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Full text of "Catalogue of the library of the late Porter C. Bliss ... including his very rare collection of Spanish Americana and Mexicana gathered by him while holding United States diplomatic positions in Mexico, Paraguay, and elsewhere in Central and South America"

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gibliotlt^rit Itt^sic^na 

of tfie late 

^oxUv ®. itt66, 

uu Id ell as ttje 

^Ii0Ci^It<tw^ow6 gilrmri^ 

of tfiat 

€x^hm, Scholar miii Biplomat 


<?J50. A. LEA VITT tC CO., 


787 i£ 780 Broadway, N. 1., 
July, 1885. 



Lots I to 325 

Lots 325 to 600 

- Lots 601 to 925 

Lot 926 to the End 





1. The highest Bidder to be the Buyer; and, if any dispute 
arise, between two or more Bidders, the Lot so in dispute shall 
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ture, Works of Art, or any other article, is not to be set aside 
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as they are without recourse. All books are presumed to be 
perfect unless otherwise expressed, and are collated as far as 
practicable when catalogued ; but the sale of any book or books 
cannot be invalidated on account of any stained, foxed, torn, 
mended, facsimile, written on, stamped, or short leaves of text, 
plates, maps or diagrams, or want of title, frontispiece, table of 
contents, index, or list of plates, or on account of the publica- 
tion of any subsequent volume, supplement, appendix or plates. 
All manuscripts and autographs, all magazines and reviews, all 
books in lots, and all pamphlets in lots or voluiies, all single 
volumes or sets, will be sold with all their faults, imperfections 
and errors of description. The sale of any illuslrated book, lot 
of ])rints or drawings, is not to be set aside on account of any 
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LIB Tl^^^ lEl -^- 


I'ri'siilciit of tlie American Philological Society, Literary KcJitor of the AVrc i'oiJr l!c>a!J, 
Kditor of Johnson's "American Encyclopa;Ui:i," etc., etc., etc. 












MONDAY AND TUESDAY, JULY j/tli and 28tli, 1885, 

at 2.30 and 7.30 P. M., Each Day, 



Book Sale Rooms, 

787 ANU 789 BROADWAY, 



3Sroi:"bli - "West Coarixear of East Tentli Stareet;. 



NEW YORK, 1885. 

Orders to Purchase Esecuted FREE OF CHARGE by the Auctioneers. 
The Books will be on Exhibition THREE DAYS before the Sale. 


The following account of the life of the late Porter C. Bliss, 
who died on the morning of Monday, February 2nd, 1885, 
appeared in the columns of the Nac York Times shortly before 
his death under the caption of — "A Remarkable Career — Inci- 
dents in the Life of an American Journalist — Varied Adventures 
— Tortured in South America — A Man of Many Tongues and 
Accomplishments " : — 

"Porter Cornelius Bliss, A. M., who is now lying on a cot in St. Luke's 
Hospital, under treatment for aneurism, has had a more eventful and interest- 
ing career than that of almost any other American journalist, and some portions 
of his history read more like chapters from a romance than the record of adven- 
tures in real life. Mr. Hiiss is but 46 years old, having been born on the Cat- 
taraugus Reservation of Seneca Indians, in Erie County, this State, Dec. 23, 
1S38. He studied at Hamilton and Yale, and in 1S60 began his travels by a 
tour through Maine, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, undertaken in the 
service of several Boston societies, to investigate the condition of the Indian 
tribes, a subject in which he had taken a deep interest from boyhood. After 
fulfilling this commission, in 1861, he went to Washington, hoping to secure a 
position in the Interior Department, which would give him the opportunity to 
continue his studies of the Indians beyond the Mississippi ; but, although he 
went to President Lincoln armed with recommendations from such men as 
Longfellow, Oliver Wendell Holmes and the historian Bancroft, he only suc- 
ceeded in securing a clerkship in the department, a position of which his ener- 
getic nature soon wearied, and, when General James Watson Webb was made 
Minister to Brazil, in the latter part of 1861, Mr. Bliss was appointed his pri- 
vate secretary. In 1S62, when General Webb surrendered his ofTice, Mr. Bliss, 
instead of returning with him, made a trip to Buenos Ayres, and three days 
after arriving there he was commissioned by the Argentine Republic to explore 
the Indian country known as the Grand Chaco. an immense desert inhabited by 
Indian tribes He spent eight months in this service, and during that lime 
acquainted himself with various Indian dialects, and studied the antiquities of 
the country and the habits of the natives. The results of his exploratior.s were 
published by the Government, and are standard authorities on the Indian tribes 
of the Grand Chaco. 

" For a short time after this Mr. Bliss edited a monthly periodical in Buenos 
Ayres, which was called the River Platte Magazine. Then he went to Para- 
guay, where his friend Charles A. Washburne was serving as United States 
Minister. Mr. Washburne made him his private secretary in i366, and he was 
appointed by I'resident Lopez to write a history of Paraguay. While tliis work 
was in progress, Lopez declared war against Brazil, Uruguay and the Argentine 
Republic, and from this event the trouble of the young historian began. 
Knowing that he had come from P.razil, the Paraguay detectives suspected him 
of hostility to l.o;,ez, and his footsteps were dogged for weeks and months. 
Finally the archives of the Government were closed to him, and he was informed 
that his contract was at an end, and that he would not be paid for his work. 
Minister Washburne in the meantime had offered his mediation between Lopez 
and the enemy, and secured a treaty with the understandmg that if Lopez would 
leave the o i:itry his life should be spared. This Lopez declined to do, and 
the enemy boaib.irded the city. Mr. Washburne had resigned his position as 
Minister, and a boat was prepared to take him away. Mr. Bliss started for this 

boat, but was captured by the police of Lopez, with a Mr. Masterson, and 
thrown into a duiijjL'on until nigiit, when bolh were strapped to the backs of 
mules anil carried to tiie army headtiuarters, a day's journey. Here they were 
scourjjed and tortured by want of food and persecuted in every conceivable way 
to force them to confess that they had conspired aj^ainst Lope/ and his (lovern- 
menl. Mr. Uliss's head was tied to his feet for hours at a time, and as an even 
more cruel form of torture he was laid on his face and a terrible pressure was pul 
on the sjuall of his back. He had been arrested on Septembi.T lo. iS6S, and it 
was December lo, a period of three months, before he w.n tiually relieved from 
imprisoiment and perseciition, on the demand of the United States Govern- 
ment, enforced by an American squadron 

" When .Mr. Hliss reached VVashinjjton , after his roujjh e.'cperience in Para- 
guay, he was made translator to the State Department, a position which his 
extensive knowledije of languages qualilied him excellently lo fill. He had 
learned Spanish in three weeks, and he had a retnarkable talent for acijuiring 
languages and dialects. .\t his request the Committee on Foreign Affairs of 
the House investigated the cliarges made against him in Paraguay by the Lopez 
(ioverainent and d-'clared them unfounded. After serving a few months as 
translator, he took editorial charge of the Washington Chronicle, in the Winter 
of iS&(), auvl held tiits position until July, 1870, when President Grant appointed 
him Secretary of Legation to Mexico. In this capacity he serveil until July, 
1874— two ye.irs imder Minister TiiotTias H. Nelson, of Indiana, and ;\vj 
under the Hon. John W. Foster, now Minister to Spain. Here, while attend- 
ing to his clerical work as Secretary, he found time to stikly and write on the 
history, geography and condition of Mexico and on American enterprises in 
that rcjiubiic. He served as interpreter between (ienerals Rosecrans and 
Palmer, the first promoters of an .Vmerican railroad in Mexico, and the (jov- 
ernment of the cotmtry, pnd did a great deal of clerical work for England, 
France and Spain, who had no representatives in Mexico at the time. For 
three months at the close of 1872 he served as acting Minister or Charge 
d'.Vffaires in the absence of the .Minister. He became an active member of the 
Mexican Geographical anl Statistical Society, and was Chairman of the Com- 
mittee on .\rch.eological Explorations, in which capacity he visited and excav- 
ated the sites of the most remarkable ruins in the Valley of Mexico, reports on 
whicli were publislied in the bulletins of the -Society. In the midst of all these 
arduous duties he still found time to do something for humanity's sake. He 
succeeded in saving from execution three prominent officers of the insurrection- 
ary forces headed by CJeneral, now President, Diaz, in the revolution of 1S72. 
These officers had been captured, tried by a drum-head court-martial, and con- 
demned to death within forty-eight hours at the City of Puebla. One of them, 
a Colonel Meyer, was an .\rgentine by birth, and had rendered distinguished 
services to the Union Army during our own civil war, and the State Depart- 
ment on this account had once before interceded for him and secured his release 
from imprisonment. Mr. Pliss, after spending an entire day fruitlessly in the 
attempt to interest the Cabinet officers in the fate of the condemned men, 
finally at eleven o'clock at night, when they were to be shot at daybreak, 
almost forced his way into the presence of President Juarez, and succeeded 
in getting t'.ie cxecutioti suspended by a telegraphic order. Presidcr.t fuarez 
died himself within two weeks of that time, and the officers were released. For 
this service Mr. Bliss received the personal thanks of General Diaz. 

" In the Summer of 1S74 Mr. Bliss came to this city and became one of the 
o.'fice editors of Johnson's Kncyclop.vdia, taking charge of the biographical 
department and contributing largely to several of the others. Over 1,500 of 
the biographies in this work were written by him, and the larger and more 
important ones bear his signature. He also contributed articles on Sanskrit 
and Portuguese literature, and on many other subjects requiring special prepar- 
ation and learning. When the Encyclopedia was completed, in 1S77, Mr. 
Bliss undertook, as editor and part proprietor, the management of a literary 
periodical, which he called the Library Table, but the time was unfavorable for 
such a publication and the venture proved disastrous. In 1S78 he wrote for 
Hubbard Brothers, publishers, of Philadelphia, a histor)' of the Russo-Turkish 
war, which ended that year, entitled " 'I'he Conquest of Turkey," and later in 
the same year became one of the editors of the New York Herald, having 
charge at first of the biographical department, and writing many hundreds of 
biographies of living men of note for future use. He also wrote editorials and 
geographical, historical and statistical sketches, for which his great range of 
information especially fitted him. In 1S79 he again visited South .\merica for 
the Herald, going this time to the west coast as war correspondent at the 
beginning of the between Chili, Peru and Bolivia. He spent a great 
deal of time at Arica and Tacna, the headquarters of the Peruvian and Bolivian 
armies, and became a great favorite with Presidents Prado, of Peru, and Daza, 
of Bolivia. During this visit to South America he had several notable adven- 
tures, one of which was sustaining by himself a bombardment by the Peruvian 
monitor Huascar, while inside the hull of the abandoned man-of-war IVaferee, 
which had been carried inland nearly a mile by the great tidal wave of which 
accompanied the earthquake of iS6g. Mr. Bliss had walked out to the 
IVaieree to inspect her. Just as he was about to enter the hull he heard a 
loud report, and a shell whizzed by him. Turning toward tlie sea he saw that 
the Huascar was engaging in target practice and using the Wateree as the 
target. With the instinct of the correspondent he scrambled into the hull 
and remained there two hours, until the bombardinent ceased, accurately 
timing the shells and writing a report of his sensations. 

"Mr. Bliss returned to New York in 1879, and two years later went to 
Mexico on a gold-hunting expedition on his own responsibility and in behalf of 
some friends. During this trip he underwent great hardships in the rough 
mountainous regions of Southern Mexico, being on horseback for forty days in 
the height of the rair.v season, and suffering from exposure and lack of food. 
It was here that he sowed the seeds of the disease from which he is now suffer- 
ing, and from the edects of which he has twice before been confined in St. 
I .uke's Hospital. Since his return he has been unable to do any work except 
during a few months in 18R3, when he acted as editor of the Ntn' IfaTcii 
Morning Ne~ii<s. Mr. Bliss was I'resident of the American I'hilological Society, 
of this city, in 1871) and 18S0, and is a member of the .\merican Society for 
the .\dvancement of Science, of the .\merican -Antiquarian Society, of the 
American I'.thnological Society, and of the American Oriental Society. I'" or 
many years he has been a diligent and enthusiastic student of Oriental antiqui- 
ties, particularly r(-lative to .Assyria, Babylonia and Kgypt, and has more than 
on'": been on the point of undertaking an expedition to these rc;;ions, but was 
prevented by unforeseen circumstances." 



COS'l'A (C.;. Dcmanda I'ersoiialmcnte; also other 
Pamphlets, princi]xilly lei^al, printed in Zacatecas, 
1841-42. i2mo, half sheep. 

2 .l-'sop; Sai.lust; Plixy; Ovir)'s Metamorphoses;; 

and Latin \Vorks. Together 15 vols. 

3 ACOS'PA (Joseph). Historia Natural y Moral de las Indias. 

2 vols. 4to, half roan. Madrid, 1792 

" Justly esteemed for its intrinsic merit." — I'"n-:i.l'. 

4 .\nuM.\n.\ V ViT-T.-ALON. Sermones. 4to, half sheep. 

n. p., n. d. 

5 ALAMAN (Lucas). Liquidacion (".encral de la Dcuda 

Esterior de la Republica ?\!cxicana. Liiperial 8vo, roan. 

Mexico, I 845 
This author was a native of Guanajuato in Mexico, was born in 1702 
and died 1354. He occupied some of tlie highest offices in the Mexi" 
can Covcrnment. 

6 Ai.AMW. Disertaciones sobre la Historia de la Republica 

Mejicana. Portraits, maps and fac-similcs {some foxed). 

3 vols. Svo, sheep, gilt. Mexico, 1844-49 

Very scarce and out of print. Sold for £^ 2s. 6d. at I'utlick & 
Simpson's, 1869. 

7 Ai.AMAN. Historia de Mejico. I^'ortraits and plates {some 

foxed). 5 vols. 8vo, sheep, gilt. Mexico, 18.^9-52 

Alaman's History of Mexico is jDreceded b_\- a masterly review of tlie 
social condition of that countr}- during the Spanish domination. 

8 Ai.p.ERTi DE Vii.LF.XEUVE (Francois d'). Grand Dictionnaire 

Francois-Italien and Italiano-Francese. 2 vols. 4to, calf 
gilt. Bassano, 181 1 

9 Album DE Navidad. Svo, half sheep. Mexico, 1871 


10 Alcayde y Gil (M.). Oracion en la Santa Iglesia Cate- 

dral de Mexico. 4to, Spanish sheep, gilt edges. 

Mexico, 1812 

11 ALCEDO (Antonio de). Diccionario Geografico-Historico 

de las Indias Occidentales o America. 5 vols. 4to, sewed 
(slightly damaged). Madrid, 1786 

£1 los., Bibliothcca Mejicana, 1869. * 

12 ALCIATUS (A.). Emblemata. With numerous rude wood- 

cuts of emblems. i6mo, half sheep (MS. on title). 

Valentia, 1676 

13 ALDUS. — L. Apvleii Metamorphoseos, Venice^ Aldus, 152 1; 

also, LucAN, Venetiis apu'.l Alduin, -1502. Together 2 vols. 

14 ALKGACIONES en Favor del Clero Estado Eclesiastico, i 

Secular, Espanoles, e Indios del Obispado de la Pue- 
BLA de los Angeles. Folio, half sheep (mounted title). 
Dtdicated on title to Phillip III. of Spain. 

15 ALEGRE (F. J.). Historia de la Compania de Jesus en 

Nucva Espana. Portraits. 3 vols. 4to, roan (rubbed). 

^lexico, 1841-42 
£1 19s., Puttick & Simpson's, 1869. 

16 Aleman (M.). Guzman de Alfarache. 4 vols. 24mo, sheep. 

Paris, 1826 
Aleman travelled from Spain to Mexico where he published his 
" Ortografia Castcllana." 

17 Alcikr (W. E..}. Critical History of Doctrine of Future 

L,ife. Thick 8vo, cloth. Phila., 1864 

18 Ali Pacha's Life; Parliamentary Portraits; Snodgrass' 

Burmese War;\.xx's Greek Grammar; etc. To- 
gether 8 vols. Svo, boards. 

19 Alison's Europe; Belkxap's .\merican Biography; etc. To- 

gether 6 odd vols. 

20 Allen (Wm.). American Biographical and Historical Dic- 

tionary. Portrait 0/ ll\is/ii/igtc»i, a/id c/iart. 8vo, sheep. 

Cambridge, 1809 

21 Allen 'Col. Ethan). Narrative of Captivity of. i6mo, 

boards. Burlington, 1846 

22 Almonte (J. N.). Geografia Universal. Ma/>. 32mo, 

half slx'cii. Mexico, 1851 

23 Alonso (J. ]<'. . Spanish (Jrammar. i6mo, cloth. 

London, 1 867 


24 Ai.VAKKZ (Bernardino, como passo a las Iiidias). Whxo de 

la \'ida de. rortrait. 4to, half shct']) (no title). 

n. p., n. d. 

25 Ai.vARKZ (J. M.). Instituciones de Derecho Re;d de C!as- 

tilla y de Indias. 4 vols, sheep and half sheep. 

Mexico and (Guatemala, iSiS-26 

26 Ai.VARKZ and DuKAN. Itinerarios y Derrotercxs de la Re- 

l)uhlica Me.xicana. 4to, half sheep. Me.xico, 1S56 

27 .\ LZ.V'I'K (J. A.). Gacetasde l.iteratura de Mexico. 4 vols. 

J\)rtrait and plates. 4to, half roan (title Vol. 2 torn). 

Piiebla, 1.S31 

£^,, 7s., Puttick and .Simpson, i86(j. Alzate was a native of 
Oziimba near the City of Mexico. This lot is a reprint of a periodical 
work hij;hly esteemed for tlie curious articles and documents relative 
to literature, history and the sciences which appear ihc.ain. 

28 Amku) i)k I, a PATRiA--Obra Periodica. 4to, sheep. 

Mexico, 1812 

29 .'\NDRADE (Jacinto Freire de). Vida de I). Joao dh 

Castro, Quarto Vice-Rei da India. Forhaits and plates. 
32mo, sheep, IJsbon, 1786 

De Castro was the first navigator who described the Red Sea with 
exactitude and truth. 

30 Andrada e Silva (J. B. de). Poesias de " Anierico 

Elysio." Portrait. i6mo, cloth. Rio de Janeiro, 186 1 

31 Andrews' C.^isAu ; Cornelius Nepos ; etc. Together 

8 vols. i2mo, half roan. 

32 Annales del Foro Mexicano. Vols. I and 2111 i bundle. 

Mexico, 1S64-65 
II Anales del Foro Mexicano. Vol. i. 4to, half roan. 

Mexico, 1S64 

34 Anales del Ministerio de Fomento. Vol. i [two parts] 

in 2 vols. 8vo, half sheep. Mexico, 1854 

35 Anecdo TES of American Indians. Cuts. 24010, half roan. 

N. ^'., 1844 

36 Anglo-Saxon Gospels, edited by Thorpe ; and Swell's 

Anglo-Saxon Primer. Together 2 vols. Cloth. 

37 Angona (Eligio). El Filibustero and La Cruz y la I^spada. 

4 vols. i6mo. cloth. Paris, 1866 

tP^) Ano Nuevo dc 1837. i6mo, boards. Mexico, 1837 

39 Anson ^^George, Lord). Voyage Roinid the World. Maps. 

8vo. London, 1748 


40 ANTIQVITATES AMERICAN/E sive Scriptores Septen- 

trionales Rerum Ante Columbianarum in America : Edidit 
Societas Regia Anti([vari()runi Septentrionalium. Illumi- 
nated facsimiles, maps and plates. Royal 4to, half morocco, 
gilt. Hafnise, 1837 

" This great work represents many powerful arguments and a host 
of striking facts in favor of the supposition that America was discovered 
by the Northmen in the year gS6 and was repeatedly visited by them 
during the two succeeding centuries. The manuscripts from which 
the first two documents were printed appear to belong '.o the Xlllth 
and XlVth Centuries." — Bibliothcca Mejicana. 

41 ANTONIUS (Nicolaus, Hispalensi). Bibliotheca Hispana 

sive Hi.spanorvm. Engraved titles. 2 vols, folio, old calf. 
R.ARE. Rome, 1672 

42 Antoxius a Sancto Firming (Fr., Cartnelitce Excalceati 

ProznncicB Mexicancz). Homo Attritus. Folio, mottled 
sheep. Mexico, 1801 


Tragoedia. i6mo, half calf. Rare. Nuremberg, 1530 

44 Apes (Wm.), A Son of the Forest. Portrait [soiled). 

32mo, half roan. N. Y., 1S31 

With inserted autograph of Apes. 

45 Apes. Indian Nullification in ISIassachusetts. Front. 

{torn). i2mo, cloth. Boston, 1835 

" If all the statements of this author, who claimed to be a lineal 
descendant of the [.Marshpee] tribe which suffered such murderous 
slaughter at the hands of Captains Church and Underbill, are true, 
there is a long score of wrongs to be settled with the State of 

46 Apocrvphal New Testament. 8vo, half calf. 

I^ondon, Hone, 1821 

47 ARANDA NOVES (G.). Maria Santissimo. Cut. 

32mo, half sheep (title mounted). 

Mexico and Madrid, 1726 

48 Ariu'.r's English Reprints of Works by Lyly, Puttenham, 

Milton, Latimer, Gosson, Ascham, Addison, More, 
Vii.i.u.Rs, (iAscoiCNE and Earle. Together 6 vols. 
T6m(), cloth, red edges. London, 186S-69 

49 Archivo I)ia:REi()s v Circui.are del Gobierno del Estado 

dc ( )a.\a(;a. A collection of broadsides, etc., bound up 
in I v(;l. 4t(), boards. Oaxaca, 1867-O8 


50 ARCHIVO MEXICANO— Coleccion cle Leyes, Decretos. 

Circulares y Otras Dociimentos. 6 vols. 8v(), half purple 
slice]). Mexico, rS56-62 

/,()'Js, 6(1., I'uttick (i Simpson's, \My). An important collection 
for the historian and literary student. 

51 .Akchivo Mkxicano. Vols. I and 2 in i vol. 8vo, half 

red sheep. Mexico, 1852-53 

52 Ak(;uki, (J. C.}. Klementos dc la Ciencia de Hacienda. 

8vo, sheep. Londres, 1825 

53 ARri(;A (F. J.). Eloquencia I'^spanola. 32mo, half sheep. 

Barcelona, 1770 

54 Arostkoix (P. C, Archbishop). Opiisculum Theologicnm 

.Morale. 32ino. Madrid, n. d. 

55 Sermons and other Works in Oriental languages, 

Together 7 vols, 

56 Arm.stron'g (John). History of the Island of Minorca. 

Plates and map. 8vo, calf. London, 1756 

57 Arr.anooiz (F. de P. de). Apuntes para la Historia del 

Segiuido Imperio Mejicano. 4to, half morocco, top edge 
gilt, others uncut. Madrid, 1869 

58 Arrambide (P. I. de). Carta a la Religiosas Dominicas. 

Portrait. 321110, vellum. Mexico, 1758 

59 Arrancioiz (F. de). El Istmo de Tehuantepec. 4to, half 

roan. Mexico, 1852 

60 Arrianus, Amsterdam, 1668 ; Butler's Geographia 

Classica ; Kuhxer's Greek Grammar ; etc. Together 
1 1 vols. Half leather. 

61 Arrii.aga (B. J.). Recopilacion de Leyes, Decretos, etc., 

de los Supremos Poderes de los Estados UniJos 
Mexicanos. 4to, mottled sheep. Mexico, 1S35 

62 Arrillaga (B,). Examen Critico de la Memoria de 

Justicia. 8vo, half roan. Mexico, 1835 

6s., Ribliotheca Mejicana, 1S60. 
dl Arrillaga. Cartas dirigidas al Doctor D. J. M. L. Mora. 
4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1839 

64 Ashe (T.~). View of the Brasils. 8vo, boards. 

London, 1812 

65 AssAAD Yacoob Kayat's Arabic without Master; and 

Arabic Reading Lessons by Davis and Davidson. To- 
gether 2 vols. 


66 AsPLAND (R.). Unitarian Sermons — with which are bound 

up Funeral Sermons, etc., by other divines. 8vo, half 

67 Ateneo Mexicano (El). Vol. i and (part of) Vol. 2. 

Maps. Small folio, Mexico, 1844-45 

68 Atkinson (T. W.). Oriental and Western Siberia. Maps 

a7id numerous illustrations. 8vo, cloth. N. ¥., 1858 

69 Atlantic Monthly. 177 Parts. 8vo, sewed. 

Boston, 1857-75 

70 AvECiLLA (Don Pablo de). La Conquista del Peru novela 

historica original. Illustrated. Imperial 8vo. Paris, 1852 
With the above is bound up — " Cellar, Leyenda Americana por Don 
Alejandro Magarinos Cen-antes, etc." 

71 Aurora. Periodico Cientifico y Militar. Vol. i. 4to, half 

sheep. Mexico, 1835 

72 AYALA (L. F. de). Historia de la Perversa Vida y Hor- 

enda Moerte del Antechristo. 4to, half sheep. 

Madrid, 1649 

73 AYANQUE (S.). Lima por Dentro y Fuera. 32mo, sheep, 

wormed. Madrid, 1798 

74 Azcarate (M. M. de). Catecismo de Juicios Militares. 

4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1834 

75 A;^rr,cs. — Busciimann (J. C. E.). Uber die Aztekischen 

Ortsnamen — Erste Abtheilung. 4to, half calf. 

Berlin, 1853 

ALBONTIN (Manuel). Apuntes sobre un 
Sistema Militar. 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1867 

77 Balihnucci (A.). Vida de Venerable Padre, escrita por 

el Padkk J. M. Gallucci. 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1760 

78 Baldwin (Ebenezer). Annals of Yale College. 8vo, cloth. 

Newhaven, 1831 

79 liAi.MKs (I). J.). Logica. 321110. Paris, 1852 

80 BANCROFT (H. H.). Native Races of the Pacific States 

of North America. Vols, i to 4 inclusive. [Wild Tribes; 
Civilized Nations; Myths and Languages; Antiquities.] 
Maps aiid cuts. 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1875 


8i Bancrott. Native Races of Pacific States. Vol. 2. (Civ- 
ilized Nations.) 'I'hick 8vo, cloth. 

San Francisco, Author s Copy, 1875 

82 Barhf.-Marhois. Histoire de la Louisiane. Colored map. 

8vo, old half russia (foxed). Paris, 1829 

83 l^\RRi;i)A (I. G.). El Ayo de la Nobleza. 32mo, vellum. 

Salamanca ( i 762] 

84 Barry (John Stetson). History of Massachusetts, Colonial, 

Provincial and Commonwealth Periods. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1857, etc. 

85 IJARTOLACHE (J. I.). Manificsto Satisfactorio anunciado 

en la Gazeta de Mexico — Opusculo Guadulpano. Inserted 
front. Half sheep. Mexico, 1790 

86 Pasks V Leves Constitucionales de la Republica Mexicana. 

32mo, sheep. Mexico, 1837 

87 Bastiat ;F.). Armonias Economicas. 8vo, roan. 

Madrid, 185 8 

88 BAYLIES (Francis). Historical Memoir of Colony of New 

Plymouth. 2 vols. (Parts 1-4) royal 8vo, boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1830 

89 Baylies. The Same. Vol. i. 8vo, boards. Boston, 1866 

90 BECHER (A. B.). Landfall of Columbus on his First 

Voyage to America. Map. 8vo, cloth. London, 1856 
Rakk and curious. Only 200 copies printed. \Yith translation of 
the Baron Bonncfou.x's history of his previous life. 

91 Behmen (Jacob). Grounds of the Teutonick Philosophy. 

i2mo, sheep (some pp. stained and loose cover). 

London, 1770 

92 BELLIDO (Joseph S. J.). Vida de la V. M. R. M. Maria 

Anna Agueda de S. Ignacio, primera priora del Reli- 
giosissimo Convento de Dominicas Recolectas de Santa 
Rosa de la Puebla de los Angeles. Thick 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico, 175S 

^i 19s., Puttick & Simpson, 1S69. Two volumes bound in one, the 
latter being " Marabillas del Divino Amor, con el sello de Laverdad 
escritas por la V. M. R. M. Maria Anna Agueda de S. Ignacio." 

93 Belknap (Jeremy). History of New Hampshire, Vols, i and 

3, rt«r/ Belknap's American History, Vol. i. Together 3 
vols. 8vo, sheep. 

94 Bell (Major Evans). Retrospects and Prospects of Indian 

Policy. Royal 8vo, cloth. London, 1S68 


05 Bkllv (Felix). A Travers TAmerique Centrale — le Nica- 
ragua et le Canal Interoceanique. Map. 2 vols. 8vo, half 
calf. Paris, 1867 

96 Beltrami (J. E.). Mexico. 32mo, half sheep. 

Queretaro, 1853 

97 Benagassi V LuxAX (J. J.). Vida del Portentoso Negro 

San Benito de Palermo. Porij-ait. 4to, half calf. 

Madrid, 1750 
With the above is bound up— Calderon's " Tiernos Afectos de Amor, 
Tcmor, Ilumilidad y Confianza," with curious wood block of Mary 
Magdalen, printed at Mexico, 1784. 

98 Benedict (Erastus C). Hymn of Hildebert and other 

Mediaeval Hymns with Translations. Portrait. 8vo, half 
morocco. N. Y., 1867 

Large paper, 50 copies printed. Presentation copy with author's 
MS. inscription. 

99 Bengali Grammar, by Yates ; Raverty's English and 

Hindustani Technical Terms ; Bengali and English Dic- 
tionary ; English and Urdu Dictionary ; Hindustani 
Reader (2 copies). Together 6 vols. Cloth. 

100 [Bentham (Jeremy).] Not Paul but Jesus. 8vo, boards, 

uncut. London, John Lliint, 1823 

Written under nom-dc-plume of "Gamaliel Smith, Esq." Above 
is a presentation copy with author's MS. 

10 1 Bentham. Tactica de los Congresos Legislativos. Tomo 

Primero. 4to, half sheep. Guadalajara, 1823 

102 Bentham. Teoria de las Recompensas. 2 vols. 32mo, sheep. 

Paris, 1825 

103 BERISTAIN DE SOUZA (J. M.}. Biblioteca Hispano- 

Americana Septentrional. Vol. i. 4to, half sheep. 

