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Thk Ntu York Botanical Garden 
LuEsther T. Mertz Libran- 

Gifi of 

The Estate of 

Henry Clay Frick, II 

{Publications of tbe Hrnol^ arboretum Ifto. 6 










IPrintcC* at tbc Cosmos press 



Kr ■ ' -"• 




THE collecting of books for what is now the Library of the .\rnold -\rboretuni was begun 
in 187-4, when I obtained a few standard works needed in planning the Arboretum and 
arranging its collections. This small hbrarj- was gradually increased, and when a few 
years later it was determined to prepare at the Arboretum an account of the trees growing 
natiu-ally in North America it was found necessary to secure many additional volumes on 
dendrology- and descriptive botany essential to the production of that work. The mmiber of 
volmnes had increased to sLx thousand in 1892 when, accommodations ha\-ing been provided 
for a library at the Arboretmn, I presented them to the University. 

In addition to the contributions which I have been able to make to the Library, it has received 
some important gifts. The first of these, made by the late Charles James Sprague of Boston, 
contained a number of valuable books chiefly relating to North .\merican botany, and including a 
number of the early papers of Asa Gray, which even thirty j'ears ago were extremely rare. In 
1905 the late Francis Skinner of Boston (H. C. 1862) placed in my hands a substantial sum of 
money for the purchase of books for the Library. After his death his son, Francis Skinner of 
Dedham. continued imtil his death in 1914 to make generous gifts of money to the University for 
the purchase of books for the Arboretum Library as a memorial to his father ; and Mrs. Sarah Choate 
Sears of Boston has for several years made it possible by important gifts, to add to the Library a 
number of rare books pubhshed before the middle of the eighteenth century. 

In the formation of this Library particular attention has been paid to books relating to den- 
drologj-, general descriptive botanj', the cultivation of trees, the works of travelers in which 
appear descriptions of trees and of general featm-es of vegetation, and in obtaining complete sets of 
the periodicals in all languages relating to botany, forestrj' and allied subjects. Except when 
it has seemed desirable to complete the collection of the pubUcations of some of the most distin- 
guished botanical authors no attempt has been made to place in the Library books relating exclu- 
sivelj' to herbaceous plants, as the Arboretum was established for the cultivation and study of trees 
and shrubs. Little attention has been paid to books relating to the description and care of the 
fruit trees usually cultivated in cold countries, for such pomological books are found in Ubraries 
devoted to horticultiu-e. Attention, however, has been paid to books relating to the history and 
cultivation of trees and shrubs valued for special products, Uke tea, coffee, cocoa, oranges and 
their allies, cinchona, oUves, the mulberry in its relation to the manufacture of silk, and others 
because Uttle attention had previously been paid m this country to such books, and it seemed 
desirable that the library of an institution like the Arnold .\i"boretum should contain all books 
in any way relating to woody plants, with the exception of those which are most valuable in a 


porcir bcrkaniHurml Kbnuy. Fnr this mscm many books relating to forestry, especially those 
dmripdre of the eaHy efforte at forest management in this count n- and Europe, will l>e found in 
the I^lvarr. altbou|;i) the .\ibaretum is a museum for the study and display of trees and shrubs and 
aoi a acbool of forestry. 

Onhr a few booHa on pafeobotaay, \-egetaWe patholog>-, physiolop-, entomologj-, and land- 
Mi y| M>. gpt»t— img are fouDd in this Librar>'. Tliese are subjects which should be more fully repre- 
MBted in a fibrart* intcoded to furnish the best possible opportunity for the study of trees, but the 
Juharttum Library' has grown eo rapidly in other directions that it has not been practicable to pay 
to thene n^jerts the attention their importance demands. 

To the prepafstion of this catalogiue Miss Tucker has devoted ten years, during which the 
Liijrvx h^ grown frotn ten thousand to thirty thousand boimd volumes. A second volume of the 
eatakigue is in prefMrmtaoo, in which, to facilitate the use of the Libran>', the books M-il1 be arranged 
•eeardx^ to the subjecte of which they treat. 

C. S. Sakgent. 

















































































de geographie botanique. 

m. LcMaas; Paris. [1900]-* 

Abbottsford, Canada — Fruit growers' association. Report. 
(Montreal. 188-1.] 8°. 

Report of the Montreal ttorticuttarat society and fruit growers' association 
of the province of Quebec, 18S3. ix, 14S-151. 

Academie Internationale 

Bulletin. Tom. i.x. 1900— 
8°. Illustr. 

For earlier volumes, see Le Monde des plantes. 

Academie royale de Prusse. Menioires eoncernant I'ana- 
tomic, la i)hy.siologie, la physique, I'histoire naturelle, la 
botanique, etc., exfrait.s de.s .seize volumes in 4° qui com- 
poscnt les memoires de la elite academie. Par RI. Paul. 
Tom. i-ix. Paris. 1770-74. sm. 12°. Plates and tables. 
Has the runiuDg title: " Memoires de V Academie royale des sciences de 

Acclimatisation society of Queensland. See Queens- 

Acta helvetica, physico-mathematieo-botanico-mediea. Vol. 
i-viii. Basileae. 1751-77. 4°. Tables and plates. 

Acta literaria Suecise, Ujisalia; publicata. Vol. i, ii. 1720- 
1729; — Acta literaria et scientiarum Suecise. Vol. iii, 
iv. 1730-1739. Upsahse, etc. [1725?]-12. sm. 4°. Il- 

For continuation, see Upsala — liegia societas scientiarum upsaliensis. 

Adansonia; recueil periodique d'observations botaniques. 
Redige par H. Baillon. Tom. i-xii. Sept. 1860-dcc. 1879. 
Paris. [1860-79.] 8°. Plates. 

No more published. 

Adelaide botanic garden. See South Australia — Botanic 

Agassiz association — Gray memorial botanical chapter. 

Bulletin. See Asa Gray bulletin. 
Agenda du forestier. 1901; — CARNET-agenda du forestier. 

1903. 190.i. Besan?on. 1901-05. 24°. Tables and diagrs. 

No more published. 

Agricultural bulletin of the Malay Peninsula. No. i-ix. 
April, lS91-May, 1900. Singapore. 1891-1900. 8°. Plates. 
(Straits Settlements — Gardens and forest department.) 
Continued as: 

Agricultural bulletin Straits and Federated Malaj' States. 

New series. Vol. i-x; — 3d ser. Vol. i. Oct. 1901— » m. 

Singapore. 1902, ['01]— 8°. lUu.str. 

The Agricultural gazette of New South Wales. Vol. i, pt. 

2, 3;ii. Aug. 1890-. m. Sydney. 1890-^ S°. Illustr. 

Vol. i published irregularly; x, no. 3, never published. 

Index to vol. xxi-xxii. Svdnev. 1912. 8°. 

Agricultural and horticultural society of India. Trans- 
actions. Vol. i-viii. Calcutta, etc. 18.38, '37-41. 8°. 
Plates and other illustr. 

The Agricultural ledger. Edited by the reporter on eco- 
nomic products to the government of India. Vol. i. 1892— > 
Calcutta. [1892]-> 8°. Illustr. 

Vol. i interleaved. 

1892. and 1893. 1-14. 16-20, wanting. 

L'Agriculture pratique des pays chauds; bulletin du Jardin 
colonial et des jardins d'essai des colonies franijaises. Annee 
i— m. Paris. (1901]-> 8°. Illustr. (Ministere des 

Supplement. See Societe fran^aise de colonis.\- 

tion & d'.a^griculture coloniale. Exposition d'agriculture 
coloniale au .Jardin colonial. 

Agri-horticultural society. Transactions. Vol. i. 1852. 
Bombay. 1852. 8°. 

Probably no more published. 

Ajmere-Merwara, India. See India — A.imere-Merwara. 
Allgemeine botanische zeitschrift ftir systematik, floristik, 
pflanzen-geographie, etc. Heiausgegeben von A. Kneucker. 
[Jahrg. i.j 1895— Karlsruhe. 1895-^ 8°. Illustr. 
Allgemeine forst- und jagd-zeitung. Neue folge. Jahrg. ix- 
xlviii; xlix, jan.-juni; Iv. Julv, 1.840— » m. Frankfurt am 
Main. 1840— 4° and 1. 8°. Illustr. 

1S45-1847 are incorrectly numbered jahrg. xi-xiii. There is a gap in 
the numbering from jahrg. xxii-xxxiii but the years are consecutive. 

Supplemente. Bd. i. [Jahrg. 1858]—* Frankfurt am 

Main. 18.58— 1. 8°. Illustr. 

[1SS9] — ► are " Jahresbericht iiber veroffentlichungen und wichti- 
pere ereiguisse im gebiete des forstwesens. der forstl. botanik, der 
forst!. zoologie, der af^rikulturrtiemie und der mcteoroloj^ie." 

Allgemeine schweizerische gesellschaft fiir die gesamm- 
ten naturwissenschaften. Neue denkschriften. Bd. i- 
-xiii. Neuchatel, etc. 1837-53. 4°. Plates, maps, and 

Allgemeines forst- und jagd-arcbiv. See Forst- und jagd- 
archiv ^•on und fiir Preussen. 

Allgemeines teutsches garten-magazin oder gemeinniitzige 
beitrage fiir alle theile des praktischen gartenwesens. Jahrg. 
i-viii; — Fortsetzung des allgemeinen teutschen garten- 
magazins. i-viii. — Neue.s allgemeines garten-magazin. i- 
iii. 1804-1828. Weimar. [1804]-28. 4°. 580 plates. 

Most of the plate-s are colored. 
No more pubhshed. 


v-.y Pans. 11S59.1 

altar* Inrratnt — Ahtiml>f»t fir jUaaum, ff^''''^ *""' 

jj-i Botrtirr f ur for>utatwtik voo f':iMka»-Lothhiisefi. 

Hrft I- S«fM*unt 1>«M-. 8*. Tabls. 

Vofryv A'ir. fajdaao^Ti akademia. 
Poaoar 1877. 16*. 


a maothly ioumal for thr plant 
1901— Bil«haiiiplot>. NY., rU 

:iyiii ■ - 
AmaricMD f' - < tti-m. mnd m. [Mays 

LaoOu^ N J .^... - » i S*. IIIu.<itr . 

\^ 1. Ki. 1) talk raadi " TW Nt-> i<nr7 fonb*": vol i. no 
4-v« ^ TW F<v«rtjv ". *i» u« " F fw UTf mmA »T««»lJa« "; iv : 

AiB«r(c»n for««tiT MsociAtion Proceedings. 18S2, 1SS5, 

- v> tnW rxaiii ' IVirradtp^ id dw AwirifB f u iW l l7 eOB- 

AmariCAn f or«*tr7 concren Pronvdinfei. Sn .Kuzbicau 

"n.r Amarickn exri>ti«-r • nia^ajinr. anii rnri-«tcr of useful 
disaxivrr-- .• nipiMvrmfnl* in hortii-ulture and rural 
rfaus ; hv C .M Hovo- an<l P. B. Hovcv, jr. 

Voli,u -6 m bovtoD. 1S35-36. 8°. Iliustr. 

Tb» MACtlTvr nf hnrtirultTin-, hrrTvry, nnd all useful di»- 
fc-. . - ^ Edited by 

C • m. Boston, 




gjovrr, aikd 

The Amaricui journal of forortr}-. r^'ol i J Oct. 18S2- 
S^ IKK3 m. GaaatiMti. 18S2-S3. 8*. 

^« _»* I ir I 1 
The Amariean iouraal of horticulture and f!' 
ion. Vol i-iv. 1867-1868 m. Boston 
Iliiittr. titlr-paicn. port, of M. P. Wilder, an: -tr. 

Cm^tm^ed vt/Ur tkt tiiU: 

TiLTOM'a journal ol borticulture and florist's companion 
Vol T-rii. 180»-t870. m. Boston. 1869-70. 8°. 11 


•m pan- 

IW AlMrieaD journal of pharmacy. Published by author- 
ity rf thr Philaddphia coUege of pharmacy. i:!dited by 
H< • • ■ Ic [and after his decease bv Henr\- Kraemer]. 

V. Itiiladdphia. 18»4-99."8°. lUuslr. 

The An.- iland naturalist. Vol. i. Apr. 1909— 

bi-« InH II9101-. 8'. lllustr. 

TIm- Amencaj. . ^zine and critical re%-iew. Vol. 

i-iv .\lav. ■ New York. 1817-^19). 8°. 


.No BV> > ■Until 

I scanic and historic praacrration society .\n- 

rrffn to th<- l>iri.-Utur<- of .\.w ^Crk 17. 1912. 
Albany I<«I2 s I'Ules. 

▲floarican silk sociaty Journal of the American nlk so- 
rjetv ami rural enjoomict. Vol. ti. Jan.-Dec. 1840. m. 
baltimore 1H40. 8*. 

▲nalaa dc cioMias naturalea. See AxALca de hiatoria natu- 

inalaa de historia natural [Tom. i], ii: — A.valxa de 
aencia* naturaks. iii-ni Oct 1799-majx>, 1804. Madrid. 
1799 IWt imt H*. 49 plato, and table. 

Jahrv- ii-xii have klao the titie: "Neuc »«f,-t— , Jer blumistrrn fVr 
(■rtcabcBitaer. kaOBt^artiMr. aaiBaalliAdlar and biumenfminde. jabrg . 

Annalen der botanick. See Botamscbe.« magazin. 
Annalen <\'-t c^rtnprey: nebst einem allgemeinen intelli- 
f' t.lumen-frcunde. Herauagegeben 

\ rn 12 gt&ckc (in 2 vol.). Er- 

furt I.I' i^'«i >rii > . 2 plates. 
Annalas de ragriculture des colonics et dcs r^ons tropicales. 
Tciri i-v. Jan. 1860-f6v. 1862. Paris. 1860-62. 8*. 

i'^ues; publi^es sous les auspices du Minis- 
irr. par P. P. Deh^rain. Tom. i-xx^iii. 
J 8'-. lllustr. 

> ionisntion alg6riennc; bulletin mensud de 
- : -I- et ^trang^re. Vol. i-xiv. Paris. 

>n Wr#* psMWkM. 

and la 
&a J- 

!.i«tern fOr blumrtifreunde, gartenbeHtaer 

HeTB uag e g e b en durch J. E. von Ra- 

.NurDbert.dc. 1825-36. 8*. 280ooloml 


t«n : 

Nu n, 

Ann ales 

1^;. - - M ::- 

Annales 'k- rf.lrole nationale d'agriculture de Montpellier. 
.Set- Montpellier, France — ScoU nationale d'affncuUure. 

Annates curoiir'-onnis dc phy.sique vfg<?tale et d'^conomie pub- 
liquc. Kt'-digtVs par une society d'auteurs. Tom. i-iii; — 
Publit-<> sou.* la direction de M. Rauch. iv-ix. Paris. 
1821-2.5 8'. Plates. 

Profcablr no mart piiMmIiwI. 

AnTialjMi de flore et de pomone. See Journai. et flore dee 

Annates forestiercs. .\nn^ i-iiii; — An-xaix-s forestidres et 
metallurpques. xiv-xxiv 1H42-11865). Paris, etc. |1842h 
6.5 S'. Plates, t.tbU's. and other iliustr. 
In IS66 united willi Htru£ de« max H fartta. 

Annalas forestii-rcs. Re\Tic des caux et forfita. Sec Re^te 
lii* faux et forfrts. 

AnnaJes E^^rales des sciences ph>-siques; par MM. Bor}- 
de .'•t \ inrent, Drapiez, et van NIons. Tom. i-\iii. Brux- 
elU* 1M9-21. S-. lllusU. 

.No murr puttlnbed. 

Annalea d'honiruhure et de botanique; ou, Flore des jardina 
du ruyaume dcs Pays-Bas, et bistoire des plantes ctiltiv^es 
et omementales les plu.* int<^ressante8 des poaeeseions n^er- 
landaises aux Indes ()rient.<Ups, en Am^rique et du Japon. 
Publi<'-e par la i^oti^t^- rovale d'horticulture dcs Pays-Bas. 
[Vol il-v. Ixide. 18o8-b2. 1. 8°. lUustr. 

I^rubably no more puUkhed. 

Annalas de I'lni-iitut horticole de Fromont; dirigdes par 
Soulangc Bodin Tom. i-vi. Paris. 1829-34. 8°. Plates 
and other illii>ir. 

Annates du Mtisee et de I'lnstitut colonial de Marseille. 
.-'•■>• Marseillk — Mutte rolonuil. 

Annalas dcs sciences naturelles. Tom. i-xxx. Paris. 1824- 
33. 8°. Plates, tables, and maps. 

Table g^n<?ralr. Paris. 1H41. 8°. 

From l^^H thf intan wal pari if coniinnrrf as: 

.■\nnale.s des sciences naturellcs. S6r. ii— • Botanique. 
Pans 1S.34-. 8°. Plates and other iUusU. 
Index in last toI. of flncfa w i t* . 

Revue bibliographique pour l^e^^•ir de rompK^ment 

aux AnnaUt. .\nn^ |il, ii 1829, 1S31. Paris. |1829- 
.31 ] (.\ppended to Annalet, torn xviii, xxiv.) 

Annali di botanica; compilati dal dott. Domenico Vi\-iani. 
[Vol. i 1 Genova 1802-|04] 4°. 

Pt. 2 baa Latin titk'.pacv and pn/aea. 
PmAiably no Bore publiibed. 

Annali di botanira Puliblirati dal prof. Romualdo Pirotta. 

Vol i • Koma 1904(031— 8° PUtcs and other iliustr. 
Annali of l>otany ; c<lit«d by I. B. Balfour [and others]. \'ol. 

I— l»ndon, etc. 1887—' 8*. Plates and other illu.<!tr. 

Index to vols. i-x. (1887-1896.) Prepared by 

T. G. HiU. Ivondon, etc. 1901. 8'. pp. [4), 64. 


Annals of botany; editors Charles Konig and John Sims. 
Vol. i, ii. London. 1805-06. 8°. Portrs. and plates. 

No more published. 

Annuaire du Conservatoire & du Jardin botaniques de 

Geneve. Annee i— > Geneve. 1897— » 8°. Plates and 

other illustr. 
Annuaire des eaux et forets. Ann6e [i]. 1862— ► Paris. 

1862^ 18°. Portrs. 
Anuario de la Revista de jnontes, para 1882. See Revtsta 

de montes. 
Arbeiten aus der Biologischen abtheilung filr land- und forst- 

wirthschaft am Kaiserlichen gesundheitsamte. See Ger- 

M.\NY — Kaiserliches gesundheilsamt. 
Arboriculttire ; a magazine of the International society of 

arboriculture. Vol. i-\Tii. Sept. 1902-Oct. 1909. " m. 

Chicago, etc. 1902-09. 8°. Illustr. 

No more published. 

Archiv fur die botanik; herausgegeben von J. J. Romer. 
Bd. i-iii. Leipzig. 1796-1805. 4°. Plates and table. 

No more published. 

Archiv der forst- und jagd-gesetzgebung der deutschen bun- 
destaaten. Herausgegeben von St. Behlen. Bd. i-xx; — Neue 
folge. Bd. i-vi. fteiburg im Breisgau, etc. 1835-16. 8°. 
Tables, plates, and map. 

Archives de botanique; ou, Recueil mensuel de m^moires 
originaux, d'extraits et analyses bibliographiques, d'an- 
nonces et d'avis divers concernant cette science. Redigees 
par une societe de botanist es fran^ais et (Strangers, sous la 
direction de M. A. J. Guillemin. Tom. i, ii. Paris. 1833. 
8°. Plates and 2 facsimiles. 

For continuation, see des sciences naturelles, 2^ s^r. 

Archives botaniques du nord de la France; revue botanique 
mensuelle publiee sous la direction de C. E. Bertrand. Tom. 
i-iii. Avril, 18Sl-juiUet, 1889. Lille, etc. [1881-89.] 1. 8°. 

The title-page and index of torn, lii were never published. 
For an appendix, see Behtband, G. E. Traits de botanique. 

Archives de flore; journal botanique r^dige par F. Schultz; — 

Archives de la flore d'Europe. Dec. ISo-J-juin, 1874. Wis- 

sembourg, etc. [1854-74.) 8°. 
Archives neerlandaises des sciences exactes et naturelles, 

publiees par la Societe hollandaise des sciences i Harlem. 

Tom. 1-30; — Ser. ii, 1-15;— Ser. iii b, 1-> La Have. 

1866— 8°. lUustr. 

Tom. ix-xi. xiv, xv, xix, xiiv lack "programme de la soci^t^.'* 
Bevjinning with s^rie iii divided into two sections, lettered .\ i B.: The 
botaoic^il part is contained in "S6rie iii B. Sciences naturelles." 

Arkiv for botanik. See Konqliga s'I'Enska vetenskaps- 


Arnold arboretum, Jamaica Plain, Mass. Bulletin of 
popular information. No. 1. May 2, 1911— » irreg. 
Jamaica Plain. 1911-* 8°. 

Report of the director [C. S. Sargent. 1873/74], 

1879/80-1887/88. Salem; Cambridge. 1874-89. 8°. 

Later reports of the arboretum are printed only in the reports of the 
president of Harvard university. 

[The Asa Gray bulletin. Vol. iH-i"- [April], 1893-Jan. 
1901. m. and bi-m. [Washington, D. C], etc. 1893-1901. 

8°. Illustr. 

[Vol. i], no. 1 reads: "Bulletin of the Gray memorial botanical chapter 
of the Agassiz association," and is "reprinted by the Plant world com- 


Asiatic society of Bengal. Asiatick researches; or, Trans- 
actions of the society, instituted in Bengal, for inquiring 
into the history and antiquities, the arts, sciences, and hter- 
ature of Asia. N'ol. i-xx. Calcutta, etc. 1788-1839. 4°. 

No more published. 

Index to the first eighteen volumes of the Asiatic re- 
searches. Calcutta. 1835. 4°. pp. [4], 228. (Appended 
to vol. xviii.) 

Asiatick researches. See Asiatic society of Benqai<. 

Assam, India. See Indi.a — Assam. 

Association frangaise de botanique. Bulletin. Tom. 

i-v. [1S9S]-1902. Le Mans. 1S98-1902. 8°. Port, of 

R. A. Philippi. 

No more published. 

Association for the protection of the Adirondacks. 

[Publications] 9-12, 14, 15, 20. New York. 19U7-11. 

Aus dem walde; mittheilungen in zwanglosen heften. Von 
H. Burckhardt. Heft. i-x. Hannover. 1865-81. 8°. Il- 

No more published. 

Australian horticultural and agricultural society. 

Report [with list of members], i, ii. (Appended to Sydttey 
magazine of science and art, 1858-59.) 
The Australian horticulturist magazine and garden guide. 
Edited bv D. A. Crichton. Vol. i, ii. Jan. 1877-Dec. 
1878. m. Melbourne. 1878. 8°. 
Badischer botanlscher verein. Mittheilungen. No. 1. 
1882— Freiburg i. B. ISSS— 8°. Plates. 

No. 1-50 read: " .Milteitungen des Botanischfn vereins fur den krtit . 
Freiburg und das land Baden." 

Baluchistan, India. See Ixdi.a — B.aluchistan. 

Le Bambou; son ^tude, sa culture, son emploi. Bulletin 

p^riodique. .\nn4e i; ii, no. 7-10. 15 Jan. 1906-30 juin, 

1908. Mons. [1906-'08.] 8°. Plates. 

No more published. 

Bartonia: proceedings of the Philadelpliia botanical club. 
No. 1. 1908— y. Philadelphia. 1909— 1.8°. Col- 
ored plates, and port, of J. B. Brinton. 

Bath and west and southern counties society. Letters 
and papers on agriculture, planting, etc., selected from the 
correspondence-book of the societ}'. ^"ol. i-xii. Bath. 
1783-1810. 8°. Plates, tables, plans, and map. 

Vol. i is "2d ed." 
Bavaria — Konigliches ministerial-forstbttrcau. Forstwirth- 
schaftliche mittheilungen. Bd. i-iv;v, 1. Milnchen. 1852- 
76. 8°. lUustr. 

Bd. ii-v read: "Forstlirhe njittheilungen"; ii, 4-v, 1 have also the 
title: " Mittheilungen iiber das forst- und jagdwesen in Bayern. heft I-IO." 
Bd. i, 1-3 are "2e auQ." 
No more published. 

Bayerische botanische gesellschaft zur erforschung 
der heimischen flora Berichte. [Bd vi]— Munchen. 
1891— > 1. 8". Maps, portrs., and other illustr. 
"Literatur," i, IS6-IS9. 

— Mitteilungen. Bd. i— Munchen. 1906 ['02]— 

1. 8°. lUustr. 

Beitrage zur biologie der pflanzen; herausgegeben von Fer- 
dinand Cohn. Bd. i— Breslau. 1875— 8° and 1. 8°. 
Plates and other illustr. 

Bd. viii "herausgegeben von Oscar Brefeld"; ix-xi "von Felix Rosen." 

Beitrage zur forst st at istik von Elsass-Lothringen. See 
Alsace-Lorraine — Abtheilung fur finanzen, gewerbe und 

Beitrage zur kenntniss des russischen reiches. See St. 
Petersburg — Academic imperiale des sciences. 

Beitrage zur pflanzenkunde des russischen reiches. [Heraus- 
gegeben von der KaiserUchen academic der wissenschaften.] 
Lief. i-xi. St. Petersburg. 1844-59. 8°. Plates. 

Has also Russian title. 
No more published. 

Beitrage zur pflanzenzucht. Herausgegeben von der Gesell- 
schaft zur fordening deufscher pflanzenzucht. Heft i— ► 
BerUn. 1911— 1. 8°. Plates and other illustr. 

La Belgique horticole; journal des jardins, des serres et des 
verges. Tom. i-xiv; — La Belgiqce horticole; annales 
d'horticulture beige et etrangere. xv-x.xiv; — La Belgique 
horticole; annales de botanique et d'horticulture. xxv-xxxv. 
[Juin, lS50-tlec. 1885.] Liege. 1851-[851. 8°. Illustr. 

Tom. i-iv "par Charles Morren": v-xiv "par Charles Morren et 
fxlouard Morren"; xv-xxiv "par f^douard Morren." 
No more published. 


Iji B«l(lqu* hortiroir 
IsTli (;.%ii<l IK71. 

B«richU iiImt I:i 

Tntilc Ri'-ii^rale. Tom. l xx. 1^^A1~ 
p|> Ixjcx. {Api>rinUii to turn. XX.) 

Ivt.i \ 

Ap|>«Mlix. Nr i 


IIKO— 8". 
ilfM trimm. 
— K. 

itchrr garirn . 
IS'.IT rit.i| - K' 
Jan .s. IIHM — 

in l)fut»rli-<)iit- 

Mi'moircs. S«? 

NotizMiitl (Ics 
von A. Kn({liT. 
. llluxtr. 
IxipiiR. 1904 — 



und hnlani»rhrti 
IStM/Of), liHW, 


I J... 

\S.\U) 91, 
1S<M I'.Ul. 8°. 
1 i-.'i" ••MMtrrabflrurfc bus iW Chronik dvr univrraitHl, jiilirK 
■ uv. 


oll>m>| IW. i-v. 
ho ■>- - 

I .' ruUurfortchmdrr frrunde. BmchAftifCin 

(trn lUi I u Kcrlin 1775-79 8°. I'latcs and tabli- 

For ran Unua lion, mv iu "SdiriflMi." 

S€-hnft«n Ud.i-x. Herlin 1780-92. 8°and8m.8° 

!liTniuig<itfbrn von A. 
bcrlin. 1881-89. 8°. 

\V. ICiclilcr (iind 
riatcs und otliiT 

Phtra Mi<l i.thlc 

B4 <H I hxr abo Ibr tilk: 
d^Y n«lurkua«l« von At€ (m 
B«Hio. i-l* " 

For wmtiwt yr«r». •*«• iu *' Il4wrli&rti|run^n." 

Npuo Kchriflon Hd i-iv. IWrlin 

n«<olMicittuiijn*n und pnld««rkiiDKon niu 
ifl luiturfunctipndcr frpuiuic zu 

1795-1803. 4' 

Platm, pliiUM. and table. 
Sit£unp.-UTi<hte. 1865 -> Berlin. 18<J6 I'CSl— 

4* and 8". lllu.«lr. 
BetulA: drvntr<| In trreM and nhrubi). Puhliohcd occasionally 

bv \V. H. HIanrhanl. \'ol. i, no. 1, 2. WcHtininster, Vt. 

1901. S\ 

Btbliotheca lx>i.iiiira; abliandluneon uus dcni KosaninitRe- 
huti- dt-r iMji^iiik Ud. i— Cu8sc-I, etc. 1887— 4°. 
I'lati-!- and oilier illuKlr. 

Blbliothoca liL-'loriro-nalurali.-i el phy^ico-ohemica (ct niathe- 
matii-a; odor, Sy.ilfnialLsrh Keordnelc ucbersiclit der in 
DrutM-hland unil dein aiLslandc aiif dcni (jrtiii-le der ncsainiii- 
ten namr»i«<'nwhaflon (und der niathcniatikj ncu erschio- 
nencn bucln"r. Hcrauj*){iucl)cn von K. A. Ziichold. Juhrg. 
i-ixxvii. 1H.-.I-IK87. Gottingen. (1851)-88. 8°. 
No mcirr puMMhcd 

Blllotl*; oil. Niit<-» de Imtaniijiic. Hublii'cs par V. Bavoiix, 
.A flmrharil. I' (iiiirliard ct J. raillol. Vol. i. Bcsanvon. 
iMil .>^^ I'ort of Hilliil, and plates. 

No riKir* puldnhrd. 

BUtmore iMiianu-al Btudicti; a journal of botany. Vol. i, 
no 1, 2 Biltmore, N. C. 1901-'02. 8°. Plates. 

Nu more puUi&hM. 

Biltmore forest Bchool, liillmure, N. C. Announcement. 

1 A.-Ii.mII.-, .\C 1 I'.HIS. niir. 8'. Plates. 

- (':iI.iloi;ili' Mli >r:ir N I', (I'.MM', ] >ni. T. 

Kanleliche Bohmische gesellscbaft der wusenschaften. 

Al :i. 5* folRc. B,l. i-vi. 1837-1850. I'ruR 

!>>; 4". IlluHtr. 

BoUellino •l<4ln arlMtrirollura ilaliana. Din-lto dal dott. 

1. .■^:u;t-ian'). Anno i. 1905— g. NaiMjIi, <-«<•. 1905-> 

8 llliiMr 

Bombay natural hUtory society. Ji>urnal. Vol i — 
li/.iiil.i'. IxMi . 8^. llluKlr. 

Bombay Presidency, hului. Sec India — Bomhay Presi- 

iirs< V 

Bonplandla; »-iiM-hrift fardicRcnammlc iKitanik. lIcraUH- 
(•^<-)m-ii \V K (; .S<<<!niann |und| Bertholil Secmoiin. 
JaiifK i X Hannover, f/c. 185;HJ2. 1.8°. llluntr. 

No mtan putlMhed. 

Botanical bulletin; lediled by J. M Coulter). Vol. i Nov. 
1875-<)rl. lS7t). m. |IIunover, liid 1875-70.) 8°. 

No titir-pniTP waa rvrr iaaued. 
Cntilinuiil ojc; 

B<itam<ai. ga7.cltc. Vol. ii. Nov. 1876— • m. (Hanover, 
hid 1; IndlanapolL':, r/c (1876)— 8°. lllu«tr. 

Vol. ii ha» no titli*-|mji«. 

Index, Vol. i-x. 1875-188.5. Crawfordsville, Ind. 

(1885.) 8°. pp. 28 +. (Appriukd to vol. x.) 

'I'lir Botanical <'aliiiu-t, con.><iKtini! of eoloiiretl delineations 
iif plaiil.s from :dl counlries, with a .short aeeoiint of each, 
diriTtioii.s for inaii:ii;iinent, etc. By Conrad I»ddigc8 & 
NOILS. Plates bv (!corKe Cooke. Vol. i-xx. London. 
ISIS 33 r -.'(Hll platc« (2(XK) colori-d). 

Botanical club of Canada Reimrt. (1898/1899), 1900, 
[I'.tOJ, l!KI2 31-1'.H)5 !'.HM;, I'.tOO. (Ottawa.) 1S99-1911. 8°. 
"Krttm tlip Tranfartintit o/ the Itiiyal $<ieifty of Canada" 1900-10, 
I'd iwr.. V. vi. viii-xii; 'A*\ i*cr.. iv. 

The rluh wiin diuulvcd 28th Sept. 1010. 

Botanical gazette. Editor: J. M. Coulter. See Botanical 


The Botanical gazette; a journal of the progress of British 
lK)taiiv :iiiil the eontciii|M)rary literature of the .science. 
Kditei'l l)v Arthur Henfrev. \ ol i iii. Ixindon. (1849-51.) 
8°. Plaic and other illuslr. 

No iniirr piil>li!*lic<t. 

The Botanical magazine; jpubli.shed bv the Tokvo botanical 
societvj. \(>1. i. Feb. 1HS7— m. 'Tokvo. 1890— 8°. 

Tpxt chiefly in Juponcae. 

Vol. i-iv, xii, xiii, xv, xvi. tiro incumplotc: xxiv, xxv lurk lille-iuiKca. 

ContentB vol. ix-[xxv]. (1895-1911.) 2 vol. (Tokyo.) 

1904-12. 8°. 

The Botanical magazine; or. Flower-garden displayed. By 
William Curtis. Vol. i-xiv; — Cl'UTIs's botanical magazine; 
or. Flower-garden dis|)laye<l. xv— « London. 179(1, '88— » 
8° and 1. 8°. Port, of Win. Curtis, and colored plates. 

Vol. xv-Iiil "conliniifMl by Juliii SiniM"; liv-lxx "rondiK-hxl liy Siimuel 
(!urliit. d«^M*riptir>ii» hy \V. J. llookfr"; Ixxi-xt* "by Sir \\ . J. Hooker"; 
xri-<*xxviii "liy J. I>. lliMjker"; cxxix-«'xxx "hy Sir J. t). Ho<,krr aswistcd 
hy W. It. lli'inHley;" cxxxi^-xxxii "wlileil l»y Sir \V. T. T. Dyer"; rxxxiii- 
**hy n. I'ruiii." Vol. Ixxi-lxxiv hovi; a Tew paiios of HupplemciiUiry 
matter, pa^Ml independently, entitled "Compunion to the liotanicat 

Appendix. Bv William Herbert. I^ondon. 1821. 

8°. pp. (2), 52. Plates. (.4/j/)f;irff</ /o vol. xlix.) 

The Botanical magazine. General indexes to the plants 
contaiiiiil in tlie first .'53 volumes of the Botanical magazine; 
(with) memoirs of W. Curtis: bv Samuel Curtis. London. 
1828. 8°. Port, of Wm. Curtis. 

A new and complete index to the lintaniciil magazine, 

from its cotiimenceinent in 1787 to the end of l'.M)4. To which 
is prefixed a histor\' of the magazine, bv \\ . B. Hemslev. 
London. KKM). I.'s". 

Botanical mi.scellany; containing figures and dc>scriptions of 
such jilanls as reeommencl ihemsclvi's by their novelty, 
rarity, or history, or by the to which they are applied 
in the arts, in me<licine, ami in domestic oeconom v. Bv W.J. 
Hooker. Vol. i-iii. London. 18:«)-:53. 1.8°.' 152"plate8. 
For riiiiitiiiiiitioii. see The JcienNtL of iKitnny. 

The Botanical register; consisting of coloured figures of 
exotic plants, cultivated in British gardens, with their his- 
tory and iikhIc of trcatiiienl. Designs by .Sydenham Ed- 
wanls land others). \'ol. i-xiii; — Botanmcal register; 
or, Ornamental llower-garden and shrubbery. xiv; — 
Enw AUDs's botanical register; contiiiue<l by John Lindley. 
XV xxxiii. London. IS15-47. 8°. C'<ilcire<l pl,ii(~<. 

Vol xxiv iixi tillt* reailii: " I'Ulwariln'N iKiiiiiiieal regijiler and monthly 
rhronicle ol U,!anii-id and horticultural news." 
No mure pultlinlicd. 

-; Appendix to tin" first twenty-tlinM> volumes, consist- 
ing of a complete alphabetical and .systematical index of 
numcM, synonymcH, and mutter. Together with a sketch of 


the vegetation of the Swan River Colony. By John Lindley. 
London. 1839. 8°. pp. iv, Lxiv, lviii + . 9 colored plates, 
and other illustr. 
The Botanical review; or, The beauties of Flora. [Edited 
by E. (). Donovan. London. 1790.] 8°. pp. 1-40. 21 
colored plates. 

Botanical society of Pennsylvania. Transactions and pro- 
ceedings. \'ol. i. 1904-* Philadelphia. 1904^ 1. 8°. 
Botanikai kozlemenyek; a, Kir. niagyar termeszettudo- 
manyi tarsulat novenytani szakosztalyanak foly6irata. 
[Botanical communications.] Koteti. 11902]— » Budapest. 
1902— 8°. Illu.str. 

Kiitet i-vii title reads: "Novenytani kozlemenyek. " — iii-viii have 
also "Bcil.lutt." 

Botanisch jaarboek; uitgegeven door het kruidkundig ge- 
nootschap Dodonaea teCiont. Jaarg. i-.\iv. Gent, c/c. 1889- 
1909. 8°. Plates and other illustr. 

Prot>;itily no more publj-shed. 

Botanische abhandlungen, aus dem gebict der morphologie 
und i)hvsiologie. Herausgegeben von Johannes Hanstein. 
Bd. i-iv". Bonn. 1871 [70]-S2. 8°. Plates. 
No more published. 

Botanische jahrbiicher fur systematik, pflanzengeschichte 
und pflanzcngeogra])hie; herausgegeben von A. Engler. 
[With ■■beildattcr."] Bd. i— Leipzig. 1881-* 8°. 
Plates and other illustr. 

Generalregister. Jahrg. i bis xxx. 1881-1902. 

Leipzig. 1904. 8°. 

Register der in bd. xxxi-x.\xv (1902-1905) beschrie- 

benen neuen arten und varietiiten, zusaramengestellt von 
H. Strauss. Leipzig. 1905. pp. 37. {In bd. xxxv.) 

Botanische mittheilungen aus den tropen; herausgegeben 
von.X.F. W. Schimper. Hefti-ix. Jena. 1888-1901. 8°. 
Plates, map, and other illustr. 

No more published. 

Botanische zeitung. Jahrg. i-lxviii. 1843-1910. Berlin, 
etc. [18431-1910. 4°. Plates and other illustr. 

Juhrg. i-1 published weekly, li-l.\viii published in two ahtheilungen : 
abtheilun^ I, monthly; abtheilung 2, semi-monthly. 
Discontinued Dec. 1910. 

General-register der erstenflinfzigjahrgange; heraus- 
gegeben von Rudolf Aderhold. Leipzig. 1895. 4°. 

Grati-sbeilage. See Kuntze, Otto. Dieschutzmittel 

der jiflanzen gegen thiere und wetterungunst. 

Botanischer jahresbericht. See Just's botaniseher jahres- 

Botanischer verein fur gesamt-Thiiringen. Mitteilungen. 

See Jen.4 — Gcogniphische gescthchaft ftir Thiiringcn. 

Botanischer verein ftir den kreis Freiburg und das land 
Baden. See B.^dlscher BOT.A.xiscnER verein. 

Botanischer verein der provinz Brandenberg. ^■erhand- 
lungen. [Jahrg.] i— Berlin. 1.S.59— 8° and 1.8°. 

Regi.ster. Bd. i-xxx. Jahrg. 18.59-1888. Von Max 

Gurke. Berlin. 1889. 1. 8°. pp. [2], 60. 

Botanisches centralblatt; referirendes organ fur das gesammt- 
gebict der botanik des in- und auslandes. [Bd. 1.] 1880— ♦ 
Cassel, etc. 1880-> 8°. Illustr. 

Cassel. 1903. 


Generalregister iiber band i bis Lx. 
Beihefte. [Bd. i]-* Cassel, etc. 

1891— 8° 

Continued under the title: 

Ann.\len der botanick; herausgegeben von Paulus Usteri. 
Stiick i-xxiv. ZUrich, etc. 1791-1800. sm. S°. Plates. 
.Stiick vii-xxiv read: "Neue annalen der botanick, stiick i-xviii." 
Continued also under the title: 

Neues magazin fiir die botanik in ihrem ganzen 

umfange. Herausgegeben von J. J. Romer. Bd. i. Zilrich. 
1794. sm. 8°. 4 plates. 

No mure published. 

Botanisches taschenbuch fdr die anf&nger dieser wissen- 
schaft und der apothekerkunst. Herausgegeben von D. H. 
Hoppe. Jahr 1790-1804; — Neces botanisches taschen- 
buch. 1805-1811. Regensburg, e<c. [1790-1811.] sm. 8°. 

Botanisk tidsskrift; udgivet af den Botaniske forening i 
Kjobcuhavn. Bd. i-> Kj0benha\Ti. 1860— > 8°. Illustr. 

Bd. vi — have also a French title. 

Indholdsfortegnelse 1.-25. bd. 1866-1903. Med- 

delelser fra den Botaniske forening i K0benhavn 1.-2. bd. 
1S82-1S91, og Festskrift udgivet af den Botaniske forening 
i Kobenhavn d. 12. april, 1890. Ved M. P. Porsild. K0- 
benhavn. 1904. 8°. {Appended to bd. xxvi.) 

Botaniska noti.ser. 1839— Lund, e(c. 1841— 8°. Illustr. 

No volume published in 1847, 1848, 1859-1862. 1864. 1S69 and 1870. 
1S49-1S.')6 title reads: "Nya botaniska notiser"; 1876 — "uitgifne 
af C. F. O. Nordstedt." 


Botanisches centralblatt ftir Deutschland. Herausgegeben 
von L. Habenhorst. Jahrg. 1846. Leipzig. [1846.] 8°. 

