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Full text of "Catalogue of the John Adams library in the Public library of the city of Boston"

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In 1822, John Adams, then in his eighty-seventh 
year, presented the Town of Quincy, Massachusetts, 
with (to use the wording of the deed)': "the frag- 
ments of my Library, which still remain in my pos- 
session, excepting a few that I shall reserve for my 
consolation in the few days that remain to me." 
Upon this gift he imposed several conditions, the 
first being that a catalogue of the books be made 
and printed. This catalogue was prepared and 
issued under the title: "Deeds and other documents 
relating to the several pieces of land, and to the Li- 
brary presented to the town of Quincy by President 
Adams, together with a catalogue of the books" 
(Cambridge, 1823). As a present means of refer- 
ence this catalogue is wholly useless, since the 
titles are arranged neither alphabetically under the 
author's names nor under the subject of which they 
treat, but according to the languages in which the 
books are printed, and to some extent according 
to the sizes of volumes. 

Another condition of deed was that "none of the 
books shall ever be sold, exchanged or lent, or suf- 
fered to be removed from the apartment, without a 
solemn vote of a majority of the superintendents." 
Unfortunately this condition has not been complied 
with, for a comparison of this first catalogue with 
the present will show that some volumes are mis- 
sing. One loss in particular, Thomas Morton's 
New English Canaan, is a severe one. For this 
rare volume there has been substituted a copy of 
the late Charles Francis Adams, Jr.'s edition of 
Morton's book made for the Prince Society. 
Besides the books lost or stolen, many have 



been mutilated, in part by hard usage from frequent 
removals, rot, and lack of proper care, but mostly 
at the hands of autograph collectors, who, in many 
cases, have not hesitated to cut or tear the top or 
even the middle of title-pages. 

It was the wish of John Adams that the Library 
should be placed in "an apartment of the building 
to be hereafter erected for a Greek or Latin School 
or Academy," and a provision for this academy was 
made in another deed. After a number of trans- 
fers from one place to another, this Library was 
placed, in 1882, in the Thomas Crane Public Li- 
brary of Quincy. In 1883 an orderly arrangement 
and suitable card catalogue were begun under the 
direction of the late Charles Francis Adams, Jr., 
and finished in October, 1884. 

The Library remained in the custody of the 
Thomas Crane Library for nearly ten years, but 
was practically unused for it was of a character little 
calculated to interest readers in a small community. 
Recognizing that works of this sort could only be 
made serviceable when used in connection with the 
resources of a large assemblage of literature, invit- 
ing to scholars and students, the Supervisors of the 
Adams Temple and School Fund of Quincy voted, 
November 29, 1893, to transfer the Adams Collec- 
tion to the Boston Public Library. On December 
6, 1893, the Trustees of the Boston Public Library 
voted to accept this transfer. The collection now 
stands in the annex to the Children's Room. It 
has been catalogued in accordance with the system 
in use in the general library, and the cards have 
been incorporated into the Public and Official Cata- 
logues. Since it is now a working part of the 
Boston Public Library and since its contents 
are made available through the general catalogue, 



it has not seemed necessary in the construction of 
the present catalogue to do more than to give the 
titles under the author's names. 

The value of the Library of John Adams is in part 
a sentimental one. He was one of the United 
States Commissioners to France, and Minister to 
Holland, during the American Revolution, and 
while in Paris and at The Hague collected many 
of the volumes of which he made use in writing 
his "Defence of the Constitutions of Government 
of the United States." Years later he was the 
second President of the nation. From the time 
when he was a student in Harvard College until 
the day of his death on the fiftieth anniversary of 
the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1826, he 
drew books about him. As a result his Library 
is an admirable specimen of the intellectual tastes 
of an American gentleman of the Eighteenth 
Century. Not only does it contain many of the 
Greek, Latin, French and English classics, but 
a considerable number of works on law, commerce, 
and agriculture. The books, however, on the con- 
stitutional and political history of various countries, 
among them a number of histories of the Italian 
republics, give a special significance to the collec- 
tion. With the exception of the Library of Col. 
William Byrd of Virginia, which contained 3438 
volumes, it is possibly the largest private collection 
of books of its day made in this country. 

Among other valuable and interesting works may 
be especially designated Henri Estienne's edition of 
Plato's Works in three folio volumes (Paris, 1578) 
enriched by the autographs of John and John 
Quincy Adams; Winslow's Good news from New / 
England (1624) ; John Marshall's Life of Washing- 
ton, each of the five volumes containing an auto- 



graph presentation from the author to John Adams ; 
and Joseph Warren's Massacre oration of 1/72, an 
autographed presentation copy. 

Three of the volumes once belonged to the Rev. 
Thomas Prince, and two of them contain the book- 
plate of the Old South Library.. In the Boston 
Patriot of October 23, 1811, John Adams wrote: 
"I mounted up to the balcony of Dr. Sewall's 
church, where was assembled a collection which Mr. 
Prince had devoted himself to make from the twen- 
tieth year of his age . . . Such a treasure never 
existed anywhere else, and can never again be 
made." It seems probable that in one or more of 
his visits to this balcony Mr. Adams borrowed these 
volumes and failed to return them. 

Among the numerous autographs are those of 
James Otis, Elbridge Gerry, T. Brand Hollis, Dr. 
Benjamin Rush; as well as manuscript notes by 
Thomas Prince in Oldmixon's British Empire in 
America, and Winslow's Good news from New Eng- 
land, and numerous annotations by John Adams 
in Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin's French Revolu- 
tion, Davila's Histoire des guerres civiles, and Rous- 
seau's Discourse upon inequality. 

Many volumes contain the book-plates of John 
Adams, John Quincy Adams, and Charles Francis 
Adams, the Elder. These book-plates of the son 
and grandson of John Adams are evidence that 
they, and doubtless later members of the Adams 
family, added to the collection as it originally stood 
in 1823. At that time the number of volumes was 
2756. In 1883, the number was 2804, and at present 
in 1917, the total enumeration is 3019. 

This catalogue has been edited and put through 
the press, and the preface written, by Lindsay 
Swift, Editor of Publications. 


Abbott, Charles, ist Baron Tenterden. A treatise 
on the law relative to merchant ships and sea- 
men. With the copious annotations of Joseph 
Story. 3d American edition. Exeter, N. H. 
1822' 8. 292.18 

Abercrombie, John. The British fruit-gardener; 
and art of pruning. London. MDCCLXXIX. 
Sm. 8. 245.16 

Academic franchise. Dictionnaire. See Institut 
de France. 

Academic royale des sciences, Amsterdam. See 
Koninklijke Akademie. 

Accademia imperiale e reale della Crusca, Florence. 
Compendio del vocabolario degli Accademici 
della Crusca. Firenze. M.DCC.XXXIX. 5 v. 
4. 140.1 

Accinelli, Francesco Maria. Compendio delle storie 
di Genova. [Anon.] Lipsia. MDCCL. 2 v. 
16. 174.10 

"These two books were bought at Genoa in December 1752. 
There they were burned by the hands of the common execu- 
tioner & are prohibited. They cost a zecchin. The supposed 
author is a Genoese >riest named Accinelli, . . ." Manu- 
script note on fly-lf , perhaps by John Adams. 

Account, An, of D' mark, as it was in the year 1692. 
[Anon.] See Molesworth, R., Viscount. 

Account, An, of the European settlements in Ameri- 
ca. [Anon.] See Burke, E. 

Acherley, Roger. The Britannic constitution: or, 
the fundamental form of government in Britain. 
London. M.DCC.XXVIL F. 92.7 

Actes, memoires, & autres pieces authentiques con- 
cernant la paix d'Utrecht. See Freschot, C. 


Adams, Charles Francis. An address on the occa- 
sion of opening the new Town Hall, in Brain- 
tree, July 29, 1858. Boston. 1858. 8. 141.31 

Adams, Charles Francis, Jr. The centennial mile- 
stone. An address in commemoration of the 
one hundredth anniversary of the incorporation 
of Quincy, Mass. Delivered July 4, 1892. Cam- 
bridge. 1892. Plates. 8. 210.5 

History of Braintree, Mass. (1639-1708), the 

north precinct of Braintree (1708-1792), and 
the town of Quincy (1792-1889). [With ap- 
pendix.] Cambridge. 1891. 8. I5M 

Some phases of sexual morality and church dis- 

cipline in colonial New England. Cambridge. 

1891. 8. No. 2 in 151.4 

Adams, Hannah. A view of religions. 3d edition. 

Boston. 1801. 8. 281.4 

Lacks the last four pages. "This book was once in the pos- 
session of Dr. Eliphalet Nott." Manuscript note. 

Adams, John. Correspondence of the late Presi- 
dent Adams. Originally published in the Bos- 
ton Patriot. In a series of letters. Number 
7, 8. Boston. 1809. 8. 150.10 

Deeds and other documents relating to the sev- 

eral pieces of land, and to the Library presented 
to the town of Quincy, by President Adams 
. . . with a catalogue of the books. Cambridge. 
1823. 8. 294.3 

Four copies. 

In 1893 the John Adams Library was placed by the Town of 

Quincy in the custody of the Boston Public Library. 

A defence of the constitutions of government of 

the L T nited States. London. 1787, 88. 2 v. 
8. 260.9 

Defense des constitutions americaines, ou de la 

necessite d'une balance dans les pouvoirs d'un 
gouvernement libre. Avec des notes et obser- 



Adams, John. (Continued.) 

vations de M. de La Croix. Paris. 1792. 2 v. 
16. 262.8 

Directed against the attack of Baron A. R. J. Turgot. 

Same. Paris. 1792. 2 y. 262.7 

\ The name of Delacroix as editor does not appear on the 
title-page of this edition. 

Discourses on Davila. A series of papers on 

political history. Written in the year 1790 
and then published in the Gazette of the United 
States. By an American citizen. Boston. 
1805. 8. 170.11 

This copy contains many marginal notes in the hand of the 
author; these were incorporated in the reprint which appeared 
in vol. 6 of his Works [130.1.6]. 

Geschiedenis van het geschil tusschen Groot- 

Britannie en Amerika, zedert deszelfs oor- 
sprong, in den jaare 1754, tot op den tegen- 
woordigen tijd. Amsterdam. 1782. Portrait. 
16. 130.3 

A Dutch translation of the abridgment of the papers of 
Novanglus, in reply to Massachusettensis, "made in Holland, 
apparently for the purpose of extending information respect- 
ing the struggle, and inspiring confidence in the author, when 
he was soliciting an alliance for the United States with that 
country." Works of John Adams. Vol. 4. 

Novanglus [pseud, of John Adams] and Massa- 

chusettensis [pseud, of Daniel Leonard] ; or 
political essays, published in the years 1774 
and 1775, on the principal points of controversy 
between Great Britain and her colonies. The 
former by John Adams, the latter by Jonathan 
Sewall. Added, a number of letters by Presi- 
dent Adams to William Tudor. Boston. 1819. 
8. 130.2 

The pseudonym "Massachusettensis" was at first attributed 
to Sewali, but later was found to represent Leonard. 

Works : with a life of the author, notes and illus- 

trations by Charles Francis Adams. Boston. 
1850-56. lov. Portraits. Plates. Facsimiles. 
8. 130.1 



Adams, John Quincy. An address delivered . . . 
on the occasion of reading the Declaration of 
Independence, on the Fourth of July, 1821. 
Washington. 1821. 8. No. I in 251.18 

Address to his constituents at Braintree, Septem- 

ber I7th, 1842. Boston. 1842. 8. 

No. 12 in 251.18 

Largely on the development of the nullification doctrine. 

Address to the Norfolk County Temperance So- 

ciety, at Quincy, 29 September, 1842. Quincy. 
1842. 8. No. 13 in 251.18 

Argument before the Supreme Court ... in the 

case of the United States vs. Cinque, and others, 
Africans, captured in the schooner Amistad, 
delivered on the 24th of February and 1st of 
March, 1841. With a review of the case of the 
Antelope. New York. 1841. 8. 

No. loin 251.18 

An eulogy on the life and character of James 

Madison, at the request of the Mayor, Alder- 
men, and Common Council of Boston. Sep- 
tember 27, 1836. Boston. 1836. 8. 

No. 5 in 251.18 

An eulogy on the life and character of James 

Monroe . . . 25th of August, 1831. Boston. 
1831. 8. No. 3 in 251.18 

An inaugural oration, at the author's installa- 

tion as Boylston Professor of Rhetorick and 
Oratory, at Harvard University, ... 12 June, 
1806. Boston. 1806. 8. No. 1, 2 in 252.8 

Two copies. 

The jubilee of the Constitution. A discourse de- 

livered . . . the 3<Dth of April, 1839, being the 
fiftieth anniversary of the inauguration of 
George Washington. New York. 1839. Plate. 
8. No. 8 in 251.18 



Adams, John Quincy. (Continued.) 

Mr. Adams' speech on war with Great Britain 

and Mexico ; with the speeches of Messrs. Wise 
and Ingersoll, to which it is in reply. [Bos- 
ton. 1842?] 8. No. ii in 251.18 

Mostly in defence of the right of search. 

An oration addressed to the citizens of the town 

of Quincy, on the Fourth of July, 1831. Boston. 
1831. 8. No. 2 in 251.18 

An oration delivered before the inhabitants of 

Newburyport, July 4th, 1837. Newburyport. 
[1837.] 8. No. 6 in 251.18 

Oration on the life and character of Gilbert 

Motier de Lafayette, [before the] Congress 
of the United States, 3ist December, 1834. 
Washington. 1835. 8. No. 4.111251.18 

The social compact, exemplified in the constitu- 

tion of Massachusetts; with remarks on . . . 
theories . . . concerning the origin and nature 
of government. A lecture before the Franklin 
Lyceum, Providence, November 25, 1842. 
Providence. 1842. 8. No. 14 in 251.18 

Speech . . . upon the right of the people . . . 

to petition; on the freedom of speech and of 
debate, ... on the resolutions and petitions 
. . . relating to the annexation of Texas. 
Washington. 1838. 8. No. 7 in 251.18 

Substance of the speech of J. Q. Adams, with a 

part of the debate in the House of Representa- 
tives . . . relating to the collection of duties 
on imports. Boston. 1840. 8. 

No. 9 in 251.18 

Adams, Zabdiel. The evil designs of men made 
subservient by God to the public good; par- 
ticularly illustrated in the rise, progress and 
conclusion of the American war. A sermon 
preached at Lexington on the nineteenth of 



Adams, Zabdiel. (Continued.) 

April, 1783. Boston. M,DCC,LXXXIII. 
12. 253.16 

Address, An, of the twelve United Colonies of 
North America, by their representatives in 
in Congress, to the people of Ireland. Phila- 
delphia. 1775. 8. No. i in 253.2 

Title-page cut for autograph. 

Adriani, Giambattista. Istoria de' svoi tempi. 
[Edita da Marcello Adriani.] Venetia. MD- 
LXXVII. 2 v. Sm. 4. 173.3 

Addison, Alexander. Observations on the speech 
of Albert Gallatin, in the House of Representa- 
tives of the United States, on the foreign inter- 
course bill. Washington. 1798. 8. 223.15 

The speech referred to is on shelf-number No. i ^1*4325.116. 

Addison, Joseph. The free-holder. Or, political 
essays. [Anon.] No. 1-55. December 23, 
1715 -June 29, 1716. 5th edition. London. 
MDCCXXXII. 12. 142.16 

Autograph: John Adams of Braintree. 

Miscellaneous works in verse and prose . . . 

With some account of the life and writings of 
the author, bv Mr. Tickell. Vol. 3. London. 
MDCCXXVI. Plates. Sm. 8. 142.14 

Contents. 3. Dialogues upon the usefulness of ancient medals. 
Especially in relation to the Latin and Greek poets. 

Same. Vol. i, 3. London. MDCCLXVI. Por- 

trait, sm. 8. I 4 2 -i3 

Contents. i. Poems on several occasions. An essay on 
Virgil's Georgics. 3. Dialogues upon the usefulness of ancient 
medals. Especially in relation to the Latin and Greek poets. 

Of the truth of the Christian religion. (In Wat- 

son, Richard, editor. A collection of theologi- 
cal tracts. Vol. 5, pp. 76-102. London. M.- 
DCC.LXXXV.) ' 181.1.5 

Remarks on several parts of Italy, &c., in the 

years 1701, 1702, 1703. London. M DCC- 
LXVII. 12. 142.15 



Administration, The, of the colonies. [Anon.] 
See Pownall, T. 

Advocatus pauperum, pseud. Historia succincta 
Hospitalis S. Elisabethae, extra muros Impe- 
perialis Monasterii S. Maximini ordinis S. Bene- 
dicti, prope Treviros. Londini. MDCC- 
LXXXVI. Illus. Plates. 8. 181.6 

.ZEsopus. Mythologia J^sopica [in qua] ^sopi 
Fabulae Grseco-Latinge ccxcvn [149]. Ac- 
cedunt Babrise Fabulse etiam auctiores. Se- 
cundum editionem Isaaci Nicolai Niveleti. 
Prasponitur historia vitae . . . JEsopi. Com- 
posita studio Joachimi Camerarii: et adjicitur 
Cebetis tabula. In usum Scholae ^Etonensis. 
Londini. 1682. 2 parts in I v. 12. 134.5 

The first and second pages are mutilated. 

[Nouveau choix des Fables d'fisope avec la ver- 
sione latine, et 1'explication des mots en fran- 
c.ois . . . Par feu M. Le Roi. Paris. 1770?] 
16. 134.2 

The title-page and pages 1-32 are missing. 

Affaires de 1'Angleterre et de I'Amerique. Tome 
i-io, ii (part 2). 1776-78. Anvers. 1776- 
78. 8. 233.1 

The title-page of vol. i is dated 1777; of vol. 2, 1776. The 
pagination of vol. 2 varies frim the preceding edition. Missing 
from this set are vols. n (part i); 12-15; vol. 8, title-page, 
avis; vol. 9, notice; 10, Table, Index. 

This periodical, bearing the imprint of Anvers, was issued 
at Paris, at irregular intervals, and is said to have been 
under the editorship of Benjamin Franklin, Antoine Court 
de Gebelin, Jean Baptiste Rene Robinet, and others. TJiere 
are two sections: Journal, giving a narrative of events relating 
to the American Revolution, and Lettre[s] d'un banquier de 
Londres, giving an account of the political and parliamentary 
proceedings of Great Britain. The Lettres have been ascribed 
to Edward Bancroft, M.D. 

Paul Leicester Ford, in ths Pennsylvania Magazine of History 
and Biography for July, 1889 [Per. Room *5335.i.i3] gives a 
description of the work, with a collation. 
The title-page of vol. i is dated 1777; of vol. 2, 1776. The 
pagination of vol. 2 varies from the preceding edition. Missing 
from this set are vols. n (part i); 12-15; vol. 8, title-page, 
Avis; vol. 9, Notice; vol. 10, Table, Index. 



Affaires de 1'Angleterre . . t (Continued.) 

Same. 1777-79. 15 v. in 7. 233.2 

Bound in 8 volumes, one of which is missing, so that vols. 
II and 12 contain only: vol. n (part i), pp. 1-16, 321-368, 
and Table; vol. u (part 2), pp. i-ccxxix; vol. 12 (part i), pp. 
1-240, 257-348, and Table; vol. 12 (part 2), pp. cccxlv-ccccxx. 
In vol. 3 the page numbers vary from the preceding editions, 
but the text and arrangement of pages are the same. In 
vol. 3, foot of p. cxxxj, the Avis, printed in the preceding 
editions, is omitted. In vol. 8 the ornament on the title- 
page is new, and the Avis, missing from the preceding editions, 
is bound in front of p. 321. Vol. 12 (part i) contains two 
copies of pp. 97-128. Vol. 13 contains two copies of pp. ccxxv- 

Missing from this set are: vol. 2, title-page; vol. 9, pp. Iv, 
cxxvij, Avis, Table and Index; vol. 15, pp. Ixv-xcj and a folded 

Vol. 13 includes Relation naive et impartiale des operations 
de la flotte aux ordres du Lord Howe en Amerique. Vol. 15 
includes Expose des motifs de la conduite du roi tres-chretien, 
relativement a 1'Angleterre. 

Same. No. 57, 61, 67. M.DCCLXXVIII, 

LXXIX. 233.3 

Contents. 57. Vol. n (part i), pp. 209-256. Vol. 12 (part 2), 

pp. cxxix-clix. 61. Vol. 12 (part 2), pp. cccli-ccclxxvj, ccccj- 

ccccxx. 67. Vol. 12 (part i), pp. 97-128. Vol. 13, pp. ccxxv- 


Bound in the original blue paper covers. The titles are on the 

covers. Pp. ccclxxvij-cccc have been torn from vol. 12 (part 2). 

This set contains vol. n (part i), pp. 209-256, missing from 

the other copies. 

Mentioned by Ford, but missing from all copies in this 

Library, are: vol. 6, Avis; vol. 9, Avis; vol. 10, Avertissement; 

vol. ii (part 2), Table and Index. 

Agathias. Agathise Smyrnsei De bello Gothorvm 
et aliis peregrinis historiis, libri V. per Christo- 
phorum Personam Romanum, priorem sanctse 
Balbinse, a Graeco in Latinum traducti. (In 
Zosimus. Historiarum libri VI. Pp. 457-558. 
Aureliae Allobr. MDCV.) 22.1 

Aguesseau, Henri Frangois d*. QEuvres. Paris. 
M.DCC.LIX-M.DCC.LXXIX. uv. 4. 60.4 

Contents. i. Abrege de la vie de d'Aguesseau. Discours 
pour le presentation des lettres de d'Aguesseau, par Tar- 
tarin, Terrasson, Cochin. Discours par Morlhon. filoge 
de d'Aguesseau, par Thomas. Discours pour 1'ouverture 
des audiences. Mercuriales Requisitoires & autres 
discours faits en differentes occasions. Instructions sur 
les etudes propres a former un magistral, & autres ouvrages 



Aguesseau, Henri Franc, ois d'. (Continued.) 

sur quelques-uns des pbjets de ces etudes. 2-4. Plaidoyers. 

5. Plaidoyers, memoires, dissertations, & autres ouvrages. 

6. Requestes sur les matieres domaniales. 7. Requestes 
& memoires sur les matieres domaniales, avec differentes 
pieces sur la pairie. 8, 9. Lettres sur les matieres criminelles 
& ... civiles. 10. Lettres sur les matieres civiles & crimi- 
nelles. Considerations sur les monnaies. Memoire sur 
les actions de la Compagnie d'Indes, &c. n. Meditations 
philosophiques sur 1'origine de la justice, &c. 

Ainsworth, Robert. Dictionary, English and Latin. 
A new edition, with great additions. By 
Thomas Morell. London. MDCCLXXIII. 

F. 43-3 

Aland, Sir John Fortescue, 1st Baron Fortescue. 
Reports of select cases in all the Courts of 
Westminster-Hall ; also the opinion of all the 
judges of England relating to the grandest 
prerogative of the royal family ... In the 
Savoy. MDCCXLVIII. F. 72.8 

Has autograph and book-plate of John Adams, 1770, with 
several MS. notes by him. 

Albert moderne, L'. See Alletz, P. A. 

Alexander Aphrodisiensis. See Themistius Eu- 

Allen, Jonathan. Address delivered before the 
Berkshire Association for the Promotion of 
Agriculture and Manufactures, at Pittsfield, 
October^ 1821. Pittsfield. 1821. 8. 181.18 

Alletz, Pons Augustin. L' Albert moderne, ou nou- 
veaux secrets eprouves et licites . . . ayant 
pour objets de remedier a un grand nombre 
d'accidens qui interessent la sante [etc.]. 2e 
edition, augmentee. [Anon.] Paris. M.- 
DCC.LXXI. 12. 255.5 

Alley, Jerome. The judge; or, an estimate of the 
importance of the judicial character, occasioned 
by the death of the late Lord Clare. A poem 
in three cantos. London. 1803. Sm. 8. 233.4 

A page or pages are missing at the end. 



Allix, Peter, D.D. Reflexions upon the books of 
the Holy Scripture for the establishing of the 
truth of the Christian religion. (In Watson, 
Richard, editor. A collection of theological 
tracts. Vol. i, pp. 220-504. Cambridge. M.- 
DCC.LXXXV.) 181.1.1 

Almanach de Gotha. Annuaire diplomatique & 
statistique pour 1'annee. 1868. Gotha. [1868.] 
Portraits. 32. 244.14 

Almanach de la cour pour 1'annee 1811. St. Peters- 
bourg. [1810.] Plate. 12. 245.3 

Almanach du Departement de 1'Escaut, pour Tan 
1815 . . . par C. F. Manilius. 7eannee. Gand. 
[1815.] 12. 244.24 

Almanach parisien, en faveur des etrangers, et des 
personnes curieuses. Nouvelle edition . . . 
augmentee. Paris. [1772.] 2v.ini. Map. 
24. 245.2 

A guide to the work of art in Paris; the second part is a 
general guide-book. Title-page mutilated. 

Almanach royal, annee 1778, 83, 84, 1814, 15. 
Paris. [1777-1815.] 4v. 8. 262.1 

Alsted, Johann Heinrich. Scientiarvm omnivm 
encvclopasdise tomvs primvs-qvartvs. Lvg- 
dvrii. M.DCXLIX. 4 v. in 2. F. 41.2 

Autograph: Cotton Tufts. 

Amelot de La Houssaye, Abraham Nicolas. His- 
toire du gouvernement de Venise. Paris. M.- 
DC-LXXVI. 16. 173.20 

Americaansche Bybel, opgedraagen aan den Heere 
Adams, gezant der dertien Vereenigde Staaten 
van Noord America by de Staaten generaal 
der Vereenigde Nederlanden. [Amsterdam? 
1785?] 8. 283.18 

A political parody. 

American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Cata- 
logue of books, in the library. [Boston.] 1802. 

12. 282.15 



American Almanac and Repository of useful 
knowledge for the year 1830-32, 33, 35, 36, 40, 
41,45,46. Boston. 1830-46. TOY. Maps. 12. 


This work was originated by Jared Sparks. He edited only 
the first volume, which was published in 1833. 

American annual register . . . for the year 1796. 

[Anon.] See Callender, J. T. 
American atlas, The. New York. 1796. 20 maps. 

F. 293.2 

Title on cover: The Atlas for Winterbotham's History of 
America. 1796 

American Colonization Society. Annual report. 
6th, 7th. Washington. 1823, 24. 8. 151.5 

American gazetteer, The. Containing a distinct ac- 
count of all the parts of the New World. Lon- 
don. 1762. 3 v. Maps. 12. 244.2 

American Magazine, The, a monthly miscellany, 
Vol. i, no. i, June, 1815. Albany. 1815. Plate. 
8. No. 9 in 131.16 

American museum, The: or repository of ancient 
and modern fugitive pieces, &c., prose and 
poetical. Vol. 2-10. Philadelphia. M.DCC- 
LXXXIX-M.DCC.XCI. 9 v. 8. 171.22 

Vol. 2 is of the 2d edition. Vols. 7 and 9 have autograph of 
John Adams. With vol. 7 the title changes to American 
Museum, or Universal magazine. 

American Philosophical Society. Transactions. 
Vol. 2. Philadelphia. M.DCC.LXXXVI. 
Plates. 4. 103.6 

Two copies. 

Ami, L', des hommes. [Anon.] See Quesnay, 
F., and V. Riquetti, Marquis de Mirabeau. 

Ammianus Marcellinus. Ammien Marcellin, ou les 
dix-huit livres de son histoire, qui nous sont 
restes. Nouvelle traduction [de G. de Mou- 
lines]. Lyon. M.DCC.LXXVIII. 3 v. 12. 




Ammianus Marcellinus. (Continued.) 

Rerum gestarum qui de XXXI supersunt libri 

XVIII. . . . Omnia nunc recognita ab Jacobo 
Gronovio. Lugduni Batavorum. MDC XCIII. 
Illus. Portraits. 4. 160.7 

Ammirato, Scipione, the Elder. Delle famiglie 
nobili fiorentine. Parte prima. [Edited by S. 
Ammirato, the Younger.] Firenze. M.DC- 
XV. Genealogical plates. F. No. 2 in 61.1 

Delle famiglie nobili napoletane. Parte prima. 

Fiorenza. M D LXXX. Genealogical plates. 
F. No. i in 61. i 

Ancient and present state, The, of Portugal. By 
a gentleman who resided some years in that 
country. See Stevens, Captain J. 

Anderson, Adam. An historical and chronological 
deduction of the origin of commerce, from the 
earliest accounts to the present time. Contain- 
ing, an history of the great commercial interests 
of the British Empire. London. MDCCLXIV. 
2 v. Maps. F. iii.2 

Anderson, Sir Edmund. Les reports du treseru- 
dite Edmund Anderson, Chivalier, Nadgairs, 
Seigniour Chief Justice del Common-Bank. 
Des mults principals cases argues & adjuges en 
le temps del jadis Roign Elizabeth. London. 
1664,65. 2v.ini Portraits. F. 102.2 

Angelis, Domenico de. Vita di Giacomo Antonio 
Ferrari. (In Ferrari, G. A. Apologia para- 
dossica. Lecce. 1728.) 173-9 

Angeloni, Batista, pseud. See Shebbeare, J. 

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Chronicon Saxonicum. Ex 
MSS codicibus nunc primum integrum edidit, 
ac Latinum fecit Edmundvs Gibson. Oxonii. 
MDCXCII. Map. Vignette. 8. 170.10 

The Anglo-Saxon text and the Latin translation are in parallel 



Annual Register, The, or a view of the history, 
politics, and literature, for 1771, 74, 75, 79, 80. 
London. 1775-81. 5 v. 8. 162.1 

This publication is frequently referred to as Dodsley's Annual 
Register. The volumes for 1771, 1775 are of the 2d edition. 

Anseaume, Louis. De spreekende schildery. Zang- 
spel. Gevolgd naar het Fransch van Ansaume, 
door Bartholomeus Ruloffs. Amsterdam. 
1781. Vignette. 16. No. 2 in 224.2 

Answer to a pamphlet, entitled, "Considerations on 
the public expediency of a bridge from one part 
of Boston to the other." Boston. 1806. 8. 

No. 8 in 252.9 

Answer, An, to the question, why are you a Federal- 
ist? and why shall you vote for Gov. Strong? 
[Anon.] See Quincy, J. 

Antidotvm continens pressiorem declarationem 
propriae et genvinse sententiae qvae in synodo 
national! Dordracena asserta est et stabilita. 
Belgice primum in lucem editum, mine . . . 
auctum & Latinitate donatum. Accessit du- 
plex index . . . qua in nuper editis actis & 
scriptis . . . Remonstrantium synodo exhibi- 
tis occurrunt. Herder-vviici. M.DCXX. 
Sm. 4. No. 3 in 281.8 

Antiqvi rhetores Latini. Rvtilivs Lvpvs, Aqvila 
Romanvs, Ivlivs Rvfinianvs de figuris senten- 
tiarum & elocutionis [etc.] . . . Anonymvs 
de locis rhetoricis. Albini Alcvini de arte rhe- 
torica dialogus. Omnia . . . emendatiora vel 
auctiora. Parisiis. M.D.XCIX. 4. 160.11 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Antoninus, Marcus Aurelius. Pensees de I'empereur 
Marc-Aurele-Antonin ; ou legons de vertu que 
ce prince philosophe se faisoit a lui-meme. Nou- 
velle traduction du grec, . . . avec des notes 
& des variantes. Par M. de Joly. Paris. 



Antoninus, Marcus Aurelius. (Continued.) 

M.DCC.LXX. Portrait. 12. 201.7 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Antoninus Liberalis. MetaiioQqpcoaecov oirvaycoY^. 
Transformationum congeries, interprete Gui- 
lielmo Xylandro. Cum Thomae Munckeri 
notis, quibus suas adjecit Henricus Verheyk. 
Lugduni Batavorum. MDCCLXXIV. 8. 

Autograph: John Adams. I J 1. 5 

Aphthonius, Sophistes. Muftoi. Fabulae. Jacobus 
Kimedoncius, filius, interpretatus est. (In 
Aesopus. Mythologia Aesopica. Part i, 77- 
93 ; part 2, 77-93. Londini. 1682.) 134.5 

Apollonius Pergaeus. Conica: methodo novo illus- 
trata, & succincte demonstrata. Per Isaacum 
Barrow. Londini 1675. Sm. 4. 261.9 

Apostolius, Michael. Proverbiorum centuria I- 
XXI. (In Roberti, Antonius. Clavis Home- 
rica. Pp. 390-470. Roterodami. M.D.- 
CLXII.) 154-7 

Greek text and Latin translation in parallel columns. 

Appendix to the Scripture lexicon. [Anon.] See 
Oliver, P. 

Arator; being a series of agricultural essays. 
[Anon.] See Taylor, J., of Virginia. 

Archimedes. Td \LE%QI wv acotojieva, ajiavra. Opera, 
. . . nuncque primum & Graece & Latine in lu- 
cem edita . . . Adiecta quoque sunt Evtocii 
Ascalonitse in eosdem Archimedis libros Com- 
mentaria, item Greece & Latine, nunquam antea 
excusa. Basileae. MDXLIIII. Sm. f. 92.1 

Edited by Thomas Gechauff, called Venatorius. The Latin* 
version is by Jacobus Cremonensis. 

Archimedis opera: Apollonii Pergsei conicorum 
libri IIII. Theodosii Sphaerica: methodo nova 
illustrata, & succincte demonstrata. Per Is. 
Barrow. Londini. 1675. 3 v. in i. Sm. 4. 



Argenson, Rene Louis, Marquis d'. Considera- 
tions sur le gouvernement ancien et present de 
la France [Anon.] Amsterdam. 1765. Vign- 
ette. 8. 231.5 

Argoli, Andrea. [Ephemerides annorum L, juxta 
Tychonis hypotheses et accurate e caelo de- 
ductas observationes ab anno 1630 ad annum 
1680. Venetiis. M.DCXXXVIIL] 2v.ini. 
8. 161.21 

The title-page is missing; the title is supplied from Catalogue 
general des livres imprimes de la Bibliotheque nationale. 
Contains only the Canones ephemeridum and not the Ephe- 

Aristoteles. Commentarii Collegii Conimbricensis 
Societatis lesu, in tres libros De anima Aris- 
totelis Stagiritae, hac qvarta editione, Graeci 
contextvs Latino e regione respondentis ac- 
cessione auctiores ... in Germania editi. Co- 
lonice. M.DC.XVIL 4. 160.2 

Opera omnia qvae extant, Graece & Latine. . . . 

Cum Kyriaci Strozae . . . libris dvobvs Graeco- 
latinis de Republica in supplementum Politico- 
rum Aristotelis . . . Huic editioni . . . acces- 
sit . . . in omnes Aristotelis libros commenta- 
rius . . . Authore Gvillelmo Dv Val . . . qui 
& ... adiecit anthologiam anatomicam ex 
scitis Hippocratis & Galeni . . . Lvtetise 
Parisiorvm. M.DC.XXIX. 2 v. F. 10.1 

A treatise on government. Translated by Wil- 

liam Ellis. London. M DCC LXXVI. 4. 


[Works, in Greek and Latin, parallel columns. 

London? Previous to 1625.] Sm. 8. 132.8 

Contents. De moribvs. Magnorvm moralium. Evdemio- 
rvm. Politicorvm. Oeconomicorvm. Rhetoricorvm. 
The title-page and page 737 and those following are missing. 

Arminian magazine, The: consisting of extracts 
and original treatises on general redemption. 



Arminian magazine, The. (Continued.) 

Vol. i, 2. Philadelphia. M.DCC.LXXXIX, 
M.DCC.XC 2v. 8. 280.13 

The preface to vol. i is signed by Thomas Coke and Francis 
Asbury; that to vol. 2 by Francis Asbury. No more was 
published. Consists chiefly of reprints from The Arminian 
Magazine, London [*74S5-i]. 

[Army] Meteorological Register for 1826-1830; 
from observations made by the Surgeons of 
the Army. Appended, the Meteorological 
Register for 1822-1825. Philadelphia. 1840. 
Map. 8. 181.27 

Arrivee, L', du brave Toulousain, et le devoir des 
braves compagnons de la petite manicle. 
Troyes. [1731.] 16. No. i in 182.13 

Asselyn, Thomas. De spilpenning, of verkwistende 
vrouw, blyspel. Amsteldam. 1726. 16. 

No. 3 in 224.3 

Atterbury, Francis, Bishop of Rochester. Sermons 
and discourses on several subjects and occa- 
sions. Vol. 2-4. London. MDCCLXI. 8. 


Autograph in each volume : John Adams. Vol. 2 is of the 7th 
edition; vols. 3, 4, of the 5th. 

Aubert de La Chesnaye des Bois, Frangois Alexan- 
dre. Dictionnaire historique des mceurs, 
usages et coutumes des Francois. [Anon.] 
Paris. MDCCLXVII. 3 v. 16. 152.14 

Auger, - , avocat. Memoires pour servir a 1'his- 
toire du droit public de la France en matieres 
d'impots, ou recueil de ce qui s'est passe . . . 
a la Cour des aides, depuis 1756 jusqu'au 
mois de Juin 1775. [Anon.] Bruxelles. 
M.DCCLXXIX. 4. 50.3 

"Ce precieux volume est le recueil de toutes les operations de 
. . . Malesherbes pendant sa premiere presidence de la Cour 
des aides." Barbier. 

The half-title contains, written with pencil, "Presented by Mr. 
Malesherbes in 1780 to John Adams." 



Austin, Benjamin. Constitutional republicanism, 
in opposition to fallacious federalism. Boston. 
1803. 8. 130.4 

This copy lacks the title-page and pp. 3-8. 

Auteur, L', de THistoire de la conjuration de Maxi- 
milien Robespierre. See Montjoye, C. F. L. V. 
de La T. 

Author of the Critical history of England. See Old- 
mixon, J. 

Avaux, Jean Antoine de Mesme, Comte d'. Nego- 
ciations de Monsieur le Comte d' Avaux en 
Hollande, depuis 1679, jusqu'en 1688. Paris. 
M.DCC.LII, M.DCC.LIII. 6 v. 16. 192.5 

Same. M.DCC.LIV. 6 v. in 3. 192.4 

The title-pages of this set are mutilated. 

B., W. See Brown, W. 

Babrius. TeTQatmxa. [Fabulse. Grsece et La- 
tine.] (In Aesopus. Mythologia Aesopica. 
Part i, 109-112; part 2, 94-112. Londini. 
1682.) 134.5 

Bachaumont, Louis Petit de. Memoires secrets 
pour servir a Thistoire de la republique des let- 
tres en France, depuis MDCCLXII jusqu'a nos 
jours; ou journal d'un observateur. T. 2-14. 
Sm. 8. 165.8 

Bacon, Francis, Baron Verulam and Viscount St. 
Albans. The life and reign of K. Henry VII. 
(In Hughes, John, compiler. A complete his- 
tory of England. Vol. i, pp. 578-640. London. 
1706.) 61.7.1 

A portrait is missing in this copy. 

Opera omnia quse extant : . . . ab innumeris 

mendis repurgata: cum indice . . . His prse- 
fixa est auctoris vita. [Edited by J. B. Schoen- 
wetter and I. Gruterus.] Francofvrti ad Moe- 
nvm. M DC LXV. Portrait. F. 91.6 



Bacon, Matthew. A new abridgment of the law. 
By a gentleman of the Middle Temple. In the 
F. 52.2 

A dictionary of English law. 

Baillie, Robert. Operis historici et chronologici 
libri duo, in quibus historia sacra & profana 
compendiose deducitur ... a creatione mundi 
ad Constantinum Magnum. . . . Una cum 
tribus diatribis . . . Per D. Robertum Ballium. 
Amstelodami. M DC LXVIII. F. 22.2 

Autographs: Benjamin Wadsworth dated about 1687. Title- 
page mutilated for autograph. 

Ballou, Hosea. Commendation and reproof of 
Universalist Church, in Boston, Nov. 29, 1829. 
Unitarians. A sermon delivered in the Second 
Boston. 1829. 8. 181.14 

God the author of all things. A sermon, de- 
livered in the Second Universalist Church, in 
Boston, July 5, 1829. Boston. 1829. 8. 


Baltus, Jean Frangois. Reponse a 1'Histoire des 
oracles, de Mr. de Fontenelle. Dans laquelle 
on refute le Systeme de Mr. Van-Dale, sur 
les auteurs des oracles du paganisme. [Anon.] 
Strasbourg. M.DCC VII. Plate. 16. 


De Fontenelle's Histoire des oracles is on shelf-number 

Bancroft, Aaron, D.D. Sermons on those doctrines 
of the Gospel and on those constitutent prin- 
ciples of the Church, which Christian profes- 
sors have made the subject of controversy. 
Worcester. 1822. 8. 210.12 

On the title-page of this copy is written: Presented by the 
rev. author to John Adams, Esq. 

Bancroft, Edward, M.D. An essay on the natural 
history of Guiana, in South America. In let- 



Bancroft, Edward, M.D. (Continued.) 

ters from a gentleman of the medical faculty. 
London. 1769. Plate. 8. 261.2 

A presentation copy to John Adams, with a note in the 
author's autograph. 

"It is a work, considering the advantages of the author, of 
great merit." J. Adams. Works. Vol. 3, p. 141. 

Baour-Lormian, Pierre Marie Frangois Louis. Je- 
rusalem delivree, opera. 36 edition. [Musique 
de Persuis.] Paris. M.DCCCXIII. 16. 

Words only. 182.4 

Barbeyrac, Jean. Discours sur la nature du sort. 
(In Noodt, Gerard. Du pouvoir des souverains. 
Pp. 82-207. Amsterdam. MDCCXIV.) 

On games of chance. 264.12 

An historical and critical account of the science 

of morality, &c. [Done into English by Mr. 
Carew,] (In Pufendorf, Samuel, Freiherr von. 
Of the law of nature and nations. Pp. 1-88. 
London. MDCCXXIX.) 52.5 

Vita v. c. Gerardi Noodt, jurisconsulti et ante- 

cessoris celeberrimi. (In Noodt, Geraard. 
Opera omnia. Vol. i, pp. (5-18). Lugduni 
Batavorum. MDCCLX.) 62.9 

Baretti, Giuseppe Marc' Antonio. A dictionary 
of the English and Italian languages. Added, 
an Italian and English grammar. A new 
edition. London. MDCCLXXI. 2 v. 4. 

Autograph: John Adams, July, 1780. 43-2 

Barnardiston, Thomas. Reports of cases deter- 
mined in the Court of King's Bench, with some 
other cases; from Trin. 12 Geo. I. to Trin. 7 
Geo. II. In the Savoy. M DCC XLIV. 2 v. 
F. 72.7 

Baronius, Caesar. Annales ecclesiastici, ex XII. 
tomis Csesaris Baronii . . . , in epitomen re- 
dacti. Editio altera . . . Vna cum vita eius- 



Baronius, Caesar. (Continued.) 

dem illustrissimi Cardinalis; ac nonnullis post- 
humis lucubrationibus, ad Annales pertinen- 
tibus : necnon & notis ad eosdem Annales . . . 
ac breui Avctario ab eo tempore quo Baronius 
cessauit, vsque ad ann. 1622. Opera Henrici 
Spondani . . . Mogvntiae. M.DC.XXIII. 
3 parts in I v. F. 71.5 

Barozzi, Giacomo. Regola delli cinqve ordini d'ar- 
chitettvra di M. lacomo Barozzio da Vignola. 
Con la nuua agionta di Michelangelo Buonaroti 
di carte sette. Roma. [16 ?] 42 plates. 
Engraved title-page. F. 101.3 

This copy contains a MS. translation in French. 

Barreme, Bertrand Frangois. Le livre des comptes- 
faits; ou tarif general des monnoies. Paris. 
M.DCC.LXXI. 12. 244.22 

Barrington, Daines. Observations upon the sta- 
tutes, chiefly the more ancient, from Magna 
Charta to the twenty-first of James the First, 
Ch. xxvii. With an appendix, being a proposal 
for new modelling the statutes. [Anon.] 
London. MDCCLXVL 4. 93.4 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Barrington, John Shute, ist Viscount Barrington. 

An essay on the teaching and witness of the 

Holy Spirit. (In Watson, Richard, editor. 

A collection of theological tracts. Vol. 4, pp. 

363-467. London. M.DCC.LXXXV.) 

Barrow, Isaac. Lectiones opticae & geometricse. 

Londini. 1674. 2 v. in i. Sm. 4. 

No. 4 in 261.9 
A treatise of the Pope's supremacy . . . added, 

A discourse concerning the unity of the Church. 

The fourth edition. London. 1700. Sm. f. 




Barrow, Isaac. (Continued.) 

Works. Published by His Grace, Dr. John 

Tillotson. London. MDCC. 3 v. in 2. Sm. 

f. 1 12.2 

Vol. i contains John Adams's book-plate. 

Bart, Jean, Vie de. [Anon.] See Richer, J. 

Barthelemy, Jean Jacques. Voyage du jeune Ana- 
charsis en Grece, dans le milieu du quatrieme 
siecle avant 1'ere vulgaire. 36 edition. 
[Anon.] Paris. 1790. Text, 7 v. 8.; Atlas, 
i v. 4. 180.2 

This copy lacks the atlas. 

Barton, Tra. An oration at Oxford, on the forty- 
sixth anniversary of American independence. 
Cambridge. 1822. 8. No. 4^1252.9 

A presentation copy to John Adams. 

Baruffaldi, Girolamo. Dell' istoria di Ferrara . . . 
libri nove, . . . dall' anno M.DC.LV, fino al 
M.DCC. Ferrara. M.DCC. 4. 150.3 

Basanistes, pseud. See Vicars, . 

Basnage de Beauval, Jacques. Annales des Pro- 
vinces-Unies [contenant les choses les plus re- 
marquables arrivees en Europe, et dans les 
autres parties du monde] . . . avec la descrip- 
tion historique de leur gouvernement. A la 


Contents. [i.] Depuis les negociations pour la paix de Munster 
[jusqu'a la paix de Breda]. 2. Depuis la paix d'Aix-La- 
Chapelle jusqu'a celle de Nimegue. 

Same. [Tome i.] 61.6 
Bastwick, John, M.D. The utter routing of the 

whole army of all the independents & sectaries 
... or Independency not God's ordinance, . . . 
Annexed, An appendix in way of answer to 
Henry Burton . . . London. 1646. Sm. 4. 




Baxter, Richard. Reliquiae Baxterianse: or, Mr. 
Richard Baxter's narrative of the most memor- 
able passages in his life and times. Faithfully 
publish'd by Matthew Sylvester. London. 
M DC XCVI. 3 parts in i v. Portrait. F. 


There is bound with this, as usual, Sylvester's Elisha's cry 
after Elijah's God consider'd with reference to the decease of 
Baxter. 1696. 18 pp. 
The title-page is missing, but supplied in manuscript. 

Bayard, James. A brief exposition of the Consti- 
tution of the United States: with an appendix, 
containing the Declaration of Independence 
and the Articles of Confederation. Philadel- 
phia. 1833. 12. 223.17 

This copy is inscribed "Hon. John Q. Adams with the 
respects of the author." 

Bazin, Abbe, pseud. See Voltaire, F. M. A. de. 
Bazinghen, Frangois Andre Abot de. Traite des 

monnoies, et de la jurisdiction de la Cour des 

monnoies, en forme de dictionnaire. Paris. 

M.DCCLXIV. 2 v. 4. 110.2 

Beattie, James. Essays. Edinburgh. MDCC- 

LXXVI. 2v. 8. 291.18 

Contents^ i. On the nature and immutability of truth, in 
opposition to sophistry and scepticism. 2. On poetry and 
music as^they affect the mind. On laughter and ludicrous 
compositions. On the utility of classical learning. 

Beaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron de. Me- 
moires. [Paris?] M.DCC.LXXX. 3 v. 8. 


Beausobre, Isaac de. Remarques historiques, cri- 
tiques et philologues sur le Nouveau Testament. 
Avec la vie de 1'auteur. A la Haye. MDCC- 
XLII. 2 v. in i. Coat of arms. 4. 120.4 

Beausobre, Isaac de, and Jacques Lenfant. An 
introduction to the reading of the Holy Scrip- 
tures. (In Watson, Richard, editor. A col- 
lection of theological tracts. Vol. 3, pp. 101- 
314. Cambridge. M.DCC.LXXXV.) 181.1.3 



Beccadelli, Lodovico, Archbishop of Ragusa. Vita 
di Pietro Bembo, Cardinale. (In Istorici delle 
cose veneziane. Tome 2, pp. xxxii-li. Vene- 
zia. MDCCXVIIL) 50.1.2 

Beccaria, Cesare Bonesana, Marchese di. Dei de- 
litti e delle pene. [Anon.] Nuova edizione 
accresciuta. Harlem e Parigi. MDCCLXXX. 
Plate. 24. 225.10 

Autograph: John Adams, July, 1780. 

An essay on crimes and punishments, trans- 

lated from the Italian ; with a commentary at- 
tributed to Mons. de Voltaire, translated from 
the French. 4th edition. [Anon.] London. 
M. DCC. LXXV. 8. 151.13 

On the title-page is written: Thomas B. Adams, From his 
Father, 1800. 

Begny, - , Docteur. Nouveau guide des meres, 
ou plan de conduite des le moment de la con- 
ception jusqu' apres raccouchement. Suivis 
d'une maniere simple d'elever les enfans. St.- 
Petersbourg. 1809. 8. 171.21 

Belknap, Jeremy. American biography. Boston. 
MDCCXCIV, 1798. 2 v. 8. 251.13 

The history of New Hampshire. Philadelphia. 

8. 252.13 

Same. Vol. I. 252.14 

Sacred poetry: consisting of psalms and hymns, 

. . . selected from the best authors, with varia- 
tions and additions. 4th edition. Boston. 
1804. 16. 164.19 

Autograph: John Adams, 1805. 

Same. 1820. 264.20 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Belle-Alesne, Maximilien, pseud. Le magnifique et 
superlicoquentieux festin, fait a messieurs mes- 
seigneurs les venerables savetiers, carleurs & 



Belle-Alesne, Maximilien, pseud. (Continued.) 

reparateurs de la chaussure humaine. [Troyes. 

1731.] 16. No. 3 in 182.13 

Belloy, Pierre Laurent Buyrette de. Le siege de 

Calais, tragedie. Suivie de notes historiques. 

Paris. M.D.CCLXV. 16. No. 3 in 223.3 

The title-page, dedication, and preface, and pages 101-112 
inclusive are wanting in this copy. 

Titus, treurspel. Gevolgd naar het Fransche 

[door J. Nomsz]. De derde druk. Amstel- 
dam. [MDCCLXV.] Vignette. 16. 

No. i in 224.3; No. 3 in 224.2 

No. i in 224.3 has autograph: J. Q. Adams, 1780. 

Zelmire, treurspel. Gevolgd naar het Fransche. 

Amsteldam. 1766. Vignettes. 16. 

No. 6 in 224.3 

Bembo, Pietro, Cardinal. Historiae Venetse libri 
XII. [Vita scritta da Lodovico Beccatelli.] 
(In Istorici delle cose veneziane. Tome 2. 
Portrait. Venezia. MDCCVIII.) 50.1.2 

This covers the period from 1486 to 1513. 

Benci, Spinello. Storia della citta di Montepvl 
ciano. Fiorenza. 1641. Coat of arms. 4. 43.7 

Benedictin, Un, pseud. See Voltaire, F. M. A. de. 

Benezet, Anthony. Some historical account of 
Guinea . . . with an inquiry into the rise and 
progress of the slave-trade . . . Also a re- 
publication of the sentiments of several authors 
of note, on this interesting subject; particularly 
an extract of a treatise, by Granville Sharp. 
Philadelphia. M,DCC,LXXI. 12. 244.4 

Benson, George, D.D. An essay concerning in- 
spiration, taken from [his] Paraphrase and 
notes on St. Paul's Epistles. (In Watson, 
Richard, editor. A collection of theological 
tracts. Vol. 4, pp. 469-480. London. M.- 
DCC.LXXXV.) 181.1.4 



Benson, George, D.D. (Continued.) 

An essay concerning the unity of sense: to shew 

that no text of Scripture has more than one 
single sense. (In Same. Vol. 4, pp. 481-513.) 


An essay on the man of sin, from [his] Para- 

phrase and notes on St. Paul's Epistles. (In 
Same. Vol. 5, pp. 268-288.) 181.1.5 

Bentivoglio. Guido, Cardinal. Lettres. Traduites 
en Frangois avec 1'Italien a cote. Par le Sieur 
de Veneroni. Paris. M. D. C. XCIL 12. 


Raccolta di lettere scritte in tempo delle sue nun- 

ziature di Francia. e di Fiandra. [Edited by 
Alessandro Inglis.] Cambrigi. 1727. 16. 


Bentley, William, D.D. A sermon preached before 
the Ancient and Honourable Artillery Com- 
pany, in Boston, June 6, 1796, being the anni- 
versary of their election of officers. Boston. 
1796. 8. 191.10 

Bernard, Pierre Joseph. Castor et Pollux, tragedie- 
opera. [Les paroles de Bernard, la musique de 
Rameau.] Paris. 1815. 8. 173.8 

Words only. 

Bertoli, Gian Domenico. Le antichita d'Aquileja 
profane e sacre. Venezia. MDCCXXXIX. 
Illus. Plan. Vignettes. F. 11.5 

Bertrand, Jean. Bun VOJAIXCOV, sive de jurisperitis 
libri duo. Secunda editio. Accedit Jacobi 
Labitti index legum omnium, quae in Pandectis 
continentur. Lugduni Batavorum. MDC- 
LXXV. 16. 283.11 

The index by Labitte is lacking. Autograph: Jer. Gridley. 

Berwick, Duke of. See Fitzjames, J. 
Bessin, Pierre. Nominum propriorum virorum, 
mulierum, populorum, &c. quae in ... lacobi 



Bessin, Pierre. (Continued.) 

Avgvsti Thvani Historiis leguntur index. 
Geneva. M.DC.XXXIV. 4. 160.17 

Beuningen, Koenraad van. Lettres et negocia- 
tions entre Jean de Witt . . . et Conrard van 
Beuningen, ministre extraordinaire a la cour 
de France. Depuis le 19. mars 1660 jusqu'en 
1667. (In Witt, J. de. Lettres et nego- 
ciations. Vol. 2, pp. 1-351; 3; 4, Pp. 1-243- 
Amsterdam. M.DCC.XXV.) 215.2.2-4 

Two copies 

Bible. A new translation of Isaiah; with notes 
supplementary to those of Dr. Lowth . . . and 
containing remarks on many parts of his trans- 
lation and notes. By a layman. London. 
M.DCC.XC. [Society for Promoting the 
Knowledge of the Scriptures.] 8. 201.1 

Selectae e Veteri Testamento historiae, ad usum 

eorum qui linguae Latinae rudimentis imbuun- 
tur. Nova editio. Pars prima, altera. Parisiis. 
M.DCC.LXXVII. 2v.ini. 24. 264.22 

[Le nouueau Testament; c'est a dire la nouuelle 

alliance de nostre seigneur lesus Christ. Cha- 
renton. M. DC. LXVIIL] 12. 264.24 

Genevan version. The title-page is missing. 

Le Nouveau Testament de Notre Seigneur Jesus- 

Christ, traduit en Francois sur Toriginal Grec. 
Avec des notes literales, pour eclaircir le texte. 
Par Mrs. de Beausobre et Lenfant. Amster- 
dam. MDCCXLI. 2v. Plates. Vignettes. 
4. 120.3 

Book-plate: J. Q. Adams. 

Novi Jesu Christi Testamenti Graeco Latino 

Germanicae novae editionis, pars prima, [altera] 
... in qva . . . tres linguae, vel solae, vel inter 
se collatae vna opera . . . legi . . . possint . . . 
Studio Eilhardi Lvbini. Apud lohannem Hal- 



Bible. (Continued.) 

lerfordivm, M.DC.XVII. [Vol. 2, Rostochii, 
M.DCXIV.] 2 v. in i. Sm. 4. 281.13 

The text is in Greek, Latin and German in parallel lines. 

A synopsis of the four Evangelists : or, a regular 
history of ... Jesus Christ, in words of the 
Evangelists. Philadelphia. 1815. 8. 181.7 

Bibliotheca Americana. [Anon.] See Reid, Mr. 

Bibliotheca Americo-Septentrionalis. [Anon.] See 
Warden, D. B. 

Bibliotheca historico-philologico-theologica. Clas- 
sis 5, fasciculus 1-6. Amstelodami. M.DCC. 
XXL M.DCC.XXII. 6 parts in i v. 16. 264.4 

The publication was edited by T. Hase and F. A. Lampe. 

Bibliotheque des anciens philosophes. [Publiee 
par M. Dacier.] Paris. M.DCC.LXXI. 9 v. 
16. I33- 2 

Contents. i. La vie de Pythagore; ses Symboles; la vie d'- 

Hierocles & ses Vers dores. 2. Les commentaires d'Hiero- 

cles sur les Vers dores de Pythagore. 3-9. Les ceuvres de 

Platon, traduites en Francois . . . 

In this copy the title-page of vol. 6 is missing. 

On the title-page of vol. i is the autograph: J. Adams. At 

the end of the same volume are manuscript comments by John 


Bigelow, Tyler. Address, delivered at the eighth 
anniversary of the Massachusetts Peace So- 
ciety, Dec. 25, 1823. Boston. 1824. 24 pp. 
8. No. 5 in 252,9 

Bilbao, Spain. Universidad y casa de contratacion. 
Ordenanzas . . . (insertos sus reales privile- 
gios) aprobadas, y confirmadas por el rey Nues- 
tro Senor Don Phelipe quinto . . . afio de 1737. 
Reimpresas . . . Madrid. 1775. L. 8. 23.5 

Billingsley, John. General view of the agriculture 
in the County of Somerset; with observations 
on the means of its improvement. London. 
M.DCC.XCIV. Map. L. 8. 103.9 



Binnart, Martinus, pseud. See Martinez van Wauc- 
quier, M. 

Binney, Amos. Documents relative to the investi- 
gation, by order of the Secretary of the Navy, 
of the official conduct of Amos Binney, United 
States navy agent at Boston, upon the charges 
made by Lieutenant Joel Abbot and others. 
Published by the accused. Boston. 1822. 8. 


Biographia Britannica: or, the lives of the most 
eminent persons who have flourished in Great 
Britain and Ireland. Vol. 1-6, part I. Lon- 

The fly-leaves in vol. 2-5 have been cut for autographs. 

Blackburne, Francis. Appendix to the Memoirs of 
Thomas Hollis. [Anon.] London. MDCC- 
LXXX. Portraits. Plates. L. 4. 22.5 

This is vol. 2 of the Memoirs. Vol. i is missing. 

Remarks on Johnson's Life of Milton. [Anon.] 

Added Milton's tractate Of edvcation and 
Areopagitica. London. MDCCLXXXV. 
16. 235.5 

Fly-leaf contains: "John Adams, a gift from his friend, 
Brand Hollis." 

Blackstone, Sir William. Commentaries on the 
laws of En-land. Oxford. M.DCC.LXVIII- 
M.DCC.LXX. 4v. 4. 93.2 

Vols. 1-3 are of the 3d edition; vol. 4 is of the 4th. 

Same. Book 2d~4th. Re-printed from the Brit- 

ish copy . . . [With Appendix.] Philadel- 
Tables. 8. 151.19 

There are MS. annotations by John Adams. The title-pages 
of vols. 2 and 3 are torn. Inserted is a manuscript letter by 
William Parker. 

Law tracts. Oxford. M.DCC.LXII. 2 v. 

Plates. 8. 262.2 

Both volumes have the autograph of John Adams. 



Blackwell, Anthony. The sacred classics defended 
and illustrated: or, an essay humbly offer'd 
towards proving the purity, propriety, and true 
eloquence of the writers of the New Testament. 
5 parts in I v. Portrait. 8. 241.5 

Vol. i is of the 2d edition. 

Blair, Hugh. Lectures on rhetoric and belles 
lettres. 7th edition. Basil. MDCCLXXXIX. 
3 v. 8. 252.19 

Blusse, Abraham, the Younger. Observationes in 
Euripidis maxime Hippolytum. (In Exercita- 
tionum academicarum specimen primum-ter- 
tium. Pp. 1-58. Lugduni Batavorum. MD- 
CCXCII.) 201.10 

Blusse, Pieter, editor. Eerkroon op de hoof- 
den der doorluchtige staetsmannen, burger- 
vaderen, zeehelden, en andere personaedjen, 
die het nederlandsche gemeenebest, door ge- 
trouwe diensten en edele daden, aen zich 
verpligten; doormengd med andere vader- 
landsche dichtstukken. [Anon.] Dordrecht. 
Plate. Vignettes. 8. 220.11 

Each volume contains a presentation inscription from the 
editor to John Adams. 

Bodin, Jean. Abrege de la Republique de Bodin. 
Londres. MDCCLV. 2 v. 12. 254.10 

The six bookes of a commonweale. Out of the 
French and Latine copies, done into English, 
by Richard Knolles. London. 1606. F. 


Boileau-Despreaux, Nicolas. CEuvres. [Publiees 

par 1'abbe Renaudot et M. de Valincour.] 

Paris. M.DCCLXVI. 2 v. 16. 193.7 

Boissy d'Anglas, Frangois Antoine, Comte de. Dis- 

cours preliminaire au projet de constitution 



Boissy d'Anglas, Frangois Antoine, Comte de. 


pour la Republique franchise, prononce . . . 
dans la seance du 5 Messidor, an 3. Leyde. 
MDCCXCV. 8. ' No. 7111283.15 

There is no title-page. 

Bollan, William. Colonise Anglicanae illustratae: 
or, the acquest of dominion, and the plantation 
of colonies made by the English in America, 
with the rights of the colonists, examined, 
stated, and illustrated. [Anon.] London. 
MDCCLXII. 4. 73.5 

Autograph: John Adams. In John Adams's "Life and works," 
vol. 10, p. 355 is a notice of this book of which he says: 
"I scarcely ever knew a book so deeply despised." 

The freedom of speech and writing upon public 
affairs, considered; with an historical view of 
the Roman imperial laws against libels [etc.]. 
[Anon.] London. MDCCLXVI. 4. 

No. 2 in 73.5 

Bombaci, Gasparo. Historic memorabili della citta 
di Bologna, ristrette nelle vite de tre huomini 
illustri, Antonio Lambertacci, Nanni Gozzadini, 
e Galeazzo Mariscotti. [Bologna. M.DC- 
LXVL] Sm. 4. 222.3 

Bonaventuraj Federico. Della ragion di stato et 
della prvdenza politica libri qvatro. Vrbino. 
M.DC XXIII. Portrait. Sm. 4. 291.15 

Bond, J., of Gray's Inn. A compleat guide for jus- 
tices of the peace. In two parts. 3d edition 
. . . enlarged, ... By J. W., of the Middle- 
Temple, Barrister. London. 1706, 07. 2 v. 
in i. 8. 253.13 

Bonifacio, Giovanni. Historia Trivigiana. Divisa 
in dodici libri. . . . Trivigi. MDXCI. Map. 
Sm. 4. 173.11 

Boone, Nicholas. Military discipline. The com- 
pleat soldier, . . . Added, The military law of 



Boone, Nicholas. (Continued.) 

the Massachusetts-Bay. 2d edition. Boston. 
1706. 16. 254.21 

On the fly-leaf at the end is written: Charles Adams, his 
book, feb. 17/7; also: John Hunt. His book. 

Bordley, John Beale. Essays on husbandry and 
rural affairs. Philadelphia. 1799- Plate. 
Plans 8. 290.11 

The fly-leaf contains autograph presentation by the author 
to John Adams. 

Boreel, Willem. Lettres de Jean de Witt et Guil- 
laume Boreel; contenant leurs negociations 
avec la cour de France, 15. aout 1653 - 10. juillet 
1659; i. juin 1662-4. decembre 1664. (In 
Witt, J. de. Lettres et negociations. Vol. i ; 
2 > PP- 35 2 -6i 2 - Amsterdam. M.DCC.XXV.) 

Two copies. 215.2.1,2 

Borel, Pierre. Tresor de recherches et antiqvitez 
gavloises et franchises ; redvites en ordre alpha- 
betiqve. Et enrichies de beaucoup . . . de 
mots de la langue thyoise ou theuthfranque. 
Paris. M.DC.LV. 4. 170.15 

Borough, Sir John. The soveraignty of the British 
seas. Proved by records, history, and the 
municipal laws of this kingdom. London. 
1686. F. No. 8 in 52.4 

Boston. Committee on Pauperism and a House of 
Industry. Report. [Boston. 1821.] 8. 