Rare. Mexico, 181 6 

104 in':RMVD£Z i^K la TORRE v SOLIER (P. J.). Trivnfos 

del Santo Oficio I'ervano Relacion Panegyrica Historica y 
Politica. 4to, half sheep (wormed). Lima, 1737 

105 Berosi Sacerdotis Chaldaici Antiqvitatvm Libri qvinqve cum 

Commentariis Ioannis Annii Viterpensis, etc. 'Phick 

32mo. half roan. Antwerp, 1545 

Rake. With the above is bound up — " Epitome Topographica 

totivs ()rl)is, etc., cum Elencho aucto, per loachimum Vadianum," etc. 

Antwerp, 1535. 

I'JIE n/./SS IJ/iRARY. 13 

106 Br.RTRAN (K., liishop of Salattiaiud). Soleniiics Execiiiias 

en Translacion del Cadaver. 4 to, Spanish sheep. 

Mexico, I 791 

107 Rini,i.\ Sagrada. 8v(), roan, gill edji^cs. N. V., 1S52 

108 iniCT (.Aiitoine). Voyage; de la France Hcpiinoxialc en I'lslc 

(le ("ayenne Enter])ris par les I'rancois en TAnnee 
MDCLII. 4to, old calf. Paris, 1664 

l''ielcl Sale, $3.CK). With a clictionar\- of tlu' iiati\c' lani^uaf^e. 

109 Bi.ANCHARn rtr//^/ Dauzats. Sax Juan dk, ou Rela- 

tion de I'Expedition Franraise au Mexicjue. P/a/rs on 
India Paim-.r a/h/ 7'n'/h//fs. Royal Svo, spanish calf, gilt. 
Fargk Paper. Paris, 1839 

.110 Bliss (Porter C.) <///^ Mastkkson ((i. F.). Report of For- 
eign Affairs Committee on Memorial of. Svo, cloth. 

Washington, 1870 

111 lii.UN rscHi.i. Kl Derecho Internacional. Svo, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1870 

Presentation copy with MS. of the translator, Prof. CovruTubias. 

112 BocAMuiRA (J. M. de). Memoria del Secretario de P^stado 

y del Despacho de Relaciones Esteriores y Ciobernacie^n 
de la Republica Mexicana, 1 84 1-43. Folio, half sheep. 
(2 copies.) Mexico, 1844 

113 BOI'^MUS {].). Mores, Leges, et Ritus Omnium Gentium. 

32mo, cloth. Eugduni, 1556 

114 BoLETiN DE LAS Leves, 1 854-56; a/so Colcccion de las 

Eeyes, etc. ?. vols. 4to, uniform half ro;in. 

Guadalajara, 1S60-61 

115 BoLETiN DEL P^spiRiTU DEL Su^Lo, nearly 200 broadside 

Nos., Campeche, 1842-43; also — El Independiente de Yu- 
catan, some 40 Nos., Afcrida, 1843. i vol. folio, half sheep. 


EsTADisricA. Vols. 4 and 5. 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1854-57 

117 Bolivar i^Simon, /';rj/VA7// of Cocoinln'a). Memoirs of and 

of his Principal Generals, by Gen. H. P.. V. Ducoudkay 
HoLSTEiN. Portrait a>id map. 2 vols. Svo, old half calf 
'soiled somewhat). London, 1S30 

118 Bonaparte (Lucien, /'/vV/rr of Canino). Memoirs. i2mo, 

cloth. N. v., iS-,6 


119 BoNETA (J.). Crisol del Crisol de Desengranos. 3-mo, 

half sheep. Madrid, [1705] 

120 BoNNYCASTLE (Sir H. R.). Newfoundland in 1842. Fronts. 

and vignette titles. 2 vols, crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1842 

121 BoRDA (A. de). Practica de Confessores de Monjas. 32mo, 

half sheep. Mexico, 1708 

£1 IIS., Puttick & Simpson, 1869. 

122 BossuET (J. B.). Historia Universal. 3 vols. 410, half roan. 

Madrid, 1767-69 

123 BouiLLET (N.}. Dictionnaire Universel d'Histoire et de 

Geographic. Thick royal Svo, half morocco, cloth sides. 

Paris, 1 87 1 

124 BouTERWEK (F.). Historia de la Literatura Espanola. Fac- 

simi/t's. 4to, half sheep. Madrid, 1829 

125 Brace (C. L.). Races of the Old World. 8vo, cloth, un- 

cut. N. Y., 1863 

126 Bradford (Alden). History of Massachusetts for Two 

Hundred Years, 1 630-1 820. Portraits. Svo, cloth. 

Boston, 1835 

127 (D.). Sermones, Mexico, 1792; Rincon's Devocion 

de Maria, Mexico, 1738; Beltrami's Mexico, Querctaro, 
1852; Alvarez's Republica Mexicana, Mexico, 1828; La 
Quijotita, Mexico, 1831; Mananas de la Alameda de Mex- 
ico; etc. Together 7 odd vols. 

128 Brot (A.). Asi Sea. Front. Svo, half sheep (stained). 

Mexico, 1853 

129 BRY (1. T. and]. L De). Lxdle Orientalis. Numerous 

curious plates, maps, etc. 6 vols, in i. Folio, half roan. 

Frankfort, 15 98- 1601 
Very rare. This includes Parts i, 2 and 3, with tlie three parts of 
the "Icuiics" to the same. Part i is— " Navigatio Explvsitanire 
Vlisspona in Rcgnvm Africa; Congo." Part 2 comprises the first part of 
Lintschoten's Voyages, and Part 3, the second part of Lintschoten, as 
well as Dutch Voyages to Java, Sumatra, Arctic Ocean, etc. The title 
and part of preface to Vol. 1 are short, and some of the maps are 

130 HrcFiA.N'AN I President). Administration on Eve of RebellioiL 

Svo, cloth. N. Y., 1866 

THE lil.lSS LIBRARY. 15 

131 Buchanan (O ). History of Scotland. Portraits {some 

foxed atui short). 6 vols. Svo. halt" calf. 

M(liiil)iirj;li and ("ilas^ow, 1S27 

132 Huni'.ury's Cape Ciood Hope; (Ioi-.a r's Abyssinia; Koch's 

Crimea and Odessa;'s Cairo, Petra and Damas- 
cus; Scott's Baltic, Black Sea and Crimea; (^oi.vcjh- 
ocKssKs' New Continent; Leipsius' Iv^ypt, I'^Iiiopia and 
Sinai; etc. Together 9 vols. Cloth. 

133 BURCOS (Kl. F. Ivan de, .V. /., /^W/or 0/ St. Ann's Colle^^c, 

Mexico). Discoksos IIistorialks Pankcjvricos de las 
(ilorias, etc; Sagrada Casa de Lorcto. Front. 4to, half 
roan. Rark. Madrid, 167 i 

134 Burnet (Ciilbcrt). Abridgment of lii.story of Reformation. 

Portraits. 8vo, calf. London, 16S3 

135 BuRSLEM (Capt. Rollo). Peep into Toorkisthan. Plates and 

map. 8vo, cloth. London, ]cS46 

136 Bustamante (M. de). Escritos Sueltos. Thick 4to, half 

sheep. Vera Cruz and Mexico, 1820-49 

This is a collection of p.-imphlets by Bustamante. relating to Mexican 
political affairs, also others by Santa Anna, Sahagun, Biographies, etc. 
Bustamante was a native of Antequesa de Oaxaca. 

ABRERA Y QUINTERO (G. de). Escudo de 

Armas de Mexico : Celestial Proteccion de esta 

Nobilissima Ciudad, de la Nueva Espana y de 

casi todo el Nuevo Mundo Maria Santissima en 

su I'ortentosa Imagen del Me.xicano Guadalupe. Eni;raved 

frontispiece. 4to, half roan. Mexico, 1746 

£1 IS., Bibliotheca Mejicana, iS6g. 

138 Calendario DE M. Galvan, 1856, and other Mexican Al- 

manacks. Portraits. 32mo, roan. Mexico, 1856 

139 Calendario Galvan. 32mo, sheep. Mexico, 1835 

140 Calendario Musical para 1S63, Mexico ; also others in 

same vol. 321110, boards. 

141 CALASCIBETTA (Manuel). Vida del Glorioso S. Cave- 

tang Ticne Fundador de los Clerigos Reglares. Por- 
trait. 4to, vellum. Rare. Mexico, 1653 


142 Calmet's Dictionaiy of the Bible and Fox's Acts and De- 

clarations of the Church. 2 vols. 4to, cloth (covers loose). 

London, 1838-47 

143 Calvo's Tratados de la America Latina ; Du Hamel's 

Monarquia Espanola ; Veytia's Historia Antigua de 
Mexico ; Compendio de la Historia de America. To- 
gether 4 odd vols. 

144 Campbell (G.). India as it May Be. Svo, half calf. 

London, 1853 

145 Campbell (J.). Treatise of Modern Faulconry. Svo, 

boards. Edinburgh, 1773 

146 Caxcelada (Juan Lopez). Decreto de Napoleon, Emper- 

ador de Los Franceses, sobre los Judios. Plates and map. 
4to, sheep. Mexico, 1807 

147 Caxcelada. Extracto de la Guia de Forasteros de Madrid. 

32mo, sheep. Mexico, 1807 

148 Canovai (S.). Viaggi d'Amerigo Vespucci. Front, of 

portraits. 8vo, half sheep. Firenze, 1817 

149 Cantu (C). Historia Universal. Plates. Vol. i. 4to, 

half morocco. Mexico, 1851 

150 Caracciolo (El Marques). Caracteres o Senales de la 

Amistad. 32mo, half sheep. Madrid, 1787 

151 Carlos IIL Reales Exequias Celebrades en la Santa 

Iglesia Catedral de Mexico. Plate. 4to, Spanish sheep. 

Mexico, 1789 

152 Carlos IV. Obras de Eloquencia y Poesias premiadas por 

la Real Univcrsidad de Mexico. Vignettes on title. 4to, 
half sheep. Mexico, 1791 

153 Carlos IV. Breva Relacion de los Funciones, etc.; also 

" Elogios " on the same monarch. 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1790-1804 

154 Carrillo v Perez (Ignacio). Pensil Americano. 4to, half 

sheep (stained). Mexico, 1797 

IIS., Putlick & Simpson, 1869. 

155 Cartas de un Americano sobre las Vcntajas de los Gobi- 

crnos Rc^publicanos Fetlcrativos. Svo, sheep. 

Londres, 1826 


SEVILLE IN 1552, etc. 

155* CASAS (Bar roLoME i;k las). " Histokia dk Indias,'' 


I. Casas — Hreuissima relacion de la Destruycion de las 
Indias : Colegida por el obispo do. Fray Bartolome de las 
Casas o Casaus de la Orden de Sacto. Domingo. Ano 
1552. Engraved and rubricated title (inentled). 

Fue impressa la presente obra enla mu y noble y muy 
leal ciudad de Seuilla en casa de Sebastian Trujillo 

II. Casas. Aque se cotiene treynta proposiciones mu y 
juridicas, etc. Colijo las dichas treynta posiciones El 
obispo do Fray Bartholome de las Casas o Casaus: Obispo 
q. fue dla ciudrd Real de Chiapa : cierto Reyno de los 
dela nueua Espana, ano. 1552. Rubricated title. 

Impressa en seuilla en casade Sebastia trugillo [1552] 

III. Casas. Tratado coprobatorio del Imperio soberano y 
principudo vnussversal que los Reyes de Castilla y Leon 
tienen sobre las indias ; compuesto por el Obispo don 
Fray Bartholme d. las Casas a Casaus de la Ordens Sancto 
Domingo. Ano 1552. Seuilla, Sebastia Trugillo, 1553 

IV. Casas. Una disputa, o controversia entre el obispo B. 
de las Casas, y el doctor Gines de Sepulveda Coronista del 
Emperador. . . . sobre que el doctor contendia. Rubricated 
title. Seuilla, Sebastia Trugillo, 1552 

V. Casas. Este es untratado sobre la materia de losyn^iios 
que se ban hecho en ellas esclavos. Rubricated title. 

Seuilla, Sebastia Trugillo, 1552 

VI. Casas. Entre los remedios. . . . para reformacion de 
las Indias. Rubricated title, luith arms. 

Sevilla, J. Cronberger, 1552 

VII. Casas. Aqui se cotiene vnos anios y reglas para los 
confessores q oyer en confessiones de los Espano les que 
son o ban sido en cargo a los Indios, etc. Cut on title. 

Seuilla, S. Trugillo, 1552 

Together 7 vols, in i. 4T0, calf, gilt. Seville, 1552-53 

Very rare and black letter. This collection belonged to the 

ill-fated Emperor Maximilian, and has his heraldic book plate affixed 

on one of the end papor.s. 

The English bibliopole, Bernard Quaritch, asked £\i (:'. e., $75) for 


only six of the above " Tratados " in his 1868 catalogue, and stated — 
" De Bure, in whose time only five parts were known, speaks of their 
excessive rarity. Richarderie has no other particularisation of parts 
than those noticed by De Bure; nor was Llorente, in his notice of the 
works of Las Casas, better informed, as he only mentions the first five. " 
The above copy contains seven parts ! ! 

So complete a collection of these rare pieces is not to be found, and 
very seldom in such fine condition. They attracted great attention 
throughout the Christian world when they first appeared, the first and 
most important one having been translated and printed in Latin, 
Spanish, German. Italian, French and English. The Carter-Brown 
Library, in Providence, possessed forty different editions of the Brevis- 
sima Relacion in various languages. 

'■ The character of Las Casas may be inferred from his career. He 
was one of those to whose gifted minds are revealed those glorious 
moral truths which, like the lights of heaven, are fixed and the same 
for ever. lie was a reformer, and had the virtues and errors of a re- 
former. He was inspired by one great and glorious idea. This was 
the key to all his thoughts, all that he said or wrote, and to every act of 
his long life. It was this which made him reckless of obstacles, led 
him to count too confidently on the cofiperation of others, animated his 
discussion, sharpened his invective, too often steeped his pen in the 
gall of personal vituperation, led him to gross e.\aggeratian, and a blind 
credulity of evil that rendered him unsafe as a counsellor, and unsuc- 
cessful in the practical concerns of life. . . . The best commentary on 
his character is the estimation which he obtained in the court of his 
sovereign. A liberal pension was settled on him after his last return 
from America, which he chiefly expended on charitable objects. No 
measure of importance relating to the Indians was taken without his 
advice. He lived to see the fruits of his efforts in the positive amelio- 
ration of their condition, and in the popular admission of those great 
truths which it had been the object of his life to unfold." — Prkscott, 
Ilistoiy Conquest of Mexico, Vol. L, p. 377. 

156 CAS'llLLO Y BERENGUER (J. F. de). Historia Grande, 

Real y Discursos Politicos. 32mo, vellum. Madrid [1747] 

157 CASTANO (B., S. /.). Breve Noticia de la Vida del, por 

P. Thomas de Escalaxtr. Portrait. 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1679 

£1, Bibliotheca Mejicana, 1S69. 


158 Castillo Velasco {}. M. del). Apuntamientos para el 

estudio del Derecho Constitucional Mc.xicano. Thick 
8vo, half morocco, gilt. Mexico, 1871 

Tresentalion copy, with MS. inscri[)tion to Porter C. Bliss. 

159 Castklak Emilio). La Civilizacion. 4 vols, in 2. 8vo, half 

sheep. Mexico, 1868-69 


160 CASTRILLO (Hcrnaiulo). Ma;,na Natvral o Ciencia de 

Filosofia Ocvlta. 4to, half shccj), (sonic pp. slained). 

Trigiicros, 1649 

A rare and curious work on niaj^ic and llicosopliy. 

161 Casthxo (F. M, Del). Obras Complctas. I'of trait. <Svo, 

half sheep. Mexico, 1872 

162 Casiro (P. de). Defensa de la 'I'ortura. .}to, half sheep. 

Madrid, 1778 

An apology for the use of the rack. 

163 Canones et Decreta Concilii Tridentini, Hispali, [1753] ; 

Nunez, Explicacion al Decreto del S. (J. Tridentino, 
Leon, 1687 ; Sexti Libri Decretalium (no title). Together 
3 vols. Half sheep. 

164 Caxton (Wni. I. Life by C. Knight, cuts ; and Mind amongst 

Spindles. 2 vols, in i. 32mo, half calf. London, 1844 

165 Cebai.los (Ramon de). Vindic-acion de Mejico. Imj)erial 

8vo, half sheep. Madrid, 1856 

t66 Centaur not Farulous. Front. 8vo, calf. London, 1755 

167 Certamen CiENTiFico que El Colegio de S. Ildefonso de 

Mexico dedica el Primer Presidente de los B^stados 
Unidos Mexicanos. i6mo, half sheep. Mexico, 1825 

With the above are bound up three others pamphlets, of which one 
is Bocanegra's " Disertacion apologetica del Sistema Fetleral." 

168 Cervantes. El Ligenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote. Por- 

trait. 4 vols. 32mo, cloth. Argamasilla, 1863 

169 Cervantes. El Buscapie. i6mo, half sheep. Cadiz, 184S 

170 CFLVRLEVOIX (P. F. X. de). Histoire de ITsle 

Espagnole 011 de S. Domingue. Maps and plates. 2 vols. 
4to, half sheep (portions of Vol. t. in bad condition), 

Paris, 1730 

Rark. Father Charlevoi.x accomplished results in his investiga- 
tions which seem marvellous in the vast accumulation of facts which 
his pen has illustrated. 

171 Chateaubriand. Viaje a la America. 2 vols. 32mo, old 

sheep. I\aris, 1836 

172 Chevalier (M.). Le Mexique. i2mo, half sheep. 

Paris, 1864 

173 Chesney (George). Indian Polity, a View of the vSystem of 

Administration in Lidia. 8vo, cloth. London. 1S6S 


1 74 Chompre (M.). Diccionario Abreviado de la Fabula. 321110, 

vellum. Madrid, 1783 

175 Chronica Skraphica. Vols. 2 to 7 inclusive. Folio, 

vellum, red edges. Madrid, 1684-1729 

Written by Damian Coriiejo and Eusebio Gonzalez de Torres. 

176 Cigala. Carta Segunda Feyjoo. 32mo, half sheep (no 

title). Mexico, 1759 

177 CiRCULARES del Ministerio de Guerra y Marina. Folio, 

half sheep. Mexico, 1867-70 

178 Clarendon (Edward, i5"<zr/ ^/). History of Rebellion and 

Civil Wars in England. 8 vols. 8vo, calf, Oxford, 1826 

179 CoDiGO Fundamental de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos. 

i6mo, sheep. Mexico, 1847 

180 CoDiGo DE CoMMERCio de Mexico; Mendivil, Derecho Mer- 

cantil Mexicano; Reglamente y Arrancel de Corredores; 
El Commercio Interior de la Republica. 4 vols, in i. 
8vo, half roan. Mexico, 1854 

181 CoDiGo de Justicia Militar del Ejercito Frances traducido 

al Castellano de Orden de S. M. El Emperador Maxi- 
MiLiANO I. 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1864 

182 Cohen (J.), Etudes sur I'Empired'Allemagne. 8vo, sewed, 

uncut. Paris, 1879 

183 COLECCION DE BANDOS. A large collection of broad- 

side proclamations, pronunciamentos, issued in Mexico 
from 1848 to 1853. I vol. thick folio. 

An excessively rare lot of nearly 1,100 broadsides. Vide also lot 

184 CoLECCiON General de Documentos tocantes a la Perse- 

cucion de los Regulares, 1644-60. Vol. 2. 4to, sheep. 

Madrid, 17 68 

185 CoLECciON DE Obras y Opusculos. Pcrtenecientcs a la 

Milagrosa Aparicion de la Bellisima Imagen de Nuestra 
Senora de Guadalupe que se Venera en su San Santuario 
Extramuros de Mexico. Front. 4to, half sheep. 

Madrid, 1785 

186 CoLEccioN DE Pragmaticas, Ccdulas, etc. Vol. i. 4to, 

sheep. Madrid, 1794 

1X7 ('oLiccioN DE l)Kt:RKi'os y Ordcncs que han Expedido las 
Cortes Ordinarias, 181C-1814. 5 vols. 4to, half roan. 

Madrid, 1S20 


18.S Coi.KccroN i)K Papklks. — El I'cnsador Mexicano and other 
periodicals, tracts, etc. 4to, sheep. Mexico, i<S2o- 2 i 

189 Coi.KCcioN i)K Dkcrkios del (!onji;reso Mexicano, 1821-25 

— and of Puel)la, 1S26-2S. 'I'o^ether 4 vols. Uniform 
mottled sheep. Mexico and Puebia, i.S2 2-2<S 

190 C()i.i-;ct:ioN i)E Dkcrktos y Ordenes del Primero y Se;;;undo 

Congreso Constitucional de Mexico. 5 vols, in 2. i6mo, 
red sheep. Mexico, 1827-29 

191 CoLKCcioN DF. CoNS'i 11' ucioNKs dc los lOstados Unidos 

Mexicanos. 32mo, sheep. Mexico, 1.S28 

192 Coi.KCCiON DK Ordknes y Decretos de (^ueretaro. 2 vols. 

in I. 8vo, sheep. Mexico, 1830-31 

193 Coi.ECCioN DE Lkyes y Decretos de los Estados — Unidos 

Mexicancs, 1831-32. 4to, sheep. Mexico, v'^t^i 

194 C'oi.ECCiON EcLESiASTiCA Mejicana. Vols. I, 2 and 4. 

i6mo, sheep. Mexico, 1834 

195 C'OLECCION. Pamphlets relating to Mexican political 'and 

other affairs in Zacatecas, etc. i2mo, half sheep. 

Mexico and Zacatecas, 1841-43 

196 CoLECCiON DE Decretos del Congreso Constitnyente del 

I'vStado Libre y Soberano de Mexico, 1824-30, and of the 
— " Segunda Epoca de la Federacion." 4 vols, in 2. 4to, 
half roan. Toluca, 1850 

197 Coi.EcciON de Decretos y Ordenes de Interes Connin que 

dicto El Gobierno Provisional, 1841-43. 3 vols. 8vo, 
half sheep. Mexico, 1850 

198 Coi.ECCiON DE Leyes, Dccrctos y Circulares. 32mo, half 

sheep. Morelia, 1868 

199 CoLECCiON DE Decretos y Circulares de \'eracruz-T,lave, 

1867-69. 2 vols, in I. 8vo, half sheep. Vera Cruz, 1870 

200 Colonias Militares en la Frontera del Norte. Maps and 

tables. 8vo, boards. Mexico, 1869 

201 Colon. Estudio Poetico. i2mo, cloth. Mexico, 1871 

Presentation copy to Porter C. Bliss. 

202 Coi.omhia: Siendo una Relacion (ieografica, 'Popografica, 

Agricultural, Commercial, Politica, etc. La) }:;c folded map 
and 2 portraits. 2 vols. 8vo, half russia (i vol. water- 
stained), Londres, 1822 


203 Columbus. Personal Narrative of First Voyage to America. 

Translated from the Spanish. 8vo, boards, uncut (title 
stained). Boston, 1827 

204 CoMPANiA Lan-casteriana de Mexico. Collection of 

Pamphlets relating to, and printed in Mexico, 1832-72. 
8vo, half roan. 


to the History of North and South America and the West 
Indies. Colored maps . Folio, old half morocco. 

Phila., 1 82 2 

206 CoMui.GADOR Y ExPLicAciON Mystica dc la Rcgla 18 de 

la Congregacion de la Purissima. 32mo, half roan. 

Mexico, 17 14 

207 Composiciones Patrioticas en honor de la Independencia 

Mexicana. Royal 8vo, half sheep. Mexico, 1850 

208 Co.MPENDio General de las Contribuciones y Gastos, etc., 

entre Castilla y America. 4to, half sheep. Cadiz, 1762 

209 C0NDII.LAC. CEuvres Philosophiques. 6 vols. 32mo, half 

sheep. Paris, 1795 

210 Conejadres (J. R. de). Sermon en la Iglesia de San 

Sebastian de Mexico. 4to, sheep. Mexico, 1793 

211 CoxsTii uciONES dc la Real y Pontificia Universidad de 

Mexico. 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1775 

211* CoNSTicucioNES. The Same. Limp vellum. 

212 CoNSTiTucioN PoiJTicA dc Xalisco. 32mo, sheep. 

Guadalajara, 1S24 

213 CoNSTiTUciox Poi.rncA del estado libre de Oajaca. 32mo, 

sheep. Mexico, 1825 

214 CoNSTirucioN, Leves y Estatutos de Inglaterra. 32mo, 

sheep. Ojjicina Oniiveros, 1825 

215 CoNSTiTUCiox Poi.rncA de Puebla en 1825. 32mo, roan. 

Puebla, 1848 

216 CoN-iRERAS (J. P.). Poesias. 8vo, half sheep. Mexico, 1871 

217 CoNTRKRAs (R. S.). Colcccion de Certamenes Publicos. 

4tf), Spanish sheep. Mexico, 1828 

21S CoNriM'.xiAi, MoxiHi.v. 27 parts. 8vo, sewed. 

Boston, 1S62-64 

77/ A" BUSS LIBRARY. 23 

219 Nkpotk. Vidas. 321110, half slit'cp. 

Madrid, 1806 

220 COKRKO NACIONAI, (I'd) I'cricidico olu ial del Supremo 

(Jobieniode la Rcpublicana Mexicaiia, ()( t. 18, 1847 (No. 
I, Vol. 1), to Feb. 2, 1849. 300 Nos. in 3 vols. 410. half 
roan. Mexico, 1847 49 

221 CokKKO i)E Mkxico. \'o1. I and part of Vol. 2 in 1 vcjI. 

4to, lialf .sheep. lUienos Ayres, 1810-11 

222 C'oKRio Dii Mkxico. Sept. 1, 1867 (Vol. i, No. 1), toDec 

14, 1867. Oblong 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1867 

223 CoKRF.spoNDKNci.A cntre la Republica Mexicana y la l,e- 

gacion de France. Folio, half sheep. Mexico, 1845 

224 CORTES (Hernando). Historia de Nueva F^spana escrita 

por su Ksclareido Conquistador Hkrnan Cortks, aumen- 
taiia con otros Documentos, y Notas, por el ilustrissinio 
Senor Don Francisco Antonio Lorenzana, Arzobispo 
de Mexico. Numerous plates {one mended). 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1770 

The three celebrated and highly important Letters of Cortes are here 

225 Cortes. Despatches of, with Introduction and Notes by 

G. Folsom. i2mo, cloth. N. Y., 1843 

226 Cortks. Fifth Lettter to Empkror Charlks V. 8vo, ch^th. 

London, Hakluyt Society, 1868 
With account of expedition of Cortes to Honduras, translated from 
the original Spanish by Don Pascal de Gayangos. 

227 Cortks de Espana, June 28, 1820, tt) Nov., 1821. 410, half 

sheep. Mexico, 1820-21 

228 CoRTiNKs V Andrade (Ramon). Decada Legal. 2 vols, in 

I. 4to, vellum. I^Lidrid, 1786 

229 CRACRt)Kr's Essays, 2 vols.; Small Books on Great Subjects, 

2 vols.; etc. Together 7 vols. Cloth. 

230 Cramer (J. A.). Cieographical Description of Ancient 

(ireece and Italy. Maps. 5 vols. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

Oxford, 1S26-28 

231 Cruz y Mova (J. j. de la). Resoluciones Morales y 

Canonicas acerca del Sacramento del Baptismo. 4to, half 
sheep. Mexico, 1755 

Fine portrait of Manuel Rubio Salinas, .\rchbishop of Mexico, also 
his coat-of-arms. 


232 Cruz (La). — Periodico Esclusivamente Religiose. Vols, i 

to 7 inclusive. Royal 8vo, Spanish sheep. Mexico, 1855-58 

233 c;l;i5A. Gkx. Loi'kz and Cuban Expedition, and other 

Pamphlets relating to Cuba, also to Mexico, i vol. 8vo, 
half roan. 

234 CucHARON (El). — La Cuchara Periodico Tricolor, Entrome- 

tido, Zumbon, Chismoso, etc., Aug. 17, 1862 (No. i), to 
May 15, '63. Facetious cartoons. 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1862-63 

235 CuKLLAR (J. T. de, '' Facundo"). La Linterna Magica. 

Illustrations. i6mo, half sheep. Mexico, 187 1 

236 CuESiA '1'alambo (La), ante la America. 4to, half calf, 

top edge gilt. Lima, 1864 

237 CuEVAS (J. M.). Informe del, ante la Primera Sala del 

Tribunal Superior. 8vo, half sheep. Mexico, 1861 

238 CuEVAs (L. G.). Memoria del Ministro de Relaciones Ex- 

teriores. Small folio, half sheep. Mexico, 1845 

239 CuRWEN (Samuel). Journal and Letters of, an American in 

England from 1775 to 1783. Portrait. Thick 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1864 

240 fi jj«^ij i A I L L E (J.). Right Use of the Fathers. 4to, 

S ^Mjj sheep (cover loose). London, 165 1 

^41 I j^y^ Damm (C. T.). Novum Lexicon GrcTecum, Ety- 

mologicum et Reale. Portrait. 2 vols. 4to, calf. 

Berlin, 1774 

242 Tracy (D. de). Comentario sobre Espiritu de las Leyes 

por Montesquieu. i6mo, sheep. Madrid, 1822 

243 Decreto CoNSTiTUCiONAL para la Libertad de la America 

Mexicana sancionado en Apatzingan a 22 de Octubre de 

1814. 32mo, half sheep (inked). Mexico, 1821 

Bound up with the above are other " Constituciones Mexicanas," 

i. c, "Plan," 1823; '' Acta Constitutiva," 1824; "Acta Constitutiva," 

182S; ' Bases y Leyes," 1837. 

244 Defensas V Informes. a Collection of rare trials, etc., 

printed in Mexico. Thick 8vo, half sheep. 

Amon)^ these are cases relatinij to or by Iriarte, 1850; Franco, 1852; 
.Santillan, 1852; Sagasela, 1853 ; etc., etc. 