Botanisches magazin; [herausgegeben \on J. J. Romer und 
Paulus rsteri] Bd. i-iv. 1787-1790. Ziirich. [1787-90.] 
8°. Plates and table. 

The title of the separate numbers reads: "Magazin fiir die botanik." 

Botaniske litteraturblade. 
C. Raunkiier. Nr. i-xx. 
benhavn. 1892-97.] S". 

Redigerede af W. Johannsen og 
Juni, 1892-marts, 1897. [Kj0- 

LeBotaniste; directeur P. A. Dangeard. S^rie i— > Caen, 
(Ic. [l,SS9]-> 8°. Plates and other illustr. 

Bremen — Nalurwissenschaftlicher verein. Abhandlungen. 
Bd. i— Bremen. 1868'['66]-> 8°. Plates and other 

Contains also "Jahresbericht," vi-xlix. 

Jahresbericht. vi— ♦ Bremen. 1871— > {Appended 

to its Abhandlungen, 1868, '66-1909, i-xix.) 

Breslau — Konigtich botanischer garlen. Arbeiten; heraus- 
gegeben von K. Prantl. Bd. i, heftl. Breslau. 1892. 8°. 

No more published. 

British Columbia — Lands and irorks department. Report 
of the chief commissioner for the vear ending 31st December, 
1895. Victoria. 1896. 1. 8°. "(1895. 59 Vict. pp. 353- 

"Timber inspector's report," pp. 458-463. 

British Guiana — Botanical gardens. 
cultural work for the years 1891-92. 


Brooklyn — Botanic garden. Leaflets. Series 
April 10, 1913->- irreg. [Brooklyn. 1913]-<- 8°. 

Record. Vol. i. Jan. 1912— ► q. Brooklvn. 

1912— 8°. Illustr. (Brooklyn institute of arts and 

Tree planting and fountain society. Annual report. 

1895-1898. Brookh-n. 1896-99. 8°. Illustr. 

Bulletin. 1, 2. Brooklyn. 1894. 8°. Illustr. 

Broteria; revista de sciencias naturaes do coUegio de S. 
Fiel. Vol. i-viii; ix, 1-3. Lisboa, etc. 1902-10. 8°. 
Plates and other illustr. 

Vol. vi, pt. 3. 4, and vol. viii, pt. 4 never appeared. 
No more published. 

Brussels — Institu' hotaniqne. Recueil; publie par L. Errera. 
Tom. i-iii, v-vii bis. Bruxelles. 1906, ['02]-10. 1. 8°. 
Plates and other illustr. 

Tom. vi-vii bis "publie par Jean Massart." 

Jardin bolanigue de I'etat. Bulletin. Vol. i— » 

Bruxelles. 1902-* 1. 8°. Illustr. (Ministere de I'agri- 

Report on the agri- 
Georgetown. 1894. 

no. 1. 





L. i- 

Jara - 

•liiK-hnt johrbuch. Hwlipcrt und U-ar- 
Thirrin*. Jahif ii. 1895,1890. Uudu- 
I 8' 

InttttuI bolanique. Sec BumtNiORO, 

Anruilni. Vol. i— Hatavia, r/f . 
and ulbcr illustr. 
Su: i-iii. Lddc. 1S97-1910. 1. 8°. 

r iUu.->tr. 

N<w. 1-22. Buitwuortt. 189S-1905. 

.■> ami other iUiutr. Sine ii. No. 1— • 

1911— I 8*. I'latm. 

• ^ to I'MI |nihla4>r<l «• "HuUetindu D^MrUmratilvraicriruI- 
Uirr BUI ImlfW tW<rrLitiilaiM« " 

leonca 1 

Ig7«- 1 



Vol. i- 

Loi<lc. 1901 

(18971-. 8V 1 

75. H 


.No. 1 

3. 7, 9-H, 10-20, 22-34, 30- 
1. 8°. lUiijilr. 

< ilw<Tvnlioa« niH<^irolopqucs. Ann<^c 1901, 1902. 

|Buiten»orK 1901 -<rj) 4°. 

XerKLiR otnlrrnt den stimt van '» I^nds nlanfen- 

tuin en der dn«ri>ij Ix-hoorende inrichlinKen, over net jajir 
1873, IS74. 1892, 1S94-1U04. IJiitavia. 1S74-1905. 8°und 
1. 8*. llliwlr. 

SiiK* l(>04. publbhM in Jaarbnek wan hrl Drpartrmml ran landhome. 
wiMc^ for iitr yrmr I'.ft^ ha« the titl« Vtrtlag omtrrni de Ir HuitenMrf 
ftmai^de Urhnitrht aftifrttngrn ran hrt hfpartrmrnt ran tandhouir. 

'flxiniit plaiUaUuin. Sec BfiTE.NZOBO, Java — 

Jarlin bolanitiue. 
Bulletin administratif et judiciairc dcs Annates foreslih-es. 
Tom i iv. 1842-1849. Paris. 1844-51. 8°. 

Bulletin bolanique; ou. Collection de notices originales et 
d'extraits diw oiivrigrs iHttuniques. Par N. C. Seringe. 
(No 1-12. Jan. I830-f(:v. 1832.1 Gen6ve. 1830-[32]. 8°. 
9 plates. 

No iiic«« pufalabed. 

Bulletin d^'s Hiireau fur anfjewandte botanik. See Rcssia — 

li'trt^Vi fur tjriijfUtlltiUc ifotariik. 

Bulletin ('•conomiquc de I'lndo Chine. See Indo China — 
UiTtcUnn de VagncxdluTt tt du commerce. 

Bulletin de I'horticulteur universel ou revue des journaux 
hortii-olcs fnUM^aid. Paris. 1842-|43). (Appended to 
I,' llorticultrur unirersfl, 1842—43, iii, iv.) 

Bull"'!n ■!•- -. i..n,.o!' nnturelles et de g^lope. 2* section du 
/i IfK sciences et de I'industrie; public bou.s la 

dir. U«n. de F(5nissac. Tom. i-xxvii. Paris. .s . Table. 
No man paUkbed. 

Bulletins d'ariioriculture, de floriculture, et de culture po- 

l.lgin- )<e«- CKKfLE 1'llorE.H.SORAL POfR LE PROURi:S DE 
L'aKIkiKK'I'LTI'HF. E.N Heloiqce. 

Bullettino nrniM'lografiro. Sec Italt — htinitlero d'agri- 

rntlitrii, ^ndtl^lrlll t r/nnnuTcio. 

Bullettino lilblioKrufico della botanica italiana. Anno i. 

I'MX • Fin-nic. 1904-« 8°. (Societi botanica italiana.) 
Biirm*, hidiit. Sec India — BriufA. 
The Cactui journal Edited bv P. A. Walton. Vol. i, ii. 

K.b IVi^ Jan 1900. m. London. |1898-1900.) 1. 8°. 

Platn and other illustr. 
No omrw iJuLlnhMl? 

Calcutt* — U'x/al botanic garden. Annals. Vol. i-v;vi, 
1,2, VII . Cul.-ulln. r/r. 1888-. A". Plates. 

The Calcutta f natural history; [and miscellany of 

lh>- nf- ■,■ . - in India). Condurte<l bv John 

^' '.niriih, and others). Vol. i-vii; fviii, no. 

2-' t 1H41-|I,S). 8°. Plates. 

California — CommUtionert to manage Yosemiie Valley mnd 
tht .ManiMsa big tree grore. Biennial report. 1893-94. 
SacramenKi. 1894. 8°. Plates. 

State board of forestry, 1884-92. Biennial report. 

i-iii. 1885-1890. Sarraraento. 1886-90. 8°. Illustr. 

Bulletin. No. 1, 7. N. P. (18887-SH).) 8°. 

Stale board of forestry, l[)05 — Biennial report, i— ♦ 

.Sicranionto. I'.KX)— • 8°. Plates and maps. 

Bulletin. No. 1-3. Sacriuncnto. 1910-12. 8°. 

Circular. No. 2, 3. Sacramento. 1908. 8°. Map, 

plates, and other illiutr. 

No. 2 is " 2d ed." 

Unii'ersily. Publications. Botany. Vol. i-» Berke- 
ley. 1902— 1. 8°. lllu.Mtr. 

Publications. Bulletin of the department of geology. 

Vol iii. no l.S H.Tkclcy. liKM. 8°. 

California academy of sciences. Bulletin. Vol. i. 1884- 
188C. San Francisco. 1886. 8°. Plates. 

Proceedings. 2d series. Vol. i-iii. 1888-1892. San 

Francisco. 1889-93. 8°. Plates and other illustr. 

3d series. Botany. Vol. i, ii. June, 1897-April, 1904. 
San I'r.iiicisco. [18971-1904. 1. 8°. Plates. 

Cambridge, Eug. — I'niversily. Annual rejxjrt of the 
forestry committee, ii. (Cambridge. 1909.) 4°. 

Canada — Central experimental farm. Reiwrt of the director. 
1895-1897,1899-1902,1909. Author's ed. Ottawa. 1896- 
1910. 8°. Plates and other illu.str. 

"From the Annual report on the Experimental farm*," 1895-1909. 

Report of the horticulturist. 1898-1903, 1906, 

(1907,08, 1908 09), 1910, 1911. Author's ed. Ottawa. 
1899-1911. 8°. Plates. 

" Frocn Annual report on Experimental farmt." 

Department of agriculture — Entomologist. Report. 

[1911. Ottawa. 1911.) 8°. 3 plates and 2 maps. 

From Experimental farnu. Deports. 1911. pp. 200-236. 

Department of the interior — Forestry branch. Bulle- 
tin. No. l-» Ottawa. 1904-* 8° and 1. 8°. Plates and 

The same. 4th ed. No. 1. Ottawa. 1910. 8°. 


Report of the superintendent of forestry. 1899— ► 

Ottawa. 1900— 8°. Plates. 

From Annual report of Department of interior. 

1899. 1900 have the title: "Report of the chief inspector at timber 
snd forestry for Canada." 

Experimental farms. Report of the foreman of 

forestr>-. [1895, 1897. Ottawa. 1896-98.) 8°. Plates. 
From Experimental farms, Iteports. 1895, 1897. 

The same, reprinted. 1897. 

Entomologist and botanist. (Report. Jan. 

1909-Mar. 1910. Ottawa. 1909-10.) 8°. Port, of James 

From Experimental farms. Reports, 1909. 1910. 

For later report, see Canada — Department of agriculture — Enlo- 

Ceological survey. Annual report. New series. 

1885-1904. Montreal, etc. 1885-1906. 8°. Maps and 
other illustr. 

Vol. i-iv tiUe reads: "Geolo^cal and natural history survey of Canada. 
Annual report." 

Many of tlie maps are in portfolios accompanying the volumea. 

General index to the reports of progress. 1863- 

1884. Compiled by D. B. Dowlmg. Ottawa. 1900. 8°. 

The same. 1885-1906. Compiled by F. J. Nicolas. 

Ottawa 1<H)S ,S°. pp x, [2], 1014. 

Canadian forestry association. Report of the annual 

meeting, 1. I'.KX)- Ottawa. 1900— 1. 8°. Portrs., 

plates, anfl other illustr. 
Canadian forestry journal; published by the Canadian for- 

e8tr>- association. Vol. i. 1905— » g. Ottawa. (1905J— » 

8°. Plates, maps, and plans. 


The Canadian record of science; including the proceedings 
of the Natural history society of Montreal, and replacing 
the Canadian 7ialuralUt. Vol. vi-viii. 1894-1902. g. and 
s-y. Montreal. 1896-1902. 8°. lUustr. 

Le Caoutchouc & la gutta-percha. Ann^e i. Mars, 
1904-. m. Paris. (1904)-* 4°. lUustr. 

Cape Colony. Report upon the botanic gardens and govern- 
ment herbarium. 1887-1891. Cape Town. 1888-92. 8°. 

Consenmlors of forests. Report. 1880, 1882, 1883, 

1885, 1887, 1888, 1891-1905, 1909. [Cape Town. 1881- 
1910.] f °. Plans, map, plate and diagrs. 

1880 reads; "Reports on crown forests and plantations of the colony"; 
1882-1888: "Report of the superintendent of woods and forests." 

Carnegie institution, Washington, D. C. Publications. 
No. 6, 8, 15, 24, 139. Washington. 1903-11. 1. 8°. 

Department of botanical research. Annual report of 

the director. [1906), 1909^ [Washington. 1907]-^ 8° 
and 1. 8. Map, plates and plan. 

"Extracted from its Year Book" 1907-12. v. 119-135; viii. 57-70; 
ii, 55-66; I. 49-68. 

Carnegie museum, Pittsburgh. Annals. Vol. i. 1901/ 
1902 -♦ [Lancaster, Pa. 1901]— 8°. Illustr. {In its 

Carnet-agenda du forestier. See Agenda du forestier. 

Central Provinces, India. See India — Central Pro- 

Centralblatt fUr das gesammte forstwesen. Jahrg.i. 1875— • 
m. Wien. 1875^ 8°. Illustr. 

Cercle professoral pour le progres de I'arboriculture en 
Belgique. Bulletins.* [1865J-1871. Gand. 1865-[71]. 8°. 
Continued as: 

Bulletins d'arboriculture, de floriculture, et de culture po- 
tagfere; organe du Cercle d'arboriculture de Belgique. 1872- 
1900. Gand. [1872-1900.] 8°. Colored plates, and other 

A French edition of Tijthctirifl over hoomleeitkunde bloementeetl en 
moestioven ierder ij . 

Ceylon — Department of agriculture . Administration reports. 
See Per.\deniya, Ceylon — Royal botanic gardens. 

Bulletin. No. 1. Sept. 1912-' Colombo. 1912-. 


Forms continuation of Pehadeniya, Ceylon — Royal botanic garden*. 

Royal botanic gardens. See Peradenita, Ceylon — 

Royal botanic gardens. 

Cboiz de mdmoires sur divers objets d'histoire naturelle. 

See Journal d'histoire naturelle. 
Chronik des deutschen forstwesens in den jahren 1873 bis 

(1888. Jahrg. i]-.xiv. BerUn. 1876-89. 8°. 

Probably no more published. 

Colorado — Forest commissioner. Biennial report for the 
years 1889 and 1890. Denver. 1891. 8°. 

Report for the year 1885. Denver. 1885. 8°. 

University. TheUniversity of Colorado studies. Vol. 

iii. Nov. 1905-» Boulder. 1905->' 8°. Plates and other 

Colorado state forestry association. [Proceedings. 1884 ] 
Denver. 1884. 8°. 

Colorado state horticultural and forestry association. 
Annual report. Vol. v. 1889-[1890]. Denver. 1890. 8°. 
Port, of James Cassidy. 

Columbia university — Department of botany. Contribu- 
tions. 1-100, 102, 104, 107, 112, Ufi, 119, 120, 122, 124, 125, 
131,138,141,149,153,228. [New York.] 1886-1906. 8°. 
Plates and other illustr. 

Noe. 1-100 have the title; "Contributions from the herbarium of 
Columbia college." 

Memoirs. Vol. i. [Lancaster, Pa.] 1895. 4°. 

Companion to the Botanical magazine; being a journal, con- 
taining such interesting botanical information .as does not 
come within the prescribed Umits of the Magazine. By W. J. 

Hooker. Vol. i, ii. London. 1835-36. 8°. Portrs. and 32 

Most of the plates are colored. 

See Mag-^zine of zoology and botany. 

Ill'' Congres international de botanique, Bruxelles, 
1910. Actcs. Publics par E. De Wildeman. 2 vol. in 1. 
Bruxelles. [1912 ] I. S°. Maps, plates and other illustr. 

Circulaire. iii, sect. 5; iv, sect. 4 [avec des annexes]; 

viii. [Bruxelles. 1909.] 4°. 

In French. P^nglish and German. 

Congrds international de botanique, Vienna, 1905. 

Verhandlungen. Jena. 1906. 1. 8°. Plates. 
Congrfis international de botanique et d'horticulture, 

Amsterdam, 1865. Bulletin. Rotterdam. 1866. 8°. Plate. 
Congrds international de botanique et d'horticulture, 

Anvers, 1885. Actes, il I'occasion de I'Exposition universelle 

d'Anvers et en coincidence avec I'Exposition Internationale 

d'horticuhure. Gand. 1887. 1.8°. (F^d^ration des soci^ 

t& d'horticulture de Belgique.) 
Congrds international de botanique et d'horticulture, 

St. Petersburg, 1869. Bulletin. St. Petersbourg. 1870. 8°. 

pp. [4], 243 + . Illustr. 
Congres international de botanique et d'horticulture, 

St. Petersburg, 1884. Bulletin. St. Petersbourg. 1885. 

I. 8°. Map, 8 plates, and other illustr. 
Congrds international d'horticulture, Bruxelles, 1864. 

Bulletin. Gand. 1864. 8°. Front. (Belgique— Ministfere 

de I'interieur.) 

"Ce volume est le 5^ de la collection des Bulletins de la Fidiration dtt 

sociith d'horticulture de Belgique." 

Congrds international de sylviculture, Paris, 1900. 
Compte rendu d^taillg. Paris. 1900. 1. 8°. pp. [4], 
704. Illustr. (France — Minist^re de I'agriculture — Ad- 
ministration des eaux et forets. Exposition universelle In- 
ternationale de 1900, k Paris.) 

Compte rendu sommaire; par Daubr^e et E. Charle- 
magne. Paris. 1900. 1.8°. pp.20. (France — Ministere 
du commerce, de I'industrie des postes et des telegraphes. 
Exposition universelle Internationale de 1900. Direction 
generale de I'exploitation.) 

Congrds des jardins alpins. Premier congres tenu aux 
Rochers de Naye, 1904. [Gendve. 1904.] I. 8°. pp. 35. 
Plate, and port, of Prince Roland Bonaparte. 

Conservation. See American forestry. 

Contributions to the botany of Vermont, i— ► [Burlington, 

etc. 1898]-.. 8°. 
Coorg, India. See India — CooRO. 
Copenhagen — Universitet — Botanisk have. Beretning om 

den bofaniske haves vlrkomhed i 1900, 1901. Kjobenhavn. 

1901-02. 1. 8°. 

"S^rtryk af Unit. aarb. f. 1899-1900. 1900-1901." 
Probably no more published - 

Costa Rica — Museo nacional. Anales. Tom. i. 1887. 

SanJos^. 1888. 1.8°. 
The Cottage gardener. Conducted bv G. W. Johnson. Vol. 

i-xxv. [Oct. 5, 1848-Mar. 26, 1861.] w. London. 1849- 

61. I. 8°. Illustr. 

Vol. xiv-xxv "conducted by G. W. Johnson and Robert Hogg." 

The Country calendar. Vol. i. May-Dec. 1905. m. Har- 
risburg, Pa.; New York. 1905. 4°. Illustr. 

Beginning with Jan. 1905 the Country calendar was consolidated 
with Country life in America. 

Cuba — Estacidn central agrondmica. Informe anual. i. 

1904-1905. Habana. 1906. 8°. lUustr. 
Cuerpo de ingenieros de montes. Escalaf6n; publicado 

por\a. Rerisia de monies. 1901,1906. Madrid. 1901-06. 


De Cultuurgids. See De KoFFiE-gids. 
Curtis's botanical magazine. See The Botanical magazine. 
Danske hedeselskab. Beretning. Foretagender, 1866- 

1878, samt Arbeidsplan, 1867-1876. Aarhus, etc. 1867-79. 

sm. 8°. Map and tables. 


Dendroloruche gesellschaXt Eiir fbrderung der gehoU- 
kunda und g»rl«nkunst in OsUrreich-Ungarn. Mit- Oki 1911 • \Vifii,r/r. 1911 — 

I '^ 
DeuUcbe bot»niBche gwellachaft. H»rirlitc. Mil. i-« 

H.rlin 1>^^<> • 1 .'»■ rLiH> aii.l otliiT illustr. 
D«Ut«che iMitanlolu' nionntawhrift. IIi'nui»t!<'Kcboii von 

(; i. .1 .1, I il.fT; i-xxi; xxii, 1, 12. Jsui. ISJvJ- M). 
litU). S<inilcn(lmil»on, rtr. 1883- 

!■. I ollior illiistr. 

^, — ■ hrr . > "n K. M. HMIMH'k." 

ISiMnliui' '■■• i" Kct.. l'.«M. mid U|»Mi iUi renewal in 1910 

a nrm j.ihrc i\u " i' l-i.-iin. 

D«uuche dendrologische gesellschaft MitniUingtii; 

f u-. immi-iipiT-t.Ilt von 1,. Hrit*iuT. 1NJ3 - HcrlLn, etc. 

I^'.i.t • ^^ Uliictr. 
DeuUchf. f..r,'-. ,11111,1.; orRan fQr die intoirsson <Ic>s wald- 

h-iui-^ ■■'I und dor foml bf nut rung. Bd. i-« 

„ N. " . • 1. S°. Illuslr. 

Deutsche ciri.iikunsi; wis.'«>n.Thiift und praxis au.s dor 

.iilmr iiii.l p(li'i:i' dc-s Rurli'ii-i. Hrrjiu.sKi'tH'bcn von C. Bollc 

un.i L. \Vittm:i.-k. llvsO-lS,Sl.| Wii-n. ll.SSO-Sl.) 8°. 

I'hiK's. til:in. iinil oihor illiwtr. 

III.- •iinuilum iiti.1 till.- €>n pliitni rend: " DouIjk-Ikt RiirlKn." 

Deutsche t::""i<'ii-zi'itunK. S(.o G.^UTKN-zriluiin. 
Deutscher forstverein. Urrirlit ilber die llauiitversamni- 
l.iMi: i I'.HHi . H.Tlin. I'.Hll— S°. Plan. 

K.»m. n oinlinuiiliiMi of \ r.B.»»ii>ii.i NO Drri^ciiEn foiwtmXnnkii. 

MittlicilmiK«-n. Jahrni. Mai, I'.KK)-. incg. Berlin. 

I'.KItl • 4°. Map and other illu.str. 
D«nt>rh»<< iiia|! fur Rarlen- und blumenkundc; none 
Mir K'Ttcn- un.l bluim-iifrrunde, und giirlner. 

li un.i rodiprt von Williclm Neubert. Jahrg. 

l^»,^ l>vsl. Stuttgart. 1.S4X-S1. S° and 4°. Plates and 

other illu-^lr. 

For ronlinuatiuo. ar« Nrt'BKnT'H dfnlljwlii^ eiirlon-niiiRazin. 

Haupt-niti.'^ler. ISlS-IStl'.). lbT:iust;c);eben von W. 

Niiilwrt. StutlRart. 1H7I). (ht jahrR. 1S70.> 

Diana: o<ler, GeselUrhafts-schrift zur erweitcrung und be- 
ni-hiiKungdernatur-, forst- und jagdkunde. Herausgegeben 
von J. M. Berh.stein. Bd. i-iv. W'altershauscn, c/c. 1797- 
l.sHi. S°. Plates and tables. 

" l>ni<-kfrhl.-r." at rnd of bd. ti, iii, iv. 
No iii.>rr puhliAlKMl. 
Dorpat, Himsui — UnirerMht — Itolanilchcski sad. Tiiy^hi. 
l\.i:il Tom. i— 1900-. lOpben-b. 1900-. 8°. lllustr. 
Die Drontbeimische gesellschaft. See Det Tuondiiiem- 

.SKK .sKl.-KMl 

East Africa and Uganda natural history society. 

.I.Mirn:il Vol 1. Jan. I'.MO— London, i/c. |1>J101 — 
s l'lali>. 

East Indies, Dutch. Koloniaal verslag. 1902-1907. 'sGra- 
venlmge. lHKr.'-()7.1 S°. 

!.nnillH)Uw, iKwehwezen, veeteell, visseherijcn, gou- 

-iMilrijven, scheepvaart, handel en nijverhcid in 
h-Inrlie. 1908— ('s-Gravcnhage. 19091-* 
N I atu.-s. 

Edinburgh — liolanical society, .\nnual report and pro- 
rc<-.lings i-viii. lS3t), 37-1843/44. Edinburgh, <(<•. 1S41, 
■38-M. 8°. 
i b "3d ed." 

Tninwiotions. Vol.i-xi; — Transaet ions and proceed- 
ings, xii— Kdinburgh, tie 1844— 8°. lllustr. 

Vol. xvi-»viii litlo rendi.: "TrnliiMirliolu." 

. — Uoynl Ixilanic iiariUn. List of seeds eoUeetixl during 

1903, 1904, ntOli. 11167, 1909, 1911. Ghiagow, e/c. |1904- 
11 ] 8°. (Notes from the UoyiJ botanie garden.) 

Notes from the garilen. Vol. i-iv; no. 21, 24-27, 

31-33. Glasgow, eU. (1900-12.1 8°. Plates and other 


Report. 1870-1878. Edinburgh. (1877-79.) 8° 

" \tA$PPtw bcl Koloniaal eerttag van 1909 **— 

Ih IHir'ement lan Uiriillmiiw. Bulletin. No. i-xlvii. 

Buiten?.or« I'.MHV-ll. 1. K°. Illu.str. 

K.jf riirli^T mr« llriTKNZ<i«o. Jam — Jardin bolanique. 
Itullelin; f .ir cMmtinuoUon. see Uuitenkohg, Java — Jardin botaniqut. 
■lullrtin. SMe ii. 

Ja;irlxKk. 1905— Batavia. 1907— 1. 8°. Plates 
III i 'rible. 

.itir: "Wmlftir omUrnl d.* lo Unil..nxor(r irevratigdo 
......I \nu hot l>r|turlrfnrnt van liindtHHjw." 

.: lingrn. 13, .'i-IO, 12-10-' Batavia. 

190.'. 11 . I. S°. Tiibles. 

VurmnXy iniMiidmJ oa " .MrdrdrrJinKrn uil '■ Ijindu fitantrntuin." 

hxrnnt ran het lioKrhwczen. Verslag. 19(l.'i, 1901, 

1008 . Batavin, </c. lOaj- f°. Platejt. 

Edwards's linl:inir:d register. .See The Botanical register. 
English arboricultural society. See Royal English 

AIIM.iltli I l.TI llAI. SOCIKTV. 

Erdoszeti lapok. (With supplements.) Evf. i-iv; — Erdds- 

zeti es gazdilszati lapok, a Klagyar erdfez-egylet kfizlonye. 

v, vi; — Krdt'.szeli lapok. vii. 1802— m. Selinecz; ll.S(i21- 8°. lllustr. 
Enrthea; a journal of botanv, wt«t .\meriean and general. 

Kdited bv W. L. .lepson. Vol. i-vii. Berkeley, Cal. 1893- 

99. S°. ' lllustr. 

No nior.' iMil.lisli.'.l. 

Federated Malay States — Ih imrtimnl «/ agricitliure. 

Itr|i(irl for- l'."i."i, I'.iiMl |Kii:il:i Lumpur. 190('>|-07. f°. 
Federation des societes d horticulture de Belgique. 

Biilli^lin. l.s(il) ISMi. Ciiiiil, ilc. l.stil ,s.s. s'. Illuslr. 
I Hel);i(|ilc .\lini>irrc ilc I'inlrricur I 

Ferdinandeum fiir Tirol und Vorarlberg. Neue zeit- 
sc-hrift. Bdclin. viii. Innsbruck. 1842. 8°. Port, of Joseph 

Field Columbian museum, fViifoffo. Publicatioits; Ijotani- 

lal xrics. \ol. i-. Chi<-ago. 1895— S°. Illuslr. 

Field and forest; devoted to general natural history. C. R. 
Doilge. editor. Bulletin of the Poloinac-side naturalists' 
elub. Vol. i-iii. June, 1875-June, 1878. Washington. 
1.S70-78. 8°. lllustr. 

No llior.' piililiHll.'.l. 

Field and forest club, Dorchester, Mass. Jyeaflet. No. 1- 
3. lUoslon. 190.5-09.) Broadside, and 8°. 

No. '.i is M bililiogniphy. "revised from (he ItosUm evfning Irarueripi, 
March 27, HHW." 

Year book and tree notes. 1904-1900. [Boston. 

1900?) sm. 4°. Illu.str. 

Finanz-iiiiiiislrrialbhitt fiir d:us kiinigreich Baycrn. Jahrg. 
iss."., ISSti. .\luiK-hen. [1.S.S0-S7.) 8°. 

Flora; oiler, Bolani.srhe zeitung. Herausgegeben vou der 
Konigl. botaniseheii gesellsehaft in Hegeiisburg. (With 
" beilage," " intelligenzblatt," " beibliitter," " be.son(lerc 
beilivge," " ergiinzungsbliitter.") Jahrg. i-e; — Neue folge. 
Bd.i— Regen.sburK,'<7c. 1818— sm. 8°and8°. Plates, 
tables, and other illuslr. 

Literaturberichle; herausgegeben von der Konigl. 

bayer. bolani.schen ge.sellschaft zu Regensburg. lid. i xii. 
RcgeiLsburg. 1831-12. 8°. Plates. 

11.1. iv-xii "hcrnuHKPBcbcn von D. II. Hopj..* iiih) .\. V'.. Fiimrohr"; 
xii has no tillc-puK.:. 

Repertorium der periodisehen bolanischen literatur 

voin beginn des jahres 1804 an. Als beiblalt zur Ftura. 
Jalu^. i-ix. 1804-1872. Regen.sburg. 1804-73. 8°. 

Ergiinzungsband zum j.ahrg. 1892-(1902). Mar- 
burg. 1892-1902. Plates and other illustr. (In bd. Ixxvi, 
Ixxix, Ixxxi, Ixxxiv, Ixxxix, xci.) 

Gesanit-register fiir die biindc 20-100. Beorbcitet 

von J. C. Bay. .lena. 1910. 8°. 

Flora der gcwai'eh.-haeuser iiinl gaerlen Eiiropa's; o<ler, 
Hcscliriibiingcn iiiid iibbildungen der sellenslen und vor- 
zueglii'h.Hten pflanzen, etc. Sec Flobe dca Berrea et des 
jardins de I'Europe. 



Flora en pomona. See Boskoop, Netherlands — Pomolo- 
gische reneniging. Nederlanilsche flora en pomona. 

Flora and sylva; a monthly review for lovers of garden, wood- 
land, tree or flower. Edited by W. Robinson. \o\. i-iii. 
Lonilon. 1903-05. 4°. 

No more published. 

The Floral cabinet, and magazine of exotic botan)-. Con- 
ducted l)v G. B. Knowles and Frederic \\'estcott. Vol. i- 
iii. London. 1837-40. 4°. 137 [138] colored plates. 

No more published. 

The Floral magazine; comprising figures and descriptions of 
popular garden flowers. Vol. i-x; — New series, [xi-xx.) 
London. 1861-81. 1. 8° and 4°. 1022 colored plates. 

No more publi.slied. 

Companion to the Floral magazine. (/« vol. iii.) 

The Floral magazine and botanical repository. Published by 

D. & C. Landreth. [Pt. i-v.] Pliiladelphia. [1832-34;] 
4°. 31 colored plates, and vign. 
No more published. 
The Floral world and garden guide. Vol. i-viii; — Edited 
by Shirley Hibberd. 1866-1880. London. lSo8-[80]. 1.12° 
and 8°. Ilhistr. 

Probably no more published. 

Flore des jardins du royaume des Pays-Bas. See Annales 

d'horticulture et de botanique. 
Flore des serres et des jardins de I'Europe. Tom. i-xxiii. 

Gand. 184.5-80 [83]. 8°. Colored plates, and other iUustr. 

Tom. li-xiv are "grande fid." 
No more published. 
Another issue. 

This seems to be a made up set, torn, i is reprinted, torn, ii and iii are 
entirely in Gerni.Tn, torn, ii having a German title-page. Tom. ii-xi are 
lettered "Flora der gewachshauser Europa's." 
Florence — Rente accademia economico agraria dei gcorgofili. 
Atti. Vol. i-viii; — Continuazione. i-xxxi; — Nuova serie. 
i-xvi; — Atti. 4* serie. i-xxvi; — 5* serie. i— ► Firenze. 
1791— ► 8°. T.tbles, plates, maps, etc. 

Degli stud] e delle vicende della Re.ale accademia dei 

georgofili nel prinio secolo di sua esistenza; sommario storico 
dell' aw. Marco Tabarrini, corredato di un catalogo gene- 
rale dei .soci e di due indici degli Atti accadeniici compilati 
da Luigi de' marchesi Ridolfi. Firenze. 1856. 8°. pp. [4], 

The Floricultural cabinet, and florist's magazine. Con- 
ducted bv Joseph Harrison. Vol. i-[xxvi]. Mar. 1833-Dec. 
1859. m. London. [1833J-59. 8°. Colored plates, and 
other illustr. 

The Floricultural magazine, and miscellany of gardening. 
Edited by Robert. JNIarnock. Vol. i-vi. June, 1836-Mav, 
1842. III'. London, We. [1837, '36-42.] 8°. 72 [78] colored 
plates, and other illustr. 

Plates 5 and .50 evidently never issued. 
No more published. 

Florida — Geological survey. Annual report, i. 1907-08. 
Tallaha.s.see. 1908. 8°. Plates. 

The Florist, fruitist, and garden miscellany. See the Flo- 
Ri.sT [and garden misceflany]. 

The Florist [and garden miscellany]. Vol. i-[iii. 1848]- 
1850; — Florist, fruitist, and garden miscellany. [Vol. iv- 
xiv.] 1851-1861. London. 1848-[61]. 8°. Colored plates, 
and other illustr. 

Continued as: 

The Florist .ind pomologist ; a monthly magazine 
of flowers, fruits, and general horticulture. Conducted by 
Robert Hogg, John Spencer, [Thomas Moore and William 
Paul]. 1862-1880; — Florist and pomologist. and suburban 
gardener. Edited bv Thora.os Moore. 1881-1884. London. 
186.3-84. 1.8°. Colored plates, and other illustr. 
No more pubhshed. 

The Florist and pomologist. See The Florist [and garden 

Forest club annual. [Published by the] University of Ne- 
braska, [i], ii. 1909, 1910. Lincohi. [1909-10.] 8°. Plates. 

Forest, fish, and game. See Southern woodlands. 

Forest leaves; published for the Pennsylvania forestry asso- 
ciation. [Vol. i.] Julv, 1886-+ irreg.,m. and bi-m. [Phila- 
deli)hia. 1886]-. 1.8°. IUustr. 

The Forester. See American forestry. 

Forestry. See The Journ.\l of forestrj" and estates manage- 

Forestry; a jom-nal of forest and estate management. See 
The JoiHXAL of forestry and estates management. 

Forestry bulletin. [No. 1], 3. May, 1884, Jan. 1885. irreg. 
[New York. 1884-85.] 8°. Illustr. 

Forestry and irrigation. See American forestrj'. 

Forestry quarterlv. Vol. i. Oct. 1902^ Ithaca, N. Y., 
etc. 1902-^ 8°. llkistr. 

LaForet; revue forestiere independante. Ann6e i-iv. Jan. 
18S5-dec. 1888. m.- Paris. [1885-88.] 8°. Illustr. 
No more published. 

Forst-archiv zur erweiterung der forst-und jagd-wissenschaft 
und der forst- und jagd-literatur. Herausgegeben von 
W. G. von Moser. Bd. i-xxx. Ulm. 1788-1807. sm. 8°. 
Plates, plans, and tables. 

Bd. xvii contains a register of bd. i-xvii. 

Bd. xviii-xxx have also the title: "Neues forst-archiv zur erweiterung 
der forst-und jagd-wissenschaft, etc. bd. i-xiii" and are "fortgesezt von 
C W. J. Gatterer." 
No more published. 

Forst- und jagd-archiv von und fiir Preussen. Herausgege- 
ben von G. L. Hartig. Jahrg. i-v (in 20 vol.); — Allge- 
meines forst- und jagd-archiv. Bd. vi, \'ii. Berlin, etc. 
1816-26. 8°. Plates and tables. 
No more published. 

Forst- und jagdkalender fiir Preussen. Jahrljuch der fort- 
schritte im gebiete des forst- und jagdwesens. Jahrg. ii, iv- 
xi, xiii, xv-xx. 1852, 1854-1861, 1863, 1865-1870. Berlin; 
Leipzig. 1852-70. 24°. 

Repertorium tiber die ersten zehn jjihrgiinge des 

Forst- und jagdkatenders fiir Preussen von 1851 bis 1860, en- 
thaltend ein sachregister, personal- und literarisches register. 
Berlin. 1860. 24°. pp. vi, [2], 126. 

Forstlich-naturwissenschaftliche zeitschrift; zugleich organ 
fiir die laboratorien der forstbotanik, forstzoologie, forst- 
lichen chemie, bodenkunde imd meteorologie in Aliinchen. 
Herausgegeben von Carl freiherr von Tubeuf. Jahrg. i-vii. 
Jan. 1892-dec. 1898. m. Miinchen. 1892-98. 8°. Illustr. 

Forstliche berichteund misceflen. Eine zeitschrift in zwang- 
losen heften von J. C. Hundeshagen. Heft i. Tiibingen. 
1830. 8°. 

Forstliche blatter; wochentliche rundschau auf dem gebiete 
der forstwirtschaft und forstwissenschaft. Herausgegeben 
von .4nton BillJer. Jahrg. i; — Neue forstliche blatter, 
ii-iv; v, 1-26. 6. juli, 1901-1. juh, 1905. Tubingen. 

[1901-05.] f°. 

Forstliche blatter; zeitschrift fiir forst- und jagdwesen. 

Heft i-xW; — Neue folge. Jahrg. i-v. 1872-1876; — [3= 

folge. i]-xv. 1877-[1891]. Berhn, etc. 1861-91. 8° and 
4°. Illustr. 

No numbers published for 1S69-1S71. Discontinued. 

[Supplementheft i]-iii. 1877. [Leipzig, etc. 1872]- 

77. 4°. IUustr. 

Sach- und autoren-register. 1877-1880. Leipzig. 

1881. 4°. pp. 15. 

The same. 1877-1890. BerUn. 1891. 4°. pp. 

[2], 47. 

Forstliche blatter fiir Wurtemberg. Herausgegeben von 
W" Widenmann. Heft i-vii. Tubingen. 1828-34. 8°. 

Forstliche mittheilungen. Bd. i-iii. Stuttgart. 1838 ['.36]- 
47. S°. Portrs., plates, tables, and map. 

Das Forstliche versuchswesen. Bd. i, ii. Augsburg. 1881- 
84. 8°. Plates and other iUustr. 



ForsUiche icitM-hrift; uiitrr initwirkunK dcr lehrpr drr 
'•' . Ii-n luTjmjigt-KolM'n von A. Horiiluinlt. 
IST'J. lU-rlm, 1S79. 8°. I'lalfs. 

7ontTer«m fUr du ^rossherzo^thum Hessen Mrridit 

uIht ilii- \ iT>amiiiliiii« I \v I );iiiii.-i|;i<lt, (Vf. [ISTtij- 19(17. 
,S-, ri:itf!« 
rontT«r«in fUr Nordtirol Horichliv Heft i-v. Inns- 

l>nirk lv'>^ <'7 N \'\M>s :iliil l:ll>l<-.> 

Forst-Terein (Ur Oberdateireich und Salzburg Herichte. 
ilt'ft i-xxiii: — Ixl. xxiv— l.ini. r(r. lS."iO-« S". Illustr. 
Ilrft i-bd. invi rr«d: "IWrirhlc dm Kornt-vprrinrs fQr Omterr«ich ob 
drr Knll»." 

ltd tttv was nrvfc fMihlwli*'*) 

Font-vereln (Ur Oe8t«rreicb ob der Emu. See Forst- 
\>;ki:is nil t >ii>;ii>istkuu»:i<m ind S.\i,ziun(i. 

Foratwirthschaftlicbea JHlirluii-h; li(T:iii.sKi'gcl>on von tier 
I\Miii>;lirli .siicli.-i.-ii-licii iikiuicinic fiir forst- uml hiiidwirthe zu 
riianiiul. Jahru i-vii; — J.MiKlit'cii dcr KoiukI. siicli.s. 
akiulfiiiic fur forsl- und landuirllio zu Tliarand. viii-.wi; — 
Th.\k.\ni>i:r jiihrl)uch. xvii; — 'rii.\H.vNDEU fdrstliohes jahr- 
buch. xviii— Dn'wipn, elc. 1S42— 8°. lllu.str. 

AtluM [zu bd. xlvii). Die entwickelung der slaats- 

forstn-irtlisohiift ini kunigrcichc Sochscn. [Dresden. 1897. | 
obi. I. S°. 12 plates. 

Suppleniente. Bd. i-viii. Dresden. 1878-99. 8°. 


Forstwissenschaftliches ccntralblatt. Jahrg. i— • Berlin. 
ls7'.i • N IlliLstr. 

Uririnninic with juhrit. ti. tmiirHj monthly 

Fee rarlit^ ycart. ttrr M«i>iAT>4:iinirT fiir diui ronit- und jagdwcfl«n. 

Die FortBChritt« dor Ixitanik. Nr. 1-7. Koln, etc. 1879- 

87. ."in s' 

"Sffuirut-auftirnb^ au!( drr Vifrteljahrts-rtvue der naturwUstntchaften 
lnTini*ic»*ir'*l»i*n von H. J. Klriti." 

France — hmlilul uational agronomique. Annates. No. 1-16. 
1M76-1<I00. I'ariti, e/r. 1878-1901. 1.8°. HluBtr. (Minia- 
ture de I'agriculturc.) 2' sdr. Tom. i— > Paris. 

I'.HIS^ 1.8°. Illustr. (Ministi^re de ragriculture.) 

Giirtner-zeitung. See Molleu's deulsche piirlner-zeitung. 

The Garden; an illu.strated weekly journal of gardening in 
nil its branches. Founded bv William Kobinson. \'ol. i. 
(Nov. 2.1, 1S7I)- Ivondon. " 1872 -« I. 8°. 

