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Full text of "Catalogue of the Library of the Boston Athenaeum, 1807-1871"

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After A., E. S. insert A., M. Are not the clergy ar- | 945 
raying themselves against church and que4:u? Lon- 
don, 1848. 8". (B 1231) ' 950 
Albani, Francesco, /■'or Trezza read Frezza. '. 961 
Almanacs. Petit almunach. J'or 1848 read 1840. 977 
America. Leclerc, C J'or 1847 read 1867. i 9S0 
American Assoc. I'roc, v. 6. Munuj. Farring^on, 1015 
A. C On the economical, etc. ; Hant, T. a. ia the . 1040 
uathor of Process, etc. 
Anatomy. See also. Omit Osteology. 1069 
Aoule Vincent in by [Mrs. Elizabeth iSandbam]. 
Antiquities. Hochette. J-'or 1864 read 1846. 
Arts, Fine, sjpkixger, A. Before Werke insert 1073 

WiNCKLEMAXS, J. J. _ 1101 

Augastinnfi. De ciuitate. For 1743 read 1473. 

Aunt Marys tales are by [Mary Hughs]. 1118 

Barnard. For Muj.-Gen. Jonathan Uilbert read Col. 

Joliu Groes. 
Barnett, M. For v. 9 read v. 18. 1144 

Barter, \\m. Brudenell. Ihnit Aarl of Carlisle. 1153 

Baviera, Maria Antouia Walburga. Omit tAis entry 1166 

wit/i the ConteiUs. \ 1206 

Belleisle, C. L. A. de F., due de. For Another copy, 

read Fng. Letters to Marectial de Contades. Lou- 1242 

don, 1759. 8". 
Benett, J. lleply. For computation read commu- 12S4 

talion. I 1289 

Benezet, A. Xole.. For 1784 read 1774. . 1293 

Oiuit benuet, Henry, etc. 

Bentivogiio, G. Relazioni. Omit this entry. " 1307 

Bible. J/ift. and ill. voorks. For Melmoth, C, 1310 

rtad Pratt, si. J. 1314 

Blaze de Bury, A. H. B., dit. Le chevalier, etc. 

Omit this title. 1351 

Bligh, Lieui.-Oen. T. For Appeal read Appeax. 
Blood. SCLDAMORE, C. For 1832 read 1824. 1376 

Boelen, J. For 1726 read 1826. 

Bogota. For Stewart read Stlart. 1380 

Boushommes de cire, Les is by [A. H. Blaze de Btiry]. 
Boston. Hew North Church. Parkmax, F. For 1383 

Knquiry read Enquiring. 13i4 

For Lepla> read Ltman. 

Bridges. For Kiow read Kiou. 1414 

Brooks, Eleazar. For See Brooks, E. read See ' 1417 

Stearns, C. I 1440 

Brougtiam, Henry, Baron, etc. The Account of Ld. j 

Ba*;on's Xovuin organum, is ancribed to Prof. J. I 1466 

Uoppus by Loicndts in his 'Bibliographer's man- ! 

ual', V. 11, p. 282. I 

Buonamici, Castruccio. Wisbart's translation is a ! 146S 

ttrrion of the 'Commentarii, not of the De rebus', j 
Byzantine art. Kamtz, F. J-or 1»22 read 1862. ; 146S 
Ci., M.U.,F.RS. /or 1717 read 1707. , 14S7 

Cairnie, J. For 1S38 read 1833. 

Campense. ±ur 1674 lead 1573. 1503 

For Camponesse read Camporese. 
Canada. Canals. Philupotts, O. For 1862 read 1511 

l!>42. 1567 

Canary Islands. Murray, E. For 1869 read 1859. 1567 
Omit Candidus, pseud. Plain truth, etc. ] 1.586 

Capital punishment. Philaxthropos is W. Ladd. I6.j8 
Catholic Church in Poland. Vicissitudes is by 1673 

[A. Thei.nek]. j 

Caxton, W. \\ illiam Caxton, etc. is byC. Knight. | ivn 
Cnarles Auchesier. For [Shepherd] read [Shep- 

pard]. I 1720 

Omit Cnevalier de Chasot, etc. I733 

Cicero. Philosophical icorks. De consolatione. For 1 

1760 read 1076. 1763 

Omit Clarke, C. On the edge, etc. 1763 

Clarke, John, d. 1798. To the author, «<c. This is to, \ 

not by Clarke. i 1769 

Clement ix. Before Xeu-eroeffnetes insert Clem- ' 178I 

ent XI. 

Congress of nations. Philanthropos w W. Ladd. 1737 
Copeland, Melvin. For Glasgow, n.d. read Hartford, 1793 

Cosby, Arnold. Befryre Death insert R., W. 
Criminal law. Remarks are by T. Jevons. 1801 

Cruikshank, George. Cruiksliank at home f« per- 
haps not by O. Cruikshank. 1805 
Cuthbert, At. Regisaldus. For 1805 read 1835. 
Dard. For v. 2 read v. 11. 
Denmark. History. Maurer, K. For v. 12 read 

V. 1, 2. 

For Doubeux, Louis, read Dubeux, L. 1809 

Drummoud, D. T. K. For Tenot read Terrot. 1831 

Ecclesiastical polity. Jor THATCHERreadTHACHEB. 1845 
Elmwood, Elnalhan is pseud, for .\sa Greene. 1850 

Emphyteusis. For Very read Vur. 
Engli^ fiction. Sea stories. The Sailor boy is not 

by Hannay. 1888 

1st column. Sketch is by W. Hlnter. 
Evadne. For Shiel read Shell. 

Evarts. J. See Penn, W. pseud, for J. Erarta 

(p. 2283). 
Excommunication. Sarpi, P. For 1663 read 1763. 
Family pride is by T. S. Arthur. 
Ferrier, Mary. For Mary read Susan Edmonstone. 
Fevers. For Pyon, W. read Pym, W. 
Fortification. Vallascey. For 1757 read 1758. 
France. Hiitory ( General). Stijdent's France i« by 

W. H. Jervis. 
Franzetti. A. After pub. read [Raccolta di veduti 
di Roma e di alcuni luogi suburbauil. n.t.p. ritoma, 
1787-1800.] J /- L ., 

Free trade. 2d col. Remarks are ty Fay, R. S. 
Gammer Gurton's famous histories and Gammer 

Gurton's pleasant stories are by Wm. T. Thorns. 
Gentleman's calling. After Utis title add — Same. 
(In Whole duty of man. Author of. Works, pt. 1. 

1687; 1696.) 
Gerson, J. C. Sopra. For 1S63 read 1763. 
For Gilman, Parker, read Gilmore, Parker. 
Godin des Odonais. For 1710 rend 1770. 
Great Britain. Court of Chancery. Spesce. For 
jurisprudence read jurisdiction. 
— Hist. {Rev. of 16S8, etc.) For Webster, N. read 

Callesder, j. T. 
Foi- Grillo, Cattaneo read Grille Cattaneo. 
Grosse, F. Classical. For 1705 read 1785. 
For Gnarda, J. M. read Guardia; 

— Vicissitudes. For 1869 read 1807. 
For Habits of men read Habits and men. 
Hagen, Godefrit. Memoir is by Gotthilf Hagen. 
Hale, Charles. Before See insert Hale, Charles, 6. 

1831 : omit also. 
Harvard College. IHrinity School. For Walker, 

J. read Austin, J. T. 
Hebrew lang. IHct. Latin. ScHCiDLER, V. For 

1712 read 1612. 
Heinsius, Gottfried. In prudentiam it by Xicolaus 

Helv6tius, Jean Adrien. For 1729 read 1739. 
Henderson, Marc Antony is pseudonfor Rev. G. A. 

Hints to ray countrymen is by [T. Sedgwick]. 
Historia histrionica is attributed to James Wright. 
Homerus. Commentaries. Blackwell. Fur 1786 

read 1736. 
Hughes. After Thomas insert, barrister, M. P. ; 'The 

human will' and 'The ideal theory of Berkeley' are 

by Thomas Hughes, a Wesleyan minister. 
Hull, Isaac. 'The victories of Hull', etc. is about H. 

and not by him. 
HuUmandel. For Pancourt read Rancourt. 
Hygiene. Periodiials. The 'Tables aipha- 

betiques', belong to the Annales. 
India. Maps. Hisdostan and Ixdia are by' J. 

Indians. History. Pexn is pseud, for [J. Evarts]. 
Omit Jebb, G. J. 

Jebb, John, b. 1736. Resignation is by E. Tew. 
John Bon. After person insert ["by Luke, physician] ; 
After La Martinidre insert Pichant de. 
"LSk Roquette. For — de read Jean Baptiste Marie 

Alexandre Dezos. 
Leonardo da Vinci. For Virgin, etc. read See 

Vinci, L. da. 
Letter to the public is by [R. Sharp]. 
Libraries. Lib. econ. Shurtleft. For 1851 read 

Livingston, M. For Cheetham, S. read Cheetham, J. 
Livingston, Wm. Before Review insert and Smith, 

For Locher read Loeher. 

Londonderry. Mack and Parker relate to Lon- 
donderry, X.ff. 
Loring, C. G. Wright. For Camb. read Chicago. 
Louis xviii., of France. Relatiox d'un voyage k 

Bruxelles, is by Louis; /or Voyage de Louis, e<c. 

read Same. 
Lucas, R. Twenty-four sermons. For 1810 read 

Before Lukis, Frederick C. add Luke, physician. 

The enterlude of John Bon and Mast Person; a dia- 
logue on the festival of Corpus Christ! and on tran- 

substantiation ; ed. from black-letter ed. by W. H. 

Black. London, 1852. 8*. 
Luther, M. Luther. For 1854. 12». read 1834. 16«. 
Madden, R. R. Twelvemonth's. For 1855 read 1835. 
For Malchowski, K. read Malachowski. 
Malton, T. Jdd. — -Appendix; or. Second part to 

the 'Treatise', cont. a brief hist, of perspective. 

London, 1783. f. 
Mass. (Col. and Ptov.) Gen. Court. Acts and laws. 

For Colony and town ofllcer read County and town 




1891 Mass. Commis. [on the] Surveij for a R. Ji. Report. 
For 18:54 read 1830. 

1900 — Politics. Phileleutheros. For Address of 
read Address to the. 

1901 — Zoology. Storer. Same. For 1855-60 read 

1908 Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc. Chiff lontentn. 1860-62. 
Ttie Kelatioii cone. New Kng. id by I. Stoughton. 
1914 Massie, T. For 1804 read 1806. 
1919 Mathematics. Miles, S. P. For Sherman read 
. 1929 Maxwell, W. H. Wild sports. For 1822 read 1832. 
1941 Medici, Salimbeni. /'orVol. 2,3rfadvol. 23. 

1944 Medicine. PeriodiculB. Omit Recueil, etc. 

1945 Meet for Heaven. After home insert; [by W. 

1953 Omit Mendoza, P. de S. do, etc. 
1963 Methodism. Stevens, A. Earlj- progress. Omit 

this entry, before History i7iHert Stevens, A. 
1965 Mexican Indians. Pi.mentel. jpor 1863 7-farf 1862-65. 
1978 Mignet, F. A. A. Negociations. /'o?' 1833 rfrirf 1835. 
1980 Milgenwater. After pseud, insert for G. A. Strong. 
1985 Militia. Omit Sharp, G., etc. 

— Tracts is 6i/ G.Sharp. /V>r(B768)r<'a</(B767) 

• — After Tracts, etc. add Hume. 3d ed. 

London, 1782. 8". 
1985 Milizia, F. After Principj add — Del teatro. Ve- 

nezia, 1773. 4°. (E40) 
1999 Mirabeau. CEuvres. For 1834 read 1835. 

— Lettres k Chamfort. For J. G. Schwab read 

J. C. Schwab. 
2003 Mississippi. Descr. and hist. 1805-07. Pike. For 

1808 read 1810. 
2009 Mohammed. Sprenger. Das Leben. For 1861. 

2 V. read 1861-65. 3 v. 
2016 Money. Gen. and. Miscel. works. 1829. Before 

Tholghts insert Sinclair, J. 
2021 Montalembert. Avant-propos. For 1864 read 1862. 
2036 Mordaunt, t'harles, 3d Earl. For Haliburton, T. 

C. read Warburton, T. C. 
2040 For Morgan, Manville read Morgann, ifaurice. 
2047 For Moschevosch read Moscherosch. 

2051 Moxon, J. Mecliaiiic exercises. > or 1683 r^ad 1693- 


2052 Mozley, H. N. The property. For Butter read 

2052 Mrs. Brown's. For Roes read Rose. 
2057 Mulberry. For La Brouse read La Brol'sse. 
2059 For Munroe, Lewis B. read Monroe, Lewis B. ; and 

tr. top. 2019. 
2076 Naples, Kingd. of. Descr. Swinburne. For 1777- 

88 read 177U-88. 
2085 Natural history. Gen. and Jfiscel. works. 1839. 

Reichenbach. For Przebozyb read przetozyl. 
2089 Naval chronology. Before Naval insert Schom- 


2104 New Eng. Descr. 1853. Pathfinder. For 1853 
read l>i.)5. 

2106 New England Asylum for the Blind. Add to the 
yote In 1840 the name was cliaiiged to Perkins 
Institution and Mass. Asylum for the Blind. 

2126 New York Hist. Soc. Col. Contetits. 2d ser., v. 2. 
For Nouville read Nonville. 

2132 Newton, Thomas. Transfer Letters on rclig. sub- 
jects tu Newton, John, d. 1807. 

2135 Nichols, John Gough. Narratives. For v. 17 read 
V. 77. 

2140 Nine years old. After Olave's, insert [Miss E. 


2141 Niaard, M. E. C. For Edouard read Leonard. 

2149 North Amer. Maps and Charts. For Le Ronge 
read Le Koi'ge. 

2126 Omit N. Y. [State) Soc. for the Prom, of Agric. etc. 

2151 North Carolina. Colony. Description. 1650. For 
W., E. read WILLIAMS, E. 

2160 For Nouville, Marquis de, read Nonville, Marq. de. 

2168 Obi ; or, The history is by [W. Earle, Jr ]. 

2178 After Oldys, Francis insert pseud, for George Chal- 

2180 Oliver. For Fitch Edward, read Henry K. ; for 1860 

read [I860]. 
— Before Selection insert Olivier, Fitch Edward. 

2181 On the edge is by [Miss M. Roberts]. 

2182 Onion. For meeting read munity. 

2191 Orl6ans, P. J. iV. History of the two. For 17 read 16. 
2195 Osborne, T. Catalogues of libraries. For 1753 read 

2195 Osgood, David, /'or 1832 r^nd 1802. 

2196 Ossawattomie Brown. After by read Mrs. J. C. 


2197 Otis, .Jiinies. Proposals, Trowel is Thomas Dawes, 

and Bluster is James Otis. The pamphlet was pub- 
lished at Boston in 1761. 
2206 Padua. Agric. For 1843 read 1856. 


Same. Epitome. For Rome 

























Paine, Thomas, b. 1736. Oldys, F. is pseud, for G. 

Paley, W. View. 

reitd Rowe. 
Pamphleteer. Contents, v. 5. For S., W. read 

Stafford. W. ; v. 6. For Smith, C. read Smith. W. 

Paris, A. P. Nouvelles. /"or 1843 ?-fod 1842. 
Paris. Description. Short is by R. Valpy. 

— Institut. Ac. des Sci. Morales et Politiques. 
Comte rendu. For 1846 ri-ad 1845-46. 

Parsons, Hev. Jonathan, Funeral sermon on. For 

\'%ii read 1776. The sermon by J. Mlkrat (B 324) 

is on Cnpt. Jonathan Parsons. 
Pasquali, G. B. Omit Del teatro. Venezia, 1773. 4°. 

Peace. 1831. Philanthropos. After 'pe&cn instr'; 

[by W. Laddj. 

— 1836. Philanthropos. .Be/or« Boston insert; 
[by AV. LadO]. 

Peck, F. Complete. For ^?>Zb read \'i^. 

Penn, Wm. is pseud, for [J. Evarts]. 

Pepperell, Sir W., Funeral seimon on. For 1759 

read 1752. 
Persia. Calendar. Welschil's. For 1576 read 


— IHxtory. Ctesias. i^or 1840 rwd 160L 
Perspective. 1842. Schmid. For 1842 read 1846. 
Peter I. For Stachlin nad Staehlin. 

Phila., Wilmington, and Baltimore R.R. Co. For 

[S. M. Feltonf »v«(/ I. H. Trimble. 
Phila. Boot and Shoemakers. Trial is by T. Lloyd 
Philos. Gen. works. 1641. Descartes. For 16.')0 
read 1858. 

1792-1828. Stewart. For 1854-40 read 1854- 


1837-38. Hamilton. For Mensel read 

Physics. Gen. and Miscel. works. 1845. Before 
Principles insert Scottish School Association. 
Platner, E. Z. After 8". insert Plates 4". and Tables 

obi. f. 
Pocoke, R. .B/). Description, /or 1743 rrad 1743-45. 

— Travels in the East. After 10 insert 15. 
Poland. Feci, hist. Before Vicissitudes insert 

Theiner, a. 
Political romances. See also. Add Cabet, E. Voy- 
age en Icarie; — 
Porter, Jane. Sir Edward Seward's narrative is by 

Porter, Wm. Ogllvie, M.D., and Booth, Mrs. 
Portugal. Literature. Bibliog. Salva. The Dic- 

ciomirio is by I. F. da Silva. 
Rabbinic dialects. For 1712 read 1612. 
Railroads. Itolling stock. Sullivan. For S. L. 

read J. L. 
Raine, J. The Priory. For 45 read 46. 
Reed, Joseph, Pr^'s. Reed, W. B. JSe/orf Remarks 

insert Sp.arks, J. 
Reed, W. B. Remarks is by Sparks, J. 
Relaqam. Same. (In Force. For I860 read 1850. 
Relation des missions. For 1584 read 1684. 
Religious sincerity. Add, See nlxo Hoadly, B. 
Retrospection, tor J. read Ann. 
Richard. See a/to For Ricardus read Richardus. 
Ring, J. Answer. For 1801 rend 1804. 
Rogers, Sfaj R. Stark. For 1810 read isao. 
Rcme. .<tanze. Omit. See also Rome. San Pietro. 
Rostoptchin. For 1865 read 1863. 
Rumor. For Shepherd riad Sheppard. 
Russia. Commerce. Tegoborski. For M. L. de 

7-ead L. de; for 1855 read 1855-56; for 3 v. read 

2 V. 
— Description. 1594. Veer Same. {In Pnr- 

chas. For v. 5 rmd v. 1. 

— History. 862-1862. Edwards. For 1862 rend 

SainteBeuve. Portraits contemp. Contents^ Vol. 

1. For George Sand read — M. Ballanche. — M. 

do Vignv. — Mme. Desbords. — Valmore. — Mn.e. 

Tastii. — A. de Mussel. — Balzac. — Villemain. — 

De la litteraturc industrielle. — Dix ans apres tn 

litterature. — App. sur M. de Vigny. 
Sargent, Epes. Mod. Stand, dr. Contents. 2d col. 

v. 28. For Wemyss, F., read Rede, L. 'J'.; 29. 

For Suayze, J., read Swayze, Mrs. J. C. 
Sargent, L. M.,d. 1867. ^/"<cr AddressbeforetheMass., 

ftr. add — Same. 5th ed. Bost.. 18;)3. 8°. (B1072J 
Saumaise, C. de. Plinianae. For 1789 read 16S9. 
Schelhorn, J. G. Amcen. lit. Contents. Vo]. 7. For 

Schelhorn, J. G. Com. in read Breiting, J. J. 
Scott, Sir Walter. Anc. Brit. dr. Contents. Vol. 

1. Before Spanish insert Kyd, T. 
Shakespeare. Sep. Plays. Henry iv. {Fulstaff). 

For Morgan read Morgann. 



O — . Observations on the mineral waters in the southwest- 
ern part of Va. ; letters. Phila., 1843. 8". (B 1564) 

O., F. The government is an effect, not a cause, of the 
situation of every country. Boston, 1819. 8°. (B448) 

O., J. R- Letter to a clergyman of the Church of Eiig. on 
a belief in evangelical doctrines, n.p., [181-?J. 8*. 
(B 13o9) 

— BowoEN, J. Letter from a churchman to his friend 

in Xew Haven, cont. strictures on a pamphlet signed 

J. K. O. New Haven, 180S. 8". (B 290j 
(X, Jozefine. Wajdelotka czyli dolina Aleksoty, 

powiesc. Warszawa, 1844. 3 torn. 18". 
0., X. Etudes philologiques sur quelques langues 

sauvages de I'Amerique. Montreal, 1866. 8°. 
O., R. Short questions and answeares, cont. the 

summe of Christian religion. Lond., 1600. 8". 
O., W. New Hebrew-Eng. lexicon. London, 

S. Bagster, 1845. 16". 
O., Y.; a Danish romance; by H. C. Andersen. 

X. Y., 1870. 8". 
O tempora. Phila., 1863. 12°. (D 35) 
Oahu fountain; pub. by the Oahu Temperance Boc, Jan. 

1-Oct. 1. Honolulu, 1847. 4". (E 168) 
Oak, The. Michaux, A. Histoire des chenes de 

I'Amerique. Paris, 1801. f". 

— Lincoln, B. Remarks on the cultivation of the oak. 

(/« Maas. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 11. 1814.) 
Oak openings, The; or. The Bee-hunter ; by J. F. 

Cooper; illust. by Darley. N. Y., 1864. 8". 
Oak Orchard. Merchant. G. W. History and analysis 

of Oak Orchard acid mineral springs. Buffalo, 

1850. 8". CC 2T0j 
Oakeley, Frederick. Historical notes of the tracta- 

rian movement, 1833—45. London, 1865. 12°. 

— Position of a Catholic minority in a non-Catholic 

country, (/n Manning, H. K. Essays. 1865.) 
Oakea, C. H. Who's who in 1851, 53-55, 59. 

London, n.d. 4 v. f". 
Oakes, Jolm. Description of a self recording instrument 

fur taking the sun's altitude without an artificial or 

natural horizon. {In Amer. Assoc. Proc, V. 13. 

Oakes, Urian. New England pleaded with to consider the 

things which concern her peace; sermon. May 7. 

Camb., 1673. 4°. (B 76) 
Oakes, Wm. Scenery of the White Mts. ; with 

plates from the drawings of I. Sprague. 

Boston, 1848. 4". 
Oakfield; or. Fellowship in the East; by W. D. 

Arnold. Boston, 1855. 12". 
Oakley, Henry A. Outline of a course of Eng. reading, 

based on that prepared for the Merc. Lib. Assoc, of 

N. Y., by Kent; with add. by C. King. X. Y., 1853. 

8°. (0199) 
Oakley, Rev. J. The 'religious difficulty' in education. 

(In Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. ScL Trans., 1866.) 
Oasis, The; ed. bv Mrs. L. M. Child. Boston, 

1834. 12". 
Oates, Titus. True narrative of the plot and conspiracy of 

the Popish party. London, 1679. f. (A 53) 

— Elliot, a. Modest vindication of O. from perjury. 

London, 1682. f". (A 53) 

— Hue and cry after O. London, 1681. V. (A 53) 

— L'Estran'ge, R. Discovery upon discovery, in de- 

fence of «). against B. W.'s libellous vindication of 
him. 2d ed. London, 16S0. 4". (B 10, 12) 

Further discovery of the plot; dcd. to O. 4th ed. 

London. 1681. 4°. (B 10, 12) 

— Letter from a friend in London to another at Sala- 

manca. London, 1681. f". (A 53) 

— Mamfe.sto; or. The complaint of O. against the doc- 

tor of Salamanca and the same doctor against O. 
London, 1683. f". (A 53) 

— Memoirs of O. (/n Somers, J. Col. of tracts. 2d 

ed., V. 9. 1813.) 

— Salamanca doctor's comment upon the proclamation 

for apprehending Col. J. Rumsey and others for 
conspiring to kill the king. Lond., 1683. V. (A 53) 

— Vindication of O.from 'Hue and cry'. London, 1681. 

r. (A 53) 

— W.. B. Additional discovery of R. L'Estrange, his 

'Further discovery of the Popish plot' wherein O. 
and the King's evidences are vindicated. London, 
1680. r. (A 53) 

272. (22. 40. 78.) 

Oaths. Penx, W. Treatise of oaths. [1675.] (/n 
hin Select works, v. 2. 1782.) 

— MisoRCL's, />«fii<f. The Anti-Quaker; or. Answer to 

'.\ treatise of oaths', subscribed by a Jury of 12 
Quakers, W. Penn. [and others]. London, 1676. 4". 

— Sanderson, R., Bp. of London. De juramenti 

promissorii obligatione. Londini, 1676. f. 
Same. Londini, 1696. 8°. 

— W'lLLARD, S. Brief disc. cone, the ceremony 

of laying the hand on the Bible in swearing. 

London, 1689. 4". 
Same. (In Whitmore, W. H. Andros tracts. 1868. 

Prince Soc.) 
Fearof an oath; sermon, Jan. 30. 1700. Boston, 1701. 

16". (0 51) 

— La Placette, J. Traite du serment. La 

Haye, 1701. 12". 

— Oaths appointed to be taken instead of the oaths of 

allegiance and supremacy and declaration, 1702. 
( /n Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc, 1868-60.) 

— Bollter, H. Obligation of the oaths to the govern- 

ment and the pretences for breaking them, July 31. 
London, 1716. 8"". (B 56) 

— Retnolds, T. Hardships occasioned by the oaths to 

the present government. 4th ed. London, 1716. 8". 
(C 71, 285) 

— Gkeen, R. The benefit of oaths to civil society; ser- 

mon, July 5, 1744. [London,] 1745. 4*>. (B 56) 

— Dymond, J. Oaths ; their moral character and effects. 

Phila., [18— J. 12". (B 1770) 

— Bentham, J. Needlessuess, etc., of an oath. 

London, 1817. 8". 

— Johnson, AV. L. Nature, use, and lawfulness of 

oaths; disc, Oct. 19, 1823. Trenton, 1824. 8". (B 
1779, W 3) 

— Lewis, E. Dissertation on oaths. Phila., 

1838. 12°. 

— Gk. Brit. Commissioners [on] the Oaths, etc. 

Report. London, 1867. 8". 


— Tyler, J. E. Oaths, their history, etc. Lon- 

don, 1834. 8". 
See aUo Swearing. 

Oatnessiana; or, Capt. Ord's return. (In Eraser's mag., 
V. 77, 78. 1868.) 

Obadiah of Bartenora. Commentarins. ' (In Mishna, v. 1. 

Obadiah. See Bible (p. 281). 

Obando, marq. de. Carta sobre la innndacion del Calleo, y 
terremotos, etc., de Lima. (In Valladares, A. Se- 
maiiario erudito, v. 16. 1788.) 

Obe River. Balak, J. Voyage to Sibier and the Ob. — 
BcRROLGH, S. Voyage towards the Ob. 1556. (In 
Hakluyt, R. Col. of voy., v. 1. 1809.) 

Obedience. S.\nderson, R. Letter on the meas- 
ure of obedience to be paid to an usurped authority, 
[1648?]. (In D'Oyly, G. Life of Sancroft 1821.) 

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system of government proposed by the late 
convention ; in letters from the Federal 
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indebted to Gr. Brit, at the commencemeut of the 
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arising from the corruption of civil government. 
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Otncention of Mini^it^rs. (B 16, 194, 1092, 2501) 

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Harvard Collie ; — Georgetown College ; — Green- 
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06. r. (E 198) 
Observing. .<.># Observation. 
Obsopoeas. Sfe Opsopcens. 
Obsta Principiis, p>fud. .See Principiis, O. 
Obstacle favorable, L'; en un acte. :>ee lie Sage, A. R. 
Obstetrics. See Midwifery ; — alio Fecundity ; — Fjetns ; 

— Generative Organs ; — Ovariotomy. 
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Netherhtud or N. Y. under the Dutch. 

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O'Callaghan. 2. Voyage of G. Clarke to America; 
with introd., ffc., by E. B. O'Callaghan. 3. Voyagesof 
the slavers St. John and Arms of Amsterdam, 1659, 63; 
tr. with an introd., etc., by E. 13. O'Callaghan. 

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Indians. See Brief narrative, etc. 
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boards on the most efficient means of meeting the 

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See also Marine ; — Maritime ; — Naval ; — 
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yote. Many of the voyages nientioned under 
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treves, traites de paix, congres, insurrections, revolts. 
etc. — Tafeln. 
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CMQcial register. See United States. 

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the southern islands of Aran, off the weM coast of 

^™ . IT^'""?- ^^'' Roy- Irish Acad. Trans., v. 14. 18-.S.) 

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^ . Y., 1815. 8*. (B262) 

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Boston, 1791. 8*. (B 157) 

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unmasked ; or. An ample refutation of all 
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ian religion. Newark, 1795. 2 v. 16°. 

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— Britannia depicta; or, Ogilby improved. See Owen, J. 





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The principles of organic architecture as 

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Contents. Study of mathematical science. — Nature, 

extent, and limits of human knowledge. — The modern 

abuse of moral rtcliou. — Supplementary narrative. — 

Address. — Appendix. 

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1859. 8". 

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rate ace. of the provinces of S. Carolina. Georgia, 
etc. (,In Georgia Hist. Soc. Col., v. 1. 1840.) 

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ton, 1841. 8". 

— Impartial account of the late expedition 

against St. Augustine under O. London, 
1742. 8". 

— Another copy. (B 920) 

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his expedition to St. Augustine, (/ji Carroll, B. It. 
Hist, col., V. 2. 1836.) 

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Oglio or Ollio River. Map. Desegno del ponte, et fortifi- 

cationi fatte dalli imperiali sopra il tiume Olio al 

contino del Cremonese, Bressano, ct Mantovano. 

«./>., [16— ]. (E 78, no. 192b) 
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[Jan. 8]. Columbus, 1825. 8°. (B 902) — Dec. 12. 
n.p., 1825. (B 901, 1108) 

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61. Columbus, 1859-62. 4 v. 8°. 

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closing an ordinance passed by the convention, with 
the constitution, n.p., 1802. 8". (B 502) 
See also Politics (Corry). 

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Mather and assistants]. Columbus, 1838. 8". 

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1866. Columbus, 1866. 8". 

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53. Columbus, 1850-53. 2 v. 8". 
Report of special committee appointed by legislature 

on the geological survey of U. Columbus, 1836. 8°. 

(E 110) 
Report of the standing committee on the currency ; in 

the senate by M. King, Jan. 16. Columbus, 1838. 

4°. (B1543) 
Notices of the Ho. of Rep. of Ohio, Jan., 

1856. Columbus, 1857. 8". 

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dition of common schools. 1848, 50, 51. 
Columbus, 1849-52. 3 v. 8". 

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annual reports, 1850, 55-62. Columbus, 
Chillicothe, 1850-62. 9 v. 81 

Note. The 12-17th reports contain an .ibstract 
of the proc. of the county agricultural societies. 

— State Cotnmissioner of Common Schools. [1st], 

10th annual report. Columbus, 1855-04. 
2 V. 8°. 

— Superintendent of Common Schools. Annual 

report. Columbus, 1839. 8". 
See also Secretary of State. 

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{In Amer. Antiq. Soc. Trans., v. 1. 1820.) 

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{In Smithsonian Inst. Contrib., v. 3. 1852.) 

Biography . 

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moirs of the early pioneer settlers of Ohio. 
Cincin., 1852. 8". 

See also Butler Co. ; — Marietta ; — and, hack. 


— HlLDRETll, S. P. Original contrib. to the Amer. pio- 

neer, [1778-1842. Marietta?] 1844. 8°. (E 110) 

— Explanation of the map of the lands between Penn. 

West line, the Rivers Ohio and Scioto and Lake Erie. 
Salem, 1787. 8°. (D 1) 

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N. W. territory, made in 1803 ; with a geo- 
graphical and historical account of O. Bos- 
ton, 1805. 8". 

Same. [Geog. and hist, account only. 1803.] MS. 


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bus, 1821. 12°. 

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12". (C277) 

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the- Amer. jour, of sci., v. 25.] (E 110) 
__ _ Observations made during a tour in 1835, to tlie Falls 
of Cuyahoga. [Pages from the Amer. jour, of sci. 
v. 31.] (EllO) 

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the boundary between Michigan and Ohio.] (B 1495) 




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and O., [1848]. (/n Amer. Assoc. Proc, v. 1. 1S49.) 
See al»o Cincinnati ; — Clinton Co. ; — Marietta. 


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1650-1787. Cincin., 1854. 8». 

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Cincin., 1847. 8*. 

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from the discovery of the Mississippi River, [1673]- 
1817. (/n hi* Hist, of Seneca Co. 1&48.) 

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civU, [1680-1837]. Cincin., [1838]. 8". 

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ace. of the O. defeat. Boston, 1755. V. (B 649) 

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Cincin., 1833. 8*. (A 43) 

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people of O. ; address, 1826. Colambus, 1827. 8». 
(B 936) 

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cin., 1868. 2 T, 8". 
See aUo Cincinnati ; — Knox Co. ; — Marietta ; — 
Maomee Valley ; — Ohio Citizens; — Seneca Co.; — 
Steubenville; — alio Soldier's Aid Soc. of N. O. 

NaturcU history. 

— Description da sol, des productions, etc., de cette por- 

tion des Etats-Unis sitaeeentre la Penn.,le8 rivieres 
de I'Ohio ct du Scioto et le lac Erie. Paris, 1789. S*. 

— Whittleset. C. Physical geology of eastern O. 

(/n Boston Soc of Kat.Hist. Mem., v. 1. 1866-69.) 
See alto, above. History (,A.TWATt.B.,C. History). 


— Chase, 8. P. Politics in O. ; letter to A. P. Edgerton, 

Nov. 11. [Cincinnati], 1853. 8*. (B 1505) 

— CORRT, W. M. Speech, with the proposed amend- 

menu to the constitation, March 11. it.z>.. 1857. 8*. 

(B 1508) 

Save the canals. Cincin., 1857. 8*. (B 1508) 

Ohio, Prot. Episc. Church in. See Prot. Episc. Ch. in Ohio. 
Ohio, Soldiers' Aid Society of Northern. See Soldiers' 

Aid Society of N. O. 
Ohio Anti-Slavery Society. Narrative of the proc. against 

the libertv of the press in Cincinnati. Cincin., 

18:56. S*. (B U20) 
Ohio Bible Soc. Report of the proceedings. Marietta, O., 

1S16. 8*. (B 460) 
Ohio Canal. Commencement of the Ohio Canal, at the 

Licking sommit, July 4. Lancaster, 1823. 8*. 


See also Ohio : Canal Commissioners. 
Ohio Citizens. Celebration of the 47th anniv. of 

the first settlement of the state of O. Cincin^ 

1835. 8° 

— Another copy. (B 1172) 

Ohio educational monthly; E. E. White, ed. Vol. 

14. Columbus, 186-5. 8°. 
Ohio Falls. Improvement of the Falls, n.p., [18461. 8*. 


Ohio Historical and Philosophical Society, Trans. 
Vol. 1, pt. 2. Cincin., 18.38-39. 2 v. 8". 
Contents. Bomet, J. Letters relating to the early 
settlement of the Xorth-westem territorv. — Walker, 
T. Annual disc., 1837. — Harrison, W."H. Discourse 
on the aborigines of the valley of the Ohio. — Perkins, 
J. H. Disc, deliv. before the' Ohio Hist. Soc. — Worth- 
ington, J. T. Essay on the origin and progress of po- 
litical commnnities. — Nye, A. Fragment of the early 
history of Ohio ; — Address, Marietta, -iSth anniv. of the 
first settlement of the State. 
Ohio Indians. Pexxstltaxia. Commis. to Treat 
vcith the Indian*. Treaty held with the Ohio Indians ; 
reporu nt.p. [175.3.] V. (A 24) 

— Smith, W. Historical ace. of the exped. 

against the Ohio Indians, 1764, under H. 
Bouquet ; Reflections on the war with the 
savages ; Account of the Indian country ; 
with lists of nations, fighting men, towns, 
etc. Phila., 1766. 41 

273. (26. 10. 78.) 

Same. With a prdace by Francis Parlunan. 

Cincin., 1868. 8". 

Xote. For other editions and trans, see Bonqaet. 
H. (p. 358). 

Ohio Land Company. Walker, C. M. History 

of Athens County, O., and incidentally of 

the O. Land Company, etc. Cincin., 1869. 

8". (phio Valley Hist, ser., no. 2.) 

Ohio Lunatic Asyltun. 3d annual report. «.i>., 1837. 8*- 
(B 1132) "^ 

Ohio Mechanics Institute. Report of the 3d annual fair. 

Cincin., 1840. 8*. (B 1185) 
Ohio River. Ccmixgs, S. Western navigator; 

cont. directions for the navigation of the O. 

and Miss. Phila., 1822. 2 v. (v. 1, a folio 

vol. of maps, w.). 8". 

— Ashe, T. Memoirs of Mammoth bones fonnd in the 

vicinity of the Ohio, Wabash, Illinois, etc Liver- 
pool, 1806. 8*. (B 685) 

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cability, etc., of improving navigation of the 
O. and' other rivers, etc. Phila., 1853. 8". 

— HiLDRETB, S. P. History of an early voyage on the 

O. and Mississippi rivers, with hist, sketches. (/» 
his Original contrib. to the Amer. pioneer. 1844.) 

— HcTCHixs, T. Topographical description of 

Virginia, etc., comprehending the O. and 

Mississippi. London, 1778. 8*. 

Another copy. (B 343) 

Same. Boston, 1787. 12». (C 64) 

— RATTSESQins, C. 8. Ichthyologia Ohioensis; or, NatQ. 

ral hist- of the fishes [in] the O. River. Lexington, 

1830. r. (B 954) 
Ohio Biver Improvement Co. Pexxstlvajtia. General 

Assembly. Act to incorporate the Co. Phila., 1S55. 

8*. (B1605) 

See also Ohio Falls ; — Ohio Valley. 
Ohio Theological Seminary. Statement relative to an in- 
tended theological seminary in the diocese of Ohio. 

nt.p. [London, 1824.] 8*. (B 566) 
Ohio University. ^yAL.KER, C. M. History of Ohio Univ. 

(/n his Historj' of Athens Co. 1869.) 
Ohio Valley. Drake, D. Geological account of 

the Valley of the O. {In Amer. PhiL Soc Trans., 

n.8., V. 2. 1825.) 

— Hildreth, S. p. Pioneer hist. ; first examina- 

tions of the Ohio Valley. Cincin., 1848. 8". 

Observations on the bitominous coal deposits of the 

Valley of the O., 1836. [From the Amer. joum. of 
sci., V. 29. New Haven, 1836.] ST. (K 110) 

— - Observations on the saliferous rock formation in the 

Ohio Valley. [From the Amer. joum. of sci., v. 24.] 
n.p., n.d. «". (E 110) 

See also North- West Territory. 
Ohio Valley historical series, Xos. 1-5, 7. Cincin., 
1868-71. 6 v, 8». 
Contents. Vol. 1. Smith, W. Historical account of 
Bouquet's expedition in 1764 ; with a preface bv F. Park- 
man. 2. Walker, C. M. History of Athens Co., O. 
3. Clarke, G. R. Sketch of his campaign in the Illiiiois 
in 1778-79 ; with an introd. by H. Pirtle. 4. McBride, 
J. Pioneer biographv ; sketches of the lives of eariy 
settlers of BuUer Co.,'0. 5. Smith, Col. J. Captivity 
with the Indians. 6. Wanting. 7. Miscellanies: 
Espy, J. A tour in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana Terri- 
tory in 1805 ; — WUliams, S. Two Western campaigns 
in the war of 1812; — TaneyhiU, R. H. The Leather- 
wood God. 
Ohlenschlager, Adam Gottlob. ^rlighed varer 
laengst ; Idyl, Kiob,, 1813, 12". 

— Aladdin eller den forunderUge Lampe ; drama- 

atisk Eventyr. Kiob., 1820. 8<*. 

— Digteme i Levnet som i Vaerker historiskaes- 

thetisk Afhandling. Kiob., 1820. 12". 

— Erik og Abel ; Tragodie. Kiob., 1820. S". 

— Faruk ; Syngespil, Kiob., 1812. 12". 

— Fiskeren ; dram, Eventyr. Kiob., 1816. 8". 

— Fostbrodrene ; Tragodie. Kiob., 1817. 8*. 

— Frederiksberg. Kiob., 1817. 16°. 

— Freias Alter; LystspQ. Kiob., 1816. 8". 

— Hagbarth og Signe ; Trag. Kiob., 1815. 8*. 




— Helge; et Digt. Kiob., 1814. 8°. 

— Holbergs Jubelfest ; Forspil. Kiob,, 1822. 12". 

— Hroars Saga. Kiob., 1817. 8". 

— Hugo von Rheinberg ; Trag. Kiob., 1813. 12°. 

— Kanarifuglen ; Lystspil. Kiob., 1813. 12°. 

— LudlamsHule; Syngespil. Kiob., 1814. 12°. 

— Nordens Guder; episk Digt, Kiob., 1819. 8°. 

— Eng. Gods of the North ; tr. by W. E. Frye ; 

London, 1845. 8°, 

— Fortionn, translated, (/n Pigott, G. Manual of Scan- 

dinavian mythology. 1839.) 

— Oen i Sydhavet; Rom. Kiob., 1824-25. 4 v, 8°, 

— Palnatoke ; Sorgespil, Kiob., n.d. 12°. 

— En Reise fortalt i Breve til mit Hiem. Kiob., 

1817. 2 V. 8°. 

— Robinson i England ; Comodie, Ki6b.,1819. 8°. 

— Roverborgen; Syngespil. Kiob., 1814. 12°, 

— Samlede Digte. Kiob., 1823. 3 v. 8°. 

— En SkiaesoronicrnatB Drom. See Shakespeare, W. 

— Staerkodder; Tragodie, Kiob., 1812. 12°. 

— Tale, Thorvaldsens Hiemkomst, 16 Oct 1819. 

Kiob., [1819], 12°. 

— Tale holden paa Universitetets Reformations 

fest 1820. Kiob., 1821. 12°. 

— Tordenskiold ; Syngespil. Kiob., 1821. 8°. 

— Correggio ; a tragedy, by O. — Sappho ; a 

tragedy, bj' Grillparzer, With a sketch of 
the Autobiography of O. ; tr; from the Ger- 
man [by Eliza B.Lee]. Boston, 1846. 12°. 

— DORAN, J. (7m his New pictures. 1859.) 

— HowiTT, W. and M. (In their Lit. of N. Europe, 

V. 2. 1852.) 
Ohsson. See Mouradja d'Ohsson. 
Ohthere. Alfred the Great. Voyage of O. (In his 

Descr. of Europe. 1855.) 

— Voyage to Norway, 890; second, voyage into the 

Sound of Denmarke. {In Hakluyt, K. Col. of 
voy., V. 1. 1809.) 

— Voyage to the White Sea and Baltic in the 9th cent. 

(In Kerr, R. Col. of voy., v. 1. 1824.)^ 
Oil. Cailletet, C, Guide pratique de I'essai et 
du dosage des huiles. Paris, 1859, 12°. 

— Gesner, a. Treatise on coal, petroleum, and 

other distilled oils. 2d ed. N.Y., 1865. 8°. 
See also Illumination ; — Petroleum. 
Oil on the waters ; [right and wrong of the North 

and South]. Boston, 1867. 12°. 
Oiseaux bleus, Les; par J. Janin. Paris, 1864. 12°. 
Oiselius, Jakob. Niceron,J. P. (/n^is Mem., v. 42. 1741.) 
Ojea, Ferdin. Gallsecia. n.p.,[16—]. (E 78, no. 15) 
Ojeda, Alonzo de. Irving, W. Life and voyages of O. 

(M his Voy. of the companions of Columbus. 1831.) 

— Voyages of O. (In General col. of voy. 1789.) 
Oiibwas. See Chippewas. 

Oke, George C. Magisterial procedure. (In Nat. Assoc. 

Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 1862.) 
O'KeefFe, John, Dramatic works, London, 1798. 
4 V, 8°, 
Contents. Vol. 1. Life's vagaries. — Le grenadier. — 
Modem antiques. — Castle of Andalusia. — Tony Lump- 
kin in town. — Sprigs of laurel. — The poor soldier. 
2. Wild oats. — Wicklow mountains. — Fontainebleau. 

— Little hunchback. — Basket maker. — Blacksmith of 
Antwerp. — Positive man. 3. The toy. — Czar Peter. 

— London hermit. — Irish mimic. — Tantara-rara, 
rogues all. — Birth-day. — A beggar on horseback. 4. 
World in a village. — Highland reel. — Magic banner. — 
Farmer. — Man milliner. — Prisoner at large. — Love 
in a camp. — The doldrum. 

— Recollections of the life of J. O'Keeffe ; by 

himself, Phila., 1827. 2 v, 8°. 

— Wild-oats; a comedy. (In Sargent, E. Mod. stand. 

dr., V. 31.) 
0-kee-pa, Catlin, G. 0-kee-pa ; a religious 

ceremony of the Mandans. Lond., 1867. 4°. 
Okeley, Wm. Captivity and escape from Algiers. (In 

Harris, J. Col. of voy., v. 2. 1705.) 
O'Kelly, CoZ. Charles. Macariae excidium; the destruction 

of Cyprus [Ireland]. (In Croker, T. C. Narr. 

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Contents. Vol. 1, 2. Dialogue. 3. Dialogue.— 
Slitsleeves, Rev. 8., pseud. Letter to Timothy, author 
of 'The Dialogue against the rights', cone, some mis- 
representations of that book by Dr. Wotton. — Tryal of 
'The rights' ; answer to the 'Second defence'. — Vindica- 
tion of W. Tindall in answer to the misrepresenUitions 
of the author of the 'Second defence'. — Judgment and 
opinion of H. Grotius cone, the principles and notions of 
'The rights'. — Some account of Mr. Hales of Eaton in 
answer to those tracts ascribed to him. — Answer from 
a country parson to a letter from a country attorney 
cone. 'The rights'. 
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count of the risings of the White-Boys; in answer 
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Boston, [1869]. 8°. 
Contents. Queen Caroline. — Sir Rob. Walpole; the 
minister. — Lord Chesterfield; the man of the world. — 
Lady Mary Wortley Montague. — Alexander Pope ; the 
poet. — The youug chevalier. — John Wesley; the 
reformer. — Commodore Anson ; the sailor. — Bishop 
Berkelej' ; the philosopher. — Samuel Richardson ; the 
novelist. — David Hume; the sceptic. — William 
Hogarth ; the painter. 

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Kote. For continuation see Lilliesleaf (p. 2178). 

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Oliva, Fernan Perez de. Obras. 2a ed. Madrid, 

1787. 2 V. 12°. 

Contents. Vol. 1. Los titulos de los generals de las 

escuelas de Salamanca. — Dialogo en latin y en Castel- 

lano. — Un largo discurso sobre la lengna castellana. 

— Dialogo de la dignidad del hombre. — Discurso de las 

Eotenc-ias del alma, y del buen uso dellas. — Mnestra de 
1 lengua castellana en el nacimiento de Hercules, 6 com- 
edia de Ampbitrion, tornado el argumento de la latina 
de Plauto. — La venganza de Agamenon; trag., cujo 
argumento es de Sofocles. — Hecuba triste; tragedia 
[por] Euripides; Oliva, tomando el argumento, y mu- 
dando muchos, la escribio en castellano. 2. Ra- 
zonamiento que hizo Oliva en el ayuntamiento de Cor- 
dova, sobre la navcgacion del rio Guadalquiver. — Razo- 
namiento que hizo en Salamanca el dia de la licion de 
oposicion de la catedra de filosofia moral. — Alguna-s 
poesias. — Quince discursos de Ambrosio de Morales : 
Lo mucho qui conviene enseriar lo bueno con dulzura 
de bien decir; — La diferencia que hay entre Platon y 
Aristoteles en la manera de ensenar; — Quanto quiere 
Dios que hagamos todo lo que a nosotros es posible en 
todas las cosas, aunque suplicandole por ellas, e^peremos 
del el buen suceso ; — Dos exemplos noUibles, donde se 
ve como Dios algunas veces obra en sus maravillas con 
solo 8U poder; y otras con servirse de algunos instru- 
mentos naturales; — Quan diferente cosa son grande 
ingenlo ; y buen ingenio ; — Unos hombres valen mas que 
sus riquezas, y las riquezas de otros valen mas que 
ellos; — En que consiste principalmente ser un hombre 
necio, y qual esta condenada por lama yor necedad de 
todas; — El gran dano que es en el juez proceder con 
impetu y con ira; — Quien ha sido estiraado entre los 
Gentiles por el hombre de mayor sabiduria ; y como se 
puede dar a entender que se acerto en juzgarlo ; — Una 
coniiideracion Christiana de mucho alivio y consuelo 
tomada de un verso del poeta Virgillo ; — Un error muy 
danoso, comun entre los hombres, en desear muchas 
veces lo que no les conviene ; — Una consideracion por 
donde ee puede bien entender, como algunas veces las 
estrellas tienen poderio sobre todo el hombre; — Lo 
mucho que importa la buena crianza de los hijos ; — 
Quan agradable es a Dios, y quanto importa que los 
criados sean virtuosos; — Del admirable y mas alto 
efecto que hace el amor, quando transforraa al que ama 
en el amado. — La divisa para D. .Juan de Austria, y el 
discurso sobre ella. — Tabla de Cebes, filosofo Tebano, 
discipulo de Socrates, transladada de griego en castel- 
lano por Ambrosio de Morales. — Argumento y breve 
declaracion de la tabla de Cebes. — Discurso del licen- 
ciado P. de Valles, sobre el temor de la muerte, y el 
amor y deseo de la vida, y representacion de la gloria 
del cielo. 
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V. 1. 1861.) 
Oliva y el laurel. La; alegoria; por J. Zorrilla. {In his 

Obras, v. 2. 1852.) 
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duqne de San Liicar de Barrameda. Respuesta del 
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sentacion qui hizo al rey un buen vasallo despues 
que S. M. separo de sua privanza il eonde-duque 
de O. — Decreto de S. M. que baxo un dia despues 
que salio de Madrid y de la privanza el eonde-duque 
deO. {In V. 19. 1789.) 

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to the deposition of O. cone, what passed in council 
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Gncc. scripserunt carmina. Altera ed. 

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Contents. P. D. Huetius. — C. F. Fragucrius. — 
CEnopion (Boivin de Villereuve). — G. Massiaeus. — 
J. Olivetus. — B. 

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zaem levensbedryf van Rozelli ; uit hetFrans 
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(E 101) 

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Notes on some points of electrical theory; — Pecu- 
liar properties of a compound of lard and rosin. 
{In Amer. Assoc. Proc, v. 4. 1851.) — Obs. on the 
zodiacal light. {In v. 6. 1852.) — Notes on the Wil- 
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8°. (B541) 

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Lect., 1838.) — Beau ideal of the perfect teacher. 
{In 1845.) 
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memoir of the embarkation of sick and 
wounded from the peninsula of Virginia, 
1862. Boston, 1863. 16°. 

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on governor's [of Penn.] message ri>l. to mandamus 
of Supreme Court of U. 8. in caseof O. n.p., [1801]. 
8°. (B971) 
Report of committee, n.t.p. [178-.] 8°. (B 1437) 




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house's executrices. Phila., 1809. 8°. {B412, W12) 

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etructing the execution of the writ of arrest in the 

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i-schen Keilinschriflen enthalteneu semitischen 

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of Paris. — Observations on a sketch of a geolog- 
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Beche, H. T. Selection of geol. mem. 1836.) 

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8». (CI) 
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(C 1) 
The latter sign; sermon at lecture. Aug. 31, 1682. 

[Boston, 1682?] 12°. (CI) • b • 

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NOT, G. Herzegovina ; or, Omer Pacha and 
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under Omer Pacha, 1855. London, 1856. 8° 

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sept. 1856.) 

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ings, by the omnigraph. London, [1841]. 4° 

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graphia, atque ejus incendiornm historia. (/» 
Graevius. Thes. antiq. Sicil.. v. 9. 1723.) 

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d. Sci. Mem., v. 28. 1824.) — Dellespingarde. — 
Delle colubrine. {In v. 30. 1826.) — Dell' origine 
della polvere da guerra e del primo uso delle artig- 
Here a fuoco. {In v. 38. 1835.) 

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Free church pulpit. 1853.) 

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Gosse, P. H. 

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Com., v. 1. 1853.) 
On ne s'uvise jamais de tout; opera comique. See Sedaine, 

M. J. 
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Com., V. 2. 1853.) 
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Thukydides als Strat«ge vor Amphipolis. (/n His- 

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Christian simplicity. {In Prot. Episc. pulpit, v. 2. 


— Another copy. 1832. (B 1779) 

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8°. (B1298) 

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the Bp. of N. Y. N. Y., 1845. 8". (B 1392) 

— Protestant Episcopal Church in the TJ. S. 

Court for the Trial of O. Proceedings. 
N. Y., 1845. 8° 




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Gen. N. Woodhull ; in letters addressed to 
J. F. Cooper. [Cuttings from 'Home jour- 
nal'. N. Y., 1848.] 

— Documents and letters intended to illustrate 

the revolutionary incidents of Queens Co. 
N. Y., 1846. 12". 

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N. Y., 1865. 4°. 

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Counties. N. Y., 1849. 12". 
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Onderdonk stated and considered. Phila., 1853. 8°. 
(B 1392J 

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of the bishops who united in the consecration of O. ; 

with address of presiding bishop. Phila., 1827. 8°. 

Narrative of the consecration of O. ; with address of 

presiding bishop. Phila., 1827. 8°. (W 1) 
One hour; or. The carnival ball; an original burlelta. See 

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One hundred scriptural arguments for the Unitarian faith. 

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1836. 2 V. 12". 
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One too many for him ; a farce. See Williams, T. J. 
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century. Boston, Camb., 1858. 8°. 
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stand, dr., v. 42.) 
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the bench and bar of ti. Carolina. Charles- 
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under a resolution of the State Agric. Soc. 
Columbia, 1848. 8". 

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B. and W. States, v. 2. 1852.) 
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— NOYES, J. H. (i>i his History of American socialisms . 
Oneida Co., N. Y, Jones, P. Annals and recol- 
lections of O. Rome, 1851. 8". 


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Address with award of premiums, etc., at the 7th 
annual fair. New Hartford, Sept. Rome, 1847. 8°. 
(B 1586) 

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ing, Ulica, Sept. 3. Utica, 1816. 8°. (C 61) 

Oneida Indians. Kip, W. I. A few days at 
Nashotah. Albany, 1849. 8°. 

