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Full text of "Catalogue of the Library of the Boston Athenaeum, 1807-1871"

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SoU. Typographical errors arc not mentioned in the 
foliuwiiig list wlii-ii tbe correct reading is obviuux. 
1 A., E. S. Doctrine aud discipline is by Appleyard, 

Kri)e«t Silvunui^. 
5 Aborigines. For Banister. S. read Baxmster, S. 
11 Adam Bliiir. Pai^ages in tiie life of. Fwr J. Gait read 

[J. G. Lockharl]. 
16 Adams, W. H. I>. Before the conquest. For 1876 

retiJ 1870. 
19 Adler, George J. Dictionary, 1852, After Same add 

46 Algeria. Histoire d'AIger. Read [par La. gier de 

57 Alps. \»'" alio. For Allelein rtad Allalein. 
7a Amer. Assoc. Proc.v. 14. Tbe article Certain points, 

tU-., it hy Hitchcock, K. 
91 ABalectabiblion. For Roure. Paris, 1836 read 

li[..iir<]. Paris. 1836-37. 
95 Ancient geography. Well,*. E. /v>r 1801 re«i^ 1701. 
101 Anglo-Saxons. Kemblx, J. M. For Saxon conqueiit 
rrwd Noriuan cunque«L — MlLLER, T. For 1856 
Ttud 18oJ. 
113 Antiphon. Mueller, v. 1. For 1811 read 1817. 
117 Apostolic fathers. Genuine. For 176J read 1719. 
121 Arabia, he^^cr. Map. AVAI.CII. G. Htud h.j>.. IWO. 
121 Archseologia ; or. Miscellaneous tracts. Fur London, 

177it-l*4;j. 30 V. r rtad 1779-1S63. 39 v. 4°. 
127 Architecture. General tcork*. For Leeds, W. K. 
reail Leeds, W. H. and add 3d ed. 

144 Art applied. For Burgess read Burges. 

145 Artists. Dodd, T. Connoisseur's repository. For 

London. 1824 read London, [1825-28], 

177 Ayen, A. L. U. d'A., dmhegse d'. For Lafayette, 

Mine. M. M. P. de la V. de read Lafayettk. Mine. 
M. M. A. F. 

178 Aytoun. Wm. E. Book of ballads. For [pseud.] 

rKid [pseud, for Aytoiiii and T. Martin]. — Azamat- 

Batuk, pseud. For Ttiiebland rtud Tnieblin, X. L. 
ISO Babylonia. For Ql'atremeke. A. C. read yuATRE- 

MEKE, E. M. ; /or IS read 19. 
185 Baerland, .\. van. For 16-85 read 1585. 
1S6 Bahama Islands. For Letter.s, etc., read Hart, 

,l/»««. Letters. 
207 Barbe-Marbois, F., marq. de. For St. Dominiqne 

read 5t. Domingue. 
222 Barton. Brig. Om. Wm. read d. 1831. — The Journal 

is by Barton, Lieut. Wm., of AlUntotcn, X. J. 
226 Bates, Wm., />.^. /or natural and revealed religion 

read Con.*ideration8 of the existence of Go<l and the 

immortality of the soul, #fc-, ; added. The divinity of 

the Christian religion. 2d ed. London, 1677. 8". 
245 BeU, .John, M.D. Keport. For ISlO read 1860. 
257 ■ Berkeley, George. Bp. Works. Contentt. Vol. 1. 

For Life read Life [by Bp. J. Slock?]. 
2t)0 Bemardus Clanrralhnii^. .SI. De re fam. gnbem. 

For {In Jacobus. M. read (/;i Magnus, J. 
279 Bible, fx-dmn. PolyjloU Ajttr glostis read [ab A. 

301 Billiards. For Crawley, C<ipt. rtad Pari>os, G. F. 
303 Binney, W. G. For {In v. 9. 1869.) read (/n v. 5, 9. 

313 Blood. Hewsos, W. On the properties. For 1774 

read 17Su, 74. 
323 Boethius, -\. M. T. S. De rhetorics cognltione. For 

is kJ rtad 1831. 
328 Bolognini, Angeli. For 15tK) rend 1610. 
343 Boston. IIiHtoiy {Totcn and City). For Hejia>8 

read Homaxs. 
347 — Frilrx. org. Federal St. Church. Memorial. 

For \\. S. Craft read S. B. Crufl. 
3.>5 Botelho de Lacerdo. For Lolo read Lobo. 
3.^6 Bouchard. For Alain read Mathieu Antoine. 
358 Bound to .John Company. Afltr Ainsleiicb rtad FbT 

Mi>s Braddon]. ^ 

371 Braithwaite, Jos. B. For 1814 read 1854. 
386 British and foreign state papers. For 1822-66 read 

394 Brooks, Xathan C. For 1741 read 1841. 
405 Bruto, GiamMichele. For 16JS read 1723. 
416 Bunker Hill battle. Fellows, J. For rended read 

421 Burgoyne, .9i> John. Read Gen. John. 

425 Barmah. Golden Dagon, The. After American 

rKul [J. W. Palmer]. — For Yale rend Yule. 

426 Bumell, George R. Rudiments. For 1855-59. 3 v. 

Itj • read 1858-59. 2 v. 12°, 

427 Burnet, G.. Bp. Some passages. For 16S8 read 1681. 
43:? Butler, B. F , of y. Y. The usefulness. Read (/n 

University of N. Y. luaug. addresses). 

454 Cambridge, Lng. Miisc. For Student's read See- 

lev, J. U. Student's. 

455 Camden. Wm. Anuals. Same. (In Kennet. For 

1615 reirl 17o6. 

456 Camden Soc. Content*. Vol. 82. For Dorant Hooper, 

W. read Cooper, W. D. 

















Canada. Den-riptinn. For Finch. I. rend FiNcn, J, 

Aft-r WARBlRTON/or E. ri'Ud G.; nfUr world in- 

itvt ; e<l. by E. Warburton and ajVr 1846 iusirt 2 v. 
Canada. Ui»lory. .-^/Vrt- Warblrton /or E. r»-a</ G . 

— Gr. Brit. Pari. Debates. For 1838 rend 1S:«. 
Candolle, Alphonsu L. P. P. Transfer Tlieorie eli- 

raeiitjiire. etc. to Candolle, Augusiin P. de. 
Carleton, Geo., y¥/>. >or Gilpin, B. Life of G. Carle- 
ton read Life of B. Gilpin. 
Carrol, Charles. Trawfer Brolgh.^m. H.. Ld., etc., 

to Carroll, Charles, of CarrotUon. — Caison, Alex. 

F'.r settlement read statement. 
Cashmere. Ireland, W. U. For London, 1844. 2 v. 

read New York. 1859. 
Channing. Wra. E. For Channing, sa vie read HoL- 

l.x.vd. Mine. R. Channing. sa vie. 
Chateaubriand. F. A. R. Before Travels in Greece 

insert Kng. and tramfer to preceding column after 

Chemistry. Periodicals. JouRX.*L. Transfer Same. 

4e ser.. ttc., to ASNALES de chemie, etc. 
Christian art. Tianxpose Didron, A. X. Icono- 

graphie, etc.. and the preceding title. 
let line, 2d col. For Eng. Orations read Orationes, 

and put this title before the precious one. 
Cicero. Biography. For Brol'GHAm. H. L. read 

Brocgham, H., Ld. 
Clark, Samuel A. For X. Y. read X. J. 
Collins, W. W. Xo name. Transpose this title and 

the Sote afiote it. 
Read Cramer. Johann Andreas. Leben von G. (/» 

Gellert, C. F. Sauimt., ttc. 
Crawfnrd, Wm. Dying is by Crawford. Wm., 1676- 

1742. — Extracts from the 2d and Report on the 

penitentiaries are by Crawford, Wni., insjiedor of 

jirixonf. — History of Ireland is i»y Crawford, Wm., 

/>./>., of Mraiton, Scotland. 
Crichton, .Andrew. For Hallet read Haller. 
Commings, J. A. First lessons. For 1826. 18* read 

lS2.i. 4". 
Cunningham. Peter. Extracts. For v. 7 read v. 6. 

For Cnpples, Mrs. George read Mrs. Ann Jane. 
Cost, Sir E. Lives. For Mansfield read Mansfeld. 
Daily life. For Cunimings read Cumming. — Dalby. 

Isaac. For 1799 read 1799-1811. 
Deville, Jean Achilie. For et rea'l de ; and for 1851. 

f* read 1850. 4« and Atlas 1851. f*. 
De Witt, Robert M. Acting plays, v. 81. For 

Tronghton. A. C. read Froughton. 
Dickens, Cbas. J. H. Change for the Amer. notes. 

For Xew Jersey read New York. — Hard times. 

For v. 4 rtad v. 4. 5. — Sketches of young couples i« 

by Fdic. Casuell. 

Didot, Ambrose F. Bibliotheca scriptorum. For 

Muller rrad Mueller. 
Diplomatic review. For 4" read 4* and 8*. 
Dod or Dodd, C. R. Pari, pocket companion. Omit 

64 : and for 13 v. read 12 v. 
For Doolan, M. J. J. read Donlan. 
Drama. See also, etc. For Roman read Latin. 
Duenster, Heinrich read Dnentzer, .Toh. Heinr. Jos. 
For Dufrenoy. P..\..,on</oWcr«r«"arfDtLfr6noy, P. A.; 

for 1837 read 1837-39 ; and after 8* read and Atlas 4*. 
Eastern Empire. For Eliot, I. read Eliot. J. aud 

trantfer title to nej-t page after Eastern Indian's. 
Eccl. history. Flelry. C. A'ote. For 401 read 1401. 
Eccles. polity. Gtn. Works. For Chaplin, E. Trea- 
tise on church government. Boston read Clarke, 

J. F. The Church, as it was, as it is. as it- 
Edda. Edda Saemundar. etc. For 1800 retid 1860. — 

Eddy, T. Same. For 1818 r'Od 1815. 
Edge, Benj.. etc. For Voyage read Voyages. — Edge, 
. J. /"V/r Two voy. r#at/ Voy. — Edge, T. /or Two 

rrad Ten. 
Education. G^n. works. For Hope, A. R. read Mon- 

crieff, li. H. 
Egypt. DesiTip. For Fish. G. read FiSK, G. 
Egypt. Dfstcrip. Mott, V. For Egypt read Europe. 
El Fnreidis. For Cummingrs read Cummins. 
Eliot, Rec. John. d. 1690. For Historical account 

read Eliot. J. Historical account. — Eliot, .John, 

d. 1813. Hist, account. For J. E. read J. Eliot. — 

Narr. For v. 3. read v. 5. 
Elizabeth, Quetn. Green, M. A. £. ed. Calendar. 

For 1869. 2 v. read 1867-69. 3 v. 
Ellicott. For Charles James read Charles John. 
England. Descr. PLECKLER-MtSKAf, H. L. H. After 

1S32 insert 4 v. 
English epitaphs. Mason. W. For v. 4- 1828 read 

v. 1. 1811. 
Eng. lang. Gen. vcorks. Tooke. For K. H. read 

J. H. 
Essex Institute. Same. For 1862 read 1865. 
Europe. For TORCY read Colbert; and for de 

read de Torcy. 


955 Fabroni. VitiB. Contfnt8,\.^6. J'or'r\on\ read FIotu. 

S65 Faach, A. H. lor casuni ro/d t:iiisuni. 

96y Federm-Ann le ju}ie,N. /or 1840 »■«/(/ 1838. 

972 Fenelon, F. Uiuvree completeB. lor 1851-52 read 

1851, 48-52. 
989 Fischer, Joliann F. For Wcllori read Velloii. 
1020 France. Pub. of the Gov. Memoiinl. lor [174T-54] 

read [1744-55] ; /or 1857 rtad 1757. 
1049 France. Jnduntry. Barry, P. For marines rtad 

1051 France. Lnng. Grammars. Hudson, P. For 1743 

read 1793. 
1054 France. Literature. Anonyms. Qd^rard, J. M. 

Supi-rchories. For2\.read'kv.— J/i8tory. Saint- 

Bklve. C. a. For 1862 riad 1852. 
1138 Germany. Lit. Bildiog. Heinsius, W. For Allge- 

mciiie read Allgcnieines. 
1149 Gibson (Tlionias) and. /'or Minet, A. rmdMinet, H. 
1192 Grant, AVm. For 1846 reiid 1746. 
1217 Gt. 'Brit. Master of the Kolh. Chron. andmem. Hig- 

den, It. Head cn\\.\iry; v. 1, ed. by C. Babington; 

V. 3, 4, ed. by J. R. Lumby. 
1224 Gr. Brit. Pub. Record Office. Thomas, F. 8. Hist, 
notes. Cont. Head Scotland. — Ireland. — Treaties. 
1287 Griswold. For Abner Clarence read Adna Cliftbrd. 
1333 For Harednberg lead Hardenberg. 
1346 Harris, /.'<"». Wm.. ZZ. 7^. /"or Essay on infant salva- 
tion rfod Grounds of hope for the salvation of all 

dying in infancy; essay. 
1349 Hartt, Charles F. For botocudos read Botocudos. 
1351 Harv. Coll. /Cental School. Addresses. Famely. 

For K. M. Hodge read It. M. Hodges. 


20 After Adventures of Neoptolenuis, etc., insert Ad- 
ventures of I'bilip; by W. M. Thackeray. New 

York. 1862. 8°. 
91 After Analytical review, etc. insert Analytical rev. ; 

or, New lit. journ.. May 1793. Lond.. 1793. 8". ( W 90) 
125 Archaeology. After See also, etc., add Shell-mounds. 
129 Architecture. See also, etc. Before Ecclesiastical 

architecture instrt Domestic "architecture; and 

before. Carpentry insert Building materials. 
175 Austria. See also, etc.. Before Carinthia insert ; — 

180 Bachaumont, Louis. Memoires. Add I^ote. This is 

an abridgment of the 'Memoires secretes pour servir 

a rhistoire de la republique de lettres, which see. 
185 Bafiln, \V'ni. .^oft/ — Voyage of B. J. and T. Edge to 

Greenland. (/« Harris, J. Col., v. 1.) 
197 Bandini.A.M. Catalogus. After SAncXseCrwcxs add 

[Tom. V. Italicos scriptores uontinens.]. 
209 Barclay, Alex. Aftir The cytezen, etc.. add Note. 

This is Barclay's Fyfte oglog. 
217 Barrington, Wm. WiUlman. Add — Political life. See 

Barrington, 8. 
246 Bellamy, Joseph. After Halfway covenant add — 

A second dialogue. Hartford. 1869. 8°. (C 164) 
316 Bligh, LinU. G<n. Thomas. After Letter to Pitt insert 

^ole. Disavowed by Gen. Bligh. 
324 Bohn's antiq. lib. Before Ricardus insert Pauli, 11. 

Life of Alfred. 
389 Britons.,etc. After'Da,neBi7isert ; — Druids. 
403 After Bruce, Tho.. etc., (n«('r< .See «/»o JElgin marbles. 
411 Buddha. See also. Before India insert ; — Gautama. 

After Budgen, J/iss insert L. M. 
417 Bunsen, C. C. J. After Law of slavery insert — Lyra 

Gernianica. See Winkworth, C. 

438 Byzant. hist. scr. Contents. Before 21 insert [par Du 


439 Cabala; Hive. Scriniasacra. 4/'*<''' London. 1654 read 

2pt.: andaddA'oi^. Part 2 is'entitled 'Serinia sacra'. 
451 Calvert, Geo. H. Before Discourse insert Kennedy. 

J. P. and put the title under Calvert, Geo., Ld, 

459 Campbell, John. d. 1775. Hermippus, etc., is trans- 
lated from J. H. Cohausen. 
493 Ajter Caswall, Alfred insert Caswall, Edward. 

Sketches of young couples, young ladies, young 

gwitlemen. London, [186-y]. 8°. 
602 Catholic Church in Gr. Brit. {,Cath. authors.) See 

also. After College insert ; — Ulster. 
503 Cath. Ch. inGr. Brit. (/Vo<. ai^AoTf.) See also. After 

Church of England intert ; — England ( h'ccl. hiH.). 
608 Cayet, P. V. P. After 1854.) insert — Chronologic 

septennaire. ( Vol. 13o/'Michaud. Nouv. col., 1854.) 
625 Characters. yl//!er Abraha.m a Hta. Clara. Etwas, 

J. Masques, biographic sans nom; jjortraits de 
mes connaissnnces. Paris, 1861. 2 v. 12°. — Cha- 
rades. After Charades insert [by Mrs. Norton]. 

644 After Cheruel, P. A. insert Cherville, le marquis, (i. 
de. ;6Ve Dumas, A. D. Le chasseur de Sauvagiiie. 

546 Chester, Bp. of. After Blomfleld, C. J. insert : — 
Gastrell, F. 


558 Chippeway Indians. M'orks in the Chippewa land- 

After Gall. J. insert Goodrich. S. G. Abinoji 

aki tibajiniouin. Boston, 1840. 12°. 
591 Civil law. See also, etc. After Voconia lex insert 

; — also Bracton. 
607 Climate. See also, etc. After Ceylon insert -. — Bng- 
«i« r, '^?'' ' "'"' "■^^"' Britain insert : — Ireland. 
fal2 Cobbett, Wm. Prospect. 4/i!er 984 insert .')204. and 

add Aote. This was pub. in -Porcupine's works' 

as >o. 1 of the 'Political censor'. 
616 Before Cohen, II. insert Cohausen, Johann Heinrich. 

Hermippus redivivus; or. Tlie sage's triumph over 

1871 "^°"' ^^^' ^^' ''• <-"'""P^'-'"]- 3d ed. London, 
621 Before Collection of facts in.<iert Collection des chron- 

iques nationales frantjaises. See Buchon, J. A. C. 
69( After Crawley, Ca/,t. insert [psnid. for G . V. Pardon). 
727 Dallaway, James. After Inquiries, etc. insert Xote. 

The appendix was also issued with a title-page, 

'Heraldic miscellanies. 1793'. 
738 Daru. 4/ifer Bruno insert , romte. 
748 Days of yore. After Tytler insert [i.e. Miss Keddie]. 
753 Decoration. After Jones, O. Examples, etc., insert 

— Grammar of ornament. London, 1856. f°. 
760 Deluge. Add — Woodward. J. Account of the 

flduge. (In his Nat. hist, of the earth. 1723.) 

822 Dumas, A. D. After Le chev. d'Harmental itisert 

Note. Attrib. to Aug. Maquet. 

823 After Une fille insert Note. Founded upon the com. 

of the same name; which was itself based upon "Le 
chev. d'Harmental'. 
914 Eng. proverbs. After Heywood, J. insert See also 

Ray's Proverbs, which are chiefly English. 
926 Essay towards deciding, etc Aftir enemies insert 

[by C. Morris] : and before C 314) insert B 1519. 
933 Etude des hieroglyphes. After ivagmcus insert ; [par 

le comte de Pahlen]. 
942 Europe. Politics. For Sketch of the political read 

llLNTER. W. Sketch, etc. 

953 F., F. After debts insert ; [by F.Fauquier]. 

1005 Fluegel, J.G. Afteriw 8° instrt(Vo\. 2by Meissner.). 

1031 France. Min. de I'Inst. Pub. Coll. de doc. 3e ser. 

4/i!er Gaillon put 1850. 4° ; and for 1850 rend 1851. f°. 

1039 France. Geology. See also, etc. After Paris insert 

; — Pyrenees. 
1052 Before Prominciation insert under a heading Names 
the title IIallez-Claparede. —. (/n Gourdonde 
Genouillac, N. J. H.) See p. 1062. 
1056 France. Literature. Fiction. (Coll.) Semaine litter- 
aire. Before Perret insert ; — Parville. 

1078 After French convert, The. insert [by A. d'Auborn] ; 

and after t.ji.rc. insert [London, 1696-']. 

1079 Freytag, Gustav. Before The lost manuscript insert 

Lng. and place the title btloio Die verlorene. 
1082 Friends, Soc. of. Histoiy. For other lives, e<c. After 
Fox, G. insert : — Green, Mrs. S. 

1153 After Gillies, John insert LL.T)., d. 18.36. — Before 
Memoirs of G. Whitefield. insert Gillies, John, i).D., 
d. 1796, and place below Gillichan, G.. etc. 

1165 God. See also, etc. After Va-utheiura insert ', — Pre- 
destination; — Prescience. 

1227 Gr. Brit. Biog. Lram. and Actors. Before Cooke, 
G. F. insert ; — Bellamy, Mrs. G. A. ; before 
O'Keefe, J. insert ; — Mellon, H.. Pnchesse of St. 
Albans; — Jordan, Mrs. D.; before Young, O. M. 
insert ; — Robinson, Mrs. M.; — Siddons, Mrs. 8. 

1236 Gr. Brit, lliraldry. The library has. etc. Before 
Devonshire insert Cambridgeshire, and before Suf- 
folk insert Lancashire. 

1241 Gr. Brit. (Civil war, etc) O., J. Omit O., J.; and 
after wars insert : from the French by J. O. 

1283 After GrifQn, Edmund Dorr instrt d. 1830. — Before 
Address, May 26, insert Griffin, Edmund Dorr, Pres. 
of Williams Coll., <^/. 1837 ; and for 1869 read 1829. 

1297 Guido {or Wido). After 1840 insert ; — and in Petrie 
and Sharpe. Mon. hist. Brit., v. 1. 1848. 

1338 Harleian miscellany, v. 5. For England's tears, 
read Howell, J. England's tears. 

1350 Harv. Coll. Classes. Before 1817 insert tinder 1?11 
— GlLMAN, S. Pleasures and pains of the student's 
life. Two poems. Boston. 1852. 4°. 

1353 Harv. Coll. Medical School. Introd. and farewell 
addresses. Note. After II. J. Bigelow insert ; — 
1871. How to study' inedicine; by D. W. Cheever. 
Before Monitors insert Museum of Com] arative 
Zoology. See Museum of Comparative Zoology. 

474 Omit Cappuccino, etc. 

728 Dalrymple, -Sir John, Bart. 3d title otnit Considera- 
tions on the. 
829 Dupin, F. P. C. Omit the ith title. 
847 Eccles. hist. 1st century, (hnit IllNDS, G. Rise, etc. 
1155 Omit Giovanni da Fiesole. Vasaki, Q. Life, etc. 



D***. Esgai politiqae sur les arantages que la France pent 
rctirer de la conquete de Minorque. CiUtdella, 1757. 
12°. (C152) 

D***. Sentimens d'on homme de guerre. See Savomin. 

D.,., A. La guerre civile aux Etats-Unis, impuis- 
sance du Xord, I'independance du Sud inev- 
itable. Paris, 1862. 8°. 

D., B. Federals and confederates, for what do they 
fight? 3ded. London, [1863]. 16". 

D***, B*»*. Voyage a la Lonisiane. 1802. See Baudry 
des liOzidres, L. X. 

D., C. New England's faction discovered, an answer to 
'Xews from X. Eag.'; by [E. Kandolpb or J. Dud- 
ley ?]. (/« WMtmore, W. H. Andros tracts, v. 2. 

D., G. Pictorial historv of the Russian war, 1854- 
56. Edin., 1856! 8°. 

D., J. Book of common prayer for the use of Uni- 
tarian congregations. London, 1792. 8". 

D., P. Refutation de la pretendne deliberation dans le con- 
ciliabule du 2a mars. Brux., 1S15. 8*. (C 91) 

D., R. Slavonic races. CIn Galton. F. Vacation tourists.) 

D., 8. M. V. Het beiang der Maat«chappye in bet Beteu- 
gelen van den Eindermoord. 1774. See Sterk, A. 

D., T. Letter to R. Price, on his 'Observations on civil lib- 
erty'. London, [1776]. 8». (B 386) 

WA, Anna. Lady's visit to Manilla and Japan. 
London, 1863. 8°. 

Dabbadie, Antoine. Lettres ecrites de la Gnyane frangaise 
[ler mai. 26 aout 1S54]. (In Voyages des mission- 
naires de la Compagnie de Jesus, v. 1. 18p7.) 

Dablon, Claude. Relation de ce qui s'est passe aux 
missions des peres de la Compagnie de Jesus 
en la nouvelle France, 1672-73, 73-79. La 
Nouvelle York, 1860-61. 2 v. 8i 

— Relation of the voyages, discoveries, and death of 

Marquette, and voyages of CI. Allouez ; with a notice 
on D. (In Shea, J. G. Discov. of Iblis^issippi. 1S52.) 
Dabney, Jonathan Peele. Annotations on the Xew 
Testament. Camb., 1829. 12" 

— Prayers for the use of families. Camb^ 1825. 16°. 

— Selection of hymns and psalms. Camb., 

1824. 120. 

— Same. Boston, 1828. 12°. 

Dabney, Richard. Poems, original and translated. (In 
Specimens of the Amer. poeta. 1822.) 

Dabney, Robert L. A defence of Virginia. New 
York. 1867. 1-2°. 

— Life of T. J. [Stonewall] Jackson. London, 

1866. 2 V. (V. 1 w.). 8°. 

— The Christian's best motive for patriotism. (In Fast- 

day sermons. 1861.) 
Daboll, Nathan. Daboll's schoolmaster's assistant 

improved ; a practical system of arithmetic. 

10th ed. New London, 'l 8 14. 12*1 
Dabret, J. B. Vovage au Bresil, 1816-31. Paris, 

1834-39. 3 v. 8°. 
Dach, Simon. Gedichte. (In Haeller, W. Bibl. deutscher 

Dichter, v. 5. 1823.) 
Dacier, Andre. Rapport historique sur les progr^ 

de I'histoire et de la litterattire ancienne de- 

puis 1789. Paris, 1810. 4° 

— De origine et progeasu satiras Romans. (In HoratiTis. 

Opera. 1694.) 

— Vie de Pythagore. Paris, 1706. 2 t. 12°. 

Content*. Vol. 1. La vie de Pythagore. — Les vym- 
boles de Pythagore. — Vie d'HierocIes. — Les vers dorez 
de Pythagore. 2. Commentaire d'HierocIes sur les 
vers dorez de Pythagore. — Remarques sur les vers 
dorez de Pythagore et sur les commentaires d'HierocIes. 

— XlCEROS, .J. P. (In his Mem., v. 3. 1727 ; and. Germ., 

V. 3. 1750.) 
Dacier, Madame Anne Lefebvre. Niceros, J. P. (/« hi* 

Mem., V. 3. 1727; and. Germ., v. 3. 1750.) 
Dacier, Bon Joseph. Diacoors. (In Paris. Inst. Clagse 

d'Hitt. et de Lit. AneUnne. Rapport hist. 1908.) 

— Discours. (In Paiia. Inst. Ac. Fr. Rec. des disc., 


— La vie et les ouvrages de Dupnis ; — d'Ameilhon ; — 

de Levesqne ; — de Tonlongeon ; — de Champagne ; 
— de Du Theil; — de Heyne; — de Larcher. (In 
92. (11. 3. 74.) 

Paris. Inst. Ac. d. Inter. Mem., v. 5. 1821.) — 
Ginguene; — Xiebuhr; — Cholseul-Gouffier; — Cla- 
vier; — Mcntelle. (In v. 7. 1824.) — Viscontl; — 
Dupont de Xemours; — Millin; — Gamier; — To- 
chon d'Annecy. (/n v. 8. 1827.; — Saint-V jnccns ; 
— Langles ; — Bernard! ; — Barbie du Bocagc ; — 
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See also Photography. 
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Daily. jKS" For names of newspapers beginning with this 
word or with 'Daily evening', 'Daily morning', see 
the word following. 

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See also Butter ; — Cows. 
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2 V. 16°. 
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notice of 'Exam, of the charge of the Bp. of 

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and Pond, G. II. Dakota first reading book. 

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Brule Sioux Indians. Phila., 1870. 8°. 
See also Bible, (p. 277, 279. 280, 281. 288). 
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London, 1799. 3 v. 4". 
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Christ. Charleston, 1820. 12". 

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cum Romanis tum Gra'cis illustrandis inser- 

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Contents. De origine ac ritibus sacri taurobolii. — De 
pontifice maximo, vicario pontificis, etc. — De pontifici- 
bus seu 'apxKpfvvfi Graecorum. etc. — De neocoris sacer- 
dotibus et urbibns neocoris. — De stephanepboris. jjry- 
tanibus, etc. — De concilio Amphictyonum. etc. — De 
agonothetis, etc. — De gj-mnasiarchis, etc. — De fratriis, 
thiasis, etc. 

— NiCERON. J. P. {InhisM.em.,\.36. 1736; and, Germ., 

V. 24. 1777.) 
Dale, Felix. Six months ago; a comedietta. (/?(De Witt's 
acting plays, no. 6.) — He's a lunatic; a farce. {In 
no. 19.) 

— Time and the hour. See Simpson, J. P. 

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1848. London, 1848. 8°. (B 1270) 

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Brit, pulpit. V. 2. 1837.) 

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rum ; [ed. a J. Des Moulins]. Lugd., 1587 

[or 1586]. 2 v. f". 
P'Alembert. See Alembert, J. le R. d'. 
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secrets de Sobieski. Paris, 1700. 3 v. 

(v. 2 w.). 8°. 




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for the murder of M. Lyon. Northampton, [1806J. 
8". (B429) 

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history of their instruction, (/n his Disc. 1852.) 

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in practice. — University certificate examinations. 
(/« Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans.. 1863.) 

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sermon bef. Soc. in Scotl. for Prop., etc. Edin.. 
1808. 8". (B 310, 1641) 

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serted in opposition to the sentence of the Romish 
Ch. ; done into English. London, 1689. 4". (B 1397) 

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market, and court. Boston, 1867. 8". 

— Woman's right to labor. Boston, 1860. 12". 

— Woman's rights under the law. Bost., 1861. 121 
Dall, Charles Henry Appleton. Lecture on a visit t-t Ma- 
dras, before Young Men's Lit. Assoc, of Bhowane- 
spore. Dec. 25, 18.56. n.t.p. 8"". (B 1287) 

— Lectures on gospel principles at the Unitarian mission 

rooms. 2d course, nos. 1-9. Calcutta, 1857. n.t.p. 8°. 

— Patriotism in Bengal; lecture. Calcutta, 1858. 8* 

(B 1287) 
Dall, Wm. H. Alaska and its resources. Boston, 

1870. 8". 

— Distribution of the native tribes of Alaska and the ad- 

jacentterritory. (/» Amer. Assoc. Proc, v. 18. 1869.) 
— Peculiarities of the Esljirao dialect. (/;tv. 19. 1870.) 

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oliveiras. Coimbra, 1786. 4°. 

Dallasos, Johannes. See Daill6, J. 

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eral election. London, 1852. 16°. (D 30) 

Dallas, Alexander James. Lite and writings. Phila., 

1871. 8". 

Coittents). Memoir by G. M. Dallas. — Letters from 
the Executive of Penn. to the Executive of the U. 8. 
1794. — Features of Mr. Jay's treaty. — Memorial to 
Legislature against calling a convention, and address to 
to the Kcpublicans of Pennsylvania. 1805. — Official let- 
ters to the Committee of Ways and Means. 1814-16. — 
Exposition of the causes and character of the war. 1815. 
— Organization of the military peace establishment of the 
U. S. 1815. — Letters of Duponceau to Dallas. 1814-16. 
— Letters between the Pres. and the Secretary. 1815-16. 

— - Exposition of the causes and character of the war. 

Wash.. 1815. 8°. (A 1) 

— rep. Opinion of Judge Cooper on the effect of 

sentence of a foreign court of admiralty. 

Phila., 1810. 8°. 
Dallas, E. S. The gay science. London, 1866. 

2 V. 8". 
Dallas, George Mifflin. Life and writings of A. 

J.Dallas. Phila., 1871. 8". 

— Address. l;»ying the corner stone of the Smithsonian 

Inst.. May 1. Wash., 1847. 8». (B 1612. E 123) 

— Speech, bill to modify and continue the charter of the 

Bank of the U. S. Wsush., 1832. 8". (B 1831) 

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— Savage, J. (/re /n'« Our representative men. 1860.) 
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clergy of Cork, June 13. London. 17C4. 8°. (B 1395) 
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the trial of Hastings, v. 3. 1860.) 
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enquiry. London, 1779. 8°. (B 678) 
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insects. London, 1857. 12". 

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zoolog. literature. 1866-67.) 

— System of natural history : Botany by E. Smith ; 

Zoology by W. S. Dallas. London, 1855. 
2 V. 8". (Orr. Circle of the sciences.) 
Dallas Galbraith ; bv Mrs. K. Harding Davis. 
PhUa., 1868. 8°." 

Dallaway, James. Inquiries into the origin and 
progress of the science of heraldry in Eng- 
land. Gloucester, 1793. 4". 

— Series of discourses upon architecture in Eng., 

from the Norman era to the close of the reign 

of Elizabeth ; with an account of master and 

free masons. London, 1833. 8". 
Dalliba, James: Narrative of the battle of Brownstown, 

Aug. 9, 1812. New York. 1816. 8«. (B 455) 
DallingtrOn, &ir Robert. Aphorismes, civill and mil- 

itarie, exemplified with historie out of the 

first quarteme of Guicciardine. London, 

1613. f. 

— Briefe inference upon Guicciardine' 8 digression 

in the 4th part of the 1st quarteme of his his- 
torie. London, 1613. f°. (Appended to the 
« Aphorismes'.) 

Dalman, Johann Wilhelm. Prodromus mono- 
graphiae castniae, generis lepidopterorum. 
Holm., 1825. 4". 

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Domingue. Paris, 1814. 2 v. 8". 

— Recherches sur la fievre jaune. Paris, 1805. 8°. 
Dalmatia. Fortis, A. Travels into D. London, 

1778. 4°. 

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hist.. V. 21. 1729.) 

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et de la Dalmatie, apres I'itineraire de L. F. 
Cassas. Paris, 1802. f". 

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Thes. aotiq. Sicil.. v. 14. n25.) 

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Hakluyt. Col. of voy.. v. 2. 1810.) 

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the Adriatic. 1864.) 

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tie. La Haye, 1724. 2 v. 12". 

— Valextixei.1,1, G. Bibliografia dalmata tratta 

da'codici della Marciana. Venezia, 1845. 8". 

— WiETERSHElM, E. von. Historische Erinnerungen 

aus Dalraatien. (/« Historische Zeitschr.. v. 13. 1865.) 

— Wilkinson, J. G. Dalmatia and Montenegro. 

London, 1848. 2 v. 8". 

— Map. Mercator, G. Sclavonia, Croatia. Bosnia. 

cum Dalmatia; parte. [Amst., 16—.] (E 78, no. 242) 
Dalmatina, La ; tragicommedia. See Goldoni, C. 
Dalmazzoni, Angelo. The antiquarian ; guide to 

Rome. Rome, 1803. 12". 
Dalrymple, Alexander. Historical collection of 
voyages and discoveries in the S. Pacific. 
London, 1770. 2 v. 4". 
Contents. Vol. 1. Trom the Srianish. Magalhanes's 
VOJ-. — Gryalva and Alvarado's voy. — Spanish dis- 
coveries before 1595. — Juan Fernandez' voyage. — 
Islands of Fontacias. — Adelentado A. Mendana de 
Neyra's voyage. — Pedro Fernandez de Qoiros' voyage. 

— Quiros, P. F. de. Memorial to Philip ll. of Spain ; — 
Relation of a memorial to His Majesty about the set- 
tling and discovery of the 4th part of the world, Aus- 
tralia incognita. — Advertisement. — Additions and 
elucidations, from Figueroa, to the voyage of A. M. de 
Neyra. 1595. — Data on which the chart of the South 
sea was formed. — Salomon islands. 2. Dutch voyages. 

— Natural curiosities at Sooloo. — The formation of 
islands. — Lemaire and Schouten's voyage. — Abel 
Jansen Tasman's voyage. — Voyage of Jacob Rogge- 
wein, 1722. — Conduct of the discoverers in the tracks 
they m.ide choice of. — Investigation of what may be 
farther expected in the South Sea. — Vocabulary of 
languages in some of the islands visited by I^emaire 
and Schouten. — Chronological table of discoveries in 
the Southern Hemisphere and Pacific Ocean. — Index. 

— Catalogue of authors who have written on Rio de la 

Plata. Paraguay, and Ch.tco. Lond.. 1807. V. (A 42) 
Mr. Fox's letter to [the] electors of Westminster con- 
sidered. London, 1793. S". (B 1241) 
Dalrymple, Capt. Clarence. On the voyage to India, (/n 
Murray, H., and others. Account of British India. 
Harper's fam. lib., v. 49.) 




DaJrymple, Sir David, Ld. llailes. Annals of 
bcotlancl from Malcolm iii. to llobcrt i. 
(1034-1370). Edin., 1776. 2 v. 4". 

— Letter to I^d. Hailes on his remarks upon the 

history of Scotland. Edin., 1773. 16". 

— Tracts rel. to the history and antiquities of 

Scotland; [collected by A. Constable] . Edin.', 

1800. 4". 
Contents. No. 1. Catalogue of the Lords of Session, 
from the institution of the College of Justice in 1532; 
newcd. contin. to 1799; added, catalogue of the Faculty 
of Advocates, to 1688. 1798. 2. Private correspondence 
of Atterbury. Bp. of Rochester, and his friends, in 
1725. 1768. 3. Canons of the Ch. of Scotland, drawn 
up in the provincial councils at Perth, 1242, 69. 1769. 4. 
HiBt. memorials cone, the provincial councils of the Scot- 
ish clergy, from the earliest accounts to the Reformation. 
1769. 6. Kxamination of some of the arguments for 
the high antiquity of Regiam Majestatem ; and an inquiry 
into the authenticity of Leges Malcolmi. 1769. 

^'bte. Each tract has a separate pagination. 

— Jfuneralseimwn on.1'92. See Csaclyle, A. (B 1868) 
Dalrymple, Gilbert, D.D. Letter from Edinburgh to Dr. 

Sherlock. 3d ed. I^ndon, 1718. 81 (B 103, 1366) 
Dalrymple, Sir Hew Whiteford. Memoir of his 
proceedings [in] Spanish affaurs. London, 
1830. 8° 

— ToMLiNS, W. E. Proceedings of the court of 

enquiry upon [his] conduct in Portugal, 1808 ; 

-with [his] life, etc. London, 1808. 8". 
Dalrymple, J. S. Naiad queen, a spectacle. {In Sargent, 

E. Mod. stand, dr., v. 38.) 
Dalrymple, Sir John. Considerations on the jiolity 

of entails. 2d ed. Edin., 1765. 8". 
Dalrymple, Sir John, Ba}-t. Address of the people 

of Gr. Britain to the inhabitants of Amer. London, 

1775. 8°. (B 360, 592, 618, 1080, 1094, 1521, 1719) 

— Case of Gr. Britain and America. 3d ed. London, 

n.d. 8°. (B 1094) 

— Considerations on the memoirs of Gt. Britain 

and Ireland, 1681-94. Edin., 1771. 2 v. 4°. 

— Letter to the admiralty, [on yeast], n.p., [17951. 8°. 


— Letters to Ld. Viscount Barrington. 2d ed. 

London, 1779. 8° 

— Reply to Burgoyne. See Gennaine, G. 

— The rights of Gr. Brit, asserted against the claims of 

America. 3d ed. with add. Lond.. 1776. 8°. (B 347) 

— Same. 9th ed. Added, a further refutation of 

Price's ' State of the national debt.' Lon- 
don, 1776. 8°. 

— Other copies. (B 363, 367) 

Note. Also ascribed to James Macpherson. 

— Three letters to Ld. Viscount Barrington, on his 

Lordship's official conduct. Lond., 1778. 8°. (B 1521) 

— Baillie, TI. Some observations on 'The rights of Gr. 

Brit, asserted against the claims of America'. Lon- 
don, 1776. 8°. (B 384) 

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the duty of the creditors of the public to insist that 
the government do bring forward the consideration 
of the state of the nation. 2d ed. London, 1783. 8°. 

Dalrymple, Wm. Travels through Spain and Por- 
tugal, 1774 ; with account of the Spanish ex- 
pedition against Algiers, 1775. London, 
1777. 4°. 

Dalrymple, Wm., D.D. The good old Scripture way; ser- 
inon at the opening of the Gen. Assembly, May 23, 
1782; with reasons of dissent. Edin., 1782. 8°. 
(B 1857) 

Dalton, Cajjt. Estimate of Indian warriors employed by 
the British in the Revolutionary (In Mass. 
Hist. Soc. Col., V. 10. 1809.) 

Dalton, Rev. C. B. The attempt to re-establish a Roman 
hierarchy in England: sermon. Lambeth, Nov. 10, 
1850. Oxford and Lonlon. [1850], 8". (B 1338) 

Dalton, Henry G. Historj' of British Guiana. 
London, 1855. 2 v. 8".' 

Dalton, John, Hector of Dean in Gumberland. Sermon 
at funeral of Anne Dixon, at Arlecdon in Camb., 
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Kote. Vol. 3 is in two parts. Each volume is of a 
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plement of the voyage round the world. 2. Two voy- 
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{In AUgemeine Hist., v. 12. 1754.) 
Xbte. For other accounts of Dampier's voyage round 
the world, 1683-91, gee Cooke, J. ; — for account of his 
life and voyages tee Lives of Drake, etc. 1837. 
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of Newburyport. Newburyport, 1804. 8°. (B 884) 
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8*. (B1573) 

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Discourse, Nov. 23, 1794. after his ordination. New- 
burvport, n d. 8". (B 169. 914) 

Evangelical preaching is rational preaching; sermon, 

Nov. 2. 1825. ordination of "W. K. Talbot in Notting- 
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Faith [The] of former times; sermon. Boston, 1848. 

8". (B1287) 

Farewell sermon to the first Presbyterian Church, 

Nov. 19. NewburjT>ort, 1820. 8". (B1287) 




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the presbytery of Londonderry. Apr. 30, 1851. New- 
buryport. 1851. 8°. (C 1287) 

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sary of the Alumni of Dartmouth Coll., Aug. 1833. 
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the Amer. Soc. for Educating Pious Youth, Sept. 30. 
Aiidover, 1818. 8°. (B 310) 

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rulers; discourse, March 31. Newburyport, 1805. 8". 
(B 1168) 

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on sin. Boston, 1839. 8". (B 1355) 
■ — The new song. Boston. 1849. 12°. (C 207) 

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4, installation of John Brown, Boston. Boston, 
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ton, 1853. 8°. (B 1394, E 75) 

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Knowl., Apr. 18, 1815. Newburyport, 1815. 8°. 
(B 310, 1329) 

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M.iy 28. 1817. Andover, 1817. 8°. (B 1645) 

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founder of the Theological Seminary, Apr. 19, 1841. 
Andover, 1841. 8°. (B 1208) 

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port, 1814. 8°. (B 1168) 

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Dedham. 2d ed. Dedham. [1819]. 8°. (B 296) 

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vention of the Congregational and Presbyterian 
ministers of New Hamp., June 2. Concord, N. H., 
1824. 8°. (B 1463) 

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etc. Newburyport, 1799. 8°. (B 170, 219, 846) 

— Two sermons to the 2d Presbyterian Soc. in New- 

buryport. May 28, the Sabbath after his installation. 
Newburyport, 1826. 8". (B 1287) 

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Dana, on the imputation of heresy against Prof. 
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character; by the imp.-irtial observer. Newbury- 
port, 1806. 8°. (D 2) 

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medical dep't of Bowdoin College, Feb. 14. Port- 
land, 1861. 8°. (B1552) 

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lic meeting of Sabbath Schools. Newburyport, 
1818. 8°. (B1327) 

— African slave trade ; discourse, Sept. 9, 1790. before the 

Conn. Soc. for the Prom, of Freedom. New Haven, 
1791. 8°. (B 310, 842) 

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freemen of Wallingford, Apr. 9. New Haven, 1770. 
8°. (B310) 

— Character of scoffers; sermon, Nov. 24, 1805. Hart- 

ford, 1805. 8°. (B 234, 914) 

— Christian morality. — Standing revel.ition once attested 

the best evidence of a future life. (/;* Austin, D. 
American preacher, v. 1. 1791.) — Justific.ition by 
faith. (Ill V. 2.) — Christian character the best de- 
fence of Christianity. — Christian union, (/n v. 3.) 

— Christianity the wisdom of God; sermon. Oct. 17, 

1798, ordination of D. Huntington. Litchfield, 1799. 
8°. (B 310, 1313) 

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1775. 8". (B 599) 

— Doctrine and mission of Christ; sermon. Cambridge, 

Jan. 25. installation of A. Holmes. Boston, 1792. 
8°. (B 166, 168. 219) 

— Examination of Prcs. Edwards' 'Enquiry on freedom 

of will'. Boston. 1770. 8". (B 516) 

— E.xamination of Edwards's ' Enquiry' contin- 

ued ; with strictures on West's 'Essay on 
moral agency', etc. New Haven, 1773. 8". 

— Another copy. (B 247) 

— Folly of practical atheism ; Nov. 23, discourse. New 

Haven, 1794. 8°. (B 310) 

— Heavenly mansions; sermon. May 14. in New Haven; 

intermentofE. Stiles. New Haven. 1795. 8". (B914) 

— Memoir of E. G. Marsh. (/« Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., 

v. 9. 1804.) 

— Men's sins not chargeable on God, but on themselves; 

discourse, Wallingford. Dec. 22, on the exit of W. 
Beadle. New Haven. [1782]. 4". (B 258) 

— Nativity of Christ; discourse. Wallingford, Dec. 25, 

1788. and New Haven, Jan. 4. New Haven, 1789. 
4°. (B258) 

— Pastoral care: sermon, Suffleld, March 6. ordination of 

E. Gay. New Haven. 1793. 8°. (B 168) 

— Sermon. Apr. 29, 1789, at his installation in New Haven. 

New Haven, 1789. 8". (B 169, 914) 

— Sermon, death of E. G. Marsh, Nov. 20. Hartford, 

1803. 8°. (B 203, 609, 914) 

— Sermon, Hartford, [election] day. May 13. Hartford, 

1779. 8°. (C 73) 

— Sermon, Oct. 1, ordination of E. Waterman. Wind- 

ham, 1794. 8°. (B 310) 

— Sermons to young people, also prayers and ser- 

mons. New Haven, 1806. 8°. 

— There is no reason to be ashamed of the gospel ; ser- 

mon at East Hartford. Dec. 23. ordination of A. 
Yates. Hartford. 1802. 8°. (B 310, 1313) 

— Two discourses at Cambridge, May 10. Boston, 1767. 

8°. (B 219, 851) 

— Two discourses : Commencement of a new year; Com- 

pletion of the 18th centurv. New Haven, Jan. 4, 11. 
New Haven, 1801. 8". (B SlO) 

Note. For the controversy caused by D.'s ordi- 
nation nee Wallingford, Conn. 
Dana, James Dwight. Manual of geology. Phila., 
1863. 8°. 

— Isolation of volcanic action in Hawaii. — Trend of 

islands and axis of subsidence in the Pacific. (In 
Amer. Assoc. Proc, v. 2. 1850.) — Analogy be- 
tween the mode of reproduction in plants and the 
alternating generation observed in some radiata. 
(In V. 4. 1851.) — Ismorphism of the chemical com- 
pounds comprised under the mineral species tourma- 
>line. (/?j V. 6.) — Address on retiring from the du- 
ties of Pres. of the Assoc, for 1854. (In v. 9.) — Plan 
of developments in the geological hist, of N. Amer. 
(In V. 10, pt. 2.) — Thoughts on species. (In\. 11.) 
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tallography; [also] a mineralogical bibliog- 
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New York, 1869. 8". 

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on mineralogy. 1866. Weale's series, v. 4. 5.) 

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under C. Wilkes : Geology. New York, 
n.d. 4° and Atlas f°. 
Dana, James Freeman, M.D., and S. L. Outlines 
of the mineralogy and geology of Boston 
and vicinity. Boston, 1818. 8". 

— Observations and experiments on a new means of pro- 

ducing heat and light with the Amer. water burner. 
n.p., n.d. 8°. (E 59) 

— Reply to Couthouy. (Appended to the Amer. ioum. 

of 8ci..v. 46. 1844.) 

— Couthouy, J. F. Review of and strictures on D.'s 

'Reply'. (Appended to the Amer. journ. of sei., v. 46.) 

— Memoir of D. (In New Hamp. Hi'st. Soc. Col., v. 2. 


Dana, James W. New species of medusa, related to ste- 
phenomia. crystailomia polygonata. (In Amer. 
Acad. Mem., n.s., v. 6. 1857.) 

Dana, Joseph. Address at the Episc. Ch. in New- 
buryport, on the anniv, festival of St. John the Bap- 
tist. Newburyport, 1807. 8°. (B 435) 

— Address before the lodges of St. John, St. Peter, and 

St. Mark. Newburyport, 1807. 8°. (B 219) 

— Discourse, Ipswich, Jan. 14. Newburyport, 1810. 8°. 


— Discourse, Ipswich, July 4. Ipswich, 1827. 8°. (B 1573) 

— Discourse, char.icter and death of G. Washington. Ips- 

wich.l<"eb.22, 1800. Newburyport, 1800. 8". (B219, 

— Duty and reward of loving our country; discourse at 

the n.-itional fast, Apr. 26. Boston, 1799. 8°. (B170. 
219, 846) 




— Integrity explained and recommended; sermon, Sept. 

8. 1807. Salem. 1808. 8°. (B 1008) 

— Same. (B 914) 

— Liber primus ; or, 1st book of Latin exercises ; 

[with] Colloqmes from Erasmus ; with a vo- 
cabulary- ; bv C. K. DUlawav. 13th ed. Bos- 
ton, 1833. 8° 

— Mourner's relief: serm.. Ipswich, [death of] J. McKean, 

Apr. 26. Xewbiiryport. 1818. 8°. (B 310) 

— Observations on baptism, Ipswich, June 22. Xewbury- 

port. 1806. 8°. (B 914) 

— Sacrifice of the wicked explained: two disc, Oct. 1, 

1780. Newbnryport. 1782. 8°. (B 284, 310) 

— Sermon, .\mesbur>', ordination of D. ijmith, Jan. 28, 

1795. Xewburyport, [179-]. 8°. (B 169, 219) 

— Sermon before the Convention of Congregational min- 

isters of Mass., Boston, May 28, 1801. Boston. 1801. 
8". (B 167. 219) 

— Sermon before the Merrimack Humane Soc, Xewburv- 

port. Sept. 4. Newburyport, 1804. 8". (B 219, 871) 

— Sermon. Feb. 19, 179.5, [thanksgiving day]. Newbury- 

port. 1795. 8°. (B 219, 843, 855) 
Sermon in Boston before Mass. Soc. Prom. Christ. 
Knowl.. Oct. 21. Camb., ISli 8". (B 914, 1645) 

— Sermon in Boston. May 28. Boston. 1801. S". (B 522) 

— Sermon ; Ipswich, annual thanksgi\ing. Newbury- 

port, 18-20. 8". (B297) 

— Sermon. Newbury port, Dec. 19. 1794; ordination of 

D. Dana. Xewburyport, 1795. 8°. (B 151, 165, 166, 
168, 219) 

— Sermon, Oct. 7. 1801. ordination of S. Dana. Salem. 