No. 10 in 252.9 

Boston Almanac, The, for the year 1844. By S. 
N. Dickinson. Boston. [1844.] 24. 284.6 

Boston Directory, The, . . . 1831, 36. Boston. 
1831, 36. 2 v. Map. 16. 284.5 

The issue for 1836 lacks the map. 

Boston-Gazette, The, and Country Journal. Water- 
town. 1775, 76. F. 293.1 

This file contains the weekly issues for 1775: Complete for 
August-November, and for June 26, July 3, 17, 24, 31. Decem- 



Boston-Gazette, The, . . . (Continued.) 

ber 4, 25; for 1776: Complete for January, February, April, 
June September-November, and for March 4, 18, 25, May 6, 
13, 20, July I, 8, 22, 29, August 5, 12, 19, December 2, 9. 
The issues beginning with November 4, 1776 were printed 
in Boston. 

Botero, Giovanni. Delia ragione di stato, libri 
dieci. Di nuouo, in questa quinta editione dall' 
istesso autore in alcuni luoghi mutati, & accres- 
ciuti . . . et nel fine tre libri Delia grandezza 
delle citta. Milano. M.D.XCVIIL 16. 


Pp- 393-4OO have been misplaced in binding, and are to be 
found between pages 24 and 25. 

Boucherie, Auguste. Memoire sur la conservation 
des bois. Paris. 1840. 8. 181.19 

Inserted is a leaflet entitled Academic des sciences. Rapport 
sur un Memoire relatif a la conservation des bois, par A. 

Boudot, Jean. Dictionarium universale Latino- 

Gallicum ex omnibus Latinitatis autoribus . . . 

collectum. Tertia-decima editio. Parisiis. 

M.DCCLX. 8. 221.8 

Same. Editio aucta & emendata. Parisiis. 

M.DCC.LXXIV. 8. 221.9 

Two copies. 

Bougeant, Guillaume Hyacinthe. Histoire du traite 
de Westphalie, ou des negociations qui se firent 
a Munster & a Osnabrug, pour etablir la paix 
entre toutes les puissances de 1'Europe. Paris. 
M.DCC.LI. 6v. 16. 225.4 

The title of vols. I, 2 of one set, and of vol. 2 of the other is: 
Histoire des guerres et des negociations qui precederent le 
traite de Westphalie. 
Two copies. 

Boulainvilliers, Henri, Comte de. fitat de la 
France, dans lequel on voit tout ce qui regarde 
le gouvernement ecclesiastique, le militaire, la 
justice, les finances, le commerce, les manufac- 
tures, le nombre des habitans, & en general 
tout ce qui peut faire connoitre a fond cette 



Boulainvilliers, Henri, Comte de. (Continued.) 
monarchic: . . . Avec des memoires histo- 
riques sur 1'ancien gouvernement de cette 
monarchic jusqu'a Hugues Capet. Londres. 
F. 121.1 

Vol. 3 has the title: fitat de la France, contenant XIV. lettres 
sur les anciens parlements de France. Avec 1'histoire de ce 
royaume depuis le commencement de la monarchic jusqu'a 
Charles VIII. 

Boulanger, Nicholas Antoine. L'antiquite devoilee 
par ses usages, ou examen critique des princi- 
pales opinions, ceremonies & institutions reli- 
gieuses & politiques des differens peuples de 
la terre. Tome 2. Amsterdam. M.DCC- 
LXXII. 16. 134.9 

Bourdaloue, Louis. Exhortations et instructions 
chretiennes. Paris. M.DCC.XXIII. 2 v. 
12. 263.8 

Pensees sur divers sujets de religion et de morale. 

7 edition. Paris. M.DCC.LXXIV. 3 v. 12. 


Retraite spirituelle a Tusage des communautes 

religieuses. Paris. MDCCLIII. 12. 


Sermons pour les festes des saints, et pour des 

vestures & professions religieuses. Paris. 
M.DCCXXVI. 2 v. 12. 263.11 

Sermons pour 1'Avent. Nouvelle edition. Paris. 

M.DCC.XVI. 12. 263.7 

Sermons pour le Caresme. Nouvelle edition. 

Paris. M.DCC.XVI. 3 v. 12. 263.10 

Sermons, sur les mysteres. 46 edition. Paris. 

M.DCCXXVI. 2v. 12. 263.9 

Boutet de Monvel, Jacques Marie. L'amant bour- 

ru, comedie en trois actes en en vers libres. 

Paris. M.DCC.LXXVII. 16. No. 4 in 223.3 



Bowditch, Nathaniel. Remarks on the comet of 
1819. [Salem. 1819.] 8. 262.17 

On the title-page is written: Hon. John Adams . . . with the 
respects of the Author. 

Boyron, Michel. Le theatre de Mr. Baron, aug- 
mente de deux pieces qui n'avoient point encore 
ete imprimees, & de diverses poesies du meme 
atiteur. Paris. M.DCC.LIX. 3 v. 24. 184.6 

Bradford, Gamaliel, M.D. State prisons and the 
penetentiary system indicated, with observa- 
tions on managing . . . these institutions . . . 
Also, some particular remarks and documents 
relating to the Massachusetts State Prison. 
By an officer of this establishment in Charles- 
town. Charlestown. 1821. 8. 151.6 

Brett, Thomas. A dissertation on the ancient ver- 
sions of the Bible . . . (In Watson, Richard, 
editor. A collection of theological tracts. Vol. 
3, pp. 1-59. Cambridge. M.DCCLXXXV.) 


Brink, Jan ten. Observationes in loca veterum, 
praecipue quae sunt de vindicta divina. (In 
Exercitationum academicarvm specimen pri- 
mum-tertium. Pp. 65-126. Lugduni Batavo- 
rum. MDCCXCII.) 201.10 

Briseux, Charles fitienne. L'art de batir des mai- 
sons de campagne, ou Ton traite de leur distri- 
bution, de leur construction, & de leur deco- 
ration. Paris. M.DCC.LXI. 2 v. Plates. 
Plans. 4. 102.13 

Brisson, Barnabe. De verborum quae ad jus perti- 
nent significatione libri XIX. . . . aucti . . . 
ex analectis Jo. Ottonis Taboris, . . . editi 
. . . novis accessionibus locupletati a Jo. Chris- 
tiano Ittero. Francofurti. M DC LXXXIII. 
F. 52.6 

At the end is Brisson's Hao^OYfOv liber singularis; also his 
Selectarum ex jure civili antiquitatum libri IV. 



Brissot de Warville, Jean Pierre. Theorie des loix 
criminelles. Tome 2. Berlin. M.DCC.L- 
XXXI. 8. 292.11 

Vol. I is missing. 

Bristed, John. Hints on the national bankruptcy 
of Britain, and on her resources to maintain the 
present contest with France. New-York. 
1809. 8. 150.19 

Britton, Johannes, Bishop of Hereford. Britton. 
The second edition. Faithfully corrected ac- 
cording to divers ancient manuscripts of the 
same booke. By Edm. Wingate. London. 
1640. Sm. 8. 225.7 

Bromley, Sir George, Baronet, compiler. A collec- 
tion of original royal letters, written by Charles 
the First and Second, James the Second, and the 
King and Queen of Bohemia; with original 
letters, written by Prince Rupert, Charles 
Louis, Count Palatine, the Duchess of Hanover. 
1619-1665. London. 1787. Portraits. Fac- 
simile autographs. Chart. 8. 1314 

Most of these letters are by Frederick V. of Bohemia, and his 
son, Charles Louis, Count Palatine. Many of them are in 

Brookes, Richard, M.D. The general gazetteer: 
or, compendious geographical dictionary . . . 
2d edition, with great additions . . . London. 
M.DCC.LXVI. Maps. 8. 260.8 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Broughton, Arthur, M.D. Hortus Eastensis: or, 
a catalogue of exotic plants, in the garden of 
Hinton East, Esquire, in the mountains of Li- 
guanea, in the Island of Jamaica, at the time 
of his decease. (In Edwards, Bryan. The 
history, civil and commercial, of the British 
colonies in the West Indies. Vol. I, pp. 475- 
494. London. M.DCC.XCIV.) 732.i 



Brown, Thomas, M.D. Lectures on the philosophy 
of the human mind. Andover. 1822. 3 v. 
8. 103.18 

Brown, William, Clerk of the Common Pleas. For- 
mulae bene placitandi. A book of entries: con- 
taining variety of choice precedents, of counts, 
declarations, . . . and divers other pleadings 
... By W. B., a clerke of the Court of Com- 
mon Pleas. London. 1671. F. 72.1 

Top of title-page torn off, probably for autograph. 

Bruce, James. Travels to discover the source of 
the Nile, in the years 1768-1773. Vol. 2-6. 
Dublin. M,DCC,XC, M,DCC,XCI. Plates. 
Maps. 8. 241.1 

Vol. i is lacking. His travels were principally through Abys- 

Brumoy, Pierre. Le theatre des Grecs. Nouvelle 
edition. Paris. M.DCC.LXIII. 6 v. 12. 133.3 

Brun, Veuve. Catalogue des livres qui se trouvent 
a Nantes, chez V e . Brun. [Nantes.] M.DCC- 
LXXVI. 16. 254.24 

Brunck, Richard Frangois Philippe, editor. 'HQixr) 
jtoiTjaig sive gnomici poetse Graeci. Argento- 
rati. MDCCLXXXIV. Vignettes. 16. 142.4 

Autograph: John Adams. Book-plate: J. Q. Adams. 

Bruni, Leonardo. De bello Italico adversvs Gothos 
libri quatuor. (In Zosimus. Historiarum 
libn VI. Pp. 636-700. Aureliae Allobr. 
MDCV.) 22.1 

Historiarum Florentinarum libri XII. Quibus 
accesserunt quorundam suo tempore in Italia 
gestorum & de rebus Graecis commentarii . . . 
in lucem editi studio & opera Sixti Brunonis. 
Argentorati. M.DC.X. F. 11.7 

Bruzen de La Martiniere, Antoine Augustin. Le 
grand dictionnaire geographique, historique et 
critique. Nouvelle edition. Paris. M.D.CC.- 
LXVIII. 6v. F. 101.4 



Bryant, Jacob. A new system, or an analysis of 
ancient mythology. 2d edition. London. M.- 
DCC.LXXV, M.DCCLXXVI. 3 v. Plates. 
4. 23.10 

Buc, Sir George. The life and reign of Richard III. 
(In Hughes, John, compiler. A complete his- 
tory of England. Vol. I, pp. 514-577. Lon- 
don. 1706.) 61.7.1 

Buchan, William, M.D. Medecine domestique . . . 
Traduit de TAnglois par J. D. Duplanil. Nou- 
velle edition, . . . augmentee sur la 6e edition 
de Londres. Geneve. M.DCC.LXXXI, M.- 
DCC.LXXXII. 7v. 12. 255.4 

Buchanan, Claudius. Two discourses preached be- 
fore the University of Cambridge [England] 
. . . July i, 1810. And a sermon preached 
before the Society for Missions to Africa and 
the East; . . . July 12, 1910. Added, Chris- 
tian researches in Asia. Boston. 1811. 8. 


Buchanan, George. Rerum Scoticarum historia. 
Ad antiquissimam Arbuthneti editionem ex- 
primitur textus. Sed notas, . . . summa cura 
addidit Jacobus Man. Accesserunt index locu- 
pletissimus, auctoris vita ab ipso scripta, & Dia- 
logus de jure regni apud Scotos. Abredoniae. 
MDCCLXII. 8. 240.1 

Two copies. 

Buckingham, Joseph Tinker. Proposal for publish- 
ing, by subscription, the works of Nathaniel 
Lardner, D.D., in eleven volumes, octavo. 
[Boston. 1814.] 8. 181.30 

The Works were apparently never published. 

Buffon, George Louis Leclerc, Comte de. Histoire 
naturelle des oiseaux. Tome 1-6. Paris. 
M.DCCLXX-M.DCCLXXV. Plates. [His- 
toire naturelle. Tome 14-18.] 12. 255.1 



Buffon, George Louis Leclerc, Comte de. (Con- 

CEuvres completes. Paris. M.DCCLXXIV- 

M.DCCLXXVIII. ii v. Portrait. Plates. 
12. 255.2 

Same. Tome 2-5, 7-9. M.DCCLXXV, M.DCC- 

LXXVI. Plates. 255.3 

Buommattei, Benedetto. Delia lingua toscana . . . 

libri due. Impressione quinta. Rivista e cor- 

retta dagli Accademici della Crusca. Firenze. 

MDCCLX. Portrait. 8. 140.5 

Buoninsegni, Piero. Historia fiorentina. Nuoua- 

mente data in luce. Fiorenza. M.D.LXXXI. 

8. i6i.u 

The fly-leaf contains the autograph of Rob to . Bromley. 
Book-plate: J. Adams. 

Burgh, James. Political disquisitions: or, an en- 
quiry into public errors, defects, and abuses. 
In 3 vols. Vol. i, 2. [Anon.] London. 
MDCCLXXIV. 2v. 8. 172.11 

On parliamentary government in England. 

A presentation copy, with autograph notes, to John Adams 

from the author. 

Same. Vol. 1-3. MDCCLXXIV, MDCCL- 

XXV. 8. 172.12 

Burke, Edmund. An account of the European 

settlements in America. [Anon.] 4th edition. 

London. MDCCLXV. 2 v. Maps. 8. 251.1 

Articles [i-xvi] of charge of high crimes and 

misdemeanors, against Warren Hastings ; pre- 
sented to the House of Commons, on the 4th 
day of April, 1786. London. M,DCC,LXXX- 
VI. 8. No. 2 in 220.10 

Article xvii xxi [of charge of high crimes and 

misdemeanors, against Warren Hastings; pre- 
sented to the House of Commons, on the 4th 
day of April, 1786. London. 1786. 8. 

No. 4 in 283.15 



Burlamaqui, Jean Jacques. Principles of natural 
law. Translated into English by Mr. Nugent. 
2d edition. London. MDCCLXIII. 2 v. 
8. 292.5 

Burman, Frans. Synopsis theologiae, & speciatim 
Oeconomise fcederum Dei. Trajecti ad Rhe- 
num. M D CLXXI, M D CLXXII. 2 v. 
Sm. 4. 290.1 

This copy is incomplete. Vol. 2, as bound, contains pp. 415- 
(772) of tomus prior, and pp. 1-160 (with the preliminary 
pages) of tomus posterior. The table of contents of tomus 
posterior indicates more than five hundred additional pages, 
including Books VI-VIII of the Synopsis theologiae and the 
Consilium de studio theologico feliciter instituendo. 
Both vols. have autograph of John Adams, and are inter- 
leaved. Many of these inserted pages are filled with manu- 
script letters (or copies) written by John Checkley between 
1720 and 1728, and also manuscript notes in another hand. 

Burn, Richard. Ecclesiastical law. 2d edition. 
London. M.DCC.LXVII. 4 v. 8. 292.6 

The justice of the peace, and parish officer. 

7th edition. In 3 vols. Vol. i. London. 
M.DCC.LXII. 8. 161.3 

The top of the title-page is cut. 

Same. loth edition. M.DCC.LXVI. 4v. 161.2 
Burnet, Gilbert, Bishop of Salisbury. Bishop Bur- 
net's History of his own time. With the au- 
thor's life . . . and notes. London. MDCC- 
LIII. 4v. Portrait. 8. 230.1 

Edited by Thomas Burnet. 

In vol. 3, 4 the autograph, John Adams, is partially effaced by 

ink. On the fly-leaf of vol. 4 is the autograph of Wm. Smith. 

Dr. Burnet' s Travels, or letters containing an 

account of what seemed most remarkable in 
Switzerland, Italy, France and Germany, &c. 
Amsterdam. 1687. 12. 235.3 

Principally on Switzerland and Italy. 

Burrow, Sir James, compiler. Reports of cases 
adjudged in the Court of King's Bench since 
the death of Lord Raymond; in four parts, dis- 
tributed according to the times of his four sue- 



Burrow, Sir James. (Continued.) 

cessors, Lord Hardwicke, Sir William Lee, Sir 
Dudley Ryder, and Lord Mansfield. Part 4. 
1756-1766. London. M DCC LXVI-LXXI. 
3 v. F. 82.1 

Vols. 1-3 have autographs of John Adams; vol. 3 has also that 
of J. Quincy, Jr.; vol. i has book-plate of John Adams. 

Busby, Richard. Graecse grammatices rudimenta. 
In usum Scholae Regise Westmonasteriensis. 
[Anon.] Londini. MDCCXX. Sm. 8. 


Autograph: John Adams. Book-plate: Thomas Alleyne. 

Grammatica Busbeiana, auctior & emendation 

1. e. Rudimentum grammaticae Graeco-Latinse 
metricum. In usum Scholse Regise West- 
monasteriensis. [Cum Grsecae grammaticse 
compendio. MDCCXLIL] Londini. M.- 
DCC.XLIII. 8. 173.15 

The top of the title-page is mutilated. 

Butler, James, ist Duke of Ormonde. See 
Carte, T. 

Butler, Joseph, Bishop of Durham. The analogy 
of religion, natural and revealed, to the con- 
stitution and course of nature. Added, Two 
brief dissertations: i. Of personal identity. 

2. Of the nature of virtue. 7th edition. Lon- 
don. MDCCLXXXV. 8. 211.6 

Fifteen sermons preached at the Rolls Chapel. 

To which are added six sermons. 5th edition. 
London. M.DCC.LXV. 8. 181.2 

This copy lacks the six additional sermons mentioned on the 

Bynkershoek, Cornelis van. Opera omnia. [lo. 
Gottl. Heineccii praefatio.] Lugduni Batavo- 
rum. 1767. 2v.ini. Portrait. F. 62.8 

Contents. I. Observationum juris Romani libri VIII. 
Opuscula varii argument!. 2. Opera minora. Quaestiones 
juris publici. Qusestiones juris privati. 



Caesar, Caius Julius. C. Julii Caesaris quae extant, 
cum indice locupletissimo. Ex recensione T. 
P. Londini. MDCCXIX. Maps. 12. 154.5 

Book-plate: Merchant Tailors' Company. 

[Les commentaires de Cesar de la traduction de 
N. Perrot d'Ablancourt.] Vol. 2. [Lyon? 
1686?] Plate. 12. 153.10 

This copy of vol. 2 lacks the title-page. The Latin text and 
French translation are in parallel columns. 

Calefatti, Pietro. Specchio di degnita, nobilita, et 
honore. Lucca. 1564. 16. 174.12 

Calendrier republicain, decrete par la Convention 
Nationale, pour la Illeme annee de la Repu- 
blique franchise; . . . Suivi d'un recueil d' 
hymnes et chansons patriotiques; du rapport 
de la commission chargee de la confection du 
calendrier; et la Constitution republicaine du 
peuple frangais. Paris. 1795. Music. 12. 


Calepinus, Ambrosius. Dictionarivm vndecim lin- 
gvarvm . . . Respondent autem Latinis voca- 
bulis, Hebraica, Grseca, Gallica, Italica, Ger- 
manica, Belgica, Hispanica, Polonica, Vngarica, 
Anglica. Onomasticvm vero: . . . adjunxi- 
mus. Basileae. [M D CV.] F. 61.2 

Title-page torn for autograph. 

Calkoen, Hendrik. Het politick systema van de 
regeering van Amsterdam, in een waar daglicht 
voorgesteld, en haar gedrag tegens de beschul- 
diging van den ridder Yorke, bescheidenlyk ver- 
deedigd in een' brief aan een heer van regeering 
in Zeeland. Middelburg. [1780.] 8. 131.5 

Signed by Q. N. 

Callender, James Thomson. The American annual 
register, or historical memoirs of the United 
States, for the year 1796. [Anon.] Phila- 
delphia. 1797. 8. 280.4 



Calonne, Charles Alexandre de. Reponse a 1'ecrit 
de M. Necker, public en Avril, 1787; con- 
nant 1'examen des comptes de la situation des 
finances rendus en 1774, 1776, 1781, 1783, & 
1787. . . . Londres. 1788. Tables. 4. 92.6 

Requete au roi. Adressee a sa majeste. [Lon- 
dres.] M.DCC.LXXXVII. 4. 92.5 

Calonne's defense on the charges of financial mismanage- 
ment, made against his as comptroller-general of finance of 

Calvinus, Johannes, professor of law at Heidel- 
berg. Lexicon iuridicum ivris Caesarei simvl, 
et canonici: fvdalis item, civilis, criminalis: 
theoretici, ac practici . . . auctum ... ex ... 
lucubrationibus Cviacii . . . stvdio et opera 
loannis Calvini, alias Kahl . . . Editio post- 
rema . . . avctior . . . cum prsefationibus 
Dionysii Gothofredi, & Hermanni Vvlteii. Co- 
lonize Allobrogvm. M.DC.XXII. F. 72.5 

Autograph: Jer. Gridley. 

Cambreleng, Churchill Caldom. An examination 
of the new tariff proposed by Henry Baldwin, 
a representative in Congress. By one of the 
people [pseud.]. New-York. 1821. Table. 
8. 141.6 

Camden, William. The history or annals of Eng- 
land, during the whole life and reign of Eliza- 
beth late Que'en thereof. [Added, The annals 
of Mr. William Camden, in the reign of King 
James I. viz. from the year 1603, to the year 
1623. Done into English.] Portrait. (In 
Hughes, John, compiler. A complete history 
of England. Vol. 2, pp. 361-659. London. 
1706.) 61.7.2 

Two copies on this shelf-number, both lacking the portrait. 

Camerarius, Joachim. De vita et moribus fortu- 
naque & interitu /Esopi. 66 pp. (In ^Esopus. 
Mythologia /Esopica. Londini. 1682.) 134.5 



Campo, Antonio. Cremona fedelissima citta et 
nobilissima colonia de Romani rappresentata 
in disegno col svo contato, et illvstrata d'vna 
breve historia delle cose piv notabili apparte- 
nenti ad essa . . . Milano. MDCXLV. 
Portrait. Plates. Maps. Plan. Sm. 4. 

The portraits and plates are by Agostino Carracci. 43-^ 

Historica delle vite de' duchi, et dvchesse di 
Milano, con i loro veri ritratti. Milano. 1642. 
Portraits. Plates. Map. Plan. Sm. 4. 

No. 2 in 43.8 

Forms libro quarto of the author's Cremona fedelissima, &c. 
Relates principally to the Sforza family. 

Candid examination of Dr. Mayhew's Observations 
on the charter and conduct of the Society for 
the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. 
[Anon.] See Caner, H. 

Candolle, Augustin Pyramus de. Note sur la place 
de la famille des cucurbitacees dans la serie des 
families naturelles. (In Societe de physique et 
d'histoire naturelle de Geneve. Memoires. 
Vol. 3, part i. Pp. 33-36. 1824.) 103.5 

Caner, Henry. A candid examination of Dr. May- 
hew's Observations on the charter and conduct 
of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel 
in Foreign Parts. [Anon.] . . . Boston. 
1763. 8. 211.4 

Canisius, Petrus. Catholischer Catechismus, worin 
die catholische Lehre nach den funf Haupt- 
stiicken V. P. Petri Canisii, erklaret wird. Ver- 
fasst von Adam Britt. Philadelphia. 1810. 
24. 264.23 

Capella, Galeazzo Flavio. L'anthropologia di Ga- 
leazzo Capella. [Venetia nelle case delli heredi 
d'Aldo Romano, & d' Andrea d'Asola.] M.D.- 
XXXIII. 16. No. 3 in 174.12 



Capen, Rev. Lemuel. A farewell address delivered 
at Sterling, on Thursday, January 21, 1819. 2d 
edition. Boston. 1819. 8. No. n in 211.3 

Capitolinus, Julius. See Historiae Avgvstae scrip- 
tores VI. 

Capriata, Pietro Giovanni. Dell' historia di Pietro 
Giovanni Capriata libri dodici. Ne' qvali si 
contengono tutti i mouimenti d'arme successi 
in Italia dal MDCXIII. fino al MDCXXXIV. 
Genova. M.DCXXXIX. 16. 174.4 

Carey, Mathew. An address to William Tudor, 
Esq., author of Letters on the Eastern States. 
Intended to prove the calumny and slander of 
his remarks on the Olive Branch. Philadel- 
phia. 1821. 12. 253.6 

Addresses of the Philadelphia Society for the 

Promotion of National Industry. [Anon. 
No. 1-13. With supplement.] Philadelphia. 
1819. 8. 172.3 

American pocket atlas. . . . Philadelphia. 1805. 

Tables. 8. 252.20 

View of the very great natural advantages of 

Ireland: and of the cruel policy persued . . . 
towards that island . . . Added, A sketch of 
the present deplorable condition of the Irish 
peasantry. Extracted from Vindicise Hiber- 
nicae. Philadelphia. 1823. 8. 240.5 

Vindicise Hibernicse: or, Ireland vindicated: an 

attempt to develop and expose a few of the 
multifarious errors and falsehoods respecting 
Ireland. Philadelphia. 1819. 8. 240.3 
Carkesse, Charles, compiler. The act of tonnage 
and poundage, and rates of merchandize, with 
the further subsidy; . . . and all other duties 
relating to His Majesty's customs. [Vol. I.] 
London. 1728. F. 72.4 

Autographs: J. Gridley, John Adams. 



Carleton, Sir Dudley, Viscount Dorchester. Let- 
tres, memoires et negociations du Chevalier 
Carleton . . . Dans le terns de son ambassade 
en Hollande . . . 1616, jusqu'a la fin de 1620 
Ouvrage traduit de 1'anglois. A La Haye & 
aLeide. MDCCLIX. 3 v. 12. 203.1 

Cart, Jean Jacques. Lettres a Bernard Demuralt, 
Tresorier du pays du Vaud, sur le droit public 
de ce pays, et sur les evenemens actuels. Paris. 
1793. 12. 231.4 

Carte, Thomas. An history of the life of James, 
Duke of Ormonde . . . added, a very valuable 
collection of letters . . . serving to verify the 
most material facts in the said history. Vol. 3. 
A collection of letters, written by the kings 
Charles I. and II., the Duke of Ormonde . . . 
and other great men, during the troubles of 
Great Britain and Ireland. London. M DCC- 
XXXV. F. 62.1 

Vols. i, 2 are lacking. 

Cartwright, Major John. The English constitution 
produced and illustrated. London. 1823. 
8. 240.6 

Two copies. 

Cartwright, Thomas, Puritan Divine. Commen- 
tarii succincti & dilucidi in Proverbia Salo- 
monis. Quibus adhibita est praefatio Johannis 
Polyandri. Amstelrodami. 1632. Sm. 4. 261.17 

Autograph: Edward Rawson his book. 

Gary, Samuel. Review of a book entitled, "The 
grounds of Christianity examined, by compar- 
ing the New Testament with the Old, by George 
Bethune English." Boston. 1813. 12. 282.7 

Casti, Giovanni Battista. II re Teodoro in Venezia, 
dramma eroi-comico, in due atti [misso in 
musica dal Sig. Giovanni Paesiello. Anon.] 
Paris. An XII -1804. 16. 223.3 

Libretto only, with Italian and French words. 



Cato's letters. [Anon.] See Trenchard, J., and 
T. Gordon. 

Caussin, Nicholas. De eloqventia sacra et humana, 
libri XVI. Editio tertia, . . . Lvtetise Pa- 
risiorvm. M. DC. XXX. 4. 160.8 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Cebes, of Thebes. KepTrrog T^aiou IIiva|. Cebetis 
Thebani Tabula. Graece et Latine. (In Aeso- 
pus. Mythologia Aesopica. Part I, 113-127; 
part 2, 113-132. Londini. 1682.) 134.5 

Same. Hieronymo Wolfio Oetingensi inter- 

prete. (In Epictetus. Enchiridion. Vol. i, 
pp. 41-67. Coloniae. M D XCV.) 132.16 
Cerceau. Jean Antoine du. Conjuration de Nicolas 
Gabrini, dit de Rienzi tyran de Rome en 
1347. [Avec Les incommoditez de la grandeur. 
Comedie hero'ique; et Diverses pieces de 
poesie.] Paris. M DCC XXXIII. 12. 175.4 

Two copies. 

The original title of Les incommoditez de la grandeur was Le 
faux due de Bourgogne, ou les incommoditez de la grandeur. 
On the fly-leaf is written : John Adams. Presented by William 
Vans Murray, Minister Resident of the U. S. with the 
Batavian Republic. 

Ceriol, Federico Furio. See Furio y Ceriol, F. 

Cerisier, Antoine Marie. Grondwettige herstelling 
van Nederlands staatswezen, zo voor het al- 
gemeen bondgenootschap; als voor het bestuur 
van elke byzondere provincie . . . Tweede 
druk. [Anon.] Amsterdam. MDCCLXXX- 
V, MDCCLXXXVL 2 v. 8. 150.12 

On a fly-leaf is a copy, apparently in the handwriting of John 
Adams, of a letter addressed by the author to Adams on the 
latter's arrival at the Hague. 

Tableau de 1'histoire generate des Provinces- 

Unies. [Anon.] Utrecht. MDCCLXXVII- 
MDCCLXXXIV. 10 v. 12. 213.3 ^04.5 

Vols. 4-10 have the author's name on the title-page. The 
copy on 204.5 lacks vol. 9. 



Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. Histoire de 1'ad- 
mirable Don Quichotte de la Manche. Nou- 
velle edition, . . . Tome i. Paris. M.DCC.- 
LXVIII. 16. 175-3 

Translated by Filleau de Saint-Martin. Tomes 2-6 are lack- 

Vida, y hechos del ingenioso caballero Don 

Quixote de la Mancha. Nueva edicion . . . 
ilustrada con varias laminas finas, y la vida del 
autor. Madrid. MDCCLXXVII. 4 v. 
Plates. 8. 173.17 

Chalmers, George. Political annals of the present 
United Colonies, from their settlement to the 
peace of 1763. Book i. [To 1688.] London. 
M.DCC.LXXX. 4. 73.1 

No more published. 

Chamousset, Claude Humbert Piarron de. CEuvres 
complettes, contenant ses projets d'humanite, 
de bienfaisance et de patriotisme: precedees de 
son eloge; dans lequel on trouve une analyse 
suivie de ses ouvrages; par M. 1'Abbe Cotton 
Des-Houssayes. Tome i. Paris. M.DCC- 
LXXXIII. Table. 8. 221.16 

Tome 2 is lacking. 

Champion, Richard. Comparative reflections on 
the . . . political, commercial, and civil state 
of Great Britain : with some thoughts concern- 
ing emigration. London. M,DCC,LXXX- 
VII 8. 150.18 

Considerations on the present situation of Great 

Britain and the United States of America, with 
a view to their future commercial connections ; 
. . . designed to expose the dangerous ten- 
dency of ... a late pamphlet published by 
Lord Sheffield, entitled "Observations on the 
commerce of the American states;" . . . In- 
terspersed with some observations on the state 



Champion, Richard. (Continued,) * 

of Canada, Nova Scotia, and the fisheries. 2d 
edition. Added, The plan of an act of Parlia- 
ment for the establishment and regulation of 
our trade with the American states. London. 
MDCCLXXXIV. 8. 172.10 

This is a presentation copy from the author to John Adams. 
There are scattered marginal notes in the hand of John 

Chandler, Samuel. Plain reasons for being a Chris- 
tian. (In Watson, Richard, editor. A col- 
lection of theological tracts. Vol. 3, pp. 456- 
484. Cambridge. M.DCC.LXXXV.) 181.1.3 

Chanmng, William Ellery, D.D. A discourse on 
the evidences of revealed religion, delivered 
before the University in Cambridge at the Dud- 
leian lecture, March 14, 1821. Boston. 1821. 
8. No. 15 in 211.3 

Memoir of John Gallison. [Anon.] Boston. 

1821. 8. 161.6 

Religion a social principle. A sermon delivered 

in the church in Federal Street, Boston, Decem- 
ber 10, 1820. Boston. 1820. 8. 181.5 

Two sermons on infidelity, delivered October 24, 

1813. Boston. 1813. 8. No. 7 in 211.3 
Chaplin, Ebenezer. [A second treatise on church- 
government in three parts. By a neighbour. 
Boston. 1773.] 8. No. 2 in 211.4 

Relates to church matters in Bolton, Mass. 

The title-page is missing, and the first few pages are mutilated 

at the top. 

Chapman, John, D.D., Archdeacon of Sudbury. Ob- 
servationes in commentarios vulgo Ulpianeos. 
(In Demosthenes. Selectae orationes. Pp. 
xv-xlvii. London. MDCCLXXI.) 201.8 

Charles I., of England. See Carte, T. 

Charles II., of England. See Carte, T. 



Charlevoix, Pierre Frangois Xavier de. The history 
of Paraguay. Dublin. M,DCC,LXIX. 2 v. 
8. 250.9 

Chastellux, Frangois Jean, Marquis de. An essay 
on pvblic happiness. London. M.DCC.LXX- 
IV. 2v. 8. 280.8 

Chastillon, Nicolas. Gradus ad Parnassum; sive 
novus synonymorum, epithetorum, phrasium 
poeticarum, ac versuum thesaurus. Ab Uno 
e Societate Jesu [pseud.]. Editio novissima. 
Londini. 1720. 16. 152.12 

Chaudon, Louis Mayeul. Nouveau dictionnaire 
historique, ou histoire abregee de tous les 
hommes qui se sont fait un nom . . . Par une 
Societe de gens-de-lettres. 4e edition. Caen. 
M.DCC.LXXIX. 6 v. 8. 262.10 

All volumes have book-plate of J. Q. Adams. 

Chaulieu, Guillaume Amfrye de. CEuvres, d'apres 
les manuscrits de 1'auteur. A la Haye. M.- 
DCC.LXXVII. 2v. 24. 174.23 

Chauncy, Charles, D.D. The appeal to the public 
[of T. B. Chandler] answered in behalf of the 
non-episcopal churches in America. Boston. 
1768. 16. No. 6 in 253.2 

A compleat view of episcopacy, as exhibited from 
the fathers of the Christian church, until the 
close of the second century. Boston. M,- 
DCQLXXI. Sm. 8. 290.2 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Chauvet, D. The conduct of the government of 
France towards the republic of Geneva. Trans- 
lated from the French. By a citizen of Tren- 
ton. Trenton. 1798. 4. 283.15 

Page [iii, iv] contain a letter entitled To Mr. Gallatin, signed 
by D. Chauvet. Relates to the Directory. 

Checkley, John. [Letters.] Autograph manu- 
script. Boston. 1720-1728. 290.1 

These letters are written upon interleaved sheets in Frans 



Checkley, John. (Continued.) 

Burman's Synopsis theologiae (mostly in vol. i, a few in vol. 2). 
They are addressed to various persons and are upon various 
subjects, but many of them relate to the troubles between the 
Episcopalians and the Puritans in New England, and to the 
writer's trial and imprisonment in Boston. 

The speech of Mr. John Checkley, upon his tryal, 
at Boston in New-England, for publishing the 
Short and easy method with the deists: to 
which was added, A discourse concerning epis- 
copacy; in defence of Christianity, and the 
Church of England, against the deists and dis- 
senters. Added, the jury's verdict; his plea 
in arrest of judgment; and the sentence of 
court. 2d edition. London. M.DCC.XXX- 
VIII. Sm. 8. No. 3 in 281.7 

Child, Sir Josiah. A new discourse of trade . . . 
London. 1698. 16. 254.22 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Chomel, Noel, Abbe. Dictionnaire oeconomique. 
contenant Tart de faire valoir les terres, et de 
mettre a profit les endroits les plus steriles; 
. . . le soin qu' exigent les betes a comes et 
celles a laine, les chavaux, les chiens, &c. ; . . . 
une exacte description des vegetaux . . . : des 
instructions pour prevenir les maladies, et pour 
les guerir: . . . avec une idee sommaire de ce 
qui concerne les droits seigneuriaux, & ceux 
des communautes & des ecclesiastiques, par 
rapport aux biens de campagne . . . Nouvelle 
edition, . . . augmentee, par M. de La Marre. 
Paris. M.DCCLXVII. 3 v. Illus. F. 

in. i 

Chretien, Un, centre six Juifs. [Anon.] See Vol- 
taire, F. M. A. de. 

Christie, William. Discourses on the divine unity. 
2d edition. Montrose. MDCCXC. 12. 




Christyn, Jean Baptiste, and Frangois and Pierre 
Foppens. Les delices des Pays-Bas, ou de- 
scription geographique et historique des XVII. 
provinces belgiques. [Anon.] 6e edition . . . 
augmentee de remarques curieuses & interes- 
santes [par Henri Griffet]. Tome 4. Liege 
M.DCCLXIX. Maps. Plates. 16. 214.4 

Tomes 1-3, 5 are lacking. 

Churchill, Awnsham, and John Churchill, compilers. 
A collection of voyages and travels. 3d edition. 
Portraits. Maps. F. 22.6 

This set has two supplementary volumes, with different title- 
pages, generally known as the Harleian Collection. They 
are marked on the back as vols. 7, 8 of the Churchill Collec- 
tion, but are separately catalogued [22.7]. The title-pages of 
vols. 4, 6 are mutilated. Bibliography, vol. i, pp. i-xxix. 

Churchman, John. The magnetic atlas, or varia- 
tion charts of the whole terraqueous globe. 
London. MDCCXCIV. Diagrams. L. 8. 


Chytraeus, Nathan. [Commentarius N. Chytrsei 
in Epistolam Ciceronis ad Q. fratrem. N.p. 
N.d.] Sm. 8. 133.5 

The title-page and pages 1-36 are missing. 

Gibber, Theophilus, and others. The lives of the 
poets of Great Britain and Ireland, to the time 
of Dean Swift. London. 1753. 5 v. 12. 

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. Les oeuvres de Ciceron de 

la traduction de Monsieur du Ryer, &c. Tome 
2, 12. Paris. M. DC. LXX. ' Coat of arms. 

16. 1544 

Opera omnia : cum Grvteri et selectis variorum 

notis & indicibus locupletissimis, accurante C. 
Schrevelio. Amstelodami. 1661. 4. 160.10 

Book-plate and autograph: J. Q. Adams. 

The orations of Cicero against Catiline. [Trans- 

lated into English by Thomas Gordon.] (In 



Cicero, Marcus Tullius. (Continued.) 

Sallustius Crispus, Caius. Works. London. 
[1744?]) 33-1 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Orationum selectarum liber, editus in usum scho- 

larum Hollandiae & West-Frisiae: . . . Hac 
nova editione ad fidem optimorum codd. ac- 
curate recognitus. Londini. M DCC XXX- 
IV. 12. 154.10 

Fly leaves and title-page contain autographs of John Adams, 
1 749/So; also autograph of Gulielmus Whittemore of Cam- 
bridge, 1751. 

Tully's Five books De finibus . . . Done into 

English by S[amuel] Pfarker], Gent. Revis'd 
. . . By Jeremy Collier. With an Apology 
for the philosophical writings of Cicero . . . 
By Henry Dodwell. London. MDCCII. 8. 

Autograph: John Gerrish. 221.2 

Citizen, A, pseud. Reflections upon the administra- 
tion of justice in Pennsylvania. By a citizen. 
Philadelphia. 1809. 8. 141.12 

Citizen, A. of Maryland, pseud. See Maxcy, V. 

Citoyen, Un, de Virginie, pseud. See Mazzei, P. 

Clarendon and Whitlock compar'd. By the author 
of the Critical history of England. See Old- 
mixon, J. 

Clarke, Samuel, D.D. A discourse concerning the 
unchangeable obligations of natural religion 
and the truth and certainty of the Christian 
revelation. Being eight sermons preached in 
the year 1705, at the lecture founded by Robert 
Boyle. (In Watson, Richard, editor. A col- 
lection of theological tracts. Vol. 4, pp. 109- 
295. London. M.DCC.LXXXV.) 181.1.4 

Clavis Homerica. [Anon.] See Roberti, A. 

Clavius, Christoph. In sphaeram loannis de Sacro 
Bosco, commentarius. Nunc quarto ab ipso 



Clavius, Christoph. (Continued.) 

auctore recognitus . . . Lvgdvni. M.D CII. 
Diagrams. Sm. 4. 261.8 

Clement XIV., Pope. Interesting letters of Pope 
Clement XIV. (Ganganelli). Translated from 
the French edition published at Paris by Lottin 
Le Jeune. 5th edition. Vol. 2. London. M- 
DCCLXXXI. Vignette. Sm. 8. 174.2.2 

Clerk's instructor, The, ... By an attorney at 
law. See Reading, D. 

Cluny, Alexander. Le voyageur americain ou ob- 
servations sur 1'etat actuel, la culture, le com- 
merce des colonies britanniques en Amerique 
[etc.] . . . Adressees par un negociant ex- 
perimente, . . . au tres-honorable Comte de 
.... Traduit de 1'anglois. Augmente d'un 
precis sur I'Amerique septentrionale & la repu- 
blique des treize fitats-Unis par M. J h [oseph] 
M[andrillon]. Amsterdam. MDCCLXXXII. 
Map. 8. 141.4 

Cluverius, Johannes. Historiarum totius mundi 
epitome. . . . Nunc aucta usque ad annfum] 
M DC LXVII. Editio septima . . . Cum in- 
dice. Amstelaedami. M.DC.LXVII. 8. 260.12 

All the pages after page 800 are missing. The title-page has 
the autograph of "John Thaxter, Junr." 

Coade, George. A letter to a clergyman, relating 
to his sermon on the 3Oth of January [anniver- 
sary of the execution of Charles I.] ... 2d 
edition. London. M DCC XLVII. 12. 264.8 

The title-page contains the autograph: John Adams. 

Cobbett, William. History of the American Jaco- 
bins, commonly denominated Democrats. By 
Peter Porcupine [pseud.]. Philadelphia. 1746. 
8. No. 2 in 222.6.2 

Porcupine's Works. Vol. i, 2. Philadelphia. 
[i795> 96-] Plate. 8. 251.7 



Cochin, Henri. (Euvres de feu M. Cochin, ecuyer, 
avocat au Parlement, contenant le recueil de ses 
memoires et consultations. Nouvelle edition. 
Paris. M. DCC. LXXI-M. DCC. LXXVI. 6 
v. 4. 70.2 

Cocker, Edward. Decimal arithmetick . . . Where- 
unto is added his Artificial arithmetick . . . 
Also his Algebraical arithmetick . . . Cor- 
rected and published by John Hawkins. 3d 
edition. London. 1703. Sm. 8. 244.7 

The top of the title-page is cut, probably for an autograph. 

Coke, Sir Edward. A book of entries. 2d edition. 
London. M.DC.LXXI. F. 31.5 

Certain select cases in law, reported. 2d edition. 

London. 1677. F. No. 2 in 72.6 

The first [and fourth] part of the Institvtes of 

the lawes of England . . . London. 1628, 
MDCXLIV. 2v. Portrait. F. 23.1 

The second [and third] part of the Institutes of 

the laws of England . . . 6th edition. Lon- 
don. MDCLXXX, MDCLXXXI. 2v. F. 23.2 

The twelfth part of the Reports of S r . Edward 

Coke . . . Also the forms and proceedings 
of Parliaments, both in England, and Ireland: 
with an exposition of Poynings law. 2d edi- 
tion. London. 1677. F. 72.6 

Autograph: John Adams. Top of title-page cut for autograph. 

Colbert, Jean Baptiste, Marquis de Torcy. Me- 
moires de M. de * * * pour servir a 1'histoire 
des negociations depuis le traite de Riswick jus- 
qu'a la paix d'Utrecht. Londres. MDCCL- 
VII. 3 v. 16. 215.1 

Coleman, William. An examination of the Presi- 
dent's reply to the New-Haven Remonstrance ; 
with an appendix, containing the President's 
inaugural speech, the Remonstrance and reply ; 
with a list of removals from office, and new 



Coleman, William. (Continued.) 

appointments, made since the fourth of March, 
1801. [Anon.] New York. 1801. 8. 

No. 2 in 251.4 

The title-page is badlv torn. The Remonstrance was against 
the appointment, by President Jefferson, of Samuel Bishop to 
the office of Collector of New Haven. 

Collection, A, of all the treaties of peace, alliance, 
and commerce between Great-Britain and other 
powers, from the Revolution in 1688, to the 
present time. London. MCCLXXII. 2 v. 
8. 220.9 

Collection, A, of interesting, authentic papers, rela- 
tive to the dispute between Great Britain and 
America; shewing the causes and progress of 
that misunderstanding, from 1764 to 1775. 
London. M.DCC.LXXVII. 8. 131.13 

This collection is often called the Prior documents, and is 
considered as a part of Almon's The Remembrancer. 

Collection, A, of letters, written by the kings Charles 
I. and II., the Duke of Ormonde, the secre- 
taries of state, the Marquess of Clanricarde, and 
other great men, during the troubles of Great 
Britain and Ireland. Serving to verify and 
clear up matters related in the History of the 
life and times of James, the first Duke of Or- 
monde, . . . London. M DCC XXXV. F. 


This is volume three of T. Carte's The history of the life of 
James, Duke of Ormonde . . . 

Collection, A, of original royal letters. See Brom- 
ley, Sir G. 

Collection, A, of political tracts. [Anon.] See 
St. John, H. 

Collection, A, of publick acts and papers, relating 
to the principles of armed neutrality, brought 
forward in 1780 and 1781. London. 1801. 
8. 250.6 

Contains an autograph of Rufus King. 



Collection, A, of state-papers, relative to the first 
acknowledgment of the sovereignty of the 
United States of America, and the reception of 
their minister plenipotentiary [John Adams], 
by their High-Mightinesses the States-General 
of the United Netherlands. At the Hague, 
MDCCLXXXII. 8. 141.21 

Collection, A, of voyages and travels, consisting of 
authentic writers in our tongue, which have 
not before been collected in English, or have 
only been abridged in other collections . . . 
Compiled from the . . . Library of the late 
Earl of Oxford . . . London. MDCCXLVII. 
2 v. Illus. Maps. F. 22.7 

There are numbered as vols. 7, 8 of the Churchill Collection 
[22.6], forming a supplement generally known as the Harleian 

Collections, historical and miscellaneous; and 
Monthly Literary Journal. Edited by J. Far- 
mer and J. B. Moore. Vol. I, no. 2. Concord 
[N. H.] 1822. 8. 251.4 

Collins, John. An introduction to merchants-ac- 
compts. London. M.DCLXXV. F. 

No. 4 in 52.4 

Colman, Henry. An address delivered before the 
Massachusetts Agricultural Society, at the 
Brighton cattle show, October I7th, 1821. Bos- 
ton. 1822. 8. No. 6 in 290.10 

Coloniae Anglicanae illustratae. [Anon.] See Bol- 
lan, W. 

Combe, William. The r 1 [royal] register. With 
annotations by another hand. [Anon.] 2d 
edition. Vol. 2. London. M,DCC,LXXIX. 
8. 223.25 

Satirical sketches of the principal nobility, the names indicated 
by initials. 

Comberbach, Roger. The report of several cases 
argued and adjudged in the Court of King's 



Comberbach, Roger. (Continued.) 

Bench, at Westminster; from the first year of 
King James the Second, to the tenth year of 
King William the Third. Published by his 
son Roger Comberbach ... In the Savoy. 
M DCC XXIV. F. 82.6 

Combrune, Michael. The theory and practice of 
brewing. London. MDCCLXII. 8. 103.14 

Comenius, Johann Amos. lanua linguarum rese- 
rata, cum Graeca versione Theodori Simonii 
Holsati, secunda hac editione recognita, . . . 
et Gallica nova Stephani Curcellaei. Amstelo- 
dami, apud L. Elzeviritim. MDCXLIII. 16. 


The text is in Latin, Greek and French in parallel columns. 

Comines, Philippe de, Sieur d'Argenton. Memoires. 
Svr les principavx faicts & gestes de Loys XL & 
Charles VIII. son fils, roys de France. Deux 
epistres de lean Sleidan. Le tout reueu & cor- 
rige sur Tedition de Denis Savvage. Paris. 
M.DC.XVI. Portraits. Sm. 8. 203.3 

Compendio delle storie de Geneva. [Anon.] See 
Accinelli, F. M. 

Complete collection, A, of all the marine treaties 
. . . [Anon.] See Harris, W. 

Complete collection, A, of state-trials, and proceed- 
ings for high-treason and other crimes and mis- 
demeanours; from the reign of King Richard 
II. to the reign of King George II. 3d edition, 
with additions [by Sollom Emlyn]. London. 
M.DCC.XLII-M.DCC.LXVL lov. F 8 . 121.4 

Vols. 7-10 are supplements. Vols. 9 and 10 were edited by S. N. 

Condillac, fitienne Bonnot de, Abbe de Mureaux. 
Le commerce et le gouvernement, considered 
relativement Tun a 1'autre . . . Amsterdam. 
M.DCC.LXXVI. 12. 254.2 



Condillac, fitienne Bonnot de, Abbe de Mureaux. 

Cours d'etude pour 1'instruction du prince de 

Parme, aujourd'hui S. A. R. I'infant D. Ferdi- 
nand, due de Parme, Plaisance, Guastalle, 
&c. &c. &c. Tome 1-12, 14-16. Parme. 
M.DCC.LXXV. 9 plates. 12. 282.12 

Contents. i. Grammaire. 2. L'art d'ecrire. 3. L'art de 
raisonner. 4. L'art de penser. 5-10. Histoire ancienne. n- 
15. Histoire moderne. 16. L'etude de 1'histoire. 
This copy lacks vol. 13. 

Traite des animaux . . . On a joint . . . une 

lettre de 1'abbe de Condillac, a 1'auteur des Let- 
tres a un Americain [J. A. Lelarge de Lignac]. 
Amsterdam. M.DCC.LXVI. 12. 224.7 

Traite des sensations. Londres. M.DCCLIV. 

2V. 12. l82.II 

Traite des systemes ; ou Ton en demele les incon- 

venients et les avantages. Amsterdam. M.- 
DCC.LXXI. 12. 224.8 

Condorcet. Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas de Cartat, 
Marquis de. Lettres d'un bourgeois de New- 
Heaven [pseud, de Condorcet] a un citoyen dc 
Virginie [pseud, de Philip Mazzei], sur 1'inu- 
tilite de partager le pouvoir legislatif entre 
plusieurs corps. (In Mazzei, P. Recherches 
historiques et politiqties sur les fitats-Unis de 
PAmerique septentrionale. Tome i, pp. 267- 
371. Colle. 1788. ) 131.12.1 

On page 266, in the handwriting of John Adams, is written: 
"The following four letters were written by the Marquis of 
Condorcet, a Man of Science, but little acquainted with His- 
tory: ignorant, totally ignorant of all Writings on the Science 
of Government . . ." 

The life of M. Turgot. Translated from the 

French. With an appendix. London. M.- 
DCCLXXXVII. 8. 222.8 

Two copies. 

Outlines of an historical view of the progress of 



Condorcet, Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas de Cartat, 

Marquis de. (Continued.) 
the human mind. Translated from the French. 
London. 1795. 8. 290.15 

This copy contains frequent comments and criticisms in the 
handwriting of John Adams. 

Vie de Monsieur Turgot. [Anon.] Londres. 
MDCCLXXXVI. 8. 231.10 

Conen de Prepean, - . Stenographia exacta, sive, 
ars vocem loquentis scribendo excipiendi, 
methodus nova : e Gallica lingua ad Latinam de- 
ducta, additis quibusdam Belgicae, Germanicae, 
Anglicae, Italicae atque Hispanicae linguae con- 
tractionibus, studio J. Bossuyt. Gandavi. 
1814. 6 plates. 8. 181.20 

Dedicated to John Quincy Adams by J. Bossuyt. 

Conestaggio, Hieronymo Franchi de. Historia delle 
guerre della Germania inferiore. [Cologne?] 
M D C XXXIV. 16. 214.3 

Connecticut. Governor. Message to the Senate 
and House of Representatives ... at the 
commencement of the session of the General 
Assembly, in New-Haven, May, A.D. 1826. 
New Haven. 1826. 8. 210.8 

Considerations on the public expediency of a bridge 
from one part of Boston to the other. [Anon.] 
See Tudor, W. 

Considerations sur le gouvernement ancien et pre- 
sent de la France. [Anon.] See Argenson. 
R. L., Marquise d j . 

Consolato, II, del mare, nel quale si comprendono 
tutti gli statvti, & ordini, disposti da gli antichi 
per ogni cosa di mercantia, & di navigare . . . 
[Het consulaat van de zee, . . . Nieulyks uyt 
net Italiaans in het Nederduyts vertaalt [bij 
Abraham Westerveen]. Leyden. 1704. Sm. 
4. 260.14 

Autograph: John Adams. 



Constantin, Robert. Lexicon Grsecolatinvm novvm 
ac recens . . . Opera ac solertia cuiusdam viri 
linqua Graeca peritissimi. Genevae. M.DC- 
VII. 2 parts in I v. F. 11.2 

Constitutions des treize fitats-Unis de I'Amerique. 
[Traduites par le due de La Rochefoucauld.] 
Philadelphia; et se trouve a Paris. 1783. 8. 


Besides the Constitution this volume contains the Declaration 
of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Treaty with 
France, 1778, Treaty with the United Netherlands, 1783. 
This is a large paper copy, with book-plate of John Adams 
and cover stamped with the Adams coat of arms. 

Continental Congress. Journal of the Committee 
of the States : containing the proceedings from 
the first Friday in June, 1784, to the second 
Friday in August, 1784. [Philadelphia.] 

No. 2 in 200.2.9; No. 2 in 253.11 

- [Journal of the Congress, of the United States 

of America ; continued. Philadelphia. 1776.] 

8. 2II.2 

Pages before p. 3 are missing. 

The title is quoted from Some materials for a bibliography of 
the official publications of the Continental Congress, by 
Paul Leicester Ford [*]. 

Journals of Congress. Containing the proceed- 
ings . . . Vol. 1-13. Philadelphia [etc.]. M.- 


1. Sept. 5, 1774-Jan. I, 1776. Philadelphia. Aitken. M.- 

2. Same. Jan. i-Dec. 31, 1776. 

3. Jan. i, i777-Jan. i, 1778. New- York. Patterson. [1786.] 

4. Jan. i, 1778-Jan. i, 1779. Philadelphia. Claypoole. [1779.] 

5. Same. Jan. i, 1779-Jan. i, 1780. M.DCC.LXXXII. 

6. Jan. i-Dec. 29, 1780. [Philadelphia.] Dunlap. [1786.] 

7. Jan. i, I78i-Nov. 2, 1782. New York. Patterson. 

8. Same. Nov. 4, 1782-Nov. i, 1783. M,DCC,LXXXIII. 

9. Nov. 3, 1783-June 3, 1784. Philadelphia. Dunlap. [1784.] 
[10.] Nov. i, 1784-Nov. 4, 1785. [Philadelphia.] Dunlap. 




Continental Congress. (Continued.) 

ii. Nov. 7, i78s-Nov. 3, 1786. [Philadelphia.] Dunlap. 

is. Nov. 6, i786-Oct. 30, 1787. [Philadelphia.] M.DCC,- 

13. Nov. 5, 1787-Nov. 3, 1788. [Philadelphia.] Dunlap. 


Vol. i has the index. Two copies of vol. 6, which is entitled 
Resolutions, acts and orders of Congress . . . Vols. 8, 9, 
u, are entitled Journals of the United States in Congress 
assembled . . . Vol. 10 has no volume number. The title 
of vol. 12 includes To the fifth day of November, 1787. 

Same. Vol. 1-5,7-10, 13. Philadelphia [etc.], 

M.DCCLXXVII-[i788.] 200.1 

i4,589 as above. 

2. York-Town: (Pennsylvania. Dunlap. M,DCC,LXXVIII. 

3. Philadelphia. Dunlap. [1778.] 
7[io],i3, as in the edition on 253.11. 

Two copies of vols. I, 2, 7. The "A" copy of vol. 2, and vols. 8 
and 10 lack the indexes. Vol. 9 lacks the index and Journal 
of the Committee of the States. 

Same. Philadelphia. M,DCC,LXXXII-i8oo. 

13 V. 2OO.2 


1-3. Philadelphia. Folwell. 1800. 

4-6, 8, 9, 10, n, 13, as in the edition on 253.11. 


7. Philadelphia. Claypoole. M.DCC.LXXXI. 

11. [Philadelphia.] Dunlap. [1786.] 

12. [Philadelphia.] M,DCC,LXXXVII. 

Vol. i has the index. Vol. 7 lacks all pages after page 384, 
and the index. Two copies of vol. 8. Vol. 8 lacks the index. 
Vol. 10 has the index. 

Same: Vol. 3. New-York. Patterson. [1786.] 

Two copies. 200.3 

The journals of the proceedings of Congress. 

Held at Philadelphia, from January to May, 
1776. Philadelphia. M.DCC.LXXVI. 8. 

211. 1 

Secret journals of the acts and proceedings of 

Congress, from the first meeting thereof to 
the dissolution of the Confederation, by the 
adoption of the Constitution of the United 
States. [May 10, 1775, to Sept. 16, 1788.] Bos- 
ton. 1820,21. 4v. 8. 171.1 



Convention entre le roi [de France] et 1'imperatrice 
reine de Hongrie et de Boheme, concernant les 
limites des fitats respectifs aux Pays-bas . . . 
Du 16 mai 1769. Paris. M DCCLXIX. 4. 

No. 3 in 40.1 

Convention entre le roi [de France] et le prince 
de Nassau- Weilbourg, concernant les limites 
de leurs etats respectifs. Du 24 Janvier 1776. 
Paris. M.DCCLXXVL 4. No. 8 in 40.1 

Convention entre le roi tres-chretien [de France] et 
la republique de Raguse, conclue a Raguse le 
2 avril 1776. Paris. M.DCCLXXVL 4. 

No. 9 in 40.1 

Cook, John. King Charles's case: or, an appeal to 
all rational men, concerning his trial in the 
High Court of Justice. Being, for the most 
part, that which was intended to have been 
delivered at the bar, if the King had pleaded to 
the charge . . . With an additional opinion, 
concerning the death of King James, . . . (In 
Ludlow, Edmund. Memoirs. Vol. 3, pp. 323- 
367. Edinburgh. MDCCLI.) 235.2.3 

Cooper, Sir Anthony Ashley, 3d Earl of Shaftsbury. 
Characteristicks : vol. 2. London. MDCC- 
XXXIII. 12. 225.13 

Characteristicks of men, manners, opinions, 
times. 5th edition. Birmingham. Printed 
by John Baskerville. M.DCC.LXXIII. 3 v. 
Portrait. 8. 141.2 

Corio, Bernardino. L'historia di Milano . . . Con 
le vite insieme di tvtti gli imperatori, incomin- 
ciando da Giulio Cesare, fino a Federico Bar- 
barossa. Di nvovo ristampata . . . [Vinegia. 
1554?] Plate. Sm. 4. 222.2 

The imprint is torn off, and some leaves at the end are worm- 
eaten. All after the first page of the seventh and last part of 
the history of Milan is wanting. There is an autograph: John 
Morris, 1622, and a few lines in autograph of Brand Holhs. 



Corneille, Pierre. Chefs-d'oeuvre, avec les re- 
marques de Voltaire. Tome 4. Paris. An 
XIII=i8p5. 24. 202.6 

Contents. Nicomede, tragedie. Sertorius, tragedie. Psyche", 
tragi-comedie et ballet. 

(Euvres. Tome 1-3, 5-10. Paris. M.DCC- 

LVIII. 9 v. 24. 203.5 

Le theatre de P. [et] T. Corneille. Nouvelle 

edition . . . Amsterdam. M.DCCI. 5 v. 
Portrait. 16. 202.9 

Tome 4, autograph: John Adams. 

Corneille, Thomas. CEuvres. Tome 1-6, 8, 9. 
Paris. M.DCC.LVIII. 24. 202.7 

Contents. i. Les engagemens du hazard. Le feint astrologue. 

D. Bertrand de Cigarral. 2. L'amour a la mode. Le 
berger extravagant. Le charme de la vpix. 3. Le geolier de 
soi-mesme. Les illustres ennemis. Timocrate. Berenice. 

tLa mort de 1'empereur Commode. Darius. Stilicon. 
e galand double. 5. Camma. Maximian. Pyrrhus. 
Persee & Demetrius. 6. Anthiochus. Laodice. Le baron 
d'Albikrac. La mort d'Annibal. 8. La mort d'Achille. D. 
Cesar d'Avalos. Circe. 9. L'inconnu. Le Comte d'Essex. 


Cornelissen, figide Norbert. De fatis Kamellise 
Japonicae, lusus mytho-poeticus. Discours pro- 
nonce a la fin du banquet de la Societe [royale 
d'agriculture et de botanique], le 6 fevrier 
1820, epoque de la XXII. exposition publique 
de fleurs, lorsque la Kamellia Japonica anemo- 
neflora obtint le prix de belle culture. [Also, 
2ojaTT]^a Linnaeanum Latinis versibus dona- 
turn.] Gand. [1820.] 8. 241.15 

Factum, ou memoire qui etait destine a etre pro- 

nonce dans une affaire contentieuse, ou il s'- 
agissait de deux tetes, Tune en platre et 1'autre 
en marble. [Anon. Gand.] An XI (1802). 
Plate. 16. 173-4 

"Cette facetie fut ecrite a propos d'une discussion qui avait 
pris naissance au sujet d'un concours ouvert par rAcademie 
de Gand, pour le buste de Jean Van Eyck, sur le veritable 
portrait duquel on n'etait pas d'accord." Barbier. 



Coronelli, Vincenzo Maria. Memoires historiques 
& geographiques du royaume de la Moree, Ne- 
grepont, & des places maritimes, jusques a 
Thessalonique. Traduit de Titalien. Amster- 
dam. M.DC.LXXXVI. Plates. Maps. 
Plans. 16. I 54-3 

Corpvs ivris canonici notis illustratvm: Gregorii 
XIII. ivssv editvm: complectens Decretum Gra- 
tiani, Decretales Gregorij papse IX., Sextum 
decretalium Bonifacij papse VIII., Clementinas, 
Extrauagantes loannis papse XXII. , Extraua- 
gantes communes. Accesservnt constitvtiones 
novae svmmorvm pontificvm nunquam antea 
editae, . . . annotationes Ant. Naldi [etc.]. 
Tomvs primvs. Lvgdvni. M.DC.LXI. 4. 

Autographs: Jer. Gridley, John Adams. 2IO.2 

Correspondance politique sur les affaires presentes 
de la Hollande. Tome i. Amsterdam. M.- 
D.CC.LXXXII. 8. 131.2 

Consists of letters and extracts from various journals. 

Coste, Jean Frangois. De antiqua medico-philoso- 
phia orbi novo adaptanda. Oratio habita in 
Capitolio Gulielmopolitano in Comitiis Univer- 
sitatis Virginiae, die XII Junii M.DCC.LXXX- 
II. Lugduni Batavorum. 1783. 8. 281.10 

Costigan, Arthur William. Sketches of society 
and manners in Portugal. London. [1787.] 
2 v. 8. 221.12 

Cotton, Clement. A concordance to all the books 
of the Old Testament, according to the trans- 
lation allowed by His late Ma tie of Great Brit- 
tain . . . London. 1627. 12. H3-3 

A large and complete concordance to the Bible 
in English, according to the last translation. 
Now much enlarged by Samuel Newman. Lon- 
don. M.DC.XLIII. F. 112.7 

Contains A concordance to all the bookes called Apocrypha. 



Courchetet d'Esnans, Luc. Histoire des negocia- 
tions et du traite de paix des Pyrenees. 
[Anon.] Amsterdam. MDCCL. 2 v. 12. 


The peace of the Pyrenees was concluded between France 
and Spain, Nov. 7, 1659. 

Courier burlesque, Le, de la guerre de Paris. 
[Anon.] See Saint- Julien. 

Court and city kalendar, The : or, gentleman's regis- 
ter, for the year 1767. London. MDCC- 
LXVII. 24. 245.6 

Included in this work is: Rider's British Merlin: 1767. With 
notes of husbandry, fairs, marts, and tables. Compiled by 
Cardanus Rider. 

Court de Gebelin, Antoine. Monde primitif, 
analyse et compare avec le monde moderne. 
v. Plates. Vignettes. Maps. 4. 60.1 

Vol. i, 2 -are of the Nouvelle edition. Two copies of vol. 7. 

Courtilz de Sandras, Gatien de. Testament poli- 
tique de Frangois-Michel Le Tellier, marquis 
de Louvais. Amsterdam. M.DCC.XLIX. 
[Recueil des testamens politiques. T. 4.] 12. 