— Belknap, J., and Morse, J. Report of a committee 

who visited the Oneida and Mohekunah Indians in 
1795. i/n Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 5. 1816.) 

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Onneiouts, 1690-91. Nouv. York. 1864. 8". 

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the Amer. civil war and of England's cotton 
difficulty. 2d ed. London, 1863. 8". 

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lin univ. mag., v. 32-34. 1848-49.) 

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Onesto da Bologna. Sonetti- (In Trucchi, F. Poes. Jtal. 
ined., v. 1. 1846.) 

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D. de. 
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See aUo Blind ; — Bnrning glass ; — Color ; — Eye ; — 
Kaleidoscope; — Light (Jii ineilUine); — Light, Dei- 
ties of; — Microscope; — Optical Instruments; — 
Perspective ; — Phosphorescence ; — Photography ; — 
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See aUo Vaticination. 
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Orations. For collections of orations gee the division 

Literature under various names of countries as 
France (p. 10o6\ Greece (p. 1266); — aUo English 
eloquence fp. 809) ; — Latin oratory ; — also Pane- 
gyrics ; — Speeches. 
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See alio the names of orators cited under English 
eloquence (p. 899): — France (p. 1056); — Greece 
(p. 1266) ; — Latin (p. 1682) ; — Spain. 
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See also Elocution ; — Eloquence ; — Reading ; 
— Rhetoric ; — Speeches. 
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Sed. by J. T. Buckingham ;] Jan. - June. 
Joston. 1809. 8°. 
Note. No more was published. 
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" katolicyzmu i postc^-pii. I'aryz. 1840. 8°. (E 83) 
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See aim Artillery ; — Gnncotton ; — Gunpow- 
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Oregon. Territory. 


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See also Columbia River ; — San Juan Island. 

See Chinook jargon. 


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Description and History. 

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{In his Resources of Cali- 

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Oregon, 1869. 8". 
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Origines Europaeae. See Diefenbach, L. 

Origines patricise. See Hampson, R. T. 

Origins (in the arts and sciences). See Arts, XTseful ; — In- 
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(fgp. Drcmmosd). 

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poemas esp. 1840.) 
Orlando furioso. See Ariosto ; — Green, R. 
Orlando inamorato. See Berni, F. 
Orlando inamorato. See Bojardo, M. M. 
Orlandos, Johaonis. Pi,att, J., and others. Report of 

the award between J. O. and A. Luriottis on the one 

part, and Le Hoy, Bayard & Co., and G. and S. 

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Rome, 1608. (E 78, no. 197) 
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Charlotte of Bataria. 

275. (18. 11. 78.) 

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Joseph, due d'. Campagnes de I'armee 
d'Afrique ; pub. parses fils. Paris, 1870. 8°. 

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(In his Les morts vont vite, v. 1. 1861.) 
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firince de Joineille. See Joinville. 
Orleans, Gaston Jean Baptiste, due d'. Memoires. 

(In Mdmoires pour servir a lliist. de France sons 

Henri III., etc. ; — in Michand and Ponjonlat. Col. 

des mem., v. 23. 1854; — and in Petitot. Col. dea 

mem., 2e ser., v. 31. 1824.) 

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Mecklenbourg - Schtcerin et duchesse d'. 
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Orleans, Henri Eugene Philippe Louis, prince due d'Aumale. 

See Atunale. 
Orleans, Louis Antoine Philippe de, due de Montpensier. 

See Montpensier, L. A. P. d'O., due de. 
Orleans, Lonis de Valois, due d'. Le Rot, T. Document snr 

[son] assassinat, 23 nov., 1407. (In Paris. Soc. de 

I'Hist. Bui, 1864.) 
Orleans, Louis Philippe Albert d', eomte de Paris. See 

Paris, L. P. A. d'Orleans, eomte d'. 
Orleans, Louis Philippe Joseph, due d'. See Lonis Phil- 
ippe Joseph, due d'Orleans. 
Orleans, Philippe ii., due d\ Capefigue, J. B. H. 

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his (Euvres, v. 18. 19. 1805.) 
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in England under the Stuarts ; tr. [with] 
introd. by L. Echard. 2d ed. London, 
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— Historj- of the two Tartar conquerors of China ; 

tr. bv the Earl of Ellesmere. London, 

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ms. du Vatican, par Guessard et de Certain. 

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toresques, dessines par Chapuy ; avec un 

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Wellfleet, and O. Yarmouth,' 1844. 8°. 

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on a memorial to Congress, resp. the illegal 
conduct of Gen. Wilkinson. N. O., 1807. 8°. 

Another copy. (B 433) 

Memorial [toCongress, for] alteration in the law resp. 

titles to lands, and encouragement to the culture of 
sugar, Dec. 31, 1805. Wash., 1806. 8». (U. 8. 9th 
Cong. 1st sess. Sen. B 485) 

— Workman, J. Letter to the citizens of the County of 

Orleans. X. O., 1807. 8° (B 433) 




Orleans Territory. Citizens. Instructions from the inhabi- 
tants to their representatives in the legislature. 
n.t.p. [18-.] 8°. (B 455) 

Orleans-Longueville, Marie d'. See Nemours, M. d'O.-L., 
duchesse de. 

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_ Same. Lpz., 1862. 3 v. 16". 

— Same. {In Harper's mag., v. 23-25. 1861-62.) 
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a diss, on the establishments made by Ma- 

homedan conquerors. London, 1763-78. 

2 V. in 3 pt. 4". 

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against Fort DuQuesne. 1855.) 

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books on sacred literature, with notices^. 
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2 V. 8". 

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New ed., with notes and an appendix, by E. 
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{In Archaeol. Inst, of Gr. Brit. Memoirs. 1853.) 

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Lancashire during the great civil war, com- 
mencing with the removal, by Parliament, of 
the Earl of Derby, and terminating with his 
execution at Bolton. London, 1844. 4". 
(Chetham Soc, v. 2.) 

Ormesson, Andre Lefevre d'. See next entry. 

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des memoires d' Andre Lefevre d'Omiesson ; 
pub. par A. Cheruel. Paris, 1860-61. 2 v. 
4". (Doc. ined.) 

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leian by R. M. White. Oxford, 1852. 2 v. 8°. 

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Ormond. See Edgeworth, M. 

Ormond ; or, The secret witness. See Brown, C. B. 

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passes, 2d ser.,v. 2. 1862.) 

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fore the execution of] O. Boston, 1734. 8°. (D 3) 

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Scriptures. N. Y., 1835. 8". (B 1373, 1814) 

Ormulum. See Ormin. 

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Assyria, etc., and description of O., etc. 
London, 1829. 4". 

— Capture of O., by the English and Persians, 1622. 

{In Kerr, R. Col. of voy., v. 9. 1824.) 
Ornament. See Chimney pieces; — Decoration; — -Jew- 

elery ; — Terra cotta. 
Orne, Hon. Azor, Funeral sermon on. 1796. See Hubbard, 

E. (B 151, 852, 910) 
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of Boston, July 4. Boston, 1820. 8". (B 945, 1202) 

— LORING, J. S. (/n Am Hundred Boston orators. 1852.) 
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of the sigaultian operation. — Experiment with 
cow-parsnip in epilepsy, {hi Mass. Med. Soc. 
Med. comm., v. 1. 1808.) 

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Ornithichnites. Field, R. Ornithichnites. {In Amer. 

Assoc. Proc, v. 13. 1860.) 


itep" In the following titles * means that the work con- 
tains noteworthy illustrations, f that the illustrations, 
or some of them, are colored. 

— DiONYSiL'S. Paraplirasis librorum Dionysii de avibus. 

{In Poetae biicolici. 1851.) 

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VI. Amst.. 1657. f". * 

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latin; augm. Paris, 1773-74. 2 v. f". * 

Jt^ote. The plates form a separate volume, with 
the title 'Collection des oiseaux, graves d'aprfes na- 
ture, etc. Paris', n.d. f°. 

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J. Raius. Londini, 1676. f". * 

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Enff. Natural histor}' of birds ; with notes 

and add. by the translator [Lesley]. Lon- 
don, 1792-93. 9 V. 8". * 

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(B 738) 

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Histoire naturelle des colibris, oiseaux- 
mouches, etc. Paris, 1802. 4". * 

Histoire naturelle des grimpereaux et des 

oiseaux de Paradis. Paris, 1802. 4". 

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oiseaux ; avec un atlas par A. d'Orbigny, 
etc. [1816.] Paris, [184-]. 2 v. 8". t 

Jfbte. For other editions and trans. /See Cuvier 
(p. 722). 

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(Lib. ent. kn , v. 8.) * 
Faculties of birds. London, 1835. 12". (Lib. 

ent. kn., v. 9.) * 
Same. Nat. hist, of birds, their archit., habits, 

and faculties. N. Y., 1850. 18". (Harpers' 

fam. lib., V. 98.) 

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others. Zool. of Beechey's voyage. 1839.) 




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de la science. {In RSvae d. D. Mondes, avr. 1870.) 

— Burroughs, J. Wake-robin. N. Y., 1871. 

See aUo Canada ; — Europe ; — Great Britain ; — 
Indiana ; — Iowa ; — Ireland ; — Massachusetts ; — 
New England ; — N. America; — Norway; — Nova 
Scotia ; — Paraguay ; — South America ; — Sweden ; — 
Tuscany ; — Dnited States ; — Vera Cruz ; — a loo Co- 
lymbus torqnatus ; — Eggs ; — Flying ; — Humming 
birds; — Muscicapidae; — Migratory birds; — Nat- 
ural history; — Ocean; — Pigeons; — Poultry; — 
Omospade. See Zeno, A. 
Orono, ti ihief at Fenobucot. Notice of O. {In Mass. 

Hist. Soc. Col., V. 23. 1846.) 
Oronoko ; tr. de I'angl. de Mme. A. J. Behn. {In Biblioth. 

univ. des romans, Nouv., v. 18. 1T92.) 
Oroonoko ; a tragedy. See Sontheme, T. 
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{In Valladares, .\. Seman.. v. 15. 1788.) — Repre- 
sentacion al rev Carlos ii. {In v. 34. 1790.) 
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of O. and Diacria. Athens, 1838. 8°. 

Anotfier copy. (B 1164) 

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History of Paulus Orosius, with the Eng. tr. by B. 
Thorpe. {In Pauli, R. Life of Alfred the Great. 
Orozco y Berra, Manuel. Geografia de las lenguas 
y carta etnografica de Mexico. Mexico, 
1864. 4°. 

— Ciudad de Mexico. — Itinerario del ejercito espanol en 

la conquista de Mexico. — Moueda en Mexico. — 

Cuynacan. {In Noticias. 1855.) 
Orphan, The ; a tragedy. See Otway, T. 
Orphan-House in Georgia. WHiTEriELD, G. Account of 

money received and disbursed. London, 1741. 8*. 

(B 735) 
Orphan of China; a tragedy. See Mxirphy, A. 
Orphans' advocate ; June 11 - July 7. "Wash., 

1866. 8°. 
OrphSeauxenfers; opera. See Regnard, J. F. 
Orphelin de la Chine, L' ; drame, tr. du chinois par 

S. Julien. Paris, 1834. 8° 

Orphelin de la Chine, L'; trag6die. See Voltaire, F. M. A. 

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Six hymns; tr.into W.Dodd. {In Callima- 

chos. Hymns. 1755.) 

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Berlin. Ak. d. Wias. Abb., 1861.) 

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sidered. London, 1803. 8*. (B 1412) 

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— Oration. July 4. Boston, 1804. 8'. (B 342) 

— Properties of animal and vegetable life. {In Mass. 

Med. Soc. Med. comm., v^ 3. 1822.) — BlOG. notice 
of O. {In V. 9. 1860.) 
Orr, James Lawrence. SAyAGE, J. {In his Our repre- 
sentative men. 1860.) 
Orr, Thomas C. Duty of municipal authorities to improve 
the sanitary condition of towns. {In Nat. Assoc. 
Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 1858.) 
Orr, Wm. S. Circle of the sciences. London, 
1854-56. 4 v. 8". 
Contents. Organic nature. Vol.1. Principles 
of phyiioloyy. Orr, W. 8. Prine. of physiol. — Owen, 
R. Structure of the skeleton and teeth. — Latham, R. 
G. Varieties of the human race. 2, 3. System of 
natural history. Smith, E. Botany. — Dallas, W. 8. 
Zoology. [Inorganic nature. 1.] Practical 
chemittry. Gore, G. 'i'heory and practice of electro- 
deposition. — Sparling, M. Photographic art. — Scof- 
em, -J. Chemistry of food, with a ~i"hapter on its adul- 
terations. — Chemistry of artificial illumination. 
Orra ; a tragedy. See Baillie, J. 
Orrery, John, bth Earl of Cork ami. See Boyle, J. 
Orsanmichele. Tabernacolo della Madonna. 
Masseli-i, G. II tabernacolo lavoro di A. 
Orcagna ; incise da G. P. Lasinio. Firenze, 
1851. P. 
Orsato, Reprandino. Sonetto. {In Tmcchi, F. Poesie ital., 

V. 2. 1846.) 
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noriira. {In Graevius, J. G. Thes. antiq. Rom., 
V. 11. 1699.) 

— Fabroni, a. {In his Vitae Ital., v. 13. 1787.) 

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Guide to the usages of society. X. Y., 

1843. 8°. 
Orseolo di r^n^'^a, Famiglio di. (/« Intta, P. Fam.. v.9.) 
Oral, Giovanni Giuseppe, marchese. Niceron, J. P. {In 

his Mem., v. 35. 1736.) 
Orsi {Lat. Ursina), Giuseppe Agostino. Fabrom, A. {In 

his VitsB Ital., V. 11. 1785.) 
Orailago, — dell'. Sopra il boon essere di Livorno. (in 

Bemi, F. Opere burlesche, v. 1. 1834.) 
Orsini (Lai. Ursinus), Fulvio. Virgilius colla- 

tione script. Grsec. illust. ; ace. L.C. Valck- 

enarii opusc. nonnul. Leovardise, 1747. 8°. 

— Familiae Romanse nobiliores. {In Graevins. Thes. 

antiq. Rom., v. 7. 1698.) — Notae ad Kalendarium 
rusticum Famesianum. {In v. 8. 1698.) 

— NiCERO.N, J. P. {In his Mem., v. 24. 1733.) 
Orsini di Roma, Famiglia di. {In Litta, P. Fam., v. 9.) 
Orsino, Giordano. Relazione int. al modo di stabilire nna 

bnona milizia in tempo di pace. {In Archlvio stor. 

ital., app., V.6. 1848.) 
Orsino, Virginio. Madrigale. {In Tmcchi. Poesie ital., 

V. 4. 1847.) 
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1474. {In Tartini, G. M. Rer. Ital. scr., v. 2. 1770.) 

Orsted, Hans Christian. The soul in nature ; with 
supplementary contributions ; tr. by L. and 
J. B. Homer.' London, Bohn, 1852. 8°. 

— - Beaumont, E. de. Memoir of H. C. Oersted ; tr. by 

C. A. Alexander. {In Smithsonian Inst. Report. 




Orsua or Ursua, Pedro de. Simon, P. Exjjedition 
of Ursua and L. de Aguirre in search of El 
Dorado and Omagua, 1560-61 ; tr. by "\V. 
BoUaert, -with an introduction bv C. R. 
Markham. London, 1861. 8°. (Hakluyt 
Soc. V. 28.) 

— SoiJTHEY, R. Expedition of O. Phila., 1821. 


Orta, Garcia de i^Lat. Garciasab Horto, French Garcie du 
Jardin). Aromatum npud Indos nascentiutn hist. 
{In L'Ecluse, C. Exot. libri x. 1605.) 

Orte. FoNTANiNi, G. De antiq. Hortse. (/n Graevius. 
Thes. antiq. Ital., v. 8, pt. 3. 1823.) 

Ortega, Francisco Cipriano. Defensa legal por el conde de 
Floridablanca en la cansA contra el marques de 
Manca, etc. — Defensa legal por el conde de Flori- 
dablanca en la caus^a de su arresto por el Uamado 
abuse de su autoridad. {In Floridablanca, J. M. 
Obr.a8 1867; v. 59 of Aribau. Bibl.) 

Ortega, Francisco Xavier de. Instruccion para 
hacer saber la construccion con que deben 
ser formados los animales quadr6pedos. 
Madrid, 1790. 4°. 

Ortel. See Oertel. 

Ortel, Andreas. Commentarius in novum lumen cbemicum 
Sendivogii. {In Zetzner, L. Theatr. chem., v. 6. 
1661; — awrfiJi Manget, J. J. Bibl. chem., v. 2. 1702.) 

Ortelius or Ortell or Ortels, Abraham. Belgii 
veteris typus. Verodunum, [16— ]. (E 78, no. 37) 

— Deorum dearumque capita historica narratione illus- 

trata. {In Gronovius, J. Thes. Gr., v. 7. 1699.) 

— FezzseetMarocchi regna. w.j».,[16— ]. {E78, no. 303) 

— Hispaniae veteris descriptio. n.p., 1586. (E 78, no. 12) 

— Insularum Britannicarum delineatio. Amst., [16 — ]. 

(E 78, no. 67) 

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— .Same. Ed. ult. Antw., 1603. f. 

— Thesaurus geographicus. Antw., 1596. f*. 

— Tj'pus Gallise veteris; excud. G. Blaeu. [Amst., 

16—.] (E 78, no. 24) 
Ortes, GiamMaria. Delia economia nazionale. {In Econ. 
class, ital., pte. mod., V. 21-23, 49. 1804-16.) — Rifles- 
sionl suUa popolazione. — Delle scienze utili e 
delle dilettevoli per rapporto alia felicity umana. 

— Calcolo sopra il valore delle opinioni e sopra i 
piaceri e i dolori della vita umana. — Lettere al 
F. Algarotti e al M. Ciani. {In v. 24, 49.) — 
Errori popolari intorno all' economia nazionale. 

— Lettere suUa religione e il governo de' popoli. 
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See also Westphalia. 
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S*. (B544) 

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okonoye. Wyaotenong [Detroit], 1830. 16". 




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(B 1234, 1467) 
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acting plays.; 
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and political institutions of the United 

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276. (21. 11. 78.) 

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troupes legeres et aux officiersqui servent dans 

les avant-postes. n.p., I'an rv [1796]. 12". 
PalUh. Instrukcya dla officerdw kawaleryi lekldejr, 

podlag kuSrcy wezasie woyny postcpowac powinni. 

Krakow. 1834. 8*. (K 83) 

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outposts, «<c. X. Y., 1861. 16". 
Same. New Orleans, 1861. 16". 

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I — Reise. {In Allgemeine Hisu, v. 17. 1759.) 

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by [T. Harmer]. London, 1768. 8". 

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of B 838) 

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ram and Ha velock's Persian campaign. Lon- 
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{In Inst, of Civil Engio. Trans., 1842.) 

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W. Longfellow]. N. Y., 1835. 2 v. 12"! 

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3 V. 8". 

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de la rente H. ZeiA. Paris, 1838. 8*. (B 1134) 

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1838. 8*. (B 1134) 

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di Cile, e delle ministerii che esercita in quelle 
la Comp. di Giesu. Roma, 1646. 4". 

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removed by the accidental rupture of the cyst. ( In 

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— Halieuticon fragm. — Incerti auctoria Consolatio 
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3 V. 12°. 
Contents. Vol. 1. Amores. — Epistolse. — Do medic, 
fac. — Ars amat. — Remedia amoris. 2. Metamor- 
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Works about Ovid. 

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Germ., v. 12. 1755.) 
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Contents. Declaration of glorious mystery of person 
of Christ. — Communion with God, each person dis- 
tinctly. — Nature and power of indwelling sin. — Tempt- 
ation. — Mortification of sin In believers. — Death of 
Christ. — Display of Arminianism. 

— Brief declaration and vindication of the doc- 

trine of the trinity. London, 1676. 12°. 

— Brief instruction in the worship of God and 

discipline of the churches, etc. London, 

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author by E. Williams. Boston, 1811-12. 
4 V. 8°. 

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4". (Bl) 

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dulgence and liberty of conscience. London, 1667 
4°. (Bl) 

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with mem. and his funeral sermon, by D. 
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of understanding the mind of God as re- 
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Oxford, 1658. 12°, 

— True nature of the gospel church. London, 

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and first ten years of the Brit, and For. 
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Twining's letter, and on the views of the Brit, and 
For. Bible Soc. 3d ed. Lond.,1807. 8°. (B 679, 1844) 

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strictures, efc'. 2d ed. Lond., 1808. 8°. (B 679, 1845) 

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the dissenting ministry, with proper methods to re- 
move them. London, 1735. 8°. (B 39) 
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brates. London, 1866-68. 3 v. 8°. 

Contents. Vol. 1. Fishes and reptiles. 2. 
Birds and mammals. 3. Mammals. 

— Classification and geographical distribution of 

mammalia ; app. on the gorilla, and on the 
extinction and transmutation of species. 
London, 1859. 8°. 

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1860. 8°. 

— Parthenogenesis ; successive production of 

procreating individuals from a single ovum. 
London, 1849. 8°. 

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quiry. 1851.) 

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cont. the rational system of society. N. Y., 
1845. 8°. 

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— Life written by himself. Vol.1. Lond.,1857. 8°. 
Supplementary app. containing reports, etc. 

Vol. 1 : A. London, 1858. 8°. 

— Manifesto addressed to all governments, etc., who de- 

sire to become civilized. Wash., 1844. 8°. (B 1500) 

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tion of the human character. 3d ed. Lon- 
don, 1817. 8°. 

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3d ed. {In PampMeteer, 1818; v. 11 of B 838) 

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relieving public distress. Glasgow, 1821. 4°. 

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posed by Mr. Owen. {In hia Causes. 1835.) 

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Phila., 1870. 8°. 

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London, 1860. 8°. 

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(C 173) 
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world and the next. N. Y., 1872 [1871]. 12°. 

— Footfalls on the boundary of another world. 

Phila., 1860. 8°. 

— Hints on public architecture. N.Y., 1849. 4°. 

— Wrong of slavery, right of emancipation, and 

the future of the African race in U. S. 
Phila., 1864. 12". 

— Unmasked by his own pen ; showing his unqualified 

approbation of [a] work, 'What is love? or every 
woman's book'. N. Y., 1830. 8°. (B 1717) 

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ment of Miss F. Wright and R. D. Owen. Phila., 

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(B 1632) 
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to explore the shores of Africa, Arabia, and 

Madagascar ; in H. M. S. Leven and Barra- 

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— Practice of circumraeridian altitudes at sea or on 

shore, (/ra Amer. Acad. Mem., n.s., v. 2. 1846.) 
Owenson, Sidney. See Morgan, Lady. 
Owhyhee. See Hawaiian Islands. 

Owl and the nightingale; poem. See Guildford, N. de. 
Owlglass, Tyll, marvellous ad ventures of. See Murner, T. 
Owruczanin; powiesc M. Czaykowski. Paryz, 1841. 

2 V. 8°. 
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16th-19th cent. London, 1855. 8°. 

— Adrienne, the actress; a drama. {In Sargent, E. 

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— Cleft-stick ; a comedy. {.No. 65 o/ Spencer's univ. 

stage.) — Doubtful victory ; a comedietta. (JVb. 60.) 

— Only a half-penny ; a farce. {Ko. 90 of De Witt's 

acting plays.) — The porter's knot; serio comic 

drama. {A'o. 50) 
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(In Schloezer, A. L. Schwed. biog., v. 1. 1760.) 
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W. ; — Wilberforce, 8. 
Oxford, ISarl of. See Harley, Robert. 
Oxford, Enff. Phillips, J. The neighborhood of O. and 

its geology. {In Oxford essays, 1855.) 
Oxford County, £ng. Davis, R. General view of the 

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Oxford University. 

— Parecbolse sive excei-pta e corpore statutorum 

universitatis O. Oxon., 1721. 12°. 
Ashmolean Museum, 

— Catalogue of the A. M., descriptive of the 

zoological specimens, antiq., coins, and 
miscel. curiosities. Oxf., 1836. 8°. 
Antiquities and Art. 

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Bodleian Library. 
Biblioteca italica ossia Catalogo di libri itali- 
ani posseduti dal C[onte] A. M[ortara] ed 
ora passati in propriety della Bibl. Bodl. 
Oxf., 1852. 8° 
Xote. The catalogue was made by Mortara. 

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Bodleian Library; ed. by W. D. Macray. 
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Ashmole. Oxf., 1866. 4°. 

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1867 ; with a preliminary notice of the 
earlier library founded in the 14th cent. 
London, cte.,'l868. 8°. 


- Calendar, 1823, 51, 55. Oxf., 1823-55. 3 v. 12° 


- Catalogue of graduates. Oxf., 1851. 8**. 

- Oxford ten-year book, made up to the end of 

1860, 70. Oxf., 1863-72. 2 v. 12°. 

Clarendon Press. 

- Specimen of printing types belonging to the 

Univ. Oxf., 1786. 8°. 


- De Qciscey. T. Oxford. (/« his Memorials, v. 1. 


- New pocket companion for O.; with descript. 

of buildings, etc., at Blenheim. New ed. 
Oxf., 1807. 12". 

- Satne. New ed. Oxf., 1815. 12°. 

- New O. guide ; with tour to Blenheim and 

Nuneham. Oxf., 1819. 12°. 

- Oxford Univ. and city guide; with guide to 

Blenheim, Nuneham, etc., with plates. 
New ed. Oxf., 1824. 12°. 

- Same. New ed. with add. [without plates]. 

Oxf,, 1827. 12°. 

Edmund Hall. 

- Hill, R. Ooliatb slain ; being a reply to Noweli's 

"Answer to 'PietaBOxoniengis'". London, 1768. 8*. 

- - Letter to T. Kowell containing remarks on the 2d ed. 

of his 'Answer to Pietas Oxoniensis*. London, 
1769. 8». (B21) 

Pietas Osonieneis; or. Full account of the expulsion 

of six students from Edmund Hall. 2d ed. Lon- 
don, 1768. 8"". (B 21) 

- NowELL, T. Answer to R. Hill's 'Pietas Oxoniensis'. 

2d ed. with add. Oxf., 1769. 8°. (B 21) 

- Priestcraft defended ; a sermon [on] the expulsion 

of six young gentlemen from Oxford. 7th ed. Bk)8- 
ton, 1793. 120. (C 145) 

- Strictures on an "Answer to 'Pietas Oxoniensis' " by 

T. Xowell, by No Methodist. Lond., 1769. 8». (B21) 

- Whitefield, G. Letter to D. Durell occasioned by 

[the] expulsion of six students from Edmund Hall. 
London, 1768. 8«. (B 21) 

- - Same. Boston, 1768. 8». (B 514) 


- Epithalamia Oxon, ; in Caroli regis cum H. 

Maria connubitun. Oxon., 1725. 4°. 

Epithalamia O.; in Georgii iii. et Charlottae 
nuptias. Oxon., 1761. f. 


Accot^NT of the visit of the Prince Regent and 
Emperor of Russia and King of Prussia to 
O. Univ., 1814, Oxf., 1815. 4°. 

AjrarRST, N. Terrje-filius ; or. Secret hist, of 
O., and ans. to Dr. Newton. 3d ed. London, 
1754. 12°. 

Anstet, H. Munimenta academica; doc. 
illust. of acad. life and studies at O. Lond., 
1868. 2 V. 8°. (Chron. and mem.) 

Chalmers, A. History of the coll., halls, cfc, 
of the Univ. of Oxford. Oxf., 1810. 2 v. 8°. 

Contbeare, J. Calumny refuted ; answer to 
the personal slanders pub. by R, Newton; 
the conduct of the Bishop of Exeter, and 
of the Society of Exeter Coll. vindicated. 
London, 1735*. 8°. 

Cox, G.V. Recollections of O. Lond., 1868. 8°. 
• Macmichael, W. F. Oxford and Cambridge 

boat races, 1829-69. Camb., 1870. 16°. 
■ Jeaffreson, J. C. Annals of Oxford. Lon- 
don, 1871. 2 V. 8°. 

Smith, G. The Univ. of O. {/n hU Lectures on his- 
tory. 1866.) 

- Thomson, J. C. Almse matres; by Megathym 

Splene. London, 1849. 18°. 
See also, back, Edmund Hall. 

- Catalogus codicum mss. in eollegiis et aulis O. 

Oxon., 1852. 2 v. 8°. 
See alto Bodleian Lib. ; — Radcliffe Lib. 
Magdalen College. 

- Catalogus librorum impressorum bibliotheoee ; 

conf.E. M. Macfarlane. Ox., 1860-62. 3 v. 4°. 

- Bloxham, J. R. Register of presidents, fel- 

lows, etc. Oxf., 1853-57. 2 v. 8°. 

- Observations on the original architecture of 

St. Mary Magdalen Coll. London, 1823. 8°. 


See Epthalam.ia ; — Oxford English prize es. 
Bays; — Oxford essays ; — Oxford sausage. 

Organization, Reform. 

- COLXECTioj* of papers to explain the mode of sub- 

scription required by the Univ. fro m all young per- 
sons at their matriculation. Oxf., 1772. 8*. (B 9(te) 

- Keplt. [l6t]-3d, to the calumnies of the Ediiih. rev. 

against O. 2d ed. Oxf., 1810-11. 8"". (B 788) 

- Sandford, D. K. Letter to P. Elmsley, in answer to 

the appeal to Prof. S. as umpire between the Univ. 
of O. and the Edin. review. {In Pamphleteer, 
1822 ; V. 21 of B 838) 

- NiCKLiw , P. H. Report to the board of trustees of the 

Univ. of Penn. cone, the Univ. of O. and Cambr. 
Phila., 1834. 8". (B 1132) 

- Cooper, C. P. Oxford Univ. commission; letter to the 

Dnke of Wellington. London, 1851. 8°. fE 107) 

- Gr. Brit. Commissioners [on"] the State, Disci- 

pline, Studies, and Revenues of the Univ. of 
Oxford. Report. London, 1852. T. 

- Hamilton, Sir W. (In his Discussions on philos. 


- Daubeny, C. Can physical science obtain a home in 

an English university? 1853. — Letter to the provost 
of Oriel on univ. extension. 1865. — Proportion of 
graduates in medicine at O. to the population. 1866. 
(/n his Misc.. v. 2. 1867.) 

- RtJMSEY, Rev. J. O. extension, (/n Nat. Assoc. 

Prom, Soc. Sci. Trans., 1866.) 

- Pattison, Rev. M. Suggestions on acad. 

organization with ref. to O. Edin., 1868. 8°. 

- What measures are required for the further improve- 

ment of the Univ. of O. and Camb. ? (/n Nat. 
Aasoc. Prom. Soc ScL Trans., 1868.) 




— Smith, G. The re-organization of the Univ. 

Oxf., 1868. 8°. 
Oxford Univ. reform. (In Oxford essays, 1858.) 

— Wrench, Rev. J. Q. What measures are required for 

the further improvement of the Univ. {In Nat. 
Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 1868.) 

See, forward, Oxford review; — Oxford spectator. 

Queen's College. 

— Orthography and ichnography of Queen's College li- 

brary, M. Burghers sculp, n.p., 1695. f°. (E 55) 

Radcliffe Library. 

— GiBBS, J. Ichnographica delineatio Bibliothecae Rad- 

cliffianae. n.t.p. [London? 1737.] f. (E 126) 


— Burrows, M, Pass and class, an O. guide 

book through the classes. London, 1860. 8°. 

— Rogers, J. E. T. Education in Oxford. 

London, 1861. 8° 


— Defence of subscription to the 39 articles as required in 

the Univ. of O. Oxf., [17—]. 8°. (B 906) 

See also Organization ; — aUo Nat. Assoc. 
Prom. Soc. Sci. ; — Statist. Soc. Journ. 

Oxford, 3fa88. Holmes, A. Mem. of French Protestants 
atO., 1686. {/n Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 22. 1830.) 

Oxford chronological tables. See Anuales antiquitatis. 

Oxford County, 3/e. Walling, H.F. Map. 1858. 

Oxford English prize essays. The. Oxf., 1836. 
5 V. Cv. 1, 4 w.). 12". 
Contents. Vol. 2. Street, 8. Art of printing. — 
Bartlam, J. Liberty. — Copleston, £., £p. Agricul- 
ture. — Phlllimore, J. Chivalry. — Mant, R., Bp. 
Commerce. — Rudd, E. Connection between intellec- 
tual and moral excellence. — Wilson, D. Common 
sense. — Hendy, A. Utility of classical learning in sub- 
serviency to theological studies. — Heber, R., Up. A 
sense of honour. — Marsh, E. G. Posthumous fame. — 
Grey,.C. Hereditary rank. — Burney. C. P. Love of 
our country. — Whateley, R., Bp. What are the arts 
in the cultivation of which the moderns have been less 
successful than the ancients? 

3. Attfleld, W. Funeral and sepulchral honours. — 
Keble, J. Translation from dead languages. — Cole- 
ridge, J. T. Etymology. — Burdon, R. Comparative 
estimate of the English literature of the 17th and 18th 
centuries. — Arnold, T. Eftects of distant colonization 
on the parent state. — Milman, H. H. Comparative es- 
timate of sculpture and painting. — Ogilvie, C. A. 
Union of classical and mathematical studies. — Adolphus, 
J. L. Biography. — Rickards, 8. Characteristic dif- 
ferences of Greek and Latin poetry. — Macdonnell, A. 
Influence of the drama. — Sandford, D. K. Study of 
modern history. 

4. Wanting. 5. Eden, C. P. Use and abuse of 
theory. — Harrison, B. Study of different languages as 
it relates to the philosophy of the human mind. — Wall, 
H. Emulation. — Anstice, J. Influence of the Roman 
conquests upon literature and the arts in Rome. — Moz- 
ley, J. B. Influence of ancient oracles in public and 
private life. — Vaaghan, H. H. Eftects of a national 
taste for general and difi'usive reading. — Jackson, J. 
Character and doctrines of Socrates. 

Oxford essays, contributed by members of the 
Univ. London, [1855-58]. 4 v. 8°. 
Contents. 1855. Sellar, W. Y. Lucretius and the 
poetic characteristics of his age. — Froude, J. A. Sug- 
gestions on the best means of teaching English history. 

— Palgrave, F. T. Alfred de Mussel. — Smith, H. J. 8. 
The plurality of worlds. — Cowell, E. B. Persian 
literature. — Thomson, W. Crime and its excuses. — 
Phillips, J. The neighbourhood of Oxford and its 
gjology. — Sandars, T. C. Hegel's philosophy of right. 

— Pattison, M. Oxford studies. 

1856. Muller, F. M. Comparative mythology. — 
Bernard, M. The growth of laws and usages of war. — 
Butler, Q. The Raphael drawings in the University 
galleries, O. — Morris, W. O'C. The land system of 
Ireland. — Temple, F. National education. — King, 
R. J. Carlovingian romances. — Smith, G. Review of 
Mr. Congreve's 'Roman empire of the wyst'. 

1857. Gladstone, W. E. On the place of Homer in 
classical education and in historical inquiry. — Duff, 

M. E. G. Sicily. — Wilson, II. B. Schemes of Christ- 
ian comprehension. — Freeman, E. A. Ancient Greece 
and mediaeval Italy. — Powell, B. The Burnett prizes ; 
The study of the evidences of natural theology. — 
Bridges, J. H. The Jews of Europe in the Middle 
Ages. — Church, R. W. The essays of Montaigne. — 
Sellar, W. Y. Characteristics of Thucydides. 

1858. Conington, J. The poetry of Pope. — Cecil, 
Ld. R. G. The theories of parliamentary reform. — 
Grant, Sir A. The ancient Stoics. — Pearson, C. B. 
Hymns and hymn-writers. — Dasent, G. W. The 
Norsemen in Iceland. — Phillimore, J. G. Influence of 
the canon law. — Smith, G. Oxford University re- 
Oxford reformers. The, of 1498. See Seebohm, F. 
Oxford review. Vol. 1, 2; Jan. - Dec. 1807. 

Oxf., [1807]. 2 V. 8". 
Oxford sausage ; or. Poetical pieces by the wits of 

the Univ. New ed. Oxf., [177-] . 8° 
Oxford spectator; by R. S. C, E. N., and T. H. 

W. Repr. London, 1869. 12°. 
Oxford theology; tracts for the times by Drs. Pusey. Hook, 

Newman, and others. N. Y., 1843. 8°. (B 1377) 
Oxford tracts. See Tracts for the times. 
Oxford visitor; picturesque views; with hist. 

descriptions. London, 1822. 12°. 
Oxford J^oung gentleman's reply to H. Dodwell's 
'Christianity not founded on argument', etc. 
London, 1743. 8°. 
Oxfordshire, Eng. Poll [list] of the freeholders 
of O. Oxf., 1754. 4". 

— Handbook for travellers in Berks, Bucks, and 

Oxfordshire. London, J. Murray, 1860. 12°. 
Oxholm, Peter Lotharius. Charte over den Danske Oe St. 

Croix. Kiobenhavn, 1794. (E67) 
Oxnam, John. Enterprises in the South Sea. {2n Burney, 

S. Discoveries in the South Sea, v. 1. 1803.) 

— Voyage to West India and into the South Sea, 1575. 

(In Hakluyt, R. Col. of voy., v. 4. 1811.) 
Oxonian in town. The; a comedy. See Colman, G. 
Oxus. Wood. J. Journey to the source of the 

river. London, 1841. 8°. 
Oxygen. Chace, G.I. Oxygen and its combinations, (/ra 

Smithsonian Inst. Report, 1855.) 
Oyanguren, — . Supplement k la grammaire japonaise. 

See Rodriguez, J. 
Oyster culture. Gr. Brit. Commission [on] 

Methods of Oyster Culture. Report, with a 

view to the introd. of improved methods into 

Ireland. Dublin, 1870. 8° 
Ozanam, Antoine Frederic. La civilisation chre- 

tienne chez les Francs. Paris. 1849. 8°. 

— Dante et la philosophic catholique au 13e 

siecle. Paris, 1845. 8°. 

— Documents ined. pour servir k I'hist. litteraire 

de I'ltalie le 8e - 13e [sifec.]. Paris, 1850. 8°. 
Contents. Des 6coles de I'instruction publique en 
Italic aux temps barbares. — Notice des manuscrits 
publics dans ce recueil. — Textes latins. Graphia aurese 
urbis Romae. — Praefationes ad chartarium Farfense. — 
Obituarium ecclesiae Senensis. — Hymnorum ecclesiasti- 
corum collectio antiqua. — Carmina Alfani et Guaiferii. 

— Textes italiens. De Jerusalem ccelesti. — De Baby- 
Ionia civitate infernali. — Rime di Buonagiunta da Lucca. 

— Rime di Dino Compagni. — L'intelligenza, poema. 

— Les Germains avant la Christianisme. Paris. 

1847. 8°. 

— History of civilization in the 5th cent. ; tr. by 

A. C. Glyn, Phila., 1867. 2 v. 8°. 
Ozanam, Jacques. Recreations mathematiques et 
physiques. Nouv. ed. aug. by [J. E. Mon- 
tucla]. Paris, 1790-91. 4 v. 8°. 

— NiCERON, J.P. (Ijihia Mem.,v.6. 1728; and, Germ., 

V.6. 1752.) 
Ozark Mts. Featherstonhaugh, G. W. Geol. 

report on the elevated country between the 

Red and Missouri Rivers. Wash., 1835. 8°. 
Ozone. Smallwood, C. Ozone, (/n Amer. Assoc. Proc, 

V. 11. 1858.) 

— Wetiierill.C. M. Ozone and antozone. (/m Smith- 

sonian Inst. Report, 1864.) 



P.***, Le M.D. Catalogue [de see] livres, la vente Oct. 

Paris, 1766. 8°. (B 8»9, 891) 
Note. P *** is filled out in ms. Pernzzy or Perusgy. 
P •♦*., J/, de. Recherches philos. sur les Americains. See 

Pauw, C. de. 
P***., J/. Discours sur les avantages, 1787. See Cliastel- 

lux, F. J., marq. de. 
P***. The rights of colonies examined. Prov., 1765. 4". 

(B 14, 652) 
P., Rev. C. K. Boundaries of the Church. {In Tracts for 

priests and people, v. 6. 1861.) 
P., C. R. Epistola critica de punctis controversiae Kempi- 

siauae praecipuis. {In Schelhorn, J. G. Amcen. 

lit., V. 8. 1726.) 
P., E., and J., A. Some miscellany observations on witch- 
crafts. See WUlard, 8. (B 654) 
P., F. Pelage, ou Leon et les Asturies sauves du 

joug des Mahometans. Paris, 1826. 8°. 
P., G. The moderate Parliament: answer to letter [to] a 

person of quality, n.t.p. [16—.] f°. (A 54) 
P., I. R. Handbook of familiar quotations from 

Eng. authors. New ed. London, 1853. 18". 
P., J. Letter to a friend in the country; vindication of the 

Pari. proc. this last session. n.<.p. [1680.] f. (A 54) 
P., J. C. Tobago insulis Caraibicae in Amer. sitae 

fa turn. Groningae, 1727. 4°. 
P — , R. Letter to T. Chubb, occasioned by his 'True gos- 
pel of Christ asserted. London, 1739. 8°. (B 1364) 
P., R. Maxims and hints for an angler; by a bungler. {In 

Jesse, E. Gleanings in nat. hist., v. 2. 18<S2.) 
P., R. Brief inquiry into the dissenting institution, n.p., 

1858. 8°. (B 135) 

P., S. H. Jeografia wschodnisy czgsci Europy. 
W Wroclawiu, 1825. 8°. 

P., S. W, Important truths in simple verse. Lon- 
don, 1841. 18". 

P., W. The divine right of kings asserted, n.p., [168-?]. 
f. (A64) 

P., W. Plain man's guide to the true church. London, 
1714. 8° (C 60) 

Paas, C. and A. Specimen of brass card borders. 
London, 1793. 4°. 

Paaw or Pauw, Pieter. Niceron, J. P. {In his Kem., 
V. 12. 1730.) 

Pablo; par Mme.E. M. de Garcia. Paris, 1869. 18°. 

Pabodie, Wm. J. Calidore ; a legendary poem. 

Boston, 1839. 8°. 
Pabst, Heinrich Wilhelm v. Anleitung zur Rind- 

viehzucht. 3e Ausg. Stuttg., 1859. 8". 
Paca, Wm. Sanderson, J. (/» Am Biog. of the signers, 

V. 8. 1820.) 

Pacata Hibemia; or, History of wars in Ireland 

under Elizabeth; [1558-1600; by T. Staf- 
ford]. London, 1810. 2 v. 4°. 
Pacca, Bartolommeo, Carditial. Historical memoirs 

by himself; tr. by Sir G. Head. London, 

1850. 2 V. 12". 
Pacca, Colanello, author of bk. 7, v. 2. See Collenticcio, 

P. Compendio dell' istoria di Napoli. 
Pacchiarotti, Giuseppe. Verona, A. {In Amato, G. d'. 

Panteon, v. 2. 1851.) 
Pace, Ser, notaio da Fiorenza. Sonnet. {In Rossetti, D. 

G. Early Ital. poeU. 1861.) 
Face, Pablius Marius de. See Facias. 
Pace domestica. La; eommcdia. See Nota, A. 
Pace fra le tre dee, La, da P. Metastasio. {In his Opere, 

V. 11. 1782.) — Face fra la virtii. La, e la bellezza. 

{In V. 3.) 
Pacha of many tales ; by Capt. Marryat. London, 

1856. 16°. 
Fache, Jean Nic. Correspondance [avec] Dumourler, 1792. 

See Dumourler, C. F. (B 796) 
Facheco, Duarte. Exploits in India. (In Green, J. Col. 

of voy., v. 1. 1745; — and Hoore, J. H. New col. 

of voy., V. 1. [1778.]) 
Facheco, Francisco. Epigraraas. {In Sedana, J. J. L. de. 

Parnaso esp., v. 3, 7. 1782.) 
— Poesias. {Jn Castro, A. de. Poetaa lir. de loe siglos 

16 y 17, V. 1. 1864; v. 32 of Aribau. Bibl.) 
Facheco, Joaquin Francisco. Coleccion de documentos ined. 

See Torres de Mendoza, L. 
Pacho, Jean Raimond. Relation d'un voyage dans 

la Marmarique, la Cvrena'ique, etc, Paris, 

1827-29. 4° and Plates f°. 

Pachomios, St., Abb. Acta S. P. {In Acta sanct., v. 16. 

— Vie de St. Pacome; par un ancien auteur grec et tr. 

par Denis le Petit. {In Amauld d' Andilly, R. 

Vies des saints, v. 1. 1716.) 
Fachter Feldkilmmel von Tippelskirchen; von A. v. Kot- 

zebue. (/n Ai« Theater, v. 27. 1841.) 
Pachyderms. Jardine, Sir W. Natural hist, of 

the P. Edin., 1836. 16°. (Vol. 5 of his 

Nat. lib.. Mam.) 

See also Natural liistory ; — Zoology. 
Pachymeres, Georgius. Historia rerum a Michaele [et] 

Andronico Palseologo gestarura, interp. P. Poseino. 

(Vol. 13, 14 of Byzant. hit^t. scr. 1729.) 

— De Michaele et Andronico Palseologis libri xni; 

recog. I. Bekkerus. (Vol. 24, 25 o/Niebuhr. Byzant. 
biftt. scr. 1835.) 

— French. Histoire des empereurs Michel et Andro- 

iiique. {In Cousin, L. Hist, de Constant., v. 6. 
Pacianus Barcinonensis. Epistolae. {In Florez, H. Es- 
pana sagrada, v. 29. 1775.) 

Paciaadi, Paolo Maria. Monumenta Peloponnesia 
commentariis explicata. Romae, 1761. 2 v. 4°. 

— Lettere. {In Raccolta di prose : Let. fam., v. 2. 1830.) 

— Fabroni, a. {In his Vitse Ital., v. 14. 1789.) 
Pacific commercial advertiser; Dec. 31, 1864; Jan. 14, 1865 

Honolulu, 1864-65. f. (E 194) 
Pacific Islands. Dana. J. D. Trend of islands and axis 

of subsidence in the Pacific. {In Amer. Assoc. 

Proc, V. 2. 1850.) 
Pacific Mail Steamship Co. Otis, F. N. History of the 

Co. {In his Isthmus of Panama. 1867.) 
Pacific Ocean. Axtillon, I. de. Carta esferica de 

Grande Oceano ; con analisis. Madrid, 

1802. 8°. 

— APKfes DE Mannevillette, J. B. N. D. d'. Carte de 

I'Ocean Oriental depuis le Cap de Bonne Esperance, 
jusqu' a Japon. n.p., [17—]. (E 87, no. 57) 

— Johnston, A. K. Notes illustrative of the physical 

chart of the Pacific O. {In his Physical atlas. 1856.) 

— Voyages, (/n ChurchilL Col. of voy., v. 3, 1745; — 

Hakluyt, v. 4. 1811; — Harris, v. 2. 1764; — Fink- 
erton, v. 11. 13, 14. 1812, 181.3.) 

— Chart. Arrowsmith, A. London, 1798. (E 66, nos. 


See also Hawaiian Islands ; — Polynesia ; — 
Voyages round the world. 
Pacific overtures for Christian harmony. No. 1. n.t.p. 8* 

— Same. [1828.] 12". (C 246) 

Pacific Railroad. Gray, A. B. Survey of a route 
for the Pacific Railroad on the 32d parallel. 
Cincin., 1856. 8°. 

— Heap, G. H. Central route to the Pacific; 

joum. of E. F. Beale and G. H. Heap. 1853. 
Phila., 1854. 8°. 

— Heine, W. Le chemin de fer du Pacifique. {In 

Paris. Soc. de G6og. Bui., 5e ser., v. 14. 1867.) 

— Hill, A. H. Report on the northern Pacific R. R. ; 

made to the [Boston] Board [of Trade], Nov. 27. 
Boston, 1865. 8°. (E 77) 

— Memphis Convention. Oct. 23, 1849 in Relation to 

the Pacific R.R. Proceedings. Memphis, 1850. 
8«. (B1504) 

— Palmer, W. J. Report of surveys across the 

continent, 1867-68. on the 35th 'and 32d par- 
allels, extend, the Kansas Pacific R. R. to the 
Pacific Ocean, Dec. 1, 1868. Phila., 1869. 8°. 

— Parke, J. G. Report of explorations of a 

railway route near the 32d parallel between 
the Rio Grande and the Gila. [Wash., 
1854.] 8°. (H. doc. 129.) 

— Poor.H. V. Railroad to the Pacific, (/n Amer. Geog. 

Statist. Soc. Bui., v.l. 1854.) 

— Pope, J. Report of exploration of a route for 

the Pacific R. R., near the 32d parallel. 
[Wash., 1854.] 8°. 

— Stevens, I. I. Report of exploration for a 

route for the Pacific railroad, near the 47th 
and 49th parallels, from St. Paul to Puget 
Sound. [Wash., 1854.] 8°. 




— U. S. War Dep't. Reports of explorations 

and surveys to ascertain the most practicable 
route for a R. R. to the Pacific Ocean ; made 
1853-54. Wash,, 1855-60. 12 v. in 13 pts. 4°. 

— Whipple, A. W. Report of explorations for 

a railway from the Mississippi to the Pacific. 
n.t.p. [Wash., 1854.] 8°. [33d Cong. 2d 
sess. Sen., 78.) 
See also Kansas. 

Pacific Railroad Co. of California. By-laws. (In Cali- 
fornia. Legislature. General railroad laws. 1862.) 

Pacific States. Knight, W. H. Hand-book 
almanac for the Pacific States. S. Francisco, 
1862. 24". 

Pacific Steam Navigation Co. Wheelright, W. State- 
ments and documents rel. to the eBtablishment of 
steiira navigation in the Pacific. London, 1838. 8°. 
(B 1742) 

Pacificatory letter about psalmody. [Boston, 1724.] 8°. 

Facifico de Monte Gassiano. Relation succincte de la Pen- 
tapole Libyque, tr. par M. de Laporte. {In Paris. 
Soc. de G6og. Rec. des voy., v. 2. 1825.) 

Pacificus, pseud. Appeal to Amer. Christians on the prac- 
tice of war. N. Y., 1830. 8°. (B 1786) 

Pacificus, pseud. Rights and privileges of the states in re- 
gard to slavery ; essays in the Western reserve 
chronicle after the election of 1842. n.p., 1842. 8°. 
(B 1174, 1499) 

Pacificus, Philo, pseud. The friend of peace. See Wor- 
cester, N. 

Pacifique, Le pere, de Proving. Lettre sur I'estrange mort 
du grand Turc. (/n Ternaux Compans, H. Ar- 
chives des voy., v. 1. 1840.) 

Pacini, Giovanni. Saflb; a lyrical tragedy. Boston, 1847. 
12". (El) 

— Same. Hallana, 1846. 12°. (E 6) 

Paolo di Beriga, Giulio. Posthumus Pacianus; 
definitiones juris utriusque Pasii novatse. 
Ed. alt., ab A. Corvino. Amst., 1659. 12°. 

— NlCERON, J. P. (/ji his Mem., v. 39. 1738.) 
PaciuB or de Pace, Publius Marius. Antiquitates Caltage- 

ronis urbis pulcherrinise Bicil. (i« Graevius. Thes. 

antiq. Sicil., v. 12. 1725.) 
Packard, liev. — . Letter on the retreat of swallows in 

winter, (/n Amer. Acad. Mem., v. 2. 1793.) 
Packard, Alpheus Spring, b. 1798. History of the 

Runker Hill monument. Portland, 1853. 8°. 

— Same. {In Maine Hist. Soc. Col., v. 3. 1853.) 

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pared with that of Labrador. {In Amer. Assoc. 
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of convicts to produce disease, etc. Phila., 
1849. 8". 

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1799. 8". (B 89, 170, 229, 857) 

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giving], Feb. 19. Boston, 1795. 8°. (B 326) 

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of A. Beattie. Newbnryport, 1797. 8°. (B 165) 

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the Oswego on the coast of South Barbary. 
London, 1818. 4°. 

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catechism. London, 1820. 8°. 

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Paderbornensia, ex historia Rom ana, Fran- 
cica, Saxonica eruta ; ace. Caroli M. Capitu- 
latio de partibus Saxonise et Panegyricus 
Paderbomensis [a J. Horrion]. Ed. alt. 
Amst., 1672. 4°. 

— Gigas, J. Episcopatus Paderbom. FNorib.,] 1757. 

(E 94) 
Paderbomensis episc. descriptio. Amst., [16 — 1. (E 

78, no. 156a) 
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t6mont, A. Bibl. univ., v. 2. 1833.) 
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V. 1. 1865.) 
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Parnaso epp., v. 4. 1774.) 
Padlock, The. See Bickerstaff. I. 
Padova. See Padua. 
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V. 4. 1823.) 
Padre de famiglia, II; commedia. See Goldoni, C. 
Padre de familia. {In Teatro nuevo esp., v. 6. 1801.) 
Padre peramore, II; commedia. See Goldoni, C. 
Padrino, El, y el pretendiente; comedia. See CruzyCano. 

R. de la. 

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e collez. delle leggi riferibili all' agricoltura. {In 
Archivio stor. ital., n.s., v. 4, pt. 1. 1843.) 

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VII. — De gestis Italicorum postHenricum vii. {In 

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1625. 4°. 
Latin. {In Grsevius. Thes. antiq. Ital., v. 6, pt. 8. 

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tate. {In Graevius. Thes. antiq. Ital., v. 6, pt. 3. 

See also Carrara family in Padua . 




Fxon Amaihu*ia^. Fragta. (/« Muellor, C. Fr.lu8t.Gr., 

V. 4. 1851.) 
Pa3io3. TviJtai ii&tKal koX voXczusai. 'Everii/crtv, 

1778. 4°. 
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donia; cont. descr. and views of remaining 

antiquities. London, 1767. f". 
French. Ruines de Paestum ; tr. par J. Va- 

renaes. t.p.w. [Londres, 1768.] P. 

— Nicolas, F. lUustrazioni di due vasi fittili 

ec. trovati in Pesto. Roma, 1809. f. 

— PiRANESi, G. B. Differentes vues de quelques 

restes de trois edifices dans Pesto. n^., 

[17-]. f. 
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Grsecis. (/n Graviu*, J. G. Thes. antiq. Rom., 

v.ll. 1699.) 
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Mem. di Piaani, v. 4. 1792.) 
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presso G. Pagani e F. Firenze, 1838. 8". 
Paganism. Chastel, E. HistoLre de la destruc- 
tion du paganisme dans I'empire d' Orient. 

Paris, 18-30. S° 

See aim Greece : Religion ; — Mythology ; — 
Rome : Beii{/ion. 
Pagano, Carlo. Delle imprese e del dominio dei 

Genovesi nella Grecia ; [pub. da G. M. 