245 DE LAET (Joannes). Novvs Orbis sen Descriptionis 

liuliae Occidcntalis I.ibri XVI 1 1. Authore Joannk dk 
Lai: r Antverp. — Novis 'I'abulis Gcographicis et V'ariis Ani- 
mantium Plantarum Fructuiunque Inconibus illustrati. 
iVumenms illustrations in the text, also etr:; raved [mounted ) 
title. Folio, mottled sheep (some i)p. mounted and others 
stained). ^^vgd. Batav., apud Elzevirios, 1633 

Vkry rare. This work is full of the most excellent and curious 
details of the natural histof)', and the character, manners and customs 
of the American aborigines derived from the reports of the Eurojx-an 
mission establishments in America. It contains many documents 
upon American philology, taken for the most part from the collection 
of Ramusioupon the languages of the natives of Canada and the relation 
of Lery of those of Brazil." — Charlevoix. 

246 De.mostracion de la Lealtad Espaiiola — Proclamas, Bandos, 

etc. Portrait. 4 vols, in 2. 4to, sheep (some pp. water 
damaged). Cadiz, 1808 

247 Dexter (Samuel). Reminiscences of, by " Sigma." 32mo, 

cloth. Boston, 1857 

248 DIARIO DE MEXICO. Jan. i, to June 30, 1808. 4to, 

half sheep. Mexico, 1808 

249 DiARio Redactor de Mexico. Jan. i, 1823 [Vol. i, No. i] 

to March 31, 1823. 8vo, sheep. Mexico, 1822-23 

250 DiARio DE LOS NiSros. Plates. 2 vols, royal Svo, half sheep. 

Mejico, 1839-40 

251 DIARIO IMPERIO del MEXICO, Jan. i, 1865 (Vol. i. 

No. i), to Dec. 31, 1866. 601 Nos. in 6 vols. 4to, half 
roan, gilt. Mexico, 1865-66 

252 DiARio UE Imperio. One bundle. Mexico, 1867 

253 DIARIO OFICIAL del Gobierno Supremo de la Republica. 

Aug. 20, 1867, (Vol. I, No. I,) to June 30, 186S. 2 \\>\9,. 
thick oblong 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1867-6S 

254 DIARIO OFICIAL del Gobierno-Supremo de la Republica. 

2 very big bundles of unbound Nos. Mexico, 1868-74 

255 Diaz, Calvillo y Bringas. Sermones contra los Insur- 

gentes. Plate. 3 vols, in 1. 4to, half shp. Mexico, 1811-13 

256 DICCIONARIO UNIVERSAL de Historia y de Geografia. 

Portrait. Vols, i, 2, 3, 6 and 7. — Also " Appendice," Vols. 
I and 2. Together 7 vols. 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1853-56 

This is a reprint of the Madrid edition, with very considerable addi- 
tions, exclusively on Mexican histon' and geography, by a society of 
Mexican scholars, and contains a larger amount of informaiiou on these 
subjects than is to be found in any other work. 



257 DiccioNARio Geografico-Historico de Espana porla Real 

Academia de la Historia. 2 vols. 4to, sheep. Madrid, 1802 

258 DicciONARio Critico-Burlesco. 321110, sheep. 

Burdeos, 1819 

259 Dictioxarium ^lij Antoxij Nebrissensis Grammatici, etc. 

Thick folio, half sheep. Matriti, 1729 

260 Diorama Semanario (El). Vol. i. Royal 8vo, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1837 

261 Dixon (VV. H.). New America. Portrait. Crown 8vo, 

cloth, uncut. London, n. d. 

262 DOBRIZHOFFER (Martin). An Account of the Abipones, 

an Equestrian People of Paraguay. 3 vols. 8vo, half calf. 

London, 1822 
Dobrizhoffer was one of those extraordinary men who organized in 
Paraguay a government that has not ceased to excite the wonder and 
perplex the reason of all who tried to comprehend its strange anomalies. 
For a century and a half it existed as a pure hierarchy, insulated and 
intact : more mysterious than the fabled Amazonian Republic, or the 
equally mythical El Dorado. For a half century succeeding it has re- 
mained the only example of a people professing to be free existing 
under a tyranny supported solely by themselves. 

263 DocuMENTOs RELATivos a la Rcunion en esta Capital de 

tos Gobernadores de los Estados. Svo, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1 85 1 

264 DOCUMENTOS para la Historia de Mejico. 3 vols. 

8vo, half sheep. Mexico, 1S53 

Vol. I contains the Diary of D. Gregorio Martin de Guijo, a Spanish 
lawyer residing in Mexico , comprising from the year 1648 to 1664. 
Vols. 2 and 3, the Diary of D. Ant. de Robles, 1665 to 1703. 

265 DoMENECH fE.). L'Empire au Mexique et la Candidature 

d'un Prince Bonaparte au Trone Mexicain. 8vo, half calf. 

Paris, 1862 

Bound up with the above are 5 other pamphlets printed in Mexico 
and Paris relating to the same. 

No Frenchman, since Rabelais left the earth, excited such a chonis 
of unextinguishable cachination as the irrepressible Domenech. 

266 DoMiNOUKZ ( |. F.). Peso del Amor Divina en las Verdades 

Catolicas. 2 vols, in i. 4to, vellum. Mexico, 1800 

267 D(jMiN(;uE/C. Apologia de la Divina Providencia. 161110, 

vellum. Mexico, 1800 

268 Domingo (El). One bundle of Nos. (duplicates). 

Mexico, 1871-73 


269 DoRKM, (G.). EI Cavaliero Instruido. 32mo, half sheep. 

Naples, 1744 

270 Dos Anos EN Mfjico. i6mo, half sheep (imperfect). 

Valencia, 1838 

271 Dow's Hindostan ; Joskphus; etc. Together 7 odd vols. 

Full leather. 

272 D'Origny (H.). Del Estado Civil. 8vo, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1868 

273 Drake's Poems ; Knott's Talc of the Plaj^ue ; (iOETUk's 

Faust, etc.; Dana's Parted Family ;'s Song of 
America; Palgrave's Hymns; etc. Together 8 vols. 

274 DRAKE (S. G.). Result of Researches among British 

Archives relative to Founders of New England. Map 
and steel portrait. 4to, cloth, top edge gilt. Boston, i860 
That eminent bibliographer, the late Joseph Sabin. in his Menzies 
Catalogue, stated that " the researches of Mr. Drake prove most satis- 
factorily that the Pilgrim Fathers did not belong to the higher circles of 
English society." 

275 Duoas que se Proponen tz//^/ Respuesta. 2 pieces. 4to (one 

in sheep). Mexico, 1826-27 

276 Dupuis. Origen de Todos los Cultos. 8vo, half sheep. 

Madrid, 1821 

277 DuNLAP (S. F.). Vestiges of Spirit History of Man. 8vo, 

cloth (with library stamps). N. Y., 1858 

278 D'VRFT*'. (Honorc, Marquis de Verome). La Vraye Astree 

Quatriesme Partie. Engraved title. Thick i2mo, vellum. 

Paris, 1627 

279 [ Hm-— ^ ATON (William, General). Life. Portrait. 8vo, 
I fis^fl sheep (name on title). Brookfield, 18 13 

280 I ^^Sr ll P><^*-'i"' Homo; Schaff's Reformed Confessions; 
^^''■^ Schlesinger's Historical Jesus ; Seyffarth's 

Egyptian Chronology; etc. Together 10 vols. i2mo, 

281 Eccentric Biography. Eront. 241110, boards. 

Boston, 1825 

282 Echaiz (Jesus). Horas Perdidas — Poesias Mexicanas. 4to, 

boards. Mexico, 1865 


2'^3 Edinburgh Rf.view, 1824-1842. 11 odd vols, half leather. 
One volume contains original autographs of Daniel O'Connell. 

2S4 Edinburgh Review. 142 parts. Svo, sewed. 

N. Y., 1834-76 

285 EGVIARA ET EGVREN (J. J. de). Bibliotheca Mexicana. 

Vol. I. 4to, half roan. Mexico, 1755 

£1 17s. 6d., Puttick & Simpson, 1869. All published and— "ex 

nova tj'pographia in aedibus authoris editioni ejusdem bibliotheca des- 


" It is unfortunate that no more of this important work was published. 

It is probable that not many copies were printed of this volume, as it is 

not often met with." — Rich. 

286 E LIZ AG A (L.}. Ensayos Politicos. Portrait. 4to, half roan, 

gilt. Mexico, 1867 

287 ELLIS (Sir Henry). Original Letters Illustrative of Eng- 

lish History. Third Series. Fronts. 4 vols. Svo, half 
morocco gilt, top edges gilt, others uncut. London, 1846 
" With delight we recommend them for curious illustration ; for cor- 
rections of long-received historical theories ; development of famous 
characters ; discover}' of new and important facts — in short, for every- 
thing that renders such a collection interesting in a country that is 
keenly alive to the value of such researches."' 

288 Ellis (R.). Peruvia Scythica, the Quichua Language of 

Peru. Svo, cloth. London, 1875 

289 Elogias Funebres Solemnes Exequias. 4to, half sheep. 

Includes — Funeral Sermons of Archbishop Padilla of Saint Domingo 
and Yucatan, Mexico, 1761 ; and of other distinguished persons, printed 
in Mexico, 1 787-1 Soo. 

290 Emory (W. H.). Notes of Military Reconnoissance from 

Missouri to California. Plates. Svo, cloth. 

Washington, 1848 
Contains interesting particulars concerning the Pimo, Apache, 
Navajo and Maricopa Indians, with engravings of Indian antiquities 
and portraits. 

291 Encima V PiEDRA (V. dc). Dc los Sucesos del Real Sitio 

de San Ildefonso a la Granja. Svo, sprinkled sheep. 

Paris, 1837 

292 ENCYCL0P.4-:i)IA AMERICANA— a Popular Dictionary 

of Arts, Sciences, Literature, History, Politics and Biog- 
raphy. 13 vols. Svo, sheep, gilt. Phila., 1845 


293 EN(iMSn Cyclopaedia — Arts and Sciences. Vols, r, 2, 3 

and 6. 410, cloth. 

294 Ennius (Q.). Fragmenta (junc supersunt at) Hikkon. Co- 

lumn a , etc . Engraved tillc. Vellum. Amsterdam, 1707 

295 lilNSAYO HiSTORTCO sobre las Provincias Vascongadas. 2 

vols. i2mo, sheep. lUirdcos, i.S-;6 

296 Ensayo Litf.rario — Coleccion de Composiciones sobre Hel- 

las Letras, Ciencias y Artes. 8vo, half sheep. 

Puebla, 1S38 

297 Epistle from the Bottle Conjurors unto the Cothamites. Svo, 

half calf. l-ondon, n. d. 

298 Eplicacion de la Bula de la Santa Cruzada. 32010, vellum. 

Toledo. 1758 

299 y Zuniga (Alonso de). La Araucana. 2 vols. 

32mo. Madrid, 1803 

Don Ercilla y Zuniga was a Spanish poet and soldier wlio was brought 
up at the Court of Charles V. He joined the e.xpedition sent to Chili 
in 1554 and celebrated the battles with the Araucanians in the epic 
entitled " I,a Araucana." This he wrote at brief intervals from active 
duty on scraps of paper and leather. 

299* Ercilla. The Same. 4 vols. 32010, sheep. Paris, 1824 

300 Erskine (Wm.). History of India, under the Two First 

Sovereigns of the House of Taimur Baber and Huniayun. 
2 vols. Svo, cloth. London, 1854 

301 Escaloxa Agvkro ^'G. de). Cazophilativm Regivm Perv- 

bicvm. 4to, half sheep. Madrid, G. dc Lccm, 1675 

R.\RE. This work is a compendium of what was necessary to be 
known to the officers of the Crown on going to South America. 

302 Escosma (P. de la). La Conjuracion de Mexico, riatcs. 

4to, half sheep (title mended\ Mexico, 1850 

303 EscoiQUiz (J. de). Obligaciones del Hombre. 32010, sheep. 

Mexico, 1842 

304 EscoiQUiz. Mexico Conquistada. Front. Vols, i and 3. 

i2mo, sheep. Madrid, 1798 

305 ESCUDERO (J. A. de). Noticias Estadisticas del Estado 

de Chihuahua de Sonora y Sinaloa. 2 vols, in i. 4to, 
half sheep. Mexico, 1834-49 

306 EsPECTADOR DE MEXICO. Vol. I. L'/atcs and illuminated 

title. Royal 8vo, sheep. Mexico, 1851 


307 ESTATUTOS de la Nacional y Distinguida Orden Mex- 

icana de Guadalupe. Colored portrait and plate of decora- 
tions. Folio, half roan. Mexico, 1854 
With the original seal and signature of the Archbishop of Mexico. 

308 Eton Miscellany, by Bartholomew Bouverie. Vols, i 

and 2 [June — Nov. 1827] in i vol. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

Eton, 1827 

With names of contributors at end, among whom were W. E. Glad- 
stone, Hallam and others. 

309 Eton. — The Microcosm, a Periodical Work by Gregory 

Griffin [George Canning], of the College of Eton. 
i2mo, boards. London, C Knight^ 1825 

310 Europe et ses Colonies en Decembre, 1819 2 vols. 8vo, 

half sheep (some pp. stained). Paris, 1820 

311 Expediente de la Secretaria de Hacienda respecto de la 

Protesta Hecha el 31 de Mayo de 1870, 8vo, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1870 

312 EXPLICACION MYSTIC A de la Regla 18 de la Congrega- 

cion de la Purissima. 32mo, half sheep. Mexico, 1684 

313 Eyma (Xavier). Les Deux Ameriques. Crown 8vo, half 

morocco. Paris, 1S53 

314 Eyzaguirre (J. I. v.). Los Intereses Catolicos en America. 

2 vols. 8vo, half sheep. Mexico, 1S63 

315 l^j g^^H l ANAL del Imperio Mexicano, Vols, i and 2, also 
Nuevo Pacto Social. Together i vol. 4to, half 
sheep (wormed). 

Mexico and Guadalajara, 1822-23 

316 Farrar ^'A. S.). Critical History of Free Thought. 121110, 

cloth. N. Y., 1866 

317 Paris El Shidiac. Arabic Grammar. r6mo, cloth. 

London, 1S66 

318 Fatti de 29 Guigno. i6mo, half sheep. 

Sampierdaiena, 1858 
I'.ound up with above arc — " A Politica Ikazilcira," Rio de 
Janeiro, 1854 ; plays, etc. 

319 FEDERALISTA (El); el Monitor Republicano ; and 

(jtlier Mexican and South American newspapers. (One 


320 B'ERNANDKZ (j. P.). Relacioii llislorial de las Missiones 

tic l(js Indios i|ue Uaman Chiciuitos (lue estaii a car^o dc 
los I'adrcs dc la Coinpania ilc {(.-siis (K- la rrcjviiicia del 
I'araguay. 410, old calf. Madrid, 1726 

C^ IS., liibliotlicca Mejicana, 1869. 

321 Kkkky (G. — '■'■Louis de Bellemare"). Costal rindicn — 

Scenes de la Guerre de I'lndependance du Me.\i(|ue. 
Post cSvo, half roan. Paris, 1862 

322 I'iKi.i) (G.). Outlines of Analoj^ical PhiUjsophy. 2 vols. 

8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1839 

■^2^ First Settlers of New England. Front, {foxed ). j6mo, 

half sheep. Boston, n. d. 

324 FiTZGKRALD (J. E.). Charter and Proceedings of Hudson's 

Bay Company. Map. i6nio, cloth, uncut. London, 1849 

325 FLORENCES (Francisco de, .S". J.). Milagrosa Invencion 

Lnagen de Nuestra Senora de los Remedios de Mexico. 
Curious frojit. with woodeut. 4to, half sheep. Seville, 1745 
'Ihis author was a native of Florida, born 1620. lie dedicatetl liini- 
self chiefly to the pursuit of historical literature. His " History of the 
Order of Jesus " in Mexico is his most esteemed and rarest work. 

326 Florencia. Zodiaco Mariano. 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1755 
£1 IS., Puttick and Simpson, 1869. 

327 Florencia. La Estrella del Norte de Mexico. 4to, vellum. 

IMadrid, 1785 
327* Florences. The Same, half sheep. 

328 Florence of Worcester. Chronicle. Post 8vo, half 

morocco. London, 1854 

329 FOLGAR (A. M. de). Sermones Panegyricos, Predicados en 

la Imperial Ciudad de Mexico. 4to, half sheep. 

Madrid, 1753 

330 FoR.MULARio Manual de las Ceremonias de Militar orden 

de Calatrava. Bor/raii 0/ Caki.os IIL 32mo, sheep. 

Puebla, 1783 
330* FoRO (El.). One bundle of Nos. Mexico, 1873-74 

331 Fowler (G.). Three Years in Persia. Frorits. 2 vols. Sv(\ 

cloth. Loncicjn, 1841 

332 Fradersdorff, Arnold and Browne. Cojmous IMiraseo- 

logical English-Greek Lexicon. 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1S60 


IIT^ FRENCH (B. F ). Historical Collections of Louisiana, 
Part I, Facsimiles, N. Y., 1846; The Same, Part 2, 
Facsijnile f/iap, Phila., 1850 (a few pp. stained) ; The 
Same, Part 5, steel portrait, N. Y., 1853 ; Historical Col- 
lections of Louisiana and Florida, Second Series [His- 
torical Memoirs and Narratives, 1527-1702], N. Y., 1875. 
Together 4 vols. 8vo, cloth. 

This collection is remarkable for the immense amount of material 
relating to the aborigines of America, being almost wholly composed 
of memoirs and narratives in the language of the original explorers. 

334 FuKNTE (Vincente de la). La Sofia de los Conventos. 8vo, 

half sheep. Mexico, 1870 

335 FuEROs ])E VizcAYA (Los). i6mo, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1869 
Reprint of the Medina edition of 1575. 

336 Fuller (T.). Worthies of England. Portrait. 3 vols. 

8vo, cloth (some pp. soiled). London, 1S40 

337 Fulton (Robert). Life of, by Cadwallader D. Colden. 

Portrait. Royal 8vo, boards (broken and stained). 

Large Paper. N. Y., 1817 


182 1 [Vol. I, No. i], to Dec. 31, 1822. 2 vols. 
4to, half sheep (i vol. wormed). 

Mexico, 1 82 1-2 2 

339 (Iaceiw I)iarl\ de Mexico, Jan. i to April 29, 1826 (120 

Nori.j. 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1826 

340 Gage (T.). Nueva Relacion que contiene los Viages en la 

Nueva Espana. 2 vols. i2mo, Spanish sheep (MS. names 
on title). Paris, 1838 

Thomas Gage's work is of the highest linguistical interest, as the few 
rudiments of the Indian tongue called Poconehi which this translation 
contains form the most complete treatise that has ever been made on 
that Aboriginal American language. 

341 Galaxy (The). 122 Parts, 8vo, sewed. N.'Y., 1866-76 

342 GALVEZ (Matias de). Solemnes Exequias del. Portrait. 

4to, limp vellum. Imprenta Mexicana, 1785 

The obsequies of this distinguished representative of the .Spanish 
Monarchy in Mexico were celebrated in the Cathedral of Mexico 
March 5, 17S5. 


343 Gamhoa (F. X. de). Commentaries on Mining Ordinances 

of Spain translated by R. Hka ihhei.u. 2 vols, royal 
Svo, boards, uncut. London, 1830 

344 Ga.mhoa (Ramon). Informe benemerito de la I'atria d An- 

lOMO LopKZ DK Sania Anna. Svo, boards. 

Me.\ico, 1849 

345 (iARClA DE LA CONCEPCION (J.). Historia Beth- 

lehemiticia Vida Exemplar y. Admirable del Venerable 
Siervo de Dios y Padre Pedro de San Joskhh Betancvk, 
Fvndadar de el Regvlar Institvtu de Hethlehen en las 
Indias Occidentales. Thick folio, half sheep. 

Sevilla, 1723 
Kark. Sold for ;{,'3 17s. 6d. at Futtick & Simpson's in June, i86g. 

346 (iARNiER (J.). Economic Politique. i2ino, half morocco. 

Paris, 1848 

347 Garneau (F. X.). History of Canada, with Illustrative 

Notes by Bell. Portrait and map. 2 vols. Svo, clotii. 

Montreal, 1866 

348 Garsia Galleco (L A.). De Expensis et Meliorationibvs. 

Small folio, half roan. Compivti, 1578 

349 Garza y Ballesteros (L. de la, Archbishop of Mexico). 

Various Pamphlets by. 1 vol. 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1851-59 

350 Gazeta de Buenos Avres, Aug. 30, 18 10 — Dec. 31, 181 o. 

I vol. 4to, vellum. Buenos Ayres, 1810 

351 GAZETA DE BUENOS AYRES. A Collection of Nos. 

of the same from Nov. 5, 181 1, to 181 2, also of the ye.irs 
1S15 and 1S16, and bound up with which are Nos. i)f 
other periodicals, pamphlets, etc. 5 vols, folio. 

352 Gell (Sir William). Topography of Rome and its Vicinity. 

With illustrations and separate mounted map. 3 vols. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1834 

" I leave topography to classic Gell.'' — Byron. 

353 GENOVES (F.). Sermon Panegirico de Sax Pedro 

Martir por el Restablecimiento del Santo Tribunal de la 
Inquisicion. 4to, old sheep. Manila, 181 7 

354 Geronimo de San Joseph (Fr.). Historia del Venerable 

Padre Fr. Ivan de la Cruz, Primer Descalzo Carmelita. 
4to, vellum. Madrid, 164 1 


355 Glass (George). History of Discovery and Conquest of 

Canary Islands. Map. 2 vols. i2mo, sheep. 

'London, priiited for A. Pope and J. Swift, 
in the Strand, 1767 
With account of trial and execution of murderers of Capt. Glass. 

356 Globo (El). Jan. 11, to Oct. 31, 1869. Thick oblong 410, 

half sheep. Mexico, 1869 

357 Godwin (Parke). Ancient Gaul. Svo, cloth [library mark 

on title.] N. Y., i860 

35S GoDGY (Manuel). Memorias de. 5 vols. lamo, marbled 

sheep. Paris, 1839 
The salacious Prince of Peace. 

359 GOMEZ GAYOSO (Benito Martinez). Gramatica de la 

Lengua Castellana. 32mo, vellum. Madrid, 1743 

360 Gonzalez de Castro fZ.'^., Archbishop of Alanila). Paren- 

tacion Funeral, etc. 4to, vellum. Puebla, 1731 

361 Goya y Muniaix (J.'. Catecisimo Catolico Trilingue del 

P. Pedro Camsio. 4to, Spanish sheep. n. p., 1798 

362 Gracian (L,). The Critick. Svo, calf. London, 1681 

363 Gradus ad Parnassum. 2 vols. Svo, old vellum. 

Lugduni, 1765 
3G4 Graxados y Galvez (F. J.). Tardes Americanas, Gobierno 
dentil y Catolico ; breve y particular Noticia de toda la 
Historia Indiana. 4to, half sheep (wormed). Mexico, 1778 
Vkry rakk. £\ 15s., Puttick & Simpson, 1869. 
"A curious work relating- to the early histor)- of the Me.xicans. un- 
known to Clavigero, and not mentioned by Meusee." — Rich. 

365 Greenleaf (Simon). Examination of the Testimony of the 

Four Evangelists by Rules of Evidence. Svo, half sheep. 

Boston, 1846 

366 Grenville (M. de). Pintura de la Inglaterra. 4to, half 

sheep. Madrid, 177 1 

367 Grose (Francis). Provincial Glossary, with Collection of 

Local Proverbs and Popular Superstitions. 410, cloth. 

London, 181 1 
It is said of this author that his Htcrary attainments were far exceeded 
b\- his good humor, his conviviality and friendship. 

368 Guerrero (F.). Viage a la Ciudad Santa de Jerusalem. 

32mo, half sheep (stained). Valladolid, 1785 



369 (iuiA DE Haciknda (Ic la Rcpublica Mcxicana. 2 vols in 1. 

321110, half sheep. Mexico, 1S25 

370 GUMILLA (Joseph). KI Orinoco illustrado y dcfendido 

Historia Natural Civil y (leo;^rraphica de este (iran Rio. 
Plate. 4to, half sheep {2 pp. mended and some foxed:. 

Madrid, 1745 

371 C.UMILLA. Histoire Naturellc, Civile, ct C.eographique de 

rOrenoque. Map. 3 vols. 24010, calf, red edges. 

.'\vLgnon. 1758 

372 Gi'RiDi ]. M.). Apologia de la Ajiaricion de Nuestra Senora 

de Cuadalupe de Mejico. 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1.S20 

373 CiUKiDi. The Same. 

374 CUTIERREZ DAVILA Rl. W Julian). Memorias His- 

toricas de la Congregacion de el Oratorio de la Ciudad dc 
Mexico. 2 vols, in i. Thick 4t(), half roan. Mexico, 1736 
;^2 Is., Piittick & .Simpson, 1869. 

375 blUUi'JI A I ) R I A N I a .Nfynsicht. Thesaurus et Aranu-nta- 
rium Medico-Chyniicuni. i6ino, half shocp. 

\'enicc, 1696 

376 '"' ''»^ Ham, (liasil). Voyages in Chili, Peru, Mexico, 

etc. 3 vols. 32mo, half calf. Edinburgh, 1826-27 

377 Hamilton (W. J.). Researches in Asia Minor, Pontus and 

Armenia, /^/ates, fac-simili's and cuts. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1842 

37S Harlkiax MiscELi.AXv. Selection from. 4to. 

London, 1793 

379 HARO V PERALTA (L N. de, Archbishop of Mexico). 

Carta Pastoral. 4to, half sheep (mounted title). 

Mexico, 1777 

380 Haro V PKRAi/rA. Funebre Ceremonia y Exequias. 4to, 

vellum. Mexico, 1802 

381 Haro v Perai/ia. Constituciones F"ornio por. 4to, vellum. 

Mexico, 1777 

382 Hare's Northern and Central Italy; Gregg's Commerce of 

Prairies; Southey's Cowper; etc. Together 13 vols. 

383 Harris (W. C). Highlands of /Ethiopia. Illustrations. 

some colored. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, i''^44 


3S4 Hassev (O.). S^nquiridion de las Raices Griegas. Small 
4to, half roan. Mexico, 1870 

385 Hartmann (E. de). Philosophic de I'lnconscient. 2 vols. 

8vo, half morocco. , Paris, 1877 

386 Hawes (Joel). Tribute to Memory of Pilgrims. 24mo, 

boards. Hartford, 1830 

3S7 HAZARD (Samuel). Annals of Pennsylvania, 1609-1682. 

Thick Svo, cloth. Phila., 1850 

l^Z Heeren's Ancient History; Kames on Education; Suffolk 

Traveller; Life of Archbishop Chichele ; Southey's 

Doctor; etc. Together 11 vols. Half leather. 

389 Hebrew Grammar by Stuart and Lexicon by Gibbs; 

Grey's Hebrew Method; Greenfield's Book of Genesis 
in Hebrew; Wilson's Hebrew Grammar. Together 4 
vpls. Svo. 

390 Heredia (J. M.). Miscelanea, Periodico Critico y Literario 

— Segunda Epoca. 32mo, half sheep (binding damaged). 

Toluca, 1 83 1 

391 Hernandez y Barrutia (C.). Caracteres Fisicos y Morales 

de los Nativos y Habitantes de Esta Isla. 4to, half sheep. 

Habana, 182 1 

392 Hernandez (J. AL P.). Estadistica de la Republica Meji- 

cana. 4to, half sheep. Guadalajara, 1862 

393 Herodotus; Homer's Iliad and Odyssey; Mueler's Litera- 

ture Ancient Greece; Bland's Greek Anthology; Livy; 
etc. Together 13 vols. Cloth. 


394 HERRER.-V TAntonio de). Historia General del Mundo de 

XVn. anos del Tiempo del Senor Rev Don Felipe H., 
el Prudente desde el ano de MDEHIL hasta el de 
MDLXX. Armorial cvis on titles. 3 vols. 4to, limp 
vellum (stained). Valladolid, 1606-12 

" Ilerrera's word is, .ind will always be. of g^reat use to all who write 
upon South America, as a great number of the documents to which he 
had access are no longer in existence." — Ml' no/,. 

395 HERRERA. Historia C;eneral de las Indias Occidentales 

o de los Hechos de los Castellanos en la Islas y Tierra 
firme del Mar Oceano. Nui/ieroi/s plates, eii:.;raved titles, 
ftr. 4 vols, folio, half sheep (a few pp. stained and im- 
print of title of Vol L cut off). Amberes, 1728 


396 Hkkrf.zuklo (Miguel. Discrtacioii Teolojjico Jiiridica. 

4to, half sheep. Madrid, 1820 

397 Hii)Ai,f;o (Miguel). Compendio Historico, Sacro-l'rofano, 

Teologico-Dogmatico y Filisofico-Christiaiio. 410. half 

sheep (stained). Mexico, i.Soi 

39X HiLDRF.TH (R.). History of the United States. Vols, i and 

2. 8vo, cloth. N. \'., 1849 

399 HisTORiA de la Gloriosa Revolucion dc I'aris en i'>3o. 

32mo, sheep. Paris, 1X30 


Antiguos en Mexico y Peru, 2 vols.; 2. Kof.mi'Fkk, \'iages 
Antiguosen Filipinas y Japon, 2 vols. ; 3. Mknadiz I'lxro, 
Viages Antiguos en Asia, 2 vols.; 4. Viages dc (iAMKi.i.i 
Garkri, 2 vols. I'ogether 8 vols. 4to, uniform half roan. 

Madrid, 1773-81 

401 HisroRiA General, etc. Voyages to .Africa, etc. .jto, 

vellum. NL'idrid, i 763 

402 HisTORiA General, etc. Gonquista del Peru, Dutch and 

French Voyages to Asia, etc. 4 vols. 4to, mottled shec[). 

^L-l(lrid, 1771 '^t:, 

403 History ok Madagascar ; Gumi!f.kla\i)'s l^rst Planting 

of Nations; Rorertson's Greek Thesaurus; Hint's 
Lingua Arabica ; etc. Together 6 vols. 

404 HISTORLADORES PRIMLITVOS de Lidias. 2 vols. 

4to, half sheep, gilt. Madrid, 1852-53 

Includes works of Cortes, ('lomara, Alvarado, (Indoy, Oviedo, C'avcza 
de Vaca, B- D. del Castillo, Jerez, Cieza de l.eon and Zarate. With 
MS. Indices. 

405 Hist()rl\D()REs de Sucessos Particulares. Tomo primcro. 

Royal 8vo, half morocco. ^Lldrid, 1852 

406 HisTC)RY OF Military Transactions of British Empire in 

Indostan from 1745. 4to, boards, uncut. London, 1763 

407 HoOKE (Col.). Secret History of Negotiations in P'avor i^f 

the Pretender. 8vo. London, 1760 

With the above are bound up 49 numbers of the " Mercuriiis I'oli- 
ticus," from June 12 to Nov. 27, 1705. 

