinions 
and table talk of B. R. Haydon. V. 3. 
Anecdote biography of Shelley. 

STOUGHTON, J Heroes of Puritan 

spirit. N. Y., 1871 B. 424 

STRAUSS, G. L. M. Men who have made 
the new German empire. 2v. Lond., 
187.J B. 755 

STRICKLAND, Agnes. Ciueen of Eng- 
land, from the Norman conquest. 
8v. Lond., 1873.. _ B. 435 

Same. 6v. Phil., 1841 B. 755 

— Queens of Scotland. 8v. N. Y., 

1873.... B. 435 

TAYLOR, W. C. Modern British Plu- 
tarch. Lond.. 1840 B. 434 

edr. Romantic biography of the 

age of Elizabeth. Phil. , 1842 B. 434 

THATCHER, B. B. Indian biography. 

N. Y., 1833 B. 437 

THOMAS, J. Universal pronouncing 
dictionary of biography and myth- 
ology. Phil., 1877 "...B. 763t 

TULLOCII, .1. Leaders of the reforma- 
tion — Luther, Calvin, Laliraer, 
Knox. Bost., 18(iO ..B. 448 

TY'TLER, P. F. Lives of Scottish wor- 
thies. 3v. Lend., 1831 .B. 449 

TYTLER, Sarah, and Watson, J. L. 
Songstresses of Scotland. Lond., 
1871 B. 453 

Musical composers and their works. 

Bost, 1875 _ B. 453 

UNDERWOOD, Sarah A. Heroines of 

free thought. N. Y'., 1876 B. 454 

URBINO, S. R. Princes of art, painters, 
sculptors and engravers. Bost., 
1870 _B. 456 

WALTON, I. Lives of J. Donne, A. 
Walton, R. Hooker, G. Herbert 
audYi. Sanderson. Lond., n. d. ..B. 464 

WHARTON, Grace and Philip. Queens 

of society. N. Y'., 1861 B. 478 

WHEELER, W. A. Dictionary of the 
noted names of fiction. Bost., 
1873 B. 479 

WIGHT, O. W. Lives and letters of 

Abelard and Hcloise. N. Y'., 1861--B. 482 

WILSON, J. G. Sketches of illustrious 

soldiers. N. Y"., 1874 B. 484 

WILSON, G. H. Wonderful characters. 

Lond. , 1842 B. 484 

Same. N. Y'. 1834 B, 790 

WILSON, T. American military and 

naval heroes. 2v. N. Y'., 1817..B. 484 

WISTER, Mrs. O., and Irwin, iTz&i Ag- 
nes, edrs. Worthy women of our 
first century. Phila., 1877 B. 791 

WRIGHT, T. Biographica Bri annica 

literaria. 2v. Lond., 1846 B. 796 

Y'ONGE, Charlotte M. Book of worthies. 

Lond., 1869 B. 498 

B. 1.— Biography, Individual. 

ADAMS, .lohn Quincy. Memoirs, 1795- 
1848, ed., by C. F. Adams. 12v. 
Phil., 1874-77.. B. 1503 

ADAMS, .John. Life of, by J. and C. 

F. Atlams, 3v. Phil., 1871 B. 1004 

ADAMS, .lohn. Letters of, addressed 
to his wife, ed., by C. F. Adams. 
3v. Bost., 1841 B. 1004 

ADAMS, Mrs. John. Letters of, ed. 

by C. F. Adams. 2v. Bost., 1840. B. 1004 

ADA.MS, John and Abigail. Letters 
during the revolution, ed. by C. 
j F. Adam.s. N. Y'., 1876 B. 1004 

ALBERT, prince consi/rt of queen Vic- 
toria. Earlv years of, by C. Grey. 
N. y., 1875 B. 1007 

Life of, by T. Martin. 3t. N.Y., 

1877 B. 1007 

i ALEXANDER, J. A. Life of, by H. C. 

Alexander. 2v. N. Y'., 1870 B. 1007 

I ALEXANDER the great. Life of. ed. by 

t /?<•!!. J. Williams. Lond., 1829 .. .B. 1007 

ALFORD H., dean of Canterhiiry. Life 

of, ed. by his widow. Lond., 1874. B. 1007 

ALFRED the great. Life and times of, 

by J. A. Giles. Lond., 1848 B. 1.504 

by T. Hughes. Bost., 1871 B. 1007 

ALI PASHA. Life of, by R. A. Daven- 
port. Lond., 1837 B. 1007 

ANDERSON, H. C. Story of my life. 

N. Y., 1872 B. 1010 




ANGELO, M. Life of, by II. Grimm. 

2v. Bost., 1873 B. 1010 

ARNOLD, T. Life and < orrespondence 
of, by A. P. Stanley. N. Y.. 
1877 ----B. 1015 

AUDUBON, J. J. Life and journals of, 

by his widow. N. Y,, 1873 B. 1030 

BACON, ioni Francis. Story of his life, 

by W. H. Dixon. Lond., 18G2.-B, 1023 

BARBALILD, Anna L. Memoirs, letters, 
and a selection from the prose 
writings of, by Grace A. Ellis. 
2v. Bost., 1874 B. 1026 

BAKNETTE, F. Memoirs of. Bost., 

1823 ----B. 1028 

BARNEWELD, .John of. Life and death 
of, by J. L. Motley. 3v. N. Y., 
1874 -B. 1877 

BAYARD, G. D. Life of, by S. J. Bay- 
ard. N. Y., 1874 B. 1030 

BAYARD. Chevalier. Life of, by E. 

Walford. N. Y., 1874 B. 1030 

BEAUMARCHAIS and his times, by 

L. de Lomenie. 4v. Lond., 1856.. B. 1033 

BEECHER, L. Auto-biography, ed. by 

C. Beecher. 2v. N? Y., 1871 B. 1034 

BEETHOVEN. Life of, ed. by 1. Mo- 

schelles. Bost., 1873 B. 1034 

by R. Wagner. N.Y. [pref. 1842.1.B. 1034 

BENTHAM, Sir S. Life of, by M. S. 

Bentham. Lond,, 1863 B. 1036 

BERNARD. Life and times of, by J. C. 

Morrison. Lond., 1868 B. 1037 

BICKERSTETH, Rer. E. Memoirs of, 

by T. B. Birks. Lond. ,1852 B. 1039 

BISMARCK, CownC Otto Von. Life of, 

by W. Gorlach. Leipsig, 1875. B. 1043 

by G. Hesekiel. N. Y. [ex>p. , 1877] .B. 1526 

BLAKE, W. Life of, by A. Gilchrist. 

2v. Lond., 1863 B. 1527 

Critical memoir of, by A. Swin- 

bourne. Lond., 1868 ..L. 2758 

BOLEYN, Annie. Life of, by Miss Ben- 

ger. 2v. Lond.. 1831 B. 1049 

BOONE, D. Life of, bv J. S. C. Ab- 
bott. N. Y., 1872.... ..B. 1051 

BRASSEY, T. Life and labors of, by 

Sir X. Helps. Bost.. 1874 B. 1057 

BRECKINRIDGE, Mrn Margaret. Me- 
morials of. Phil., 1839 B. 1057 

BRONTE, Charlotte. Life of, by Mrs. 

Ga-kell. Lond., 1871 B. 1059 

Monograph of, by T. W. Reid. 

N. Y.; 1877 .B. 1059 

BROUGHAM, Henry Lord. Auto-bi- 
ography of. 3v. N. Y., 1871 B. 1060 

BROWNING, Elizabeth B. Life, letters 

and essays of. 2v. N. Y., 1877. .B. 1001 

BRUCE, J. Life of, by F. B. Head. 

Lond., 1830. B. 1063 

BRUNEL, I. Life of, by I. Brunei. 

Lnnd.,1870 B. 1537 

BURKE, E. Life of, by J. Prior. Lond., 

1873.. ...B. 1066 

BURR, E. Life and times of, by J. Par- 
sons. 2v., 1872 B. 1067 

Memoirs of, by M. L. Davis. 2v. 

N. Y., 1837 .B. 1067 

CLA89 HO. 

BURR, E. Private journal of, by M. L. 

Davis. 2v. N. Y., 1838 B. 1067 

BYRON, Lord. Recollections of, by the 
I Countess Guiccioli. N. Y., 1869.. B. 1070 

j Life of [ind other sketches], by 

I E. Castelar. N. Y., 1870. .B. 1070 

Life of, byT. Moore. 3v. Phil. 

I 1869 B. 1542 

CABOT, G. Life and letters of, by H. 
I C.Lodge. Best., 1877.. B. 1543 

CALVIN, J. Life of, by Rev. E. 

Waterman. Hartford, 1813 B. 1548 

CAMOENS, Louis de. Memoirs of, by 
1 .1. Adamson. 2v. Lond., 1820.. -B. 1073 

(CANNING, G. Life of, by R. Bell. 

I Lond., 1846 B. 1074 

i CARDAN, .1. Life of, by H Morley. 

I 2v. Lond., 1854 B. 1075 

I CAREW, B. M. Life, voyages and ad- 
1 ventures of, ed. by T. Price. 
I Lond., n. d B. 1075 

CARSON, C. [called " .fiT*,"] Life of, 
I by J. S. Abbott. N. Y., 1873. ...B. 1077 

GARY, Alice and Phcebe. Memorial of, 

by Mary C. Ames. N. Y., 1874.. B. 1077 

CAVOUR, Count. Discourse on the life 

of, by V. Botta. N. Y., 1862 B. 1548 

I CELLINI, B. Autobiography of. Lond. 

1871 B. 1081 

[CERVANTES, Miguel de. Life and 
writings of, by T. Roscoe. Lond. . 
1839. B. 1081 

CHARLEMAGNE. History of, by G. 
i P. R. .lames. N. Y., 18.33 ..B. 1084 

CHARLES XII. History of, by F. M. 

A. de Voltaire. Edin., 1873 B. 1084 

CHARLES John, King of Sweden. 

Memorials of, bj' W. R. Mere- 
dith. Lond., 1839 B. 5680 

CHARLES the bold, Dake of BuTgundy. 

History of, by .1. F. Kirke. 3v. 

Phil., 1864 B. 1.551 

CHASE, S. P. Life of. by .1. W. Shuck- 

ers. N. Y. , 1874 B. 1551 

CHATTERTON, T. History of the year 

1770, by D. Masson. Lond., 1874. B. 1084 
CHOATE, R. Life of, by S. G. Brown' 

Bost., 1870 ..B. 1087 

CICERO, M. Tullius. Life of, by W. 

Forsyth. N. Y., 1877 B. 1.5.54 

by C. Middleton. 3v. Lond., 1855. B. 1090 

by S. F. Hollings. Lond., 1839. .B. 1090 

CLARIvE, A. Life of. by J. B. B. 

Clarke. N. Y. , 1833. B. 1092 

CLAY. H. Life of. Bost. . 1875 B. 1093 

CLINTON, De Witt. Life of, by J. 

Renwick. N. Y., 1840 .B. 1094 

COLERIDGE, Sara. Life of, by her 

daughter. N. Y., 1874 ! B. 1097 

COLUMBUS. C. Life of, by W. Irving. 

3v. Phil., 1873 B. 1097 

by J. S. C. Abbott. N. Y. [Cop. 

1875.] ....B. 1097 

CONSTABLE, J. Memoirs of, by 0, 

R. Leslie. L'md., 1845 _B. 1.559 

CORNWALL, Barry, p.seud, see Pkoctoii 

B. W. 




CORNNEILLE and his times, by P. M. 

A. de Guizot. N. Y., ]87"l. B 1101 

COWPER, W. Auto biography of. Phil., 

]81fi _ g 1103 

CROCKETT, D. Life and .adventures oK 

by J. S. C. Abbott. N. Y., 1874. 'b 1105 

CROMWELL, O. Life of. by M. Rus- 
sell. 2v. N. Y., 1833 B. 1105 

Memoins of, by M. Noble. 2v. 

Birmiugton, 1784... B. 1563 

Letters and sp eches of, by Car- 

ly le. 2v. N. Y. . 1845 L. 706 

-.^..-^ CLASS NO. 

FRANKLIN, B. Life of, by J. 8 C Ab- 
bott. N.Y. [cop. 1876] B. 1157 

i^ite of. (loung American's Li- 
brary.) Bost., 1875 B 1157 

Young Benjamin Franklin, by H. 

May hew. N.Y.,7i.d B 1157 

FREDERICK the great. Life and times ' 
of, eel. by T. Campbell. 2v. Phil. , 
1842 B 1J57 

DANTE, as philosopher, patriot and 

poet. N. Y., 1867 B 1113 

DE QUINCEY, T., Autobiographical 

sk-tohes. Bost., 1873... L. 118 

Biographical es.says. Bost., 1873 L. 118 

Life of, by H. A. Page. 2v. N. 

Y-. 1877.. B. 1118 

-History of, by T. CarlyYe" " ' iov" 
N. Y., 1873 

L. 76 

FULLER, Margaret. Ae Ossoli, Mar 

garet Fuller, Bost.. 1874 

GALILEO, Tycho Brahe and Kepler. ...B. 57 

Private life of, by Sister Maria 

Celeste. Lond., 1870.. B 1161 

GANNETT, E. S. Memoir of.'by'w^ ' 

C. Gannett. Bost., 1875 B. 1161 

DICKENS, C. Life of! by'j. Forster""' "'" GARRICK, D. Life of, by T. Davies 

3v. Phil., 1874 B. 112r -, 2f^ Lond., 1808 B. 1162 

by P. Hanaford. Augusta, 1871 B 1121 ^^^BON, E. Life and letters of^ [wilh 

DRUMMOND, of Hawtliornden. Life of '"^J history of the crusades, by W. 

by D Masson. Lond., 1873 'b 1127 '^- ^^''y- L""d., «. d B 1166 

DUDEVANT. ^flldamf. - Geo. Siiud.'' ' (GODWIN, W. Life of, etc., bv C K 

Impre.ssions and reminiscences. i Paul. 2v Bost., i876 ' " B 1171 

T,,,„ B<jst 1877.. B. 1128 GOETHE, J. W. von. Autobiography 

DI RER, A. Artist life of, by L. Schef- | of. 2v. Lond., 1872 B 1171 

EDWARDS^T^'-I^^^^of-aScotch-natu:^- ^''' I H^."' ^^TVl"'' ""' ^^ \ ... 

rabst, by S. B. Smiles. N. Y., J C^,;^:ponl:^e ^'^jlth"- V-child.^' '''' 

''''' - B. 1134 Bost., 1868 L 2171 

?Rw^l^R^' f .V^"^ "f- N- Y.,'i869::R: 3580 

EDWARD the black pnm-e. History of 

by G, P, R. .lames. Phil,, 1842 'b 1184 
ELIZABETH de Valois. Life of, by M^ ' 

W. Freer. Loiul., 1.S57 B. 1134 

ELLIOT, Sir G. Life and letters of, by 

the Countess of Minto. 3v. Lond", 

1874 'b US'; 

ELLISTON,R.W. Life of, by G.Ray- ' 

mon.l. Lond., 1857.. B 1135 • . - 

ERASMUS. Life of, by A. R. Penning- ' GREENE, M, Life of, by G. W. Greene 

i.,.w'-.°?^ Lond., 1875 B. 1138 r>nr.Ti^- n' ^'.i '^'''--- B. 1605 

EVELllv, J. Diary, etc., ed. by W i GROTE, G., Personal life of, by Mrs 

Bray. 4v. Lend., 1862 B 1140 Gro'e. Lond., 1873 B 1606 

FERGUSON.. I, Life of. by E. Hender- ' GURNEY, J, J,, Memoirs of bv J B 

Conversations of Goethe with Eck 

ermann and Soret. Lond., 1874 L 2171 

GOLDSMITH, O. Life of, by W Irvino- 

Rliil., 1873 ='b 1171 

GRANT, U. S. Military history of by 

A. Badeau. 2v. N. Y., 1868 ".B. 1604 

GREELEY. H., Auto biogranbv of N 

TV f .--VV. ^- 1605 

'h\V'\- '^y J- Pa'''o° --B. 1175 

son. Edinb., 1870 B 1588 

FITZGERALD, L«;-<i E. Life of, "by T ' 

Moore. N. Y., 1831 ' B 1151 

FLETCHER, Mrs. Autobiography" of" ' 

Bo.'it., 1876 B 115'> 

FONTAINE, ftp. J. Memoirs o'f "a 
Huguenot family, trans, and re- 
vised by Ann Mauiy. N. Y., 1872 B 1155 

FOOTE, A. H. Life of, by J. M. Hop- 
pin. N. Y., 1874 B. 1.593 

FOX, C, J. Life and times of, by Lord 

John Russell, 3v. Lond., 1859 B 1156 

FRANCIS the first. Life and times of, 

by J. Bacon. 2v. Lond., 1830...' B. 1594 

FRANCIS, Sir P. Memoirs of, by T. 
Parkes and H. 31erivale. Lond., 
18li7 B 1594 

FR.\NKLIN, B, Life of, written by 
himself, ed. by J. Bieelow. 3v 
Phil.. 1874 __.. B 

Same. Phil., 1872 __.B. 

f^TTCT^vl-'c'f !.''',■ ,^'- Norwich," 1854.B. 1608 
OrUSlA\ LS Adolphus, Life of by J F 

nT'vnv°"»'!, ^°t'^- '^^'^'^ ------B. 1179 

GLlO^i. Madame. Life of, by T C 

Upham. Lond., 1862.'. ' B 1175 

HALLECK, Fitz Greene. Life ""and 

letters of, by J. G. Wilson. N.Y., 


.B. 1183 

HAMILTON, A. "Life 'of,""by "j'c" 

Hamilton 2v. N. Y., 1840 B. 1610 

by .J. 1. Morse. 2v. Bost., 1876. B. 1184 

HAMPDEN, J. Memorials of By 

WAR/'"'1r''^""'''i'- \?"^- ^^^^ B. 1184 

HAKE. Maria L. Memorials of a 

quiet life, by A. J. C. Hare. 2v 

[with 57 phoiographs.] Lond., 


.B. 1487 

HATTON. Sir C. Life "and"Vii"nes of", 

113' 6(c H. Nicolas. Lond 1847 'r ihiq 

594jHAVELOCK^&VH. BiographrcaIsket,"h ' '"' 

1157 I of, by Ret. W. Brock. N. Y., 1869 B. 1 189 




HAWTHORNE N. A study of, by G. 1 JONES, Paul. Life and adventures of, by 

P Lathiop. Bost. 1876 B. 1190 i J. S. C. Abbott. N. \. [cop. 

HAYES R. B. Life of, by W. D. i 1874.] .. ----- 

Hiwflls NY 1876 B. 1214 JOSEPHINE, £'»ny»-«ss. History of, by 

HEMANS, Mrs. F. Memoirs o f , by I J. S. C. Abljott. N \., 184:^ __ .B. 

H. F. Chorley. Pbil., 1836 B. 1194; Memoirs of. by S. Hemes. N. \.. 

Memoirs of.'byber sister. Phil., kEMBLE, "j." R " Memoirs of," by' jV 

• Boaden. Phil., 1825 ----B 


1839 . 

HENRY, Patrick. Life of, by W. Wirt : gi^GSLEY, C. Letters and memories 

HENRY'lY.'Lit-ofVbyG.RR James.^- "' ^t %}}^'^- ^^- '^^ ^^ -^^ ^'^ 

N. Y.,1808 ..-- .-^--a. ^^''^ PITCHING, Vol. J. A., Memorials of. 

History of the reign of, by Mar- j^ y 1873 B. 

thaW. Freer. 2v. Lond., 1860 . .H. 4157 g^j[jj.jj-,p q Passages from the life of, 
HENRY VIII. Life and times of, by j^ y., 1874- - - -B. 

M. Audin. Lond., 1853 B. 1617 g-^jj^jj^jj (^ q Ljjg ^nd writings of, 

HERSCHEL, Caroline. Memoirs and ; ^^ ^,y j^jg father. 2v, Lond.. 

correspondence of, bj' Mrs. J. < -^g'^g B. 

Herschel, N. Y., 1876 --B. 1198 i ^^ FAYETTE," '"(fen. G. "l.. Life of. 

HILL, Beo. R. Life of, by lieu. E. , (Young American's library.) Bost., 

Sidney. N. Y., 1834..- B. 1203 \g„g ^ •" b. 

HOLLAND, Sir H. Recollections of. , Recollections of, by M. Jules 

N. Y.,1872 .... B. 1210: Cloquet. Lond., 1835.. B. 

HOME, D. D. Incidents in my life. 2d ' LAMB, 0. Life of, by Proctor, B. W. 

series, N. Y.,1872 .... -B. 1211 Bost., 1806 B. 

HOOD, T. Memorials of, by his chil-^ _.,, ! LAMB Oen. J. Life of, by I. L. Leake 

dren. Bost., 1861 B. 1212 

HOWARD, John. Life of, by J. Aiken. 

N, Y,, 1814 B. 1214 

HUET, P. D. Life of. written by him- 
self, ed. by J. Aitkin, 2 v. Lond., 
1810....- B. 1627 

HUGHES. G. Memoirs of a brother, 

by T. Hushes. Bost.. 1873 B. 1215 

HUMBOLDT, A. Von. Life of, ed. by 

K. Bruhns. 2v. Lond., 1873.... B. 1630 

HUNT, Leigh, auto-biography of. Lond., 

1870.-. ----- - -B. 1750 

Correspondence of, ed. by his son. 

2v. Lond.. 1802 --B. 1217 

Albany. 1857... B. 

LANDOR, W. S. Life of, by J. Foster. 

Bost.. 1869 B. 

LA SALLE, C/ittfilier de. Life, etc., of, 

by J. S. C. Abbott. N. Y., [cop. 

1»75] B. 

LEAVITT, J. Memoir of, by a sister. 

New Haven, 1822 B. 

LEE, Gen. R. E. Life of, by I. E. 

Cook. N. Y., 1873 B. 

LEO X. Life and pontificate of, by W. 

Roscoe. 2v. Lond.. 1872 B. 

LINCOLN, A. Life of, by W. Lamon. 

Bost., 1872 .-B. 

Inner life of, by F. B. Carpenter. 

N. Y.. 1872 B. 

IRVING, W. Life and letters, ed. by 

P M Irving. 3v. Phil., 1873... B. 1224 

Same. 4v. N. Y., 1864 B. 1224 [ LIVINGSTON, Dr. D., Life of, by A 

JxlCKSON, A. Life of, by J. Parton. o Adams. N. Y., m. rf... B. 

3v. Bost, . 1870 B. 1226 \ Last journals of. ed. by H. Waller. 

Life of. (Young Americans' li- 1 N. Y.. 1875 B, 

brary.) Bost., 1875 ...B. 1226 i LOCKE, J. Life of, by H. R. F. 

JACKSON, Cen, T. J. Life of, by Sarah | Bourne. 2v. N. Y., 1876 B 

Randolph, Phil., 1876 B. 1326 l LOUISA, Q>iee7i of Prussia. Life of, by 

JEFFERSON. T. Life of, by J. Parton 

Bost. , 1874. B. 

by Sarah U, Randolph. N.Y'., 1871. B. 

by Geo. Tucker. Phil., 1837 B. 1637 

works, v. 1 L. 637 

JERROLD, D. Life of, by B. Jerrold. 

Bost.. 1849 B. 1231 

JOAN OF ARC. [From Michelet's His- 
tory of France.] N. Y.. 1870 B. 1233 

JOHN, l)uke of Maiiborongh. see Marl- 
BOUooGii. Duke of.... 

,TOHN Earl of Rochester. L\fe ol. Phil., 

1815. by G. Burnette B. 1233 

JOHNSON, S. Life of, bv J. Boswell. 

3v. Phil., 1805 B. 1640 

Same. Lond. . n. d B. 1233 

JONES, Sir W. Memoirs of, by Lord 

Teignmouth. Phil., 1805 B. 1640 

Catherine E. Hurst. N. V., [wp. 

1874] - -B. 

LOUIS XIV., and the court of France in 
the 17th century, by Miss Pardoe, 

2v. N. Y., .1874 - B. 

LOUIS, Charles Life and times of, by G. 
P. R. James. 2v. Lond., 1851. .B. 

I Historical memoirs of, by W. 

andA. Memcs. Lond., 1868 B. 

I LOVER, S. Life of. by B. Barnard. 

! N. Y'. 1874 .-B. 

; LOY'OLA, I. Life of, by S. F. Roscoe. 

Lond.. 1871 B. 

MACAULAY, Lord T. B. Life and let- 
ters of, ed. by J. O. Tievelyan. 

3v. N. Y'., 1870 B. 

MACLEOD, N. Life of, by D. Mac 
Leod. 2v. N. Y., 1876... B. 












MACRAEDY, W. C. Diary and remin- 
escences of, ed. by Sir F. Pol- 
lock. N. Y., 18T5 ...B. 1283 

MAHOMET and his successors, by W. 

Irving. 2v. Phila., 18T3 B. 1285 

Life of, byG. Bush. N. Y., 1830.B. 128,5 

Life of, by S. Green. Lond, 1840.B. 1285 

MALAN, Uev. C. Life and labors of, 

ed. by his son. Lond., 18G9 B. 1286 

MALONE, Edmond. Life of, by Sir. J. 

Prior. Lond., 1800 B. 1672 

MARGARET of Aujou. Life and times 

of, by Mary A. Hookham. Lond. 

1S72. 2v._. _. 1673 

MARIE Antoinette. Life of, by C. D. 

Yonge. N. Y., 1877 -B. 1673 

MARION, Uen. Francis. Life of, by P. 

Horry and M. L. Weems. Phila. , 


(Young American Library.) Bost. | 

1875 ...B. 1388 

MARLBOROUGH, .John Duke of . Mili- 
tary life of, Ijy Bucke N. Y., 1868-B. 1288 
Memoirs of, by W. Coxe. 3v. 

Lend., 1819 B. 1673 

MARMONTEL. Memoirs of. by himself. 

2v. Lond. 1826 B. 1288 

MARTINEAU, H. Auto-biography of. 

ed. hy Mrs. Chapman. 2v B. 1288 

MARTYN, Rev. Henry. Memoirs of. By 

L Sargent. Hartford, 1823 B. 1289 

MARY, Queen of Scots. Life of by Ag- 
nes Strickland. 3v. Lond., 1875 --B. 1389 
MAY, S. J. Memoirs of. Bost., 1873_-.B. 1395 
MEDICI, Lorenzo de. Life of, by W. 

Roscoe. Lond., 1865 B. 1678 

MENDELSSOHN, F. Life of, by W. A. 

Lampadius. Bost. [cop. 1860J B. 1399 

Letters of [with a catalogue of his 

musical compositions], compiled by 

Dr. .L Reitz. N. Y., 1868 B. 1296 

MILL, J. Stuarl. Auto-biography of. N. 

Y., 1874 B. 1305 

MILLER, H. Schools and school mas- 
ters ; story of my education. Edin. 

1872 B. 13052 

MITFORD, Mary R. Life of, by A. G. 

L'Estrange. 3v. Lond., 1870 B. 1310 

MIRABE.iU. Recollections of, by E. 

Dumont. Lond., 1833 B. 1685 

MONTAGU, Mary W. Letters of, ed. 

by ^fr.'^. Hale. Bost., 1869 B. 1314 

MONTAGUE, E. W. Autobiography 

of, by R. S. MacKenzie. Phil., 

n. d B. 1314 

MORE, Mrs. Hannah. Memoir of, by 

W. Roberts. 2v. N. Y., 1834_..B. 1316 
MORRIS, Governeur. Life of, by J. 

Sparks. 2v. Bost., 1833 B. 1090 

MOZART, W. A. Letters of, tram. 

from the collection of L. Nobl 

by Lady Wallace. 3v. N, Y., 1866. 1319 
MULLER, W. J. Memoir of [with ori- photographs], by N. N. Solly. 

Lond., 1875 B. 1693 

MURILLO, B. E. Life of, trans, by 

E. Davies. Lond., 1819 B. 1323 


MURRAY, Rev. N. Memoirs of, by 8. 

L Prime. N. Y., 1863 B. 1328 

MURRAY, Lindlev. Memoirs of, by 

Elizabeth Frank. N. Y., 1827.. B. 1619 
MUSSET, A. de. Life of, by Musset, 

tra?u. by Harriet Preston. Bost., 

1877 B. 132 

NAPOLEON I. Bonaparte. Life of, by Sir 

W. Scott. 9v. Paris, 1827 B. 1326 

Same abridged. 3v. Phil., 1827.. ..B. 1696 

History of. 37. Lond., 1835 B. 1326 

t>y W. Hazlitt. 4v. Lond., 1853 .B. 1326 

by P. Lanfrey. 3v. Lond., 1876. B. 1696 

Court and family of, by Duchess 

D'Abrantes. 3v. N. Y., 1857. ..B. 1696 
Life of. (Young American's Libra- 
ry). Bost. , 1875 

and his marshals, by J. T. Head- 
ley. 2v. N. Y., 1846 B. 1326 

NAPOLEON III. Life of, by Blanch- 

ard Jerrold. 4v. Lond., 1874 B. 1696 

Caricature history of, by E. J. 

M. Haswell. Lond.,7i. n! B. 1336 

NELSON, Life of. by R. Southey. N 

Y.,1831 B. 1328 

Same. New ed. Lond., 1873. B. 1328 

NESTERSHAM, Cornelius Aorippa. con. 

Life of, by H. Morley, "3v. Lond. , 

1856 B. 1338 

NETTLETON. Dr. Memoirs of, by B 

Tyler. Edinb., 1860 B. 1328 

NEWTON, Sir Isaac. Life of, by D. 

Brewster. N. Y. , 1831 B. 1.329 

Same. 3v. Edinb., 1855.. 1097 

NOTT, E. Memoirs of. by C. Van 

Standvoord. N. Y. , [cop. 1876] ..B. 1333 
OSSOLl, Margaret Puller. Memoirs of, 

by R. W. Emerson [and others]. 

Bost., 1874 B. 1339 

PARKER, T. Life of, by O. B. 

Frothingham. Bost., 1874 B. 1343 

PASCAL, Blaise. Life and letters of, 

ed. by O. W. Wight. N. Y.. 1873.. B. 1343 
PAULDING, J. K. Life of. ed. by 

W. I. Paulding. N. Y., 1867... B. 1344 
PAYNE, J. H. Life and writings of, by 

G. Harrison. Albany, 1875 ".B. 1706 

PENN, Wm. Life of. (Young America'.s 

Library.) Bost., 1875 B. 1346 

PENN, AV;' Wm. Memorials of. Albany, 

1876 . B. 1708 

PEPY'S, S. Diarj^ and correspondence 

of. 3v. N. Y., 1870 B 1346 

PETER, the Great. Memoir of, by J. 

Barrow. Lond., n. d... B 1348 

PHILIP II, of Spain. Life of, by C. 

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1 875 ■ . - - _ . _B. 1366 

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lite of, by himself. 3v. Lond., 
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Lond., n. d ". B. 1444 




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(Young American'.s library.) 

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2v. N. Y., 1872." B. 1485 

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Class D.— Poetry and Drama. 







D.— Geueral It^orkai. 


ALGER, W. R. Poetry of the orient. 
Bo^t., 1874.... D 

AT Jesus' feet. N. Y. [cop. 1871] D. 

BRACKETT, Anna C. and Eliot, Ida M. 

Poet IV for home and school. N. 

Y.. 1876 D. 

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the entire works of Tennyson. I 

Loud., 1869 D. 535t ! 

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Scandinavian L. 

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the poetical works of Ramsay, Fer- 

gusson, Burns, Hogs, Tennant, 

Scott and Crabbe. with niemoirs 

and a miscellany of Scottish poems. 

Edinb. , 1838-11 D 

CHAMBER of peace and other religious 

poems. N. Y. \cop. 1874] 

CHIMES for children. Bost. \cop. 1868].D 
EXOTIC'S: attempts to domesticate 

them. By J. F. C. and L. C. 

Bost. , 1875 D 

GARLAND of flowers ; trans, from the 

Spanish, Italian, etc. 

2v. N. Y., 

-D. 162 

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ffZ;-. Poems of places. Bost., 1876. D. 273 

England and Wales. 4v. Ireland. Iv. Scot- 
land, Denmark, Iceland. Norway and Swe- 
den. 3v. France and Savoy. 2v. Spain, 
Portugal, Belgium and Holland, 2v. 

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Y., 1864... D. .315 

Personal and political ballad.s. N. 

Y., 1864.... D. 315 

Rebel rhj'mes. N. Y., 1864 D. 315 

Songs of the soldiers. N. Y.,1864.D. 315 

191 : MORLEY H. Cavalier and Puritan song.L. 157 





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V. 37. Cooper, Blackstone. Logan, Roberts, 
Portens (and others). V. 38. Burns. V. 39. 
Bnmsand Macneillt. V. 43. Mitchell. V. 44. 
Mitchell, Colman, Gifford. V. \?>. 46. Gary. 
V. 47. Mickle. V. 50. Potter, Francklin. 

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collection of poems. Best., 1873. -D. 481 

D. 1.— Poetry. 

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other poems. Bost., 1874 D. 1007 

Flower and thorn. Bost, 1876--D. 1007 

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Memoirs and works of B. 1026 

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V. 36. 

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N. Y. \cop. 1864] D. 1062 

— Poems. 3v. N. Y. , 1871 D. 1062 

Tramlator of Homer's Iliad and 

Odyssey. 4v D. 3211 


BULWER, E. LyttoD, .fceLYTTON, E. B., 

BULWER, R. Lytton, see Lttton, R. 

B., Lord 

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other poems. N. Y., 1875 D. 1540 

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e*-. British poets, v. 38, 39 D. 464 

Poem.s. See Chamber's miscellany D. 550 

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n. d D. 1066 

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Works. Lond.,1870.. ..D. 1070 

Works. 4v. N. Y., 1825 D. 1070 

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Young folks' centennial rhymes. 

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N. Y., 1874 D. 1077 

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N. Y.,1874.... D. 1077 

Poetical works., trf., with memoir, 

by Mary C. Ames. N. Y., 1876. .D. 1546 
CARY, Rev. H. F., trandator, see Dante, 

A. D D. 1113 

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by Morris, R. 6v. Lond., n. rf...D. 1084 
i CHURCHILL, C. Poetical works. 3v. 

Bost, 18.54 D. 1089 

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two love stories in metres. Bost, 

1874. D. 1092 

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etical works. 2v. N. Y., 1877.. D 1097 

Christabel, and other poems, ed. 

j by A. C. Swinburne. ..L. 157 

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O. Complete poetical works. N. 

Y., 1871 D. 1097 

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Lond., 1871 --D. 1098 

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n.d D, 1100 

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! COOPER, W., Poetical works, Lond., 

n. d D. 1103 

Same, see Walsh, R. edr. British 

poets, V. 35 D. 464 

CRABBE, G. Lite and poetic d works. 

Lond., 1861.. --.D. 1104 




CRANCH, C. p. Bird and the bell, and 

olherpoems. Bost., 1875.. D. 1104 

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torj' and paradise, trans, by Cary. 

Lend. 1870 D. 1113 

Same; 2v. see Walsh, R. edr. 

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Divine comedy, trans, by Long- 
fellow. 3v. Bost, 1871 D. 1113 

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[with life]. Phil. 1841 D. 1115 

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DAY dreams by a butterfly. Kings- 
ton, 1854 : ----D. 1115 

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Bost. ,n.d ; D. 1124 

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N. Y., 1875... D. 1124 

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1870 D. 1127 

DUNN, C G. Autobiography of a 

cry.stal. Pliil., 1876~ D. 1129 

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EMERSON, R. W. Poems. *Bost. 1874. D. 1135 
FALC0NER,W., Poetical works, Bost., 

1863 ... ..D, 1148 

Shipwreck, N. Y., 1825 D. 1143 

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FINK, W. W., Hades and other poems. 

Phil., 1876 -■ D. 1150 

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poems. N. Y., [rop. 1855].. D. 1156 

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N. Y., 1875 D. 1162 

Stolen waters. N. Y., 1875 D. 1162 

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Mary C'. Iher. Baltimore, 1807. .D. 1165 
New idyls, trans, liv W. Hooper. 

Lond., 1776 " D. 1599 

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L<md.. 1877 D. 1167 

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1876 D. 1167 

GOLDSMITH. O. Poetical Works. See 

Collected works, v4 L. 171 

Poems, see Collins, W., Gray, and 

Goldsmith D. 1097 

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1874 D. 1175 

GRAY, T, Poetical works, see Colliks, 

W., Gray, and Goldsmith D. 1097 

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poems. N. Y., 1839 I .D. 1173 

Poetical writings. N. Y., 1833... D. 1183 

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Bost., 1875 D. 1188 

Poetical works. Bost, 1873 D. 1188 

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HAY, J. Pike County ballads. Bost, 

1873 D. 1191 

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with poems of nature and tradi- 
tion. N. Y., 1875 D. 1191 

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n. (/.. D. 1194 


Records of women, with other 

poems. N. Y., 1828 D. 1194 

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1870 1). 1197 

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1856 D. 1198 

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1873... D. 1210 

Kathrina. N. Y. , 1878. .D. 1210 

Mistress of the manse. N. Y., 

1H74 ....D. 1210 

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Songs of many seasons. Bost., 

1875... D. 1210 

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1872 -D. 1212 

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Bost. 1876 D. 1214 

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HUNT, L. Poems. Lond. 
INGELOW, Jean. Poems. 2v. Bost., 

1,873.. -D. 1233 

Shepherd lady, and other poems. 

Bost, 1876 D. 1034 

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JOYCE, R. D. Deirdre. [No name .se- 
ries]. Bost, 1876 D. 1234 

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and Coleridge. N. Y., 1877 D, 1097 

KEBLE, J. Christian year. Lond., n. d.D. 1238 

LAMB, C. Poems D. 1259 

LAN DO U. W. S. Hellenics; comprising 

heioic idvls, &c. Edinb., 18o9....D. 1656 
LARCOM, Lucy. An idyl of work. 

Bost, 1875 D. 1261 

LETTSi )M. W. M , tramlator. Fall of 

the Nibelungers. Lond., 1874... D. 1266 
LEWES, Mrs. '• Geo. Elicit." Legend of 

Jubal, and other poems. Bost., 

1874 D. 1267 

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Spanish ballads. Bost, 1861 D. 1272 

LONGFELLOW, H, W., translator of 

Dante's Divine comedy D. 1113 

Poems. Bost, 1875... D. 1273 

Poems. 2v. Bost, 1872 D. 1273 

Hanging of the crane. Bost, 1875. D. 1664 

Masque of Pandora and other 

poems. Bost. , 1875 -D. 1273 

LOVEU, S. Poetical work.s. Lond., ra.te.D. 1273 
LOWELL, J. R. Bigelow papers, Bost., 

1871 D. 1273 

Fables for critics. Bost. , 1865. . . .D. 1273 

Poetical works. 2y. Bost, 1871. D. 1273 

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and poems. N. S. 1870 D. 2275- 

Lost tales of Miletus. N. Y., 1872. D. 1275 

LYTTON, Lord, R. Bulwer. " Owen 


Fables in song. Bost., 1874 D. 1275 

Lucille. Bost, 1873 .D. 1275 

Poetical works. Bost, 1875 D. 1275 

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Rome, and other poems. N.Y.,1870 D. 1277 



MACDONALD. G. Within and without. 

N. Y., 1H73 D. 1278 

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MARVIN, F. R. Dream music. N. 

Y.,1870 D. 1289 

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pects of the war. N. Y""., 1866 

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Lord R. B... - 

MILLER, J. Baroness of New Y'ork. 

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Tales and loffcnds of many coun 

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Poems. Bost., 1873 D. 1387 

SCHEFER, L. World priest., tram, by 

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Poems and ballads trans, by Lyt- 

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1872. D.1397 

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bright city. N. Y., 1818 D. 1305 works, n t.p... D. 1805 

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1875] D- 1311 SPENCER, E. Faerie queen [and] Epi- 

MONTGOMERY, J. Poetical works. , thalamion. Lond., n. d D. 1417 

4v. Bost, 1825 D. 1314 , gxEDMAN, E. C. Hawthorne and other 

Same. 5v. Bost, 1860 D. 1314 ; poem-. Bost, 1877 D. 1421 

MOORE, T. Poeiical works. N. Y*., n. d.T). 1315 ! Poetical works. Bost., 1873 D. 1421 

Loves of the angels. Phil., 1823. -D. 1315 i STODDARD, R. H. Book of the East, 

MORRIS, W., translatm- of ^neid of 

Virgil D. 3460 

Defence of Guinevere, and other 

poems. Lond. , 1875 D. 1317 

Earthly raradise. 3v. Bost, 1871. D. 1317 

Life and death of Jason. Bost, 

1871 D. 1317 

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NACK, J. Earl Rujiert and other tales 
and poems. With life, by P. M. 

AVetmorc. N. Y'., 1839 D. 1326 

NEWCASTLE, Duke and Duche.<>s of 
Poems, etc. see Collected works. 

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OSSIAN. Poems; tram, by MacPher- 

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POLLOCK. R. Course of time. N.Y. 

1 828 D. 1 355 

POPE, A. Poetical works, Lond., n. d.T). 1355 

Translator of Homer, Iliad and 

Odyssey D. 3355 

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Y.,1871 ..D. 1376 

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by J. H. Whiffen. N. Y., n. d...T>. 1433 
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Home pastorals, &c. Bost., 1875. D. 1434 

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r/vfj/.s'teto;' of Goethe's Faust. 3v.D. 2171 

TENNYSON, A. Concordance, see 

Collections, Briohtwei.l, D. B.D. 535 

Enoch Arden. Bost., 1864 D. 1436 

Gareth and Lvnnette. Bost.. 1872-D. 1436 

Idvls of the king. Bost, 1875 . . .D. 1436 

La"st tournament Bost, 1873 ...D. 1436 

Poems., 1873 D. 1436 

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Bost , 1873 D. 1437 

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1772 D. 1438 

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TROAVBRIDGE, J. T. Emigrant's story 

and other poems, 1875... D. 1447 
WATSON, J. W. Beautiful snow and 

other poem.s. Phil. [cop. 1871]... D. 1468 




WATTS, .J. Horae lyricae. N. Y., 

1814 D. 1469 

Same ; with life by Soutbey, R. 

Bost , 1864 D. 1469 

WHITE. H. K. Poetical works. Phil., 

1811 - - D. 1481 

WHITEHEAD, W. Plays and poems. 

2v. Lond., 1774.... D. 1481 

WHITE rose and red ; a love story. 

Bost. , 1873 D. 1481 

WHITNEY, ^frs. A. D. T. Pansies. 

Bo.-it.. 1873 D. 1481 

WHITTIER, J. G. Mabel Martin. Host., 

1876 D. 1788 

Poems. Bost., 1873 D. 1481 

Hazel blossoms — with poems by 

Elizabeth H. Whittier. Bost.. 

1875 D. 1481 

WILLIS, N. P. Poems, sacred, passion- 
ate, and humorous. N. Y., 1878. D. 1483 
WORDSWORTH, W. Poetical works. 

Lond., «. rf.. ....D. 1491 

WRKIHT, F.. edi: Vi-ion and creed of 

Pinrs Plousjhman. 2v. Lond., 1856. D. 1493 
WYATT, Sir T." Poetical works. Bost., 

1864 D. 1495 

aiid Surrey, Henry Howard, Eari 

of. 2v. Lond., 181(1 D. 1886 

YOUNG, E. Night thoughts on life, 

death, and immortality. N. Y., 

1819 D. 1498 

Works. 4v. [v2, 3 missing.] Lond., 

1767.. D. 1498 

D, 2.~Drania. 

BAILLIE, .Toanna. Dramatic and mis- 
cellaneous works. Lond., 18.53 ...D. 3514 

BEAUMONT and Fletcher, Works. 2v. 

Lond., 1866 D. 2519 

BRITISH dramatists, see class ». 

General works, Keltie, J.S., edr. ..D. 643 

BULWER, I^rd E. L., see Lyiton, Lord 
E. B 

CHAPMAN, G. Plays, ed. by Shepperd, 

R. H. Lond , 1874.. D. 3083 

COMEDIES and tragedies. By various 

authors. 14v. N. Y., 1834 D. 3098 

CONGREVE, W., see Hunt, L., edr. 

Wycherley, Congreve, &c.. D. 797 

PARQUAR, G., see Hunt, L., edr. 

Wycherley, Congreve. &c . D. 797 

FIELDING, H., see Class I,. Col- 
lected works. Fielding, H. V1-5.L. 589 

FORD, J., and Massinoer, P. Works 

Lond., 1869 .~ D. 1674 

GILBERT, W.S. Originalplays N.Y., 

1876 - D. 2167 

GOETHE. J. W. von. Dramatic works. 

Lond., 1873. D. 3171 

Contents : Faust, Iphi<;jenia in Tauria, 
Torquato Tasso and E^mont. fram. by 
Swanwick. Anna, ami Goetz von Ber- 
lichengen, trans, by Scott, Sir W. 

Faust. 2v. Trans., by Taylor, 

Bavard., 1875.. D. 2171 

GOLDSMITH, O. Poems and dramas. 
see Class I<. Collected works. 
Goldsmith, O. v.4 L. 171 


GREENE, R. and Peele, G. Dramatic 

and poetical works. Lond., 1861.. D. 3605 

HARTE, Bret. Two men of Sandy Bar. 

Bost., 1876... D. 3188 

HOWELLS, W. D. Counterfeit pre- 
sentment; a comedy. Bost., 1877. D. 3314 

Out of the question : a comedy. 

Bost., 1877 D. 2314 

JONSON, B., Works. Lond., 1869. ...D. 2640 

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[in his life.] B. 1252 

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Edwin. Phil. , 1877 D. 2364 

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tragedj'. Lond. .1876 D, 1307 

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poems. N. Y., 1870 D. 3375 

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1870... D. 3673 

MASSINGER. P. and Fo-rd, J., Works. 

Lond., 1869.. D. 2074 

MOLIERE, J. B. P. Dramatic works; 

trans, by Wall. 2v. Lond., 1876. .D. 3313 

PECK, E. AV. Scarlet letter dramatized. 

Bost.. 1876 D. 3345 

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POOLE, J. Hamlet travestle, with bur- 
lesque annotations. N. Y., 1866.. D. 2714 

RACINE, J. The suitors, trans, by 

Brown. .L N. Y., 1871 .D. 2363 

SCHILLER, P., von. Dramatic works. 

3v. Lond. . 1867 D. 2390 

SHAKESPEARE, W. Dramatic works; 
from the te.xt of Dr. Reed, with 
notes by Johnson, Steevens and 
others. lOv. N. Y.. 1825 .D. 2403 

Works. Handy volume edition. 

13v. Lond., ?!.. d .D. 3402 

Works; ed.-hy Keightley, T. 6v. 

Bost., 1866... D. 3403 

Same ; with life, by Chalmers, H. 

n. t. p D. 2742 

SHERIDAN, R. B. Dramas, poems, 
translations, speeches, &c. Lond. 
1872 D. 2403 

STELLA, pseud., see Lewis, E. A 

STORY, W. W. Nero ; an historical 

plav. Lond.,re.d ..D. 3434 

TAYLOR, B. The prophet: a tragedy. 

Bost., 1874 D. 2434 

TENNYSON. A. Harold. Bost., 1877.. D. 2434 

QueenMary. Bost., 1875. D. 2434 

TUPPER, M . F . Washington : a drama. 

N. Y., 1876 D. 2448 

UDALL, N. Ralph Royster Doyster. 

Lond., 1818 D. 3771 

VANBRUGH. Sir J. Dramatic works. 
see Class D. General works. 
Hunt, L. edr. W3cherley, Con- 
greve, &c D. 797 

WEBSTER, J. Dramatic works, ed. 

bv Ber. A. Dyce. Lond., 1871. ..D. 2783 
I WHITEHEAD, W. Plays and poems. 
i 2v. Lond., 1774 D. 1481 

WYCHERLEY, W. Dramatic works. 
see Class D. General works. 
Hunt, L. , edr. Wycherley, Con- 
greve, &c D. 797 




D. 3.— Greek and liatin Poetry. 

^SCHYLUS, Sophocles, and Euripides, 
selections from; trans, by Poller 
and Franklin, see Walsh, R., edr. 
British Poets, v. ,^0 D. 464 

ARISTOPHANES, Comedies of; trans. 

byHickie. W. J. 2v. Lond., 1874. D. 3114 

Contents.— V. 1. Acharnians, knights, 
clouds, wasps, peace [and] birds, v. 3. Ly- 
Bistrata, the thesmophoriazusae, frogs, ec- 
clesiazusae and Plums. 

Trans. byMiicliell. see Walsh, R.. 

edr. British poets. v44 D. 464 

COLLINS, Rei). W. L. edr. Ancient clas 

sics for English rraders ._.L. 89 

VIS Homer ; Iliad and Odyssey ; liy 
W. L. Collins. V. 5. Virgil ; by W. L. 
Collins. V. 6. Horace ; by T. Martin, V. 7. 
^schilus ; by R. S. Copleston. V. 10. So- 
phocles ; bv E. W. Collin.s. V. 12. Euri- 
pedes ■ by W. P. Downe. V. 13. Juvenal ; 
by E Walford. V. 14. Aristophanes ; by 
W L. Collins. V. 1.). Hesiod and Theog- 
nis ■ by J. Davies. V. l(i. Plautus and 
Terence ; by W. L. Collins. V. 18. Lucian ; 
by W. L. Collin.s. 

Same supplementary series. 

V 2. Ovid, By A. Church. V.S.Catul- 
lus, Tibullus and Propertius, By J. Davies. 

EURIPEDES. Literallv translated; 2v. 

Lond.,n- d ." D. 3139 

HOMER. Iliad ; trans, by Bryant. 

W. C. 2v. Bost,,1873 D. 3211 

Same; trans, by Pope, A. 2v. N. Y. 

1836 D. 3211 

Odyssey ; trans, by Bryant, W . C . 

2v. Bost., 1871-2 D. 3211 


Same, trans, by Pope, A. N. Y., 

1886 - D. 3311 

HORACE. Odes, &c. ; «m/i«. by Francis, 

P. 2v. N. Y., i860 D. 3313 

.lU VENAL. Satires, &e.; trang. by 

Badham, [also] Pcrsius. Satires, 

trans, bv Drumniond, N. Y., 1837. D. 3335 
LUCRETIUS! Nature of things; trans. 

into prose, by Watson, Rev. J. S. 

with a poi tical version by Good, J. 

M. Lond., 18.51 D. 3374 

OVID. Metamorphoses. N. Y., 1859.. D. 3704 
Works ; trans, by Riley, 2v. Lond. 

1851-52 D. 3340 

PBRSIUS; «ee Juvb^^al D. 3235 

PINDAR, Odes. ; trans, by West and 

Lee, F., with a dissertation on 

the Olympic games. Lond., 1810. D. 3871 
SOPHOCLES, tram, by Francklin. see 

Walsh, R , erfr. British poets. VoO.D. 464 
THEOCRITUS, Bion, and Moschus, and 

the war songs of Tyrtaeus , trans. 

by Banks, lisr. .)., with metrical 

versions, by Chapman, J. M. 

Lond., 1876..-. D. 3437 

VIRGIL, ^Eneid, trans, by Morris, W. 

Bost., 1876 D. 3460 

Works; trans, by Davidson. 

N. Y., 1875 -■ D. 3460 

— Same; trans, by Trapp, J. 3v. 

Lond., 1735 xD. 3460 

Class £.— Education. 


ARMSTRONG, Mrs.M.. F., «in(i Ludlow, 
Helen VV. Hampton and its stu- 
dents, with fifty cabin and planta- 
tion songs. N. Y., 1874.- E. 588 

BEARD, J. R. Self-culture. Manchester, 

n. d E. 33 

BLACKIE, J. S. Self-culture; intellect- 
ual, physical and moral. N. Y., 
1874. E. 44 

BRACKETT, Anna C, edr. Education 

of American girls. N. Y., 1874. . .E. 56 

BRISTED, C. A. Five years in an Eng- 

lshuniver.si1y. N. Y., 1873 E. 58 

CALDERWOOD, U. On teaching. N. 

Y., 1875 E. 73 

CHAPONE, Mrs. Letters, on the im- 
provement of the mind N. Y., 
1819 E. 83 

CHAHACTER; its elements and develop- 
ment. By a Bible student. Lond., 
1875 - E. 88 

CLARKE, E. H., Sex in education. Bost., 

1874 E. 92 

Building of a brain. Bost., 1874. E. 93 

COBBETT, W. Advice to young men. 

Lnnd., 1873 E. 95 

DICKINSON, Anna. E. A paying invest- 
ment. Bost., 1876 E. 121 


DUFFEY, Mrs. E. B., No sex in educa- 
tion. Pliil. [eop. 1874."! E. 

R. L. Practical education. 2v. 
Bost, 1815 E. 

EGGLESTON, G. C. How to educate 

yourself. N. Y.,1814 .E. 

ETONIANA, Ancient and modern. 

Lond., 1865 E. 

EVERETT, W. On the Cam ; lectures on 
the Universitv of CamViridge in 
England. Carab.. 1867 E. 

FENELON, F. de S. de la Mothe. Educa- 
tion of dauffhters. Bost., 1831... E. 

HALE, E. E. How to do it. Bost.. 1874. £.■ 

HILL, Her. T. True order of studies. 

N. Y., 1876 E. 

HINTS for living. Bost. [cop. 1871.]. ..E. 

HO ARE. Mrs. S., Early education and 

nur-eiy discipline.' Lond., 1872.. .E. 

HOLLAND," J. G. Titcomb's letters to 

young people. N. Y., 1872 E. 210 

JEAFFRESON. J. C, Annals of Oxford. 

2v. Lond., 1872 E. 

KIDDLE, H. rt^tZScHEM, X.jr.. edrs. Cy- 
clopedia of education for the use of 
teachers, schools, etc. N. Y. , 1877. E. 

LANCASTER, .!., Improvements in ed- 
ucation, with a sketch of tlie N. Y. 
free school. N. Y. 1807 E. 260 















LESSONS on subjects as given to child- 
red in a Pestalozzian school. Lond., 
1871 E. 336 

LEWIS, D. New gymnastics, Bost , 

MACLAHEN, A. System of physical ed- 
ucation, theoretical and practical. 
Oxf. 1869 E, 377 

MANN, H,, Lectures and annual reports 

on education. 2v, Camb., 1867.. E. 672 

MASON, .J. Treatise on self-knowledge. 