Pagano]. Genova. 1852. 8". 
Page, Charles Grafton. History of induction ; the 

American claim to the induction coil and its 

electrostatic developments. Wash., 1867 

[1868]. 8". 

— Psvchomancv ; spirit rapping and table tippings 

exposed. N, Y., 1853. 12°. 

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Assoc. Proc.. V. 4. 1551.) 
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geog. Edin., 1864. 12°. 

— Geology for general readers ; a series of popular 

sketches in geol. and palaeontology. Edin., 
1866. 12°. 
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ers ; lecture before the Amer. Inst, of Instr. Bost., 
1838. 8*. (B 1165) 

— Same, (in Amer. Inst, of Instr. Lect., 1838.) — 

Advancement in means and methods of public in- 
struction. (In 1843.) 
Page, Edward Postlethwayt. Xatnre's oracle the word of 

God. etc. S. Y.. 1825. 8«. (B 1234) 
Page, Harlan. Hailock, W. A. Memoir of P. 

X. Y.. 1836. 18° 
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in the engagement of Feb. 11, 1743. (/n Trials at 

large. 1745.) 
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1796. sr (B 343) 
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pub. on [her] death. London, 1729. 8*. (C 201) 
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with notes. (/» Essex Inst. Hist, col., v. 4. 1362.) 
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compressed air in the patent pneumatic loom. 

Camb., 1864. 4». (A 65) 
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des romans, Xonv., v. 22. 1799.) 
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ed. Paris, 1862. 2 v. 18°. 
Pageants. See Anne, daughter of George n. ; — Antwerp ; 

— Coventry ; — Frederic Henry, Prince of Orange ; 

— London ; — Philip, Prince of the Two Sicilie*. 
Pagenstreiche ; von A. v. Kotzehae. (In his Theater, 

V. 17. \U\.) 
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Revolution Francaise. Paris, 1800. 5 v. 8°. 
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des ouvrages rel. an Japon. Paris, 1859. 4°. 
277. (10. 12. 78.) 

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autour du monde, et vers les deux poles, par 
terre et par mer, 1767-76. Par., 1782. 2 v. 8°. 

— Eng. trans, of Vol. 1. Travels round the 

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duties of daUy life. N. Y., 1847. 12°. 

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(In Yoamans, E. L. Mod. culture. 1867.) 

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tion of government. London, 1740. 8*. (B 578) 

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of St. Bartholomew's Hospital. London, 
1846-51. 2 v. 8°. 

— Contusions. — Sinus and fistula. — Tumours. — Ulcers. 

— Wounds. (In Holmes, T. Syst. of surg., v. 1. 

— Importance of the study of physiology by all classes. 

(An Roy. Inst. Lect. on ednc. 1855; — and in 
Youmans, E. L. Modern culture. 1867.) 

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1853. 2 V. 8°. 

— Same. Rev. and ed. by W. Turner. 3d 

Amer. ed. Phila., 1865. 8°. 
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according to the practice of the Reformed 

Churches. London, 1641. 4°. 
Paget, John, b. 1808. Hungary and Transylvauia. 

London, 1850. 2 v. 8° 
Paget, John, Barrister at Law. Inquiry into the 

evidence relating to the chaises brought by 

Macaulay against Penn. Edin., 1858. 12°. 

— New «Examen* ; an inquiry into the evidence 

relating to certain passages in Macaulay's 

•History' cone. Marlborough, Glencoe, the 

Highlands, Dundee, Penn. Edin., London, 

1861. 8°. 
Paget, John H., Marquis of Anglesey. Mahthseac, H. 

(In htr Biog. sketches. 1869.) 
Paget, Thomas. Letter to Ricardo on estimating the extent 

of the late depreciation in currency; and efl^ects of 

Peel's bill for resumption; [also] letter to Sir F. 

Burdett upon his presenting the petition of West- 
minster. London, 1S22. S*. (B 1677) 
Paget family. (In Sanford, J. L., and Townsend, M. gov. fam., v. 1. 1365.) 
Pagi, Antoine. Nicerox, J. P. (In his M^m., v. 1. 1729; 

and. Germ., v. 1. 1749.) 
Pagi, Francois. Xicerox, J. P. (In his Mem., v. 7. 1729; 

and. Germ., v. 7. 1753.) 
Pagitt, Ephraim. Heresiography ; a description 

of heretickes and sectaries in these times. 

Sixt addition [»»«]. London, 1661. 8° 
Fagliaidini, Tito. Improved dwellings for the indu strial 

classes. (In Nat. Assoc Prom. Soc ScL Trans., 

186-2.) — Several articles.] (In 1867.) — Land Uws 

of Europe. (In 1869.) 
Pagni. Giovanni. Fabboxi, A. (/it Ate ICemorie di IMsani, 

V. 3. 1792.) 
Pagnini, Giovanni Francisco. Saggio sopr a il ginsto pregio 

delle cose, la giusta valuta delle m oneta, e sopra il 

commercio dei Romani. (In Econ. class, ital., pte. 

mod.. V. 2. 1804.) 
Pahlin, Le comte de. De I'etude des hieroglyphes ; 

firagmens. Paris, 1812. 5 v. 8°. 
Paid in full: by H.J. Byron. (In Temple Bar, v. 11-13. 

Paige, A. Electropathic guide. Boston, 1849. 8°. 
Paige, Rer. Christopher. Xature and necessity of good 

works, et^.; sermon to Female Bene v. Soc., Rox- 

bnry, X. H. Keene, 1316. S«. (C 209) 
Paige, Eldridge. Short patent sermons ; by Dow, 

Jr. [pseud.]. Vol. 3. X. Y., 1850. 8° 
Paige, Lucius Robinson. Address, centennial 

celebration, Hardwick, Mass., Nov. 15. 

Camb., 1838. 8°. 

— Another copy. (B1139) 

— Address, inaug. of A. A. Miner as Pres. of Tufts Coll. 

(In Tofts College. Address at the inaag. of A A. 
Miner. 186-2. B 1576) 




— ReminiscenceB of the Vassal family, (/n Mass. Hist. 

Soc. Proc, 1858-60.) — Harvard dinners. — Stew- 
ards of Harvard College. {In 1861.) 
Paige, Reed. Oration, Hancock, July 4, 1803. Amherst, 

1804. 8°. (B416) 
Paignon-Dijonval, — . Catalogue de dessins et 

d'estampesdu cabinet de P. [179-?] 4° 
Paijkull, C. W, A summer in Iceland ; tr. by Rev. 

M.R.Barnard. London, 1868. 8°. 
Pailleron, Edouard. [Various articles.] (/n Revue d. D. 

Mondes, avr. 1864-fev. 1872.) 
Fain, James. See Paine, J. 
Pain, Wm. Builder's companion and workman's 

assistant. London, 1762. f°. 

— and Pain or Paine, J. British Palladio ; or, 

Builder's general assistant. Lond., 1793. f°. 

Pain. Hilton, J. Influence of rest and value of 
pain. London, 1863. 8°. 
See also Pleasure. 

Pain and sorrow of evil marriage ; from an unique 
copy printed by Wynkyn de Worde. Lon- 
don, 1840. 8". (Percy Soc.) 

Paine, Charles. Address before the Mass. Char. Fire Soc, 
May 27. Boston, 1808. 8°. (B 669) 

— Oration, July 4. Boston, [1801]. 8°. (B 394, 2516) 

— LOKING, J. S. (/n Ai*( Hundred Boston orators. 1852.) 
Paine, Charles, Gov. oj Vi., Funeral sermon on. 1853. See 

Gannett, E. 8. (B 1222, 1247) 

Paine, Ebenezer. Healy, J. Appeal, in vindication of 
his character against P.: also, an expos, of the 
character of P. ^Boston, [1811 V]. 8°. (0158) 

Paine, Elisha. Letter from the associated ministers of the 
Co. of Windham to the people in the several socie- 
ties in the Co. n.t.p. [1744.] 8°. (B 45) 

Paine, Emerson. Oration , Brown Univ., Providence, 4 July. 
Prov., 1813. 8°. (B 944) 

Paine, Mrs. Fanny C. Biogr.iphy of S. Paine. (I71 Hig- 
ginson, T. W. Harvard mem. biog., v. 2. 1866.) 

Paine or Pain, James. Plans, elevations, etc., of 
noblemen and gentlemen's houses in Derby, 
Durham, Middlesex, etc. 2d ed. London, 
1783. 2v. P. 

— British Palladio. 1793. See Pain, W. 

Paine, Joseph AVarren. Studlet, AV. S. Final 
memorials of P. ; remarks at his funeral, 
Dec. 29, 1864. Boston. 1865. 12°. 

Paine, Joshua, Jr., Funeral sermon on. 1788. See Thacher, 
P. (B233) • 

Paine, Martyn. Defence of the med. profession of the 
U.S.; addr.,Mar.ll. 7th ed. N. Y.,1846. 8°. (B1559) 

— Discourses on soul and instinct, and on organic 

life. N. Y., 1849. 12". 

— Essays on the philosophy of vitality as contradistin- 

guished from chemical and mechanical philosophy. 
N. T.. 1842. 8°. (B 1189) 

— Examination of a Review of the Medical and physiol- 

ogical commentaries. N. Y., 1841. 8°. (B 1659) 

— Institutes of medicine. N. Y., 1847. 8°. 

— Same. 5th ed. N. Y., 1859. 8°. 

— Same. 8th ed. N. Y., 1867. 8°. 

— Lecture on the physiology of digestion. 4th ed. N. Y., 

1844-45. 8°. (B 15.59) 

— Letters on the cholera asphyxia in the city of 

N. Y.; with other letters. N. Y., 1832, 8". 

— Materia medica and therapeutics. New York, 

1848. 12°. 

— Medical and physiological commentaries. 

N, Y., 1840-44. 3 v. 8°. 

— Reply to an attack by H, I. Bowditch upon 

the essay on the writings of P. C. A. Louis. 
Boston, 1840. 8°. 

— Review of theoretical geology. [From Prot. 

Episc. quar. rev. N. Y., 1856.1 8°. 

— and M. A. W. Memoir of R. Troup Paine. 

'^.Y.,priv. printed, m>2. 4°. 

— Bowditch, H. I. Remarks rel. to Paine's 

•Commentaries upon the writings of Louis'. 
Boston, 1840. 8°. 

— - Another copy. (B 1163) 

Rejoinder to Paine's 'Reply', n.t.p. [1841.] 8". 

Paine, Mrs. Mary Ann (Weeks). See Paine, Martyn, and 

Mrs. M. A. W. 
Paine, Nathaniel. Remarks on the early paper 

currency of Massachusetts ; read hei. the 

Amer.Antiq. Soc, April 25. Camb., 1866. 8°. 
. — Report upon American coins and tokens. {In Amer. 

Antiq. Soc. Proc, I860.) 
Paine, Robert Treat, h. 1731, d. 1814. [Memoir.] n.t.p. 

[181-.] 8°. (B570) 

— Sanderson, J. {Jn his Biog. of the signers, v. 2. 


— Sketch of the character of P.; from sermon at First 

Church in Boston the Sunday after his decease. 
n.t.p. [1814.] 8°. (B1459) 
Paine, Robert Treat, Jr., previously Ihoma?,, b. 1773, 
d. 1811. Works; with sketches of his life, 
etc. Boston, 1812. 8°. 
Contents. Sketches of the life, etc., of P. — Tributary 
lines. — College exercises. — Miscellaneous poems. — 
Odes and songs. — I'rose writings. — Kotes. 

— Eulogy on Washington, Newburyport, Jan. 2. New- 

buryport, 1800. 8°. (B 87, 1879, 2510, E 61, W 52) 

— The liasty-pudding; a poem; also The ruling passion. 

Hallowell, 1815. 12°. (D 20) 

— Invention of letters; poem, Cambridge, July 15. Bos- 

ton, 1795. 4°. (H 22, W 58) 

— Same. 2d ed. Boston, 1795. 4°. (B 650) 

— Same. 3d ed. Boston, 1819. 8°. (B 573, W 33) 

— Monody on the death of Sir J. Moore, with notes. 

Boston, 1811. 8°. (B 439, 573) 

— Ode for Independence, 1810. Cntting. (C 307) 

— Oration, Boston, July 17, [on] the dissolution of trea- 

ties between France and the U. 8. Boston, 1799. 8°. 
(B 138, 1839) 

— The ruling passion; written by the appointment of the 

Soc. of the *.B.K., July 20. Bost., 1797. 4°. (B 650) 
See also, above. The hasty pudding. 

— LORING, J. 8. {In his Hundred Boston orators. 1852.) 
Paine, Robert Treat, Jr. Latitudes and longitudes of sev- 
eral places in the U. 8. — Table of the longitude 
and altitude of the nonagesimal degree 42° 23' 28" 
N. for every minute of the right ascension of the 
meridian latitude of Boston. {In Amer. Acad. 
Mem., n.s., v. 1. 1833.) 

— and Borden, S. Tables of bearings, distances, etc. 

See Mass. Secretary of State. 
Paine, Robert Troup. Paine, M., and Mrs. M. A. 

W. Memoir. N. Y., 1852. 4°. 
Paine, Sumner. Paine, 3/r«. F. C. (/« Higginson, T. W. 

Harvard mem. biog., v. 2. 1866.) 
Paine, Thomas, d. 1757. The pastoral charge; sermon, 

Weymouth. Aug. 19, 1719, at his ordin. Boston, 

1720. 8°. (C21) 
Paine, Thomas, b. 1737, d. 1809. Age of reason, 

The ; an investigation of true and of fabulous theol- 
ogy. Boston, 1794. 8°. (B 159) 

— Same. N. Y., 1794. 12°. (B613) 

— iSnme in 2 pts. Wilmington, 1832. 8°. (B1717) 

— Same. Pt. 2d. n.p.,17Si6. 8°. (B197) 

— Same. Paris, n.rf. 8°. (B1699) 

— Agrarian justice, opposed to Agrarian law. Phila., 

[17—1. 8°. (B354) 

— American crisis. No. v.; addr. to Sir W.Howe. Lan- 

caster, New Haven, 1778. 12°. (C 65) 

— Common sense addr. to the inh.ibitants of America. 

2d ed. Phila., 1776. 8°. (B 361, 990. 2502, W 23) 
Contents. Origin and design of government, with 
concise remarks on the English constitution. — Monarchy 
and hereditary succession, — Thoughts on the present 
state of American affairs. — Of the present ability of 
America, with some miscel. reflections. — Large addi- 
tions. The American patriot's prayer. — American 
independency defended, by Candidus. — The propriety 
of independency, by Demophilus. — A review of the 
Amer. contest, with some strictures on the King's speech; 
addr. to all parents in the thirteen united colonies, by a 
friend to posterity and mankind. — Letter to Ld. Dart- 
mouth, by an English American. — Observations on Ld. 
North's conciliatory plan, by Sincerus. — Appendix. 
Necessity of independency. — Address to the people 
called Quakers, on their testimony cone, kings and gov- 
ernments, and the present commotions in America. — 

Note. 'Large additions' has a separate title-page. 

— Same. [With] A dialogue between the ghost of Gen. 

Montgomery, just arrived from the Elysian fields, 
and an Amer. delegate in a wood near Phila. 
Phila., 1776. 8°. (B 675) 




Kote. 3d ed. of 'Common sense.' 'A dialogue' 
has separate title-page and pagination. 
Same. New ed. Pliila., repr. Xewburyport, [17 — ]. 
8». (B 133) 

A'ote. This and the following four are without 
'Large additions'. 
Same. Phila., repr. London, 1776. 8°. (B 347, 348) 
Same. London, 1791. 8°. 
Same. London, 1792. 8". (B 600) 
Same. London, 1817. 8". (B 1657) 
Same. Large additions owiy. Phi I a., 1776. 8". (B703) 
Decline and fall of the £ng. system of fluance. 12tb 

ed. Paris, 1796. 8". (B 667, 754, 1850) 
Same. Phila., 1796. 8». (8 1750,2507) 
Same. N. Y., 1796. 8°. (C 46) 

French. Decadence et chute du systeme de finances 
de I'Angleterre ; tr. par F. Lanthenas. Paris, 
[17—]. 8°. (B 808) 
Dissertation on the first principles of government; 
[with his speech in Convention, July 7, 1795]. 
Paris, 3d year, [1795]. 8". (B 1760) 
Same. Pbila., 1795. 8". (B 1850) 
Same, without the speech. Paris, [1795]. 8". (B 356) 
French. Dissertation sur les premiers principes de 
gouvernement. Paris, an ill [1795]. 8". (B 1892) 

■ Examination of passages in the New Testament, 

quoted from the Old, [upon] Christ; [with] an 
Essay on dream, [and] private thoughts of a future 
state, and remarks on Jilatthew and Mark. X. Y., 
[18-]. 8°. (IS 209) 

• Jests; being a col. of patriotick bon mots, etc., on po- 

litical subjects. London, 1793. 12°. (D 55) 

■ Same. [Another ed.] ra.^.p. [1793.] 12". (C 155) 

• Large additions to Common sense. See (p. 2208-9) 

Common sense. 
' Letter addressed to the addressers, on the late procla- 
mation. Phila., 1793. 8°. (B 423) 

- Same. London, 1792. 8°. (B 600) 

- Letter to Abbe Raynal on the affairs of N". Amer. 

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626,2507) ^ 

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Contents. Introduction. — The age of reason. A 

letter; au answer to a friend on the publication of the 
The age of reason. — Letter to T. Erskine on the prose- 
cution ot T. Williams for publishing The age of reason. 
— Discourse to the Society of Theophilanthropists. — 
Letter to O. Jordan. — Examination of tire passages in 
the Kew Testament quoted from the Old, and called 
prophecies of the coming of Christ. — Appendix : con- 
tradictory doctrines in the New Testament between 
Matthew and Mark. — My private thoughts on a future 
state. — Extract from a reply to the Bp. of Llandaff. — 
Origin of free-masonry. — Letter to S. Adams. —Extract 
from a letter to A. A. Dean. — Miscellaneous pieces. — 
Rousseau, J. J. Profession of faith of a Savoyard vicar, 
extracted from Emilius; or, A treatise of education; — 

Letter to his bookseller at the Hague. — Taylor, . 

Religious dogmas ; their origin and consequences. 

— Writings. Albany, 1794. 8°. 

Contents. Common sense. — The crisis. — Public 
good. — Letter to Ii;iynal. — Letter to Earl Shelborne. 

— Letter to Sir O. Carlton. — Letter to the authors of 
the liepublican. — Letter to Syeyes. — Rights of man. 

— Letter to Mr. Dundass. 

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(B 667, 2509, 76) 
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There are in the Library biographies of the following 
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Buonarotti, Michael Angelo ; — Collins, W. ; — Duerer, 
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See aUo Painter-engravers ; — Painting : Catalogues 
(the catalogues of some collections, the National Gal- 
lery for instance, contain notices of the painters) ; — 
alHO Arts, Fine. 

See also the heading Art. wnCter the various cities and 
countries, especially, Athens (p. 163); — England (pp. 
890-91) ; — Flanders (p. 994) ; — France (p. 1033) ; — 
Germany (p. 1132); —Gr. Brit. (p. 1225); — Greece (p. 
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Part de la peinture ? — Remarques sur leg couleurs 
dont les anciens se servoient pour peindre, et sur 
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anciens. (In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 1802.) 




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^S"*^ also History (p. 2210, 11) ;— Eastlake, C. L. -.— also 
Anatomy for artists ; — Architecture ; — Arts, Fine ; 

— Badigeon ; — Color ; — Decoration ; — Drawing ; — 
Encaustic ; — Etching ; — Flower painting ; — Glass 
painting ; — Miniature painting; — Mural painting ; 

— Pastel ; — Perspective ; — Polychrome ; — Pre- 
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See also Varnish. 
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Schendel, P. van ; — Stanislas ii, A. P., £inff of Po- 
land; — Walpole, H.; — 




also the names of the various galleries, exhibitions, 
museums, etc., as Amsterdam. Musee du Royaume 
des Paya-Bas ; — Berlin. Koenigliche Museum ; — 
Bologna. Pontif. Acad, di Belle Artl ; — Boston 
Athenaeum. Gallery; — Cambridge University; — 
Dresden. Koenigl. Gemselde Gallerie; — Florence. 
Accademia delle Belle Arti ; — Florence. Gal- 
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Pinacothek; — Naples. Real Museo Borbonico; — 
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— also Paris. Galleries, Museums, etc. 

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The Library possesses engravings from the works of 

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W. ; — Veronese, P. ; — Vinci, L. da ; — Watteau, A. ; 

— West, B. ; — also engravings contained in various 
'Galleries', etc. 

See alHo the division Art under various countries 
espec. Bologna ; — England ; — Flanders ; — France ; 

— Great Britain ; — Greece ; — Italy ; — Naples ; — 
Netherlands; — Paris. Galleries and Museums; — 
Spain ; — United States ; — Venice ; — also Arts, Fine ; 

— Galleries ; — Museums ; — Painting ; — Prints ; — 
Soc. of Painters in Water colors ; — Water colors. 

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3, 3r Th. 1431-39. 4, Ir Th. Das Zeitalter Georgs von 

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See also Abbreviations ; — Alphabets ; — Illu- 
mination ; — Writing. 
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Michaele et Andronioo Palseologis ; rec. I. Bekkerus. 
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See also India ; — New York {State] : — New Zea- 
land ; — Ohio River ; — Pacific R. R. ; — Paris, Envi- 
rons ; — St. Lawrence Valley ; — Scotland ; — alw 
Botany ; — Conchology ; — Crinoidea ; — Elephants ; 

— Geology ; — Ichthyology ; — Man ; — Mastodons ; 

— Megatherium ; — Mollusca ; — Nenroptera ; — Red 
Sandstone ; — Reptiles ; — Vegetables ; — Zoophytes. 

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Operation for tissure of the soft and hard palate, 

with the result of twenty-four cases. From the 
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Eng. ; with an hist, in trod. ; publ. bv the di- 
rection of the German reformed Church in 
the U. S. Tercentenary ed. X. Y., 1863. 4°. 
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the direction of the elector Frederich iii., and accepted 

by a synod of the Palatinate. 

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leydinge van den heidelbergschen Catechis- 
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support of' the distressed Protestant Palatines. 
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3. Aquila Sancta sive Bavarica. 4. Aquila Franca. 
5. Aquila Sueva. 6. Aquila vaga, sub qua ex diversis 
nationibus et familiis imperatores exhibentur. 7-8. 
Aquila Austriaca. 

A'ote. Vol. 8 is entitled 'Monarchiae occidentalis torn, 
octavus', and the phrase occurs in other vols, in captions, 
etc., but in no other title. 
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See also Dead Sea ; — Jerusalem ; — Jews ; — Leba- 
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Natural history. 
See Bible. Natural history (p. 274). 

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structed in reading, and in the principles of religion. — 
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RoUo. 2. 912-87. The three iirst Dukes of Xormandy; 
Rollo, Guillaume-]L.ongue-Epee, and Kichard-sans-Peur. 
— The Carlovingian line supplanted by the Capets. 3. 
987-1087. Rictiardtsans-Peur. — Richard-le-Bon. — 
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menti accaduti nello stato della repubblica di Ge- 

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Contents. Vol. 1. Se 11 principe debba essere letter- 
ato. — Int. alia superbi:-, — Sulla provvidenza. — Del 
hene. — Perfozione cristiana. 2-4. Istoria del Concilio 
di Trento. 5. Lettere. 

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[also] Critical remarks on Bulwer, Emerson, 
Pecchio, Humphreys, Stanhope, Parry, and 
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present slate, productions, etc.. of the Comoro 
Isl.inds, Abyssinia, Persia, Burmah, etc. N. Y., 
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(B 1459) 
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Jfew Kng. in Penn.on the Ist anniv. of the Society. 

Piiila., 1859. 8°. (B 1234) 
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Phila., N'. y.. 18.55-59. 8°. (B 1559) 
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Assoc, of Charleston, S. C, Jan. 26. Columljia, 
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(C 46; 

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— Same. {In Bacon, F. Works, v. 7. 1859.) 

Note. On the authorship see the note in Ba- 
con's Works. 

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Palmer, J. C. Thulia ; a tale of the Antarctic. 

N. Y., 1843. 8°. 

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(B 1136) 

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quences'. London, 1837. 8°. (B 1135) 
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Eng. justiticd and the people vindicated from the 
aspersions of J. Palmer in his pretended 'Answer 
to the Declaration'. Boston, 1691. 4". (B 23) 

Same. {In Whitmore, W. H. Andros tracts, v. 1. 


— - Same. Added, a narrative of the proc. of Sir E. 

Androsse, etc., by [W. Stoughton, and others]. 
Boston, 1773. 8°. (B 611, 2501) 

Same. {In Force, P. Tr^icts, v. 4. 1846.) 

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of conforming to any religious test as a con- 
dition of toleration. London, 1779. 8°. 

— Aiiother copy. (B 238) 

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as a moral agent in answer to Priestley's 

illust. of philosoph. necessity. Lond.,1779. 8°. 

App. to the Observations. London, 1780. 8°. 

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Towers. London, 1779. 8°. (B 1851) 
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Up and down the Irrawaddi ; passages of 

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1S56. 8". 
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— Paper on longevity. {In Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc, 


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Bonable defence of the 'Seasonable discourse, shew- 
ing the necessity of maintaining the established re- 
ligion'; or. Reply to 'A full answer', etc., [by R. 
Palmer]. London, 1674. 4°. (E 150) 
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best Eng. hymn writers. London, 1863. 16°. 

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answer to Wesley and to Sacheverel. Lon- 
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London, 1732. 4°. 

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memori.'il; abridged, with add. anecdotes and lives, 
bv P. See Calamy, E. 

— Brief mem. of 8. Wilton, n.p., [1805]. 8". (B 267) 

— Sermon, Apr. 12, death of S. Wilton ; added, 

an oration at his interment by S. M. Savage. 

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3 V. 8°. 
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— The glory of the seconfl temple greater than that of the 

first; sermon, Dover, June 11, with introd. address 
by T. Noyes. Dedham, 1811. 8°. (B 325) 

— Sermon before the military company of exempts, 

Needham, Nov. 17. Dedham, 1814. 8°. (B 325; 




— Sermon, death of C. Whiting, deliv. at Needham. 

Boston, 1795. 8". (B 325) 

— Sermon, death of Col. W. M'lntosh, Jan. Boston, 

1813. 8°. (B325) 

— Sermon, Needham, Mar. 22, death of Rev. Mr. Sears, 

Rev. Mr. Caryl, and Rev. Mr. Cliickering. Dedham, 
1812. 8". (B325) 

— Sermon, Needham, Nov. 16, a century since the incor- 

poration. Dedham, 1811. 8°. (B 325) 

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1812. 8°. (B 915) 

— Fun-ral sermon on. 1821. See White, J. (B 283, 

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1812-14. (Vol. 1. 2, 2d ed.) Phila., 1814- 

16. 4 V. (v. 3 w.). 8". 
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Palmer and Skirving, during a voyage to New South 

Wales in 1794, on board the Surprise. London, 

1797. 8°. (B 1680) 

— TRlALof P. for sedition, v t.p. [Edin.,1793.] 8°. (B714) 
Palmer, Thomas H. Arithmetic, oral and written. 

Boston, 1854. 12". 

— Evils of the system of primary instruction. (/« Amer. 

Inst, of Instr. Lect., 1838.) — Essentials of educa- 
tion, {hi 1849.) 

Palmer, Wm. J. Report of surveys across the 
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Jiote. Vol. 29 contains a classed catalogue of. 
the pamphlets. 
Contentx. Vol.1. 1813. Appeal to the Dissenters. — 
Wylde. S. T. Letter to the clurgy of Somersetshire 
[on] undue marriages. — Marsh, H. Sermon on the 
Bible Soc; — Address' to the Univ. of Cambridge. — 
Vansittart, N. First letter on the Brit, and For. Bible 
Soc. — Marsh, H. Consequences of neglecting to give 
the Prayer Book with the Bible. — Vansittart, N. 
Letter to J. Coker; — 2d letter to Dr. Marsh. — Mac- 
lean, C. The E. I. Co.'b charter. — Objections to cre- 
ating a Vice Chancellor. — Vansittart, N. Outlines of 
a plan of finance proposed to be submitted to Pari. — 
Hawkins, H. Reform of Pari, the ruin of Pari. — Tom- 
line, G. Charge. — Marsh, H. Answer to the 2d letter 
of N. Vansittart. — Gandolphy, P. Congnatulatory 
letter to H. Marsh. — Bernard, T. Account of a supply 
offish for the manufacturing poor. — Fish Association. 
1st report. — Butler, C. Address to the Protestants of 
Gr. Brit, and Ireland. — Anticipation of marginal notes 
on the declaration of government. — Fabius. Letter to 
the Earl of Buckinghamshire on the open tmde to India. 

— Probus. The East India question. 

2. Examination of Cobbett's objections to the bill for 
the relief of the Unitarians. — Rogers, D. Plans for 
increasing the incomes of officers of the army ; with a 
suppl. by J. Philippart. — Account of the Report of the 
Nat. Soc. for the Kduc. of the Poor. — Eustace, J. C. 
Answi-r to the charge by the Bp. of Lincoln. — Marsh, 
H. Letter to P. Gandolphy in confutation of the opinion 
that the vital principle of the reformation has been con- 
ceded to the Church of Rome. — East India Co. Report 
of the Com. of Correspondence, upon claims of outposts. 

— T., J. Hints on the question between H. M.'s minis- 
ters and the Directors, rel. to the renewal of the E. I. 
Co 's charter. — Fish Association. 2d report. — Ad- 
dress to I'arl. on the claim of authors to their own copy- 
right, [with arguments of Lord Mansfield].— Huskesson, 
W. Speech in the Ho. of Commons resp. the state of 
finances and the sinking fund. — Correspondence with 
the editor of the Times relative to the American question. 

■ — Observations on several authors and books for the 
formation of a library. — Meadley, G. W. Sketch of 
the various proposals for a constitutional reform. — Sil- 
ver, F. Observ. on Vansittart's plan of finance. — 
Roberts, D. Letter to the officers of the army, with 





suppl. obs. by J. Philippart. — Case stated between the 
public libraries and the booksellers. — Lawrence, J. 
Dramatic emancipation ; strictures on the state of the 
theatres and on the consequent degeneration of the drama. 

— Gandolphy, P. 2d letter to the Rev. H Marsh [on] the 
opinion that the vital principle of the reformation has 
been conceded to the Church of Rome. — Brace, J. 
Speech in the Ho. of Commons. — Maclean, C. Re- 
marks on the evidence before Pari, on the E. I. Co.'s 
affairs. — Baverstock, J. Observ. on the state of the 
brewery and on the saccharine quality of malt. — Marsh, 
C. Substance of his speech in a committee of the Ho. 
of Commons [on] the amendment on the clause in the 

E. I. bill. — Le Mesurier, T. Counter address to the 
Protestants of Gr. Brit, and Ireland. — Becket, A. 
Public prosperity ; a plan for raising six millions sterling. 

3. 1814. Musgrave, T. M. Consid. on the re-establish- 
ment of an effective balance of power. — Wilberforce, W. 
Speeches on the clause in the E. I. bill for promoting 
relig. instruction and moral improvement. — Strictores 
on the right, expedience, and indiscriminate denunciation 
of capital punishment. — Conciliator. Two letters on 
Cath. emancipation. — Masers de Latnde, H. Life, 
[with] some account of the Bastile. — London. Manufac- 
turers. Origin, etc., of the apprentice laws. — Insurance 
against robbery. — Phillippart, J. Observ. on the bill 
rendering the "militia disposable for foreign service. — 
Shefflel(C J. Trade In wool and woolens, incl. an expo- 
sition of the commercial situation of the British Empire. 

— Elmes, J. Letter to T. Hope for promoting the fine 
arts. — Fearn, J. Review of first principles of Bp. 
Berkeley, Dr. Reid, and Prof. Stewart. — Ruggieri, C. 
Karrative of the crucifixion of M. Lovat. — Eliot, F. P. 
Letters on the political and financial state of the nation. 

— Observations on medical reform. — Chateaubriand, 

F. A. de. Buonaparte and the Bourbons. — .Appeal to 
the Legislature for the repeal of the act regulating the 
marriage of the royal family. — Valpy, R. Short sketch 
of a short trip to Paris in 1V88. — Milner, J. Reflections 
on the letters of Conciliator on Cath. emancipation. 

4. Eliot, F. P. Political situation of this country. — 
Narrative of the journey and imprisonment nf Pius VII. 

— Francis, P. Policy of Gr. Brit, and the allies towards 
Norway. — Holroyd, J. B., Lord Shfffielil. Report 
at Lewes wool fair. — Reply to the most popular objec- 
tions to public schools. — Pamell, H. Speeches in the 
Ho. of Commons, with oltserv. on the corn laws. — 
Mercator, piieud. Sketch for a new division and sub- 
division of moneys, weights, and coins. — Inquiry into 
the policy, etc., of the alterations in our corn laws. — 
Homo. Suggestions on the slave trade. — Feldborg, A. 
A. Appeal to the nation in behalf of Norway. — Plan 
for establishing a balance of power in Europe. — Table 
of finances for 1813. — Onslow, \. Substance of [his] 
speech to amend the statute 5 Eliz., ch. 4. — Stephens, 
J. History of Toussaint Louverture. — Calculator. 
Observ. on the report of the committee of weights and 
measures. — Fletcher, JuntUe. Charge to the grand 
jury of Wexford. — Romilly, S. Speech in the Ho. of 
Commons on the slave trade. — Forster, T. The 
brumal retreat of the swallow. — Talleyrand, P. C. M. 
Commercial relations of the U. 8. with Gr. Brit. — 
Naismith, J. Propriety of increasing the import duty 
on foreign corn. — Brief observ. on the pillory. — 
Conciliator. Why are we still at war? 

5. 1815. Carnot, L. N. M. Memorial to the King of 
France, .July 1814. — Butler. C. Hist, view of the religious and military orders of the Catholic 
Church. — Fearn, J. Essay on external perception. — 
Daubeny, C. Churchman's reasons for declining a 
connection with the Bible Society. — Compressed view 
of the points to be discussed in treating with the U. 8. 

— Grenville, W., L<1. Grenville. Letter to the Earl of 
Fingal on the claims of the Catholics. — M., I. U. Letter 
on the tone and matter of Judge Fletcher's charge. — 
Onslow, A. Speech, Ho. of Commons, 22 Nov. 1814, 
[on] the liberty of the subject. — Prussia and Saxony; 
the claims of the King of Saxony. — Forster, T. Sketch 
of the new anatomy and physiology of the brain and 
nervous system of Gall and Spurzheim. — S., W. Exam, 
of certayne complaints of divers of our countrymen. — 
De Constant, B. Responsibility of ministers. — Long- 
ley, J. Obs. on the trial by jury. — Wilberforce, W. 
Letter on the slave trade. — Meansof guarding dwelling 
houses against fire. — Talfoord, T. N. The poetical 
talent of the present age, incl. a sketch of the history 
of poetry. — Forster, T. Application of the organology 
of the brain. — Eliot, F. P. The financial situation, 
1815. — Montagu, B. Inquiry resp. the insolvent debt- 
ors' bill. — Thompson, G. A, New theory of the two 

6. Vansittart, N. Speech, Feb. 20, 1815; — The 
budget, 1815. — Atcheson, N. American encroachments 

on British rights. — Brief account of the Jesuits. — Gr. 
Brit. /To. of Commonn. Report on laws rel. to the man- 
ufacture, etc., of bread. — Young, A. Rise of prices in 
Europe compared with that in Eng. — De Constant, B. 
Liberty of the press. — Dudley, H. B. .Address to 
William, Ld. Primate of Ireland. — Gr. Brit. Ho. of 
Comrnono. Report on mad houses in England. — Brit- 
ish and For. Bible Soc. Trans. — Benett, J. Commu- 
tation of tythe. — Letter to H. Marsh [on] the Dis- 
senters. — Marsh, H. -Answer. — Kerrison, R. M. 
Obs. on the bill for regulating the medical profession. — 
Wardrop, J. History of J. Mitchell. — Banks, J. 
Accountdf the cause of the disease in corn ; [with] letter 
to J. Banks by T. A. Knight. — Smith, C. Speech on 
the Union. — Gr. Brit. Ho. of Com. Report on the 
King's Bench, Fleet, and Marshalsea prisons. — Letter 
on the situation of France. — Assoc, for the Relief of 
the Manufacturing Poor. Report rel. to the sui>[>ly of 
fish. — Modicus. Letter on reform in Pari. — Falconer, 
T. Plan for building twenty-five churches. 

7. 1816. Edmeads, lien. W. National establishment 
national security: or. Thoughts on the consequences of 
commuting the tithes. — Reasons for establishing a reg- 
istry of slaves in the British colonies. — Phillips, C. 
Speech in Court of Common Pleas, Dubli!i, in the case 
of Guthrie vs. Sterne, for adultery. — Letters on public- 
house licensing, [from] the 'Times'; by a magistrate for 
Middlesex. — Preston, R. Review of the mined con- 
dition of the landed and agricult. interests: with observ. 
on the extent of their losses, etc. — Frost, C. Consid- 
erations on a remuneration to witnesses in civil actions 
for loss of lime: with obs. on the present system of 
taxing costs. — Ganilh, C. The financial situation of 
France in 1816. — Eliot, F. P. Political and financial 
situation of the British Empire in 1816. — Sugden, E. B. 
On the rate of interest, and on redeemable annuities. — 
Plan for the reformation of Pari, on constitutional 
principles. — Inquiry into the right of compelling Spain 
to relinquish her slave trade in Northern Africa. — 
Rouse, W. Remarks on the comparative value of free- 
hold and copyhold land, and on the purchase of advow- 
Bons. — Payne, D. E. Address to the proprietors of 
bank stock on the management of the governor and 
directors of the Bank of Eng. ; and on the laws rel. 
thereto. — Butler, C. Inaug. oration, Nov. 4, 1815, at 
the ceremony of laying the first stone of the London 
Institution for the Diffusion of Science and Literature. 

— Chalmers, G. State of the United Kingdom at the 
peace of Paris. Nov. 20, 1815. — Tatham, E. The 
scarcity of money, and its effects upon the public. — 
Beamont, B. Provident or parish banks. — Short letter 
to the Chancellor of the Exchequer on the dangerous 
competition of the distilleries with the breweries; by a 
freeholder. — Western, C. C. Speech on the distressed 
state of the agriculture of the United Kingdom, Mar. ", 
1816. — Lingard, Rev. J. Reply to the obs. of the Edin. 
review, on the Anglo-Saxon antiquities. — Brief remarks 
on the slave registry bill; and upon a special report of 
the African Institution. 

8. Curwen, J. C. Speech in the Ho. of Commons, 
May 28. 1816, on the state of the poor laws. — Taylor, 
T. The Eleusinian and Bacchic mysteries. — Raffles, 
T. 8. Disc, to the Lit. and Sci. Soc. at Java, Sept. 10, 
1815. — Some remarks on the mildew of wheat, and the 
choice of seed corn, partic. in ref. to an hypothesis of 
Sir J. Baniis. — Crombie, Rev. A. The present state of 
the agric. interest. — Richardson, W. Simple measures, 
by which the recurrence of famines may be prevented, 
and the pressure of the poor laws abated. — Peter, W. 
The present crisis. — Polidori, J. W. The punishment 
of death. — Willis, Rev. J. The commutation of tithes. 

— Cappe, C. The desirableness of ladies visiting the 
female wards of hospitals and lunatic asylums. — Clark- 
son, W. Inquiry into the cause of the increase of pau- 
perism and poor rates. — Holdsworth, -A. H. Letter to 
a friend in Devonshire, on the present situation of the 
country. — Gr. Brit. Pari. Report from the select com- 
mittee on the Earl of Elgin's marbles, ttc. — Taylor, T. 
The Eleusinian and Bacchic mysteries. — Address to 
the Princess Charlotte, on her marriage: shewing the 
cause of the distress of the country. — Onslow, 8. 
Speech. May 23, 1816, on 'the laws which regulate the 
rate of interest'. — Glover, Rev. G. Character and 
tendency of the property tax, as adapted to permanent 
taxation. — Watson, R. Letter to the Archbp. of Can- 

9. 1817. Bentham, J. Defence of economy against 
E. Burke. — Treatise on greyhounds. — Hints for the 
cultivation of the peat-bogs in Ireland. — Field, C. 
Tpitotenea; or, A brief outline of the universal system. 

— Preston, R. Further observ. on the state of the 
nation, etc. — Chitty, J. The game laws. — Holdsworth, 
A. H. 2d letter to a friend in Devonshire, on the situa- 




tion of the country. — Plan suggested for superseding 
the necessity of the poor rates, by means of cottage 
acres, and farms termed leaven farms. — Pellet, S. 
Constitutional aids; progress of taxation, with a new 
plan of finance. — Blane, Sir G. Causes and remedies 
of the scarcity and high price of provisions. — Savary, 
Gen. A. J. M. R. Vindication of the political conduct 
of S. — Anglo-Hibernus. The source of the evil ; on 
the league between the Irish lay separatists, and the 
Irish Roman Cath. bishops, on emancipation. — Sym- 
mons, J. Reform without innovation. — Frend, W 
National debt in its true colours, with plans for its ex- 
tinction. — Beaumont, J. T. B. Letter to Ld. Sidmouth 
[on] the injustice of public-house licensing. — Sinclair, 
J. On the state of the country, Dec. 1816. — Malthas, 
T. R. Statements resp. the East India College. — 
Grenfell, P. Speech to the Ho. of Commons, Apr. 26, 
1814. on applying the sinking fund towards loans raised 
for the public service. — Francis, Sir P. Plan of a 
reform in the election of the Ho. of Commons adopted 
by the Soc. of the Friends of the People in 179-5; with a 
new introd.. etc. — Jee, Rev. T. Practical observ. on 
the management of the poor. — Burrows, J. On 
national prejudices. 

10. Canning, G. Speech in the Ho.- of Commons, 
Jan. 29, 1817, on an address to the Prince Regent, on his 
speech from the throne. — A few cursory remarks on 
the obnoxious parts of the game laws. — Long, C. 
Temperate discussion of the causes [of] the high price 
of bread. — Curwen, J. C. Speech in the Ho. of Com- 
mons. Feb. 21, 1817, on the poor laws. — Smith, T. 
Letter to the Earl of Liverpool on the new coinage. — 
General repoit of Scotland; statistical tables regarding 
the geog., agric, and political state of Scotland. — 
Argument shewing that a standing army is inconsistent 
with a free government. — Irish oratory ; with its effects 
on Cath. emancipation. — Bernard, Sir T. The supply of 
employment and subsistence for the labouring classes in 
fisheries, manufactures, and the cultivation of waste 
lands ; with remarks on the salt duties. — Journal of an 
Eng. traveller, 1814-16; or mem. and anecdotes of the 
Princess of Wales and of her court, with letters of the 
Earl of Liverpool, Mr. Whitbread. — Preston, R. Ad- 
dress on the corn laws. — Bentham, J. Defence of 
economy against G. Rose. — Somers, J. Defence of 
the constitution of Gr. Britain and Ireland, against the 
friends to annual Pari, and universal suffrage. — Glover, 
G- The present state of pauperism in England. — 
Jacob, W. The causes of agricultural distress. — Sin- 
clair, Sir J. The means of arresting the progress of 
national calamitj'. — MacLean, C. Suggestions for the 
prevention and mitigation of epidemic and pestilential 
diseases. — Gr. Brit. Pari. Report to the Ho. of Com. 
by the Committee [on] the petitions against the employ- 
ment of boys in sweeping of chimneys. — Brydges, Sir 
E. Reasons for a farther amendment of the act 54 
George in. c. 156; being an act to amend the copyright 
net of Q. Anne. — Torrens, Jfaj. R- The means of 
reducing the poors rates. — Crombie, Rev. A. Letter 
to D. Ricardo, cont. an analysis of his pamphlet on the 
depreciating of bank notes. 

11. 1818. Method of increasing the quantity of cir- 
culating money. — Dissertation on the slate of the 
nation resp- its agriculture, 1817. — Leckie, G. F. Essay 
on the practice of the British government. — La Roche 
St. Andr6, le chevalier de. Letter occasioned by -A 
vindication of the conduct of Gen. Savary'. — Project 
of finance. — Brydges, Sir E. The practicability of 
relieving the able-bodied poor, by finding employment. 

— Dormer, J. Usury explained; or. Conscience quieted 
in the case of putting out money at interest; by Philo- 
penes. — Thomas, Rev. J. Address, Bath, Dec. 1, 1817, 
[against] forming a church missionary soc. — Address 
to the Guardian Soc. — Observations on the manufac- 
turing system; [and its] improvement of those parts 
[in regard] to health and morals. — Considerations on 
British commerce, with ref. to British India, the U. 8. 
of America, and the slave trade. — Bennet, H. G. 
Letter on the abuses in Newgate. — Three letters on 
the game laws; by a country gentleman. — Courtenay, 
T. P. Letter to \V. S. Bourne [on the poor laws]. — 
Dunlop, A. Sketches on political economy. — Voght, 
C. von. Account of the management of the poor in 
Hamburgh, 1788-94. — Wilson, D. Defence of the 
Church Miss. Soc. against Rev. J. Thomas. — Roscoe, 
W. Origin and vicissitudes of literature, science, and 
art, and their influence on the present state of society. 

— Fitz-James, E., Ditke of Fits-James. Opinion on the 
proposed law rel. to periodical journals. — Preston, R. 
The poor-rates gradually reduced. 

12. Vansittart, N. Speech, Mar. 16, 1818, on a 
grant of one million for additional places of public 
worship. — Philodicseus, pseud. Letter to W. W. Pole 

resp. the disappearance" of the gold coin and the re- 
sumption of cash payments. — Delpla, A. French 
drama; what are the best means of making theatres vie 
with each other in promoting taste and morals? — Bos- 
quett, A. Treatise on duelling; with the annals of 
chivalry, the ordeal trial, and judicial combat. — Ham- 
ilton, J. Letter to Sir W. Garrow on his bill for regu- 
lating surgery. — Dyer, G. Four letters on the consti- 
tution. — Navagero, A; Funeral oration at Venice on 
the death of the Doge L. Loredano ; tr. by C. Kelsall. — 
Fearn, J. Letter to Prof. Stewart on the objects of 
general terms, and on the axiomatical law of vision. — 
Letter on the true principles of advantageous exporta- 
tion. — Observations on the evil produced by stimu- 
lating food, and by spii-itous liquors taken moderately. 

— Montagu, B. Some inquiries resp. the punishment 
of death for crimes without violence. — Myers, T. On 
a course of education to prepare the youthful mind for 
a career of patriotism, etc. — Observations on Ld. H. 
Bathurst's speech in the Ho. of Peers, Mar. 18, 1817. — 
Garland, II. The establishment of offices for the regis- 
try of deeds and wills and the collection of the ad valo- 
rem duties on conveyances and mortgages. — Field, G. 
The 3d organon attempted; or. Elements of logic and 
subjective philosophy. — Tadman, L., pseud. To the 
ed. of the British review, in answer to his remarks on 
the pamphlet of W. Edmeades resp. commuting the 
tithes. — Lemoine, J. B. M. Observ. on the libels 
against Chateaubriand ; tr. by Sir J. Philippart. — Sin- 
clair, Sir J. On the approaching crisis; or, on resum- 
ing cash payments at the Bank, in July 1818. 

13. Brougham, H. Letter to Roniilly upon the 
abuse of charities. — Breckenridge, H. M. N. Amer. 
pamphlet on 8. Amer. affairs. — Kirk, Rev. J. Roman 
Catholic principles in ref. to God and the King. — 
Uwins, D. Modern maladies, and present state of med- 
icine. — Holroyd, J. B.. ^arl of Sheffield. Obs. on the 
impolicy, abuses, and false interpretation of the poor 
laws; and on the reports of the two Ho. of Pari. — 
Cooke, E. Thoughts on the expediency of repealing 
the usury laws. — Vastey, Baron P. V. de. Political 
remarks on some French works and newspapers cone. 
Hayti. — Sinclair, Sir J. Collection of papers on po- 
litical subjects. — Letter to Brougham from a Master 
of Arts of Queen's College, Oxf., on the best method of 
restoring decayed grammar schools. — Letter to the 
Archbp. of Canterbury on the expediency of revising 
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inary discourse read in the Cortes at the presentation of 
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tioii. — Henry viii. Love letters to Anna Boleyn. — 
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See also Bank notes ; — Banks ; — Continental 

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various countries, as China ; — France (p. 1039) : — Gr. 

Britain (pp. 1233-36); — India (p. 1503); — Ireland 

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Contents. Glasse, S. .'\dvice from a lady of quality 
to her children. — Gregory, J. Father's legacy to his 
daughters. — Miscel. extracts. 
Parents. Comstock, C. Essays on the duties of 
P. and of children. Hartford, 1810. 12°. 
See also Children ; — Mother ; — Youth. 
Parent's assistant ; by M. Edgeworth. Boston, 

[182-?]. 24". 
Parent's assistant. The, and Sunday school book. Boston, 

1822. 8°. (C 119) 
Parent's friend ; or. Extracts from works on edu- 
cation. Phila., 1803. 2 v. 8". 
Parent's gift ; or, Youth's magazine. 1830, 31. Vol. 

1, 2. Phila., 1830, 31. 2 v. 16°. 
Parent's monitor and teacher's assistant ; comp. 
by A. Bullard. Vol. 2. Boston, 1829. 18°. 
Parents pauvres, Les; par H. de Balzac. Paris, 

1865.16°. (CEuvres, v. 15, 16.) 
Pareto, Agostino. Paketo, D. {In Orillo, L. Elogi di 

Liguri,v. 3. 1846.) 
Pareto, D. See the previous entry. 
Pareus or Waengler, Daniel, d. 1635. Niceron, J. P. 

{In his Mem., v. 43. 1745.) 
Pareus or Waengler, David, d. 1622. Operum 
theologicorum torn. 1. Vsenit, 1628. f°. 
Contitits. Vita Parei, k P. Pareo. — Commentarius 
in Genesin. in prophetiam Hosea-. — Notie breviores in 
pr )ph. Joclis, Haggtei, Amos. — Com. in evang. S. Mat. 




— Corpus doctrinae orthodoxae sive Catechetica- 

rum explicationum Z. Ursini opus absolutum 
D. Parei ; adj. sunt Miscellanea catechetica. 
Ed. nova. Heidelberga?, 1616. 8°. 

Sute. The 'Misc. calech.' have a separate pag- 
ing and title-page. 

— In Genesin Mosis comment. Genevse, 1614. 4°. 

— De potestate eccles. el civili earundemque vin- 

dicatio. Ed. 2a. Franc, 1633. 18°. 

— NlCEROy, J. P. (/« his Mena., v. 43. 1745.) 
Pareus, David. Predictions. (/« Atwood, W., «d. Won- 
derful predictions. 1659. A 52) 

Pareas or Waengler, Johann Philipp. De imita- 
tioneXerentiana. NeapoliXemetum,1617. 8°. 

— Xarratio de vita D. Parei. (In Pareas, D. Operum 

theol., V. 1. 1628.) 

— NiCERON, J. P. (fn his Mem., v. 43. 174.5.) 
Parfait ingenieur francais, Le, ou La fortification 

oflFensive et defensive. Amst., 1734. 4'^. 

Parfaits amnnii. Les; ou, Les metamorphoses; comedie, 
[par G. F. P. de St. Fois]. Phhs, 1751. 8". (C 287) 

Parfre, Ihan. Candlemas Day; or, The killing of the chil- 
dren of I^irael; a mystery. {In Hawkins, T. Ori- 
gin of Eng. dr., v. 1. 1773.) 

Parga. De Bosset, C. P. Parga and the Ionian 
Islands ; a refutation of mis-statements. 
London, 1821. 8". 

— Gr. Brit. Pari. Papers relating to Parga. [LondoD, 

18-.».] r. (E166) 
Paria, Lo; tragedie. See Delavigne, J. F. C. 
Pariati, Pietro. Costantino; drama per musica. Venezia, 

1711. 120. (D48) 

— Poesie drammatiche. (Vols. 9-11 of Zeno, A. Poesie 

dram. 1786.) 
Parien, Marie Louis Pierre Felix Esquiroa de. Rapport 

Bur I'enseignement administratif et politique. (/» 

Paris. Inst. Ac. d. Sci. ilor. Mem., v. 12. 1865.) 
Parini, Giuseppe, il abate. Opere ; pub. Oda F. 

Reina. Milano, 1801-04. 6 v. 8°. 
Contents. Vol. 1. II mattino. — II mezzogiorno. — 
II vesiro. — La notte. — L'auto da fe. — Sopra la 
guerra. — Al barone de' Martini. — Frammenti del 
poemetto snila Coloona infame. 2. Sonetti. — Odi. — 
Canzonette. — Frammenti. 3. Scherzi. — Canzone. — 
Novelle. — Sonetti. — Capitoli. — Pistola. — Prologo. 
— Traduzioni. — Poesie pastoral!. — Epigrammi. — 
Poesie drammatiche. — Festa teatrale. 4. Elogi. — 
Discorsi. — Dialogo. — Letteri. — Xovella. — Pensieri 
varii. 5. Programmi di belle arti. — Pareri e giudi- 
zii letterarii. 6. De' principii delle belle lettere appli- 
ciiti alle belle arti. 

— II giorno. — Odi. — Canzonette. — Sonetti. — II laaro. 

— In morte d^l Barbiere. — Alcanonico Agndio. 

— Lo studio, (/h Poeti ital. contemp. 1843.) 

— Lettere. {In Raccolta di prose e let , v. 2. 1830.) 

— C.vNTC, C. L'abate Parini e la Lombardia nel 

secolo passato. Milano, 1854. 12". 
Xote.- This contains 'II giorno'. 

— GiiSTi. G. Delia vita e delle opere di G. Parini. 

(/n his Scritti vari. 1863.) 
Paris, M. Bibliotheca Parisiana ; catalogue of 

books sold, London; [with ms. prices]. 

London, [1791]. 8°. 
Paris, Ale.xis Paulin. De la necessite de publier 

le catalogue general des livres imprime [de la 

Bibliotheque Royale], 2ded. Paris, 1847. 8°. 

— Nouvelles recherches sur le veritable auteur du 

Songe du vergier, le, 2e mem. (In Paris. Inst. 
Ac. d. Inscr., Meui., v. 15. 1845.) 
Paris, Antoine Louis. Dictionnaire des anoblisse- 
menis, 1804-68; par une societe d'heraldistes 
sous la direction de L. P. Paris, 1869. 2 v. 8". 