1801. 8°. (B 310) 

— Sermon, Sept. 4. Xewburjport. 1804. 8°. (B 171) 

— Two discourses in Ipswich, Jan. 14. Xewburyport, 

1810. S". (B 310) 

— Worth of the soul ; sermon, in Ipswich. Aug. 4, 1807. 

Xewburyport, 1808. 8». (B 310, 914, 1590) 

— Ipswich, Mann. Vindication of the result of the late 

council, by the members. Xewbypt., 1805. 8". (D2) 
Dana, Mary S. B.. ajiericards Jfm. Shindler. .SV*' Shindler. 
Dana, Richard Ilenr)', b. 1787. Oration before the 

Washington Benevolent Society at Camb.. July 4. 

Camb.. 1814. 8°. (B 457) 

— Poems. Boston, 1827. 12° 

ContenU. The buccaneer. — Thechangfesofhome.^fc. 

— Poems and prose writings. Boston, 1833. W. 

Content*. Poems : The buccaneer, etc. — Prose icrit- 
ing» : The idle man. 

— Poems and prose writings. New York, 1850. 

2 V. 12°. 
Contents. Vol. 1. Poems : Buccaneer, etc. — Prone: 
Idle man. 2. Essays : Old times ; — The past and the 

§ resent; — Law as suited to man. — lievietcs : AUston's 
ylphs of the seasons; — Edgeworth's Readings on 
poetry; — Hazlitt's Lectures on the English poets; — 
The Sketch book; — Radcliffe's Gaston de Blondeville; 
— The novels of Charles Brockden Brown ; — Pollok's 
Course of time; — Xatural history of enthusiasm; — 
Memoir of Ilenrj- Martyn. 
Dana, Richard Henry, Jr., b. 1815. Address upon 
the life and services of E. Everett ; [at] Cam- 
bridge, Feb. 22. Camb., 1865. 8". 

— Another copy. (B 1594) 

— The Bible in schools; argument. Boston, [1855]. 12°. 

(0 253) 

— Domestic influence of children. — Life at sea. — The 

island, (/n Boston book, 3d coll. 1841.) 

— To Cuba and back. Boston, 1859. 12°. 

— The ocean. — First impressions of a sailor, (/n Boston 

book, 4th coll. 1851.) 

— Remarks on the proposed removal of E. G. Loring as 

judge of probate. Boston. 1855. 8°. (B 1507) 

— Seaman's friend. Boston, 1841. 12°. 

— Two years before the London, 1841. 8° 

— Same. New York, [1840], 18°. (Harper's 

fam. lib., v. 106.) 

— Same, {/n Perils of the ocean. A 67) 

— Same. New ed., with subsequent matter. 

Boston, 1869. 12°. 

— LrviSGSTOx, J. (/n his Biog. sketches of Amer. law- 

yers, pt. 4. 1852.) 

See also Lawrence, W. B., vs. Dana, R. H., 
Jr.. et al. 
Dana, S.imuel. of Amherst, X. H. -\ddre88 in Amherst, 
Aug. 10, consecration of Benevolent Lodge, n.p., 
1797. S". (B 844) 

— Atherton, C. H. Memoir of 8. Dana. (/i» New 

Hamp. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 3. 1832.) 

— BiGELOw, T. Oration at [his] interment. Amherst, 

1798. 8°. (B 994) 
Dana, Samuel, of G'rolon, Mass. Address on the importance 
of a well regulated militia, before the officers of the 
3d division. Concord. Sept. 1801. Charlestown. 1801. 
8-. (B1202) 

— Answer to the report of the committee of the Ho. of 

Reps, [on his conduct as county attorney]. Boston, 
1808. 8". (B 1448, 1456) 

— Oration. Groton, July 4. Amherst, 1807. 8». (B 421) 
Dana, Samuel, of Marhlehead. Discourse, history of the 

first Ch. in Marhlehead. Jan. 7, 1816. Boston, 1816. 
8'. (B 286. 310) 

— Sermon, Apr. 6. 1809, annual fast. Charlestown. 1809. 

8". (B310) 

— Two sermons, Oct. 11. 1801, the Sabb.ith following his 

ordination. Salem, 1801. 8". (B 171) 
Dana, Samuel Luther. Muck manual for farmers. 
Lowell, 1842. 12°. 

— Same. 3d ed. Lowell, 1851. 12°. 

Dana, Samuel W. Speech on a resolution concerning F. J. 
Jackson, minister from Great Britain. Wash., 1810. 
8". (B437) 

Dana, Wm. C. Sermon, Charleston, Nov. 21, 1860, 
[fast day]. Charleston, 1860. 8°. 

Danae ; par A. Granier de Cassagnac. Paris, 
1859. 18°. 

Danseos, Lambert. .S^^; Daneau, L. 

Danby, Thomas, Earl of. See Oshome, T. 

Dance, Charles. Advice gratis; a farce. — Bengal tiger; 
a farce. (/;» Webster, B. Acting nat. dr., v. 2.) 
— Xaval engagements. (/;» v. 4.) — Sons and sys- 
tems; aburletta. (/n v. 5.) 

— Country squire ; a comedy. (/« Sargent, E. Mod. 

stand. 4r., v. 39.) 

— Naval engagements, (/n Minor drama, v. 4.) — Del- 

icate ground. — Who speaks first. {In v. 5.) — 
Kill or cure ; a farce. {In v. 6.) 
Dance of Death. Dagley, R. Death's doings; 
verse and prose contributions of various \>-ri- 
ters, as illustrations of thirty copper-plates 
byD. From2dLond.ed. Bost., 1828. 2 v. 8°. 

— Danza de la Muerte. {In Sanchez, T. A. Poetas, 

etc. 1864: v. 57 of -\ribau. Bibl.) 

— Emblems of mortality, repres. by engra^-ings. 

Death seizing all ranks of people. Charles- 
ton and New Haven, 1846. 12°. 

— Holbein, H. Dance of Death ; engravings, 

with a dissertation by F. Douce. London, 
Bohn, 1858. 8°. 

— Les simulachres et historiees faces de la mort ; 

tr. and ed. bv H. Green. London, 1869. 4°. 
(Holbein Soc.) 

— Massmasn. H. F. Literatur der Todtentanze. {In 

Serapeam, v. 1-3, 10. 1840-42. 49.) 
See also, for the bibliography of the Dance of Death, 
Grsesse's Lehrb. e. allg. Lit., ll. ii. 146-149. 
Dancer, Daniel. Wilson, H. The miser. {In his Book 

of wonderful characters, n.d.) 
Dancer, Thomas. Catalogue of plants in the Botanical Oar- 
den. Jamaica, 1792. 4". (A 16) 
Dancing. Cell.^rius, — . Fashionable dancing. 
London, 1847. 4°. 

— CzERWixsKi, A. Geschichte der Tanzkunst. 

Leipzig, 1862. 8°. 

— Bava di San Paolo. E. Progress! e vicende dell' 

arte della D. {In Turin. Ac. d. Sd. Mem., 
V. 19. 1811.) 

— Davies, 6Vr J. Orchestra; antiquity and excellence 

of dancing. {In Anderson, R. Works of the Brit, 
poets, v. 2. 1795. — Chalmers, A. Eng. poets, v. 5. 
1810. — and in his Complete poems. 1869.) 

— Jenyns, S. Art of dancing; a poem. {In Anderson, 

R. Works of the Brit, poets, v. 11. 1795. — Chal- 
mers, A. Eng. poets, v. 17. 1810.) 

— K.\TFrss, J. H. Taschenbuch far Freunde tmd 

Freundinnen desTanzes. lerTheU. Leipzig, 
1800, 12". 

— Re.\d, — . Characteristic national dances. Lon- 

don, 1853. 4°. 

See also Morris dance. 




Dancing barber ; a farce. See Selby, C. 

Dancing mania. The. Hecker. J. F- C. (/n 7tJ8 Epidem- 
ics of the Middle Ages. 1844.) 

Daucourt, Florent Carton. Le chevalier & la mode; com^- 
die. Nouv. cd. Paris, 1778. 8°. (C 291) 

— Le tuteur ; comedie. Paris, 1777. 8°. (C 289) 

— Les vcndangfs de Suresne; comedie. Nouv. ed. 

Paris, 1774. 8°. (C 291) 

— Le chevalier & la mode; com. {In Petitot, C. B. 

Repert. du theatre, v. 8.) — Les bourgeoises dequal- 
ite; com. — L'ete des coquettes; com. — La niaison 
de campagne; com. — Le mari retrouve; com. — 
Les trois cousincs ; com. — Les vacances ; com. — 
Les veudanges de Sureiie; com. {In v. 19.) 

— NiCERON.J. P. (/wAis Mem., v. 16. 17.31; and, Germ., 

V. 12. 1755.) 

— Sketch. {In Men and women of France, v. 3. 1852.) 
Dandelion's dodges; a farce. See Williams, T. J. 
Dandini, Krcole Francesco, d. 1747. Fabkoni, A. {In his 

Vitaj Ital., V. 12. 1785.) 
Dandini, Girohimo {French Jerome). Voyage to Mt. Liba- 

nus. {In Pinkerton. Col. of voy., v. 10. 1811.) 
Dandolo, Antonio. Chronicon Venetum ad 1339. {In Mu- 

ratori. Ker. Ital, scr., v. 12. 1728.) 

— Agostini, Q. degli. {In his Not. degli scr. ven., v. 1. 

Dandolo, Enrico, Poge of Venice. Promissione, [giugno 

1192] ; ed. per cura di V. Lazari; prec. da una nota 

di A. Sagredo. {In Axchivio stor. ital., app., v. 9. 

Dandolo, Fantino. Agostini. G-. degli. {In his Notizie 

degli scr. veniz., v. 1. 1752.) 
Dandolo, Sirolamo Antonio Maria di Silvcstro. Sagredo, 

A. Necrologia di Dandolo. {In Archivio stor. 

ital., ser. 3, v. 7. 1868.) 
Dandolo, Marco, Agostini, G. degli. {In his Notizie 

degli scr. veniz., v. 2. 1754.) 
Dandolo, Vincenzo, contc. The art of rearing silk- 
worms. Londoii, 1825. 8". 
Dane, John. Declaration of remarkable providences 

in my life ; added, a pedigree of the Dane 

family. Boston, 1854. 8° 
Dane, Nathan. Letter to D. Webster in March, 1830, cone. 

the formation of the ordinance of 1787. {In iVIass. 

Hi8t. Soc. Proc, 1867-69.) 

— Communication, etc. 1805. See Sewall, 8. (B 929) 
Daueau {Lat. Danaens), Lambert. Niceron, J. P. {In his 

Mem., v. 27. 1734.) 
Danegeld. Short account of danogeld ; with some further 
particulars relating to William the Conqueror's sur- 
vey. London, 1756. 4°. (E 13) 
Danes, Pierre Louis. Tractatus de fide, spe, et 
charitate ; cum adj. de scrip tura, traditione, 
ecclesia, pontifice, et conciliis. Ed. nova, 
cui adj. sunt Decreta apostolica, etc, Lovanii, 
1770. 8°. 
Note. The 'Constitutiones et decreta summ. pontifl- 
cum aliaque documenta spectanlia ad propositiones Jan- 
senii et Quesnelli' have a separate title-page. 

— Niceron, J, P. {In his Mem., v. 19. 1732; and, Germ., 

V. 15. 1757.) 
Danes. See Denmark. 
Danet, Pierre. Grand dictionnaire frangois et latin 

pour le dauphin. Nouv. ed. Amst, 1710. 4°. 

— Same. Lyon, 1737. 4". 

— Magnum dictionarium Latino- Gallicura ; ad 

usum delphini. Ed. nova. Amst., 1711. 4°. 

— Same. liUgduni, 1737. 4". 

Danforth, John. The right Christian temper in every con- 
dition. Boston, 1702, 8°, (D 5) 

— Vile prophan.itions of prosperity, Bost.,1704, 8°. (D 6) 
Danforth, John C„ Fnneral sermon on. 1855. See Skin- 
ner, O. A, (B 1213) 

Danforth, Samuel, Printed table app. to the almanac of 
Danforth. {In Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc, 1867-69.) 

Danforth, llee. Samuel, of Taunton. Account of an Indian 
visitation, 1698. See Rawson, Q. {In Itfass. Hist. 
Soc. Col., V. 10. 1809.) 

— Duty of believers to oppose the growth of the king- 

dom of sin; [artillery election! sermon. Boston, 
1708. 12°. (C 7) 

— An exhortation to use utmost endeavours; [election! 

sermon. Boston, 1714, 12°. (C 7) 

— Letter to ministers in Boston, 1720. {In Mass. Hist. 

Soc. Col,, V. 31. 1852.) 
Danforth, Samuel, M.I>. Notice of D. {In Mass. Med. 
Soc. Med. comm., v. 4. 1829.) 

Danforth, Thomas, Deputy Gov. of Mass. The Danforth 
papers. {In Mass. Hist. See. Col., v, 18, 1819.) 

Danforth, Thomas, M.I>. Discourse before the Humane 
Soc. of Mass., June 14, 1808. (B 770, 1694, 1839, 1898) 

— Oration, July 4. Boston, 1804. 8°. (B 394) 
Dangeau, Louis de Courcillon, abbe de. Alembert, J. L. 

R. d'. {In his Hist, des membres de I'Acad. Frang., 
v. 1. 1787; and in his (Euvres. v, 10. 1805.) 

— Niceron, J. P. (/7iAi« Mem., v. 15. 1731; ond, 6^erm., 

V. 11. 1754.) 
Dangeau, Philippe de Courcillon, marquis de. Abrege 
des memoires ou journal de D.; avec des 
notes et un abrege de I'histoire de la rcgence 
par Mine, de Genlis. Paris, 1817. 4 v. 8". 

— Journal, [1684-1720] ; pub. en entier pour la 

premiere fois par Soulic, Dussieux, etc. ; avec 
les add. duduc de Saint Simon pub. par Feu- 
illet de Conches. Paris, 1854-60. 19 v. 8°. 

Danger of a rash application for the repeal of the corporation 
and test acts. London, 1732. 8". (B 122) 

Dangerfleld, Henry P. Experimental essay on cutaneous 
absorption. (/« Caldwell, C. Med. theses, v. 2. 1806.) 

Dangerfleld, Thomas. Answer and defence against a pam- 
phlet called 'Duke Dangertield's declaration'. Lon- 
don, 1685. f. (A 53) 

— The grand impositor defeated. Lond., 1682. f. (A 53) 

— Information of D. at the bar of the Ho. of Commons, 

Oct. 20, 1680. London, 1680. f°. (A 53) 

— Particular narrative of the Popish design to charge 

the Presbyterian party with a conspiracy. Loudon, 
1679. f. (A 53) 
Dangerous classes. Fregier, H. A. Des classes 
dangereusesdela poi^ulation dans les grandes 
villcs. Brux., 1840. 8". 

— DuNOYER. C. B. Les classes dangereuses d'une grande 

ville. {In Paris. Inst. Ac. d. Sci. Mem., v. 2. 1839.) 
Dangerous guest, A ; by the author of ♦ Gilbert 

Kugge'. New York, 1870. 8". 
Dangerous vice, The; a fragment, by [E. Church or S. 

Bourne]. Columbia, 1789. 8°. (B 631) 
Dangers of the country ; by [J. Stephen]. Loudon, 1807. 8". 

(B 723, 1416) 
Danhauser, Joseph. Andresen, A, (/w AisDie deutschen 

Maler-Radirer, v. 4. 1870.) 
Danican, Francois Andre, called Philidor. Studies 

of chess. New ed. London, 1804. 2 v. 8°. 
Contents. Vol. 1. Jones, <S(> W, Caissa; a poem. 

— Systematicintroductiou to thegame. 1,2. Philidor. 
Analysis of chess. 

— Chess analysed ; instructions [for the] game. London, 

1762. 8°. (B 1913) 

— Allen, G. Life of Philidor ; with essay on P. as 

chess-author and chess-player by T, von 

Heydebrand. Phila., 1863. 8°. 
Daniel, Prince of Montenegro. Baschet, A. {In Revue 

d. D. Mondes, oct. 1856.) 
Daniel, Gabriel. Recueil de divers ouvrages phil- 

osophiques, theologiques, historiques, ajjolo- 

getiques, et de critique. Paris, 1724. 3 v. 4°. 
Contents. Vol. 1. Le voyage du monde de Descartes. 

— Traite m6taphysique de la nature de mouvement. — 
Entretiens de Cleandre et d'Eudoxe. — Histoire du 
Concile de Palestine, ou de Diospolis. — Traite theo- 
logique des pechez d'ignorance. 2. Lettro au P. 
Alexandre. — DefTense de 8. Augustin, contre un livre 
public sous le nom de M. de Launoy. — Lettre au It. P. 
Cloche, touchant le livre du P. Serry. et touchant une 
lettre imprimee contre les J^suites. par ce religicux. — 
Lettres au P. Serry. — Traite theologique touchant 
I'eflicacite de la grace. 3. Histoire apologetique de la 
conduite des Jesuites de la Chine. — Dissertations theo- 

— Histoire de France. Paris, 1729. 10 v. 4°. 

— Histoire de la milice fran^oise. Paris, v. 1. 

1721. 4". 
Daniel, Hermann Adalbert. Thesaurus hymnolog- 
icus. Lipsiaj, 1855. 3 v. 8°. 
Contents. Vol. 1. Hymni. 2. Sequentise. — Can- 
tica. — Antiphonae. 3. Delectus carminum ecclesias 
Graecaj. cur. II. Vormbaum. — Carmina ecclcs. Syriacaj, 
cur. L. Splieth. — Paralipomena ad tom. I. et ll. 
Daniel, liouis. La guerre aux Etats-Unis. Paris, 
1862. 81 




Daniel, Rtr. fL Archbishop Holgate's school. (/« Nat. 
Assoc. Prom. Soc. SeL Trans.. 1864.) 

Daniel, Samuel. Collection of the history of Eng- 
land. London, 1626. T. 

— S'ltM. (/» Rennet, VT. Comp. hist., v. 1. 1706.) 

— Hymen's triampb. (/ji Lamb, C. Spec of dram. 

poets. \VA.^ 

— Poems. {In Anderson, R. Brit, poets, v. 4. 1T95; — 

Chalmers, A. Eng. poets, v. 3. ISIO; — and in 
Campbell, T. Brit, poets, v. 2. 1819.) 

— Tethvs festival; or. The queen's wake. (/nSomei8,J. 

Co"lI. of tracts. 2d ed., v. 2. 1809.) 

Daniel, Samuel, M.D. Case of ptyalism. (/» Soc. Prom. 
Med. Kn. iled. comm., v. 1. 1790.) 

Daniel, Thora.-»s. arutuiJor of X. Hampshire. Noncx of D. 
[In N. H. Hist. Soc Col., v. 8. 1866.) 

Daniel, W. T. S. Keforms In the Court of Chancery. (/» 
Nat. Assoc Prom. Soc ScL Trans.. 1859.) — On di- 
vision of courts into law and equity, (/n 1860.) — 
Is it desirable to reorganize our courts, superior and 
local, and if so. on what system ? (/n 1868.) 

Daniel, AVilli.-im. Journal of the eipcd. to Surrat. {In 
Harris. Col. of voyages, v. 2. 1705.) 

Daniel the prophet ; nine lectures ; by E. B. Pusey. 
2d ed. London and Camb., 1868. 8". 

Daniele, Francesco. Le forche caudine illustrate. 
Caserta, 1778. f. 

Daniell, J. Mortlock. Calvarv ; or. The cross of 
Christ. Ivondon, 1839. 12". 

Daniell, John Frederic. Introduction to chemical 
philosophy. 2d ed. enl. London, 1843, 8". 

— Chemistry. {In Soc Diff. Usef. Kn. Lib. nat. philos., 

V. 4. l!<3.8.) 
Daniell, Lewis. Appeal to his fellow-citizens. Charleston, 

1822. 8«. (B UOl) 
Daniell, Samuel. Sketches representing the native 

tribes, animals, and scenery of Southern 

Alrica; W. Daniell. Lond., 1820. 4". 
Daniell, Thomas and Wm. Antiquities of India; 

12 ^-iews. London, 1799. f, 

— Hindoo excavations in Ellora ; 24 views from 

drawings of J. Wales. London, 1803. f". 

— >iame. London, 1816. Obi. 4". 

— Oriental scenerj-; 72 views in Hindoostan. 

London, 1795-1801. 3 v. f. 

— Same. Reduced. London, 1812-15. 5pts. in 

3 V. Obi. 4°. 

— Twentv-four views in Hindoostan. London, 

1807'. f". 
Daniell, Wm. See AjUm, B. Voyage round Gr. Brit., 

with a ser. of views by D. 1814-26. 
Danielle. .>>>« Zeno, A. 
Daniels, J. M. Life of Stonewall Jackson. New 

York, 1863. 12*. 
Daniels, Mrs. Mackenzie. Femley manor ; a novel. 

London, 1851. 3 v. IT. 
Daniel's weeks ; or. Prophecy of the Messiah's appearance. 

n.p., n.d. S". (B1372) 
Danielson, L.,ern<i Mann, E. History of a disease in Med- 

lieM. {In Blass. Med. Soc Med. com., v. 2. 1813.) 
Daniel-Tyasen, A. Sre Tyssen. A. D. 
Danischmend, (Jeschichle des weisen ; von C. M. Wleland. 

(//4 hi* Siimmt. Werke, v. 18. 1824.) 
Danish. Sfe Denmark. 
Dankbare Sohn, Dcr; von J. J. EngeL {In hi« Schriften. 

V. 5. 1803.) 

Dankers, Jaspar, and Slujrter, P. Journal of a 
voyage to New York, and a tour in several of 
the American colonies, 1679-80 ; tr. from the 
Dutch, anded. bv H. C. Murphv. Brooklvn, 
1867-69. 2v. 8".' (L. I. Hist. Soc. Mem.,v.'l.) 

Dann, J. T., and Gonzalez, G. The Spanish com- 
mercial correspondent. London, 1871. 8". 

Dannenberg. Map. Visscher, J. N. «.»., fl7— 1. f. 
,E 64) 

Danoram rebus gestis secul. iii. et rv., De ; poema 
Daniciun dialecto Anglo- Saxonica ; ed. ver- 
sione Lat. G. J. ITiorkelin. Ha\Tua;, 1815. 4°. 

Dans un coocou : comedie vaudeville, par C. Narrey et H. 
Lemonnier. Paris. 18.>4. 16*. (£17) 
98. (18. 3. 74.) 

Danaon, J. T. Census of pauper population of En^laod 
?n«WalCT^ (/nNat.AaM>cProm.Soc.ScL Trans., 
1857.) — Characteristics of a rreat maritime town. 

— Importance of the office and duty of the statist in 
relatiou to social science. — Law rclaUng to foreign 
debtors, (/h 1858.) — Criminal sutistics of Liver- 
pool. — Law of collisions at sea. — Statistical 
inqui^ as appUed to promotion of social science, 
(/a W».) — Belligerent rights at sea. (/n 186L) 

— landowner in relation to the state. (/« 1864.) 
Danase de Villoison, Jean Baptiste Gaspard. Hee Awa^^ 

de VUloison. 
Dante Alighieri. Opere, col comento del B. Lom- 
bardi. Firenze, 1830-41. 6 v. 8". 
ContenU. Vol. 1-3. Divina commedia. 4. Rima. 
rio della divina commedia secondo il testo delU Crusca. 

— Voci della medesima citate nel vocabolario della 
Cmsca. — Komi propri e cose notabili. — Awiso degli 
editori fiorentini. — Convito di Dante. — Vita nuova. 

— Trattato della volgare eloquenza. da G. G. Trissino. 

— Pistola alio Imperatore Arrigo di Luzinibnrgo. 5. 
Vita di Dante, da G. Boccaccio. — Vita, da L. Aretino — 
Vita, da G. Tirabo«chi. — Xote [dl] F. de Romanis. — 
Lettera di 6. Bottari. — Di un antico testo a penna 
della Divina commedia di Dante : lettera di E. Dieear- 
cheo. — Canto di Bosone da Ugobbio sopra la espoei- 
zione e divisione della Commedia. — La visione del 
monarco AJberico. -•- Lettere di G. G. de Rossi e di F. 
Cancellieri. — Conclusione del Sig. de Romanis. — 
Esaroe delle correzioni che pretendeva doversi fare nella 
edizione originale del 1791 G. J. de' marcheei Dionisi — 
Dello stile di Dante ; elogio [di] F. R, Morando. — Delia 
cagione per cui abbia Dante voluto a questo eno poema 
dare il titolo di Commedia ; parens [di] F. R. Morando. 

— Della prima e prinripale allegoria del poema di Dante; 
[di] G. Marchetti. — Breve trattato sopra la fonna. posi- 
zione, e misure dell' Inferno. — Esame della Divina com- 
media. di G. dl Cesare. — Lettera [di] G. Bianghini. — 

Deir amor patrio di Dante : apolo^a [di] G. Pcnicari. 

Ode alcaica. — Rime. — Ballate. — Gli editori tioren. 
tini ai leUori. — Tavola delle varianti che s' ineontrano 
nell' edizione della Di\ina commedia esequita in Udiue 
sul codice bartolioiano nel 1823 confrontata col Do«tro 
te«to. — Serie dell' edizioni della Di\ina commedia. 
6. L'editore ai lettori. — SuU' operetta di Dante, che 
ha per titolo la Vita nuova. diseertazioni di P. J. Prati- 
celli- — Appendice al canzoniere di Dante. — Indice 
alfabetico di tutte le rime pubblicate col nome di Dante. 

— Egloghe latine di Giovanni del Virgilio e di Dante 
colle note latinc d'anonimo e colle illustrazioni di Dio- 
nisi. tratte dal iv de' suoi annedoti. Verona 1788; aggiun- 
tavi la tradnzione italiana di F. Personi. — Sulle poesie 
liriche che si hanno a stampa col nome di Dante, disser- 
tazione critica di P. J. Fraticelli. — Ricerche storico- 
bibliografico-critiche intomo le poesie Uriche pubblicate 
a stampa col nome di Dante, e note filologiche e illus- 
trative per Tintelligenza delle medeslme. — Indice tri- 
partito delle rime di Dante. — Quando e con qnal fine il 
convito fosse dali' Alighieri denato. dissertazione di 
P. J. Fraticelli. — Argomenti dei trattati e capitoli com- 
ponent] il Convito. e tavola delle cose notabili e nomi 
proprj in esso eontenuti ; compilazione [di] F. Scolari. — 
Prefazione di P. J. Fraticelli all' operetta del volgare 
eloqnio. — Dantis Aligherii de vulgari eloqnio sive idi. 
ornate libri duo. — Prefazione di P.~'J. Fraticelli al Trat- 
tato della monarrbia. — Dantis Aligherii Fiorentini 
monarchia cum Italica interpretatione atque prooemio 
Marsilii Ficini Fiorentini. — Prefazione di J. P. Frati- 
celli alle epi.«tole di Dante. — Sopra alcnne epistole di 
Dante novellemente ritrovate, articolo [di] C. Witte, dal 
fi-ancese tradotto da P. J. Fraticelli. — Dantis Aligherii 
epistolse quie exstant cum disquisitionibns atque Italica 
Interpr. P. J. Fraticelli. — Delia prima e principale alle- 
goria del poema di Dante ; di P. J. Fraticelli. 

— Ballata. (/« TracchL Poesie ital.. v. 1. 1816.) 

— Canzoniere, incl. the Vita nuova and Convito, 

Ital. and Eng. ; tr. bv C. Lvell. London, 
1840. 8". 

— Credo. — Sonetto. {In Saggio di rime. I82S.) 

— La divina commedia. Tomo 2. Londra, 

1778. 16". 

— Same. lUustr. di note da L. Portirelli [e G. 

Ferrario]. Milano, Soe. Tip. Class. Ital^ 
1804-05. 3 V. 8°. 

CouUnU. Vol. 1. Pref. — Vita, dal ab. Olra- 
boschi. — Inferno. 2. Purgatorio. 3. Paradiso. 

— Same. Tom. rv. [Vita ed indici.] Pisa, 1809. T. 

— Same. Cor. dal B. Lombard!. Roma, 1815- 

17. 4 T. 4". 




— Same. L'ottuno commento, d'un contempo- 

raneo. Pisa, 1827-29. 3 v. 8°. 

— Same. Illust. da U. Foscolo. Londra, 1842- 

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Inferno. — Allegoria morale. — Allegoria politiea. — 
Epitome della prima parte della Divina commedia. — 
L'inferno. — Indice. — Prospetto dell variant! adottati 
per questa edizione. — Serie cronoiogica delle edizione 
deir intero testo e dell parti separati della Divina com- 
media predotte alia luce lino al 1850. Delle sue tradu- 
zioni, de' suoi comenti, e delle principal! opere che ser- 
vono ad illustrarla. — Topografla delle edizioui descritte 
nella presente serie. — Tipografi, libra!, editor! norai- 
nati in questa serie. — Repertorio dei traduttori della 
Divina commedia, e degli autori dei comenti, chiose, 
note, ed altri principali opere che servono ad illustrarla. 
2. Document!. Albero della faniiglia Alighieri tratto 
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Memorie intorno la vita d! Dante. Prima, seconda, ter- 
za condanne d! Dante. — Dantis Alighieri Legatio pro 
Francischino Malaspina ad ineundam pacem cum An- 
tonio episcopo Lunensi, et constitutio pacis 1306. — 
Brano dell' albero dell famiglia Malaspina. — Tavole 
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Tavole cronologiche istoriche del secolo di Dante. — 
Orazione di Farinata degli Uberti nel consiglio d'Em- 
poli. — Lettera dell' arcivescovo Kuggieri scritta da 
Roma il 23 Oennaio 1286 ni frati predicatori di Pisa. — 
iBtruzioni date dal re Roberto di Gerusalemme e di 
Bicilia agli ambasciatori che dovean portassi alia corte 
del Papa Clementi v per mostrargli che dinvalia e nulla 
era stata I'incoronazione di Arrigo vil a re de' Romani. 
— Illustr. della carta d'ltalia distesa sec. le division! 
politiche al tempo di D. — Condiz. pol. a! tempo di D. ; 
della constituzione fiorentina. — Illustr. della niappa di 
Firenze del terzo cerchio. — Illustr. araldiche cont. le 

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isimilmente averebbe potuto dire in difesa di Marco Or- 
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Furio Cresino in sua difesa dicessa : — Di quanto ragione- 
volmente ci-eder si puo che Publio Cornelio Scipione mag- 
giore per la coufermazione del proconsulato di Spagna 




diceese. — Minerbetti, A. Delle lodi di Francesco 
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Bouetto del Petrarca che comincia : L.'a>pettata vertii, 
che 'n vol fioriva ; — Sopra quel versi di Dante nel In- 
ferno. — Racellai. P. Delia giusiizia. — Bonciani, F. 
Sopra il comporre dellle novelle. — Vieri, F. de. Sopra 
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pini, L. G. T. Del desideri d'oiiore. 2. Pref. — Le- 
zione. Giambullari, P. F. Degl' influssl cclesli; — 
Deir ordine delT universe. — Bonsi, L. Sopra il ^netto 
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F. Deir imprese. — Bnommattei, B. Dell' imprese. — 
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io son lutto volto in qucUa parte'. 3. Pref. — Lezione. 
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il sonetlo del Petrarca : -Amor, che nel pensier mio vive". 

— Fianceachi, L. Sopra il sonetto del Petrarca. che co- 
mincia : Laeeo. ch' i' ardo. — Dati, C. Sopra la patria di 
Pittagora; — Sopra la liberazione del padre e della 
madre fatta da Ansinomo ed Anapi di Catania ; — Sopra 
il simbolo di Pittagora. che le muse si debbono aute- 
porre alle sirene ; — Sopra il simbolo di IMttagora. che 
Don d' ogni legname dee scolpersi Mercurio. — Magalotti, 
L. Detta 27 nov. 1663; — Sopra I'inganno de' seiisi. — 
Averani. B. Se i poeti abbrauo coniro al poetico decoro 
peccato, quando attribnirono agli Dei pas«ioni indegne 
della divinita ; — I'erche alia Dea Veata si dedicas^e il fuo- 
co; — Sesia vera ropinionediPlatone. che lercpubbliche 
earanno felici. quando i filosofi le reggeranno, o quando 
quelli. che le reggono. filosoferanno ; — Se nelledonne si 
irovi I'eroica vinii ; — Si il Tempo sia, come vuole Talete. 
sapiente. o. come dice Aristotile. stolto; — Perche da 
moili poeti .-Vmore e fanciullo. e veccbio si chiami ; — Per 
qual cagione Artino poela greco introduce Giove, che 
balla in mezzo degli Dei. 4. l*ref. — Ltsiont. Talen- 
toni, G. Sopra il principio, la narazione. e I'epilogo del 
canzouiere del Petrarca. — Adriani, M. Sopra Io stes*o 
sosgvtto. — Davanzati, B. Sopra le monete. — Libri, 
G.Ue'. Sopra il toiietto di L. Martelli : 'O Celeste, e ter- 
reno almo tetoro'. — Bocchi, F. Sopra I'uomo da bene. 

— Andreini, A. F. Sopra il soneito del Petrarca: 
■B'amor non e'. — Tebalducd Malespini, L. G. Sopra 
la purgazione della tragedia. — Buonunattei, B. Sopra 
I'ozio. — Averani, B. Sopra la scnlenza di Solone. che 
neseuno puo Uirsi felice a%'anti lamorte; — Se Amore da 
Platone detto eSM-r tigiiuolo di Poro c di Penia sia piii 
simile alia poverta o all' intelletto. ed al configlio ; — 
Per qual cagione i Persiane adorassero il fuoco ; — Perche 
I'animo umano sia dominata dalle passioni, e come si 
debba a quelle apportar riraedio. 5. Pref. — Ltzione. 
Varchi, B. Sopra il sonetta del i'etrarca; *La goia. il 
Eonuo'; — Sopra i sooetti 23. 'iA. '2o del Petrarca. — Oia- 
oomini, L. Sopra le cagioui dell' umaua felicitii; — 
Sopra Tamore. — Baommattei, B. Sopra il canto primo 
deir Inferno di Dante. — Dati, C. Sopra le zazzere. 
6. Pref. — (Jrazione. Varchi, B. Delle lodi di G. Sa- 
vello. — Kecnperati, P. Detta nel la^-iare il consolato 
dell' Accad. de' Lucidi. — Oiacomini, L. Nel prendere 
il consolato dell' Accad. de' Lucidi. — Cavalcanti, B. 
Fatta alia militare ordinanza fiorentina I'anno Ib'H. — 
Lollio, A. Delia eccellenza, e dignita della lingua tos- 
cana. — Minerbetti, A. Delle Ic^ di B. Vinta. — Ac- 
coiti, P. Delle lodi di Coeirao n. di Toscana. — Cercfaj, 
V. Delle lo<li di Cosimo u.; — Delle lodi di Francesco 
Medici. — Bnonarotti, M . Delle lodi di Cosimo n. — 
Salviati, L- Delle lodi di Garzia de' Medici. — Males- 
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Santo Stefano I'anno 1578. Pu 3, v. 1. Pref. — CVca- 
Uite. Baonarroti, M. Sopra il Ferragosto; — Sopra 
una m:i*cherata ; — Spiegazione d'nn sogno. — Chimen- 
teUi, V. Delle lodi dell' insalata. — Arrighetti, N. 
Sopra il citriolo ; — In lode della torta. — Racellai, O. 
Delia ling^ja jonadattica. — Dati, C. Chi fosse prima, 
o la gallina o I'uovo ; — Sopra le fave. — Panciatichi, L. 
In lode della frittura. — Moniglia, G. A. — Racellai, L. 
Delle lodi dell' ipocondria. 2. Pref. — CicalaU. Rossi 

B. de . In lode del vino. — Fraacesehi. L. In lode de" 
polli. — Dini, P. Sopra la nimicizia dell' acqua e del 
vino. — Coltellini, A. Sopra un sonetto del Bemi. — 
Bnoininatt«i, B. Sopra il proverbio : molti a Uvota e 
pochi in coro ; — Sopra la eomigiianza del popone e' del 
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Apology for Prot. Powell's 'Study of the evidences of 
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house to be let: cont. the history of Sir F. Drake, and 
the cruelty of the Spaniards in Peru. — Unfortunate 
lovers. — The wits. — I.ove and honour. — Law against 
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Xotf. -In the title-page whereof the name of Mr. 

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British prisoners in the black hole. — Capt. Wilson. 

— Stanislaus Augustus. King of Poland. — Baron 
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LucAntonio Vertibi. — Count de Lavalette. — Expul- 
sion of Cortes from Mexico. — Siege of Sziget. — San- 
cerre. — Haalem and Leyden. — Spanish troops in Zea- 
land. — Dunbarton castle. — Fort of Fecamp. — March 
of Alexander through Gedrosia. — Retreat of the Swed- 
ish army from Norway. — Hatrass. — Leyden. — Fell, 
ing colliery. — Hurst pit. — Beaujonc mine. — Heaton 
colliery. — Bois Monzil mine. — Val de Bagne. — Rhine. 

— Holland. — Switzerland, etc. — Encounter with a 
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thu i'r Cymraeg gan M. Jones. Caerfyrddin [Car- 
marthen, 17— ]. 12". (0 300) 

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Elogi. v. 1. 1846.) 
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6 V, in 8 pts. 8". 

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tr. London, 1647. f". 

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Casulla del Oro, and of the discovery of the 
South Sea and the coasts of Peru and Nicara- 
gua ; tr. and ed. with notes and an introd. 
bv C. R. Markham. London, 1865. 8". 
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Contenti. Vol. 1. The physician. 2. The 
teacher. 3. The seer. 4. '1 he reformer. 

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tions for more emiobling institutions, and 
philosophical systems of education. 2d ed. 
Boston, 1858. 8". 

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questions. Boston, 1856. 8". 

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(E 187) 

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Principles of nature, her divine revelations, and 

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habitants of Central America; discover}' of 
New England by the Northmen. 19th ed. 
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to Mr. Dwight, of the New Y'ork daily ad- 
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>L Andrews, for the murder of C. Holmes, 
before the S. J. court of Mass., Dec. 1868. 
New Y'ork. 1869. 8". 




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tion of D. on a charge of aiding in the rescue of a 
fugitive slave. Boston, 1851. 8". (B 1478) 
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gestions on the revision of the liturgy. Lon- 
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we believe it inspired ? London. 18.53. 8°. (B 1373) 

— Plain Protestant explanations of certain prayer-book 

difficulties. London, 1852. 8». (B 1386) 
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oceanic canals and railroads between the 
Atlantic and Pacific. [Wash., 1866.] S". 
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ocean. (In Amer. Acad. Mem., n.s., v. 4. 1850.) — 
Scientific account of the inner harbor of Boston. (In 
V. 5. 1855.) 
•^ Law of the deposit of the flood tide, (/n Smithsonian 
Inst. Contrib., v. 3. 1852.) 

— Theory of the geological action of the tides. (In 

Amer. Assoc. Proc, v. 1. 1849.) — Prime merid- 
ian. {In v. 2.) — Nautical almanac. — Solar eclipse 
of July. 1851. (In v. 4.) — Law of the deposit of 
the flood tide. (In v. 5.) — Solar eclipse of July 28, 
1861. (I?i v. 6.) — Relative value of the different 
astronomical methods of determining longitude. 
(Li v. 8. 1855.) 

— Headley, J. T. (In his Farragut, etc. 1867.) 

See also Desor, E., vs. Davis, C. H. 1852. (B 1436) 
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ford. Conn., incl. Meriden and Cheshire. 

Meriden, Conn., 1870. 8°. 
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the civil war. 1867.) 
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— Funeral sermon on. 1799. See Mellen, J. (B 857) 
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magnetism ; with description of electrotype 
process, Boston, 1842. 12". 

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and Davis, E. H. (/n Smithsonian Inst. Contrib., 
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and pastors in Hampden Co., Mass.; with 
address to pastors, by T, M. Cooley. West- 
field, 1854. 12". 

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Instr., Aug. 1839. Boston, 1S:40, 8°. (B 1585) 
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expenditures of Van Buren's administration, etc. 

Wash., 1844. 8°. (B 1174) 
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preceding the general fast. London, 1758. 4°. 

(B 1257) 
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Woman's work in the civil war. 1867.) 
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March 6. Wash., 1852. 8°. (B 1606) 

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1852. 8°. (B 1610) 

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honoring Christ; sermon. Bost., 1853. 8°. (B 1287) 

— The living Christ ; sermon for easter day. Watertown, 

1853. 8». (B 1287) 

— The subterfuge of infidelity; sermon. Boston, 1853. 

8°. (B1287) 

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1810. 8°. (B 138, 435) 

— Sermon before Amer. Board of Comm. for Foreign 

Missions, at Hartford. Boston, 1816. 8°. (B 310; 
Davis, Rev. Henry Edwards, lleply to Gibbon's 
vindication of the ' History of the decline 
and fair. London, 1779. 8". 
Davis, Henry G. Medical testimony on the proper mechani- 
cal treatment of joint diseases. New York, n.d. 
S". (B1552) 
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the Sabbath after the execution of D. 2d ed. Bos- 
ton. 1817. 8°. (B 322) 
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bv an oration by J. A. J. Creswell. New 
York, 1867. 8". 
Contents. Cresswell, J. A. J. Life of D. ; oration. 
1866. — A plea for the country against the sections, 
Aug. 7. 1856. — The President's message : The teach- 
ings of the late election. 1857. — Against the Lecompton 
frauds. 1858. — Remarks at the Commencement of the 
Female High School of Baltimore. 1858. — Reopening of 
the slave trade. 1859. — The question in the territories : 
Union of all opposed to the Democracy. 1859. — On the 
resolutionsof censure by theMaryland legisl. on account 
of D.'s vote for Pennington. 1860. — Speech before the 
electors of the 4th congress, distr. of Maryland. 1860. — 
Address to the voters of the district. 1861. — The report 
of the committee of thirty-three. 1861. — Address to the 
citizens of Baltimore on the state of the nation in the 
autumn of '61. — Constitutional powers sufficient for re- 
pression of rebellion. 1861. — Confiscation of the prop- 
erty of those engaged in rebellion. 1862. — The demo- 
cratic hue and cry a sham ; confiscation and emancipa- 
tion. 1862. — No peace before victory. 1863. — Remarks 
at the reception of Russian naval officers. 1863. — No 
peace till after rebel submission. 1863. — Confiscation of 
rebel property. 1864. — Draft and commutation ; colored 
troops. 1864. — Freedmen's bureau; disposition to be 
made of free negroes. 1864. — Republican government 
in the rebellious states. 1864. — Emancipation in Mary- 
land. 1864. — Empire of Mexico. 1864. — Expulsion of 
Mr. Long, of Ohio. 1864. — The enrollment bill. 1864.— 
The President's suppression of the bill for reconstruc- 
tion in rebellious states. 1864. — Victory the condition of 
success. 1864. — Joint resolution on Mexican aftairs. 1864, 
— Foreign policy of the U. S. in regard to Mexican affairs. 
1864. — Administration of the Navy department; moni- 
tors and armed ships. 1865. — Reconstruction of the 
rebel states. 1865. — On proposing an amendment to the 
miscellaneous appropriation bill prohib. the tiial of citi- 
zens by military commissions. 1865. — Letter on recon- 
struction ; universal suffrage. 1865. — Lessons of the 
war; security for the future and self-government bj' law 
with liberty guarded by power. 1865. — The necessity of 
universal suffrage in reconstruction. 1865. 

— Creswell, J. A. J. Oration on D. Wash., 

1866. 8". 

Davis, Hewitt. Practical essays for the improvement 
of farming. London, 1860. 8°. 

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vindication of the claims of D. to his share in the hon- 
ors of the Concord fight. Boston, 1850. 8°. (B1602) 

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[partly priced]. Boston, 1814. 8°. (B 1617) 

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ple and mixed. Cincinn., 1839. 8°. (B 1142) 

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sionary Purposes. Brief account. 1818. B 468) 

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vard mem. biog., v. 2. 1866.) 

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Tighe, R. R. 

Davis, Jefferson. Report of the secretarj- of war 
on the several railroad explorations. — Letter to I. I. 
Stevens. (In JJ. S. War Dept. Reports of explora- 
tions for a R.R. to the Pacific, 1853-54.) 

— Messages. See Confederate States. President, (p. 646.) 

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York, 1866. 8". 

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history of the Southern Confederacy. Phila., 
n.d. 8". 

— Savage, J. (In his Our representative men. 1860.) 

— Walker, R. J. Repudiation, recognition, and 

slavery. London, 1863. 8°. 




D»Tia» John, of Worcttter, &tf. 
fciMnrlf. Ufl»-V». (A '~ 
the RCsciHUiaB, USA. 


oTD.; Vy 
H aiijiiip e a of 

Dftvi% Jote. A Mas. Report of three lo yay for the A»- 

eore t i e of the WMth-wcat paM^^ 

vmtM'* hTdfOK. dMerq;lloB>. (A HaktayL 

or Tor^ ▼. X m*.) 

SecoMd vDjage •trtte < B » u>i i jy of » ■onb-««a« 

takea o«t of -The 

— AarfBaniib OoL of tot.. ▼. 1. n«».) 

— Se«w4 wyage, with Sr K. M ich e l bee m. mte the E. 

lMdlt«.M»L ibt riirhM PngriM«.Y.l. ICS: — 
Qg— ■ CoL of Toy^.. T. 1. I74a;— HuiIb. Co. 
of Tor~ T- I. I7B; — mmi m Kor. OoL, ▼. X 1«-.U. 
TUnd TDj^^e or i a m tam r tj of « north-vert pooca^-^, 
1397. (A HnriB. OoL of vojr- t. 1. ITDSl) 

— TmcsK koak.Madeiahio tUrdvoj. (J5i Bakiajt- 


— Vo9n«etatheBM«enebaa,19ML (A r«irhM P^^ ■ 
»T.].MS; — Bmii. OoLofTOT..T.L ITUo; 

OoLof votr-. V. 1. ITfi; — Kexr. Col. of 
TOf.. T. 8. UM; — «iitf m Wtan. Xev eoL. t. 1.) 
See db» CKnmMUk, ^rT. Second vorage^ 

— <;.frm. KciaenndhOMindieB. (ik dllyiiinii ^ht^ 

T. 1- 1M8L) 

— WotMeo Mdr n giap h k ^ jLtmilio n. ias&. (A Hak- 

l^yi. OiL of Tojr.. t.X KU; antf ScAsetiat of 
ennone. imie. and caily M»yjgML ISIX) 

— BocvxE. H. R. F. Three war ag e a in the fireclioa of 

Cathajr. (A ki» EngBch tirMnm. x. 1. lae.) 

— jASOEaL J. Fliat voyage finr the d iwuw ei ie of the 

north-west piriigr. ISSSl (Jh Kddiot. CbL of 
rtfj^ T. X ua»-, — mmd Ibaeam. OoL of -wvg-, ▼. 1. 

Third voyage north-veatward Made WD. for Oedfa- 

eonry of a pamim to the Mes of the Molfcaa, 

— B«V!7 to Bn^aaan on the rednetlan of wages. Jan. SL 

Waah.. ISMl 8*. (BUB) 

— Speech. bOI fee More cflieetal eellMtion of iapoM 

dnHeo. Waah.. Uax 8>. (BMM) 

— Bpe e ch .>m to redne«ed1ie» and far other pipoaea', 

JnirMandlT. WmL, »«. r. (BIM^^^ 

— Opee ch. cwi n wi aa umathin. Jan. Sl Wn*, IKL 

«•. (BUMIUK) 

— Speech, an h trca e nij MB. Veh. tS. Waah.. tSB. r. 


— - Vt itn e nij WB, Jan. XX Boolan. Vim. T. 

,1S».]9». (BUn) 
Answer to the mSmn 

I stall «r 

T. X uax) 

15S7. {/nBUcUyX OoLofrnv^ 

— BxsEgegcnXoedweatnndSavdoat. 

Hirt.. T. IT. IT3X) 

— Rrsi>.\ix,T. VoT^cs of Maaler John Davis. ISK-Sr. 

dm kit Xanr. of ■mf. towvda Or nmth-wcal. UBL 

— YoTAfiKof tlie Desire after parting fioae SirT.CMK 

fieh. ]aS4X (A Kmt. OoLo? voy.. t. Kl ISM.) 

I>aTia, Jolm, cf Smluimy, Emg. Tntreis in die 

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— Tbefiistscttkxsol' liistDsicaliioTe]. 

3d ed., enL New York, 1806. 12*. 
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t om tt . of WU. (A WiaMnpw J. Two lect. KIl.) 

— Addrew hcfare the Mass. ChniftsMe Rre Soc. May 

SLiaSL Boelan. nm 8>. (BUB) 

— .Attr—pt to iTplMS As inseri^tian «n DMton Rocfc. 

flm Aaaar. AomL Mem., v. X nM.) 

— BMg. noticca of M. Walaon. IM Wa— IB*. Sac. 

O0L.T.X IMS.) — DBCoaneheferetheMnMLHiML 
Soe- Dee.2^ Utt. — SfoUcesor I. Lolhnip. (A 
T. 11.) — Letter reap. I. ABertonL {Mm t. S. UML) 

— Dec«ee.May31.iaM^inAeenBe,Kane»hocnmL8l^ 

Hazard. J. and T. H. FmUna. onaeuK — 
Um.} n (BMU 

— EalogyonWnBhiaglan.hefaivtheAaer. Acad. 

taa.iaMir. (AiK.B«Br.K4a^wao 

— Smme. (Ha Warikinslaa^ 6. gi uu w auM . IMX) 

— EEBtmieal extiaclB. vs. 4t 

— Mcnaoir of R. Caihwmi (/a T iihinii. R. Tfc 

Md danger eTidf hive. WIt.ISMl BUKH 

— Xotca and aqppendix. (JhUa>taa,3r. Ke 

niiswiriil ISK.) 

— OWtmoy notice of (X Baldwin. iM 

Sac ArehMiL. t. X I83X) 

— Opinion in Ae cnee of John Healy m. Wm. Martin. 

[Boattw, nSXI IS*, cciai) 

— an^r Starr. J. Opiaian in ease Smchton. R. F., *«. 

Ship MariaanaVloea. mXp. USX 8>. (BCOl IftH) 

— CATAijosirm of tibe libnzy of D^ sold Jnlj-. 

Boston, 1847. 8". 

— FKABKam. a McMoir of Sl (JSe Bbas. ffirt. Sac 

OdL. t. ax isai) 

Smmr. CaMh-IMXr. (B14K) 

— J>kBnewml mM 'm mm an. MP. ITiii fHa—iill.r T (BlXiS) 
Daviih John. Oh;, oy JKms^ <«. I»L '" 

Amer. Aatiq. Soc, mx (A 
FrttcOct. IMX) 

— OraHea at^Toeccate*-. [Jnly4]. Worr_inc. 8>. (B4Sr} 

— RMortsf DuagentfarAe peaeeenfionoftlwclaHnof 

Mwa apon Ae U. 8L ftr nOitia serHces darwg the 
Magra*. Boatna. nn. •>. (BIMB) 
Dcc.31, naXon 

ud. s>. cBnai) 

— VmM 

titrHA?f AS, J. 