The Garden companion, and florists' guide. By .Arthur 
Henfrev, Thomas Moore, W. P. Avres, and other cultiva- 
tors. "Jan. -Oct. 18.52. lx)ndon. 1852. 1. 8°. Colored 
platcji. and other illustr. 
No morr [MiblLHticd. 

Garden ami forest; a journal of horticulture, landscape art 
ami forcslrv. Conducted bv C. S. Sargent. Vol. i-x. Feb. 
l!vVS-l )cr. I K<t7. ic. NcwVork. 1888-97. 4°. Illustr. 

No mrirr piililiHtied. 

The Garden magazine. Vol. i. Feb. 1905— • m. New 

York. I'.nr. • 4°. Illustr. 
The Gardeners' chronicle; (a weekly illustrated journal of 

horticulture and allie<l subjeeta). 1841-1873; — New ser. 

i-xxvi. 1 874- 1880; — 3d ser. i. 1887— London. 118411-. 

r. lllu.Mr. 

IM4-1H7.1 p^ililUbcd undi-r Ihe tiltr: "(iiirdonrrs* chronicle ami 
■Jtrv'iiltiiriil (rnn-llr.** 

The Gardener's and forester's record. Conducted by Joseph 
llarn.-Kjn Vol. i-iii. June, I8.'13-Mav, 18.36. 'l.,ondon, 
»/<: (1H.33 30 I 8°. Colored plates, and other illustr. 

No nxvr iNiblidird. 

The Gardeners' magazine of botany, horticulture, floricul- 
ture, uml natural science. Conducti'd bv Thomiw .Moore 
land! \V. P. Ayrtrs. Vol. i-iii. Jan. 1850^Dec. 1851. Ix>n- 
don l8.'-,()-5l. 1.8'. Illustr. 

■flic Gardener's magazine, and register of rural & domestic 
improvi'iiit'iit (Vnidui'tctl bv J. C. Ix)udon. Vol. i-x. 
IS20-|.s;i4;—.\ew series, i-ix, Ix)M.|on. 1820-13. 8°. II- 

No OMn pubikiiod. 

The Gardener's montlily and horticultural advertiser. 
Kditiil by lli<im;u< .Mwhan. \ol. i-xvii. 18.59-1875. Phil- 
adelphia, lie. \\sr,\\\ 7.'>. f°. imd 1. 8°. Illustr. 

Ill ls7ii iiiiitnl with tho llttrticulturist and Journal of rural art. nnd 
coiiliiiiiisl iiiidrr Itit* till.' : tlnrdrnrr' i nionthty and horticullurut. 

The Gardener's montlily uml horticulturist. lutited by 
TlioiiiiLs .Mei'han. \ Ol. xviii-xxix; xxx, (no. 1). Jan. 
IS70-Jan 18.SN. Philadelphia. 187t)-88. 1.8°. Illustr. 

Ktir riirlicr m.Iuiiii-.. !m.|. Tlir < i AmiKNKirti monlhly iiiiil horticiiltiinil 
iiilviTli^iT. Ill Isvs inroriKiruliil with Antrrirtin Qordrn. 

Gartenbaugesellschaft des bsterreichischen kaiser- 

Staates. i^ee \iknna — CartcnhninjisrlLichn/t des osler- 
ri ir)iisi'htii kaisrrshnttts. 
Gartenflora: monat.s,-(chrift fiir deut.sche und schwcizerischc 
K:irliii- uml blumenkunde [Jahrg. i)-« Lrlailgcn, etc. 
ll.So2j— 8°. Plates and other illaslr. 

In IHSIl (iarten-zeittuxg wns iiiiilfMl with tJiiH. 
IimuimJ iM>nii.niontlily iiftor 18So. 

Suppl.inciil-heft. i, lii]. Kriangen. 1862-63. 8°. 

Bciliigeheft. [1871, 187;j, 1903.) Friangen. 1871- 

73. 8°. 

VolLxiiindiges register. 1862-1871, 1892-1901. (In 

BeilaKchefl. 1S71, l<»03.) 

Die Gartenwelt; (wochenschrift fiir den gesamten garten- 
baul. Herausgegeben von Mux HesdorfTcr. Jahrg. i. 
1890— Berlin. 1897— 1. 8° and 4°. Illustr. 

JiihrK. i, l.HlHi-».l7 "crschicncn untcr dem tilel Hetddrffer$ nwnaUhrfU 
fiir htumrn- und garlrnfrrundr." 

Garten-zritung; monaL-vschrift fi'ir giirtner und garten- 
frcuiide. Organ des N'oreins zur hcfiirderung des garten- 
baucs in dm kgl. preuss. staaten und der Gesellschaft der 
gartcn freunde. Jahrg. i-v. 1882-1886. Berlin. 1882- 
80. 8°. Illustr. 

Jiihrff. iii-v rrnd: "(iurtcii-zcitunf;: wochcruchrifl fiir giirtner und 
fcartiMl froilndc." 

For earlier serirs. see Vebkin ziir BKFfiRnEHl'NC DK.M gartenbaues 


Coiitinunl ax: 

wochenschrift fiir giirtner und 
18.S6. Berlin. 11886.) 8°. 

DKursoiiB garten-zeitung; 
gartenfreunde. [Jahrg. i.j 

In 1S.S6 united with GarUnJlora 

Geneva — SociiU botanigue. 

socii'ic. i-xi; — 2' s(?rie. i. 

8°. Plates and other illustr. 

No iMimlieni insucd from July to September. 
F<cinrov(Ka; trvyypanfia irtptodiKuK Kara tiiji'a tK&tSdtitiw' vrd O. V. 

Optpaft^ov. 'Ktos i-iii; iv tpvW. X^'-tia*. 'lap. 187'2-p(iri'oy 

Bulletin des travaux de la 
1909— m. Geneve. 1879— 

1872-75. 8° 


Twc iWijvo)!' yHJirdifuv." 
Noe/i^. 1903-«).M*J- 1905. 

187.'). 'Ky 'Mrjfats. 
Nil more piililinhed. 
TlupyiKOV TripioSiKiv T^t " 'Evuatuif 
'KKdiddptfov Kara pfj^a. 'Kros a'-t'. 
•A0^''oi. 1903-05. 1. 8°. Illustr. 

No more published. 

Germany — Kai-ierliche biologische anstall fur land- und 
forslH-irtschaJt. Arbeiten. Bd. i— Berlin. 1900— 1. 8°. 

Kainrrlirhm gesundhcilxamt — liinlogischr ahlhrUung 

fur land- und foralirirtlisrlmfl. See C!KifM.\NV — Kaiaer- 
liche. hiotogixrhc ansltdt fur tatut- und forsUrirtschnfl. 

Ghent, liilgium — Sorifli royale d'agricutturc rt de Imtanique. 
Annales de la .soci<''((''; journal d'horliculluro <'t des sciences 
ncces.-ioires. Ri'-digc jiar Charles .Morrcii. Tom. i-v. (!and, 
(tr. [1815-49. 1 1.8°. Colored plates, anil other illustr. 

I'nilijilily no more piihlijihed. 

Giessen, (lerm. — Oherhrssische gesellschaft fur nntur- und 
hrilkundc. 8cc Oiikkiibssischb oesell,sciiapt fOk natur- 


Gottingen — I'niirrsitiit. I'nlersiicliuiigen aiis dem botani- 
srliiri hiboralorium. Herausgegeben von J. Ueinke. Heft 
i iil. HiTJiii. IsT'.l s:i s', I'hilcs. 
Gray herbarium of Harvard university. Contributions. 
New .scrii^s. Vol. i. 1891 • Cambridge. [1<K)4|— 8°. 
MinrelliiiHHHiH piijieni liy viirimiR aiitlioni and from varioiin piihlicationa 
are reRnrilnl an a fimt iirrioa of the "Omtributioiw," alltiough not bo 



called. Many of them are by Sereno Watson, from the Proceedings of 
the American Journal of arts and sciences, and form "Contributions to 
American botany, i-xviii." 
Graz — Botanischcs instilul. Mittheilungen. [1888.] Jena. 

1888. 8°. Plates. 
Great Britain — Commissions — Woods, forests, and land 
revenues. Report. 53,55-60. [London. 1875-82.] f°. Map. 
From the " Parliamentary papers." 

Gummi- und asbest-zeitung. Jahrg. vii— > Wien, etc. 

1908— f°. 
Gummi-zeitung; fachblatt fiir die gummi-, gutta-percha-, 

asbest-und celluloid-industrie. [Mit beilagcn.] Jahrg. xxii. 

Okt. 1907-» tc. Berlin. 1908-> f°. lllustr. 

Haarlem — Koloniaal museum. Beschrijvende catalogus. 
i-iv, vi, .\-xiii. Haarlem. [1882]-1906. sm. 8°. (Maat- 
Bchappij van nijverheid.) 

Bulletin. No. 1-^ Amsterdam. 1901, 1893-> 8°. 

Plates, maps, and other illu.str. 

No. 1^. 6. 8-10, 13, are "onveranderde herdruk." — A few of the 
noa. are *'overgedrukt uit de Indische mercaw." 

Extra bulletin. 189-1-1900. Amsterdam. 1894- 

[1900]. r. 

Hamburger garten- und blumenzeitung. See Neue all- 
gemeine deutsche garten- untl blumenzeitung. 

Hardwood; a journal of the hardwood lumber trade. Vol. 
i-xi; xii, no. 133. Jan. 25, 1892 -July 26," 1897. s-m. 
Chicago. 1892-97. 8°. 

Harvard forestry club. Bulletin. Vol. i. 1911— ► Cam- 
bridge. 1911~> 8°. Plates. 

Harvard university, Cambridge, Mass. — Division of forestry. 
[Announcement.] 1906-07. Cambridge. 1906. 8°. 

Official register of Harvard university, 1906, iii, no. 40. 

Harzer forst-verein. Verhandlungen. Jahrg. 1905. Wer- 
nigerode. 1906. 8°. 

Hawaii — Agricultural experiment station. Press bulletin. 
No. 26. [Honolulu. 19—?] 8°. 

Board of commissioners of agriculture and forestry. 

Report. 1900, 1902, 1903/04, 1907-+ Honolulu. 1901-* 
8°. Plates. 

1900, 1902 read: "Report of the commissioner of agriculture and 

Division of forestry. Botanical bulletin. 

No. 1. Honolulu. 1911. 8°. 

BuUetin. No. 1. Honolulu. 1911. 8°. 

Circular. 1. [Honolulu. 1905.] 8°. 

Press bulletins. 2-4. [Honolulu. 1905-06] 8°. 

Report of the division for 1905, 1906, 1908. Hono- 
lulu. 1906-09. 8°. Plates and maps. 

"Reprint from Report of the Board of commissioners of agriculture 
and forestry." 

College. BuUetin. No. 1. Honolulu. 1911. 8°. 

Commissioner of agriculture and forestry. See 

Hawaii — Board of eomynissioners of agriculture and forestry. 

The Hawaiian forester and agriculturist; a monthly maga- 
zine of forestry, entomology and agriculture, issued under 
the direction of the Board of commissioners of agriculture 
and forestry. Vol. ii, no. 6; iv. Jime, 1905; Jan. 1907— > 
Honolulu. 1905-> 8°. lllustr. 

Hawaiian sugar planters' association. The progress of 
forestry in Hawaii during 1907. Report of committee on 
forestry. [Honolulu. 1907.] 8°. pp. 24. 

"Reprinted from the Hawaiian forester and agriculturist, 1907, iv, 
no8. II and 12." 

Hedeselskab. Tidsskrift. 1880— >■ m. and s-m. Aarhus, 
. etc. 1880-> 8°. lUustr. 

EXXt^viktJ yeojpy ia] aiiyypatxfia Kara, nrjt'a eK^Ldofiei/ov. 'Two IT. 
rtyiraiiov. 'Eros i-iii; — 'TttA II. r. rtwabiov. iv-xii. "Ef 
•AeV'5- 1885-96. 8°. lllustr. 
No more published. 

Herbarium; organ zur forderung des austausches wissen- 
schaftHcher exsiccatensammlungen. No. i— ► [Leipzig. 
1908]— 8°. 

Herbier Boissier. Bulletin. Tom.i-vii; — 2* s^rie. i-viii. 
Geneve, etc. 1S9.3-1908. 8°. Plates and other lllustr. 

No more published. 

Memoires. No. 1-22. Geneve, etc. 1900. 8°. 

Plates and other illustr. 

No more published. 

Hesdorflers monatshefte fiir blumen- und gartenfreunde. 

See Die Gartenwelt. 
Hongkong — Botanical and forestri/ department. [.Annual] 

report. 1880, 1882-1884, 1887-1893, 189.5-1897, 1899, 

1900, 1902, 1906— Hongkong. 1882— f° and 8°. 
Hooker's icones plantarum. See Icones plantarum. 
Hooker's journal of botany and Kew garden miscellanv. 

Edited bv Sir W. J. Hooken Vol. i-ix. London. 1849-57. 

8°. Plates. 

No more published. 

For earlier series, see The London journal of botany. 

L'Horticulteur beige; journal des jardiniers et amateurs. 
Tom. i-v. Mars, 1833-floc. 1.838. m. Bruxellos, etc. 
[1S34, '33-38.] 8°. 201 plates (117 colored), and other 

Title-page and plate 16 of tom. v were never issued. 

No more published. 

L'Horticulteur frangais de mil huit cent cinquante et un; 
journal des amateurs et des int^i-fits horticoles. Redig4 
par F. Herincq. Annde 1851-1872. Paris. 1851-72. 8°. 
Colored plates, and other illustr. 

L'Horticulteur universel; journal g(5n<^ral des jardiniers et 
amateurs, prfsentant I'analyse raisonnee des travaux horti- 
coles frangais et Strangers. Redige par C. Lemaire. Tom. 
i-[viii]. Paris. 1839-47. 8°. Colored plates. 

vii is "26 s^rie, r^dig^ par M. Gerard"; viii is "public sous la direc- 
tion de Martin de Lamotte. Nouvelte s^rie." 
No more published. 

The Horticultural register, and general magazine. By 
Joseph Paxton and Joseph Harrison. Vol. i-v. July, 1831- 
Dec. 1836. m. London. (1832]-36. 8°. Hlustr. 

Vol. ii. iii "by Joseph Paxton": iv, v "by James Main." — Vol. iv, 
V have the running title: Partons horticultural register. 
No more published. 

Horticultural society of London. See Royal horti- 


Horticulture; an illustrated journal. Vol. i. Dec. 3, 

1904— w. Boston. 1905— f°. Illustr. 
The Horticulturist and journal of rural art and rural taste. 
Vol. i-xxx. July, 1846-bec. 1875. Albany, etc. I1846]-75. 
8°. Illustr. 

In July, 1.S72, this journal absorbed the Western pomotogisl; in 1876 
it united with the Gardener's monthly, and continued under the title: 
Gardener's monttlly and tiorticutturist. 

Hortus Bergianus. See Kongliga svenska vetenskaps- 

akademien — Trddgiird bergielund. 

Hungary — Fcldmivelesiigyi M. Kirminister. Erd^szeti ki- 
s^rletek. [Forestry experiments.) f.vf. i. 1899— «• Sehnec- 
bdnya. 1890- I. 8°. Illustr. (In its Kiadvdnya.) 

Hyderabad Assigned Districts. See India — Hydera- 
bad Assigned Districts. 

Icones bogoriensis. See Buitenzoro, Java — Jardin bo- 

Icones plantarum; or. Figures, with brief descriptive char- 
acters and remarks, of new or rare plants, selected from the 
author's herbarium. By Sir W. J. Hooker. Vol. i-x; — 
Hooker's icones plantarum ; or, Figures of new and rare 
plants, selected from the Kew herbarium. Vol. xi— > Lon- 
don, etc. 1837 ['36]— 8° and 1. 8°. 

Illinois state horticultural society. Transactions. New 
series. \o\. xi, xiii. Chicago. 1878-80. 8°. lUustr. 

L'lllustration horticole; journal sp^^cial des serres et des 
jardins. R^digd par Ch. Lemaire et public par Ambroise 



V.-n«-hnfTr|t Vol i-xliii Onml, ric. 1S54-IKJ. I. S" and 
f* . 1 ml other illuHtr. 

\ ' • liiin ill* J. IJntlrii rl rfitiff^ |Mir Kd. 

Al. I Kl-K II ri |.M.II*< lt4MllK«»r'; >)* lllll ''iMlllli^ HHlll IS 

tltr' I iodrn rl l^rtrii IJiMl<*ti. rt rMiir^ |Mir Rmilr nudiffiu. 

M .. 

niiiJtn«rt« i< iiiil-iiilrrfsson (It's Kiirlon- 

|i:iii.> S<f \ KsirK'll-IliaKiizill 

Imperial institute of the United Kingdom, the colonies, 
and India HulUlin. \ol i • Lomlon. [I<.MK<| • S°. 

" ImMil ■• ■ qunrtrfly Mj|>|ilrniviil lu tlio Hoard of trude Journal." 

India -- /<i«rii of .sciriilifir atlricr. Annuitl report for llie 
yciir I<tOS-(K>. (^alriittn. ISIIO. I 8°. Map. 

liotauicitl turrry. ReconlH. Vol. i-» Culeutla. 

1893— • 8°. Maps, plates and iliaKni. 

Forrrt departmrul. Itmlget rstimateii for 1886-87. 

Simla. 1886. T. 

ProRres.s r«'i>ort of the Forest survey liraiirli for 

18R4-i85. With n-marks h_v the Mirvpyor (jeiientl of Imha, 
anil with the onlers of the government of India. (Caleiitta.) 
INSti. f. Map and dia)n'. 

Review of forest ndministration, 1873-87. |Cal- 

cultal, ric I1S7.-.I-S.8. f°. 

Ajmere-Merwara - Fori at ih imrlmrut. Proiires.s 

report of fun-.-! :iiiiniiii.~lration for 1878-S(), 1S.S4-,S,5. [Cal- 
riitta.) l.S.S(K,S,-.. T. 

IKTH-liO nMiUiin ntao " Hvtiwl on the oixrrnlioiui of the FotohI survey." 

Andaman Islands — Fnreal Dtpurlmtnt. Pn>gres.-< 

report of fi.ri>i lllilllilll^I^llioll for 1884-85. |CiJciilta.| 
1885. V. 

- Forest department. Propres.s report of for- 
est mlininiHlnition for 1S74-7.S, 1878-79, 1884-85. Shillong, 
[ttc.\. 1875-85. f°. Map. 

Baluchistan — Formt drjmrtmctU. Progress report 

of forest iiiliiiiiii.-tralion for 1HS4-85. [Caleutta.] 1886. I". 

Bengal — Fnrrxt tlrpnrlmctit. Progress report of 

forett ailiMiiiisl ration for 187.S-7!), 1884-85. [CaUiitta. 
1879-86] f .Mm]. 

Bombay Presidency — Forest depnrtmenl. Reports 

for the vi-ars l.s.Vi-60, 186.H-«9, 1872-73, 1885-86. Bombay. 
1861-86. 8° and f°. 

Burma — Forest drjmrtmriit. Progress report of 

forest ndministration for 1.S62-63, 1.S7S 70, 18S4-S5. (Cal- 
eutta.l 1S<)4-S,5. 8° and f°. Plate. 

l8C2-ft.'i is "Srlccljona from Ow rccoitl'* of liuliii, Putilic works dcparl- 
mcnl. 40." 

Central Provinces — Forest dcparlment. Progress 

r«>port of forol admiiiislralion, 1Sfi2-6;<, 1866-67, 1878-79, 
1884-85. Caliutta. IStVl-S.5. S" and f°. Maps. 

I>i62-e.1 is "S'Irctidiiit from tlip rerords of llic government of India, 
in the Public work« di-ruirltnent. 47"; !86(W17 is "Reprint no. 10 of 
Reoonlii in the PuMic works de|inrtment." 

Coorg — Forest department. Progress report of 

forest administration for 1878-79, 18,84-85. |CaleuUa; 
Bangidori- I 1^70 s.-, f" 

Hyderabad Assigned Districts — Forest depart- 
ment. Progros report of fori-st administration for 1878-79, 
1885-86. ICalrutta), tie. 1879-86. f. 

India Madras Presidency — Forent deimrlment. An- 
nual adniiiiisiniliiiii nporls. IK82-' Kladra^. 1884— > 
('. Maps. 

Progreju" report of forest ndministration for 

1884-85. (Madras I 1886. f. Map. 

Mysore- Formt depnrtmenl Progress report of 

forest nrhniiii-traliiiii for l«7H 'W IMaiicalore.) 1880. f°. 

Northwestern Provinces and Oudh — Forest de- 
partment. I'nigreiut rejKirt of forest administration for 
I87K-79, 1884-.S5. (Caleutta.) 1880-86. f°. Plates ami 

Calcutta. 1908-* 

9. and m. Cal- 

ni, VI, VII, IX. 
1904— 8°. 


Punjab — Forest department. Progress report of 

forest adnnni.«tralion for 1878-79, 1S.S5-86. (Calcutta.) 
l.SSO ,S6. C. Maj), plan, and other illustr. 

(SoeernmenI holiininil ijnrdens at SnMranpur and 

Mussimrie. Ue|iort on the progress and eondition of the 
gardens. IS,S2, l.>vS;i, IfvSli. Allahabad. IS82-86. f°. 

The Indian forest memoirs. Fon-sl botany series. Vol. i— » 
Caleutta. 1911— 4°. Maj) and 39 plates. 

Pon-st ztK)log\' serit'M. Vol. i, pt. 1-3; ii, pt. 1— » 

Cali-ulta. 1<.M)S . 4^. Plates. 

Vol. i. |»l. 3, ii* "2d ed." 

The Indian forest records. Vol. i— • 
8" and 1. 8". Maps and plati^. 
S<»mr <,f the pliitra (irc colored. 

Till' Indian fon-ster. \'ol. i. Julv, 1875— » 

lilt 1.1. .(<■. 1876- • 8° and 4°." lUustr. 
Indiana — Hoard of forestry. Annual report. 

liHK), I9(K1, 1907, 1909— Indianapolis. 

Maps, plates and other illustr. 

Geoloyical snreei/. Second rejiort. 1870. 

polls. 1871. 8°. Illustr. 

" Mnniml of Ihr Iwilnny of JclTcrson t'o.. by A. II. YounK," pp. 241 -292.- 

Indiana academy of science. Proceedings. 1.S91— • 
lliiuukvillc. liiil 1; liiilianapiilis. 11,S92]— 8°. Illustr. 

IS'.II is " Hil.liriKniphy of pn|ier». 1S8.'>-1891." 

De Indische bij; tijdschrifl ter bevordering van de kennis 
ilir iieilerlaniischc. volkplaiitingrii en derzelver belangen. 
rilgi'geven door C. L. Hlunie. Deel i. Ia-viIpii. 1843. 8°. 

Indo-China — Direction de I' agriculture el du commerce. 
Mullclin economique. Annde i-ix; — Nouvelle 8<^rie. x. 
.luillrt, 1898— m. Saigon, elc. 1898— 8° and 1. 8°. 

Oec. 1905 contnins "Tnble olpholi^tique dc« mati^^cs du HuUelin 
di- 1S!IS ,\ fin 190.-,." 

Institut agronomique. .See Versailles, France — /n,s(i- 

tiit nittiiiridl ih/rnmoin'/ni . 
Institut national agronomique. ."see France — Institut 

notional a'/rononii'/ue. 

International catalogue of scientific literature. Botany. 

.Xnoiial is.sue. i. 1902— I><}tulon, elc. 1902— 8°. 
Introduction aux observations sur la physique, sur I'histoire 
naturello et sur Ics arts. (2' i?d.] Tom. i, ii. Paris. 1777. 
4°. Plates. 

( 'out in lied as: 
OiisKiiVATio.vs sur la physique, sur I'histoire nafurelle el sur 
lesarts. Tom.i-xliii. Paris. 1773-93. 4°. Plates, tables 
and maps. 

I'om. i rends: " Tnblcau du Inivnil nnnuel do toutiv les ucnd^mim de 
ri''urii|)o; ou, <)lK<ervnlions sur In physique, sur riiistoirc naturclle et sur 
lis* iirl.i el niAlicrs." 
Continued as: 

,Ii)iKNAL de physique, de chiinie et d'histoire naturello. 
Tom. xliv-xevi. " Paris. (1794-1823.) 4°. Plates, tabli-s 
and inap.s. 

Tom. xllv-ilvii rend: " t«m. i-iv." 
No more publislieil. 

,*su])plement. 2 torn, in 1. Paris. 1778-82. 4°. 


Form torn, xiii, pt. 2. and xxi of tlie set. 

Table gcnerale des articles contenus dans les vingt- 

.six derniers volumes du Journal de physii/ue, 1787-1802; 
|i;ir I,. Cotle. (Paris. 1803.) (Ap)>ended to tom. Ivii.) 

Iowa — Agricultural exjierimcnl station — Deimrtmcnt of 
horlicutliire and forestry. .Some reports from trial stations 
on new orchard fruits and shrubs. Des Moines. 1899. 8°. 
(In its liullctin, 41.) 

Stole college of agriadture and mechanic arts — 

Holanieat department. Contributions. No. 1-10, 12-17, 
19 23. 2.'), 26, JS 30, 32-40, 44, 45. Des Moines, etc. 
1890-11908). 8° and 1. 8°. 



Iowa academy of sciences. Proceedings. Vol. ii-ix, xiii, 

xviii. 1S94-1'J01, 190G, 1911. Des Moines. 1895-1911. 

8°. Illustr. 
Iowa geological survey. Annual report. Vol. viii, xi, xii, 

xvi. lcS97-190i5. Des xMoines. 1898-190(5. 1. 8°. Illustr. 

"The plants of Winneshiek County, by B. Shimek," xvi. 147-211. 

The Iowa naturalist. Vol. i, ii; iii, no. 1. Jan. 1905-Jau. 

1911. q. Iowa City. [1905-11.1 8°. 
Iowa park and forestry association. Proceedings, annual 

meeting, ii, v. Iowa City. 1903-06. 8°. Plates and port. 

of C. A. Mosier. 
Iowa state horticultural society. Forestry annual. No. 

3, 5. Cedar Rapids, elc. 1876-79. 8°. 

Transactions. [Vol.] xiii, xxiii. 1878, 1888. Des 

Moines. 1879-89. 8°. Illustr. 

The Irish naturalist; a monthly journal of general Irish nat- 
ural history. Vol. i. Ajjr. 1892-* Dubhn, etc. 1892^ 
8°. Illustr. 

Irmischia; correspondenzblatt des Botanischen vereins fUr 
das nordliche Thiiringen. Rerligirt von G. Leimbach. Jarg. 
[sic] \-\\. Sondershausen. 18Sl-[86]. 8°. 
No title-page or index of vol. vi published. 
In Nov. 1886 united with Deutsche botanische monatsschrifl. 

Italy — Ministero d'agricoUiira, indusfria e nommcrcio. Bul- 
leltino ampelografico. Fasc. i-xxii. Roma, elc. 1876, 
'75-87. 8°. Plates and other illustr. 

Probably no more published. 

Jahrbuch fiir gartenkunde iind hot anik. Jahrg. i-vii ; — 
Zeitschrift ftir bildende gartenkunst; organ des Vereins 
deutscher gartenkiinstler. viii-xi; — Zeit.schrift fiir gar- 
tenbau und gartenkunst. xii-xvi. Neudamm [Bonn], i-tc. 
[18841-98. 8° and 4°. Illustr. 

Jahrg. i reads: "Rheinisches jahrbncti fiir gartenkunde und botanik." 
No more published. 

Jahrbuch der kautschuk-industrie und verwandter betriebe. 
Herausgegeben von Edgar Herbst. Literarische beilage 
zum Gummi-kalender. [1907.] Dresden. 1907. {In Ka- 
LENDER fiir die gummi-industrie und verwandte betriebe, 
1907, pp. 289-417.) 

" Literatur-verzeichnis," pp.' 389— 402 

The same. [1908.] Berlin [Dresden]. 1908. 24°. 

Jahrbuch der preussischen forst- und jagd-gesetzgebung und 

verwaltung. Bd. i-x.xxvii. Berlin. 1869-1904. 8°. Plans 
and table. 

No more published. 

Gesammtregister fiir bd. 1. bis 20. Berlin. 1889. 

viii, 53. 

pp. viii, 80. 
— The same. 

Bd. 21 bis 30. Berlin. 1900. 

The same. Bd. 31 bis 37. Berlin. 1905. 8° 



viii, 33. 
Another copy of bd. i-x. 
Jahrbuch der Konigl. sachs. akademie fiir forst- und land- 
wirtlie zu Tharand. See Forstwirthschaptliches jahr- 
Jahrbiicher tier gewiichskuntle. Herausgegeben \-on K. 
Sprengel, A. H. Schrader und II. F. Link. Bd. i. Berlin, 
elc. 1820, ['18]. 8°. 3 plates. 
Jahrbiicher fiir wissenschaftUehe botanik. Herausgegeben 
von N. Pringsheim. Bd. i-> Berlin, etc. 1858-> 8°. 
Plates and other illustr. 

"Nathanael Pringsheim, nachruf von Ferdinand Gohn," xxvlil, i- 

Bd. xxvii-1 "herausgegeben von W. PfefTer und E. Strasburger." 

Namen- und saehregister von bd. i-[xl]. Leipzig, 

etc. 1876-1904. {Appended to hd. x.xx, xxx, \l.) 

Jahresbericht der forstlich-jihanologisehen stationen 

Deutschlands. Jahrg. i-x. 1885-1894. Berlin. 1886-96. 

Jahresbericht tiber das gebiet der pflanzenkrankheiten. See 

Jahresbericht iiber die neuerungen und leistungen auf 

dem gebiete des pflanzensehutzes. 

Jahres-bericht iiber die leistungen und fortschritte in der 
forslwirthschaft. I^nter mitwirkung eines fachgenossen 
herausgegeben von oberfiirster Saalborn. Jahrg. [i]-ix. 
1879-1887. Pnmkfurt a. M. 1880-88. 8°. lUustr. 

Jahresbericht iiber die neuerungen und leistungen auf dem 
gebiete des pflanzensehutzes. Herausgegeben von M. 
Hollrung. Bd. i. Jahr. 1898^ Berlin. 1899^ 1. S°. 

Bd. iv-vii read; "Jahresbericht iiber die neuerungen und leistungen 
auf dem gebiete der pflanzenkrankheiten"; viii — read: "Jahres- 
bericht iiber das gebiet der pflanzenkrankheiten." 

Jahresbericht iiber verofTentlichungen und vvichtigore ereig- 
nisse im gebiete des forstwe.scns, der forstl. botanik, der 
forstl. zoologie, der agrikulturchcmie und der meteorologie. 
18S8-> Frankfurt am Main. 18S9-* (In Allgemcineforst- 
nnd Jngd-zcilung. Supplement, 1889— >) 

Jahresberichte iiber die fortschritte der forstwissenschaft 
und forstlichen naturkunde im jahre 1836 und 1837 nebst 
original-abhanilhmgen aus dem g(>biete dieser wisseiischaften. 
Herausgegeben \on Theodor Hartig. Jahrg. i. Berhn. 
1837-39. 8°. Plate. 

No more published. 

Jamaica — Botanical department. Bulletin. No. 1-50; — 
New series. Vol. i-ix. Apr. 1887-Dec. 1902. Jamaica. 
1887-1902. f°, and 8°. Illustr. 

For continuation, see Jamaica — Department of agriculture. Bulletin. 

Department of agriculliire. Bulletin. Vol. i-v; vi, 

1-3. Jan. 1903-Mar. 1908. m. [King.ston.] 1903-08. 8°. 

Supersedes Bulletin of the Botanical department of Jamaica. 

Public gardens and plantations. Annual report for 

1875-76, 1880, 1883, 1884, 1903-1907. Jamaica. 1877- 
1907. f°. 

Japan — Department of agricidture and commerce. Statisti- 
cal report. [No.] 27. [Tokio. 1912.] 1. 8°. Maps. 
"Forests," pp. 537-714. — "Errata," inserted before title-page. 
In Japanese and English. 

Bureau of forestry. [Statistical report of forests 

and nurseries owned bv prefectures, counties, cities and 
other corporations. 19il. [No. 5. Tokio. 1911.] 1. 8°. 

In Japanese. 

Japanese horticultural society. [Journal. No. l]-49, 51, 
59, 01, 64-67, 69-71, 73-75, 77-81, 86-89, 104, 106, 120, 121, 
123. [Avril, 1889]-ao(it, 1902. m. [Tokio. 1889-1902.] 
8°. Illustr. 

In Japanese. 

Jardin botanique alpin de la Linnaea — Comite interna- 
tional. Rapports annuels pour les exercices 1894-95 et 1896- 
97. Geneve. 1898. 8°. 

Le Jardin fleuriste; journal general des progres et des interets 
horticoles et botaniques. Redige par Ch. Lemaire. Vol. 
i-iv. Gand. 1851-54. 8°. Colored plates, and other 

No more published. 
Jena, Germany — Geographische gesellschafl ftir Thiiringen. 
Mitteilungen. Bd. i-ix. Jena. 1882-91. 8°. Maps, plates, 
and other illustr. 

Bd. ii-ix read: "Zugleich organ des Botanischen vereins fiir gesamt- 
thiiringen," and in bd. iv-ix the publications of this society are paged 
separately, having the signatures "Mitteil. d. Botan. vereins f. gesamt- 
thiir." For n continuation of "Mitteilungen des Botanischen vereins 
fiir gesaratthiiringen," see Thuhingischer botanischeh verein. 

Josselyn botanical society of Maine. Bulletin. No. 1-4. 
Portland. 1907-11. 8'. 

No more published. 

Journal d'agricuUure pratique, il'economie foresticre,d'ceono- 
niie rurale et d'education des animaux domestiques du 
royaurne de Belgique. Public sous la direction et par la 
redaction principale de Charles Morren. Vol. i-x. Li^ge, 
etc. 1848-58. 8°. IlliLstr. 

Vol. ix, X "public sous la direction de Charles Morren, et £douard 

Probably no more published. 



Joum*! d'agrirulluiT iropicale (nuricolo, ecicnlifiquc cl com- 
lucrruUi. Amw^c i. Juillet, 1901-^ m. Paris. 11901)— 
I S*. Illustr. 
JoumaJ fur .lie botanik. HoraiLsKPRelx-n vom mediciiial- 
r,ih S«tiri<iir U«l. i-[v). 17in>-lMH. Gottingcn. 1799- 
ISea. 16°. I'ortnt. and plates. 
Conlinutd at: 

Neces journal fUrdic botanik; hrrau.iKPgcl>on vom professor 
Schradrr. Bd. i-iv. Erfurt. 1800-10. 10°. I'ortrs. and 

No man pubKalMd. 

Jo«in»»l U.t;ini(iue. .\mi<^<M-iii 1906-190S. St. P<'ti-r»l)ounj. 
(IlKlii ^l^ ] S". Majw sind plates. (Travuux do l:i Sociif^ti- 
uiiix'nair ill's tiatiinilisKv do St. Pi-tersbourg. iSoction dc 
bol:uii(iui'. I'KNV-OS, X3cxv-xxx\-ii.) 
In Hmuan. 

Journal dr lM)taniquc. Dircctcur: Louis Morot. [With 
•• liullotin biblioRr.iphique."J Tom. i-xx; — 2* 8<5r. i; ii, 1 
1887-1909. t-m. and m. Paris. 11887-1909.] 8°. Il- 

PnilMiUy DO more puhlinhM]. 

Joumkl <lr lM)l;uiique; rtVligo par unc sori6t(^ dc botanistes. 
Tom. i, ii. Paris. 1808-09. sm. 8°. 25 plates. 
Continurd <u: 

Joi'RNAL do botanique, appliqu^o i\ raRrioulturo, ii la phar- 
macir, i\ la m<Mo<"inc ot aux art.n. |U«^diKt^ par X. .\. Desvaux. 
Tom. il-iv. Paris. lcSl.}-14. 8°. 41 plates. 

Tool, iii Ucka sH mttt€ p 192, the last ihrre numbcn were apparcnOy 
never avueil: aee not^ on p. 2S5 of torn. iv. 
Probably no more published. 

Journal do lM>tai>i(|uo n^-orhuidaisc; rfMigd par F. A. W. 
Mi.|uol. Tom 1. Ainstcnlam, etc. 1861. 8 . Plates. 

No more publlahed. 
The Jotimal of botany; being a .second series of the Botanical 
miffrUnttij. H\ W. J. Hooker. Vol. i-iv. London. 1834- 
42. 8°. Port'rs. and plates. 

For eonlioaatioQ. see The London journal of botany. 

The JoumaJ of botany, and foreign. Edited by 
IJerthold.Seemann. Vol. i— London, Wc. 1863— 8°. Il- 

Vol. z-XTU "edited by Henry Trimeo"; XYiii — "by Jaroea Britten"; 
x>iii xf title read*: "Trimen's journal of botany. British and foreign." 
i'firl uf ij. S. GileMjn inserted in vol. xxi. 

Journal el (lore dos jardia-i. I>ari.s. 1832. 8°. Colored 
Continued at: 

AssAtxs de flore et de pomone; ou. Journal des jardins et 
de". rhainr*. 18:12-1847. Paris. 1833-47. 8°. Colored 

The Journal of forestrj- and estates management. Vol. i-vi; 
— Forcstky; a iii.'tgazine for the country, vii-ix; — Fok- 
ESTKv; a journal of forest and estate management, x, xi. 
May, 1877-Apr. 1886. m. London, eU. 1878-[861. 8°. 

Vol. vi-ii "edited by F. (i. Heath." 
No nwjre ptiMtidifvl. 

Journal dos forets. contonant des obser^-ations et des m<^- 
iiioiroj). Mir toutes les parties dc reconoinio forcstiere par une 
reuHKjn d'agronumes el de practicicns forcstiers. Tom. i, 
ii. Paris 1829. 8°. Plate. 

Journal ffir dits forst- und jagdwesen. (Rcdigirt von J. D. 
Uoitt.rl IJd. i-v. Uipzig. 1790-99. 8°. Tables and 

No mtirr puNished. 

Journal d'hinioiro naturellc. R^-dig^- par MM. l-aiiiank, 
Hrugui*n>, Olivier, HaUy ct Pelletier. Tom. i, ii. Paris. 
17'.rj H^ I'lat<-s. 

AW> iiBunl umlrr Uie title: "Choii de mfmoirea sur diver* objela 
A'hmUfur natiirrlle " 
No nvirr iiuliliKlietl. 

Journal il'liortirulturc pratique; ou, Guide des amateurs et 
jardinieni. \iiuC-v i-v; — Journal d'borticulturc pratique 

de lu Belgi<|ue. vi-xiv; — INouvelle sdrie.) i-v. Bruxelles, 
etc. 1844-01. sni. 8° and 8°. Plates and other illustr. 

Most of Iho plates are cvUored. 

Journal do pliysiquo, do chiinie, d'histoire naliiroUe et des 
art.-' Siv l.\Titoi)i(Tio.N aux observations sur la physique, 
.-^ur riii.-itoire naturello ct sur los arts. 

Journal do botanique. U<^dig<5 par B. A. Fedtschenko. 
I'.Hty— St.-lY-torsbourg. 1909— I. 8°. Plates and other 

in Itussian. 

Jurjev, Kxisaia. Sec Dorpat. 

Just's lK)tanischer jahresbericht; systematisch geordnetes 
ropirtoriuni dor l)otaiiischon litoraturallor lander. Jahrg. i— ► 
Hirliii. 1874— 8°. Tables, and port, of Karl Schumann. 
J.ilirK- i-x read: "liotanischer johrealirrichl." 
Kansas — Slate board of agriculture. Biennial report, i-vi. 
1877-1888. Topeka. 1878-89. 8°. Illustr. (In iu Pub- 
lic:ilion, ti-ll.) 

i i!i ".'i<l fn! ."■ iii is "2d cd." 

Kansas state horticultural society. Annual report on 
Kansas forestry, iii, vi. 1881, 18S5. Topeka. 1882-86. 

1881 reads: "3d report on ffKcatry"; cover reads: " Forestry manual 
of the Kansas sUilo hortictilturul society." 

First bienni;il report. 1887-8. Topeka. 1889. 8°. 

Illustr. (In its Publication, 17.) 

" Forestry department," pp. 325-370. 

Kew — Hnijal botanic gardens. Bulletin of miscellaneous 
information [with appcndi.xes]. 1887— > London. 1887— » 
8°. Illustr. 

Additional series, i-iv. Ixjndon. 1898-1901. 8°. 

(Uoport on the progress and condition of the gardens. 

1855-1858, 1SC1-1SG9, 1871-1882. London. 1856-84.) 8°. 
Plates and plan. 

Kew guild. Journal. May, 1893— London. 1893— 8°. 

I'orirs :in(i pl:itc.-i. 

King William's Town, Cape Colony — Botanic garden*. 
Animal report. I.SWJ. King WilUam's Town. 1890. .8°. 

DoKoffle-gid.s. Jaarg. i,ii; — DeNiEfWEgids. iii, iv; — De 
CiLTiURtiiDS. v-xiii; Apr. 1899-1911. Malang. 1899- 
[1911]. 8°. Illustr. 

The index for jaarg. iii was never published. 

Kritische blatter fiir forst- und jagdwissenschaft. [Bd.] i- 
lii. Berlin, etc. 1822-70. sm. 8°. Table, plates, plan, 
and other illu.str. 

[Hd.] i-xlii. pi. 1 " hcrausgcgcben von W. Pfeil"; xlii, 2-Iii "fort- 
gesrlzt von H. Nordlinjtcr." 

La Murithienne. See .Socif-T£ mukithienne. 

Leaflets of I'liilippine botanj'. Vol. i— > Manila. [1906]— » 

Leopoldina; amtliehes organ der Kaiserlichen leopoldino- 

carolinischen dcutschen akademie dor naturforscher. Her- 

ausge(;eben von D. G. Kieser (an<l olliers). Heft 2. Sept. 

jsCiO— ni. .leiia, .7r. IStiO^ ■\° . Ilhi.-^tr. 

