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^ublisljci bg tijc institution, 


[Telegrams : "Institution, London'." Telephone, "3051."] 







The present Catalogue has been formed by abbreviation and amalga- 
mation of the Catalogue printed in 1866, and the titles written for 
books acquired since that date. Considerable changes have been made 
in the methods of selecting the headings, and dates or conjectural dates 
have with a few exceptions been assigned to the books. The headings 
are selected according to the following plan : 

I. Non-official publications appear under the authors' names ; failing 
such names, under those of the persons, places, etc., of which they treat ; 
failing that, under the heading Anonymous. Journals and periodicals 
are arranged in alphabetical order under the heading Periodical 
Publications. Works entered under the two last-named headings 
also appear under the names of their authors, when possible. 

II. Official publications relating to particular persons, places, etc., 
appear under such names ; those of a general nature under the Govern- 
ments or corporate bodies issuing them. 

Official publications also appear in many cases under the names of 
their authors. 

Owing to the doubtful orthography of Indian names, these are all 
grouped together under the heading India, instead of appearing in 
their proper alphabetical order. 

The larger non-personal headings, such as London, Edinburgh, have 
been sub-divided according to suhject. 

Societies appear under their respective names, when these are well 
known, but otherwise under the places where they meet : 
e.g. Royal Society. 

LiitiGE. — Association des ingenieurs sortis de VEcole de Liege. 

In order to make the Catalogue complete to the close of the year 
1894, the titles of works acquired while it was in the press, as well as 
of those omitted from the general body of the work, have been included 
in the Addenda. 

The Catalogue of the Horological Library, bequeathed to the Insti- 


tutiou by the late B. L. Vulliamy, Assoc. Inst. C.E., forms an 

The volumes now issued do not contain the index of subjects. This 
part of the Catalogue is in preparation, and will be issued separately 
at as early a date as possible. It has, howe\er, been judged advisable 
that publication even in part should not be Ljnger delayed, the more 
so as the arrangement now adopted for the first portion has resulted 
in its containing much of the information usually found in a subject- 

It only remains to add that it is proposed to take advantage of the 
increased room which will be afforded by the new library, when the 
rebuilding of the premises is completed, to rearrange the books, the 
scattered nature of the accommodation in the late buUding having 
gradually become the source of trouble and inconvenience. Much sim- 
plification will also result from numbering the cases and lettering the 
shelves, instead of the converse practice which existed in the old 
library, and in the course of time led to the compulsory use of three 
forms of each letter of the alphabet. 




ABADIE, A. Etude sur les chemins cle fer de montagne du systeme 
Abt. Tract, ito. vol 104. Paris, 1886. 4to. 

ABATE, F. Progetto per la condotta in Napoli di 100,000 metricubi 
al giorno delle acque di Serine. Tract. Ato. vol. 76. 

Napoli, 1870. 4to. 

Studii suir acquidotto Claudio e progetto per fornire d'acqua 

potabile la citta di Napoli. Tract. Ato. vol. 76. 

Najwli, 1864. 4to. 

ABBATT, R. A treatise on the Calculus of Variations. 

Lond. 1836. 12mo. 

ABBOT, G. An Essay on the Mines of England, their importance 
as a source of national wealth, etc. Lond. 1833. 8vo. 

(Printed for private circulation.) 

[Observations on the proper selection and administration of the 

Metalliferous Mineral Royalties and Properties of this country.] 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 78. Lond. [1840?] 8vo. 

ABBOT, H. L., U.S. Army. Course of lectures upon the Defence of 
the Sea-coast of the United States, etc. Neio York, 1888. 8vo. 

The Earth Wave at the destruction of Flood Rock. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 406. Neio York Harbour, 1885. 8vo. 

On the velocity and transmission of Earth Waves. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 406. Neio York Harbour, 1878. 8vo. 

Physics and Hydraulics of the Mississippi : reply to criticisms 

by Dr. Hagen. 1878. See Humphreys, A. A., and Abbot, H. L. 

Recent progress in High Explosives and their uses in war. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 406. [1886?] 8vo. 
Report respecting the Rackarock to be used in the explosion at 

Flood Rock. Tract. 8vo. vol. 406. 

Neif York Harbour, 1886. 8vo. 



ABBOT, H. L., U.S. Army. Report upon experiments and investiga- 
tions to develop a system of Submarine Mines for defending the 
Harbors of the United States, etc. [Professional Papers of the 
Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army. No. 23.] 

Washington, 1881. 4to. 

Shock of the Explosion at Hallet's Point. Tract. Svo. vol. 406. 

[1876?] 8vo. 

Siege Artillery in the campaigns against Richmond, with notes on 

the 15-inch gun, including an algebraic analysis of the trajectory 
of a shot in its ricochets upon smooth water. [Professional Papers 
of the Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army. No. 14.] 

Neio TorJc, 1868. Svo. 

ABBOTSBURY RAILWAY. Report by the Board of Trade on 
the Classification of Merchandise Traffic and Schedule of Maxi- 
mum Rates, etc. Land. 1891. folio. 

ABBOTT, A. V. Testing Machines ; their history, construction and 
use. Neio York, 1884. 12mo. 

ABBOTT, F., Lieut.-Col. Practical treatise on permanent Bridges for 
Indian rivers. 2nd edition. With a description of the use of 
wells for foundations, by Captain P. T. Cautley. Tract. Svo. 
vol 394. Agra, 1850. 8vo. 

(From the " Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal," 1839.) 

ABBOTT, W. The South Eastern Railway. A few facts on its 
management under Sir Edward Watkin, Bart., M.P., during the 
years from 1866 to 1888, and its prospects for the future, from a 
continuance of a system of " supreme authority." Tract, ito. 
vol. 112. Lond. 1888. 4to. 

ABDANK-ABAKANOWICZ, Br. Les integraphes. Etude sur un 
nouveau systeme d'integrateurs mecaniques. Tract. 8vo. vol. 429. 

Paris, 1886. 8vo. 

ABEL, C. D. The action of the Patent Laws in promoting invention. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 139. Lond. 1864. 8vo. 

Rudimentary and elementary principles of the Construction and 

working of Machinery. (Atlas of plates.) 

Lond. 1860. 8vo. and 4to. 

ABEL, C. D., and Imray, J. Patents, designs and trade marks, 
British and foreign. Lond. 1886. 8vo. 

ABEL, Sir F. A. Accidental Explosions produced by non-explosive 
liquids. Tract. Svo. vol. . Lond. 1885, 8vo. 

Address as President of the British Association. Tract. Svo. 

vol. 497. Leeds, 1890. 8vo. 

Address delivered at the opening of the session of the Society of 

Arts. Tract. Svo. vol. 395. Lond. 1884. Svo. 

[Another edition.] Tract. Svo. vol. 408. Lond. 1885. Svo. 

Les agents explosifs appliques dans I'industrie. Traduit par G. 

Richard. Tract. Svo. vol. 343. Paris, 1881. Svo. 


ABEL, Sir F. A. — continued. Final report on Experiments bearing 
upon the question of the condition in which Carbon exists in Steeh 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 391. Lond. 1885. 8vo. 

The Flashing Test for Petroleum. Tract. Svo. vol. 433. 

Manchester, 1883. 8vo. 

Hardening, etc., of Steel. Report on further experiments. Tract. 

Svo. vol. 437. Lond. 1883. 8vo. 

Mining Accidents and their prevention : with discussion by 

leading experts. Also the United States, British and Prussian 
laws regulating the working of coal mines. New YorJc, 1889. Svo. 

On Accidental Explosions. Tract. Svo. vol. 435. 

Woolwich, 187 5. 8vo. 

On recent investigations and applications of Explosive Agents. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 225. Edinburgh, 1871. Svo. 

(From the " Proceedings of the British Association.") 

Presidential address delivered at the meeting of the Iron and 

Steel Institute, May 6, 1891. Tract. Svo. vol. 522. 

Lond. 1891. Svo. 

Report ... on the results of investigations ... on the appli- 
cation of Electricity ... to the Explosion of Gunpowder. 1861. 
See Wheatstone, iSir C, and Abel, Sir F. A. 

Researches on Explosives. 1875. See Noble, W. H., and Abel, 

Sir F. A. 

Smokeless Explosives. Tract. Svo. vol. 490. Lond. 1890. Svo. 

(Read before the Royal Institution.) 

The work of the Imperial Institute, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 445. 

Lond. 1887. Svo. 

ABEL, Sir F. A., and Deering, W. H. Notes on the condition in 
which Carbon exists in Steel. Tract. Svo. vol. 466. 

Lond. 1883. Svo. 

(From the Journal of the Chemical Society.) 

ABEL, N. H. Oeuvres completes. 2 vols, in 1. 

Christiania, 1881. 4to. 

ABELL, W. P. The Automatic "Megass Firemen." Tract. Svo. vol. 
505. Demerara, 1892. Svo. 

ABERCARNE COLLIERY. Report of the Commissioners sent 
down by the Government to watch the Abercarne [Colliery Ex- 
plosion] Inquest, etc. Lond. 1879. folio. 

ABERCROMBIE, C. Report respecting a new line of road from 
Hamilton to Elvanfoot. Tract, ito. vol. 4. Glasgow, 1813. 4to. 

ABERCROMBY, Hon. R. Principles of Forecasting by means of 
Weather Charts. Lond. 18S5. Svo. 

ABERDARE CANAL. Act. Lond. 1793. folio. 

ABERDEEN. — Boijal Infirmary. Description of designs, plans and 
bird's-eye view of the proposed enlargement. Tract. 4to. vol. 106. 

[1887?] 4to 
B 2 


ABERDEEN, Steamer. Report on an explosion on board the 
Steamer "Aberdeen," 1 March, 1884, by Major Cundill. 

Lond. 1884. folio. 

ABERDEEN HARBOUR. Amended Act, and act for improvement 
of Aberdeen Harbour. Land. 1810-29. folio. 

Evidence of proceedings in the committee of the House of 

Commons in regard to the Aberdeen Harbour Bill. 

Aberdeen, 1839. 8vo. 

Minutes of e^ddence taken before the Committee of the House of 

Commons, session 1828, on the Aberdeen Hai-bour Bill; with the 
speeches of counsel, etc. Aberdeen, 1828. 8vo. 

Reports by Smeaton, Rennie and Telford upon the Harbours of 

Aberdeen. Tract. 8vo. vol. 400. Aberdeen, 1834. 8vo. 

■ Report by the Harbour Engineer on the Propriety of extending 

the North Pier and on the improvement of the Harbour Entrance. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 324. Aberdeen, 1876. 8vo. 

library. Tract. 8ro. vol. 121. Aberdeen, 1854. 8vo. 

ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY. Calendar, 1893-94, etc. 

Aberdeen, 1893, etc. 8vo. 

ABERDEENSHIRE CANAL. Act, amended act, and act for 
raising money. Lond. 1796, 1809. folio. 

ABERDOVEY. Plan of Aberdovey deviation. 

Aberdoveij, 1865. 12mo. 

ABERGr, E. Irrigacion y eucalyptus. Buenos Aires, 1874:. 8vo. 

ABERNETHY, J. Remarks on certain poi'tions of the supplementary 
report of the Royal Commission on Harbours of Refuge. Tract, 
folio, vol. 7. Lond. 1859. folio. 

Report to the trustees of Birkenhead Docks. Tract. 8vo. vol. 218. 

Liverpool, 1850. 8vo. 

River Ouse Improvement. Report. Lond. 1876. folio. 

ABERNETHY, J. P. The modern Service of Commercial and Rail- 
way Telegraphy, in theory and practice. 6th edition, enlarged. 

Cleveland, Ohio, 1887. 8vo. 

ABERT, J. J., Col. Report on the Canal to connect the Chesapeake 
and Ohio Canal with the city of Baltimore. Tract. 4:to. vol. 74. 

Washington, 1874. 4to. 

sections. [ ] 12mo. 

ABNEY, W. de W., Ca2)t. Cantor lectures on Photography and the 
Spectroscope. Lond. 1885. 8vo. 

Cantor lectures on recent advances in Photography. 

Lond. 1882. 8vo. 

Instruction in Photography. Tract. 8vo. vol. 220. 

Chatham, 1871. 8vo. 


ABNEY, "W. de W., Cajyt. — continued. Notes on the Chemistry of 
Building Materials, etc., being a synopsis of the course undertaken 
in the chemical laboratory at the School of Military Engineering, 
Chatham. 3rd edition, etc. Chatham, 1888. Svo. 

Photography. [Science Lectures at South Kensington. Vol. I.] 

Land. 1878. 8vo. 

ABORN, F. Elementary Mechanical Drawing. 

Cincinnati, 1886. 8vo. 

ABRAM COLLIERY. Explosion. Report by A. Young. 

Lond. 1882. folio 

ABT, R. Das System Abt fur combinirte Adhiisions- und Zahnrad- 
bahnen, 1888. See Bock, F., and Abt, R. 

Die Construction der Zahnschienenbahnen. Tract. S-yo. 

TFttrzfcm-^ [1886?] 8vo. 

• Die drei Rigibahnen und das Zahnradsystem. 

Zurich, 1877. 4to 

Die Rhone-Bahn : ein Beitrag zur Losung der Simplon-Frage. 

Tract, folio, vol. 40. Wiirzburg, 1886. folio. 

• Die Rhone-Bahn Brig-Airolo. Tract, folio, vol. 41. 

Luzern, 1887. folio. 

Secundiirbahnen im Gebirge. Zahnradbahnen (System Riggen- 

bach), [Abdruck aus dem Handbuch fiir specielle Eisenbahn- 
Technik, herausgegeben von E. Heusinger v. Waldegg.] Tract. 
8ro. vol. 482. [1878.] 8vo. 

Zahnradbahnbetrieb, Zahnstange und Zahnrad - Locomotive. 

Tract. 4/0. vol. 111. Luzern, 1888. 4to. 

ABT, R., and Neveu, A. Notice sur le projet de chemin de fer funicu- 
laire a cremaillere, systeme Abt, de Cauterets a La Raillere. 
Tract. 4to. vol. 111. Paris, 1883. 4to. 

ACADEMIA ESPANOLA. See Real Academia Espanola. 

BURG. — Academia, etc. 

ACADEMIE DES SCIENCES. Comptes-rendus hebdomadaires des 
seances. Vol. 1, (2, etc.). Paris, 1835, etc. 4to. 

Connaissance des temps au meridien de Paris, public par Ford re 

de I'Academie des Sciences. 30 vols. Paris, 1759-1815. 8vo. 


Discours prononces au Museum d'Histoire Naturelle sur le 

centenaire de M. Chevreul. Tract. 4:to. vol. 105. 

Paris, 1886. 4to. 

• Elements d'astronomie. Par M. Cassini. Paris, 1740. 4 to. 

Elements de la geometrie de I'inlini. Paris, 1729. 4to. 

Journal du voyage fait par ordre du Roi a I'equateur, servant 

d'introduction historique a la mesure des trois premiers degres du 
meridien. Par M. de la Condamine. Paris, 1751. 4to. 


ACADl^MIE DES SCIENCES— coH//«HCf?. La mcridienne de I'obser- 
vatoire royal de Paris. Par M. Cassini de Thury. 

Paris, 1744. 4to. 

•^ Meinoires de I'lnstitut de France. 1816-1877. 41 vols. 

Paris, 1818-77. 4to. 

]M(' moires de I'lnstitut National des Sciences et Arts, pour Fan 

iv de la rcpublique. Sciences, matheruatiques et physiques. 
14 vols. Paris, 1799-1818. 4to. 

Mumoires de Mathematiques. (Tables gen. dcsmatieres.) 1699- 

1790. 103 vols. Paris, 1732-1809. 4to. 

Memoires presentes a I'lnstitut des Sciences, Lettres et Arts 

par divers savans et lus dans ses assemblees. 25 vols. 

Paris, 1805-77. 4to. 

Mesure des trois premiers degres du meridien dans I'hemisphere 

austral. Par M, de la Condamine. Paris, 1751. 4to. 

Passage de Venus sur le soleil. 3 vols. Paris, 1877-78. 4to. 

• • Rapport sur les nouveaux precedes introduits dans I'art du 

doreur, par MM. Elkington et De Ruolz. Tract ito. vol. 38. 

(From the Comptes rendus.) Paris, 1842. 4tO. 

Tables astronomiques dressees et mises en lumicre par les ordres 

de Louis le Grand. Par M. de la Hire. Paris, 1735. 4to. 

• Tables astronomiques du soleil, de la lune, des planetes, des 

etoiles fixes, et des satellites de Jupiter et de Saturne. Par M. 
Cassini. Paris, 1740. 4to. 

Traite physique et historique de I'aurore boreale. Par de Maizan. 

[Second edition.] Paris, 1754. 4to. 

ACADEMIE FRANgAISE. Dictionnaire de I'Academie Frangaise. 
[6th edition.] 2 vols. Paris, 1835. 4to. 


■ Annuaires de I'Academie. 1836-76. Bruxelles, 183Q-7 6. 12mo. 

(Vols, for 1837, 52, 55, 59, and 65, missing.) 

• Bulletins de I'Academie. Vols. 1 to 23. 

Bruxelles, 1836-56. 8vo. 

(Vols. 5, 10 pt. 1, 17 pt. 2, 20 pt. 2, 21 and 22 pt. 1, are missing.) 

2™'' serie. 50 vols. Bruxelles, 1857-80. 8vo. 

■ Z"^" serie. Vol. 1, etc. Bruxelles, 1881, etc. 8vo. 

■ Annexe aux bulletins. 1853-54. Bruxelles, 1854. 8vo. 

-. Catalogue de la bibliotheque de I'Academie Royale des sciences 

et belles-lettres de Bruxelles. Tract. 8vo. vL 121. 

Bruxelles, 1842. 8vo. 

-^ Catalogue de la bibliotheque de M. le Baron de Stassart, leguee a 

I'Academie Royale de Belgique. Bruxelles, 1863. 8vo. 

Centieme anniversaire de fondation (1772-1872). 2 vols. 

Bruxelles, 1872. 8vo. 

Memoires. 4 vols. Bruxelles, 1777-83. 4to. 



Memoires couronnees par FAcademie. "Vol. 12, etc. 

Bruxelles, 1837, etc. 4to. 

(Title altered at vol. 15, 2nd part, 1843, to "Memoires couronnes et memoires des savants 
etrangeres public- par, &c. ;" and again vol. 19, 1847, to "Memoires, &c., publie par I'Aca- 
demie royale des sciences, des belles lettres et des beaux arts de Belgique.") 

Nouveaux memoires de I'Academie. Vols. 10-47. 

Bruxelles, 1837, etc. 4to. 

(Title altered at vol. 20 to " Memoires, &c. des lettres et des beaux arts de Belgique.") 

Memoires couronnees par I'Academie et autres memoires. Vol. 

1, etc. Bruxelles, 1840, etc. 8vo. 


Atti. Serie terza. 

Transunti. 8 vols. Boma, 1877-84. 4to. 

Memorie ... 19 vols, in 10. Boma, 1877-84. 4to. 

Atti. Serie quarta. 

Rendiconti. Vol. 1, etc. Boma, 1885, etc. 4to. 

Memorie . . . Vol. 1, etc. Boma, 1885, etc. 4to. 

(pt. 1) and vol. 34, etc. Boma, 1880, etc. 4to. 

(Imperfect. Parts wanting in vols. 35, 43-45.) 

Atti . . . Serie iniziata per ordine della S. D. N. S. Pape 

Leone XIII. 6 vols. Boma, 1887-90. 4to. 

ACCRINGTON. Form of Tender, specifications, conditions 'and bill 
of quantities for the construction of Public Abattoirs . . . for the 
Accrington Corporation. Accrington, 1889. 4to. 

ACCUM, F. A practical Treatise on Gaslight. . . . With remarks 
on the utility, safety, and general nature of this new branch of 
civil economy. 2nd edition. Lond. 1815. 8vo. 

Description of the process of manufacturing Coal-gas : with eleva- 
tions, sections, and plans of the most approved sorts of apparatus, 
etc. Lond. 1819. 8vo. 

2nd edition. Land. 1820. 8vo. 

ACHARD, A. De la transmission et de la distribution des forces 
motrices a grande distance. Paris, 1876. 8vo. 

Description d'une roue hydraulique avec arbre en tole. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 231. Paris, 1872. 8vo. 

Une distribution municipale de force motrice. Tract. 8vo. vol. 

496. Paris, 1891. 8vo. 

La securite publique sur les chemins de fer et dans les usines a 

vapeur par I'embrayage 61ectrique. Tract. 8vo. vol. 182. 

Grenohle, 1861. 8vo. 

Public Security on Railways, and in factories where steam-power 

is applied, by means of the " embrayage electrique." Tract. 8v >. 
vol. 182. 1862. Svo. 

Travaux publics. La distribution de I'eau et de la force motrice 

a Geneve. Tract. 4to. vol. 117. Pans, 1890. 4to. 


ACHARD, F. K. A. [A Biography of Achard. From the " Allge- 
meino Biographic."] (M.S.) Tract. Svo. vol. 449. 

Berlin, 1887. 8vo. 

ACLAND, C. T. D. Railway Rates. Tract. 8vo. vol. 435. 

[Lond. 1887.] 8vo. 

(An extract from the "Contemporary Revlew."J 

ACLAND, Dr. H. W. Memoir on the Cholera at Oxford in the year 
1854. Lond. 1850. 4to. 

ACREFAIR, N. Wale>^. Report on Boiler Explosions, Acrefair, 
North Wales, New British Iron Co.'s Works. Lond. 1882. folio. 

ACWORTH, W. M. The Railways of England. Lond. 1889. 8vo. 

The Railways of Scotland : their present position. With a glance 

at their past and a forecast at their future. With a map. 

Lond. 1890. 8vo. 

The Railways and the Traders : a sketch of the railway rates 

question. Lond. 1891. 8vo. 

ADAIR, S., Baron Wavenei/. The Defence of London : an address 
delivered at the Royal United Service Institution, July 13th, 1860. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 128. Lond. [I860.] 8vo. 

The Defences of Portsmouth : a lecture delivered at the Royal 

United Service Institution. Tract. 8vo. vol. 128. 

Lond. [I860.] 8vo. 

The Lines of London : defences by works and manoeuvre in the 

field. With an Appendix. Tract. 8vo. vol. 132. [1862.] 8vo. 

A Memoir on the defence of East SujQfolk. Tract. 8vo. vol. 128. 

Lond. [I860.] 8vo. 

Militia sketch maps. 3 folding in 8vo. Lond. 1855. 8vo. 

The Militia of the United Kingdom ; with suggestions for the 

permanent organization of the force. Tract. 8vo. vol. 128. 

Lond. [18591] 8vo. 

The national Defences and Organization of the Militia of the 

United Kingdom. Tract. 8vo. vol. 128. Lond. [18591] 8vo. 

The Organization and Duties of the Militia of the United 

Kingdom, considered with reference to invasion. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 128. Lond. [1858?] 8vo. 

ADAM, Robert. Ruins of the palace of the Emperor Diocletian, 
at Spalatro, in Dalmatia. Lond. 1764. folio. 

ADAM, Robert and J. The works in Architectui-e of R. and J. 
Adam, etc. [Two vols, bound in one. English and French.] 

Lond. 1778-9. folio. 

ADAM, Robert. Report respecting the financial affairs of the Edin- 
burgh and district Water Trust. Tract, folio, vol. 26. 

Edinhurgh, 1879. folio. 

ADAM, W. The gem of the Peak ; or Matlock Bath and its vicinity. 
An account of Derby, etc. 3rd edition. Lond. 1843. 8vo, 


ADAMS, C. F., jun. Notes on Railroad Accidents. 

New Yorl; 1879. 12mo. 

Railroads, their origin and problems. Keto York, 1879. 8vo. 

The Regulation of all Railroads through the state ownei'ship of 

one. Tract. Svo. vol. 485. Buxton, 1873. 8vo. 

ADAMS, E. The Polychromatic Ornament of Italy. Part I. 

Land. [1849.] 4to. 

ADAMS, G. An essay on Electricity ; to which is added an essay on 
Magnetism. Lond. 1784. 8vo. 

Geometrical and graphical essays, containing a general description 

of the Mathematical Instruments used in geometry, civil and 
military surveying, levelling and perspective, etc. Corrected and 
enlarged by W. Jones. 3rd edition. Lond. 1803. 8vo. 

ADAMS, H. Apparatus for Weighing. Tract. 8vo. vol. 497. 

[1889.] 8vo. 

Designing Wrought and Cast Iron structures. 

Lond. 1883. 8vo. 

Handbook for Mechanical Engineers. 2nd, (3rd) edition. 

Lond. 1891, 93. 8vo. 

Hydraulic machinery, past and present. Tract. 8vo. vol. 362. 

Lond. 1880. 8vo. 

Inaugural address as President of the Society of Engineers. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 497. • Lond. 1890. 8vo. 

Joints in Woodwork. Tract. Svo. vol. 361. Lond. 1877. 8vo. 

Notes on Mechanical Engineering. Lond. 1883. 8vo. 

Opening address as President of the Civil and Mechanical 

Engineers' Society, Session 1889-90. Tract. Svo. vol. 497. 

Lo7id. 1890. Svo. 

Strains in Ironwork. Lond. 1884. Svo. 

The Strength of Iron and Steel. Tract. Svo. vol. 495. 

Lond. 1887. Svo. 

Timber Piling, in foundations and other works. Tract. Svo. 

vol. . (Proceedings, Society of Architects.) Lond, 1891. 8vo. 

The use and care of Chains for lifting and hauling. Tract. Svo. 

vol. 491. Land. 1887. Svo. 

ADAMS, J. The Elements of the Ellipse, together with the radii of 
curvature, etc., relating to that curve ; and of centripetal and 
centrifugal forces in elliptical orbits ; to which is added the first 
of Dr. M. Stewart's tracts. Tract. Svo. vol. 30. Lond. ISIS. Svo. 

ADAMS, J. C. An explanation of the observed irregularities in the 
motion of Uranus, on the hypothesis of disturbances caused by a 
more distant planet. Tract. Svo. vol. 190. Lond. 1846. Svo. 

ADAMS, J. Q. Reports upon Weights and Measures. 

Philadelphia, 1821. 8vo. 


ADAMS, J. R. Dulwich College and the Endowed Schools' Commis- 
sioners. Tract. 8ro. vol. 229. Lond. 1873. 8vo. 

ADAMS, J. W. Aniericau Interoceanic Ship Canals. Tract. 8w. 
vol. . New YorJc, 1870. 8vo. 

(Trans. Aui. Soc. Civil Engineers, 1870.) 

Interoceanic Canal Projects. Discussion. Tntci. 8vo. vol. 451. 

New Ym-h, 1880. 8vo. 

(Trans. Am. Soc. Civil Kngineers.) 

lleport to the trustees of the Petroleum Light Company, on 

petroleum as fuel. Tract. 8vo. vol. 287. Neiv York, 1865. 8vo. 

Sewers and Drains foi' populous districts, with rules and formulte 

for the determination of their dimensions, etc. 

New Yorlc, 1880. 8vo. 

ADAMS, "W. Solar Heat a substitute for Fuel in tropical countries, 
for heating steam boilers and other purposes. 

Bombay, 1878. 8vo. 

ADAMS, W. B. English pleasure Carriages ; their origin, history, 
varieties ; with an analysis of the construction of common roads 
and railroads. Lond. 1837. 8vo. 

Railway practice and railway possibilities as affecting dividends 

and safety, with (diagrams of engines, trains, and brakes. Tract. 
8vj. vol 166. Lond. 1868. 8vo. 

Road Progress ; or amalgamation of railways and highways for 

agricultural improvement and steam farming, in Great Britain 
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[1884.] 8vo. 
Inaugural address, delivered as President of the Society of 

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On the application of the principle of the Screw to the Floats of 

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Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1875. 8vo. 

On some of the Properties of Puddled Iron, ingot iron, and steel, 

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Mancliester, [181 b'(\ 8vo. 


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mild Steel. Tract. Svo. vol. 413. Manchester, 1878. 8vo. 

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Great Britain and Ireland, on his Spray Pump. Tract. Svo. vol. 
78. ' BirmingJiam, 1846. 8vo. 

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1886-88). Land. 1861-88. 12mo. 

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Addenbrooke Hospital, Cambridge. Land. 1767. folio. 

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in manuscript and drawing.] Tract. Svo. vol. 491. 

Bajputatia, 1890. Svo. 

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addressed to the " Times of India," 2nd December, 1870. Tract. 
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Specifications and comparative statements of patent single, doul^le, 

and treble-headed Rails for railways, combining longitudinal 
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Peterborough, 1874. 8vo. 

Water Supply for the borough of Peterborough. Tract. Svo. 

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(Official Report.) Adelaide, 1878. folio. 

Proposed North Adelaide Reservoir. 

Adelaide, [1878.] folio. 

Railway Bridge Plans to Morphett Street Bridge. 

Adelaide, 1882. folio. 

Reports by Messrs. Brown and Clark on Water Supply and 

Water Works. Adelaide, 1877-78. folio. 

Sewers Act . . . together with rules and regulations. 

Adelaide, 1878-82. 4to. 

Telegraphs. Plan of the Adelaide and Port Darwin Line. 

Adelaide, 1871. 

Jubilee International Exhibition, 1887. Proclamation, list of 

officers, &c. Tract. Svo. vol. 420. Lo7id. 1886. Svo. 


ceedings, and report for 1877-1880. 3 vols, in 2. 

N Adelaide, 1878. 8vo 

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settlement, for the use of passengers, etc. Bomhay, 1891. 8vo. 

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Yereins fiir den Regierungs-bezirk Aachen im Kriege 1870-1871. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 232. Aachen, 1872. 8vo. 

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ADHEMAR, A. d', Count. Traito pratique de la construction des 
tramways, chemins de fer a chevaux, dits chemins de fer americains. 
Tract. Svo. vol.283. Pans, [I860?] 8vo. 

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increase of temperature, with a description of the pyrometer used 
in making the experiments. Tract, ito. vol. 38. 

Edinburgh, 1835. 4to. 

(From the Trans. Royal Society of Edinburgh.) 

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remarks of . . . Sir Charles Warren. Tract. Svo. vol. 433. 

Lond. 1887. 8vo. 

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London in six hours. Tract. Svo. vol. 127. Calcutta, 1854. 8vo. 

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(From Min. Proc. Inst. C.E.) 

The Last Chance Silver Mining Company of Utah. Report to 

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The Port of Calcutta : with special reference to the late Cyclone. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 154. Lond. 1864. 8vo. 

The story of the Telegraph in India. Lond. 1866. 8vo. 

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Lond. 1861. 8vo. 

Catalogue of charts, plans, views, and sailing directions, etc. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 387. Lond. 1875. 8vo. 

Catalogue of the library of the Admiralty. Lond. 1858. 8vo. 

[Another edition.] Lond. 1875. 4to. 

■ A collection of all such Statutes and parts of Statutes as in any 

way relate to the Admiralty, Navy, and ships of war, and other 
incidental matters. Lond. 1742. 4to. 

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vol. 45. Lond. 1888. folio. 


ADMIRALTY — continued. Chain for rigging cranes, &c. Specifica- 
tion. Trad, folio, vol. 45. Loud. 1889. folio. 

Experiments on mild Steel. Lond. 1880. folio. 

ADOLPH, W. The simplicity of the Creation ; or, the astronomical 
monument of the Blessed Virgin. A new theory of the solar 
system, thunder-storms, waterspouts, aurora borealis, kc, and the 
tides. Lond. 1864. 8vo. 

ADUR, Miver. An Act for the improvement of the Adur Navigation. 

Lond. 1807. folio. 


Lond. 1866, etc. 12mo. 

Rules. Tract. 8w. vol. 224. Lond. 18G6. 8vo. 

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greatest power in nature to the deepening and clearing out of 
rivers, etc. Tract. 8i'o. vol. 9. Glasgoic, 1833. 8vo. 

AFGHANISTAN. Papers relating to Militaiy Operations in 

Affghanistan. (Parliamentary Paper.) Lond. 1843. folio. 

AGAR TOWN, St. Pancras. Copy of a report lately made to the 
Board of Health, in reference to the sanitary condition of Agar 
Town, St. Pancras. Lond. 1851. 8vo. 

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AGER, G. See Blackburn, A. H., and Stevens, J. Engineering 
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Quadrature of the Circle in the configuration of the great Pyra- 
mids of Gizeh. Lond. 1838. 4to. 

AGRICOLA, G. Georgii Agricolae de re metallica libri xii. Quibus 
oflicia, instrumenta, machina?, ac omnia denique ad metallicam 
spectantia, non modo luculentissime describuntur, sed et per^efiigies, 
suis locis insertas, adiunctis Latinis, Germanicisque appellationibus 
ita ob oculos ponuntur, ut clarius tradi non possint. Ejusdem de 
animantibus subterraneis liber. Basileae, 1556. folio. 

Georgii Agricolae . . . De re metallica libri xii. Accesserunt 

. . . tractatus de animantibus subterraneis ; de ortu et causis 
subterraneorum ; de natura eorum qua? effluunt ex terra ; de 
natura fossilium, lib. 10 ; de veteribus et novis metallis ; 
Bermannus, sive de re metallica dialogus. Basilese, 1657. folio. 

AGUDIO, T. Conferenza sui sistemi Agudio e Fell e sulle ferrovie di 
Soperga e del Monginevra. Tract. Svo. vol. 383. 

Torino, 1885. 8vo. 

II sistema Agudio per vincere le forti pendenze coi tieni ordinari 

delle ferrovie, proposta di un' applicazione alia salita di Tivoli. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 303. Boma, 1879. 8vo. 

L' innesto del sistema Agudio alle ferrovie ordinarie. Lettera 

a S. E. il Ministro dei Lav. Pub. Tract. Svo. vol. 303. 

Boma, 1879. 8vo. 


AGUDIO, T.— con tinned. Italiun Exhilntion of Florence in 1861. 
Extract of the report of the jury upon the Agudio Traction 
Engine. Tract. 4to. vol. 74. Florence, 1861. 4to. 

Risposte date dalF ingegnere T. Agudio alia Comniissione 

d' inchiesta suUo esercizio delle ferrovie sutto il punto di vista 
economico niilitare col suo sistema di locomozione. Tract, ito. 
vol. 82. Boma, 1880. 4to. 

Una pronta succursale dei giovi. Memoria tecnica. 

Torino, 1887. folio. 

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en Belgique, etc. 1881. See Pernolet, A., and Aguillon, L. 

Legislation des mines, frangaise et etrangere. 3 vols. 

Paris, 1886. 8vo. 

Rapport sur la rupture des cables des mines. Tract. 8vo. vol. 343. 

Paris, 1881. 8vo. 

AHRENBERG, H. E. Stampelbok for svenska Jernverken. Utgifven 
ar 1864. I. Stangjerns- och manufakturverk. II. Masugnar. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 370. Gbteborg, 1864. 8vo. 

AIKIN, A. Illustrations of Arts and Manufactures ; being a selection 
from a series of papers read before the Society of Arts. 

Lond. 1841. 8vo. 

Journal of a tour through North Wales, and a part of Shrop- 
shire, with observations in mineralogy. Lond. 1797. 8vo. 

A Manual of Mineralogy. 2nd edition. Lond. 1815. 8vo. 

Observations on the Yalleys and Watercourses of Shropshire, and 

of parts of the adjacent counties. Tract. Ato. vol. 12. 

Lond. 1818. 4to. 

(From Trans, of the Geological Society.) 

AIKIN, A. and C. R. A dictionary of Chemistry and Mineralogy, 
etc. 2 vols. Lond. 1807-14. 4t6. 

AINSLEY, T. L. Engineers' manual of the Local Marine Board 
examinations for certificates. 2nd edition. 

Soutli Shields, 

23rd edition. South Shields, 

AINSLIE, A. 0. Smoking Fires : their cause and cure. 
vol. 381. Lond. 

AINSWORTH, W. F. The Euphrates Valley Railway. 
vol. 289. Lond. 

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Calder. Tract. 8vo. vol. 6. Lond. 1774-1820. 8vo. 

A Bill intituled An Act to confirm a Provisional Order made by 

the Board of Trade . . . containing the classification of mer- 
chandise trafiic and the schedule of maximum rates, etc. 

Lond. 1893. folio. 

. A Bill [as amended by the Joint Committee of Lords and 

Commons] to confirm a Provisional Order . . . containing the 
classification of mei'chandise, etc. Lond. 1893. folio. 














AIREY, J. Airey's Railway Map of England and "Wales. 

Lond. 1890. folio. 

■ Airey's Railway Map of Scotland. Lond. 1888. 8vo. 

Handbook of all the Stations ... in the United Kingdom, etc. 

1877-1893. See Oliver, H., and Airey, J. 

Railway Junction Diagrams . . . showing the connecting points 

between all the railways in Great Britain and Ireland, etc. 3rd 
edition. Lond. 1872. 4to. 

4th edition. Lond. 1877. 8vo. 

6th edition. Lond. 1888. oil. 8vo. 

Supplement for 1880, 1884, 1885, and 1886. 

Lond. 1880-86. 8vo. 

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the Perturbation of Planets. Translated . . . by G. B. Airy. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 432. 1852. 8vo. 

[For publications of Sir G. B. Airy as Astronomer Royal :] See 

Greenwich Observatory. 

Abstract of a communication on the present state and prospects 

of the science of Terrestrial Magnetism. Tract. 4/o. vol. 101. 

Lond. 1850. 4to. 

Account of the Northumberland Equatorial and dome, attached 

to the Cambridge Observatory. Camh. 1844. 4to. 

Account of observations of the total solar eclipse of I860. July 18, 

made at Herena, near Miranda de Ebro ; with a notice of the 
general proceedings of "The Himalaya Expedition for Observation 
of the Total Solar Eclipse." Tract. Qvo. vol. 432. 

Lond. 1860. 8vo. 

Account of Observations of the Transit of Venus, 1874. 

Lond. 1881. 4to. 

Addition to a syllabus of experimental Lectures on Optics. Tract. 

8w. vol. 187. [ .] 8vo. 

Additional note to the paper on a supposed alteration in the 

amount of astronomical aberration of light produced by the 
passage of the light through a considerable thickness of refracting 
medium. Tract. 8vo. vol. 432. Lond. 1873. 8vo. 

(From the Proceedings of the Royal Society.) 

Address as President at the twenty-first meeting of the British 

Association. Tract, ito. vol. 102. Lond. 1851. 4to. 

Address delivered as President at the anniversary meeting of the 

Royal Society. 2 pt. Tract. 8vo. vol. 431. Lond. 1872, 73. 8vo. 

Address delivered on presenting the honorary medal of the Royal 

Astronomical Society to M. Otto von Struve. Tract. 8vo. vol. 
431. Lond. 1850. 8vo. 

' Address delivered on presenting the gold medal of the Royal 

Astronomical Society to Mr. Charles Riimker. Tract. 8vo. vol. 431. 

1854. 8vo. 

16 AIUY. 

AIRY, Sir G. B. — continued. Annular Eclipse of the Sun, March 14 
and 15, 1858. Tract. 4/o. vol. 101. 1858. 4to. 

Astronomy. Tract. 8vo. vol 432. 1859. 8vo. 

The Atlantic Cable problem. Tract. Svo. vol. 4.31. 

(From the Nautical Magazine.) Lond, 1858. 8vO. 

• The Burial of Sir John Moore. Tract, ito. vol. 103. 

(From " The Athenaium.") Lond. 1871. 4to. 

Change of climate. Tract, ito. vol. 103. Lond. 18G0. 4to. 

(Article in "The Athenasum.") 

Comparison of Magnetic Disturbances recorded Ijy the self- 
registering magnetometers at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, 
with magnetic disturbances deduced from the corresponding 
terrestrial galvanic currents recorded by the self-registez'ing 
galvanometers of the Royal Observatory. Tract. 4<o. vol. 102. 

1868. 4to. 

The Compass in Iron Ships. Tract, ito. vol. 102. 

(From "The Athenajum.") Lond. 1866. 4t0. 

Corrections of the elements of the Moon's Orbit, deduced from the 

lunar observations made at the Royal Observatory of Greenwich 
from 1750 to 1851. Being an extension of a preceding memoir 
entitled "Corrections of the elements of the moon's orbit, deduced 
from the lunar observations made at the Royal Observatoiy of 
Greenwich from 1750 to 1830." Tract, ito. vol. 101. 

1859. 4to. 

Corrections to the computed lengths of waves of light published 

in the Philosophical Transactions of the year 1868. Tract, ito. 
vol. 101. 1871. 4to. 

Decimal Weights and Measures. Tract, ito. vol. 103. 

(Article in " The Athenajum.") Lond. 1867. 4t0. 

Diagrams representing the diurnal change in magnitude and 

direction of the magnetic forces in the horizontal plane at the 
Royal Observatory, Greenwich, for each month of the several 
years 1841 to 1876. (Appendix.) [ ] 4to. 

Effect of Venus on the Moon. Tract. Svo. vol. 432. 

Lond. 1847. 8vo. 

Essays on the invasion of Britain l^y Julius Caesar ; the invasion 

of Britain by Plautius, and by Claudius Caesar ; the early military 
policy of the Romans in Britain ; the battle of Hastings. 

Lond. 1865. 4to. 

Experiments on the directive power of large Steel Magnets, of 

Bars of Magnetized Soft Iron, and of Galvanic Coils, in their 
action on external small magnets. With Appendix, containing 
an investigation of the attraction of a galvanic coil on a small 
magnetic mass : by James Stuart. Tract, ito. vol. 102. 

1872. 4to. 

AIRY. 17 

AIRY, Sir G. B. — continued. Explanation of a Projection by balance 
of errors fur Maps applying to a very large extent of the earth's 
surface, and comparison of this projection with other projections. 
Tract. ■6vo. vol. 431. [Lond.] 18G1. 8vo. 

(^From the Philosophical Magazine.) 

First analysis of one hundred and seventy-seven Magnetic Storms, 

registered by the magnetic instruments in the Royal Observatory, 
Greenwich, from 1841 to 1857. Tract. 4/o. vol. 45. 

(From the Phil. Trans.) [Lond. 1863.] 4t0. 

Gravitation. [Article from " The Penny Cyclop?edia."] Tract. 

ito. vol. 102. Lond. 1838. 4to. 

Instructions and Chart for observations of Mars in right ascension 

at the opposition of 1860 for obtaining the measure of the sun's 
distance. Tract. 8vo. vol. 432. Lond. 1858. 8vo. 

Investigation of the Law of the progress of accuracy in the usual 

process for forming a plane surface. Tract. 8vo. vol. 431. 

(From the " Philosophical Magazine.") [ioWf^.l 1871. 8vO. 

Iron Ships. The " Royal Charter." Tract. Uo. vol. 102. 

(From " The AthenKum.") Lond. 1859. 4t0. 

The Land of Goshen. Tract. Ato. vol. 103. Lond. 1865. 4to. 

(From " The Athenseum.") 

Lecture on the determination of the Longitude of the Observatory 

of Cambridge by means of galvanic signals. Tract. 8vo. vol. 432. 

[Lond.] 1853. 8vo. 

(From the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.) 

Lecture on the late Solar Eclipse. Tract, ito. vol. 101. 

(Supplement to the " London Review.") Lond. 1861. 4to. 

Lecture on the Pendulum Experiments at Harton Pit. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 103. Lond. 1855. 8vo. 
Magnetical observations in the Britannia and Conway tubular 

iron bridges. Tract. Uo. vol. 102. 1872. 4to. 

Magnetism of Ships, especially of iron ships, and correction of the 

magnetic disturbing forces on the ship's compass. Tract, ito. 

vol. 102. (From " The Athonfeum.") Lo7ld. 18Q5. 4to. 

Mathematical tracts on the Lunar and Planetary Theories, the 

figure of the earth, precession and nutation, the calculus of varia- 
tions, and the undulatory theory of optics. 2nd edition. 

Cambridge & Lond. 1831. 8vo. 

Memoir on the places of Julius Caesar's departure from Gaul for 

the invasion of Britain, and the place of his landing in Britain ; 
with an ajDpendix on the battle of Hastings. Tract. 8vo. vol. 431 

1852. 8vo. 

Memoranda for the Commission appointed to consider the Tay 

Bridge casualty. Tract, ito. vol. 103. 1880. 4to. 

Monthly means of the highest and lowest diurnal Temperatures of 

the Water of the Thames, and comparison with the corresjDonding 
temperatures of the air at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 431. Lond. 1882. 8vo. 

(From the Proceedings of the Royal Society.) 


18 AIRY. 

ATRY, Sir G. B. — eonfimied. A new method of clearing the Lunar 
Distance. Tract. 8vo. vol. 421. Lond. 1881. 8vo. 

Note on an extension of the comparison of Magnetic Disturbances 

with magnetic effects inferred from observed terrestrial galvanic 
currents ; and discussion of the magnetic efl'ects inferred from 
galvanic currents on ^days of tranquil magnetism. Tract, ito. 
vol. 101. 1870. 4to. 

■ Note on Oltmann's calculation of the Eclipse of Thales. Tract. 

ito. vol. 101. 1858. 4to. 

Notes for the Committee on Weights and Measures, 1862. Tract. 

ito. vol. 103. 1862. 4to. 

Notes on methods of reduction applicable to the Indian Survey. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 431. Loi^d. 1864. 8vo. 

Observations of the total Solar Eclipse of 1842. Tract, ito. 

vol. 101. Lond. 1842. 4to. 

On a change in the state of an Eye affected with a malformation. 

Tract. 4:to. vol. 102. Cambridge, 1846. 4to. 

(From the Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society.) 

On a correction requisite to be applied to the length of a Pendulum 

consisting of a ball suspended by a fine wire. Tract, ito. vol. 102. 

Cambridge, 1830. 4to. 

(From the Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society.) 

On a difficulty in the Problem of Sound. Tract. 8vo. vol. 431. 

(From the Philosophical Magazine.) [Lo7ld.] 18id . 8vO. 

On a new construction of the Going Fusee. Tract, ito. vol. 36. 

Cambridge, 1841. 4to. 

(From Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society.) 

On a method of determining the mass of the Moon from transit 

observations of Venus near her inferior conjunction. Tract. Ato. 
vol. 101. 1829. 4to. 

On a method of Slewing a Ship without the aid of the Rudder. 

Tract. Uo. vol. 102. Lond. 1864. 4to. 

On a new construction of the divided eye-glass double-image 

Micrometer. Tract. 8vo. vol. 431. Lond. 1845. 8vo. 

On a problem of Geodesy. Tract. 8vo. vol. 431. 1850. 8vo. 

On a proposed new method of treating the Lunar Theory. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 432. [Lond.] 1874. 8vo. 

(From the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.) 

On a supposed Periodicity in the elements of Terrestrial Mag- 
netism. Tract. 8vo. vol. 431. [Lond.] 1872. 8vo. 

(From the Proceedings of the Royal Society.) 

On a systematic interruption in the order of numerical values of 

Vulgar Fractions, when arranged in a series of consecutive mag- 
nitudes. Tract. 8vo. vol. 431. [Lond.] 1881. 8vo. 

(From the Philosophical Magazine.) 

On Caesar's place of landing in Britaia. Tract, ito. vol. 103. 

(From "The Athenaeum.") Lond. 1851. 4tO. 

AIRY. 1 9 

AIRY, Sir G. B. — continued. On cei'tain conditions under which 
a Perpetual Motion is possible. Tract, ito. vol. 102. 

Cambridge, 1830. 4to. 

("From the Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society.) 

On Hemiopsy. Tract. 8vo. vol. 431. [Lorid.] 1865. 8vo. 

(From the Philosophical Magazine.) 

On Instruments adapted to the measure of small meridional Zenith 

Distances. Tract. 8vo. vol. 432. Lond. 1849. 8vo, 

On Laplace's investigation of the Attraction of Spheroids differing 

little from a sphere. Tract, ito. vol. 15. Cambridge, 1826. 4to. 

(From the Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society.) 

On Magnetical Errors, compensations, and corrections ; with 

special reference to iron ships and their compasses. Tract, ito. 

vol. 102. (From "The Athenaeum.") Lond. 1865. 4tO. 

On Sound and Atmospheric Vibrations, with the mathematical 

elements of music. Lond. it Cambridge, 1868. 8vo. 

On the Algebraical and Numerical Theory of Errors of Observa- 
tions and the combination of observations. 3rd edition, revised. 

Lond. 1879. 8vo. 

On the apparent Projection of Stars upon the Moon's disc in 

Occultations. Tract, ifo. vol. 101. 1859. 4to. 

On the calculation of Newton's experiments on Diffraction. Tract. 

4:to. vol. 102. Cambridge, 1833. 4to. 

(From the Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society.) 

On the calculation of the Perturbations of the small Planets and 

the Comets of short period. Tract. Svo. vol. 432, 1834. 8vo. 
On the campaign of Aulus Plautius in Britain. Tract, ito. 

vol. 103. (From "The Athenaeum.") Lond. 1866. 4to. 

On the Claudian or Plautian invasion of Britain. Tract, ito. 

vol. 103. (From "The Athenaeum.") Lond. 1860. 4to. 

On the construction and use of a Scale for gauging Cylindrical 

Measures of Capacity. Tract. Svo. vol. 431. [Lond.] 1879. 8vo. 

(From the Philosophical Magazine.) 

On the determination of Heights from Barometer readings. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 431. [Lond.] 1867. 8vo. 

(From the Proceedings of the Meteorological Society.) 

On the determination of the Orbits of Comets, from observations. 

Tract, ito. vol. 101. 1839. 4to. 
On the determination of the probable stability of an Azimuthal 

Circle, by observations of stars and of a permanent collimator. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 432. Lond. 1851. 8vo. 
On the difference of Longitude between the Observatories of 

Brussels and Greenwich, as determined by galvanic signals. 

Tract, ito. vol. 101. Lond. 1855. 4to. 

(From the Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society.) 

On the difference in the Magnetic Properties of hot-rolled and 

cold-rolled Malleable Iron, as regards the power of receiving and 
retaining induced magnetism of super-permanent character. 
Tract, ito. vol. 45. [Lond. 1862.] 4to. 

(From the Philosophical Transactions.) 

c 2 

20 AIRY. 

AIRY, Sir G. B. — continucfl. On the Diffraction of an Annular 
Aperture. Trad. Svo. vol. 4.32. [Land.] 1841. 8vo. 

(From the Philosophicul Magazine.) 

On the Diffraction of an with circular ai:)erture. 

Tract, ito. vol. 102. Cambridge, 1835. 4to. 

(From the Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society.) 

On the direction of the Joints in the faces of Oblique arches. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 431. [Lond.] 1862. 8vo. 

(From the Philosophical Magazine.) 

On the discordance between the results for Zenith-Distances 

obtained by direct observation, and those obtained by observation 
by reflection from the surface of quicksilver. Tract. Ato. vol. 101. 

1863. 4to. 

On the diurnal and annual inequalities of Terrestrial Magnetism, 

etc. Tract, ito. vol. 63. [Lond.] 1868. 4to. 

(From the Philosophical Transactions.) 

On the diurnal inequalities of Terrestrial Magnetism, as deduced 

from observations made at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, 
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(From the Philosophical Transactions.) 

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22 AIRY. 

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if From the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.) 

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AIRY. 23 

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(1873-74, 1880-81 and 1881-82 wanting.) 

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( Abtheilung I, relating to Mineralogy, Botany, Zoology, Geology and Pala-ontology; and Abtheilung II, 
relating to Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics, Meteorology and Astronomy, only. Since 
1888 called respectively Abtheilung IIa and 11b.) 


lungen der mathematisch-physikalischen Classe. Vol. 1, (2, etc.). 

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(18i8 imperfect.) 

richte. Berlin, 1877-81. 8vo. 

[Continued as :] 
Sitzungsberichte. Berlin, 1882, etc. 8vo. 

o ^ 

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tackjernsgjutgods samt nya anviindningar af kiseljern. Tract. 
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Bidrag till utredning af fragan om generering utaf branslegas. 

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The Cruise of Her Majesty's Ship "Bacchante," 1879-1882. 
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on the quality of the waters used therein. Tract. 8vo. vol. 247. 

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(Lithographed. ) 

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International Coinage for Great Britain and the United States. 

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A complete Russian-English Dictionary. 

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Hydrostatic batteries for coast defence ; hydrostatic batteries to 
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[1874?] folio. 

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Resultats des experiences faites a I'exposition d'electricite sur les 

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Resultats des experiences faites sur les bougies electriques a 

I'exposition d'electricite. Tract, ito. vol. 99. Paris, 1882. 4to. 

(The five preceding from the Comptes lendus des seances de I'Academie des Sciences.) 

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to enter into a contract, and grant a privilege, for opening a 
wheel carriage road across the Isthmus of Panama. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 258. Bogota, 1834. Svo. 

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Rey D. Alfonso X. de Castilla. 5 vols. 

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delle Alpi Elvetiche mediante una ferrovia che congiunga rete 
delle strade ferrate del regno d' Italia. Torino, 1861. 4to. 

Ferrovia delle Alpi Elvetiche. [Government Report.] 2 vol. 

Firenze, 1866. 4to. 

Relazioni tecniche intorno al perforamento delle Alpi. Rap- 

porto della Commissione Governativa instituita per V esame delle 
macchine inventate dagli ingegneri Grandis, Grattoni e Som- 
meiller. Tract, ito. vol. 52. [Torino,] 1857. 4to. 

[A small Collection of plans and sections on Alpine Railways.] 

[ ] folio. 

I torrenti delle Alpi ed i mezzi diretti alia loro difesa. 

Milano, 1859. 12mo. 

Traforo delle Alpi tra Bardonneche e Modane : relazione della 

direzione generale delle strade ferrate dello Stato. 

Torino, 1863. folio. 

ALSACE. Die Bevolkerung der Gemeinden in Elsass-Lothringen nach 
der Zahlung vom 1 Deer. 1871. Strasshurg, 1873. Svo. 

(No. 1 of the " Statistische Mittheilungen.") 

Der Fliicheninhalt der Gemeindegemarkungen und die Ergebnisse 

der Viehzahlung am 10 Januar 1873 in Elsass-Lothringen. 

Strasshurg, 1874. Svo. 

(No. 11 of the "Statistische Mittheilungen.'O 


ALSACE. Resultate der Pegelbeobaehtungen an den Elsass-Lothring- 
ischen Fliissen Rhein und Mosel von 1807 V)is 1872 incl. By H. 
Grebenau. Strasshurg, 1874. 8vo. 

(No. 3 of the " Statistische Mittheilungen.") 

ALTENECK, H. See Hefner-Alteneck. 

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Bergwerks-, Hiitten- und Salinen-Betriebes in dem preussischen 
Staate wiihrend der zehn Jahre von 1852 bis 1861. Tract. 4:to. 
vol. 30. Berlin, 1863. 4to. 

ALTOFTS COLLIERY. Two Reports on the Explosion : by J. E. 
Barker and F. N. Wardell. Lond. 1887. folio. 

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etc. 1869. See Garc^s, B. V., and Alvarez, J. G. 

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(Apendice.) Tract. 8vo. vol. 463. Madrid, 1888. 8vo. 

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ombreggiati conforme le regole. Tract. 8vo. vol. 59. 

Padua, 1811. 8vo. 

AMENDUNI, G. Sulle opere di bonilicazione della plaga litoranea 
deir agro romano chi comprende le paludi e gli stagni di Ostia, 
Porto Maccarese, etc. Rome, 1884. 4to. 

AMERICA. A brief description of the facilities and advantages 
which a road across Central America, from Admiral's Bay, or 
Chiriqui Lagoon, on the Atlantic, to Chiriqui Bay, on the Pacific, 
would afford to the commerce of the world. Tract. 8vo. vol. 

Philadelphia, 1852. 8vo. 

Correspondence . . . concerning the North American Boundaries. 

Lond. 1838-43. folio. 

Map of the Polar Regions, Baffin Bay to Lincoln Sea, showing 

the most recent discoveries, etc. Tract, folio, vol. 37. 

Washington, [1885.] folio. 

(Published by the U.S.A. Hydrographic OfBce.) 

Patent Laws of Latin- America (South and Central America). 

Translated by Jules Geraud. Bio de Janeiro, 1888. 8vo. 
[Official Reports and Anonymous Works on parts of America 

appear under the names of the Countries, Districts or Towns to 

which they relate.] 

• See also United States of America. 


4 vols. Boston and Cambridge, 1785-1818. 4to. 

New series. 11 Vols. Boston and Cambridge, 1833, etc. 4to. 

Proceedings, selected from the records. Vols. 1-25. 

Boston and Cambridge, 1848, etc. 8vo. 

PANY. Prospectus of a Joint Stock Company for Steam 
Navigation, from Europe to America, and the West Indies. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 19. Lond. 1825. 8vo.; 


AMERICAN ASSOCIATION for the Advancement of Science. 
Proceedings, 1848, etc. 

PIdlddelphia, Cnmhriih/e, Salem, 1849, etc. 8vo. 

Report of the First Annual Meeting of the American Association 
of State Weather Services. (Co-operating with the Weather 
Bureau, U. S. Department of Agriculture.) [U. S. Dejj. of 
Agricnltnre, Weather Bulletin, 7.] Washington, 1893. 8vo. 


Chicago, 1875-79. 8vo. 


NeiD Toi-k, 1875-80. 8vo. 

AMERICAN INSTITUTE [of the city of New York]. Annual 
reports. 1842, 1843, 1865-1872. Albany, 1844-72. 8vo. 

Journal of the American Institute : a monthly publication, devoted 

to the interests of agriculture, commerce, manufactures, and the 
arts, etc. 4 vols. New York, 1836-40. 8vo. 

The Silk Question settled, the testimony of one hundred and fifty 

witnesses. Report of the proceedings of the national convention 
of silk growers and silk manufacturers, held in New York, 
October 13 and 14, 1843. Tract. 8vo. vol. 54. 

Neio York, 1844. 8vo. 

ceedings of the American Institute of Architects, the Western 
Association of Architects, and Consolidation of the American 
Institute and the Western Association, held at . . . Cincinnati, 
November 20 and 21, 1889. Chicago, 1890. 8vo. 

Proceedings of the twenty-fourth, (twenty -fifth, etc.) annual 

Convention, held 1890, etc. Chicago, 1891, etc. 8vo. 

Report of the Standard Wiring Table committee. Matthiessen's 
standard of resistance of copper. Tract. 8vo. vol. 493. 

New York, 1890. 8vo. 

Transactions. Vol. 1, etc. New York City, 1884, etc. 8vo 

on Technical Education, at the Washington meeting. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 421. Easton, 1876. 8vo. 

Ti'ansactions. Vols. 1, etc. Philadelphia, 1873, etc. 8vo. 


Reports. Philadelphia, 1877-84. 8vo. 

Directory to the Iron and Steel Works of the United States, 

1878, 80, 86, 88. Philadelphia, 1878-88. 8vo. 

• Proceedings of the Convention of Iron and Steel Manufacturers 

and iron ore producers at Pittsburgh, May 6, 1879. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 402. Philadelphia, 1879. 8vo. 

The wearing qualities of American Steel Rails. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 315. Philadelphia, 1879. 8vo. 


16. (17, etc.). Nciv Yuri; 187G, etc. 8vo. 

Early Proceedings of the Society . . . comjiiled . . . from the 

manuscript minutes of its meetings from 1744 to 1838. 

PhiladeJijliia, 1884. 8vo. 

Proceedings at the Dinner commemorative of the Centennial 

Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Society, etc. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 508. Philadelphia, 1880. 8vo. 

Subject Register of papers published in the Transactions and 

Proceedings of the . . . Society. Compiled l)y H. Phillips. 

Philadelphia, 1889. 8vo. 

Report of the Committee appointed by the . . . Society to assist 

the Commission on amended Orthografy, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 508. 

Philadelphia, 1889. 8vo. 

• Rules and Regulations of the Henry M. Phillips Prize Essay 

Fund. Tract. 8i'o. vol. 508. Philadelphia, 1888. 8vo. 

Rules and Regulations of the Magellanic Premium. Tract. Svo. 

vol. 508. [Philadelphia, 18881] 8vo. 
Supplementary Report of the Committee appointed to consider 

an International Language. Tract, 8vo. vol. 508. 

Philadelphia, 1888. 8vo. 
Transactions. Vol. 9. New series. Philadelphia, 1846. 4to. 

TION. Reports. Cincinnati and other places, 18Q8, etc. 8vo. 

vention, 1886. [New York,] 1886. 8vo. 

Discussion on a paper by Elmer L. Corthell, " The South Pass 

Jetties." Tract. 8vo. vol. 430. [New York,] 1886. 8vo. 

Final rejDort of the Committee on Standard Rail Sections. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 532. [Neio York, 1893.] 8vo. 

The general adoption of the Twenty-four-o'clock Notation on the 

Railways of America. Tract. 8vo. vol. 518. 

Neiv York, 1892. Svo. 

Index to the Library. Part 1. Railroads. 

Neio York, 1881. 8vo. 

List of new Books on Engineering and Technology, published in 

Proceedings, from November, 1875, to April, 1877. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 455. Neiv York, 1877. Svo. 

Memoir of Charles Shaler Smith, M. Am. Soc. C.E. Tract. 

Svo. vol. 455. 1887. 8vo. 

Proceedings. Vol. 1, (2, etc.). Neio York, 1876, etc. Svo. 

Reference Map of the United States : [with a] list of prominent 

Structures and Works. Prepared by the Committee on Informa- 
tion and Courtesy. New York, 1893. 8a'o. 

Report of the Commission of the American Society of Civil 

Engineers on the Sewerage Plan of S. M. Gray. Tract. Svo. 
vol. 438 Providence, 1886. Svo. 



Committee on the cause of the Failure of the South Fork Dam, 
etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 514. New York, 1891. 8vo. 

Report of the Committee on the compressive Strength of Cement.s 

and the compression of mortars and settlement of masonry. Tract. 
8vo. vol. ill. New York, 1888. 8vo. 

Report of the Committee on the Preservation of Timber. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 414. New York, 1885. 8vo. 

Report of the special Committee on Uniform Standard Time. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 497. New York, 1889. 8vo. 

Transactions. Vol. 1, (2, etc.). New York, 1872, etc. 8vo. 

port of the Committee on Standard Pipe and Pipe Threads. 
Tract. Uo. vol. 449. [New York,] 1886. 8vo. 

Transactions. Vol. 1, (2, etc.). New York, 1880, etc. 8vo. 

Vol. 1, (2, etc.). Washington, B.C. 1890, etc. 8vo. 

by-laws, together with the proceedings of the 1st (2nd, etc.) annual 
session. 1881, etc. 8vo. 

AMINES SYNDICATE. The Amines Process of Sewage Purifica- 
tion and utilization. [Collection of pamphlets.] Tract. 8vo. vol. 
496. Lond. 1889-90. 8vo. 

AMIOT, H. Memoire sur les methodes d'exploitation des couches 
puissantes de houille en France. Tract. 8vo. vol. 235. 

Paris, 1873. 8vo. 

AMMAN, G. A. Handbuch zur Vorbereitung auf die Priifung der 
Seedampfschiffsmaschinisten, erster, zweiter und dritter Klasse. 

Kiel, 1885. 8vo. 

AMMEN, D. The certainty of the Nicaragua Canal contrasted with 
the uncertainties of the Eads Ship Railway. Tract. Svo. vol. 417. 

Washington, [1886.] 8vo. 

The errors and fallacies of the Inter-oceanic Transit Question : To 

whom do they belong? Tract. 8vo. vol. 417. New York, 1886. 8vo. 

Facts and suppositions relating to the American Isthmian Transit. 

Prepared, on invitation, for reading, March 8, 1887, before the 
Naval Institute, at Annapolis, Maryland. Tract. 8vo. vol. 521. 

Washington, 1887. 8vo. 

M. de Lesseps and his Canal. Tract. 8vo. vol. 439. 

Washington, 1880. 8vo. 

Papers on Surveys and reconnaissances from 1870 to 1875, for 

a Ship Canal across the American Isthmus. Tract. 8vo. vol. 277. 

Neiv York, 1876. 8vo. 

The proposed Inter-oceanic Ship Canal across the American 

Isthmus. Tract. 8vo. vol. 309. New York, 1878. 8vo. 


AMSTERDAM. Courte notice sur les installations du port d'Amster- 
dani, ainsi que sur le plan d'agrandissement de ce port : dresse . . . 
par la Commission pour le developpement du transit, etc. Tract. 
8ro. vol. 524. Aimterdam, 1892. 8vo. 

Exhibition of 1883. Official Catalogue of Exhibits from the 

Colony of New South Wales, etc. Sydney, 1883. 8vo. 