N. Y., 1824 E, 290 

NEWMAN, J. II., Id'-a of a university 
(iciined and illustrated. Lond., 
1873 ..._E. 329 

OPIE, Amelia, Detraction displayed. N. 

Y., 1828- E. 338 

ORTON, J., edr , Liberal education of 

woman. N. Y., 1873 E 339 

PIERCE, B. K. Half century with juve- 
nile delinquents. N. Y.. 1869 E. 707 

PENDLETON, m«. Hester. Parents' 
guide; or human development 
through inherited tendencies. N. 
Y., 1871 E. 346 

PORTER, N., American colleges and the 
American public. New Haven, 
1870 - E. 



PURSUIT of knowledge under difficul- 
ties; illustrated bv anecdotes. 2v. 
Lond. , 1830 ." E. 

QUINCY, J. History of Harvard Uni- 
versity. 3v. Bost. ,1860 E. 

REPORTS "of the Board of Education for 
the years 1854, o9, '60, '61 , '64 and 
'06- E. 

RICHTER, J. P. F. Levana; or, the 

doctrine of education. Bost., 1866.E. 

ROSENKRANTZ, Dr. K. Pedagogics 
as a system. St. Louis, 1872 E. 

SEDGWICK, Miss. Facts and fancies.E. 

Morals and manners, N.Y., 1873-E. 

SHEPHERD, Bev. W. Systematic edu- 
cation. 2v. Lond., 1813 .E 

SMILES, S. Self help. N. Y., 1874.... E. 

Thrift. N. Y., 1876 E. 

SPENCER, H. Education; intellectual. 

moral and physical. N. Y., 1873-E. 

TODHUNTER, .T. Conflict of studies. 

Lond. . 1873 _ E. 

WATTS, I. Improvement of the mind. 
Bost. , 1822 E. 

WELLS, S. R.. piiU. How to write: a 
manual of composition and letter 
■writing. N. Y.. 1872 E. 

Y'OUTVIANS, E. h.,edr. Culture demand- 
ed by modern life. N. Y.. 1873-. .E. 













Dorothea, ed. 

N. Y., 1875 .. 

Class G. German Literature. 

von. Hermann and | SCHILLER, F. von. Kiimnitliche werke. 

by J. M. Hart, 

-G. 71 

13v. Stuttgart, 1838 G. 390 

Class H.— History. 

H.— General Works. Universal 
and mytbology. 




ADDISON, C. G. Knights templars. 

Lond., 1854 H, 503 

ANDERSON, R. B. Norse mythology; 
containing the myths of" the Ed- 
das. Chicago and Lond., 1873 H. 10 

ARNOLD, T. Lectures on modern his- 
tory. N. Y'., 1874 H. 15 

AVELING, S. T.,i'di: Heraldy, ancient 
and modern, including Boutell's 
heraldry. Lond. [pri/.^ 1873. ] . . . . H. 20 

BIRCH, S.. edr. Records of the past; 
English translations of the Assyrian 
and Egyptian monuments. 3y. 
Lond. [pref. 1873.] , H. 1043 

BLANC, L. Historical revelatfons; see 

under Class. H. H,-4044 

BOUTELL, C, edr. Arms and armor; 
see L.\coMBE, M. P. 

BRINIOX, D. G. Myths of the new- 
world. N. Y".,1876 H. 58 

BULLFINCH, T. Age of chivalry ; or, 
legends of King Arthur. Bost. , 
1872 .----H. 64^ 

COLLIER, W. F. Great events of his- 
tory. N. Y. [(•(/;;. 1872.] H. 97 

CREASY, E. S. Fifteen decisive battles 
of the world, from Marathon to 
Waterloo. N. Y"., 1873 H. 104 

DAWE, Jiee. C. S. Landmarks of gen- 
eral history. N. Y', Ore/. 1874.J..H. 115 

PISKE, J. Myths and myth makers. 

Bost., 1873 H. 151 

FORT, G. F. Early history and antiqui- 
ties of freemasonry. Phil., 1875-H. 1594 

GILMAN, A. First steps in general his- 
tory. N. Y., 1874 H. 167 

GLADSTONE, W. E. .Inventus mundi; 
the gods and men of the heroic 
age. Bost., 1869 N. 4169 

GOULD, S. Baring. Book of were- 
wolves: an account of a terrible 
superstition. Lond., 1865 H, 173 

Curious myths of the middle ages. 

Bost., 1867" : H. 173 

GREENE, G. W. ' History of the middle 
ages [chiefly f i om the French] . 
N. Y., 1870" H 173 

HEEREN, A. H. L. Historical works, 
trans, from the German by G. 
Bancroft and others. 6v. Lond. 
[pref. 1842.] H. 615 

Contents: vl — Ancient Greece ; treatiseon 
the political consequences of the Reforma- 
tion ; rise of political thfories ; continental 
interests of Great Britain. v2~Politics, 
intercourse and trade of the Asiatic na- 
tions ; the Persians, Phcenicians and Baby- 
lonians. v3— The Scythians and Indians. 
v4 — Carthaginians, Ethiopians and Egyp- 



tians. v5— History of the political system 
of Europe and its colonies [1493-1830] . v5 
—Manual of ancient bislory, witli regard 
to the constitutions, the commerce and the 
colonies of the states of antiquity. 

HEGEL, G. W. F. Philosophy of his- 
tory, trans, by J. Sibree. Lend., 
lg7o H. 193 

JAMES, G. P. R. bark scenes of his- 

tory. N. Y. , 1855 H. 237 

KINGSLEY, C. Plays and Puritans. 

Bost., 1859 L- 2249 

LACROIX, P. Eighteenth century; its 
institutions, customs and costumes. 

N. Y.,1876 H. 654 

LARDNER, D., edr. Cabinet cyclope- 

Chronologv of history, by Sir H . 

Nicolas. 'Lond., 1883 H. 261 

Outlines of history. Lend., 1831. H. 261 

Treatise on the arts, manufactures, 

manners and institutions of the 
Greeks and Romans. 2v. Lond., 

1835.- H. 261 

LAWRENCE, E. Historical studies. 

N. Y., 1876 H. 660 

LEMPRIERE'S classical dictionary. 

N. Y., 1875 H. 264t 

LIBRARY of entertaining knowledge. 

History ;13v. Lond. 1831-37.. --H. 268 
British museum. 6v. 
Egyptian aniiquit es. 2v. 
Elgin and Fliigaleian marbles. 3v. 
Townley gallery. 2v. 
Historical parallels. 2v. 
History of British costume. 
Pompeii, 2v. 

Secret societies of the middle ages. 
LIBRARY of history. Family library. 

13v. Lond. 1830-49.... H 368 

History of the Bastile and of its 
principle captives, by R. A. Dav- 

History of the Jews. 3v. 
London bridge, chrouicles of. 
Ruins of ancient cities, by C. 
Bucke. 2v, 

Universal history, from the creation 
of the world to" the beginning of 
the eighteenth ccn'ury, by A. F. 
Tytler. Gv. 
MAHON,£o;d Historical essays. Lond. 

1849_... H. 385 

MICHELET. M. Summary of modern 
history, trans, and continued to the 
present times, byM. C.M.Simpson. 
Lond. 1875. 
MODERN history; a continuation of the 
ancient part of an universal his- 
tory [from the birth of Mahomet 
to the dispersion of the Jews]. 13v. 
[v. 1, 11 missing]. Lond. 1759. .H. 687 
MURRAY. A. S, Manual of mythology; 
Greek and ]?(>man, Norse, and old 
German, Hindoo and Egyptian 
mythology. N. Y. 1874 ....H. 333 

NEWMAN, J. H. Historical sketches. 

Lond. 1873 H. 6829 

Contents: Church of the fathers; St. 

Chrysostom; Theoderet; Mission of St. 

Benedict; Benedictine schools. 

PERCE, E. Battle roll ; an encyclopedia 

of land battles and sieges in all 

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Class U.- 




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TTiarrnSv'''' of entertaining knowledge.H 

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Bi{.\RY of history jj 

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. 3088 




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History of Scotland, 


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1848. 2v 

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-The French under 
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H. 4746 

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de. . . , 

Considerations on the principal 

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revolution [1789-99]. 4v. N. \., 

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Historj' of reliaion and govern- 
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Invasion of the Crimea. 3 v. N. Y. 

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Europe during the middle ages. 

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Lond." 1833 T H. 5361 

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History of the reign of Ferdinand 

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Historv of the reign of Philip II., 

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Contents: History of the thirty years' war; 
history of (he revolt of the Netherlands to 
the confederacy of the Gueu.ic. 

SCHLOSSER, F. C. History of the 
18th century ; with the fifteen 
years of the" 19th. 8v. Lond. 1843- 
52 H. 5735 




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edrs. European history, narrated 
in a scries of historical selections. 
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History of tlie Italian republic 

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SKETCHES from Venetian history. 

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Contents:— Book I.— History of Japan. 

Book U.— Personal experience in Japan. 

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Chinese history, ancient and 
modern. 2y. N. Y., 1834 H. 6180 

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History of British India, 1805-1835. 

lOv. Lond., 1838 H. 6305 

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N.Y., ».rf -- -H. 6381 

Nubia and Abyssinia. N. Y.,1833-H. 6381 

Bsypt. ancient and modern. N. Y. 

8HARPE, S. History of Egypt from 

1831 H. 6381 

the earliest times to the conquest 
of the Arabs, A. D. 646. Lond. , 
1846 H. 6742 

H. 7.— History of Nortli America, Including 
the United States. 

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United States., 1875 H. 7002 

Paragraph history of the American 

revolution. Bosr., 1876 H. 7003 

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covered by Columbus: [an account 
of the] Norse discovery in the 10th 
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hi.story of Westchester Co. [N. Y.] 

NY., 1871.... H. 7514 

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N. Y.,1873 ..H. 1034 

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1874-76 H. 7515 

BANVaRD, Bev. J. 

Pioneers of Maryland and the old 

French war. Bost., 1875 H. 7825 

Plymouth and the pilgrims. Bost., 

1874 H. 7517 

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shire, 1614-1817. Bost., 1853 H. 7517 

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Phil.. 1875 H. 7518 

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miscellany, contaiidng papers on 
the history', antiquiues, arts, lan- 
guages, religions, &c., of the 
American aborigines, with travels, 
&c., iu the Indian country. Al- 
ban3r, 1877 H. 7519 

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by the Norsemen. Lond., 1841. --H. 7516 

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public affairs [in the United States, 
1830-50]. N. Y. , 1873 H. 7532 

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during the rebellion. " N. Y., 1809. H. 7533 

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world. N. Y., 1861.... ...-H. 58 

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State of New York, 1609-64. 
N. Y., 1859 H. 7535 

compiler. Documents relative to the 

colonial history of the State of New 
York, procured in Holland, Eng- 
land and France. lOv. [with in- 
dex.] Albany, 1856 H. 7813t 

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of the signers [of the declar. 
ation of independence], with fac- 
simile letters, drawings of their 
residences, portraits, etc. Phil., 
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history of the United States. Vol. 1. 
N. Y., 1876 H. 7537 

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with biographical sketches[to 1781]. 
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[from American history]. Bost., 
1874---- ---- H. 7134 

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States. N. Y., 1876 H. 7125 



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future civil policy of America. 
N. y., 1875 H. 136 

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Nt'iherUuids, province and State of 
New York. N. Y., 1840 H. 7377 

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Roston, with an oration delivered 
at the centennial anniversary of the 
evacuation of Boston, March 17th, 
1776. Bost., 1876 L. 3816 

ELLIS, G. E. History of the battle of 

Bunker's Hill. Bost., 1873 H. 7135 

ETTING, F. M. Historical accounts of 
the old .state house of Pennsjd- 
vania. Bost., 1876 H. 7583 

FIRST century of the republic; a review 
of American progress. N. Y., 
1876 H. 7590 

Contents; I. IntrotlnctHni; colonial pro- 
griss; bj' E. Ljiwrencc*. 2. Mechanical 
profrress; by C. H. Knii.']ir. ;J. Pro^^ress in 
nianufactiire: by Hon. D. A. Wells. 4. 
.\gricuUural proy:ress; by \V. H. Brewer. 
5. Development of our mineral reaonrces; 
by Prof. T. S. Hunt. 6. Commercial De- 
velopment; by E. .\tkinson. T. Growth 
and distribution of population; by Hon. 
F. A. Walker. 8. Monetary dr-velopraent; 
by Prof. W. G. Sumner. 9. Experiment of 
the Union, with its prei)arations; by T. D. 
Wool^ey. 10. Educational progress; by E. 
Lawrence. 11. Scientific progress; (1.) The 
exact sciences; bv Prof. F. A. P. Barnard. 
(3.) Natural science; by Prof. T. Gill. 12. 
A cenlury of American literature; by E. P. 
Whipple. 13. Progress of the tine arts; by 
S. S. Conant. 14. Medical and sanitary 
progress; by A. Flint. 15. American juris- 
prudence; by B. V. Abbott IB. Humani- 
tarian progress; by C. L. Brace. 18. Re- 
ligious development; by Rev. .J. F. Hurst. 

FRENCH, B. F. Historical collections 
of Louisiana and Florida, second 
series, 1527, 1702. N. Y., 1875-.. H. 7594 

PULLER, H. Grand transformation 
scenes in the United States. N. Y.. 
1875 ...H. 3159 

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2v. Lond. 1859 H. 7604 

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1860-65. Hartf. , 1873 H. 7605 

GREEN, G. W. Historical view of the 

American revolution. N. Y., 1876. H. 7175 

HELPS, Sir A. Spanish conquest in 

America [1344-1556] ami its rela- i 

tion to slavery. 3v. N. Y^, 1856. .H. 7193 i 

HIGGINSON. T. W Young folks his- i 

tory of the United States. Bost., 
1875 H. 7203 

HILDRETH, R. History of the United 
Slates [1492-1821]. 6v. N. Y., 
18.54-55 ...H. 7623 

H0FF5IAN, AV. Camp court and siege, 

181)1-65, 1870-71 T. 417. 

HOPKINS, L. Comic historv of the 

United States. N. Y., 1876 L. 4312 

HOLST, JJr. H. von. Coiibtitutionaland 
political history of the United 
States. Chicago, 1876 H. 7626 

HUNT, G. J. The war of 1812. N. Y., 


1816 ..H. 7273 

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Y, 1809 H. 7234 

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Diedrich Knickerbocker, [pseudi] 
Phil., 18V1 H. 7224 

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of the late war, [1860-65]. N. X., 
1874 H. 7640 

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ery, climate, etc. Phil, 18"76 H. 7260 

LAPHAM, I, A. Antiquities of Wiscon- 
sin, Wash. [m;*. 18.5,5.] 11.1859 

LARDNER, D., ei!i: The western world. 

3v. Lond., 1833 H. 7261 

LELAND. C. G. Fnsang: the discovery 
of America by Chinese Buddhist 
priests in the 15th centurj'. N. Y. 
1875 H. 7264 

LOSSING, B. J. History of the United 

States. Hartf., 1876 H. 7064 

Pictorial tield-book of the civil war 

in the United States [1860-05]. 3v. 

N. Y., 1868 H. 7664 

Pictorial tield-book of the revolu- 
tion. 2v. N. Y. , 1851-.55 H. 7664 

Pictorial field-book of the war of 

1812. N. Y., 1868 H. 7664 

LUDLOW, J. W. The war of American 

independence. Bost.. 1876 H. 7274 

MACPHERSON, E. Politiciil history of 
the United States durini? the rebel- 
lion. AVash.,1876 .". H. 7670 

MONROE, Mrs. Lewis B. 

Story of our country. Bost. , 1876-H. 7313 

MOORE, F. Diary of the American rev- 
olution. N."Y.,1860 H. 7689 

NEW YORK historical society's collec- 
tions. 5v. N.Y., 1868-73. H. 7761 

Contests; V. 1.— The continuation of 
Chalmer's political annals; the Golden 
letters on Smith's history, 1859-60; docu- 
ments relating to the administration of. 
Leister; Y. 3. — The Clarendon papers; 
tracts relating to New York ; miscellan- 
eous documents ; Gardiner's East Hamp- 
den, etc. ; the New York and New Hamp- 
shire grants; V. .3.— TciTitory rights of 
New York, the New Hampshire grants, 
etc.; old New York and Trinity church: 
Rev. Francis Makcmie's sermon [on a good 
conversation]; V. 4, 5.— The Lee papers. 


Count Frontenac and New France 

under Louis XIV. Host., 1877.. .H. 7706 

France and England in North 

America. 3v. Bost., 186.5-70 H. 7706 

Contents: V. 1.— Pioneers of France in the 
New World: Y. 2.— The Jesuits in North 
America in the 17th century: V. .3.— The 
discovery of the Great West.' 

History of the conspiracy of Ponti- 

ac, and the war of the North Amer- 
ican ttibes against Ihe English col- 
onies after the conquest ot Canada. 
Bost., 1870. 3v. Phil., 1875 PL 7706 

PARIS, Compte de. History of the civil 

war in America. H. 7706 

POUSSIN, G. T. The United States; its 

power and progress. Phil.. 1851.. H. 7714 




PRESCOTT, W. History of the con- 
quest of Mexico. 2v. Best., 1859. 

_... H. 7715 

QUACKENBOS, G. P. History of the 

United States, ii. t. p H. 7361 

RIC!HARDSON, Abbey S. Story of our 

country. Bost. ." 1875 H. 7724 

ROBERTSON, W. History of the dis- 
covery and settlement of America 
[1246-1652]. 5v. Ox6., 1825.... H. 7725 

SCHOOLCRAFT, A, R. Notes on the 

Iroquois. Albany, 1847 H. 7736 

SCUDDER, H. E. Men and manners in 
America one hundred years agi, 
xee Stoddard, R. A., eclr. San 
Souci series, class B 423 

SHERWOOD. J. Comic history of the ' 

United States. Bost., 1870 L. 4403 

80UIER, E. G. Notes on Central Amer- 
ica. N. Y.,1855 11.7753 

STONE, W. L. History of New York. 

N. Y., 1872 H. 7754 

Poetry and History of Wyoming 

[containing Campbell's, T., Ger- 
trude of Wyoming]. N. Y., 1841.H. 7754 

SUMNER, C. Prophetic voices concern- 
ins America. Bost., 1874 H. 7438 

SWINTON, W. Twilve decisive battles 

of the war [1800-()5]. N. Y. , 1871 . H. 7758 

TALVI. History of the colonization of 
America, rd. bv W. Hazlitt. 2v. 
in 1. Lond.. 1851 H. 7733 

WARBURTON, E. Conquest of Can- 
ada. 2v. Lmd.,1850 H. 7779 

WATSON, II. E. Daring deeds of the 

revolution. Bost. , 1875 H. 7469 

WILEY, B. G. History of the White 

Mountains. Bost. [cop. 1867] H. 7484 

WINTERBOTllAM, W. View of the 

United States. 3v. N. Y., n. d-Al. 7791 

Class K.— Language, Rhetoric and Elocution. 


How to write clearly. 
English surnames. 

ABBOTT, liiv. A 

Bost., 1875.. 

Lond., 1875 ---K. 516 

BARTLETT. J. R. Dictionary of Amer- 
icanisms. Bost., 1860 K. 517 

BLAIR, H. Lectures on rhetoric and 

belles lettrcs. N. Y., 1836 K. 527 

CAMPBELL, G. Philosophy of rhet- 
oric. Bost . 1833 K. 544 

DE VERE, M. 8. Americanisms. N. Y. , 

1872 -- K. 572 

DICTIONARY of the derivations of the 

English language. 'H. Y ., n. d.. .K. 121 
HOME, H. Elements of criticism. 2v. 

N. Y., 1823 _...K. 637 

LONG, H. A. Names we bear. Bost., 

1870 K. 664 

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Lond., 1875 K. 373 

LATHAM, R. G. Opuscula: philological 

and ethnographical essays. Lond., 

1860 N. 3607 

JIARSH, G. P. Origin and history of 

the English language. N. Y'., 1871.K. 673 
Lectures on the English language. 

N. Y.,1873 ^. : K. 673 

MATTHEWS, W. Words : their use 

and abuse. Chicago, 1876 K. 393 

MORRIS, lite. R. English gi-ammar. 

Loud.. 1875 K. 317 

i\lt)LLER, Max. The science of language. 

Istseries. N. Y.,1873 K. 331 


2d series, N. Y., 1873 K. 321 

Chips from a German workshop. 

V. 4. — On the science of language. 

PALMER, A. S. Leaves from a word- 
hunter's note-book. Lond., 1876.. K. 343 

QUACKENBOS, G. P. Lessons in our 

language. N. Y. , 1876 K. 361 

SMITH, C. J. Synonyms discriminated. 

N. Y. 1871------ K. 747 

SPENCER, H. Philosophy of style. 
NY. 1873 K 

SY^NONYMS of the English language. 

N. Y.,H. d K. 

TRENCH, R. C. English past and pre- 
sent. N. Y., 1874 - K. 

Study of words. N. Y. [pre/., 

1851] --- -- 

WEBSTER, N. American die ionary of 

the English language. Revised 

by V. Ar Goodrich and N. Porter. 

Springfield, 1875 K. 

Grammar of the English language. 

New Haven, 1807 --K. 

WHITNEY, W. D. Language and the 

study of language. N. Y.,1873-. -K. 
Life and growth" of language. N. 

Y., 1875 -' ;--K. 

Oriental and linguistic studies. 

N. Y., 1873 K. 

Same. 3d series. N. Y'., 1874. --K. 

WHITE, R. G. Words and their uses, 

past and present. N. Y"., 1876--. .K. 
YONGE, Charlotte M. History of 

christian names. 2v. Lond., 1863--K. 









Class L.— Literature. 

L, I.— General Works, IjiteraryCollectlouH, 


ADDISON, J. Works, ed. by Greene. 6v. 

N. Y. 1859 L. 4 

Contents; vl- -missing; v2 — Dialogues on 
medals; remarks on Italy, on Virgil's Geor- 
gics;on ancient and'mortern learning; Chris- 
tian religion ; letters on the present state 
of the war; trial of Count Tariff; whig; 


enquirer; the reader; v3— The Free-holder 
the pleliian ; old whig; the lover; v4— 
The tatler; t5— The spectator. 
BACON, F., Lord Verulam. Works. 
2v Popular edition. Camb. 

1877.--.. L. 22 

Contents; vl— Philosophical writmgs; t2 
—Literary and religious works. 




BAYARD SERIES; see Friswell, J. H. 

BURKE. E. Works. 12 v. Bost. 1871. L. 66 
Contents; vl— A vindication of natural 
society; on the sublime and the beautiful. 
etc. \'2— Speeches on Aniericiin taxation 
etc. v3— Speech on tlie nabob of Arcot's 
debts: on the army entiniatt-?;: retlecttons 
on the revolutions in France. v4 — Letter 
to a member of the National Assembly, ■ 
etc., etc. v5— On tne conduct of the minor- 
ity, etc. v6— Various letters and addresses. 
vV— Speeches; hints for an fssay on the 
drama; an essay towards an abridgment 
of the English history. v8— Vanous re- 
ports; the articles of charge ay;ainst War- 
ren Hastings. xS—Same, continued, with 
speeches in the impeachment of War- 
ren Hastinirs. \9—Same, continued. vlO 
— Aa»i^, continued. xU—Same, continued 
vis — Speeches concluded, with general 
table of contents and index. 
CALHOUN,.!. C. Works, Uv.[rv/7).]851-04.L. 543 
CHASIBER'S fdilioii of approved works, 

2v. Lond. 1838 L 550 

Contents.— vl — Franklin's life and writ- 
ings; Guizot's history of civilization: 
Locke's conduct of the understanding; 
Robertson's history of Scotland; Cham- 
ber's history of the rebellion in Scotland, 
1745-ti; Butler's analogy of religion; 
Paley'8 national theolo'^y. v3— Addi- 
son's essays, moral and humorous; Ba- 
con's essays; De Foe's complete trades- 
man; Eej-nold's di-courses tm the fine 
arts; Jackson's treatise on agriculture and 
dairy husbandry; Button's court of re- 
quests; imprisonment of Sil\io Pellico. 
Goldsmith's Vicar of Waketield; Bry- 
done's tour through Sicilv and Malta. 

CARLYLE, T. Works. "31v. with iu 
dex. Peoples edition. Lond. and 

N. Y. 1871-74 ....L. 76 

Contents.— Sarins resartus. v2. 3, and 4 — 
French revolution, vo— Life of Schiller. 
v6-l:i— Critical and miscellaneous essays. 
vl3— Heroes and her.* worship. vl4 — 
Past and present. vl5-19— Cromwell's let- 
ters and speeches. v21— Life of Sterling. 
V22-31— History of Frederick the Great. 

CHANNING, W. E. Works. Lond., 

II. d L. 82 

COLLINS, Rev. W. Lucas, edr. 

Ancient classics for English read- 
ers. 2Uv. Phil.. 1877 L. 89 

Vol. 1. Homer; the Iliad; by W. L. Collins. 

2. Homer; the Odyssey; byW.L. Collins. 

3. Heroditus; by G. C. Swayne. 

4. Commentaries of Ca?sar;'by Anthony 


5. Virgil; by the Rev. L. Collins. 

6. Horace; bv T. Martin. 

7. .Eschylus; by R. S. Copleston. 

8. Zenophon; bV Sir A. Grant. 

9. Cicero; by W. L. Collins. 

10. Sophocles; by C. W. Collins. 

11. Pliny's letters; by Rev. A: Church 

[an'dj Rev. W. J. Brodribb. 

12. Euripides; by W. B. Bowne. 

13. Juvenal; by E. Walford. 

14. Aristophanes; by W. L. Collins. 

I.'). Hesioa ff»rf The'ognis; by J. Davies. 

16. Piantus rtnt/ Terence; by the Rev. W. 

L. Collins. 

17. Tacilus; by W. B. Donne. 

18. Lucian; by \V. L. Collins. 

19. Plato; by C. W. Collins. 

20. I. reek anthology; by Lord Neaves. 

Supplementary scries. Phil., 1877 L. 89 

1. l.ivy ; by \V."L. Collins. 

2. Ovid ; by Rev. A. Church. 

3. Catullus, Tibullus, and Propertius ; bv 

Rev. T. Davies. 

4. Demosthenes ; by Rev. W. T. Brodribb. 

5. Aristotle ; bv Sir. A. Grant. 


DEFOE, D. Novels and miscellaneous 

works. 6v. Lond., IH.'jo-Oe L. IIG 

Contents. — VI— Life, adventures and pira- 
cies of Capt. Singleton, and life of Capt. 
Jack. v. 2. — Memoir of a cavalier ; memoir 
of Capt. Carleton ; memoir of Dickory 
Cronke. etc. v. 3— Molly Flanders, and 
history of the devil, v.4— Roxana; me- 
moir of Mrs Davies. v. .5.— Historv of the 
plague of London, 1665 ; the great Are, 1666 ; 
the storm. 1703 ; true born Englishman. 
V.6 — Life etc. of Duncan Campbell ; new 
voyage round ihc world ; political tracts 
relating to the Hano\'erian succession. 

DE QUINCEY', T. Works, llv. Bost., 

1873 .--- _ L.' 118 

Biographical essays, and essays on ' 

on the poets. 

The Caesars and the avenger. 

Confessions ol an English opium- 

Essays on philosophical writers and 

other men of letters. 

Historical and critical essays. 

Lcttei's to a young man, and logic 

of political econoni}-. 

Literary reminiscences. 

Note liook of an English opium- 
eater and miscellaneous essays. 

Memorials and other papers." 

Narrative and miscellaneous pa- 

Theological essays and other pa- 

EMERSON, R. W. Prose works. 2v. 

Bost., 1873 L. 13G 

Contents: vl — Miscellaneous essays. v2 — 
Representative men; English traits; con- 
duct of life. 

FRANKLIN, B. Autobiography [with 
his correspondence, philosophical, 
political and moral letters and es- 
says], 3v. N.Y.,1859 L. 594 

FIELDING, H. Works, ed. by T. P. 

Brown. lOv. Lond., 1871 L. 589 

Contents: vl— Essay on his life andgeniu.s, 
by A. Murphy; lo\e in several masques 
[with other comedies]. vS-S— Plays. 
v4— The fathers, a comedy; life of Jona- 
than Wild; journey from this world to the 
next. v5— Adventures of Joseph An- 
drews. v6-7— Tom Jones. v8— Philo- 
sophical transactions; 1st Olynthiac of De- 
mosthenes ; miscellanies: Amelia. v9- 
Amelia ; essay on conversation ; essay on 
the knowledge of the characters of "men. 
vlO— Covent Garden journal; essay on 
nothing; journal of a voyage to Lisbon, 

FRERE, .1. H. Works in verse and prose. 

3v. Lond., 1874 ..L. 157 

Contents: vl— Memoirs of Sir Bartle Frere. 
v2 — Original works and minor transla- 
tions. v3— Translations from Aristo- 
phanes and Theognes. 

FRISWELL, J. Hain, cdi: Bavard se- 
ries. ]6v. 16'. Lond. and" N. Y'., 

18(18-75 L. 157 

Prince Albert's golden precepts [with] 

an index. 

Ballantyne. T., edr. Essays in mosaic. 

Beckfoid. \V. History of the Caliph 

Beckford. "^ 

Benille, M. de. Story of the Chevalier 

Bayard, with notes and introduction by 
the editor. 



Brown. .S'JrT. Religio medici, liydrio- 

taphia Laiidl lli« letter to a friend, with 
notes, *c., bv J. W. W. Bund. 
Buchanor, R. Ballad stori<'S of the affec- 
tions, from ihe Scandinavian. 

Coleridge, S. T. Christabel [and his] 

lyrical and imaginative poems, arranged 
and introdncert by A. C. Swinburne. 

Cowley, A. Essays, with life, by J. H. 


Joinville, Hire de. Saint Louis, Kmg of 

France. Trans, by J. Button. 

HazlitI, W. Round Table. 

Johnson, Dr. S. Rasselas, with introduc- 
tion by Eeo. W. West. _ 

Laboulaye, Edonard R. Lefebre. Abdal- 

lah, ur, the foiir-leaved shamrock. 
Trans, by Mary L. Booth. 

Morley, H. King and the Commons, 

• [or], Cavalier and Puritan song. 

Napoleon I. Table-talk and opinions. 

Eochef oucanld Francis rfwc de la. Reflec- 
tions. Trans, with notes, etc., by J. W. 
W. Bund and J. H. Friswell. 

Stanhope. Philip Dormer, Earl of Cfief- 

ttrfithl. Letters, sentences and maxims, 
wijh a critical essay by C. A. Sainte- 
Sterne, L. My Uncle Toby. Newly ar- 
ranged bv P. Fitzgerald. 

. Wellington, words of. Compiled by 

Editli Walford. 

Xenophon. Memorabilia of Socrates. 

Trans, by E. Levicn. 

GOLDSMri'H, O. Mi.scellaneous works. 
ed. by Prior. 4v. Phil., 18T2-L. 

Contents: vl— Bee: essays: present state 
of Latin learning in Europe; preface and 
introductions. v2— Letters from a citizen 
of the world; introduction to the study of 
natural history. v3— Vicar of Wakelieki; 
biographies; miscellaneons criticisms. 
v4— Poems; Miscelhmeous pieces; dramas: 
criticisms relating to poetry and belles- 

GROTE, G. Minor works; ed. by 

Bain. Lond., 1873 L. 

JEFFERSON, T., Writings of. Auto- 
biography, correspondence, re- 
ports, messages, addresses, etc., 
ed. by H. A. Washington. Ov.Phil., 

1869 L. 

JENKINS, E. edi: Selections from the 
writings of the first Duke and 
Ducbe s of Newcastle. Lond., 

1873 L- 

JOHNSON, S. Works; «Z. by A. Chal- 
mers; with an essay on the life 
and genius of Johnson, by A. 
Murphy. 13v. Lond.. 18U6. _.L. 
Contents": vl— Life ; Greece, a tragedy 
[and miscellaneous poems]. vS— Philo- 
logical tracts; political essays; miscellane- 
ous essays. v:3— Dissertation on the Greek 
coniedv; dedications; adventurer; history 
of Rasselas. v4, .'i and B— Hambler. \1— 
Idler. vS— Miscellaneous essays; political 
tracts : journey to the western islands of 
Scotland. vS), 10 and 11— Lives of the Eng- 
lish poets. vl2— Lives of eminent persons; 
letters; prayers. 
LAMB, C. Worlds. Sv. N. Y., 1874.-L 
Contents: vl-Letters. with life by Talfonrd. 
t2— Letters, etc. v3— Essays of Elia; 
popular fallacies. v4— Rosamond Grey ; 
essays, poems, etc. \5— Essays and sketch- 
es; pawnbroker's daughter, a farce; ad- 
ventures of Ulysses; tales; poems; letters. 

MACKINTOSH, Sir J. Miscellaneous 

^vorks. 3v. Lond.. 1854 L. 

Contents: vl— ProL'ress of ethical philoso- 
phy; phil"so|ihical "enius of Mr. Locke; 
fife of Sir Tlioiiiiis More. etc. vS— Revolu- 
tion of lti88; partition of Poland, etc. v3— 


Defence of the French revolution against 
Burke, etc. 

Miscellaneous works. N. Y.,1872.L. 669 
MILTON. J. Prose works, with preface 
and notes by J. A. St. John. 5v. 

Lond.. 1871 - L. 306 

Contents: vl— Defence of the people of 
England; second defence: eikonoklastee. 
v2— Tenure of kings and magistrates; areo- 
pagitlca, etc. v3— Doctrine and discipline 
of divorce: tetracheardon, tractate on educa 
tion; familiar letters, etc. v4— Treatise on 
Clirisliaii iloetrine, first book. v5— Trea- 
tise on Christian doctrine, second book. 
MONTAIGNE, M. de. Works, ed. by 
W. Ilazhtt ; revised by O. W. 

Wiglit. 4v. N. Y., 1873 L. 314 

Contexts: vl, 2 and 3— Essays, v-1— Biogra- 
phy of Montaigne, by Bayle St. John ; 
diary of a journey through Switzerland 
and Germany into Italy; letters of Mon- 
taigne, [with an] appendix [and an] alpha- 
beti' al index. 
MORE, Hannah. AVorks. 7v. N. Y. 


Contents: vl— Repository tales. v2— Cor- 

lebs in search of a wife; essays on various 

subjects; Moriana. v3— Christian morals. 

v4— Practical piety; life and writings of 

St. Paul. v5- Thtuights on the manners 

the great; estimate on the religion of the 

fashionable world; tragedies; poems. 

..^.. vti — Striclures on the modern system of 

171 education; sacred dramas. v7— Hints for 

forming the character of a princess; spirit 

ut praver: Bible rirvmes. 

OLIPH ANi", .Mrs. , edr. Foreign cla.ssics 

for Englisli readers. Pliil. [1877']. 

Vol. 1.— Dante; by Mrs. Oliphant. 

RALEGH, -So- W. Works. 2v. Lond., 

1751 L. 363 

Contents: vi— Life of Ralegh by T. Birch; 
[ petition of Careo Ralegh to Parliament; 

606 maxims of state: cabinet council [a trea- 

tise publishi-d by John Milt(jn): preroga- 
tive of Pavliaineni in Enirlaiid; a discourse 
touching a matcli lietwecn the Lady Eliza- 
bethandtliePrinceof Piedmont. v2— War 
with Spain; discovery of Guiana; ajmlogy 
for his voyage; 



his voyage; instructions to his son; 
letters, poems, etc. 
SCHLEGEL, P. von. .Esthetic and mis- 
cellaneous works. Lond., 1860. 
Comprising letters on Cliristian 
art; an essay on golhic architecture; 
remarks on tlie romance poetry 
of the middle ages and on Shake- 
; speare; on the language and wis 

f-tO I doni of the Indians, 3v. in 1 L. 

SMITH, 7?(n S., Worlis. N. Y'., 1873.-L. 
I STANHOPE, Philip. Dormer. Earl of 
I Chc.slcrjield. 

. Miscellaneous works. 4v. Lond. 


Contents : vl— Memoirs of Lord Chester- 
field, by Dr. Matv. v2— Miscellaneous 
pieces. v3— Letters to his friends. v4— 
Letters ; characters [of his cotemporaries.] 

2,i9 STERNE, L. Complete works, with a 
memoir by Herbert. Edinb., 

1873 L. 

Contents : Life and opinions of Tristram 
Shandy ; a sentimental journey through 
France and Italy ; sermons, letters ; tlie 
fragment; history of a good warm watch 
281 : WHE WELL W. Selections from his lit- 
erary and scientific correspendence 
ed. by L. Todhunter. 2v. Lond., 
1876 - L. 








Class li. 1.— Literary Historj'. 


ARNOLD, T. Manual of English litera- 
ture, with an appendix on English 
metres. Best., 1877 L. 1015 

BESANT, W. French humorists from 
the twelftli to the nineteenth cen- 
tury. Bost. ,1874 L. 1523 

BOTTA.Anna, C. L. Hand-bo .k of uni- 
versal literature. Bost., 187-1 L. 1053 

BURNETT, G. Specimens of English 
prose writers, from the earliest 
times. 3v. Lond., 1807 L. 1066 

COLERIDGE, S. T. Biographia literaria. 

Lond., 1870 _" L. 1097 

DISRAELI I. Amenities of literature. 

Lond., II. d L. 1123 

Curiosities of literature. Lond., 

n. d L. 1123 

DONALDSON, J. W. Theatre of the 

Greeks. Cambridge, 1836 L. 1574 

DUNLAP, J. History ot fiction. Lond., 

1845 L. 1577 

IlistoiT of Roman literature. Phil., 

1827 L. 1577 

FORSYTH. AV. Novels and noveli.sts of 
the eighteenth centuries. Loud., 
1871 .T L. 1156 

GRISWOLD, R. W. Prose writers of 

America. Phil.. [n,p, 1870| L. 1606 

HALF hours witli the liest French au- 
thors. Lond., 1867 L. 1610 

HALLAM, H. Literature of Europe. 

4v. N. Y., 1800 L. 1183 

HAZLITT, W. English poets and Eng- 
lish comic writers. Lond., 1870., L. 1190 

Literature of the age of Elizabeth 

and characters of Shakespeare. 
Lond., 1870 --L. 1190 

KNAPP, S. L. Advice in the pursuit of 

hterature. N. Y., 1832 L. 1248 

LITERATURE, ancient and modern 

Phil., n. d _-L. 1270 

MASSON, D. British novelists and their 

styles. Bost., 1875 L. 1291 

M0NT(iOMERY, .1. Lectures on general 

literature L. 1314 

MORGAN, H. H. Representative names 
in llie history of English literature. 
N. Y., 1877; L. 1090 

MORLEY, H. A first slutcli of English 

literalure. Lond. and N. Y., n. d.h. 1316 


Lectures on dramatic art and lit- 
erature. Lond., 1801 . L. 1391 

Lectures on the history of litera- 
ture. Lond.. 1871... ". L. 1301 

SPRAGUE, H. B. Masterpieces of Eng- 
lish literature, vol 3. N.Y., 1874. .L. 17.52 

STAEL-Holstein, Madame *. 

Influence of literature on society, 

with a memoir. Iv. Lond., 1812. _L. 1753 

SYMONDS, .J. A. Studies of the Greek 

poets. 1st series. Lond., 1877. ..L. 1431 

2d series. Lond. , 1876 L. 1431 

TAINE, H. A. History of English litera- 
ture. 2v. N. Y.,1874 L. 1759 

TICKNOR, G. History of Spanish lit- 
erature. 3y. Bost., 1872 L. 1765 


VAN LAUN, H. Historv of French lit- 
erature. 3v. N. Y., 1876-7 L. 1774 

WHIPPLE. E. P. Literature of the age 

of Elizabeth. Bost., 1869 L. 1480 

WARD, A. W. History of English dra- 
matic literature. Lond., 1875 L. 1779 

WARTON, T. Historv of English po- 
etry 2v. N. Y., 1870 D. 466 

WHITE. C. A. Classicliterature. N. Y.. 

1877 L. 1481 

Class Ij. 2.— Essays and Literary ]niscellauy. 

ABOUT babies, good looking people and 
other ' Maga social papers. ' N. Y. , 
1867 L. 2002 

ADAMS, W. D. Famous booki. Lond., 

1875 ....L. 2004 

ADDISON. .1. Es-ays from the specta 

tor. Lond., n'. d L. 2004 

AH-CHIN-LE. Some observations upon 
the civilization of the western bar- 
barians, particularly of the English; 
triiiiJi. from the Chinese, b_y T. 
Y. Snivthe. Lond.. ISTO ."....L. 2005 

AMONG my books. N. Y. , 1871 L. 2009 

ARNOLD, M. Essays in criticism. 

Bost., 1873 ". L. 2015 

ATHENIAN oracle. 4v. Lond., 1716.. L. 2008 

BACON, F.. Lord Vcrnlam. Essays [and] 
the wisdom of the ancients, with 
a biographical notice by A. Spiers.'; 1873 L. 2023 

BAKER, G. H. Bad habits of good so- 
ciety. N. Y., 1876 L. 2023 

BARNUM. P. T. Humbugs of the world. 

N. Y., 18';6 L. 2037 

BELLEGARDE, Abbe de. Politeness of 
manners, and beliayior in fashion- 
able society. , 1821 L. 2035 

BERNARD, F. AVonderful escapes ; ed. 

bv R. Whitney. N. Y., 1872 L. 2036 

BUCKLE, H. T, Essays. N. Y., 1871. L. 2063 
Contents; Biogr.Hphical sketcti of Bnclile; 
Mill on liberty; influence of women on the 
progress of l^nowledge. 

BURGII, .1. Dignity of human nature. 

2v. [v 1 mh»'mj] N. Y., 1816. ...L. 2066 

Birds and poets. N. Y., 1877 L. 2066 

Wake robin. N. Y.,1877 L. 2066 

Winter sunshine. N. Y., 1876 L. 2066 

BUSHNELL, H. Work and play. N.Y., 

1871 L. 2068 

CARLYLE, T. Heroes and hero wor- 

sliip_. N. Y., 1841 L. 2076 

Critical and miscellaneous essays. 

N. Y., 1873 L. 2545 

CARTHUSIAN, the; a miscellany in and verse. Lond., 1839 L. 2077 

CHALMERS. A., edi: British essayists, 

vol. 25 and 26. The connoisseur. 

2v. Bo-^t.. 1856 L. 2088 

CHANNING, W. E., and AiiaN, Lucy. 
( orrespondcnce of, 1826-42. ed. 

by Anna Le Breton. Bost., 1874. L. 2082 
CHAPMAN. .1., edr. Cliaiacteristics of 

men of genius. Essays selected 

from the ]Vort?i. American Beviw. 

2v. Lond., 1846 L. 3083 




COLERIDGE, S. T. Aids to reflection, 
ed. [with index] by T. Fenby. 

Liverpool, 1873 L. 2097 

Tlie friend. Lond., 1865 L. 2097 

COLLINS, W. My miscellanies. Lond., 

1863 L. 2097 

COOPER, Susan F. Rural hours. N.Y., 

1871. [co;). 18.50.] L. 2100 

COOPER, J. F. Letter to his country- 
men. N. Y., 1834 L. 2560 

COUSTOS, .1. Sufferings at the inquisi- 
tion of Lisbon [wiih masonic songs 
and a list of lodges, foreign and 

domestic] N. Y., 1797 L, 2103 

DARBY, John, pseud., see Garuetson, 
J. E. 

DASENT, G. "W. Jest and earnest, 
essays and reviews. 2v. Lond., 
1873 L. 2114 

DAVY, Sir H. Consolations in travel; 
or the last days of a philosopher. 
BosI,, 1870 L. 2115 

DION, Chrysotom. Select essays, trans., 
from the Greek by G. Wakefield. 
Lond., 1800 L. 2573 

DISRAELI, B. Literary character and 
miscellanies, [with an] inquiry 
into the character of James the 
first. Lord., n.d... L. 2123 

DODGE, lilary E. . Gail Hamilton. 

Country living and thinking. 

Bost., 1874 L. 2124 

Gala days. Bost. , 1872 L. 2124 

New atmosphere. Bost., 1865 U. 4124 

Skirmishes and sketches. Best., 

1866 - - ......L. 2124 

Twelve miles from a lemon. N. Y., 

1874 - -- - --L. 2124 

Woolgathering. Bost., 1867-.. .L. 2124 

DOUCE, F., cdr. Holbein's dance of 

death, see IIoluein, H L. 2210 

DOYLE, Sir F. H. Lectures on poetry, 

2d series. Lond., 1877 L. 2125 

DUIIRING, Julia. Gentlefolks and 

others. Phil.. 1876 L. 2118 

Philosophers and fools. Phil.. 1874.L. 2128 

DAUPHIN, C. J. Splendid advantages 
of being a woman, and other 
erratic essa\s. N. Y., n. d L. 2129 

ELZE, Karl. E-says on Shakspeare. 

Lond., 1874.-- -L. 2581 


Conduct of life. Boat., 1873 L. 2136 

Letters and social aims. Best., 

1876 - L. 2136 

Representative men. Bost., 1873-L 2136 

Society and solitude. Bost., 1872-L. 2136 

FIELDS, J. T. Underbrush. Bost., 

1877 L. 2149 

Yesterdays with autho's. Bost., 

1874- --- L. 2149 

FIELD, M. B. Memories of many men 

and some women. N. Y., 1874. ..L. 2149 

FORSYTH, W. Essays, critical and 
narrative. Lond., 1874- 

FITZGERALD, P. Romance of the 

English stage. Phil., 1875 L. 2151 


FOSTER, J. Essays by a series of let- 
ters. N. Y., 1875..-- L. 2156 

FRANCIS, Sir P Letters of Julius. 2v. 

Lond., 1812- --L. 2157 

FRIENDS and acquaintances. N. Y., 

1871 L. 2156 

FRISWELL, J. H. Better self. Phil., 

[187.5]_..- --.L. 2157 

FROUDE, J. H. Short studies on great 

subjeols. N. Y., 1868 L. 2158 

2d series. N. Y., 1871.- --L. 9158 

3d series. N. Y., 1877 L. 2158 

FULLER Margaret, see OssoLi, Mar- 

gHret F. 
GAIRi^NER, J., edr. Paston letters, 

1422-1509. 3v. Lond.,187J L. 2161 

GALTON, F. English men of seience; 

their nature and nurture. N. Y., 

1875 L. 2161 

GARRETSON, J. E., "John Darby." 

Ten thousand years after; or, a talk 

in a cemetery: Phil., 1876 L, 2162 

GERVINUS. Dr. G. G. Shakespeare 

commentaries. N. Y., 1875 L. 

GILES, n. Illustrations of genius. Bost., 

1854.-- L. 2167 

GROTE, G., Minorworksof L. 606 

HABBERTON, J., edr. Select British 

essayists: Sir Roger de Coveily; 

papers from the Spectator. N. Y., 

1877 --L. 2181 

The Spe. later. N. Y., 1877 L. 2181 

HAMERTON, P. G. In'ellectual life. 

Boston, 1875 ---- --- L. 2184 

HAMLIN, A. C. Martyria; <.r, Anderson- 

ville prison. 
HAMILTON. Gail, psnid., se Dodge, 

:Marv E. Bost.. 1866. 
HARRISON'S collections. Select British 

classics. 7v. Lond., 1796- L. 2612 

Contents; vl— Eamhler, by Dr. Johnson 

[and] l.oi-tlLyttleton's I'ersmn letters. v2— 

Adventurer [and] Ttie Guardian. v3— Idler; 

Fitzosbome's letters; Shenstone's essays; 

Launcelot Temple's sketclies[and] thelover. 

v4-S_Speclator. vO— Connoii-.seur: Cilizen 

of the world: Babbler. vT— World; Lord 

Lyttleton's dialogues of the dead. 

HARRISON, J. A. Group of poets and 
their haunts. N. Y. and Bost., 
1875..- L- 2187 

HAZLITT, W. Round table; North- 
cotes conveisations; cliaracteis- 
tics. Lond., 1871 L. 2191 

Sketches and essays, and Winter- 
slow [essays written there]. Lond., 
1872. -.- - - L- 3191 

Plain speaker; opinions on J)Ooks; 

men and things. Lond., 1870. 

HELPS, A. Companions of my solitude. 

Bo>t.,18:0 - -.-L. 2193 

Frii nds in council. 2v. N. \. 

[cop. 1861] L- 2193 

Social pressure. Bo-t. 1875 L. 2193 

HENRY, C. S. About men and things. 

N. Y. [cop. 1873] ,-.-- L. 2196 

HEYWOOD, J. C. How they strike me, 

these authors. Phila., 1877 L. 2201 



HIG6INS0N, T. W. Outdoor papt-rs. 

Bost., 1874 L. 2302 

HILL, A. F. Secrets of ihe sanctum; an 
inside view of an editor's life. 
Pliil.. 1875 L. 2303 

HOLBEIN, H. Dance of death [and] 
Bible cuts, with introductions by 
F. Douce and T. P. Dibdin. Lond., 
1872 L. 2310 

HOLCOMBE, J. B , edr.. Literature in 

letters. N. Y. , 1870 L. 2210 

HOLLAND, H. R.. Lord. Foreign re- 
miniscences. N. Y., 1851 L. 2210 

HOLLAND. J. G. Everyday topics. 

N. Y.. 1876 L. 3310 

Gold foil. N. Y., 1873 ._ L. 3310 

-Timothy Titcomb's letters to young 

people. N. Y.,1859 L. 2310 

Lessons in life. N. Y., 1873 L. 2310 

Letters to the Joneses. N. Y., 

1873 L. 2210 

Plain talks on familiar subjects. 

N. Y., 1S73 '....-L. 2210 

HOLMES, O. W. Autocrat of the break- 
fast-table. Bost., 1873 L. 3310 


Poet at the breakfast-table. Bost., 

1872 L. 3310 

Professor at the breakfast-table. 

Bost., 1873 -L. 3210 

— Sounding.-i from the Atlantic. 

Bost., 1873 L. 2210 

HO WELLS, W. D. Suburban sketches. 

Bost., 1872_ _ L. 2214 

HOWITT, Mary, edr. Pictorial calendar 

of the seasons. L .nd.. 18(52. L. 3317 

HOWSON, J. S., edr. Essays on cathe- 
drals by various writers. Lend., 
1873 L. 2028 

HUNT, L. Imagination and fancy. 

Lond., 1845 L. 3317 

IRVING, W. Spanish papers. Phil., 

1873 - L. 2224 

IRVING. W., William Irving and 
.James K. Paulding. Salmagundi. 
Phil.. 1872 L. 2224 

JACOT, F Shakespeare diversions 

N. Y., 1875. - ...L. 2636 

Cues from all quarters. Bost., 

1S71 L. 2236 

JAMESON, Mrs. Legends of the Ma- 
donna, Bost., 18G8 L. 3227 

Legends of the monastic orders L. 3337 

JARVES, J. J. ^\"hy and wha^ am I ? 

Bost., 1872 L. 2238 

JEAFFRESON, J. C. Brides and bridals. 

2v. Lond., 1872. L. 2637 

JEFFREY, F. Contributions lo the 

Edinburg Review. N. Y., 1871-.. L. 2637 

JULIUS, Letters of, see Francis, Sir P. 

KEYSER, C. S. Fairmouut park and 
the international exhibition at 
Philadelphia. Phil., 1876 L. 2242 

KINGSLEY, C. Plays and puritans. 

Lond., 1873 L. 3344 

Contents: Plays and puritans; Sir Walter 
Raleigh; Froude's History of England. 


Sir AValter Raleigh and his time, 

and other papers L. 3344 

LANDOR, W. S. Imaginary conversa- 
tions, 1st series. Classical dia- 
logues, Greek and Roman .L. 2260 

2d series. Dialogues of sovereigns 

and statesmen .'. . . L. 2260 

LOWELL, .L R. Among mv books. 

1st series. Bost., 1871 ..L. 2273 

2d series. Bost., 1776 L, 3273 

My study windows. Bost., 1873.. L. 2373 

LYTTON, Lord E. B. Conversations 
witli an ambitious student in ill- 
health. N. Y. , 1832 L. 2275 


Essays, critical and miscellaneous. 

N. Y., 1873 L. 2666 

Same. 3v, N. Y., 1873 _L. 2276 

Same. 3v. Phil., 1841 L. 2376 

MAGINN, W. Shakspeare papers. Lond., 

1860 L. 2284 

MAHOXEY, F. S. Reliques of Father 

Front. L nd. ,1873 L. 2285 

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.\reopagitica; a speech on the lib- 

1 rty of unlicensed piinting [with] 
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SKETCHES of imposture, deception, 

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Ij. 3.— Orations, Lectures and Addresses. 

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iie BuuKK, E. works, v. 8-12. 
Class L. 66 

CENTEiNNIAL celebration, .July 4, 1876, 
w«7/( oration by R. S. Storrs. N.Y*. 
[cop. 1876]..-. -. --L. 3754 

CENTENNIAL temperance volume ; a 
memorial of tlie international ttm- 
jjcrancc conference held in Phila- 
deliibia Jiuie, 1876. N. Y'., 1877. ..L. .3549 

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F Duffcy. Lond. ii. d L. 3120 

ELLIS. G. E. An oration delivered at 
the celebi-alion of the tcntenni;!! 
anniversary of the evacuation of 
Boston, with an account of the an 
niversary proceedings, March l?th, 

is7(i. B.jst., 1876 L. 3816 

ELLSWORTH monument, exercises at 

the imveiling of the. Albany, 1875 L. 3.581 
GLADSTONE. W. E. Speeches. Lond., 

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GRAHAME, J. A., ed): Speeches de- 
livered at the city hall of the city 
of New York, in the courts of 
Over and Terminer, &c. N. Y 

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HOFFMAN, A. W. The life work of 
Liebig [being the] Faraday lecture 

for 1875. Lond., 1876 L. 3625 

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with a lecture on the study of 

biologv. N. Y., 1877 L 3219 

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Siiecches and poems. N. Y.. 1873. L. 3376 
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with notes and biographical 

sketches, 2v. N. Y. , 1857 L. 3689 

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SCHURZ, C. Eulogy on Charles Sum- 
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STORRS, Rev. R. S. The declaration of 
independence and the effect on it; 
an oration delivered before the 
citizens of New York at the cele- 
bration of the Centennial anni- 
versary, July 4th, 1876 [with au 
account of the proceedings, &c. 