Kaiserliche Leopoldinisch-caroliniscbe deutsche aka- 
demie der naturforscher. See Academia cesarea 


Leyden — 'a Uijks herbarium. Mededeclingen. 1910. Leiden. 

mil. 8°. 

Li6ge, Belgium — Unii'crsiti — Institul botanique. Archives. 

\ol i-iv. Bruxelles. 1897-1907. 8°. Plates. 
Linnaea: ein journal fiir die botanik in ihroin ganzcn um- 

f:iMHe. Ilerau.sgrgebon von D. F. L. von Sclilochtondal. 

B(l. i-xxxiv;— Heriiii.'^Kogebcn von August Garckc. xxxv- 

xliii. Boriin, etc. ISJti-.S'J. 8°. 

B<l. xvii-zliii have also the altcrualivo title: " Beitriise xur pflanzen- 

kunde, i-xviii; nruc folite. i-ix." 

Fn>m lK.s:t. mrrnnl in Jttitrhttefi deM KSnigtiehen boianitchen garient und 

iifM iMtltinisi-lirn tnusrutns .'IJ Itrrlin. 

Linnean society of London. Journal of proceedings; 
botany. \ ol. i— l>ondon. 1857— 8°. Illustr. 



Lmnean society of London. General index to the first 
twenty volumes of the Journal (botany), and the botanical 
portion of the proceedings, Nov. 1838 to June, 1886. London. 
1888. 8°. 

Transactions. Vol. i-xxx. London. 1791-1875. 

4°. Plates and other illustr. — 2d series. Botany. Vol. i— > 
London. 1880^ 4°. Plates and other illustr. 

General index. Vols, i-xxx. 2 vol. in 1. London. 

1867-76. 4°. 

Linnean society of New South Wales. Proceedings. 
Vol. i^ Sydney. 1877 ('76]-> 8°. Illustr. 

Supplement to [vol. xxvii,| pt. 3. Sydney. [1902. J 

pp. 90. 33 plates and map. (In vol. xxvii.) 

List of the names of contributors to vol. i-x; nnththe 

titles of and references to, the papers and exhibits contributed 
by each. Sydney. 1887. 8°. pp.83. 

Lisbon — Aciidemia real das sciencias. Memorias economi- 
cas para o adiantamento da agricultura, das artcs, e da in- 
dustria em Portugal e suas conquistas. Tom. i-v. Lisboa. 
1789-1815. 8°. Plates, tables, and map. 
No more published. 

Administra^ao geral das malas. Relatorio relativo 

as anno economico de lS7i>-1880. Lisboa. 1881. 1. 8°. 

Lloyd library, Cincinnaii, Ohio. BibUographical contribu- 
tions. No. 1. Jan. lOU-i- q. Cincinnati. [1911]— 8°. 

London — HorlicuUural society. See Royal horticul- 
tural SOCIETY. 

Linnean society. See Lixne an society of London. 

Royal horticultural society. See Royal horticul- 
tural SOCIETY. 

The London journal of botany; containing figures and de- 
scriptions of such plants as recommend themselves by their 
novelty, raritv, history or uses. By Sir W. J. Hooker. Vol. 
i-vii. London, etc. 1842-48. 8°. Plates. 

For earlier series, see Journal of botany; for continuation, see 
Hooker's journal of botany and Kew garden miscellany. 
Lyons — Sociele hotanique. Annales. Annee i. 1871— ► 
Lyon. 1873— > 1. 8° and 8°. Plates, maps and other illustr. 

Bulletin; comptes rendus des .seances. 2'^ser. i-xi. 

1883-1893. Lyon. 1883-93. 8°. Plates, facsimile, and 
other illustr. 

Before 1883 and after 1893 the " Comptes rendus " were published 
with the Annales. 

Societe linneenne. Annales. (Annee 1836]-1849; — 

[NouvcUe serie. Tom. i.] 1850— Lyon, etc. 1836— 8° 
and 1. 8°. Illustr. 

Table generale, de 1836 a 1908. Par Am^d^e Bon- 
net. Lyon. 1909. {Appended to tom. Iv.) 

Maandschrift voor tuinbouw. [Jaarg. i-vii.] 1846-1852. 
Dordrecht. 1846-52. sm. 8° and 8°. Plates. 
Some of the plates are colored. 

Madras Presidency, India. See India — Madras Presi- 
Magazin fiir die botanik. See Botanisches magazin. 

The Magazine of botany & gardening, British & foreign. 
Edited by James Rennie. Vol. i, ii; — New series. Edited 
by James Burnett, and other eminent botanists. Vol. i-iii. 
London. 1836 ['35]-37. 4°. Colored plates, portrs. and 

No more published. 

The Magazine of horticulture, botany, etc. See The Ameri- 
can gardener's magazine, and register. 

The Magazine of natural history and journal of zoolog>', 
botany, niineralogj', geology, and meteorology. Con- 
ducted by J. C. Loudon. Vol', i-ix. May, 1828-Dec. 1836; 
— New series. Conducted by Edward Charlesworth. Vol. 
i-iv. Jan. 1837-Aug. 1840. London. 1829-40. 8°. Illustr. 

No more published. 
Magazine of zoology and botany conducted by W. Jardine, 
P. J. Selbv, and Dr. Johnston. Vol. i, ii. Edinburgh, etc. 
1837-38. "8°. Plates, and other illustr. 

United with W. J. Hooker's Companion to the Botanical magazine and 
continued under the title Annals of natural history. 

Magyar botanikai lapok. (Lngarische botanische blatter.) 
Jahrg. i. 1902— ?«. Budapest. 1902— 8°. lUustr. 

Magyar novenytani lapok. Evf. i-xii. Jan. 1877-1888. 
m. Kolozsvdrt. 1877-88. 8°. Illustr. 

■ [Supplements.] 

Each supplement is separately catalogued. 

Maine — Forest commissioner. Annual report,. vi-viii. 
1891-1910. Augusta. 189'2-1910. 8°. Plates and maps. 

Malpighia; rassegna mensUe di botanica. Vol. i— > Mes- 
sina; Genova. 1887— » 8°. Plates and other illustr. 

Marseille — I nstitul colonial. Annales. See Marseille — 
Musce colonial. 

Musee colonial. Annales. Annee i. 1893— > Paris, 

etc. 1893— 8°. Illustr. 

Annee i reads: "Annales del 'Institiit botanico-g^ologique colonial de 
Marseille "; ii-xiv: " Annales de I'lnslitut colonial de Marseille." Some 
of the plates read: "Annales du Mus6e el de Tlnatitut colonial de Mar- 


Massachusetts — State agricultural experiment station. Re- 
port of botanists. 1910-»- [Boston. 1910I-> 8°. Plates. 

"From the Annual report of ihe Massachusetts agricullurat experiment 

■ State board of agriculture. Report on the work of 

extermination of the gypsy moth, [i, ii], iv-[vii. 1891, 1892, 
1894-1897]. Boston. 1892-98. 8^ Maps and plates. 

"The Board is by law made the successor of the Gypsy moth com- 

1S91, title reads: "Special report on the work of extermination of the 
Ocneria dispar or gypsy moth." 

Some of the plates are colored. 

State forester. Annual report, iv. 1907—* Boston. 

1908-^ 8°. Maps and plates. 

vi-viii are "Public doc, no. 73." 

Bulletin. No. 1-5. Boston. 1905-06. 8°. 

The same. 2d ed., revised. No. 2. Boston. 1905. 


The same. 3d ed., revised. No. 1. Boston. 1906. 

Leaflet. No. 1-3. 
The same. 2d ed. 

Boston. [1905.] 8°. 

No. 1, 2. Boston. [1906, '05.] 


Superintendent for suppres.<sing the gypsy and brown-tail 

moths. Annual report, i-iv. Boston. 190(5-09. 8°. Plates. 

Mazama; a record of mountaineering in the Pacific north- 
west. Vol. i, ii; iii, 1; iv, 1. May, 1896-Oct. 1912— 
Portland, Ore. 1896— 8°. Illustr. 

Meehan's garden bulletin. Vol. i. Sept. 1909—* m. Ger- 
raantown. [1909]- 1. 8°. Illustr. 

Meehan's monthlv; a magazine of horticulture, botany 
and kindred subjects. Conducted by Thomas Meehan. 
Illustrated bv L. Prang & Co. Vol. i-xii. Germantown, 
Pa. [1891-1902.] 1.8°^ Colored plates, and other illustr. 

Vol. xii "edited by S. M. Meehan." 

Forms a sequel to Meehan's " Native flowers and ferns of the United 


Melanges biologiques. See St. Petersburg — Academic 
impcriale des sciences. 

Memoires d'agriculture, d'economie rurale et domestique; 
publics par la Societe royale et centrale d'agriculture. Annee 
1816. Paris. 1816. 8°. 2 tables. 

Michigan — Agricultural college. Annual report of the pro- 
fessor of horticulture and landscape gardening [L. H. Bailey] 
for the year 1887. Lansing. 1887. 8°. Illustr. (In its 
Bulletin," 31.) 

Report of the botanical department. ByW. J.Beal, 

for the year closing June 30, 1895. [Lansing. 1895.] 8°. 

Reprinted from Department reports of the State Imard of agriculture of 
Michigan, 1895, pp. 51-76. 

Forestry commi.'ision. Report. 1903/4, 1905/6, 

1907/8. Lansing. 1905-08. 8°. Plates and other illustr. 


Michigan — /'wViV <inmnin /v>w«i«i/io 
Jul* S, 1" 


rrvliniinan' report, 
mil. 8°." 

Uc(K>rt of the 

dinTtorH (ur ilif >c.u> ls^. ami isss. Laiuing. 1888. 
a'. I'Ulcs. 

Michigan academy of science Hc|>ort. i-vi. 1894- 

I'.ol l..i.-iiit I'AH) OJ. h'. lllustr. 
Minnesota Chirf firt irardrn. Sec Minnesota — Foret- 

Forrslry honrtl. Annuiil rf|K)rt of the state forwicr. 

i— |I>uluth ) lltll— S". Map, plates and other illujitr. 

forr*lryrommi»tionrr. Forest preservation ; annual 

report of the chief lire warden. i. l.S'J5-« >St. Paul. 
I89ti— 8°. Map.'', plates and phiiL-i. 

Ift^J — trmd: "Furmtry: anaual rvport of lb« chief fire warden." 

Btinnesota lx>tanical studicM. Vol. i-iii; iv, pi. I. Minne- 
'^'.M-I'.HRI. 8°. lllustr. (Minnesota — GcoloRical 
.1 hi^tiiry survey.) 
. uf the Mirvey. Botanical serias. ii-iv.** 

Missouri — SlaU board of horlicuUure. Bulletin. 14. Jeffer- 
60I1 City. |11>-?| 8°. 

L'nirrrsUy — College of agricuUiirc. Announcement 

of the IVpartnienl of fonwtrj-. 1912-1013. Columbia. 
I'.UJ s". iMi.s.M>uri — Tniversity. Bulletin.) 

BUssoiiri botanical garden. [Annual report, i. 18S9]— > 

Si IahiU [ISVKJI^ ,s°. Illuslr. 

First iumual re[)ort of the director. 1889. (St. 

I/juis. ISlMJl .S'. 

Raprinted rram iU Annuai rtpoH. 1S90. i. 91-102. 

bulletin. Vol. i. Jan. 1913— St. Louis. 


Mittheilungen aus dcm forstlichen versuchswesen Ocster- 
riich^' 11.111^ Wien. IS""— 1.8°. lllustr. 

Mittheiliingen au.s deni gesiimmlRebiete der botanik; her- 
aii.-Ki-»;ilMTi von A. Schenk und Chr. Luerssen. Bd. i; ii, 1. 
Ix-ipzig. 1.S74-75. 8°. Plates. 

.\o more pultlished. 

MoUer's <leut8che gartner-zeitung. Jahrg. i. 1886— Kr- 
fiiri. IISSC)-^ r. Illuslr. 

Monatschrift fiir das forst- und jagdwesen. Jahrg. i-.\xii. 
I!vi7 [l.sTsl. ."^tuttgart. [18571-78. 8° and sm. 8°. lllustr. 
For ooatinuation, sec FoitsTWiiwBN8cnArn.icHEs ccntralblult. 

Supplemente. Heft i-iv. Stuttgart. 1869-74. 

!.ni. ^^ Plate. 

Monatsschrift fiir kakt(>enkunde; (zeit.'schrift der liebhaber 
von k:ikti-<'ii und anderen fetlpllanzen. Organ der Deut.sch- 
en kiikteen-gfwelLsohaft. Bd. 1.) Jahrg. 1891— Berlin, 
ete. (18911— 8°. lllustr. 

Rcgijiler, bd. i-xx. Zu.sammengcstellt von Richard 

.Sliiiiidi Neudanun. 1912. 8°. pp. 92. 

Monataschrift di»> Nereincs zur befordening des gartenbaues 
in <len Konigl. preuss. staaten fiir giirtnerei und pflanzen- 

kunde. ."<«•<• VbliKIN Zl'K UKt-<iHDEKl'N<; DBS OAUTE.NB.WKS 
IN liKV Kr>M(iLI(-H rKKr.S.SIsrllKN ST.\ATEN. 

lyi' Monde des plantcs, nrvue mensucUc dc botaniquc; organe 
dc TAeadcmie internal ionalc dc geograjihie botani(|U<'. 
Tom. i-viii. Oct. ISUl-dd-c. 1899. Le .\Ian.s. 1.S92 |9<)1. 
8* and I 8°. IlliLstr. 

Too. iii, iv pul4iiihed Bemi-montiily. 

Frir roritinuatifin. sec AcASfailE itvTKnNATtoNAi.r. ne u^.or.nAi-iiiK 
•'»T4«*i'/i » liiillftin. 

Ia: Moniteur '" ■ .'.iit<'hour et des autres gommes laticif^rcs, 

e«»mmerre iiiltures; revue meiLsuelle. Annfe i, 

no 1-7. I I'.Kia. [Bruxelles. 1903.) f°. lIluBtr. 

Montana — f'ollrgr of agriculture and mechanie arln. Sci- 
• ■.' -tiidii-s; Ixjtanv. Vol. i, no. 1-3. Nov. 1904-Mav, 
I" I. Bojemnn I'iKlS. I. 8°. PUlOj. 

.N', tn'if |,iil.|ial,r«l 

1. 8°. 

ii, ent. 1. 

EnlomologUI . Annual report. iii. Bozemon. 

1905. 8°. Plates and other illustr. (Montana— Agri- 
cultuntl experiment station. Bulletin, 62.) 

Cniversitj/. Bulletin. Biological series. No. 1-3, 

5-8, 10-12, 14, 15. Mi.s8oula, Mont. 1901-10. 8°. Plati's 
and cither illustr. 

Montevideo, I'ruguay — Muteo nacional. Analcs. 
i|-vi; — scr. ii, ent. 1. Montevideo. 1894-1908. 

St-cciAn histrtrico-fiWsoBca. Tom. 

Mo.ilc-video. 1904-05. 1. 8°. 

Montpellier, France — Rc/>le. nationale. d'agricuUure. An- 
nales. Tom. i-xi; — Nouvelle s6rie. i. 1884— > Mont- 
l>clli(r. l.'WS— 1. 8°. Plates and other illustr. 

Montreal botanic garden. Annual report, i. I8S5. Mon- 

trc:i! l.s.H(;. S . 

Moscow — Hociili imj>h-iale c/m r^aturalisles. Bulletin. An- 
nc'c [IS291— Moscou. 1829— » 8°. Plates, maps, tables 
and portrs. 

Ann6o IMS. pt. 2, pp. S1I-S12, and ann6e 1850. pp. 207-208, supplied 
by typewritten lenvcs. 

Table gon<!'raIe et svstematique des matitircs, ann^es 

1S29-1SSI. .Mo.-^cou. 18S2. 8°. 

Mueller botanic society of Western Australia. Journal 
of jjpioeeding.'^. Vol. i, no. 7-11. Sept. l'.l(H)-.\pril, 1903. 
Perth. I9(K>-03. H". 

In May. ltH)4, incorporated with the Wciit AiiRtriiliun nnturnl history 


Heft i-xvii. Berlin. 1892- 

Napoli. 1899— 1. 8°. 

Regia universM. 

Tom. i; ii, 1. Napoli. 

Miindener forst liche hcftc. 

1901. 8°. lllustr. 
No more piihliahod. 

Muhlenbergia; a journal of botanv. Edited and publi.'ihed 
liv .\. .\ llcllcr. Vol. i— Los Gatos, Cal., etc. 1900— 
8'. Illuslr. 

\"I. v-viii "edttcd hy A. A. Heller and P. B. Kennedy." 

Murithienne. Sec Soci£t6 mukitiiienne. 

Mysore, In-lia. See India — MYsoius. 

Naples — Reale inlilulo d'incoraggiametdo. \i\.\. 12 tom. 

Napoli. 1811-64. 4°. Plates and tables. 2' serie. 

17 torn. Napoli. 1864-80 ('SIJ. 4°. Plates and tablc-s. 

3* serie. 6 vol. Napoli. 1882-87. 4° and 1. 8°. 

Map and plates. 4" serie. 11 vol. Napoli. 1888- 

98. 1. 8°. Plates and tables. 5* serie. \'ol. i— 

Plates and map. 
Bullet tino dell' Orto botanico. 
1899-1904. 8°. Colored plates, 
and other illustr. 
No more piihluhod. 

National academy of sciences. Biographical memoirs. 

\'ol. iii-v. \\':isliiiiEt«)n. lsHo-190.'). 8°. Portns. 

Keport for the year 1897. \V:ishington. 1898. 8°. 

The National geographic magazine. Vol. i. 1889— ♦ 

WiLshington. etc. l.S,S'.»-. 8°. lllustr. 
Natural science association of Staten Island. Procecd- 

iIlg^< \ ol. i-i.\. Nov. 10. l!S83-Juiie 3, litOo. m. New 

Brighton, N. v. 118831-190.""). 8°. Maps and plates. 

June .1. 1005 incorporated as Staten Imlano A£WOCIat]ON op Anifi and 


La Naturaleza; periodico cientilico dc la Soeiedad incxicana 
dc historia natural. Tom. i-vii; — 2* serie. Tom. i-iii; — 
3' serie. Tom. i. 1,869- Mdxico. 1870— 1.8°. Plates. 

Ap<?ndice. Coleccion dc documentos jiara la historia 

natural dc Mexico. Mi-xico. 1884. (In torn, vii.) 

The Naturalist; containing treatises on natural history, 
eheTiii.>4try, donicslic and rural economy, nianufaitures 
and arts. Kditcd bv \). J. Browne. Vol. i, ii. Dec. 1830- 
Vec. 1832. m. Boston. 1831-32. 8°. Illustr. 

No more piililinhe*!. 

The Naturalist; illustrative of the animal, vegetable, and 
miiienil kingdoms. Comlucled bv B Maund and W. lIoU. 
Vol. i-v. London. 1837 39. 8*. lllustr. 

Vol. ii-v "e<lite<l >>y Neville Wood." 
No more puhliiihe«l. 



Naturwissenschaftliche zeitschrift fiir land- und forstwirt- 
schaft. Herausgcgebea von Karl freiherr von Tubeuf und 
LorenzHiltner. Jalirg. i-. Stuttgart. 1903-* 8°. Plates 
and other illustr. 

Naturwissenschaftlicher verein fiir Schleswig-Holstein. 
Schriften. i-> Kiel. 1875 ['73)^ 8°. Illustr. 

Register zu bd. i-xii. Kiel. 1904. pp. 32. (Ap- 
pended to its Schrijlen, 1904, xii.) 

Natuurkundig tijdschrift voor Nederlandsch Indie. Jaarg. 
i-kix. Batavia, etc. 1851-1910. 8°. Plates, maps, and 

Alphabetisch register op deel i-lx. 3 vol. in 2. 

'a Gravenhage. 1871-1901. 8°. 

Td Nt'a ytf^TvoviKa', wtpiobiK^v iK^ibbntvov ward nrjva vird Xirvp. 
XaaiuiTov. "Et-os a'-ar'; lUpioSoi /?'. 1. 1900— > ['En Nod- 
ttXIw, etc. 1900] -► I. 8°. lUuatr. 

Nebraska — AgricuUural experiment station. Annual re- 
port. 19, 21, 22. Lincoln. 1906-09. 8°. Illustr. 

State board of agriculture. Annual report of the 

botanist, vi-ix, xii, xiii, xv, xvi, [.xviii|. Bv C. E. Beasev. 
Lincoln. (1892-1904.1 8°. Illustr. (Nebraska — Uni- 
versity — Botanical department. Contributions. New ser.) 

"Hcprintcd from the Annual report of the Nebraska state board of 

University. Forest club annual. See Forest club 


Botanical ilepartmenl. Contributions. New 

series. i-> Lincoln. [1892|^ 8°. 
Botanical seminar. Botanical survey of 

Nebraska, report, i— ► I.,incoln. 1894—' 8°. Plates. 
Nederlandsch kruidkundig archief. Deel i-v; — 2^ serie. 

i-vi ; — 3'' serie. i, ii. Leyden,dc. 1848-1904. 8°. Plates 

and tables. 


Nederlandsche heidemaatschappij. Tijdschrift. Jaarg. 
i-> ZwoUe. 1889-^ Plates and other illustr. 

Jaarg. xxiii. ad. 8 is " overdruk." 

Koninklijke Nederlandsche maatschappij tot aanmoe- 
diging van den tuinbouw Jaarboek. 1844-1854, 1863, 
1804. Leyden, etc. [1844-64.] 1. 8°. Plates. 
Most of the plates are colored. 

" Kruidkundige naaralijst van oud en nieuw ingevoerde japanache en 
chineesche plauten, door P. F. von Siebold," 1844, pp. 1-39. 

Netherlands — Dcparlement ran landhouw, niji'erheid en 
tiiimliA. IMededeelingen van de Afdeehiig voor planteu- 
ziekten. [With a summary in English.] No. i— > Batavia. 
1912^ 1. 8°. Plates. 

Netherlands Indies. See East Indies, Dutch. 

Neubert's deutsches garten-magazin. Neue folge: lUus- 
trierte nionats-hefte fiir die gesamt-interessen des garten- 
baues. Herausgegeben von Max Kolb, J. E. Weiss [und M. 
Leblj. Jahrg.i-vii. Stuttgart, e(c. 1882-88. 1.8°. Illustr. 
For earlier series, see Deutsches magazin fiir garten- und blumen- 

Neue allgcmeine deutsche garten- und blumenzeitung. Eine 
Zeitschrift fiir garten- und blumenfreunde, fiir kunst- und 
handelsgiirtner. Bd. i-vii; — H.wiburgeh garten- und blu- 
menzeitung. viii-xlvi. Hamburg. 1845-90. 8°. Plates, 
table, and other illustr. 

No more publishe<i. 

Neue annalen der blumisterei fiir gartenbesitzer, kunstgart- 
ner, samenhiindler und blumenfreunde. See Annalen 
der blumisterei fiir blumenfreunde, gartenbesitzer und 

Neue annalen der botanick. See Ann.\len der botanick. 

Neue forstliche blatter. See Fohstliche blatter. 

Neue jahrbucher der forstkunde. Herausgegeben von G. W. 
frhrn. v. Wedekind. Heft xxiv, xxvii, xxviii, xxxi. Darm- 
stadt. 1842-45. 8°. Table and plates. 

Neues allgeraeines garten-magazin. See Allgbmeines teut- 
sches garten-magazin. 

Neues botanisches taschenbuch. See Botanisches taschen- 

Neues journal fiir die botanik. See Journal fiir die botanik. 

Neues magazin fUr die botanik. See Botanisches magazin. 

Neujahrs geschenck fiir jagd- und forstliebhaber, auf das 

jahr 1794-1799. Marburg, etc. [1793-1842.] 32° and 24°. 

Plates and table. 

1794, 1797 are "neue aufl."; 1795, 1796. ore "2« aufl." 1797 has an 
added title-page; "Gassel. 1842." 

For continuation, see Taschenbuch fiir forst und jagdfreunde. 

New Hampshire — Forestry commission. Report. 1885, 
1891, 1893. Concord, etc. 1885-93. 8°. Maps. 

Annual report, i, ii. 1893, 1894. Concord. 1894. 

8°. 5 maps in pocket. 

Biennial report. [1895|-96, 1901-02, 1903-04, 1909- 

10. Concord. 1897-1910. 8°. Maps and plates. 

New Jersey — Agricultural college experiment station — Bo- 
tanical department. Report for the year 1892, 1893, 1895, 1897, 
1899-1901, 1903. Trenton, etc. 1893-1904. 8°. Plates 
and other illustr. 

Geological survey. Annual report of the state ge- 
ologist. 1886-1909. Trenton. 1887-1910. 8°. Illustr. 

The New Jersey forester. See American forestr}-. 

The New plivtologist; a British botanical journal. Edited 
by A. G. Tansley. Vol. i-' London. 1902-* 1. 8°. 

New South Wales — Botanic gardens and government do- 
mains. Report for 1897^ [Sydney. lS981-> f°. Plates. 

• Department of public instruction — Technical educa- 

iionhranch. Technological museums. Annual report. 1906, 
1909-^ [Sydney. 1908]-«- 1. 8°. 

New York (City) — Board of commissioners of Central park. 
Annual report, i-xiv. Jan. 1857-Apr. 1870. New York. 
1857-71. 8°. lUustr. 

Another issue. [1857, 1858, 1867. New York. 

18581-68. 8°. 

— ■ — — • Lyceum of natural history. Annals. Vol. i-iv. 

New York. 1824-48. 8°. Plates and table. 
New York (Slate) — Adirondack committee. Report. 1902, 

1903. Albany. 1903-04. 8°. (Assembly, no. 46, 60.) 
■ Botanist. Report. [1868-* Albany. 1869]-* 8°. 


1868-1897, 1899, 1900 from Report of the New York stale museum; 
1898, 1901-1911 form Bulletins of the museum. 

The same. 1894. 2ded. Albany. 1897. 8°. Large 

pa])er. 44 plates (43 colored). 

"From the 48th Report of the New York state museum." 

Plates accompanying the report [for 1895, 1897]. 

2 pt. (in 1 vol.). New York, etc. [1896]-98. 4°. 15 colored 

"From the 49th [and 51st] Report of the New York stale museum." 

Commissioners of fisheries, game and forests. See 

New York (State) — Forest, fish and game commission. 

ComtJiissioners of state parks. Annual report, i. 

[1872.] Albany. 1874. 8°. 

Conservation commission. Annual report. Vol. 1. 

Divisions of lands and forests and fish and game. i. 
1911-> Albany. 1912-» 1.8°. Maps and plates. 

Division of lands and forests. Bulletin, i , 

Albany. 1912. 8°. Plates. 

Forest commission. Annual report. 1885, 1886, 

1888, 1890-1894. Albany. 1886-95. 8°. Maps, table, 
and plates. 

No report published for 1SS9. 

Forest, fish and game commission, .\nnual report. 

i-[xv. 18951-1909. [New York, etc. 1896-1910.] 4°. 

Many of the plates are colored. 

Ist-oth report read; "Annual report of the Commissioners of fisheries, 
game and forests." 

— ■ Annual report, vi, viii, x, xvi. Albany. 1901-11. 

8° and 1. 8°. lUustr. 



N«W York (.s'tal«^) — Bulletin. 2.5. Albiiny. I'JIO. S^ 

Vush tuiil RHiiio of the stale of New York. (Albany. 

1902 1 *' l(>0 rxlonxl plates. 

iMiii'it m<\h thr 7Ui rv|Mirl. 

I'n-liiiiiniir\' n'lxirt to tlio fifth AnnunI rt'inirt. 

Albany. 1900. S°. 

Department of fortitry. Aiiniml reiKirt. 

|lt»t«, IIMW I Alliiuiy 1<.K)7-10. S°. I'lat«w. 

\WHJt "tUlrart frncn Ihr Annual report." of the forrti, fuh and gamt 
ammuttan. lUIU. s«. 45-78. 

Forrst prrnrrtY board. Annual fflJort. i-iv. (IS'.l")- 

1900. Albany. ISDS-l'JOI. 8°. Map-s an.l plates. 

Toix>ffrai>hifal aitrrry of the AtlininilacK' rcgmn. Ki"- 

iM.rt |ii|-vii. 1S73-1S79. Albiiny. 1874-JSO. 8°. 11- 

Naw York botanical paxden. Itulletin. Vul. i-^ Lunrius- 

Northwestern ProTinces and Oudh, India 



t.T. I':i I^'.'ii • *« . Illu.-lr. 

- Contnbutions. \'ol. i— • 


Journal Vol. i. 1900 

1900— 8°. lllustr. 

Memiiirs \' 

Lancaster, I'a 1899- 
-» m. Lancaster, I'a. 

IN.'w York 1 1900. 1. 8°. 
New York 8tat« college of forestry, .\nnuuiu-omenl. 
1898-99, 1!HX)-1901. Ithaca. l.SitS-l'.MK). sin. 8°. 

Animal reiH)rt. iv. I'.M)1. Ithaca. |1902.) sin. 

N' 'In It,-* Miilli-tm. \^ 

New York state survey. Rei^rt. 1879. (/» iig Special 
rp|Mirt on the proervation of the scenery of Niagara Falls, 
ttc . 1880, pp. 47-'.»«.) 

The same. 1883, 1884 [Albany. 1884)-S5. 8°. 


I^Vt hn4 no tillc'pnjn'. 

New Zealand Ki'|>ort of the conser\'ator of state forests. 
1877. Wellinntou. 1877. f°. Maps. (C.-3.) 

Department of land*. Keixjrt on the state forests 

for igOV-C. Wellington. 1906. f°. Maps and plates. 

Report on state nurseries and plantations for the 

year 190tJ 7— WellitiKton. l'.M)7— f°. Plates. (C.-IH.) 

Repurt for 1010-11 read»: "Hcpcirt on sUitA afftjrcstation in New 

Re|)ort on the timber industry of New Zealand 

1900-7. Wellington. 1907. f°. Plates and map.s. (C.^.) 

For rarlKV r^-porl. i**-*" New Zealand. The timber indusU-y of New 

New Zealand institute. Transactions and proceedings. 
Vol. 1. iHtxH-- (Wellington.! 1875, '70— 8°. lllustr. 

Tom. i is " 3d ed." 

Index. Vol. i-xvii. Wellington. 1886. 8°. pp. 94. 

The same. Vol. 1-40. Wellington. [1911.) 8°. 

pp. (11. 8S 

The New Zealand journal of science, devoted to the further- 
ance of pun' and apphed science throughout the colony. 
Vol. i. ii. 1882-188.5. Dunedin, N. Z. [1882-85.) I. 8°. 
M:i|>s and ixirtrs. 

Newark — Shade tree commission. Annual rc|)ort. 3, 4, (5- 
^ Newark. 19(X>-11. 8°. Map, plates and other illustr. 

Another i.s.mie of 7. 
Newport i ti. I.) natural history society. (Proceedings. 

il lss;j . .\ew|xirl ls.s;f • 8'. Plates and other 


I ><■ Nieuwe gidji. See De KoFriE-nios. 
Nigeria, WrsI Africa. Annual n-ixirl on the botanical 

t'.nl.-n.-, OldCttlaUr. 1890-97. Old Calabar. [18'.l7.) 8°. 

Nbvinytani k»7.lein<''nyek. Sec Botanikai kozlemi-nyek. 

North Dakota — Siij)rrintrndent of irrigation and formlry. 
Annual r-|H.rl .t, 4. 0, S, 9. 1892- 1893, 1893-1894, 189.5- 
iH'.Mi. Iv.ts-HKK). Jameijlown. 1894-1901. 8°. Plates 
and other illuxtr. 

Sec India — 
.\nnual report . 
i-xxy. Firenze, 

Nova Scotia — Simian/ for agriculture. 

I'.MHI ll:ilifa.v l'.K)l. "8°. lllustr. 
Nuovo giornale botaiiieo italiano. Vol. 

etc. 1809 93 8. lllustr. 

\'f»l. iii "puhhlimlo da OdtMirilo Brccnri"; iv-Exv "diretto da Teo- 

doro Camel"; xx-xxiii "e liuUriUno delta .SortrM botanica ilaliana " 

Nuoya seric. .Meinorie delta Society botanica 

it.aliaiia. Vol. i— Firenze. 1894— 8°. lllustr. 

Nuova rivLsta foreslale. See Revista forestale. 
Oberhessische gesellschaft fur natur- und heilkunde. 

Itcnilii 1 x\\i\ ( lic.-.-iii. 1M7 -I'.HI.'). 8 . Plates, iNa|>s 

and other ilUistr. 

B<Tioht xxii iii "FeatAchrift." 

Register zu den biinden 1-34. Giessen. 1910 pp. 

(4), 88. (Apixndcd to Hericht xxxiv.) 

Neue folge. Nalunvissenschaftlirhe abteilung. Hd. 

i. 1904— Giessen. 1907— 8°. Plates and other illustr. 

Observations et mi5inoires sur la physique, sur I'histoire 
iialiinllr el sur les arts ct ni<!'tiers. .See Intuodi"<tion aux 
observations sur la phj'.sique, sur I'histoire naturelle et sur 
les arts. 

Oekonomisch-botanisches garten-journal. Hd. i-vi. Eise- 
nach I7!I.5-18(M;. 8°. Plates and plan. 
Hcl. i. "J-vi " hprniiM(r<*(.*<'ben von F. ft. Dietrich." 
IV<it»iiltly no more pidtlishod. 

Oesterreiche forst-zeitung; illustrirte zeitung fiir forstnirth- 
schiift und holzhandel, jagd und fiseherei. Redigirt von K. ti. 
Heinpel. Jahrg. 18.S3-1894; — Oksterreichische forst- 
und jiigd-zeilung. Redigirt von K. Weinelt. Jahrg. xiii. 
1895— Wien. 1883— !". 

Oesterreichische botanische zeilschrift; gcnieinniitziges 
organ fur hcitaiiik und botaniker. Re<ligirt von .Vlexaiider 
Skohtz. Jahrg. viii-— m. Wien. 1858— > 8°. Plates, 
portrs. and other illustr. 

Jahrt' I vii piihlished under the title: " Ocsterreichiacbca botanisches 

woclii'iilil;!!! " 

Oesterreichische forst und jagd-zeitung. See Oester- 
HKKiiK forst-zcilung. 

Oesterreichische iiKinat.sschrift fiir forstwesen. .SeeOESTEn- 
nKrcmscMi; vi(rteljalires.sclu-ift fiir forstwesen. 

Oesterreichische vierteljahrcsschrift fiir forstwesen. Bd. 
i— • Wien. 1851— • 8°. Plates, tables, and other illustr. 

Bd. xv-xxxii [Mihlinhed under the title-, 
srhrift fiir forstwi^^cn." 

'OfvterreichiM'he monnt^- 

Osterreichischer forst-congress. X'erhandlungen. (i.| 

ls7ti • Wi.M (1.S70]— 8°. I'latcs. 

Oesterreichisches botanisches wochenblatt. See Oester- 
REUiiiscHE l)otani.sche zeitschrift. 

Ohio — Agrinilturnl rxprrimcnt station. .Annual report on 
forest conditions in Ohio. ii. iii. [Wooster. 1908-09.) 
8°. lllu-str. (/rii/«Bulletin, 2(KI, 211.) 

State forestry bureau, .\iiiuial report, i. Columbus. 

1886. 8°. Map. 

The Ohio naturalist. Vol. i— Columbus. 1900— 8°. 
Plates and other illustr. 

Olmlitz. Austria — " finlani.icher garten." Bericht derNatur- 
wis.-.iiischaft lichen sektion des vereins. i, ii. 1903,4-1909. 
(Minulz. 1905-10. 8°. 

Ontario — Bureau of forestry, .\nniial report of the clerk 
of for<»itrv. 1885, 1.8,80, 1890-1900 1901, 1903, I!M)4. To- 
ronto. 1880-liK)4. 8°. Illustr. 

Ontario natural science bulletin: journal of the Wellington 
field naltiralisl-s' club. No. 1— (Ciielph, Ont. llK)5j— 8°. 

Paris — Museum d'hiiftoire naturelle. .Annales. 20 torn. Paris. 
1802-13. 4°. Plates anil tables. 

Nouyellcs annales. 4 torn. Paris. 1832-35. 4°. 


M<;moirc8. 20 lorn. Paris. 1815-32. 4°. Plates. 



Paris — Musium d'histoire nalurelle 

Paris. 1S39-61. 1.8°. Plates. 
Nouvellcs archives. 10 torn. 

Plates. 2^ ser. 10 torn. 

Plates. 3^ ser. 10 torn. 

Plates and portrs. 4' ser. 

190S. ' "■ 



Archives. 10 torn. 




10 torn. 

Plates, portrs., and other illustr. 

[18651-74. 4°. 
1878-88. 4°. 
1889-9S. 4°. 
Paris. 1899- 

5= s(5r. 

Paris. 1909^ 4°. Plates, portrs., and other 

Service de bolanique, phanerogamie. Rapport annuel. 

i. 1909. Paris. 1910. 1. 8°. Port, of J. P. de Tourne- 

Sociele d'histoire nalurelle. Actes. Tom. i, pt. i. 

Paris. 1792. i°. 13 [14] plates. 

"Catalogus platitarum, ad s(«;ictatera. ineunte anno 1792, e Cayenna 
missarum a Le Bloud, conscriptus a L. Richard," pp. 105-114. 

Meraoires. Paris. [1799. 

plates, table, and diagrs. 
Memoires. Tom. i-v. 

'. pp. xii, 171. 10 

Paris. 1823-34. i". Plates 

and maps. 
— ■ SociHe linneetine. Bulletin mensuel. Tom. i, ii. 

1874-1897; — Nouvelle serie. Xo. 1-14. Jan. 1898-mai, 

1899. Paris. 1889-[99]. 8°. 
Memoires. Vol. i-vi, Paris. 1822-28. 8°. Plates. 

Vol. ii-v each in 3 separately paged parts: " Histoire," "Memoires" 
and " BiiHetiu linneen." — Vol. vi has also the title: "Annales." 
IVobaiily no more published. 

Pavia, Italy — Universita — Istitiito botaiiico. Atti; redatti da 
Giovanni Briosi. Serie ii. Vol. 1-11. Milano. 1888-1908. 
1. 8°. Plates, porti-s., and other illustr. 

"Seguito dell* Arcliivio triennale del Laboratorio di botanica criltoga- 

Paxton's flower garden; by John Lindley and Joseph Paxton. 
\ ol. i-iii. London. 18o0-53. 4°. 72 colored plates, and 
other illustr. 

No more published. 

Paxton's magazine of botany, and register of flowering plants. 
\"ol. i-xvi. London. 1834-49. 8°. Colored plates, and 
other illustr. 

No more published. 

Pennsylvania — Board of agricuUtire. Quarterly report. 
36. 1888. llarrisburg. 1888. 8°. 

Contains articles oa forestry. 

— Department of forestry. Report. 1895, 1897, 1901 -► 

[Harrisburg, Pa.| 1896-^ S°. Illustr. 

IS'J'), l.s',l7 published in .Annual ri'ftorl of Department of agriculture. 

Pennsylvania forestry association. Primer series. No. 
1-5. [Philadelphia. 189-?) 8°. 

Report of the council, i. [Philadelphia. 1887.] 8°. 

Peradeniya, Ceylon — Royal botanic gardens. Administra- 
tion reports. Pt. iv. 1900^ [Colombo. 1900]-* f°. 

In May, 1912 the Department of agriculture superseded the depart- 
ment of Hoyal botanic gardens, and the reports are continued by that 

Annals. Vol. i. June, 1901— ♦ Colombo, etc. 

(1901 ]-► 8°. Plates and other illustr. 

Circular. [Vol. i]-v; vi, 1-3, 6. Julv, 1897^ 

[Colombo. 18971— 8°. Illustr. 

Vol. ii-vi read: "Circulars and agricultural journal of the Royal 
botanic gardens. (leylon." 

For continuation, see Geyix>n — Department of agriculture. Bulletin. 
Philadelphia — Conunissioncrs of Fairmount park. Annual 
report. 1878. Philadelphia. 1878. 8°. Plates and port. 
of Jesse George. 

List of plants, pp. 91-122. 

Natural history club. Annual report. [ij-vii. 

[186S]-1874. Philadelphia. [1868]-75. 8°. 

Philippine Islands — Bureau of agriculture. Report for 
the vear ended August 1, 1902. [Washington. 1903.] 8°. 

" From the Report of the Philippine commission." 1902. i, 5S7-661. 

Bureau fif government laboratories. Annual report of 

the superintendent, iv. Manila. 1906. 8°. 

Forestry bureau. Annual report of the director for 

the fiscal year ended June 30, 1912-^ Manila. 1912— 8°. 

Bulletin. No. 1-10. Manila. 1903-11. 1. 8° and 


Circular. 1-1. [Manila. 1906-09.] 8°. 

Report. June, 1899-June, 1900, July. 1901-Sept. 

1903, [Sept. 19041-June, 1910. [Manila. 1900]-10. 8°. 
Plates and maps. 

1901/02. 1902/03, 1904, "From the Report of the Philippine com- 

University. Bulletin. No. 1. Manila. 1911. 8°. 

. Plates. 

— Catalogue. 1910-1911. Announcements. 1911- 

1912. Manila. 1911. Plates, (/n i(s Bulletin, 1.) 

The Philippine journal of science. Vol. i. 1906. m. 
Manila. 1906. 1. 8°. Plates and maps. 

Continued in three sections, lettered A, B vV C. For botanical part, 
see the Philippine journal of science. C. Botany. 

Supplement. Vol. i. 1906. Manila. 1906. 1. 8°. 


The Philippine journal of science. C. Botany. Vol. ii. 
1907— irreg. Manila. 1907— 1. 8°. Plates, maps, and 
other illustr. 