ANASTASI, A. Nicolas Leblanc : sa vie, ses travaux, et I'histoire de 
la sonde artificielle. Paris, 1884. 8vo. 

ANCIOLA, A. S. and Cossio, E. de. ]\Iemoria sobre las minas de 
Rio-Tinto. Tract. 8vo. vol. 126. (Atlas.) Tract, folio, vol. 8. 

Madrid, 1856. 8vo. & folio. 

ANDERSON, A. A letter to the directors on the projected East 
Indian Steam Navigation Company. Tract. 8vo. vol. 163. 

Lond. 1840. 8vo. 

Communications with India, China, &c. Observations on the 

practicability and utility of opening a communication between the 
Red Sea and the Mediterranean, by a Ship Canal, through the 
Isthmus of Suez, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 201. Lond. 1843. 8vo. 

ANDERSON, G. Gas Purification. Tract. 8vo. vol. 479. 

Lond. 1889. 8vo. 

Improvements in apparatus employed in the manufacture of Gas. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 329. Lond. 1880. 8vo. 

ANDERSON, J. A practical treatise on Draining Bogs and swampy 
grounds, etc. Lond. 1797. 8vo. 

Report on the present state of Leith Harbour, and the practi- 
cability of rendering available its wet docks, etc. Tract. 4to. vol. 1. 

Edinburgh, 1836. 4to. 

Report relative to a design for a Chain Bridge, proposed to be 

thrown over the Fii'th of Forth, at Queensferry, etc. Tract, ito. 
vol. 13. Edinburgh, 1818. 4to. 

ANDERSON, >S'/V J. Existing and projected Telegi*aph Routes to 
India considered. Tract. 8vo. vol. 262. Lond. 1886. 8vo. 

Some observations upon the sources of errors in practical 

Telegraphy. Tract. 8vo. vol. 295. [Lond.] 8vo. 

(Heprinted from the "Electrician.") 

Statement of services performed by Sir J, Anderson. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 240. . Land. 1873. 8vo. 
Statistics of Telegraphy. Zand. 1872. Svo. 

(Read before tlie Statistical Society.) 

The Strength of Materials and Structures. Lond. 1872. 8vo. 

System of National Defence. Tract. 8vo. vol. 120. 

Edinburgh, 1853. 8vo. 
ANDERSON, J. C, and Fife, J. E. Report on the Upper Godavery 
works. 1866. See India. — Godavaei, Biver. 

ANDERSON, J. W. The Prospector's Handbook. 2nd edition. 

Lmd. 1887. 8vo. 
D 2 


ANDERSON, R. Lightning Conductors — their history, nature, and 
mode of application. Loud. 1879. 8vo. 

[Third edition.] Land. 1885. 8vo. 

On Lightning Conductors and accidents l)y lightning. Tract. 8vo. 

vol 308. Loud. 1878. 8vo. 

ANDERSON, T. Report on the i-efuse matters of the St. Rollox 
Works and their ell'ect on the water of the River Clyde. Tract. 
8vn. vol. 314. Glasgoiv, 1865. 8vo. 

ANDERSON, T. and Bateman, J. F. Report on the means of de- 
odorising the Sewage of Glasgow. Tract. 8v(). vol. 105. 

Glas(joio, 1858. 8vo 

ANDERSON, W. London Bridge. 1823. See Tyrrell, C, and 
Anderson, W. 

ANDERSON, W., Col. Sketch of the mode of manufacturing Gun- 
powder at the Ishaphore Mills in Bengal. With notes and 
additions by Lieut. Col. Parlby. Lond. 1862. 8vo. 

ANDERSON, W., F.B.S., M.Inst.C.E. Howard lectures on the Con- 
version of Heat into useful work. Tract. 8vo. vol. 412. 

Lond. 1885. 8vo. 

Hydraulic Machinery. Lectures. Chatham, 1880. folio. 

Hydro-pneumatic gear for siege and heavy Ordnance. 

Lond. 1885. 8vo. 

On Hydraulic Machinery for obtaining small motive power. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 327. Buhlin, 1871. 8vo. 

(From the Transactions of the Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland.) 

On new applications of the mechanical properties of Cork to the 

arts. Tract. 8vo. vol. 422. Lond. 1866. 8vo. 

On Railway Bridges of small span, and cross beams of railway 

bridges. Tract. 8vo. vol. 157. Diiblin, 1866. 8vo. 

(From the Transactions of the Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland.) 

On the Conversion of Heat into Work : a practical handbook 

on Heat-Engines. . Lo7id. 1887. 8vo. 
. Second and enlarged edition. Lond. 1889. 8vo. 

On Water SuiDplies suited to Farms and Villages. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 444. Lond. 1887. 8vo. 
The practical application of the modern Theory of Heat to the 

Steam Engine. Tract. 8vo. vol. 427. Warrington, 1886. 8vo. 
■ The Revolving Purifier for treatment of potable waters by 

means of metallic iron. [Lund. 1891.] folio. 

ANDES. Some particulars with reference to the concession for the 
construction of the Great Andino- Argentine Railway. Tract, ito. 
vol. 82. Lond. 1879. 4to. 

See also Argentine Republic. [Bailways.] 

ANDRAUD, — . De I'air comprime et dilate comme moteur. Seconde 
edition, augmentee d'une partie experimentale. Paris, 1890. 8vo. 


ANDRE, F. F. Andre, 1847-1888: sa A'ie, ses ceuvres. Avec une 
notice biographicjue par M. Berthelot. Paris, 1889. 8vo. 

ANDRE, G. Gr. A descriptive treatise on Mining Machinery, tools, 
etc. 2 vols. Lond. 1877-78. 4to. 

A pi'actical treatise on Coal Mining. 2 vols. 

Lond. 1875-76. 4to. 

Rock Blasting : a pi'actical treatise, etc. Lond. 1878. Svo. 

ANDREE, R. Allgemeiner Handatlas. [Bielefeld,] 1881. folio. 

ANDREOSSY F., General. Constantinople et le Bosphore de 
Thrace, pendant les annees 1812, 1813, et 1814, et pendant 
I'annee 1826. (Atlas of plates.) Paris, 1828. Svo. and 4to. 

Histoire du canal du Midi, connu prccedemment sous le nom de 

canal de Languedoc. Paris, 1799. Svo. 
[Another edition.] 2 vols. Paris, 1803. 4to. 

ANDREW, Sir W. P. The advance of Russia. With an appendix 
containing remarks on the canals and resources of Babylonia and 
European colonisation, by Dr. A. Sprenger. Tract. Svo. vol. 426. 

Lond. 1886. Svo. 

Break of Gauge in India. Reports by Messrs. John Fowler, 

John Hawkshaw, George P. Bidder, and Guilford L. Molesworth, 
etc. [Edited by W. P. Andrew.] Tract. 8vo. vol. 221. 

Lond. 1872. Svo. 

2nd edition, containing a further report by Lieut.-Col. J. P. 

Kennedy, R.E. Tract. 8w. vol. 227. Lond. 1873. Svo. 

The Bolan and Khyber Railways. Tract. Svo. vol. 302. 

Lond. 1879. Svo. 

The Euphrates route to India. Letters addressed to the British 

and Turkish governments, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 210. 

Lond. 1871. Svo. 

The Euphrates Valley Railway. Letters addressed to Her Majesty's 

Secretaries of State. Tract. Svo. vol. 195. Lond. 1S70. Svo. 

The Euphrates Valley Route to India. A paper read liefore the 

British Association. Tract. Svo. vol. 227. Lond. 1873. Svo. 

The Euphrates Valley Route to India. An examination by two 

travellers of the Memoir published by Mr. W. P. Andrew. Tract. 
Svo. vol. 442. Lond. 1857. Svo. 

The Euphrates Valley Route to India in connection with the 

Central Asian question. A lecture, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 462. 

Lond. 1873. Svo. 

India and her Neighbours. Lond. 1878. Svo. 

— Indian Railways as connected with British empire in the East. 

Lond. 1884. Svo. 

The Indus and its provinces, considered in connection with 

improved means of communication. Lond. 1857. Svo. 

Letter to the Secretary of State for India on the Euphrates 

Railway. Tract, folio, vol. 11. Lond. 1867. folio. 



ANDREW, Sir W. P. — conthmed. Letter to Viscount Palmerston on 
the Euphrates Valley Railway. Tract. 8i'o. vol. 442. 

Lond. 1857. 8vo. 

■ Memoir of the Euphrates Valley Route to India ; with official 

correspondence. Lond. 1857. 8vo. 

On the completion of the Railway system of the Valley of the 

Indus : a letter to His Grace the Duke of Argyll. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 184. Lund. 1869. 8vo. 

Our Scientific Frontier. Lorid. 1880. 8vo. 

The Scinde Railway and its relations to the Euphiates valley and 

other routes to India. Land. 1856. 8vo. 

ANDREWS, E. B. and Ballatine, W. G. State of Ohio. Maps of 
grouped sections, second geological district, 1870. 1870. folio. 

ANDREWS, G. R. The rise and progress of Bournemouth, and the 
public works in connection therewith. Tract. 8vo. vol. 462. 

1885. 8vo. 

ANDREWS, J., Capt. A letter to the directors of the Calcutta 
Railway Company. Tract. 8vo. vol. 79. Lond. 1837. 8vo. 

ANDREWS, J. J. F. On Ship Caissons for dock basins and dry 
docks. Tract. 8vo. vol. 528. Lortd. 1891. 8vo. 

ANDREWS, T. The action of Tidal Streams on metals during 
diffusion of salt and fresh water. Lond. 1885. 8vo. 

■ The effect of Chilling on the Impact Resistance of Metals. 

(From Min. Proc. Inst. C.E.) Lond. 1890. 8vo. 

The effect of Temperature on Strength of Railway Axles. 3 pt. 

(Two vols, of Photographs.) Lond. 1886-91. 8vo. and folio. 

(From Min. Proc. Inst. C.E.) 

Electro-chemical Effects on Magnetising Iron. 3 pt. 

(From Proc. Royal Soc.) [Land.] 1887-89. 8vo. 

Heat Dilatation of Metals from low Temperatures. 

(From Proc. Royal Soc.) [Land.] 1887 . 8vo. 

Observations on Pure Ice. Parts I. and II. Tract. 8vo. vol. 

(From Proc. Royal Soc.) Lond. 1890. 8vO. 

' Observations on pure Ice and Snow. Tract. 8vo. vol. 437. 

Lond. 1886. 8vo. 

On Galvanic action between Wrought-iron, cast metals, and 

various steels during long exposure in sea-water ; corrosion of 
metals during long exposure in sea- water ; apjDarent lines of force 
on passing a current through water ; variations in the composition 
of river waters ; some curious concretion balls derived from a 
colliery mineral water. [Five papers in one vol.] 

Lond. 1875-85. 8vo. 

A paper on the Strength of wrought-iron Railway Axles, etc. 

Sheffield, 1890. 8vo. 


ANDREWS, T. — continued. The Passive State of Iron and Steel. 
3 pt. Land. 1890-91. 8vo. 

-The relative electro-chemical positions of Wrought-iron, Steels, 

Cast Metal, etc., in Sea Water and other solutions. 

[Edinburgh,] 1887. 8vo. 

■ Some curious Concretion Balls derived from a colliery mineral 

■water. Head before the British Association. Tract. 8vo. vol. 338. 

1879. 8vo. 

ANDREWS, W. D. Circuit Court of the United States, District of 
Massachusetts. Driven Wells. W. D. Andrews et al. : v. F. A. 
Kennedy. Depositions of J. C. Hoadley and C. R. Cross, 
Boston, 1882-84. Boston, 1882-84. 8vo. 

ANGELL, J., Elements of Magnetism and Electricity, with practical 
instructions. New edition. Lond. [1882.] 8vo. 

ANGELL, J. B. University of Michigan. Report as president to the 
Board of Regents. Tract. 8vo. vol. 467. Ann Arhor, 1887. 8vo. 

The Higher Education : a plea for making it accessible to all. An 

address, June 26th, 1879. Tract. Svo. vol. 395. 

Ann Arbor. 1879. Svo 

ANGELL, L. Report on the Sewerage of the Borough of Portsmouth. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 133. Lond. 1864. 8vo. 

Sanitary Legislation and " local surveyors." Copy of correspond- 
ence with the Royal Sanitary Commission, the Home Secretary, 
and the Local Government Board, 1870-1. Tract. FoUd. vol. 14. 

Lond. [1871.] folio. 

Sanitary science and the Sewage question : a lecture. 

Lond. 1871. 8vo. 

ANGELL, S. An historical sketch of the Royal Exchange. Tract. 
Svo. vol. 216. Lond. 1838. Svo. 

ANGLIN, S. The Design of Structures : a practical treatise, etc. 

Lond. 1891. Svo. 


ANGSTROM, C. A. Handbok for berakning och byggnad af turbiner 
och turbin-pumpar. 2 pt. (Atlas.) Tract. Svo. vol. 392. 

StocJi-holm, 1880. Svo. 

Om anviindning af hydrauliskt tryck sasom drifkraft for 

atskilliga i mekaniska verkstader och for jernhandteringen be- 
gagnade arbetsmaskiner. Tract. Svo. vol. 438. 

StocJcholm, 1886. Svo. 

ANKLAMM, G. Die Wasserwerke der Stadt Berlin am Tegeler See. 

Tract, folio, vol. 39. Berlin, 1886. folio. 

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466. (Iron and steel Institute.) [1882.] SvO. 

ANNANDALE, C. A concise Dictionary of the English language. 

Lond. 1886. Svo. 
ANNESLEY, W. A new system of Naval Architecture. 

Lond. 1822. 4tu. 


ANONYISIOUS. An account of the origin of Steam Boats, in Spain, 
Great Britain, and America ; and of their introduction and 
employment upon the river Thames, between London and Graves- 
end, to the present time. Trad. 8vo. vol. 55. Loud. 1831. 8vo. 

An account of the Proceedings in order to the discovery of the 

Longitude. . . . By a Member of the Royal Society [John 
Hai-rison]. Tract, ito. vol. 21. Loud. 1763. 4to. 

Account of the rise and progress of the present system of con- 
tracting for the conveyance of the Public Mails. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 20i. [1847.] Svo. 

. Adhiision oder Zahnstange. Tract, folio, vol. Ai. 1888. folio. 

Agricultural Drainage : being an extract of the practical part of 

an essay which appeared in the Quarterly Review, No. 171. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 118. Lond. 1850. 8vo. 

L'album de la fabrique, guide international de I'acheteur en 

gros et annales de I'industrie et du commerce. Par L. B. 2 vols. 

Paris, 18G9-74. folio. 

All about the Telephone and Phonograph. Xonc?. [1883.] Svo. 

The Amalgamation of Railways considered as affecting the 

internal commerce of the country. Tract. Svo. vol. 458. 

Lond. 1846. 8vo. 

■ — — American Catalogue of Books : or English guide to American 
literature, giving the full title of original works published in the 
United States since the year 1800. With especial reference to 
works of interest to Great Britain. Tract. Svo. vol. 386. 

Lond. 1856. Svo. 

Another Story of the Guns, or Sir E. Tennent and the Whitworth 

Gun. By the Eraser Reviewer. Lond. 1864. Svo. 

An appeal to the public on the right of using oil-cement or 

composition for Stucco, &c., containing provisoes in letters patent, 
etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 74. Lond. 1778. Svo. 

Are we ready ? or a few facts regarding England's Navy. By an 

Old Salt. Tract. Svo. vol. 280. Lond. 1877. Svo. 

Around the World by steam via Pacific Railway. Tract. Svo. 

vol. 439. Lond. [1871.] Svo. 

The Artificial Clock -maker, a treatise of Watch and clock-work. 

[By W. Derham.] Lond. 1734. Svo. 

Astronomie et physique du globe. Tract. Svo. vol. 86. 

[Bruxelles, 1850.] Svo. 

(From the Bulletin de I'Academie Royale de Belgique.) 

The Atlantic Telegraph : a descriptive history. 

Lond. 1857. Svo. 

The Atlantic and South Atlantic Telegraphs. By a Member of 

the Institution of Civil Engineers. Tract, Svo. vol. 119. 

Land. 1859. Svo. 

Atlas de choix, ou recueil des meilleures cartes de geographic. 

Paris [1862.] folio. 


ANONYMOUS. Battle of the Bridges ; Free trade, an appeal to the 
public. Tract. 8ro. vol. 338. Land. 1882. 8vo. 

Beitriige zur Kenntniss des amerikanischen Miihlenwesens und 

der Mehlfabrikation. Berlin, 1832. 4to. 

Biographia Britaniiica Literaria. Prospectus. Tract. 8vo. vol. 

54. Lond. 1839. 8vo. 

The Bramah Lock controversy. Extracts from the Press. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 99. Lond. 1851. 8vo. 

Die Bremsen fiir Eisenbahn-Fahrzeuge. Tract. 8vo. vol. 532. 

Wien, 1891. Bvo. 

Bricks and Brickmaking ; an historical, technical, and descriptive 

sketch. Birminrjliam, 1878. 8vo. 

Bridge to carry a single line of railway over an occupation road 

and a stream immediately under the road. Plate folding in 8vo. 
case. 8vo. 

Bridges. [A collection of photographs of various bridges and rail- 
ways abroad.] folio. 

Bridges. [Various engravings relating to bridges.] folio. 

British Catalogue. See London Catalogue. 

British Railways and Canals in relation to British trade and 

government control. By Hercules. Lond. [1885.] 12mo. 

■ The bursting of a " bubble " ; or, the birth of a new era ; a national 

event, hourly expected at No. 12, "Westminster Hall. [On the 
introduction of railways.] Tract. 8vo. vol. 1. 

Lond. [1830 ?] 8vo. 

The Builders' Price-book, containing a correct list of the prices 

allowed l:)y most surveyors in London to the several artificers 
comiected with building, including the journeymen's prices. 
9th edition. Tract. 8l-o. vol. 59. Lond. 1792. 8vo. 

A liuoyant float Paddle-wheel. Tract. 8vo. vol. 55. [MS. 

sketches.] (From the * Mechanics' Magazine.') Lond. 1837. 8vO. 

The Bryce-Douglas patent Valve Gear for marine and locomotive 

engines. Tract. 8vo. vol. 416. Glasgoio [1886.] 8vo. 

Canal. [The article " Canal " from Rees' Encyclopaedia.] 

[Lond. 1819 ?] 4to. 

[Collection of maps of English Canals and Navigations.] 

[ .] folio. 

Canals. [Materials for a history of Canals, including aqueducts 

and railways : consisting of MS. notes and newspaper cuttings.] 

[1835?] 4to. 

Carmina Barbarica Latine reddita. By an old Westminster. 

Lond. 1890. 8vo. 

Carnet de topographic conforme au cours de topographic professe 

a I'Ecole des Mines de Paris en 1880. 10 vols. 

Paris, [1880.] 8vo. 


ANONYMOUS. The case of tlie Railways considered, especially with 
reference to Railway Accidents, and the operation of Lord Camp- 
bell's Act. By a Shareholder. Tract. 8vo. vol. 127. 

Lond. 1852. 8vo. 

The case of the Window Duties. Tract. 8vo. vol. 85. 

Land. 1844. 8vo. 

Catalogue of current literature, containing the full titles of books 

now in print and on sale, with the prices, etc. Land. 1889. 8vo. 

Centrifugal Castings. Tract. Ato. vol. 109. 1883. 4to. 

Chemins de fer atmospheriques. Tract. 8vo. vol. 77. 

(From the " Moniteur Industriel.") Paris, 1844. 8vO. 

Les chemins de fer depuis la guerre. Tract. Svo. vol. 300. 

(From the " Revue (les Deux Moudes.") Paris, 1872. 8vo. 

Chemins de fer europeens. Recettes comparatives des annees, 

1860 et 1861. (Lithographed.) 1862. 

Chemistry, theoretical, practical and analytical, as applied to the 

Arts and Manufactures. By Writers of Eminence. 2 vols. 

Lond. [ .] 8vo. 

Cholera Morbus ; its causes, prevention, and cure, etc. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 69. Lond. 1831. 8vo. 

The Civil Engineer. Being a collection of notices relative to 

chain and other iron bridges, tunnels, canals, harbours, etc. 

[1820 ?-40?] folio. 

Circular exhibit of the Nautilus Diving Bell. Tract. 4:to. vol. 69. 

Lond. [1858.] 4to. 

Classical instruction : its use and abuse. Tract. 8vo. vol. 178. 

(From The " AVestminster Review.") Loild. 1854. 8vO. 

The Coal Trade. Tract. 8vo. vol. 284. Lo7id. [1830.] 8vo. 

A collection of papers on Naval Architectui^e ; originally com- 
municated through the channel of the wrapper of the "European 
Magazine." 2 vols. Lond. 1800. 8vo. 

Colliery Explosions and the weather of 1885. Tract. 8vo. vol. 406. 

Manchester, 1886. 8vo. 

The complete Atlas of modern, classical, and celestial maps, etc. 

Lond. 1859. folio. 

A complete scientific and popular Treatise upon Perspective, with 

the theories of Reflection and Shadows. By a Pupil of J. P. 
Thenot. Lond. 1836. Svo. 

Compound Locomotives. Tract, folio, vol. 37. 

Lond. 1885. foHo. 

■ A concise History of the origin and progress of Printing. 

Lond. 1770. Svo. 

The condition and treatment of the Children employed in the 

Mines and Collieries of the United Kingdom. Tract. 8vo. vol. 284. 

Lond. 1842. Svo. 


ANONYMOUS. Conferences, faites a, Ijord du vaisseau-ecole le 
Louis XIV. sur Temploi des torpilles pour la defense des ports. 

1868. 4to. 

Construzione ed esercizio delle strade ferrate e delle tramvie. 

B(ma, 1888. foHo. 

Continuous Railway Brakes. By a Frequent Railway Traveller. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 279. Lond. [IS7 7 1] 8vo. 

The conversion of English Timljer. Lond. [1886.] 8vo. 

(Timber-trade Handbooks, No. 1.) 

Conveyance upon Canals and Railroads compared. By Detector. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 4. Lond. 1831. 8vo. 

Course of practical Geometry [as applied to the study of fortifica- 
tion]. [Chatham, 1885?] 8vo. 

The Currency : its laws, evils, and remedies, etc. By Publicola. 

Trad. 8ro. vol. 63. Lond. 1840. 8vo. 

The Currency laws and their operation, with suggestions for their 

amelioration. Tract. 8vo. vol. 119. Lond. [1848?] 8vo. 

Cursory thoughts on some natural phenomena bearing chiefly on 

the primary cause of the Succession of new Species, and on the 
unity of force. Tract. 8vo. vol. 137. New Yoi-l; 1862. 8vo. 

Decimal Coinage. Tract. 8vo. vol. 139. [Lond. 1855.] 8vo. 

(From The Times.) 

Decimal Coinage : a short and easy method of changing the 

present currency into the decimal system. By a Retired 
Merchant. Tract. 8vo. vol. 119. Lond. 1854. 8vo. 

The Decimal System adapted to our present Coinage. By J. S. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 202. Lond. 1857. 8vo. 

Decimalism. By a Commercial Traveller. Part I. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 202. Lond. 1855. 8vo. 

De la navigation du Rhin, consideree dans ses rapports avec le 

royaume des Pays-Bas. Traduit de I'allemand. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 24. Cologne, 1827. 8vo. 

De la necessite de creer des bibliotheques scientifiques industrielles, 

ou au moins d'aj outer aux bibliotheques publiques une division des 
sciences appliquees aux arts et a I'industrie. Tract. 8vo. vol. 97. 

Paris, 1847. 8vo. 

Derrick and Drill ; or an insight into the discovery, development, 

and present condition and future prospects of petroleum in New 
York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, etc. 

New Yo^-l; 1865. 12mo. 

[Description and plans of a Screw Steamer. In Swedish.] 

[ .] 8vo. 

Description de divers procedes pour extraire la sonde du sel marin. 

Tract. 4:to. vol. 68. Paris, [1794.] 4to. 

Description des phares existants sur le littoral maritime du globe. 

Nouvelle edition . . . avec un supplement general au 1"'' juillet, 
1884. [By P. J. Coulier.] Puris, 1884. 8vo. 


ANONYMOUS. The description of a new universal Mici'oscope, 
which has all the uses of the simple, compound, opake, and aquatic 
microscopes ; also the improved solar micioscope with megala- 
scope, and a catalogue of all the principal microscopic objects. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 57. Land. 1786. 8vo. 

A descriptive account of the mechanism, propeities, and com- 
parative advantages of the new Hydrostatic Ship. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 26. Lond. 1815. Svo. 

Diamond Drill. Tract. Svo. vol. 233. iVew York, 1871. 8vo. 

— — Dictionary of Engineering terms, in German-English and English- 
German. Tract. Svo. vol. 183. Lond. [1869.] 8vo. 

(A Supplement to " The Engineer.") 

Dictionnaire polyglotte militaire et naval : fran^ais, allemand, 

anglais, neerlandais et japonais, etc. Nouvelle edition. (Atlas 
of Plates.) 2 vols. Totw [1881 ?] 8vo. 

Dictionnaire universel des synonymes de la langue fran^aise. 

2 vols. Paris, 1822. 12mo. 

Les differents systemes de telephone et leur application. Tract. 

Ato. vol. 89. Paris, [1882.] 4to. 

The effects of Roads on Population. Tract. Svo. vol. 20. 

Lond. 1831. Svo. 

Electricity versus Gas. Tract. 4to. vol. 87 and Svo. vol. 308. 

[Lond.] 1877. 4to. and 8vo. 

The Elevation of Fluids. [An article reprinted from the Supple- 
ment to the Encyclopaedia Britannica.] Tract. Ato. vol. 27. 

[Lond. 1824.] 4to. 

Employment, Christmas 1869. Tract. Svo. vol. 178. 

Lond. 1869. Svo. 

Encyclopedic methodiqvie, ou par ordre de matieres ; par una 

Societe cle gens de lettres, de savants et d'artistes ; precede d'un 
vocabulaire universel, etc. 171 vols. 

Liege and Paris, 1782-92. 4to. 


Encyclopedie technologique, dictionnaire des arts et manufac- 
tures, description des precedes de I'industx'ie fran(;'aise et etrangere. 
2 vols. Paris, 1845-47. Svo, 

The Engineer and Machinist's Assistant : a series of plans, 

sections, and elevations of stationary, marine, and locomotive 
engines, water wheels, spinning machines, tools, etc. • With 
detailed descriptions. New . . . edition. Glasgow, 1853. folio. 

The Engineer and Machinist's Drawing Book, . . . forming a pro- 
gressive series of lessons in drawing, and examples of approved 
construction. On the basis of the works of MM. Le Blanc and 
Armengaud. Glasgow, 1855. folio. 

Engineering Estimates, Cost, and Accounts : a guide to com- 
mercial engineering . . . By a General Manager. Lond. 1890. Svo. 


ANONYMOUS. The Engineering Plagiarist; or Dodd from Phillips 
exposed. Tract. Svo. vol. 91. Neiccastle, 1795. 8vo. 

Engineers and Officials : an historical sketch of the progress of 

" Health of Towns Works." Land. 1856. 8vo. 

The Engineer's Guide to the Royal and Mercantile Navies. By 

a Practical Engineer. 4th edition. Lond. 1866. 12mo. 

Engineers of the Royal Navy. Ti-act. Svo. vol. 219. 

Lond. 1859. 8vo. 

English and foreign Mining Glossary, to which ai*e added the 

smelting terms used in France, Spain and Germany. 3rd edition. 

Lond. 1871. 12mo. 

Epistemonie, ou tables generales d'indications des connaissances 

humaines. Tract. Svo. vol. 53. [1850?] 8vo. 

Ernstige gedachten over onze landsverdediging en ons budget in 

1870 van Leonidas [P. J. de Quartel]. Tract. Svo. vol. 210. 

Utrecht, 1870. 8vo. 

— — An Essay on the many advantages accruing to the community, 
from the . . . Embellishments of great and capital Cities, etc. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 216. Lond. 1754. 8vo. 

Every Farmer his own Land Surveyor : for the use of Emigrants. 

Lond. 1856. Svo. 

Experimental Proofs that the surface of standing water is not 

convex but horizontal. By Parallax. [J. Hampden.] 

Tract. Svo. vol. 194. Lond. 1870. Svo. 

The experiments used by a Captain of a Man-of-war, for promot- 
ing conversation by pictures, and other mediums. By a Person 
sent from the ships for that end. Tract. Svo. vol. 36. 

Lond. 1751. Svo. 

Explosives : a brief sketch of their history and use. Tract. Svo. 

vol. 527. [Lond. 1892.] Svo. 

Exposition of the real State of the Coal Trade. Tract. Svo. 

vol. 284. Durham [1830.] 8vo. 

Facts and Scientific Opinions about Wood preserved by hydro- 
carbon oils. Trad. Svo. vol. 485. San Francisco, 1869. Svo. 

Facts concerning Armour. 1888. 8vo. 

■ Facts for the times ! By B ■. No. 2. Railway finance. 

Tract. Svo. vol. . Lond. 1867. Svo. 

(From the " Pall Mall Gazette.") 

A few general Observations on the principal Railways executed, 

in progress, and projected in the Midland Counties and North of 
England. Lond. 1838. Svo. 

A few plain Reasons why the Gauge Commissioners' Report should 

receive legislative sanction. By One of the Public. Tract. Svo. 
vol. 260. Lond. 1846. Svo. 

The Finger-post ; or direct road from John O'Groat's to the 

Land's End : being a discussion of the Railway Question. By ? 1 ? 
Tract. Svo. vol. I. ^Lond. [1825.] Svo. 


ANONYMOUS. Science. Tract. 
8ro. vol. 245. Bridgioater, 1875. 8vo. 

[Furniture. A series containing forty-four engravings, in colours, 

of fashionable furniture.] Loud. 1823. 4to. 

The Gatling Gun. Official reports of trials, description, general 

directions, targets, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 367. 

Hartford, Conn., 1878. 8vo. 

Gauge Question. Dialogues of the gauges. Tracts. 8vo. vols. 70 

and 4:Q1. (From the " Railway Record.") Lorul. 18iQ. 8vo. 

General Classification of Goods by merchandise trains on railways. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 256. Land. 1874. 8vo. 

General Specifications for Iron Highway (and Railroad) Bridges 

and Viaducts. Tract, folio, vol. 37. New York, 1885. folio. 

Die Geschichte und Entwickelung des elektrischen Fernsprech- 

wesens. Tract. 8vo. vol. 329. Berlin, 1880. 8vo. 

Gleanings in Science ; contributions on various subjects, embrac- 
ing physical and economical inquiries pursued in India. 3 vols. 

Calcutta, 1829-31. 8vo. 

A Glossary of terms used in Grecian, Roman, Italian, and 

Gothic Architecture. 5th edition. 3 vols. 

Oxford and Lond. 1850. 8vo. 

God's Truth or Man's Science, etc. (What is the shape of a Level ? 

Are rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans flat or round, plane or spherical ?) 
[J. Hampden.] Tract. 8vo. vol. 194. Swindon, [1870.] 8vo. 

The grammar of House Planning : hints on arranging and modify- 
ing plans of cottages, street-houses, farm-houses, etc. By M. S. A. 
and M. R. A. S. Edinh. 1864. 8vo. 

Handbuch der Baukunde . . . Eine systematische und voll- 

stiindige Zusammenstellung der Resultate der Bauwissenschaften 
mit den zugehorigen Hiilfswissenschaften. Veranstaltet von den 
Herausgebern der Deutschen Bauzeitung und des Deutschen 
Baukalenders. In 3 Abtheilungen. I. Hiilfswissenschaften zur 
Baukunde. II. Baukunde des Architekten. III. Baukunde des 
Ingenieurs. Berlin, 1885, etc. 8vo. 

Health in country homes : the Disposal of Sewage. A series of 

articles reprinted from the Neio York Evening Post. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 520. Neio York, [ .] 8vo. 

Hints to Steamship Owners in relation to the economy and 

efficiency of marine engines. By a Consulting Engineer. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 327. Lond. 1870. 8vo. 

Histoire des torpilles. Tract. 8vo. vol. 271. Paris, 1877. 8vo. 

The history and description of Fossil Fuel, the collieries, and 

coal trade of Great Britain. By the author of the "Treatise on 
manufactures in metal " in the Cabinet Cyclopsedia \i.e. John 
Holland]. 2nd edition. Lond. 1841. 8vo. 

The history and philosophy of Earthquakes, By a Member of 

the Royal Academy of Berlin. Lond. 1757. 8vo. 


ANONYMOUS. The History of Inland Navigations ; particularly 
those of the Duke of Bridgewater, in Lancashire and Cheshire ; 
and the intended one in Staffordshire, Cheshire, and Derbyshire. 
[By J. Brindley.] 2 parts. Tract. 8vo. vol. 95. 

Lond. 1766-69. 8vo. 

3rd edition. Tract. 8vo. vol. 25. Lond. 1779. 8vo. 

Addenda, (Second addenda.) Tract, ito. vol. 58. 1793,94. 

Hiilfswissenschaften zur Baukunde : unter Mitwirkung von 

Fachnuinnern der verschiedenen Einzelgebiete, bearbeitet von den 
Herausgebern der Deutschen Bauzeitung und des Deutschen 
Baukalenders, etc. [Handbuch der Baukunde. Abt. I.] 

Berlin, 1885. 8vo. 

Human Industry ; or, a history of most manual arts, deducing 

the original, progress, and improvement of them, etc. 

Land. 1661. 12mo. 

Hydraulics. [Signed H. W.] Tract. 8vo. vol. 296. 

[ .] 8vo. 

Industrial Rivers of the United Kingdom. By various well- 

know» Experts. Lond. 1888. 8vo. 

Des Ingenieurs Taschenbuch. Herausgegeben von dem Verein 

"Hiitte." Berlin, 1887. 8vo. 

. . 15th edition. 2 vols. Berlin, 1892-93. 8vo. 

An Inquiry into the National Debt and Sinking Fund. By F. C. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. . Lond. 1856. 8vo. 

Instructions for the establishment of Benefit Building Societies. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 180. Lond. i'838. 8vo. 

Instructions for the establishment of Friendly Societies. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 180. Lond. 1838. 8vo. 

Instructions for the establishment of Parochial Societies for grant- 
ing Government Annuities. Tract. 8vo. vol. 180. 

Lond. 1837. 8vo. 

• Insulation for Submarine Telegraphy. Tract. 8vo. vol. 136. 

[Lond. 18601] 8vo. 

The interest of Great Britain in supplying herself with Iron 

impartially considered. Tract. 8vo. vol. 56. [ .] 8vo. 

An introduction to the present practice of Surveying and Level- 
ling, etc. By a Civil Engineer. Lond. 1846. 8vo. 

The " Iron Question " vindicated ; and the reviewers reviewed. 

By Observer. Tract. 8vo. vol. 196. Lond. 1857. 8vo. 

The Joint Education of the Artillery and Engineers injurious to 

the public service. By a Field Officer. 2nd edition. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 229. Lond. 1873. 8vo. 

Key to Steam Engineering : a . . . catechism of the Steam 

Engine and Boiler . . . By W. R. B. Also the Combustion of 
Coal, chemically and practically considered. By H. S. AV. 

Boston, 1890. 8vo. 


ANONYMOUS. Lectures on Polarized Light, delivered l)efore the 
Pharmaceutical Society, etc. Land. 1843. 8vo. 

Letter from a young Oxonian, to one of his fellow pupils, upon 

the subject of Magnetism. Trad. 8j;o. vol. 3G. Loud. 1G97. 8vo. 

[Letter on Railroads and Canals. MS.] Tract. 4fo. vol. 36. 

[1825?] 4to. 

A Letter to a friend, containing observations on the comparative 

merit of Canals and Railways, occasioned by the reports of the 
Committee of the Liverpool and Manchester railway. By F. P. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 4. Lond. 1832. 8vo. 

2nd edition, with additions. Tract. 8vo. vol. 60. 

Lond. 1832. 8vo. 

Letter to James Caldwell, on Canals and Rail-roads. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 503. Lond. 1825. 

A letter to Lord Dalhousie, submitting reasons for preferring the 

original recommendations of the Gauge Commissioners, to the 
recent proposals of the Board of Trade. Tract. Svo. vol. 461. 

Lond. 1846. 8vo. 

Lighthouse Management. The Report of the Royal Commis- 
sioners on lights, buoys, and beacons, 1861, examined and refuted : 
by an Englishman. Tract. Svo. vol. 125. Lond. 1861. 8vo. 

Locomotive Adhesion. Remarks upon a Paper entitled " On the 

adhesion of locomotive engines, and certain expedients for in- 
creasing or supplementing that function," by a Member of the 
Society of Engineers. Tract. Svo. vol. 157. Lond. 1865. Svo. 

Logarithms of numbers from 1 to 10,000, calculated, stereo- 
moulded, and printed by machinery. Tract. Svo. vol. 103 

[1850?] Svo. 

London Catalogue of Books, with their sizes, prices, and pub- 
lishers, containing the books published in London, and those 
altered in size and price, since the year 1814 to 1839. 

Lond. 1839. Svo. 

Supplement from 1846 to 1849. Lond. 1849. Svo. 

[Continued as :] 

The British Catalogue, 1837-49, compiled by Sampson Low & 

Co. Lond. 1858. Svo. 

[Continued as :] 

The English Catalogue ; comprising the contents of the " London " 

and the " British " catalogue, and the principal works published 
in the United States of America and continental Europe, with 
the dates of publication, in addition to the size, jDrice, edition, and 
publisher's name, from 1835, etc. Compiled by Sampson Low & 
Co. Lond. 1864, etc. Svo. 

Manuel des lois du batiment. Paris, 1863. Svo. 

Memoire explicatif sur un appareil dit avertisseur, ou signal 

d'arret des trains. Tract, ito. vol. 4:2. [1850?] 4to. 


ANONYMOUS. Memoire sur les ecluses des canaux et navigation. 

In MS. [ ] folio. 
Memoire sur un nouvean moyen d'emplir et de vider les ecluses, 

suivi de notes sur I'ecoulement des fluides. Considerations sur 

le developpement et la largeur a donner aux courbes des canaux. 

Par J. P. Gt. Tract, iio. vol. 51. Paris, 1825. 4to. 

Memoires sur la fortitication perpendiculaire. Par plusieurs 

Officiers du Corps Royal du Genie. Paris, 1786. 4to. 

Memoranda relating to the formation of the Bridges and the 

requisite Exercise of the Men. [Mihtary Pontoons.] Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 335. (Lithographed.) [1835?] 8vo. 

Metal Turning. By a Foreman Pattern-Maker. 

Lond. 1890. 8vo. 

Metropolitan experience of the unsuccessful results of the system 

of Pipe Drainage. Tract. 8vo. vol. 105. Lond. 1852. 8vo. 

(From The Times of Sept. 29, 1852.) 

Minium compared with Lead-minium and other colours. Tract. 

8vo. col. 126. Brussels, 1860. 8vo. 

Modern Villa and Cottage Architecture. [1850 ?] Oblong 4to. 

(Atlas only.) 

Le moniteur des architectes. [A series of plates only.] 4 vols. 

Tracts ito. vol. 59. Paris, [1850?] 4to. 

Narrow and wide Gauges considered ; also effects of competition 

and Government supervision. Tract. 8vo. vol. 

Lond. 1845. 8vo. 

Native Guano versus Sewer Water. A practicable plan, and where 

attainable, for cleansing and draining populous towns, without 
poisoning of rivers, or destroying all the best manure to use the 
worst. By a Scavenger. Tract. 8vo. vol. 105. Land. 1849. 8vo. 

New experiments touching the relation betwixt Flame and Air, 

and particularly betwixt air and the flamma vitalis of animals : to 
which are annexed two attempts ; the one, to produce living 
creatures in Vacuo Boyliano ; the other made upon gnats in the 
same vacuum. Tract. 8vo. vol. 35. [1704?] 8vo. 

A new map from the mouth of the Thames to the Severn. 

1798. 8vo. 

The new pocket Dictionary of the Spanish and Enghsh languages. 

2 parts. Lond. 1809. 12mo. 

Normen fiir einheitliche Lieferung und Priifung von Portland- 
cement. Tract. Ato. vol. 106. Stettin, 1887. 4tu. 

Notes on Art. British Sculptors. Sculpture and our public 

monuments. Tract. 8vo. vol. 137. Lond. 1861. 8vo. 

Notes on Building and Road Making, with rules for estimating 

repairs to tanks and channels. 4th edition. Madras, 1856. 8vo. 

Notes on Building Construction : arranged to meet the require- 
ments of the Science and Art Department. [By Major Percy 
Smith.] 4 vols. Lond. 1879-91. 8vo. 



ANONYMOUS. Notes on the application of Manganese bronze as 
a material for Steamship Propellers. Tract. 8»,'o. ml. 349. 

Lorid. [1883.] 8v<i. 

Notice sur I'emploi de la tole du fer forge ot dc. l;i fonte dans les 

ponts (systeme de MM. Cadiat et Oudry). Tract. 8vo. vol. 99. 

Paris, 1851. 8vo. 

Notice sur I'emploi du fer dans le revetement des puits et des 

galeries aux charbonnages de la Societe Cockerill a Seraing. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 346. Liege, 1880. 8vo. 

Observations on a general Iron Railway ; showing its great 

superiority over all the present methods of conveyance by turnpike 
roads and canals, etc. [Thomas Gray.] Land. 1820. 8vo. 

4th edition. Lond. 1823. 8vo. 

Observations on Brick-bond, as practised at various periods. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 394. Lond. 1884. 8vo. 

Observations on Bridge-building, and the several Plans offered 

for a new bridge. By Publicus. Lond. 1760. 8vo. 

Observations on the Duke of Richmond's extensive plans of 

fortification, etc. (A reply to the Answer to a short essay on the 
modes of defence best adapted to the situations and circum- 
stances of this island, etc., in a letter to His Grace the Duke of 
Richmond. — An appendix to the foregoing pamphlets : containing 
a comparison between Vauban's method of construction and that 
of the Marquis de Montalembert, etc. By the author of the Short 
Essay [J. Glenie].) Lond. 1794. 8vo. 

Observations on the use of Timekeepers. Tract. 8vn. vol. 465. 

Lond. [1800?] 8vo. 

Observations on the Ventilation and Construction of public 

Buildings ; relating to the site of the contemplated new houses of 
Parliament. Tract. 8vo. vol. 58. Lond. 1835. 8vo. 

Observations upon the working of " The Regulation of Railways 

Act, 1873," and of the Court of the Railway Commissioners. 
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Of the Plurality of Worlds. Lond. \8'62>. 8vo. 

On a new mode of Secret Writing. [By R. P.] Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 504. [Lond. 1829.] 8vo. 

On a new Projection of the Sphere. Investigation of the con- 
ditions under which a spherical surface can be projected on a 
plane, so that the representation of any small portion of the 
surface shall be similar in form to the original. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 130. ^Lond. [I860.] 8vo. 

(From the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society.) 

On national Defences, and on the war in Caffraria. By an Un- 
attached. Tract. 8m vol. 120. Lo7id. 1852. 8vo. 

On the alleged Decline of Science in England. By a Foreigner. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 192. Lond. 1831. 8vo. 


ANONYMOUS. On the destructive effects of Red Lead upon the 
bottoms of iron and steel ships. Tract. Folio, vol. 43. 

[1872?] folio. 

■ On the Dredging-machine. Tract. Svo. vol. 36. 

Lond. 1843. Svo. 

(From Weale's (.Quarterly I'apers on Engineering.) 

On the gnomic Projection of the Sphere. Tract. Svo. vol. 193. 

[1851.] Svo. 

On the introduction and progress of the Screw Propeller ; with 

statistics of the comparative economy of screw ships and paddle 
vessels for Her Majesty's service, etc. Greemoich, 1856. ito. 

On the Manufacture of Locomotives. Tract. 8vo. vol. 56. 

[1831.] Svo. 

On the Motion of Fluids in Pipes. Tract. Svo. vol. 103. 

[1850?] Svo. 

On the Organisation of Science : being an essay towards 

systematisation. By a Free Lance. Tract. Svo. vol. 

Lond. 1892. Svo. 

On the principles of Algebra. Tract. Svo. vol. IdS. [1848?] Svo. 

(Cuttings from the Meclianics' Magazine.) 

On the Selection of Projected Lines, with description of the 

Railway Scale. Tract. Svo. vol. 77. Lond. [lSi7 1] Svo. 
On the use of Mechanical Power, in draught on turnpike roads, 

with reference to the new system of Wood Paving. 2nd edition. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 201. Lo7id. 1842. Svo. 
On Tunnels and Inclined Planes as forming parts of railways. 

[By Investigator.] Tract, ito. vol. 36. [Manchester, 1830?] 4to. 

The Originator of the Electi'ic telegraph. Tract. Svo. vol. 308. 

[1870.] Svo. 

Ought the State to buy the Railways ? A Question for Every- 
body. By a Midland Shareholder. Tract. Svo. vol. 

Lond. 1873. Svo. 

(Reprinted, with aiWition?, from the " British Quarterly Review.") 

Our Roadways : by Viator. Tract. Svo. vol. 270. 

Lond. 1876. Svo. 

The Overseer's Manual : or, a guide to the Canelield and the 

Sugar Factory . . . New and enlarged edition. 

Demcrara, 1887. Svo. 

Patent Law and Practice : by a Practitioner. With a chapter 

on patent agents. Lond. 1871. 12 mo. 

Patent Law Reform. Tract. Svo. vol. 509. [Lond. 1893.] Svo. 

(Reprint from " Engineering.") 

Pattern Making : a practical treatise embracing the main types 

of Engineering Construction. By a Foreman Pattern-Maker. 

Lond. 1885. Svo. 

Personal recollections of English Engineers, and of the introduc- 
tion of the railway system into the United Kingdom. By a 
Civil Engineer. [F. R. Conder.] Lond. 1868. Svo. 

E 2 


ANONYMOUS. Petition against a Bill to amend the law relating 
to Copyright, which has been read a first time in the House 
of Commons. Tract. Svo. vol. G3. [1840 ?] 8vo. 

A philosophical Inquiry into the properties of Electricity. In 

a letter to a friend. Land. 1746. Svo. 

Plan for lessening Taxation Ly state Purchase of Hallways. By a 

Civil Engineer [J. Mitchell]. Land. 1860. 8vo. 

Plans for a Submarine Communication between England and 

France, 1858. Tract. Svo. vol. 115. Dublin, 1858. 8vo. 

A Plan for the Employment of Natural Forces, now allowed to 

go to waste, as a substitute for coal. By Indicator. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 219. Lond. 1871. Svo. 

Polytechnische Bibliothek. Verzeichniss der in Deutschland und 

im Auslande neu erschienenen Werke aus den Filchern der Mathe- 
matik und Astronomic, der Physik und Chemie, der Mechanik 
und des Maschinenbaues, der Baukunst und Ingenieurwissenschaft, 
des Berg- und Huttenwesens, der Mineralogie und Geologie. 1868— 
78. 7 vols. Leipzig, 1868-78. 8vo. 

— — The Practical Builder's perpetual price-book ; with the customs of 
measuring and valuing, etc. Lund. 1825. 4to. 

Practical Carpentry, joinery, and cabinet-making ; being a new 

and complete series of lines for the use of workmen. 

Lond. 1826. 4to. 

The "Practical Engineer" Pocket Book and Diary, 1891, (1892, 

etc.) Edited [after 1892] by W. H. Fowler. 

Lond. 1891, etc. obi. 8vo. 

■ Practical hints for levelling. By an Engineer. Tract. Svn. 

vol. 158. Lond. 1865. 8vo. 

Practical Masonry, Bricklaying, and Plastering . . . and practical 

treatises on slating, plumbing, painting, and glazing. 

Lond. 1830. 4to. 

Practical remarks on Cements, for the use of civil engineers, 

architects, builders, etc. [By a C. E. and F. G. S.] 2nd edition. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 15. Lond. 1832. 8vo. 

Practical rules for ascertaining the Deviations of the Compass, 

caused by the iron in a ship. Tract. Svo. vol. 103. 

Loud. 1852. 8vo. 
[Another edition.] Tract. Svo. vol. 103. Lond. 1855. 8vo. 

- A practical treatise on the Steam Engine Indicator and indicator 
diagi-ams. By AMICE., enlarged by W. W. Beaumont. 

Lond. 1888. 8vo. 

- Practice with Science. A series of agricultural papers. 2 vols. 

Lond. 1867-69. 8vo. 

- Precis d'une nouvelle methode pour reduire a de simples procedes 
analytiques la demonstration des principaux theoremes de la 
geometric, et la degager des figures et constructions qu'on y a 
employes jusqu'a present. Par J. G. C[orancez]. Tract. 4to. 
vol. 77. Paris, 1798. 4to. 


ANONYMOUS. The Prevention of Panics : or suggestions for an 
economical system t)f national finance in connexion with the 
construction of public works. By a Civil Engineer. Tract. 8«o 
vol. 155. Lond. 1866. 8vo 

Prevention of Railway Accidents. By a Practical Engineer. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 225. Kingston, 1853. 8vo. 

The proposal to place the Electric Telegraphs throughout the 

kingdom under the control of the Post OiEce is not novel, and was 
not first made by the Post Ofiiee. Tract, folio, vol. 40. 

1868. folio. 

Proposals and inducements — for a . . . number of people to join 

in the purchase of . . . drein'd and derelict lands ; . . . most of 
these . . . having been under the same circumstances with those 
of Bedford Level, the history of that Level is annexed, etc. By 
R. S. Tract. 8vo. vol. 12. Lond. 1726. 8vo. 

Proposals at large, for the easy and effectual amendment of the 

Roads. By a Gentleman. Tract. 8vo. vol. 270 and .316. 

Lond. 1753. 8vo. 

Proposed standard rules for the uniform supply and testing of 

Portland Cement. MS. Tract. Folio, vol. 3d. " [1885 ?] folio. 

Protection to Home Industry. [Two pamphlets.] Tract. 8vo. vol. 

483. Philadeljyliia, [1879.] 8vo. 

Public reasons against Rail-roads with Locomotive Motions. 

[With replies by William Cubitt.] Tract. 8vo. vol. 503. 

1825. folio. 
Published official accounts of competitive trials of Steam Fire 

Engines. Tract, folio, vol. 11. 1862. folio. 

The Pursuit of Knowledge under difficulties ; illusti-ated by 

anecdotes [of men distinguished in philosophy, literature and 
art. Library of Entertaining Knowledge]. Land. 1830. 8vo. 

The Quadrature of the Circle. By Geometricus. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 212. Liverpool, 1870. 8vo. 

The Question of the Gauges commercially considered by a Practical 

Man. Tract. 8i-o. vol. 461. Lond. 1846. 8vo. 

La question sanitaire. Tract. 8vo. vol. 452. Lond. 1886. 8vo. 

(From the " Eevue Internationale.") 

Railway passenger duty. Public meeting at the City Terminus 

Hotel, Cannon Street, London, March 16th, 1875. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. . Lond. 1875. 8vo. 

Railway Reform, its expediency and practicability considered. 

With a copious appendix, containing a description of all the rail- 
ways in Great Britain and Ireland ; fluctuations in the prices of 
shares ; statistical and parliamentary returns, etc. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 470. Lond. 1843. 8vo. 

3rd edition. Tract. 8vo. vol. 77. Lond. 1844. 8a'o. 

- Railway Traveller's reasons for adopting uniformity of gauge, 
addressed to I. K. Brunei, Esq. 3rd edition. Tract, ito. vol. 36. 

Lond. [1846?] 4to. 


ANONY]\IOUS. The Railway War. Competition, combination, or 
regulation? Tract, iivo. vol. 347. New Yorh, 1881. 8vo. 

(From tlie "New York Times.") 

Railways. [Various new.spapei' cuttings.] folio. 

Railways compared with Canals and Common Roads, and their 

uses and advantages explained ... by C. M. Tract. Svo. vol. 201. 

Edinburgh, 1825. Hvo. 

' Railways, tlu'ir uses and management. Tract 8vo. vol. 228. 

Land. 1842. 8vo. 

Reuucil de planches sur les sciences, les arts liberaux et les arts 

mechani(|ues ; avec leur explication. [3rd edition.] 2 vols. 

Livourne, 1771-72. folio. 

Relatorio acerca da arborisa(;!ao geral do paix. 

Ltshoa, 1868. 8vo. 
Remarks on an arrangement of a IMarine Engine, emljodying im- 
portant impi'ovements in working when going at reduced speeds. 
With a description and plate of the three-cylinder disconnecting 
marine engine for the Russian ironclad " Nicolas I." Tract, 
folio, vol. . Lond. [1888?] folio. 

Remarks on the comparative merits of cast metal and malleable 

iron Railways ; and an account of the Stockton and Darlington 
railway, and the Liverpool and Manchester railway, etc. (Appen- 
dices.) Newcastle, 1832. 8vo. 

Remarks on the expedience and utility of improving the Waste 

Lands in the Kingdom. Tract. 8vo. vol. 489. 

Norwich, 1787. 8vo. 

Remarks on the maintenance of Macadamized Roads. By J. F. B. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 311. Dublin, 1843. 8vo. 

Report on Railways. Tract. 8vo. vol. 1. Liverpool, 1824. 8vo. 

(Imperfect, wanting all after p. 36.) 

A report on the Sanitary Condition of the Army, particularly 

during the late war with Russia. By a Non-Commissioner. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 182. [I860?] 8vo. 

Retrospect of philosoj^hical, mechanical, chemical, and agri- 
cultural discoveries : being an abridgement of the periodical and 
other publications, English and foreign, etc. 6 vols. 

Lond. 1806-11. 8vo. 

The Revival of British Industries. Tract. 8vo. vol. 412. 

Lond. 1885. 8vo. 

Revolution destinee a changer la face du monde, proposee ouverte- 

ment. Par un Agitateur. Tract. 8vo. vol.53. Land. 1841. 8vo. 

Roads. [Surveys.] [1800?] folio. 

Roads and Railroads : vehicles and modes of travelling of ancient 

and modern countries. Lond. 1839. 8vo. 

Rough notes of a course of lectures on apparatus used in Military 

Telegraphy and firing mines. Chatham, 1877. folio. 

(Delivered before the School of Military Engineering.) 


ANONYMOUS. Rough notes of eleven lectures on the use of certain 
Electrical Apparatus. Tract. Folio, vol. 19. [1875?] folio. 

Rudimentary and practical instructions on the science of Railway 

Construction, etc. Land. 1866. Svo. 

Rudiments of ancient Architecture. 5th edition. 

Land. 1821. 8vo. 

• Ihe Ruthven hydraulic Propeller versus the Screw and Paddle. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 183. Lond. 1869. 8vo. 

• A Sanitary Crusade through the East and Australasia. [By 

R. Boyle.] Lond. 1892. 8vo. 

Sanitary Legislation. Session 1887. Tract. Svo. vol. 426. 

[1888 ?] Svo. 

Sanitary Reform and sanitary reformers ; for the information t)f 

Metropolitan vestries and local boards of health, with an appendix 
of the Metropolitan Local Management Act abridged. Tract. 
Svo. vol. 109. Lond.^lSob. 8vo. 

Sanitary Siftings ; or. Results of Sewage Systems compared. 

By a Naval Officer. Tract. Svo. vol. 203. Lond. 1868. 8vo. 

The Scheme delivered to the Members of the Hon. House of 

Commons for raising X60,000, to build a bridge after the manner 
of that at Thoulouse. By a Private Gentleman. Tracts, folio, 
vol. 11. [ ] folio. 

A scheme for the effectual Drainage of Towns, etc. Tract. Svo. 

vol. 24. Lond. 1855. 8vo. 

A Scheme of Prices for performing mast-makers' work (boat 

builders' work ; capstan, top, and pump-makers' work ; caulkers' 
work ; smiths' work ; joiners' and house carpenters' work ; wheel- 
wrights', turners', and screw-cutters', and oar and tree-nail 
makers' work ; stonemasons' and bricklayers' work ; painters' 
and glaziers' work ; sawyers' work ; scavelmen and labourers' 
work ; and sail-makers' work by task and job). Nos. 3-13, and 
15. Lond. 1829. folio. 

A scheme to secure and extend the Credit and Strength of the 

British nation. Tract. Svo. vol. 33. Lond. 1742. Svo. 

The Shell Trials at Shoeburyness. Tract, ito. vol. 81. 

(Reprinted from r/ie Mmes.) Lond. 1878. 4to. 

Ships and Railways. Tract. Svo. vol. Lond. 1846. Svo. 

A short description and explanation of the advantages arising 

from the use of Patent Wooden Block Pavement, etc. By Viator. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 201. Lond. 1S39. Svo. 

A short treatise of the Description of the Sector. Tract. Svo. vol. 

219. Lond. 1697. Svo. 

Situation generale des chemins de fer du globe au 31 Decembre, 

1860, avec un supplement pour I'annee 1861. 1862. folio. 


Snowstorms of January 17th to 21st, 1881. Tract. Svo. vol. 418 

(From "Symons' Monthly Meteorological Magazine.") [1881.] Svo. 


ANONYMOUS. Der sogeuannte Deutsche Rhein-See Canal von 
Sachverstiindigen beleuchtet. Papcnhurg, 1888. 4to. 

Solution of pi'obloms relative to Protection and Free Trade. 

[By J. Du Mt'.snil-Maiigny.] Tract. 8i;o. vol. 137. 

[Paris, 18G0?] 8vo. 

Spectacle de la nature ; or nature displayed. Translated from the 

French [of A. N. de la Pluche] by S. Humphreys. 7 vols. 

Lond. 1744-53. 8vo. 

Statement of proportionate weights, capacities, and bearing 

powers of "Wagons on several lines. Tract, ito. v<jI. GG. 

[1870?] 4to. 

Statements illustrative of the position and prospects of Steam 

Navigation in 1840. Tract. 8ro. vol. 55. Lond. 1840. 8vo. 

The Stresses in statically indeterminate Structures. Tract, fol. 

vol. 47. Calcutta, [1892.] folio. 

(Reprinted from " Indian Engineering.") 

The student's guide to the Locomotive Engine; being a descrip- 
tion of the different modes of constructing locomotives, etc. 

Lond. 1849. 8vo. 

The submarine Propeller, or Archimedian Screw. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 201. [Lond.] 1846. 8vo. 

• Stone : [a lecture delivered before the School of Military Engineer- 
ing, Chatham, by H. W.] Tract. 8vo. vol. 293. 

[Chatham, 1873 ?] 8vo. 

Sugar Industry. Articles from " The South Illustrated." Tract. 

Folio, vol. 41. New Orleans, 1887. folio. 

Suggestions for the utilization of Sewage, having special regard 

to sanitary requirements. Tract. 8vo. vol. 232. 

Lond. 1873. 8vo. 

Suggestions to the promoters and members of Friendly Societies. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 100. Lond. 1852. 8vo. 

The Sun and Planet instrument. A mechanical illustration of 

the position, motions, planes of motion, and attendant relations 
of the sun and planets of our solar system. [By Horatio 
Allen?] Tract. 8vo. vol. 449. [1875?] 8vo. 

The Surveyor's main Road Account-book. 4th edition. Tract. 

Ato. vol. 89. Lond. [1880?] 4to. 

Syllabus of an elementary system of Astronomy. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 504. [Cambriclgel] 8vo. 

Table for determining the apparent Time from observed altitudes 

of the sun or a stai\ Trad. 8vo. vol. 26. Paris, 1818. 8vo. 

Table of the Bearings of the Sun, between the parallels of 14° 

and 20° south, at intervals of twenty minutes, from April to 
August. Tract. 8vo. vol. 103. Lond. 1858. 8vo. 

Tableau des depenses faites pour la construction du chemin de 

Tours a Bordeaux. Tract, folio, vol. 11. Paris, 1855. folio. 



ANONYMOUS. Tableau des monnaies d'or et d'ai-gent des principaux 
etats du inonde, avec leur valeui' en francs, leur poids, leur 
titre, et des instructions sur le systenie monetaire, les monnaies 
de compte et les poids usuels de chaque pays. Par J. L. Tract. 
8»o. «oZ. 119. Pan's, [1845 ?] Svo. 

Terra-cotta Lumber, what it is and how it can be used, etc. 

Tract. Folio, vol. 47. Boston, 1891. folio. 

Tesoro de las tres lenguas, espanola, francesa, y italiana. 

Geneve, 1571. 8vo. 

Text-book on the theory of the Motion of Projectiles, kc. 

Lond. 1877. 8vo. 

The theory and practice of Warming and Ventilating public 

buildings, dwelling-houses, and conservatories ; including a general 
view of the changes produced in atmospheric air, by respiration, 
combustion, and putrefaction, etc. (By an Engineer.) 

Lond. 1825. 8vo. 

Thoughts on Railways and projected Railways. By Observer. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 179. Liverjwol, 1833. 8vo. 

Thoughts on Steam Locomotion, with hints for economizing fuel 

in steam vessels. Tract. Svo. vol. 201. Lond. 1840. Svo. 

Three Letters to the Inhabitants of Manchester on the Exporta- 
tion of Cotton Twist. By Mercator. Manchester, 1800-03. 8vo. 

Tides. [The article " Tides " : reprinted from the Supplement to 

the Encyclopaedia Britannica.] [? Dr. W. Whewell.] Tract, ito. 
vol 27. [Lond. 1824.] 4to. 

The Tides. [By W. Parkes.] Lond. 1857. 8vo. 

Tonnage Table [for Canals]. Tract. Svo. vol. 93. [1790?] 8vo. 

The Tower (high level) Bridge : an imperial question. By 

" Aquarius." Tract. Svo. vol. 309. Lond. 1878. 8vo. 

Die Torpedos. Von einem Ingenieur-Offizier. Tract. Svo. vol. 271. 

Berlin, 1868. 8vo. 

Die Torpedos und Seeminen in ihrer historischen Entwickelung 

bis auf die neueste Zeit. Tract. Svo. vol. 312. 

Berlin, 1878. 8vo. 

Traite des moyens de rendre les rivieres navigables. Avec 

plusieurs desseins de jettees, ponts a rouleaux et rampans, ecluses, 
soutiens, digues, coffres pour batir sous I'eau, et autres machines 
dont on se sert en Hollande et ailleurs, pour remedier aux obsta- 
cles qui s'opposent a la navigation des rivieres, et pour approfondir 
les canaux et curer les ports. Oil il est aussi parle des moyens de 
retirer les batimens coulez a fond, et d'en sauver les marchandises, 
etc. [By — Bouillet.] Amsterdam, 1696. Svo. 

Les tramways. Historique — traction animale — traction meca- 

nique, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 283. Paris, [1876.] Svo. 

Transmission de la force motrice par cables metalliques. [By 

El., ingenieur.] Tract. Svo. vol. SiO. Pam, [18G0?] Svo. 


ANONYMOUS. Les traverses motullifiucs. Pur un Jincien Iiif^enieur 
L)irecteur de chemins de fer. Tract, ^vo. vol. 404. 

Bniurlles, 1886. 8v(). 

A treatise citiicerniiig the true method of iiiiding the proper 

Area of the Sails for ships of the line, and from thence the length 
of masts and yards. [By F. H. f.c] Tract. 8vn. vol. 72. 

Lond. 1749. 8vo. 

A treatise on the construction of Roofs, as regards cai-pentry and 

joinery, deduced from the works of llobison, Price and Tredgold. 

Lond. [1868.] 8vo. 

Treatise on the manufacture of Guns, and text-book of service 

ordnance. 3rd edition. Loud. 1886. 8vo. 

Truth in extremis : a plea against the murder of science by the 

gold poison. By a Searcher. Tract. Svo. vol. 267. 

Oxford, 1876. 8vo. 

Two letters on Fenianism. By an Irish Protestant. Tract. Svo. 

vol. 167. 1866. 8vo. 

The Vacuum continuous automatic Brake, with universal coupling. 

Lotid. 1885. 4to. 

A'itrified versus porous Drain Pipes. Tract. Svo. vol. 217. 

Lond. 1856. 8vo. 

A Voice from the Signal-Box : or, Railway Accidents and their 

causes. By a Signalman. Tract. Svo. vol. . Lond. 1874. 8vo. 

Vues generales sur I'entretien des routes. Par un amateur 

[C. A. J. Dumas]. Tract. Svo. vol. 74. Le 3Ians, 1840. 8vo. 

The Waste of Water in town supplies. Tract, ito. vol. 104. 

Lond. 1886. 4to. 

What system of communication between Passengers, Guards, and 

Drivers ought to be adopted on our Railways 1 By One who 
believes a detached or independent system (of Communication) 
must in the end be adopted on all Railways. Tract. Svo. vol. 

Manchester, 1870. Svo. 