N.Y., 1876 L. 3754 

WARD, E. Speeches on commercial, 
financial, an' I other subjects. N. Y., 

1877 L. 3779 

YOUNG Men's Christian Association [of 
London], Lectures delivered before 
the, 1845-65. 30v. Lond., 1864. X. 3498 
Contents: Vol. I.— Biblical statements in 
hiinnony witli fcicntiflc discoveries by 
Ecv. J. Stoughton: tlie extent and moral 
statistics of the British empire, by Rev. 
W. Arthur; ancient Rome and modem 
London, by Rev. J. .Stoughton; tl»e cedar 
and the palm, by Rev. J. Hamilton; the 
Bible illustrated l)y the plants of Paradise, 
by Rev. J. Hamilton; the lily of the val- 
ley and the glory of Lebanon, by Rev. J. 
Hamilton; Luther and tlie reformation. 
II.— British India, by Rev. W. Arthur; 
physical, mcjral, and intellectual effects of 
proiracted labor, by Rev. H. Hughes; 
Druidism contrasted with Christianity, by 
Eev. G. Smith; patriarchal civilization, 
by Rev. J. Stoughton: history and in- 
fluence of literature, by Rev. J.Cumming; 
works of Action, by Rev. J. Aldis; points 
of similarity between and Roman- 
ism, by Rev. .J. Wilson; theatrical amuse- 
ments; by Rev. J. B. Bennett; origin, 
progress, and moral effects of the crusades 
to ihe Holy Laud, by Rev. D. Moore- 


the unity of the species, by Rev. T. Archer; 
the tabern icle of Israel, bv Rev. S. Martin 
III. --The natural history of creation, by E. 
Lankester ; social organization ; by Rev 
J. Harris ; the art of printing, bv Rev .1 
Browii ; Mohammedanism, by Rev. W. 
Arthur; the acquisition of knowled-e by 
Rev. J. Beaumont ; the geological eviden- 
ces of the existence of the Deify, bv Rev 
1 . Archer ; mythology of the Greeks, by 
Rev. J. Aldis; the history of the form- 
atmii of the free chnrd' of the C nton de 
Vaud, Switzerland, by W. Noel- the 
truths peculiar to Christianity, bv Rev. C. 
btowell ; the moral influence' of "the com- 
mercial spirit of the day, by Rev. J. Fisk ; 
the mysteriousne-s of Christianity compat- 
ible with its truth, by Rev. C. Prest - the 
^« ^™ ''™ '"- ^y Kev. .1. Cnmming. 
ly.— The characteristics of Romanism and 
of Protestantism, by Rev. H. M'Neile ; 
God in history, by Rev. .1. Cuinming ; the 
bearing of commerce upon thi- spread of 
Christianity ; the common origin of the 
human race, by Rev. \V. Brock ; modem 
liifldel philosophy, by Rev. H. .Slowell ; the 
characteristics of the middle ages, by Rev 
T. Archer : the French revohitlon of 1848' 
by Rev W. Arthur; the church and tlie 
world, by B. W. Noel ; Cardinal Woolsev 
&■ ^"-"i; '''■ Mort'ii ; Sir Thomas Paxton, by 
Rev. T. Bin.iey. V.— The Bible self-evi- 
dential, by Rev. H. Stowell ; influence of 
Romanism on the intellectual and moral 
condition of the people, subject to its 
sway, by W. L. Alexander ; the literary 
attractions of the Bible, bv Rev. .3 Hamil- 
ton ; the relation of Ch'ristianitv to the 
freedom of human thought and action by 
Rev A. Jlaban ; the church in the cata- 
combs, by Rev. W. Arthur : the nature of 
Romanism by Rev. M. Seymour; the 
Bible by Rev. H. M'Neile; the Apostle 
Paul, by Rev. W. Brock ; money by Rev 
S. Martin ; music in its relation to leli.'ion" 
by Rev. ,1. Cumming; William Allen by 
Rev. J. Sherman ; the historv of French 
Protestantism, bv Rev. R. Biir.'e=s 
VI.— National obligation to the Bible, by 
Rev. R. BicUersteth; the age we live in bv 
Rev. H. Stowell; India audits evangel'iza"- 
tion^ by Rev. A. Duff; a revival of religion 
by B. W . Noel; God in science, by Rev J 
Cnmming; life in London, by Rev H m' 
\illlers; heroes, by Rev. W. Arthur; Dan- 
iel, a model for young men, by Rev W 
Brock; Solomon the prince and Solomon . 
the preacher, by Rev. J. Hamilton; instincts 
of industry, by Rev. S. Martin; the cheru- 
bic symbol, by J. B. Mels n; the authority 
and inspiration of the Holy Scriptures by 
Rev. R. S Oandlish. VU.- The progress of 
the gospel in France, by Rev. B. W Noel- 
Italy, by C, Buxton; divine revelation, by 
Kev. Dr. Baumont ; the philosophy of 
prayer by Rev. .1. Aldis; William Tyndal 
and the English Bible, by Rev W L 
Thornton; Trelaud, by Re'v. R. Bickers- 
teth; Christianity in its re aiion to secis 
and deniuumation.s. by Rev. H. Allou; 
Alfred the yreat, by Rev. W. W. Chanip- 
neys; the Christian character in its connec- 
tion with secularpursuits, bv Rev G Fisk- 
Lord Byron, by Rev. G. Gilflllan. VIII — 
\J onders of the Bible, by Rev. H. Stowell; 
the prophets of skepticism, by Rev W 
Laudels; Wellington, by Rev. J. Gumming- 
go d and gold-seekers, by the Rev. H fl 
Vilhers; Irish eloquei ce, as illustrated in 
the speeches of Cnrrin, by Eev. G Croly- 
prccursors of the English reformation by 
A. Rooker; sincerity, bv Rev. S. Wad'dy 
Anglo-Saxon colonic-, by Rev. J Stou<''h- 
ton; Baxter and his time-, by Rev J^C 
Kyle; Coleridge and his followers, by Rev' 
W. M. Hethenngtcm; young men for the Rev. W. Brock; whiit flfty years have 
done for the Bible, by E- v. J. Hamilton. 
1-i.— D. suhory and sys;cmatic reading, oy 



CLA68 NO. 

Sir. J. Stephen; babit, by J. B. Gou^b; 
Romanism in its relation to tbe second 
c(imin<]: of Christ, by Rev. R. Biekersteth; 
the Haldaney, by Rev. W. Landols: siijns 
of the times, by Rev. J. CniiiTnini^'; cliris- 
tian education, by Rev. F. CInsc; |)rn[ih(_'t 
of Horeb,by Ri-v. W. M. Piin.-^lioii: p^s.-a^es 
from the life of Cicero, by Rev. C. J. Vaugh- 
an; authorship, by Rev. T. Binney: study 
of modem liistory in London, by" Rev. A. 
Stanley; the two records, mosaic and geo- 
logical, by H. Miller; Jesus and Judaism, 
by Rev. A. M'Xeile. X— The order of civili- 
zation, by tbe Archbishopof Dublin; labor, 
rest and reciealion. by Rev. J. Curaming; 
popular faUacies, by Rev. W. Landels; 
glory of the Old Testament, by Rev. H. 
Stowell; philosophy of the atonement, by 
Rev. T. Archer; man and his masters, by 
J. B. Gouoli; study of the holy Scriptures, 
by Rev. H. Alford; Constantinople and 
Greek Christianity, by Rev. R. Burgess: 
agents in the revival of the last cenrarv, by 
Rev. L. Wiseman; God's heroes and the 
world's heroes, by Rev. J. H. Gurney; 
dignity of labor, by Rev. N. Hall; ragged 
schools, by Kev. T. Gutbri--; opposiiion to 
great iTi\eiui"nsand disciiveries, by Rev. S. 
Mardii. XI— Obstach.'S which have retarded 
moral arid imhrical progress, by Lord John 
Russell; tlie fuhu-ss of times, by Rev. J. B. 
Brown; Saul of Tarsus, by Kev. H. Alford; 
labor lightened not lost, by Rev. J. Miller; 
Pallissy, the potter, by Rev. II. Allon; 
talkers of society, by Rev. J. B. Owen; 
prospective results of international exhibi- 
tions, by L. Levi; the liome harvest, by 
Rev. J. C. Miller: credulities of skepticism, 
by Rev. R. Viiu^han; things secular and 
pacred, by Rev. L. Wiseman; the lessons 
which war teaches, by Rev H. M. Villiers; 
mercantile morality, by Rev. W. Brock; 
conscience and the Bible, by R. S. Clan- 
dish. XII— Truth and its counterfeits, by 
Sir. W. P. Wood: gambling, by Rev. S. 
Marlin; the Sabbath, by J. J. Cummins; 
the battle of life. Kev. H. Brown; revision 
and new translation of the Bible, by Rev. 
J. Gumming; abstinence, its place and 

Eower, by J. Miller; popular amusements, 
y E. Corderoy: the imagination, by Rev. 
J. McCosh; reason and revelation, by Rev. 
E. Mellor; John Bunyan. by Rev. W. M. 
Punshon; self-culture, by Rev. H. Stowell. 
XIII — Social influence of christiaoitv. by 
W. E. Baxter; manliness, by Rev. H. S. 
Brown; social responsibilities, hy J. B. 
Gough; modern geographical researches 
in Africa, by Rev. G. Smith; silence 
of scripture, by Rev. J. C. Miller; 
lessons of the street, by Rev. W. Landels; 
the Cluirch, by Rev. S. Coley; pulpit elo- 
quence of the 17th century, by the Dean 
of Canterbury; life of Geo. Stepben^son. by 
E. Corderoy; a life story, by Rev. N. Mac- 
Leod. XIV— Social eflfects of the Refor- 
mation, by the Bishop of Ripon; occulta- 
tion of Jupiter, by Rev. N. Hall; Spanish 
armada, by Rev. G. Smith; life of Jesus 
its own witness, by Rev. J. McCiilloch; 
William Carey, by Rev. J. P. Calhoun; 
de propaganda fide, by Rev. C. H. Spur- 
geon ; characteristics and tendencies of 
modern literature, by Rev. H. Alton; 
Bible and modern progress, by J. H. Rigg; 
liberry of opinion, by Rev. G. Fiske; law 
of labiT, law of love, by H. Stowell; Soc- 
rates, by Rev. E. M. Goubourn; sacred 
music, by Rev. J. Cummins. XV— Influ- 
ence of Knox and the ScoLtish reforma- 
tion on the reformation in England, by J. 
Moncrieff; bigotry, by Rev. J. C. Miller; 
self-conquest. t)y Rev. R. Roberts; Queen 
Elizabilh, by Rev. H Stowell; earth as a 
habitation for man, by Rev. E. Arnot; 
Blaise Pascal, by Rev. E. M. Goulburn; 
study of cnuixh history, by Rev. S. Mar- 
tin; Hogarth and his pictures, by Rev. H. 
S. Brown; our social affectations, by Rev. 
J. B. Owen: the world's oldest po«m, by 


Rev. F. Greeves; power of example, J. 

B. Gough. XVI— Our Indian Empire, by 
Sir H. B. Edwardes; Scottish covenanters, 
by Rev. W. Landers; individuality, by 
Rev, T. Pearson; England in the 14th 
century, by R'.-v. J. Gurney: lessons from 
the lives of the Jesuits, by Rev. C. Vince; 
revivals ancient and modern, by Rev. J. 
Stoughton; commerce Christianized, by 
Rev. R. T. Jefirey: English character, by 
Rev. J. Beardsley; Erasmus, Rev. J. Ham- 
ilton; revelations of religion and art. by 
Rev. W. Pollock. XVII— France and Eng- 
land eighty years ago, by I. Taylor: Anglo- 
Saxon Christianity, bj' Rev. S. Martin: 
Anglo-Norman Christianity and Ansi-lm, 
by Rev. J. Stoughton; the Lollards and 
Wicliffe, by Rev. W. P. Mackenzie; 
church song, by Rev. H. Allon; counter- 
feits, by Rev. C. H, Spurgeon; the criteria 
of truth, l)y Rev. A. Boyd; uses of prophe- 
cy, by Rev. W. C. M:igee; Miracles, by 
Rev. W. Smith; the New Testament nar- 
ratives real, not ideal, by Rev. J. C. Miller; 
Macaulay, by Rev. \V. M. Punshon. 
XVII— Scientific experiments in balloons, 
by J. Gl.isher: a sound mind, bv Rev. J. 
Hamilton; defaulters, by Rev. H. S. 
Brown: I'aly and her rulers, by Rev. W, 
McCall: addre-ses by Rev. N. Hall and 
Rev. W. Roek; the earth improved, etc., 
by tbe industry of man. by Rev. W. 
Arnot ; John Howe and the times 
of tbe Puritans, by Rev. R. Machray. 
Bishop Burnett and the times of the Eng- 
lif-b revolution, by Rev. G. W^. Conder ; 
Bishop Basler. by Kev. A. S. Farrar. XIX 
— Instances of the power of God as mani- 
fested in the animal creation, by R.Owen ; 
Edward Irving, by Rev. W. Landels ; pov- 
erty, competence and wealth, by Rev. A. 
Raleigh ; the Church fathers and early 
christians, by Rev. F. J. Starr ; Calvin, by 
Rev. E. Garbett ; psalmody of the refor- 
mation, by Rev. H. Allon ; Israel in Egypt, 
by Rev. J. Cummin^ ; missions and mis- 
siomiries of the last naif century, by Rev. 
M. C. Osborne; Bible in India, by Rev. 
J. Makepeace ; practical service of im- 
perfect means, by Rev. A. K. H. Boyd ; 
battles of the Bihle and the phyeical geo- 
graphy of the Bible, by Rev. E. Bayley. 
XX— History of the Mediterranean, by Rev. 
J. S. Howson ; Cliahners, hy Rev. J. 
Cairns ; from doubt to faith, by Rev. R. 
W. Dale; Jolin An^ell James, by Rev. J, 

C. Miller ; Italy and France with reference 
to their religious condition, by Rev. R. Bur- 
gess ; social laws of .Moses, by Rev. J. Ed- 
niiiud ; rivers, their laws and lessons, by 
Rev. W. Ar. ot : Wilberforce, by Rev. W. 
>i. Punshon ; M. Renan on tbe kingdom 
of God. by Rev. W. Alexander. 

Ij. 4.— Humorous Works. 

A'BECKETT. G. A. [pseud.] Coniichis- 

tory of England. Lond., n. d L. 458:J 

Comic history of Rome. Load., 

n. d L. 4582 

ADELEU. lsl^x..p!*end.,sn' Clark, C. H. 

ALDEN, W. II. bomfstir explosives and 
other sixth-column fancies. N. Y., 
1877 - L. 4O07 

BAILEY, J. M. '' Danbun/ News man,'' 

They all do it., 1877 L. 4023 

BARHAM, R. H. " Thomas Ingoldsby.'" 
The Ingoldsby legends. N. Y., 
1872 L. 4026 

BEDE, Cuthbert, pseud., n<e Bradley, E. 

BERESFORD, J. The miseries of human 
life ; or, the groans of Samuel Sensi- 
tive and Titnothy Testy, with a few 
suppleni- ntarv siLdi.s Iroin Mrs. 
Testy. N. Y., 1807 L. 4037 



BIBBLE memoirs, the, [being the] jour 
nal of the head cnok of King George 
IV. K. Y., ly75 ... 1 

T , ^ L. 

Jiish., pneud., nee Shaw, 


H. W 
BRADLEY, E., "Cumert Bede." The 

advenlures of Mr. Verdant Green. 

Lond., n. d. _ - _ L 

BROWX, C. F., -'Aitemiis Ward." Com- ' 

plete works of Artemu.s Ward 

N. Y., 1875 't, 

BURNAND, F. C. Happy " thoughts 

Bost., 1870 * L 

More happy thoughts,", 1871 L 

My health. Bosl., 1874.. l' 

New history of Sandford and MeV- 

ton. Bost., 1873 . l 

ToBuddlecombeand back. Bost, 

1876 1. _____ 't 

CLARKE, C. H., ■' M,l.v'Ade/e>^" 

Elb ,\v room. Phil. [cop. 1876 1 L 

Out of the hurly-burly. Phil. [Cop. 

1874] _ _ T 

CLEMENS, S. C, •' Marie' Twain." " 

Innocents abroad, Hartf,, 1873 

Koughuig it, Hartf., 1874 

Sketches Hartf., 1875 

COCKTON, H. Sylvester Sound"" 





HUNT, L. Wit and humor. Lond 
INGOLDSBY, T., im~ud, see B.\hh.\m, 

JERRoLd.D, The barber's chair [and] 
hedgehog letters. Lond., 1874 L 

Fireside Saints, Mr, Caudle's break- 
fast talks and other papers, Bost,, 
1873 'l 

Mrs, Caudle's curtain iectures 

N, Y,, 1876 L 

JOHNSON, R, edr., LitVle" classics ' 
Bost, , [cop. 1875] L, 


1846,L, 4217 




somnambulist," Phil,, n. d L 
Valentine Vo.x, the ventriloquist' 

Lond., n. d. t 

COMBE, W. The three toursof Doctor ' 

^Syntax. Loud., 1871 D 

COX, S. S. Whywelaugh. N.Y 1876"l' 
CROFTON, F. B. ^\he bewildered 

querist and other nonsense. N. Y. , 

CRUIKsilANK, " g: " "Comic " Almanac' ^' 

1st series, 1835-1843. Lond.,M d ' 
2d series, 1844-1853. Lond n d 

DAINBLRY News man, p^W s, 
Bailey, J, M. 











Contents : \b-Laugl,ter: A Christmas carol, 
by Clias. Dickens; the haunted crust by 
Jvathenne Saunders; a dissertation noon 
roast pig, by Chas. L.imb; the total de- 
I^avity of inanimate things, bv Mrs E A 
Walker; the skeleton in the clo.set. bv e' 
h ?"'?.•„ S"n<'y Wood's sepulchre," by 
Hugh Miller; a visit to the asylum for aged 
and decayed punsters, by O. W. Holmes; 
Mr. TibbotO Leaiy, the curious, by Gerald 
Gnain : Neal Malone, bv W. Carlcton 
v9— Cowfrfw/ Bamy 0-Reirdon, the navi- 
gator, bv Sam. Lover; Haddad-Ben-Ahaf 
the traveler, by .John Gait; Blue Beard's 
ghost, by Wm. M. Thackerav; the picnic 
parly, by H. Smith; Father Tom and the 
pope, by S. Ferguson; Johnny Darbev- 
shire, by William Howitt; the gridiron bv 
Sam Lover; the box tunnel, Tiv Charle's 

JOSLIN, Rev. T. Ceotennial skyrock- 
et". Albany, 1875 " 

KETT, H. Flowers of wit. HarlL, 
1825. ...... 

LANDON, M. D. •'m"Pe'rkMs.''"m 
T T^TTTT?'^'''^'"^ ' liis sayings and doings. L 
, LEWIS C. B. -M Quad." Quads 
odds. Detroit, 1875. L 

4105 j LINCOLN, A. Abe's jokes. N."y. [cop. 

1 874] T 

L, 4105 j MISS Columbia's public school, Ky!, 

L. 4105 

DALLAS MARY K. The Grinder papers 
N. 1., 1877 1 




L. 4112 


poor relations. 


GILBERT, W. S. Fifty 

— much sound and 

Lond., 1877.. t\ 

HALIBURTON, T. C. TheClockmaker- ' 

saying and doings of Sam Slick.' 

N. \., 1876... 
HAMLEY, E. B. Our 

Lond., 1873 
HART, F. BRET. Condensed 

Bost., 1871. 
HAZLITT, W. C. New" London jest 

book. Lond,, 1871 _..l. 4091 

HOLLEY, W, My ojiinions and Betsy 

xx^^^^°'""'*'^ Hartf., 1874_. L 

HOOD. T. Up the Rhine [and] roman'ces ' 

TTr^nr?" rr'-'^''''''''§'»""^- N. Y., 1873.. L. 
±1UUD lom. From nowhere to the 

TTnn/T"'\r''''- ^"""S- ^^~'' L. 4212 

UUOK, T, Humorous Works ; ludicrous 

adventures, bon mots, puns and 

hoaxes. Lond., ;/. d. L 

HOPKINS, L. Comic history of "the 

United Slates. N. Y., 1876 L 

L. 4234 
L. 4242 

-L. 4182 
-L. 4185 
-L. 4188 





MURRAY, W. H. H. Deacons." 'Bost".,"" 

N ARES, e". " " "Thinks "it'o" "myself". " ' N "y ' 

n. d _._ 'jr^ 

PARTONJ. Caricature, and othi r <omic 
art in all times and many lands 

N. Y., 1877 'l 

PAUL, .John, pseud., see Webb C H 
PHILOSOPHY of modern humbu- 

^ Lond., 1875 "'l 

PUNCH, the London. 7v. Lond., 1871-77 
QLAD, M., /w»rf., ,w L' WIS C B 

RF?^•VRn^^ J^^°'-ks- 2v. Lond., 1861L. 4362 
KE 1 iN AKO the Fox : a burlesque poem 

Bo,st., 1873.. 'r iti?n 

RILEY, H. H. TheP"u"ddl"e"f"o"rd"pa"p"e"r"s' 

or,^ humors of the west. Bost., 

SHA W,"^ H. " W." " "■"' 'Jo^Muiu/i. " ' Evei^y ^' ^^'^ 
body's friend, or .Josh Billings' En- 
cy<;lopedia and proverbial philoso- 
oTTT.T^'v^''-'*'"'' ^^''f a"<l humor. Hartf., 1874L 
SHERWOOD, J, D, Comic h.sfiryof 

,.^. the United States, Bost , 187(1 L 

SKETCHLEY, A, Mrs. Brown "at 

Brighton. Lond. ,n.d L. 

TEG6, W .A mixture for low spirits 
Lond., 1875 _.__ i^ 








THACKERAY, W. M. JlisccUaneous. 

5v. Bost., 1873 L. 443'; 

Contents : VI— Barry Lyndon: t!ie great 
Hoi:';orty diamond : buriesqiies; Diary of C. 
.Icaines de la Pliidie. esq.; the Ireiiu-ndous 
adventnres of Major Galiaj^an; ak'trendof 
the Rhine: Rebecca & Rowena: the history 
of the nest French revohition; Cox'e diary. 
v2— The Paris sketch l)ook ; memoirs of 
Mr. C. T. Yellowphish ; the Irish sketch- 
book ; a jonrncy from Cornhill to Grand 
Cairo. v3— The book of snobs : sketclies ; 
Denis Duval : men's wives, and stories, in- 
cluding the Bedford Row conspiracy ; a lit- 
tle dinner at Timmin's and the fatal boots. 
v4 — The four Georges : the English Humor- 
ists of the eighteenth century ; charity and 
humor ; roundabout papers ; the second 
funeral of Napoleon : little travels and 
roadside sketches ; the Fitz-boodle papers, 
etc. v5— Cathiiriue. a story : Titinargh 
among pictures and books ; Fraser miscel- 
lanies: the Christmas books: selections 
from Punch ; Ballads. 

TIJI Bunker papers, or Yankee farm- 

itic. N. Y., [op. 186S.] L. 4445 

WEBB, C. H. '• .Mm Paul" 

John Paul's book. Hartf., 1874__L. 4783 

My vacation at Long Branch and 

SaVatoga, N. Y., 1870 _..L. 4471 

Parodies in pro- e and ve se. N. Y., 

n.d L. 4471 

"WALSH, W. S., edr. The treasure trove 
series. Burlesque ; travesty ; story; 
extravauanza ; portraiture ; mys- 
tification; essay: farce ; .satire ; an- 
ecdote. iOv. Bost., [cop. 1875. IL. 4464 

WHITCIIER, Frances M. Widow Bed- 

ott papers. N. Y., [cop. 18.55. J. ..L. 4481 

WRIGHT, T. History of caricature and 

grote--que. Lond., 1875 L. 4493 

YANKEE notions : a medley by Timothy 

Titterwell. Bost.. 1838 ...L. 4497 

1m, 5,— ((notations, Anecdotes, Extracts, etc. 

ALCOTT, A. B. Table talk. Bost., 

1877 L. 5007 

ALDEN, T. American epitaphs and in- 
scriptions. .5v. N. Y., 1814 L. 5007 

ALGER, H., and Cheney. Augusta. 
Seeking liis forlutie [and other dia- 
logiiesj. Bost, [m^i. 1875J --L. 5007 

ALLIBCiME, S. A. Poetical quotations. 

Phil., 1877. L. 5504 

Prose quotations. Phil., 1876 . ..L. 5504 

ARVINE. K. Cyclopedia of anecdotes. 

Bost., I8:o -_ L. 5509 

BAKER, G. M., edr. Handy speaker. 

Bost.. 1877-..- L. 5023 

BALLOU, M. .M. Treasury of thought. 

Bost.. 1872 L. 5514 

BARTLETT, .1. Familiar quotations. 

Bost . 1874 L. 5029 

•BLESSINGTON.'Co«?!te*.s uf. Desultory 

thoughts. N. Y., 1839 L. 5045 

BOHN, H. G. Polyglot of foreign prov- 
erbs. Lond., 1867 ...L. 5048 

BREWER, E. C. Dictionary of phrase 

and fable. Phil., n.d.. L. 5057 

CARLYLE. anthology, the; selected by 

E. Barrett. N. Y. , 1876 L. 5076 


COATES, H. T. Best authors in prose 

an.l poetry. Phil, 1876 L. 5095 

CRAFTS, W. F. Childhood ; the text- 
book of the age. Bost., 1875 L. 5104 

CUSHING. L. S. Rules of proceeding 
and debate in deliberative assem- 
blies. Revised by E. L. Cushing. 

Bost., 1877 L. 5108 

DEQUINCEY, T. Beauties selected 

from the writings of. N. Y'. 1877-L. 5118 
DODD, liec. W. Beauties of Shakespeare. 

N. Y., 1814 L. 5134 

DODD, Rex. H. P. Epigrammatists fof 

ancient, mediirval and modern 

timesj. Lond., 1875. ...L. 5124 

FLEAY, F. G. Shakespeare manual 

Lond., 1876 L. 51.53 

GREAT truths by great authors. Phil., 

1871 L. 5175 

GRONOW, Ctqit. Last recollections. 

Lond., 1866 L. 5177 

HEINE, H. Scinlillations. I. Florentine 

nights. 11. Excerpts. N. Y'., 

1873 ...L. 5193 

JACOX, F. Scripture proverbs. N. Y., 

1876 -L. 5636 

JAMES, S. B. Morals of mottoes. Lond., 

n.d L. 5327 

JERMYN, J. Book of English epithets. 

Lond., 1849 L. 5639 

KIPPAX, J. R. Churchyard literature. 

Chicasio, 1877 L. 5344 

KNIGHT, C. Half-hours with the best 

authors. Phil. , n d .L. 5249 

MACAULAY, Lord T. B. Selections 

from the writings of, ed. by G. O. 

Trevelyan, N Y.. 1877 L. 5666 

McKAY. Mrs. C. E. Stories of ho.'jpital 

and camp. Phil., 1876 L. 5381 

MARTIAL'S epigrams. Translated into 

English prose [with verse transla- 
tions from various sources]. Lond. , 

1871 L. 5389 

MASTERPIECES of foreign literature. 

Lond.. 1870 L. 5674 

Contents: Schiller's tragedies, translated 

by S. T. Coleridge; Goethe's Faust; La 

Fontaine's fables; Picciola, by Saintine. 
MILTON anthology, the; selected from 

his prose writings. N.Y., 1870--.L. 5306 
MONROE, L. B., edr. Public and par- 
lor readings, miscellaneous. Bost. 

and N. Y., 1873 L. 5313 

Same. Dialogues and dramas. 

Best. andN. Y.. 1875 L. 5313 

Same. Humorous. Bost. and N. 

Y., 1877 ---L. 5313 

Young folks' readings. Bost, 

1877. L- 5313 

MORGAN, Lady. Book of the boudoir. 

3v. N. Y., 1829 L. 5313 

NOBLE deeds of woman ■2v. Phil, 1836 L. 5333 
NORTHCOTE, J. Fables, original and 

selected. Lond., 1833 L. 5333 

PERCY anecdotes; collected and edited 

by R. and S. Percy. Lond., n. rf-.L. 5347 
RILEY, H. T.. edr. Dictionaiy of Latin 

and Greek quotations. Lond., 

1872 L. 5373 




ROBERTS. 11. M. Rules of order for 
deliberative assemblies. Chicago, 
1876-.. ...L. 5375 

ROGERS, S Table talk [and] Person 

_^ iana. N. Y., 18oG. L. 5376 

RUSKIN. J. Frondes Agrestes, read- 
ings from modern painters. Lond., 
18?o L. 5381 

RYAN, R., edr. Drama' ic table talk. 

3v. Lond., 1824 L. 5881 

SAMPS(.)N, H. History of advertising. 

Lond., 1874 L. 5384 

8ELD0N, J. Table talk, with a biograph- 
ical preface and notes, by S. W. 
Singer. Lond., 1847 L. 5400 

STEARNES, C. W. Shakespeare treas- 
ury of wisdom and knowledge. 
N. Y., 1871 L. 5421 

SUNNY hours of childhood. N. Y., 

1873 L. 54S9 

TIMBS, J. Clubs and club life in Lon- 
don. Lon. [7>re/. 1872] L. 5443 

TUCKER, T. W. Waifs from the way- 
bills of an old expressman. Bost. , 
1873... L. 5448 

"WARRINGTON'S" Manual of Parlia- 
mentary practice, Ac., by W. S. 
Robinson. Bost., 1875... ,..L. 5466 

WHATELY, R. Commonplace book. 

Lon.. 1864 L. 5478 

WHITE, R. G. National hymns. N. Y., 

1861 L. 5788 

WOOLEVER. A. Treasury of wisdom, 

wit and humor. Phil., 1877 L. 5794 

L,. 6. Blbllogranliy, l.ibrary Catalogues, 

BARTLETT. .1. R. Catalogue of books 
and pamphlets relating to the civil 
war in the U. S. , with works on 
American slavery. Bost., 1866... L. 

BOSTON athena?um librarj' catalogue 
[by C. A. Cutter] A-H. Bost., 
1874-1876 . L 

BOSTON public library. Lower haU. 
Catalogue of history, biography 
and travel. 2d ed. Rost.,"l873..L. 

Chronological index to historical 

fiction Bost., 1875 L. 

Hmid-book for readers, by-laws 

and regulations. Bost., 1870-72. .L. 

BROOKLYN mercantile library cata- 
logue [bv S. B. Noyes] Pt. "l, A-C. 
N Y., i877 ^ L 

CHICAGO public library ; finding lists. 

8d ed. Chicago, 1876 L. 

CINCINNATI public library cata- 
logue. Cincin.. 1871 L. 

COLLIER, ,1. P. Bibliographical account 
of the rarest books iu the English 
Language. 2v. Lond., 1865... L. 

COLUMBIA college (N. Y. city). Cata- 
logue of library. N. Y.,"l874 L. 

Catalogue of school of mines. N. Y. 

1875 L. 

CURWEN. H. Hisiory of booksellers, 

Lond. [j)ref. 1873]... L. 







CUTTER, C. A. Rules for a printed 
dictionary cataloaue, [part 2 of 
Ignited States public libraries] L. 6773 

DEWEY, M, Classification and subject 
inde.x for cataloguing and arrang- 
ing a library. AmhtMst, 1876. . . " L 6572 

EDWARDS. E. Free town libraries, 

N. Y. and Lond., 1869 L. 6580 

Libraries and founders of libraries. 

Lond.. 1864... L. 6580 

HARTFORD young men's institute. 

Catalogue of librarv. Hartf., 1873,L. 6613 

INDIANAPOLIS public library cata- 
logue. Indianap., 1873 L. 6634 

— ■ List of books added, Nov. '73— 

Jan. '76. Indianap., 1S76 L. 6634 

IRVIN6T0N(N. Y.) free libr.ary cata- 
logue. 3d ed. N. Y.. 1874 L. 6334 

MANCHESTER public free libraries. 

Catalogue of library, Lond., 1864,L. 6673 

Index catalogue. Holme lending 

branch. 2d ed. March, 1874.. L. 6672 

MOSS, J. W. Manual of classical bibli- 
ography. 2v. Lond., 1837 L. 6690 

NEW YORK apprentices' library cata- 
logue [compiled by J. Schwartz]. 
N. Y., 1874 ". _.L. 6697 

Bulletm, '76 and '77. N. Y ..L. 6697 

NEW YORK. Harlem library catalogue. 

N. Y., 1831 .^..._L. 6329 

N. Y.,1874 _.L. 6329 

N. Y.. 1875 _.._L. 6329 

NEW YORK mercantile library. Cata- 
logue of English prose fiction, to 
July, '76. N. Y..1876 L. 6697 

NEW YORK society library catalogue. 

N. Y., 1850 _L. 6697 

PHILADELPHIA library catalogue. 

PM., 1870 L. 6711 

PERKINS, P. B., edr. Best reading 

N. Y., 1874...... !.L. 6347 

2nd ed. N. Y., 1877 ..L. 6347 

PORTER, N. Books and reading. N. Y., 

1873 ° !l. 6356 

QUINCY (Mass.) public library cata- 
logue. Bost., 1875 L. 6717 

SABIN. J. Catalogue of the library of 
a collector and amateur. N. Y. , [pref 
1876] ....".. L. 6739 

ST. L(.)LIS mercantile library. Supple- 
ment to classified catalogues. St. 
Louis, 1876 L 6730 

SAN FRANCISCO mercantile librarv. 
Catalogue of books added, Feb. 1, 
'74-Sept. 1,'75. San Francisco, 1875 L. 6731 

SAVAGE, J. The librarian. Lond., 1808. L. 673^ 

TRADE list annual. N. Y., 1875, '76 

and '77. 3v L. 6768 

UNITED STATES bureau of education. 

Public libraries in the L". S. Wash., 

1876 L. 6773 

Ijibrary of Congrcs-^. Catalogue. 

Index of subjects. 2v. Wash., 1869. L. 6773 

Catalogue of books added during 

1872. Wash. , 1874 . _ L. 6773 

Same; 1873-5, with index to sub- ~ 

jectsand titles. Wash., 1876 L. 6773 



WORCESTER free public library. Cata- 
logue of circulating department. 
Worcester, 1870 

L. 5T9.5 

WHITTAKER, .1. Reference catalogue 

of current literature. Lond., 18T4.-L. 67 

Class M.— Medical Science. 

M.— General Works. 


AITKIN, W. Science and practice of 

medicine. 2v. Pliil., 1872.-. . .-.M. 

. Outlines of tbe science and practice 

of medicine. Lond.. 1874 -M. 

BARTHOLOW, R. Materia medica and 

therapeutics. N. Y., 1876-. -- --M, 
CARVER, J. rompikr. Farrier s Mag- 
azine. PbO., 1818 M. 

CHAUMONT, F. de. Lectures on state 

medicine. Lond., 1875 M, 

DLTSTGLISON, R. Dictionary of medi- 
cal science. Phil., 1874 ■--.-"'■ 

FLEMING. G. Animal plagues : their 
history, nature and prevention. 

Lond., 1871-- M. 

HAVILAND, A. Geographical distiiim- 

tion of hean disease and dropsy, 

cancer and phthisis in feinales, in 

Eno-land and Wales. Lond., 18i5j.M. DdSf 

HOLMES, T. Treatise on surgery. 

Lond., 1875 M. 626 

HOLMES, T., (dr.. System of surgery. 

5v. N. Y., 1870 M. 626t 

Contests: vl— General pathology. VJ-Lo- 
cal injuries. v3— Diseases of tlie eye and 
ear; of the organs of circulat-.m; muscles 
and bones. v4-Di9ease3 of the organs of 
locomotion, etc. v5-0perntive surgery, 
LAXTRIE, J. Homoeopathic domestic 
medicine; ed. by R. J. McClat- 

chey. N.Y^,1875 

MOYNIER and Appi.\. Help for sick 
and wounded: trans, from (he 
French of La guerre et la charite, 

by.I Furley. Lond., 1870 M 

PLAYFAIR, W. S. Science and prac- 
tice of midwifery. 2v. Lond., 
1876 V --,--- V^- 







SMITH, S. S. Causes of the variety of 
complexion and tigure in the hu- 
man species. New Brunsvfick, 
1810.-- >I- 412 

SMITH. W. G. Commentary on the 
British pharmacopoeia. Lond., 
1875--- M. 412t 

TRANS.A.CTIONS of the medical society 
of the State of New York. N. Y. , 
1875.-..- M. 768 

WHITE J. Compendium of cattle med- 
icine. Phil.. 1823 M. 481 

M. 1. -Anatomy and Pliysiology 

ANGELL. .J. Elements of animal pliysi 

Five senses of man. 

M. 1010 



-M. 657 


PLEASANTON, Oen. A. J. [and others]. 
Influence of the blue ray of the 
sunlifilit in developing animal and 
vegetable life, etc. Phil. , 1876. - _ .M. 

RADCLIFFE, C. B. Vital motion [as a 
mode of physical motion.] Lond., 

1876- --" ■ 

ROSENBERG, E. Use of the spectro- 
scope in its application to scien- 
tific and practical medicine. N. 1 ., 

1876--.. --.- --- — M 

SEGUIN, E. C, edr. 
lectures. 2v. 

1876 „ . , 

SENNERTUS, D. Opera. 2v. m 1. 

Lyons, 1666. M. 

American clinical 

1875-77. N. Y., 




M. 739 


ology. N. S, 

N. Y., 1876..-. M. 

CLELAND, J. Animal physiology ...-M, 

COMBE, A. Principles of physiology 

aDt'lied to the preservation of 

health M.2098 

D ALTON, J. C. Physiology and hy- 

giene. N. Y., 187;: . M. 1112 

DWIGHT, T. Anatomy of the head. 

Bost., 1876 , M 

ECKER, Dr. H. Convolutions of the 

human brain. Lond., 1873-- M 

ELLIS G. V. Demonstrations of anat- 
omy. Lond., 1809 M. 1135 

ELLIS, G. H. Illustraiions of di>sections 
in a series of colored plates. 2v. 
Lond., 1867. vl. Description of 

the plates M. 1581 

v2. Plates - -- M.1928t 

FLINT A. Physiology of man. 4v. 

N. Y., 1873-74 - -M, 

Text book of human physiology. 

N. Y., 1876 M 

FREY H. Compendium of histo'ogy, 
trans, by G. A. Center. N. Y , 

1876--... -.M.1594 

GRISCOM, J. R. Animal mechanism 

and physiology. N. Y. , 1839 M. 1176 

LANKESTER. E. "Pradical physiology -M. 2260 
LAWSON,H. Popular physiology. N.Y., 

1873 - - M. 1263 

LE PILETER, A. Wonders of the hu- 
man body. N. Y., 1871 M.1264 

LEWES, G. H. Physiology of common 

life. 2.. N. Y., 1873 - M. 1267 

LIEBIG, J. Chemistry in its application 
to agricvdture and physiology. 
N. Y., 1872 8. 2268 





OWEN. R. Compariitive anatomy and 
physlilogv of the invertebrate 
aninvils. " London, 18.55.. --M. 1704 j 

Anatomy of vertebr.tes. Lond., i 

18Uli - M. 1704, 

Contents. — vl— Fishes and reptiles. v3 — ' 

Birds and mammals. v3. Mammals. 

POWER, J. H. Anatomy of the arteries 

of the human body, with descriplive ' 

anatomy of the heart. Phil. 1862. .M. 1356 

QUAIN. J. Elements of anatomy. 3v. 

Lond. , 1843-1848 M. 1717 

QUAIN and Wilson, E. Anatomical 
plates in lilhography. 2v. Lond., 

w. ef- - - - - M. 1973 

Contents. — vl — Bones, ligaments, muscles 
and viscera of the human body, v^ — Ves- 
sels of the human body. 

M. 2.— Hygiene. 

BEARD. G. M. Eating and drinking. 

N. Y., 1871.- M. 2033 

Stimulants and narcotics. N. Y. 

1871 M. 2032 

BLACK. J. R. Ten laws of health. Lond., 

1875 M.3044 

CHAMBERS, T. K. Diet in health and 

disease. Phil. , 1875 M. 3550 

CHASE, II. S. The teeth. St. Louis, 

1874 M.3034 

COMBE, A. Principles of pbysiology 

applied to the preservation of 

health. NY., 1834 M. 2098 

DALTON, J. C. Physioloiiy and hygiene. 

N. Y., 1873 .'. . '. M.2112 

EASSIE, W. Sanitary arrangements for 

dwelling.s. Lond., 1874 M. 2031 

FOTHINGILL, J. M. iVlaintenance of 

health. N. Y. , 1873 M. 3156 

FROBISIIER, J. E. Blood and breath; 

a system of e.xercise for the lungs 

and limb.s. N. Y., 1876 M. 3158 

GARDNER, A. K. Our children. 

N. Y., 1870 M.3163 

HALL, W. W. How to live long. N. Y., 

1875.-- M. 2183 

HINTON, J. Health and its conditions. 

N. Y., 1871- 

HOLBROOK, M. L. Eating for strength. 

N. Y., 187.") M.3210 

HOWE, .1. W. The breath. N. Y., 1874-M. 3214 
KINGSLEY C. Health and education. 

N. Y., 1874 -M. 3244 

KNIGHT. J. Improvement of the health 

by natural means. N. Y. ^ 1875.. M. 2249 
LANKESTEK, E. Practical physiology. 

Lond., 1872 M. 2360 

On food. Lond., 1873- M. 3360 

LEWIS, D. Our girls. N. Y., 1874- --M. 3367 
Five minute chats with young 

women. N. Y., 1874 M. 2367 

;We.ik lungs. Bost. , 1874 M. 3267 

MACfi, J. Hi.story of a mouthful of 

bread. N. Y. , 1874 M. 2377 

Servants of the stomach. N. Y., 

1868 M. 3277 

MADDEN, T. M. Change of climate; 

a guide for travel rs in pursuit of 
health. Lond., 1864 M. 2284 


MEREDITH, L. P. The teeth and how 
to save them Lond., 1873 

NAPHEYS, G. H. Physical life of wo- 
man Phil., 1873 M. 3336 

Transmission of life. Phil, 1874-M. 2326 

PARIS, J. A. Treatise on diet. Phil., 

1836 M. 3706 

PEREIRA, J. Treatise on food and 

diet. N. Y, , 1843 M. 3708 

PICKFORD, J. H. Hygiene. Lond. 

1858 M. 2713 

SHOVE, 6. A. Life under glass. Bost. 

1874 M. 3403 

SMITH, E. Health. N. Y.,1875 M. 2413 

Foods. N. Y. , 1873 - M. 2412 

TICKNOR, C. Philosophy of living. 

N. Y., 1836- M. 2441 

TRALL, R. T. Mothers' hygienic hand- 
book. N. Y., 1874^ M. 2446 

WALTON, G. E. Jlineral springs of 
the United States and Canada. N. 
Y., 1873 ---- 

WARING, G. E. Sanitary drainage of 

houses and towns. N. Y., 1876-.M. 2465 

WOOLSON, Abba G., edr.. Dress re- 
form. Bost.. 1874 -M. 3490 

jn. 3— Pathology— General and Special. 

BASTIAN, H. C. Paralysis from brain 

disease. N. Y., 1875 M. 3029 

CHAMBERS. J. A mad world and its in- 
habitants N. Y. , 1877 - M. 3083 

DICKSON, J. T. Medicine in relation 
to mind, the pathology' of the nerve 
centres, and the jurisprudence of 
insanity. N. Y. 1 874 M. 3573 

DONKIN, A" S. The relation of diabetes 

and food. N. Y., 1875 M. 3124 

ELLIS, J. Avoiddile causes of disease, 

insanity, and deformity. N. Y..1873.M.3135 

EVANS, Elizabeth E. Abuse of mater- 
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Responsibility of mental disease. 

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Class N.— Natural History. 

For additional works under this head, see Addenda at tlie end of Part TI 
-General Vl^orks, 


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or studies of nature and pictures 
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Every dtiy objects, or p cturesque 

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Seaside studies in natural history. 



-Agriculture of N. Y. By 
Emmons. E, 6v. Account 
of the classification, com- 
position and distribution 
of the soils and rocks, and 
of the climate and agrl- 
cultuftd productions of the 
State; with descriptions 
of the more common and 
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Part \.—/.o(>loyy. By DeKay, J. E. 


Ornithology. 2v. 
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Reptiles and fishes. 2v. 
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girls in biology. N. Y., 1875. N. 
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Contents : vl. a. 3— Quadrupeds. v4— Mon- 
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Part 3. — PopuUition of an apple tree 

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N. 2— Zoology. 

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},^™ - - ---_ N. 2794 

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N. 3— Etlinologj-. 

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J . A . ,1. It-, i,. ,1-1.7 throughout nature N Y 1875 N 

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-More criticisms on Darwin, N. 



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Class O.- French Language and Literature. 


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p.— General AVorks. 


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P. 3.— Mystical Philosophy.— Spiritualism, 
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AUTOBIOGPAPHY of a Sliaker [ii. p 

18G9.].. .....3512 




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Angelic wisdom concerning the 

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.\pocalypse revealed. 

Conjugal love. 

Divine love and divine wisdom 

Four leading doctrines of the new 


He iven and hell. 

The heavenly arcana, containing 

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the moral and intellec- 
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Phil., 1836 _..R. 4335 

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of the sea and its meteorology. 
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Ocean, atmosphere, and life. 

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and rivers, ice and glaciers. N. Y., 
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n. d -.- 8. 4498 

S. 5.— Geology and Mineralogy. 

AGASSIZ, L. Geological sketches. 1st 

series. Bost.. 1874 ..S. 5005 

Same. 3d series. Bost., 1876 S. 5005 

BECK, L. C. Mineralogy of New York; 

see NatuR-\l history reports, part 3-N. 696 

BRISTOW, H. W. Table of British sedi- 
mentary and fossil if erous strata; 
see Natural history diagrams, 
[in addenda] N. 327 




COLLINS, J. H. First book in miner- 
alogy. N. Y., 1873 S. 5097 

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eeological rcbitiuns. N. Y., 1875. S. 5105 

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N. Y., 1875-- S. 5113 

Manual of mineralogy. New Ha- 
ven, 1877 S. 5113 

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history and geology during a voy- 
age around the world. N. Y.,1873.N. 114 

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according to revelation and science. 
N. Y., 1877 S. 115 

DAVIS, W. S. First book in geology. 

N. Y., )(. d --- S. 5153 

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tory of New York; Geology, see 
NATUTiAl. historv reports, part 4...N. 696 

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N. Y,, 1807 S. 5589 

GEIKE, J. Great ice age and its relations 
to the antiquity of man. N. Y., 
1874 S. 5165 

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allurgy. N. Y.,m.rf--- S. 5175 

HAMLIN, A. C. The tourmaline. N. Y., 

1875 - S. 5180 

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on the geology of Vermont. 3v. 
Claremont, 1861 S. 5842 


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stones. Lond., 1807 S. 5244 

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N. Y., 1868 -S. 5665 

Geological evidences of the an- 
tiquity of man. Lond., 1873 N. 3665 

Principles of geology- 2v. N. Y., 

1874 8, 5665 

MILLER, H. Cruise of the Betsey, with 

rambles of a geologist. Kdinb. 

1874. .__ S. .5305 

Edinburgh and its neighborhood, 

geological and historical. Edinb. 

1870- --S, 5305 

Footprints of the Creator. Bost. 

1850- S. 5305 

Old red sandstone. Edinb. 1872.. S. .5305 

Popular geology. Edinb. 1869- -8.5305 

Testimony of the rocks. Edinb. 

1871--- S. 5305 

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N. Y. 1873 8. 5313 

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Lond. 1837 8. 5351 

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1874 .8. 5434 

WINCHELL, A. Sketches of creation. 

N.Y. 1874 _.-S. 5485 

Class T.— Travel, Geog-raphy, Voyag-e and Adventure. 

T.— General Works— Cieograpliy and Univer- 
sal Travel. 


BARROW, J. Mutiny of the Bounty. 

Lond., 1838-43". T. 60 

BLACK, A. and C. General atlas of the 

world. Edinb.. 1871 T. 910t 

CHAMBERS, W. & R., pnhl. Approved 
works— travels. 2v. Edinb. and 

Lond. n.d -T. 550 

Contents.— vl. Clarke's travels in Russia, 
Tariary and Turkey; life and travels of 
Mungo Park: Laniavtine's travels in the 
East and in the Huly Land; Stephens's 
incidents of travel in Egypt, Arabia, Petrasa 
and the Holy Land; Chambers' tour in 
Holland, the countries on the Rhine, and 
Belgium. vS. Malioni's travels in Hin- 
dostan, Malaya, Siani and China; the sea, 
narratives of adventure and shipwreck, 
tales and sketches; Malcom's travels in the 
Burnian em i are; Parker's journey beyond 
the Rocky Mountains, 1835-37; Mackenzie's 
travels in Iceland; Chambers' tour in 
Switzerland in IMl. 

CLARKE, E. D. Travels in Europe, 

Asia atid Africa. N. Y., 1813- .- -T. 93 

COLERIDGE, II. M. Six months in the 

AVest Indies, Lond., 1833 T. 97 

COLLINS, AV., pwii. New mercnntile 
map of the woild on Mercator's 
projection. Lond., n. d T. 558f 

COOK, Capt. .lournal of his last voyage 
to the Pacific ocean, 1776-1779. 
Dublin, 1781 T. 100 


DANA, R. H. Two years before the 
mast. Bost., 1872 T. 

DAVENPORT, R. H. Narratives of 

peril and suffering. Lond., 1840. T. 

DAA'IS, W. M. American whalesraen. 
N. Y., 1874 -..T, 

DICKENS. C. Pictures from Italy [and] 

American Notes. Bost., 1869 T. 

DILKE, C.AV. Greater Britain; a record 
of travel in English-speaking coun- 
tiies during 1866-7. Phil., 1869- -T. 
Contents.— Part 1. America. II. Polyne- 
sia. III. Australia. IV. India. 

DOUGLASS, C. ri. Searches for sum- 
mer. Edinb., 1874 T. 

FIELD, H. M. From the lakes of Kil- 
larney to the golden horn. N. 
Y., 1877 ---T. 

From India to Japan, N. Y., 1877-T. 

GELL, Sir W [Map of] Rome and its 
environs. n. t. p -- T. 

GLENNIE, J. S. S. Pilgrim memories; 
or, travels and discussions in the 
birth countries of Christianity with 
the lale Henry Buckle. N. Y., 
1875 T. 

GROSA^ENOR, E. M. A yacht voyage 
on the Mediterranean. 2v. Lond., 
1843 -T. 177 










HARTWIG, Dr. G. The tropical world : 

or, aspects of man and nature in 

the equatorial regions of the glolie. 

Lond., 1873 T. 613 

HAZARD, S. Santo Dominaro, with a 

glance at Hayti. N. Y.TlSTS T. 615 

HEINE, H. Pictures of travel; trans. 

from the German by C. G. Leland. 

Phila., 1873 ..,.T. 193 

Contents: The homeward joumev; Hartz 

journey; North Sea in three parts; ideas; 

a new spring; Italy; English fragments. 

HEPWORTH, G. H. Starboard and 
port; the "Nettie" along shore. 
N. Y., 187G. T. 196 

HISTORIC geographical atlas of the 
middle and modern ages. Lond., 
1853... T. 942t 

Contents; Maps and plans chronologically 
arranged delineating the niiu'ralions of the 
German and Asiatic nations and the rise 
and fall of all the states, kingdoms and em- 
pires founded by them in Europe. Wes- 
tern Asia, Northern Africa and America 
from the fall of the Western Roman Em- 
pire lo the abdication of Napoleon, with 
maps illustrative of English history. 

HISTORY of the mutiny at Spithead 

and the Note. Lond., Iis43... T 305 
HUBNER, M. le llaron, de. A ramble 

around the world. N. Y., 1874.-,T. 315 
IRVING, W. Voyages and discoveries 
of the companions of Columbus. 

Lond , 1831 T. 234 

KINGSLEY, C. At last; or, a Christmas 

in the West Indies. Loml., 1871 T. 244 
LARDNER, D.. edr. Cities and prinei- j 

pal towns of the world. 3v. Lond 

1830 .T. 361 i 

History of maratime and inland 

discovery. 3v. Lond., 1830 T. 261 ' 

MACGREGOR, .1. One thousand miles in 

the Rob Rov canoe. Best., 1867 T. 280 
MANDEVILLE, Sir J. Voyages and i 

travels of Sir .John Mandeville. j 

Lond T. 676 1 

MELVILLE, H. Typee; a peep at Poly- N. Y.,1846 T. 397 

Omoo; a narrative of adventures 

in the South seas. N. Y., 1847_.T. 397 
MEUNIER, V. Adventures in the great 
huntmg grounds of the world." N. 

Y., 1873 T. 802 

MICHIE, C. The Siberian overland 
route from Pekin to Petersburg, 
through the desert and steppes of 
Mongolia, Tartary, etc. Lond., 

1864 ..T. 683 

MONTGOMERY, J. E. Cruise of the 

Franklin, 1867-68. N. Y., 1869__T. 688 
MORRELL, dipt. B. Narrative of four 
voyages to the South Sea, Atlantic, 
Pacific, Indian and Antarctic 

oceans, 1832-31. N. Y., 1833 T. 690 

MORSE, J. and S. Geography, ancient 

and modern. Bost., 1834 T. 317 

MOUAT, F. .J. Adventures and research- 
es among the Andameu Islanders. 
Lend., 1863 .T. 691 


OLMSTEAD, F. H. Incide- ts of a 
whaling voyage in the Sandwich 
and Society Ishinls. N. Y, 1841 T 

OSSOLI, Margaret Fuller. At home and 

abroad. B"st. , 1874 T. 

POLO, Marco. Book of, concerning 
the kingdoms and marvels of the 
East, ed. by Col. A. Yale. 3v. 
Lond., 1871 T 

PRIME, S.L Travels in Europe atid the 
East. 3v. N. Y., 1870 T 

PUTNAM'S Sons, G. V..puhl. The lY- ' 
brary atlas. N. Y. [pref. 1S75J..T. 
Contents : Modern geography by J 
Bryce, historical geography, by W. F. Col- 
li a -sr 'i'"'' ""'' '='"'"'''^''' geography, by L. Schmits. 