For vol. i. see the Philippine journal of science. 

The Phytologist; [a popular botanical miscellam-. Con- 
ducted by George Luxford and Edward Newman]. June, 
1841-1854; — The Phvtologist; a botanical journal. 
Edited by Alexander Irvine. Vol. i-vi. London. 1842- 
63. 8°. Plates and other illustr. 

No more published. 
Pisa — Reale universita — Islitulo bolanico. Ricerche e la- 
vori eseguiti durante gli aimi 1882-1887. Fasc. i, ii. Pisa. 
1886-88. 1. 8°. Plates. 

"Bibliografia." ii. 72-74. 
Probably no more published. 

Pisek, Bohemia — Administration forestiire. Rapport an- 
nuel pour I'exercice 1897-1898. [Pisek. 1898.] f°. 

Plttonia; a series of papers relating to botany and botanists. 
By E. L. Greene. Vol. i-v. Berkeley, Cal. 1887-1905. 8°. 


No more published. 

The Plant world; a monthl.v journal of popular botany. Vol. 

i. Oct. 1897— Binghampton, N. Y.; Washington, etc. 

1897— 1. 8°. Illustr. 
Plymouth, Mass. — Park commissioners, forester, and tree 

warden. Report for 1895-1900, 1902. Plymouth. 1896- 

1903. 8°. Port, of Nathaniel Morton. 

Reports for 1895-1899 read: "Report of the park commissioners." 

Postelsia; the year book of the Minnesota .seaside .station. 
1901, 1906. St. Paul. 1902-06. 8°. Plates. 

Potlatch timber protective association, .\nnual report. 
1911— [Potlatch, Idaho. 1912]— 8°. 

Potomac-side naturalists' club. Bulletin. See Field 

and forest. 
Praktische blatter fiir pflanzenschutz. Jahrg. i-v; — 

Praktische blatter fiir pflanzenbau unti pflanzenschutz. 

vi. Jan. 1898- m. Stuttgart. [1898]— 8°. Illustr. 
Pr&shurg. Hungary — Verein fiir naturkunde. Correspon- 

denzblatt. See PRESBURii, Hungary — Verein fiir nalur- 

und heilkande. Verhandlungcn. 
Verein fur natur- und heilkunde. \'erhanfllungen. 

Jahrg. i-xxvii. 1856-1906. Presburg. [1S57]-1908. 8°. 

Plates and other illustr. 

Jahrg. vi. vii read: "Correspondenzblatt, jahrg. i, ii." — Jahrg. xiii- 

xxvii hove also Hungarian title-pages. 
Pnjbabiy no more published. 

Punjab, India. See India — Punjah. 
Quarterly journal of forestrj-. Vol. i. [1907]—^ London. 
1907— 8°. Illustr. 



Le Rameaii 
m. N. 

■■'"■ 'irganp du Club jurassicn. [Anntk-i] • 
• 4°. Illustr. 
■ ■ ,1. 
iii.-itiiTos dcs 42 premiere!) onndcs, 1800- 
1908. \ UHW. 4°. 

Random notes on natural histon'. Vol. i-iii. Jon. 18S4- 
!>,•. IsMV m. rroviJoiirc. |l'S84-S0.) 1.8°. 

B«cueU (It-M tr.tvaux botiiniquM n^rlundais; publid pitr 
Li twiclc l>otani(|UC nckrliuidaise. Vol. i-» Ninii-gue. 
1904— 8°. PLiti-s and other illustr. 

Refugium iMitunirum; or, KiKun>3 and description.s from 
living .■.]Hfim<'H.s, of little known or new pl:inlf< of l>olaiiii-Hl 
int«re>t 10<litc<l l>y W. \V. Saunders; the deseriplions by 
11. (i. Ueii-henliach, J. (1. Haker, and otlier Ixjtanist.s, tlie 
plat.t* by \V. 11. ritch. Vol. i-v. London. 1809-S2. 1. S°. 
300 plates ip:irtly colored). 
No more published. 

Regensburg, (irrm.— Kdniglich-baitrischc Imtanische (/ 
n-hifl. Diiik.-schriften. |Bd. i)-iv; v, heft 1 ; vi— (Willi 
• bcihmen.'l Uegensburg. 1815— 4° and 8°. Plates, 
and |x>rt. of H. Hehni. 

*ii-ii nrr "n«je folir i-v." 

N«i mtirr ttf Ul. v was ever publiiUird. 

Repertoire de leKislation el dc jurisprudence foresti^res; re- 
cueil [xf-riodique et critique. Tom. i-.\xii. 1862-1890. 
I'ariji. lie. IStkJ-'.KV K". 

Tchu xiii nil arr *■-•* nArir. vol, i-i." 

( ;«ja^t»lji iti nhrttuile iiumb«?n of ftnae des eaux elfortU. 

\o nuwT- (MjtitiiUird. 

Repertorium annuuni hteraturae Iwfanicac periodicac. 
Curavit J. .\. van Uemmclen. Tom. i-viii. 1872-1879. 
Harlemi. 187.5-80. 8°. 

Tom. ii-v "cumnint G. C. W. BohDcnsieg el W. Rurck"; vi-viii 
"curavii G. C W. Ilohoecuieg." 
No more publiabod . 
Repertorium novarum specierum regni vegotabilis; cenlral- 
hlait fur ^ainiiilunn und veniffentlichung von einzeldiagnosin 
ueuer pllaiizen. Auctore Friderico Fedde. Fasc. i. Juli 
15, 1905— s-m. Berlin. 1906— 8°. 

Beihefte. Bd. i, heft 1. JuU 1, 1911— BerUn- 

Wilmersdorf. 1911— 1.8°. 

Revista cientifica de la I'nivcrsidad central do Venezuela. 
Tom. i, h. Caracas. 1887-89. 1. 8°. Plates. 

" ( >harrvacionr« boUinicas," ** Eounicraci6n de Init esfiecics dc plnnton 
empleadas rn lo« difvreoUv paiiws para ol m^'Uxlu dn pcscn cunocido 
bajo cJ nofnbre dc * cmbarbaacar*; por A. EriMt.'' i. 132-130. IGO-IGS. 

No more published. 

Revista florestal. 1*. 2* serie. Der. 1894-dez. 1896. m. 
.\veirrj. IIVJ.'), '94-96.] 8°. lllustr. 
No more publwhed. 

Revista forcslal, ccon6mica v agricola. Tom. i-viii. Madrid. 
l^(i^-1751. 8°. Plates and tables. 
Continutd at: 

NrovA ri\nsta forestale. Anno i-xiii. Firenze. 1878-90. 
8°. lllustr. 
Revista dc montcs. Tom. i. 1 feb. 1877— s-m. Madrid. 
11877.) 8°. lllustr. 

.Anuario de la Revisla de motites, para 1882. Ma- 

.Iri.l. 1H82. sm. 8°. 

Rerue de Ixjlanique; bulletin mcnsuel de la Soci<^-U^- fran^aisc 
dc botanique. Tom. i-vii. [Toulousc.J 1882-89. 8° and 
I. 8°. Plates and [wrtrs. 

Revue Ixitanique; recueil men.HUel rcnfermant I'analyse dcs 
travaux publx'-s en France ct i lY-t ranger sur la botanique, et 
sur Kca appliiatioiiK !i I'horticulture, ['agriculture, la m(?(le- 
cine, etc. IUxiig(^- par I'. Duchartre. Annec i, ii. Paris. 
lH4.'>-»7. H\ 

No more publitheil 

ReTue de lKitani>|Ui' sv."leniatic|ue et de gAigraphie botani(|ue. 
Toiiii, ii. iy«l-19(J4. m. Paris, fte. |19(«-04.) 8°. ll- 
No I 

Revue bretonnc de botanique pure & appliqu6e. Uirig£c 
par I.ucien Daniel. |.\nn£c i.| Avril, 1900— » Kennes. 

I'.MM'i -. I. s°. lllu.str. 

Revue dcs cullurt's coloniales; publi<5e sous la direction de 
.\. .Milhe-Poulingon. Tom. i-xiv; xv, no. 152, 153. 5 
juin. lS97-'20 juillet, 1904. m. and a-m. Paris. 1897- 
[I'.KIl). 1.8°. lllustr. 

No more published. 

Revue de.s caux et forits. Tom. i-iv; — Revue des eaux et 
for(''l.s. .\nnalcw forestieres. v. Annfe 1862— • Paris, etc. 
ISOJ • 8°. Illu.-itr. 

Tom. KXvi — rend; "Anniilcs forestieres. Itevuc'deseaui et fortftv." 

Table alphabet i(|ue dcs matii^res et des nonis d'au- 

liurs. Paris. 1887. 8°. 

Revue g(f'n(''rale d'agriculturc & dc viticulture m^ridionalcs, 
publid-e sous la direction de G. Renouard. No 1-7. Mar- 
seille. 1888. I. 8°. 

Revue gcn(''rale de botanique; dirig<5e par Gaston Bonnier. 
Tuiii. i-. Paris. 1889— 1. 8°. Illu.slr. 

Revue horticolc. l'8<5r. Tom. iii. .Avril, lS3.5-mars, 1838. 

I'ari.s. I1.S3S.) 12°. Plates and other illustr. 2« 

air. Tom. ii-v. Avril, 184:{-d«5c. 1840. Paris. [1843-40.1 

12°. Colored plates, and other illustr. 3* sir. Jan. 

1847-dec. ISJl. 5 torn. Paris. [1847-51.) 12°. Colored 

plates, and other illustr. 4' 8(^>r. Jan. 18.52-1850. 

5 loin. Paris. |l.S.")2-.50.] 8°. Colored plates, and other 

illustr. Annie 1857— Pari.s. [1857]— 8°andl.8°. 

Colored plates, and other illustr. 

Revue de I'horticulture beige etitrangfere. (Tom.i)— Gand. 
[1875J— 1. 8°. lllustr. 

Table g<Sn6rale alphabdtique. Tom. i il xxv. (In 

tom. xxv.) 

Revue des sciences naturellcs appliqudes. See Socifirfe 
NATicjNAi.K d'.\ccumatatio.\ DE FRANCE. Bulletin. 

Rhode Island — ■ Commis.iinn of forestlry. Annual rejwrt. 
i-vi. Providence. 1907-12. 8°. Plates. 

Dcparlmenl of education. Annual program for the 

ob.ser\'ance of .Vrbor dav in the schools of Rhode Island. 19. 
(Providence. 1910.) 8°. Plates and other illustr. (Rhode 
Island education circulars.) 

Rhodora; journal of the New England botiuiical club. Vol. 

1. Jan. IS09 • 7/1. Boston, t/r. 1899— 8°. Illustr. 
Rio de Janeiro — Museu uacional. Archivos. Vol. i— • 

Hio (le Janeiro. 1870— ► f°. Plates and otlier illustr. 
Tlie tith) of vul. ix reads: "Revista do Museu nurioiml <lo Rio de 

Janeiro, vol. i." 

Revista. Sec its "Archivos." 

Palestra scicntifica. [Archivos. i. Rio de Janeiro. 

1851-58.) 4°. Illustr. 

Sociedade vcUosiana. Estatutos. Rio de Janeiro. 

1850. 10°. pp. 12. 

Trabalhos. [Vol. i, pp. 1-100. Rio de Janeiro. 

18.50-54.) 1. 8°. 4 plates. (Bibliotlieca guaiiabarcnsc.) 

Tins al.ui trnrings of plates, nnd di^rriplifiiiH in manuscript, from 
\tinrrrii Urusilifnsr, and /trc/lieo medico Itratilriro." 

Rivista di patologia vegetalc. .Sotto la direzione dei prolT. A. 
N. Berlcse c .\ntonio Vol. i-x. Marzo, 1892-marzo, 
1902. Pa<lova, tic. [1893]-1904. 8°. Illustr. 

No more published. 
Rome — /sliliilo botariico. Annuario; rcdatto dal jirof. 
Roinualilo Pirotta. Anno i-x. Milano, etc. 1885-1901. 
I. 8°. Plates. 

Anno viii-x hiiv<' no lttIe-piiK<'s. 

Royal English arboricultural society. Transactions. 

Vol. i— i\r\vca.stle, itc. 1N.S4— K'. Illustr. 

Vol. i-v reatl: "Transactions of the KnKlish orlmricuUural society.'* 

Royal horticultural society. Journal. Vol. i-ix; — New 

serirs. \'i>l. i-vi; vii, 1, 2; viii— Ixmdon. 1846— ► 8°. 

Probably oo more of vol. vii was ever published. 



Royal horticultural society. Proceedings. Maj', 1838- 
Dec. 1843; — Vol. i-v. London. 1844-65. 8°. Illustr. 

Transactions. Vol. i-vii; — 2d series, i-iii. Lon- 
don. 1820-48. 4°. Plates, plans, tables, and other illustr. 

Vol. i. ii are "3d ed."; iii is "2d ed." 

Royal Scottish arboricultural society. Excursion. No. 
2, 3. [London. ISSO.] 8°. 

"Reprinted from Ihe Journal of forestry," ISSO, iii, 313-333, 486-495. 

Excursion. 1881-1891, 1897, 1898. Edinburgh. 

1881-98. 8°. Map, plan, and other illustr. 

Reports of other excursions are bound with its Transactions. 

Transactions. Vol. i^ Edinburgh, etc. 1858^ 

8°. Illustr. 

Vol. i-xi read: "Transactions of the Scottish arboricultural society." 
For vol. XXV, see Fraser, S. J., 16th baron Loval, and Stirling, 
Archibald. Afforestation in Scotland. 

Index. Vols. i-x\-ii. (In vol. xvii.) 

Russia — Bureau fur angewandte holanik. Bulletin. rc);;-b 
i. 190S-> m. C.-neTep(5.\-i)rb. 1909^ 8°. Plates and 

In Russian. 

Sachsischer forst-verein. Bericht liber die versammlung. 

i-- Dre.s.len, etc. [lS47]-> 8°. Illustr. 
St. Petersburg — Academie impcriale des sciences. Bei- 
trage zur kenntniss des russischen reiches und der angranzen- 
den lander Asiens. Herausgegeben von K. E. v. Baer und 
Gr. V. Helmersen. Bdchn. i-xxvi; — 2" folge. Heraus- 
gegeben von G. V. Helmei-sen und L. v. Sehrenck. i-ix. 
St. Petersburg. 1839-86. 8°. Maps, tables anti plates. 

Bd. xxiii is "Berichte iiber reisen ira siiden von ost Sibirien, von 
Gustav Radde." 

Bulletin scientifique. Tom. i-x; — Bulletin de la 

classe physico-mathematique. Tom. i-x\di; — Bulletin. 
Tom. i-.xxxv; xx.xvi, 1, 2; — 5^ serie. i-xxiv; — 6' serie. 
i-- St. P6tersbourg. [lS36]-> 4° and 1. 8°. Illustr. 

No. 1, 2 all published of torn, xxxvi. 

Melanges biologiques tir& du Bulletin physico- 

math(5matique. Tom. i-xiii. 1849- [1893]. St.-Petersbourg. 
1853-94. 8° and 1. 8°. Plates and other illustr. 

No more published. 

Recueil des actes de la stance publique tenue le 29 dec. 

1834. St. Petersbourg, etc. 1835. 4°. Plate and plans. 

Imperatorski botanitcheski sad. Index seminum, quae 

Hortus botanicus imperialis petropolitanus pro mutua com- 
mutatione offert. Accedunt animadversiones botanicae non- 
nuUae. iii, vii-xi. [With " Supplementum ad indicem 
nonum, undecimum." Petropoli. 1837—46.] sm. 8°. 

The same. 1855-58, '60-91/92. [With '; Supple- 
mentum ad indicem seminum anni 1864." Petropoli. 1855- 
92.] 8°. 

Il3B'6cTiH. Bulletin du Janlin imperial botaniquede 

St. Petersbourg. Tom. i-> C. neTep6viiiT>. 1901^ 1.8°. 

IIpHjioaceHie. Ofisopt 6oTaHHKoreorpa$HiecKoii 

jiHTepaTy])bi no ^.lop-b Pocciii 3a 1904 fo^itj. Supplement. 
Apergu bibhographique de tous les travaux eoncernant la 
flore russe parus en 1904. C. UeTepdypri). 1905. {In 

TOM. V.) 

Tpy/iw. [.Acta Horti petropolitani.] Tom. i— » 

CanKTneTep6ypn>. 1871— > 8° and 1. 8°. Illustr. 

Imperatorski universitel — Botanitcheski sad. Bo- 

TaHHMecKiH aaniicKii. [Scripta botanica.] Bun. i-xv, xvii- 
xxvii. C. neTep6yprb. 1886-1909. 1. 8°. Plates and 
other illustr. 

Lyesnoi instilut. E/Kero^^miK'b. [Yearbook.] Fo/t-b 

i-iv. C.-ileTep6ypiT.. 1886-91. 8°. Illustr. 

HsBTfecTiH. [Proceedings.] Bbin. i— > C.-IIeTepCvpnj. 

1898-* 8°. Illustr. 

HpiLKivKeHie. [Supplement.] 

See its "HaCjiojeHia MeieopojorH'jecBori oGcepsaTopia" ; also Silan- 
TYEF, A. A. OnHCaeie sooaoraieCKHit Ro.weEi;iB UHCTHTyTa. 

Ha6jno,5eHifi MeTeopojioniMecKofi oficepBaxopiii mi 

CTHTyra. [Observations de I'Observatoire m^t^orologique 

de I'institut.] Top,-!,. 1903-1907. C.-neTepfiypn,. 1905- 
09. 4° and obi. sm. 8°. 

"Ilpnaoaieaie Ki xiii-xv, xviii. xix sua. UastcTifi IlMneparopcEaro 
ftcHoro HHCTHTyia. " 
In Russian and French. 

Sao Paulo, Brazil — Instiluto agronomico em Campinas. 

Relatorio annual. [\"ol. vj-viii. 1892-1895. S. Paulo. 

1893-96. 1. 8°. Ilhistr. 
Sapporo, Japan — Natural history society. Transactions. 

Vol. i, pt. 1, 2; iii. 1905-06,1909-10. Sapporo. 1905-10. 

1. 8'. Port, of C, .1. Maximowicz, and plates. 
Schlesischer forst-verein. Jahrbuch. See its " Verhand- 

• Verhandlungen. 1841-1867; — Jahrbuch. 1868-> 

Breslau, etc. [1841]^ 8°. Illustr. 

1841 has the title "Statuten und verliandlungen." — No reports pub- 
lished for lS4o and 184S. 

General-sachregister fiir die jahrgange 1841 bis ein- 

schliesshch 1865. Breslau. 1866. 8°. pp. 40, 8. 

Atlas fur 1872. Enthalt 10 tafeln zur abhaniilung 

innere zustiinde der biiume nach iiusseren verletzungen, 
besonders der eichen und obstbaume. Breslau. 1873. 
in 4° cover. 

Schweizerische botanische gesellschaft. Berichte. Heft 
i— > Ba.'^el, t/c. 1891-^ 8°. Plates and other illustr. 

Register zu den jahrg. i-xv. Bern. 1907. (In 

vol. xvi.) 

Schweizerische centralanstalt fiir das forstliche ver- 
suchswesen. Mittheilungen. Bd. i— Zurich. 1891— • 
8° and 1. 8'. Illu,-=tr. 

Schweizerische gesellschaft fiir die gesammten natur- 
wissenschaften. See .Allgemeine scitweizerische gesell- 


Science; an illustrated journal, publislied weeklv. Vol. i- 

xxii; xxiii, no. 570-.5S1. Feb. 9, 1883-Mar. 2'3, 1894;— 

New series, i. Jan. 1895— » Cambridge, Mass., dc. 1883— ► 
8°, 1. 8°, and C. 

Vol. X. xiii-xviii, xxi-xxiii have no title-pages. 

Scottish arboricultural society. See Royal Scottish 


Scottish horticultural association. Transactions. 2d 

series. Vol. i. 1908-1911-^ Edinburgh. 1912 ['08-11]^ 

8°. Portrs. 
The Scottish naturalist; a magazine of Scottish natural 

history. Edited by F. B. White. Vol. i-vi. Perth, etc. 

1871-82. 8°. Plates. 
Scrinia florae selectse. Directeur Charles Magnier. Fasc. 

i-xvi. 1882-1897. Saint-Quentin. 1882-[971. 8°. 

Fasc. i is lithographed. 
No more published. 

Semanario de agricultura y artes. Tom. i-xxiii. Madrid. 
1797-1808. 8°. 25 plates and 11 tables. 

Seminarium; organ zur forderung des austausches wissen- 
sf'haftlicher samensammlungen. Nr. 1— > [Leipzig. 1911]— >• 

Sempervirens ; weekblad voor den tuinbouw in Nederland. 
Tevens orgaan der Koninklijke nederlandsehe tuinbouw- 
maatschappij Linnaeus. Jaarg. i-xxxi; — Het Nederland- 
scHE tuinbouvvblad. Sempervirens. i-v; — Handelsblad 
voor den tuinbouw Sempervirens. i— + Amsterdam, etc. 
1872— 4°, {" and I. 8°. Illustr. 

No title or index were published for 1908. 

Shaw school of botany. Contributions. 1, 4-6, 8, 9, 15. 

[St. Louis. 1888-99.) 8°. 
Sicily — R. Siazione sperimentale di agrumicoUura el frutti- 
coltura. BoUetino. N. !-«• Acireale. 1911— 8°. 
N. 2is"2aed." 

Sieboldia; weekblad voor den tuinbouw in Nederland, 
onder redactie van H. Witte. Jaarg. i-ix. Jan. 2, 1875- 
dec. 22, 1883. Leiden. 1875-83. 4°. Port, of Louis van 
Houtte, and plan. 
No more published. 



Sienft, llnh/ — R. Ftiirrm'M lirfli Muiii — l^ttioratnno ni 

art' I .11..: rolatto (Jul dolt. Fl. Tiuwi 

Air lyis-l'.KX;. Sienii. 1X97-1906. K°. 

Sierr* club Hnllclin. \'<>l. i— Snn rniiui.sco. IMMl 

I'lCll • s l'l:ilcy and other illiixtr. (In it.s I'ulilirnlionti i 
8Uk association of America. Annual ri'tiori. iv. |N'c» 

^ nrk l.sTf. I S°. 
Silkworm \'ol i, no. 2. ChntlanooRii, Tcnn 18S5. 4°. 
"Silva"; worln'iuThrifl fiir w;ild\\irt«rlmfl. w:ild|iro<lukt»'n- 

li;iihlil iind indiftiHo un<l fiir don foretlirhcn iH-sitrwi-cliKcl. 

JaliiV i I'.HIS • |\Vi<T.I>:idfn, i/c I'.HJS]-^ 4°. lUu.str. 
Skandinaviske naturforskere. FurhnndlinKur. |\'ol. i- 

IX I l,<t'> IMIJ C.tliclKirg, etc. 1840-65 8°. Tables 

ami pl:iti-s 

SkogsT&rdsforeningens tidi^krift; utgifvcn af Forrningon 
for likopsvAni (With supplements.) Arg. i. 1903-» Stock- 
holra. 1903— I. 8°. llluiitr. 

Smithsonian institution. Contrihutionx to knon-le<lge. 

|iii. iv. VI I \\'toM. itc. lS5'.'-54. f° nnd 4°. 

Miseellaneoiis oollcetion.". Quarterly i.-ssiie. Vol.i-v. 

Washington. I'Ktt-lO. 8°. Plat ew and other illustr. 


I'tiitrd Statrt national museum. Hulletin. Xo. 13, 

20. 22. \V:i.xhinpton. 1879-83. 8°. 

Contribution.'* from the United Stales national herba- 
rium. Vol i— \V:u~hinKlon. 1800— 8°. lllu.str. 

ViJ. i-vii iHitilntird t»y llic l>iviMMin of tMjtnny of the United Stotr« 
dftwrtmrnt of airrirulturr. 

Uepfirt. 19f)2. WiL-^hington. 1904. 8°. 201 plates. 

nnd other illii.«tr. (.Vnnual report of the Board of regents 
of the Sniitluionian in-utitulion.) 

" AI«iriFiniit Amrricnn Imslirlry. Iiy O. T. Moaon." pp. I71-.W8. 

Sociedad aragonesa de ciencias naturales. Bolettn. 
T..II1 I !!HJ.' . m. Zarayoza. I'.MfJ • S'. Illiistr. 

R«al Sociedad espafiola de historia natural. Anales. 
Tom. i-xxx. Madrid 1S7J-1H01. 8'. llla-ilr. 

Boletln. [Tom. i|-x. Madrid. 1901-10. 8°. II- 


Memorias. Tom. i-v. Madrid. 1903-10. 8°. 

riat(~- and dtlicr ilhistr. 

Sociedade Broteriana. Rolelim annual, i. 1880— > Coim- 

hra l-<s.<-- V. lllustr. 
Societi botanica italiana. Bullettino. Anno 1892— > Fi- 

renze. 1S92— 8°. IlliLslr. 

From IHAf^lftOl pubtinltnl in /Vuora giornate botanicn ilaliano. 

Societa toscana di orticultura. Bullettino. Anno i. 
1.S7I'. • m Iirenze. I.s7(i • 8° and 1. K°. Illuslr. 

Societas pro fauna et flora fennica. .Acta. Vol. i — 
IbUiiij.'for.-'ia.'. I.s7.j-. S'. Ulu.-^tr. 

Mcddelanden. Iliiflct i— • Ilclsingfors. 1876—' 

8*. Illustr. 

Soci6t6 botanique de France. Bulletin. Tom. i— Paris. 

1V>1 • S and 1. h' . Illii.-tr. 

SociM botanique nSerlandaise. Heeueil deH travaux 
bolaiiicnio tii'irl.aiidai.s. ■■^re ItKciKlL des travaux bota- 
iiujucs lii'rrlaiidai.'i. 

Soci6t< botanique Suisse. Bulletin. SccSchweizerisciie 
iioTAMM iiK <,K.-f.i.i..'-< ii.\KT. Beri<hle. 

Soclit^ centrale forestidre de Belgique. Bulletin. Vol. i. 
1893/94— Bruxflle!.. 1894— 8°. lUuslr. 

Tal)leMalphal><'-ti(|ues Tome.i i A x. Ann6c8 1893- 

1891 A 1903. liruxelU*. 1WI4. (In loin, xii.) 

8ociit4 daupbinoise pour 1 (change dee plantes. Bul- 
letin. i-xvi;-2'H/-r i-iii. 1.S74 1.S92. [Crenoble. 1874- 
92.) S" l'I.itc«. 

Soci6t6 dendrolog:ique de France. Bulletin, i. .\o(it. 

I'.KHi • Pan- ll'.Hlfi] . 1 S". Illii,-<tr 

Soci6t6 d'6conomle rurale de la Russie miridionale. 

.\I.' Tom i. (Id«'»ia. 1833. 8°. 4 tabliw. 
Soci6t6 forestidre. Hulletin No 2-8, 10-24. Jan. 1856- 
Sepl I.SC.I. Il'an- ls.".r> CI j S'. 

Soci6t( forestiftre franpaise des amis des arbres. Bulle- 
tin Iriiiieslriel. No. 2, 4-14, 18. Avril-juin, ort -<l('c. 
1893; Jan. 1894-juin, 1890; avril, 1897— [Nice; Paris. 
1H931 ♦ 8°. 

No, 2-21 read: **So<-iflf frnncnifw* dm nmiii ft«i nrltron," 

Soci6t6 forestidre de Franche-Comt6 et Belfort. An- 

iiu.iirc 19(1,") Bi-saii<,i)ii. I'.H),"). mil. K°. 

Bulletin Irimeslriel. IToiii i| • Be.saii(,'oii. 1891—' 

8°. Illustr. 
Socifiti fran^alse des amis des arbres. See .Sontr^ 


Socidt6 fran^aise de botanique. Kevue de botanique. 

.''^(•i' |{i:\ II. ill- lic)laMi(|iic 

Soci6t6 halldrienne. Bulletin, i-iv. Compte-rendu des 

travaux. I.s.VJ 1S.-)IS. ICJeiieve. IS-W-SO.) 8°. 

Soci6td murithienne. BuUetins des travaux. i-^ 
Ainlc; Ciu'vc, lie. 1808— sm. 8° and 8°. Plates and 
other illu.'itr. 

Fii.v. v-xii road: " BullplinH drs Iruvnux do In Soci/-!/* miirilhirnnp 
dii ViiliiiH"; xiii — " llullolin dm tmviiux do Im Murilliionnu. Hucif>t6 
valuiaiinnr di* Hcirnrw* iiaturrllis." 

Table geiu'rale de^s niatiere.^ contenues dans les 

Hulli-'iii-, f.-iM-iciilc- i a xxxii iiirlu<, .<inii, 190-1. S°. 

Society nationale d'acclimatation de France. Bulletin. 
(Anii«?e| i. (IX.Vlj— Paris. 18,54— 8°. lllu.str. 

AnnA* mvi-xlii rrnd : " Hrvuc des* BcicncoM nnluretlfr* nppliiiu^cs." 

Soci6t6 nationale d'horticulture de France. Journal. 
4''.-.T. Tom. 1 • Pari.s. 1I9(X)|- 1. ,S'. lllu.str. 

Li.ste g/'ii<'Tale des ineinbres de la BOci^l6. Paris. 

(1901-12.) (In its Jnurnnl. 1901-12, 4' s^t.) 

Soci6te phytologique d'Anvers. .\nn.ales. Tom. 1, livr. 
i-vii, ix, X. .Viivcrs. IMil (>7. 8°. Plates and other 

I.ivr. vi. vii, ix, x. riMid; "Annalea de lii Socift/' (itiytoloKique cl 
rnirrc,(rrnptiir|iie dp ItrlpiqilP." 

Societe phytologique et micrographique de Belgique. 

Sec S(i(i(%Tf; I'HVTiii.ociyiF. i)'.\.\\ri(s 

Soci6t6 royale de botanique de Belgique. Bulletins, 
'i'oiii. i - Bruxellcs. 1,S(>2 -• S". Illuslr. 

In ttim. xviii-ilii llie " llull«*lin " is dividr<l into " Mem«>irrM." and 
"ComplcB-rendufl drs n^nnrwt." pxirti willi ii Kppnrate lillp-piigo and 

Tables g<«n<*rale8. Tom. i-xxv. 1862-1887. Par 

Thfophile Durand. Bruxelles. 1887. 8°. 

Comples-renduH des si^ances. See its " Bulletins." 

Mi'iiriiirrs. See its 


Tom. i-xiii; xiv, 
Santiago. 1892- 

Soclit6 des sciences naturelles de I'ouest de la 

France. Bulletin. Tom. i-x; — 2° s^'-ric. i. 1891— q. 

Nantes, [etc. 1891)— 8°. Illuslr. 
Tabic des matiiircs. 1891-1900 Nantes. (1901.) 

(Appended In vol. x.) 
Soci6t6 scientiflque du Chill. .Actes. 

livr 1,2; XV. 1,2; xvi xix. 1891-1909. 

(liH)'.!]. 1. S". Illuslr. 

Soci6t6 s6ricicole pour l'ain6lioration et la propagation 
de I'induBtrie de la sole en France. Annalcs, Num. i. 

Aiiih'i- l.H.'iT. Paris. Is:i7. S' . 
Socidtd zoologique d'acclimatation. Sec Socr^r^ na- 

TID.NAI.K I)',M<I.I.\1AT.\T1(1V I)i; I'iCANCE. 

Society of American foresters. Proceedings. Vol. i-vi. 
irreg. \V;uMliiiinlnii. 19(1.') II. .H°. Plates, (able, and other 

" Hildioirraphy of th« BOuUiero Appoluchinn nnd White Mountain 
regiona," vi, 173-254. 



South Australia — Botanic garden. Report on the progress 
and condition of the garden. 1869, 1873, 1877-1SS3, 1885, 
1886, 1888. Adelaide. [18701-89. f°. Illustr. 

1869 title reads: "Report of director of Adelaide botanic garden." 
1873-1885 title rends: "Report on the progress and condition of the 
Botanic garden and government plantations." 

Woods and forests department. Annual progress 

report upon state forest administration for 1883-4. 
Adelaide. 1884. i". 

Southern California academy of sciences. Bulletin. 
Vol. i-vi; vii, 1. Jan. 1902-Jan. 1908. irrcg. Los Angeles. 
1902-08. 8°. Illustr. 

Southern woodlands; a journal of forestry, lumbering, wood 
manufacture and related sciences and industries. Vol. i, 
no, 3, 5, 6; ii, 2, 3, 5; — Forest, fish, and game. Vol. iii, 
no. 1, 3-6. Aug. 1907^ hi-m. and irreg. [Athens, Ga.j 
1907— 8°. Illustr. 

Springfield, Mass. — Park conimissiomrs. Report. 1894- 
1896. [Springfield. 1894-96.) 8°. Plans, plates, and portrs. 

" Flora of Forest park," in each report. 

The Springfield city library bulletin. Vol. 26, no. xi, xii; 
27-31; 32, no. i-iii, v-xi." Dec. 1906-Nov. 1912— m. 
(Springfield, Mass. 1906-12]— 8°. 

Contains articles on trees. 

Staten Island association of arts and sciences. Pro- 
ceedingH. \ol. i. June, 190.5— • irng. New Brighton, 
N. Y. 1907 ['051- 8°. Plates. 

Formerly NAXtinAL science associatioiv of Staten Island. 

Straits Settlements — Botanic gardens. Annual report for 
1884, 1886, 1888-1890, 1894-1896, 1900, 1902-1905, 1908— 
Singapore. 1885— f°. 
No report published for J887. 

1889-1895, title reads: "Annual report on the Botanic gardens and 
Forest department." 

First annual report on experimental tapping of Para 

rubber, Hevea braziliensis, at the gardens, for the year 1904; 
by H. N. Ridley and R. Derry. Singapore, 1905, 8°. 

Forest department. Annual report for 1884-1886, 

1888. Singapore. 1885-89. f°. 

No report published for 1887. 

1888 title reads: " Annual reports on the forest departments Singapore, 
Penang and Malacca." 

For 1889-1895, see "Annual report on the Botanic gardens and Forest 

Another edition of report for 1884, 1885. 

For preliminary report, see Straits Settlements. Report on the 

Gardens and forest department. Agricultural bulletin 

of the Malay Peninsula. See Agricultural bulletin of the 
Malay Peninsula. 

Strassburg — Association philomalique vogcso-rhenane. An- 

nales; faisant suite a la Flore d'Alsace de F. Kirschlcger. 

Nouvelle .s^'rie. ii, livr. 8; iii, livr. 9. Strasbourg, etc. 

1867-68. 12°. 
Svensk botanisk tidskrift; utgifven af Svenska botaniska 

foreningen. Bd. i. 1907— Stockhohn, 1908, ['07] — 

8°. Illu.str. 
Kongliga Svenska vetenskaps-akademien. [Arkiv for 

botanik.] Bd. i— Stockholm, etc. 19U3— 8°. Plates 

and other illustr. 

Bd. i reads: "Sjirtryck ur Arkiv for botanik." 

Jahresberichte iiber die fortschritte der botanik ; von 

J. E. Wikstrom. Uebersetzt von C. T. Beilschmied. 1820- 
1843. Breslau, etc. 1838, '34-47. 8°, Diagr., map and 

Trddgdrd bergieliind. Acta Horti Bergiani. Redi- 

gerade af V. B. Wittrock. Bd. i— Stockholm. 1891 — 
1. 8°. Illustr. 

Swanley, Eng. — Horticultural college. 
don. 1900.] 8°. 

Report. 1900. [Lon- 

Sylvan; ein jahrbuch fiir forstmiinner, jiiger, und jagdfreunde 
fur das jahr 1813-1827/28. Marburg, etc. [1812-27.] 24° 
and sm. 12°. Portrs. and plates. 

For earlier years, see Taschenbuch fiir forst und jagdfreunde. For 
continuation after 1830. see Ta.schenbuch zur belehrung und unter- 
haltung fiir wald- und jagdfreunde. 

Tableau dii trav:iil aiuiuel de toutes les academies de 
I'l'Juiope. See Introduction aux observations sur la phy- 
sique, sur I'hi.stoire naturelle ct sur les arts. 
Taschenbuch zur hclehrung und unterhaltung fiir wald- und 
jagdfreunde auf das jahr 1S31. Von C. P. Laurop und W. F. 
freih. v. d. Borch. Gotha, etc. 1831. sm. 12°. Plates. 
Has also title-page: "Taschenbuch zum nutzen und vergniigen fiir 
wald- und jagdfreunde." 

For earlier years, see Sylvan. 

Taschenbuch fiir forst und jagdfreunde, fiir das jahr 1800- 
1812. Marburg. [1799-1811.] 24°. Plates and sheet of 

For earlier years, see Nei'jahbs geschenck fiir jagd- und forstlieb- 
liaber. For continuation, see Sylvan. 

Tasmanian journal of natural science, agriculture, statistics, 
&c. Vol. i-iii. Hobart, etc. 1842-49. 8°, Illustr. 

Pr()bably no more published. 

Teysmannia. Deeli- m. Batavia. 1890—- 8°. Plates, 
tables, and other illustr. 

Tharander forstliches jahrbuch. See FonsTwmTH.scHAFT- 
LiciiKs jahrbuch. 

Tharander jahrbuch. See Forstwirthschaftliches jahr- 

Thtiringischer botanischer verein. Mittheilungen. Neue 
folge. Heft i— Weimar. 1891— 8°. Illustr. 

For earlier years, see Jena — Geograpbische geseitscbnfi fiir Tbiiringen. 

Register zu bd, ii (1884) bis neue folge heft xxv 

(1909). Weimar. 1898-1909,, (/n heft xii, xv, xx, xxv.) 

Tidsskrift for skovbrug. Udgivet af P. E. Milller. Bd. i-xii. 
Kjobenhavn. 1876-91. 8°. Illustr. 

Bd. viii-x "udgivet af P. E. Miiller og W. Gyldenfeldt." 

Supplement-hefte. Kj0benhavn. 1903. 8°, pp, 

[4], 58, Illustr. 

No more published. 

Tidsskrift for skovvasen; udgivet af C. V, Prytz og A. 
Oppermann. Bd. i. 1SS9— K0benhavn. [1889]- 8°. 

Bd. v-xvii "udgivet of C. V. Prytz"; xxi- "af Fr. Brammer og 
C. V. Prytz." 

Tiflis, Caucasus — Botanitcheski sad. Moniteur. Livr. i, 
1905— Tii$jinc-b, 1905— 8°, Maps and plates. 

In Russian. 

Tpy/^bl. [Transactions.] Bun. i— Th^jhicb, 1895 — 

8° and I. 8°. Illustr. 

Tijdschrift over boomteeltkunde bloementeelt en nioesho- 
venierdcrij. See Tijdschrift van den leeraanskring tot 
volmaaktere boomteeltkunde in Belgie. 
Tijdschrift van den leeraarskring tot volmaaktere boom- 
teeltkunde in Belgie. [1865]-1871; — Tijd.schrift over 
boomteeltkunde bloementeelt en moeshovenierderij ; or- 
gaan van den Boomteeltkundigen kring van Belgie. 1872- 
1901. Gent. 1S65-[1901]. 8°. Illustr. 

1871 reads: "Tijdschrift van den Boomteeltkundigen kring von 

No more published. 

For French edition, see Bulletins d'arboriculture, de floriculture, et 
de culture potiigcre. 

Tijdschrift voor natuurlijke geschiedenis en physiologic. 

Uitgegeven door J. van der Hoeven en W. H. de Vriese. 

Deel i-xii. Amsterdam, etc. 1834-45. 8°. Plates and 

Tijdschrift over plantenziekten. Onder redactie van J. 

Ritzema Bos en G. Staes. Jaarg, i— Gent. 1895— 

8°. Plates and other illustr. 

Jaar{:f. x — "onder redactie van J. Ritzema Bos." 

Tijdschrift voor tuinbouw. Jaarg. i— Groningen. 1896— 

1. 8°. Illustr. 
Tilton's journal of horticulture and florist's companion. See 

American journal of horticulture and florist's companion. 



Tdkyo — Imperial u>iirrrsily — ColUgt of agricullurt. Hul- 
leiin. Vol li n.. I r. 7: iii, 3; iv, 3. TokyO. 1S'J5-1900. 

8*. I'ln: 

Journid. Vol. i— TOkyO. 1887 
')'y :ui<l (itliiT illiuitr. 
i<l. 3, ir. pt. 2. rt'i. art. I. 2. 6. 8. ivU, art. 

Leipzig. 1881- 

r88|- !.»'. 

Vol. I, pi. S. 1 

Iti. Krt 9. 10. « k- 

Tokyo bot*nic«l society. The liotiuiicrtU imiKazinc. See 

Till- HorvMiAI. in:iK;iiilliv 

Toirey botAnic*! club. Bulletin. Vol. i. Jan. 1870— • m. 
New York, c/c (l,s70|— S°. Illiistr. 

Memoirs. Vol.i— • irrtg. New York. 1SS9— • 8°. 

PUtrs ami other illu.-itr. 

Torreyk; a tnontlily journal of iKitanical notes and news. 

L>iiti>i for the Torrev t>otauieal club. Vol. i. Jan. 1901 -♦ 

New York. 11H)1 — " 8°. lUustr. 
TlinidAd — Royal hotanie garJeii*. Annual reiMjrl of the 

PujK-riMtendent"forl8'J5, |1901/2-190t5,07]. Trinidad. 1896- 

07. f°. 

ll)OI/3-IW«/U7 md: "ilolniiical drpnrUneot. Trinidad." 

Itullelin of iiii.<oellanr<)U.-< infornialioii. No. 6, 8, 10, 

16-IS; vol. ii, 5, 7, 8; iii, 9-20; no. 21-.«l, 4a-l5. 18S8- 
Jan. 1005. q (Trinidad. 18,SS-l<K).i.l 8°. Illiistr. 