408 Holton (D. P. and F. K.). Family Records of Winsi.ow 

and their Descendants. Vc^l. L Portraits, sheet pedii::;iCi's, 
etc. Thick 8vo, cloth. N. \ ., 1877 

409 Holy Bible. Thick 8vo, old russia (covers loose and no 

back). London, 1S17 


410 HoMEDES ( Fr. Buenaventura}. El Materialista Convertido. 

2 vols, in I. 4to, sheep. Mexico, 1827 

411 Hone (W.\ Ancient Mysteries Explained. Cuts. 8vo, 

cloth. London, 1823 

412 HoNOR.JiTO DE Sant.\ Mari.a (Fr., Carmelite). Reflexiones 

sobre las Reglas y sobre el uso de la Critica. 4 vols, in 2 
Mottled sheep (wormed). Mexico, 1792 

413 HoTCHKix (J. H,). History of Purchase and Settlement of 

Western New York. Front. 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1848 

414 HuET (P. D.). Historia del Comercio y de la Navegacion 

de los Antiguos. 4to, sheep. Madrid, 1793 

415 Humboldt (A. de). Ensayo Politico sobre la Isla de Cuba, 

Paris, 1827; Viage a las Regiones Equinoccialesdel Nuevo 
Continente por Humboldt y Bonpland, Vols. 2-5, Paris. 
1826; Humboldt's Minerva Ensayo Politico sobre El 
Reyno de Nueva Espana, Madrid, tSi8. Together 6 vols. 

416 Humboldt's Cosmos, 3 vols.; Ultimate Generalization; 

Lee's Anecdotes of Birds, Reptiles and Fishes; Barth's 
What is Mesmerism; Dick's Sidereal Heavens; etc. To- 
gether 1 1 vols. Cloth. 

417 Hurst (J. F.). History of Rationalism. 8vo, cloth. 

N. Y., 1865 

41'^ lim'l'jilg CAZBALCETA (J. G.). Coleccion de Docu- 
mentos para la Historia de Mexico. Plates. 
Vols. I and 2. 4to, half red roan, gilt. 

Mexico, 1 85 8-66 
Contains, besides many other documents, the History of Padre 
Motolinia, complete. 

419 Ilustrada Catolico Mexicano, Vol. \. 8vo, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1847 

420 Illvstrivm Poetarvm Flores. Per Octauianum Mirax- 

DULUM collecti, etc. 32mo, half roan (wormed, etc.). 

Lvgdvni, 1590 

421 In'dick General de los Libros Prohibidos. 4to, sheep. 

Madrid, 1844-48 

422 LvDK ADOR de la Federacion Mexicana. \'ols. i, 2 and 3. 

8vo, half sheep. Mexico, 1833-34 





TF/ri, ri.AMAllliN COLLI, etc., lie. A vi.k v ( i ki-.i ^ 


Latin and ok a kki.ic.ious *. hakac i kk kok i iik i:-i. 01 
•iHE I'KiKSTHoou. 4to, vclluni (l)iiulinjr (iaiiia<.(iMl and 
some of the paj^es stained . 

424 Lnnockni' IIL (Pope). I )e C'onteniptv .Mundi. o-'"". 

cloth. Luudnni, 1561 

425 Irvino (T.). ("onquest of b'lorida, by Dk So 10. Maf^. 

121T10, cloth. .\. \'., 1S51 

426 [Irvtxc. Washington). I History of New \'()rk by " Diedricli 

Knickerbocker." Svo, half calf (back loose and stamped 
with library mark). Cdasgow, 1S21 

427 IsLA (L L. de). Descripcion de la ^L'lscara o Moj,M;4an,i4a. 

32nu), half sheep (stained). Madrid, 17.S7 

428 Isi.A. Cartas de Juan dk la Encina. 32nio, shec]). 

Madrid, n. d. 

429 IsoLiNA la e.x-Figurante por '' Facundo." IlliistrateJ. Svo, 

half sheep. Mexico. 1S71 

430 rrURBIDE (A. de, Emperor of ALexiro). TransLicioii a 

Mexico de las Ceinzas de. Plates and portrait on I ndio. 
Imperial Svo, sewed. Mexico. 1S49 

431 lusTiNiAN. Institutionvm Libri IIIL Rubricated. 3Jni(), 

half sheep (MS. on title and part of index short). 

Lvi^dvni. 1607 

432 IZQVIKRDC) (S.). Pra(^tica de los Kxercicios Ksi)iritu.iles 

de nuestro padre San Ionacto. On thick paper a>ui icitli 
plates by Moreno. Square i6mo, half sheep. Mexico, 1756 


.VMES' Shadow and Substance; Stkimikn's .At- 
torney in Search of Practice; W'iRoi r's .\d- 
ventures Kovinj; I)ii)lonKUist; \Vi:m>i 1.1 I'liii- 
Lips' Speeches and Lectures; etc. 'lO^ether 6 

vols. i2mo, cloth. 


434 Jav (John) ^/wa' Hamilton (A.). Lives. 241110, cloth. 

N. Y., 1841 
Below the steel portraits in above are inserted original signatures of 
Jay and Hamilton. 




brado Spiritu Santo que se Fundo- Ano. 1857 n. n. Porel 
M. Y. S. C. D. Melchior de Cobarrubias se principio 
Yaccavo esta Obra, etc. With illuminated title, and 
curious drawing in gold and colors, representing St. Ignatius 
OF LovoLA, Jesuit emblems, etc. 4to, sheep, with flap. 

An interesting relic, illustrating the History of the Order of Jesus in 


signatures of Franciscus Retz, General of the Order of 
Jesus, and of Leonard Schiderer, Secretary; also the 
seal of the order. Dated Rome, August 30, 1736, and ad- 
dressed to Emmanuel de Saint John, Founder of the 
College of Chiguagua, formerly St. Philip's, Mexico. 

437 Jesuits. Constituciones del CoUegio de S. Ignacio de 

LovoL \ de Mexico. Fine portrait of S. Ignatius of Loyola. 
410, limp vellum (wormed and 2 pp. short). Madrid [1766J 

438 jF.srs Torres (Mariano de). Obras Literarios. 4to, half 

morocco, gilt. Morelia, 1867 

.\uth')r's presentation copy, with inscription. 

439 Jicotencal. Plate. 2 vols, in i. 32mo, half sheep (stained 

and torn title). Phila., 1826 

440 JoHNES (A. J.). Philological .Proofs of Original Unity and 

Recent Origin of Human Race. 8vo, cloth. London, 1S46 

441 Johnston and Robertson. Historical Geography of the 

Clans of Scotland. Maps (one large, folded and mounted). 
4to, cloth. Edinburgh, 1872 

442 JONES (J. S.). Defence of Revolutionary History of North 

Carolina from Jefferson's Aspersions. i2mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1834 

443 Jones (Sir William). Memoirs of Life, Writings and Corre- 

sptjndence of, by Lord Teignmouih. Fine portrait. 4to, 
calf, London, 1804 



444 JosK DK S. Bartoi.omk (Fr. Carnulita). Kl Duelo dc la 

Iiujuisicioii. 4to, lialf sheep. 

lioiiiul up with the above is — " Apolo^;ia del Santo Irihunal dc la 

445 JOSEPH US. Works, accordiiij,^ to the l-'rench TranshtticMi 

of D'Andili.y, also the Kinbasy of Pnii.o Jud.kus. Por- 
trait, map and illustrations. Folio, calf (hiiuiin}^' daniaj^a-d;. 

London, i ''Hj 

446 JovKi.i.ANOS (Gaspar de). A sus ('onii)atriotos .Menioria. 

4to, half sheep. C:oruna, iSii 

447 Junius.— Parker (F:. H.) Claims of I'Kancis to Authorship 

of Junius Disproved, etc. i2mo, boards. London, 182S 

448 Junius Discovered by Freokrick C}RirKiN. i6nio, cloth. 

Boston, 1854 

449 Junius.— Graham (J. A.). Memoirs of Tookk and prcjof 

identifying him as author of Junius. Portrait and fac- 
simile. 8vo, boards. N. Y., 1828 

450 Junius. Another copy (no portrait). 

451 JUNitjs. Identity of. Portrait. 8vo, boards. N. V., 1818 


AH-GE-GA-GAH-BOWH (George Copeway). 
Life, History and Travels of. Portrait. i2mo, 
boards. Phila., 1847 

453 Kan r (L). Critique of Pure Reason. Post 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1872 

454 Kelly (Rev. John). Grammar of the .\ntient Ciaelic, or 

Language of Isle of Man. 8vo, cloth. Douglas, i 70 

455 KpyrCHLM (Wm.). Authentic and Comprehensive Hi - 

tory of Buffalo. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. P.uffalo, 1864-05 

456 Key (T. H.). Language — Its Origin and DeveloiMnent. 

8vo, cloth (with Library stamps). London, 1874 

457 Kendall (G. W.). Narrative of 'Le.xan Santa Fe P^.xpe- 

dition. Fronts, and map. 2 vols. 121110, cloth (some p[). 
foxed). X. \'., 1844 

458 Kinneir (J. M.). Journey through Asia Minor, Armenia, 

and Koordistan. Alap. 8vo, calf. London, 18 18 

459 KNOLLES (Richard). The General! Historic of the Turkes. 

Engraved front. Thick folio, old calf. [London], 1631 


460 KoHLRAUsCH (F.). History of Germany. Royal 8vo, cloth. 

N. Y., 1845 

461 Krishna Chandra Ghosa. Anecdotes translated from the 

Persian. English and Persian text on opposite pages. 
8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1838 

462 KuMARA Sambhava KALiDAS.ii Carmen Sanskrite et Latine 

edidit A. F. Stp:nzler. Facsimile Sanskrit text taith Latin 
translation. 4to, cloth. Berlin rt//^/ London, 1838 

ABOULAYE E.). Historia de los Estados Uni- 

dos. 2 vols, 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1870 

T.AEMMERT (E. and H.). Catalogos dos Livros. 

i6mo, boards. Rio de Janeiro, n. d. 

465 LAFRAGUA (J. M.). Memoria de la Primera Secretaria 

de Estado, etc., de Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos. 4to, 
half roan. Mexico, 1847 

£1 los., Puttick and Simpson, 1S69. 

466 Lamentos PoLiTicos del Pobrecito Plolgazan, etc' 32mo, 

half sheep. Cadiz, 1820 

467 LARRAMENDI (Manuel de). Antigueded y Univer- 

salidad del Bascuenze en Espana. 32mo, half sheep, 
(stained). Very rare. Salamanca, 1728 

468 Larramexdi. El Impossible Vencido — Arte de la Lengua 

Bascongada. 32mo, roan, gilt edges. 

Very rare. Salmanaca, 1729 

469 Larenaudiere's Mexique et Guatemala ; Lacroix's Pcrou. 

Maps. 8vo, half morocco, (title mended). Paris, 1843 

470 L.arra?;aga (B. J, de;. Poema Heroyco en Celebridad de 

la Colocacion de la Estatua de Carlos Quarto Rey de 
Espana y Emperador de las Lidias. 4to, Spanish sheep. 

[Mexico], 1804 

The author was — " Tcsorero Mayordomo de la N. C. de Mexico." 
Deicpierre gives an account in his " Revue Analytique," of a very 
rare prospectus of an unpublished poem of this would-be new \ irgil. 

471 Lares ('!".'. Lecciones de Derecho Administrativo. 8v'o, 

boards. Mexico, 1852 

472 Las (."asas (B.). Destruccion de las Lidias Occidentales. 

321110, half sheep. Phila., 1821 

472* Las Casas. The Same, sheep. 


473 LAS CASAS (Christoval de). VDcobvlario <le las rlus 

Lengvas Toscana y Castellana. 410, half sheep (stained 
and title torn). Rark. Seville, 15S3 

474 I.ASSP":PAS (U. U.). De la Cotonizacion de la Haja Cali- 

fornia, Mexico, 1S59 ; also — Ci.avijkkd ( I-". {.). Mistoria 
de la AntijTua o Ikijo California, Mexico, 1S52. 2 v(jls. in 
I. 4to, half sheep. Mcjico, 1S52-59 

£1 3s., I'littick and SiMijison. iSC)(j. 

475 Laso'F.). R1 Atlas Abreviado. Maps a/id en^rarcii froiil. 

32mo, half roan. Amberes, 171 r 

476 Lai RAOUA (J. .NL). Nfemoria (|ue en Cuinpliiniento del 

Precepto Constitucional presento al Septimo (Jongreso de 
la Union. N'umerous fables. Small folio, roan, tjilt. 

Mexico, I ■'■^73 

Presentation copy to I'orter C". liliss, with MS. inscription 01" 
Latrafjua, Minister of I'oreign affairs. 

477 LAZCAXO Y. X., Piofessor en Acadoiiia .\fexiiaiia. 

Opusculum 'rheophilosophicuni de Princij-)atu. 410, half 
sheep. Rare. Me.xico, 1750 

478 Lka (Henry C). Superstition and Force. uino, cloth, 

uncut. I'hila., 1S70 

479 Lkakk (W. ^L). Travels in Northern (ireece. \'ols i. 2 

and 4. Svo, tree marbled calf. London, 1835 

480 LEDES.NLV (Alonso de). lipigramas y Hiertjgliticos. 

32mo, half sheep (foxed). Madrid. i6:;5 

481 LEDES^L\ (C. de). Compendio de las Excelencias de la 

Serafica sagrada Tercera Orden que fundo Nuestro 1'. S. 
Francisco. 321110, half morocco. 

Very rare. Mexico, 1690 

452 LEGLPONT (O.). Itinerario en que se Contiene el modo 

de hacer con utiledad los \'iages a Cortes Estrangeras. 
8vo, vellum. Rare. Valencia, 1 759 

453 Leopold (E. F.). Lexicon Hebraicuin et C'haldaicum. 

32mo, half morocco. Leipsic. 1S50 

484 Lerdo deTejada (C. .NL). Meinoria Presentada al Exmo. 

Sr. Presidente Sustituto. Thick small folio, half sheej). 

Mexico, 1S57 

485 Lerdo de Tejada. Memoria Presentada al Exmo. Sr. 

Presidente Sustituto. Thick small folio, half roan. 

Mexico, 1857 



4S6 LESCARBOT (Marc). Histoire de la Nouvelle 
France, contenant les navigations, decouvertes, et habita- 
tions faites par les Francois es Indes Occidentales & Nou- 
velle France souz I'avoeu & I'authorite de noz Rois Tres 
Chretiens, et les diverses fortunes d'iceux en I'execution 
de ces choses, depuis cent ans jusques a hui. En quoy est 
comprise THistoire Morale, Naturelle & Geographique de 
la dite province. Avec les Tables & Figures d'icelle. Par 
MARC LESCARBOT Advocat en Parlement Temoin ocu- 
laire d'vne partie des choses ici recitees. Four ?fiaps, one 
of which is in facsimile. 8vo, calf, gilt (some pp. slightly 
water-stained). Paris, chez lean Mil/ot, MDCXL 

Rare. " Seconde Edition, reveut', corrigee et augmentce par I'Au- 
theur. "' Title. 

Lescarbot's History was translated into English by Erondelle, and 
published in London without date. A copy of the first French edition 
was priced by Ellis and White in iSyg at ^^45. 

" This author," says Charlevoix, " has collected with much care all 
that had been written before him touching the first discoveries of the 
French in America; all that had occurred in French Florida; the expe- 
dition of the Chevalier de Villegagnon to Brazil; and the first settle- 
ment of Acadia by Mr. de Monts. He seems sincere, sensible and 
impartial." — History of New France, Vol. i, p. 75. , 

487 Lew (Pablo . Notas Geographicas y Economicas sobre la 

Republica de Nicaragua. With large colored map. Royal 
8vo, cloth, gilt edges. Paris, 1873 

488 Lewfs' History of Philosophy, Vol. 1; Kidder's Brazil, Vol. 

2; Stone's Life of Brant, Vol. i; Rawlinson's Herod- 
otus, Vols. I, 2 and 4; Stuart-Glenme's Morning-Land, 
Vol. i; Herve's Turkey and Greece, Vol. 2. Together 
8 vols. 8vo. cloth. 

489 Lewis (Sir G. C). Origin and Formation of the Romance 

Languages. Crown 8vo, cloth. London, 1862 

490 Ley para Justicia en los Tribunales y Juzgados del Fuero 

Comun. 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1858 



491 T-EYES.— RF.COPILACIOX ok I. EYES i.i-s tos 

RkYNOS HRCHA POR MaN'DADO I)K I. a MAr.KSI'M) ('a roi.- 

K A OKI, REY DON FELIPE SECUNMX). 3 vols, tliirk 
folio, limp vellum. Madrid, 16.^0 1723 

Very rare. All the editions are so rare tlial it is with the ^Tcatcst 
difficulty that a copy can now be obtained even in Spain. 


i)K LAS INDIAS Mandadas Imi'rimik V Pri;i,i(.:AK i-or i,a 
Magestai) Catolk a dki. REY DON CARLOS II. 
NuESTRO Senor. 4 vols. foHo, old calf, irilt. 

Madrid, 1774 
Very rare. The 1791 edition of the above sold for ^{^4. los. at 
the BibHotheca Mejicana sale at Puttick & Simpson's in 1869. As 
rare as the preceding lot. 


de ESPANA. 6 vols, folio, mottled sheep, red edj4es. 

Y'ery rare. Madrid, 1S05-J9 

494 LiBRO de Oracion Comun. i6mo, cloth. N. Y., 1865 

495 Lives of Chief Fathers of New I^n.fdand, /. (•. — John Co 1 - 

TON, by A. W. M'Clure; Thomas Shkphkrd, by John A 
Albro; Increase Mather and Sir \Vii i.iam Phiim's. i)y 
Enoch Pond; John Eliot, by Nehemiah Adams. 4 
vols. i2mo, cloth. Boston, 1870 

Librar)' Edition of 100 copies. 

496 LINSCHOTEN.— NAVIGATIO ac Itinerarivm Iouannis 

HvooNis LiNSCOTAiN in Orientalem sive Lvsitanorvin In- 
dian!, etc.; also — DESCRIPTIO totivs Civineae Tractvs, 
Corigi, etc., etc. 2 vols, in i. With c/igrarcd litlc<. por- 
trait, and heraldic plate. Folio, calf. 

Haga; Coinitis, 1599 
Very scarce. "A treasure of all the learning relating to the Fast 
and West Indies." — F. Mullek. 

497 Luis XV. Oracion Funebre, por Lucas Campos y Otazu. 

32mo, half sheep. Madrid, 1778 

498 Lippincott's Magazine. 52 Parts, 8vo, sewed. 

Phila., 1868-70 

499 Littell's Living Age. 998 Parts, 8vo, sewed. 

Boston, 1844-76 


500 Livy; Records of Past; etc. Together 8 odd vols. 

501 Llorente (J. A.). Disertacion sobre el poder de los Reyes 

Espanoles, etc, 4to, half sheep' (wormed). Mexico, 1826 

502 LOBERA DE AVILA (Luys). Vergel de Saindad, 2 vols.; 

Libro de Pestilecia; Libre de las quatro cufermidades; 
Libro de Experiecias de Medicina. 5 vols, in i. Old 
calf. Toledo, 1542-44 

Rare old Spanish black letter on Alchemy, Astrology, Medicine, etc. 
Title mounted, and some leaves stained. 

503 LoBO (E. G.). Selva de las Mosas. 32010, half sheep. 

Cadiz, 17 17 

504 London Athenaeum for the Year 1866. Thick 4to, half 

calf, cloth sides. London, 1866 

505 LoNGiNUS. The Sublime. 8vo, old calf. London, 1800 

506 Long worth's Year Among Circassians, 2 vols.; Tennent's 

Belgium, 2 vols.; Jokai's Hungarian Sketches; Hettner's 
Athens and Peloponesse. Together 6 vols. i2mo, cloth. 

507 Lopez de Ayala fDon L). El Sacrosanto y Ecumenico 

Concilio de Trento. 4to, half sheep. Madrid, 1785 

508 LOPEZ (Gregorio), Las Siete Partidas del Sabio REY 

DON ALONSO el NONO, naeuamente Glosadas 
POK el Licenciado gregorio LOPEZ del Consejo 
Real de Indias de su Magesta, con su Reportorio 
MUY copioso, Asi DEL Testo como dc la Glosa. 8 vols, 
in 4. Folio, half morocco (one title short and some pp. 
stained). Very rare. Salamanca, 1576 

509 LoRENZANA Y BiNTRON (F. .4., ArzoMspo df Mexico). Cartas 

Pastorales y Edictos. 4to, half sheep. 

Rare. Mexico, 1770 

510 Losada (T. M. de). Poesias. i6mo, half sheep, gilt. 

Mejico, 1850 

511 Los Reyes (J. de). Margarita Serafica. 32mo, half sheep. 

[Title torn.) Mexico, 1786 

512 LUYS DE GRANADA (R. P. Maestro Y.^dcla Ordcn dc 

Satiffo Domingo). Doctrina Christiana, etc. 5 vols, in i. 
'I'hick 4to (one title soiled and a few pp. short.) 

Salamanca, 1586 
This comprises two distinct works with additions. 

TlfE BUSS l.inRARY. 47 

513 LUIS !)K C.RANADA. Obras dc-, <///./ Vkla y \'irtii(K-s di- 

1-UIS DK Ci RAN A DA por Mr No/. 9 vols. 4t(). slice]). 

M.Khid, 1730 

514 lA'LLY (Kayinondus, thnifi^ist). I'laza I'liivcrsal cU- [(xlas 

C'icncias Yartes. 4to, half sheep. I'erpiiiaii, \U?a) 

R.\KK. Witli lackinjj P^'Ri-'^ riddcil in MS. 

515 lA'ZRlACiA (Juaiide, Coniiisario Cicncral dt' X tieva l-'.spai.a). 

raranynipho Celeste Historiade la .Mystica Zar/.a .Mila^ioso 
Imoj^en y prodij^ioso Santuario de Aranzazu. el(-. MoiDiteJ 
front. 4to, sheep (wormed and some pj). stained . 

Very rakk. Me.xico, f^or los J/,r<\u'/os 

cIi' la I'iuila i/c Jicniardo CuLicron, xit'^ii 

516 Lyon (Capt. (1. K.). Journal of Residence and 'l"(n.r in 

Mexico. 2 vols. i2m(), boards, uncut. London, iSj.S 

ACARTNEY (Earl of). Public Life of, by 
John Barrow. Portrail [foxcJ). 2 vols, in i. 
Thick 4to, cloth. London, iNo; 

518 McC'ui.LOCH (J. R.). Practical, Theoretical and fListori(-al 

Dictionary of Commerce and Commercial Xavij^ation. 
Maps. Thick Svo, cloth. Loiulon, 1849 

519 Madeira. Description of Island of. i6mo, half calf. 

Lomlon, I 7SJ 

520 Madrid (J. F. de). Guatimoc o Guatimocin. lOmo. (jld 

sheep. ^hldrid, 1835 

521 Magarixos Cervantes (A.). Estutlios sobre el Rio de la 

Plata. i6mo, half sheep (slightly stained). Paris, 1854 

522 ^LA.INE Historical Society's Collections — Second Series. 

Svo, cloth (back damaged). Caml), 1877 

523 Maldonado (F. G.). Cantares de la Melancolia. rortrait. 

4to, half siieep. Mexico, kN53 

524 AL\LO (L Garcia). Politica Natural. 32mo. sheep. 

Mexico, 1822 

525 Mai.o. La Politica Natural. 321110, sheep. Mexico. i8j2 

526 Mal'I'e-Brun. Universal (Geography. Plates. .; vols royal 

8vo, sheep. Phila., 1827-29 

527 Manieesto del Rey de Espana respecto a la Liglaterr.i. 410, 

half sheep. Madrid. 1779 


528 Manuel df. Santa Teresa (Fr.). Instructorio Espiritual 

de los Terceros, Terceras y Beatas de Mestra Senora del 
Carmen. 32mo, vellum. Mexico, 1787 

529 Maps of Mexico, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, etc. 

Together 16 pieces. Cloth. 

530 Maps of Virginia, Arkansas (on parchment), Maine, Minne- 

sota, Wisconsin, etc. Together 10 pieces, in roan covers. 

531 Marchena (J.). Manual de Inquisidores. i6mo, sheep. 

Madrid, 1822 

532 Maria Ana Agueda de S. Ignacio [Aladre So/-). Devo- 

ciones Varias. Plate. 32mo, vellum. Puebla, 1791 

533 Marignv (T. de). Three Voyages in Black Sea to Coast of 

Circassia. Front. Svo, cloth, uncut (back damaged). 

London, 1837 

534 Markham (Clements R.). Life of the Great Lord Fair- 

fax, Commander-in-Chief of the Parliament of England. 
Portrait, tnap, plans and illustrations. Svo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1870 

535 Marmier (X.). Cartas Sobre la America. 2 vols. Svo, half 

sheep. Mexico, n. d. 

536 MARTINEZ DE MARCILLA (L.). Cronicon de Chris- 

tiano Adricomio Delfo, 4to, half sheep. Madrid, 1679 

537 MAR'ilXEZ DE LA PARRA (J.). Luz de Verdades 

Catolicas y Explicacion de la Doctrina Christiana que sig- 
niendo la Costumbre de la Casa Professa de la Compania 
de Jesus de Mexico, etc. 4to, half roan (title mounted). 
Very Rare. Barcelona, 1701 

538 Masson (Ernesto). 011a Podrida Condimentada en Mexico. 

Portrait. Svo, half sheep. Paris, 1 864 

539 Mather (Cotton). Magnalia Christi Americana. Vol. 1. 

Svo, sheep. Hartford, 1S20 

540 Mayans y Siscar (G.). El Orador Christiano. 32mo, vel- 

lum. Valencia, 17S6 

541 Mavhew (Experience). Lives of Pious Indian Women. 

front, {name on back). 241110, half sheep. Boston, 1830 

542 Mazarredo Salazar (J. de). Instrucciones y Senales para 

el Regimen y Maniobras de Escuadra. Plates. Svo, half 
sheep. Mexico, 1S25 



543 Mkjia. Meinoria que t-l C. (Icncral de Divisicni Ij^nacio 

Mojia, Miiiistrcj de (iuerra y Marina |)ifseiita ai 7". Con 
gieso ConstitiUMonal. M aps and tal'U-s. '\\\wk royal Svo, 
half int)r()CC(). Mexico, 1873 

Presentation coi)y to I'orter (". Hliss. with original letter inserted, as 
well as MS. inscription. 

544 MKLI^^NDKZ (Ivan). 'I'resoros Vcrdaderos dc las N'ndias, 

en la Historia dela <gXM\ Proiiincia de San Ivan Havti--la 
del Peru, etc., etc. \'oi. i. /'''a''' //<//<■ {loin . ['Olio, 
old sheep. Very k.\rk. Ronie, lOSi 

545 Mki.ism (John). Military and 'r()po;,n-a|)hi(al .Atlas of the 

U. S., including the British l\)ssessi()ns and l-lorida. 
Folded atul colored maps. 8vo, half roan. I'hila., 1S15 

546 Mei.vii, (Sir James, of Halhill). Memoirs. Svo, calf. 

I'Ulinhurgh, 1735 

547 Mkmokia de (luerra y Marina. 1S39-46, 1S49-52. Tables 

and plans. 2 vols, royal 8vo, half roan. Mexico, 1^39-52 

548 Mf.mori.v de (iuerra y Marina. Royal 8vo, half roan. 

Mexico, iS6(; 

549 Mkmori.v del Ayuntaniiento de 1870. 8vo, half morocco. 

Mexico, 1871 

550 jSTemori.v de Foinento, Colonizacion, Industria y Comercio. 

J'la/es, maps, etc. Royal 8vo, half roan. (2 copies.) 

Mexico, 1808 

551 Memorias. The Same. 1S6S-69. Maps, etc. Royal Svo, 

half roan. Mexico, 1S70 

552 Memoria del Secretario de Estado. 121110, half sliee]i. 

Mexico, I \^o 

553 Memoria sobre la Conveniencia, Utilidad y Neccsidad. .;to, 

half roan. Mexico, iS': 

554 Memoria de Hacienda sobre Casas de Moneda en la Kcpuh- 

lica. Imperial 8vo, half sheep. Mexico. 1849 

555 Memorias sobre el estatlo de la Hacienda I'ublica, 1S25-29. 

Thick 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1825-29 

555* ]Memoria. The Same, for 1844. 4to, half slieei). 
555** Memorias. The Same, for 1S50 -52. 4to, half sheep. 

556 Memoria de los Principales Ramos de la Policia Urbana y 

de los Fondos de la Ciudad de Mexico. 410. half roan. 

Mexico, 1864 


557 Memoria. The Same. Red roan, gilt. Large paper. 

558 Memoria leida por el C. Gobernador del Estado. 4to, half 

roan. Vera Cruz, 187 1 

559 Memorias de Justicia de la Republicana Mexicana, 1823-35. 

I vol. 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1823-35 

560 Memoria del Ministerio de Justicia y Negocios Eclesiasticos 

for 1850 and 1S51. 2 vols, imperial Svo, roan gilt. 

Mexico, 1850-51 

561 Memoria. The .Same, for 1849-52. i vol. 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1849-52 

562 Memoria. The Same. 1844. 4to, sprinkled sheep. 

Mexico, 1844 

563 Mercado (A. F.). Libro de los Codigos. Thick Svo, half 

sheep. Mexicoj 1857 

564 MERCURIO PERUANO. Vols. 6, 7 and 11. 4to, vellum 

and half sheep. Lima, 1792-94 

565 Meteyard (Eliza). Group of Englishmen, 1795 ^o 1815, 

being Records of the Younger Wedgwoods and their 
Friends. Facsimile and view. Svo, cloth. London, 1871 

566 Mexicano (El). Libre Potosinense. Nos. i to 85 inclusive 

(Feb. — Dec, 1828.) 4to, Spanish sheep. 