KAY, J., edr. Collection of curioustrav- 
els and voyages, 3 v. Lond., 1738 P 
Contents : vl— Travels through the Low 
Countries; Germanv, Italv and Prance- 
travels of Willoiighby through Spain. 
v2— Rauwolf's journey into the Eastern 
countries; travels into Greece, Asia Minor 

RILEY, J. Narrative of the loss of the 
American brig Commerce on the 
Western coast of Africa. N Y 
1817 T 

ROBBINS, A. Journalof tiielossof the 
brig Commerce in 1815. Hartf 
1831.... T 

SEAWARD, Sir E. Narrative of his ' 
shipwreck, and of the discovery of 
islanVls in the Curribbean sea; ed. 
bv Miss Porter. 2v. N. Y 1831 T 

SEDGWICK, C.E. Let' ers from abroad 











to kinsmen at home. 2v. N. Y., 

j 1841 . 'x 899 

SEWARD, W. H. T.avels around'the 

world. N. Y., 1874.. T 

TALBOYS. W. P. West India pickles. 

I N. Y., 1876 T 

TAYLOR, F. W. Voyage around the 

world. N. Y.,1840 T. 

UNIVERSAL history of voyages and 

travels. 3v. Lond., 17.^4 T. 

Contents: vl— Everything worth mention- 
ing in the four quarters of the globe- v2 — 
The East and West Indies; v.3— Voyages to 
most parts of Kurope. 

VOYAGES and discoveries. Lond 

1734 _ T. 

Contents: Sir John Narborongh-s voyage 
to the South-Seas; Capt. Tasman's discov- 
eries on the coast of the South Terra in- 
cognita; Capt. Wood's attempt to discover 
a north-east pass,-igc to China; Marten's 
Spitzbergen and Greenland. 

WARBURTON, E. The crescent and 

the cross. 3v. Lond., 1846.. T 465 

WILKES, C. United States exploring 
expedition, 1838-43. 5v. Phil., 
1845 'x 790 

WALKER, F. A., edr. Statistical atlas 

of the United St;ites. [n.p., 1874.]. T. 998f 
Contents : Part I. Statistical features of 
the United States ; II. Population, social 
and industrial statistics , III. Vital statis- 
tics ; IV. Memoirs and discussions. 

WONDERFUL escapes and daring ad- 
ventures in the remotest places of 
the earth. N. Y., 1873 T. 894 




T. 1. 


.T. 1004 



Travels In Europe including the 
BritlsU Ikies. 

ACERBI. J. Travels tlirough Sweden, 
Finland and l^nplaud, to the North 

Cape. 2v. Lond., 1802 T, 

ADDISdN. H. li. Paris social; sketch 
of every-day life in the French Me- 
tropolis. Lond., 1866 
ANDERSON, H. C. Pictures of trav;;el 
in Sweden and Switzerland. N. "i ., 

1871 T. 

APPLETON, D. & Co., puM. European 

guide-book. 2 vols. N. Y.,1878.T. 
BAIRD R. Visit to northern Europe. 

2v. N. Y., 1842 T. 

BAYLEY, H. W. Spain; art remains and 
art realities; notes of things seeu 
during a three years' residence. 3v. 

N. Y., 1875 ^- 1*^^" 

BAXTER, W. E. Tagus and the Tiber; 
travels in Portugal, Spain and Ita- 
ly. Lond., 1852 T. 1030 

BEAUFORT, E. A. Egyptian sepulchres 

and Assyrian shrines. Lond., 18(4. 1. lUdd 
BECKFOKD, W. Ilalv, with sketches 
of Spain and Portugal. 2v. Lond. 

1834 - - " I'^-O 

BECKER, R n.""ScientiflcLondon.N.Y., 

1875 - - -. -I- 1"*^* 

BELGIUM and Nassau, or, the continental 

tourist. Lond. , re. d 1 • 15''1 

BLACKBURN, II. Normandy pictur- 

esqiie. Bost., 1873 .--,-T. 1044 

BONNE Y, T. G. Alpine regions of Swit- 
zerland and the neighboring coun- 

tries. Lond., 1868..-- T. 1530 

BROWN,.!. R. . ^ 

American family in Germany. 

N. Y., 1866 - ---- 1- 1"0} 

Land of Thor. N. Y., 1870 T. lOol 

BRYANT, W.C. Letters from the East. 

N Y 1869 ^- 1""^ 

Letters of a traveler. N. Y., 1871-T. 1062 

BRYDONE, P. Tour through Sicily and 
Malta: letters addressed to William 
Beckford. N. Y., 1813 T. 1062 

BRYDGES, Sir H. J. British mission to 
the court of Persia, 1807-11. Lond. 

1 OOA , . ._-. 1. 

CARUS, Dr' 'c."G."Thti King of Sax- 
ony's journey through England and 
Scotland in 1844. Lond., 1846---.T 
Old Rome and New 


COSAS de Espana; or, going to Madrid 

via Barcilona. N. Y., 18.55 T. 1101 

COX, S. L. Search for winter; sunbeams 

in Riviera, Corsica, Algiers and 

Spain. N. Y., 1870 

CRAIK, if)'s. D. M. Fair France. Lond., 

1871 T. 

DICKENS, C. Pictures from Italy. 

Host., 1869 T. 

DIXON. W. H. Free Russia. 2v. Lend., 

1870 T. 

Her majesty's tower. Phil., 1869. T. 

EATON. C. A. Rome in the nineteenth 

century. 2v. Lond., 1860 T. 

ELIZABETH, Charlotte ; nee Tonna. 

Charlotte Elizabeth. 
ELLIOTT C. B. Letters from the north 

of Europe. Phil., 1833 T 

.T. 1103 








CASTELLAR, E. -^ T-m.qi 

Italy. N. Y.,18i3 -l- 1"*» GLEANINGS from Europe by an Amer 

EMERSON, J. Letters from thc^Egean. 

N. Y., 1829 - T. 

EMERSON, R. W. English traits., 

1872 T. 

ENGLAND, Ireland and France, by a 
German prince. Pliil., 1873.. . ...T. 

ESPRIELLA, Don M. Letters from Eng- 
land. 2v. Phil., 1813 T. 1139 

EUSTACE, J. C. Classical tour through 

Italy. 3v. Lond., 1841 T. 1139 

FIELD, Kate. Ten davs in Spain. Bost., 

1877 T. 

FIELD H. M. Home sketches in France. 

N. Y., 1875 -T. 

FISHER, Son & Co. , pvhl. Illustrations 
of Constantinople and iis environs. 

Lond. , re. d T. 

FORNEY, J. W. A centennial com 

ini.ssioner in Europe. Phil., 1876 -T. 
FORSYTH, J. Antiquities, arts and let- 
ters of Italy. Lond., 1835 T 

FRANCE. King, court and govern- 
ment. N. Y., 1840 T. 1157 

FRANCE, Switzerland and Germany, so- 
ciety and manners in. 2v. Lond. . 

1779 - --T. 

FRENCH home life. N. Y., 1874 T. 

FULTON, C. C. Europe viewed througii 

American spectacles. Phil., 1874. T. 
GAUTIER, T. Constantinople. N. Y., 

1875 - - J 

AVinter in Russia. N. Y., 1874-.. 1 

GER.MAN home life. N. Y., 1876 T. 1165 

CELL, Sir W. Topography of Rome 

and its vicinity. Lond., 1846 T. 1598 

Map of Rome and its vicinity T. 598t 







CATLOW, Agnes and Maria E. Sketch- 
ing rambles; or, nature in the Alps 
and Appeniaes. Lond. Ipref. 
1861] . ^.^ 

CATON, J. D. A summer in Norway. 

Chicago, 1875 .-T- 1548 

CHARLES, J. O., edr. Young Ameri- 
cans abroiid. Bost. .1874 1 . 

CLEMENS, S. L., •■ Mark Twain." In- 
nocents abroad ; or, the new pil- 
nrim's progress. Ilarlf., 1873. . T. 

COOK, J. Ru.ssian empire; Tartary and 

Persia. Edinb., 1770 T. 2560 

.T. 1548 



lean. Phil., 1837. T. 1169 

GREENE, J. R. Stray studies from 

England and Italy. N. Y. , 1876. .1 .11-5 
GREENWOOD. J. Wilds of London.,1874 -- -T. 1175 

GRISCOM, J. A year in Europe [1818]. 

2v. N. Y., 1823 T. 1606 

HAMILTON, P. G. Round my house; 

notes of rural life in France. 

Bost., 1876 T. 1184 

HARE, A. J. C. 

Cities of Northern and Central 

Italy. 3v. N. Y., 1876 ..T. 1186 




Da3-s near Riime. Phil., 1875 T. 1186 

Walks in Rome. N. Y., 1875 T. 1180 

HAWTHORNE. H. French and Italian 

note-books. Bost., 1873 T. 1190 

Passages from the English note- 
books. Bost., 1873 __.T. 1190 

HAWTHORNE, Mrs. Notes in England 

and Italy. N. Y., 1873 T. 1190 

HAY". J. Castiliin days. Bost., 1873_ _T. 1191 
HEAD. Sir F. B. A fortnight in Ireland. 

N. Y., 1853 T. 1192 

Paris in 1851, or a faggot of French 

sticks. N. Y., 1852"___ T. 1193 

HEAD, Sir G. Tour through the manu- 
facturing districts of" England in 

1835. N. Y., 1836 __ .T. 192 

HEADLEY, J. T. Mountain adventures 

in various parts of the world. 

N. Y.. 1873 T. 6192 

HILLARD, G. S. Six months in Italy. 

Bost., 1871 T. 1203 

HOUSSAYE, A. Life in Paris. Bost., 

1875- T. 1314 

HOWELLS, W. D. Italian journeys. 

Bost., 1874 T. 1314 

Venetian life. N. Y", 1867 T. 1314 

HUGO, V. The Rhine : a tour to May- 

ence. Bost.. n. d . T. 1315 

HUNT, Mrs. H. Bits of travel. Bost., 

1874 __ T. 1217 

HURST, J. F. Life and literal ure in the 

Fatherland. N. Y.. 1875 - T. 1218 

IRVING, W. The Alhambra. Phila., 

1873 _.._T. 1234 

JAMES, H. TransAtlantic sketches 

Bost., 1875 ._ T. 1237 

JAMESON, Mrs. Diary of an ennuyee. 

Bost., 1875-- T. 1337 

JANIN, M. J. America in Paris during 

the summer of 1841. Lond., 1846"T. 1636 
JAY, W. JI. L., pseud., see WooDRnFF, 

Miss J. L. M. 
JONES. Rev. H. The regular Swiss 

round, in three trips. Lond , 1878 T. 1234 
KENNARD, G. Tent life in Siberia. 

N. Y., 1873 T. 1341 

KNIGHT, Cec?/-. London. 3 v. Lond., 

1851 _ T. 1649 

KOHL, J. G. Austria and the military 

frontier. Lond., 1844 T. 1657 

Enaiand, Wales, and Scotland. 

Lond.. 1844 T 1651 

LATHAM, R. J. Norway and the Nor- 
wegians. 2v. Lond., 1840 T. 1363 

LATOUCHE, J. Travels in Portugal. 

N. Y., 1875 T. 1657 

LEAKE, W. M. Travels in Northern 

Greece. 4v. Lond., 1835.. T. 1658 

The topography of Athens [and] the 

Demi. 3v. Lond., 1841... H. 1658 

LONGFELLOW, H. W. Outre-mer. 

Bost., 1873 T. 1273 

LOWTH, G. T, Wanderer in Western 

France. Lond., 1763 T. 1664 

MAC GREGOR, J. Rob Roy on the 

Baltic. Bust., 1867 T. 1380 

Rob Roy on the Jordan. N. Y., 

1870... T. 1380 


MAC QUOID, Katherine E. Through 

Normandy. N. Y., n. d .T. 1283 

MACKENZIE, H. S. Spain revisited. 

2v. N. Y., 1836... T. 1381 

MARRY ATT, H. One year in Sweden, 
including a visit lo the Isle of Got- 
land. 3v. Lond., 1862 T. 1289 

MEREDITH, L. A. (Jver the Straits; a 

visit to Victoria. Lond., 1861 T. 1300 

MILLER, H. Scenes and legends in the 

North of Scotland. Edinb. . 1873... T. 1305 

England and its people. Edinb 

1872 T. 1805 

MOTT, V. Travels in Europe and the 

East. N. Y., 1842 T 1661 

MUSGRA VE, Ret. G. Nooks and corners 

of old France. 2v. Lond., 1867 T. 1334 

NADAL, E. S. Impre-sions of London 

social life. N.Y., 1875 T. 1326 

O'KELLY, J. J. Mambi-land: or, adven- 
tures of a Herrihl correspondent in 
Cuba. Phil., 1874 T 1866 

OLIPHANT, L. Russian shores of the 

Black Sea in 1862. Lond., 1854 T 1703 

OLMSTEAD, F. L. Walks and talks of 
an American farmer in England. 
Columbus, 1859.; T 1337 

OWENSON, Miss. Patriotic sketches of 

Ireland. Baltimore, 1809 T. 1340 

PARIS, and its historical scenes. Lond. 

1831 :t. 1343 

PEAKE, Elizabeth. Pen pictures of 

Europe. Phil., 1874 T 1707 

PENNANT. T. Some account of London. 

Lond., 1813 T. 1708 

PRIME, S. F. Travels in Europe and the 

East. 2v. N.Y., 1870 T. 157 

Alhambra and the Kremlin. N. Y., 

[eop. 1875] T. 1157 

RHODES, A. A. The French at home. 

N.Y., [cop. 1875] T. 1371 

RODENBERGH, J. England, literary 
and social, from a German point o"f 
view. Lond., 1875 .T. 1725 

RUSH, B. Residence at the court of 

London. Lond., 1833 T. 1725 

SILLIMAN, Prof. B. Visit to Europe in 

1851. 3v. N. Y. , 1854 T. 1406 

England, Holland and Scotland in 

1805. 3v. New Haven, 1820 .T. 1406 

SPENCER, E. Travels in European Tur- 
key. Lond., 1851 T. 1750 

STERNE,L. Sentimental journey through 

France. Phila., n. d T. 1431 

STONE, J. B. A tour with Cook through 

Spain. Lond., 1823 T 1433 

SWEETSER. jM. F. Europe for two dol- 
lars a day. Bost., 1875 T. 1480 

SWITZERLAND, Sketches of, by an 

American. Phila., 1836 T. 1431 

TAINE, H. A. Italy, Florence and Ven- 
ice. N. Y., 1875 T. 1759 

Italy, Rome and Naples. N. Y., 1875 T. 1759 

Notes on England. N. Y., 1876.. T. 1433 

• Notes on Paris. N. Y., 1875 T. 1432 

Tour through the Pyrenees. N. 

Y^, 1874....". T. 1433 



TAYLOR, B. Byways of Europe. N. 

Y.,1872 - T. 1434 

Greece and Russia. N. Y., 1872-.T. 1434 

Northern travel. N. Y., 1878- ---T. 1434 

Views afoot. N. Y., 1873 T. 1434 

THACKERAY, W. M. Irisli sketch 

book. Host., 1873 T. 1437 

Paris sketch book. Bost. , 1873 .. .T. 1437 

The students" quarter ; or, Paris 






WRATISLAW, Baron W. Adventures 
in Constantinople in 1591. Lond., 
1«62 T. 1492 

ZINCKE, T. B. A month in Switzerland. 

Lond., 1873 ----T. 1499 

four and thirty years since. Lond., 

n. d - - T 

TIIlilBLlN, N. S. Spain and the Span- 

iard^f., 1875 T. 1437 

TIIORNBURY, W. Haunted London. 

Lond.. 1865-.. T. 1763 

TONNA, Charlotte Elizabeth. Letters 

from Ireland in 1837. N. Y., 1843-T. 1444 
TOUR through South Holland. Lond., 

1831.. T. 1268 

TOUSEY, S. Letters from Europe. N. 

Y., 1809 T. 1445 

TRAFTON, Adelaide T. American girl 

abroad. Bost , 1876. T 

TRINITY of Italy, or, the Pope, the 
Bourbon, and the Victor. Lond., 

1867 T 

TROLLOPE, Afrs. Belgium and Western 

Germany in 1838. Phil., 1834. ...T. 1768 
TUCKERMAN, C. K. The Greeks of 

to-day. N. Y., 1873 T. 1448 

TURKEY in 1832, sketches of. N. Y., 

1833 ----T. 

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1836 --T, 










, 3560 
, 2500 
. 2107 
. 2115 




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illustrative of Scripture. N.Y., 
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T. 3.— Travels In North and Sontli America. 

ABBOTT, E. Revolutionary times. 

Bost., 1876 T. 3003 

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Bost., 1871 T. 3503 

Scientific results of a journey to 

Brazil. Bost., 1870 T. 3503 

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Pioneers of the new world. Bost., 

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America. Lond. , 1856. .T. 3030 

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climate. N. Y., 1871 ....T. 3041 

Winter in Florida. N. Y., 1870. T. 3041 

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Y.. 1874. T. 3527 

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N. Y.,1873 T. 44 

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narrative of travel and adventure 
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Lond., 1873... T. 3009 

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1836 T. 3577 

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and politics in the United States. 
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Roughing it. Hartf., 1872 ..T. 556 

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N. Y., 1874 T. 3095 




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Class T _ - 121 

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1876--.- --- T. 3124 

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1860-61. N. Y^, 1876 T. 3135 

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1873 T. 3126 

Nooks and corners of the New 

Endand coast. N. Y., 1875 T. 3576 

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patches relating to British North 
America. Loud.. 1839 T. 3577 

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Bost., 1875 --T. 3144 

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N Y"., 1833 T. 3149 

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1833 ---- T. 3149 

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FROZEN North, the. N. Y'. [cop. 1876]. _T. 3158 

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army at Washington and New Or- 
leans in 1814-15." Lond.. 1836 T. 3602 

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description of the game, &c., of 
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Sandford Fleming's expedition 
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from the Battery to Bloomingdale; 
etchings by Eliza Greatorex, text 
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Summer etchings in Colorado. 

N. Y. [ajp. 1873] T. 3605 

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sketches of -sport and natural his- 
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Open Polar sea. N. Y^, 1874 T. 3191 

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or, a thousand years in the old 
Norseman's home, [874-1874]. 
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val ids. N. Y'. . 1875 . - - - . .T. 8214 

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and curiosity in California. N. Y'., 
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Bonnicastle. Phil., 1873 T. 3224 

Astoria. Phil., 1873.- T. 3634 

Crayon misce lany. Phil.. 1873 ..T. 3634 

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Texas Santa Fe expedition. 2v. 
N. Y'., 1844 --T. 3241 

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interior of the United States, with 
adescri; tionof Mexico. Elizabeth- 
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N. Y'.,1841 - T. 3260 

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Plate [Rio de la Plata], Uraguay 
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3v. Lond., 1835.. T T. 3368 

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fate of Sir .John Franklin and his 
companion'). Lond., 1859 T. 3666 

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Cricq, Lorenzo de _. 

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N. Y^, 1839 T. 3388 

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horseback to Sante Fe and back. 
N. Y".,1868 T. 3397 




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or, life among the Modocs. Hartf., 
1874 T. 3683 

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from tlie Mississippi to the Pacific. 
2v. Lond., 18.58-- ---T. 3687 

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Patagonians; from the Straits of 
Magellan to the Rio Negro. Lond. , 
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pleasure and residence. N. Y., 
1874 T. 3700 

Northern California, Oregon and 

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OCEAN to ocean; or, from Liverpool to 

California and hack. Lond., 1871 -T. 3703 

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Pioneers of France in the new 

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the discovery of the Northwest 
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Voyage for the discovery of a 

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Travel in Yucatan. 3v. N. Y., 

1843-..- ---T. 3753 

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Eldorado. N. Y., 1873 T. 3434 

— Tr.avels in South America. N. Y., 

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Shoals., 1873 --- ...T. 3437 

TOWNSEND, G. A. Washington, out- 
side and inside. Hartf. , 1874 T. 3767 

TOWNSEND, F. T. Wild life in Flor- 
ida, with a visit to Cuba. Lond., 
1875 T. 3707 

TROLLOPE, Mrs. Domestic manners 

of the Americans. Lond., 1832. ..T. 3768 

TWAIN, Mark, pseud, see Clemens, S. C. 

TYTLER, P. F. Progress of discovery 
en the northern coa.sts of North 
America. N. Y,, 1838 T. 3451 

WARBURTON, E. Hocbelaga, or Eng- 
land in the new world. 2v. 
Lond., 1851 T. 3405 

WARNER, C. D. Baddeck, and that 

sort of thing. Bost. , 1874 T. 3405 

WEST, The far, or a tour beyond the 

Rocky mountains. N. Y., 1838 . .T. 3476 

WESTCOTT, T. cdr. Official guide book 

to Philadelphia. Phil. \eop. 1875] -T. 3470 

WHITE mountains. The. Bost., 1870-. T. 3481 

WILLIAMS, D. H. edr. America illus- 
trated. N. Y. , 1870 T. 3898 

WHYMPER, F. Alaska. N. Y., 1871-T. 3788 



Class IT.— Political, Social and Leg'al Science. 

C— Political Science— General Works. 


ALLEN, J. Science of government in 
connection with American institu- 
tions. N. Y., n. rf U. 7 

BAGEHOT, W. Physics and politics, 

N. Y.,1873 U. 22 

BENTHAM, J. Morals and legislation. 

O.xf., 1876 P. 2036 

BRADLAUGH, C. Impeachment of the 

house of Brunswick. Best. 1875. U. 56 

BROUGHAM, 11. Lord. British consti- 
tution. Edinb. 1873 -..U. 60 

COX, H. British commonwealth. Lond., 

1854 U. 103 

DAVIS, J. C, compiler. Treaties and 
conventions concluded between the 
United States and other powers 
since July 4, 1776. Wash., 1873.. _U. 569 

DE LOLME, J. L. Constitution of Eng- 
land. Lond., 1853 .U. 107 

Same, with notes, &c., b7 A. J. 

Stephens. 2v. Lond., 1838 U. 571 

DAWSON, H. B. . edr. The Federalist. 

N. Y., 1873.. U. 569 

DIX, W. G. American state and .\.mer- 

ican statesmen. Bost., 1870 U. 123 

DRAPER, J. W. Civil policy in Amer- 
ica. N. Y.,1875 U. 126 

DUMAS, A. Progress of democracy, 
illustrated in the history of Gaul 
and France. N . Y. , 1841 U. 128 

FREEMAN, E. A. Comparative politics, 

N. Y.. 1874 ...U. 157 

GODWIN, P. Political essays. N. Y., 

1856 .U. 171 

GREG, W. R. Rocks ahead. Bost, 1875. U. 175 

GUIZOT, F. History of the origin of 
repre.sentative government in 
Europe. Lond., 1861 U. 178 

HEEREN, A. H. L. Historical works; 
trans, from the German, by 6. 
Bancroft and others. 6v. Lond , 
\pref., 1842] H. 615 

HELPS, A. Tlioughts on government. 

Bost., 1872 U. 616 

HICKEY, W. Constitution of the 

United States, etc. Phil , 1853... U. 202 

LEWIS, Sir G. C. Use and abuse of 

political terms. O.xf., 1877 U. 267 

LIEBER, F. Civil liberty and self- 
government. Phil., 1874 U. 661 

^lanual of political ethics. 2v. 

Phil., 1875 U. 661 

Mcpherson, E. Handbook of politics 

for 1874. Wash., 1874 U. 670 

MAINE. Sir H. S. Early history of in- 
stitutions. Lond., 1875.. .U. 671 

MARTIN, F. Statesmen's yearbook for 

1875-76. Lond., 1875-6 ..U. 289 

MILL, J. S. On liberty [and] the subjec 

tion of woman. ' N. Y., 1873 LT. 305 

Representative government. N.Y., 

1873.. U. 305 


NORDHOFF, C. Politics for young 

Americans. N. Y., 1875. ..U. 333 

PRINCE, L. B. Articles of confederation 

r.«. the constitution. N. Y., 1807. U. 357 

TAINE, H. A. The ancient regime [in 

France]. N. Y., 1876 U. 432 

TOCQUEVILLE, A. de. Democracy in 

America. 2v. Bost., 1873 U. 443 

VAN BUREN, M. Political parties in 

the United States. N. Y., 1867 ..U. 774 

WOOLSEY, T. D. Political science, or 
the state theoretically and practi- 
cally considered. N. Y., 1877 U. 794 

17. 1.— Trade and Finance. 

ACTS of Congress relating to the national 
debt and the national currency, 
1842-1875. N. Y., 1876 U. 1503 

BAGEHOT, W. Lombard street ; a de- 
scription of the money market. 
N. Y., 1874. : ..U. 1023 

BUTTS, .7. Protection and free trade. 

N. Y., 1875 U. 1069 

CLARKE, F. W., compiler. Weights, 
measures, and money of all na- 
tions. N. Y.,1875... U. 1093 

EGGLESTON, G. C. How to make a 

living. N. Y., 1875 U. 1134 

JEVONS, W. S. Money and the mech- 
anism of exchange. N. Y., 1875. U. 1232 

MILLS, J. D. Art of money making. 

N. Y., [cop., 1872] ". ...U. 1305 

MONEY market, the ; an introduction 

to financial science. Lond., 1873. U. 1303 

PILON, M. R. Yanko-Sequor ; on the 
demonitization of gold and silver 
and private banks. N. Y., 1875. .U. 1712 

PRICE, B. Currency and banking. N. 

Y., 1876 .■ U. 1357 

PURDY. W. The city life : its trade and 

finance. Lond.. 1870 U. 1359 

SPAULDING, E G. History .)f the legal 
tender paper money issued during 
the rebellion. Buffalo. 1869 U. 1750 

SUMNER, W. G. History of American 

currency. N. Y., 1874 U. 1428 

WELLS, D. A. Robinson Crusoe's 

money N. Y. , 1876 U. 1784 

WHITE, A. D. Paper money inflation 

in France. N. Y., 1876 ..U. 1788 

17. 2.— Social Science— General IVorks. 

BARHAM, T. F. Philadelphia ; or, the 

claims of humanity. Lond., 1858. U. 2026 

CAREY, H. C. Principles of social 

science. 3v. Phila.,1873 U. 2545 

FAWCETT, H. and Jlillicent, G. Es- 
says on social and political subjects. 
Lond., 1872... U. 2586 

Past, present and future. Phila. , 

1872 U. 3545 




HALE, E. E. Sybaris and other homes. 

Bost., 1869 .__TJ. 3193 

HAMILTON, K. 8. Present status of 

social science. N. Y., 1873 U. 2184 

JEWELL, J. G. Among our sailors. N. 

Y., 1874- U. 2232 

SMITH, A. Wealth of nations. 2v. 

Hartf. 1818.. ...U. 2747 

SPENCER. H. Social statics. N. Y., 

1865 U, 2417 

Principles of sociology, vol. 1. N. 

Y., 1877 P. 417 

Study of sociology. N. Y., 1874. U. 2417 

TAYLOR, W. C. Natural history of so- 
ciety in the barbarous and civilized 

■state. Lnnd.,1840 U. 2434 

THOMPSON, R. E. Social science and 

national economy. Phila., 1875.. U. 2438 
WYNTEU, A. Peeps into the human 

hive. 2v. Loud., 1874 L. 2496 

U. 3.— Political Economy and the 
Labor Question, 

BARNES, W. Views on labor and gold. 

Lond., 1859 U. 3028 

BASTIAT, F. Economic sophisms. 

Edinb., 1873 U. 3517 

BOLLES. A. S. Conflict between labor 

and capital. Phila., 1876 U. 3149 

BRASSEY, T. Work and wages. Phila. 

and Lond., 1853 U. 3056 

BROWN, W. The labour question. 

N. Y. and v. p. , 1872 .U. 3061 

CAIRNES, J. E. Principles of political 

economy. N. Y. , 1S74 U. 3543 

CASSAGNAC, A. G. de. History of the 
working classes. [With a preface 
on the causes of the civil war by 
B. E. Green.] Phila., 1871. U. 3547 

ELDER, Br. W. Questions of the day, 

economic and social. Phil., 1871. LT. 3581 

FAWCETT, H. Economic position of 
the British laborer. Camb. and 
Lond., 1865 U. 3144 

GLADDEN, W. Working people and 

their employers. Bost , 1876 U. 3169 

GREAT army, the. By the Riverside 

visitor. Lond., 1875 ..L. 2175 

HALE, E E. Workiugmen's homes. 

Bost., 1874 .^ U. 3182 

HANDBOOK for immigrants to the 

United States. N. Y. , 1871 U. 3185 

HOLYOAKE, G. J. History of co-oper- 
ation in England. vl. Phil., 
1875 U. 3210 

JENKINS, E. The coolie, his rights 

and wrongs. N. Y. . 1871 U. 3230 

JERVIS, J. B. Question of labor and 

capital. N. Y., 1877 U. 3231 

LARNED, J. M. Talks about labor. 

N. Y., 187G U. 3261 

LE PLAY, F. Organization of labor. 

Phil., 1873 ..U. 3264 

LEVERSON, M. R. Common sense ; 
or, first steps in political econ- 
omy. N. Y., 1876 .U. 3267 


MALTHUS, ifew. T. R. Essay on the 
principle of population. London, 
1872 .,U. 3672 

Principles of political economy. 

London, 1820 U. 3672 

MILL, J. S. Principles of political 

economy. Bost., 1872. ...U. 3505 

NORDHOFF, C. Communistic socie- 
ties of the United States. N. Y., 
1875. U. 3700 

PERRY, A. L. Elements of political 

economy. N. Y., 1874 U. 3347 

RICARDO, D. Principles of political 
economy and taxation. Lond., 
1817 U. 3724 

ROGERS, J. E. T. Social economy. N. 

Y., 1873.. U. 3376 

RUSKIN, J. Time and tide, N. Y., 

1868 ...U. 3381 

Unto this last. N. Y. , 1875 U. 3381 

SISMONDI, J. C. L. Simondede. Pol- 
itical economy and the philosophy 
of government. Lond., 1847 . .. .U. 3746 

STURTEVANT, J. M. Economics of 

the science of wealth. N. Y..1877 U. 3436 

THORNTON, W. T. On labor. Lond., 

1870 U. 3763 

VILLETARDE, E. History of the in- 
ternational. New Haven, 1874 ...U. 3460 

WALKER, A. Science of wealth. Bost., 

1871 U. 3778 

WALKER, F. A. Wages question. N. 

Y., 1876.... U. 3778 

WILSON, W. D. Political economy. 

Ithaca, 1875 U. 3484 

WRIGHT, T. Our new masters. Lond., 

1873 U. 2493 

U. 4.— Women. 

AMES, A. Sex in industry : a plea for 

the working girl. Bost., 1875 U. 4009 

BRACKETT, Anna C.edr. Education of 

American ijirls. N. Y., 1874 E. 56 

BUSHNELL, H.'" Woman suffrage. N.Y., 

1871 U. 4068 

CAPSADELL, L. Woman's secrets. N. 

Y.. 1876 A. 9074 

CARLIER, Augusta. Marriage in the 
United States. Bost. and N. Y., 

Female beauty and the art of pleas- 
ing. N. Y.,1874-. A. 9079 

CLARKE, E. H. Building of the brain. 

Bost., 1874 E. 92 

Sex in education. Bost., 1874 E. 92 

CRESSWELL, C. N. Woman and her 

work in the world. Lond., 1876... U. 4104 

CROLY, Jennie C. ' ;/ennie June.'' For 
better or worse. Bost. and N. Y., 
1875 U. 4105 

DALL, Caroline H. College, market and 
court ; or woman's rehition to edu- 
cation, labor and law. Bost., 1868. U. 4112 

DIAZ, Mrs. A. M. Domestic problem. 

Bost., 1875 ..U. 4121 

Schoolmaster's trunk. Bost., 1874. U. 4131 



DODGE, Mary A., " Oail Hamilton." 

— ■ A new atmosphere. Bost, 1872_.-U. 4134 

Woman's -nrongs. Best., 18C8-. -U, 4124 

DUFFEY, Mrs. E. V. No sex in edu- 
cation. Pliil., n. d E. 128 

ENGLISH matrons and their profession. 

Lond.. 1873- -- _U. 4137 

EVANS, Elizabeth E. Abuse of mater- 
nity. Phil., 1875- M. 3140 

FENELON, F. de la Mothe. Education 

of daushters., 1821 E. 146 

FONSSAGRtVES, J. B. Mothers' work 

with children. N. Y. [pref. 1872J-M. 3155 

FULLER, Margaret ; see Ossoli, Mar- 
garet Fuller. 

GALE, Ethel C. Hints on dress. N. Y., 

1872--- A. 9161 

HAMILTON, Gail, pseud., see Dodgb, 
Mary A. 

LEWIS, D. Five minute chats with 

young women. N. Y., 1874 M. 2267 

Ourgirls. N. Y., 1874 M. 3267 

MICHELET, J. Love. N. X., 1874.. U. 4303 

Woman. N. Y. , 1874 U. 4303 

MILL. J. S. On the subjection of woman. 

N. Y., 1873 U. 305 

MODERN women ; what is said of them. 

N. Y., 1870- U. 4311 

NAPHEYS, G. H. Phj'sical life of wo- 
man. Phil., 1873 M. 2326 

ORTON, J., edr. Liberal education of 

women. N. Y.,1873 --E. 339 

OSSOLI, Margaret Fuller. Woman in 
the nineteenth century. Bost., 
1874 U. 4339 

PHELPS, Elizabeth S. What to wear. 

Bost., 1873 - A. 9350 

PROFFATT, J. Woman before the law. 

N. Y., 1874 - U. 4358 

SOZINSKY, T. S. Personal appearance 
and the culture of beauty. Phil., 
1877 A. 9416 

STOWE, Harriet Beecher. " Christophfr 
Crowfield." Chimney corner. Bost., 
1871 --- U. 4424 

House and home papers. Bost., 

1873 - - A. 9434 

TRALL, R.T. The mother's hygienic 

hand-book. N. Y' ., 1874- . ." M. 3446 

UGLY' girl papers ; or, hints for the toilet. 

N. Y., 1875 A. 9453 

WEST, Mrs. Jane. Letters to a young 

lady. 3v. Lond., 1811 U. 4476 

WOOLSON, Abba G., edr. Dress re- 
form. Bost., 1874 U. 4490 

Woman in American society. Bost., 

1873 - U. 4490 

tion of the rights of women. Lond., 
1792 U. 4793 

YONGE, Charlotte M. Womankind. N. 

Y. and Lond., 1877 U. 4498 

17. 5.— liegal Science. 

AMOS, S. The science of law. N. Y., 

1874- -U. 5009 


BARNARD, G. D. Impeachment of. in 

the senate of the state of New 

York. yv. Albany, 1874 U. 4517 

BAYLIES, E. Questions and an-swers 

for law students. Albany, 1874- -U. 5518 
BIGELOW, L. J. Bench and bar. N. 

Y 1871 U 5534 

BLACKSTONE, W. Commentaries on 
the laws of England. 4v., N. Y., 

1862 .' -.U. 5537 

BROTHERSON, J., compiler. Executors 
and administrator's instructor. N. 

Y., 1839---- U. 5059 

BROWN, J. Humorous phases of the 

law. San Francisco, 1876 H. 5061 

BRUCE, B.., compiler. 

Custom house guide. N. Y'., 1863 U. 5537 

Warehouse manual. N. Y., 1863 -U. 5537 

CRARY, C. Law and practice in special 
proceedings in the courts of the 
state of New Y^ork. 3v. Albany, 
1873- U. 5563 

CURTIS, G. M. Impeachment of, iii the 
senate of the state of New York. 
Albany, 1874 "..--U. 5563 

CRIMINAL trials. The gunpowder plot. 

[vS. misdiuj]. Lond. , 1835 . - U. 5104 

DIX, J. A. Dec sions of the superinten- 
dent of conunon schools of the 
state of New York. Albany, 1837. U. 5574 

DRESSER, A. E. , compiler. United States 
internal revenue and tariff laws. 
N. Y., 1870 ---- --U. 5576 

FORSYTH, W. History of lawyers, an- 
cient and modern. Bost., 1875 U. 5594 

Hortensius ; an essay on the office 

and duty of an advocate. Lond., 

1874 U. 5394 

FOSS, E. Memories of Westminster 

Hall 2v. N. Y., 1874 U. 5594 

FREEMAN, S. American clerk's maga- 
zine. Bost., 1800 ^--U. 5157 

GORDON, Lady Duff. Narratives of re- 
markable criminal trials. N. Y., 
1840 - - U. 5173 

HOLTEN, J. C. Literary copyright. 

Lond., 1871 U. 5313 

JUDGMENTS, transcripts and decrees, 
indices of, docketed in the city and 
county of New York, from Jan. 
1844, to Dec. 185:. 25v. N. Y., 
1844-55-..- - U.5847t 

KENT, J. Commentaries on American 

law. 4v. N. Y., 1876 U. 5645 

LAW and lawyers. 2v. Phil., 1841--- -U. 5263 

LAWS of the state of New York. 1799, 
1804, '11, '13, '24, '38, '33, '35, '42. 
Albany, 1799-1843 U. 5263t 

LAWS of the state of New York, in re- 
lation to the Erie and Champlain 
canals. Albany, 1825 - - - -U. 5657t 

LEAD! NG cases done into English [verse. ] 

Lond., 1876 --- U. 5263 

McCUNN, J. H. Proceedings in the sen- 
ate against. Albany ,1874 U. 5666 

MARCOARTU, Don A. de. Internation- 
alism, with prize essays on interna- 
tional law, by A. P. Sprague and 




P. Lacombe. Lond. and N.Y., 

1876 U.5673 

PAGET, J. Judicial puzzles. San Fran- 
cisco, 1876 U- 5341 

PIERCE, B. K. Half century with juve- 
nile delinquents. N. 1:'., 1869.---E. 707 

PRINDLE, H. G. Proceedings in the sen 

ate against. Albany, 1874 U. 5715 

PROFFATT, J. Curiosities and laws of 

wills. San Francisco, 1876 U. 5358 

SHEIL, R. L. Sketches of the Irish bar. 

2v. rv2, misKiiig]. N.Y. [c«p. 1854). U. 5403 

SPICER, 11. Judicial dramas; or, the 
romance of French criminal law. 
Lond.. 1872 U. 5751 

STEPHEN. J. F. Digest of the law of 

evidence. Lond,, 1876 S. 5421 

WEEDEN, W. B. The morality of pro- 
hibitory liquor laws. Bost., 1875. U. 5471 

WELLS J. G. Every man his own law- 
yer. N. Y., 1873 U. 5473 

WESTMINSTER Hall ; or, profe.^^sional 
relics and anecdotes of the bar, 
bench and woolsack. 3v. Lond,, 
1825 U. 5476 

WOOLSEY. T. D. Introduction to the 
study of international law. N. Y., 
1872 U-5490 

II. 6.— liCglslatlve Annals, Reports and 
Public Documents. 

AMERICAN state papers. 17v. Wash., 

1858-61 V. 802f 

COLDEN, C. D., edr. Memoir on the 
completion of the New York ca- 
nals. N. Y., 1825... U.6558t 

MANUAL of the board of education. 

1860-70. 9v. N.Y., 1860-70. ...U,6287t 

Legislature. Albany, 1 857-73 . . . . U. 62871 

NEW YORK CITY. Documents of the 

board of aldermen. N. Y., 1854.U6697t 

Report of the commissioners of the 

department of public works. 2v. 

N.Y., 1871-73 ..U6697t 

Report (if llie council of hygiene 

and pulilic health. N. Y.. 1866... U 6697} 

Report of the l)oard of education. 

7v. N. Y., 1859-74. E 723t 

Report of the comptroller. N. Y. , 

1855 . U6697t 

Report of the fire department. 

Albany, 1808 U 6697t 

NEW YORK state assembly docu- 
ments, 54th-91st session. 133v. 

Albany. 1831-68 IT.6697f 

Assembly journal. 1812-14, n. t. p.U.6697f 

■ Same. 48lh-66th session 25v. 

Albany, 1825-08. U.6697t 

Senate documents. 54th-91st ses- 
sion. 48v. Albany, 1831-68. -..U.6697t 

■ Senate journal. 48th-66th session. 

18v. Albany. 1833-68.... ..U.6697t 

Natural history reports. N. Y., 

1842-51 ---N. 866t 

Report of the regents of the Uni- 
versity on the boundary of New 
York. Albany, 1864. U.6697t 


Insurance report. 2v. Albany, 

1872-73 U.6697t 

Report of the canal committees. 

Albany. 1864 U.6697f 

Same. Albany, 1873. lOv U.6697f 

Report of the superintendent of 

publi'- instruction. Albany, 1873-U. 6697f 

Report of the state engineers on 

railroads. 2v. Albany, 1871-72. .U6697t 
■ Transactions of the N. Y. Agricul- 
tural Society. 2v. Albany, 1849. U6697t 
UNITED STATES. Annals of congress 
5th-18th session. Wash., 1789- 

1824 U6778t 

Assembly bills. 2v. Albany, 1841. U6773| 

House of representatives ; execu- 

t ve documents ; 35th-44'h con- 
gress. 290v. Wash., 1855-76.. ..U 6773t 
House of representatives ; miscel- 
laneous documents. 87v. iSVw^.U 667.3- 

Reports of committees. 22v. Same. U 6673' ■ 

House Journal. 31v. Sime U667a' 

Senate executive documents. 94v. 

Same ....U6673-f 

Senate miscellaneous documents. 

,56y. Same.. U6673t 

Report of the committee on agricul- 
ture. lOv. Wash. 1863-75 U.6697-|- 

Report on meteorology, etc. .Wash. , 

1861 ....U.6673t 

Report on the Mexican boundary. 

2v. Wash., 1859 .._.U.6891t 

Patent otfice reports: mechanical, 

1847. 49-51, 54-57, 61, 02, 65 70. 

Wash., 1847-70 U.6673t 

Patent office reports: agricultural, 

1849, .55, 57, 59. 63. 2v. Wash., 

1849-63 U.6673t 

President's message and accom- 
panying docimients, 1849, 57, 60- 
65,75,76. 41y. Wash., 1849-76. U.6673t 

Senate journal. 21 v. Sams U.6673t 

Senate reports of committees. 32v. 

Same ...U.6673t 

Eighth census, 1860. 3v. Wash., 

1864 U.6891t 

Ninth census, 1870. 3v. W^ash. , 

1872.... U.6891t 

Congressional Globe, 1859-63. 12v. 

Wash., 1859-63.... ...U. 920t 

Documents relative to Central 

American affairs, etc. AVash., 

1856 U.6673t 

Diplomatic correspondence, etc. 

Wash., 1866... U.6673t 

Report of the committee on volun- 
teering. N. Y.,1864.._ ._U.6673t 

Report of the land office. Wash., 

1867.. U.667at 

Report of the lighthouse board. 

Wash. , 1 875 U.6673t 

Report of the life saving service. 

Wash., 1876 U.6673t 

Report of the prison association. 

Albany, 1865 ..U.6673t 

Report of the secretary of the 

treasury. Wash., 1854 U.6673t 

VERMONT. Report on the geology, etc., 

of. 2v. Clairmont. "l861 S. 4874t 



Class v.— Encyclopedias and TXTorks of Reference. 

Those books to which a daj^j^er (t) is affixed, do not circulate, but may be consulted in the library. 


ABBOTT, Rev. L. , cdi: Dictionary of re- 
ligious liuowl. dge. N. Y., 1875--R.1501f 

AITKIN, W. Science and practice of 

medicine. 3v. Phil., 1872 M. SOSf 

ALLIBONE, S. A. Dictionary of au- 

tliors. 3v. Phil., 1874 B. 504+ 

AMERICAN state papers. Documents 
of tlie Congress of tlie United States 
from tlie lust to tlie thirty fifth con- 
gres.s. IGv. Wash., 1851)-U0 V. 803t 

APPLETON, D. & Co., piM. Ameri- 
can annual cyclopedia. 3v. N. Y., 
1870-74.. .■--.._ V. SOSt 

American cyclopedia ; ed. by G, 

Ripley and G. H. Dana. 16v. 

N. Y., 187;:!-76 V. 508+ 

Dictionary of machines, mechanics 

engine work and engineering. 2v. 

N. Y., 1874 A.6508+ 

BAIRD, S. P., «/?•., Annual record of 
science and industry. N. Y., 
1875 S. 31+ 

BARNES, F. H. History of the 40th 
congress of the United Slates. 2v. 
N. Y.,1871 .-B. 517 

BARTHOLOMEW, J. Collins' new mer- 
cantile map of the world. Edinb., 
n. d ..-.T. 558+ 

BARTHOLOW, R. Materia medica and 

therapeutics. N. Y., 1870 M. 517+ 

BARTLETT, J. R. Dictionary of Am- 
ericanisms. Bost, 18U0... K. 517+ 

BEACH, A. E. Annual record of science 

and industry. N. Y., 1874 .-S. 33 

BLACK, A. and V., piibl. General atlas 

of the world. Edinb. ,1871 T. 910+ 

BREWER, C. V. Dictionary of phrase 
and faille, giving the origin of com- 
mon phrases. Phil., n. d .L, 5057+ 

BRIGHT, D. B. Cojicordance to the en- 
tire works of Tennyson. Lond., 
1869. D. 535+ 

BRODHEAD, J. R. Documents relative 
to the colonial history of the State 
of New York. lOv. Albany, 1856. H. 7813+ 

BRYCE, J. Student's atlas of physical 

geography. N. Y. , n. d S. 4534+ 

CATROl) and Rouille. The" Roman 

history. 6v. Lond., 17'28.. H. 3816+ 

CENSLS ot the United States ; 8th, 1860. 

3v. Wash., 1865 V. 817+ 

Same; 9th, 1870. 3v. Wash. 1873. V. 817+ 

Compendium of the 9th census; 

compiled by F. A. Walker. Wash. , 

187-2 .. V. 817+ 

CLARKE, Mary C. Concordance to 

Shakespeare. Bost., 1871 Y. 555+ 

CONGRESSIONAL globe. Containing 
the debates and proceedings of 
the 30tli and 37th congress. Wash. , 
1860-63 V. 820+ 


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Class W.— Periodical Literature. 

Those Serials to w hich a dagger (t) is ufti: 


ACADEMY. v9, 10. Lond., 1876 W. 502 

ALDINE. v7, 8. N. Y., 1874-76 W. 504 

APPLETONS journal. vl3-15. Old 

series. N. Y., 1874-76.--- W. 508 

Same, new series, vl-2. N. Y., 

1876-77 -- W. 508f 

ART iournal. New series, vl-3. N. Y., 

1874-77 W. 5101 

ATHENAEUM. 6v. Lond., 1874-76. -W. 571 
ATLANTIC monthly, vl-40. Bost. and 

N. Y.. 1857-77- -- W. 511f 

BLACKWOOD'S Edinburgh magazine. 

V115-121. N. Y., 1874-77 W. 527] 

CHRISTIAN union. vlO-14. N. Y., 

1874-77 ---.W. 553t 

ECLECTIC magazine. Old series, vl-63. 

N. Y., 1844-64 W. 581 

Same, new series, vl-27 W. 581] 

ELECTIC museum, vl, 3. N. Y., 1843. W. 581 
EDINBURGH review, vl-36 [with in- 
dex]. N. Y., 1823-26- --.W. 582] 

FRANK Leslie's boys' and girls' week- 
ly. vl4. N. Y.,1873 W. 595 

xed may be found iu the Reading Room. 


GALAXY. V18-25. N. Y., 1874-77- -W. 597 

GOOD words. 3v. Phil., 1874-76 W. 603 

HARPER'S bazar. v7-10. N.Y^,1874-77.W. 938] 

Magazine, vl-57. N. Y., 18 0-77-W. 612t 

Weekly. v3-21. [v7, 13, 17, 18, 

1^ missing.] N. Y., 185!)-77-.. .W. 938] 
HISTORICAL magazine, ed. by H. B. 

Dawson. Second series, vl-9. N. 

Y., 1867-71..- ----W. 624 

Same, third series, vl, 2. N. Y., 

1872-73 W. 624 

HOURS at home. v8-ll. N. Y.,1807-70-W. 628 
HOUSEHOLD magazine ; ed. by C. 

Dickens, vl-19. Lond., 1850-^8. W. 628 
INTERNATIONAL review, vl-4. N. 

Y. and v. p., 1873-77 W. 634+ 

LIBRARY iournal. vl. N. Y., 1877-...W. 661t 
LIPPINCOTT'S magazine. vl3-20. Phil. 

1874-77 ...W. 661f 

LITERARY world. v5-S. Bost., 1873-77W. 955] 
LITTELL'S living age. 5th series v6-18. 

Bo-t. 1874-77 W 270+ 

LONDON illustrated Graphic Lond.W. 864] 





LONDON mail. Lond., 1876 ■W.964f 

NATION. v5-24 [vl3-17 missing]. N. 

Y., 1867-77-- .W. 966t 

NATURE. vlO-14. Lond. and N. Y., 

1874-76.- W. 966 

NORTH American review. Bost., 1877. W. 700f 
OFFICIAL Gazette of the U. S. Patent 

Office, vl-12. Wash., 1805-77--. W. 702f 
OLD and new. v9, 11. Bost. 1874-75.. W. 703 
OUR young folks. v2-5, 9. Bost., 

1866-75 W. 704 

OVERLAND monthly. vl3-15. San 

Francisco, 1874, 75 W. 704 


POPULAR science monthly. v5-ll. 

N. Y., 1874-77 . W.714t 

PUNCH. V66-72. Lend., 1874-77 W.872| 

PUTNAM'S magazine, vl-6. N. Y., 

1868-70 W. 716 

ROUND table. v6. N. Y., 1867, 68 . .W. 976 
ROUTLEDGE'S every boy's annual. 2v. 

Lond. and N. Y., n. d W. 727 

ST. NICHOLAS, vl-4. N.Y., 1873-77.W.730t 
SCRIBNER'S monthly, vl-15. N. Y., 

1867-77- W.TSQt 

SPECTATOR. V41-49 [v45, 46, 47 miss- 
ing] . Lond. , 1868-76 W. 984 





:]yqu iktm m\i mwtjulh fikmimt, 





Cop... Copyrighted. 

jjjj Edition or Edited. 

Edr Editor. 

EdirO) Edinburgh. 



jjlly^ Illustrations or Illustrated. 

n.d No date. 

n.p Noplace. 

n.t.p No Title Page. 

Pref. Preface. 

jp^l Publisher 

pt Part . 

Pseud Pseudonym. 

•pram Translated. 

■p_ Volume or Volumes. 

^ p Various Places, 

, (j Various Dates. 


Prose Fiction— including^ Translations. 


A. L. O. E. psevd.,see Tncker, Miss Chax- 

lot te Abbot -Sw" 

ABBOTT, B.R. LeahMordecai. N. Y., 

ABBOTT, G. D. Family at home. Bost, 


ABDALLAH_ - ...Laioidaye 

ABDALLAH. Merchant of Bagdad. 

ABOUT, E. Man with the broljen ear. 

N. Y., 1873. 

ABOVE su.spicion RiddeU 

ACHSAH ; a New England life study. 

A C. M., Elsie : a Lowland sketch. 

Lond., 1875. 

ABSENTEE. Tales, v. 5 Edgeworth 

ADAM Bede ...Lewes 

ADAMS, T. Colburn. Story of a trooper. 

N. Y, , 1805. 

TheVonToodleburgs. Phil., 1868. 

ADAMS, H. C. Chief of the school. 

Lond., 1876. 
^Encombe stories. Lond. [pref. 

ADAMS, Wm. F. Woodleigh stories. 

Lond.. n. d. 
ADAMS, W. T. '•Oliver Optk." 

ARMY AND NAVY SERIES. 7v. BoSt ., 1873. 

The soldier boy. 
The siiilor boy. 
The young lieutenant. 
The Yankee middy. 
Fighting Joe. 
Brave old salt. 

BOAT CLUB SERIES. 6v. BoSt., 1872. 

The boat club. 
All aboard. 
Now or never. 
Try again. 
Poor and proud. 
Little by little. 

LAKE SHORE SERIES. 6v. BoSt., 1872-75. 

Through by daylight. 

Lightning express. 

On time. 

Switch off. 

Brake up. 

Bear and forbear. 



6v. Bost., 

Field and Forest. 
Plane and plank. 
Desk and debit. 
Crinkle and cross-tree. 
Bivouac and battle. 
Sea and shore. 

STARRY FLAG SERIES. 6v. BoSt , 1873-74. 

The starry flag. 

Breaking away. 

Seek and find. 

Freaks of fortune. 

Make or break. 

Down the river. 


Bost., 1875. 

Outward bound. 

Shamrock and thistle. 

Ked cross. 

Dykes and ditches. 

Palace and cottage. 

Down the Rhine. 


6v. Bost., 1874-78. 

Up the Baltic. 

Northern lands. 

Cross and crescent. 

Sunny shores. 

Vine and olive. 

Isles of the sea. 
ADAMS. Mrs. Leith. Winstowe. N. Y., 1877. 
ADDISON, J. Sir Roger de Coverly. 

ADELA Cathcart Mcu-doTidld 

ADELE Kavanagh 

ADIRONDACK tales Murray 

ADVENTURES in Texas. . Tfeto/rOTra Blackwood 
ADVENTURES in the land of the behe- 
moth . - _ Vern^ 

ADVENTURES in the Northwest Terri- 
tory - Tales from Blackwood 

ADVENTURES of a brownie Craik 

ADVENTURES of Captain Mago ..Cahun 

ADVENTURES of an attorney in search 

of practice :. Stephen 

ADVENTURES of Ferdinand, Count 

Fathom Smollett 

ADVENTURES of Joseph Andrews.. _i?feWin5' 
ADVENTURES of Mr. Verdant Green. 

.. Bradley 

ADVENTURES of Peregrine Pickle. 



ADVENTURES of Philip Thackeray 

ADVENTURES of Sidney Flint. N. Y., 


ADVENTURES of Tom Sawyer Clemens 

ADVENTURES of a voun? naimaWsl... Biart 
ADVENTURES of Robinson Playfellow. 
Lond., 1876. 

AFLOAT and ashore, Cooper 

AFLOAT in a forest Reid 

AFRA.JA: a Norwegian tale Mugge 

AFTER glow. [No name series.] Bost. , 

AFTER dark CoIHm 

AFTER many days Fisher 

AGAINST the stream Charles 

AGATHA'S husband-. Craik 

AGUILAR, Grace. Davs of Bruce. N. 
Y., 1866. 

Home influence. N. Y., 1874. 

Home scenes and heart studies. N. 

Y., 1866. 

Mother's recompense. N. Y. , 1874. 

Vale of cedars. N. Y., 1866. 

^Woman's friendship. N. Y., 1872. 

AIDE, Hamilton. Mr. and Mrs. Falcon- 
bridge. Bost., n. d. 

A nine-days' wonder. Bost., 1875. 