— Diet, des anohlissements, 1270-1790. See Goordon de 

Genonillac, X. J. H. 

— Indicateur du grand armorial general de 

France, par C. d'Hozier. Paris, 1865. 2 v. 8°. 

— Negociations, lettres, et pieces diverses rel. au 

regnede Francois II. Paris, 1841. 4°. (Doc. 
Paris, Francois de. Recueil des miracles operes au Paris. Par., 1732. 10 ▼. 12° 

Paris, Francois Edmond. L'art naval a TExpos. 

Univ. deLondres, 1862. Paris, 1863. 8° a»irf 

Atlas f°. 
Paris, Gaston. Histoire poetique de Charlemagne. 

Paris, 1865. 8". 
Paris, John. Sermon before Brig.-Gen. Hoke's 

Brigade, Kinston, N. C„ Feb. 28, on the 

death of 22 men executed for desertion. 

Greenborough, 1864. 8". 
Paris, John Ayrton. Life of Sir Humphrey Daw. 

London', 1831. 4". 

— Pharmacologia. 3d ed. London, 1820. 8*'. 

— Same. 3d Amer. from the 6th Lond. ed., by 

A. W. Ives. X. Y., 1825. 2 v. 8°. 

— Same. From 9th London ed., with notes by 

C. A. Lee. X. Y., 1844. 8°. 

— Treatise on diet. Phila., 1826. S°. 

— Same. 2d ed. London, 1827. 8°. 

— Same. Phila., 1841. 8". 

Paris, Louis Philippe Albert d'Orleans, comte de. 
Les associations ouvrieres en Angleterre. 
Paris, 1869. 18°. 

— Eng. Trades* unions of England ; tr. by N. 

J. Senior, T. Hughes. Lond., 1869. 8". 

— Several articles.] {In Revue d. D. Mondes, fev. 1863 - 

mai 1875.) 
Paris or Parisiensis, Matthaeus. See Mattlueos Paris. 
Paris, Les comtes de. MorRix, E. Les comtes de 

Paris; histoire de Tavenement de la 3e race. 

Paris, [1869]. 18°. 


MS' Arrangement. A. Works of and abont dep.nrt- 
ments of the government. B. Works about Paris, 
under heads Antiquities, — Architecture and Art, — 
Bibliography. — Charities, — Commerce. — Descrip- 
tion, — Maps, — Education, — Fortifications, — His- 
tory, — Hospitals. — Iiidustri', — Prison, — Water, 
Sewage, c. Associations, etc., viz. : Benevolent and 
Moral. — Business, — Clubs, — Ecclesiastical, — Gal- 
leries, Museums, Artistic associations, — Industrial 
exhibitions, — Libraries, — Literary and Scientific, — 
Political, — Theatres. 


— Abattoirs. H.vkewill, J. Plan of the A. 

London, 1828. 4". 

L.A.VOISIER, A. L. Des projets pour eloigner les 

tueries de I'enterieur de P. {In his CEuvres, v. 3. 

— Chdtelet. Procedure criminelle instruite au 

Chatelet de Paris sur la denonciation des 
faits arrives a Versailles dans la joumee du 
6 octobre 1789. Paris, 1790. S°. 
Desmaze, C. Le Chdtelet de Paris, son or- 
ganisation, ses privileges, etc. Paris, 1863. 8°. 

— Conseil de Salubrite. Rapports generaux, 1829- 

39. Paris, 1840. 4°. 

— Ekiiix. See p. 2232 {Water, Sewage). 

— Electeurs de Paris. Proces- verbal des seances, 

etc., red. par Baillv et Duvevrier. Paris, 
1790. 3 v. (v. 2 w.)! 8°. 

— Entrepots. Appel au Conseil d'Etat sur les cabiers de 

charge et les adjudications des deux entrepots de 
Paris. «. p., [1833]. 8". (B 1083) 

— Heraldry. Beacmoxt, P. F. [Xoms, qualitez, 

et armes des gouverneurs, des prevots, cfc, 
de la ville de Paris. Paris, 1776.] f. 

— Hopitaux. See p. 2232. 

— H6tel de Ville. Registres de I'Hotel de Ville 

de Paris pendant la Fronde ; pub. pour la 
Soc. del'Histoire de France. Paris, 1846. 8°. 

— Municipality. France. Assemblee Xationale. Plan 

de la municipalite de Paris, presente par le Coraite 
des 24, adopte provis. par les 280,et soumis au Comite 
de Constitution. (/« Bachez, P. J. B., and Roaz. 
P. C. Hist, pari., v. 4. 1834.) 

— Octroi. See Industry (p. 2232). 



PARIS (Description) 

- Police. Manuel, L. P. La police de Paris 

devoilee. Paris, an ii [1794]. 2 v. 8°. 

- Pre'vdt (Et.HoileaiU and successors). Reglemens 

sur les arts et metiers de Paris, red. au 13e 
sifeele, et connus sous le nom du Livre des 
metiers d' E. Boileau ; pub. par G. B. Dep- 
ping. Paris, 1837. 8°. 
See also Chdtelei (p. 2229). 



• JoLliOls, J. B. P. Sur leg antiqiiitea romaines et gallo- 
romaines de Paris, (/n Paris. Inst. Ac. d. Inscr. 
Div. sav., 2e ser., v. 1. 1843.) 


- Krafft, J. C. Recueil des plus jolies maisons 

de Paris et ses environs, [1789-18091. 2e pte. 
Paris, 1809. obi. T. 

- Qatteaux, N. M. Projet d'un monument pour con- 

sacrer la Revolution. Paris, [17— ?]. 4°. (A 74) 

- Daly, C. L'architecture privee au 19e siecle. 

Paris, 1864. 3 v. f", 

- POYET, B. Projets de places et edifices i eriger pour 

la gloire et I'utilit^ de la repub. Paris, an viii 
[1800]. 4°. (A 74) 

- Thiollet, F. Choix de maisons, etc., de Paris 

et ses environs, 1820-29. Paris, 1829. obi. 4°. 

- Calliat, V. Parelldle des maisons de Paris 

con8truitesdepuisl830[-50]. Paris,1850. f. 

- Bibliotheque du Roi. Boullke, M. Memoire sur les 

nioyens de procurer k la Bibliotfaeque du Roi les 
avantnges que ce monument exige. t.p.w. fParis, 
1785.] r. (E126) 

- Ecoles de Chirurgie. GoNDOiN, — . Description. 

Paris, 1780. f° 

- Eglise de Vlldtel des Invalides. Plans, n.t.p. 

- Fountains. Duval, A. Les fontaines [1607- 

1813]; planches par Morsy. Paris, 1813. f. 

- Halle aux Vina. H£rail & Cie. Monument d'utilite 

pub., decrete par Napoleon I. [Par.. 1808.] 4°. (A 74) 

- Louvre. Baltard, L. P. Sur la reunion des 

palaces des Tuileries et du L. Par., 1811. i°, 

- Notre Dame, Monographie de Notre-Dame 

de Paris et de la nouvelle sacristie de Lassus 
et VioUet de Due ; prec. d'un notice histo- 
rique par Celtibere. Paris, [1857?]. f°. 

- Duchalais, a. I,a terre et la mer a Notre-Dame. 

{In Annales archeol., v. 6. 1847.) — Gobineau de 
Montluisant, E. {In v. 21. 1861.) 

- - JoLiMONT, F. T. de. Vues pittoresques de la 

Cathedral de Paris, dessines par Chapuy ; 
avec une texte. Paris, 1826. 4°. 

- Sauvagegt, C. La porte des martyrs i Notre Dame. 

{In Annales archeol., v. 22. 1862.) 

- - ViOLLET LE Due, E. La fleche de Notre-Dame. {In 

Gazette de beaux-arts, v. 6. 1860.) 

- Pantheon. GisORS, A. J. B. G. Essais sur la res- 

tauration des supports de la tour du dome du Pan- 
theon fran^. Paris, an vil [1799]. 4°. (A 74) 

- Petit-Radel, L. F. Projet pour la restaurati^n du 

Pantheon fraiKjais. Paris, an vil [1799]. 4°. (A 74) 

- - Peyre, a. M. Restauration du Pantheon 

franqais. Paris, an vii [1799]. 4°. 

- RODELET, J. Descr. du Pantheon Vrancais [com- 

mence en 1757]. Paris, 1804. 8°. (B 699) 

- Place de la Concord. Description de la Place, ex- 

plication des statues. Paris, 1838. 12°. (C 275) 

- St. Denis. Verneilh, Le premier des monu- 

ments gothiques. (/n Annales archeol., V. 23. 1863.) 

- Tuileries. See, above, Louvre. 

See also (p. 2230, 1) Description (Legrand, J. G. 
1806, 1818) ; — (p. 2233) Galleries (Soubise). 


- Art, L'. {In Paris guide, v. 1. 1867.) 

- ScHLEGEL, F. von. Gemahldebeschrejbungen aus 

Paris und den NIederlanden, 1802-04. {In his 
Sammt. Werke, v. 6. 1846.) 

Waagen, G. F. Kunstwerke und Kiinstler in 
Paris. Berlin, 1839. 8°. 

Greswell, W. p. Annals of Parisian typo- 
graphy. London, 1818. 8". 

- "View of the Parisian early Greek press. Ox- 

ford, 1840. 2 V. 8°. 
Maittaire, M. Historia typographoruin aliquot 
Parisiensium vitas et libros complectens. 
Londini, 1717. 8°. 

See also Estienne ; — Grolier ; — also Libra- 
ries (p. 2234). 


Carre, T. Pietas Parisiensis; description of charity 
in Paris. (/« Amydenus.T. Pietas Romaiia. 1687.) 

France. Slinistere de VJnterieur. Arretes et in- 
structions concern, les bureaux de I'admin. des bos. 
pices. Paris, an X [1802]. 8°. (B 805) 

- Reglement du conseil gen. d'adniin. des hospices 

civils de Paris. Paris, an x [1802]. 8°. (B 805) 

- Rfeglement pour I'admin. des secours a domicile de 

P.-iris. Paris, an IX [1801]. 8°. (B 805) 

Almanach du commerce, par J. de la Tynna, 
1809, 10, 15. Paris, [1809-15]. 3 v. 8° 


LURINE, L. [To 1844.] See History {p. "23^1). 

Franklin, A. Etude historique et topo- 
graphique sur le plan de Paris de 1540, dit 
plan de tapisserie. Paris, 1869. 18°. 

Lister, M. Journey to Paris, 1698. London, 
1699. 8". 

- Same. {In Pinkerton. J. Col. of voy.. v. 4. 1809.) 

• DETAIL sur quelques etablissemens de la ville de 

Paris. Paris. 1780. 8°. (C 165) 
Mercier, L. S. Tableau de P. (Vol. 1-8, nouv. 

ed. aug.) Amsterdam, 1782. 12 v. 8". 
Andrews, J. Letters to a young gentleman 

setting out for France ; cont. a survey of 

Paris and a review of French literature. 

London, 1784. 8°. 

• Short sketch of a short trip to Paris in 1788. {In 

Pamphleteer, 1814; v. 3 of B 838) 
Stearns, S. Tour from London to Paris, 

[1790]. Dublin, 1791. 12". 
■ KoLLOFF, E. Das gesellige Leben vor und nach der 

Schreckenszeit in Paris. {In Historiscbes Tasch- 

enbuch, 1863.) 
LiGNE, C. J., prince de. Memoire sur Paris. {In his 

Melanges, v. 10. 1796; — CEuvres, v. 2. 1809;— v. 2. 

JouHAUD, P. Paris dans le 19e siecle. Paris, 

1809. 8°. 
Desnoyes, L., and others. Les etrangers k 

Paris; ill. par Gavarni, e<c. Paris,[18— ]. 8°. 
Lemaistre, J. G. Rough sketch of modern 

P., letters, 1801-02. 2'd ed. Lond., 1803. 8° 
Manuel du vovageur k Paris. Paris, an ix 

[1801]. 16°. ' 
Weston, S. The praise of Paris ; sketch in 

1802. London, 1803. 8°. 
Benzenberg, J. F. Briefe auf einer Reise nach 

Paris im 1804. Dortmund, 1805-06, 2 v. 8°. 
Walter, A. M. Journal kept chiefly in Paris, 

July 3 - Sept. 4, [1804?]. f°. ms. 
Panorama de Paris et de ses environs. Paris, 

1805. 2 v. 12". 
Paris et ses curiosites, avec hist, et descr. des 

environs. 7eed. aug. Paris, 1806. 2 v. 12°. 
Legrand, J. G., and Landon, C. P. Descrip- 
tion de Paris et de ses edifices. Paris, 1806- 

09. 2v. 8°. 
Varnhagen von Ense, K. A. Aufenthalt In P. im 

Jahre 1810. {In Historisches Tascbenb. 1846.) 

PARIS (DGScrip.) 


PARIS (History) 

— Alison, Sir A. Paris In 1814. (In hit Misc. essays. _ 


— El-stace, J. C. Letter from Paris to G. Petre. Lon- 

don, 18U. 8°. {B 1421) 
_ Few weeks in Paris, A. Boston, 1814. 12°. 

— Hericart de Thcry, L, Description des 

catacombes de Paris. Paris, 1815. 8". 

— Scott, J. Paris revisited in 1815. London, 

1816. 8°. 

— Legrand, J. G., and Laxdox, C. P. Descrip- 

tion de Paris et de ses edifices. 2e ed. aug. 
Paris. 1818. 2 v. 8°. 

— History of P., cont. a descr. of its antiq., etc. See 

HUtory (History) in the next column. 

— BOERNE, L. Schilderungen aus Paris, 1822, 23. (Vol. 

5 of his Gcsammelle Schrifteii. 1840.) 

— Plaxta, E. New picture of Paris. 15th ed. 

enl. London, 1827. 16°. 

— PuGix, A. W. N. Paris and its environs ; views 

engr. bv C. Heath [1828-31]. Lbnd., 1830- 
31. 2 v". 4°. 

— Doix, G. T., and Chartox, E. Lettres snr Paris. 

Paris. 1830. 8°. (B 1055) 

— Lacroix, P. [1834.] See Ifistory, in the next column. 

— Saxdersox. J. American in Paris, [1835-36]. 

Phila., 1839. 2 v. 12°. 
Sketches of P., [1835-36], Phila., 1838. 12°. 

— Girardix, Mme. D. G. Le vicomte de Launay ; 

lettres parisiennes, [1836-48]. Paris, 1856. 
3 V, 16°. 

— Marchaxt de Beaumoxt, F. M. Nouveau 

conducteur de I'etranger k Paris. 19e ed., 
aug. par E. Hocquart. Paris, 1837. 18°. 

— Philipox, C. Paris et ses environs reprod. par 

le daguerreotvpe. Paris, 1840. 4°. 

— Gore, 3/»«.C.G. F. Paris in 1841. London. 

1842. 8°. (Heath's picturesque annual. 1842.) 

— Ixdispensable English vade meciim, or. Pocket corn- 

panion to Paris. 6th ed. Paris. 1841. 32*. (D 40) 

— Jaxix, J. L'hiver et I'ete a Paris; illust. par E. 

Lami: L'ete. Paris, [1843]. 4°. 

— Galigxaxi's new Paris guide. Paris, 1844. 16°. 

— Briffavlt, E. Paris k table. Paris, 1846. 8°. 

— DcCamp, M. Paris, ses organes, ses fonctions, 

etsa vie dans la 2e moitie du 19e siecle, [1850- 
75]. (Tome2, 2eed.) Paris, 1869-75. 6 v. 8°. 

— Guide complet et officiel. Paris, 1850. 18°. 

— Head, Sir F. Faggot of French sticks, [1861]. 

London, 1852. 2 v. 8°. 

— Lefeuve, C. Les anc. maisons de Paris sous 

Napoleon in, [1852-73]. Par., 1863. 4 v. 16°. 

— Jarves, J.J. Parisian sights and French prin- 

ciples. N. Y., 1852. 12° 

— Jerrold, W. B. On the Boulevards, 1853- 

66. Phila., 1867. 2 v. 12°. 

— Abrott, J. Rollo in Paris. Boston, 1854. 12° 

— St. Johx, B. Purple tints of Paris. N. Y., 

1854. 12°. 

— Moxtemart-Boisse, F. J. L., baron de. La vie 

elegante k Paris. 2e ed. Paris, 1858. 16°. 

— Pelletax, E. La nouvelle Babylone, [1862]. 

2eed. Paris, 1863. 8°. 

— Jerrold, B. The children of Lutetia, [1863]. 

London, 1864. 2 v. 8°. 

— TfRGAX, J. Les omnibus de Paris, (/n hi* Les 

grandes usines de France, v. 3. 1863.) 

— Guthrie, T. Out of harness ; sketches, narra- 

tive and descriptive, [1864]. Lond., 1867. 8°. 

— Haxdbook for visitors to Paris. London, Mur- 

ray, 1864. 16°. 

— Axsted, D. T. Black's guide to Paris and the 

exhibition of 1867. Edin.. 1867. 12°. 

— Ebelixg, a. Sketches of modern Paris ; tr. by 

F. Locock, [1867?]. London, 1870. 8°. 

Galigxaxi's new Paris guide for 1867. Paris, 
London, 1867. 16°. 

— Jerrold, W. B. The cockaynes in Paris, 
[1867]. London, [1871]. 8°. ' 

— Paris guide. Paris, 1867. 2 v. 8°. 

— RoBixsox, W. The parks, promenades, and 
gardens of Paris. London, 1869. 8°. 

— JoAxxE, A. Paris illustre en 1870. 3eed. Paris, 
n.d. 16°. (Itin. gen. de la France.) 

See also Paris 4 I'envers. 18.13 ; — also Thackeray, 
M.T. Paris sketck book [1840] ; — also ArchiUcture 
(p. 2230). 


— BoNxisEL, J. Nouveau plan routier de Paris. 
Paris. 1816. f°. 

— Florisi. M. La nobilissima et grande citti di Parigi. 
n.p., [16—]. (E 78, no. 26) 

— Lehoy. J. Plan de Paris et son enceinte. Paris, 

— Nouveau plan de Paris. Paris, 1807. 

— Nouveau plan de Paris ; rev. et aug. Paris, 
Le Rot, 1832. 

— VuiLLEMix. A. Nouveau plan illust. de Paris. 
Paris, 1848. 

Kote. There are alsom.ips in the enide books, as 
Joanne. Galigxani. Murray's Haxdbook, etc. 

See Commeice (p. 2230). 


— Cross, J. Sketches of the medical schools of 
Pans. London, 1815. 8°. 


— Arago, D. F. (/n his (Envres, v. 6. 1856.) 

See Architecture (p. 2230). 

See A (p. 2229). 

tS" See also France: History (p. 1039-49). 

— Dictionary. BeRAUD, A., and Dufey, P. Dic- 
tionnaire historique de Paris. 2e ed. Paris, 
1828. 2 V. 8°. 

— Ckaik, G. L. Paris and its historical scenes. 
London, 1831. 2 v. 12°. (Lib. ent. kn., 
V. 20. 21.) 

— Davesies de Poxtes, L. Etudes sur I'histoire 
de Paris ancien et moderne. Paris. 1865. 12°. 

— Dulaure. J.A. Histoire de Paris. 7eed.. aug. 
de notes, etc., par J. L. Belin. Paris, 1839. 
4 V. and Atlas 8°. 

— History of Paris, containing a description of 
its antiquities, public buildings, etc.; with app. 
London. Paris, 1825. 3 v. 8°. 

— Lacroix, P. Curiosites de I'histoire du vieux 
Paris. Paris, 1858. 16°. 

— LuRixE. L. Les rues de Paris. Paris, 1844. 

2 V. 8°. 

— PoxTHiEU, A. de. Legendes du vieux Paris. 
Paris, 1867. 12°. 

— Saixt- Victor. J. M. B. B. de. Tableau his- 
torique et pittoresque de P. Paris, 1808-11. 

3 v. 4°. 

— Freeman, E. A. Early sieges of Paris, [to976J. {In 
his Historical essays, v. 1. 1871.) 

— Paris sous Philippe-le-Bel, [1285-1314]. Paris, 
1837. 4°. (Doc. ined.) 

— COQCEREL, A. J.,^/«. Histoire da Roe des Marais- 
8aint-GermaiD,aujourd'hui Rue Visconti, [1540-68]. 
{In his Libres etudes. 1868.) 

— Merivale, A. The streets of Paris in the 17th cen- 
tury, [1600-17001. (/n his Historical studies. 1865.) 

PARIS (History) 


PARIS (Societies) 

- MoNTJOiE, C. F. L. V. delaT. Histoire dela 

conjuration de L. P. J. d'Orleans, [1747-93]. 

Paris, 1796. 3 v. S". 
■ Blondel, J. F. Festes donnees par la ville de 

Paris k I'occasion du mariage de Mme. 

Louise-Eliz. et Philippe, 1739. Paris, 1740. f°. 
Dauban, C. a. Paris, 1794-95, histoire de la 

rue, du club, de la famine. Paris, 1869. 8°. 
Peltier, J. G. Paris pendant les annees 

1795-1801. Londres, 1795-1801. 31 v. 8°. 
QlRAUD, P. F. F. J. Campagne de Paris en 1814; 

prec. d'uii coup d'oeil sur celle de 1813. 4e 6d. 

Paris, 1814. 8°. (C 89) 
Ernouf, a. a., le baron. Histoire de la der- 

niere capitulation de Paris, [1815]. Paris, 

1859. 8". 
HoBHOusE, J. C. Letters from Paris in 1815. 

London, 1816. 2 v. 8°. 
Borne, L. Briefe aus Paris, [1830-33]. N.Y., 

1858. 2 V. 12". 
WiKOFF, H. A New Yorker in the foreign 

office, and his adventures in Paris, [1849-55]. 

London, 1858. 12". 
Tenot, E. Paris en Decembre 1851 ; etude 

hist, sur le coup d'etat. 6eed. Par., 1868. 8". 

- Eng. Paris in December 1851; tr. from the 

13th Fr. ed., with notes bv S. W. Adams and 
A. H. Brandon. N. ¥., 1870. 8". 
American thanksgiving in Paris, Dec. 7, 1865. Paris, 
1865. 8". (B1537) 

Siege of 1870-71. 
Bingham, Hon. Capt, Journal of the siege of 

Paris. London, 1871. 8°. 
Bowles, T. G. Defence of Paris narrated as 

seen. liOndon, 1871. 8°. 
Fetridge, W. p. The rise and fall of the 

Paris Commune. N. Y., 1871. 8°. 
Galignani's messenger ; diary of the siege of 

P., taken from G. London, 1871. 16°. 
Labouchere, H. Du P. Diary of the besieged 

resident in Paris. From the 'Daily news'. 

London, 1871. 8". 

- Same. N. Y.. 1871. 8°. 

Leighton, J. Paris under the Commune ; or, 

Seventy-three days of the second siege. 

London, 1871. 8".' 
Lettre-jouknal de Paris ; gazette des absents. 

Nos. 1-40; Oct. 1870 - fev. 1871. [Paris, 

1871.] 8". 
Macdowall, C. S. Parisiana ; bombardment. 

London, 1871. 8°. 
MoLiNARi, G. de. Les clubs rouges pendant 

le siege de Paris. 2e ed. Paris, 1871. 18°. 
PoiNsoT, A. E. Journal du siege de Paris. 

Paris, [1871-74]. 3 v. 8". 
Sarcey, F. Paris during the siege ; tr. from 

the French. London, 1871. 8°. 
Sheppard, N. Shut up in Paris. London, 

1871. 8". 

See. aUo Bastile ; — Montmartre ; — Pont 
Neuf; —also a (p. 2229). 

SiMMS, F. Winter in Paris ; obs. of French 
medical and sanitary matters, 1865-66. Lon- 
don, 1866. 16". 

See also Hopital Neaker, in the next column. 
Chevalier, M. L'industrie et I'octroi de Paris. 
2e ed. Paris, 1867. 8". 

See Bastile (p. 224). 

Water, Sewage. 

— France. Prefecture de la Seine. Memoire sur 

la distribution des eauxdu Canal de I'Ourcq 

dans I'interieur de Paris ; par P. S. Girard. 

Paris, 1812. 4". 
Memoire sur les eaux de Paris ; presente a la 

comra. municip. par [G. E. Haussmann]. 

Paris, 1854. 4°. 
Recherches statistiques sur les sources du 

Bassin de la Seine ; par E. Belgrand. Paris, 

1854. 4°. 

— Rammell. T. W. The cesspool system ill Paris, (.-(p- 

»«radj> 4 o/' Great Britain. Gen. Board of Health . 
Report on the supply of water, v. 1. 1850.) 

associations, «<c. 

benevolent and moral associations. 

— Creches. Pomp^e. P. C. ot asiles. (/« France. Com. 

Imp. de VExpoH. de 1867. Rapport, v. 13.) 

— - Cr6che St. Louis d'Antin. Capelle, Afme. Manuel. 

2e ed. Paris, 1850. S°. (B 1549) 

— Hopital Necker. Bricheteau, J. Medical 

clinics; tr. by R. Dunglison. Phila., 1837. 8°. 

— Societe de la Morale Chretienne. Journal. 

[Paris, 1822]-25. 5 v. 8". 

— - Asscmblee ceii. annnello, ler mai 1829; discnurs 

d'ouverture^^parM. Guizot. [Paris, 1830.] 8°. (B930) 

Distribution of prizes in Paris, on peace. London, 

1842. 12". (C 183) 

— - Programme d'un prix de LWO fr. sur la question de 

la peine demort. n.t.p. [Paris, 1825.] 8°. (B 1003) 

— - Same. 2000 fr. destine au meilleur oiivrage en faveur 

de la liberte des cultes. n.t.p. [Paris, 1825.] 8°. 

— - Traite des negres; renseignemens tendant a prouver 

la continuation de ce trafic [Pans, 1824.] 8°. (B1003) 
Note. Extracted from the Journal de la Societe 
de la Morale Chretienne, v. 1-4. 

— - Comite de Charile, et de Bienfaisance. Bulletin. 

No. 4. Paris, 1824. 8°. (B 1003) 

Reglement, etc. n.t.p. [Paris, 182-.] S". (B 1003) 

Comite pourV .ibolitionde I'l Traite de» Koirn. Reg- 
lement, etc. n.t.p. [Paris, 182-.] 8°. (B 1003) 

Societe formee a Liverpool pour I'adoucissement 

pt I'abolition graduelle do I'esclavage. n.t.p. 
[Pans, 182- ] 8". (B 1003) 

Inxlilittion pour ten .Teuncn Orphelins. Prospectus. 

n.t.p. [Paris, 1823.] 8°. (B 1003) 

— Soci6t6 G6n6rale des Nauf rages. Journal. Paris, 

1836. 8°. (B 1134) 


— Banque de France. f>ee p. 202. 

Paris and Rouen R. R. Mogg, E. Paris and Rouen R.R. 
and Paris guide. London, 1843. 12°. (D 70) 


— Ath6n6e des Strangers. Prospectus, 1806-07. [Paris, 

1806.] 8". (B 696) 


— Convent of the Conception. (Blue Nuns.) Roke- 

woDE, J. G. Brief history of the late Kng. convent 
at Paris. (/» Archaeologia, v. 28. 1839.) 

— Eglise de I'Hotel des luvalides. See Architecture 

(p. 2230). 

— Notre Dame. Cartulaire. (/n Gu6rard, B. E. C. 

Col. des cartulaires de France, v. 4-7. 1850.) 
See also Architecture (p. 22.30). 

— St. Denis. See Architecture (p. 2230). 

— St. Germain des PrSs. Annales 8. German! Paris., 

466-1061. (/« Pertz, G. H. Mon. Ser., v.3. 1839.) 

— Societe Biblique Protestante. Summary no- 

tice cone. Bible socs. in general, and those of France 
in particular, Jan. 1825: tr. by J. Porter. North- 
ampton. 1827. 8°. (B 1002) 

DouEN, E. O. Histoire de la Soc. [1818-68] ; 

avec notices biog. par Schickler. Par., 1868. 8°. 

— Soci6t6 des Trait6s Religieux. [Publications.] No. 

7, 8. 12,13. 15. Paris, 1822-24. 12°. (C 160) 
Namely. 1822. No. 7. La prifere du cojur. 1824. 
8. Conversation entre deux amis. 2e ed. 12 La croix 
de Christ. 13. La mort de Jesus Christ. 15. La resur- 
rection de J^sus-Christ. 

PARIS (Societies) 


PARIS (Societies) 

MlstES, Les. (/yj Paris guide, v. 1. 1867.) 
Acaddmie Royale. Explication des pelntures, ^cnlp- 

turcs, et graviires exposes au Lonvre. Paris, 1789. 

32^ (C172) 
Cabinet des Medailles, etc. Du Mersan, M. 

Histoire du Cabinet des medailles antiques, 

et pierres gravees; avec notice sur la Biblio- 

theque Koyale. Paris, 1838. 8°. 

- Hagek, J. Description des medailles chinoi- 

ses du Cabinet. Paris, 1805. 4°. 
Louvre. See, btlow, Mnsee du Louvre. 
Luxembourg. See. below, Mus^e Royal du L. 
Lyc6e dea Arts. Rapport sur la manufacture des ta- 

piriserles des Gobelins, n.p.. [18 — ]. 4°. (A 74) 
Mus^ Campana. Ronchaud, L. de, and others. 

Collection Campana. (/n Gazette des beaux-arts, 

V. VZ-U, 19. 1862-65.) 
Musee Central des Arts, Explication des 

ouvrages depeintureet dessins, sculpture, etc., 

des artistes vivans, exposes le 25 fructidor, 

an Till [1800]. Paris, [180-]. 12°. 
-Same. Exposes an ix. n.t.p. [Paris, 18— .] (0 99) 

- Notice des dessins originaux, cartons, etc., ex- 

poses pour la le fois dans la galerie d'A- 
pollon, le 28 thermidor de I'an v de la repu- 
blique frangaise, [1797]. Paris, [179-]. 12°. 

• - Notice des principaux tableaux recueillis 

dans la Lombardie, dediee k I'armee d'ltalie, 
[exposes 1798]. Paris, [179-]. 12°. 

- Notice des principaux tableaux recueillis en 

Italic, [exposes 1799]. Paris, [179-]. 12°. 

- Notice des statues, busies, et bas-reliefs de la 

galerie des antiques du Musee Central des 
Arts, ouverte le 18 brumaire an 9 [1801]. 
Paris, [180-]. 12°. 
-Same. [Avccsuppl.] Paris, [180-]. 12*. (C99,108) 

- Notice des tableaux des ecoles Irangaise et fla- 

mande, exposes le 28 germinal an vii [1799]. 
Paris, [179-]. 12°. 

See also Museum Franqais, in the next tolvmn. 
Musee de I'Artillerie. Notice sur les col- 
lections. Paris, 1842. 12°. 

■ - Another copy. (D 70) 

Musee des Monuments Frangais. Bres, J. 
P. Souvenirs du Musee. Paris, 1821-26. f°. 

- Lexoir, a. Description hist, des monumens 

de sculpture reunis au Musee. 7e ed. Paris, 
1803. 8°. 

- Etiff. Historical description of monuments 
col. in the Museum ; tr. by J. Griffiths. 
Vol. 1. Paris, 1803. 8°. 

- Descrip. hist, des statues, etc. Paris, 1800- 
01. 2 V. 8°. 

- Histoire des arts en France, et descr. hist, des 

statues, etc. Paris, 1810. 8°. 
Musee du Louvre. Notice des tableaux ex- 
poses; par F. Villot. (le pte. Tie ed. ; 2e, 
6e ed.) Paris, 1855. 2 v. 12°. 

Contents. Vol.1. Italie et Espagne. 2. Ecoles 
allemande, flumaiide, et liollandaise. 

■ Alison, A. The Louvre in 1814. (/ji Ai« Miscel. es- 

says. 1845.) 
See aho Mus6am Franqais, next column. 

■ Mus6e Napoleon. Notice des statues, bustes, etc., de 

la galerie des antiques. Paris, [1804]. 8°. (C 99) 
- - ViscosTi, E. Notice des statues, busies, ctbas rtliefK 
dc la galerie des antiques du Musee N. (/n hi» 
Opere vaiie, v. 4. 1831.) 

■ Musee Royal. Explication des ouvrages des 

artistes vivans, 1824, 27, 38, 44. Paris, 1824- 
44. 4 v. 12°. 

• - Notices des tableaux dans la galerie. Paris, 

1818. 12". 

Musee Royal, pub. par H. Laurent, [avec des 

descriptions par Visconti, Guizot, Claracj. 
Paris. 1816-18. 2 v. f°. 

— Musee Royal du Luxembourg. Explication 

des ouvrages de I'ecole modeme, 1818, 42. 
Paris, 1820-42. 2 v. 12°. 

— Museum d'Histoire Natnrelle. Annales. 

Paris, 1802-27. 21 v. 4°. 

Archives. Paris, 1839-41. 3 v. 4°. 

Memoires. Paris, 1815-32. 20 v. 4°. 

Nouvelles annales. Paris, 1832-35. 4 v. 4°. 

— Museum Fran9ais. Tof longeon, F. E. Man- 

uel du Museum. Paris, 1802-08. 10 v. 8°. 

It^ote. The Museum Fran^ais was opened in 1793; it 

was afterwards called Museum Central des Arts; {see 

the previous column) and later Mutee du Louvre. (<fo). 

— Sonbise, Hotel cr Palais de. Glifibey, J. J. Les 

batiments, les tableaux, le musee. (Jn Gazette dis 
beaux arts, v. 26.) 

— Tuileries. Milli>', A.L. Description des statues. 

Paris, an vi, 17fc8. 8°. (C 108) 


— Exposition des Prcduits de I'lndnstrie Fran- 

gaise en 1839. France. VAgric, 
etc. Rapport. Paris, 1839. 3 v. 8". 

— Exhibition Universelle de 1867. Plan d'en- 

semble ; pub. par la Com. Paris, 1867. 
(A map folded.) 

— France. Com. Imp. de VExpos. Rapports du 

jury intemat. pub. sous la direction de M. 
Chevalier. Paris, 1868. 13 v. 8°. 
Contents. Vol. 1. Chevalier, M. Introd. an recuei! 
des rapports du jury inttrnat. Groupe 1. Peintnre, 
dessins, sculpture, ttc-. 2, Groupe 2. Materiel et appli- 
cation des arts liWraux. 3, Groupe 3. Meubles et 
antres objets destines a I'habitation. 4, Groupe 4. 
Vetements, tissus compris, et antres objets portes par 
la personne. 5, 6, 7, Groupe 5. Produits bruts et 
ouvres des industries extractives. 8, 9, 10, Groupe 6. 
Instruments et precedes des arts usucls. 11, Groupe 7. 
Alimeuts, frais ou conserves, a divers degres de prepa- 
ration. 12, Groupe 8. Produits vivants et specimens 
d'etablissements de I'agriculture. Classe74. Specimens 
d'explorations mrales et d'usines agricoles. 75. Che- 
vaux, anes, mulets, etc.; marechalerie. 76. Boeufs, 
buffles, par A. Sanson. 77. Moutons et chevres, par 
M. Magne. 78. Pores et lapins, par M. Reynal et .J. 
Laverriere. 79. Oiseaux de basse-conr, par F. Pre- 
vost. 80. Races canines, par P. Pichot. 81. Insectes 
utiles. 82. Poissons, crustaces, et mollusques, par M. 
de Champeaux. 12, Groupe 9. Produits vivants et 
specimens d'etablissements d'horticniture. 13. Groupe 
10. Objets specialenient exposes en vue d'ameliorer la 
condition physique et njorale de la population. 


— Blake, W. P. Bibliog. of the Exhib. (/n XT. S. 

Com. for the Paris Expos., 1867. Reports, v. 1.) 


— -France. Com. Imp. de V Expos. Catalogue 

general. 2e ed. [Paris, 1867.] 12". 

— — Catalogue officiel des exposants recompenses 

par le jury international. Paris, 1867. 12°. 

li'enquete du lOe groupe rel. aux insti- 
tutions pour ameliorer la condition de la 
population. Paris, 1867. 8". 

Histoire du travail et monuments historiques. 

Paris, London, [1867]. 12°. 

Listedu jury international. Paris, 1867. 12°. 

Alcan, M. Fabrication des etoffes ; etudes 

sur les arts textiles k I'Exposition de 1867. 
Paris, 1868. 2 v. 8° and Atlas f°. 

Arnold. H. P. The great Exhibition. N. Y., 

1868. 8°. 

ArvR.\Y, L. Le Salon de 1867 et I'Expos. 

L'niv. Paris, 1867. 8°. 

Gr. Brit. Ho. of Com. Report from the se- 
lect com. on the Exhibition, n.p., 1867. f°. 

PARIS (Societies) 


PARIS (Soci6ti6S) 

Treasury, Copies of coiTespondence between 

the Treasury, the Dept. of Science and Art, 
and the Com. for the Exhibition, rel. to the 
expenditure to be incurred in connection 
■with that Exhibition, n.p., 1867. f°. 

- - Lacroix, E. Etudes sur I'Expos. Par., 1867- 

68. 4 V. and Atlas 8°. (Vol. 3 incomplete.) 

- - Ofpermann, C. A. Visites d'un ingenieur a 

I'Expos. 2eed. Paris, 1867. 2 v. ane^ Atlas 8". 

- - Paris. Soc. Med. La medicine a 

I'Expos. univ. de 1867. Paris, 1867. 12°. 

- - RiMMEL, E, Recollections of the Exposition. 

Phila., 1868. 8". 

- - Russia. C'o7n, Imp. de I'Expos. Catalogue 

special de la section russe. Paris, 1867. 8". 

- - Schmidt, W. Le Danemark k I'Expos. Paris, 

1868. 8". 

- - Society for the Ekcouragement of Arts. 

Reports of artisans selected by the Society to 
visit the Exhibition. London, 1868. 8". 

- - U. S. Commissioners for the Exposition. Re- 

ports. Wash., 1868-70. 6 v. 8". 

Note. In V. 1 is a General survey and 'Bibliog- 
raphy of the Exhibition'. 

Report on the fine arts ; by F. Leslie. 

Wash., 1868. 4". 
2t'ote. Reprinted from v. 1-3 of the Reports. 

Dept. of State. Message from the Pies, of the 

U. S. trans, a report from the Sec. of State. 
[Washington, 1865.] 8". 

Official correspondence containing general 

regulations, classification of articles, etc. 
"SVash., 1865. 4". 


- Guide des curieux et des etiangers dans les biblio- 

theques publiques de Paris. Paris, 1809. 8°. (C 108) 

- La hoRDE, L. E. S. J., co7nte de. De I'orga- 

nisation des bibliotheques dans Paris. Paris, 
1845-46. 4 pts. 8". 

- Bibliothdque du Ministdre de la Marine, Bibl. da 

Depot G6n. des Cartes et Plans. 6ee. France. 
Jiinintere de la Marine et des Cutonien (p. 1032). 

- Bibliothfeque (Royale, Imperiale) Nationale. 

Departenient des Imprimes. Catalogue de 
I'hist. de France. Paris, 1855-70. 10 v. 4°. 
ContentH. Vol.1. Rapports. — Regies pour le cata- 
logue. — Preliminaires et generalites. — Uistoire par 
epoques. — Hist, par regnes jusqu'i 1643. 2. 1644- 
1792. 3. 1792-1848. 4. 1848-56. — Journaux et publi- 
cations jjeriodiques ou seini-periodiquee. 5. Hist, 
religieuse. 6. Hist, constitutionelle jusqu'i 1848. 7. 
1848-59. — Hist, administrative, — diplomatique, — 
niilitaire. — McBurs et coutumes. — Archeologie. 8, 9. 
Hist, locale. 9. Hist, des classes, — des families. — Biog. 
fian^aise. 10. Biog. fr. — Suppl. : Preliminaires et gene- 
ralites; — Hist, par epoques, — par regnes. 

- — Catalogue des sciences medicales. Tome 1, 

Paris, 1857. 4". 

- — Merlin, R. Reflexions impartiales sur le 

catalogue des livres imprimes de la Biblio- 
theque. Paris, 1847. 8". 

Paris, A. P. De la necessite de commencer, 

achever, et publier le catalogue des livres 
imprimes. 2eed. Paris, 1847. 8" 

. — Techener, J. J. Considerations serieuses a 
propos de diverses publications sur la Biblio- 
theque, suivies du seul plan possible pour en 
faire le catalogue en trois ans. Paris, 1847. 8°. 

- - Departement des Manuscrits. Catalogue des 

manuscrits fran^ais. Tome 1 : Anciens fonds. 
Paris, 1868. 4". 

- — Champollion-Figeac, J. J. Etat actuel des 

catalogues des mss. de la Bibliotheque Royale. 
n.t.p. [Paris, 1847.] 8°. 

Paris. Inst. Ac. des Inscr. Notices et extraits de 

mss. de la Bibliotheque du Roi. See Institut. Ac. 
des Inscr. et Belles Lettres. 

- France. Convention Kat. Report on the means of 

compleating and dislrib. the national library; byH. 
Gregoire. Phila., 1794. 8°. (B 744) 

- Delessert, B. Memoire, 2e memoire sur la 

Bibliotheque Royale. Paris, 1835-38. 2 v. 4°. 

- Du Mersan, M. Notice. {In his Histoire du Cabinet 

des Medailles. 1838.) 

- - RocHETTE, D. R. Lettre sur le projet de 

mettre en direction la Bibliotheque, ou Re- 
ponse au rapport de M. Allardsur les credits 
supplem. Paris, 1847. 8°. 


- Academie Imperials de Medicine. Memoires. 

Vol. 1-30, le pte. Paris, 1828-73. 30 v. i". 
--Report upon cholera-morbus ; tr. by J. W. 
Sterling. N. Y., 1832. 12". 

- Academie Royale de Chirurgie. Memoires. 

Nouv. ed., avec notes. Paris, 1819. 5 v. 8° 

- Memoires sur les sujets proposes pour les prix. 

Paris, 1819. 5 v. in 7 pt. 8°. 

- - Observations on surgical diseases of the head 

and neck ; tr. by D. Ottley. London, 1848. 
8°. (Sydenham Soc.) 
Kamely. Bordenave, F. Diseases of maxillary sinus, 
with supplem. by A. Louis; — Exostoses of lower jaw. 

— Ferrand, — . Kncephalocele; or. Hernia of the brain. 

— Lassus, P. Wounds of the superior longitudinal 
sinus. — Louis, P. C. A. Applic. of the trepan on 
sutures of the skull; — Bronchotomy; — Fungous tu- 
mours of the dura mater. — Malle, P. F. N. Summary 
of cases on swelling of the tongue. — La Martinidre, P. 
de. Perforation of trachea by a foreign body.— Quesnay, 
F. Use of trepan in doubtful cases. — List of addi- 
tional memoirs on diseases of head and neck. 

- Conservatoire Royal des Arts et Metiers. Catalogue. 

n.t.p. [Paris? 1817.] 12°. (C 83) 

- Gr£goike, H., Bp. Rapport sur I'etablissement d'un 

Conservatoire. Paris, an ill [1794]. 8°. (B 1892) 

- Ecole Roy. de Fonts et Chaussees. Des- 

sins rel. a I'art de I'ingenieur. Paris, 1826- 
27. 2 V. f°. 

- Ecole Roy. Polyteclinique, Correspondance 

sur I'Ecole ; [red.] par M. Hachette. Paris, 
1804-16. 3 V. 8°. 

- - Journal. Vol. 1-19, 27. Paris, 1796-1874. 

20 V. 4"'. 

- Rapport du conseil de perfectionnement; session de 

1811-12. Paris, 1812. 4°. (A 74) 

- Ecoles Normales. Seances. Nouv. ed. Paris, 

1800-01. 13 V. 8". 

Contents. Agriculture, v. 7. — Histoire de I'agric, 

dans I'anc. et nouv. monde, et en Europe, v. 9, par 

Thouin. — Analyse de I'entendement, v. 2, 11, 13, par 

Garat. — Art de la parole, v. 1-6, 11, 12, par Sicard. 

— Chimie, v. 1-6, 9, 11, par Berthollet. — Economic 
polit., V. 2-5, 11, par Vandermonde. — Geographie, v. 
1, 2, 4, 11, par Buache et Mentelle; 3, 5, 6, par Mentelle. 

— Geometric descr., v. 1-4, 11, par Monge. — Histoire, 
v. 1-3, 11, par Volney. — Histoire naturelle, v. 1-6, 8, 11, 
par Daubenton; v. 8, par D. et Lacepfede; v. 13, par 
Haiiy. — Litterature, v. 1-5, 11, par La Harpe. — Math- 
ematiques, v. 1, 3, 4, 11, par La Grange et Laplace ; v. 10, 
par La Grange; v. 2, 4, 5, 6, par Laplace. — Morale, 
V. 1, par St. Pierre. — Physique, v. 1-6, 11, 12, par Haily. 

- Institut. 


(The Academies were suppressed in 1793, and 
the Institut organized in 1795.) 

Academy des Beaux Arts. 
(Established in 1648 as ' Peinture et de Sculp- 
ture'; received its present name in 16.55. In 1671 an 
Acad. d'Architecture was founded, which lasted till the 

- - Recueil des dessins qui ont remporte le prix 

de 1' Academie, 1774-89. Paris, n.d. f° 

PARIS (Societies) 


PARIS (Societies) 

- - Lecoy de tA Makche, a. L'Ac«demie de France k 

Rome d'aprfes la correspondance de scs directeurs, 
1666-lTy2. (/» Gazette de« beaux aru, v. 26, 27, 29, 
30. 1869-72.) 

AcademU den Intcriptions et Medailles. 
(Founded in 1663.) 

- - MedaUles sur les evenemeiits du rfegne de Louis 

le grand. Paris, 1702. f°. 
-- Same. Paris, 1702. 4°. 

- - Sanie. Paris, 1723. f. 

tS* In 1701 ibis Academy received the name of 
Academie des iHScriplions et Belles Lettres. 
- Histoire, avec les memoires de litterature, 
1701-1793. Paris, 1736-1808. 50 v. 4°. 
KoU. Vol. 11, 22, 33, 44 are Tables. 
Contents. Vol. 1-46. The conUnts of these volumes 
are ijicen in, a systematic arrangement in the ' Tableau' 
(«e< the nact col.). They are therefore not printed here. 

47. Histoire. Hist, de I'Acad.. 1784-93. — Regie- 
meat, 22 dec. 1786. — Eclairci^semens sur le travail rel. 
aux msa. de la bibliotheque du roi. — Sujets des prix, 
1785-87. — Changemens arrives dans la liste des Acad., 
1786-93. — Liste des membres. — Memoires sur lea an- 
tiquites de la Perse. — Eclaircissemens sur le livre de 
Tobje. — Hemerologe au calendrier de differeiites villes, 
compare avec ceiui de Home — .Obs. snr le monutnent 
d'Aiicyre. — Remarques critiques sur TEtymologicum 
magnum. — Recherches sur la geog. ancienne. — Essai 
de traduction de quelques epigrarames de I'Antbol. 
grecque. — Inscriptions et medailles. — Dacier, B. J. 
Klogi^de M. Bignon ; — Seguier; — Paciaudi; — L'abbe 
Aruaud; — De Burigny; — Grosley; — De Paulmy; — 
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— L'abbe Brotier. — Memoires. — Froret, X. L'ori- 
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48. Sainte-Croix, G. E. J. G. de. La ruine de Baby- 
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I'histoire de Cadmus ; '— L'ordreequeslre chez les Grecs. 

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mens et les lois de la Sicile; — La population de I'At- 
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ciennement k, la Chine. 

49. Silvestre de Sacy, A. I. La version arabe des 
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Eclaircissemens sur I'autorite legale d'Auguste; — La 
cloture du temple de Janus; — Le gout de I'Emp. 
Hadrien pour la philosophie, etc.; — Zosime. — Ameil- 
hon, H. P. Fragm. d'une inscription g:r. sur une plaque 
de cuivre trouv. a Tunis. — Anqaetil-Daperron, A. H. 
Le premier fleuve de ITnde, le Gauge. — Gossellin, P. 
F. J. La Serique des anciens: — Les connoissances 
geog. des anciens des cotes merid. de I'Arabie. 

50. Anquetil-Dnperron. .A.. H. Les migrations des 
Mardes. — Sainte-Croix, G. E. J. G. de. Le gouverne- 
ment des Parthes; — L'Empire des Parthes; — La 
Medie. — 6uen6e, A. La Judee depuis la captivite de 
Babylone. — Silvestre de Sacy, A. I. La litterature 
ancien parmi les Arabes. — Hotuird, D. Les antiquites 
Galloises. — Dacier, B. J. Sur Pusage observe en 
France quand les rois out acquis des defs dans la mou- 
vance de leurs sujets. — Br^uigny, L. G. O. F. de. Les 
regence en France. — Poirier, G. Exaraen des 
opinions sur I'avenement de Hugues Capet a la con- 
ronne. — Clement, F. L'epoque de la mort du roi 
Robert et la le annee du regne de Henri son flls. — 
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Conde. — Br6quigny, L. G. O. F. de. Les negocia- 
tions touchant les projets dumariaged'Elisabeth.reigne 
d'Angleterre, d'abordavec le due d'.\njou, ensuite avec 
le due d'Alen^on. — Gamier, J. J. Une pretendue con- 
spiration contre Jeanne d'Albret. 

281. (29. 1. 79.) 

- - Tableau generale raisonne et methodique des 

Memoires de I'Acad. jusqu'a 1788; servant 
de suppl. aux Tables; par M. D. Paris, 
1791. 4"'. 

- Notice de I'aneienne Gaul ; par M. D'An- 

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Xote. For continuation and index see IXSTITCT 
(p. 2239, 2d col.). 

Selections in Eng. Accounts and extracts of 

the manuscripts in the library of the king of 
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Contents. Vol. L Guignes, J. de. Hist, essay on 
"origin of the oriental characters in the royal printing- 
bouse, etc. ; — The golden meadows and the mines of 
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table of the kalifs; — Hist, chain of countries, etc.; 
with treatise on science of the spheres. — Br^oigny, L. 
G. O. F. de. Account of the journal of Burcard; — 
Acct. of an aatographical chronicle of Bernard Iterius. 

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by Sheik Feriddin-Mahoramed ben Ibrahim-al-Attar- 
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Relation of the embassy of A. d'Espagne; Eolation 
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death of Richard II. — La Porte du Theil, F. J. G. de. 
Acct. of mss. cont. hist, of the reigns of Charles vii. 
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Acct. of Chronicon regum Suecise scriptum ab Olao 
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process against R. de Artois. — Guignes, J. de. Hist, 
of the Atabek princes in Syria, by Aboulhasan Aly. 

Academie des Sciences. 
(Founded in 1666.) 

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- - Elements de la geometric de I'infini ; suite des 

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Paris, 1727. 4° 

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observ. de Bouguer et de la Condamine ; avec 
une relation de ce voyage par M. Bouguer. 
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- Grandeur de la terre. See, Suite (p. 2239). 
--Histoire de I'Acad. Vol, 1, 2, 1666-99. 

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Xote. For the Memoires of these years see the title 
Memoires, below. For the index to the Histoire see the 
titles Xouvelle table (p. 2238) and Table (p. 2239). 

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Kote. For the Memoires after 1699 see the title His- 
toire, above. For an index to the Memoires see the titles 
Nouvelle table (p. 2238) and Table (p. 2239). 

PARIS (Soc. : Instit., before 1793) 


PARIS (Soc. : Instit., before 1793) 

Memoires de I'Acad., 1790, Paris, 1797. 4°. 

Memoires [de mathemat.] donnes a I'Acad., 

non imprimes dans leur temps, par M. Fon- 
taine. Paris, 1764. 4°. 