Courtilz de Sandras was the real author of this work. 

Testament politique de Messire Jean Baptiste 

Colbert, . . . Ou Ton voit tout ce qui s'est 
passe sous le regne de Louis le Grand jusqu' 
en 1'annee 1684. Avec des remarques sur le 
gouvernement du royaume. A la Haye. 
M.DC.XCIII. 12. 163.7 

Same. Amsterdam. M.DCC.XLIX. 224.4.3 
Cowell, John. Institutiones juris Anglicani . . . 

Oxoniae. 1676. 16. 245.11 

The title-page has autographs of J. Adams and J. Gridley. 

The interpreter: or booke, containing the sig- 

nification of words. Wherein is set forth the 
. . . meaning of ... words and terms . . . 



Cowell, John. (Continued.) 

mentioned in the law writers, or statutes . . . 
London. 1637 Sm. 4. 283.10 

Top of title-page torn, probably for autograph. 

A law dictionary: or the interpreter of words 

and terms, used either in the common or statute 
laws of Great Britain . . . With An appendix, 
containing . . . antient names of places in 
Great Britain, and . . . antient surnames . . . 
In the Savoy. MDCCXXVII. F. 62.11 

This is a later edition of the The interpreter. 

Cowley, Abraham. [Works. London? 17 ?] 
2 v. in i. 12. 235.4 

The title-page and several preliminary pages are missing. 

Coxe, William. Sketches of the natural, civil, and 
political state of Swisserland; in a series of 
letters to William Melmoth. 2d edition. Lon- 
don. M,DCC,LXXX. 8. 240.7 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Travels into Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Den- 

mark. 2d edition. London. MDCCLXXXV. 
2 v. Plates. Maps. 4. 23.4 

Each volume has book-plate of John Adams. 

Craftsman, The. [Weekly.] By Caleb D'Anvers, 
of Gray's-Inn [pseud.]. Vols. 1-14. London. 
Vignettes. 12. 225.8 

A political periodical, published under the name of Caleb 
D'Anvers. The principal contributors were Lord Boling- 
broke, Pulteney, afterwards Earl of Bath, and Nicholas Am- 

Cramond, Hercules. Outlines of human life, 
sketched by Hercules Cramond, M.D. . . . and 
exemplified by ... memoirs of the author and 
his family. [London.] MDCCLXXXV. 8. 


Crasso, Nicolo. Andreae Mauroceni vita. (In Is- 
torici delle cose veneziane. Tome 5, pp. vii- 
liii. Venezia. MDCCXVIIII.) 50,1.5 


Crebillon, Prosper Jolyot de. QEuvres. Nouvelle 
edition, . . . augmentee de la vie de 1'auteur. 
Paris. M.DCCLXXII. 3 v. Portrait. 12. 

Two copies. lyS- 1 ^ 

Croce, Ireneo della. Historia antica, e moderna: 
sacra, e profana, della citta di Trieste . . . fin' 
a quest' anno 1698. Venetia. M.DC.XCVTJI. 
Illus. Portraits. Coats of arms. F. IT..I 

Croke, Sir George. . . . Reports of S r George 
Croke ... of the Court of Kings-Bench, and; 
... of Common-Bench; of such select cases as 
were adjudged in the said courts. Revised and 
published in English by Sir Harbottle Grim- 
ston. 3d impression. London. 1683. 3 v. 
Portrait. F. 92.12 

All the volumes have autograph of John Adams; vol. 3 has 
also autograph of J. Q. Adams, 1790, and George Washington 
Adams, 1825. 

Crookshank, William. The history of the state and 
sufferings of the Church of Scotland, from the 
Restoration to the Revolution. Edinburgh. 
MDCCLXII. 2 v. Sm. 8. 264.2 

Cudworth, Ralph. A treatise concerning eternal 
and immutabre morality. With a preface by 
Edward, Lord Bishop of Durham. London. 
1731. Portrait. Sm. 8. 291.12 

Autograph: John Adams. 

The true intellectual system of the universe : the 
first part; wherein, all the reason and philoso- 
phy of atheism is confuted; and its impossi- 
bility demonstrated. London. MDCLXX- 
VIII. F. 102.15 

Cujas, Jacques. lacobi Cviacii . . . Opera omnia 
in decem tomos distribvta . . . Editio nova 
emendatior et avctior . . . opera & cura Caroli 
Annibalis Fabroti. Lvtetise Parisiorvm. M.- 
DC.LVIII. 10 v. Vignettes. F. 101.1 

The titles of the volumes vary. 



Cullen, William. First lines of the practice of 
physic. New edition. From the last British 
edition, enlarged by the author. Printed at 
Worcester, Mass, by Isaiah Thomas. 1790. 
3 v. 12. 254.8 

Cunningham, Timothy. A new and complete law- 
dictionary, or, general abridgment of the law 
. . . London. * M.DCC.LXIV, M.DCC.LXV. 
2 v. F. 52.3 

Curtius, Rufus Quintus. Histoire d'Alexandre le 
Grand, par Quinte-Curce, de la traduction de 
Vaugelas; avec les supplements de Freinshe- 
mius nouvellement traduits par M. 1'Abbe 
Dinouart. Paris. MDCCLXXII. 2 v. 
12. 142.12 

Gushing, Caleb. The Treaty of Washington: its 
negotiation, execution, and the discussions re- 
lating thereto. New York. 1873. 8. 251.12 

Gushing, Luther Stearns. Lex parliamentaria 
Americana. Elements of the law and practice 
of legislative assemblies in the United States 
of America. 2d edition. Boston. 1859. 

8. 22O.I 

D * * *., M., pseud. See Dezallier d'Argenville, A. 


Dacier, Andre. See Horatius Flaccus. Remarques 
critiques sur les Oeuvres d'Horace. 

Dafforne, Richard. The merchant's mirrour: or, 
directions for the . . . ordering and keeping 
of his accounts. London. 1684. F. 

No. 3 in 52.4 

Dalrymple, Campbell. Extracts from a military 
essay, containing: reflections on the raising, 
arming, cloathing and discipline of the British 
infantry and cavalry. Philadelphia. M.DCC,- 
LXXVI. Plates. 8. No.2ini8i.8 



Dalrymple, Sir John, Baronet. Memoirs of Great 
Britain and Ireland. From the dissolution of 
the last Parliament of Charles II. until the sea- 
battle of La Hogue. 4th edition. Dublin. 
M,DCC,LXXIII. 3 v. 8. 230.4 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Dalton, Michael. The country justice: contain- 
ing the practice, duty and power of the 
justices of the peace, . . . Added, an ap- 
pendix; being a compleat summary of all 
the acts of Parliament, . . . Also, Addenda, 
containing the statutes of 16, 17, 18 & 19 
Geo. II. ... In the Savoy. M.DCC.XLVI. 
F. 42.1 

Damiens de Gomicourt, Auguste Pierre. See Let- 
tres hollandoises . . . 

Danet, Pierre, Abbe. Grand dictionnaire franc.ois 
et latin. Nouvelle edition. Amsterdam. 
M.DCCX, M.DCCXI. 2 v. 4. 160.16 

Vol. i is French-Latin; vol. 2, Latin-French. 

VIII. 43.4 

Vol. 2 is called editio altera, and bears the earlier date. 

Daniel, Samuel. A collection of the history of 
England: containing a brief account of the 
most remarkable affairs of state. [From the 
Conquest to the end of King Edward III.] 
Portraits. (In Hughes, John, compiler. A 
complete history of England. Vol. I, pp. 83- 
236. London. 1706.) 61.7.1 

This copy lacks the portraits. 

Dares Phrygius, pseud. De bello Troiano libri sex, 
Latino carmine a Cornelio Nepote eleganter 
redditi. (In Homer. Qvse extant omnia. Vol. 
i, cols. 444-499. Basileae. [1606.]) 21.9 

This work has been attributed to Josephus Exoniensis. It is 
certain that Nepos had no part in it. 



Darrow, David. The testimony of Christ's second 
appearing. 2d edition. Albany. 1810. 12. 

Fly-leaf contains an autograph of John Adams. 2O2.4 

The preface is signed by David Darrow, John Meacham and 
Benjamin S. Youngs. 

Daubenton. Louis Jean Marie. Advice to shep- 
herds and owners of flocks, on the care and 
management of sheep. Translated by a gentle- 
man of Boston [James Bowdoin]. Boston. 
1811. Plates. 8. 181.28 

Davila, Arrigo Caterino. Histoire des guerres 
civiles de France, sous les regnes de Frangois 
II., Charles IX., Henri III. & Henri IV. Tra- 
duite de Titalien . . . Avec des notes critiques 
et historiques, par Monsieur 1'Abbe M * * * 
[E. Mallet et P. J. Grosley]. Amsterdam. 
M.DCC.LVII. 3 v. Illus. Vignettes. 
L. 8. 50.4 

The historic of the civill warres of France, writ- 
ten in Italian. Translated [by Wm. Ayles- 
bury]. London. M.DC.XLVII. F. 92.4 

Day, Thomas. Reflexions upon the present state 
of England, and the independence of America. 
London. 1782. 8. No. 3 in 253.2 

De Tadministration provinciale, et de la reforme 
de Timpot. [Anon.] See Le Trosne, G. F. 

De la recherche de la verite. [Anon.] See Male- 
branche, N. de. 

Dearborn, Henry Alexander Scammel. A memoir 
on the commerce and navigation of the Black- 
Sea, and the trade and maritime geography of 
Turkey and Egypt. Boston. 1819. 2 v. 8. 

This copy lacks the volume of charts. l6o.I2 

Declaration of Independence. See Recueil des 
loix constitutives des colonies angloises; also 
Verzameling van de Constitution der Ver- 
eenigde onafhangHjke Staaten van Amerika. 



Defence, A, of the Legislature of Massachusetts, 
or the rights of Newengland vindicated. Bos- 
ton. 1804. 8. 141.29 

On the motions adopted in the Massachusetts Legislature 
with reference to the proportion of representation in the free 
and slave states and to the mode of choosing electors. 

Defense, La, de mon oncle. [Anon.] See Vol- 
taire, F. M. A. de. 

Defoe, Daniel. The history of the union between 
England and Scotland, with an appendix of 
original papers. Added, a life of the cele- 
brated author [by George Chalmers] and a 
copious index. London. M.DCC.LXXXVI. 
4, 1. p. ii. ii 

The fly-leaf has the following autograph: The United States, 
Nov. 14, 1785. Attest. John Adams. 

A tour through the Island of Great Britain. Di- 
vided into circuits or journies. Continued 
by [S.] Richardson, and brought down to 
the present time by gentlemen of eminence. 
8th edition. London. 1778. 4 v. Maps. 
12. 223.23 

Walter Wilson calls this a paltry imitation of De Foe. 
Lowndes says it is an alteration, with additions, in which De 
Foe is lost. 

Degr istorici delle cose veneziane, i quali hanno 
scritto per publico decreto . . . Tomo i-io. 
in ii. Portraits. 4. 50.1 

Contents. i. Le istorie veneziane latinamente scritte da 
Marcantonio Coccio Sabellico, aggiuntavi la vita dell' autore 
[da Apostolo Zeno]. a. Le istorie veneziane latinamente 
scritte da Pietro cardinale Bembo, aggiuntavi la vita dell' 
autore [da Giovanni della Casa]. 3, 4. Istorie veneziane vol- 
garmente scritte da Paolo Paruta, aggiuntavi la vita dell' 
autore [da Apostolo Zeno]. 5-7. Istorie veneziane latina- 
mente scritte dal senatore Andrea Morosini, aggiuntavi la 
vita dell' autore [da Nicolao Crasso]. 8, 9. Istoria della 
repubblica yeneta di Batista Nani, aggiuntavi la vita dell* 
autore [scritta da P. C. Zeno]. 10. Istoria della repubblica 
veneta di Michele Foscarini, aggiuntavi la vita dell' autore 
[scritta da P. C. Zeno]. 
Vol. i is bound in two volumes. 



Delices, Les, des Pays-Bas. [Anon.] See Christyn, 

J. B., and F. and P. Foppens. 
Demandre, A. Dictionnaire portatif de regies 

de la langue franchise. [Anon.] Paris. 

M.DCC.LXX. 2 v. 16. 152.9 

Autograph: John Adams, Paris, March 6, 1780. 

Demarville, . Les verbes frangois ou nouvelle 

grammaire, en forme de dictionnaire. 2e edi- 
tion augmentee. Londres. M DCC LXXIII. 
12. 143.10 

French and English on opposite pages or in parallel columns. 

Demosthenes. Demosthenis et ^Eschinis . . . 
opera, cum vtriusque autoris vita & Vlpiani 
commentariis, nouisque scholiis, ex quarta 
. . . recognitione, Grsecolatina: . . . annota- 
tionibvs illustrata: per Hieronymvm Wolfivm 
CEtingensem . . . Accedit vita Demosthenis 
ex parallelis Andrese Schotti . . . Franco- 
fvrti. M.DC.IIII. Plate. F. 10.2 

Latin and Greek in parallel columns. 

Aoyoi exAexToi. Selectae orationes. Ad codices 

MSS. recensuit, . . . notis insuper illustravit 
Ricardus Mounteney. . . . Praefiguntur ob- 
servationes in Commentarios vulgo Ulpianeos 
[a J. Chapman] : et tabula antiquae Grsecise. 
Editio quinta. Londini. MDCCLXXI. 8. 


The title-page is torn for autograph and the Tabula is missing. 

Denham, Sir James Steuart, Baronet. An inquiry 
into the principles of political oeconomy. Lon- 
don. MDCCLXVII. 2 v. L. 8. 83.7 

Denina, Giacomo Maria Carlo. Delle rivoluzioni 
d'ltalia libri ventiquattro. Torino. MDCC- 
LXTX, MDCCLXX. 3 v. 4. 80.7 

An essay on the revolutions of literature. Trans- 

lated from the Italian by John Murdoch. Lon- 
don. [1771.] 12. 175.5 

Pages ii, 12, 59 and 60 are slightly mutilated. 



Derham, William. Physico-theology : or, a demon- 
stration of the being and attributes of God, from 
his works of creation. Being the substance 
of sixteen sermons. [London. 17 ?] Plate. 

12. 263.2 

The lower part of the title-page and many preliminary pages 
are mutilated. There are two autographs of John Adams. 

Des-Barres, Sieur. Suitte et conclusion de 1'histoire 
d'Alcidalis et de Zelide. Commencee par Mon- 
sieur de Yoiture, & achevee par le Sieur Des- 
Barres. (In Voiture, Vincent de. Lettres et 
autres oeuvres. Vol. 2, pp. 337-471. Amster- 
dam. M.DCC.IX.) 164.11 

Des Essarts, Nicolas Toussaint Lemoyne. Essai sur 
1'histoire generale des tribunaux des peuples, 
tant anciens que modernes, ou dictionnaire 
historique et judiciaire. Tome i. Paris. 
M.DCC.LXXVIII. 8. 140.11 

Autograph: John Adams. Vols. 2-9 are lacking. 

Des lettres de cachet, et des prisons d'etat. [Anon.] 

See Mirabeau, H. G. R., Comte de. 
Destouches, Philippe Nericault. QEuvres drama- 

tiques. Nouvelle edition, . . . augmentee . . . 

Paris. M.DCC.LXXIV. 10 v. 24. 203.7 

Two copies. 

Dezallier d'Argenville, Antoine Nicolas. Voyage 
pittoresque de Paris, ou indication de tout ce 
qu'il y a de plus beau dans cette ville, en pein- 
ture, sculpture & architecture. Par M. D * * *. 
6e edition. Paris. M.DCC.LXXVIII. 12. 

Autograph: John Adams, Paris, 1780. 164.17 

Voyage pittoresque des environs de Paris, ou 
description des maisons royales, chateaux . . . 
Par M. D * * *. 4e edition . . . Paris. M.- 
DCC.LXXIX. Plate. 12. 164.15 

Autograph: John Adams, Paris., 1780. 

Dictionnaire grammatical, de la langue franchise. 
[Anon.] See Feraud, J. F. 



Dictionnaire historique des moeurs, usages, et con- 
tumes des Frangois. [Anon.] See Aubert de 
La Chesnaye des Bois, F. A. 

Dictionnaire portatif des regies de la langue fran- 
qoise. [Anon.] See Demandre, A. 

Dictionnaire universel franqois et latin, vulgaire- 
ment appele Dictionnaire de Trevoux. Paris. 
1771 8 v. F. 41.4 

Diderot, Denis. QEuvres de theatre. Avec un 
discours sur la poesie dramatique. Paris. M.- 
DCC.LXXI. 2 v. 12. 165.9 

Diderot. Denis, and Jean le Rond d'Alembert, edi- 
tors Encyclopedic, ou dictionnaire raisonne 
des sciences, des arts et des metiers, par une 
societe de gens de lettres. 3e edition. Geneve 
38 v. Plates. Tables. 4. 20.1 

Vols. 10, 17, 19, 22, 24, 26, 31-35 are of the Notivelle edition. 

Digges, Sir Dudley. Memoires et instructions pour 
les ambassadeurs, ou lettres et negotiations de 
Walsingham, ministre & secretaire d'etat, sous 
filisabeth. Avec Les maximes politiques de 
ce ministre, & des remarques sur la vie des 
principaux ministres & favoris de cette prin- 
cesse. Traduit de 1'anglois [par Louis Boules- 
teis de la Conti]. Amsterdam. M.DCC. 
4. 170.12 

The Memoires et instructions pour les ambassadeurs ... is 
a translation of his, "Compleat ambassador"; the Maximes 
politiques is the second part of the "Arcana aulica," trans- 
lated by Edward Walsingham. 

Diner, Le, du Lion d'or, ou aventures singulieres 
arnvees en juillet 1783, au Sr. Manzon, alias 
Fort-en-Gueule, redacteur de la gazette inti- 
tulee, Le Courier de Bas-Rhin. [Athenes. 
1784.] 8. 241.7 

Presentation copy to John Adams. The title-page and some 
preliminary pages are torn. 



Dio Cassius. 'Ex TCOV Aicovog exAoydi 'Icodvvcvu 

SicpiAivov. E Dione excerptae historise ab loan- 
ne Xiphilino. Ex interpretatione Guilielmi 
Blanci, a Guilielmo Xylandro recognita. Hen- 
rici Stephani in loannem Xiphilinum post duos 
egregios messores Spicilegium. [Parisiis.] 
Excudebat Henricus Stephanus. M.D.XCII. 
F. No. 2 in 31.3 

Greek and Latin in parallel columns. 

Tcov Aicovoc; TOV Kaacriov PcofAcxixcov ioxoQidw pipXia 

jievre xal etxoai. Dionis Cassii Romanarvm his- 
toriarvm libri XXV, ex Guilielmi Xylandri 
interpretatione. [Recensuit H. Stephanus.] 
[Parisiis.] Excudebat Henricus Stephanus. 
M.D.XCII. F. No. i in 31.3 

Greek and Latin in parallel columns. 

Diodorus Siculus. Histoire universelle de Diodore 
de Sicile. Traduite en Francois par 1' Abbe Ter- 
rasson. Nouvelle edition. Paris. M.DCC.- 
XXXyil-M.DCCLXXVIL ,7 v. 16. 134.1 

Vol. 2 is of the 1777 edition. Vol. i, only, has the words 
Nouvelle edition on the title-page. 

Diogenes Laertius. HeQi Bicov, Soy^aTcov xai 
djroqp^eyixcxTcov TCOV ev cpi^oaocpicx ev8oxi[XT]acxvTcov 
pipA,ia t'. De vitis, dogmatis & apophthegmatis 
eorum qui in philosophia claruerunt libri X. ... 
Cum annotationibus Henr. Stephani. Pythag. 
philosophorum fragmenta. Cum Latina inter- 
pretatione [G. Canteri. Parisiis]. Excudebat 
H. Stephanus. M.D.XX 2 v. 12. 134.11 

Autograph: John Adams, 1784. Paris. 

nAdtcovog |3iog XCXTCX Aioyevr] TOV Aaeptiov. Platonis 

vita avctore Diogene Laertio. (In Plato. Ope- 
ra omnia. Pp. (7-26). Genevse. M.D.XC.) 

Dionysius Halicarnassensis. Tex e^Qicrxofieva, tato- 

Qixd T8 xal QT]TOQixd, ovyYQ ( ^^M' aTa - Scripta quae 
exstant, omnia, et historica, et rhetorica . . . 



Dionysius Halicarnassensis. (Continued.) 

cum Latina versione . . . Addita fragmenta 
quaedam, cum Glareani Chronologia . . . Ad- 
iecti indices . . . Opera & studio Friderici 
Sylburgii Veterensis. Francofvrdi. MDLX- 
XXVI. 2 parts in i v. F. 21.5 

Greek and Latin in parallel columns. Autograph: John 
Adams, Paris, 1784. 

The Roman antiquities, translated into English; 

with notes and dissertations. By Edward 
Spelman. London. MDCCLVIII. 4v. 4. 


Dionysius Periegetes. Aiovuoiov oixo'unevTig JIEQITJYT]- 
aig. Dionysii Orbis descriptio commentario 
critico & geographico, . . . ac tabulis illustrata. 
A Guilielmo Hill. Londini. 1658. Folded 
maps. 16. x 34-7 

Aiovaiou oixovneVng nQir\'YY\ou;, (ista TCOV EiJcrcaOio'u 

ujro^v^fidicov. Dionysii Orbis descriptio, an- 
notationibus Eustathii et Henr. Stephani, nec- 
non Guilielmi Hill Commentario critico & 
geographico. Londoni. MDCLXXXVIII. 
Maps. Sm. 8. 132.9 

Tfjg nakai xal ir\q v\w olxov^evTii; jiEQirJYT]aig, sive 

Dionysii Geographia emendata & locupletata, 
additione scil. geographise hodiernae Grseco 
carmine pariter donatse: Cum 16 tabulis geo- 
graphicis. Ab Edv. Wells. Editio tertia. 
Londini. M.D.CC.XVIII. Maps. Vignette. 
Sm. 8. 132.14 

Disney, John, D.D. Memoirs of the life and writ- 
ings of Arthur Ashley Sykes. London. M- 
DCCLXXXV. 8. " 131.9 

This copy contains an autograph note from Dr. Disney, and 
many pages have manuscript notes in the writing of John 

Sermons. London. M DCC XCIII. 2 v. 8. 



Dissertations sur des parties interessantes du droit 
public en Angleterre et en France. [Anon.] 
See Petit, . 

Dod's Peerage, baronetage, and knightage, of Great 
Britain and Ireland, 1866, 1872, including all 
the titled classes. London. 1866, 1872. 
Plates. Sm. 8. 244.5 

Dodsley, Robert. The preceptor: containing a 
general course of education. 5th edition. Lon- 
don. MDCCLXIV. 2v. Illus. 8. 291.16 

Dodson, Michael. The life of Sir Michael Foster, 
sometime one of the judges of the Court of 
King's Bench, and Recorder of Bristol. [Edi- 
ted by John Disney.] London. 1811. 8. 

No. 3 in 161.6 

Dodwell, Henry. Annales Thucydidei. Praemit- 
titur apparatus, cum vitae Thucydidis synopsi 
chronologica. (In Thucydides. HEQI wO 
neA,ojiowriaiaxo\J jtoAenou Amstelaedami. M- 
DCCXXXI.) No. 2 in 10.4 

An apology for the philosophical writings of 
Cicero, (In Cicero, M. T. Tully's Five books 
De finibus. London. MDCCII.) 221.2 

Domat, Jean. Les loix civiles dans leur ordre 
naturel; le droit public, et Legum delectus. 
Nouvelle edition, revue, corrigee, & augmentee 
des troisieme & quatrieme livres du droit public, 
par M. de Hericourt. Des notes de feu M. de 
Bouchevret, sur le Legum delectus. De celles 
de MM. Berroyer & Chevalier, & du supplement 
aux loix civiles, de M. de Jouy. Paris. M.- 
DCC.LXXVII. 2 v. in i. F. 91.7 

Autograph: John Adams. Paris, March 30, 1780. 

Donaldson, James, of Dundee. General view of the 
agriculture of the County of Northampton, with 
observations on the means of its improvement 



Donaldson, James, of Dundee. (Continued.) 

. . Added, an appendix, containing a com- 
parison between the English and Scotch sys- 
tems of husbandry, as practiced in the counties 
of Northampton and Perth. Edinburgh. M- 
DCC XCIV." Sm. 4. 103.8 

Donati, Alessandro. Roma vetus ac recens utrius- 
que sedificiis illustrata. . . . Editio ultima. 
Amstelaedami. 1695. Maps. Plates. 160.18 

Dorchester, Mass. Proceedings of the Second 
Church and Parish in Dorchester; exhibited 
in a collection of papers [relative to Rev. 
John Codman]. 2d edition. Boston. 1812. 
8. 181.16 

On title-page: President Adams, with respect from J. Codman. 

Douglass, William, M.D. A summary, historical 
and political, of the first planting, progressive 
improvements, and present state of the British 
settlements in North America. London. M- 
DCCLX. 2 v. Sm. 8. 253.1 

This edition lacks the map. 

Dryden, John. The character of Polybius, and 
his writings. (In Polybius. History. Vol. 
i, pp. i-xxxv. London. 1698.) 132.4 

Du theatre, ou nouvel essai sur Tart dramatique. 
[Anon.] See Mercier, L. S. 

Duane. William. Sampson against the Philistines, 
or the reformation of lawsuits ; and justice made 
cheap, speedy, and brought home to every man's 
door: agreeable to the principles of the ancient 
trial by jury, before the same was innovated 
by judges and lawyers. [Philadelphia. 180-?] 
8. No. 5 in 161.6 

Ducher, - . Coutumes generate [sic] et locales 
de Bourbonnois, avec des notes. Paris. M.- 
DCC.LXXXI. 12. 273.7 



Duchesne, Jean Baptiste Philipoteau. Compendio 
de la historia de Espafia. . . . Traducido en 
castellano por el R. P. Joseph Francisco de Isla, 
con notas criticas. Corregido, y enmendado 
de orden del consejo. Tomo 2. Madrid. 
M.DCC.LXXV. 16. 174.20 

Vol. i is lacking. 

Duff, William. An essay on original genius; and 
its various modes of exertion in philosophy and 
the fine arts, particularly in poetry. [Anon.] 
London. MDCCLXVII. 8. 252.22 

Duhamel Du Monceau, Henri Louis. A practical 
treatise of husbandry. 2d edition. London. 
MDCCLXII. Plates. 4. 103.16 

Dulaure, Jacques Antoine. Nouvelle description 
des environs de Paris. 2e edition. Paris. 
M.DCCLXXXVII. 2 v. 24. 202.5 

Dumont, Jean, Baron de Carlscroon, compiler. 
Corps universel diplomatique du droit des gens ; 
contenant un recueil des traitez d'alliance, de 
paix, de treve, de neutralite, de commerce, d'- 
echange . . . avec les capitulations imperiales 
et royales . . . Amsterdam. MDCCXXVI- 
MDCCXXXIX. 14 v. in 15. Illus. Vignettes. 
F. 71.6 

Dumont-Pigale, - . Esquisse d'un grand tableau 
ou memoires pour servir a 1'histoire des Pro- 
vinces-Unies des Pays-Bas, et particulierement 
a celle de Guillaume V. ... Depuis Tannee 
1776, jusqu'a ce jour. Par 1'auteur des XXX 
Articles ... En Hollande, MDCCLXXXVI. 


Dumouchel. Jean Baptiste, and Frangois Joseph 
Goffaux, compilers. Narrationes excerptae ex 
Latinis scriptoribus ... or, Select narrations, 
taken from . . . Justin, Quintus Curtius, Cae- 



Dumouchel, J. B., and F. J. Goffaux. (Continued.) 
sar, . . . with concise relation in English . . . 
ist American, from the 3d Paris edition. 
Philadelphia. 1810. 24. 134.18 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Dumouriez, Charles Frangois Duperrier. The life 
of General Dumouriez. In3vols. Vol. i. Lon- 
don. 1796. 8. 222.9.1 

Memoirs of General Dumourier. Written by 
himself. Translated by John Fenwick. Dub- 
lin. 1794. 2 v. in i. 8. 222. 10 

Autograph: John Adams, Nov. 1794. 

Duncomb, Giles. Trials per pais: or, the law of 
England concerning juries by nisi prius, &c. 
With a compleat treatise of the law of evi- 
dence. 8th edition, with large additions. 
London. M.DCCLXVI. 2 v. Sm. 8. 283.9 

Book-plate: J. Q. Adams. Autograph: John Adams. 

Duponceau. Peter Stephen. A dissertation on the 
nature and extent of the jurisdiction of the 
courts of the United States. Philadelphia. 
182.1. 8. 140.7 

Dupuis, Charles Frangois. Origine de tous les 
cultes, ou religion universelle. Paris. L'an 
III. [1795.] 7 v. in 12. 8. 281.2 

Dupuy-Demportes, Jean Baptiste. Traite histo- 
rique, et moral, du blason . . . Amsterdam. 
MDCCLIV. 2v. 12. 243.10 

Du Refuge, Eustache. Maximes politiques de Wal- 
singham. (In Digges, Sir Dudley. Memoires 
et instructions pour les ambassadeurs. Pp. 
501-569. Amsterdam. M.DCC.) 170.12 

This work was published by Walsingham under the title 
Arcana aulica, or Walsingham's Manual of prudential maxims 
for the statesman and the courtier. "Its original was an 
anonymous French work, Traite de la cour ou instruction des 
courtisans by Eustache du Refuge, a diplomatist and author 
in the reign of Henry IV." Dictionary of National Biography. 



Du Trieu, Philippe. Manuductio ad logicam, sive 
dialectica studiosae juventuti ad logicam prae- 
parandae . . . Accessit insuper Cl. Gassendi 
elegans dissertatiuncula de natura demonstra- 
tionis . . . Oxonise. 1662. 16. 254.19 

The title-page is torn. On title-page are autographs of Eben- 
ezer Pemberton (H. C. 1721?) and of Nathan Prince (H. C. 
1718); on cover is written B. Haskell (H. C. 1789?); and on 
reverse of title-page is written "Stephani C. Blyth Stud. Coll. 
Harv. Liber." 

Dwight, Timothy. The conquest of Canaan; a 
poem. London. 1788. 12. 233.6 

Dyle, Departement de la. Musee. Notice des ta- 
bleaux et autres objets d'arts. Bruxelles. 
1814. 16. 254.25 

Ebers's British and Foreign Circulating Library, 
London. Catalogue. London. 1816. 8. 

No. i in 161.17 

Catalogue des livres, franc,ois et italiens de la 

Bibliotheque circulaire de J. Ebers. . Londres. 
1813. 8. No. 2 in 161.17 

Addenda to Ebers' Catalogue, for 1814, 1815, 

and 1816 . . . [London.] 1816. 8. 

No. 3 in 161.17 

Eburne, Richard. A plaine path-way to planta- 
tions: that is, a discourse in generall, concern- 
ing the plantation of our English people in other 
countries. [London.] 1624. Sm. 4. 

No. 4 in 252.25 

Echard, Lawrence, Archdeacon of Stowe. The 
Roman history from the building of the city to 
the [restitution of the Empire by Charles the 
Great]. London. MDCXCVI-i;o4. 4 v. 

8. 221. 1 

Vols. i, 2 are of the 2d edition. 

Eclaircissements historiques sur les causes de la 
revocation de 1'fidit de Nantes. [Anon.] See 
Rulhiere, C. C. de. 



Eden, Robert, Archdeacon of Winton. Jurispru- 
dentia philologica, sive elementa juris civilis, 
secundum methodum et seriem Institutionum 
Justiniani, . . . Oxonii. MDCCXLIV. 
Plate. 4. 120.2 

Autographs: Jer. Gridley, John Adams. 

Edgar, William. Vectigalium systema: or, a com- 
plete view of that part of the revenue of Great 
Britain, commonly called customs . . . Lon- 
don. 1714. Sm. 8. 262.15 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Edwards. Bryan. The history, civil and commer- 
cial, of the British colonies in the West Indies. 
2d edition. London. M.DCC.XCIV. 2 v. 
Plates. Maps. 4. 73.2 

Eidous, Marc Antoine. Histoire des principales de- 
couvertes faites dans les arts et les sciences, 
sur-tout dans les branches importantes du 
commerce, de la navigation & des plantations 
dans toutes les parties du monde. Traduite 
de 1'Anglois par M. E. Lyon. M.DCC.- 
LXVII. 12. 245.22 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Eliot, Charles. Miscellaneous writings. Prefixed 
some notices of his character. [Edited by An- 
drews Norton.] Cambridge. 1814. 8. 130.6 

Eliot, Ephraim. Historical notices of the New 
North Religious Society in the town of Boston, 
with anecdotes of the Reverend Andrew and 
John Eliot, &c. &c. [Anon.] Boston. 1822. 
8. No. 9 in 252.9 

Elliot's Washington pocket almanac ; or, stranger's 
manual, for 1827. Washington. 1827. 24. 


Emerson, William. An historical sketch of the 
First Church in Boston. Added two sermons. 
Boston. 1812. 8. 252.7 

Autograph: John Adams. 



Emmons, Richard, M.D. The Fredoniad; or, inde- 
pendence preserved. An epick poem on the 
late war'of 1812. 2d edition. Philadelphia. 
1830. 4v. Portraits. 12. 202.2 

Vol. 4 lacks the title-page. 

Encyclopaedia; or, a dictionary of arts, sciences, and 
miscellaneous literature, ist American edition, 
greatly improved. [With supplement.] Phila- 
delphia. M.DCC.XCVIII, 1803. 21 v. Plates. 
Maps. 4. 63.1 

The frontispiece of this copy is lacking, the title-pages of all 
the volumes are at the end of the last volume, and vol. 3 of 
the Supplement is bound in two parts. 

Engel, Friedrich. A new theory of human nature, 
with a correspondent system of education. 
Translated from the German. London. M.- 
DCC.LV. 12. 264.6 

English, George Bethune. The grounds of 

Christianity examined, by comparing the 

New Testament with the Old. Boston. 

1813. 12. 282.6 

A letter respectfully addressed to the Rev. Mr. 

Channing, relative to his two sermons on infi- 
delity. Boston. 1813. 12. No. 2 in 292.1 

A letter to the Reverend Mr. Gary, containing 

remarks upon his Review of The grounds of 
Christianity examined . . . Boston. 1813. 

12. 2Q2.I 

English officer, An, pseud. See Jardine, A. 
English Pilot, The. The fourth book. Describing 

the West-India navigation, from Hudson's- 

Bay to the River Amazones . . . Enlarged. 

London. MDCCLXXV. Maps. Profiles. 

F- 293.5 

Autograph: John Adams. 

English Review, The. Vol. 10, November, 1787. 
[London. 1787.] 8. 131.16 



Eon de Beaumont, Charles Genevieve Louis Au- 
guste Andre Timothee, Chevalier d'. Lettres, 
memoires, et negociations particulieres du 
Chevalier d'on . . . Londres, MDCCLXV. 
3 v. Sm. 8. 165.6 

Les loisirs du Chevalier d'fion de Beaumont . . . 

sur divers sujets importans d'administration, 
&c., pendant son sejour en Angleterre. Am- 
sterdam. MDCCLXXIV. 13 v. 8. 231.12 

Vol. 13 contains an index to the work. 

Ephemerides du citoyen, ou bibliotheque raison- 
nee des sciences morales et politiques. 1769. 
Tome 3, 7, 12. Paris. M.DCC.LXIX. *$ v. 
12. 173.1 

Edited at this time by Pierre Samuel Dupont de Nemours. 
The title-pages of vols. 3 and 12 are mutilated. 

Epictetus. All the works of Epictetus, which 
are now extant; . . . Translated from the 
original Greek, by Elizabeth Carter. With 
an introduction, and notes. Dublin. MDCC- 
LIX. 8. 201.9 

Autograph: John Adams, 1770. 

Enchiridion Latinis versibus adumbratum. Per 

Edvardum Ivie. Oxonhe. MDCCXV. Plate. 
Vignette. Sm. 8. 132.5 

In Greek and Latin. 

Encheiridion. Item, Cebetis Thebani Tabula de 

vita humana prudenter instituenda. Acces- 
sere, Simplicij in eundem Epicteti libellum doc- 
tissima scholia, Arriani commentariorum de 
Epicteti disputationibus libri quatuor. Item, 
nonnulla alia eiusdem argument!, in studioso- 
rum gratiam. Omnia Hieronymo Wolfio inter- 
prete, cum eiusdem annotationibvs. [Graece 
et Latine.] Cum indice. Coloniae. M D- 
XCV. 3v. Sm.8. 132.16 

This copy is bound in one volume, the title-page is missing, 
and the first hundred pages are badly worm-eaten. 



Epistola ecclesiastarvm, quos in Belgio Remon- 
strantes vocant, ad exterarvm ecclesiarvm re- 
formatos doctores, pastores, theologos: qua 
sententiam suam de prsedestinatione & annexis 
ei capitibus exponunt . . . Oppositse Epistolse 
delegatorum classis Walachrianse ad eosdem 
doctores singulatim directse. Lvgdvni Batavo- 
rum. 1617. Sm. 4. No. 2 in 281.8 

Equicola, Mario. Dell' istoria di Mantova libri 
cinqve . . . Riformata . . . per Benedetto 
Osanna. Seconda impressione. Mantova. 
M.DC.X. Sm. 4. 222.1 

Erasmus, Desiderius. [Adagiorum epitome per 
Eb. Tappium aticta. Coloniae. M.D.XLIX.] 
16. 264.28 

The title-page is missing, but the volume contains a printer's 
device used by Gymnicus between 1547 and 1563; and, accord- 
ing to the Bibliotheca Erasmiana, the edition with the above 
title and imprint is the only one of this work published by 
Gymnicus within these dates. 

Erasmus, Desiderius, compiler. Parabolarvm siue 
similitvdinvm, quse ex Aristotele, Plutarcho, 
Plinio ac Seneca, . . . olim ab Erasmo Rotero- 
damo collectse, postea per Conradvm Lycos- 
thenem . . . iuxta alphabeti ordinem reuocatae 
sunt, loci commvnes . . . [Geneva.] M.DC- 
IX. 16. No. 2 in 264.30 

Escribano, Joseph Matias. Itinerario espanol, o 
guia de caminos, para ir desde Madrid a todas 
las ciudades, y villas . . . de Espafia. Ana- 
dido, y corregido en esta tercera impression. 
Madrid. 1767. 24. . 174.21 

"Presented by Mr. Lagoanere American Agent at Corunna to 
John Adams. Dec. 20, I/79-" Manuscript note. 

Espion anglois, L'. [Anon. ] See Mairobert, M. F. 

P. de. 
Essai sur les grands evenemens par les petites 

causes, tire de 1'histoire. [Anon.] See Richer, 




Essay, An, on original genius. [Anon.] See 

Duff, W. 
Essay, An, on the right of property in land. 

[Anon.] See Ogilvie, W. 
Estienne, Charles. Dictionarium historicvm, geo- 

graphicvm, poeticvm, authore Carolo Stephano 

. . . Colonise Allobrogvm. M.DC.XXXIII. 

2132 columns. 8. 140.2 

Same 2002 columns. HO-S 

The title-page is missing, also some pages at the end. 

Estienne, Henri. Lexicon Graecolatinvm, seu, epi- 
tome Thesavri Graecae linguae ab Henrico Ste- 
phano construed, quse hactenus sub nomine loh. 
Scapvlae prodiit : lexicon sane vltra praecedentes 
editiones . . . locupletatum. . . . Accesse- 
runt opuscula . . . de dialectis, de inuestiga- 
tione thematum, & alia. Coloniae Allobrogvm. 
M DC XVI. 8. 210.1 

Book-plate: J. Q. Adams; autograph: John Adams. 

Estienne, Robert. Thesaurus linguae Latinse in 
IV. tomos divisus, cui post novissimam Lon- 
dinensem editionem, . . . accesserunt nunc 
primum Henrici Stephani annotationes auto- 
graphae. Nova cura recensuit . . . suasque 
animadversiones adjecit Antonius Birrius. 
Basileae. M DCC XL-M DCC XLIII. 4 v. 


Each volume contains autograph of John Adams. 

Estrades, Godefroi, Comte d'. Lettres, memoires et 
negociations de Monsieur le Comte d'Estrades, 
tant en qualite d'ambassadeur de S. M. T. C. en 
Italic, en Angleterre & en Hollande, que comme 
ambassadeur plenipotentiaire a la Paix de Ni- 
megue . . . Nouvelle edition. Londres. M- 
DCCXLIII. 9 v. 12. 224.1 

Two copies. 



Etrennes de la noblesse, ou etat actuel des families 
nobles de France, et des maisons et princes 
souverains de 1'Europe. Pour 1'annee 1778. 
[Publiees par F. A. Aubert de la Chenaye des 
Bois.] Paris. [1778?] 24. 244.10 

Euclides. Les elemens d'Euclide, du R. P. Dechal- 
les, et de M. Ozanam. Demontres ... & aug- 
mentes . . . Par M. Audierne. Nouvelle edi- 
tion, . . . augmentee. Paris. M.DCC.XX- 
VIII. Plates. 12. 244.17 

Elementorum libri priores sex, item undecimus 

et duodecimus, ex versione Latina Federici 
Commandini; sublatis iis quibus olim libri hi a 
Theone, aliisve, vitiati stint, et quibusdam Eu- 
clidis demonstrationibus restitutis, a Roberto 
Simson. Glasguae. M.DCC.LVI. 4. 80.5 

Book-plate: J. Q. Adams. 

[The elements of Euclid. Books 1-6, II, 12 ex- 

plained in a new . . . method, together with 
the uses of every proposition through all parts 
of the mathematicks. Written in French by 
C. F. Milliet de Chales, and now done into Eng- 
lish, and purg'd from errors. London. 1718?] 
Sm. 8. 244.16 

The title-page is missing, but it seems certain that this is later 
than the 3d edition, published in 1700; the English translator 
cannot be determined. Autograph: John Adams. 

Eusebius Caesariensis. Thesaurus temporum, Ev- 
sebii Pamphili Csesarese Pal?estinae episcopi, 
Chronicorum canonum omnimodae historiae 
libri duo, interprete Hieronymo . . . Item au- 
tores derelicta ab Eusebio & Hieronymo 
continuantes . . . Opera ac studio Josephi 
Justi Scaligeri . . . Editio altera . . . ejus- 
dem Josephi Scaligeri . . . notae & castiga- 
tiones in Latinam Hieronymi interpretationem 
& Grreca Eusebii . . . Ejusdem . . . Isagogi- 



Eusebius Caesariensis. (Continued.) 

corum chronologise canonum libri tres . . . cvm 
duobus indicibus rerum & autorum. Amstelo- 
dami. M DC LVIII. 5 parts in i v. F. 21.1 

Eutocius. Els td 'Apx^^ovg rcepl ccpaiQac; xal xv- 
XivSpou, xai rd akka vnonvr^aia.. In Archimedis 
libros de sphasra et cylindro, atque alios quos- 
dam, Commentaria, nunc primum & Graece & 
Latine in lucem edita. Basileae. MDXLIIII. 
Diagrams. (In Archimedes. Opera, quse 
quidem extant, omnia. Basileae. MDXL- 
IIII.) 92.1 

Evans, John, compiler. A narrative of the pro- 
ceedings of the religious society of the people 
called Quakers, in Philadelphia, against John 
Evans. Added: a report of the evidence . . . 
of the case of John Evans versus Ellis Yarnall 
and others. Philadelphia. 1811. 8. 210.13 

Evarts, Jeremiah. Review of American Unitarian- 
ism. [Extracted from the Panoplist. Anon.] 
Boston. [1815.] 8. No. 9 in 211.3 

On first page is written: Mrs Abigail Adams. 

Everett, Alexander Hill. New ideas on population : 
with remarks on the theories of Malthus and 
Godwin. Boston. 1823. 8. 103.19 

On fly-leaf is: President Adams with the best respects of the 

Everett, Edward. Address to the two branches of 
the Legislature, on the organization of the 
government, for the political year commencing 
January 3, 1838. Boston. 1838. 8. 210.9 

A defence of Christianity, against the work of 
George B. English, entitled, The grounds 
of Christianity examined, by comparing the 
New Testament with the Old. Boston. 
1814. 8. 281.12 

Fly-leaf contains autograph presentation to John Adams from 
the author. A few pages contain manuscript notes. 



Everett, Edward. (Continued.) 

An oration pronounced at Cambridge, before the 

Society of Phi Beta Kappa. August 27, 1824. 

Boston. 1824. 8. No. 3 in 252.8 

Examination, An, of the new tariff proposed by 

Henry Baldwin . . . By one of the people. 

See Cambreleng, C. C. 
Examination, An, of the President's reply to the 

New-Haven Remonstrance. [Anon.] See 

Coleman, W. 
Excellencie, The, of a free state. [Anon.] See 

Needham, M. 
Exercitationum academicarum specimen primum- 

tertium . . . praeside . . . Joanne Luzac . . . 

in Academia Batava . . . Lugduni Batavorum. 

MDCCXCII. 8. 201.10 

Contents. Observationes in Euripidis maxime Hippolytum. 
Specimen primum. Quod . . . publice defendet Abraham 
Blusse. Observationes in loca veterum, praecipue quae sunt 
de vindicta divina. Specimen secundum, tertium. Qu[ae] 
defende[n]t Janus ten Brink, Johannes Jacobus Schultens. 

Expilly, Jean Joseph, abbe. Le geographe manuel. 
. . . Nouvelle edition, avec des cartes geo- 
graphiques. Paris. M.DCC.LXV. Maps. 
32. 245.1 

The fly-leaf is torn, and some writing thereby destroyed. 

Expose des motifs de la conduite du roi tres chretien 
[Louis XVI], relativement a 1'Angleterre, ac- 
compagne d'un pareil expose de ceux qui ont 
determine le roi notre maitre [Charles III.], 
dans le parti qu'il a pris a 1'egard de la meme 
puissance. Traduit de 1'espagnol par 1'ordre 
de sa majeste. Madrid. M.DCCLXXIX. 
(In Affaires de 1'Angleterre et de I'Amerique. 
Tome 15, pp. cxlvii-cxlix, cliii-ccx. [Paris.] 
I779-) 233.2.15 

Relates to the American Revolution. 



Faber, Basile. Thesavrvs ervditionis scholasticae: 
sive supellex instructissima vocum, verborum, 
ac loctitionum . . . cum adjuncta in locis pie- 
risque interpretatione Germanica ; additis item 
dictionibus Graecis ; . . . jam olim post aliorvm 
operas per Avgvstvm Bvchnervm . . . docto- 
rum observationibus auctus. Novam hanc edi- 
tionem post binas suas priores Christophorvs 
Cellarivs . . . innumeris accessionibus locu- 
pletavit. Accedit Index Germanicus vocum 
locutionumque copiosissimus. Lipsiae. M- 
DCXCVI. F. 21.10 

Book-plate, J. Q. Adams; autograph, John Adams. 

Thesavrvs ervditionis scholasticae omnivm vsvi 

et disciplinis omnibvs accommodatvs post cele- 
berrimorvm virorvm Bvchneri, Cellarii, Grae- 
vii, operas et adnotationes et mvltiplices And. 
Stvbelii et To. Mat. Gesneri cvras itervm recen- 
sitvs ... [a J. H. Leichio]. Francofvrti et 
Lipsiae. MDCCXLIX. 2 v. F. 31.6 

A thesaurus of the Latin language. Autograph: John Adams. 

Fanelli, Francesco. Atene attica descritta da 
suoi principii sino all' acquisto fatto dall' armi 
venete nel 1687. Venezia. MDCCVII. Illus. 
Portraits. Plans. Facsimile. L. 8. 23.8 

Fantoni Castrucci, Sebastiano. Istoria della citta 
d'Avignone e del Contado Venesino, stati della 
sede apostolica nella Gallia, co' lumi di molte 
principali materie dell' istoria vniuersale ec- 
clesiastica, e laica. Venetia. M.DC.LXX- 
VIII. 2 v. in i. 8. 103-15 

Farmer, Hugh. A dissertation on miracles. A 
new edition. Edinburgh. 1798. 8. 291.19 

An essay on the demoniacs of the New Testa- 

ment ' London. MDCCLXXV. 8. 291.20 

The general prevalence of the worship of human 

spirits, in the antient heathen nations, asserted 



Farmer, Hugh. (Continued.) 

and proved. London. M.DCC.LXXXIII. 
8. 250.8.2 

An inquiry into the nature and design of Christ's 

temptation in the wilderness. 2d edition, en- 
larged. London. 1765. 8. 250.8.1 

Pages 147-158 are missing. 

Letters to the Rev. Dr. Worthington, in answer 

to his late publication, intitled, An impartial 
enquiry into the case of the Gospel demoniacks. 
London. 1778. 8. No. 2 in 250.8.1 

Fausto da Longiano, Sebastiano. Vita, et gesti d' 
Ezzellino terzo da Roman, da 1'origine al fine 
di sua famiglia. Avtore Pietro Gerardo Pa- 
douano [pseud.]. Bassano. [1677?] Por- 
trait. 24. I74-H 

Favart, Charles Simon. Annette en Lubyn, tooneel- 
spel; met zang. Gevolgd naar het Fransche. 
door P. F. Lynslager. Amsteldam. 1780. 
Vignette. 16. No. 5 in 224.3 

Fearne, Charles. An essay on the learning of con- 
tingent remainders and executory devises. 5th 
edition. [With notes by John Joseph Powell.] 
Dublin. 1795, 96. 2 v. 8. 283.7 

Federalist, The, on the new constitution, written 
in 1788, by Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Madison and 
Mr. Jay . . . New edition. Washington. 
1818. 8. 251.5 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Felltham, Owen. Resolves: divine, morall, po- 
liticall. London. 1635. 2 v. in i. Sm. 
8. 281.9 

The title-page of the first volume is missing, and the first leaf 
is torn. 

[Resolves: divine, moral, political. The tenth 

impression. With new and several other ad- 
ditions, both in prose and verse, not extant 



Felltham, Owen. (Continued.) 

in the former impressions. London. 1677.] 
4- "3-4 

Contents. Resolves, etc. Lusoria: or, occasional pieces. 
[Verse.] With a taste of some letters. A brief character 
of the Low-Countries under the States. 

The title-page, engraved title-page, other pages at the begin- 
ning, pages 353, 354, and pages at the end, are missing. The 
title is supplied from the British Museum Catalogue of printed 

Penning, Daniel. The young algebraist's compan- 
ion, or, a new and easy guide to algebra. 2nd 
edition. Added, an appendix on the rudiments 
of quadratic equations. London. 1751- 
Folded table. 12. 244.15 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Feraud, Jean Franqois. Dictionnaire grammatical, 
de la langue franchise. [Anon.] Avignon. 
1761. 8. 152.8 

Same. Nouvelle edition. Paris. MDCCLX- 

VIII. 2v. 8. 152.7 

Ferguson, Adam. The history of the progress and 
termination of the Roman Republic. London. 
MDCCLXXXIII. 3v. Maps. 4. 23.11 
Ferrari, Giacomo Antonio. Apologia paradossica 
di lacopo [sic] Antonio Ferrari, divisata in tre 
libri. Nella quale si dimostra la precedenza, 
che dee avere 1'antichissima, e fedelissima citta 
di Lecce. Ne' parliamenti generali del regno 
. . . Ricavata dal suo manuscritto originale, e 
riscontrata con le migliori copie . . . per opera 
di Lazzaro Greco . ; . Colla vita dell' autore 
[di Domenico de 'Angelis]. 2da edizione. 
Lecce. 1728. 8. *73-9 

Feutry, Aime Ambroise Joseph. Nouveaux. opus- 
cules. Dijon. M.DCC.LXXIX. 8. 

No. 2 in 231.7 

Opuscules poetiques et philologiques. A La 

Haye. 1771. 8. 231.7 



Feyjoo y Montenegro, Benito Geronimo. Essays, 
or discourses selected from the works of 
Feyjoo, and translated from the Spanish by 
John Brett. London. MDCCLXXX. 4 v. 
8. 221.14 

Fiddes, Richard. A general treatise of morality, 
form'd upon the principles of natural reason 
only. 2d edition. London. 1726. Sm. 
8. 291.11 

Filangieri, Gaetano. La scienza della legislazione. 
T. i, 2, parte I, 2. Firenze. MDCCLXXXII. 
2 v. in 3. 8. 280.15 

Fioravanti, Jacopo Maria. Memorie storiche della 
citta di Pistoja. Lucca. MDCCLVIII. Coats 
of arms. 4. 11.4 

Fitz-Herbert, Sir Anthony, compiler. The new 
Natura brevium . . . With the authorities in 
law. and cases in the books of reports cited in 
the margin. 8th edition. Added, a comment- 
ary, containing curious notes and observations 
on the most remarkable and useful writs . . . 
By [Matthew] Hale. In the Savoy. MDCC- 
LV. 4. 93-6 

The printed marginal notes are by Sir Wadham Windham. 
Autograph: John Adams. 

Fitzjames, James, Duke of Berwick. Memoires du 
Marechal de Berwick, ecrits par lui-meme; 
avec une suite abregee depuis 1716, jusqu'a 
sa mort en 1734; precedes de son portrait, par 
Milord Bolingbroke, & d'une ebauche d'eloge 
historique, par le president de Montesquieu 
. . . Paris. M.DCC.LXXVIII. 2 v. Map. 
16. 165.1 

Flechier, Valentin Esprit, Bishop of Nimes. [Ser- 
mons et panegyriques. Vol.2. Paris. 1708.] 

12. 263.15 

The title-page is missing. 



Fleming, Robert. The fulfilling of the Scripture. 
Or, an essay, shewing the exact accomplish- 
ment of the word of God in his works . . . con- 
taining . . . histories of the works and the 
servants of God in the Church of Scotland. 
Charlestown. 1806. 8. 191. i 

This includes Part i only of the three parts of the complete 

Fleury, Claude. Droit public de France; ouvrage 
posthume, . . . public avec des notes, par J. 
B. Daragon. Paris. M.DCC.LXIX. 2 v. 

12. IQ2.6 

The fly-leaf in each volume contains the following: "Pre- 
sented by Mons r De Tournelle, Consul of France at Corunna, 
on the 19 Dec. 1779 to John Adams. 

Foley, Robert, compiler. Laws relating to the 
poor, from the forty-third of Queen-Elizabeth 
to the third of King George II. With cases 
adjudged in the Court of King's Bench . . . 
4th edition. In the Savoy. MDCCLVIII. 
8. 292.8 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Fontana, Fulvio. I pregj della Toscana nell' im- 
prese piv segnalate de' Cavalieri di Santo 
Stefano. Firenze. MDCCI. Plates. F. 


Fontenelle, Bernard Le Bovier de. CEuvres. Nou- 
velle edition augmentee. Paris. M.DCC- 
XLII. 6 v. Portrait. Plates. Vignettes. 
8. 192.3 

Contents. i. Dialogues des mprts. Jugement de Pluton. 
Lettres galantes. 2. Pluralite des mpndes. Histoire des 
oracles. 3. Histoire du theatre frangois. Vie de Corneille. 
- Reflexions sur la poetique. Discours academiques. 4. 
figlogues. Poesies diverses. 5. filoges des academiciens 
morts depuis 1699 jusqu'en 1717. 6. filogeS des academiciens 
morts depuis 1718 jusqu'en 1739. 

Foote, Henry Wilder. Annals of King's Chapel. 
Vol. i. Boston. 1882. Illus. Portraits. 
Plates. Map, Facsimiles. 8. 151.2 



Forbes, Duncan, of Culloden. Whole works. 
Edinburgh. [i755?] 2 v. Portrait. Sm. 
8. 263.4 

Contents. i. Thoughts on religion, natural and revealed. 2. 
A letter to a bishop, concerning some important discoveries 
in philosophy and theology. Reflexions on the sources of 
incredulity with regard to religion. 

Force, La, de la destinee, ou influence du sort sur 
1'histoire du cceur humain. 2e partie. Lon- 
dres, et Paris. M.DCC.LXXIX. 12. 165.3 

Partie 2: Les deux etoiles histoires ecossaises. Two copies. 
Title of one copy reads Premiere partie. 

Fortescue, Sir John. De laudibus legum Anglise. 
Written originally in Latin. Translated into 
English, illustrated with the notes of Mr. Sel- 
den. . . . Prefix'd, Mr. Selden to the reader, 
and a large historical preface [by F. Gregor]. 
Added the preface of the first editor, with the 
testimonies of Bale, Pitts, and Du Fresne; the 
Summs of Sir Ralph de Hengham . . . com- 
monly called Hengham magna and Hengham 
parva, with Mr. Selden's notes . . . 2d edition. 
In the Savoy. MDCCXLI. 3 v. in i. Plate. 
F. 72.3 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Foscarini, Michele. Historia della republica veneta. 
[Vita scritta da Pier Caterino Zeno. Venezia. 
MDCCXXIL] [Istorici delle cose veneziane. 
Tome 10.] 4. 50.1.10 

This covers the period from 1669 to 1690. 

Foster, Sir Michael. A report of some proceedings 
on the commission of oyer and terminer and 
goal [sic] delivery for the trial of the rebels in 
the year 1746 in the County of Surry [sic], and 
of other crown cases. Added, Discourses upon 
a few branches of the crown law. Oxford. M- 
DCCLXII. F. 72.2 

Book-plate and autograph of John Adams. 



Fowler, Edward, Bishop of Gloucester. The de- 
sign of Christianity. (In Watson, Richard, 
editor. A collection of theological tracts. Vol. 
6, pp. 311-420. Cambridge. M.DCC.LXXX- 
V.) 181.1.6 

France. Ministere de la marine et des colonies. 
Bureau des longitudes. Annuaire pour 1'an 
1818,1821,1822. Paris. 1818-21. 3 v. 12. 

Two copies of 1822. 245.4 

Francis, Sir Philip. [Evidence of our transactions 
in the East Indies. Also, An enquiry into our 
national conduct to other countries. London? 
1782?] 4. 53.10 

The title-page, preface to p. ix, and some pages of "An en- 
quiry" are missing. 

Original minutes of the Governor-general and 
Council of Fort William on the settlement and 
collection of the revenues of Bengal: with a 
plan of settlement*, recommended to the Court 
of Directors in January, 1776. London. MD- 
CCLXXXII. Table. 4. 53.11 

Franco, Demetrio. Historia e gloriosi gesti et vit- 
toriose imprese fatte contra Turch*, dal Signor 
D. Giorgio Castriotto, detto Scanderbeg, prin- 
cipe d'Epirro ... Di nuouo ristampati . . . 
[Translated from the Latin of D. Franco.] Ve- 
netia. M.DCLXXIX. 24. No. 2^174.11 

This book is not mentioned in Petrovitch's Bibliography of 

Franklin, Benjamin. [Letters, 1766-1773.] (In 
Repository, The. Vol. 2 (part 2), pp. 57-74. 
London. 'MDCCLXXXIX.) 171.17 

Contents. To Thomas Ronayne . . . concerning the elec- 
tricity of the fogs in Ireland. To M. Dubourg . . . con- 
cerning the analogy between magnetism and electricity. 
To the same, in answer to some queries concerning the choice 
of glass for the Leyden experiment. To the same, on the 
death of persons who are struck with lightning. To Messrs. 
Dubourg and Dalibard, concerning the mode of rendering 
meat tender by electricity. To M. Dubourg ... on the 



Franklin, Benjamin. (Continued.) 

nature of sea-coal. To the same, in answer to some inquiries 
respecting the art of swimming. To the same, on the free 
use of air. To the same, concerning a specific remedy for 
cancers. To the same, respecting the Quakers. To the 
same, concerning the dissentions between England and 

CEuvres. Traduites de 1'anglois sur la 4 e edition 

[par J. B. Lecuy. fiditees] par M. Barbeu- 
Dubourg. Avec des additions nouvelles. Paris. 
M.DCC.LXXIIL 2 v. Portrait. Plates. 
Tables. 4. 73.7 

Frederick II., the Great, of Prussia. Oeuvres. 
Publiees du vivant de 1'auteur. Berlin. 1789. 
4 v. 8. 220.7 

Oeuvres posthumes 2e edition originale. [Avec 

Supplement. Tome i.] Berlin. 1788, 89. 
16 v. 8. 220.6 

Vols. i, 3^-8, 10-15 are of the 2d edition, the others are of 
the ist edition. Some of the volumes have many manuscript 
notes in the margins, apparently by John Adams. 

Memoirs of the House of Brandenburg: from 

the earliest accounts, to the death of Frederick 
I., King of Prussia. Added, four dissertations 
. . . By the present King of Prussia. Edin- 
burgh. MDCCLIX. 12. 225.2 

The title-page is mutilated for autograph. 

Frederick VI., of Denmark. Instructions for priva- 
teers. March 28th, 1810. Copenhagen. 1810. 
4- 150.7 

A proclamation translated from the Danish. 

Free remarks on the spirit of the Federal constitu- 
tion. See Walsh, R., Jr. 

Freedom of speech and writing upon public affairs, 
considered. [Anon.] See Bollan, W. 

Freeman, Richard, Lord Chancellor of Ireland. Re- 
ports of cases in law and equity: from 1670 to 
1706. . . . Revised and published by Thomas 
Dixon. In the Savoy. MDCCXLII. F. 



Freeman, Samuel, Judge. An appendix to the 
"Extracts from the journals kept by the Rev. 
Thomas Smith . . ." containing a variety of 
matters collected by Samuel Freeman. Port- 
land. 1821. 12. No. 2 in 253.7 

Chiefly devoted to the history of Falmouth, now Portland, 

Frend, William. Evening amusements; or, the 
beauty of the heavens displayed. In which 
several striking appearances ... in the heav- 
ens, during the year 1817, are described. To 
be continued annually. London. 1817. Sm. 
8. 282.8 

Frere, George. A short history of Barbados, from 
its first discovery and settlement, to the end 
of the year 1767. [Anon.] London. M DCC- 
LXVIII. Sm. 8. 243.4 

This copy has the autograph: John Adams. On the title- 
page is written: "By Samuel Frere of Barbados." 

Freschot, Casimir. Histoire du Congres et de la 
paix d'Utrecht, comme aussi de celle de Rastadt 
&deBade. [Anon.] Utrecht. MDCCXVI. 

12. 224.9 

Freschot, Casimir, compiler. Actes, memoires, 
& autres pieces authentiques concernant la paix 
d'Utrecht. Utrecht. M.D.CC.XIII-M D CC- 
XV. 6 v. Plates. Charts. 12. 224.10 

Tome I is of the 2d edition. 

Friedel, Louise Beate Augustine. Le confiseur 
imperial, ou 1'art du confiseur devoile aux gour- 
mands. 36 edition. Paris. 1811. Plates. 
16. 282.14 

Contains receipts for preserves, cordials, essences, etc., as well 
as for confectionery. 

Friend of Peace, The. By Philo Pacificus [pseud, 
of Noah Worcester]. Vol. 2 (no. 6). Novem- 
ber, 1819. Cambridge. 1819. 8. 

No. 3 in 251.4 



Froissart, Jean. Histoire et chroniqve memorable 
de Messire lehan Froissart. Revev et cor- 
rige . . . par Denis Sauuage de Fontenailles 
en Brie. Paris. M.D.LXXIIII. 4 v. in i. 
F. 92.3 

Chronicles of France, England, and Spain. 

Frommann, Andreas. Synopsis metaphysicae, on- 
tologiam et pneumatologiam complectens. 
Editio quinta. [Anon.] Glasguae. M.DCC.- 
LXIL 16. 264.18 

Fuller, Francis, M.A. Medicina gymnastica: or, 
a treatise concerning the power of exercise, 
with respect to the animal oeconomy ... 2d 
edition, with additions. London. MDCCV. 
8. 283.4 

Fuller, Stephen P. Plan of the Hancock lot given 
to the Town of Quincy by John Adams, form- 
erly President of the U. S. [Original draw- 
ing.] Boston. 1829. Scale, 67.7 feet to 
i inch. On parchment. 2 94-3 

Fuller, Thomas, D.D. The holy state [and the 
profane state]. Cambridge. 1642. Portraits. 
L. 8. 113.2 

Furio y Ceriol, Fadrique. II concilio, et consiglieri 
del principe; . . . Tradotto . . . di lingua 
spagnuola . . . per Alfonso d'Vlloa. Venetia. 
M D LX. 16. No. 4 in 174.12 

Gaillard, Gabriel Henri Histoire de Charlemagne. 
Paris. M.DCC.LXXXII. 4 v. 12. 163.8 

Histoire de la rivalite de la France et de 1'Angle- 

terre. Seconde partie. Seconde epoque. Tome 
1-4. Paris. M.DCC.LXXIV. 183.1.1-4 

Same. Supplement. Tome 1-4. Paris. M.- 

DCC.LXXVII. 183.1.5-8 

Gallicanus, Vulcatius. See Historiae Avgvstse scrip- 
tores VI. 