Penruddocke. Best., 1873. 

AILEEN Ferrers __ Morley 

AINSLIE, Herbert, pseud., see Mait- 

L.\ND, Edward. 
AINSWORTH, William H. Novels and 
romances. 8v. Lond., n. d. 
Contents: vl. Windsor Castle; Crichton. 
v2. Rookwood ; St. James. v3. Lanca- 
shire witches; Anriol. v4. Tower of Lon- 
don; Flitch of bacon. vS. Old St. Paul; 
Miser's daughter. v6. Merwyn Clitheroe ; 
Spendthrift." v7. Star chamber; Oving- 
dean grange. v8. Jaclc Sheppard; Guy 
ALCOTT, Louise M. Aunt Jo's scrap- 
bag. 3v. Bost., 1873. 

Eight cousins. Bost., 1875. 

Hospital sketches. Bost., 1873. 

Kitty's class day, and other stories. 

Bost., 1868. 

Little men. Bost., 1873. 

Little women. Bost.. 1873. 

Moods. Bost., 1805. 

Old-fashioned girl. Bost., 1873. 

Hose in bloom. Bost., 1876. 

Silver pitchers. Bost., 1876. 

Work. Bost, 1873. 

ALDRICH, T. B. Marjorie Daw, and 
other people. Bost., 1875. 

Prudence Palf ray. Bost. , 1874. 

Queen of Sheba. Bost., 1877. 

Story of a bad boy. Bost., 1873. 

ALEC Forbes of Howglen. . Macdonald 


Her dearest foe. N. Y., 1876. 

Heritage of Langdale. N. Y., 


Ralph Wilton's Weird. N.Y.,1875. 

■ Which shall it be ? N. Y., 1874. 

The wooing o't. N. Y., 1874. 

ALGATCHIE. Seen and unseen. N.Y., 

ALGER, Horatio J. 

Brave and bold PEnrES. 3v. 

Bost., [cop. 1874-76]. 

Brave and bold. 

Jack's ward. 

Shifting for himself. 

Work and hope. 
Luck and pluck. 1st Series. 4v. 

Bost.. 1869-72. 

Luck and pluck. 

Sink or swim. 

Strong and steady. 

Strive and succeed. 
Luck and pluck. 2d Series. 4v. 

Bost., [c«p. 1875]. 

Try and trust. 

Bound to rise. 

Risen from the ranks. 

Herbert Carter's legacy. 
Ragged Dick series. 6v. Best., 

II. d. 

Ragged Dick. 

Fame and fortune. 

Mark, the match boy. 

Rough and ready. 

Ben, the luggage Boy. 

Rufus and Rose. 
Tattered Tom. \st Series. 4v. 

Bost., [rop. 1871-72]. 

Tattered Tom. 

Paul, tlie peddler. 

Phil., the fiddler. 

Slow and sure. 
Tattered Tom. 2d Series. 3v. 

Bost., [a>p. 1874-76]. 


The j'oung outlaw. 

Sam's chance. 

ALICE'S adventures in wonder-land Carroll 

ALICE; sequel to " Ernest Maltravers"..Zyiton 

ALICE Brand Riddle 

ALICE Lorraine _ Blackmore 

ALICE'S adventures in wonder-land Carroll 

ALICIA Warlock Collins 

ALL aboard _ Adams 

ALLEN Bay- Sfedman 

ALLEN Prescott Sedgwick 

ALL for her. N. Y., 1877. 
ALL for him. N. Y., 1877. 

ALLWORTH Abbey - .Southworth 

ALMACKS. N. Y., 1827. 

ALONE- - - - Terhune 

ALRO Y Disraeli 

ALTON Locke _ Kingsley 

ALl'NE, works. v7-- Shenrood 

AMBER gods and other stories Spoffard 

AMELIA, history of Vieldirhg 


AMERICAN cardinal. N. Y., 1871. 

AMERICAN senator Trollope 

AMES, Mrs. M. C. His two wives. N. 
Y., 1875. 

AMY Herbert Sewell 

ANCI KNT regime James 


Improvisatore. N. Y. , 1873. 

Only a fiddler. N. Y., 1871. 

O. t. N. Y., 1872. 


-Stories and tales. N. Y., 1872. 
-Two baronesses. N. Y., 1873. 
-Wonder stories. N. Y., 1872. 

ANDREE de Tavernay Dumai 

ANDREWS, Fanny - Ehey Hay." 

A Family secret. Phila. , 1870. 

ANGELINA, and other tales Edgeworih 

ANNALS of a baby Stebbim 

ANNALS of a quiet neighborhood Macdonald 

ANNALS of the parish Oait 

ANNE of Gierstein ...Scott 

AN N E Severin _ Craven 

ANNE Warwick _ Craik 



ANTONIO di Carara Tale^from Blackwood 

ARABESQUES ..Oreenough 

ARABIAN nights' entertainment. 
ARBLAY, M-me., Frances D'. 

Evelina. N. Y., 1873. 

Renunciation. Phil , 1840. 

The wanderer. N. Y., 1814. 

ARCHIE Lovell Edicards 

ARCTIC Crusoe. St. John 

ARGONAUTS of '49 Harte 

ARGYLE, Anna. 

Olive Lacey. Phil., 1874. 


ARMADALE -. .Collim 

ARN E Bjornson 

AROUND a spring Droz 


Women to the rescue. Phil., 1874. 

Ten nights in a bar-room. Phil., 1874. 

ARTHUR Bonnicastle Holland 

ARTHUR O'Leary ...Lever 

ARTIST'S love, and oiher stones. Southicorth and 


ARUNDEL motto Bay 

ASK AROS Kassis Be Leon 

ASB.JORNSEN, P. Chr. Tales from the 

fjeld. Lond., 1874. 

AS long as she lived Robinson 

AT ALA __. -- {./Tiateaubriand 

AT Capri _-_ __. Bauer 

AT his mercy ..Payne 

AT his gates _ Oliphant 

ATHOL - Higham 

AT _ Terhune 

AT odds TautpJums 

AT the nltar Buntenbinder 

AT the councillors John 

AT the sien of the silver flagon. _ .Farjeon 

ATHERSTONE Priory Comyn 

ATONEMENT of Learn Dundas Lint<m 

ATTILA --- Jamet 

AUER, Adelhied von. It is the fashion. 

Phil., 1872. 
AUERBACH Bertliold. 

Convicts. N. Y., 1877. 

Edelweiss. Bost., 187i. 

German tales. Bost., 1869. 

• Good hour. Lond., n. d. 

Little barefoot. Bost., 1867. 

On the heights. Leipzig, 1868. 

Poet and merchant. N. Y., 1877. 

Villa on the Rhine. N. Y., 1869. 

Walfried. N. Y., 1874. 

AUNT Jane's hero Prentiss 

AUNT .lo's scrap-bag _ _ Alcott 

AUNT Kip, see Kitty's class day .Alcott 


AURIOL Ainmnorth 

AURORA Floyd Braddon 

AUSTIN, A. Lights and shadows of 

Scottish life. Bait., 1835. 

Emma. Boston, 1S73. 

Mansfield Park. Bost., 1871. 

Nortlianger Abbey. Bost., 1871. 

Pride and prejudice. Bost., 1871. 

Sense and sensibility. Bost., 1873. 

AUSTIN, J. G. Outpost. Bost., 1867. 
AUSTIN. Jane G. 

Cipher. N. Y.,1869. 

Moonfolk. N. Y..1874. 

Shadow of Moloch mountain. N. 

Y., 1870. 

AUSTIN Elliot KingsUy 


Shadowed perils. N. Y., 1876. 

AYESHA .Morier 

AYRSHIRE legatees OaXt 

AYTOUN, W. E. Glenmutckin railway, 
'Haunted and haunters, and other 

tales. In v . 1 Tales from Blackwood 


BABES in the wood; works, v. 4 Sheruood 



BAILEY, W. W. They all do it. Bost., 1877. 
BAKER, Geo. M. Running to waste ; the 

story of a Tomboy. Bost., 1875. 
BAKER, Wm. M. Carter Quarterman. 

N. Y. 1876. 

Mose Evans. N. Y., 1874. 

New Timothy. N. Y.,1870. 

BALZAC, H. de. Droll stories. Lond. , 1874. 

BANDIT - .Blanche 

BANIM, John. Bit o' writin', and other 

tales. Phil., 1838. 

Denounced. N. Y. 1830. 

Ghost hunter and his family. 

Lond., 1833. 
BARBARA'S history .._ Edwards 

BARCHESTER Towers.. _ 

BARKER, Lady. Spring comedies. 

Lond., 1871. 

BARNABY Rudge Dickens 

BARNUM, P. T. Lion Jack. N. Y., 

BARON Munchausen. Lond. n. d. 

BARRIERS burned away Rk 

BARTLETT, .Vre. Until daybreak. N.Y., 1873. 

BARTON'S experiment Uabberton 

BASIL.. CoUins 

BASKET maker, works. v7 Sherwood 

BATTLE fields of our fathers Townsend 

BAUER, Clara, " Carl Detlef." 

At Capri ; a story of Italian life. 

Phil., 1875. 

Dead to the world. Bost. , 1875. 

Valentine the countess. Phil., 1874. 


BAY path Holland 

BEAR and forbear ..Adams 

BEATKK'E .Kavauagh 

BEATRICE Boville- De la Bnme 

BEAUM ARCH AIS Brachtogel 

BEAUSEINCOURT, romance of Warfield 

BEAUTIFUL fiend _ Southworth 

BEAUTY and the beast Tayhr 

B£b£E.... Dela Rami 

BECKFORD, Wm. History of the 

Caliph Vathek. 
BEDE, Cuthbert, pseud., see Bradley, 


BEDE'S charity-. _-_ Smith 


BEECHER, H. W. Norwood. N. Y., 


BEING a boy ..Wai-ner 

BELINDA Edgeworth 

BELL, Acton, pseud. , see Brokte, Anna 
BELL, Ciirrer, j>seud., see Nichols, Mrs. 

BELL. Ellis., pseud., see Bronte, Emily. 

BELLEHOOD and bondage Stepfiem 

BELOT, Adolph. 

Woman of fire. Bost., 1875. 

HELTON estate IroUope 

BEN, the luggage boy Algei- 

BEN NA-GROICH Indies from Blatkwvod 


John Worthington's name. N. Y., 


Madame. N. Y., 1877. 

Miss Dorothy's charge. N. Y., 


Miss Van Kortland. N. Y., 1871. 

Mr. Vaughan's heir. N. Y., 1875. 

My daughter Elinor. N. Y., 1874. 

St. Simon's nidce. N. Y., 1875. 

'Twixt hammer and anvil. N. 

Y., 187G. 
BENNETT, Emerson. 
-Yilletta Linden. 

Phil., 1874. 


BERLIN and sans souci Mundt 

BERTHA'S engagement : Stephens 

BERTRAM family ...- Charles 

BESSIE Karanagh 

BESSIE and her Spanish friends Mathews 

BESSIE Lang Vorkran 

BESSIE Rane Wood 

BEST of husbands Payne 


BETTY'S bright idea Stome 

BEULAH -- Wilson 

BE.XUTY draught- Tales from Blackirood 

BEYOND the breakers - Owen 

BIART, Lucien. Adventures of a young 

naturalist. N. Y., 1873. 

BIG brother -.- Eggleston 

BIRD, R. M. 

Hawks of Hawk Hollow. Phil., 


Infidel. Phil., 1835. 

■ -Nick of the woods. Phil., 1837. 

BIRDS of prey Braddon 

BIRTH and eclucation .Schwartz 

BIRTHDAY present, works. v8 Sherwood 

BISHOP'S son Gary 

BITTER sweet, works. v8- Sherwood 

BIVOUAC and battle-- - ...Adams 


Arne. Bost., 1872. 

The Fisher-maiden. N. Y., 1871. 

Love and life in Norway. Lond., 

n. d. 

A daughter of Heth. N. Y., 1877. 

Green pastures and Piccadilly. N. 

Y., 1877. 

In silk attire. N. Y., 1872. 

Kilmeny. N. Y., 1870. 

Love or marriage. N. Y. , 1 868. 

JIadcap Violet. N. Y., 1877. 

Marriage of Moria Fergus. Bost., 

Monarch of Mincing Lane. N. Y., 


Princess of Thule. N. Y. , 1874. 

Strange adventures of a phaeton. 

N. Y., 1873. 

Three feathers. N. Y., 1875. 

BLACK dwarf, see "Tales of my land- 
lord." 1st series- Scott 

BLACKGOWN papers. 1st series Mariotti 

BLACK spirits and white TrolUrpe 


Alice Loraine. N. Y., 1875. 

Clara Vaughan. Berlin, 1872. 

Cripps, the carrier. N. Y., 1876. 

Ereraa. N. Y., 1877. 

— Lorna Doone. N. Y., 1874. 

Maid ot Sker. N. Y., 1872. 

BLACKWELL, A. B. Island neigh- 
bors. N. Y., 1871. 

BLADE o' grass Farjeon. 

BLADEN, Elizabeth H. Water waif. 

Phil., 1876. 
BLAKE, Mrs. Lillie D. Fettered for 

life. N. Y., 1874. 
BLANCHE, August. The bandit. N. Y., 

BLANCHE Seymour. Phil., 1873. 

BLEAK house Dickens 

' BLESSINGTON,' Countess of. Country 

quarters. Phil., 1877. 

BLIND girl of Wittenburg Wildenhahn 

BLINDPITS. N. Y., 1870. 

BLYTHEDALE romance Hawthorne 

BLOCKADE Erckmann and Chatrian 

BLOSSOMING of an aloe -- ...Hoey 

BLUE bell of Red Neap Parr 

BLUE ribbon. N. Y., 1874. 

BLU E stocking Edwards 

BLUEBEARD'S keys - - Thackeray 

BOAT clul) Adanit 

BOB Burke's duel with Ensign Brady. 

2\tles from Blackwood 
BOCCACCIO, G. Decameron. Lond., 

n. d. 
BOISGOBEY, Fortune du. The golden 

tress. Phil., 1876. 
BOLTE, a. Madame de Stael. N. Y., 

BOLTt)N, Sarah K. The present pro 

blem. N. Y., 1874. 


BOO K of snobs Thackeray 

BORYS, Gnntram She loved him mad- 
ly. N. Y., 1874. 
BOUILLY, J. N. A father's tales to his 

daus;hter. N. Y.,'1811. 
BOUND to John Company, same as 

• • Robert Ainsleigh. " Braddon 

BOWLES, Emily. In the carmargue. 

Best., n. d. 
BOWRA, Harriette. A young wife's story. 

N. Y., 1878. 
BOWMAN, F. W. Island home. Bast., 

BOWRING, John. Minor morals for 
young people, Phil., 1837. 

BOY Doctor- - - Foote 

BOY emigrants . - - Brooks 

B O Y si a ves Sei<i 

BOY with an idea Edoart 

BOYS of other countries Taylor 

BOYESON, H. H. A Norseman's pil- 
grimage. N. Y., 1875. 
BOZ, pxeud., see Dickens, Charles. 


BRACHVOGEL, A. E. Beaumarchais. 

N. Y., 1868. 

cliivalrv. Wash., 1835. 
BRADDON. ■if«.< M. E. 

Aurora Flovd. N. Y., 1868. 

Birds of prev. N. Y., 1874. 

-CUiarlotte's "inheritance. N. Y. 
— Dead men's shoes. 
— Dead sea fruit. N. 
— Eleinor's victory. 
Ftnton's guest. N. 

-Hos'aees to fortune. 

N. Y., 1876. 
Y., 1872. 
N. Y., 1870. 
Y., 1873. 
N. Y., 1875. 
-John Marchmont's legacy. N. Y., 

Joshua Haggard's daughter. 

Y., 1877. 

Lady Audley's secret. N. Y., n. d. 

— Lost for love. N. Y., 1875. 

Lovels of Arden. N. Y. , 1874. 

Millv Darrell, and other stories. 

N. Y., 1877. 

Publicans and sinners. N. 


Robert Ain.sleigh. N.Y., 1869. 

Sir Jasper's tenant. N. Y. , n. i 

A strange world. N. Y., 1875. 

Strangers and pilgrims. N. 


Talien at the flood. 

To the bitter end. 

Weavers and weft. 

BRADLEY, Edward. 

Adventures of Mr. 




N. Y'., 1874. 
N. Y., 1873. 

N. Y., 1877. 

'Cnthhert Bede,." 

Verdant Green. 

BRAY, Mi^s. The Protestant. N. Y., 

BRAY, Mrs. Petite; a story of a child's 

life. Bost., 1873. 

BREAD and oranges -_.... Warner 

BREAD and cheese and kisses Farjeon 

BREAKING away - - - - Adams 

BRED in the bone Payn 

BREMER, Frederika. 

Home. Lond.,1853. 

Neighbors. Lond. , 1873. 

President's daughters. Lond.,1853. 

Same. Part II. Nina. Lond., 1852. 


BRAKE UP..- Adams 

BRAMLE YS of Bishop's folly _ Lener 

BRAMSTON, Mary. Ralph and Bmno. 
London, 1875. 

BRAVE and bold - 4^fl'«'' 

BRAVE lady Oraik 

BRAVE old salt Adams 

BRAVO - Cooper 

BUESS ANT Hawthorne 

BRIDAL eve Southworth 

BRIDE of Lammermoor.. Scoti 

BRIDE of Llewelyn - . Sontkworth 

BRIDE'S fate, sequel to " Changed brides." 


BRIDGE of glass _ B/Mnson 

BRIERY creek Martineau 

BRIGHT, Mrs. The three Bernices. 

Phil., 1869. 
BROCKLEY Moor. J. W. L. N. Y., 


BROKEN chains Bilrstenbinder 

BROKEN hyacinth, works. v4 Shennood 

BROKEN to harness Yates 

BRONTE, ilfws Annie. " Acton Bell." '^. 

Y., 1874. 

Tenant of Wildfell Hall. N. Y., 


Wutliering heights. N. Y., 18' 

BRONTR Charlotte; .wc Nichols, JfM. 

BRONTE, MUs Emily. " EMs Bell." 

Agnes Grey, [with] Wuthering 

heights. Lond., 1871. 
BROOKE, Henry. Pool of quality. 

Lond., 1872. 

BROOKE and Brooke Farm Martinea^i 

BROOKS of Bridlemere Melville 

BROOKS, Shirley. 

Gordian knot. N. Y., 1868. 

Silver cord. N. Y., 1871. 

Sooner or later. N. Y., 1868. 

BROUGHT home ..- Smith 


r'ometh up as a flower. N. Y. , 1872. 

Good bye, sweetheart. N.Y., 1873. 

Joan. N. y., 1877. 

Nancy, N. Y.,1874. 

Not wisely, but too well. N. Y., 


Red as a rose is she. N. Y., 1872. 

BROWN, .John. Marjorie Fleming [and] 

Rab and his friends. Lond. , n. d. 
BROWNLEE, William C. Lights and 

shadows of Christian life. N. Y., 


BRUIN - -- Beid 

BUCHANAN, Robert. Shadow of tlie 

sword. N. Y., 1877. 


BUG Jargal Hugo 

BULWER, Sir E., see Lytton, Lord E. 



BULWER, Sir R., see Lytton, Lord R. 

BURCKETT, Florence. Wildmoor. Phil. 


Happy thoughts. Bost., 1873. 

More happy thoughts. Bost., 1871. 

New history of Sandford and 

Morton. N. Y., 1876. 

To Buddlecombe and back. 

BURNEY, Miss Francis, see Arbi,.\y, 

Mine. Francis d'. 
BURNETT, Mrs. F. H. 

Dolly: a love stoiy. Phil., 1877. 

Surly Tim, and other stories. 

N. Y., 1877. 

That lass o' Lowries. N. Y., 1877. 

" Theo ;" a love story. Phila., 


BORSTENBINDER. MissE. " E. Werner." 

At the altar; or, bound b\' his 

ows. Phil., 1874. 

Broken chains. Bost. , 1875. 

Good luck. Bost., 1874. 

Hero of the pen. Bost., 1875. 

Vineta ; or, the phantom city. 

Bost., 1877. 
BURTON, Richard F. Vikram and the 

vampire. N. Y., n. d. 
BURY, Lady C. Separation. N. Y., 1830 

BUSH boys Beid 

BUSHHAN6ERS ...Thomas 

BUTT, Beatrice May. Miss Molly. N Y 


BUTTERFLY, works. v,7 Sherirood 

B Y a nd by _ Ma if land 

BY his own might Uillern 

BY still waters Mayo 


CAD ELL, A. M. Ida Craven, N. Y., 1876. 

CAGED lion Yonge 

QA Ira _ _ . Trammell 

CALAVAR, the knight of the conquest. 

Phil., 1834. 

CALDERWOOD secret ..Johmon 

CALEB Crinkle _ Coffin 

CALEB Williams Godwin 

CAMERON, Mrs. H. Love:t. Juliet's 

guardian. N. Y., 1877. 

CAMERON pride Holmes 

CAMILLE Duma.'i 

CAMPING out_ Stephens 

CAN you forgive her ? TroUupe 

CANOE and saddle Winthrop 

CAPTAIN Hatteras Verne 

CAPTAIN Raton's lament. Tales from Blackwood 

CAPTAIN Sam Egrjleaton 

CAPTAIN Waters and Bill his bo'sun. 

N. Y., 1877. 
CARDINAL'S daughter, sequel to "Feme 

Flemi ng" Warjield 

CAREY, Rosa N. Wooed and married. 

Phil., 1876. 

CARITA... ....OlipJiant 

CAUL, DeUel, pseud., see Bauer, Clara. 

CARL Werner Sims 

CARLETON, C, i)seud., see Coffin. C. 

CARLETON, William. Traits and 

stories of the Irish peasantry. 

Loud., re. d. 
CARLYLE, T., translator. Tales from 

the German of Musaeus, Tieck 

and Richtcr. Lond., 1871. 

CARMEN'S inheritance Fi-slier 

CAROLL, M. How Marjory helped. 

Bost., 1874. 
CARROLL, Lewis. Alice's adventures in 

wonderland. Bost., 1873. 

Through the loooking-g.tjss. Bost., 1876. 

CARRY'S confession. Bobinson 

CARTER, Quarterman. Baker 

CARY, Alice. Bishop's son. N. Y., 1867. 

CAST away in the cold. Bost., 1872. 

CASTE... Jolly 

CASTILIAN. N. Y., 1829. 

CASTLE Daly Eeary 

CASTLE Dangerous Scott 

C ASTL K Nowhere Woolson 

CASTLE of Otranto Walpole 

CASTLE Rackrent _ . Edgeworth 

CASTLE Richmond... _ Trollope 

CASTLEMON, Henry, pseud., see Fos- 

DiCK, Chas. A. 
CASTLETON, D. R. Salem. N. Y., 1874. 

GASSY... Smith 

CATHERINE Tluickeray 

C ATSKILL fairies Johnson 


CECIL Castlemaine's gage Dcla Rame 

C KCIL Dreeme. Winthrop 

CECIL'S tryst Payn 

CERVANTES, Saavedra, Miguel de. 

Don Quixote de la Mancha. N. Y. , 


CHAMBERS, R. o»dW., publ. Miscel- 
laneous works of fiction. Loud., 

Contents: The cottagers of Glenbumie, 
by Mrs. Hamilton; Robinson Crusoe, by- 
Defoe; Roderick Random, by Smollet; 
Caleb Williams, by Godwin; Self control, 
by Mrs. Brimton; Stories of the Irish peas- 
antry, by Mrs. Hall ; Letters from Palmy- 
ra; Letters from Rome [and] Julian, by 

CHAMIER, Cnpt. Fred. p.ieud., see 

J.\MES, W. 


CHAMBERLAIN, Charles, >•. Put to 

the test. N. Y., 1874. 
CHAMISSO, Adelbert von. Peter Schlemihl. 

N.Y., 1875. 

CHAMPIONS of freedom Woodworth 

CHANCE acqaintance Hoicells 

CHANCE for himself Trowbridge 

tJHANDOS .DelaRume 


CHAPLET of pearls .Tmige 

CHARETTE. N. Y., 1875. 


CHARLES, Mrs. Elizabeth. the stream. N. Y., 1874. 

The Bertram family. N. Y., n. d. 

Chronicles of the Schonberg-Cotta 

family. N. Y., 1804. 

Conquering and to conquer N. Y. , 

n. d. 

Cripple of Antioch. N. Y., 1864. 

Diary of Mrs Kitty Trevylyan. 

N. Y., n. d. 

Draytons and Davenants. N. Y., 

n. d. 

Early dawn. N. Y., 1864. 

Martyrs of Spain and liberators of 

Holland. N. Y., 1865. 

On both sides of the sea. N. Y., n.d. 

Victory of the vanquished. N.Y., «..(?. 

Winifred Bertram. N. Y., ii. d. 

CHARLES Auchester - Sheppard 

CHARLES O'Malley Lever 

CHARLES Tyrrell James 


Oliver of the mill. N. Y., 1876. 

CHARLIE Codman's cruise Alger 

CHARLOTTE'S daughter .Bowson 

CHARLOTTE, Elizabeth. 
CHARLOTTE Elizabeth, see Tonna, 
Charlotte Elizabeth. 

CHARLOTTE'S inheritance Braddon 

CHARMED sea Martiiuiiu 

CHARMING widow .-MacQuoid 

CHARTERIS ...Melitie 

CHATEAUBRIAND, F. A. de. Atala. 
N, Y., 1818. 

CHATS with the little ones Sauveur 


CHENEY, Mrs. E.inah A. D. Child of 

the tide. Bost. , 1875. 

Count Kostea. N. Y., 1873. 

Joseph Noirel's revenge. N. Y. , 


Meta Holdensis. N. Y., 1877. 

Miss Rovel. Bost. 1875. 

Prosper. N, Y., 18T4. 

Samuel Brohl and Company. 

N. Y., 1877. 

CHERRY ripe. - - - Mathers 

CHERRY and violet Manning 

CHESNEY, Col. Charles. The dilemma. 

N. Y.,1876. 
CHEVALIER, sequel to, "AndreedeTa- 

verney." -^ Dumas 

CHEVALIER dela Maison Rouge ..Dumas 

CHICOT the jester ...Dumas 

CHIEF of the school.. Adams 

CHILD of the cavern. _. Verne 

CHILD of the tide Cheney 

CHILD life in prose Whittkr 

CHILD of thirty-six fathers. N. Y., 1809. 

CHILDREN of the Abbey Soche 

CHIUSINGURA, or, the loyal league. A 
Japanese romance, tram, by R. 
V. Dickins, N. Y., 1876. 

CHRIS and Otho Smith 

CHRISTIAN'S mistake ...Craik 

CHRISTINE ; a Dutch story. Tales from Blackwood 
CHRISTIE Johnstone Reade 

CHRISTIE'S faith RMnson 

CHRISTMAS books Dickens 

CHRIST.MAS eve awci other stories Hale 

CH inST.M AS guest Southworth 

CHRONICLES of Carlingford Olipliant 

CHRONICLES of the Schonberg-Cotta 

family Charles 

CHURCH. J/>-.«. Ross. '•Florence Mar- 

ryatt." The confessions of Gerald. 

Estcourt. Bost., n.d. 

Forever and ever. Bost.,H. rf. 

Girls of Feversham. Bo<t.,ra. d. 

Harvest of wild oats. N. Y., 1877. 

— -Her lord and master. Bost., n. d. 

Love's conflict. Bost., n. d. 

-Luck}' disappointment. Bost., n. d. 

Nelly Brooke. Lond., n. d. 

No intentions . N. Y. , 1875. 

Open! sesame! Bost,, n.d. 

Petronel. Loud., n. d. 

A star and a heart. Bost., n. d. 

Too good for him. Bost. , n. d. 

Veronique. Bost., n. d. 

-Woman against woman. Bost.,rj.(Z. 

CHURTON, Henry. Toinette. N. Y., 

CINNAMON and pearls. Martineau 

CIPHER ...Austin 

CIKCUIT rider... ...Eggleston 

CITO YENNE Jacqueline Tytler 

CL A RA Vaughan Biackmore 

CLANDESTINE marriage Dupuy 

CLARISSA Harlowe, history of Richardson 

CLARKE, Alexander. Starting out; a 

story of the Ohio hills. Phil., 

CLARKE, Marcus. His natural life 

N. Y., 1876. 
CLARKE, Mary Cowden. 
The girlhood of Shakespeare's he- 

ri'iues. N. Y., 1873. 
Rambling SI ory. Bost, 1875. 

Iron Cousin. N. Y., 1873. 

CLARKE, Mary C. ,and Clarke Charles. 
Many happy returns of the day. 

Lond. [cop. IS-iO.] 
CLARKE, Mrs. Henry R. Their chil- 
dren. Bost., 1875. 
CLARKE, Miss a. S. " Sophie May," 

Doctor's daughter. Bost., 1873. 

CLAUDE Gueux '. ...Hugo 

CLAUDIA Douglass 


CLEMENS, Hon. Jere. Tobias Wilson. 

Phila., 1865. 
CLEiM ENS, Samuel L. " Mark Twain, " 

Adventures of Tom Sawyer. 

Hartf , 1875. 

Sketches. Hartf., 187.5. 

CLEMENS, Samuel L. and W.\nNEH. 

Chas. Dudley. Gilded age. Hartf., 

CLEMENT'S trial and victory. N. Y., 

CLERICAL life, scenes of a, [and] Silas 

Marner .Lewes 

CLEVER woman of the family Tonge 



CLIFP-Climbers Heid 

CLIQUE of Rold. - Oabormu 

CLOCKMAKER, the; sayings and 

doings of SamSlicli, Esq Haliburton 

CLOISTER and hearth..- Reade 

CLOUD-pictures. - Underwood 


CLOUDS and sunshine Reade 

CLOVERLEY-.. Higham 

CLYTE - Hatton 

COBDEN, Paul. 

Good luck. Bost., 1874. 

Going on a mission. Best., 1872. 

Take a peep. Bost., 1874. 

Turnina-wheel. Bost., 1873. 

Who will win •? Bost., 1873. 

COCKTON, Henry. Fatal marriage. 
Phil. , n. d. 

Sylvestre Sound; the somnabu- 

list. Phil.,H. (/. 

Valentine Vox, the ventriloquist. 

Lond., n. d. 

COELEBS in search of a wife More 

COFFIN, Charles Carlton. 

Caleb Krinkle. Bost., 1875. 

COFFIN, R. Barry, "Barry Grey." 

Matrimonial infelicities. N. Y., 


COLERIDGE, Sarah Pbantasmion. 
Bost., 1874. 

COLE, Miriam, see Harris, Mrs. S. S. 

COLLEGE theatricals. Tales from Blackwood. 

COLLINS, Mortimer. 

Summertield imbroglio. Bost. ,1876. 

COLLINS, Wilkie. 

After dark. N. Y., 1875. 

Alicia Warlock a«(i other stories. 

Bost. l'<75. 

Antonina. N. Y., 1874. 

Armadale. N. Y., 1874. 

Basil. N. Y., 1874. 

The dead alive. Bost., 1874. 

Dead .secret. N. Y., 1874. 

Frozen de p. Bost . , 1875. 

Hide and seek. N. Y., 1874. 

Law and tlie lady. N. Y., 1874. 

jNIan and wife. N. Y., 1874. 

. Moonstone. N. Y., 1874. 

New Magdalen. N. Y., 1873. ~ 

No name. N. Y., 1874. 

Poor Finch. N. Y., 1874. 

Queen of hearts. N. Y'., 1874. 

Queen's revenge and other sto- 
ries. N. Y'. n. d. 

Two destinies. N. Y^.,1876. 

Woman in white. N. Y., 1873. 

C O L U M B A Merimee 

COLYMBIA. Lond., 1873. 

COLONNA, the painter. Tales from Blackwood. 

COLONEL Dacre Jolly 

COLONEL Floyu's ward, same as 

"Husks " Terhune 

COMETH up as a flower Broughion 

COJIIN' thro' the rye - Mathers 

CO.MING out .Porter 

COMING race... Lytton 

COMMON errors, works. v8 S/ierwood 


Atherstone Priory. Bost. n. d. 

Elena. Bost. n. d. 

CON Cregan, confessions of ..Lever 

CONDENSED novels Harte 

CONFESSIONS of Fitz Boodle Thackeray 

CONFESSIONS of Gerald Estcourt Church 

CONFESSIONS of an old maid. Lond., 

CONFESSIONS of a pretty woman Pardoe 

CONIGSBY Disraeli 

CONQUERING and to conquer Ckarles 


CONSCRIPT Erckmann and Ghatrinn 

CONS UELO Dudcmnt 


CONVENT life. N. Y., 1876. 
CONWAY, Clara L. 

Life's promises to pav. Phil, 1876. 

COOKE, John Esten. Canolles. NY., 


Doctor Vandyke. N. Y., 1872. 

Justin Harley, Phil., 1874 

Pretty Miss Gaston and other 

stories. N. Y.. 1874. 
COOKING Club of Tu-whit Hollow.... Far/?ian 
COOLIDGE, Susan, see Woolbey, S. 

COOPER, J. Fenimore. Novels. 32v. 

Bost., 1872. 

— Headsman. 
— Heidenraauer. 
— Home as found. 
— Homeward bound. 


Deer slayer. 
Last of the Mohicans. 
-Lionel Lincoln. 



Chain bearer. 

-Mercedes of Castile. 
-Ned Mvcrs. - 

Oak openings. 


SEA tales: 

Afloat and ashore. 

The ci-ater. 

Jack Tier. 

Miles Wallingford. 


Red rover. 

Sea lions. 

Two admirals. 

Water witch. 

Wing and wing. 


Ways of the hour. 

Wept of Wishton Wish. 


CORD and creese De Mille 

CORINNE; or, Italy ..Stael 



CORSE de Leon Jamea 

COULYNG castle Qiberne 


Flesh and spirit. N. Y., 1876. 

Ilarwood. N. ¥., 1875. 

Lacy (iiamonds. N. Y., 1875. 

Odd trump. N. Y., 1875. 

COUNTERFEIT presentment; a com- 
edy --- Howells 

COUNT of Mi.nte Cristo Dumas 

COUN T Kostia - - - ClierbuUez 

COUNT Robert of Paris Scott 

COUNTESS de Chariiy Dumas 

COUNTESS Gisela John 

COUNTESS of Monte Cristo. Phil., 

COUNTESS of Rudolstadt Duderant 

COUNTRY quarters Bhssington 

COUPON bonds - Ti oirbrithje 

COURTING and' farming Smith 

COURI'SHIP in 1720.. Smart 

COUSIN Marshall Martineau 

COUSIN Maude Holmes 

CRAIGIE, Mary E. Once upon a time. 
N. Y., 1876. 

CRAIK, Mrs. D. M. 

Adventures of a brownie. N. Y. , 187*2. 

Agatha's husbmd. N. Y., 1871. 

A brave la iy. N. Y., 1872. 

Hannah. N. Y., 1873. 

Head of the family. N. Y., 1871. 

Hero, and other tales. N. Y., 

.)(ihn Halifax, gentleman. N. Y., 

Life for a life. N. Y., 18G7. 

Laurel bush. N. Y., 1876. 

Little lame prince. N. Y., 1875. 

Mistress and maid. N. Y., 1872. 

My mother and I. N. Y., 1874. 

Noble life. N. Y., 1874. 

Olive. N. Y., 1871. 

Studies from life. N. Y., 1861. 

Two marriages. N. Y., 1867. 

Womans' kingdom. N. Y., 1872. 

CRAIK, Georgiana'M. 

Anne W^arwick. N. N., 1877. 

Mildred. N. Y., 1871. 

Miss Moore. N. Y., 1874. 

Silvia's choice. N. Y'., 1874. 


CRATER - Cooper 

CRAVEN, Mme. Augustus. 

AnneSeverin. N. Y., 1869. 

Fleurange. N. Y., 1873. 

.let tat rice. Bost., 1875. 

CREAMER, Hannah G. Delia's Doctors. 
N. Y.. 185.5. 

CREW of the Dolphin ..Smith 

CREYTON, Paul, pseud, see Trow- 


CRICHTON Ainsworth 

CRICKET on the hearth ....Dickens 

CRINGLE and crosstree ...'. Adams 

CRIPPLE of Antioch and other sketches. Charles 

CRIPPS, the carrier Blackmore 

CROCKFORDS: or life in the West. 2v. 

N. Y., 1838. 
CROLY, George. Salathiel; orthe wan- 
derinirJew. Phil., 1877. 

CROMWELL ^ Herbert 

C'ROOKE D places Mayo 

CROSBY, G. S. The mystery; or Pla- 
tonic love. Phil., 1875. 
CROSLAND, Mrs. Mewton. 

Hubert Freeih's prosperity. Phil., 18T4. 

CROSS and crescent ...Adams 

CROSS of Berny.-.Gw-ar&'ft, Oautier, Sandeau 

and Mery 

CRUEL as the grave. South worth 

CRUISE of the Frolic ..Kiuyston 

CRUST and cake.. Mayo 


CUD.IO'S cave Trowbridge 

CUDLIP, Mrs. Pender L. "Annie Thoynas." 

Dennis Donne. N. Y , 1870. 

"Heconieth not," shesaid. N. Y., 1874. 

Narrow escape. 

No alternative. Phil., n. d. 

Passion in tatters. Phil., /i. d. 

CUMMINS, Mrs. M. S. 

Haunted hearts. Host., 1874. 

Lamplighter. Bost , 1874. 

CUNNINGHAM, Allan. Lord Roldan. 
N. Y., 1836. 

CURATE in charge Olipluint 

CURSE of Clifton Southworih 

CURSEofgold.. .- Stephens 

CURTIS, Geo. Wm. 

Pot iphar papers. N. Y., 1872. 

Prue and I. N. Y., 1873. 

Trumps. N. Y., 1878. 

CYRILLA... Tautphceua 


DAISY, .^sequel to " Melbourne House ". . Warner 

DAISY Brentwell Widdemer 

DAISY Burns Kavanagh 

DAISY chain .-. Tonge 

DALLAS, Mary Kyle. Grinder papers. 

N. Y., 1877. 


DAMSEL of Darien. Phil., 1839. 
DANBURY News Man, pseud., see B.\l- 

I.EY, W. M. 

DANESBURY house... Wood 

DANGEROUS game Tates 

DANIEL Deronda. Lewes 

DARK colleen. N. Y., 1877. 

DARKNESS and daylight .Holm/ss 


DAUDET, Alphonse. 

Jack. Bost., 1877. 

New Don Quixote. Bost., 1875. 

Sidonie. Bost., 1877. 

DAUGHTER ofBohemia FUiher 

DAUGHTER of an empress Mundt 

DAUGHTER of Heth Black 

DAVAULT'S mills Jonts 

DAVENPORT Dunn. Lever 

DAVID Copperfield Dieken* 

DAVID Elginbrod MaeDmuM 

DAVIES, Theodore. Losing to win. 

N. Y., 1874. 
DAVIES, Bee. G. S. Gandentius. Lend. n. d. 



DAVIS, L. C. Stranded Ship. N. Y., 

DAVIS, Rebecca II. 

John Andross. N. Y., 1874. 

Kitty's choice. Phil. , 1874. 

Waiting for the verdict. N. Y., 


DAY after tlie holidays Hope 

DAY'S ride Lerer 

DAYS of Bruce AguiUar 

DAYS of yore Ti/tkr 

DEADalive_ Oollinji 

DEAD Marquise Kip 

DEAD men's shoes Braddon 

DEAD sin Mayo 

DEAD to the world _ ..Bauer 

DEAR Lady Disdain McCarthy 

DEBENHAM'S vow _ Edwardi 

DEBIT and credit ..Preytcg 

DECAMERON Bocccwxki 

DEEP waters Drary 

DEER slayer Cooper 

DEFOE, Daniel. Robinson Crusoe. 

Lond., n. d. 
Honest John Vane. New Haven, 

Mi'iS Ravenel's conversion, N. Y., 


Playing the mischief. N. Y. , 1875. 

Wetherel affair. N. Y., 1873. 

DE LA RAMfi, Louisa. " Oaida." Phil., 

Ariadne : the story of a dream. 

Phil., 1877. 

Beatrice Boville. Phil., 1774. 

Bebce; or, two little wooden shoes. 

Phil., 1867. 

Cecil Castlemain's gage. Phil., 1867. 

Chandos. Phil., 1868. 

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" Little dames." v. 10. 

Idalia. ?;. t. p. 

A leaf in the storm, in Johnson, 

R., edr. " Little classicn." v. 11. 

Pascarel. Phil., 1874. 

Puck. Phil., 1870. 

-Randolph. Gordon. Phil., 1868. 

Signa. Phil., 1875. 

Strathmore, Phil., 1874. 

Tricotrin. Phil., 1809. 

Under two flags. Phil., 1870. 

DELIA'S doctors Oreamtr 

DELEON, E. Askaros Kassis. Phil., 1870. 
DE LIEFDE, J. B. Gidama: or, the 

beggars; the founders of the Dutch 

republic. N. Y., n. d. 

DEMER ARA Martineau 

DE MILLE, James. The American 

Baron, N. Y., 1873. 

Cord and Creese. N. Y., 1873. 

Cryptogram. N. Y., 1872. 

Dodge club. N. Y., 1876. 

Lily and the cross. Bost., 1875. 

Living link. N. Y., 1874 

Open question. N. Y., 1873. 

Treasure of the seas. Bost., 1872. 

Winged lion. Bost., 1877. 

DENE Hollow Wood 

DENIS Donne Oudlip 

DENISE Duval ..\Thackeray 

DENOUNCED: or, the last Baron of 

Crana. .Banim 

DE QUINCEY, S. Klosterheim ; see 

De Qdlncey, Class v. Collected 

works. Memorials. 

DESERT home... _ Eeid 

DESERTED wife ..Southworth 

DESK and debit... Adams 

DESLONDE, Mr.t. Darrington. Miller 

of Silcott mill. N. Y., 1874. 

DESPERATE remedies .Hwrdy 

DESULTORY man.. James 

DETHRONED heiress JDupuy 

DETEEF, Carl, pseud., «ee Baxter, Miss 



DEVIL puzzlers Perkins 

DIAMOND cut diamond TroUupe 

DIAMOND Rose Tytkr 

DIANA.. _ Warner 

DIANA Carew Forrester 

DIANA of Meridor _ Dumas 

DIARY of a desennuyee Hartston 

DIARY of a late physician, passages 

from the Warren 

DIARY of Mrs. Kitty Trevelyan . . Charles 

DIAZ, Mrs. A. M. A story book for 

children. Bost., 1875. 

Lucv Maria, Bost., 1877. 

William Henry letters. Bost., 1874. 

DICKENS, Charles, works. CiiAs. Dicken's 

EDITION, 8v. Bost., 1871. 

Same, Librart edition, 29v Bost., 1874. 

Barnaby Rudge, 

B'eak house. 

Christmas books. 

Cricket on the hearth. 

David Copperfield. 

Dombey and son. 

Great e.xpeclations. 

Hard times. 

Lamplighter's story. 

Little Dorrit. 

Martin Chuzzlewit. 

Mystery of Edwin Drood. 

Nicholas Nickleby. 

Old curiosity shop. 

Oliver Twist. 

Our mutual friend. 

Pickwick papers. 

Public life of 3Ir. Tulrumble, [with 

other tales and sketches.] 
Schools and schoolmasters ; from 

the writings of Chas. Dickens, ed. 

by T. J. Chapman, N. Y., 1871. 


■ Tale of two cities. 

Uncommercial traveller. 

DICKENS' dictionary, the; by G. A. 

Pierce and W. A. Wheeler. 

Bost., 1873. 

What answer? N. Y., n. d. 

DIKES and ditches Adams 

DILEMMA ...Chesney 



nri^^SRSR daughter. _Southworth 

DISCARDED wife Duiyuu 

DISOWNED ':::::::::!SZ 

DISSOWAY, E. T. South meadows 

Pliil. [cop. 1874.1 
DISRAELI, Benjamin. 

Alroy, Lond., 1868. 

Connigsby. Lond., 1870. 

Contarinl Fleming. Lond., 1868 

Lothair. N. Y., 1870. 

Sybil, [and] the rise of Iskander. 

Loud., 1868. 

Tancred. Lond., 1871. 

Venetia. Lond., 1868. 

Vivian Grey. Lond., 1871. 

Young Dulve. Lond., 1871. 

DITA Majendie 

DI VASARI; a tale of Florence. Talef. 

nnnrrnT> a . • -''■'"" Blackwood 

{^RnT^Ro Antonio -...R„ffini 

DOCTOR Johns. _ MiiclwH 

DOCTOR Thorne ."; Trvltt 

DOCTOR Vandyke CooZ 

^?,^F- iyai°wright's patient TaUs 

DODD family abroad y^^^^ 

DODGE, Mary A. " Oail Hamilton:' 

First love is best. Best., 1877 
DODGE, Mary Mapes. 

Hans Brinker. N. Y. , 1875. 

Theophilus and others. N. i'., 1876 

DODGE club rtf, iTiiu 

DOE, Chas. n. Buffet,,. Bost:,""i875. 


DOING and dreaming 

SRJ?^:?,°^"'? ^"^^"^ famiiy.::::::::.5c3! 

Sni nn ^Q ^"fl cents -Warner 

DOLORES Forrester 

DOMBEY and son n>j-lvni 

DOMINIE'S legacy " " ' " ' pt^n 

DON Quixote de la Mancha Cervantes 

DORA Deane. Holmes 

DOROTHY Fo.x p^!^ 

n^nni'S ^^°7:- - - - - - -i^<K'jDonald 

DOUBLE wedding Warjield 

DOUGLAS, Amanda 31. 

Claudia. Bost., 1875. 

-Drifted asunder. Bost., 1876. 

-Home nook. Bost.. 1875. 

In trust. Bost., 1875. 

K.\THiE Books. Bost., 1874. 

Kathie's three wishes. 

Kathie'sAunt Ruth. 

Summer at Cedarwood. 

Kathie's soldiers. 

In the ranks. 

Harvest days. 

Lucia, her problem. N. Y., 1873. 

Nelly Kinnard's kingdom. Bost., 1876 

The old woman who lived in a 

shoe. Bost., 1875. 

Seven daughters. Bost. , 1875. 

Stephen Dane. Bost. 1867. 

Sydney Adriance. Bost., 1875 

DOUGLASS, 3Iarian. 

Peter and Polly. Bost. 1876 

DOUTNEY. Mrs. T. N. I told you so. ' 
1863. ^ 

DOVE in the eagle's nest Yonne 

nowK il"' ^"""^ V-V.V.-.V/S 

DOWN the river Adami, 

DRAYTON'S and Davenant's.." ChaH^ 

DREAM life .. [[[[uitCuM 

DKED, same as " Nina Gordon ". Stowe 

DRIFTED asunder " - "BoucdZ 

DROLL stories \V/: ZZl 

DROZ, Gustave. 

Around a spring. N. Y, , 1873 

Babolain. N. Y., 1S73 

DRUMMER boy -Trmbrid^e 

DRURY, Anna H. 

Deep waters. Bost,, 1874. 

Misrepresentation. N. Y., 1868. 

DUCHESS of Rosemary Lane... Farjeon 

DUDEVANT, Mme. A. L. Aurore " Geo. Sa7id" 

Antonia. Bo^t., 1870, 

■ Consuelo. Phil., n. d. 

Countess of Rudolstadt Phil 


Fanchou, the cricket. Pliil 1871 

Indiana. Phil., 1870. 

Marquis of Villemer. Bost 1871 

Mauprat. Host., 1871. 

Miller of Angibault., 1871 

M. Sylvestre. Bost., 1870. 

My sister Jeannie. Bost., 1874 

Snowman. Bost., 1873. 

■Tower of Percemont. N. Y., 1877 

DUKE of Monmouth... ' OriMn 

JUKE'S dilemma. Tales' fi^'Blackwood 

niTM A Q A , ■ ^ Tales from Blackwood 

DUMAS, Alexandre. 

Adventures of a Marquis. Phil., 


Ascanio. Lond., n. d. 

Chicot, the jester. Lond., n d 

Conscript. Phil., 1874. 

Count of Monte Cristo Phil 

1869. ■' 
Diana of Umdcr : sequel to "Mar- 
guerite de Valois." Phil., 1873 
Diana de Poitiers, same as " Two 

Dianas." Lond., n. d. 
Edmund Dantes ; sequel to "Count 

of Monte Cristo." Phil., 1849. 
Forty-five guardsmen, 'sequel to 

" Diana of Meridor." Phil n d 

George, n. t. p. 

Love and libcrtv. Phil. [rap. 1869 I 

Mohicans of ParLs. Phil. [cop. 

1875. J 

Horrors of Paris. Phil. [cop. 1875 ] 

3Ian with five wives. Phil. [cop. 

1869. J 
Marguerite de Valois. Phil., 1873. 


Memoirs of a physician. Vh\\..nd 
Queen's necklace. Phil., 1875 
Six years later. Phil. [a'lp. iss'l 1 
Countess de Charny. Phil \cov 
1853. J ^ ^ ^■ 

Andrew de Tavernay. Phil. [cop. 

Chevalier de la maison rouge Phil 
[cop. 1864.J *' • 




Three guardsmen. Phil., 1875. 

Twenty years after. Phi'., n. d. 

Bragelonne. Phil., n. d. 

Iron mask. Phil., n. d. 

Louise de la Valliere. Phil., n. d. 
DUMAS, Alexander, j;-. 
Camille; or the fate of a coquette. 

Phil., cop. 1860. 
Story of four lives. Bost., n. d. 

DUPUY, Mits Eliza A. 

Clandestine marriage 

Phil. [cop. 
heiress. Phil. [cop. 



Discarded wife. Phil. {cop. 1875.] 

Hidden sin. Phil. [cop. 1874.] 

Planter's daughter. Phil. [cop. 

1874 J 

DWELLERS in Five Sisters Court Scudder 

DYNEVOR terrace - YoTiffe 


EARLE'S Dene - Franeillon 

EARLY and late papers Thackeray 

EARLY dawn - Charles 

EAST Lynne - 'Wood 

EASTMAN, Julia A. 

. Romneys of Ridgmont. Bost. , 


EBB tide and other stories Fisher 

EBON and gold N. Y., 1874. 

ECKEL, Mrs. St. John. Maria Monks' 
daughter. N. Y., 1874. 

EDELWEIS Auerbach 


Tales and noveh. 3 v. in 10. N. Y.. 

VI— Castle Racket. \'2— Moral tales. v3— 
Popular tales. y4— Tales of fashionable 
life. v.')— Belinda. vB—Leonora ; fe- 
male education. v7— Patronage ; comic 
drama. v8— Harrint'ton ; on bores. v9^ 
Ormond. vlO — Helen. 


EDITH Lyle Holmes 

EDITH'S mistake Woodnlle 

EDMUND Dantes; sequel to "Count of 

Monte Cristo" Dumas 

EDNA Browning Holmes 

EDWARDS, Amelia B. Barbara's his- 
tory. N. Y., 1873. 

Debenham's vow. N. Y., 1870. 

Half a million of money. N. Y., 


Hand and glove. N. Y., 1873. 

In the days of my youth. Phil., 


Ladder of life. N. 

Mystery of Metropolisville. N. Y. 

[cop. 1873. J 

Schoolmaster's stories. Bost., 1874. 

EGGLESTON, Geo. Carey. 

The big brother; a story of the 

Indian war. N. Y., 1875. 
Capt. S;im, or the boy scouts of 

1814. N. Y., 1876. 

Man of honor. N. Y. [cop. 1873.] 

Y., l.'-73. 
N. Y., 1873. 
Archie Lovell. 

My brother's wife. 

EDWARDS, Mrs. Annie 

N. Y.. n. d. 

Blue Sleeking. N. Y., 1877. 

Estelle. N. Y.,1874. _ 

Leah : a woman of fashion. N. Y. , n.d. 

Miss Forrester. N. Y., 1873. 

Ordeal tor wives. N Y., 1873. 

—Ought we to visit her? N.Y., n. d. 

■ Point of honor. N. Y., n. d. 

Stephen Lawrence, yeoman. N.Y., n. d. 

Susan Fielding. N. Y., n. d. 

Vagabond heroine. N. Y., 1873. 

ED WIN Brothertoft WinWop 


-Circuit rider. N. Y. [cA>p. 1874.] 
N.Y. [c -"■ 


EIGHT cousins Aicott 

EILOART, Mrs. Boy with an idea. 

N. Y., 1874. 

Love that lived. N. Y.. 1875. 

-End of the world. 

[cop. 1813.] 

— Hoosior schoolmaster. N.Y. [ot;).1871.] 

ELBO W room - ClarU 

ELEANOR'S visit - . -Mathews 

ELECTIVE atfinities.. Goethe 

ELENA Oo7nyn 

ELIOT. George, pseud, see Lewes, Mrs. 

Marian G. 
ELIZABETH de Bruce. Lond., 1827. 

ELIZABETH, story of Thackeray 

ELKS WAT AW A. N. Y., 1836. 
ELLA of Garveloch. 
ELSIE, a Lowland sketch, by A. C. M., 
Lond., 1875. 

ELSIE Diusmore P^nley 

ELSIE Venner Holmes 

ELSIE'S children Finley 

ELSIE'S motherhood Finky 

ELSIE'S womanhood. Fmky 

ELLEN Story Fatccett 

EMMA Avstm 

EMERALD .studs, the Talcsfrom Blackwood 

EMPTY hearts, same as "Husks" Terhune 

EMPRESS Josephine - - Mundt 

ENCHANTED inoccasins Mathews 

ENCHANTING and enchanted Hdcklander 

END of the world... ..Egffleston 

ENCOMBE stories Adams 

ENGLISH Marv. works, v.6 Sltenrood 

ENGLISH orphans .Holmes 

EPICUREAN. ...Moore 

ERCKMANN. 6mile, and Chatbian, 

Blockade ofPhalsburg. N.Y.,1873. 

Conscript. N. Y. , 1873. 

Friend Fritz. N. Y., 1877. 

Invasion of France in 1814. N. Y., 1871. 

Madame Therese. N.Y., 1872. 

Miller's story of the war; or, the 

Plebiscite. N. Y. , 1873. 
Waterloo ; sequel to " Conscript." 



ERMINA, works, v.5 .Shenwod 

ERNEST Maltravers Lytton 

ERRAND boy. works, v8 - Sherwood 

ERSILIA - . - Poynter 

ERSKINE, Mrs. Thomas. Wyncote. 