J. D.inarMte.Mar.*; [on Ae 
ary MB]. Woecerter. il»«l. 8*. 

— K tASicii r i. T. Meaaoirof D. (/a 

Proc.. Apr. ISM; — aatf AiehvoL. v. X IKT.}' 

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and paztT acrosB Amtnlia ; ed. bj W. WeM' 

garth. Lmidoii, 1863. 8*. 
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dkaiaeterof D. Firfcaaoad, ISC. «». (BiaxSi 
Dariik John F. A pies agwnrt dfanfcenneas (A JUL 

AaMC Fk«H.8ac SdL TnniL,Un.) 
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T. 34, 39.) 

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finn.lib..T.80. 81.) 

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Ae wiiUen langa:«e of China. C& FhilaL Sae. 
Tma.. UaD-CL) 

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pscsent war. London, 1841. 2 t. 12*. 
Stee mU» BEaa.fein-chinen; Floctnnate nnien. 
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alogiie of the iknlls of the varioos laccs of 
nan in pds] collection. Candon, 1867. 8t 

— Triiaihilhilila n .iliipiiaBei iiinKwrtiin 1 i pl ii h iiil 

(A laadsa llathiap. Sac Mcnk, ▼. L UK^) 
Daviik Joehna. KarraCnvof D—whoaeraedoaiiz Aipaaf 

the BritiA na«y. Boataa. UD. r. (B «0 
Iteviik LockyH-. CrtA gg M of 

r [hooka to] he aold Maty 
1I4X [London, mxi 8* (B*M}. 

SiBVHL Jnrv* jC- BL Scc^ms off fl^pfVCMvoB n rsbbk cvcIbb 
ofiheSonth. Ffeoria. IMX IT. (C9GI) 

PB-wia, Mattihev L. Memoiis of A. BniT. New 
Toik, 1836-37. 2 t. 8*. 

Snafak IS. 8L. MJ>. Addicaa to the MeAaaidi laettMe^ 
iA aannal finr. Oct. IS: wfth Ae ivpoeta af Ae casa- 
■rittaei^f*^. CWenga, no. S*. (BUW) 

— Taleartofy addreas to the grad nMiag daaa in RnA 

Me«ealOeBege. 1«B.«X Chleago.V6X r. (BUaB) 
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don, 1861. 8*. 
Ruined cities widdn Nrnnidian and Cartha* 

ginian leriituii es. London, 1862. 8^ 
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■taai.Krt.8acL OnL. t. 31. nsX) 
Dama.BnisM. AnthentiehistniTof Aelatewar; 

added, Ae war wiA Algierscfe. NewYorit, 

1836. 12*. 
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braidi. Fhila., 1868. 8*. 

— Life in Ae iron niBa. (JSb II l l aa Kr ■enOly. ▼. T. 

IWL) — [Margaret HowA;] a alory of tod ay . (£a 
T.S-X Un-dX) 

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1862. 13*. 

Waiting br die Tcrffiet. New Y<wk , 1868. 8t 

JWr. Fkoni tiK (Jala i J. t- 3-1- VKS. 
OavK RiAaid. General view of the agrienBaw of Ae 

Oonmyof Oxfecd. London. HM. «>. (WM) 

JiKtm, S. Appeal to the ciliaena ef Xewtaa. fwUhl befef 

^^ MrtiFarAe town. (STewton. KfT)- •*- fBU"© 

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Sjdnejr. Boston. 1859. 16*. 




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certain facts relating to heat and light, and on discovery 
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On appearances prod, by collision of steel and hard 
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external bark. — Experiments made with "galvanic appa- 
ratus of SIg. Volta. — Observ. on causes of galvanic phse- 
nomena. on certiiin modes of increasing powers of gal- 
vanic pile of Volta. — Extr. of letter on galvanism. — 
Ace. of addit. exper. on galvanic phaenomena. — Letter 
to Mr. Nicholson [on] galvanism. — Galvanic combina- 
tions formed by arrangement of single metallic plates 
and fluids anal, to new galvan. apparatus of Volta. — 
Outlines of view of galvanism, from course of lectures 
on galvan. phwnomena. — Methods of construct, simple 
and compound galvan. combin. without use of metallic 
substances, by means of charcoal and difl'er. fluids. — 
Exper. on galvanic electricity made in Theatre of Roy. 
Inst. — Exper. relating to .agencies of galvan. electric- 
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— Method of estimating changes of volume prod, in 
gases, by alterations of temperature, ete. — Dift'erent 
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obtaining salts of iron at minimum of oxydation. — 
Method of copying paintings upon glass and making 
profiles by agency of light upon nitrate of silver, by 
T. Wedgewood. — Motions of small pieces of acetate 
of potash during solution on surface of water. — Con- 
stituent parts of some astringent veget.ables and their 
operation in tanning. — Observ. on process of tanning. 

— Analytical exper. on mineral production from Devon- 
shire, consisting princip. of alumine and water. — 
Method of analysing stones containing fixed alkali, by 
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4. Elements of (diem, philosophy; as regards laws of 
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— Oxymuriatic acid, its nature, etc.. with exper. on 
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pound. Letter to Sir J. Banks. — On substances pro- 
duced in ditt'erent chemical processes on fluor spar. — 
New exper. on the fluoric cotnpounds. — On new Sub- 
st.ince which becomes a violet-colored gas by heat. — 
Exper. on iodine. — On combustion of the diamond and 
other carbonaceous substances. — On solid compound 
of iodine and oxygen. — On the action of acids on salts 
called hyper-muriiites and gases prod, from them. — 
On anal, between undecompounded substances and con- 
stitution of acids. — On prussic basis and acid. — Re- 
marks on note in the 2d number of Journal of sci. and 
arts. — On aqua-regia, or nitro-muriatic acid. — On fal- 
lacy of exper. in which water is said to have been 
formed by decomp. of chlorine. 6. Miscellaneous 
papers. On safety lamp for preventing explosions in 
mines, houses lighted by gas, etc., with researches on 
flame. — Exper. and observ. on colors used in painting 
by the ancients. — On p.apyri found in ruins of Hercu- 
laneum. — On cause of diminution, of temperature of 
the sea on approaching land. — On form.ition of mists 
in particular situations. — On native caustic lime of 
Tuscany. — On geology of Cornwall. — On deposit 
found in water of baths of Lucca. — On state of water 
in cavities in certain crystals. — Magnetic phenomena 
prod, by electricity. — Condensation of muriatic acid 
gas into liquid form. — On application of liquids formed 
by condensation of gases as mechanical agents. — On 
corrosion of copper sheathing by sea-water, and meth- 
ods of preventing this eflTect. — Addit. exper. on appli- 
cation of electrical combin. to preservation of copper 
she.ithing. — Further researches on preserv. of metals. 

— Relations of electrical and chemical changes. — On 
phisenomena of volcanoes. — Exper. on the torpedo. 
7. Discourses delivered before Roy. Soc. at anniver. 
meetings on award of Royal and Copley medals. — 
Sketch of character of Dr. Priestley. — Of Scheele. — 
Pliny the elder. — Lord Bacon. — Elder Bacon. — New- 
ton. — Cavendish. — Discovery of composition of water. 

— Eulogy of Mr. Watt. — Journal of tour in Ireland. 

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of agricultural chemistry, contin. 9. Salmonia; or. 
Days of fly-flshing. — Consolations In travel, or last 
days of a philosopher. 




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— English America ; pictures of Canadian places 

and people. London, 1864. 2 v. 8" 
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vania. Phila., [1843]. 8°. 
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Merton. London, 1826. 18°. 

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V. 22-25. 1822.) 

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of stories.) 

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etc. London, 1784. 8". 
-^ Reflections upon the present state of Eng., and the 
independence of America. 4th ed. with add. Lon- 
don, 1783. 8°. (B 637) 

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of Cambridge and Essex, Mar. 25 and Apr. 25. «.»., 
1780. 8°. (B 767) 

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Supreme Court of Errors of Conn. Hart- 
ford, 1806-08. 2 V. 8°. 

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speech, Apr. 23. Wash., 1856. 8°. (B 1508) 

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Poland ; with a narrative of the Polish insur- 
rection of 1863. London, 1867. 8". 

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Craik, G. L. English causes celebres. 1844.) 

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making and vending a composition in imitation of 
Day & Martin's blacking. Lond., 1821. 8°. (B 561) 

Day after the wedding. See Kemble, C. 

Day-breaking if not the sun-rising of the gospell with the 
Indians in New England; [by T. Shepard?]. {In 
Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 24. 1834.) 

— Same. London, 1647 ; reprinted New York, 

Sabin, 1865. 4". 
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son. Edin., 1864. 16". 
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the world, and the day of judgment ; two 
discourses. Boston, 1870. 12". 

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mon opinion rel. to the last judgment, in answer to 
B.'s reply by T. Merritt'. Bost., [1818]. 8". (B 264) 

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lineated in the Scriptures. Belfast, 1813. 8°. (B 1277) 

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to the last judgment, in answer to Ballou's reply. 
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days ; miscellany of popular antiquities. 

Phila., 1863-64. 2 v. 4". 

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Year book of daily recreation and information. 

I>ondon, 1841. 8". 

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poeme. (In his OJuvres, v. 3. 1810.) 

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Days of yore; by Sarah Tytler. London, 1866. 

2v. 8". 
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V. 9. 1860-64.) 

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V. 9. 1865.) 
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BarriSre, F. Biblioth., v. 6. 1846.) 
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1868. 18°. 
De. 4Qp- For French names beginning with this prefix see 

the letter following 'de'. 
De los cantares: auto; por L. de Vega, (/m Fedroso. 

Autos. 1865.) 
Deacons. Congregational Union. Tract series. 

[No. 5.] The oflice, duties, and qualifications of 

deacons. London, [1841]. 16°. (C 235) 

— FOXCROFT, T. Divine right of deacons; sermon [at] 

the ordination of Z. Thayer to the oflice of deacon, 
in Boston. May 2.3. Boston, 1731. 8°. (B 78, 223) 
Same. Boston, 1732. 8". (B 66) 

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1832. 8°. (B1390) 

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con. Boston, 1731. 8°. (B 66, 78, 235) 

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con. Phila., 1841. 8°. 
Dead, The. Garmann, C. F. De miraculis mor- 

tuorum, Dresdae et Lipsiic, 1709. 2 v. 4°. 
Dead, State of the. See Future life ; — Intermediate 

Dead child. The; a story. Boston, 1842. 12°. (D 24) 
Dead heart. The; by B. Webster. {In Sargent, E. Mod. 

stand, dr.. v. 43.) 
Dead Sea. Allen, W. Dead Sea ; a new route to 

India. London, 1855. 2 v. 12". 

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the Jordan and the Dead Sea, New ed. 
Phila., 1849. 8". 

Official report of the United States expedition 

to the Dead Sea. Bait., 1852. 8". 

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the Dead Sea. London, 1853. 2 v. 8'. 

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throw of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the origin of 
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1857. 12". 
Note. From Household words, v. 15. 1857 ; also in 
Littell's living age, v. 52-54. 18.57. 
Dead shot. The; a farce. See Buckstone, J. B. 
Deaf and dumb. Amman, J. C. Surdus loquens. 
Lugd. Bat., 1740. 16". 

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dumb. Boston, 1834. 8". 

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incommem. of [his] life; cont. history of the 
deaf-mute instruction and institutions. Hart- 
ford, 1852. 8°. 

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Newark, 1835. 12°. 

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London, 1829. 8°. 

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(Euvres, v. 2. 1773.) 

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sou rds-muets, etdes idiots. (/« France. Com. Imp. 
de V Expos, de 1867. Rapport, v. 13.) 

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dumb. Salisbury, 1843. 12". 

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instruction, in ref. to Dalgano. {In his Disc. 1852.) 

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articles rel. to the condition of deaf mutes and 
their education. Boston, 1836. 12". 

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committee of 1867, on the education of deaf- 
mutes. Boston, 1867. 8°. 




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sourd-muet de naissance. 2e ed. Paris, 
1803. 8". 

Sur la necessite d'instruire les sonrds-muets de nais- 
sance. {In S^rieys. Bibl. acad., v. 11. 1811.) 

Theorie des signes pour 1' instruction des sourds- 

muets. Paris, 1808. 2 v. 8» 

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of J. W. Lashford. 2d thous. Lond.. 1849. 8°. 

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the deaf and dumb to speak. Phila.. 1793. 8°. (B737) 

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cure of deafness. Phila., 1835. 8°. (B 1191) 

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with a vocabulary. Lond., 1809-10. 2 v, 8°. 

— Young, J. R. Concise expos, of the method of 

instructing the D. London, 1826. 12". 
See alio American Asylum at Hartford ; — Brighton 
Inst. ; — Danville Deaf and Dumb Asylum ; — New 
York Instit. ; — Penn. Instit. ; — also Deafness. 
Deaf and dumb ; an historical drama. See Holcroft, T. 
Deaf lover. The ; a farce. See Pilon, F. 
Deafness. Buechner, A. E. Easy method to en- 
able deaf persons to hear. Lond., 1770. 8°. (C 267) 

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(/« Dunglison, R. Med. and surg. mon., v. 1. 1838.) 

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1845. 18". 

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deafiiess. London, 1820. 12". 

Varieties of deafness. London, 1829. 8°. 

See alM Deaf and Dumb ; — Ear. 

Deageant de St. Martin, Guichard. Memoires. {In M6- 
moires pour servir k I'hist. de France, v. 3. 1756.) 

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ner. 1862.) 

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school [L. M. Sargent]. Bost., 1856. 2 v. 8°. 

Dealings with the fairies ; by G. MacDonald. Lon- 
don, 1868. 16". 

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Brit, and For. Bible Soc. London, 1815. 8". 

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1822. 8°. (B 1221) 

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Nov. 7. London, 1819. 8». (B 1338) 

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1812. 8°. (B 690) 

— Importance of the established Church ; serm., [tol the 

Sons of the Clergy. London, 1832. -t". (B 1270) 
Dean. See also Deane. 
Dean, Amos. Lectures on phrenology. Albany, 

1834. 12". 

— Address before the Young Men's State Assoc, of N. Y., 

Geneva, Sept. 2. Albany, 1841. 8*. (B 1588, 1776) 

— Eulogy on J. Buel, Feb. 5. Albany, 1840. 8". (B 1166) 

— Introductory lecture before the Young Men's Assoc, in 

Albany, Dec. 17. Albany, 1839. 8°. (B 1166) 

— Philosophy of human Ufe. Boston, 1839. 12". 

— Principles of medical jurisprudence. Albany, 

1854. 8". 
Dean, Cyrus B. Trial of D. for the murder of J. Ormsby 

and A. Marsh. Burlington, 1808. 8°. (B 408) 
Dean, Ezra. Speech on the bill granting a gratuity to the 

widow of Gen. Harrison. Wash., 1841. 8*. (B 1664) 
Dean, James. Alphabetical atlas ; or. Gazetteer of 

Vermont. Montpelier, 1808. 8". 

— Other copies. (B 140, 966) 

— Description of a cometarium. — Investigation of the 

apparent motion of the earth, viewed from the 
moon. — Method of displaying at one view all the 
annual cycles of the equation of time, in a complete 
revolution of the sun's apogee. — Observations of 
the eclipse of the sun, Sept. 17, 1811. made at Bur- 
lington. Vt. {In Amer. Acad., v. 3, pt. 2. 1815.) 

— Oration on curiosity, at the Univ. of Vt., Apr. 24, 1810. 

Burlington, 1810. 8». (B 142) 
Dean, John, of Scarborough, d. 1747. Loss of the Sussex 
East Indiaman, near the co.ast of Madagascar, 1738; 
[abridged]. (/;t Shipwrecks, v. 2. 1812.) 
95. (30. 3. 74.) 

Dean or Deane, Capt. John, d. 1701. Loes of the Notting- 
ham Galley, Dec. 1710. (/« Shipwrecka, t. 2. 1813.) 

— Same. 5th ed. n.p., 1762. 8*. (B 687) 

Dean, John, il.D. The gray subBtancc of the medulla 
oblongata and trapezium. {In Smithsonian Inst. 
Contnb., v, 16. 1871.) 

— The lumbar enlargement of the spinal cord. {In 

Amer. Acad. Mem., n.s., v. 8. 1861.) 
Dean, John Ward. Memoir of Nathaniel Ward ; 
with notices of his family. Albany, 1868. 8°. 

— Brief history of the New Eng. hist, and geneal. reg- 

ister, being the preface to the 17th vol. [Boston, 
1863.] 8*. (81962) 

— Sketch of the life of M. Wigglesworth ; app., 

fragment of his autobiography and a cata- 
logue of his library ; from the N. E. genea- 
logical register. Albany, 1863. 8". 

— Same. Memoir of Wigglesworth. 2d ed. [enl.] 

Albany, 1871. 8". 

— Story of the embarkation of Cromwell and his friends 

for New Eng. ; repr. from the New Eng. hist, and 
geneal. register. Boston, 1866. 8°. (B 1962) 

Dean, Mrs. Mary, Funeral sermon on. 1851. See Lam- 
son, A. 

Dean, Paul. Address before the Associated Lodges of 
Masons at Walpole. June 24. Boston, 1823. 8*. 

— Address before the Fraternity at Fall Biver Village, 

Sept. 1. Boston, 1825. 8°. (B 1723) 

— Catechism for children. Boston. 1823. 18". (D 33) 

— Discourse, annual election. Jan. 4, 1832. Boston, 1831 

[1832]. 8'. (B 1052, 1695, 1804. 1830) 

— Discourse before the African Soc. on the abolition of 

the slave trade, July 14. Boston, 1819. 8". (B 537) 

— Discourse before the Constellation Lodge, June 24, 

5816. Dedham, 1816. 8". (B 310) 

— Discourse before the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of 

MassachusetU, Jane 24, 5817. Boston, 1817. 8*. 

— Eulogy on T. S. Webb, Ang. 19. Boston, 1819. 8», 


— The instability of ministerial life: discourse, at Bul- 

finch St.. on taking leave of the Soc, May 24. 1840; 
[with] D.'s letter and the proceedings of the Soc. 
Boston. 1840. 8"". (B 1878) 

— Sermon, before Autient and Honour. Artillery Co., 

Boston, June 3. Boston, 1816. 8°. (B 310) 

— Sermon, installation of H. Ballon, 2d, Roxbury, July 

26. Boston, 1821. 8°. (B 278) 

Dean, Forest of. Nicholls, H. G. Historical and 
descriptive account of the forest. London, 
1858. 12". 

Deane, Mrs. Abby. Memoir of D., [reprinted from the 
Christian reg.. 1861. Boston, 18— .J 16". (C 256) 

Deane, Charles. Account of the recovery of Gov. 
Bradford's ms. 'History of Plymouth'. {In Mass. 
Hist. Soc. Proc, Apr. 1855.) — Hutcliinson's his- 
torical publications. {In Feb. 1857.) — Report on 
the Belknap donation. {In March 1858.) — Report 
upon a report of a constitution or form of govern- 
ment for Massachusetts. {In Nov. 1860.) — On the 
so-called Narragansett patent. {In Feb. 1862.) — 
The light shed upon Mather's 'Magnalia' by his 
diary. {In Dec. 1862.) — On letters of Phillis 
Wheatley. {In Nov. 1863.) — On letters of Josiah 
Winslow and speeches of Joseph Dudley. {In 
Sept. 1864.) — On a copy of Mason and Dixon's 
report. — On a letter of Columbus to Santangel. 
{In Aug. 1865.) — On the small size of ships used 
in crossing the Atlantic. 1492-1626. {In Oct. 1865.) 

— On the will of Capt. J. Smith. {In Jan. 1867.) — 
Resp. the seal of the Council for New England. {In 
March 1867.) — On a letter to Congress reported to 
the Mass. Ho. of Representatives, 1777, resp. freeing 
the negroes. {In S^t. 1868.) — Memoir of Geo. 
Livermore. {In Jan. 1869.) — On the forms in 
issuing letters patent by the Crown. {In Dec. 1869.) 

— Description of the Dudley ms. presented to the 
Mass. Hist. Soc. {In Jan. 1870.) — Remarks on a 
Letter of Sir .John Stanhope to Secretary Davidson, 
concerning Elder Brewster. {In May 1871.) — Re- 
marks on the time of the death of Matthew Crs- 
dock. {In Nov. 1871.) 

— Account of the Irish donation to New England, 1676. 

— Notes on Gov. Bradford's Letter to Gov. Win- 
throp, 1631. {In New Eng. hist, and geneal. reg., 
V. 2.) — Some notices of Samuel Gorton. {In v. 4.) 

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— Death of M. Cradock. n.p., [187-]. 8*. (B 85) 




— Forms in issuing letters-patent by the crown of Eng- 

land with remarks on the Mass. charter of Mar. 4, 
1628/9. Camb.. 1870. 8°. (E 85) 
— Introduction and notes. (In Smith, Capt. J. True 
relation of Virginia. 1866.) 

— Memoir of George Livermore. Camb., 1869. 

4". Larffe paper. 
■ - Same. Camb., 1869. 8°. (E 85) 

M)te. From Mass. Hist. Sec. Proc, 1869. 

— Remarks on Sebastian Cabot's mappe-monde. 

Camb., 1867. 8°. 
J^ote. From Amer. Antiq. See. Proc, Apr. 1867. 

— Report of the Pub. Com. of the Am. Antiq. 8oc. (In 

Amer. Antiq. See. Proc, Oct. 1860.) ~ Notes on 
James liiver. (In Oct. 1864.) — Ueport of the 
Council of the 8oc. (y?i Oct. 1868.) 

— Some notices of S. Gorton, during his residence 

at Plymouth, Portsmouth, and Providence, 
from early mss., etc. Boston, 1850. 4°. 
Nole. For works edited by D. nee Bacon, N. (His- 
tory); — Bradford, Gov. \Vm. {dialogue a»d Hist, 
of Plymouth Plantation); — Council for New England ; 
— Cushman, U. ; — Great Britain (I'riey Council); — 
Massachusetts (CJiurter); — Mather, O. (Life of T. 
Dudley) ;— Plymouth ;— Smith, Cajjl. John. (True 
relation); — Wheatley, P.; — Wheelwright, J.; — 
Wingfleld, E. M. 
Deane, James, M.D. Ichnographs from the sand- 
stone of Connecticut River. Rost., 1861. 4". 

— Hygienic condition of survivors of ovariotomy. {In 

Mass. Med. Soc. Med. com., v. 9. 1860.) 

— Illustrations of fossil footprints of the valley of the 

Conn. (/« Amer. Acad. Mem., n.s., v. 4. 1850.) 

— BowDiTCH, H. I. Address on D. Greeufleld, 1858. 8°. 

(B 1213) 

Deane, James Parker. Considerations on the exercise of 
private judgment by the ministers of the Ch. of 
England i.ud Ireland. London, 1845. 8°. (B 1231) 

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don, 1870. 8". 

Deane, Richard, the regicide. Deane, J. B. Life 
of D. London, 1870. 8°. 

Deane, Samuel, D.D., d. 1814, New England 
farmer ; georgical dictionary. Worcester, 
1790. 8°. 

— An account of yellow and red pigment, found at Nor 

ton, etc. (In Amer. Acad. Mem., v. 1. 1785.) 

— Diary ; with memoir by W. Willis. (In Smith. T 

Journal. 1849.) 

— Four sermons to young men, at Falmouth. Salem 

1774. 8». (B 43) 

— Oration, Portland, July 4. Portland. 1793. 4°. (A 2) 

— Sermon, general election. Bost., 1794. 8° fB 153 177 


— Thanksgiving] sermon, Feb. 19. Portland, 1796. 8° 

(B 310, 856) 

Deane, Rev. Samuel, d. 1834. History of Scituate 
Mass. Boston, 1831. 8°. 

— Sermon before the Scituate Aux. Soc. for the Suppres 

sion of Intemperance, atlst annual meeting, Mav 26 
1817. Boston. 1817. 8°. (B 1095) 
Deane, Silas. Paris papers; D.'s intercepted let- 
ters to America ; annexed, Declaration of 
independence, pub. by Congress at Phila., 
1776; with a counter- declaration, pub. at 
New York, 1781. New York, n.d. 16°. 

— Address to the U. 8. ; [with] a letter to R. Morris. Lon- 

don, 1784. 8°. (B 702) 

— Ingraham, E. D. Papers in relation to the 

case of D. Phila. » 1855. 8". (Seventy- Six 

— Lee, a. Extracts from a letter to the President of 

Congress, in answer to D. Phila., 1780. 4° 
(A 27, W 70) ' ' • *• 

— Memorial of the heirs of D. w.^j., [1835?]. S". (B1456) 
Deane, Wm. Reed. Biographical sketch of E. Watson, 

with a genealogy of the family. Albany, 1864. 8° 
(B1962) ■" 

Dean's daughter ; by Mrs. Gore. Leipzig, Tauoh., 
1853. 2 V. 16°. 

Dear girl. The; by P. Fitzgerald. (In All the year round, 
v. 18-19. 1867-68.) 

Dearborn, Benj. Columbian grammar. Boston, 
1795. 16". 

— Description of a fire engine of a new construction. 

— Description of a pump-engine. (In Amer. Acad. 
Mem., V. 1. 1785.) — Remarks on the construction of 
the common scale-beam. (In v. 3. 1809.) 

— Lenient system for adjusting demands and collecting 

debts without imprisonment. Bost.. 1827. 8°. (B1546) 

— The patent balance compared with other Instruments 

for weighing. Phila., 1803. 8°. (B 982) 

— Pupil's guide; rules in arithmetic. Boston, 1783. 8*. 


— The will of D. Boston, July 2, 1832. Boston, 1859. 8». 

(B 1456) 
Dearborn, Maj. Gen. Henry. Account of the battle 
of Bunker's Hill ; with a letter to D. repelling his 
attack on Maj. Gen. Putnam, by D. Putnam. Bos- 
ton, 1818. 8°. (B 456, 530, 533, 1602) 

— Coffin, C. Lives and services of D., etc. New 

York, 1845. 12". 

— Dearborn, H. A. S. Defence of D. against Hull. 

Boston. 1824. 8°. (B 530) 

— Putnam, D. Letter to D. repelling his attack on the 

character of Maj. Gen. Putnam. Boston, 1818. 8°. 
(B 530, 562) 

— Sketch of his life, 1775-1812. Bost., [18—]. 8°. (B 445) 

— Wilson, T. (/n Ai« Biog. of Amer. heroes, v.2. 1819.) 
Dearborn, Henry Alexander Scammell. Address 

before the Mass. Hortic. Soc. Bost., 1829. 8". (E 9) 

— Address, 2d centennial anniv. of the settlement of Kox- 

bury. Roxbury. 1830. 8°. (B 1599) 

— Defence of Gen. H. Dearborn against the attack of 

Gen. W. Hull. Boston, 1824. 8". (B 530, 562) 

— Letters, internal improvements and commerce of the 

West. Boston, 1839. 8°. (B 1605, 1748) 

— Memoir on the commerce and navigation of the 

Black Sea, and the trade and maritime geog- 
raphy of Turkey and Egypt. Boston, 1819. 
2 V. and Atlas. 8". 

— Militia laws of the U, S. and of Mass. Bos 

ton, 1840. 12". 

— Oration, Boston. July 4. Boston. 1811. 8°. (B 457) 

— Oration, Salem, July 4. Salem, 1806. 8°. (B 1193) 

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8°. (B 1456) 
Dearborn, Nathaniel. American text-book for let- 
ters. Boston, 1846. 8°. 

— Boston notions ; an account of 'that village', 

1630-1847. Boston, 1848. 12". 

— Reminiscences of Boston, and guide. Boston, 

[1851]. 16". 
Dearborn, Nathaniel S. Guide through Mount 

Auburn. Boston, 1857. 12". 
Dearborn, Sarah Bowdoin. Funeral sermon on, 1826. See 

Harris, T. M. (B 1213) 
Dearer than life; a drama. See Byron, H. J. 
Dearest mamma; a comedietta; by W. Gordon. (iVo. S6 

of DeWitt's acting plays.) 
Dearn, Thomas Downes Wilmot. Sketches in archi- 
tecture; public and private. Lond., 1806. 4". 
Dease, Wm. Remarks on medical jurisprudence. (In 

Cooper, T. Tracts on mod. jurispr. 1819.) 
Death {in physiology). Bichat, M. F. X. Re- 

cherches physiologiques sur la vie et la mort. 

Paris, 1802. 8°. 

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sleep and death, liondon, 1834. 8". 

— Reid. J. Philosophy of death ; a treatise on the 

causes of human mortality. Lond., 1841. 12". 
See also Biology. 
Death (in theology, etc.). Asgill, J. Argument 
proving that man maybe translated without passing 
through death, n.p., 1700. 8°. (B 755, C 71) 

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death pronounced at the fall of man included thfe 
whole animal creation. London, 1839. 8°. (B 1334) 

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mains. 1846.) 

— De QuiNCEY, T. The vision of sudden death. (In his 

Miscel. essays. 1851.) 
. — Didron. a. N. Triomphe de la mort. (In Annales 
arch6ol., v. 24. 1864.) 




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against the fears of death ; tr. by D'Assigny. 
3d ed. London, 1692. 8". 

— Fox. W. J. Inquiry into the history of opinion cone. 

death. London, 1838. S". (B 1341) 

— Herder, J. G. von. Wie die Alten den Tod gebildet ? 

(fn hix Samintl. Werke, v. 25.) 

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vita;. Lugd. Bat., 1639. 12". 

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Death penalty. See Capital punishment. 

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Debatable land. The. between this world and the next. 
Set Owen, R. D. 

Debates. I^- For the debates in legislative bodies, conven- 
tions, etc., »ee the name of the body ; as Oreat Bri- 
tain. Parliament ; — United States. Congress. 

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1870. 3 V. 8". 
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See Cheltnam, C. S. 
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— Seventh census. 1830. See United States. 

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Sote. For the previous vols, see Conunercial 
review of the South and West. 

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sources, statistics, etc. Vol. 14-30. Jan. 
1853 -June 1861. Vol. 14-29, New Orleans 
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1820. 2 V, 18". 
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of Europe. London, 1726. 2 v. f. 

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Paris, 1862. 12". 
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and add. bv H. Mann. 1st Amer. ed. Ded- 
ham, 1806." 8". 

Debt. English and American law. 

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and importance of a law for the relief of usolvent 
debtors. Boston. 1813. 8". (B 453) 

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debts. Boston, 1808. 8". (B 1000, 1431) 

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EFiT OF Creditor and Debtor. Proceedings, 
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of 10 pounds in X. Y. N. Y., 1800. 8". (B 1000) 

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rules. Boston, 18-28. S". (B 1546) 
Memorial for free debt rules to the legislature of one 

of the U. States. Boston. 1829. 8'. (B 1546) 
Memorial to the Senate and Ho. of Rep. of U. States. 

n.p.. 1829. 8'. (B 1546) 
Petitions for adoption of the free debt rules, n.p., 

182S. 8*. (B 932) 

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and collecUng debts. Boston, 1827. 8* (B 1546) 

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itor. Boston, 1857. 8". (B 1546) 

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for debt. New York,18t2. 8*. (B 1546) 

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1835. 8-. (B 1756) 

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Persons Imprisoned for Small Debts. 
Account of [its] rise, progress, and present 
state. 13th ed. London, 1796. 12". 




— Society for the Promotion of the Rights and 

Interests of Bona Fide Creditors, etc. Pro- 
ceedings of citizens of Boston favorable to a revi- 
sion of laws in relation to debtor and creditor; -with 
tiic constitution of the society. [Boston,] 1829. 8°. 
(B 1546) 

Foreign law. 

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pour dettes. Paris, 1836. 8°. 

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tend que les auteurs des douze tables avaient permis 
aux creanciers de mettre en pieces le corps de lours 
d^biteurs. (/7i Paris. Inst. Ac. d. Sci. Mem., v. 5. 

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bitenrs chez les Remains. {In Paris. Inst. Ac. d. Sci. 
Mem., V. 5. 1847.) 

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Paris, 1808. 8°. 

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de inope debitore. Cantab., 1742. 4° 
See aim Insolvency. 

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solvent laws of New York, with a digest thereof. 
Kew Yorl£, 1810. 12°. (D 17) 

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n.d. 8°. 

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prisoned for debt. Boston, 1813. 12°. (C 246) 

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Finance under the names of various countries, esp. 
Great Britain ; — United States. 

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assumption of the debts of the states by the Fed- 
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1663, 1817.) 

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Boston, 1844. 8°. (B 1500) 

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Fiscal history of Texas. 1852.) 

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of tlie states by tlie Federal government, Feb. 27. 
Wash., 1840. 8°. (B 1497) 
See also Repudiation. 

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court. {In Gazette des beaux arts, v. 20. 1866.) 

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age dans I'Inde, v. 4. 1844.) 

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pointure frangaise. 1862.) 

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V. 12. 1862.) 
De CandoUe. See CandoUe. 
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[with] J. Barron. Wash.. 1820. 8°, (B 533) 

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sentation of a sword], n.t.p. ^''. (B 504) 

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ford, 1821, 12° 

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ments relative to [her] claim. Georgetown, 1826. 
8". (BllOl) 

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ed. by J. M. Cowper. {In Fish, S. Supplicacyon 
for the beggers. 1871.) 
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Dekhan. {In Roy. Irish. Acad. Antiq.,v.24. 1865.) 

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December 22. Addresses to commemorate the landing of 

the Pilgrims, Dec. 22, 1620. See Plymouth. 
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nini. 1444. In Ital. sermonem conversa. {In Mura- 

tori. Rer. Ital. scr., v. 20. 1731.) 
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petition to the King, with articles of impeachment 

against D. and Brenton. «.<.7). [17— .] 4*. (A 6) 
De Charms, Ricliard. Some views of freedom and slavery 

in the light of the New Jerusalem. Phila., 1851. 18°. 

(C 258) 
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massacres d'Aurai et de Vannes. London, 

1795. 8". 
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on liis system of decimal coinage. London, 1855, 8°. 

(B 1542) 

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See also Coinage. 
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ou Les comptes faits. 4e ed. Paris, an viii. 
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coins, etc, London, 1854. 12°. 

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ries. Boston, 1856. 4°. 
See also Metric system. 

Decision ; or. Religion must be all ; [by G. Kennedy] . 
2d Amer. ed Boston, 1823, 18°. 

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ritory, etc.. with charges against the Gov. [W. H, 
Harrison], Louisville, 1805. 8°. (C 116) 

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Nicholas, J. 

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on the subject of the agricultural petition. {In 
Pamphleteer, 1819; v. 14 of B 838) 

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la strategic modeme; trad, de I'allemand par 
L. A. linger. Paris, 1845. 12°. 

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duties, with a proposal for one single tiix. 7th ed. 
London, 1756. 8°. (B 581) 

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et suppositiciis. {In Placcius, V. Theatr. anon., 
V. 2. 1708.) 

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peintre-graveur, v. 2. 1865.) 

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Londres. 1789. 8°. (B 973) 

Declaration of Independence, See United States, 

Declaration of the people of Eng. to the King. London, 
1821. 8°. (B 1423) 

Declination. Safford, T. H, Catalogue of the declina- 
tion of 532 stars culminating near the zenith of the 
observatory of Harvard Coll., Cambridge. {In 
Amer. Acad. Mem., n.s., v. 8, pt. 1. 1861.) 

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Sir S. 8. Smythe. London, 1778. 8°, (B 1243) 

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mon. London. 1790. 4°. (A 59) 

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London. 1818. 8°. (B 1272) 

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don, 1790. 4*. (A 59) 

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ton and tobacco. London, 1864. 8°. 

De-coo-dah, Traditions of. See Pidgeon, W. 

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ing drawings for Gothic ornaments, etc. Lon- 
don, n.d. f°. 

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Explanatory text by E. Braun. London, 

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Kunst-Epochen. Berlin, 1854. obi. f. 
See aho Alphabet; — Arts (Fine); — Carving; — 
Eccleaiastical furniture ; — Embroidery ; — Enamel ; 

— Fans ; — Furniture ; — Gems ; — Geometric design ; 

— Illumination ; — Iron work ; — Jewelry ; — Metal- 
work ; — Mural decoration ; — Rosettes ; — Shops ; — 
Tapestry ; — Terracotta. 

De Costa, Rer, Benjamin Franklin. Footprints of 
Miles Standish. Charlestown, 18&4. 8". (B1601) 

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and the Adirondacks, with app. cont. notes 
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Northmen, illustrated by translations from 
the Icelandic sagas. Albany, 1868. 8°. 

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travel on New England coast from Isles of 
Shoals to Grand Menan. N.York, 1871. 12°. 

— Sailing directions of Henry Hudson. See Bardsen, I. 
Decourcelle, Adrien. Mosieur [*»<■] mon fils; comedie-van- 

de\-i!lc. .SV(>Barridre,T..«ji'f Decourcelle, A. (E 17) 
Decourdemanche, — . Est-ce legalement que le gonverne- 
ment a fait suspendre I'exercice du culte St. Simo- 
nien?; questions k poser au jury, n.t.p. Paris, 
[1832]. 8°. (B1660) 

— Rapport sur une fabrique de chandelles oouv. etablie a 

Caen. Caen, 1830. 8°. (B U55) 

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add. doct. virorum. Parisib, 1541. 8°. 

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hut Works. 1841.) 

— Sextus decretaliiun liber, per BonifJacitun nn. 

in eoncLlio Lugdimensi xditus. Parisiis, 
1541. 8°. 
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on the 2d centennial anniversary of the incor- 
poration of the town of Dedham, Sept. 21, 
1836; with app. Dedham, 1837. 8° 
Other copie». (B U39, 1882) 

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16.35 to 1847. Dedham, 1847. 8° 

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Soc. Jan. 17. 1836. Dedham. 1S.36. S". CB 1139) 
Dedham Auxiliary Soc. for Suppression of Intemperance. 

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Dedham. Convention, 1812. Address [to the] citizens of 

Xorfolk District, n.t.p. 8*. (B 441) 
Dedham. First Church. Brief summary of Christian doc 

trine and form of covenant, adopted Mar. 9, 1821. 

Dedham, 1822. 8°. (C 237) 

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OthfT copUi. (B U45, 1696, E 41) 

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Sermon, Oct. 31. 18.58. after the 40th anniv. of his ordi- 
nation. Boston, 1859. 8*>. (B 1320) 

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minister, 1818. Camb., 1819. 8°. (B 538) 

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covenant. Boston, 1861. 12». CC 237) 

Dedham gazette ; 1865-70. Vol. 51-57. Dedham, 
1865-70. f°. 
Kote. Feb. 26, 1870, this was united with the Hyde 
Park journal, and they were called 'The Norfolk Co. 
journal', q.r. 

Dedication of Churches. Gage. J. The Anglo-Saxon 
ceremonial. {In Archeeologia, v. 25. 1834.) 

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[et] du Rhin. Park, 1801. 8°. 

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his library of mss.; ed. bv J. O. HalliwelL 
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Deerbrook, a novel, by H. Martrneau. New York, 

1839. 2 v. 12°. ' 
Deerfield, Mass. Conference at Deerfield, Aug. 27, 
1735, between J. Belcher and Duntanssoogoe, tie. 
n.t.p. 40. (B 69) 

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{In Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc. 1866-67.) 

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Deerfield, 1815. 8". (B 995) 

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Hatfield and D. by the Indians, 1677. New 
York, 1859. 8°. 




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the petition for the annexation of part of D. to 
Groentield. Boston, 1861. 8". (B 1596) 

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tion of the destruction of the town by the French 
and Indians. Greenfield, 1804. 8°. (B 163, 333, 847) 

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of a part of Deerfield to Greenfield, remonstrance of 
D.. and address to the legislature by H. Williams. 
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tional Church. n.p..n.d. ^^ (B1305) 

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Greenfield, 1834. 24". 
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councils, etc. Greenfield, 1813. 8". (C 86) 
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12°. (D45) 
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Louisville, 1859. 8". 
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2 V. 12". 
_ Same. New York, 1850. 12". 

Same. {In his Novels illust. by Darley, v. 3. 1863.) 

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of 'Straws'. New York, 1841. 12°. 
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1860. Wash., n.d. 8". 

Catalogue of books relating to America, from 

the library of D. New York, 1866. 8° 
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cess of D. Wash., 1834. 8". 
Defection detected ; or. Faults laid on the right side. Lon- 
don, 1718. 8°. (B 688) 
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sur la defense des etats et sur la fortification. 
Brux., 1863. 3 v. 8" and Atlas f". 

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{In his (Euvres mil., v. 2. 1795.) 
See also Armor ; — Fortification ; — Military art ; — 
Narrows, K. Y.; — Sieges ; — Stevens battery ; — Wash- 
ington ; — and the names of various countries, es- 
pecially France ; — Great Britain ; — United States. 
Defence of Christianity ; answer to 'The Athanasian creed 

a preservative against heresies', 8°. (B 122) 

Defence of country banks; reply to 'Examination of the 

banking system of Mass.'. Boston, 1831. 8°. (B 1543) 

Defence of Dr. Clarke's 'Demonstration of the 

^ being and attributes of G od' ; an answer to 

[E. Law's] translation of King's 'Origin of 

evil,' etc. London, 1732. 8°. 

— Second defence. London, n.d. 8". 

Defence of Lucknow.The ; a diary. Lond., 1858. 12°. 

Defence of opposition with respect to their conduct on Irish 
aflairs. London. 1785. 8°. (B 751) 

Defence of the American character; or, Wealth as an ob- 
ject of cupidity in the United States. Phila., 1819. 8° 

Defence of the Ch. of Eng. [by E. Welch] from the charge 
of schism and heresie. as laid against it by the vindi- 
cator of the deprived bishops [H. Dodwell]. Lon- 
don, 1693. 4°. (B 4) 

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(B 698) 

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to articles of faith'. London, 1774. 8°. (B 1379) 

Defence of the currency of Mass.; by [J. B. Congdon]. 
Boston, 18.55. 8°. (B 1545) 

— Same. 2d ed. Boston, 1856. 8°. (B 1545) 
Defence of the 'Enquiry into the reasons of the conduct of 

Gr. Brit., etc.'. London, 1729. 8°. (B 668) 
Defence of the "Examination of 'A brief account of many 
of the pro.secutions of Quakers' ". in answer to [J. 
Besse's] 'Vindication'. London. 1737. 8°. (0 285) 

— Besse, J. Remarks on the 'Defence'. London, 1738. 

8°. (0 286) 

Defence of the exposition of the middling interest. Bos- 
ton, 1822. 8°. (B 978) 

Defence of the Legislature of Mass. ; or. The rights of New 
England vindicated. Boston, 1804. 8°. (B 424, 1489) 

— Same. Defense, etc. (B 1199) 

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friend in R. I.' Newport, 1765. 8°. (B 652, 1117) 
Defence of the measures of the present administration. 

Loudon, 1731. 8°. (B 688) 
Defence of the most essential articles of Christian belief, 

against atheists and infidels, particularly C-U-ns and 

Tindal. London. 1733. 8°. (E154) 
Defence of the national administration, in an address to 

the people of New Hampshire; by Cato [E. Web- 

stcrt. Concord, 1828. 8°. (B 1494) 
Defence of the people ; or. Confutation of [the Earl of 

Egmont'sJ 'Faction detected'. 2d ed. London, 1744. 

8°. (B760) 
Defence of the Protestant religion against Popery; answer 

to a Roman Catholic. 7i.p.. 1672. 4°. (B 1396) 
Defence of the resolutions and address of the American 

Congress; reply to [8. Johnson's] 'Taxation no 

tyranny'. London. 1775. 8°. (B 632) 
Defence of 'The rights of the Christian Church' against a 

late visitation sermon by W. Wotton; [by M. Tin- 
dal]. London. 1707. 12°. (B 83) 
Defence or the Rockingham party in their late coalition 

with Ld. North. London, 1783. 8°. (B 752) 
Defence of truth and character against ecclesiasticar intol- 
erance ; letters [on] the proceedings of the Hopkin- 

ton Assoc, and of the New Hampshire Gen. Assoc. 

Concord, 1812. 8°. (B 514) 
JSfS= For many other 'Defences' see the name of the 
person defended. 
Defensa de la libertad de la Imprenta, 6 examen [de] 'Ob- 

servaclones sobre la libertad de la prensa'. Isla de 

Leon, [18—]. 8°. (B 1848) 
Defensive arms vindicated ; and the lawfulness of the Amer. 

war made manifest. «./?., 1783. 1'2°. (W46) 
Defensor de su agravio. El ; comedia. See Moreto, A. 
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liques de tableaux et estampes depuis 1737. 

le partie : estampes. Paris, 1865-68. 2 v. 8°. 

— Same. 2e partie : tableaux. Paris, 1865-68. 

2 V. 8°. 

Defifand, Mine. See Du Deffand. 

Deflection. Norton, W. A. The laws of the deflection of 
beams exposed to a transverse strain tested. {In 
Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 1866.) 

De Fleury, Maria. Divine ijoems and essays. New 
York, 1804. 12". 

DeFoe, Daniel. Novels and miscellaneous works, 
with memoir. Oxford, 1840-41. 20 v. 12°. 
Contents. Vol. 1. Memoir of D.. by J. Ballantyne. 
1,2. Robinson Crusoe. 3. Life, adventures, and pira- 
cies of Capt. Singleton. 4. Moll Flanders. 5. Life of 
Col. Jack. — True relation of the apparition of one Mrs. 
Veal. 6. Memoirs of a cavalier. 7. New voyage round 
the world. 8. Memoirs of Capt. George Carleton, and 
life, etc.. of Mrs. Christian Davies. 9. History of the 
plague in London, 1665. — Consolidator. 10. Political 
history of the devil. 11. The fortunate mistress. 12. 
System of magic. 13. History and reality of appari- 
tions. 14. Religious courtship. 15, 16. Family in- 
structor. 17, 18. Complete English tradesman. 19. 
Life and adventures of Mr. Duncan Campbell. — Dumb 
philosopher. — Everybody's business Is nobody's busi- 
ness. 20. Life of DeFoe. by G. Ch.almers. — List of 
DeFoe's works. — Appeal to honour and justice. — 
Seasonable warning and caution against insinuations of 
Papists, etc.,- in favour of the Pretender. — Reasons 
against the succession of the House of Hanover, etc. — 
What if the Pretender should come? — Answer to a 
question, 'But what if the Queen should die?' — True- 
born Englishman. 

— Novels. Edin., 1810. 12 v. (v. 6 w.). 12". 

Contents. Vol. 1. Memoir, [by J. Ballantyne]. 1-3. 
Robinson Crusoe. 4-5. Memoir of a cavalier. 6. 
Wanting. 7. Colonel Jack. 8,9. Captain Singleton. 
10, 11. Voyage round the world. 12. History of the 
plague in London. 

— Daniel Defoe ; his life and recently discovered 

writings, 1716-1729 ; by Wm. Lee. Lon- 
don, 1869. 3 V. 8". 
Contents. Vol. 1. Life of Daniel Defoe. 2, 3. 
Writings from Mercurius politicus. Mist's journal. The 
Whitehall evening post, The daily post, Applebee's 
journal, The universal spectator, Fog's journal. 




n.t.p. Edin., 

— True collection of the writings of the author of 

True-bom English-man. London, 1703. 8". 
ConUntn. The true-born English-man. — Mock mourn- 
ers. — Reformation of manners. — Character of Dr. 8. 
Annesley. — Spanish descent. — Freeholders' plea 
Bi^ainst stock-jobbing elections of Pari. men. — Reasons 
against a war with France. — A standing army not in- 
consistent with a free government. — Danger of the 
Protestant religion from the present prospect of a relig- 
ious war in Europe. — Villainy of stock-jobbers detected. 
— Six distinguishing characters of a Pari. man. — The 
poor man's plea. — Enquiry into the occasional conform- 
ity of Dis-senters, with a preface to Mr. How. — Letter 
to Mr. How, by way of reply. — The two great ques- 
tions considered : What the French king will do with 
resp. to the Spanish monarchy; What measures the 
English ought to take. — Two great questions farther 
considered. — A new test of the Ch. of England's loy- 
alty. — Enquiry into occasional conformity. — The 
shortest way with the Dissenters. — Brief explanation 
of "The shortest way with Dissenters'. — The shortest 
way to peace and union. 

— Address on the arrival and imprisonment of the Kent- 

ish petitioners. (/« Somers, J. Col. of tracts, 2d ed., 
V. 11. 1814.) 

— Hymn to the pillory. London, 1703. 8°. 

— More reformation ; a satyr upon himself. Lon- 

don. 1703. 8°. 

— Original power of the people of England examined 

and asserted. London, 1769. 8' (B 746) 

— Same. 3d ed. London. n.</. 8". (B751) 

— Relation of the apparition of Mrs. Veal to Mrs. Bar- 

grave, Canterbury, 1705. n.p.. [1"—]. 12". (C279) 

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6; Mar. 1709 - Mar. 1710. 
1710. 4". 

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— Armenian. Venice, 1817.] 8". 

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— Tour thro' Great Britain divided into circuits. 

5th ed. with add. to 1753, [by S. Richard- 
son]. London. 1753. 4 v. 12°. 

— .Same. To 1761. London, 1762. 4 v. 121 

— Answer to [his] pamphlet, 'The experiment ; or, Short- 

est wav with Dissenters' ; being the case of Abraham 
Gill. "London, 1707. 4". (B1378) 

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London, 1859. 8". 

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1830. 3 V. 8°. 
De Foix; an historical romance; by Mrs. Bray, 

London, 1845. 16°. ( I o/. 2 of her Novels'.) 
De Fonblanque, Albany. Horse, R. H. {In hU New 

spirit of the age, v. 1. 1844.) 

De Fonblanque, Edward Barrington. Niphon and 
Pe-che-li ; or, Two years in Japan and north- 
em China. London, 1862. 8°. 

— Treatise on the administration and organization 

of the British army. London, 1858. 8°. 
De Forest, Henry A. Notes of a tour in Mount Lebanon, 
and to the eastern side of Lake Huleh. {In Amer. 
Orient. Soc. .Joum., v. 2. 1851.) — Notes on the 
ruins in the Buka'a and in the Belad Ba'al-bek. {In 
V. 3. 1S53.) 

De Forest, John W. European acquaintance. N. 
York, 1858. 12°. 

— Historv of the Indians of Connecticut. Hart- 

ford,' 1851. 8". 

— KateBc-iumont. (/n Atlantic monthly, v. 27-28. 1871.) 

— OvLiland. {In Galaxy, v. 10-12. 1870-71.) 
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London, 1830. 8°. 

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Boston, 1845. 8°. 

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pedic institution. Boston. 1848. 8*. — Same, with 
add. Boston. 1845. 8'. (B 1549) 

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anomalies de I'organisation. Paris, 1832-37. 
3 V. 8° and Atl. 4°. 