Gardiner, Robert. Instructor clericalis. Part 1,3-5. 
[London.] I7I3-MDCCXXVII. 8. 253.14 

Contents. i. Directing clerks, in the present practice of the 
Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas. Viz., In the 
abbreviation and contraction of words. ... 3. Collection of 
choice and useful precedents for pleadings, both in the King's- 
Bench and Common-Pleas. 4,5. A continuance of bars, and 
other pleadings. 

Part i is of the 7th edition; part 3 of the 4th edition; part 4, 
of the 3d. Part 5 is in 2 vols. Parts i, 3, 4 have autograph: 
John Adams. 

Gamier, Antoine. Rudimens, ou premiers prin- 
cipes de la langue latine. Combines avec ceux 
de la langue franchise. [Anon. Paris? 17 ?] 
8. 171.20 

There is no title-page. 

Gassendi, Pierre. De motu impresso. Epist. IV. 
Contra Morinum. Dissertatio de natura de- 
monstrationis. (In De Trieu, Philippe. Manu- 
ductio ad logicam. Pp. 25-30. Oxoniae. 
1662.) 254.19 

Gaston, William. Speech, upon the loan bill. 
Delivered in the House of Representatives, in 
committee of the whole, on the i8th and iQth 
of February, 1814, on the motion to fill the 
blank with twenty-five millions of dollars. (In 
Ward, Artemas. Speech delivered ... on 
the fifth day of March, 1814. Pp. 25-59. Bos- 
ton. 1814.) No. 1 1 in 251.4 

Principally on the War of 1812. 

Gebhardt, Adam Gottlieb, compiler. Recueil des 
traites de paix, d'amitie, d'alliance, de neutralite 
et autres conclus entre la Republique franchise 
et les differentes puissances de 1'Europe depuis 
1792 jusqu'a la paix generate. [Anon.] Vol. 
i. Gottingue. 1796. 16. 213.10 

Geddes, Michael. Miscellaneous tracts. London. 
MDCCII-MDCCXIV. 3 v. 8. 283.6 

Most of these tracts are polemics against the Roman Catholic 
Church. Vol. 3 is of the 2d edition. 



Gee, John. The foot out of the snare: with a de- 
tection of svndry late practices and impostures 
of the priests and Jesuits in England . . . 
London. 1624. Sm. 4. No. 6 in 252.25 

General treatise, A. of naval trade and commerce, as 
founded on the laws and statutes of this realm 
. . . Vol. i. London. MDCCXL. 8. 280.11 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Same. 2d edition, with many additions. Vol. 

i. In the Savoy. [175-?] 8. 280.10.1 

Autographs: John Adams, Michael Franklin's, Halifax, June 
18, 1759. 

Gentleman, A, of the Inner Temple, pseud. See 
Mallory, J. 

Gentleman, A, of the Middle Temple. See Bacon, 

Gerardo, Pietro, pseud. See Fausto da Longiano, 

Gesner, Johann Matthias. Novvs lingvae et ervdi- 
tionis Romanae thesavrvs. Lipsiae. M DCC- 
XLIX. 4 v. Portrait. F. 41.3 

Ghirardacci, Cherubino. Delia historia di Bolo- 
gna. [Parte prima.] Di nvovo corretta. Bo- 
logna. M.DC.V. Map. F. 53.2 

Two copies. The map is missing in one copy. 

Giannone, Pietno. Istoria civile del regno di Napoli. 
5a edizione italiana, e 2a napoletana. Napoli. 
M.DCC.LXX. 5 v. Portrait. 4. 150.1 

Opera postume di Pietro Giannone colla di lui 

vita. Prima edizione napoletana. Tomo i. 
Napoli. M.DCC.LXX. 4. 150.2 

Gibbon, Edward The history of the decline and 
fall of the Roman Empire. London. MDCC- 
Map. 4. 33.3 

Each of vol. 1-3 contains an autograph of John Adams, and 
the book plate of J. Q. Adams. Vol. I is of the 3d edition. 
Vols. 4, 5 have no title-page. 



Gibbon, Edward. (Continued.) 

Same. A new edition. Vol. 2-6. London. 

MDCCLXXXIII. 8. 180.6 

Miscellaneous works. With memoirs of his 

life and writings, composed by himself: . . . 
with occasional notes and narrative, by John, 
Lord Sheffield. Dublin. 1796. 3 v. Por- 
trait. 8. 252.18 

Giffen. Hubert van. Commentarii in titvlvm di- 
gestorvm, de diversis regulis juris antiqui, 
perutiles ac necessarii. Hisce accesserunt 
demvm libri duo Dn. loannis Rami . . . Com- 
mentariorum in regulas juris civilis & canonici. 
Nunc primum . . ornatius editi. Francofurti. 
M.DC.VI. 2 v. in i. 16. 273.1 

Gifford, John, pseud. See Green, J. R. 

Gilbert, Sir Geoffrey. An historical view of the 
Court of Exchequer, and of the King's revenues, 
there answered. By a late learned judge. In 
the Savoy. M.DCCXXXVIII. Sm. 8. 262.3 

Autograph: John Adams. 

The history and practice of the High Court of 

Chancery. In the Savoy. MDCCLVIIL 8. 

Autograph: John Adams. 2Q2.IO 

A treatise of tenures, in two parts; . . . By a 

late learned judge. 2d edition. [London.] 
M.DCC.XXXVIII. 8.- 253.15 

Treats of Great Britain. Margins of pages 1-60 profusely 

Gillet, Ransom H. The federal government; its 
officers and their duties. New York. 1872. 


Gillies, John, LL.D. The history of ancient Greece, 
its colonies, and conquests . . . till the division 
of the Macedonian Empire in the East. Lon- 
don. MDCCLXXXVI. 2 v. Maps. 4. 

Book-plates: John Adams. 12.7 



Giovio, Paolo. De vita Leonis Decimi Pont. Max. 
libri qvatvor. His ordine temporum acces- 
serunt Hadriani Sexti Pont. Max. et Pompeii 
Colvmnae Cardinalis vitae, ab eodem Paulo 
lovio conscriptae. Florentiae. MDLI. F. 

No. i in 1 1.6 

Elogia virorum bellica virtute illustrium veris 

imaginibus supposita, quae apud Musseum spec- 
tantur. Florentiae. MDLI. F. 

No. 2 in 1 1.6 

Giraffi, Alessandro, Marchese. An exact history 
of the late revolutions in Naples . . . Ren- 
dred to English by J[ames] H[owell]. Lon- 
don. 1663, 64. 2 v. in i. Portraits. 16. 


The second volume is entitled: The second part of Mas- 
saniello. By J. H. Esquire. Title-page has autograph: I: 

Le rivolvtioni di Napoli. [Venetia. M.DC- 

XXXXVIL] 16. 174.6 

The title-page is missing. 

Same. Genevae. M.DC.XLVIII. 16. 174.5 
Girard, Gabriel. Synonymes frangois . . . Nou- 

velle edition . . . augmentee . . . de notes, par 
M. Beauzee. Paris. M.DCCLXIX. 2 v. 
12. 143.8 

Les vrais principes de la langue frangoise. Paris. 

M.DCC.XLVII. 2 v. 12. 144.3 

Two copies. 

Glover, Richard. Leonidas, a poem. London. 
M.DCCXXXVII. Sm. 4. 170.2 

Godelevaeus, Wilhelmus, compiler. In Titi Livii 
Patavini libros observationes, ex variis avc- 
torvm Ivcvbrationibus collectse. Francofvrti 
ad Moenvm. M.DC.XXVII. F. 

No. 2 in 21.2 

Accesserunt Fragmenta vetvstiorvm historicorvm . . . col- 
lecta per Franciscum Riccobonum. 



Godolphin, John. The orphan's legacy : or, a testa- 
mentary abridgment. In three parts. I. Of 
last wills and testaments. II. Of executors and 
administrators. III. Of legacies and devises. 
4th edition. London. 1701. 4. 171-3 

Autograph: John Adams. 

2orvrJYOQog Boddaaioc;. A view of the admiral 
jurisdiction ... As also divers of the laws, 
customs, rights and priviledges of the High 
Admiralty of England. . . . Added, an ex- 
tract of the ancient laws of Oleron. . . . With 
a catalogue of all the Lords High Admirals. 
2d edition. London. 1685. Coats of arms. 
Sm. 8. 263.23 

Goldophin. John, compiler. Repertorium canoni- 
cvm: or, an abridgment of the ecclesiastical 
laws of this realm, consistent with the temporal : 
wherein the most material points relating to 
such persons and things as come within the 
cognizance thereof, are succinctly treated. The 
3d edition . . . added an appendix. London. 
1687. 4. 161.1 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Godwin, Francis, Bishop of Hereford. Annals of 
the reign of Queen Mary. Translated from 
the Latin by J. H, With additional notes by 
J. S. Portrait. (In Hughes, John, compiler. 
A complete history of England. Vol. 2, pp. 
329-368. London. 1706.) 61.7.2 

Godwin, Mary Wollstonecraft. An historical and 
moral view of the origin and progress of the 
French Revolution; and the effect it has pro- 
duced in Europe. Vol. I. London. 1794. 
8. 221.15 

Contains many manuscript notes, apparently by John Adams. 
No more was published. 



Godwin, William. Enquiry concerning political 
justice, and its influence on morals and happi- 
ness, ist American edition. In two volumes. 
Vol. 2. Philadelphia. 1796. 16. 254.3 

Critical comments, in the handwriting of John Adams, are 

Goguet, Antoine Yves, and Alexandre C. Fugere. 
The origin of laws, arts, and sciences, and 
their progress among the most ancient nations. 
Translated from the French of the President 
de Goguet. Edinburgh. M.DCC.LXXV. 3 
v. Plates. Tables. Plans. 8. 190.3 

Book-plate: J. Q. Adams; and autograph: John Adams, 1799. 

Goldsborough, Charles Washington. The United 
States' naval chronicle. Vol. i. Washington. 
1824. 8. 284.2 

No more was published. 

Goldsmith, Oliver. The history of England, from 
the earliest times to the death of George II. A 
continuation ... to ... 1802. By Manley 
Wood, ist American edition. Boston. 1814, 
15. 2v. 8. 230.2 

Golius, Theophilus. Grammatica Graeca, sive edu- 
catio puerilis linguse Graecae. Novissima edi- 
tione, . . . edita. Amstelodaemi. M D CC- 
XXXII. 16. 153.8 

Good newes from New England. See Winslow, E. 

Gordon, Alexander. The lives of Pope Alexander 
VI. and his son Caesar Borgia. London. M.- 
DCC.XXIX. Portrait. F. 111.7 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Gordon, Patrick. Geography anatomiz'd: or, the 
geographical grammar. Being a short and 
exact analysis of the whole body of modern 
geography . . . I7th edition. London. M.- 
DCC.XLI. Maps. 8. 261.6 



Gordon, Thomas. A cordial for low spirits. Being 
a collection of curious tracts. [Edited by 
Richard Baron.] In 3 vols. 3d impression. 
Vol. I. London. MDCCLXIII. Plate. 12. 

Autograph: John Adams. 225.9 

Gordon, Thomas, and John Trenchard. The inde- 
pendent Whig: or, a defence of primitive Chris- 
tianity, and of our ecclesiastical establishment, 
against the exorbitant claims and encroach- 
ments of fanatical and disaffected clergymen. 
t$th edition. With additions and amendments. 
[Anon.] London. M.DCC.XXXII. 2 v. 

12. 283.16 

Contain autographs of Benjamin Bradstreet, 1734, and Samuel 
Plumer, 1765. 

Same. Vol. 3. 3d edition. M.DCC.DII. [sic] . 


A reprint of the 6th edition bound with the title-page of the 
3d edition. 

Gordon, William. The history of the rise, progress, 
and establishment, of the independence of the 
United States of America. London. MDCC- 
LXXXVIII. 4v. Maps. 8. 251.3 

On the margin of preface of vol. i is a long manuscript note by 
John Adams, in criticism of this work. 

Gourville, Jean Herault de. Memoires, concernant 
les affaires auxquelles il a ete employe par la 
cour, depuis 1642 jusqu'en 1698. Nouvelle edi- 
tion. Tome i. Maestricht. M.DCC.LXXXII. 
12. 213.1 

Gradus ad Parnassum; sive novus synonymorum 
. . . thesaurus. Ab uno e Societate Jesu. See 
Chastillon, N. 

Grsecae grammatices rudimenta in usum Schol?e 
Westmonasteriensis. [Anon.] See Busby, R. 

Graham, Catharine Macaulay. The history of 
England from the accession of lames T. to 
the elevation of the House of Hanover. By 



Graham, Catharine Macaulay. (Continued.) 

Catharine Macaulay. Edition III. Vol. 1-5. 
Portrait. 8. 230.3 

No more was published. Vol. 5 is of the ist edition. All the 
volumes contain the autograph: John Adams. 

Grammar, A, of the English tongue. [Anon.] See 
Steele, Sir R. 

Granucci, Niccolo. Specchio di virtu nel qvale 
brevemente si descriue la buona amicitia, la 
grandezza, e principio del matrimonio, e . . . 
la castita. Lucca. 1566. 16. No. 2 in 174.12 

Gravesande, Willem Jacob van's. Mathematical 
elements of natural philosophy, confirm'd by 
experiments: or, an introduction to Sir Isaac 
Newton's philosophy. Translated into English 
by J. T. Desaguliers, and published by his son, 
J. T. Desaguliers. 6th edition. London. 'M.- 
DCC.XLVII. 2v. Plates. 4. 83.11 

Gray, Harrison. A few remarks upon some of the 
votes and resolutions of the Continental Con- 
gress, held at Philadelphia in September, and 
the Provincial Congress, held at Cambridge in 
November 1774. By a friend of peace and 
good order. [N.p.] 1775. 16. No. 2 in 251.10 

All the pages in this copy are mutilated. 

Gray, John. The essential principles of the wealth 
of nations, illustrated, in opposition to some 
false doctrines of Dr. Adams Smith, and others. 
[Anon.] London. 1797. 8. 

172.7; No. 6 in 283.15 

Great Britain. The statutes at large, from Magna 
Charta, to the end of the last Parliament, 1761. 
By Owen Ruffhead. London. MDCCLXIII- 
MDCCLXV. 8 v. in 9. 4. 93.1 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Parliament. House of Lords. The debates and 
proceedings of the House of Lords, during the 



Great Britain. Parliament. (Continued.) 

third, fourth session of the sixteenth Parlia- 
ment. [Jan. 24 - July 1 1 , 1 786 - - Jan. 23 - May 
30, 1787.] London. MDCCLXXXVI, MD- 
CCLXXXVII. 2 v. 8. 

162.3. Session 3.3, Session 4.3 
- House of Commons. A complete and au- 
thentic detail of the several debates in the 
House of Commons on the East-India bill 
. . . the 27th of November [1783], . . . 
London. 1784. 8. 150.15 

The debates and proceedings of the House 

of Commons, during the first fourth ses- 
sion of the sixteenth Parliament. London. 
8. 162.3 

- Interrogatoire de M. Franklin devant la 
Chambre des communes. [1766.] (In Frank- 
lin, Benjamin. La science du Bonhomme 
Richard. 46 edition. Pp. 27-81. Philadelphie. 
M.DCC.LXXVUI.) 244.1 

Relates to the Stamp Act. 

- Minutes of the evidence taken before a 
committee of the House of Commons, . . . 
appointed to consider of the several articles of 
charge . . . against Warren Hastings . . . 
Part 2. London. M.DCCLXXXVI. 8. 

No. 4 in 161.6 

- Precedents of proceedings in the House of 
Commons. See Hatsell, J. 

-The reports of the secret and select com- 
mittees, appointed by the House of Commons, 
to enquire into the causes of the war in the 
Carnatic; and the state of justice in the prov- 
inces of Bengal, Bahar, and Orissa. London. 
[1782.] 2v. Tables. 8. 150.14 



Great Britain. (Continued.) 

Board of Agriculture. Additional appendix to 

the outlines of the fifteenth chapter of the pro- 
posed general report from the Board of Agri- 
culture. On the subject of manures. London. 
M.DCC.XCVI. Illus. L. 8. 103.12 

- Communications to the Board of Agriculture; 
on subjects relative to the husbandry and inter- 
nal improvement of the country. Vol. I, parts 
i, 2. London. 1797. L. 8. 113.1 

Court of Common Pleas. The second part of 

Modern reports, being a collection of several 
special cases most of them adjudged in the 
Court of Common Pleas, in the 26, 27, 28, 29, 
& 3Oth years of the reign of King Charles II. 
... Carefully collected by a learned hand. 
London. 1698. F. 102.1 

Autographs: Hugh Hall, Joshua Eaton, Jr., 1737, Stephen 
Fessenden, 1745, and John Adams. 

Privy Council. Report of the Lords of the 

Committee of Council, appointed for the con- 
sideration of all matters relating to trade and 
foreign plantations, upon the two questions. 
I. Upon the propriety of reducing the duties 
payable in Great Britain on the importation of 
goods the growth and manufacture of Ireland, 
to the same rate as the duties payable in Ireland 
on the importation of the like goods, the growth 
and manufacture of Great-Britain. II. What 
preferences are now given to the importation 
of any article, the growth, produce, or manu- 
facture of Ireland, by any duty or prohibition on 
the importation, use, or sale of the like articles 
from foreign parts ; and how far it may be the 
interest of Great-Britain in future to continue 
or alter the same . . . Added, The Irish ac- 
count of their imports and exports from and 



Great Britain. Privy Council. (Continued.) 

to Great-Britain, for five years, ending the 25th 
March 1784. London. M DCC LXXXV. 
Tables. 8. No. 2 in i62.3.Session 2.1 

War Office. The manual exercise, as ordered 

by His Majesty, in the year 1764 . . . Phila- 
delphia. MDCCLXXVI. Plates. 12. 

On military tactics. No. 3 in 1 8 1. 8 

Green, John Richards. The history of France, 
from the earliest times, till the death of Louis 
Sixteenth . . . And, continued . . . until the 
conclusion of the present war, by a citizen of 
the United States. Vol. [i-] 3. Philadelphia. 
1796, 97. 3 v. Portraits. Plates. 4. 83.3 

Green, John Richards, editor. A residence in 
France, during the years 1792, 1793, 1794, and 
1795; described in a series of letters from an 
English lady: with general and incidental re- 
marks on the French character and manners. 
Prepared for the press by John Gifford 
[pseud.]. ist American edition. Elizabeth- 
town. 1798. 8. 241.9 

Gregorius Turonensis, Georgius Florentinus, Saint. 
L'histoire des Frangois de S. Gregoire. Avec 
le supplement de Fredegaire ... De la tra- 
duction de M. de Marolles, avec des remarqves. 
Paris. M.DC.LXVIII. Portrait. 8. 173.6.1 

La seconde partie des Histoires de S. Gregoire, 

Evesque de Tovrs; contenant ses livres de la 
gloire des martyrs & des confesseurs, avec les 
quatre livres de la vie de S. Martin, & celuy de 
la vie des peres. De la traduction de M. de 
Marolles . . . Paris. M.DC.LXVIII. 8. 

This is vol. 2 of his work: L'histoire des Frangois. 1 73.6.2 

Gregory, David. The elements of astronomy, phys- 
ical and geometrical. Done into English, with 



Gregory, David. (Continued.) 

additions. In 2 volumes. Vol. i. London. 
MDCCXV. Plates. 8. 262.13 

Vol. 2 is missing. The title-page contains an autograph of 
John Adams. 

Grotius, Hugo. Historia Gotthorvm, Vandalorvm, 
& Langobardorvm: . . . Amstelodami, apud 
Ludovicum Elzevirium, MDCLV. 8. 213.8 

The title-page of this copy is slightly mutilated. 

The rights of war and peace, in three books. 

Wherein are explained, the law of nature and 
nations, and the principal points relating to 
government. . . . Translated into English. 
To which are added, all the large notes of J. 
Barbeyrac. London. MDCCXXXVIII. F. 

Autograph: John Adams. 9 1 -4 

Grotius, Petrus. Lettres et negociations entre Jean 
de Witt et P. de Groot, ministre extraordinaire 
a la cour de Suede. 1668-69. (In Witt, J. de. 
Lettres et negociations. Vol. 4, pp. 244-388. 
Amsterdam. M.DCC.XXV.) 215.2.4 

Two copies. 

Grotius, Willem. Vitae jurisconsultorum quorum 
in Pandectis extant nomina conscriptae. Lug- 
duni Batavorum. M DC XC. Sm. 4. 180.3 

Grove, Henry. A system of moral philosophy. 
[Edited and completed by T. Amory.] Vol. I. 
London. M.DCC.XLIX. 8. 291.4 

Gruterus, Janus. Ad Cornelivm Tacitvm discvrsvs 
aliqvot, dvcibvs, legatis, consiliariis, praefectis 
regum principumque, & pace & bello non modo 
iucundi, sed & vtiles, editione secunda auctiores 
. . . Francofvrti ad Moenvm. M.DC.XX- 
VII. F. No. 3 in 21.2 

In Titvm Livivm notae maxima parte politicae. 

(In Godelevseus, Wilhelmus, compiler. In Titi 
Livii Patavini libros observationes. Franco- 
fvrti ad Moenvm. M.DC.XXVII.) 

No. 2 in 21.2 



Gualdo Priorato, Galeazzo, Conte di Comazzo. Re- 
lation! delle citta di Bologna, Fiorenza, Geneva 
e Lucca . . . Bolog. 1675. 24. 174.15 

Guenee, Antoine, Abbe. Lettres de quelques Juifs 
portugais, allemands et polonois, a M. de Vol- 
taire. 4e edition. [Anon.] Paris. M.DCC- 
LXXVI. 3v. 12. 224.5 

A defense of the Jews from the sarcasms of Voltaire. 

Guicciardini, Francesco. La historia d'ltalia. 
Nuouamente riscontrata: ... & ornata . . . 
con 1'annotationi ... da Thomaso Porcacchi. 
Con vn Giudicio fatto dal medesimo, per dis~ 
coprir tutte le bellezze di questa historia. Ve- 
netia. M.D.LXXIIII. Illus. Sm. 4. 173.2 

The historic of Gvicciardin: containing the 

warres of Italic and other partes, continved for 
manie yeares vnder sundrie kings and princes 
. . . Reduced into English by Geffray Fen- 
ton. London. 1599. F. 53.1 

Relates to the history of Italy and France from 1490 to 

The history of Italy, translated from the Italian 

... by Austin Parke Goddard. 3d edition. 

London. MDCCLXIII. icv. 8. 172.15 
Guide, Le, ou nouvelle description d' Amsterdam. 

Nouvelle edition, augmentee. Amsterdam. 

MDCCLXXII. Plate. Plan. 8. 242.9 
Habington, John. The life and reign of Edward 

IV. Portrait. (In Hughes, John, compiler. 

A complete history of England. Vol. I, pp. 

429-481. London. 1706.) 61.7.1 

The portrait is missing in this copy. 

Hagedorn, Christian Ludwig von. Reflexions sur 
la peinture. Traduites de 1'allemand par M. 
Huber. Tome 2. Leipzig. M.DCC.LXXV. 
8. i8i.ii 



Haines, Charles Glidden. Report on the peniten- 
tiary system in the United States, prepared 
under a resolution of the Society for the Pre- 
vention of Pauperism in the City of New-York. 
New York. 1822. 8. 172.8 

Hale, Sir Matthew. Historia placitorum coronse. 
The history of the pleas of the Crown. . . . 
Now first published. . . . By Sollom Em- 
lyn. In the Savoy. MDCCXXXVI. 2 v. 
F. 92.10 

Autographs on title-page: John Adams, 1760, John Quincy 
Adams, 1800, George Washington Adams, 1825. Book-plate: 
Charles Francis Adams (the elder). 

Pleas of the crown. . . . London. MDCXCIV. 
Sm. 8. 282.10 

The title-page torn at top. 

Halley, Edmund. Astronomical tables with pre- 
cepts both in English and Latin for computing 
the places of the sun, moon, planets, and 
comets. London. MDCCLII. Portrait. 
Diagrams. 4. 83.9 

Two copies. There is also a Latin title-page, dated 1749; this 
title-page and the portrait are missing from the "A" copy. 

Hamilton, Antoine, Comte. CEuvres. Nouvelle 
edition, corrigee & augmentee d'un volume. 
[Londres. 1776.] 4 v. 12. 184.5 

Contents. i, 2. Memoires du comte de Grammont. 3. Les 
quatre Facardins, conte. 4. Le belier, conte. 

Hamilton, William, of Lancaster, Pa. Report of 
the trial and acquittal of Edward Shippen, Chief 
Justice, and Jasper Yeates and Thomas Smith, 
Assistant Justices, of the Supreme Court of 
Pennsylvania, on an impeachment, before the 
Senate of the Commonwealth, January, 1805. 
[With Appendix.] Lancaster. [1805.] 8. 


Hands, William. The law and practice of patents 
for inventions. London. 1808. 8. 140.9 



Hardy, Thomas. The genuine trial of Thomas 
Hardy, for high treason, . . . from October 28 
to November 5, 1794. By Manoah Sibly. Lon- 
don. M.DCC.XCV. 2 v. 8. 161.7 

Vol. i is of the 2d edition. 

Harrington, James. The Oceana and other works. 
Collected, methodiz'd, and review'd, with an 
exact account of his life prefix'd, by John To- 
land. Added, an appendix, containing all the 
political tracts wrote by this author, omitted 
in Mr. Toland's edition. 3d edition. London. 
M.DCC.XLVII. Engraved title-page. Por- 
trait. 4. 62.7 

Autograph: John Adams. 

The Oceana and other works. With an account 

of his life by John Toland. London. MDCC- 
LXXI. Engraved title-page. 4. 83.4 

Harris, Isaac, compiler. Harris' Business direc- 
tory of the cities of Pittsburgh & Allegheny 
. . Pittsburgh. 1844. 16. 244.25 

Harris, James. Hermes or a philosophical inqviry 
concerning- vniversal grammar. 3d edition. 
London. MDCCLXXI. Plate. 8. 221.10 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Philological inquiries in three parts. London. 

MDCCLXXXI. 3 parts in 2 v. Portrait. 
Plate. 8. 290.13 

Philosophical arrangements. London. M DCC- 

LXXV. Plate. 8. 290.12 

Three treatises. The first concerning art. The 

second concerning mvsic painting and poetry. 
The third concerning happiness. 4th edition. 
London, MDCCLXXXIII. Plate. 8. 290.14 
Harris, Thaddeus Mason. The journal of a tour 
into the territory northwest of the Alleghany 
mountains ; made in the spring of the year 1803. 
With a geographical & historical account of 



Harris, Thaddeus Mason. (Continued.) 

the State of Ohio. Boston. 1805. Plate. 
Maps. Plans. 8. 141.3 

Harris, William, D.D., compiler. A complete col- 
lection of all the marine treaties subsisting be- 
tween Great-Britain and France, Spain [etc.]. 
Commencing in the year 1546, and including 
the definitive treaty of 1763. [Anon.] Lon- 
don. M.DCC.LXXIX. 8. 262.12 

Hartley, David. Of the truth of the Christian reli- 
gion. (In Watson, Richard, editor. A col- 
lection of theological tracts. Vol. 5, pp. 1-75. 
London. M.DCC.LXXXV.) 181.1.5 

Harvard College. Catalogus eorum qui . . . ab 
anno MDCXLII, ad annum MDCCXCI, ali- 
cujus gradus laurea donati sunt. Bostonise. 
MDCCXCI. 8. No. 2 in 211.3 

Same. Ab anno MDCXLII, ad annum MDCCC 

. . . Bostonise. M D CCC. No. 3 in 211.3 

Catalogus senatus academici, eorum qui munera 

et officia gesserunt, quique alicujus gradus 
laurea donati sunt in Universitate Harvardiana 
. . . Cantabrigice. MDCCCXXI. 

No. 4 in 252.8; 141.32 

Laws. Cambridge. 1820. 8. No. 5 in 252.8 
Hastings, Warren Mr. Hasting's Review of the 

state of Bengal. London. MDCCLXXXVI. 


Hatsell, John, compiler. Precedents of proceedings 
in the House of Commons; with observations. 
London. M.DCC.LXXXV. 3v.ini. 4. 93.3 

Vols. i, 2 are of the 2d edition. 

Hauterive, Alexandre Maurice Blanc de Lanautte, 
Comte d'. De 1'etat de la France, a la fin de 
1'an VIII. [Anon.] Paris. An 9 (1800). 
8. 170.14 

Contains many manuscript notes by John Adams. 


Hawkins, William, Serjeant at law. A treatise of 
the pleas of the crown : . . . 4th edition, with 
large additions. London. MDCCLXII. 2 v. 
in i. F. 111.5 

Autographs: John Adams and Charles Adams. 

Hayward, Sir John. The life and raigne of King 
Edward the Sixt. (In Hughes, John, compiler. 
A complete history of England. Vol. 2, pp. 
273-328. London. 1706.) 61.7.2 

Two copies on this shelf-number. The portrait is missing in 
one copy. 

Hearne, Thomas. Ductor historicus: or, a short 
system of universal history, and an introduc- 
tion to the study of it. 3d edition. London. 
1714. Sm. 8. 243.3 

Autographs: William Smith. 

Heath, William. Memoirs of Major-general Heath. 
Boston. 1798. 8. 252.4 

On fly-leaf: To the President of the U. S. Sept. 22d, 1799. 

Hebert, Jean. Traite des longitudes, ou la naviga- 
tion dans son jour. Paris. M.DCCXVIII. 
16. 244.13 

Heereboort, Adrianus. [Meletemeta philosophica. 
Lvgdvni Batavorvm? M DC LIV?] 5 parts 
in i v. Sm. 4. 292.3 

Contents. Epistola. Disputationes ex philosophia selects. 

Collegium physicum. Collegium logicum. Collegium 


The title-page is missing. 

Same. Amstelodami. M DC LXV. 291.5 

The Collegium logicum is omitted from this edition, and is to 
be found in the Philosophia naturalis [No. 2 in 291.5]. Auto- 
graph: John Adams. 

Philosophia naturalis, novis commentariis par- 

tim e Nob. D. Cartesio, Cl. Berigando [Beri- 
gardo], H. Regio, aliisque . . . petitis, partim 
ex propria opinione dictatis, explicata. Accedit 
ejusdem auctoris Pneumatica. Amstelodami. 
M DC LXV. Sm. 4. No. 2 in 291.5 



Heineccius, Johann Gottlieb. Antiqvitatvm Ro- 
manarvm ivrisprvdentiam illvstrantivm syn- 
tagma, secvndvm ordinem Institvtionvm Ivsti- 
niani digestvm. Halae Magdeb. MDCCXIX. 
2v.ini. Plate. Table. 16. 283.12 

Autograph: J. Adams. 

A methodical system of universal law: or, the 

laws of nature and nations . . . Translated 
. . . with notes and supplements, by George 
Turnbull. Added, A discourse upon the nature 
and origine of moral and civil laws. London. 
MDCCXLI. 2 v. Sm. 8. 261.16 

Heinsius, Daniel. Poemata Latina et Graeca ; editio 
post plurimas postrema, longe auctior. [Edi- 
tore Nicolao Heinsio. Accedit Danielis Heinsii 
Liber adoptivvs.] Amstelodami. M D CXL- 
IX. Engraved title-page. 24. 154.1 1 

Helvetius, Claude Adrien. A treatise on man, his 
intellectual faculties and his education. Trans- 
lated from the French, with notes, by W. 
Hooper. London. MDCCLXXVII. 2 v. 
8. 172.1 

Helvetius, Johannes. Poemata, edente Lavr. San- 
tenio. Lvgdvni Batavorvm. MDCCLXX- 
XII. 8. 213.6 

Several pages at the end are badly mutilated. 

Hemsterhuis, Frangois. Aristee ou de la divinite. 
[Anon.] Paris. MDCCLXXIX. Vignettes. 
24, 1. p. No. i in 263.22 

A philosophical dialogue. 

Lettre sur rhomme et ses rapports. [Anon.] 

Paris. M.DCC.LXXII. 24, 1. p. 281.11 

Sophyle ou de la philosophic. [Anon.] Paris. 

MDCCLXXVIII. 24, 1. p. No. 2 in 263.22 

A philosophical dialogue. 

Hengham, Sir Ralph de. Radulphi de Hengham 
Edwardi Regis I. capitalis olim justitiarii sum- 



Hengham, Sir Ralph de. (Continued.) 

mae. Magna Hengham, & Parva, vulgo nun- 
cupatse. ex vett. codd. MSS. cum Cl. Seldeni 
notis. Londini. MDCCXXXVII. F. 

No. 2 in 72.3 

Henry IV., King of France. Les amours de Henri 
IV, avec ses lettres galantes a la duchesse de 
Beaufort, & a la marquise de Verneuil. . . . 
Vol. i. Londres. M.DCC.LXXXI. [Biblio- 
theque amusante.] 24. i75-*o 

Henry, Robert, D.D. The history of Great Britain. 
Written on a new plan. 2d edition. Dublin. 
MDCCLXXXIX-I794. 6 v. 250.1 

Herbert, Edward, Baron Herbert of Cherbury. The 
life and raigne of King Henry the Eighth. (In 
Hughes, John, compiler. A complete history 
of England. Vol. 2, pp. 1-268. London. 
1706.) 61.7.2 

Two copies, both lacking the portrait. 

Herodianus. Histoire d'Herodien, traduite du grec 
en frangois; avec des remarques sur la traduc- 
tion. Par 1' Abbe Mongault. Nouvelle edition. 
Paris. M.DCC.LXXXIV. 16. 134.8 

'IdTOQicdv pipXia TJ. Herodani historiarum libri 
VIII. cum notis & animadversionibus Jo. Hen- 
rici Boecleri. Tertia editio. Accessit Index 
Graecus locupletissimus . . . autore Baltasare 
Scheidio. Argentorati. M DC XCIV. 2 v. 
16. 134-15 

The Greek text and the Latin version by Politianus are in 
parallel columns. 

Herodotus. 'laropioov X^yoi 0' emyracpo^ievoi Mofiaai. 
Historiarum libri IX Musarum nominibus in- 
scripti Gr. & Lat. cum interpretatione Laurentii 
Vallae. Ex MS. membrana Medicea . . . 
Graecismo . . . remollito industria Jacobi 
Gronovii. . . . Ejusdem Narratio de vita 



Herodotus. (Continued.) 

Homeri Gr. Lat. interprete Conr. Heresbachio. 
. . . Lugduni Batavorum. 1715. 2 v. in I. 
F. 52.7 

Latin and Greek in parallel columns. The top of the title-page 
is cut for autograph. 

'lotoQLwv X6y l ejiiYQaq)6[i8voi jiovaai. His- 

toriarvm libri IX Musarum nominibus inscripti 
Gr. et Lat. ex Lavr. Vallae interpretatione 
cum adnotationibus Thomae Galei et lacobi 
Gronovii. Editionem curavit et suas itemque 
Lvd. Casp. Valckenarii notas adiecit Petrvs 
Wesselingivs. . . . Amstelodami. MDCC- 
LXIII. Engraved title-page. F. 10.3 

Latin and Greek in parallel columns. 

The history of Herodotus. Translated from the 

Greek. By Isaac Littlebury. 3d edition. 
London. M.DCC.XXXVII. 2v. Maps. 8. 


Hervey, James. A collection of [his] letters. Pre- 
fixed, an account of his life and death. London. 
MDCCLX. 2 v. Portrait. Sm. 8. 282.13 

Hierocles, the New Platonist. Les commentaires 
d'Hierocles, sur les Vers dores de Pythagore; 
retablis sur les manuscrits, & traduits en fran- 
Qois avec des remarques. Par M. Dacier. 
Paris. M.DCC.LXXI. [Bibliotheque des an- 
ciens philosophes. Tome 2.] 16. 133.2.2 

Hill, William. Grammaticarum in Dionysii IleQirj- 
yiqaiv annotationum systema, in usum tyronum 
concinnatum. Londini. 1688. Maps. Sm. 
8. No. 2 in 132.9 

Contains a duplicate title-page, which is dated 1687. 

Same. Londini. MDCLVIII. Folded maps. 

No. 2 in 134.7 

Hippocrates. 'Acpopiouot. Aphorismi, Hippocratis 
et Celsi locis parallelis illustrati, studio et cura 
Janssonii ab Almeloveen. . . . Notulas addidit, 



Hippocrates. (Continued.) 

editionem curavit Anna Car. Lorry. Parisiis. 

M.DCCLXXX1V. 32. 134-20 

Histoire de la conjuration de Louis-Philippe-Joseph 

d'Orleans; . . . surnomme figalite. Par 1'au- 

teur de 1'Histoire de la conjuration de Maxi- 

milien Robespierre. See Montjoye, C. F. L. 

V. de La T. 
Histoire des negociations et du traite de paix des 

Pyrenees. [Anon.] See Courchetet d'Esnans, 

Histoire des traites de paix et autres negociations 

du dix-septieme siecle. [Anon.] See Saint- 

Prest, J. Y. de. 
Historia Gotthorvm, Vandalorvm, & Langobardo- 

rvm : ab Hvgone Grotio partim versa, partim in 

ordine digesta. Amstelodami, Apud Ludovi- 

cum Elzevirium, M DC LV. 8. 213.8 

The engraved title-page is missing in this copy. The title- 
page is mutilated. 

Historia succincta Hospitalis S. Elisabethse. See 
Advocatus pauperum, pseud. 

Historiae Avgvstse scriptores VI. yElius Spar- 
tianus. Vulc. Gallicanus. Julius Capitolinus. 
Trebell. Pollio. ^Elius Lampridius. Flavius 
Vospiscus. Cum notis selectis Isaaci Casau- 
boni, Cl. Salmasii & Jani Gruteri. Cum indice 
locupletissimo rerum ac verborum. Accurante 
Cornelio Schrevelio. Lugduni Batavorum. 
M D C LXI. 8. 221.3 

Historical and critical essay, An, on the true rise of 
nobility. [Anon.] See Shelton, M. 

Historical law-tracts. [Anon.] See Home, H., 
Lord Kames. 

Hitt, Thomas. A treatise of fruit-trees. 2d edition. 
London. MDCCLVII. Plates. 8. 290.8 

Autograph: John Adams. 



Hobart, Sir Henry, Baronet. Reports . . . En- 
larged, with addition [s. London. 1722.] L. 
8. 102.4 

The title-page and table of contents are badly mutilated and 
torn. Cases tried in England. 

The reports of . . . S r Henry Hobart . . . Lord 

Chief Justice of His Majesty's Court of Com- 
mon Pleas . . . 5th edition . . . With . . . 
new references, bv Edward Chilton. In the 
Savoy. MDCCXXIV. F. 82.3 

Title-page cut for autograph. 

Hobbes, Thomas. Moral and political works. . . . 

Prefixed the author's life. London. M CCL. 

Engraved title-page. F. 122.1 

Hocquart de Coubron, - . Nouvelles vues sur 

1'administration des finances, et sur 1'allege- 

ment de 1'impot. A La Haye. 1785. 8. 

On taxation in France. 231.3 

Hodgson, H. T. Catalogue of Hodgson's subscrip- 
tion library . . . No. 9, Great Mary-le-bone 
Street. [London. 1813?] 12. 244.19 

Hog, The. Composed by a father, for his son. 
[Anon.] See Lee, W. 

Hollis, Thomas, Memoirs of. [Anon.] See Black- 
burne, F. 

Holmes, Abiel, D.D. The life of Ezra Stiles, DD.. 
LL.D. Boston. 1798. Portrait. 8. 252.3 

Holmes. Abiel, D.D. The life of Ezra Stiles, D.D. 
Boston. 1798. Portrait. 8. 252.3 

A sermon, on the freedom and happiness of 

America; preached at Cambridge, February 19, 
1795, the day appointed . . . for a national 
thanksgiving. Boston. 1795. 8. No. 3 in 211.4 
Holmes. John. The statesman, or principles of 
legislation and law. Augusta [Maine]. 1840. 
8. 161.8 

Book-plate: Charles Francis Adams. 



Holt, Sir John. A report of all the cases deter- 
mined by Sir John Holt, Knt. from 1688 to 
1710, during which time he was Lord Chief 
Justice of England. In the Savoy. M.DCC.- 
XXXVIII. Black-letter. F. 72.13 

Home, Henry, Lord Kames. Elements of criticism. 
7th edition. Edinburgh. M,DCC,LXXXVIII. 
2 v. Portrait. 8. 250.2 

In both volumes, book-plate: J. Q. Adams; autograph: J. 

Essays upon several subjects concerning British 

antiquities. 3d edition. Edinburgh. MDCC- 
LXIII. 12. 245.19 

Contents. Introduction of the feudal law into Scotland. 
Constitution of parliament. Honour. Dignity. Succes- 
sion or descent. Hereditary right. 
Autograph: John Adams. 

Historical law-tracts. 2d edition. [Anon.] 

Edinburgh. MDCCLXI. 8. 262.16 

Autograph: John Adams, 1761. 

Homer. Hymnus in Cererem, nunc primum editus 
a Davide Ruhnkenio. Lugduni Batavorum. 
MDCCLX-XX. 8. 180.4 

Ilias Greece et Latine. Annotationes in usum 

. . . Gulielmi Augusti, Ducis de Cumberland. 
&c., . . . scripsit atque edidit Samuel Clarke. 
Editio secunda. Londini. MDCCLIV. 2 v. 
Maps. 4. 23.9 

Book xiii-xxiv edited by S. Clarke, son of the original editor. 

'ttidoos pipAoi A, E, I. Iliados libri I. V. IX. 
Cum scholiis brevioribus, et indice ... In 
usum scholarum. Londini. MDCCLX. Sm. 
8. 132.12 

Autograph: John Adams. 

The Iliad. Translated by Alexander Pope. 

London. MDCCLIX. 4v. Illus. Portrait. 

12. 142.2 

In all volumes, book-plate: J. Q. Adams, 1781. In vol. i, auto- 
graph: John Adams; in vol. 4, J. Q. Adams. 



Homer. (Continued.) 

Same. Vol. 3, 4. Glasgow. MDCCLIV. Sm. 

8. 132.11 

Autograph: John Adams. 

The Odyssey. Translated by Alexander Pope. 

Vol. 2-4. London. 1760. 12. 142.3 

Vols. 3, 4 have book-plate: J. Q. Adams, 1781. Vols. 2, 4, 
autograph: John Adams, 1/83. 

Qvse exstant omnia Ilias, Odyssea, Batracho- 

myomachia, Hymni, Poematia aliquot cum 
Latina versione omnium quae circumferuntur 
emendatiss. aliquot locis iam castigatiore per- 
petuis item iustisque in Iliada simul & Odys- 
seam lo. Spondani Mauleonensis commentariis : 
Pindari quinetiam Thebani Epitome Iliados 
Latinis versib. & Daretis Phrygij de bello 
Troiano libri, a Corn. Nepote eleganter latino 
yersi carmine. Editio vltima superiore lima- 
tior. Basilese. [MDCVL] 2v.ini. F. 

Autographs: Jeremiah Gridley, John Adams. 2I.Q 

Honoraire, Un, des Acad. des sciences d' Amiens, &c. 
See La Maillardiere, C. F. L., Vicomte de. 

Hooker, Richard. Works, in eight books of ecclesi- 
astical polity, . . . With an account of his 
life and death [by Isaac Walton]. London. 
1666. F. 112.5 

Autographs: John Adams, Nath 1 Williams. 

Horatius Flaccus, Quintus. Oeuvres d'Horace, en 
latin, traduites en frangois par M. Dacier, et 
le P. Sanadon. Avec les remarques critiques, 
historiques et geographiques, de 1'un et de 
1'autre. Amsterdam. M.DCC.XXXV. 8 v. 
Plates. Vignettes. 16. 154.2 

Opera. Interpretatione & notis illustravit Ludo- 

vicus Desprez ... in usum serenissimi Del- 
phini, ac serenissimorum principum Burgundise, 
Andium & Biturigum. Huic editioni acces- 
sere Vita Horatii, cum Dacerii notis, ejusdem 



Horatius Flaccus, Quintus. (Continued.) 

chronologia Horatiana, & praefatio. De satyra 
de Romana. Editio loa. Londini. M DCC- 
XL. Sm. 8. 212.8 

Remarques critiques sur les Oeuvres d'Horace, 

avec une nouvelle traduction [par A. Dacier]. 
Tome i, 2, 4-10. Paris. M.DC.LXXXI-M.- 
DC.LXXXIX. 12. 154.1 

Hosack, David. A biographical memoir of Hugh 
Williamson . . . Delivered on the first of 
November, 1819, at the request of the New- 
York Historical Society. New York. 1820. 
8. No. ii in 251.4 

Same. 1821. Portrait. 8. No. 2 in 161.6 
Houdart de La Motte, Antoine. Odes. 36 edition, 

augmentee. Paris. 1711. 2 v. Plate. 
16. 203.2 

Howe, Sir William. Campagnes militaires ... en 
Amerique. La Haye [etc.]. MDCCLXXXI. 
16. 141.18 

Howell, James. S. P. Q. V. A survay of the 
signorie of Venice, of her admired policy, and 
method of government, &c. . . . London. M.- 
DC. LI. Plate. Vignette. F. 43.6 

Hughes, John, editor. A complete history of Eng- 
land : with the lives of all the kings and queens 
thereof; . . . to the death of . . . William III. 
London. 1706. 3 y. Portraits. F. 61.7 

Vols. I and 2 were compiled by John Hughes. Vol. 3 was 
written by Bishop Kennett. Two copies of vols. 2 and 3 are 
on this shelf-number. The volumes of this set all lack the 
portraits, and vol. I lacks also the cover, title-page, first two 
pages of the preface, and last three pages of the index. 

Hume, David. The history of England, from the 
invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 
1688. New edition . . . Prefixed, a short 
account of his life, written by himself. Vol. 
2-8. London. MDCCLXXVIII. 8. 131.6 



Huntington, Dan. An intolerant spirit, hostile to 
the interests of society. A sermon, ... on 
the anniversary election, May 29, 1822. Bos- 
ton. 1822. 8. No. 16 in 211.3 

Hurd, Richard, Bishop of Worcester. Moral and 
political dialogues ; with letters on chivalry and 
romance. 3d edition. London. MDCC- 
LXV. 3v. Portrait. Sm. 8. 234.6 

Each volume has autograph: John Adams, 1769; and in 
volume 3 are manuscript notes by him. 

Hutcheson, Francis. An essay on the nature and 
conduct of the passions and affections. With 
illustrations on the moral sense. [Anon.] 
4th edition. London. MDCCLVI. 8. 291.3 

An inquiry into the original of our ideas of beauty 

and virtue. 2d edition. London. 1726. Sm. 
8. 291.8 

Autographs: Jeremy Gridley, 1727, John Adams, 1773. 

Same. 4th edition. London. M.DCC.XXX- 

VIII. 8. 291.2 

Philosophiae moralis institutio compendiaria, 

ethices & jurisprudentiae naturalis elementa 
continens. Lib. III. Glasguae. M DCC- 
XLII. 12. 254.12 

Recherches sur 1'origine des idees que nous avons 

de la beaute & de la vertu. Traduit sur la 46 
edition angloise. [Anon.] Amsterdam. M.- 
DCC.XLIX. 2v.ini. 16. 254.16 

This translation has been attributed to Guillaume Laget and 
to Marc Antoine Eidous. 

A system of moral philosophy, in three books. 

Published from the original manuscript by his 
son Francis Hutcheson. Prefixed some ac- 
count of the life, writings, and character of 
the author, by William Leechman. Glasgow. 
M.DCC.LV. 2v. 4. 100.2 

Hutchinson, Thomas. Diary and letters . . . 
With an account of his administration when 



Hutchinson, Thomas. (Continued.) 

he was member and speaker of the House 
of Representatives, and his government of 
[Massachusetts Bay] colony during the period 
that preceded the War of Independence. By 
Peter Orlando Hutchinson. Boston. 1884, 
1886. 2 v. Portrait. Facsimiles. 8. 150.9 

The history of the Province of Massachusets- 

Bay, from the charter of King William and 
Mary, in 1691, until the year 1750. Boston. 

Top of title-page torn for autograph. This is vol. 2 of the 
first edition of Hutchinson's History. 

Hutton, Charles. A course of mathematics. Com- 
posed for the use of the Royal Military Acade- 
my. London. 1811-15. 3 v. 8. 102.5 

Vols. i, 2 are of the sixth edition. 

Hutton, Sir Richard. The young clerks guide : or, 
an exact collection of English presidents [sic] 
, . For all sorts of indentures, letters of 
atturney, releases, conditions, &c. . . . Com- 
piled by Sir. R. H. counsellor. loth impres- 
sion London 1659. 3v. in. i. 24. 245.12 

Hyde, Edward, ist Earl of Clarendon. A collec- 
tion of several tracts . . . Published from 
his lordship's original manuscripts. London. 
M DCC XXVII. F. 62.2 

Contents. -- Vindication of myself from the charge of high 

treason. Reflections upon several Christian duties. Against 

the multiplying controversies. A dialogue of the want of 

respect due to age. Contemplations upon the psalms of 


Autograph: John Adams. 

The history of the rebellion and civil wars in 

England, begun in the year 1641. . . . With 
. . . conclusion thereof ... in the year 1660. 
Vol. 2, part 2; vol. 3, part i, 2. Oxford. 
MDCCXX. 3v. Portraits. 8. 230.7 

Book-plate: J. Q. Adams. Autograph: John Adams. 



lardin, Le, des racines greqves. [Anon.] See 
Lancelot, C. 

Illustrations of prophecy. [Anon.] See Towers, 
J. L. 

Impartial history, An, of the late revolution in 
France, from its commencement to the death 
of the queen, and the execution of the deputies 
of the Gironde party. Philadelphia. M.DCC- 
XCIV. 2v.ini. 8. 252.23 

Contains manuscript notes in margin, apparently by John 

Independent Whig, The : or, a defence of primitive 
Christianity. [Anon.] See Gordon, T., and J. 

Institut de France. Academic frangaise. Diction- 
naire de 1'Academie frangoise. 46 edition. 
Paris. M.DCC.LXII. 2 v. Vignettes. F. 51.3 

Institutions astronomiques. [Anon.] See Keill, J. 

Instructions for officers detached in the field : con- 
taining a scheme for forming a partisan. Lon- 
don. ' M.DCC.LXX. Plans. 16. 254.5 

Isidorus, Saint, Bishop of Seville. Chronicon. (In 
Grotius, Hugo. Historia Gotthorvm. Pp. 
705-740. Amstelodami. M DCLIV.) 213.8 

Ivernois, Sir Frangois d'. Des causes qui ont amene 
Tusurpation du General Bonaparte, et qui pre- 
parent sa chute. Londres. 1800. 8. 242.6 

"From the author." On French finances under the Consulate. 

Des revolutions de France et de Geneve. Lon- 

dres. 1795. 8. 242.2 

"From the author." 

fitat des finances et des ressources de la Repu- 

blique frangaise, au i er Janvier, 1796. Londres. 
1796. 8. No. 2 in 242.2 

Pp. 65-72 are missing. 

Histoire de 1'administration des finances de la Re- 

publique frangaise pendant 1'annee 1796. Lon- 
dres. 1796. 8. 242.3 

"From the author." 


Ivernois, Sir Francois d'. (Continued.) 

Same. [London? 179-?] 214.8 

Lacks the title-page. 

An historical and political view of the constitu- 

tion and revolutions of Geneva in the eighteenth 
century. . . . Translated by John Farell. 
London. M.DCC.LXXXIV. 8. 242.1 

Justification d'un magistrat accuse de vol, et 

suspendu de ses emplois, sans avoir ete de- 
clare atteint et convaincu. [Geneve?] 1786. 
Folded table. 8. 161.4 

The magistrate was the Justicier Viret. 

A short account of the late revolution in Geneva; 

and of the conduct of France towards that 
republic, from October 1792, to October 1794. 
In a series of letters. London. 1795. 8. 

No. 2 in 283.15 

The title-page is mutilated. Translated and enlarged from 
Tableau de la revolution franchise a Geneve [242.4]. 

Tableau historique et politique de radministra- 

tion de la Republique franchise pendant 1'annee 
1797, des causes qui ont amene la revolution du 
4 septembre, et de ses resultats. Tome i. 
Londres. 1798. 8. 242.4 

On the financial condition of France. 

Tableau historique et politique des deux dernieres 

revolutions de Geneve. Par * * * *. Londres. 
1789. 2 v. 8. 213.7 

Tableau historique et politique des pertes que 

la revolution et la guerre ont causees au peuple 
frangais. Londres. 1799. 8. 242.5 

"From the author." 

Jablonski, Johann Theodor. Neues teutsch- 
frantzosisches Worter-Buch . . . heraus ge- 
geben durch Peter Rondeau [pseud.] . . . 
Aufs neue iibersehen . . . durch August Jo- 
hann Buxtorff. Basel. 1740. 4. 53.6 

"John Q. Adams, bo't at St. Petersbourg Febx. %, 1782." 



Jackson, James, M.D. An eulogy on the character 
of John Warren, M.D. Boston. 1815. 8. 

Presentation copy from Mrs. Warren to John Adams. 141.33 

Jacob, Giles. The new law dictionary. ... In 
the Savoy. MDCCXLIII. 8. 261.13 

Book-plate: J. Q. Adams. Autograph: John Adams. 

The poetical register: or, the lives and characters 
of all the English poets. With an account of 
their writings. [Anon.] London. 1723. 
2 v. 8. 252.17 

James, Edwin. Account of an expedition from 
Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains, . . . 1819, 
20. ... Under the command of Major Stephen 
H. Long. Philadelphia. 1822, 23. 8. 170.5 

This copy lacks the atlas. 

Janigon, Frangois Michel. tat present de la re- 
publique des Provinces-Unies, et des pais qui 
en dependent. 4e edition, augmentee. A La 
Haye. M.DCC.LV. 2 v. Plates. Table. 
Vignettes. 12. 214.2 

Jardine, Alexander. Letters from Barbary, France, 
Spain, Portugal, &c. By an English officer. 
London. MDCCLXXXVIII. 2 v. 8. 221.11 

Jarvis, Samuel Farmar. Discourse on the religion 
of the Indian tribes of North America. De- 
livered before the New-York Historical Society, 
December 20, 1819. New York. 1820. 8. 


Jarvis, William Charles. The Republican; or a 
series of essays on the principles and policy of 
free states. Having a particular reference to 
the United States of America. Pittsfield. 
1820. 12. 233.5 

Jay, John. Letters, being the whole of the corres- 
pondence between John Jay, and Lewis Little- 
page. New York. M.DCC.LXXXVI. 4. 

No. 8 in 170.9 



Jebb, John, M.D. Works, theological, medical, 
political, and miscellaneous. With memoirs of 
the life of the author, by John Disney. London. 
MDCCLXXXVII. 3v. Portrait. 8. 131.7 

Same. Vol. I, 3. 131.8 

Vol. i of this set lacks the title-page. The contents are mostly 
theological in character. 

Jelinger, Christopher. Usury stated, overthrown; 
or, usuries champions with their auxiliaries, 
shamefully disarmed and beaten: by an answer 
to its chief champion, which lately appeared in 
print to defend it. And godliness epitomized. 
London. [167-?] Sm. 8. 263.3 

Title-page mutilated. 

Jenks, William, D.D. An eulogy illustrative of the 
life, and commemorative of the beneficience of 
the late James Bowdoin, with notices of his 
family; pronounced in Brunswick, (Maine), at 
the request of the trustees and overseers of 
Bowdoin College, on the annual commence- 
ment, Sept. 2d, 1812. Boston. 1812. 4. 73.6 

Jerubbaal: or, a vindication of the sober testimony 
against sinful complyance, from the exceptions 
of Mr. Tombs, in answer to his Theodulia. 
. . . London. 1668. Sm. 4. 263.20 

Johnson, Alexander Bryan. An address to the 
Utica Lyceum, delivered February 17, 1825, 
prefatory to his course of lectures on the philo- 
sopher of human knowledge. Utica. 1825. 
16. No. 5 in 290.10 

The philosophy of human knowledge, or a 

treatise on language. A course of lectures de- 
livered at the Utica Lyceum. New York. 
1828. 8. 160.14 

Johnson, Anthony. An historical account of the 
several English translations of the Bible, and 
the opposition they met with from the church 



Johnson, Anthony. (Continued.) 

of Rome. (In Watson, Richard, editor. A 
collection of theological tracts. Vol. 3, pp. 60- 
100. Cambridge. M.DCC.LXXXV.) 181.1.3 

Johnson, Samuel, LL.D. The lives of the most 
eminent English poets; with critical observa- 
tions on their works. New edition, corrected. 
London. MDCCLXXXIII. 4 v. Portrait. 
8. 260.1 

Vol. 3 has autograph: John Adams. All have his book-plate. 

Joly, Claude. Memoire concernant le Cardinal de 
Retz. [1648-1655.] (In Joly, Guy. Me- 
moires. Vol. 2, pp. 123-218. Geneve. M.- 
DCC.LXXVII.) 174.1.2 

On the religious history of the period, in France. 

Joly, Guy. Memoires . . . Suivis d'un Memoire 
concernant le cardinal de Retz, extrait d'une 
histoire manuscrite, composee par Claude Joli, 
. . . et Memoires de madame la duchesse de 
Nemours. Nouvelle edition, . . . Geneve. 
M.DCC.LXXVIL 2v. 16. 174.1 

Jones, Sir Thomas. The reports of several special 
cases adjudged in the Courts of King's Bench 
and Common Pleas at Westminster, in the 
reign of King Charles II. 2d edition in French 
and English. In the Savoy. MDCCXXIX. 
F. 82.4 

Autographs: Jer. Gridley and John Adams. 

Jordanes. De Getarvm sive Gothorum origine, & 
rebus gestis. Ex recognitione Bon. Vvlcanii 
Brvgensis. (In Grotius, Hugo. Historia 
Gotthorvm. Pp. 605-703. Amstelodami. 
M DC LV.) 213.8 

De regnorvm ac temporvm svccessione liber. De 
origine actvque Getarvm liber. (In Zosimus. 
Historiarum libri VI. Pp. 560-635. Aureliae 
Allobr. MDCV.) 22.1 



Josephus, Flavius. Ta evptoxo^isva. Opera quse 
extant, nempe Antiqvitatvm Ivdaicarvm libri 
XX. Sigismundo Gelenio interprete. De 
bello Ivdaico libri VII. (interprete, vt vulgo 
creditum est, Rufino Aquileiensi) quibus ap- 
pendicis loco accessit De vita losephi. Ad- 
versvs Apionem libri II. ex interpretatione 
Rufini a Gelenio emendata. De Machabseis, 
seu de imperio rationis liber I. cum paraphrasi 
Erasmi Roterodami. Quse Grgecolatina editio 
Graecorum Palatinse Bibliothecse manuscript, 
codicum collatione castigatior facta est . . . 
Genevae. M DC XL F. 31.2 

Histoire des Ivifs. . . . Tradvite sur 1'original 

Grec reveu sur divers manuscrits par Monsievr 
Arnavld D'Andilly. Paris. M.DC.LXVII- 
M.DC.LXVIII. 2v. Illus. Maps. F. 21.7 

Journal des sgavans, pour 1'annee M.DCC.LXXX, 
mai, juin, vol. i, 2, septembre ; M.DCC.LXXXI, 
mars. Paris. M.DCC.LXXX, M.DCC.- 
LXXXI. 5 v. 24. 175.15 

Journal du nord. Supplement. No. XXX. Juillet 
1810. [Copenhague. 1810.] 8. 150.6 

Contains the Reglement pour 1'armement en course et pour 
les prises dans les Duches de Schleswig et de Holstein. 
Copenhague les 28 mars 1810. Signed, Frederic R. 

Journal historique et politique des principaux evene- 

mens des differentes cours de 1'Europe. No. 

XLII. Samedi 14 octobre 1780. Geneve. 

M.DCC.LXXX. 24. 182.5 

Journal litteraire et bibliographique. Mai, 1802. 

Hambourg. 1802. 8. 213.5 

Jouvancy, Joseph de. Appendix de diis et heroibus 

poeticis; ou abrege de 1'histoire poetique. 

Paris. M.DCC.LXIV. 24. 175.12 

Novus apparatus Graeco-Latinus, cum interpre- 

tatione Gallica. Ex Isocrate, Demosthene, 



Jouvancy, Joseph de. (Continued.) 

aliisque prsecipuis auctoribus Graecis concin- 
natus. Nova editio auctior & emendatior. 
[Anon.] Parisiis. M DCC LIV. 4. 60.3 

A Latin dictionary with definitions in French and Greek. 

Judgment, The, of whole kingdoms and nations 
. . . [Anon.] See Somers, J. 

Juigne-Broissiniere, D. de. Dictionaire theologiqve, 
historiqve, poetiqve, cosmographiqve, et chro- 
nologiqve. 7e edition. Roven. M. DC. LX- 
VIII. 4. 140.4 

The title-page and the two following pages are mutilated. 

Julianus, Flavius Claudius, Emperor. Defense du 
paganisme par 1'Empereur Julien, en grec et en 
frangois, avec des dissertations et des notes 
. . . par le Marquis d'Argens. 36 edition aug- 
mentee. Berlin. 1769. 2v.ini. 16. 133.4 

Autograph: John Adams, 1815. 

Junker, George Adam. Nouveaux principes de la 
VIII. 8. 173.12 

Jurieu, Pierre. Traite de la devotion. lie edition, 
augmentee. Geneve. MDCCXXIII. 12. 264.16 

Justice, The, and policy of the late act of Parlia- 
ment, for making more effectual provision for 
the government of the Province of Quebec. 
[Anon.] See Knox, W. 

Justinus. De historiis Philippicis, et totius mundi 
originibus, interpretatione & notis illustravit 
Petrus Josephus Cantel ... in usum Serenis- 
simi Delphini. Editio altera . . . Huic edi- 
tione accessere Jacobi Bongarsii Excerptiones 
chronologicae . . . Londini. MDCCXLII. 8. 

Autographs: John Adams, Christopher Estwich. 212.5 

Juvenalis, Decimus Junius. D. Junii Juvenalis et 
A. Persii Flacci Satirae. Interpretatione ac 
notis illustravit Ludovicus Prateus. . . . Edi- 
tio septima. Londini. M,DCC,XXXVL 8. 

Autograph: John Adams. 2OI.6 



Kames, Lord. See Home, H. 

Keill, John. Institutions astronomiques, ou legons 
elementaires d'astronomie . . . , avec de nou- 
velles tables d'equation corrigees; et particu- 
lierement les tables du soleil, de la lune & des 
satellites; . . . [Anon. Traduites et aug- 
mentees par P. C. Le Monnier.] Paris. M.- 
DCC.XLVL Diagrams. 8. 80.4 

Kelyng, Sir John. A report of divers cases in pleas 
of the Crown, adjudged and determined in the 
reign of the late King Charles II. With direc- 
tions for justices of the peace and others. . . . 
Added, the report of three modern cases, Arm- 
strong and Lisle - - The King and Plummer 
The Queen and Mawgridge. Dublin. M,- 
DCC,LXXXIX. 8. 261.14 

Book-plate: J. Q. Adams. 

Kemp, Francois Adriaan van der. Historic der 
admissie in de ridderschap van Overyssel, van 
Jr. Johan Derk van der Capellen. Leyden. 
MDCCLXXXV. 8. 150.5 

Kennett, White, D.D., Bishop of Peterborough. See 
Hughes, John. A complete history of England. 

Ker, John. Selectarum de lingua Latina observa- 
tionum liber alter. Londini. MDCCVIII. 
8. 221.7 

Vol. i is missing. The title-page is mutilated. Contains 
autographs: John Adams and Eben Parkman. 

Kimber, Edward. The peerage of England. Lon- 
don. 1766. 26 plates of coats of arms. 24. 


The peerage of Scotland. London. 1767. 16 
plates of coats of arms. 24. 244.12 

King, Sir Peter, ist Baron King. An enquiry into 
the constitution, discipline, unity and worship, 
of the primitive church, that flourished within 
the first three hundred years after Christ . . . 