N. Y., 1875. 

ESTELLE - . - Edwards 

ESTVAN, Mathilde. Harry Delaware 

N. Y., ISIS. 

ETHELYN'S mistake Holmes 

EUGENE Aram Lytton 

EUGENIE. ..Butt 

EUSTACE diamonds. Trollope 

EV^AN Harrington Meredith 

EVANS, Augusta J., see Wilson, Mrs. 

Augusta J. 


EVENING rest. Best. [cop. 1823]. 

EVIL eye, and other stories MacQuoid 

EWALD, H. F. Story of Waldemar 

Krone's youth. Phil., 1868. 
EWING, Juliana H. 

Jan of the windmill. Bost., 1876. 

Six to sixteen. Host., 1876. 

EXPRESSMAN and detective.. Pinkerton 


FAIRER than a fairy Oratiti 

FAIR god Wallace 

FAIR maid of Perth; same as "St. Val- 
entine's day" .Scott 

FAIR gospeller .Manning 

FAIR play Southworth 

FAIR Saxon McCarthy 

FAIR women Forrester 

FAIRCIIILD f.imily, works. v4. Shertcood 

FAIRY bells and what they tolled us. 
tran.<i from the German by S. W. 
Lander, Bost., 1876. 

FAIRY know a-bit Tucker 

FAIRY guardians Willoughby 

FAIRY tales Anderson 

FAITH Gartney's girlhood Whitney 

FALLEN fortunes Payn 

FALLEN pride: same as " Curse of Clif- 
ton" Southworth 

FAME and fortune ...Alger 

FAMILY doom.. Southworth 

FAMILY feud ...Harder 

FAMILY secret ..Andrews 

FAMILY free Fonhlanque 

FAMILY at Heatherdale Mackay 

FAMILY at home.. Abbott 

FANCHON the cricket Dudevant 

FANSIIAWE, and other pieces. Hawthorne 

FAR above rubies Riddell 

FAR from the madding crowd Hardy 


At the sign of the silver flagon. 

N. Y., 1875. 

Blade o' grass. N. Y.,1874. 

Bread and cheese and kisses. N. Y.,1874. 

Duchess of Rosemary Lane. N. Y., 1877. 

Golden grain. N. Y., 1874. 

Grif. N. Y., 1873. 

An island pearl. N. Y., 1876. 

Jesse Trim. N. Y., 1875. 

Joshua Marvel. N. Y. , 1873. 

King of no land. N Y.. 1875. 

London heart. N, Y., 1873. 

Love's victory. N. Y., 1875. 

Shadows on the snow. 

Solomon Isaacs. N. Y. 



FARMAN, Ella. 

Cooking club of Tuwhit Hollow. 

Bost. {a>p. 1876.] 
-White band., 


FARRERS of Budge Row Martineau 

FASHION and famine... Stephens 

FAST friends Trowbridge 

FAST life... Taylor 

FATAL marriage Cockton 

FATAL marriage Southworth 

FATAL repast Tales from, Blackwood 

FATAL seci et, and other stories 

Southworth and Baden 

FATED to be free, sequel to "OS. the 

Skelligs" -- Hofland 

FATH ER as he should be Ingelow 

FATHER Tom and the pope Ferguson 

In Johnson, R. , cdr Little classics. v9 

FATHERS and sons Turgenief 

FAWCETT, Edsiar. 

Ellen Story. N. Y., 1876. 

FAWCETT, Millicent G. 

Tales in political economy. Lond., 1874. 

FARQUHARSON, Martha, seeFwhEY, 
Mrs. Martha. 

FAUSTUS and Queen Elizabeth. 

Tales from Blackwood 

FELIX Ho't, the radical Lewes 

FENELON, S.-de la M. Telemachus. N. 

Y., n. d. 
FENN, Geo. M. Ship ahoy. N. Y., 


•The treasure hunters. N. Y'., 1874. 

FENTON'S quest Braddon 

FERDINAND Count Fathom, adven- 
tures of - SmoUet 

FERNE Fleming Warfeld 


Lil, "fair, fair with golden hair." 

Phil.. 1877-1878. 

FETTERED for life.... Blcekt 


Led astray. N. Y., 18T5. 

The romance of a poor young man. 

N. Y.. 1875. 

FIELD and forest Adam* 


Adventures of Joseph Andrews. 

Lond., 1871. 

History of Amelia. 2v. Lond., 1871. 

Tom Jones. 2v. Lond., 1871. 


FILE No. 113 Qaborian 

FINLEY, Mrs. Martha. Martha Farqu- 

Casella. Phil., 1878. 

-Elsie Dinsmore. 
-Elsie's children. 

N. Y., 1877. 



Elsie's womanhood. N. Y. {cop. 

Elsie's motherhood. N. Y. [cop. 

1876. J 

FIRE and Hame Shucking 

FIRST and last. 
FIRST and last crime. 

FIRST and last kiss Tales from BlcKkwood 

FIRST love is best Dodge 

FISHER, Miss Francis C. " Christian 

Reid." After many days. N. Y., 


Carmen's inheritance. Phil., 1873. 

Daughter of Bohemia. N. Y., 

Ebb tide a(ifZ other stories. N. Y., 


Land of the sky. N. Y., 1876. 

Mabel Lee. N. Y., 1872. 

Morton House. N. Y., 1873. 

Nina's atonement a»d other stories. 

N. Y., 1873. 

Question of honor. N. Y., 1875. 

Valerie Aimer. N. Y., 1873. 

FISHER maiden - - Bjormon 

FIVE hundred majority Niles 

FIVE nights of St. Albans Mudford 

FIVE weeks in a balloon Verne 

FLAG of distress Beid 

FLAG of truce - Warner 

FLAG6, AVilliam. A good investment. 

N. Y., 1872. 


FLEMING, May Agnes. 

Gay Earlescourt's wife. N. Y.,1874. 

Kate Danton. N. Y., 1876. ^ 

A mad marriage. N. Y., 1875. 

Norine's revenge. N. Y. , 1875. 

Sir Noel's heir. N. Y., 18'75. 

One night's mystery. N. Y., 1876. 

Silent and true. N. Y., 1877. 

A terrible secret. N. Y., 1874. 

A wonderful woman. N. Y., 1873. 

FLESH and spirit. - --Coulson 

FLEURANGE - ..Crmen 

FLITCH of bacon - - Ainsmrth 

FLORA - Tucker 

FLOWER people Mann 

FLOWER, fruit, and thorn pieces Richter 

FLOWER of the family Prentiss 

FLOWERS of the forest, works. v5.-.8/ierwood 
PLYING Dutchman. Phil., 1840. 

FOLLE Farine. - .X»e to Rame 

FOOL of quality - - .Brooke 

FONBLANQUE, Albany de. 

Faniilv tree. Bost., [cop. 1ST6.] 

Tangled skein. Bost., 1874. 

FOOT prints, by F.M.S. Lond., 1876. 
FOOTE, E. B. Boy doctor. 4v. N. Y,, 

FOR eacli and for all Martineau 

FOREVER and ever. - - - - Church 

FOR her sake Robinson 

FOR love and life Oliphant 

FOR summer afternoons - - - Wooltey 

FOR the king - - - • Gibbon 

FOR the king's dues .MacDonnsll 

FOR a womans' sake Wa'-henhusen 

FOR a woman's sake PMlipa 

FORGONE conclusion - ..Hoicells 

FOREST, Neil. Mice at play. Bost., 

FORGIVING kiss... Loth 


Diana Care w. Phil., 1876. 

Dolores. Phil., 1875. 

Fair woman. Bost. , n. d. 

Mignon. Phil., 1877. 

My hero. Phil., «. rf. 

FORRESTER, Frank, pseud., see Her- 
liKRT, Wm. Henry 

FORTUNE seeker Southworth 

FORTUNE of Glencoe. Lem- 

FORTUNESof Hector O'Hallahan. Miucicell 

FORTUNES of Miss FoUen.. Talcott 

FORTUNE of Nigel Scott 

FORTUNE teller of Killarney Kirkwood 

FORTY-FIVE guardsmen ; sequel to" Di- 
ana of Meridor" Dumas 

FOSCARINI. N. Y., 1830. 
FOSDICK, Chas. A. "Harry Castlemon." 



[cop. 1873-76.] 

Frank Nelson in the forecastle. 

Snowed up. 

Sportsman's club afloat. 

Sportsman's club among the trap- 

Sportsman's club in the saddle. 

FOUL play Reade and BoucicauU 

FOUND dead. Payn, 

FOUR-footed lovers Alhertson 

FOX hunting Stevens 

FAMILY parsonage TroUope 


Earle's Dene. N. Y , 1871. 

Rare good luck. N. Y., 1877. 

Zelda's fortune. Bost., 1877. 

FRANK Manly Trmebridge 

FRANK Warrington Harm 


Kuzzilbash. N, Y., 1829. 

Tales of the caravanserai. Lond., 


FREAKS of fortune Adams 

FRED and Maria and me Prentiss 

FREDERICK the Great and his court Mundt 

FREDERICK the Great and his family. .j»/«/i(f< 

FREE, yet forging their own chains Roc 

FRENCH armies and politics Martineau 

FRERE, M. Old Deccan days; or, Hindo 

fairy legends. Lond., 1870. 
FEYTAG'. Gustav. 

Deliit and credit. N. Y., 1874. 

Ingo. N. Y.,1873. 

Ingraban. Y. Y., 1873. 

The lost manuscript. N. Y., 1871. 

FRIEND Fritz ...Erckmann and Chatrian 

FRIENDS and acquaintances. 
FROLICS of Puck. N. Y., 1834. 

FROM the earth to the moon Fera« 

FROM jest to earnest. -Bfie 

FROM my youth up - Terhune 

FROM nowhere to the north pole Hood 

FROZEN deep... CoUina 



FULLER, Miss Martha. Righted at last. 

N. Y., 1874. 
FULLERTON, Lady Georgiana. 

-Mrs. Gerald's niere. N. Y., 1875. 
-Rose LeBlanc. N. Y. , 1875. 
-Stormy life. N. Y., 1875. 


GABORIAU fimile. 

■ The clique of gold. Bost. , 1874. 

File No. 113. Best., 1875. 

Other people's money. Bost., 1875. 

The widow Lerouge. Bost. [cop. 1873.] 

Within an inch of his life. Bost., 1874. 

GABRIEL Conroy - Harle 

GALAMA; or, the beggars DeLeifde 

GALT, .John. 

Annals of the parish. Phila., 1821. 

Ayrshire legatees. N. Y., 1823. 

Last of the lairds. N. Y., 1827. 

Southerman. N. Y., 1830. 

-Stolen child, Lond., 1833. 

GARDNER, Celia E. 

Rich. Medway's two loves. N. Y. , 1875. 

Tested. N. Y., 1875. 

Woman's wiles. N. Y,, 1876. 

GARRETT. Edward, pseud , see Mato, 

Isabella F. 
GARRETT, Ruth, pseud., see Mayo, 

I.sabella F. 

GARTH Hawthorne 

GASKELL, Elizabeth C, works, 7v. 

Lond., 1873. 


Lizzie Leigh and other tales. 

-Mary Barton. 

North and south. 


Silvia's lovers. 

Wives and daughters. 

GATES ajar.. __ -. Plielps 


GAUTIER, T. Spirite ; a phantasy. 

N.Y.. 1877. 

GAYWORTHYS- - Whitney 

GEIR Wally - Hillern 


GENTLEMAN of the old school James 

GENLIS, MadanwAQ. Placidc: a Spanish 

tale. N. Y., 1877 Dwnas 

GEOFFRY, Hamlvn, recollections oi.-Kingaley 

GEORGE Baruwe'U.- - Surr 

GEORGE Geith ...Traffard 

GEORGE Mason. Bost. , 1829. , 

GERALD Estcouit, confessions of Church 

GERARD'S marriage Theurritt 


GERD A Sc/iwartz 

GERMAN popular tales Orimm 

GERMAN tales ..Auerbach 

GERSTAECKER, F. How a bride was 

won. N. Y., 1872. 
GESTA Romanorum, trans, by Swan, 

Rev. C. Lond., 1877. 

GHOST hunter and his family... Banim 

GHO5T seer Schiller 

GIAFAR al Barmeki .Spring 

GIANETTO... Majendie 

GIANT killer.. Tuclcer 

GIBBON, Charles. 

For the King. N. Y. , 1872. 

In honor bound. N. Y., 1875. 

GIBERNE, Agnes. Conlyng Castle. N. 

Y., 1876 
GIFT, Theodore. 

Pretty Miss Bellew. N. Y. , 1875. 

GIL Bias Le Sage 

GILDED age Clemens and Warner 

GILES, Ella A. Bachelor Ben. 
Chicago, 1875. 

GINX'S baby .Jenkins 

GIPSY ..James 

GIPSY babes, works, v.7 .Shertcood 

GIPSY chief Reynolds 

GIPSY'S prophesy Southworth 

GIRAFFE hunters Beid 

GIRARDIN, Mme. E. Gautier, T., 
S.\NDEAU, J. , and Mert, J. Cross 
of Berny. Phil., [cop. 1873.] 

GIRL'S romance. .Robinson 

GIRLHOOD of Shakespeare's heroines Clarke 

GIRLS I'f Feversham Church 


GLAUCIA... Leslie 

GLENxMUTCKIN railway Aytoun 

GLEIG, George R. Tales of military life; 
[containing] Vandeleur a/trfGenlle- 
mm Gray. N. Y., 1829. 
GOBINEAU. Count A. Tryphaines Ab- 
bey. Phil., 1869. 


GODWIN, William. 

Caleb Williams, in Chambers' 


Cl'.udesley. N. Y., 1830. 

GOETHE, J. W. von. 

Elective athnities; [also] Sorrows 

of Werllicr, German emigrants, 
The good woman, [and] a novel- 
ette. Lond., 1872. 

Elective affinities. N. Y., 1873. 

Wilhelm Meister's apprenticeship 

and travels. Lond. , 1872. 

GOETHE and Schiller Mundt 

GOING west Adams 

GOING on a mission Cobden 

GOLD and dross Mayo 

GOLD and name.. Schwartz 

GOLD bug Poe 

GOLD Elsie John 

GOLD hunters' adventures; or life in 

GOLD hunter in Europe.. Thames 

GOLDEN butterfly Rice and Besant 

GOLDEN clew, works, v. 4 Sherwood 

GOLDEN fleece Tucker 

GOLDEN grain Farjeon 

GOLD of Chickaree Warner 

GOLDEN tress Boisgobey 

GOLDSMITH. Christabel, pseud., see 
S.\UTH, Julia P. 



GOLDSMITH, Oliver. Vicar of Wake- 
field. Phil., 1873. 

GOOD-BYE, sweetheart Broughton 

GOOD hour .._ - --- Auerbach 

GOOD investment Flagg 

GOOD luck Burstenbiiickr 

GOOD luck - Uohiien 

GOOD woman Goethe 

GORDIAN knot. Phil. , n. d Brooks 

GORDAN, Miss. Popping the question. 
GORE, Mrs. Chas. Man of fortune, and 
other tales. Phil,, 1842. 

GOVERNESS, works, v6- Sherwood 

GRACE Lee Eammgh 

GRAHAME, Ennis. Tell me a story. 

Lond., 1875. 
GRANT, James. Fairer than a fairy. 

Lond,, n. d. 
GRANT, Maria M. Sun mail. N.Y., 1877. 

GRANVILLE de Vigne Dela Eame 

GRATTAN, Thomas C. Heiress of 
Bruges. N. Y., 1831. 

Traits of travel. N. Y., 1829. 

GRAY, Barry, jmud. , sec Coffin, R. Barry. 

GREAT expectations - - Dickens 

GREAT Hoggat ty diamond TJuickf.ray 

GREAT match and other matches. [No 
name series.] Bost., 1877. 

GREEN gate Wichert 

GREKN pastures and Piccadilly Black 

GREENOUGH, Mrs. Richard S. 

In extremis. Bost., 1«72. 

Arabesques. Bost., 1873. 

GREENWOOD, Grace, pseud., see Lip- 

piNCOTT, Mrs. Sarah. 


GRIP Farjeon 

GRIFi IN, Gerald. Duke of Monmouth. 

Phil., 1837. 

GRIFFITH G:mnt Beade 

GRIFFITHS, II. Lola. N. Y., 1877. 
GRIMM, J. and W. German popular tales 

and household stories. Phil., 1873. 

GRINDER papers Dallas 

G. T. T. ; or, the wonderful adventures 

of a Pullman ..Hale 

GUARDIAN angel Holmes 

GUARDS, the. N. Y., 1827. 
GUERRAZZI, F. Manfred. N. Y., 1875. 

GUILT and innocence.- .- Schwart 

GULLIVER'S travels Swift 

GUY Earlescourt's wife Fleming 

GUY Favvkes ._ Ainsworth 

GUY Livingston __ Lawrence 

GUV Mannering Scott 

GUY Rivers Simrm 



Barton experiment. N. Y. , 1877. 

Jericoroad, N Y., 1777. 

Helen's babies. N. Y. \cop. 187fi], 

Other peoples' children, N. Y.,1877. 

Scripture club of Valley Rest, 

N. Y., 1877. 

Some folks. N, Y., 1877. 

HACKLANDER, F. W. Enchanting and 
enchanted. Phil., 1876. 

Forbidden fruit. Bost. [cop. 1877]. 

HAGARENE. Lawrence 

HAJJI Baba in England. Motier 

HALE, Edward. Christmas eve and other 
stories, Bost,, 1873. 

G. T. T., or the wonderful ad- 
ventures of a Pullman, 

— His level best and other stories. 

Host., 1873. 

If, yes, and perhaps. Bost, 1873. 

Our new crusade Bost. , 1875. 

Philip Nolan's friends, or show 

your passports. N. Y., 1877. 

Story of the simplon, see Tales for 


— ■ Upsand downs. Bost., 1873. 

HALE, Mrs. S. J. 

Traits of American life. Phil., 1835. 

HALF a million of money. Edwards 

HALIBURTON, L. C. " -Sam Slick." 

The clockmaker; Sayinirs and do- 
ings of Sam Slick, Esq. N.Y., 1876. 

HALL, Anna M. 

Marian. N. Y., 1840. 

HALL. Clara Oakey. 

-Sweet l)e]|- jangled. N. Y., 1876. 

HALL, Theresa Oakey. 

' s fancy. 

Bost., 1875. 


HAMERTON, Eugenie. The mirror of 

truth and other marvelous histories. 

Bost,, 1875. 
HAMERTON, Philip Gilbert. 
Harry Blount. Bost., 1875. 

Wrnderholme. Bost,, 1876. 

HAMILTON, Gail, pseud., see Dodge, 

Mary A. 
HAMILTON, Mrs. C. V. My bonny 

lass. Phil,, 1877. 
HAMILTON. Thomas. Youth and manhood of 

Cyril Thornton. N. Y., 1827, 
HAMLEY, Edwaid B. 

Lady Lee's widowhood. Edinb. , 1869. 

HAMMER and anvil Spielhagen 

HAND and glove ..Edwards 

HAND of Ethelberta Hardy 

HANDY Andy Lover 

HANNAH .- Craik 

HANNAH Thurston Taylor 

HANS Brinker __ Dodge 

HAPPINESS; a tale. N. Y., 1823. 

HAPPY thoughts Barnard 

HARBOUR bar; a tale of Scottish life. 

N. Y., 1875, 

HARD cash Eeade 

HARDER, L. Family feud. Phil., 1877. 
HARDY, Thomas. 

Desperate remedies. N. Y.,1874. 

Far from the madding crowd. N. 

Y., 1874. 
The hand of Ethelberta. N. Y., 


A pair of blue eyes. N. Y., 1873. 

HARLAND, Marion, pseud., see Tkr- 

HUNE, Mrs. M, V. 



HAROLD Lytton 

HARRIS, Mn. S. S. 

Frank Warrington. N. Y., 1871. 

Louis's last term at St. Mary's. N. 

Y., 1871. 

Marguerite's journal. N. Y., 1875. 

A perfect Adonis. N. Y., 1875. 

Richard Vandermark. N. Y. , 


Round hearts and other stories. 

N. Y., 1871. 

Rutledge. N. Y., 1874. 

St. Philips. N. Y,, 1871. 

The Sutheriands. N. Y,. 1871. 

HARRISON, Jennie. Little boots. 
N. Y. [cop. 1874.1 

HARRY Blount Eammerton 

HARRY Bolton's curacy. Tales from Blackwood. 

HARRY Delaware _ - - Estoun 

HARRY Holbrooke - - - .Soberts 

HARRY Lorrequer _ - .Leeer 

HARTE, Francis Bret. 

Condensed novels. Host. 1871. 

Gabriel Conroy. Hartford, 1876. 

Luck of roaring camp. Bost., 1877. 

Jlrs. Skagg's Imsbaud, and other 

stories. Bost., 1873. 

Tales of the Argonauts and other 

sketches. Bost. 1775. 

Thankful blossom. Bost., 1877. 

HARTSTON, H. Diary of a desennuyee 
N. Y., 1836. 

Woman of the world. Phil., 1838. 

HART WELL. A woman in armor. 
N. Y., 1875. 

HARVEST of wild oats Church 

HARVEYS --Koyley 


HATTON, .loseph. Clvtie. N. Y. , n. d. 

HAUNTED and the haunters 

Tales from Blackicood 

HAUNTED hearts - - Cummins 

HAUNTED homestead Southworih 

HAWEIS, i?«'. H. R. Pet; or _^pastimes 
and penalties. N. Y., 1874. 

HAWKS of Hawk Hollow. Bird 


Bressaut. N. Y., 1873. 

Garth. N. Y.,1877. 

Idolatry. Bost., 1874. 


Deliver romance and other pieces. 

Best.. 1876. 

Blithedale romance. Bost., 1876. 

Fanshawe. Bost., 1876. 

House of the seven gables. Bost. , 


Marble Faun. Bost., 1878. 

Mosses from an old manse. Bost., 


Scarict letter. Bost., 1873. 

Scptimius Felton [and] Our old 

home. Bost., 1873. 

Tauglewood tales. Bost., 1873. 

True stories from history and 

biography. Bost., 1871. 

Twice-told tales. Bost., 1871. 

Wonder book. Bost. 1874. 

HAY, Elzey, pseud., see Andrews, 

HAY, Mary Cecil. 

Arundel Motto. 

Hidden perils. 

Nora's love test 

Tlie squire's le 

N. Y., 1877. 
N. Y., 1877. 
N. Y., 1877. 
gacv. N. Y.,1S76. 

N. Y., 

Victor and vanquished. 


HAYES, J. J. Cast away in the cold. 
Bost., 1873. 

"HE cometh not, " she said _ Cudlip 

HEAD of the family _ Craik 

HEADLESS horseman - .Reid 

HE.\DL AND home De Lesdernier 


HEADS and tails Lippeticott 


Lakeville. N, Y., 1873. 

Storm-driven. Phil., 1877. 

HEAPS of money Norris 

HEART of Mid-Lothian. -. Scott 


HEDGE of thorns, works. v3 Sherirood 

HEDGED in.. Philips 


HEIR of Redclifle Tonge 

HEIR of Malreward. Phil., 1874. 

HEIRESS of Bruges ..Orattan 

HELD in bondage ; or, Granville de Vigne. 

De la Rami 

HELEN ...Edr/etcorth 

HELEN Gardner's wedding-day Tei hune 

HELEN'S babies Uabberton 

HELENA'S household. N. Y., 1874. 
HELPS, Arthur, Sir. 

Realmah. Lond., 1869. 

HENRIETTA Temple Disraeli 

HENRY VIII. and his court .Mundt 

HENRY of Guise... ..James 

HENRY Milner, works, vl Shericood 

HENRY Quatre Mancur 

HER dearest foe ...Alexander 

HER face was her fortune Robinson 

HER mothers fancy. Hall 

HERBERT, Henry 'WWW&m.." Frank Forrester" 

Cromwell. N. Y., 1838. 

The fair Puritan. Phil., 1875. 

Warwick Woodland. Phil., [cop. 


HERBERT Carter's legacy Alger and Cheny 

HEREWARD the Wake ..Kingsley 

HERITAGE of Langdale.. Alexander 

HERMIT in London; or, sketches of 
English manner.?. N.-Y., 1820. 

HERMANN Agha... Palgrave 

HERO and other tales ...Craik 

HERO Carthew Parr 

HERO of the pen... Burstenbinder 

HESELTINE, E. Last of the Plantagen- 
ets. N. Y., 1829. 


HESTER Howard's temptation Warjield 

HESTER Morley's promise iSjnith 

HETTY'S strange history. [No name 

series.] Bost., 1877. 
HEYSE, Paul. Lonely ones [with Mag- 
dalena. ] see John, Mrs. Eugenie. 



HIDDEN paths Terhune 

HIDDEN perils Hay 

HIDDEN sin; sequel to "Dethroned 

Heiress. " Dupuy 

HIDEaud seek GoUim 

HIGGLED Y-piggledy Hugessen 

HIGH life. N. Y., 1827. 

HIGH mills Saunders 

HIGHAM, Mary R. 

Athol. N. Y., 1873. 

Cloverly. N. Y., [cap. 1875.] 

HIGHER law_ _ _-__ Maitland 

HILL and valley Martineau 

HILA Dart Mumford 

HILLERN, Wilhelme. von. 

By his own mi?ht. Phil., 1873. 

Geier Wally. N. Y., 1876. 

Only a eirl. Phil., 1876. 

A two-fold life. Phil., 1873. 

HILLS of the Shatemuc Warner 

HILLYARS and Burtons 

HIS grandmothers. N. Y., 1877. 

HIS level best.. .Hale 

HIS natural life .Clarke 

HIS own master Trmcbridge 

HIS two wives Ames 

HIS young wife Smith 

HISTORY of Amelia.. .Fielding 

HISTORY of Caliph Vathek Beckford 

HISTORY of Clarissa Harlowe Jiickardson 

HISTORY of my pets Lippincott 

HISTORY of Henry Esmond. Thackeray 

HISTORY of Jlichkl Kemp Woodroofe 

HISTORY of Pendennis. Thackeray 

HISTORY of Scotland .Scott 

HITHERTO. Whitney 

HOEY, Mrs. Cashel. Blossoming of an 

aloe. N. Y., 1875. 
HOFFMAN, Mary T. Orphan sisters. 

N. Y., 1875. 
HOFLAND, Mrs. Father as he should 

be. Phila., 1810. 
HOFMANN, C. F. Greyslaer. N. Y., 

HOGG, J. Shepherd's calendar. N. Y., 



HOLDEN with the cord Woodruff 

HOLLAND, .1. G. 

Arthur Bonnicastle. N. Y., 1874. 

Bay path. N. Y., 1872. 

Miss Gilbert's Career. N.Y., 1873. 

Nicholas Minturn. N. Y., 1877. 

Sevtnoaks. N. Y., 1876. 

HOLMES, Mrs. Mary J. 

Cameron pride. N. Y., 1874. 

Cousin JIaud [and] Rosamond. 

N. Y., 1874. 
Darkness and daylight. N. Y. 

Dora Deane, [and] Maggie Miller. 

N. Y., 1874. 

Edith Lyle. N. Y.. 1876. 

Edna Browning. N. Y., 1874. 

English orphans. N. Y. , 1876. 

Ethelyn's mistake. N. Y., 1873. 

Homestead on the hillside. N. Y., 


Hugh Worthington. N. Y.. 1874. 

Lemi Rivers. N. Y., 1274. 

Marian Grey. N. Y., 1874. 

Meadow brook. N. Y., 1873. 

Millbank. N. Y., 1872. 

^—Mildred. N. Y.. 1877. 

Rose Mather. N. Y., 1871. 

Tempest and sunshine. N. Y., 

1874. Lawn. N. Y., 1874. 

HOLMES, Oliver W. 

Elsie Venner. Bost., 1872. 

Guardian angel. Bost. , 1872. 

HOME, or the iron rule Stickney 

HOME... .Bremer 

HOME Sedgwick 

HOME at Greylock Prentiss 

HOME as found Cooper 

HOM E influence. Agxdlar 

HOME life. ...Sewell 

HOM E nook Douglass 

HOME scenes and heart studies Agiluar 

HOMES abroad Martineau 

HOMESTEAD on the hillside Hobnes 

HOMEWARD bound Coajxr 

HONEST John Vane De Forest 

HONEYMOON Medina-Pomar 

HOOD, Thomas. Tvlney Hall. 

Our Family. "N. Y., 1873. 

HOOD, Tom. From nowhere to the 

North pole. Lond.. 1875. 
HOOK, Theodore. Maxwell, N. Y., 

Sayings and doings. 3 series, 9v. 

L-nd., 1834-28. 
HOOPER, Henry. 

The lost model. Phil., 1874. 

HOOSIER schoolmaster Eggleston 

HOPE, A. R. 

Thedayaftertheholidays. N. Y., 

n. d. 
HOPE, Stanley. 

A new Godiva. Phil., 1876. 

HOPE Leslie... Sedgwick 

HOPE Meredhh... Tabor 

HOPES and fears Tong 

HOPKINS. A. A. His prison bars. 

Rochester [cop. 1874.] 
HOPKINS, Elice. Rose Turquand. N.Y., 

HORATIO. Richmond, 1807. 

HORRORS of Paris Dumas 

HORSE Shoe Robinson Kennedy 

HOSPITAL sketches Al-ott 

HOSTAGES to fortune.. Braddon 

HOUSE in town Warner 

HOUSE of the .seven gables Hawthorne 

HOUSE on the moor Oli/ihant 

HOUSEHOLD of Bouverie. Warfield 

HOW a bride was won Gerstaecker 

HOW could he help it ? Boe 

HOW he won her Southworth 

HOW I stood for Deepdaily Burghs. 

Tales from Blackwood 

HOW Marjory helped Carroll 

HOWARD, Miss Blanche W. 

One summer. Bost., 1875. 

HOWARD Pinckney Tlwma* 




Sir Hcuiy Morgan, the buccaneer, 

Phil., 1843. 


A chance acquaintance. , 1873. 

Counterfeit presentment. A com- 
edy. Bost. , 18T7. 

A foreign conchision. Bost. ,1875. 

Out of the question. Bost., 1877. 

Their wediliDgjourney. Bost., 1875. 

HOWITT, William and Mary. Stories 

of English and foreign life. N. Y.,1874. 

HOWLAND, Matie. Papa's own girl. 
Lond.. 1853. 

HUBERT Freeth's prosperity- Crosland 

HUGESSEN, E. H. Knatchbull. 

Higgledy-piggledy; or, stories for 

everybod3''s and anj-body's chil- 
dren. N. Y., 187G. 

■ Whi.spers from fairy land. N.Y., 1875. 

HUGH Melton. ..--King 

HUGH Worthington Holmes 

HUGHES, Thomas. Tom Brown's 
schooldays. N. Y., 1873. 
Scourings of the white horse. Lond., 1859. 

HUGO, Victor. 

Claude Gueux. N. Y., 1869. 

Hans of Iceland. N. Y., 1875. 

Hunchback of Notre Dame.Lond., 1874. 

.largal ; or, Bug Jargal. N. Y., 1866. 

The man who laughs. N. Y'., 1369. 

Les miserables. N. Y'., 1874. 

Ninety-three. N. Y., 1874. 

Slave king. [Altered from the 

Bug Jargal 1 Lond., 1833. 

Toilers of the sea. N. Y., 1873. 


HUGUENOT family Tytler 

HULDA Siahr 

HUMPHREY Clinker, expedition of Smollet 

H UNC'HBACK of Notre Dame Hugo 

HUNTER'S feast- Reid 

HUSBANDS and homes TerhuTW 

HUSKS - Terhune 


HYPERION Longfellow 

IDA Craven Cadell 

IDALIA. - Dela Rame 

1 DOL ATR Y Hawthorne 

ILLUSTRATIONS of political econ- 

omj' -Martineau 


IN a winter city Be la Rame 

IN the days of my youth Edwards 

IN doors and out Adams 

IN extremis Greerwugh 

INFELICE ...Wilson 

IN honor bound Oibbon 

IN trust Douglass 

INDIAN pilgrim, works, v4 Sherwood 

INDIANA - iJudemnt 

INEZ ..Wilson 

INFANT'S progress. Works, v5 Slierwood 


INFIRMARY, works, v8 .Sherwood 


Fated to be free ; sequel to " Off 

the Skelligs." Bost., 1875. 

Ofl the Skelligs. Bost. , 1873. 

Sister's bye hours. Bost., 1871. 

Stories tci'ld to a child. Bost., 1871. 

Studies for stories. Bost., 1873. 

INGO - P¥eytag 

INGRABAN ------ PHgiag 


Burton, or, the seiges. N. Y., 1838. 

Capt. Kidd. N. Y., 1889. 

Lafitte, the pirate of the gulf. 

N. Y., 1836-1839. 

INITIALS --- Tautphaus 

INNOCENT ....Oliphant 

INTI^MATE friends, works, v7.- Sherwood 

INVASION of France in xhX^L.Erckmann and 


INVOLUNTARY experiments Tales 

from Blackwood 

IRELAND --- Martineau 

IRISH sketch book Thackeray 

IRON cage, works, v4 Sheneood 

IRON cousin Clarke 

IRON hand--- , Dumas 

IRON mask Dumas 

IRON shroud Tales from Blackwood 

IRVING, Washington. 

Bracebridge hall. Phil., 1873. 

Tales of a traveler. Phil. , 1873. 

Wolfert's roost. Phil., 1870. 

ISEULTE, by the author of "Vera." 
N. Y., "1875. 

ISH:\IAEL Southwoith 

ISLAND neighbors BlackweU 

ISLAND pearl --- Farjeon 

ISLES of the sea .Adams 

ISRAEL Mort, overman Saunders 

IT is never too late to mend Reade 

IT is the fashion Aiier 

IVANHOE - - Scott 

IXORS Sewell 

IXION in heaven Disraeli 

JACK Daudet 

JACK Granger's cousin Mathews 

JACK Hazard and his fortunes Trowbridge 

JACK Sheppard Ainsworth 

JAC K Tier - - - Cooper 

JACKS' sister Havers 

JACK'S ward - - .Arger 

JACOB Faithful - - Marryatt 



JAMES, G. P. R. 

Attilla. N. Y., 1837. 

Charles Tyrrell. N. Y., 1839. 

Club book. N. Y., 1836. 

Darnley. N. Y., 1841. 

-Desultory man. 
-Gentleman of 
N. Y., 1839. 


Y., 1836. 
old school. 



Gipsy. N. Y., 1835. 

Henry of Guise. N. Y., 1839. 

Huguenot. N. Y., 1864. 

Jacquerie. N. Y., 1864. 

Kings' highway. N. Y. , 1864. 

Lord Montague's page. PhiL, 1840. 

Man-at-arms. N. Y., 1840. 

Mary of Burgundy. N. Y., 1833. 

Philip Augustus. N. Y., 1831. 

Richelieu. N. Y., 1833. 

Robber. N. Y., 1838.^ 

String of pearls. N. Y.. 1833. 

Tales of the passions. Phil., 1830. 

JAMES, Henry, jr. 

American. Host. , 1877. 

Passionate pilgrim and other tales. 

Bost., 1876. 

Roderick Hud.son. Bost., 1875. 

JAMES. "W. Unfortunate man. N.Y.,1835. 

JAN of the windmill Ekoing 

JANE Eyre, - - .NicJiolls 

J APHET in search of a father - Marryatl 

JAY W. M. L., pseud., see Woodruff, 
Miss J. L. M. 

JEAFFRESON. Lottie Darling. N.Y., 

JEALOUS wife -.Pardee 


JEAN Newman 

JEAFFRESON, John C. Lottie Dar- 
ling. N. Y..1874. 

JEN KIN, Mrs. C. 

Jupiter's daughter. N. Y., 1873. 

Who breaks pays. N. Y., 1873. 

JENKIN, Edward. 

Ginx's baby. Loud., 1870. 

Little Hodge. N. Y., 1873. 

-Lord Bantam. N. Y., 1872 

JOHN Godsoe's legacy Kellogg 

JOHN Halifax, gentleman Craik 

JOHN Jasper's secret, seqxiel to " Mys- 
tery of Edwin Drood." 

JOHN Marchmont's legacy Braddon 

JOHN Maribel -- .Deslonde 

JOHN Riutoul - .Tales from Blackwood 

JOHN Worthington's name Benedict 

JOHNNY Ironsides Qirardin 

JOHNNY Ludlow. N. Y., 1875. 

JOHNSON Manor - Kent 

JOHNSON, Helen K. Roddy's romance. 
N. Y., 1874. 

Roddy's ideal. N. Y., 1876. 

Roddy's reality. N. Y., 1875. 

JOHNSON, R., «dr. Little classics, v. 
1-12. Bost. [cop. 1875.1 

Contents: vl — Exile. 
Tragedy. v4— Life. 
Love. v7— Romance. 

Comedy. vlO— Cliildhood. 
vl2— Fortune. 

v8— Mystery. 



vll— Heroism, 

JERICHO road. Habberton 

JERROLD, Douglas. Mr.s. Caudle's 
curtain lectures. N. Y., 1876. 

JERSEYMEN meeting - ..Martineau 


JOHNSON, Samuel. Rasselas, prince 

of Abyssinia. Lond., 1875. 
JOHNSON, Virginia W. 

Calderwood series. N. Y. , 1875. 

Catskill fairies 

Miss Nancy's pilgrimage. N. Y., 


A sack of gold. N. Y. 1874. 

That queer girl. N. Y. , 1874. 

Travels of an American owl. 

Phil., 1871. 
What the world made them. N. Y. , 

JOLLY, Miss Emily. 

Caste. N. Y., 

Colonel Dacre. 

Safely married. 


N. Y., 

..„, N. Y., 

JOLLY good times T/iorn 

JONATHAN - Tytler 

JONES, Chas. Henry. Davault's mills. 
Phil., 1876. 

JESSIE Trim Fargeon \ JONES, J. Hilton. The Dominie's son. 

JETTATRICE; or, the veil withdrawn -.Crami, ] jj. y., ]sT4. 

JOAN ; or, trustworthy, works, v8 Sherwood i JOSEPH and his friend Tayhr 

JOAN Broughton j JOSEPH Andrews, adventures of Fielding 

JOANNA'S inheritance- - Marshall 

JOCELYN'S mistake Spender 

JOHN, Mrs. Eugenie. " E. Marlitt" 

Countess Gisela. Phil., 1869. 

Gold Elsie. Phil., 1873. 

Little moorland princess. Phil., 1873. 

Maffdalcna, and the lonely ones. 

Phil., 1870. 
Old mamselle'8 secret. Phil., 


Over yonder. Phil., 1873. 

The second wife. Phil., 1875. 

JOHN Oliphant 

JOHNAndross'."- --- -Davis 

JOHN Brent ---- Winthrop 

JOHN Dorrien Cavanagh 

JOHN Godfrey's tortuues - Taylor 

JOSEPH Noirel's revenge. - - Cherbaliz 

JOSEPH II. and his court. Mundt 

JOSHUA Haggard's daughter Braddon 

JOSHUA Marvel -Farjeon 

JOURNEY to the centre of the earth Verne 

JOURNEY to the North Pole Verne 

JUDAH'Slion .Tonna 

JUDGE'S sons KendaU 

JULIA of Raise. N. Y., 1843. 

.lULIAN Ware 

JULIAN Percival, works, v. 8 Sherwood 

JULIANA Oakley, works, v. 8 Sherwood 


JULIET'S guardian. _ Cameron 

JUPITER'S daughters Jenkins 

JUSTIN Barley ..Cookt 





KATEFELTO _ _ Mdmlle 

KATHERINE Seward, works, v. 4 Sliencood 

KATIIEKIXE Earle..-. TrafPm 

KATIIIE Brand - ...Parr 

KATHIE books .Douglass 

KAVANAGH, Mm Julia. 

.A dele. N. Y..1872. 

Beatrice. N. Y., 1872. 

Bessie. N. Y., 1873. 

Daisy Burns. N. Y., 1872. 

Dora. N. Y.,1873. 

Grace Lee. N. Y., 1878. 

.Tolin Dorricn. N. Y., 1876. 

Madeline. N. Y., 1873. 

Natlinlie. N. Y., 1875. 

Queen Mab. N. Y., 1804. 

Rachel Grey. N. Y. ; 1873. 

Seven years, a?M? other tales. N. Y., 


Silvia. N. Y., 1873. 

Sybil's second love. N. Y., 1873. 

fwolillies. N. Y.,1877. 

KAVANAGH Longfellow 

KEARY, Annie. Castle Daly. Pliil., 

n. d. 

Oldburj'. Phil., n. d. 

York and Lancaster rose. Lond., 

KELLOGG, Elijah. Bost , 1873. 
John Godson's legacy. Bost., 



Spark of geniu.s. Bost., 1873. 

Sophomores of RadclifEe. Bost., 


Wliispering pine. Bost., 1873. 

Tuning of the tide. Bost., 1873. 

Wiiiniu;; his spurs. Bost., 1873. 

Si out heart. Bost., 1874. 

Wolf Hun. Bost., 1875. 

KENELM Chillingly Lytton 

KENDALL, Mrs. E. D. Judge's sons. 

Bosi., 1871. 



Horseshoe Rotiinson. N. Y. \cop. 


Roll of the bowl. Phil., 1838. 

Swallow barn. N. Y., 1873. 

KENT, James. Johnson Manor. N. Y., 


KICKLEBURYS on the Rhine Thackeray 


KING, Catherine. 

Hush :MeltOD. N. Y., 1875. 

Off^the rt.ll. N. Y., 1875. 

Our detachment. N. Y., 1875. 

Queen of the regiment. Bost., 


KING of the mountains .Ahont 

KING of no land.. Farjeon 

KING'S highway _ James 

KING'S own Marryatt 

KINGSLEY. Charles. 

Alton Locke. Lond., 1873. 

Heeward, the wake, or, the last of 

the English. Lond., 1873. 

Ilypatia. Lond., 1875. 

Two j^ears ago Lond., 1873. 

Westward, lio! Lond., 1874. 

Yeast: a prolilem. Lond,, 1875. 


Austin Elliot. Lond., 1873. 

The Harveys. Lond., 1873. 

IliUyars and Burtons Lond.. n. d. 

Ravenshoe. Lund., 1873. 

Recollections of Geoffrey Hamlyn. 

Lond., 7). d. 

Silcote of Silcotes. Lond., 1872. 


C;ruise of the Frolic. Bost., 1866. 

Hurricane Hurry. N. Y , 1874. 

In the wilds of Africa. Lond., 


Ralph and Dick. Bost., n. d. 

KIP. Leonard. The dead Marquise. N. 

Y.. 1873. 
KIRK WOOD, A. Fortune teller of Kil- 

Inrney. Chicago, li.76. 
KISMET. [No name series.] Bost., 1877. , 

KISSING the rod...'- ...Tatea 

KITTY Bourne. N. Y. \cop. \mo.'\,-. Edwards 

KITTY'S choice .Davis 

KITTY'S class day. Aunt Kipp [and] 

Psyche's art Accatt 

KNATCHBULL-Hugessen, E., see Hu- 


KNIGHT of Gwynne. Lever 

KNKtHT of the nineteenth century.. Soe 



LABOUR stands on golden feet. Zsehokke 

LABOUL.\YE, Edouard, or the four- 
leaved Shamrock. Lond., 1S75.. Abdallah 

LACY diamonds Coalson 

LADDEKof life Edimrds 

LADY Andley's secret. Braddon 

LADY B 11.. _. Tytler 

LA D Y Ernestine War field 

LADY Hester Torige 

LADY of Lawford, and other Christmas 
stories. Troy [cop. 1874.] 

LADY of the ice. De Mille 

LADY of ihe isle Soitihirorth 

LADY Judith - McCarthy 

LADY Lee's widowhood. Ilamlcy 

LADY of the manor ahenceod 

LA D Y superior Pollard 

LAFITTE J. B. The red doctor. Phil., 1866. 



L AFITTE - Ingrahame 

LAIHD of Norlaw_ Oliphant 

LAKE sliore Sowoestre 



LANCASHIRE witches Aimworth 

LAND at last YaUs 

LAND of the sky Piaher 

LAN DON, L. E. Romance and reality. 

Lond. , n. d. 

LANETON parsonage _ Sewell 

LA petite Madeline Tales from Blackwood. 

LAST of the Barons -.." Lytton 

LAST chronicle of Barset Trollope 

LAST days of Pompeii ..Lyton 

LAST of the Lairds 6aXt 

LAST of the Mohicans. _ Cooper 

LAST of the Mortimers Oliphant 

LAST of the Plantagenets Eeseltine 

LATTER days, works. v2 Slierwood 

LAURE, the" hi.story of a bhghted life. 

Phil., 1809. 

LAUREL bush Craik 

LAVINIA Ruffine 

LAW and the lady Collins 

LAWRENCE, George A. 

Guy Livingston. N. Y., 1871. 

Hagarcne.'N. Y., 1875. 

LEAF in "the storm Dela Rame 

LEAH, a woman of fashion _ Edwards 

LEAH Mordecai . - - - - - - - ..Abbott 

LEAVES from a family journal .Souvestre 

LED astray - - - Feuillet 

LEE, jlfre. Hannah. Tale.s. Bost., 1842. 
Three e-xperiments of living. 

Bost., 1837. 
LEE, \\o\mc, pseud, see Parr, Harriet. 

LEECH club. Owen 


Checkmate. Bost. n. d. 

LEFT-HANDED Elsa. Bost. n. d. 

LEFT on Labrador Stevens 

LEGEND of Montrose Scott 

LEGEND of the Gibraltar. Tales from Blackwood 

LEGENDS and stories of Ireland.. Lover 

LEILA; or, the siege of Granada Lytton 

LELAND, Charles G. Meister Karl's 

sketch book. Phil. [cop. 1873.] 

LENA Rivers Holmes 

LENZEN. Marie. Not in their set. 

Host., 1874. 
LE SAGE. Gil Bias. Phil., 1873. 
LESLIE, Miss E. Pencil sketches. 

Phil., 1^3.5. 
LESLIE, Emma. 

Ayesha. N. Y. \rfq). 1875.1 

Giaucia. N. Y. [w;a 1874.] 

Flavia. N. Y {cop. 1875.] 

Quadralus. fN. Y. [cop. 1875.] 

LESLIE, Mrs. Madeline. Juliette. 

Bost., 1873. 
LEVER, Charles. 

Arthur O'Leary. Lond., n. d. 

Barrington. Lend., n. d. 

Bramleigh, of Bishops Folly. 

Lond., 1873. 

Charles O'Mally. Lond. 1873. 

Confessions of Con Cregan. Lond., n. d. 

Daltons. Lond., 1872. 

Davenport Dunn. Lond., 1875. 

Day's ride. Lond., 187.5. • 

Dodd family abroad. Lond.,n. d. 

Fortunes of Glencoe. Lond., 


Harry Lorrequer. Lond. , 1873i 

Jack Hinton, the guardsman. 

Lond., n. d. 

Kate O'Donoghue. Lond., 1872. 

Knight of Gwinne. Lend., 1878. 

Lord Kilgobbin. Lond., 1873. 

Luttrell of Arran. Lond., n. d. 

.Martin's of Cro' Martin. Lond., 

n d. 

Maurice Tiernay. Lond., n. d. 

One of them. Lond., 1873. 

Rent in a cloud. Lond., n. d. 

Roland Cashel. Lond., 1872. 

Sir Brooke Fosbrooke, Lond., 


Sir Jasper Carew. Lond. , n. d. 

That boy of Norcott's. Lond., 

Tom Burke of "Ours." Lond., 

LEWES, Mrs. Maria J. " Geo. Eliot." 

Adam Bede. N. Y., 1859. 

Daniel Deronda. N. Y., 1876. 

Felix Holt, the radical. N. Y., 


Middlemarch. N. Y.,187a 

Mill on the Floss, n. t. p. 

Romola. N. Y., 1873. 

■ Scenes in a clerical life. N. Y., 


Silas Marner. n. t. p. 

LEWIS Arundel ...Smedley 

LIE, Jonas. Pilot and his wife. Chi- 
cago, 1876. 

LIFE for a life ,... Craik 

LIFE in the East Indies Thames 

LIFE in the new world Postel 

Ln'"'E in the wilds Martineau 

LIFE of Mansie Wauch. N. Y., 1828. 

LI FE'S aftermath Marshall 

LIFE'S promise to pay Conway 

LIFE'S lotterv. Phil", 18G9. 

LIFFITH Lank Wehb 

LIGHTS and shadows of Christian \\i^ .Broitnlee 

LIGHTS and shadows of Scottish life Austin, 

LIGHTNING express Adams 

LIL, "fair, fair, with golden hair." 


LILY and the cross DeMille 

LINDISFARN chase Trollope 

LINLY Rochford McCarthy 

LINTON, Mrs. ElizaLynn. Atonement 

of Leara Dundas. Phil., 1876. 
LINWOODS. N. Y,. 1835. 

LIONEL, Lincoln Cooper 

LIPPINCOTT, Mrs. Sarah J. C. 

" Grace Greenwood. 

History of my pets. Bost. 1871. 

Recollections of my childhood., 1871. 
Stories from famous ballads. 

Bost., 1871. 



LITTLE beggars, works, v4 Sherwood 

LITTLE camp on Eagle hill __ Warner 

LITTLE by little Adamx 

LITTLE Don-it Dickens 

LITTLE folk's letters Emerson 

LITTLE Heniy and his bearer, works, 

v3 Sherwood 

LITTLE Hodge . . - Jenkins 

LITTLE Joanna - - Thorpe 

LITTLE Kate Kirby - Robinson 

LITTLE lame prince Craik 

LITTIjE men - - -Alcott 

LITTLE Jloniiere, works, v6 Sherwood 

LITTLE moorland princess John 

LITTLE Pussy Willow ..Storoe 

LITTLE wife... ...Orey 

LITTLE women Alcott 

LITTLE woodman, works, v3 Sherwood 

LIVE and let live Sedgwick 

LIVING liuk_._ DeMille 

LIZA - Turgenieff 

LIZZIE Leigh and other tales Gaskill 

LOLA. Oriffin 

LOLLARDS. N. Y., 1832. 

LOLLY Dink's doings ._ - ..Stoddard 

LONDON'S heart .Farjeon 

LONELY ones, see M.\6d.vlena. 

LONG look ahead .Roe 

LONG time ago Orred 


Hyperion. Bost., 1873. 

Kavanagh. Bost., 1855. 

Outre-mer. Bost., 1846. 

LOOM and lugger. Martineau 

H )KI) Bantam Jenkins 

LOKD Hope's choice Stephens 

LORD Kilgobbin -Lever 

LORD Montague's page James 

LORD Roldan Cunningham 

LORD of himself Underwood 

LO HN A Doone Blackmore 

LOSING to win .Davies 

LOST child .Kingsley 

LOS r for love - .Braddon 

LOST heir of Linlithgow Southicorlh 

LOST heiress Southicorlh 

LOST Lenore .ed. hy Reid 

LOST manuscript t'reytag 

LOST model Hooper 

LOTH, Mi.ritz. Forgiving kiss. N. Y., 

1 S'K 

LOTH Alii ....Disraili 

LOTTIE ilavling Jeaffreson 

LOUISE la Valleire.. -, Dumas 

LOVE and liberty ..Dumas 

LOVE afloat ..Sheppard 

LOVE me little, love me long B£ade 

LOVE or marriage Black 

LOVE that lived ..Eiloart 

LOVE'S conflict Church 

LOVE'S labor won Southworth 

LOVE'S victory Farjeon 

LOVEL, the widower Thackeray 

LOVELS ot Arden Braddon 

LOVER Samuel. He would be a gen- 
tleman. N. Y., 1873. 

Handy Andy. Lond., n. d. 

Rory O'More. Lond., n. d. 

Legends and stories of Ireland. 

N. Y., n. d. 
LOWELL, Robert. Antony Brade. 
Bost., 1874. 

LUCIA : her problem - Douglass 

LUCK of Barry Lyndon Thackeray 

LUCK of Roaring camp Uarte 

LUCKY disappointment Church 


LUCY and her Dhaj'e, works, v3 Shcncood 

LUCY Clare, works, v3... .Shertcood 

LUCY Cnifton Oliphant 

LUTTRELL of Arran Lever 

LYMAN, Maria B. Work and wages. 
Bost., 1876. 

LYNX hunting Stevens 

LYTTON, Lo?d Edward Bulwer. 

Alice, or the mysteries ; sequel to 

"Ernest Maltravers." Loud., n. d. 

Castons. Lond., n. d. 

Coming race. N. Y., 1873. 

Devereu.x. Lond., n. d. 

Disowned. Lond., 7i. d. 

Ernest Maltravers. Lond., n. d. 

Eugene Aram. Lond., n. d. 

Godolpbin. Lond., n. d. 

Harold, the last of the Saxon 

kinss. Lond., n. d. 

Kenelm Chillingly. Phil.. 1873. 

Last of the Barons. Lond. , n. d. 

Last days of Pompeii. Lond., 

n. d. 

Leila, or the siege of Granada. 

Lond. , n. d. 

Lucretia. Lond., n. d. 

My novel. Lond., n. d. < . 

Night and morning. Lond., n. d. 

Parisians. Phil., 1874. 

Paul Clifford. London., n. d. 

Pausanias, the Spartan. N. Y., 


Pelham. Lond., n. d. 

Pilgrims of the Rhine. N. Y., 


Rienzi, the last of the tribune. 

Lond., n. d. 

Strange story. Lond., n. d. 

What will he do with it. Lond., 


Zanoni. Lond., n, d. 

LYTTON, Lord Robert Bulwer. Ring 
ofAmasis. N. Y., 1870. 


MABEL Lee Fisher 

MABEL Vaughan Cummins 

MABEL Walton's experiment, Mathews 

MACARIA - Wilson 

McCarthy, .lustin. 

Dear Lady Disdain. N. Y., 1876. 

Fair saxon. N. Y. , 1873. 

Lady Judith. N. Y., [cop. 1871.] 



Linley Rochford. N. Y., 1874. 

My enemy's daughter, N. Y., 


Miss Misanthrope. N. Y., 1877. 

Paul Massie. N. Y., n. d. 

MACDONALD, Frederica. Nathaniel Vaughan. 

N. Y,, 1874. 

Adeza Cathcart. Bost., n. d. 

Alec Forbes of Howglen. Lend., 

n. d. 
Annals of a quiet neighborhood. 

Lond., 1873. 

David Elginbrod. Bost., n. d. 

A double story. N. Y., n. d. 

Malcolm. Phil., 1875. 

Marquis of Lo.ssie. N. Y., 1877. 

Phantasies. Bost., n. d. 