Memoires de mathem. et phys. pres. par divers 

sgavans. Paris, 1750-86. 11 v. 4°. 
Contents. Vol. 1. Virgile, — . Leg terres depuis 
Beaucaire jusqu'a la mer; — Les bons eflets du sel dans 
la nourriture des beetiaux. — Bassuel, P. Diss, hy- 
draulico-aiiatomique. — Pezenas, E. Solution d'un 
problfeme propose par Kepler, sur leg proportions des 
gegmens d'un toniieau coupe parall. & son axe. — Arcy, 
P. d'. La courbe d'egale pression lorsque le milieu i e- 
siste comme le quarre des vitesges. — Soumille, B. L. 
Un sablier de SO heures, propre k gervir gur mer. — 
Dalibard, P. M. Le reseda 4 fleur odorante. — Baron 
d'H6noTlville, T. Une propriete singuliere qu"a le sel 
de tartre. — Schlichting, — . De molu cerebri. — 
Torres, — . La glande thyroide. — Saint-Jacques, G. 
de. Supposant la loi d'attraction en raison inverse du 
quarre de la distance, trouver la nature du solide de la 
plus grande attraction. — Godeheu de Riville, — . 
Hist, d'un clieiiille mineuse des feuilles de vigne. — 
Marcorelle, — . La statique du corps humain. — Cos- 
Bigny, J. F. C. de. La grotte qui se trouve i quelque 
distance de Besan9on. — Dalibard, T. F. La variation 
de pesanteur des corps plonges dans diflerentes liquides. 
— Petit-Vandin, — . Hydraulique. — Gunz, J. G. Obs. 
anatomiques. — Sue, J^J. Une transposition des vis- 
ceres. — Baron d'Henouville, T. Analyse du borax. — 
Saur, — . Cobalt ou mine arsenicale. — Du Tour, K. F. 
Electricite; — Deux phenomenes de I'aimant. — Baron 
d'H6nouville, T. Maladie mortelle de I'estomac. — 
Bigot de Morogues, P. M. 8. La corruption de I'air 
dans les vaisseaux. — Chabert, J. B. La longitude de 
Buenos-Aires. — Bonnet, C. La vegetation des plantes 
dans d'autres matieres que la terre. — Baron d'Henou- 
ville, T. Analysis du borax. 2emem.; — Lever nonim6 
en latin taenia. — Geer, C. de. La propriete singuliere 
qu'ont les grandis cbenilles. — Espece singuliere de 
millepied ou de scolopendre. — Grischow, A. N. La 
difference des meridiens entre I'observatoire royal de 
Paris et celui de Berlin. — Menon, — . Le bleu de 

2. Salerne, — . Les dendrites des environs d'Or- 
leans. — Bordeu, T. de. Les arliculationg des os de la 
face. — Mazeas, — . Des couleurs engendrees par le 
frottement des surfaces planes et transparentes. — Bon- 
net, C. Une nouvelle partie, commune k plusienrs es- 
peces de chenilles. — Venel, G. F. L'analyse des eaux 
de Selters ou de Seltz. — Esteve, P. Le meilleur sys- 
teme de musique harmonique. — Le Gentil de la Galai- 
sidre, G. J. H. J. B. Une etoile nebuleuse nouv. de- 
couverte k cote de celle qui est au dessus de la ceinture 
d'Andromede. — Bigot de Morogues, P. M. S. Un ani- 
mal aquatique d'une forme singuliere. — Morand, J. F. 
C. La grotte de la Balme en Dauphin^. — Salerne, — . 
Maladies que cause le seigle ergole. — Geoffrey, E. L. 
L'organe de I'ouie des reptiles. — Sue, J. J. Descr. 
anatom. de trois loutres feraelles. — Kadault, J. Le 
sel de chaux. — Dutour, E. F. La maniere dont la 
flamme agit sur les corps electriques. — Berryat, J. 
Un nouveau febrifuge. — Geer, C. de. Un ver luisant 
femelle. — Bonnet, C. La grand chenille k queue four- 
chue. — Garipuy, — , anrf others. Obs. des eclipses du 
soleil. — Plantade, F. de, one/ others. Obs. des eclipses 
de la lune. — Venel, G. F. Analyse des vegetaux. — 
Outliier, K. Une nouvelle quadrature par approxima- 
tion. — Brouzel, N. Eaux minerales de Passy. — In- 
carville, P. La maniere dont leg Chinois soudent la 
come k lanternes. — Godehue de Riville, — . La capri- 
iication. — Gautier, J. Hist, du sucre d'erable. — 
Romas, J. de. Plus le corps isoleest eleve au dessus de 
la terre, plus le feu de I'electrisable est abondant. — 
Esteve, P. La base d'une pyramide triangulaire etant 
donnee avec les angles au sommet, determiner les di- 
mensions de la pyramide. — Baron d'Henouville, T. 
Examen chymique d'un sel apporte de Perse, sous le 
nom de borech. — Bossut, C. de. Differenciation des 
parametres, pour la solution de plusieurs problemes de 
ia methode inverse des tangentes. — Berryat, J. Obs. 
du barometre dans la pratique de la medicine. — Geer, 
C. de. Les ephemeres. — Dutour, E. F. Theorie sur 
le renouvellement de I'air dans I'eau. — Goubert, — . 
Relation des travaux faits pour relever le navire le Tojo, 
gallon d'Espagne. — Dutour, E. F. La necessite d'isoler 
les corps qu'on electricite par communication. — Bos- 
But, C. de. Deux problemes de geometrie. — Anger- 
stein, — . Quelques montagnos et quelques pierres en 
Provence. — Montamy, D. F. de. Le maniere de re- 
tirer I'or employe sur les bois dores a la colle. — Sue, 
J. J. Leg proportions du squelettede I'homme. — De- 

mours, P. La mechanique des mouvtmens de la pru- 
nelle. — Clozier. — . La decouverte d'une souche 
d'arbre petrifiee. — Adansou, M. Latitude de Podor, 
tiree par la meridienne. — Outhier, R. Carte des pleya- 
deg dont la position de 35 principales etoiles est deter- 
niineepar les obs. de M. Le Monnitr. — Marcorelle, — . 
Obs. nieteorologiques faitcs k Toulouse, 1750. 

3. Cossigny, J.F. C. de. Si les flltrations de I'eau 
de la mer au travers des pores du verre sont possibles. 

— Gardeil, J. B. Lettre sur le tripoli. — Vausenville, 
— . La recherche de I'erreurdcs tableglunaires de Hal- 
ley. — Tenon, J. K. La cataracte. — Geer, C. de". Un 
jule ou millepied cylindrique. — Aimen, — . Les pro- 
gres et cause de la nielle. — Pingre, A. G. Eclipse de 
la lune. 1755. — Godeheu de Riville. — . Lettre sur le 
passage des oiseaux. — Bory, G. Passage de Mercure 
sur le soleil, 6 mai 1753. — "Wargentin, P. G. Obs. 
astron. faites a Stockholm en 1751. — Incarville, P. de. 
Le vernis de la Chine. — Leroy, P. Une lumiere pro- 
duite par I'eau de la mer. — Mertrud, — . (^ue tout le 
chyle qui passe des intestins aux veines lactees n'eiitre 
pas dans le canal thorachique, pour de 14 etre introduit 
dans la soiaclaviree gauche, etc. — Bouillet, J. H. N. 
Obs. anat. — Suvlgny, — . Nouv. theorie du pyrophore 
de Homberg. — baum6, A. Ether vitriolique. — Du- 
tour, E. F. Le tourbillon magnetique; — Electricite eu 
moins. — Godeheu de Riville, — . La mer lumineuse. 

— Lorry, A. C. Les mouvtmens du cerveau et de la 
dure-mer, le, 2e mem. — Bossut, C. de. Theorfeme de 
geometrie enonc6 dans les actes de Leipsick, 1754. — 
Boscovich, P. Extrait d'une lettre. — Bezout, E. Les 
quantites differencielks, qui n'etant point integrables 
par elles-niemes, le deviennent neanmoins quarid on 
leur joint des quantites de meme forme qu'elks. — 
Lorry, A. C. Les mouveniens du cerveau. — Barth^z, 
P. J. Les soufflets de certaines forges produits par le 
chfite de I'eau. — Bourgelat, C. Des vers trouves dans 
les sinus frontaux, etc. — Garipuy, — , and others. 
Eclipse de la lune. — Barth^z, P. J. La constitution epi- 
demique, 1756, dans le Cotentin. — Bossut, C. de. Ke- 
cherches de dynamique. — Marcorelle, — . Extrait 
d'une lettre k Fouchy. — Garipuy, — . Passage de 
Mercure sur le soleil, 6 mai 1753. — Guattani, C. Une 
double veine azygos. — Dutour, E. F. Question d'op- 
tique. — Bourgelat, C. Kouv. systeme de cavalerie. — 
Gabry, P. \era delineatio aurorae borealis, 27 oct. 
1754. — Marcorelle, — . Le fron.age de Roquefort. — 
Bossut, C de. Kouv. maniere de demontrer les pro- 
prietes de la cycloide. — Godeheu de Riville, — . L'ac 
couplement des cousins. — Cadet Gassicourt, L. C. 
Experiences no\iv. sur I'encre sympathique de Hellot. — 
Saint-Jacques de Silvabelle, — . Du solide de la moin- 
dre resistance. — Bouin, J. T. Passage de la lune par 
les hyades, 1757. 

4. Mazlas, G. La cause physique de I'adh^rence 
de la couleur rouge au toiles peintes des cotes de Malabar 
et de Coromandel. — La Botti^re, — . Methode pour 
resoudre plusieurs problemes indetermines. — Incar- 
ville, P. de. Maniere de faire les fleurs dans les feux 
d'artifice chinois. — Necker, L. Problemes de mecha- 
nique. — Marcorelle, — . Obs. meteorol., a Toulouse, 
1747-56. — Mariques, — . Extrait d'une lettre a Mo- 
rand. — Celsio, A. Obs. quaedam astron. et meteorol., 
Upsallae, 1739. — Jeaurat, E. S. Obs. de la comete du 
1682, 1607, 1531, faites en mai 1759. — Lafosse, P. E. 
Maladie du cheval. — Rallier des Ourmes, J. J. Les 
quarres roagniques. — Bouin, J. T. Aurores boreales 
obs. k Rouen 31 mars. — Arthenay, — d'. Les voyages 
qui ont ete faits pour voir I'eruptlon du Vesuve. — Che- 
■vailieT, J., and others. Obs. eclipsis lunae. — Dutour, 
E. F. Le phenomene.des anneaux colores. — Dulague, 
V. F. J. N. Obs. du passage de la lune par les hyades. 

— Jeaurat, E. 8. Projection geom. des eclipses du 
soleil. — Villiamsou, — . La cause de la chute du bois 
ou des comes des cerfs. — Brodier, — . Construction 
d'une chaise roulante. — Aymen, — . Maladies des 
hies. — Aprds de Mannevillette, J. B. N. D. d'. Voy. 
aux Isles de France et de Bourbon. — Marcorelle, — . 
L'hydrocephale de Bigle. — Deluc, J. A. a7id G. A. 
Un 'echinite singulier. — Aborville, — d'. L'analyse 
d'une eau coloree a Douai. — Baussau du Bignon, > — . 
Experiences pour faire eclorre des poulets par le fer- 
mentation du tan. — Baum6, A. Analyse d'un eau 
minerale singuliere, trouve a Douai en Flandre. — Du- 
tour, E. F. Question d'optique. — Bouin, J. T. Obs. 
a Kouen sur la route de la comete, sept, et oct. 1757. — 
Romas, J. de. Lettre k Nollet. — Cadet Gassicourt, 
L. C. La terre foliee du tartre. — Jeaurat, E. 8. Le 
mouvement des planetes. — Bouin, J. T. Opposition 
de Jupiter, a Rouen, 2 mai 1757. — Bordenave, T. Descr. 
d'un foetus mai conforme. — Bosc d'Antic, P. La cause 
des bulks qui se trouvent dans le verre; — La cause des 
soufflures des metaux coules au jetes. — Gerard de Vil- 
lars, — . La sensibilite des parties des animaux. — 

PABI3 (Sac. : Instit., before 1793) 


PARIS (Soc. : Instit., before 1793) 

Gabry, P. Aarorse borealis, 16 sopt. 1757. — Jeanrat, 
£. 8. Distance d'aae planete au soleil. — Oathier, H. 
Ob^j. meieorol., 1756. — Boain, J. T. Occultatioa de 
Mars p ir la lune. — Bonnet, C. Sappl. an 'L'usa^e dea 
feuilles dans les plantes'. — Boain, S. T . Occultation de 
S 2 de la Balein? par la lua?. — M^adait, — . L i caba- 
ture des corps gauches. — Vosmaer, — . Xonv. gjnre de 
crabes de m;!r (notog.istropas). — Coabansn de Maa- 
gris, — . Frobleme de dvQJmiqua. 

5. Bjuillet, J. H. X. Trois lettres k Milran. — 
Boaillet, .J. t£. X., anl other*. Eclipses de la lune. — 
Bailly, J. 3. Theorie de la comete, 1759 . — Coartan- 
vaax, F. C. le T., mirq. de. L'eth?r m»rin. — Cheva- 
lier, — . Comete, 175 J. — Datoar, E. F. Ua banc de 
terre cretaeej et de pierres brinihues, qui est aux envi- 
rons de Riom — Jars, G. Xoav. mazhine exeiutee anx 
mines de Schem-iitz, 1755. — Caortanvaax, F. C. le T , 
marq. de. La concentration et coajebuion du vinaigre 
radical. — M333ier, C. Obs. de la cjmet« de mii et juin 
1762. — Bjain, J.T. Paenonidies astroaoaa., 17-59. — 
Cideb Gasiicaart, L. C. Experiences par lesquelles on 
demoatre dins le borax an principe cnivreax arsenical 
et ane terre vitrisiable. — Baadoain de Gaemidanc, A. 
H. 3e et 43 satellites de Jupiter, 1761. — Morand, J. F. 
C. L'histoire naturelle et meiicale des eaux de Plom- 
bieres. — Vincent, R. Dj t«rniino g-»nerali serierum 
recurrentium. — Djscemat, J. ChoroTde. — Aprds de 
MannaviUette, •!. B. X. D. d'. La navigation de Fraace 
aux Indes. — Ernaold, — . Les soards et maets. — 
Sue, J. .J. La mUrice. — Chezy, A. da. Ia3truin3n3 
propres a niveler, nommes niveaax. — Maeller, G. F. 
L» coUe de poisson. — Baadsain de Gaamiieac, A. H. 
Position de Venus dans son passage sur le soleil, juin 6. 

— Bonnet, C. Li respiration des chenilles. — Messier, 
C. Obs. astronom. faites k Paris, 1762. — Mazejis, G. 
Les solfitares des environs de Rome. — Messier, C. 
Passage de Veaus sar le disque da soleil, 6 juin 1761. — 
Lavoisier, A. L. Analyse du gyp^e. — Mazeas, G. 
L'alkali des plantes marines, et les miyens de le rendre 
propre aax memes usages qae la sonde. — Arqnier de 
Pellepoix. A. d'. Obs. astronom. faites a Toulouse, 
1761. — Mazdas, G. La mine d'Alun de la Tolsa, dans 
le voisinage de Rome. — Bonvoax, — . Manoaavre poor 
retirer une carcasse de navire qui etoit echouee dans 
le chenal au boat de la fosse, depuis 80 ans. — Keran- 
stret, — . Passage de Jf ercare sur le soleil, 6 mai 1753. 

— Baame, A. le, 2e mem. sur le refroidissement que 
les liqueurs produisent en s'evaporant. — Boucher, — . 
Obs. a Lille sur les differentes temperatures de I'air, etc. 

— Foageroax de Bondaro^, A. D. Le coquiilage appele 
Datte en Provence. — RalUer des Oarmes, J. J. Usage 
des diviseurs d'ua nombre, pour resoudre un probleme 
d'arithmetique ; — Metbode pour decouvrir tons les 
nombres premiers cont. dans un cours illimite de la 
8uit« des impairs, et tons d'un temps les diviseurs 
simples de ceux qui ne le sont pas. — Pereire, J. R. 
P. Les gourds et muets. — Marcorelle, — . Le salicor. 

— Pingr*. A. G., and Boain, .1. T. Observ. faites 
a Rouen 12 juil. 1757. — Le Monnier, P. Immer- 
sion d'Aldebaran sous le disque eclaire de la lune. — 
Rallier dea Oarmes, J. J. Methode nouv. de division, 
quand le dividende ejjt multiple du divLseur. — Da Vaa- 
cel, C. Toutes les eclipses du soleil, visibles k Paris, 
1767-1900. — Baain, J. T. Diverses comparaisons de la 
lune avec des etoiles fixes, faites a Rouen, 17.56; — Obs. 
faites a Rouen, 1757. — Dalaqne, V. F. J. X. Eclipse 
du soleil, faite a liouen 13 juin 176J. — Betbeder, J. Un 
enfant monstrueux. — Messier, C. Principales obs. 
astronom. faites a Paris, 1752-62 ; — La plus courte duree 
du 3e satellite de Jupiter dans I'ombre, 25 Jan. 1763. — 
Valmont de Bomare, J. C. Les pyrites et les vitrols 
pour servir de condrmation aux idees qu'a f.tit naitre la 
chimie. — Saint Jacqaes de Silvabelle, G. de. Pro- 
bleme. — Djtonr, E. F. La diffraction de la lumidre. 

6. Mazeas, G. La formation des atalactiques k Monte- 
Mario. — Datoar, E. F. Diffraction de la lumiere, 2e 
mem. — Bouin, J. T., and Dalague, V. F. J. X. Pas- 
sage de Venus sur le soleil, 6 juin 1761. — Baam6, A. 
La cristallisation des sels neutres qui ont pour base an 
alkali fixe on une terre absorbante. — Boain, J. T., and 
Dalague, V. F. J. X. Lieux des planetes obs. k Rouan, 
17-5S. — Jonbert, P. L. de. Une coqnille de I'espece des 
poulettes, pec-hec daus la Mediterranee. — Aprds de 
Mannevilletta, J. B. X. D. d', and others. Eclipses de 
soleil. — Joabert, P. L. de. Quelques coquiUes nouv. 
pechees dans la Mediterranee. — Messier, C. Comete 
obs. en avr. 1766. — Cossigny, J. F. C. de. La maniere 
de conserver a la mer I'eau potable, dans les voyages de 
long cours. — M »ssier, C. Aurore boreale, mai 1762. — 
Gerard, L. Especes de cancalis. — Boaillet, J. H. X., 
and Mans9, — . Passage de Venus sur le disque da 
soleil, faite k Besiers, 6 juin 1761. — Oathier, R. Passage 
de Venus, faite k Bayeux, 6 juin 1761. — Cotte, L. Xou- 
veau minerale sulfureuse, deooaverte dans la vallee de i 

Montmorenci, 1766. — Arqoier de Pellepoix, A. d*. 
Obs. des degres de chalenr de differentes sources de 
Bagn^res. — Marcorelle, — . La pesantenr et le chaleur 
rel. des differentes sources des eaux de Bagaeres. — Oa- 
thier, R., and other*. Eclipses de la lune. — Camber, P. 
L'orgaae de I'ouie des poisions. — Boscowich, A. P. J. 
De orbitis com-etarum determinandis, op- frium observ. 
parum a se iavicem remotarum. — Bras d'Or, P. La 
maladie epidemique des chien«. — Baam6, A. La de- 
composition du tartre vitriole par t'acide nitreax seoL — 
Antelmy, P. T. d'. Obs. et calcal. da I'oppasition de 
Satarne de 1763. — Arqaier de Pellepoix, A. d'. Obs. sur 
la comete, faites k Toalouse, j»vr. 16, 17-59. — Datoar, E. 

F. Que le point visible est vn dans le rayon q^ui va de ce 
point a I'ceil. — Boain, .J. T. Aurore boreale obs. k 
Rouen et k Yvetot. 16 sept. 17-59. — Antelmy, P- T. d'. 
L'opposition de .Jupiter, 1763. — Mariqnes, — . L'analyses 
des eaux minerales de S »int-Remy I'Honore. — P6ze- 
nas, P. Xouv. theirie des taches du soleil. — Bonin, J. 
T. Occultation de Tetoile & des liemeau par la lune, obs. 
k Roaen, 1759. — Navier, P. T. Diff. moyens d'onir 
Intimement le mercure an fer, et sur la maniere de le 
rendre soluble dans I'ean, etc. — Qoldover, — . Emer- 
sions et immersions des satellites de Jupiter, 17-59. — 
Almaida, T. de. Passage de Venus sur le disjue da 
soleil, 1761. — La Place, P. S., m-irq. de. Les suites 
reeurro-recurreates et leurs usages dans la theorie des 
hasards. — Bosc d' Antic, P. La faiencerie. — Boain, 
J. T. La comete, m»i 17-59; — L'opposition de Jupiter, 
faite k Rouen 3 et 6 juin 1758. — Bonrrand, — . La 
quadrature de la partie b / d du cercle a b r b d a. — 
Boscowich, P. R. J. De orbitis cometaruai determinan- 
dis. — Liboar, — . Passage de Ve lus sur le disque du 
soleil, juin 6, 1761. — Arqaier de Pellepoix. A. d'. La 
lune. — Antheaalms, — . La maniere de travailler et 
polir les verres objectifs des lunettes d'approche. — Da- 
toar, E. F. Le strabisme. — Arqaier de Pellepiox. A. 
d'. Obs. de la lane et des planetes, 1763. — Maeller, 

G. F. Decouv. d'un papillon k tete de chen He. — 
Amiot, P. Obs. meteorol., k Pekin, 1757-62. — Marco- 
relle, — . Obs. anat. — Bonnes, — . Deeouverte sur 
I'ether marin, fait par Tintermede du zinc. — Li Place, 
P. S., mtirq. de. La probabilite des causes par les 

7. Prix, 1774. Lxgrange, J. L. L'e luation secn- 
laire de la lune. — Libande, — . Les moyens de per- 
fectionner I'espece de cristal necessaire a la construction 
de lunettes achromatiques. Mem. Bacqaet, J. B. M. 
Experiences phys-.chim., sur I'airqui se degage des corps 
dans le temps de leur decomposition, etc. — Vicq-d'Azyr, 
F. L'hist. anatom. des poissons, le et 2e mem. — La 
Place, P. S , marq. de. L'integration des equations 
diffiirentielles aux differences finies, el leur usage dans 
la theorie des hasards. — Sonnerat, P. Descr. du coco 
de rile PrasUn. — Monge, G. La construction des 
fonctions arbitraires qui entrent dans les integrales 
des equations aux differences partielles. — Vicq- 
d'Azyr, F. Observ. anatom. sur ua extremite infe- 
rieure dont les muscles on ete changes en tissu grais- 
seux. sans aucune alteration dans la forme exterieure. 

— Monge, G. La determination des functions arbi- 
traires qui entrent d:ins les integrales d.>s equations 
aax differentes especs. — Ribelt, — . L^ne tete ex- 
ostosee. — Camper, P. La structure des os dans les 
oiseanx. — Coulomb, C. A. de. Une application des 
regies de maximis et minimis k quelques problemes de 
statique, rel. a I'architecture. — Des, — . La theorie du 
jeaugeage. — Mange, G. Un tonr de cartes. — Chevalier 
d'Angos, — . Obs. et calcul. de l'opposition de Jupiter, 
19 aoat 177-2, faite k Rouen. — Mallet, J. A. Obs. et 
calcul. des oppositions de Mars et de Satume 1773, faite k 
Geneve. — Dalagae, V. F. J. X. La comete deeouverte 
par Messier, le avr. 1771. — Messier, C. La meteorolo- 
gie. avec une methode pour analyser des sortes d'obser- 
vations, par P. Cotte. — La P*iace, P. S., marq. de. 
L'inclinaison moyenne des orbites des cometes. — Caire, 
— . Extrait d'une lettre sur la cause du froid en Canada. 

— Sabatier, R. B. Les nerfs de la dixieme paire. — 
Marcorelle, — . Descr. des grottes de Lombrive et de 
Bedeilhac, dans le pays de Foix. — Sabatier, R. B. 
Bur quelques particularites de la structure du cerveau et 
de ses enveloppes. — Bordenave, T. Analyse de la bile. 

8. Swinden, .J. H. Recherches sur les'aiguilles ani- 
mantees. — Fourcroy de Rameconrt, C. R. Obs. sur 
les marees, a la cote de Flandre. — Boacher, P. J. Les 
suites etranges d'un volvulus. — Maeller, G. F. Un 
nouv. genre des insectes aquatiques. 

9. Qoatremdre Disjonval, O. B. Anal, et examen 
ehimique de I'indiga. — Coulomb, C. A. de. Manidre de 
fobriquer les aiguilles aimantees. — Geoffroi, E. L. le 
et 2e mem. sur les bandages propres a retenir les hernies. 

— Mazdas, G. Des tubulaires a tube elastique et carti- 
lagineax. — Qadronic, — . Un insecte singulier trouve 
dans la rade de Lomariaker. — La Faille, C. de. Le 

PARIS (Soc. : Instit., before 1793> 


PARIS (Soc. : Instit., before 1793) 

Bentiment des anciens et des modemes snr I'origiDe des 
macreuses. — Monge, Q. Les fonctions arbitraires qui 
entrent dans les iutegrales des equations aux ditfercnces 
finies ; — Les proprietes de plusieurs genres de surfaces 
courbes. — Laborie, — . Anal, de la mine de plomb 
blanche. — "Valmont de Bomare, J. C. Le raffinage du 
camphre. — Bobc d' Antic, P. La nature et la cause des 
differentes graisses du verre. — Duhamel, G. P. F. G. 
Les forges de la Bretagne. — Gujrton de Morveau, L. B. 
La crystallisation du fer. — Chaulnes, M. J. d'A. d'A., 
due de. L'air fixe qui se degage de la biere en fermen- 
tation. — Bucquet, J. B. M. Mem. sur le sel ammoniac; 
anal, de la zeolite. — Tinseau, — . La th^orie des surfaces 
courbes; — Sur quelques proprietes des solides. — 
Bucquet, J. B. M. le et 2e mem. sur I'arsenic. — Veil- 
lard, — . Anal, des eaux de la fontaine de Montmorenci. 

— Bayen, P. Examen chymique d'une mine de fer spa- 
thique. — Duhamel, G. P. F. G. La mine de plomb de 
Huelgoat en Basse Bretagne. — Monnet, A. G. Une 
espece de mine decouverte nouv.a Ste. Marie-aux-Mines. 

— La Tourette, M. A. L. C. de F. de. Une nouv. espece 
de mouche, du genre des cinips. — La Tourette, M. A. 
L. C. de F. de. Sur des os fosailes. — Troja, M. Mem. 
sur le tibia des crapauds. 

10. Fuff, — . Le derangement d'une comete qui passe 
pres d'une planete. — La Grange, J. L. La theorie des 
perturbations que les cometes peuvent eprouver par 
Paction des planetes. — Guignea, J. de. Planisphere 
celeste chinois. — Catalogues des comfetes. — Coulomb, 
C. A. de. Theorie des machines simples. — Mechain, 
P. F. A. Recherches sur les cometes de 1532 et 1661. — 
Bayen, P. Examen chimique du marbre de Campan. — 
Le Gendre, A. M. L'attraction des spheroides homo- 
genes. — Dietrich, P. F., baron de. Descr. des volcans 
decouverts en 1774, dans le Brisgaw. — Cagnoli, A. 
Methode pour trouver la situation de I'equateur d'une 
planete. — Mensnier, J. B. M. La courbure des sur- 
faces. — Monge, G. Les developpees, les rayons de 
courbure, etc. — Le Veillard, — . La formation du 
Boufre par la voie huraide. — Charles, — . Les integrates 
des equations aux differences finies. — Marcorelle, — . 
Obs. thermometriques. — Anisson-Dup6ron, E. A. J. 
Sur I'impression en lettres, suivi de la descr. d'une nouv. 
presse. — Gengembre, — . Un nouv. gas obtenir par 
Taction des substances alkalines. 

11. Memoires sur la formation du salpetre, par C. M. 
Cornette, — P- Thoiivenel, — J. M. Gavinet, — Che- 
vrand, — J. B. de Beunie, — Thomassin de Saint- 
Omer, — C. Romme, — N. Clouet, — A. L. Lavoisier, 

— L. A. de la Rochefoucauld. — Lorgna. A. M. La 
formation et la multiplication des nitres. 

— Meridieiine de I'Observatoire Royal de Paris ; 

par M. Cassini de Thury ; avec des obs. 
d'hist. nat. par M. Le Monnier ; suite des 
Mem., 1740. Paris, 1744. 4°. 

— Mesure des trois premiers degres du meridien, 

dans I'hemisph. austral ; par M. de la Con- 
damine. Paris, 1751. 4". 

— Nouvelle table des articles de I'Acad. des Sci., 

1666-1770, des Arts et Metiers, et dans la 
Collect, acad. par I'abbe Rozier. Paris, 
1775-76. 4 V. 4°. 

— Recueil de memoires et d'observ. sur la forma- 

tion et sur la fabrication du salpetre, par les 
Commissaires pour le jugement du prix. 
Paris, 1776. 8°. 
Contents. Glauber, — . La nature et la formation du 
saltpetre. — Stalh, — . La nature, etc., du nitre. — 
Lemery, L. Mem. sur le nitre. — Petit, E. De la pre- 
cipitation du sel marin dans la fabtique du saltpetre. — 
Pietsch, — . La generation du nitre. — Sweden. 
Krigi-Departevientets Kungliga Rad. Construction 
et I'establissement des nitrieres. — Bertrand, E. La for- 
mation du saltpetre. — Grunner, T. 8. La generation du 
saltpetre. — La nature, etc., du saltpetre. — Neuhaus, 
— . Experiences de la formation du saltpetre. — Vannes, 
M. de. La nature du nitre, etc. Granit, A. La fabri- 
cation du saltpetre dans la royaume de Suede, tr. M. 
Baer. — Miliy, N. C. de T., cte. de. Une nitriere artifi- 
cielle. — Du Condray, T. Methodes employees en Prusse 
et a Malte pour la generation du saltpetre. — Desraazis, 
— . La nitriere de Malte. — Simon, J. C. L'art de 
faire du saltpetre mis en pratique a Dresde, 1771. — 
Clouet, — . La recolte et la fabrication du saltpetre 
en Asie. — Bowles, — . Maniere dont se fait la poudre 
dans I'Inde. — Methode de fabriquer le saltpetre en 
Am6r., 1775. — Lavoisier, A. L. L'existence de l'air 
dans I'acide nitreux. — Incarville, d'. La maniere 
de fabriquer le Baltpetre en Chine. 

Recueil des pieces qui ont remporte le prix, 

1720-72. Paris, 1732-77. 9 v, 41 
Note. Only v. 1, 2, 7-9 have the title-page 'Recueil'; 
the others have the title "Pieces qui ont remporte le 
prix', etc, or the titles of the separate papers. 

Contents. Vol. 1. 1720-27. Crousaz, J. P. de. Le prin- 
cipe, la nature, et la communication du mouvement. — 
Massy, — . Maniere de conserver sur mer I'egalite du 
mouvement d'une pendule. — MacLaurin, C. Loix du 
choc des corps. — Bernoulli, D. Maniere de conserver 
sur mer I'egalite du mouvement des clepsidres. — Ma- 
zi^re, P. Les loix du choc des corps k ressort parfait 
on imparfait; — Traite des petits tourbillons de la ma- 
tiere subtile. — Bernoulli, J. I^es loix de la communi- 
cation du mouvement. — Bouguer, P. De la mature 
des vaisseaux. 

2. 1727-32. Super problemate nautico de im- 
plantatione malorum. -— Camus, F. J. de. La mature 
des vaisseaux. — Bulssinger, G. B. De causa gravitatis 
physica general!. — Bouguer, P. La methode d'ob- 
Berver sur mer la hauteur des astres. — BernouUy, J. 
Nouv. pensees sur le systfeme de Descartes. — Bouguer, 
P. La methode d'observer en mer la declinaison de la 
boussole; — Entretiens sur la cause de I'incliiiaison des 
orbites des planetes. 

3. 1733-37. Poleni, J. Quanam potiori ratione, 
nullis habitis stellarum observ.. navigantes nietiri queant 
iter a navi confectum. — Bernoulli, J. Essai d'une nouv. 
physique celeste. — Bernoulli, D. La cause physique 
de I'inclinaison des plans des orbites des planetes. — Ber- 
noulli, J. La propagation de la lumiere; — Disc, sur 
les ancres. — Tresaguet, — . Mem. sur la fabrique des 
ancres. — Bernoulli, D. La meilleure figure a donner 
aux ancres. — Poleni, J. De prsestabiliori figura qua 
anchorae formari queant. 

4. 1738-40. Euler, L. De igne, ejus natura et pro- 
prietates explicantur. — Lozeran de Fesc, L. A. Sur 
la propagation du feu. — Crequy, — . Explication de 
lanaturedufeUjCtdesa propagation. — Cavalleri, P. A. 
La cause physique du flux et du reflux de la mer. — 
Mac Laurin, C. De causa physica fluxus et refluxus 
maris. — Euler, L. Inquis. physica in causam fluxus ac 
refluxus maris. 

5. 1743, 46. Bernoulli, D. La maniere de construire 
les boussoles d'inclinaison. — Euler, L. De observ. in- 
clinationis magneticse ; — De magnete. — Du Tour, E. F. 
Sur I'aiman. — Bernoulli, D. and J. La nature et les 
proprietes de I'aiman. 1741. Bernoulli, J. Sur le ca- 
bestan. — La meilleure construction du cabestan. — Po- 
leni, J. De ergatae navalis prsestabiliore facilioreque 
usu. — Ludot, J. B. La meilleure construction du ca- 
bestan. — Pontes, — . Sur le cabestan. — Fenel, J. B. P. 
Difi'. experiences sur la meilleure construction du ca- 
bestan. — Delorme, — . Cabestan k ecrevices et cabe- 
stan k bras. 

6. 1745, 47. Bernoulli, D. Recherches mechan. et 
astronom. sur la meilleure maniere de trouver I'heure 
en mer par obs.,8oit dans le jour, les crepuscules, etsur- 
tout la nuit quand on ne voit pas I'horizon. — Medita- 
tiones in [eandem] quaestionem. — Maniere de trouver 
I'heure en mer. etc. — Essai d'horolepse nautique. — 
Maniere de trouver, etc. 

7. 1751-53, 59-61. Bernoulli, D. La nature et la 
cause des courans. — Euler, L. Les inegalites de Jupi- 
ter et de Saturne. — Bernoulli, D. La maniere la plus 
avantageuse de suppleer a Taction du vent sur les 
grands vaisseaux. — Groignard, A. Le roulis et le 
tangage d'un vaisseau. — La perfection dans les verre- 
ries de France. — Euler, J. A. L'arrimage des vais- 
seaux et quelles qualites on en pent procurer. — Bossut, 

C. L'arrimage des navires. 

8. 1753, 56, 57, 60. Bernoulli, J. De promotione 
navium sine vi venti. — Mathon de la Cour, J. Maniere 
de suppleer a Taction du vent. — Euler, L. Invesli- 
gatio perturbationum motus planetaruni. — Bernoulli, 

D. Le roulis et le tangage d'un navire. — Euler, L. 
Examen des eflTorts qu'ont a soutenir toutes les 
parties d'un vaisseau dans le roulis et dans le tangage. — 
Euler, C. De successiva mutatione motus medii plane- 
tarum. — Euler, J. A. Sur la resistance de la matiere 
6th6ree. — Bossut, C. Des alterations du mouvement 
moyen des planetes. 

9. 1764-66, 70, 72. La Grange, J. L. La libration de 
la lune. — Groignard, A. L'arrimage des vaisseaux. — 
Bourd6 de Villehuet, — . L'arrimage du navire. — La 
Grange, J. L. Les inegalites des satellites de Jupiter. 
— L'arrimage des vaisseaux. — Euler, L. Le vrai 
mouvement de la lune. — Euler, L. and J. A. Theorie 
de la lune. — La Grange, J. L. Le problenie des trois 
corps. — L'arrimage des vaisseaux. 

Regiae Scientiarum Acad, hist.; autore J. B. 

du Hamel. Paris, 1698. 4°. 

PARIS (Societies: Institut) 


PARTS (Societies: Institut) 

■ - Suite des Memoires de I'Acad. des Sci., 1718. 
Paris, 1720. 4°. 

Kote. The half-title of this is 'De la grandeur 
et de la figure de la terre'. 

- - Table alphabetique des matieres con tenues dans 

I'Histoire et les I'Acad. Roy., 1666- 
1790. Paris, 1734, 29-1809. 10 v. 4°. 

ydU. Vol. 1-t. 1666-1730 by Godin ; 5-9, 1731- 
80, by Demoura; 10, 1781-90, by Cotte. 
-- Same. 1666-1734. Paris, 1734. 4 v. 4°. 

- - Tables astronomiques du soleil, de la lune, 

etc.; par M. Cassini. Paris, 1740. 4°. 

- - Tabulae astronomicae ab P. de la Hire. 2a ed. 

Paris, 1727. 4". 

- - Traite physique et hist, de I'aurore boreale ; 

par M. de Mairan; suite des Mem. de 
I'Acad., 1731. Paris, 1733, 4°. 

- - Same. 2e ed. augm. Paris, 17.54. 4°. 

- - Voy age, 1750—51, dans I'Amer. Septentrionale ; 

par M. de Chabert. Paris, 1753. 4°. 

- - CuTiER, G. L. C. F. D. Recueil des eloges 

hist. Strasbourg, 1819. 2 V. 8°. 

- - Floubess. M. J. P. Historical sketch of the Acad- 

emy of Sci. (In Smithsonian Inst. Report, 1862.) 

- - M.^^URT, L. F. A. L'ancienne Acad, des Sci- 

ences. Paris, 1864. 8°. 

Academie FranqaUe. 
(Founded in 1635.) 

- - Dictionnaire. 3e ed. Paris, 1740. 2 v. T. 

- - Same. 5e ed. Paris, 1798-99. 2 v. f°. 
-- Same. 6e ed. Paris, [1836]. 2 v. 4°. 

- - Dictionnaire hist, de la langue franc. Vol. 1. 

Paris, 1858. i". 

- - Recueil des plusieurs pieces d' eloquence et de 

poesie, presentees pour les prLx, 1671-1761. 

Paris, 1674-1762. 39 v. 12«. 
Sole. The Recueils were not pub. every year, and 
the set is complete with the omission of 1671, '11'20, and 

- - Alembert, J.leR.d'. Histoire des membres de 

I'Acad. Fr., 1700-71. Paris, 1787. 6 v. 12» 

Samf. Eloges faites sur les membres de TAcad., 

1700-71. (/n Ai> (Euvres, v. 6-11. 1805.) 

- - DuDEVAXT, Mme. A. L. A. D. Pourquoi les 

femmes k 1' Academic. Paris. 1863. 8°. 

- - Pellisson Foxtaxier, p. Histoire de I'Acad.; 

avec des remarques et des additions et une 

continuation, 1652-1700, par I'abbe d'Olivet. 

Paris, 1729. 2 v. 4°. 

Same. 2e ed. Paris, 1730. 2 v. 12°. 

Same. Avec introd., des eclaircissements, 

etc., par C. L. Livet. Paris, 1858. 2 t. 8°. 

(Organized, 1795; composed of three Classes, and 
after 1803 of four Classes which, in 1816, became four 
Academies; since 1832 there have been five.) 

— - Base du systeme metrique decimal ; ou, Mesure 

de Tare du meridien entre les paralleles de 
Dunkerque et Barcelone executee en 1792 ; 
par MM. Mechain et Delambre ; red. par 
Delambre. Suite des Mem. Paris, 1806-10. 
3 V. 4". 

— Discours snr les progres des sciences, lettres, et arts, 

depnis 1789 jusqu'ace jour. Paris, 1809. 8«. (B733) 

— - Funerailles de Larcher. 23 sept. 1812; [disconrs pro- 

nonce par A. C. Quatremere de Quincy. Paris, 
1812.] r. (K71) 

— Funerailles du comte de Bougainville, 5 sept. 1811. 

[Paris, 1811.] 4°. (E71) 

— Funerailles de Toulong^on, 26 dec. 1812; [disconrs 

prononce par A. C. Quatremere de Quincy. Paris, 
1812.] 4''. (ETl) 

— Inventaire des pieces manuscrites de la collection Go- 

defroy, conserv. a la Biblioth. de I'Institut. Suite 
et fin. (In Paris. Soc. de I'Hist. de France. An- 
nuaire-Bull, 1866.) 

• - La mort de Rotrou ; [vers] par Millevoye. [Paris, 
18—.] 4*. (B 71) 

■ - Notices et extraits de mss. de la Biblioth^que 

duRoi. Vol. 5-23. Paris, 1798-1874. 32 v. 
(T. 23, pt. 1 w.) . 4". 

Xote. For preceding vols. $ee Paris. Ac. d. 
Irucr. et det Bellti-Lettres (p 2235). 
MS" Tome 15 is a table alphabetique des matidres. 

■ - Rapport [sur le] procede de feu Bachelier, pour la 

composition d'unbadigeonconservateur par Guyton- 
Morveau. n.p.. [1809]. 4". (A 74) 

- - Rapport sur les moyens de sauver les personnes ren- 

fermes dans les maisons incendiees. n.p., n.d. 4*. 
(A 74) 

- - Rapports et discuss, de toutes les classes de 

I'Institut, sur les ouvrages admis au concotirs 
pour les prix decennatix. Paris, 1810. 4°. 

- - Recueil d'observations geodesiques, etc. ; ed. 

par J. B. Biot et F. Arago ; suite au 3e v. de 
la 'Base du svstfeme', etc. Paris, 1821. 4°. 
-- Se.-incepubl.dn'4 Jan. 1813. [Paris, 1813.] 4°. (ETl) 

- - Tableau des sciences philos., des belles-lettres, et des 

beaux-arta. [Paris,] 1791. 4*. (A 10) 

Clagse d' Histoire et de Litterature Ancientu. 

- - Expose des travaui, [1815]. [Paris, 1815.] 4". (ETl) 
-- Histoire de la Classe. Paris, 1815-18. 4 v. 4". 

- - Rapport hist, sur les progres de I'histoire 

dep. 1789, par B. J. Dacier. Paris, 1810. 4<*. 

- Rapport historiqne sur I'etat et les progres de I'his- 

toire. Paris, 1808. 4". (A 9) 

- Rapport sur les travaux; par M. Ginguene. 1810, 11, 

13. [Paris, 1810-13.] 3 v. 4''. (E 71) — 1814, par P. 
C. F. Dannou. [Paris,] 1814. 4» (A 35, E 71) 

Clatse de Litterature et de Beaux-Art*. 

- - Memoires. Paris, an yi-xii [1798-1804]. 5 v. 


Contents. Vol. 1. Siyets des prix, an 4. — Liste des 
ouvrages irapr. pres. — Dewailly, — . Cone. I'ellipse 
et les Bupplemens qu'on emploie pour expliquer les 
phrases elliptiques, etc. — Lemonnier, — . Le pronom 
sol. — Sicard, R. A. C. La uecessite d'instruire les 
sourds-muets de naissance; — Examen de I'Hermes 
d'Harris. — Domergue, U. La proposition graramati- 
cale. — Rapport sur un monument antique. —Le Blond, 
G. M. Sur la magie. — Duels, J. F. Epitre contre le 
celibat. — Le Bmn, P. D. E. L'enthousiasme; — ler 
chant de 'La viellee du Pamasse'. — Andrieux, F. G. 
J. S. Le proces du senat de Capoue; — L'hopital des 
fous. — Monvel, J. M. B. Fables. — Lemonnier, L. G. 
Conseils d'un vieillard aux jeunes gens : fables. — Bi- 
tanb6, P. J. Sur I'etude des anciens ; — Socrate k I'ecole 
d'un theologien. — L^vesqne, P. C. Sur les trois poetea 
tragiques de la Grece; — Aristophane: — Les progres 
de la peinture chez les Grecs. — Schweighaeuser, J. 
Sur un passage de Simplicius. — Le Roy, D. Les 
navires empl. par les anciens. — Mongez, A. Sur les 
travaux publics des Remains, compares k ceux des mo- 
dernes. — Ameilhon, H. P. Sur les couleurs des anciens 
et sur les arts qui y ont rapport. — Le Blond. G. M. 
Sur le vrai portrait d'Alexandre le grand. — Camas, 
A. G. La distribution et le classement des livres d'une 
bibliotheque. — Peyre, A. F. Sur Tachfevement da 
Louvre, etc. 

2. Liste des membres et des associ^. Hist. Xo- 
tlce des mem. non imprimes. — Mongez, A. La vie de 
Lemonnier. — Villar, J. B. Louvet. — Sujets des prix 
proposes I'an 5. — Tableau des prix. — Xoms des 
artistes qui ont remporte les prix de peinture, etc., 
de I'an 5. — Livres et ecrits pres. Mem. Mongez, 
A. La reunion des litterateurs et des artistes. — 
Collin d'Harleville, J. F. La grande famille reunie. — 
Sur la continuation de la collection des Historiens de 
France. — Dupuis, C. F. Sur les Pelaoges. — Le Roy, 
D. Sur le Moeris. — Mongez, A. Sur les vases mur- 
rhins. — Villar, G. Fragment du 16e livre de I'lliade; 
trad, en vers fran^ais. — Vien. J. M., and Le Blond, G. 
M. Sur des vases trouves dans un tombeau pres de 
Geneve. — Camus, A. G. Mem. sur Ilcpc 9avfia<riui' 
axovo'piarcai' (De mirabilibus auscultationibns). — Mon- 
gez, A. Sur les types des monnoies compares k ceux 
des medailles. — Lebrtin, P. A. Ode d'un philanthrope 
republicain contre lamonarchie; — Ode d'un philan- 
thrope republicain contre I'anarchie. — Bitaubd, P. J. 
Sur les deux premiers livres de la politique d'Aristotc. 
— Mongez, A. Les gladiateurs. — Ch^nier, M. J. Le 
dernier hymne d'Ossian. — AmeiLhon, H. P. Sur 

FAKIt moolmtAmBi Inafclt.) 


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AiiinWUiih, II I', Hiir JMN 
' il'iiil. II onl, |i>iH('< illtfl* JWN 

I, l(H»lr«MU Ml, \u |IIM)lll(lt. 

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H, l.iniK i|"« imkimIii'k*, liUl., yilUr, (T MAin, 
liiHi liiHM, AiirlrlwKN, K. 0. i). N. hit vIm «i, Ik* irit. 
\niiHiUiil,iuiwu\H!/. Vllkr, U, l<! I, ItMiill^ni - ,;, 
ifiicHiiJ* I'rii. Arlliii.<<« ((III out I'uifijioi'iii 111* iirlN 
iIm jMiliil.iii'i', f'^K., <l)i I'liii n, lilvri** Ml. nmlU jii'i')*, • 
Maim, llniriiiii, a. U, (IihmIm ihimIii - OhArilur, M. 

it, l«H vImIIIiiI'iI <rAlliiMlll*, DlltHllN, <l K. I.n* tVi 

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hiivll'u* tin* i»ii<iImii«| Mill' lit iiiiuIimi iIh* iiiinltiiiM, hI 
iiiti'liii, *iii' nil Imi* ikIIi'T imiIi, Iiiii' Wlii'<l<i'liiiitiiii. — 
iliUMiiMi A, 0, Niii' |li< Ti<iii'i'i|itiiMk| MiiiiKHM, A. 
l'MiWi)itill*, t<M (iiMivA, <l, M il, M «^<|iiiMiiri*, 

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I|I|||||III||||U* tl|. ^mlVltlll* ll/lllllllKN llll I'llllllllllllVl, Hill III* 

r«|iiililli|iiii* itiii>li>ii)iiiM, Ainnllliiiit, II r. I<ii* «"ii 
liiii* kI' III IciMliiiti llll* iiiii<li>iiii. Miiii||iiti, A, I'Hiiii 
iii*iiil|ilJiiii* liiiliiii* tiU'ii|iiiliiiUitiiiiiiii. IlityiiMinit, A, 
Hill' III i<iiii*iriiii|liiii llll iMiMii llll III Miiiliiiiiiii ilnlln 
Niiliiln A VxiiInii, MiiiiHHK, A. Niir In* iiiiiynii* iln 

flllril tlllllHIlllll III* iIImIIIIIII'N III lit lllll*|l|lll> iIm« ((»"» 

Miilliiiiiil'i* (iiir lull* III* *|iiiiilitl.iiiii'*. Oitiiiim, A (i. 
1i'|iIn|4iIii> ui, In* iii'iiHi'iili'ifl I llll iiiilylyi"*)!" "I 'I" >'* 
m^iiiiilviilH. Mm nil llviii itlliiiMiiiiili riilt'iiiitiiii u{, 
Niiii iiiiiyiy|iiiu"> 

4, l,(>ii> llll* iiiMiiiliiii*: 111*1, Vlllitr, (T M6m. 
Mini liM|irliii^«i, lliilllii il'lUrlnvlIlM, -Ir \f, A. i<m. 
liliiiiiM <i, A. li>iiiiiMi»lliM, I'i'lii. Ai'U*lii*i)iil 11111 
i'Miii|iiiilit lu« |ii'l« nil I'liii Y l.lviii* III i^Kill* iii'ita. 
Mitiii' MiMlKM, A. Hill' II'* i>ii*liiiitii» ilm l'ii|'*i>* Kiiii* 
ill ityiiii*Mii llll* llll* Ai'lii^iiil^iililii* III lO'llii ili'M ■iiKim*' 
NMIII* it'AlKllllllill'i', I'lyiMi A, f llll llllllliillllMllli* 

Nnl'liiiiitlii iiiiiil mIIii nmlMi umIhmi'I^h iIii 'riii^lilt'ii ili<* 

Al'IVi llMIKlN, II, !<••* |III|iImI< IIIIIIIIHllll* llll* (tl'llIM 

liiil*' MiMi||MM, A. liii*i>ii><li Kiliio l<>'i*ii*, DiiiiIm, 

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inliilliiMN Mil r^ii «Wii>|ii niiliM In |)iiiii<iiiiiii>li ••! Ill fi'iiiiKx; 

i.'i^iiii llll iMi|ii*i> llll MiiM'iiiii ,)ii*i|iriiii nil* >>u>i'i<> 

VlllMii', <l, llll ili'i«i'*|iiilr iI',\iiIiIiIm ii|iiA« In iii'Hl iln 
I'lilliii'lii, llumim, A, II, Uiili|iiill Imir In inin'mln iln 
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I'nyiN, A, IC 

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•ill III Vllln I'lDvl^illin KlUultA, I', .1. lli^llnliriMi* *lir 

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IJM ifiMlllMlMll Miinliiln nl lllMiiniilli lllilliiuiin niill'n 
liuilil |mIII iMijIalnn, aiil' In* Mini* llliillllnill' n|, nllnynil 
(liilllii il'lliiilnvlllu, ,\, |i', MMJiniinl'iin n|, 'I'liiilln 
(illmljll, III S Will InMlilillillnlll iln llii|-ullfi*n, t,n 

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•linnllvn |iriilii|iin', IVIiMl||nM, A, If* hiininuiii'* 

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iliiH* III Vllln mnillnl*, H'lUM'jiiUif* Ni'Hf\H'\hiiii, N, 
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lliin i^|ii^i> nnlli|iin. Iliinllliiii, .1 K, l,ii* rninn* irniin 
niinlnnnn vllln ii|i|inlnn iinJiiiMil'linl 'I'unll. I>iinl«, ,1, |i', 
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iiiinllnniilliiii iln liinlluniiitlin iln lit litnunn ri'iini<)tl*n. 

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(UllllIRi A 0. Ailil, Ml inii'i'. A i|i|nli|nn« |m**iiun* iltiii 
V))|»i |iiikni^i|iin«, 
•~« - Niilinn (In* liiivitnn, INDIl/in, U, |llll'i), fii) lll')iti)ll. 

11*1111*, INK) in. I u V. *: (A Hit, H 71 1 
"• • rriiMiitiiiiiin nl iihlin iln In attnnnn tin Ini' <)«l> I*IU, 
ll'itl'l*, INIi I 4", (Althi 

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iIii|iiiIm \7H\) I imr (i. i>. (/'itvlor, I'ltriN, 

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Simn. I'tir ,1. U. I)iilitmlir«. I'ltrU, INIO. i", 

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(hivUir, ll'iii'l*, IHiw I 4", IA») - fniil, lo, lu, |i», 

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— - /Vi/w/i, ri.ii, iniiUi,, imr.f I 

INniiJ4", fA9) - INim, tiM',<, til. i'lti'l*. 
4 V. 4", (MTi) ■ INH, ll'itl'l*, INI4,| 4'', 
71) ~ mlfl, It'iirl*, inir.,1 4", («7lj 

M''<mi)lriii«, I7I)A INIA, I'miIh, nii vi 

IHIH, 14 V, 4". 
IViih. Viil 7, It, It, Vi, III iiri) III 3 |mi'l«, Tlinin MA- 
inulrn* urn lintninit In Urn Itnyiil Hiiiilnly'ii 'i Iiii,ii|iikii« 
lit *,i|nii|.|Mii |ili|inr*', 

— • Mi'iiiiiili'd* |ii'i'iN<*iiU'tN|mr illvi'iN miiviiiim, I'liria, 

INIM-tl, 2 V, 4". 
(hiiilimh. Viil, 1, Nlnnliilri •?. I'Inii \tm\r 4ul»llr 
i1n« fnriiin* nii|ii)rlinniiiiilii«, MnnrKiiM, M, it, A, I(M* 

liiilNmiiiniiN, In* imiiiIiikk*, nl, |n* miii'l,*, ( Miilll|)nl1lur), 
171'.! ir;, nl, Hill' In* |i|',iIm|IiII||I^4 i|n lit vln, KiHIVMril. A. 
(Ill*, IINll'lllllllll fllllllH ti I'lMlKKI'V, Nitl,, itn I'lti'l*, llll 4, - 

Uityniiii, N, lilt Nliyii llll* itliiiiln*, liiiiiiU, , anil 
iil/ii'rn, 'I'i'iil* n«|Wiiin* illlfi'iriiiiln* iln Kiti« IiIiIi'iikIiiiu niir' 
liiiiiA Vnllliill'l, ,1, II tCii|ii^i'lntinn» Mill' In *iiiilliiii ijlltt 
(111* nyliiiilin* i|n niiiiiiilirn /iiii'iinvniii, |( In Miii'Tnim ilu 
I'miiii, Dnyaiift, N li<i Hniiu lilllnnii niiimlit, niiiim lu« 
rn|i|liirU nlilinliinn*. IIAaA, , li'nnliln nlll'li|iin nun. 
mill, Duyntii, N, !,'<* IIIh mi |iiiIIh iinl innmivrnnl 
liiiiin In jilitnin i|nl iinnlnll In ninni' iirlmjiiiiiii, - tVtnn- 
UIU, H, Mil*, in^iUimiil, ftilnyniiiin I ilCm. I77II lUI nnv, 
HNii, Oillnr, II. IIIhI. il'iinn rnminn i|nl nvuH nn 
iiviili'n li'iiiiafiirin^Hnliyilnililn* I'rnn*!, ,1. I,. Ilnniinll 
iln illlt'i^innln* nil*, iln nliliiiln, llnriikhurilli, ,1. O, 

MliilHllinii'n* Nil«l, H, ll,,l, l,n*'niia linlnnllK 
niiiiil, \ In |iI)h|iii llll lini'niiii iini'ln* iinlliiii* niirii|ii'>iiniMiH, 

itn^nliniiiii, , Oli*. iiiiiilniii, fnlln* *ni' nn anlnl, ii|ini'ii, 
Millviilll III |iiiinn>li^ i|n llmilnr,iriin nill^vrl*llin i|n rni'Uil'U 
|iii|illli>n, liUllllllnr, M, 'riii^iiWniin* iln tiiilvlii'iiiii|i|||/in, 

llninlfliiii'ilt, ,t, <l, Di'ilnrinliiiillnn iln* nnilln* iIm 
iii|iili|l|n<i niinlnnnn* nmilAin* - llllll, ,1, 11, l,ii*l^i|nni 
Mull* llllll ilWt'iti'nnnn* itiltli^n*, UaiMiniliitU, A, I', 

|i:<|ii'>ilniiiin* ml, ^ I'lnllnnnnn iln In IninUnn hiii' i|nnli|nnN 
vi'ui'iiiiMi 1,11* |iiirn* llll rAiiiirnni - l<'i vi^uninllun ilii 
Uul I'lti'NNVMt, M, A, Inli^ui'iillmi ui'im^rnln ni mini- 
llllll' ill. a i'ii|iiiiiliiii* i|n III |irii|munlliin ilnvini lliirnlf 
III Mil, ,1. II. I,n* mlilLn* i|n*niimMn*i|i< IVICI, 71, 711, - 
liiiiiiiiilitlln, ,\. r, llll niinvnnnn uniiin tin In fninlll)! ilim 
n4nii<liinii*, liitnill'itt, , l,n« niilii'liii* ^ ilnnliln nniii'. 
Iinin. I'lillniiii, A, 1,'ni'iiiilil* liyiniifixn. Dinuita, 
■I A. till* riUinnllmi* lni'rn*|,rn*. liulillliirillAi'i*, J, ,1, 
|li>ii« nHiiAnna i|ii lllnlil nillllvOna ilitn* Ina Miilni|nn«. -> 
I'ltianViU, M, A. 1,11 I'l^aiilnUiin tin* i^i|llillliin* nim 

llllll inn* |iilli|nl|n* llnl^nl^n» llll *nniilii| iil'ill'ii, — 

Aiii|i6i'n, A. M, l,'ii|i|illi'iilliiii iln* fiiniinin* unlll^l'nlllN 
■ III I'liimil i|n* vnrlltlliina ililH liriiliUnimMiln lninniM|iili|i|n, 

I'iD'Nitviil, M, A, liiiii« r<i|iiitlli)ii* liii|iiirliiiiln* llllll* 

I nniililiinn iln* Itllliln*, t,nliliinit, il, II, t,n |Milvrlnr 

n|i|niili^ nil \IHH i|n I'IkIh iln Kiminn ^ Hiiyni , |mII' M, 

NIiiiIIii. I'lil'MttVnl, M. ,\. MiMliinln i/nii. |iiim' anni, 

inni', jini' In niuynii ilna Inli^Kl'iilna ili^ltnlna, In miiIIii 
ilmini^n |iitr In lln'mrdinn iln LiurniiKn, lli'mi|()ilni'l, A. 
Hnn nln*all|nMlliin nnllll'nlln ilna Inpllln* I'nranvtil, 

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lliin'linn i|lltNW'nnnna|litnlnlln<llin^illl'ln*iln anniiiiil iil'ilrn, 

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llllll il'nn |ii'iililnnin iln imSiiiin|i|nn |ii'ii|iiiai^ |inr Alninlini'li 

li'i^iinnlliiii ui'm, iln* |iiilyu<iiin* niuiillnr*. 
It, Itunni'iil,, ,\. I,n* i|iU'nlii|i|iii|i|na ilna nmil'ltn* 
(llniina, ,./,i Itlinllliy, I'. K. U. I.nminlnitn i<iiiii|iii*t- 

llllll ilna i^llini* iiinriitlliinn nl nni^ll>|nn. t>nvni'iiiiy, 

II I, Mi^in. ani' riiyinnii II iMamil'i'nl.A, ,1.11. I.n 

|ii.i|iiii|illlmi llll ami, I'lnliMli, A, l,'iini<iilliilliin iln* 

|ii, \ uli'a |iiti' III hum, 'I'liniiiiril, li. it. I.'imilun iln* 
11, i.|,.« vl^Hlnnnll ■nr I'nlnmil. Ilmillny, I*. !•', U. I,n 
rminnllmi ilnl'iMlini' |iliii*|iliiirli(nnlV rnlilnirmm n|i|ini'i<ll 
imrllnnllni'. RmiNallItt iln Olinntarn, I.n |illnit 

jiiiliinlon. liiiniilMr, Un nmivnnn |ii'liinl|in ilnii* 

In* iilnl'i'n* niiMi^ i|li|nn*l lit lliilni'n nlilmli|iln iriimi 
• nlialnlinn niilimiln iln In uinlln iln I', Vln ilima I'lIn iln 
(^I||^^||. liiu'iy, |). ,1, t,n |illi|nn. MitliiH, 10. I,. 
'rinlD^ irii|illi|iini t.iiilmililn rnrinnllnn; I.n mnani'ii 
ijn limiViilr nMVlnunill iln* nnl'lia ii|ini|iina, llonril, it, I,. 
I,n i|i\ninnanun iln In »iiln. l'iilll»iiti, I,. I,n* linlvijmm* 
nl In* (iiilyi^ilrn*, l>n*liiiivnlinni|)*, li, llnKlininliiN 

lilat , a>i<., '*ni' In* lininlaan* linllunnna, UmI'I'Iiw, , 

llllll iWAii*. In>a nnvna iriniHtim 

PARin (SouIbUhb; Inntlt.) 