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Fugit. pieces. 1761.) 

— TitLAL'x, — . Appareils orthop^iqaes. {In Fiance. 

Com. de rEjrpon. dt> 1867. Rapports da jury, v. 2.) 
See alxo Club-foot. 

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Inst. .4c. d. Inter. Div. sav.. le sir., v. 2. 1852.) 

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entrees et ports du Ferol et de la Coroene. Paris 
1786. (E87, no. 42) * 

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I'esp^ce humaine physiques, intellectuelles et 
morales. Paris, 1857. 8° and Atl. 4°. 

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sondeur. Paris, 1847. 8°. 

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port of public sales and of arrivals ; May - 
Dec. 1819, 1820-27. Boston, 1819-27. 
17 V. f°. 

— Extracts on low fares on railroads. FBoston. ]S40 1 8* 

{B1817) • -J • 

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des livres. Heed. Paris, 1819. 8°. 

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ton romances, 1744; Camden Soc, v. 30.) 

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Soc. Mem., v. 2. 1811.) ^ " 

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lingua de los naturales de la mi.sion de San 
Antonio, Alta California. New York 
1861. 8°. 

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and Indian wars of western Virginia ; also, 
sketches of E. Zane, etc. AVheelinc and 
PhUa., 1851. 8°. 

— Archeology of the Mississippi Valley. — Report on 

archaeology and ethnology. {In Amer. Assoc. Proc.. 
V. 17. 1869.) 

Dehli. See Delhi. 

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{In Harvard memorial biog., v. 2. 1866.) 

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the General Convention of the Protestant Episco- 
pal Church, Phila., May 21, 1814. Boston, 1819. 8* 
(B 291) 

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[1803]. 8". (B310) 

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1800. 8-. (E 162) 

— Discourse. Newport. Nov. 27, 1805, thanksgiving. 

Newport. 1806. 4°. (B 311) 

— Discourse, Providence, Sept. 6. 1804. before the Female 

Char. Soc. Providence, [1804]. 8*. (B 3U) 

— Sermon : The Christian warfare. {In Prot. Episc. 

pulpit, v. 1. 183L) 

— Sermons. New York, 1856. 2 v. 8°. 
Dehors trompeurs, Les. See Boissy, L. 

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1186-1352. cum notis H. Benvoglientl. (In Mora- 
tori, L. A. Rer. ital. scr.. v. 15. 1729.) 

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J. G. Seidl. {In Album osterreichischer Dichter. 

— Florctte, dramatisches Gedicht. {In Kotzebne, A. F. 

F. V. Almanach. v. 20. 1822.) — Dae Bild der 

Danae, dramatisches Spiel. {In v. 21. 1823.) 
Deinology. See Hortensius, p*eud. 
Deiochus Proi-ontiexiut. Fragm. {In Mueller. Fr. hist. 

Gr.. V. 2. 1848.) 
Deirdri ; or. The lamentable fate of the sons of Usnach ; tr. 

with notes and obs. by T. (YVXaaagaa. {In Gaelic 

Soc. of Dublin. Trans., 1808.) 




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belief of Christians and Deists. London, 
1730. 8". 

— Benet. Q. The folly, sin, and danger of the modern 

Deist, in rejecting the gospel. Pt. 1. Lincoln, 1764. 
8°. (C214) 

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putation, etc., of modern believers ; answer to 
Dr. Benson's "Answer to Dodwell's 'Chris- 
tianity' ", etc., by a moral philosopher. Lon- 
don, 1746. 8°. 

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Same. Compressed by F. Wrangham. York, 

1802. 8°. 

Atiother copy. (B 1369) 

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fi-om revelation. 2d ed. London, 1730. 8°. (B 1369) 
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1866. 18". 

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masked ; an ample refutation of the objections 
of T. Paine against the Christian religion. 
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evidences of Christianity. Boston, 1836. 8°. (B 1360) 

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8°. (B1681) 

See also Atheism ; — Christianity {Evidences) ; 

— God. 

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C. S. House of Rep., Jan. 30, 1865, pending 

negotiations for peace. [Richm., 1865.] 8°. 

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New York, 1833. 8". 

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hist., pt. 1. 1842.) 
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1783. See Wolff, K. B. 
Dekkan. See Deccan. 

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coffee auctions of the Dutch trading company ; 
by Multatuli ; tr, by Baron Nahuys. Edin., 
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ed. by E. F. Rimbault. London, 1842. 8°. 
(Percy Soc, v. 5.) 
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Poems. {In Campbell, T. Brit, poets, v. 3. 1819.) 

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poet. {In Hawkins, T. Origin of Eng. dr., v. 3. 
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must, of old Eng. lit., v. 2. 1866.) 

The virgin martyr. See Massinger, P. 

Witch of Edmonton. See Rowley, W.,arad Dekker, T. 

Wonder of a kingdom. (In Ola plays, v. 3. 1816.) 

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Specimens of dr. poets. 1854.) 

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1603. Lond., 1841. 8°. (Shakesp. Soc, v. 6.) 
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New York, 1850. 12". 
De la B — , Mme. C. Life in Mexico. See Calderon de la 


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Paris, 1819. 8°. 

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nomena. London, 1830. 4". 

— Selection of geological memoirs cont. in the 

Annales des mines. London, 1836. 8". 
Contents. De la Beche, H. T. Synoptical table of 
equivalent formations. — Brongniart, A. T. Classifica- 
tion of the mixed rocks. — Beaunier, — . Geological 
sketch of the coal district of St. Etienne. — Omalius 
d'Halloy, J. J. d'. Geological extent of the formation 
of the environs of Paris. — Beaudant, — . Extract of a 
memoir on the possibility of causing fresh water mo- 
luscae to live in salt water. — Bach, L. von. Gabbro 
(euphotide of Hauy) extracted by M. de Bounard. — 
Cordier, P. L. Mountain of rock salt at Cardona, in 
Spain. — Brochant de Villiers, A. J. F. M. Forma- 
tions of ancient gypsum occurring in the Alps, etc. — 
Hoff, — . Geological sketch of Thuriiigerwald ; — Basal- 
tic mountains of Hesse and Thuringia. — Junker, — , 
and Dufrenoy, — . Report on the tin of Periac. — Bro- 
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rocks of MoHt Blanc, etc., ought to occupy in the order 
of anteriority of the primitive series. — Charbaut, — . 
Geology of the environs of Lons-le-Saunier. — Brong- 
niart, A. T. Relative position of the serpentines, dial- 
lage rocks, etc., in the Apennines; — Fossil vegetables 
traversing the beds of the coal measures. — Du Bosc, — . 
Coal mines of the basin of the Aveyron. — Bonnard, — . 
Geology of the western part of the Palatinate. — Brong- 
niart, A. T. Zoological char.icters of formations, with 
applications to the determination of some rocks of the 
chalk formation. — Bonnard, — . Notice on the Hartz. 
— Brongniart, A. T. Calcareo-trappean formations of 
the southern foot of Lombard Alps ; — Magnesite of the 
Paris basin, etc. — Omalius d'Halloy, J. J. d'. Obs. on 
a sketch of a geological map of France, the Pays-Bas, 
etc. — Levallois, J. Geology of the environs of St. 
Leger sur Dheune. — -A-pp. — Humboldt, A. von. De- 
scription of the muschclkalk and quadersandstein. — 
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icain ; avec une description de la Prusse et de 
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Paris, 1795. 8". 

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by M. H. 2ded. London, n.d. 2 v. 12". 

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Cong., 1st sess. Sen. doc. 59.) 
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96. (22. 4. 74) 

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deduction from the sums due to American loyalists. 

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Note. Signed -James De I.Aiicy'. but stated in a eon- 
temporary hand to be 'by I. Galloway*. 
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.>>«■ Chaadon. L. M. 
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Delaplaine, Joseph. The author turned critic; reply to 
•Attack on Delaplaine's Itepository'. fPhila.. 1816 ;1 
8'. (B455) ^ 

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reception of the portraits of distinguished Ameri- 
cans. Phila.. 1818, 8*. (B 449) 

De la Rive. See La Rive. 

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et autres, consignataires du navire americaia "The 
two Marys', [i'aris. ISO-.] 4*. (A 7) 

Delaroche, Hippolyte, called Paul. [Photographs of 
an engra^-ing of his Hemicyde, wanting the 
centre piece.] 

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*Scmpulons conscience' ; added. A parallel scheme 
of Pagan. Papal, and Christian rites ; with Xarrative 
of [D.'.<] tryal. London, 1704. 4*. (B 96) 

— Same. London, 1712. 12». (0 6) 

— Same. London, 1733. 8*. (B 34) 

Kote. The 'Narrative' and the -Parallel scheme' have 

each a separate title, the latter beginning 'Eucwr rti 

9f(tiov ; or. The image of the beast. 

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Mayor. Feb. 22, 1712/13. London. 172L 8». (B1250) 

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{In Literary and Philos. Soc. of Manchester. 
Mem., V. 2. 178».> 





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diens. 3. La Paria. 4. L'ecole des vieillards. 
BASSANViLiiE, A.L.,comtesse de. (/n /ter Les salons, 

Sainte-Beuve, C. a. {In his Portr. contemp., v. 3. 


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Henry Hudson and discovery of Delaware 

Bay. Albany, 1866. 8° ' 
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Swedes on the Delaware ; added the charter 

of the United Swedish churches. Phila., 

1835. 16°. 
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cone, the title of the Dutch to territories on the 

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transmitting reports of the commissioners and 

of Lieut. Col. Graham [on] the intersection of 

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1862. 8°. 
Spiced slaw for southern digestion [dish 1-3] 

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— Historical difficulties and contested events. 

London, 1868. 8°. 
Contents. Colossus of Rhodes. — Belisarius. — Alex- 
andrian Library. — Pope Joan. — Abelard and Eloisa. — 
William Tell. — Petrarch and Laura. — Jeanne d'Arc. 

— Francis I. and Countess of Chate.^ubriand. — Charles 
v. of Spain. — The inventor of the steam-engine. — 
Galileo Galilei. — App. to the notice of William Tell. 

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ital.. Parte mod., v. 39. 1805.) 

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c snlla incertezza ed inutilita della medesima [di] 

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1731; and, Geim.. v. 11. 1754.) 
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Delftshaven. Map. Amst. (E 60) 
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miitic relations between the courts of Delhi and 
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Roy. Asiatic Soc. Trans., v. 2. 1830.) 

— Nachricut von der neuesten Revolution in Delhi, im 

Nov. u. Dec. 1788. {In Sprengel, M. C, and Fors- 
ter.G. Neue Beitrage, v. 1. 1790.) 




Delicate ground. Se« Dance, C. 

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96]. 8". 
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Contents. Vol. 1. Notice. — Diacours. — Poesies fu- 
gitives. 2. Georgiques de Virgile. 3-6. L'Eueide de 
Virgile. 7. Lea jarditis. — L'homme du champa. 
8, 9. L'imagi nation. 10, 11. Lea troia rcgnes. 12. 
Malheur et pitie. 13-15. Paradia perdu de Milton. 
16. (Euvres poathumca. 

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— Same. Strasbourg, 1800. 18°. 

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York, 1844. 8°. 

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tremens. Boston, 1831. 8°. 
Other copies. (B 1020, 1760) 

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{In Bernard, J. F. Kec. de vo^., v. 3. 1716.) 

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{In Paris. Inst. Ac. d. Inter. Mem., v. 24, le pt. 
1861.) — Jugements de I'echiquier de Normandie au 
xilie siecle. {In v. 20, 2e pt. 1862.) — Sur lea re- 
cueila de jugements rendua par I'echiquier de Nor- 
mandie, sous lea rcgnea de Philippe Auguate. de 
Louis VIII., et de St. Louis. {In v. 24, 2e pt. 1864.) 
— Sur un recueil hiatorique presente a Philippe le 
Long par Gillesde Pontoise. {In v. 21. 2e pt. 1865.) 

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London, 1789. 7 v. 8°. • 

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amerikanisehen Handlunga-Unternehmungen. n.p., 

1795. 8». (C 279) 
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nouveau panorama du Rhin depuis Mayence 

jusqu'k Cologne. Francfort s. M., 1837. 8°. 

— Eng. Notes to the new panorama of the Rhine. 

Frankfort on the Maine, 1838. 8°. 

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thereformationof Henry VIII. Lond., 1681.8°. 

— Doctrine of baptisms, reduced from its corruptiona. 

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25; with reply to Love's sermon. London, 1646. 8*. 

— Trial of spirits, both in teachers and hearers. 

Charlestown, 1809. 18°. 

Delia Crusca, pseud. See Merry, R. 

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Valle, Volpe, etc. 

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gemeine Ilial., v. 10. 1752.) 

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Roland de Lattre, Orland de LasstLs; aus 
dem Franzos. iibersetzt und mit Anmerk. 
hrsg. von S. W. Dehn. Berlin, 1837. 8°. 

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Gaule. {In Paris. Inst. Ac. d. Inacr. Div. sav., 
2e s^r., V. 4. 1860.) 

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with introd. and notes by A. J. Stephens. 
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d'Angleterre, oil Ton refute quelques asser- 
tions de D. Londres, 1789. 8°. 
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J. H. Di.xon. London, 1851. 8°. (Percy 
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tlber das Vermogen des apolliniachen Heiligthums 
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— EoEHLEB, U. Zur Geachichte des delisch- 
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Autos. 1S65.) 

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Gemiilde in der Lesche zu Delphi. {In Berlin. Ak. 
d. Wiss. Abb.. 1847.) 

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lat.] de Delphes, decouverte du mur oriental, etc. 

{In Paris. Inst. Ac. d. Inscr. Div. sav., le ser.. v. 8. 

DelpMne ; par Mme. A. L. de Stael-Holstein. (VoL 5-T 

of her CEuvres. 1820.) 
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d'une grande nation. Paris, 1815. 12°. 
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fenbilttcl. rel. 4 rhistoire de la France merid. {In 

Paris. Inst. Ac. d. Inscr. Not., v. 14. 2e pt. 1S41.) 
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tres [promote] ta.ste and morals. {In Pamphleteer, 

1818 ; V. 12 of B 838) 
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{In Amer. Phil. Soc. Trans., n.s., v. 5. 1837.) 
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Ital..v. 8. 17-23.) 

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"2 V. 4°. 

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See also Apparitions ; — Bible (Demoniacs, p. 287) ; ^ 
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— Adnot. crit. — Ai^ai/i'ou jSi'os. — 'OAvvSiaKot. — Kara 
4>iAi7rj70u. — Ilepl tiprivri^. — Ilepi 'A\ovi>ij<Tov. — Iltpi 
Tui' "ef Xeppovq(To>. — IIpo; Trjv eTrtoroAiji' Trjv ♦tAiVjrou. — 

E7rt(7ToATj. — Ilepi avurd^cu}^. — Ilept riov { — 
Ynep T^s 'PoSCtau eAevflepias. — 'Ynip MeyaAoTToAiVwi'. ^ 
llepl Ttav TTpo^ \\.\t^av&pov- — 'Yirep KTTjtTKJtuiVTO^ nepl Tou 
aT€<j>dvov. — Ilepi ri^s napanpecrPeia^. 2. Ilpbs AtTTTiViji'. 

— Kara Mctfii'ou. — Kara 'Ai/SpoTt'wi'O?. — Kara *Api(TTO- 
<cpaT0V9. — Kara Ti;iioKpaTOVs. — Kara ' ApicrToyeCrovot ■ — 
Kara 'A(/)d;3ou. — Upo; 'A(j>ofiov, — Ilpof 'OvriTopa. — Ilpot 
Zr)v66tni.v. — Ilpb? 'AnaTOvpiov. — Ilpbf ^op/ai'toi/a. — Ilpbt 

AoKpLTov 'Ynep <PoppLL<avos. — Ilpbs HavTaCvtrov Ilpbs 

HaVKrCfJ-a^^oV' — Ilpb? Boiiurbv jrept toO opoixaTO^^ — Ilpb? 
BouoTOV 7r«pl jrpoiicbs jOujTpulas. 3. Ilpbs ^rrovSiav. — 
Ilpbs "taiViTrTTOC. — IIpos MoKapxaTOi'. — Ilpbs Ac(o;(apr). — 
Kara 2,Te<j)dvov. — Kara Eue'pyou Kot M>'r)(ri/3ouAou. — Kara 
'0\vTnoSuipov. — Ilpbs Tt/noSeou. — Ilpbs IIoAuxAca. — 
Ilepl ToO iTTe<t>a.vov T^s Tpiripapxia^. — Ilpbs KaAAin-ffou. — 
IIpos NiKOCTTpaTOu. — Kara Kuli'Oi'OS. — IIpos KaAAiKAe'a. 
Kara Aiovv(ToSmpov. — Ilpbs Ev^ovKCSjiv. — Kara ©eoicpi- 
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Contents. Praefatio. — Libanli praefatio. — Orationes. 

— Exordia. — Epistolse. — Fragmenta. — Reiskii 

Note. The Latin version is tliat of "Wolf, cor- 
rected by Castellio and Vijmel. 

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Biblioth. class.) 
Contents. Vol. 1. Preface. — Life of Demosthenes. 

— Chronol. table. — Ai^aviov vTroflecreis. — Olynthiacs. 

— Philippics. — De pace. — On Halonnesus. — On the 
Chersonese. Philippic ill., iv. — Answer to the letter of 
Philip. — On the regulation of the state. — The prophy- 
laea. — The Parthenon. — &pcech on the symmorioj. — 

— The trierarchy. — On the liberty of the llhodians. — 
Mausolus and the Mausoleum. — For the Megalopoli- 
tans. — On the treaty with Alexander. — On the crown. 

— Eng. Orations ; tr. by C. R. Kennedy. Lon- 

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Contents. Vol. 1. Olynthiac and other public ora- 
tions. 2. On the crown and on the embassy. 3. 
Against the Law of Leptines, Midias, Androtion, and 

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1850. 8°. 

— Ausgewsehlte Reden ; erklaert von A. Wester- 

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Contents. Olynthische Ileden. — le Rede gegen Phi- 
lippos. — Rede vom Friedon. — 2e Rede gegen Philippos. 

— Rede ilbcr die Angelegenheiten im Chersonosos. — 3e 
Rede gegen Philippos. 

— Lot. Intorpetatio Olynthiacarum orat. ; Orat.PhilippicaB 

primae; Orationis primoe contra Aristogitonem; 
Orationis de corona; duorum locorum orationis de 
falsa legatioiie : loci ex oratione contra Timocratem. 
(In Melanchthon, P. Opera, v. 17. 1851.) 

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— Translation of select speeches ; with notes by C. 

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Contents. Demosthenes against Aphobus. — Aphobus 
against Phanus. — Demosthenes against Onetor. 

— and .^schines. Opera, [Gr. et Lat.] ; cum 

utriusque vita et Ulpiani com., notis ill. per 
H. Wolfium. Aurel. Allob., 1607. f. 

French. CEuvres complettes ; tr. avec des 

notes, etc., par. Auger. Paris, 1777. 5 v. 8". 
Contents. Vol. 1. Des preliminaires. — Plan general 
de tout I'ouvrage. — Preface. — Precis hist, pour IMntel- 
ligence des harangues d'Eschine et de Demosth6ne. — 
Noms des tribus et bourgs d'Athenes. — Dictionnaire ge- 
ographique. — Reflexions prelim. — Les Philippiques. — 
Sur le gouvernement de la republiqne. — Sur los classes 
des armateurs. — Pour les Megalopolitains. — Pour les 
Rhodiens. — Sur le traite d'Alex. — Exordes. — Re- 
marques sur les harangues. 2. Reflexions prelim, sur 
les plaidoyers publics de Deraosthene et d'Eschine. — 
Sur la fausse ambassade. — Sur la couronne. 3. Ha- 
rangue de Dinarque contre D. — Lettres de D. — Lettres 
d'Eschine. — Harangue d'Eschine contre Timarque. — 
Annot. in textura Demosthenicum. — Table des prelim. 

— Discours prelim. — Jugements sur Dem.. Eschine, et 
Ciceron. — Traite de la jurisdiction et des loix d'Athines. 
4. Harangue contre la loi de Leptine. — Contre Midias. 

— Contre Conon. — Contre Aristocr,-vte. — Contre Timo- 
crate. — Contre Androtien. — Contre Aristogiton. — 
Contre Polycles. — Sur la couronne navale. — Contre 
Timothee. — Pour Phormion. —Contre le temoin Etienne. 

— Contre Callipe. — Contre Neera. 5. Reflexions 
prelim, sur les plaidoyers particuliers de Dem. — Contre 
Aphobus. — Contre Onetor. — Contre Nausimaque et 
Xenopithe. — Contre Olympiodore. — Contre Leochares. 

— Contre Macartatus. — Contre Beotus au sujet du nom. 

— Contre Beotus sur la dot maternelle. — Contre Spu- 
dias. — Contre Apaturius. — Contre Zenothemis. — 
Contre Phormion. — Contre Lacritus. — Contre Dionys- 
odore. — Contre Pantenete. — Contre Phenippe. — Con- 
tre Evergus et Mnesibule. — Contre Callicles. — Contre 
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— Contra Onetorem. — Contra Zenothemin. — Contra 
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See also Caroline Matilda ; — Schleswig-Holstein. 


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See also Scandinavia (for works treating of Denmark, 
Sweden, and Norway) and Europe, North of (for works 
treating of Scandinavia and l{ui<gja together); — alio 
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Note. 'T. VIII. complectens epitomen operibus Bene- 
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yote. Vol. 5-6 are by F. de Roissy. 

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Deplorable state of New England, by reason of a covetous 
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ITote. Ascribed to J. Higginson, also to A. Holmes. 

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See also Sin. 
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Contents. The aflliction of childhood. — Infant liter- 
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lion. — Travelling, etc. 

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Note. From Blackwood's magazine, v. 57-58. 1845. 

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Bo"ston, 1853. 16°. 
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2 V. 16°. 
CoiiUnts. Vol.1. Philosophy of Roman history. — 
The Essenes. — Philosophy of Herodotus. — Plato's 
Republic. — Homer and the HomeridsB. 2. Cicero. — 
Style. — Rhetoric. — Secret societies. 




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— Letters to a young man, and other papers. 

Boston, 1854. 16". 
ConUnit. Letters to a young roan. — Theory of 
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and English manners. — California and the gold mania. 

— Ceylon. — Presence of niiud. 

— Life and manners. Boston, 1851. 16°. 

Contentt. Early days. — London. — Ireland. — The 
Irish rebellion. — Premature manhood. — Tra%'elUng. — 
My brother. — Oxford. — German literature. 

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Contents. Vol. 1. Literary novitiate. — Sir H. Davy, 
Mr. Godwin. Mrs. Grant. — Recollections of Charles 
Lamb. — Walladmor. — Coleridge. — Wordsworth. 
2. Wordsworth and Southey. — Southey, Wordsworth, 
and Coleridge. — Recollections of Grasmere. — The 
Saracen's Head. — Society of the lakes. — Charles 
Loyd. — Walking Stewart, Edward Irving, Words- 
worth. — Talfourd, The London magazine, Junius, 
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journal; [on] duelling. 

Sotf. The articles on Wordsworth and Southey are 
the same as in "Autobiographic sketches'. 

— Logic of political economy. Edin., 1844, 8°. 

— Same. And other papers, Boston, 1859, 16°. 
Content*. Logic of political economy. — Life of Mil- 
ton. — The Suliotes. — The fatal marksman. — The in- 
cognito. — The dice. — The king of Hayti. 

— Memorial.s, and other papers. Boston, 1851. 

2 V, 16°. 
Contents. Vol. 1. Explanatory notices. — The 
orphan heiress. — Oxford. — The Pagan oracles. — 
Revolution of Greece. 2. Klosterheim. — The 
Sphinx's riddle. — The templars' dialogues. 

— Miscellaneous essays. Boston, 1851. 16°. 

Content*. On the knocking at the gate, in Macbeth. — 
Murder considered as one of the fine arts. — Second 
paper on murder. — .Joan of Arc. — The English mail- 
coiich. — The vision of sudden death. — Dinner, real 
and reputed. 

— Narrative and miscellaneous papers. Boston, 

1853. 2 V, 16°. 

Contents. Vol. 1. The household wreck. — The 
Spanish nun. — Flight of a Tartar tribe. 2. System of 
the heavens a« revealed by Lord Rosse's telescopes. — 
Modern superstition. — Coleridge and opium-eating. — 
Temperance movement. — On war. — The last days of 
Immanuel Kant. 

— Note-book of an English opium-eater. Bos- 

ton, 1855, 16°. 
Contents. Three memorable murders. — True rela- 
tions of the Bible to merely human science. — Literary 
history of the eighteenth century. — The Antigone of 
Sophocles. — The Marquess Wellesley. — Milton vs. 
Southey and Landor. — Falsification of English history. 

— A peripatetic philosopher. — On suicide. — Superfi- 
cial knowledge. — English dictionaries. — Dryden's 
hexastich. — Pope's retort upon Addison. 

— Theological essavs and other papers. Boston, 

1854, 2 V. 16°." 

Contents. Vol. 1. Christianity as an organ of politi- 
cal movement. — Protestantism. — On the supposed 
Scriptural expression for eternity. — Judas Iseariot. — 
On Hume's argument against miracles. — Casuistry. — 
Greece nnder the Romans. 2. Secession from the 
Church of Scotland. — Toilette of the Hebrew lady. — 
Milton. — Charlemagne. — Modern Greece. — Lord 
Carlisle on Pope. 

— Walladmor. London, 1825. 2 v, 8°, 

3V#. The German original from which this is "freely 
translated' (or rather entirely rewritten) was by G. W. H. 
Hiiring, but was published as a translation from Sir 
W. Scott. 

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Broadside. (B 1617) 

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dressed by a jurist to a young kinsman pro- 
posing to join the Church of Rome, Bos- 
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— Letter to W, H. Seward, as to the relations of 

the U. S, with the British Provinces and the 
actual condition of the question of the fish- 
eries, Jan. 1867 ; [appended] Preliminary 
report on the treaty of reciprocity with Gr. 
Britain, Wash,, 1867, 8°, 

— Reality c«. fiction ; a review of 'The union, past and 

future, etc' Boston, 1850. 8". (B 1504) 

— Two months abroad ; or, A trip to England, 

France, Baden, etc. Boston, 1844, 8°. 
Derby, George, M.D. Inquiry into the influence 
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1868. 12°. 

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iana; or. Sketches and burlesques. New 
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by JL Rochester [pseud.]. Lond., 1858, 12°, 

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Philosophy of domestic economy ; warming, 
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Friendship', et -Harmony'. Paris, 1810. 4*. (A 7) 

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Derelict property. Usited States. District Court /or 
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le ptie. Paris, 1867. 8°, 
Contents. Vol. 1. Histoire: Cyrus - Adrien. 

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T. M^ero. Norimb,. 1750. (E 94) 

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who was with the Scanyawtauragahrooote 
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— Physico-theology ; a demonstration of the being 

and attributes of God from his works of cre- 
ation; Boyle lecture sermons, 1711-12, 12th 
ed, London, 1754, 8°. 




— Same. (In Boyle lecture senuons, v. 2.) 

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Contents. Sermon before the Queene's Majestic. — 

Sermon at the Tower of London. — 27 lectures upon the 

Epistle to the Ilebrues. — Certaine godly letters. — A 

briefe eatechisme. — Godly private prayers. — Certaine 

godly speeches uttered before death. 

Derivation of English liberty. Haverhill, 1833. 8°. (B 1094) 

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(In tiifs (Euvres, v. 3. 1859.) 
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ed. Paris, 1861. 18". 
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Paris, 1857. 16°. 
Demifere sa-ur grise, La ; par L. Gozlan. Paris, 

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Derniferes lettres d'un bon jeune homme k sa 

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1863. 18°. 
Demiers Bretons, Les; par E. Souvestre. Nouv. 

ed. Paris, 1843. 12°. 

— Same. 2e 6d. Paris, 1854. 2 v. 12°. 
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of travels m the United States and Canada, 

1826. London, 1827. 8". 
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De Rossi. See Rossi. 
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York, etc. ; by [E. Morris]. N. Y., 1865. 12°. 
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{In Somers, J. Col. of tracts. 2d ed., v. 1. 1809.) 
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derry, comprising the towns of Derry and 

Londonderry. Boston, 1851. 12°. 
Derryfleld, iV. H.. afteric. Manchester. See Manchester. 
Derviche, Le, comedie. See St. Foix, G. F. P. de. 
Derville, pseud. See Desnoyers. 
Derville ; par T. L. C. (/n Biblioth. univ. des romans, 

Kouv., V. 56. 1802.) 
Dervishes. Brown, J. P. The dervishes ; or, Ori- 
ental spiritualism. London, 1868. 8°. 
Derwentwater, Earl of. See Radclyffe, J. 
De Sacy, Silvestre. See Silvestre de Sacy. 
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la theorie de la chaleur. Paris, 1868. 8°. 

(France. Rec. de rapports.) 
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Life of D. {In Petit, J. Marengo. 1800.) 

Same. Phila., 1801. 8°. (B 779) 

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notice par A. Delvau. Paris, 1859. 8°. 

— and Gentil de Chavagnac, M.J. Monsieur Sans-Gene, 

vaudeville. Paris, 1816. 12°, (E 36) 

— a7id others. Desaugiers et scs amis ; recueil 

lyrique en honneur de D., contenant I'clite 
de ses chansons epicuriennes. Paris, n.«?. 18°. 

— and others. Je fais mes farces. Nouv. ed. Paris, 

1817. 12°. (E 36) 

— Sainte Beuve, C. a. {In Revue des D. Mondes, 

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Desault, Pierre Joseph. Treatise on fractures, lux- 
ations, etc., of the bones ; ed. by X. Bichat, 
tr. by C. Caldwell. Phila., 1805. 8°. 

— Bichat, X. Surgical works ; or. Statement of 

the doctrine and practice of D. ; tr. bv E. D. 
Smith. Phila.. 1814. 2 v. 8°. 

Contents. Vol. 1. Diseases of the soft parts. 

2. Diseases of the urinary passages. 

Desaussure, Henry Wm. Address to the citizens of 

S. C.,on the approaching election of president and 

vice pres. of the U. S. Charleston, 1800. 8°. (B 640) 

— Oration. Charleston. July 4, 1798. Charleston, 1798. 8°. 

(W 53, 62) 

— Reports of cases in the Courts of Chancery, S. 

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Des Autels, Guillaumc. [Extracts from his 'Moys de 
may'.] {In Gary, II. F. Early French poets. 1846.) 

— NiCERON. J. P. {In his Mem., v. 30. 1734.) 

Des Barres, J. F. W. Atlantic Neptune. Lon- 
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Contents. Vol. 1, 2. Sea coast of Nova Scotia. 3. 
Sea coasts of New England. 4. Charts of the coasts 
and harbours in the Gulph and River of St. Lawrence. 
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-iEsopiaj. Mannhemii, 1768. 2 v. 8°. 

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de Samarandes, ou Le bon flls. {In Biblioth. univ. 
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Desbaards, — . Le cordonnier de Crecy ; drame, 1855. See 

Luchet, A. (E 23) 
Descamps, Jean Bajjtiste. Vie des peintres flam- 
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italiens et francjais, par A. J.D. d'Argenville. 
Marseilles, 1842-43. 5 v. 8°. 
Contents. Vol. 1-3. Flamands, allemands, et hol- 
landais. 4. Italiens et espagnols. 5. Fran^ais. 
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tions et reponses. 3. Epitre dedicatoire k la princesse 
Elizabeth. — I.ettre au traducteur de ce livre. — Table 
des principes de la philosophic. 4. Les passions de 
I'ame. — Le monde, ou Traite de la lumiere. — 
L'liomme. — De la formation du foetus. 6. De la gi- 
ame'trie. Du problemes qu'on pent construire sans y 
employer que des cercles et des lignes droites. — De la 
nature des lignes courbes. — De la construction des 
prob. solides. — Explication des mecaniques et engins. 

— Abrege de la musique. 6-10. Lettres. 11. Lettre 
k Gisbert Voet. — Regies pour la direction de I'esprit. 

— Recherche de la verite. — Premieres pensees sur la 
generation des animaux. — Extrait des manuscrits de D. 

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A'bie. Contains also 'Epistola, in qua examinar.turduo 

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philosophia Cartesiana'. 

— Pensees sur la religion ; [pub. par J. A.Emery]. 

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cueil, V. 1. 1724.) 




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Descent. See Inheritance. 
Descent to Hell. See Jesus. 
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nard, J. F. 
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uraliste, details sur I'expedition du gen. 

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Description exacte des guerres entre Angleterre, 

France, Pavs-Bas, et Munster, 1664 - 67. 

Amst., 1668". 12". 
a^ For many other 'Descriptions' see the name of the 
place or thing described. 
Desden con el desden, El ; comedla. See Hereto, A. 
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tion of the frigate Philadelphia at Tripoli. Wash., 

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Desert island. The. .See Murphy, A. 
Deserted bride, and other poems ; by G. P. Morris. 

New York, 1838. 8". 
Deserted daughter. The. See Holcroft, T. 
Deserted village. See Goldsmith, O. 
Deserter, The. See Dibdin, C. 
Deserter's daughter. The; by W. D. Herrington. 

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Deserteur, Le; drame. See SMaine, M. J. 

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WUsten. {In his Ansichten der Xatur, v. 1. 1849; 
and, Eng.. v. 1. 1849.) 

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Phccbus [par J. J. Bel]. Nouv. ed. Amst., 
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— History of the revolutions of Poland. See Georgeon, 

— . and PouUin, J. J. 
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botanique du Museum d'llist. Naturelle. 

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esp.. V. 6. 1801.) 

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de la Vall6e. Gaspard I'.ivise; comedie. — Lantra, 

ou Le peintre au cabaret; vaudeville. See Barr6. 

P. Y. (E36) 
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Contents. Vol. 2. Mme. Deshoulidres. Poemes. — 
GensSric ; tragedie. — Mile. Deshoulidres. Poemes. — 
La mort de Cochon ; tragedie. 

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Desiderata curiosa. See Peck, F. 

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disegno. {In his Opere. v. 2. 3. 1810.) 

See also Arts, Fine, and the references on p. 148; 
— also Caricature ; — Illumination. 
Design, Geometric. See Geometric design. 




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terieur de la Chambre des Deputes ; suivi du 

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Arts and metiers mechaniques. See Roland de la 

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(Teatra Warszawskie, pt. 3, v. 8.) 
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Deutung dor Schweizer Seen. {In Album von 
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(B 1436) 
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ministration du marquis de Pombal. Amst., 

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— Trial, of Col. D. and his associates for high treason 

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See also Liberty. 
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the slave-holding system ; [by R. Hildreth]. 
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Neapolitan government in reply to the charges 

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Poiitcbartrain. (/» Relation des afl'aires du Can- 
ada en 1696.) 

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gan. Minutes. Detroit, ]84;J. 13°. (C 261) 

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the capture of the British brigs Detroit and Cale- 
donia. Phila.. 1843. 8". (B 1664) 

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papers relating to the action at D. London, 
1743. 8". 

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buch, oder Symbolische Glaubensschriften 
der Evang.-Lutherischen Kirche. 2e Aufl. 
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1867. 8". 

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Content*. Goethe. — Schiller. — WIeland. — Lenan. 

— Platen. — Leasing. — Thammel. — Klopetock. — 


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Kotzebne. {In hi* Theater, v. .3». 1841.) 

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See also Emblems. 
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See also Demonology. 
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Lat. interpr. annot. adj. L. Poley. Bero- 
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court martial, at Brooklvn, N. Y.. Sept. 1852, 
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and in his Tes. del teatro esp.. v. 3. 1838.) 
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hit Rural economy of the west of England. 1797.) 

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London, 1810. 4°. 
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in the herald's visitation of 1620. London, 
n.d. 2 V. 4". 

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taste. (/« her Devotional pieces. 1775.) 

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exam., v. 4. Boston, 1827. 8°. (C 241) 
See also Prayer ; — Worship. 
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Devotional pieces from the Psahns and Job. 

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.Sawic. With add. Boston, 1820. 12". 

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See also Catholic Church {Praifer l>ooks and Devo- 
tions, p. 496} ; — Liturgies ; — Meditations ; — Prayers. 
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Baker, during her unconscious state; pre- 
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islature, 13-31-32. (/ii Pro-slavery argument. 1853.) 
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Africa ; showing our whole duty to the 

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spondence ; ed. by J. O. Halliwell. London, 
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Xote. In V. 2 is his 'Secret history of the reign 
of James r.' 

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2d ed., V. 4. 1810.) 
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the church difficulties in the vicinity of Dartmouth 

College. Hanover, 1815. 8". (B 263) 
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Polished rocks of Rochester. X- T. (In Assoc of 

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Massachusetts. Camb., 1840. 8". 
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College. May 12. Stockbridge.1812. S". (B 1288) 
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' Camb.. 1836. 8" (B 1878) 
Discourse on slavery and the annexation of Texas. 

Xew York. 1844. 8". (B 1476) 
Discourses and discussions in explanation and 

defence of Unitarianism. Boston. 1840. 12". 

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(C 241) 

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lectures, 1858.) 
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- — Observations on the probable causes of rabies or mad- 
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Account of the interment of victims of British prison 
ships. 1808.) 

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branches of industry in Massachusetts, 1855. 
Boston, 1856. 8". 
De Witt, J. See Witt, J. de. 

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[18—]. 12". 
Note. The division into volumes is arbitrary. 
Contents. Vol.1. No. 1. Robertson, T. W. Caste; an 
original cometlv'. 2. Phillips, W. Nobody's child ; 
drama. 3. Byron, H. J. £100.000; comedy. 4. 
Williams, T. J. Dandelion's dodges; farce. 5. By- 
ron, H. J. William Tell ! with a vengeance; burlesque. 
6. Dale, F. Six months ago; comedietta. 7. Phil- 
lips, W. Maud's peril ; drama. 8. Taylor, T. Henry 
Dunbar; drama. 9. Selby, C. A fearful tragedy in 
the Seven Dials; farcical interlude. 10. Buckstbne, 
J. B. The snapping turtles; or, Matrimonial masquer- 
ading; duologue. 11. Morton, J. M. Woodcock's 
little game; comedy-farce. 12. Coyne, J. S. A 
widow hunt; comedy. 13. Hugo, V. RuyBlas; ro- 
mantic drama. 14. Dickens, C, and Collins, W. No 
thoroughfare; drama. 15. Craven, H. T. Milky 
white; drama. 2. 16. Byron, H. J. Bearer than 
life ; serio-comic drama. 17. Brough, W. Kind to 
a fault; original comedy. 18. Morton, J. M. If I 
had a thousand a year! farce. 19, Dale, F. He's a 
lunatic; farce. 20. Halliday, A. Daddy Gray ; serio- 
comic drama. 21. Robertson, T. W. Play; comedy. 

22. Robertson, T. W. David Garrick; comedy. 

23. Lemon, M. The petticoat parliament; extrava- 
ganza. 24. Williams, T. J. Cabman no. 93; farce. 
25. Coyne, J. S. 'I"he broken-hearted club : comedi- 
etta. 26. Robertson, T. W. Society: comedv. 27. 
Leslie, H. Time and tide: drama. 28. Smiti, S. T. 
A happy pair; comedietta. 29. Poole, J. 'J'urn- 
ingthe tables; farce. 30. Mayhew, A., a?/d Edwards, 
8. The goose with the golden eggs ; farce. 3. 31. 
Taming a tigrr. farce; from the French. 32. Coj'ne, 
J. 8. The little rebel ; farce. 33. Williams, T. J. One 

too many for him ; farce. 34. Williams, T. J. Larkin's 
love letters; farce. 35. Lacy, T. 11. A silent woman; 
farce. 36. Simpson, J. P., «jk? Yates, K. Black sheep; 
drama. 37. Williams, T. J. A silent protector; farce. 
38. Lytton, y,o»t/. The rightful heir; drama. 39. Mor- 
ton, J. M. Master Jones' birthday ; farce. 40. Morton, 
J.M.Atchi ! comedietta. 41. Hay, F. Beautiful forever; 
farce. 42. Simpson, J. 1*.. and Dale, F. Time and 
the hour ; drama. 43. Wooler, J. P. Sisterly service; 
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abit jealous. 113. Byron, H.J. Cyril's success; com- 
edy. 114. Brooks, 8. Anything for a change; comedy. 
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at all. 117. Byron, H J. Not such a fool as he looks; 
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man in green; farce. 125. Burnand, F. C. Deerfoot; 
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for a holiday; farce. 130. Dennery and Clairville. 
My wife's diary ; farce. 131. Lemon, H. Go to I'ut- 
ney; farce. 132. Rodwell, J. F. G. A race for a dinner; 
farce. 133. Byron,Il.J. 'J'imothy to the rescue; farce. 
134. Lockroy «nt/ Michel, M. Tomkins tlie troubadour; 




farce. 135. Coyne, J. S. Everybody's friend ; comedy. 
10. 136. Coyne, J. S. The woman in red; drama. 137. 
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The bells; or. The Polish Jew; drama, tr. by U. L. 
Wiliams. 142. HoUenins, L. J. Dollars and cents; 
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and others. 
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his return from the grand Continental Congress. 
n.p.. 1774. 8°. (B 378) 
Avte. Attributed to T. Jefferson. 

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bi.shops. London, 1744. 8°. 

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ting religion according to fashion. London, 1681. f°. 
(A 54) 

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(B 575) 

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Hodge and Ralpli holding a discourse in answer to 
•Dialogue', etc. London, 1680. 4°. (B 12) 
— SOBEii discourse of the honest cavalier with the Popish 
couranter; wherein the author of the Dialogue vin- 
dicates himself. London, 1680. 4°. (B 12) 

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answer to Tindal's] 'Rights of the Christian 
Church', with Seven tracts rel. to same sub- 
ject, by [W. Oldisworth]. London, 1709-11 
3 V. 8", 

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r. (A 54) "■ ■■■ 

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AVm. Wynken. — Rare doings at Roxburghe 
Hall, a ballad. — Diary of Roger Payne. 
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dura; — El honrador de su padre; — Cuanto mien- 
ten ios indicios, y el ganapan de desdichas. (In 
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D. N. London, 1867. 2 v. 8". 

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essays, v. 4. 1860.) 
See aluo Marie Antoinette. 
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Dianae Ephesia? statua. Romae, 1688. f", 

Same. (In Gronovius, J. Tlies. Gr. antiq. v. 7. 1699.) 

Diana, La. See Montemayor, J. de. 

Diana enamorada. See Polo, G. G. 

Diana great at Ephesus ; or. The Protestant turned Papist; 

sermon, Nov. 5. 1755; by Taoalttbab, [Rev. Mr. 

Graham]. London, 1756. 8°. (B 580) 
Diana's shrines turned into nionej' by priestly magic. New 

York. 1773. 8". (B 662) 
Diane de Poitiers. See Poitiers. 

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Paris, [1800]. 8°. (C 302) 
Diario de la coruna. Num. 121, 122, 124. Mayo 1-4, 1810. 

n.p.. [1810]. 8°. (B1848) 
Diario della ribellione d'Urbino nel 1572. (In Archivio 

stor. ital., v. 3, pt. 1. 1856.) 
Diario romano per I'anno 1839. Roma, [1838]. 12°. 
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nature and treatment through the nervous 

system. 2d ed. • London, 1866. 8". 

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Mass. Homoeop. Med. Sec. Pub., 1864.) 

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etc. London, 1866. 8". 
Diary, A. See Bremer, F. 
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June 15, 1790. London, 1789-90. 2 v. f". 
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Diary of a late physician ; by S. Warren. New 

York, 1832. 3' v. 18". 
Diary of an Austrian secretary of legation. See Kerb, J. G. 
Diary of an ennuyee ; [by Mrs. Jameson]. Phila., 

1826. 12". 
Diary of an invalid ; by H. Matthews. London, 

■ 1835, 12" 
Diary of Lady Willoughby. See Rathbone, H. M. 
Diary of Mrs. Kittv Trevylvan ; by [Mrs. E. R. 

Charles]. New York, *1 864. 12". 
Diary of the besieged resident in Paris ; [by II. 

Labouchere] , London, 1871. 8". 

— Same. New York, 1871. 8°. 

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1778.) — (SfeoZsoGen.coll.ofvoy. bythePortug. 1789. 

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elocugao e estylo de Sa de Miranda, Ferreira. Ber- 
nardes. Caminha. e Camoes. (In Lisbon. Ac. d. 
Soi. Mem. lit., v. 4. 1793.) 

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I'aulo que foy para a India, 1,560; descriyao da ilha 
de Samatra. donde nos perdemos. (In Gomes de 
Brito, B. Hist. trag. mar., v. 1. 1735.) 




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{In Asiatic researches, v. 19, pt. 1. 1836.) 

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ters. Boston, 1870. 8". 

— William Henry and his friends. Best., 1872. 8*. 
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(/» hi* Opera, v. 30. 1854.) 
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eiitre los generates Conde de Cartagena y M. de la 

Torre, con el de los disident«s S. Bolivar. Madrid, 

1821. M>. CB 396) 
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isla de Yucatan. {In Icazbalceta, J. G. Col. de 

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History of the discovery and conquest of Mexico. 

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Diaz Pimienta, Francesco. See Pimienta, F. D. 
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of the new general registry bill. London, 1849. 8* 

(B 1532) 

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— Yorkshire registries of deeds. {In Nat. Assoc. Prom. 

Soc. ScL Trans.. 1859.) 
Dibdin, Charles. Harmonic preceptor, a didactic 
poem. London, 1804. 8". 

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— Professional life; by himself; with the words 

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— My spouse and I; an operatic farce. {In v. 4.) 
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[18.5-]. 12°. (C255) 

— Reasons for wishing to join the Evangelical Alliance. 

2d ed. London, 1846. 12°. (C 229) 
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London, 1804. 8*". (C 280) 

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Mod. stand, dr., v. 22.) — Lady of the lake, {In 
V. 34.) — Ivanhoe. {In v. 40.) 

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— What next? a farce. {In London stage, v. 4. n.d.) 
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quarian, and pictmesque tour in France and 
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— Bibliomania; or, book-madness. Lond., 1809. 8". 

— Another copy. (B 788) 

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— Bibliophobia ; remarks on the depressed state 

of literature and the book trade ; by Mercu- 
rius Rusticus. London, 1832. 8°. 

— Descriptive catalogue of books, printed in the 

loth century, lately belonging to the Duke 
di Cassano Serra, now the property of Earl 
Spencer. London, 1823. 8°. 

Sote. With index to this, to the 'Bibliotheca 
Spenceriana' and to the '^des AlthorpLinsB'. 

— The director ; a weekly literarv journal. Lon- 

don, 1807. 2 V, 8°. 

— Introduction to Holbein's Bible cnts. {In Douce, F. 

Holbein's dance of death. 1858.) 

— Introduction to the knowledge of rare editions 

of the Greek and Latin classics. 2d ed. 
London, 1804. 8°. 

— Same. 3d ed. London, 1808. 2 v. 8". 

— Same. 4th ed. London, 1827. 2 v. 8". 

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and old man's comfort in the choice of a li- 
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— Voyage bibliographique, archeologique, el pit- 

toresque en France ; tr. avec des notes, par 
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Dicaarchns. Periegesis. {In Mueller. Geog. Gr, min 
v. 1. 1855.) 

— Geographica qusedam, give de vita Graecise. — De- 

scriptio Grscise versibus iambicis, H. Stephano 
interp., cum ipsius et L Casauboni annot. {In, 
OronoviuB. Thes. Gr. antiq., v. 11. 1701.) 

— Fragm. {In Mueller. Fr. hist, Gr., v. 2. 1848.) 
Dicseogenes. Fragm. (/n Nauck, A. Trag. Gr. fr. 185« • 

ami in Wagner, F. W. Fr. Eoripidis. 1846.) ' 

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Chetham Soc. v. 61.) 
Dice play. See Manifest detection, etc. (Percy Soc. v. 29.) 
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on reform. 1867.) x»««»,i. 

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1861. 8°. ^ 

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1863. 2 T. 8". 
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Dicha por el desprecio. La,; por J. Matos Fragosa. (/» 

Ochoa, E. de. Tes. del teatro esp., v. 4. 1838.) 
Dicha y desdicha del hombre; comedia. See Calderon de 

la Barca, P, 

Dichlamydacea. Don, G. General history of the 
dichlamydeous plants. London, 1831-37 
4 V. 4°. 
Dichter und Kanftnann ; von B. Auerbach. ( Vol. 12, 13 of 

his Gesara. Schriften. 1858.) ' 

Dichter und Page; Lustspiel von Topfer. Lon- 
don, [I860]. 8° 
Dichterleben. (/« Tieck, L. G^sam.Novellen, v. 2. 18.53.) 
Dick, Alexander. Di->c.a:s, A. Account of A. Dick. {In 

Roy. Soc. of Edin. Trans., v, 2. 1790.) 
Dick, James. See Menzies, A. Report to the trustees of 

the bequest of D. 1863. 
Dick, Samuel. McBriue, J. {In his Pioneer biog., v. 1.) 
Dick, Thomas. Complete works. St. Louis, 1854 
2 V. 81 
Contents. Vol. 1. Essay on the improvement of 
society. — Philosophy of a future state. — Philosophy 
of religion. — Christian philosopher, — Mental illumi- 
nation and moral improvement of mankind. 2. Sin 
and evils of covetousness, — Celestial scenery. — Side- 
rial heavens. — Practical astronomer. — Solar svstem ; 
with moral and religious reflections. — Atmosphere and 
atmospherical phenomena. 
Xote. Each work has a separate title page. 

— Celestial scenery. New York, n.</. 18". (Har- 

per's fam. lib., v. 83.) 

— Christian philosopher. Xew York, 1827. 12". 

— Improvement of society by the diffusion of tise- 

ful knowledge. Edin.,' 1833. 12°. 

— Same. X. York, n.d. 18°. (Harper's fam. lib., 

V. 59.) 

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1829. 1-2°. 

— Philosophy of religion. Brookfield, 1830. 12°. 

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fam. lib., v. 99.) 
Dickens, Charles John HufFam. "Works. Globe 
edition. lUustrated bv Darley and Gilbert. 
Xew York, 1869. 2 v. "l6° 
Contents. Vol, 1, The uncommercial traveller, 2. 
Master Humphrey's clock. — Additional Christmas sto- 
ries : Seven poor travellers. The Holly-tree inn. Some- 
body's luggage, Mrs. Lirriper's lodgings, Mrs. Lirriper'a 




legacy. Dr. Marigold's prescriptions Mugby junction, 
Barbox Brothers and Co., The boy at Mugby, The sig- 
nal man. — General index of characters and their ap- 
pearances. — Familiar sayings from Diolsens' works. 

— All the year round. See AH. 

— American notes. London, 1842, 2 v. 8°. 

— Same. New York, 1842. 8° 

— Another copy. (B 1603) 

— Same. Leipzig, I'auchnitz, 1842. 12° 

Change for the American notes, by an American 

lady. New Jersey. 1843. 8°. (B 1603, 1665) 

— Barbox Brothers and Co. (/n his Works, v. 2. 1869.) 
_ Bamaby lludge. Phila., 1842. 8". 