■ What will Parliament do with the Railways ? Tract. Svo. wZ. 201. 

Lond. 1836. 8vo. 

Whole measures v. half-measures ; or, rail transit v. river transit 

to India. By an Old Indian. Tract. Svo. vol. 184. 

Lond. 1856. Svo. 

Why Tariffs are not maintained. 2 pt. Tract. Svo. vol. 347. 

1881. Svo. 

Wooden Floors. [1885 ?] Svo. 

— ^ — The Woolwich system of rifled Ordnance. Tract. Svo. vol. 424. 

Lond. 1878. Svo. 

— Working-man's companion. The Results of Machinery. (Capital 
and labour.) 2 vols. Lond. 1831. 12mo. 

— The World's Highway. Tract. Svo. vol. 320. 

Lond. 1856. Svo. 


ANSELL, C. A treatise on Friendly Societies, etc. 

Land. 1835. 8vo. 

ANSELL, G. F. A treatise on Coining. Lond. 1862. 8vo. 

The Royal Mint : its working, conduct and operations . . . 

with suggestions, etc. Lund. 1870. 4to. 

ANSIAUX, L., and Masion, L. Traite pratique de la fabrication du 
fer et de I'acier puddle . . . Nouveau tirage. Paris, 1865. 8vo. 

ANSLEY, G. D. Report of the City Surveyor, of the various works 
executed by the Road department, city of Montreal, during 1876. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 270. Montreal, 1877. 8vo. 

Report on permanent Roadway Pavements for the city of 

Montreal. Tract. 9>vo. vol. 351. Montreal, 1882. 8vo. 

ANSPACH, L. Le role de I'eau dans les cylindres a vapeur, etc. 
Trad. 8vu. vol. 529. Liege, 1892. 8vo. 

ANSTED, D. T. The Applications of Geology to the arts and manu- 
factures. Lond. 1865. 8vo. 

An elementary course of Geology, Mineralogy, and Physical 

Geography. Lond. 1850. 8vo. 

The Goldseeker's Manual. Lond. 1849. 8vo. 

On the absorbent power of Chalk, and its water contents under 

different conditions. Tract. 8vo. vol. 501. Lond. 1851. 8vo. 

(From Min. Proc. Inst. C.E.) 

On the decay and preservation of Building Materials. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 137. Lond. 1860. 8vo. 

Physical Geography. 3rd edition. Lond. 1868. 8vo. 

Scenery, Science, and Art ; being extracts from the note-book of a 

geologist and mining engineer. Lond. 1854. 8vo. 

Water and "Water Supply, chiefly in reference to the British 

islands. Surface waters. Lond. 1878. 8vo. 

ANSTIE, J. The coalfields of Gloucestershii-e and Somersetshire and 
their resources. Lond. 1873. 8vo. 

ANSTRUTHER. Correspondence relating to Anstruther Harbour. 

Lond. 1871. folio. 

ANSTRUTHER, P, An attempt to deduce initial velocity from 
given range, elevation, and time of flight. Tract. 8vo. vol. 168. 

Lond. 1860. 8vo. 

Gunnery. [Notes for lectures.] Tract. 8vo. vol. 131. 

[1861.] 8vo. 

The Flight of Projectiles. Tract. 8vo. vol. 168. 

Lond. 1866. 8vo. 

On the Trajectory of a Projectile. (Appendices.) Tract. Ato. 

vol. 68. 1868. 4to. 

Table showing the fall by Gravity in the atmosphere. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 212. Edinhurgh, 1866. 8vo. 

Theory of Gunnery. Tract. 8vo. vol. 206. Lond. 1871. 8vo. 


ANTHRACITE Patent Company. Prospectus and rp.])orts. Tract. 
Ato. vol. G8. Luiul. 1(^40. 4to. 

ANTHRACITE, S.S. Report on the Machinery of the Steamer 

"Anthracite." Tract. Svo. vol. . Washiiit/to,i, 1880. 8vo. 

{Official Report.) 

ANTHROPOLOGICAL SOCIETY of London. Memoirs. 3 vols. 

Land. 18G5-70. 8vo. 

ANTI-CORN-LAW CONFERENCE. Report of the statistical 
committee, 1842. Tract. Svo. vol G9. Loud. [1842.] Svo. 

ANTINORI, V. Archivo meteorologico centrale italiano nell' I. E. R. 
Museo di Fisica e Storia Naturale. Prima pul)l)licazione. 

Firenze, 1858. Svo. 

ANTISELL, T. The manufacture of Photogenic or Hydro-carbon 
Oils, from coal and other bituminous substances, etc. 

New York and Land. 1860. Svo. 

ANTOINE, C. Chaleur totale des vapeurs. Tract. Svo. vol 517. 

[Paris, 1892.] Svo. 

De la densite et de la compressibilite des gaz et des vapeurs. 

TracL Ato. vol 98. Lorient, 1886. 4to. 

Deux applications du calcul de resistance des materiaux. 

Rivetage des carenes en fer. Fatigue d'un solide inflechi. Tract, 
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rivers in the Bedford Level ; with observations on the effects of 
the Eau-Brink cut, etc. Tract. 8m vol. 159. Ely, 1829. 8vo. 

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colony; with an astronomical calendar for 1855. 

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the importance and necessity of carrying out the Intercolonial 
and Atlantic and Pacific Railways continuously through the . 
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und Westfalen. Coiner Thorburgen und Befestigungen. 

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[Continued as : ] Szpravy spolku Architectie a inizenyru v 

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Berlin, 1877. 8vo. 
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ARCHITEKTU a Inizenyrii v Kralovstvi Ceskem. See supra, Archi- 


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of Nobel's Explosives Co., Ardeer, 8 June, 1882, by Capt. J. P. 
Cundill, R.A. Lond. 1882. foHo. 

Report on the circumstances attending an Explosion at a 

Cartridge Hut, Ardeer. Lond. 1884. foUo, 

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Argentine Republic. Tract. 8vo. vol. 176. Lond. 1869. 8vo. 

[Congreso Nacionafl 

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2. Diario de sesiones de la Camara de Senadores, 1884-87. 4 

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vols. 8vo. Buenos Aires, 1885-89. 8vo. 


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. . . sobre los trabajos ejecutados durante los auos de 187G-83. 
[Departamento de ingenieros civiles.] 2 vols. 

Buenos Aires, 1879-84, 8vo. 

■ [Another copy.] 187G-78 (and 1880). 

BncHos Aires, 1879-81. 8vo. 

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Buenos Aires, 

[3Iines.'] Departamento de obras publicas — Seccion de Minas. 

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[Pifhlic TTor/fs.] Memoria del Departamento de obras publicas de 

la nacion. 1884. Buenos Aires, 1885. 8vo. 

[Bailways.] Departamento de Ingenieros Civiles. Ferro-Carril 

Andino. Seccion de San Luis a la Paz y Mendoza, etc. 

Buenos Aires, 1884. 8vo. 

Estudio de la prolongacion del ferro-carril Andino : seccion de 

Villa Mercedes a San Luis. Buenos Aires, 1881. 8vo. 

Ferro-carril Central del Norte. Ramal a Santiaga del Estero. 

Informe general del projecto con las espicificaciones, analisis de 
precios, etc. Buenos Aires, 1882. 8vo. 

Ferro-carril Central Norte. Seccion de Tucuman a Metan : 

informe general del projecto con las espicificaciones, analisis de 
precios, etc. Buenos Aires, 1885. 8vo. 

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de Ing. Civ.] Buenos Aires, 1883. 8vo. 

Memoria sobre ferro-carriles nacionales y estado de valores, al 30 

de Junio de 1883. Buenos Aires, 1883. 8vo. 

Ramal a La Rioja y Catamarca. Seccion segunda, de Chumbicha 

a La Rioja. Informe general, etc. Buenos Aires, 1883. 8vo. 

\Weiglits and Measures.] Sistema de medidas y pesas de la 

Republica Argentina. Buenos Aires, 1881. 8vo. 

Sistema de medidas y pesas de la Republica Argentina. Rectifi- 

cacion de las medidas de longitud y de superticie de la provincia de 
Tucuman. Buenos Aires, 1883. 8vo. 

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Duke of Argyll on Indian Public Works and Coopers Hill 
College. A reply, with correspondence between the Duke of 
Argyll and the President of the Institution of Civil Engineers. 
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veyors. Transactions. Vol. I. Little Bock, 1887. 8vo. 

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Arklow Harbour. Dublin, 1886. folio. 

Further Correspondence. Dublin, 1886. folio. 

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Installation et exploitation des lignes tulephoniques. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 328. Paris, 1881. 8vo. 


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pratique, precede des notions elementaires d'arithmetique decimale, 
d' algebre et de geometrie indispensables pour Tintelligence et 
la solution des diverses applications qui y ont rapport. Avec 
tables et calculs. 8° edition. Parin, 1867. 8vo. 

See also Armengaud, J. E. and C, and Amouroux. 

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trielle des machines outils, etc. [Continued by C. E. Armengaud.] 
1876, etc. 

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acier, forgeage, fonderie, etc. Paris, [1882.] folio. 

Publication industrielle des machines outils, et appareils les 

plus perf'ectionnes et les plus recents employes dans les diSerentes 
branches de I'industrie fran^aise et etrangere. [Continued after 
vol. 23 by C. E Armengaud.] 28 vols. (Atlas of plates with 
each vol.) Pans, 1847-82. 8vo. 

(Vol. 1, 4th edition ; Vols. 2, 3, 4, 3rd edition.) 

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Paris, 1844. 8vo. 

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Paris, 1861-62. 4to. 

Le Yignole des mecaniciens : essai sur la construction des 

machines, etudes des elements qui les constituent, types et pro- 
portions des organes qui composent les moteurs, les transmissions 
de moitvement et autres mecanismes. (Atlas of plates.) 2 vols. 

Paris, 1863-65. 4to. 

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See Periodical Publications. 

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d'ombres et de lavis appliquees au dessin de machines et d'archi- 
tecture, ou recueil methodique de planches teintees, coloriees et 
lavees a I'effet formant un atlas de luxe avec un texte special et 
tres etendu. Paris, 1849. folio. 

Nouveau cours raisonne de dessin industriel applique principale- 

ment a la mecanique et a Farchitecture. Paris, 1860. 8vo. 

The practical Draughtsman's Book of Industrial Design : forming 

a complete eourse of mechanical engineering and architectural 
drawing. Translated from the French . . . Re-written and 
arranged, with additional matter and plates ... by W. 
Johnson. Lond. 1853. 4to. 

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of tlae origin ... of circular storms and equinoctial gales. 

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(j'reenwicfi, [1878?] 8vo. 

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Instruction at home and al)roa(l. Tract. Svo. vnl. 414. 

Edmhmjh, 1885. 8vo. 

■ Inaucfural lecture of the Department of Practical Science in 

McGiil University, Montreal. Tract, ito. vol. 69. 

Montreal, 1872. 4to. 

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Junior Engineering Society, on relation of Chemistry to En- 
gineering. Tract. Svo. vol. 448. Loud. 1887. 8vo. 

Report on the Water-Supply of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, etc. 1884. 

See Laws, W. G., and Armstrong, H. E. 

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and amending the harbour of Lynn. Tract, ito. vol. 54. 

1724. 4to. 

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boilers. An essay, etc. Tract. d>vo. vol. 211. Lond. 1866. Svo. 

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Lond. 1866. 8vo. 

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edition. Lond. 1839. 8vo. 

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On the mercantile and Admiralty rules for calculating the power 

of Marine Steam Engines. Tract, folio, vol. 9. 

Lond. [1870 ^ folio. 

The modern Practice of Boiler Engineering . . . Revised ... by 

John Bourne. Lond. 1856. 8vo. 

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hot-water, at Mr. Pinch's brewery, Bath ; showing the effects 
produced on the j)ublic baths. Tract. Svo. vol. 78. 

Bristol, 1838. 8vo. 

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stitution of Mechanical Engineers. Newcastle meeting. Tract. Svo. 
vol. 178. Neiocastle, 1869. Svo. 

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1861. Tract. Svo. vol. 131. Lond. 1861. 8vo. 

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Armstrong to the members of the North of England Institute of 
Mining and Mechanical Engineers. Tract. Svo. vol. 235. 

Newcastle, 1873. 8vo. 

Mechanical Science. Address to the mechanical section of the 

British Association, 1881. Tract. Svo. vol. 

Neivcastle-on-Tyne, [1881.] 8vo. 

The new Naval Programme. . Tract. Svo. vol. 481. 

Lond. 1889. 8vo. 

(From the Mueteenth Centurj-.') 


ARMSTRONG, Lord, and Otiikus. The industrial resources of the 
district of the three northern rivers, the Tyne, "Wear, and Tees, 
inckiding the reports on the local manufactures read before the 
British Association in 1863. With notes and apj^endices. 2nd 
edition. Newcastlt'-un-Tj/iie, 18G4. Svo. 

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reports on the use of the Steam Coals of the Hartley District of 
Northumberland in marine boilers. Tract. Svo. vol. 111. 

Neiocastle-on-Tyne, 1858. Svo. 

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Radius by any system of measurement. Tract. Svo. vol. 212. 

Lond. 1867. 8vo. 

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pedie theorique et pratique des connaissances civiles et militaires.] 

Pam, [1892?] Svo. 

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los gastos de primer establecimiento de los ferro-carriles secun- 
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Tract. 4:to. vol. 21. Lond. 1782. 4to. 

Certificates and circumstances relative to the going of INIr. 

Arnold's Chronometers. Tract. 4:to. vol. 21. Lond. 1791. 4to. 

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and medical, explained independently of technical mathematics, 
etc. 3rd edition. Lond. 1828. Svo. 

4th edition. 2 vols. Lond. 1829. Svo. 

(Part 2, vol. 2, on Astronomy, wanting.) 

[6th edition.] 2 vols. Lond. 1864-65. Svo. 

On Warming and Yentilating ; with directions for making and 

using the thermometer-stove . . . and other new apparatus. 

Lond. 1838. Svo. 

The Smokeless Fireplace, chimney-valves, and other means, old 

and new, of obtaining healthful warmth and ventilation. 

Lond. 1855. Svo. 

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Secretary of State, relative to the prevalence of disease at Croydon, 
and to the plan of sewerage, etc. Lond. 1853. folio. 

ARNTZ, R. R. The Board of Works for the Westminster district. 
An attempt to determine the circumstances under which, with a 
view to economy. Paved and Macadamised Roadways should 
respectively be formed. Tract. Svo. vol. 117. Lond. 1857. Svo. 

— Report with reference to the working of Steam Rollers upon 

macadamised roads, and as to other matters connected with the 
management of the city of Paris. Tract. Svo. vol. 153. 

Westminster, 1S66. Svo. 

AllOCENA, C. A. Anuario hidrogratico del Rio de la Plata para el 
alio 1891. Montevideo, 1891. Svo. 

F 2 


ARROL, W. [SiieciHcation of] Improved Machines for punching and 
rivctini,' lari^e or heavy Plate Work, etc. Tract, itu. vol. 117. 

Lond. 1878. 4to. 

[Spci-ilication of] Improvements in the mode of . . . constructing 

AV'rought-iron Gii-ders ... of largo dimensions. Tract. 4<o. vol. 
117. Lond. 1877. 4to. 

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Loud. 1815. folio. 

ARROWSMITH, S. An atlas of Ancient Geography, etc. 

Lond. 1838. 8vo. 
ARSENE-OLIVIER, A. See Olivier, A. A. 

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in the works of the Paris Gas Company. Translated from the 
French. Tract. 8co. vol. 165. Lond. 1868. 8vo. 

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memoranda of its construction. Tract. 4to. rol. 9.'}. 

Chicago, 1884. 4to. 

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sistenii di ferrovie a dentiera, etc. lionia, 1892. 8vo. 

ART-UNION of London. Report of the council. Lond. 1875. 8vo. 

The Art Union of London and the Board of Trade. Corre- 
spondence relative to proposed interference with the Society's plan. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 86. Land. [1848.] 8v(j. 

ARUN, Biver. An Act for the improvement of the navigation of 
the River Arun. Lond. 1785. folio. 

ASH, Dr. J. Oratio anniversaria in theatro Collegii Regalis Medicorum 
Londinensium, ex Harveii institute habita, A. D. 1790. Tract. 4:to. 
vol. 20. Londini, 1790. 4to. 

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(Abstract from "Mineral resources of the United States.") 

The Geologic relations of the Nanticoke disaster. 1886. Tract. 

8to. vol. 454. 1887. 8vo. 

ASHBURY, T. Inaugural address as President of the Manchester 
Association of Employers, Foremen, and Draughtsmen. Tract. 
8m vol. 395. Manchester, 1883. 8vo. 

ASHBY-DE-LA-ZOUCH. Act for Ashby-de-la-Zouch Canal. 

Lond. 1794. folio. 

ASHDOWN and Others. Portfolio of coloured plates and views of 
various Streets and Railways. Various dates. Large folio. 

ASHPITEL, A., and Whichcord, J. Baths and Washhouses, etc. 

Lond. 1853. 8vo. 

Town Dwellings. An essay on the erection of Fireproof Houses 

in Hats, etc. Lond. 1855. 8vo. 

ASHTABULA BRIDGE. Report of the joint committee [of Ohio 
General Assembly] on the Ashtabula disaster. Tract. 8vo. vol. 
278. Columbus, 1877. 8vo. 


ASHWORTH, H. The progress of science and art, as developed in 
the Bleaching of Cotton. Tract. Svo. vol. 219. 

Manchester, 1861. Svo. 

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of the Society. 10 vols. Lwid. 1806-11. 8vo. 

(Bombay branch.) Journal. Vols. 11-17. 

Bombay, 1876, etc. 8vo. 

—— Centenary re^'iew from 1784-1883. Calcutta, 1885. 8vo. 
Journal. Calcutta, 1832, etc. 8vo. 

(Afier 1886, Part 2 (Nat. Science) only. \'ols. 24, 29 and 32 wanting.) 

Proceedings, 1865, etc. Calcutta, 1866, etc. 8vo. 

ASKHAM. Askham Iron Furnaces : report on Explosion. 

Lond. 1882. folio. 

ASLIT, J. S. H. Decimal Coinage ; with a proposal for decimalising 
our weights and measures, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 168. 

Lond. 1854. 8vo. 
ASPINWALL, W. Waterworks of the city of Providence. Tract. 

Svo. vol. 296. Providence, 1874. Svo. 

ASSAM. See India. — Assam. 


Descriptive Catalogue of Albums, etc., exhibited at the Chicago 
Exhibition, 1893. See Chicago. — Ex2wsition of 1893. 

Revista de obras publicas e minas. Vol. 1, etc. 

Lishoa, 1870, etc. Svo. 
PAREILS A VAPEUR. Exercice, 1868-69, etc. 

Mulhoxse, 1869, etc. Svo. 

(For Exercice, 1877-78-79, see Bulletin de la Societe Industrielle de Mulhouse, 1878, page 963.) 

Compte rendu des seances du 9""^ congres des ingenieurs en chef, 

1884. Paris, 1886. Svo. 

ASSOCIATION AMICALE des anciens eleves de I'Ecole Centrale des 
Arts et Manufactures. Bulletin mensuel, 1875-76, (1876-77, etc.) 

Paris, 1876, etc. Svo. 

Liste des recompenses obtenues par les anciens eleves de I'Ecole 

centrale a I'Exposition Universelle de 1889. Tract. Svo. vol. 490. 

Pans, 1889. Svo 


VAPEUR. Compte-rendu des seances du 9"" congres tenu a 

Paris les 9, 10, et 11 Novembre, 1884. Paris, 1886. Svo. 

VAPEUR du Nord de la France. Comptes-rendus. 

Lille, 1874-75. Svo. 

SYSTEM OP MEASURES. See International Association. 

TRICxVL TEACHING. Sixth (eighteenth, etc.) general report. 
Tract. Svo. vol. . Birmingham, Bedford, 1878, etc. Svo. 


ASSOCIATION. See Manchester Steam Users' Association. 

ASSOCIATION FRAN(;!AISE pour I'avancement de.s sciences. 
Compte-rendus des sessions, 1872, etc. Paris, 1873, etc. 8vo. 

zu einer mitteleuropiiischen Gradniessung. Lithographed. 

BerUn, 1861. folio. 

Compte-rendu de la conference geodesique internationale reunie a 

Berlin, 15-22 Octobre, 18G4. 

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Index of current Engineei'ing Literature. 1884-1891 \etc.'\ 

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County Engineers. 


Proceedings of the sixth annual convention. 

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[Continued as :] 

Association pour pr^venir les Accidents de Fabrique. 

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meteorologique. Vols. 1-3. Paris, 1872-75. 8vo. 

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Par it:;, 1876. 4to. 

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ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY. See Royal Astronomical Society. 

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Admiral Sir Y. Symonds and the Lords Com. Admiralty. 

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Reports (with Minutes of Evidence and Appendices) of the 

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with two supplements. 2 vols. Lond. 1845-66. 8vo. 

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2nd edition. Woolwich, 1855. 8vo. 

On Marine Engine construction and classification. 

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Rapport sur les moyens d'ameliorer la navigation de la Dyle, etc. 

1832. See Gordon, A., and Atherton, C. 

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Gravities and the strengths and values of Spirituous Liquors, etc. 
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Report on the Cotton Manufactures of the United States. 

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connected inquiry into the law of temperature in different latitudes 
and at difierent altitudes. Tract. Ato. vol. 15. 

Lond. 1825. 4to. 

(From Traus. Pvoyal Astronomical Society.) 

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Drainage, etc. Tract, folio, vol. 47. Stochport, 1894. folio. 

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Coal Mines and the general principles of ventilation. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 324. Lond. 1879. 8to. 


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application by the Electric ^Motor : iuclu<liii,ij Electric llaihvay 
construction. Loud. 1894. 8vo. 

Elements of Static Electricity, with full description of the Holtz 

and Topler machines, etc. Neio York, 1887. 8vo. 

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Lond. 1870. 8vo. 

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Supplement to the Chart for August, 1888. Tract, folio, vol. 43. 

Washington [1888.] folio. 

(Published by the U.S.A. Hydrographic Department.) 

Vierteljahrs-Wetter-Rundschau an der Hand der tiiglichen synop- 

tischen Wetterkarten fiir den nordatlantischen Ocean des 
Diinischen Meteorologischen Instituts und der Deutschen Seewarte. 
Herbst, 1883, etc. Berlin, 1888, etc. 4to. 

of the meeting of Road Masters of the Atlantic and Great 
Western R.R. Meade ille. Pa. 1878-79. 8vo. 

ATLANTIC AND GULF SHIP CANAL across the Peninsula of 
Florida . . . also the Great Tide Water Route, from the city of 
Eernandina through the peninsula to the city of Key West and 
Cuba. Tract. 4to. vol. 83. Loiid. [1877.] 4to. 

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the Atlantic and Pacific. Official Report to the American Con- 
gress. Tract. 8vo. vol. 441. Lond. 1850. 8vo. 

JNIeeting at the London Tavern and interviews with the Prime 

Minister and other members of the Government on the Atlantic 
and Pacific Railway (through Nicaragua). Tract. 8vo. vols. 439 
and 440. Lond. 1866. 8vo. 

munication. Atlantic and Pacific ship canals and railroads. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 441. New York, 1867. 8vo. 

Junction of the Atlantic and Pacific. Tract. 8vo. vol. 441. 

Lond. 1850. 8vo. 

The practicability and importance of a Ship-Canal to connect the 

Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, with a history of the enterprise, etc. 
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Statement, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 463. New York, 1888. 8vo. 

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Svo. vol. 441. Lojid. 1859. 8vo. 

Memorial ... to the President of the Republic of Nicaragua. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 441. Lond. 1859. 8vo. 


descriptive history. Land. 1857. 8vo. 

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annual meeting, and minutes of proceedings at the extraordinary 
general meeting. Tract. 8co. vol. 14L Land. 1864. 8vo. 

Report of the directors. Tract. Svo. vol. 141. 

Land. [1858.] Svo. 

Report of the proceedings at an inauguration Banquet ... in 

commemoration of the Renewal of the . . . Company. Tract. 
8m vol 141. Lond. 1864. Svo. 

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nations. The Humboldt Line via the Atrato-Cupica Valleys . . . 
Preliiiiinary statement. Tract. Svo. vol. 112. Lond. [1853.] Svo. 

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Lond. 1873-74. folio. 

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8ro. vol. 288. Lond. 1872. Svo. 

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antiquities of the collegiate church of Middleham, etc. 

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province. Southern India, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 474. 

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(From the Quarterly Journal of the Geol. Soc.) 

On the Geology of a part of Costa Rica. With an appendix by 

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(From the Quarterly Journal of the Geol. Soc.) 

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index. MS. 1700. folio. 

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perties of Arches, etc. 2 pt. Lond. 1801-1804. 4to. 

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Philosophy, read in the University of Cambridge. Tract. Svo. 
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Investigations, founded on the theory of motion, for determining 

the times of vibration of Watch Balances. Tract. 4:to. vol. 21. 

(From Phil. Trans.) Lond. 17Q4:. 4to. 

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a I'usage des ingenieurs charges de I'epreuve et de la reception de 
ces appareils. Tract. Svo. vol. 129. Paris, 1839. Svo, 

Histoire de Tetablissement des fontaines a Toulouse, et con- 
siderations sur quelques objets d'hydraulique et de dynamique 
relatifs a cet etablissement. Toidouse, 1830. Svo. 

Traite d'hydraulique, a I'usage des ingenieurs. 2™" edition. 

Strashourg, 1840. Svo. 

A Treatise on Hydraulics for the use of engineers. Translated 

from the French, etc. Boston, 1852. Svo. 


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and link iiuition to stationary, portalde, locomotive and marine 
engines, with new and simple methods for proportidning the parts. 
4th edition. New York, 1872. 8vo. 

Die practische Anwendmig der Schieber- und Coulissensteurungen. 

Autorisirtc deutsche Uebersetzung und Bearljeitung von A. Miiller. 

Bcilui, 1886. 8vo. 

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Giuipowder ... on board the sailing barque " Auchmontain," on 
the 3i-d September, 1892. Land. 1893. folio. 

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£500,000. Sketch of the present position of the Province of 
Auckland statistically and financially. Tract. 8vo. vol. 140. 

Land. 1863. 8vo. 

Report of the Commission on the Railways of Auckland. 

Wellinfjton, 1877. folio. 

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Supply of Auckland. Tract. 8vo. vol. 149. 

AucJcland, 1860. Svo. 

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faites a FEcole des Ponts et Chaussees. 3 vols. 

Paris, 1879-1885. 8vo. 

(Vol. I. Is of the 3nl edition, and Vols. II. and III. of the 2nd.) 

Les tarifs des chemms de fer et I'autorite de I'Etat. Tract. ?)V0. 

vol. 319. Paris, 1880. 8vo. 

L'Institut de France. Lois, statuts et reglements concernant 

les anciennes Academies et I'lnstitut de 1635 a 1889. 

Paris, 1889. 8vo. 

Ueber die zur Entwickelung des franzosischen Eisenbahn-Netzes- 

angewendeten Mittel. . . . Deutsch herausgegeben von W. von 
Nordling. Tract. 8ro. vol. 257. Wien, 1875. Svo. 


Year Book and Diary for . . . 1893, (1894, etc.). 

Lond. 1893, etc. 8vo. 

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Lond. [1869?] 4to. 

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[Papers of the Shipmasters' Society, No. 27.] Lond. 1893. Svo. 

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cipal eruptions, etc. Naples, 1832. Svo. 

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etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 447. Lond. 1887. Svo. 

Rangoon Sewerage and Water-supply Works, etc. 1892. Svo. 

See Shone, J., and Ault, E. 

AUSTEN, W. C. Roberts. See Roberts-Austen. 


AUSTIN, A. Letter on the outfall of the Main Drainaf^e, and inter- 
cepting sewers ; accompanied by a report from Capt. Burst;il, R.N., 
on the flow of the tide in the river Thames above and below 
Plumstead ; together with a report by J. W. Bazalgette, recom- 
mending an extension of the outfall beyond the metropolitan area 
on the south side of the Thames. Tract. 8vn. vol. 108. 

Lond. 1856. 8vo. 

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Lond. 1872. 8vo. 

On the Utilisation of Sewage by filtration and irrigation. Tract. 

8vo. vol 161. [1867.] 8vo. 

Undeveloped resources of Turkey in Asia, with notes on the 

Railway to India. Tract. 8vo. vol. 294. Lond. 1878. 8vo. 

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petition in Architecture, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 59. 

Lo7id. 1841. 8vo. 

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Report on the drainage of the Westminster Abbey precincts. 
Tract, ito. vol. 41. 1849. 4to. 

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description of the country. Tract. 8vo. vol. 384. 

Adelaide, 1863. 8vo. 

AUSTIN, J. G. A practical treatise on . . . calcareous and hydraulic 
Limes and Cements, etc. Lond. 1862. 12mo. 

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Sydney, 1889. folio. 

The Australian and county directory for 1876-77. 2 vols. 

Sydney, 1876-77. 8vo. 

The Australian Handbook — incorporating New Zealand, Fiji, 

and New Guinea— Shippers' and Importers' Directory and Busi- 
ness Guide, for 1879, (1892, etc.). Lond. 1879, 1892, etc. 8vo. 

How to settle and how to succeed in Australia, etc. By a 

Bushman. Tract. 8vo. vol. 85. Lond. 1848. 8vo. 

Mining Machinery and Treatment of Ores in Australian Colonies. 

[A New Zealand Pari. Paper.] Wellington, 1889. folio. 

Twenty years' experience in Australia. Tract. 8vo. vol. 254. 

Lond. 1839. 8vo. 

Universal Suffrage and Yote by Ballot in Australia. How far 

is the present distressed condition of the Australian Colonies to be 
attributed to the adoption of universal suffrage and vote by ballot, 
etc. By an Old Colonist. Tract. 8vo. vol. 155. 

Lond. 1867. 8vo. 

The Year-Book of Austraha for 1886, (1890). 2 vols. 

Sydney, 1886-90. 8vo. 

See also New South "Wales, Queensland, South Australia, 

Victoria, Western Australia. 



Panama. Prospectus. Tract. 8cu. vul. 112. Land. 1853. 8vo. 

AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM, Sydney. Report of Trustees for 1889. 

Sydney, 1890. folio. 

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Autrichien. Tract. 8vo. vol. 298. Vienna, 1878. 8vo. 

Oesterreichisches Montan-Handljuch fiir das Jahr 1875. 

Wlen, 1875. 8vo. 

[Monuments.'] Mittheilungcn der K.K. Central Commission zur 

Erforschung und Erhaltung der Kunst- und historischen Denkmale. 

Wien, 1875, etc. 4to. 

■ [JRaihcays.] Beitriige zur Beleuchtung der allgemeinen Verhalt- 

nisse der osterreichischen Eisenljahnen. Abtheilung I. Tract. 
Folio, vol. 28. Wien, 1879. folio. 

Besondere Yorschriften fiir den Baudienst der Eisenbahn von 

Innsbruck nach Bozen. Tract. 8vo. vol. 257. 

Wien, 1872. 8vo. 

Correspondence respecting Zone Tariff Rates for Goods and 

Passenger Traffic on Railways in Austria and Hungary. 

Lond. 1891. folio. 

Linie Innsbruck-Botzen, Uebergang iiber den Brenner. Situa- 
tion [und] Langenprofil. TF/e«, [1868 ?] 4to. 

Statistische Nachrichten von den osterreichisch-ungarischen 

Eisenbahnen. Bearbeitet vom Statistischen Department im K.K. 
Handels-Ministerium— 1877, etc. Wien, 1880, etc. 4to. 

Oesterreichische Eisenbahnen, entworfen und ausgefiihrt in 

den Jahren 1857 bis 1867, unter der Leitung von Carl von 
Etzel. 6 vols, in 2. TF/e«' [1868?] 4to. 


Retort System. Tract. 8vo. vol. 533. Lond. [1894.] 8vo. 

8vo. vol. 479. Lond. [1887.] Svo. 

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the Matriculation Examination of the University of London. 

Lond. 1888. 8vo. 

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Lond. 1878. 8vo. 

The Land Question. Tract. 8vo, vol. 333. 

Bochester [1880.] 8vo. 

Road Locomotives : an epitome of the Road Locomotive Acts, 

1861, 1865 and 1878. Lond. 1878. 8vo. 

Edition for Scotland. Lond. 1878. 8vo. 

AVELING, T., and Porter. Steam Road-rolling. 

Rochester, 1878. 8vo. 

■ [Another edition.] Lond. 1887. Svo. 


AVIGDOR, E. H. d'. Das Wohlsein der Menschen in Grossstiidtcn. 
Mit besonderer Rucksicht auf Wien. Wien, 1874. 8vo. 

Waterworks, ancient and modern. Tract. 8vo. vol. 262. 

(TieimnteA from Engineering.) Lond. 1876. 8vo. 

AVILER, A. C. d'. Dictionnaire d'architecture civile et hydraulique, 
et des arts qui en dependent. [New edition.] Paris, 1755. 4to. 

AVONMOUTH.— JBm^oZ Docls. Contract for a two-floor shed, 
July, 1886. Tract, folio, vol. 38. 1886. folio. 

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Lond. [1890.] Svo. 

the Board of Trade on the Classification of merchandise traffic 
and schedule of maximum rates, etc. Lond. 1891. folio. 

AYMARD, M. Irrigations du midi de I'Espagne : etudes sur les 
grands travaux hydrauliques et le regime administratif des 
arrosages de cette contree. Precede d'un rapport de M. Lebasteur. 
(Atlas of plates.) Paris, 1864. 8vo. and 4to. 

AYRTON, W. E. Practical Electricity : a laboratory and lecture 
course for first-year students of electrical engineering, etc. 

Lond. 1887. Svo. 

AYRTON, W. E., and Perry, J. The Gas-engine Indicator-diagram. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 413. Lond. [1884.] 8vo. 

(From the Philosophical Magazine.) 

See also Perry, J., and Ayrton, W. E. 

the Board of Trade ... on the Classification of merchandise 
traffic and schedule of maximum rates, etc. Lond. 1891. folio. 

AYROUARD, J. [A collection of Maps of the Ports of France.] 

[1736.] 4to. 

AYSGARTH FORCE. The Railway Vandal at Aysgarth Force: 
the Skipton and North Eastern Junction Railway Bill. Tract. 4to. 
vol. 93. Darlington, [1884.] 4to. 



BABBAOE, C. A comparative view of the various institutions for 
the Assurance of Lives. Lond. 1826. 8vo. 

(^V^ith corrections by Mr. Babbage in MS.) 

An analysis of the statistics of the Clearing House during the 

year 1839 ; with an appendix on the London and New York 
clearing houses, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 103. Lond. 1856. 8vo. 

Observations addressed, at the last anniversary, to the president 

and fellows of the Royal Society, after the delivery of the medals. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 103. Lond. 1856. 8vo. 

Observations on the temple of Serapis at Pozzuoli, near Naples, 

with a supplement. Conjectures on the physical condition of the 
surface of the moon. Lond. 1847. 8vo. 

Of the Constants of Nature. Class Mammalia. Tract, ito. vol. 

42. 1853. 4to. 

(From the Compte rendu des travaux du Congres general de Statistique.) 

On the action of Ocean-currents in the formation of the sti-ata of 

the earth. Tract. 8vo. vol. 103. [1856.] 8vo. 

(From the Quarterly Journal of the Geol. Soc.) 

On the advantage of a collection of numbers, to be entitled " the 

Constants of Nature and Art." Tract. 8vo. vol. 192. 

(From the " Edinburgh Journal of Science.") Edin. 1832. 8vo. 

On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures. 3rd 

edition. Lond. 1832. 8vo. 

On the influence of Signs in Mathematical Reasoning. Tract. 

Uo. vol.32. (From the Trans. Cam. Phil. Soc.) Cambridge, \82^. 4to. 

On the statistics of Light-houses. Tract. 4:to. vol. 41. 

[1853.] 4to. 

(From the Compte rendu des travaux du Congres general de Statistique.) 

Passages from the Life of a Philosopher. Lond. 1864. 8vo. 

Reflections on the Decline of Science in England, etc. 

Lond. 1830. 8vo. 

Table of Logarithms of the natural numbers, from 1 to 108,000. 

Stereotyped edition. Lond. 1872. 8vo. 

The Exposition of 1851 ; or, views of the industry, the science, 

and the government of England. [2nd edition with additions.] 

Lond. 1851. 8vo. 

Thoughts on the Principles of Taxation with reference to a pro- 
perty tax, and its exceptions. Tract. 8vo. vol. 116. 

Lond. 1853. 8vo. 

History of Mr. Babbage's calculating engines. Lond. 1843. 4to. 

(From the Philosophical Magazine.) 


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tition of M. Arago's experiments on the magnetism manifested by 
various substances during the act of rotation. Tract, ito. vol. 43. 

(From rhil. Trans.) Lond. 1825. 4t0. 

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of papers relating to them, their history and construction. 

Land. 1889. 4to. 

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Cheltenham, 1889. Svo. 

The Occultiiig Telegraph and its inventor. Tract. 8vo. vol. 493. 

1890. Svo. 

On the mechanical arrangements of the Analytical Engine of 

the late Charles Babbage, F.R.S. Tract. Svo. vol. 465. 

Lond. 1888. Svo. 

Railway Communication between India and Upper Burma. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 491. Cheltenham, 1890. Svo. 

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Machinery. Tract. Svo. vol. 97. [1847.] Svo. 

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d'observation. Paris, 1857. Svo. 

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sulla definitiva regolazione delle acque nelle maremme Toscane. 

Boma, 1873. 4to. 

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die allgemeinen Grundlagen fitr die Construction der Kolben- 
pumpen. Stuttgart, 1883. Svo. 

Die Maschinenelemente. (Atlas of plates.) 

Stuttgart, 1881. Svo. and folio. 

Die Wasserriider. (Atlas of plates.) Stuttgart, 1886. Svo. 

Versuche zur Klarstellung der Bewegung selbstthiitiger Pumpen- 

ventile. Tract. Uo. vol. 106. Stuttgart, 1887. 4to. 

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65. Washington, 1844. Svo. 

[For 1849 and 1850.] Tract. Svo. vol. 114. 

Washington, 1849-50. Svo. 

Report to the Treasury Department on the progress of the work 

of constructing standards of weights and measures, and balances, 
in the year 1844, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. SO. 

Washington, 1845. Svo. 

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and Electro-Magnetism, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 493. 

Lmid. 1838. Svo. 

BACK, Capt. G. Report on Holyhead and Port Dynllaen Harbours. 
1844. See Holyhead Harbour. 

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Sec Richard, G., and Bacl6, L. 


BACLE, L. — confiniictl. Progres rocents de la metallurgie dans la 
preparation des produits militaires. Tract. 8co. vol. 495. 

Paris, 1889. 8vo. 

Les voies ferrces. Paris, 1S82. 8vo. 

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scale plans of towns, etr. Land. 1883. folio, 

Ordnance Atlas of London and suburbs, with supplementary maps. 

Land. [1885.] 4to. 

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Birch. 5 vols. Loud.. 1765. 4to. 

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powder, as carried on at the Government factory, Waltham Abbey. 
Tract. 8m vol. 120. Waltliara Abbey, 1857. 8vo. 

BADDELEY, P. F. H. Whirlwinds and dust-storms of India, etc., 
with an addendum containing practical hints on sanitary measures 
required for the European soldier in India. (Atlas.) Tract. 
8vo. vol. 368. Land. 1860. 8vo. and folio. 

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attending an accident on May 1st, 1882. Land. 1884. folio. 

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trjige zur Hydrographie des Grossherzogthums Baden, Heft 1, 
(2, etc.). Karlsruhe, 1884, etc., 4to. 

Jahres-Bericht, 1883, (1884, etc.). 

Karlsruhe, 1883, etc. 8vo. 

Wasserstandsbeobachtungen an den wichtigeren Pegeln des 

Rheins , , . im Grossherzogthum Baden. 

[Karlsruhe,] 1880, etc. folio. 

■ Grossherzogliche Ingenieurschule. See Carlsruhe. 

Grossherzogliche Oberdirection des Wasser- und Strassenbaues. Die 

Correction des Rheins von Basel zur Grosshessischen Grenze. 
(Atlas of plates.) Karlsruhe, 1863. 4to, 

BADESLADE, T. A scheme for draining the Great Level of the Fens 
called Bedford Level, and for improving the navigation of Lyn- 
Regis. Lond. 1729. folio. 

The history of the ancient and present state of the Navigation of 

the Port of King's Lyn, and of Cambridge, and the rest of the 
trading towns in those parts ; and of the navigable rivers that 
have their course through the great Level of the fens, called 
Bedford Level. Also the history of draining of that level, in the 
province of Marchland. \Yith the method proposed for draining 
the said fens and amending ^the harbour of Lyn : by Col. J. 
Armstrong. Lond. 1766. folio. 

BADGER, G. P. A ^dsit to the Isthmus of Suez Canal Works. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 442. Lond. 1862. 8vo. 

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travaux du canal de Suez dans la traversee des lacs Menzaleh et 
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Belgium and Holland. 

Egypt, Lower. 

Germany, Northern. 

Southern, and Austria. 

Italy, Central. 








































Norway and Sweden. 


The Rhine. 


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The first Iron Boat, and its inventor, John "Wilkinson, the father 

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BAILEY-DENTON, J. See Denton, J. B. 

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(From the Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society.) 

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The doctrine of Life-annuities and Assurances, analytically investi- 
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Petition against, and evidence before the Committee on the 

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G 2 


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with a notice of its early history in the East, etc. 

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History of the County Palatine and Duchy of Lancast(!r. . . 

New . . . (idition, edited by John Harlaud : continued and com- 
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See also Edinburgh and Glasgow Union Canal. Observations 

. . . With appendix, containing the Reports of Messrs. Telford 
and Baird, 1817. 

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carders' guide : a practical treatise on cotton spinning. 

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Lond. [ .] folio. 

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Long-span Railway Bridges, etc. Revised edition. 

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The Elements of Practical Mechanism and machine tools. With 

remarks on tools and machinery, by James Nasmyth. 3rd edition. 

Lond. 1867. 8vo. 

The Laws relating to Public Health, sanitary — medical — pro- 
tective, etc. Lond. 1865. 8vo. 

The principles and practice of Statics and Dynamics, embracing 

a clear development of hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, and pneu- 
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Railway Engineering ; or, field work preparatory to the construc- 
tion of railways, etc. Lond. 1848. 8vo. 

Rudimentary treatise on Land and Engineering Surveying. New 

edition. Lond. 1873. 8vo. 

Treatise on the Mathematical Theory of the Steam-engine . . . 

3rd edition. Lond. 1865. 12mo. 

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struction. Lond. 1892. 8vo. 

The great Bell of Westminster : a letter to E. B. Denison, Esq. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 115. Westminster, 1857. 8vo. 

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Earth, in relation to the action of centrifugal force and to the 
attempts to determine the ellipticity of the globe by pendulum 
observations. Tract. 8vo. vol. 139. Lond. 1862. 8vo. 

Electrical science ; its history, phenomena, and applications. 

Lond. 1853. 8vo. 


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Natural evidence of a Future Life, etc. Lund. 1835. Bv^o. 

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Loud. 1815. 8vo. 
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Paris, [ .] 4to. 

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[1889.] 8vo. 

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north or level line of canal betwixt Edinburgh and Glasgow, as 
projected by J. Rennie in 1798, etc. Tract. 4^to. vol. 7. 

LeitTi, 1814. 4to. 

Report regarding the Steam-boat proposed to be established at the 

Alloa ferry passage, in place of the present boats with oars. 
Tract, ito. vol. 38. [1822.] 4to. 

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Jamaica-sti'eet bridge and the Glasgow waterworks. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 71. Glasgoiv, 1839. 8vo. 

Report on the Harbour of Drogheda. Tract. Svo. vol. 75. 

Droglieda, 1837. Svo. 

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survenu a I'ile d'Ischia, le 28 Juillet, 1883. Tract. 8m vol. 401. 

Liege, 1883. 8vo. 

Tremblement de terre survenu a File d'Ischia, en juillet, 1883. 

Nouvelles observations. Tract. Svo. vol. 390. 

Liege, 1883. Svo. 

BALDAMUS, E. Die Erscheinungen der deutschen Litteratur, 
1870-74, (1875-79), auf dem Gebiete der Bau-Maschinen- und 
Eisenbahnkunde und des Telegraphenwesens. Mit Anhang : 
Bergbau und Huttenkunde, etc. 2 pt. Tract. Svo. vols. 334, 371. 

Leipzig, 1S75. Svo. 

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les cotes basses et sablonneuses. Lishonne, 1888. Svo. 

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Torino, 1854. Svo. 

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peller versus rudder. Tract, folio, vol. 28. Madras, 1879. folio. 


BALDUS, B. De verborum Vitrvvianorvm significatione : siue 
perpetuus in M. Vitruuium Pollionem commentarius. Auctore 
Bernardino Baldo . . . Accedit vita Vitruuij, eodem auctoi'e. 

Augustse Vindelicorum, 1612. 4to. 

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vol. 402. Newark, N. J. 1884. Svo. 

Power without Fuel, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 175. 

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New York, 1882. 8vo. 

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3rd edition. Lond. 1890. 8vo. 

How to manage a Steam-engine. Lond. [1880.] 8vo. 

. Modern Shafting and Gearing, and the economical Transmission 

of Power, etc. Lond. [1894.] 8vo. 

Pumps and pumping ; a handbook for pump users, etc. 

Lond. 1889. 8vo 

Saw -mills ; their arrangement and management, and the economi- 
cal conversion of timber. Lond. 1883. 8vo. 

Stone-working Machinery, and the rapid and economical conversion 

of stone; Lond. 1884. 8vo. 

Steam and Machinery management. Lond. 1884. 8vo. 

"Wood-working Machinery, etc. Lond. 1880. 8vo. 

BALFOUR, D. Cocken New Bridge over the Wear betwixt Durham 
and Sunderland. Proceedings at the opening ceremony ... in- 
cluding a description of the bridge by the engineer, D. Balfour. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 435. Durham, 1886. 8vo. 

— — Penshaw New Bridge over the River Wear . . . Proceedings at 
the opening ceremony . . . including a view and description of 
the Bridge. Report of public meeting on 5th February, 1891, 
for the promotion of a Bridge over the River Wear at Hylton, 
near Sunderland, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 510. 

Sunderland, 1891. 8vo. 

Report on a scheme of Sewage-Disposal for the Town of Alnwick. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 511. Alnwick, 1892. 8vo. 
Report on a scheme for the . . . Sewage-Disposal Works and 

Main Sewei'age System of . . . Skegness, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 511. 

Skegness, 1892. 8vo. 

Report on main Sewerage, and Sewage Disposal Works, proposed 

at the town of Chester-le-Street. Tract. 8vo. vol. 275. 

Sunderland, 1877. 8vo. 

Report on proposed main Sewerage and Sewage Disposal Works 

for the Houghton-le-Spring Rural Sanitary Authority. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 275. Sunderland, 1876. 8vo. 

Report on Sewage Disposal. Tract. 8vo. vol. 247. 

Sunderland, 1875. Svo. 

- Road Legislation and Surveying ; or, the goveriunent and the high- 
way and turnpike acts for England. Tract. 8vo. vol. 270. 

Sunderland, 1876. 8vo. 

- Road Legislation : past, present and prospective. Tract. Svo. 
vol. 270. Sunderland, 1876. 8vo. 

- The Water supply of Villages, and the practical operation of the 
Public Health Act (Water), 1878. Tract. 8vo. vol. . 

Lond. 1883. Svo. 


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Asia. 5 vols. Madras, 1871. 8vo. 

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England and France. Tract. 8vo. vol. 156. Lond. 1866. 8vo. 

(From Journal of the Statistical Society of London. )j 

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series of experiments on the strength of colonial Woods ; being 
Appendix C of the jurors' reports. Tract. 8vo. vol. 155. 

[1865.] 8vo. 

BALL, J. Report to the Corporation, of Bristol on the proposed 
schemes for the construction of docks at Avonmouth, etc. 1872. 
See Stevenson, D., and Ball, J. 

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Lond. 1871. 8vo. 

2nd edition, Lond. 1888. Svo. 

The Theory of Screws : a study in the dynamics of a rigid body. 

Dublin, 1876. 8vo. 

• Time and Tide : a romance of the moon, etc. Lond. 1889. 8vo. 

BALL, V. The Diamonds, Coal and Gold, of India : their mode of 
occurrence and distribution. Lond. 1881. 8vo. 

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and present times. 2nd edition. Lond. 1892. 8vo. 

BALLAARAT SCHOOL OF MINES. Annual Report, 1876. 

Ballaarat, 1877. 8vo. 

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and manufactures. Tract. 4:to. vol. 39. Lond. 1847. 4to. 

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vol. 475. FaUdrh, 1886. Svo. 

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contained in Mr. Lockhai't's life of Sir W. Scott, Bart., respecting 
the Messrs. Ballantyne. Tract. 8no. vol. 67. Lond. 1838. 8vo. 

BALLARD, E. D. Report in respect of the inquiry as to Effluvium 
Nuisances arising in connection with various manufacturing and 
other branches of industry. Lond. 1882. Svo. 

Report on alleged Nuisances from Noxious Trades carried on 

, along the shores of the Thames. Tract. 8vo. vol. 325. 

Lond. 1874. Svo. 

BALLARD, M., v. Tomlinson, W. J. Judgments of Mr. Justice Pearson 
of Feb. 13th, 1884, and of the Master of the Rolls and Lords 
Justices Cotton and Lindley of Feb. 17th, 1885 (Underground 
water rights). Tract, folio, vol. 37. Lond. 1885. folio. 

BALLARD, R. The solution of the Pyramid Problem ; or, pyramid 
discoveries, etc. New York, 1882. Svo. 


BALLHORN, F. Gr.ammatography ; a manual of reference to the 
alphabets of ancient and modern languages, based on the German 
compilation of F. Ballhorn. Lond. 1861. 8vo. 

RAILWAY. Report by the Board of Trade . . . on the Classi- 
fication of Merchandise Traffic and Schedule of Maximum Rates, 
etc. Lond. 1891. folio. 

BALLING, C. A. M. Die Metallhiittenkunde. Gewinnung der 
Metalle und Darstellung ihrer Yerbindungen auf den Hiitten- 
werken. Berlin, 1885. 8vo. 

Grundriss der Elektrometallurgie. Stuttgart, 1888. 8vo. 

BALLYCASTLE RAILWAY. Report by the Board of Trade . . . 
on the Classification of Merchandise Traffic and Schedule of Maxi- 
mum Rates, etc. Lond. 1891. folio. 

BALLYCOTTIN. Copy of Report on the Pier at Ballycottin, county 
Cork, by Mr. J. W. Barry. Lond. 1889. folio. 

BALMOKAND, L. Description of Jama Masjid, Delhi. 

Delhi, 1881. folio. 

BALRANALD. Report on an Outbreak of Fever at Balranald 
caused by polluted water. By J. A. Thompson. 

Sydney, 1889. folio. 

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Paris. Paris, 1872-73. folio. 

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4 vols. Baltimore, 188-1-87. 8vo. 

Svo. vol. 531. Baltimore, 1882. 8vo. 

A history and description of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. 

By a Citizen of Baltimore. Tract. 8i70. vol. 393. 

Baltimore, 1853. 8vo. 

Lectures delivered to the employes. Baltimore, 1882. 8vo. 

BALY, P. P. Report on Baths and Washhouses for the working- 
classes. Tract. 4^0. vol. 41. Lond. 1852. 4to. 

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the Society of Civil and Mechanical Engineers. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 361. Lond. 1883. 8vo. 

Tall Chimney construction. Manchester, 1885. 8vo. 

BANDERALI, D. Les chemins de fer metropolitains a New York 
et dans les grandes cites americaines. Tract. 8vo. vol. 

Paris, 1886. Svo. 

BANISTER, F. D. The modern history of Newhaven Harbour, with 
proposals for its improvement. Lond. 1879. Svo. 

BANISTER, H. Gas manipulation ; with a description of the various 
instruments and apparatus employed in the analysis of coal and 
coal-gas. Enlarged by W. T. Sugg. Lond. 1867. Svo, 


BANKS, E. llcport on the pnictic;il)iliiy and expense of n navigable 
Canal proposed to be made Ijetwecn the Grand Southein Canal, 
near Copthorne Common and Mcrstliam, to communicate with 
the river Thames at "Wandsworth, by means of tlie Surry iron 
railways. Tract, ito. vol. 7. Loud. 1810. 4to. 

BANKS, J. A Treatise on Mills, in four parts. Lond. 1795. 8vo. 

On the Power of Machines . . . With the method of computing 

their force, etc. Kendal, 1803. Svo. 

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the Navigation of the River Bann. Lond. 1817-3G. folio. 

Report from the Select Committee on the Bann Drainage Bill. 

Lond. 1889. folio. 

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vol. 479. New Yorl, 1886. Svo. 

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sea, and the heavens . . . Being a letter to C. L. Eastlake, Esq., 
R.A. New edition. Tract. 8vr>. vol. 85. Lond. 1849. Svo. 

Records of British Enterprise beyond sea, from the earliest 

original sources to the present times. Vol. 1. Part. 1. 

Lond. 1849. Svo. 

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Tract, folio, vol. 48. Boma, 1893. folio. 

BAPST, G. Etudes sur I'etain dans I'antiquite et au moyen age. 

Paris, 1884. Svo. 

BAPTISTA, J. N. These de concurso para a cadeira de physica 
experimental da Escola de Marinha. Pontos : Estudo dos pheno- 
menos physicos devidos a ac^ao das forcas moleculares. Tract. 
9>vo. vol. 349. Bio de Janeiro, 1882. Svo. 

BAR, F. J. Die Wasser- und Strassenbau-Verwaltung in dem Gross- 
herzogthum Baden. Karlsruhe, 1870. 4to. 

BARABANT, — . Note sur les questions de viabilite, nettoiement, 
empierrement, pavage en pierre et en bois, asphalte et tramways. 
Tract. 4:to. vol. 93. Paris, 1884. 4to. 

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J. J. Baranowski. Tract. 4:to. vol. 106. Lond. 1887. 4to. 

Biography of J. J. Baranowski, and observation upon his work to 

be shortly published under the title of "Anglo-Polish Lexicon." 
Tract. Svo. vol. 445. Paris, 1881. Svo. 

Inventions mecaniques et travaux litteraires de J. J. Baran- 
owski. Tract. Ato. vol. 106. Paris, 1886. 4to. 

Materiel des chemins de fer. Nouveaux systemes des signaux- 

disques sans contre-poids, et des lanternes sans poulies ni chaines. 
Tract. 4:to. vol. 46. Turin, 1864. 4to. 


BARANOWSKI, J. J. — continued. Patent automaton Distant Signal, 
etc. Tract, ito. vol. 42. Lond. 1859. 4to. 

Patent automaton Railway Signals, etc. Tract. 4:to. vol. 42. 

Land. 1858. 4to. 

Specifications des signaux-disques sans contre-poids (ordinaires et 

automatiques), Iantei*nes sans poulies ni chaines, et appareils de 
manoeuvre laissant toujours le til de fer en dilatation libra. Tract. 
Ato. vol. 45. Turin, 1864. 4to. 

Vade-Mecum de la langue frangaise, etc. Varsovie, 1883. 12mo. 

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("From the Eric-yclopa'dia Metiopolitana.) 


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entirely to exclude the air, great economy of coal will arise. 
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See CuBiTT, Sir W., and Barlow, L. W. 

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(From the Trans. American Society ofC.K.) 

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Calder. Lond. 1871. folio. 

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in collieries working the Barnsley thick coal and the Silkstone 
coal in the Barnsley Collieries. Tract. 8vo. vol. 477. 

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Note sur I'amenagement des ports de commerce. 

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(Contains autograph of Labelye, 1725.) 

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Catalogue of the Library. Barroiv, 1885. Svo. 

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to the late competitions, with a reply to portions of Mr. Street's 
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Homer Mining District. Tract. 8vo. vol. 324. 

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fork of the Feather River. Tract, folio, vol. 30. 

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insbesondere Schmalspurbahnen in Amerika. Tract. 8co. vol. 289. 

Berlin, 1878. 8vo. 
H 2 


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ischen I'ii.scnbalincii. I. Bahuhofsaiilageii nnd Signale. 

Berlin, 1879. 8vo. 

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munication cntre Bruxelles et Charleroy, au moyen d'un canal de 
petite dimension, a I'instar de ceux qui sont en usage en Angleterre 
et dans I'Amei'ique septentrionale, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 11. 

Bruxelles, 1817. 8vo. 

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The Manufacture, consumption and production of Iron, steel and 

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(From the Trans. Am. Soc. C.E.) 

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Cavan and Longford. Supplemental report to the commissioners, 
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areas of Circles and Squares : a geometrical brochure. Tract. 
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Paris, 1829. Svo. 

De la Loire au-dessus de Briare ; aper^u des avantages qui resul- 

teraient . . . de I'ouverture d'un canal lateral a cette riviere, etc. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 11. Paris, 1822. 8vo. 

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(From the Encyclopsdia Britannica, 9th edition.) 

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gical Models in the Museum of Practical Geology. 

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Note on a rare Blast Furnace Slag of 

gehlenite. Tract. 8vo. vol. 425. 

A text-book of descriptive Mineralogy. 

A treatise on the Metallurgy of Iron, etc. 

4th edition. 

5th edition. 

6th edition, enlarged. 

he composition of 
Lond. 1886. 8vo. 

Lond. 1884. 


Lo7id. 1868. 


Lond. 1874. 


Lond. 1882. 


Lond. 1890. 


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Text-book of systematic Mineralogy. 

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INIittheilungen aus dem mechanisch-technischen Laboratorium 

der K. technischen Hochschule in Miinchen. See Munich. — 
Kvnitjliche iechiiscJie Hochschdc. 

Versuche iiber Ehisticitiit und Festigkeit verschiedener Materia- 

lien angestellt in der Baierischen Lands-Industrie-Gewerbe- und 
Kunstausstellung in Niirnberg, Tract. 4/o. rid. 111. 

3Iunchen, 1882. 4to. 

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Miinchen am 22-24 September, 1884, und Dresden am 20 und 21 
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der Priifung von Bau und Constructions-Materialien auf ihre 
mechanischen Eigenschaften. Tract. 8vo. vol. 457. 

Miinchen, 1887. 8vo. 

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("Title changed in 1878 to " Zeitschrift fiir Baukunde," See Periodical Publications.) 

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tenant's right on entering and quitting farms . . . 3rd edition, 
corrected. Land. 1827. 8vo. 

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(Lithographed.) Paris, 1869. 4to. 

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Neio York, 1882. 8vo. 

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fuel. Land. 1884. 8vo. 

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(Rating) Act, 1889. 1891. See Haywood, W., and Baylis, 
E. A. 

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Nottingham, 1872. 4to. 

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struction, cost, receipts, working charges, and net earnings, for 
the years 1871-74. Tract, folio, vol. 36. Lond. 1872-75. folio. 

Memorandum on the cost, traffic and working of the railways in 

the United Kingdom, and in India, for the years 1873 and 1874, 
compared with 1872 and 1873. Tract, folio, vol. 36. 

Lond. 1874-75. folio. 


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Paris, [1844.] 4to. 

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Lond. 1884. 8vo. 

The Sewage Question ; with an abstract of the discussion upon 

the paper. Tract. 8vo. vol. 372. Lond. 1877. 8vo. 

KFrom Min. Proc. Inst. C.E.) 

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south of the Thames below London Bridge. Tract. 8vo. vol. 369. 

Lond. 1882. 8vo. 

Data employed in determining the sizes and estimating the cost 

of the works designed for the Main Drainage of the Metropolis. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 108. Lond. 1855. 8vo. 

A lecture on the Main Drainage of the Metropolis, etc. Tract. 

8vo. vol 105. Lund. 1857. 8vo. 

Letter from the Thames conservators relative to the deposit in 

the bed of the river at Halfway Reach. Tract. 8vo. vol. 261. 

Lond. 1875. 8vo. 

Letter to the Lower Thames Valley Main Sewerage Board. 

MS. Lond. 1879. folio. 

Metropolitan Bridges. Report as to repairs urgently necessary. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 443. Lond. 1880. 8vo. 

Metropolitan Commission of Sewers. Reports by the engineers, 

on the extension of the late Mr. F. Forster's plan for the main 
drainage of the districts south of the Thames and modification of 
its branches. Appendix. Tract. 8vo. vol. 108. 

Lond. 1855. 8vo. 

Metropolitan Main Drainage and intercepting works. Contract 

drawings. 15 vols. Lond. 1859-73. folio. 

Containing, Northern division — 
Abbey Mills pumping station. 
Main line and Hackney Wick branch. 
Middle level sewer. 
Northern low level sewer. 
Northern outfall reservoir. 
Northern outfall sewer. 
Western sewers. 

Southern division — 

Deptford pumping establishment, engines and pumps. 

Engine-houses, reservoirs, etc., at Crossness Poiiit. 

Pumping engines at Crossness Point. 

Southern high level sewer. 

Southern low level sewer, Bermondsey Branch. 

Southern low level sewer, main line and Bermondsey 

Southern outfall sewer. 


BAZALGETTE, Sir J. Vi .—continued. IMeti-opc.litan Main Drain- 
age and intercepting works. Specifications. 10 vols. 

Lond. 1859-73. folio. 
Containing, Northern (li\ision — 
Middle level sewer. 
Northern low level sewer. 
Northern outfall sewer. 

Southern division — ■ 

Doptford pumping establishment, engines and pumps. 
Engine-house and reservoirs, Crossness Point. 
Pumping-engines, Crossness Point. 
Southern high level sewer. 
Southern outfall sewer. 

On the Metropolitan system of Drainage, and the interception of 

the sewage from the river Thames. Tract. 8vo. vol. 478. 

(From the Mill, of I'loc. Inst. C.E.) Loiid. 18(J0. 8vo. 

Peply to the Lower Thames Valley Main Sewerage Board. MS. 

Lond. 1879. folio. 

Repoi't as to the vise of Asphalte for foot Pavements. Tract. 8vu. 

vol. 478. Loud. 1871. 8vo. 

Report on an Inspection of Manure and Chemical "Works, etc. 

1865. See Letheby, H., and Bazalgette, Sir J. W. 

Report on [J. W. Bazalgette's] connection with a contract for 

the execution of certain works at Odessa. (Met. Board of Works.) 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 152. Lond, 1863. 8vo. 

Report on the Sewage interception and main drainage of the 

districts north (south) of the Thames. Tract. 8vo. vol. 133, 108. 

Land. 1856. 8vo. 

Report on the Sewerage and Sanitary Condition of Brighton. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 511. Brighton, 1883. 8vo. 

Report on the tenders for the southern Sewage of the Meti^opolis. 

1867. Tract. 8vo. vol. 478. Lond. 1867. Svo. 

Report on the tenders for the southern Sewage, with appendices 

containing the tenders, and the communications referred to therein. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 478. Lond. 1865. Svo. 

Report on the whole question of the northern and southern 

Drainage, with comparative estimates of different points of outfall 
and modes of disposing of the sewage. Tract. 8vo. vol. 152. 

Lond. 1856. 8vo. 

Report relative to the requirements which the Main Drainage is, 

and is not intended to answer. Tract. 8vo. vol. 478. 

Lond. 1871. Svo. 

Report upon metropolitan and other Railway schemes of session 

1864. Lond. 1864. Svo. 

Report upon metropolitan Tramways, 1871. Lond. 1870. Svo. 

Report upon the Drainage and Water supply of Rugby, Sandgate, 

Tottenham, St. Thomas's, Exeter, and Barnard Castle. Tract. 
8vo. vols. 108, 358. Lond. 1854. Svo. 


BAZALGETTE, Sir J. W. — continued. Report iijwu the position, 
character, and cost of a proposed Bridge o\er the Thames below 
London Bridge. Tract. 8vo. vol. 309. Lond. 1878. 8vo. 

Reports on the Boring operations at the Crossness pumping station, 

with communications on the subject. Tract. 8vo. vol. 406. 

Lond. 1869. 8vo. 

Further report : with communication from F. E. Houghton. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 406. Lond. 1869. 8vo. 

Reports relative to the experimental operations of the Native 

Guano Company. 1873. See Native Guano Company. 

Reports upon Metropolitan Railway and other schemes, 1867, 

1871, and 1874. Lond. 1867, 71, 74. 8vo. 

A short descriptive account of the Thames Embankment, and of 

the Abbey Mills pumping station. 30th July, 1868. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 478. Lond. 1868. 8vo. 