PAIIXI (iooUtlMi tnaltt.) 

«. I'lU iir.i|Mii.(\ III) .M.iimiiii* li»10. \Vnr\», 1l~.] 4". 

.- . l<ii|i|Hirl il'iiiiK riiiiiiiil>iiliiii •tir (in (iii^iiiiilro m< M, 

i.W.r.. i|vi,f.iiir..r li'i. |illo(l». I'tirU, INI'J, 4" (A 74; 

_.- I'llx.liiMiiiihi^iMiiil.iiH'K, (IHII. I'Milii, IHtm I 4", ilB'M) 

_ - ,Siiinr. I INI'-!; iivfo KiiiiimuI iMl.p|iHi iliinn |t'» •*^""i""» 

(III 111 r^v, <'l IN iiiiir« INtm, aiir I'oiiviMKi' (l«- <'l'l»'l'i') 

I'.llllir A III lll^K.lU" llll I""!!, I'Milo. INiili,) 4", (W7I) 

— - I'liMiliiiiiHlliin ili'» iirix (Uii'iinpCui (liiii* III n^Miicii |iiili 

11(11111 .III 4 Inn. INllI, ll'iiilii, INIII, I 4", (M7I) 
... HAitiMMi imlilli|iit-iliia Jim, INiKI; |ii'l« |iiihmi>iA nil mill 
iioiirii InII, ll'itrln, ItMHi.l 4". (K7I) ^ , 

— C'l/VIKU, U. I.. «'. I'. 1>. JCIii«ti», <Sn« |i, Vm, 1«< nit, 

(llnrnm dt* Sdnti** Miirulm H l'iillHi/iif». 

— - M<'.iii<.li<-»., I'iir.,imvi )iii(l7(iH IHOl |. /) v. 4". 

(hnihiilii, Vol. I. Hii|fi<iili'» |irlx |ii'i|iiii<<''»< tliiii* I'mi 

4. - I.ImIm iliiiiiiiiviiiu«i) liii|iiliii^i«ii|ivii,\/<« A In kIhrix. - 

'rilii'» ilin tiioiiiiilixn lim |iiii' U'N Mii>inlii'>'« i1>< Id kIiirco, 

1.(1 l(i«liiri, .(, I.ii vlo I'l lid iiiivrii(jiiii ill! II T. liny- 

lllll, Alll|ll«tll, I.. I', l.l'H MIII'lli||IM'« |-|<llllloll» li||Ul< 

ili'iin M ill' 111 |i'niiM'i<; - Kliil il« l'ir.iiiii|iii iiviiiii In |imIi 
(l« VVi'«l|iliiilli< I'll I04N ; rViliil llll I'lilnliiliii lit! Ki'iiiii'o. 

— OitlmitiN, I', .(, <*. Hiir iIk I'lii.iiiiiK'i - llUi, 
liliyMlnl. ill* Ni'iiiiiilliiii«, l,Avaii(|iin, I', ( ) Hiir I'liiiiiitiii' i 

— 1,1111 iili<it.iiii|i<ii ijiiii l('« iiiii'luii* |ilillii*ii|ilii<» mil. ii|), 
liiiit/m film priiui^H llll III miliiii tililliiiii>|ilili< TrMov, 
A, \i. (!, I>, I'll fiii'iiliM il« |ii<n«i<i' l.uroiiilKnIArn, I', 
i,fi i|i''l.iiriiiltiiitliiii il« oi'N Miiilo, iiMiilyiit) ili'M Ki'iiniilliiiiii) 

l,n lUiliiiiiiliiiitliiii llll Kiiil, lil<ii>, l«uttii|iM, if, N. 
|,'i<xInIi<iii'ii iIv iiim'Iiiiii'n lain* «lhi<i<i« ciiIih Ii> iIm|iiim nl In 
(iiiliroriilii, llttuillli, v. <l. I., l,Vii|irlt ilu rMiilliiii 
, Kiiiinlil, |inr t'ii|i|MiM Anon liittiH'iiri' mil' |i<«(|ir, |(iiiivi>i'iiii' 
iiiiitiii; ~ III'* I'iiili*, l)luriny*r«, A. I'l'mivn* 

Hrtlliiii/il, <1i< III iiKiu'imll^ it'iitiMiiiriiuKi' riiifi'li'iilliiri', tlii, 
(IrAgoltn, II, l<4i« iiioywiiM (III piit7i'i<)liiiMM>r In* 
miliiiii'i'ii |iiiliilifii<>*i, MmIon, </. ill'. AiiNlyati i1i<i ni<i' 
Miolri'* III* & III I'liiKiii iiiir M, 

!2, lllntolix, I'rii, - M«li< ill'* oiivrHtfiiii ltii|ir, I't 
|m<IniiiiI/<* A lit i'lii««ii, lintiroton, >]. I,ii vIm nl, In* 
oiiviiiuii* fill Hi'loyrit, - M <<imoI nm , liAv«Nr|)iN, I'. (), 
Ki'iKlmlii; lliiiii/iin; — |,«« iimihii* nl l«» iimiK"* di'* 
Oiirii llll li'ni|i» il'll'irriAri) ; - L"* iiiii'luiiiii'ii riliilluM* 
llll III Vruui<u MviiM JH |(ii**|«i, - 'I'MlUyrniid I'ArlyiiH, 
i), M. 't«. l/«* rulHlJiiii* I'liiiiiiioi-i'liili'* ill* Ciiiin lllll* 
HVtiii I'Aiitfli'tKrrt*. - OttlmnU. I' •!. O, Li'* i'ii|i|iiirl* 
Am |iliv*l(|ii<i 111 llll Minriil ilu I'linfiiMiK, 'I'MJUyrMiirt- 
i'^iiKi/ril, (', M, ill' III'* iiilviiiiliiMi'ii k ri<llri>r 'Ik rolic 
nil K imiivi'lli'*, ' \mtirM\ti (VAniuty, I'. >l It, I.m iiih- 
I lllll nil I'riiiM'ii nil I'KiiiKii'iii'i'iiii'iil iff Me *Wii III. IfMii- 
din, r. (1. i„ l<''>rl|(liM> 'III III I'll, - l<«i|(rMrid d'AuNNy, 
I', ,t, It, l<''* H'lfilniiiMi* k'iiimIi lllll* iinniiiiiil'i* iliiiiM lit 
iildi'Viiiil, iiull*« d" Niiliit Onriiiiilii du* t'i<'», ItMiidln, 
r, (/', 1/ irH|;|i'irl, 'ill riifi. iIm Im fuitii, fi|iNi-u<<i< d'fUHiri, 
(I'ifiiiiii'iit, Mil d<i''<<« di> *ii* iiM'iHl'ri'*, lid'/UMiiir rmiilrM 
lo* duriilur* di'V'ilr*. 

9. Illvt'iim, iiUnnipiiKiit, 't, V, 'Vnntmm do In 
nil!**''; - I<N vl<t "t I"* ''iivriiu"* dii liHiidlii, - l'rl«. -- 
<)iivriiui>* lrfi|ir, |ir/i«. 4 III I'lii**!', M liiriiil ri<* , Onrfi' 
liMiArA*, •!, 'I II, l<M *'!l"ii"<' •'i'-IhI'i, - ltMM«ih«, il, M, 
jl<H OiiIhiii' rrMii';iii*<>, ll'>unMlnylll«, l(. A, 'In. I>h« 
iMitltfiill'iii* Mil', «( ifi'id, 'Inn* |i« liiiiil"* |iini",i,> "' I, 
Idiiir, ItMiiflln, I', <,'. f<, l/''(»t.rNrt»i»ii', - ' 
.1 K, 1,11 (iioml'i d'Arlntiiln. I'l lr«d, (III ' I 
KUrwIlt/l. ■ 'i'oMi'"-'"-" '' •■ ' •'■ " 

dl^l^t. d'UflMIINtl',' 

M, A. \,un miUihi- 

TMMin*, I', <;, I.*. , 

fiiroiit r«ifid)i« inM}ir»* 'III <.n|>)ii<l<i; 1/.11' 

K'ifi* dll lllht llNdiro, - It'rfl'illMll'l, M, A 

|'lil*l'ilr« riiif'it*niMtl')ii« dn l/t l/iylaliiil'/ii I',.,.,.,,,. 
huiUitut, '/. N, I till, IIM f rum k Mm dtri* l« tfrHrid 
Oi'iiM'i, — HaiicmIii villa, l„ A. d", lll»t, ant If* «nii 
v»(("« d« I'Ai'iwrl'ii/" ><' f,'- '■' (/../....,.... •• / I <) 

cr/iinittiiil'i'i d« Im r^|>ii' 1 

d'AiiiMy. I', <l. It, I/mIi' 
^ M«"i"-I'-. K ( .. ... 

— , ) 
h, </ 

I/f',J' ' 

i. I 

An *< 

d'< M 

Ap'/l"Ki« If 
MA, i,/ 
»Ul«tl"" •■■■ 

't'I'Kl'fl'fgiM i — 1/ HKlftMlinO »i 

',fMii'<li<i «t d<c |t«rli«(|«yi — li»n 

ll(*t'/)f<(, " I'rif . — Tri^- 
r'.iit CM* pMftlM d« Im ""11, Imi'f. 
' .hn$nfmuut>, 'f " ' ''• '>>•.'''< 
'ilKJII*, I', '', / 
Miiii'i'/lrM*, < 

AriinnnHtPK rnf l« tiord, hniinlm, J, If. fi'lln liit 

.liiiiii llll j,l*l , KiMi|i,(t. «l. {.'iiilulniidi. Iniimliiill" 

vi'iiiArli'iiiii'l liiiii >lM■ll^ll^ IliUiiiliii h ►»liii»lMimH vi'i* 
III Mil llll Ihii *Uh'Ii> I'l nil iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiinii ilti Hhi. 
HiiiikIiii, .I.N. I,i>* III'* IMiin i>l Miii'ii>viiii|i. hiMinltnud, 

M A. I.n lllll llll (Miirtl'iilii llll llll Krtli^iMH. 

'I'llllllillKIXIIIj I**' IC. Ii'M'IIM" 'III IMIMlltlHljIi dnii* Mil 

III Mini i^liii, 1)1111111111, I', ti, K, ii|iIm|iiii« dlvi'r*ii«*ti»' 
riiiiuliiii llll l'iiii|iiiiiii'rlii, TrRiiyi A. 1.. <>. H. liH 
iiiAln|iliyiili|iiii ili< Uiiiil, 
n, l.l»iii ill'* iiii'Miliii'*, lll*liili'i>' 'fniviiim llll lit 

iiln«*ii, ninhllitin Ii<|irlii, l,l*iii di<* iiiivriiui* Im 

lirtnii^* iiiYi*iiiiiitM A In ( 'Ihnhm. M i^ mi h I i' •< *, niiHi'lii*) 
.1, N. I.K* li<ii'i'»i|i^i<iiMvi<i'li'« |iiii' I.n I'l^i'iiiiKii A III I'^lii 

ilu 'rilllnllii Kl Mil Miilil llll illlllllM (iNMlIlM, >l. Ill' 

tti'Kliiii* iihllii* »iii' In UiulKliilfiiM dll Hnliiii i'l l« M"M 

V iKMiniii il'Alli'Mii'*. nHiiiilm, .1. N. I.n nnrlo dii 

I'kmIIiiiiki, (Ill'Utd, I'. N, Niil III MlliiMiMrii ilu I'llii 

lI'lUl'ljiriMMtlMIl 11). I'lini'll'MIIH I'lllllll^M di>* ItUyl'lli'M*, 

HiiMidMiiid, M. A llll I'niiliii'llli hI dii I'ltuMMi' di* III' 
ai'iliil, iliiMN In IDuUlnlliiii iiiiiiiiIiim, Iiiiv*iii|UIi, t', (I. 
1,11 riiiiiiiilliiM dll lnii||MMii| III* HiiMi'i<i'iii<Miii|it dll In 
JcrnhKii *iiM« In* ili'im |ii'i iiilMi<« ilyiiM*lli<« 1>M|iiilili. 
I', N, l.ii MiiMiliin ill'* l^iiiln* |iiImmiII'i* i|Mii I'hm dull, 
liliililli', ItiiiiiiliMiiil, M, A, 1.11* Adil* di'i iiinMl*linlii 
iiiiiiiilii*) llll* /lllll* ill'* I'MiiMiii'iir*, Itnrintiidiiii iJM 
III llriHU|iil*rit. Viiynun irniili'ii iiinr il hIumi il"iW<iii' 
mili'iii nil kriilifii |ilil In vnln diilnilKi I4ll'i llll. 
~ - KmmicII ilcM (llmtiiii*, iM|iiMirl«, «^>i)li« I'AdNilii 
tN',^0 Dll, I'iiiIm, INI.'i 77. N V. 4". 

A'"/*. Ill lllll riilliiwinu iiiiili'iil*. iiiidi'i III" linndlnir, 
inminirn ilu rfrf/iUiiii lli" iihimh* "f llm niiilini'* 
III lllll ■lilaiiiiii*' mil III Idni'lt ly|iii, of Hi" hmiImh* iif 
'l(.ii|iiiii*i'*' III liiilli'*, 

rinilniln. IHttO Ktt, IMriioiii'* i1<* f n 11 n |iI 1 11 11 . 
|il'*i, l'tt#l,i»r»i»,. /";/"' - li»«l, VIIUiiittlM, Uinin: - 

IWi. |,'<iv/>i(iii' d' lliiriiiiiiiiillK. fill/Ill ill' t'ri'iitii' mil' - 
)»iil«r, Vllli'iiiiiiii Ih'vif QmmImii. ,li/;/'r, MiMiHiMli, 
Aiiufr - IN',«fi lii'ii',. ,)"(/'»', liKliivliHn, AiHin', • 
|N'//l, MiiMt,iMiii«iiry lllll II Dilfiiul^ I'll Hint fli< ' 

(iMlruiid. I'li'.liiiil l«V/. rmiilm. \llli iiuilu. - 

KAIhIm, .lin/fi. Il.'iy«r (liilliird, /'nt'ii mn, Im< 

iiruM, hhu. ItHriiiit.M, iliiiiy \WM, Arniiiili, 

yillniiiilii. KIImmhm, /'f'/«, lM*MiMr* *iii I I'll 
■III) dll vnrlii, INIti, Dmiii, III'.<I |,iuiint,iiiUi 
(tiir dll Miiiilyiii, IN'.tii. I.Mvn, ^wt\. |,itplitii«. - 
- \wn MKtir, IN'^it, l.'i^vOiiii'i d'HuMfiiiHlN, -- 
|ii'J4, M*»M. IN'iiri, Durii, \nw, Omkhh INUT. 
fliwrd, lii',<N, imtnmtu\nr. \WW, (liivlnr, IIm|I' 
liiiri dll ■iini'/ilNlt'M |"ii |iAI iimI. \wmi %>, n»ft 
niiMMrd, I'l/""!* Ill vir* Inn* km *<iniii<H iiiim. 
I I'l II II l/(iiiiiir(d«r, 'riilili'iiii di<* KiuIdIiiIIhii* «iii'iifi< 
»lvii* dll Miiiiidi', llrA d'liii imi'iiii' *iir Miiy*", In lll'.||. -^ 

~ li'mitiiiiM, \'v' i""''' 'I' I.,""" -Ill- 

ytiu.Ui IMI. I < 

S>vy\i», 'M Mvrll, I 

rtniil ilin '"imvmIi ►. I ■, ' ;•■ 

«tli 'K^llxI'iM nl Ih 'ill" 'I" ll'i)ir|j"K'i"' H>>i*. 

Niir i"* ric'iiIKi*'!" I'lii'iMiiii'i INW' AndrlHii*, 
ii«irf"f'lllillM/i 'Im riiiiMiiii'', )*Kiri, l/MfMMridMr, 
In Mi/iiiii>lf« dll K'iMilM d" H"ii/,n, Win, Hiniiiiiil,, 
llll lit il'iiii tiiiUiiiu d" ./"MiiiiM d'Ari', tH'M. 
yriii/iiii'ii< iVuii (yiiliMinciir l'ii*lMiM"Milii, tnu'l, tmttntHi 
l>'lMi>|driill"ii |"i"il'|i"', lifiii |'l/i'i(i« "N iif'i**! Immi 
nil tiiiiii'H I'll III I 'HI"' WUi 'M litiiiiimlMf. Itu In 

llt/"\" ',.,.-1,1/,^, ,1.,'.- I' ',..,1' 1.., '■■"UIIH»i Hi 

U f' . r mfi, 

I . h l'li(*l, 

d« ». ,j1,„....'1 •/ ....,- ■.„«, mif In 

unrHi'tiru «i fiitprH »(«■ ">i»'>iil'iii''* «)i( Mnynii Ak«, l*'.W, 
iimstft, intniiiim Ah H>i<HpHi,u, im, Im. 
murUn*, llunhr, Ut>$»t, Ariinnll, Vimil»vu\», 
ifmU' '*'♦'' 'i«i»»(«, li'flfli, yStmiin^,. T'liinnmt 
Ufiinihiuil»iin, SWiVi. ^itif, Ariiiiiill, ihiuUi iliiiii/. 
'- innn, TliMMfc, ./"'///, >»»dli»r, ,/iiiii/, l*'>'4. 'fhhta, 
ytffitifl. \W,'A, H'irlliK, Villniiiihi HnivmAf. l»- 
brim -■ ttiip»t/f, linniil, Hiilwil,, fifiiiir, HHH, 
jlllj,,,,.. /,„,..,,.,///. CH* ')'. y«H" '■'•'■ l'"r 
f#v.. I lit I liHliniii ', 

» I ' Vt|l«'»Ml» I 

I*!-,! ...;. tmhntii, IHStl ..,. ., 

I*;/ HKcr^Ktlr"* i(«r|/*ii(«(», (*•«>- 

M turn M, Arn»NH mum, Vil|«< 

MtoH, , , ; 4 «>l VMf*, imStfltH, HlHIIHHt Mf 

|« KIkI lI'AtllMII"*! fHUHpHnll I\h IrHlllHUUlHi '- 0/|« 
fl«tt« HII fUUtllll nil lilkhH \h Ilium, lAMkllUHt I'UhHtllll 

l'HfllH»»H, A'"'''-"' (■>'.' '1. I ,...1« >,, „| 

HUHintlHt itHtU ; ),M 

miiiiiml : ■ Ai- ')« 

l« "■' '•'■'■ ,^, 

tin 'Id 

II";. ■• ,.„,„. A,. 

..... ,.l« 
Hiir IM 
MdH 4 

PARIS (Societies: Institut) 


PARIS (Societies: Institut) 

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de Sur. — Contin., 1229-61. — Analyse chronologique. — 
Glossaire. — Table. 

Academic des Sciences. 

Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des seances, 

1835-75. Paris, 1835-75. 81 v. 4". 

Supplement. Paris, 1856-61. 2 v. 4". 

Table gen., tomes 1-31. Paris, 1853. 4". 

Memoires. Vol. 1-38. Paris, 1818-73. 38 v. 


Note. Vol. 27, 31, 37 are in two pt. The 2d pts. 
of 27 and 31 are wanting. 

Memoires presentes par divers savans. Sciences 

mathem. et phys. Vol. 1-20. Paris, 1827- 
72. 20 v. 4". 
Academie des Sciences Morales et Politiques. 

Corapte rendu des seances ; par C. Verge, le 

ser., tome 7, fev., mars 8, sept. -dec, 9-10. 
Paris, 1846. 2 v. 8**. 

2e ser., tome 1-10. Paris, 1847-51. 10 v. 

(T. 8, aout, sept. w.). 8". 

3e ser., tome 1, 2, juil., aout. Paris, 1852. 8°. 

Memoires. 2e ser. Vol. 1-12. Paris, 1837- 

65. 12 v. 4°. 
Contents. Vol. 1. Fondation, suppression, retab- 
lissement de la classe. — Reglement particulier. — Etat 
de I'Acad. — Comte, C. La vieellestravauxdo le comte 
Garat. — Phi los. Maine de Biran, M. F. P. G. Le 
sommeil, les songes. et le somnambulisme. (Anal, et 
mem.) — Laromigui6re, P. Lemons de philosophic. — 
Broussais, F. J. V. L'assoc. du physique et du moral. 
(Anal, et mem.) — Morale. Roederer, P. L. Sur la 
religion, la raison, et la sympathie. — Bignon, L. P. E. 
La conciliation progressive de la morale et de la pol. 
(Anal, et mem.) — Joufifroy, — . Cours de droit nature!. 

— Lucas, C. Theorie de I'ernprisonnement. — Legisla- 
tion, etc. Berenger, A. M. M. T. Rapport sur la sta- 
tistique de la justice civile. (Anal, etmem.) — Carnot, 
— . L'instruction criminelle. — Comte. C. Truite de 
legislation. — Beaumont, G. de. La condition sociale 
et politique des negres esclaves et des gens de couleur 
affranchis aux Etats Unis. — Tocqueville, A. de. L'in- 
fluence du point de depart sur I'avenir de la societe des 
Etats-Unis. — Saint-Hilaire, B. L'ordre des livres de 
la pol. d'Aristote. — B6renger, A. M. M. T. Les 
moyens propres k generaliser en France le systSme 
penitentiare. (Anal, et mem.) — Econ. pol. et slat. 
Villerm6, L. R., and Benoiston de Chateauneuf, L. F. 
Docs, propres a constater la marche et les effets du 
cholera morbus dans Paris. — Villerm6, L. R. La dis- 
tribution de la population fran^ais par etat civil. (Anal, 
etmem.); — L'influence des marais sur les differents 
ages. — Lakanal, J. Lettre sur son sejour en Ame- 
rique. — Comte, C. Melanges et correspondanues d'eco- 
nomie politique. — Morogues, — . Les rccherches des 
causes de la richesse et de la mis6re des peuples civilises. 

— Dureau de la Malle, A. J. C. A. La population 
de la France au 14e siecle. — Costaz, L. La construc- 
tion des tables de statistique et sur la mesure des valeurs. 

— Renouard, C. La statistique de la justice civile. — 

PARIS (Societies: Institut) 


PARIS (Societies: Institut) 

B«rds, E. L'affaibliMemeDt da commerce de Bordeanz 
et les moyens d'y reinedier. — Benoiston do Chateaa- 
neaf, L. F. L'entrepot de Paris. — Qaetelet, LA. J. 
LMiifluence dea aaUons sur la mortalite aux differeiiU 
ajfes, dans la Belgique. — Hist. Bo«derer, F. L. L'his- 
toire de la soc. polie en France. — Mignet, F. A. A. 
L'etablissemenl de la reforme religieuse et «ur constitu- 
tion du calviiiisme & Geneve. (Anal, et mem.) — Bu- 
reau de la Halle, A. J. C. A. Les causes de I'extcnsion 
du droit de cite ehez les Komains. — Sujets des prix 2.5 
avr. 1836. — Kapporu de M. Cousin et le due de Bas- 
Bano- — Mem. lua. Simten. — . I.e regime dotal et 
le regime en communaute daus le manage. — Coaain, V. 
Sur le sic et non (oui et uon) d'Abailard. 

2. Notices et eloges hist. Mignet, F. A. A. 
Analyse des travaux de I'Acad. — Comte, F. C. L. Vie 
et travaux de Malthus. — Mignet, F. A. A. Vie et tra- 
vaux de Sieyes, — de Koederer. — Talleyrand-Perigord, 
C. M. de. Le comte Reynard. — Mem. et rapports. 
Jottffiroy, — . De la legitimite de la dii«tiiiction de la psy- 
chologic et de la physiologic. — Damiron, J. P. Rap- 
port sur I'Organum d'Ari^tote. Morale. Dunoyer, 
B. C. P. J. liapport sur les classes daugereuses dans 
les grandes villes. Legislation , ftc. Portalia, J. M. 
Quelques obs. a I'occasion d'un code civil pour les etats 
de Sardaigne. £con. pol. et stat. Rossi, P. L. £. 
Le droit civil fran^ais. — Paasy, H. P. La division des 
heritages et I'influence qu'elle exerce sur la distribution 
des richesses. — Dapin, C. L'influence des nonvelles 
forces raotrices et dea nouveaux moyens de transports. 
— Villermi, L. R. L'etat physique et moral des ouvriers 
empl. dans les fabriques de sole, de coton, et de laine. 
Hist. Mignet, F. A. A. La formation territoriale et 
politique de la France, lle-loe siecle. 

3. Etat, Jan. 1841. Mi^et, F. A. A. Anal, des 
travaux, 1 Jan. 1339-31 dec. 1840; — I.,iving8toD ; — 
Talleyrand. Mem. Broossais, M. J. V. Du senti- 
ment d'individualite. — Barth6lemy Saint Hilaire, J. 
La philosophic sanscrite, le Xyaya. — Damiron, J. P. 
Hobbes. Morale. Joaffroy, — . -Rapport sur I'Ecoles 
normales primaires. — Legisl., etc. Passy, H. P. 
Les formes des gouvernements et les causes qui les de- 
terminent. — Fortalis, J. M. Droit des gens; — De la 
recherche de la verite des faits dans les debats judi- 
ciaires. Econ. pol. et stat. Blanqui. J. A. Sur 
I'elat econ. et moral de la Corse. 1838. — Passy, H. P. 
Assoc, commerciales Allemandes. — Benoiston de Cha- 
teaaneof, L. F. De la duret? de la vie cliez les i^avants 
el les gensdelettres. Hist . gen . et phi los. Miche- 
let, J. Les causes qui ont amene I'abolition de I'escla- 
vage ancien ; — Comment Taneienne Germanic est entree 
dans la societe civilisee de I'Europe occidentale, et lui a 
servi de barriere contre les invasions du Xord. 

4. Etat, 1844. Mignet, F. A. A. Anal, des travaux, 
1 Jan. 1841-31 dec. 1843; — Broussais;— Merlin; — 
Destutt de Tracy. Mem. Damiron. •!. P. Spinoza et 
sadoctrine; — Cartesianisme. Legisl ., etc. Portalis, 
J. M. Code civil pour Sardaigne. — Troplong, K. T. 
L'influence du christianii^nie sur le droit civil des Ro- 
mains. — Berriat Saint Prix. J. 8. Pauperisme en 
France au 16e siecle; — La legislation rel. aux nullites 
desactes de procedure. — Berenger, L. P. Code penal. 
Econ. pol. et stat. Benoiston de Chateanneaf, L. 
F., and Villerme, L. R. Voyage fait dans les cinq de- 

Sartements de la Bretagne. Hist. gen. et philos. 
fandet, J. Sur la police chez les Romains. — Mignet, 
F. A. A. Le droit de succession des femmes. 

5. Eloges hist. Mignet, F. A. A. D.iunou ; — 
Simeon. Mem. et Rapports. Barthelemy Saint- 
Hilaire, J. L'ecole d'Alexandrie. — R^masat, C. F. M. 
de. Examen critique de la philos. allemande. Legisl.. 
etc. Giraud, C. Des nexi. — Berriat Saint Prix, J. S. 
Bur la loi des xit Tables. Econ. pol. Passy, H. P. 
Systemes de culture et examen de leur influence snr 
I'econ. sociale. — Benoiston de Chateaanenf, L. F. 
Duree des families nobles de France. — Thierry, A. 
Etats generaux. — Nandet, J. Les recompenses d'hon- 
neur chez les Romains. — Passy, H. P. Des causes qui 
ont influe sur la raarche de la civilisation. 

6. Eloges hist. Mi^et, F. A. A. Sismondi; — 
Comte; — Ancillon. Mem. et rapports. Franck, 
A. Mem. env. pourconcourir an prix de philos.. 1843- 
46. — Damiron, J. P. Bay le et ses doctrines. Morale. 
Giraud, C. J. B. Le coucours ouvert pour le prix quin- 
qnennal de 5000 francs, fonde par F. de Beaujour. 
1848. Legisl. Giraud, 0. J. B. Le prix de legisla- 
tion. Econ. pol. Passy, H. P. Ecole des physio- 
crates. — Blanqui, J. A. La situation econ. et morale 
de PEspagne en 1846. — Benoiston de Chateanneaf, L. 
F. Duree de la vie humaine dans plusieurs des princi- 
paux Etats de I'Europe; — La condition des femmes et 
des jeunes filles detenues et liberees. Hist. Mignet, 
F. A. A. La question d'hist. mise an concours ponr 
1847. — Naodet, J. La police chez les Romains. 

282. (7. 2. 79.) 

7. Avertissement. — Petits traites. Coosin. V. 
Justice et charite. — Troplong, R. T. Propriete d'apres 
le code civil. — Passy, H. P. Causes de I'inegalite des 
richesses. — Dnpin, C. Bienetre et concorde des 
chisses du peuple fran^ais. — Thiers, L. A. Droit de 
propriete. — Mignet, F. A. A. Vie de Franklin. — 
Barthelemy Saint Hilaire, J. La vraie democratie. — 
Villerm6, L. li. Assoc, ouvrieres. — Portalis, H. P. 
L'homme ft la societe. — Damiron, J. P. Providence, 

— Ldlat, L. F. La saiute du peuple. 

yote. For another edition of these »ee p. 2244. 

8. Etat de r.\cad. au 1 dec. 18.32. — Mignet, F. A. A. 
M. le baron Bigtion ; — Rossi; — Cabanis. Mem. 
Barthelemy Saint Hilaire, J. Sankhya. Legisl. 
Troplong, R. T. Des republiques d'Athenes et de 
Sparte. — Berenger, L. P. De la repression penale. 

9. Mignet, F. A. A. La vie et les travaux de Droz; — 
Jouffroy. Mem. Barthelemy Saint- Hilaire, J. C^m- 
paraiiion de la philos. morale et politique de Pl.nto et 
d'Aristole. — Damiron, J. P. Helvetius. Morale. 
Frank, J. P. Prix en 1852. Legisl. Girand,CJ.B. 
Prix de legisl. — Portalis, H. P. Prix de legisl.. etc. — 
Berenger, L. P. De la repression penale. Econ. pol. 
e t stat. Reybaad, L. Les assoc. entre ouvriers on 
entre patrons et ouvriers. — ViUerme, L. R. Snr li-s 
tables de mortalite. Hist. Gnizot, F. P. G. La ques- 
tion d'hist. raise au concours ponr 1850 : La condition 
des classes agricoles depnis le 13e siecle. 

10. Etat, 1 nov. 1860. — Mignet, F. A. A. Ge- 
rando; — P. Laromiguiere. Mem. Damiron, J. P. 
Prix de philos., 18.>4. — Lelnt, L. F. Rapport snr le 
concours rel. k la question du sommeil. — Remnsat, C. 
F. M. de. La philos. de Thomas d'Aquin ; — L'influence 
de la scola-stique sur la langue fran^aise. — Damiron, J. 
P. Maupertuis. Morale. Reybaad, M. R. L. L'in- 
fluence de la litterature cotitemporaine sur les mceurs. 

— Danoyer, B. C. P. J. Rapports de la morale avec 
I'econ. politique. — Guizot, F. P. O. Sur le concours 
Felix de Beaujour, rel. au role de la famille dans ['edu- 
cation. Legisl. etc. Passy, H. P. Sur la diversite 
dea formes de gouvemement. — Laferridre, F. La philos. 
du droit; — L'influence da stoicisme sur la doctrine des 
jurisconsultes romains. Econ. pol. et stat. Da- 
noyer, B. C. P. J. I^pport, k la suite d'informations 
prises en Angleterre. — Wolowski, L. F. M. R. Sur le 
concours rel. a I'administration de Colbert. — Broglie, 
C. A. V. L. de. Sur le concours Felix de Beaujour. — 
Reybaad, M. R. L. La condition morale, intellectuelle, 
et materielle des ouvriers qui \ivent du travail de la 
sole. — Passy, H. L. Sur le concours ouvert au sujet 
de la rente des terres. 

11. Etat de I'Acad , 31 dec. 1862. — Mignet, F. A. A. 
La vie et les travaux de Lakaiial ; — Schelling. Mem. 
Barthelemy Saint Hilaire, -J. Le concours rel. k la 
question du beau. — Damiron, J. P. Le concours rel. 
i la philosophic de Leibnitz; — Sur Condillac et son 
'Traite des systemes'. Morale. Gamier, .-V. L'autoriie 
paternelle. L e g i s I . , eic.— Laferriirre, F. Sur I'histoire 
et I'organisatiun comparee des Etats provinciaux aux 
diverses epoques de la monarchic jusqu'a 1789. — R»- 
noaard, A. C. Sur le concours rel. au droit maritime 
international. Econ. pol. et stat. Passy, H. P. 
Rapport sur le concours L. Faucher, rel. a la vie et aux 
oeuvrea philos. et econ. deTurgot. — Reybaad, M. R, L. 
Rapport sur les ouvriers qui vivent de I'industrie du 

12. Etat de I'Acad., 1 sept. 1865. — Mignet, F. A. A. 
La vie de Portalis; — Hallam; — Macaulay. Mem. 
Franck, A. Rapport sur le concours rel. au role de la 
psychologic en philos. — Barthelemy Saint- Hilaire, J. 
Rapport sur la philos. de Saint-Angustin. Morale. 
Janet, P. Traite des devoirs de Ciceron. — Reybaad, M. 
R. L. L'etat des classes ouvriers depuis 1789. — Simon, 
J. Rapport, fait au nom de la commission pour le prix 
Halphen. Econ. pol. et stat. Passy, H. P. Le 
prix quinquennal fonde par F. de Beaujour; — Sur le 
concours rel. au pr6t k I'interet. — Lavergne, L. 6. L. 
G. de. Rapport rel. aux grandes agglomerations de 
population. — Wolowski, L. F. M. R. Rapport sur 
le concours L. Faucher, rel. k I'bistoire de la ligue 
hanseatique. Legisl., etr. Renonard, A. C. I^p- 
port, rel. a la nature et k I'influence des peinea. — 
Barrot, C. H. O. Rapport sur le prix fonde par Moro- 
gues. — Reybaad, M. R. L. Rapport aur lea ouvriers 
qui vivent de I'industrie de la laine. Hist. Gnizot, 
F. P. G. Rapport rel. a l'etat du gouvernement et k 
I'etablissement de cert.iinea institutions sous le regne 
de Charles vil. — Mignet, F. A. A. Rapport rel. k 
I'bistoire des etablissements fran^ais dana lea Indes 
orieiitales. Politique, etc. Vuitry, A. Rapport 
rel. a I'impot avant et depuis 1789. — Hosson, J. C. A. 
Controle dana les finances sur les recettea et les 
depenses publique. — Pariea, M. L. P. F. E. de, L'en- 
seignement administratif et politique. 

PARIS (Societies: Institut) 


PARIS (Societies: Soc. de G6og.) 

- - Memoires. Tome 1,2: Savants etrangers. 

Paris, 1841-47. 2 v.. 4°. 

Contents. Vol. 1. Heusde, P. W. ran. Vues sur 
une eiicyclopedie d'aprus les principes de la philosophic 
de Platon. — Galluppi, P. Le systi-me de Fichte. — 
Pallia, — . Sur le nis. arabe 'Celui qui delivre de I'er- 
reur et expliqiie I'etat vrai des choses' d'Algazali. — 
Franck, A. Sur la Kabale. — Jacques, A. F. Sur le 
sens comniun comme principe et methode philos. — 
Boncbitt6, L. F. H. Hist, des preuves de I'existenoe de 
Dieu. — Chalmers, T. Sur les iiiconvenienfs d'uii impot 
public pour rindigencc. — Giraud, C;. J. B. Du vrai 
caractere de la loi Voconia chez les Romains. — Lin- 
gard, J. En quelle annee Anne Boleyn quitta-t-elle la 
France et retourna-t-elle en Angleterre ? — Rotteck, C. 
V. D. de. Sur la marche, le caractfere, et I'etat actuel 
des etudes hist, en Allemagne. — Gnehrauer, G. E. 
Sur le projet d'expedition en Egypte. — Filon, C. D. A. 
Bur I'etat moral et religieux de la society romaine, k 
I'epoque de I'apparition du christianisme. — Rosseeuw 
Saint Hilaire, E. F. A. Sur Torigine des immunites 
ecclesiastiques en Espagne. 

2. Martin, H. L'opinion de Platon sur les dieux; 
[prec. d'un rapport par J. Barthelemy Saint Hilaire]. 
— Bouchitt6, L. F. H. La notion de Pieu dans ses rap- 
ports avec I'imagination et la sensibilite; [prec. d'un 
rapport par C. F. M. Remusat]. — Schmidt, O. Etudes 
Bur le rnysticisme alleniand au 14e sieele ; [prec. d'un 
rapport par J. Barthelemy Saint Hilaire]. — Montet, L. 
Saint Thomas d'Aquin ; [prec. d'un rapport par J. Bar- 
thelemy Saint Hilaire]. — Bonchitt6, L. F. H. De la 
persistence de la personnalite apreslaraort; [prec. d'un 
rapport par A. Franck]. 

- - Petits traites. Paris, 1848. 7 T. 16°. 

Contentit. Vol. 1. Cousin, V. Justice et charite. 
2. Troplong, R. T. De la propriety d'aprfes le code 
civil. 3. Passy, H. P. Des causes de I'inegalite des 
richesses. 4. Dupin, C. Bien-etre et Concorde des 
classes du penples fran^ais. 5,6. Thiers, L. A. Du 
droit de propriety. 7. Cousin, V. I'hilosophie popu- 
laire ; suivie de La profession de foi du vicaire Sa- 

'Section d'Agriculture. 

- - Nouveau cours d'agriculture, par les membres 

de I'Institut. Paris, 1809. 13 v. 8°. 

- - Same. Nouv. ed. Paris, 1821-23. 16 v. 8". 

- Jardin des Plantes. Notice des principaux 

objets d'bist. nat. dans les galleries du Museum. 
Paris, an IX [1801]. 8°. (C 99) 

- - BoiTARi), P. Descrip. des mammiferes de la 

menagerie, etc. ; prec. d'une in trod. hist. par J. 
Janin. Paris, 1845. 8°. 

- Observatoire. Roy, W. Operations pour 

determiner les positions respective des obser- 
vatoires des Greenwich et de Paris ; tr, par 
R. Prony. Paris, 1791. 4°. 

- Parlement de Paris. See Paris, Parlement de 

(p. 2-J49). 

- Soci6t6 Anatomique. 23e, 24e, 26e bulletin. Paris, 

[1829?]. 8°. (B1562) 

- Societe Anthropologique. BrOca,P. History of the 

trans, of the Soc, 1865-67; tr. by C. A. Alexander. 
{In Smithsonian Inst. Reports, 1868.) 

- Societe Asiatique. Elemens de la grammaire 

japonaise par J. Rodriguez; tr. du portugais 
par C. Landresse, etc, Paris, 1826. 8". 

- - Supp]. ou remarques tirees de la grammaire 

composee par Oyanguren, etc. Paris, 1826. 4°. 

- - Rapport annuel fait 25 juin 1862, 8 mai 1863 ; 

par J. Mohl. Paris, 1862-63. 2 v. 8°. 

- Societe Central de Vaccine. Rapport. Paris, 

1803. 8°. 
--Disc, par Guillotin ; [avec] Rapport; par 
"W. Husson. 7i.t.p. [Paris, ISOS.j 8°. 

- - Rapport sur les vaccinations en France en 

180 3-07; [par Husson]. Paris, 1809. 8°. 

- Society Chimique. Lemons de chimie et de 

physique, 1861. Paris, 1862. 8°. 

Contents. Jamin, J. C. Les lois de I'equilibre et du 

mouveraent des llquides dans les corps poreux. — Debray, 

H. Sur la production des temperatures elevees et sur 

la fueion du platiue. — Lissajoaa, — . L'etude optique 

des sons. — Cloez, S. Rccherches sur la nitrification ; — 
Assimilation de I'azote des plantes. — Becquerel, E. 
Effets luniineux qui resultent de Paction de la lumiere 
sur les corps. — Pasteur, L. Sur les corpuscules or- 
ganises qui existent dans I'atniosphere. 

— Soc. d'Agric. du D6part. de la Seine. Programme 

de la seance pub. avrll 9. Paris, 1809. 4°. (A 74) 

— - Programmes des prix propoces et notices des m6- 

dailles donnees. [Paris,] 1805, 07. 08. 8°. (B 805) 

— Society de Geographie. 47e anniversaire de 

la fondation de la Soc. celebre dans un ban- 
quet au Grand-Hotel, le 21 dec. 1868. Paris, 
1869. 8". 

Bulletin. 2e ser., v. 8 ; 3e, v. 1-7 ; 4e, v. 6-8 ; 

5e, v. 13-20 ; 6e, v. 1-14. Paris, 1837-77. 
34 V. in 5 ser. 8°. 

2Cote. There are lists of the members in 5th ser., vol. 
19, 18; 6th ser., v. 2, 8, 10, 12, 14; maps and plates in 
each vol. 

Contfuts. 2e s6r., v. 8. Mdmoires, extraits, 
a nalyses,et rapports. Tamisier, M., flnrf Combes, 
E. Voyage en Abyssinie. 1835, 36. — B., M. A. Voy. 
dans le Turquie. — Note sur la nouv. entree du port de 
Boulogne-sur-Mer. — Dubois de Montpereux, F. Sur 
I'archeol. et de geog. anc. — Paris. Acad. Koy. des Scl. 
Instructions rel. au voy. de I'Astrolabe et de la Zelee. — 
Raffetot, Cte. de. Hauteur de la vallee de Bareges. — 
Moerenhout, — . L'ile Huaheine. — Grandpre, L. M. 
J. O., cte. de. L'ile Panchaia d'Evhemfere. — Santarem, 
M. F. de B. y 8., vet. de. Sur les voy. d'Americ Ves- 
puce, 1501-03. — La Roquette, — . Population de la 
Norwege, 1835. — Voy. de la fregate la Venus. — W., 
M. Afrique occidentale. — Arago, D. F. J. Instruc- 
tions pour le voy. de la Bonife. — Lafond, G. Sur [sa] 
tr. du 'Guide' de J. Horsburgh ; — Le detroit d'AUas. — 
Back, G. Retour de cap Turnagain, etc. ; — Guizot, F. 
P. G. Discours. — Desvergers, N. Travaux de la Soc. 
Callier, C. Les courriers de Turquie et la caravane de 
Bagdad. — Combes, E., and Tamisier, M. Route de 
Dlier a Angolala. — Berthelot, S. Leslies de Lance- 
rotte et de Fortaventure. — Delaporte, — . Empire de 
Maroc. — Francfort. Soc. de G6og. Statuts. — Actes 
de la societe. 

3e ser., v. 1. M6m., etc. Daussy, P. 'Les glaces 
du pole australe' de Dr. Hombron ; — 'Carte g^n. des 
possessions iieerlandaises dans I'archipel Indien' par 
G. F. von Derfelden. — Lefebvre, C. T. Lettre du 
Cairo; — Lettre. — D6couverte du lac Torrens, par M. 
Eyre. — Avezac-Macaya, M. A. 1'. d'. Une anc. carte 
de G. B. du Bocage.— Hommaire de Hell, I. X. M. Voy. 
i la mer Caspienne; — Carte de la Russie merid. — 
Merkes, J. G. W. La mer de Haarlem. — Voy. de M. 
Schomburgk aux sources du Takutu. 1842. — Simmond, 
— . Voy. de M. Schomburgk dans la Guiane. 1843. — 
Allen, — . La riviere de Cameroons, et de la baie d'Am- 
boises. — Roger, — . Culture des limoniers aux bords 
du lac de Garda. — Jomard, E. F. Les ernes prema- 
turCes du Nil, 1843. — D., J. Le Sahara. — Montagne, 
— . Un phenomene obs. dans la mer Rouge. — Rei- 
chard, G. G. T>e Niger, le Nil, le Gir. — Frober- 
ville, E. de. Decouvertes geog. dans Madagascar. ^ — 
Itineraire de Raguse a Constantinople. — Gay, O. En- 
terrement du cacique Catbiji dansl'Araucaiiie. — Texier, 
C. F. M. Kourdistan. — Smith, A. Texas. — Noel, V. 
Madagasca. — Fuss, — . Travaux de I'Acad. d. Sci. de 
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PARIS (Societies : Soc. da Gdofir.) 


PARIS (Societies : Soc. de Gdogr .) 

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PARIS (Societies: Soc. de G6og.) 


PARIS (Societies : Soc. de G6og.) 

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PAR IS (Societies : Soc. de G6og.) 


PARIS (Societies : Soc. de Q6og.) 

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PARIS (Societies : Soc. de G6og.) 


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*S" For the Universite de la France see France 
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Soft. ThU ntntain* alto Tradition des fails qui 
manife«teut le syst^me d'iDilependance que les ev^qaes 
out oppose aux principes invariables de la justice sou- 
veraine du roi; MonumeDs de la sag^esse de nos rois; 
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See alto M0I6, M. 
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{In Kine discourses. 1806; a/so C 163) 
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Content*. Park, E. A. Introductory essay; rise of 

the Edwardean theory of the atonement. — Edwards, J, 

Three sermons on the necessity of atonement, etc. — 

Smalley, J. Justification through Christ an act of free 




grace; — None but believers saved through the all- 
sufficient satisfaction of Christ. — Maxcy, J. Discourse 
to explain the doctrine of the atonement. — Emmons, 
N. Two sermons on the atonement. — Griffin, K. D. 
Humble attempt to reconcile the differences of Christ- 
ians resp. the extent of the atonement. — Burge, C. 
Scripture doctrine of atonement. — Weeks, W. K. Dia- 
logue on the atonement. 

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— Another <-Ojjy. (B 1321) 

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Note. 'To perpetuate the brutal infamy of P.' 

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n.t.p. [1836.] 8°. (B1116) 
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Harper's fam. lib.) 
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3 V. 4°. 
Contents. Vol. 1. Breton, N. Small handfull of 
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gallant inventions. — Breton, N. A floorish upon 
funcie. 2. Robinson, C. HandefuU of pleasant de- 
lites. — Whetstone, G. A mirror of treue honour, etc. 
— S., R. Phoenix nest. — Barnes, B. Divine centurie 
of spiritual! sonnets. — Constable, H. Spirituall son- 
neltes, to the honour of God, etc. — Clmrchyard, T. 

A sadandsolemnefunerall of SirF. Knowles. — Storer, 
T. Life and death of T. Wolsey. 3. Allott, R. 
England's Parnassus. — Churchyard, T. Churchyard's 
good will; sad verses for losse of Abp. Whitgift. 

— Catalogue of royal and noble authors continued by 

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Grande and Pimas villages on the Gila. 
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explorations for a R. R. to the Pacific Ocean, v. 2. 
1855.) — Report of explorations for R.R. routes 
from San Francisco Bay to Los Angeles, and from 
the Pimas villages to the Rio Grande near the 32d 
parallel, by P., assisted by A. H. Campbell. {In v. 7. 

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8". (B 1559) 

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8°. (B1559) 
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Engineer operations against Charleston. 1865.) ^ 
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Bon, T. W. Harvard memorial biog., v. 1. 1866.J 




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Howe. Boston, 182S. S". (B 1222) 

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Judic. Court. I Boston, 1827.] 8°. (B 1792) 

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Eulogies. 1800.) 

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iner, Boston, 1829. 12". (C 150, D 63) 

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S". (B1309) 
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Keene, X. H., 1830. 12°. (C 204) 

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supremacy of the laws; with a sketch of the char- 
acter of W. M. Richardson. Concord, 1838. 8*. 
(B 1756) 

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Cambridge. Camb., 1853. 8". (B 1727) 

— The first charter and the larly religious legislation of 

Mass. (/rt Mass. Hist, Soc. Lectures, 1869,) 

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opinion of Taney in the case of J. Merry- 
man. Carab.. 1861. 8". 

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ttiwns of New England, (/n Mass. Hist. Soc. 
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in the Bost. Post. From the New Englander, 
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20.1864. ^/« Handbook of the democracy. 1864.) 

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Talbot, C. J , yi-ir. /naextri'. M<li«ra,sir.2. 1853.) 

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Woolen Mannfac. Co. Hackett. W. H. Y. Argu- 
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Statist. Soc, Journ., v. 2, pt. 2. 1870.) 

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ings and the periods when each was first in- 
troduced ; lecture. Rome, 1868. 8". 

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Edward i. - Richard ii. Oxford, Loudoa, 
18o3. 8°. 

— Same. Richard n. - Henry viii. Oxford 

London, 1859. 2 v. 8°. 

2t^ijtf. These works are in continuation of Tnr 

ner's 'Domestic architecture'. 

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Papers. 1868.) 
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— The new semaphoric signal-book. Boston 

1836. 8°. 

— The United States telegraph vocabulary ; added 

Boston harbor signal book. Boston, 1832. 8". 
283. (21. 2. 79.) 

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— Ecce Deus ; essays on the life and doctrine of 

Christ, with notes on Ecce homo. Boston, 
1867. 12°. 
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— The stomach in its morbid states. Phila^ 

1839. 8° 
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quest of republican citizens. Boston, 1816. 8". (B 

— LtNT, G. Speech on the amendment offered by P. to 

the Lowell R.R. bill, Feb. 18. Boston, 1836. 8*. (B 

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and contrite the source of their revival. {In Free 
Charch pulpit. 1853.) 

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3 V. 8° 

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mercy. {In n,s., v. 4. 1834.) 

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v. 2. 1846.) 
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pendium of natural and experimental phi- 
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{Jn 1838.) 

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eiing. Boston, 1854. 12". 

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Kneeland fur blasphernv, iioston, .Km. and May. 

[liosioii,] 1834. S". (B 1166, 1721, 1809} 
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Demonstration of the divine authority of the 

law of nature and the Christian religion. 

Lcmdon, 1681. 4". 

— A discourse of ecclesiastical politic. London, 

1670. 8". 

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atiimadversions upon [Parker',«] 'Preface 
shewing what grounds there are of fears and 
jealousies of Popery'. London. 1672. 8°. 

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upon occasional subjects. London. 1701. 8°. 

Parker, Samuel, of Boston, Up., b. 1777, (/, 1804. Charity 
to children enforced : disc, before the Boston Female 
Asylum, Sept. 23. Boston, 1803. 8*. (B 325) 




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(B 176, 179, 187, 868) 

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Parker. Boston, 1804. 8°. (B 314, 424) 
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Kockv Mts., under the direction of the Y. 
M. C' F. M., in 1835-37. Ithaca, N. Y., 
1838. 12°. 
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(.In Amer. Assoc. Proc, v. 4. 1851.) 
Parker, Sidiu-y, Funeral sermon on. 1815. See Brown, C. 

(B 306) 
Y&x)s.BT,Qv\\Ur\w\S.'B.., Funeral Herman on. See Chandler, 

S. (B 1222) 
Parker, Theodore. Critical and miscel. writings. 
Boston, 1843. 12°. 
CoiitentK. A lesson for the day. — German literatnre. 
— Life of St. Bernard of Clairvaux. — Truth against 
the world. — Thoughts on labor. — Transient and per- 
manent in Christianity. — Pharisees. — Education of 
the laboring class. — How to move the world. — Primi- 
tive Christianity. — Strauss'sLifeof Jesus. — Thoughts 
on theology. 

— A bumble bee's thoughts on the plan and purpose of 

creation, (/w Albnm von Combe- Varin. Zur 
Erinnerung. 1847.) 