Princess and the goblin. N. Y., 


Robert Falconer, Bost. , ii. d. 

St. George and St. Michael. N. Y., 

n. d. 
Seaboard parish; sequel to "An- 
nals of a quiet neighborhood." 

N. Y., 1872. 
— Thomas Wingfold, curate. N. Y., 


Vicar's daughter. Bost., 1872. 

Wilfrid Cumbermede. N. Y., 1872 


For the king s dues. N. Y., 1374. 

MACKAY, JUrs. VoIomI. Family at 

Heatherdale. N. Y., 1839. 
MACKENNA, C;. H, At school, with an 

old dragoon. Lond., 1874. 
McLAIN, Mary W. 

Wedding garments. N. Y. , 1875. 


The starling. N. Y., n. d. 

MACQUOID, Ka'herine S. 

(Planning widow. N. Y., 1876. 

Evil eye and other stories. Lond., 


My story. N. Y., 1875. 

Patty. "N. Y.. 1872. 

Too soon. N. Y., 1873. 

MAD marriage Fleming 

MADAME Benedict 

MADAME de Chamblay -- ...Dumas 

MADAME de Stael - Botte 

MADAME Therese Erckmann ^vlCl Chatrian 

MADCAP Violet-. ..Black 

MADELEINE Eavanag7i 

MAGDALENA, and fTlie lonely ones, by 

Hcvse.] - John 

MAID Marian Peacock 

MAID of Killeena Black 

MAID of Sker. -- Black 

MAIDEN widow ...Southworth 

MAITLAND, J. Edward. 

By and by. N. Y., 18*3. 

Higher law. N. Y., 1872. 

Pilgrim and the shrine. Lond., 

MAJENDIE, Lady Margaret. 

-Giannetto. N. Y., 1876. 

Dita. N. Y., 1877. 

MAKE and break Adams 

MALCOLM .MacDonald 

MAN and wife Collins 

MAN at arms James 

MAN is love. Phil., 1873. 

MAN of fortune. _ Oore 

M AN who laughs Hugo 

MAN with five wives Dumas 

MAN with a broken ear ...About 

MANCHESTER strike Martineau 

MANFRED _._ Gmrrazzi 

MAN in the moon and other people Baymond 

M.A-N in I he bell Tales from BUickwood. 

MAN of honor Eggleston 

MANN. Mrs. Flower people. Bost., 


Cherry and violet N. Y., n. d. 

Fair gospeller. N. Y., «. d. 

Household of Sir Thomas Moore. 

N. Y., n. d. 
Maiden and married life of Mary 

Powell. N. Y., n. d. 

MANSFIELD Park _ Aiisten 

MANY happy returns of the day Clarke 

MARBLE fawn _ Hawthorne 

MARDI. and a voyage thither ..Melrille 

MARGARET ..Tytler 

MARGARET jMaitland Oliphaat 

MARGUERITE de Valois Dumas 

MARGUERITE'S journal Harris 

MARIAN... Hall 

MARIAN Grey .Holmea 

M.\RIA Antoinette and her son Mundi 

MARIA Monk's daughter Eckel 

MARIOTTI, L., Blackgown papers. 

Lond.. 1846. 

MAR.TORIE Daw and other people Aldrich 

MAR.IORIE F.ruce's lovers ..Patrick 

MAR.JOKIE Fleming... Brown 

MAR.TORIE Keith Townsend 

M AR.K )RIE'S quest Gould 

M.VliK. the match boy Alger 

MARL ITT, E,, pseud., see John, Mrs. 



MARQUIS of Lossie MacDonald 

MARQUIS of Yillemer.. .Duderant 

MARRIAGE in high life FevUlet 

MARRIAGE of Moiria Fergas .Black 

MARRIED belle Smith 

M.\RRIED beneath him Payn 

MARRIED in haste Stephens 

MARRYATT, Florence; see Chdrch, 

Mrs. Ross. 
MARRYATT, Captain Francis. 

Frank Mildmay. N. Y., 1873. 

.lacob Faithful. N. Y., 1873. 

.Tapliet in search of a father. N. 

Y., 1873. 

Kmg'sown. N. Y., 1873. 

Masterman readj'. Lond., 1875. 

Mr. Midshipman Easy. N. Y., 


Jlission. Lond., 1875. 

Newton Forstcr. N. Y., 1873. 

Pacha of manv tales N. Y., 1873. 

Percival Keen. N. Y., 1873. 

Peter Simple. N. Y., 1873 

Phantom ship. N. Y., 1873. 



-Poacher. N. Y.,1873. 
-Poor .Tack. Lend., 1875. 
-Privateersman. Lond.,1875. 
-Settlers in Canada. Lond. 187.5. 

-Snarlcyyow. N. Y., 1873. 

MAR'S white witch Douglass 

MARSH, Caldwell, Mrs. ; Louisa Mild- 
may. N. Y., 18.36. 

MARSHALL, Mrs. Emma. 

Joanna's inheritance. N. Y. , 


Life's aftermath. N. Y., 1876. 

Mrs. Main waring's journal. Bost., 


Now a-davs; or, King's daughters. 

N. Y., 1875. 

MARTIN, the foundling.-, --Sue 

MARTIN Chuzzlewit - - - .Dickens 

MARTINEAU, Harriet. 

OMY : 9v. Lond-. 18:M. vl— Life in the 
wilds; The hills and tlie valley; Brooke 
and Brooke Farm, v'2— Denierara; Ella 
of Garveloch : Weal and woe in Garve- 
loch. v;3— A Manchester strike; Cou-iu 
Marshall; Ireland. v4— Homes abroad; 
For each and for all ; French wines and 
politics. v5— The charmed sea ; Berkley 
the banker. v6— Messrs. Vnnderput & 
Snock. vti— The loom and the lusrger; 
v7— Sowers not reapers. Cinnamon and 
pearls; A tale of the Tyne. v8— Briery 
creek; The three ages. vSI— The farrers 
of Budge row; The moral of many 


Lond., 1834. vl— The Park and the 
Paddock; The tenth haycock. v2— The 
Jerscvman meeting ; The Jerseyman 
parting ; The scholars of Arneside. 


TRATED. 2v. Lond.. IS.'M. vl— The 
parish ; The hamlets. v2— The land's 
end; The town. 

MARTINS of Cro' Martin -Lever 

MARTYRS of Spain and liberators of 

Holland Charles 

MARVEL, Ike, jyseud., s<e Mitcicell, 

Donald G. 

MARY Anne, works, 4v Sherwood 

MARY Barton _ OasMl 

MARY of Burgundy- - James 

MASON, C. W. Rape of the gamp. 

N. Y., 187.5. 

MASTER of Grevlands Woods 

MASTER Humphrey's clock- Dickens 

PIASTER JIAN ready Marryatt 

MATHERS, Helen B. " Coming 

through the rye." N. Y.„ 1876. 

Cherry ripe. "N. Y., 1877. 

MATHEWS, Joanna H. Bessie and 

her Spanish friends. N. Y., [cop. 


Mabel \Valton's experiment. 

MATHEWS, Julia A. Jack Granger's 

cousin. Bost.. 1877. 
MATTHEWS, Cornelius. Enchanted 

mocassins, [and other Indian 

legends.] N. Y., 1877. 

MATRLMONIAL infelicities Coffin 

MATTIE. a stray Bobinson 

MATURIN, Edward. Montezuma, the 

last of the Aztecs. N. Y., 1845. 

MAUD, or Nina - Melpill 

MAUPRAT Duderant 

M A U R I C E T ie r n ay ..Lever 

MAXWELL, Cecil. A story of three 

sisters. N. Y.. 1876. 
MAXWELL, W. H. Hector O'Halloran. 

N. Y,, 1873. 

My life. N. Y., 1835 

MAXWELL -..Hook 

MAY OUpJiant 

MAYO, Isabella F. "Edward Garrett." 

By still waters. N. Y., 1874. 

Crooked places. N. Y., n. d. 

The crust and the cake. N. Y., 

«. d. 
Dead sin, and other stories. N. 

Y.. n. d. 

Doing and dreaming. N Y., 1875. 

Gold "and uross. K Y.. 1874. 

Occupations of a retired life. N. 

Y., n. d. 
Premiums paid to experience, N. 

Y., n. d. 
MAYO. W. S. 

The Berber. N. Y., 1872. 

Kaloolah. N. Y., 1872. 

Never again. N. Y., 1873. 

M E A DO W bro'ok Holmes 

.MEISTER Karl's sketch-book Leland 

MELBOURNE House - - ..War?ier 

MELINCOURT ..- Peacock 

MELIME, Mary M. Charteris. Phil., 


MELINDA the caboceer Sketchley 

MELVILLE, G. J -..- Whyte 

Brooks of Bridlcmere. N. Y., 1872. 

Cerise. N. Y., 1872. 

Gladiators. N. Y., 1872. 

Katerfelto. Lond., 1875. 

Maud or Nina. Bost., n. d. 

Tilbury Nogo. N. Y., 1866. 

Uncle John7 N. Y., 1874. 

The white rose. Lond., 1868. 

MELVILLE, Herman. Mardi and 

a voyaae thitlicr. N. Y.,1864. 

Jlobv Dick. N. Y., 1871. 

Omoo. N. Y., 1868. 

Pierre. N. Y., 1852. 

Redburn, his first voyage. N. Y., 


Whi'e jacket. N. Y. [cop. 1850J. 

AVhiterose. Lond., 1868. 

MEMORIES; a story of German love. 

Chicago, 1875. 

MEMOIRS of a physician .Dumas 

MEMOIRS of sei^eaut Dale, works, 

V. 3 -- Sherwood 

MEN, women and ghosts . - - - Phelps 

MEN'S wives Thackeray 

MERCEDES of Castile Cooper 

MERCHANT of Berlin Mundt 

MERCH.VNT'S clerk, and other tales ...Warren 
MERCY Philbrick's choice. [No name 

series.) Bost.. 1877. 
MEREDITH, George. Evan Harring- 
ton. N. Y., i860. 
MEREDITH, Owen, pseud., see Lytton, 

Ijord Robert Bulwer. 




MERLMfiE, Prosper. Columba. N. Y., \ 

n. d. i 
A chronicle of the times of Charles 

I. N. Y., n. d. 
MERRY tales of the three wise men of 

Gotham. N. Y., 187G. 

MEUVYN Clitheroe Aiii.woi-lh 

MESSRS. Vanderput and Snoek Mai-tinetiu 

META Holdensis Clurbiiliez 

MICE at play Fvn-eat 

MICHAEL Strosoff Verne 


MI DSHIPMAN Easy _ Marryatt 

MI GNON Fcrrreater 



MILDREDS wedding ...Notley 

MILES WiiUingford. - _ Cooper 

MILL on the Floss .Leires 


MILLER, Cincinnatus Hines. "Joachim 


One I'ah- woman. N. Y., 1876. 

MILLER. Hua,h. Talcs and sketches. 

MILLER, Joacliiin, .sec Miller, Cin- 
cinnatus nines, 
MILLER, Thomas. Royston Gower. n.t.p. 

MILLER of Angiljault Dudivant 

MILLER of Silc'ott mill-.. ...Deslonde 

MILLER'S story of the war Erckmami 

and Vhatrian 
MILLS, Lucy A. Peter's strange story. 

Bost., 1873. 

MILLS of the gods TwelU 

MILLY Darrell.-- Braddock 

MINE, The - Tucker 

MINISTERS wife ..OUphant 

MINISTER'S wooing Stouce 

MINOR morals for > oung people Bowring 

MIRACLES of heavenly love Tucker 

MIRIAM, the avenger ; or, the missing 

bride - - .Souihworth 

MIRIAM Terhune 

MIRIAM; or, the power of truth. Phil., 

MIRIAM Coffin. N. Y., 1834. 

MIRIAM Monlfort-.. Warfeld 

MIRROR of truth Hamerton 

MISEKABLES, les lliigo 

MISER'S daughter Aimirorth 

MISS Angel Thackeray 

MISS Dorothy's charge Benedict 

MISS Forrester Edicardu 

MISS Gilbert's career Holland 

MISS Hitchcock's wedding dress. N.Y., 


MISS Majorbanks OUphant 

MISS Misanthrope Macartlni 

MISS Molly Bull 

MISS Moore .Craik 

MISS Nanc3''s pilgrimage Johnxon 

MISS Ravenel's conver.-ion Be Forrest 

MISS Rovel Cherbdiez 

MISS Van Kortland Benedict 

MISSION _Marn/att 


MISTRESS and maid Vraik 

MISTRESS .Judith D/Uer 

MITCHELL, Donald G. 

Doctor .Johns. N. Y.. 1806. 

Dream life. N. Y., 1872. 

^Reveries of a batchelor. N. Y., 


MOBY-Dick Melville 

MODEL lown and the detectives Pinkerton 

MODERN chivalry Brackenridge 

MODERN Mephistopheles. [No name 

.series]. Boston. 1877. 
MODERN minister, v.l. N. Y., 1877. 

MOHAMMED Ali and his house Miindt 

MOHICANS of Paris ..Dumas 

MOLLY MacGuires and the detec- 
tives __ Pinkerton 

MONARCH of Mincing lane .Black 


MONFORT hall _ .Warfield 

J I O X 1 K I N S . . - Cooper 

MONSIEUR Sylvester ..Budemut 



MOODS .Alaitt 


MOORE, Mrs. Rloomfi.-ld II. 

On dangerous uround. Phil. \cop. 

MOORE, .J. Zeluco. Lond,, 1789. 
MOORE, Thomas. Epicurean. Bos- 
ton, 1837. 

MORA L of many fables. Martineau 

]\IOR A L tales Mdytrorth 

MORE haiipv thoughts Barnard 

MdRE, Hnmuih, 

Coli-bs in SI arch of a wife, N, Y., 

M0RF01{D, Henry. 

Sboulder straps. Phil. [cop. l'^G3]. 


Hajji Baba in England. N. Y., 

MORLEY, Susan. 

Aileen Ferrers. N. Y., 1875. 

Throstlelhwaite, Phil., 1876. 

MORTON house FiKher 

MORTON'S hope.- MUley 

MOSE Evacs Bakc-r 

MOST unfortunate man in the world Juines 

MOSS-Side Terhune 

jMOSSES fri)m an old manse.. llawlhorne 

jMOTHER inlaw Southrorth 

MOTHER'S recompense A(jaikr 

MOIHER'S trials. N. Y.. 18(JD. 
MOTLEY, J. L. Morton's hope. N. 

Y., 18;j9. 
MOULTON, Louise C. 

■ Some women's hearts. Bost., 


MOURNING Queen, works, v7 Sherwood 

MR. and Jlrs. l<'alconbridge Aide 

MR. Smith Coalford 

MR. Vauiihan's heir. Benedict 

MRS Armington's ward Wright 

MRS. A' thur OUphant 

MRS. Brown at Brighton.. Ski/chley 

MRS. Catherine Crawley, works v8..Slrir/riiod 

j\IKS. Caudle's curtain lectures JerraUl 

MRS. Gerald's niece Fullerton 



MRS. Mainwaring's journals .Marshall 

MRS. Skasrg's husban'is Harte 

MUDFORD, W. Five nights of St. Al 

bans. Baltimore, 1833. 
MiJGGE, Theodor. 
Afraja, aNo 'wegian's tale. Phila., 

n. d. 

HihiDart. Pliila., [ayp., 1871.] 

MUNDT, Clara, " Louisa Milhlbach." 
Berlin and Sans Souci. N. Y., 

Daughter of an empress. N. Y., 


Empress Josephene. N. Y., 1876. 

Frederick the Great and his court. 

N. Y., 1867. 

G.ethe and Schiller. N. Y., 1871. 

-Henry VIII. and his court. N. Y., 

Joseph II. and his court. N. Y. , 

Mary Antoinette and her son. 

N. Y., 1873. 

Merchant of Berlin. N. Y., 1872. 

Moliammet Ali and his house. 

N. Y,, 1872. 
— Napoleon and Blucher. N. Y., 

Napoleon and tlie Queen of Prus- 
sia. N. Y.. 18G7. 

Queen Hortense. N.Y'., 1870. 

Story of a millionaire. N. Y., 1873. 

MUNDT, Theod.)re. 

Count jMirabeau. N. Y., 1868. 

MURGATROVD, Capt. Matthew, The 

refugee, N. Y. , 1825 . _ _ Payn 

MURPHY'S master. 

MURRAY, Grenville, Young Brown. 

Bost., 1874. 
MURRAY, John. Father Tom and the 

p:pe, in Johnson, R., edr. Little 

classics. v9. 
MURRAY, Eev. W. H. H. Adirondack 

tale^. Bost., 1877. 
MUSSAEUS, Tieck and Richter. -Tales 

from. Lond., 1871. 
MUSKINGUM legends and other sketches Powers 

MY' aunt Kate, works, v7 Sherwood 

MY' bonny lass Hamilton 

MY' brother's keeper _ Warner 

MY college friends Tales from Blackwood 

MY' daughter Elinor .Beneditt 

MY' enemy's daughter Macarthy 

MY' friend the Dutchman.. Tafes/raOT Blackwood 

MY' life - - Maxwell 

MY little lady. N. Y., 1875. 

MY' little love Terlmne 

MY mother and I Craik 

MY' niothcr-in-law. Bost., 1877. 

MY neighbor's shoes.. Tucker 

M Y' novel - Lytton 

MY' own child Church 

MY own people - Vessy 

MY' sister Jeannie... Dud^tant 

W^ story . Macquoid 

MY' uncle 'Timothy, works. v6 ...Sherwood 

MY' wife and I Stoioe 

MY' young Alcides. Yonge 

MYSTERIES of Paris. Sue 

MY'STERIES of Udolpho Raddiffe 

MYSTERIOUS island F«r«« 

MY'STERY, or Platonic love. Crosby 

MY'STERY' of Dark Hollow Southirorth 

MY'STERY' of Edwin Drood Dickens 


NANCY .- BroiigJUon. 

NANON; or, woman's war Dumas' 

NAPOLEON LocUhart. Tales from Blackwood 

NAPOLEON ami Blucher Mundi\ 

NAPOLEON and tlie (pK-eu of Prussia .-3/»n (ft 

NARRAGANSETT chief. Pierce 

NARRATION of uncommon things. 

Talcs from Blackwood 

NARRATIVE of A. Gordon Pym Poe 

NARROW escape Cudlij] 

NATHALIE Katanagh 

NATHANIEL Vaughan Macdonald 

NATIONAL falls. N. Y''., 1835. 
NAVERS, Dora. Jack's sister, N. Y., 

NEAR 10 nature's heart... Roe 

NEIGHBOUR Jacliwood .I'roirhridge 


NEIGHBOUR'S wives Trowbridge 

NELLIE Kinnard's kingdom ...Douglass 

NEMESIS Terhune 

NEAPOLITAN story tellers. 

Tales from Blackwood 

NEVER again.... Mayo 

NEW Don Quixote Daudit 

NEWGodiva ...Hope 

NEW Magdalen Collins 

NEW Timothy - Baker 

NEWLEY, Mrs. C. J. Langley Manor. 

Bost., n. d. 

NEWCOMES Thackeray 

NEWELL. R. II. Cloven foot. N. Y., 


Walking doll. N. Y., 1873. 

NEWTON Foster _ .Maryatt 

NEWMAN, Mrs. Jean. N. Y. 1875. 

NICHOLAS Mint urn Holland 

NICHOLAS Nickleby .Dickens 

NICHOLLS, Mrs. Charlotte.." Charlotte Bronte." 

Jane Eyre. N. Y., 1873. 

Profes.sor, N. Y'., 1875. 

Shirley. N. Y'., 1874. 

Villette. N. Y., 1874. 

NICK of the woods. Bird 

NIGHT and morning .Lytton 

NIGHTMARE abbey Peacock 

NILES. Willis. Five hundred majority. 

N. Y., 1873. 
NIMPORT. Bost., 1877. 

NINA Bremer 

NINA Gordon .._ Stoice 

NINE days' wonder — Aide 

NINE little goslings Woolsey 

: NINETY'-three .Hugo 



NO Alternative -__ Cudlip 

NO fiction ...Reed 

NO intentions Church 

NO man's friend _ .-. Robinson 

NO name Collins 

NO thoroughfare Dickens 

NOBLE, A. L. St. Augustine's ladder. 

Bost. [cop. 1873.] 

NOBLE deeds of our forefathers Watson 

NOBLE life ....Cmik 

NOBLE lord Southworth 

NOBLE woman Steiikens 

NOBLESSE oblige, by (he authm- of 

"Mile. Mori." N. Y., 1876. 
NOEL. Lady Augusta. Owen Gwinne's 

great work. JST. Y. , 1875. 

NORINE'S revenge lileming 

NORRIS, W. Heaps of money. N. Y., 


NORSEMAN'S pilgrimage Boyesen 

NORTH and South Onskell 

NORTH ANGER abbey Austin 

NORTHERN lands. Adams 

NORTON, Mrs. Caroline. 

Old Sir Douglas. Bost., n. d. 

AVoman's reward, [and] The wife. 

N. Y., 1835. 

NORWOOD Beecher 

NOT in their set.. Leiizen 

NOT wisely but too well ... Brouyhltm 

NOTII I NG new Craik 

NOTLEY, Mrs. Frances. 

Mildred's wedding. Bost., n. d. 

NOVELS and tales Edgeworth 

NOW-A-DAYS, or King's daughters Marshall 

NO \V and then Warren 

NOW or never Adams 

NUN, works, v9._. Sherwood 



O. T. ..Anderson 

OAK opening.s Cooper 

OBEDIENCE, works, v7... Sherwood 

OCCUPATIONS of a retired life Mayo 

OCEAN born Adams 

OCEAN waifs. ...Reid 

ODD couple Oliphant 

ODD trump Coalson 

OFF the roll King 

OFF to the geysers Stevens 

OFF the Skelligs Ingelow 

O'H.VRA family, pseud., see Barin, John. 

OLUBURY... Keary 

OLD Stephens 

OLD curio-ity shop ..Dic/mns 

OLD Deccan days Frere 

OLD fashioned girls Alcott 

OLD gentleman's teetotum. Tales from Blackwood 

OLD Kensington Ihackeray 

OLD Mam'selle's secret John 

OLD mortal ity Scott 

OLD Middle! on's money ffay 

OLD Sir Douglass Norton 

OLD St. Paul Ainsioorth 

OLDTOWN folks Stowe 

OLD woman who lived in a shoe Douglass 

OLIPHANT, Lawrence. Piccadilly. 

Lond. , n. d. 

At his gates. N. Y., 1873. 

Carita. N. Y., 1877. 

Chronicles of Carlingford. N. Y., 


Curate in charge. N. Y., 1876. on the moor. N. Y., 1861. 

■ Innocent. N. Y., 1874. 

.(ohn. N. Y., 1874. 

■ Laird of Norlaw. N. Y., 1873. 

Last of the Mortimers. N. Y., 


Lucy Crotton. N. Y., 1860. 

JIargaret Maitland. Phil., n. d. 

jNIay. N. Y., 1873. 

Minister's wife. N. Y., 1873. 

Mrs. Arthur. N. Y., 1877. 

Odd couple. Phil., n. d. 

Ombra. N. Y.,1873. 

Perpetual curate. N. Y., 1865. 

Phoebe .Junior. N. Y., 1876. 

Squire Arden. N. Y., 1874. 

Story of Valentine and his brother. 

N. Y,, 1875. 

Whiteladies. N. Y.,1875. 

OLIVE - Craik 

OLIVE Lacv Arr/yl 

OLIVER of the mill CharUsworth 

OLIVER Twist Dickens 

OMBRA Oliphant 

OMOO Melvilk 

ON dangerous ground Moore 

ON the Amazon.s. Sterens 

ON both sides of the sea Charles 

ON the edge of the storm, N. Y., 1872. 
ON guard. 

ON the heights Auerhach 

ON time ...Adams 

ONCE upon a time ...Craigie 

ONE fair woman .Miller 

ONE night's mystery. Fleming 

ONE of them Lever 

ONE summer Hoioard 

ONE woman's two lover* Toiensend 

ONLY a tiddler Heriderson 

ONLY a girl Hillern 

ONLY girls. Townsend 

OPEN question. De Mille 

OPEN ! sesame ! Church 

OPENING of a chestnut burr ...Roe 



OPTK\ Oliver, pseud., ««<; Adams, Wil- 
liam T. 

ORDEAL for wives. Edicards 

ORLEY farm.. ..Trollope 

ORMOND Edgeworth 

O RPH AN boy, works, v. 8 Sherwood 

ORPHAN sisters Hoffman 

ORPHANS of Normandy, works, v. 2. Sherwood 
ORR, Mrs. A. S. Twins of St. Marcel. Bost., 1874. 



ORRED, Meta. A long time ago. N.Y., 


OSCEOLA, the Seminole Reid 

G'SHAUGHNESSY, P. Arthur and 


Toyhind. Lond., 1875. 

OTHER ifirls- -. Whitney 

OTHEI^ l>eople's children Uabberton 

OTHER people's money .- Gaborian 

OUCtHT we to visit her" ? _ ..Edwards 

"OriDA," pseud., see De La Rame, 

Jjouisa. i 

OUR delafliment - ..King j 

OUR familv Iiaod\ 

OUR forefathers Freytag 

OUR mutual friend Dickens 

OUR new crusade Hale 

OUR new minister Perryman 

OUR street , - _ Thackeray 

OUT of the deep Wood 

OUT of the hurly burly Clarke 

OUT of the question Howells 

OUT-Post - Austin 

OUTRE mer _. ,Longfelloto 

OVER yonder John 

OVINGUE AN Grange Aimworth 

OWEN Gwynne's great work- _ Noel 

OWEN, George, W. Leech club; or, the 

mysteries of the Catskills. Bost., 



PACH A of many tales - - _ - Marryatt 

PAIR of blue eyes,. Hardy 

PALACE and cottage Adams 

Herman Agha, an Eastern narra- 
tive. N. Y'., 1873. 

PAMELA Richardson 

PANDOUR and his princess. Tales from Blark- 


PAPA'S own girl Rowland 

PARDOE, Mi^s J. 

Confessions of a pretty woman. 

Phila., II. d. 

lealous wife. Phila., n. d. 

Romance of the harem. Phila., 


PARIS sketch book Thackeray 



PARK and paddock Martineau 

PARR. Harriet. "Holme Lee." 
Annis Warleigh's fortunes. N. Y., 


Kathie Brand. N. Y., 1857. 

Sylvan Holt's daughter. N. Y. , 

Vicissitudes of Bessie Fairfax. 

Phila., n. d. 
PARR, Louisa. 
Blue bell of Red Neap. N. Y., 


Dorothy Fox. Phila , 1873. 

Hero Carthew. N. Y., 1873. 


PASCAREL ...De La Bame 

PASSING the portal. - Victm- 

PASSIONATE pilgrim : James 


PATIENCE Strong's outings. Whitney 


JIarjorie Bruce's lovers. N. Y. , 


PATRK )T and tory Wriyht 

P AT T Y MacQiwid 

PATRONAGE Edgt u-orth 

PAUL and Virginia St. Pierre 

PAUL ( "lifford Lytton 

PAUL Massie Mac Carthy 

PAULINE'S trials Cou rtney 

PAUSANIAS, the Spartan .Lytton 

PAYN, James. 

At her mercy. N. Y., 1874. 

Best of husbands. N. Y., 1874. 

Bred in the bone. N. Y. , 1872. 

Cecyl's tryst. N. Y. , 1873. 

Fallen fortunes. N. Y.. 1876. 

Found dead. N. Y., 1871. 

Halves. N. Y., 1871). 

JIarried beneath him. Phil., n. d. 

JIurphy's master. N. Y. , 1873. 

Walter's word. N. Y., 1875. 

What he cost her. N. Y., 1877. 

A woman's vengeance. N. Y., 1873. 

Won, not wooed. N. Y., 1871. 

PEAC'E campaigns of a Cornet. N. Y., 

PEACOCK, Thomas L. Novels and 
tales. 2v. Lond., 1875. 
Contexts; Headloni; liall; Nightmare 
Abbey; Maid Marian: Crocliet Castle; 
Melincourt. Lond., N. Y., 1875. 
PEARD, Francis M. 

Thorpe Regis, Bost., 1874. 

Unawares. Best., 1872. 

PEARL of Orr's Island Stotce 

PEG Wofflngton Beade 

PEIRC;E, B. J. Narragansett chief. 
N. Y., 1832. 

PELHAM Lytton 

PENCIL sketches Leslie 

PENDENNIS, history of Thackeray 

PENNOT, Rev. Peter. Achsah; aNew 
England life study. Bost., 1876. 


PERCI V AL Keene Marryatt 

PiRE lachaise, work. vG.. .Sherwood 

PEREGRINE Pickle.... SmoJUt 

PERFECT Adonis Han-is 

PERF'ECT love casteth out fear Washburn 

PERFIDIOUS guardian. Lond., 1790. 
PERKINS, F. B. Devil puzzles. 
N. Y., 1877. 

PERPETUAL curate Oliphant 

PERRYMAN, E. G. Our new minister. 
N. Y. [cop. 1876.] 

PERSECUTED family PoUok 

PET, or, pastimes and penalties Hawes 

PETER Simple Marryatt 

PETER Schlemihl Chamisso 

PETER'S strange story Mills 




PETRONEL - .Church 

FEVERIL of the peak - - - - Scutt 


PHANTASTES- _ MacDonald 

PHANTOM ship Marryatt 

PHELPS, Miss Elizabeth Stuart. 

Gates ajar. Bost., 1870. 

Hedged in., 1871 , 

Men, women and ghosts. Best., 1869. 

Silent partner. Bost., 1871. 

Story of Avis. Bost., 1877. 

Troi'ty book. Bost., 1872. 

Trotty wedding tour [and] Story 

book. Bost., 1874. 
PHELPS, il/ra. S. B. Sister Eleanor's 

brood. Bost., \cop. 1872.] 

PHEMIE'S temptation Terhune 

PHILIP, adventures of.. Thackeray 

PHILIP Nolan's friends - Hale 

PHILLIPS, Watts. For a woman's 

sake. Bost., n. d. 

PHINEAS Finn - TroUope 

PHINEAS Redux TroUope 

PinLLIS. Phil., 1877. 

PHYSICIAN'S wife - Spangler 


PICKEN, A. The Dominie's legacy. 

Phil., 1833. 

PICKWICK papers - Dickens 

PICTURES of cotlage life in the west of 

En gland - - - Poole 

PIERRE". Mehille 

PILGRIM and shrine Maitland 

PILGRI JIS of the Rhine. Lytton 

PILLARS of the house - - Yonge 

PILOT and his wife Lee 

PINE r eedles Warner 

PINE, Cu) ler. 

Ecce femina, n. t. p. 

PINK and white tvranny. Stowe 


E.\pressman and the detective. 

Chicago, 1874. 
Model" town and the detectives, 

[and] Byrou as a detective. N. Y'., 1876. 
Molly Maguirts and the detectives. 

N. Y'., 1877. 
Spiritualists and the detectives. 

N. Y.. 1877. 

PIONEER church - ..Schuyler 


PIQUE, a tale of the English aristoc- 
racy. Bost., n. d. 


PLACIDE ; a Spanish tale Qeuhs 

PLANE and plank AdamH 

PLANT hunters ife«rf 

PLANTER'S daughter Dupiiy 

PLxV YING the mischief BeForrest 

PLOENNIES, von. Princess 

Use. Bost., 1874. 

POACHER .-- Marryatt 

POE, Edgar Allen. Narrative of A. 

Gordon Pym. N. Y'., [cop. 1849.] 

Prose tales. N. Y. , n. d. 

POET and merchant Auerbach 

POINT of honor. Edwards 

POLLOK, Robert. Persecuted family. 

Bost.. 1829. 

POMAR, Count de Medina. Honey- 
moon. Phil.. 1874. 
POOLE, Margaret E. Pictures of cot- 
tage life in the west of England. 
Lond., 1870. 

POOR humanity Robinson 

POOR laws and paupers, illustraXed ..Martineau 

POOR Miss Finch Collins 

POOR rich man and rich poor man Sedgwick 


POPPING the question Cordon 

POPULAR tales Edgeioorth 

PORTER, Mrs. A. E. Sunset mountain. 

Bost., [cop. 1873.] 
PORTER, Jane and Anna M. Coming 
out, [and] Field of forty footsteps. 
N. Y., 18'>8. 
PORTER, Mi»s .Jane. 

Scottish chiefs. Phil., 1873. 

Thaddeus of Warsaw. Phil. , 1873. 

POSTEL, K. "Seahfield." Life in the 
new world. N. Y"., 1844. 

POTIPH A R papers ...Curtis 

POWERS, Sanuiel. Muskingum legends 

and oilier sketches. "Pbil., 1871. 

POY'NTER, M-v.*. Ersilia. N. Y.,1876. 

PRATT, Mary E. Rhoda Thornton's 

girlhood. "Bast., 1874. 


PRECEPT in practice Tucker 

PREJIIER and his wife. Tales from Blackwood 

PREMIUMS paid to experience Mayo 


Aunt Jane's hero. N. Y'. [cop. 1871.] 

Fred, Maria, and me. N. Y'., 


Peniaquid. N.Y^, 1877. 

Home at Greylock. N. Y., 1870. 

Stepping heavenward. N. Y''. [co]}. 1869.] 

Urbane and his friends. N. Y. 

[cop. 1874.1 

PRESENT problem Bolton 

PRESIDENT'S daughters Bremer 

PRETTY Bellew. Gift 

PRETTY Mrs. Gaston Cooke 

PRIDE and prejudice .Amten 

PRIEST and nun Wright 

PRIME minister - - TroUope 

PRINCE of darkness.. ..Southworth 

PRINCESS and goblin Macdonald 

PRINCESS Use ; a story of the Hartz 

Jlountains ..Plonnies 

PRINCESS of Silverland and other 

tulcs Strirclyne 

PRINCESS of Thule. ..Black 

PRIY A'l" EERSM AN Cooper 

PROBLEMATIC characters Spielhagen 



PROGRESSIVE petticoats .Eoosevdt 

PROSE tales. Poe 

PROSPER .Cherhurliez 


PRUDENCE Palfry. .Aldnch 

PRUEand I Curtis 

PUBLICANS and sinners. .Braddon 

PUCK De La Rami 

PUT yourself in his place Reade 

PUT to the test Chamberlain 




QUADRATUS - - Leslie 


QUAKER partisans. Phil., 1876. 

QUEECHY -_. - ...Warner 

QUEEN of Connaught ; a storv. N. Y., 1875. 

QUEEN of hearts Collins 

QUEEN of Sheba Aldrich 

QUEEN of Hoitense Mu7idt 

QUEEN Mab _ - - Kamnagh 

QUEEN of the regiment. .King 

QUEEN'S necklace, - _ _ Dumas 

QUEEN'S revenge. CoUim 

QUENTIN Durward Scott 

QUESTION of houor_ _. FVsW 

QUITE alone.-- - Sala 

QUITS Tautplweua 

QUIXSTAR, by tlm author of "Blind- 
pits." N. Y'., 1875. 


RAB and his friends Brown 

RABELAIS, F., works. 3v. Lond., 1864. 

RACHEL Gray.- --- Karanagh 

RACHEL Ray Trollopc 

RADCLIFFE, .\nne. Mj-steriesof Udol- 

pho. Phil.. 1873. 

Romance of the forest. Phil., 1872. 

RAGGED Dick Alger 

RAINBO"\V creed : a story of the times. 

Bost.. 1875. 

RALPH and Bruno - - Bramston 

RALPH Harding's success. Bost., 1873. 

RALPH, the heir- -.- Trollope 

RALPH AVilton's weird- Alexander 

RAMBLING story Clarke 

RAN away to sea - - Reid 


Gentiauella. Phi'., n. d. 

Wild hyacinth. Phil., 1876. 

RANDOLPH Gordon ..Be la Bame 

RANGERS and regulators of the Tan- 

aha Arnngton 

RANKIN, F. W. True to him ever. 

N. Y., 1874. 

RAPE of the garap- - Mason 

RARE good luck - Francillon 

RASSELAS, prince of Abyssinia Johnson 



Man in the moon and other people. 

N. Y., 1875. 
RAY'NAL, P. E. Wrecked on a reef. 

Lond., 1874. 
READE, Charles. 

Christie Johnston. Bost., 1871. 

Cloister and hearth. Bost., 1871. 

Clouds and sunshine. Bost., 1871. 

Griffith Gaunt. Bost., 1871. 

Hard Cash. Bost., 1873. ■ 

It is never too late to mead. Bost., 

Love me little, love me Ions. Bost. , 


Peg Woffington. Bost., 1871. 

Put yoursetf in his place. Bost., 


Simpleton. Best., 1878. 

Terrible temptation. Bost., 1871. 

Wandering heir. Bost. , 1873 . 

White lies. Bost., 1872. 

Woman hater. N. Y., 1877. 

READE, C, and Boucicault, D. Foul 
play. Bost,, 1873. 

READ YOIoney Mortiboy Rice and Besant 

R E A L f oiks Whitney 

REALITIES of Irish life French 

REALMAH .Heljis 

RECAPTURED negro, works, v.3. .Sherwood 
RECOLLECTIONS" of mv chWAhooA.Lippincott 
RECOLLECTIONS of Geoffrey Hamlyn. Kingsley 

RECORDS of a good man's life.. ..Taylor 

RED as a rose is she .Broughton 

RED cross Adams 

RED doctor Lafitte 

RED rover - Cooper 

REDBURN Melmlle 

RED gauntlet Scott 


REDWOOD .Sedgwick 

REED, Andrew. No Action. Hai'tford, 

REFUGE, E. .Margatroyd 

REID, Christian, pseud., see Fisher, 

REID, Mayne. 

Afloat in the forest. Bost., 

Boy hunters. Bost., 1873. 

Boy slaves. Bost., 1873. 

Boy tar. Bost., 1873. 

Bruin ; or, the grand bear 

Bost., 1869. 

Bush bovs. Bost. . 1873. 

Cliff climbers. Bost., 1873. 

Desert home. Bost. , 1872. 

Forest e.xiles. Bost. , 1873. 

Giraffe hunters. Bost., 1873. 

Headless horseman, N. Y., 1873. 

Hunter's feast. N. Y., 1873. 

Maroon. N. Y., 1873. 

Ocean waifs. Bost. , 1873. 

Osceola, the Seminole. 


Plant hunters. Bost., 1873 

Quadroon. N.Y^,1873. 

Ran away to sea. N. Y. , 1872. 

Rifle rangers. N. Y., 1873. 

N. Y'.,1878. 

N. Y.,1873. 
Y., 1873. 
N. Y., 1873. 
N. Y., 1873. 

N. Y., 1873. 

., 1873. 

N. Y. 



N. Y. 

-Scalp hunters. 
-Tiger hunters. 
War trail. N. 
-White chief. 
-White gauntlet. 
-Wild huntress. 
-Wild life. N. Y 
-Wood rangers. 
-Young voyagers, 
-Young yagers. 


Bost., 1873. 



REIGNING belle - Stephens 

REJECTED wife Stepfiens 

RENT in a cloud Lerer 


REVERIES of a bachelor. Mitchell 

REYNOLDS, George W. M. Gipsy 
chief. Phil., «. d. 

RHODA Thornton's girlhood .Pratt 

RICE, James, and Besant, Walter. 

Golden butterfly. N. Y., 1876. 

Ready-money Mortiboy. Bost., 


With harp and crown. Bost., 


RICH and humble. Adams 

RICH Med way's two loves Gardner 

RICHARD V'andermarck Harris 


History of Clarissa Harlowe. 

Lond., n. d. 

Pamela, n t. p. 


RICHTER, Jean Paul. F. 

Flower, fruit, and thorn pieces. 

Bost., 1872. 

Hesperus. Bost., 1865. 

Titan; a romance. Bost., 1863. 

See also. Musics, Tieck and 

Above suspicion. Bost., n. d. 

■ Far above rubies. Phil., 1867. 

Too much alone. Best., n. d. 

RIDDLE, A. G. Alice Brand. N. Y., 1875. 

RIENZI .--- Lytton 

RIFLE rangers lieid 

RIGHT one - ...Schwartz 

RIGHTED at last- Fuller 

RING of Amasis Lytton 

RISEN from the ranks Alger 

RITCHIE, Leigh. Schinderhannes, the 
robber of the Rhine. Lond., 1833. 

ROB of the Bowl Kennedy 

ROB Roy Grunt 

ROB Roy ..Scott 

ROBBER ...Jainex 

ROBERT Falconer .Macdonald 

ROBERTS, Sir R. R. Harry Hol- 
brooke. Bost., 1877. 

As long as she lived. N. Y., 1876. 

A bridge of glass. N. Y., 1874. 

Carry's confession. N. Y., 1873. 

For Ijcr sake. N. Y., 1874. 

A girl's romance and other tales. 

N. Y., 1872. 

Her face was her fortune N. Y., 


Little Kate Kirby. N. Y^, 1873. 

flattie, a stray. N. Y'., 1874. 

. No man's friend. N. Y^, 1874. 

Poor humanity. N. Y'., 1873. 

Second Cousin Sarah. N. Y., 


Slaves of the ring. Bost., 1874. 

Stern necessity. N. Y., 1874. 

True to herself. N. Y., 1873. 

Woman's ransom. Bost., n. d. 

ROBINSON Crusoe.. DeFoe 

ROB Y familv Tucker 

ROCHE. Regina M. 

Child I en of the Abbey. N. Y'., 


Contrast. N. Y., 1828. 

RODDY'S ideal Johnson 

RODDY'S reality. John.son 

RODDY'S romance Jnhjison 

RODERICK Hudson Janm 

RODERICK Random ...Smollet 

ROE, A. S. 

How could he help it? N. T., 


James Mountjoy. N. Y., 1865. 

Long look ahead, N. Y. , 1875. 

Star and cloud. N. Y., 1875. 

To love and to be loved. N. Y., 


True to the last. N. Y., 1875. 

True love rewarded. N. Y'., 1877. 

ROE, E. P. 

Barriers burned away. N. Y''., 


From jest to earnest. N. Y'., 

[coji. 1875.] 

Knight of the nineteenth century. 

N. Y., 1877. 

Near to nature's heart. N. Y. 

[cop. 1876.] 

Opening of a chestnut burr. 

N. Y. [cop. 1874.] 

What can she do? N. Y'. \cop. 

ROE, JIary A. Free, yet forging their 
own chains. N. Y'. [cop. 1876.] 

ROLAND Cashel Lever 

l< O L A N D Y or ke Wood 

ROilANCE and reality London, 

ROMANCE of Beauseincourt Warfidd 

ROMANCE of history: France. N. Y., 

ROMANCE of the forest Batcliffe 

ROMANCE of the harem Pardoe 

ROMANCE of a poor young man Feuillet 

ROMANCE of the revolution. Phil, 
[rap. 1870.] 

ROMN E YS of Ridgmont Eastman 

RO JI(-)LA Leices 

ROOKWOOD Air^gworth 

ROOSEVELT, Robert B. Progi-essive 
petticoats. N. Y'., 1874. 

RORY O'Moore Lover 

ROSE of Dissentis Zschokke 

ROSE in bloom Aleott 

ROSE Lcblanc Fidlcrton 

ROS E Mather Hobnes 

ROSE Tur(|uand .SojMns 

ROUGH and ready Alger 

ROUND hearts, and other stories Harris 

ROWNIE Hicjham 

ROWSON, Susanna. 

• Charlotte's daughter. Bost,, 1838. 

ROY', George. Generalship : or, how I 
managed mv husband. Ciucin., 

RO YSTON Gower Miller 

RUBY' Grey's strategy Stephens 



RUBY'S husband Terliune 


Doctor Antonio. N. Y., 1874. 

Lavinia. N. Y'., 1861. 

Vincenzo. N. Y., 1864. 

RUFUS and Rose - Alger 

RUMOR - Sheppard 

RUNNING the blockade Ihomes 

RUNNING to waste .Baker 

RUPIUS. Otto. Two hemispheres. 
Phil., 1870. 


RYBRENT de Bruce. N. Y., 1829. 


SACK of a;old_ Johnson] 

SAFELY 'married Joely 

SAILOR boy _ Adams 

ST. Elmo WUson\ 

ST. George and St. Michael MacdonaM 

ST. Jame's Aimworth 

ST. John, Percy B. Arctic Crusoe. 

Bost., 1870. 
ST. Olaves. N. Y., 1874. 

ST. Philips --- Harris 

ST. PIERRE, J. H. B. de. 

Paul and Virginia. N. Y., 18.54. 

ST. Ronan's well _ Scott 

ST. Simon's niece .Bemdict 

ST. Twel'mo Webb 

ST. Valentine's day Scott 

SALA, Geo. A. 

Quite alone. N. Y. , 1874. 

SALATHIEL; or, the wandering Jew Croly 

SALEM _. CastUton 

SAM'S chance Alger 

SAMUEL Brohl and company. Cherbuliez 

SAMUEL Slick, e.sq Haliburion 

SAND, Geo., paeud., see Dudevant, 

Mme Aurore. 


SATCHEL series, vl. Stones, poems, 

essays and sketches, by Miss M. E. 

Braddon, Wilkie Collins, Owen 

Meredith, M. Quad fand others]. 

Bost., 1875. 
Israel Mort, Overman, N. Y. 

SAUNDERS, Katherine. 

High mills. Phil., 1873. 


Chats with the little ones. Bost., 


SAVED from the sea Kingston 

SAXE Holme stories. 

Draxy Miller's dowry. Elder's 

wife, &c. N. Y., 1874.^ 

SAY and seal Warner 

SCALP hunters Reid 

SCARLET letter nawthorne 

SCENES of clerical life ...Lewes 

SCHILLER. Frederich von. 

Early dramas and romances. 

Lond., 1874. 


SCHOLARS of Arnoside Martineau 

SCHOOL davs at Rugby Hughes 

SCHOOLMASTER'S stories Eggkston 

SCHOOLS and schoolmasters .Dickens 


Fire and flame. N. Y., 1876. 

Pioneer church. 

N. Y., 1867. 

SCHWARTZ, Maria Sophie. 

Birth and education. Bost., 1873. 

Gerdi ; or, the children of work, 

Phil. \cop. 1874.] 

Gold and name. Phil., 1874. 

Guilt and innocence. Bost 

Right one. Bost., 1871. 





Son of an organ grinder. 

[cop. 1873.] 

■ — ^'wo family mothers. Bost. 

Wife of a vain man. Bost. 

SCOTT, Sir Walter. Novels. 

Edinb., 1871. 

Abbot, sequel to " The Monastery, 

Annie of Geierstein. 


Fortunes of Nigel. 

Guy Mannering. 

■= Ivanhoe. 

Kenil worth. 


Peveril of the Peak. 


Quentin Durward. 

Red gauntlet. 

-Rob Ro3^ 

-St. Ronan's well. 


Ist Series. Two drovers. 

Highland widow. 
Sunreon's daugh- 
2d Series. St. Valentine's day ; 
or, the fair maid 
of Perth. 




1st Series. History of Scotland. 

a: D. 1033-1600. 

2d Series. History of Scotland. 

A. D. 1603-1705. 
Zd Series. History of Scotland. 

A. D. 1706-1780. 
Ath Series. History of France. 

A. D. 78-1414. 


1st Series. Black dwarf. 

Old mortality. 
2d Series. Heart of Mid Lo- 




3(1 Series. 

Bride of Lammcr- 

Legend of Mon- 

4th Series. Count Robert of 
Castle Dangerous. 

SCOTTISH chiefs- Porter 

SCOURING of the white horse Eughes 

SCRIPTURE club of Valley Rest Habherton 

8CUDDER. Horace E. 

Doings of the Bodley familv. 

N.Y.,1875. ^ 
Dwellers in five sisters court. 

N. Y., 1876. 

SEA and shore Adams 

SEA lions Cooper 

SEA stories. N. Y. , 1876. 
SEABOARD parish ; sequel to ' ' Annals 

of a quiet neighborhood" Macdonald 

SEALSFIELD, pseud., si-e Postel, R. 

SECOND cousin Sarah Robinson 

SECOND wife John 

SEDGWICK, Catherine M. 

Home. Cambridge, 1873. 

Poor rich man and rich poor man. 

N. Y., 1836. 
SEDGWICK, Mi.s.<, C. M., Rralding, J. 

K., and others. Tales of the 

Glauber Spa. N. Y., 1H32. 
SEDGWICK, Mrs. Allen Pre.scott. 

N. Y., 1834. 

SEEK and find Adams 

SEEN and unseen Algatchie 

SELF raised ; sequel to " Ishmael " . . . Southworth 
SENSE and sensibility, [and] Per- 
suasion Austin 


SEPTIMIUS Felton Hawthorne 

SETTLERS in Canada Marryatt 

SEVEN daughters Bonqlass 


SEVEN years [and] other tales. Katanaqh 

SEWELL, Miss E. M. 

Amy Herbert. N. Y., 1873. 

Home life. N. Y., 1867. 

• Ivors. N. Y., 1857. 

Laneton parsonage. N. Y. , 1873. 

SHADOW of the .sword Buchanan 

SHADOW of Moloch mountain Austin 

SHADOWED perils Avert/ 

SHAMROCK and thistle '. Adams 

S H E loved him madly Borys 

SHIP ahoy '. jr^nn 

SHEPHEKD'S calendar Eona 

SHEPPARD, J//«s Elizabeth. 

Charles Auchester. Bost., n. d. 

Counterparts. Bost., 1869. 

Rumor. Bost., 1874. 

SHEPPARD, F. H. Love afloat. 

N. Y. [cop. 1875.] 
SHEPPARD Lee ; written by himself. 

latter days. v3— Little Henrv and his 
Bearer; little Lucyand her Dhaye: memoir 
of Serjeant Dale; Susan Gray; Lucy Clare; 
Hedge of thorns: recaptured Negro: Sufan- 
nah; Theophilus and Sophia; Abdallah. 
v4— Indian pilgrim; broken hy.icinth; little 
woodman; babes in the wood: Clara Steph- 
ens; golden clew; Catherine Seward; Mary 
Ann; iron cage; little beggars. v5— Infant's 
Progress; flowers of the forest; Julianna 
Oakley; Ermina; Emancipation. v6 -Gov- 
erness: Little Moniiere; strangers at home; 
Pere la; English Marv; My Uncle 
Timothy. vT— Nun ; iTitimate Friends; My 
Aunt Kate: Emmeiine; obedience; Gipsy 
babes; basket maker; butterfly; Alune; 
procrastination; mourningqueen. v8— Vic- 
toria: Arzooniuiid; birthday present: errand 
boy; orphan boy; two .sisters; Julian Per- 
cival; Edward Mansfield; inlirmary; Mrs. 
Catherine Crawley; Ivan; Young Forester; 
bittersweet; common eiTors. v9-13 — Lady 
of the Manor. vl3-15 missing. 

SHIFTING for himself Alqer 

SHIFTLESS folks ' Smith 

SHILOH ..Woodruff 

SHIRLEY J\'icholls 

SHOULDER stiaps Mo/ford 


SIEGE of Derry Tonna 

SIGNA.. De la Rami 

SIG HTS ;tnd insights Whitney 

SILAS .Mariier Leioes 

SILCOTE of Silcote's Kinysley 

SILENT and true Fleming 

SILENT partner Phlps 

SILENT witness ....Yates 

SI LVE R cords Brooks 

SILVER pitchers, [and] Independence Alcott 

SILVIA Kavanaqh 

SIM.MS, W. Gilmore. 

Carl, N. Y.. 1838. 

Damsel of Darien, Phil., 1839. 

Guy Rivers, n. t. p. 

Partisan, N. Y., n. d. 

Yemassee, N. Y., 1835. 

N. Y., 1836, 
Works. 15v, 

M. M. 

N. Y. 1834-37. 
Contents: vl— Henry Milner Pt. 1-3. v2— 
Fairchild Family; orphans of Normandy; 


SINK and swim Atger 

SIR Brooke Fossbrooke Lever 

SIR Harry Hotspur jrollope 

SIR Heniy Jlorgan ..Hoirard 

SIR Jasper Care w. _ .Lcrer 

SIR Jasper's tenant Braddon 

SIR Roger de Coverley Addison 

SIREN Trollope 

SISTER Eleanor's brood Phelps 

SISTER'S bye hours Ingelow 

SIX little princesses ...Prentiss 

SIX years later; sequel to "Queen's neck- 
lace, ".. Bumas 

SKETCHLEY, A. Mrs. Brown at 

Brighton, Lond. , ii. d. 
SKETCHLEY, J. A. Jlelinda the Ca- 
boceer.N. Y., 1876. 


SLAVE king [from Bug-jargal of Victor 

SLAVES of the ring Robinson 

SLAVER'S adventures on land anil sea,. .Thonies 
SLICK, Samuel, pseud., see H-\libur- 

TON, T. C. 
SLIP in the Fens, N. Y., 1873. 
SMALL house at Arlington Trollope 



SMEDLEY, Frank E. 

Frank Fark-igli, Phik, n. d. 

Lewis Arundel. Pkik, n. d. 

SMITH, Elizabeth E. Three eras of 

a woman's life, N. Y., 1836. 
SMITH, Hannah, •• Hesha Stretton." 

Bede's Charity, N. Y., re. d. 

Cassy, Phil.,"lS76. 

Crew of the Dolphin, N. Y. [cop. 


Hester Morley's promise, N. Y., 

n. d. 
SMITH, Horace. Zillah; a tale of Jeru- 
salem. N. Y., 1831). 
SMITH, .1. Emerson. Oakridge. Host., 

SMITH. .1. F. 

Woman's love, Bost., n. d. 

SMITH, Julie P. " Chrutabel OoldsmUh." 

Chris and Otho, .lequel to "Widow 

Goldsmith's daughter." N.Y., 1874. 

Courting and farming. N. Y. , 1876. 

His j'ouTig wife. N. Y., 1877. 

Married I5elle, sequel to" The 

widower." N. Y., 1874. 

Widow Goldsmith's daughter. N.Y.,1874. 

Ten old maids. N. Y., 1874. 

SMOKE Targenieff 

SMOLLETT, Tobias. 

Adventures of Ferdinand, Count 

Adventures of Peregrine Pickle. 

Lond., H. '/. 

Ilumphre}' Clinker. Li^iud., n. d. 

■ Roderick Random. Lond., n. d. 


SNOBS of England Thackeray 

SNOWED up Fosdick 

SNOW image Hawthi>rne 

SNOW man Dudevant 

SOLDIER boy Adams 

SO fair, yet false Ghamtte 

SOME women's hearts Motdton 

SOME folks HcMerton 

SON of an organ grinder Schwartz 

SON of the soil. N. Y., 1865. 