San Luis Potosi, 1828 

567 Mexican War. Executive Documents. Thick Svo, sheep. 

Washington, 1848 

56S Mickleburgh (J.). Index to Principal Places in the 

World. 4to, cloth. London, 1844 

569 MICHELENA y ROJAS (F.). Exploracion oficial por la 

primera vez desde el Norte de la America del Sur. Maps. 
Thick royal Svo, half sheep. Brussels, 1867 

570 MILTON. — Joanxis Miltoni Angli Defensio pro populo 

Anglicano contra Claudii Anonimi, alias Salmask 
Defensionem Regiam. 4to, calf (rebacked). 

London, 165 1 
Rake, original edition, with fine plate of the arms of the British 
Republic on title. 

571 MiNKRo MexicaxXO (El). One bundle of Nos. 

Mexico, 1S73-74 

572 MiNGUET (P.). Juego de Manos. Cuts. 32mo, half sheep 

(pp. lacking). Madrid, 1778 


573 MiNOT ((;. R.). Continuation of History of Province of 

Massachusetts Bay. V()l. i. Svo, sheep. Boston, 179S 

The second volume w.'is published in 1803, after llie death of the 

574 MiscKi.AXF.A. A miscellaneous collection of pamphlets in 

Spanish, on Freemasonry, e(luc:ation, legislation, etc. 410, 
half sheep. Me.xico, 1X65-6;-; 

575 MiscKl.L.VNK.A. Collection of pamphlets in Spanish, mostly 

pastoral letters and ecclesiastical. Printed in Rome, 
Puebla and Mexico, 1S56-61. Svo, half roan. 

576 Moi.KSWORTH (W, N.).' History of Knj^land from \'^t,o- 

1874. 3 vols, crown Svo, cloth. London, 1S74 

577 MoLiNKRO (Don Caralampio del Cerro). Cartas. i6mo, half 

sheep. Me.xico, 1S60 



(some pp. mended). Me.xico, Antonio ue Spinosa, 157 i 

1-".X IKEMKLY R.\RK. In the earlier editions of lirunet's .Manu.d, this 
work is mentioned as being the earliest specimen of .\merican printing 

Lord Kingsborough's copy of the 1571 Molina cost him /^ 50, /. r., 
$250. It was afterwards marked by Thorpe, of London, in i''^43, for 
^28, /. c, S140. 

The author, Molina, a native of Spain, was taken in early life to 
Me.xico (1523), where he soon learnt the Mexican language, and even 
as a child acted as interpreter between the first missionaries and the 
native Intlians. He afterwards devotetl his life to the propagation of 
useful knowledge in the Mexican language, and his known works bear 
testimoni,' to his great zeal. 

579 MOLINA. Another copy. With numerous MS. notes in the 

margins. 4to, half morocco (portions of prefatory pages 
short, also last page of Inde.x). 

580 MOLINA. Dkscripcion dki. Rf.yno df G.\luia. 4to, 

half sheep. Mondonedo, Aui^ustin dc Paz Acabose, 1550 

Bt.ACK Li'-TIKR and EXCF.ssivi-.i.v R.VRK. .\ few pp. are in .MS. 
facsimile. There is no title, but the colophon gives the liate 1550, 
although in the prologue 1551 is named. 

With this rare work is bound up the even rarer black letter — 
"Glosa Rei.igiosa V Mcv CuKisriAXA sobre las coplas de po.n' 
JORGE Manriqck que confeca. Recuerde el .Alma dormida .\gora de 
nueuo por su aulor corregida y emendata." There is n>Mther date nor 
colophon. On the title is a figure of Death, with a cotlin under !iis 
arm, and surrounded by the skulls of potentates. 


58 r MOLINA (G. I.). Saggio sulla storia Naturale del Chili. 

Map. 8vo, half sheep. Bologna, 1782 

5S2 MOLINA. Compendio de la Historia Civil del Reyno de 

Chile. 4to, half sheep (no title and 2 pp. preface short). 

583 MONTIEL (Julian). Flores y Lagrimas— Poesias. Portrait. 

i6mo, half sheep. Me.xico, 1861 

584 MoNTUFAR (J. J. M.). Compendio Mystico Moral de Flores 

Eucharisticas. 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1750 


REPUBLICANO. Jan. 16, 1846, to Dec. 31, 1851. 
Bound up in 12 vols. Atlas folio, large oblong 4to, etc., 
half roan. Mexico, 1846-51 

Files of Mexican newspapers are of the greatest rarity. There is 
not as complete a set in the U. S. for the period it covers as this 
copy. Its proper place is the Library of Congress. 

586 MORA (J. A. de). Anagrammas en Aplauso y Gloria de la 

Concepcion Purissima de Maria Senora Nvestra. 32mo, 
vellum. Mexico, 1731 

13s., Puttick & Simpson, 1869. 

587 Moral y Castilla de Altra (J. A.). Platicas Doctrinales. 

4to, half sheep. Puebla, 1796 

At the end of the above is a Sermon preached by the same author at 
Tehuacan on January ig, 1783. 

588 MORELL (T.). Enchiridion ad Verborum Copiam, etc. 

32mo, half sheep. Rare. Lvgdvni, 1551 

589 Moreno (G.). Reglas Ciertas para Juezes. 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1732 
15 shillings — Bibliotheca Mejicana, i86g. 

590 Moreau de Jonnes (A.). Elements de Statistique. i2mo, 

half morocco. Paris, 1856 

591 MOSS (J. Vv'.). Manual of Classical Bibliography. 2 vols. 

8vo, cloth (one cover loose). London, 1837 

592 Monro (Rev. Vere). Summer Ramble in Syria. Fronts. 

2 vols. 8vo, boards, uncut. London, 1835 

593 MoYA (Antonio de). Rasgo Heroyco: Declaracion de las 

Empressas, Armas y Blasones. 4to, half sheep. 

Rare. Madrid, 1756 

594 MuERTE Poi.iricA de la Republicana Mexicana por Fran- 

cisco Ihar. 4to, Spanish sheep. Mexico, 1829 


595 MuGKA Y OsoRio (J.). Mcmoria del Kslado dc I'iu,-bla en 

1S49. Tables. Royal 8vo, half calf. Mexico, 1H49 

596 Mui.lkr's Science of Lanj^uage, Second Series; Ikki man's 

Historical Essays, Second Series; Old Merchants of N. 
Y., Vols. 2 and 4; Waii-.r ion's Natural History, lirst 
Series. Together 5 vols. Cloth. 

597 MuNDo Ni'F.vo; El Ahuizote; .-Xinerica lllustrada; and 

other illustrated newspapers in Spanish. (One bundle.) 

598 MUNGINA (C. de Jesus, Bishop of Mcclioacan . Iiistruc- 

ciones Pastorales. Svo, half sheep. Mexico, 1S57 

599 MuNC.iNA. Manifesto dirige a la Nacion Mejicana. Iini)e- 

rial Svo, half sheep. (2 copies.) .Morelia, 1S51 

600 MuNGiNA. Del Derecho Natural. 4 vols. i6nio, moltletl 

sheep. Mexico, 1849 

601 MuN'GiNA. Estudios Oratorius u Obscrvacioncs Criticas. 

4to, half sheep. Morelia, 1S41 

602 MuNGiNA. Coleccion de Opusculos. Imperial Svo, half 

sheep. .Morelia, 1850 

603 MuNGiNA. Curso de Jurisprudencia I'niversal. i2nio, roan. 

Morelia, 1844 

604 Mystic A Ciudad de Dios — Tercera Parte. Plates. Polio, 

old sheep. Amberes, 1755 

AI.MBOURC. History of .Vrianism. 2 vols. 4to, 
old calf. T.oiulon. 1728-29 

Napier (W. F. P.). History of Peninsular 
^\'ar. 6 vols. Svo, half calf (iinperf(;ct '. 

607 Navarro (J. R.). Guirnalda Poetica. — Selecta Coleccion de 

Poesias Mejicanas, Svo, half sheep. Mexico, 185^ 


cuts. 2 vols, folio (binding damaged and loose, also title 

of \'ol. I short.) Venice, Giunta, 1554 59 

Very rare. Includes voyages of Da Mosto, l.opcz, Barthem.n, 

Alvarez, Barbosa, Cartier, Cortes, Ullo, Nizza, Nunez. IVter Mart\T. 

etc. , etc. Also — Delia Conquista del Peru. 

609 NEPRIXA (A. de). Chronica de i.os .muy ai.tos n ksci a- 

RECiDOS Reyes Catiiolicos don FI-^RN.VNDO y dona 
YSABEL DE GLORiosA MEMORiA. 4to, mottled sheep. 

Valladolid, 1565 
E.xcessively rare and with title inserted in MS. 


6io Nf.ira (M de). Maria o la Conversion de una Familia Pro- 
testante. i6mo, half sheep. Mexico, 1854 

611 NEVE Y MOLINA fL. de). Diccionario y Arte del Idioma 
Othomi. 32mo, half sheep. Mexico, 1863 

£\ 7s. , Bibliotheca Mejicana, 1869. Otomi is a dialect of the Mexican 
Indians of the North West of the Valley of Anahuac. 

LEN so DEN Alten hochberumbten Weltpundigten 
UND Weltbeschrieben als PTOLOMEO, STRABONI, 
POMPONII, MELA, DIONISIO, etc., unbekant sind 
gewest, etc., etc. Folio, wooden boards (some pp. stained.) 

Strassburg, 1534 
Rare and black letter. A Collection of the earliest voyages and 

613 New Testament revised and corrected by the Spirits. 8vo, 

cloth N. Y., 1 86 1 

614 Nichols (T.). Handy Book of the British Museum. Pro- 

fusely illustrated. 8vo, cloth. London, 1870 

615 NicoLiNi (N.). Principios Filosoficos y Practicos de Dere- 

cho Penal. 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1864 

616 NICKOLLS (J.). Ventajas y Desventajas de la Francia y 

la Gran Bretana. 32mo, half sheep. 

Rare. Madrid, 1771 

617 Niebuhr (B. G.). Lectures on History of Rome. Portrait. 

Crown 8vo, cloth. London, n. d. 

618 NIEREMBERGIUS (J. E.). Historia Natvr^e Maxime 

PeregrincE. Curious illustrations, many of rare American 
animals, birds and reptiles. Folio, limp vellum. 

Antwerp, 1635 
Rare;. This author published a work printed in the City of Mexico 
in 1643. 

619 Nino (Fr. J.). Aphorismi Superiorum. 32mo, sewed. 

Matriti, 1773 

620 N<)Rie(;a (Juan de). Vindicacion de. 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1 82 1 

621 Nor'I'H British Review. 64 parts. 8vo, sewed. 

N. Y., 1S46-69 

622 NOTICIOSO GENERAL, June 12, 1820, to Oct. 24, 1823. 

4 v(j!s. 4t(), sheep and half sheep (stained). Mexico, 1820-23 



623 NovKNA i)K Maria Samisima. 32010. half shcej). 

l'iicl)la, 1.S34 

624 Nlmismatic— Bakthk (J. B.). Mcnlalhis dc la I'rorlaina- 

cion de Isahkl II. J\>rtraits ami plates. 161110. half ^hl,■l |> 

Madrid, 1X41 

625 NUNKZ i)F. HARO {Archbishop of Mexico). l'asl(arldc. 

4t(), half sheep (no title). Mexico, 1776 

626 NUNKZ (Antonio). Comolji:ador I'enitente de la Purissi- 

nia. 32m(), half sheep. Rakk. Puehla, 1690 

627 NUNKZ. Distribucion de las Obras Ordinarias. 410, 

boards, with silk loops and yellow buttons. Mexico. 17 12 
62S Nunez (I^jnacio). Esquisses Ilistoriciues, Polititjues el Sta- 
tistiques de Buenos Ayres. Map. i2m(), half sheep. 

Paris, 1826 
629 Nuevo Viajero Universal en America. i6mo, roan. 

Barcelona, 1S33 

BSEQUIO AMISTOSO dedica a las Scnor- 
itas Mexicanos. 32nio, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1S49 

631 Observador Catolica. Periodico Religioso, Social y 

erario. Vols, i, 2 and 3. 8vo, sheep. Mexico. 1S4S 49 

632 Observador (El) — de la Republica Mexico. Vols, i and 3, 

— " Segunda Epoca " of the same. Vols. 2 and 3. To- 
gether 4 vols. 4to, Spanish sheep and half sheej). 

Mexico. 1S27-30 

633 Observador Judicial y de Legislacion. \'oIs. i and 3. 

4tG, half sheep. Mexico. 1S4.2-43 

634 0';han (E. B.). Documentary History of New York 

State. Maps and facsimiles. 4 vols, thick 8vo. cloth. 

Albanv, 1S49-51 

635 OCIOS de ESPANOLES EMICiRADOS Pikiodko. April. 

1824 [No. i]. to Aug., 1826. 5 vols. 8vo. half sheep. 

636 OcKLEV (Simon). History of the Saracens. 2 vols. Svo. 

calf. Lonck)n, i 7 i S 


Hebraice, Graece, Latine, Hispanice, Anglice. Oallice. 
Germanice, Italice. Front, of B. /'. M. of GuaJulupe. Svo. 
royal gilt, edges gilt. Mexico. 1S70 


63S Old and New. 54 parts. 8vo, sewed. Boston, 1870-74 

639 Oraciones Civicas, etc. Rare Mexican pamphlets, princi- 

pally political. Thick 8vo, half sheep, gilt. 

Among these are — " Composiciones pronunciadas en los gloriosos 
aniversarios de Nuestra Independencia," Mexico, 1850; " Catastrofe 
de Iturbide," etc. Some are printed at Mexico, others at Guadalaxara, 
etc., and are dated 1825-56. 

640 Ordenanzes y Reglamentos Espanoles. 4to, half sheep. 

This consists of five distinct works printed at Lima, 1773-99, and 
Madrid, 1794-99. With numerous. MS. Notes. 

641 Ordenanza de Ingenieros de Marina. Fine heraldic f late. 

4to, half sheep. Madrid, 1772 

642 Ordenanzas de Contratacion de Bilbao. Folio, sheep. 

Madrid, 1796 

643 Ordenanzas Municipales de Zacatecas. 4to, half sheep. 

Zacatecas, 1826 
With the above are bound up other pamphlets printed in Mexico, 
Guadalajara and Zacatecas, 1823-29. 

644 Ordenanza de la Renta del Tabaco. 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1846 

645 Ordenes y Resoluciones por el Ministerio de Justicia. i2mo, 

half sheep. ' Mexico, 1855 

646 Ordonez (C. J.). Manual para la Infanteria de Linea. 

i6mo, sheep. Mexico, 1843 

647 ORQUESTA (La). From Dec. 3, 1864, to June 30, 1869. 

Aumerous humorous cartoons. 4 vols. 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1864-69 
A scarce collection of the Mexican Punch. The caricatures are very 
curious and have an especial interest in respect of events occurring 
during the French Intervention and the reign of the Emperor Max- 

648 Orquesta (La). ]Vith humorous cartoons. 1 bundle of 

Nos. Mexico, 1867-68 

649 Oksi (J. A.). Historia Eclesiastica. Vols. 3, 5-7, 9, 11-17, 

19-21. Together 15 vols. 4to, vellum. Madrid, 1 754-59 

650 Ortega (F.). Poesies. 32mo, half sheep (imperfect). 

651 Ortiz (L. G.}. Poesias. i8mo, half sheep. Mexico, 1856 




652 OSORIUS ^H). Histoiic dc P()rliijj:;il, conlenant k-s «-iitrr- 

prist's. navij^ations, ct ^cstcs niriiiorahlcs clt-s rcM-tii^^allois, 
tant en la coiKjueste des Indcs Oriciitales . . . (ju'is j,'iicrrcs 
d'Afriquc et autres exploits, dfi)uis I'aii i.ifx;, sous 1'-mm w- 
UKi. 1., Jkan 111. et Skuastian 1. da iioin. Trad, dii Latin 
. .. et niise en Francois jiar S. ('i(()i;i. \ki)). Thick i6ino, 
half sheep. I'aris, (/. ..v /</ S\'(>ui\ 15S7 

R.\KI'.. French transbtion of this hook on the liistoi) of, the voyajjcs of Maj^ellancs, Cahral, Casp. de I.enKis, etc. . with 
the Continuation from L. C-astaj^nede and oilier historians. Ciocjd 
copy, but somewhat stained by water, etc., in the first and hist haves. 
The uniier margin of the title and the last leaf are p.irtly cut olT. 

653 OVIEIX) (J. A. de, Rector del Cole-io de San Andres de 

Mexico). Espejo de la Juventud — San Ivstanislao Koska. 
32mo, half sheep (soiled). Rakk. Mexico, 1727 

654 OviK.DO V Vai.dks (G. F. de). Ilistoria General y Natural 

de las Indias, Islas y Tierra-Firine del Mar Oceano. 
Plates. Vols, i and 4. Thick jto, half sheep (i)indini( 
damaged). Madriil, 1S51-55 

655 Ovir.DO Hkrrera (L. A. de). Poenia Sacra de la Passion 

de Jesu Christo. 4to, half sheep. Mexico, n. d. 

cartoons. 4to. 
Padre Cokos (El), 
bundle of Nos. 

Nos. 1 to 73. Laeet/ous 

Mexico, 1S71 

Facetious cartoons. ( )ne 

Mexico, 187 ; 74 

658 Pai.ack) {M. Riva). Exposicion que al GcMigreso 

dirige el Ministro de Hacienda, etc. 4to, red roan. 

Mexico, 1S4S 

659 PALAFOX Y MENDOZA [^Obispo de la Puehla). Rcgla del 

Gloriosa S. Augu.stin. 4to, vellum (wormed). 

Puehla, 1 721 

Rare. The endeavors made to have the celebrated I'alafox. Bishop 
of Puebla and Vice Roy of Mexico, canonized nut with jjreat oppo- 
sition from the Order of Jesus. Vet he was a second Las t'a>as in 
representing to the Spanish Ciovernment the wretched condition of the 
Indians and in advocating amelioriation. 


660 Palafox. Vida Interior o Confessiones del Ilustrissimo, 

Excelentismo Y.V. Siervo de Uios Don Juan de Pai.afox 
Y Mendoza. 4to, vellum. Madrid, 1772 

Rare. Don Juan de Palafox y Mendoza is described on the title 
as : " de los supremos consejos de Indias, y Aragon, Obispo de la 
Puebla de los Angeles y de Osma. Arzobispo electo de Mexico, Virrey, 
y Capitan General de Nueva Espana, &c." 

661 Palafox. Gvia y Aliento del Alma Viadora. 32mo, half 

sheep (upper margins cut). Very rare. Bruselas[i682] 

662 Palafox. Carta del, al Inocencio X. Small 4to, half 

sheep. Madrid, 1766 

663 Palafox. Carta del. Portrait. i2mo, half sheep (stained). 

Mexico, 1 84 1 

664 PALOU (F., of Mexico). Relacion Historia dela Vida y 

Apostolicas Tareas del Venerable Padre Fray Juinpero 
Serra y de las Misiones que Fundo en la California Sep- 
tentrional, etc. 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1787 
Rare. £\ 13s., Puttick & Simpson, i86g. 

A very curious work containing important matters on the History 
of California. Father Serra was born November 24, 1713, in the 
Island of Majorca, passed 36 years in the missions of California, and 
died in the odor of sanctity August 2S, 17S4, aged 70 years, nine 
months and four hours. 

" Relation interessante. Les exemplaires en sont peu repandus 
dans nos contrees." — Brunet. 

665 Papeles Varios. 2 vols, old half sheep, gilt. 

Contains pamphlets, mostly scientific, among which are— Gonzalez, 
Parhelion Marianum, Alexico, 1758; Spallarossa, Disertacion Physico- 
Medica, 3 vols.; Relacion Historica del Extraordinario Phenomeno 
Medico, 1763; Pablo, Agua Mineral de San Bartholome, Mexico, 1772; 
Pon.s,'rriunfode laMedicina,i753; Partolache, Eecciones Matematicas, 
Alexico, 1769; Carta Familiar de un Sacerdote, Mexico, 1765; De 
L,eon's Estirpe \'espasiana, Mexico, 17S4, etc., etc. 

666 Parapilla et Autres oeuvres Libres et galantes de M. B**. 

24010, calf. A Florence, 1784 

Erotic and scarce. 


MEXICANO. 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1759 

Rare and in the Mexican language. £^ I2s. 6d., Ribliotheca 
Mejicana, iSGtj. 

66S Pkkkdes (C.). Almanaque Peruano y Guia de Forasteros 
1810. 32mo, sheep. 


669 Pakkman (Francis). The Jesuits in North America in the 

17th Century. 8vo, lialf calf, j^ilt. lioston. 1S68 

670 Parkman. Pioneers of France in New World. Portrait 

ami maps. 1 2mo, half calf, j^ilt. I5oslon, 1X68 

671 PARR A (J. G. de la). Importantissinias y Verdaderas 

Resoluciones para B^cclcsiasticos, etc. 4to, velluni. 

Very scarck. Me.xico, 1730 

672 Parsi:e Laws. — Dastur Nameh Kisrawi. Svo, iialf calf. 

Calcutta, 1X24 

673 Parte de la Ordenanza General de Correos del 1794. 

4to, half sheej). Me.xico, 1.S36 

674 Paston Letters with Notes by 1'"enn. Facsimiirs and cuts. 

2 vols, square i6mo, half calf. London, 1840 

675 PATRICK (Symon, Bishop). Commentary upon Historical 

Books of Old Testament. Portrait. 2 vols, folio, old calf. 

London, 1732 

676 Patrick. Parable of the Pilgrim. 4to, old sheep. 

London, 1670 

677 Pati-ex (J. A.). Lives of Clergy of New York and Brook- 

lyn. Steel portraits. 4to, cloth. N. V.. 1S74 

678 Payno ^Manuel, Ciudano Afexicano). El Fistol del Diablo. 
^ Illustrations. 7 vols. i6mo, half calf. Mexico, i85(;-6o 

679 Payno. Memoria de Hacienda Presentada al Escmo Sr, 

Presidente de la Republica. 4to, half sheep. 

Me.xico, 1857 

680 Payno (C. M.). Me.xico y sus Cuestiones Financieras con 

la Liglaterra, la P^spana y la Francia. 4to, half roan. 

Mexico, I 86 2 

681 Paz (Ireneo). La Piedra del Sacrificco. 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1 87 I 

682 Penny Cyclopaedia — Vols. 1-14 ; 17-2; Sup. i. Cuts. 

Together 12 vols. Liiperial 8vo, half calf (some vols. 
damaged). London, 1833-51 

683 Lena y Pena (Manuel de la). Lecciones de Practica 

Forense Mejicana. 3 vols. 8vo, half sheep (one vol. 
stained). Mexico. 1S35-39 

684 PERALTA (Antonio de). Dissertationes Schola.sticae de 

Sacratissima Virgine Maria. 32010, half sheep. 

Very rare. Mexico, 1721 


685 PPLREZ (F.\ Catecismo de la Doctrina Cristiana en lengua 

Otomi. 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1834 

With the above is bound up — ' Manualito Otomitica," by Perez. 
£\ 6s., Puttick & Simpson, i86g, without the last named. 


half sheep (no title). Mexico, 1723 

VERY RARK, and in Mexican and Spanish. ^^15 los., Puttick & 
Simpson, 1S69. 

687 Periodico Official del Imperio Mexicano. July 21, 1863 

(Vol. I, No. i), to Dec. 31, 1864. Thick large 4to, half 
roan. Mexico, 1863-64 

687* PERIQUILLO SARNIENTO (El)-por el " Pensador 
Mexicano." 56 huinorons plates. 4 vols, in 2. i6mo, half 
sheep. Mexico, 1865 

£\ 5s. 6d., Puttick & Simpson, i86g. A curious novel written by 
M. F. de Lizardi at the end of the last century, and illustrative of cus- 
toms and life in Mexico at that time. 

688 Pkrry (T. S.). English Literature in the Eighteenth Cen- 

tury. Crown 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1883 

689 Petkrborow (Earl of). Account of his Conduct in Spain. 

8vo, calf. London, 1707 

690 Pkterson's Ladies' National Magazine. 27 Parts. 8vo, 

sewed. Phila., 1861-63 

691 PETISCO (J.). Gramatica Grieja. 321110, half sheep. 

Rare. Villagarcia, 1759 

692 Pezuela (L. R.\ Memoria presentada a S. M. El Empera- 

dor. Plates and maps. 4to, half morocco. Mexico, 1866 

693 PIC.VZO 'Miguel;. Regla y Constituciones del Orden Ter- 

cero del Real y Militar de Nuestra Senora de la Merced. 
32mo, old sheep. Rare. Mexico, 1752 

694 PiEZAs Curiosas sobrc el Negocio de los Jesuitas en Fran- 

cia. 32ni(), half sheep. Pamplona, n. d. 

695 PIMENTEL (F.). Cuadro Descriptivo y Comparativo de 

las Lenguas Indigenas de Mexico. 2 vols. 8vo, half sheep, 
gilt. Mexico, 1862-65 

£2 2s., Bibliotheca Mejicana, 1S69. 

6-/) PiMKMEL. The Same. Vol. i. 

697 PiMKN iKi-. Situacion Actual de la Raza Indigena de Mexico. 
8vo, half sheep, gilt. Mexico, 1864 


69S PiMKNTKi.. La Kaza liulijjcna dc Mcxiro. Svo. half tiior- 
occx). Mc.\i((), i,S(j.| 

699 I'lNTO (I'criKUi Mcndcz). llistoria Orit-iUal df las I'rrc- 

^rinaciones de, etc., tradvzido dc I'ortv^vrs cw ( ■asicllaiio 
])()r el Licenciado Francisco de IIkkkkka Maidinaho. 
4to, half sheep. .Madrid, 16^7 

VKRY RAKK. Some of the prefatory i)a^a's arc iiiLixIril and l.i(k- 
ing portions aiidcd in MS. 

700 PiZARUO (Nicolas). Kl Moiiedenj -Novela. .}lo, half slu-ej). 

.Mexico, 1861 

701 PiZARKO. Catecisino de Moral. Svo, boards. .Me.xico, iX6,S 

702 Plan (iKNKRAi, de Kstudios. Several pieces in i vol. 410, 

calf. .Mt'xico, 1S5- 

703 Pi. ANA Mayor del l-'.jercito. 410, 5.;reeii roan. .Mexico. 1S50 

704 Pi.AU I'K. Comedies de, tradiiites en \'ers par le Mis. dk 

Bki.i.oy. Crown Svo, mottled calf, i^ilt. Paris, 1.S69 

705 P(^hi:da. Poesias de 1). Francisco Pobkda, el Trovador 

C^ubano. Portrait. 4to, half sheep. 

Sa,i;;ua la Crande, | iS6_^| 

706 PoiNSKlT (J. R.). Notes on Mexico. Svo, half calf (no 

map). Foiidon, 1S25 

707 PoLYBius. Translated by Hamiton. 2 vols. Svo, boards. 

Oxford, 1S23 

708 PARCACCHI (T.). T/lsole Pio Famose del Mondo. /:"//- 

i:; raved titles and maps, i/icli/di/i;^ curious .liiicric'in. I-'oIio, 
limp vellum. Rakk. \'enice, 1590 

709 PoRi'AS (Rafael de). Defensa dc los Interesses Cenerales 

de Yucatan. Svo, half sheep. Merida, 1S69 

710 PoRTiLLA (.\. de laj. Espana en Mexico. Svo, half .•-iKep. 

Mexico, 1S71 

711 Posadas (A.). Concertatio Philosophica. Svo, sheep. 

Mexico, 1S34 

712 Practica de la Devocion con el Glorioso Patriarcha San 

Joseph. 48mo, half sheep. Mexico, lOSi 

713 Pradt (De, Archbishop). Tres Meses Ultimos de la America 

Meridional. Svo, sheep. Piirdeos, 1S17 

714 Preller (L.). C.riechische Mytholos^de. j vols. Svo, sewed, 

uncut. Berlin, 1S72-75 


715 PRESCOTT (W. H.). Historia de la Conquista del Peru. 

Portraits and map. 2 vols. 8vo, half roan. 

Very scarce. Mexico,, 1850 

716 Prescott. Conquista de Mexico. Plates, some colored, 

and illuminated titles. 3 vols. Svo, half roan (one cover 
damaged). Mexico, 1844-46 

717 Prescott. Life, by George Ticknor. Portrait. Crown 

Svo, cloth. Boston, 1864 

718 Prieto (G.). Origen, Vicisitudes y Estado Rentas Generales 

de la Federacion Mexicana. Royal 8vo, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1850 

719 Prime's Memoir of Murray; L. E. Landon's Life and 

Remains ; Life of Rutherford ; British India ; etc. 
Together 7 vols. Cloth. 

720 Propagador Mercantil. 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1833-34 

721 Proprium Festorum quae in Mexicana EcclesiaCelebrantur, 

etc. 4to, sheep. Mexico, 1835 

722 Proyecto de Codigo Penal. 4to, half sheep. Madrid, 182 1 

723 Proyecto de Codigo Penal de Jalisco. 4to, half sheep. 

Guadalajara, 1826 

724 Provectos para el Arreglo del Ejercito. A collection of 

Mexican pamphlets. 4to, half sheep. 

Mexico and Queretaro, 1830-49 

725 Proyecto de Codigo Penal de la Baja California. 4to, half 

sheep. Mexico, Ponce de Leon, 1871 

726 Proyecto de Codigo Penal para el distrito Federal y Terri- 

torio de la Baja California. Imperial 8vo, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1 87 1 

727 Pumpelly's Across America and Asia; Johnston's China 

and Japan; De Forest's European Acquaintances; An- 
derson's Lake Ngami; Madden's Egypt and Mohammed 
Ali; Handbook for India and Egypt. Together 6 vols. 
1 2 mo, cloth. 

728 Pui'NAM (Israel). Essay on Life of, by Humphreys. i6mo, 

shcej) (soiled). Middletown, 1794 

729 Putnam's Magazine. 18 Parts, Svo, sewed. N. Y., 1868-70 



730 l^^^^jUADERDO i)K LAS CORTKSqukkn VAI.I.A- 

DOLII) lU.NO SU MacIKSIAJ) i)l I. i;.MI'F.KA|M.|< 
V KKV NlM'.Sl kO Sj.NOK K.I. AN<> Dl. IS:?,^; '/A 

LAS LKYES y PRKMATICAS \<\.\\.\.> jn < iia> 

Y NZIKRO EN LA ClU DAD 1)K TC ) 1 ,K 1 )(). ll'itJl /i/ir ll '- 

viorial biarin^s on tith's. 2 vols, in 1. 410, half iiiDrocco 
(wormed). liur^os, 1526 29 

OF TIIK IIIGHKST KAKITV. These important transactions (,f 
the early sixteentli century Cortes of Valladi^lid and Toledo are full (>l 
references to the then newly discoveretl America. 