See. forward. 'Master Humphrey's clock'. 

— Battle of life. — Haunted man. Leipzig, Tauch- 

nitz, 1856. 16°. 
See. beloio, 'Christmas stories'. 

— Bleak house. Leipzig, Tatichnitz, 1852-53. 

4 V. 16°. 
_ Same. With illust. London. 1853. 8°. 

2»l)te. Rcpub. in Harper's mag., v. 5-7. 1852-53. 

— Same. Phila., 1854. 8". 

— Boots at the Holly-tree inn. See 'Holly-tree inn'. — 

'Poor traveller'. 

— Child's history of England. Boston, 1854. 

2 V. 16°. 

— Same. {In Household words, v. 2-8. 1850-54.) 

— Christmas carol. — Chimes [1845]. — Cricket 

on the hearth. Leipzig, 7'aMc/tJu7z, 1846. 16°. 
Jfote. These have separate title pages. 

— Christmas stories. Phila., 1851. 8". 

Kamely. Christmas carol. — Chimes. — Cricket 
on the hearth. — Battle of life. — Haunted man. 

— Christmas stories, Additional. {In his Works, v. 2. 


— Cricket on the hearth; after C. D. (/ra Sargent. Mod. 

St. dr., V. 43.) 

— David Copperlield, Personal history of. New 

York, n.d. 8". 

— Same. I-eipzig, Tauchnitz, 1849. 3 v. 16°. 

— Dialogues from D. ; arranged by W. E. Fette. 

Boston and New Y'ork, 1871. 16°. 

— Satne. 2d ser. Boston and N. Y., 1871. 16°. 
Dr. Marigold's prescription. {In his Works, v. 2. 

1869; — and in All the year round, v. 14. 1865.) 
Dombey & Son, Dealings with the firm of. 

Leipzig, Tauchnitz, 1847. 3 v. 16". 
George Silverman's explanation. {In All the year 

round, v. 19. 1868 ; — and in Atlantic monthly, v. 21.) 

— Ghost's bargain. See, below, 'Haunted man'. 

— Great expectations. Phila., 1861. 12°. 

JVoie. From All the year round, v. 4. 1861. 

— Hard times. Leipzig, Tauchnitz, 1854. 16°. 

— Same. New York. 1854. 12°. 

— Another copy. (B1666) 

Note. From Household words, v. 9. 1854. 

— Haunted man, and The ghost's bargain. New 

Y'ork,n.fZ. 8°. 

See. above, 'Battle of Life'. — 'Christmas stories'. 

— Holiday romance. {In All the year round, v. 19. 1868.) 

— The Holly-tree inn. {In his Works, v. 2. 1869; — and 

in Household words, v. 12. 1855.) 

— A house to let. {In Household words, v. 18. 1858.) 

— Household words. See Household. 

— Inmeraoriam. (/« ^i« Uncoil, papers, jjjComhill mag., 

V. 9. 1864; and in Hotten, J. C. Thackeray. 1864.) 

— Lamplighter's story, etc. Phila., [1861]. 8°. 

Contents. The lamplighter's story. — Hunted down. — 
The detective police. — Three 'detective' stories. — On 
duty with Inspector Field. — Down with the tide. — A 
walk in a workhouse. — The long voyage. — The beg. 
ging letter-writer. — A child's dream of a star. — Our 
English watering-place. — Our French watering-place. 
— Bill-sticking. — 'Births. Mrs. Meek of a son'. — 
Lying awake. — The poor relation's story. — The 
child's story. — The ghost of art. — Out of town. — 
Out of the season. — A poor man's tale of a patent. — 
The noble savage. — A flight. — Prince Bull. — A plated 
article. — Our honorable friend. — Our school. — Our 
vestry. — Our bore. — A monument of French folly. — 
A Christmas tree. — The haunted house. 

■ Little Dorrit. Leipzig, Tauchnitz, 1846-57. 

4 V. 16". 

- Satne. Phila., n.d. 2 v. 12°. 

Same. {In Harper's mag., v. 12-15. 1855-57.) 

■ ^lartin Chuzzlewit, Life and adventures of. 

Leipzig, Tauchnitz, 1844. 2 v. 16°. 
Same. London, 1858. 2 v. 8". 

- Same, t.p.w. [Phila., 1849.] 8°. 

- Master Humphrey's clock ; [incl. The old curi- 

osity shop and Barnaby Budge], London, 
1840-41. 3 V. 8°. 
• Same. Leipzig, Tauchnitz, 1846. 3 v. 16°. 

- Memoirs of J. Grimaldi. Lond., 1838. 2 v. 12°. 

- Same. With notes and additions ; by C. White- 

head. London, 1854. 12". 

- Message from the sea. — Uncommercial trav- 

eler. Phila., n.d. 12". 

- Mrs. Gamp. See, below, 'Poor traveller' ; also 'Martin 


- Mrs. Lirriper's legacy. {In his Works, v. 2. 1869; — 

aiid in All the year round, v. 12. 1864.) 

- Mrs. Lirriper's lodgings ; a Christmas story. 

New York, 1863. 8°. 

- Same. {In his Works, v. 2. 1869; — and in All the 

year round, v. 10. 1863.) 

- Mugby Junction. {In his Works, v. 2. 1869 ; — in All 

the year round, v. 16. 1866; — and in Every Satur- 
day, v. 2. 1866.) 

- Mystery of Edwdn Drood. N. Y'., 1871. 8°. 

- Nicholas Nicklebv, Life and adventures of. 

London, 1839. 8". 

- Same. Leipzig, Tauchnitz, 1843. 2 v. 16°. 

- Same, t.p.w. [Phila., 1851.] 8". 

- Old curiosity shop. See, above, 'Master Humphrey's 


- Oliver Twist; or, The parish boy's progress. 

Leipzig, Tatichnitz, 1843. 16°. 

- Same. Phila., 1850. 8°. 

Note. From Bentley's misc., v. 1-5. 1837-39. 

- Our mutual friend. New York, 1864-65. 4 v. 

(v. 4 w.). 12". 

- Same. Pt. 2. New Y'ork, 1865. 8°. 

- Same. {In Harper's mag., v. 29-32. 1864-66.) 

- Pickwick Club, Posthumous papers of the. 

Leipzig, Tauchnitz, 1842. 2 v. 16°. 

- Same, t.p.w. [Phila., 1850.] 8°. 

- Pictures from Italy. Leipz., raj^c/nij^z, 1846. 16°. 

- The poor traveller ; Boots at the Holly- tree 

inn; and Mrs. Gamp. London, 1869. 8°. 

- Seven poor travellers. {In his Works, v. 2. 1869; — 

in Household words, v. 10. 1854; and in Littell's 
liv. age, V. 44. 1855.) 

- Sketches by Boz. Phila., 1839. 8°. 

Contents. Seven sketches from our parish. — 
Scenes. — Characters. — Tales. 

- Same. London, 1839. 8°. 

- Same. Leipzig, Tatichnitz, 1843. 16°. 

- Sketches of young couples, young ladies, young 

gentlemen. London, [186-?]. 8°. 

- Somebody's luggage. {In his Works, v. 2. 1869.) 

- Speeches, letters, and sayings ; added a sketch 

of the author, by G. A. Sala, and A. P. Stan- 
ley's sermon. New York, 1870. 8°. 

- Tale of two cities. Leipzig, Tatichnitz, 1859. 

2 V. 16°. 
Note. From All the year round, v. 1-2. 1859. 

- Travelling letters; written on the road. New York, 

1846. 8°. (0 276) 

- Uncollected papers, (/n Mackenzie, R. 8. Life of D. 

Contents. Thomas Griffiths W.iinewright. — Janus 
Weathercock, the poisoner. — Aboard ship. — A small 
star in the east. — A little dinner in an hour. — Mr. 
Barlow. — On an amateur beat. — A flj'-leaf in a life. — 
A plea for total .abstinence. — Full report of the lirst 
[and] second meeting of the Mudfog Association for the 
Advancement of Everything. — Thsickeray ; in memo- 
riam. — Last will and testament of D. 




— Uncommercial traveller, (/n his Works, v. 1. 1809 ; 

and in All the year round, v. 9-10. 1863.) 
See. bf/ore •Me!?sage from the sea'. 

— and Collins, W. W. Xo thoroughfare, (/n All the 

year round, v. 19. 1867 ; — and iu Every Saturday, 
V. 4. 1867.) 

Xo thoroughfare ; a drama. (Xo. 14 of De Witt's 

acting plays.) 

— and others. Tom Tiddler's ground ; a Chiist- 

mas budget. New York, 1861. 8". 

— pneud. The haunted man. (/« Harte, B Con- 

densed novels. 1871.) 

— A>DER.<o>-, H. C. Visit at D.'s house. (In hU Pic- 

tures of travel. 1871.) 

— Blaze de Bi ky, M. P. R. S. (/« Revue d. D. Mondea, 

mars 1848.) 

— CATAroGiE of [his] pictures, etc., [sold July 

9, 1870,] with the prices. London, 1870. 4". 

— Field, Miss K. Pen photographs of D.'s read- 

ings. Enl. ed. Boston, 1871. 12°. 

— Fitzgerald, P. Two English essayists. (In After- 

noon lect.. 2d ser. 1864.) 

— FoRSTER, J, Life of D. PhUa., 1872 [71]-74. 

3 V. 8°. 

— HORXE. R. n. {In JiU New spirit, v. L 1844.) 

— HoTTEX, J. C. C. Dickens ; the story of his 

life. 2d ed. London, 1870. 8". 

— ISDEX of characters. {In his Works, v. 2. 1869.) 

— Kettei,i>, S. Quozziana: or. Letters from Great 

Goslington. Mass., giving account of the Quoz din- 
ner, and other matters. Boston, 1842. 12*. (C 2T7) 

— M.\CKEXziE, R. S. Life ; with uncollected pa- 

pers. Phila., 1870. 12". 

— Perkins, F. B. Charles Dickens ; sketch of 

his life and works ; [with a criticism by 
Taine]. New York, 1870. 12° 

— Sala. G. a. C. Dickens. Lond., [1870]. 16". 

— Taine. H. A. {In Revue d. D. Mondes. fev. 1856; 

and in his Essais de critique, 1858.) 

— Ward. A. W, C, Dickens. {In Science lectures, 

2d ser. 1870.) 

— Whipple, E. P. C. Dickens. {In his Lectures. 1850.) 

— Genius of D. {In his Success. 1871.) 

Dickenson, Jonathan, a Friend, d. 1722. God's 
protecting providence, in the deliverance of 
K. Barrow from the sea, and the canibals of 
Florida, oth ed. London, [17o9]. 8" 
Kote. In some editions the name is Dickinson. 

Dickerman, Nathaniel W. Memoir of D. Bos- 
ton, 1831. 12". 

Dickerson, Edward N, Navy of the L'nited States ; 
exposure of its condition and causes of its 
failure ; speech in Mattingby vs. and 
Alex. Steamboat Co, N. Y'.', 1864. 8", 

Dickerson, Mahlon, and Reynolds, J. N. Corre- 
spondence touching the South Sea surveying 
and exploring exped. N. Y'., 1837-38. 8". 

— Speech on the distribution of revenue, Feb. 1. Wash., 

1827. 8". (B 1814) 

— LoxGACRE, J. B.. and Herring, J. {In their Xat. 

portr. gal., v. 3. 1836.) 
Dickeson, Montroville Wilson. American ntunis- 

matical manual. Phila., 1859. 8°. 
Dickey, Ebenezer, D.D. Letters on Christian commnnion. 

Phila.. 1824. 8". (B 1390) 
Dickey, Samuel. Draining. — Description of a kitchen 

stove. {In Phil. Agric. Soc. Mem., v. 1. 1808.) 
Dickins, Asbury. Eulogiura on Washington. Feb. 22, 1800, 

before the Hermnthenian Soc. of Phila. [Phila., 

1800.] 8». (E 48, W 52) 

— Oriition in Wa.«hington. July 4, 1825. Wash.. 1825. 8*. 

(B 1097, 1129) 
Dickinson, A. B. Account of an eruption of a volcano in 

Nicaragua. {In Smithsonian Inst. Report. 1S67.) 
Dickinson, liee. Austin. Appeal to American youth on 

temperance, n.d. S°. (C203) 

— Sermon, [and David Rouge, in Cherokee]. n.i.p. 

[1845-46J. 24» (E 54) 

— Sermon : Gain from the sufferings of Christ. {In Ka- 

tional preacher, v. l,''1826-27.) — Sermon : Scriptural 
measure of benevolent effort. {In v. 2. 182S-29.) 

Dickinson. Baxter. Sermon : Day of Pentecost. {In Ka- 

tional preacher, v. 1. 1826-27.) — Sermon : Chris- 

tiao decision. {In v. 2. 1828-29.) 
Dickinson, Daniel Stevens. Speech at the Litchfield Co. 

centennial. {In Litchfield Co., Conn. Centennial 

celebration. 1851.) 

— Savage, J. (/n A/« Our living represent, men. I860.) 
Dickinson, James T. Sermon, [before] the Anti-Slavery 

Soc. July 4. Xorwich, 1834. 8*. (B 1288, 1573) 
Dickinson, John. Essay on the constitutional 
power of Great Britain over colonies in America. 
Phila.. 1774. 8*. (B 359, 377, C 157) 

— Same. Anewessay. Lond.. reyyriii/., 1774. 8*. (B348) 
Remarks on the New essay of the Pennsylva- 

nian farmer. London, 1775. 8" 

— Late regulations respecting the British colonies 

considered. PhUa., 1765. 8". 

— Same. London, reprinted, 1765. 8*. (B 370, 592) 

— Same. London, reprinted, 1766. 8*. (B 373) 

— Letters from a farmer; [also The monitor]. n./B. 8* 

(B651) J f • 

— Same. [Another edition.] Boston, 1768. 8<*. 

— Another copy. (D 632) 

— Same. London, 1768. 8°. (B 374) 

— Political -writings. Wilmington, 1801. 2 v. 8". 

Contents. Vol. 1. Speech, House of Assembly of 
Penn., May 24, 1764, on a change of the government of 
the province, — The late regulations resp, the British 
Colonies in America considered, — An address to the 
comm, of correspondence in Barbadoes, occasioned by 
a letter from them to their agent in London, — The 
farmer's letters to the inhabitants of the British Colonies. 
1767, — An essay on the constitutional power of Gr! 
Brit, over the colonies in Amer. ; with the resolves of 
the comm. for Penn. 2. Address of Congress to the 
inhabitants of Quebec, Oct. 26, 1774. — Petition of Con- 
gress. — Second petition of Congress, — Letters of 
Fabius in 1788, on the Federal constitution; and in 1797, 
on the present situation of public affairs, — Appendix, 

— Speech in the H, of Assembly of Penn,, May 24, 1764. 

London, reprinted 1764. 8°, (B 682) 

— Speech in the Penn. Assembly, 1764. — Declaration on 

taking up arms, 1775. {In Moore, F. Amer. eloa.. 
V, 1, 1864,) ^ ' 

— B,, T. A, Dickinson, {In Longacre, J, B., and Her- 

ring. .J. Xat, portr, gal,, v, 3. 1836.) 
Dickinson, Jonathan, d. 1722, See Dickenson, 
Dickinson, Her. Jonathan. Brief illustration of 

the divine right of infant baptism. Xew York 

1746. 8° (C 59) 

— Defence of presbyterian ordination, in answer to [J. 

Checklev's] -Modest proof, Boston, [1724], 8* 
(B 44, 862, C 41) l j . 

— Defence of the -Display of God's special grace'; 

against the exceptions made to it by A, Croswell. 
Boston, 1743, 8°, (B 44) 

— Display of God's special grace ; a familiar dia- 

logue. Boston, 1742. 18". 

— Same. Boston, 1742. Vi: (D 6) 

— Letters upon religion. Boston, 1745. 8". 

— Nature and necessity of regeneration; sermon, Jan. 

19. 1742/3; with remarks on a disc, of Waterland. 
New York. 1743. 8*. (C 48) 

— Reasonableness of Christianity ; four sermons, with a 

preface by Foseroft, Boston, 1732. 8*. (D 7) 

— Reason.ibleness of nonconformity to the Ch. of Eng- 

land; 2d defence of sermon, S'ewark, .June 2, 1736, 
against J, Beach. Boston, 1738, 8", (C 59) 

— Scripture-bishop ; or. The divine right of presbyterian 

ordination and government, n.t.p. [Bostonl 1732.1 
8*. (B 130, 289, C 41) 

— Scripture-bishop vindicated against [Foxcroft's] 

'Scripture-bishop examin'd'. Bost., 1733. 8". 

— Another co/iy. (C 54) 

— Sermon, opening of the synod at Phila., Sept. 19, 1722, 

Boston, 1723, 8«. (B 311) 

— Witness of the spirit : sennon, Newark, May 7. Bos- 

ton, 1740. 8', (B 77, 219) 

— Same. 2d ed. Boston. l743. 12*. (C 46) 

— Beach, J, Reply to D,'8 remarks [on] 'Eternal life 

God's free gift'. Providence, 1807, R°. (B 304) 

Second vindication of God's sovereign free grace 

indeed, in an examination of the last discourse of D. 
Boston. 1748, 8'. (C 12) 

— Cl.\bk, p. Vindication of D,'8 'Brief illustration of 

infant baptism'. {In his Defence, rtc. 1752.) 

— Cro-swell, a. Reply to D,'s 'Display of God's 

special grace'. Boston, 1743. 8». (B 37, 44) 




— FoxcROFT, T. Eusebius inermatus; remarks 

on [D,'s] 'Eleutherius enervatus' ; by Phile- 
luth. Bangor. Boston, 1733. 8°. 

— - Another copy. (C 54) 

— Gill, J. Divine right of infant baptism disproved; 

answer to [D.'s] •Brief illustration'. London, 1749. 
8". (B259) 

— Wetmore, J. Letter occasioned by D.'s rcraarlcs on 

Waterland's •Kegeneration'. N. Y., 1744. 8°. (C 4) 
Dickinson, Moses. Answer, in a familiar letter, to two 
important questions. N. Haven. 1770. 8°. (B 522) 

— Answer to Letter from an aged layman to the clergy 

of Connecticut. N. Haven. [1767J. 8°. (B 514) 

— Discourse shewing that the consideration of God's 

sovereignty, in working grace in the souls of men, 
etc. Boston. 1742. 8". (C 53) 

— Reply to Wetmore.] (/« Hobart, N. Second ad- 

dress. 1751.) 

— Other copies. (B 292, C 162) 

Dickinson, Nodes. Yellow fever. London, 
1819. 8". 

Dickinson, Pliny, Jr. Sermon. Jan. 6, ord. of J. Chamber- 
lain in Guilford. Brattleborough, 1808. 8°. (B 311) 

Dickinson, R. S. Storrs. Recollections of Erskine Mason, 
D.D. Phila.. 1854. 8°. (B 1458) 

Dickinson, Rodolphus. Christian and miscella- 
neous portfolio. Phila., 1823. 12°. 

— Columbian reader. 2d ed. Boston, 1818. 12°. 

— Compilation of the laAvs of Mass. Boston, 

1811. 8°. 

— Digest of powers and duties of sheriffs, coro- 

ners, constables, and collectors of taxes. 
Springfield, 1810. 8". 

— Digest of the law on justices of peace. Deer- 

field, 1818. 8°. 

— Elements of geography ; with introd. by E. 

Hoyt. Boston, 1813'. 8°. 

Geographical and historical view of Deerlield. Deer- 
field, 1815. 8". (B 453, 995) 

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60. Appendices. 
Dictionary, ;Ke" For dictionaries of any language see the 
name of the language ; of any other subject see the 
name of the subject, as Bible; — Biography; — 
Chemistry ; — Quotations, etc ; — ulxo Classical 
dictionaries; — Encyclopaedias. — For the bibli- 
ography of dictionaries see Language, 
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Liste hist, de toutes les troupes au service de France; — 
des officiers generaux ; — des gouvernemens mil. ; — 
d'ordonnances rail,, 1741-58, etc. 
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Kote. According to Brunet little more than a reprint 
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Contents. Vol, 1. A-F, 2. G-R, 3, S-Z. — 

Diet, Latino-Galllcum, — Differentiae vocum Latinarum. 

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QnttenU. Vol. 1. Prospc-.tos de I'eDcjclopedie. oa 
dietionnaire raidonn^ dea Aciencea. — De I'edncation pub- 
lique. — E«sai 8ur le merite el la vertu. — Traite du 
b^ii. — De la philo.sophie des Chinois. — Eloge de 
Kichardson. auteur de Pamela. — Articleis de phiioso. 
phie. exiruitsdu Dictionnaireeiicyclupedique. 2. Pen- 
see«8iir I'iiiterpretation de la nature. — Pensees philo«o- 
phique^. — Lettres ear les avcuglea. — Lettre 8ur lea 
coords et muet«. — Principes de philosophic morale. — 
Code de la nature. 3. Uistoire de Grece. tr. de I'an- 
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— L«ttre sur le materialisrae. — Regrets sur ma vieilie 
robe de cbambre. — .Tu^titicatioii de plusieurs article* 
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sa fiUe. — Xote de I'editeur. — Memoires de Diderot. — 
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3. Leures, 176S-T4. — Voyage a Bourbonne. — Voy- 
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Avertissement. — Lettre au gen. Betzky. 4. Paradoxe 
Bar le comedien. — Entretien entre D'Alembert et Dide- 
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■_ — Correspondance litteraire. See Grimm, F. M. 

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S^e Calderwood, D. 
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app.. com. Olympiodori et anonymi vitas Platonic; 
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Mailer, C. and T. Fragmenta historicornm Gnecoram. 
4 V. 1841-51. — Konniis. Les dioiiysiaqucs on Bacchaa, 
poeme ; Gr. et Fr. ; tr. et com. par le comte de Marcel- 
lus. — Paosanias. Descriptio Grscic: recog. L Din- 
dorfius. 1*45. — Philostratas(in(/Callistratas. Opera; 
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— Catalogue raisonne des lirres de la bibliotheqne. 

de D. le livr. Paris, 1867. 8". 
Content*. Vol. L Livres avec fignres but boiB. — 
Solennites. — Romans de cbevalerie. 

— L"imprimerie a PariB. (In Paris gnide. le pUe. 1867.) 
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et Bottin reunis. Paris, n.d. 8". 
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Didot Paine. Pierre. Reponse a an Memoire de Landon, 

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— Introduction et notes, (/a Dhionjrsios. Hanael 

dlconographie chretienne. 1845.) 

— Gm.HERMY. F. de. (/« Aimalew srcbfel., t. 25. 1865.) 




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tory of the ancient chapels of D., etc. Man- 
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Latino-Gemianicum mediae et infirmaj aitatis. 
Francof. a. M., 1857. 4°. 
Kote. With the second title, 'Sxipplementum lexici 
conditi a C. D. I)ii Cangc, etc' 

— Mittellateinisch-hochdeutsch-bohniisches AVor- 

terbuch, nach einer Handschrift voin Jahre 
1470 hrsg. Frankf. a. M., 1846. 12". 

— Origines Europacae ; die alten Volker Europas 

mit ihren Sippen und Nachbam. Frankf. 
a. M., 1861. 8". 

— Vergleichendes Worterbuch der gothischen 

Sprache. Frankf. a. M., 1851. 2 v. 8". 
Note, With the general title, 'Lexicon comparativnm 
lingtiarum Indogernianicarum ; Vergleichendes Worter- 
buch der germanischen Sprachen'. 
Diefendorf, Oliver. General orders of the War Dept. 1864. 
See O'Brien, T. M. 

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London, 1843. 2 v. 8°. 

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Musee Royal. Berlin, 1838. 12°. 

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bodies ; on small pox and measles, and pract. 
observ. and cures ; tr. by W. Salmon. Lon- 
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V. 3. 1859.) 

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del'Acadie. Amst.. 1710. 12°. 
Dies, Albert Christoph. Andresen. A. (/« Ms Die deut- 

schen Maler-Radirer des 19n Jahr., v. 3. 1869.) 
Dies ira' ; [a Thoma de Celano. Latine et Angl.] 

Camb., 1863. 12°. 
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Mon. Germ.. Scr., v. 17. 1861.) 
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London. 1804. 8°. (B 819) 
Sarae. 2d ed. London. 1812. 8°. (B 837) 

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1828, 1852.) 

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(B 1692) 

.^sculapian tablets of the 19th century. Providence, 

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From 2d Lond. ed. Boston, 1800. 2 v. 12°. 

.Some. From 3d London ed. N. Y., 1801. 8°. 

See also Alcohol ; — Coffee ; — Cookery ; — Diges- 
tion ; — Food ; — Stimulants ; — Tea ; — Training ; 
— Vegetable diet ; — Wine. 
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in lat. und deutscher Sprache, Regenspurg, 
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I^ote. Vol. 1, 2 by Dieterich : v. 3, 4 by A. C. Bieler. 
Vol. 1 has a preface by A. Haller. giving a history of 
illustrated works on botany pub. in Germany or by Ger- 
man authors. 
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Uebersicht der Verkehrs und Verbrauchs im 
Preussischen Staate und im Deutschen Zoll- 
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— Various articles.] {In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 

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Contents. Vol. 1, 2. Romanzen und Balladen. 7. 
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deutsche Peintre-Graveur, v. 2. 1865.) 
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lating to any subject or of the decisions of any 
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See also Cookery. 

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[on the dispute between Va. and Gov. Dinwiddle]. 

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Diogenes vel de tyrannide. — Euboica vel de canum ve- 
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capto. — Olympica vel de prima dei cognitione. — 
Athenis de fuga. — De servitute et libertate. — De wgri- 
tudine animi. — Deavaritia. — De exercitatione oratoria. 

— De sua auscultandi cupiditate. — De recessu. — De 
pulchritudine. — De pace et hello. — Quod felix sit sa- 
piens. — De felicitate. — De genio. — De consultatione. 

— De compotatione. — Melancomas. — Charidemus. — 
Rhodi.ica. — Ad Alexandrines. 2. Tarsica. — Celauiis 
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In concione. — Recusatio magistratus. — De adminislra- 
tione. — Ad Dioc'.orum. — De .^schylo et Sophocle \jt 
Euripide, vel de arcu Philoeteta^ — De Honuro. — De 
Socrate. — De Homero et Socrate. — Agamemno vel de 
regno. — Nestor. — Achilles. — Philocietes. — NessuB 
vel Deianira. — Chryseis. — De regno et tyrannide. — 
De fortuna. — De gloria. — De virtute. — De philoso- 
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lege. — De consuetudine. — De invidia. — De divitiis. — 
De libertate eorum qui in Cilicia sunt. — Corinthiaca. 




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Contents. Kingly government. — Arbitrary govern- 
ment. — Servants. — Grief. — Immoderate deKires. — 
Cultivation of letters'. — lietirement. — Happiness. — 
Conduct of men at a public dinner. — Charidcmus. — 
A Libyan fable. — The dwmon. — Virtue. — Slavery 
and liberty; two discourses. — War and peace. — The 
Isthmian discourse. — Jfotes and illustrations. 
Diocesan register and New England calendar, for 

1812. Dedham, n.d. 12°. 
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D. at Spalatro. London, 1764. f*. 

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biichern enthaltenen Verordnungen Diocletians und 

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Wesselingitis, atque [var.] adnot. adj. Amst., 

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Erotici script. 1856.) 
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— De clarorum philosophorum vitis, etc. ; recens. 

C. G. Cobet; ace. Olympiod'ori, Ammonii, 
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A. Westernianno et Marini \-ita Procli J. F. 
Boissonadio edentibus. Gr. et Lat. Parisiis, 
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Conttnts. Prooemium. — Thales. — Solon. — Chilo. 
— Pittacus. — Bias. — Cleobulus. — Periauder. — 

{In Plato. Works; tr. by H. Carey. 

Myson. — Eplmenides. — Pherecydes. — Anaximander. 
Anaximencs. — Anaxagoras. — Archelaus. — Socra- 
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Arcesilaus. — Bion. — Cameades. — Clitr)machu8. — 
Aristoteles. — Tlieophrastus. — Strato. — Lyco. — De- 
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Anti-Xicene lib.) 

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Vita 8. D. ex Mesenis Graecorum. — Simonis Meta- 
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iibro II. Xicephori. — Vita per Michaelem Syngelum. 

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See Bernardo da Bologna. 
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Fennat. Tolosa?, 1670. f. 

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Dioptrics. See Optics. 

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Albany, 1859. 8°. (B 1565) 
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ciens traitez. 2, J. Rousset, J. Ueeucil des traitez. 
4, 5. Dumont, J., and Rousset, J. Lc ceremoniel 

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service, n.p., 1861. f". 

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I'homme d'etat. Paris, 1826. 4 v. 8° 

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the United St-ites. Charleston, 1853. 8°. (B 1506) 
See afxo Ambassadors ; — International law ; — 
State Tracts ; — Treaties. For tlie history of negotia- 
tions .■<ee Europe (History), and the names of various 
countries ; — alno Munster ; — Nimeguen ; — Paris ; — 
Diplomacy of the United States. See Lyman, T. 
Diplomate, Le ; comedie. See Scribe, A. E. 
Diplomatic correspondence. See United States. 
Diplomatic correspondence of the American revolution. 

See Sparks, J. 
Diplomatic policy of Mr. Madison unveiled; by [J. Low- 
ell]. London, 1810. 8°. (B 1420) 
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[monthly] ; Oct. 1870 - Jan. 1872 [quar- 
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spondence of 1862; ri)y J. R. Ingersolll. 2d ed. 
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flrmationis. (/n Goettingen. Ges. d. Wiss. Comm., 
1776.) — Commetitatio diplomatica de methodo aetatis 
codicum mss. deflniendaB, cum vil tabulis. (In 

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dubiis aut falsis. (In his Antiq. Ital.. v. 3. 1740.) 

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his English works. 1727.) 
See also Abbreviations ; — Alphabet ; — Auto- 
graphs ; — Illumination ; — Manuscripts ; — Papyrus ; 
— Writing (Ilistoi-y). 
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mates et hommes d'etat europeens. Series 
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Taschenb.. 1858 ) 
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the flescribed diptera of North America. (In Smith- 
sonian Inst, if isc. col., v. 3. 1862.) — Monographs 
of the diptera of North America. (In v. 8. 1869.) 
See alno Myodariae. 
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Bay of Biscay, with add. by L. S. La Rochette. 
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ter; added. The 'Century of inventions'. 
London, 1865. 8". 

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Soc. Sci. Trans., 1869.) 




Directions to p<>nitenU and believers for renewing their 
covciianl Willi God. London, 1846. 32°. (D 30) 

Director, The ; a weekly literary journal ; [by T. F. 
Dibdiii]. London, 1807! 2 v. 8**. 

Directories. See Almanac; — Annnaire ; — Registers. 
JSE^ For directories of any place or body of men see 
llie name of the place or body. 

Directory, The French. See France. 

Dirksen, lleinrieh Edward. BeitrSge zur Kunde 
des romischen llechts. Leipzig, 1825. 8". 

— Various articles.] (/n Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 

lli4-J-.-)3, lS.TO-.iS. 1860. 1861.) 

Disappointment, The; or. The mother in fashion; a play. 
See Soatheme, T. 

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proposition for ward companies to supply New York 
with rock water. New York. 1832. 8'. (B 1051) 

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2d ed'. Bo^ton. 1856. 12". 

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Discipoli liber deeniditione ;(pto'Ti(ideliuni. See Herolt, J. 

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of the law. Boston. 1840. 12". (C 225) 

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of laws during the late war with Gr. Brit. Bath, 
1824. 8". (B 300, 932, 1106) 

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L'Estoile, P. de. Journal de Henri in. v. 3. 1T44.) 

Discourse about the charge of novelty upon the reformed 
Ch.ofEng. ; Lhy G.Hascard]. Lond., 16S.5. S°. {B90) 

Discourse before the New .Jerui>alem church. Boston. 
Chrit-tmas. 1818. Bost., 1819. 8". (B 286, 1194, 1282) 

Discourse concerning a judge of controversies in matters of 
religion ; [by W. Sherlock]. Lond.. 16.S6. 8». (B90) 

Discourse concerning the currencies of the British planta- 
tions in Amer. more especially in Mass.; [by "W. 
Douglass]. Boston, 1740. 8°. (B 358, 471) 

Discourse conceniing the necessity of reformation, with re- 
spect to the errors of the Church of Kome. Ist pt., 
2d ed.; [by N.Stratford]. Lond.. 1687. 4°. (B1397) 

Discoorse cone, transubstantiation and idolatry; an answer 
totheBp. of Oxford's plea; [by G. Bunietl. London, 
1&^. 4". (B 92) 

Disconrse for taking off the tests and penal laws about reli- 
gion. London. 16S7. 4°. (B 91) 

Discourse of artificial beauty. See Gauden, J. 

Disconrse of miracles, in which several mistakes are recti- 
fied in Chubb's Discourse'; in a letter to T. Chubb. 
I^ndon. 1742. 8°. (B 40) 

Discourse of the warr in Lancashire ; ed. by TV. 
Beamont. [Manchester.] 1864. 4". (Chetham 
Soc, V. 62.) 

Discourse on government and religion, calcu- 
lated for the meridian of Jan. 30, by an inde- 
pendent. Boston, 1750, 8°. 

— Another copy. (B 121) 

■ Discourse on the nature of saving faith. Bost., 1742. 12». (C4) 
Discourse on the pernicious effects of drunkenness. Pen- 
rith. 18:Jo. 8°. (B 1279) 
Discourses on Davila. 1805. See Adams, J. 
Discourses on the objects and of science and 
literature. New York, [1840]. 16°. (Harper's 
fam. lib., v. 179.) 
Contenlx. Potter, A. Preliminary obs., etc.. on read- 
ing. — Brongham, H. Objects, advantages, and pleas- 
ures of science. — Sedgwick, A. Classical, metaphvsi- 
cal, and nat.-ral studies. — Verplanck, G. C. Influence 
of moral causes upon opinion, science, and literature. 
Discoverie of the causes why Ireland was never entirely 

subdued. 1747. See Davies, Sir J. 
Discoveries (in geography). Cooley, W. D. His- 
tory of maritime and inland dlscoverv. Lon- 
don, 1830-31. 3v. 16°. (Lardner. Cab.cyc.) 

— PiNKERTOX. .T. Rftrospect of the origin and progress 

of discovery, (/n hit Col. of voy.. v. 17. 1814.) 

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deckungen. Stuttgart, 1858. 8". 

— Stevexsos, W. Historical sketch of the progress of 

discovery. {In Kerr, H. Col. of voy., v. IS. 1S24.) 

See nl»o Balboa, V. N. de ; — Cabot, .J. ; — 

Cabot, S. ; — Colombo, C. ? — alxo Geography ; — 

North East passage ; — North West passage. 

Discoveries {in science and the arts). See Inventions; — 


Discovery, The ; comedy. See Sheridan, J/r». F. C. 
Discovery and conquest of Terra Florida. See Soto, F. de. 
Discreta y la boba. La ; eaynete. See Cmz y Cano, U. de la. 
Discurso sobre la educacion popular de los arte- 

sanos y su fomento. Matlrid, 1775. 16°. 
Discussion amieale sur I'Eglise Anglicaine et la 

refonne; [par J. F. M. Treveni]. London, 

1817. 2 V. 8". 
Discussions on the constitution proposed to the 

people of )Iass. by the convention of 1853. 

Boston, 1854. 8". 

ConUnt*. Curtis, G. T. Letters of Phocion. — Hil- 

lard, G. S. Letters of Silas Sundfast. — Hoar, S., 

Morton, M., and Adams, C. F. Addresses. — Palfrey, 

J. 6. Remarks. 

Disderi, Stephano. Vespn Gallics historia. (/n Tnrin. 

Ac. d. ScL Mem., v. 22. 1816.) 
Disease. See Pathology. 
Disease germs. See Be^e, L. S. 
Disinfection. Smith, K. A. Disinfectants and diB- 

infection. Edin., 1869. 16°. 

— Calvert and Ledoyen's disinfecting fluid. From 

the Dublin quar. journ. of med. sci., no. 7. [Dublin, 
1847 :'] 8°. (B 1549) 
See also Solphnrons fumigation. 

Disinganno in corte. II ; commedia. See Goldoni, C. 

Dislere, P. Note sur la marine des Etats-Unis. 
Paris, [1868]. 8°. 

Dislocations.*, T. General pathology of disloca- 
tion. {In his Syst. of surg.. v. 1. 186U.) 
See also Fractures ; — Hip. 

DisnAl Swamp Canal, Kxhibitiox of. from its commence- 
ment. Norfolk. 1825. 8". (B 1108) 

Disney, Daniel. Masere^, F. Trial of D. Quebec. I76S. 
8'. (B695) 

Disney, liet. John. d. 17.30. The world's hatred of those 
that are not of the world, sermon. 1719. London, 
1720. 8«. (0 216) 

Disney, John, D.D., d. 1816. Memoirs of Thomas 
Brand Hollis. London. 1808. 4°. 

— Caution to young persons against infidelity; sermon, 

Apr. 3. 2d ed. London, 1796. 8". (B 1916) 

— Five letters to S. Komilly, on his motion resp. the 

penal law. London, 1810. 8°. (B 748) 

— Friendly dialogue between a common Unitarian Chris- 

tian and an Athanasian. etc. ; [with] a second dia- 
logue between Kugenius and Theopbilus. [n.p., 
1787.] 8". (C 132) 

— Memoir of J. Jebb. {In Jebb, J. Works, v. 1. 1787.) 

— Progressive improvement of civil liberty, sermon, Nov. 

4. London, 1792. 8"". (B 1338) 

— Reasons for resigning the rectory of Panton, etc., and 

quitting the Ch. of England, n.p., [17831. 12*. 
(B 270, C 132) 

— Sermon, death of J.Priestley. Lond.. 1804. 8". (B963) 

— Sermon. Unitarian chapel, London, June 5. London, 

1791. 12". (C81) 

— Short memoir of M. Dodson. London, 1800. 8*. (B6SS) 

— Superiority of religious duties to worldly considera- 

tions, sermon. London. 1800. 8". (B 272, 1916) 

— Letter to D.. by a layman, n.p.. 1775. 12°. (C 132) 
Disney, John, F.R.S. Description of the marbles, 

vases, etc., now belonging to the Fitzwilliam 

Museum. London, 1849. 4°. 
Disney. AVm.. />./). Sermon before the University. June 28, 

1789. with strictures on Gibbon's History. Camb., 

1789. 4". (B1263) 
Disobedient child. Interlude of the; by T. Ingeland; ed. by 

J. O. HalliwelK (/n Percy Soc. Pub., v. 22.) 
Disosway, Gabriel P. Earliest churches of New 

York and its vicinity. New Y'ork, 1865. 8°. 
Disowned, The; by Sir E. B, Lytton. New York, 

1829. 2 V. 12°. 

— .Sa»»f. Leipzig, Tauchnitz, 1842. 16°. 
Dispassionate thoughts on the American war. London, 

1780. 8°. (B 348) 
Dispensaries. Lawrexce, W. B. History of the 
Bostou dispensary. Boston, 1859. 8". 

— Observatiox.s on the plan for establishing a dispen- 

sary. London. 1779. S«. (B 814, 836) 

— Oppert, F. Hospitals, infirmaries, and dispen- 

saries ; their construction, interior arrange- 
ment, and management. London, 1867. 8°. 
See alio London. (Benevolent Assoc.) 




Dispensary, a poem ; [by S. Garth]. 7th ed. Lon- 
don, 1714. 12°. 

Dispensations, The four; by J. Hodges. Boston, 1863. 12°. 
(C 272) 

Dispensatory. See Pharmacopoeia. 

Dispensing power. Atkyns, li. Knquiry into the power 
of dispeiihiug with peual Btatutca. London, 1689. f. 
(A 51) 

Disperato per eccesso di buon cuore, 11; comedia. See 
Giraud, O. 

Display, a tale ; by J.Taylor. Boston, 1815, 18". 

Display of God's special grace ; a familiar dialogue ; 
[by J.Dickinson]. Boston, 1742. 18". 

— Another copy. (D 6) 

— Same. Phila., 1803. 8°. (B 1355) 
Dispute, La; comedie. See Marivaux, P. C. de. 
Dispute adjusted about the proper time of applying for a 

repeal of tlie corporation and test acts; [by Bp. 

Gibson]. London, 1732. 8°. (B 122) 

Dispute with America, The, considered in letters from a 

cosmopolite to a clergyman. Lond..n.rf. 8°. (B689) 

Disquisition on creation, annihilation, future existence and 

linal happiness of all sentient beings. Belfast, 1823. 

8". (B 1355) 

Disraeli, Benjamin. Works. Phila., 1845. 2 v. 8°. 

Contend. Vol. 1. Vivian Grey. — Young Duke. 

Contarini Fleming. 2. Wondrous tale of Alroy. 

liise of Iskander. — Henrietta Temple. — Venetia. 

— Novels and tales. New ed. London, 1866. 

2 V. 8". 
Contents. Vol. 1. Sybil. — Alroy. — The rise of Is- 
kander. 2. l.xion. — The infernal marriage. — Popa- 
nilla. — Count Alarcos; a tragedy. — Vivian Grey. 

— Coningsby, or, The new generation. Phila., 

1844. 8". 

— name, t.p.w. 8°. 

Note. Parodied by "W. M. Thackeray in his 
'Novels by eminent hands'. 

— The crisis examined. 2d ed. Lond.. 1838. 8°. (B 1118) 

— Lord George Bentinck ; a political biography. 

2d ed. London, 1852. 8". 

— Lothair. New York, 1870. 12". 

Note. Parodied by Bret Harte in his 'Condensed 

— Miriam Alroy ; a romance of the 12th century. 

Phila., n.d. 8°. 

— Parliamentary reform ; a series of speeches, 

1848-66 ; ed. by M. Corry. Lond., 1867. 8". 

— Sybil; or. The two nations. Phila., 1845. 8". 

— Same, t.p.w. 8". 

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— Smile-s. S. {In his Brief biog. 1861.) 
D'Israeli, Isaac. Amenities of literature. London, 

1841. 3 V. 8°. 

Note. These papers are a portion of D.'s projected 
history of English literature. 

Contents. Vol. 1. Druidical institution. — Britain 
and the Britons. — Name of England and of the Eng- 
lish. — Anglo-Saxons. — Ca^dmon and Milton. — Beo- 
wulf. — Anglo-Normans. — Page, baron, and minstrel. 

— Gothic romances. — Origin of vernacular languages 
of Europe. — Origin of English language. — Vicissi- 
tudes of English langusige, — Dialects. — Mandeville. — 
Chaucer. — Gower. — Piers I'loughman. — Occleve. — 
Lydgate. — Invention of printing.' — First English prin- 
ter. — Early libraries. — Henry vii. 2. First sources 
of modern history. — Arnolde's chronicle.— First printed 
chronicle. — Henry vill. ; his lit. char. — Books of the 
people. — Difficulties experienced by a primitive author. 

— Skelton. — Ship of fools. — Psychological char, of 
Sir T. Moore. — Earl of Surrey and Sir T. Wyatt. — 
Spoliation of the monasteries. — Crisis and reaction ; 
R. Crowley. — Primitive dramas. — Reformer, Bp! 

Bale, and Romanist. J. Heywood. — R. Ascham. — 
Public opinion. — Orthography and orthoepy. — Ancient 
metres in modern verse. —Origin of rhyme. — Rhyming 
diet. — Arte of Eng. poesie. — Discoverie of witchcraft. 

— First Jesuits in Eng. — Hooker. — Sir P. Sy<lney. — 
Spenser. — Faery queen. — Allegory. 3. First trag. 
and first com. — Predecessors and contemporaries of 
Shakespeare. — Shakespeare. — -Humours' of .Jonson. 

— Drayton. — Psychological hist, of Rawleigh. —Dr. 
Dee. — Hosacrusian Fludd. — Bacon. — First founder of 
a public library. — Early writers, their dread of the 
press, etc. — Age of doctrines. — Pamphlets. — Oceana 
of Harrington. — Author of -The grounds and reasons 
of monarchy'. — Commonwealth. — True intellectual 
system of the universe, — Difficulties of publishers of 
contemporary memoirs. — War against books. 

— Calamities of authors. N. York, 1812. 2 v. 12". 

Contents. Vol. 1. Authors by profession, Guthrie, 
Amhurst. Drake. Smollet. — The case of authors stated; 
history of literary property.— The sufterings of authors. 

— A mendicant author, and patrons of former times 
[Churchyard, Stowe. Davies]. — Cowley; his melan- 
choly. — The pains of fastidious egotism [H. Walpole]. 

— Influence of a bad temper in criticism [Dennis]. — 
Disappointed genius [Henley]. — Maladies of authors. 

— Literary Scotchmen and Irishmen. — Laborious 
authors [Cole. Wood. Barnes]. — The despair of young 
poets [Pattison, Carey]. — Miseries of the lirst English 
connnentator [Z. Grey]. — The life of an authoress [E. 
Ryves]. — Apology for Wood's Athenae Oxonlenses. 
2. Literary ridicule [T. Nash against G. Harvey]. — 
Literary hatred [G. Smart]. — Undue severity of criti- 
cism [Dr. Kenrick, Scott of Am well J. — A voluminous 
author without judgment [W. Prynne]. — Genius and 
erudition the victims of vanity [Toland]. — Genius the 
dupe of its passions [Steele]. — Literary disappointments 
disordering the intellect [Leland. Collins]. — The re- 
wards of Oriental students [Ockley]. — Danger incurred 
by giving the result of literary enquiries [Cowel and 
others]. — A national work which could ttnd no patron- 
age [DeLolme]. — Miseriesof successfulauthors [Hume, 
Dryden, Mickle, Drayton]. — The illusions of writers of 

— Commentaries on the life and reign of Charles i. 

London, 1828-31. 5 v. 8". 

— Curiosities of literature. London, 1824. 3 v. 8". 

Contents. Vol. 1. Modern literature. — Character of 
Bayle. — Cicero as a colI<!ctor. — Hist, of the Caraccis. 
— Eng. Acad, of Lit. — Quotation. — Origin of Dante's 
Inferno. — History of events which have not happened. 
—.False politiciil reports. — Suppressors and dilapida- 
tors of mss. — Parodies. — Fairfax family. — Medicine 
and morals. — Psahn-singing. — Ridiculous titles as- 
sumed by Ital. academies. — Hero of Hudibras; Butler 
vindicated. — Shenstone's school-mistress. — Ben Jon- 
son on translation. — Loves of the Lady Arabella. — 
Domestic hist, of Sir E. Coke. — Coke's style and con- 
duct. — Secret hist, of authors who have ruined their 
booksellers. — Local descriptions. — Masques. — Des 
Maizeaux and secret hist, of A. Collins's mss. —Hist, of 
new words. — Philosophy of proverbs. 2. Confusion 
of words. — Polit. nick-names. — Domestic life of a 
poet; Shenstone vindicated. — Secret hist, of building of 
Blenheim. — Secret hist, of Sir W. Rawleigh. — Last 
hours of Sir W. Rawleigh. — Lit. unions; secret hist, of 
Rawleigh's History of the world and Vasari's Lives. — Of 
a biography painted. — Cause and pretext. — Polit. 
forgeries and fictions. — Expression of supp::essed 
opinion. — Autographs. — Hist, of writing-masters. — 
Ital. hist. — i'alaces built by ministers. — Taxation no 
tyranny. — Book of death. — Skeleton of death. — Rival 
biographers of Heylin. — Lenglet du Fresnoy. — Diet, 
of Trevoux. — Quadrio's account of English poetry. — 
Polit. religionism. — Toleration. — Apology for Parisian 
massacre. — Prediction. 3. Dreams at the dawn of 
philosophy. — Puck. — Lit. forgeries. — I jt. filchers. — 
Ld. Bacon at home. — Secret hist, of death of Q. Eliza- 
beth. — James I. as father and husband. — The man of 
one book. — A bibliognoste. — Secret hist, of an elective 
monarchy. — Buildings in the metropolis and residence 
in the country. — Royal proclamations. — True sources 
of secrelhist. — Lit. residences. — Whether allowable to 
ruin oneself. — Discoveries of secluded men. — Senti- 
mental biography. — Lit. parallels. — Pearl Bibles and 
six thousand errata.' — View of a particular period of 
the state of religion in our civil wars. — Buckingham's 
polit. coquetry, etc. — Sir E. Coke's exceptions against 
the higli-sherift''s oath. — Secret hist of Charles i., etc. 

— The rump. — Life and habits of a lit. autiq. ; Oldys 
and his mss. 

— Same. 2d ser. London, 1823. 3 v. 8°. 

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— Genius of Judaism. London, 1833. 12°. 

— Inquiry into the literary and political character 

of James i. London, 1816. 12°. 

— Narrative poems. Phihi., 1803. 12". 

— Quarrels of authors. New York, 1814. 2 v. 12". 

Content*. Vol. 1. Warburton. — Pope. — Publica- 
tion of Pope's letters. — Pope and Cibber. — Pope and 
Addison. — Bolingbroke's and Mallet's quarrel with 
Pope. — Lintot's book of accounts. — Pope and Settle. 
— Koyal Soc. — Sir J. Hill with Koy. Soc, Fielding, 
Smart, etc. — Boyle and Bentley. 2. Parker and Mar- 
veil. — D'Avenant. — Paper wars of the civil wars. — 
Political criticism on literary composition. — Uobbes. — 
Hobbea and Dr. Wallis. — Jousou and Decker. ^ Cam- 
den and Brooke. — Martin Mar-1'relate. — Literary 
quarrels from personal motives. 

See aUo Alexandrian. 1S35. 
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See also Anatomy. 
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4th ed. London, 1684. 8°. 




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Peirce examined'. Pt. 2. London. 1717. 8°. (B 107) 
Jf^ote. See also the contents of B 1865, in the next 

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-- Another copy. (C 305) 
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■ V R. On the interests of the Ch. of Eng. 2d ed. 
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to persecution, etc. t.p.w. [London, 1719.] 8°. 
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charges against Dissenters; [with]^ an 'Account of 
the proceedings at Lye Waste, by J. Scott'. Stour- 
bridge, [178-]. 80. (B 240) 

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tion in France, and the conduct of the Dissenters in 
Eng. Dublin, 1790. 8". (B 1523) 
Same. 2d ed. London. 1790. 8°. (B 1523) 

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alty, etc., of the Dissenters, in answer to 
"Wesley, London, 1705. 4". 

— Pamphlets occasioned by proceedings of the dissent- 

ing ministers at Salter's-Iiall, in 1719. London, 

1719.] S". (B 110) 

Namely. True relation of some proceedings at 

Salter's-Hall. (Also in B 1865) — Letter to Tong and 

others, on the differences among the Dissenters. (2d 

ed. in B 1865) — Reply to the subscribing ministers. 