King, Sir Peter. (Continued.) 

By an impartial hand. London. 1713. 2 parts 
in i v. Sm. 8. 282.3 

Autograph: A. Eliot, 1770. On title-page: "WX Welsteed's 
book, 1714." 

Kirkland, John Thornton. An oration, delivered 
at the request of the Society of $ B K, in the 
chapel of Harvard College, July 19, 1798. 
Boston. 1798. 8. No. 6 in 252.8 

Knox, John, of London, publisher. A new collec- 
tion of voyages, discoveries and travels. Lon- 
don. MDCCLXVII. 7v. Plates. Maps. 
Plans. 8. 261.5 

A view of the British Empire, more especially 
Scotland; with some proposals for the im- 
provement of that country, the extension of its 
fisheries, and the relief of the people. 3d edi- 
tion, enlarged. London. MDCCLXXXV. 
2 v. 8. 131.1 

Knox, John, Scottish reformer. The history of the 
reformation of religion within the realm of 
Scotland . . . With the life of the author 
. . . Added, I. An admonition to England 
and Scotland ... by Anthoni Gilby. II. The 
first and second books of discipline. Glasgow. 
MDCCLXI. Portrait. 4. 181.4 

Autograph : John Adams. 

Knox, Vicesimus. The spirit of despotism. [Anon.] 
Philadelphia. MDCCXCV. 12. 234.9 

Knox, William. The justice and policy of the late 
act of Parliament, for making more effectual 
provision for the government of the Province 
of Quebec, asserted and proved; . . . [Anon.] 
London. MDCCLXXIV. 8. " 141.11 

Koenigliche Akademie der Kiinste, Berlin. Ver- 
zeichniss der Werke lebender Kiinstler, 1858. 
41. Kunstausstellung. Berlin. [1858.] 8. 



Kolb, Gregor. Examen juris canonici juxta V. 
libros decretalium . . . Viennae. MDCC- 
XXVIII. 16. 283.14 

Koninklijke Akademie van Wetenschappen, Am- 
sterdam. Histoire de 1' Academic royale des 
sciences: annee M.DCCXX. Avec les Me- 
moires de mathematique & de physique . . . 
Amsterdam. M.DCCXXIV. Plates. 12. 


Koran. The Koran, commonly called the Alcoran 
of Mahomet. Translated from the original 
Arabick into French, by the Sieur de Ryer. 
The whole now faithfully translated into Eng- 
lish, ist American edition. Springfield. 
1806. 8. 281.1 

Title-page mutilated for autograph. 

Kyd, Stewart. A treatise on the law of bills of 
exchange and promissory notes. 3d edition. 
London. 1795. 8. I 5 I - I 4 

L * * *, M. 1'Abbe. See Laugier, M. A. 

L., M. de, pseud. See Longchamps, P. C. de. 

La Bruyere, Jean de. Characters : or, the manners 
of the age. With the Moral characters of 
Theophrastus. Translated from the Greek. 
Prefixed, an account of his life and writings. 
Made English by several hands. 5th edition. 
Added, an original chapter of the manner of 
living with great men ... [By Nicholas 
Rowe.] London. 1709. Plate. 8. 132.7 

Autograph: John Adams. 

La Chatre, Edmunde, Comte de Nangay. Me- 
moires de Monsieur de la Chastre, contenans 
la fin du regne de Louis XIII. & le commence- 
ment de celui de Louis XIV. (In La Roche- 
foucauld, Frangois, Due de. Memoires de la 
minorite de Louis XIV. Vol. i, pp. 1-165. 
Trevoux. M.DCC.LIV.) 165.5.1 



La Clede, N. de. Histoire generale de Portugal. 
T. 7,8. Paris. M.DCC.XXXV. 12. 175.2.7,8 

La Condamine, Charles Marie de. Relation abregee 
d'un voyage fait dans 1'interieur de TAmerique 
meridionale. . . . Nouvelle edition augmentee 
de la Relation de 1'emeute populaire de Cuenga 
au Perou, et d'une lettre de M. Godin des Odo- 
nais. Maestricht. M.DCC.LXXVIII. Fold- 
ed map. Folded plate. 8. 261.18 

La Fayette, Marie Paul Joseph Roch Ives Gilbert 
Motier, Marquis de. Opinion de M. de La 
Fayette, depute de La Sarthe, sur le budget des 
depenses. Seance du 4 juin 1821. Paris. 
1821. 8. 280.18 

Laffitte, Jacques. Opinion de M. Lafitte, depute de 
La Seine, sur le projet de loi relatif aux finances 
pour 1817, prononcee a la seance du 10 fevrier 
1817. Paris. 1817. 8. 280.19 

La Font, Joseph de. De schipbreuk, of de lykstaet- 
sie van Krispyn ; kluchtspel. Gevolgd naer het 
Fransche. Amsteldam. 1720. 16. 

No. 4 in 224.3 

La Fontaine, Jean de. Contes et nouvelles en vers. 
Londres. M.DCC.LV. 2v.ini. 24. 164.10 

Fables choisies, mises en vers. Nouvelle edition, 
. . . augmentee de notes . . . [par M. Monte- 
nault] . . Paris. MDCCLXXIX. 2 v. 
in i. 16. 164.12 

Book-plate: J. Q. Adams, 1780. 

La Forest, Antoine Rene Charles Mathurion, Comte 
de. Methode d'instruction pour ramener des 
pretendus reformes a I'figlise romaine, et con- 
firmer les catholiques dans leur croyance. 
Paris [etc.]. M.DCC.LXXXIV. 12. 263.14 

Lalande, Joseph Jerome le Frangois de. Astrono- 
mic. 2e edition revue et augmentee. Paris. 



Lalande, J. J. le F. de. (Continued.) 

M.DCCLXXI, M.DCC.LXXXI. 4 v. Plates. 
Tables. 4. 80.6 

Tome 4 is of the first edition. 

La Maillardiere, Charles Frangois Lefevre, Vicomte 
de. Le produit et le droit des communes, et 
autres biens; ou, 1'encyclopedie rurale, econo- 
mique et civile. . . . Par un Honoraire des 
Acad. des sciences d' Amiens, &c. Paris. 1783. 
2 v. in i. 8. 291.14 

Lamberty, Guillaume de. Memoires pour servir a 
1'histoire du XVIII siecle, contenant les nego- 
ciations, traitez, resolutions et autres documens 
authentiques concernant les affaires d'etat; liez 
par une narration historique des principaux 
evenemens dont ils ont etc precedez ou suivis, 
& particulierement de ce qui s'est passe a la 
Haie, qui a toujours etc comme le centre de 
toutes ces negociations. A la Haye [etc.] 
MDCCXXIV-MDCCXL. 14 v. " Maps. 
Tables. 4. 100.1 

Inserted are book-plates of Joseph Xaupi. 

Lamigne, J. Histoire du Prince d'Orange et de 
Nassau, etc. [John William Friso, Prince of 
Orange]. Lewarde. M D CCXV. 2 v. in i. 
Portrait. Plate. Maps. Plans. Vignettes. 
16. 214.5 

Lampridius, Aelius. See Historiae Avgvstse scrip- 
tores VI. 

Lancelot, Claude. Le iardin des racines greqves. 
mises en vers frangois. 36 edition. [Anon.] 
Paris. M.DC.LXXIV. 8. 154.9 

The French verses are by Lemaistre de Sacy. 

Lancelot, Claude, and others. Novvelle methode 
povr apprendre facilement la langve greqve: 
contenant les regies des declinaisons [etc. 
. . . Anon.] Paris. M.DC.LV. 8. 132.10 

Written by C. Lancelot, A. Arnauld and P. Nicole. 



Landais, Pierre. Memorial, to justify Peter Lan- 
dai's conduct during the last war. [Part 
i]. Boston. MDCCLXXXIV. Diagrams. 
Sm. 4. No. 3 in 170.9 

The imprint is mutilated. 

Lange, Wilhelm. De annis Christi libri duo. . . . 
Lugduni Batavornm. M D C XLIX. Sm. 4. 


Contains autographs: N. Williams, Jonathan Mitchell, 1650, 
and Benjamin Wadsworth, 1694. 

Langendijk, Pieter. Don Quichot, op de Bruiloft 
van Kamacho; blyspel. Amsterdam. 1736. 
Vignette. 16. 224.2 

La Placette, Jean. Divers traites sur des matieres 
de conscience . . . Amsterdam. M.DC.XC- 
VII. Engraved title-page. 12. 264.13 

Essais de morale. Nouvelle edition. Tome I. 

Amsterdam. M.DCC.XXXII. Engraved 
title-page. 12. 263.1 

Oeuvres diverses. Tome i, 5, 8. Amsterdam. 

M.DCCXXXVIII. Plates. 12. 263.16 

Contents. i. Le traite de la foi divine. 5. La mort des justes, 

tome i. 8. Le traite de la conscience. 

Pages (i), (2), 207, and 208 of Tome 5 are mutilated. 

Traite des bonnes oeuvres en general. Amster- 

dam. M.DCC. Plate. 12. 264.11 

Autograph : John Adams. 

Lardner, Nathaniel. A history of the Apostles 
and Evangelists. Cambridge. M.DCC.LXX- 
XV. [Watson, Richard, editor. A collection 
of theological tracts. Vol.2.] 8. 181.1.2 

Of the argument for the truth of Christianity 

arising from the fulfilment of our Saviour's 
predictions concerning the destruction of the 
Temple, and the city of Jerusalem, and the dis- 
persion of the Jews. (In Watson, Richard, 
editor. A collection of theological tracts. Vol. 
5, pp. 103-176. London. M.DCC.LXXXV.) 




La Rive, Auguste de. Recherches sur le mode de 
distribution de 1'electricite dynamique dans les 
corps qui lui servent de conducteurs. (In 
Societe de physique et d'histoire naturelle de 
Geneve. Memoires. Vol. 3, part i. Pp. 109- 
129.) 103.5 

La Rochefoucauld, Frangois, Due de. Memoires de 
la minorite de Louis XIV . . . Avec une pre- 
face nouvelle . . . Par M. le Due D. L. R. 
Trevoux. M.DCC.LIV. 2 v. 24. 165.5 

Les pensees, maximes, et reflexions morales . . . 
avec des remarques & notes critiques, morales, 
politiques & historiques sur chacune de ces pen- 
sees, par Amelot de la Houssaye & 1'abbe de 
La Roche, & des Maximes chretiennes par 
Madame de La Sabliere. Paris. M.DCC- 
LXXVII. 12. 192.2 

Autograph: John Adams, Paris, 1780. Book-plate: Charles 
Francis Adams (the elder). 

La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, Francois Alexandre 
Frederic, Due de. Travels through the United 
States of North America, the country of the 
Iroquois, and Upper Canada, in the years 1795, 
1796, and 1797; with An authentic account of 
Lower Canada. [Translated by H. Neuman.] 
Vol. i. London. 1799. Maps. 4. 73.4 

Vol. 2 is missing. 

La Rocque, de, valet de chambre de la reine. 

fitablissement d'une caisse generate des epar- 
gnes du peuple . . . Bruxelles. M.DCC- 
LXXXVI. Tables. 8. 280.9 

Larroque, Daniel. Nouvelles accusations contre 
Mr. Varillas, ou remarques critiques contre une 
partie de son premier livre de 1'Histoire de 
1'heresie. Amsterdam. M.DC.LXXXVII. 
12. No. 2 in 164.9 



La Sabliere, Marguerite Hessein. Maximes chre- 
tiennes. (In La Rochefoucauld, Frangois, 
Due de. Les pensees, maximes et reflexions 
morales. Paris. M.DCC.LXXVII.) 192.2 

The "maximes" are scattered through the volume. 

Laugier, Marc Antoine. Histoire de la Republique 
de Venise, depuis sa fondation jusqu'a present, 
par M. 1'Abbe L * * *. Paris. M.DCCLVIII- 
M.DCC.LXVIII. 12 v. 12. 174.3 

Vols. 6, 8, autographs: John Adams. 

Law-French dictionary, The, alphabetically di- 
gested; . . . Added, the Law-Latin dictionary 
. . . 2d edition, enlarg'd. In the Savoy. 1718. 
2 v. in i. Sm. 8. 262.6 

Autograph : John Adams. 

Le Clerc, Jean. C. Crispi Sallustii vita. (In Sal- 
lustius Crispus, Caius. Bellum Catilinarium 
et Jugurthinum. Pp. xxix xli. London. M- 
DCCLXVI.) 212.1 

Histoire des Provinces-Unies des Pays Bas 

[1560-1715] . . . Avec les principales me- 
dailles et leur explication . . . jusqu'au traite 
de Barriere conclu en 1716. Amsterdam. M- 
graved title-page. Plates. Map. F. 61.5 

Joannis Clerici Logica, Ontologia, et Pneuma- 

tologia. Editio 5a. Londini. MDCCXVI. 
12. 254.11 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Negociations secretes touchant la paix de Mun- 

ster et d'Osnabrug. ... La Haye. MDCC- 
XXV, MDCCXXVI. 4 v. F. 91.2 

Le Clerc, Sebastien. Traite de geometric theorique 
et pratique, a 1'usage des artistes. Nouvelle 
edition. Paris. M.DCC.LXIV. Plates. 8. 


Most of the plates contain vignettes at the bottom drawn by 
Cochin the Younger. 



Lee, Charles. Memoirs . . . Added, his political 
and military essays; also, letters to and from 
many distinguished characters, both in Europe 
and America. New-York. 1792. 16. 


The memoirs are by Edward Langworthy. Title-page and 
fly-leaves mutilated for autographs. 

Lee, William. United States Consul at Bordeaux. 

Les fitats-Unis et 1'Angleterre, ou souvenirs et 

reflexions d'un citoyen americain. [Anon.] 

Bordeaux. 1814. 8. 251.6 

On the causes of the War of 1812. 

Lee, William. 1772-1840. The hog. Composed 
by a father, for his son. [Anon.] City of 
Washington. 1823. 8. 181.22 

Le Grand, Marc Antoine. CEuvres de Le Grand, 
comedien du roi. Nouvelle edition, . . . aug- 
mentee. Paris. M.DCC.LXX. 4 v. 12. 


At the end of each volume is the music of some of the airs 
in the plays. 

Legrand, Antoine. Institutio philosophise, secun- 
dum principia Domini Renati Descartes . . , 
nova methodo adornata & explicata . . . Lon- 
dini. MDCLXXII. 16. 254.17 

Autographs: Richard Hall. The top of the engraved title- 
page is cut. 

Leland, Thomas. The history of remarkable events 
in the kingdom of Ireland . . . London. 
M.DCC.LXXXI. 2v. 8. 240.4 

Lenglet du Fresnoy, Nicolas. Geographic abregee, 
par demandes et par reponses . . . Avec un 
precis de 1'ancienne geographic. 8e edition, 
. . . augmentee d'un abrege de la sphere & du 
globe; par M. Drouet. Paris. M.DCC- 
LXXIV. Plate. Maps. 12. 244.3 

Leo, Ambrosins. De Nola opusculum. Distinc- 
tum, plenum, clarum, doctum, pulcrum, verum, 
gratie, varium & vtile. [Colophon: Incussum 



Leo, Ambrosius. (Continued.) 

est hoc opus opera diligentiaque probi uiri lo- 
annis Rubri Vercellani. Venetiis anno salutis. 
M.D.XIIIL] Plans. Bird's eye view. Vign- 
ettes. F. 43.9 

The half-title is: De agro Nolano deqve montibvs Vesvvio et 
Abella caeterisqve agri limitibvs. Copperplates by Girolamo 
Mocetto. A plate to face f. xxviii is missing. 

Leonard, Daniel. See Adams, John. Novanglus 
and Massachusettensis. 

Le Prince de Beaumont, Jeanne Marie. Magasin 
des adolescentes, ou dialogues d'une sage gou- 
vernante avec ses eleves de la premiere distinc- 
tion. 5e edition. Lyon. M.DCC.LXXV. 
4 v. in 2. 12. 164.18 

Lerouge, Georges Louis, publisher. Atlas ameri- 
quain septentrional contenant les details des 
differentes provinces, de ce vaste continent. 
Traduit des cartes levees par ordre du gou- 
vernement britannique. Paris. 1778. 26 
maps. F. 2 93-7 

The frontispiece is missing. 

Pilote americain. Traduit de 1'anglois. Paris. 
1779. 2v.ini. F. No. 2 in 293.7 

A collection of sailing charts of North American waters. The 
title-page is missing from vol. i. Bound with this is a collec- 
tion of eleven maps of the West Indies and Bermuda, ten of 
which were published by Lerouge in 1779. 

Le Roy, Charles. Traite de 1'orthographe fran- 
goise, en forme de dictionaire . . . [Anon.] 
Nouvele edition, augmentee sur la revision de 
M. Restaut. Poitiers. M.DCC.LXXV. 8. 


Le Royer, A. Nouveau precede pour obtenir 1'acide 
gallique. (In Societe de physique et d'histoire 
naturelle de Geneve. Memoires. [1825.] Vol. 
3, part i, pp. 79, 80.) 103.5 

Leslie, Charles. A discourse shewing who is a true 
pastor of the Church of Christ, [and The 



Leslie, Charles. (Continued.) 

epistle of St. Ignatius to the Trallians. Lon- 
don. 1/23.] Sm. 8. No. 2 in 281.7 

A short and easie method with the deists. 

Wherein the certainity of the Christian religion 
is demonstrated, by infallible proof, from four 
rules. [Anon.] 8th edition. London: . . . 
and sold by John Checkley. . . . Boston. 1723. 

No. i in 281.7 

John Checkley was imprisoned in Boston for selling this work. 
Fly-leaves mutilated for autograph. 

Leti, Gregorio. Relatione della corte di Roma 
. . . Del sign. cau. Girolamo Lvnardo [pseud, 
of G. Leti]. Col Maestro di camera del signor 
Francesco Sestini. E Roma ricercata nel suo 
sito . . . : del sig. Fiorav. Martinelli. Venetia. 
M.DC.LXXXIX. 24. 174.14 

Le Trosne, Guillaume Frangois. De 1'administra- 
tion provinciale, et de la reforme de I'impot. 
[Anon.] Basle. M.DCC.LXXIX. 4. 103.20 

De 1'ordre social, ouvrage suivi d'un traite ele- 

mentaire sur la valeur, 1'argent, la circulation, 
1'industrie & le commerce interieur & exterieur. 
Paris. M.DCCLXXVII. 8. 280.6 

Two copies. 

Letter, A, from a Virginian to the members of the 
Congress to be held at Philadelphia, on the 
first of September, 1774. [Philadelphia.] 
1774. 8. 251.10 

Letter from Mr. Monroe to Mr. Madison. [Wash- 
ington. 1808.] 8. No. 5 in 251.4 

On relations between Great Britain and the United States. 
Cut from a copy of Letters from Messrs. Monroe & Pinkney 
[*44i3 : 23] . 

Lettere di principi, le qvali 6 si scrivono da principi, 
6 a principi, 6 ragionan di principi. 2a edi- 
tione . . . Venetia. M.D.LXIIII-M.D.LXX- 
VII. 3 v. Plates. 8. 222.4 

Compiled by Girolamo Ruscalli. Vols. 2, 3 are of the ist edition. 



Letters from Barbary, France, Spain, Portugal, &c. 
By an English officer. See Jardine, A. 

Lettres de quelques Juifs portugais, allemand et 
polonois. [Anon.] See Guenee, A. 

Lettres hollandoises, ou correspondance politique 

sur 1'etat present de 1'Europe, notamment de 

la Republique des Sept Provinces-Unies. Tome 

3,4. Amsterdam. M.DCC.LXXIX[-i78o?]. 

. 3 unbound pphs. 12. 213.4 

The first seventy-five pages of vol. 4 are badly rotted. Barbier 
says these letters were written by Derival de Gomicourt 
[Damiens de Gomicourt is probably meant]. The third 
pamphlet is a duplicate of part of vol. 3. 

Le Vacher de La Feutrie, A. F. Thomas, and others. 
Dictionnaire de chirurgie, contenant la descrip- 
tion anatomique des parties du corps humain 
. . . Par Mrs. le V * * * [Le Vacher de la 
Feutrie], M * * * [F. Moysant] & de la M * * * 
[La Marcellerie]. Nouvelle edition, augmen- 
tee. Paris. M.DCC.LXXVI. 2 v. 16. 


Levassor, Michel. The history of the reign of Lewis 
XIII. King of France and Navarre . . . Lon- 
don. 1700. Plate. 12. 164.6 
Levesque, Pierre Charles, filoge historique de M. 
1'Abbe de Mably. Qui a partage le prix extra- 
ordinaire propose par 1'Academie royale des 
inscriptions & belles-lettres, pour 1'annee 1787. 
Paris. M.DCC.LXXXVII. 8. 241.6 
L'Hospital, Guillaume Frangois Antoine, Marquis 
de Sainte-Mesme. Analyse des infiniment 
petits. Suivie d'un nouveau commentaire pour 
1'intelligence des endroits les plus difficiles de 
cet ouvrage. Par 1'auteur du Guide des jeunes 
mathematiciens . . . Paris. M.DCC.LX- 
VIII. Diagrams. 8. 261.10 

The fly-leaves at the beginning contain manuscript notes. 
Also an autograph of J. Q. Adams. 



L'Hospital, G. F. A. (Continued.) 

Traite analytique des sections coniques et de leur 

usage pour la resolution des equations dans 
les problemes tant determines qu' indetermines. 
Ouvrage posthume. Paris. M.DCC.LXXVI. 
Plates. Vignettes. 4. 80.3 

Library Company of Philadephia. A catalogue of 
the books, belonging to the Library Company 
. . . prefixed, a shore account of the institu- 
tion, with the charter, laws and regulations. 
Philadelphia. M DCC LXXXIX. 8. 

No. i in 161.16 

Same. [First-] Third Supplement. Philadel- 

phia. M DCC XCIII-I796. No. 2-4 in 161.16 
Life, The, of Sir Walter Ralegh. [Anon.] See 

Oldys, W. 

Lilly, John. Modern entries, being a collection of 
select pleadings in the Courts of King's Bench, 
Common Pleas and Exchequer . . . Added, 
a collection of writs in most cases now in prac- 
tice. In the Savoy. M DCC XXIII. F. 62.10 

Autograph: John Adams. The pleadings and writs are in 

Lindsey, Theophilus. Vindiciae Priestleianae: an 
address to the students of Oxford and Cam- 
bridge; occasioned by a letter to Dr. Priestley 
from a person calling himself an undergraduate, 
but publicly . . . ascribed to Dr. Home, Dean 
of Canterbury . . . London. M.DCC- 
LXXXVIII. 8. 221.18 

"Presented by the author to John Adams." Autograph: John 

Linguet, Simon Nicolas Henri. Appel a la posterite, 
ou recueil des memoires et plaidoyers de M. 
Linguet, pour lui-meme centre la communaute 
des avocats du Parlement de Paris. [Waer- 
beek?] M.DCC.LXXIX. 8. 231.9 



Linne, Carl von. A system of vegetables. . . , 
Translated from the thirteenth edition ... of 
the Systema vegetabilium of the late Professor 
Linneus; and from the Supplementum planta- 
rum of the present Professor Linneus. By a 
Botanical Society, at Lichfield. Lichfield. M- 
8. 241.3 

Lipsius, Justus. J. Lipsius, Nicolao Hacquevillio. 
[Epistola de historia . . .] (In Wheare, De- 
gory. Relectiones hyemales de ratione . . . 
legendi . . . historias. Pp. (3-16). Canta- 
brigia. M. DC. LXXXIV.) ' 243.6 

Liset, Abraham. Amphithalami, or, the account- 
ants closet : being an abridgment of merchants- 
accounts kept by debitors and creditors. . . . 
A new method . . . London. 1684. F. 

No. 5 in 52.4 

Littleton, Adam. Linguae Latinse liber dictionarius 
quadripartitus. Dr. Adam Littleton's Latin 
dictionary, in four parts. N.p. N.d. 4. 170.3 

The title and preliminary pages are wanting. 

Littleton, Sir Thomas de. Tenures in English. 

Lately perused and amended. London. 1600. 

24. 254.31 

Livingston, Edward. Extracts from the projected 

penal code: . . . entitled "of offences which 

affect written contracts" . . . New Orleans. 

1823. L. 8. 102.8 

Proposed code for Louisiana. 

Livius Patavinus, Titus. Les decades de Tite-Live. 
Avec les Supplemens de J. Freinshemius; nou- 
vellement augmentees d'un abrege chronolo- 
gique : mises en f rangois par P. Du-Ryer. Am- 
sterdam. M.D.CC. 5 v. Portrait. Plates. 
Engraved title-pages. 12. 143.1 

Histoire romaine de Tite-Live, traduite en fran- 



Livius Patavinus, Titus. (Continued.) 

gois, avec les Supplements de Freinshemius. 
Nouvelle edition. Paris. M.DCC.LXIX- 
M.DCCLXXII. 10 v. 12. 144.1 

Vols. 4-10 were translated by F. Guerin. Vols. 1-4, 8-10 are 
of the Nouvelle edition. Vol. 4, 8-10 were edited by P. C. 

Historiarum ab urbe condita libri qui supersunt 

XXXV. Recensuit, & notis . . . illustravit 
J. B. L. Crevier. Parisiis. M DCC LXVIII- 
MDCCLXXXI. 3v. in 6. 12. 143.5 

Historiarum quod extat. Ex recensione I. F. 

Gronovii. Amstelodami. Apud Danielem 
Elzevirium. 1678. 24. 153.5 

The engraved title-page is mutilated. 

Libri omnes superstites, recogniti et emendati 

... a Francisco Modio ; nvnc etiam comparati 
cvm membranis Bibliothecse Palatinae electo- 
ralis, . . . melioresque facti cura tertia lani 
Grvteri: cvivs accedunt . . . aliqvot in Corn. 
Tacitvm discvrsvs . . . Francofvrti ad Moe- 
nvm. M.DC.XXVIII. 3 parts in I v. Por- 
trait. F. 21.2 
Locke, John. Works. Vol. 2, 3. 4th edition. 
London. M. DCC. XL. F. 62.3 

Each title-page has autograph: John Adams. Vol. i is missing. 

The reasonableness of Christianity, as delivered 

in the Scriptures. (In Watson. Richard, editor. 
A collection of theological tracts. Vol. 4, pp. 
1-108. London. M.DCC.LXXXV.) 181.1.4 
London. Court of Common Council. Addresses 
presented from the Court of Common Council 
to the King [etc. . . . London. 1778?] 
Sm. 8. 223.20 

A presentation copy, containing his book-plate, from Mr. Bush 
of Great Ormond St. with autograph note; and reply from 
John Adams, dated 1785. 

Addresses, remonstrances, and petitions; com- 
mencing the 24th of June, 1769, presented to the 



London. Court of Common Council. (Continued.) 
King and Parliament, from the Court of Com- 
mon Council. [London. 1778?] Sm. 8. 

No. 3 in 223.20 

London calendar, The, or court and city register 
for England, Scotland, Ireland, and America, 
for 1783, 85. Including a ... list of the 
present parliament . . . [Also, Stockdale's 
New companion to the London calendar.] . . . 
London. [1783,85.] 2 v. Plates. 16. 244.23 

Each volume contains 66 engraved plates entitled: The arms 
of the peers, peeresses, &c., of England, Scotland, and Ireland. 
The title-page of the issue for 1/83 is mutilated. 

London Courant, The, and Westminster Chronicle. 
[Daily.] November 25, 1779- April 18, 1780. 
London. 1779, 80. 126 numbers in i v. F. 


Published in the interest of the Whig Party and in opposi- 
tion to the American War. The file is incomplete. 

Longchamps, Pierre Charpentier de. Histoire im- 
partiale des evenemens militaires et politiques 
de la derniere guerre, dans les quatre parties 
du monde. Par M. de L. [pseud.]. Paris. 
1785. 3v. 12. 214.7 

Loosjes, Adriaan Pieterszoon. Gedenkzuil, ter 
gelegenheid der vry-verklaaring van Noord- 
America. [Lierzang . . . Bylaagen . . . 
Bestaande in requesten, berichten, resolutien, 
enz.] Amsterdam. 1782. 8. 251.16 

Two copies. The dedication, in verse, is to John Adams. . 

Loskiel, Georg Heinrich. History of the mission 
of the LTnited Brethren among the Indians in 
North America. Translated from the German 
by Christian Ignatius La Trobe. London. 
1794. 3 parts in i v. Map. 8. 252.11 

On the fly-leaf is written in the handwriting of John Adams: 
'Presented by the Right Reverend John Ettwein. in the name 
of the Society, established among the United Brethren here in 
America for propagating the Gospel among the heathen, to 
John Adams." 



Louis IX., of France. Les etablissemens de Saint 
Louis, roi de France, suivant le texte original 
. . . ; suivis du Panegyrique de S. Louis, 
prononce . . . le 25 aout 1784, par 1'abbe de 
Saint-Martin. Paris. M.DCC.LXXXVI. 
16. 262.4 

Louis XIV., of France. Stile universel dresse pour 
toutes les cours et jurisdictions du royaume, 
suivant Tordonnance de Louis XIV. Du mois 
d'Avril 1667. p aris. M.DC.LXXVI. 4. 210.3 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Louis XV., of France. Lettres patentes du roi, 
portant confirmation de la Convention entre 
le roi & 1'imperatrice reine de Hongrie. Don- 
nee a Compiegne le 22 aout 1769. [Paris? 
1769.] 4. No. 4 in 40.1 

Lettres patentes du roi, qui designent & fixent les 

provinces auxquelles seront attaches differens 
villages & lieux cedes au roi par la convention 
. . . conclue en 1769, entre sa majeste & rim- 
peratrice reine de Hongrie & de Boheme . . . 
Donnees a Compiegne le 6 aout 1773. [Paris. 
1773.] 4. No. 5 in 40. i 

Louvre, Musee du. Notice des statues, bustes et 
bas-reliefs, de la galerie des antiques. Paris. 
An XI. [1803.] 12. 254.27 

Same. 1814. 254.28 
Lovell, James. Propagation of truth, or ''Tyranny 

anatomized" in four letters to the President of 
the United States. -- A late Senator of Massa- 
chusetts. - - The President of Harvard Univer- 
sity. The undergraduates thereof . . . Bos- 
ton. 1808. 8. No. 4 in 251.4 
Lowell, John, LL.D. Mr. Madison's war. A dis- 
passionate inquiry into the reasons alleged by 
Mr. Madison for declaring an offensive and 



Lowell, John, LL.D. (Continued.) 

ruinous war against Great-Britain. Together 
with some suggestions as to a peaceable and 
constitutional mode of averting that dreadful 
calamity. By a New-England farmer [pseud.]. 
3d edition. Boston. 1812. 4. 

No. 8 in 251.10 

The New-England patriot: being a candid com- 

parison of the principles and conduct of the 
Washington and Jefferson administrations. 
[Anon.] Boston. 1810. 8. No. 7 in 251.10 

Perpetual war, the policy of Mr. Madison. . . . 

By a New-England farmer. Boston. 1812. 
8. No. 7 in 253. 2 

Treats of the impressment of seamen and the causes of the 
War of 1812. 

Lucas, Richard. An enquiry after happiness. 
5th edition. London. 1717. 3 v. in 2. 
Sm. 8. 291.9 

Vol. 3 is of the 4th edition. Vol. 2 is entitled Human life; 
vol. 3, Religious perfection. 

Lucianus Samosatensis. Nonnulli e Luciani Dia- 
logis [Graece et Latine] selecti, et in duas partes 
divisi; . . . omnes scholiis illustrati ab Ed- 
wardo Leedes . . . Accessit etiam . . . quic- 
quid scripserunt Graevius, Gronovius . . . 
Londini. M DCC XXXVIII. Sm. 8. 132.13 

Fly-leaf torn for autograph. 

Lucretius Carus, Titus. Of the nature of things, 
in six books, translated into English verse; bv 
Tho. Creech. London. MDCCXIV. 2 v. 
Plate. 8. 212.6 

Of the nature of things, in six books. Illustrated 

with proper and useful notes. Adorned with 
copper-plates, curiously engraved by Guernier 
and others. [English and Latin.] London. 
MDCCXLIII. 2v.ini. Sm. 8. 221.5 

The translation is in prose. 



Ludlow, Edmund. Memoirs. With a collection 
of original papers . . . [Also King Charles's 
case: or an appeal to all rational men . . . By 
John Cook.] Vol.3. Edinburgh. MDCCLI. 
12. 235.2 

Mostly on the Civil War in England, 1642-1649. 

Lunardo, Girolamo, pseud. See Leti, G. 
Lunt, William Parsons, compiler. The Christian 
psalter. Boston. M.DCCC.XLI. 12. 282.5 

The cover is stamped with the name of J. Q. Adams. 

Lusignano, Steffano, Bishop of Limisso. Choro- 
graffia, et breve historia vniversale dell' isola 
de Cipro principiando al tempo di Noe per in 
finoali572 . . . Bologna. 1573. 8. 222.7 

Lutwyche, Sir Edward, compiler. Un livre des 
entries: contenant auxi un report des resolu- 
tions del court sur diverse exceptions prises as 
pleadings, et sur auters matters en ley; surdant 
(pur la plupart) en le Court de Common-Bank, 
enter le 34 an del roy Charles le second, & le 2 
an del raigne de sa present majesty, la roigne 
Anne. London. 1704. 2 v. Black-letter. 
F. 82.2 

The text is in Latin. Title-pages mutilated. 

Luzac, Tan. Oratio de Socrate cive, publice habita, 
die 21. Februarii MDCCXCV. . . . Proba- 
tiones & adnotationes de Socrate et de republica 
Attica, praesertim Disquisitio de epistatis ac 
proedris Atheniensium, et de Socrate epistate, 
ad calcem adjectae reperiuntur. Lugduni 
Batavorum. MDCCXCVI. 4. 

No. 5 in 170.9; 12.8 

Dedicated to John Adams. The copy on 12.8 contains a trans- 
lation by Jas. Wm. Jenks of the dedication. Two copies. 

Rechtsgeleerde memorie, waar in onzydig onder- 
zogt word de gegrondheid der klagten van den 
koning van Groot-Brittannien, over de ge- 



Luzac, Jan. (Continued.) 

heime correspondentie tusschen Amsterdam en 
de Americaansche colonien: en wyders weder- 
legt word de zaakelyke inhoud van zeker trac- 
taatje, geintituleert, Het politicq systema van 
de regeering van Amsterdam. [Anon. Aarn- 
hem.] MDCCLXXXL 8. 223.16 

Contemporary writers ascribe this work to Jan Luzac. 

Luzac, Jan, compiler. Verzameling van stukken, 
betreffende net gedrag der curateuren van Hol- 
land's Universiteit te Leyden, in de jaaren 1796 
en 1797. Bijzonder in de zaak van M r . Johan 
Luzac. Leyden. MDCCIIIC. 8. 242.8 

Lycosthenes, Conrad. [Apophthegmata ". . . hac 
editione . . . recognita, plurimisque centuriis 
. . . locnpletata. Accesserunt parabolae, ab 
Erasmo ex Plutarcho et aliis olim excerptse, 
deinde per Lycosthenem dispositse, ac nunc 
primum aliquot centuriis auctiores editse. [Ge- 
neva.] M.DCIX. 16. 264.30 

The title-page and page i are badly mutilated. The title is 
copied from the British Museum Catalogue of printed books. 

Lyttelton, George, ist Baron Lyttelton. The his- 
tory of the life of King Henr)^ the Second, and 
of the age in which he lived . . . Prefixed, a 
history of the revolutions of England from the 
death of Edward the Confessor to the birth of 
Henry the Second. A new edition. London. 
MDCCLXXVII. 6v. Vignettes. 8. 230.5 

Vols. 5 and 6 are of the 2d edition, published in 1772, 1773. 

Works . . . Published by George Edward Ays- 
cough. 3d edition. London. MDCCLXX- 
VI. 3 v. Portrait. 8. 250.4 

Mably, Gabriel Bonnot de, Abbe. De 1'etude de 
Thistoire, a Monseigneur le Prince di Parme. 
Nouvelle edition . . . ^lastreicht. M.DCC- 
LXXVIII. 12. 163.4.2 

Two copies. 



Mably, Gabriel Bonnot de, Abbe. (Continued.) 

De la legislation, ou principes des lois. Partie i, 

2. Amsterdam. M.DCC.LXXVI. 2 v. in i. 
12. 273.8 

Contains numerous marginal comments in the handwriting of 
John Adams. 

Same. Partie i. 163.4.3 

Des droits et des devoirs du citoyen. Kell. 

M.DCC.LXXXIX. 12. 163.4.4 

Des principes des negociations, pour servir d'in- 

troduction au droit public de 1'Europe, fonde 
sur les traites. Nouvelle edition. A La Haie. 
M.DCC.LXVII. 12. 273.9 

Le droit public de 1'Europe fonde sur les traitez 

conclus jusqu'en 1'annee 1740. Nouvelle edi- 
tion. Augmentee de remarques . . . par Mr. 
Rousset. Amsterdam. M.DCC.XLVIII. 2 
v. 12. 273.3 

Le droit public de 1'Europe, fonde sur les traites. 

Nouvelle edition. Geneve. M.DCC.LXXVI. 
3 v. 12. 273.2 

Observations on the Greeks. From the French 

of the abbe de Mably. (In Translations from 
the French. By D. Y. Pp. 1-151. Lynn. 
M.DCC.LXX.) ' 83.2 

Observations sur 1'histoire de France. Geneve. 

M.DCC.LXV. 2 v. 12. 164.1 

Autograph: John Adams, 1778. 

Observations sur 1'histoire de la Grece: ou des 

causes de la prosperite et des malheurs des 
Grecs. Geneve. M.DCC.LXVI. 12. 134.12 

Observations sur le gouvernement et les loix des 

fitats-Unies d'Amerique. Amsterdam. MD- 
CCLXXXIV. 12. 163.4.1 

Two copies. 

Observations sur les Remains. 2e edition. Ge- 

neve. M.DCC.LXVII. 12. 143.4 



Mably, Gabriel Bonnot de, Abbe. (Continued.) 

CEuvres posthumes. Paris. 1790. 2 v. 12. 


Contents. i. Du gouvernement et des lois de Pologne. a. Du 
gouvernement et des lois de Pologne. De la situation po- 
litique de la Pologne en 1776. Le banquet des politiques. 
The title-page contains an anecdote about Marmontel, prob- 
ably in the handwriting of John Adams. There are manu- 
script notes throughout the book. 

Remarks concerning the government and the 

laws of the United States of America: in four 
letters, addressed to Mr. Adams ; . . . from the 
French . . . with notes by the translator. 
London. M,DCC,LXXXIV. 8. 141.19 

Macaire-Prinsep, J. Memoire sur Tinfluence des 
poisons sur les plantes donees de mouvemens 
excitables. (In Societe de physique et d'his- 
toire naturelle de Geneve. Memoires. Vol. 3, 
part i. Pp. 67-77.) I0 3-5 

Macaulay, Catharine. See Graham, C. M. 

Macgowan, John. Works. London. 1825. 2 v. 
Portrait. 8. 290.18 

Contents. i. Dialogues of devils. Death, a vision. Priest- 
craft defended: a sermon by the Shaver. A farther defence 
of priestcraft. The Arians' and Socinians' monitor. A 
looking glass for the professors of religion. A rod for the 
sluggard, or the great evil of idleness represented. The 
changes of Ephraim, or the backslider's warning. A caution 
to drunkards, or the sin of intemperance censured. The 
canker-worm, or the gourd of creature-comfort withered. 2. 
Joshua's pious resolution, or the duties of family religion and 
household government considered. Perez-uzzah, or the 
danger of innovations and of discord considered. Some 
thoughts on occasional prayer. The life of Joseph. 
Socinianism brought to the test. Discourses on the Book 
of Ruth, and other important subjects. 

Machiavelli, Niccolo. Histoire. . . . Nouamente 
ristampate. [Vinegia.] Aldus. M.D.XLVI. 
16. 174.9 

Contains several pages of manuscript at the beginning and 

Works. Translated from the originals; illus- 

trated with notes, . . . and several new plans 
on the art of war, by Ellis Farneworth. 2d 


Machiavelli, Niccolo. (Continued.) 

edition. London. MDCCLXXV. 4v. Por- 
trait. Plans. 8. 291.13 

Macknight, James, D.D. All the actions recorded 
in the Gospels are probable. (In Watson, 
Richard, editor. A collection of theological 
tracts. Vol. 5, pp. 177-199. London. M.- 
DCCLXXXV.) 181.1.5 

Of the argument for truth of the Christian re- 
ligion arising from the conversion of the world 
to Christianity. (In Watson, Richard, editor. 
A collection of theological tracts. Vol. 5, pp. 
199-267. London. M.DCC.LXXXV.) 181.1.5 

Maclaine, Archibald, D.D. A series of letters ad- 
dressed to Soame Jenyns, Esq. ; on occasion of 
his View of the internal evidence of Christian- 
ity. 2d edition. London. M.DCC.LXX- 
VIII. 16. 264.10 

Autograph: John Adams, Quincy. 

Maclaurin, Colin. A treatise of algebra. . . . 
Added an appendix, concerning the general 
properties of geometrical lines. , 2d edition. 
London. MDCCLVI. Diagrams. 8. 

The appendix is written in Latin. 26 1. 1 1 

Macomb, Alexander, Major-General. A treatise 
on martial law and courts-martial; as prac- 
tised in the United States of America. Pub- 
lished by order of the United States Military 
Philosophical Society. Charleston, (S. C.). 
1809. 8. 151.18 

On the cover is stamped: Presented by the author to John Q. 
Adams, President of the United States. Book-plate: J. Q. 

Macquer, Pierre Joseph. Dictionnaire de chymie. 
2e edition, . . . augmentee. Paris. M.- 
DCC.LXXVIII. 3 v. 16. 273.6 

Contents. i. A-Ea. a. Ec-M. 3. N-S. 
Each volume has autograph: J. Adams. 



Maffei, Alessandro, marchese. Memorie, nelle 
quali esatta descrizione di molte famose azioni 
militari de' prossimi tempi viene a compren- 
dersi. [Con Appendice che contiene la vita del 
General da Monte.] Verona. MDCCXXX- 
VII. Portrait. 12. 175.7 

Contains book-plate of Stephen Riou of London. 

Maffei, Francesco Scipione, Marchese. Verona 

illustrata. [Anon.] Parte 2-4. Verona. 


8. 180.1 

The title-page of vol. 2 is mutilated. Vol. 4 is of the 2d edition, 
and treats of the amphitheatre. 

Mairobert, Matthieu Frangois Pidansat de. L'es- 
pion anglois, ou correspondance secrete entre 
Milord All'Eye et Milord Alle'Ar. T. 2-5. 
Nouvelle edition . . . considerablement aug- 
mentee. [Anon.] Londres. MDCCLXXX, 
MDCCLXXXIII. 3v. Tables. 12. 182.1 

This work was originally published in four volumes; vol. 5 is 
a supplement, added after Mairobert's death. The last ten 
pages and the index of vol. 2 of this set have been torn out. 

Malebranche, Nicolas de. De la recherche de la 
verite. Ou Ton traitte de la nature de 1'esprit 
de rhomme. ... 46 edition. [Anon.] Am- 
sterdam. M.DC.LXXXVIII. 2 v. 12. 

Each volume has autograph: John Adams. 264.5 

Father Malebranche his treatise concerning the 
search after truth. Added, The author's treat- 
ise of nature and grace : . >. . All translated by 
T. Taylor. 2d edition. London. 1700. 2 v. 
in i. Diagrams. F. 122.2 

Mallory, John. The under-sheriff : containing the 
office and duty of high-sheriffs, under-sheriffs 
and bailiffs. . . . With an appendix of pre- 
cedents ... By a gentleman of the Inner- 
Temple. London. 1766. Sm. 8. 262.5 

Title-page cut for autograph. 



Malynes, Gerard. Consuetude, vel, lex mercatoria : 
or, the ancient law-merchant. 3d edition. 
London. 1686. 8 v. in i. F. 52.4 

Contents. Consuetude. A collection of all sea-laws. 
Advice concerning bills of exchange, by John Marius. The 
merchant's mirrour, by Richard Daffprne. An introduction 
to merchants-accompts, by John Collins. Amphithalami, or, 
the accountants closet, by Abraham Liset. The jurisdiction 
of the admiralty of England asserted by Richard Zouch. 
The ancient sea-laws of Oleron, Wisby, and the Hanse-towns, 
by Guy Miege. The soveraignty of the British seas, by Sir 
John Boroughs. 

Each of these except A collection of all sea-laws, has a 
separate title-page and pagination. 
Autographs: Jer. Gridley, John Adams. 

Manilius, Marcus. Astronomicon libri quinque. 
(In Virgilius Maro, P. Opera. Vol. 2, pp. 55- 
198. Biponti. MDCCLXXXIII.) 212.2.2 

Manual exercise, The, as ordered by His Majesty, 
in the year 1764. See Great Britain. War 

Manual, The, of heraldry: being a concise descrip- 
tion of the several terms used, and containing 
a dictionary of every designation in the science. 
5th edition. London. [1858.] Illus. Col- 
ored plate. Sm. 8. 244.6 

Manuel lexique. . . . [Anon.] See Prevost-d' 
Exiles, A. F. 

Maranta, Robertus. Praxis, sev de ordine ivdicio- 
rvm tractatvs, vulgo specvlvm avrevm, et Ivmen 
advocatorvm dictus, cui, vltra additiones Petri 
Follerii, . . . studio, & opera loannis Rylandii 
. . . Colonise Agrippinse. M.DC.L. L. 8. 

Autographs: Jer. Gridley, John Adams. 103. 1 

Marcet, Francis. De 1'action des poisons sur le 
regne vegetal. (In Societe de physique et d'- 
histoire naturelle de Geneve. Memoires. Vol. 
3, part i. Pp. 37-650 103.5 

Marchant de Beaumont, Frangois Marie. Le con- 
ducteur de 1'etranger a Paris. 2e edition . . . 
Paris. 1814. Plates. 18. 225.1 



Margon, Guillaume Plantavit de La Pause de. Me- 
moires du Due de Villars. [Anon.] La Haye. 
M.DCC.LVIII. 3v. 12. 193.6 

Mariana, Juan de. De rege et regis institvtione 
libri III . . . Eiusdem de ponderibus & men- 
suris liber. Editio secunda. [Madrid.] M.- 
DC.XI. 2 v. in i. 16. 254.4 

On fly-leaf is written: Mariana was i year imprison'd by the 
Duke of Lerma in Philip the third's time for this book, 1624, 
on weights and measures . . . Purchased in 1782 T. B. H. 
[Thomas Brand Hollis]. 

Historia general de Espafia. I4a impresion. 

Madrid. M. D. CC. LXXX. 2 v. F. 11.10 

Both volumes have book-plate of John Adams. On title-page 
of vol. i is written: J. A. to G. W. A. 

Marien, Thomas Antoine de. Tableau des droits 
& usages de commerce relatifs au passage du 
Sund/ Copenhague. MDCCLXXVI. Table. 
8. 280.16 

Marin, Pierre. Dictionnaire portatif, frangois et 
hollandois. 8e edition, . . . augmentee par 
Jean Holtrop. Dort. 1773. 2 v. 8. 152.2 

Vol. i is French-Dutch; vol. 2 is Dutch-French. Vol. 2 was 
edited by Ernest Zeydelaar. 

Marius, John. Advice concerning bills of exchange. 
With two tables of new stile and old stile. 4th 
edition, very much enlarged . . . London. 
1684. F. No. 2 in 52.4 

Marmora, Andrea. Delia historia di Corfv. Libri 
otto. Venetia. M.DC.LXXII. Map. Por- 
trait. Engraved title-page. Sm. 4. 172.14 

The coat of arms of Will m Bromley of Worcestershire is 

Marot, Clement, and Theodore de Beze, translators. 

Les pseavmes de David, mis en rime frangoise, par 

C. M. [Clement Marot] et T. D. B. [Theodore 

de Beze. Avec la musique]. Charenton. M.- 

DC.LXVIII. 12. No. 2 in 264.24 

Same. La Haye. M D CCXVI. 264.17 

Some pages are missing at the end of this copy, which is in 
poor condition. 



Marshall, John. The life of George Washington. 
Compiled under the inspection of Bushrod 
Washington. Prefixed, an introduction, con- 
taining a compendious view of the colonies 
planted by the English. Philadelphia. 1805, 
07. 5 v. Portrait. 8. 260.5 

In each volume is John Marshall's note of presentation of the 
set to John Adams. 

Marshall, Joseph. Travels through Holland, Flan- 
ders, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Lapland, 
Russia, the Ukraine, and Poland, in the years 
1768, 1769, and 1770. 2d edition. Vol. 2, 3. 
London. MDCCLXXIII. 8. 220.8 

Vol. I is wanting. 

Martin, David. Traite de la religion naturelle. 
Amsterdam. M.DCC.XIII. 16. 264.15 

Autographs: John Adams, and Ralph Bolton, Inner Temple. 

Martin, Francois Xavier. Orleans term reports, 
or cases argued and determined in the Superior 
Court of the Territory of Orleans. Vol. I, part 
i, 3. New-Orleans. 1810, u. 2 v. in i. 8. 

No. 6, 7 in 161.6 

Martineau, James, compiler. Hymns for the Chris- 
tian church and home. I4th edition. London. 
1859. Sm. 8. 282.1 

Martinelli, Fioravanti. Roma ricercata nel svo sito. 
Quinta impressione, . . . accresciuta. Vene- 
tia. M.DC.LXXXIX. 24. No. 3 in 174.14 

Martinez de Jarava, Antonio. Aelii Antonii Ne- 
brissensis De institutione grammaticae libri 
quinque. Matriti. [16 ?] 16. 154.6 

In Spanish. Autograph: John Adams. 

Martinez van Waucquier, Matthias. Dictionarium 
Teutonico-Latinum novum, sive biglotton am- 
plificatum . . . opera & labore Martini Bin- 
narti [pseud.]. Nunc denuo emendatum . . . 
studio & diligentia Johannis de Wilde. Am- 
stelsedami. MDCCXLIV. 8. 152.4 



Martinez van Waucquier, Matthias. (Continued.) 

Novum dictionarium tetraglotton, in quo voces 

Latinse omnes, & Graecae his respondentes, cum 
Gallica & Belgica singularum interpretation, 
ordine alphabetico proponuntur. Novae huic 
editioni accesserunt plurimse voces . . . Am- 
stekedami. MDCCXXIX. 8. 152.1 

The engraved title-page has the date 1730. 

Martini, Werner Theodor. Jurisprudentia crimi- 
nalis. Wittebergse. MDCLXIX. Sm. 4. 

Autograph: Jer. Gridley. 283.13 

Maryland resolutions, The, . . . By a citizen of 
Maryland. See Maxcy, V. 

Mason, Henry. The new art of lying, covered 
by lesvites vnder the vaile of eqvivocation, dis- 
covered and disproved. London. 1624. Sm. 
4. No. 5 in 252.25 

Massachusetts. Acts and laws, of His Majesty's 
Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New- 
England. Boston. M,D,CC,LIX. F. 

No. 2 in 102.17 

The charter granted by their Majesties King 

William and Queen Mary, to the inhabitants of 
the Province of Massachusetts-Bay in New- 
England. Boston. M,DCC,LIX. F. 102.17 

Debates, resolutions and other proceedings, of 

the Convention of the Commonwealth of Mas- 
sachusetts, convened at Boston, on the pth of 
January, 1788, and continued until the 7th of 
February following, for the purpose of assent- 
ing to and ratifying the Constitution recom- 
mended by the grand Federal Convention . . . 
To which the Federal Constitution is prefixed. 
Boston. M,DCC,LXXXVIII. 8. 254.1 

General Statutes . . . passed December 28, 1859. 

Boston. 1860. 8. 120.5 

Autograph: Charles F. Adams, Jr., 23 Court St. 



Massachusetts. (Continued.) 

Journal of debates and proceedings in the con- 

vention of delegates, chosen to revise the Con- 
stitution of Massachusetts, begun and holden 
at Boston, November 15, 1820, and continued 
by adjournment to January 9, 1821. Reported 
for the Boston Daily Advertiser. Boston. 
1821. 8. 151.3 

This report was made by Nathan Hale and Octavius Pickering. 

Adjutant General. Minutes and proceedings of 

a division court martial, begun and holden at 
Boston, on Tuesday, October 29, 1805, as they 
relate to the trial of Capt. Joseph Loring, jun. 
Boston. 1806. 8. 252.1 

Commissioners to survey Canal Routes from 

Boston Harbour to Connecticut and Hudson 
Rivers. Report of the Commissioners on the 
routes of canals from Boston Harbour to Con- 
necticut and Hudson Rivers. Boston. 1826. 
Folded map. 8. 290.10 

Governor. Address by His Excellency John 

Davis, delivered before the two branches of 
the Legislature, January 21, 1834. Boston. 
1834. 8. 210.10 

- Message of His Excellency Levi Lincoln, com- 
municated to the Legislature, January 4, 1826. 
Boston. 1826. 8. 210.7 

General Court. Journal of the Honovrable 

House of Representatives of His Majesty's 
Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, in New- 
England, begun and held at Boston, ... on 
Wednesday the thirty-first day of May, 1769. 
Boston. M,DCC,LXIX. F. 102.12 

Title-page cut for autograph. 

-Journals, proceedings and debates of the 
Council, and the House of Representatives, 
relative to the convening . . . the General 



Massachusetts. General Court. (Continued.) 
Assembly at Harvard-College . . . Boston. 
1770. 8. No. 4 in 253.2 

Title-page has autograph: J. Adams. 

Report on the merits of the claim of the State 

of Massachusetts, on the National Government, 
for expenses of the Militia, during the late war. 
Boston. 1822. 8. 141.27 

Resolves . . . [From Oct. 25, 1780 to April 

i, 1788.] Boston. M,DCC,LXXXI-M,DCC,- 
LXXXVIII. 8 parts in 2 v. F. 102.14 

Both volumes contain autograph of Cotton Tufts. 

Massachusetts Agricultural Journal. Vol. 5, no. 4. 
July, 1819. Boston. 1819. F. No. 5 in 290.17 

Afterwards called the Massachusetts Agricultural Repository 
and Journal. 

Massachusetts Agricultural Repository and Jour- 
nal. Vol. 6, no. 2; vol. 7, no. 3, 4. Boston. 
1820, 23. F. 220.2 

Vols. I and 2 of this periodical were the Papers communicated 
to the Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture. 

Massachusetts General Hospital. Trustees. Ad- 
dress ... to the subscribers and to the public. 
[Boston. 1822.] 8. 141.26 

Massachusetts Medical Society. Report on the 
spotted or petechial fever. Boston. 1810. 

8. 151.9 

Massachusetts Register and Business Directory. 

1818, 25-48, 50, 51, 54-58. Boston [etc. 1818- 

1858.] ' 32 v. 32, 12 & 8. 274.1 

There are two copies for the years 1829, 32, 34, 37, 45, 48. 

Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture. 
Papers on agriculture, consisting of communi- 
cations made to the . . . Society. Boston. 
1799. Plates. 8. No. 4 in 290.10 

Later numbers of these papers are included in vol. i, 2 of the 
Massachusetts Agricultural Repostiory and Journal. 

Papers for [1801], 1810, 181 1. Boston. [1801]- 

181 1. Nos. i, 3, 4 in 290.17 

Papers [for 1803]. No. 3 in 290.10 



Mather, Cotton. Magnalia Christi Americana: 
or, the ecclesiastical history of New-England, 
from . . . 1620, unto . . . 1698. In seven 
books. London. MDCCII. F. 112.3 

Autographs: Saml. Shepard, Cotton Tufts, and John Adams. 

Mathias, Thomas James. The pursuits of litera- 
ture. A satirical poem in four dialogues. With 
notes. [Anon.] 8th edition. Dublin. 1798. 
8. 260.3 

Pursuits of literature. A satirical poem in four 

dialogues, with notes. [Anon. Also, A trans- 
lation of the Greek, Latin, Italian and French 
passages quoted in the prefaces and notes. 
Prefixed, a prefatory epistle, intended as a gen- 
eral vindication of said poem.] Philadelphia. 
1800. 8. 260.4 

Maubert de Gouvest, Jean Henri. Lettres du Che- 
valier Robert Talbot [pseud.] de la suite du 
Due de Bedford a Paris en 1762. Sur la 
France comme elle est dans ses divers departe- 
ments . . . Mises en frangois par Mr. Mau- 
bert de G. Amsterdam. MDCCLXVIII. 2 
v. 12. 175.8 

Maunory, Guillaume de. Grammaire et diction- 
naire frangois et espagnol. Paris. M.DCCI. 

I2 - 153-7 

Maupertuis, Pierre Louis Moreau de. The eloge of 

M. de Montesquien. Translated from the 
French [by B ]. (In Montesquieu, Charles 
Louis de Secondat, Baron de La Brede et de. 
Reflections on the causes of the rise and fall of 
the Roman Empire. Pp. iii-xxi. Glasgow. 
MDCCLVIII.) 142.7 

CEuvres. Nouvelle edition, corrigee & augmen- 

tee. Tome i, 2, 4. Lyon. M.DCC.LXVIII. 
3 v. Portrait. 8. 231.13 

Contents. Vol. i. Essai de cosmologie; Discours sur les 



Maupertuis, Pierre Louis Moreau de. (Continued.) 

differentes figures des astres; Essai de philosophic morale; 
Reflexions philosophiques sur 1'origine des langues, et la 
signification des mots; Reponse aux remarques precedentes. 
2. Venus physique; Systeme de la nature; Reponse aux objec- 
tions de M. Diderot; Lettres; Lettre sur le progres des 
sciences. 4. Accord de differentes lois de la nature; Recherche 
des lois du mouvement; Loi du repos; Astronomic nautique; 
Sur la parallaxe de la lune; Mesure du degre du meridien; 
Mesure de la pesanteur dans la Zone glacee. 

Maurice, George. Memoire sur les apparences visi- 
ble. (In Societe de physique et d'histoire natu- 
relle de Geneve. Memoires. Vol. 3, part i. 
Pp. 81-108.) 103.5 

Maxcy, Virgil. The Maryland resolutions, and the 
objections to them considered. By a citizen of 
Maryland. Baltimore. 1822. 8. 141.13 

The Maryland resolutions were in regard to the appropria- 
tion of public land for the purposes of education in the United 

Maximes du droit public frangois. See Mey, C. 

Mayerne, Louis Turquet de. La monarchic aristo- 
democratiqve, ov le govvernement compose et 
mesle des trois formes de legitimes republiques. 
. . . Par Loys de Mayenne Tvrqvet L. Paris. 
M.D.C.XI. 8. 283.2 

Mayhew, Jonathan. A discourse concerning un- 
limited submission and non-resistance to the 
higher powers; with some reflections on the 
resistance made to King Charles I. and on the 
anniversary of his death. Boston. 1818. 8. 

Twelve copies. 1 8 1. 1 2 

Mayr, George. Institutiones linguae Hebraicse, 
postremo recognitae, ac locupletatae. [N. p.] 
Apvd Franciscvm Fabrvm. M.DC.XIX. Ta- 
bles. 16. 152.18 

The top of the title-page is torn off. 

Mazzei, Philip. Recherches historiques et poli- 
tiques sur les fitats-Unis de I'Amerique sep- 
tentrionale . . . Par un citoyen de Virginie 
[pseud, de Mazzei]. Avec quatre lettres d'un 



Mazzei, Philip. (Continued.) 

bourgeois de New-Heaven [pseud, de Condor- 
cet] sur 1'unite de la legislation. Colle, et se 
trouve a Paris. 1788. 4 v. 8. 131.12 

A fly-leaf in vol. i contains a quotation from Diogenes Laer- 
tius in the handwriting of John Adams. 

Melish, John. The traveller's directory through 
the United States. Philadelphia. 1822. 
Folded map. 16. 235.9 

Memoir of John Gallison. [Anon.] See Chan- 
ning, W. E. 

Memoires de la minorite de Louis XIV. Par M. 
le Due D. L. R. See La Rochefoucauld, F., 
Due de. 

Memoires du Due de Villars. [Anon.] See Mar- 
gon, G. P. de La P. de. 

Memoires pour servir a 1'histoire du droit public de 
la France en matieres d'impots. [Anon.] See 
Auger, - , avocat. 

Memoirs of Thomas Hollis. [Anon.] See Black- 
burne, F. 

Menon, . La science du maitre d'hotel, con- 

fiseur, a 1'usage des officiers. [Anon.] Suite 
du Maitre d'hotel cuisinier. Nouvelle edition. 
Paris. M.DCC.LXXVI. Plates. 12. 245.14 

Mercier, Louis Sebastien. Du theatre, ou nouvel 
essai sur Tart dramatique. [Anon.] Amster- 
dam. MDCCLXXIII. 8. 231.8 

Tableau de Paris. [Anon.] Tome i, 2. Ham- 

bourg. M.DCC.LXXXI. 2 vim. 8. 161.13 

Same. Nouvelle edition. Amsterdam. M.DCC- 

LXXXII, MDCCLXXXIII. 6v. 16. 165.7 
Mercure de France. (No. 34.) 21 aout 1784. 

Paris. 1784. 12. 182.6 

Merigot, J. G., the Younger. Catalogue des livres 

de theologie, jurisprudence, sciences et arts, 



Merigot, J. G., the Younger. (Continued.) 

belles-lettres et histoire. Paris. M.DCC- 
LXXXII. 8. 181.25 

Meulen, Willem van der. G. Vander Muelen in 
Historiam Pomponii de origine juris, et omnium 
magistratuum & successione prudentium, exer- 
citationes. Trajecti ad Rhenum. M DC XCI- 
M DC XCIH. 3 parts in I v. 8. 241.11 

Autograph: J. Adams; book-plate: J. Q. Adams. 

Mey, Claude, compiler. Maximes du droit public 
frangois ... 2e edition. Double de la pre- 
cedente. [Augmentee par G. N. Maultrot et 
autres.] Tome i, partie 1-3; tome 2, partie 
1-3. Amsterdam. MDCCLXXV. 2 v. in 6. 
12. 245.7 

"Get ouvrage a etc proscrit, et le gpuvernement en a fait faire 
des recherches tres-severes." Peignot. 

Mezeray, Frangois Eudes de. Abbrege chrono- 
logique, ou extraict de 1'histoire de France. 
Paris. M.DC.LXXVI. 7v. Portraits. 12. 


Contents. i. Faramond a Charlemagne. 2. Louis I a Philippe 
I. 3. Louis VI a Charles IV. 4. Philippe VI a Louis XI. 5. 
Charles VIII a Henry II. 6. Frangois II a Henry III. 7. 
Henry IV. 

Abrege chronologique de 1'histoire de France. 

Nouvelle edition, augmentee. Amsterdam. 
MDCC.LV. 4v. Portrait. Plate. 4. 50.2 

Contents. i. L' origine des Frangois. L'etat de la religion. 
Le regne des rois de France depuis Faramond jusqu'a 
Louis I. 2. Charles II. a Louis XI. 3. Charles VIII. Henri 
IV. 4. Louis XIII., Louis XIV. 
Vol. 4 is a continuation by de Limiers. 

Middleton, Conyers. The history of the life of 
Marcus Tullius Cicero. Vol. i, 2. London. 
MDCCLV. 8. 221.6 

Vol. 3 is missing. Vol. i is of the 5th edition, vol. 2 of the 6th. 
Both volumes contain the "Detur" plate of Harvard College 
(N. Hurd, sculp.), and autograph of John Adams. 

Miscellaneous works. Containing all his writ- 



Middleton, Conyers. (Continued.) 

ings, except the Life of Cicero. London. M.- 
DCC.LII. 4v. Portrait. Plates. Plan. 4. 


There are manuscript notes in the margin by John Adams. 
Each volume has his autograph. 

Middlesex County, England. A petition of the 
freeholders of the County of Middlesex, pre- 
sented to His Majesty [George III.], the 24th 
of May, 1769. [London. 1769.] Sm. 8. 

No. 2 in 223.20 

Calling attention to "those grievances, of which this county 
and the whole nation complain." 

Miege, Guy. The ancient sea-laws of Oleron, 
Wisby, and the Hanse-towns, still in force. 
Taken out of a French book, intitled, Les us & 
coutumes de la mer. And rendred into Eng- 
lish, for the use of navigation. London. M- 
CDLXXXVI[i686]. F. No. 7 in 52.4 

[The new state of England. London? 1707?] 
3 parts in I v. 12. 225.5 

The title-page and pages at the beginning and end are missing. 