I)i-t Trondbiemske selskab. Srhriften, au!$ deni danischen 
ubersctzt. Tlnil i-iii Kopenliagen, etc. 1705-<J7. 8°. 

Der Tropenpflanzer : zcitschrift fiir tropische landwirt- 
schaft. Organ des Kolonial-\virt.«cliafl lichen komitees. Iler- 
auiigejjeben von <). W:iri>urg, F. Wohltriiann. Jahrg. i. 
1897— m. Berlin. (1S971— 8°. IlliLstr. 

Exira-beilage. See its " Beiheftc." 

Beihefte; heraiisgegeben von O. Warburg. F. Wohlt- 

mann. B.1 i. l.saS— Berlin. 1900— 8°. lUustr. 

Il<*ihrft i rmda; " Exlm-beilnKe." 
Tubingen, (Irrm. — JManischcs inslitut. 
hemiL-fgelM-n von W. I'felTcr. Bd. i, ii. 
88. 8^ lUujstr. 

PriilHkbly DO Bhun publcdicd. 

THiinbouw-flora van Nederlaml en zijno overzeesche bczit- 
lingiii; hevattende de girschiedenis en afl)celdingen van 
nieuwe of mcrkwaanlige planten, hloenien, vruehten. Uit- 
gpgeven door W. H. de \'ricse. Decl i-iii. Lcvden. 1855-56. 
1. 8'. lllu.«tr. 

Probably no niorr publiahrd. 

Ungarische ro.een-zeltung. Deut.<;che ausgabe der lidzsa 

vjsiig. lllustrirte zeil.-<ehrift fiir die allgenieine roscnkundc. 

Jahrg. iii-v. Juni, lS89-april, 1892. Funfkirchen. 1889- 

92. 1. 8°. lUustr. 

No tiU<^pasc3. title takro rrom coven. 
Union of South Africa — Dcparlmcnl of agriculture. Agri- 

rultural journal. \ol. i. Feb. 1911— » m. Pretoria. 

191 1 — 1. 8°. Plates and other illustr. 

Forest ilrparlmmt. Report of the chief conservator 

of forests. With which is incorporated Keport on railway 
nlceiHT plantations. 1910— Cape Town. 1911— f'. 

United States — Department of agricuUure. Report of the 
Ixit.mL^t. 1S72, 18S:3, 18S4, 18S0-18S9, 1896, 1897, 1899, 
1900. |W.iHhington. lS72-liK)0.) 8°. Plates. 

IS72-1K.H7 arc froan Ihr Iteport of the commUsvoner of agricullurt; 188S- 
1900 fron the Annual rrport of the heparimerd of agricullurt. 

l{i-|K.rl of the coinniLstiionrr for the vear 1865, 1872, 

1873, 1879, 1884, 1880, 1887, 1906. Waahington. 1866- 
1906. 8°. Plates and other illustr. 

Sana of iIm pbl«* are cnlored. 

For aarliar raport, aee Llnrm) State* — Paltnt office, neport of llie 
rnmmiMiniin . Axriculture. 

lo IftSO the rommiuioocr became the aecrelary of nfiriculuire. 
Definninff with IWM. th** Annual report of the aecretAry contniiiii the 
UUi" ' ' ' '' '.r iliviaium, ond all luliiilclnrntiiry ■cicntific 

Mat' rlK>.k. 

- :-l I'.KJl, 1903-1904, 1900— Wash- 
ington, ivjh^ »'. llliL-fr. 

Prerioo* lo li«!M. oootaioed io the Report of the comniiaaioiiar. 

Bureau of bioloyical Kurvey. North .\iiiiTi can 

fauna. No. 1— WjLshingtoii. 1SS9— S°. Maps, plates 
ami olhiT illustr. 

No. and 9 nut yrt inililiAhed. 
liurtan of enlomoloyy. Re|M)rt of the ento- 
mologist. 1909-1911. Washington. 190<.»-11. 8°. 
"From Annual rrports of the Orpartmrnt of agriculture." 

liureau of plant industry. Bulletin of foreign 

plant intrtKlurlions. .No. 1— |.Vug. 1908|— 4°. Photo- 
graplw. Typewritten. 

Contributions from the U. R. national herbarium. Sec 

Smithso.nian iN.-iTiTfTio.v — Vniteil Slntcs national museum. 

Rejwrt of the chief for 1903, 1907-1911. Washing- 
ton. 1903-11. 8°. 

**Froni Annual reports. Department of agricullurt." 

Seeds and plants imported through the Sect ion of seed 

and plant introduction for distribulion in cooperation with 
the agricultural experiment stations, liivenlorv 9. Wash- 
ington. 1902 - 1.8° and 8°. (In its Bulletin.) 

For rarlipT numbers, aee Unttbd States — Department of agriculture — 
D it it ion of tioiany. 

Dirision of botany. Foreign see<ls and 

plants importe<l bv the Section of 8ee<l and plant introduc- 
tion. Inventory 1-8. [Washington. 1899-1<K)1.) 8°. 

On July 1, ItKJl thU division wiiH mcrKod in llio liurtau of plant 

Dirision of ornithology and mammalogy. See 

ITnited States — Department of agriculture — Bureau of 
hiological survey. 

Difision of pomology. Report. 1893. 

Wiishington. 1894. 8°. Plates. 

"From the Report of the secretary of agriculture for 1893." 

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19—71— 8°. 

Alao published as " Circulars " of Iho Forest service. 

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plate. (In United State.s — Department of agriculture. 
Report of the commissioner, 1884, 1886-1888.) 

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Dec. 1898; 1902-1909. Washington. [1899)-1910. 8°. 
(In its Bulletin, 26, 40, 43-54, 56-74.) 

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Successor to "Acccasions to the department library," putilished 

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for 1890-1892. Washington. 1891-93. 8°. Plates and 
other illustr. 

"From the Iteport of the secretary of agriculture tor 1890-92." 
Department of the interior — General land office. 

nual report of the commissioner for the year 1883, and for the 
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1883-99. 8°. Table. 

Patent office. Report of the commissioner. 1856. 

[Pt. ii.) Agriculture. Wsishington. 1857. 8°. IlliLstr. 

For later nfrriculturul reports, see United States — Deparlnirnt of 

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r<rtor. xxi. IS'JK-I'.IOO. Wiishington. 1900. f°. 3 maps. 

" Kilrocl from the 2U1 Annual report of the surrey, pt. i, 1899-1000." 

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i-v.| 1740-1750. StockholmiiD. 1744-51. 4°. Plates 
and vign. 

For f'arlii'r vuU., soe Acta literoria Suectie. 

Vellosia; contribui^rna do Museu botanico do .Vmazonos. 
Vol.1. 1K87. Manilos. 1888. 1.8°. 13 plates, table, and 
other illustr. 



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And 4°. Plates and other illustr. 

Vol. i ia "Botanica"; iii is "Ilotanica. estampas." 

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For later series, see its " Wochenschrif I." 

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Wochenachrift fiir giirtnerei und pflanzenkunde. 

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For earlier series, see its "Verhandlungen"; for continuation, see 

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jagd-, und naturkunde. See Vereinsschrift fiir forst-, 
jagd-, und naturkunde. 

Vereinigung der vertreter der angewandten botanik. 

Jahresbericht. i. 1903^ Berlin. 1904— 1. 8°. lUustr. 

Vereinsschrift fiir forst-, jagd-, und naturkunde; heraus- 
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supplements.) Heft 1. [1849]— » irreg., q., bi-m. Frag. 
1849— 8° and 1. 8°. Illustr. 

Heft 1, 3 are "2© aufl."; 53-145 " herausgegeben vom BohmLschen 
forstvereine"; 146-260 "Organ der Forstlicheii landesversuclisstcUe 
fUr das konigreich Btihrnen." Heft 121 — have also Bohemian title: 
"Spolkov^ casopis pro lesnictvf, myslivost a pFirodovgdu." 

Vermont botanical club. Bulletin. No. 1— ► y. Burling- 
ton. 1906-> 8°. 

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et de reeherches sur Tenseignement et la culture k I'lnstitut 
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Plan, map, and plates. 

Versammlung deutscher forstmanner. Bericht. i-xxvii. 
1872-1899. Berhn. 1873-1900. 8°. Tables, plates, and 

For continuation, see Deutscheh forstvebein. Bericht iiber die 

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10 colored plates. 
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Some of the plates are colored. 

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Fr. Brauer. 

The same. 1881-1890. Wien. 1895. 8°. 

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1852. (In bd. i.) 

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8°. lUustr. 

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Washington state forestry association, .\nuual meeting. 

i. [.Seattle. 1897.) 4°. 

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No more published? 

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With this society is incorporated the Mueller botanic society. 

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Barbados: London. 1900— 8°. Illustr. 
West Indies, British — Imperial department nf agriculture. 

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1904/05. Barbados. 1901-05. P. 

From 1902/03 title reads: "Reports on the botanic station, economic 
experiments and agricultural teaching, ,\otigua." 

Pamphlet .series. No. 3-7, 9— ► n. p. 1900—- sm. 

8°. Map and other illustr. 

No. 5 is "2d ed.": 45 is "new and enlarged ed."; 52 is "revised ed."; 
65 is "4th ed." 

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— Reports on the botanic station, agricultural school 

and experiment plots, Dominica. 1903/1904, 1904/1905. 
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Reports on the botanic station, agricultural school. 

experiment station and cacao, cotton, [and other experi- 
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1903-04. i". 

Reports on the botanic station, agricultural school 

and land settlement scheme, St. Vincent. 1902/03-1904/05. 
Barbados. 1903-05. f°. 

Reports on the botanic station, cacao experiment 

plots and agricultural education, Grenada. 1902/03, 
1903/04. Barbados. 190.3-04. [". 

Reports on the botanic station and experiment 

plots, Montserrat. 1900/01-1904/05. Barbados. 1902-05. f°. 

1900/01-1901/02 have title: "Report on the experiment stations at 


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" Separat-abdruck aus dem Jatiresberictite der Wiener tiandels-akademie.*' 

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Verein zur beforderung des gartenbaues in den konig- 

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and m. [Boston. 1902-09.] 4° and 8°. 

Publication suspended from August to October, 1907-1909. 



Woods & fortsts; a ww-kly illustratmi joumiil of forfstrv, 
urnaint-ntnl nlnntinic iiml nttnio nckniiKoinont. \'ol. i; li, 
no 60-tVS. IVr. 5, lSS3-Miir. IS, 1S,S5. I^iidon. |1SS4- 
S,". ! V Illu..iir. 

No DWirr iMiltltUkcd. 

Wiirtt«mb«rg — Kimujliche forftdirtklion. Fun>t.sliitiMtu>rlir 
iiiittlinluiiKiii [JalirR. i.| I.SS2— Stuttgurt. 18S-«— -1°. 

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Ki-Ki-lM'n v<in JuliiiK Siirlw. Bd. i-iii. I^ipzig. 1874-88. 
8". I'hiti'si ami oilier illustr. 

Nn Illitrr imiIiIikImM. 

Tale uniTersity — Dtpartmrnl of forrxtry. [CutiiloKUC of 

th«-| fonwt school. l'.>0I-02. 1902-03, 1903-04, 1907-08. 

New Haven. 1 IK) 1-07. S°. I'liiiis. 
(Catalogue of the) .summer .srliool of forestry, Milfonl, 

Pa. IMilfor.1. H>01.| S'. '.> plates. 
Yosemit« national park — Su/ifritilfnilfiil. Report to the 

Mrnt:ir.v uf the inlerii>r. liKM. W:i.shiiigton. 1904. 8°. 

M jp< an>l plates. 
Zeitschrift fiir hildemie giirtenkun-st. >Soo Jaiirducii ftir 

K:irli'iikuii(le und hotunik. 
Zeitschrift fur botanik. Herausgegeben von Liidwig Jost, 

Frii-tlric-h OltmaniLs. Hermann graf zu Sohn.s-I,aubach. 

Jahrg i^ Jena. 1909-. 8°. lUuslr. 

Bd. i— Berlin. 

Sec jAiinnrcii 

Zeitschrift fur forst- und jagdwesen 

l.sf.'.t . S°. lllu.slr. 

lt4>Kiniiiti|i with jiilirR li iialicil moiitlily. 

Zeitschrift fur garlenbaii imd gartenkunst 
fur g:irii'iikuii<l<- luid bolanik. 

Zeitschrift fur ptlan/.eiikraiikheiten; organ fiir die ge.sainl- 
iiiliTi'>-si II dcs pllaiizen.>ioluitzes. Herau.sgegel)en von I'aul 
Sorauer. Bd. i. 1891-« .Stuttgart. |1892)— 8°. Plates 
and other illu.str. 

Zeitschrift fur ni.s.sen.<rliaftliehe botanik; von M. J. Sehlei- 
ilcn mid Carl .Nageli. Bd. i, heft 1-1. Ziirieh. 1844-46 
147|. S". l'late.s. 
No in(»ro pnttlinhrd. 

Zoe; |a biological journal]. Vol. i-iv; v, 1-11. Mar. 1890- 
.\pr. 19()S. III., I/, and irrcg. .San Francisco. 11X90-1908.) 
s lllustr. 

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isss [Zuidwolde. 18S7-8S.) 16°. 




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Abhandlungen zur landeskunde der provinz Westpreussen. 




HenuafMpben von rlrr Provinzial-komniLHsion ziir \'cr- 
wnltunK iler »• lu-n Proviuiinl-iiiUMOon. llfft iii, 

ix. I>aii(if!. ! 1". 

Ill lU'titfxrt 11..'" I>ir rilir in Wralprrunro. ISI)2. 

Iz (UiNMrMf. Iliicu. IU<ij|mrhtuiijr«*ii ulirr m^lroe waldbuunte 

III \\r^t|«r^|..ri, 1 ViV 

At)!«?tt. \'' u II Arhiirirullun- for mimteiirs; bring 

■ r. !- IT tlic plaiitiiiK mill riiitiviiliun iif trees (or 
urmuiifiit Of UM', vie. l.oii(l(>n. (ISSO?) S°. I'luti-s. 

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— The tamr. With sixteen ilhistnitions of famous 

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l.'abTigt 'lt« t>ons fruits. Sec [, Jean). 

Abr^6 ili^i in.-it ructions sur Ic jardinage. Sec [AitokNE, 
.1 !■ K .1] 

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|xir .XuRU.'ilo de .Vbreu Lacerda; Nota sobrc calcarcos c 
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istrj. ■ r. 

1. pp. |S1. 62. MR.— U. pp. 141. "5«+. 
In Spanish nnd Arabinn. 

Academia cssarea leopoldino-carolina gennanica 
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liiT K:ii-irlii ln'ti ie<jpoldinisch-caroliiii.-ichen akudeinie der 
naliirfor«rlier .'im 21. sept. IS.52. 1. Kinladiiiig."- und 
entflnungs-programni. (Breslau, ilc. IK.W.) 4°. pp. [10], 
138. Vigns. 

" Vorwrirt mm 2i. hd. der Verhandtunoen drr A'au. Iropoldinuch-caro' 
linuchrn akadrmir drr nalurfoTMeltrr. Itraondrrn auKjcabc." 

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[L'acclimatation <lu th<^ dans I'lnde.) 

Nrwi«|Mi|HY clipping from /.a NutarlU rrtue intrmationate, nov. 1, 1893. 
.\n account of a botanical exia-dition to Lower Siam. See 
IHiDi.nv, H. .N.|. 

.\n account of the Chinese method of pro|)agating fruit 
trees bv absci.ssion. (From Nicholson's journal.] N. P. 
(179-TI »m. 8'. Plate. 

Eilrscted from ■ lar(rr work, pp. 137-MO. 

An account of cjisl-riorida. .See [.Stokk, William). 

.\ri account of the herbarium of the ('niverhitv of (Oxford. 

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An account of stjmc of the more rare Knglish plants observed 
iu lx.-ic»^tershirc. See [Pilte.sey, Hichurilj. 
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I. pp. ixiv. :t'.KJ. Port, find 7 plutfls. — U. pp. viii. 3j$0. Map 
find s plfilm. 

A f«»» nf Ihf plntr^ nrr mlor«Ml. 
•I If l.,ipliiii,| botany." ii. 2.'.7-203. 

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Aromatum & medicamentorura in Orientali India 

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Ilistoire iiiiturclle et moralle des Indes, tant ori- 
ent alles qu' occidi'nt alles. oil il est traict*'' des clioses 
reniarqiiables du ciel, de,s elemeiis, melaux, plantes & ani- 
maux qui sont propres de ces pals; ensemble des moBurs, 
ceremonies, loix, gouvcmemens & gucrrcs des mesmee in- 



diens. Compos6e en oastillan, & traduite en frangois par 
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The same. Derniere 6d., reveue & corrigee de 

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Historie naturael ende moracl van de Westersche 

Indien; waer inne ghehandelt wordt van de mercke- 
lyckste dinghen des heraels, elenienten, metalen, planten ende 
ghedierten van dien; als oock de manieren, cerenionicn, 
wetten, regoeringcn ende oorloghen der indianen. Knde 
nu eerstraael uyt den sijacnschen in onser nedcnluytsehe 
tale overghcset door Ian Huyghen. Encluiysen. l.')98. 
24°. ff. [61, 389, [7]. -. 

Historia naturale, e morale delle Indie; ncUaquale 

si trattano le cose notabili del cielo, & de gli elcnienti, 

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i;iiii«ii III ^ ork.-iliirt'. [Ixt^lu. ISS7.| 8°. pp. 8. 

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g<-iin\ ajUH'U'- hiiolmh, ol»»rrv^ nil S«'ti(^k»1- |l'iiri«. 1761.) 

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Faiiiilltii iijilim'lli's ili-s pliintcM. 2" M., nropan'i- 

par rautfiir, puliliif ^iir .-ws iiiami.srrit.s par MM. .Vlcxaiiclrc 
«•! J. I'ayr; prtWili'-c il'utH' iiotioc liio|{niplii(|Ui- par .\lcxaii- 
<lrv .\ilaiL-*«in. I'l suivic d'niH' lii.stoiri- ili-s faiiiilli'r< iial iirt'llcs 
(li'« plaiiti':< tellrM (iircllcM son! aiijouril' liui par J. Payer. 
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faniillfs natiin-lli-s lii-s plantc~>. Paris. 1847. I. 8°. pp. 
|l|. vi. |-.'). :ilKI. I'lutr. 

Famillos des planles. 2 |)t. I'aris. 17t).'5. S". 


t. ( UHilriuiitt iilir |ir/-fncr wtnrtka Mir I'^tjtt nnrion nl ncliinl do lo 
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U. pp. |2|. M. |4|. lH*l. 

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19(X>. s=. pp. 111. 54. 

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Intrf l«<si^>*«t. 

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Nf> more ptibliHliiMl. 

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Ofver en ny art vinbiir, .sA.som en lill6kning f6r v&r 

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"Tilt* northiTii vi'(;t*ttitinn rximpiiriyl willi llial of llio Jiini nnil llio 
Al|iH," "OlHWTViilioiiH on thd vriiotjition of llir nortliirn Nlinroj* uf I.jiko 
Sii|HTior." pp. V.U-\'M. 

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Seccion de ensayos 

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Contents: — A skctcli of llic tiislory tif iKitnny, in rcfcrcnrc to Itottiflical 
nomciH-lnturn. up to llic lime of Liuucus. — I'tie derivations und mciinings 
of the Hcientilic names of planUi generally admitted into the Hritisli flora 
an natives or colonists. 

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l.lltKAKV l)F TllK AU.NOLl) AltlJOUKTl M 

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I^iicriiKjilo (la arvorc drnominada pclo vuIro l>ainl)a 

tie rs|>a>l:i, iMTti-noonlc a' oriloin dsLf Artocarix-iLs, 
c nru|HK<ta roino ty|H> tie iiin RLMiert) novo, Acaiitliiiinplivlluiii. 
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ami olliers. Hrevc notioia sobro a rollco^'ao das 

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/K^yplia riiiii (>l(S('r\a(ionil>iiK .V niitis JiuinniM Ve,.linKliii. iicrrdunt 
rjiisdcin JoiiDiiiy \'i'>liii^'ii piini'n(*S(^ nd rem liiTliiiriiim \ vindiriii' oiio- 
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— linrt'i'i iif jilil'it iii'lm^lrii. 

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" i.Ul i>r alilirrviiitiorui mid books tu wliirli rcfcTcnro lias hcco made," 
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Many of tlie plates arc colored. 

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See (SiKiioi.i), P. F. von]. 
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anieitimg /.uin leicliten und sichercn bestimmen <ler in 
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Mil einem verzeichiiisso aller iibrigen in Hohmeii entdecklen 
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Comparative anatomy of the normal and diseased 



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"!'>r.tta." inserted before p. i. 

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A part of the work only. 

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Andr4, (viouiinl 
pp. 4 llliistr. 

•■ Milrait du Jtmmal iToirintllun pnlvpu." 

I'n mois rti ItiLssio; notes dp voynRo d'lin mpnibrc 

«lu jury i\ I'Kxixwition intermit i<in;ilo (I'liortiriilturo <lc 
S:unt-IVter<b.)urg. I'liris. 1S70. 12°. pp. II), vi, 2X2. 

" 1^9 janJim dvm rMtlrncnt iin|i^rial<s et |cmnd.<luciil««i." pp. 75-108. 
— •• Imlilutioaa ii«ric«i>n« M b<irtic«il«." pp. 1 19-121. — " Ixn bnUinfaits 

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Plan and othor illu.-ilr. 

** Kxtmil do In Itfrue hartieoU" 

U's pr6j fleuris des hautes Alpes. 

rrprodiiirc rcffct dana les jardins. Piiris. 

Movens d'en 
1903. 1. 8°. 

pp. 11. 

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ii:iilihaUinkoit Ranz sicher stellende forslvvirlli.s<-hafts- 
miciIkkIo, niittolst oinor auf ab.sohiitzuni;. KchlapeinllirihinR 
und bouirthsrhaftunns-plan noKriiniloten und allnonicin 
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79 + . Plates. 

" Druckfrhlrr." nt end. 

Die vorzuRlicIi.ston inittel, den wiildorn einen 

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*' Dnickf chl«T. " ot end. 

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bn'itung un.sorer pflanzonwolt kohIo einom abri.-ise dor ge- 
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" Hi»ttpl.t«T.*' nt end. 

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Andrews, Kihan Allen. A copious and critical Latin-Rngli.ih 
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onel plates. 

IVinle4i on one NJiledf lenf unly. '1 lie titlr-pjifirn nrc engrave*!. Vol. i 
Itnn nliio n printed liUe-piitfe. 

(ieneriil index for vol. i-v nt Itie I'tid of \<t\. v; for vol. vi-x nt end of 

vol. X. 

Geraniums; or, A moitograph of the genus Gera- 
2 vol. in 1. Ixjndon. 180.'). 4°. 124 coloretl 


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Printcfl on one side of leaf only. 

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i. 0. EiinnAnDT, Karl. Hie (ce*>(frnplii.'«rlin verlireitnnf; der fUr 
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The rover l>ejin* the date " 1S63." 

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*'l>ie veRetntion.*' pp. 100-1 16. — "Zur KeHchiclilo der iKMlcnkullur 
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Anleitung, zur standort.s- und bestandesbeschreibung beim 
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Plate 232 apparently was never published. 

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ilfs plain » dillivii's. ill's arnrcs fniiliors ot 

pnMlinlcs par lo miI, I'almKsphi'n', Ipm panusitcs- 

. _ .... olc. I'aris. 1S7S. lt>°. 7 roloriil plali's, and 

otIiiT illiLtlr. (IlihliiilhApic lUiLflr^ d'horliriilliiro.) 

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S<i- IMiH ILI-KfEKT, I'icm'). 

Arboricultura y lloricultiira ciil>:ina nm una dosoriprion do 
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au moyen dc lafniollp on pourra toujours procuror aux vers 
:\ soio Ic doKr6 <lo ventilation, etc. Suivic d'un rapport dc 
M. .'^oiilanpo Bodin sur une education de vers h soie, faitc 
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<lu.>^lrie de la pnxluetion de.s soie.s, par Henri Bourdon. 
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natuneiitetuehafttiehen ctatue der Kaisertiehen alcademie der wittentetiaf- 

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l.)iwnplii)n of llic Ixitanical and cointnercial characters of 
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.Vu.-lralii'ii; ilir forl.schrill, ilire hilfs(|Ucllcii und ihr phy^iika- 
lischer cliaraktcr. Mil /.uiinindele^uii); amllichcr ipicllcn 
darKcstclll in al>liandlun):cn, von W. II. .\rchcr, I'erd. 
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(Hevea bnLsiliensis). [Tit liel ennd.sch vcrlaald.) Amster- 
dam. I'.MIl. S°. pp. TA. 

"Ovorffeilnikt nit do Indiselie mereuur." 
l/llevca bra.silicn.'^is ilan.s la pi''nin.«ule 

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"()-(-. lllu.str. (Bibliiillieque trauriciillurc coloniale.) 
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( ] Ann(5c cham|)f'tre. Partie qui traile de ce qu'il 

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1. i.p. m. xiiv, 42.3. 7«.— U. pp. 12). 575.— lU. pp 12). MS. 
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Sospel, Vintimillc, .S. Hcino, etc. Turin. lSt)2. 8°. 

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[— 1 Flore analylique du di'-partement des Alpes- 

maritinics; ou. Description succincte dcs plantes vascu- 

laires <|ui croi.s.«cnt spontancmcnt entre le versant est de 1' 

Est^-rcl et la Boia, lea Alpcs ct la mer. Mcnton. 1867. 

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quo naturalis |>ninum liisloria vencnatorum omnium, sivc 
iiatura sivc arte eonstent, proponilur. Cum pra'falionc 
IThcodori Zuinggcri]. .\iliunxinius cjusdem generis com- 
mciilarium iloitis.-iinium I'enliiiandi Ponzetti. Basilcie, 
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[5091. 114], 

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Memorie di oaservazioni e di sperienzc sopra la 

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pos.sono utilmcnte alia tinlura, all' ccononiia, all' ngricol- 
tura, ec. Tom. i. Padova. 1700. 4°. pp. xxiv, 105. 
19 plates. 

No more piililinhcil. 

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algwiias nuevas que naccn e.sponlilncamenle y vivcn en la 
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if gruppcn 

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Some observations on the genus Rubus. 

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struceion de baxeles y edificios, y su respectivo producto 
en codos y partes ciibicas, y otra para la cubicacion de madc- 
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[Miscellaneous pamphlets and circulars relating to 

the arboretum.] 

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1838.] 8°. 
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Paged continuously, with separate UUe and dedicatory pages. 




Sec [PdMMIER, 

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I |w,il.:i.-. ISIO. K°. pp. (2). 04. 
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mona .-iohn* la pnrto (t.vion^mica do lu ICxiMwirion univrnuil 

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ArriTie <lii ilr>*.«plioro. Ix- rWno f{<^iint nnt<Vliliivion. Bro- 

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Flnro toulou.'iainr; ou, Catalopio des phinlfs qui 

croisscnl !i|H>iit:iiioiin>nl <>» fpii wint rullivi'-t-s en grand aux 
envin>n.'< do Tnuloaso, di»|K>.-i<H's .luivant la nouvelle chu-vsi- 
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scher tmd pharmacologischer hinsicht zu sammtliehen 
neuen hand- und Ichrbiichern der pharmacognosie und 
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I \>i\trf\tt: — Itrilrtiirr mir kmntnM drr nnrlirn oliinunp. — IVticr <lir 
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Sla' - ■! of iii'riiMilturi — Mtircau of «-nloiiioloK.v. 


* "^ ' 1^ fomJu of tlio »urk uf Um Bureau of eotomoloiry. 


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to llif mouth of the Cin-jit Kish lUver, and silop); the tihoritt 
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pp. &:U-&3I. 

Uoiw duroh Nonl-Auifrikii l>L< lur niiimiuni; di-s 

OrcMHen KLsrlifli]--. . uml aii di-n kuMlen dfs iHihirnifiTwi in 
den jidircii 1 Aus deni cnBlischrn \on Kiirl 

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lie. .Si- H.vcKiioisE, I'honuLs and Jainos. 

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Tlie Utie-pafc is eneravcd. 

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The same. Whereunto is newly added the History 

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Another copy. 

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i. Iux,iii>mic niw priMluco. 

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>lii-iri:il«i ) 

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niiiziiiiKc-n. Noljst I'incii uiiliunK wie dio iimullH-crhAum 
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No more [fubltshed, 

MLsrellanea botanica ubi ct rnriorum horti botanici 

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I i>i, Hum-', will Ix-ww, (lurinR a botanical 
in ihr MHUilh uf .\u|Ciut, IS41. ll-^liiiliiirKli 

Trmtumriicnl V Utt K^u>Utrfti bulaninl toeirly, IM-I. i, M&-IM. 

|B*U. <■''.'■" Uiiv. Till- Rciiua t<:ili\ \\iL-<liiiiKi<iii, D. C 


niarUnum. iii, 10-37." 
\ in lima Miv 

M.iiii.w. I'.KKI S°. 
3 pUlm. >ial<T«>lliHP of iterii-iiltiin' ami iiircii;Uiic 

arts — |<4.i.. 1,1., il lirparlrnrnt. C'<intriliiitii>n.s, IS i 

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IDaS 1 I. 8*. 1 |.lal<>!« 


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Br ' '- 

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timber tre<-s; showinK the iin|)o.<<.xibilitv of in- 

<\e i|Uanlitv, or improving the cjualitv of timber 

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PP >> 

~ EiUsb. da fin tm . nil. vU. p. 123. 

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i, iu. Rio dc Janeiro H101-O2. T. I'Litcs. 

Knumcrtitio (inlmanim novarum qii:u< vallp flmninis 

Amaionuni invpiit:i.i n a<i M-rtuin iialiii:inirii nillivtjuf, 
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7 rolori'l jilat*-" 

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Un iHlas liaU-ares; <t, Callllo(co rnelf'idieo de Ins plantas 
obaerva<laii en eata region, que no sc liallan mencionadas en 

dc los nonibn's balean's, ra.-ilellanos y lH)t:inieas, <lc las 

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s |.|i -'1 Table. 
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.Scliweiz frosteiiipfinillich .sind. Carlshorst; Berlin. 1!KX). 

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du.«triali e medieinali nonelii' delle proprietil generali dclle 
loro famiglie seeondo le quali furon rlassali. Firenze. 
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A treatise on the strength of materials. New e<l., 

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Printed on one side of leaf only. 

Issued to accompany a set of botanical specimens. 

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The title-page of the atlas also is engraved. 

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Another copy. 

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N. p. [1909.] f°. pp. 24. 18 [21] plates. 

" Read before the National academy of sciences at its autuma meeting, 
at Princeton university, Nov. 16th, 1909." 







A IrKcr to Willinm Watiion on the 
"mnI to tir iniliKenoiw in (imit Hrilnin. 

rk,t,mi*if»l Umnimcitnm. 1770. Ul. 33-3S. 

TIh> nntunilitit's jounial. Iximlon. |rir. IV'.K) ) 

ijil s' |i(i. l(VJ|. 
B»rrini?ton- I'irlmrtt Ntnnliffp. Hriiort on the (lorn of tho 
County Kcny. I)ul>lin. ISM. s". 

th^ l^roctt^inft ttf the iiayat iruh afnJemy, Seienr*. 

'.■'->■.. .a » 
B*rrion, < • 
f<itT>liin- in I iiiii- 


( 'ontrihutiun ft IVtiulc de la qm-wtion 
ITunLs. \90ii.] 1. 8°. 

/(rffur tunutenne. WMVt, pp. .Vr4-'>71. 

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K.-il ly-x-f i LLitxin.) IS70. 8°. Fnmt. luul ni;ip. 

! ) Cult urn tiajt plnntiui quo ilAo n <iuinii. Liclxja. 

8'. pp. IJO. 5 plates. 

Notiop Mir Ion arlirrs forest lors <lu PortURal. 
.■ IS7S. .><'. pp ■_>«) Map. 
l.ttr«rlo i{o JnrfMs/ dr arimeias matfirmatteas, phytuiu e naiurnn, 
1. I,>«7S." 

IteliitoHo flon-stnl nolire as matiti <la Marhntla e 

vall>' lie Zeiiru apn-riontiiilo \ DinT<;Ao ilo coniniorcio no 
Mmi>lorii> ilns obr.u' publirius em 'A do .selenihro de ISG4. 
l.i~l«.:i. IS4V.5. 8°. pp. .V2. 5 maps. 

B&rrow, Sir John. hart. TmvoU in China, conlaininp de- 
■ 'MiiL-i, ol>!i«Tvation.«. and ooniparisons, made and col- 
1 in the rourse of a short rosidonre at the imperial 
p.iiiri- of Yuon-niin-.vwi-n, and on a sul>se<iuont journey 
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Hke illiiiilriitioriA ilifTrr fmm tlujnr in the firiifinnl article. 

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PI' ■ 

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xii, 11(>. 
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rrriim rriitrut'llnrlliolomri imKlici ili* I online frnlnim mino*. Vo\. (.1201 
vrrso: ICiplirit triicljiliis <lr pprirljililiiis rrr I iiin cdituii a rnitrc 
BiirllioloniiHi an I kIio* onliiii^ friitxn liiinuruiii. linprRs | huh por [Viico- 
liiiiz pi.Hli>riK ilf ni>iLs.slii>ym I rt Murt-iiln rfinliiirdi dp Arf^riltiim so I cios. 
Sub iinno ilni iiiillKiinio quiidriii ' ^I'ti^imo tHTtoKO^inio. dio vcro lulij. 
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Plate xxxvii was never puhlished. 

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No more published. 

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• Reisen durch Nord- und Sud-Karolina, Georgien, 

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und tschaktahs, nebst umstindlichen nachrichten von den 
einwohnern, dem boden und den naturprodukten dieser 
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oost- en west-Florida, de landen der cherokees, der musco- 
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15. PortRi., plutiti, luul phui. 
Th€ mine. He-uv-iuttl with new plan of garden, etc 

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No more published. 

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df •nt I't ^\^• pl:int:tlion on nrbn-s n^incux drs 

laiiM. > ivi'n's dfs drpiirli-moiis dc l:i Un'tHRiic, ilc lo 

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— ■ I'^numcratio stirpium magno Tran.ssilvaniae i)rinci- 

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14), 82, viii. 
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b:inn. Wic die.s«'lbe hcuntiges tapes iin ri'jiiiisrheii reicli, 
sonilerlicli in Schwaben, Francken und ainlern VDrnehnicn 
I)r«)vinzien practiciret wiril. Aus drncn allgemeinen reichs 
rcchlen, landes verordnunRcn, der tAghchcn ub^servanz und 
heuntigen praxi, grundlicli und dcutlich deducirt. 2' 
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vorkommcndcn .saniciipflanzen, uiiil fiihrcr zu wcitercii 
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nomnienen relsc und di'u in der hteriilur vorhiiiiiltMii'U ank'alM'n." Ttieilo 
iv-ix. " KnIlniUenil <lio erKehnlvs.; cincr dahin im jahre 1S.S8 unternuni- 
inen<-n f(>r>4-hunKsreise, si>wie die inzwiachcn iQ der lileratur verzoich- 
neli'U pManzen dieses Keliicte!*." 

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doutlioni Intliii ami Ceylon. aeeoinimnie<l l>y a hotaniral 
ninniiul, with <l<'!irri|>tion« of every Known tree and shrul), 
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.\ m.-xgyar .•illam erKlos<''tjeinek, gazda.s.'lgi ('s kere.s- 

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iv hiM no ljtl«-paitc. 

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und langc inncrhulb der niilten-<iurchniesser von 9 bis 24 cm 
und diT langcii von 1,(M) bis 4,00 m. 2*, unvcranderter 
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Station nnornialc du " I ot rsiRnnobulus diliquo«U8 " 

rot o (iup|(|ucs <il>«'n'iit ions sur Ira " rriblurtf en fsrainn i\v 
|>l<>nil> ■ (jui iK-rfiin-nt Itw foiiilles de ci'rtnins vi'-Retiuix 
KulvaBi'S ct rullivtSi ilcs onviniiui do Monlfort-rAiiiaiini" ft 
do l:t forf'l do UninlKXiillot, I'uris. liH>3. 
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Aggiuntoci in fine il dodecimo libro del volgarizzamento 

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B«no!t. I'.-rr.. I Wiynicp i\ .^tirinnin ; disirriptioiuli-s |h>kso»- 
nii ' ihiiiK l:i Ciiivnne. I)4's.sin)< litlinKntplii/v 

pa- KITS. Hnixt-lifs. itvut. r. pp |l|, m. 

KK) pLiiiii. 
BAntbami CJoornp. Arcount of two now p>nora IAihkIvIpm 
and l*<ifco|>otnlum| allini to Olacinra*. |l^)iiil<iii. 1S4I.| 
4*. 2 platnt. 

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[ 1 Annivorsjin' addnrsn to tin- Linnoan w«i<'ty. 1S7U, 

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oi|>^es nouvelli-s ou pen eonnues; pn^eAli'' d'une notiee sur 
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:iull. See CoTTA, Hcinrioh. 

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Uiiiinicao Index lilimniin hotaniroriirn hil>li(ilhi'c;io Ilorti 
iinin'n;ili< Ixitiiniri pi'lni|M>lit:irii i|U(>niin iiiscriptii)nc.s in 
Vt. .V. I'ritiolii Tlii's.'mn) litcniturac botiuiiriu- i-t in Addita- 
inontLs nd tlit's:iiiniin ilium :tl> K. A. Zurliold cditis drsidc- 
rantur. Halis IS.VJ. S°. pp. 40. 

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liclitr. xfllosc firhtc, pyniinidali' ficiilo, trniiprliclilo, liiingo- 
tirli'i-. kiiKi'lliclitc. kniinnilirhte oilor sunipffichic, niirilische 

I: i- lx>v;ita). Dnrpat. 1,SS7. I. 8°. |)p. 11. 12 

[•l.ii<'>. U>or|>->t — Nalurforsclifr-(;<\< Srhriftcii, 2.) 

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sni. S°. pp. |4|. .{4. 2 tabk-s. 

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Deulsehlande durrli die (iclile und die kiofer, Pinu.-s abies el 
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liin.-irhl beleuclitol. Danii.sladl. 1844. 8°. pp. |IJ, 88 

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For later rdition, 8C« hw *' Phnrmazriitiflcho boUinik." 

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I. IbiUnik. lU.'i. 

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For enrli«r «1.. mem his "Itolnnik." 

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Mimtntlichcr in diT Phannaco()oca borU'<.sica aufgcfiihrtoii 
otiiziiii'llcn gewiu-hse, inlcr diT tlicilc und rolistdlTc, wclcho 
von ihiien in anwendung konunen, nach natiirlichen faiui- 
lien I 4 Ixle. in 1. (I/oipzig. 1858-63.) 4°. 204 plates 
(I9K eolorwl). 
Atlas dcr ofTicincllcn pflanzcn; darstcllung und 

besehreibung der im .arzneibuche fiir (his deut.>«'ho reich 
erwahnlon gewai' 2'' verbcsserte aufl. von Darstcllung 
uiiil besehreibung sainintlicher in dor I'hannacoiMioa boru-*- 
siea aufgefiihrlen iilli<-incllcn hcruusgegcben ilurch 
.Arthur Mover, K. ,'^i-huinann. 4 Ixle. in 2. Ix'ipzig. 
1893, '91 l'.t()2. 4'. I()2 |1C.,S1 plates (1(15 colorol). 

I. Dii- HyiiUH-liilcn. l.V.i:t pp. |1'1. vi. |:;1, ll'fl+. 44 (4.')| colored 
plulm.— 11. l>io rliorUloiwlJiliMi. IliilfUf 1. lS!Mi. pp. (4]. fit. 
50 |.11| plum (.W colnrt-il).- ill. |l>ii< rhnriiit<>|H-Ulrn. Iliilrir 2.) 
180U pp. |4|. 102. ,1S |.-MI| pluira (S8 oilorwl).— it. Ilir iiiiinutnjly- 
tmloiiorii, ifyiiiiifmprniicti (iiul kryptoKiiUK'ii. I'.XIJ. pp. [2], KO. 30 
|.'l.'<| pliili.> (.12 •olorr,!!. 

ltd. i I'nnlailii* a litlo-piiK« f«>r \\w <Mitin» wtirk. 

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bois ;Lssurce par I'" aezol." See (Gerlachk, ,Iean|. 

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.S cc.lorcil plates, 8 tables, obi. .8°. 

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facili olaborata. Aeeedunt cogitata do studio botaiiiccs 
inothodico et <|uidein proprio marto addisccndao, tormino- 
rum techniconuii nomenolator, ct neeessarii indici's. F'mneo- 
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1.115UAUV OF THH AUNOl.l) AiniOKKTr.M 

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fn>iii HiiitciuorK of Mclt-liior Tn-ul), with 'I'n'iib's rcsi> 
BuiuaiorK IIMW | 4°. pp. JO. 

S<(n»J "Ch. II." 

( )b.sorv!it ioiis our lo tW: I.c-s maladies tin ihO on 

ffoiK^Ril; Iav malailiiw dil tlir cailscts par cli-s ai'aririi.s; Siir 
ill pn^sciirf (Ic li'vurtti ilaiu lo ill*'' en fcriniMitatioii, ct Iciir 
iiifluciuf ovi'tituollc sur ct'tto fcrmentulion. 3 pt. (in 1 
vol). IBuitenzorR. HMW-lO.l 1. S°. Tabic and S plalos. 
BuiirVin du titpartrmrni tU V a^rvuUitrt atu Indrt nffrtandaisft, lOOO- 
10. itiii, 1 14><, ititi. l'A2. 

"U»Uj dr» |M-iltrt|Niul uuvrnxtf* roiMultfM," i, i~t\. 