731 Quintan A (M. J.). Vidas de ICspanolcs Celebris Svo, 

half sheep. Madrid, iSii 

732 QuiNONKS (J. G.). Descripcion de las Demoslracioiics con 

que la muy Noble y muy Leal Ciudad de la I'uebla de los 
Angeles Segunda de este Reyno de Nueva Kspana, etc. 

[Puebla], 1S09 
With the above is bound up a Sermon preached in I'uebla f athedral 
by Father Martinez. 

733 QuEVEDO (Francisco de). Las Tres Mosas t'ltimas Castel- 

lanas Segvnda Cvmbre del Parnaso Espanol. 4U), half 
sheep (wormed). Rare. Madriil, 17 16 

734 QuEVEDO. Visiones y Visitas de Torres (a few j)p. short); 

Buena Astrologia; El Hermitano; etc. 4to. Madrid, n. d. 

ADICAL frhe}. 42 Parts. Svo, sewed. 

Boston, i8(-6-7i 
Ralegh (Sir Walter). Life of, together with 
his Letters now First Collected. By 1'1dw.\ki) 
Edwards. Portrait, facsimiles, etc. 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 
uncut. ■ London, 1S68 

737 Ramirez (D. J. M.j^^/yl/^'AvV^--). Celesta y Ellas, etc. i6mo, 

cloth. I'aris, 1864 

738 Ramirez (L). Impugnacion de Francisco Pimknim.. 

i6mo, half roan. Mexico, 1S72 

739 Ramirez (Jose F.). Memorias Negociacones Docunu-ntos 

de las Differencias que han suscitado entre Mexico y los 
Estados Unidos. Thick folio, half sheep. Mexico, 1853 


740 Ramirez. Memorias de las Differencias entre Mexico y los 

Estados Unidos. [Tehuantepec Canal difficulty.] Thick 
royal Svo, half sheep (charred). Mexico, 1853 

741 Ramirez. The Same. Roan, gilt edges. 

742 Randall's Hy. New York State; Hale's Kanzas and Ne- 

braska; May's Anti-Slavery Conflict; Hy. of Mendon 
Association; Hall's Statistics of West; etc. Together 9 
vols. Cloth. 

743 Reade (VVinwood). Martyrdom of Man. 12010, cloth. 

London, 1872 

744 REED ^J- W.). History of the Reed Family in Europe and 

America. Portraits. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1861 

745 Reales ExEQUiAS dc la Serenissima Senora Da. Ysabel 

Farnecio Princesa de Parma y Reyna de la Espanos. 
Curious Mexican etchings and large folded plate. 4to, half 
sheep. Rare. Mexico, 1767 

746 Reber's Christ of Paul; Anti-Janus; Rogers' Psalms in 

Hebrew; Mills' Ancient Hebrews; Newman's Phases of 
Faith; Feuerbach's Essence of Religion; etc. Together 
10 vols. i2mo, cloth. 

747 Recreo de las Familias. Portraits and plates. Svo, half 

sheep. Mexico, 1838 

74S RECUEH. DES VOYAGES qui ont servi a I'Etablissement 
et aux Progres de la Compagnie des Indes Orientales. 
Maps, plates, etc. 12 vols. i2mo, calf (rubbed and some 
])lates foxed). Rare. Rouen, 1725 

749 Recueil DE Voyages au Nord. Vols. 5 and 7. i2mo, 

sheep. Amsterdam, 1724-25 

Includes " Relation de la Louisiana," " Troisieme Relation de 
Hennepin," etc. 

750 Registro Trimestre o Coleccion de Memorias de Historia 

Literatura Ciencias y Artes. Vol. i. Palates. 4to, half 
sheep. Mexico, 1832 

751 REGISTRA YUCATECO. Vol. i. Plates. 8vo, half 

sheep (6 pp. short). Merida, 1846 

Edited by Dr. Justo Iverra and containing numerous historical, anti- 
quarian and other articles relating to Yucatan. 

752 Regla de N. P. S. Augustin. 4to, vellum. 

[ Mexico], 1774 


753 Hkglamknto par las Milicias ck- Infanteria y Caballeria do 

C^uba. 32mo, half sht-ep. Lima, 1705 

754 Rkiji.amknio y Arancelcs Rcalcs |)ara cl Cumincr( io I.ibic 

tie Kspana a Indias. Fitu- hfnilaic plate oj >i\^al Spanish 
a/ms. 4to, sewed. Madrid, 1778 

755 Rf.GLAMENTO dc la Suprcma Corlc Manial tk- la Republica 

Mexicana. 410, sheep. .Mexico, 1S37 

756 Rkgi.amento del Derecho de Coiisunio. Svo, half roan. 

Mexico, i,S42 

757 RKGi.A.MKNTode la Rentade I'apel Sellado. 8vo, half sheep. 

.Mexico, i(S64 

758 REcn.A.NrENTO de C.aritas de Esta Capital. 321110, boards. 

Mexico, 1867 

759 Renacimen'to (El), Portraits and plates. 2 vols, in i. 410. 

half sheep. Mexico, 1869 

760 Rengger and Lompchamp. La Revolucion de Paraj,^uav. 

i6mo, sheep. Paris, 1828 

761 Rennell (James). Memoir of a Map of Hindostan. Map. 

4to, calf (title cut and MS. notes. London, 1792 

762 Rennell. Treatise on the Comparative Geography of 

Western Asia. 2 vols. Svo, half calf. London, 183 1 

763 Rentas y Bienes Eclesiasticos, also other pamphlets on 

ecclesiastical property. Svo, half sheep. 

Mexico and Cuadalajara, 1833-47 

764 REPERTORIO MEXICAxN'O. June 2, 1827 (/. ^., Vol. 1, 

No. i), to March 25, 1828. 2 vols, folio, half sheep 'wormed). 
Rare. Mexico, 1827-28 

765 RESTREPO (J. M.). Historia de la Revolucion de la i Re- 

publica de Columbia. 10 vols. i6mo and 4to half ru^.^ia 
atlas. Together 11 vols. Paris, kSj; 

766 Retiro EspiRiTUEL. 321110, velluiii (wormed). 

Salamanca, 1726 

767 Revista Cixtieica de Mexico, ^'ol, i. J'ortraits. Royal 

8vo, half sheep (imperfect). 

768 Revisfa Mensual de la Sociedad Promovedora de Mejoras 

Materiales. Map and plates, (i vol.) Imperial Svo, half 
roan. Mexico, 1852 

769 REYNEL HERNANDEZ ; M. . El Peregrino con (hiia. 

32mo, half sheep (wormed, and some margins cut down . 

Mexico, 1755 


770 RIBADENEYRA (A. J. de). El Passatiempo. 3 vols. 8vo, 

half roan. Rare. Madrid, 1752 

771 RiGVEDA — Sanhita — LiBER Primus — Sanskritc et Latine 

edidit Fridericus Rosen. 4to, cloth. London, 1838 

772 RiGVEDA, traduction de A. Langlois. Royal 8vo, cloth. 

Paris, 1870 

773 RiGVEDA, Die Hymnen des, Mandala i-x, herausgegeben 

von Theodor Anfrecht. 2 vols. Svo, paper, uncut. 

Bonn, 1877 

774 RiNxox (General Manuel). Manifesto que dirige a sus Com- 

patriotas. Royal Svo, half sheep. Mexico, 1839 

775 Rio de la Plata. Noticias Historicas, Politicas y Estadisti- 

cas. Folded maps. 8vo, half sheep. London, 1825 

776 RIPOLDA V PAREDES. Catecismo Mexicano. Coat of 

arms of Archbishop of Mexico. 32010, half sheep (stained). 

Mexico, 1 75 8 
Rare. An Eighteenth Century Mexican Catechism. 

777 RIPALDA (G. de). La Doctrina Christiana. 4to, half 

sheep (torn title). Rare. Puebla, 1784 

778 RivADENAVRA y Banientos (A. J. de;. Compendio Maunal 

del Real Patronato. Portrait. 4to, old calf (no title). 

Madrid, 1755 

779 RiVA Palacio (Vincente, General). Memoria Presentada a 

la H. Legislatura del Estado de Mexico. Maps. 4to, 
half sheep. Toluca, 1871 

780 RiVA Palacio. Vuelta de los Muertos. 8vo, half sheej). 

Mexico, 1870 

781 RiVA Palacio and Mateos (Don Juan A.). Libras Her- 

manas — Obras Dramaticas. 8vo, half sheep. Mexico, 1871 

782 RIVAS (M. J. de la). Grammatical Construccion de los 

Hymnos Ecclesiasticos. Woodcuts. 32010, half sheep. 
Rare. Mexico, 1738 

783 Rivera y Rio (Jose). Florcs del Destierro - Composiciones 

Liricas, Leyendas, Baladas, Traducciones, etc., etc. 4to, 
half sheep. Mexico, 1868 

784 Rivera y Rio. Esqueletos Sociales. Lithographs. 410, 

half roan. Mexico, 1870 

785 Rivera NL G.). Concilio IIL Provincial Mexicano. Thick 

Svo, sheep. Mexico, 1859 

77/ A" /UJSS I.IHRARY. 67 

786 Rui/ (T.). Apuntes I'octicos. Portrait. ;^2m(), half sheep. 

Mexico, 1H66 

787 RouKRTsoN (J. V.andW. P.). I,etters 011 South America. 

3 vols. i2mo, cloth. London, 1H43 

7<S8 Robertson (W.), Histoirc du Kej^nie de i'Kniperetir 

C^HARLKs QuiN r. 3 vols. Svo, half sheep. Paris, x'^zz 

789 RoBKRTsoN. History of Scotland. 3 vols. |)ost <Svo, lialf 

calf, j^ilt. London. 1.S31 

790 RoHKRTSoN. History of Ai7ierica. Mapa and plati-. .\ vols. 

in 2. Svo, half roan. London, 1S22 

791 RoKiNsoN (W. L).). Memorias dc la Rcvolucion de Mexico. 

Portrait of Mina and map. Kvo, half roan. London, 182.^ 

792 RoRiNsoN (H. C.\ Diary, Reminiscences and ('orresi)ond- 

ence. 2 vols. i6mo, cloth. Boston, 1S70 

793 RoHLEs (J. de). Ratio 'Accentuum. 3^nio, cloth. 

Toleti, 1552 

794 Rodriguez v Cos (J. AL). EI Anahuac— Knsayo l^pico. 

i6nio, half sheep. Mexico, i<S53 

los. , Piittick & Simpson, 1S69. 

795 Rogers (T. J.). Biographical Dictionary of Deinirtcd 

Heroc-S, Sages and Statesmen of America. Svo, sheep. 

Easton, 1824 

796 ROGERS (Major Robert). Journals of, containing an .\c- 

count of the Several Excursions he made under the ("«en- 
erals who commanded upon the Continent of North .Amer- 
ica during the Late War. i2mo, calf. ' Dublin, 1769 
R.\RE. At the end is added " Historical Account of tlic I'.xpcdition 
against the Ohio Indians in the Year 1764." The writer conimainied 
the provincial troops or rangers during the I'Yench wars in America. 

797 RoMO (J. J., Opispo de Canarias). Independencia Constante 

de la Iglesia Hispana. 32mo, half sheep. Mexico, 1S44 

79S Rt)SA (L. de la). Memoria de la Hacienda de la Republica 

Mexicana. Royal Svo, half sheep. Mexico, 1S46 

799 Rosa. Cultivo del Maiz in Mexico. Colored platr. Svo, 

half calf. Mexico, 1 S46 

800 RosiGNiOLi (C. G.). Noticias Memorables ile los Exercicios 

Espirituales de S. Ignacio de Lovola. 410, half calf. 

NL'uirid. \(i().\ 


80 1 Ross' Eastern Question; Smellie's Philosophy Natural Hy. ; 

Beaufort's Aramaina; Woodard's Shipwreck Narrative; 
Wakefield's Translation of New Test., 2 vols.; etc. To- 
gether 8 vols. 8vo, boards. 

802 Rousseau ;^J. J.). Emilio o de la Educacion. 3 vols. i2mo, 

sheep. Burdeos, 182 1 

803 ROVIGO (Due de). Memoires de, pour Servir a I'Histoire 

de I'Empereur Napoleon. S vols. 8vo, half calf. 

Paris, 1828 

804 RozA (Felix de la). Ordenanza Particular de Conductores. 

4to, vellum. Lima, 1805 

805 Russian and French Dictionary; National Proverbs in Five 

Languages; Racine's Latines; etc. Together 7 vols. 

806 Russell (W.). Eccentric Personages. i2mo, cloth. 

N. Y., 1866 

807 Russell (^^'illiam, Lord). Life. Portrait. 2 vols, 8vo, 

boards. London, 1820 

808 RYCAUT (Sir Paul). History of the Turks. Portraits. 

Folio, old calf (some pp. stained). London, 1700 

AAVEDRA FAXARDO (Diego). Idea de un 
Principe Politico y Christiano Representada en 
Cien Empressas. Curious illustrations of emblems. 
4to, vellum. Valencia, 1695 

Rare edition. One of the best works on emblems. 

810 Saavedra's Corona Ootica ; Amar's Literature Espanola ; 

Hermanos de la Hoja ; Garao's Instruido de la Naturelza; 
etc. Together 7 odd vols. 

811 Sabij)Ukia (La). O relaciories del Hombre. Por un Amer- 

icano. 4to, half sheep. Vera Cruz, 1827 

812 SAENZ DE LA PENA (A., of Tlaxcala). Manval dk 

LOS Santos Sacramentos conforme al Ritval de 
PAOLO QVINTO. 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1642 

Vf:RV RARK. Some pp. moimted and mended. The above work 
was compiled by the orders of Juan de Palafox, Bishop of Puebla, 
Archbishop of Mexico, etc. 

813 Saora Ramon dc la). Estudios Coloniales con aplicacion 

a la Isla de Cuba. 8vo, boards. Madrid, 1845 


S14 SAHAGUN fHernardino de). Historia (Iknkkai. df 

COSAS DK NUHVA ESF'ANA. 3 vols. 8v(), inottlcd sllCfll, 

yellow edges. Nk-xicD, r.S2f;-.5o 

Qlmtk scarce. £<, 17s. 6d., Fiitiick ik Simpson, 1^6.). 
This wonderful work, to which the entire life of l;itlicr Sah.i^un 
was devoted, is beyond question the most important, as it i^ the nio-.t 
authentic, history of events, transpiring in the New World before its 
discovery by Columbus. .Ml that relates to the rtli;;ion-, customs, 
government and wars of the .Aztecs, was examined in a manner so 
critical, so patient and thorough that no history was ever ^(jriccived or 
brought forth with more labor. 

815 Sahagun. Historia de la Conquista de Me.xit o. 410, shciq) 

(stained). Mexico, iSji; 

Rakk. This is a new version or recension of the last book of 
Sahagun's History, written by himself at a distan(;e of twenty years 
from the time of composing his original work. Sahagun was one of 
the earliest of the Spanish missionarie.-;. His work, published by 
Hustamente, for the first time, is of the utmost value for the history of 
the native Mexican civilization and customs. The work of Ixtlil\ucliit!, 
as edited and published by liustamente, is a sup[)lemnit to the history 
of Sahagun. 

816 Saixt Simon. Doctrine dc, Caticisnic Politicnie. etc. 2 

vols. Svo, half roan. Paris, 1831-41 

817 Salas (Pde., S. /.). Thesaurus llispano l.atinus. 410, 

half sheep (with MS. on back of tiile . \'alciicia. 1690 

818 SAMAXiKGO (Y. M.). Fabulas en \'erso Castcllano. 410, 

half sheep (wormed;. X'alencia, 17S1 

S19 I'he Same. i6nK), sheep. Isla de l.ecn, 1810 
819* Sa.maxif.c.o. The Same. i6mo, sheep. X. "\'., 1826 

820 S. Alberto (J. A. de, Archbiihop of Iai Plata), ("arias 

Pastorales. Svo, half sheep. Madrid. 1793 

821 San Anastasio (Juan de). Coloijuios Canirnico Morales. 

4to, sheep. Mexico, i^if) 

822 SAN ANTONIO J. F. de). Chronicas de la Apostolica 

Provincia de San Gregorio de Religiosos l^escalzos de N. 
S. P. S. Francisco en las Islas Philijiina.-, China, Jajion, 
etc. Parte Tercera de la Celeberrima Seraphica .Mission 
de Japan. Curious cngra-.ri/ plate of the Japarrsc c:uciffJ 
Catholic Martyrs. Puebla tie Sami^aloc, I'.xtra 

Rare. muros de la Ciudad de Manilla, 1744 


823 Saxche;^ (Miguel). Novenas de la Virgen Maria Madre de 

Dios, de los Remedios y Guadalupe. 4to, half sheep (com- 
plete, although commencing on page 63). [Mexico, 1783J 

824 Sanchez. Relacion de la Milagrosa Aparicion de la Santa 

Imagen de la Virgen de Guadalupe de Mexico. 4to, 
half sheep. Mexico, 1781 

This volume contains other brochures on the same subject by — 
Nicoseli, Afexico. 1781 ; by Segura, 1742; Flores Guadurpanas, Plate, 
Mexico, 1785 ; Nuevas Constituciones y KtglcLS. Mexico, 1786; Marin's 
Defensa Guadalupana, Mexico, 1819; Elogio Poetico, Mexico, 1S20; 
Bustamente, Manifesta a los Mexicano, Mexico, 1831; Informe Critico- 
Legal, Mexico, 1835; La Apparicion Guadulpana, Mexico, 1843; 
with portrait of Bishop Morales, of Oaxaca. 

825 Sanchoniatho. Phoenician History. 8vo. London, 1720 

826 Sanxtorvm Patrvm Regvlae Monasticae. 32mo, half 

sheep (MS. on title). Louvaine, 1571 

827 Sanderson. Biography of the Signers, revised and edited 

by Conrad. Portraits, etc., on hidia paper (some short). 
Thick 4to, paper. Phila., 1865 

160 copies only printed. 

828 SANDOVAL (Prvdencio de). Historia de la Viday Hechos 

del Emperador Carlos V. Maximo, Fortissimo Rey Catho- 
lico de Espana y de las Indias. Engraved titles, Jine por- 
traits ana plates. 2 vols, folio, old calf gilt. Ambere.s, 1681 
Very rare. 

829 SANDYS (George). Travels. Illustrated Folio, half bound 

(lacking printed text added in MS.) 

Rare. " Distinguished by erudition, sagacity and a love of truth." 

— l.OWNDES. 

830 San Fermin (Antonio). Defensa del Homo Attritus. 4to, 

sheep. Guadalaxara, 1802 

6s., Bibliotheca Mejicana, 1869. 

831 San Fermin. The Same. Half sheep. Guadalaxara, 1802 

832 San Joseph (Antonio de, Carmelite monk). Cartas de Santa 

1'eresa dc Jesus. Eront. 4to, half sheep. Madrid, 1778 

833 San Mif;uEL (J. R. de\ (iuia Judicial o Coleccion de las 

Lcyes. 3 vols, in 2. 8vo, half roan. Mexico, 1S46-50 

834 San Salvador {\. P. Fernandez de). Dcsenganos que a 

los Insurgentes de N. Espana seducidos por los Fracma- 
jones agentes de Napoleon. 32mo, vellum. Mexico, 1812 
Rare and .Masonic. 


835 Saniacu.ia (Pedro). Kl Arpa de Froscripto. 161110, (l(jili. 

N. \ ., 1S/.4 
, 836 SAiNTA YSAHF.L (Rcynade \ii.tiria). KMoiulido 'riK->nn ,. 
321110, half shee]). Mexico, \-i-, 

With the above are bound up — 1'. l-'r. Francisco, Nuvciia Niicv.i, 
1725; Novena a Santa Theresa, 1721 ; Carrtra, Novcna, lyi^y; liivo- 
cion a Christo, 1724; Novena de la Santa Veronica, 1721^; Ni.\(iiac|f 
Santa Rita do Casia, 1710 ; Jesus Maria y Joseph, Novena, 1711) ; No 
vena de M;iria de I.oreto; and others of the same character, .ill of wliii h 
were printed in the City of Mexico early in the iSth century. 

837 Sarinaxa (S. M.). Troyas Mexicanas. 4to, half shcL-p. 

Mexico, iS^o 

838 Sartorius (A.). Importancia de Mexico para la l'",ini)j;ra- 

cion Alemana; also, (leografia Animada por A. dks IC>sak i >. 
Plates of costume. 2 vols, in i. 410. . Mexico, 18:; 2 

839 Savarv. Lettres sur I'Kgypte. 3 vols. 8vo, spani-h calf. 

Paris, 179.S 

840 '><.\xi\.].v. [Geo., Afart/uis of Halifax). Miscellanies. 121110, 

calf. London, 1717 

841 Say (J. P.). Catecismo de Economia Politica. 161110, sheep. 

Madrid, iSjj 

842 Savce (Rev. A. H.). Elementary (iraniinar of Assyrian 

Language in Cuneiform Type. 410, cloth. London, n. il. 

843 ScHERZER ^K. von). Weltindustrien. 8vo, paper. 

Stuttgart. 18S0 

544 Sc H\v a RZ (Joseph, A'f?/'/''/). Geography and Historical Sketch 

of Palestine. Maps and numerous engravings. Svo, clotti. 

Phila., 1850 

545 Scott ^Winfield). Memoirs, Portraits. 2 vols, uiiio, 

cloth. X. v., I SO 4 

846 ScHULZ (A.). Influence of Welch Tradition upon Litera- 

ture of Germany, France and Scandinavia. 8vo, boards. 

Llandonery, 1841 

847 Selgas (Jose). Delicias del Nuevo Paraiso. 32nio, cloth. 

Madrid, 1S71 

848 SENEX (John). Modern Geography. A Collection of 

curious i^th centurx maps. Tall narrow folio, old sheej). 

849 Sentencias pronunciadas por los Tribunales y Jugaiios de 

la Republica Mexicana. Segunda Parte. Svo, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1850 


S50 SERMONES. A Collection of Mexican Sermons, i vol. 
4to, half sheep. 

Among these are some by — Alanciiio, 1694; by Quinlela, 1769; by 
Vergara, 1770; by Adame, 17S1; by Valdes, 1786; by Del Real, 1785; 
by Murto, 1795; and by Rodriguez, 1799, ^ o^ which were printed in 
the City of Mexico and bear the above dates on the titles. 

85 1 Sermones Varios. — A Collection of Spanish Sermons 

mostly printed at Valencia between 171 1-77. Portraits. 
4to, sheep. 

852 Sermones P.^nkgyricos. — A Collection of Sermons in Span- 

ish, printed in Mexico and Puebla between 1715-92. i 
vol. 4to, half blue sheep. 

853 Sermones de N. S. Guadalupe. 4to, half sheep (wormed). 

A very rare collection of sermons preached in honor of the Blessed 
Virgin of "Guadalupe de Me.xico " and printed in the City of Mexico, 

854 Sermones Panegiricos Mexicanos. Miscellaneous Collec- 

tion of Sermons in i vol. 4to, half purple sheep. 

Mexico, 1802-21 

855 SERMONES PoLiTicos contra los Insurgentes. 4to, 

half roan. 

Includes — Oration by J. B. D. Calvillo, Mexico, 180S; Sermon by 
R. Casaus Torres y Lasplazas, Mexico, i8o3; Solemne Accion de 
Gracias en la Metropolitana de Mexico, Mexico, 1809; Sermon by J. 
M. Ponce de Leon, Mexico, 1S09; Manifesto of the Bishop of Puebla, 
Mexico, 1 812; Sermon by F. Roxas y Andrade, Mexico, 1S15; Sermon 
of I.uis Canasco y Enciso, Mexico, 1815. 

856 Shairp's Culture and Religion; Church History; etc. To- 

gether 7 vols. Cloth. 

857 Shakers. — Summary View of the Milennial Church. i2ino, 

sheep. Albany, 1848 

858 Shakespeare. English of, by G. L. Craik. Crown 8vo, 

cloth, uncut. London, 1S69 

S59 Shufelut (R. W.). Explorations and Surveys for Ship 
Canal, Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Maps. 4to, cloth. 

Washington, 1S72 

860 Sicardo (J.). Admirable Vida de la Gloriosa B. Rita de 

Cassia. Plate. 4to, half sheep. Genova, 1688 


861 Sierra (J.). Lecciones de Derecho Maritimo Internacional. 

Imperial 8vo, half sheep. Mexico, 1854 


862 SiKRKA. Proyecto de un Codij^r,^ civil Mcxicano. Svo, half 
sfiecp. Mcxi(.). I 185(^1 

•863 Si(;i.() DiKZ V Ni:kvk (K.). One huncllc of iinl.ouiul Nos. 

Mexico, 1.S75 

864 Silvio Pki.mco. — Mis Prisiones. i6mo, slu'cp. i'aris, 1S55 

865 Sii.icKo (C. M.). Memoria de la Secrelaria de Ivslado y del 

Despacho de Fomento, Colonizacioii, Iiulustria y Coinercio 
de la Republica Mexicana. Numerom tahla. 'i'hick 4I0. 
roan, gilt edges (rubbed). Mexico, 1857 

866 Simon (J.). Lexicon Manuale Ilebraicinn el C'haldaicuin. 

Front. Thick 8vo, half sheep. Halle, 1795 

867 SiSMO.M)] (J. C. L. S. de). Literature of South of Lurope. 

Svo, half calf. N. V., 1S27 

868 SiTU.\cioN Politica de America. Svo, half sheep. 

Northanii)ton, 1828 

869 Si.ANc; Dictionary. Crown Svo, cloth (cover loose). 

l.ontlon, 1S74 

870 Smith (CI.). As.syrian Eponyin Canon. Svo, cloth. 

London, n d. 

871 SMFFH i^Wm.). Dictionary of the Bible. Xumcrous cuts. 

3 vols. Svo, cloth (not uniform and backs damaged). 

Boston, 1S60-63 

872 Smv'ih's Modern History Lectures; Xokdkn's Descri{)tion 

of Essex ; Oliphaxt's Transcaucasian Cami)aign ; 
Arnold's Modern History Lectures ; Birch's Egypt ; 
Creighton's Age of Elizabeth ; Gaikuxkr's 'i'hirty 
Years' War and Lancaster and York. Together S 

873 SoLAS'A (J. G.). Delitos y Penas. Svo, half sluep. 

Mexico, 1844 
With the above are bound up otiier miscellaneous p.imphleis printed 
at Zacatecas and Mexico, 133S-44. 

S74 SoLKMNKS ExEQUiAS. 4to, half sheep. 

A collection of obituarial brochures. Anu>ng them are those of 
C'lUema Facheco, Captain General of New S])ain buried in Me.xico, 
1799, with portrait and view of catafalcjue; of .Archbislu'p De Hare of 
Me.Kico, printed at Mexico, lSo2 ; of IJishop Moriana of Michoachan, 
1810 ; and also a funeral oration preached iSil by I'ather /enon, and 
printed at Mexico. 


875 SoLEMNE AcciON de Gracias. 8vo, sheep. Mexico, [1814] 

876 SoLis (Antonio de). Comedias de. 4to, half sheep (upper 

margin cut down). Madrid, i6i;?i 

877 SOLORZANO PEREIRA (Don Juan de). Pohtica In- 

diana divididaen Seis Libros. FoHo, half sheep (a few pp. 
stained). Amberes, 1703 

Rare and a very important work on Spanish America, being a digest 
of llie whole body of laws relating to the native inhabitants, of whose 
true condition it furnishes the best account extant. 

87S SoNfERViLE (A.). Historyof British Legion and War in Spain. 
Portrait (stained). 8vo, cloth (cover loose). London, 1839 

879 SoxoRA (Marques de). Informe General al Excmo. Sr. 

Virrey Frey D. Antonio Bucarely y Ursua. Tables 
zvith facsimiles. Imperial 8vo, half calf. Mexico, 1867 
This work was printed for private circulation by the Emperor Maxi- 
milian. The Marquis de Sonora was sent by the Spanish Court as 
Visitor General to Mexico. The above named volume gives an 
account of the result of his visit. * 
;^3 5s., Tuttick & Simpson, 1869. 

880 Soria (F. de). Manual de Exercicios. 32mo, vellum. 

Rare. Puebla, 1741 

881 Soria. Manual de Exercicios para los Desagravios de 

Christo. 32mo, half sheep (stained and some pp. mended). 

Puebla, 1780 

882 SosA (F. de P.). Manual de Biografia Yucateca. i6mo, 

half sheep. Merida, 1866 

Presentation copy to Porter C. Bliss with MS. of author. 

853 SosA. Magdalena — Leyenda Historica. 8vo, half sheep. 

Mexico, 187 I 
J'resentation copy to Porter C. Bliss from the author. 

854 SoTO (Juan). Memoria del Ministerio de Guerra y Marina. 

4to, half morocco (2 copies). Mexico, 1857 

885 SPARKS (Jared). Library of American Biography — New 

Series. \'ols. i to 15 inclusive. Engraved ingnette por- 
trait titles. i6mo, cloth. Boston, 1848 

886 Spkdalieri (Nicolas). Derechos del Hombre. 4to, sheep. 

Mexico, 1824 

887 Spencer (Edmund). Travels in the Western Caucasus. 

Fronts, [foxed). 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1838 


888 SrKNiKR (Herliert). I^riiuiplcs of Hiolov^y. 2 vols. i.'mo, 
cloth. N. v., 1 87 I 

8<S9 Squikk's I'LurAkcii; Ck kko ; LrcRKiius ; etc. 'r();.jethcr 
12 vols. Full leather. 

890 Stanhoi'K ((leorj.,^'). C'hristian K.eli>,non Asserted aj^aiiist 

Jews, [iifklels and Hereticks. 4to, old calf, i.oiidon, 1702 

891 Spanvan's (Irecian History; Collin's Literal Prophecy; 

Universal 'I'ravellcr ; Mnenionika; etc. 'I'o.s^ether 14 v(j1s. 
l'\ill leather. 