Millar, John. Observations sur la distinction des 
rangs dans la societe. Par J. Millard. Tra- 
duit de 1'Anglois. d'apres la seconde edition. 
Amsterdam, et se trouve a Paris. M.DCC- 
LXXVIII. 12. 244.8 

Miller, Philip. The gardener's kalendar. I4th 
edition. . . . Prefixed, a short introduction to 
the science of botany, illustrated with copper 
plates. London. 1765. 8. 290.6 

The title-page contains an autograph of John Adams. 

Milleran, Rene. Les titres. Dont on qualifie 
toutes sortes de personnes . . . (In Richelet, 
C. P. Les plus belles lettres des meilleurs 
auteurs frangois. Pp. 325-356. Brusselles. 
1696.) 164.7 



Millot, Claude Frangois Xavier. Siemens de 1'his- 
toire d'Angleterre, depuis la conquete des 
Remains, jusqu'au regne de Georges II. 3e 
edition. Paris. M.DCC.LXXVI. 3 v. 12. 


Milner, John, D.D. A practical grammar of the 
Greek tongue. 3d edition. London. [1739.] 8. 

Autograph: John Adams; book-plate: J.Q.Adams. IJ^.I^ 

Milton, John. A complete collection of the his- 
torical, political, and miscellaneous works of 
John Milton, both English and Latin. With 
some papers never before publish'd. Prefix' d 
the life of the author. [By J. Toland.] Am- 
sterdam. M.DC.XC.VIII. 3 v. Portrait. 


Vol. 3 is wholly in Latin. Each volume has autograph: E. 
Dawson, 1719: and a book-plate with legend: "Be just and 
generous." Title-page of vol. 2 mutilated for autograph. 

The history of England, continu'd to the Norman 

Conquest. (In Hughes, John, compiler. A 
complete history of England. Vol. i, pp. 1-82. 
London. 1706.) 61.7.1 

A treatise of civil power in ecclesiastical causes : 

shewing that it is not lawful for any power on 
earth to compel in matters of religion. Lon- 
don. MDCCXC. 8. No. 5 in 283.15 ; 

Pp. 31-47 of No. 5 in 211.4 are mutilated. No. ^ in 21 1.4 

Minot, George Richards. Continuation of the his- 
tory of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, 
from the year 1748 to 1765. Boston. 1798, 
1803. 2v. 8. 252.10 

The history of the insurrections in Massachu- 

setts, in the year MDCCLXXXVI, and the 
rebellion consequent thereon. Worcester. 
Isaiah Thomas. MDCCLXXXVIII. 8. 253.3 

On title-page is written: Hon. John Adams, Esqr., from his 
most respectful serv* Geo. R Minot. 



Mirabeau, Honore Gabriel Riquetti, Comte de. Des 

lettres de cachet et des prisons d'etat. [Anon. 

Partie I.] Hambourg. M.DCC.LXXXII. 

8. 231.2 

Mirabeau, Victor Riquetti, Marquis de. Theorie 

de 1'impot. [Anon. Paris?] M.DCC.LXI. 

12. 245.20 

Mitford, William. The history of Greece. Vol. I. 
London. M DCC LXXXIV. Map. 4. 23.6 

This first edition is complete in four volumes. 

Molesworth, Robert, Viscount. An account of 
Denmark, as it was in the year 1692. [Anon.] 
London. 1694. 8. 223.21 

Same. 6th edition. Glasgow. MDCCLII. 12. 

Autograph: John Adams. 223*22 

Moliere. De listige vryster, of de verschalkte 
voogd; blyspel. In vaerzen aan byzondere 
maat, noch rym, gebonden. Amsteldam. 1730. 
Vignette. 16. No. 2 in 224.3 

An adaptation of L'ficole des maris. 

QEuvres. Nouvelle edition. Tome 3. Paris. 

M.DCC.LX. 12. 204.2 

Same. Nouvelle edition. Tome 2-7. Londres. 

M.DCC.LXXXIV. 24. 204.1 

Molloy, Charles. De ivre maritime et navali; or, 

a treatise of affairs maritime, and of commerce. 

8th edition. London. MDCCXLIV. Plates. 

8. 151.17 

Montagu, Edward Wortley. Reflections on the 
rise and fall of the antient republicks. Adapted 
to the present state of Great Britain. 2d 
edition. London. MDCCLX. 8. 152.13 

Autograph: John Adams. Incorrectly attributed to Monta- 
gu's tutor, Forster. 

Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de. Essais, avec les 
notes de M. Coste. Nouvelle edition. Lon- 
dres. M.DCC.LXXI. 10 v. Portrait. 24. 




Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de. (Continued.) 

Essais. Nouvelle edition . . . Ensemble la vie 

de 1'autheur. Amsterdam. M.DCC.LXXXI. 
3 v. Portrait. 16. 204.4 

Montalte, Louis de, pseud. See Pascal, B. 

Montesquieu, Charles Louis de Secondat, Baron de 
la Brede et de. fibauche de 1'eloge historique 
du M al de Berwick. (In Fitjames, James, Duke 
of Berwick. Memoires. Vol. I, pp. xvii- 
xlviii. Paris. M.DCC.LXXVIII.) 165.1.1 

OEuvres. Nouvelle edition . . . augmentee. 

Amsterdam. M.DCC.LXXVII. 6 v. Maps. 

12. 193.5 

Contents. 1-4. De 1'esprit des lois. 5. Lettres persanes. 6. 
Les considerations sur les causes de la grandeur des Romains 
& de leur decadence. Le dialogue de Sylla & d'Eucrate. 
Le temple de Gnide. L'essai sur le gout, fragment. 

Reflections on the causes of the rise and fall of 

the Roman Empire. Translated from the 
French. 4th edition. Added, The eloge of 
M. de Montesquieu, by M. de Maupertuis. 
Glasgow. MDCCLVIII. Sm. 8. 142.7 

Monthly Anthology, The. Vol. 7, September, 
1809. [Boston. 1809.] 8. No. 8 in 131.16 

Monthly Magazine, The. Vol. 29, no. 195. Febru- 
ary i, 1810. London. 1810. 8. 171.14 

Monthly Review, The; or Literary Journal, en- 
larged. Vol. 18 [2d series], December, 1795. 
[London. 1795.] 8. No. 3 in 131.16 

Same. Vol. 22, 23. 1797. 171.23 
Montjoye, Christophe Felix Louis Ventre de La 

Touloubre. Histoire de la conjuration de 
Louis-Philippe-Joseph d'Orleans, . . . sur- 
nomme galite. Par 1'auteur de 1'Histoire 
de la conjuration de Maximilien Robespierre. 
Paris. 1796. 3 v. Portrait. 8. 241.4 

Manuscript notes, probably by John Adams, in margin, have 
been clipped in binding. 



Montpensier, Anne Marie Louise d'Orleans, 
Duchesse de. Memoires. Nouvelle edition. 
Maastricht. M.DCC.LXXVI. 8v. Portrait. 

12. 163.9 

This copy lacks the portrait. 

Moral philosopher, The. [Anon.] See Morgan, T. 

More, Sir Thomas. The life and reign of K. Ed- 
ward V. and Richard III. Portraits. (In 
Hughes, John, compiler. A complete history 
of England. Vol. i, pp. 481-513. London. 
1706.) 61.7.1 

The portraits are missing in this copy. 

Moreau, Jacob Nicolas. Principes de morale, de 
politique et de droit public . . . ou discours 
sur 1'histoire de France . . . Paris. M.DCC- 
LXXVII-M.DCCLXXIX. 9 v. Portrait. 
8. 243.1 

On each title-page is written: John Adams, Paris, March 12, 
1780. This autograph has been cut from top of title-page of 
vol. 2. 

Moreau de Saint-Mery, Mederic Louis filie. A 
topographical and political description of the 
Spanish part of Saint-Domingo. Translated 
from the French by William Cobbett. Phila- 
delphia. 1798. 2 v. 8. 261.1 

Morel de Chedeville, fitienne. Tamerlan, opera en 
trois actes. [Les paroles de M. Morel, la mu- 
siquede P. Winter.] Paris. 1815. 8. 173.7 

Words only. 

Morell, Thomas. Thesaurus Grsecse poesecos ; sive 
Lexicon Graeco-prosodiacum ; versus, et syno- 
nyma . . . complectens . . . Cui praefigitur 
De poesi, seu prosodia Grsecorum tractatus. 
Etonse. 1762. 2 v. 4. 43.1 

In vol. i is a portrait of Morell engraved from a sketch by 

Moreri, Louis. Le grand dictionnaire historique, 
ou le melange curieux de 1'histoire sacree et pro- 



Moreri, Louis. (Continued.) 

fane, ice edition. Amsterdam. MDCCXVI, 
MDCCXVII. 6 v. F. 71.2 

Contents. i. A-B. 2. C-F. 3. G-M. 4. N-Z. 5. Supplement, 
i. A-H. 6. Supplement. 2. I-Z. 

The Supplement is dated 1716. Each volume has the auto- 
graph of John Adams. 

Morgan, Thomas. The moral philosopher. In a 
dialogue between Philalethes a Christian deist, 
and Theophanes a Christian Jew . . . [Vol. 
i]-3. [Anon.] London. MDCCXXXVII- 
MDCCXL. 3 v. 8. 291.7 

Vols. 2 and 3 have sub-titles differing from that of vol. i and 
from each other, and are signed, Philalethes. 

Morisanus, Bernardus, of Derry, Ireland. [Ber- 
nardi Morisani ... in Aristotelis logicam, 
physicam, ethicam, apotelesma . . . commen- 
tariis ... ad mentem magni magistri . . . 
accommodatis, ut et disputationibus . . . qui- 
bus cum veteres turn recentiores controversise 
. . . pertractantur atque deciduntur, universum 
Peripateticae philosophise corpus absolvens . . . 
Francofurti. MDCXXV.] Sm. 4. 241.14 

The title-page and some preliminary pages are missing, and 
the title is supplied from the British Museum Catalogue. 

Moritz, Graf von Sachsen. Reveries, or, memoirs 
concerning the art of war. . . . Translated 
from the French. Prefixed an account of the 
life of the author. Edinburgh. MDCCLIX. 
13 folded plates. 8. 181.9 

Morosini, Andrea. Historia Veneta ab anno M.D.- 
XXI usque ad annum M.DC.XV, in quinque 
partes tributa. [Vita a Nicolao Crasso con- 
scripta. Notis illustravit Petrus Catharinus 
Zenus. Venezia. MDCCXVIIII-MDCC- 
XX.] 3 v. Portrait. [Istorici delle cose 
veneziane. Tomo 5-7.] 4. 50.1.5-7 

Morse, Jedidiah. The American gazetteer. Bos- 
ton. 1797. Maps. 8. 150.11 



Morse, Jedidiah. (Continued.) 

The American geography; or, a view of the 

present situation of the "United States of Amer- 
ica. Elizabethtown. M,DCC,LXXXIX. 
Maps. 8. 262.14 

The American universal geography. Boston. 

MDCCXCIII. 2v. Plate. Maps. 8. 140.6 
Morse, Jedidiah, and Elijah Parish. A compen- 
dious history of New England, designed for 
schools and private families. Charlestown. 
1804. Map. 12. 223.31 

The fly-leaf is inscribed: Hon. John Q. Adams, Esq., respect- 
fully from J. Morse. 

Mortimer, Thomas. A new and complete dictionary 
of trade and commerce. London. MDCC- 
LXVI, MDCCLXVII. 2 v. Plate. Maps. 
Plans. F. 122.3 

Morton, Thomas. The new English Canaan. With 
introductory matter and notes by Charles 
Francis Adams, Jr. Boston. 1883. [Prince 
Society. Publications.] Sm. 4. 201.15 

Mosheim, Johann Lorenz von. An ecclesiastical 
history, ancient and modern. . . . Translated 
from the original Latin, with notes and chrono- 
logical tables, by Archibald Maclaine. First 
American edition. Philadelphia. 1797, 98. 
6 v. 8. 191.9 

Motteville, Franchise Bertaut de. Memoires, pour 
servir a 1'histoire d'Anne d'Autriche, epouse 
de Louis XIII. roi de France. Amsterdam 
M.DCC.XXIII. 5v. 12. 164.5 

Mottin de la Balme, - . Siemens de tactique 
pour la cavalerie. Paris. M.DCC LXXVI 
Plates. 8. 181.10 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Essais sur 1 equitation . . . Amsterdam & se 

trouve a Paris. M.DCC.LXXIII. Plate. 12. 

Autograph: John Adams. 245 l8 



Mouffle d'Angerville, - . Vie privee de Louis 
XV, ou principaux evenemens, particularites 
et anecdotes de son regne. [Anon.] London. 
MDCCXXXXI. 4v. 12. 193.2 

This book has been ascribed to Arnoux Laffrey, but both 
Querard and Barbier attribute it to Mouffle d'Angerville. 
This edition lacks the portraits. There are autographs of 
John Adams, also manuscript notes on the margin. 

Mueller, Johann Christoph. Bohemiae regnum 
. . . [Tabula. Cum tabulis circulorum singu- 
lorum] ex Miillerianis aliisque chorographicis 
subsidiis delineatum nunc noviter revisum et 
emendatum per Homannianos Heredes. No- 
rimbergae. 1742-^76. 13 sheets. Various 
scales. Folded in case. 284.7 

Muratori, Lodovico Antonio. Annali dTtalia dal 
principio dell' era volgare, sino all' anno 1750. 
Napoli. MDCCLXXIII. 12 v. in 6. 4. 


A continuation of this work is on shelf-number *B.4299.2. 

Delle antichita estensi ed italiane. Parte prima. 

Modena. MDCCXVII. Plate. Genealogical 
charts. Vignettes. F. 111.8 

This copy lacks the plate. 

Dissertazioni sopra le antichita italiane. Opera 

postuma data in luce dal Proposto Gian-Fran- 
cesco Soli Muratori, suo nipote. Milano. M- 
DCCLI. 3 v. Portrait. 4. 43-io 

Murray, Rev. John. Letters and sketches of ser- 
mons. Boston. 1812,1813. 3 v. 8. 181.5 

This copy lacks the portrait. 

Murray, Lindley, compiler. Extracts from the 
writings of divers eminent authors, of different 
religious denominations ; and at various periods 
of time, representing the evils and pernicious 
effects of stage plays, and other vain amuse- 
ments. With some additions. Philadelphia. 
1799- 8. 281.14 



Musee imperial des monumens frangais. Histoire 

des arts en France. Par Alexandre Lenoir. 

Paris. M.D.CCCX. 12. 280.1 

Muyden, Johannes van. Compendiosa Institutio- 

num Justiniani tractatio in usum collegiorum. 

Editio 3a. Ultrajecti. M DC CCVII [sic]. 

16. 245.10 

Contains autographs of Jer. Gridley, Jo: Campbell, and J. 

Naismith, John. Observations on the different 
breeds of sheep, and the state of sheep farming 
in the southern districts of Scotland. Edin- 
burgh. M,DCC,XCV. L. 8. 103.4 

Nani, Giovanni Battista Felice Gaspare. Historia 
della repvbli^a veneta [ 1613-1644] . 2a impres- 
sione. Venetia. M DC LXIII. 4. 170.6 

The title-page is mutilated. 

The history of the affairs of Europe in this pres- 

ent age, but more particularly of the Republick 
of Venice. Written in Italian. Englished by 
Sir Robert Honywood. London. MDCL- 
XXIII. F. 53-3 

Istoria della repubblica veneta [aggiuntavi la 

vita dell' autore da Zeno]. Portrait. (In 
Istorici delle cose veneziane. Tome 8, 9. Ve- 
nezia. 1720.) 40.1.8,9 

National calendar, The, and annals of the United 
States; for 1820-22, 24, 29, 32-35. By Peter 
Force. Washington. 1820-1835. Plates. 
16. 294.1 

There were none published for the years 1825, 26, 27. There 
are two copies for 1820, 1822, 1824. The "A" copy for 1820 
contains a plan. In the issues for 1833, 34, is written: Hon. 
J. Q. Adams, from Peter Force. 

Naude, Gabriel. Bibliographia politica. (In 
Wheare, Degory. Relectiones hyemales de 
ratione . . . legendi . . . historias. Pp. 225- 
292. Cantabrigise. M. DC LXXXIV.) 243.6 

This has a separate title-page. 



Neal, Daniel. The history of New-England con- 
taining an impartial account of the civil and 
ecclesiastical affairs ... to the year 1700. 
Added, the present state of New-England. 
With a ... map. And an appendix. In 
two vols. Vol. i. London. M DCC XX. 
8. 253-5 

According to Hutchinson this is little more than an abridg- 
ment of Mather's Magnalia. But Thomas Prince in his 
"Chronology" speaks well of it. 

Nebrija, Antonio de. See Martinez de Jarava, A. 

Necker, Jacques. De 1'importance des opinions re- 

ligieuses. Londres. 1788. 8. 290.4 

De la Revolution franchise. [Paris ?] M.DCC- 

XCVI. 4 v. 8. 173.19 

Sur la legislation et le commerce des grains. 4e 

edition. [Anon.] Paris. M.DCCLXXVI. 
8. 281.3 

Needham, Marchamont. The excellencie of a free 
state. [Anon. Edited by Richard Baron.] 
London. MDCCLXVII. 8. 280.7 

A presentation copy with autograph, to John Adams from 
Brand Hollis. Contains manuscript notes by John Adams. 

Nelson, William. An abridgment of the common 
law: being a collection of the principal cases 
argued and adjudged in the . . . courts of 
Westminster-Hall. Vol. II. In the Savoy. 
MDCCXXVI. F. 52.1 

Vol. i is missing. Pages are wanting at the end of this volume. 

Nemours, Marie d'Orleans, Duchesse de. Me- 
moires. [1648-1652.] (In Joly, Guy. Me- 
moires. Tome 2, pp. 219-436. Geneve. M.- 
DCC.LXXVII.) 174.1 

Nepos, Cornelius. Vitse excellentium imperatorum. 
Editio nova emendatior. Amstelaedami. 1745. 
Engraved title-page. 16. 134.21 

Four autographs of John Adams on fly-leaf; book-plate of 
C. F. Adams (senior). 



Netherlands. Staten-Generaal. Resolutions im- 
portantes de leurs nobles et grandes puissances 
les etats de Hollande et de West-Frise, pendant 
le ministere de Mr. Jean de Witt. Traduites du 
hollandois. Amsterdam. M DCC XXV. 12. 

Two copies. 2I 53 

Neville, Henry. Plato redivivus: or, a dialogue 
concerning government. [Anon.] London. 
M DC LXXXI. Sm. 8. 254.18 

On fly-leaf is, written: T. Brand Hollis to J. Adams. 

New abridgment, A, of the law. By a gentleman 
of the Middle Temple. See Bacon, M. 

New Annual Register, The, or general repository 
of history, politics, and literature. 1780, 81, 98. 
London. i78i-MDCCXCIX. 3 v. 8. 162.2 

New-England farmer, A. See Lowell, J. 

New England Mississippi Land Company. Memo- 
rial of the agents of the New England Missis- 
sippi Land Company to Congress, with a vin- 
dication of their title at law annexed. [City 
of Washington. 1804.] 8. No. I in 251.14 

Presentation copy with autograph to John Adams from Perez 

A vindication of the rights of the New England 

Mississippi Land Company, by the agents of 

said Company. City of Washington. 1804. 

8. No. 2 in 251. 14 

New-England patriot, The. [Anon.] See Lowell, 

New Hampshire. Governor. Governor's message. 
[June 2, 1819. Concord. 1819.] 12. 212.10 

New York, State. The constitution of the State 
of New-York, together with the rules and or- 
ders, standing committees, and list of members 
of the Senate & Assembly, for 1826. Albany. 
[1826.] Map. Plans. 12. 223.14 

Reports of the proceedings and debates of the 



New York, State. (Continued.) 

Convention of 1821, assembled for the purpose 
of amending the Constitution, of the State of 
New York. By Nathaniel H. Carter and Wil- 
liam L. Stone. Albany. 1821. Plan. 8. 141.1 

New- York Review, The. June, 1825, January, 1826. 
[New York. 1821,26.] 8. No. 10, n in 131.16 

Newton, Sir Isaac. The method of fluxions and 
infinite series; with its application to the ge- 
ometry of curve-lines. Translated from the 
author's Latin original. ... Subjoin'd, a 
perpetual comment upon the whole work. . . . 
By John Colson. London. M.DCC.XXXVI. 
Plate. Diagrams. 4. 83.12 

Pages [143], [144], and the two unnumbered pages are bound 
between pages 338 and 339. 

Philosophise naturalis principia mathematica. 
Editio ultima. Amstaelodami. M.D.CCXX- 
III. 4. 83.10 

Newton, Thomas, Bishop of Bristol. Dissertations 
on the prophecies, which have remarkably been 
fulfilled, and at this time are fulfilling in the 
world. London. MDCCLVIII, MDCCLIX. 
3 v. 8. 292.4 

Vol. i is of the 2d edition. Each volume has autograph of 
Eliz. Kemble, and on fly-leaf is written: Library of the Earl 
of Shrewsbury. Belonged to the family of the "Pride of the 
British stage" Kemble. 

Nicholls, John. Recollections and reflections, per- 
sonal and political, as connected with public 
affairs during the reign of George III. Lon- 
don. 1822. 2 v. 8. 131.10 

Vol. i is of the 2d edition. 

Nichols, William. Hep! CXQXCOV libri septem. Ac- 
cedunt Liturgica. Londini. 1717. 2 v. in i. 
Plate. 12. 264.1 

Has autograph: John Adams. The first part is a paraphrase 
of the church catechism in Latin hexameters. The Liturgica 
consists of translations of some portions of the Book of 
Common Prayer into Latin verse. 



Nicholson, William. The first principles of chem- 
istry. 3d edition. London. M.CC.XCVI. 
Plate. 8. 181.29 

Autograph: John Adams, 1796. 

Nicolai, Christoph Friedrich. Verzeichniss einer 
Handbibliothek der nutzlichsten deutschen 
Schrif ten zum Vergniigen und Unterrichte . . . 
welche . . . zu haben sind bey Friedrich Nico- 
lai, in dessen Buchhandlungen zu Berlin und 
Stettin. 4. Auflage. [Berlin?] 1795. 16. 

Autograph: T. B. Adams. 254.26 

Nicolson, William, Bishop of Carlisle. The Eng- 
lish historical library. In three parts. Giving 
a short view and character of most of our his- 
torians either in print or manuscript. 2d edi- 
tion, augmented. London. M.DCC.XIV. 

II. 12 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Nieupoort, Willem Hendrik. Rituum, qui olim 
apud Romanos obtinuerunt, succincta explica- 
tio. Editio tertia prioribus multo auctior & 
numismatibus illustrata. Trajecti ad Rhenum. 
MDCC XXIII. Plates. Tables. 16. 142.11 

Nieuwentyt, Bernard. The religious philosopher: 
or, the right use of contemplating the works of 
the Creator . . . Translated by John Cham- 
berlayne. London. 1719, M DCC XX. 3 v. 
Plates. 8. 280.3 

Vol. I, 2 are of the 2d edition. This copy once contained 
autographs of Joseph Addison, and was in the library of the 
Earl of Shrewsbury. 

Niles, Samuel. The true Scripture-doctrine of 
original sin stated and defended. ... 2d 
edition. Premised, a brief discourse on the 
decrees of God . . . Boston. 1757. 12. 


The last four pages are missing. Autograph: John Adams, 



Niles' Weekly register, The. H. Niles, editor. 
Vol. 1-18, 20-27. From Sept. 1811 to March, 
1825. Baltimore. [1812-1825.] 26 v. 8. 110.3 

Vol. 19 of this set is missing. From vol. 1-6 the title was 
The Weekly register. Vol. i is of the 3d edition, 1816. 

General index to the first twelve volumes, or first 

series. Baltimore. 1818. 8. 110.4 

Noel, Frangois Joseph Michel. Nouveau diction- 
naire frangais-latin. 8e tirage. Paris. 1813. 
8. 172.16 

Noodt, Gerard. Du pouvoir des souverains, et de 
la liberte de conscience. En deux discours, 
traduits du Latin: . . . par Jean Barbeyrac. 
2e edition . . . augmentee . . . du discours 
de J. F. Gronovius sur la loi roiale; & d'un dis- 
cours du traducteur sur la nature du sort. Am- 
sterdam. MDCCXTV. Plate. 12. 264.12 

Opera omnia, recognita, aucta . . . atque in 

duos tomos distributa. Accessit . . . Joannis 
Barbeyracii Historica vitae auctoris narratio. 
Editio novissima. Lugduni Batavorum. M- 
DCCLX. 2 v. in I. F. 62.9 

Norberg, J. E. Au comite forme par les ordres 
gracieux de Sa Majeste I'Empereur de toutes 
les Russies, pour examiner le nouvel apparat 
distillatoire, projete par le soussigne, pour le 
perfectionnement de la fabrication des eaux-de- 
vie. [St. Petersbourg? 1811?] 16. 280.17 

There is no title-page. 

Norton, Andrews. Inaugural discourse, delivered 
before the University in Cambridge, August 10, 
1819. Cambridge. 1819. 8. No. 6 in 211.4 

On fly-leaf is: President Adams with the author's most 
respectful compliments. 

Norton, Jacob. An humble attempt to ascertain 
the scripture doctrine of the Father, Son, and 
Holy Spirit. In three discourses. Added, 
"The awakener," delivered in the months of 



Norton, Jacob. (Continued.) 

January and February, 1819, before the First 
Religious Society in Weymouth. Boston. 
1819. 8. 181.17 

Remarks on "An address from the Berean Society 

of Universalists in Boston, to the congregation 
of the First Church in Weymouth, in answer 
to a sermon delivered in said church, Decem- 
ber 18, 1808, entitled "The will of God, respect- 
ing the salvation of all men, illustrated." Also, 
a few strictures on a performance of Samuel 
Thompson, entitled "Universal restoration vin- 
dicated . . ." Boston. 1809. 8. No. 8 in 21 1.4 

The title-page and several pages at the beginning of this copy 
are mutilated. 

Seasonable and candid thoughts on human creeds 

or articles of faith, as religious tests, connected 
with an ... attempt to ascertain the true 
character of Jesus Christ . . . By an orthodox 
clergyman of Massachusetts. Boston. 1813. 
8. No. 6 in 211.3 

Things set in a proper light ; in answer to a letter 

from T. A. to a friend, by an orthodox clergy- 
man of Massachusetts. Boston. 1814. 4. 
No. 8 in 211.3; No. 7 in 211.4 

Continues a controversy begun by the author in his Season- 
able and candid thoughts on human creeds or articles of faith 
[No. 6 in 211.4], answered by Rev. Thomas Andros in his 
Seasonable thoughts, etc., in a letter to a friend [No. i in 

Norwich University, Northfield, Vt. A journal of 
an excursion made by the corps of cadets, of 
the American Literary, Scientific and Military 
Academy, under Capt. Alden Partridge, June, 
1822. Concord. 1822. 8. No. i, 2 in 252.9 

Notice sur la vie de Sieyes. [Anon.] See Oelsner. 
C. E. 

Novus apparatus Graeco-Latinus, cum interpreta- 
tione Gallica. [Anon.] See Jouvancy, ]" de. 



Novvelle methode povr apprendre facilement la 
langve greqve. [Anon.] See Lancelot, C, 
and others. 

Nugent, Thomas. The new pocket dictionary of 
the French and English languages. [Corrected 
and improved] by J. S. Charrier. 3d edition, 
enlarged. London. 1781. 2 v. in i. Sm. 4. 

Autograph: John Adams, Paris, 20 March, 1783. 154.8 

O'Beirne, Thomas Lewis, Bishop of Meath. Rela- 
tion na'ive et impartiale des operations de la 
flotte aux ordres du Lord Howe en Amerique, 
depuis 1'arrivee de 1'escadre de Toulon, jusqu' 
au depart du Lord Howe pour 1'Angleterre. 
Avec des observations. Par un officier qui a 
servisur la flotte. Londres. M.DCC.LXXIX. 
fin Affaires de 1'Angleterre et de 1' Amerique. 
Tome 13, pp. cclxxx-cclxxxvij, cclxxxix cccx- 
Ivj. [Paris.] 1779.) 233.2.13 

Observations on modern gardening. [Anon.] See 
Whateley, T. 

Observations sur le traite de paix conclu a Paris 
le 10 fevrier 1763. [Anon.] See Sainte-Croix, 
G. E. J. G. de Clermont-Lodeve. 

Observations upon the statutes, chiefly the more 
ancient. [Anon.] See Barrington, D. 

Ocellus Lucanus. Ocellus Lucanus en Grec et en 
Frangois avec des dissertations sur les princi- 
pales questions de la metaphysique, de la phi- 
sique, & de la morale des anciens; qui peuvent 
servir de suite a la Philosophic du bon sens, 
par M. le marquis d'Argens. Utrecht. 1762. 
16. 134.6 

Autographs: John Adams. 

Oelsner, Conrad Engelbert. Notice sur la vie de 
Sieyes. [Anon.] En Suisse. MDCCXCV. 
Portrait. 16. 182.12 



Ogilvie, William. An essay on the right of property 
in land, with respect to its foundation in the law 
of nature; its present establishment by the 
municipal laws of Europe ; and the regulations 
by which it might be rendered more beneficial 
to the lower ranks of mankind. [Anon.] Lon- 
don. [1781.] 8. 172.6 

Oldfield, Joshua. An essay towards the improve- 
ment of reason; in the pursuit of learning and 
conduct of life. London. M DCC.VII. 8. 


Oldmixon, John. The British empire in America, 

containing the history ... of all the British 

colonies, on the continent and islands of Amer- 

* ica. In two volumes. [Vol. I.] London. 

1708. Maps. 8. 253.9 

Contains autograph and several pages of manuscript notes of 
T. Prince. This volume belonged to the New England Li- 
brary, now in the Boston Public Library, and has the Prince 

Clarendon and Whitlock compar'd. Occasion- 

ally added, a comparison between the History 
of the rebellion, and other histories of the Civil 
War. By the author of the Critical history 
of England, &c. London. 1727. Sm. 8. 

On title-page is autograph: James Otis. 253.10 

The history of England, during the reigns of the 

royal House of Stuart. ... By the author 
of The critical history of England. London. 
M.DCC.XXX. F. 22.4 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Oldys, William. The life of Sir Walter Ralegh, 
from his birth to his death on the scaffold. 
[Anon.] London. MDCCXL. Portrait. 
Sm. 8. 202.1 

"This seems to be an unauthorized reprint, with numerous 
omissions, of Oldy's Life of Raleigh . . . published in 1736." 



Oliver, Andrew, Jr. Essay on comets. Salem. 
MDCCLXXII. Folded plate. 8. 

Nos. 2, 3 in 262.17 

On a fly-leaf of No. 2 is written: "For Mr. Richard Cranch." 
Two copies. 

Oliver, Peter. Appendix to the Scripture lexicon. 
[Anon.] Birmingham. M,DCC,LXXXIV. 
Sm. 8. 191.11 

On fly-leaf: The Honble Peter Oliver, Esq. to Dr. Jeffries, 
September, 1785. The Scripture lexicon is on shelf-number 

One of the people, pseud. See Cambreleng, C. C. 

Ontwerp, om de Republiek door eene heilzaame 
vereeniging der belangen van regent en burger, 
van binnen gelukkig, en van buiten gedugt te 
maaken . . . Leyden. 1785. 8. 150.13 

Ortelius, Abraham. Parergon, sive veteris geo- 
grapiae [sic] aliqvot tabvlse. [Accedit Nomen- 
clator Ptolemaicvs. Antverpise. M.D.XCV.] 
30 maps. F. No. 2 in 293.3 

Cut from his Theatrum orbis terrarum, 1595. Two maps are 

Orthodox clergyman, An, of Massachusetts. See 

Norton, J. 
Ortwinnius, Johannes. Principia juris, secundum 

ordinem Institutionum Imp. Justiniani, in usum 

auditorum vulgata. Editio tertia auctior. 

Harderovici. 1759. 8. 151.20 

Autograph: T. B. Adams. 

Osborn, John. [Notes relating to mathematics and 
medicine, 1731, 33-35, 37, 44.] Manuscript. 
[N.p. 1731-44.] 10 v. in box. Illus. 16. 


Bound at the end is a volume without date. Pages are missing 
from the volume for 1734. 

[Notes relating to medicine.] Manuscript. 
[N.p. 1759,61.] 2v.ini. 16. 292.19 

The volume for 1759 contains the autograph of the author's 
father, John Osborn, with the date 1737. 



Ossat, Arnaud, Cardinal d'. Letres [sic], avec des 
notes historiques & politiques de Mr. Amelot 
de la Houssaie. Nouvelle edition, . . . aug- 
mentee . . . Amsterdam. M.DCCVIIL 5 v. 
Portrait. 12. I75'*4 

This copy lacks the portrait. The letters deal with affairs 
at the Papal court. 

Same. M.DCCXXXII. 5 v. 175.18 
Osterwald. Jean Frederic. Traite contre 1'impurete. 

Amsterdam. MDCCVII. Plate. 16. 264.29 

Autograph: John Adams. The title-page has been mutilated 
for autograph. 

A treatise concerning the causes of the present 

corruption of Christians, and the remedies 
thereof. (In Watson, Richard, editor. A col- 
lection of theological tracts. Vol. 6, pp. 115- 
310. Cambridge. M.DCC.LXXXV.) 181.1.6 

Oughton, Thomas. Ordo judiciorum ; sive, metho- 
dus procendendi in negotiis et litibus in foro 
ecclesiastico-civili Britannico et Hibernico. 
Londini. M.DCC.XXXVIII. 2 v. L. 8. 103.2 

Ovidius Naso, Publius. Metamorphoseon libri XV. 
Interpretatione & notis illustravit Daniel Chris- 
pinvs Helvetius ad usum serenissimi Delphini. 
2aeditio. Londini. MDCCVIII. Sm.8. 212.7 

Autographs: Tho. Tryon, 1711; J. Adams, Hague, 1784. 

Les oeuvres d'Ovide, traduction nouvelle par 

Monsieur de Martignac; avec des remarques. 
le edition. Tome I, 3, 5-9. Lyon. M.DC- 
XCVII. 7 v. Portrait. 12. 153.2 

Latin and French upon opposite pages. Vols. i, 6, 7 have 
engraved title-pages. 

Opera omnia IV. voluminibus comprehensa; cum 

integris Jacobi Micylli, Herculis Ciofani, et 
Danielis Heinsii notis, et Nicolai Heinsii curis 
secundis . . . cura et studio Petri Burmanni, 
qui et suas in omne opus notas adiecit. Am- 
stelodami. M.D.C.C.XXVII. 4v. 4. 70.1 

Vol. 1-3 of this set have engraved title-pages. 



P * * *, Mr. de. See Pauw, C. 

Padoano, Pietro Gerardo, pseud. See Fausto da 

Longiano, S. 
Paine, Thomas. Common sense ; addressed to the 

inhabitants of America. . . . Written by 

an Englishman. 2d edition. Philadelphia. 

MDCCLXXVI. 8. No. 2 in 253.2 

The lower part of pages 73-78 is torn off; page 79 is missing. 

Palfrey, John Gorham. A history of New England. 
New York. 1866. 2 v. 12. 223.30 

This set has two copies of Vol. 2. 

Parallele de la conduite des Carthaginois, a 1'egard 
des Romains . . . [Anon.] See Seran de La 
Tour, - -. 

Pareus, David. Miscellanea catechetica. In qui- 
bus praecipvi articvli religionis Christianse inter 
euangelicos reformatos, & heterodoxos con- 
troversi, perspicue explicantur. (In Ursinus, 
Zacharias. Corpus doctrinse Christianse ec- 
clesiarum. Francoforti. M. DC. XXI.) 

No. 2 in 281.5 

Paris, Treaty of, 1763. Traite de paix entre le roi, 
le roi d'Espagne, et le roi de la Grande-Bre- 
tagne, conclu a Paris le 10 fevrier 1763. Avec 
Taccession du roi de Portugal. Paris. M.- 
DCCLXIII. 4. No. i in 40.1 

Parkinson.. Richard. The experienced farmer, an 
entire new work, in which the whole system of 
agriculture, husbandry and breeding of cattle, 
is explained. Philadelphia. 1799. 2 v. 
8. 161.20 

Parliamentary Register, The. [Vol. 6.] No. 43 
(or no. 14.) of the Second Session of the present 
[i5th] Parliament. June 15, 1782. House of 
Commons. London. [1782.] 8. 171.18 

The title is on the cover. 



Paruta, Paolo. Historia vinetiana. [Vita scritta 
da Apostolo Zeno.] Venezia. MDCCXVIII. 
2 v. Portrait. [Istorici delle cose veneziane. 
Tome 3, 4.1 4. 50.1.3,4. 

This covers the period from 1513 to 1573. 

The history of Venice, . . . Likewise, the Wars 

of Cyprus, by the same authour . . . Made 
English by Henry, Earl of Monmouth. Lon- 
don. 1658. F. 43.5 
Pascal, Blaise. Les provinciales, ou lettres ecrites 
par Louis de Montalte [pseud.] a un provincial 
de ces amis, et aux RR.PP. Jesuites, sur la 
morale & la politique de ces peres, avec un dis- 
cours preliminaire [par fitienne Rondet] con- 
tenant un abrege de la vie de M. Pascal, & 
Thistoire des Provinciales. Nouvelle edition. 
[Paris. 1 M.DCC.LIV. 24. 174.24 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Pasor, Geor^ius. Grammatica Grgeca sacra Novi 
Testamenti. Groningse Frisiorum. M D C- 
LV. 16. 174.16 

[Manuale Novi Testamenti, prseter Indicem ano- 

malorum et difficiliorum vocabulorum Libel- 
lumque de accentibus. Editio correction Lip- 
siae. 1710.] 12. 134.22 

All before page 5 is missing. Page 5 is mutilated. The title is 
supplied from the British Museum Catalogue of printed books. 

Pattee, William Samuel. A history of old Brain- 
tree and Quincy, with a sketch of Randolph 
and Holbrook. Quincy. 1878. Illus. Por- 
traits. 8. 151.1 

Paulus Warnefridi, Diaconus. De gestis Lango- 
bardorvm libri VI. (In Grotius, Hugo. His- 
toria Gotthorvm. Pp. 741-932. Amstelo- 
dami. MDC LV.) 213.8 

Pausanias. Tfjg 'EM,d8og TceQiTiyriaig. Hoc est, 
Pausanise Accvrata Graeciae descriptio, qva 
lector cev manv per earn regionem circvm- 



Pausanias. (Continued.) 

dvcitvr : a Gvlielmo Xylandro Avgvstano . . . 
recognita . . . Accesserunt annotationes . . . 
a G. Xylandro . . . inchoatse, nunc vero a Frid. 
Sylb. continuatse . . . Addita etaim . . . 
Romvli Amassei verso . . . Francofvrti. 
M D LXXXIIL 2 v. in i. F. 52.8 

Vol. 2 is the Latin translation of Amaseo. 

Pauw, Cornelius. Recherches philosophiques sur 
les Americains, ou memoires interessants pour 
servir a 1'histoire de 1'espece humaine. Par 
Mr. de P * * *. Avec une dissertation sur 1'A- 
merique & les Americains, par Don Pernety. 
Ft la defense de 1'auteur des Recherches contre 
cette dissertation. Berlin. M.DCCLXX. 3 
v. 16. 235.12 

Same. Berlin. M.DCC.LXXVII. 3 v. 235.13 

Vols. i, 2 are Nouvelle edition. 

Recherches philosophiques sur les figyptiens et 

les Chinois. Par M. de P * * *. [pseud.]. Am- 
sterdam & Leyde. MDCCLXXIII. 2v. Map. 
12. 153-9 

Two copies. 

Pauw, Johannes Cornelius de. Notae in Pindari 
Olympia, Pythia, Nemea, Isthmia. Trajecti 
adRhenum. M D CCXXXXVIII. 8. 201.12 

Payson, Seth, D.D. Proofs of the real existence, 
and dangerous tendency, of illuminism. Con- 
taining an abstract [from] Dr. Robison and the 
Abbe Barruel, . . . with proofs and observa- 
tions. Charlestown. 1802. 12. 263.5 

Peck, Pieter. Opera omnia in vnum volumen re- 
dacta, ac de nouo in lucem producta. Ant- 
verpise. M.DC.LXVL F. 62.13 

Contents. De regulis iuris. Partitio titulorum utriusque 
iuris. De continentia clericorum. De reparandis ecclesijs. 
De amortizatione bonorum. De testamentis coniugum 
lib. V. Paraphrasis in vniuersam legatorum materiam. De 
iure sistendi. Ad partem iuris de re nautica cpmmentaria. 
Autographs: Isaac Basire and Jer. Gridley. Title-page muti- 



Peck, William Dandridge. Natural history of the 
slug worm. Boston. 1799. Plates. 8. 

No. 2 in 290.10 

Same. (In Papers on agriculture. Pp. 9-20. 

Boston. 1799.) No. 4 in 290.10 

Peirce, James. A tractate on church music ; being 

an extract from . . . Peirce's Vindication of 

the dissenters. London. M DCC LXXXVI. 

8. No. i in 211.3 

Penn, John. Critical, poetical, and dramatic works. 

London. [1796,] 1798. 2 v. 8. 250.5 

Pennsylvania. Acts of the General Assembly. 

Lancaster. 1802. 8. 171.16 

The charters and acts of Assembly of the Prov- 

ince of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. M DCC- 
LXII. 2 v. in i. F. 101.2 

Constitution de la Republique de Pensylvanie, 

telle qu'elle a ete etablie par la Commission 
generale extraordinaire, elue a cet effet, & as- 
semblee a Philadelphie, dans ses seances, com- 
mencees le 15 juillet 1776, & continuees par 
des ajournemens successifs, jusqu'au 28 sep- 
tembre suivant. (In Franklin, Benjamin. La 
science du Bonhomme Richard. 4e edition. 
Pp. 82-145. A Philadelphie. Se vend a Paris. 
M.DCC.LXXVIII.) 244.1 

The laws of the Province of Pennsilvania. Col- 

lected into one volume by order of the Gover- 
nour and Assembly of the said Province. Phil- 
adelphia. Andr. Bradford. 1714. F. 102.10 

The original title-page is missing, and one in manuscript is 
substituted for it. 

Pensees sur la revolution de 1'Amerique-Unie. 

[Anon.] See Pownall, T. 
Perefixe, Hardouin de Beaumont de. Histoire du 

roi Henri le Grand. Revue, corrigee & aug- 

mentee par 1'auteur. Paris. M.DCC.LXXVI. 

12. 164.4 



Pernety, Antoine Joseph. Dissertation sur 1'Ame- 
rique et sur les naturels de cette partie du 
monde. (In Pauw, Cornelis. Recherches 
philosophiques sur les Americains. Vol. 3, pp. 
3-136. M.DCC.LXX.) 235.12.3 

Same. Dissertation sur I'Amerique et les Ameri- 

cains, contre les recherches philosophiques de 
M. de P * * *. (In Same. Vol. 2, 116 pp. 
M.DCC.LXXVII.) 235.13.2 

Perpetual war, the policy of Mr. Madison. By a 
New-England farmer. See Lowell, J. 

Perrin, Jean Baptiste. The elements of English 
conversation, with new, familiar and easy dia- 
logues, each preceded by a suitable vocabulary, 
in French, English, and Italian. A new edition, 
. . . enlarged with a choice of English idioms, 
by Chambaud. Naples. 1814. 8. 171.19 

Perry, Sampson. A disquisition of the stone and 
gravel; with strictures on the gout, when com- 
bined with those disorders. 7th edition, en- 
larged. London. MDCCLXXXV. 16. 254.7 

Pestel, Frederik Willem von. Commentarii de Re- 
publica Batava. Lugduni Batavorum. MD- 
CCLXXXII. 8. 150.17 

Fundamenta jurisprudence naturalis. Editio 

tertia aucta. Lugduni Batavorum. MDCC- 
LXXVII. 8. 140.10 

Petit, fimilien. Dissertations sur des parties in- 
teressantes du droit public en Angleterre et en 
France . . . Sur la liberte personnelle. re 
partie. [Anon.] Geneve. M.DCC.LXX- 
VIII. 8. 161.5 

Petronius Arbiter, Caius. Petrone. Latin et fran- 
gois; traduction entiere, suivant le manuscrit 
trouve a Belgrade en 1688 . . . Nouvelle 
edition. Augmentee de la contre-critique de 



Petronius Arbiter, Caius. (Continued.) 

Petrone. Amsterdam. M.DCC.LVI. 2 v. 
Plates. 16. 142.10 

Satyricon cvm Petroniorvm fragmentis, nunc 
iterum limatum & auctum studio M. Goldasti 
de Haiminsfeldii. Accesservnt seorsim doc- 
torum annotationes, scholia, obseruationes . . . 
[collectae a Georgio Erhardo, i. e. M. C. 
Lundorp]. Francofvrti. M.DCXXI. 16. 

Autograph: John Adams. 142.5 

Petrus Lombardus. Sententiarvm libri IV. quibus 
vniuersae theologise summa continetur. Ab 
Antonio Monchiaceno Demochare Rossonaeo 
. . . recogniti. Mogvntise. M.DC.XXXII. 
16. 264.3 

Phaedrus. Fables de Phedre, avec des notes, des 
eclaircissements, & un petit dictionnaire a la fin. 
Par M * * * Professeur au College de Louis 
le Grand [Bourgeois]. 3e edition. Paris. 
MDCCLXX. 12. 153.4 

Philadelphia!!, A., pseud. See Walsh, R., Jr. 

Philadelphien, Le, a Geneve, ou lettres d'un Ameri- 
cain sur la derniere revolution de Geneve . . . 
pouvant servir de tableau politique de Geneve 
jusqu'en 1784. Dublin. 1783. 8. 182.2 

Philalethes, pseud. See Morgan, T. 

Philippe de Remi, Sire de Beaumanoir. Coustumes 
de Beauvoisis. Assises et bons usages du 
Royaume de Jerusalem, par Jean d'Ibelin. Et 
autres anciennes coutumes. Le tout tire des 
manuscrits. Avec des notes . . . & un glos- 
saire, . . . par Gaspard Thaumas de La Thau- 
massiere. Bourses. M.DC.XC. 2 v. in i. 

F. 31-4 

On fly-leaf is a comment on Beaumanor, apparently in the 
handwriting of John Adams, copied from Harrington's Obser- 
vations on the statutes. 



Philipps, Charles. [Speeches . . . delivered at 
the bar, and on various public occasions in 
England and Ireland. Added, a letter to 
George IV. Edited by himself. London? 
1817?] 12. 173-21 

The title-page is missing. 

Philo Judaeus. Relation faite par Philon de 1'am- 
bassade dont il estoit le chef envoyee par les 
luifs d'Alexandrie vers 1'empereur Caius Cali- 
gula. (In Josephus, Flavius. Histoire des 
Juifs. Vol. 2, pp. 477-520. Paris. M.DC- 
LXVIII.) 21.7 

Philo Pacificus, pseud. See Worcester, N. 

Philosophic rurale. [Anon.] See Quesnay, F., 
and V. Riquetti, Marquis de Mirabeau. 

Philostratus, Flavius, the Elder. Td TCOV <DiAoaTQ(x- 
TCOV ?L8iJi6[>i8va ajravra. Philostratorvm qvse 
svpersvnt omnia . . . Accessere Apollonii 
Tyanensis epistolae, Evsebii liber adversvs 
Hieroclem, Callistrati Descript. statvarvm : om- 
nia ex MSS. codd. recensvit notis perpetvis 
illvstravit, versionem totam fere novam fecit 
Gottfridvs Olearivs. Lipsise. M DCC IX. F. 


Pickering, Octavius, and William Howard Gardi- 
ner. Report of the trial by impeachment of 
James Prescott, judge of the probate of wills, 
&c., for the County of Middlesex, for miscon- 
duct and maladministration in office, before the 
Senate of Massachusetts, in the year 1821. 
With an appendix, containing an account of 
former impeachments in the same State. Bos- 
ton. 1821. 8. 210.4 

Two copies. 

Piefrelin, Jerosme, pseud. Fameuse harangue faite 
en 1'Assemblee generate de messieurs, mes- 



Piefrelin, Jerosme, pseud. (Continued.) 

seigneurs les savetiers, sur le Mont de la Savato 
. . . [Troyes. 1731.] 16. No. 2 in 182.13 

There is no title-page. 

Pierce, John, D.D. A discourse delivered, 9 Novem- 
ber, 1817, the Lord's Day after the completion 
of a century from the gathering of the Church 
in Brookline. Boston. 1818. 8. 141.30 

The church referred to is the First Church of Brookline. 
Presentation copy of the author to John Adams. 

The right of private judgment in religion, vindi- 
cated against the claims of the Romish church, 
... in a Dudleian lecture, delivered before the 
University in Cambridge, 24 October, 1821. 
Cambridge. 1821. 8. No. 13111211.3 

Presentation copy of the author to John Adams. 

Piganiol de La Force, Jean' Aimar. Nouveau 
voyage de France; avec un itineraire, et des 
cartes . . . Nouvelle edition, . . . augmentee. 
Paris. M.DCC.LXXX. 2 v. 12. 192.7 

Pigott, Nathaniel, and others. New precedents 
in conveyancing: containing . . . curious 
draughts, ... drawn or settled by Mr. Pig- 
got, Northey, Webb, and other eminent hands ; 
and now publish'd from original manuscripts. 
In the Savoy. M.DCC.XLII. F. 62.6 

Pillet, Rene Martin. L'Angleterre vue a Londres 
et dans ses provinces, pendant un sejour de dix 
annees, dont six comme prisonnier de guerre. 
Paris. 1815. 8. 242.10 

Pindar. Epitome ac svmma vniversae Iliados Ho- 
meri, Pindaro Thebano auctore. (In Homer. 
Qvse extant omnia . . . Columns 428-443. 
Basiled. [M DCVI.]) 21.9 

Pitt, William, of Pendeford . General view of the 
agriculture of the County of Stafford: with ob- 
servations on the means of its improvement. 
London. M DCC XCIV. Sm. 4. 103.10 



Plan of a treaty of commerce, to be entered into 
between their High Mightinesses the Estates 
of the Seven United States of Holland, and 
13 United States of North-America . . . [N.p. 
1780?] 8. No. 6 in 251.4 

Platina, Bartolommeo. Historia B. Plantinae de 
vitis pontificvm Romanorvm. A d. n. lesv 
Christo vsqve ad Paulvm II. ... Cvi, . . . 
Onvphrii . . . opera, reliquorum pontificum 
vitae, vsque ad Pium V. & Antonii Ciccarellae, 
vsque ad Clementem VIII. . . . adiunctae sunt. 
Accesservnt nvnc demvm omnivm pontificvm 
verae effigies . . . Colonise. M.D.C. Por- 
traits. Vignettes. 8. 181.3 

There is a manuscript index at the end. Pp. 3-14 are missing. 

Opus, de vitis ac gestis summorum pontificvm 

ad Sixtum IIIL deductum . . . Accessit, 
. . . brevis . . . Romanorum pontificum, con- 
siliorum sub illis celebratorum & imperatorum 
catalogus. [Lugduni Batavorum?] M. DC- 
XLV. 24. 264.26 

Probably printed at Leyden. On fly-leaf of this copy at end 
is: Samuel Mather His Book if his father will please to give 
it him. 

Plato. nA,dtcovog cbtavta td aco^ojieva. Platonis 
opera quae extant omnia. Ex nova loannis 
Serrani interpretatione, . . . Henr. Stephani 
de quorundam locorum interpretatione iudi- 
cum, & multorum contextus Graeci emendatio. 
[Parish's.] Excvdebat Henr. Stephanvs. 1578. 
3 v. F. 10.5 

Greek and Latin in parallel columns. Autographs: John and 
J. Q. Adams. 

Tov fteiov n^dtcovog "Ajiavta td aco^opieva. Divini 

Platonis Opera omnia qvse exstant. Marsilio 
Ficino interprete. . . . Vita Platonis a Dio- 
gene Laertio, . . . Timcei Locri opusculum 
. . . aliaque plurima, huic editioni accesserunt. 



Plato. (Continued.) 

Adiectus est index. Genevae. M. D. XC. F. 

Autograph: John Quincy Adams. 3*** 

Les oeuvres de Platon, traduites en franc,ois, 

avec des remarques. Par M. Dacier [M. de 
Maucroix, M. Racine et Jean Grou]. Paris. 
M.DCC.LXXI. 7 v. [Bibliotheque des an- 
ciens philosophes. T. 3-9.] 16. I33- 2 

On title-page of vol. I is the autograph: J. Adams. At the end 
of the same volume are manuscript comments by John Adams. 

The Republic of Plato. In ten books. Trans- 

lated from the Greek by H. Spens. With a 
preliminary discourse concerning the philoso- 
phy of the ancients by the translator. Glas- 
gow. M.DCCLXIII. Sm. 4. 160.1 

The title-page is mutilated for autograph. There are manu- 
script annotations in the margins, by John Adams. 

La republique de Platon, ou Dialogue sur la jus- 

tice. [Traduit par J. Grou.] Paris. M.- 
DCCLXII. 2v. 16. 134.10 

Plato redivivus. [Anon.] See Neville, H. 

Plautus, Titus Maccius. Comoediae. Accedit 
commentarivs ex variorum notis & observa- 
tionibus, ex recensione loh. Frederici Gronovii. 
Editio novissima. Amstelodami. M DC- 
LXXXIV. 2 v. Engraved title-page. 8. 

Autographs: John Adams. 221.4 

The merchant, translated from Plautus [by 

George Colman] . (In Terentius Afer, Publius. 
The comedies of Terence. Vol. 2, pp. 301-388. 
London. MDCCLXVIII.) 180.5.2 

Playfair, William. The history of Jacobinism, its 
crimes, cruelties and perfidies. . . . With an 
appendix, by Peter Porcupine [pseud, of Wil- 
liam Cobbett]. Philadelphia. 1796. 2 v. 
8. 222.6 

Playford, John. The whole book of Psalms : with 
the usual hymns and spiritual songs. With 



Playford, John. (Continued.) 

all the ancient and proper tunes . . . I2th 
edition. London. MDCCXIII. Sm. 8. 290.16 

Autographs: Jos. and John Fletcher, 1719, and 1723. The 
title-page is mutilated 

Plinius Caecilius Secundus, Caius. Epistolarum li- 
bros decem, cum notis selectis, Jo. Mariae 
Catanoei . . . recensuerunt . . . Gottlieb Cor- 
tius et Paullus Daniel Longolius. Amstelae- 
dami. MDCCXXXIV. Engraved title-page. 
4. 160.3 

Plowden, Edmund. The commentaries, or reports 
of Edmund Plowden . . . To which are 
added, the quaeries of Mr. Plowden. In the 
Savoy. MDCCLXI. 2 parts in i v. Por- 
trait. F. 122.5 

Book-plate: John Adams. Autographs: J. Adams, 1769; J. Q. 
Adams, 1800; G. W. Adams, 1825. 

Plowden, Francis Peter. A short history of the 
British Empire, from May 1792 to the close 
of the year 1793. Philadelphia. 1794. 8. 

Autograph: John Adams, 1794. 230.6 

Plutarchus. 'AjicxpfteyjiaTa paadecov xal aTQatriycov. 
'AjioqpdeyjAaTa Aaxcovixd. Ta jiaAmd TCOV Aaxe- 
8ai|iovicov 8Jtitri8eiJpiaTa. 'AjcocpftsynaTa Aaxai- 
voov. Plutarchi, Apophthegmata regum et im- 
peratorum. Apophthegmata Laconica. An- 
tiqua Lacedsemoniorum instituta. Apophtheg- 
mata Lacsenarum. Londini. MDCCXLI. 2 
parts in I v. F. 12.6.6 

Edited by Michael Maittaire. This is bound as vol. 6 of A. 
Bryan's edition of Plutarch's Vitse, of which Lowndes says it 
forms a supplement. 

Les cevvres morales et meslees de Plvtarqve tra- 
dvites de Grec en Frangois, reveves ... & 
enrichies . . . de prefaces generales ... & 
d'annotations en marge . . . Paris. M.DC.- 
LV. 2v. F. 21.8 

Amyot's translation. 



Plutarchus. (Continued.) 

Les vies des hommes illustres, traduites en fran- 

c,ois, avec des remarques historiques & critiques, 
par M r . Dacier. Nouvelle edition, sevue & 
corrigee. Tome 1-8, 10-15. Paris. M.DCC.- 
LXXVIII-M.DCC.XCII. 14 v. 12. 133.1 

Tome IT is entitled, Supplement aux Vies . . .; tomes 13-15 
are entitled, CEuvres morales, traduites en Francois, par 
M. 1'abbe Ricard. 

Vita? parallels, cum singulis aliquot. Graece et 

Latine. Adduntur variantes lectiones . . . 
notae . . . et indices . . . Recensuit Augus- 
tinus Bryanus. Londini. MDCCXXIII- 
XXIX. "5 v. Portraits. 4. 12.6 

Vols. 2-5 are dated 1723, 24, and are entitled nXouTaox " 
jiaodAAiiXa, fj (3toi jtaQaXXr^ou Plutarchi Parallela, seu vitse 
parallels. Vol. i contains an address to the reader by Moses 
Du Soul. 

Poetae minores Graeci . . . Quibus subjungitur 
eorum potissimum quse ad philosophiam mora- 
lem pertinent, index utilis. Accedunt etiam 
observationes Radulphi Wintertoni in Hesio- 
dvm. Cantabrigiae. MDCC. 12. 134.19 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Polignac, Melchior de, Cardinal. L'Anti-Lucrece, 
poeme sur la religion naturelle. Traduit par 
M. de Boiisrainville. Bruxelles. M.DCC.LX- 
XII. 2v. 12. 263.6 

Preceded by Discours preliminaire and filoge de M. le Car- 
dinal de Polignac, par Claude Gros de Boze. Book-plates: 
John Quincy Adams. 

Political (Economist, The; and emporium of statis- 
tical philosophy. By a society of gentlemen. 
Vol. i, no. i. Baltimore. 1824. 8. 210.6 

There is no title-page. 

Politique hollandais, Le. Tome 1-4. [12 fev., 
1781 - 10 fev., 1783]. Amsterdam. [1781- 
83.] 8. 222.11 

There are four copies of vol. 2, five of vol. 3, and three of 
vol. 4. This periodical was published weekly, and dealt with 
political affairs in Holland and Europe. 



Polybius. Les histoires de Polybe. Avec les frag- 
mens ov extraits dv mesme avthevr, contenant 
la pluspart des ambassades. De la traduction 
de P. Dv Ryer. Paris. M.DC.LXIX, M.DC- 
LXX. 3 v. 12. 134.4 

All the volumes contain the book-plate of the Right Hon;We 
Charles Moore, Lord Tullamoore. 

The history of Polybius : . . . principally of the 

Roman people, during the first and second 
Punick Wars. Translated by Sir Hfenry] 
S[heeres]. Added, A character of Polybius 
and his writings. By Mr. Dryden. 2d edition. 
London. M DC XCVIII. 3 v. in 2. Maps. 
8, 132.4 

'latoQicov td aco^of-ieva. Historiarvm libri qui su- 

persunt, interprete Isaaco Casaubono. lacobvs 
Gronovivs recensuit. Amstelodami. M DC- 
LXX. 3 v. 8. 132.6 

Pompadour, Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise 
de. Memoirs of the Marchioness of Pompa- 
dour. Written by herself . . . Translated 
from the French. London. MDCCLXVI. 

2 V. 12. 224.6 

It is believed that Madame de Pompadour did not write these 
Memoirs. Autograph in vol. 2: John Adams. 

Pope, Alexander. Works. In six volumes. [Vol. 
i.] With the commentaries and notes of Mr. 
Warburton. Dublin. MDCCLIII. 12. 234.1 

Contents. i. Juvenile poems. 

Works. Vol. 2-5. Edinburgh. MDCCLXIV. 

Plates. Sm. 8. 234.3 

Contents. 2. Moral essays, satires, &c. 3. Dunciad. 4. Miscel- 
laneous pieces in prose. 5. Letters, vol. i. 
Vol. 5 is mutilated, and after page 404 leaves are wanting. 
Vols. 2-4 have book-plate: John Quincy Adams. 

Works. In four volumes, complete. Vol. 3, 4. 

Edinburgh. MDCCLXIV. Sm. 8. 234.2 

Contents. 3. All his miscellanies in prose, and part of his 
letters. 4. The rest of his letters, and will. 
Vol. 3 has autograph: John Adams. 



Porcupine, Peter, pseud. See Cobbett, W. 
Portenari, Angelo. Delia felicita di Padova libri 

nove, nelli quali ... si raccontano gli antichi, 

e moderni suoi pregi, & honori, et in particolare 

si commemorano li cittadinj suoi illustri . . . 

Padova. 1623. Illus. Plans. F. 11.3 
Potter, John, Archbishop of Canterbury. Archaeo- 

logia Grseca: or, the antiquities of Greece. 

4th edition. Vol. i. London. M DCC xxn. 

Plates. Plans. 8. 132.1 

Vol. 2 is missing. Autograph: John Adams. 

Pouchot, . Memoires sur la derniere guerre 

de I'Amerique septentrionale, entre la France 
et 1'Angleterre [1754-60]. Yverdon. M.- 
DCC.LXXXI. 3 v. Maps. 24. 202.4 

Poullain de Saint Foix, Germain Frangois. The 
history of the City of Paris; or anecdotes con- 
cerning the origin and improvements of that 
celebrated capital. Translated from monsieur 
de St. Foix. (In Translations from the French 
By D. Y. Lynn. M.DCC.LXX.) 83.2 

Powell, John Joseph. Essay upon the law of con- 
tracts and agreements. Dublin. 1796. 2 v. 
in i. 8. 283.8 

Book-plate: John Quincy Adams. 

Pownall, Thomas. The administration of the 
colonies. 6th edition. London. M.DCC.LX- 
XVII. 2 v. 8. 251.9 

On fly-leaves of both volumes is written: "Gov r Pownall 
presents as a Testimony of his Esteem & Respects this Copy 
of the following work to M r . Adams." 

A memorial addressed to the sovereigns of Ameri- 

ca. 139 pp. (In his A memorial, most humbly 
addressed to the sovereigns of Europe . . . 
London. [1780.]) No. 2 in 141.16 

A memorial, most humbly addressed to the 

sovereigns of Europe, on the present state of 



Pownall, Thomas. (Continued.) 

affairs, between the old and new world. A new 
edition. London. [1780.] 8. No. I in 141.16 

Pensees sur la revolution de TAmerique-Unie, 

extraites de 1'ouvrage anglois, intitule Memoire, 
adresse aux souverains de 1'Europe . . . 
[Anon.] Amsterdam. [1781.] 8. 

No. 3 in 283.15; 251.2 

The copy on No. 3 in 283. 15 has autograph of John Adams; 
that on 251.2, of John Thaxter. 

Pradt, Dominique Dufour de, Archbishop of Mech- 
lin. Europe after the Congress of Aix-La- 
Chapelle. Forming the sequel to the Congress 
of Vienna. Translated, with notes, by George 
Alexander Otis. Philadelphia. 1820. 8. 


Prevost-d'Exiles, Antoine Frangois, Abbe. Ma- 
nuel lexique, ou dictionnaire portatif des mots 
frangois dont la signification n'est pas familiere 
a tout le monde. Nouvelle edition, augmentee. 
[Anon.] Paris. M.DCC.LV. 2 v. 16. 144.4 
Priestley, Joseph. A comparison of the institutions 
of Moses with those of the Hindoos and other 
ancient nations; with Remarks on Dupuis's 
Origin of all religions, The laws and institu- 
tions of Moses methodized, and An address to 
the Jews . . . Northumberland. MDCCXC- 
IX." 8. 201.3 

This copy has an autograph of and several manuscript notes 
by John Adams. 

Discourses relating to the evidences of revealed 

religion, delivered in ... Philadelphia, 1796 
[and 1797]. Philadelphia. 1796, 97. 2 v. 
8. 201.13 

The doctrines of heathen philosophy, compared 

with those of revelation. Northumberland. 
1804. 8. 201.4 

This copy contains the autograph of and manuscript com- 
ments and notes by John Adams. 



Priestley, Joseph. (Continued.) 