— RincLEY. T. Unreasonableness of the charge of 
imposition against several dissenting ministers in and 
about Loudon. (.U«o in B 1865) 

— Same. (B 1865) 

Namely. Shute, J. B. Account of proceed, at 
Salter's-Hall. 3d ed. — Bradbury. T. Answer to the 
reproaches cast on those dissenting ministers who sub- 
scrib'd their belief of the eternal trinity. — Christian 
liberty asserted, in a letter to B. — The noble stand, etc. 
2d ed. — Authentick account of things done and 
agreed upon by the dissenting ministers at Salter's- 
Hall. {Aluo in C 162) — True relation of some pro- 
ceedings at Salter's-Hall. (Aluo in B 110) — Vindica- 
tion of the subscribing ministers. — Reply to the sub- 
scribing ministers. — Second part of a Reply to the 
subscribing ministers. — Peirce, J. Animadversions 
upon a 'True relation of some proceed, at Salter's Hall'. 
{Also in B 107) — Letter to J. Peirce in answer to his 
'Animadversions on True relation of some proceed.', etc. 

— Peirce, J. Letter to a subscribing minister in de- 
fence of the 'Animadversions', etc. — Eveleigii. J. 
Sober reply to Peirce's angry and scornful letter. 2d ed. 

— Peirce. J. 2d letter to Eveleigh in answer to his 
'Sober reply', etc. Exon. — Letter to Tong, and others 
on the differences among the Dissenters. 2d ed. (1st ed. 
in B 110) — Conciliatory letter rel. to proceed, at 
Salter's-Hall. '2d ed. — An Apology for both parties in 
the present disputes. 

— Peirce. J. Animadversions upon 'A true relation of 

some proceedings at Salters-hall'; [with] a letter 
to J. Eveleigh. London, 1719. 8°. (B 107) 

An answer to Enty's 'Defence of the proceedings at 

Exon'. London. 1719. 8°. (BIOS) 

The loyalty, integrity, and ingenuity of High Church 

and the Dissenters compared, occasioned bv a pam- 
phlet of Jackmah. London. 1719. 8°. (B 107) 

Vindiciae fratrum dissentientium in Anglia ; 

adv. G. Nicholsii defensioijem Eccles. Angli- 
cansD. Londini, 1710, 8". 

The western inquisition ; or, A relation of the con- 

troversy among the Dissenters of the west of Eng. 
London. 1720. 8°. (B 108) 

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England. London, 1868. 8°. 

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Dissenters. 3d ed. London. 1746. 8°. (B 247) 

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at the conference in Exon. and the Dissenters vindi- 
cated [against] Ag.-ite. Exon. 1707. 8". (B 105) 

Truth try'd ; or. Agate's pretended 'Plain truth' 

proved .in untruth. Pt. 2. Exon, 1709. 8°. (B 105) 
See also Brownists ; — Church of England ; — Church 
rates ; — Comprehension ; — Congregational Churches 
in England ; — Conventicles ; — Corporation act ; — 
Friends ; — Independents ; — Non-conformity ; — Non- 
jurors : — Presbyterians ; — Puritans ; — Regium do- 
num ; — Subscription ; — Test-laws ; — TUrty-nine 
articles; — ami the lives of various Dis-^enters untfer 
their names, as Hall, R. : — Howard, J.: — Lardner, 
N. : — Lindsey, T. ; — Pearce, S. ; — Price, R. ; — 
Priestley, J. 

Dissenters' chapels bill. Presbyterian Union. 

rarliamentary debate. London, 1844. 8°. 
Dissenter's magazine. See Protestant Dissenter'.^ mag. 
Dissertation concerning inoculation. See Douglass, W. 




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Dissertation on the ancient pagan mysteries, wherein 

the opinions of Warburton and Leland are 

considered. London, 1766. 8". 
Dissertation on the education of pious youths for the Chris- 
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Dissertation upon the constitutional freedom of the press 

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\Nnth the >iews of E. Swedenborg. London, 

1812. 12". 

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1817. 8". 

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orizzontali. JIantova. 1786. 4°. (A 17) 

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sepolcrale appartenente ad una omatrice ; [di 
1\ E. Guascol. Koma, 1771. 8". 

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the insignia of the female sex in former times. {/i» 
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V. 7. 1821.) 

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2v. 8". 

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ite varieties, (fn hii Philos. 1838.) 

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S". (B1741) 
Distinguished men of modern times. See Society for the 

Diffosion of TJsefol Knowledge. 
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distresses. IstAmer. ed. New York, 1808. 8°. 

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18.57. 8". 

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etc.. against oppressions suffered from the misrule 
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History and Description. 

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Columbia. Paris, 1816. 8". 


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the Dist. of Columbia, n.p., [18— ]. 8°. (B 1503) 

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Speech on certiin resolutions, [on] the abolition of 

slavery in D. of C, etc. Wash., 1838. 8". (B 1791) 

— Establishment of a new bank in the District of Co- 

lumbia. Wash., 1835. 8" (B 1543) 

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Dist., March 18, 1862. Wash., 1862. 8°. (B 1481) 

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C.]. Wash., 1836. 8«. (B 1791) 

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the law of venue for the District of Columbia, Apr. 
Wa.*h., 1848. 8". (B 1502) 

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tee on the memorial of the citizens of Georgetown, 
ttc. n.t.p. 1839. 8». (B 1602) 

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1805. n.t.p. 8". (B483) 

— Qce,stion of retrocession stated and discussed. 

Georgetown, 18-26. 8". (B 1106) 

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slave trade within the D. of C, Dec, 23. n.p., 1836. 
4». (B 1721) 

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New York, 1838. 8". (B 1756) 

See also Georgetown ; — Washington. 
District school as it was ; [by W. Burton] . Rev. ed. 

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New York, 1867. 8". 

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middle, northern, and eastern states, July, 
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und Geschichte des Landes Ditmarschen. 
Hamburg, 1733. 4°. 

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algeb. 1709.) 

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Dio. YlAGGlO dal Mar Rosso fino al Din. (In Ramosio. 

Navig.. V. 1. 1563.) 

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the Portuguese at D.. 1537. — Siege of Din, XoSfi. — 
Second siege of Diu, by M.-ihraud.kingof Kambaya, 
1545. ( [a Green. Col. of voy. and travels, v. 1, b. 1. 
1745; —«H(/ Kerr. Col. of voy.. v. 6. 1824.) 
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Divaeus, Petrus. or Dieven, Pieter van, Rerum 
Brabanticarum libri xix. studio A. Mira?i 
primum editi. Antverpiae, 1610. 4", 




Divan. See Hafiz ; — Jalal-ad-Din. 

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war. 1866.) 

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Diverting history of John Bull and Brother Jona- 
than ; [by J. K. Paulding.] Lond., 1813. 18°. 

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Divine benevolence; an answer to [lialguy'sj 'Di- 
vine rectitude'; [by T. Bayes]. London, 
1731. 8°. 

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Christ. 2d Anier. ed. Boston, 1805. 12° 

Divine glory brought to view in the salvation of all men ; 
[in answerto J. Eckley]. Boston, 1783. 8°. (B 150) 

Divine glory in the condemnation of the ungodly; in reply 
to -Salvation for all men'; [by J. EckleyJ. Boston, 
1782. 8°. (B 180) 

Divine legation of Moses demonstrated. See Warburton, W. 

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London, 1739. 8°. (B 120) 

Divine Providence engaged in fulfilling scripture-prophe- 
cies. Boston, 1762. 8°. (B 659) 

Divine right of Ch. government; wherein it is proved that 
the Presbyterian government may lay the only law- 
ful claim to a Divine right; by sundry ministers of 
London. London, 1646. 4°. (B 13) 

— Same. New York, 1844. 12° 
Divine tragedy. The. See Longfellow, H. W. 

Divine unity the doctrine of the Bible. Boston, 1828. 8°. 

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de gravures. Paris, 1868. 16°. (Charton, E. 

Biblioth. des merveilles.) 
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his Histoire du merveilleux, v. 2. 18B0.) 

— Lincoln, W. (/m Worcester mag., v. 1. 1786.) 
Divinity. See Theology. 

Divinity schools. Ballantine, W. Two letters to G. 

Ewing. on the miraculous gifts and divinity schools. 

Edin., 18(Kt. 12°. (C 199, 200) 
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1801. 8°. (B 1409) 

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fulness of divorces. K. Haven, 1788. 8°. (B 623) 

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legislation. New York, 1869. 12° 
See also Marriage. 

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Divorce, Le; par J. Fievee. (/n Biblioth. univ. des 
romans, Nouv., V. 54. 1802.) 

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L'Estoile, P. de. Journal de Henri m., v. 4. 1744.) 

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Divorzio, II; commedia. See Alfieri, V. 

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the Legislature of Penn., Feb. 3, 1845. Harrisbure, 
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confined in prisons, etc.]. Boston, 1843. 8°. (B 1568) 

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1837. 12°. 
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dresses. New York, 1864. 2 v. 8°. 
Contents. Vol. 1. Speeches in the Senate. 1846-49 : 
The Oregon question. — French spoliations. — The 
•warehouse system. — Lieutenant-General of the army. 
— The three million bill. — War with Mexico. — Min- 

ister to the papal states. — California claims. — The 
Yucatan bill. — A territorial government in Oregon. — 
Governments in the territories. — Trade with Canada. 

— Territories acquired from Mexico. 2. Spt-eches 
in \he 5f« a <«, 1847-49 : — The pilot laws. — On Hon. 
D. H. Lewis. — Memorials of oiHcers in Mexico. — 
Addresses and Ucports : — African colonization. — 
Opinion on two questions of alieni^<m. — Education of 
teachers. — Report on the militia system. — Geological 
report. — Progress of science. — Apportionment of 
members of Congress. — Rural life and embellishments. 

— Growth of N. York city. — Agriculture of N. York, 

— War with Tripoli. — The Rebellion in Louisiana. — 
Proclamation to the people of N. York. 

— Speech in relation to territories acquired from Mexico, 

Feb. 28. Wash., 1849. 8°. (B 1510) 

— War with Mexico; a speech on the bill to raise for a 

limited time an additional military force, Jan. 26. 
[Wash., 1848.] 8°. (B 1510) 
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ocystitis. (In Virginia med. and surg. journal. 

1854. B 1692) 

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wasted life. Boston, 1853. 12°. 

— Pen and ink sketches ; added, Chatterton, a 

romance of literary life. Boston, 1845. 12**, 

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Christian world; sermon, N. Y., Mar. 13. N. Y., 
1864. 8°. (B 1590) 

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brary Assoc, Jan. 3. Bost., 1848. 8°. (B 1582, 1725) 

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ter, 1795. 8". (B 1552) 

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ton, 1848. 16°. 

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Camb., 18.52. 8". (C 189) 

— The university of the South ; address at Boersheba 

Springs, Tenn. Nashville, 1859. 8°. (B 1580, 1608) 
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Dixon, Anne, Funeral sermon on. 1710. See Dalton, J. 
Dixon, Benjamin Homer. Surnames, Boston, 

1855. 8°. 

— Same. [2d ed.] Boston, 1857. 8°. 

Dixon, Edward H. Back-bone ; photographed 
from 'The scalpel'. New York, 1866. 12° 

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don, 1789. 4°.' 

— Remarks on the voyages of J. Meares. London, 1790. 

4°. (A 20) 
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(In Suddards, W. British pulpit, v. 1. 1837.) — 

Sermon : The evil and danger of popular ignorance. 

(In V, 2. 1837.) 
Dixon, James, of Conn- Speech on the naturalization laws 

and origin of the native American party, Dec. 30, 

1845. Wash.. 1846. 8° (B 1501) 
Dixon, James. Diseases and injuries of the eye. (In 

Holmes, T. Syst. of surg., v. 2. 1861.) 
Dixon, James Henry. Ancient poems, ballads, and 

songs of the peasantry of Eng, London, 

1845.8°. (Percy Soc", V. 17.) 

— Scottish traditional versions of ancient ballads. 

London, 1846. 8°. (Percy Soc, v. 17.) 
Dixon, Hon. Nathan F. Speech upon the resolution to annul 

the decree of the Supreme Court, in the case of R. H. 

IvesOT. C.T. Hazard, f<ai. Pro v., 1859. 8°. (B1436) 
Dixon, Sophie. Castalian hours, poems. London, 

1829. 8°. 
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the archbishops of York ; ed. J.Raine. Vol. 1. 

London, 1863. 8°. 
Dixon, Wm. Hep worth. Free Russia. New York, 

1870. 8°. 

See the chapter 'On Dixon's Free Russia' in 
H. Barry's 'Russia in 1870'. * 

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— John Howard ; a memoir. New ed. London, 

1854. 12°. 

— New America ; with illustrations. London, 

1867. 2 y. 8°. 

— Same. Phila., 1867. 8°. 




— Personal history of Lord Bacon. London, 

1861. 8«. 

— Review of 'Inquiry into the genuineness of 

Collier's corrections of Shakespeare ; by 
N. E. S, A. Hamilton'; also J. P. Collier's 
'Reply to Hamilton'. Xew York, 1860. 8°. 

— Robert Rlake, admiral and general at sea. 

London, 18.52. 8° 

— Spiritual \\-ives. London, 1868. 2 t, 8". 

— "William Penn ; an historical biography. Phila., 

1851. 12'». 
Dizwell, Col. John. d. 1689. I'hilagathos, pteud. Poem 

commemorative of D. Boston. 1793. S°. CB 609, 628) 
Dizwell, John. Stiles. D. (/« hin History of three of the 

judges of Charles i. 1794.) 
Dixwell. John, M.D. Memoir of J. Brooks. (/« Mass. 

Med. Soc. Med. com., v. 4. lS2it.) 
Diyllus AthevienitU. Fragm. (In Mueller. Fr. hist. Gr., 

V. 2. 1*48.) 
Djemal-Eddin Mohammed. See Jamal. 
Dla czego? komedya ; tlom. z franc, przez B. Hal- 

perta. Warszawa, 1834. 16°. (Teatra Warsz- 

awskie, pt. 1, v. 10.) 
Dlngosz {Lnt. Longinus), Jan. Banderia Prutenorum. 

(/» Hirsch, T. Script, rerum v. 4. 1870.) — 

Vita B. Kiiigse Poloniae. {In Acta sanct.. v. .32. 

186S.) — Vita S. Stanislai Cracov. {In v. 15. 1866.) 

— XiCEROX. J. P. {In hix Mem., v. 38. 1737.) 
Dnieper River. Map. Tr.\ctis Bor^-sthenis, vnleo 

Dniipr et Xiepr dicti. n.p., [16—]." (E 78, no. 263) 
Doane, Elisha. Report of the opinions of the judges in the 
important cause of Peiihallow et al. aeainst D.'a 
administrators. Phila., 179.5. 8°. (B 610) 

— and Josiah. Statement of the cause of the M'Clary 

owners, and Doane and Doane's administrators. 
1777-95. Portsmouth, 179.5. 8». (C 121) 
Doane, George Hobart. Fourth of July, at Burlington 
College. Burlington. 1850. 8". (B 1573) 
Content*. Vol. 1. Account of the proceedings. — 
Address to the Prcs. by Mr. Miller. — Oration by Bp. 
Doane. — Speech by S. Trescott. — Correspondence of 
the committee of arrangements. 
Doane, George Washington. £p. of K. J. Ancient charity 
the rule and reproof of the modern : sermon, n.p., 
n.d. 8'. (B 1288) 

— Brief examination of proofs by which the Rev. Mr. 

Boardman attempts to sustain his charge, etc. 
Burlington. 1841. 8". (B 1166) 

— Brief narrative, n.t.p. 1849. 8". (B 1395) 

— The bush that burned with fire ; sermon, consecration 

of St. John's Church, Eliz.abeth. Dec. 31, 1840. 
Burlington. 1841. 8". (B 1317) 

— Church of the living God the pillar and ground of the 

truth; sermon. Portland. Me., June 6. BostOD. 
1831. 8». (B 1018, 1327) 

— Clmrch's care for little children ; charge to the clergy 

of X. J. {In Gilly, W. S. Horae eatechet. 1834.) 

— Civil government a sacred trust from God : oration. 

Trenton, July 4. Burlington. 1845. S". (B1573) 

— Convocation at 'Miletus ; sermon, July 25. Burlington, 

1834. S". (B 1288) 

— Edification of the Church for the salvation of souls ; 

charge. Camden, 18.33. 8°. CB 1072) 

— Faith once delivered to the saints; sermon. Oct. 28. 

Burlington. 1840. 8°. (B 1288) 

— Glorious thing.-* of the city of God; sermon. Burling- 

ton, 1842. 8°. (B 1288) 

— Goodlv heritage of .Jerseymen; address. Jan. 15. 

Burlington, 1846. 8°. (B 1607) 

— Gospel in the Church; sermon, June 29. Boston, 1832. 

8°. (B1463) 

— Incorporation with Christ the source of spiritual life; 

sermon. May 28. Burlington, 1845. 8°. (B 1288) 

— Letter to the clergv and laity of his diocese. Phila., 

18.52. 8°. (B 1395) 

— Missionarv argument; sermon. May 11. Boston, 1830. 

S". (B956) 

— Missionary spirit; lecture, Boston, Xov. 27. Boston, 

1831. S". (B 1018) 

— Oration. .Julv 4. 18.50. (/« BurlingtOD College. 

Fourth of July. 1850.) 

— Puseyism no Popery. Boston. 1843. 8". (B 1188) 

— Reign of heaven ; sermon. {In Prot. episc. pulpit, 
# v. 1. 1831. (B 1779) 

— Sacred sympathy of sorrow; discourse commemora- 

tive of Wm. Croswell. Boston, 18.52. 8". (B1212) 

— Sunday school te.-jcher: sermon, X. Y.. June 26. Boa- 

ton. 1831. %". (B 1018. 1327) 

— A very old wedding ring, (/n Boston book, 3d col. 1841.) 

— Voice of the departed ; sermon, death of J. 8. J. Gardi- 

ner. Boston, 1830. 8*. (B 960) 

— HOBART, J. H. Word for the Church ; fonslsting of 

•The churchman' and 'High churchman vindicated', 
with app. of author and notice by G. W. Doane. 
Boston. 1832. 8*. (B 1061, 1889) 

— JBNMSG8. J. Episcopal pretensions examined in a 

review of a sermon by D., Leeds, Eng. N. Y.. 1842. 
8°. (BU80) ' 

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Hudson's Bay. London, 1744. 4°. 

— MiDDLETON, C. Reply to the remarks of D. 

London, 1744. 8°. 
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hymns. Morris-TowTi, 1810. 12°. 
Dobell, Peter. Travels in Kamtchatka and Siberia, 

with residence in China. Lond., 1830. 2v. 12°. 
Dobell, Sydney. Smith, A. {In hi» Last leave*. 1868.) 
Doblado, Leucadio. pxe-ud. See White, J. Blanco, 
Dobnek. See Cochlsus. 
DobrizhofFer, Martin. Historia de Abiponibus 

Paraquaria? natione. Viennae, 1784. 3 v. 8*. 

— Eng. Account of the Abipones, a people of 

Paraguay ; [tr. by Sara Coleridge]. London, 
1822. 3 y. 8°. 
Dobrowsky, Joseph. Geschichte der bohmischen 
Sprache und altem Literatur. Umgearbeitete 
Ausg. Prag, 1818. 12°. 

— Lehrgebaude der bohmischen Sprache. Prae. 

1819. 8°. ^ 

Dobson, Edward. Rudimentary treatise on founda- 
tions and concrete works. London, Weale. 
18.50. 16°. 

— Rudimentary treatise on masonry and stone- 

cutting. 2d ed. London, Weale, 1856. 16*. 

— Rtidiraentarj- treatise on the mantifacture of 

bricks and tiles. London, Weale, 18-50. 16°. 

— Rudiments of the art of building. London, 

WeaU, 1854. 16° 
Dobson, Rev. J. P. The choice of companions ; discourse. 

Feb. 7. [London,] 1838. S". (B 1339) 
Dobson, Mrs. Susanna. Life of Petrarch, col. from 

•Mem. pour la vie de P.' London, 1775 

2 V. 8°. 

— Same. 4th ed. London, 1799. 2 t. 8°. 
Dobson, Wm. Letters on the Deity, and on the 

moral state of man. Phila., 1804. 2 v. 12°. 
Docen, Bemhard Joseph. Miscellaneen zur Ge- 
schichte der teutschen Literatur. A'ermehrte 
Ausg. Miinchen, 1807-09. 2 y. 8°. 
Content*. Vol. 1. Einige Denkmaler der altf)-an- 
kischen Spn-iche. — Proben ans einer Interlinearversion 
und einer verjilngten notkerischen Uebersetzung der 
Psalmen. — Erziihlungen von dem Striker und Conrad 
von Wflrzburg. — Zusatze und Berichtigungen zu 
Koch's Comi)eijdium der teutschen Literaturgeschichte. 

— Gedichte von von Wiirzlmrg und Andem. die 
in der Sanimlung der Minnesinger fehlen. — Heinrichs 
von Ofterdingen und der Ubrigen MeistersUnger poet- 
ischer Wett-streit auf der Wartburg bey Eisenach. — 
Philosophischer Tractat von der wirklichen und mogli- 

chen Vernunft, aus dem vierzehnten Jahrhundert. 

Glossographische Denkmaler der altern teutschen 
Sprache, vill.-xil. J.ihrhundert. — Glossarium Theo- 
tisco-Latinum ex cod. Biblioth. Reg. Monacensis. — 
Altteutsche Lieder aus dem xvi. J.-»hrhundert. — Znsatze 
zti Docen's Miscellaneen. 2. Von Jerusalem's 
Zerstorung und dem Weltende. — Xachricht von einer 
nnter dem Landgrafen Heinrich von Thilringen um die 
Mitte des xill. Jahrhunderts verfertigten allgemeinen 
Weltchronik. — Anzeige einer alten Handschrift der 
.<Eneis des Heinrich von Veldcck. — Marien Leben. — 
Fragmente altteutscher Gedichte. — Marginalien zn 
Adelungs Xachrichten von altteutschen Gedichten. — Die 
zehn Gebote der Minne. — Spicilegien zu den Sammlnn- 
gen der Minnesinger aus dem schwabischen Zeitpnnkt. 

— Ungedruckte Gedichte von dem Strieker. — Einige 
Spruchgedichte von dem Teichner. — Fortgesetzte 
Sammlnng altteutscher geistlicher und weltlicher Lie- 
der. — Xeue Vorstellung des .\bsoluten in plattentschen 
Reiraen. — Sammlung noch ungedruckter Ge<licbtc von 
H. Frauenlob. — Zusiitze und Verbessenmgen. 




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noble? 1780.] 8°. (E102) 

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ufacturers, ship owners, etc.. of Manchester and Liv- 
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of the U. 8. — Description of wet docks, etc., to be 
constructed on the south side of the river Wear. 
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1845. 46.) 

— Pasquier-Vacvili,ers, — . Gales etbassinsderadoub, 

docks flottants, etc. {In France. Com. Imp. de 
Vexpos. de 1807. llapports, v. 10.) 
See aluo Birkenhead ; — Liverpool ; — London dock 
(B 748, 765, 1747) ; — Mllford Haven, Unff. (B 1744) 
Dockwra, Wra. Letter to A. Hamilton, Apr. 1, 1693. {In 

New Jersey Hist. Soc. Proc, v. 1. 1845.) 
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France. London, 1841, 8°. 

See also Plymouth dock yard disease. 
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Leipz., 1844. 2 v. 16°, 
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7v. 12". 
JVbte. From Frasert mag., v. 16-17. 1838-39. 
Doctor and apothecary. The ; a musical entertainment. See 

Cobb, J. 
Doctor Birch; by W. M. Thackeray. London, 
1849. 8" 

— Same. {In his Christmas books, 1866; and Miscel., 

V. 5. 1870.) 
Doctor Busby and his neighbors ; [by Anne W. 

Abbot]. Salem, 1844. 18". 
Doctor Carlino, El. See Soils, A. de. 
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Doctor Faustus. (7a Thorns, W. J. Early Eng. prose 

romances, v. 3. 1858.) 
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3 V. 8° 
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1866. 2 V. 12°. 
Note. From the Atlantic monthly, v. 15-17. 1865-66. 
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Dr. Marigold's prescription; by O. Dickens, (/u All the 

year round, v. 14. 1865 ; and in his Works, v. 2. 1869.) 
Dr. Molke; Dr. Molke's friends; by I. I.Hayes, (/n Atlan- 
tic monthly, v. 20, 21. 1867, 68.) 
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of seventy-six. 1868.) 
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York, 1860. 12° 

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Doctor's mixture. {In All the year round, n.s., v. 4-5. 

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Note. Nos. 22-24 are published under the name of 
American Doctrinal Tract Soc. 

Namely. Doctrinal knowledge the foundation of true 
religion. — Mankind utterly depr.ived by the fall of 
Adam. — The covenant of redemption. — Slanderous 
reports refuted. — Objection to prayer answered. — 
Perseverance of the saints. — The decrees of God con- 
sistent with the free moral agency of man. — The doc- 
trine of election illustrated and established. — The 
purifying influence of the Christian hope. — The person- 
ality and offices of the Holy Spirit. — Things secret, and 
things revealed. — Disappointment in the last day. — 
Nature and influence of faith. — The plea of sinners 
against endless punishment. — Sinners wilful and per- 
verse. — Love thyself and thy neighbor. — The prayer 
of faith. — All for the best. — The renewal of sinners 
the work of divine power. — The Bible the only sure 
test of religious character. — Duties of parents. — The 
immutability of God. — Necessity of the Holy Spirit to 
give efficacy to preaching. — The duty of professing 
Doctrine and practice of Christianity inconsistent 
with the happiness of mankind. London, 
1760. 8°. 

Doctrine of abstinence from blood defended; by 
[P. Delany]. London, 1734. 8° 

Doctrine of non-resistance no way concerned in the contro- 
versies between the Williamites and the Jacobites; 
by [E. Bohun]. London, 1689. 4°. (B 6) 

Doctrines. See Theology. 

Doctrines and discipline [of the Methodist Episc. Church ;' 
in Cherokee]. Park Hill, 1*42. 18°. (E 54) 

Doctrines of Scripture, [by F. D. Huntington]. 
Boston, 1852. 16". 

Document for the people. — Declaration of Independence . — 
Constitution of United States. — Fugitive slave law 
of 1850. — Democratic, Wliig, and Independent dem- 
ocratic platforms of 1852. — Speech of C. Sumner 
on his motion to repeal the Fugitive slave bill. 
Wash., 1853. 8°. (B 1485) 

Documentos ineditos. See Torres de Mendoza. 

Documents inedits. See France. 

Documents relating to the settlement of the Church 
of Eng. by the Act of uniformity, 1662 ; ed. 
by G. Gould; with introd. by P. Bayne. 
London, 1862, 8°. 

Docwra, Henry. Relation of 'service done in Irelande. — 
Narration of the services done by the army ymployed 
to Lough-foyle. {In Celtic Soc. Miscel. 1849.) 

Dod, Albert Baldwin. Transcendentalism. 1840. See Alex- 
ander, J. W.. and Dod, A. B. 

— HoDGE, C. Brief account of the last hours of D. 

Princeton. N. J., 1845. 8°. (B 1456) 
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his descendants. [New Haven,] 1839. 12". 
Dod, or Dodd, Charles Roger. Annual biography. 

London, 1843. 16° 

— Manual of dignities, privilege, and precedence. 

London, 1842. 16°. 

— Parliamentary pocket companion ; 1833, 39-41, 

47.50, 52, 54, 64,65, 67, 68, 70, 71. London, 
1833-71. 13 V. 24". 

Note. In 1847 and afterwards it is called Par- 
liamentary companion. 1833, 39, 40, 52, are 2d ed. 

— Parliamentary test book. London, [1835]. 24". 

— Peerage, baronetage, and knightage of Gr. 

Brit, and Ireland. London, 1846. 12". 
Note. For continuation, see Dod, K. P. 
Dod, Robert P. Parliamentary companion ; 1864. 
London, w.rf. 24°. 

— Peerage, baronetage, and knightage of Gr. 

Brit, and Ireland; 1856, 64, 67. London, 

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parts of Price's 'Additional observations ', etc. Lon- 
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(B 1594) 
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all the eminent writers of controversy. Catholics and 

Protestants, since the Reformation, {In Somers, J. 

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Dodd, Charles Roger. See Dod, C. R. 
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1844-45. 3 V. 12°. 
Dodd, Henry Philii). The epigrammatists, ancient 

and modern. London, 1870. 8". 
Dodd, James B. Elementary and practical algebra. 

3d ed. New York, 1853. 16'. 

— High school arithmetic. 3d ed. N.Y., 1852. 16°. 
Dodd, J. W. Catalogue of [his] library, sold 

1797 ; [with ms. prices]. London, n.d. 8°. 
Dodd, Ralph. Letters to a merchant on the improvement of, 

the Port of London. [London.] 1798. 8°. (B 1746) 
Dodd, Stephen. East Haven register. N. Haven, 

1824. 12". 

— Family record of Daniel Dod. [New Haven,] 

1839. 12° 
Dodd, Thomas. Connoisseur's repertory. Vol. 1-6: 
A. to Bar. London, [1825-28?]. 8°. 




Dodd, Bev. Wm. Accoxint of the Magdalen char- 
ity ; -with sermons and collections of prayers, 
etc. London, 1761. 8°. 

— Address to his unhappy brethren, at Newgate, 1777; 

added, letter from Countess of Huntingdon, also 
account of his execution, n./).. [177-]. 12". (C 216) 

— Beauties of history, or. Pictures of virtue and 

vice. Boston, 1*796. 12". 

— FOBSTER. G. Leben W. Dodd's. (/n Ai«SUnuDtl.8cbr., 

V. 5. 1S43.) 
Dodd familv abroad; by Charles Lever. New 

York,' 1854. 8". 
Doddridge, .S/r John. The lawver's light ; annexed, 

a Treatise on the use of the law [by Bacon]. 

London, 1629. 4°. 

— Treatise on particular estates, (/n Noy, "W. Grounds. 


Doddridge, Joseph, Notes on the settlements and 
Indian wars of West Virginia and W. Penn- 
sylvania, 1763-83, "Wellsburgh, 1824. 12°. 

Doddridge, Philip, D.D. The absurdity and iniquity 
of persecution for conscience-sake : sermon atNorth- 
■ ampton. London, 1736. 8". (B 123, 1339) 

— Address on the subject of family religion. Northamp- 

ton. 1802. 8°. (B 1788) 

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Boston. 1761. 8". (B 311. C 23) 

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in Northamptonshire, Jan. 12, 1746/50. London, 
1750. 8°. (B1339) 

— Correspondence and diary; ed, by J, D, Hum- 

phreys, London, 1829, 5 v, 8". 

— Deliverance out of the hands of our enemies ; substance 

of two sermons at Northampton, Feb. 9, 1745/46. on 
the precipitate flight of the rebels from Stirling. 
London. 1746. 8°. (B 1922) 

— Discourses on regeneration, Boston, 1803. 12", 

— Evidences of Christianitv, London, 1837. 12°. 

— Same. London. [IS—]. 12"' (C 247) 

— Evil and danger of neglecting the souls of men, sermon, 

Oct. 15, 1741. London. 1742. 8". (B 1074) 

— Family expositor ; or, A paraphrase and version 

of the New Testament, Lond., 1761-62, 6 v, 4°. 

— Lectures on pneumatologj-, ethics, and divinity ; 

ed. by A. Kippis. London, 1794, 2 v. 81 

— Lectures on preaching and the ministerial office. 

Boston, 1808. 12". 

— Perspicuity and solidity of [the] evidences ; 

letter to [H. Dod well], London, 1742, 8°, 

— Plain address to the master of a family on family 

religion. Boston. 1791. 8". (C 23) 

— Same. Charlestown. 1802. 8'. (B 192) 

— Same. Boston. 1824. 12°. (D 64) 

— Remarkable passages in the life of Col. J. Gar- 

diner ; with appendix relative to the family 
of the Munros of Fowlis. 12°, 

— Rise and progress of religion in the sovd, — Ser- 

mon on the care of the soul, and address to a 
master of a family. Northampton, 1804, 12"', 

— Rise and progress of religion in the soul, 3d 

ed. New York, 1817. 12°. 

— Gtelic. [Tr, bv] P, Macpharlain. Edin,, 

1811. 12". 

— Sennons on the religious education of children. 

Portsmouth, N. H„ 1790. 8", 

— Another copy. (C 315) 

— Same. Boston, 1794. 8". (0 23) 

— Speech in the case of 8. Houston charged with contempt 

and breach of the privileges of the House. Wash., 
1832. S". (B 1056, 1801. 1831) 

— Three sermons on the evidences of the Christian re- 

ligion. Prov.. 1789. 8°. (B 37) 

— Oktox, J. Memoir of the life and writings of 

D. London, 1766. 12°. 
Sermon, death of D. London, 1752. 8". (B 1242) 

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tish covenanters." 2d ed. Edin., 1860. 12°. 

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Mar. 3 and 4, 1852. 7U.p. 8°. .(B 1505) 

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Georgia. (In Smithsonian Inst. Ucport. 1867.) 
Dodge, J, R. AVcst Virginia ; its farms and forests, 

mines and oil wells, Phila., 1865, 12°. 
Dodge, John, Report of [his] case, [as] executor 

of r. Dodge, rs. 1, H, Perkins, Boston, 

1830, 8", 

— Anotfier copy. (B 1437) 

Dodge, Marj- Abigail, of Hamilton, {pseud. Gail 
Hamilton), A battle of the books, Camb,, 
1870, 12", 

— Cotintry living and countrv thinking. Bos- 

ton, 1862. 12°, 

— Gala-days, Boston, 1863, 12°, 

— New atmosphere, Boston, 1865, 12°, 

— Skirmishes and sketches, Boston, 1865. 12°. 

— Stumbling-blocks, Boston, 1864. 12°. 

— Summer rest, Boston, 1866, 12°, 

— Woman's worth and worthlessness. New York, 

1872 [1871]. 12°, 

— Woman's wrongs. Boston, 1868, 12°, 

— Wool gathering, Boston, 1867. 12°, 

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Eng.; by J. Carver [pseud.], N, Y„1842, 12°. 
Dodge, Eer. Nehemiah. A description of gospel ministers. 

Exeter. 1819. Vr. (0 221) 
Dodge, Oliver. See Correspondent, containing result of 

ecclesiastical council at Pomfret. 1792. 
Dodge, Paul. Poem, commencement of R. I. College. 

Providence. 1797. 8". (B 941) 
Dodge, Pickering. Painting, its rise and progress. 

Boston, 1846. 12°. 

— Sculpture and the plastic art. Bost., 1850, 12°. 
Dodge, Robert. Austria and its polity : a lecture at Astoria, 

N. Y.. Jan. 21. N. Y.. 1853. 8". (B 1506) 

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sion. Army of the Cujnberland, Chicago, 
1864, 8°. 

Dodge club. The; bv J. De Mille. (/n Harper's mag., 
V. 34-36. 1867-68.) 

Dodgson, — . See CarroU, L. 

Dodgson, Charles. Preach the gospel; sermon, ordination 
of Bp. of Ripon, Jan. 13. London,1839. 8». (B1349) 

Dodington, George Bubb, Baron of'Melcombe-Begis. 
Clodius and Cicero, with other reasonings, in de- 
fence of just measures against faction and obloqnv. 
London. 1727. 9,". (B 1517) 

— Same. 3d ed. London, 1727. 8". (B 7S7) 

— Diarv of D., 1749-61 ; •with an app. pub. by 

H.'P. Wyndham. Salisbury, 1784, 8°, 

— ThO-MSOS. .W>«. K. B. and J. P. (/n their Wits. 1861.) 
Dodoens {Lat. Dodonsetis), Rembert. Niceron, J. P. (/« 

A»« Mem., v. 34. 1736.) 

Dodona. Stephanus Byzantinus. De Dodone. 
Lugd. Bat.. 1681. 4°. 

Dod's parliamentary companion. See Dod, C. R. ; — Dod, 
R. P. 

Dodsley, James. Annual register. See Annual. 

Dodsley, Joseph. Biographical dictionary, Lon- 
don, 1798, 6 V, 8°. 

Dodslev, Robert, Chronicle of the Kings of Eng- 
land. Boston, reprint 1759. 12". (O 152) 

— Frmch. Chronique des rois d'Angleterre. par Nathan 

Ben Saddi. London, 1764. 8". (C 27) 

— Annual register. See Annnal. 

— Cleone ; a tragedy. London, 1758. 8°. 

— Same. {In Bell's British theatre, v. 5. 1795.) 

— Collection of poems bv several hands. Lon- 

don, 1782. 6 V. 8°. 

— Description of the Leasowes, the seat of the late W. 

Shenstone. n.p., n.d. 12*. (O 276) 

— Fugitive pieces on various subjects, by several 

authors. London, 1761. 2 v. 81 
Contents. Vol. 1. Spence, J. Crito; a dialogue 
on beauty. — Attiret, J. D. Ace. of Emperor of Cliina's 
gardens, near Pekin. — Hay, W. Deformity. — Hill, 
Sir J. Lucina sine concubitu. [Also ascribed to Rev. 
F. Coventry.] — A modest defence of gaming. — Pretty 
gentleman. — Forrester, CoL The polite philosopher. 




— Lancaster, N. Essay on delicacy. 2. Barke, £. 
Vindication of natural society. — Clubbe, J. History 
and antiijuities of the ancient villa of WheatlieUl, Suf- 
folk. — Macpherson, J. Fragmeuts of ancient poetry, 
collected in tlie Higlilanda of Scotland. — Whitworth, 
Lord. Account of Ku.s8ia in 1710. — Hentzner, i*. 
Journey into England. 1598. — Cooper, J. (i. Project 
for an hospital for decayed authors. — Spence, J. Par- 
allel in the manner of Plutarch, between a most cele- 
brated man of Florence [Magliabecchi], and one scarce 
heard of in England [K. Hillj. 

— King and miller of Mansfield. [Boston.] ji.d. 24°. (D44) 

— Same. {In Collection of farces, v. 3. 1792; — in 

Scott, Sir \V. British drama, v. 3. 1804; — and in 
London stage, v. 4.) 

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— Same. Pt. 2. book 1. n.t.p. 8°. (D 16) 

— French. L'oeconomie, etc. ; tr. par M. Des- 

prefays. Londres, 1751. 12". 

Paraphrase on part of the Oicononiy, by J. 

Bowdoin. Boston, 1759. 8°. 

— Poems. (/7i Anderson. Brit, poets, v. 11. 1795.) 

— Rhetoric and poetry, extracted from the Pre- 

ceptor; for Univ. of Camb. liost., 1796. 12". 

Select collection of old plays. 2d ed. [with 

notes by I. Heed]. London, 1780. 12 v. 8". 

— Same. Newed. Notesby I. Reed, O. Gilchrist, 

and the editor [J. P. Collier]. London, 1825- 

27. 12 V. 8". 
Contents. Vol. 1. Prefaces. — Historia histrionica. — 
Bale, J. God's promises. — Heywood, J. The four 
P's. — Sackville, T., and Norton, T. Ferrex and Por- 
rex. — Edwards, li. Damon and Pithias. — New cus- 
toms. 2. Gammer Gurton's needle. —Lyly, J. Alex- 
ander and Oampaspe. — Wilmot, R. Tancred and 
Gismunda. — Gamier, R. Cornelia; tr. by T. Kyd. — 
Marlowe, C. Edward ii. 3. George a Greene, the 
pinner of Wakefield. — First part of Jeronymo. — 
Kyd, T. Spanish tragedy. — Dekker, T. The honest 
whore. Pts. 1, 2. 4. Marston, J. The malcontent. 

— Chapman, G. All fools. — Jonson, B.. Marston, J., 
and Chapman, G. Eastward hoe. — Tourneur, C. 
Revenger's tragedy. — Machin, L. The dumb knight. 
5. Wilkins, G. Miseries of inforced marriage. — 
Brewer, A. Lingua; or. The combat of the tongue and 
the five senses. — Merry devil of Edmonton. — Mid- 
dleton, T. A mad world, my masters. — Barry, L. 
Ram-alley; op; Merry tricks. 6. Middleton, T., and 
Dekker, T. The roaring girl. — Chapman, G. 
Widow's tears. — Webster, J. White devil ; or. Vitto- 
ria Coronibona. — Tailor, R. The hog hath lost his 
pearl. — Heywood, T. Four prentices of London. — 
7. Cook, J. Green's Tu quoque. — Tomkis. Albu- 
mazar. — Heywood, T. A woman kill'd with kindness. 

— Rowley, W. A match at midnight. — Fisher, J. 
Fuimus Troes. the true Trojans. 8. Lodge, T. Wounds 
of civil war. — May, T. The heir. — Greene, R. Friar 
Bacon and Friar Bungay. — Marlowe, C. Jew of Malta. 

— Davenant, Sir W. The wits. 9. Nash, T. Will 
Summer's last will and testament. — Nabbes, T. Micro- 
cosmos. — Randolph, T. Muses' looking-glass. — 
Mayne, J. City match. — Habington, W. Queen of 
Arragon. 10. Marmion, S. Antiquary. — Suckling, 
Sir J. Goblins. — Cartwright, W. The ordinary.— 
Brome, R. Jovial crew ; or, Merry beggars. — May, T. 
The old couple. 11. Peele, G. Chronicle of Edward l. 

— Middleton, T. Mayor of Quinborough. — Grim, the 
collier of Croydon. — Davenport, R. City night cap. — 
Killigrew, T. Parson's wedding. 12. Tuke, Sir S. 
Adventures of five hours. — Digby, G., E. of Bristol. 
Elvira. — The widow. — Lydgate. Chichevache and 
bycome. — The worlde and the chylde. — Apius and 
Virginia. — Index. 

Note. For continuation see Old plays. 

— Sir John Cockle at court, (/n Scott, Sir W. Brit. 

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— Further comments on Pusey's Renewed explanation. 

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— Romanism successfully opposed, etc.; sermon. Lon- 

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descritti. Roma, 1812. f°. 

— Classical and topog. tour in Greece, 1801-06. 

London, 1819. 2 v. 4". 
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in schola historices Camdeniana. Oxonii, 
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— Annales Velleiani. (7ra Paterculus, C. V. Hist. Rom. 

cur. J. P. Millero. etc. Via€.) 

— Chronologia persecutionuni. — Dissertatio de ripa striga, 

{In Lactantius, F. De mort. persecut. 1692.) 

— Tabulae chronologica; in marmor Oxoniense I. {In 

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Dodwell, Henry, son of the preceding. Christian- 
ity not founded on argument ; and the true 
principles of gospel evidence. London, 
1741. 8" 

— Catalogue. {In Cleaver, W. List of books for the 

clergy. 1792.) 

— Deism fairly stated ; reply to Benson's answer 

to 'Christianity not founded on argument*. 
London, 1746. 8". 

— Replv to Clarke's Defence of his letter to D. 

London, 1731. 8°. 

— Clarke, 8. Letter to D. concerning the immortality 

of the soul. {In Iiis Works, v. 3. 1738.) 

— Doddridge, P. The perspicuity and solidity 

of [the] evidences of Christianity ; letter in 
answer to ' Christianity not founded on argu- 
ment.' London, 1742-43. 8". 

— Etoi'gh. H. Letter to the author of 'Christianity not 

founded on argument'. London, 1742. 8°. (B 117) 

— NiCERON. J. p. {In his Mem., v. 1. 1729; and. Germ., 

v. 1. 1749.) 

— Welchman, E. Defence of the Ch. of Eng. from the 

charge of schism and heresie. as laid against it by 
the vindicator of the deprived bishops. [H. D.J. 
London, 1693. 4°. (B 4) 
Dodwell, Wm. Free answer to Middleton's ' Free 
inquiry into miraculous powers of the prim- 
itive church.' 2d ed. London, 1749. 8". 

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two sermons before the Univ. Oxf., 1743. 8°. (B 311) 

— Nature of a rational faith ; two sermons before the Univ. 

March 11 and June 24, 1744. Oxf., 1745. 8°. (B 1264) 

— Practical influence of the doctrine of the Trinity ; ser- 

mon before the Univ. Oxford, 1745. 8°. (B 1264) 

— Middleton, C. Vindication of the ' Free in- 

quiry'. London, 1751. 4". 
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zur politischen, kirchlichen, und Cultur- 
Geschichte der .sechs letzten Jahihunderte. 
Regensberg, 1862-63. 2 v. 8". 

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the temporal power: tr. by W. B. MacCabe. 
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See also Architecture (and the references on p. 129); 
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of the architecture of any country (entered under the 
name of the country) treat of the domestic architecture. 
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Set al*o Arts (Fsefnl) ; — Baking ; — Bread; — 
Brewing ; — Cookery ; — Dining ; — Domestic medicine ; 

— Family; — Food; —Fuel ;— Furniture; —Kitchen; 

— Receipts ; — Servants ; — Ventilation. 

#»" For some books of household expenaes *^« Dor- 
ham ; — Elizabeth, Queen; — Elisabeth of York; — 
JTohn of Brnhant; — Henry viii. ; — Henry of Lanca*Ur; 

— Lestrange family — Mary, /'riii-f** ; — Shuttle- 
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See alio Berne. 

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KoU. The original titleof this work was 'General sys- 
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General view of the agriculture of the County of Xaim. 

the eastern coast of Inverness-shire, the parish of 

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General view of the agriculture of the Coonty of 

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Note. Founded on a -work by Prof. P. W. 
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(B 286) 

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(In v. 2. 1842.) 

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of F. Diez. London, 1864. 8°. 




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Donna (li governo. La ; com. — Donna di maiieggio, 
La. — Donna di ter^ta debole, La; com. — Donna 
forte. La: com. — Donna sola. La; com. — Donna 
stravagente. La; com. — Donna vcndicativa. La; 
com. — Donna volubile, La; com. See Goldoni, C. 

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obbligazione. See Gozzi, C. 

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ConttnU. Vol. 1. Life, by H. Alford. — Sermons. 
2. Sermons. 3. Seniions. — Devotions. 4, 6. Ser- 
mons. 6. Sermons. — Letters. — Poems. 

— Devotions ; with two sermons : Decease of Lady 
* Danvers, mother of George Herbert ; Death's 

duel, his own funeral sermon ; pref., his life 
by I. Walton. London, 1840. 12°. 

— Five sermons upon special occasions. London, 

1626. A". 

ContenU. Vol. 1. Sermon preached at Panis crosse. 
2. To the honorable the Virginia Company. 3. At the 
consecration of Lincolncs Iiiiie Chappell. 4. The first 
sermon preached to King Charles, at St. James, 16"Jo. 
5. Sermon preached at Whitehall. 1625. 

Xote. Each sermon has a sep. title-page and paging. 

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• Satires of D. versified. (/« Pope, A. Works, v. 2. 

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Same. /n'Walton, I. Lives, etr. 1796.) 

Same. {In Wordsworth, C. Eccl.biog., v. 3. 1839.) 

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Corresjjondence with Lord Xorthl 18i67.) 

Donne curiose. Le. — Donne di buon umore. Le; commedia. 
— Donne di casa soa. Le: commedia veneziana. — 
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A. Boughton. at Warwick. May 30. 2d ed. Lon- 
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See aluo G. P. R. James's preface to his 'Sir 
Theodore Broughton'. 
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Don't judge by appearances; a farce. See Morton, J. M. 
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supper. Glasgow. 1787. 18°. 

— Rehearsal of the sufferings of Christ from the judg- 

ment hall of Pilate to the place of execution. See 
Vincent, T. A companion. 1735. (D 8) 

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Doomsday book. See Domesday. 
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Anciens poetes de la France, v. 2. 1859.) 
Xote. Attributed to Huon de Villeneuve in Hist. lit. 
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du chev. de Courtille. Paris, 1789. 12°. 

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8°. (Berville et Barriere. Mem.) 
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Dora; a pastoral drama. See Reade, C. 
Dora d'lvtrin. See Koltzof Hassalsky, H. G.. Princent. 
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ContenU. Between you and me. — Man. m<anner8. 
and a story with a moral to it. — .\donis at home and 

abroad. Pts. 1. 2. — Remnants of stage dresses. Three 

acts and an epilogue. — Tiring-bowers of queens La 

mode in her birthplace. — Hats. — Wig? and their 

wearers. — Beards and their bearers. — Swords. 

Gloves, b — s, and buttons. — Stockings. — -if asks .ind 
faces'. — Puppets for grown gentlemen. — Touching 
t.iilors. — Why did the tailors choose St. William for 

their patron ? — The tailors measured by the poets. 

Sir .J. Hawkwood, the heroic tailor. — G, Dorfling. the 

martial tailor. — Adm. Hobson, the naval tailor. 

J. Stow, the antiquarian tailor. — .T. Speed, the antiqua- 
rian tailor. — S. Pepys the official tailor. — R. Rvan, 
the theatrical t.iilor. — P. Whitehead, the poet tftilor. — 
Mems. of merchant tailors. — Beaux. — Bean Fielding. 
Beau Xash. — Prince de Ligne. — Beau Brummell. — 
Doctors ready dressed. — Odd fashions. 

— Historj- of court fools. London, 1858. 8°. 

— Knights and their days. London, 1856. 8°. 

Contents!. Prologue. — Training of pages. — Knights 

at home. — I^ve in chevaliers, and chevaliers in love. 

Duelling, death, and burial. — The knights who 'grew 

tired of it'. — Female knights and .Jeanne Dare. 

Champions of Christendom. — Sir Guy of Warwick. 

Garteriana. — Foreign Knights of the Garter. Poor 

Knights of Windsor and their doings. — Knights of 

the Sainte Ampoule. — Order of the Holy Ghost. 

Jacques de Leiaing. — Fortunes of a knightly family'. 

Record of Rambouillet. — Sir John Faistaff. Stage 

knights. — Stage ladies and the romance of hiMory. 

Kings of England as knights. — 'The institution of a 
gentleman*. — Spanish match. — Recipients of knight- 
hood. — R. Carr. Page, and Guy Faux, Esq. — Ulrich 
von Hutten. — Sham knitthts. — Pieces of armour. 

— Lives of queens of England of the House of 

Hanover. New York, 1855. 2 v. 12°. 
Content*. Vol.1. Sophia Dorothea. — Caroline Wil- 
helmina Dorothea. 2. Charlotte Sophia. — Caroline 
of Brunswick. 

— Monarchs retired from business. London, 

1857. 2 V. 8°. 
Content*. Vol. 1. The king. — Scripture kings and 
Eastern monarchs. — Some sovereigns of the olden time. 

— Canonized ex-kings. — Britain. Dethroned British 
and Saxon kings. — Deposed kings. — .Tames ii. at St. 
Germains. — Deposed monarchs of Scotl.and. — Ireland. 

— Wales and Man. — Franre. The Merovingian race 
and the lazy kingrs. — TheCarlovingiansand Charles the 
Fat. — House of Capet and Louis the Saint. — King 

John in the S.avoy. — The Bourbons and Charles x. 

Louis Philippe. — Cr>r*irn. Theodore. — A family of 
kings. — Holland. Wm. Frederick. — German Empire. 
Ch.irles the Fat. — Henry iv. — Charles v. — Ferdinand 
of -Austria. — Bohemia. The Winter king. — Hungary. 