Thames Conservancy and Main Drainage Outfalls. Report on the 

arbitration. Tract. 8vo. vol. 358. Lond. 1880. 8vo. 

'Thames Sewerage Commission. Description of plan for purifying 

the Thames from Sewage between the Metropolis and Windsor. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 247. Lond. 1871. 8vo. 

See also, London. — [Drainage^, [Lighting'], [Servers], [Water- 

Supphj], etc. 

See Roe, J. Report in respect of . . . the Northern Drainage. 

Together with the reports ... of J. W. Bazalgette, etc. 1854. 

BAZALGETTE, Sir J. W., and Others. Report on the Diversion 
of the Sewage of Cambridge. See Cambridge. 

[Reports . . . upon the condition of the river Thames with 

reference to certain allegations contained in a report dated 
Oct. 15, 1877, by Capt. Calver, R.N. Tract. 8vo. vol. 288. And 
Appendix, map. Tract, folio, vol. 30. Lond. 1878. 8vo. and folio. 

BAZIN, H. Experiences nouvelles sur I'ecoulement en deversoir. 

Paris, 1888-1890. 8vo. 

Recent experiments on the Flow of Water over Weirs. Translated 

by A. Marichal and J. C. Trautwine, jun. Tract. 8vo. vol. 514. 

[Philadelphia,] 1888. 8vo. 

(From " Annales des Ponts et Chaussees.") 

• Recherches hydrauliques, etc. 1865. See Darcy, H., and 

Bazin, H. 

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Manchester, 1859. 8vo, 

BEACH, A. E. The Pneumatic Dispatch, with illustrations ; including 
descriptions of sub-aqueous and other tunnels. 

New Yorl; 1868. 8vo. 

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tecture in Great Britain. Tract. 8ivi. vol. 286. Crrh, 1836. 8vo. 


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Loud. 18G2. 8vo. 

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and Mill Power, water supply, drainage and navigable rivers : with 
synopsis of rainfall in Great Britain, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 375. 

Land. 18.50. Bvo. 

■ [Another edition.] Lond. 1852, Bvo. 

Letter to Viscount Ebrington on proposed modifications and 

extensions of the "Water Supply to the borough of Plymouth. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 110. Ply month, 1848. 8vo. 

Manual of Hydrology, etc. Lond. 1862. Bvo. 

Report on the improvements of the River Lee navigation. Tract. 

Bm vol. 173. Hertford, 1859. Bvo. 

Suggestions for a new Street through the city of London, from 

Waterloo Bridge to the Commercial Road, with a leading aqueduct 
sewer, from the extreme west of the metropolis to the Thames at 
Barking Creek, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 88. Lo7id. 1850. Bvo. 

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earth for the transmission of electric signals. (Appendices.) Tract. 
Svo. vol. 119. Lond. 1859. Bvo. 

Terra- Voltaism : remarks on the application of a terra-voltaic 

couple to submarine telegraphs. Tract. Svo. vol. 127. 

Lond. 1860. Bvo. 

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Lond. 1892. Bvo. 

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take them . . . 4th edition. Lond. 1875. Svo. 

[Another edition.] Lond. 1885. Bvo. 

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and horizontal Windmills : containing a description of an horizontal 
windmill and water-mill, upon a new construction, etc. Tract. 
Svo. vol. 22. Lond. 1798. Bvo. 

BEAUDEMOULIN, L. A. Considerations sur la navigation des 
I'ivieres et description d'un nouveau systeme de barrage et 
d'ecluse propre a leur procurer a pen de frais une canalisation 
complete. Trad. ito. vol. 47. [I860?] 4to. 


Etudes sur une propriete speciale du sable et sur ses applications. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 235. Paris, 1874. Bvo. 

Memoire sur quelques procedes, outils, machines, employes a la 

construction des radiers en beton du pont de Tours. Tract. Svo. 
vol. 145. Paris, 1841. Bvo. 


BEAUDEMOULIN, L. A. — contimied. Recherches theoriques et 
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Report on the Docks at Birkenhead, etc. 1851. See Stephenson, 

R., and Beaufort, F. 

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numerous scientific miscellanies. 3 vols. Lond. 1834. 4to. 

(Incomplete ; wants 2nd and 3rd vols.) 

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struction and warming of buildings. Tract. 8vo. vol. 267. 

Lo7id. 1835. 8vo. 

Suggestions for a Thoroughfare through the metropolis, with 

similar additions to St. James's and Hyde Parks. Tract, folio, 
vol. 29. [I860.] "folio. 

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deepening of the Bay and Harbour of Dublin, and of the river 
Anna Liflfey, etc. Tract, folio, vol. 10. Dublin, 1839. folio. 

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the latest decisions, etc. 2nd edition. Lond. 1846. 8vo. 

BEAUMONT, J. B. A. L. L. E. de. See Elie de Beaumont, 
J. B. A. L. L. 

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Congr. Lil. Nav.] [Paris, 1892.] 8vo. 

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Comparaison des deux principaux projets. Tract. 8vo. vol. 365. 

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Nautical Surveying and the construction of sea-charts. Translated 
from the French by Capt. R. Copeland, with an appendix con- 
taining Mr. Dalrymple's essay on marine surveying ; and the 
description of observations by which the longitudes of places on 
the coast of Australia . . . have been settled by Capt. M. 
Flinders, R.N. Lond. 1823. 4to. 

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Lond. 1872. 8vo. 

Tables of Circular Arcs in terms of radius : calculated to twelve 

jDlaces of decimals. Tract. 8vo. vol. 172. Lond. [1869?] 8vo. 

Tables of Tangential Angles and multiples for setting out curves 

from 5 to 200 radius. Lond. 1865. 8vo. 

BECHMANN, G. De la distribution dans les villes de deux eaux 
de qualite differente par des canalisations distinctes. 

[1891.] folio. 
— — Salubrite urbaine ; distributions d'eau : assainissement. 

Paris, 1888. 8vo. 


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Duke of Bridgwater's canal, etc. 17G9. See Buhdett, P. P., and 
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choive ou danse de St. Guy par I'electricite statique. Tract. Sco. 
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Geology of the Quicksilver Deposits of the Pacific Slope. 

(Atlas.) [U.S. Geol. Survey. Monograph XIII.] 

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Notes on the Stratigraphy of California. [U.S. Geol. Survey. 

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Committee of the House of Commons on the London Water 
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[j'^j Translated from the German by W. Johnson ; revised and enlai-ged 
by W. Francis and J. W. Griffith. 4th edition. 2 vols. 

Lond. 1846. Svo. 

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Bow Gasworks, by the Gas Referees : copies of further reports, etc. 

Lond. 1872. folio. 

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Asphalt and Bitumen, etc. Washington, 1868. Svo. 

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beton-Coignet, its fabrication and uses. Washington, 1868. Svo. 

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du fer dans la mer. Tract, ito. vol. 63. Paris, 1864. 4to. 

Traite com^Dlet du magnetisme. Paris, 1846. Svo. 


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magnetisme et de leurs rapports avec les phenomenes naturels. 
7 vols. Paris, 1834-40. 8vo. 

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of plates.) Parin, 1875. 8vo. and folio. 

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Paris pour obtenir le grade de docteur es sciences physiques. Ire 
These. — Recherches sur I'absorption de la lumiere. 2e These. — 
Propositions donnees par la Faculte. Paris, 1888. 4to. 

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de la France. Tract. 4/o. vol 14. Paris, 1820. 4to. 

Rapport au roi . . . sur la situation des canaux, au 31 Mars, 

1823. Tract. 4:to. vol. 8. Paris, 1823. 4to. 

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of Smoke Prevention. Tract. 4:to. vol. 119. Land. 1891. 4to. 

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with an explanation of certain difficulties occurring in the elements 
of geometry : and reflections on language. Land. 1793. 8vo. 

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Maj. A. Ford. Loiid. 1877. folio. 

BEDFORD COLLIERY. Special Report by J. Dickinson respecting 
the Explosion of Firedamp which took place on the 13th August, 
1886, in the Crumbouke Mine at Wood End Pits. 

Lond. 1887. folio. 

BEDFORD LEVEL. Bedford Level petition presented to the House 
of Commons, 10 Feb. 1777. Tract. 8m vol. 159 

Loiid. 1777. 8vo. 

[A collection of Acts relating to the Drainage of the Great Level 

of the Fens, or Bedford Level.] Lond. 1685-1762. foHo. 

An historical account of the North Level of the Fens, referring 

to legal decisions connected with such ancient laws of sewers, 
contracts, and Acts of Parliament, as the claims are founded upon, 
with respect to the equal rights of drainage and preservation of 
the whole North Level, including Porsand and the uninclosed 
parts of that level. Tract, ito. vol. 54. Lond. 1809. 4to. 

An Inquiry into facts, and observations thereon : humbly sub- 
mitted to the candid examiner into the principles of a bill 
intended to be offered to Parliament, for the preservation of the 
great Level of the fens, and the navigation through the same, 
by a tax on the lands and a toll on the navigation. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 159. Lond. 1777. 8vo. 

Observations relative to a bill intended to have been presented 

to Parliament this session for the better draining the Middle and 
South Bedford Levels, and the improvement of navigation. [By 
A. B.] Tract. 8vo. vol. 159. 1778. 8vo. 



BEDFORD LEVEL — n>ittiii»c(l. lU'port of tho joint committee of 
drainage and navigation relating to the Eau Bi-ink cut. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 18. Lynn, 1823. 8vo. 

Substance of ]\[essr.s. Walker and Burgess's Reports on the 

Middle Level Drainage. Tract, folio, vol. 26. 

[Cnmhrid(ie,'] 1848. folio. 

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river Severn, and a description of the strata passed through in 
boring into the bed of the river. (Atlas of plates.) 

Loud. 1851. folio. 

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use in the iron, steel, lirc, trades. Lond. 1877. 8vo. 

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alterations and improvements to the year 1843, from actual 
survey, etc. Lmd. [I8b0 1] 4to. 

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regulateurs. Tract. Svo. vol. 473. Liege, 1877. 8vo. 

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the motive power to the propellers of locomotive and marine 
engines. Tract. Svo. vol. 279. Lo7id. [1877.] Svo. 

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arithmetic. Loud. [1872.] 12mo. 

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schaften an der Entwickelung der Electricitatslehre. "Vortrag, 
etc. Tract. Uo vol. 113. Miinchen, 1873. 4to. 

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Paris, 1839. Svo. 

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per hour. Lond. 1893. 4to. 

BEHR, F. B., and Petit, G. The Lartigue Elevated Single Rail 
Railway. Lond. 1886. 4to. 

BEIELSTEIJSr, W., Jun. Die Installation der Warmwasseranlagen. 
Theoretisch-praktische Darstellung aller Systeme zur Erzeugung 
von Warmwasser fiir Leitungszwecke in Wohnhausern, etc. 

Weimar, 1889. Svo. 

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Mmerals. Tract. Svo. vol. 425. Lond. 1884-85. Svo. 

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Kaffa, in the years 1843 and 1844, to discover the source of the 
Nile. (Appendix.) Tract. Svo. vol. 100. Lond. 1851. Svo. 

On the Alluvia of Babylonia and Chaldfea. Tract. Svo. vol. IOC. 

Leipzig, 1839. Svo. 

A summary of recent Nilotic discovery. Tract. Svo. vol. 100. 

Lond. 1851. Svo. 


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problemes relatifs au mouvement permanent des eaux courantes. 
Tract. vol. 47. Paris, 1828. 4to. 

Note sur le cours d'Hydraulique. Paris, 1854-55. 4to. 

Resume de legons de geometrie analytique et de calcul 

iniinitesimal ... 2° edition. Paris, 1859. 8vo. 

Resume du cours de mecanique et machines. Paris, 1857. 4to. 

Theorie de la resistance et de la flexion plane des solides dont les 

dimensions transversales sont petites relativement a leur longueur. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 245. Paris, 1858. 8vo. 

BELCHER, Sir E. A treatise on Nautical Surveying, etc. 

Lond. 1835. 8vo. 

Narrative of a Voyage round the world, performed in Her 

Majesty's ship " Sulphur," during the years 1836-1842. 4 vols. 

Lond. 1848. 8vo. 

Narrative of the voyage of H.M.S. " Samarang," during the years 

1843-46 ; employed surveying the islands of the Eastern Archi- 
pelago, etc. 2 vols. Lond. 1848. 8vo. 

The Last of the Arctic voyages ; being a narrative of the expedi- 
tion in H.M.S. " Assistance," under the command of Captain Sir 
Edward Belcher, C.B., in search of Sir John Franklin, during the 
years 1852-53-54, etc. 2 vols. Lond. 1855. 8vo. 

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Wien, 1879. 8vo. 

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Tract. 8w. vol. 462. Biga, 1888. 8vo. 

Iron superstructure of a 20 sagenes (140 feet) Lattice Bridge. 

Type for jfive railways. [In Russian.] (Atlas of plates.) 

St. Petersburg, 1881. 8vo. and folio. 

Laboratoire mecanique de ITnstitut Imperial des Ingenieurs des 

voies de communication, 1875-86. [In Russian.] 

St. Petersburg, 1886. 8vo. 

Die Oka-Briicke bei Alexin und die Ranowa-Briicke bei Rjaschk. 

St. Petersburg, 1882. folio. 

Reconstruction of Bridge over Uvod River. Superstructure 

of the Parabolic system : span 350 feet. [In Russian.] 

St. Petersburg, 1884. 8vo. 

The Uniform Testing of Materials. [In Russian.] Tract. 8w. 

V'jI. 491. St. Petersburg, 1888. 8vo. 

I'.ELFAST. History of Belfast Harbour; compiled by the Harbour 
Department of the Admiralty. Lond. 1852. folio. 

Local Acts, 1845 to 1884 : and two Acts, 1887. 

Belfast, 1885, 87. 8vo. 

Main Drainage. Contract No. 1. Specification and drawings. 

J. C. Bretland, Engineer, 1888. Belfast, 1888. 8vo. and folio. 

I 2 


BELFAST — continued. New Lai^Mii ])ridgc. Specification and contract 
drawings. J. C. Bretland, Engineer, 1888. 

Belfast, 1888. 8vo. and folio. 
Reclamation of Slob Lands. Lond. 1876. folio. 

Specification, Schedule of quantities, and Form of tender, for 

retort liouse extension, cannel store, &c., to be erected on their 
works, Orinean Road, Belfast. 2 parts. Belfast, 1890. folio. 

[Queen's College.] Calendar . . . 1885-6 (1887, etc.). 

Belfast, 1885, etc. 8vo. 

BELGIUM.— [(7a«Ze.] Arrete du roi, du 6 Juin, 1836, sur le mode de 
constater le poids du betail. Tract. 8vo. vol. 53. 

[Bruxelles, 1836.] 8vo. 

[Finance.] Budget des recettes et depenses du Royaume de 

Belgique, pour I'exercice, 1842. Bruxelles, 1841. folio. 


[Geology.] Commission de la carte geologique de la Belgique. 

Textes explicatifs. (Atlas of maps.) 

Bruxelles, 1880-81. 8vo. and folio. 

[Harhours.] Rapport [to the Dutch Government] . . . over hun 

bezoek van eenige havens in Belgie en Frankrijk. 

's Gravenliage, 1864. 4to. 

[Hydraulic Worhs.] Travaux hydrauliques. 

Bruxelles, 1878. folio. 

[Inland Navigation.] Album des depenses et des recettes faites 

par I'Etat sur le reseau des voies navigables, de 1830 a 1880. 

[Bruxelles, 1881.] folio. 

La navigation de la Belgique vers Paris. 

Bruxelles, 1840. folio. 

Profils en long des voies navigables de la Belgique. (Atlas.) 

Bruxelles, 1880. folio. 

Voies navigables de la Belgique. Guide du batelier. Tract. 8w. 

vol. . [Bruxelles,] 1880. 8vo. 

Edition 1889. Public par A. Dufourney. (Annexes I. 

et II.). 3 vols. Bruxelles, 1889-93. 8vo. 

Voies navigables de la Belgique. Recueil de renseignements. 

2 vols. Bruxelles, 1880. folio. 

Voies navigables de la Belgique. Statistique du mouvement des 

transports. (Atlas.) Bruxelles, 1879. 8vo. and folio. 

[Jj'on.] Commission pour I'etude et la recherche des moyens 

d'etendre I'emploi du fer. Rapports et documents. (Atlas of 
plates.) Bruxelles, 1880. 8vo. and folio. 

[Lamps.] Lampes de silrete. Instruction pratique sur I'emploi 

de la lampe de M. I'ingenieur Mueseler, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 78. 

Bruxelles, 1843. 8vo. 

[ilfmes.] Commission pour la redaction d'un programme des 

etudes a faire sur les explosions de gaz grisou. Rapport, proces- 
verbaux des seances, et documents. Bruxelles, 1880. 8vo. 


BELGIUM. — [ilfines] — continued. Compte rendu des operations pen- 
dant I'annee 1881. (Extrait.) Tract, folio, vol. 36. 

Bruxelles, 1882. folio. 

Etat des industries minieres et metallurgiques et des carrieres. 

Annee 1861 a 1875. Bruxelles, [1876.] 4to. 

Mines exploitees avec ou sans concession. [1835.] folio. 

Organisation du service et du corps des ingenieurs des mines. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 115. Bruxelles, 1856. 8vo. 

Rapport presente a la Chambre des Representants. 

Bruxelles, 1839. folio. 

Reglement general de police. Tract. 8vo. vol. 466. 

Bruxelles, 1884. 8vo. 

Belgian Mine Regulations. Tract. 8vo. vol. 406. 

[Brussels, 1884.] 4to. 

Statistique des mines, minieres, carrieres, usines metallurgiques 

et appareils a vapeur de Belgique pour I'annee 1881. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 466. Bruxelles, 1883. 8vo. 

[Public Health.] Police des etablissements dangereux, insalubres 

ou incommodes. Tract. 8vo. vol. 239. Bruxelles, 1873. 8vo. 

[Public Works.] Annales des travaux publics de Belgique. 

Bruxelles, 1843, etc. 8vo. 

[Bailways.] Chemin de fer de I'Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse. Etudes 

et convention provisoii'e, etc. Bruxelles, 1844. folio. 

Chemins de fer : exploitation. Arretes du roi et reglement 

general du 1" septembre, 1838. Tract. 8vo. vol. 81. 

Bruxelles, 1838. 8vo. 

Correspondence respecting Tariffs for Goods and Passengers 

on Belgian State Railways, and Returns for 1888 showing the 
working of Belgian and of Austrian and Hungarian State Rail- 
ways. (House of Commons Return.) Lond. 1891. foHo. 

Ligne du Hainaut. Enquete. Bruxelles, 1837. folio. 

Memorial des chemins de fer de I'Etat. 

Bruxelles, 1879-81. folio. 

Rapport presente aux Chambres legislatives, 1841, (1842, etc.). 

Bruxelles, 1841, etc. folio. 

Rapports de la commission des tarifs, instituee par arrete Royal 

du 14 juin, 1841. Bruxelles, 1841. folio. 

[Boads.] Direction des routes : cartes indiquant le developpement 

progressif des routes de 1830 a 1880. [Administration des Ponts 
et Chaussees.] [Bruxelles, 1881.] folio. 

Routes. Emploi du credit des six millions. 

Bruxelles, 1838. folio. 

[Savings Banks.] Caisses de prevoyance en faveur des ouvriers 

mineurs. Examen des comptes pour I'annee 1879, (1880-1882). 
Tract. 8vo. vols. 343, 360, 463. Bruxelles, 1881-84. 8vo. 


BELGIUM — continued. — [Steam Engines.] Arretes du Roi et regle- 
ment general du V septembre, 1838. (Machines a vapeur.) Tract. 
8vo. vol. 81. Bnudles, 1838. 8vo. 

Machines a vapeur. Arretes et instructions. Tract. 8vo. vol. 

314. BmxelleH, 1839. 8vo. 

Reglement de police et instructions. Machines a vapeur. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 463. Bruxelles, 1884. 8vo. 

[Surrey.'l Compte rendu des operations de la Commission in- 

stituee par M. le Ministre de la guerre pour etalonner les regies 
qui ont ete employees ... a la mesure des bases geodesiques 
beiges, etc. Bruxelles, 1855. 4to. 

Triangulation du Royaume de Belgique, etc. Bruxelles, 1867. 4to. 

See also Brussels. — Institut cartographique militaire. 

[TratZe.] Statistique de la Belgique. Table generale du com- 
merce avec les pays etrangers, 1874-79. 2 vols. 

Bruxelles, 1875-80. folio. 

BELGRAND, E. L'age des tourbes dans la vallee de la Seine. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 253. 1869. 8vo. 

Atlas des egouts de la ville de Paris. Paris, 1875. folio. 

Note sur le regime des pluies et des cours d'eau dans le bassin de 

la Seine a I'epoque quaternaire. Tract. Ato. vol. 76. 

Versailles, 1869. 4to. 

Plan des conduites d'eaux de la ville de Paris. 

Paris, 1875. folio. 

Recherches statistiques sur les sources du bassin de la Seine qu'il 

est possible de conduire a Paris, etc. Tract, ito. vol. 66. 

Paris, 1854. 4to. 

Les Travaux souterrains de Paris, etc. (3 atlases of plates.) 

8 vols. Paris, 1873-87. 8vo. and folio. 

BELGRAND, E., and Lemoine, G. Notice sur les crues des 
principales rivieres de France, en Mars, 1876. 

Paris, 1877. 4to. 

Observations sur les cours d'eau et la pluie centralisees, par le 

Service hydrometrique du bassin de la Seine. 1871, etc. See 
France. — [Hydrology.'] 

BELIDOR, B. F. de. Architecture hydraulique, etc. 4 vols. 

Paris, 1737-53. 4to. 

Nouvelle edition, avec des notes et additions par M. Navier. 

1 Partie. Tom. 1. Paris, 1819. 4to. 

- La science des ingenieurs dans la conduite des travaux de 
fortification et d'architecture civile. 2 vols. 

Paris, 1739. 4to. 

[Another edition.] 2 vols. Paris, 1789. 4to. 

CEuvres diverses concernant I'artillerie et la genie. 

Amsterdam and Leipzig, 1764. 8vo. 

BELL. 119 

BELL, A. ]\Iatheinatical Tables ; consisting of logarithmic and other 
tables required in the various branches of practical mathematics. 

Edinburgh, 1844. 12mo. 

■ A treatise of Practical Mathematics. 2 vols, 

Edinburgh, 1847. 12mo. 

BELL, A. N. Rival Systems of Heating. Tract. 8vo. vol. 381. 

1884. Bvo. 

BELL, Sir C. The Hand, its Mechanism, etc. 1837. See Bridge- 
water Treatises, No. 4. 

BELL, C. N. Drift-material of New Zealand Beaches, and their effect 
on Harbour-works and Rivers. Tract. 8vo. vol. 528. 

1892. 8vo. 

Presidential address to the Australasian Association for the 

advancement of Science . . . Section J., Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. Tract. 8vo. vol. 522. [Hobart, 1892.] 8vo. 

[The various reports by C. N. Bell on Engineering and other 

Public Works in Tasmania, are catalogued under the names of 
the places and works to which they refer.] 

BELL, D. Lecture on various matters connected with the improve- 
ments of the river Clyde and the harbour of Glasgow. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 286. Glasgoio, 1837. 8vo. 

BELL, E., Major, and Tyrrell, P. Public Works and the public 
service in India. Lond. 1871. 8vo. 

BELL, H. P. Report on . . . Survey for a railway to connect the 
Canadian Pacific Railway with Barkerville, etc. 1887. See 
Canadian Pacific Railway. 

BELL, Sir I. L. Chemical Phenomena of Iron Smelting, etc. 

Lond. 1872. 8vo. 

The Chemistry of the Blast-Furnace. Tract. Svo. vol. 174. 

Lond. 1869. 8vo. 

The Iron and Steel Trade. Tract. Svo. vol. 437. [1886.] 8vo. 

■ Notes of a visit to Coal and Iron Mines and Ironworks in the 

United States, etc. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1875. 8vo. 

Notes on the manufacture of Iron in the Austrian Empire. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 273. Gateshead, 1865. 8vo. 

Notes on the progress of the Iron Trade of Cleveland, etc. 

Middlesborough, 1878. 8vo. 

On a method of recovering Sulphur and Oxide of Manganese as 

practised at Dieuze, near Nancy, etc. 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1867. 8vo. 

On Mr. Ferrie's covered Self-cooking Furnace. [1867 ?] 8vo 

. On Price's Patent Retort Furnace, etc. 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1875. 8vo. 

120 BELL. 

BELL, Sir I. L. — vontinnefl. Discussion on . . . Price's Patent Retort 
Furnace. Ncwcantlc-npon-Ti/iie, 1876. 8vo. 

On some supposed changes Basaltic Veins have suffered during 

their passage through, and contact with stratitied rcjcks, etc. 

(From I'roc. Roy. Soc.) [L(md. 1875.] 8vO. 

On the conditions which favour, and those which limit the 

economy of fuel in the Blast Furnace for smelting Iron, etc. 

Land. 1872. 8vo. 

On the development and appropriation of Heat in Iron Blast 

Furnaces of difterent dimensions, etc. 

Newcastle-ujyon-Ti/ne, 1869. Svo. 

On the preliminary treatment of the materials used in the 

manufacture of Pig Iron in the Cleveland district. 

Birmingham, [1871.] Svo. 

On the separation of Carbon, Silicon, Sulphur and Phosphorus 

in the refining and puddling furnace in the Bessemer Process : 
with some remarks on the manufacture and durability of railway 
bai's. Two parts. Newcastle-ujxm-Tyne, 1877. 8vo. 

On the Sum of Heat utilised in smelting Cleveland Ironstone, etc. 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1875. 8vo. 

On the use of Caustic Lime in the Blast Furnace, etc. 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1875. Svo. 

Opening Address of the President of the Iron and Steel Institute, 

at the meeting held at Liege, etc. 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1873. Svo. 

A paper on our Foreign Competitors in the Iron Trade, etc. 

Neivcastle-upon-Tyne, [1868.] Svo. 

The present state of the Manufacture of Iron in Great Britain, 

etc. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1867. Svo. 

Presidential Address to the Members of the Iron and Steel 

Institute ... at the annual meeting held in . . . London, 
April 29, 1873. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1873. Svo. 

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122 BELL0RIU8 — BENE8T. 

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Experiments on the mechanical and other properties of Steel 

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(1S85-86 is ia Svo.) 

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General-Bericht iiber die Arbeiten der Stadtischen gemisch- 

ten Deputation fiir die Untersuchung der auf die Kanalisation 
und Abfuhr beziiglichen Fragen. [Signed R. Yirchow.] Tract. 
Svo. vol. 438. Berlin, 1872. 8vo. 

[WaterworJcs.] See Hong Kong. Report on proposed Water 

Ordinance . . . [containing Tariff and regulations of the Berlin 
Waterworks of 1878.] 1883. 

Architektenverein zu Berlin. [Catalogue of the Library.] 

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schule . . . zur Feier der Einweihung ihres neuen Gebaudes 
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Portland Cement and some of its uses : a lecture. 

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projet imprune en mars 1792. 2™* edition. Tract, ito. vol.11. 

Paris, 1804. 4to. 


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propose sous la citadclle cle Bosan(;'on, pour la jouctiou du Rhone 
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(With autograph letter of presentation from the Author to Dr. Young.) 

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Vol. 3. Guns, nails, locks, wood-screws, hinges, buttons, pins, 
needles, saddlery, electroplate, by W. C. Aitken ; pens 
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Vol. 4. Acids and alkalies, by Prof. Church ; oils and candles, 
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Vol. 5. Wool, by Prof. Archer ; flax and linen, by W. T. 
Charley ; cotton, by I. Watts ; silk, by B. F. Cobb. 

Vol. 6. Hosiery and lace, by W. Felkin ; carpets, by C. 
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K 2 


BEVAN, G. p. — The British Manufacturing Industries — continued. 

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Vol. 8. Paper, by Prof. Archer ; printing and bookbinding, by 
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Vol. 9. Tobacco, by J. Dunning ; hides and leather, gutta- 
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Vol. 12. Salt, preserved provisions, bread, by J. J. Manley ; 
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See Stephenson, A., Bidder, G. P., and Stephenson, G. R. 

Tables showing the Contents of Excavations, Area of Slopes, 

etc. Lond. [ .] 12mo. 

[For Reports, etc., on the Drainage of the Metropolis : ] See 

London. — Drainage. 

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Telegraph Lines of the Ottoman Empire . . . With an appendix, 
containing correspondence and papers relating to the line of 
telegraph between Constantinople and Bassorah. Tract, folio, 
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Experiences sur la depense des reservoirs et sur I'acceleration et 

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Turin, 1824. 4to. 

Experiences sur la forme et sur la direction des veines et des 

courans d'eau lances par diverses ouvertures. Turin, 1829. 4to. 

Experiences sur la percussion des veines d'eau. 

Turin, 1836. 4to. 
Experiences sur la propagation du remous. Turin, 1825. 4to. 


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propagation des ondes. Turin, 1820. 4to. 

Momoire sur la determination theorique de la section contractee 

des veines liquides. Turin, 1829. 4to. 

Recherches experim en tales et theoriques sur les contractions 

partielles des veines d'eau et sur I'ecoulement par des tuyaux 
additionnels interieurs et exterieurs. Turin, 1836. 4to. 

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the Chamber of Commerce of New York to assist at the inspec- 
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New Torlc, 1886. 8vo. 

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etc. Lond. 1865. 8vo. 

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■ The Orthopragms of the Spine : an essay on the curative 

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Spinal Curvature. Lond. 1882. 8vo. 

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Milano, 1885. 8vo. 

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obras de mejora de la Ria de Bilbao, 1879-80, (1880-81, etc.). 

Bilbao, 1880, etc. 4to. 


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[Load. 1893.] 8vu. 

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4[to. vol. 37. Bordeaux, 1837. 4to. 

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Registration of Designs, etc. Lond. 1845. 8vo. 

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1866. See Canada. — [Geological Surcey.] 

Paleozoic Fossils. 1865-74. See Canada. — [Geological Survey.] 

BILLINGS, J. S. The Principles of A^entilation and Heating, etc. 

Lond. 1884. 8vo. 

Report on the Mortality and Vital Statistics of the United 

States. [U..S.A., lOth Census. Vols. 11 and 12.] 

Washington, 1885. 4to. 

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Tracery : one hiindred designs, etc. Lond. 1851. 8vo. 

BIMETALLIC CONFERENCE. The proceedings of the Bi-MetalKc 
Conference, held at Manchester, etc. Manchester, 1888. 8vo. 

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dale Chemical Co. Edinburgh, 1860. 4to. 

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remarks on the conversion of heat into work." Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 467. Bradford, 1888. 8vo. 

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water. Reports, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 444. 

Bradford, 1885-86. 8vo. 

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conduits. Specification, tender for work, etc. Tract, folio, 
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and carried out 1869-72. See Morris, J. H., and Binnie, A. R. 

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2nd edition, revised. Chatham, 1887. 8vo. 

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Svo. vol. . Lond. 1890-91. 8vo. 

Nagpur Waterworks. Report (m the Ambajerry Projects, 18G9. 

See India. — Nagpur. 


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to the Right Hon. W. E. (Gladstone and the other uiemlnirs of Her 
Majesty's Uoveinment. Tract. 8ro. vol. 332. L<md. 1881. 8vo. 

Rainfall Diagram Tables. 1873. See India. — [HainfaJJ.'] 

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B., and Binnie, A. R. 

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Water-supply. [1891?] folio. 

Waterworks. Reports, lectures and specifications. 

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The Second Course of Orthographic Projection . . . with some 

practical remarks on the teeth of wheels. 2nd edition. 

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et sur les vibrations des surfaces. Tract. 4^to. vol. 18. 

[Paris, 1800 q 4to. 

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Paris, 1816. 8vo. 

Tables barometriques portatives, donnant les differences de niveau 

par une simple soustraction. Tract. 8vo. vol. 191. 

Paris, 1811. 8vo. 

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inscription on laying the first stone of the intended new bridge at 
Blackfryars, etc. Lond. 1760. 8vo. 

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Metal in Architecture, etc. Lond. 1883. 8vo. 

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Lond. [1891.] 8vo. 

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vol. 194. Lond. 1870. 8vo. 


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instances of profitable sewage utilization. Tract. 8vo. vol. 297. 

L-ind. 1878. 8vo. 

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Docks and Harbour. Liverpool, 1865. 4to. 

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BocJiester, 1887. 8vo. 

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Lectures on Electricity and Galvanism. Revised and extended. 

Lond. 1849. 8vo. 

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by a description of the brass mural quadrant in the Royal 
Observatory at Greenwich. Tract, ito. vol. 5. 

Land. 1768. 4to. 

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Tract. 8vo. vol. 341. Blacl-pool, 1877. 8vo. 

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patent for preventing dry rot, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 72. 

Lond. 1834. 8vo. 

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Lond. 1827. 4to. 

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Birkenhead, 1887, etc. 8vo. 

[Water Supply.] Report from the Surveying Officers and Minutes 

of Evidence on the Birkenhead Improvement Bill (Water). 

Lond. 1847. folio. 

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PJiiladelphia, 1883. 8vo. 

The Cerro de Mercado (Iron mountain) at Durango, Mexico. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 425. Philadelphia, 1884. 8vo. 

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Foss Navigation. Tract. 8vo. vol. 282. York, 1852. 8vo. 

BIRMINGHAM. — Mason Science College. See Mason Science 

Philoeophical Institution. Reports by the committee of managers. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 68. Birmingham, 1836-41. 8vo. 

[E.iplosions.] Repoi't on explosion at a small Fireworks Factory 

at Nechells Park Road, Birmingham, by Maj. A. Ford. 

Lond. 1881. folio. 

Report on the circumstances attending an explosion which took 

place at the factory of Messrs. Kynoch and Co., near Birming- 
ham, on the 2nd November, 1886. Lond. 1887. folio. 


BIRMINGHAM — continued. — [Impuvemeiils.] Act for improving 
Binninghiim. Loud. 1851. folio. 

[Libraries.] Twelfth annual Report. Tract. 8vo. rol. 239. 

Birmingham, 1873. Svo. 

[Motive Poirer.'] Report on a scheme for supplying Compressed 

Air Motive Power in the town of Binninghani. By T. A. 
English, and others. Tract, folio, vol. 33. Lond. 1883. folio. 

[Seicerage.] An Act to confirm certain provisional orders of the 

Local Government Board forming the Birmingham, Tame and 
Rea Main Sewerage District, Lower Thames Valley Main Sewer- 
age District, and the Weymouth Port Sanitary Authority. 

Loud. 1877. foUo. 

Report of the Sewage Inquiry Committee. 

Birmingham, 1871. Svo. 

Report of the Public Woi'ks Committee on the Sewage question. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 233. Birmingham, 1871. 8vo. 

[Water Stqjpli/.] An Act for supplying with Water the town and 

neighbourhood of Birmingham [1826]. Lond. 1848. foUo. 

[Album of Photographs of the Birmingham Waterworks.] 

Birmingham, [ ] folio. 

Birmingham, Bradford, Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester. Copy 

of Queries with reference to certain particulars in the Return, 
No. 397, "Water Supply," of Session 1882; and the Replies 
thereto. Lond. 1883. folio. 

Return. Lond. 1882. folio. 


Session 1887-88. 1887-88. 8vo. 

of Scheme for supplying Compressed- Air Motive Power.] Tract. 
Svo. vol. 475. Birmingham, 1886. 8vo. 

and maintaining a navigable Canal from Birmingham to Bilston 
and from thence to Autherley, etc. Lond. 1768. folio. 

the Canal. Lond. 1827. folio. 

Evidence taken before the Select Committee on Railway Bills, 
on the Birmingham and Lichfield Junction Railway Bill. 

Lond. 1878. folio. 

BIRMINGHAM CANAL. Act and amended Acts [relating to the 
Canal]. Lond. 1768-1818. folio. 

An Act to consolidate and extend the Powers and Provisions of 

the several Acts relating to the . . . Company. 

Lond. 1835. folio. 

An Act for enabling the Company of Proprietors to make a new 

Cut and for extending and altering some of the provisions of their 
present Act. Lond. 1839. folio. 


mingham Central Tramways, Limited. The cable system. (Re- 
printed from Birmingham and Glasgow newsp.apers.) Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 435. JBirmiiighaiii, 1886. 8vo. 

Cal)le Tramways . . . Specification for the manufacture and 

delivery of 6 miles, or thereabouts, of Steel Wire Cables at the 
Hockley Brook Depot, Birmingham. Tract, folio, vol. 41. 

Birmingham, 1887. folio. 

BIRMINGHAM SHIP CANAL. Report of the Inquiry Committee 
of the Town Council [concerning the proposed Ship Canal]. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 455. Birmingham, 1888. 8vo. 

BIRNIE, R., Capt. Gun- making in the United States, etc. 

New York, 1888. 8vo 

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de I'agent voyer. Principes de I'art de I'ingenieur. 3'' edition. 
(Atlas of plates.) Paris, [1869.] 8vo. 

4'= edition. 2 parts. Paris, [1883.] 8vo. 

(Part 1 warning.) 

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praktischen Elektrotechniker. Leiinig, 1891. 12mo. 

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Translated by B. H. Paul and J. Drummond. [Cavendish 
Society.] 3 vols, Lond. 1854-59. 8vo. 

On Putrescent Organic Matter in Potable Water. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 350. Lond. 1877. 8vo. 

Sanitary notes on Potable Water. Tract, ito. vol. 92. 

Lond. 1879. 4to. 

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Light Plants, with Priestman's Oil Engine. Lond. 1890. 12mo. 

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1860. 3 vols. Philadelpliia, 1868. 8vo. 

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8w. ml. 260. Lond. 1876. 8vo. 

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... on the Classitication of Merchandise Traffic and Schedule 
of Maximum Rates, etc. Lond. 1891. folio. 

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trucks for locomotive engines." Tract. 4:to, vol. 50. 

Lond. 1858. 4to. 

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Europe. Tract, folio, vol. 40. Neic Yorl; 1886. folio. 

Notes on the Pointe de Grave, river Gironde, France. Tract. 

Svo. vol. 342. Washington, 1881. 8vo. 

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Engine and Steam-Pump construction. Lond. 1889. 8vo. 


r.J( )lvLTNri, P. R. — coiifinued. Pumps: liistdiically, theoretically, 
jiiul practically considered. Loud. 1890. 8vo. 

Water or Hydraulic Motors. Loud. 1894. 8vo. 

BLACK, A. On Wages, Trades' Unions, and Strikes ; a lecture, etc 
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church with water from the River Waimakuriii through the 
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wheel, High Duty, Automatic Cut-oJ6F, Cross-compound Pumping 
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Measurements of the Altitude of the Hills and Valleys, and the 

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See ScHEERER, T., and Blanford, H. F. 

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Special Report on the second Explosion, by J. Dickinson. 

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tecture, civil and mechanical engineering, and in road-making, etc. 

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ment de Mme. la marquise de Blocqueville. Le phare d'Eckmuhl 
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Continued as " Report of the Meteorological Committee of the 
Royal Society. See also Meteorological Office. 

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Steam-engines, propulsion of carriages, vessels, etc. 

Lond. 1S43. Svo. 
L 2 


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folio, vol. G. [1850?] folio. 

Specification of Improvements in Safety-valves for Steam-boilers. 

Loud. 1857. 8vo. 
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Levante in kommerzieller uiid maiitimer Bozichuiig. Trnct. Svo. 
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Beytriige zur theoretischen und praktischen Elektrizittitslehre. 

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and to live places of decimals, etc. Lond. 1839. 8vo. 

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. . . and for uniting them with Calcutta by a railroad. Tract. 8t'o. 
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• [2nd edition.] Versailles, 1881. 4to. 

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pi-oduction of printing surfaces and pictures in pigment, etc. 

Lond. 1878. 8vo. 

Cantor Lectures on the recent improvements in photo-mechanical 

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See Sanders, R. D., and Bolitho, — , Capt. 

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N(it(^ sur la construction diiiie passerelle provisoire en bois etablie 

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\ 'al\e automatique destinee a mettre en concordance Taction 

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Platen der fossiele mollusken uit de eoceene vorming van Borneo. 

[Jaarboek van het Mijnwezen in Nederlandsch Oost-Indie.] 

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CFrom Memoires de la Societe des Ingenieurs Civils de France.) 

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containing a full explanation of the method of keeping the log, etc. 

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and En%"irons of Boston, etc. Lond. 1846. folio. 

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Commissioners on the improvement of Boston Haven and the 
outfall; ^\itli other papers, etc., 1800-1877. Tract. 8vo. vol. 277. 

Boston, 1877. 8vo. 

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etc.). Boston, 1876, etc. 8vo. 

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Library . . . arranged in the Lower Hall. Boston, 1858. 8vo. 

Index to the Catalogue of books in the Upper Hall of the Public 

Library. Boston, 1861. 8vo. 

Index to the Catalogue of books in the Bates Hall of the Public 

Libi'ary. 1st Supplement. Boston, 1866. 8vo. 

Proceedings at the dedication of the Library . . . Boston, 

Jan. 1st, 1858. Boston, 1858. 8vo. 

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Boston, 1859-93. 8vo. 

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of the West End Street Railroad Company to examine into the 
merits of Fenders for use on the Electric Cars of the . . . 
Company. Tract. 8vo. vol. 515. Boston, 1892. 8vo. 


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Report of the joint special Committee on improved Sewerage. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 297. Boston, 1871. 8vo. 

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the directors, with that of the agent and engineer. Tract. 8vo. 
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mittee on Weights and Measures, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 471. 

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vessels connected with the Firth of Forth, and others interested 
in the trade carried on by steam-navigation. With an Appendix. 
Tract. Uo. vol. 55. Edinlmrgli, 1831. 4to. 

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Journal of a Tour through the Highlands of Scotland during the 

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law of Rating Railways, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 116. 

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Kensington, Vol. I.] Lond. 1878. 8vo. 

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Tract, folio, vol. 26. [Lond.] 1878. folio. 

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Edinburgh, [ ] folio. 

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cerning the Preservation of Wood, by M. A. Boucherie. Tract. 
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plane triangles, computed on the logarithmic number 2,000,000. 
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Fapplication sur I'etablissement des ponts suspendus, des ponts en 
metal, en pierre, en bois, etc. (Atlas of plates.) 

Paris, 1853. 4to. 

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houille exploitee au couchant de Mons, en Hainaut (Belgique). 

Mons, 1855. 8vo. 

La fonte, le fer, I'acier a I'Exposition universelle, Paris, 1878. 

Bruxelles, 1879. 8vo. 

Notice sur la fabrication du plomb au four a reverbere a la 

Societe de la nouvelle montagne a Engis (Belgique). Tract. 8vo. 
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Production et consommation de la houille. Tract. 8vo. vol. 253. 

Liege, 1875. 8vo. 

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etc. 1696. See Anonymous. 

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du travail a distance. Paris, 1887. 8vo. 

Sur les progres de la science electrique et les nouvelles machines 

d'induction. Paris, 1885. 8vo. 

BOULARD, J. Px'oduction et applications de I'electricite. 

Paris, 1882. 8vo.' 

1 58 BOULE — BOULT. 

BOULE, A. Le barrage de Suiosnes et la canalisation de la Seine 
entro Paris et Rouen. (Exposition universelle d(! 1HH9. Congres 
international de I'utilisation des eaux Huviales.) Parin, 1889. 8vo. 

Lo but et I'utilite de la canalisation dcs fleuvcs. 

Paris, 1888. 8vo. 

Paris port de mer. Memoires sur les barrages mobiles a grande 

chute. Notice sur la nouvelle passe navigable de Poit-a-l'Anglais. 
Memoire sur un nouveau systeme de barrage mobile, ferme par des 
vannes et des fermettes. Tract. 8vo. vol. 305. Paris, 1876. Svo. 

BOULIN, P. Manuel pratique du fabricant de sucre. Sucre de 

betteraves et sucre de cannes. Paris, 1889. 8vo. 

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Loud. 1881. Svo. 

Inaugural Address [as President of the] Liverpool Engineering 

Society. Tract. Svo. vol. 522. Liverpool, 1893. 8vo. 

The Municipal and Sanitary Engineer's Handbook. 

Lond. 1883. Svo. 

2nd edition. Lond. 1892. Svo. 

Municipal Engineering. [1891?] folio. 

Practical hints on taking a House. Lond. 1885. Svo. 

Report on cleansing the rising mains of Exeter. Tract. Svo. vol. 

350. Exeter, 1882. Svo. 

Sewer Ventilation : or, a new and improved system for the disposal 

of noxious gases generated in sewers and drains. Tract. Svo. 
vol. 325. Exeter, 1880. Svo. 

BOULOGNE. Rade et port de Boulogne, inaugure . . . 1889. 

Paris, [1889.] 8vo. 

Rapports faites a la Chambre de commerce de Boulogne-sur-Mer 

par ses commissaires sur un projet de creation par une compagnie 
etrangere, d'un nouveau port au sud du cap Grisnez. 

Boulogne-sur-Mer, 1869. 4to. 

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Liverpool, 1874. Svo. 

Notes on the phenomena of Tidal Rivers, illustrated chiefly 

from those of the Mersey. Tract. Svo. vol. 528. 1891. Svo. 

On customary or local measures of land in the British Isles. 

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On the alleged Submarine Forests on the shores of Liverpool bay 

and the river Mersey. Tract. Svo. vol. 14:2. Liverpool, 1S65. Svo. 

Further observations on the alleged Submarine Forests on 

the shores of Liverpool bay and the river Mersey : in reply to 
Dr. Hume's communication of July 10, 1865. Tract. Svo. vol. 156. 

Liverpool, 1866. Svo. 

Particulars of Wells and Boreholes in the new red sandstone, etc. 

Tract, ito. vol. lU. [1880?] 4to. 

BOULT — BOUR. 159 

BOULT, J. — continued. Speculations on the former Topography of 
Livei"pool and the neighbourhood. 4 parts. Tract. 8vo. vols. 211 
and 233. Liverpool, 1866-73. 8vo. 

Tides and <• Tidal Scour: read before the Liverpool Engineering 

Society, November 9th, 1881. Tract. 8w. vol. 471. 

Liverpool, 1881. 8vo. 

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Liverpool, 1890. 8vo. 

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Sydney, 1891. folio. 

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to be Photographs of early date. Tract. 8vo. vol. 155. 

Lond. 1865. 8vo. 

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Timber. Tract. 8vo. vol. 336. Lond. 1882. 8vo. 

[Another edition.] Tract. 8vo. vol. 394. Lond. 1885. 8vo. 

The Russian Empire, its origin and development. 

Lond. 1882. 8vo. 

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8vo. vol. 436. Bruxelles, 1884. 8vo. 

■ Nouveau diagramme des proprietes de la vapeur d'eau, etc. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 517. Gand, 1893. Svo. 

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M 2 

164 BOWIE — BOX. 

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A continuation. Parts 1 and 2. 1669-82. 4to. 

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Naturall Philosophy . . . Second edition, etc. 2 vols.. 

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of Ireland, and to the south by a communication with the Grand 
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correspondence . . . between the directors of the Dublin and 
Belfast Junction Railway Company and Sir John Macneill, 
respecting its state in 1858-59. Tract. Svo. vol. 127. 

Belfast, 1860. Svo. 

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Session 1885-86. Bradford [1885.] Svo. 

[Water Supply.] Bradford Water Supply. The prevention of 

waste. Tract. 8vo. vol. 438. Lond. 1886. 

A copy of all Correspondence which has been addressed to or 

from the Home Office, and any reports relating to the unsafe state 
of the . . . Reservoirs, since the 1st day of December last. 

Lond. 1866. foho. 

Minutes of Evidence taken before the Select Committee of the 

House of Commons on the Bradford Waterworks Bill. 

Lond. 1S69. folio. 

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mittee of the House of Lords on the Bradford Canal and Leeds 
and Liverpool Canal Company. Lond. 1867. folio. 


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city of Boston, with a description of its Cochituate Waterworks. 

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borough of Nelson, etc. 1893. See Nelson. 


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England, from actual survey, shewing the heights of the pools on 
the lines of navigation, etc. (Appendix. Lengths and Levels.) 
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Note sur la determination des dimensions principales des voutes. 

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Note sur les moyens de prevenir les amoncellements de neige. 

Tract, folio, vol. 33. Bruxelles, [18G0 1] folio. 

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Bombay, 1876. ^ee India. — Bombay. 

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(From Min. Proc. Inst. C.E.) 

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On the means of rendering large supplies of AVater available 

in cases of Fire ; and on the aiDplication of manual power to the 
working of Fire-Engines. Tract. 8vo. vol. 501. 

(From Min. Proc. Inst. C.E.) Lond. 1844. 8vo. 

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on a rotative principle, dated Jan. 15, 1790. Tract. 8vo. vol. 62. 

[1790?] 8vo. 


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in the method of constructinj^, laying down, and organizing the 
main and other pipes, for conveyance of water for the supply of 
the metropolis, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 78. Lond. 1812. 8vo. 

A letter to Sir James Eyre ... on the subject of the Cause, 

Boulton and Watt v. Hornblower and Maberley, for Infi'inge- 
ment on Mr. Watt's Patent for an Improvement on the Steam 
Engine. Tract. 8vo. vol. 504. Lond. 1797. 8v(». 

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Liverpool, 1883. 8vo. 
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15RAZTL. — [AfjriciiUurc] Comniissao do INIini.sterio d.i A<,'iieultur;i, 
Coiumercii) e Obras Publicas na Euntpa e uus E-stados IJnidtjs da 
America do Norte. Relatorio apresentado pelo Cliefc; da inesma 
Coinmissao. Paris, 1887. 4to. 

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Conipanliia geral de estradas de feri'o Brazileiras. Mappa geral 

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structing the Brecknock and Abergavenny Canal, and for raising 
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Explanation of a Machine for lifting a cargo of iron sunk in 

Sinclair's-birth Bay, in 1829, Ijuried in the sand 6 feet deep, etc. 
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General Remarks on the Machinery employed in the rebuilding 

of the harbour of Sarclet, in the parish of "VVick, etc. Tract. 8r<>. 
vol. 62. Wicl- [1836 ?] 8vo. 

Treatise on the Planning and Constructing of Harbours in deep 

water, applicable to the deepening and cleaning of rivers for 
navigation, etc. Tract. 8ro. vol. 75. Wicl; 1845. 8vo. 

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■ [Another edition.] 3 vols. (With atlas of plates to vol. 3.) 

Pa7-is, 1865-80. 8vo. and 4to. 

(Vols. 1 and 2 are of the 3rd edition, and vol. 3 is of the 1st editiou.) 

174 BRE88E — BREWER, 

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les gorges des torrents. Paris, 1867. 4to. 

lEtude d'un systeme general de defense contre les torrents, 

concertee entre les fonctionnaires des forets et des ponts et 
chaussees. Paris, 1875. 4to. 

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and other works of art. Lond. 1864. 8vo. 

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the drainage of the lands in the above district. Vol. I. 

Dtihlin, 1846. Svo. 

Mullyfarry Lake district, county of Mayo. Report on the 

drainage and improvement of the lands in the above district. 

Dublin, 1846. 8vo. 

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Telegraph. Tract. Svo. vol. 380. Lond. 1858. Svo. 

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of effecting the combustion of Coal in furnaces. Tract. Svo. 

vol. 58. Liverpool, 1841. 8vo. 

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effected in Electric Telegi'aphs . . . with a description of their 

patent electro-telegraphic converser. Tract. Svo. vol. 82. 

Lond. 1847. Svo. 
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the reigns of Henry V. and Henry VI. Tract. Svo. vol. 403. 

Lond. 1836. Svo. 


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(From the Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.) 

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(From the Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.) 

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(From the Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.) 

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Opening Address of the Pi-esident of the Civil and ^rechanical 

Engineers' Society : [giving a history of the Society and a review 
of important engineering works I'eccntly completed or in progress.] 
Trart. Soo. vol. 522. Loud 1880.' 8vo. 

The Smoke Nuisance, and an account of some experiments relating 

thereto. Tract. 8vo. vol. 361. Lond. 1883. 8vo. 

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la construction rapide des grands tunnels. Tract, ito. vol. 89. 

Lucerne, 1883. 4to. 
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matical jDrinciples of Natural Philosophy ; containing a series of 
lectures upon the rectilinear and projectile motion, the mechanical 
action, and the rotatory and vibratory motion of bodies. 2 vols. 

Sroxbourne, 1813. 8vo. 
BRIDGEMAN, C. A Report of the present State of the Great Level 
of the Fenns, called Bedford Level ; and of the port of Lynn : 
and of the rivers Ouze and Nean. . . . With considerations on 
the scheme propos'd by the corporation of Lynn, for the draining 
the said fenns. . . . And also a scheme humbly propos'd for the 
effectual draining those fenns, etc. Tract, ito. vol. 54. 

1724. 4to. 

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by E. L. Corthell and J. A. Ockei^son. Tract. 8vo. vol. 471. 

Neio York, 1882. 8vo. 
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Lond. 1795. folio. 

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to the Earl of Ellesmere, at Bridgewater House. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 121. Lond. 1851. 

BRIDGEWATER TREATISES. The Bridgewater Treatises on the 
power, wisdom, and goodness of God, as manifested in the Creation. 
[Consisting of] : 

I. The Adaptation of External Nature to the moral and in- 
tellectual constitution of man. By Dr. T. Chalmers. 
2 vols. Lond. 1835. 8vo. 

II. On the Adaptation of External Nature to the physical 
condition of man. By Dr. J. Kidd. 5th edition. 

Lond. 1837. 8vo. 

HI. On Astronomy and general Physics considered with reference 

to Natural Theology. By the Rev. W. Whewell, D.D. 

7th edition. Lond. 1839. 8vo. 



IV. The Hand, its Mechanism and vital Endowments as evincing 
design. By Sir C. Bell. 4th edition. Lond. 1837. 8vo. 

V. Animal and vegetable Physiology considered with reference 
to Natural Theology. By Dr. P. M. Roget. 2 vols. 

Loud. 1834. 8vo. 

VI. Geology and Mineralogy considered with reference to Natural 
Theology. By the Rev. W. Buckland, D.D. 2nd edition. 
2 vols. Lond. 1837. 8vo. 

VII. On the History, Habits, and Instincts of animals. By the 
Rev. W. Kirby. 2nd edition. 2 vols. Lond. 1835. 8vo. 

VIII. Chemistry, Meteorology, and the Function of Digestion, 
considered with reference to Natural Theology. By Dr. 
W. Prout. Lond. 1834. 8vo. 

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1881. See Cayley, J. J., Boyes, J., and Bridgman, H. H. 

Street Re-alignment and Re-construction of Central London, etc. 

[Westgarth Prize Essai/.'\ Lond. 1886. 8vo. 

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before the Lords' Committee. Lond. 1837. folio. 

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the Classification of Merchandise Traffic, and schedule of maxi- 
mum rates, etc. Lond. 1891. folio. 

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Blackburn, 1871. 8vo. 

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and Smith's Works, Brierly Hill. Lond. 1882. folio. 

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1856. See India. — [Boads.] 

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Philadelphia, 1876. 8vo. 

On the Ventilation of Halls of Audience. Tract. 8vo. vol. 465. 

New TorJc, 1881. 8vo. 

Report on the plans for warming and ventilating the Bridgeport 

school house, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 330. Philadelphia, 1880. 8vo. 

Report on the Ventilation of the Hall of Representatives and of 

the south wing of the Capitol of the United States. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 267. Philadelphia, 1876. 8vo. 

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tiume Reno eseguita negli anni 1854, 1855. Boma, 1857. folio. 

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Report on Repairs, 1893. [Lond. 1893.] 8vo. 

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Engineers and Electricians, Januai'y 13th, 1887. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 467. Lond. 1887. 8vo. 



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its suburbs. Trad. 8«o. vol. 166. Land. 1868, Svo. 

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1893. See Tudsbery, J. H. T., and Bhkjhtmoke, A. W. 

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Lond. 1879. folio. 

[Improvement. '\ Brighton Improvement Bill. Police and Sanitary 

Regulations. Minutes of Evidence and Minutes of Speech. 

Lond. 1884. folio. 

[Library.] Annual Report, 1885, (1891 and 1893). 

Brighton, 1885-93. 8vo. 

[Seicerage.] Reports on the Sewerage of Brighton, etc. 1883. 

See Bazalgette, Sir J., and Richardson, B. W. 

[Watencorks.] Inspection of Goldstone Bottom Pumping Station. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 506. [Brighton, 1884.] 8vc). 


Lond. 1881. Svo. 

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Council of the city of London about the intended Canal from 
Monkey Island to Isleworth answered. Tract, folio, vol. 3. 

Lond. 1770. folio. 

Report on the River Thames between Boulter's Lock and 

Mortlake. Tract, folio, vol. 3. Xo«d 1770. folio. 

History of Inland Navigations. 1766, etc. See Anonymous. 

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a navigable communication betwixt the Firths of Forth and Clyde, 
with observations. Tract. 4:to. vol. 7. Edinburgh, 1768. 4to. 

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[1881.] 8vo. 

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feet in diameter, which appears to point out an annual parallax 
in certain fixed stars, etc. Tract, ito. vol. 25. Dublin, 1815. 4to. 

Analytical investigations respecting Astronomical Refractions, and 

the application thereof to the formation of convenient tables, etc. 
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Elements of Astronomy. 2nd edition. Dublin, 1819. 8vo. 

An examination of various solutions of Kepler's Problem, etc. 

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An investigation of the general term of an important series in 

the inverse method of finite differences. Tract. Ato. vol. 25. 

Lond. 1807. 4to. 

A Method of expressing, when possible, the value of one variable 

quantity in integral powers of another and constant quantities 
having given equations respecting the relations of those variable 
quantities, etc. Tract, ito. vol. 25. Dublin, 1800. 4to. 


BRINSDEN, J., and Harding, R. Devon Estate drainage, Ehernagh 
district (near Newcastle), county Limerick. Report, etc. 

DubUn, 1846. 8vo. 

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ment. Paris, 1887. 8vo. 

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bane. Brisbane, 1875. folio. 

[BainfalL] Diagram of Rainfall at Brisbane, from 1st January, 

1860, to 31st December, 1890. [1892 ?]. folio. 

[Vifal Statistics.] Report on the Vital Statistics of the Registry 

District of Brisbane. Supplement to the Queensland Government 
Gazette. Brisbane, 1884, folio. 

[TFrt/e>- Supply.] Purification and increase of the Water Supply 

of Brisbane. Brisbane, 1886. folio. 

Report ... by J. B. Henderson. Brisbane, 1880. folio. 

Reports on the Water Supply of Brisbane, by J. Brady. 

Brisbane, 1866-68. folio. 

Report of the Hydraulic Engineer on purifying the Water of 

Brisbane. Brisbane, 1886. folio. 

[Wliarfage.] Plan showing soundings in front of Wharves, and 

design for the extension of wharfage and Harbour Accommoda- 
tion. Brisbane, 1878. folio. 

BRISBANE, Biver. Report on the Dredging of the Brisbane River. 

Brisbane, 1877. folio. 

BRISBANE AND IPSWICH RAILWAY. Papers relating to the 
Construction of the Railway. Brisbane, 1873. folio. 

Progress Report. Brisbane, 1875. folio. 

Report . . . from R. Watson. Brisbane, 1876. folio. 

Reply to Report by R. Watson. Brisbane, 1876. folio. 

BRISSE, A., and Rotrou, L. de. Dessechement du lac Fucino 
execute par S. E. le Prince Alexandre Torlonia. Precis historique 
et technique. (Atlas of plates.) [Fr. and Eng.] 

Borne, 1876. 4to. 

BRISSE, C. Cours de mecanique a I'usage des eleves de la classe de 
mathematiques speciales, etc. Paris, 1892. 8vo. 

BRISTOL. An Engineer's views on the Government of Bristol. 
[By E. R. Salwey.] Tract. 8vo. vol. 522. [Bristol, 1893.] 8vo. 

The Improvement of Bristol : a report by the Water-Supply, 

Drainage and Towns Improvement Company. Lond. 1846. 8vo. 

Mechanics' Institution. Fifteenth Annual Report, for the year 

1839. Tract. 8vo. vol. 68. Bristol, 1840. 8vo. 

Mercliant Venturers' School. Prospectus, 1886-87 to 1889-90. 

4 vols. Bristol, 1886-89. 8vo. 

Mining School. Lectures delivered at the Bristol Mining School, 

1857. Bristol, 1859. 8vo. 

N 2 


BUli>>T01,— continued.— Uiiiversitij College. Calondur . . . 1878-79, 
(1880-81, 1883-84, etc.). Bristol, 1878, etc. 8vo. 

[Ninth Annual] Meeting of the Governors, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 

414. Bristol, 1885. 8vo. 

[Bocl-H.'] Bristol Docks. Dockising the River Avon. Reports 

on Flouds, etc. Tract, folio, vol. 30. Bristol [1881.] folio. 

Explanration of the Phm for improving the Harbour of Bristol. 

Tract, folio, vol. 47. Bristol, 1802. folio. 

A Plain Statement of Facts : wherein the differences . . . existing 

between the Bristol Dock Company and the inhabitants of Bristol 
upon the Bill now before Parliament are briefly considered. By 
a Bristol merchant. Tract. 8vo. vol. 75. Bristol, 1807. 8vo. 

Report on the circumstances attending the destruction of the 

Petroleum-laden vessel " United," in Bristol Docks, on the 21st 
November, 1888, by Col. V. D. Majendie. Lond. 1889. folio. 

[Education.] Statistics of Education in Bristol : by a Committee 

of the Statistical Society of Bristol. Tract. Svo. vol. 69. 

Lond. 1841. 8vo. 

[Water-Supply.] An Act for supplying with Water the City of 

Bristol and certain Parishes adjacent thereto, etc. 

Lond. 1846. folio. 

An Act for better supplying with Water the town of Bristol, 

etc. Lond. 1850. folio. 

An Act to authorize the Waterworks Company to raise a 

further sum of money. Lond. 1850. folio. 

Minutes of Evidence l:)efore the Select Committee on the Bristol 

Consumers Water Bill. Lond. 1887. folio. 

BRISTOL CANAL. Inquiry into the utility of a Canal from 
Bristol to Bath. Tract. Svo. vol. 66. Bristol, 1795. 8vo. 

Part II. (1886-87). Bristol, 1887. 8vo. 

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etc. [3Iemoirs of the Geological Survey.] Lond. 1889. Svo. 

A Glossary of Mineralogy. Lond. 1861. Svo. 

On the Lower Lias or lias conglomerate of a part of Glamorgan- 
shire. Tract. Svo. vol. 161. Lond. 1867. 8vo. 

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Chesil bank, Dorset. Tract. Svo. vol. 175. Lond. 1869. Svo. 

BRITANNIA BRIDGE. General description of the Britannia 
and Conway tubular bridges on the Chester and Holyhead Rail- 
way. By a Resident Assistant. Tract. Svo. vol. 82. 

Lond. 1849. Svo. 



profitable Railway Investments. Tract. Svo. vol.221. 

Leeds, 1872. Svo. 

COMPANY. Prospectus. Tract. Svo. vol. 229. 

Lond. 1847. Svo. 


SCIENCE. Reports of the meetings, 1831, (1832, etc.). 

Lond. 1835, etc. Svo. 

Instructions for Observers of the Aurora Borealis. Tract. Svo. 

vol. 432. York [1835 ?] Svo. 

Report on the subject of a series of Resolutions adopted by the 

. . . Association (on the subject of Terrestrial Magnetism). [By 
Sir J. Herschel and H. Lloyd.] Tract. Svo. vol. 130. 

Lond. 1840. Svo. 

Report of the Committee appointed for the reduction of 

Meteorological Observations. By Sir J. F. W. Herschel. Tract. 
Svo. vol. 130. Lond. 1843. Svo. 

Report of a Committee appointed at the tenth meeting of the 

Association for experiments on Steam Engines. Tract. Svo. vol. 96. 

Lo7id. 1845. Svo. 

Sixth report of the Committee, consisting of Sir J. Herschel 

[and others] . . . appointed to conduct the co-operation of the 
British Association in the system of simultaneous Magnetical 
and Meteorological Observations. Tract. Svo. vol. 130. 

Lond. 1845. 8vo. 

Report of a Committee, consisting of Sir J. Herschel [and 

others] . . . appointed . . . for revising the Nomenclature of the 
Stars. Tract. Svo. vol. 130. Lond. 1848. Svo. 