An essay on the first principles of government, 

and on the nature of political, civil, and religious 
liberty, including remarks on Dr. Brown's Code 
of education, and on Dr. Balguy's Sermon on 
church authority. 2d edition, enlarged. Lon- 
don. MDCCLXXI. 8. 291.1 

Experiments and observations on different kinds 

of air. London. MDCCLXXV-MDCCLXX- 
IX. 3 v. Plates. 8. 191.7 

Vols. i and 2 are of the 2d edition. 

Experiments and observations relating to 

various branches of natural philosophy; with 
a continuation of the Observations on air. 
London. MDCCLXXIX-[vol. 2, Birmingham. 
M,DCC,LXXXI]. 2v. Plates. 8. 191.7.4,5 

An history of early opinions concerning Jesus 

Christ . . . ; proving that the Christian church 
was at first Unitarian. Birmingham. MDCC- 
LXXXVI. 4v. Chart. 8. 201.5 

Vols. i, 2 of this copy contain manuscript notes by John 

Philosophical empiricism: containing remarks 

on a charge of plagiarism respecting Dr. H s, 

interspersed with various observations relating 
to different kinds of air. London. 1775- 

No. i in 191.7.5 

Primitiae et reliquiae. [Anon.] See Wellesley, R. 
C, Marquess of Wellesley. 

Principles of law and government, with An inquiry 
into the justice and policy of the present war, 
and the most effectual means of obtaining 
. . . peace. London. MDCCLXXXI. 2 
parts in i v. Sm. 4, 1. p. 83.1 

The "present war" was the American Revolution. 

Proces-verbal de limites avec le canton de Berne, 
du 15 novembre 1774, ratifie par le roi [de 



Proces-verbal de limites . . . (Continued.) 

France] le 9 avril 1775. Paris. M.DCC- 
LXXV. 4. No. 7 in 40.1 

Procopius Caesariensis. De bello Gothorvm libri 
III, per Christophorvm Personam Romanum, 
priorem S. Balbinae in Latinum traductus. (In 
Zosimus. Historiarum libri VI. Pp. 246- 
421. Aureliae Allobr. MDCV.) 22.1 

De bello Persico libri II, Raphaele Volaterrano 

interprete. De bello Vandilico libri II. (In 
Same. Pp. 117-244. Aureliae Allobr. MD- 
CV.) 22.1 

Procopii rhetoris et historici de Ivstiniani Caesa- 

ris aedificijs Orationes sex, Arnoldo Vesaliensi 
interprete. (In Same. Pp. 422-456. Aureliae 
Allobr. MDCV.) 22.1 

Vandalica et Gotthica. Emendata plurimis 

locis: accedentibus supplementis e manuscrip- 
tis : & sic versa Latine ab Hvgone Grotio. (In 
Historia Gotthorvm, Vandalorvm, & Lango- 
bardorvm. Pp. 1-604. Amstelodami. M- 
DCLV.) 213.8 

Produit, Le, et le droit des communes. See La 
Maillardiere, C. F. L., Vicomte de. 

Ptolemaeus, Claudius. Geographiae libri octo 
Grseco- Latini Latine primum recogniti & emen- 
dati, cum tabulis geographicis ad mentem auc- 
toris restitutis per Gerardum Mercatorem : jam 
vero ad Graeca & Latina exemplaria a Petro 
Montano iterum recogniti, et pluribus locis 
castigati. Adjecta insuper ab eodem nomina 
recentia et sequipollentia ex varijs auctoribus 
veteribus et recentiorib. magna cura collecta, 
in gratiam et usum geographic studiosorum. 
Amsterodami. 1605. 28 maps. Portrait. 
F. No. i in 293.3 



Puchol, Sebastian. [The rudiments of the Spanish 
grammar. Adapted from Capt. John Stevens's 
grammar. London? 172-?] 8. I73-H 

The title-page is missing, and the above title is supplied by 
conjecture. Contains the book-plate of William Glanville 

Pufendorf, Samuel, Freiherr von. The compleat 
history of Sweden . . . Translated from the 
original High-Dutch and . . . continued . . . 
to this present year. [By C. Brockwell. 
London. 1702. 8. 223.2 

Both covers are gone, and several leaves are mutilated. 

De jure naturae et gentium libri octo. Londini 

Scanorum. M DC LXXII. Sm. 4. 260.10 

Of the law of nature and nations. . . . Done 

into English by Basil Kennett. To which are 
added all the large notes of Mr. Barbeyrac, 
translated from the best edition. 4th edition. 
Prefixed, Mr. Barbeyrac's prefatory discourse, 
containing An historical and critical account 
of the science of morality . . . Done into 
English by Mr. Carew of Lincoln's Inn. Lon- 
don. MDCCXXIX. F. 52.5 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Pulton, Ferdinando. [Collection of statutes, re- 
pealed and not repealed. London. 1608?] 
Sm. 4. 161.10 

The title-page is lacking, and the above conjectured title and 
date are taken from Anthony a Wood's Athenae Oxonienses. 
This book may be Pulton's Abstract of all the penal statutes 
(digested alphabetically). It is in poor condition. 

Purchas, Samuel. Pvrchas his pilgrimage. Or 
Relations of the world and the religions ob- 
served in all ages and places discouered, from 
the creation vnto this present. In fovre parts. 
. . . 2nd edition. London. 1614. F. 23.3 

The title-page contains an autograph of J. Adams. 

Pursuits, The, of literature. [Anon.] See 
Mathias, T. J. 



Pye, Henry James. A commentary illustrating the 
Poetic of Aristotle, by examples taken chiefly 
from the modern poets. Prefixed, a new and 
corrected edition of the translation of the Po- 
etic. London. M.DCC.XCII. 4. 12.1 

Poems on various subjects. In two volumes. 

Vol. II. London. M DCC LXXXVII. Plate. 
8. 261.7 

Quesnay, Frangois. Essai physique sur 1'oecono- 
mie animale. 2e edition, augmentee de deux 
volumes. Paris. M.DCC.XLVII. 3 v. 
Plate. 12. 255.6 

Quesnay, Frangois, and Victor Riquetti, Marquis 
de Mirabeau. L'ami des hommes, ou traite 
de la population. Nouvelle edition, augmentee 
d'une 4e partie & de sommaires. [Anon. 
Paris.] 1759. 4 v. in 5. Plate. 24. 192.1 

A second title (missing in this copy) to the fourth volume 
reads: Precis de 1'organisation; ou memoire sur les etats 
provinciaux. Treats of the economic system known as physi- 

Philosophic rurale, ou economic generale et poli- 

tique de 1'agriculture, reduite a 1'ordre immu- 
able des loix physiques & morales, qui assurent 
la prosperite des empires. [Anon.] Amster- 
dam. M.DCC.LXIII. 3v. Tables. 12. 245.17 

This is a continuation of the work, L'ami des hommes. 

Same. Amsterdam. M.DCC.LXIII, M.DCC- 

LXIV. 4. 80.8 

Quincy, Josiah. 1744-1775. Observations on the 

act of Parliament, commonly called the Boston 

Port-Bill; . . . London. MDCCLXXIV. 

8. No. 5 in 253.2 

Quincy, Josiah. 1772-1864. An answer to the 

questions, Why are you a Federalist? and Why 

shall you vote for Gov. Strong? [Anon.] 

N. p. 1805. 8. No. 3 in 252.9 



Quincy, Josiah. (Continued.) 

The history of Harvard University. Boston. 

1860. 2 v. Plates. Facsimiles. Vignettes. 
8. 170.7 

"For the Adams' Library in the town of Quincy from Eliza 
Susan Quincy." 

Memoir of the life of Josiah Quincy, jun. of Mas- 

sachusetts : by his son, Josiah Quincy. Boston. 
1825. 8. 170.8 

"For the Adams' Library, in the Town of Quincy, from Josiah 

Remarks on some of the provisions of the laws of 

Massachusetts, affecting poverty, vice, and 
crime. Cambridge. 1822. 8. 151.7 

On prisons in Massachusetts. 

Quintilianus, Marcus Fabius. Preceptes de rheto- 
rique, tires du Quintilien, a 1'usage des ecoliers. 
Paris. M.DCC.LXXIII. 12. 153.3 

Rabelais, Frangois. CEuvres, publiees sous le titre 
de Faits et dits du geant Gargantua et de son 
fils Pantagruel, avec . . . des remarques his- 
toriques & critiques de monsieur Le Duchat, 
sur tout 1'ouvrage. Nouvelle edition. [Paris.] 
M. DCC. XXXII. 6 v. Portrait. Plates. 
Map. 16. 193.3 

Racine, Jean. CEuvres. Nouvelle edition aug- 
mentee. Tome I. Amsterdam. M.DCC- 
XXII. Plates. 12. 184.4.1 

CEuvres. Nouvelle edition, plus correcte & plus 

ample que les precedentes. Paris. M.DCC- 
LXX. 3 v. Illus. Vignettes. 12. 184.3 
Radcliffe, John, M.D. Practical dispensatory. 
Containing . . . prescriptions, fitted for all 
diseases. [Edited] by Edward Strother. 5th 
edition, with additions. London. M.DCC.- 
XXX. 8. 283.3 

Several pages have manuscript notes in the margin. 



Raguenet, Frangois. Histoire du Vicomte de Tu- 
renne. Nouvelle edition. Paris. M.DCC- 
LXXII. Plates. 16. IQ3-8 

Ralegh, Sir Walter, The life of. [Anon.] See 
Oldys, W. 

Ramsay, David. The history of the American Revo- 
lution. Philadelphia. M.DCC.LXXXIX. 2 
v. 8 141.7 

Autograph in vol. 2: John Adams. 

Rapin-Thoyras, Paul de. The history of England. 
Translated into English with additional notes, 
by N. Tindal. 2d edition. London. M DCC- 
Tables. Genealogical charts. Vignettes. 
F. 71.1 

Autograph in vol. i : John Adams. 

Rastell, William. A collection of entrees, of declar- 
ations, barres, replications, reioinders, issues, 
verdits, . . . and diuers other matters. Newly 
amended, and . . . enlarged . . . [London.] 
1596. F. 62.5 

The title-page of this copy is missing. Book-plate of John 

Ravanne, Chevalier de, pseud. See Varenne, J. 

Raymond, Sir Robert, ist Baron Raymond. Re- 
ports of cases argued and adjudged in the 
Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, 
in the reigns of the late King William, Queen 
Anne, King George the First, and King George 
the Second. 2d edition . . . with additional 
references to the former and later reports, by 
George Wilson. London. MDCCLXV. 3 v. 
8. 72.11 

Vol. 3 is entitled Entries or pleadings, in many of the cases 
reported by ... Raymond, referring to those cases . . . Col- 
lected by George Wilson. Autograph in vol. 3: John Adams; 
title-page of vol. i, 2 mutilated for autograph. 

Raymond, Sir Thomas. Reports of divers special 
cases adjudged in the Courts of King's Bench, 



Raymond, Sir Thomas. (Continued.) 

Comomn Pleas, and Exchequer, in the reign of 
King Charles II. ... 2d edition, corrected; 
with . . . additional references; and three 
tables. In the Savoy. 1743. F. 82.5 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Raynal, Guillaume Thomas Francois, abbe. His- 
toire du Parlement d'Angleterre. Nouvelle 
edition, . . . augmentee. Londres. M.DCC- 
LI. 2 v. 16. 223.26 

Histoire du stadhouderat, depuis son origine jus- 

qu'a present. 6e edition. [Amsterdam?] 
M.DCC.L. 2 v. Vignettes. 16. 203.8 

Histoire philosophique et politique des etablisse- 

mens et du commerce des Europeens dans les 
deux Indes. Geneve. M.DCC.LXXX. 5 v. 
Portrait. Plates. Maps. Tables. 4. 70.4 

Contents. 1-4. Text. 5. Atlas. 

A philosophical and political history of the settle- 

ments and trade of the Europeans in the East 
and West Indies. Translated from the French 
by J. Justamond. 3d edition. London. M- 
DCCLXXVII. 5v. Portrait. Map. 8. 261.4 

Staatsomwenteling van Amerika. Uit het 

Fransch. Amsterdam. MDCCLXXXI. 8. 
Two copies. 141.22 

Reading, Daniel. The clerk's instructor in the 
practice of the Courts of King's Bench and 
Common Pleas. 2d edition. By an attorney 
at law. In the Savoy. MDCCXLI. 2 v. 
Sm. 8 292.15 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Real de Curban, Gaspard de. La science du gou- 
vernement, ouvrage de morale, de droit et de 
politique . . . Paris [etc.]. M.DCC.LXI- 
M.DCC.LXVI. 8v. Portrait. 4. no.i 

Vol. 6 was printed at Aix-la-Chapelle; vols. 7, 8, at Amsterdam. 



Recherches historiques et politiques sur les fitats- 
Unis de I'Amerique . . . Par un citoyen de 
Virginia. See Mazzei, P. 

Rechtsgeleerde memorie, waar in onzydig onder- 
zogt word de gegrondheid de klagten van den 
koning van Groot-Brittannien. [Anon.] See 
Luzac, J. 

Recueil des loix constitutives des colonies angloises, 
confederees sous la denomination d'tats-Unis 
de rAmerique-septentrionale. Auquel on a 
joint les actes d'independance, de confederation 
& autres actes du Congres general, traduit de 
1'Anglois [par Claude Ambroise Regnier]. 
Philadelphie, et se vend a Paris. M.DCC.- 
LXXVIII. 12. 233.7 

There are five copies on this shelf-number. The D copy 
contains manuscript notes by John Adams. 

Recueil des testamens politiques du cardinal de 
Richelieu, du due de Lorraine [par Henri de 
Straatman], de Colbert [par G. de Sandras de 
Courtilz] & de Louvois [par le meme]. Am- 
sterdam. M.DCC.XLIX. 4v. 12. 244.4 

Mostly on the political history of France. 

Recueil des traites de paix, d'amitie, d'alliance, de 
neutralite et autres conclus entre la Republique 
frangaise et les differentes puissances de 1'Eu- 
rope depuis 1792. [Anon.] See Gebhardt, 
A. G. 

Reeves, John. History of the English law, from 
the time of the Saxons, to the end of the reign 
of Philip and Mary. 2d edition. London. 
M,DCC,LXXXVII. 4v. 8. 151.12 

Book-plates in vols. i, 2 of C. F. Adams; in vols. 3, 4, of J. Q. 
Adams. Autographs in vol. i of John and J. Q. Adams. 

Reflexions upon ridicule; or, what it is that makes 
a man ridiculous; and the means to avoid it. 
5th edition. London. MDCCXXXIX. 12. 




Reflexions upon the devotions of the Roman 
Church. With the prayers, hymns & lessons 
themselves, taken out of their authentick books. 
London. 1674. Plate. Sm. 8. 263.19 

On fly-leaf is written Hannah Gardner from her Father, 1764; 
also autograph of Jon a . Amory, 1786. Book-plate (mutilated) 
of Benj. Andrews, Jun., N. Hurd, engraver. 

Regnard, Jean Frangois. CEuvres; nouvelle edi- 
tion revue, exactement corrigee, & conforme 
a la representation. Paris. M.DCC.LXX- 
VIII. 4v. 24. 202.8 

Contents. i. Avertissement sur la vie et les ouvrages de 
Regnard. Voyage de Flandres, et de Hollande. Voyage 
de Laponie. Voyage de Pologne. Voyage d'Allemagne. 

La provengale, oeuvre posthume. Voyage de Normandie. 

Voyage de Chaumont. 2. Comedies: La serenade; Le bal; 
Le joueur; Le distrait; Attendez-moi sous 1'orme. 3. Comedies: 
Democrite; Le retour imprevu; Les folies amoureuses; Le 
mariage de la folie; Les Menechmes, ou les jumeaux. 4. 
Comedies: Le legataire universel; La critique du Legataire; 
Les souhaits; Les vendanges, ou le bailli d'Anieres. Sapor, 
tragedie. Le carnaval de Venise, ballet. Poesies diverses. 

Regnier, Claude Ambroise, Due de Massa. See 
Recueil des loix constitutives des colonies 

Reichard, Heinrich August Ottokar. Itineraire 
de poche de 1'Allemagne et de la Suisse, avec 
les routes de Paris et de Petersbourg. Franc- 
fort s. 1. M. 1809. Map. 16. 214.1 

Reid, Mr. , American resident in London. 
Bibliotheca Americana; or, a chronological 
catalogue of the most curious and interesting 
books, pamphlets, state papers, &c., upon the 
subject of North and South America, from the 
earliest period to the present, in print and 
manuscript. [Anon.] London. MDCC- 
LXXXIX. 4. 73.8 

Autograph: J. Q. Adams. 

Religio clerici. London. 1681. Plate. 24. 

The top of the first page of preface is cut. 264.25 

Remarks on Johnson's Life of Milton. [Anon.] 
See Blackburne, F. 



Remembrancer, The ; or, an impartial repository of 
public events. [Vol. Ill, part 2. London. 
1776.] No. 12 in 131.16 

Same. For the year 1777. London. 1778. 141.8 

The frontispiece is a portrait of Franklin "engraved from an 
original picture by Jn. Lodge." 

Reponse a 1'Histoire des oracles, de Mr. de Fonte- 
nelle. [Anon.] See Baltus, J. F. 

Repository, The. Containing various political, 
philosophical, literary, and miscellaneous arti- 
cles. Vol. 2, part 2. [Jan. i, 1789.] London. 
MDCCLXXXIX. 2v.ini. 8. 171.17 

Reresby, Tamworth. A miscellany of ingenious 
thoughts and reflections, in verse and prose. 
London. MDCCXXI. 4. 170.1 

Responsio Remonstrantivm ad libellum cui titulus 
est, Specimen calvmniarum atque heterodoxa- 
rum opinionum, ex Remonstrantium, Apologia 
excerptarum. Instar prodromi in Ivcem emis- 
sum per quatuor professores Leydenses. Har- 
derwici. 1631. Sm. 4. No. 5 in 281.8 

Retz, Jean Frangois Paul de Gondi, Cardinal de. La 
conjuration du comte Jean-Louis de Fiesque. 
(In his Memoires. Tome 4, pp. 335-421. 
Geneve. MDCCLXXVII.) 193-4-4 

Relates to the history of Genoa. 

Memoires, contenant ce qui s'est passe de re- 

marquable en France pendant les premieres 
annees du regne de Louis XIV. Nouvelle 
edition. Geneve. M DCC LXXVII. 4 v. 

12. 193.4 

Each volume has autograph: John Adams. 

Review of American unitarianism. [Anon.] See 
Evarts, J. 

Ricard, Samuel. Traite general du commerce. 
. . . Edition refaite, . . . redigee & considera- 
blement augmentee par Mr. de M * * [Thomas 



Ricard, Samuel. (Continued.) 

Antoine Marien.] Amsterdam. MDCC- 
LXXXI. 2v. 4. 80.1 

On verso of cover is written: A Son Excellence Monsieur 
Adams de la part de son tres humble & tres obeissant Serviteur 
T. A. Marien. 

Richelet, Cesar Pierre. Dictionnaire de la langue 
franchise, ancienne et moderne. Nouvelle 
edition, augmentee d'un tres-grand nombre d' 
articles. Lyon. Bruyset-Ponthus. M.DC.C.- 
LIX. 3 v. F. 51.1 

Same. Lyon. Chez les freres Duplain. M.- 

DC.C. LIX. 3 v. F. 51-2 

Richelet, Cesar Pierre, editor. Les plus belles let- 
tres des meilleurs auteurs frangois, avec des 
notes. , Augmentees des titres dont on qualifie 
toutes sortes de personnes, par le Sieur de 
Milleran. Brusselles. 1696. Engraved title- 
page. Portrait. 12. 164.7 

Les plus belles lettres franchises sur toutes sortes 

de sujets, tirees des meilleurs auteurs, avec des 
notes. Tome II. A la Haye. M.D.C.XCIX. 
Engraved title-page. 12. 164.8 

Richelieu, Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal, Due 
de. Testament politique. [Avec les Observa- 
tions de 1'abbe de S. Pierre.] (In Recueil des 
testamens politiques. Vol. I ; 2, pp. 1-257. 
Amsterdam. M.DCC.XLIX.) 224.4.1, 2 

Sometimes attributed to P. H. Du Chastelet. 

Richer, Adrien. Essai sur les grands evenemens 
par les petites causes, tiree de 1'histoire. Nou- 
velle edition. [Anon.] Geneve, et se trouve 
a Paris. M.DCCLXXIII. 2 v. 12. 203.4 

Vie de Jean-Bart, chef d'escadre sous Louis XIV. 

[Anon.] Amsterdam. M.DCC.LXXXI. Por- 
trait. 12. 184.2 
Contains a list of nautical terms. 



Rider, Cardanus. Rider's British Merlin: for the 
year of our Lord God 1767 . . . With notes of 
husbandry, fairs, marts, high roads, and tables 
for many necessary uses. (In The court and 
city kalendar. London. 1767.) 245.6 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Riley, James. An authentic narrative of the loss 
of the American brig Commerce, wrecked on 
the western coast of Africa, in the month of 
August, 1815. With an account of the suf- 
ferings of her surviving officers and crew, who 
were enslaved by the wandering Arabs on the 
great African Desart, or Zahahrah ; . . . New 
York. 1817. Portrait. Plates. Map. 8. 


This copy is inscribed, in autograph, to John Adams by the 

Rio, Martin Antonio del, editor. Syntagma tra- 
goediae Latinse. See Seneca, L. A. 

Rivet, Andre. Theologicse & scholastics exercita- 
tiones CXC. in Genesin . . . Lvgdvni Batavo- 
rvm, ex officina Bonaventurae & Abrahami El- 
zevir. M D C XXXIII. Sm. 4. 191.6 

The title-page and last two pages are mutilated. Contains 
the autograph of Cotton Tufts. 

Robert!, Antonius. Clavis Homerica, sive lexicon 
vocabulorum omnium, quae in Iliade Homeri, 
nee non potissima Odysssese parte continentur. 
[Anon.] Accedit brevis appendix de dialectis. 
Opus . . . nunc tandem summo studio correc- 
tius recusum. Acced. Mich. Apostolij Proverb. 
Grsec. & Lat. nunquam ita antea edita. Rotero- 
dami. M D CLXII. 16. 154.7 

Roberts, Lewes. The merchants map of commerce : 
wherein the universal manner and matter of 
trade is compendiously handled. The stand- 
ard coins . . . observed [etc.]. 3d edition, 



Roberts, Lewes. (Continued.) 

. . . enlarged. London. MDCLXXVII. 
Maps. F. 92.8 

This book contains the autograph of Thomas Prince, and his 
book-plate of the N. E. Library. 

Robertson, William, d. 1686. Thesaurus Graecae 
linguae, in epitomen, sive compendium, re- 
dactus; et alphabetice, secundum Constantini 
methodum, et Schrevelii, referatus. Canta- 
brigiae. 1676. Sm. 4. 160.15 

Autographs: Abraham Dawson, 1701, Joseph Dawson, 1713, 
and John Adams, London, 1783. 

Robertson, William. 1721-1793. L'histoire de 
TAmerique. Traduite de 1'Anglois. Paris. 
M.DCC.LXXVIII. 4v. Maps. 12. 235.14 

Same. Nouvelle edition, . . . d'apres la 2e 

edition angloise. Amsterdam. MDCCLXX- 
IX. 235.15 

Autograph in each volume: John Adams. 

An historical disquisition concerning the knowl- 

edge which the ancients had of India. Phila- 
delphia. M,DCC,XCII. 8. 161.18 

The history of America. 3d edition. London. 

MDCCLXXX. 3 v. Maps. 8. 251.11 

Book-plate in each volume: John Adams. 

The history of America, Books IX. and X., con- 

taining the history of Virginia to the year 1688 ; 
and of New England to the year 1652. Phila- 
delphia. 1799. 8. 251.8 

Autograph: John Adams, Jan. 25, 1799. 

The history of the reign of the Emperor Charles 

V. . . A new edition. London. MDCC- 
LXXVII. 4v. Portraits. Plates. 8. 241.2 
Robinson, Hugh. Annalium mundi universalium, 
origines rerum, (ac progressus,) sacras justa 
ac seculares, ab orbe condito tradentium, tomus 
unicus. ... In lucem edidit Thomas Pierce. 
Londini. 1677. F. 112.8 

Principally Old Testament history. 



Robison, John. Proofs of a conspiracy against all 
the religions and governments of Europe, 
carried on in the secret meetings of Free 
Masons, Illuminati, and reading societies. 
3d edition. Philadelphia. 1798. 8. 260.2 

On fly-leaf is written: Jeremy Belknap, 1798, from Mrs. A. 

Rohan, Henri, i er Due de. Divers politique dis- 
courses, . . . made at several times upon 
several . . . occasions. . . . Now render' d 
into English. By Gfeorge] B [ridges]. Lon- 
don. 1660. 8. No. 2 in 173.5 

The memoires of the Duke of Rohan : or, a faith- 

ful relation of the most remarkable occurrences 
in France, especially concerning those of the 
Reformed churches there. From the death 
of Henry the Great, untill the peace made 
with them, in June, 1629 . . . Englished by 
George Bridges. London. 1660. Sm. 8. 

No. i in 173.5 

The title-page is mutilated. Autograph: John Adams. 

Rollin, Charles. The ancient history of the Egyp- 
tians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, 
Medes and Persians, Macedonians, and Gre- 
cians. Translated from the French. 5th edi- 
tion. London. MDCCLXVIII. 7 v. Por- 
trait. Maps. Plan. 8. 190.2 

The history of the arts and sciences of the an- 

tients. Translated from the French. 2d edi- 
tion. London. MDCCLXVIII. 3 v. Plates. 
Plans. 8. 161.15 

The method of teaching and studying the belles 

lettres, or, an introduction to languages, poetry, 
rhetoric, history, moral philosophy, physics, 
&c. 6th edition. London. M. DCC. LXIX. 
3v. 8. 161.14 

The Roman history from the foundation of Rome 



Rollin, Charles. (Continued.) 

to the Battle of Actium. Translated from the 
French. 3d edition. London. MDCCLX- 
VIII. 10 v. Portrait. Plates. Maps. 8. 190.1 

Vols. 6-10 are by Crevier, in continuation of Rollin's work. 

Rondeau, Peter, pseud. See Jablonski, J. T. 

Rossi, Ottavio. Le memorie bresciane, opera his- 
torica, e simbolica. Rjveduta da Fortvnato 
Vinacessi. . . . Nuoua impressione accresciuta 
di considerabli numero de marmi . . . Brescja. 
M.DC.XCIIJ. Illus. Portrait. Engraved 
title-page. 4. 50.5 

Rousseau, Jean Baptiste. CEuvres. Nouvelle edi- 
tion. Londres. M.DCC.LIII. 5 v. 18. 182.10 

Rousseau, Jean Jacques. A discourse upon the 
origin and foundation of the inequality among 
mankind London. MDCCLXI. 8. 231.17 

Du contrat social ; ou principes du droit politique. 

Amsterdam. M.DCC.XLII. 16. 184.8 

fimile, ou de 1'education. Amsterdam. M.- 

DCC.LXII. 4v. Plates. 12. 184.11 

Esprit, maximes, et principes. Neuchatel. M.- 

DCC.LXIV. 12. 193.1 

La nouvelle Heloise, ou lettres de deux amans. 

Nouvelle edition . . . Neuchatel, et Paris. 
M.DCC.LXIV. 4 v. Plates. 12. 184.9 

There are occasional manuscript notes, and the title-page of 
vol. 2 has autograph: Adams. 

CEuvres de M. Rousseau de Geneve. Nouvelle 

edition . . . Neuchatel. M.DCQLXIV- 
M.DCCVIII. 9 v. Portrait. Plates. 12. 


Vols. 7, 9 are entitled Oeuvres diverses, and this is the running 
title of all the volumes. 

A treatise on the social compact ; or the principles 

of politic law. London. MDCCLXIV. 12. 


There are two copies on this shelf-number, the first of them 
on large paper. 



Rousset de Missy, Jean. Histoire de la succession 
aux Duchez de Cleves, Berg & Juliers, aux 
Comtez de La Mark & de Ravensberg, et aux 
Seigneuries de Ravestein & de Winnendal. 
Amsterdam. M.D.CC.XXXVIII. 2 v. Map. 
Table. Vignettes. 16. 184.1 

Les interets presens des puissances de 1'Europe 

... La Haye. M.DCC.XXXIV, M.DCC. 
XXXV. 17 v. 12. 182.14 

Vols. 10-14 are entitled: Suite des interets presens. 

Same. Supplement. La Haye. M.DCC.XXX- 

VI. 3 v. 12. 1 82. 1 4. Supplement 

Recueil historique d'actes, negotiations, me- 

moires et traitez. Depuis la paix d'Utrecht 
jusqu' [a celle d'Aix-la-Chapelle]. A La Haye 
'[et Amsterdam]. M.DCC.XXVIII-MDCC- 
LIV. 21 v. in 23. Plate. Vignettes. Tables. 
Coat of arms. 16. 183.3 

Vols. 13 and 18 have supplements entitled: Le proces entre 
la Grande-Bretagne et 1'Espagne, and Recherches sur les alli- 
ances et les interets entre la France et la Suede. 

Rouvier, - . Memoire sur le regime etabli en 
Espagne dans les troupeaux de merinos, et sur 
les moyens d'amelioration convenables aux 
provinces meridionales de la Russie. St. 
Petersbourg. 1811. 8. No. 2 in 290.17 

Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh. [ Pharma- 
copoeia Collegii Regii Medicorum Edinburgen- 
sis. Edinburgh. 1721.] 12. 254.6 

The title-page is missing. Autograph: Samuel Kneeland, 
March ist, 1729. 

R 1 [royal] register, The. [Anon.] See Combe, 

Royal Society, London. Philosophical transactions. 
Vol. 75. 1785. Part i, 2. London. MDCC- 
LXXXV. Illus. Plates. Maps. 4. 103.13 

Two copies of Part i. 

Rudimens, ou premiers principes de la langue 
latine. [Anon.] See Gamier, A. 



Rulhiere, Claude Carloman de. claircissemens 
historiques sur les causes de la revocation de 
1'fidit de Nantes, & sur 1'etat des protestants 
en France, depuis le commencement du regne 
de Louis XIV, jusqu'a nos jours. Tires 
des differentes archives du gouvernement. 
[Anon.] Partie 2. [Paris. 1788.] 221.17 

Vol. 2 has no title-page. 

Rumford, Count. See Thompson, Sir B. 

Ruscelli, Girolamo, compiler. See Lettere di prin- 

Rush, Benjamin. An account of the bilious remit- 
ting yellow fever, as it appeared in Philadel- 
phia, in 1793. Philadelphia. MDCCXCIV. 
8. 130.8 

Medical inquiries and observations. Added an 

appendix, ... on the duties of a physician, 
and the methods of improving medicine. [Vol. 
i.] 2d edition. London. MDCCLXXXIX. 
8. 130.9 

Same. 2d American edition. Philadelphia. M.- 

DCC.XCIV. 130.11 

Presentation copy from, the author to John Adams. 

Same. Vol. 2. New edition. M.DCC.XCVII. 

'Presentation copy from the author to John Adams. 130.10 

Same. Vol. 5. 1798. 130.7 

Presentation copy from the author to John Adams. 

Same. 2d edition, enlarged. 1805. 4v. 130.12 

Medical inquiries and observations, upon the 

diseases of the mind. Philadelphia. 1812. 
8. 130.13 

Presentation copy from, the author to John Adams. 

Rushworth, John. Historical collections of pri- 
vate passages of state, weighty matters in law, 
remarkable proceedings in five parliaments. 
Beginning the sixteenth year of King James, 
anno 1618. and ending the fifth year of King 
Charls, anno 1629. Digested in order of time, 



Rushworth, John. (Continued.) 

and now published. London. 1682. Por- 
trait. Plate. Vignette. F. 42.4 

Two copies. The portrait is missing from the "A" copy. 

Russell, Joseph, A.M. A sermon preaced at Prince- 
ton (Massachusetts) April 8th, 1798. Ancf oc- 
casioned by the death of Madam Rebecca Gill. 
Boston. '1798. 8. No. 2 in 252.2 

Rutherforth, Thomas. Institutes of natural law: 
being the substance of a course of lectures on 
Grotius De jure belli et pacis. 3d edition. 
Whitehall. M,DCC,XCIX. 2 v. 8. 151.16 

Autograph in vol. i : John Adams. 

Sabatier, Antoine. Les trois siecles de notre lit- 
terature, ou tableau de Tesprit de nos ecrivains, 
depuis Frangois I, jusqu'en 1772: par ordre al- 
phabetique. [Anon.] Tome 2, 3. Amster- 
dam, et se trouve a Paris. M.DCC.LXXII. 

2 V. 12. 164.3 

Sabellicus, Marcus Antonius Coccius. Historic re- 
rum Venetarum ab urbe condita libri xxxiii. 
[Vita ab Apostolo Zeno conscripta. Venezia. 
MDCCXV1I1. Istorici delle cose veneziane. 
Tome i.] 4. 50.1.1 

This history comes down to 1487. This copy is bound in two 

St. John, Henry, Viscount Bolingbroke. A collec- 
tion of political tracts. [Anon.] London. 
MDCCXLVIII. Sm. 8. 243.2 

A dissertation upon parties; in several letters 

to Caleb d'Anvers. 8th edition. London. 
M.DCC.LIV. Plate. 8. 242.11 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Miscellaneous works. Vol. 2, 4. Edinburgh. 

M. DCC. LXXIII. 2 v. Sm. 8. 234.5 

Portrait du M al . de Berwick. (In Fitzjames, 

James, Duke of Berwick. Memoires. Vol. i. 
pp. ix-xvj. Paris. M.DCC.LXXVIII.) 165.1.1 



Saint-Julien, - . Le courier burlesque de la 
guerre de Paris, envoye a M. le prince de Conde, 
pour divertir son altesse durant sa prison. [A- 
non.] (In Retz, Cardinal de. Memoires. 
Tome 4, pp. 215-307. Geneve. M.DCC.LX- 

xvii.) 193.4-4 

Relates to the history of the Fronde. 

Saint-Martin, Louis Pierre. Panegyrique de Saint 
Louis, prononce dans la chapelle du Louvre, 
le 25 aout, 1784. (In Louis IX., of France. 
Les etablissemens de Saint Louis. Pp. 523- 
573. Paris. M.DCC.LXXXVI.) 262.4 

Saint-Prest, Jean Yves de. Histoire des traites de 
paix, et autres negotiations du dix-septieme 
siecle, depuis la paix de Vervins, jusqu'a la 
paix de Nimegue. [Anon.] Amsterdam. 
M.DCCXXV. 2 v. F. 91.1 

Saint-Real, Cesar Vichard, Abbe de. Conjuration 
des Espagnols contre Venise en 1618. Paris. 
M.DCCLXXXI. 24. 174.17 

Sainte-Croix, Guillaume Emmanuel Joseph Guil- 
hem de Clermont-Lodeve, Baron de. Obser- 
vations sur le traite de paix conclu a Paris le 
10 fevrier 1763, entre la France, 1'Espagne & 
1'Angleterre. [Anon.] Amsterdam. M.- 
DCC.LXXX. 12. 192.8 

Contains a few marginal notes in French in the writing of 
John Adams. 

Salkeld, William. Reports of cases adjudged in the 
Court of King's Bench; together with several 
special cases adjudged in the Courts of Chan- 
cery, Common Pleas, and Exchequer; from the 
Revolution to the tenth year of Q. Anne. Vol. 
3. In the Savoy. M DCC XXIV. F. 72.9 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Same. In two volumes. 3d edition. MDCC- 
XXXI, 1732. 2 v. in i. 72.10 



Sallustius Crispus, Caius. Bellum Catilinarium et 
Jugurthinum, cum versione libera . . . Nec- 
non et vita Sallustii, auctore viro cl. Joanne 
Clerico . . . By John Clarke. 4th edition. 
London. MDCCLXVI. 8. 212.1 

The title-page is slightly mutilated. The English translation 
is in columns parallel with the Latin text. 

Les histoires de Salluste, traduites en Frangois ; 

avec le Latin . . . et une table geographique. 
^e edition, . . . augmentee. Par M. Beauzee. 
Paris. MDCCLXXXI. Plan. 12. 142.9 

Opera omnia, quae extant, interpretatione et notis 

illustravit Daniel Crispinus in usum Serenis- 
simi Delphini. Londini. MDCCXC. 8. 


Works, translated into English. With political 

discourses upon that author. Added, a trans- 
lation of Cicero's four orations against Catiline. 
By Thomas Gordon. London. [1744?] 4. 


Autograph of John Adams on title-page. Several pages have 
manuscript notes in the margin. 

Salmeron, Alfonso. Sermones in parabolas Euan- 
gelicas totius anni. 2 a editio. Coloniae 
Agrippinse. M DC XII. Sm. 4. 292.2 

Salmon, Thomas, editor. A new abridgement and 
critical review of the state trials and impeach- 
ments for high treason; from the reign of King 
Richard II. down to the remarkable trial of' 
Captain Porteous. London. M.DCC.XXX- 
VIII. F. iii.6 

Sampson against the Philistines, or the reformation 
of lawsuits. [Anon.] See Duane, W. 

Sanders, Nicholas, D.D. De origine ac progressu 
schismatis Anglicani, liber. . . . Editus & 
auctus per Edouardum Rishtonum. Colonise 
Agrippinse. 1585. 16. 264.21 

The edges have been clipped in binding. Top of fly-leaf is 
torn off. 



Sanderson, Robert, Bishop of Lincoln. De jura- 
menti promissorii obligatione praelectiones sep- 
tem. Londini. 1647. 32. 264.27 

Autograph: Jer. Gridley. 

Sansovino, Francesco Tatti, called Sansovino. Del 
governo de regni et delle repvbliche antiche et 
moderne . . . libri XXI. Venetia. M D- 
LXVII. Sm. 4. 283.1 

Saracini, Giuliano. Notitie historiche della citta 
d'Ancona, gia termine dell' antico regno d'- 
Italia. . . . o Roma. M.DC.LXXV. Coat 
of arms. F. 53.4 

Sardinia. Leggi, e costituzioni di S. M. da osser- 
varsi nelle materie civili, e criminal! ne' stati 
della M. S. . . . Loix, et constitutions du roi. 
Lesquelles devront etre observees dans ses 
etats . . . dans les matieres civiles, & crimi- 
nelles. Torino. M.DCC XXIII. F. 71.4 

Text in Italian and French in parallel columns. The vignette 
has been cut from the title-page. 

Sarpi, Pietro. (Fra Paolo.) Historia del Concilio 
Tridentino di Pietro Soave Polano [pseud.]. 
2aeditione . . . Geneva. M. DC. XXIX. Sm. 
4. 191.8 

Saunders, Sir Edmund. Les reports du tres erudite 
Edmund Saunders . . . des divers pleadings et 
cases en le Court del Bank le Roy en le temps 
del reign . . . le roy Charles le II. In two 
volumes. 2d edition, corrected: with . . . 
said Reports, translated into English [in 2 vols. 
with separate titles and paging]. In the 
Savoy. MDCCXXII. 4v.ini. F. 92.9 

The top of the title-page of volume i is torn. 

Saunderson, Nicholas. Select parts of Saunderson's 
Elements of Algebra. For the use of students 
at the universities. 5th edition, revised by 
John Hellins. London. M DCC XCII. 8. 




Savary, Jacques. The universal dictionary of trade 
and commerce: with large additions and im- 
provements, adapting the same to the present 
state of British affairs in America, since the 
last treaty of peace made in the year 1763. 
[Translated from the French] By Malachy 
Postlethwayt. 4th edition. London. MD- 
CCLXXIV* 2v. Plate. Maps. Vignettes. 


Savile, George, 1st Marquis of Halifax. Miscel- 
lanies. Glasgow. MDCCLI. 12. 234.7 

The title-page is mutilated for autographs. 

Saxe, Maurice, Comte de. See Moritz, Graf von 

Scarron, Paul. Roman comique. Paris. M.DCC- 
LVII. 3 v. 24. 184.7 

Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich von. Ge- 
schichte des Abfalls der vereinigten Nieder- 
lande von der spanischen Regierung. Leipzig. 
1801. 2 v. in i. 16. 213.2 

Schrevelius, Cornelius. Lexicon manuale Graeco- 
Latinvm et Latino-Grsecum. 4a editio. Lugd. 
Batavorum. 1664. Portrait. 4. 152.10 

Lexicon manuale Graeco-Latinum & Latino-Grae- 
cum: studio atque opera Josephi Hill. . . . Ad 
calcem adjectse sunt sententiae Grseco-Latinse 
. . . Editio undecima. Londini. M.DCC- 
XXXVIII. 152.5 

On the title-page is written, Jo: Adams Book; on the inside of 
the back cover, Georgius Adamus 1814; and on the inside of 
the front coyer the names of four members of the Adams 
family transliterated into Greek. 

Schrceder, Johann. Pharmacopeia medico-chymica. 
Editione qvarta. Lvgdvni. M.DC.LVI. Sm. 
4- 151-11 

Autographs: John Adams, Francis Morton. 

Schubert, Clemens. Libri qvatvor De scrvpvlis 
chronologorum . . . Nvnc primvm editi, cvm 



Schubert, Clemens. (Continued.) 

praefatione Davidis Chytraei: & authoris exem- 
plari chronologia. Argentorati. 1575- F. 

No. 2 in 1 1.8 

Schultens, Johann Jacob. Observationes in loca 
veterum, praecipue quae sunt de vindicta divina. 
<(In Exercitationum academicarum specimen 
primum-tertium. Pp. 129-196. Lugduni Ba- 
tavorum. MDCCXCIII.) 201.10 

Science, La, du maitre d'hotel. [Anon.] See 
Menon, . 

Scotland. The laws and acts of Parliaments . . . 
of Scotland. [From James I. to Charles II. 
May 26, 1424 -Sept. 17, 1681.] Collected by 
Sir Thomas Murrav. Edinburgh. MDC- 
LXXXI. 2 v. in i. F. 91.5 

The title-page of the first part is lacking. 

Scotland, Church of. General Assembly. The 
first and second books of discipline; together 
with some acts of the General Assembly, clear- 
ing and confirming the same: and an act of 
Parliament. (In Knox, John. The history 
of the reformation of religion within the realm 
of Scotland. Pp. 465-535. Glasgow. MD- 
CCLXI.) 181.4 

Scott, Thomas. Votivae Angliae : or the desires and 
wishes of England . . . Wherein are vnfolded 
. . . manie strong reasons ... to perswade 
his Majestic to drawe his royall sword, for the 
restoring of the Pallatynat, and Electorat, to 
his sonne in lawe prince Fredericke, to his onlie 
daughter the ladie Elizabeth . . . against the 
treacherovs vsvrpation ... of the Emperour, 
the King of Spayne, and the Duke of Bavaria 
. . . Written by S. R. N. I. Vtrecht. M DC- 
XXIIII. Sm. 4. No. 2 in 252.25 



Search, Simon, pseud. The spirit of the times. In 
a series of observations on the important events 
of the age. No. 2, 3, 8. London. MDCCXC. 
3 pamphlets. 8. No. 7-9 in 251.4 

Mostly on the French Revolution. A weekly publication. 

Same. [No. 7.] No. 2 in 131.16 

The cover is missing. 

Seeker, Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury. Eight 
charges delivered to the clergy of the dioceses 
of Oxford and Canterbury. Added, Instruc- 
tions to candidates for orders. (In Watson, 
Richard, editor. A collection of theological 
tracts. Vol. 6, pp. 1-114. Cambridge.' M.- 
DCC.LXXXV.) 181.1.6 

Secvnda remonstrantia ministrorum ecclesiarum 
Hollandicarum & West-Frisicarum qui Remon- 
strantes vocantur, . . . tradita in Aprili, anno 
1617. Cvm secvnda contra-remonstrantia, seu 
responsio ad earn ... in qua demonstratur 
Remonstantes novam doctrinam in ecclesias 
reformatus introducere . . . tradita in Augus- 
to Anno 1617. Ex Belgicis in Latinam linguam 
fideliter translata . . . Lugduni-Batavorum. 
1617. Sm. 4. No. i in 281.8 

Selden, John. Opera omnia, tarn edita quam in- 
edita. Collegit ac recensuit; vitam auctoris, 
praefationes & indices adjecit, David Wilkins. 
Londini. MDCCXXVI. 3 v. F. 91.3 

Autograph in each volume: John Adams. 

Semiramis, of, de dood van Ninus, treurspel. 
[Anon.] See Zweerts, P. 

Seneca, Lucius Annasus. Martini Antonii Delrii 
ex Societate lesv Syntagma tragoedise Latinse 
. . . Lvtetise Parisiorvm. M.DCXIX, M.- 
DCXX. 3 parts in i v. 4. 160.4 

Contains ten tragedies of Seneca with commentaries. There 
are autographs of John Adams, 1783, and Richard Atkyns 
Blackwell, and the book-plate of James Walker of Innerdovat, 
Esq., M.D. The binding is in a bad condition. 



Sepp, Jan Christiaan. De VII vereenigde neder- 
landsche provincien, naar de nieuwste meetin- 
gen naauwkeurig geteekend en in't koper ge- 
bragt door Christiaan Sepp en zoon. Amster- 
dam. 1773. No scale. 150.16 

Seran de La Tour, - , Abbe. Parellele de la con- 
duite des Carthaginois, a 1'egard des Romains, 
dans la seconde guerre punique, avec la con- 
duite de 1'Angleterre, a regard de la France, 
dans la guerre declaree . . . en 1756. [Anon.] 
[N.p.] M.DCC.LVII. 12. 134.16 

Sergeant, Thomas. A brief sketch of the national 
judiciary powers exercised in the United States, 
from the first settlement of the colonies to the 
time of the adoption of the present Federal 
Constitution. (In Duponceau, Peter Stephen. 
A dissertation on the nature and extent of the 
jurisdiction of the courts of the United States. 
Pp. 135-167. Philadelphia. 1824.) 140.7 

Seringe, Nicolas Charles. Memoire sur les cucur- 
bitacees. (In Societe de physique et d'histoire 
naturelle de Geneve. Memoires. Vol. 3, part 
i. Pp. 1-31.) 103.5 

Sevigne, Marie de Rabutin Chantal, Marquise de. 
Recueil des lettres de Madame le Marquise de 
Sevigne, a Madame la Comtesse de Grignan, 
sa fille. Nouvelle edition augmentee. Paris. 
M.DCC.LXXV. 8 v. 16. 202.10 

Shakespeare, William. Works. Vol. 2, 4-6. Edin- 
burgh. MDCCLXI. Sm. 8. 235.6 

Each volume has autograph: John Adams. 

Works. Vol. 4. London. MDCCXLVIII. 

32. 235.7.4 

Book-plate (mutilated) : Davis. 

[Works. Vol.8. London? 17?] 12. 

Book-plate: Davis. 2 35-8 



Shaler, William. Sketches of Algiers, political, his- 
torical and civil . . . Boston. 1826. 8. 160.13 

Presentation copy to John Adams from the author through his 

Sharp, Granville. An account of the ancient divi- 
sion of the English nation into hundreds and 
tithings. London. M.DCC.LXXXIV. Sm. 
8. 223.6 

Two copies. 

An account of the constitutional English polity 

of congregational courts : and more particularly 
of the great annual court of the people, called 
the View of Frankpledge. 2d edition. Lon- 
don. M.DCC.LXXXVI. 8. 223.13 

A declaration of the people's natural right to a 

share in the legislature; which is the funda- 
mental principle of the British constitution of 
state. London. M.DCC.LXXIV. 8. 223.18 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Same. 2d edition. M.DCCLXXV. 223.19 

Extract from a representation of the injustice 

and dangerous tendency of tolerating slavery. 
Philadelphia. M DCC LXXI. 12. 

No. 2 in 244.4 

The just limitation of slavery in the laws of God, 

compared with the unbounded claims of the 
African traders and British American slave- 
holders. With a copious appendix. London. 
M.DCC.LXXVI. Sm. 8. No. i in 223.11 

The law of liberty, or, royal law, by which all 

mankind will certainly be judged! Earnestly 
recommended to the serious consideration of 
all slaveholders and slavedealers. London. 
MDCCLXXVI. Sm. 8. No. 3 in 223.11 

The law of passive obedience, or Christian sub- 

mission to personal injuries. [London. 1776?] 
Sm. 8. No. 2 in 223.1 1 

On slavery. 



Sharp, Granville. (Continued.) 

The iaw of retribution; or, a serious warning to 

Great Britain and her colonies, founded on 
unquestionable examples of God's temporal 
vengeance against tyrants, slave-holders, and 
oppressors. London. M DCC LXXVI. 8. 


Remarks concerning the encroachments on the 

river Thames near Durham- Yard. London. 
MDCCLXXI. Sm. 8. 223.10 

Remarks on several very important prophecies. 

2d edition. London. ' M.DCC.LXXV. Sm. 
8. 223.7 

On certain prophetic passages in the Bible. 

A representation of the injustice and dangerous 

tendency of tolerating slavery. London. M- 
DCCLXIX. 8. 231.14 

The title-page contains an autograph of S. Eliot. 

A short sketch of temporary regulations for the 

intended settlement on the grain coast of 
Africa, near Sierra Leona. [Anon.] 3d edi- 
tion. London. M DCC LXXXVIII. Tables. 
Sm. 8. 231.16 

A short treatise on the English tongue. Being 

an attempt to render the reading and pronun- 
ciation of the same more easy to foreigners. 
[Anon.] London. MDCCLXVII. 8. 


A tract on the law of nature, and principles of 

action in man. London. M DCC LXXVII. 
8. 223.9 

On the illegality of subjecting mankind to involuntary servi- 

Tracts, concerning the ancient and only true 

legal means of national defence, by a free 
militia. 3d edition. London. 1782. Sm. 8. 


Contains a book-plate: Cath n e. Sharp, Leadenhall Street. 



Sharp, John, Archbishop of York. Works. Lon- 
don. M.DCC.LIV. 7 v. 12. 263.21 

Vol. i is of the gth edition; vols. 2-4 of the 5th; and vols. 5-7 
of the 3d. 

Sharrock, Robert. 'Yrcofteaig f){Hxrj. De officiis 
secundum naturae jus . . . Principia item & 
rationes Hobbesii Malmesburiensis ad ethicam 
& politicam spectantes, quatenus huic hypothesi 
contradicere videantur, in examen veniunt . . . 
Oxonise. M.DC.LX. 16. 254.14 

Autograph: Jer. Gridley. 

Shaw, Thomas. Travels, or observations relating 
to several parts of Barbary and the Levant. 
Oxford. MDCCXXXVIII. Illus. Plates. 
Maps. Vignettes. F. 32.1 

Contains book-plate, with legend: Liber Coll. omn. anim. 
fidel. defunct, in Oxon. 

Shebbeare, John, M.D. Letters on the English 
nation, by Batista Angeloni, a Jesuit [pseud.], 
who resided many years in London. Trans- 
lated from the original Italian, by the author 
of the Marriage act, a novel. 2d edition. 
London. MDCCLVI. 2 v. 8. 241.10 

Shelton, Maurice. An historical and critical essay 
on the true rise of nobility, political and 
civil; . . . Annex'd, the order of precedency. 
[Anon.] London. M.DCC.XVIII. 8. 282.11 

Shepperson and Reynolds. A catalogue of scarce 
and valuable books very lately purchased. 
London. M.DCC.LXXXVII. 8. 171.15 

Shepperson and Reynold's Catalogue for 1788. 
[London? 1788.] 8. 181.24 

Pp. (i)-(4) are mutilated. Pages are missing at the end. 

Short and easie method with the deists. [Anon.] 
See Leslie, C. 

Short sketch, A, of temporary regulations for the 
intended settlement on the grain coast of 
Africa. [Anon.] See Sharp, G. 



Short treatise, A, on the English tongue. [Anon.] 
See Sharp, G. 

Siderfin, Sir Thomas. Les reports des divers spe- 
cial cases argue & adjudge en le Court del Bank 
le Roy, et auxy en le Co, Ba. & lExchequer, en 
les primier dix ans apres le restauration del 
son Tres-excellent Majesty le Roy Charles le 
II. ... Seconde edition: Revue & corrigee 
par Robert Dobyns, . . . avec un adition . . . 
par Edoiiard Chilton & Robert Skinner. Lon- 
don. MDCCXIV. 2 v. in i. Black-letter. 


Autographs: John Adams and Jer. Gridley. 

Sidney, Algernon. Discourses concerning govern- 
ment. Added, A short account of the author's 
life. Edinburgh. M.DCC.L. 2 v. 8. 292.17 

Each volume has autograph: John Adams. 

The works of Algernon Sydney. A new edition. 
[Edited by T. Robertson.] London. MDCC- 
LXXII. "Portrait. 4. 83.8 

Sigonio, Carlo. Historiarvm de regno Italiae libri 
quindecim. . . . Qui libri historiam ab anno 
DLXX. vsqve ad MCC. continent. Accessit 
. . . rerum memorabilium index. Francofvrti 
adMoenvm. M.D.LXXV. F. No. I in 1 1.8 

Silius Italicus, Caius. De bello Punico secundo, 
poema ad fidem veterum monimentorum cas- 
tigatttm, fragmento auctum. Operis integri 
editio princeps. Curante loan Bapt. Lefebvre 
de Villebrune. Parisiis.' M.DCCLXXXI. 

12. 142.8 

Simes, Thomas. The military guide, for young 
officers Vol. 2. Philadelphia. M,DCC,LX- 
XVI. Plates. 8. 181.8 

The title-page contains an autograph of John Adams. 

Simpson, Thomas. Essays on several curious and 
useful subjects, in speculative and mix'd mathe- 


Simpson, Thomas. (Continued.) 

maticks. London. M.DCC.XL. Diagrams. 
4. No. i in 220.3 

Mathematical dissertations on a variety of physi- 

cal and analytical subjects. London. 1743. 
4. No. 2 in 220.3 

Miscellaneous tracts on some curious, and very 

interesting subject in mechanics, physical-as- 
tronomy, and speculative mathematics; where- 
in the precession of the equinox, the nutation of 
the earth's axis, and the motion of the moon in 
her orbit, are determined. London. MDCC- 
LXVII. Plates. 4. No. 3 in 220.3 

Sinclair, Sir John, Baronet. The history of the 
public revenue of the British empire. [Part I ] . 
2. London. MDCCLXXXV. 2 v. in I. 4. 


Prospectus d'un ouvrage intitule : Analyse de 

1'etat politique d'ficosse: . . . Ouvrage entre- 
pris pour expliquer les principes de la philoso- 
phic statistique. [Londres. 1792.] 16.- 

No. 2 in 214.8 

The bottom of the title-page and the preliminary pages are 

Sistini, Francesco. II Maestro di camera : trattato 
. . . di nuoua ricorretto, secondo il cerimoniale 
romano. Venetia. M.DC.LXXXXIX. 24. 

Relates to the cardinalate. No. 2 in 174.14 

Skinner, Robert. Reports of cases adjudged in 
the Court of King's Bench, from the thirty- 
third year of King Charles the Second, to the 
ninth year of King William the Third. With 
some arguments in special cases. Published 
by his son Matthew Skinner. In the Savoy. 
MDCC XXVIII. Black-letter. F. 72.12 

Autograph: John Adams. 



Sleidanus, Johannes. Epistre a ... Edovard Dvc 
de Sommerset, Comte d'Erford. - - Briefve de- 
claration d'aucunes choses qui se trouuent 
difficiles en 1'histoire de Philippe de Commines 
touchant la guerre d'ltalie, sous Charles 8. 
(In Comines, Philippe de. Memoires. Pp. 
726-744. Paris. M.DC.XVI.) 203.3 

Smith, Adam. An inquiry into the nature and 
causes of the wealth of nations. 2d edition. 
London. MDCCLXXVIII. 2 v. 4, 1. p. 

Autograph: John Adams. 83.6 

Recherches sur la nature et les causes de la 
richesse des nations. Traduit de 1'anglois. 
Yverdon. M.DCC.LXXXI. 6v. 12. 254.9 

Smith, John, of Cambridge, England. A discourse 
on prophecy. (In Watson, Richard, editor. 
A collection of theological tracts. Vol. 4, pp. 
297-362. London. M.DCC.LXXXV.) 181.1.4 

Smith, Thomas, of Falmouth, Maine. Extracts 
from the journals kept by the Rev. Thomas 
. Smith, late pastor of the First Church of 
Christ in Falmouth, in the County of York, 
(now Cumberland,) from 1720 to 1788, with 
an Appendix, containing a variety of other 
matters, selected by Samuel Freeman. Port- 
land. 1821. 12. 253.7 

Smith, William, D.D., of Philadelphia. Works. 
Vol. 2. Philadelphia. 1803. 8. 191.3 

Vol. i is missing. 

Smollett, Tobias George. A complete history of 
England, from the descent of Julius Caesar, to 
the Treaty of Aix la Chapelle, 1748. London. 
MDCCLVIII-MDCCLXy. 16 v. Portraits. 
Plates. Maps. Facsimiles. 8. 240.8 

Vols. 1-3 are of the 2d edition; vols. 4-11 of the 3d. Vols. 12- 
16 have the title: Continuation of the Complete history of 
England. Vols. 2-14, 15 contain the autograph: John Adams. 



Sneedorff, Jens Schelderup. Essai d'un traite du 
stile des cours, ou reflexions sur la maniere d' 
ecrire dans les affaires d'etat. Revu par I. de 
Colom. Hannovre. 1776. 16. 243.9 

Soave, Pietro, Polano, pseud. See Sarpi, P. 

Sobrino, Francisco. Diccionario nuevo de las len- 
guas espanola y francesa. 6a edicion, . . . 
atigmentada. Tomo i. [Espafiol-f ranees.] 
Brusselas. M.DCC.LX. Plate. 4. 60.2 

Autograph: John Adams. Book-plate: William Glanville 

Grammaire nouvelle espagnolle et franchise. 
Corrigee & augmentee en cette sixieme edition 
d'un petit dictionnaire franqois & espagnol. 
Brusselles. MDCCXLV. 16. 152.16 

Societe de physique et d'histoire naturelle de 
Geneve. Memoires. Tome 3, part i. Geneve. 
1823-24. Plates. 8. 103.5 

Society for the Prevention of Pauperism in New 
York. See Haines, C. G. 

Solis y Rivadeneira, Antonio de. Histoire de la 
conquete du Mexique, ou de la Nouvelle Es- 
pagne, par Fernand Cortez, traduite de 1'es- 
pagnol, par 1'auteur du Triumvirat [Samuel, 
Seigneur de Citri de La Guette, Comte de 
Broe]. 6e edition. Paris. M.DCC.LXXIV. 
2 v. Plates. Map, 12. 243.7 

Somers, John, ist Baron Evesham. The judgment 
of whole kingdoms and nations, concerning 
the rights, power, and prerogative of kings, 
and the rights, privileges, & properties of the 
people. [i2th edition. Anon. Boston. 
177-?] 8. No. i in 172.9 

The title-page and the last two pages are missing. Sabin 
attributes this to Defoe, and says it is a liberal constitutional 
argument about the English Revolution of 1688, reprinted to 
justify the American Revolution. 



Sophocles. Philoctete, tragedie, traduite . . . par 
M. De la Harpe. Paris. M.DCC.LXXXI. 
16. No. 2 in 223.3 

Soules, Francois. Histoire des troubles de 1'Ame- 
rique anglaise. Tome I, 2. Londres. M.- 
DCC.LXXXV. 2v. 8. 141.14 

South, Robert. Twelve sermons preached upon 
several occasions. Vol. I. 5th edition. Lon- 
don. 1722. Portrait. 8. 281.17 

Spartianus, Aelius. See Historiae Avgvstse scrip- 
tores VI. 

Specimen calvmniarvm atque heterodoxarum opi- 
nionum ex Remonstrantium Apologia excerp- 
tarus: instar prodromi ad praemonendos omnes 
veros Christianos in lucem emissum, per S. 
theologiae professores in Academia Leydensi. 
Lvgdvni Batavorvm, ex officina Bonaventvrse 
& Abrahami Elzevir. M D CXXX. Sm. 4. 

No. 4 in 281.8 

"This tract has been attributed to Ant. Walaeus." Willems. 

Spectacles, Les, de Paris, ou calendrier historique & 
chronologique des theatres. 346 partie. Pour 
1'annee 1785. Paris. [1785.] 32. 175.11 

Spectateur, Le, du Nord, journal politique, litte- 
raire et moral. Juillet, 1798. En Basse-Saxe. 
[1798.3 8. 150.4 

Spenser, Edmund. The fairy queen. With a 
glossary . . . London. M DCC LVIII. 2 v. 
Portrait. Plates. 8. 250.3 

Spinckes, Nathaniel. Of trust in God: or, a dis- 
course concerning the duty of casting our care 
upon God in all our difficulties. Together 
with an exhortation to patient suffering for 
righteousness: in a sermon. 2d edition. Lon- 
don. MDCCXIV. Sm. 8. 282.2 

Spirit, The, of despotism. [Anon.] See Knox, V. 



Spirit, The, of the times. Search, Simon, pseud. 

Sprague, Joseph E. An address delivered before 
the Salem Charitable Mechanic Association, 
July 4, 1821. Salem. 1821. 8. 141.28 

An inscribed copy from the author to John Adams. 

Staatkundigen Hollander, Den. Uit het Fransch 
van de Politique Hollandais. I. Deel, I. Stuk. 
1781. No. 2. [Leyden? 1781.] 8. 131.3 

Stael-Holstein, Anne Louise Germaine Neckar. 
Baronne de. De I'influence-des passions sur le 
bonheur des individus et des nations. Lau- 
sanne en Suisse. 1796. 8. 241.8 

Contains manuscript notes in margin, written by John Adams. 
A mutilated copy. 

Stark, James Henry. Antique views of ye towne 
of Boston. Boston. [1882.] Illus. Por- 
traits. Facsimiles. Maps. L. 8. 73.3 

State prisons and the penitentiary system vindi- 
cated. See Bradford, Gamaliel, M.D. 

Staughton, Rev. William. Address delivered at 
the opening of the Columbian College in the 
District of Columbia, January 9, 1822. Wash- 
ington City. 1822. 8. 141.25 

On education. 

Steele, Sir Richard. A grammar of the English 
tongue: with the arts of logick, rhetorick, 
poetry, &c. Published by John Brightland. 
8th edition. [Anon.] London. 1759. Folded 
plate. 12. 143.9 

Autograph of John Adams on the title-page. 

Stephanus, Carolus. See Estienne, Charles. 

Stephanus, Henricus. See Estienne, Henri. 

Stephanus, Robertus. See Estienne, Robert. 

Stevens, Captain John. The ancient and present 
state of Portugal. . . . With an index, and 
a map of Portugal and Spain. By a gentleman 
who resided some years in that country. Lon- 
don. 1706. Map. Sm. 8. 173.18 



Stewart, Dugald. Dissertation first: exhibiting a 
general view of the progress of metaphysical, 
ethical, and political philosophy, since the re- 
vival of letters in Europe. Part II. Boston. 
1822. 8. 103.17 

Given as a preliminary dissertation in the seventh edition of 
the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Contains the autograph of 
John Adams. Original board covers with damaged back. 

Elements of the philosophy of the human mind. 

London. 1814, 1816. 2 v. 8. 162.6 

Vol. i is of the 5th edition; vol. 2 is of the 2d edition, pub- 
lished by Constable & Co., Edinburgh. 

Same. Boston. 1818. 2v.ini. 162.7 
Stillingfleet, Edward, D.D., Bishop of Worcester. 

Origines Britannicae, or the antiquities of the 
British churches. London. 1685. F. 112.1 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Stockdale's New companion to the London calen- 
dar, or court and city register for the year 
1783, 1785: being a list of all the changes in 
administration, from . . . October 1760, to 
the present time. London. [1783,85.] 2 v. 
16. No. 2 in 244.23 

Straatman, Henri de. Testament politique de 
Charles, due de Lorraine et de Bar . . . Nou- 
velle edition [publiee par J. B. de Chevremont]. 
(In Recueil des testamens politiques. Vol. 2, 
pp. 259-384. Amsterdam. M.DCC.XLIX.) 