— The chief sins of the people; sermon, fast day, Apr. 

10. Boston, 1851. 8". (B 1968) 

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ton, 1853. 8". (B 1728) 
.— Discourse, death of J. Q. Adams. Boston, 1848. 8°. 
(B 1206, 1207) 

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3d ed. Boston, 1847. 12". 

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ianity, ordin. of C. C. Siiackford, May 19. Boston, 
1841. 8°. (B 1778, 1821, 1878) 

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July 4. Boston. 1858. 8°. (B 1968) 

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ton, 1845. 8°. (B 1968) 

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Boston, 1858. 8°. (B 1968) 

— Four sermons. {In Progressive Friends of Penn. 

Yearly Meeting. Proc, 1858. B 1968) 

— Fragments tr. : Ce qui passe ct ce qui demeure dans le 

christiaiiisme, etc. (In Reville, A. T. Parker. 1865.) 

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Contents. Benjamin Franklin. — George Wash- 
ington. — John Adams. — Thomas Jefferson. 

— The idea of a Christian church; discourse at the in- 

stallation of T. Parker, by himself, Jan. 4. Bos- 
ton, 1846. 8°. (B 1321) 

— John Brown's exped. reviewed; letter to F. Jackson. 

Boston, 1860. 12°, (C 263) 

— Lessons from the world of matter and the 

world of man ; selected from notes of unpub. 
sermons, by R. Leighton ; ed. by F. P. Cobbe. 
London, 1865. 8°. 

— Letter to the people of the U. S. touching 

slavery, Boston, 1848. 12°. 

— The Nebraska question ; some thoughts on the new 

assault upon freedom in America, and the state of 
the country in relation thereunto; disc, Feb. Bos- 
ton, 1854. 8°. (B 1968) 

— A picture of the war. (In Boston book. 4th col. 1851.) 

— Present aspect of slavery in America, etc. ; speech be- 

fore the Mass. Anti-Slavery Convention, Jan. 29. 
Boston, 1858. 8°. (B 1968) 

— The previous question between A. Norton and his 

alumni, by L. Blodgett [pseud.]. Boston, 1840. 8°. 
(B 1162) 

— Public education of the people; oration before the 

Onondaga Teacher's Inst., Syracuse, Oct. 4, 1849. 
Boston, 1850. 8°. (B 1585) 

— The relation of Jesus to his age and the ages; sermon, 

Dec. 26. Boston, 1845. 8". (B 1968) 

— The relation of slavery to a republican form of gov- 

ernment; speech at the New England Anti-Slavery 
Convention, May 26. Boston, 1858. 8°. (B 1%8) 

— Review of Webster; speech in the old Cradle of Li- 

berty, Mar. 25. Boston, 1850. 8°. (B 1968) 

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Boston, 1858. 8°. (B 1968) 

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ton, 1850. S". (B 1968) 

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(B 1968) 

■ Sermon of slavery, Jan. 31, 1841; repeated June 4. 

Boston, 1843. 12°. (C 199) 

• Sermon of the consequences of an immoral principle 

and false idea of life, Nov. 26, 1854. Boston, 1855. 
8". (B1968) 

• Sermon of tr.e Mexican war, June 25. Boston, 1848. 

8°. (B 1968) 

■ Sermon of the perishing classes in Boston, Aug. 30, 

1846. 2d ed. Boston, 1847. 8°. (B 1968) 

• A sermon of war, June 7. Boston, 1846. 8°. (B 1968) 

- Sermon on false and true theology, Feb. 14. Boston, 

1858. 8°. (B 1968) 

- Sermon, public function of woman. (/« Woman's 

rights tracts. 1846.) 

- Sermons of theism, atheism, and popular theol- 

ogy. Boston, 1853. 12°. 

- Some thoughts on the most Christian use of the Sun- 

day; sermon, Jan. 30. Boston, 1848. 8°. (B 1968) 

- Speeches, addres.scs, and occasional sermons. 

Vol. 2. Boston, 1852. 12°. 
ConUntH. Political destination of America, .ind the 
signs of the times. — Disc, death of J. Q. Adams. — 
Speech, meeting of the Amer. Anti-Slavery Soc. [on 
the] abolition of slavery bj' the French Repub. — 
Speech, Fancuil Hall, before the N. E. Anti-Slavery 
Convention. — Thoughts on the Free Soil Party, and the 
election of Gen. Taylor. — Speech [on] the speech of 
Mr. Webster. — Speech, Anti- Slavery Convention, 
May 29, 1850. — Disc, death of Prcs. Taylor. — Function 
and place of conscience In relation to the laws of men. — 
State of the nation ; a sermon, thanksgiving day. — Chief 
sins of the people. — Three chief safeguards of society. 

— Position and duties of the Amer. scholar. 

- Speeches, additional addresses, and sermons. 

Boston, 1855. 2 v. 12°. 
Contents. Vol. 1. Speech at the ministerial confer- 
ence, Boston, May 29, 1851. — Boston kidnapping; disc, 
to commemorate the rendition of T. Sims, April 12, 
1852. — Aspect of freedom in America; speech at the 
Mass. Anti-slavery celebration, Abington. July 5, 18.52. 

— Discourse, death of D. Webster, Oct. 31, 1852. — The 
Nebraska question ; thoughts on the assault upon free- 
dom in America, and the general stjite of the country in 
rel. thereunto. — Address on the condition of America, 
before the N. Y. Anti-slavery Soc. at the Broadway 
Tabernacle, May 12, 1854. 2. Thoughts on the progress 
of America, and the influence of her diverse institutions ; 
address for the Anti-Slavery Convention, Boston. May 31, 
1854. — The new crime against humanity; sermon, 
June 4, 1854. — The law of God and the statutes of 
men ; sermon, June 18, 1854. — Sermon of the dangers 
which threaten the rights of man in America, July 2, 1854. 

— Account of my ministry; sermon* before the 28th 
Congregational Soc, Nov. 14, 21, 1852. — Sermon of the 
public function of women, March 27, 1853. — Sermon of 
old age, Jan. 29, 1854. 

- The state of the nation considered in a sermon for 

Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28, 1850. Boston, 1851. 8° 
(B 1968) 

- Ten sermons of religion. 2d ed. N. Y., Bos- 

ton, 1864. 12°. 
Contents. Piety, and the relation thereof to manly 
life. — Truth and the intellect. — Justice and the con- 
science. — Love and the aflections. — Conscious religion 
and the soul. — Culture of the religious powers. — Con- 
scious religion as a source of strength. — Conscious 
religion as a source of joy. — Conventional and natural 
sacraments. — Communion with God. 

- The three chief safeguards of society; sermon, July 6. 

Boston, 1851. 8°. (B 1968) 

- Two sermons before the 28th Congregational Soc. in 

Boston, 14lh, 21st of Nov. 18.52; on leaving their old 
and entering a new place of worship. Boston, 1853. 
8°. (B 1968) 

- Desor, E. Esquisse de la vie de T. Parker. ,(/« 

Album von Combe- Varin. Erinnerung. 1847.) 

- FcRN'Ess, W. H. The exclusive principle considered ; 

two sermons on Christian union and the truth of 
the gospels. Boston, 1845. 8°. (B 1291) 

- Gannett, E. S. Mr. Parker and his views; an article 

from the Christian examiner for March. Boston, 
1845. 8°. (B 1356) 

- Junius JtnerUanus. Review of P.'s Discourse on the 

death of Webster. Boston, 1853. 8°. (B 1729) 

- Martineau, J. Theodore Parker's Discourse of re- 

ligion. (In his Misc. 1852.) 

- Questions addressed to P. and his friends. Boston, 

1845. 16°. (B1968) 




— Reville, a. Theodore Parker sa vie et ses 

oeuvres. Paris. 186-5. 12". 

Uii reformateur amer. (la Revue d. D. Miondes, 

Oct. 1861.) 

— Sargest. J. T. T. Parker, the reform pulpit, and 

the inflaences that oppose it; sermon. Boston, 
1S52. 8*. (B 1301) 

True position of P. ; a review of R. C. Waterston^ 

letter. Boston, 1*45. S*. (B 195S) 

— Theodore Parker's experience as a minister, 

his early life. etc. Boston, 1859. 12°. 

— Tkial of T. Parker, Apr. 1855, with the de- 

fence. Boston, 1855. 8". 

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don, 1863. 2t. 8". 

Same. Amer. ed. X. Y., 1864. 2 ▼. 8*. 

Parker, Theodore D. See WUdes. G., et al. m. Parker. 

Parker, \Vm., of Plymouth. Account of the taking of St. 

Vincent and Puerto Belio. {In Harris, J. CoL of 

voy., V. 1. 1705.) 

— Voyagt; to Margarita, .Jamaica. Trnxilio, etc., 1596-37. 

(/« Haklnyt, R. Col. of vov., v. 4. 1311.) 
Parker, \Vm.. D.O. Sermon. Feb. 23, fast. London, 1794. 
4*. (B1258) 

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the Univ. of Oxford, July 13. Oxford, 1755. 8*. 

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lerv ; 2d ed. rev. by S. B. Luce. X. Y., 

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of Sherlock's 'Case of allegiance' ", etc. London, 
l&ai. 4*. (B7) 
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origin of the 1st Baptist church in X. Y. and its 
progress during iu first fifty years, Jan. 1, 1313; an- 
nexed, Xarrative of facts, etc., by the pastor. 
K. Y., 1813. 8*. (B 327) 

Sbte. The 'Xarrative' has a separate title page. 

— Sahpsos. W. Trial for assault and battery upon 

Mrs. E. Wintriogham. X. Y., 1811. 8*. (B439) 




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chronometer, with remarks on those furnished 
by them. London. [1832]. 8°. 

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past: discourse in the New North Church, Dec. 9, 
l-24th [nnniv.]. Boston, 1839. 8°. (B 1143, 1649, 
16%. 2538) 

— Extracts from a disc, on Prof Ware; [repr. from the 

Christian examiner, Nov. 1843]. n.t.p. S". (B 1734) 

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n.s., V. 3. 18:J3. B 1326) 

— Formation and progress of the Christian character; 

sermon, (,/n Beard, J. R. Sermons. 1832.) 

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Boston, 1849. 8°. (B 1299, 1738) 

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(B 327) 

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(B 1126, 1696, 1738) 

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Cnntentn. Vol. 1. Pioneers of France in the new 
world. 2. The Jesuits in North -America. 3. The 
discovery of the great west. 4. The old regime in 
Canada. 5. Count Frontcnac and New France under 
Louis XIV. 

— History of the conspiracy of Pontiac. Bos- 

ton, 1851. 8°. 

— Same. 6th ed., with add. Bost., 1870. 2 v. 8°. 

— Prefatory. {In Smith, W. Hist, account of iJouquel's 

expedition. 1868.) 

— Vassal! Morton; a novel. Bo.iton, 1856. 8°. 

— Various articles.] (/n Cliristian exarain.; — and in 

North Amer. rev.) 
Parkman, George, M.D. Management of lunatics, with 
illustrations of insanity. "Boston, 1817. 12°. (B 657) 

— Proposals for establishing a retreat for the insane. 

Boston, 1814. 8°. (B 657, 833) 

— Awful disclosures and startling developments in rela- 

tion to tlie late Parkman tragedy, n.p., 1849. 8". 

— Biographical notice. {In Mass. Med. Soc. Med. 

conim., v. 8. 1854.) 

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his Benefactors of the Medical School. 1850.) 

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Med. Soc. Boston, 1851. 8°. (B 1559) 

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lawyer. From the American journal of med. sci., 
Jan. 1852. (B 1559) 

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See aho Fairmount Park ; — N. Y. Commis- 
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Content*. Vol. 1. Prelim, obs. — Gas illumination. 
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Two sermons, preached at Xorwich. — Discourse on 
education. — Discourse on the late fast, 1791. — Spital 
sermon, preached at Christ Church. — Xotes on the 
Spital sermon. — Sermon preached at Hatton. 3. 
Isotice of Dr. Combe's Horace. — Prefatio ad Bellendeni 
libros. — Miscellaneous remarks on politics, jurispru- 
dence, morals, etc. — Letter from Irenopolis to the 
inhabitants of Eleutheropolis. — Warburtonijin tracts. 

— Letter to Dr. Miller. — Extracts from a pamphlet in 
answer to Dr. Combe's statement resp. his variorum 
Horace. — Xotes on Rapin's dissertation on Whigs and 
Tories. 4. Character of C. J. Foi. — Xotes. — App. to 
notes. — Note upon Fox's History of the early part of 
the reign of James ll. — Inscriptions [Latin]. — Inscrip- 
tions [English]. — Illustrations of the inscriptions. 5,6. 
Sermons. 7. App. — List of correspondents. — Cor- 
respondence with Dr. Parr. 8. Correspondence with 
P. — Plan of teaching. — Correspondence on toleration. 

— Catholic question. — Correspondence illust. of the 
inscriptions in v. 4. 

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not admitted into the collections of their re- 

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Content*. Warburton, W., Bp. Miscellaneous 

trans, in prose and verse. — A critical and philosophical 

enquiry into the causes of prodigies and miracles, as 

related by historians. — Parr, S. Dedication of two 




tracts of a Warburtonian ; — Pref. to the two tracts of a 
Warburtonian. — Testimonia auctorum. — Hard, R., 
Bp. On the delicacy of friendship, a seventh disserta- 
tion, addressed to the author of the sixth ; — A letter to 
the Rev. T. Leland, in which his late dissertation on the 
principles of human eloquence is criticized. 

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1796; and Wonders. 1828.) 

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upon the body in the production and cure of dis- 
eases. Phila., 1805. 8°. (B 1559) 

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Parrish, .)/r«. LydiaG. Brockett, L. P. (/n/a'« Woman's 

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bv the parole of Napoleon in. Phila., 1869. 

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memoirs of some of the most eminent Welsh- 
men. London, 1834. 8°. 
Cont'-nts. Arthur. — Aneurin. — Taliesin. — Lly- 
warch Hen. — St. David. — AsserMenevensis. r- Hywel 
Dda. — Rhys ab Tewdwr. — Owain Gwynedd. — Gi- 
raldus Cambrensis. — I^lywelyii ab Gruffydd. — Da- 
vydd ab Gwilym. — Owain Glyndwr. — Sir Rhys ab 
Thomas. — Humphrey Lhvyd. — Dr. D. J. Rhys. — Bp. 
Morgan. — Dr. 8. Davies. — E.Llwyd. — L. Morris. — 
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Kote. An account of the 5 voyages made by P., 

— Voyages pour la decouvcrte d'un passage Nord-Oucst, 

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tion of Capt. Parry's vovages. Bost., [1826]. 

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Diseours. {In Paris. Inst. Ac. Fr. Recueil des 

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from a German workshop, v. 1. 1867.) 
See also Avesta. 
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(C 209) 
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settled. London, 1841. 12°. (C204) 
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— On some of the remote effects of the injuries of nerves. 

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yote. From the Amer. journal of medical 
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— Courtier, P. L. {In his Pulpit, v. 1. 1836.) 
Parsons, Emily E. Forman. Rev. J. G. {In Brockett, L. 

P. Woman's work in the civil war. 1867.) 




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Dr. H. X. LooDijg, for libel. Buffalo, ISdO. 8*. 

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1843. 12". 
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consequences of the apostasy of man. (/b Sud- 

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hour, (/n v. 2. 1S36.) 
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the communion of churches. Salem, 1770. 8*. (B 16) 

— Consideration of some uuconstitutional measures, 

adopted in this state. Newburyport, 1784. 8T, 

— Fair narrative, etc. 1756. See Moorhead, J., and 


— Freedom from civil and ecclesiastical slavery; disc, 

Mar. 5. Xewburyport. 1774. 8*. (B 156) 

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.Apr. 28. Boston, 1765. 8*. (B 42) 

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Whitcfleld, Sept. 30, 1770. PorUmoutb, X. H., 
[1770]. 4'. (B654) 

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Boston, 1742. 8*. (B73. 860, C 78) 

— and Mc'Gregore, D. Rejoinder to R. Abercrombie's 

remarks on a Fair narrative of the proc of the 
presbytery of Boston, against himself. Boston, 
1758. 8». (C 128) 

— Letter from a gentleman in the country to his friend 

in Boston, resp. late observ. npou the conduct of P. 
Boston, 1757. 8*. (B 156) 

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on a discourse of J. P.'s entitled, 'Freedom', etc. 
New Eng., 1775. 8*. {B 156) 

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immersion only asserted against P. Boston, 1766. 
8*. (B16) 
-^ TccKER, J. Observations on the doctrines and nnchar- 
itableness of P. Boston, 1757. 8". (B 16, C 123, 156) 

— — Remarks on a discourse of P., 'Freedom,' etc. Bos- 

ton, 1774. 8». (B 16. 156, C 123) 

— Funeral sermon on. 1785. See Uorray, J. (B324): 

— Searl. J. (B 17) 
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to be influenced by the recompense of reward; two 
sermons, Bradford, Mar. 11, 25, 174^/44. Boston, 
1744. 8*. (B 44. 73, 147) 

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12. Boston, 1741. 8*. (B 144) 

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Anc. and Hon. Artil. Co., June 4. Boston, 1744. 8". 
(B 73, 179) 

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Gospel, to eternal salvation. Bost., 1759. 8*. (B 147. 

— Validity of Presbyterian ordination: sermon, Xew 

Castle, Dec 20, 1732, ordin. of J. Blunt. Boston, 

1733. 8«. (C 50, 53) 
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to prove the truth of the Christian revelation. 

London, 1834. 8". 
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Jews; sermon. Oct. 31, before the departure of the 

Palestine mission. Boston, 1819. 8'. (B 300, 1237) 

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Palestine. Poultney. Vt., 1824. 12". 
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Xov. 11, 1772, ordin. of O, Parsons, Gloucester. 
Salem, 1773. 8". (B 915) 

— Ministers of Christ the servants of God; sermon, Ips- 

wich, ordin. of J. Dana, Xov. 7, 1765. Boston, 
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See also Dante. 
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Contents. Uncle Sam's treatment of his servants. — 
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International copyright. — Our Roman Catholic breth- 
ren. — Uow Congre^8 wastes its time. — The clothes 
mania. — Log-rolling at Washington. — Our Israeliiish 
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les cures de Paris, Ronen, etr. — Lettre touchant les 
commandements de Dieu. — Question sur les miracles, 
etc. 4, 5. £criU KUntifiquet. 4. Essais pour lea 
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k Pascal. — Traite de I'equilibre des liqueurs. — Traite 
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observations faites par Perier. — Xouvelles experiences 
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Traite du triangle arithmetique. — Traite des ordres 
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la solution des problemes cone, la cycloTJe. — Histoire 
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Diverses inventions de A. Deltonville en geonjetrie. — 
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Pensees qui se rapportent k la philos., k U morale, et 
ani belles-lettres. 2. Pensees rel. k la religion. — 
Comparaison des anciens Chretiens avec eeux d'au- 
jourd'hui. — Frag, sur la conversion dn pecheur. — 
Ecrits trouve dans la poche de P. 

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— Ecrit sur la conversion du pecheur. — Preface sur le 
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De I'esprit geometriqne. — Diflerence entre I'esprit 
de geometrie et de finesse. — De I'art de persuader. — 
Pensees diverses. — Ravissement et profession de foi. — 
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284. (28. 2. 79.) 

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Contents. Avertissement. — Etude sur lea Pensees de 

P. — Perier, F. G. P. Vie de P. — Xotea sur la vie de 
P. — Xote sur les doctrines du Jansenisme. — Entretien 
de P. avec de SacL — Trois discours de P. sur la condi- 
tion des graads. — Pensees de P. — Le mystere de 
Jesus. — Opuscules. — Lettre sur la mort de Pascal le 
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Chretiens, etc. — Sur la conversion du pecheur. — Ex- 
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Contents. Vol. 1. Weisel, L. Die Eishohle. — Ro- 
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Jarchi: — Der Feigenbaum als Zeuge; — Moses ben 
Maimon; — Sagen der Prager Juden. — K., S. Der 
Kadisch von Kol Xidre. — Letteris, M. Bildad, der 
reisende HeUkiinstler. — Maier, W. Die Zwillingsge- 
scbwister. — K., 8. Die Juden io Botamens Vorzeit. 




— Kapper, L. Der hohe Eabbi Low und der Graf. — 
Klemperer, G-. Rabbi Bustanei, Reach Gelutha. — 
Weiael, L. Der wunderbare Baumeister. — Budeus, T. 
Der Gang nach der Kalkgi-ube. — Maier, W. Rachel 
vor Gott. — Budeus, T. Der Schatz in der Todtenkam- 
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— K., 8. Der Rctter. 2. Ehrmann, D. Baron 
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Verschollene Gescliicliten. — Hlawatsch, A. Jakob 
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See also Cle^y ; — Divinity schools ; — Pnlpit 
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See also Abdomen ; — Acholic diseases ; — Air pas- 
sages ; — Albumimuria ; — Alimentary canal ; — 
Angina pectoris ; — Angina polypasa ; — Anns ; — 
Aorta ; — Apoplexy ; — Arachnitis ; — Asphyxia ; — 
Asthma ; — Bile ; — Bladder ; — Blood ; — Brain ; — 

Breast ; — Bronchitis ; — Caecum ; — Calculus ; 

Cancer ; — Catarrh ; — Chest ; — Chicken-pox ; — 
Children ; — Chlorosis ; — Cholera ; — Chronic dis- 
eases ; — Climate ; — Cold ; — Constipation ; — Con- 
Btitational diseases ; — Consumption ; — Contagion ; — 




Convulsions ; — Croup ; — Deafness ; — Debility ; — 
Deformities; — Delirium tremens; — Diabetes; — 
Diagnosis ; — Diarrhoea ; — Digestion ; — Diphtheria ; 

— Dolichos pruriens ; — Dropsy; — Dysentery; — 
Dysmenorrhoea ; — Elephantiasis ; — Emphysema ; — 
Enuresis ; — Epidemics ; — Epilepsy ; — Epizootic 
diseases ; — Eruptions ; — Erysipelas ; — Eye ; — 
Fever ; — Fistula ; — Gall ; — Generative organs ; — 
Glands ; — Goitre ; — Gonorrhoea ; — Gout ; — Hsemor- 
rhoids ; — Hair ; — Head ; — Headaches ; — Heart ; — 
Hemoptysis ; — Hereditary diseases ; — Hernia ; — 
Hydrargyria ; — Hydrocele ; — Hydrocephalus ; — 
Hydropnobia ; — Hydrothorax ; — Hypochondriasis ; 

— Hysteria ; — Idiocy ; — Indigestion ; — Infection ; 

— Inflammation ; — Influenza ; — Intestines ; — Iritis ; 

— Jaundice ; — Kidney ; — King's evil ; — Lead dis- 
eases ; — Leprosy ; — Leucocythemia ; — Leucorrhea ; 

— Liver ; — Local diseases ; — Locomotor ataxy ; — 
Longevity ; — Lungs ; — Marasmus ; — Masturbation ; 

— Measles ; — Melancholy ; — Meningitis ; — Men- 
struation ; — Mortification ; — Nervous system ; — 
Neuralgia ; — Nymphomania ; — Old age ; — Paraly- 
sis ; — Parasites ; — Passions ; — Peritonitis ; — Pha- 
gedsena gangrenosa ; — Piles ; — Placenta praevia ; — 
Plagues ; — Pleuro-pneumonia ; — Plymouth dock- 
yard disease ; — Pneumonia ; — Prostate ; — Pulse ; — 
Putrid diseases ; — Remittent diseases ; — Rheuma- 
tism ; — Scarlatina ; — Scarlet fever ; — Sciatica ; — 
Scrofula; — Scurvy; — Seamen; — Self-limited dis- 
eases ; — Skin ; — Small pox ; — Somnambulism ; — 

— Spermatocele; — Spermatorrhea; — Spine; — 
Stomach ; — Stricture ; — Syphilis ; — Tape-worms ; — 
Teeth ; — Temperature in diseases ; — Testis ; — 
Tetanus ; — Thorax ; — Throat distemper ; — Tongue ; 

— Trembles ; — Trichina ; — Tuberculous diseases ; 

— Tumor ; — Typhoid aff'ections ; — Ulcer ; — Urin- 
ary organs ; — Veins ; — Venereal diseases ; — Viscera ; 

— Voice ; — Wasting diseases, etc. ; — Weather ; — 
White swelling ; — Whooping cough ; — Womb ; — 
Women, Diseases of ; — Worms ; — Yellow fever ; — 

also Anatomy : Morbid ; — Cellular pathology ; — 
Hygiene ; — Medicine ; — Military hygiene ; — Na- 
val hygiene ; — Naval surgery ; — Recipes ; — Sur- 
gery ; — Surgical pathology. 
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Contents. Same as in pttereding, with addition of 
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China. — An ideal art-congress. — Battle of the styles. 
— Genius and liberty. — Youth and summer. — Rec- 
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ter on forming rules and by-laws for the 
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new Munchausen. 

— Diverting history of John Bull and brother 

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2v. 12° 

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fam, lib., v, 75, 76.) 




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— Another copy. (A 1) 

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Eccles. biog., v. 3. 1839.) 
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PaulL See aUo Panili ; — Panly. 
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den Friedensschliissen von 1814 und 1815. 

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der neuesten Zeit.) 
Contents. V^ol. 1. Von der Schlacht bei Waterloo bia 
zum Tode Georg'a iv. 2. 1830-41. 3. 1841-52. 

— Heinrich viii. und seine nenesten Beurtheiler. {In, 

Historiache Zeitscbrift, v. 1. 1859.) — Oliver Crom- 
well. {In V. 8. 1862.) — Die Entdeckongen Ber- 
genroths in Simancas. {In v. 11. 1864.) — Diplo- 
matie im Jabre 1516; ein Beitrag zar Charakeristik 
Maximilians i. (/« v. 14. 1865.) — Cardinal Wol- 
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— Zur Oescbicbte Irlands unter den Tadors. {In 
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Camb.. 1861. 8°. 

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— continuator. See Lappenberg, F. M. Geschlcbte von 


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V. 3. 172: ; and. Germ , v. 3. 1750.) 

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Poet. Lat. min., v. 1. 1824. Lemaire Bibliotheca 

lass. Lat.) 

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auct., V. 5. 1833.) 

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tavias. 1847. Bibliotb. patrum Lat., v. 13.) 

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plained. 1814.) 

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answer to P.'s three questions. New Haven, 1760. 
80. (B 16. 155. C 128) 

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his three qaestiuns in the Conn. Gazette. Xew Ha- 
ven, [17—]. 8». (B247) 
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including [an] exposure of occurrences between Sir 
F. Bnrdett and P. London. 1807. 8*. (B 1419) 

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reply to J. PauU. London, 1807. 8*. (B 1416) 
PaallL See Paiili. 
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parle en Algerie. Paris, 1850. 18". 
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hermite. {In Amaold d'AndUly, R. Vie dea 

saints, v. 1. 1716.) 

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Emeritensium. {In Florez, H. Esp. sagrada. v. 13. 

Paoloa Silentiariwt. Descriptio magnse ecclesiae sen St. 
Sophiae; primam prodit opera C. duF. duCange; 
ace. descriptio ejnsdem aedis ex variia script. {In 
Byzantuue hist, scr., Venetii8,v. 11. 1729; — and in 
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{In hii Sammt. Schr., v. 14. 1793.) 

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ofFenbar gewordene positive Philosophic der 
Offenbarung, oder Entstehungsgeschichte, 
«-».»»., der schellingischen Entdeckungen. 
Darmstadt, 1843. 8". 

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4era. 1794. S*. (B 806) 

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— Intorno ad un passo disputato di Paolo diacono, con- 

gettura di X. Tommaseo. {In Archivio stor. iul., 
app..v. 7. 1849.) — Ilsestolibrodellaistoria secondo 
il codice di Bamberga. {In ser. 3, t. 7. pt. 2. 1868.) 

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padie der classischen Alterthumswissen- 

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Paopera. See Poor ; — Poor Laws. 
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Paris, [18—]. 4°. 
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tarii; a R. Amasseo in Lat. serm. conversi ; 

[ed.] a F. Sylburgio. Francof., 1583. f». 

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I^ote. Vol. 4 contains the Latin version of Amasaeua. 

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1845. 8°. 




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temples, in Greece, which were remaining 
there in his time. London, 1758. 8". 

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— Nepos, C. {In his VitaB.) 

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Contents. Le Chou-king. — Les Sse-cbou. — 
Les lois de Maiiu. — Le Koran. 

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2 V. 8". (Univers.) 
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app.. Sequel to Selections from P. in notes. 

Bath, 1795. 8°. 
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1850.) — Deschamps de Pas, L. Essai sur le 

pavage des eglises; carrelage de St. Omer. {In 

v. 10, 11, 12. 1850-.V2.) 
See also Mosaic. 
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bus PapisB. 1330. {In Muratori, L. A. Iter. Ital. 

scr., v. 11. 1727.) 

— Sagoo. B. Historia. {In Graevius. Thes. antiq. Ital., 

v. 3, pt. 1. 1704 ) 

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See also Bernardo da Venezia. 
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Mondes, Jan. 1835 - dec. 1865.) 
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{In New Jersey Hist. See. Proc, v. 9. 1860-64.) 
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of the organization and regulation. —Catalogue. {In 
Rhode Island Inst, of Instr. Journal, v. 3. 1849.) 

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sketches, taken during an expedition to the 
Pawnee tribes. Phila., 1835. 2 v. 12°. 

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Pawners' Banks. See Pawning. 

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banques de prdt sur gage en France et dans 
les divers etats de I'Europe. Paris, 1856. 2 v. 

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use amongst the Romans, and is now in foreign na- 
tions. London, 1732. 8°. (B 645) 

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da commissao encarregada de visitar o estabeleci- 
mento da casa pia. {In Lisbon, Ac. d. Sci. Mem.. 
V. 7. 1821.) 

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in the time of Charles l. for cftablishing a mount of 
piety in Eng. {In Archseologia, v. 29. 1842.) 

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Rehoboth. 1836.) 

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tucket Indians. {In his Hist, of Chelmsford. 1820.) 

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Gr., V. 4. 1851.) 

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16 v. 8°. 

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partially represented. Phila., 1764. 12°. 

— Another copy. (B 611) 

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some account of the Payagwas; with remarks by 

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Rapports, v. 11. 1868.) 

— Several articles.] (/« Revue d. D. Mondes, oct. 1855- 

jan. 1870.) 

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v. 13. 1860.) — Lost Sir Massingbred. — Married 

beneath him. {In 4th ser., v. 1. 1864.) 
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Narrative of a residence in a Brazilian valley 

of the Sierra- Paricis. N. Y., 1852. 12°. 
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the Bank of England. {In Pamphleteer,l816 ; v. 7 

of B 838) 
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erees in the cause between 8. Gardiner and J. Flagg. 

[London, 177-.] 8°. (B 1447) 
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original right, etc.; two letters. London, 1756. 8°. 

(B 698) 
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events of the life of P.. [with] an antidote for the 

bite of poisonous reptiles. Petersburg, 1805. 8°. 

(B 422) 




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of the U. 8. n.t.p. [1840] 8°. (B 1663) 

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versal geography ; with add. by J. Hardie. 
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Ch.'irles II. {In v.Z.) — tr. Therese. (/» v. 14.) 
— Clari; a drama. (/« v. 33.) 

— Sketch of the life of P., by one of the editors of the 

N. Y. mirror. Boston, 1833. %\ (B 1459) 
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books of the library of Thomas Grenville. 
London, 1842. 2 v. 8°. 

Contents. Vol. 1. A-K. 2. L-Z. 

2d pt. London, 1848. 8°. 

3d pt. London, 1872. 8°. 

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1783. [London, 1783.1 8°. (B 877) 

— Same. [London, 1784.J 8°. (B 875) 

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in one kind; in answer to [Bossuetl. Lon- 
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Paysan parvenu, Le, ou Les mem. de M**»; par M. de 

Marivanx. {In his CEuvres, v. 8. 1781.) 
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{In Biblioth. univ. des roroans, Xouv., v. 50. 1801.) 
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((Euvres, v. 38.) 
P&ysans de Maisidres. The mule without a bridle. {In 

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.Maine. Portland, 1814. 8°. ( B 327, 1328, 1849) 

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Choctaw], u.t.p. [1845.] 12°. (E 39) 

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land, 1824. 8". (B 956, 1328) 

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(B 48, 49, 73, 860) 

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tives of Massachusetu, 1778. {In Thornton, J. W. 
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Boston. 1762. 8°. (B 54) 

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Acad, of Arts and ScL Mem., v. 1. 1785.) 

— Funeral sermon on. See Barnard, T. (B 963, 1222) 

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sermon, funeral of L. Pilsbury, Apr. 8. Worcester 
1819. 8°. (B 1222) 

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1808. 8°. (B 1849) 

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Hill, Nov. 3, 1790. Worcester, 1791. 8". (B 164) 

— Proofs of the existence and dangerous ten- 

dency of illuminism. Charlestown, 1802. 12". 

— Sermon, Ashburnham, May 22, 1806, interment of J. 

Cushing, Jr. Leominster, 1807. 8° (B 915, 1007, 

— Sermon, Concord, [election] June 6. Portsmouth, 

1799. 8°. (B 178, 327) 

— Sermon, consecration of the social lodge In Ashby, 

June 24, 1799. Amherst. N. H., 1800. 8"'. (B 1271) 
Payton, Walter. See Peyton, W. 
Paz, Thomas Manuel de. Al noble su sangre avisa; come- 

dia. n.p., [1"—]- 4°. (E 112) 
Pazzi, Alessandro de. Disc. int. alia riforma dello stato di 

Firenze. 1522. {In Archivio stor. ital., v. 1. 1842.) 
Pazzi, Alfonso de. Sonetto. {In Trucchi, F. Poesie ital., 

V. 3. 1847.) 

— Sonetto. (/n Bemi, F. Opere burl., v. 3. 1824.) 
Pazzi, Antonio. Ritratti dl pittori esistente apprisso P. 

See Marrini, O. 
Pazzi, Piero de. Bisticci, V. da. Commentario della vita, 

di P. de Pazzi. {In Archivio stor. ital., v. 4. p. 2. 

Pazzi, di Firenze, Famiglia di. {In Litta, P. Fam., v. 10.) 
Pea Ridge, Arkansas, Battle of. Baxter, W. 

Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove ; or. Scenes 

and incidents of the war in Arkansas. 

Cincin., 1864. 16". 
Peabody, Mrs. Holiness ; or. The legend of St. 

George ; a tale from Spencer's [sic] 'Faerie 

queene' ; by a mother. Bo.ston, 1836. 12°. 
Peabody, Andrew Preston. Address before the 

Suffolk Temperance Union, March 15. Boston, 

1868. 16°. (B 1927) 

— The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign 

Missions. From the N. American rev., Apr. Bos- 
ton, 1862. 8°. (B 1927) 

— Theanalogy of nature and the Bible; Dndleian lecture. 

Harvard Univ., May 14. Camb., 1856. 8". (B1927) 

— Anti snpernaturalism; sermon, before the senior class 

of the Divinity School in Harvard Univ., July 13. 
Camb., 1845. 8°. (B 1927, H 3) 

— Appeal to the young. Portsmouth, 1848. 8°. (C 209) 

— The atonement; discourse, ordination, A. Wheeler, 

Standish, Jan. 14. Limington, 1835. 8°. (B 1164, 

— Baccalaureate sermon. (In Harvard Univ. Class of 

1862. 64, 65, 67. 70-71, 72. B 1927) 

— The Bible the manual of morals; address before the 

Mass. Bible Soc, May 23. Bost, 1870. 16". (B 1927) 

— The Bible the source of light; sermon, Portsmouth, 

N. H., .Tan. 13, anniv. of the Rockingham Co. Bible 
Soc. [Portsmouth,] 1864. 8". (B1927) 

— Biography of Saml. C. Haven. {In Higginson, T. W. 

Harvard mem. biog., v. 2. 1866.) 

— Christ the image of God : disc, ordin. of Rev. H. Em- 

mons, Dunstable, If. H., June 10. Nashua, 1835. 8*. 
(B 1322) 

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furnish comfort and strength to the afflicted. 
3d ed. Boston, Portsmouth, 1857. 12". 

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the Lowell Institute. Boston, c<e., 1864. 12". 

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before the Phi Beta Kappa Soc. of Harvard Univ., 
Aug. 28. Boston. 1845. 8°. (B 1927, H 2) 

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ed., with additions. Boston, 1867. 12". 
Contents. Peabody, .\. P. Address before the New- 
bnryport Female High School, Dec. 19, 1846. — Trench, 
F. Lecture, Reading, Eng., Dec. 19, 1854. — Gwynne, 
P. A word to the wise. — Mistakes and improprieties 
In speaking and writing corrected, from "Never to late 
to learu' and 'Common blunders in speaking and writ- 

— Essay on prophecies relating to the Messiah. Boston, 

1835. 8°. (C 184, D 64) 

— Fidelity in duty, not accuracy In belief, our test of the 

Christian character. Boston, n.d. 16°. (B 1927) 

— Forgiveness ; sermon, ordin. of H. Stebbins, Fitchburg 

Mass., Nov. 5. Fitchburg, 1851. 8°. (B 1322) 

— Free agency and moral inability reconciled ; sermon, 

installation of Rev. C. Lowe, Salem, Sept, 27. Sa- 
lem, 1S55. 8°. (B 1322) 





— The Hawaiian iBlands, as developed by rnisslonary 

labors. From the Boston rev., May. Boston, 1865. 
8°. (B1927) 

— The immutable right; oration before the Phi Beta 

Kappa Soc. of Brown Univ., Aug. 31. Boston, 
1858. 8°. (B 1927) 

— The importance of opinions. From Monthly relig. 

magazine. Boston, 1847. 12°. (C 209) 

— Jesus our master and Lord; sermon, ordin. of H. F. 

Jenks, Filchburg, Mass., Apr. 10. Boston, 1867. 16° 
(B 1927) 

— Lessons from our late rebellion ; address, anniv. of the 

Amer. Peace Soc, May 19. Bost., 1867. 8°. (B 1921) 

— Manners; an address. Bost., Camb., 1871. 16°. 

— Memoir of C. Borroughs. Camb., 1871. 16°. (B1927) 

— Memorial of J. W, Foster ; ed. by A. P. Pea- 

body. Portsmouth, [N. H.], 1852. 12°. 

— Natureand influenceof war; address before the Amer. 

Peace Soc, May 20. Boston, 1843. 8°. (B 1181) 

— Old age; sermon, Epping, N. H., Dec. 27, 1850, inter- 

mentof W. Pluraer. Portsmouth, 1851. 8°. (B1927) 

— On religious forms. Boston, 1848. 16°. (B 1927) 

— Our conversation in heaven; sermon, Jan. 23, Sunday 

after the death of M. L. Lothrop. Boston, 1859. 8° 
(B 1246) 

— Physical and mental training ; disc, Portsmouth, N.H., 

Nov. 25. [Portsmouth. 1855?] 8°. (B 1927) 
• — Progress in Christ, not beyond Christ; sermon, instal- 
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ment of the Medical School of Harv. Univ., at the 
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Relief of Aged Females, at Newburyport, Mass., 
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Amer. rev.) 
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See Mann, M. P. 

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Responsio ad Annotationes in annotationes J. 
Schlichtingii de magistratu, hello, defensiooe. {In 
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8". (B 1072, 1786) 




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5 v. 8° 

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Peace, The Prince of. See Godoy, M. de, Principe de la Paz. 
Peace and harmony restored ; account of the 

agreement between burgher and antiburgher 
seceders and reformed Presbytery in N. 
America, 1782. Glasgow, 1783. 8°. 
Peace calumet. The. Vol. 1, 1831-34. N. Y„ 
n.rf. 8". 

Note. New series of the Harbinger of peace. 

Peace campaigns of Ensign Faunce; by M. South. (/« 

Eraser's mag., v. 39-41. 1849-50.)' 
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See also Catalogue of the dukes, etc. 
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{In Webster, B. Acting nat. dr., v. 2. 1838.) — 
Gemini; a farce. {In v. 5. 1838.) — Lying in ordi- 
nary; a farce. — The M.eltonians; a drama. {In 
v. 4. 1838.) — The Middle Temple; a farce. {In 
v. 1. 1837.) — Quarter to nine; a farce. (/?i v. 2. 
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V. 4. 1838.) 

Peaks, passes, and glaciers. See Ball, J. 

Peale. See also Peel ; — Peele. 

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— Introduction to a course of lectures on natural history. 

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for the propagation and management of the 

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See also Perry. 
Pearce. See also Pearse ; — Peirce ; — Pierce. 
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saintship of Judas Iscariot. Hartford, 1828. 8°. (C 

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Wash., 1856. 8° (B 1508) 




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of the Smithsonian fund. Wash., ISM. 8°. (E 123) 

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marks on works recently published. Lon- 
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cone. I'anecdote de la ligne d'Apelle sur le tableau 
de Protogene citee par Pline. — [Con]^ Osserva- 
zioni intorno alia interpretazione data [di] Pecheux 
ad un luogo di Plinio. {In v. 19. 1811.) 

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against Popery in the time of James ii. London, 

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— Le blocus americaine. See Prevost, T. 




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Peculiar position ; a farce. See Planch6, J. R. 

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Sardinia. Mon. hist, pat., Scr., v. 2. 1839.) 

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{Ill Pedroso, £. Q. Autos sac ram en tales. 1865.) 

Pedro. See also Petrns. 

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Eng. History of Peter the Cruel. London, 

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lemnitate officium. — Decretum Tuden. canoniza- 

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Pedro de Urde Malas; por M. de Cervantes Saaredra. (/h 

hit Comedias, v. 2. 1749 ; — and in hii Obras, v. 10. 

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desde su origen hasta fines del siglo xvii. 

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Namely. Gil Vicente. — Anonimos. — Juan de Pe- 
draza. — Joan Timoneda. — Lope de Vega. — Miiestro 
Josef de Valdivielso. — Fray Gabriel Tellez. — Pedro 
Calderon de la Barca. — Agustia Moreto. — Francisco 
Bances Candamo. 

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Content*. Vol. 1. The Roman Catholic question. 2. 
The new government, 1834-35. — Repeal of the com 
laws, 1845-46. 

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Memorials to P. 184:3. B 1536) 

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1835-42. 4. 1842-50. 

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of R. Greene and P. ; with memoirs and 
notes by A. Dyce. London, 1861. 8". 
Contents. Arraignment of Paris. — Edward I. — 
"Warning-piece to England ag.tinst pride, etc. — Battle 
of Alcazar. — The old wives' tale. — David and Beth- 
sabe. — Sir Clyomon and Sir Clamydes. — Device of the 
pageant borne before Wolstan Dixie. — Descensus as- 
traese. — Farewell to Sir John Norris and Sir F. Drake. 
— An eclogue gratulatory. — Polyhymnia. — Speeches to 
Queen Elizabeth at Theobald's. — The honour of the 
Order of the Garter. — Anglorum feriae. — Poems. — 
Peele's merry conceited jests. 
Peep behind the curtain, A. See Garrick, D. 
Peep o'day ; a drama. See Falconer, E. 
Peep of day ; lu pitabun. [In the Chippewa lan- 
guage.] Boston, 1844. 12°. 
Peerage. See Or. Brit.: Peerage; — Scotland: Peerage. 

See also Lille; — Provence ; — Normandy. 
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hereafter by the name of Eclectic Institute. Lexine- 
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twelve marks. Oxford, 1715. 8'. (B 121) 

— Moore, T. The honesty of Protestant Dissenters 

vindicated in answer to P.'s 'Character of an honest 

Dissenter'. London, 1718. 8". (B 107) 
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[18—]. 8°. 
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of the N. C. Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, 

April 14, Raleigh. N. Y., 1848. 8''. (B 1612) 
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ed. by H. Christmas. 3d ed. London, 

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voy., v. 1. 1705; — and in Pinkerton, J. Col. of 
voy., V. 9. 1811.) 




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A. Beitrage zur aramaiBchen MUnzkunde Eran's 
uiid zur Kunde der altern Pehlervi-Schrift. (/n 
V. 21. 1867.) — MORDTMANN, A. D. Erklarung der 
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1802-04. 2 V. and Suppl. 8° 

Contents. Vol. 1. A-M. 2. N-Z. — Suppl. 
A-8. — Notice geog. 3. Suppl. 

— De la maison royale de France ; precis geneal. 

et anecdotique sur la famille de Bourbon, 
etc., 596-1814. Paris, Dijon, 1815. 8°. 

— Manuel du bibliophile, ou Traite du choix des 

livres. Dijon, 1823. 2 v. 8°. 

— Repertoire bibliographique universal. Paris, 

1812. 8°. 

— Repertoire de bibliographies speciales. Paris, 

1810. 8°, 
Peirce, Benj., b. 1778, d. 1831, Libr. of Harvard 
College. History of Harvard University. 
Camb., 1833. 8°. 

— Oration, Salem, July 4. Salem, 1812. 8". (B415) 

— Catalogue. See Harvard College (p. 1349-50). 
Peirce. See also Pearce ; — Pierce. 

Peirce, Benj., b. 1809, professor in Harvard College. 
Elementary treatise on plane and solid geom- 
etry. Boston, 1841. 12°. 

— Elementary treatise on plane geometry, printed 

for the blind. Boston, 1840. 4°. 

— Address on retiring from the duties of President of 

the Amer. Assoc, for Adv. of Science. 1853. n.t.p. 
8°. (B1583) 

— Certain methods of determining the number of real 

roots of equations, applicable to transcendental as 
well as to algebraic equations. {In Amer. Assoc. 
Proc, V. 1. 1849.) — Connection of comets with the 
solar system. — Relation between the elastic curve 
and the motion of the pendulum. — Mathematical 
investigation of the fractions which occur in phyllo- 
taxis. (In v. 2. 1850.) — Constitution of Saturn's 
ring. — Report of the committee upon Prof. Mitchel's 
system of astron. observations. {In v. 5. 1851.) — 
Account of Longstreth's lunar formula. {In v. 6. 
1852.) — Address before the Amer. Assoc, for Adv. 
of Sci., 185.3, 54. {In v. 7. 1856.) — Address on re- 
tiring from the office of president. {In v. 8. 1855.) 
— Catenary on the vertical right cone. — Method of 
determining longitudes by occultations of the Plei- 
ades. — Motion of a heavy body on the circumfer- 
ence of a circle which rotates uniformly about a 
vertical axis. — Partial multipliers of differential 
equations. — Researches in analytic morphology. — 
Resistance to the motion of the pendulum. — Solu- 
tion of the Adams prize problem for 1857. — Trans- 
formation of curves. {In v. 9. 1856.) — Communi- 
cation of vibrations. {In v. 16. 1868.) 

— Latitude of the Cambridge observatory, determined 

from transits of stars over the prime vertical, obs. 
Dec. 1844, and Jan. 1845, by W. C. Bond and J. D. 
Graham, (/n Amer. Acad. Mem., n.s., v. 2. 1846.) 

— Letter. {In Smithsonian Inst. Six. 1855. E 123) 

— Reports. See U. S. Coast survey 1869-70. 

— On the Saturnian system. {In Nat. Acad, of Sci. 

Mem., V. 1. 1866.) 
Peirce, Rev. Bradford Kinney. A half century 
with juvenile delinquents ; or. The N. Y. 
House of Refuge. N. Y., 1869. 8" 

— Trials of an inventor; life of Ch. Goodyear. 

N. Y., [1866]. 160. 

Peirce, Charles. Arts and sciences abridged. 2d 
ed. Portsmouth, 1811. 12°. 

Peirce, Charles Saunders. On an improvement in Boole's 
'Calculus of logic'. — Natural classification of ar- 
guments. — Logic of mathematics. — Logical com- 
prehension and extension. {In Amer. Acad. Proc, 
v. 7. 1868.) 

— and Noyes, J. B. Shakesperian pronunciation. {In 

N. Amer. rev., v. 98. 1864.) 
Peirce, Cyrus. On reading. {In Amer. Inst, of Instr. 
Lect. 1843.) 

— May, S. J. Memoir of C. Pierce. Hartford, 1857. 8". 

(B 1459) 

Peirce, I. B. Oration before the Hycarpedian Society, 
July 4. Prov., 1808. 8°. (B 1006) 

Peirce, James. Animadversions upon 'A true re- 
lation of proc. at Salters-Hall'; added, a letter to J. 
Eveleigh. London, 1719. 8°. (B 107, 1865) 

— Answer to Entry's 'Defence of the proceedings of the 

assembly at Exon'. London, 1719. 8°. (B 108) 

— Catechism of the principles of the Christian religion. 

n.p., [17— ]. 8°. (B664) 

— The curse causeless; sermon, Exon, Jan. 30, 1716/7. 

3d ed. London, 1717. 8». (B 327) 

Same. 2d ed. London, 1717. 8°. (B 107) 

Same. 5th ed. London, 1717. 8°. (B 29) 

Same. 6th ed. Boston, 1728. 8". (B 135) 

— Defence of the dissenting ministry and Presbyterian 

ordination ; an answer to 'The conduct of Mr. Peirce 
examined'. Part 2. London, 1717. 8". (B 106, 107) 

— Fifteen sermons on several occasions ; and a 

scriptural catechism. London, 1728. 8°. 

— Justification of the case of the ministers ejected at 

Exon, and of the defence of it; a reply to the 'De- 
fence of the account', ete. London, 1719. 8°. (B108) 

— Letter to a subscribing minister in defence of the "Ani- 

madversions upon 'A true relation of some proc. at 
Salters-Hall'". London, 1719. 8°. (B 1865) 

— Letter to Dr. Bennet cone, the non-jurors separation, 

etc. London, 1717. 8°. (B 107) 

— Same. 2d ed. London, 1717. 8». (B 101) 

— 2d letter to J. Eveleigh in answer to his 'Sober reply', 

etc. Exon., 1719. 8". (B 1865) 

— The loyalty, integrity, and ingenuity of High Church 

and the Dissenters compared; occasioned by a pam- 
phlet of Mr. Jackman. London, 1719. 8°. (B 107) 

— Paraphrase of and notes on St. Paul to the 

Colossians, Philippians, and Hebrews ; an- 
nexed. Diss, on [six] texts of Scripture. 
London, 1727. 4°. 

— Plain Christianity defended ; [in four parts]. Parti, 

2. Answer to 'Arius detected and confuted', etc. 
Part 3, 4. Answer to Moore's 'Calm defence of the 
deity of Christ'. London, 1719, 20. 8°. (B 108) 

— Propositions rel. to the controversy cone, the Trinity; 

letter to J. Enty. London. 1720. 8°. (B 108) 

— Remarks upon the account of what was transacted in 

the assembly at Exon. London, 1719. 8°. (B 107) 

— The security of truth without the assistance of perse- 

cution or scurrility; an answer to Enty's 'Truth and 
liberty consistent and maintained'. London, 1721. 
8°. (B108) 

— Tractate on church music, being an extract from [his] 

'Vindication of the Dissenters'. London, 1786. 8". 
(B 126, 127, 200, 240) 

— Usefulministry, An, a validone; sermon, Exon, May 5. 

2d ed. London, 1714. 8°. (B 1861) 

Same. 2d ed. London, 1714. 8°. (B 27) 

Same. 3d ed. London, 1714. 8°. (B 29) 

— Vindiciae fratrum dissentientium in Anglia adv. 

G. Nicholsii defensionem ecclesiae Anglicanae 
pars prima. Londini, 1710. 8°. 

— The western Inquisition ; a relation of the controversy 

among the Dissenters in the west of England. Lon- 
don, 1720. 8°. (B 108) 

— Enty, J. Defence of the proc. of the Assembly at 

Exon, a reply to P.'s 'Remarks on those proc' Lon- 
don, 1719. 8°. (B 109) 

Truth and liberty consistent, a farther defence. 

London, 1720. 8°. (B 109) 

— Eveleigh, J. Account of the reasons why many citi- 

zens of Exon have withdrawn from the ministry of 
J. HalletandJ.P. 2ded. London, 1719. 8°. (B109) 

Sober reply to P.'s angry letter. 2d ed. London, 

1719. 8" (B 1865) 

— Letter to P., in answer to his "Animadversions on 

the 'True rel. of some proceed, at Salters-Hall' ". 
London, 1719. 8°. (B 1865) 

— Funeral sermon on. 1726. See Hallet, J. 

Peirce, J.ames Mills. Biography of C. R. Lowell. (In 
Higginson, T. W. Harvard mem. biog., v. 1. 1866.) 
'Peirce, Oliver Beale. Grammar of the English 
language. N. Y., 1839. 12°. 

Peiresc, Nicolas Claude Fabre de. Lettres. {In Schelhom, 
J. Or. Amojn. lit., v. 3. 1730.) 

Peirson. See also Pearson ; — Pierson. 





Pelnon, Abel Lawrence. Pathology of croup. — Remarks 

on puerperal fever, (/n Mass. Med. Soc. Med. 

comra., V. 5. 1836.) — Fractures. (/« v. 6. 1842.) — 

Biographical notice of P. (/n v. 8. 1854.) 
Peirson, Mrs. Lvdia Jane. Forest minstrel ; ed. 

by B. S. Schneck. Phila.. 1846. 12°. 
Peisistratus. M.,F. (/n Ai> Stenunata Atheniensia. 1837.) 
Paisley, Mary. Letter to W. Brown. Phila., 1825. 8'. (B 

Peissner, Elias. American question in its national 

aspect ; reply to H. R. Helper's 'Impending 

crisis'. N. Y., 1861. 12° 
Pekatonica. Bracken, C, and PARKmsON, P. Peka- 

tonica battle controversy, (/n Wisconsin State 

Hist. Soc. Col., V. 2. 1856.) 
Peking or Pekin. Attiret, J. D. Account of 

the Emp. of China's gardens near Pekin ; tr. by Sir 

H. Beaumont. {In Dodsley, R. Fugit. pieces. 1761.) 

— Fortune, R. Yeddo and Peking ; a journey. 

London, 1863. 8°. 

— GuiGNES, L. J. de. Voyage a Peking, etc., 

1784-1801, Paris, 1808. 3 v. 8° anrf Atlas f. 

— Lance, L. de. Residence at Pekin in 1721-22. (In 

Bell, J. Travels from St. Petersbnrgh, v. 2. 1788.) 

— Pantoia, D. de. Letter written in P., 1602. (/» 

Forchais. Pilgrimes, v. 3. 1625.) 

— Rexxie, D. F. Peking and the Pekingese. 