Report from a Committee appointed ... to enquire into the 

defects of the present methods of measuring and registering the 
tonnage of shipping, as also of marine engine power, etc. Tract. 
Uo. vol. 31. Lond. 1857. 4to. 

Suggestions to Astronomers for the observation of the total 

Eclipse of the Sun on the 28th of July, 1851. Drawn up by 
a Committee of the . . . Association [consisting of Sir J. 
Herschel and others.] Tract. Svo. vol. ISS. 

Lond. [1858.] Svo. 

Second (third) report of Committee on steamship performance. 

Tract, folio, vols. 5 and 40. Lond. 1860-61. folio. 

Report of the committee on uniformity of Weights and Measures. 

Trad. Svo. vol. 202. Nottingham, 1866. Svo. 

First report on the Stability, propulsion, and sea-going qualities 

of Ships. Tract. Svo. vol. 206. Exeter, 1869. Svo. 

Report of the Committee of the British Association on the 

Treatment and Utilisation of Sewage. Tract. Svo. vols. 203, 223, 
232. Lond. 1871-73. 8vo. 



SCIE'^CE — coiitimicd. Montreal Meeting, 1884. Canadian 
Economics ; being papers prepared for reading before the Eco- 
nomical Section, with an introductory report. Land. 1885. 8vo. 

Reports of the Committee on the Erosion of the Sea-coasts of 

England and Wales. Tract. 8vo. vol. 420. 

Lond. 188G-88. Svo. 

Manchester Meeting, 1887. Reception room at the Owens 

College. Programme of local arrangements, with map of Man- 
chester, plan of Owens College and plan of the Exhibition. Tract. 
Svo. vol. 448. Manchester, 1887. Svo. 

The President's Address and the sectional addresses, etc. Tract. 

Svo. vol. 448. Lo7id. 1887. Svo. 

Bath meeting, 1888. Proceedings. Bath, 1888. folio. 

Stars of the constellations of Bode visible in the latitude of 

Greenwich. Lond. [ .] folio. 

porated Gas Institute. 

British Chamber of Commerce. 

BRITISH COLUMBIA. [A MS. letter, describing the country 
with a view to a Survey for a Railway. Tract. Svo. vol. 439. 

[1860 ?] 8vo. 

Report of the Hon. H. L. Langevin on Public "Works. 

Ottawa, 1872. Svo. 

BRITISH GUIANA. Report on the Drainage of Berbice, Alary 
and West Coast Districts, by H. Siccama. 

Demerara, 1879. folio. 

Royal Agricultural and Commercial Societij. Journal. Vol. I.— IV. 

Bemerara, 1882-90. Svo. 

1877-1890. Lond. 1878-91. Svo. 

— ■ — Comparative Statistics of English and foreign Railways. Tract. 
Svo. vol. 402. [1885.] Svo. 

English and foreign Railway Rates on iron, etc. Tract. Svo. 

vol. 402. Lond. 1885. Svo. 

BRITISH MUSEUM. Catalogue of the Harleian MSS., with indexes, 
etc. 4 vols. Lond. 1808-12. folio. 

A catalogue of the Lansdowne Manuscripts in the British 

Museum ; with indexes of persons, places and matters. 

Lond. 1819. folio. 

A catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Cottonian Library, 

deposited in the British Museum. Lond. 1802. folio. 

Two reports on the condition, management, and affairs of the 

Museum. 2 vols. Lond. 1835-36. folio. 


BRITISH RECORD SOCIETY. Prospectus, specimens of the 
Publications, etc., of the Society. Tract. 8vo. vol. 508. 

Lond. 1893. 8vo. 

SOCIETY. Tenth Annual Report. Tract. 8vo. vol. 399. 

Sunderland, 1883. 8vo. 


No. 2, etc. Sheffield, 1882, etc. 8vo. 

BRITTAIN, H. Notes on the Broads and Rivers of Norfolk and 
Suffolk. Noridcli, [1887.] 8vo. 

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Service Guns, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 214. Lond. 1862. 8vo. 

Cast-iron Guns : the debate in the House of Commons, June, 

1873. Tract. 8vo. vol. 229. Bedhill, 1873. 8vo. 

Heavy rifled Ordnance, Cast-iron and Wrought-iron. Review of 

the Report of the late Ordnance Select Committee, on the trial of 
unstrengthened rifled cast-iron service guns, under the altered 
circumstances now arising from the adoption of pebble powder. 

Lond. 1871. 8vo. 

Muzzle-loading Rifled Ordnance. On the adaptation of the 

principle of the Minie rifle to cannon, and the advantages of large 
calibre. Tract. 8vo. vol. 287. Lond. 1878. 8vo. 

Pebble Powder and cheaper Guns. Tract. 8vo. vol. 229. 

Bedhill, 1873. 8vo. 

Rifled Cast-iron Ordnance : correspondence with the War Office, 

etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 206. Lond. 1871. 8vo. 

Rifled Cast-iron Ordnance : the power and endurance of the 

smooth-bore and rifled cast-iron ordnance of the United States, 
employed in the late American war. Tract. 8vo. vol. 214. 

Lond. [1872.] Svo. 

Rifled Cast-iron Service Guns. Tract. 8vo. vol. 214. 

Bedhill, 1862. Svo. 

Rifled Ordnance : correspondence with the War Office. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 229. Lond. 1873. 8vo. 

Rifled Ordnance : origin of the System now applied to all the 

largest guns in H.M. Service. Correspondence with the War 
Office respecting the invention. Tract. 8vo. vol. 336. 

Lond. [1881.] 8vo. 

Rifled Ordnance : remarks on the Report of the Ordnance 

Select Committee on competitive rifled guns, etc. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 131. Lond. 1863. 8vo. 

BRITTON, J. The Authorship of the Letters of Junius elucidated ; 

including a biographical memoir of Lieut.-Col. I. Barre. 

Lond. 1848. Svo. 
The autobiography of J. Britton, etc. [With an account of his 

works, by T. E. Jones.] 2 vols. Loiid. 1849-50. 4to. 


BRITTON, J. —continued. Specimen of the Autobiography of J. 
Britton, including a tabular view of testimonials, etc. Tract. 8i'o. 
vol. 88. Loud. 18r)0. 8vo. 

Brief Notices of the Works and Life of Thomas Cubitt. 

1856. 12mo. 

• A Diction;iry of the Architecture and Archivology of the Middle 

Ages. Land. 18.38. 4to. 

The History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Wells ; 

including biographical notices ... of the bishops of the See of 
Bath and Wells. Wells. 1847. 8vo. 

The History of the ancient Palace and late Houses of Parliament 

at Westminster, etc., 1836. See Bbayley, E. W., and Britton, J. 

Illustrations of the Public Buildings of London, etc., 1838. See 

PuGiN, A., and Britton, J. 

Lecture on the Roadways of England, pointing out the peculiarly 

advantageous situation of Bristol . . . with remarks on the 
benefits likely to arise from a railroad between that port and 
London. Tract. Svo. vol. 179. Bristol, 1833. 8vo. 

Memoir of the Life, Writings, and Character of H. Hatcher ; 

with a prospectus of the autobiography of J. Britton. Tract. Svo. 
vol. 70. Lond. 1847. 8vo. 

See Bourne, J. C. Drawings of the London and Birmingham 

Railway. With . . . account by J. Britton, 1839. 

BRITTON, J. and Brayley, E. W. An Account of the Parish 
Church of St. Pancras, London. Tract. 4to. vol. 38. 

Lond. 1824. 4to. 

BRITTON, T. A. A Treatise on the origin, progress, prevention, and 
cure of Dry Rot in timber, etc. Lond. 1875. 8vo. 

BRIX, A. F. W. Abhandlung iiber die Cohasions- und Elasticitiits- 
Verhaltnisse einiger nach ihren Dimensionen beim Bau der 
Hangebriicken in Anwendung kommenden Eisendriithe des In- 
und Auslandes. Tract. 4:to. vol. 93. Berlin, 1837. 4to. 

BRIX Br. P. W. Annalen der Telegraphie. Heft 1. Tract, ito. 
vol. 93. Berlin, 1872. 4to. 

Untersuchungen iiber die Heizkraft der wichtigeren Brennstoffe 

des Preussischen Staates, etc. Berlin, 1853. 

BROADFOOT, Capt., B.E. Note on Floods in the River Indus, 
1875. See India. — Indus, Biver. 

BROADHEAD, G. C, Meek, P. B., and Shumard, B. F. Reports 
on the Geological Survey of the State of Missouri, 1855-71. 

JefferKon City, 1873. 8vo. 

BROADSTAIRS. Act for repairing or removing the Pier adjoining 
to the Harbour of Broadstairs and the Isle of Thanet, and an 
amendment of this Act. Lond. 1805. Svo. 


BROCK, C. T., and Co. [For Reports on Accidents which have 
occurred on vai'ious occasions at Brock's Firework Factory, South 
Norwood, see Norwood.] 

BROCKEDON, "VV. Illustrations of the passes of the Alps, by which 
Italy communicates with France, Switzerland, and Germany. 
2 vols. Loncl. 1828-29. 4to. 

BROCKHAUS, F. U. Conversations-Lexikon. Zwolfte Auflage. 
15 vols. Leipzig, 1875-79. 8vo. 

BRODIE, Sir B. C, Bart. Address to the Ethnological Society of 
London. Tract. 8w. vol. 118. Lond. [1854.] 8vo. 

BRODIE, R. Rules for ranging Railway Curves with the theodolite 
and without tables. Tract. Ato. vol. 39. Lond. 1847. 4to. 

BROECK, E. VAN DEN and Rutot, A. Un nouvel appareil portatif 
de sondage pour reconnaissance rapide du terrain. 

Bruxelles, 1888. 8vo. 

BROISE, — , and Thieffry, N. Album encyclopedique des chemins 
defer. (Atlas of plates.) Pam, 1861. folio. 

BROKEN HILL and District Water Supply Company. Prospectus 

of the Darling River and Lake Speculation scheme. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. . Sydneij, 1891. 8vo. 

BROKEN HILL Proprietary Company. Reports and statements of 

account for half-year ending 31st May, 1889. 

Melbourne, 1889. 4to. 
BROMFIELD-INGERSOLL Rock Drill Company. Bromfield-Inger- 

soll hand-power Rock-drill. Leeds, 1890. 8vo. 

BROMLEY, M. Thirty Days in the States. Tract. 8co. vol. 269. 

Lond. 1876. 8vo. 

BROOK, J. French Measure and English Equivalents. 

Sheffield, 1873. 12mo. 
BROOKER, A. Electrical Engineering for electric light artizans, 
etc., 1890. See Slingo, W., and Brooker, A. 

BROOKES, Dr. R. The general Gazeteer, or compendious geo- 
graphical dictionary. 11th edition. Montrose, 1801. 8vo. 

BROOKLYN LIBRARY. Catalogue. 3 vols. 

Brooklyn, 1877-80. folio. 

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on trials of duty made in 1857 and 1859, upon the Brooklyn, 
Hartford, Belleville, and Cambridge pumping-engines. Tract. 
8w. vol. 326. New York, 1860. 8vo. 

Reports on Pumping Engines. Tract. 8vo. vol. 326. 

New York, 1862. 8vo. 
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BROOKS, F. Comparative size of metric and old units with reference 
to convenience and report of Committee on Weights and Measures. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 427. New York, 1886. 8vo. 

The Division of the Circle. Tract. 8vo. vol. 414. 

[Bosto7i ?] 1878. 8vo. 


BROOKS, F. — continued. The Division of the Day. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. ili. [Boston?] 1S7S. 8vo. 

BROOKS, M., jind Stkwaud, J. E. Some experiments upon the 
♦' Otto " gas engine. Tract. 8vo. vol. 468. 1883. Bvo. 

BROOKS, S. H. Rudimentary treatise on the Erection of Dwelling- 
houses, etc. Land. 1868. 8vo. 

BROOKS, W. A. Euphrates : the Road to the East. Tract. 8vo. 
voh. 221 and 442. Lund. [1857?] 8vo. 

• Honduras and the Inter-Oceanic Railway. Tract. 8/;o. vol. 256. 

Lond. 1874. 8vo. 

The Navigation of the river Hooghly, and the proper means to be 

adopted for its amelioration, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 154. 

Loud. [184:0 1] 8vo. 

Observations and reports on the Channel Refuge-harbours and 

naval stations. Tract. 8vo. vol. 102. Gateshead, 1856. 8vo. 

On the cause of the formation of Bars at the mouths of Rivers. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 135. Lond. [1863.] 8vo. 

On the improvement of Tidal Navigations and Drainages. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 4:98. (From Min. Proc. Inst. C.E.) Loild. 1854:. 8vO. 

Proposed Asylum Harbour and naval station at Redcar, on the 

coast of Yorkshire, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 13. Lond. 1834. 8vo. 

Remarks on the proposed Spithead Forts in connection with the 

advanced sea works advocated by Mr. W. A. Brooks, C.E., for 
the defence of Portsmouth and the adjacent anchorage. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 132. Lond. 1861. 8vo. 

Reply to the letter of Mr. Calver on the Tyne improvement. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 135. Gateshead, 1852. 8vo. 

Report on the formation of an Asylum Harbour at Redcar, on the 

south side of the Tees Bay. Tract. 4io. vol. 34. 

Stocldon-on-Tees, 1832. 4to. 

Report on the general Improvement of the Navigation of the 

river Tyne. Tract. 8vo. vol. 71. Newcastle, 1843. Svo. 

To the members of the Ship-owners' Society. Letter relating to 

Port William at Redcar. Tract, folio, vol. 28. 

Bedcar, 1838. folio. 

Treatise on the Improvement of the Navigation of Rivers, etc. 

Lond. 1841. 8vo. 

BROOM, G. J. C. Short history of the Wolverhampton Sewerage 
scheme, with a few hints on the ventilation of house drainage. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 297. Wolverhampton, 1878. 8vo. 

BROSIUS, J., and Koch, R. Das Lokomotivfiihrer Examen-Frage- 
Buch, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 383. Wiesbaden, 1879. 8vo. 

Die Schule des Lokomotivfiihrers, etc. Wiesbaden, 1879. Svo. 

BROTHERTON, W. The Olive, the Rape, and the Flax: their 
products and their cultivation. Tract. 8vo. col. 115. 

Lond. 1857. Svo. 


BROUGH, B. H. Cantor Lectures on Mine Surveying, etc. 

Lond. 1892. 8vo. 

A treatise on Mine-surveying. Lond. 1888. 8vo. 

Use of Cement in Shaft-sinking, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 525. 

Lond. 1893. 8vo. 

Use of the Magnetic Needle in exploring for iron ore. Tract. 8vo. 

vol 443. [1887.] Svo. 

BROUGHAM, Lord. Practical observations upon the Education of 
the People, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 69. Lond. 1825. 8vo. 

Tracts Mathematical and Physical. Lond. 1860. 8vo. 

BROUGHAM, Lord, and Routh, E. J. Analytical view of Sir 
Isaac Newton's Principia. Lond. 1855. 8vo. 

BROUGHTON COPPER COMPANY. Weight of seamless Copper 
Tubes. Tract. 8vo. vol 263. Manchester, [187 4: ^ Svo. 

BROUGHTON, F. The Inter-State Commerce Bill. Practical objec- 
tions to some of its features. Tract. Svo. vol. 435. 1886. 8vo. 

BROUGHTON, T. Appliances for erecting all classes of Concrete 
Buildings, walling, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 475. Lond. 1876. 8vo. 

BROUGHTON, U. H. The Shone Hydro-pneumatic system of Sewer- 
age. Tract. 8vo. vol. 444. New York, 1887. 8vo. 

BROUN, J. A. On the Combined Motions of the Magnetic Needle, 
and the Aurora Borealis. Tract. 8vo. vol. 188. 

[Edinburgh, 1850 1] 8vo. 

Report to Gen. Sir T. M. Brisbane, Bart., on the completion 

of the publication, in the Transactions of the Royal Society of 
Edinburgh, of the observations made in his Observatory at 
Makerstoun. Tract. 4to. vol. 39. Edinburgh, 1850. 4to. 

BROUN, J. A., and Russell, E. Observations in Magnetism and 
Meteorology, made at Makerstoun, in Scotland, in the Observatory 
of Gen. Sir T. M. Brisbane, Bart., in 1841-46. 3 vols. 

Edinburgh, 1845-49. 4to. 

(Trans, of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.) 

BROUN, T. Manual of the New Zealand Coleoptera. 7 pt. in 3 vols. 
[Colonial Museum and Geological Survey Department.^ 

Wellington, 1880-93. 8vo. 

BROUZET, — . Memoire a messieurs les membres du conseil muni- 
cipal de Nismes. [Relative to a scheme for Waterworks.] Tract. 
4tto. vol. 34. Nismes, 1840. 4to. 

to Animals : the Brown Animal Sanatory Institution, etc. 2nd 
edition. Lond. 1888. 8vo. 

3rd edition. With additions. Lond. 1888. Svo. 

BROWN, A. On Dredging and Dredge Plant. Tract. 8vo. vol. 251. 

Glasgoio, 1874. Svo. 

188 BROWN, 

BROWN, A. On Dredging, and Dredging Appliances. Tract. Svo. 
vol. 479. Glasgow, 1889. 8vo. 

A practical treatise on the construction of the Power-loom 

and the Art of Weaving. 5th edition, revised. 

Dundee, 1887. Svo. 

BROWN, A., and Boobbyer, P. Meteorological observations, Not- 
tingham, 1889-{90, etc.) [Nottingham,] 1889, etc. Svo. 

See Nottingham. The Meteorology of Nottingham for 1891. 

Observations by Arthur Brown and P. Boobbyer, 1892. 

BROWN, A., and Whitelegge, B. A. Meteorological Observations, 
Nottingham, 1887 and 1888. Nottingham, 1887-88. Svo. 

BROWN, A. B. See Periodical Publications. Engineering Facts 
and Figures : edited by A. B. Brown, 1863-68. 

(Vol. for 1863 of the 2nd edition.) 

BROWN, C. The speech of C. Brown delivered at the public meeting 
held at Norwich, Sept. 1818, together with Mr. Cubitt's report. 
Trad. Svo. vol. 5. Norwich, 1818. Svo. 

BROWN, F. Description of patent metallic Zinc Colours, prepared 
from the zinc of the Vieille Montagne. Tract, ito. vol. 40. 

(Lithographed.) [1851.] 4to. 

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BROWN, H. Railway Accidents, Railway Amalgamation, and Railway 
Management, in a series of letters to The Morning Chronicle, etc. 
Tract. Svo. vol. . Loud. 1853. Svo. 

BROWN, H. P. The comparative Danger to Life of the alternating 
and continuous Electrical Currents. Tract. Svo. vol. 479. 

Neio YorJc, 1889. Svo. 

Electrical Distribution of heat, light, and power. With partial 

list of deaths from electrical lighting appai'atus, and address by 
J. M. Mitchell, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 490. 

New York, 1889. Svo. 

BROWN, H. T. Five hundred and seven Mechanical Movements, 
embracing all those which are most important in dynamics, 
hydraulics, and hydrostatics. . . . 16th edition. 

New Tori, 1888. Svo 

BROWN, H. Y. L. Map of part of the colony of Western Australia, 
showing the progress of the Geological Survey, from August, 1870, 
to June, 1872. Melbourne, 1872. Svo. 

Report on journey from Warrina to Musgrave Ranges. See 

South Australia. — [Geology.'] 1890. folio. 

BROWN, J. E. A practical treatise on Tree Culture in South 
Australia. 3rd edition. Adelaide, 1886. Svo. 

BROWN, James. The Forester : or, a practical treatise on the planting, 
rearing, and general management of forest trees. 

Edinburgh and Lond. 1871. Svo. 
BROWN, James T. Photometry and Gas Analysis. 

Lond. [1883.] Svo. 

BROWN. 189 

BROWN, John, M. Inst. C.E. Description of some Borings on 
the Clifton Estate, and of the sinking at Clifton Colliery, 
Nottingham. Tract. Sw. vol. 324. Lond. 1881. 8vo. 

BROWN, John, of Barnsley. On cast iron Tubing used in sinking 
shafts. Tract. 8i'o. vol. 136. [Lond. 1861.] 8vo. 

BROWN, John A. The Water-bearing Strata of the Ealing 
District. Tract. 8vo. vol. 407. Ealing, 1882. 8vo. 

BROWN, John C. Hydrology of South Africa ; or, details of the 
former hydrographic condition of the Cape of Good Hope, etc. 

Lond. 1875. 8vo. 

Pine Plantations on the Sand-wastes of France. 

Edinburgh, 1878. 8vo. 

Reboisement in France ; or, records of the re-planting of the Alps, 

the Cevennes, and the Pyrenees with trees, herbage, and bush, 
etc. Lond. 1876. 8vo. 

The Schools of Forestry in Europe. Tract. Svo. vol. 288. 

Edinburgh, 1877. 8vo. 

Water Supply of South Africa, and facilities for the storage of it. 

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M. Inst. C.E.] 


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o 2 


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(From Mill. Proc. Inst. C.E.) 

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Neic Jerseii, 1876. 4to. 

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efc. Land. 1866. 8vo. 

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water at Byron Bay. Sydney, 1890. folio. 



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edicion. Madrid, 1863. 12mo. 

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Tract. 8vo. vol. 521. Paris, 1889. 8vo. 

The Reservoirs of the Department of the Haute-Marne. [5th 

Int. Congr. Inl. Nav.] Paris, 1892. 8vo. 

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six equal parts. Tract. 4to. vol. 25. Edinhurgh, 1816. 4to. 

CADET, S. Intorno un parelio e intorno una modificazione proposta 
per le navi da vapore. Tract. 4<o. vol. 49. \_Boma, 1860 ?] 4to. 

Qualche nuova considerazione su la formazione de' pianeti 

maggiori. Tract. 4to. vol. 49. Boma, 1860. 4to. 

CADIAT, — , and Oudry, M. Notice sur I'emploi de la tole, du fer 
forge, et de la fonte dans les ponts. Tract. 8vo. vol. 99. 

Paris, 1851. 8vo. 

CADIAT, E. Manuel pratique de I'electricien, etc. 

Paris, 1892. 8vo. 

CADIAT, E., and Dubost, L. Traite pratique d'electricite industri- 
elle. 3""" edition. Paris, 1889. 8vo. 

CADOLINI, G. Progetto di una nuova inalveazione del Tevere 
attraverso ai prati di Castello. Tract. 8vo. vol. 

Boma, 1881. 8vo. 

CAGNOLI, A. Memoir on a new and certain method of ascertaining 
the figure of the Earth by means of Occultations of the Fixed 
Stars, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 26. Lond. 1819. 8vo. 



CAIL, R. Tyne Improvement Commission. Report, etc Tract. 
folio, vol. 24. Nciccanile-iqmn-Tijne, 1877. folio, 

CAILLARD, E. M. Electricity, the science of the nineteenth 
century, etc. Land. 1891. 8vo. 

CAILLAUX, A. Tableau general et description des mines metalliques 
et des combustibles mineraux de la France. Paris, 1875. 8vo. 

CAILL!^, J. Note sur un systeme d'eclisse, dite eclisse passe-joint. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 453. Paris, 1887. 8vo. 

CAIN, W. Theory of solid and braced elastic Arches, etc. 

New York, 1879. 8vo. 

CAISTOR CANAL. An Act for making and maintaining a navi- 
gable Canal from the river Ancholme to Caistor. 

Land. 1793. folio. 

CALAIS. Calais Harbour Works. Tract. 8vo. vol. 483. 

(Reprinted from " Engineering." ) £o«C?. [1889.] SvO. 

Le port de Calais, inaugure . . . 1889. Paris, [1889.] 8vo. 

CALAND, A. Handleiding tot de kermis der dyksbouw- en zeewerings- 
kunde. Eerste deel. Zierilczee, 1833. 8vo. 

Open brief aan den Heer Mr. K. Wagtho, betrekkelijk zijne 

verdediging van het onlangs ontworpen polder-reglement van 
Zeeland. Tract. 8«o. vol. 162. Middelhurg, 1857. 8vo. 

Verhandeling over het nut der afgezaagde palen-hoofden, etc. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 162. Middelhurg, 1819. 8vo. 

CALAND, P. Etude sur I'effet des marees dans la partie maritime 
des fleuves. Tract. 8vo. vol. 345. Paris, 1861. 8vo. 

CALCUTTA. See India.— Calcutta. 

CALDER, Biver. See Aire and Calder, Eivers. 

CALEDONIAN CANAL. Act for the Construction of the Cale- 
donian Canal. Lond. 1804. folio. 

Letter from Mr. Munro, and Treasury Minute. 

Lond. 1840. folio. 

First, (Second, etc.) Report of the Commissioners. 

Lond. 1804, etc. folio. 

Mr. Walker's Report, etc. Lond. 1838. folio. 

Report by Capt. Sir W. E. Parry, R.N. Lond. 1842. foHo. 

Report of the Committee of the House of Commons respecting 

the Caledonian Canal. Tract. 8vo. vol. 6. Dublin, 1805. Svo. 

Reports from the Select Committee on the Caledonian and Crinan 

Canal. Lond. 1839, 42. folio. 

CALEDONIAN RAILWAY. Print of cuttings from newspapers, 
relative to the Caledonian Railway and its originators. " N'oubliez." 

Tract. 8V0. vol. 491. (Privately printed.) GlasgOW, 1890. 8vO. 

Tabular statement of the Traffic Receipts of the principal Rail- 
ways. [Prepared by the Company.] St. Bollox, 1885-90. 8vo. 



CALEDONIAN RAILWAY —continued. Report by the Board of 
Trade ... on the Classification of Merchandise Traffic, and 
schedule of maximum rates applicable thereto, etc. 

Lond. 1891. folio. 

Reports . . . from the Select Committee on the Caledonian 

Railway (Conversion of Stock) Bill, etc. Lond. 1890. folio. 

CALIFORNIA.— [/S/rt/e Board of Trade.] Reclamation of arid Lands 
by Irrigation. Tract. Svo. vol. 486. Scm Francisco, 1889. 8vo. 

[State Engineer.] Report ... to the Legislature of the State 

. . . Session 1880 (1881). Sacramento, 1880-81. Svo. 

Irrigation Development ... in France, Italy and Spain. 

The introductory part of the Report of the State Engineer of 
Califoi'nia (W. H. Hall) on Irrigation, etc. (Irrigation in 
California [Southern]. The second part of the Report, etc.) 

Sacramento, 1886, 88. 8vo. 

[State Mining Bureau.] Bulletins. Sacramento, 1888. Svo. 

Fourth (Sixth, etc.) Report of the State Mineralogist. 

Sacramento, 1884, etc. 8vo. 

CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY. Addresses delivered before the 
California Teachers' Association at Riverside, December, 1891. 
[University Bulletin No. 24.] Berkeley, 1892. 8vo. 

Addresses at the Inauguration of W. T. Reid, as President . . . 

and the Dedication of the Bacon Art and Library Building, 
Berkeley, August 23, 1881. Sacramento, 1881. Svo. 

[Analysis of a] Hydraulic Step. [Dept. Mech. Eng. Bulletin 

No. 2.] Berkeley, 1887. 8vo. 

Annual Announcement of Courses of Instruction for the . . . 

year 1885-86. Berleley, 1885. 8vo. 

Annual Report of the Seci'etary to the Board of Regents . . . 

for the year ending June 30, 1886, (1887, etc.). 

Sacramento, 1886, etc. Svo. 

Biennial Reports of the President of the University, 1882-84, etc. 

Sacramento, etc. 1884. 8vo. 

Bulletins Nos. 1-36. Berkeley, 1874-79. Svo. 

(No. 32 wanting.) 

Bulletin No. 6. [Circular of the Colleges of Letters and of 

Science.] 8th (10th, 11th) edition. Berkeley, 1883-87. Svo 

By-Laws of the Board of Regents. [1880?] 8vo. 

Circular ... in relation to the Testing of Materials. [Dept. 

Mech. Eng.] Berkeley, 1887. Svo. 

College of Agriculture. Alkali Lands, Irrigation and Drainage 

in their mutual relations, etc. Sacramento, 1886. Svo. 

College of Agriculture. Report of Work of the Agricultural 

Experiment Stations of the University . . . for the year 1890, 
etc. Sacramento, 1891. Svo. 

p 2 


CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY— ro»////ner/. College of Agriculture. 
Repoi't of the Viticultuiiil Woik during the Seasons 1885 and 
1886, (1887-89,) etc. Sacramento, 1886-92. 8vo. 

Contents-Index [of the] Lii)rary. Vol. T. 

BerJceley, 1889-90. Svo. 

Experiments with a Partial Turbine or Tangential Wheel . . . 

also Experiments with Hurdy Gurdy Wheels, and comparison of 
the elliciency of a Pelton AVheel with that of the Partial Turbine, 
etc. [Dept. Mech. En<j. Bulletin No. 1.] Berkeley, l^^^. 4to. 

Library Bulletin No. 1, (2, etc.) 

Sacramento and Berkeley, 1880, etc. 8vo. 

Proceedings at the Banquet of the Alumni Association of the 

University . . . March 23, 1893, etc. [Berkeley, 1893.] 8vo. 

Register. Session 1886-87, (1887-88, etc.). 

Berkeley, 1887, etc. Svo. 

Report of Special Committee on the College of Agriculture. 

[San Francisco, 1883.] 8vo. 

Report on the Agricultural Experiment Stations of the 

University of California, with descriptions of the Regions repre- 
sented, etc. Sacramento, 1890. 8vo. 

Results of Tests for Tensile Strength ... of Crucible Basic, and 

Galvanized Basic Steel Wire Ropes, and Basic Steel Wire Rods, 
etc. [1893?] 8vo. 

Statement of the Progress and Condition of the University of 

California. Berkeley, 1875. 8vo. 

C ALIGN Y, A. DE, 3Iarquis. Recherches theoriques et experimen- 
tales sur les oscillations de I'eau et les machines hydrauliques a 
colonnes liquides oscillantes. 2 vols, in 1. 

Versailles and Paris, 1883. 8vo. 

CALL, R. E. On the Quaternary and Recent Mollusca of the Great 
Basin ; with descriptions of new forms, by R. Ellsworth Call. 
Introduced by a sketch of the Quaternary Lakes of the Great 
Basin, by G. K. Gilbert. [U.S. Geol. Survey. Bulletin No. 11.] 

Washington, 1884. 8vo. 

CALLEN and Ripley. Patent multiplying rotative motion, as a 
substitute for tooth gear, for multiplying or diminishing speed. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 111. Lond. 1855. 8vo. 

CALLENBERG, — . The new gun system — Longridge, or the use of 
wire in the manufacture of guns. Tract. Svo. vol. 367. 

Lond. 1885. 8vo. 

CALLET, F. Monographie des halles centrales de Paris. 1872-73. 

See Baltard, V., and Callet, F. 
Tables portatives de logarithmes. Paris, 1846. Svo. 

CALLIS, R. The reading of R. Callis upon the statute of sewers ; 
with the several judgments and resolutions of the judges. 4th 
edition. [TFi7/i the MS. notes of the late 3Ir. Serjeant Hill.] 

Lond. 1810. Svo. 


CALLOX, J. Cours professes a I'Ecole des Mines de Paris. 1'" partie. 
Cours de machines. 3 vols. (Atlas.) 

Paris, 1873-77. 8vo. and 4to. 

2"" partie. Cours d'exploitation des mines. 3 vols. (Atlas.) 

Paris, 1874-76. 8vo. and 4to. 

Lectures on Mining : translated by C. Le Neve Foster and 

W. Galloway. 3 vols. (Atlas.) 

Lond. 1876-86. 8vo. and folio. 

CALMELS, G., and Saulnier, E. Guide pratique du fabricant de 
Savons. Paris, 1887. 8vo. 

CALYER, E. K., Cajjt., B.N. The Conservation and Improvement of 
tidal Rivers, considered principally with reference to their tidal 
and fluvial powers. Lond. 1853. 8vo. 

The cry for national Harbours. Tract. 8vo. vol. 265. 

Lond. 1876. 8vo. 

A letter to the Tyne improvement commissioners. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 135. Newcastle, 1852. 8vo. 

On the construction and principle of a Wave Screen, designed for 

the formation of harbours of refuge. Tract. Svo. vol. 102. 

Lond. 1858. 8vo. 

Pi'oposal for the Improvement of Southwold Harbour (with a plan) 

submitted in 1844. Tract. Svo. vol. 305. Beccles, 1856. 8vo. 

Remarks on the proposed national harbour at Dover. Tract. 

Svo. vol. 251. Lond. 1875. 8vo. 

Report on Improvements effected in the river Tyne. Tract. 

folio, vol. 20. Lond. 1872. folio. 

Report on the Discharge of metropolitan Sewage into the river 

Thames. Land. 1877. 8vo. 

Report ... on proposed "Weir and Lock near Brentford, 1873. 

See CooDE, Sir J., and Calver, E. K. 

Thames Conservancy : a rejoinder to the reports of Sir Joseph 

Bazalgette ... on the allegations made against the sewage outfalls 
at Barking Creek and Crossness. Tract. Svo. vol. 291. 

BedJiill 1878. 8vo. 

CALVERT, F. C. See Crace-Calvert. 

CALVERT, J. The Gold Rocks of Great Britain and Ireland, and 
a general outline of the gold regions of the world, with a treatise 
on the geology of gold. Lond. 1853. 8vo. 

Notes on the Minerals of India. Tract. Svo. vol. 196. 

Calcutta, 1870. 8vo. 

Vazeeri Rupi, the silver country of the Vazeers, in Kulu : its 

beauties, antiquities, and silver mines. Including a trip over the 
lower Himalayah range and glaciers. Lond. 1873. 8vo. 

CAMBERWELL WATERWORKS. Minutes of Evidence on the 
Camberwell Waterworks Bill. Lond. 1805. folio. 


CAMBESSIGDES, F. Cours throrique ct praticiuo d'exploitation des 
mines. Par in, 1887, etc. 4to. 

CAMBON, J. Album internatiomil des villes d'eaux. 

Paris, 1884. folio. 

CAMBRELTN, A. L. Port de Gris-Nez, Projet de creation d'un 
vaste port de guerre et de commerce au cap tie Gris-Nez, etc. 
(R^inipressions de 1887, 1889.) Bruxelles, 1889. 4to. 

Securite des ports forains. Projet d'un nouveau brise-lames 

flottant, rigide et insubmersible. Tract, iio. vol. 121. 

Bruxelles, 1887. 4to. 

CAMBRIDGE. Report by J. W. Bazalgette and others on the 
Diversion of the Sewage of Camljridge from the River Cam. 
Tract. 8t;o. vol. 307. Lond. 1878. 8vo. 

CAMBRIDGE CAMDEN SOCIETY. Report for 1840; together 
with the addi-ess delivered by the president, March 28, 1840 : and 
a list of the members, laws, etc. Tract. d>vo. vol. 68. 

Cambridge, 1840. 8vo. 

CAMBRIDGE CANAL. A brief Review of the Arguments for and 
against the intended Canal from Cambridge to the river Stort, as 
produced at Chesterford on the 5th of September, 1788, etc. By 
Y. Z. Tract. 8vo. vol. 93. Lond. 1788. 8vo. 

CAMBRIDGE OBSERVATORY. Astronomical observations . . . 
for the years 1828-35 : by G. B. Airy. For the years 1836-60 : 
by the Rev. J, Challis. For the years 1861-65 : by J. C. Adams. 
21 vols. Cambridge, 1829-79. 4to. 


Proceedings. Cambridge, 1843, etc. 8vo. 

Transactions. Vol. 5, etc. Cambridge, 1835, etc. 4to. 

improved form of Temperature Regulator. Account by the 
Cambridge Scientij&c Instrument Company of experiments made 
by them for the Board of Trade. Cambridge, 1885. folio. 

CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY. Calendar for the year 1871, (1881, 
etc.). Cambridge, 1871, 81, etc. 8vo. 

[Lihrarij.'] Twenty-eighth annual Report to the Senate. Tract. 

Uo. vol. 117. 1882. 4to. 

CAMDEN, J. N. The Standard Oil Company. Tract. 8vo. vol. 360. 

[Boston, U.S.A.] 1883. 8vo. 

(From the North American Review.) 

CAMERA CLUB. Catalogue of the . . . Photographic Library. 
2nd edition. [Lond. 1893.] 8vo. 

Proceedings. Lond. 1886. 8vo. 

CAMERE, — . Traction on Canalized Rivers (the Lower Seine). 
[bth Int. Congr. Inl. Nav.] [Paris, 1892.] 8vo. 

CAMERON, H. The manufacture of large Forgings for Marine 
purposes. Tract. 8vo. vol. 415. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1886. 8vo. 


CAMERON, W. H. Memorandum as to the expediency of con- 
structing the Denscleugh Reservoir, 1876. See Leslie, James, 
and Cameron, W. H. 

CAMERTON COLLIERY. Report ... on the Explosion in the 
" New Pit" on the 13th November, 1893 : by J. S. Martin. 

Land. 1894. folio. 

CAMMELL, ,S'(V C, and Co. "Wilson " compound steel-faced Armour 
Plate tested on board H.M.S. " Nettle." Portsmouth, 1888. 4to. 

CAMPBELL, A. Memorandum on a proposed line of branch railway 
from the Delhi line at Deobund, to Roorkee. Hurdwar and Dehra, 
etc. Tract, folio, vol. 15. BoorJcee, 1868. folio. 

CAMPBELL, C. Report on the Indore Railway, 1871. See India. 
— Indore. 

CAMPBELL, D. Proposed Supply of Water to . . . Maidstone, etc. 
1858. See Lankester, E., and Campbell, D. 

Railway Amalgamations : their bearing on the interests of 

Scotland ; with special reference to the proposed amalgamation 
between Midland and Glasgow and South Western Railways. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. . Greenock, 1873. 8vo. 

Report upon the Fuel of the South Western Railway. Tract. 

folio, vol. 6. Lo7}d. 1855. folio. 

CAMPBELL, F. A treatise on the culture of Flax and Hemp : being 
a reprint of the letters of Robin Coodfellow. 2nd edition. 

Sydney, 1845. 8vo. 

CAMPBELL, F. A. Experiments upon the Hardwoods of Australia. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 473. Melbourne, 1881. 8vo. 

The Stability of Structures in regard to Wind Pressures. Tract. 

Svo. vol. 427. Melbourne, 1886. 8vo. 

CAMPBELL, G. C. J. Ward v. Mississippi and Missouri Railroad 
Company. Abstract Pleadings, etc. 1859. See Judd, N. B., 
and Campbell, G. C. 

CAMPBELL, J. Report of a Mineral Survey along the tract of the 
Union Canal, etc. 1814. See Lauder, J., and Campbell, J. 

Specifications of Floating Docks. Tract. 4to. vol. 61. 

Lond. 1869. 4to. 

CAMPBELL, J. R., Capt. Range-finding for the service of Artillery : 
with a description of Campbell's range indicator. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 240. Lond. 1874. 8vo. 

CAMPBELL, L., and Garnett, W. The life of James Clerk Maxwell, 
etc. Lond. 1882. Svo. 

CAMPBELL, T. H., Col. Military department, Madras. [Paper 
relating to an Iron Shield for ships, and a method of converting- 
Ordnance, invented by Col. Campbell.] Tract, folio, vol. 10. 

[1864-65.] foHo. 

Notes on the Construction of Iron-clad Ships of War. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 131. [Madras, I860?] 8vo. 


CAMPBELL, T. H., Col. — continned. On four exporimental Carriages 
of Major Campbell's pattern. Tract. 8w. vol. 131. 

[Madras ^ 1860. Bvo. 

On Iron Shields for Ships of War, etc. Tract. 9>vo. vol. I3L 

Bangalore, 1861. 8vo. 

CAMPIN, F. Details of Machinery. io«r?. 1883. 8vo. 

Materials and Construction. Lond. 1881. 8vo, 

On the construction of Iron Roofs, etc. Lond. 1850. 4to. 

A practical treatise on Mechanical Engineering, etc. 

Lond. 1863. 8vo. 

A treatise on the Application of Iron to the construction of 

Bridges . . . and other works. 3rd edition. Lond. 1883. 8vo. 

CAMUS, C. E. L. A treatise on the Teeth of Wheels, Pinions, etc. 
Translated from the French . . . and enlarged, by J. I. Hawkins. 

Lond. 1806. 8vo. 

2nd edition, Lond. 1837: Bvo. 

CANADA. Guide Book containing information for intending Settlers. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 398. Ottatva, 1882. Bvo. 

Handbook to the Dominion of Canada. Tract. 8vo. vol. 398. 

Lond. 1883. Bvo. 

Maps to be added to the correspondence relative to the re-union 

of the provinces of Upper and Lower Canada. 

(Correspondence wanting.) lo4U. lOllO. 

[Astronomi/.'\ Report of the Canadian observations of the 

Transit of Venus, 6th December, 1882. Tract. 4:to. vol. 91. 

Toronto, 1883. 8vo. 

[Canals.^ Canal Commission. Letter respecting the Improve- 
ment of Inland Navigation of . . . Canada. (Appendices.) 

Ottawa, 1871. Bvo. 

Canal Statistics for 1877. Ottawa, 1878. 8vo. 

See also infra : [Hallways.^ 

Report of the Chief Engineer of Canals. Ottawa, 1880. Bvo. 

[Geology.^ Descriptive Catalogue of a collection of the economic 

Minerals of Canada, by the Geological Corps, etc. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 426. Lond. 1886. Bvo. 

Map of the Dominion of Canada, geologically coloured. 

1842-82. Bvo. 
Publications of the Geological Survey. 

Contributions to Canadian Palaeontology : by J. T. Whiteaves. 

Vol. I., pts. 1 and 2. Montreal, 1885-89. Bvo. 

Catalogue of a Stratigraphical Collection of Canadian Rocks : 

prepared for the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893, 
by W. F. Ferrier. Ottaiva, 1893. Bvo. 

• Catalogue of Canadian plants. Part II. Gamopetalse : by John 

Macoun. Montreal, 1884. 8vo. 

CANADA. 217 

CANADA. — Publications of the Geoloi/ical Survey — continned. 

Catalogue of Section I. of the Museum of the Geological Survey, 

embracing the systematic collection of minerals and the collections 
of economic minerals and rocks, and specimens illustrative of 
structural geology : by G. C. Hoffmann. Ottawa, 1893. 8vo. 

Catalogue of a collection of the Economic Minerals of Canada, 

and notes on a stratigraphical collection of rocks. 

Montreal, 1876. 8vo. 

Catalogues of the Silurian Fossils of the island of Anticosti : 

by E. Billings. Montreal, 1866. 8vo. 

Descriptive Catalogue of the Economic Minerals of Canada, 

and of its crystalline rocks, sent to the London International 
Exhibition for 1862. Montreal, [1862.] 8vo. 

Figures and descriptions of Canadian Oi'ganic Remains. Decades 

I. to IV. 4 vols. Montreal, 1859-68. Svo. 

Fossil Plants of the Devonian and upper Silurian formations 

of Canada : by J. W, Dawson. Montreal and Lond. 1871. 8vo. 

List of Publications. Tract. Svo. vol. 401. 

Montreal, 1873. 8vo. 

Mesozoic Fossils : by J. T. Whiteaves. Vol. I., pts. 1 and 2. 

Montreal, 1876-79. Svo. 

On the Laurentian Limestones of North America : by T. Sterry 

Hunt. Reprinted, with additions, from Report for 1863-66. 

Albany, 1871. Svo. 

Palaeozoic Fossils : by E. Billings. Vol. I. and Vol. II., pt. 1. 

Montreal, 1865-74. Svo. 

Plans of various Lakes and Rivers between Lake Huron and the 

river Ottawa to accompany the Geological Reports for 1853-56. 

Toronto, 1857. 4to. 

Report on the Fossil Plants of the Lower Carbonifei-ous and 

millstone grit formations of Canada : by J. W. Dawson. 

Montreal, 1873. 8vo. 

Reports of progress of the Survey, from its commencement, etc. 

(Atlas of plates.) Lund, and Montreal, 1863, etc. Svo. and 4to. 

[Inland Revenue.^ See infra : [Itailways.'\ 

[Intercolonial Bailway.] See Intercolonial Railway. 

[Legislative Assembly.] Journal . . . vol. 16, Nos. 2, 5, 7. 

(Appendices 2-4, 13-20, 29-43.) 3 vols. Toronto, 1858. Svo. 

[Marine and Fisheries Department.] Annual Reports . . . 1868- 

85. Ottaica, 1869-86. 8vo. 

(Reports for 1872 and 1884 wanting.) 

Reports of the Chairmen of the Boards of Steamboat Inspection 

and examiners of masters and mates, the Toronto, Montreal, 
Quebec and Picton Harbour Commissioners. Ottawa, 1878. 8vo. 

[Military College.] Syllabus of the Course of Instruction. 

1885. Svo. 


CANADA — continued. — [MeteoroUxjij.^ lleports of the Meteorological 
Office. 1872-82, (1884, e<c.). Ottawa, 1^12, etc. Svo. 

[Public Works.^ General Report of the Commissioner, for 1859. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 148. Quebec, 1860. Svo, 

Annual Report of the Minister for Puljlic Works. 1867-82 

(1888-89). Ottaiva, 1868-90. 8vo. 

General Report of the Minister for Public Works, for the fifteen 

years 1867-82. Ottawa, 1883. 8vo. 

[Baihcays.^ Annual Report of the Minister for Railways and 

Canals, ISSl (1882, etc.). Ottawa, 1882, etc. Svo. 

Maps of the Railways of Canada. Montreal, 1882. Svo. 

Railway Statistics. Reports, 1875, (1876, etc.). 

Ottawa, 1876, etc. Svo. 

Report of the Royal Commission. Appendices, 

Ottawa, 1888. Svo. 

Statistics of Railways and Inland Revenue. Ottawa, 1876. Svo, 

[Sliijpping .'] Correspondence respecting the Deck Loads Act 

(Canada). Loud. 1873. folio. 

(Parliamentary Return.) 

[r///ie.] Documents relating to the fixing of a Standard of Time 

and the legalization thereof. Tract. Svo. vol. 521. 

Ottaiva, 1891. Svo. 

CANADIAN INSTITUTE. Annual report, session 1886-87, etc. 

Toronto, 1888, etc. Svo. 

Proceedings. 7 vols. Toronto, 1879-90. Svo. 

(Various nos. Imperfect. Formerly " Canadian Journal.") 

Proposed change in reckoning the Astronomical Day. Circular- 
letter addressed to astronomers of all nations [by the Joint Com- 
mittee of the Canadian Institute and the Astronomical and 
Physical Society of Toronto]. Tract. Svo. vol. 533. 

Toronto, 1893. Svo. 

Transactions. Vol. 1, etc. Toronto, 1890, etc. Svo. 

CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY. An appeal to public opinion 
against the Railway being carried across the Selkirk Range . . . 
By Philo Veritas. Tract. Svo. vol. 416. Montreal, 1885. Svo. 

Contract between the Government and the Canadian Pacific 

Railway : also the Consolidated Railway Act of 1879, and the 
Act of 1881 amending it. Ottaiva, 1882. Svo. 

Pirst Report of the Select Standing Committee on Public 

Accounts in reference to Expenditure on the Railway between 
Fort William and Red River. Ottawa, 1879. Svo. 

Minutes of Evidence before the Select Committee . . . appointed 

to inquire into all matters relating to the Railway and Telegraph 
west of Lake Superior. Ottawa, 1879. Svo. 

Progress Report on the Canadian Pacific Railway exploratory 

Survey. By S. Fleming. Ottaiva, 1872. Svo. 


CANADIAN PACIFIC IB^AIUN AY— continued. Report of Pro- 
gress on Explorations and Surveys ... up to January 1874. 
By S. Fleming. (Atlas.) Ottaiva, 1874. 8vo. 

Report on Survey and Preliminary Operations up to 1877. By 

S. Fleming. Ottawa, 1877. 8vo. 

Rapport sur les arpentages et explorations preliminaires 

accomplis sur le chemin de fer canadien du Pacifique dans les 
annees 1877, 1878, et 1879. Par S. Fleming. 

Montreal, 1879. 8vo. 

Report on an Exploratory Survey for a line of Railway to con- 
nect the Canadian Pacific Railway with Barkerville, Cariboo 
District. By H. P. Bell. Victoria, 1887. 8vo. 

Return . . . respecting the Port or Ports most suitable for a 

Terminus of the Railway in British Columbia, etc. 

Ottawa, 1878. 8vo. 

Reports ... by S. Fleming. 1878 (-1880). 

Ottawa, 1879-80. 8vo. 

The Western Route and Terminus of the Canadian Pacific Rail- 
way. Tract. 8vo. vol. 4:39. [Ottaiva? 1877.] 8vo. 

Proceedings, Annual General Meeting, February 23, 1893. 

[Montreal,] 1893. 8vo. 
Transactions. Vol. 1, etc. Montreal, 1887, etc. 8vo. 

CANAL ASSOCIATION. [Collection of Proceedings and Reports.] 

1855-75. folio. 

CANDLOT, E. Ciments et chaux hydrauliques : fabrication, pro- 
prietes, emploi. Paris, 1891. 8vo. 

Etude pratique sur le ciment de Portland. Tract. 8vo. vol. 419. 

Paris, 1886. 8vo. 

CANET, G. Theorie des freins hydrauliques. Tract. 8vo. vol. 312. 

Paris, 1879. 8vo. 

CANEVARI, R. Cenni sulle condizioni altimetriche ed idrauliche 
deir Agro Romano. Tract. 8vo. w?. 411. Boma, 1874. 8vo. 

Notizie sulle fondazioni dell' edificio pel Ministero delle finanze 

in Roma. Tract. 4:to. vol. 73. Boma, 1875. 4to. 

(From the Atti della Reale Accadeniia del Lincei.) 

CANTAGREL, S. Les voies entierement metalliques, superstructure 

metalhque, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 428. Paris, 1886. 8vo. 

CANTALUPI, A. Raccolta di tavole e formole ad uso degli ingegneri. 

Milano, 1852. 8vo. 

La scienza e la pratica per la stima delle proprieta stabili coUe 

nozioni su le consegne, riconsegne e bilanci secondo i metodi 
adottati in Lombardia. Vol. 1. Milano, 1856. 8vo. 

Le strade ferrate considerate nei rapporti tecnici, amministrativi 

e commercial!. 2 vols. Milano, 1857-58. 8vo. 

CANTER, O. Die Haus- und Hotel-Telegraphie. 

Wien, 1883. 8vo. 
Zweite Auflage. Wien, 1889. 8vo. 


CANTERr.UIlY, New Zraland. P;ipei-s relatinj,' to tli(> i);iyinent of 
the pruvinciul contribution of .£42,000 to the Canterbury Branch 
Railways. Wellington, 1872. folio. 

Public AVorks of Canterbury. Appendices. 16 vols. 

[/vrr/ojts ^>/aces], 1861-68. 8vo. and folio. 
a. Pro\incial Eniijineer's Reports. 

h. Returns showing the cost of tlie pul)lic works and of the 
working of the Road Boards. 

c. Papers relating to the Sumner Road and the Heathcote 


d. Railway Reports. 

e. Reports on the passes through the New Zealand Alps. 
/. Reports on the encroachments of the Waimakariri river. 
{J. Papers relating to the Lyttelton Harbour Works. 

li. Telegraph Department of New Zealand. 

?'. Statistical maps. 
Tc. Topographical maps. 

/. Maps and sections illustrating the several plans for con- 
necting Port Lyttelton with the Canterbury Plains. 
m. Little River and Great Southern Railways. 
0. Timber Bridges. 

p. Lyttelton Tunnel : engineering details. 
q. Lyttelton Tunnel : geological section. 
r. Views illustrating the physical geography of Canterbury. 

CANTERBURY COLLEGE, New Zealand. See New Zealand 

CANTON, Ohio. Report of the . . . Sewer Commissioners . . . 
October 30th, 1880— April 1st, 1893. Canton, 0., 1893. 8vo. 

CANTU, C. and Others. Milano e il suo territorio. 2 vols. 

Milano, 1844. 8vo. 
CAPE, G. A., Jun. Baths and Wash-houses, etc. Tract. 4to. vol. 41. 

Lond. 1854. 4to. 
CAPE COLONY. Blue-Book for 1881, (1883-85). 4 vols. 

Cape Town, 1882-86. folio. 

[Continued under the title of:] 

Statistical Register of the Colony ... for 1886, (1887, etc.). 

Cape Town, 1887, etc. folio. 
[Cape Colony. Maps and triangulations.] [1860-70?] folio. 

History, Productions, and Resources of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Official Handbook, edited by John Noble. Cape Toion,\%^Q. Svo. 
[^Astronomy.'] See Cape Town. — [Observatory.'] 

\Bwildings.] Report of the Chief Inspector for 1864. 

Cape Town, 1865. folio. 
See also infra : [Boads.] 

[Census.] Results of a Census ... as on the night of Sunday, 

5th April, 1891. Cape Toicn, 1892. folio. 

[Civil Service.] The Cape of Good Hope Civil Service List : also 

the Civil Service Calendar, 1887, (1888, etc.). 

Cape Toivn, 1887, etc. 8vo. 


CAPE COLONY — continued. — [Coal.] Coal Deposits in. the Indwe 
Basin and Stormberg Range of mountains. Report by W. Gal- 
loway. Cape Town, 1889. folio. 

[Engineerinr/.] Report of the Colonial Engineer, for 1863. 

Cape Town, 1864. folio. 

[Geoloqt/.] Reports of the Geological and Irrigation Surveyor, 

1888-90. Cape Toiou, 1891-91. folio. 

\IIarljours.'\ Inspection of Harbours, by Sir John Coode. 

[Cori-espondence.] [Cape Town,] 1876. folio. 

[Hydraulics.] Report of the Hydraulic Engineer, 1877 (-1887). 

Cape Town, 1877-87. folio. 

(The Reports for the years 18»6-87 were published in the Reports of the Inspector of Public Works for 
those years : since 1»H7 they have appeared as the " Reports of the Geological and Irrigation 

Surveyor." See supra : Ideology. ]) 

[Intoxicating Liquors.] Report of the Liquor Laws Commission, 

1889-90 : with Minutes of Evidence, etc. 

Cape Town, 1890. folio. 
[Irrigation.] See supra : [Geology] and [Hydraulics]. 

[Literature and Science.] Reports of the Board of Public 

Examiners. Tract. 8vo. vol. 148. Cajoe Toicn, 1861-65. 8vo. 

[Meteorology.] Reports of the Meteorological Commission, etc. 

Cape Town, 1861, etc. folio. 

(No reports were issued in the years 1869-74.) 

[Parliament.] Acts of the Parliament of the Colony, 1883, 

(1884, etc.). Cape Town, 1884, etc. folio. 

Votes and Proceedings of the House of Assembly. 

Cape Town, 1867. folio. 

Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Council. (Appendices). 

Cape Town, 1884, etc. folio and 8vo. 

[Public Works.] Annual Report of the Chief Inspector, 1866 

(-1882). Cape Town, 1867-83. folio. 

(Imperfect : wanting several years.) 

[Bailways.] Contract with specifications, etc., of a Railway from 

Orange River to Kimberley. Ccq)e Town, 1885. folio. 

Copies of Reports from the Select Committee of the House 

of Assembly, and from the Colonial Civil Engineer, at the Cape 
of Good Hope, relating to the proposed construction of a railwav 
between Cape Town and Wellington. Tract. Sro. vol. 207. 

Lond. 1858. 8vo. 

Report from the Select Committee on the Railways Bill. 

Cajje Toivn, 1865. 8vo. 

Report of a recent examination of the Country to be traversed 

by a Junction Line between the Midland and Eastern Railways : 
by Mr. F. G. Slessor. Cape Town, 1886. folio. 

Report of a speech delivered in the House of Assembly by 

the Commissioner of Crown Lands and Public Works, upon the 
motion of Mr. C. T. Jones, M.L.A., for a Select Committee upon 
the management of the Railways, 1886. Tract. 8vo. vol. 416. 

Cajje Town, 1886. 8vo. 


CAPE COLONY. — [Bailwaiii<] — continued. Report of the General 
Miiniigor, 1880(-85), 1888, etc. Cape Town, 1881, etc. folio. 

Report of the Select Committee on Railway Management. 

Cape Toion, 1886. 8vo. 

Statement showing Expenditure incurred in construction. 1885. 

Cape Town, 1886. folio. 

[Bereniie.] Sources of Revenue of the Colony, 1884 (-85), 1887. 

Cape Town, 1884-87. Svo. 

[Boads.] Report of the Chief Commissioner for 186.3. 

Cape Town, 1864. folio. 

Report of the Chief Inspector of Roads, Bridges, and Buildings 

for 1864 (-66). Cajxi Toion, 1865-67. foUo. 


Cape Town, 1889. Svo. 

CAPE TOWN.— [fl'arZjott;'.] Report from the Select Committee 
appointed to report upon the safety of the port of Table Bay, 
and the facilities for landing and shipping goods. Tract. Svo. vol. 
102. Cajje Town, 1854. Svo. 

Report of the Select Committee appointed by the Legislative 

Council to consider and report upon the Eastern Harbour Works. 

Cape Town, 1867. 8vo. 

[Meteorology.'] Report of the Meteorological Committee. Part I. 

July 1837. Tract. 8vo. vol. 130. Cape Town, 1837. Svo. 

See also infra : [Ohservatoryl, and supra : Cape Colony. 

[Observatory.] The Cape Catalogue of 1159 stars, deduced from 

observations at the . . . Observatory, 1836 to 1861, reduced to 
the epoch 1860, under the superintendence of E. J. Stone. 

Cape Town, 1873. Svo. 

The Cape Catalogue of Stars, deduced from observations made 

1834 to 1840, and reduced to the epoch of 1840, under the super- 
intendence of E. J. Stone. Cape Town, 1878. Svo. 

Observations made at the . . . Observatory by Lieut.-Col. E. 

Sabine. Vol. I. Magnetical Observations, 1841 to 1846, with 
abstracts of the observations from 1841 to 1850 inclusive. Vol. II. 
Meteorological Observations, 1841 to 1846. Lond. 1851. 4to. 

Results of Astronomical Observations made during the years 

1834-38 at the Observatory, being the completion of a telescopic 
survey of the whole surface of the visible heavens, commenced in 
1825. By Sir J. F. Herschel. Lond. 1847. 4to. 

Results of Astronomical Observations made during the years 

1856-57 (and during 1876) by E. J. Stone, under the superin- 
tendence of Sir T. Maclear. 2 vols. Cape Town, 1871-79. Svo. 

Results of Meteorological Observations by E. J. Stone, under 

the superintendence of Sir T. Maclear. Cape Town, 1871. Svo. 

Verification and extension of La Caille's Arc of Meridian at the 

Observatory. By Sir J. Maclear. 2 vols. 1866. 4to. 


CAPE TOWN — continued. — [Baihcays.] Copies of reports from the 
Select Committee of the House of Assembly and from the Colonial 
Civil Engineer, relating to the proposed railway between Cape 
Town and Wellmgton. Tract. 8vo. vol. 207. Lond. 1858. 8vo. 

Report of the proceedings at the first half-yearly general meeting 

of the Railway and Dock Company. Tract. 8vo. vol. 138. 

Lond. 1858. 8vo. 

[Sewerage.] Report on the Sewerage of the City of Cape Town 

. . . By C. Dunscombe, M.A. Cape Town, 1891. foHo. 

CAPEL, — . Letter to the Hon. H. L. Corry on the use of High- 
pressure Steam, etc. 1846. See Seaward, J., and Capel, — . 

CAPELLO, J., and Stewart, B. Results of a comparison of certain 
traces pi'oduced simultaneously by the self-recording magneto- 
graphs at Kew and at Lisbon ; especially of those which record 
the magnetic disturbance of July 15, 1863. Tract. 8vo. vol. 142. 

[Lond. 1864.] 8vo. 

(From the Proceedings of the Royal Society.) 

CAPPER, C. The Port and Trade of London ; historical, statistical, 
local, and general. Lond. 1862. 8vo. 

CAPPER, C. H. Observations on " Investigator's "' pamphlet relative 
to Railways. Tract. 8vo. vol. 179. Lond. 1831. 8vo. 

CAPPER, J., Col. Observations on the Passage to India through 
Egypt and across the Great Desert. 2nd edition, with additions. 

Lond. 1784. 4to. 
Observations on the Winds and Monsoons. Lond. 1801. 4to. 

CAPPER, R. Plan of Swansea Harbour . . . Corrected up to 
1879. 4to. 

C APRON, J. R. Aurora? : their characters and spectra. 

Lond. 1879. 4to. 

CAPTAIN, H.M.S. Minute by the First Lord of the Admiralty, 
with reference to H.M.S. " Captain " : with minutes of proceedings 
of the court martial, etc. Lond. 1871. folio. 

Reply from Sir Spencer Robinson with reference to H.M.S. 

"Captain." Lo7id. 1871. folio. 

CAPTIER, G. Le marinier. [5th Lit. Congr. Inl. Nav.] 

[Faris, 1892.] 8vo. 

Stoppages on Canals and Canalised Rivers in France, [pth Lnt. 

Congr. Inl. Nav.] [Paris, 1892.] 8vo. 

CARACCIOLUS, J. B. De lineis curvis liber. Pisis, 1740. 8vo. 

CARBUTT, Sir E. H., Bart. Our Guns. Tract. 8vo. vol. 419. 

Lond. 1886. 8vo. 

CARBUTT, M., Lady. Five months' fine weather in Canada, 
Western U.S., and Mexico. Lond. 1889. 8vo. 

CARDERERA, M., and Alonso y Millan, J. Taquimetria : expo- 
sicion de los metodos modernos para el levantamiento de pianos, etc. 

Madrid, 1877. 8vo. 


CARDIFF. An Act for supplying with water tlie Town and Port of 
Cardirt; etc. ' Lond. 1850. folio. 

.Minutes of proceedings and minutes of evidence, before the 

Select Connnittee on the Cardiff Corporation liill [for enabling 
tlie Mayor and Corporation to obtain an additional .sui)ply of 
Water from the River Taft' Fawr, and for other purposes of 
improvement.] Lond. 1884. folio. 

Port of Cardiff. Plan of the proposed new woi-ks. 18G5. 8vo. 

Free Librari/, Mmemn and Science and Art Scliooh. Annual 

Report, 1888-89. Cardiff, 1889. 8vo. 

University College of South Wales and Monmouth. Calendar, 

1888-89, (1889-90, etc.). Cardiff, 1888, etc. 8vo. 

Prospectus, 1891-92. Cardiff, 1891. 8vo. 


Minutes of proceedings, evidence and speech taken before the 
Select Committee of the House of Lords. Lond. 1887. folio. 

CARDINALI, F. Raccolta (Nuova raccolta) d'autori italiani che 
trattano del moto dell' acque. 4* edizione. 17 vols, 

Bologna, 1821-45. 4to. 

CAREY, A. Specification [for] improvements in Machinery for 
Digging Land. 1881. See Crossby, W. E., and Carey, A. 

CAREY, A. E. The Harbours and Ferry System of Denmark. [2nd 
Int. 3Iar. Congr.] Lond. 1893. 8vo. 

The La Guaira Harbour Works, Venezuela. [2nd Int. Mar. 

Congr.] Lond. 1893. 8vo. 

CARGILL, T. Sewage, and its general application to grass, cereal, 
and root Crops, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 169. Lond. 1869. 8vo. 

The Strains upon Bridge Girders and Roof Trusses. 

Lond. 1873. 8vo. 

CARLETTI, C. Riflessioni sulla cubatura delle terre, etc. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 338. Torino, 1882. 8vo. 

CARLILE, H. Allgemeine Darstellung des centralen Eisenbahn- 
Abrechnungs-Systems in England und Betrachtungen iiber die 
Vortheile der Einfiihrung dieses Systems in Russland. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 319. BIga, 1880. 8vo. 

[Another edition : in Russian.] Tract. 8ro. vol. 319. 

Biga, 1880. 8vo. 

Report on trials made with the Heberlein self-acting Railway- 
break on the Bergisch-Markisch Railway. Tract, folio, vol. 25. 

Biga, 1880. folio. 

CARLILE, W. O., Lieut., B.A., and Martindale, B. H., Lieut.-Col. 
Recollections of Canada. Quebec. Lond, 1873. . 4to. 

CAPtLISLE. Copy of Report to the Board of Trade ... on the 
Railway Accident at Carlisle (Citadel) Station : by Col. Rich. 

Lond. 1890. folio. 


CARLISLE — continued. Report from the Committee on the Roads 
between Carlisle and Port Patrick. Lond. 181 L folio. 