Strabo. UFQI 1% y eco YQ a( Pi a S Plaice IZ'. De sitv 
orbis libri XVII. Grece & Latine simul iam. in 
eorum qui pariter & 'Geographiae et utriusque 
linguae studiosi sunt, gratiam editi: olim qui- 
dem, ut putatur, a Gvarino Veronensi, & Grego- 
rio Trifernate [sic] in Latinum conuersi: ac 
deinde Conradi. Heresbachij opera ad eius 
generis autorum fidem recogniti: nunc uero 
post^emum, eruditorum aliquot industria ac 



Strabo. (Continued.) 

studio, quorum in Praefatione fit mentio, ab 
innumeris, quibus aeque & Graecum exemplar 
& Latina translatio scatebant, mendis repur- 
gati. Basileae. M. D. XLIX. F. 12.3 

The preface to this edition was written by Marcus Hopper. 
This copy was given as first prize for oratory in 1657 to a 
student in the Collegium Grassinaeum of the Academic de 

Strauch, yEgidius. Breviarium chronologicum: or, 
a treatise describing the terms and most cele- 
brated characters, periods, and epocha's used 
in chronology. First done into English from 
the third edition in Latin, by Richard Sault. 
3d edition. London. 1722. Sm. 8. 262.11 

The title-page contains an autograph of John Adams. 

Strother, Edward. Criticon f ebrium : or, a critical 
essay on fevers; with the diagnosticks and 
methods of cure. 2d edition. London. 1718. 
Sin. 8. 241.13 

Praelectiones pharmaco-mathicse & medico-prac- 
ticse: or, Lectures on the rationale of medicines. 
London. M.DCC.XXXII. 2 v. 8. 283.5 

Stubbs, W., of Staples Inn, and G. Talmash. The 
Crown Circuit companion; containing the prac- 
tice of the assises on the crown side, and of 
the Courts of General and General Quarter 
Sessions of the Peace. 4th edition. London. 
MDCCLXVIII. 8. 261.15 

Autograph: John Adams, 1772. 

Style, William. Style's Practical Register, begun 
in the reign of King Charles I. Consisting of 
rules, orders, . . . concerning the practice of 
the common law in the courts at Westminster. 
Particularly the Kings Bench. 4th edition. 
London. 1707. Sm. 8. 253.12 

The title-page is mutilated. Autograph: John Adams. 

Suetonius Tranquillus, Caius. C. Suetonius Tran- 
quillus ex recensione Joannis Georgii Graevii, 



Suetonius Tranquillus, Caius. (Continued.) 

cum ejusdem animadversionibus, ut et com- 
mentario integro Laevini Torrentii, Isaaci 
Casauboni, Theodori Marcilii, et cum notis ac 
numismatibus, quibus illustratus est a Carolo 
Patino . . . Editio tertia auctior . . . Tra- 
jecti ad Rhenum. 1708. Illus. Folded sheets. 
Engraved title-page. 4. 160.5 

Book-plate: Tho: Ruddiman. 

De XII. Caesaribvs libri VIII. Eivsdem De 

illvstribus grammaticis et de claris rhetoribvs. 
Isaacvs Casavbonvs . . . recensuit: & libros 
adiecit Animadversionvm. Editio altera . . . 
aucta. [Geneva.] M.DC.XI. 4. 160.9 

Appended is C. Svetonii Tranqvilli Liber IIX. sive tres 
imperatores Caesares Vespasiani, interpretati, & emendati a 
Theod. Marcilio. 
Autograph: John Adams, London, Nov., 1783. 

Suidas. Lexicon, Grsece & Latine. Textum Grse- 
cum cum manuscriptis codicibus collatum a 
quamplurimis niendis purgavit, notisque illus- 
travit: versionem Latinam ^Emilii Porti . . . 
correxit, indicesque . . . adjecit Ludolphus 
Kusterus. Cantabrigise. MDCCV. 3 v. 
Vignettes. F. 41.1 

Vols. I, 2 contain autograph: John Adams, Sept. 18, 1784; a 
fly-leaf of vol. 3 is cut for autograph. 

Sullivan, James, Governor of Massachusetts. The 
history of the District of Maine. Boston. 
Printed by I. Thomas and E. T. Andrews. 
1795. Map. 8. 252.15 

Presentation copy by the author to John Adams, with inscrip- 
tion on fly-leaf. 

Sully, Maximilien de Bethune, Due de. Memoires. 
Mis en ordre, avec des remarques par M. L. 
D. L. D. L. [1'abbe de 1'ficluse]. Nouvelle 
edition, revue & corrigee. Londres. M.DCC.- 
LXVII. 8 v. Portrait. 12. 164.2 

Memoirs of Maximilian de Bethune, Duke of 



Sully, M. de B., Due de. (Continued.) 

Sully, prime minister to Henry the Great. Con- 
taining the history of the life and reign of that 
monarch, and his own administration under 
him. Translated from the French [by Char- 
lotte Lennox]. Added, The tryal of Ravaillac 
for the murder of Henry the Great. 4th edition. 
London. M.DCC.LXIII. 6 v. Portraits. 
Map. 12. 163.10 

Each volume contains autograph: John Adams, 1772. 

Summonte, Giovanni Antonio. Historia della citta' 
e regno di Napoli. ... 3a edizione, . . . di 
varie note accresciuta. Napoli. M.D.CC- 
XLVIII-MDCCL. 6v. Portrait. 4. 222.5 

Superville, Daniel de. Siemens dv christianisme, 
ou abrege des veritez et des devoirs de la 
religion chretienne; a 1'usage des plus petits 
enfans. 36 edition. Amsterdam. MDCC- 
XII. 16. No. 2 in 264.14 

Les veritez et les devoirs de la religion chretienne ; 
ou catechisme, pour 1'instruction de la jeunesse. 
2e edition, . . . augmentee . . . d'un Abrege 
a 1'usage des plus petits enfans. Amsterdam. 
MDCCVIII. 16. 264.14 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Sur la legislation et le commerce des grains. [A- 
non.] See Necker, J. 

Sweden. Kongligt statsdepartement. Rapport a 
sa majeste le roi de Suede, par son ministre 
d'etat, . . . sur les relations politiques de la 
Suede avec la France, avant la declaration de 
guerre. St.-Petersbourg. 1813. 12. 214.9 

Swift, Jonathan. Some account of the life and 
writings of Sir William Temple. [Anon.] 
(In Temple, Sir William. Works. Vol. i, 
PP- (3)-(io)- London. MDCCXXXI.) 




Swift, Jonathan. (Continued.) 

Works. With the author's life and character; 

notes . . . Edinburgh. M.DCC.LXVITT. 
13 v. Sm. 8. 234.4 

Each volume has book-plate: John Adams. 

Swift, Zephaniah. A system of the laws of the 
State of Connecticut. Windham. 1795, 96. 
2 v. 8. 151-15 

Each volume contains two autographs of Caesar Rodney, one 
of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence from Dela- 

Swinburne, Henry. A treatise of testaments and 
last wills. 5th edition, enlarged. In the 
Savoy. MDCCXXVIII. F. 62.12 

Top of title-page torn for autograph. 

Sylvester, Matthew. Elisha's cry after Elijah's 
God consider'd and apply'd, with reference to 
the deceased of the late reverend Mr. Richard 
Baxter. Who left this life Decemb. 8th, 1691. 
London. 1696. F. No. 2 in 102.16 

Synopsis metaphysicse, ontologiam et pneumatolo- 
giam complectens. [Anon.] See Frommann, A. 

Tableau de Paris. [Anon.] See Mercier, L. S. 

Tableau historique et politique des deux dernieres 
revolutions de Geneve. Par * * * *. See Iver- 
nois, Sir F. d'. 

Tacitus, Caius Cornelius. The modern courtier: 
or, the morals of Tacitus upon flattery. Para- 
phras'd and illustrated with . . . observations 
by the Sieur Amelot de la Houssaie. Newly 
done out of French. London. 1687. 12. 182.9 

Opera supplementis, notis et dissertationibus 

illustravit Gabriel Brotier. Parish's. MDCC- 
LXXVI. 7 v. Engraved title-pages. 12. 


Traduction complette de Tacite. Paris. M.- 

DCC.LXXII-M.DCC.LXXIX. 7v. 12. 153.1 

Tomes 3-7 were edited by J. H. Dotteville. All the volumes 



Tacitus, Caius Cornelius. (Continued.) 

have the Latin text and the French translation, and contain the 
autograph: John Adams, 1780. 

Works; [translated] by Arthur Murphy. With 

an essay on the life and genius of Tacitus ; 
notes, supplements, and maps. Dublin. 1794. 
4 v. Maps. 8. 180.7 

Vol. 3 contains the autograph of Thomas Mifflin, signer, from 
Pennsylvania, of the Address to the King, 1774. 

Works. With political discourses upon that 

author, by Thomas Gordon. 3d edition, cor- 
rected. Vol. 3, 5. London. MDCCLIII. 

12. 143.7 

Talbot, Chevalier Robert, pseud. See Maubert de 
Gouvest, J. H. 

Tasso, Torquato. Jerusalem delivree. Poeme du 
Tasse. Nouvelle traduction. Londres. M.- 
DCC.LXXX. 2v. Plate. Vignette. 24. 


Taylor, Jeremy. Ductor dubitantium, or the rule 
of conscience in all her general measures. 2d 
edition. London. MDCLXXI. Portrait. 
F. 112.6 

Taylor, John, of Norwich. A key to the apostolic 
writings. (In Watson, Richard, editor. A 
collection of theological tracts. Vol. 3, pp. 
315-455. Cambridge. M.DCC.LXXXV.) 


A scheme of Scripture-divinity. Map. (In 

Watson, Richard, editor. A collection of the- 
ological tracts. Vol. i, pp. 1-216. Cambridge. 
M.DCC.LXXXV.) 181.1.1 

Taylor, John, of Virginia. Arator ; being a series 
of agricultural essays, practical & political: 
in sixty-one numbers. [Anon.] Georgetown. 
1813. 16. 244.21 

Same. 2d edition, enlarged. 1814. 244.20 



Taylor, John, of Virginia. (Continued.) 

An inquiry into the principles and policy of the 

government of the United States. Fredericks- 
burg. 1814. 8. 141.15 

Autograph: John Adams. Book-plate: J. Q. Adams. 

New views of the Constitution of the United 

States. Washington City. 1823. 8. 141.9 

Book-plate: J. Q. Adams. Contains a letter from Mr. Gar- 
nett, Washington, Feb. 7, 1824, presenting this copy to J. Q. 

Temple, Daniel. Sermon, preached in the Old 
South Church, Boston, Sabbath evening, Dec. 
16, 1821, just before his departure, as a 
missionary to Western Asia. Boston. 1821. 

No. 12 in 211.3 

Temple, Sir William. Lettres de M r . le chevalier 
Guill. Temple, et autres ministres d'etat, tant 
en Angleterre que dans les pais etrangers. 
Contenant une relation de ce qui s'est passe 
. . . depuis 1'annee 1665, jusqu'a celle de 1672. 
Publiees par Jonathan Swift. Traduites de 
1'Anglois [par P. A. Samson]. A la Haye. 
M.DCC. 2v. 12. 223.28 

Most of the letters were written by William Temple. 

Works. Prefix' d Some account of the life and 

writings of the author [by Jonathan Swift]. 
London. MDCCXXXI. 2 v. Portraits. L. 
8. 42.2 

This edition lacks one of the portraits. Autograph (in vol. 2) : 
John Adams. Title-page of vol. I torn for autograph. 

Terentius Afer, Publius. Andria Adelphique. Ex 
editione Westerhoviana. Accedunt notae An- 
glicse. Cura C. K. Dillaway. Philadelphia. 
1850. 24. i34'!7 

Presentation copy from the author to C. F. Adams, the elder. 

Comedies, translated into familiar blank verse. 

By George Colman. 2d edition. London. 
MDCCLXVIII. 2 v. Folded plates. 8. 




Terentius Afer, Publius. (Continued.) 

Comoediae sex Anglo-Latinse. Six comedies of 

Publius Terentius in English and Latine. By 
Charles Hoole. London. 1676. Sm. 8. 143.3 

The title-page is mutilated and several pages are missing from 
this copy. 

[Comoediae sex . . . cum Donati commentariis, 

. . . scholiis . . . Basilese. 1616.] 16. 142.6 

The title-page and the first eight pages of the text are missing. 

Thacher, Peter, D.D. A sermon, preached to the 
Society in Brattle-Street, Boston, March 25th, 
1798. And occasioned by the death of Madam 
Rebecca Gill . . . Boston. 1798. 8. 

No. i in 252.2 

Themistius Euphradiensis. Td TOV Oefiumo'u Ev- 
q)Q(x8o'uc; cbravra, Toirceati jiaQacpdaeig xal Xoy 01 - 
'AA,e|dvQO'u 'Aq)Qo8iaiecog JIEQI ^vxfjg [Kf&ia 8iJo, 
xai JT8QI El|mQ|ievr]g ev. Omnia Themistii opera, 
hoc est paraphrases, et orationes. Alexandri 
Aphrodisiensis libri dvo De anima, et De fato 
vnvs. [Venetiis in aedibus hseredum Aldi 
Manutii, & Andrese Asulani.] M D XXXIIII. 
F. 12.4 

Edited by Victor Trincavelli. Autographs: Jer. Gridley, John 

Theodosius, of Tripoli. Sphserica: methodo nova 

illustrata, & succincte demonstrata. Per 

Isaacvm Barrow. Londini. 1675. Diagrams. 

Sm. 4. No. 3 in 261.9 

Theorie de Timpot. [Anon.] See Mirabeau, V. R., 

Marquis de. 
Thiery, Luc Vincent. Almanach du voyageur a 

Paris. Annee 1784. Paris. [1783.] 12. 

Thomas, William. The historye of Italye. A 

booke exceding profitable to be red. London. 

[1561.] Black-letter. Sm. 4. 173.10 

The title-page contains autograph: The Beresforde. 



Thompson, Sir Benjamin, Count Rumford. Es- 
says, political, economical, and philosophical. 
London. 1796, 98. 4 v. Plates. 8. 220.5 

Vol. 2 (essay 6) is badly decayed and mutilated. Vols. [2-4] 
have on the cover the title: Count Rumford's Experimental 
essays, political, economical, and philosophical, and are of a 
later edition, intended to form vol. 2 of the work. On fly-leaf: 
'With the author's compts. 

Thornton, William. Cadmus : or, a treatise on the 
elements of written language . . . With an 
essay on the method of teaching the surd or 
deaf, and consequently dumb, to speak. Phila- 
delphia. M.DCC.XCIII. Tables. 8. 173.16 

Prize dissertation, which was honored with the Magellanic 
gold medal, by the American Philosophical Society. Auto- 
graph copy presented to John Adams. 

Thou, Jacques Auguste de, the Elder. Abrege de 
1'Histoire univernelle. . . . Par M. Remond 
de Ste. Albine. La Haye. M.DCC.LIX. 
10 v. 16 . 243.5 

Histoire universelle. depuis 1543, jusqu'en 1607. 

Traduite sur Tedition latine de Londres. Lon- 
dres. M.DCC.XXXIV. 16 v. Portraits. 
Plates. Vignettes. 8. 90.1 

Thucydides. Tlepl rov IleXojiovvTiaiaxoi) jioXe^ou 
pipAia OXTCO. De bello Peloponnesiaco libri 
octo, cum adnotationibus integris Henrici 
Stephani, & Joannis Hudsoni. Recensuit, & 
notas suas addidit Josephus Wasse. Editio- 
nem curavit, suasque animadversiones adjecit 
Carolus Andreas Dukerus. Cum variis disserta- 
tionibus, msct or . collationibus, et indicibus novis 
locupletissimis. [Added Annales Thucydidei 
. . . ab Henrico Dodwello.] Amstelaedami. 
MDCCXXXI. Maps. Plate. F. 10.4 

Greek and Latin in parallel columns. 

IlEQi toi) IleXojiowTiaiaxoi) jioXepiov pipMa OXTCO. 

De bello Peloponnesiaco libri octo. lidem 
Latine, ex interpretatione Lavrentii Valise, ab 
Henrico Stephano nuper recognita, quam 



Thucydides. (Continued.) 

lius Portus . . . repurgauit, . . . Franco- 
fvrti. M.D.XCIV. 2 parts in i v. F. 21.3 

Latin and Greek in parallel columns. Autograph: J. Q. Adams. 

Tillotson, John, Archbishop of Canterbury. Works. 
Vol. i, 3, 7-10. Edinburgh. M,DCC,LIX, 
M.DCQLX. Sm. 8. 273.4 

Each volume has autograph: John Adams. 

Timaeus Locrus. Timee de Locres en grec et en 
frangois avec des dissertations sur les princi- 
pales questions de la metaphysique, de la 
phisique, & de la morale des anciens; qui peu- 
vent servir de suite ... a La philosophic du 
bon sens, par le Marquis d'Argens. Berlin. 
1763. 16. 134.3 

Autographs: John Adams, 1815. 

Tonduzzi, Giulio Cesare. Historic di Faenza. pu- 
blicate doppo la di lui morte da Girolamo Minac- 
ci. Faenza. M.DC.LXXV. Portrait. Plate. 
F. 92.2 

Book-plate: Will Bromley of Abberly, Worcestershire. 

Toulmin, Joshua. A review of the life, character 
and writings of the Rev. John Biddle, who was 
banished to the Isle of Scilly, in the protectorate 
of Oliver Cromwell. London. MDCC- 
XXXIX. 12. 263.18 

Towers, Joseph Lomas. Illustrations of prophecy. 
[Anon.] Vol. 2. London. M,DCC,XCVI. 
8. 191.5 

Towgood, Micajah. A dissent from the Church of 
England, fully justified . . . Being the dis- 
senting gentlemans three letters and postscript, 
in answer to Mr. John White's on that subject 
. . . 4th edition. Boston. MDCCLXVIII. 16. 


Same. 6th edition. London. M.DCCLXXX- 
VII. Portrait. 8. 210.14 

Presentation copy to John Adams from Matthew Towgood. 



Tractatus metaphysicse. Inchoatus die septimo 
mensis Julii anno millesimo septingentessimo 
vigesimo secundo. Manuscript. 107 ff. 16. 


The book appears to be written by several hands. It con- 
tains near the end the autograph: Alex Vilant. 1734. On fly- 
leaf is autograph: Andreas Vilant. 

Tracy, Antoine Louis Claude Destutt, Comte de. 
Traite d'economie politique. Paris. 1823. 
24. 254.29 

On paper cover title is written: Presented to John Adams by 
La Fayette. Translated by T. Jefferson. 

Traite d'amitie et de commerce, conclu entre le roi 
[de France] et les fitats-Unis de I'Amerique 
septentrionale, le 6 fevrier 1778. Paris. M.- 
DCCLXXVIII. 4. No. 10 in 40.1 

Contains a few marginal notes probably in the handwriting of 
John Adams. 

Traite de commerce entre Sa Majeste et le due de 
Mecklenbourg, conclu a Hambourg le 18 sep- 
tembre 1779. Paris. M.DCCLXXIX. 4. 

No. 12 in 40.1 

Traite de commerce et de marine, entre Sa Majeste 
et la ville de Hambourg, conclu a Hambourg 
le i er avril 1769. Paris. M.DCCLXIX. 4. 

No. 2 in 40.1 

Traite de Torthographe frangoise, en forme de dic- 
tionaire. [Anon.] See Le Roy, C. 

Traite de paix entre sa majeste 1'imperatrice reine 
apostolique de Hongrie et de Boheme . . . et 
sa majeste le roi de Prussie, . . . fait a Teschen 
le 13 mai 1779. Paris. M.DCCLXXIX. 4. 

No. ii in 40.1 

Traite de paix entre le roi [de France], le roi d' 
Espagne et le roi de la Grande-Bretagne, con- 
clu a Paris le 10 fevrier 1763. Avec 1'accession 
du roi de Portugal. Paris. M.DCCLXIII. 
4- No. i in 40.1 



Traite entre le roi [de France] et le prince-eveque, 
1'eglise et 1'etat de Liege . . . Conclu a 
Versailles le 24 mai 1772. [Also, Lettres 
patentes.] Paris. M.DCCLXXII. Map. 
4. No. 6 in 40.1 

Translations from the French. By D. Y. Lynn. 
M.DCC.LXX. 4. 83.2 

Contents. Observations on the Greeks from the French of 
the Abbe de Mably. The history of the City of Paris; or 
anecdotes concerning the origin and improvements of ^that 
celebrated capital. Translated from Monsieur de St. Foix. 

Treaty, A, of amity and of commerce between the 
United States of America, and his Majesty, the 
King of Prussia. [N.p.] 1786. 8. 141.17 

Trebellius Pollio. See Historise Avgvstae scrip- 
tores VI. 

Trenchard, John, and Thomas Gordon. Cato's 
letters. [Anon.] Vol. 2-4. London. M- 

Book-plate: Lemuel Adams. Hartford. 

Tricot, Laurent. Les rudiments de la langue latine, 
a 1'usage des colleges de 1'Universite de Paris. 
146 edition. Paris. M.DCC.LXXVII. 12. 

Autograph: J. Q. Adams, 1778. 225.14 

Trigland, Theodore. Paedia juris, sive examen 
Institutionum . . . Oxoniae. MDCCX. 12. 

Autographs: J. Gridley and John Adams. 245.8 

Trois siecles, Les, de notre litterature. [Anon.j 
See Sabatier, A. 

Tronchi, Paolo. Memorie istoriche della citta di 
Pisa. Livorno. M.DC.LXXXII. 4. 150.20 

Trumbull, Benjamin. A complete history of Con- 
necticut, civil and ecclesiastical, from the emi- 
gration of its first planters from England, in 
MDCXXX, to MDCCIII. Vol. i. Hartford. 
1797. Portraits. Folded map. 8. 252.16 

Vol. 2 is wanting. 



Trumbull, John. Description of the four pictures, 
from subjects of the Revolution, painted by 
order of the Government of the United States, 
and now placed in the rotunda of the Capitol. 
New York. 1827. Plates. 4. No. 6 in 170.9 

Tudor, William. Considerations on the public ex- 
pediency of a bridge from one part of Boston 
to the other. [Anon.] Boston. 1806. 8. 
TWO copies. No. 6, 7 in 252.9 

Tufts, Cotton, M.D. An oration, in honour to the 
memory of General George Washington, . . . 
delivered before the inhabitants of the town of 
Weymouth, on the 22d day of February, 1800. 
Boston. 1800. 8. 141.24 

Tull, Jethro. Horse-hoeing husbandry: or an es- 
say on the principles of vegetation and tillage. 
4th edition. London. M.DCC.LXII. Plates. 


Title-page contains autograph: John Adams. 

Turnbull, George, LL.D. The principles of moral 
philosophy. . . . London. MDCCXL. 8. 


Tyrrell, Sir James. The general history of England, 
both ecclesiastical and civil. Vol. I, 3, part 2. 
London. MDCC, MDCCIV. Plate. Gene- 
alogical chart. Tables. F. 42.5 

Each volume has autograph: John Adams. 

Under-sheriff, The. See Mallory, J. 

United States. An act to establish an uniform 
system of bankruptcy throughout the United 
States. Enacted April 4, 1800. Philadelphia. 
1800. 8. 292.9 

Acts passed at a Congress of the United States 

of America. ist~3d session. Philadelphia. 
3 v. in i. 8. 171.6 

Same. 2d Congress, ist, 2d session. Philadel- 



United States. (Continued.) 
phia. [179^93-] 2 v. 

Three copies of ist session. 

Same. 3d Congress, [ist session.] M,DCC,- 

XCIV. 171.8 

Contains no treaties. 

Same. 5th Congress. 3d session. 241-561, 

26, iv, 48 pp. 171.9 

Same. 7th Congress. 2d session. [1803.] 

193-316, iv, Ixxxv, xxvi pp. 171.10 

Contains treaties. 

Same. 8th Congress. ist session. [1805.] 

225, vi pp. 171.11 

Same. i7th Congress, ist session. [1822.] 

151 pp. 171.12 

A bill to establish the judicial courts of the United 

States. [New York. 179-?] F. 102.11 

There is no title-page. 

The laws of the United States of America. Vol. 

1-3. [ist-3rd Congress, 1789-1793.] Phila- 
delphia. 1796. 3 v. 8. 292.7 

President. Message of the President of the 

United States to both Houses of Congress. 
April 3d, 1798. [Philadelphia. 1798.] 12. 

No. 3 in 251.10 

Contains the diplomatic correspondence relating to the X. 
Y. Z. affair. 

Congress. Journal of the House of Representa- 

tives of the United States. Anno M,DCC,L- 
XXXIX, M,DCC,XC, and of the independence 
of the United States the thirteenth, fifteenth. 
New- York. [1789,91.] 2 v. F. 102.6 

Two copies for 1789. The Journal for 1790 was printed in 

Journal of the Senate of the United States of 

America, being the First Session of the Third 
Congress, begun and held at the City of Phila- 
delphia, December 2d, 1793, and in the eight- 


United States. Congress. (Continued.) 

eenth year of the sovereignty of the said 
United States. Philadelphia. M.DCC.XCIII. 
F. 102.9 

[President's messages and reports of depart- 
ments to the 6th Congress, ist Session. Phila- 
delphia. 1799, 1800.] 29 pamphlets in I v. 
Tables. 8. 260.7 

Many of the pamphlets are of editions published or printed by 
order of the House of Representatives. 

[Reports of committees. Philadelphia. 1799, 

1800.] 70 pamphlets in I v. [6th Congress, 
ist Session. House.] 8. 260.6 

Adjutant General. [Miscellaneous general reg- 

ulations. By authority of the War Depart- 
ment. Washington. 1825-1829.] 12. 262.9 

Partly in MS., partly printed circulars. 

Census. Fifth census ; or, enumeration of the 

inhabitants of the United States. 1830. Wash- 
ington. 1832. L. f. No. i in 293.6 

Same. As corrected at the Department of 

State. No. 2 in 293.6 

Constitutional convention, 1787. Journals, acts 

and proceedings, of the convention, assembled 
at Philadelphia, Monday, May 14, and dis- 
solved Monday, September 17, 1787, which 
formed the Constitution of the United States. 
Boston. 1819. 8. 141.10 

Two copies, one of which contains the book-plate of J. Q. 

Navy Department. Register of the commis- 

sioned and warrant officers of the navy of the 
United States ; including officers of the marine 
corps, &c., &c. 1821, 22, 1827-30. Washing- 
ton. 1821-30. 8 v. 12, etc. 273.10 

There are two copies for the years 1827, 1828 and 1829. The 
issue for 1830 contains on the title-page: John Quincy Adams 
from his m. ob*. servt. R. B. Maury. 



United States. (Continued.) 

Postmaster < ieneral. Table of the post offices 

in the United States, arranged by states and* 
counties; as they were October i, 1830; with a 
Supplement, stating the offices established 
between the ist [sic] October, 1830, and the 
first of April, 1831. Washington. 1831. 234.10 

Quarter Master General. Message from the 

President of the United States accompanying 
a statement of expenditures from the ist of 
January, 1797, by the Quarter Master General, 
and the navy agents, for the contingencies of 
the naval and military establishments, and the 
navy contracts for timber and stores . . . 
Washington City. 1803. 3 v. 102.5 

Vols. 2 and 3 are entitled, Documents accompanying a 
message . . . 

State Department. Letters from the Secretary 

of State to Mr. Monroe, on the subject of im- 
pressments, colonial trade, &c. Also, extracts 
from, and enclosures in, the letters of Mr. Mon- 
roe, to the Secretary of State, prior to the joint 
mission of him and Mr. Pinkney. Accompany- 
ing the message of the President of the United 
States, of 22d March, 1808. Washington City. 
1808. 8. No. 6 in 251.10 
A register of officers and agents, civil, mili- 
tary, and naval, in the service of the United 
States. With the name, force, and condition of 
all the ships and vessels belonging to the United 
States, and when and where built. 1817, 19, 
23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 37, 39, 43, 45. Washing- 
ton. 1818-45. 12 v. 8. 284.1 

There are two copies for the years 1823, 25, 27, 29. The vol- 
ume for 1825 is interleaved and contains large additions 
apparently in the handwriting of J. Q. Adams when in advanced 
years. One of the copies for 1825, and both copies for 1827 
are stamped on the front cover "J. Q. Adams, President of the 
United States." 



United States. State Department. (Continued.) 

Report upon weights and measures, by John 

Quincy Adams, Secretary of State . . . Wash- 
ington. 1821. Tables. 8. 162.4 

Prepared in obedience to a resolution of the Senate of the 
third March, 1817. On fly-leaf is inscribed: From John Quin- 
cy Adams to his father. 

Treasury Department. Circular to consuls 

[Washington. 1827.] 8. 103.3 

Contains Directions for putting up and transmitting seeds 
and plants. 

A digest of the existing commercial regula- 
tions of foreign countries, with which the 
United States have intercourse. Washington. 
1833, 36. 3 v. 8. 172.5 

Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, 

accompanying the copy of a letter from the 
Commissioners [of the Federal Buildings] of 
the City of Washington, in the District of Co- 
lumbia, and sundry statements . . . exhibiting 
a view of the receipts and expenditures of all 
monies entrusted to them; . . . Philadelphia. 
1798. F. 102.7 

- Report of the Secretary of the Treasury, on 
the subject of public roads and canals. April 
12,1808. Washington. 1808. 8. No. 5 in 251.10 

War Department. Official army register for 

1828. Washington. 1828. 8. 284.3 

United States Military Academy, West Point. An 
expose of facts, concerning recent transactions, 
relating to the corps of cadets of the United 
States' Military Academy, at West-Point, New 
York. Newburgh. 1819. 8. No. 2 in 172.9 

Register of the officers and cadets. 1819-25. 

[Poughkeepsie, etc.] 1821-25. 6 v. in I. 
16. 284.4 

The issue for 1819 is entitled Catalogue of cadets . . . The 
issue for 1825 has a list in manuscript, inserted at end, of 
cadets admitted in 1825. 



Universal Asylum and Columbian Magazine. Jan- 
uary, 1789, October, 1791, May, August, 1792. 
Philadelphia. 189-1792. 4 parts. 8. 

Nos. 4-7 in 131.16 

Unus e Societate Jesu. See Chastillon, N. 

Ursinus, Zacharias. Corpvs doctrinae Christianae 
ecclesiarum, a papatv Romano reformatorum. 
. . . Francofvrti. MDCCXXII. 16. 

Title-page and portrait missing. No. I in 281.5 

Doctrinae Christianae compendivm: seu, com- 
mentarii catechetici. . . . Ex officina Thomae 
Thomasii inclytse Academiae Cantebrigiensis 
typographi. 1585. 16. 264.7 

Page i is missing. The title-page is mutilated. 

V * * *, Mr. le. See Le Vacher de La Feutrie, A. 
F. T. 

Valin, Rene Josue. Nouveau commentaire sur 1'or- 
donnance de la marine, du mois d'aout 1681. 
Ou se trouve la conference des anciennes ordon- 
nances, des us & coutumes de la mer, tant dn 
royaume que des pays etrangers, & des nou- 
veaux reglemens concernans la navigation & 
le commerce maritime. La Rochelle. M.DCC.- 
LXVI. 2v. 4. 70.3 

Book-plates: J. Q. Adams; autograph (vol. 2): J. Q. Adams. 

Valmont de Bomare, Jacques Christophe. Diction- 
naire raisonne universel d'histoire naturelle. 
. . . Nouvelle edition, . . . augmentee. Paris. 
M.DCC.LXXV. 6 v. Plate. Vignette. 4. 90.2 

Vancouver, Charles. General view of the agri- 
culture in the County of Essex. London. 
M.DCC.XCV. Tables. Map. L. 8. 103.11 

Varenne, Jacques, Seigneur de Beost. Memoires 
du chevalier de Ravanne [pseud.], page de S. 
A. R. le due Regent, et mousquetaire. T. I, 
3, 4. Londres. M.DCC.LXXXI. 3 v. 
[Bibliotheque amusante.] 24. 175-9 



Varillas, Antoine. Reponse de Mr. Varillas a la 
critique de Mr. Burnet. Sur les deux premiers 
tomes de 1'Histoire des revolutions arrivees 
dans 1'Europe en matiere de religion. Paris. 
M.DC.LXXXVII. 12. No. i in 164.9 

Velly, Paul Frangois. Histoire de France, depuis 
1'etablissement de la monarchic jusqu'au regne 
de Louis XIV. Paris. M.DCC.LXVIL- 
M.DCC.LXXVIII. 26 v. 12. 194.1 

In this edition, Velly's part ends with tome 7; Claude Villaret's 
begins with tome 8, J. J. Garnier's with tome 17, p. 348. 
There are no illustrations. Tomes 3, 4, 17, 18 belong to a 
Nouvelle edition. 

Venner, Samuel. The British merchants assistant: 
or a complete view of the British customs: . . . 
together with, an abstract of all the laws, now 
in force, relating to the customs, to the 5 Geo. 
III. inclusive . . . Edinburgh. M.DCC.LXVI. 
F. 111.4 

Two copies. The first copy has autograph: John Adams, 

Vera Figueroa y Zufiiga, Juan Antonio de, Conde 
de la Roca. Le parfait ambassadeur. Com- 
pose en Espagnol par Antonio de Vera et de 
Cunniga. Nouvellement traduit en franc.ois. 
Leide. 1709. 2 v. in i. 16. 2 44-9 

Vergilio, Polydoro. De rerum inventoribus libri 
octo. . . . Nova editio. . . . Accesserunt 
C. Plinii, Alexandri Sardi, aliorumque de 
eadem materia collectanea, sequenti pagella 
consignata. Argentorati. M.DC.VI. 2 v. 
in i. 16. 244.18 

Autograph: J. Adams. 

Vernon, Thomas. Cases argued and adjudged in 
the High Court of Chancery. In the Savoy. 
trait. F. 62.14 

Title-page of vol. i mutilated. Autograph (vol. 2): John 
Adams, 1770. 



Verona illustrata. See Maffei, F. S. 

Vertot d'Aubeuf, Rene Aubert de, abbe. Ambas- 
sades de Messieurs de Noailles en Angleterre. 
[Edited by C. Villaret.] Leyde, et se trouve 
a Paris M.DCC.LXIII. 5 v. 12. 163.5 

The history of the Knights Hospitallers of St. 

John of Jerusalem, styled ... at present, 
the Knights of Malta. Translated from the 
French. Edinburgh. M.DCC.LVII. 5 v. 
12. 165.4 

Each volume has autograph: John Adams. 

The history of the revolution in Sweden. . . . 

Written originally in French, . . . and now 
done into English, by J. Mitchel. 4th edition. 
London. MDCCXVI. Sm. 8. No. I in 213.9 

Contains autographs: John Glover and Richard Glover, 1728. 

The revolutions of Portugal. . . . Done into 

English from the last French editon [by 
Gabriel Roussillon]. London. M.DCC.XXI. 
Plate. Sm. 8. 221.13; No. 2 in 213.9 

On the title-page of 221.13 is written: John Adams from his 
Brother Cranch. 

Verzameling van de Constitution der Vereenigde 
onafhanglijke Staaten van Amerika, benevens 
de Acte van Onafhanglijkheid, de Artijkelen 
van Confederatie, en de tractaaten tusschen 
Zijne Allerkristelijkste Majesteit en de Veree- 
nigde Amerikaansche Staaten . . . Dor- 
v. 8. 252.12 

Two copies. Vol. 2 of first copy has autograph of John 
Adams; the fly-leaf of vol. i is cut for autograph. 

Verzameling van stukken tot de dertien Vereenigde 
Staeten van Noord- Amerika betrekkelijk. Ley- 
den. MDCCLXXXI. 8. 251.17 

Two copies. 

Vicars, . AiQeaecov dvaataatg: or, a new way 

of deciding old controversies. By Basanistes 



Vicars, . (Continued.) 

[pseud.]. 3d edition, enlarged. London. 
1815. 8. 201.2 

This treatise on the Trinity is attributed in a manuscript note 
in a copy of the edition of 1805 [*4i63.i] to Robert Edward 

Vie de Jean-Bart. [Anon.] See Richer, A. 

Vie de Monsieur Turgot. [Anon.] See Condor- 
cet, M. J. A. N. de C, Marquis de. 

Vie privee de Louis XV. [Anon.] See Mouffle 
d'Angerville, . 

Villani, Giovanni. Croniche di Messer Giovanni 
Villani cittadino fiorentino, nelle quali si tratta 
dell' origine di Firenze, & di tutti e fatti & 
guerre state fatte da Fiorentini nella Italia. 
. . . [Edited by G. Fasolo. Colophon: Stam- 
pate in Vinetia per Bartholomeo Zanetti Cas- 
terzagense. M.D.XXXVIL] F. 53.5 

Villani, Matteo. Historia, il qvale continva 1'his- 
torie di Giovan Villani svo fratello. Et comin- 
cia dall' anno M CCC XLVIII. Con dve tauole. 
Venetia. M.D.LXII. 4. 172.13 

Villars, Due de, Memoires du. [Anon.] See Mar- 
gon, G. P. de La P. de. 

Viner, Charles. A general abridgment of law and 
equity alphabetically digested under proper 
titles. Aldershot in Hampshire. [1741-51.] 
23 v. F. 32.2 

Autograph of John Adams in each volume, except vol. 8, which 
has been mutilated for autograph. Vol. 23 is an index to the 
whole work. 

Virgilius Maro, Publius. Bvcolicorvm, eclogse X. 
Georgicorvm, libri IIII. ^Eneidos, libri XII. 
Et in ea, Mavri Servii . . . commentarii . . . 
avctiores. Accessit Fabij Planciadis Fulgentij 
liber de continentia Virgiliana, auction Item 
Junij Philargyrij commentariolus in Bucolica 



Virgilius Maro, Publius. (Continued.) 

& Georgica Virgilij. Colonise Allobrogvm. 
M.DC.X. 4. 160.6 

The first six books of Virgil's ^Eneid. Trans- 

lated into blank verse, by Alexander Strahan, 
Esq. London. MDCCLIII. 8. 212.9 

Book-plate: J. Q. Adams. 

Opera in tres tomos divisa, cum integris notis 

Servii [etc.] . . . commentariis Donati [etc.]. 
Quibus accedunt Observations Jacobi Em- 
menessii cum indice Erythraei. Lugd. Batavo- 
rum. MDCLXXX. 3 v. Plates. 8. 201.16 

Autographs (vol. i, 3) : J. Adams, London, Dec., 1783. 

Opera. Accedit Manilii Astronomicon, cum no- 

titia literaria, studiis Societatis Bipontinae. 
Editio accurate. Biponti. MDCCLXXXIII. 
2 v. Portraits. 8. 212.2 

The Notitia contains bibliographies of Virgil and Manilius. 

Les poesies de Virgile; avec des notes critiques & 

historiques. Nouvelle edition, revue, corrigee, 
& augmentee. Par le P. F. Catrou. Paris. 
MDCCXXIX. 4v. Illus. Map. 12. 143.6 

Contents. i. La vie de Virgile, par Tib. Claudius Donatus. 
Les Eglogues. 2. Les Georgiques. 3, 4. L'fineide. 
Contains Latin text, and French translation. 

Virginia. Convention, 1788. Debates and other 
proceedings of the Convention of Virginia, con- 
vened at Richmond, on Monday the second day 
of June, 1788, for the purpose of deliberating 
on the Constitution recommended by the grand 
Federal Convention. Prefixed, the Federal 
Constitution. Taken in short hand, by David 
Robertson. 2d edition. Richmond. 180^. 


o 251.15 

The title-page contains autograph: C. A. Rodney. Book- 
plate: J. Q. Adams. 

Virginian, A, pseud. See Letter from a Virginian. 

Visconti, Ennio Quirino. Description des antiques 

du Musee royal. Paris. 1817. 8. 181.23 



Voiture, Vincent de. Lettres et autres oeuvres. 
Nouvelle edition, . .' . augmentee de la suitte 
& de la conclusion de 1'Histoire d'Alcidalis et 
de Zelide [par le Sieur Des-Barres]. Tom. 2. 
Amsterdam. M.DCC.IX. 12. 164.11 

The top of the title-page is cut. Vol. I is missing. 

Volney, Constantin Francois Chasseboeuf, Comte 
de. Travels through Egypt and Syria, in the 
years 1783, 1784 & 1785. Translated from 
the French. ... In two volumes. Vol. II. 
New York. 1798. 8. 261.3 

Vol. I is missing. 

Voltaire, Frangois Marie Arouet de. La Bible enfin 
expliquee par plusieurs aumoniers de S. M. L. 
R. D. P. 3 e edition, augmentee. Tome I. 
Londres. MDCCLXXVII. 8. 290.3 

Contents. Genesis-Ruth. 

Un Chretien centre six Juifs. [Anon.] Lon- 

dres. MDCCLXXVII. 8. No. i in 231.11 

La defense de mon oncle. [Anon. N.p. 1765?] 

8. 231.6 

Lettres chinoises, indiennes et tartares. A Mon- 

sieur Paw, par un Benedictin [pseud.] Lon- 
dres. M.D.CC.LXXVI. 8. No. 2 in 231.11 

CEuvres. [Geneve. M.DCC.LXXV.] 37 v. 

Diagrams. Portraits. Plates. 8. 232.1 

Vols. i, 11-13, 20, 25-30, 33-37 are unbound. Several volumes 
are mutilated. Voltaire's Pieces detachees, on shelf-number 
232.2, are usually called the three last volumes of the CEuvres. 
Vol. 31 has autograph: John Adams. 

La philosophic de 1'histoire. Par feu 1'Abbe 

Bazin [pseud.]. Geneve. MDCCLXV. 8. 

No. i in 202.3 

There are a few notes in the margins, apparently in the 
writing of John Adams. 

Pieces detachees, attributes a divers hommes 

celebres. [Paris.] M.DCC.LXXV. 3 v. 
8. 232.2 

Usually called vol. 38-40 of Voltaire's CEuvres, Geneve, 
M.DCC.LXXV [232.1]. 



Voltaire, Frangois Marie Arouet de. (Continued.) 

Theatre. Tome i, 3-8. Neufchatel. M.DCC- 

LXXI, M.DCCLXXIII. 12. 165.2 

Traite sur la tolerance [a 1'occasion de la mort de 

Jean Galas. Geneve, aux depens de 1'auteur.] 
M.DCC.LXIII. 8. No. 2 in 202.3 

Vopiscus, Flavins. See Historiae Avgvstae scrip- 
tores VI. 

Vossius, Gerardus Johannes. De historicis Latinis 
libri III. Editio altera, priori emendatior & 
duplo auctior. Lugduni Batavorum. 1651. 
Vignette. Sm. 4. 212.4 

Voyage du jeune Anarcharsis en Grece. [Anon, j 
See Barthelemy, J. J. 

Voyage pittoresque de Paris . . . Par M. D * * *. 
See Dezallier d'Argenville, A. N. 

Vry, Frank de. De advocaet van Frank de Vry 
schryver der Orangeboomen. Voor de vier- 
schaar der rede. Pleidooi van andwoord. 
[Amsterdam? 1782?] 8. 150.8 

W., E. See Winslow, E. 

Wailly, Noel Frangois de. Principes generaux et 
particuliers de la langue frangaise, continues 
par des exemples . . . tires des bons auteurs. 
8e edition. Paris. MDCCLXXVII. 12. 


Autograph: John Adams. Book-plate: J. Q. Adams. 

Wainewright, Jeremiah. A mechanical account of 
the non-naturals: being a brief explication of 
the changes made in human bodies, by air, diet, 
&c., with an inquiry into the nature and use 
of baths upon the same principles. 2d edition. 
London. 1708. Sm. 8. 241.12 

Walpole, Horace, 4th Earl of Orford. A catalogue 
of the royal and noble authors of England, with 
lists of their works. 2d edition, corrected and 



Walpole, Horace, 4th Earl of Orford. (Continued.) 
enlarged. Vol. II. London. MDCCLIX. 
Plate. Sm. 8. . 225.12 

Vol. i is missing. 

Walsh, Robert, Jr. An appeal from the judgments 
of Great Britain respecting the United States of 
America. Part first, containing an historical 
outline of their merits and wrongs as colonies ; 
and strictures upon the calumnies of the British 
writers. Philadelphia. 1819. 8. 210.11 

Free remarks on the spirit of the Federal Consti- 
tution, the practice of the Federal Government, 
and the obligations of the Union, respecting 
the exclusion of slavery from the Territories 
and new States. By a Philadelphia. Phila- 
delphia. 1819. 8. 141.20 

A presentation copy to John Adams inscribed by the author. 

Warburton, William, Bishop of Gloucester. The 
doctrine of grace: or, the office and operations 
of the Holy Spirit vindicated ... 3d edition. 
London. MDCCLXIII. 12. 264.9 

Contains a "detur" book-plate of Harvard College on which is 
written: N: Rice by S. Locke, 1773. 

Ward, Artemas, LL.D. Speech, delivered in the 
House of Representatives of the United States, 
on the fifth day of March, 1814, on a bill making 
appropriations for the support of the military 
establishment of the United States for the year 
one thousand eight hundred and fourteen. 
Washington City. 1814. 8. No. 10 in 251.4 

Warden, David Bailie. Bibliotheca Americo-Sep- 
tentrionalis: being a choice collection of books 
. . . relating to ... North America. [Anon. 
Paris.] 1820. 16. No. 3 in 214.8 

The title is repeated in French. 

Wardle, G. L. A circumstantial report of the evi- 
dence and proceedings upon the charges pre- 
ferred against His Royal Highness the Duke 



Wardle, G. L. (Continued.) 

of York, in the capacity of Commander in 
Chief, in February and March, 1809. Albion 
Press edition. London. 1809. Portraits. 8. 


Ware, Henry, Jr. Two discourses containing the 
history of the Old North and New Brick 
Churches, united as the Second Church in Bos- 
ton, May 20, 1821. Boston. 1821. 8. 

No. 14 in 211.3 

Two letters to the Rev. Alexander M'Leod, con- 
taining remarks upon the texts from which he 
preached on April 30, and May 7. New York. 
1820. 8. No. 10 in 211.3 

On Unitarianism. 

Warner, Ferdinando. The history of the Rebellion 
and Civil-War in Ireland. London. M.DCC- 
LXVII. Map. 4. 53.7 

Authorities, pp. xxii, xxiii. Autograph: John Adams." 

Warren, John, M.D. A view of the mercurial prac- 
tice in febrile diseases. Boston. 1813. 8. 

A presentation copy to John Adams, inscribed by the author. 

Warren, Joseph. An oration delivered March 5th, 
1772. At the request of the inhabitants of the 
Town of Boston; to commemorate the bloody 
tragedy of the fifth of March, 1770. Boston. 
1772. 4. No. 2 in 170.9 

Above the half-title is the autograph: John Adams, Esq., 
from his humble Servant Joseph Warren." 

Warton, Thomas. The history of English poetry, 
from the close of the eleventh to the commence- 
ment of the eighteenth century. Prefixed two 
dissertations. I. On the origin of romantic 
fiction in Europe. II. On the introduction of 
learning into England. London. M.DCC.LXXV- 
M.DCC.LXXXI. 3 v. 4. 53.8 

Vol. i is of the 2d edition. 



Waterhouse, Benjamin, M.D. Cautions to young 
persons concerning health in a public lecture 
delivered at the close of the medical course in 
the Chapel at Cambridge, Nov. 20, 1804: con- 
taining the general doctrine of chronic diseases ; 
shewing the evil tendency of the use of tobacco 
upon young persons; more especially the per- 
nicious effects of smoking cigarrs ; with obser- 
vations on the use of ardent and vinous spirits 
in general. [Cambridge.] 1805. 8. 181.21 

A presentation copy to Mr. [John?] Adams, inscribed by the 

Dissertatio medica de sympathia partium cor- 

poris humani, ejusque, in explicandis et curandis 
morbis, necessaria consideratione. Lugduni 
Batavorum. MDCCLXXX. 4. No. 9 in 170.9 

An essay concerning Tussis convulsiva, or, 

whooping-cough. With observations on the 
diseases of children. Boston. 1822. 8. 151.10 

A presentation copy to the Adams Library, inscribed by the 

Watson, Richard, Bishop of Llandaff. Chemical 
essays. 3d edition. Vols. 1-4. London. 

Vol. 4 is of the 1st edition. Vol. 5 is missing. 2 735 

A collection of theological tracts. Cambridge. 

M.DCC.LXXXV. 6 v. 8. 181.1 

Watson, Robert. Histoire du regne de Philippe II, 
roi d'Espagne. Ouvrage traduit de 1'anglois. 
[Par le comte de Mirabeau et Jean Durival.] 
Amsterdam. M.DCC.LXXVIII. 4 v. Por- 
trait. 12. I75.I 
Autographs (in yols. 3, 4): John Adams, Paris, March 10, 
1780. A fly-leaf in vol. 2 has been torn for autograph. 

Watteville, Alexandre Louis de. Histoire de la 
confederation helvetique. fidition nouvelle, 
avec la continuation jusques en 1533. Berne. 
1757. 2 v. 16. 223.4 



Webber, Samuel, D.D. A narrative of the pro- 
ceedings of the corporation of Harvard College, 
relative to the late disorders in that seminary. 
Cambridge. 1807. 8. No. 5 in 211.3 

The upper corner of all the pages are mutilated. 

Webster, Daniel. A discourse, delivered at Ply- 
mouth, December 22, 1820, in commemoration 
of the first settlement of New-England. Bos- 
ton. 1821. 8. 252.21 

Webster, Noah. A brief history of epidemic and 
pestilential diseases; with the principal phe- 
nomena of the physical world, which precede 
and accompany them, and observations deduced 
from the facts stated. Hartford. 1799. 2 v. 
8. 181.26 

A collection of essays and fugitiv writings. 
Boston. I. Thomas and E. T. Andrews. M- 
DCCXC. 16. 233.8 

Weekly register. See Miles' Weekly register. 

Wellesley, Richard Colley, Marquess of Wellesley. 
Primitise et reliquiae. [Anon.] Londini. 
MDCCCXL. 8. 131.11 

Contains original Latin verses and several English transla- 
tions from Greek and Latin poets. 

Welwood, James, M.D. Memors of the most 
material transactions in England, for the last 
hundred years, preceeding [sic] the Revolution 
in 1688. A new edition, corrected. Glasgow. 
M DCC XLIV. 12. 214.6 

Autograph: John Adams. Book-plate: John Quincy Adams. 

Wentworth, Thomas. The office and duty of ex- 
ecutors. . . . London. 1668. 16. 245.9 

Autographs: John Adams and Sam 1 Quincy, 1760. 

West, Gilbert. Observations on the history and evi- 
dence of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. (In 
Watson, Richard. A collection of theological 
tracts. Vol. 5, pp. 289-443. London. M.- 
DCC.LXXXV.) 181.1.5 



West, Samuel, D.D. A sermon, preached before 
His Excellency James Bowdoin, Governour: 
... of Massachusetts, May 31, 1786: being the 
day of general election. Boston. [1786.] 8. 

No. 4 in 170.9 

Autograph: Richard Cranch. The title-page and pp. 5, 6 are 
missing from this copy. 

Whately, Thomas. Observations on modern gar- 
dening. 4th edition. [Anon.] London. 
MDCCLXXVII. 8. 290.9 

There are a few manuscript notes in the autograph, probably 
of John Adams. The top of the title-page is cut off. Arch- 
bishop Whately states that his uncle, J. Whately, was the 
earliest writer on landscape gardening. 

Wheare, Degory. Relectiones hyemales de ratione 
& methodo legendi utrasque historias, civiles 
& ecclesiasticas . . . Accessit Gabrielis Nau- 
daei Bibliographia politica. Praemittitur Justi 
Lipsii epistola . . . Adjectus est index. Can- 
tabrigiae. M. DC. LXXXIV. 16. 243.6 

The title-page contains an autograph of John Adams. 

White, Daniel Appleton. A view of the jurisdic- 
tion and proceedings of the Courts of Probate 
in Massachusetts, with particular reference to 
the County of Essex. Salem. 1822. 8. 171.4 

This copy is a presentation copy to John Adams from the 

White, William, D.D., Bishop of Pennsylvania. 
Lectures on the catechism of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church. With supplementary lec- 
tures; one on the ministry; the other on the 
publick service. Philadelphia. 1813. 8. 191.2 

Whitney, Peter. The history of the County of 
Worcester, Massachusetts. Prefixed a map. 
Worcester. I. Thomas. MDCCXCIII. 8. 


Wicquefort, Abraham van. L'histoire des Pro- 
vinces-Unies, des Pais-Bas. Depuis le parfait 
etablissement de cet etat, par la Paix de Mun- 



Wicquefort, Abraham van. (Continued.) 

ster. A la Haye. M DCC XIX, M.DCC- 
XLV. 3 v. F. 61.3 

Contents. i, 2. 1648-1651. 3. 1651-1658. 

Willard, Samuel. A compleat body of divinity in 
two hundred and fifty expository lectures on 
the Assembly's Shorter Catechism. Boston. 
MDCCXXVI. F. 112.4 

Preface by Joseph Sewall and Thomas Prince. Contains the 
book-plate of J. Q. Adams. 

Wilmer, James Jones. Consolation: being a repli- 
cation to Thomas Paine, and others, on theolo- 
gies. Philadelphia. 1794. 8. No. 9 in 211.4 

Pages 49-80 contain compendiums of the doctrines of the 
Roman Catholic and Protestant churches. 

Wilson, Arthur. The life and reign of James, 
the first king of Great Britain. Portrait. (In 
Hughes, John, compiler. A complete history of 
England. Vol. 2, pp. 661-792. London. 1706.) 

Two copies, both of which lack the portrait. 61.7.2 

Wing, John. The saints advantage: or the well- 
fare of the faithfvll in the worst times. A 
sermon, preached at the Hage the 18. of May, 
before . . . Elizabeth . . . queene of Bo- 
hemia, countesse Palatine of the Rhene . . . 
and onely daughter to ... King lames. Lon- 
don. 1624. Sm. 4. No. 3 in 252.25 

Wingate, Edmund. [Mr. Wingate's arithmetick; 
containing a plain and familiar method for at- 
taining the knowledge and practice of common 
arithmetick. 9th edition, enlarged. After- 
wards enlarged and improved by John Kersey. 
London. 1694.] 8. 245.15 

Autographs: John Adams, Brian Hunt. The title-page and 
last six pages are missing. 

Winslow, Edward. Good nevves from New Eng- 
land : or a true relation of things very remark- 
able at the plantation of Plimouth in New-Eng- 
land . . . Written by E. W. who hath borne 



Winslow, Edward. (Continued.) 

a part in the fore-named troubles . . . Lon- 
don. 1624. Sm. 4. No. i in 252.25 

Contains manuscript notes. Page 67 is numbered 59. 

Winterton, Ralph. Poetse minores Grseci. . . . Ac- 
cedunt etiam Observationes Radulphi Winter- 
toni in Hesiodvm. Cantabrigiae. M DCC. 16. 

Autograph: John Adams. 1 3 4-* 9 

Winthrop, John, Governor. A journal of the 
transactions and occurrences in the settlement 
of Massachusetts and other New-England 
colonies, from the year 1630 to 1644. Hartford. 
M,DCC,XC. 8. 253.4 

Autograph: John Adams. 

Winthrop, John, LL.D. A lecture on earthquakes ; 
read in the chapel of Harvard-College, N. E. 
November 26th 1755. On occasion of the great 
earthquake which shook New-England the 
week before. Boston. 1755. Sm. 4. 

No. i in 170.9 

Contains marginal comments apparently written by John 

Wirt, William. Sketches of the life and character 
of Patrick Henry. Philadelphia. 1817. Por- 
trait. 8. 252.5 

On the dedication page is written: John Adams from The 

Witherspoon, John, D.D. Works. Prefixed an 
account of the author's life, ... by John 
Rodgers. Philadelphia. 1800. 3 v. 8. 280.14 

Wits, Herman, ^gyptiaca, et AexacpuXov. Sive, 
de ^Egyptiacorum sacrorum cum Hebraicis col- 
latione libri tres. Et de decem tribubus Israelis 
liber singularis. Accessit Diatribe de Legione 
Marco Aurelio Antonino. Editio secunda. 
fulminatrice Christianorum, sub Imperatore 
Amstelodami. M.DC.XCVI. Engraved title- 
page. Sm. 4. 152.11 

Title-page cut for autograph. 


Witt, Jan de. Grand Pensionary of Holland. Let- 
tres et negociations entre Mr. Jean de Witt, 
. . . et Messieurs les plenipotentiaires des 
Provinces-Unies des Pais-Bas, aux cours de 
France, d'Angleterre, . . . 1652-1669. Tra- 
duites du hollandois. Amsterdam. M.DCC- 
XXV. 4 v. 12. 215.2 

Two sets. 

The true interest and political maxims of the 

republick of Holland and West-Friesland. 
Written by John de Witt, and other great men 
in Holland. London. MDCCIT. Portrait. 
8. 223.1 

Contains autograph of G. Markham, 1701; John Cranch, 1787; 
by the latter this book was presented to John Adams. 
See also Netherlands: Staten-Generaal. 

Wolcott, Oliver. An address to the people of the 
United States, on the subject of the report of 
a committee of the House of Representatives, 
appointed to "examine and report, whether 
monies drawn from the Treasury, have been 
faithfully applied." Boston. 1802. 8. 

No. 4 in 251.10 

Wolff, Christian, Reichsfreiherr von. Cours de 
mathematique, contenant toutes les parties de 
cette science. . . . Traduit en Francois, & 
augmente. Nouvelle edition. Paris. M.- 
DCC.LVII. 3v. Plates. 8. 260.13 

This edition was edited by Charles Antoine Jombert. 

Elementa matheseos universae. Editio nova auc- 

tior ... Genevse. MDCCXXXII-MDCC- 
XXXVIII. 4 v. Portrait. Plates. 4. 


Institutions du droit de la nature et des gens, 

dans lesquelles, par une chaine continue, on 
deduit de la nature meme de rhomme, toutes 
ses obligations & tons ses droits. Traduites 
du Latin . . . par Mr. M * * *, avec des notes, 



Wolff, Christian, Reichsfreiherr von. (Continued.) 
. . . par filie Luzac. Tome i. Leyde. 
MDCCLXXII. Vignette. 4. 93.5 

Book-plate: J. Q. Adams. 

Wood, John. The history of the administration of 
John Adams, esq. late President of the United 
States New-York. 1802. 8. 140.12 

Woodward, Augustus B. Considerations on the 
executive government of the United States of 
America. Flatbush. 1809. 8. No. 12 in 251.4 

Worcester, Joseph Emerson. Remarks on lon- 
gevity and the expectation of life in the United 
States, relating more particularly to the State 
of New Hampshire. (Cut from American 
Academy of Arts and Sciences. Memoirs. 
New series. Vol. i, pp. 1-44. Cambridge. 
1833.) No. 7 in 170.9 

Worcester, Noah, D.D., editor. The friend of 
peace. By Philo Pacificus [pseud.]. No. VI- 
Vol. II. Cambrdge. November, 1819. 8. 

With the original blue paper cover. No. 3 in 251.4 

Workman, Benjamin. Gauging epitomized. Or, 
a short treatise of gauging. Philadelphia. 
M.DCC.LXXX.VIII. 8. 280.2 

World displayed, The; or, a curious collection of 
voyages and travels, selected and compiled . . . 
by Smart, Goldsmith, & Johnson. 1st Ameri- 
can edition, enlarged. Philadelphia. 1795, 96. 
8v. Plates. Portraits. 8. 250.7 

Wotton, Anthony. De reconciliatione peccatoris, 
. . . libri qvatuor. In quibus doctrina Eccle- 
siae Anglicanse de justificatione impij expli- 
catur defenditur . . . Basileae. M DC XX- 
IV. Sm. 4.^ 290.5 

Xenophon. Tot 8-uQiaxojieva. Qvae exstant opera, 
in dvos tomos divisa. Graece multo quam 



Xenophon. (Continued.) 

ante castigatius edita . . . opera loannis Levn- 
clavii Amelbvrni. [With a dedicatory epistle 
by F. Sylburgius.] Francofvrti. M D XCVL 
MDXCIIII. 2 v. in I. F. 21.4 

Greek and Latin in parallel columns. 

L'expedition de Cyrus dans 1'Asie superieure, 

et la retraite des dix mille. Ouvrage traduit. 
avec des notes par M. Larcher. Paris. M.- 
DCC.LXXVIIL 2v. 16. 134.14 

Autograph: John Adams. 

[K/UQcnj uraifteuxg pipMa TJ. De Cyri Institutione 

libri octo. Edited by H. Savile. Etonae. 
1613.] Sm. 8. 132.15 

The title-page is missing. Pages 225-228 are omitted, but the 
text is complete. Fly-leaf torn for autograph. 

KVQO'U Jtai8eiag fhpAia OXTCO. De Cyri institutione 

libri octo. Graeco recognovit, cum codice MS. 
Oxoniensi & omnibus fere libris editis contulit, 
plurimis in locis emendavit, . . . Notas H. 
Stephani, Leunclavii, . . . adjunxit Thomas 
Hutchinson. Londini. M.DCC.XXX. Map. 
8. 132.2 

Autographs: John Adams, and Charles Adams, 1785. 

Aoyog eig 'AyTjaiAaov, 'leQCOv, r\ TUQawixoc;, Aaxe- 

8ai(xovicov jioAiTsia, ' Ar)vaicov JtoA-itsia, xal JIopoi, 
I] Jiepi ^Qoa68cov. Grsece & Latine. Recensuit 
Bolton Simpson. Oxonii. MDCCLIV. Plate. 
Vignette. 8. 201.11 

Y., D., translator. See Translations from the 

Young, Robert. An essay on the powers and me- 
chanism of nature; intended, by a deeper analy- 
sis of physical principles, to extend, improve, 
and more firmly establish, the grand super- 
structure of the Newtonian system. London. 
M DCC LXXXVIII. Diagrams. 8. 161.19 



Young, Sir William, 2d Baronet. The history of 
Athens politically and philosophically con- 
sidered, with the view to an investigation of the 
immediate causes of elevation, and of decline, 
operative in a free and commercial state. Lon- 
don. M.DCC.LXXXVI. 4. 12.5 

Contains the book-plates of John and J. Q. Adams. 

Zabarella, Giacomo, Count, the Elder. De rebvs 
natvralibvs libri XXX. Quibus qusestiones, 
quae ab Aristotelis interpretibus hodie tractari 
solent, accurate discutiuntur. Editio postrema. 
[Francofurti. M.D.XCVIL] 4. 220.4 

The title-page is badly mutilated. 

Zanotti, Giovanni Pietro Cavazzoni. Le pitture di 
Bologna. 3a edizione con nuova, e copiosa 
aggiunta. Bologna. MDCCXXXII. 24. 


Zarate, Agustin de. Histoire de la decouverte et de 
la conquete du Perou, traduite de 1'espagnol, 
par S. D. C. [De Broe, Seigneur de Citri de la 
Guette]. Paris. M. DCC. LXXIV. 2 v. 
Plates. Map. 16. 243.8 

Zeno, Pietro Caterino. Marci Antonii Coccii Sa- 
bellici vita. Portrait. (In Istorici delle cosa 
veneziane. Tomo I, pp. xxix-lxvii. Venezia. 
MDCCXVIII.) 50.1.1 

Vita del senatore Michele Foscarini. (In Same. 

Tomo 10, pp. iii-viii. Venezia. MDCCXX- 
II.) 50.1.10 

Vita di Battista Nani. Portrait. (In Same. 

Tomo 8, pp. i-xxvii. Venezia. MDCCXX.) 


Vita di Paolo Paruta. Portrait. (In Same. 

Tomo 3, pp. i-xxxvii. Venezia. MDCC- 
XVIII.) 50.1.3 
Zosimus. Zosimi Com. Historiarum libri VI, Pro- 
copius [sic] De bell. Justiniani libri totidem, 



Zosimus. (Continued.) 

Agathiae Historiarum libri V. Jornandis Ep. 
De regn. succ. et reb. Geticis &c. libri duo. 
Leonardi Aretini De bello Italico advers. Go- 
thos libri quatuor. Accurante Joa. Leunclavio. 
Aureliae Allobr. MDCV. Recensuit . . . 
D.D. [sic] 1736. F. 22.1 

The title-page is missing and is supplied in manuscript. 

Zouche, Richard. Elementa jurisprudentiae defini- 
tionibus, regulis & sententiis juris civilis, illus- 
trata; accesserunt descriptiones juris & judicii, 
sacri, militaris, et maritimi. Amstelodami. 
[1681?] 24. 245.13 

Contains the dedicatory epistle of the Elzevir edition, dated 

The jurisdiction of the admiralty of England 
asserted. London. 1686. F. No. 6 in 52.4 

Zweerts, Philips. Semiramis, of de dood van Ninus. 
Treurspel. Den tweeden druk. [Anon.] 
Amsteldam. 1745. 16. No. 4^1224.2 

The Public Library of the City of Boston: Printing Department. 



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