SOONER or later Brooks 

SOPHOMORES of Radcliffe Kellog 

SOUTH meadows - Desoway 


SOUTHWORTH, Mrs. Emma D. N. 

Alworth abbey. Phil. [cop. 1865.1 

Beautiful fiend. Phil. [cop. 1S73.J 

Bridal eve. Phil. [c<>p. 1S(J4.] 

Bride of Llewellyn. Phil. [cop. 


Brides fate. Phil. [cop. 1869.] 

Changed brides. Phil. [cop. 1869.] 

Christmas guest. Phil. [cop. 1870.] , 

Cruel as the grave. Phil. [cop. 

Curse of Clifton, same as "Fallen 


Deserted wife. Phil. [cop. 185.5.] 

■ Discarded daughter. Plul. [cop. 


Pair play. Phil. [cop. 1868.] 

■ Family doom. Phil, [cojh 1869.] 

Fatal marriage. Phil. [cop. 1863.] 

Fatal secret.' Phil. [cop. 1872.] 

Fortune seeker. Phd. [c&p. 1866.] 

Gipsy's prophecy. Phil. [cop. 

Haunted homestead. Phil. [cop. 

How he won her. Phil. [cop. 

India, the pearl of Pearl River. 

Phil, [cop 1857.] 
Ishrnael; or, in the depths. Phil. 

[cop. 1876.] 
Lady of the isle. Phil. [cop. 

Lost heir of Linlithgow. Phil. 

[cop. 1872.] 

Lost heiress. Phil. [cop. 1854.] 

Love's labor won. Phil. [cop. 


Maiden widow. Phil. [cop. 1870.] 

Missing bride. Phil. [cop. 1855.] 

Mother-in-law. Phil. [cop. I860.] 

Mystery of Dark Hollow. Phil. 

[cop. 1S75.] 

Noble lord. Phil. [cop. 1873.] 

Prince of darkness. Phil. [cop. 

Self-raised, sequel to "Ishrnael." 

Phil. [cop. 1876.] 

Three beauties. Phil. [cop. 1858.] 

Tried for her life. Phil. [cop. 

1871. J 

Two sisters. Phil. [cop. 1858.] 

Victor's triumph. Phil. [cop. 


Vivia. Phil. [cop. 1857.] 

Widow's son. Phil. \cop. 1867.1 

Wife's victory. Phil. [wp. 1854.J 

[and] B.iDiiN, Mr.i. F. H. 

Ariist love, and other stories. 

Phil. [cop. 1873.] 

Fatal secret, anil other stories. 

Phil. [(■"/). 1877.] 

Attic philosopher in Paris. N. Y., 


Lake shore. Bost. , 1855. 

Le.ives trom a family journal. 

N. Y., 1866. 

SOWEPiS, not reapers Martineau 


Physician's wife. Phil., 1875. 

SPANISII cavalier Tucker 

SPARK of genius _ Kellogg 

■ Spendthrift Ainsworth 

SPENDER, Mrs. J. K. 

Jocelyu's mistake. Bost., 1875. 

SP H I N X Fenillet 

SPIELHAGEN. F iedrich. 

Hammer and anvil. N. Y., 1873. 

Hohenstiins. N. Y., 1870. 

Problematic characters. N. Y., 


Through n'ght to light. N. Y., 

What the swallows sang. N. Y., 1873. 



SPIRITS ; a pliantasy Oaulier 

SPORTSMAN club afloat Fosdick 

SPORTSAL\N club amona; the vchaXers. .Fosdick 

SPORTSMAN amonijtlie mountains Frndick 

SPORTSMAN club in tlie saddle Fosdick 

SPUR of Monmouth. Phil., 1876. 

SPRING comedies. Barker 

SPY - Cooper 

SQUIRE Arden Oliphant 

SQUIRE'S legacy Hay 

STAHR. Mrs. F. 

Hulda ; or, the deliverer. Phil. , 


STAR chamber. Ainsworth 

STAR and the cloud Eoe 

STAR and the heart ChvrcJi 


STARRY flag Adarm 

STARTING out Clark 

STEBBINS, Sarah B. Annals of a baby. 

N. Y. 1877. 
STEDMAN, S. O. Allen Bay, a story 
STEPHENS, Mrs. Ann S. 
Bellehood iind bondage. Phil. 

[cop. 1873.] 
• Berth I's eugagement. Phil. [cop. 


Curse of gold. Phil. [rop. 1869.] 

Fashiou and Famine. Phil. [cop. 

Lord H' pe's choice. Phil. [cop. 


Noble woman. Phil, Wop. 1879.1 

Old Countes,-*. Phil. [cop. 1873.1 

Reigning belle. Phil. \cop. 1872.] 

Ruby Grey's strategy. Phil. [cop. 

Wives and widows. Phil. [cop. 

STEPHEN, Sir George. Adventures of 

an attorney in search of practice. 

Host., 1871 

STEPHEN Dane Douglass 

STEPPING heavenward Prentiss 

STERN necessity Robinson 

STERNE, Lawrence. 

Tristram Shandy. N. Y., 1857. 

STEVEN Lawrence, yeoman Edwards 

STEVENS, Chas. A., cdr. 


Camping out. Bost., 1872. 

Fox hunting. Bost. , 1873. 

Left on Labrador. Bost., 1872. 

Lynx hunting. Bost., [cop. 1873.] 

Oft to the geysers. Bost., 1872. 

On the Aniazon. Bost., 1874. 

Young moose hunters. Bost., 

STICKNEY, Miss, see Ellis, Mrs. 

Sarah F. 

Tales out of school. N. Y. , 1876. 

What might have been expected. 

N. Y., [cop. 1874]. 


-Loll}' Dink's doings. 

Bost., 1874. 

STOLEN child Oalt 

STONE, L. Tales and sketches 
—such as they are. N. Y. , 1834. 

STORIES and tales Andersen 

STORIES and .sketches by our best 
authors. Bost., 1867. 

STORIES of English and foreign life Howitt 

STORIES of the sea Cmper 

STORY of four lives i Dunning 

STORY of the woods Coopter 

STOR y of a needle Tucker 

STORIES told to a child Ingelow 

STORIES for the home circle. N. Y., 
1 876. 

STORIES from famous ballads Lippincott 

STORM-driven Healy 

STORMY life.... FulUrton 

STORY, Sydney A.,//-. Caste. N. Y. 
n. d. 

STORY book .A ndersen 

STORY book for children Diaz 

STORY of a bad bny Aldrich 

STORY of Elizabeth. Thackeray 

STORY of Kcnnett . Taylor 

STORY of a millionaire. Mundt 

STORY of a needle ...Tucker 

STORY of three sisters Maxwell 

STORY of a t rooper .Adams 

STORY of Valentine and his brother -.Oliphant 

STORY of WaUleraar Krone's youth Ewald 

STOUT heart Kdhgg 

STOWE, Harriet Beecher. 

Agnes of Sorrento, Bost., l.S6fl. 

Betty's Ijright idea, Deacon Pit- 
kin's farm [and] the First Christ- 
mas in New England. N. Y., 

Dred, same as "Nina Gordon." 

Bost , 1870. 

Little Pu.ssy Willow., 1870. 

Minister's wooing. Bost., 1872. 

My wife and I. '"N. Y., 1874. 

Nina Gordon. Bost. , 1870. 

Oldtown fireside stories. Best., 


Oldtown Folk. Bost., 1873. 

Pearl of Orr's Island. Bost., 1873. 

Pink and white tyranny. Bost., 


Sam Lawson's sayings. Bost., 


Uncle Tom's Cabin. Bost., 1869. 

We and our neighbors. N. Y., 

[cop. 1875.] 

STRANDED ship Davit 

STRANGE adventures of a phaeton Black 

STR ANGE.story .Lytton 

STRANGE world Braddon 

STRANGER at home, works v7 Sherwood 

STRANGERS and Pilgrims Braddon 


STRETTON, Ilesba, pseud, see Smith, 

STRETTON .Eingsley 

STRIPE Wallace 

STRIVELYNE, Elsie. of Sil- 
verland and other tales. Lond., 
STRING of pearls James 



STRUGGLES of Brown, Jones and 

Robinson Trollope 


■ The two Barbaras. N. Y. , 1876. 

STUDENT life in Harvard. Host., 1876. 

STUDIES for stories - .Ingelow 

STUDIES from bfe. - Craik 

SUBALTERN'S log-book, N. Y., 1829. 
SUE, Eugene. 

Martin, the foundling, h. t. p. 

Mysteries of Paris. Lond. , n. d. 

Wandering .lew. Lond. , n. d. 

SUilMER in Leslie Goldthwaite's Me. .Whitney 

SUMMERFIELD imbroglio. CoUim 

SUNSET mountain Porter 

SUNNY shores Adams 

SUNNY bank... 7'erhune 

SURGEON'S daughter. .Scott 

SURLY Tim and other stories Burnett 

SURR, T. S. "Winter in London. Lend., 1824. 

SUSAN Fielding Edwards 

SUSAN Gray, works, v3 Sherwood 

SUSANNAH, works, v3 Sherwood 


S'WALLO W Barn Kennedy 

SWEET bells jangled Hall 

SWIFT, .Jonathan. 

Gulliver's travels. N. Y., 1870. 

Tale of a tub. N. Y., n. d. 

SWISS familv Robinson Wyss 

SWITCH off- Adams 

SYBIL Disraeli 

SYBIL'S second love Kavanaffh 

SY DNEY Adriance DoiKjhiss 

SYLVAN Holts daughter ^Parr 

SYLVESTER Sound Cockton 

SYLVIA'S choice Craik 

SYLVIA'S lovers - . . Oaskell 


TABOR, Eliza. 

■ Eglantine. N. Y., 1875. 

Hope :Mere.lith. N. Y., 1875. 

T A K E a p e e p Oobden 

TAKEN at the flood Braddon 

TAKING of the Basiile ; or, Six years later. Dumas 
TALBOT, Frederick. Through fire and 

water. N. Y., 1874. 
TALCOTT, Mrs. Goodwin. 
Fortunes of Miss Fallon. N. Y., 


TALE of two cities .Dickens 

TALE of the Tyne Martineau 


TALES Musaus, l^ieck and Bichtcr 

TALES anil fairy stories Anderson 

TALES and novels. Edc/eirorth 

TALES and .sketches Stone 

T A LES and sketches Miller 

TALES by the O'Hara family. Banim 

TALES for children Andersen 

TALES for travelers. Bost., 187.5. 
TALES from Blackwood. 12v. Edinb. 

and Lond., n. d. 

Contents : v. 1. The Glenmuchkin rail- 
way ; Vanderdecken's messuire home ; the 
floating beacon; Colonna. the painter: le- 
gend of Gitji-alter; iron -shrond. v. 3. Laz- 
aro's legacy; story witliout a tail: Paiisms 
and Queen Elizabeth; iiow I became ayeo- 
man; Devereanx hall; Metemp;*ychosis; 
college theatricals, v. ;}. A reading party; 
Father Tom and the Pope: Bob Burke's 
duel with ELisign Brady ; headsman ; 
weariful woman, v. 4. How I stood for 
the Deepdaily Burghs; first and last; 
Duke's dilemma; old gentleman's tee- 
totum; my college friends: adventures 
in Texas; how we got possession of the 
Tuileries; Captain Paton's lament; vil- 
lage doctor; letter from Southern Africa; 
y.^tS. My friend, the Dutchman; my college 
friends. No. II.; Emerald Studs; my col- 
lege friends. No. III.; Christine; nian in 
the bell. V. 7. My English acquaintance; 
Murderer's last night: narration of nn- 
common things; the wags; wet wooing; 
Ben-na-groich. v. 8. Surveyor's tale; for- 
est race romance; DiVasari; Sigismund 
Fatello; the boxes, v. 9. Rosawa; adven- 
tures in the northwest territory; Florida 
pirate; the Pandour and his Princess; 

beauty draught, v. 10. Antonio di Carara; 
fatal repast; Vision of Cagliostro; first 
and last kiss; smuggler's leap; haunted 
and haunters; duellists, v. 11. Natolian 
story-teller; first and last crime; John Rin- 
toul; Mayor Moss; Premier and his wife. 
V. 12. Tickler among the thieves: bride- 
groom ot Barna; involuntary experiment- 
alist; Lebrun's law suit;^ up of 
Stratb-Lugas; a few words on social phil- 

TALES from the f jeld Ashjornsen 

TALES iupoliiical economy Faircett 

TALES of the Argonauts Harte 

TALES of the caravanserai Fi'azer 

TALES of the crusaders Scott 

TALES of fashionable life Edijeworth 

TALES of the (ihmhcrii\-isi,..SedgiHckandotlars 

TALES of military life ..Gleig 

TALES ol a grandfather Scott 

TALES of m'v landlord .Scott 

TALES of the Great St. Bernard. N. Y., 


TALES of the passions .James 

TALES of a traveler ; . .Ircing 

TALES of a von agcr to the Arctic Ocean. 

Phil., 1827. 
TALES of women. N. Y., 1829. 

TALES out of school Stockton 

TALES, romances, apologues, anecdotes 

and novels, from the French. 

Lond., 1786. 

TANCRED.... .Disraeli 

TANGLE D skein Fonblanque 

TANGLE WOOD tales Hawthorne 

TAUTPHOEUS, Bnroness Jemima M. 

At odds. Phil., 1873. 

Cyrila. Phil., n. d. 

Initials. Phil., n. d. 

Quits. Phil., 1872. 

TAYLOR, Bev. Charles B. Records of 

a good man's life. N.Y., 1833. 
TAYLOR, Bayard. 

Beauty and the beast. N.Y., 1873. 

Boys of other countries. N.Y., 

Hannah Thurston. N. Y., 1873. 



-John Godfrey's fortune. N.Y., 
-Story of Kenneth. N. Y., 1872. 

TELEMACHUS. Fenelon j 

TELL me a story - . Orahame 

TEMPEST and sunshine Holmes 

TEMPEST -tossed niton' 

TEN old maids Smith ^ 

TEN thousand a year _ Warren 

TENANT of WildfellhalL.- Bronte 

TENTH haycock Martineau 

TERHUNE, Mrs. Marv \ .." Marian Harland." 

Alone. N. Y., 1873. 

At last. N. Y.,1871. 

Colonel Floyd's ward, same as 

"Empty heart" and "Husks." N.Y., 


From my youth up. N. Y,, 1874. 

Helen Gardner's wedding day. 

N. Y., 1872. 

Hidden path. N. Y., 1873. 

Husbands and homes. N. Y., 


Jessamine. N. Y., 1874. 

Miriam. N. Y., 1874. 

Moss-Side. N. Y., 1872. 

■ — — My little love. N. Y., 1876. 

Nemesis. N. Y., 1874. 

Phemie's temptation. N.Y., 1874. 

Ruby's husband. N. Y., 1873. 

Sunny bank. N. Y., 1873. 

True as steel. N. Y., 1875. 

TERRIBLE secret Fleming 

TERRIBLE temptation __ .Becule 

TESTED Gardner 

THACKERAY, Mi^ Anne Isabella. 
Bluebeard's kej'S and other stories. 

N. Y., 187.1. 

Miss Angel. N. Y., 1875. 

Old Kensington. N. Y., 1873. 

Story of Elizabeth, and other tales. 

Village on the cliff, [with] other 

stories. Bost., 1809. 
THACKERAY, Wm. M. " M. A. Tit- 
marsh. " Novels and miscellaneous 

writing-!, llv. Bost., 1873. 

Adventures of Major Gahagan. 

Adventures of Philip. 

Book of snobs. 

■ Burlesques. 


Confessions of Fhz Boodle. 

Cox's diary. 

Denis Duval. 

Doctor Birch and his young 


Early and late papers. N. Y., 1877. 

Great Hoggarty diamond. 

History of Ilenry Esmond. 

History of Pciidennis. 

— — Irish sketch book. 

Jeames' diary. 

Kickleburys on the Rhine. 

Legend of the Rhine. 

Lovel the widower. 

Memoirs of Barry Lyndon. 

Mr. Brown's letters to a young 

Man about town. 

Men's wives. 


Our street. 

Paris sketch book. 

Rebecca and Rowena. 

Rose and the ring. 

Shabby genteel Btory. 

Vanity fair. 


Yellowplusli papers. 

THADDEUS of Warsaw.... .Porter 

THANKFUL Blossom .Harte 

THAT boy of Norcott's Lemr 

THAT husband of mine. Bost., 1877. 
THAT horrid girl. N. Y., 1877. 

THAT lass o'Lowrie's Burnett 

THAT ([Uecr girl Townsend 

THEIR children. (JIarke 

TH EIR wedding journey Howells 

THEO. Gray's first vear out of school. 

N. Y."[wy).-1870,] K. M. 

THEOPHILLFS and others Dodge 

THEOPHILUS and Sophia, works. vZ. Sherwood 
THEURITT, Andre. Gerard's marriage. 

N. Y., 1877. 

THEY all do it BaUey 

THINKS I to myself Mares 

THOMAS, Anne, see Cudlip, Mrs. Pen- 
THOMAS, F. W. Howard Pinckney. 

Phil, 1840. 

THOJIAS Wingfold, curate Macdonald 


The bushrangers. N. Y. , 1874. 

The gold hunter's adventures. 

N. Y.,"l874. 
The gold hunters in Europe. 

N Y., 1874. 
Life in the East Indies. Bost., 


Runningthe blockade. Bost., 1875. 

A slaver's adventures on land and 

sea. Bost., 1873. 
The whaleman's adventures in the 

San'lwich I.-lands and California. 

N. Y., 1874. 
THORPE, Kamba. Little Joanna. N. Y., 


THORPE Regis Peard 

THREE ages ...Martineau, 

TH REE beauties Southicorth 

THREE Bernices .Bright 

THKEF lirides Yongt 

THREE brothers Oliphane 

THREE clerks. Trolhpe 

THREE eras of a woman's life Smith 

THREE cxpe iments of living. .Xe« 

THREE feathers. .Blmk 

THREE girls of the revolution. 

THREE guardsmen Dumas 

THREE years at Wolverton, by a 'Wol- 

vertonian. Phil., 1877. 

THREE scouts Tro^dmdge 

THltEE Spaniards .Walker 


THROUGH by daylight Adams 

THROUGH fire and water Talbot 

THROUGH night to light Spieihagen 

TIGER hunter lieid 

TILBURY Nogo Melulle 



TILTON, Theodore. Tempest-tossed. 
N. Y., 1874. 

TITAN Richter 

TITJrARSH. M. A.. pseud., see Thackery.W. M. 

TO IJuildlccnmbe and back Barnard 

TOBIAS Wilson Clemens 

TO love and to be loved Moe 

TO the bitter end Braddon 

TOILERS of the sea Hugo 

TOINETTE. Churton 

TO JI Brown at Oxford . . _ Hughes 

TOM Burke of "ours"__ Lerer 

TOM Cringle's log ...Scott 

TOM Jones Fielding 

TONNA, Charlotte. Elizabeth. 

Jiidah's lion. N. Y., 1843. 

Siege of Deny. N. Y., 1841. 

TOO good for him Chvrch 

TOO much alone Riddell 

TOO soon Macquaid 

TOUR of the world in eighty days Verne 

TO WER of London Ainsicorth 

TOWNSEXD, Virginia F. 

Battlctiilds of our fathers. Bost., 

[rop. 1873.] 

.Marjorie Keith. Bost. [cop. 1875.] 

Miss Nancy's pilgrimage. N. Y., 


• One woman's two lovers. Phil., 


Only girls. Bost., 1874. 

That queer girl. Bost., 1875. 

TOYLAND 0' Shaughnessy 


TRAFTON, Adelaide F., Katherine 
Earle. Bost., 1873. 

TRAITS and stories of the Irish peas- 
ant rv Carleton 


(,'a Ira. N. Y., 1874. 

TRAITS of American life Hule 

TRAITS of travel Grattan 

TRAVELS of an American owl Johmon i 

TRAVELS of Baron Munchausen. ; 

Lond. , n. d. 

TRAVELERS' tales. N. Y., 1875. i 

TREASURE hunters Fenn 

TREASURE of the seas Demille 

TREASURE trove .series. Bost., 1875. 

• Burlesque. ' 




TRENCH, W. S. Realities of Irish life. 
Bost., 1869. 

TRIAL Yonge 

TRIALS of life. N. Y. 1829. 


TRIED for her life. _ Souihwm-th 

TRISTRAM Shandy Sterne 

TROLLOPE, Anthony. 

American senator. N. Y., 1877. 

Barchester towers. N. Y., 1870. 

Beltnn estate. N. Y., 1867. 

Bertrams. N. Y,, 1871. 

Can you forgive her ? N. Y. , n. d. 

Castle Richmond. N. Y., 1871. 

Claverings. N. Y., 1866. 

Doctor thorne. N. Y., 1873. 

The Eustace diamonds. N. Y., 


Framley parsonage. N. Y.,1873. 

The golden lion of Grandpere. N. 

Y., 1872. 
He knew he was right. N. Y., 


Lady Anna. N. Y., 1874. 

Last chronicle of Barset. N. Y., 


Miss Mackenzie. N. Y., 1873. 

Orlev farm. N.Y., 1873. 

Phineas Finn. N. Y., 1869. 

Phineas Redux, seguel to "Phin- 
eas Finn." N. Y.. 1874. 

Prime minister. Phil., n. d. 

Rachel Ray. N. Y., 1870. 

Ralph, the heir. N. Y., 1871. 

Sir Harry Hotspur. N. Y., 1871. 

Small house at Arlington. N. Y., 

Siruaijles of Brown, Jones, and 

Robuison. N. Y., 1865. 

Three clerks. N. Y., 1868. 

Vicar of Bullhampton. N. Y.,1870. 

The way we live now. N. Y., 

TROLLOPE, Mrs Frances. Black 

spirits and whi'e, N. Y., 1877. 
TROLLOPE, T. Adolphus. 

Diamond cut diamond. N. Y. ,1874. 

Durntou abbey. N. Y., 1873. 

Lindisfarn chase, n. t. p. 

Si en. N, Y.,1871. 

TROTTY book...- PMpa 

TROTTY's weddinstour ..Phelps 

TROWBRIDGE, J.- T. ■• Paul Creyton." 

Chance for himself. Bost., 1873. 

Coupon bonds and other stories. 

Bost., 1874. 

CHuljo's cave. Bost., 1864. 

Fast friends. Bost, 1875. 

His own master. Bost., 1877. 

Jack Hazard and his fortunes. 

Bost, 1871. 

Neis;hbors' wives. Bost., 1867. 

Thix-e scouts. Bost. , 1874. 

Young surveyor. Bost., 1875. 

TRUE as .st'eel Terhune 

TRUE love rewarded.. - Roe 

TRU E stories Hawthorne 

TRUE to herself Robinson 

TRUE to him ever Rankin 

TRUE to the last Roe 

TRUMPS Curtis 

TRY aeain Adams 

TUCKER, Charlotte. "A. L. 0. E." 

Claudia, Bost., 1875, 

Fairy know-a-bit. Lond., 1873. 

Flora, or self-deception. Lond., 


Giant killer. Lond., 1873. 

Golden Fleece. Lond., 1871. 

The mine. Lond., 1873. 

Miracles of heavenly love. Lond., 


My neighbor's shoes. Lond., 1873. 

Precept in practice. Lond., 1873. 

Roby famil}-. Lond., 1871. 



Spanish cavalier. N. Y., 1875. 

Story of a ueedle. Lond., 1871. 

Wings and stings. Lond., 1870. 

- Young piltrrim. Lond., 1873. 

TaR6i:NIEFF, Ivan S, 

Dimitri. N. Y,, 1873. 

Fathers and sons. N. Y., 1872. 

Liza. N. Y., 1873. 

On the eve. N. Y., 1873. 

Smoke. N. Y., 1872. 

Virgin soil. N. Y., 1877. 

TURNER, Be.ssic. 

A woman in the case. N. Y. , 1875. 

TURNING vvlieel Cobde?i 

TURNING of the tide. Kellogg 

TWAIN, Mark, pseud., see Clemens, 

Samuel L. 
TWELLS, Mrs. 3. H. 

Mills of the gods. Phil., 1875. 

TWENTY thousand leagues under the 

sea Verne 

TWENTY years after Dumas 

TWICE told tales. Hawthorne 

TWINS of St. Marcel Orr 

TWO admirals Cooper 

TWO baronesses Anderson 

TWO boys _ Wright 

TWO by tricks Tate» 

TWO Dianas ...Dmnas 

TWO drovers Scott 

TWO family mothers Schwartz 

TWO hemispheres ..Rupivs 

TWO lilies Kava/tagh 

TWO marriages Oraik 

TWO old men's tales.- Marsh 

TWO sisters, works, v8.. Sherwood 

TWO sisters. South-worth 

TWO vears ago .Kingsley 

TYLNEY hall.. Hood 

TYFHAINES abbey.. Gobineau 

TYTLER, Christina F. 

Jonathan, N. Y., 1876. 

Margaret, N. Y.. 1877. 

Mistress Judith, N. Y'., 1875. 

TYTLER, Sarah, 

Citoyenne Jacqueline. Lond., 1806. 

Days of Yore. Loud., 1806. 

Diamiind rose. Lond. , 1807. 

Huguenot family. N. Y'., 1868. 

Lady Bell. Phil., 1874 


UNAWARES; a story of English life Peard , 


UNCLE T;mi's cabin.. Stowe 

UNCOMMERCIAL traveler ....Dickens 

UNDER the greenwood tree Hardy 

UNDER the limes ArcJier 

UNDER the southern cross. Lend., 1874. 
UNDER two flags De la Rami' 

UNDERWOOD, Francis H. 

Cloud-pictures. Bost., 1872. 

Lord of himself. Bost., 1874. 

UNDIXE a)id other legends .Fonqve 

UNTIL daybreak Bartlett 

UP the Baltic Adams 

UPS and don ns Hale 

URBANE and his friends Prentiss 


VAGABOND heroine Edwards' 

VALE of cedars Aguilar 

VALENTINE the countess Bauer • 

VALENTINE Vox Oockton- 

VALENTINE'S day; or the fair maid 

of Perth _ ,Swrt' 

VALERIE Aimer Fisher^ 

VALERIUS ; a Roman story. Lond. , ' 


VANITY fair Thacheray 


VATHECK, history of Caliph ..Beckford 

VERA. Lond. , n. d. 

VERDANT Green, adventures of Mr. 

VERNE, Jules. 

Adventures in the land of the 

Behemoth. Bost., 1874. 

Captain Ilatteras. Bost., 1876. 

-Child of (he cavern. Lond., 1877. 

-Five weeks in a balloon. N. Y'., 

-From the earth to the moon. 

N. Y., 1874. 
-Hector Servadac. N. Y., 1877. 
-A journey to the centre of the 

earth, N. Y. 
-Meridiana, sameas " Adventures in 

the land of the Behemoth." Bost. , 


Michael Strogoff. N. Y'., 1877. 

The mysterious island. N. Y'., 

The tour of the world in ' ■" 

days. Bost., 1875. 
Twenty thousand leagues under 

the sea. Bost., 1874. 
Voyage round the world in search 

of the castaways. Lond., 1876. 
The wreck of the Chancellor. 

Bost., 1875. 

VERONIQUE ...Church 

VERY hard cash Eeade 

VESEY, Mrs. F. Gerald. My own peo- 
ple. Lond., 1875. 

VICAR of Bulllmmpton Trolhpe 

VICAR of Waketield .Goldmnith 

VICAR'S daughter Macdonald 

VICISSITUDES of Bessie Fairfax... Parr 

VICTOR, Mrs. Metta V. 

Pas.sing the Portal. N. Y., 1876. 

VICTOR and vanquished Hay 

VICTOR la Tourette, by a Broad 

Churchman. Bost., 1875. 

VICTOR'S triumph Smithworth 

VICTORIA, woiks, v8.. Sherwood 

VICTOR Y of the vantiuished Charle 

VIKRAM and the vampire Burton 

VILLA on the Rhine Auerbach 



VILLAGE on the cliff Tha-ckeray 

VILLETA Linden Bennett 



VINE and olive Adams 

VINETA; or, the phantom city... 5«J-«tenAi«<?<';- 

VIR(tIN soil - - - - Turgenieff 

VIRGINIANS- ....Thackeray 

VISIONARY: early dramas and ro- 
mances SchiOer 

VIVIA - Sout/iworth 

VIVIAN Grey -.-. - -- .Duraeli 

VIVIAN Romance CoUins 

VOLCKHAUSEN, Ad. von. Why did 

lie not die? Phil., 1871. 
VON Toodleburgs Adams 


WACHENHUSEN, Hans. For a wo- 
man's sake. Host., 1875. 

WAGS, the. Tales from Blackwood 
WAGES of sin.. Yates 

WAI riNG for the verdict - -Darts 

WAITING race YaUs 


WALFORD, L. B. Mr. Smith ; a part 
of his life. 

WALKER, Mary S. Both sides of the 

WALKI^'Gdoll - NeweU 

WALLACE, General Lew. The fair god. 

WALPOLE, Horace. 

Castle of Otranto. Phi!., 1854. 

WALSINGHAM, Charlotte. Annette. 
Phil., 18T.X 

WALTER'S word Payn 

WANDERER -- Arblay 

WANDERING heir Beade 

WANDERING Jew ...Stie 

WARE, William. Aurelian. N. Y., 

Julian. N. Y., 1874. 

Zeuobia. N. Y., 1874. 

W A K t r ai 1 - - -B^ 

WARD or wife. N. Y. , 1875. 

WARFIELD, J//X Catherine A. 

Cardinal's davighter. Phil., 1877. 

Double wedding. Phil. [(V);).1875.] 

Feme Fleminii:. Phil. [cop. 1877.] 

Hester Howard's temptation. 

N. Y., H. d. 

Household of Bouverie. N. Y., 


Lady Ernestine. Phil., n. d. 

Romance of Beauseincourt. N.Y., 


Sliriam Montfort. N. Y., 1873. 

WARNER, Chas. D. Being a boy. 
Bost., 1877. 

What she coidd. N. Y. , 1873. 

Melbourne House. N. Y.^, 1874. 

Opportunities. N. Y., 1873. 

The house in town. N. Y., 1873. 

Triiding. N. Y., 1873. 

Wide, wide world. Phil., 1873. 

WARREN, Samuel. 

Now and then. N. Y., 1848. 

Passages from the diary of a late 

physician. N. Y. , 1871. 
Merchant's clerk, and other tales. 

N. Y.. 1830 
Ten thousand a year. Phil., /(. d. 

WARNEK, Annie. 

-Dollars and cents. 

Phil., 1871. 

WARNER, Annie and Susan. 

Wych hazel. N. Y., 1876. 

Gold of Chickaree. N. Y., 1876. 

WARNER, Susan. ■'Elizabeth Wclhsrel." 
Daisy, se(jnel to "Melbourne 

House." Phil., 1873. 

Diana. N. Y., 1877. 

Hills of the Shatumuc. Phil., 


Old helmet. N. Y., 1873. 

Pine needles. N. Y., 1877. 

Queechy. Phil., 1873. 

Say and Seal. Phil., 1870. 

Little camp on eagle hill. N. Y., 1874. 

WARWICK woodlands Herbert 

WASHBURN, Katharine S. Perfect 
love casteth out fear. Bost., 1875. 

WAS it an inheritance ? Cloff 

WATCH and wait ._ Adams 

WATER babies ..Eingsley 

W AT E R waif - - Bladen 

WATER witch - - - Cooper 

WATERDALE neighbors . McCarthy 

WATERLOO Erckmann and Chatnan 

WATSON, Henry C. Noble deeds of 
our forefathers. Bost., 1875. 

WAVERLY -r^-^"*'- 

WAY we live now Trollope 

WE and our neighbors Stowe 

WE girls -- mdlney 

WEAL and woe in Garveloch Martmeav, 

WEBB, C. H., -'John Paul." 

Liffith Lank. N. Y., 1876. 

Parodies. N.Y., 1877. 

St. Twel'mo. N.Y., 1876. 

WEDDING garments McLam 


WEPT of Wishton-Wish - Cooper 

WERNER, Ernst, pseud., seeBtJRSTEN- 
BiNDER, Emily. 

WEST lawn ....Holmes 

WESTWARD ho ! Kingsley 

WETHEREL affair He Forrest 

WETHEREL, Elizabeth, ijse«(?., see 
Warner, Susan. 

WHAT answer Dickinson 

WHAT a boy '^^^u 

WHAT can she do?.. - -""« 

WHAT he cost her -Pay'*' 

WHAT might have been expected .Stockton 

WHAT she could Wartier 

WHAT Tommy did ....MiCkr 

WHAT the swallows sang Spielharjen 

WHAT the world made them - - .Johnson 

WHAT will he do with if? Lytton 

WHICH, the right or the left ? N. Y., 

WHICH shall it be •? -- Al^exander 



WHIGS .of Scotland. N. Y., 1833. 

WHISPERING pine - - . Kdli^igg 

WHISPERS from fairyland. Hugesseii 

AVHITCHER, Frances M. 

Widow Bedott papers. N. Y., 1876. 

WHITE cliief Beid 

WHITE cross and dove of pearls. 

N. Y.. 11877.] 

WHITE tfauntlet- Reid 

WHITE iumd. _. .Favmain 

WHITE lies_ - - ..Reads 

W IIITE rose Meiville 

WHITNEY, Mrs. Adelaide D. T. 

. Faith Gartney's girlliood. Host. 

[cop. 18G3.] 

(4av worthies. Bost. [cop. 1869.] 

Hitherto. Bost. [cop. 1809.] 

The other girls. Bost. [cop. 1874.] 

. Patience Sh-ong's outings. Bost. 

[cop. 1808.] 

Real folks. Bost., 1873. 

Sights and insights. Bost. , 1876. 

Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's 

life. Bost., 1873. 

We girls. Bost., 1873. 

Zerulj Throop's experiment. Host., 

\c<'p. 1871.] 
Leaves from Margaret Smith's 

journal. N. Y., 1866. 
WHITTIER, John G., edr. Child life 

in prose. 

WHO breaks pays Jenkins 

WHO will win? Cobden 

WHY did he not die?- Vokkhausen 

WICHERT, Ernst. 

TIk- green gate, trans, by Mrs. 

Wister. Phil., 1875. 
WIDDE.MER, Irene. 

Daisy Brentwell. N. Y., 1876. 

AVIDE, wide world War^iier 

WII)(JW Bedott papers Whitcher 

WIDOW Goldsmith's daughter Smith 

WIDOW Lerouge Oaboriau 

AV I Dt") W ' S son Soulhworth 


WIFE, the - Norton 

WIFE of a vain man.,- Schwartz 

WIFE'S evidence - Wills 

WIFE'S victory Soulhworth 

WILDMOOR Burckelt 

WILD huntress ..Reid 

WILD hvacinth. Randolph 


Little wanderers (i?m2 other stories. 

N. Y.. 1874. 

Wife's evidence. N. Y., 1875. 


Blind girl of Wittenberg. N. Y., 


WINNING his spurs Kellogg 


WINWOOD CliflE Wise 

WILFRID C'umbermede Macdonald 

WILHELM Meister's apprenticeship Goethe 

WILLIAM Henry letters. Diaz 

WILLIS, Julia A. What a boy. Phil., 


WILSON, Mrs. Augusta J. 

Beulah. N Y., 1873. 

Inez. N. Y.,1873. 

Infelice. N. Y., 1877. 

Macaria. N. Y., 1867. 

St. Elmo. N. Y., 1867. 

Vasliti. N. Y., 1870. 

WINDSOR castle Ain»it>orth 

WIX(i and wing Cooper 

WINGED lion DeMille 

WINGS ami slings Tucker 

WINIFRED Bertram Charles 

WINNING his spurs Kellogg 

WINTER in London Surr 

WINTHROP, Theodore. 

Canoe and saddle. Bost., 1863. 

Cecil Dreeme. Bost., 1804. 

Edwm Brothertoft. Bost., 1871. 

lolin Brent. Bost., 1863. 

WISE, Daniel. Winwood Clifi. Bost., 

WISTER, Mrs. A. L., translator. 

See under: Harder, L., Hacklander, 
F. W., Heyse, p., Hillebn, Wilhel- 
MIPfK VON.. JOUN, Mrs. E., Volckhaus- 
en. a. vos.. [and] Wichert, E. 

WITHIN an inch of his life Gaborutu 

WITHIN the maze Wood 

WIVES and daughters Oa.'<kdl 

WIVES and widows .Stephen* 

WOLF run ...Kellogg 

WOLFERT'S roost Irmng 

WOMAN against women Church 

WOMAN hater .Reade 

WOMAN in the case Turner 

WOMAN in white Collins 

WOMAN of t he world Hartston 

WOMAN'S friendship .Aguilar 

WOMAN'S love Smith 

WOMAN'S reward Norton 

WOMAN'S kingdom Crai/c 

WOMAN'S ransom.. Robinson 

WOMAN'S vengeance.. ..Payne 

WOMAN'S wiles Gardner 

WOMAN to the rescue Arth ur 

WON, not wooed Payne 

WONDER book .Hawthorne 

WONDER stories Andersen 

WONDER world. Lond., 1875. 

WONDERFUL woman. Fleming 

WOOD, Mrs. Henry. 

Bessie Pane. Phil. [cop. 1870.] 

Channings. Phil. ,n. rf. 

Danesbu'ry house. N. Y., 1860. 

Deue Hollow. Phil. [cop. 1871.] 

East Lynne. N. Y., 1877. 

Five thousand a year. Phil., n. d. 

Master of Greylands. Phil. [cop. 


(.)uf of the deep. Bost., 1876. 

PMrkwatei Phil.,«.d. 

Roland Yorke. Phil. [(»;). 1869.] 

Within the maze. Phil. [cop. 1873.] 

WOODLEIGII stories Adams 

WOOD rangers Reid 

WOODROUFFE, Anne. History of Mi- 
chael Kemp. N. Y., 1841. 
WOODRUFF, Miss 3. L. M., "W. M. L. Jay." 

Holden with the cords. N. Y., 




Shiloh. N. Y., 1874. 

WOODSTOCK. _._ - - Scott 

WOODWOKTH, Samuel. Champion of 

freedom. N. Y., 181G. 

WOOED and married Carey 

WOOING o't AUxander. 

WOOLSEY, S. Chauncey, '■ Swati Cooliilger 

For summer afternoons. Bost., 1876. 

Nine little aoslinss. Bost., 1875. 

WOOLSON, Constance' F, 

Castle Nowhere and other Lake 

country sketches. Bost., 1875. 

WORK -- -Akott 

WORK and wages Lyman 

WORK and win Adams 

WRECK of the Chancellor _-_ Vertw 

WRECKED in port Taies 

WRECKED on a reef.- ...Baynal 

WRIGHT, D. Thew. 

Mrs. Armincton's ward. Bost., 

WRIGHT, Mrs. .InliaM. 

Patriot and Tory. Cincin., [cop. 


Priest and nun. Cincin., 1871. 

Two boys. Phil., [cop. 1871. 

WUTHERING heights Bronte 

WYANDOTTE - -.Cooper 



WYSS, J. Rud. Swiss family Robin- 
son. N. Y., 1873. 


Y'ANKEE middy. Adam.s 

YANKEE notions. Bost., 1838. 
YATES, Edmund. 

Broken to laarness. 

Dangerous game. Bost. , 1874. 

Dr. Wainwright's patient. N. Y., 1873. 

(ioing to the bad. Bost., 1876. 

• Land" at last. Bost,, N. Y., 1872. 

Silent witness. Bost., 1875. 

Two by tricks. Lond., 1875. 

Wages of sin. Bost,, 1875. 

Wrecked in port. N. Y., 1873. 

YEAST ; a problem Kingsley 

YELLO WPLUSH papers Thackeray 

YEMASSEE --- "■ 

YONGE, Charlotte M. 

Beechcroft. N. Y., 1874. 

Caged lion. Lond., 1870. 

Chaplet of pearls. N. Y. 1873, 

Clever woman of the family, n. t.p. 

Daisy chain. N. Y,, 1871. 

Dove in eagle's nest. Lond. , 1878. 

Dyuevor terrace. N. Y. , 1873. 

Heart's ease. N. Y., 1871. 

-Heir of Redcliffe 
-Hopes and fears. N 
-Lady Hester. Lond. 
-Lances of Linwood. 
-Little Duke. Lond., 
-My young Alcides. 
-Pillars of the house 
-Prince and page. 
-Three brides. N, 

N. Y. 


, 1874. 
N. Y. 

N. Y., 1876. 
Lond., 1874. 
Lond., 1873. 
Y., 1876. 

-Trial. N. Y., 1873. 
-Young stepmother. 

N. Y.,1873. 

YORK and Lancaster rose Keary 

YOUNG Brown Murray 

YOUNG duke.. ....Disraeli 

YOUNG forester, works, v8 Sherwood 

YOUNG lieutenant Adams 

YOUNG moose hunters btephcns 

YO U N G pil grim Tu cker 

surveyor Troichrulge 





wife's story Boiora 

YOUNG yagers Reid 

YOUTH and manhood of Cyril Thorn- 
ton Hamilton 


ZANONI. ..Lytton 

ZENOBIA... Ware 

ZELDA'S fortune Francdlon 

ZELUCO Mooi-e 

ZERUB Throop's experiment Whitney 


ZSCHOKKE, Heinrich. Labor stands 

on golden feet. N. Y. , n. d. 
Rose of Disentis. N. Y., 1873. 




Prose Fiction. 

Sec tinder the following authors. 

Adams, F. 




Adams. H. 


Curroll, il. 


Adams, T. 


Carroll. L. 


Adams, W 













Clarke, M. C. 



Clarke, R. S. 












Craifc, D. M. 



Craik, G. M. 






D« Mille, 









Inge low. 





Johnson. H 


Johnson, R 



Hamurton, E. 


Hamerton, P. G. 







Mat he we, 



















T homes, 











ABBOTT. American pioneers and patri- 
ots B. 9 

Contents : Lives of Boone, Carson, Co- 
lumbus, Crockett, Franklin, Jones, La 
Salle, Soto, Stuyvesant. 

History of Josepliine B. 1234 

EDGAK. Boyhood of great men B. 134 

HEROIC life.- ....B. 197 

MAHEW. Young Benjamin Franklin. _B. 1157 
MAYOR, «*•. Select lives of Plutarch.. B. 294 
PAGE. ^foWe workers _ B. 341 


PEAKE. Boys' book of heroes B. 345 

STOU(.mTON. Heroes of puritan 

times B 421 

THAYER. Farmer boy. [Washington] _ B. 14G7 
YOUNG American's library of famous 


Contents ; Washington, Taylor, Jack- 
son, Lafayette, Marion, Bonaparte. 

Famous statesmen. 

Contents : Daring deeds of the revolu- 
tion ; Webster, Clay, Penn ; noble deeds 
of our fathers ; Frauklin. 

History, Travel and Adventure. 


ABBOTT, E. Paragraph history of the 

American revolution H. 7001 

United Stat es 

Revolutionary times T. 3001 

ABBOTT, J. Romance of Spanish his- 
tory ...H. 5001 

ANCIE^^T Egypt H. 1010 

BARROW. Mutiny of the Bounty T. 28 

BANVARD. Pioneers of Maryland.. ..H. 7427 

Plymouth and the Pilgrims H. 7028 

COXE. Tales of ancient Greece and 

R^me H. 2103 

CREIGHTON. Primaryhistoryof RomeH. 3104 
DICKENS. Child'shistory of England -H. 3120 
DALTON. Stories of the conquest of 

Mexico and Peru H. 7112 

DANA. Two years before the mast T. 113 

DAVIS. American whalemen. T. 115 

DODGE. Anurican history H. 7124 

DOYLE. History of the United States. H. 7125 
DU CHAILLU. Country of the dwarfs. T. 2128 

Lost in the jungle." T. 2128 

My Apingi kingdom T. 2128 

Stories of the gorilla country T. 2128 

Wild life under the Equator T. 2128 


ENGLISH history in short stories H. 3137 

FREEMAN. Primer history of Europe. H. 5257 

FROZEN nortli, t'^e T. 31-58 

FYFFE. Primary history of Greece H. 2160 

HIGGINSON. Young folks history of 

the United States ". ..H. 7203 

HOARE, eelr. True stories of brave deeds.H. 3208 

HOBBES. Wild life in the far west T. 3432 

INDIA, illustrated T. 3223 

MACGREGOR. Rob Roy on the Baltic.T. 1280 

Rob Roy on the Jordan __T. 1280 

Thousand miles in the Rob Roy 

canoe T. 280 

MAHAFFY. Primer of old Greek life. .H. 2285 
MENZIES. History of France- H. 4299 

History of Germany H. 5299 

MONROE. Story of our country H. 7313 

PAEZ. Wild scenes in South America. .T. 3341 

PEARCE. History of India H. 6345 

QUACKENBOS. History of the United 

States - 7361 

History of the World H. 361 

ROMANCE of the revolution H. 7377 

SCHMITZ. History of England ...H. 3393 

History of Greece H. 2392 



CLA99 NO. 

History of Rome - -H. 3391 

SCOTT. Talcs of a grandfather H. 5397 

SMITH. Knights and sea-kings H. 412 

TRAFTON. American girl abroad T. 1446 

TRUE .stories of ancient history H. 1447 

VALENTINE. Land battles H. 3157 


WATSON. Daring deeds of the revolu- 
tion.. H. 7469 

WHITEING. Wonderful escapes T. 481 

WONDERFUL escapes and daring ad- 
ventures -T. 489 

YONGE. Book of golden deeds H. 498 



ABBOTT. Science for the young 

Force S. 1001 

Heat S. 1001 

Liffht. S. 1001 

Water and land S. 1001 

BALFOUR. First book of botany N. 1034 

BIART. Adventures of a young natu- 

i-jilist I^- ^^ 

BUILDERS of the sea - -N. 3063 

COLLINS. Mineralogy S. 5097 

DAVIS. Geology... ^- 5115 

DULCKEN. Domestic animals, etC-.-J*. 293tp 

FOOTE. Boy doctor -31- 155 

GOLDSMITH. Natural history, [abridg- 
ed] N. 171 

GOSSE. Romance of natural history.. N. 173 

GRAY. How plants grow N. 2174 

How plants behave N. 3174 


HAMERTON. Chapters on animals N. 3184 

HARBISON. Elements of zoology N. 2187 

HOOKER. Botany N. 3212 

INTELLIGENCE 6f animals .-..._N.2299 

JESSE. Anecdotes of dogs .N. 2333 

LEWIS. Our girls ....M. 2267 

LOCKYER. Primer of astronomy S. 8372 

MACfe. Mouthful of bread M. 2378 

Servants of the stomach M. 2278 

NATURAL history scrap-book N. 327 

OCEAN the S. 4376 

PLUMMER. Introduction to astronomy. S. 3354 

PROCTOR. Elementary a.'^tronomy S. 3358 

Elementary phj'sical geography. --S. 4358 

REID. Odd people N. 3367 

STEPHENSON. Boys and girls in 

biology N. 431 

TAYLOR. " Geoloeical stories. S. 5434 

WOLF. Wild animals N.2998t 

Poetical and Prose Miscellanies. 

BAKER. Handy speaker L. 5033 

BRACKETT. Poetry for home and 

CARLETON. Young folks' Centennial 

rhymes D- 1"^*' 

CRAFTS. Childhood --L- 5104 

DEPPING. Wonders of bodily strength 

and skill.... A. 5118 

DODGE. Rhymes and jingles D. 1121 

EVERY boy's annual - - -W . 584 

FRANK Leslie's boys' and girls' weekly. \\ . 933 
FROTHINGHAM. " Stories from the lips 

of a teacher R- 1158 

HADLEY. Stories of old R- 1181 

HALE. Howtodoit - E. 1139 


HALL. Familiar talks to boys ..R. 3183 

HOARE. Early education E. 1308 

LESSONS on objects E. 1336 

MOXROE. Young folks' readings L. 5313 

MORRIS. Farming for boys A. 7313 

NORDHOFF. Politics for young amer- 

ica - -IT. 333 

OLIVER Optic's magazine W. 702 

OUR young folks W. T04 

PALGRAVE. Children's treasury of song. D. 842 

ST. Nicholas -W. 730 

TIIOJIPSON. Youth's Bible history. - -R. 1763 

WARNER. Being a boy L. 3465 

WHITTIER. Child life [in poetry].... D. 481 
Young mechanic A. 8849 



GOLDSMITH, O, Natural history, 

[abridged.] Phila., 1823 N. 

GOOD, J. M. Booli of nature. 2v. N. Y. 
1831..- S. 

GOSSE, P. H. Romance of natural his- 
tory. Phil. 1875.. N. 

H.VRDWICK'S science gossip S. 

HARPER'S family library. Natural 

history of insects'. 2v. Lond, 185.5. N. 

HARTLEY, L. Sex in nature. Best. 

1869 N, 

HUXLEY, T. H. American addresses, 
with an introductory lecture on the 
study of biology L. 

Lay sermons, addresses and re- 
views. N. Y. 1871. N. 

HUXLEY, F. H., and Mabtin, H. N. 
Elementary biology. Lond. and 

N. Y. 1870 N. 

JARDINE, Sir W., edr. Naturalist's 
Library. 40 v. Edinb..-1836-58.N. 

Contents. Ornithvlogy. 14 v. 

I. Jardine, StrAV. Birds of Great 
Britain and Ireland. Part 1, with 
memoir of Sibbald. 

II. Same. Part 2, with me- 
moir of Smellie. 

III. Same. 

memoir of "Walker. 

IV. Same. 

memoir of Wilson. - 

Y Sun-Birds, with memoir 

of Willoughby. 

YI. Humming-Birds. 

1, with memoir of Linnajus. 

YII. Same. Part '2 



613 i 





Part 3, with 
Part 4, with 


memoir of Pennant. 

VIII. Game 

memoir of Raffles. 

IX. Selby, P. J. 
memoir of Pliny. 

birds, with 
Pigeons, with 


X. Parrots, with memoir of 

Bewick. N. 237 

XI. Swainson, W. Birds of 
"Western Africa. Part 1, with me- 
moir of Bruce. 

XII. Same. Part 2, with 

memoir of Le Vaillant. 

XIII. Flycatchers, with 

memoir of Baron Haller. 

XIV. Jardine, Sir "W. Gallinace- 
ous birds, with memoir of Aristotle. 

Mammalia. 13v. 

XV. Smith, C. H. Introduction 
to mammalia, with memoir of 

XVI. Jardine, Sir "W. Lions, ti- 
gers, &c., with memoir of Cuvier. 

XVII. Macgillivray, "W. British 
quadrupeds, with memoir of Aldro- 

XVill; Smith, C. H. Dogs. v. 1, 
with memoir of Pallas. 

XIX. Same. v. 3, with me- 
moir of D'Azara. 

XX. Horses, with memoir of 


XXI. Jardine, Sir "W. Deers, 
antelopes, camels, &c., with me- 
moir of Camper. 

XXII. Goats, sheep, oxen, 

with memoir of Hunter. 

XXIII. Thick skinned quad- 
rupeds, with memoir of Sloane. 

XXIV. "Waterhouse, G. R. Mar- 
supialia, or pouched animals, with 
memoir of Barclay. 

XXV. Hamilton, R. Amphibious 
carnivora, with memoir of Peroa. 

XXVI. "Whales, &c., with 

memoir of Lacepede. 

XXVII. Jardine, Sir "W. Mon- 
keys, with memoir of Bufion. 



Entomology. 7v. 

XXVIII. Duncan, J. Introduc- 
tion to entomology, with memoirs 

of De Gere and Swammerdam. N. 327 

XXIX. British butterflies, 

■with memoir of Werner. 

XXX. British moths, sphinx- 
es, &c., -with memoir of M. de Mer- 

XXXI. Foreit^n butterflies, 

witli memoir of Lamarc. 

XXXII. E.xotic moths, with 

memoir of Latrielle. 

XXXUI. Beetles, with me- 
moir of Ray. 

XXXIV. Dunbar. Bees, with 
memoir of Huber. 

Ichthyology. 6v. 

XXXV. Bushnan. J. S. Fishps, 
wifli memoir of Salviani. 

XXXVI. Hamilton, R. British 
fishes, with memoir of Rondelet. 

XXXVII. Same, with memoir 

of Humboldt. 

XXXVIII. Jardine, .S'tVW.. with 
memoir of Banks. 

XXXIX. Schomburgk, R. H. 
Fishes of British Guiana. Part 1, 
with memoir of Schomburgk. 

XL. Same. Part 3, with 

memoir of Burckhardt. 
LANKESTER, E. Half hours with the 

microscope. N. Y., 1874.. N. 360 

LARDNER, D., edi: Cabinet cyclo- 
psedia. Natural history. 13v. 

Lond., 1834-40 - -N. 261 


Swainson, W. Preliminary dis- 
course on the study of natural 

Animals in menageries. 

Birds. 2v. 

Fishes, amphibians and rep- 
tiles. 37. 


Geography and classification 

of animals. N. 237 

Habits and instincts of ani- 

History and classification of 


Quad rupeds. 

Shells and shell fish. 

Taxidermy. Bibliography 

and biography. 
LIBRARY of entertaining knowledge ; 
Natural history. Ov. Lond., 1830- 

35 -..-, ._.. 

Architecture of birds N. 368 

Domestic habits of birds _. _N. 368 

Faculties of birds .N. 368 

Insect architecture _ .N. 368 

Insect tran.sformations- - _.N. 368 

Insect, miscellaneous N. 368 

NATURAL History diagrams. 40v. 

London., n. d N. 327 

I. Characteristic British fossils, 
by Lowry, J. W. 

II. Characteristic British terti- 
ary fossils, by Lory, J. W. 

III. Fossil Crustacea, by Salter, 
J. W., and Woodward, H. [with 
descriptive catalogue, showing the 
range in time of the several orders]. 

IV. The vegetable kingdom, by 
Henfrey, A. 

V. The orders and families of 
mollusca, by Woodward, H. 

VI. Myriapoda, arachnida, Crus- 
tacea, annelida, and entozoa, by 
White, A. 

VII. Insects, by White, A. 

VIII. Fishes, by Gosse, O. H. 

IX. Reptiiia and aniphibia, by 
Bell, Dr., and Baird, Dr. 

X. Birds, by Gray, G. 

XI. JIammalia, by Baird. Dr. 

XII. British sedementary and 
fossiliferous strata, by Bristow, H. 
W. and Etheridge, R. 


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