[ Information [on Sewage Disposal] obtained ... on 

the visit of a deputation fi'om the Town Council of . . . Carlisle 
to Doncaster, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 341. Carlisle, 1880. 8vo. 

[Water Supply.'] Prospectus of a proposed Joint Stock Company 

to be formed for supplying the City of Carlisle and its environs 
with Water from the river Eden. Tract. 8i'o. vol. 68. 

Carlisle [l8?,0^ 8vo. 

CARLISLE CANAL. An Act for making and maintaining a 
navigable Canal from Carlisle to the Solway Frith, etc. 

Lond. 1819. folio. 

CARLSRUHE. — Grossherzogliche Ingenieurschule. Die Eisenbahn- 
bauten bei Kehl : Rheinliriicke, Bahnhof, Kinzig und Schutter- 
briicke. Nach den Materialen der Grossherzoglich Badischen Ober- 
direktion des Wasser- und Strassenbaues. Carlsrulie, 1860. folio. 

Polytechnische Schule. Programm fiir das Jahr 1868-69. 

Karlsruhe, 1868. 8vo. 

Wasser- und Strassenbau-Amt. Kanalisation der Haupt- und 

Residenzstadb Karlsruhe. Karlsruhe, [1881.] folio. 

CARMICHAEL, A., and Brownlie, J. The Edinburgh Smoke- 
doctor. Tract. 8vo. vol. 211. Edinburgh, 1757. 8vo. 

CARMICHAEL, J. A letter to Lord Palmerston on the destruction 
of Greytown by 'the United States corvette " Cyane " on the 13th 
July, 1854. Tract. 8vo. vols. 440 and 439. Liverpool, 1856. 8vo. 

CARMICHAEL, W. V. Liquid Fuel in Ocean Steamers. [Papers 
of the Shipmasters' Soc, No. 9.] Lond. 1891. 8vo. 

CARMIGNANI, F. Nuova raccolta d'autori che trattano del moto 
deir acque. 7 vols. Parma, 1766-68. 4to. 

CARNARVONSHIRE RAILWAY. Plans of the Carnarvonshire 
Railway, with the Aberystwith and Welsh Coast Railway. 

[ .] 8vo. 
— — Plans and section of the Carnarvon Railway. [ .] 12mo. 

CARNEGIE, Phipps and Co. Pocket companion, containing useful 
information and tables appertaining to the use of Wrought-Iron 
and Steel. Pittsburg, Pa., 1889. 8vo. 

CARNOT, L. N. M. De la defense des places fortes. 

Paris, 1812. 4to. 

Memoire sur la relation qui existe entre les distances respectives 

de cinq points quelconques pris dans I'espace ; suivi d'un essai sur 
la theorie des trans versales. Paris, 1806. 4to. 

■ Principes fondamentaux de I'equilibre et du mouvement. 

Paris, 1803. 8vo. 

Reflexions sur la metaphysique du calcul infinitesimal. 4® edition. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 160. Paris, 1860. 8vc. 



CARNOT, N. L. S. Reflexions sur la puissance motrice du feu. 

Paris, 1878. 4to. 

Reflections on the Motive-power of Heat, and on machines fitted 

to develop that power. Edited by R. H. Thurston. 

Lond. 1890. 8vo. 

creosoted timber and cross-ties and wood creosote oil. Tract. Svo. 
vol. 489. Wilmington, N.C., [ ] Svo. 

CARPENTER, A. Some points in the physiolof,'ical and medical 
aspect of Sewage Irrigation ; to which is also appended a paper on 
the . influence of sewer gas on the public health. Tract. Svo. 
vol. 203. Lond. 1870. Svo. 

CARPENTER, W. Is Water convex after all 1 A renewal of the 
protest against Mr. J. H. "Walsh's decision in the Bedford Level 
Survey. Tract. Svo. vol. 212. LeioisJiarn, 1871. Svo. 

Water not convex : the earth not a globe. Demonstrated by 

A. R. Wallace, by experiments conducted on the old Bedford 
Canal. Tract. Svo. vol. 212. Lond. 1871. Svo. 

CARPMAEL, A. and E. Patent Laws of the world, etc. 

Lond. 1885. Svo. 

CARPMAEL, W. Law Reports of Patent Cases. Lond. ISiZ. Svo. 

The Law of Patents for Inventions, familiarly explained. 

Lond. 1832. Svo. 

5th edition. Tract. Svo. vol. 365. Lond. 1852. Svo. 

6th edition. Lond. 1860. Svo. 

CARR, G. S. A synopsis of elementary results in Pure Mathematics : 
containing propositions, formula?, and methods of analysis, with 
abridged demonstrations. Supplemented by an index to the 
papers on pure mathematics, which are to be found in the prin- 
cipal journals and transactions of learned societies, both English 
and foreign, of the present century. Lond. 1886. Svo. 

CARR, H. Metropolitan Street Traffic. Suggested improvements. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 234. Lond. 1871. Svo. 

Our Domestic Poisons; or the poisonous effects of certain Dyes 

and colours used in domestic fabrics. 2nd edition. 

Lond. 1879. Svo. 
3rd edition. (Sequel.) Lond. 1880. 8vo. 

Blackfriars Bridge. Contract for removal of existing bridge and 

for building the proposed new bridge, etc. 1869. See Cubitt, J., 
and Care, H. 

The Bridges of London. Tract. Uo. vol. 68. Lond. 1871. 4to. 

(From the Trans. Inst. British Architects.) 

CARR, R., and DUCKHAM, F. E. The Docks of London on the 
North of the Thames and their equipment. \2nd Int. Mar. 
Congr.] [Lond. 1893.] Svo. 

CARRINGTON, F. A. Plan of the town and part of the settlement 
of New Plymouth, New Zealand. [ .] Svo. 


CARRINGTON, R. C. Glossary of French terms .adopted on French 
charts and maps, and in sailing directions. Calcutta, 1879. 8vo. 

Return of Wrecks and casualties in Indian waters for 1877. 

Tract, folio, vol. 28. Calcidta, 1878. folio. 

• Spheroidal Tables, showing the length in feet of a degree, minute, 

and second of latitude and longitude. Tract. 8co. vol. 290. 

BoorJcce, 1876. 8vo. 

— — Table for converting French metres and decimetres into English 
feet and fathoms. Tract. 8vo. vol. 172. Lond. 1865. 8vo. 

■ 2nd edition. Tjw/. 8 w. roZ. 433. iond 1871. 8vo. 

Table of Distances at which objects can be seen at Sea. Tract. 

folio, vol. 40. _ [1875?] folio. 

Table of Natural Scales, showing the proportion which the space 

representing a mile, on a chart or map, bears to the actual mile 
on the earth's surface. Tract. 8vo. vol. 433. Calcutta, 1877. 8vo. 

CARRINGTON, T. H. "Wire Tramways : a description of the various 
systems of wire-rope transport. Tract. 8vo. vol. 301. 

Lond. [1878?] 8vo. 

CARRO, T. Navigation des fleuves et rivieres ; canalisation au moyen 
de barrages automobiles ; emploi des forces hydrauliques a la 
traction des bateaux. Tract. 8vo. vol. 477. Meaux, 1887. 8vo. 

CARROLL, E. B. Comparison of the Rajpootana meti'e gauge Rail- 
way with the G. I. P. and B. B. and C. I. standard gauge- 
railways. Tract, folio, vol. 25. Bomhai/, 1879. folio. 

CARRON, W. Narrative of an expedition for the exploration of the 
country lying between Rockingham Bay and Cape York. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 396. Sydney, 1849. 8vo. 

CARRUTHERS, G. T. The Cause of Electricity ; with remarks on 
chemical equivalents. Tract. 8vo. vol. 429. Benares, 1886. 8vo. 

The Cause of Light. Tract. 8vo. vol. 480. Suhatlm, 1888. 8vo. 

The Cause of Magnetism. Tract. 8vo. vol. 457. 

Suhatlm, 1888. 8vo. 
The Cause of Terrestrial Magnetism. Tract. 8vo. vol. 457. 

Suhafhu, 1888. 8vo. 

The Planets upon Cardioides. Tract. 4:to. vol. 111. 

Subatliu, 1888. 4to. 

CARSTAIRS, MITCHELL and Co. Dundee Harbour Arbitration. 
Representation to J. Hawkshaw, Esq., the arbiter. Tract. 4:to. 
vol. 49. [Dundee ^ 1863. 4to. 

CARSWELL, T. P. Automatic Electric Lighting of Trains. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 515. Glascjow, 1887. 8vo. 

CART, Biver. Report of the Committee on the River Cart Survey. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 102. Paisley, 1854. 8vo. 

CARTER, H. Sanitary Science and Practice. Prospectus of the 

Sanitary Engineering and Ventilation Company. Tract. 4to. 

vol. 87. Lond. 1881. 4to. 

Q 2 


CARTER, H. J. Geological papers on Western India, including 
Cutch, Sindo, and the south-east coast of Arabia ; to which is 
appended a summary of the geology of India genci-ally. (Atlas of 
plates and maps.) Bombay, 1857. 4to. 

CARTER, J. R. Observations on the proposed Improvement of the 
Nene outfall, in i-eference to the drainage of South Holland. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 12. Spaldhuj, 1822. 8vo. 

CARTER, S. Railway Legislation. Trad. Svo. vol. 435. 

Lonfl. 1874. 8vo. 

CARTIER, A. DE. Manufactory of Iron-Minium situate in Anderghem, 
near Brussels, e^c. Tract. 8vo. vol. 126. Brusseh [ISQOI^ 8vo. 

CARUSSO, C. D. Notice sur les cartes topographiques de I'etat- 
major general d'Autriche-Hongrie. Geneve, 1887. 8vo. 

Importance de la cartographic officielle. Tract. 8vo. vol. 410. 

Geneva, 1886. 8vo. 

CARUS-WILSON, C A. On the behaviour of Steel under mechanical 
stress. Tract. 8vo. vol. 495. [Lond.] 1890. 8vo. 

(From the " Philosophical Magazine.") 

The rupture of Steel by longitudinal stress. Tract. 8vo. vol. 517. 

Lond. 1890. 8vo. 

(From the rroceedings of the Royal Society.) 

CARYALHO, J. C. de. 1" conferencia sobre o projecto da estrada 
de ferro D. Pedro I. Tract, folio, vol. 39. 

Bio de Janeiro, 1885. folio. 

Signaes electricos a noite organisados para uso da marinha de 

guerra Brazileira. Tract. 8vo. vol. 424. 

Bio de Janeiro, 1886. 8vo. 

Viagens as provincias do sul do Brazil. Tract. 8vo. vol. 426. 

Bio de Janeiro, 1884. 8vo. 

CARVER, J. Travels through the interior parts of North America 
in the years 1766, 1767 and 1768. Lond. 1778. 8vo. 

GARY, J. A new map of Monmouthshire. Lond. 1828. 8vo. 

Inland Navigation ; or select plans of the several navigable canals 

throughout Great Britain. Lond. 1795. 4to. 

CASA-CARADOC. A Visit to the Chateau Casa-Caradoc. Tract, 
folio, vol. 35. Lond. 1875. folio. 

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mecanique. Paris, 1874. 4to. 

CASALONGA, D. A., and Casalonga, C. Etude comparative des 
marteaux-pilons et presses hydrauliques pour le ti'avail des grosses 
pieces de forge. Paris, 1888. 8vo. 

(From the Bulletin de la Societe des Anciens Eleves des Ecoles nationales d'Arts et ili'tiors.) 

CASONI, G. Estratto di un ragguaglio . . . intorno ad un opera 
inedita del commendatore A. Cialdi sulla navigazione del Tevere 
e sulla foce di Fiumicino. Tract. 8vo. vol. 309. 

Ve7iczia, 1846. 8vo. 


CASPERSSON, C. A. Om den vid bessemerblasningar radande 
vtirmegradens inflytande pa de bekomna gotens egenskaper. 
Tract, ^vo. vol. 466. StocMolm, 1882. 8vo. 

CASPIAN SEA. [Report by the Russian Hydrographic Dept.] 

St. Petersburg, 1877. 8vo. 

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Paris, 1886. 4to. 

Steno-telegraphy. Tract. 8vo. vol. 361. Paris, 1884. 8vo. 

CASSAL, C. E. First report upon investigations in connection with 
the "Amines" process [for purifying sewage]. Tract. 8vo. vol. 
496. Lond. 1890. 8vo. 

CASSE, E. Epure et construction des aerostats et montgolfieres. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 363. Paris, 1883. 8vo. 

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Presidency. Pombay, 1862. 8vo. 

CASSINI DE THURY, C. F. Elements d'astronomie. 1740. See 


La meridienne de I'observatoire royal de Paris. 1744. See 


Tables astronomiques, etc. 1740. See Academie des Sciences. 

CASTELLANI, J. Dell' immediata influenza delle selve sul corso 
delle acque, etc. [2 parts.] Torino, 1818-19. 4to. 

CASTLE, E. J. A practical treatise on the Law of Rating. 

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(From the Transactions of the Society. J 

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[A collection of Mathematical Papers by A. Cayley. 1852-67.] 


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Free public Libraries and Museums ; their usefulness ... as coni- 

pared with the libraries of Sunday-schools, etc. Tract. 8vo. 
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Form of Statistical Returns for the promotion of preventive as 

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gress, and on the improvement of the condition of the wage classes, 
in agriculture as well as in manufactures. Tract. Svo. vols. 146 
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centralisation for the people, together with improvements in codi- 
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permeable Street Surfaces. Tract. 4:to. vol.67. Lo7id. 1871. 4to. 

( From the Journal of the Society of Arts.) 

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236 CHADWICK — 0HALL18. 

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1. North and South Atlantic Oceans. 

2. Antarctic Sea, Australia and New Zealand. 

3. New Zealand to Torres Strait, Manihx and Houg Kong. 

4. Pacific Ocean, China and adjacent Seas. 
5-6. Pacific Ocean. 

7. Atlantic Ocean. 

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Le pont sur la Manche : expose complet de la question, avec 

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Company, Limited, to make Railways in the County of Kent in 
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respecting the proposed Channel Tunnel Railway. [Fr. and Eng.^ 

Lond. 1875. 8vo. 

. Correspondence respecting the proposed Channel Tunnel and 

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construction of a Channel Tunnel. Lond. 1873-82. folio. 


CHANNEL TUNNEL — continued, lleport of tl>e Commissioners. 

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Report of the Select Committee on the Channel Tunnel. 

Land. 1883. folio. 

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(From the Journal of the Association of Engineering Societies.) 

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(From Trans. Am. Soc. C.E.) 

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Western Railway Company, to the shareholders in that company, 
on the pending differences between the London and South Western 
and the Great Western Railway Companies. Tract. Svo. vol. 

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relation to the interests of Great Britain ; with remarks on rail- 
way communication in the Bombay Presidency. 

Lond. 1851. 8vo. 

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Lond. 1868. 8vo. 


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8cinde. 1854. See India. — Sind. 

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Newcastle, 1823. 8vo. 

Address to the subscribers to the Canal from Carlisle to Fisher's 

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■ A description of the port of Seaham, in explanation of the plan 

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Estimate of the expenses of completing the navigation of the 

River Barrow from St. Mullin's to Athy. Tract. 8vo. vol. 94. 

Dublin, 1789. 8vo. 

Explanation of a plan of the Coast and Harbour of Seaham, with 

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Facts and remarks relative to the "Witham and the "Welland, etc. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 12. Boston, 1800. 8vo. 

Reports on the Laneham Drainage. (Supplement.) 2 pt. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 46. Betford, 1813. 4to. 

General principles of Public Drains : addressed to the directors 

of the Muston drainage. Tract. 8vo. vol. 46. 

Neiocastle, 1803. folio. 
Letter to the subscribers of the Limerick Navigation. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 37. Dublin, 1795. 8vo. 

Observations on Mr. John Sutcliffe's Report on a proposed line 

of canal from Stella to Hexham. Tract. 8vo. vol. 91. 

Newcastle, 1797. 8vo. 
Observations on Shoreham Harbour. Tract. 8vo. vol. 38. 

Newcastle, 1822. 8vo. 

Observations on the advantages of bringing the Grand Canal 

round by the circular road into the River LifFey. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 37. Dublin, 1785. 8vo. 

Observations on the improvement of Boston Haven. 2 pt. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 13. Boston, [1800?] 8vo. 

Observations on . . . forming a communication for the transit 

of merchandise and the produce of land to or from Newcastle 
and Carlisle, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 503. Newcastle, 1824. 8vo. 

Observations on the various systems of Canal Navigation, with 

inferences practical and mathematical, in which Mr. Fulton's plan 
of wheel-boats and the utility of subterraneous and of small canals 
are particularly investigated, including an account of the canals 
and inclined planes of China. Tract. 4,to. vol. 58. 

Lond. 1797. 4to. 

Reasons for not thinking a permanent overflow of one hundred 

yards expedient at Arram Beck. Tract. 8vo. vol. 46. 

Hull, 1804. s.sli. 4to. 



CHAPMAN, William — rontlnnrd. Remarks on the proposed plan 

of an inland cut from ]>urn's Island to Lcijililin. Tract. Sro. 

vol.37. Carlow, 1791. 8vo. 
Report on Mr. Golborne's plan of draining K(;yiiighain Level. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 46. Hull, 1800. 4to. 
Report on the Beverley and Barmston Drainage. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 46. Bererley, 1806. 8vo.. 
Report on the Beverley and Barmston Drainage, 1804. See 

Jessop, W., Rennie, J., and Chapman, W. 

Report on the cost and separate advantages of a Ship Canal and 

of a railway from Newcastle to Carlisle. 2nd edition. Tract. 8vo. 
vols. 4 and 504. Newcastle, 1824. 8vo. 

Report on the drainage and navigation of Keyingham Level, in 

Holderness. Tract. 8vo. vol. 46. Netvcastle-on-Tyne, 1797. 4to. 

Report on the drainage of the marshes from Ancroft Fen to 

Wainfleet Haven. Tract. 8vo. vol. 46. Louth, 1810. 8vo. 

Report on the harbour of New Shoreham. Tract. 8vo. vol. 38. 

BrigJiton, 1815. 8vo. 

Report on the Improvement of the Harbour of Arklow and the 

practicability of a navigation from thence. Tract. 8vo. vol. 37. 

DuUin, 1792. 8vo. 

Report on the Manchester and Dee Ship Canal. Tract, ito. 

vol. 7. Manchester, 1825. 4to. 

Report on the means of draining the low gi'ounds in the vales of 

the Derwent and Hertford, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 54. 

Newcastle, 1800. 8vo. 

Report on the means of making Woodford River navigable, from 

Lough Erne to Woodford Lough. Tract. 8ro. vol. 37. 

Limerick, 1793. 8vo. 
Report on the means of obtaining a safe and commodious com- 
munication from Carlisle to the sea. Tract. 8vo. vol. 47. 

Carlisle, 1807. 8vo. 

Report on the means of perfecting the Navigation of the River 

Barrow from St. MuUins to Athy. Tract. 8vo. vol. 37. 

Dublin, 1789. 8vo. 

Report on the measures to be attended to in the survey of a line 

of navigation from Newcastle-upon-Tyne to the Irish Channel. 
Trad. 8vo. vol. 64. Newcastle-tijjon-Tyne, 1795. 8vo. 

[Another edition.] To which are added all the reports sub- 

sequent the survey, and the estimates of Messrs. Jessop and 
Chapman. Tract. 8vo. vol. 6. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1796. 8vo. 

- Report on the navigation of the River Shannon from Lough 
Allen to Killaloe, with estimates. Tract. 8vo. vol. 37. 

Limerick, 1791. 8vo. 

- Report on the projected patent wrought iron Suspension Bridge 
across the River Tyne at North and South Shields. Tract, ito. 
vol. 13. Newcastle-wpon-Tyne, 1825. 4oo. 


CHAPMAN", "William — continued. Report on the proposed Branch 

Navigations from the River Hull, with estimates. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 46. Newcastle, 1800. 8vo. 
Report on the proposed Canal from Castle Orchards, Sheffield, to 

the River Dun below Tinsley. Tract, ito. vol. 34. 

Sheffield, 1814. 4to. 
Report on the proposed Canal Navigation between Carlisle and 

Solway Firth. 2nd edition. Tract. 8vo. vol. 6. 

Carlisle, 1818. 8vo. 
Report on the proposed line of Navigation between Newcastle 

and Maryport, etc., 1795. See Jessop, "W., and Chapman, W. 

Report on the proposed Navigation between the east and west 

seas, as far as extends from Newcastle to Haydon Bridge, etc. 
3 parts. Tract. 8co. vol. 6. Newcastle, 1795. 8vo. 

Report on the proposed Navigation to Knaresbro'. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 6. Tori; 1802. 8vo. 

Report on the rise . . . and projected extension of the Harbour 

of Seaham. Tract. 8vo. vol. 13. Newcastle, 1832. 8vo. 

Report on the state of the Beverley and Barmston Drainage. 

Tract. 8vo. vol., 46. Srarhorough, 1804. 8vo. 

Report on the state of the Beverley and Barmston Drainage. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 46. Newcastle, 1809. 8vo. 

Report on various projected Lines of Navigation from Sheffield. 

Tract. Ato. vol. 7. Sheffield, 1813. 4to. 

Report respecting the Drainage of the low grounds lying below 

the "Wolds, on the west side of the River Hull, and in Frodingham 
Carrs, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 46. Hall, 1796. 8vo. 

Report to the chairman and commissioners of Shoreham Harbour. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 38. Lond. 1821. 8vo. 

Report to the committee of the proprietors of the Beverley and 

Barmston Drainage. Tract. 8vo. vol. 46. Hull, 1801. 8vo. 

Reports on the Beverley and Barmston Drainage. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 54. Newcastle, 1803. 8vo. 

Reports on the state of the Beverley and Barmston Drainage, 

dated April 27th and May 18th, 1803. Tract. 8vo. vol. 46. 

Newcastle, 1803. 8vo. 

[Scarborough Harbour. A collection of Reports.] 32 pt. 

Tract, folio, vol. 3. 1800-30. folio. 

Sundry papers and reports relative, first, to the defence of the 

estate of Cherry Cobb Sands, against the Humber ; secondly, the 
draining of Keyingham Marshes ; and thirdly, the eventual im- 
provement and accretion of the fore shore opposite Foul Holme 
Sands. Tract. 8vo. vol. 46. 

Newcastle, 1800, and Lond. 1801. 8vo. 

Treatise on the manufacture of Cordage. 1808. 4to. 

CHAPPELL, E., Capt. Reports relative to Smith's patent screw- 
propeller. Tract. 8vo. vol. 55. Lond. 1840. 8vo. 

R 2 


CHAPTAL, J. A. C. Chemistry applied to arts and manufactures. 
4 vols. Loud 1807. 8vo. 

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Int. Mar. Congr.] [Land. 1893.] 8vo. 

CHARITABLE CORPORATION. Charitable corporation, for relief 
of industrious poor. Lorid. 1832, 33. folio. 

CHARLEROI CANAL. Rapport. Bruxellea, 1839. folio. 

CHARLESTON, S.C. Centennial celebration of the Incorporation 
of the city of Charleston, South Carolina . . . 1883. 

Charleston, 1884. 8vo. 

Examination by Government officers, of buildings injured by the 

earthquake at Charleston, 1886. Tract. 8vo. vol. 450. 

Wilmington, 1887. 8vo. 

Souvenir of the great earthquake at Charleston, S.C, August 

31st, 1886. Photographs by G. L. Cook. Tract. 8vo. vol. 450. 

Charleston, 1886. 8vo. 

CHARLETON, A. G. The choice of Coarse and Fine-crushing 
Machinery and processes of Ore Treatment. 6 pt. in 1 vol. 

Lond. 1892-94. 8vo. 

(From Trans. Fed. Inst. Mining Engrs.) 

Tin : describing the chief methods of mining, dressing, and 

smelting it abroad, with notes upon Arsenic, Bismuth, and 
Wolfram. Lond. 1884. 8vo. 

CHARLEVILLE, Raucourt de. See Raucourt de Charleville. 

CHARLEY, W. Flax and its products in Ireland. 

Lond. 1862. 8vo. 

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Part I. Roof trusses, etc. Huddersjield [1888 ?] obi. 8vo. 

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Lond. 1800-02. 4to. 

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magnetisme. Paris, 1848. 8vo. 

CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS, Institute of. See Institute of 
Chartered Accountants. 

CHARTERS TOWERS. Charters Towers Water Supply. 

[Brisbane, 1887.] folio. 

CHARTON, E. Dictionnaire des professions ou guide pour le choix 

d'un etat. 3" edition. Paris, 1880. 8vo. 

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I'Exposition Universelle de 1889. Tract. 8vo. vol. 476. 

Paris, 1889. 8vo. 

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from Nature in water-colours. Edited by Rev. J. Harris. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 385. Lond. [1863.] 8vo. 

CHASLES, M. Memoire sur les surfaces engendrees par une ligne 
droite, particulierement sur I'hyperboloide, le paraboloide, et le 
cone du second degre. Tract. 8vo. vol. 189. [1840 ?] 8vo. 


CHASLES, M. — continued. Proprietes des surfaces du second degre 
analogues aux theoremes de Pascal et de M. Brianchon. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 189. [1839?] 8vo. 

CHASSELOUP DE LAUBAT, F. de, Marquis. Description of 
Chasseloup de Laubat's system of Fortitication executed at Alex- 
andria. [By J. S. Macaulay.] Tract. Svo. vol. 335. 

Land. 1833. 8vo. 

CHATARD, T. M. Report of work done in the Washington Labora- 
tory, 1883-84. See Clarke, F. W., and Chatard, T. M. 

CHATEAU, T. Technologie du batiment ; ou, etude complete des 
materiaux de toute espece employes dans Fart de batir, etc. 2 vols. 

Paris, 1863-66. 8vo. 

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and English.] Hamburg, 1839. 4to. 

CHATELIER, H. le. See Le Chatelier, H. 

CHATFIELD, H. An elementary essay on the principle of Masting 
Ships : with graphic illustrations ... of a proposed new method 
of proportioning masts, yards, sails, etc. Tract. 4/o. vol. 64. 

Devonjjort, 1834. 4to. 

CHATHAM. Chatham Dockyard extension : correspondence re- 
lating to contracts. Lond. 1870. folio. 

Plan of H.M. Dockyard, Marine Barracks, and Naval Hospital. 

Lond. 18.58. 8vo. 

[Another edition, corrected.] Lond. 1879. 8vo. 

Report on progress of "Works. Lond. 1871. folio. 

Proposals of Prices for performing by contract several Works 

in the additional buildings proposed to be made to the Marine 
Barracks, Chatham. Tract, folio, vol. 49. \Lond. 1800?] folio. 

Pi'oposals of Prices for . . . the erection and completion of a 

Building . . . designed for a Chapel, and to be erected in H.M. 
Dockyard at Chatham. Tract, folio, vol. 49. 

[Lond. 1800?] folio. 

CHATIGNIER, L. Commentaire des clauses et conditions generales 
imposees aux entrepreneurs pour I'execution des travaux des 
ponts et chaussees. Tract. 8vo. vol. 419. Paris, 1857. 8vo. 

CHATTAWAY, E. D. Railways : their capital and dividends, with 
statistics of their working in Great Britain and Ireland. 

Lond. 1855-56. 8vo. 

CHATTERTON, A. The prevention and extinction of Fires in Flour 
Mills. Tract. 8vo. vol. 465. Lond. 1888. 8vo. 

Proposals for utilizing Water Power in Southern India. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 505. Madras, 1892. 8vo. 

CHATTERTON, B. The " Chatterton " [Gas] Engine. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 512. Lond. 1892. 8vo. 

CHATWOOD, S. " The Battle of the Safes." Herring, New York 
V. Chatwood, Bolton. Tract. 8vo. vol. 449. [1886.] 8vo. 


CHAUBART, L. AmtJlioratiou des cours d'oau dits navigables par 
Temploi du resillage luotallique. Tract. 8vu. vol. 322. 

Moissar, 1881. 8vo. 

— — Enrochomonts defensifs des ouvrages d'art en lits de riviere et de 
iner et digues proprement dites. Tract. 8vo. vol. 261. 

Toulouse, 1870. 8vo. 

CHAUDIERE BRIDGE. General Specification and form f>f tender 
for the iron superstructure of the Chaudiei-o Jiridg(^ [over the 
Ottawa River]. Tract, folio, vol. 25. Montreal, 1880. folio. 

CHAUMONT, De. See Fran5ois-de-Chaumont. 

CHAUVEAU, G. Traite theorique et pratique des moteurs a gaz, etc. 

Paris, 1891. 8vo. 

CHEESEWRIGHT, F. H. Harbours, natural and artificial. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 524. Land. 1891. Svo. 

(From tlie " Journal of the Society of Arts.") 

CHEFFINS, C. E. North Staffordshire Railway. A collection of 
working drawings of the rolling stock. [ ] folio. 

CHEFFINS, C. F. Map of the Railway from Birmingham to Rugby, 
and from Birmingham to Wolverhampton. Lond. 1837. 12mo. 

Map of the London and Birmingham Railway from London to 

Boxmoor. Lond. 1837. 12mo. 

Map of Railways in England and Scotland, and of the main Roads 

throughout the kingdom. Lond. 1844. 8vo. 

Maps and sections of the grand Railway Communication from Lon- 
don to the North. Low?. [1840?] 8vo. 

CHELMER. Act for Chelmer and Black water Navigation. 

Lond. 1793. folio 

CHELSEA. [Vestry Surveyor's] report on overhead Wires and 
Cables, underground pipes, wires, cables, etc. By T. W. E. 
Higgens. Tract. 8vo. vol. . Chelsea, 1891. 8vo. 

CHELSEA BRIDGE. Return of all engineers' reports during the 
last three years respecting the strength of Chelsea Bridge. 

Lond. 1860-62. folio. 

CHELSEA EMBANKMENT. Chelsea Embankment and northern 
low level Sewer from Chelsea Hospital to Battersea Bridge. 
Specification of works. (Atlas of plates.) [Met. Board of Works.] 

Lond. 1871. folio. 

Chelsea Embankment. Descriptive Statement, etc. (Met. Board 

of Works.) Tract. 8vo. vol. 478. 

■ See also Thames Embankment. Lond. 1871. 8vo. 

CHELSEA WATERWORKS. An Act for extending the Chelsea 
Waterworks : and for better supplying the City of Westminster 
. . . with Water. Lond. 1852. folio. 

See London.- — [Water Supphj]. Minutes of Evidence on the Water 

Supply of the Metropolis and the Chelsea Waterworks Bill, 1852. 


CHELTENHAM. Act for improving Cheltenham. 

Lond. 1852. folio. 

Report from the Surveying Officers, and minutes of evidence on 

the Cheltenham Waterworks Bill. Lond. 1847. folio. 

Minutes of Evidence taken before the Select Committee of the 

House of Commons on the Cheltenham Water Bill. (Group C) 

Land. 1878. folio. 

COMPANY. An Address from the Directors to the Share- 
holders. Tract. Svo. vol. 416. Cirencester, 1836. 

Cheltenham, addressed to all whom it may concern and in par- 
ticular to the Shareholdei's in the Cheltenham and Oxford, and 
London and Birmingham Union Railway Company. Tract. Svo. 
vol. 416. Lond. 1836. 8vo. 

CHEMICAL SOCIETY. Catalogue of the Library. Tract. Svo. vol 
381. Lond. 1869. 8vo. 

[Another edition.] Lo7id. 1886. 8vo. 

Quarterly Journal, etc. Lond. 1849, etc. Svo. 

(Title altered In 1862 to Juurnal of the Chemical Society.) 

CHEMIN, 0., and Verdier, F. La houille et ses derives. 

Paris, 1888. 8vo. 

CHEMIN DE PER DE LA LOIRE. Proces verbaux des assemblees 
generales des 26 mars et 9 avril 1843 et 31 mars 1844, et 
rapports, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 81. Paris, 1844. 8vo. 

CHEMIN DE PER D'ORLEANS. Reseau central, ligne d'Arnant 
au Lot. Compte-rendu statistique provisoire de la construction 
de la section de Murat a Vic-sur-Cere. Tract. Ato. vol. 110. 

Paris, 1868. 4to. 

RANEE. Dimensions principales des locomotives et tenders. 
2 vols. Paris, 1869-71. 4to. 

Ligne du Rhone au Mont-Cenis, section de St. Michel au Mont- 

Cenis. Plan et profil en long. 1871. folio. 

CHEMIN DE PER DU NORD. Notice descriptive des appareils 
electriques exposes par la compagnie a I'Exposition Internationale 
d'Electricite, 1881. Tract, folio, vol. 29. Lille, 1881. folio. 

CHEMNITZ. — Kdnigliche Hohere Geiverhschule, Baugewerlcenschule und 

Werhmeisterscliule. Programm zu der am 10, 11, und 12 April, 

•1867, zu haltenden Priifung der Schiiler. Clieniuitz, 1867. 4to. 

Teclmische Staatslehranstalten. Programm . . . Ostern, 1886, etc. 

Chemnitz, 1886, etc. 4to. 

CHERBOURG. — Societe des Sciences Naturelles. Catalogue de la 
Bibliotheque, etc. [Cherbourg,] 1852. Svo. 

[Another edition.] [Cherhotirg,] 1870. 8vo. 

) Memoires. Vol. 1 (2, etc.). Cherbourg, 1852, etc. Svo. 


CHERNOFF, D. On the structure of Cast Steel Ingots. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 324. [Land. 1878.] 8vo. 

(From the Proc. lust. Mechanical Engineers.) 

ReniJirks on the manufacture of Steel, and the mode of working 

it. Tract. 8vo. vol. 273. Lond. 1876. 8vo. 

general Report. Tract. 8vo. vol. 11. [Philadel2)hia,] 1825. 8vo. 

CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO CANAL. Report by Col. J. J. Abert. 
Tract, ito. vol. 74. Washington, 1874. 4to. 

Ohio Line, late the Virginia Central Line. Tract. 8vo. vol. 435. 

Lond. 1868. 8vo. 

CHESBROUGH, E. S. Chicago Sewerage. Report of the results of 
examinations made in i-elation to sewerage in several European 
cities. Tract. 8vo. vol. 106. Chicago, 1858. 8vo. 

CHESHIRE. An Act for conferring further powers upon the 
Cheshire Lines Committee, etc. Lond. 1883. folio. 

Cheshire Lines Act, 1890. Lond. 1890. folio. 

CHESHIRE, E. The results of the Census of Great Britain in 1851, 
with a description of the . . . processes, etc. (Appendix.) Tract. 
8vo. vol 116. Lo7id. 1853. 8vo. 

CHESNEY, C. C, Col. Essays in modern Military Biography. 

Lond. 1874. 8vo. 

CHESNEY, F. R., Lt.-Col. The Expedition for the Survey of the 
Rivers Euphrates and Tigris 1835 and 1837. Vols. 1, 2, and 5 
(vols. 3 and 4 not published). Lond. 1850. 4to. 

[Another edition.] Vols. 1 and 2. Lotid. 1850. 8vo. 

CHESNEY, G., CoL, and Cotton, Sir A. Papers on land and water 
caiTiage in India. Tract. 8vo. vol. 225. Madras, 1871. 8vo. 

CHESSON, F. W. On Manitoba. Tract. 8vo. vol. 233. 

Lond. 1872. 8vo. 

CHESTER, F. D. The Gabbros and Associated Rocks in Delaware. 
[U.S. Geol. Survey. Bulletin No. 59.] Washington, 1890. 8vo. 

CHESTER. Guide to Chester. Chester meeting of the Iron and 
Steel Institute, 1884. Visits and excursions. Tract, ito. vol. 

Lond. 1884. 4to. 

Reports on the best means of promoting the improvement of the 

port and harbour of Chester ; and of Robert Stevenson and Sons 
relative to the improvement of the navigation of the River Dee. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 286. Chester, 1839. 8vo. 

dence taken before the Lords' Committee. Lond. 1837. folio. 

promoters. 1840. folio. 

Mr. Renders Report. Lond. 1844. folio. 


Report to the Commissioners of Railways on the fatal accident 
on the 24th May, 1847, by the falling of the Bridge over the 
River Dee. Lond. 1847. folio. 

CHESTER CANAL. An Act for making a navigable Cut or Canal 
from the River Dee within the Liberties of the City of Chester to 
Middlewich and Nantwich. Lond. 1777. folio. 

An Act for . . . enlai'ging the powers of [the Chester Canal Act 

of 1777]. Lond. 1777. folio. 

CHESTERFIELD. Chesterfield Borough Extension and Improve- 
ment Bill. Minutes of evidence taken before the Select Com- 
mittee on private bills. Tract. 8vo. vol. 267. Lond. 1876. 8vo. 

OF ENGINEERS. [Formerly the Chesterfield and Derby- 
shire Institute op Mining, Civil and Mechanical Engineers.] 
Transactions, vol. 1 (2, etc.) Lond. 1873, etc. 8vo. 

CHETHAM, W. An Act for rendering valid certain Letters Patent 
granted to William Chetham for " Improvements in self-acting 
temples for Looms." Lond. 1883. folio. 

CHEVALIER, A. Traite elementaire des reactifs. 1822. See 
Payen, A., and Chevalier, A. 

CHEVALIER, M. L'isthme de Panama : examen historique et 
geographique des diflerentes directions suivant lesquelles on pour- 
rait le percer, . . . suivi d'un aperQu sur l'isthme de Suez. Tract. 
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Des interets materiels en France. Travaux publics. Routes : 

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Histoire et description des voies de communication aux Etats-Unis 

et des travaux d'art qui en dependent. (Atlas of plates.) 3 vols. 

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Societe frangaise pour la conservation des monuments. Tract. 
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de M. Ebehnen . . . Precede d'une notice sur M. Ebelmen par 
M. E. Chevreul. 1855. 

CHEYNE, A., Capt. Answers for Capt. Cheyne, to the report, pur- 
porting to be made by the aggregate committee of the Edinburgh 
and Glasgow Union Canal Company, appointed ... to inquire 
into the affairs of the company. With Appendices containing 
declarations and correspondence. Tract. 8vo. vol. 7. 

Edinburgh, 1829. 8vo. 

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way. Tract, folio, vol. 31. Neemuch, 1878. folio. 

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dair argine di separazione presso Chiusi sino al mare, e della Sieve 
da San Piero a Sieve sino al suo sbocco in Arno, rilevato coUa 
direzione di A. Manetti, Direttore generale delle acque e strade, 
dalF ing. F. Renard. 1848. folio. 


CHICAGO. The Climate of Cliicago : l.y H. A. Hazen. 

Wa^hinyton, D.C., 1893. 

Specitications for the construction of a Tunnel eight feet in 

diameter, from a point on the Lake Park, to be built in an easterly 
direction under the bed of Lake Michigan, to a distance of about 
four miles. Tract, folio, vol. 41. Chicago, 1887. folio. 

[Commission on Drainage and Water Skjjj)!!/.] Preliminary Report, 

etc. Chicago, 1887. 8vo. 

[Exhihition of 1893.] Catalogue of Articles in the Exhibit of the 

Lehigh University, at the World's Columbian Exposition, 1893. 
Tract. 8vo. vol . South Bethlehem, Pa., 1893. 8vo. 

Descriptive Catalogue of the Albums, Memoirs and Designs 

exhibited by the Society of Portuguese Civil Engineers. 

Lisbon, 1893. 8vo. 

Notices sur les appareils d'eclairage . . . exposes dans le Palais 

de I'Electricite par le Service des Phares. Paris, 1893. 8vo. 

Notice on Apparatus for Illumination . . . exhibited in the 

Palace of Electricity by the Lighthouse Service [of the French 
Republic]. Paris, 1893. 8vo. 

[Papers presented by the American Society of Civil Engineers 

for the International Engineering Congress will be found in the 
Transactions for 1893.] 

Proceedings of the General Committee of Engineering Societies, 

etc. [Chicago,] 1891. 8vo. 

Royal Commission for the Chicago Exhibition. Handbook of 

Regulations and general Information. April, 1892. 

Lond. 1892. 8vo. 

3rd edition, August, 1892. Lond. 1892. 8vo. 

Final edition. May, 1893. Lond. 1893. 8vo. 

Royal Commission for the Chicago Exhibition. Official Catalogue 

of the British Section. Lond. 1893. 8vo. 

2nd edition. Lond. 1893. 8vo. 

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1869-75. 7 vols. Chicago, 1869-76. 8vo. 

Annual Report of the Department of Public Works, 1876-88. 

13 vols. Chicago, 1877-89. 8vo. 

[Pailways.] Terminal Commission. Report to the Mayor and 

Common Council of Chicago . . . Briefs . . . as to . . . the duty 
to the public, of Railroad Corporations whose lines cross the 
surface of streets in Chicago, and the remedy for its enforcement. 

Chicago, 1892. 8vo. 

[Bush Street Bridge.] Brief memorandum of its construction, 

etc. Tract. Uo. vol. 93. Chicago, 1884. 4to. 

structions for employes in the Bridge and Building Department, 
etc. Chicago, 1893. 8vo. 



tinued. General specifications for wrought iron and steel struc- 
tures. July 1st, 1888. Tract, folio, vol. 42. 1888. folio. 

Howe Truss Bridge. Chicago, 1891. folio. 

CHICCHI, P. Corso teorico-practica sulla costruzione dei ponti 
metallici. (2 Atlases of plates.) 2" edizione. 3 vols, in 2. 

Torino, 1886. 8vo., 4to. and folio. 

[Appendix to the above.] Padova, 1882. folio. 

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cryptogamous plants collected by Dr. Elliott Coues in Dakota and 
Montana. Tract. 8vo. vol. 474. WasMngton, 1878. 8vo. 

CHIESA, A., and Gambardini, B. Delle cagioni e de' rimedi delle 
inondazioni del Tevere. jRoma, 1746. 8vo. 

CHIGNECTO. Information respecting the proposed Marine Trans- 
port Railway across the Isthmus of Chignecto. Tract. 8vo. vol. 340. 

Ottawa, 1882. 8vo. 

CHILCOTT, J. New guide to Bristol, Clifton, and the Hotwells, etc. 

Bristol, 1826. 8vo. 

CHILD, G. W. Reports upon the Sanitary Condition of Oxfoi-dshire. 
2 vols. Lond. 1874-77. 8vo. 

The present state of the Town Sewage Question. Tract. 8to, 

vol. 520. Oxford and Lond. 1865. 8vo. 

CHILDE, J., McAlpine, W. J., and Kirkwood, J. JP. Report on the 
improvement of the harbour of Montreal, and on the trade and 
navigation of the St. Lawrence. Tract. Ato. vol. 66. 1857. 4to. 

CHILDREN, J. G. On the use of a mixture of Spirit of wine and 
Camphine, as a light for optical purposes. Tract. 8vo. vol. 96. 

[1847.] 8vo. 

CHILDS, G. W. The Public Ledger Building, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia, 1868. 8vo. 

CHILDS, O. W. Engineer's report of the cost of constructing the 
Ship Canal of Nicaragua^ as estimated at New York prices. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 112. New York, 1852. 8vo. 

Map and profile of the route for the construction of a Ship Canal 

. . . across the isthmus of Nicaragua, Central America. 

New Tori-, 1852. 8vo. 

Report of the survey and estimates of the cost of constructing the 

inter-oceanic Ship Canal ... in the state of Nicaragua, Central 
America. Tract. Svo. vol. 112. New York, 1852. 8vo. 

CHILL — [Industry and Public Works.] Anuario del Ministerio . . . 
1888-90. Santiago, 1889-91. 8vo. 

Boletin. Santiago, 1887-90. Svo. 

Memoria del Ministerio . . . 1888-89. Santiago, 1888-89. 8vo. 

[Pailways.] Estadistica de los ferro-carriles del Estado, 1888. 

Valparaiso, 1889. folio. 


CHILI. — [Railways] — continued. Infonne i documentos relatives al 
Ferroearril Trasandino . . . por D. Domingo de Toro i Herrera. 

Santiago, 1892. 8vo. 

MeDioria presentada por el Director Jeneral de los Ferrocarriles 

del Estado. 1888. Val2)amiHo, 1889. 8vo. 

CHILWORTH. Report on an Explosion at Chilworth, near Guild- 
ford : by Maj. V. D. Majendie. Lond. 1879. folio. 

Report on an Explosion at Chilworth Gunpowder Factory. 

Lond. 1884. folio. 

CHINA. A Complete View of the Chinese Empire ; exhiliited in a 
geographical description of that country, a dissertation on its 
antiquity, and a genuine . . . account of Earl Macartney's embassy, 
etc. Lond. 1798. 8vo. 

[Customs.] Customs Gazette. No. 43-60. 

Shanghai, 1879-84. 4to. 

Returns of Trade at the Treaty Ports, 1878 (1882-83). 3 vols. 

Shanghai, 1879-84. 4to. 

[Lighthouses, etc.] Return relating to Lighthouses, Light-vessels, 

Buoys and Beacons, 1872 (1874-77, 1879, etc.). 

Shanghai, 1872, etc. 4to. 

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3 pt. Stuttgart, 1864-65. 4to. 

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Chisholm, G. G. 

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Kensington, vol. 2.] Lond. 1879. 8vo. 

On the Science of Weighing and Measuring, etc. 

Lond. 1877. 8vo. 
CHLADNI, E. F. F. Traite d'acoustique. Paris. 1809. 8vo. 

port of the directors. Tract. 8vo. vol. 440. Lond. 1866. 8vo. 

CHORLEY. An Act for the better supplying with Water the Town 
of Chorley, etc. Lond. 1846. folio. 

An Act to authorize the Waterworks Company to raise a further 

sum of money (1851). Lond. 1852. folio. 

CHOWNE, W. D. Experimental researches on the Movement of 
atmospheric Air in Tubes. Tract. 8vo. vol. 103. 

[Lond. 1855.] 8vo. 

(From the Proceedings of the Royal Society.) 

CHRETIEN, J. Chemin de fer electrique des boulevards de Paris. 
Tract, ito. vol. 85. Paris, 1881. 4to. 

CHRISTCHURCH, N.Z. Correspondence relating to the erection of 
Government Buildings in Christchurch. 

Christchurch, 1875. folio. 

CHRISTIAN, G. J. Traite de mecanique industrielle, ou expose de la 
science de la mecanique, etc. (Atlas.) 4 vols. 

Paris, 1822-25. 4to. 


CHRISTIE, J. H., Capt. Report on the Anchorage of the proposed 
Harbour of refuge at Holyhead. Tract, folio. 

Liverpool, 1847. folio. 
CHRISTIE, S. H. On Magnetic Influence in the Solar Rays. Tract. 

4:t0. vol. 15. (From the Philosophical Transactions.) Lond. 1826. 4tO. 

CHRISTIE, W. B. European Hospital, Darjeeling. With drawings. 
Tract, folio, vol. 41. [1885.] folio. 

CHRISTIE, W. H. M. Universal Time. Tract. 8vo. vol. 422. 

Lond. 1886. 8vo. 

Astronomical . . . Observations made at the Royal Observatory, 

Greenwich. See Greenwich Observatory. 

CHRISTOPHER, J. C. Notes of a visit to Northwoods, Gloucester- 
shire. Tract. 8vo. vol. 88. Lond. 1848. 8vo. 

CHRISTY, F. C. Improvement of the Water Communication between 
Melbourne and Hobson's Bay. Tract. 8vo. vol. 305. 

Melbourne, 1879. 8vo. 

CHRISTY, S. B., Prof. On the losses in roasting Gold Ores, and the 
volatility of gold. " [New Yorl; 1889.] 8vo. 

(From the Trans. Am. Inst, of Mining Engineers.) 

Quicksilver-condensation at New Almaden, California. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 415. Philadelphia, 1885. 8vo. 

CHRISTY, T., and Vetillart, M. M. New commercial Plants and 
Drugs. Part 1. Fibres : their botanical sources, etc. Part 2. 
New plants and drugs : their cultivation and uses. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 336. Lond. 1882. 8vo. 

CHRISTY, W. J. A practical treatise on the Joints made and used 
by Builders. Lond. 1882. Svo. 

CHROCKATT DE SA, J. Brazilian Railways : their history, legis- 
lation and development. Bio de Janeiro, 1893. 8vo. 

CHROCKATT DE SA, J., and Thompson, E. A. G. Mappa do 
Estado. Minas Geraes. [Republica dos Estados Unidos do Brazil.] 

Pio do Janeiro, [1893.] 4to. 

CHUBB, J. On the construction of Locks and Keys. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 502. (From Min. Proc. Inst. C.E.) Low^. [1850.] 8vO. 

CHURCH, Dr. Drawing of Dr. Church's London and Birmingham 
coach, built at Birmingham, 1833. Tract, ito. vol. 73. 

[1835?] 4to. 

CHURCH, Prof. A. H. Cantor Lectures on some points of contact 

between the scientific and artistic aspects of Pottery and Porcelain. 

Lond. 1881. 8vo. 

The Laboratory Guide for Agricultural Students. 

Lond. 1882. 8vo. 

CHURCH, G. E. The route to Bolivia via the River Amazon. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 322. Lond. 1877. 8vo. 

CHURCH, J. Inaugural address as President of the Society of 
Engineers, 5th February, 1883. Tract. 8vo. vol. 467. 

Lond. 1883. Svo. 


CHURCH, J. A. The Comstock Lode : its foi-m.-itiou ;iiul history. 

Neic York, 1879. 4to. 

CHURCH, J. P. Mechanics of Engineering. New York, 1888. 8vo. 

CHURCH, W. C. The life of John Ericsson. 2 vols. 

Loml 1890. 8vo. 

CHURTON, E. The Railroad Book of England. Land. 1851. 8vo. 

CIALDI, A. A^'^-iso ai na^'iganti ed agl' idraulici sul Poi'tosaido, 
etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 218. Boma, 1872. 8vo. 

Cenni sul moto ondoso del mare e sulle correnti di esso. Tract. 

4:fo. vol. 50. Boma, 1856. 4to. 

Considerazione teorico-pratiche iutorno ai movimenti ed agli etieti 

del vento e del mare specialmente presso il porto di Genova. 
Tract. 4:to. vol. 78. Boma, 1876. 4to. 

Dei movement! del mare. Boma, 1876. 8vo. 

Delle barche a vapore e di alquante proposizioni per rendere piii 

sicura e piii agevole la navigazione del Tevere e della sua foce in 
Fiumicino. Boma, 1845. 8vo. 

Le dighe de Portosaido ed il loi*o insabbiamento sino al giorno 

della solenne apertura del bosforo di Suez. Tract. 8vo. vol. 173. 

Boma, 1869. 8vo. 

Les jetees de Port Said et leur ensablement. Tract, ito. vol. Gl. 

Borne, 1869. 4to. 

Continuazione della storia degii insabbiamenti in Portosaido, etc. 

(Suez Canal Tracts, Vol. I.) Milano, 1870. 8vo. 

Effetti del moto ondoso allegati nella geografia fisica del mare e 

sua meteorologia, scritta dal Maury . . . Lettera al direttore 
della " Revista Marittima." Tract. 8vo. vol. 218. 

Boma, 1872. 8vo. 

II porto di Genova e il voto del Consiglio superiore dei lavori 

pubblici innanzi alia scienza ed all' arte. Tract. 4:to. vol. 78. 

Boma, 1876. 4to. 

[Another edition.] Milano, 1878. 8vo. 

Impressioni intorno . . . al porto di Genova. Tract, ito. vol. 78. 

Boma, 1876. 4to. 

L' ingegno di Fez'dinando de Luca. Tract. 8vo. vol. 196. 

Boma, 1870. 8vo. 

Le phenomene du flot courant a propos du naufrage de la fregate 

russe Alexandre-Newski. Tract. 8vo. vol. 177. 

Bome, 1869. 8vo. 
Les ports-chenaux et Port-Said. Bome, 1870. 8vo. 

(Suez Canal Tracts, Vol. I.) 

Note sur les moles a piles et acceaux dans les ponts a bassin, et 

sur I'usage qu'en ont fait les Romains, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 324. 

St. Germain, 1879. 8vo. 


CIALDI, A. — continued. Notice sur les travaux de M. le comin. 

A. Cialdi. Tract, ito. vol. 80. [1877.] 4to. 
Nozioni preliminari per un ti-attato sulla costruzione dei porti 

nel Mediterraneo. Tract. 8vo. vol. 241. Boma, 1874. 8vo. 

(From the " Gioruale dell' Mg. Arche. ludust.") 

[Another edition.] Boma, 1874. 8vo. 

[Another edition.] Tract. 8vo. rol 251. Milano, 1875. 8vo. 

Osservazioni idraulico-nautiche sui porti Neroniano ed Innocen- 

ziano in Anzio. Tract. 8vo. vol. 280. Boma, 1848. 8vo. 

Port Said : lettre a M. F. de Lesseps. Borne, 1888. 8vo. 

(Suez Canal Tracts, Vol. I.) 

Risultate di studi idrodinamici, nautici e commerciali sul porto 

di Livorno e sul miglioramento ed ingrandimento del medesimo. 
Appendice seconda. Tract. 8vo. vol. 140. Boma, 1855. 8vo. 

Se portolevante escluda il fluttocorrente come causa del suo 

insabbiamento. Tract. 4:to. vol. 63. Boma, 1870. 4to. 

Sintesi di fatti per dimostrare come il moto ondoso del mare 

anziche la corrente littorale e la cagione precipua del protendi- 
mento delle spiagge e della ostruzione de' poi'ti, applicandone il 
risultamento all' ingresso del bosforo di Suez nella rada di Pelusio. 

(Suez Caual Tracts, Vol. II.) Boma, 18Q0. 8vo. 

Sul moto ondoso del mare e su le correnti di esso specialmente su 

quelle littorali. Boma, 1866. 8vo. 

Les ports-canaux : article extrait de I'ouvrage sur le mouA'ement 

des ondes, sur les courants de la mer, et specialement sur les 
courants littoi-aux. Tract. 8vo. vol. 160. Borne, 1866. 8vo. 

Sul porto-canale di Pesaro, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 140. 

Pesaro, 1857. 8vo. 

CIALDI, A., and Others. Relazione . . . intorno all' ingrandimento 
ed ordinamento migliore del Porto di Genova. Tract, ito. vol. 78. 

Firenze, 1876. 4to. 

CIMINO, G, and Verdinois, C. Rock Dredging Works in some 
Italian Harbours (Leghorn, Genoa, Palermo). [2nd Int. Mar. 
Congr.] [Lond. 1893.] 8vo. 

CINCINNATI.— iJx7«'6«7/oH. Report of the Board of Commissioners. 

Cincinnati, 1875. 8vo. 

Millers' International Exhibition. Report of the Expert on the 

test trials of Automatic Cut-otf Steam Engines at the First 
Millers' International Exhibition, Cincinnati, June, 1880. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 470. Cincinnati, 1880. 

of work, cost of construction, etc. Cincinnati, 1875. 8vo. 

ROAD. President's reports dated June 1 and May 20, 1857, and 
May 18, 1858, and Receiver's repoi't dated May 1, 1859. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 123. [1859.] 8vo. 



CINI, T. Del raodo di niigliorare 1' arte del ferro in Toscano. Tract. 

8w. vol 391. Firenze, 1849. 8vo. 

CIPOLLETTI, C. Canale Villoresi. Trad. 8i'o. vol. 417. 

Milano, 1886. 8vo. 
CIRENCESTER.— i?o//aZ Agricultural College. Prospectus, 1886- 

88, (1890.) 1886-90. 8vo. 

CISNEROS, F. J. Ferro-carril de Antioquia. New York, 1878. 8vo. 

Ferro-carril del Cauca. Report, etc. New York, 1878. 8vo. 

Ferro-carriles de via estrecha. Nueva York, 1872. 8vo, 

Girardot Railway. Report and estimate, with contract and map. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 453. Loml. and New York, 1887. 8vo. 

La Dorada Railway. Report, contracts, estimates, etc. Tract. 

8w. vol. 453. Lond. 1887. 8vo. 

Reglamentos para la organizacion de los trabajos de construccion 

y de servicio de explotacion de ferrocarriles. Tract. 8vo. vol. 393. 

Bogota, 1884. 8vo. 

■ Report and documents on the Bolivar Railway. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 453. Lond. 1887. 8vo. 

reports, etc., 1885-6. Lond. 1884-86. 8vo. 

CITY OF LONDON COLLEGE. Calendar. Session 1885-86, 
(1886-87, etc.). Lond. 1885, etc. 8vo. 

CITY OF PARIS, S.S. Copy of Report of the Inquiry into the 
causes of the accident which recently happened to the passenger 
ship "City of Paris." Lond. 1890. folio. 

actions. 1872-73—1879-80, (1882-83, etc.). (Several Papers of 
1879-80 wanting.) Lond. 1874-78, 1883, etc. 8vo. 

CIVIL ENGINEERS, American Society of. See American Society 
OF Civil Engineers. 

CIVIL ENGINEERS, Institution of. See Institution op Civil 


porated in 1880 with the "Western Society of Engineers." 
Papers read before the Club. Vol. 1, 3, 4. 

Chicago, 1876-79. 8vo. 

• Partial Report of the Committee on adoption of the Metric 

System. Tract. 8vo. vol. 471. [Chicago,] 1878. 8vo. 

CIVIL ENGINEERS OF IRELAND. See Institution of Civil 
Engineers op Ireland. 

CLAEYS, J. Les vitesses simultanees du piston et du tiroir des 
machines a vapeur. Tract. 8vo. vol. 484. Gand, 1889. 8vo. 


CLAEYS, J. — continued. Nota su di un. diagramma rappresentante 
le posizioni siraultanee dello stantuffo e della cassetta. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 479. Milano, 1888. 8vo. 

Nouveau systeme de machine a vapeur a detente variable 

automatique. Tract, folio, vol. 46. Gand, 1888. folio. 


CLANNY, W. R. On the Safety Lamps of M. Mueseler and Dr. Reid 
Clanny. 1843. See Mueseler, — , and Clanny, W. R. 

Priority of the invention of the Safety-Lamp. Tract. 8vo. vol. 78. 

Gateshead, 1844. 8vo. 
CLAPEYRON, B. P. E. Vues politiques . . . sur les travaux publics 
de France. 1832. See Lam6, G., and Clapeyron, E. 

CLAPP, G. H., and Hunt, A. E. On the Inspection of Materials of 

Construction in the United States. Tract. 8vo. vol. 495. 

[Land.] 1890. 8vo. 
CLARE, J. Life-preserving Ships : a broadside for the Admiralty. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 177. Lond. 1860. 8vo. 

CLARE, P. Report on the quantity of Rain falling along the lines 

of the Rochdale, Ashton-under-Lyne, and Peak Forest Canals. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 194. Manchester, 1854. 8vo. 

CLARENCE, Biver, N.S.W. Report . . . relating to the proposed 

improvements to the entrance of the River Clarence. 

Sydney, 1890. folio. 
CLARK, D. K. The Construction of Roads and Streets. 1877. 

See Law, H., and Clark, D. K. 

An elementary treatise on Steam and the Steam Engine, etc. 

Land. 1885. Svo. 

The Exhibited Machinery of 1862 ; a cyclopitdia of the machinery 

represented at the International Exhibition. Lond. 1864. 8vo. 

Fuel : its combustion and economy, etc. Lond. 1879. 8vo. 

London and Mid-Western Railway : statistical and engineering 

evidence in favour of this railway, founded on the observed mag- 
nitude and development of traffic on railways now in operation. 
Tract, ito. vol. 52. Lond. 1853. 4to. 

A Manual of Rules, tables, and data for Mechanical Engineers. 

Lond. 1877. 8vo. 

Railway Machinery : a treatise on the mechanical engineering of 

railways, embracing the principles and construction of rolling and 
fixed plant. 2 vols. Glasgow, 1855. folio. 

The Steam Engine : a treatise on Steam Engines and Boilers, 

etc. 2 vols. Lond. 1892. Svo. 

Specification for " Improvements in Filter presses." Tract, ito. 

vol. 106. Lond. 1887. 4to. 

Tramways : their construction and working. (Supplementary 

volume.) 2 vols. Lond. 1878, 82. 8vo. 

CLARK, D. K., and Colburn Z. Recent practice in the Loco- 
motive Engine. Glasgow, 1860= folio. 


258 CLARK. 

CLARK, E. The liritanni.i and Conway tul)ular Bridges, etc. 2 vols. 
(Atlas of plates.) Loud. 1850. 8vo. and folio. 

The Britannia Tul>ular Bridge, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 344. 

MarJow, 1881. 8vo. 

Clarence Hydraulic Dock at Malta. [MS. Plates and photo- 
graphs.] 1872. 4to. 

Letter to Captain Huish, as to proposed improvements in the 

Electric Telegraph System, for the service of the L. and N. W. 11. 
Co. Tract. 8vo. vol. 145. Lond. 1854. 8vo. 

Report upon the accident to the Hydraulic Canal lift at Anderton. 

Tract, folio, vol. 29. Lond. 1882. folio. 

A Visit to South America. Loiid. 1878, 8vo. 

CLARK, E., Standpield, J., and Clark. Hydraulic Lift at La 
Louviere, on the Canal du Centre, near Mons, Belgium. Clai'k, 
Standfield and Clark, engineers. Tract, folio, vol. 43. 

Lond. 1889. folio. 

Hydraulic Lift at Les Fontinettes, on the NeufFosse Canal, near 

St. Omer, France. Clark, Standfield and Clark, engineers. Tract, 
folio, vol. 43. Lond. 1888. folio. 

Improved injection entrances to Hydraulic Presses. Tract, folio. 

vol. 28. (Lithographed.) Lu7ld. 1882. folio. 

CLARK, E. H. Specification of a new Aerating Flowei'-Pot. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 413. Lond. 1884. 8vo. 

Specification of a new means of Propelling Ships, etc. Tract, ito. 

vol. 93. Lond. 1884. 4to. 

Specification of improvements in Floating Breakwaters. Tract. 

8«;(». vol. 413. Lond. 1884. 8vo. 

CLARK, Mrs. E. T. L. Important . . . invention. " Improvements in 
hardening and preserving Plaster-Paris Casts and moulds. Tract, 
folio, vol. 41. Lond. 1887. folio. 

CLARK, G., M.E. The Industries of Ulster. Tract. 4to. vol. 92. 

Belfast, 1882. 4to. 

CLARK, George. Model Lodging-houses in France : a new system, 
etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 181. Lond. 1855. 8vo. 

CLARK, George T. Report to the General Board of Health on . . . 

the Sewerage, Drainage, and Supply of Water, and the sanitary 

condition of the borough of Newport. Tract. 8vo. vol. 133. 

Lond. 1850. 8vo. 
CLARK, H. J. Trinidad : a field for emigration. Tract. 8vo. vol. 

426. Port-of-Sj)ain, 1886. 8vo. 

CLARK, J. E. Ferrocarriles central de Corrientes y de Monte-Caseros 

a Misiones. Buenos Aires, 1887. 8vo. 

CLARK, J. M. A new system of laying out Railway Turnouts 

instantly, by inspection from tables. Neio York, 1884. 8vo. 

CLARK, L. A Dictionary of Metric and other useful Measures. 

Lond. 1891. 8vo. 

CLAKK. 259 

CLARK, L. — continued. An. elementary ti^eatise on Electrical 
Measurement. Lond. 1868. 8vo. 

. Traite elementaii*e de la mesure electrique. Tract, 8vo. vol. 380. 

Paris, 1872. 8vo. 

Trattato elementario delle misurazioni elettriche. Translated 

from the English by L. T. Picco. Genova, 1874. 12mo. 

Experimental investigation of the laws which govern, the Propa- 
gation of the Electric Current in long submarine Telegraph Cables, 
conducted for the joint committee appointed by the Lords of the 
Committee of Privy Council for Trade and the Atlantic Telegraph 
Company. Lond. 1861. folio. 

(From the Report of the Committee.) 

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s 2 


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tants of the Clockmakers' Company of the City of London, and 
his Majesty's Government, in relation to the importation of 
foreign clocks and watches into these realms from 1787 to 
1841 ; with addenda, containing address to the ti'ade and the 
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Watford, 1842. 8vo. 

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valley of the Colne, by the proposed London and Westminster 
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Observations on the periodical Drainage and replenishment of the 

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On the periodical Alternations and progressive permanent 

Depression of the Chalk Water Level under London. Tract. Svo. 

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See also Deas, J. 


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T 2 


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Abridgments of Specifications of Patents. 

Acids, alkalies and oxides, 1622-1866. Lond. 1869. 12mo. 

Aeronautics, 1815-66. Lond. 1869. 12mo. 

Agriculture. Division I. Field implements, 1618-1876. 2 pt. 

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Division II. Barn and farmyard instruments. Pt. I. 