A ppoiHw d'uno nialadic dcs cocotiors causae par 

Postaloxiia palinaniin ('itok<\ Kapiwrf pn^scnK^ au ilirci-- 
tcHir du IV'partt'nicMt dc riiRriciillurt' i\ la suite d'un voyage 
entrcpris pnV Oe Kein|>il, rvsidencc de Hanjoewangi, |M)ur 
(^luilier U-s e<indi(ion.s dc d<5vclo|)|HMncnt de cette nialadie. 
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i'Alr;iit tliM Annates itr la StKtrlr U'emulatmn dr V Ain." 

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tr.ition (li"s caux et forOts. IOx|K)sition universolle inlcrnat- 
tionale <le I'.KH) :\ Paris. Kcstauration ct conservation dcs 
terrains en montagnc.) 

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rccherches liistoricpics \- chronologifiucs sur I'Indc iV: la de- 
scription (lu COUPS du (Jaiige A du (iagra, par .Aiuiuctil du 
Perron; La carte gcni'Talc de I'lnde, celles ilu cours du 
Braliiiiapoutrc, & de la navigation intcrieure du Bengale 
avec (les in<^inoires relatifs i\ ces cartes, publii-s en anglois, 
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I and Hor, Florida lancaslriensis; or, \ cata- 
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aiirtav M:inipulii!i i-iv (in 1 vol. 
S'. 14 \<\aHv. 

riinoriiii. 1S13-10. 


gait. l»4«>-4i>. 

limlmlt' — I 

It. I' 
111. I 



I'<T Linilwirlh t\iv nninzotintcn jahr- 
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i . UUiMr. 

Mlrmtrin' Inr><l»irtli«<-Iuiri. lO Ihrilr in 4. 1M8. — 
i. Hi-lhiMT. Ill lll.-ilc in i. l.>Mfi.— 
I'Vir 111 llii-ilr in J. I SUV— It. 
• 1 lU Ihrik in 4. IM7.— T. Pic 

U> U>r«l«' in .>. IMT-I.v 

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i:rmli.-li| ilirtionan-. l-d cd.] 2 pt. (in 1 vol.). Hiiilapttit. 

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llm 1 1 10] itlalm. 

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"llrt-lmhi Htarkwllinni aurtanim. rioUectJo Ktirpiuln. quae in pharma- 
c>ip<4it.<, a<l rordiruni usum nflaervantur. i'.um prat^futione C. <t. Lud- 
»iir " 

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rhtnatr anil rultivabic raparitv of the plainx roii.sidcrocl in 
mjarrl to ihf anicliorationn |Missilili> tlinnicli (ii'<"'<''r pro- 
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colipiiie Surinanie, volgens eene nepciiticii-jaaripr oniler- 
vitidiiiK z.'iinj'iiK<'*tfld. In orde RfliraKt, en met de noodiRC 
ophcldcrinKi-n en liewysrwlenen voorzien iloor F. V. Heshuy- 
M'n. lliuirleni. 1786. 8°. pp. (8), xxiv, 44S + . 
" l>njkf«]ffli," at end. 

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n.1 ii rt'jMlH: "Niirh drtn todo firs vorfiuiHeni vullendrl mid linniuH* 
i:**i:rl»'ii till) Mriiry Scllrirnnt." 

Blomquist, .\. f;. rndersokninpnr af I illviixten 

hos t linnicrt nid af tall och pran i olika ilelar af Finland; 

Kiniiiian.slalliia och heriiknade. Ilclsingfors. 1897. 4°. 

.") plates. 
Blonay, II. de. Note sur une nouvellc m(^thodc forest iire 

(lite du contnMe <lc .\d. tiurnaud. {Lausanne. IS!M).] 8°. 

ftu/Min dr la Sacifir raiuiour dri trirncrt nalurrlles. IHOO. xx\, IGG-ISO. 

Blondel, Haoul. Lcs produits odorants de.s rosiers; le 
parfuiii dcM ro.scs, lcs diversea odeurs des roses, siepc du 
puKum cliez les rosiers, distillation des roses, les eswenccs 
de rose et leurs falsifications. Paris. 1889. 8°. Map 
and 4 plates. 

Blondin de Brutelette, . Catalogue raisonnd des 

plantes v:isculairi-s du d^'partcnienl de la Sommc. See 
fluiV DE VicQ, L. IL, and Bix).\i)i.\ de Hri'tei,ette, . 

Blot, Fnf-dcric. M^'Uioire sur le puceron lanigeic, et sur 
lcs nioyens de le di^truire. IWith various other articles on 
puceron lanigf-re. Caen. 1830.) 8°. Plate. 

Mtnwjirrs de la Sociiti royale dagricullure et de commerce de Caen, 1830, 
iii. ir79-3.>>*. 

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m.iny not conunon observations, extracted out of the best 
iiiiMli-rn writers. Ixmdon. iiW.i. Hi", pp. jHi], 409 + . 

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I. ti. Iliintar ptinnfrdffiiinii'nc twii vrnwiiliMiir. 2 torn. lH2.'i. 2 
(ilfilrM. — lit. It. I'Innlin' iTyptdifiimirili' h. ri'lliildHur. 2 tfjin. IKHl-.l^. 

'I'tim. iii. iv liovr alMj Uie tillr: "Mora cryptoKuniica (icrmaniue, auc- 
lor«. V. Ii. \\iillrotliiu. |MirH i. ii." 

Bliun, .1. Die pyramidcneiche bci Harreshau.sen, gross- 
hcrzogtiim Hi».-ien. (Frankfort a. M. 1895.J 8°. Plate 
and other illustr. 

Berieht der Senekenbergischen nalurforscbenden getellsclu^fl, 1895. pp. 

Der rechneigraben in den sliidtischcn aniagcn zii 

Fninkfurt a. M. in iMitanischcr bczicliung. [Frankfurt am 
Main. 1H.S0.) 4°. pp. :{-40. Plan. (Progr. d. real- u. 
volk.'M'hule der israehtischen gemeinde. " 1880, nr. 34(i.") 

Bltime, Karl Ludwig, ritter von. Heschrijving van Calamus 
drain ll'i/W , niuir e.xeiiiplaren van dcze plant, verzamcid en 
iMiilcgeili.'eld door den hecr Praetorius, resident te Palem- 
bang. op het cihind Sumatra. (Amsterdam. 1832.) 8°. 
pp. 1.5. 

"OvrriTMlnikt uil do llijdragen tot de naluurkundige tretentrliapprn," 
1832. Tii. 1I.V-I20. 

Ucschrijving van ccnigc gcwatiscn, waargenomcn op 

eeiien togt naar den Salak, in den jare IS22. (HatRvia. 

is2.'i.i 8^ 

Verhatidelingen van hel llataeiaaseh grnooUchap ran ku/ulen en itrlen- 
tehappen, 1S2,'>. ix, 127-202. 

Hijdrage tot de kennis onzer javaansche eiken. 

(Batavia. l.S2.').| 8°. (i plat«i. 

Vrrhantlelingrn ran het ilataeiaaaeh genoolsthap ran kunsten en icrlen- 
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Hijdragcn tot de flora van Ncderlandsch Indie. 

17 stukkcn (in 2 vol. pagcil contin.). Hatavia. l.s2.")-2(). 
sm. 8°. pp. (lO-l-.'JO), ll()9 (1173). ', tables and 14 plates. 

Catalogiis van eenige der merkwiuirdigstc zoo in- 

als uit-heemsclic gcwas-sen, te vinilcn in 's Lands planlcn- 
tiiiii te Buitenzorg. (Batavia. 1823.] sin. 8°. j)]). 112-t-. 

Over eenige oost-indischc hout.soorten, in verband 

met dc verwoestingen door den paalworm of andorc schelp- 
dicrcn hicr te lande en elders aangcrigt. (.Amsterdam. 
l.s.^)9.] 8°. pp. 2.'-.. 

"(*vi'f(i«lnikt nil Verslngen en medetleelingen der Koninklijke akademie 
Pan wetensehappen, afdeeling nnlititrkunde," l.s.V.1. ix, 2.'»— lU. 

Kiiuincratio iilantarum .lavae et insularuni adja- 

ccntium iniiuis cognitariiin vel novariim ex herbanis Uein- 
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jutorc J. B. Fischer. 3 tom. Bnixellis. 182S-.51. f°. 
238 plates. 

i. Anonurcjp. BiiLHaminiiir. Chlorunlhcip. CupulifcTic. — 11. DijH 
l<Tocnr|icit'. Filici^. Juifltinileir. — ill. I.uranUicu'. .MiiKiioliaonr. 
MyriciMP. Klii/anllioir. Si'liizandrrn>. 

Vol. iii has the- litlc-pagc uf unolticr work. .Mo5t of tlir plates arc 

(23 unpublished colored plates.) f°. 

Monographic der oost-indischc pepcrsoorten. (Ba- 
tavia. 1821).) 8°. 33 plates. 

From Vrrhanilelingen van tiet Bataeiaasch genooltchnp run kiuislen en 
wetensehappen, 1826, xi, 1.39-245. 

Mu.scum botanicum lugduno-batavuni; sive, .Stir- 

pium exoticarum novarum vd minus cognitarum ex vivis 
aut .siccis brevis exposilio ct dcscriptio. 2 tom. Lugduni- 
Batavorum. 1849-(.")()j. 8°. 56 plates. 

i. 1849-51. pp. HI. 39U. 24 plulcs.— Ii (1852-50.) pp. 250. 
32 plates. 

Tom. ii lioH no general tillc-poKC. 

Naanilijst van oost-iiuli.sche en bcpaaldelijk javaan- 

sche gewa-iscn, weike ten bchoeve van de Koninkl. iiederl. 
niaat.schappij tot aanmoediging van den luinbouw aan- 
gekweekt worden, benevens eenige aanteekcniiigen nopens 
hel lint der invoering van vreeiiide gewa.s.sen en de laalste 
iKiKingcn oiii daanloor deii tiiiiiboiiw in .N'edcrland op te 
beurcn. |l.evdcn. 1814.) 8°. pp. (2), 51. 

"liftrtikki'ii nil hrl .hiarlioek der Konink. nederl. maalseh. tut tutn- 
nutediginij van den tuinlxtuw over IH44." 

Neesia, genus ])lantaruin javanicuiii, reperlum, 

descriptum, etc. (Bonnac. 1.S33.J 4°. pp. 12. Colored 

Roprinleil from ".-tc/a Acad. ears. leap, carol, not. cur. vol. xvii. p. I." 
pp. 73-84. 

Opheldering van de inlichtingen van den heer Fr. 

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Humphia; sive, Conunentationcs botanica- im- 
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rum. 1835-48. f°. 2(K) (212) plates, port, and facsimile. 

1. 183.5. pp. [81, 204. I'l. 1-70 171 plal™). and rii<-..>iniile.— 11. 
1830. pp. 14). 170. PI. 7I-IB7 (OS platH.— III. IK47. pp. |4|, ii, 
224. I'l. l.tK-)73 141 plntenj. and |K,rl.— It. IW8. pp. |4|, 75. 
I'l. I74-2IKI |.32 pliiM 

For review, mn* JiiHMiHr, Ailrien de. 
Blytt, Axel (iulbrand. Bidrag til kimdskabcn om vegeta- 
tionen i den lidt sydfor og under polarkredsen liggendc del 



af Norge. Efter undcrs0gelser anstillede i Ranen i sommeren 
1S70 nipfl W. Arnell. [Kj0benhavn. 1S71.] 8°. pp.59. 

"Sicrskilt aflrykt af Vidensk.-selsk. forhandlinger for 1871." 

Christiania oraegns phancrogaiiier ng brcgner med 

angivclse at deres udbredelse saint en iiidlcdniiig om vcgcta- 
tionens afha>ngighed af undcrlaget. Christiania. 1870. 

Es.say on the immigration of the Norwegian flora 

during alternating rainy antl dry periods. Christiania. 
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komme. 3 del (paged contin.}. Christiania. 1861-76. 8°. 
pp. [12], 1348. 

Del. ii, iii " af Axel Blytt." 

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'■ Of the nature and condition of the land," pp. 78-90; " Of the woods," 
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"Errata." at end. 
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Catalogus Horti botanici oxoniensis alphabetice 

digestiis, duas, prxterproptcr, plantarum chihadas complec- 
tcns, jjriore dujilo auctior, idemque elimatior; nee non 
et>-mologiis qua gra-eis, qua latinis, hinc inde petitis, enu- 

cleatior, in quo nomina latina pariter & gra>ca vernacuhs, 
A: in ejus sequiore parte, vernacula latinis, praeponuntur. 
Cui accessere planta; minimum sexaginta suis nominibus 
insignita>, qua; nullibi nisi in hoc oi)useulo memorantur. 
Cura tt opera socia Philippi Stephani et GuUelmi Brounei. 
Adhil)iti.s etiam in coasilium Boberto patre ejusque filio. 
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[ ] An English catalogue of the trees and plant.s in the 

Physicke garden of the Universitie of Oxford. Oxford. 

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*'Extrait de la Bevue technique de VExposilion universelle de 1889." 

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" Extrait de la Bevue technique tie I'Eiposilion universelle de 1889." 

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Boccone, Paolo afterwards Silvio. Icones & descriptiones 
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eju.sdem classis facile distinguitur. [Oxonii.] 1674. 1. 8°. 
pp. xvi, 96. 52 [53] engra\'ings. 

Museo di fisica e di esperienze variato, e decorato di 

osseri-azioni naturali, note medicinah, e ragionamenti 
secondo i principii de' moderni. Con una dissortazione 
dell' origine e della prima impressione delle produzzioni 
marine, come fucus, coralline, zoophite, spongie, ed anche, 
intorno I'origine de funghi. Venetia. 1697. 4°. pp. 
[8], 319. 12 platGs. 

Museo di piante rare della Sicilia, Malta, Corsica, 

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plant is .Andrea; C;psalpini, e varie osservazioni curiose. 
Venetia. 1697. 8°. pp. [8], 196. Port, and 132 plates. 

"Appendix ad libroa de plantis Andre«e CaJsaJpini," pp. 125-132. 

• Osservazioni natuiali ove si contengono materie 

medico-isiche, e di bolanica, produzioni naturali, fosfori 
diversi, fuochi .sotterranci d'ltalia & altre curiosit:'l. Dis- 
poste in trattati familiari. Bologna. 1684. sm. 12°. pp. 
[12], 400. 2 plates. 

"Delle cause della viridiu\ perpetua di alcunc piante," pp. 329-337. 
Recherches et observations naUirelles touchant lo 

corail, la pierre etoilee, le bezoar mineral, & les jilantes qu'on 
trouve dans la Sicile, avec quelques reflexions .sur la v(''gC?ta- 
tion de« plantes. Amsterdam. 1674. 16°. pi). [6], 328. 
17 plates. 

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affini, 19.) 

Bock (Lat. Tragus), Hieronymus. Kreiiterbfich, darin 
underscheid, wiirckung und namen der kreiiter so in l^eut- 
schen Landen wachsen auch der selbigen eigentlicher und 
wolgegrinidter gcbrauch inn der artznei flei.ssig dargrhen 
leibs gesmnlheit zi'i l)chalten und zfi fiirderen seer nutzlich 
und trostlich vorab dcm gcmeinen einfaltigen man. [Strass- 
burg, Wendel Rihel.] 1546. f°. pp. [38], ff. cccliii. Illustr. 

The siiinc. Jctzund von newem obersehen, gcbes- 

sert unnd gemehret. Strassburg, durch Josiam Rihel. 
1560. f°. ff. [18], ccccxiii, [7]. Port, and other illustr. 

The same. Jetzund zum andern mal auffs new mit 

allem fleiss ubersehen und mit vilen nfltzlichenexperimcnten 
gebessert und gemehret. Auch xvie man die kreutter zu 
rechter zeit samlen und distillieren soil. Durch Mclchiorem 
Sebizium. Strassburg, tlurch Josiam Rihel. 1587. f°. 
pp. [54], ff. 454, pp. [46]. Illustr. 

De stirpium maxime earum quae in Germania 

nostra nascuntur, usitatis nomenclaturis, propriisque differ- 
entiis, nec|ue non temperaturis ac facultatibus, oommenta- 
riorum libri trcs, germanica primum lingua conserijiti, 
nunc in latinam conversi, interprete Davide Kybero. His 
accesserunt pra?fationes duae, altera Conradi Gesneri rei 
herbaria; script orum qui in hunc usque diem scripserunt, 
catalogum complectens; altera ipsius authoris, herbari;c 
cognitionis laudes & alia nonnulla scitu tum necessaria, 
tum jucundissiina, continens. Praeterea, corollarii vice 
adjectus est B. T. Segusiani de stirpium differentiis, ex Dio- 
scoride secundum locos communes, libellus. [Colophon: — ] 
Argentorati, excudebat Vuendelinus Ribclius. 1552. 8°. 
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1862.] 8°. pp. 8. 

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Observations sur les genres Oxera LahiU. et Ame- 

thystea Lin., leur organisation comparee a celle du Clero- 
dendron Lin. [Paris. lS(i2.] 8°. pp. 12. Plate. 
Extrait de VAdan.ionia. 1861-62. ii. 294-.305. 

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Reprinted from Adansonia, 1861-62, ii, 81-165. 

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4 plates, and other illustr. 

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8°. pp. 48 [46]. Plate, (Pharmacophytologie.) 

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ques. Introduction par Em. Perrot. Paris. 1905. sm. 12°. 

Les plantes alexitdres de rAm6riquc. Paris. 1891. 

8°. Illustr. 



\av plnntfii utili-M do l:i 

pp. ir.. 

BocquUlon-Lunousin, II<-nri. 

Tunisir. I'ttris. IMIJ. I. S". 
" Fatmil du \tontk dft piantei." 
Boden, Kn»nz. ni<' l;irrli<', ihr Iciclilrr unci sicluTcr !iiil>iiii in 

iiiitiil- iiml nimlilculjirlilaiiil ilurcli dii- crfolnrcichi- lii-- 

k:im|ifiinK lint UirchonkroKioM. Hunieln, Wr, 1S'»<». tun. S . 

3 platt-M. 

nio Htockfiiulp ilcr fichto, ilirr rnl.slrliunc und 

vcrhatunR. Unnidn. KMM. .S°. pp. |21, !»1. Ilhislr. 

Bodman, Ctustav L. Monogniphiii Clitorybiiruin Suociu-. 
S<H- Khiks, K. M., priiPMce. 

Bodson, I.iicicn Compli>-rondii dc In nciivirinc li«Tl)i)ri.><ji- 
lion (jcnrralc tie In .S<)i-irl(^ riiyalp dc h<>t.'inii|U<' do Hol^iiiuo, 
1870. Si-o M.\iuilAL, f;iio, iind Hoiwon, I.ucioii. 

HorlMirisntion dan.* lo hiu-vsin do la haiilo Vosdro. 

J^i-o Dk Vos, Andn'', and HuDso.v, I.ucion. 

Bock, J. H. Nalunjotrouo ahhildiinKon dor in Doulsrhlaml 

oinhoiniischon wildon Imlzarton orlaiitorndoni toxlo. 

I.iof. i-|xv\ii|. AuK'^burn. 1X44-159). 4°. pp. 52. 7'J 

(•(iIohnI plutos. 
Bockmann, Fr. Das celluloid, seine rohmateriallen, 

fabrikatiiin, oiKonsrliaflon und tp<-lini.sdie vorwondunR. 

3', uni(5oarboilolo aufl. Wion, r/r. 11S<»-?| sni. S°. lllustr. 

(.\. Harlloboir.s choinisoh-tophni.sche bibliothek, 70.) 

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huili-s et lourtoaux. Ia'^s plantes aliniontaire.s do.s rt^gion.s 
intortropiralos, eaeao. cii(6, ranne :\ .suore, etc., eidluro, 
prd-panition, usages. Paris. 1888. sm. 8°. lllustr. (Pe- 
tite bibliothiViue scientlfique.) 

Bohm, .XuRUst. Welche bahnen wiiren einzusrldanen und 
wrlclio inclustrien in's loben zu rufin, uni un.<oi-o Kcrinncn 
waldorlhiKe zu erhiihen und einen allnernoincn auf.sohwung 
unscreni waldijewerbe in zielbewusster weise zu sichern; 
re<le. Czeniowitz. 1883. 8°. pp. 24. 

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(l*ber die schinarotzernatur der mistel. Wien. 

1866.) 8°. 

Sihungtberirhtr der KaUertichen akademie der wisseruchaflen. \fathe- 
maiUch-naturtrtunrniirtmftliclxr rlatsf, 1800, lii, 90*98. 

and BreitenJohner, Jakob. Die baumtcmperalur 

in ihrer abhangigkeit von iiusseren einfliissen. [Wien. 
1877.) 8°. 

Sihungahrrirhlr tifr Mathrmattseh-nalurwissenschafUiehen classe der 
hauertu-hen akiulemie drr wUsrnsehafien, 1877, Ixxv. 015-0-1,5. 

Boehmer, (leorg Rudolf. Conimentatio bolanico-litcniria 
de plant is in nieinoriani fultoruin nominal is, incept a anno 
1770, nunc ad reeenti.ssima tempora coiilinuala. Lijjsiac. 
1799. 8°. pp. 233. 

Comment alio physico-botaniea dc plant anini seniinc 

antehac •Spermatologiae titulo per partes nunc conjunct ini 
eilita et aucta. Accedit di.ssertalio de conlo.xtu vcgcta- 
bilium. Wittobergae, ric. 1785. sm. 8°. pp. |4), 4.08. 

In es.sentiae CofToae in novellis publicis nuper 

commendatae virtutem inquirit. (Witlcbergae. 1782.) 
sm. 4°. pp. viii. 

(Jenera planlanim in tabulis synopticis dis|K)nonda 

commendat. |\ itcbergae. 17iK).) sni. 4°. pp. jll). 

Novum contra frigus hybernum arhores defcndcndi 

adminieulum describit. [\'iteborgae. 1773.) sm. 4°. pp. 

Tabularum synopticarum, quibus genera jilantanim 

dis|K>nuntur, exempla proponerc pergit. [Vitobergae. 
17(KI ) mn. 4°. pp. 16. 

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l.auin und die odelkastanic. Wion. 1906, 1. 8°, pp. 54, 

Bohmerle, Karl Forinzahlon und ma.ssontafoln fUN>dic 
seliwary.fiilinv Wion. l.S<»3. I. 8". Map and 5 charts. 

KiM-niK lliril ii i,f Arlliiir vnn S<N-kpiiittH"ir» " hritriiit*' Jtiir ImnnliuHn 
ilrr M-limirzfiilirtv" 

M itthriUtnijeu ana drm fttrattirhen rrrsurhsirrgrn littrrrtichs, 1893, XV. 

Bohmischer (orstverein. Hcschrcibung dor furst Philinp 
l')rn.-^l zu llciliiiilnlic .Sliillini'sfur>l'sclicn doniainc I'od^- 
bnid mil lioondcicr rui-ksiclit auf dcrcn forsto ncbst be- 
sclircibung dor cxkursion.stour dea forstvercin im jahre 
l',M(7. Prag. 191)7. 8°. pp. 43, 37. Map. 

INiltlUhril ill Iwii piirlH, tlrriuiiii iinil Htiliriniiiii, with HrfMiriilr lilli^ 
piiltrvi iiinI iiiiKiiialioii. 

Heschroibiuig dor zuin fiirst Johann von und zu 

Liechtoiislcin'sclicn forstanitc Uattay an dor Sazawa 
gohiirigcn rcvicrc Ticrgartcn und Miroscliowitz, fiir die 
cxkui-sion am 10. juli, 19(l.">. I'rag. 1905. 8°. pp. 67, .56. 
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Plate descriptions oa verso of preceding plate. 

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■ The same, extracted. 



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Nouvcllo floro ilii iiord do la rraiu-o ot do la liolgiqiie 


,., I„ 

'M\-art.s — Comito dos travaiix liisto- 

htsiorititie rl drteriplirf." 

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I^i • ' '■ Ixitaiiicpio ot Ins horborisiitions do 

P. dc Toiin li-> l'\ Toiioi-s ot dans lo niidi do la 

Fninr*', il' ..|i.- .i. - liocuinoiits inodits. jParis. 1HS7.) 
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|M>ur la dotorinination facile dos plantes .sans mots tochniiiuos. 
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vii. ,',.'. SI. 

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[ ( Een kort tractaat van de kragton cn't goedo 

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( j Een kort tractaat van de kragton on't goede 

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Kurtze abhandluiig von doin Micn.schliolien leben, 

ge-sundhoit, kranckhoit und tod. W'oboy iioch angehftnget 
drey kleine trnctjllloin. Erstlich in hoUimdi.scher sprache 
beschrieben. ,\nilzo abor in die hoch-tout.scho sprache 
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Tractiiiil van hot oxcollensle kruyd thee, 't welk 

Franre ot de la SiiiHso imur trouvor faoiloment les noms des 
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verloond hot rogtc gebruyk, on do grooto kragton van 't 
solve in go,son(lhoy(l, on siokton; bonevons eon kort disoours 
op hot levon, do sickle, on dc dood, inilsgadcrs op do inodi- 
cijno van lijd, ten diensto van die gone, die lust heblion, 
om langor, ge.sondor on wijscr to lovon. 2"' druk, vor- 
meerdool, on vorgnjol, met byvocgiiigo van noch twee 
korle vorhandolingon, i, van de cofli, ii, van de chocolate, 
inil.sgadors van eon apologie van den aulheur logons sijne 
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— - — DLscours d'ouvcrture du cours de botaniquc k 
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Ueber die haide; beobachtungen und folgerungen. 

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The same. 2', verbes-serte und vennehrte aufl. 

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landes- und volkskundc, iii, 1.) 

Waldschiidcn ini oberschlesi.schcn induslriebezirk 

nach ihrer entstehung durrh hiittenrauch, insektenfrass, etc. 
ICine rechlfcrtigung der Industrie gegen folgenschwere falsche 
anschuldigungen. (Mil "anlagen.") Frankfurt a. M. 1895. 
4°. Map anil 25 plates (10 colored). 

Borghesi, Giovanni. Lctlera scritta da Pondi.sceri nella 
((Ualc- si conlengono, oltrc a un picno racroiilo del viaggio 
du Roma fino alle coste dell' Indie (.)rientali, varie nuove 
osscrvaaioni mediche, anatomiche, bottaniche, natural!. 



e d'altri generi. Trasportata dal manuscritto latino da 
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3 i)!atc.s. 

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tungswcscn.s in den Ichroberfor.^tereic'n Eberswalde und 
Bicseiitlial tier Kiiniglichcn forstakaderaie Eberswalde seit 
dem jahre 1755 bis zur gegenvvart. Neudamm. 1904. 8°. 
pp. 58. Table. 

Grundziige der geschiehte und wirtschaft der 

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Kronenfreihieb und lichtwuchsbetrieb der fichte 

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pp. [4], 28. Diagrs. 

Neudammer forsterlehrbuch. Sec Sch\v.\ppach, 

Adam, and others. 

— • Repetitorium zum Neudannner forsterlehrbuch. 

See [ScHW.iPPACii, Adam, and others]. 

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Catalogue des vdgetaux qui se trouvent a la Reunion. 

Fougercs. [Saint-Denis. 1865.] 8°. 

Bulletin de la Societe d'acclimatation ei d'histoire natarelle de Vile de la 
Beuriion, 1805, iii. 73-83. 
A part of the work only. 

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Some botanical observations. Translated from the 

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Theoretisch-praktisches handbuch der forstbotanik 

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Versuch einer forstbotanischen beschrcibung der in 

den hessen-darmstadtschen landen, besonders in der ober- 
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Die pharmaceutisch-wichtigen ferulaceen fler aralo- 
caspischen wiiste, nebst allgemeinen untersuchungen iiber 
die abstammung der im handel vorkomraenden gummiharze 
Asa foetida, Ammoniacum und Galbanum. Der akademie 

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"Errata," at end. 

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Sur una excursion aux extr6mit& m^ridionales et 

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torn, xix, 1844." 

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"Extrait des Comptes rendus des seances de r Academie des sciences, 

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Continued from page 44, by FrM6ric Lacroix. 

Voj'age dans les quatrc principales iles des mers 

d'Afrique, fait par ordre du gouvernement, pendant les 
ann^es neuf et dix de la republiquo, 1801 et 1802, avcc 
I'histoire de la traversee du capitaine Baudin ju.squ'au Port- 
Louis de rile Maurice. 3 tom. Paris. 1804. 8°, and atlas 
of .56 [.58] plates .and maps, f°. 

1. pp. xvi. 408.— li. pp. [4], 431. — iii. pp. (4], 473. 

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de Moree]; par MM. Fauche, Adolphe Brongniart, Chau- 
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{In France. Expedition scientifique de Moree. Section 
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For later ed., see their " Nouvelle flore du Pfloponntee et des Gyclades." 

Nouvelle flore du Pcloi)onnese et des Cyclades, 

enti^rement revue, corrigce et augmentee par M. Chaubard 
pour les phan^rogames, et M. Boiy de Saint-Vincent pour 
les cr}'ptogames, les agames, les considerations generales, 
la distribution des especes par families naturelles et ce qui 
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For earlier ed., see their "Botanique [de I'expMition scientitique de 

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Flora forestale italiana; ossia, Descrizione delle 

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80.] 8°. 

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Memoire sur les dififerentes especes de chSnes qui 

croissent en France, et sur ceux et rangers a 1' empire qui se 
cultivcnt dans les jardins et p(5piniercs des environs de 
Paris, ainsi que sur la culture generale et partictiliere des tins 
et des autrcs. [Paris. 1807.] 4°. 

Memoires de la classe des sciences mathematiques et physiques de VIn' 
stitut de France, 1807, viii, 307-373. 



Bosc, I oiiis Aufciistin Ciuillaume. Notiro i^^mnomiquc sur 
liT. iiiMTM-> i->|M<<> lie fniio (iiii so riillivciit «'ii re iiioiiiciK 
il:iiir< Ira J!inliii> I'C |M'-|>inii'nti ilw fiiviniiis ili- I'liri.". |l':iris. 
IMKI 1 ^^ 

Mtmoirta dr ia tiasst tirs teunerM matMntatiquft ri phy§iquf» de fin- 
llUuldr Franrr. IxM. I' M-mmlrr. pp. IWi 22S. 

iiiul Baudrillart, .I:ir<nifs Ju.scph. Diciinnniun- tie 

la rullun- ill's arbifM vt ilr I'liim'iirtKi'tnrnt ilcs forfl.s I'liris. 
IS'Jl. pp. viii, Si5 + . {Ill ENcvruii'feDiK ni(''lliotli(|uc. 
Aitricultim-, IS'Jl, vii.) 

ami otlicr>. Hup|Hirt fait sur (la) ni(?tlio(io do M. 

Ca<|p| lU- Vau.\ |(jH)iivt'nn'inoiit dcs ariinw par Tarqiln'). t?ii' 

C.xukt-de-Vavx. A. A. (louvcnu-iiu'iit ilos arbn-s par 

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I'.MMt S°. pp. 31+. 
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rultura y li la iiiilu<lria Madrid. l!S58. 10°. pp. "JOS, 

xxiii + . 

"Krmlas." at rod. 
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<ii' l:i I-AiMisirioii ile l/mdres de 1802. Madrid. 1863. 8°. 

PP |i!.-:«'i f 
De boschvennootschappen op de Veluwe. |Z\volle. 189G- 

•j; 1 8 pp 1.'). 

"OvrT^rdrukt uit het Tijdtehrift Nedrrt. heidemaalschappij, 1890, en 
•97. all. C. " 

Bose, Karl .Vdani lleiiirieh vein. Neues allRemein praklisclie.s 
wiirierbui-h der f<)rstwis.-ietise!iaft. Xach eigiier erfahruii): 
l)e;irl)eilel IIeniu.-*K'"K*'ben. heriohtiget und vervollkomni- 
iiet von F C;. Ix-onhanli. 2 theilc (in 3 vol.). l/i-ipzi^;. 
18ll7-()(t H°. 2 plates. 

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4M. liate. 2. 1809. pp. |4l. iv, 380. 

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[Mellxmnie. 187tJ.l 8°. 

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xii. 10-23. 
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landsclii- Mori en |>oniuna. Groningen. 1876. 4°. 81 
eolonii plates. 

The «>ver has Ihr dale "1878." 

Virrcniging tol rrgeliiig en verbtliring van lie vriichl- 

snorlrn. De netierlandsche IxMiinuaard, met afbeeklingen 
naar de natuur, d(M)r .'^. Berghuis. Van eene voorre<le 
voorzien door H. C. van Hall. 2 din. Groningen. 1868. 
4°. Port, of Willem HI and 125 colored plates. 

T!i*Tr is 11 (rfnernl lille-poKc for llw* work whirti iMvin* tho diite " 18r»4." 
Bosman, Willem. Nauwkeurige beschrvviiig van de 
Goud-, 'I'and- en Slave-KusI, nevens alle de.s.-ielfs landen, 
koningr>ken, c/r. Mitsgaders de gesleldheid des lands, 
veld- en lMH)mEe«:i.s.sen, <7c. I'treehl. 1704. 4°. pp. [24], 
2(18. 2.S<). |2s| Port, and 17 plates. 

"Boumen on andere uprd^pwiiitscii." pp. 64-88. 

The sntne. 3' druk, vermeerdi-rt . .Xmstenlam. 

1718. 8°. pp. (241, 208, 27<.l, |29|. 2 maps, port., and 26 

" Uooroen en andere aerdKewamen," pp. 04-88. 

\'oyage de Guiii<?e, eontenant une description 

nouvelle iV tr^s-exaete de eette eitte oil Ton trouve \- oil 
Ton tnifique I'or, les dents d'elephant, & les eselaves, etc., 
tfimme aussi de la nature tV <|iialit^- du terroir, des arbres 
fniitiers A sauvages, de divers aniinaux, eir. I'treelit. 
170.1 sm. 12°. pp. 1161,520. Port, and 17 plates. 

Viaggio in Guinea, I'ontenenle un'e.satia descrizione, 

delltt Moria naturale, del Irafliio, delle tene liltorali, lir. 
Tnuloto did franzese. 3 tom. Venezia. 17.52-.54. sin. 8°. 
Port, and 17 plates. 

I. 17.''i2. |>ii. |in|. >ii. 209. Porl. and 12 plalea.— U. 1752. pp. 
3A2. 3 plalea— lU. 17M. pp. 352. 2 ptalm. 
"Delle piante." ii. 3U1-34U 
Bosredon, Alexandre de. Manuel du mini eiilteiir, exposd 
riiiiiplc'i de la nii'-tliode iiratitpie |iour rinlretien ei la 
rn'-ation diit trutlien-s, suivi de la description des principales 
Vttrift/ii de I ruffes el de I'histoire gasln)noiiiii|Uc et comiiier- 

P<?rigucux. 1887. 8°, 13 pl4tes, 
tU'r natuur. 

ciale de ee luberculc 

and other illu.str. 
BoBScba, Johann, jr. HIikken in het leven 

.•sei' SiniNdAii, W. F. U., and others, editors. 
Bossche, I^iin van den. llortus thenensis 

e.".pi'ces botaiiiques cultivi'i's dans le jardin !l 

Hruxelles. 18!)5. f°. 
The same. |Hruxelles. 1900-02.1 1. 

Index des 

pp. 4, 



Icones selectUJ Horti tlienen.sis. Iconographie dc 

plantes ayant lleuri dans |ses| collections i"l 'Pirleniont. 
.\vec les descriptions et annotations de M. fiiii. de \\ ildenian. 
Tom. i-vi. Hruxelles. 189<»-|1<H)91. 1. 8°. Plates 1-240. 

BoBSe, J. F. \V. Vollsliindiges han<ll)uch der bluniengiirt- 
nerei, o<ler genaue be.-ichreihung fxsl aller in Deutschland 
bekannt gewordencn zicrptlanzen, niit ein.schhi.fs derjeiiigen 
striiuclier und vorziiglicliern zierbaume, welclie zu lust- 
aidagen dienen; iicbst griindlicher anieitung zu dercn 
cultiir, und einer einleitung lilier alle zweige der blumen- 
giirtnerei. 2'', vernielirle und veilii-s-serle ailfl. 3 theile. 
Hannover. 1810-42. 8°. 

1. Abics-Dyckiii. IS-IO. pp. xvi, 731. — ti. KlMilium-Uiyura. 
1841. pp. (21, 705. — ill. I'nchyiKidiuni-ZyKopliylluin. IS42. pp. |2|, 

Bossmann, Huilolph. Hiilfs-tabellen ziir beiechnung des 
niMilrii und vicreckigen liolzes, ..iowie der borke eincs baum- 
sl amines, und der kiirper, welche die form eines kegels, 
eines abgekiirzten kegels, eines schief abgekiirzlcn gerailcn 
cylinders, eines prisma's und einer jiyramitle liaben, nach 
deni kubischen inhalte derselben. Xebst einer tabelle 
iiber thus gewicht der versehiedcnen holzarten, cic. '.i', 
verbesserte und vermehrte aufl. (iuedlinburg, tie. 1858. 
sm. 8°. pp. 127 -H. 

Bosson, .\. M(?nioire sur I'influence physique du delK)ise- 
nient des forets. Paris. N. D. ,S°. pp. [21, 16. 

M(''moire en r(''ponse i c-elte question [proposee par 

r.\ead<''mie rovale de Mruxelles]: (jucis sont les cliangeniens 
que peut occa-sioiu-r le deboi.sement de forf'ts con.siderables 
sur les contr6es et coniniuncs adjaeentes, relativement :\ la 
temp('Tature ct ii la salubrilC- de I'air, c/f. Bruxelles. 1825. 
r. pp. 22. _ 

Bossu, .\. Xouveaux voyages dans r.\m<^ri(|ue septen- 
tiionale, eontenant une collection de lettres (?criles sur les 
licux :\ M. Douin. .Vinsterdam. 1777. 8°. pp. xvi, 392. 
4 plates, and coat-of-arins. 

Thr same. (With " Supplement ii I'anecdote 

tragique, concernant madame Denover.") Xouv. <-d. Am- 
sterdam, c/r. 1778. 8°. pp. xvi, 392, ILOOl. 

Travels through that part of Xortli .Vmerica for- 
merly called lx)uisiaiia. Translated from the French by 
J. R. F'orsler, illustrated with notes relative chiefly to 
natural history. To which is added by the translator a 
.systematic catalogue of all the known plants of 
Xorth-.\merica, or, .\ Flora .Vmerica- .septi'iitrionalis; to- 
gether with an abstract of the most useful and ni'ce.s.saiy arti- 
cles contained in Peter l^oefling's Travels through .Spain and 
Cuinaiia in South .\inerica. 2 vol. I^indon. 1771. 8°. 

1. pp viii. 4<I7.— il. pp. 14). 4.'12. 

Bostichi, Hernardo Davanzati. .Sih- Davanzati Bos- 
Ticiii. Bernardo. 

Boston. |.-\ .signwl petition presented to the city council 
n-questing that the .Vrnold arboretum be annexed to the 
Boston park system. 1 Boston. I.S,S1. Hroadsiile. 

Cummittre on Cnmmoii, ile. Keport in regard to the 

planting of trees and the general care of the publii- grnutids, 
with accompanying re|)orts of the superintendent and a 

committ( f experts. (Boston. IVS2.1 8°. pp.9. Plan. 

(Doc. 1.53.) 

Dejmrtmeitl of parks. Notes on the plan of Franklin 

park and related matters. (Boston. 1 18,86. 8°. 2 plans. 

Heport of comniissionei-s upon pro|M)sed sanitary 

impnivement of .Muddv River, (Boston. 1881. | 8°. pp. 
4 2 maps. (Doc. 130.) 



Boston — Public library. The Codman collection of books on 
landscape gardening; also a list of books on trees and 
forestry. Boston. 189i). 8°. pp. [6], 26. 
"Reprinted from the Monthly bulletins." 

List of books on trees and forestry. [Boston. 

1898.) 1. 8°. 

Alonthlv huUelin of boolis added to the ptitilir lilirarv of Boston. 1S9.S. iii. 

A list of periodicals, newspapers, transactions, and 

other serial publications currently received in the principal 
libraries of Boston and vicinity. Boston. 1897. 1. 8°. 

Trees and forests; [a list of books on trees and 

forests. Boston. 1879]. 1. 8°. 

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Boston common. See [Ad.^ms, Xehemiah). 

The Boston common; or. Rural walks in cities. By a friend 

of improvement. Boston. 1838. 12°. pp. 62. ' Front. 
Boston university — College of agriculture. See M.issa- 

CHrsKTTs — Agriculliirat college. 
Boswell, .John Thomas (formerly Bo.s\vell Syme), editor. 

English botany. .See Sowerbv, James. 
The botanic garden. Sec [D.^rwin, Erasmus). 
Botanical extracts from a periodical miscellanv published in 

Siiunish at Santa Fe de Bogotd, entitled " El semanario del 

nuevo reyno de Granada." 1810. (London. 1817.) 8°. 

Journal of seience and the arts, 1817, iii, 124-129. 

Botanical inform.ation concerning two families of plants. 

Sec [H.\FlNESQfE, C. S.|. 

Botanical observations on forests of eastern Pondoland. 

,^ee |Si.M, T. R.]. 
Botanical observations on select Indian plants. See 

[.Jones, Sir William]. 
Botanicus, pseud. See Crepin, Frangois. 
Botaniqiie. See [Grenier, Ch.arlesj. 
Botanique biblique, ou courtes notices sur les v^getaux 

mentionncs dans les Saint es ficritures. Geneve. 1.S62. 

sm. S'. Plates. 
Botanische exkursionen und i>flanzengeographische studicn 

in del- Sr-liweiz. See Schroter, Karl, editor. 
Botanische unterhaltungen mit jungen freunden der kr&uter- 

kunde auf spatzierg;\ngen. See (Weizenbeck, G. .V.]. 
The botanist; consisting of highly finished representations 

of tender and hardy ornamental plants. See M.\und, 

Botany of the Faeroes. See (W.\rming, Eugen. editor). 
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2 vol. Milano. [1798.) 18°. 
i. pp. 196. — ii. pp. 175. 
The .sowf. 2» ed. Milano. 1823. 16.° pp. xvi, 

.300. Port. (Biblioteca scelta di opere italiene antiche e 

moderne, 137.) 