Four deposed kings. — Bararia. Ludwig. the lover. 

Poland. Early abdications. — John Casiroirv. — Stan- 




islausLeczinski. — Stanislaus Poniatowski. 2. Rome. 

— Eastern Empire. Grave or cloister. — Byzantine 
Caesars of the iconoclastic period. — Basilian dynasty. 

— Monarclis among the monks. — The Comneni. — More 
tenants for Studion. — The Baldwins. — Monk Antony. 

— Papal dynasty. — Three Pii. — liunHia. The Czars. 

— Ivan VI. — Sardinia. Victor Amadens I. — Three 
crownless kings. — Scandinavia. Eric ix. — Christian 
II. — Sweden. Story of Eric Xiv. — Christina. — Gus- 
taviis IV. — Spain. Philip v. —Charles IV. — Portugal. 
Sancho ll. — Alphonso Vl. — Turkey. The two Baja- 
zets. — Conclusion. 

— New pictures and old panels, Lond., 1859. 12° 

— Table traits with something on them. New- 

York, 1855. 8". 
Dorat, Claude Joseph. Adelaide de Hongrie ; trag- 
edie, Paris, 1778. 16°. 

— Bagatelles anonvmes. Vol. 1. t.p.w. Geneve, 

1786. 12". 

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— Same. Xouv. ed. Paris. 1776. 12°. (C 290) 

— Le chevalier frangais k Turin ; et Le chevalier 

francais k Londres, com. Pari.s, 1780. 16°, 

— La declamation iheatrale ; [avec] quelques mor- 

ceaux de prose. 4e ed, Paris, 1771, 18°, 

— Epitre a 1' ombre d'un ami ; suivie de deux odes, 

et idees sur Comeille. Paris, 1777. 16". 

— Fables nouvelles. La Haye, 1773. 2 v. 12", 

— La feinte par amour, comedie, {In Fetitot, C. B. Re- 

pert., V, 25. 1818.) 

— Lettres d'une chanoinesse de Lisbonne k Mel- 

cour, etc. Paris, 1780. 8°, 
Contentn. Reflection preliminaire. — Lettres. — Ma 
philosophic. — Idylles de Saint Cyr. — Lettre d'un phi- 
lo.sophe. — Epitre d'un cure a I'auteur de Melanie. — 
Epitre h. mon medicin. — Vers 4 M. le comte de ***. — 
Boutade d'un misanthrope. — Point de lendemain. 

— Lettres en vers, et oeuvres melees, Paris, 1792. 

2 V. 16°. 

— Le malheureux imag. ; com. Paris, 1777. 18°. 

— Les malheurs de I'inconstance ; ou Lettres de 

la marquise de Svrce et du comte de Mir- 
belle. Amst., 1772, 2 v, 16°, 

— Mes fantaisies. 3e ed. La Haye, 1770. 16". 

— Mes nouveaux torts, ou Nouveau melange de 

poesies pour servir de suite aux Fantaisies. 
Amst., 1765 [1775?], 16°, 

— Les proneurs, ou Le Tartuffe litteraire; com, 

Paris, 1777, 18°, 

— Regains, tragedie, prec. d'une lettre au solitaire du 

Guelnguet. Paris, 176.5. 12°, (C 293) 

— Regulus ; et La feinte par amour, com, Paris, 

1782, 16°, 

— Another copy. (C 292) 

— Les sacrifices de 1' amour, ou Lettres de la 

vicomtesse de Senanges, etc. ; suivies de Syl- 
vie et Moleshoff, Amst,, 1772. 2 v. 16°. 

— Victimes de I'amour ; prec. d'une piece sur la 

melancolie, et suivies d'un poeme lyrique, 
etc. Paris. 1790. 16°, 

— Zulraenie et Volsidor. n.p„ n.d. 16°, 

Dorat (.Lot. Auratus), Jean. Niceron, J, P, (/» hi» 
Mem., V. 26. 1734.) 

— Sketch. (/» Men and women of France, v, 3, 1852.) 
Dorat-Cubierea, Michel de, Monselet, C, (//i his Les 

originaux. 1864.) 
Dorchester, Viscount. See Carlton, Sir D. 
Dorchester, Mass. Clap, N, Bill of births, deaths. 

and marriages in Dorchester. March 1748/49 - March 

1792. — L'.'tter giving events from 1630 to 1774. (In 

Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 1. 1792.) 

— Drake, S. G. Recovery of materials for the 

early history of Dorchester. Boston, 185 1 . 8°. 

— Epitaphs in Dorchestor burying ground. {In Mass. 

Hist. Soc. Col., v. 2. 1793.) 

— Everett, E, Dorchester in 1630, 1776, 1855; 

oration July 4, 1855 ; also an account of the 
celebration. Boston, 1855, 8°, 

— Harris. T. M. Account of Dorchester. {In Mass. 

Hist. Soc. Col.. V. 9. 1804.) 
Chronological and topographical account of Dorches- 
ter [to 1803]. Boston, ?/,(/. 8°. (B 1833) 

— Pierce, J. Discourse at Dorchester. June 17, 1830, 

completion of the 2d cent, from its settlement, 
Boston. 1830. 8°. (B 953) 
Dorchester. Ist Church. Sundry votes passed by the 
Church of Clirist in Dorchester, 1773. previous to 
the meeting of an ecclesiastical council there; and 
the result of said council. Boston, 1774. 8". (B 34) 

— Davenport, D. Sexton's monitor, and Dorchester 

cemetery memorial. Roxbury. Mass.. 1826 8". (CllO) 

— Harris, T. M. Memorials of the 1st ch. in Dorches- 

ter; two discourses. Bost.. 1830. 8°. (B 1649, 1695) 

Valedictory sermon on leaving the old meeting house 

and dedicatory sermon. Bost.. 1817. 8". (B 296, 317) 

— Remarks on the result of an ecclesiastical council at 

Dorchester, Nov. 1773. Boston, 1774. 8°. (B 1393) 

Dorchester. 2d Church. Proceedings of the 2d ch. and 

parish in D. Boston. 1812. 8". (B 260, 270, E 203) 

— Allen, W. Discourse, 40th anniversary. Bos- 

ton, 1848. 8°. 

— Means, J. H. Discourse, 50th anniversary. 

Boston, 1858. 8", 
Another copy. (B 1297) 

— Pierce, J. Sermon, gathering of the church, Jan, 1, 

1808; with appendix. Boston. 1808. 8°. (B 1010) 

— Review of two pamphlets ['Proceedings of 2d church' 

and 'Memorial of proprietors'] on the ecclesiastical 
controversy in D. Bostoti, 1814. 8°. (B 260, E 203) 
Dorchester. 3d Church. Memorial of the proprietors of 
the New South Meeting House in Dorchester, to the 
Boston Assoc; with their report. Boston, 1813. 8°, 
(B 260, 538, E 203) 
Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical Society. 
Collection, Boston, 1844-50, 12". 
Namely. No. 1. Clap, R. Memoirs; [with an 
introd. by T. Prince, and an account of the author by 
J. Blake]. 1630. 2. Blake, J. Annals of the Town 
of Dorchester. 3. Mather, R. Journal, 1635, — LIFE 
and death. 1670. 

— History of. the town ; by a committee [the greater 

part written by E, Clapp], Boston, 1859, 8°. 
Dorchester Bay, Kinsman, H, W., and others. 

Report of the commissioners on Dorchester 

Bay, etc. Boston, 1855, 8°, 
Dorchester business directory. 1849-50. {In Adams, G, 

Environs of Boston, n.d.) 
Dore, James. Essay on the resurrection of Christ. Lon- 
don, 1797. 8". (C 193) 
Dore, Paul Gustave, Atala album, photographs of 

12 illustrations to Chateaubriand's Atala, 

Phila., 1864. 4". 

— A dozen specimens of D. London, 1866. 4°. 

— Legend of the •wandering Jew, photographs. 

Phila,, 1864, 4°, 

Note. For other illustrations by Dore, .«c^ Blackburn, 

H. The Pyrenees. 1867; — Cervantes Saavedra, M. 

de. Don Quixote, 1866; — Dante. L'lnferuo. li;66 ; — 

Wandering Jew. 1856. 

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Phj'sik, Galvanismus, Electromagnetismus, Magneto- 

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Magnetismus, Erdmagnetismus. — Literatur derOptik. 

3. Akustik. — Theoretische Optik. — Meteorologie. 

4. Meteorologie. — Specifische Wiirrne. — Strahlende 
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Welleiibewegiing. — Literatur des Magnetismus und 
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(A 2) 

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laws of the company; with extracts from the statute 
laws of N. H. relative to manufacturing corpora- 
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See also Hakluyt.* Voy.. v. 4. 1824. 

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Contents. Vol. 1. On the taste which had been gen- 
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during the publication of the Tatler. Spectator, and 
Guardian. — Literary life of Dr. Johnson. 2. Lit. 
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Contents. Vol. 1. General obs. on periodica! writing, 
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Tatler. 1709. — Biog sketch, obs. on the style. ta»tt;,etc., 
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styles, and on the style, eir.. and tendency of Ad- 
dison. 3. Biog. and critical sketches of the occasion- 
al correspondents of Steele and Addison. — Tables, ex- 
hibiting at one view the proportions of the severalcon- 
tributors to the Tatler, Spectator and Guardian. Ef- 
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and morals. 

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Cojitents. Vol. 1. Moral and literary associations 

con. with the spring of the year. — Influence of an early 

acquired love for literature. — Epistles of Pliny. 

The Cliffords of Craven. — Memoirs of Sir Ph. Sidney 
and his sister; on their version of the Psalms. — The 
banks of E.-<k; Drummond of Hawthorndeti. Uanisay, 
Mackenzie, Sir W. Scott. — Biog. notice of J. M. Good. 
2. Chaucer, Dunbar, and Burns compared. — Ossian 
as drawn by the Irish bards: Miss Brooke's Reliques ot 
Irish poetry. — Biog. sketch of R. Hole, with remarks 

on his 'Arthur'. — Milton and Galileo. — Sonnet. 

Collins's "Bell of Arragon' completed. 




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a tale of the days of Shakespeare, London, 

1824. 2 V. 8". 
Contents. Vol. 1. Summer's noon favorable to medi- 
tation. — Montcheiisey. a tale of the days of Sliak- 
speare. — Obs. on an anonymous version of -Les jardins 
par De Lille'. — Notices, bio^. and critical of W. Ala- 
baster, and J. Beaumont. — Beaumont and liis 'Psyche'. 
2. On a feature in the poetry of Horace; original 
poetry; epitaph. — Obs. on -Les jardins', (.ontin. — 
Montchensey, conlin. — On the minor poems of Beau- 

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Content'^. Vol. 1. Happiness of an English fire-side. 

— Kirton priory, a tale. — Inscription for the tomb of 
Guthrun the Dane, in St. Mary's Church, Hadleigh. — 
On -Scenes of infancy' by Leyden. — Life and martyr- 
dom of Dr. R. Taylor. — Love of Country and of home. 

— Mary of Hadleigh, a tale in verse, 2. Feelings of 
regret in a long absence from our country and home. — 
Kirton priory. < ontin. — On -Odes and other poems' of 
H. Neale. — On the Eng. trans, of Tasso's 'Gerusa- 
lemme Liberata'. — On the -Domestic liours' of C. 
Neale. — On 'The Vale of Slaughden', by J. Bird. — 
On returning home after absence; domestic sonnets. 

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Parts, (/w Baylies, F. Hist, mem., v. 2. 18G6.) 

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1856. [1852-56]. 8°. 

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2^ote. This is the 8th ed. of the -Indian biography'. 

— Memoir of Cotton Mather ; with a geneal, of 

the family of Mather, Boston, 1851, 8°, 

— Old Indian chronicle ; n coll, of tracts pub, 

in time of King Philip's war; added, an 
introd, and notes, Boston, 1836, 18°, 
Contents the same as in the ed. of 1S67, omitting Drake's 
Origin, News from N. Eng . and Further brief narration 
and adding Drake, S. G. Chronicles of the Indians of 
America, from its first discovery to the present time 
Boston, 1836. 

— Same. Boston, 1867, 4", 

Contents. Drake. S. 6. Origin of Indian wars; par- 
tic, of king Philip's war. — The present state of N.Eng. 
with respect to the Indian war, 167.5; by a mereliant of 
Boston. London. 1675. — S., N. Continuation of the 
state of N. England; a fartlier account of the Indian 
warr. Nov. 1675 - Feb. 167V6; with an account of the 
intended rebellion of the negroes in tlie Barbadoes. [bv 
G. W.]. London, 1676; — New narrative of the state of 
N. England: being a continued account of the bloody 
Indian war, March- August 1676. London. 1676. — True 
account of the occurrences that have happened in the 
warre between the English and tlie Indians in N. Eng 
May 1676 - Aug. London, 1076. — H., H. The warr in 
N. Eng. visibly ended. London, 1677. — News from N. 
Eng., a true account of the present bloody wars be- 
twixt the infidels, natives, and the English Christians 
and converted Indi.ans of N. Eng., etr. London. 1676. — 
Further brief and true narration of the late wars risen 
in N. England. London. 1676, 

— Particular history of the five years' French 

and Indian war in New England and parts 
adjacent, 1744-49, sometimes called Gov. 
Shirley's war, Albany, 1870, 4°, 

— Recovery of materials for the early history of 

Dorchester, Boston, 1851, 8°, 

— Result of researches among British archives 

rel, to the founders of New England, Bos- 
ton, 1860, 4°, 

— Review of Winthrop's journal as edited by J, 

Sava*e, Boston, 1854, 8°, 

A^ote. The last three are from the "N. E, hist, 
and geneal. reg'. 

— Some memoirs of Th. Prince, Boston, 1851, 8", 

— Tragedies of the wilderness ; Indian captives, 

etc. Boston, 1841. 12", 
Contents. Ortiz, J. — Rowlandson, Mary. — Stock- 
well, Q. — Gerish, Sarah. — Heard, Eliz. — Gyles, J. 
— Rogers. R. — Goodwin, Mehitable. — Toogood. T. — 
Hanson. E. — How. N. — Fowler, M. — Fitch, S. — 
McCoy. Isabella. — Williamson. P. — Howe. Jemima. — 
Noble, Frances. — Carver, Capt. J. — Smith, Col. J. — 
Eastburn, R. — Clendenin, Mrs. — Henry, A. — Man- 
hein. F. — Bozarth, Experience. — Corbly. J. — Scott, 
Frances. — Hubbell. Cupt. W. — Herbeson, Massy, — 
Munson, Sery. L. — Clark, II. — Thompson. J. W, B. 

— The witchcraft delusion in New England ; with 

introd, and notes, RoTcbury, 1866, 3 v, 4°, 
Contents. Vol. 1. Mather, C. The wonders of the 
invisible world, 2, 3. Calef, R. More wonders of the 
invisible world. 

Drake, W. Richard. Notes on Venetian ceramics. 

London, 1868, 8°, 
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genredramatiqueserieux. (/;i/a>(Euvres. v. 1. 1826.) 

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QSuvres. v. 5.) 

— Mazzini. S. On the historical drama, (/n his Life 

and writings, v. 2. 1865.) 

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See also Charades ; — Comedy ; — Opera ; — Rhetoric ; 

— Tragedy. — For dramatic b i o g ra p h y see Actors ; 

— Dramatic authors; — for the morality and his- 
tory of the drama .scr' Theatre ; — for the history see 
English literature ; — Middle ages ; — Roman litera- 
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See nlso Anatomy for artists ; — Architecture ; — 
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For prints especially intended to represent drawings 

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S". (B1720) 
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of the Test act. 1S29. — Dialogue between a sceptical 
physician and his Christian patient. 1829. — Reform, not 
a new constitution. 1831. — Address to the people by one 
of themselves. 1839. — Justice to corn-growers and to 
corn-eaters. 1839. — Causes which lead to a bank re- 
striction bill. 18.*». — Letter to T. Phillips on the con- 
nection between the line arts and reUgion. 1840. — 
Remarks on the Churches of Rome and England to the 
Rev. Dr. Wiseman and Rev. W. Palmer. 1»41. — Rea- 
sons why a clergyman of the Church of England should 
not become a Roman Catholic. 1842. — On government 
by the Queen and attempted government by the people. 

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Roman Catholic clergy. 1^5. — Reasons' for rejecUng 
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Charles I. ; [also Familiar letters and -^ cy- 
prcsse grove] ; with introd. by Hall. 2d ed., 
^■ith the author's life. London, 1682. 8". 

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JVote. Relates cliiefly to Gen. xlix. and Joshua 
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(B 1339) 

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Dry sticks fagoted. See Landor, W. 8. 
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Contents. Vol.1. Scriptores generales. 2. Zoologi. 
3. Botanici. 4. Mineralogi. 5. Supplementum et 
index auctorum. 
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registrum cartarum abbacie Premonstratcnsis 
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Note. This copy contains merely the Preface, 
by J. Spottiswoode. 

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Contents. Vol. 1. Life. 2. Wild gallant. — Rival 
ladies. — Indian queen. — Indian emperor. — Secret 
love; or, Maiden queen. 3. Sir Martin Mar-All. — 
Tempest; or. Enchanted island. — An evening's love. — 
Tyrannic love. 4. Almanzor and Almahlde; or. Con- 
quest of Granada. — Marriage-a-la-mode. — The assig- 
nation : or, Love in a nunnery. 5. Amboyna. — Slate 
of innocence; or. Fall of man. — Anreiig-Zebe. — All 
for love. 6. Limberham. — QJdipns. — Troilus and 
Cressida. — Spanish friar; or. Double discovery. 7. 
Duke of Guise. — Albion and Albanius. — Don Sebas- 
tian. 8. Amphitryon. — King Arthur. — Cleomenes. 

— Love triumphant. — Prologue, song, secular masque, 
etc. 9. Poems, historical and political. Annus mira- 
bilis. — Absalom and Achitophel. — The medal. 10. 
Religio laici. — Threnodia augustalis. — Hind and 
panther. — Britannia rediviva. — Prologues and epi- 
logues. — Mac-Flecknoe. 11. Epistles. — Elegies 
and epitaphs. — Odes, lyrical pieces. — Fables, tales 
from Chaucer. — Translations from Boccace. 12. 
Translations from Ovid's epistles; — Metamorphoses; — 
Art of love; — from Theocritus; — Lucretius; — Hor- 
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Pastorals. 14. Georgics, ^neis, tr. from Virgil. 15. 
Contin. of ^neis. — Poems ascribed to Dryden. — Origi- 
nal prose works. 16. Life of St. Francis Xavier. 17. 
Life of Plutarch. — Specimen of the translation of 
[Maimbourg's] 'History of the league'. — Controversy 
between Dryden and Stillingfleet concerning the Duchess 
of York's paper. — Du Fresnoy, C. A. Art of painting. 
18. Preface to a dialogue cone, women. — Character of 
M. St. Evremont. — Character of Polybius. — Life of 
Lucian. — Dryden's letters. — Index. 

— Poetical works ; with life by J. Mitford. Bos- 

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Contents. Vol. 1. Life. — Astraea redux. — Annus 
mirabilis. — Absalom and Achitophel. pt. 1, and other 
poems. 2, Absalom and Achitophel. pt. 2. — ThX; 
medal. — Religio laici. — Threnodia augustalis. — 
Hind and the panther. — Britannia rediviva. — Mac 
Flecknoe. — Epistles. — Elegies and epitaphs. 3. 
Songs, odes, and a masque. — Prologues and epilogues. 

— Translations from Theocritus. Lucretius, and Horace. 

— Palamon and Arcite. — The cock and the fox. 4. 
The tlower and the leaf. — Wife of Bath, — Trans, from 
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Content*. Vol. 1. An essay on dramatic poesie. — 
Wild gallant. — Rival ladies. — Indian emperor. — 
Secret love; or, The maiden queen. — Sir Martin Marr- 
AU. — Tempest; or. Enchanted island. — Evening's 
love. — Tyrannic love. — Almanzor and Alm.ihtde; or. 
Conquest of Gran.-ula. — Harriage-a-la-mode. — The 
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State of innocence; or. Fall of man. 

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See al*o Albigenses ; — Avesta ; — Manichseism. 
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— Other copie*. (B 356, 405) 

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JTote. The title-page alone was printed in 1814; the 
pamphleU were issued earlier as dated, all but four at 

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— ed. See Aurora. 

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Dnhlin Ho"nse of Recovery or Fever Hospital. ReporU 
from trustees, managing comm., and physicians. 
Dublin, 1806. 8". (B 735) 
See also Afternoon lectures ; — King's and Queen's 
College of Physicians ; — Royal Irish Academy ; — 
Society for Promoting Eng. Prot. Schools in Ireland; 
— Society of United Irishmen. 




Dablin, Richard, Arhp. of. See Whately. 
Dublin, N. //. [Papers relating to the cases of 
E. F. Abbott, etc.] 
Nameli/. Bill of complaint of the Trinitarian Cong. 
Soc. in Dublin vs. L. W. Leonard. — Ameiidments in 
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the town of Dublin, the First Cong. Soc. in Dublin. L. 
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Aote. This is contitiued as Dublin quarterly journal 
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Contents. L'intendante. — Poste-restante. — Lcs 
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Atlantic telegraph. 




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atory notes bv J. Farmer. (Jn New Hamp. Hist. 
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[Cuuing from the 'Atlas and Argus'.] (B 1644) 
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Reply to the -Statement of the Trustees'. Albany. 

IS.jy. 8». (B1644) 

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See also Wager of battle. 

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monopoly; with doc. Albany, 181 9. 8". 

— Another copy. (B 572) 




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Vrais principes de la langne fran^oise. — Invcr.-^ion. — 
Fragment sur les causes de la parole. 4. Melanges de 
grammaire. de philosophic, etc.. tires de PEncyclopedie, 
depnis la lettre A jusqu' k la lettre C, compris le mot 
eonsonne. 5. Melanges de grammaire. etc. jusqu' i 
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Note. Concluded in 'La comtesse de Charny'. 

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Xote. According to Thackeray half of this is 
borrowed from the 'Revue britannique'. 

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Contents. La bouillie. etc. — Aventures de Lyderic. 

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Contents. La boule de neige. — Le chasse-neige. 

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Contentx. Vol. 1. Deux infanticides. — Poetcs, 
peintres. et musiciens. — Desir et possession. — TJne 
mfere. — Le cure de Boulogne. — Un fait personnel. — 
Comment .i'ai faitjouer i Marseille le drame des Fores- 
tiers. — Heures de prison. — Jacques Fosse. — Le 
chateau de Pierrefonds. — Le lotus blanc et la rose 
monsseuse. 2. La retraite illuminee. — Causerie culi- 
naire. — Romulus et Pizarre. — Le cimetiere Clamart. 

— De la sculpture et des scnlpteurs. — Les gorilles. — 
Le triomphe de la paix. — Le Carmel. — Mon ami Col- 
brun. — Cas de conscience. — Un pcete anacreontique. 

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Elude de tete d'apres la bosse. 

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note. A sequel to Cooper's 'Pilot'. 

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ConUnts. Vol. 1. Les trois dames. — Les rois du 
lundi. — Une chasse aux elephants. — L'homme d'expe- 
rietice. — Les etoiles commis voyageui*s. — Un plan 
d'economie. — La figurine de Cesar. — Une fabrique de 
vases etnisques k Bourgen-Bressc. — Etat civil du comte 
de Monte-Cristo. 2. Ah ! qu'on est fier d'etre fran9ais. 

— A ceux qui vculent se mettre au theatre. — Les petits 
cadeaux de mon ami Delaporte. — Un voyage a la lune. 

— Ce qu'on voit chez madame Tussaud. — Le lion de 
l'.\ures. — Les courses d'Epsom. — Une visite & 

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Note. If Dumas' 'avant-propos' can be trusted 
this is bv G. de C'herville. 

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— Chroniques de France. 

Note. This is a general title including La comtesse 
de Salisbury, Isabel de Baviere, Jehanne la Pucelle, 
Les Medicis. Les Stuarts, iti:. 

— Le cocher de cabriolet. {In his Souv. d'Anthony.) 

Note. From this is taken D.'s drama of Angele. 

— Le collier de la reine. Nouv. ed. Paris, 

1860-63. 3 V. 18". 

Note. The 2d part of the 'Memoires d'un medecin.' 

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— Comment je devins anteur dramatique. (/n ^/(f Revue 

d. D. Mondes. 1833; and in his Theatre, v. 1. IfCS.) 

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Enff. Count of Monte Christo. New ed. 

London, 1871. 8". 
Note. The first part. 'Le chateau d'lf, is by P. A. 
Fiorentino; the sequel, 'Monte Christo', is by A. Maquet. 

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Note. Sequel of 'Ange Pitou'. 

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2 V. 18°. 

Note. Sequel of 'Memoires d'une aveugle'. 

— Conscience I'innocent. Paris, 1861. 2 v. 18°. 

Contents. Vol.1, 2. Conscience. 2. Marianna. 




- La dame de Monsoreau. Ed. illust. Paris, 

1857. 3 pts. 8°. 

- Same. Xouv. ed. Paris, 1861. 3 v. 18". 

yoU". Continuation of "La reine Margot' and 
concluded in 'Les quarante ciiiq'. 

- Les deux Diane; [par P. Meurice]. Paris, 1861. 

3 V. 18". 

A'otf. Dumaa confessed that he had' not even 
read this novel. 

- Dieu dispose. Paris, 1862. 2 v. 18". 

A'ole. Sequel of 'Le trou de I'Enfer.' 

- Dix ans plus tard. See 'Vicorate de Bragelonne'. 

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Content*. Bontekoe. — Le capitaine Marion. — 
La Junon. — Le Kent. 

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ed. Paris, 1862. 18°. 

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Invraisemblance. — Uneamek naitre. Paris, 
1860. 18". 

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Revue d. D. Mondcs. 1836.) 

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1861. 2 V. 18". 

Content*. Vol. 1. Xanon de Lartigiics. — Mme. de 
Conde. 2. La vsse. de Cambes. — L'abbaye de Peyssac. 

- En(j. War of women ; tr. by S. Spring. New 

York, 1850. 8". 

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Contf-ntn. Un casse-noisette. — L'egoiste. — Nicolas 
le pliilosophe. 

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- Impressions de vovage : Une annee k Florence. 

Paris, 1851. 18"! 

- Same. Bords du Rhin. Paris, 1854. 2 v. 18". 

- Same. Le capitaine Arena. Paris, 1854. 18". 

Sole. "Terence le tailleur' in this is not by Dumas. 

- Same. Le corricolo ; [par P. A. Fiorentino] . 

Paris, 1851. 2 V. 18". 

- Same. Midi de la France. Par., 1851. 2 v. 18". 

ybte. 'La Chasse au chastre' in v. 2 is by J. Mery. 

- Eng. Pictures of travel in the south of France. 

London, [1851]. 12". 

- Same. De Paris a Cadix. Par., 1854. 2 v. 18". 

- Same. Le sjicronare ; [par P. A. Fiorentino]. 

Paris, 1855. 2 v. 18". 

- Same. Suisse. Paris, 1851. 3 v. 18°. 

Xol'. About half of this is republished from 
the Revue d. D. Mondcs. 183.3-^. 

- Same. Le veloce. Paris. 1855. 2 v. 18". 

- Same. La villa Palmieri. Paris, 1855. 18". 

- Ingenue. Paris, 1860. 2 v. 18". 

- Isabel de Baviere. Nouv. ed. Paris, 1862. 

2 V. 18". 

Xole. Eight chapters of this were published in 
the Revue d. D. Mondi-s. 1831-32. 

- Italiens et Flamands. Paris, 1862. 2 v. 18°. 

Conl'-nt*. Vol. 1. Introd. — Masaccio. — Jean Bellin. 

— Le Perugin. — Leonard de Vinci. — Le Pinturiccio. 

— Fra Bartolomeo. — Durer. — Luca de Cranach. 2. 
Quintin Metzys. — .V. de Mantegiia. — Bald. Peruzzi. 

— Giorgione. — Razzi. .J. A. Baccio Bandinelli. — 
Andre del Sarto. — Guerard Berck-Heyden. — Jules 
Koinain. — .Jacques de Poniomio. — J. A. Sogliani. — 
Frere Philippe Lippi. — Fr. Mieris. — Alex. Botticelli. 

— A. Gaddi. — Holbein. 

- Jane. Paris, 1862. 18". 

Content*. Jane. — Un coup de fen. — Le fai- 
seur de cercueils. — Don Bernardo de Zuniga. 

Xotf. In the avant-prupos Jane is said to be 
'puisee au souvenirs de Bestuchef-Marlinsky'. 

- Jehanne la Pucelle. Paris, 1862. 18°. 

Content*. Jehanne la Pucelle. — Praxede. — 
Pierre le Cruel. 

- Joseph BaUamo. See 'Memoires d'un medecin'. 

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- Madame de Chamblav. Paris, 1862. 2 v. 18". 

- Madame de Chamblay ; drame. Paris. 1863. 8'. (E15) 

- Mile, de Belle Isle; [tr. into English]. (/« Kemble, 

F. A. Plays. 1863.) 

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- Les Medicos. Pari.s, 1860. 18". 

- Memoires de Garibaldi. 2e ed. Paris, 1861. 

.2 v. 18". 
ITote. *Mem. plus ou moins anthentiqnee'. — Lorexz. 

- Memoires d'un medicin. [ou] Joseph Balsamo. 

Nouv.ed. Paris, 1860. 5 v. 18". 

A'ote. Continued in -Le collier de la reine' and 
La comtesse de Charny'. 

- Memoires d'une aveugle, [ou] ilme. du DefFand. 

Paris, 1862. 2 v. 18". 

- Le meneur de loups. Paris, 1860. 18". 

- Mes memoires. Paris, 1863. 9 v. 18". 

- Les millc et un fantomes. Paris, 1861. 18°. 

- Les Mohicans de Paris. Pans, 1863. 4 v. 18°. 

Xote, Continued in "Saivator'. 

- Les morts vont vite. Paris, 1861. 2 v. 18". 

Content*. Vol. 1. Chateaubriand. — M. le due et 
madame la duchesse d'Orleans. — Hegesippe Moreau. 
— Beranger. 2. Eugene Sue. — Alfred de Musset. — 
Achille Deveria. — Lefevre. — Deumier. — La derniere 
annee de Marie Dorval. 

- Napoleon. Nouv. ed. Paris, 1862. 18". 

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Paris, 1861. 18". 

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3 V. 18". 

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1861. 18". 

- Le pere Gigogne. Paris, 1860, 2 v. 18". 

- Le pere La lluine. Paris, 1860. 18". 

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- Progress of democracy illustrated in the his- 

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- Les quarante- cinq ; illustres. Paris, 1857. 3 

pts. 8". 

- Same. Nouv.ed. Paris, 1862. 3 v. 18". 

Sote. A sequel to ' La reine Margot', and ' La 
dame de Monsoreau'. 

- La reine Margot. Nouv. ed. Paris, 1860. 

2 V. 18". 

Xote. Continued in 'La dame de Monsorean', 
and 'Les quaraiue-cinq'. 

- La route de Varennes. Paris, 1860. 18°. 

- Lesalteador. Paris, 1863. 18". 

- Salvator; suite et fin des 'Mohicans de Paris'. 

Nouv. ed. Paris, 186^. 5 v. 18". 
Content*. Vol. 5. Salvator. — Mgr. Gaston Phcebus. 

- La San Felice. Paris, 1864. 3 v. 18°. 

- Souvenirs d' Antony. Nouv.ed. Par., 1862. 18°. 

Content*. Cherubino et Celestini. — Le cocher de 
cabriolet. — Blanche de Beaulieu. — Un bal maisqne. — 
Jacques I. et Jacques ll. — Bernard. — Dom Martins de 

- Les Stuarts. Paris. 1863. 18". 

- Sultanetta. Paris, 1862. 18". 

jVo/#. According to tiie 'avant-propos' this is 
the work of Bestuchef-Marlinsky, rewritten by D. 




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ConientR. Vol. 1. Comment je devins aiiteur drama- 
tlquc. — La clias^e et I'amour. — La noce et I'eiiterre- 
mi'it. — Henri iii. et sa coiir. — Cliristine. — Napoleon 
Bonaparte. 2. i\iitony. — Charles vii. chez ses 
grands vassaiix. — Riehard Darlington. — Teret^a. — 
Le maride la veuve. 3. La tour de Nesle. — Angele. 

— Catherine Howard. — Don Juan de Marana. 4. 
Kean. — Piquillo. — Caligula. — Paul Jones. — L'alchi- 
iniste. 5. Mademoiselle de Belle-lsle. — Tin mariage 
sous Louis XV. — Lorenzino. — Halifax. — Les deraoi- 
Belles de Saint-Cyr. 6. Louise Bernard. — Le laiid de 
Dumbiky. — Une fille du regent. — La reine Margot. 
7. Intrigue et amour. — Le chevalier de Maison-Rouge. 

— Hamlet. — Le cachemire vert. 8. Monte-Cristo, 
le. 2e partie. — Le comte de Moncerf ; 3e partic de 
Monte Cristo. — Villefort; 4e partie de Monte-Cristo. 
9. Catilina. — La jeunessedes mousquetaires. — Les 
mousquetaires. 10. Le chevalier d'Harmental. — La 
guerre des femmes. — Le comte Hermann. —^ Trois 
entr'actes pour L'amour medecin. 11. Urbain Gran- 
dier. — Le vingl-quatre fevrier. — La chasse au chastre; 
[par J. Mevy], — La barriere de Clichy. — Le vampire. 
12. Romulus. — La jeunesse de Louis xiv. — Le mar- 
brier. — La conscience. — L'Orestie. 13. La tour Saint- 
Jacques. — Le verrou de la reine. — L'invitation a la 
valse. — Les forestiers. — L'hontieur est satisfait ; [tr. de 
I'allemande]. 14. Le roman d'Elvire. — L'envers d'une 
conspiration. — Le gentilhomme de la montagne. — La 
dame de Monsoreau. 

— Trois maitres, Paris, 1861. 18°. 

Contents. Michel-Ange. — Titien. — Raphael. 

— Les trois mousquetaires; [par A. Maquet] . 

Paris, 1853. 2 v. 8°, 

— Same. Nouv. cd. Paris, 1862. 2 v. 18". 

Kote. Contin. by "Vingt ans aprfes'. — See 

— Le trou de I'Enfer. Paris, 1862. 18°. 

— La tulipe noire. Pans, 1862, 18°. 

— Same. {In Semaine lit., v. 2.) 

— La Vendee apres le 29 juil. {In the Revue d. D. 

Mondes, v. 1. 1831.) 

— Le vicomte de Bragelonne ; [ou Dix ans plus 

tard ; par A. Maquet]. Paris, 1853. 8°. 
Kote. A sequel of 'Vingt ans apres'. 

— Same. Nouv. ed. Paris, 1860-61. 6 v. 18°. 

— TJne vie d'artiste, [E. M. Melingue]. Paris, 

1860. 18°. 
- Yingt ans apr^s; [par A. Maquet]. Paris, 
1853. 3 V. 8°. 

— Same. Nouv. ed. Paris, 1863. 18°. 

Note. A continuation of 'Les trois mousque- 
taires'; continued by 'Le vicomte de Bragelonne'. 

— Voyages de Gabriel Payot. {In Revue d. D. Mondes, 

V. 2. 1836.) 

Note. In Michel Levy's edition of 'Dumas' CEu- 
vres completes' are also included Du Couret's Ara- 
hie, Scott's Ivanhoe. and Cumming's Vie au desert. 

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Note. First published in 1721. 

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from his journal. (//» V. S. Prtsidetit. iiiaausc' 
1806. B 485) i>ies»age. 

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and W. Dunbar and his 'defenders'. Edin Must ao 
(B1720) "JU-, io«. ». 

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cord, 1860. 8°. 




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and the remedy ; address before the Amer. Phys. 
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1841. 8°. (B 1664) 

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sermon before Soc. in .Scotl. for I'rop Chris. Knowl., 
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Nov. 8, 1778. MS. 
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Hole. These six works form part of Jardine's 
•Naturalists' lib.' 

Catalogue of coleopterous insects in the neighborhood 

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_ Same. Albany, 1804. 16°. 

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cles Lebens als Leitfaden eines Gesctzbuchs 

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— Another copy. (A 16) 

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8°. (B 1418) 

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[in vindication of his conduct]. London, 1805. 8°. 
(B 1412) 

— Aiwiher (.opy. (B 1526) 

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clining to treat at present with France. i..ondon, 
1800. 8°. (B636) 

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against M. 2d ed. London. 1805. 8°. (B 1526) 

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and G. Rose relative to the construction of a naval 
arsenal at Northfleet. London, 1810. 8". (B 1744) 

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1806. 8". 
Same. With a sketch of his life and the pro- 
ceedings in Parliament. London. 1806. 8°. 
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of Arniston. {In Roy. Soc. of Edin. Trans., v. 2. 

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wiener October- Revolution. Wien, 1849. 8°. 
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Dunducketty's picnic; a farce. Sfe Williams, T. J. 
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(E 27) 
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_ New remedies. Phila., 1839. 8°. 

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See Long, G. 




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1838-40. 3 V. 8". 
Contnitit. Vol. 1. Babington, B. Morbid conditions 
of the blood. — Brodie, Hir B. C. lA-ctures illust. of 
local nervous affections. — Itard, J. E. M. G. Surgical 
treatment of destfness. — Farr, \V. Formulary of new 
medicines. — Bright, R. Observ. illu^t. of renal dis. ac- 
conip.with albuminous urine. — Andral, G. On grippe 
or epidem. influenza; tr. by T. F. Betton. — Louis, A. 
Mem. on proper method of examining a patient; tr. by 
H. I. Bowditch. — Cormack, J. R. Treat, on chem. 
med. and physiol. properties of creosote. — Andral, G. ; 
Observ. oti treat, of tj'phoid fever by purgatives, by De 
Larroque; tr. by J. R. Atkinson. — DalKiis, (f Amiens. 
Keport on animal magnetism. — Beck, C. J. On applic. 
of ligature to arteries: tr. by E. G. Davis. — Maunoir, 
T. On cataract; tr. by H. I. Bowditch. — Clutter- 
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Sir B. C. Pathol, and surg. observ. rel. to injuries of 
spinal cord. — Bume, J. Of inflammation, chronic dis- 
ease, ttr. — Louis, A. Ou emphysema of lungs; tr. by 
T.Stewardson. — Taylor, A. S. Observ. and exper. on 
lungs of new-born children, in rel. to med. jurisprudence. 
2. Syme, J. Diseases of the rectum. — Osborne, .1. 
Nature and treat, of dropsical diseases. — Coalson, W. 
Diseases of bladder. — Clendinning, J. Pathology of 
heart. — Row^land, U. Treatise on ;ieuralgia. — Don- 
glison, R. Observ. on condition of insane poor. — 
Cooper, Sir A. On spermatocele. — Lallemand, C. F. 
Involuntary seminal discharges: tr. by W. Wood. 3. 
Stokes, W. State of heart, and use of wine in typhus 
fever. — Taylor, A. S. Perforations of stomach, from 
poisoning, ttc. — Ashwell, 8. On incision in cases of 
occlusion, etc. — Hughes, H. M. On fibrinous concre- 
tions of heart. — Carpenter, W. B. I'hysiological in- 
ferences. eU;. — Scoutetten, H. Radical cure of club- 
foot. — Key, C. A. Report of primary syphilitic cases. 
— Henry, W. C. Physiol, of nervous system. — Graves, 
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Med. Soc. Publ., 1S6.5 ) 

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Warren. {In Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc. lS6i>-«7.) 

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of the plain titt". «.</>. [18— ]. 8°. (B 340) 

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the appellant. New York, 1817. 8°. (B 340) 

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at Michillimakkinak. lat. 46° N. and long. 81° 30' W., 
Aug. ]8o-2-.\pr. 1803. (/» Amer. Acad. Mem., 
V. a. 1809.) 

— Answer to the 'Vindication of the trustees of Dart- 

mouth College' in confirmation of the -Sketches'; 
with remarks on the removal of Pres. Wheelock. 
Hanover, 1816. 8°. (B444] 

— Funeral oration on G. Washington. Oxford, Jan. 1.5. 

Boston. [1800]. 8°. (E 48, W 55) 
■ — Oration. Hanover, before Franklin Lodge of Free 
Masons. June 24. .5796. Hanover, 1796. 8". (B 1271) 

— Oration, Hanover, July 4. Hanover. [1798]. 8°. (W53) 

— Oration in commemoration of the birth of Washington, 

Windsor, Feb. 22. Windsor, Vu, 1814. 8°. (B 937, 

— Same. (In Washington, G. Eulosries. 1800.) 

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8°. (B 416) 
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Sweden, and Norway. London, 1839-40. 
3 V. 16". (Lardner. Cab. eye.) 

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Britain. London. 1836-38. 3 v. 16° (Lard- 
ner. Cab. eye.) 
Contents. Vol.1. St. Columba. — Alfred the Great. 

— Chaucer. — Heywood. — Spenser. 2. Shakcspear. 

— Jonson. — Beaumont and Fletcher. — Massing^-r. — 
Ford. — Webster and the Minor dramatists. 3. Shir- 
ley. — Davenant. — Otway. — Lee. — Mrs. Aphara 
Behn. — Shadwell. — Wycherley. — Vanbrugh. — Con- 
greve. — Farquhar. — Cibber. — Mrs. Centlivre. — Mur- 
phy. — Cumberland. — Mrs. Cowley. 

Dunham and Trae's almanac for 1796. calculated for Hano- 
ver. N. H. Hanover. [1795]. 8°. (E 28) 

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the Dunkers in Lancaster Co. ; with a short history 
of that religious society, by C. Endress. (/» Penn. 
Hist. Soc. Mem., v. 2. 1827.) 

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bly of Canada, against the 2d reading of the 
'Act to define seigniorial rights in Lower 
Canada', etc. Quebec, 1853. 8°. 

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on the stars and planets. London, 1869. 8°. 

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Dunkirk. London, 1794. 4". 

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1713. 8°. (B 756) 

— Map. Amst.. [17— 1. (E 60) 

Dunkirk or Dover ; or. The queen's honoar at stake. Lon- 
don. 1713. 8°. (B 589) 

Dunkler Wald und gelbe Diine; [von "W. Niim- 
berger]. Leipzijg, 1856. 8°. 

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8«. (B557) 

— Oration. Salem, July .5. Salem, 1819. S". (B 557) 

— Speech in defence of A. Kneeland. on an indictment 

for blasphemy. Boston. 1834. 8°. (B 1441, 1809) 

— C.\T.A.i.OGlE of the library of A. Dunlap, sold at auc- 

tion. Boston, 1835. 8°. (B 1617) 
Diuilap, Robert P. Message to the legislature of Maine, 

Jan. Augusta, 1836. 8°. (B 1721) 

See alto Maine. Goxurnor. (B 1718) 
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[with Andre's] letters to Miss Seward. The cow 

chace, etc. N. IT.. 1798. 8°. (B 471) 

— The glory of Columbia, n.t.p. [18—]. 16". (D 43) 

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1832". 8°. 

— History of the arts of design in the United 

States. New York, 1834. 2 v. 8°. 

— History of the New Netherlands, province of 

New York, and state of New York to 1789. 
New York, 1839-40. 2 v. 8°. 

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York, 1813. 2 v. 12°. 

— Wife of two husbands ; a drama. ;N". Y., 1804. 24°. (D 43) 

— Yankee chronology; a musical interlude in one act. 

New York, Dec. 1812. ir. (C 6) 
Dunlavy, John. The manifesto ; Doctrine and prac- 
tice of the church of Christ. N. Y., 1847. 8°. 

— The nature and character of the church of 

Christ proved by plain evidences ; being 
extracts from the writings of D. New York, 
1850. 12". 

— Plain evidences by which the tme church of Christ may 

be known. Albany. 183*. 12". (0 221) 
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influence in Europe and over Germany. London, 

18.5o. S°. (B 1534) 
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Pamphleteer, 1818: v. 11 of B 838) 
Danlop, Hugh. Agreements entered into with the anthori- 

ties of Vera Cruz. See Great Britain. 
Danlop, James. Digest of general laws of the 

United States. Phila., 1856. 8°. 

— Memorial on the controversy between W. Penn and 

Ld. Baltimore, respecting the boundaries of Penn. 
and Md. {In Penn. Hist. Soc. Mem., v. 1. 1826.) 
Dunlop, John. History of fiction. 2d ed. Edin., 
1816. 3 v. 12". 

— History of Roman literature, to the Augustan 

age. Phila., 1827. 3 v. 8°. 

— Memoirs of Spain under Philip iv. and Charles 

II. Edin., 1834. 8". 
Dunlop, John. Anti-duel ; plan for the abrogation 

of duelling. London, 1843. 8°. 
Dunlop, MistHfs Madeline ancZ Rosalind. See Wallace-Don- 

lop, M. und R. 
Dunlop, 11. H. Wallace. Hunting in the Himalaya. 

London, 1860. 8°. 




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ica. London, 1847. 12". 

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confession, etc. ; an account of the uses of 
creeds, etc. 2d ed. London, 1724. 8". 

— Memoirs of the life and character of W. Guthrie, (/n 

Select biog., v. 2. 1847.) 

— Statistical sketches of Upper Canada. London, 

1832. 12". 
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1829." 8". 

— Liber librorum ; its structure, limitations, and 

purpose. London, 1867. 8". 

— Sketches: Joseph Lancaster; W.Allen. Lon- 

don, 1848. 18". 

— Closb, liev. F. Justification of the charges against 

the Brit, and For. School Soc. by F. Close and others ; 

a rejoinder to D. London, 1839. 8". (B 1183) 
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biog. V. 2. 1866.) 
Dunn, James C. Biography of Horace S. Dunn. (/» Har- 
vard mem. biog., v. 2. 1866.) 
Dunn, John. On a passage of Giov. Leoni. (/» Roy. 

Irish Acad. Trans., v. 15. 1828.) 
Dunn, JifV. John. Sermon : burning of the Epis. Ch. at 

Grand Nomau. J^^^ew Brunswick, 1841. 8". (B 1288) 
Dunn, John. The Oregon Territory; and British 

N. Amer. fur trade. Phila., l'84o. 12". 
Dunn, Nathan. Descriptive catalogue of the 

Chinese collection in Philadelphia. Phila., 

1839. 8°. 

— Wines, E. C. Peep at China in Dunn's Chinese 

collection. Phila., 1839. 8". 
Dunn, Robinson I'otter. Study of English in elementary 

courseof educ. (/» Amer. Inst. Instr. Lect., 1857.) 
Dunn, I'i'of. Samuel. Descr. and use of the univ. 

planispheres. London, 1759. 8°. 

— New atlas of variations of magnetic needle. 

London, 1776. f". 

— Navlok, S. Dunn's linear tables described. Boston. 

[ISU.J]. 8°. (B 981) 
Dunn, lifV. Samuel. Socinianism, as contained in 21 publi- 
cutions of G. Harris, investigated and confuted. 
[N'ewcastle-on-Tyne. 1846J. 8". (C 242) 

— H.-VKUis, G. Christian Unitarianism, what it really is; 

in reply to misr-tatements of D. Newcastle-on- 
Tyne, 1846. 12". (C 242) 

Dunn, 'I'lioroas. Discourse, Oct. 21, before the N. T, 
[Emigration] Soc. New York, n.d. 8°. (B 686) 

Dunn, lift. VVni. Sermon at the opening of the synod of 
Glasgow and Air, Oct. 9. Glasgow, 1792. 8°. 
(B311, 1860) 

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phleteer, 1820; V. 16 of B 838) 

Dunn Browne, /iKeiid. ^ee Fiske, Capt. 8. 

Dunne, J. Notices rel. to some of the native tribes of N. 
America. ( /h Boy. Irish Acad. Trans., v. 9. 1803.) 

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D. {In his Lives of Brit, lawyers, v. 2. 1841.) 

Dunning, Richard. Obs. on vaccination. London, 
1800. 8". 

Dunning, T. J. Account of London consolidated Soc. of 
Bookbinders. — Predatory instinct of man. — Prin- 
ciple of exchange in relation to the science of politi- 
cal economy. {In Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. 
Trades' soc. 1860.) — Labour in connexion with 
trades' unions. {In 1861.) 

Dunois. Mazas, A. {Jn his Vies des fr., v. 5. 1845.) 

Dunoyer, Bartlielemy Charles Pierre Joseph. J.,es classes 
diiiigereuses d'une grande ville. {In Paris. Inst. 
Ac. (/. Si.i. JJor. Mem., v. 2. 1839.) — Comment il est 
pouivu. en Angleterre, dans les travaux reputes 
daiigereu.x aux inteiets d'ordrcf'te. {I?i v. 10. 1860.) 

Duns Scotus, Johannes. Questiones quolibetales 
cum Collationibus ejusdtm ; et tractatu* de 
pri'mo reruOT pr/ncipioatquetheoremata; nec- 
non Mauricii llibernici de Portu epithomata 
castigationuw in De prmio prmcipio et 
Theorem ata. Paris., 1513, f". 

— Taillaxdier, R. G. E. Scot Erigene et la 

philosophic scholastique. Slrasboui'g, 1843. 8". 

Diinsky, H. D. Statement on the present timber and deal 
trade, as regards Europe and the Brit. Amer, colo- 
nies. {In Pamphleteer, 1821 ; v. 18 of B 838) 

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N. Y. Central R. R. Supreme court of N. Y. ; and exceptions. Albany, 1870. 8". 

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ship of 1)., etc. Na.shua,'l846. 12". 

Dunstable, Priory of. {In Luard, H. it. Ann. monast., 
V. 3. 1866.) 

Dnnstan, iSt., Atxhbp. of Cantirlmry. Osbern.o/ Canttr- 
bury. Vita S. D. — Alia vita. {In Acta sauct., 
V. 17. 1866.) 

Dunster, Henry. Letterto Prof. Ravis, [1648?]. (/« Mass. 
Hist. Soc. Col., V. 31. 1862.) — Papers. {In v. 32. 

Dunster, Isaiah. A. 31. Ministerial authority, sermon at the 
instalment of J. Green, Jr., at Yarmouth, Sept, 15, 
1762. Boston, 1763. 8". (B 1092) 

— Flint rul Herman on. 1791. See Mellen, J., t/r. (C21) 
Dunton, John. Letters from New England, 1686. 

Boston, 1867. 4". (Prince Soc.) 

— Life and errors of D.; bv himself. London, 

1818. 2 V. 8". 

— Siime. Extr.act. (/« Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 12. 1814.) 
Dnodecennium luctuosum. See Mather, C. 1714. (0 15) 
Dupain de Montesan, — . Vocabulaire de guerre. 

Paris, 1783. 12". 
Dupaix, Guillaume. Antiquites mexicaines ; troia 

expeditions du D., 1805-07. Paiis, 1834. 