892 STATUTA ECC:i.I':SI.E MEXICAN.K necnon ordo in 

Choro Servandus Curante Vallisoletancc Ecclesiic Capitulo 
Suniptus Suppedilante lUmo. ac Rmo. D.M.D.F. Anionio 
A Sancto Michak.lf, Episcopo Mechoacanense, etc. 4to, 
Spanish sheep. Rare. Mexico, 1797 

893 Si'KPHKN's' Hascpie Provinces, 2 vols.; Murk's Tour in 

Greece, 2 vols.; Malco.m's Asian Travels, 2 vols. To- 
gether 6 vols. ]2mo, cloth, 

894 [Spernm:] Alas poor Yorick, a Funeral Discourse by " Chris- 

topher Flagellan," 1761 ; Memoir of Tiios. Cii ur.n ; 
Linn's Remarks on More's Address, N. V.. 1793 ; New 
and Concise History of French Revolution ; Three 
Pamphlets on Dr. Johnson ; Lavater's Remonstrances, 
N. Y., 1799 ; Searson's Poems, Phila., 1797. i vol. Svo, 
half cloth. 

895 [Stevens.] Tehuantepec Railway and Historical and Ceo- 

graphical Notes, 1453-1869, by Henry Stevens. 2 vols. 
in I. Svo, cloth. N. Y., 1869 

Presentation copy, with MS. inscription. 

896 Stevens (Capt. John), New Spanish Grammar. 8vo, calf. 

London, 1725 

897 Stillin(;flekt (E.). Rational Account of Christian Faith. 

4to, half sheep. London, 1662 

898 Stirling (J. H.). Sir William Hamilton, being the Phil- 

osophy of Perfection. 8vo, cloth. London, 1865 

899 St. Ivan Climaco. Libro dc, por Luvs de Granada. 

32mo, boards (stained). Rare. Valladolid, 1583 

900 St. Joannes Chrisostomus. Commentarius in epistolam 

ad Galatas. iGmo, half sheep. n. p., 1527 


901 St. John (J. A.). Egypt and Mohammed Ali. 2 vols. 8vo, 

boards, uncut. London, 1834 

902 Stobo (Robert, Major of Virginia, Regiment). Memoirs. 

Alap. 32mo, cloth. Pittsburgh, 1854 

903 STONE (Wm. L.). Life of Joseph Brant. Thayenden- 

egea, including Border Wars of the American Revolution. 
Portraits, plates, etc. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1838 

904 Stone. Uncas and Miantonomoh. 24mo, cloth. 

N. Y., 1842 

905 Strabo. Geography of, literally translated, with Notes. 2 

vols, post 8vo, half morocco, gilt. London, 1854 

906 Strauss (D. F.). Life of Jesus. Vols, i and 2. 8vo, half 

calf, gilt. London, 1846 

907 Stuart's Hebrew Chrestomathie ; Pike's Hebrew Lexicon ; 

Henderson's Syriac Lexicon. Together 3 vols, 

908 Stuckle (H.). Interoceanic Canals. Maps. 8vo, cloth 

(3 copies). N. Y. 1870 

909 Student and Schoolmate, 23 Nos. 8vo, sewed. 

Boston, 1863-64 

910 SuMARio de la Constitucion de Inglaterra. 32mo, half sheep. 

[Mexico], 1825 

911 Summers (James). Rudiments of Chinese Language. 

Front. i6mo, cloth. London, 1864 

912 SusA. Cuneiform inscriptions, from the Ruins of Susa, 

Oblong folio, half morocco. 

ACrrUS. Annalium Libri sedecim. 32mo, half 

calf (soiled). Lugduni, 1551 

Tacon (Miguel, General). Relacion de 

la Isla de Cuba. 32mo, sheep. Mexico, 1838 

915 Tahiti. Annuaire de. i6mo, boards. Tahiti, 1859 

916 Tales from American History. Front, [foxed). 32mo, 

half roan. N, Y., 1829 

917 Tanco (L. B.(. Aparicion de la Virgen de (niadalupe. 

32mo, cloth. Mexico, 1866 



918 TAPIA ZENTENO (C. de). Xcnu.iA oi. i.a LaN(;i;a 

HuASTKCA. 4tt), half sheep. Mexico, 1767 

This very rare volume wa.s printed by the orders and al the exp<nse 
of the then Archbishop of .Mexico. The Muasteca are .Mexican 
Indians, on the Northeast of Vera Cru/. £\\. 5s., HibUotheca 

Concerning this work see Hrasscur de IJourbourj;. liibliothef|ue. 
No. 140. 

919 Taylor's Words and Places; Swinio.n's Word .Analyser; 

Craik's English Language; Toun's .Analysis Derivative 
Words. Together 4 vols. 

920 Terradas (Jose). Vindicacion tie. 4to. .Mexico, n. d. 

With the above are bound up Nos. of the " Gaceta del ("lobicnio dc 
Mexico," 1820-21, etc. 

921 Tr.soRo de Historiadores Espanoles. J^ortrai/. Svo, 

sheep. Paris, 1S40 

Includes works of Mendoza, Moncada and -Melo. 

922 THEODORETUS. Eplanationes in Duodccini Prophcta*^, 

etc. 32mo, half sheep. Rakk. Lvgdvni, 1533 

923 Thiri.walt. (Connop). History of Greece. 2 vols, royal 

8vo, half calf. N. A'.. 1845 

924 Thomay (I., S. /.). El .\no Santificado. 32010, vellum. 

Mexico, 1757 

925 Thoms (W. J.). Human Longevity. Crown Svo, cloth, 

uncut. London, 1873 

926 Thompson's Review of Axukos ; Shf.phkrd's Parable Ten 

Virgins ; Bakhtiar Rameh ; Sir John Bowrinc's Hymns ; 
Goethe's Sorrows of Werter ; etc. Together 16 vols. 

927 Thompson (Z.). History of Vermont. 24010, boards. 

Burlington, 1858 

928 Thomson (T.). Western Himalaya and Tibet. ALup and 

plates {one foxed). Svo, clotli, uncut. Loiulon, 1852 

929 Thompson (Waddy). Recollections of Mexico. Svo, cUnh, 

uncut (title written on). N. V., 1S46 

930 ToLAND ^John). Life and Writings, also Xazarenus, 

Appendix to Toland Tetradymus. i vol. Svo, old calf. 

London, 17 18-22 


931 ToRExo (El Conde de). Historia del Levantamiento, Guerra 

y Revolucion de Espana. 3 vols. 8vo, sheep (i vol. 
water-stained). Madrid, 1839 


932 TORQUEMADA (Juan de). Veinte i vn Libros Rituales i 

Monarchia Indiana con elorigemy lijuerras de los Indies 
Occidentales, etc., etc. Engraved tiilcs and map. 3 vols. 
4to, half roan, gilt. Madrid, 1723 

' ' This history is without question the most complete in respect to 
the antiquity of Mexico of any hitherto published." — Cla\igero. 

Juan de Torquemada, whom Alaman calls the " I.ivy of New 
Spain," studied in Mexico, where he took the habit of St. Francis and 
became the Provincial of the Order for that country. He wrote his 
" Indian Monarchy," after having collected everything which he could 
find that related to the history of the country, and the customs, man- 
ners, laws, etc., of its aboriginal inhabitants. This work forms a col- 
lection, indispensable to all who desire to know much of the ancient 
history of Mexico and its inhabitants, as well as to all those writers 
who extract their material from the stores of others. 

The edition of 1723 is the most complete, having been edited by the 
indefatigable Barcia, and is preferred by scholars to the first edition, 
printed in 3 volumes at Madrid in 1613. 

933 TORNEL Y MENDIVIL (D. J. J.). Aparicion de Nuesta 

Senora de Guadalupe de Mexico. 2 vols, in i. 8vo, sheep_ 

Mexico, 1849 

£\ 2s., Puttick & Simpson, i86g. 

One of the best authorities on the history and theology of the 
miraculous Guadaloupana of Mexico, founded upon the alleged 
appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Juan l^iego, the Indian, in 
1531: This subject has become one of the Stock Institutions of 
Mexico, and its history and influence seem to pervade all others. 

934 Triguf.ros (I.). Memoria de los Ramos Municipales. 4to, 

half sheep. Mexico, 1867 

935 Trumbull (Henry). History of Discovery of America. 

Eolded front. 8vo, half bound (loose cover). Boston, 1835 

936 TuRNBULL (P. E.). Austria. 2 vols. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

London, 1840 

937 Turner's Companion to Genesis; De Wett's Introduction 

to New Test.; etc. Together 9 vols. 8vo, cloth. 

938 Two Republics (The), and other newspapers in English. 

(()ne bundle.) 



9^^9 K^^I^SI''''^-^ rAiitoiiiode). NO riClAS AMI-iRlCANAS. 
4t(), slicc'p. Madrid. 1772 

" I li( sc si.1 rtt mciiKjiis in wlu( li <.\<i\ tiling; <i)ii<<ni- 
iiijj thr iiianiurs. ^jovcrnnKiit ami >,iatc <■( lU-lc-iu •■ u\ 
that piirliou of Aiiu-rica which Ik-IoiijjciI oiut- lo Spain, is at ctiral ilv 
iliscrihcd, arc written with that truth, imi)arliaHly and j\u!^niciit \vl.i. h 
distiiij;uishrd the informants, 1). Jor^jc Juan and 1). Antonio tU- 
rUua." — Sai.VA. 

940 Ui.i.ciA. Noticias Amcricaiui.s. 410, niuttlcd slacp. 

Madrid, 1792 

941 Unannk (J. n.) Ciiua Politica Mcclesiastica y Militar del 

Virreynato del Peru. Map anJ platex. 32010, shec]). 

942 Uppkr ('.\n.M).\. Statistical Sketches by a Backwoodsman. 

i6nio, half roan (stamp on title). I,ondon, iS^2 

943 URNl'-NA (J. G. de, Contador dc Quenlas dc M twice, cti.). 

Delineacion del Punto de Longitud del (Hobo, etc. 4I0, 
vellum. Rark, Madrid. 1740 

944 Urtassu.m (Juan de). Interesses de Inglaterra. 321110, 

half sheep (wormed). Seville, | 1741 ] 

945 U. S. Naval Expedition to Southern Hemisphere. \'ol. 

I — Chile by Gilliss. Plates. 4to, sheep. 

Washington, 1855 

946 U. S. PLiGHTH Census, 2 vols.; N. Y. State Colonial History 

Documents, Vol. 10; Convbeare and Howson's St. I'aul, 
Vol. 2; Whitworth's Trade of Cireat Britain. 'l'oi;ether 
5 vols. 

947 U. S. Foreign Relations, 1873; British Alk., 1879. 'Po- 

gether 3 vols. Cloth. 

AILLAN'P (J.). Numismata Impcratoriim Roman- 
orum Praestantiora a Julio Caesare ad Postlui- 
mum et 'Pyrannos. J\'u>nt-rous numismatic liius- 
t) ations. 2 vols. 4to, half calf. 

Puletiaj Parisioiiim. i()94 

Rark. A lartj^e number of addenda to the text of this valuable 

numismatic work are added in MS. 

948* VALEJO (Don Josef Ignacio . Vida de la Madrc ik- Dios 

y Siempre Virgen Maria. J'oriraits. 2 vols, in 1. 410^ 

half sheep. Cescna, 1779 

Rark. Thcautlior is described on tlie title as — " I'resbitcru. natural 

del Opispado de Guadala.xara en el Reino de Me.^ieo. 


949 VALLADARES (Antonio). Historia Geografica Civil y 

Politica de la Isla de S. Juan Bautista de Puerto Rico. 
4to, half sheep. Rare. Madrid, 1788 

950 Valle (C. R.). Coleccion de las Obras Poeticcas. 3 vols. 

in I. i2mo, half roan, gilt. Mexico, 1869-70 

951 Valerii Maximi Dictorum Factorumque Memorabilium, 

Libri IX. Engraved title. 32mo, half roan. 

Amstelodami, Elzevir, 1690 

952 VALERIANUS (J. P., .5r//«;7r«i-/^). Hieroglyphica sive de 

Sacris .^-Igyptioruni Aliarumque Gentium Literis. Portrait 
and numerous other illustrations. 2 vols, in i. Thick 4to, 
old calf (wormed . Frankfort, 1678 

953 Valverde (A. S.). Idea de la Valor de la Isla Espanola y 

Utilidades. 4to, sprinkled sheep. Madrid, 1785 

With the above is bound up — " La America vindicada de la Colum- 
'nia de haber sido Madre del Mai Venereo," Madrid, 17S5. • 

954 Van de Velde (C. W. M.). Narrative of Journey through 

Syria and Palestine. Fronts, andtnaps. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. Edinburgh, 1854 

955 Vargas y Pon'Ce (Jose de). Servicos de Cadiz des de 1808 

a 1 81 6. 4to, sheep. Cadiz, 1818 

956 VARIEDADES. — Reglamentos, Miscellaneous Pamphlets. 

4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1781-1865 

957 Variedades. — Sermones Panegiricos — Siglo XIX. A col- 

lection of Sermons printed at Mexico and Puebla between 
1804-69. 4to, half sheep. 

958 Variedades. — Colegio de Abogados de Mexico. — A collec- 

tion of brochures printed at Mexico 1806-68 relating to 
the National College of Abogados of Mexico. 4to, half 

959 Variedades — Uerecho Eclesiastico. 4to, half sheep. 

A collection of brochures relating to ecclesiastical affairs in Me.xico, 
published from 1812-60. 

960 Variedades. — Patronato y Bienes Eclesiasticos. A collec- 

tion of pamphlets relating to ecclesiastical property in 
Mexico, printed at Mexico, Puebla, Guadalaxara and 
Madrid between 1S22-50. 4to, sheep. 


961 Varif.dadks— Iiidustria Fabril. A collcrtion of parnplilets 

rclatinjr to iiuliistrial subjects; printed in Mexico and 
I'liebla l)etwecn 1S29-45. 410, lialf sheep. 

962 Vakikdadks. — Documentos Judiciales. A collection of 

trials, judicial arguments, etc., i)rinted at .\Ie.\ico between 
'^30-51- 4to, half sheep. 

963 Vakikdadks. — Opusculos Militares. .\ collection of j)ani- 

phlets on military affairs in Me.\ic(j, and printed between 
1S33 and 1844. Svo, half sheej). 

964 Vakikdadks.— Pastorales de los Arzobispos de (luadalajara. 

4to, half sheep. (luadalajara, 1768 1871 

965 Vakikdadks. —Derecho Politico. Royal 8vo, half sheep. 

A collection of rare pamphlets mostly published in the City o( .Mex- 
ico between 1839 71 on political subjects, etc. 

966 Vakikdadks. Collection of Pamphlets relalinj,' to \ucatan 

and printed at Merida and Mexico, 1843-70. 'fiMi, half 

967 Vakikdadks. — Documentos Judiciales. A collection of legal 

pamphlets, trials, etc., printed in Mexico and Ciuanajuato, 
1846-63. 4to, half sheep. 

968 Vakikdadks. — Opusculos Militares. Royal 8vo, half calf. 

A collection of pamphlets relating to Mexican military affairs printed 
in Mexico between 1848 and 1862. 

969 Vakikdadks. — Academia de San Carlos. Royal 8vo, lialf 


A collection of brochures relating to the Academy of Saint Car. >-, 
printed in the City of Mexico, 1S50-71. 

970 Variedades. — Asunto Limantour. Royal 8vo, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1855-04 

Includes — Cuatro Palabros al Abate Testory por Bustamente; Ocurost) 
que Monjardin presento al Norma; Alegato de Bucna Frueba; .'^eniLii- 
cia por Monjardin contra Limantour: and other brochures relating to 
the Limantour litigatir n. 

971 Vakikdades. — Alegatos Juridicos, 1S64-67. Svo. half sheep. 

A collection of pamphlets, consisting of legal .irguments. trials, etc., 
printed in the City of Mexico. 


972 VEGA (El Inca Garcilaso de la). La Florida del' Inca 

HisTORiA DEL Adelantado HERNANDO de SOTO— y 
el Ensaio Chronologico escrito por Don Gabriel de Car- 
denas y Cano, Folded pedigree, 2 vols, in i. Old 
sheep (wormed). Madrid, 1723 

The author was the son of one of the conquerors of Peru, Garlicaso 
de la Vega, by the daughter of the Inca Hualpa Tapac and sister of 
Huayna Capac Inca, the last native monarch of Peru. He was so 
proud of both paternal and maternal origin, that while he assumed the 
Spanish name of the first, he was careful to assert his Incarial descent. 
He was evidently a gentleman of refinement and possessed of much 
more learning than was usually acquired by the coiiquestados them- 
selves . That one of Indian blood and a descendant of the proud races 
of the Incas should have been the most industrious and careful his- 
torian of the evil fortunes of his race and the chronicler of the victories 
of their conquerors may well excite our surprise. 

973 Vega. Historia General del Peru. 13 vols. 24mo, sheep. 

Madrid, iSoo-i 
" A striking and interesting book, showing much of the spirit of the 
old Chronicles." — TiCKNOR. 

974 VEGARA (Miguel de). Vida Interior del Juan de Pala- 

Fox Y Mendoza, Archbishop of Mexico. 4to, half sheep. 
Rare. Seville, 1691 

975 Velasco y Pimentel (B. F. de, Duque de Frias). Deleyte 

de la Discrecion, etc. 4to, vellum. Madrid, 1764 

976 Velasco (A. A. de). Renovacion de la Imagen de Christo 

en la Iglesia de San Joseph en Mexico. I'late. 4to, half 
sheep. Mexico, 1790 

977 Vellz (Rafael de). Preservatio contra la Irreligion. 4to, 

half sheep. Mexico, 1S13 

978 Veres (A. de). Aurora Alegre. Plate. 32mo, half sheep. 

Rare. Mexico, 1727 

979 Verdad (Ea). Revista Universal. One bundle. 

Mexico, 1854 

980 Vestiges of Civilization; Philosophic and Scientific Ulti- 

matum; Woodhull's Principles of Government; Cata- 
logue of Smithsonian Indian Gallery; etc. Together 6 


981 VETANCORT (Aujrustin dc, Mrxicano). TKATko Mr.xi- 

CANo Descripcion Breve de los Svccessos Exemplarcs His- 
toricos Politicos Militares y Relij^iosos del Nuevo Mund<j 
Occidental de las Indias. Small folio, sheep. Mexico, 1698 
Vkry rark. a copy sold at auction by Puttick & Simpson, of Lon- 
don, in 1861, produced ^^13, /. e , nearly ifyo. The author was t>orn 
in the City of Mexico in the year 1620. In early life he joined the 
Order of St. Francis. He spent his entire life anion^ the Indians, svhose 
love and good will he obtained by his untiring zeal for their welfare. 

982 Vkvtia LlXAC.F. (J. F., oydor dc la Real Atidiencia y Chancil- 

Una de Afexico, etc.). Declaniacion Or.-.toria y alej.(ato 
Juridico, etc. Folio, half calf. n. p., n. d. 

los. , I'uttick & Sini|ison, i86(j. 

983 ViAjKS de (^rden Supreme, 1853-55. 8vo, half roan. 

Mexico, 1 85 7 

984 VII).\L (Joseph, .S". J.). Memorias Tiernas con los Dolores 

de la Virjxen. 32mo, vellum. Very kakk. Mexico, 1686 

985 VI DAL. The Same. Half sheep. Mexico, 1686 

986 Vic.ii. (J. M.). Flores de Analmac-Composiciones Poeticas. 

Tiiick 8vo, half sheep. (Guadalajara, 1866 

987 VILAPLANA(H.). Novenario de W. S. del Pueblito. Rlate. 

32mo, half sheep (no title). Mexico, 1761 

Ilermenigildo Vilaplana was t!ie — " Cronista del Colej^io de hi Sanla 
Cruz de (^ueretaro." 

988 Vii.APLANA. Enchiridion Canonico-Morale de Confessario. 

321110, half sheep. Mexico, 1764 

989 Vii.APLAXA. ("entinela Dogmatico-Moral. 4to, vellum. (2 

copies.) Mexico, 1767 

990 Vilaplana. ^Enchiridion Canonico-Morale. 4to, half roan. 

Mexico, 1765 

991 ViLLAR y Bermudez de Castro (Pedro\ Derechos de los 

Hijos Naturales. i6nio, sheep. Mexico. 1850 

992 VILLA SENOR y SANCHEZ (J. A. de). Theatro Ameri- 

cano Descripcion Ceneral dc los Reynos y Provincias de 
la Nueva Espana y Sus Jurisdicciones. Plate. 2 vols. 
imperial 8vo, half roan. Mexico, 1746 

Very rark, with many rare MS. notes in the margins. £G. 
Bibliotheca Mejicana. 1S69. 

Villa-Senor was Accountant-General of New Spain, and by that 
means had access to official information. Robinson says — " Until the 
publication of Humboldt's ' Political Essay on New Sp.iin ' this was 
considered the most important statistical account of the country that 
had been published." 


993 ViLLANUEVA (J. L.). Obscrviciones Critica sobre la Obra 

del. 32mo, sheep. Guadalajara, 1829 

994 ViLLANUEVA. Poema de San Prospero contra los Ingratos. 

i6nio, half sheep. Madrid, 1783 

995 ViLLERGAS CJ. M.). Paralelo entra la Vida Militar de 

EsPARTERO y la de Narvaez. 8vo, half sheep. 

Madrid, 1850 

996 VILLARBEL (Gaspar de). Govierno Eclesiastico-Paci- 

fico y Union de los dos Cuchillos Pontifico y Regio. 
With fine portrait of Cardinal Molina, Bishop of Cuba. 
2 vols, thick folio, limp vellum. Rare. Madrid, 173S 

997 ViNCENDOX-DuMOULiN and Desgraz. lies Marquises ou 

Nonka Hiva. Hvo, half calf. Paris, 1843 

998 Viollet le Due. Antiguedades Americanas. Illustra- 

tions. 8vo, boards (no title). 

999 Virgil. 32mo, half sheep. Villagarsiai, 1760 

1000 Vivien (L.). Atlas Universel. Colored plates. Atlas folio, 

half calf, gilt. Paris, 1827 

1001 Vivo (B., Consul en la Haband). Tratado Consular. 8vo, 

half sheep. Mexico, 1850 

1002 VoLNEV (C. F.). Simplification des Langues Orientales. 

8vo, half sheep. Paris, an III. 

1003 VoLNEY. Tableau du Climat et du Sol des Etats Unis 

d'Amerique. Map. 8vo, sheep. Paris, 1822 

1004 Voz DE la Religion (La). Illustrations. (One bundle.) 

Mexico, 1851-53 

1005 f^^l^ADSWORTH (B.). Guide for the Doubting. 
i6mo, old sheep (no title). 

With autograph of " John Adams " on end paper. 

1006 ^ — ' Wakeeield (Gilbert). Memoirs. Fine inezzo- 

finto portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, boards, uncut. London, 1804 

1007 Walsh (R.). Essay on Ancient Coins, Medals and Gems. 

Plates {stained). i2mo, cloth. London, 1830 

1008 [WARBURTON (G.).J Conquest of Canada. 2 vols, 

i2mo, cloth. N. v., i8::o 


1009 Ward {V>.). I'royecto Kconomico. ^to, half sluc|), 

Madrid, ijyf; 
roio Washington (Geor^^c). Life of, in J.atin, l)y (li ass. I'o,- 

trait. 121110, boards. \ \' ,,;,- 

loii Watson (Elkanah). Men and Times of the Revolution, 

inciudin^r Travels, 1777-1.S42. Svo. cloth. N. \., 1X56 

1012 Wf.bstkr (J.). 'I'ravels through C:riinea, Turkey an.i Ki^'vpt. 

Fronts. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth la few i)p. stained). 

I-ondon. I'^jo 

1013 Wki.lington's Life and Exploits; (ii.Aosi Mk iiai i. 

Faraday; (Jaok's Life of Cari. Kn ik.k; Ciias. Cai d- 
WF.i.i.'s Autobiography; etc. Together 7 vols. Cloth. 

1014 Wklskord (H.). Mithridates Minor, or an Ks.sav on Lan- 

guage. Svo, cloth. London, I. SpS 

1015 Wf.ntworth (Zara). Hermit's Cave. 4 vols, i 2ino, boards. 

London, 1821 

1016 Westminster Review, 1830-61. 7 odd vols, half leather. 

1017 Westminster Review. 158 parts. 8vo, sewed. 

N. v., 1834-72 

1018 Whitei.ocke (Lieut.-(kMi., Couintanier-in-Cliicf of South 

American Forces). Proceedings of a (ieneral Court .\hir- 
tial held at Chelsea Hosjiital, Jan. 28, 1808, etc. Plan ond 
map. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf. 

Rare. London, 180S 

1019 W'hitfi.ocke (Bulstrode). Journal of Swedish iMiibassy in 

Years 1653 and 1654. 2 vols. Svo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1855 

1020 Whitman (Z. G.). Historical Sketch of Ancient and fb in- 

curable Artillery Company from 1637. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

I)Oston, 1 8 JO 

102 1 Whitmore (W. H.). American (ienealogist. 8vo, (-loth 

(back damaged). Albany, 1868 

1022 Whiston on Revelation, Kxioiir's History of I'aptists; 

Memoirs of Gen. Burn; Warbi'rton's Divine Legation 
of Moses; etc. Together 10 vols. Full leather. 

1023 Wilbraham (R.)- Travels in Trans-Caucasian IVovinces 

of Russia. Plates. Svo, cloth, uncut. London, 1839 



1024 Wilkinson (James, General). Memoirs of My Own Times. 

3 vols. 8vo, boards, uncut (some pp. stained). Phila., 18 r6 

1025 Williams (Eleazar). Common Prayer in Mohawk Lan- 

guage. i6mo, cloth. N. Y., 1867 

1026 WINTHROP (John). History of New England from 1630 

to 1649, from his Original Manuscripts, with Notes by 
James Savage. Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1853 

1027 WINTHROP (Robert C). Life and Letters of John 

WiNTHROP from his embarkation for New England, 1630, 
to his Death. Portrait and facsimiles. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1867 

1028 Wiseman (Cardinal). Hipatia. 2 vols. 32mo, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1861-62 

1029 Wolff (J.). Narrative of Mission to Bokhara, 1843-45. 

Plates. 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1845 

1030 Wollaston. Religion of Nature. Portrait. 4to, calf 

(cover loose). London, 1731 


TMENEZ (luan). Exercisios Divinos revelados 

al venerable Nicholas Eschio. 48mo, half sheep. 

Very rare. Puebla, 1690 

1032 XIMENO (J.). Opusculo sobre los Catorce Casos Reserv- 

ados y otras tantas Excomuniones Sinodales del Concilio 
Mexicano en 1585. 32mo, half sheep. Mexico, 1816 

1033 XiMENES (J. A.). Descenso y Humillacion de Dios. Plate. 

32mo, half sheep. Mexico, 1769 

Rare. Unmentioned by Brunet. 


ALE NOTABLES. Portraits, after pen andink 
sketches by '■'■Squills.'" 4to, boards. 

St. Louis, 1872 

1035 Yglksias (J. M.). Memoria de Justicia. Folio, half sheep. 

Mexico, 1870 

1036 Ylarrf(;ui (J. S.). Datos de los Trabajos Astronomicos y 

'i'opograficos. Maps. 4to, half sheep. Mexico, 1850 



1037 Ykoi.o (Nicolas dc). Priinera Parte dc la Politico 
dc Ksciipturas dc. .jto, limp vellum (imperfec t). 

I? Mexic], 1605 
With the book-plate of the— " HibHothcca Magni M-.xirani C'oii- 
ventus S. I'. N. S. Francisci. 


1 04 1 



ALDIVAR (L. C). Diccionario de la I.e^Msla- 
cion Mexicana. l-'olio, half morcKco. 

Mexico, I S6.S 

Zamacois (Niceto de). Kntretenimieiitos Poeticc^s. .Sv(;, 

half sheep. Mexico. 1S47 

Zamacois. K1 Capitan Rossi. 3 vols. 241110, half r(;an 

(one title mounted!. Mexico, 1S64 

Zamacois. Historia de la Giierra de Los Carlistas. Svo, 

half sheep. Mexico, 1S49 

Zara riKGUi (D. J. A.). Vida y Hechos de Don Tonias 

Zumalacarregui. Svo, sheep. Paris, 1845 

Zkm) a vesta — Part I. The Vendidad. 'iranslated hy 

jAMKh Darmesteter. 8vo, cloth. Oxfortl, i8<So 

ZETINA INFANTE (J. P.). Patronato Disputado Maria 

en su Imagen de Guadalupe de Mexico. 4to, half sheep. 

Rare. Mexico, 1 741 

ZiNCUXEGUi (M.). Respuesto que dio como Fiscal. 4to, 

sheep. Puebla, 1829 




The following lots are unbound. Among the mass of bro- 

will well repay the personal inspection of those interested in the 
collection of mexican and central and south american books. 
Such an opi'ortunity rarely occurs, and only the exigencies of 


1046 CIGALA (F. I.). Cartas al B. G. Feyzoo Montenegro. 

321110, sewed (title soiled). [Mexico], 1760 

1047 CoMPENDio del Confesonario en Mexicano y Castellano. 

32mo. Antigua, 1840 

1048 Negri (V.). Clamores y Llantosdel Hijo Prodigo. 2400 

(foxed). Puebla, 1786 

1049 Cervantes (A. M.). Estudios sobre Rio de la Plata. 

1 2 mo. Paris, 1854 

1050 FiLox (A.j. Histoire de Litterature Anglaise. i2mo. 

Paris, 1883 

105 1 Paraguay. Documents Officiels relatifs a Mediation Paci- 

fique. 8vo (stained). Paris, i860 

1052 Renan (Ernest). Les Evangiles. Thick 8vo. Paris, 1877 

1053 Renan. Los Apostoles. 8vo. Barcelona, 1868 

1054 Hartmann (E. de). Philosophic de ITnconscient. 2 vols. 

thick 8vo, uncut. Paris, 1877 

1055 CuMPLiDo (L). El Album Mexicano, Vol. i. Colorea 

plates. Thick royal 8vo. Mexico, 1849 

1056 NicoLos (A.). Estudios Filosoficos sobre el Christianismo. 

Thick imperial 8vo, Mexico, 1S51 

1057 PoucEL (B.). Rapport sur le Registro Estadistico de la 

Republique Argentine. Maps. 8vo. Marseilles, 1868 

1058 PiLLADO (A.). Diccionario de Buenos Aires. 8vo. 

Buenos Aires, 1864 


1059 C(ii.FXCi()N ck' Araticcles para los 'I'rihiinales, Juz^ados. 

4to. Me.\ic(;, 1S5} 

loOo Pkik TO ((i.). Kconoinia I'olilica. Tliirk Svo. Mcxic<j, 1 .S7 1 

1061 KlCiin^KKDC) (Juan ilc). Arte dt- 1 aiij^aia (,)ui(luia, etc. 

321110 (stained, no titU' and iiidc-x pj). short). Lima, 1754 

'I'his rare volume of sonu- 500 |)a^cs incltidcs l''i^uircdi»\ I).Htrina 
Christiana in Quichuan ; X'ocabulario del Indico a! lasuilaiv- y del 
Castellano al Indiio ; Fi^uercdo's N'ocabiilario dr l.i I.Lti^^iin I hinchay- 
suyo, etc. 