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olima e delle produzioni naturali," pp. 1-158. 

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Hcureuse. [Paris. 1841.) 4°. 

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For description of plants coUecteil by Botta, see Dec.\isne, Joseph. 
Plantes de I'Arabie Heureuse. 

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mcnt du Xord. [Lille. 1806?) 8°. pp. 16. 

A reply to fitienne Cedvel's "Sur I'onne, sur sa diminution, etc." which 
appeared in I.e Monileur, Oct. 1806. 

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1880.1 8°. 2 plates. 

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svstematique des betulacees-corvlacces., Geneve. 
Genes. 1,S96. 8°. pp. 91 -|-. "lllu.str. (University de 
Geneve — Laboraloire de botanique. Publication, 3" s^r., 
6« fasc.) 

Reprinted from Malpighia, 1896, x, 349-136. 

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quences, remedes niSce.ssitd de droits de douane compensa- 
teurs. 2« 6A. Paris. 1891. 8°. pp. 27. 

Dommages causes [par la gel^e) aux pineraies de la 

Sologne [pendant I'hiver 1879-80). Orleans. 1880. 8°. pp. 
47. Plate. 

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LIHI{AKV OF Tin-: AI{.\"()L1) AliliOHHTlM 

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rrich. "* 

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iU r 
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cm1.s of liKuririK IiiiiiImt, octiiKdii «puni, lufcx, hiM-citicntiunH 
and IiiiiiImt ciirrvinic rapnritv of vvsgoLi. I'l'iu-iiinal I'.NIH 
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(Iruiiiu.-i, iv\liilM-n.-i I'liumcnitioncni plaiitiiruiii <|ii:r hsirtcnu.s 
rxplonita- !<unt ; or, .\ priHlroiiiiiK of the Fliini n>liiiiil)ian:i 
rxliibitiiifc u list of all tlio planl.<i which have lus yi-t bii'ii 
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<lu.stri:i.s." public par Ic S'rvicc irc.xpnnsion cc«noiiii<|uo dii 
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('^intents: — U. The iMitiiny iff thr diine-M^ rluiwicM-. witli nnnotatioas. 

■piiriiilix uimJ indrx hy F>iii^l Fiiti«r. \H*J2. — iii. RuUiliicul iiivniliicti- 
(luiM inlu tlie tnjilrrin nmlicii itf Ihe uncielit tlliiiH'MP. 181t.'i. 

On Chinese silkworm trees. |Shanphai. IKSl.) 

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S plalcs. 

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iIoliiics<lale natural histon,' club, Heigote. London. I8li;{. 
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A new flora of the neighlxiurhooil of Heigatc, Surrey, 

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8°. . 


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— Prodromi fitsciculi rariorum plantarum [in horlis 

celeberrimis Hollandiae observatarum) primus et secundus, 
quondam separatim, nunc nova hac editionc multum de- 
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et succiiictis descriptionibus. (^uibus praemittuntur vita 
auctoris cura et studio J. P. Breynii, hujus ad calccm an- 
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seu Nisi et herba .Vcmella cum addilamentis. Cedani. 
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I'liR "icones" have u tteparato pai^ination. 

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I'leriH arpiis saiilalinoidcs L' Ih'r. uikI PI. sant:ilimis //./. 
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"Aus dem Jahrbuch dec lloniburgiselien irissenschafllichen anslalten, 



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Stazione chimico-agraria sperimentale.) 

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Le mont Vuaehe; (5tude de floristique. Avec la 



IS'.M. S Map. (Coiitriliiitiiiti.s :\ I'liLstoirc- |)hyt<)K<''(>- 
gni|>hi<|lic (If-s .\I|H■^ ocriilciilali*. I 

" Kttmit tlu HutMm Art Irarutu dr la SotifU bolani^tu de titr^rr," 
1>«M. »u. U4-MB. 

"S<jumn» dr mi«rimw*inrnli» <*iiiM'muinl Iji II»irr itii nHiiil \unrhr.*' 
pp. 4-5. 

Xolos KUr la flort- <lil nia.sMif dr rialc' ( iciii'Viv 

18115. S". pp. 'y.\. (C'oiilrihutiiiii.s i I'liiiiloirf jilivlon^t)- 
(;niplu<|ii<' ill's .MiKw uciMili'iitaUii. I 

"Kitrail flu I'tichr. tmiM* ssiiv. Mfmuiraa.** 

I'rcxirDiiio (jp la flori- rursi' ronipronant los r<^.sultals 

botaniqur»i tie six vovagcs ox<'TUt<Vi cii Corsf sous Uti auspiers 
lie M. Eniilo Hiirimt Tom. i. ("iciu-vc, vie l!tl(l S°. 
pp Ivi, 12|. CW. 

CanUnU: — Prffocr. Mnewi^imu'nlJi |ir/liniiniiin-A. Hililit^ilTiipliif. 
i^lAk^ue rrilHlur tjr^ |iliiMtr^ ^ ui«rulairm ilr la <^irM»: llynM'tiiiphyl- 

Happorl sur la iiiarrlic du Conservatoire el <lu 

Janiin bolamqurs ilr Cicnovr |M-nilant raiinit' I'.KIl . Ciciiove. 
I'.KKJ. 1. 8°. pp. VI. 

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lifnHt" IBOi. Ti. 171-1S2. 

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til. Map and plate. iConlrihutions a I'liistoiro pliylo- 
(E<?o(traplii<iUf des .Mih's oecideiilales.) 

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Hecueil di-s doruiiieiits destiny's a servir de base aiix 

deliats de la section de nomenelalure sysleinatique. Sec 

CoNliHts IXTERN.\TIO.\.\L DK UOT.\.MglK, BruXflUs, 1910. 

\jt^ r<"ssourc-es botaniques de Gen6ve. Geneve. 

1897. ie°. pp. 22 

"Extrail dr la Suisst unirrrtUairr. 2^ ann^. mw. 13 et 14, 1HU7." 

Texte synoplique des documents deslin^'-s il ser\ir 

de ha-se aux dehals clu ConRres international tie nomenclature 
b<jt:uii(|ue ile \ienne. 11KI.5. See Co.suufcs i.ntku.national 
DE BOT.wryi K. \'iinnii. l',K)5. 

and Hochreutmer, HcnOdict Pierre Georges. Knu- 

mcr.ition crili<|uc dcs plantes du Hresil meridional rt^colti-es 
par K. .M. Ki-ineck et .1. Czermak. Premier article |auct. 
Ilerm. Christ]. Geneve. IJiim. I. 8°. pp. 29. 

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(-•n^w." IS99. iii. 147-175. 

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■• l:. trail dr In /tnur dr Manigur." 1891. il. 431-450. 

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■^iirk 1S.SH. I. 12°. Port, and other illustr. 

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:ili>l lilllsi DK. .1. M. 

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n>Kaiiii-s du depart ement de la Marne contenant la descrii)- 
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sur-.Slanie. 1884. 8°. 

CliLssification du rf^fne vi'Kf^tal en 2 embranchements, 

4 s/'ries, 8 cI;Ls,.ies, l.S groups et 24 ordres. Tableau des 
fonnations gi'-ologiques montrant la premiere apparition sur 
la terre di-s differc-ntes formes de la vie veg^'tale. (With 
" Suppli'-ment au catalogue des plantes phan^'Togames <lii 
ili'-partement de la Marne.") Chalons-sur-Mamc. 18.82. 
8°. pp .-)1. l(i. Tabic. 

British association for the advancement of science. 

JSiilh. |ss^ Iii|nirl of llic ciiiiiiiiil Ice, ((^iinn ,,f Mr 
Thiselion Dver, Pmf Ncwion, Prof Flower, -Mr. Carrulhcis, 
and .\Ir. S-fater, ap|K)intcd for llie pur|Misc of rc|KirtiiiK on 
the pn-seiit state of our knowledge of the 7,oolog\' and Uitiiny 
of llic We^t India Islands, and taking steps to investigate 
luwerlainetl ileficiencies in the faUna and flora. |l/ondon. 
1888.) 8°. pp. 28. 

Knim Ufport of the meeltngM o/ the lirituh tutoeialioti fitr lltr ndtaitce- 
men! iif teirnre, lSh8. Iviii. 
" liililhkimiiiliy." pp. 2-2S. 

British association for the advancement of science, 

lirii'lhinl. I'.HHI III.. |,|cisl.i(iiic lloni ,,f il,,- |),,ii \ alley. 

.•^cc I'lMI 11 l.ow . I ) I' 

British association for the advancement of science, 
Miifitmil, l.VS-l. Canadian economics; liring papers pre- 
pari'd for reailing before tlic lOconomii-al .seel ion, with an 
mtriMluctory re|K)rl. Montreal, ilr. lssr>. 8°. Tables, 
map and pl:in. 

(.onlrniM (partial): — BnnwN, Williiim. Tlir iippliration of M-iriitilic 
nnd prarlii'jil iirtM>riruItiirr t€i (wiiiailii. — lloic.ti, K. B. Tlir riitiiro 
|M»li(-y of forrwt niaiiii^rrniriit in llir I'liilrd Statni. — Olil UMoMi. K. T. 
Ttn- itiHiriltiiltfiti i<( I 'iiiijiflitin rori^Ml IrrcH in its rrliition to rliiniilf and 
t.tlit.r i-.nw.^ 

British association for the advancement of science, 

.\'cwcii.tlli-iiiHHi-Ti/iit. 1,8,S'.I. Report of the coiiimillce, 
consisting of J. T. Walker, 11. W. Pates, R. Sirachey, W. T. 
T. Dyer, and W. H. Dawkins, appointed to investigate the 
geography jind geology of the .\tlas ranges in the empire 
of .Slorocco. Hy .Joseph ThoiiLson. [Fondim. 18.S9.| 8°. 

Iteport «/ the meetings of the Hritiah assaeittlifin fttr the adeanrement of 

trienrr. tss'l, lij. H\.'.-172. 
■•ll..liiii>." PI.. Iiis 171. 

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\ monograph of Christ inits Island, Indian Ocean. 

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MiLH^urn tl'hi.-itiiin- nalurrlli' <le I'ari.s, .siiivaiit I'orilrc 
6tabli ilaiis I'ftcolc dc Itotaiiiqur i-ii l.S4;j. I'uri.s. 1S43. 
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pp 44' 
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Sliaie ttf tllf pliilfw lirr (.oltired. 

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\'rij/.innig, nict loszinnig! .\ntwoord op bijiagc Cf 

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I. S\ col Xl. 

"OvtTKtNlrukl uil iIp J^iromolirJ." 

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8i \^\ 

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" f'xniUi," ut cikI. 



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\tJ « ImH the tillf "Sflrt-t K|tr<-ifnrtu* uf tinturul liislory cnUeclnl in 
K^pl. Ariittiii. .Mi>'«»»ini;i. iiimI Nuliia " 
*'l»f |4aiiU. Rhnilw. iiiiil trrt^." v. l-.VI 

Voyiipe en Nubie et en .\b\>e*inie, t-nlrepri.-* |M)iir 

dfcouvrir le:* source.-* <lu Nil. |HMi(ltint les iiniii'-eji !7(iS-177;i. 
|Kt Quatre voya({>'« <lan.i le pays* ties hotlentot.-* et la Cafrerie 
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The fi(rurr« to illustrntr ttiifl work ore found on Ihc plulr in his "S|MH!i- 
mrn prius." 

.Specimen prius botanicn-medicmn exhibens fruli- 

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on Imvrrxani la Uusnii' A la Tarlarif, |Mnir sf rcndn; i\ la 
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!■ r:inri~ 

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uebersicht der wicliligsten wiihrend der letzten 10 jahre 
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Catalogue latin et frangais de tous les arbres, ar- 
bustes et plantes vivaees que Ton jjeut cultiver dans la France 
en pleine terre, ilans les orangeries et serres chaudes. 3" ed. 
[Paris. 1799.) sm. 12°. pp. [4], 12, 212. 

Premiere [et seconde] renturie de planches repre- 

sentant du naturel ce qui se trouve de plus interessant et de 
plus curieux parmi les animaux, les vegetaux et les niineraux, 
pour servir d'intelligence a I'histoire g(5ncrale des trois regnes 
de la nature. Paris, f(c. [1775]-81. f°. 200 colored plates. 

The plates are duplicated in black and white. 

Collection precieuse et enlumint^e des fleures les 

plus belles et les plus curieuses, qui se cultivent tant dans 
les jardins de la Chine que dans ceux de I'Europc. 2 pt. 
Paris. [1770.] f. 200 colored plates. 

i. Plantes de la Chine peintes dans le pays. 100 plates. — ii. . Plantes 
les plus belles qui se cultivent dans les jardins de I'Europc. 100 plates. 

Dictionnaire raisonne universel des plantes, arbres 

ct arbustes do la France; contenant la description raisonne 
de tous les vegetaux du royaiune, consideres relativement a 
I'agriculture, au jardinage, aux arts & metiers, a I'oconomie 
domcstique & chainpetre, <t a la m^decine des homines & 
des animaux. 4 tom. Paris. 1770-71. 16°. 

i. 1770. pp. (4), vi, xii, 650.— ii. 1770. pp. |4], 051.— ill. 1770. 
pp. (4), 643 — iv. 1771. pp. |4], 352, ccxliv. 

Dissertation sur le cacao, sur sa culture, et sur les 

differentes prejiarations de chocolat. Paris. 1787. 12°. 
pp. [4], 60. 

Dissertation sur le cafe, sa culture, ses diff(5rentes 

prep;irations, it ses proprietes, tant alimentaires, que medi- 
cinales. Paris. 1787. .sm. 12°. pp. [4], 91. 

Dissertations sur le cedre du Liban, le jilatane et 

le cytise; arbres tre.s-intcressans, et qui mcritent d'etre 
cullivds en France, etc. 2" 6d., revue, corrigee et augrncntee. 
Paris. 1806. 8°. pp. [2], 96. 

Dissertations sur les sorbiers et les viournes aux- 

quelles on a joint un supplement aux Reflexions sur le ro- 
binier. Paris. 1804. 8°. pp. 39. 

Dissertation sur le tabac et sur ses bons & mauvais 

effcts. Paris. 1787. 12°. pp. [4], 47. 

Dissertation sur le the, sur sa rdcolte, et sur les bgns & 

mauvais effets de .son infu.sion. Paris. 1787. 12°. pp. 
HI, 6.5. 

Les dons merveilleux et diversement colories de la 

Thistoire giSni^rale et ceconomique des 3 regnes, et formant 
suite a la Collection des fleurs curieuses et enluniini5es qu'on 
cultive tant dans les janlins de la Chine, que dans ceux de 
I'Europe. 2vol.ini. Paris. [1779-83.) f°. 200 colored 

[—^ 1 Flore iJconomiquc des plantes qui croissent aux en- 
virons de Paris, an nombre de plus de quatre cents genres, 
et de quatorze cents cspeces, contenant I'enumeration de ce.s 
plantes, par ordre alphabetitiue, leurs noms triviaux suivant 
Linn6, etc. Par une soei6tc de naturalistes. Paris. [1799 1 
8°. pp. viii, 659. 

[ ] Herbier artificiel. See Herbier artificiel. 

- — ; — Herbier, ou collection des plantes medicinales de la 
Chine, d'apres un manuscrit (icint et unique qui se trouve 
dans la bibliothequc de I'empereur de la Chine, pour .servir de 
suitte aux planches enluinintes et non enlumindes d'Histoire 
naturelle ct a la Collection des fleurs qui se cultivent dans les 
jardins de la Chine et de I'Europe. Paris. 1781. f°. 
100 colored plates. 

"Les planches xi & suivantes, jusques & y compris la Ixx^. sont tir^ 
de la collection des planches enlumin^es & non enluminfcs d'Histoire 
naturelle." — Nola. 

Histoire naturelle du th6 de la Chine, de ses diffd- 

rentes especes, de sa r(5colte, dc, a laquelle on a joint un 
mgmoire sur le th6 du Paraguay, de Labrador, des Isles, etc. 
Paris. 1806. 8°. pp. [4], 92. 

Histoire univer.selle du regne v^g^tal; ou, Nouveau 

dictionnaire physique et iSconomique de toutes les plantes 
qui croissent sur la surface du globe. 6 tom. in 2. Paris. 
1775-77. f°, and atlas of 1200 plates, 12 torn, in 4, 1775-76. 

Le jardin d'Eden, le paradis terrestre renouvellij dans 

le jardin de la reine rl Trianon; ou. Collection des plantes les 
plus rares, qui so trouvent dans les deux hemispheres. Paris. 
1783. f°. 140 colored plates. 
Pritzel quotes 200 plates. 

[ 1 Laboratoire de flore; ou, Chymie champetre v6g(5- 

tale, contenant la maniere de faire avec les plantes les 
liqueurs, les ratafiats, les essences, les huiies, les eaux cos- 
metiques & officinales, &c. Nouv. 6d. Paris. 1773. 16°. 
pp. 384. 

Forms a continuation of his "Toilette de flore," the signatures read 
"tom. ii." 

Le laurier et I'olivier r^unis, entrelac6s et eonsi- 

dorfe sous tous les aspects possibles; ou, Histoire naturelle 
du laurier, [et] de I'olivier. Paris. 1802. 8°. pp. [4], 140. 

Manuel 6conomique des plantes; ou, Traits de 


toutes les plantes qui peuvent etre utiles aux arts, et dont 
se servent journellement les charpentiers, les charrons, les 
layetiers, etc. Paris. ISOO. sm. 8°. pp. xvi, 356. 

Manuel floreal des plantes; ou, Traitc de toutes les 

plantes qui peuvent servir d'ornement dans les jardins, les 
orangeries, les serres chaudes, et principalement dans les 
parterres. Paris. 1800. sm. 8°. pp. 285+. 

"Liste des livres de Buc'hoz," after p. 285. 

For later ed., sec his "Traits de toutes les plantes qui peuvent servir 
d'ornement dans les jardins." 

Manuel mi'dical et usuel des plantes, tant exotiques 

qu'indigenes, auquel on a joint une liste des plantes, des 
observations de pratique, sur I'usage qu'on en peut faire dans 
la pldpart des maladies, &. differens discours sur les plantes. 
2 tom. Paris. 1769-70. 16°. 

i. 1769. pp. viii, 470.— ii. 1770. pp. [4], xlviii, 400. 

Manuel usuel et ^conomique des plantes, contenant 

leurs propri6t6s pour les usages 6conomiques & les difT(^rens 
proeedds auxqucls on peut avoir recours pour en tirer profit. 
Paris. 1782. sm. 12°. pp. 345. 

"Extrait de la Nature consideree." 

Manuel v(5t<^rinaire des plantes; ou, Trait6 

nature dans le regne vi5g(5tal, ou collection de plantes pr6- 
cieuscment colorife [sic] pour servir a I'intelligence de 

toutes les plantes qui peuvent servir de nourriturc ou de 
medicamens; [avec] deux flissertations de Linn^. Paris. 
1799. 8°. pp. [4], viii, 388. 

M^moires sur I'Hortensia, et le Cestrau, avec des 

details sur leurs cultures. 3'' id., revue et augmcnt6e de 

1.IMI{.\1{^ OI- Till-: AHNOl.l) AHhOKKTl M 

doux m^iiioin-K hiir deux aiilri-x fci'linw il'iirbilKUw coiiiiuk 
noun Ivtt minis <li- laKi'rstruein I't ili- f(illifrf(illf. I'lirin. 
1S04. 8°. l.p It). 

Thr tame. 4' M., rcvui-, itirriK<'-«' vl aiiKiiu-iitof. 

Taris. ISU5. H°. pp. CI. 

I 1 Thr game. 4' M. lUinuwnU-e. I'urin. l.S(M». t*°. 

pp. 01 

MiiiioKnipliic lie In rtiM- i-l dc la violcttf, <tiimid<T<''<'.s 

■oiiH Ifiirw iL-'iH-cls d'utililo rt d'acrt^tiii'iil, (iiiilciiaiit Iciir 
! iluirllr <■! iiiic<-di>li(|ii('. <Yc C'rilc iiioiioKrapliir 

• • uii iiic'iniiirc .■•ur riliirlfiiNia, piaiilr iiniivrllc 
<i< 1.1 ^ .i.ui', (|iii fuit Ics drIici-M dt-n curic-iix, par i-ii licailK''. 
I'ttrii.. isai. S°. pp. |J|, 272. 

Thritnmr. Noiivflli' ill.. ailRtiirnK^p. Pari.''. ISO". 

S°. pp. 21(> I'npiit. 

Thp arlidr* tm tlw vujrt and thr ItortoiiHiti were not re|irint<Nj in 
Ihi* vditioo. 

Notice Mur la stniiiioiiic en arhrc. Datura arhorca. 

arlirt- dii IV-nm. t|ui si- cidlivi' dcpui.x pen en Kraiirc, el (|ui 
pUIl, lant par m-h fli-iirs i;i);aiitcs(|iii'^, (|iio par Ic parfiini 
(lu'rlli-!! n-panilcnt. 2* iVI., aiiKMirntC-c dc pliisi(-ur.s aiitn-s 
iiiiliiM-s Miir d<-s arhriiv-icaiix noii iiiiiiiiD inl(''r«'s.san.s. Paris. 
IINM?) S°. |>p |l|. 7(i. 

OlwcrvatioiLs aii.x aniatours ot aux jardiiiicrs-fli'u- 

ristrs. jiiili [itir] inialrc c'nrps d'arbustos, I'azal^', li- Clctra, Ic 
Kaliiiia rt Ic UliiMliwIi'iKiroii. '.i'M. aiiKiiii'nti'c d'uti mi-moire 
bur k' jiiaiiiin. I'ari.s. 1807. 8°. pp. [■)), 52. 

I'lantt'S nouvclleiiiciit di'coiivertcs, ri^ccmment (k-- 

nommiVs pI (•I!ls.<i''<'s, rcpW-.'ioiili'c.s en uraviircs avpc Ipiirs 
dewrriptioii.s; (Mmr scrvir d"inl<'lli(j''nce i\ I'liisloirc n<''"<^ralc 
pl fponoiiii<|UP dps Iroi.s K'(;iii-:<. Paris. 1779. f°. pp.52. 
5U plates. 

I'riwpiis de flore h la nation framjoise, potir les alimrnti, 

Ips mi'ilirampii.s. rornpiiipiil, I'art vftt'-rinaire, pt Ips arts pt 
iii<''liprs; <iu, Traitp liistori<|UP di-s plantps (|iii sc trouvcnl 
iiatiirpllpiiiPiit <lans Ip.s ilifTrrptitPs prt)vinpps du niyauiiip, 
raiicti's siiivanl Ic .«»)iiic cic Linnc, avr'c Ions les dolailH 
qui Ips poiippriipnt. 2 tom. I'aris. 1780-85. 4°. 
I. ITSO. |>p. 411+.— 11. 17S5. pp. 111. 4y8. 

|{<'-l|pxiotis sur Ic nciirc du robiuicr .sur les diff(''rpiilps 

esiHTtw, leiirs descriptions (••''"•'■ri<|ues et Npecifi<|ues, leur 
eulluri', pt principalpiiient surcelledu faux acacia, de I'arbre 
aux ixlis, el du robinier n>.se, qui sont Us especes les plus 
rciiiar(|Uables de pp gpnrc. Paris. 1804. 8°. pp. 48. 

SupiilcniPnt. {hi liix Dissertations sur Ips sorbiers 

el les viournes. 1804, pp. 2S-:19.) 

TrailP dp la culture dps arbres Pt arbustps <|u'(ni 

pi'Ul <''lpvpr dans le royaunie, «V- (|ui ppuvpnt y pitsscr I'hiver 
pn pipin air. Avee uiic notice de leurs [jropriclcs ccononii- 
qiii-s, iV ilesavantaRcs ((ui en pcuvent result er pour la I'Vaiice, 
en lea y inultipliant. Tom. i, ii. Paris. 17K()-|9!)|. sni. 

1. nao. pp. lii, .^45.— U. 1700. pp. 342. 

Tom. ii in "2' M." 

Traite liistorique des pluntea qui eroi.sspnt dans la 

l/irraiiip pI les trois ev£'cli^'s, contenant leur rlescription, 
leur figure, leur nom, I'eiKlroit oil elles eroisseni, leur culture, 
leur analyse, A leurs propriel('-s, lant |Hiur la lucdecine, (|Ue 
jMiur les arts A iii<''tiers. 10 tom. in K. Nancy, ilr. 17()2- 
70. sill. 12°. Front., vign, sheet of music, and at liis of 201 
|20.'{| plates. 

"F^nln," 111 <?fiil of vol. i. 

( 1 Traite de toiites les plantes (jui peuvent servir 

d'omemeiit dans les jardins, li-s orangeries, les serres cliatides, 
el prineipaleinent dans les parlerre.s. Nouvelle M., revue, 

porrigi'p Pt aUKiiienlce ParJ. P Paris. 1801. 8°. 

pp. Hi, 2S5 + . 

"IJMlr ilm oiiirrnlrrM ilf J. I*, lliii'lioz. ilfpim 17M0 jiliH|u*A rr jour." 
pp. HIS. 

Vnr mrlirr rd.. ■«*«• hii* " MnnnrI florriil ilrH plontm." 

I 1 Traiti^ umupI du eliocolat, eoiilenant l.i description 

Pt la cullurc du cai'aotier ou cacoTcr, arbre (|ui prodiiit le 
fruit avpc |r-qup| on fabritlllP Ip pIiocoIuI ; o-llcs de la i anelle, 
de III vnnille, Wf . p;d. r^'digl'-e. i'aris. 1812. 8". pp.112 

Buck, Iv (" A oaper on twcntv trees of the Simla naigli- 
l«>urli<M..I I.Siml:, 1,8.85.) 8°. " 

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Buckhout, \V .\ The mountain region of central Penn.syl- 

vaiii.i, aiiil il.H relation to forestry. (In Pkn.nsyi.v.wia — 

Jiiiiiiil nf nijnnilliirr. (Quarterly report, 1888, xxxvi, 18 2.'{.) 

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Texas. 'A pt. (in vol.). (Philadelphia. ISIil (i2.| 8". 

Pnicrritingt itf thr .Xcadrmy of tuiltiral trifitcfM 11/ l*httaitrlphia, 18(11. 
pp. 448-l(i;(; 1S02. pp. .'i-lO. SS-KK). 
Kor revipw. bct tiiiAV. Ann. Hvviowa. 

Descripliiui of several new species of plants (of Texas 

and I/>iii.siana. Phil.iddphia. ISIJOj. 8°. 

frtM-rrilingt uf Ihe Acui/emy of natiirul icirnrtM of Philadriuhia, 1800. 
pp. 443-l4.'i. 

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botanical tour through the motinlains of Alabama, (Jeorgiu, 
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2 plates, anil other illuslr. 

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Moyen facile d'augmenter la solidit6, la force et la 

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Observations des differents effets que produisent 

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Contents: — Die bedeutiing der tropischen botanischen giirlen; Kurze 
geschiciite des botanischen gurtcns zu Ruiteuzorg: von M. Troub. — 

12 1 


S|tMjirrininicr Hun-h tlcii iMitnttUrltrii KHrlcii. voii \V Iturt'k. — \ w- 
M^-titUM Art riiniilirii iiihI i;nltiiti|.*r'ii ilrr Mi(-lit-liriintiirtiir«*ii in'viurliiir 
ill ilrnt iMiiunt^ Ih'ii iciirtf'ti. xii)wtiiitiM'itK'*'r>t«*Ui \iiii J. J. Siiiitli - l>uit 
iH^lMiriiini iiimI tiiti<«^iiiii it*^ iMtltiiii^ltni i;iirl*Mi«. vimi W . Itiirck. — 
W t«Kwii^-|iiif lliclir iiiiti*r*ilt'l)iinK**ll itllH (loiii iMiliiiiiM-lirit Korlt'li; von 
J M Jdit**- Im kulturifiirtcit xu 'rjik«*tiiiMnili iffMnKi'ii** iri'wiicluM*; 
Tun I*- fan Mimiburitti ■ 

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1894. 1. s". 

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Flore »lr Huitrn7.*>rK. l*t. i-vi. I^'iilv. I.S<»S-liM)5. 


i. nArjB<iK*«Ki, Mnrynii. Oir |ilrritju|iliyt<>n. 1808. 

u. I*»:>ii»i, Olio, I>ic niyiuniyivlm. IWtH. 

iii. n>: \Viijii-.M«;v. I^milr l^ift iilinini. UNM). 

iv. S:ilirrNKn, \irliir. Oii* HriMttinir. ltd. i. 1000. 

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I.ijst (Irr fiiiiiilii's on (»e.slaohton niot-kruitladiliRO 

f:r\v!«'ii nil ilfii Hdtani.-iclitni luiii. (Kilitnl bv J. J. iSniitli.) 
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nil. I'Aposiluili piir onlrc alpliab<'li<nif dcs prrccpl i-.s dc la 
iMilaniqiK- iV ilo tou.s li-s tiTiiic-i, lan( fran<;ois (|Uo latins, 
nin.-iarn''s :\ lY'tudi- dc ccltP .scicnro. I'arix. I78H. f°. 
pp. viii, 212, ll.'ij. 10 plates (!» roloml). 

lliM Wfirk wn<4 inlf^ndpd to form nil iiilru(]ucti(>n (o tin' iitltlior's 
"llcrbicr dc lu Fron«^" 

Thf same. H" M., roviic ot oorrin^c. Pari.s. 1812. 

r. pp. .\ii, 242. |.S|. 10 plato.s. 

Ij?Hcrpd *'l|prhii*r dr in F"rancc, vii." 

Flora p.'irisit'iijiis; on, Dpscription.s rt finnn's Acs 

planlPM que cmi.s.spnt aiix environs do Paris; avec les dilTc'Tens 
iiuniH, oliisses, ortlres et Renre.s qui leiir eoiivienneiit, raiig^-s 
Nuivant la mf'lliode scxuelle de Linni'", leurs partie.s {'arac- 
t<^ri.tlic|ue8, ports, [)ro|)ri^-t(!'.'i, vert us et dose.s d'u.sane en 
ni/''<lei-ine, suivant le.s ik'nionst rat ions dc botanicjue (|ui sc 
flint au Jarilin du roy. (i toni. Paris. 1770-83. 8°. 
040 coloreil plates. 

t*riiit«ii 4111 iiiir niiic f>r IimT oiity. 
Tiiffi. i tiiiH nil fiiifrnvr^i niiil ii,lor(Ni lilli'-piiKi;. 

:\ii inlriMlur-Uiry vfiliiiiii* witli M'piirnli' till«--|>HK*' niiij pn^inntion is 
iMMiiid with toni. i. 

I Ilistoire des plantcs mOdirinulcs. i'aris. 1784.] 

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Lpltcrnl "llrrliirr lio la Krnncc, ii." 

Ilistoire di-s plantcs v<''li<'^ncuse,s ct suspcctes dc la 

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The half'liljp rendu: "llRrliior dc lu Frniicc, ic iliviniun." 

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Iiitroduelion ik la Flore des environs dc Paris, 

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lMitani(|iies (|ui HC font au .larilin (III roi. Paris. 1770. K". 
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Ihiund with toiii i i,f hin " Klurn iiiirJKiciDiiN." 

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piK»'>ns dc la I'raiK-c; mi, 'I'raite el('iiient:iirc. renfcriiiant 
dann iin ordre iii/'tliiHliiiuc les descriptions it les liniires des 
chainpiKnons qui croi.Ksent naliircllcnicnl en France. 2 lorn, 
in 4 ipaniil .oiitin » Paris INIHI 12. f°. pp. |2), xvi+ix, 
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IIm* holf-UUcB reod: "Ilerbiw di- In Krniirc, 2* divisimi." 

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floweriii): plants and ferns found in I he parish of Mildcnhall, 
Suffolk. K.lited by his wife.] Mildeiiliall. IS.S9. H°. 
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Fnim " Arliritrn itrs .\iilitrfiirxrltrnitrn prrritis in Itifin," tSI7. i. 1 1.%-2.5.1. 
A purl lit ltii> Mork iiiily. For roinplflr wnrk. mm* liiit "Itcitniir zur 
kcnnlliias der llur lluH.s|jiiids uiid diT Ht4!p|MMi ccnIrnl-.XHiciiH." 

[Iconcs plantariiin novarum vcl minus coKiiilanim.| 

15 plates. (.4/)/«7ii/((/ to his BeilraK zur der llor 
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With Icoiu^H pliinlnriiiii ndvnntni vcl niiiiu;! roKiiilnriim. 

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' Mtmoim dr VAcudi'mie intftrriale Jtm BcitncfM de SI. P^trrtbourff, 
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pp \vi, 'J<N 

• lll.l.... „,I,ir.llr |.|. 1 I '!.•> 

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(tuoressful cultivation in Mexico, the Central American 
KtatoH, Hnuil and other South Ainorican countries, and the 
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*■ Kltroit flu Hulletin de la Suciete d^agrieullnre tir \tetiur. 1H77." 
Milii Iwii MS Irllm l>y Ihr nulhnr. 

lu-iniago lies joiinos iM'U[)liers do la valkf do I'Ourcq. 

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" Au« ilrti Sit:ang*tterirhlrn iter haiMerl. iikaJeniie drr i. isMensrhaften i/i 
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Coloreil plati'. 

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Zur liiilzanalomie dor tanno, fichto und liirche. 

(Berlin. 1900] S°. 

"SuiidcrnlMlrurk nun dm llrrirhten der lieutsrhen ttotanitrhen getttt- 
teha/l. lUCMl." lii». 2<.lj-201( 

Die niulolholzor der jctztzeit und dor vorwelt. 

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" ^(wijrHlor!* (ihifiNlrui'kt uiih di'iu li. hiiud,. iIit Denk^rhriflrn drr Mathe- 
mntiseh-natunrissenschafttichen classr der hiaiserliehen akadrniie der wit- 

VorgloichoHdc anatomic des holzes dor koniforen 

(Wien. 1907.) 8°. pp. (12). 

From •■ Wiinncr frauchrifl." 190S. 

Woitorc untorsuchungon iiber don hislologi.schon 

bau lies holzre dor poniaco<'n, iiobst bomorkungoii iibor das 
holz dor amygdalcon. Wion. IS9(1. S". pp.31. 

"Aus dell Sitzungitherichlen ilrr Kttifrrl . nkndrmie iter trixurnxrhilftrn 
in II iVn. \tathem-natunp . clatsr, ImI. rv. nhUi. I, juli l.H*.H>." 

Welcho vortheilo ziohl die sinnpfhmzo, Mimosa 

pudica, aus dor roizbarkoil ihrcr blatter? jWien. 1898.) 
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"S<.partitah<lrurk hub drr Wiener illustrirten garten-zeitung. niarx, 

Ober die wirkung anasthesiercnder subslanzen auf 

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'I'll,' tfti foiiI.iiuH n popular a<'i-,,uiit of tlic iNik. wliili. llio plntra 
ilhinlnit,' \arj«>un turi-^l lriN.» *,r<ir,'at lUilaiu. 

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Ahkl, G. F. 



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Anviisning til at opelske indenlandske og udenland- 

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Einleitung in die dendrologie, oder systematischer der forstnaturkunde und naturgeschichte, entwor- 
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I'yKdiio^lfTBn K'fj un^ey^KUoMv nofnuruauiio ii iiafavK- 

Gonsiats of cross, radial and lanf,'enlial sections <»r 40 ditrereiil kinds 
of wood mounted on cardboard, with explnn.^tory U!xt. 

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,;teiiiK) iiiirn-Ti]:vinibix-b ii ^oMumniix'b ,T,eiici!'b, KouKipbin 
li-b re|i5i;iHiii, ijamioM'fciiHo ii'b cpf,;ni.ii it R)VKniiii MaoLuii 
I'lU'ciii, na cB(i6ii,Ti niioiiaiuu'uiauib .Miirynrb. lle[iene;(eHo 
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Griinbergs wachsenden gefiisspflanzen. 
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in der umgegend 

Griinberg i. Schl, 

(Progr. d, Friedrich-Wilhelms-schule, 



Bunneist«r, lliTinunn. Ijinditrhiiftlirhr biMcr HroKilien.s 
uml [Mirtraits rinigi-r urvolki-r; uLs athis lu Hoiiu-r Ueiso 
ilurrh ilir pnivinini von Hio dc Juncini uml MiiiiLs Cii-riu's 
entworfi-n iin<i ht-raiuigi'gclH'n. Uerlin. 1833. obi. f°. 
pp. 7. 1 1 plates*. 

RoL-w' ilurrh die Iji I'liitji-Mliuiten, mil bcwtmiiTfr 

rttckjiirht auf ilic physL-iohe Ix-DohiifTfiilH'it uml den rultur- 
iiLitand der ArKentim.srlien Ht-publik. 1S57-1SOO. 2 IhIo. 
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t |>|> <i. M13.»-. Kronl nml mnp - U |ip iv. |J|. .'iXS^^. Mn|i 

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lies plantes qui eroissent .s|K)ntanement dan.s la chatne des 
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■* f-^mit«." lit piiil. 

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.Ml" .\I. .\. 
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I 1MJ pp (llll|. no pliilrx^ II ISI.'i. pp |lll|. (IS pliitra.— 
Ill |IM7| pp |I.'(N| M pliilm— It 18.MI pp. |MI|. M plnlm. 
'I lie li'it iiiiiiiily liy (t 1*. Iturnrtt. 

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difT(?rens usages de la vie? (^ui a rcmi)ort<'- en 1783 le prix 
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The xdiiie, n printed. 

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8*. pp. 15. (l'iut«l Slates — Bureau of the American 
irpuMio ) 
CaIwot r r, P.iii-, l.l.iii.Is i.I.>l- mill I..-.Trnfriirhte niit 

ilin-M vorkoiii- 

i-^, ihnT eip'ii- 

. .^. iiuil \wlUl;iii<IiKi'r itufTiiliriiiiK 

- pniklisclif iH^liirfiiLss il:irK<-^tellt. 

>;unt;.ir! 1"^>1 • -!^ (■<iliirt>l plHti>M. (h> hin l.,unil- 

nirtluu-haftlirhe uml ttvlmisclic plliuuriikuiule, 2.) 

I'. ■■ . ■ . • ,, siutiRiirt. isr>«. 

4°. pp. IjinilHirtli.^chaft- 

liche uml •■ ' 



Ahlh ii. 
11 |)™i 

(r-I.I.l-. tir l.ll , 

Calfolari I 

mil l«fhtu.s«-lip pflanzcnkunde. 
r. PLit.-s. 

friirJilr. ISM. - Ul nriitv'lilonil* 

CM.nBiiLAKirs), P'nuiccjico. llrr Halili 

ill i|ii<i inir.iliili <inliii<- ili-Mrriliitiir 

jni <|ii:ininilniii ipsuiii <'<iiiriii|;rn- 

III- iLiT I'liMTilur pr.i'lfn-a (|iiail:iin itisiK- 

lnTli;r ilii iKismites, (|iiur Usui iiie<lii'o plus 

int. ( A piHinhil In .M.\TTii)i.i. P. .\. Coin- 

|M-n<lmin <le plantis uninibus, 1.171.) 

Thr name. {.\p)>rmltii to Olivi, C. U. De recon- 

jliliis, ft praifipui.s rolleclanci.-* ab Francisco Calceolario in 
muHi-o ailsen-nlis, tostificatio, 1.'584.) 

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pp Plate. 

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[-"■•■ .........11.. .-irca mare Sli-iiiterraneum di.stributio 

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I'Ik. (.Iiitrf. urr in liHn. ii or JiK^iui'iiioiit'N iillii<i. 

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III iii'-ul.'i I.iizone Philippiiiaruin iirimaria na.s<'ciiliiim ol>- 
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.1. l.n llirlori.'i plantarum, 176-1, iii.) 

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in >|Uo pluriiii.'iniiii slirpiiiiii brevrs descriiit iones, novie 
ironi-s non pauni>, inilirat iones IrH-oniiii nataliiiin, olwrva- 
tionen de cultura eannn |M'culi»res, atqiie insiiper nonnulla 
rvme<lin euixirista, ni'c non pliiloloKii-a qua-dam c<mtincntur. 

Item Sjlvu Hercynia; sive, Catalogus plantarum aponte 
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Irones accurate nunc primiiin ilelineala> pr.eripuarum 

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editor. Dc plantis epitome utilissima novis plane. 

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"<l\i-rKtilriikl uit lii-l ttrgaun drr Verrrniying run <ntd-lrrrlingrn drr 

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Vat flarlicc nporU ao* Canada — Exprrunmtal farnu. KiperuneDU. 


lirpaTtn%entofagnniltuTt. Cirrular eontaining " The 

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the niarkinK of tinilH-r, ISTO;" with ruU'S. n-pulutioii!* and 
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No more published. 

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For review, sec fjRAY. Asa. Reviews. 

— — — Table alphab(5tique des noma des per.sonnes men- 
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Signed " D. C 

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Sicnrd "U. C" 

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Hulf-tiUe readH: "flours dc liotaniquc, 1*^ partic." 

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schreibung der pflanzen-organc. Eine fort.sotzuiig und ent- 
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.Six (iT tlic iiliilm lijiv*. ni, ili^M-ription iiml iirr not incnlioiicil in tlio 
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rrtuwiftiliuiii, Kaluochoe crenatii. Talioum pataos. Reaumurio vermi- 

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SiKiicd " I).C" 

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Theoretische anfatigsgriinde der botanik; oder, 

Erklarung der grundsiitze der natiirlichcn classcn-cintheilung 



und der kuiist die gewiichse zu besclireiben und zu studieren. 
Aus dem franzosischen iibersetzt, mit anraerkungen, zu- 
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No more published. 

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Transactions of the Linnean society of London — Bot