2 V. f". 
Contents. Antiquites. — Parallele de ces monuments 
avec ceux de I'Egypte, de riiido.-itan. etc. \ par A. Le- 
noir. — Diss, sur I'origine de I'ancienne population des 
deux Araeriques; par D. B. Warden. — Discours pre- 
lim. ; par F. Charles Farcy. — Notes et documents ; par 
Baradere, de St. I'riest, etc. 

— Monuments of New Spain. {In King, R. Antiq. of 

Mexico, V. 4. 1830.) — Viages sobre las aiitigUedades 
mejicanas y {In v. 5.) — Monuments 
of New Spain. {In v. 6. 1831.) 
Dupanloup, Felix Antoine Philibert, Bp. of Orleans. 
La femme studieuse. Paris, 1869. 16". 

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dedotta dalla quantita di truppe fornite da' Roman! 
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Ricerche sopra I'eta in cui la sede ed il culto delle 
Muse si trasporto dal Monte Olimpo in su quelli del 
Parnaso, dell' Elicona, Pindo, ec. vera epoca della 
cirilizzazione e prima coltura letteraria della Gre- 
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caccia. — Delle anticbe contese de pastori di Val di 
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Note. See Mendham's Index of prohib. books, 1840, 

pp. 7o-83. He regards this as a fictitious composition 

of Pjetro Paulo Vergerio. 

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(A 10) 
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Durham, Shnte. Bp. of. See Barrington. 
Dorham, Ricardus, Bp. of. See Aongerville. 




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I^ote, For a list see Surtees Society. 

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[also. In memoriam, by H. C. Cameron; 

and Roll of the alumni who served]. Phila., 

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(New York Hist. Soc.) 
Dutch country, people, etc. See Netherlands. 
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Dutch East India Co. See Oost Indische Compagnie. 
Dutch expedition vindicated; with obs. on the emigrants. 

London, 1799, 8">, (B 1410) 




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Spezielle Handels correspondenz in sechs 
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Hoog- en Xeederduitsen taalen ; in beide de 
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See aUo Flemish language ; — Friesland. 
Dutch Literature. Bibliography. 

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duitsche boeken, 1660-1761 ; tot 1787 ver- 
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Rotterdam, 1788. 4". 

Continued in 

— JoxG, J. de. Alphabetische naamlijst van 

boeken welke 1790-1831 in X. Xederland zijn 
uitgekomen. s'Gravenh., 1832-35. 2 v. 4° 
Continued in 

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boeken, enz., 1833-49. Amst., 1858. 4°. 

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alog der pamfletten-verzameling van de boe- 
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Note. Van der Aa in his 'Biog. woordenboek d. Xed- 

erlanden' adds to the life of each person a full list of 

his writing*, and 'Kohvaand Rivecoiirt'8 'Befcnoptbiog. 

haandwoordenboek' contains some similar information. 


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Xieuwe Xederlandsche bibliotheek nen deels 

le stuk, iven deels le stuk. 8°. 

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See also Belgium. ; — Brabant. 


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2. Hollandische Volkslieder. 3. Floris ende Blance- 

floer door Diederlc van Assenede. 4. Caerl ende 


Xote. The Library has works in Dutch by the following 
authors : Blondeel, V. .J. ; — Bogaert, A. ; — Bosboom, 
A. L. ; — Groen van Prinsterer, G. ; — Hage, J. van den ; 
— Hooft, P. C. ; — Lennep, J. van ; — Loons, G. van ; — 
Rotgans, L. ; — Steendam, J. ; — Wolff, B.B.; — see alw 
Eiaminator ; aliio Hatin's Les gazettes de Hollande, 
and the names of such Dutchmen as have written en- 
tirely or chiefly in Latin, as Arminios, Erasmus, Gro- 
tins, Lipsius, Scaliger. 
Dutch Trading Company. See Dekker, E. D. 
Dutch West India Co. See West-Indische Compagnle. 
Dutchesse of JIalfy. The; a drama. See Webster, J. 
Dutchman's fireside; bv J. K. Paulding. Xe-w 

York, 1831. 2 v. 12° 
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97. 3 V. 4°. 
ContenU. Vol. 1. Origine des decouvertes attribnees 
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de med.iilles grecques et phenicienoes avec una paleo- 
graphic numismatiqne. 

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gleterre, 1788, 89. 3e ed. Londres, 1791. 8». 

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uted to the modems. London, 1769. 8°. 

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I'Europe, 1768-83. 5e ed. Lond., 1786. S", 

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more. London, 1782. 8°. 

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isles de S. Christophe, de la Guadeloupe, etc. 
Paris, 1654. 4°. 

Du TheU, Fran9ois Jean GabrieL See Laporte du TheiL 
F. J. G. de. 

Duthilloeul, Hippolyte Remain Joseph. Biblioora- 
phie douaisienne ; livres imprimes a Douai. 
Xouv. ed. augm. Douai, 1842. 8°. 

Duties, Ctistoms. See the names of various countries. 

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ieuses en France. Paris, 1846. 8". 

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servir a I'histoire de la fSte des foux. Lau- 
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and other provinces of South America. {In Church- 
ill, O. and .J. Col. of voy.. v. 6. 1746.) 

DuUon, Aaron. The sospel the power of God; sermon 
ordination of T. Raegles, Derby. Auff. 3L N^ew 
Haven. 1S09. S". /B 1317) 

— Importance of a faithful execution of law: sermon 

Conn. Soc. Prom. Good Morals, Oct. 18. Jfew 

Haven, 1S15. 8". (B 1288) 
Dutton, Amy. ITie streets and lanes of a city. 

London and Xew York, 1871. 16° 
Dotton. Francis 8. Account of the colony of S. Australia. 

(/« Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 1862.) 
Dutton, George. The present crisis ; or. The currency • by 

Bank Crash, E«q. [Rochester, Jf. Y.,] 1857.' S*. 

(B 1545) 
Dutton, Henry. Speech at the Litchfield Co. centennial 

celebration. See Litchfield County. 
Dutton, Matthew R. Elementary treatise on conic 

sections, spherical geometry, and trigonom- 
etry. X'ew Haven, 1824. 8°. 
Dutton, Salmon. Examination of the modem doctrine of 

future punishment: with hist, of the author's Ufe. 

Boston. 1S19. S". (B 286) 

— Observations on Matthew xxv. 2 Cor. v. 10, Prov i 

25-27, 33. Eccles. viii.. 8. Windsor, 1815. 12*. (C 118) 
Dutton, Warren. Address to the members of the bar of 
Suffolk. Boston. 1819. 8'. (B 447) 

— Oration. .July 4. Boston. Boston, [1805]. 8*. (B 394) 

— Present state of literature; poem at Tale Colleee 

Bept. 10. Hartford, 1800. 8*. (B 629, 643. 1233) ' 




Dutton children, History of the, etc. n.t.p. 1859. 16°. (C 255) 
Duty of a, Christian in a trying situation ; letter to the 

author of 'The mediator's kingdom', etc. New 

York. 1810. 8°. (B 273) 

See Remarks on -The duty', etc. 1810. (B 608) 
Duty of a freeman ; address to the electors of Gr. Brit. 

n.p., n.d. 8°. (B 767) 
Duty of conservative Whigs in the present crisis; letter to 

R. Choatc. Boston, 1856. 8°. (B 1507) 
Duty of praying for others enforced by the success of pray- 
ers for Peter's deliverance. London, 1757. 8°. (B 57) 
Duvair, Guillaume. Niceron, J. P. {In hU Mem., v. 43.) 
Duval, Vabbe. Les stalles de la cathedrale d' Amiens. 1843. 

See Jourdain. 
Duval, Alexandre Vincent Pineu. Maison ftvendre; com- 

edie. (part of a volume). 8°. (B 1627) 

— Reponse. {In Paris. Inst. Ac. Fr. Recueii des disc, 

Duval, Amaury. See Amaury Duval. 
Duval, Amaury Pineu. Fontaines de Paris. Paris, 

1813. P. 
Du Val, Andre. Niceron, J. P. {In his Mem., v. 31. 

Duval, Francois, marq. de Fontenay-Mareuil. Memoires. 

{In Michaud and Poujoulat. Col. des mem., v. 19. 

1854; and Petitot. Col. des mem., le ser., v. 50, 51.) 
Duval, Jules. Histoire de I'emigration au xixe 

sifecle. Paris, 1862. 8° 

— Les puits artesiens du Sahara. {In Paris. See. de 

G6og. Bui.. 5e ser.. v. 13. 1867.) 

— Les societes cooperatives. {In Th6venin, E. Cours 

d'economie industrielle, 3e ser. 1866.) 

Duval, Valentin Jaracry. Davenpoht, R. A. Life of D. 
{In his Lives of individuals who have raised them- 
selves to eminence. Fam. lib., v. 79.) 

Duvall, \Vm. P. See M'Kee, 8. 

Duvallon. See Berquin'.Duvallon. 

Du Veil, Charles Marie. Commentary on the Acts ; 
ed. for the Hanserd KnoUys Soc., by F. A. 
Cox, London, 1851. 8°. 

— Literal explanation of the Acts ; added, a trans. 

of a dissertation about baptism for the dead, 

by F. Spanhemius filius. London, 1685. 16°. 
Du Verdier, Antoine, sieur de Vauprivas. and Claude. 

NiCERON, J. P. {In his Mem., v. 24. 1733.) 
Duvergier de Hauranne, Ernest. Huit mois en 

Anierique. Paris, 1866. 2 v. 12° 
Duvergier de Hauranne, Prosper. Histoire du 

governement parlementaire en France, 1814- 

48. Paris, 1857-71. 10 v. 8°. 
^rote. Vol. 10 ends with 1830. 

Numerous articles.] {In Revue d. D. Mondes.) 

Duverney, Joseph Guichard. Tractatus de organo 

auditus ; e Gallico Latina versio nova. Lugd. 

Bat., 1730. 4° 

NiCERON, J. P. {In his Mem., v. 25. 1734.) 

Du Vemois, le chevalier Adrien Marie Francois de Verdy. 

See Verdy du Vernois, A. M. F. de. 
Duveyrier, Anne Honore Joseph, and Carmouclie, 

P. F. A. Dwa pojedynki, komedya ; tlum. 

przez L. zD.Z. W Warszawie, 1838. 16°. 

(Teatra Warszawskie, pt. 3, v. 2.) 
and Leroux, H. Zachod slonca, komedyo- 

opera ; tlum. przez F. Szymanowskiego. W 

Warsz., 1837. 16°. (Teatra Warsz., pt. 1, v. 1.) 

— L'ambassadeur. 1837. See Scribe, A. E. 

— Zoe. 1839. See Scribe, A. E. 

Duveyrier, Honore Nicholas Marie. Procfea-verbal, etc. 

1790. See Bailly, J. S. 
Dnvivier, Charles Pierre Girault. See Girault-Duvivier, 

C. P. 
Du Vivier, Jean. Nouveau livre de cartouche pour orne- 

mens des armes. Paris. 1712. f". (E 118) 
Duvoisin, Jean Baptiste. Examen des principes de 

la revolution fran^aise. Wolfenb., 1795. 8°. 
Duxbury, Mass. Bradford, A. Topographical 

description of Duxborough. {In Mass. Hist. Soc. 

Col., V. 2. 1793.) 

Notes on D. {In Mass. Hist. Soc. Col. v. 20. 1823.) 

. Landing of the French Atlantic ca bleat D., 

July. Boston, 1869. 8°. 

— WiNSOR, J. History of D. Boston, 1849. 8°. 

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Cyclopa;dia of American literature. New 
York, 1855. 2 v. 8° 

Supplement. New York, 1866. 2 v. 8°. 

Dvorjak, Ch. Memoire sur le cholera. St. Peters- 

bourg, 1848. 8°. 
Dwarfs. See Boruwlaski, Count ; — Stratton, C. 8. fTom 

Dwarfs, The country of the. See Du Chaillu, P. B. 
Dwarris, Sir Fortunatus. Letter to the Lord Chancellor of 
Eng. on his proposed scheme for the consolidation 
of the statute law. 2ded. Lond.,1853. 8°. (B1433) 
Dwight, Benjamin Woodbridge. Modern philology ; 
its discoveries, history, and influence. [1st 
ser., 3d ed.] New York, 1864. 2 v. 8°. 
Contents. 1st ser. Historical sketch of the Indo-Eu- 
ropean languages. — History of modern philology. — 
Science of etymology. — 2d ser. Comparative phonology. 
— Comparative English etymology. 

Ifote. Mostly repub. from the Biblioth. sacra. 

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ybte. For works edited by D.. usually with notes and 
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Green, R. ; — Kemp, W. ; —Marlowe. C. ; — Middleton, 
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See also Electro-dynamics ; — Mechanics ; — 
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^ote. Attributed to S. Willard. 

E., R. Inconsistency of several passages in Watts' hymns 
with Scripture and with each other. — Sup- 
posed inability of man to do anything towards his 
own salvation. — Thoughts on heaven as a place. 
{In Philadelphia. Ist Society of Unitarian Chris- 
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E.J ; added, Five letters from the author of* 
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2ibte. Each letter has a title-page. 

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Contentn. Church music, and other parochials. — 
Medical attendance, and other parochials. — A few hours 
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— Sitting for a portrait. — Are there not great boasters 
among us? — Temperance and teetotal societies. — 
Thackeray's lectures: Swift. — The Crystal Palace. 

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Hastings, on the decline of the exj^ort trade. 
London, 1783. 8°. 

■ - Letter to E. Burke, on the state of justice in 

Bengal. London, 1783. 8°. 

- - 2d letter to Burke, on the state of justice in 

Bengal, Bahar, and Orissa. Lond., 1783. 8°. 




3d letter to Burke, London, 1783. 8°. 

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to whom the petition of B. Lacam was re- 
ferred. London, 1783. 8". 

Letter to the proprietors and directors of East 

India stock. London, 1783. 81 

Ministerial almanack, [on the] patronage now to be 

transferred from the Co. to the Crown. London, 
1783. 8°. (B 766) 

Saddle put on the right horse ; an enquiry- 
why certain persons have been denominated 
nabobs. London, 1783. 8°. 

Series of facts shewing the present political 

state of India as concerns the powers at war. 
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Short commercial and political letter. London, 1783. 

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See ftlno India (_ITiitory), esp. MlLU 
East India Company, Dutch. See Dutch Exist India Co. 
East India Company, French. See Compagnie des Indes. 
East India i)ilot. See Heather, W. 
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Note. In 1848 and after, this is entitled East India reg- 
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See also Borneo. 
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Oriextal navigator; with trader's guide. 

Phila., 1801. 81 
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to the East Indies ; with notes, etc., by J. R. 

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Natural history. 
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See also Anam ; — Aracan ; — Assam ; — Batavia ; 
— Burmah ; — Cambodia ; — India ; — Malacca ; — 
Malay Archipelago ; — Siam. 
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See also Belisarius ; — Byzantium ; — Civil law ; — 
Comneni ; — Constantinople ; — Crusades ; — Greece ; 
— Rome ; — Trebizond ; — and the names of Byzan- 
tine emperors. 
Eastern Hemisphere. Map. Anville, J. B. B. d'. 
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See alio Abnaki ; — Deerfield ; — Lovewell, Capt. 
J.; — Indians; — Kennebeck; — New England 
{Uivtory). Walpole. 

Eastern question. See Turkey. 

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2 V. 8". 
Contents. Vol. 1. Fine arts, — Criterion of specific 

— style; Scriptural and legendary subjects of the Middle 
Ages. — Origin of the modern German school of fresco 
painting. — State and prospect of the English schooL 

— Representation distinguished from description. — 
Sculpture. — Basso-relievo. — Painting; styles and 
methods suited to the decoration of public buildings. — 
Life of Raphael. — Notes from Kugler's hand-book. — 
Extracts from the trans, of Goethe's Theory of colours. 

— Decoration of a villa. 2. Memoir of E. — List of 
works by E. — How to observe. — Difference between 
language and art; the beautifnl and the sublime; repre 
sentations of the Saviour. — Characteristic differeuces 
between the formative arts and descriptive poetry. 

— Materials for a historv of oil painting. Lon- 

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Montreal. 1815. 8<'. (B 1253) 

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1805.] n.t.p. 8°. (B 426) 

— Objections to the return of J. Scott as delegate from 

Missouri, n.p., 1816. 8". (B 1000) 
Easton, Wm. C. Eulogium on Lafayette, in Washington 

Sept. 15. Wash., 1834. 8">. (B 1220) ' 

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Eastport. "Weston, J, D, History of E. and' 

vicinity. Boston, 1834. 8°. 




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rials of E. London, 1870. 4°. 

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Eastward lioe. See Jonson, B.. and others. 

Eastward hoe. See Marston, J. 

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London, Murray, 1859. 2 v. 12". 

Contents. Vol. 1. Madras. 2. Bombay. 

— Journal of a diplomate's three years' residence 

in Persia. London, 1864. 2 v. 8°. 

— Venezuela ; life in a South Amer. republic, 

with the history of the loan of 1864. 2d ed. 

London, 1868. 8". 
Easy lessons for infant classes in Sabbath schools. 

Worcester, 1834. 24". 
Easy lessons on money matters ; [by E,. Whately]. 

London, 1853. 24". 
Easy lessons on reasoning ; [by E,. Whately] . 

London, 1853. 12". 
Easy Nat ; or, Boston bars and Boston boys. Boston, 1844. 

8°. (B 1280) 
Easy sliaving; a farce. See Bumand, F. C, and Wil- 
liams, M. 
Eata, Bishop of Hexham. Vita. (/» Surtees See. Miscel. 

biog. 1838.) 
Eaton, — 'i Address to my influential neighbours, etc., of 

Brimtield. H.p., '98 [1798]. 8". (B 195) 

— Keply to an 'Address' by the great I. n.p., 

'98 [1798]. 8°. 
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district adjoining Erie Canal, N. Y. Pt. 1. 
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— Geological and agricultural survey of Rensse- 

laer County, N. Y. Albany, 1822. 8°. 

— Another copy. (B 981) 

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ter, etc., 1818. 8". (B 816) 

— name. 2d ed. Troy, N. Y., 1820. 12". 

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discourse, Dec. 28, 1823. Boston, 1824. 8". (B 530) 

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_ Same. 5th ed. London, Bohn, 1852. 2 v. 8°. 

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tory of St. George's and neighboring settle- 
ments on the Waldo Patent. Ilallowell, 
1851. 8", 

— History of Thomaston, Rockland, and South 

Thomaston, Me. Hallowell, 1865. 2 v. 12°. 
Eaton, Daniel Cady. Statistics of the class of 1857 
of Y'ale College. New Y'ork, 1861. 8". 

— Filices Wrightianae et Fendlerianoe. nempe in Insula 

Cuba a Carolo Wright et in Venezuela ab Aug. 
Fendler, ann. 1854-60. (//j Amer. Acad. Mem., 
U.S., V. 8. 1861.) 
Eaton, Daniel Isaac. Cursory strictures on the 
charge delivered by Chief Justice Eyre to the grand 
jury, Oct. 2. London, 1794. 8°. (B 1433) 

— PiiocEEDiNGS on the trial of D. for selling a 

libel, the 2d part of the 'Rights of man', by 
T. Paine, 1793. 2d ed. London, n.d. 8". 

— Triai, for publishing a libel, 'Politics for the 

people', 1794. London, n.d. 8". 
-— Same. New York, 1794. 8°. (B 695) 

— Trial for selling 'A letter addressed to the 

addressers', by T. Paine, 1793. Lond.,>i.f/. 8". 

— Another copiy. (B 695) 

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gious truth ; proceedings of the Soc. of Bap- 
tists in York. London, 1823. 12". 

— Same. York, 1800. 8°. (B 131, 136) 

— Lecture on the practical uses of Christian baptism. 

Mar. 26. London. 1826. 8°. (B 1339) 

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1794. 8°. (B 1433) 

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stood by the Ch. of Eng., in answer to "Scripture the 
only guide'. York, 1800. 8°. (B 1409) 

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lonely watch; a song. Augusta. [186-]. 4". — Now 
that you love me, darling ; words by J. A. Augustin. 
Augusta, [186-]. 4°.— There's life in the old land 
yet; words by J. K. Randall. Augusta, [186-]. 4°. 
— Violette; or, I'm thinking of a flower; words by 
M.C.Kennedy. Augusta. [186-]. 4°. (E 171) 

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Chester, 1852. 8°. 

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metic. Boston, 1861. 18". 

— Treatise on arithmetic. Boston, 1857. 12". 
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the most dangerous dead faith. {In Cudworth, W. 
Christ alone exalted. 1747.) 
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Wash., 1831. 8°. (B 1099) 

— Life of Andrew Jackson. 1817. See Reid, J. 
Eaton, John Matthews. Treatise on breeding and 

managing pigeons, London, 1858. 8". 

Note. This Is 'The columbarium, by J. Moore', 
with add. by E. 
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author and a funeral sermon, by E. Forbes. 
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Soc. at the Ag. Exhibition in Topsfleld, Oct. 2, 1822. 
Salem. 1823. 8". (B 1363) 

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1819. 8°. (B 958, 1830) 

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region of Venango Co., Penn. Phila., 
1866. 12". 

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sitions and scriptures for the congregationaTway 
justified ; answer to an epistle by li. Holhngworth. 
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Buriiswick, 1820. 8°. (B 1208) 

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U. S., [dated] Mediterranean, Aug. 9, 1805. n.t.v. 
12». (0104) 

— Speech. Mar. 1, on the resolutions to amend the U. 8. 

constitution, rel. to the removal of judges otherwise 
than by impeachment, Portland, [1808], 8°. (B426) 

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Bibl. rer. Germ., v. 6. 1869.) 
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of the United States', 1794. {In Mass. Hist. Soc. 
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Col., v. 18. 1819.) 

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Lesebuch. Leipzig, 1847. 4°. 




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Nachrichten saltzburgischen Emigranten. 
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(B 1448) 

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isches Lexikon. Leipzig, 1821-30. 2 v. 4". 

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Cont. Vol.1. A -E. 2. F-L. 3. M-P. 4. Q - Z. 

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Saramtl. Schrift., v. 29. 1794.) 

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Ebn. For Arabic names beginning with this word see Ibn. 

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(In Historische Zeitschrift, v. 7. 1S62.) 

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pires de Xinive, de Babylone. et d'Ecbatane. (In 
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Burr]. Boston, 1867. 12". 

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Christ ; with notes on 'Ecce Homo', [by J. 
Parker]. Boston, 1867. 12". 

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the Christ of Scripttire. Phila., 1868. 12". 

Ecce homo. 1868. See Gladstone, W. E. 

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Jesus Christ [by J. R. Seeleyl. 2d ed, Lon- 
don, 1866, 8", 

— Same. Boston, 1866. 12°, 
Ecce Messias. 1871. See Higginson, E. 

Eccentric lover. The ; a comedy. See Cumberland, R. 

Eccentricities of literature and Ule ; or. The recre- 
ative magazine. London, reprinted, Boston, 
1822. 8". 

Eccentricity. Cuitious and odd characters. Bos- 
ton, 1857. 12". 

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anecdotes. 1823.) 

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able characters. Boston, 1825. 18°. 

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wonderful characters, memoirs, and anec- 
dotes. London, n.d. 8°. 

107. (3. 6. 74.) 

Ecclesiae roonilia ; the peculiar treasure of the Almighty 
King exhibited in the character of Mrs. Eliz. Cotton ; 
[byt. Mather]. Boston. 1726. 8". (C 9) 

Eccleaiastes ; or, The preacher ; an essay on the 
duties of a public religious instructor ; chiefly 
taken from a treatise by Erasmus. London, 
1797, 12". 

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1808, London, 1809. V, 

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ties of the Christian Church. London, 1852- 
56. 2 v. 8". 
Same. (In his Works, v. 1. 2. 1726.) 

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Church. Andover, 1841. 8". 

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don, 1868. 8". 

— Walsh, R. Essay on ancient coins, etc., as 

illust. the progress of Christianity. Lon- 
don, 1828. 12". 
See also Baptism ; — Bells ; — Catacombs ; — Christ- 
mas ; — Easter ; — Ecclesiastical ceremonies; — Eccle- 
siastical vestments; — Epiphany ; — Funerals ; — In- 
dulgences ; — Kisses ; — Lent ; — Lord's supper ; — 
Marriage ; — Relics ; — Tithes. 
Ecclesiastical architecture. Alexander, W. 
Construction of meeting-houses. York, 
1820. 4". 

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(In Byzant. hist, script., v. 23. 1733.) 

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«./>., 1824. f°, 

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tectural des eglises, Caen, 1847, 8", 

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chapels, London, 1819, 4", 

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arrangement. London, 1861. 8". 
See also Abbeys ; — Architecture ; — Cathedrals ; — 
Christian art ; — Temples ; — aUo Amiens ; — Batalha ; 

— Bath ; — Bristol ; — Cadiz ; — Canterbury ; — Cat- 
terick ; — Chartres ; — Ely ; — Exeter ; — Gloucester ; 

— Lichfield ; — London ; — Milan ; — Munich ; — Nor- 
wich ; — Orleans ; — Orvieto ; — Paris ; — Peterbo- 
rough ; — Ravenna ; — Rhetms ; — Rouen ; — St. 

Albans ; — Salisbury ; — Santiago de Compostella ; 

Sens ; — Strasbourg ; — Teviotdale ; — Turin ; — Wells ; 

— Westminster ; — Wimbom ; — Winchester ; 

Worcester ; — York ; — alio England ; — France ; — 
Germany ; — Irelandl 

Ecclesiastical art. See Arts, Fine ; — Ecclesiastical arch- 
itecture ; — Christian art. 

Ecclesiastical biography. Boehringeb, F. Die 
Kirche Christi und ihre Ziigen oder die Kir- 
chengeschichte in Biographieen, Ziirich, 
1842-58, 2 V, in 9 pts, 8". 

— Stephen, Sir J, E.ssays in ecclesiastical bio- 

graphy. 2d ed. London, 1850. 2 v. 8". 
See also Apostles ; — Apostolic fathers ; — Arch- 
bishops ; — Bishops ; — Cardinals ; — Converts ; 

Fathers ; — Heretics ; — Hermits ; — Martyrs ; — Mis- 
sionaries ; — Monasticism ; — Mystics ; — Noncon- 
formists ; — Popes ; — Preachers ; — Protestants ; 

Puritans ; — Reformers ; — Religious orders ; — 

Saints ; — and the names of Christian churches, sects, 

countries, and persons. 

Ecclesiastical ceremonies. Casali, G. B. De 

veteribus sacris Christianorum ritibus sive 

apud Occiden tales sive Orientales. Francof., 

1681, 8°. {^Appended to hia De profanis, et 

sacris ritibus,) 

See also Ecclesiastical antiquities ; — Eccles, 
foists and feasts ; — Religious ceremonies. 
Ecclesiastical characteristics. See Witherspoon, J. 




Ecclesiastical chronology. Jarvis, S. F. Chron- 
olog. introduction to the hist, of the Church. 
New York, 1845. 8°. 

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hist, speculum a maculis Cciituriatorum, etc., de- 
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J. L. Eccles. hist., v. 6. 1811.) 

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from Synchronistischen Tafeln, by F. Cun- 
ningham. Boston, 1831. 8°. 

Ecclesiastical councils. iSee Councils. 

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religicuses et les traditions poijulaires qui s'y 
rattachent. Paris, 1867. 18°. 

— Nelsok, R. Companion for the festivals and 

fasts of the Church of England. 32d ed. 

London, 181.5. 8°. 
Sfe (lino Assumption ; — Christmas ; — Easter ; — 
Ecclesiastical antiquities ; — Epiphany ; — Lent ; -^ 
Pentecost ; — Sunday. 

Ecclesiastical furniture, Miteller, J. Kirchen 
Gesmuek. Mlinchen, 1591. 4°. 

Latin. Omatus ecclesiasticus. Monachii, 

1591. 4°. 

— Denne. 8. Further remarks on stone seats in the 

chancels of churches, etc. {In Archseologia, v. 10. 

— Drake. C. Observations on episcopal chairs and 

stone seats. {In Archseologia, v. 11. 1794.) 

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of H. Slebbins vs. C. Jennings rel. to sacramental 
furniture of a church in Brookfield. Boston, 1832. 
8°. (B1239) 

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decorations ; a list of the goods destroyed, 
1566. London, 1866. 8°. 
See also Baptismal fonts. 
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tale. London, 1778. 4°. (A 20) 

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GERs, J. Kirchliche Statistik. Hamb. u. 
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and statistics of the Church; J. Lcitch, 
with a pref. by F. D. Maurice. London, 
1868. 2 V. 8°. 
Ecclesiastical history. Bibliography. 

Note. See Theology {BihUography) ; and the names 
of various sects, etc. Hase's History. Kurtz's Text-book. 
and the encyclopredias of Herzog and of M'Clintock and 
Strong contain lists of authorities. 

General works. 

— Ali.ex, B. History of the Church of Christ. 

Phila,, 1823-24, 2 v. «". 

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the character and condition of the female sex ; ser- 
mon. London, 1812. 8°. (B 1098) 

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ad nostra tempora perducti ab A. Theiner. 
Barri-Ducis, 1864-72. 26 v. f° 

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See Ecclesiastical biography, (p. 845). 

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{In his CEuvres, v. 1. 1841.) 

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I'etat. {In his Philos. du droit eccles. 1864.) 

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Stuttg., 1841-46. 4 V. in 7 pt. 8". 
Kote. 'With the second titles : Vol.1. Gesch. d. drei 
ersten .Tahrhnnderten. 2. Gesch.. iv.-vil. J. 3. vil.- 
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Gregor's vii'. 

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Note. Fr. Paris. Inst. Ac. d. Sci. Mem., v. 4. 1844, 

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lypse. 4th ed. New York, 1807. 12°. 

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See also Apostolical constitutions ; — Apostolical 
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Note. This is the half-title. The title is 'Scrittori 
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forging, hardening, etc.; also case-hardening 
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and East Indies, etc. ; newly set in order, 
augm. and finished by II . Willes. t.p.w. Lon- 
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CoHtent^. WiUes, K. EpisU dedicatoryeto theConntea 
of Bedforde. — First discoveryng of the W. I., etc. — 
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decade. — Oviedus, G. F. Of the West Indies. — Willes, 
R. For Cap. Furbyshcr's passage by the northwest; — 
China chiefly bj- the relation of G. Perera ; — Giapan 
and other little isles in the east ocean. — Of the north- 
east froistie seas and kyngdoms lying that way. declared 
by the Duke of Moscovia toGaleatius Butrigarius; like- 
wise of the viages of Sebastian Cabote. — The voyages 
of Persia, by the merchauntes of London, of the Com- 
pany of Moscovia. 1561. 67, 68. — Two viages out of 
Englande into Guinea, 15-56. — Vertomannus, L. Ka%n- 
gntion and voyages to Arabia. Eeypte. Persia, Syria, 
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hygher East India, called India Tercera or Treciera. — 
The prices of precious stones and spices, with theyr 
weights and measures, etc. — Of the apothecaries drugges, 
and of what price they are in Calecut and Malabar. — 
Of the wej-ghtes of Portugale and India and howe they 
agree, — Pigafetta, A. The vyages of the Spanyardes 
round the world. — Gomara, F. L. de. Debate and'sstryfe 
between the Spanyardes and Portugales for the divii-ion 
of the Indes and the trade of spices. — Bull by thau- 
thoritie whereof Pope Alexander vi. gave to the klnges 
of Castile the regions found in the west ocean sea by the 
navigations of the Spanyardes. — Willes, R. Abridge- 
ment of P. Martyr his 5.-8. Decades, and particularly 
of F, Cortesius conquest of Mexico. 
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— Necessary connexion of truth and love in matters of re- 

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Eden, liobert John. See Eden, W. 

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the Earl of Carlisle. 3d ed. Lond., 1779.. 8°. 
Contents. On politi'^al reasoning, and on party spirit 
and parties, — On the present circumstances of the war 
between Gr. Britain, and France, and Spain. — On the 
public debts and the public credit. — On the representa- 
tions of Ireland respecting free trade, 

— Same. Added, a fifth letter on population, revenue 

laws, and public (Economy, Lond., 1780. 8*. (B 700) 

— Fifth letter to the Earl of Carlisle ; on popula- 

tion, etc. London, 1780. 8°. 

— Another cony. (B 1521) 

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[R. J. Eden, Lord Auckland]. London, 
1861-62. 4 v. 8°. 

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war. Oct. London, 1795. 8», (B 1524) 

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108. (5, 6. 74.) 

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— Substance of the speech, Apr. 11. ou an union between 

Gr. Brit, and Ireland. lA)ndon. 1799. 8*. (B 1525) 

— Answer to the Complete investigation of E.'s treaty. 

London, 1787. 8«. iB 1522) 

Eden, K. C. Byrd, W. Journey to E,, 1733. (/n hiiViUi. 
of the div, line, v. 1, 1860,) 

Eder, Francois Xavier. Descriptio pro^incia? Mox- 
itanim in regno Peniano, quam e scriptis 
posthiunis F. X. Eder digessit Mako. Buda;, 
1791. 8°. 

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New York, 1869. 8°. 

and others. Dissertations on nature and time 

in the cure of diseases. Boston, 1868. 8°. 
(Mass. Med. Soc. Lib. of pract. med., v. 25.; 

Edessa. Bctt3*as\, P. K. Ueber die alien Namen von Os- 
roeue und Edessa. (/n Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. 
Abh„ 1822,) 

Edfo. Lepsius, K, R. Ueber eine hicroglyphische Inschrift 
am Tempel von Edfu, Appollinopolis Magna, in wei- 
eher der Besitz dieses Tempels an Landereien unter 
der Regieruug Ptolemseus xi. Alexander I. verzeich. 
net ist, (/;» Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 1855,) 

Edgar, King of Britain. Vovage around his monarchie, 
973, (/n Haklnyt. Col, of voy., v. 2. 1810.) 

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lem, 1102. {In Hakluyt. Col. of voy., v. 2. 1810.) 

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Assoc. Piom. Soc. ScL Trans.. 1858.) — Profes- 
sional remuneration, (/n 18.58.) — Jurisdiction of 
justices of the peace in disputes between employers 
and employed. {In 18.59.) — Report of llie select 
committee of the Ho. of Commons on the law of 
masters and servants, {/» 1866.) — The marriage 
laws. {In 1868,) 

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York, 1853. 
ContenUi. Scott. — Pope. — Gibbon, — Mackintosh. 

— Johnson, — Jeffrey. — Canning. — Webster. — Lord 
Mansfield. — Lord Eldon. — Wilberforce. — Buxton. — 
Galileo. — Ferguson. — Kewton. — Gassendi. — Frank- 
lin, — Pascal. — D'Alembert. — Cavendish. — Davy. — 
Lord St. V'incent, — Xel.oon, — Duke of Marlborough. 

— Bonaparte, — Handel. — Mozart. — Lawrence, — 
Wilkie. — Canova. — Thorwaldsen. — Jones. — Arnold. 

— Ken. — Parr, — Chalmers. — Hunter. — Cooper. — 
Banks, — Audubon, 

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[by C. B. Brown]. Phila., 1801. 3 v. 12°. 

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1613. {In Harris. Col. of voy., v. 1. 1705.) 
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— Destruction of the American carrjTng trade. 

London, 1863. 8°. 

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Edge. Thomas. Two voyages to Greenland. See Edge. B. 
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to E, [Cincinnati,] 1853. 8*. (B 1505) 
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Edin,, 1806. 12*. (0268) 




Edgeworth, Maria. Tales and miscellaneous pieces. 
London, 1825-32. 14 v. (v. 5 w.). 12". 
ContentH. Vol. 1. Castle Kackreiit. — Irish bulls. — 
Modern Griselda. 2, 3. Belinda. 4. Leonora. — 
Letters. — Essay on self-justification. 5, 6. Popular 
tales. 5. Wanlivff. 6. Lame Jervas. — The -will. — 
The Limerick gloves. — Out of debt, out of danger. — 
The lottery. — Kosanna. 6. Murad the unlucky. — 
The manufaeturers. — The contrast. — The grateful 
negro. — Tomorrow. 7-10. Tales of fanhioiiable life. 
7. Ennui. — Almeria. 8. Mad.arae de Fleury. — The 
dun. — M.inffiuvring. 9. Vivian. — Eniilie de Coul- 
anges. 10. The absentee. 11, 12. Patronage. 13, 14. 
Harrington. — Ormond. 

— Tales and novels. London, 1848-50. 10 v. 12". 

Contents. Vol. 1. Moral tales. Forester. — The 
Prussian vase. — The good aunt. — Angelina. — The 
good French governess. — Mademoiselle Panache. — 
The knapsack. 2. Popular tales. 3. Belinda. 4. 
Castle Kackrent. — Irish bulls. — Self-justification. — 
£nnui. — The dun. 5, 6. Tales of fashionable life. 
7, 8. Patronage. 9. Harrington. — Thoughts on 
bores. — Ormond. 10. Helen. 

— Helen. New York, 1834. 2 v. 8". 

— Orlandino. Boston, 1848. 18". 

. — Parent's assistant. Boston. n.d. 16° 

— Patronage. Phila., 1814. 3 v. 12". 

. — Headings on poetry. See Edgeworth, R. L. 

— and Edgeworth, 11. L. Practical education. 

Boston, 1815. 2 v. 8°. 
Edgeworth, Ilichard Lovell. Construction of roads 
and carriages. London, 1817. 8" 

— Essavs on professional education. London, 

1809. 4". 

— Memoirs begun by himself and concluded by 

M. Edgeworth. London, 1844. 8". 

— Practical education. See Edgeworth, M., and R. L. 

— and Edgeworth, M. Headings on poetry. 

Bo.ston, 1816. 18". 
Edgeworth de Firmont, Ilcnry Allen, Vabbe. Der- 

niferes hemes de Louis xvi. Paris, 1825. 8°. 

(Berville et Barriere. Col. des mem.) 
Edict of Nantes. See Nantes. 
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(C 49) 
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many. 1853.) 
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Church-yard. Edin., 1867. 8°. 

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1825. 2v. 12". 
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in the neighbourhood of Edin. {In Wernerian Nat 

Hist. Soc. Mem., v. 6. 1832.) 
DtTPA. B. F. Scottish institution for young ladies 

{In Central Soc. Educ. I'apers, v. I. 1837.) 

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— Faction detected. An abridgment of. n.p., 1763. 8' 

(B 655) 
Goi'RLAY, R. Plans for the improvement of Edinburgh 

Edin., 1829. 4°. (E 37) 
Letter to the heritors of E. [on] the intended cstab 

lishment of a poor's rate. Edin., 1773. 8°. (B 256) 

— LOCKHART, J. G. {In his Peter's letters. 1819. 1820.) 

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Edui., 1861. 16". 
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(C275) ^,. ^ ., 

Proposal for building a new church in Edin. for the 

poor. etc. n.t.p. [18—]. 8°. (B 1720) 

— Stark, J. Picture of Edmburgh. Edin., 

1806. 18". 

— Sutherland, J. Ilortus medicus Edinburg- 

ensis. Edin., 1683. 8". 

True state of the case betwixt the Town-Council and 

the Geueral-Sessions, etc. [Edin.,] 1703. 8°. (A 5) 

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against acts of magistrates of Edinburgh, [on] set- 
tling a minister. Edin., 1762. 12°. (C 24) 

— "Wood, J. Edinburgh sessional school and 

other parochial institutions for education. 

Edin., 1830. 12". 

See alxo Leighton, A. Romances of the old 
town of Edinb. 1867. 
Edinburgh, Diocese of. Resignation of Rev. D. T. K. Drum- 

mond; resolutions upon the case, Nov. 1. Edin., 

1842. 8°. (B 1720) 
Edinburgh. George Heriot's Hospital. Heriot, 

G. Last will and testament, codicil, and the original 

statutes of his hospital ; [comp.] by W. Balcanquall. 

Edin., 1835. 12". (C 267) 

— Johnstone, J. and J. Historical and descr. 

account. Edin., 1827. 8". 
Edinburgh General Kirk Sessions. Minutes anent the 
town-council giving a presentation ; [in reply to 
•Faction detected']. Edin., 1763. 8°. (B 655) 

See, vnder Edinburgh, Faction; — True; — 
Edinburgh. Holyroodhouse. Historical descrip- 
tion of the monastery and palace of Holy- 
roodhouse. Edin., 18"l8. 8". 

— History of the abbev, palace, and chapel-royal 

of H. 2ded. Edin., 1821. 8° 

— Visitations of the Kirk of Holyroodhouse. by the 

Presbytery of Edinburgh. 1583-98. {In Wodrow 

Soc. Miscel., v. 1. 1844.) 
Edinburgh Instit. for Languages, etc. Cunningham, R. 

Report on tlie studies. Edin., 1835. 8". (E 56) 
Edinburgh Orphan Hospital. Account of the Hospital. 

{In Walker, R. Sermon. 1775. B 1858) 

— Bennet, W. Case of orphans stated; sermon in 

Edinburgh, before the Soc. of the Orphans' Hospi- 
tal. ,Iulyl4; [with] an app. Edin.. 1801. 8°. (B 1858) 

Edinburgh, Royal Society of. S< e Royal. 

Edinburgh. St. James' ChapeL MotLE. J. Letter, 2d 
letter to the congregation of St. James' chapel. 
Edin., 1842, 2 v. 8". (B 1720) 

Postscript and app. to the Letter, etc. Edin. 1843. 8°. 

(B 1720) 

— Statement of the proceedings of the majority of the 

vestry in reference to their communications on cer- 
tain objectionable canons of the Scottish Epis. 
church, n.t.p. [IS— ]. »". (B 1720) 

Edinburgh School of Arts. Duppa, B. F. {In Central 
Soc. of Educ. Pub., v. 1. 1837.) 

Edinburgh Sessional School. Wood, J. Account 
of the E. S. S. ; with strictures on education 
in general. 2d ed, Edin., 1830. 12". 

Edinburgh. Soc, for Relief of Destitute Sick, Report of 
the Soc. Edin.. 1835. 8°. (B 1172) 

See also Royal Society of Edinburgh ; — So- 
ciety of Writers to his Majesty's Signet; — 
Wernerian Nat. Hist. Soc. 

Edinburgh University. Whalley, L. Vindication of the 
Univ. (/)/ Pamphleteer, 1818; v. 13 of B 838) 

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21. Edin., 1816-21. 3 v. 12". 

New ; 1837, 41, 44, 49, 50, 52, 58. Edin., 1837- 

58. 7v. 12°. 

— New; 1837; [with] Western supplement. Edin., 

[1836]. 12°. (E 27) 

— SuTne. Northern supplement. 1837. Aberdeen, [1836]. 

12°. (E27) 
Edinburgh and Leith directory. Post ofRce; 1851- 

52. Edin., [1851]. 8°. 
Edinburgh annual register; 1808-26. Edin., 1810- 

28. 24 V. 8". 
Edinburgh cabinet librarv. Edin., 1837-44. 16". 

Namely. Vol. 1-4, 6-8, 'lO, 12, 16, 17, 21, 25-27, 33, 34, 
39, wanting. 5. Lives and voyages of Drake,> Cav- 
endish, and Dampier ; incl. a hist, of buccaneers. 9. 
Tytler, P. F. Progress of discovery on northern coasts 
of America. 11. Tytler, P. F. Life of Sir W. Ra- 
leigh, 13,14, Crichton,A. History of Arabia, ancient 
and modern. 15, Fraser, J. B. Historical and de- 
scriptive account of Persia. 18-20. Murray, H.. and 
others. Historical and descriptive account of China. 
22. Tytler, P. F. Life of King Henry vm. 23, 24. 
Crichton, A., and Wheaton, H. Scandinavia, an- 




cient and modern. 28. Historical and descript. ac- 
count of Iceland. Greenland, and Faroe Islands. 29-31. 
Spalding, W. Italy and Italian Islands. 32. Fraaer, 
J. B. Mesopotamia and Assyria. 35-37. Murray, H. 
United States of America. 
Edinburgh encvclopsedia ; cond. by D. Brewster, 

Edin., 1830. 18 v. 4°. 
Edinburgh essays, by members of the University, 
18-56. Edin., 1857. 8°. 
Cbntetitn. Blackie,J. S. Plato. — Skelton. J. E.arly 
English life in the drama. — Gairdner, W. T. Homoe- 
opathy. — Wilson, A. Infant! perduti. — Sime, J. 
Progress of Britain in the mechanical arts. — Smith, A. 
Scottish ballads. — Baynes, T. S. Sir VV. Hamilton. — 
Wilson, G. Chemical final causes. 
Edinburgh evangelical magazine. Vol, 1-3, Jan. 
1803 - Dec, 1805, Edin,, 1803-05. 3 v. 8". 
Edinburgh gazetteer ; or, Geographical dictionary of 
the world. Edin,, 1822. 6 v. 8^ 

— Same. Abridged, Edin., 1824. 8". 
Edinburgh journal. See (Jhambers' Edin. journal, v. 1-12. 
Edinburgh journal of natural and geog. science ; 

[ed,] by W, Ainsworth and H. H. Cheek ; 

Oct. 1829 - Sept. 1830, Edin., 1830. 2 v. 8", 
•_ Xew series ; ed. bv H. H. Cheek ; Dec, 1830 - 

June 1831, [Edin,, 1831,] 8", 
Edinburgh journal of science; ed. bv D, Brewster, 

Vol, 1-10, 1824-29; n.s,. v,"l-6, 1829-32, 

Edin,, 1824-32, 16 v, 8" 
Edinburgh magazine and literary miscellany ; n,s, 

of the Scots magazine. Vol, 1-3, Aug. 1817 - 

Dec. 1818. Edin., 1817-18. 3v. 8"." 
Edinburgh medical and surgical journal. Vol, 1-31, 

58-82, Edin.,1805-29, 1842-55, 56 v, 8", 

— Supplement; [cholera number], Feb, 1832. 

Edin,, 1832. 8^, 

— No. 142. Jan. 1840. Edin., 1840. 8". 

— Medical journal, [Contin, of the preceding and 

of the Monthly journal of medicine,] July 
1855 -Dec. 1868, E:lin., 1856-69. 27 v. 8". 

Edinburgh monthly magazine and review. Vol. 1. 
May - Dec. 1810, Edin,, 1810. 8". 

Edinbargh monthly review ; Jan. 1819 - June 1821. 
Edin., 1819-21. 5 v. (v. 2 w,), 8». 

Edinburgh new dispensatory; an improvement of 
the New dispensatory by Lewis, 5th ed. 
Edin,, 1797, 8°. 

Edinburgh philosophical journal ; cond,by Brewster 
and Jameson. Edin., 1819-26. 14 v. 8". 

Edinburgh new philos, journ,; [ed,] by R, Jame- 
son, [v. 57 by L, Jameson], Edin,, 1826-54. 
57 V. 8". 

— Same. New ser. ed. by T. Anderson, etc. Jan. 

1855 - April 1864, Edin,, 1855-64, 19 v, 8°. 
Edinburgh quarterlv journal of agriculture. Vol. 

1-13. Edin,/l828-43. 13 v, S". 
Edinburgh quarterly magazine. Edin,, 1798-lSOO, 

2 v, 12", 
Edinburgh review ; Oct. 1802 - April 1873. Edin., 
1802-1873. 137 v. 8°. 

XoU. Vol. 16, 18. 19, 23, 25, 29-31, If. Y. ; 3-3-34, 
39, Boston. 

— Sam.-. Mar. 1827. Xo. 90. Bost.. 1827. 8". (B 1770) 

— Same. Oct. 1827. No. 92. Boston, 1828. 8". (B 1829) 

— General inde.x to [v. 1-20, 21-50, 51-80, 81-110]. 

New York, Edin., London, 1816-50. 4 v. 8°. 

— Selections from the Edinburgh review; ed. by 

M. Cross. Paris, 1835-36. 6 v. 8". 

— Alkxander, Q. W. Obs. on an article in the Elin. 

review, on the -budget'. London, 1841. S". (B 1530) 

— Bagehot. W. The first Edinburgh reviewers. (/;» 

Nat. rev., v. 1. 1855; and in hin Estimates. 1853.) 

— Byron, G. G. N., Baron. English bards and Scotch 

reviewers. Phila., 1811. 8". (B 787) — Alio in hia 

— EtJSTAPHifeVE, A. Reply to the Edin. reviewers. 

Boston, 1813. 8°. (B 453) 

— LiNGARD, J. Reply to the Edin. review, on Anglo- 

Saxon antiquities, (/n Pamphleteer, 1816; v. 7 of 

— Phillpotts, H., Bp. of Exeter. Letter to Sir 

R. Inglis on certain statements in an article 
of the Edinburgh review, no. 193. 4th ed. 
London, 1852. 8°. 
[lst]-3d reply to the calumnies of the Edinburgh re- 
view against Oxford. 2d ed. Oxf., 1810. 8*. (B788) 

— Rejoinder to the Bp. of Exeter's reply to the 

Edinburgh rev, ; bv the Edinburgh reviewer. 
2d ed. London, 1852. ?>". 

— Ring, J. Beauties of the Edin. review, etc. London, 

1807. 8». (B721) 

— Sasdfokd. D. K. Letter to P. Elmsley. in answer to 

the appeal to S.. as umpire between the Univ. of 
Oxford and the Edin. review, (/n Pamphleteer, 
18-22; V. 21of B 838) 

— Styles, J. Strictures on critiques in the Edin- 

burgh review on Methodism, etc., with re- 
marks on the influence of reviews. London, 

1808. 8", 

Edinburgh review. New, See New Edinburgh review. 

Edippo ; tragedia. See Andrea dell' AnguiUara, G. 

Editor's tales. An ; by A. Trollope. London, 
1870. 8°. 
Xote. From St. Paul's mag., v. 5-6. 1870. 

Edle Lilge, Die; von A. v. Kotzebue. {In hU Theater, 
V. 3. 1840.) 

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(C 264) 

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8». (D59) 

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atlas. 13th ed. Boston, 1811, 4°. 

Edmeads, Rev. Wm. National establishment, national se- 
curity ; or, Thoughts on the consequences of com- 
muting the tithes. {In Pamphleteer, 1816; v. 7 of 

Edmerua. See Eadmerus. 

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V. -2. 1867.) 

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ington. London, 1835. 16°. (Fam. lib,, 
V, 53, 54.) 

— Same. 2d ed. London, 1838. 2 v. 16". 
Edmonds, .John Worth. Introduction. (/» Lotz, K. The 

so-called table tipping. 13.57. B 1200) 

— Some passages in the life of Gov. Tompkins. {In 

New York Hist. Soc. Proc. 1344.) 

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by N. P. Tallmadge. X. Y., 1853. 2 v. 8". 

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union army. Hartford, 1865. 8". 

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social economy. London, 1831. 8". 

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of ophthalmia. EJin., 1806. 8". 

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age into Hungary, 1017. ( In Haklnyt. Col. of voy., 
V. 1. 1809.) 

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warded. Camb., 18-22. 12", (C 249) 

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Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 1866.) 

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Church, cor. of Tyler & Kaceland streets. Boston, 
1853. 3» (B 1307) 

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phil.. V. 5. 1871.) 

Edmunds, Richard. Solicitor's guide to the prac- 
tice of the office of pleas in the court of 
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