1062 W'Ksr (S). Animadversion on Marriage. Svo. 

I'islikill, 1779 

1063 C.-xsTRo (J. M.). 'IViiinfo de la Verdad en fav(jr de 10! 

Pro^ijreso. Svo. .Merida, 1.S70 

1064 S.\NiA Fi:. Colonias de. i6mo. Kosario, 1864 

1065 Ui,iA)A i^J. de). Noticias Aniericanas. //'//// rare inserted 

plate of Montejuma, Cortes, etc. 4to. Madrid, 1792 

1066 Ap()i.O(;ia del Asnoo, por un Asnologo. 8vo. 

Asnopolis, 1X269 

1067 ("hihuahua. Decretos y Ordenes. 410. Chihuahua, 1S27 

1068 Lefkvre (E.). Dt)Cuniento.-;, oficiak-s recoi^idos en la 

Secretaria Privada de xMaxinulian(^. \'ol. 2. Svo. 

Hruselas, 1869 

1069 NuKvo Lt:o\. Decretos del Estaiio de. 32mo. 

Monterey, 1S32 

1070 RiGVKDA (Der) — oder.die Heiligen Mymnen der Brahniana, 

in\s Deutsche von A. Ludwig. Vol. 1. Thick 4to. 

I'rague, 1870 

1071 ViA.NA Zavola (F. L. de). Reglaniente ixira precaver y 

extinguir en Mexico los Incendios. 4to. .Madrid, i;S2 

1072 Eek.mkjo (I. A.). Vida Privada, Politica y Social en Par i- 

guay. Front. i6mo. M.'.drid, 1873 

1073 Hernandez v Davalos (J. K.). Facsimiles de Hidalgo, 

Allende, Morelos, etc. 4to. Mexico, 1871 

1074 Derecho (Ely. Periodico de Jurisprudencia. \'ol. i. 4I0. 

Mexico, 1 868 

1075 FACjES ^^E.). Noticias Estadisticas sobre 'I'uspan. Royal 

Svo. Puebla. 1855 

1076 GUEVARA (B. L. de). Manifesto que en real Convento 

de Religiosas de Jesus Maria de Mexico. 4to. 

Mexico, 1771 


1077 ScHRADER (E.). Die Assyrisch Babylonischen Keil- 

inschriften. Plate. 8vo. Leipzig, 1872 

107S Stamm (F. L.). Denkmaler der Gothischen Sprache. Svo. 

Paderborn, 1874 

1079 Pausanias. Descriptio Graecise. 2 vols. i6mo. 

Leipzig, 1870-75 

1080 Macedo (Joaquin Manoel de). Anno Biographico Bra- 

zilerio. 3 vols. 4to. Rio de Janeiro, 1876 

loSi SEBASTL\N dk APARIZIO, Retrato del Beato, a col- 
lection of plates. 4to. 

Rare. Some exhibiting illustrations of Chickimecos Indians, etc. 

10S2 Ventura de Riaulica. Razon Filosofica y Razon 
Catolica. 4to. Mexico, 1853 

1083 Alvardo (F.). Cartas del Filosofo Rancio. 2 vols, folio. 

Mexico, 1851-52 

1084 Batres (L.). Centro America. Folio. 

San Jose de Costa Rica, 1879 
10S5 BANDOS. A large and rare collection of pronuncia- 
mentos, broadsides, etc., and being all issued by the 
Mexican Government during the years 1844, 1845 ^"*^ 
1846, with manuscript index. One thick folio volume, 

See lot 183. 

1086 NICOLAI (Nicolo de). Navigationi et Viaggi. Curious 

full-page plates. P'olio (some pp. soiled and torn). 
Rare. , Venice, 1580 

1087 Akkillaga (B. de). Informe que dreron les Senores 

Barcexa, Echabe y Saenz prior y consules del real 
tribunal del Consulado de Mexico. Folio. Mexico, 1818 

IO-8S Ordexanzas de la Fiel Executuria formadas para su 
(iobierno por la Muy Noble y Muy Leal Imperial Ciudad 
de Mexico. Folio (soiled somewhat). Mexico, 1755 

1089 Isabel de Braganza (Reina). Relacion de la Ejecutado 

en la Siempre Fiel Cuidad de Mexico. Large plate of 

catafalque. I'\)lio. Mexico, 1820 

In the same — Demoslraciones Funebres de la Reina Madre Maria 

Luisa de Horbon ; Kxequias Funerales de iJon Carlos Cuarto de 

P.orbon ; also Oration on the same, all Me.xico, 1S20. 



1090 Jksus Corona (F. dej. Ctnlijio Civil del Kstado de 

Veracruz Llave. Xvo. Veracruz, 1.S6.H 

1091 Lafra(;ua (J. M.\ Negocios I'cndientes entre Mexi( (> y 

Kspana. 8vo. I'oissy, 1H57 

1092 (iAKCiA DK i.A Lkna (C). Rccomenda( ioii y Defensa del 

Famoso Vino Malaj2:uena " Tedro Ximeii.'' Plate. .\U). 

Malaj^a, 1792 

1093 Lassac.a (j. L. de) (/;/^/ Vi:i,as(^ukz dk Lkon fj,). Keprc- 

sentacion que a Nombre de la Mineria de esta Nueva 
Espana. Folio. Mexico, 1774 

1094 Revillagkikdo (Conde de). Iiistruccicjii al Manpics de las 

Amarillas and others. Folio. 

1095 Lechkord (T.). Plain Dealing, or News from New- 

England, with Introducti()n and Notes by J. Ham.njonm 
Trumbull. 4to, uncut. I5oston, !"67 

No. Vj of 2S5 copies, limited edition. 

1096 Day Breaking if not the Sun Rising of the (losj^el with 

the Indians of New England, 1647. 4to. N. V., 1865 

No. 22 of Sabin's reprint of 250 copies. 

1097 Sheparl) (T.). Clear Sunshine of the (iospel breaking 

forth upon the Indians in New England, 1648. 4to. 

N. v., .S65 

No. 32 of Sabin's reprint of 250 copies. 

109S Whitfield (H.). Strength out of Weakness, or (ilorious 
Manifestation of Further Progress of (iospel among 
Indians in New England, 1652. 4to. N. V., 1S65 

No. 13 of Sabin's reprint of 250 copies. 

1099 New England's First Fruits, 1643. 4to. N. \., 1865 

No. 13 of Sabin's reprint of 250 copies. 

1 100 Orcutt (Samuel). History of Town of Wolcott, Connec- 

ticut, from 1 73 1 to 1S74. Royal Svo, uncut. 

Waterbury, 1874 

iioi Squier (E.). 'Phe Chalchikiutl of Mexico and Central 
America. Cuts. 8vo. N. \., 18 


1102 AVETA (Francisco). Discurso Legal qve propone el 

Padre Fr. Francisco Ayeta, procurador General de la 
Orden de N. O. S. Francisco de la Regular Observancia 
de todas las Provincias de los Reinos de las Indias por la 
la Provincia de Quito. Fn la Controversia qve le ha 
movido el Doctor D. Sancho de Andrade y Figueroa 
Opispo de dicha Provincia; y su Provisa el Doctor D. 
Pedro de Zumarraja. Folio (some pp. soiled). 

[Mexico, n. d.J 
Extremely rare, but without printer's name, date or place. A 
similar brochure to the above and by the same author sold for £<r^ 9s. 
at the BibHotheca J.Iejicana sale, "June, 1869. 

1 103 VALASQUEZ (D. F.). Por El Capitan y Sargento Mayor 

Don Francisco Antonio De Medina Picajo Cavallero 
de el Orden de Santiago Tesorero proprietario de la Real 
Casa de Moneda de ?*Iexico, etc., etc. F'olio. 

Very rare. [Mexico, n. d.j 

1 104 Brazil. Large mounted map of; map of " Laghi di Mes- 

sico"; and other maps, etc. (i bundle.) 

1 105 CoNTRATO DE AssociAciON para la Republica de los Estados 

unidos del Anahuac, and other Mexican political brochures 
of 1823. Together 6 pieces. Folio, sewed. 

Mexico and Guadalaxara, 1823 

1 106 DL4RI0 DE LOS DEBATES— Quinto Congreso Consti- 

tucional de la Union, 4 vols.; The Same, Sexto Congreso, 

2 vols. Together 6 vols. Thick folio. Mexico, 1S71 

[107 Ferrocaril de Veracruz a Mexico. Documentos Oficiales. 

2 pieces. Svo. Mexico, 1870-72 

1 108 Trovada de Mejico, la Isla de Cuba, etc. 5 pieces. 

i6mo. Madrid, 1870 

1109 Faknham (Luther), Glance at Private Libraries, Bostoti, 

1855 ; Woodward, Turner, Oakwood and other Cata- 
logues. 8 pieces. 8vo, sewed. 
ir:o Salmagundi; Davidson's Eminent Radicals of Parha- 
ment ; Johnson's Political Comedy of Europe ; etc. To- 
gether 14 pieces. 

1 1 11 Hinman's Santee Sioux Journal; Perry's Sixteen 

Saviors ; etc. Together 20 pieces. 

1 1 12 Fremont (John C.J, Life; Life of Zachary I'aylor ; Gen. 

Scott's Life ; Yale College Catalogue; etc. Together 26 

THE miss LIliRARY. ,^, 

11 13 American Antiquarian ; American Journal of I'hiloloj^ry; 

etc. 'rop^ether 19 pieces. 


TOS, broadsides, Brochures, etc. A rare collection, issued 
between the years 1S56-6:?, and bound u|) in 6 \()ls. .jir), 

1115 HovKLACQUK (Abel). 1-a l,ini2,uisli(|ue. Small Svo. 

I'aris, 1S76 

I 1 16 HoWDKN (John). Two Letters from, to Ri v. 1'",/k.\ Siii.ks. 

2 parts in 1. Svo. .\cwliavc!i, 17SS Sf; 

1 1 17 Dickinson (R.). (leoj^n-aphical and .Statislital \'ieu- of 

Massachusetts Pro])er. Svo. ( irccnficld, 1 S 1 :; 

1 1 18 Wakkfiki.d (G.). Examination of Tom I'aink's .\'^c of 

Reason. Svo (foxed). Iloslon. 1794 

1119 Word TO THE Wish, or ]5ishop C'i.ovnk's Exhortation to 

Roman Catholic Clergy, Svo. llostoii. 1750 

1 1 20 Theory OF Agency. Svo. iioston, 1771 

1121 EE DOLOR REY. Sentimento de N". Caiholico Mon- 

archa el Senor D. Eernando VL en Muertc de Nuestra 
Reyne. Plate. 4to. Very kark. Coatemala, 1759 

1122 APELLO (L C. de). Vozes del Desengano jxira la I'eiii- 

tencia. 4to (stained). Mexico, 1699 


1123 BLISS (P. C). HiSTORis Skcreta de i.a Misiov dei, 

BURN E, etc. Svo (323 pages'.. | Paraguay, 1S6S] 

Very RARE. This remarkable curi'.>sity of literature \va> writ tin hv 
Porter C. B'iss while a prisoner in I'araguay. 1 le wrote this bcok bv 
the orders of Presitlent Lopez, and to keep him at work was frnm lime 
to time tortured. Mr. Washburne devoted a eonsiilerable spaee in hi-- 
"History of Paraguay " to tell the story of the extraordinarv cireiim- 
stanees under whieh the volume was written. No more curii)ii> work 
was ever compiled, and by it Mr. Bliss saved his life. 

1124 Sanchez (M.). Reglade N. S. P. Francisco. 4to (soiled). 

Mexico, 1725 

1 125 BULA DE VIVOS para los Reinos de Intlias y Hienio tie 

1S20 y 1821. Broadside. 

A papal bull of intlulgence, with the name of the ^^rantee " Maria 
Josefa Luisa Martincs " added in MS. 

1 126 Value Undique Venerandum .^pprime a cundis tani max- 

ime, etc., etc. Folio. ^■ERY rare. Mexico, 1702 



1 127 Bellvga (Cardinal de). Sacra Ritvvm Congregatione, 

etc. 2 pieces. Folio. Typis Zinghi et Monaldi, 1721 

1 128 Belknap (Jeremy). Answer to Paine, 1795, and Sermons 

on the Sabbath, 1801. 2 pieces. 8vo. Boston, 1795-1801 

1 1 29 Brissot de Warville. Examen Critique des Voyages 

dans I'Amerique Septentrionale de Chalellux. 8voj 
stained. Londres [Paris], 1786 

1 130 Second Letter from Minister to his Dissenting Parishion- 

ers. 8vo (foxed). Boston, 1734 

1 131 Sa.n Kokf Tsou Ran to Sets ou Apercu General de Trois 

Royaumes. 8vo. Paris, 1832 

Translated from the Japanese-Chinese by Klaproth. 

1 132 GARDINER (John). Speech on Expediency of Repeal- 

ing the Law against Theatrical Exhibitions within this 
Commonwealth. Plate. Svo, uncut. Boston, 1792 

1 133 Herrera (J. J. de). Discorso; also a quantity of unbound 

matter in Spanish. (One bundle.) 

1 134 MEXICO. A large number of folio brochures in Spanish 

and mostly printed in the City of Mexico between the 
years 1794 and 1853. (One bundle.) 
Some of these are of great rarity. 

1 135 G\Y,?iO^ (Ej., Bis/iop of Londo?i). Pastoral Letter. 8vo. 

Boston, 1730 

1136 Theory OF Agency. Svo. Boston, 1771 

1137 Jogues (Isaac, S. /.). Narrative of Captivity among Mo- 

hawk Indians, with Memoir by J. G. Shea. Svo. 

N. Y., 1S57 
Includes — " Description of New Netherland in 1641-43." 

1 138 BiBLioTHECA DiABOLiCA, most Valuable Books relating to 

the Devil. Illustrations. Royal Svo. N. Y-, 1874 

1 139 Ai.AMAN J' Lerdo DE Tejada. Vida y Escritos del Rev- 

erendo Padre Fray Manuel de San Juan Chrisostomo 
Carmelita de Mexico. Portrait and view. Royal Svo. 

Mexico, 1854 

1 140 BusTAMENTE (C. M.). Historia del Emperador D. Agus- 

tin de Iturbide. Svo (stained). Mexico, 1846 

1 141 Pkkkz (F.). Catecismo de la Doctrina Christiana en Len- 

gua Otomi. 4to. (2 copies.) Mexico, 1834 

77//; BUSS LIBRARY. 95 

1 142 pRONUNciAMiKNTK dc Pkrotk poF cl General Antonio 

l.oi'K/ i)K Si A. Anna. 8vo, sheep. Me.xico, 1.S29 

1 143 CoNsniuciON I'oi.nicA de Kstado de Me.xico. iCmo, reel 

roan. Mexico, 1.S27 

1143* IIartlky ('I'.). Mi.stakes concerning Religion, etc., and 
Dell's Christ's Strength. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo. 

Gerniantown, i 759 60 

Both the above were printed by Christopher .Sower. 

1 144 DiscuRSO HiSTORico en Apojo del Trabajo Libre and Pro- 

yecto de Ley. 2 vols, in i. 4to, half roan. 

Mexico, 1870-71 

1 145 Pedro nn la Puente. Refle.xi(jnes sobre el P^ando de 25 

de J unio Ultimo. 4to, sheep. Mexico, 1812 

1 146 Cap.manv (A. de). Centinela contra Franceses, and other 

Spanish pamphlets. Together 12 pieces. 

1 147 QUERETARO. Pamphlets relating to, and printed in the 

City of Queretaro, Mexico. Together 8 pieces. 

1 148 PUEBLA. Coleccion de los Decretosdel Estado de Puebla 

and other brochures printed in the City of Puebla, Me.xico, 
between 1816 and 1873. Together 39 pieces. 

1 149 Manifesto del General Santa Anna and other bro- 

chures printed in the City of Vera Cruz between 1829 73. 
Together 9 pieces. 

1 150 MEXICO. A bundle of rare folio and quarto brochures 

broadsides, etc., principally relating to Mexico and printed 
between the years 1808 and 1S73. (One bundle.) 

1 151 GUANAJUATO, Constitucion Politica del Estado de, and 

other pamphlets, printed at Guanajuato, 1 85 1-67. To- 
gether 1 1 pieces. 

1 152 SAN LUIS POTOSI. Brochure-;, printed at San Luis Putosi 

between 1853 and 1869. Together 10 pieces. 

1153 Homas Funebres del Obispo de Michoacan, 185 i ; Defensia 

de Plaza de Morelia dirije al Bazaine; and other pam- 
phlets, also printed at Morelia,'Mexico, 1847-65. Together 
16 pieces. 

1 154 Apologia de la Inquisicion; La Casta Susana, and other 

miscellaneous Spanish brochures. Together 21 pieces. 

1 155 TOLUCA. Miscellaneous pamphlets, printed al Toluca, 

Mexico, between 1831-70. Together 15 pieces. 


1 156 ZACATECAS. Miscellaneous pamphlets, printed at Zaca- 

tecas between 1S29 and 187 1. Together 19 pieces. 

1157 OAJACA, Codigo Civil del, and other pamphlets, printed at 

Oajaca and Monterey, 1829-73. Together 18 pieces. 

1158 SPANISH PAMPHLETS. Miscellaneous lot of, printed 

in Mexico, Central and South America, and Cuba. To- 
gether 61 pieces. 

1 159 GUADALAJARA. A collection of miscellaneous pam- 

phlets in Spanish relating to Mexican affairs, and printed at 
Guadalajara between the years 1824-73. Together 77 

1 160 JALAPA. " Coleccion de Decretos y Ordenes de Vera 

Cruz," and other brochures, printed at Jalapa between 1825 
and 1873. Together 24 pieces. 

1 161 Informe de la Comision Pesquisidora, Mexico, 1874; In- 

forme del Secretario de Gobierno, Bogota, 1852; Core- 
spondencia de la Legacion Mexicana en Washington, 
1860-68. Vols. 3 and 4, etc. Together 7 pieces. 

1 162 YUCATAN. " Informe sobre las Frecuentes Revoluciones 

Ocurridas en Yucatan,'' and other pamphlets, etc., relating 
to Yucatan, printed either at Merida or Mexico between 
1831-72. Together 55 pieces. 

1 163 U. S. Report on Present Condition of Mexico, 1862; 

Treaty between U. S. and Mexico, 1848; Pile's Argument 
on Awards against Venezuela; Fremont's Upper Cali- 
fornia, 1S48; Wislizenus' Tour to Northern Mexico; etc. 
(One big bundle.) 

1164 MEXICAN BROADSIDES. A curious, unique and 

rare collection of Pronunciamentos, Edicts, Governmental 
Orders, Bulls of Indulgence, etc., etc., dating from 1798 
to 1871. (One bundle.) 

This rare collection includes many examples, with original signatures, 
official seals, etc. 


ias." A Miscellaneous and Valuable Lot, printed between 
1823 and 1S72, inclusive. Together 87 pieces (in 2 big 
bundles). Folio, 4to and 8vo. 

1166 EGUIARA Y EGUREN'S La Nada Contrapvesta, J/^jc- 

ico, 1727; and other pamphlets printed in the City of 
Mexico between 1761 and i787. Together 6 pieces, 4to. 


U67 HEREOIA (J. I.). Sermon I'aiiejijirico de Niicstra Senora 
(leCovadurga, Mexico, 1807; and other 410 brochures mostly 
printed in the City of Mexico between i.Soo-iSog. To- 
gether 27 pieces. 

1168 CAM PIO Y RIVAS, Kxpediente Tromorvido, Mexico, 

1810; and a C'ollection of brochures mostly printed in 
the C'ity of Mexico between icSio and 1S19. Together 
58 pieces. 

1 169 MEXICANA. A large Collection comprising several 

hundred brochures mostly printed in the C'ity of Mexico 
between the years 1820 and 1880. (One large bundle.) 
Among these pamphlets are some of great rarity. 

1 1 70 Makquez (I-.). Manifesto a la Nacion Mexicana; Gran 

Banquete en Nueva York al Ministro de la Republica 
Mejicana; and other pamphlets in Spanish. Together 10 
1 1 7 1 I ) K M I R A R K in 1' e r r a C oe 1 u m , curious front. , Mexico, 1783; 
AcuNA,Oratio Prinxipi Alberte Decata, 1595; etc. To- 
gether 8 pieces. 

1 172 Machiavel, Le Prince; Le Sage, Le Diable Boiteux; 

Rousseau, Contrat Social; Coniwrcet, Progres de IT^s- 
prit; etc. Together 15 pieces. 

1 173 Letourneau, J^a Biologic; Gautier's Voyage en Es- 

pagnc; Saisset's Philosophic Religieuse; etc. Together 
10 vols. 

1 174 Amerikantschen Presidentenwahl von 1S76; Mexiko; 

ScHWECiLER'sMontanismus; Karlowitsch's Entwickelung 
des Nihilismus; etc. Together 9 pieces. 

1 175 Malespine's Etats Unis en 1865; Le Mexique; Varei.a's 

Mexique et la France; Jolli vet's Annexion du Texas; 
L'Empereur du Mexique; L'Amerique du Sud; Cor- 
ta's Mexique; etc. Together 10 pieces. 

1 176 TEHUANTEPEC, La Cuestionde; Shufeldt's Isthmus of 

Tehuantepec; and other pamphlets relating to the Panama 
and Tehuantepec Canals. Together 9 pieces. 

1177 Ram MoHUM Rov'stranslation of the Moonduk Opunishud, 

Calcutta, 1819; Hindu Grammar; Takur's Bengali Vocab- 
ulary; and other Hindostanee and Oriental pieces. To- 
gether 22 pieces. 


1 1 78 Anahuac, Map of, 1780; Plan of Guadalajara; and another 

map. 3 pieces. 

1 179 MASONRY. Beraud's La Frac Masoneria y la Prensa 

Catolica de Mexico; Spanish- Ritual of Apprentice and 
Fellow Craft. Together 3 pieces. 

1 1 80 CENTRAL AMERICA. Folio brochures printed in or 

relating to Gautemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Salvador, 
etc. Together 14 pieces. 

1 181 MASONRY. Examen Critico de las Causas de le Persecu- 

cion de las Francmasons, and Segunda Defensa de los 
Fracmosanes. 2 pieces, 4to. Rare. Mexico, 1822 

1182 Larraxzar (M.). Noticia Historica de Soconusco. i6mo. 

(2 copies, one stained.) Mexico, 1843 

1 1 83 Otomi Language. Catacismo de la Doctrina Cristiana en 

Otomi por Perez. 4to. Mexico, 1834 

1 184 Ordenanzas para el Gobierno del Hospicio de Pobres de 

la Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico, t8o6; and other folio 
brochures printed in City of Mexico between 1S03 and 
1839. Together 19 pieces. Folio. Mexico, 1803-39 

T185 EGL^^IARA y EGUREN, Relectio Exponens, Mexico, 1725; 
Vega, Sermon YdiW^gyxxco, Mexico, 1757; Monseu, Memo- 
rias de San Benedicte XL, Mexico, 1738; Tabla de Santa 
Iglesia Cathedral Metropolitana de Mexico, 1758; Calde- 
RON, Tiernos Afectos, Mexico, 1754; Traspuesto, Fructos 
de la Oliva Seraphica, Mexico, 1753. Together 6 pieces. 

Mexico. 1725-58 

1186 PARE DES, Sermon Panegyrico,J/^.Y/(r(7, 1 761; Rodriguez, 

El Pais Afortunado, Mexico, 1768; Zabala, Carta de Con- 
suelo, Mexico, 1762; Arce y Miranda, Sermones, Tomo 
Tercero, Mexico, 1761. Together 4 pieces. 

Mexico, 1761-62 

1 187 Hidalgo y Costilla, Revolucion Mejicana, Vol. 2; Ro- 

SADo's Pequeno Tratado; Romero's Seccion del Gran 
Jurado; Leyes y Decretos; etc. 11 vols. Mexico, 1851-69 

1 188 Zavala (L. de). Ensayo Historico de las Revoluciones de 

Mexico, 180S-30. 2 vols. 4to. Mexico, 1845 

1 189 Paraguayo Independiente, Vol. 2. Ascuncion, 1859 

1190 Banda (L.). E.stadistica de Jalisco. Folio. 

Guadalajara, 1866 

THE lil.lSS fJHKARY. 99 

H91 RoLF.TiN DE i.AS Leyks. Nos. I - 1 o. io parts, Svo. 

Mexico, 1X6!^ 

1 192 loi.KSiAS (J. M.). Revista Ilistoricas sohra la Itcrvcncion 

Francesa en Mexico, 2 vols., Mexico, 1S67 ; Iiitrij^as 
Europeas en Mexico ; etc. Together 6 vols. 

1 193 Paz, Amor y Suplicio o la (Iran Tenochltlan, f^/afcs ; 

PizARRo's Kl Monedero, etc. (One bundle.) 

1194 Ensayos Litkrarios (le la Sociedad N'etzahualcoyoti. 

i2mo. Mexico, 1S69 

1 195 Julia — Novela de Costumbres Mexican, 2 vols., MexiiC, 

1869 ; Rau's Alejandro dk Humholut, 2 vols., A/rxiio, 
1873. Together 4 vols. 

1 196 Semanario Politico y Literario de Mejico, Tomo I., 

Mexico, 1820 ; Varios Impresos, Mexico, '815, etc. To- 
gether 2 vols. 4to. 

T197 Repertorio Nacional. 4to, sewed. Asunsion. 1S43 

1 198 ILLUSTRADOR MEXICANO, Vol. 1, Nos. i to 30, 

1823 ; Gaceta Diaria de Mexico, etc., 1823 25. Together 
2 pieces. 

1199 Pellizico (EI). Nos. i-io, 1871, and I. a I^ruja, Xc s. i- 

7. Together 17 Nos. ' 

1200 Observador Catolico. Vols. I antl 2, in 60 Nos. 

Mexico, 184S 

1201 Zaldivar (L. G.). Diccionario de la Legislacion Mcxi- 

cana. 2 vols, in 40 parts. 4to, sewed. Mexico, 1868-71 

1202 NOTICIOSO GENERAL, i bundle of Nos. Mexico, 1819 

1203 GAZETA DE MEXICO, i bundle of Nos. 

Mexico, i8c8-io 

1204 MEXICAN and other miscellaneous pamphlets, in Spanish. 

Together 66 pieces. 

1205 NEW ENGLAND AND AMERICAN iSth and 19th 

Century Sermons, and other theological pamphlets. 'I'o- 
gether 61 pieces. 8vo. 

1206 Lives of Polk, Fillmore, Winfield Scott. Harrison. 

etc. Together 13 pieces. Svo, sewed. 

1207 Franco-American Treaty of Commerce ; Mina tlel 

Tago Mexico ; etc. Together 4 pieces. 


1208 Byng (Admiral), Expedition, 1718-20 ; Letter from Edmund 

Burke ; etc. Together 22 pieces. 

1209 MEXICAN and other Spanish miscellaneous pamphlets. 

Together 66 pieces. 

1 2 10 MEXICANA. A miscellaneous collection of 4to and 8vo 

pamphlets, etc., in Spanish, printed in the City of Mexico 
between the years 1870 and 1879. Together 245 pieces in 

2 bundles. 

121 1 MEXICANA. A similar lot, but printed in the City of 

Mexico between i860 and 1869. Together 292 pieces in 

3 bundles. 

1212 MEXICANA. A similar lot, but printed in the City of 

Mexico between 1850 and 1859. Together 462 pieces in 
3 bundles. 

1213 MEXICANA. A similar lot, but printed in the City of 

Mexico between 1840 and 1849. Together 214 pieces. 

12 14 MEXICANA. A similar lot, but printed in the City of 

Mexico between 1830 and 1839. Together 151 pieces. 

1 2 15 MEXICANA. A similar lot, but printed in the City of 

Mexico between 1820 and 1829. Together 212 pieces. 

1216 MEXICANA. A similar lot, but printed in the City of 

Mexico between 1810 and 1819. Together 53 pieces. 

1 2 17 MEXICANA. A similar lot, but printed in the City of 

Mexico between 1800 and 1809. Together 35 pieces. 

12 18 MEXICANA. A very rare lot of i8th century brochures, 

and all printed in the City of Mexico. Together 31 pieces. 




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CATALOGUE NOW READY. — To be Sold July i6th and 17th. 


An edition of this Valuable Catalogue, with several heliotype plates, illustrating the princip 
coins or types, will be issued, and the descriptions will be so full as to make the Catalogue 
work of easy reference to the large class of American Collectors who have not the time 
opportunity of consulting the many works on the subject published in Foreign languages. 

Orders for the ordinary and illustrated edition of the Catalogue, and f^or the sale, will 1 
executed by Geo. A. Lkavitt & Co., by Coin dealers generally, and by the compiler, the wel 
known numismatic and anticjuarian expert, Mr. Ed. Frossaru, Irvington-on-Hudson, or 78 
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CATALOGUE NOW READY — To be Sold July 24th. 

A Collection of Fine Postag-e Stamps, U. S. Coins, Autographs, Etc 


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Keinarkable Collection of nearly Five Thousand Volumes of Patristic WritiiiKS, Ecclesiastical Hi 

lory and Catholic I'heolojiy, a.s well ;u3 modern European and American Standard Works purchased by the late 

George (;. Lake, Esq., for the use of hi.s son The Ueverentl 7HKNKY C LiAKB, deceas<-<l, and 

to he sold by order of the Executors, Kkances E. Lake, jamks K. Steers and James R. Sti'.khs, Jr. 

CATALOGUE IN PREPARATION — For Sale in September . 

The Magnificent Collection of Uncancelled Postage Stamps of First Issues, tl 
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