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Division III. Agricultural and traction-engines, 1618- 

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- Anchors, 1796-1866. Lond. 1874. 12mo. 

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- Artists' instruments and materials, 1618-1866. 

Lond. 1872. 12mo. 

- Bleaching, dyeing, and printing calico and other fabrics and 
yarns ; including the manufacture of rollers, engraving, the pre- 
paration of drugs and other processes, 1617-1876. 3 pt. 

Lond. 1859-78. 12mo. 

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- Carriages and other vehicles for common roads, 1625-1866. 

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- Drains and sewers, including the manufacture of drain tiles and 
pipes, 1619-1876. 2 pt. Lond. 1874, 1885. 12mo.. 


COMMISSIONERS OF PATENTS. Abridgments of Specifications 
of Patents — continueil. 

Dressing and finishing woven fabrics and manufacturing felted 

fabrics, 1620-1876. 3 pt. Lond. 1878-80. 12mo. 

Electricity and magnetism, 1766-1866. 2 pt. 

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Farriery, 1719-1876. 2 pt. Lond. 1872-80. 12mo. 

Fire engines, extinguishers, escapes, alarms, etc., 162.5-1866. 

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Firearms and other weapons, ammunition, and accoutrements, 

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Firearms, ammunition, etc. Firearms and similar weapons. 

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Food, preservation of, 1691-1866. 2 pt. in 1. 

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Fuel, preparation and combustion of, 1620-1865. 

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Furniture and upholstery, 1620-1866. Lond. 1869. 12mo. 

Gas, productions and applications of {excepting gas engines), 

1681-1866. 2 pt. Lond. 1860-71. 12mo. 

Part II., 1859-66. 2nd edition. Lond. \^1b. 12mo. 

Grinding grain and dressing flour and meal, 1623-1866. 

Lond. 1876. 12mo. 
Harbours, docks, canals, etc., 1617—1866. Lond. 1876. 12mo. 

Hinges, hinge-joints, and door-springs, 1775-1866. 

Lond. 1873. 12mo. 

Hydraulics, 1617-1865. Lond. 1868. 12mo. 

2nd edition. Lond. 1874. 12mo. 

- Ice-making machines, ice-safes, and ice-houses, 1819-76. 2 pt. 

Lond. 1877-82. 12mo. 

- India-rubber (caoutchouc) and gutta percha : including air, fire, 
and water proofing, 1627-1857. Lond. 1859. 12mo. 

- India-rubber and gutta percha, preparation of, 1791-1866. 2nd 
edition. 2 pt. Lond. 1875-84. 12mo. 

- Instruments, optical, mathematical, etc., 1636-1866. 

Lond. 1875. 12mo. 

- Iron and steel, manufacture of, 1621-1857. 3 pt. 

Lond. 1857-58. 12mo. 
Part II., 1*867-76. Lond. 1880. 12mo. 

- Lace and other looped and netted fabrics, 1675-1864. 

Lond. 1866. 12mo. 


COMMISSIONERS OF PATENTS. Abridgments of Specifications 
of Patents — continued. 

Lace-making, knitting, netting, braiding, and plaiting, including 

also the manufacture of fringe and chenille, 1675-1866. 2nd 
edition. Loud. 1879. 12mo. 

Lamps, candlesticks, chandeliers, and other illuminating apparatus, 

1637-1866. Lond. 1871. 12mo. 

Letterpress and similar printing, 1858-76. 2 pt. 2nd edition. 

Lond. 1878-80. 12mo. 

Locks, latches, bolts, and similar fastenings, 1774-1866. 

Lond. 1873. 12mo. 

Locomotion, aids to, 1691-1856. Lond. 1858. 12mo. 

Manure, 1721-1866. 2 pt. Lond. 1857. 12mo. 

Marine propulsion (excluding sails). Pt. I-IV. 1618-1866. 

Lond. 1857-72. 12mo. 
Pt. IL, 1867-76. Lond. 1883. 12mo. 

- Masts, sails, rigging, etc., including apparatus for raising and 
lowering ships' boats, 1625-1866. Lond. 1874. 12mo. 

- Medicine, surgeiy, and dentistry ; including artificial limbs, teeth, 
etc., apparatus for invalids, medical baths, etc., 1620-1866. 2nd 
edition. Lond. 1872. 12mo. 

- Metals. Plating or coating with metals, 1637-1866. 2 pt. 
(Pt. 2. 2nd edition.) Lond. 1862-72. 12mo. 

- Metals and alloys (excepting iron and steel), 1623-1876. 3 pt. 

Lond. 1861-86. 12mo. 

- Milking, churning, and cheese-making, 1777-1866. 2 pt. 

Lond. 1874-83. 12mo. 

- Mining, quarrying, tunnelling, and well-sinking, 1618-1866. 

Lond. 1874. 12mo. 

- Music and musical instruments, 1694-1876. 2 pt. 

Lond. 1864-81. 12mo. 

- Nails, rivets, bolts, screws, nuts, and washers, 1618-1866. 

Lond. 1873. 12mo. 

- Needles and pins, 1755-1866. Lond. 1871. 12mo. 

- Oils, fats, lubricants, candles, and soap, 1617-1866. 2nd edition. 

Lond. 1873. 12mo. 

- Paints, colours, and varnishes, 1618-1866. Lond. 1871. 12mo. 

- Paper : cutting, folding, and ornamenting, 1636-1876. 2 pt. 

Lond. 1881. 8vo. 

- Paper, pasteboard, and papier mache, 1665—1866. 3 pt. 

Photography, 1839-83. 4 vols. 
Pipes and tubes, metallic, 1741-1876. 

Pottery, 1626-1866. 2 pt. 







2 pt. 







COMMTSSTONERS OF PATENTS. Abridgments of Specifications 
of PatoTits — continued. 

Printing : including therein the production of copies on all kinds 

of materials (excepting felted and textile fabrics), by means of 
types, stereotype blocks, plates, stones, dies, stencil plates, paper 
writings, electro-chemicals, and light, 1533-1866. 2 pt. 

Lond. 1859-78. 12mo. 

Purifying and filtering water, 1675-1876. 2 pt. 

Lond. 1876-79. 12mo. 

Railway Carriages and other vehicles for railways, 1807—66. 

Lond. 1871. 12mo. 

Railway signals and communicating apparatus, 1840-66. 

Loud. 1869. 12nio. 
Railways, 1803-76. 2 pt. Lond. 1873-84. 12mo. 

Raising, lowering and weighing, 1617-1866. 2 pt. (Pt. 2, 2nd 

edition.) Lovd. 1867-72. 12mo. 

Roads and ways, 1619-1866. Lond. 1868. 12mo. 

Saddlery, harness, stable fittings, 1625-1876. 2 pt. 

Lond. 1868-83. 12mo. 

Safes, strong rooms, tills and similar depositories, 1801-66. 

Lond. 1873. 12mo. 

Sewing and embroidery, 1755-1866. 2 pt. 

Lond. 1857-71. 12mo. 

Ship building, repairing, sheathing, launching, 1618-1866. 

2 vols. Lond. 1862-69. 12mo. 

Skins, hides and leather, 1627-1866. Lond. 1872. 12mo. 

Spinning, including those relating to the preparation of fibrous 

materials, and the doubling of yarns and threads, 1864-66. 
Pt. II. Lond. 1868. 12mo. 

Starch, gum, size, glue, and other stiffening and adhesive mate- 
rials, 17n-1876. 2 pt. Lond. 1884. 12mo. 

Steam Culture, 1618-1856. Lond. 1858. 12mo. 

Steam Engine, 1618-1866. 4 vols. Lond. 1871. 12mo. 

Steering and manoeuvring vessels, 1763-1866. 

Lond. 1875. 12mo. 

Sugar, 1663-1866. Lond. 1871. 12mo. 

Tea, coffee, chicory, chocolate, cocoa, etc., 1704-1876. 2 pt. 

Lond. 1877-83. 12mo. 

Tobacco; preparation and use, 1721-1866. Lond. 1870. 12mo. 

Toys, games, and exercises, 1672-1866. Lond. 1871. 12mo. 

Trunks, portmanteaus, boxes, and bags, 1635-1866. 

Lond. 1876. 12mo. 

Umbrellas, parasols, and walking sticks, 1780-1876. 2 pt. 

Lond. 1871-80. 12mo. 

Unfermented beverages, aerated liquids, mineral waters, 1774— 

1876. 2 pt. Lond. 1877-83. 12mo. 


COMMISSIONERS OF PATENTS. Abridgments of Specifications 

of Patents — continued. 
Ventilation, 1632-1866. Lmd. 1872. 12mo. 

Washing and wringing machines, 1691-1876. 2 pt. 

Land. 1872-78. 12mo. 

Watches, clocks, and other timekeepers, 1661-1876. 3 pt. 

Land. 1858-83. 12mo. 

Water-closets, earth-closets, urinals, etc., 1775-1866. 

Land. 1873. 12mo. 

Wearing apparel. Division 1. Head covei'ings, 1637-1866. 

Division 2. Body coverings, 1671-1866. Division 3. Foot cover- 
ings, 1693-1866. Division 4. Dress fastenings and jewellery, 
1631-1866. 4 vols. Loud. 1874-76. 12mo. 

Weaving, 1620-1876. 3 pt. Loud. 1861-83. 12mo. 

Writing instruments and materials, 1635-1876. 

Lond. 1869-82. 12mo. 

[A New Series of Abridgments, covering the period, 1877-83, is 

now in progress.] 

Abstract of replies to the Secretary of State's Circular Despatch 
of July 11, 1856, on the subject of the Extension of Patents 
for Inventions to the Colonies. Lond. 1861. 8vo. 

Alphabetical Index (Name Index) of Patentees and Applicants 

for Patents, 1852-74, (1880, etc.). Lond. 1857, etc. 8vo. 

Alphabetical Index of Patentees of Inventions, from March 2, 

1617, to October 1, 1852. Lond. 1854. 8vo. 

Appendix to the Specifications of English Patents for Reaping 

Machines : by B. Woodcroft. Lond. l^bo. 8vo. 

Catalogue of Portraits of Inventors, Discoverers and Introducers 

of useful arts. 5th edition. Lond. 1859. 12mo. 

Catalogue of the Library of the Great Seal Patent Office. 2 

vols, in 3. Lond. 1857-58. 8vo. 

Catalogue of the Library of the Patent Office. 2 vols. 

Lond. 1881-83. 8vo. 

Chronological and Descriptive Index of Patents applied for and 

Patents granted, 1867-75. With indexes of names and subjects. 
9 vols. Lond. 1868-76. 8vo. 

Chronological Index of Patents applied for and Patents granted 

from October, 1852, to December, 1853 : by B. Woodcroft. 

Lond. 1860. 8vo. 

. 1854-1868. 15 vols. Xo«cZ. 1855-69. 8vo. 

- [Circular relating to the mode of proceeding to obtain Patents 
for Inventions in the United Kingdom.] Tract. 4<o. vol. 121. 

Lond. 1886. 4to. 

- [A Collection of Specifications of Patents, chiefly relating to 
machines for digging and cultivation of soil.] 

Lond. 1770-1858. 8vo. 



Illustrated Journal of the Patent Office. Land. 1854, etc. 8vo. 

Index to foreign Scientific Periodicals in the Patent Office 

Library. 4 vols. Lond. 1867-70. 8vo. 

List [with prices] of Printed Specifications enrolled under the 

old law (and under the new law from 1852-63). 

Lond. [1864 ?] 8vo. 

The Patent Office Museum. [A Letter to the Timex.] Tract. 

8vo. vol. 254. [Lond. 1875.] 8vo. 

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16 Vict. cap. 5, and 16 & 17 Vict. cap. 115), together with the 
rules and regulations issued by the Commissionei's of Patents for 
Inventions, etc. Lond. 1852. folio. 

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Reference Index of subjects named in Schubarth's " Repertorium 

der technischen Literatur "... By B. Woodcroft. 

Lond. 1856. 8vo. 

• Report from the Select Committee on the Library and Museum ; 

with the proceedings of the Committee, minutes of evidence, 
Appendix, and Index. July 19, 1864. 

Report of the Commissioners on the subject of building a Patent 

Office, Library and Museum. Lond. 1862. folio. 

Subject-matter Index, made from titles only, of Patents of 

Invention, from March 2, 1617, to October 1, 1852 : by B. 
Woodcroft. 2 vols. Lond. 1857. 8vo. 

Subject-matter Index of accepted complete Specifications of In- 
ventions, dated 1884. Lond. 1887. 8vo. 

Subject-matter Index of Patents applied for and Patents granted 

from 1852 to 1870, (1872, 1874, etc.). Lond. 1861, etc. 8vo. 

Supplement to the Series of Letters Patent and Specifications 

recorded in the Great Seal Patent Office, 1617-1852 : consisting 
for the most part of reprints of scarce pamphlets, descriptive of 
early patented inventions comprised in that series. Edited by 
B. Woodcroft. Vol. 1. Lond. 1858. 8vo. 

Titles of Patents of Invention, chronologically arranged from 

March 2, 1617, to October 1, 1852. By B. Woodcroft. 

Lond. 1854. 8vo. 

COMMONS, House of. Catalogue of books in the Library. 

Lond. 1830. folio. 

Report from the Select Committee [appointed to consider 

alterations in the arrangements of the House of Commons]. 

Lond. 1868. folio. 

Report from the Select Committee on the House of Commons 

Buildings. Lond. 1833. folio. 


COMMONS, House of — continued. Sketches (personal and political) 
in the House of Commons. By the Silent Memben 2 vols. 

Lond. 1871. 8vo. 

COMOLLI, L. A. Les ponts de I'Amorique du nord. Etude, calcul, 
description de ces ponts. Comparaison des systemes americain et 
europeen. Paris, 1879. 4to. 

[2nd edition.] Paris, 1883. 4to. 

COMOY, G. E. Considerations sur I'endiguement des rivieres. Tract. 
4to. vol. 78. Paris, 1861. 4to. 

De la question des inondations et de la defense des plaines 

submersibles. Tract, ito. vol. 78. Paris, 1861. 4to. 

Etude pratique sur les marees fluviales et notamment sur le 

Mascaret. Paris, 1881. 8vo. 

Etudes sur les inondations de la Loire. Paris, 1861. 4to. 

Memoires sur les ouvrages de defense contre les inondations. 

2™'^ edition. Paris, 1868. 8vo. 

Observations sur I'emploi des digues submersibles. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 78. Paris, 1861. 8vo. 

COMPAGNIE CONTINENTALE de I'exploitation des locomotives 
sans foyer. De la valeur theorique et pratique des moteurs a air 
comprime. Tract. 8vo. vol. . Paris, 1886. 8vo. 

OCCIDENTALE. (1) Chariot de transbordement a niveau. 
Plan et coupes. (2) Gare de triage de Renens. Plan d'ensemble. 
Tract, folio, vol. Lausanne, 1879. folio. 

COMPAGNIE PIO LATINA. Notice sur le wagon d'honneur offert 
par la Compagnie a sa Saintete le Pape Pie IX. Tract. 4<o. 
vol. 61. Paris, 1858. 4to. 

ET MATERIEL D'USINES. Compteurs d'electricite systemes 
Frager et Cauderay-Frager. Tract. 4:to. vol. Paris [ ]. 4to. 


Relatoi'ia da directoria. 1884. Tract. 8vo. vol. 404. 

Pio de Janeiro, 1885. 8vo. 
lator io da 1889. Pio de Janeiro, 1889. 8vo. 


Actos officiaes, contratos e outros documentos. 

Bio de Janeiro, 1886. 8vo. 

Exposi^ao apresentada pela directoria. 

Bio de Janeiro, 1887. 8vo. 

Relatorio da directoria. Tract. Sco. vol. 404. 

Bio de Janeiro, 1885-86. 8vo. 

ESPANA. Memoria del consejo de administracion. Tract. Ato. 
vol. 107. Madrid, 1887. 4to. 



presentada por cl consejo de admiiiistraciun. Tract, ito. vol. 107. 

Madrid, 1887. 4to. 

ZARAGOZA y a Alicante. Memoria presentada por cl consejo 
de administracion. Tract, ito. vol. 107. Madrid, 1887. 4to. 

COMPANY OF CLOCKMAKERS. See Clockmakers' Company. 

COMPORTEY, F. La compagnie des hauts fourneaux, forges, eb 

acieries de la marine et des chemins de fer (Saint Ciiauiond). 

Tract, ito. vol. 112. Paris, 1889. 4to. 

COMSTOCK, C. B. Notes sur I'amelioration du Mississippi. [5th Int. 

Congr. ltd. Nav.] [Paris, 1892.] 8vo. 

Report upon the primary triangulation of the United States 

Lake Survey. Washington, 1882. 4to. 

(No. 24 Professional Papers, Corps of Engineers, U.S.A.) 

C0NCEPCI6N. Proyecto de desagues de la ciudad de Concepcion, 
etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 511. Concepcion, 1892. 8vo. 

CONDER, F. R. Inland Transport and the Manchester Ship Canal. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 430. Paisley, 1886. 8vo. 

London Water Supply. Report to the shareholders of the London 

Water Companies on the Metropolis Water Bill. Tract. 8vo. vol. 
3.59. Lond. 1884. 8vo. 

Railway Transit ; a letter to H. Labouchere. Tract. 8vo. vol. 79. 

Lond. 1841. 8vo. 

Report of the comparative cost of Transport by Railway and by 

Canal. Tract. 8co. vol. 350. Lond. 1882. 8vo. 

The actual and the possible cost of Conveyance between Man- 
chester and Liverpool. Tract. 8i-o. vol. 350. Lond. 1882. 8vo. 

The Geognostic Pendulum ; or, an inquiry into the theory of the 

pendulum experiment. Tract. 8vo. vol. 188. Lond. 1851. 8vo. 

The Iron Process for . . . dealing with sewage. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 438. Guildford, 1886. 8vo. 

The Iron Process. Treatment of sewage at Chichester Barracks. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 438. Guildford [1887]. 8vo. 

The Money Cost of the Mineral Traffic on Railways. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 279. 1877. 8vo. 

The Sewage Problem. Tract. 8vo. vol. 407. 

Manchester, 1885. 8vo. 

Treatment of Sewage by the Iron Process. Tract. 8vo. vol. 469. 

Chatham, 1888. 8vo. 

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of the Alkaline Permanganates as purifying agents. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 182. Lond. 1862. 8vo. 

CONE, A. and Johns, W. R. Petrolia : a brief history of the Penn- 
sylvania petroleum region. New York, 1870. 8vo. 


CONEY, J. A sei'ies of fifty-six etchings, consisting of Architectural 
Sketches in France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy. Tract, 
ito. vol. 59. Land. [18G01] 4to. 

CONEYS, J. Shanagolden District, County Limerick. Supplemental 
report to the coiimiissioners on drainage and improvement. 

Dublin, 1849. 8vo. 

CONFERENZ ZUR VEREINBARUNG einheitlicher Priifungs- 

methoden fiir Bau- und Constructions-Materialien. (III.) Pro- 

tokolle. Tract, ito. vol. 114. [Berlin,] 1890. 4to. 

ProtokoU des 2'"' und 3"" Sitzungstages. Tract. 8vo. vol. 472. 

Mimich, 1884. 8vo. 

CONGER, N. B. Report on the Forecasting of Thunderstorms 
during the summer of 1892. [U.S. Dep. of Af/riculture, Weather 
Bulletin, 9.] WasJiiiigion, 1893. 8vo. 

RIEURE. See International Congress on Inland Navigation. 


International Congress of Electricians. 

OCEANIQUE. See Interoceanic Canal Congress. 


national Geological Congress. 

International Railway Congress. 


GRAPHIE. See International Congress on Hygiene and 


ARCHITECTES. See International Congress of Engineers 

and Architects. 


See International Congress on Applied Mechanics. 

TENU A ZURICH. Proces verbal. Tract. 8vo. vol. 472. 

Zurich, 1883. 8vo. 

ternational Congress on Engineering. 

CONGRESS, Library of. See United States. — Congress. 

ITALIANI. Commissione Esecutiva del Congresso ... in Torino. 
Quesiti da discutersi. Tract, ito. vol. 111. Torino, 1884. 4to. 

Atti del Quinto Congresso, etc. Torino, 1885. 8vo. 

TERNA. See International Congress on Inland Navigation. 

CONGREVE, Sir W., Bart. A short account of a new Patent for a 
new principle of Steam Engine. Tract. 8vo. vol. 220. 

Loud. 1819. 8vo. 


CONGREVE, Sir W., Bart, continued. A treatise on the general 
principles ... of the Congreve Rocket system, as compared with 
artillery. Lond. 1827. 4to. 

Description of the construction, properties, and varieties of the 

IIydro-Pneum,atic Lock ; with introductory observations on locks 
in general. Land. 1814. 4to. 

CONNAUGHT. Report from the Select Committee on Connaught 
Lakes. Lond. 1835. folio. 

CONNELL, A. K. The economic revolution of India and the Public 
Works policy. Lond. 1883. 8vo. 

CONNELL, J. The elements of the Differential and Integral Calculus. 

Lond. 1844. 8vo. 

CONNOLLY, T. W. J. History of the Royal Sappers and Miners, 

1772-1856. 2 vols. Lond. 1857. 8vo. 

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8m vol. 331. Bombay, [1880.] 8vo. 

. Table of Products, Quotients, squares and roots. Tract. 4:to. 

vol. 88. [Bomhai/, 1881.] 4to. 

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tabrico con el Mediterraneo. Tract. 4:to. vol. 34. 

Madrid, 1834. 4to. 

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way, Translated from the French by C. Manby. Tract. 8vo. vol. 

500. (From Min. Proc. Inst. C.E.) Lond. 184:4:. 8vO. 

Beweegbare bruggen in den Hollandschen spoorweg. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 89. [1848?] 8vo. 

Considerations sur les rapports des ingenieurs etrangers charges 

d'examiner les questions qui se rattachent au barrage de I'Escaut 
oriental, etc. Tract, folio, vol. 11. 1867. foho. 

Description d'un chemin de fer provisoire de cinq courbes a petit 

rayon pres de Delft. Tract. 8vo. vol. 89. 

La Haye, 1847. 8vo. 
Memorie over het al of niet voordeelige voor Delfland van eene 

uitwatering in de Noord-Zee, te Scheveningen. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 89. 's Gravenhage, 1847. 8vo. 

Over de verzinkingen van het westerhoofd der nieuwe ijdijken te 

Amsterdam. Tract. 8vo. vol. 125. Amsterdam, 1860. 8vo. 

Over het afzagen van palen en het maken van pennen aan dezelve 

onder water. Tract. 8vo. vol. 8^. [1845?] 8vo. 

Prijsverhandeling, betreffende het leven en de verdiensten van 

Christian Brunings. 's GravenJiage, 1827. 4to. 

Rapport omtrent de onteigeningen ten behoeve der IV'' sectie 

van den Hollandschen spoorweg, zijnde het gedeelte tusschen 
's Gravenhage en Rotterdam. Tract. 8vo. vol. 89. 

's Gravenhage, 1847. 8vo. 

Reizen naar de landengte van Suez, Egypte, het Heilige Land. 

's Gravenhage, 1859. 8vo. 


CONRAD, F. W — continued. Stoomwerktuig voor de bemaliug van 
de polders Cool, Schoonderloo en Bcukelsdijk, opgerigt door de 
Hollandsche Ijzeren Spoorweg-Maatschappij aan het station Rot- 
terdam. Tract. 8vo. vol. 89. [1847.] 8vo. 

Yerslag omtrent den ijzeren spoorweg van Amsterdam naar 

Rotterdam. Tract. 8vo. vol, 89. 's Gravenliage, 1848. 8vo. 

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memorie. Si aggiungono le necessarie piante co' prolili delle jDriuci- 
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u 2 

292 cooLEY — cooper's hill. 

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(From the " Bnlletin uf the U.S. CtBoI. ami Geogr. Survey.") 

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de Paris et I'assainissement de la Seine. Paris, 1888. 4to. 

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Manchester Railway Companion, containing an account of 
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OP Cornwall and Devon. 


Polytechnic Society. 

OP Cornwall. 

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und 7Air Berechnung von elektrischen Leitungen. 

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Commons on the petition of Mr. Coningsljy Cort, for sei'vices 
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Mr. Henry Cort, patentee of the puddling and rolling inventions 
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ment to the late James B. Eads. Tract. Svo. vol. 509. 

1890. Svo. 

A paper in English, French, and Spanish, on a proposition to 

erect a Monument in honour of the late J. B. Eads, etc. Tract. 
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Mr. Joseph Green's small Firework Factory at Coseley . . . 
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Republic of Costa Rica and the Costa Rica Railroad Company. 
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Report of the Commission of Enquiry in reference to the proposed 

settlement of the External Debt of the Republic of Costa Rica. 
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Reply to Sir Proby Cautley's valedictory note on the Ganges 

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A Manual of Procedure by provisional order under or relating 

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F.R.S., and an account of his inventions in the manufacture of 
cordage. Lond. 1855. 4to. 

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306 CR0E8— CR00KE8. 

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Select methods in Chemical Analysis (chiefly inorganic). 

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Twelve months' experience with the ABC process of purifying 

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of the parish of Croydon into a sewer under the jurisdiction of 
the Metropolitan Board of Works at Bell Green, in the parish 
of Lewisham. Tract. 8vo. vol. 133. [Lond.l 1862. 8vo. 

X 2 


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to the prevalence of disease at Croydon and to the plan of sewer- 
age. Lond. 1853. folio. 

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anil Sewerage oi Croydon, and on the measures proposed to 
remedy its defects. Lond. 1853. folio. 

Further Report from the consulting engineer to the General 

Board of Health on the Croydon Sewerage. Lond. 1853. 8vo. 

Statement of the preliminary inquiry l)y T. Southwood Smith, 

M.D., and J. Sutherland, M.D., on the epidemic at Croydon. 

Lond. 1853. 8vo. 

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minutes of evidence of the engineers before the Committee on 
the Croydon and Epsom and South Western railway. 

Lond. 1844. folio. 


Act to amalgamate . . . the Croydon Tramways Company and 
the Norwood District Tramwavs Company, etc. 

Lond. 1883. folio. 

CROYDON CANAL. An Act for making and maintaining a Navig- 
able Canal from Croydon . . . into the Grand Surrey Canal : and 
for supplying the towns of Croydon, Dulwich. Norwood and 
Sydenliam with Water from the said Canal. Lond. 1801. folio. 

An Act for enabling the proprietors to complete the Canal. 

Lond. 1808. foUo. 

An Act for enabling the proprietors to complete the Canal and 

Works and for amending former Acts. Lond. 1811. foHo. 

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of the port of London. Lond. 1843. 8vo. 

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Ungue italiana, francese, inglese e tedesca, etc. 

(In progress.) Torino, 1S84:, etc. 8vo. 

Sui muri di sostegno delle terre. Torino, 1883. 8vo. 

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Si/dnei/, 1882. 8vo. 
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Descripcao e theoria do barometro differencial destinado aos 

nivelameutos barometricos. Tract. Svo. rol. 468. 

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Instruccoes para as Commissoes Brazilekas que tem de observer 

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Public reasons against Railroads. [With replies by W. Cubitt.] 

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dn French and English.) 


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Over Darien by a Ship Canal : reports of the mismanaged Darien 

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Wheels with I'ims of cylindrical and of conical shape have on the 
roads, and on the Labour of Cattle, etc. (Supplement.) 

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. . . Also some account of the diflerent bridges of suspension in 
England and Scotland, e^c. Tract. 8vo. vol. 14. Lond. 1824. 8vo. 

Illustrations of the origin and progress of Rail and Tram-roads 

and Steam-carriages, or Locomotive-Engines ; also descriptive par- 
ticulars of the principal railways in the United Kingdom, etc. 
Tract. 8vo. vols. 1 and 503. Benhigh, 1824. 8vo. 

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The Cunard Line and the World's Fair, Chicago, 1893. 

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Proposals for an equitable Reform in Taxation and Finance, etc. 

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tions publiees sur la fabrication et la verification des poids et 
mesures. (Atlas of plates.) Paris, 1839. 8vo. and 4to. 

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of the wet docks and other improvements at Leith. Tract, ito. 
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1892. Svo. 
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four reports made during the years 1862-65. 2 vols. 

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Luchnow, 1884. 8vo. 

• Roorkee Hydraulic Experiments. 3 vols, in 1. 

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Dundee, [1885.] folio. 

The river Tay. Report, December, 1887. Tract, ito. vol. 107. 

Dundee, 1887. 4to. 
. Tables for facilitating the Calculation of Earthwork. 

Lond. 1865. Svo. 

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Bodies, as explained by electro-magnetic attraction and repulsion, 
and on the conception, growth, and decay of man ... as referable 
to galvanic action. Lond. 1834. Svo. 

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Lond. 1883. 8vo. 
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Italia a una compagnie hollandaise. Tract. 4:to. vol. 115. 

's GravenJiage, 1893. 4to. 

Sui risultati pratici di varie macchine idrofora applicata in 

Olanda. Torino, 1883. 8vo. 

■ Sulle osservazioni atmometriche e sulF uso che puo fame 1' inge- 

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Railway Locomotion, and Steam Navigation ; their principles 

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Review of the reviewers [of the preceding]. Land. 1847. 8vo. 

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Folkestone, 1892. 8vo. 

[Another edition.] Tract. 8vo. vol. 508. 

Folkestone, 1892. 8vo. 
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Water Supply Scheme. 1878. See King, — , Alderman, and 

Curtis, — , Alderman. 
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London and Westminster Water Company. Tract. 8vo. vol. 78. 

Lond. 1841. 8vo. 

• Particulars of a method . . . for obviating collisions between 

successive trains. Tract. 8vo. vol. 79. Lond. [1841.] 8vo. 

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Improvement in the manufacture of Chain Cables. Tract, ito. 
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Report to the Norwich Navigation Improvement Committee, on 

the Norwich and Yai-mouth Navigation. Lond. 1846. 4to. 

Tables for correcting Lunar Distances.! Lond. 1836. \ 8vo. 

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Powder referred to by Pi^of. Abel. Tract, ito. vol. 84. 

[1874-79.] 4to. 

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Gloucester. Tract. 8vo. vol. 351. Bristol, 1880. 8vo. 

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Meteorological Office. 1886. See Scott, R. H., and Curtis, 
R. H. 

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India via the Red Sea, etc. Tract, ^vo. vol. 84. 

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vol. 313. 1879. 8vo. 

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Hopper, T. Hopper versus Cust, etc. 1837. 

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Christchurch, 1884. 4to. 

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of Wellington. Tract, folio, vol. 46. 

Wellington, N.Z., 1890. folio. 

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best form of Turbine water wheel. Tract. Svo. vol. 314. 

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1880-87. Lond. 1881-88. folio and 8vo. 

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Report by the Government Engineer on the Locust Campaign, 

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Principe, Wesen und Gebrauclie. Zweite Autiage. Tract. 8vo. 
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affairs, in reply to the report of their committee. Tract. 8('o. 
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deutsch, italienisch, franzosisch und englisch, etc. 

Pola, 1883. 8vo. 

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tion of Famine in India. Tract. 8vo. vol. 332. Lond. 1878. 8vo. 

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Power Plants, Daft system. New York, 1888. 4to. 

Statistics and notices of the Daft Electric Railways in operation 

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Mr. William Boswell, late undertaker of the works there. 

Lond. 1717. 8vo. 

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On the Technical Instruction in some of the countries of Europe. 

Translated by C. P. Sandberg. [MS.] Tract, folio, vol. 36. 

1866. folio. 

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upptagne uti E. Dahlbergs Suecia antiqua et hodierna. 

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made in 1874, by W. Ludlow. Washington, 1875. 4to. 


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the Geology, mineral resources and mills of the Black Hills of 
Dakota. Bajyld Citi/, 1888. 8vo. 

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ing a Trigonometrical Survey in England and Wales. 1779, etc. 
See MuDGE, W., Lieut.-Col., B.A., and Dalby, J. 

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the Kepublic of Mexico. Loud. 1851. 8vo. 

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Hull, 1871. 8vo. 

■ Report on the proposed additional works for supplying the town 

with Water direct from Spring-Head. Tract. 8vo. vol. 215. 

Eidl, 1871. 8vo. 

■ The Struggles of Genius : a lecture delivered at the Mechanics' 

Institute, Hull. Tract. 8ro. vol. 183. Hull, 1869. 8vo. 

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Lond. 1865. folio. 

— — - Report of the Engineers employed to report on the Dale 
Dyke and Agden Reservoirs. Correspondence in regard to the 
Sheffield Reservoirs and the Government Waterworks Bill and 
of any other Reports and Correspondence. Lond. 1866. folio. 

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the Governor General of India : [a brief review of the period of 
his administration, 1848-56. Records of the Government of 
India (Home Dep.) No. 14.] Calcutta, 1856. 8vo. 

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1889-90.) Halifax, 1887-89. 8vo. 

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Fossils and recent forms from American localities between Cape 
Hatteras and Cape Roque, including the Bermudas. [U.S. Geol. 
Survey. Bulletin No. 24.] Washington, 1885. 8vo. 

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[U.S. Geol. Survey. Bulletin No. 84.] Washington, 1891. 8vo. 

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Sea and North Indian Ocean. Tract, folio, vol. 42. 

Calcutta, 1887. folio. 

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compared with similar buildings on the continent ; including a 
critical itinerary of Oxford and Cambridge ; also historical notices 
of stained-glass, ornamental gardening, etc. Lond. 1806. 8vo. 

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Pflm, [1886?! 8vo. 


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Hamburg, 1856. 4to. 

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Part 1. 2nd edition. Lond. 1842. 8vo. 

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On the Microcosmic Salt, acids, bases, and water ; and a new and 

easy method of analysing Sugar. Tract. 8i'o. vol. 115. 

Manchester, 1840-42. Bvo. 

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present, et I'avenir. Tract. 4/o. vol. 50. Paris, 1861. 4to. 

Revue generale de I'architecture et des ti'avaux publics. 

See Periodical Publications. 

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halt in England zur Besichtigung der dortigen Eisenbahnen. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 257. Hannover, 1841. 8vo. 

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Lond. 1860. 12mo. • 

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de la chaleur dans les fours a regeneration. Tract. 8vo. vol. 530. 

Paris, 1893. 8vo. 

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Lahontan. [U.S. Geol. Survey. Bulletin No. 12.] 

Washington, 1884. 8vo. 

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special reference to American geological history. Revised [2nd] 
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applications of the science to the Arts. New edition, etc. 

Lond. 1867. 8vo. 

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New York, 1882. 8vo. 

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Lond. 1868. 8vo. 

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.Age."] Tract. 8vo. vol. 85. Boston, 1848. 8vo. 

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Tract. 8vo. vol. 259. Lo7id. 1872. 8vo. 

Town Sewage : a new process of turning sewage deposit to 

profitable account by convei'ting it into charcoal. Tract. 8vo. 
wZ. 438. Maidstone, [l88Q'i] 8vo. 


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revised and enlai-ged, of Meteorological Essays. 2 vols. 

Land. 1845. 8vo. 

■ An introduction to the study of Chemical Philosophy. 

Loud. [1839.] 8vo. 

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vol. 78. Uppsala, 1841. 8vo. 

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the Underwriting of 1805 and 1808. Tract. Svo. vol. 513. 

Land. 1893. 8vo. 

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familiar and practical treatise of the law of patents for inventions. 

Land. 1843. 8vo. 

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die Donauregulirung bei Wien ernannten Comites. 

Wien, 1868. 8vo. 

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Wien. Wien, 1875. 8vo. 

Donau-Verein. Actenstiicke zur Regulirung der Stromschnellen 

der Donau zwischen Moldava und Turn-Severn. Wien, 1880. 4to. 

— - Mcmoire sur I'achevement des travaux d'amelioration executes 
aux embouchures du Danube par la Commission Europeenne 
[d'apres les projets de Sir C. H. Hartley]. (Atlas of plates.) 

Leipzig, 1873-74. 4to. and folio. 

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. . . par la Commission europeenne. 3 vols. (Atlases of plates.) 

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Wien, [1870?] 4to. 

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[Commission europeenne du Danube.] Leipzig, [1857.] 4to. 

■ Protocolle des " Donau- Vereines " fiber die am 16 December 1879 

und 22 Januar 1880, stattgehabten Plenar-Versammlungen. Tract. 
Svo. vol. 322. Wien, 1880. 8vo. 

Rapport presente par la Commission d'expertise, instituee par la 

haute Commission de regularisation du Danube, pour I'examen 
des projets de detail de la transformation du Donau-Canal en un 
port de commerce et d'hiver. [Gutachten, etc. Fr. and Ger.] 
Tract, folio, vol. 48. Vienne, 1893. folio. 

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(From the I'liil. Trans.) 

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Future prospects of the Civil Engineering Profession. Tract. 

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See CoNYBEARE, W. D., and Dawson, W. 

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326 DAY — DEAL. 

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■ [For Reports issued as Borough Engineer of Liverpool :] See 

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et des traverses en fer pour I'etablissement et I'entretien des voies. 
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folio, vol. Alger, 1880. folio. 

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4th edition. Lond. 1857. 8vo. 

-: Rudimentary treatise on the Drainage of Towns and Buildings . . . 

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courses and tide gauge table, for navigating the Dee and Mersey, 
including the latest alterations. Liverpool, 1840. 8vo. 

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1852-54, 1856, 1857, 1862, 1864, 1866, 1868-71, 1873-1883. 
Atlases folding in 8vo. Liverpool, 1835-83. 8vo. 

(Wants 1S16.) 

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A survey made the 1st March, 1607. Lower Thames Valley main 
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structing them, obviating the necessity for the usual correction 
for the differences of the wedges of immersion and emersion. 
With discussion. Tract. Uo. vol. 109. Lond. 1884. 4to. 

(Proc. lustitution of Naval Architects.) 

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verse and Longitudinal Metacentric Curves to Ratio Curves." 
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Glasgow, 1885. 8vo. 

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management of Chronometers, Watches, and Clocks ; delivered 
before the members of the United Service Institution, May, 1841. 
With an Appendix on the errors of chronometers, and an explana- 
tion of a new construction of the compensation-balance. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 72. Lo7}d. 1842. 8vo. 


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rertecting meridian and altitude instrument ; with plain instructions 
for the method of using it in the correction of time-keepers. Tract. 
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A paper on the patent Azimuth and Steering Compass. Tract. 

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A treatise on the Aneroid, a newly invented portable Barometer ; 

with a short historical notice of barometers in general, etc. Tract. 
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A description of the A Level, for the use of workmen in the 

drainage of land . . . and all works requiring a regular fall. 

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Lond. 1855. Svo. 
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The Marshes of south Italy : a few words bearing upon land 

speculation and cotton-growing in Italy, — malaria and brigandage. 
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(From the Journal of the Society of Arts.) 

On the progress and results of the Underdrainage of Land in 

Great Britain. Tract. Svo. vol. 148. Lond. 1856. Svo. 

(From the Journal of the Society of Arts.) 

Outline of a method of Model Mapping ; with a view to append, 

by an application of the art of levelling to that of area surveying, 
the advantage of a section of elevations and depressions, to the 
uses of a map of superficial contents . . . 2nd edition. 

Liverpool, 1841. Svo. 

The question What can now be done for British Agriculture ? 

answered . . . Advocating a general and uniform system of drain- 
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1861, in three letters reprinted from the "Agricultural Gazette." 
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School of Military Engineering at Chatham, 1876. 

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Land. 1869. 8vo. 

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Lond. 1879. 8vo. 

■ Sewage disposal : ten years' experience in works of intermittent 

downward filtration. With notes on the practice and results of 
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• 2nd edition, with additions. Tract. 8vo. vol. 372. 

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Tract. 8vo. vol. 203. Lond. 1870. 8vo. 

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missioners of Sewers, conveying a proposal for improved drainage 
of the metropolis, and an improved supply of water to its inliabi- 
tants. Tract. 8vo. vol. 83. Lond. 1849. 8vo. 

The Storage of Water. Tract. 8vo. vol. 274. Lond. 1874. 8vo. 

The Water question : a letter addressed ... to the Earl of 

Derby, explaining a proposal for the supply of the Metropolis 
from the higher sources of the Thames in connection with the 
storage of surplus waters. Tract. 8vo. vol. 151. 

Lond. 1866. 8vo. 

Water Supply and domestic Filtration. Tract. 8vo. vol. 307. 

[1879.] 8vo. 

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Metropolitan Railways and by other public improvements. Tract. 
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a stock car body. Tract, folio, vol. 4:4,. [1883.] folio. 

Specifications of a tank -switching Locomotive Engine, class 48. 

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Paris, 1883. 8vo. 

Traite theorique et pratique des machines soufflantes. 

Paris, 1887. 8vo. 


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ro.ujion of France. [5//t Int. Congr. Inl. Nav.] [Pariit, 1892.] 8vo. 

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Water to a vessel passing throuifli it. Also the best form of fast 
vessel, its propeller, and engincjs. Tract. 8vo. vol. 482. 

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A paper on the effect of Gravity. Tract. 8vo. vol. 410. 

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z 2 


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[Continued as : — ] 

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" the Novelty Iron Works," and Mr. H. Allen. Appendix. 
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■ ■ Die Baumaterialien der Steinstrassen; Beschaffenheit, Yorkommen 

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or having reference to the Exhilntion of 1851, in the possession 

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34 G D0B80N — DODD. 

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Rudimentaiy treatise on Masonry and 8tone-cutting ; in which 

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for marine purposes, of the steam coals of Aberdare, in South 
Wales, and of Hartley, in Northumberland. Tract. Svo. vol. 111. 

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demonstrating its practicability without wet docks, etc. Tract. 
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venient and extensive supply of Thames water to the metropolis. 

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vol. 361. Lond. 1815. 8vo. 


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continuation of the river navigation into the North Sea ; with 
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the rivers Thames and Medway ; with general estimates, etc. 
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the erection of a new bridge. Tract. 4/o. vol. 13. 

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projected improvements : as surveyed by order of the committee 
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1796. Svo. 

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a canal from near Gravesend to Stroud. Tract, ito. vol. 5. 

Lond. 1798. 4to. 

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the state of the river, harbour, piers, etc., of the port of Sunder- 
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Oaks, V., and Dodson, T. 

DODSON, W. Col. The designefor the perfect Draining of the Great 
Level of the Fens, (called Bedford Level), as it was delivered to 
the honourable corporation for the draining of the said great 
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since the delivery of the said designe, with objections to the 
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(Read before the British Associatiou.) 

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Commissioners in reference to those parts which inculpate the 
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engineer, surveyor, and builder . . . Preceded by a preliminary 
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350 DONKIN — D0R8EY. 

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Sydney, 1887. 8vo. 
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Board District, including particulars of the System of Sewerage 
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prietors to raise a further sum of money towards completing the 
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million, based upon a proposed Railway Communication from the 
Atlantic to the Pacific in the territories of British North America. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 138. Lond. 1851. 8vo. 

(Read before the British Association.) 

352 DOULL — DOVE. 

DOULL, A., Lieut., B.A.- — cimtinued. Extensive and systematic 
Colonization in connection with the construction of the Inter- 
colonial llailway through the Canada Dctiiiinion. Tract. %vo. 
vol. 1G7. Gla.sfj(nr, 18G8. 8vo. 

Fortification in an artilleristical point of view : a new system 

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Woohcich, 1860. 8vo. 

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Land. 1853. 8vo. 

A project for opening a North-west Passage between the Atlantic 

and Pacific oceans, by means of a railway on British territory. 
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Association, for an extensive system of employment and coloniza- 
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■■ Report and outline of a plan by which an extensive Railway may 

be constructed in the British North American colonies, combining 
its execution with an enlarged scheme of colonization, etc Tract. 
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voordeelen voor den lande, door een algemeen gebruik van water- 
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Uo. vol. 106. Berlin, 1843. 4to. 

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ralty Pier. Bond. 1866. folio. 

Correspondence relative to the causes of the wasting of the shore 

to the eastward of the Government Pier. Bond. 1873. folio. 

Correspondence relative to the damage to the Pier by the storm 

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Running and through Speed on Railways. Tract, folio, vol. 37. 

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Tract, folio, vol. 25. -^'jra, 1878. folio. 

[Another edition.] Tract, folio, vol. 37. 

[BoorJcee, 1884.] folio. 
2 A 


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with deep wells and natural springs. Trad. 8/;o. vol. 456. 

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the contributions from India to the London Exhibition of 18G2. 

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the Strain and breaking weight of Wrought Iron Bridges, with 
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and weights are compared with those of the metric system at 
present in use on the Continent. Lond. 1864. Svo. 

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3rd edition. Part I. Lond. 1875. Svo. 

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Life and work at the College of Agriculture, Downton. 

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on the establishment of a legal provision for the Irish Poor, and 
on the nature and destination of Church Property. Tract. 8«o. 
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Second report upon the river Waimakariri and the lower plains of 

Canterbury, New Zealand. Christchurch, N.Z., 1865. 4to. 

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upon the Diagonals of Lattice Beams, with the resulting formula?. 
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(From Mln. Proc. Inst. C.E.) 

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(From the Philosophical Magazine.) 

■ An easy rule for formulizing, by the Binomial Theorem, all 

epicyclical curves with one moving circle (bi-circloids of Perigal). 
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(From the Philosophical Magazine.) 

A remarkably easy mode of approximating to the Circumference 

of the Circle. Tract. 8vo. vol. 139. Lond. 1863. 8vo. 

(From the Philosophical Magazine.) 

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pany V. City of Chelsea. Pleadings and Evidence. Circuit Court 
of the United States, District of Massachusetts. 

Boston, 1889. 8vo. 

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of a journey through the Western States . . . with a description 
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dent. By A. E. Pinching. Lond. 1889. folio. 

2 A 2 


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Bruxelles, 1842. 12mo. 

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The Pennsylvania Railroad : its organization construction and 

management. Lond. 1879. folio. 

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See Maw, W. H., and Dredge, J. 

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Katalog der Bibliothek der Koniglichen Polytechnischen Schule, 

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Organisationsplan genehmigt durch Verordnung des Konigl. 

Ministeriums des Innern vom 31 Januar, 1865. 

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1888-89, 1889-90. Dresden, 1888-89. 4to. 

Priifungsordnung fiir Candidaten des hohern Lehramtes, etc. 




Regulativ fiir die Diplompriifungen. Dresden, 



Statut. Dresden, 

, 1878. 


Statuten fiir die Krankenkasse der Studirenden. 




Studienordnung fiir die Studirenden. Dresden, 



Studienpliine. Dresden, 




DRESDEN — continued. — Koniglich-SachsiscJie Technische Hochschule. 
Bericht iiber die . . . Hochschule auf das Studienjahr 1888-89, 
(1889-90, etc.) Dresden, 1890, etc. 4to. 

Statut. • Dresden, 1888-90. 4to. 

Verzeichniss der Vorlesungen und Uebungen . . . 1890, (1890- 

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On the Instruments employed in Meteorological Observations. 

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On the present state of Meteorological Science in England. 

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Practical Meteorology. Lond. 1855. 8vo. 

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A treatise on the law and practice of Injunctions. 

Lond. 1841. 8vo. 

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QuiNETTE DE RocHEMONT, E. T., Bttvon, and Dreyfuss, — . 

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Rock-drills, and Blasting. New York, 1883. 4to. 

Tunneling, Explosive Compounds, and Rock-drills. 

New Torlc, 1878. 4to. 

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Projet de canal entre le Don et le Volga. Memoire a I'appui 

du projet. Paris, 1886. 4to. 

Projet de percement de I'isthme de Krau. Communication faite 

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■ ■ [Boyal College of Science for Ireland.] See Royal College of 



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(A reprint of the edition of 1665.) 

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September, 1882, steel rails, alternate joints, gravel ballast, 
passenger and freight service. Tract, folio, vol. 44. 

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Life, diary, and correspondence. Edited by William Hamper. 

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Materiel et procedes de I'exploitation des mines a rExposition 

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Bill. Minutes of Proceedings and Minutes of Evidence. 

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See Anonymous. 

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■ La science des fontaines, ou moyen silr et facile de creer partout 

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de la mer du Nord. Premiere partie. De la frontiere Beige au 
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■ Letter ... to C. C Western, Esq., M.P., on various political 
questions. Tract. 8vo. vol. 63. Warrington, 1830. 8vo. 

Observations relative to making Manchester and Warrington 

into sea-ports ; with remarks on Mr. Chapman's report : and hints 
in respect to Runcorn bridge. 2nd edition. Tract. 8vo. vol. 6. 

Lond. 1826. 8vo. 

DU MESNIL-MARIGNY, J. Solution of problems relative to Pro- 
tection and Eree Trade. [By J. Du Mesnil-Marigny. I860?] See 

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plying the Burghs of Dumfries and Maxwelltown and suburbs 
with Water. 2 pt. Lond. 1850-1852. folio. 

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Determination des elements de construction des electro-aimants. 

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Elements of Construction of Electro-Magnets. Translated from 

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Traite theorique et pratique de telegraphic electrique, a I'usage 

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des inventeurs. Paris, 1864. 8vo. 

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motrice. Paris, 1883. 8vo. 

■ Electricity as a Motive Power : translated, etc. 

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Light : witli particular reference to the Edison Lamps at the 
Paris Exhibition. 2nd edition, revised. 

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Voies navigables de la France. (Map folding in 8vo.) 

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Paris et Liege, [1860 1] folio. 

Memoire sur la constitution geologique de la province de Liege. 

Bruxelles, 1832. 4to. 

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I'exploitation des chemins de fer. Paris, 1885. 8vo. 

DUMONT, Georges, Leblanc, M., and La Bj&dgyere, E. de. 
Dictionnaire theorique et pratique d'electricite et de magnetisme. 

Paris, [ .] 8vo. 

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tation houillere. Liege, 1871. 4to. 

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Counties Railway Company. Tract. 8vo. vol. 416. 

Lond. 1851. 8vo. 

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water-supply and new works. Tract. 8vo. vol. 151. 

Liverpool, 1866. 8vo, 

Report of the Waterworks Engineer [for 1866], etc. Tract. Svo. 

vol. 151. Liverpool, 1866. 8vo. 

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South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tas- 
mania. Tract. Svo. vol. 295. Sydney, 1876. Svo. 

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panies. 1883, etc. Lond. 1883, etc. 8vo. 

Manual of Tramway Companies in the United Kingdom. Tract. 

Svo. vol. 301. Lond. 1877. 8vo. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 302. Lond. 1837. 8vo. 

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(1885, 1887.) Dundee, 1881-87. 8vo. 


DUNDEE — continued. — \Harbour.'\ Excerpt from Minutes of a . . . 
Meeting of the Trustees . . . held March 5, 1855. With a 
report on the state of the harbour, etc. Tract. Ato. vol. 41. 

[1855.] 4to. 

Proceedings of a Committee of Merchants . . . and others, 

interested in the Improvement of the Harbour of Dundee, etc. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 76. Dundee, 1814. 8vo. 

Report by the Committee of management, relative to the plans 

of the new ferry harbours at Dundee and the opposite coast of 
Fife, proposed by Mr. Telford. Tract, ito. vol. 34. 

Dundee, 1821. 4to. 

[Utiiversity College.] Calendar, Session 1885-86 (1886-87, etc.). 

Dundee, 1885, etc. 8vo. 

DUNDONALD, Earl of [Archibald Cochrane]. Brief extracts from 
memoranda of the Earl of Dundonald on the use, properties, and 
products of the Bitumen and Petroleum of Trinidad. Tract. 
folio, vol. 6. Lond. 1857. folio. 

A treatise showing the intimate connection that subsists between 

Agriculture and Chemistry. Lond. 1803. 4to. 

DUN ECHT OBSERVATORY. Publications. Vols. 1 and 2. 

Aberdeen, 1876-77. 4to. 

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and Drainage. Dunedin, 1865. folio. 

New Zealand Exhibition, 1865. Reports and awards of the jurors ; 

and Appendix. Dunedin, 1866. 8vo. 

on the] Construction of the Railway. Dunedin, 1874—75. folio. 

ence relating to the Dunedin and Port Chalmers, and Southern 
Trunk Railways. Dunedin, 1870-73. folio. 

Engineering report on the Port Chalmers and Dunedin Railway. 

By John Millar. Dunedin, 1869. folio. 

DUNFERMLINE. Reports of Surveying Officers, and minutes of 
evidence on the Dunfermline Waterworks Bill. 

Lond. 1847. folio. 

DUNKIN, A. J. A report of the substance of the several speeches 
of A. J. Dunkin at the special general meeting of the British 
Archfeological Association, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 68. 

Lond. 1845. 8vo. 

DUNKIN, E. Obituary notices of Astronomers. Lond. 1879. 8vo. 

DUNKIRK. Construction des ecluses du bassin de I'ouest a Dun- 
kerque et des ecluses du bassin a flot de Gravelines. Par A. Plocq. 

(Case of plates.) (Lithographed.) Paris, 1874. 8vo. 

Port et rade de Dunkerque. Notice hydrographique et geo- 

graphique, historique, technique et statistique. Par A. Plocq. 
(Lithographed.) DwuTcerque, 1873. 8vo. 


DUNKIRK — continued. Service special des ports, phares et balises. 
Ecluse (le barrage. Description, calculs de resistance, decompte 
d'executioa et tableau d'equilibre d'un pout t(jurnant a deux 
voices. Par A. Plocq. Ptiris, 1874. 8vo. 

DUNLEAllY. Additional remarks on an intended Asylum Port 
nviir Dunleary ; comprising ol^servations on the last grant made 
by Pai'liament for Howth harbour. By a Seaman. Tract. Svo. 
vol. '280. [Duhlini IHOd.] 8vo. 

DUNLOP, N. A paper , . . upon ancient and modern Ships, with 
special reference to the applications of science in their structure 
and outfit. Tract. 8vo. vol. 464. Glasgow, 1883. 8vo. 

DUNMORE HARBOUR. Estimate and Act for improving Dun- 
more Harbour. Land. 1814-18. folio. 

DUNN, E. J. Geological sketch map of Cape Colony. 

Lo7kI. 1875. 8vo. 

DUNN, M. Observations upon the line of Railroad projected by Mr. 
Landale, from Dundee to the valley of Strathmure. Tract, ito. 
vol. 12. Dundee, 1825. 4to. 

Prospectus of a Railway from Newcastle to Morpeth, to be called 

the Northumberland Railway. Tract. 8vo. vol. 260. 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1835. 8vo. 

A treatise on the winning and working of Collieries. . . . 2nd 

edition. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1852. 8vo. 

DUNN, T. Improvements in Railway Machinery. [Being a specifi- 
cation of Dunn's patents.] Manchester, 1860. folio. 

DUNSCOMBE, C. Rehousing of the Artizan and Labouring Classes 
in sanitary dwellings. Tract, folio, vol. 43. 

Liverpool, 1889. folio. 

Report on Sewerage of Cape Town. 1891. See Cape Town. — 


DUNTHORNE, R. Remarks on certain queries delivered in by the 
Rev. Mr. Dickinson, at a meeting held at Wisbeach on Wednesday, 
the 5th of September, 1770. Tract. Uo. vol. 54. [1770.] 4to. 

DUPAIN-TRIEL, J. L. Tableau geographique de la navigation 
interieure du territoire de I'Empire frangais, etc. 

Far is, 1811. 8vo. 

DUPASQUIER, A. Des eaux de source et des eaux de riviere. 

Paris, 1840. 8vo. 

DUPIN, C, Baron. Applications de geometrie et de mecanique ; a la 
marine, aux ponts et chaussees, &c., pour faire suite aux ' De- 
veloppements de geometrie.' Paris, 1822. 4to. 

De la structure des vaisseaux anglais, consideree dans ses derniers 

perfectionnements. Tract. Uo. vol. 19. Londres, 1817. 4to. 

(From the Phil. Trans.) 

DUPiN. 367 

DUPIN, C, Baron — continued. Developpements de geometrie, avec 
des ajiplications a la stabilite des vaisseaux, aux deblais et remblais, 
au detilement, a I'optique, &c. ; pour faire suite a la Geometrie 
descriptive et a la Geometrie analytique de M. Monge. 

Paris, 1813. 4to. 

Discours aux Chambres des Deputes, session de 1829, dans la 

discussion de la loi de finance de 1830. Tract. 8vo. vol. 17. 

Paris, 1829. 8vo. 

Du commerce et de ses travaux publics, en Angleterre et en 

France. Discours, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 17. Paris, 1823. 8vo. 

Essai historique sur les services et les travaux scientifiques de 

G. Monge. Paris, 1819. 4to. 

Forces productives et eommerciales de la France. 2 vols, in 1. 

Paris, 1827. 4to. 

Influence du cormnerce sur le savoir, sur la civilisation des peuples 

anciens, et sur leur force navale : discours, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 17. 

Paris, 1822. 8vo. 

Introduction au cours de mecanique appliquee aux arts, ouvert 

pres du Conservatoire des arts et metiers. Tract. Svo. vol. 17. 

Paris, 1821. 8vo. 

Mathematics, practically applied to the useful and fine arts, 

adapted to the state of arts in England by G. Birkbeck, M.D. 

Halifax, 1854. 8vo. 

Memoires sur la marine et les ponts et chaussees de France et 

d' Angleterre, etc. Paris, 1818. Svo. 

Notice necrologique sur J. Rennie. Tract. 8vo. vol. 17. 

Londres, 1821. 8vo. 

Progres des sciences et des arts de la marine fran9aise, depuis la 

paix ; discoui's, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 17. Paris, 1820. Svo. 

Rapport d'une commission speciale relatif au travail des enfants 

dans les manufactures, usines ou ateliers. Tract. 8vo. vol. 63. 

Paris, 1840. Svo. 

Rapport fait au nom de la commission preparatoire chargee 

d'examiner la proposition de M. le Baron de Ferussac, sur un 
enquete relative a la situation des routes et des canaux. Tract. 
Svo. vol. 17. Paris, 1831. Svo. 

Summary of an opening lecture in Paris, on Industrial Education. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 67. Manchester, 1836. Svo. 

Tableau compare de I'instruction populaire avec I'industrie des 

departemens d'apres I'exposition de 1827, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 17. 

Paris, 1828. Svo. 

Tableau de I'architecture navale militaire, aux dix-huitieme et 

dix-neuvieme siecles. Tract. 4:to. vol. 6. Paris, 1815. 4to. 

Voyages dans la Grand-Bretagne, entrepris relativement aux 

services publics de la guerre, de la marine, et des ponts et 
chaussees, en 1816, 1817, 1818 et 1819. (Atlas of plates.) 3 vols. 

Paris, 1820-24. 4to. and folio. 


DUPIN, C, Baron — continued. The Commei'cial Power of Great 
Britain ; exhibiting a complete view of the public works of this 
country, under the several heads of streets, roads, canals, &c. 
Translated from the French. 2 vols. (Atlas of plates.) 

Land. 1825. 8vo. and 4to. 

(Being a translation of the 3rd vol. of the preceding.) 

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d'elever et de distribuer les eaux, par Genieys ; et de la description 
des filtres naturels de Toulouse, par d'Aubuisson. (Atlas of plates.) 

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Situation de la question des eaux d'egout et de leur emploi 

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markets on the line of the Grand Junction Canal, by the unequal 
charges for the tonnage of coals on that canal. Tract 8vo. vol. 66. 

Oxford, 1845. 8vo. 

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2 B 


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Handbuch des Eisengiessereibetriebes : unter Beriicksichtigung 

verwandter Zweige. Dritte . . . Auflage. Leipzig, 1892. 8vo. 

(In progress.) 

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landsch Oost-Indie. Amsterdam, 1872, etc. 8vo. 

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une exposition des canaux a entreprendre pour en completer le 
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found in that portion of Central America traversed by the 
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the structures of the canal. Tract, ito. vol. 118. 

Neio York, 1891. 4to. 

Tertiary history of the Grand Canon District, with atlas. 

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1840. See Marcellis, C, and Duval, V. 

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]6tude experimentale calorimetrique de la machine a vapeur. 

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Sur le frottement dans les machines a vapeur. Tract. 8vo. 

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Tract. 8vo. vol. 497. Bruxelles, 1890. 8vo. 

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etc. Dublin, 1847. 8vo. 

. 2nd edition. Tract. 8vo. vol. 118. Dublin, 1852. 8vo. 

2 B 2 


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VDU Cement und Cement mit Kalk. Tract. 4<o. vol. 9G. 

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The Efficiency of Steamships from the owners' point of view. 

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On the present state of the Theory of the Steam-engine, and some 

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1890. 8vo. 

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by sending it from eight to ten miles further towards the sea ; [and] 
for promoting improvements in the navigation of the Thames, etc. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 105. Lond. 1857. Svo. 

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at the regular monthly meeting of the Louisiana Sugar Planters' 
Association, August 1887. Tract. Svo. vol. 449. 

New Orleans, 1887. 8vo. 

DYNLLAEN". See Porthdynllaen. 



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Oceanic Canals, March 9, 1880, in reply to Count de Lesseps. 
Tract. 8vo. vol 323. [1880.] 8vo. 

Illinois and St. Louis Bridge Company. Reports of the Chief 

Engineer, 1868 and 1870. Tract. 8vo. vols. 197 and 224. 

St. Louis, 1868-70. Svo. 

(The other reports have been published in Engineering from time to time.) 

Improvement of Galveston Harbour. Tract. Svo. vol. 359. 

Washington, 1884. Svo. 

Inaugural address to the Academy of Science, St. Louis. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 229. St. Louis, 1872. Svo. 

The Isthmian Ship Railway. Tract. 8vo. vol. 320. 

New York, 1881. Svo. 

(From the North American Review.') 

Letters from leading engineers and naval architects [to J. B. Eads, 

relative to his scheme for] . . . constructing and operating a Ship 
Railway [across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. With a letter on 
Ship Railways and Canals by Sir E. J. Reed.] Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 345. St. Louis, 1882. Svo. 

Mississippi Jetties. Review of the Report of the Board of 

U.S. Engineers. Tract. Svo. vol. 309. Washington, 1879. Svo. 

Proposed Ship Railway across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. 

(Discussion.) Tract. Svo. vol. 4:17. [P ittsburgh 1] 18SQ. Svo. 

Report in relation to proposed improvement to promote Rapid 

Drainage, and to improve the Navigation of the Sacramento 
River. Tract. Svo. vol. 456. Sacramento, 1880. Svo. 

Report of General Humphreys [on the Physics and Hydi'aulics 

of the Mississippi] reviewed. Tract. Svo. vol. 239. 

Washington, 1874. Svo. 

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New York, 1876. Svo. 

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■ Memoir of J. B. Eads, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 445. 

[New York,'] 1887. Svo. 

(From Trans. Am. Soc. C.E.) 

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Neck : report by C. N. Bell. [Hobart,] 1890. folio. 

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Lond. 1885. Svo. 

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comparative strength of Iron used in the manufacture of Mortars ', 
also as relates to their enduring properties when fired with service 
charges, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 128. Woolivich, 1857. Svo. 


EARL, G. W. A correspondence relating to the discovery of Gold in 
Austnili.i. Tract. 8vo. vol. 116. Land. 1853. 8vo. 

EARNS] I AW, S. The doctrine of Germs ; or, the integration of 
certain Partial Differential Equations which occur in Mathe- 
matical Physics. Cambridge, 1881. 8vo. 

Dynamics, or a treatise on Motion ; to which is added a short 

treatise on Attractions. 3rd edition. Cauihridije, 1844. 8vo. 

A treatise on Statics, containing the theory of the Equilibrium 

of Forces. 3rd edition. Cambridge, 1845. 8vo. 

EASSIE, P. B. "Wood and its uses : a handbook for the use of 
Contractors, Builders, etc. Gloucester, 1874. 8vo. 

EASSIE, W. Healthy and unhealthy Houses in town and country : 
with an appendix on the Water-supply and disposal of Sewage of 
country houses, by Rogers Field. Land. 1884. 8vo. 

Healthy Houses : a handbook, etc. 2nd edition. 

Land. 1872. 8vo. 

On the Waters derived from the Bagshot Beds, considered as 

Drinking supplies. Tract. 8vo. vol. 447. Land. 1886. 8vo. 

Sanitary Arrangements for Dwellings. Lond. 1874. 8vo. 

EAST, — . Questions on . . . Mr. Haywood's scheme, etc. 1880. 
See Richardson, R., and East, — . 

further Improvement of the Port of London by making Docks 
... at Blackwall for the accommodation of the East Indian 
Shipping. Lond. 1803. folio. 

Acts for altering and amending [the East India Dock Act, 1803.] 

Lond. 1806-14. folio. 

East and West India Docks Extension Bill. Minutes of Evidence ; 

House of Lords and House of Commons. 2 vols. 

Lond. 1882. folio. 

Opening of the Tilbury Deep Water Docks, April 17, 1886. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 418. Lond. 1886. 8vo. 

evidence, proceedings, and speeches on • the East and West 
Yorkshire Union Railways Bill. Lond. 1883. folio. 

EAST ANGLIA. Holiday notes in East Anglia. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 420. Stratford, 1886. 8vo. 

to the General Meeting, January 1, 1839. Tract. 8vo. vol. 382. 

Lond. 1839. 8vo. 

(Vol. 12 wanting.) Lond. 18Q7 , etc. 8vo. 

EAST INDIA COMPANY. Contract No. 2 between the East India 
Company and the East Indian Railway Company for the extension 
of the experimental line of Railway to Delhi, 1854. Tract, folio, 
vol. 42. 1854. folio. 


EAST INDIA COMPANY— continued. A modest Defence of the 
East India Company's management of Steam-communication with 
India. By Philojohannes. Tract. 8vo. vol. 163. 

Lond. 1839. 8vo. 

Reports and Proceedings in regard to the culture and manufacture 

of Cotton-Wool, Raw Silk and Indigo in India. 

Lond. 1836. 8vo. 

EAST INDIAN RAILWAY. See Isdi a.— [Baihomjs.] 

EAST LONDON, South Africa. Papers relating to the East London, 
Port Elizabeth and Kourie Harbour Works. 

[Cape Totvn,] 1868. foKo. 

Report on the Harbour Works. Cape Town, 1868. folio. 

EAST LONDON RAILWAY. Report by the Board of Trade . . . 
on the classification of merchandise traffic and schedule of 
maximum rates, etc. Lond. 1891. folio. 

EAST LONDON WATERWORKS. See London.— [IFa^er Supply.] 

ceedings. Vol. I., etc. Edinburgh, 1893, etc. 8vo. 

EAST USK RAILWAY. Minutes of Evidence, etc. 

Lond. 1885. folio. 

EASTBOURNE. Official Catalogue of the Exhibition of Sanitary 
Appliances held at Eastbourne. Eastbourne, 1881. 8vo. 

Eastern and Midlands Railway. Cromer extension. W. Marriott, 

engineer. (Reprinted from i-nj/tneertn*/.) Lond. 1887. 4to. 

SYNDICATE. List of Provisional Committee ; proposed Pro- 
spectus ; Geological Reports by T. V. Holmes, J. E. Taylor and 
W. Whitaker. Tract. 8vo. vol. 533. Ijmvich, 1893. 8vo. 

EASTERN COUNTIES RAILWAY. See Great Eastern Railway. 

directors. Tract. 8vo. vol. 111. [Lond.] 1853. 8vo. 

EASTLAKE, A. W. Observations on Petroleum in Eastern Europe, 
and the method of drilling for it, etc. Lond. 1892. 8vo. 

EASTLAKE, Sir C. L. A History of the Gothic Revival : an attempt 
to show how the taste for mediaeval architecture which lingered in 
England during the two last centuries has since been encouraged 
and developed. Lond. 1872. 4to. 

EASTON, A. A practical treatise on Street or Horse-power 
Railways, etc. Philadelphia, 1859. 8vo. 

EASTON, E. Brighton Corporation Waterworks : a paper, etc. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 407. Lond. 1881. 8vo. 

Rivers Conservation. Address and papers read before the British 

Association, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 309. Lond. 1878. 8vo. 


EASTWOOD. Report on au Explosion of Gunpowder and Blasting 
Cartridges at J. Hall and Son's Cartridge Factory : by Major 
A. Ford. Ln7id. 1881. folio. 

EATON, J. Public Libraries in the United States of America, etc. 
2 pt. Wmhingion, 1876. 8vo. 

EATON, S. J. M. Petroleum : a history of the oil region of Venango 
County, Pennsylvania. PMladeljphia, 1866. 8vo. 

EAU BRINK. A Bill to amend and enlarge the powers of the several 
Acts now in force, relating to the drainage through the New 
River or Cut from Eau Brink to King's Lynn. [1825.] folio. 

EAYRS, J. T. Incorporated Association of Municipal and County 
Engineers. President's Address delivered ... at West Brom- 
wich, July 1893. Tract. 8w. vol. 522. Lond. 1893. 8vo. 

EBELMEN, J. J. Recueil des travaux scientifiques de M. Ebelmen, 
revu et corrige par M. Salvetat. Precede d'une notice sur M. 
Ebelmen, par M. E. Chevreul. 2 vols. Paris, 1855. 8vo. 

Notice sur les travaux scientifiques de M. Ebelmen. Tract. 8t?o. 

vol. 421. Faris, [1850.] 8vo. 

EBENHOF, A. W. von. See Weber von Ebenhop, A. 

EBERT, E. Ueber Eisenbrucken. Tract, ^vo. vol. 435. 

Miinchen, 1886. 8vo. 

EBRO, Biver. Aforos practicados en las cuencas de los rios Ebro, 

Duero, Guadiana, Guadalquivir y Tajo, durante el ano 1880. 

[Obras puhlicas. Commission central hidrol6gica.'\ Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 342. Madrid, 1881. 8vo. 
Itinerarios del Rio Ebro y de todos sus afluentes. [Direccion, 

general de ohras puhlicas. Division Mdrologica de Zaragoza.] 

3Iadrid, 1882. folio. 

ECHEGARAY, J. Introduccion a la geometria superior. 

Madrid, 1867. 8vo. 

ECHUCA BRIDGE, Victoria. Reports of the Royal Commission. 

Melbourne, 1878. folio. 

ECK, C. L. G. Traite de construction en poteries et fer. 2 vols. 

Paris, 1836-41. folio. 
ECKERSLEY, P. Observations on two letters to G. C. Glyn, Esq., 

M.P., by J. Whitehead, and M. Huish, on Railway Management. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 82. Manchester, 1848. 8vo. 

ECKERSLEY, W. Port of Buenos Aires. Report upon Messrs. 

Bolland and Whittle's Dock project, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 265. 

Lond. 1875. 8vo. 
ECKERT, K. Referat iiber das Gordon'sche Canalisations-Project. 

Tract, ito. vol. 83. Miinchen, 1879. 4to. 

ECKHARDT, A. G., and F. F., and Douwes, B. Memorie ter vol- 
komene aanwijzing der belangrijke voordelen voor den lande, door 
een algemeen gebruik van watermolens met hellende schepraden, 
etc. ['s Gravenhage 1] 1808. folio. 


ECKHARDT, F. F. Beschouwende vergelijking tusschen cle water- 
molens, met hellende en met staande schepraders, etc. 

's Gravenhage, 1816. 8vo. 

ECKHOLD, C. A. C. Description of Eckhold's Omnimeter. Tract. 
8vo. vol 181. [Paris, 1868.] 8vo. 

ECKMUHL, A. L. Davout d', Marquise de Blocqueville. See 
Blocqueville, Marquise de. 

ECKSTEIN, G. F. A practical treatise on Chimneys ; with a few- 
remarks on stoves, etc. Lond. 1852. 8vo. 



See Paris. 

ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE SUISSE. Programme. 1888-89, etc. 

Berne, 1888, etc. 8vo. 

HAINAUT, afterwards EcoLE Speciale d'Industrie et des 
Mines du Hainaut. 

Programme des cours. Mons, Frameries, 1863, 87. 8vo. 


EDDY, C. W. The Defence of our Shores and of London, etc. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 206. Lond. 1871. 8vo. 

EDDY, E. M. G. See New South Wales. [Baihvatjs.] Report of 
the Royal Commission on the charges made against E. M. G. 
Eddy. 1892. 

EDDY, H. T. Researches in Graphical Statics, etc. 

New Tori', 1878. 8vo. 

EDDYSTONE LIGHTHOUSE. Copy of report from the Corporation 
of Trinity House to the Board of Trade on the practicability of 
removing the Eddystone Rocks instead of rebuilding the light- 
house thereon. Lond. 1878. folio. 

EDE, G. Guns and Gun Material. Lond. 1889. 8vo. 

The Management of Steel. 5th edition. Lond. 1873. 8vo. 

EDE, W. M. National Insurance necessary and possible : two 
lectures. Tract. 8vo. vol. 513. Lo7id. 1889. 8vo. 

EDEN, Sir F. M., Bart. Porto-bello : or, a plan for the improvement 
of the Port and City of London. Tract. 8vo. vol. 21. 

Lond. 1798. 8vo. 

EDEN VALLEY RAILWAY. Station Plans, by the resident 
Engineer. [ .] folio. 

EDENBURN. Report on an Explosion at Edenburn, Nov. 28, 1884. 

Lond. 1885. folio. 

EDER, J. M. The Chemical effect of the Spectrum. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 381. Lond. 1883. 8vo. 


EDGE, F. J. Taljles for setting out Curves. 1885. See Cutler, 
H. A., and Edge, F. J. 

EDGE, F. M. The destruction of the American Carrying Trade : a 
letter to Earl Russell, K.G. Tract 8i'o. vol. 158. 

Lond. 1868. 8vo. 

EDGEWORTH, R. L. A letter to the Dublin Society, relative to 
experiments on Wheel Carriages. Tract. 8i;o. vol. 15. 

Dublin, 1816. 8vo. 

An Essay on the Construction of Roads and Carriages. 

Lond. 1813. 8vo. 

. 2nd edition. Lond. 1817. 8vo. 

EDGREN, A. H. A compendious German and English Dictionary. 
1893. See Whitney, W. G., and Edgren, A. H. 

EDINBURGH. Proceedings, etc., at laying the foundation stones of 
the Regent's Bridge and new Gaol, Edinburgh. Tract, ito. vol. 70. 

1815. 4to. 

[Observatory.] Astronomical Observations, 1834, (1835, etc.) 

Edinburgh, 1838, etc. 4to. 

[Beads.] Edinburgh and Morpeth Road : copy of a Report and 

Estimate. Lond. 1822. folio. 

[Boyal Society of Edinburgh.] See Royal Society op Edin- 

[Water Supply.] An Act for more effectually supplying the City 

of Edinburgh with Water. Lond. 1819. folio. 

An Act for better supplying with Water the City of Edin- 
burgh and places adjacent. Lond. 1847. folio. 

Report of the Surveying Officers, and Minutes of Evidence 

on the Edinburgh Waterworks BiU. Lo7id. 1847. folio. 

An economical plan for an additional Supply of Water for 

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i Edinburgh and District Water : report by Joint Committee, 

etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 306. Edinburgh, 1869. 8vo. 

Interim Report ... of the Edinburgh and District Water 

Trustees ... as to the best means of obtaining an additional 
supply of water for Edinburgh, Leith, and PortobeUo, etc. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 306. Edinburgh, 1870. 8vo. 

Statement (on Water Supply) by the Corporations of Edin- 
burgh, Leith, and PortobeUo. Tract. 8vo. vol. 306. 

[Edinburgh,] 1869. 8vo. 

Supplementary Statement to the Proprietors of the Edinburgh 

Water Company. Tract. 8vo. vol. 306. 

[Edinburgh, 1869 ?] 8vo 

The Supply of Water to Edinburgh. Tract. 8vo. vol. 110. 

[Edinburgh, 1857.] 8vo. 

(From the Scotsman.) 


EI)I'^B'U'RG'H..—[Water-Supply.]— continued. The Water Supply : a 
letter to the Scotsman. By C. E. Tract. 8vo. vol. 

EdinhurgJi, 1868. 8vo. 
[St. Andreio's University.] See St. Andrew's University. 

Select Committee on the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway Bill. 

Land. 1837. folio. 


making ... a Canal from the Lothian Road to join the Forth 
and Clyde Navigation near Falkirk. Lond. 1817. folio. 

Act for amending [the Act of 1817]. Lond. 1819. foHo. 

Correspondence between the committee of subscribers to the 

proposed Union Canal between Edinburgh and Glasgow and the 
Right Hon. the Lord Provost and magistrates of Edinburgh, 
relative to the undertaking. Tract. 8vo. vol. 7. 

Edinburgh, 1814. 8vo. 

Observations by the Committee, submitted to the Lord Provost 

and City Council of Edinburgh. Tract. 4:to. vol. 7. 

Edinburgh, 1814. 4to. 

Observations on the objections made by the inhabitants of Leith 

to this undertaking. With an Appendix containing the reports 
of Messrs. Telford and Baird. Tract. 8vo. vol. 7. 

Edinburgh, 1817. 8vo. 

Report by the aggregate Committee ... to inquire into the 

affairs of the company ; with the reasons of dissent from the 
report, by G. M'Cullum, P. Tennent, and A. Munro, and obser- 
vations on the answers for Captain Cheyne. Tract. 8vo. vol. 7. 

[1826.] 8vo. 

To the subscribers to the intended Edinburgh and Glasgow 

Union Canal, and to the inhabitants of the City of Edinburgh. 
By a Citizen. Tract. 8vo. vol. 7. Edinburgh, 1814. 8vo. 

ings. 5 vols. Edinburgh, 1875-80. 8vo. 

(This Society, after publishing 5 volumes of Proceedings, joined the Royal Scottish Society of Arts, 
forming an Engineering Section thereof, but not iasuing separate Transactions.) 

EDINBURGH ENCYCLOPEDIA. The Edinburgh Encyclopaedia, 
edited by Sir D. Brewster. 18 vols, in 34, and supplementary 
part. Edinburgh, 1830. 4to. 

by Messrs. Grainger and Miller of Edinburgh, and Mr. George 
Stephenson of Liverpool. Tract. 4:to. vol. 93. 

[Edinburgh,] 1831. 4to. 

EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY. Calendar, 1886-87, (1887-88, etc.) 

Edinburgh, 1886, etc. 8vo. 

Programme of Classes, Curriculum, and Regulations for Graduation 

in Science, 1886-87. Edinburgh, 1886. 8vo. 

Syllabus of Lectures in the Department of Engineering. 

Edinburgh, 1886. 8vo. 


EDINGTON, R. A treatise on the Coal Trade . . . With an 
historical account of coal-mining, etc. 2nd edition. 

Loud. 1814. 8vo. 

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Lond. 1884. 8vo. 

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Magnetic Conductivity ; and on the Pyromagnetic Dynamo, a 
machine for producing electricity directly from Fuel. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 450. Salem, 1887. 8vo. 

(From the rroceedings of the American Association.) 

Edison and his Inventions : edited by J. B. McClure. 

Chka(jo, 1889. 8vo. 

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Works on the Continent, with a view to ascertain causes of 
failure m England. Trad. ito. vol. 63. Land. [1860 V\ 4to. 

EDMONDSON, J. Description and instructions for the use of 
Edmondson's Circular Calculating Machine. Tract. 8vo. vol. 397. 

Halifax, 1885. 8vo. 

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to 1888, consolidated with an index. Lond. 1889. folio. 

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different produces, etc. Truro, 1854. 8vo. 

EDWARD ECCLES, S.S. Verslag over de lichting van het in 
Januari 1886 op de Theems gezonken stoomschip " Edward 
Eccles," . . . benevens eenige beschouwingen over de lichting van 
gezonken schepen in de Nederlandsche rivieren en zeemonden, en 
over de inrichting van het daartoe benoodigde materiel, etc. 
[With MS. translation.] 's Gravenhage, 1886. 4to. 

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Paris, 1843. 8vo. 

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Cape Toion, 1890. 8vo. 

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Philadelphia, 1883. 8vo. 

Modern American Marine Engines, Boilers and Screw Propellers. 

Philadelphia, 1881. 4to. 

The practical Steam Engineer's Guide. Lond. 1882. 8vo. 

EDWARDS, E. P. The Eddystone Lighthouses (New and Old). 

Lond. 1882. 8vo. 

Our Seamarks. Lond. 1884. 8vo. 

EDWARDS, F.,Jun. On the Ventilation of Dwelling-Houses and the 
utilisation of waste from open fire-places. Lond. 1868. 8vo. 

EDWARDS, F. G. Concrete and Iron Beams, designed to supersede 
Brick Arches, Wood Beams, and Iron Girders. Tract. 4:to. vol. 
119. Lond. 1894. 4to. 


EDWARDS, F. G. — continued. Improvements in the combination of 
Iron and Concrete or similar materials for Building Purposes. 
Provisional Specification. Tract, ito. vol. 119. Land. 1891. 4to. 

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Yarmouth respecting the proposed Lock upon the River Wensum, 
at Norwich. Tract. 8vo. vol. 71. Yarmouth, 1838. 8vo. 

The River Waveney : did it ever reach the Sea via Lowestoft ? 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 309. Loivestoft, 1879. 8vo. 

Systeme de chemin de fer hydro-pneumatique pour le passage des 

hautes montagnes. Memoire et dessins. Tract, ito. vol. 55. 

Turin, 1865. 4to. 

The application of Gunpowder as an instrument of Engineering 

Operations, exemplified by its use in blasting marl rocks in the 
River Severn. Tract. 8vo. vol. 498. Land. 1845. 8vo. 

(From Min. Proc. Inst. C.E.) 

EDWARDS, L. Report for amending the outfall of the Nene, 
securing the Middle and North Levels of the Fens, and other 
countries adjoining to them from inundations by breaches of the 
north and south bank of Moreton's Cawe, and improving the 
navigation of the port of Wisbeach, and for better draining the 
lands above mentioned. Tract. 4:to. vol. 54. 1771. 4to. 

EDWARDS, M. A guide to Modelling in Clay and Wax, etc. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 310. Lond. 1879. 8vo. 

EDWARDS, S. Extracts taken from Harod's History of Stamford, 
relating to the navigation of the river Welland. . . . With some 
observations ... by Mr. S. Edwards, sen. Tract. 4to. vol. 58. 

Lond. [1810.] 8vo. 

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Ships and Vessels of War. (Addenda.) Land. 1832, 59. 8vo. 

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Holland on the Liernur System in Holland. Tract. 8vo. vol. 275. 

Tlte Hague, 1874. 8vo. 

EGEN, P. R. C. Untersuchungen iiber den Eftekt einiger in 
Rheinland-Westphalen bestehenden Wasserwerke. 

(Imperfect, wanting the plates.) Berlin, 1831. 4to. 

EGER, G. Technological Dictionary in the English and German 
languages. 2 pt. Brunsiviclc, 1882, 84. 8vo. 

EGERTON, F. H. Description du plan incline souterrain, execute 
entre le bief superieur et le bief inferieur de son canal souterrain, 
dans ses mines de charbon de terre de Walkden Moor, dans le 
Lancashire. Tract. 8vo. vol. 15. Paris, 1812. 8vo. 

Premiere et seconde partie d'une lettre aux parisiens, et a la 

nation Frangaise, sur la navigation interieure, contenant une 
defense du caractere public du due de Bridgewater, &c., &c.: et 
renfermant aussi une notice et des anecdotes sur M. J. Brindley. 
[French and English.] Tract. 8vo. vol. 9. Paris, 1818-20. 8vo. 


EGERTON, Sir P. de M. G. A commentary of tho services and 
charges of William, Lord C5rey of Wilton ; with a memoir of the 
author and illustrative documents. Edited by Sir P. do M. Grey 

Egerton. CCamden Society.) Loud. 184:7. 4tO. 

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Japan. Tract. Svo. vol. 518. New Yorl; 1892. Bvo. 

The Basic Bessemer Process. Tract. 8«o. vol. 413. 

[New York,] 1885. 8vo. 

— — . Basic Open-hearth Steel Process. Tract. Svo. vol. 415. 

[New YorJc,] 1885. Svo. 
Basic Refractory Materials. Tract. Svo. vol. 409. 

[New YorJc,] 1885. Svo. 

Bessemerizing Copper Mattes. Tract. Svo. vol. 415. 

[New York,] 1885. Svo. 

Biographical notice of L. Gruner. Tract. Svo. vol. 403. 

[New York,] 1884. Svo. 

. Catalogue of Minerals and Synonyms. 1887. See United 

States of America. — National Museum. Bulletin No. 33. 

The cause and prevention of the Decay of Building Stone. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 419. [New York,] 1886. Svo. 
The Disintegration of the Egyptian Obelisk in the Central Park, 

New York. Tract. Svo. vol. 419. [New York,] 1886. Svo. 

Drift-Mining. Tract. Svo. vol. 443. [New York,] 1887. Svo. 

The Dunnachie Continuous Regenerative Gas Kiln for burning 

Fire-Brick Pottery, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 437. 

[Neiv York,] 1886. 8vo. 
A Glossary of Furnace-terms in English, French, and German, etc. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 455. [New York,] 1888. Svo. 

Going into blast with Anthracite Furnaces. Trad. Svo. vol. 409. 

[New York,] 1885. Svo. 

Haswell and Whitworth's Steel Forgings. Tract. Svo. vol. 391. 

[New York,] 1885. Svo. 

Leaching Gold and Silver Ores in the West, etc. Tract. Svo. 

vol. 466. [New York,] 1883. Svo. 

Leaching Gold Ores containing Silver. Tract. Svo. vol. 443. 

(Reprinted from " Engineering.") Lond. 18SQ. SvO. 

Lectures on Mineralogy, etc. Neiv York, 1872. Svo. 

A Machine for testing the physical properties of Metals and 

Alloys. Tract. Svo. vol. 466. New York, 1883. Svo. 

Manufacture of Slag Bricks in Montana. Tract. Svo. vol. 530. 

[New York, 1891.] Svo. 

The Mendheim Continuous Gas-Furnace for burning Fire-Brick 

and Porcelain. Tract. Svo. vol. 437. [New York,] 1886. Svo. 

The Metallurgy of Silver, Gold, and Mercury in the United 

States. 2 vols. Lond. and New York, 1887, 90. Svo. 


EGLESTON, T.— continued. Method of collecting Flue Dust. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 384. [Boston 1] 1883. 8vo. 
Parting Gold and Silver by means of Iron at Lautenthal. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 384. Lond. 1885. 8vo. 

Parting Gold and Silver in California. Tract. 8vo. vol. 343. 

[Neio York, 1882.] 8vo. 

(From Report of Director of the Mint, U.S.A.) 

Parting Gold and Silver in the United States Assay Office, 

New York City. Tract. 8vo. vol. 409. [New York,] 1885. 8vo. 

The Parting Process used in the United States Mint at 

Philadelphia. Tract. 8vo. vol. 421. [Netv York,] 1886. 8vo. 

The Patio and Cazo Processes for Amalgamating Silver Ores. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 425. Neio York, 1884. 8vo. 

— — The Point Shirley Copper Works. Tract. 8vo. vol. 421. 

[Neio York,] 1886. 8vo. 

Presence of Tellurium in Copper, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 480. 

[New York,] 1882. 8vo. 

Rolls for crushing Ore. Tract. 8vo. vol. 409. 

Lond. 1885. Svo. 

The Separation of Silver and Gold from black Copper at Oker. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 413. WasJmigton, 1885. Svo. 

Some researches on the Amalgamation of Gold and Silver, etc. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 466. [New York,] 1884. Svo. 

Some Thoughts and suggestions on Technical Education : presi- 
dential Address before the American Institute of Mining 
Engineers, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 454. New York, 1888. Svo. 

The Stedefeldt Furnace. Tract. Svo. vol. 409. 

Lond. 1885. Svo. 
■ The Thies Process of Barrel Chlorination. Tract. 8vo. vol. 489. 

[New York,] 1890. Svo. 

Treating Gold and Silver at the United States Mint. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 425. Lond. 1886. Svo. 

The Treatment of Copper Slates at Mansfeldt. Tract. 8vo, 

vol. 530. [New York, 1891.] Svo. 

Treatment of Enargite. Tract. 8vo. vol. 480. 

[New York,] 1882. Svo. 

The Treatment of Fine Gold in the Sands of Snake River, 

Idaho. Tract. 8vo. vol. 495. [New York,] 1890. Svo. 

Treatment of Gold in the Arrastra. Tract. 8vo. vol. 443. 

[New York,] 1887. Svo. 

Treatment of roasted Pyrites by the Longmaid and Claudet 

processes for the extraction of Gold and Silver. Tract. Svo. 
vol. 415. [New York,] 1885. Svo. 

Working Placer Deposits in the United States. Tract. Svo. 

vol. 415. [New York,] 1886. Svo. 


EGYPT. — [Irrigation.] Irrigation in Lower Egypt. By J. G. Fife. 
[Records of the Government of India (P.W.D.) No. 21.] 

Calcutta, 18.56. 8vo. 

I Public Works Ministry. Report of the Administration of 
the Irrigation Department for 1886, (1887, etc.) By Col. Sir C. 
C. Scott-Moncrieff. [Reports for 1889-91, by Col. J. C. Ross: 
continued after that date by W. E. Garstin.] 

Cairo, 1887, etc. 4to. 

Report on Perennial Irrigation and Flood Protection ... by 

W. Willcocks : with a note by W. E. Garstin. Cairo, 1894. 4to. 

[Mailioays.'] Railways in Egypt ; communication with India. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 166. Lond. 1857. 8vo. 

EHMANN, — VON. Die Versorgung der wasserarmen Alb mit 
fliessenden Trink- und Nutz-Wassern und das offentliche Wasser- 
Versorgungs-Wesen im Konigreich Wiirttemburg. 

Stuttgart, [1881.] folio. 

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folio, vol. 39. Wien, 1885. folio. 

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dynamische Untersuchungen in der elektrischen Centralstation 
der Imp. Cont. Gas- Association in Wien. Tract. Svo. vol. 490. 

Wien, 1889. 8vo. 

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Berlin, 1878. 8vo. 

I Geschichte der Seeminen und Torpedos. Tract. Svo. vol. 312. 

Berlin, 1878. Svo. 

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laden. Tract. Uo. vol. 93. [Wien,] 1885. 4to. 

EHRENWERTH, J. von. Die Regenerirung der Hochofen-Gichtgase. 

Leipzig, 1883. 8vo. 

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Forderanlagen. (Atlas of Plates.) Leipzig, 1877. Svo. and folio. 

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mit vorziiglicher Rlicksicht auf dessen Schifffahrt und Handlung. 

Koln, 1814. 4to. 

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Pia). Clichj, 1874. 4to. 

Tour de 300 metres. [Engravings.] [1889.] 4to. 

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und iiber Reibungswiderstande. Tract, folio, vol. 44. 

Wien, 1877. folio. 


EISENWERTH, A. S. yos— continued. Die Wasserhebmaschinen 
System Gebriider Klein, A. Schmoll und E. Gaertner, und For- 
meln zur Berechnung des Volumeffectes und des Kraftbedarfes 
von Kolbenpumpen. Tract. 8vo. vol. 469. Prag, 1883. 8vo. 

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Lond. 1891. 8vo. 

The Metallurgy of Gold, etc. Lond. 1888. 8vo. 

The Metallurgy of Silver, etc. Lond. 1889. 8vo. 

The Modern High Explosives, Nitro-Glycerine and Dynamite, 

e«c. New York, 1884. 8vo. 

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Ueber Gebaudestatistik. Tract. 8vo. vol. 344. 

Dresden, 1882. 8vo. 

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Generalbericht der Direktion, etc. 1827. 8vo. 

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treftenden Uferstaaten iiber die Schiffbarkeit der Elbe und deren 
Verbesserung. Hamburg, 1850. 4to. 

ELDER, W. A memoir of Henry C. Carey. Tract. 8vo. vol. 333. 

PMladel/phia, 1880. 8vo. 

ELDERHORST, W. Manual of QuaHtative Blowpipe Analysis and 
Determinative Mineralogy. [Revised] by H. B. Nason. 

Philadelphia, 1881. 8vo. 

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Apparatus, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 351. Lond. 1881. 8vo. 

The Pump Fitter's Guide for calculating and fixing Pumps. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 351. Lond. 1878. 8vo. 

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS, Institution of. See Institution of 
Electrical Engineers. 


Automatic System for the public supply of Electricity from Stor- 
age Batteries. Tract. 8vo. vol. 457. Lond. 1888. 8vo. 

The Public Supply of Electricity for Light, Heat, and Power on 

the Storage System, 1889. Tract. Ato. vol. 112. 

Lond. 1889. 4to. 

The Storage System of Electrical Supply, etc. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 457. Lond. 1888. 8vo. 

2nd edition. Lond. 1888. 8vo. 

ING INSTITUTION. [Prospectus.] Tract. 8vo. vol. 508. 

Lond. 1890. 8vo. 

The Training of Electrical Engineers. Tract. 8vo. vol. 522. 

Lond. 1893. 8vo. 
2 c 


ELEMORE COLLIERY. Reports on the Explosion which occurred 
on the 2nd December, 1886 : Ijy H. Corser and T. Bell. 

Lond. 1887. folio. 

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vol. 389. Glcmjow, 1884. 8vo. 
The use of Stability Calculations in regulating the loading of 

Steamers, etc. Tract, ito. vol. 109. [Lund.] 1884. 4to. 
The Variation of Stability with Draught of Water in Ships, 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 464. Loud. 1884. 8vo. 

(From the I'roc. Royal Society.) 

l&LIE DE BEAUMONT, J. B. A. L. L. Explication de la carte 
geologique de France. 1841. See Dufrenoy, A., and Elie de 
Beaumont, J. B. A. L. L. 

Lec^-ons d'hydraulique. Torrents, rivieres, fleuves, vallees. Cours 

professe au College de France. Paris, [1869.] 8vo. 

ELIOT, C. W., and Storer, F. H. On the Impurities of commercial 
Zinc, with special reference to the residue insoluble in dilute acids, 
to sulphur, and arsenic. Tract. Ato. vol. 48. 

Camhridge, U.S., [I860.] 4to. 

(From the Memoirs of the American Academy.) 

ELIOT, J. Handbook of Cyclonic Storms. 1890. See India.— 

• Indian Meteorological Memoirs. (Vol. 3, etc.) See India. — 


Indian Weather Review, 1891, etc. See India. — [Meteorology.] 

Meteorological Observations, 1891, etc. See India. — [Meteoro- 

Report on Madras Cyclone, May. 1877. See India. — Madras. 

Report on Meteorology, 1885, etc. See India. — [Meteorology.] 

■ Report of the Vizagapatam and Backergunge Cyclones. 1877. 

See India. — ^Vizagapatam. 

Report on Meteorological Observations in the N.W. Provinces. 

1875. See India. — North-West Provinces. 

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the ax'ts. Tract. 8vo. vol. 57. Lond. 1844. 8vo. 

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or, how to promote health and abundance. Tract. 8vo. vol. 83. 

Lond. 1848. 8vo. 
. 2nd edition. Tract. 8vo. vol. 83. Lond. 1848. 8vo. 

ELLERY, R. L. J. A Lecture on the Sun's Distances and the 
Transits of Venus, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 464. 

Ballaarat, 1882. 8vo. 

Notes on a Chronographic apparatus, with Huyghens' parabolic 

pendulum. Tract. 8vo. vol. 413. Melbourne, 1885. 8vo. 


ELLESMERE CANAL. Act for making a . . . Canal from the 
River Severn at Shrewsbury to the River Mersey at Netherpool, 
etc. Lond. 1793. folio. 

Act to amend [the Act of 1793]. Lond. 1796. folio. 

Act to authorize the Proprietors ... to extend the Canal from 

the Whitchurch Branch ... to communicate with the Chester 
Canal in the Township of Stoke, etc. Lond. 1801. folio. 

Act for repealing so much of the Act [of 1793] as restrains the 

Proprietors . . . from taking Tonnage on Coals, Coak, Culm, Lime 
or Limestone upon a pai't of the Canal, etc. Lond. 1802. folio. 

Act to enable the Proprietors ... to make a Railway from 

Ruabon Brook to the EUesmere Canal at and near the Aqueduct 
at Pontcysyllte, etc. Lond. 1804. folio. 

i Act to enable the Proprietors to extend the Whitchurch Line of 

the Canal . . . and for amending the several Acts for making the 
Canal. Lond. 1810. folio. 

Act for uniting the Ellesmere and Chester Canals. 

Lond. 1813. folio. 
Report to the general assembly of the proprietors . . . 1805 

To which is annexed the oration delivered at Pont-Cysylte Aque- 
duct on its first opening. Shrewsbury, 1806. Ito. 

ELLET, C, jun. Cost of Transportation on Railroads. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 77. Philadelphia, 1844. 8vo. 

' The Mississippi and Ohio rivers : containing plans for the pro- 
tection of the delta from inundation ; and investigations of the 

practicability and cost of improving the navigation of the Ohio 

and other rivers by means of reservoirs, etc. 

Philadelphia, 1853. 8vo. 
The Mountain Top Track : a description of the railroad across 

the Blue Ridge at Rock Fish Gap, in the State of Virginia. 

Tract. 4/0. vol. 42. Philadelp)hia, 1856. 4to. 
A popular notice of Suspension Bridges ; with a brief description 

of the wire bridge across the Schuylkill, at Fairmount. Tract. 

8to. vol. 72. Philadelphia, 1843. 8vo. 

' Report on the improvement of the Kanawha, and incidentally, of 

the Ohio river, by means of Artificial Lakes. 

Philadelphia, 1858. 8vo. 
ELLICE-CLARK, E. B. Asphalte, and its appHcation to Street 

Paving. Tract. 8w. vol. 475. Lond. 1879. 8vo. 
On the construction and maintenance of the Public Highways. 

Tract. 8yo. vol. 266. Derhij, 1876. 8vo. 
■ A paper on the Supervision of Private Building by public 

authority. Tract. 8vo. vol. 361. Liverpool, 1883. 8vo. 
The present aspect of the Rural Road Question, etc. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 419. Hanley, 1886. 8vo. 

Ventilation of Sewers, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 236. 

Lond. 1874. 8vo, 
2 c 2 


ELLICOTT, J. A description of two methods, by which the Irregu- 
larities in the motion of a Clock, arisin^^ from the influence of 
heat and cold upon the rod of the poiiduluiii, may be prevented ; 
to which are added a collection of papers relating to the same 
subject. Tract. 8vo. vol. 41. Lund. 1753. 8vo. 

■ . Several essays towards discovering the Laws of Electricity : com- 
municated to the Royal Society, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 33. 

Lovd. 1748. 8vo. 

ELLIOT, G. H., MaJ. Report of a tour of inspection of European 
Light House establishments made in 1873. 

Washington, 1874. 8vo. 

ELLIOT, W. G. Report on the Water Supply of certain Cities of 
the United States. [U.S.A. lOth Census. Vol. 17. (Pt. 2.)] 

Washington, 1887. 4to. 

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Washington, 1882. 4to. 

ELLIOTT, James. Account of the Dymchurch Wall, etc. Tract. 

8V0. vol.502. (From Min. rroc. Inst. C.E.) Lond. 1850. 8vO. 

ELLIOTT, John. AppHed Mechanics. Boorhee, 1871. 8vo. 

ELLIOTT, R. S. Notes taken in Sixty Years. St. Louis, 1883. 8vo. 

ELLIOTT, W. J. Suggestions for the better control and manage- 
ment of the War Office manufacturing departments. Tract. 8vo. 
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tTber die bestimmung des Langen-unterschiedes zwischen den 

Sternwarten von Briissel und Berlin abgeleitet auf telegra- 
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Bestimmung des Langen-unterschiedes zwischen den Sternwarten 
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shoals and imbankments ; and to investigate in particular the 
consequences of such works on the river Thames. Tract. 8vo. 
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Madrid, 1859. 8vo. 

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Act for reclaiming . . . Lands on . . . the E. and S.E. coast of 

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(From The Times.) 

Euphrates versus Suez : or, which is the shortest 1 By a Barrister. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 261. Lond. 1857. Svo. 
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Railway. Lond. 1871-72. foUo. 

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Euphrates Valley Route. Lond. 1872. foHo. 

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by J. S. Curtis. (U.S.A. Geoi. Survey.) Washington, 1884:. foho. 

shortening the time of passage between New York and London, 
with documents relating thereto, including the proceedings of the 
Railway Convention at Portland, Maine, and the charter of the 
European and North American railway. Tract. 8vo. vol. 89. 

Portland, 1850. Svo. 

39L) EVANS. 

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with observations on the Classification of the Chalk, etc. Tract. 
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[1870?] Svo. 

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Report on the present State of the Navigation of the river 

Mersey. Tract. Svo. vols. 71, 212, 169, and 252. 

[Lond.] 1844, 68, 70, 75. Svo. 

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York. Testunony. Tract. Svo. Albany, 1869. 8vo. 

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further Discoveries on the Continent and in England. Tract. 
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Hertfordshire and its Water Supply. Tract. Uo. vol. 117. 

[Hertfordl] 1893. 4to. 

Unwritten History, and how to read it, etc. Tract. Svo. 

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vapeur. Traduit de I'anglais, par I. Doolittle. 2""* edition. 

Paris, 1825. Svo. 

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of Anthracite Pig Iron, conducted at Messrs. Whitworth and Co.'s 
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and of the Coast and Harbours to Holyhead. 3rd edition. Tract. 
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American Engines and FairHe Engines compared. Tract. Svo. 

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A chapter in the History of the Queen's Cup won by the Yacht 

" America" in 1851. Tract. Svo. vol. 449. 

New York, 1885. Svo. 


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Letter on Plan of Bulkheads and Docks for the City of New 

York. Tract. 8vo. vol. 344. New York, 1881. 8vo. 

A Letter on Railway Gauges, and construction, machinery, 

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A Letter on rapid Transit for New York City. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 256. New Yorl; 1875. 8vo. 

A Letter ... on Railway Gauges and Construction, Economy, 

etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 238. New York, 1873. 8vo. 

Carta . . . sobre medida de anchura de los caminos de hierro, i 

sobre su construccion, maquinaria, economia, etc. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 227. Nueva York, 1872. 8vo. 

A letter to the Chief of the Bureau of Statistics of the United 

States, being a fagot of Yankee sticks, tough if not telling, con- 
sisting of quotations, opinions, free-trade fancies, protection 
blessings, political economy, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 451. 

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Memoir of Thaddeus Kosciuszko, Poland's hero and patriot. 

New York, 1883. 4to. 

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[Another edition.] Tract. 8vo. vol. 318. 

Leeds, 1880. 8vo. 
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Lond. 1706. folio. 

Eumifugium : or, the inconveniencie of the aer and smoak of 

London dissipated. Together with some remedies humbly pro- 
posed by J. E. Esq., etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 219. 

Lond. 1661. 8vo. 

A letter . . . concerning the Spanish Sembrador, or new Engine 

for Ploughing, and equal sowing all sorts of grain . . . Translated 
from the Spanish. Tract. 4cto. vol. 20. Lond. 1670. 4to. 

(From Phil. Trans.) 

[A Parallel of Ancient Architecture with the Modern . . . From 

the French of Roland Freart, Sieur de Chambray, etc.'\ 

(Title page wanting.) [XowcL 1664.] folio. 

EVEREST, G., Col. An Account of the Measurement of two Sections 
of the Meridional Arc of India. Lond. 1847. 4to. 

Rectification of Logarithmic Errors in the measurement of two 

sections of the Meridional Arc of Lidia, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 122. 

(From Proc. Royal Soc.) Lond. [1859.] 8vO. 

EVERETT, A. Map of Victoria, showing the distribution of Forest 
Trees. 1866. 8vo. 


EVERETT, (I. The Pathway to Peace and Profit : or, Truth in its 
plain Dress. Wherein is methodically set forth a sure . . . way 
for the more speedy and effectual building their Majesties' Royal 
Navy, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 72. Lovd. 1G94. 8vo. 

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the official reports of the Water Boai-ds in the United States of 
America, the United Kingdom, and the Canadian Provinces, etc. 
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Lond. [1889.] 8vo. 

■ Steam and the Steam Engine. 32nd thousand. 

Glasgoio, 1887. 8vo. 
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les usines, et les travaux publics. 2 vols. (Atlas of plates.) 

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. Traite pratique de I'exploitation des mines. Vol. 1. (Atlas of 

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4th edition. 

13th edition. 

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Magnetic Induction in Iron and other Metals. 

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Bridge during the passing of Railway Trains." Tract. 8vo. 
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Neio York, 1850. 


New York, 1854. 


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ToMo, 1883. 



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et les arrets qui concernent I'entretien des grands chemins, etc. 

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Fire which occurred at the Theatre Royal, Exeter, on the 5th of 
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Reply of the Local Magistrates to the Report of Captain Shaw 

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Devon and Exeter Albert Memorial Museum, Schools of Science and 

Art, and Free Library. Annual reports. Tract. 8vo. vol. 421. 

Exeter, 1886-90. 8vo. 

EXHIBITIONS. [Works relating to Exhibitions are catalogued under 
the place at which each Exhibition was respectively held.] 

EXNER, Dr. F. Vorlesungen iiber Elektricitat, etc. 

Leipzig, 1888. 8vo. 

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Handbuch der Statik fester Korper, mit vorziiglicher Riicksicht 

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Berlin, 1808. 8vo. 

Observations sur les efFets et I'application avantageuse du beher 

hydrauHque. Paris, 1822. 4to. 

Recherches sur le mouvement de I'eau, en ayant egard a la 

contraction qui a lieu au passage par divers orifices, etc. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 17. Paris, 1826. 8vo. 

EYTH, M. Wanderbuch eines Ingenieurs. 3 vols. 

Heidelberg^ 1871. 8vo. 



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Hospital. 1887. See French Protestant Hospital. 

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les machines hydrauliques, et en particulier les moulins a bled. 

Paris, 1783. 4to. 

Essai sur la theorie des torrens et des rivieres, contenant 

les moyens les plus simples d'en empecher les ravages, d'en 
retrecir le lit, et d'y faciliter le navigation, le hallage, et la 
flottaison ; accompagne d'une discussion sur la navigation in- 
terieure de la France ; et termine par le projet de rendre Paris 
port maritime, en faisant remonter a la voile, par la Seine, les 
na vires qui s'arretent a Rouen. Paris, 1797. 4to. 

FABRE-DOMERGUE, P. Manuel pratique d'analyse micrographique 
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tiones tres. Ronise, 1680. 4to. 

FACCIOLI, C. R. Archiginnasiodi Bologna. Omaggio del CoUegio 
degli Ingegneri ed Architetti di Bologna agli scienziati com- 
memoranti F ottavo centenario dello Studio Bolognese. 

Bologna, 1888. folio. 

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Nuovo tipo di caldaia per locomotiva. Tract, folio, vol. 46. 

Milano, [1890.] foHo. 

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costruzione ed arte di guidarla : manuale compilato sull' opera di 
Brosius e Koch, etc. 3 vols. Torino, 1880-1890. 8vo. 

Dizionario tecnologico italiano, francese, tedesco e inglese, con- 

cernente la locomotiva e le strade ferrate ; indice alfabetico dei 
nomi contenuti nell' opera " La locomotiva." Torino, 1891. 8vo. 

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Historic Notes on the Telephone. Tract. Sw. vol. 468. 

(From " The Electrician.") Loncl. 1883. 8vo. 

A History of Electric Telegraphy to the Year 1837. 

Lond. 1884. 8vo. 

Honour to whom Honour is due ! Edward Davey and the 

Electric Telegraph. Tract. 8i-o. vol. 468. Lond. 1883. 8vo. 

(From " The Electrician.") 



FAHR^US, E. Administratif och statistisk handbok, sasom bihang 
till Sveriges statskalender. Tredje upplagan. 

Stockhohn, 1872. 8vo. 

FAIJA, H. On the Manufacture and Testing of Portland Cement. 
Tract, folio, vol. 4:1 . [Lond] 1893. foUo. 

Portland Cement for users. Land. 1881. 8vo. 

FAIR, R. Report on Holyhead and Port Dynllaen Harbours, 1844. 
See Holyhead Harbour. 

FAIRBAIRN, H. A plan for converting Turnpike Roads into 
Railroads ; and for suspending the whole of the joint-stock 
railway schemes. Tract. 8vo. vol. 201. Lond. 1836. 8vo. 

A treatise on the Political Economy of Railroads, etc. 

Lond. 1836. 8vo. 

FAIRBAIRN, T. Britannia and Conway Tubular Bridges : truths 
and tubes on self-supporting principles, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 278. 

Lond. 1849. 8vo. 
FAIRBAIRN, Sir W. An Account of the Construction of the 
Britannia and Conway Tubular Bridges ; with a complete history 
of their progress, from the conception of the original idea to the 
conclusion of the elaborate experiments which determined the 
exact form and mode of construction ultimately adopted. 

Lond. 1849. 8vo. 

An experimental inquiry into the relative powers of the Locomo- 
tive Engine, and the resistance of railway gradients. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 100. [Manchester, 1851.] 8vo. 

An experimental inquiry into the Strength and other properties 

of Cast Iron, from various parts of the kingdom. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 384. Manchester, 1838. 8vo. 

An experimental inquiry into the Strength and other properties 

of Anthracite Cast Iron, being a continuation of a series of ex- 
periments on British irons, from the various parts of the United 
Kingdom. Tract. 8vo. vol. 56. Manchester, 1840. 8vo. 

An experimental inquiry into the Strength of "Wrought-iron 

Plates and their riveted joints, as applied to Shipbuilding and 
vessels exposed to severe strains. Tract, ito. vol. 52. 

(From the Phil. Trans.) Lond. 1850. 4to. 

Experimental researches intp the properties of the Iron Ores of 

Samakoff, in Turkey, and of the Haematite ores of Cumberland, 
etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 56. Lond. 1844. 8vo. 

(From Min. rioc. Inst. C.E.) 

Experimental researches to determine the strength of Locomo- 
tive Boilers, and the causes which lead to explosion. Tract. 8vo. 

vol.111. (From Report of the British Association.) Lond. 1854. 8vO. 

Experiments to determine the effect of Impact, Vibratory Action, 

and long continued Changes of Load on Wrought-Iron Girders. 

Tract. Uo. vol. ^1. (From tlie Phil. Trans.) [Londl864.] 4to. 

2 D 


FAIRBAIRN, Sir W. — continued. Experiments to determine the 
Properties of some mixtures of Cast Iron and Nickel. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 12G. Manchester, 1858. Svo. 

Iron ; its History, Properties, and processes of Manufacture. 

Edinhmjh, 1861. Svo. 

3rd edition, enlarged. Edinburgh, 1869. 8vo. 

Lancashire and Cheshire, etc., 1868-69. See Baines, T., and 

Fairbairn, W. 

The Life of Sir W. Fairbairn, partly written by himself. Edited 

and completed by W. Pole. Lond. 1877. Svo. 

[Another edition], abridged. Lond. 1878. Svo. 

■ Observations on Improvements of the Town of Manchester, 

particularly as regards the importance of blending in those im- 
provements, the chaste and beautiful, with the ornamental and 
useful. Tract. 4:to. vol. 70. Manchester, 1836. 4to. 

On governmental Boiler Inspection. Tract. Svo. vol. 195. 

Manchester, 1870. Svo. 

On the application of Cast and Wrought Iron to Building 

purposes. Lond. 1854. Svo. 

• On the Comparative Value of various kinds of Stone, as exhibited 

by their powers of resisting compression. Tract. Svo. vol. 126. 

Manchester, 1857. Svo. 

On the Mechanical Properties of Metals as derived from repeated 

meltings, exhibiting the maximum point of strength and the 
causes of deterioration. Tract. Svo. vol. 101. Lond. 1854. Svo. 

(From Report of British Association.) 

On the Resistance of Tubes to collapse. Tract, ito. vol. 48. 

(From tlie Phil. Trans.) io?i<^. [1858.] 4t0. 

On the Strength and other properties of Cast Iron obtained 

from the hot and cold blast. Tract. Svo. vol. 56. 

(From Report of the British Association.) Lond. 1838. Svo. 

On the Tensile Strength of Wrought Iron at various tempera- 
tures. Tract. Svo. vol. 126. Lond. 1857. Svo. 

(From Report of the British Associatiou.) 

On Tubular Girder Bridges. Tract. Svo. vol. 499. 

(From Min. Proc. Inst. C.E.) Lond. IS51. SvO. 

On Water-wheels with ventilated Buckets. With an Abstract 

of the Discussion upon the paper. Tract. Svo. vol. 456. 

(From Min. Proc. Inst. C.E.) XoncZ. 1849. SvO. 

Remarks on Canal Navigation, illustrative of the advantages of 

the use of steam, as a moving power on canals, etc. 

Manchester, 1831. Svo. 

Report on the Chester and Holyhead Railway. 1846. See Ste- 
phenson, R., Fairbairn, Sir W., and Hodgkinson, E. 


FAIRBAIRN, Sir W. — contiyiued. Report on the construction of 
Fire-proof Buildings : with introductory remarks, by 8. Holme. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 67. Liverpool, 1844. 8vo. 

Report on the Consumption of Fuel and the Prevention of 

Smoke. Tract. 8vo. vol. 58. Lond. 1845. 8vo. 

(From Report of the British Association.) 

Reservoirs on the River Bann for supplying the Mills with Water. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 6. Manchester, 1836. 8vo. 

The rise and progress of Manufactures and commerce and of 

Civil and Mechanical Engineering in Lancashire and Cheshire. 

Manchester, 1869. 4to. 

(From " Lancashire and Cheshire," etc., by T. Baines and W. Fairbaim.) 

Three lectures, on the rise and progress of Civil and Mechanical 

Engineering, and on popular Education. Tract. 8vo. vol. 126. 

Derby, 1859. 8vo. 

Treatise on Iron Ship Building ; its history and progress as com- 
prised in a series of experimental researches on the laws of 
strain, the strengths, forms, and other conditions of the material ; 
and an inquiry into the present and prospective state of the 
navy, including the experimental i-esults on the resisting powers 
of armour plates and shot at high velocities. 

Lond. 1865. 8vo. 

Treatise on Mills and Millwork. 2 vols. Lond. 1861-63. 8vo. 

Two Lectures on the Construction of Boilers, and on boiler 

Explosions, with the means of prevention ; delivered before the 
Leeds Mechanics' Institution : also a paper on the Consumption 
of Fuel and Prevention of Smoke, read before the British Associa- 
tion. Trad. 8vo. vol. 99. Leeds, 1851. 8vo. 

Useful information for Engineers ; being a series of lectures 

deUvered to the working engineers of Yorkshire and Lancashire, 
together with a series of Appendices, containing the results of 
experimental inquiries into the strength of materials, the causes 
of boiler explosions, etc. Lond. 1856. 8vo. 

Second series : containing experimental researches on the 

collapse of boiler flues and the strength of materials, and lectures 
on popular education, and various subjects connected with 
mechanical engineering, iron ship-building, the properties of 
steam, etc. Lond. 1860. 8vo. 

Third series : as comprised in a series of lectures on the 
applied sciences, and on other kindred subjects ; together with 
treatises on the comparative merits of the Paris and London Inter- 
national Exhibitions, on roofs, on the Atlantic cable, and on the 
effect of impact on girders. Lond. 1866. 8vo. 

- See Brewster, Sir D. On "Wrought-iron Tubular Cranes de- 
signed by W. Fairbairn. 1852. 

- See Crace-Calvert, F. On the increased Strength of Cast Iron 
by use of improved coke : with experiments by W. Fairbairn. 1855. 

2 D 2 


FAIRBAIRN, Sir W., and Otiikrs. Report of the Committee on 
Shippiiijj; Statistics ; presented to the British Association, Sep- 
tember, 1858. Trad. Svo. vol. 177. Land. 1858. 8vo. 

■ Steam Navigation : Vessels of Iron and Wood ; the Steam 

Engine ; and on Screw Propulsion. Together with Results of 
Experiments on the Disturbance of the Compass in Iron-Built 
Ships : by G. B. Airy, Esq. Lond. 1858. folio. 

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Machines. Tract, ito. vol. 39. [1840 ?] 4to. 

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vol. 10. Halifax, 1864. folio. 

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and maintenance. New York, 1892. 4to. 

FAIRFAX, J. The Colonies of Australia : their formation, progress 
and present state. Discovery of the goldfields. Tract. Svo. 
vol. 263. Lond. 1852. Svo. 

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Aspirators. Tract. 8vo. vol. 435. Manchester, 1887. Svo. 

(From the Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry.) 

FAIRLEY, W. Notes on the Purification of Sewage. Tract. Svo. 
vol. 483. Edinhurgli, 1889. Svo. 

FAIRLIE, R. F. Correspondence in refutation of the attacks made 
upon the Fairlie Engine. Lond. 1876-78. 8vo. 

Locomotive Engines : what they are and what they ought to be. 

Tract. Svo. vol. 279. Lond. 1864. Svo. 

Observations on the Construction of Railway Carriages ; together 

with a paper on railways and their management. Tract. Svo. 
vol. 166. Lond. 1868. 8vo. 

Opinions of the press on the Fairlie Engine. Tract. Svo. vol. 164. 

Lond. 1868. Svo. 

Railways or no Railways. Narrow Gauge, economy with 

efl&ciency, v. Broad Gauge, costliness with extravagance. 

Lond. 1872. Svo. 

Result of Experiments with the Fairlie Locomotive. Tract. 

folio, vol. 9. (Lithographed.) 1870. folio, 

The Safes' Challenge Contest at the International Exhibition of 

Paris, 1867, etc. See Mallet, R., and Fairlie, R. F. 

FAIRMAN, E. St. J. A treatise on the Petroleum Zones of Italy. 
Tract. Svo. vol. 208. Lond. 1868. Svo. 

FALCK, N. D. An Account and Description of an improved Steam 
Engine ; which will, with the same quantity of fuel, and in an equal 
space of time, raise above double the quantity of water than any 
lever engine of the same dimensions. Tract. Svo. vol. 225. 

Lond. 1776. Svo. 

FALCONER, H. Report on Teak Forests. 1852. See India.— 


FALCONER, W. A new Universal Dictionary of the Marine : 
being a copious explanation of the technical tei'ms and phrases, 
illustrated with a variety of modern designs of shipping, etc. ; to 
which is annexed, a vocabulary of French sea-phrases and terms 
of art, . . . Enlarged by W. Burney. Lond. 1815. 4to. 

FALCONIERI, C. New Process for laying the Submarine Telegraph 
Cable. [1870?] /S^ee Landi, T., and Falconieri, C. 

FALCONNET, G. P., MnJ., B.E. Brick and Tile Manufacture at 
Allahabad. BoorJcee, 1874. 8vo. 

FALKINER, T. H., and Tancred, T. S. Thames Valley Drainage 
Acts, 1871 and 1874. Report on the Drainage of Lands within 
the Jurisdiction of the Commissioners, July 28, 1876. Tract. 4<o. 
vol. 108. Lond. 1876. 4to. 

FALMOUTH. Falmouth and Gibraltar Cable. Papers explanatory 
of the intended transfer of the . . . Cable to a line from Rangoon 
to Singapore. Lond. 1860. foHo. 

Report from the Surveying Officers, with Minutes of Evidence 

on the Falmouth Waterworks Bill. Lond. 1847. foHo. 

FAMAGUSTA HARBOUR, Cyprus. Report by Mr. Ormiston on 
proposed improvements. Lond. 1880. folio. 

FAMBRI, P. Intorno alle ultime pubblicazioni del Comm. A. Cialdi. 
Illuminazione e segnalamento dei litorali e dei porti. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 308. [Venezia, 1879.] 8vo. 

FANNING, J. T. A practical treatise on Water-Supply Engineering 
... in North America, etc. New Yorlc, 1877. 8vo. 

9th edition, enlarged. New TorJc, 1891. 8vo. 

Report on a Water-Supply for New York and other cities of 

the Hudson Valley. Tract. 8vo. vol. 'Ml. Neiv YorJc, 1881. 8vo. 

• Report No. 2 on a water supply for New York and other cities 

of the Hudson Valley. Tract. 8vo. vol. 378. 

Neiv York, 1884. 8vo. 

Report on the Winnipeg Water Power of the Assiniboine River 

in Manitoba. Tract. 8vo. vol. 490. Minneapolis, 1889. 8vo. 

FARADAY, H. Gas in the House : some hints and suggestions. 
Tract. 8vo. vol. 308. Lond. 1879. 8vo. 

FARADAY, J. Description of a mode of obtaining the perfect 
Ventilation of Lamp-burners. Tract. 8vo. vol. 502. 

(From Mill. Proc. Inst. C.E.) Lond. 184:3. 8vO. 

FARADAY, M. Chemical Manipulation ; being instructions ... on 
the methods of performing experiments of demonstration or 
research. 3rd edition. Lond. 1842. 8vo. 

A Course of six Lectures on the Chemical History of a Candle ; 

to which is added a lecture on Platinum. Edited by W. Crookes. 

Lond. 1861. 8vo. 


FARADAY, M. — continued. A Course of six Lectures on the various 
Forces of Matter. Edited by W. Crookes. 3rcl edition. 

Land. 1861. 8vo. 

Experimental researches in Electricity. 2nd edition. 2 vols. 

Lond. 1849. 8vo. 

On the Manufacture of Glass for optical purposes. Tract 4to. 

vol. 56. (From the " I'liilo.-oiibical Transactions.") Lond. 1830. 8vO. 

On the practical Prevention of Dry Rot in Timber ; beinj^f the 

substance of a lecture deliv(;red at the Royal Institution. Tract. 

8V0. vol. 72. (From Min. Proc. Inst. 0. K.) Lond. 1S38. 8vO. 

On the Ventilation of Lighthouse Lamps, etc. Tract. Svo. vol. 72. 

(From Min. Proc. Inst. C.E.) Lond. IMS. 8vO. 

The subject matter of a course of six Lectures on the Non- 
metallic Elements. Arranged by J. Scoffern. 

Lond. 1853. 12mo. 

See Haswell Collieries. Copy of Report of Messrs. Lyell and 

Faraday on an explosion, 1845. 

FAREY, J. A Treatise on the Steam Engine, etc. Lond. 1827. 4to. 

(MS. corrections by the autlior, dated 1842.) 

See Godfrey, A. Account of the new method of extinguishing 

fires. [With MS. notes by J. Farey relative to the author.] 

FARGUE, — . Rational outline of artificial Banks of a navigable 
River with movable bottom. [5th. Int. Congr. Inl. Nav.'] 

[Paris, 1892.] 8vo. 

FARIA ARAGAO, A. F. de. Horografia ou gnomonica Portugueza, 
a (jual contem a theoria, e juntamente a pratica de fazer relogios 
solares, etc. Lishoa, 1805. 8vo. 

FARMER, J. " Patent " Machine for Drying and Pulverising Blood, 
Excrementitious Matter, and other materials and compounds. 

Tract, folio, vol. 4:2. Manchester, [1883 1] foho. 

FARMER, J., and Eraser, J. [Reports on the Drainage of various 
districts of Ireland.] Dublin, 1847. 8vo. 

FARQUHAR, Sir R., Bart. Objections to the Thirlmere Scheme. 
(Manchester Water Bill, 1879.) Tract. 8vo. vol. 306. 

Ambleside, 1879, Svo. 

FARQUHARSOK, F., and Weston, W. Results of a series of 
experiments made in Portsmouth Dockyard with the view of 
ascertaining what loss of Strength and DuctiHty takes place in 
Gun Metal compositions when raised to high temperatures. Tract, 
folio, vol. 24. 1877. folio. 

FARR, C. C. A determination of the Magnetic Elements at the 
Physical Laboratory, University of Sydney, etc. 

[Sydney, 1892.] Svo. 

FARE — FAURE. 407 

FARR, W., and Chadwick, Sir E. National Association for the 
Promotion of Social Science. Water Supply of the MetropoUs. 
Report to the Council on the Terms of Purchase of the Water 
Companies' Undertakings, May 1, 1879. Tract. 8vo. vol. 452. 

Lond. 1879. 8vo. 

FARRELL, J. B. [Reports on the Drainage and Improvement of 
Lands in various districts of Ireland.] Duhlm, 1844—49. 8vo. 

FARRELL, M. [Reports on the Drainage and Improvement of 
Lands in various districts of Ireland.] Dublin, 1846-50. 8vo. 

FARREN, G. A few Facts and Reasons in favour of Joint Stock 
Banks ; in reply to the pamphlet of G. Farren. By Civis. Tract. 
8vo. vol. 63. ■ Lond. 1833. 8vo. 

FARREN, George. The Construction of small Breakwaters and the 
Silting they give rise to. Tract. 8vo. vol. 488. 

[Liverpool,'] 1889. 8vo. 

On Forces used by Engineers considered as Velocities, etc. 

Tract. 8vo. vol. 517. Liverpool, 1893. 8vo. 

Stability of Earthen and Masonry Dams. (Read before the 

Liverpool Engineering Society.) Tract. 8vo. vol. 488. 

[Liverpool,] 1889. 8vo. 

FARRER, Sir T. C. Express Trains, etc. 1889. See Foxwell, E., 
and Farrer, Sir T. C. 

FARRER, Sir T. H. Letter as to the Tynemouth Light. Tract, 
folio, vol. 9. Lond. 1870. folio. 

Memorandum showing generally the alterations which would be 

made in the present law by the enactment of the Merchant 
Shipping Code, 1870. Tract. 8vo. vol. 98. Lond. 1870. 8vo. 

FARROW, E. S. MHitary Encyclopedia. : 3 vols. 

New York, 1885. 4to. 

FARWELL, G. Die Anlage von schmalspurigen Sekundarbahnen 
und die Aufbringung der Mittel zur Herstellung derselben. 
Nebst Vorschlagen zum Bau eines vollstandigen sekundiirbahn- 
netzes im Kreise Unterfranken. Tract. 8vo. vol. 319. 

Wiirzhurg, 1880. 4to. 

FAUDEL, — , and Schwoerer, E. G. A. Hirn, sa vie, sa famille, 
ses travaux. Paris, 1893. 8vo. 

FAUL, A. A short treatise on Leveling by Vertical Angles, and 
the method of measuring Distances by Telescope and Rod : with 
tables of heights. New York, 1886. 8vo. 

FAUNCE-DELAUNE, C. D. On laying down land to permanent 
grass. Tract. 8vo. vol. 473. Lond. 1882. 8vo. 

FAURE, F. Le Havre en 1878. (Exposition Universelle de 1878. 
Chambre de Commerce du Havre.) Havre, 1878. 8vo. 


FAVARO, A. Delia vita e degli scritti di Carl(j Culmaiui. Tract. 
8w. vol. 338. Venezia, 1882. 8vo. 

Intorno ad un reccnte lavoro del Dr. Cantor sugli agi-imensori 

Romani. Tract, folio, vol. 22. Borna, IHld. folio. 

Intorno ad una nuova sorgente di forza motrice. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 250. Fadova, 1874. 8vo. 

Intorno ad uno strumento ordinato a calcolare i risultati d'osser- 

vazioni ottenuti mediante apparecchi autografici. Tract. 8vo. 
vol. 267. Venezia, 1876. 8vo. 

Intorno al concorso per un dizionario tecnico. Tract. 8vo. 

vol. 267. Bologna, 1876. 8vo. 

Intorno alia soluzione grafica di alcuni probl^mi pratici. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 272. Padova, 1877. 8vo. 

Lezioni di statica grafica. Padova, 1877. 8vo. 

Norme di costruzione per aumentare la resistenza degli edifizi 

contro il terremoto. Tract. 8vo. vol. 475. Venezia, 1883. 8vo. 

Notizie storico-critiche sulla costruzione delle equazioni. (Ap- 
pendix.) Modena, 1878-80. 4to. 

Procedimento grafico per la riduzione degli angoli al centro di 

stazione. Tract. 8vo. vol. 310. Torino, 1819. 8vo. 

La Statica grafica nell' insegnamento tecnico superiore. 

Venezia, 1873. 8vo. 

SuUa elica calcolatoria di FuUer, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 313. 

Venezia, 1879. 8vo. 

Sulla rappresentazione grafica dei prezzi deUe derrate. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 245. Padova, 1875. 8vo. 

Sulla teoria dei poligoni funicolari. Tract. 8vo. vol. 281. 

Padova, 1877. 8vo. 

SuUe prime operazioni del calcolo grafico. Tract. 8vo. vol. 245. 

Venezia, 1872. 8vo. 

II traforo del Gottardo : note di una visita ai lavori. Tract. 

8vo. vol. 256. Padova, 1874. 8vo. 

FAVERSHAM. Explosion at the Detonator Factory. Report by 
Major Majendie. Lond. 1878. foKo. 

Report by Major Ford. Lond. 1879. folio. 

Report on the explosion of a glazing-house at Faversham Marsh. 

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Report by Major Majendie on an Explosion at Hall and Son's 

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's GravenJiage, 1862. 4to. 


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416 FINK — FLRTH. 

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IHandhuch der Hygiene: lierausgegeben von Dr. T. Weyl. Bd. 1.] 

Jena, 1893. 8vo. 

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[ .] 8vo. 

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of the Rivers of the Eongdom, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 516. 

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2 E 


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2 E 2 


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