London, 1865. 2 v. 8°. 
Pelage, ou Leon et les Asturies sauves du joug des 

Mahometans ; par F. P. Paris, 1826. 8° 
Pelagia, Ste. Jacobcs diaconun, St. La vie de P. (/» 

Arnauld d'Andilly, R. Vies des saints, v. 1. 1716.) 
Pelagianism. AccrsTiNus, A., St. Libri contra 

Pelagianos. (In hU Opera, v. 7. 1635.) 

— Daniel, G. Histoire du concile de Palestine on de 

Diospolis, dans leqnel le Pelagianisme fut condamne. 
(In hU Rec. des divers onvr., v. 1. 172i.) 

— HIERONYMUS SOPHRONIUS, E. Adv. Pelagianos. (/« 

Am Opera, v. 1. 1609.) 

— WiGGERs, G. F. Darstellung des Augustinis- 

mus und Pelagianismus nach ihrer geschicht- 

lichen Entwickelung. Hamb., 1833. 8°. 
Pelagius CambrienHii. V^oyage into .lEgypt and Syria, 

390. (In Haklnyt, R. Col. of voy., v. 2. 1810.) 
Felagins, heretic, 5th cent. Vossius, G. J. Hist, de con- 

troversiis quas Pelagius ejasque reliquiae movemot. 

(In hU Opera, v. 6. 1701.) 
Pelagius, St., martyred 864. Ragcel. Vita vel passio P. 

— Officilm in diem S. Pelagii. (In Florez, H. Es- 

pana eagrada, v. 23. 1767.) 
Pelagius (^pan. Pelayo), Bp. of Otitdo, fl. 1124. Chroni- 

con. (In Florez, H. Espana sagrada, v. 14. 1758.) 
Pelagius, Porcupinus, psend. The causidicade; poem. 

4th ed. London, 1743. 4". (A 46) 
Pelart, Francois. Reise nach den Sudlandcrn. (In Allge- 

meine Hist., v. 12. 1754.) 
YelSkjo, King of Leon. Irving, W. Legend of Pelayo. (In 

his Span, papers, v. 1. 1866.) 
Pelayo; tragedia por M. J. QuinUna. (In his Obras. 1852; 

V. 19 of Aribau. Bibl.; — and in Ochoa, E. de. 

Tes. del teatro esp., v. 5. 1838; — ond Col. de piezas 

escog. 1840.) 
Pelby, Wm. Letters on the Tremont theatre. Boston, 

1830. 8». (B 942, 1794) 
Pelegrini, D. Graphic history of Louis xti. and 

the royal family. London, 1806. f. 
P61erin, Le; par S. C*******. (In Biblioth. nniv. des 

romans, Kouv., v. 75. 1803.) 
Pelet, Auguste. Catalogue du Musee de Nimes ; 

notice hist, sur la Maison-Carree; biog. de 

Sigalon. oe ed. augm. Nimes, 1853. 8°. 
Pelet, Gen. Jean Jacques Germain. Mcmoires sur 

le guerre de 1809 en ATlemagne. Paris, 
1824-26. 4 V. 8°. 
Pelet de la Lozfere, Jean, comte. Precis de I'his- 

toire des Etats Unis d'Amer. Paris, 1845. 8°. 
Peletier, Jacques. Niceron, J. P. (In his Mem., v. 21. 

173:5; and. Germ., v. 16. 1758.) 
Pelew Islands. Keate, G. Account of the P. Is. 
from journals, etc., of H. Wilson, efc, who, 
1783, were shipwrecked in the Antelope. 
2d ed. London, 1788. 4". 

Same, abridged. (In Shipwrecks, v. 3. 1812.) 

— Murray, H. Shipwreck of the Antelope, 1783; with 

ace. of the Pelew Is. (In Constable's miscel., v. 1. 

Pelgrom ar Pelegromias, Simon. Synonymorum 

sylva ; e Belgarum sermone in Anglicanum 

transfusa per H. F. Londini, 1650. S". 
Pelham, Edward. See Pellham, £. 
Pelham, Henry. Coxe, W. Memoirs of the ad- 
ministration of H. Pelham. London, 1829. 

2 V. 4°. 
Pelham, Thomas. Speech. (In Speeches of the managers 

in the trial of Hastings, v. 1. 1859.) 
Pelham, William. System of notation. Boston, 

1808. 12°. 
Pelham, X-IT. Chltsch, J. H. Instances of longevity in 

Pelham since 1798. (In N. H. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 2. 

Pelham ; by Sir E. Bulwer Lytton. London, 

1828. 2 V. 12°. 

— Same. Lpz., Tauchnitz, 1842. 16°. 
Pelhrzimow, N. de. Chronicon Taboritarum. See Lnka- 

vecz, J. de. 
Pell, Sir Albert. "Woolrych, H. W. (In his Lives of 

eerjeants-at-law, v. 2. 1869.) 
Pell, Ferris. Review of the administration and civil police 

of N. Y., 1807-19. N. Y., 1819. 8°. (B 544) 
Pell, George H. Outline of a plan of a national currency 

not liable to fluctuations in value. London, 1840. 8*. 

(B U52) 
Pell, John. Easter not mis-timed. London, 1664. 4°. (B8) 
Fellat, Charles August. Traduction du livre vil des Pan- 

dectes accom. d'un commentaire, prec. d'un expose 

des principes gen. du droit de propriete, efc. Paris, 

1837. 8". (B 1859) 

Adte. "The 'traduction' is wanting. 
PeU6, Clement. Angleterre. See Galibert, L. 
Pellegrini, Camillo. Apparato alle anticbit^ di Capua, o 

vero discorsi della Campania. (In Gravier, C. 

Raccolta di tutti scr., v. 20, 21. 1771, 72.) 

— II carafa, ovvero Dell' epica poesia, dialogo. (In 

Tasso, T. Opere, v. 2. 1735.) 

— Historia principum Langobardorum. — De veteri sig- 

iiiticatu vocis Portae. — De origine antiqnae famiUsd 
di Colimenta. — Dissertationes de Campania Felice. 
(In Grsevins. Thes. antiq. Ital., v. 9, pt. 1,2. 1723.) 

— Historia principum Langobardorum. (In MoratorL 

Rer. Ital. scr., v. 2, 5. 1723, 25.) 

— Ariosto, O. Risposte ad alcuni laoghi del Dialogo 

dell' epica poesia. (In Tasso, T. Opere, v. 3. 17^; 
v. 10. 1824.) — Oddi, N. degli. Dialogo in difesa de 
P. (In V. 2. 1735.) 

Pellegrini. Giui-iari, B., conte. CappeUa Pelle- 
grini nella chiesa di S. Bernardino di Vero^. 
architettura di M. Sanmicheli. Verona^ 
1816. f°. 

Pelleprat, Pierre. Relation des missions de la 

Compagnie de Jesus dans les isles et dans la 

terre ferme de i'Amerique Meridionale. 

Paris, 1655. 8°. 

Ifote. Appended to this, with separate title-page and 

paging, is 'Introd. k la langue des Oalibis' by P. 

— Same. (In Voyage et travaux des missionnaires de 

la Compagnie de Jesus, v. 1. 1857.) 
Pellerin, Joseph. Recueil de medaiUcs de rois. 
Paris, 1762. 4° 

— Recueil de medailles de peuples et de viUes. 

Paris, 1763. 3 v. 4°. 

— Melanges de diverses medailles, suppl. aux Re- 

cueils de med. Paris, 1765. 2 v. 4°. 

— Supplement aux six volumes de Rec. de med. 

Paris, 1765-67. 4 v. 4°. 

— Lettres de I'auteur de Rec. de med. Paris, 

1770. 8°. 

— Additions aux neuf vol. des Rec. de med. 

Paris, 1778. 4°. 

Pellet, Stephen, JI.D. Constitutional aids; progress of 
taxation, with a new plan of finance. (In Pam- 
phleteer, 1817 ; v. 9 of B 838) 

Pelletan, Pierre Clement Eugene. Adresse au roi 
coton. Paris, 1863. 8°. 

— Droits de I'homme. Paris, 1858. 8". 




— Heures de travail. Paris, 1854. 2 v. 8°. 

— Histoire de Paris. {In Paris guide, le ptie. 1867.) 

— Du mouvement cooperatif international. Paris, 

1867. 8°. 

— La nouvelle Babylone. 2e ed. Paris, 1863. 8°. 

— Proudhon etses CEUvres. (/« Revue d. D. Mondes, jan. 

Pellew, Edward, 1st Viscount Exmouth. Osler, E. 

Life of Lord Exmouth. London, 1835. 8°. 
Pellew, George. Life and correspondence of H. 

Addington, first Vise. Sidmouth. London, 

1847. 3 V. 8°. 
Pellham. See also Pelham. 
Pellbam, Edward. God's power in the preservation, etc., 

of eight men in Greenland, 1630. {In Harris, J. 

Col. of voy., V. 2. 1705; — Churchill, O. and J. 

Col. of voy., V. 4. 1745; — and in White, A. Col. 

of doc. 1855. Hakluyt 8oc.) 
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Dante Alighieri. 2a ed. Firenze, 1823. 8°. 
Pellicanus (properly Kuerschner), Konrad. Niceron, J. P. 

{In his Mem., v. 29. 1734.) 
Pelliccia, Alessio Aurelio. De Christianse eccle- 

siae primse, mediae, et novissimae aetatis politia. 

Ed. nova. Tom. 1, 2, cura J. I. Ritteri ; 3, 

cura J. W. J. Braunii. Col. a. JR., 1829-38. 

3 V. 8°. 
Pellicer de Salas y Tobar, Joseph. El Fenlx y su 

historia natural en 22 exercitationes. Ma- 
drid, 1630, 8°. 

— Avisos historicos de Espana desde 1639. {In Valla- 

dares, A. Seman., v. 31-33. 1790.) 
Pellicer y Saforcada, Juan Antonio. Ensayo de 

una bibliotheca de traductores espanoles. 

Madrid, 1778. 8°. 
Pellico, Silvio. Francesca da Rimini. Boston, 

1865. 8°. 

— Francesca da Rimini. — Rosilde. — Adello. — Ebelino. 

— Ildogarde. — Aroldo e Clara. — La mia gioventu. 

— I parent! . — Le passioni. — Saluzzo. — La bene- 
ficenza. — Le sale di Ricovero. {In Poeti ital. 
conterap. 1843.) 

— Life of Marchesa G, Falletti ; [tr.] by Lady G. 

Fullerton. London, 1866. 8°. 

— Le mie prigioni ; My imprisonments, by T. 

Roscoe. [In Ital. and Eng.] Parigi. 1837. 8". 

— Eng. Tr, by T. Roscoe. N. Y., 1833, 12". 

— Same. [ C, E.Norton.] Camb,, 1836. 12°. 

— Maroncelli, p. Additions to 'My prisons'. 

Camb., 1836. 12°. 

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de I'equitation. 3e ed. Paris, 1858. 8°. 

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don, 1696. 8°. 

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Fran§., avec remarques, additions, et une 
contin., 1652 - 1700, par I'abbe d'Olivet. 
Paris, 1729. 2 v. 4°. 

— Same. 2e ed. Paris, 1730. 2 v. 12°. 

— Same. Avec introd. et notes, par C, L, Livet, 

Paris, 1858, 2 v. 8°, 

— NiCERON, J. p. {In his Mem., v. 2. 1727; and, Germ., 

v. 3. 1750.) 
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des Gaulois et des Gerraains. La Haye, 
1750. 2 V. 12°. 

— Same. Nouv. ed. rev., cor., et aug. par Chi- 

niac. Paris, 1771. 2 v. 4°. 

— Sur un passage de Pomponius Mela. {In Berlin, 

Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 1745,) — Sur un passage 
des commentaires de Jules Cesar de Bello Galileo. 
{In 1749.) — Sur I'origlne des Romains. {In 
1751.) — Abrege de la vie de Bogislas x due de 
Pomeranje. {/n 1753.) — Discours sur I'exped. de 
Cyrus contre les Scythes. {Iti v. 10. 1754.) — 
Eloge de P. {In 1767.) 

Pelly, George. Report of the case of G, Pelly vs. R. 

Charlton. Honolulu, [1844?]. 8°. (B 1446) 
Pelopidas. Nepos, C. {In his Vitae; and, Eng., Lives,) 

— Plutarchus. {Inhis Vitae; and, Eng., Lives.) 
P^lopides, Les; tragedie. See Voltaire, F. M, A. de, 
Peloponnesian War, Thucydides, De Bello 

Peloponnesiaco, [431-411 A.c.]. See Thucydides. 

— YoRKE, P,, Earl of Hardwicke, and others. 

Athenian letters ; correspondence during 
the Peloponnesian War, [b,c. 427-420]. 
London, 1798. 2 v. 4°. 
Peloponnesus. See ^gina ; — Argoa ; — Elis ; — Morea ; — 

Pelouze, Eug6ne. Usines k gaz. {In France. Com. Imp. 

de I'Expos. de 1867. Rapports, v. 8.) 
Pelouze, Theophile Jules, and Fremy, E. Traite 
de chimie. 3e ed. Paris, 1860-64, 16 v, in 
7 pts. 8°. 
Contents. Vol, 1-3, Chimie inorganique. 4, 5, 6, 
Chimie organique. 
Pelouzes. Kip, L. {In his Army life on the Pacific. 1859.) 
Pelplin. Annales Pelplinenses, {In Hirsch, T. Script. 

rer. Pruss., v. 1. 1851.) 
Pelsart, Coj9<. Francis. Voyage to Australasia. (/« Har- 
ris, J, Col. of voy., v. 1. 1764.) 
Jfbte. For other accounts of this voy, see Callander, 
J. Terra Australis, v. 2. 1768 ; — Pinkerton, J. Col. of 
voy., V. 11. 1812. — Major, R. H. Early voy, to Terra 
Australis. 1859. 

— Shipwreck of Pelsart, K1NG8I.EY, H, (/« his Tales 

of old travel. 1869.) 

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nian Inst. Report, 1867.) 

Peltier, Jean Charles Athanase. Peltier, F, A. Memoir 
of P, {In Smithsonian Inst, Report, 1867.) 

Peltier, Jean Gabriel. Fragments sur la campagne 
de Russie ; extr. de I'Arabigu. Paris, 1814. 8°. (0 89) 

— Paris, pendant les annees 1795-1801. Londres, 

1795-1801, 31 V, 8°. 
See also Ambigu, L', 

Peltier, M. Catalogue of his library, sold Dec, 19, Lon- 
don, 1803, 8°. (B 1621) 

Peltier, O phi r. Travail et paresse, (/n Litt6ratare cana- 
dienne de 1850-60, v. 2.) 

Peluse, Gaspard, comte de. See Monge, G., comte. 

Pelvis. DoERiNG, W. L. De pelvi eiusque per animan- 
tium regnum metamorphosi, diss, inaug. Berol., 
[17—]. 4". (A 63) 

— BiRKETT, J. Injuries of the pelvis. {In Holmes, T. 

System of surg., v. 2. 1861.) 

Pelzeln, August von. Vogel. Wien, 1865. 4°. 
(Novara. Reise, zool, Th,, v, 1, no, 2,) 

Pemaquid, Me. Hough, F. B,, ed. Papers relat- 
ing to P. Albany, 1856. 8°. 
Same. {In Maine Hist. Soc. Col., v. 5. 1857.) 

— Groton, N, Account of P, (In Maine Hist. Soc, 

Col., v. 2. 1847,) — Thornton, J. W. Histor, re- 
view of ancient P. {In v. 6. 1857.) 

— Vinton, J, A, History of P, (/n Ais Giles memorial. 

Pember, E. H, England and India, {In International 

policy. 1866.) 
Pemberton, Lieut. Col. Christopher Peach (pseud. 

Leo), The scapegoat. From the 2d Eng. ed. 

Phila., 1871 [1870]. 12°. 
Pemberton, Christopher Robert. Oratio in theatro 

Collegii Reg. Medicinae Lond, Londini, 

1807. 4°. 

— Treatise on diseases of the abdominal viscera. 

London, 1807. 8°. 
Pemberton, Eben*zer, d. 1717. Discourse, ordin- 
ation of J. Bewail, Boston, Sept. 16, 1713. (In 
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yote. These three are from the Philosophical 

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See also Maryland Penitentiary ; — N. Y. Pen- 
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Content*. Vol. 1. Life. — Troth exalted, in a testi- 
mony against those religions formed in the darkness of 
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■with her open face ; apology to 'The sandy foundation'. 

— Letter of love to the young convinced. — The people's 
ancient and just liberties asserted, in the trial of W. 
Penn and W. M. Page. — The Christian Quaker and 
his divine testimony vindicated. — General rule of faith 
and practice. 2. Xo cross, no crown. — Treatise of 
oaths. 3. Case of liberty of conscience defended by 
the authority of reason, etc. — Season.ible caveat against 
Popery. — The proposed comprehension considered. — 
Letter to the Council and Senate of Erabden. — Wisdom 
justified of her children, from the ignorance of H. Hally- 
well. — England's present interest considered. — Letter 
to the Princess and Countess of Hertford, in Germany. 

— Summons or call to Christendom. — Tender advice to 
those who are sensible of the day of their visitation. — 
Travels in Holland and Germiiny. 4. Address to 
Protestants for the promotion of virtue and charity. — 
Saul smitten to the ground ; narrative of the dying re- 
morse of M. Hide. — Epistle to the children of light. — 
England's great interest in the choice of a new Pari. — 
One project for the good of Eng. ; that is, our civil anion 
is our civil safety. — Brief examination and state of lib- 
erty spiritual. — General description of Pennsylvania. — 
Persuasive to moderation to Dissenters. — Advice to the 
Church of Eng., Koman Catholick and Protestant Dis- 
senter. — Just measures ; epistle of peace to professors 
of truth. — Athenians no noble Bereans. 5. Key, 
opening the way to distinguish the religion of the Qua- 
kers, etc. — Reply to a pretended answer, by a nameless 
auth., to P.'s 'Key'. — Keflections and maxims rel. to the 
conduct of human life. — Brief account of the rise and 
progress of the Quakers. — Primitive Christianity re- 
vived. — Testimony to the truth of God. — Defence of a 
paper intitled 'Gospel truths'. — Advice of \V. Penn to 
his children rel. to their civil and religious conduct. 

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to his departure from England for this country. 
{In V. 3, pt. 2. 1836.) — Letters to the Indians. (In 
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Another copy. (B 1611) 

and Fisher, J. F. Memoir on the treaty 

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JVbto. From Penn. Hist. Soc. Mem., v. 3, pt. 2. 1836. 
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treatise of Oiiths subscribed by a jury of twelve 
Quiikers, W. Penn [and others]. London, 1676. 4*. 
(0 284) 

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Select works, v. 1. 1781.) 

Phh-adelphia. Citizens. Proceedings of a 

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Duponceau]. Pliila., 1824. 8°. 
Another > opy. (B 1611) 

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brought by hiiiturians against P. both as a man and 
as a political governor. (/» Penn. Hist. Soc Mem., 
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between P. and the Indian iniiivcs in 1632. {In 
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July 4, 1786 - Feb. 6, 1789. 16. Feb. 7, 1789 - Dec. 23, 


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claim to lands in P. Phila., 1774. 8° 

- - Other copies. (B 366, 1701) 

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to the contested lands lying west of N. York. New 
Haven, 1774. 8". (B 585) 


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iSee also New Sweden. 


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See also New Sweden. 


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Brief view of the conduct of Pa. for 1765, 

partic. the expedition under Braddock ; 2d 
letter to a friend in London. Lond., 1756. 8° 

- - Another copy. (B 742) 

- ANSwERto"Brief state of the province of P.' London, 

1755. 8°. (B 742, 922) 

- True and impartial state of the province of P. ; 

answer to 'Brief state' and 'Brief view'. 
Phila., 1759. 8°. 

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Miiy 24, on a petition praying for a change of gov- 
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Same. {In Moore, F. Amer. eloquence, v. 1. 1864.) 

- Galloway, J. Speech in answer to J. Dickinson, 

May 24, on a petition for a royal, in liew of a pro- 
prietary government. Phila., 1764. 8°. (B 473)' 

colony and state. 

Description and History. 

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for the Commemoration of the Landing of 
Penn, Oct. Phila., 1832. 8". 

- Another copy. (B 1611) 

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Pennsylvania, [1631-1842]. Phila., 1857. 
2 V. 8". 

PENN. (Descr. and Hist.) 


FENN. (Banks) 


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Hartford. 1842. 8°. 
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Harrisburg, [1863]-66. 4 v. 8° 

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a etatement of certain banks. Harriisburg, 1332. 8°. 

- - Report of the several railroad companies, Jan. 

16. Harrisburg, 1862. 8°. 

- - Report on the finances for 1826. Harrisburg, 1826. 8*. 


- - Reports of the banks and savings inst. for 

1862. Harrisburg, 1863. 8°. 

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and railroad. Harrisburg, 1830. S". (B 1717) 

- - Reports, 1836, 38. Harrisburg, 1836-38. 

2v. 8". 

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punishments and prison discipline. 2d ed. Phila., 
18-28. 8". (B 12, 928, W 132) 

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held with the Ohio Indians. Carlisle, Oct. 1753; re- 
port of R. Peters. I. Xorris, and B. Franklin. [1753.] r. (A 24) 

- Contention, 1790. Constitution. {In Penn. Conven- 

tion of 1838. Amendmente. 1838.) 

■ - Lezat, a. Qu'est-ce que la constitution de '93? con> 

stitution de Mass. [comp. avec celle de Peon.]. 
Paris, an III [1794]. o". (B 731) 

■ Contention, 1838. Amendments to the constitotion of 

Penn. proposed. Phila., 1838. 8'. (B 1497) 

• Contention on the Constitution of the U. S. 

Debates on the constitution proposed for 
the U. S. Vol, 1. PhQa., 1788. 8°. 

• Controllers of Public Schools. Ist annual report. 

Phila., 1819. 8*. (B 449, 1036) — 4th. 1822. {B1041) 
— oth, 6th. 18-23, 24. 2 v. (B 1036) — 7th. 1825. (B 
1041) — 8th. 18-26. (B 950, 1036; — 10th, 11th. 18-28, 
29. (B 950) — l-2th. 1S30. (B 1042) — 14th. 1832. 
(B 1049) 
Cowicil of Censors. Jotimal, Nov. 10, 1783 
[-Sept. 25, 1784]. Phila., 1783. f. 

• Eastern State Pefiitentiary. 1st, 2d annual reports. 

Phila., 1831. 8*. (B 1783) 
General Assembly. Act for establishing a 
Health office, Jan. 29. Phila, 1818. 8' (B 1560) 

■ - Act to incorporate the Ohio River Improvement Com- 

pany. Phila., 1855. 8". (B 1605) 

• - Addresses on the death of R. R. Reed in Sen. 

and Ho. of Reps, of Penn., Jan. 4. Harris- 
burg, 1865. 4°. 

• - Debates and proc. on the memorials praying a repeal 

of the law annulling the charter of theBank [of N. 
America]. Phila., 1786. 8'. (B 630, 640, 2512) 

■ - Laws enacted in the 2d sitting of the •2d Gen. Assem.. 

Lancaster, Feb. 18, 1778. n.p., [1778]. 8*. (W 58) 

• - Laws ; pub. by T. M. Thompson. Vol. 6, 7. 

Octoraro, 1804-06, 2 v, 8°, 

- Sayne'. Vol. 7 (repub.), 8. Phila., 1806-08. 

2 v. 8°. 

- Legislative documents, session 2d Jan, Har- 

risburg, 1855. 8°. 

■ - Titles of acts, session 1830, 31. Pennsylvania re- 

porter, extra, Apr. 5, 1831. n.t.p. [183-.] 8". (B1854) 

- Committee on Libels. [Report.] n.t.p. [1806.] 8*. 


• - Committee [on] the ifemorial of D. B. Conuningham. 

[Report.] n f.p. [18— .] S'. (B 661) 

• - Committee [on] the Petition of Inhabitants North 

and West of the Ohio, etc. [Report.] n.t.p. [18-?] 
8'. (B661) 

- Committee [on] the Petition of Inhabitants of Budta 

Co., etc. [Report] n.<.p. [180-?] 8». (B 661) 

- - Committee on the Employment of Corrupt Means 

by the Banks to Influence the Action of the 
Legislature. Report, n.t.p. [1842.] 8°. 

- - Committee on Ways and Means. [Report.] n.t.p. 

[1807.] 8r (B 661) 

- - Memorial. Dix, D. L. Memorial soliciting a state 

hospital for the insane. Harrisburg. 1845. 8*. (B 

- - Republicans. Address to the Democratic citizens on 

the presidential election. Phila., 1812. 8°. (B 986) 
See also Coixjsv (Archives); — Provincial 
CouncU (p. 2284). 

- Governor. Letter and documents from [T. Miffin] 

resp. the arrival In the ports of the U. 8. of French 
inhabiUnts of the West Indies. {In IT. S. Pre*. 
Message. 1798. 5th Cong. 2d sess. B 482) 
--Speech [of T. McKean]. n.t.p. [1808.] 8*. (B469) 

- - Brief history of the proposed impeachments of the 

Gov. of P. [T. M'Kean, with his] message of Jan. 
28. Lancaster, 1808. 8°. (B 407) 

- - Message [by J. A. Shuize]. Harrisburg, 18-26. 8*. 


- - Reports of the heads of departments to the 

Governor, 1847-54. Harrisburg, 1848-55. 
8 V. 8". 

Xote. For the year 1853 the title reads Execu- 
tive documents; reports, etc. 

■ House of Representatives. Debate on Holgate's reso- 

lutions rel. to the Bank of the U. S. n.p., [1811]. 8* 

• - Dissent of the minority of the House from the ad- 

dress to the President of the U. 8. n.p., 1798. 8*. 

- - Journal. Vol. 2. Harrisburg, 1852. 8". 

• - Committee of Ways and Means. Report rel. to the 

finances. Harrisburg, 1S3I. 8°. (B 1854) 

- - Committee on Roads and Inland Navigation. [Re- 

port.] n.t.p. [180-?] 8*. (B661) 

- - Committee on the Debtor's Apartment of the Arch 

St. Prison. Report, Mr. Gibbon chairman. Har- 
risburg, 1833. 8*'. (B 1546) 

• - Committee on the Governor's Message rel. to the 

Case of G. Olmstead. Report, np., f 178-1. 8* 
(B971) *- L J . 

• - Committee [on] the Suit of G. Olmstead and Others vs. 

E. Sarger-nt and E. Waters. Report, n.p., [18011. 
v. (B1437) 

■ - Select Committee rel. to the Soldier^s National Ceme- 

tery. Iteport, Mar. 31. Harrisburg, 1864. 8*. fB 

• - Same, revised. Harrisburg, 1865. 8°. 

Military Department. Annual report, 1864. 
Harrisburg, 1865. 8". 

• Reserve Corps. See History (p. 2286). 

• Secretary of State. Letter rel. to the late malignant 

fever. Phila., 1798. 8". (B1076) 

- 2d, 4th report on the geological exploratio n 
of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, 1838-40. 
2 T, 8». 

Senate. Select Committee [on] the Cause of an 
Armed Force being brought to the Capital, 
Report, June 1839, -with report of the mi- 
nority and the testimony. Harrisb., 1839. 8°, 

Siuperintendent of Schools. Common school 
laws, with decisions of the Superintendent, 
T. H. Burrowes. Harrisburg, 1862. 8°. 

-Penn. school architecture; [by] T. H, Bur- 
rowes. Harrisburg, 1855. 8°, 

Supreme Court. Report of the judges [on the Eng- 
lish statutes which are in force in P.]. Phila., 1808. 
8*. (B412) 

Supreme Executive Council. See Provincial Council 
(p. 2284). 


Aldex, T. Antiquities and cariosities of western 
Pennsylvania. {In Amer. Antiq. Soc Trans . 
V. 1. 1820.) 

Baird, 8. F. On the bone caves of Penn. {In Amer 
Assoc. Proc, V. 2. 1850.) 

See Auditor General; — Gen. Asemb., Com. on the 
Employment, etc.; — also Bank of Penn. (p. 199), 

PENN. (Boundary) 




■ Maryland. Governor. Message tranFinitfing 

reports of the commissioners and of Lt. Col. 
Graham [on] the intersection of the boun- 
dary lines of Md,, Penn., and Delaware. 
Wash., I80O. 8°. 
• Pennsylvania Land Co. Important statement rel. 
to the invalidity of tlie preteiitioiiB formerly made 
upon tlie Penn. lands by t)ie unincorporated com- 
piinies of Conn, claimants: [by Tench Coxe, Secre- 
tary], n.t.p. [1801.] 8°. (B585) 


- Historical account of the rise, progrepp, and present 

state of canal navigation in Penn. Phila., 1795. 8°. 
(B 651, W 58) 

See alHO Canal Commissioners (p. 2285) ; — In- 
ternal improvement. 


- Cbetecceuh, J. H. St. J. Vovage dans la 

haute P., [1785-96?]. Paris, 'iSOl. 3 v. 8». 

- Scott, J. Geographical account of P., 1800. 

Phila., 1806. 18", 

- Moore, S. S., and Jones, T. W. Traveller's 

directory from Philadelphia to N. York and 
"Washington. 2d ed. Phila., 1804. 8°. 

- Johnson, C, B., M.D. Letters from the British 

settlement in P., [1818]. Phila., 1819. 12° 

- ROBKRTS, S. W. On the topog. of P. and Ohio, etc., 

[1848]. {In Amer. Assoc. Proc, v. 1. 1849.) 

- BowEN, E. Pictorial sketch-book of Penn. 

Phila., 1853. 8°. 
See also Alleghany City ; — Fairmount Park ; — 
New Jersey Central Railroad ; — Philadelphia ; — 
Pittsburgh ; — Susquehanna River. 


- Howell, R. Map. London, 1792. (E 68) 

- HtTCHiNS, T. New map of the western parts of Vir- 

ginia, Penn., ftc. London, 1778. (E 68) 

- Tourist's pocket map of P. Phila., S. A. 

Mitchell, 1831. 

- "Walling, H.F. Topographical map. N.Y., 


See alun Clinton Co. ; — Cumberland Co. ; -^ 
Luzerne Co. 


■ Plan for the est.iblishment of public schools and dif- 

fusion of knowledge in P. Phila., 1786. 8°. tC 49) 

- Wood, S. Account of the common schools in the 

states of Mass., N. Y., and Penn. (In Central Soc. 
of Educ, V. 3. 1839.) 

See also (p. 2285, 2d col.) Superintendent of 


- Phillips, H., Jr. Historical sketch of the 

paper money issued by P. Phila., 1862. 8°. 

- PuBLlus, pseud. Letter to the Legislature of P. on 

the atate debt. Phila., 1844. 8°. (B 1500) 


' Blake, "W. P. Occurrence of chromate of lead in P., 
and other mineralogical notices. (In Amer. Assoc. 
Proc, V. 6. 1852.) 

- Rogers, H. D. Geology of P. Phila., 1858, 

2 V. 4° and maps f. 

- Smith, J. L. Re-examination of minerals on Wheat- 

ley Mine, Penn. (/»i Amer. Assoc. Proc, v. 9. 

See also Bear Valley. 


- "Westcott, T. Names of persons "who took 

the oath of allegiance, 1777-89; with a his- 
tory of the test laws. Phila., 1865. 8". 

- Brackenridge, H. H. Incidents of the in- 

surrection in the western parts of P., 1794. 
Phila,, 1795, 8°. 

— COBBETT, W. Account of the insurrection in the 

western counties of P. in 1794. (In his Porcupine's 
Workp, V. 1. 1801.) 

— FiNDLEY, W. History of the insurrection in 

W. Penn., 1794. Phila., 1796. 8". 

— U. 8. Commission! rs to Confer with the Insurgents in 

the Western Counties of Ptnn. Report. Phila., 
1794. 8". (B 1000, W 59) 

— U. 8. 3d Cong. 2d sess. Proceeding of the executive 

of the U. 8. resp. the insurgents, 1794. Phila., 1795. 
8">. (W83) 

— Syphek, J. R. History of the Penn. Reserve 

Corps, [1861-64]. Lancaster, I860. 8°. 

See also Bank of Penn. ; — Berks Co. ; — Bethle- 
hem ; — Bucks County; — Canonsburg Academy; 
— Chambersburgh; — Chester County ; — Delaware 
Bay; — Delaware County; — Duquesne, Fort; — 
Erie Co.; — Franklin Co. ; — German Evang. Lutheran 
Church ; — Greensburgh ; — Guilford ; — Lancaster 
Co. ; — Lebanon Co. ; — Luzerne Co. ; — Montgomery 
Co. ; — New London; — Philadelphia; — Progressive 
Friends of Penn. ; — Snsquehanna ; — aUo Bright, 
Oen. M. ; — Penn, W. — Rush vs. Cobbett. 

Internal improvement. 

— DL'ANE, W. J. Letters to the people of P. resp. the 

internal improvement of tlie commonwealth by 
roads and canals. Phila., 1811. 8". (B 439, W 2) 

— Bbeck, 8. Sketch of the internal improvements made 

by P. Phila., 1818. 8". (B 466) 

— Cahey, M. Internal improvement [by Hamilton]. 

Phila., 1829. 8°. (B 1115, 1494) 

— - Brief view of the system of internal improvement of 

P. Phila.. 1831. 8". (B 1068) 
See also Canals. 


— Lavssat, a. Essay on equity in Penn. Phila., 

1826. 8°. 
Another copy. (B 551) 

— LowNES. C. Account of alteration and present state 

of tlie penal laws of P. Boston, 1799. 8°. (B 774) 

— Reflections upon the administration of justice in P. 

Phila., 1809. 8°. (B 412) 


— Observations upon the present government of P. 

Phila., 1777. 8°. (B629) 

— Pemberton, S.. and others. Address to the iithabi- 

tants of P., by freemen confined in Mason's lodge 
by a general warrant. London, reprinted 1777. 8°. 
(B 364, 390, 667) 

— Considerations upon the present test-law of Penn. 

Phila.. 1784. 8°. (B662) 

— Gallatin, A. Speech on the validity of the elections 

in the four western Cos. Phila., 1795. 8°. (B 774) 

— Experience the test of government, 18 escays, to aid 

the investigation of the constitution and laws of P. 
Phila., 1807. 8°. (B 443, 1750) 

— Philadelphia. Citizens Opposed to Lotteries. 

Report of a committee to investigate the evils of 
lotteries in Penn. Phila., 1831. 8°. (B 1722) 

— Penrose, C. B. Address and speeches of 

[others] on the insurrection, Harrisburg, Dec. 
1838. Harrisburg, 1838. 8°. 

— Philadelphia. Citizens. Committee of citizens; 

second appeal to the people of P. on an asylum for 
the insane poor. Phila., 1840. 8°. (B 1568) 

— Few plain facts. A, addressed to the people of P., by a 

citizen of Penn. 3d ed. Phila., 1844. 8°. (B 1500) 
See also Philadelphia ; — Pittsburgh. 


— Letters on the merits of the Penn. and N. Y. sys- 

tems. Boston, 1836. 8°. (B 1806) 

— Mease, J. Observations on the penitentiary system 

and penal code of Penn. Phila., 1828. 8°. (B 928) 

See Auditor General (p. 2285). 

Penn. vs. J. Smith. Report of the case for Pennsj-l- 
vania, cont. speeches of the Att. Gen., J. IngersoU, 
and W. Lewis, and the opinion of W. Tilghman. 
Phila., 1809. 8°. (B 412, W 12) 

Penn. Acad, of Fine Arts. Catalogue of the paintings, 
statues, prints, etc., exhibiting at the Acad. Phila., 
1818. 8'". (W 10) 



F£^N. »QUI££B 

— Ali^tos, W. Exhibition at the Penn. Acad, of Fine 

Art* of AlUtOD's picture, tU. Phila., 1816. 8». (B 

— GiLPis, H. D. Diaconrse, Nov. 29, 1826. Phila., 

18-27. Sr (B 1205) 
Pennsylvania Agricultural Society. Hints for 
American husbandmen. Phila., 1827. 8**. 

— Outlines of a plan for establishing a State Soc. of Ag- 

riculture in Penn. Phila, 1794. 8*. (B 423, 699) 

— Roberts, J. Address to the Society. Phila., 1823. 8*. 

Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society. Constitu- 
tion ; with the laws for the abolition of slavery. 
Phila., 1788. S*. (B 469, 1080) 

— Memorial for promoting the abolition of slavery, elc. 

{In Memorials to Cong, of U. S. by Societies for 
promotiiit; the abolition of slavery, etc. 1792. B 
764. 1473, C 72) 

— Present state of the free people of color of Phila. 

Phila., 1838. 8*. (B 1475) 

— Needles, E. Historical memoir of the Soc. 

Phila.. 1848. 8". 
Pennsylvania Augustine Edncation Society. Constitution. 

{/n Saunders, P. Addre(^s. 1818. B 565) 
Pennsylvania chronicle and universal advertiser, 

Jan. 30, 1769 - Jan. 22, 1770. Phila.. 1769- 

70. 4°. 

— GODDARD, W. The partnership; or. Hist, of the rise 

of the 'Penn. chronicle'. Phila., 1770. 8*. (B 618) 
Pennsylvania Colonization Society. Gurlet, R. R. Ad- 
dress, Nov. 11. Phila.,, 1839. 8». (B 1484) 
Pennsylvania Company for Insurances on Lives. Address. 

Phila., 1814. S'. (B 454, 967) 
Pennsylvania Historical Society. Memoirs. Vol. 
1, pt. 2. n.p., [1826]. 8". 

— Same. Phila., 1826-76. 12 v. 8". 

Content*. Vol. 1. Constitution. — Officers. — Mem- 
bers. — Circular. — Rawle, W. Inaug. disc., Nov. 5. 
18-:S. — Vaux. R. Locality of the treaty between Penn 
and the Indians, 1862. — Wharton, T". I. Provincial 
literature of Penn. — Dnnlop, J. Controversy between 
Penn and Lord Baltimore, resp. the boundaries of Penn. 
and Maryland. — Penn, W. Letters, with will. — Pa- 
pers rel. to the valedictory address of Pros. Washington. 

— Rawle, W. Vindication of Mr Heckewelder's history 
of the Indian nations. — Watson, J. First settlement 
of Buckingham and Solebury, Penn. — James, T. C. 
Account ot discovery of anthracite coal on the Lehigh. 

— Extracts from papers in the office of the Sec. of the 
Commonwealth, Harrisburgh, and from other documents. 

— Morris, C. Contributions to the medical history of 
Penn. — Bettle, E. Xegro slaverj-, as connected with 
Penn. — Thomson, C. W. Life and character of R. 
Proud. — Penn, \V. Original letters. — Biographical 
skeuh of Sir William Keith, by a member of the bio- 
graphical committee. — Members newly elected. 2. 
Vaux, U. Anniv. discourse, Jan. 1, 1827; — Communi- 
cation on two medals struck in Phila., 1757. — Anpau- 
mut, H. Embassy to the Western Indians, from original 
manuscript ; pref , remarks by B. H. Coates. — Conyng- 
ham, K. Settlement of the Dnnkers, Ephrata. Lancaster 
Co., Penn. — Endress, C. Short history of the Dunk- 
ers. — Hazard, E. Introduction of anthracite coal into 
Phila. — Fell, J. Discovery and first use of anthracite 
in the Valley of Wyoming. — Comly. I. History of 
Byberry. — Breck, S. Historical anecdote of J. Harris, 
Sen. — Penn, W. Instructions to his commissioners. — 
Penn, T. and U. Instructions to J. Hamilton.— Penn, W. 
Letters to Charles u. and the Earl of Sunderland — 
Coates, B. H. Ufe of S. P. Griffitts, M.D. — Sir W. 
Keith's coming to the gov't of Penn., and his conduct in 
it. — Report of committee appointed to examine the 
minute book of soc. for political inquiries. — Fisher, J. F. 
Early poete and poetrj- of Penn. — Rawle, W. Life 
of T. Miffiin. — Tyson, J. R. Examination of charges 
against W. Penn. — Watson, J. T. Memorial of country 
towns and places in Penn. — Penn, W. Speech to the 
Provincial Council of Penn., Apr. 1, 1700. — Quarry, 
Col. R. Information against the gov't of Penn. ; with 
Penn's answer thereto. — Penn. Council. Minutes 
of a conference held by W. Markham, Lieut. Gov., 
with Delaware and Susquehanna Indians, July 6, 
16&4. — Officers for 1830. — Members elect, since 1827. — 
Honorary members. 3, pt. 2. Coates, B. H. Annual 
discourse on the origin of the Indians of America, 1834. 

— Fisher, J. F. Discourse on the private life and do- 
mestic habiu of W. Penn. — Tyson, J. R. Memoir of 
T. C. James. — Watson, J. F. Indian treaty for the 
site of Phila. and adjacent coimtry. — Da Ponceau, P. 8 , 

and Fisher, J. F. History of the treaty of W. Penn 
with the Indians, 1682. — Penn, W. Letter to the inhab- 
itants of Penn. — Petition of the Indians to Gov. Mark- 
ham. — Report of the Committee on the Indian portraits. 
— Lawton, — . Part of the life of W. Penn ; cont. by 
Granville Penn. — Penn, W. Fragment of an apology 
for himself. 4, pt. 1. Da Ponceau, P. S. Inaugural 
discourse, June 3. 1837. — Wharton, T. I. Memoir of 
W. Rawle. — Johnson. W. R. Descr. of specimen of 
engraving, by the aboriginal inhabitants of >>. .A. ; with 
incidents in the history of early settlers on west branch 
of the Susquehanna. — Pettit, F. M'K. Memoir of 
Roberts Vaux. — Penington, J. Examination of Bean, 
champ Plantagenet's descr. of the Province of New 
Albion. — Fisher. . I. F. Inedited letters of W. Penn. 
5. Sargent, W. Historv of an expedition against Fort 
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Johnston, A. The Soc. of the Cincinnati. — Sargent, 
W. Journal of the general meeting of the Cincinnati, 
1784. — Ward, T. Insurrection, 1794, in the western 
counties of Penn. ; [with] Gen. Wilkins's account of the 
gathering on Braddock's field; and J. Gallatin's memoir 
of the insurrection. 6. Presentation to the Soc. of the 
belt of wampum delivered by the Indians to W. Penn. 
at the treaty, 16S2: [with] W. Penn's letters to the 
Indians; Plan for the union of the English colonies; 
Plan for the confederation of the states of Europe. — 
Reed, W. B. The .Acadian exiles, or French neutrals, 
in Penn.; [with] A relation of their mi.<fortnnes ; by 
J. B. Galerm. — Biddle, C. J. The case of Major An- 
dre. 7. Record of the court at Upland, Penn.. 1675- 
81. — Denny, Jtfoj. E. Military journal, 17S1-95. 8. 
Minutes of the committee of 'Philadelphia. 9, 10. 
Penn, W., and Jjogaxi, J. Correspondence, 170Q-.tO. 
11. Acrelius, I. History of Xew Sweden ; tr. by W. 
M. Reynolds. 12. Heckewelder, J. History, man- 
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— Proceedings, March 1845. n.t.p. [1815.] 8*. (B 1199) 
Pennsylvania Hospital. Catalogue of the medi- 
cal library. Phila., 1806. 8». (B881) 

.— Some account of the origin, objects, and present state 
of the Hospital : by W. G. Malin, clerk. Phila.. 
18-28. 12*. (C 144. 147) 

— AccoiJST of the [iu] rise and progress, etc. Phila- 

1801. 8*. (C 108) 

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Phila., 1832. 80. (B 1828) 

— Wood, G. B. Address at the cent, celebration. 

Phila., 18-51. 8°. 
Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane. Code 
of rules and regulations. 2d ed. Phila., 
1850. 12". 

— Report bv T. S. Kirkbridge, 1841-55. Phila., 

1841-56. 15 V. 8°. 

— Same. 1841-45. Phila., 1846. 8". 
Pennsylvania Indians. Fbiexds, Society of. 

Aborigines Committee. Ace. of the conduct 
of the Soc. of Friends towards the Indian 
tribes of E. and W. Jersey and Penn., 
[to 1843]. London, 1844. 8". 

— Holm, T. C. The American Indians in Penn., with a 

vocabulary of the language. 1642. (Jn Ait Descr. of 
New Sweden. 1834.) 

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moir on the history of the treaty made by 
Penn with the Indians at Shackamaxon in 
1682. Phila., 1836. 8«. 

— Braixerd, D. Mirabilia Dei inter Indicos ; 

or, The rise and progress of a remarkable 
work of grace amongst Indians in X. J. and 
Penn.. [1745-46]. Phila.. [1746?]. 8". 

— Smith, W. Acc. of the inhumanities committed by 

incursions of the Indians, Oct., Xov. 1755. {In hit 
Brief view. 1756.) 

— Beatty, C. Journal of a two months' tour 

[1766] among the frontier inhabitants of P. 
and among the Indians ; added, 'Remarks 
on the language and customs of some tribes', 
etc. London, 1768. 8°. 
Pennsylvania inquirer and national gazette, Feb. 
1845 - Dec. 1848 ; Jan. 1850 - Mar. 1860. 
Phila., 1845-60. f°. 
A'ot€. For succeeding vols, tee Phila. inquirer; from 
July 2, 1850 - Mar. 1860 called 'Penn. inquirer'. 





Pennsylvania Institution for Deaf and Dumb. 

Account of the origin and progress. Phila., 1821. 8°. 

— Annual report of directors, 1844-63. Phila., 

1845-64. 20 pam. 8°. 
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the Blind. By-Kiws. n.p., [183-]. 8°. (B 1166) 

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(B 1132) — 8th. 1841. (B 1164, 1185) 

— 23d-36th annual report. Phila., 1856-69. 14 

pam. 8". 

Pennsylvania journal of prison discipline and 
philanthropy ; pub. by the Philadelphia So- 
ciety for the Alleviation of the Miseries of 
Public Prisons. Vol, 1-10. Phila., 1845- 
55. 5 V. 8". 

Pennsylvania Land Company. Important statement rel. to 
the invalidity of the pretensions formerly made 
upon the Penn. lands by the unincorporated compa- 
nies of Conn, claimants; [by Trench Coxe, secre- 
tary]. w.<./>. [1801.] 8°. (B585) 

Pennsylvania. Prot. Episc. Church. See Prot. Episc. 
Church in Penn. 

Pennsylvania Reserve Corps. See Penn. HMory (p. 2226). 

Pennsylvania Society for Discouraging the Use of Ardent 
Spirits. Report. Phila., 1828. 8». (B 1100) 

— Anniv. report, May 27. Phila., 1831. 8°. (B 1717) 
Pennsylvania Society for the Commemoration of the 

Landing of Penn. Constitution. (/;i Du Ponceau, 
P. S. Proceedings. 1824.) 

Pennsylvania Society for the Encouragement of Ameri- 
can Manufactures. Constitution, n.t.jj. [1819?] 8°. 
(B 997. 1835) 

Pennsylvania Society for the Encouragement of Manu- 
factures and the Useful Arts. Communication. 
Phila., 1804. 8°. (B699) 

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provement. Ist report. Phila., 1826. 8°. (B 1042) 

Pennsylvania Society for the Promotion of Public Econ- 
omy. Report of the committee on domestic econ- 
omy. Phila., 1817. 8°. (B 1040) 

— Report of committee on public schools. Phila., 1817. 

8°. (B1040) 

— Report of the library committee. Phila., 1817. 8° (B 

536. 1040) 
Pennsylvania Society for the Promotion of Public Schools. 

1st report on ediic. in P. Phila., 1828. 8°. (B 950) 
Pennsylvania State Anti-Slavery Soc. Proceedings of 

the convention to organize a Soc, Harrisburg, Jan. 

31, Feb. 1-3. Phila., 1837. 8°. (B 1125) 
Pennsylvania State Temperance Convention at Harris- 
burg. Proceedings, Jan. 12, 13. Shiremanstown, 

1842. 8°. (B 1280) 
Pennsylvania state trials ; [by E. Hogan] . Phila., 

1794. 8°. 
Pennsylvania telegraph. Annual offering of the carriers 

to their patrons. [Phila.,] 1862. 8°. (B 1467) 
Pennsylvania Young Men's Colonization Soc. See Young 

Men's Colonization Soc. of Pennsylvania. 
Penny, Rev. Joseph. Sermon, opening of the new Presb. 

Ch., Rochester, Oct. 28. Rochester, 1824. 8°. (B1299) 
Penny, Miss Virginia. Employments of women. 

Boston, 1863. 12". 
Penny cyclopaedia. See Society for the DiflF. of Useful 

Knowledge. 1831-40. 
Penny magazine of the Soc. for the Diff. Useful 

Knowl. Vol. 1-9; Mar. 1831 - Dec. 1840, 

London, 1831-40. 9 v. 8". 

— New ser. Vol, 1-5 ; Jan. 1841 - Dec, 1845. 

London, 1841-45, 5 v, 8", 
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Lives of Scottish poets, v. 3. 1822.) 
Pennyman, John. A bright shining light, discovering the 

pretenders to it; recommended to the Quakers. 

London. 1680. 4°. {C 284) 
Penobscot. Pownall, Gov.T. Certificate on taking 

possession of P. Co., 1759. (/« Maine Hist. Soc. 

Col., v. 6. 1859.) 

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Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc, 1858-60.) 

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London, 1781. 8°. (B 678) 

— Map. Walling, H. F. Topographical map. 

N, Y„ 1859, 

Penobscot Indians. Sullivan, J. History of 
the Penobscott Indians, [1626-1803]. (/w Mass. 
Hist. Soc. Col., v. 9. 1804.) 

— Massachusetts. Commissioners Appointed to Treat 

with the Eastern Indians, and the Penobscot Tribe. 
Conference held at St. George's Co. of York. Bos- 
ton, 1753. 4°. (B 649) 

— Journal of proceedings at two conferences at Fal- 

mouth between the Gov. of [Mass.] and the Nor- 
ridgwalk and Penobscot Indians. Boston, 1754. f°. 
(A 24) 

— Mass. Gen. Assem. Proceedings rel. to the Penobscot 

expedition, with report [on its] failure. Boston, 
1780. 8°. (B350) 

— Language. Specimens. Vetromile, E, Ahia- 

mihewintuhangan ; the prayer song. New 
York, 1858. 8°. 

Wewessi Ubibian. [Bible hist, with Eng, tr,] 

Manhattan, 1860, 12°. 

— Examination of conscience, in Penobscot. (In Ad- 

lachemudiguichkek. 1858.) 

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P., May 1759. (In Maine Hist. Soc. Col., v. 5. 

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medicamentorum chemicorum. (In Zetzner, L. 
Thcatr. chem., v. 1. 1613.) — Quaestiones tres de 
corporali mercuric. — Ad varias quaestiones respon- 
sio. — LVll canones de opere physico. — Vera mer- 
curii ex auro extractio. — Chrysorrhoas, sive de 
arte chemica. (In v. 2. 1613.) 

Penrice, H. N. Military mines, (fn Gr. Brit. Corps of 
Roy. Engin. Papers, v. 8. 1845.) — On embrasures. 
(In v. 9. 1847.) 

Penrose, — , B.D. Catalogue of [his] library, 
sold ; [with ms. prices and names], Lond,, 
[1851], 8°. 

Penrose, Charles B. Address, and speeches of 
Fraley, P., etc., on the insurrection at Harris- 
burg. Harrisburg, 1839, 8°. 

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Markham. Historical conversations ; his- 
torv of Malta ; The Knights of St. John ; Po- 
land, London, 1836, 12°. 

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principles of Athenian architecture. Lon- 
don, 1851. f. 

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bell, T. Brit, poets, v. 6. 1818.) 

— Poems. (In Anderson, R. Brit, poets, v. 11. 1795.) 
Penmddock ; by R. P. Ward. (Vol. 2 of his Sterling. 

Pensia panien Polskich w Paryzu. Paryz, 1845. 8°. (E 83) 
Pension, La; par Mme. de N... . (In Biblioth. univ. des 

romans, Nouv., v. 74. 1803.) 
Pensionnaire mariee. La; comedie. See Scribe, E. 
Pensions. See Gr. Brit. ffo. of Commons (p. 1208) ; — ffo. 

of Lords (p. 1213); — Finance (1816. 1849); — 

France: Ministere des Finances (p. 1030); — U. S. 

Pension Office. 
Pentadius. Elegiae, etc. (In Lemaire. Poet. Lat. min., 

V. 2. 1824.) 
Pentapolis. Beechev, F. W. and H. W. Account of the 

.ancient cities composing the P. (In their Exped. 

to explore the northern coast of Africa. 1828.) 
Pentateuch. See Bible (p. 277). 
Pentecost. Herder, J. G. von. Von der Gabe Sprachen. 

(In his Sammt. Werke, v. 9. 1852.) 
Pentecost; or. The work of God in Phila., 1868. 

Phila., 1859. 12°. 
Penthesilea; von H. von Kleist. (In his Gesam. Schrift., 

v. 1. 1863.) 
Penton, Stephen. Apparatus ad theologianl. 

Londini, 1688, 8°. 
Pentonville, Eng. Brayley, E, W. Views in 

Penton ville, from drawings by A, Pugin ; 

with a description by Brayley. London, 

1819. 4°. 
Penwortham, Priory of. See Evesham, Abbey of. 
Penzance. Edmonds, R. Statistical account of the bor- 
ough of Penzance, in Cornwall. (In Statist. Soc. 

Journ., v. 2. 1839, 40.) 




People. La Menxais, H. F. R. de, Fabbe. Paroles 
d'un croyant. [1833.] — Le livre du peuple. 
[1837.] — Une voix de prison. — Melanges. 

— Du passe et del'avenir du peuple. [1841.] 

— De I'esclavage modeme. Paris, 1864. 12". 
Efiff. of Paroles, etc. Words of a believer. 

N. Y.". 1834. 8°. 
Eng, of Le livre. The people's own book ; 

tr. by N. Greene. Boston, 1839. 24°. 
Polish. Ksiegi ludu. Brux., 1838. 16°. 

— MiCHELET, J. Le peuple. 4eed. Par., 1866. 18". 

See aluo Democracy ; — Labor ; — Liberty ; — 
Poor ; — Sociology. 
People's advocate. The ; Feb. 16, 1822. Vol. 4, no. 4. Lon- 
don. 1S22. S° (B 1854) 
People's ancient and just liberties, The, asserted in 
the tryal of W. Penn, and W. Mead. Lon- 
don, 1670. 4°. 

— Same. (In Phenix, v. 1. 1707; — and in Penn, W. 

Select works, v. 1. 1781.) 

— Same. 2d pt. : Tryals of T. Rudyard and 

others. London, i670. 4°. 
People's art union ; Historic gallery of portraits, etc. See 

Historic gallery. [18—.] 
People's College, The, Hamna, X. T. Public exerci«es at 

the laying of the corner-stone. (B 1612) 
People's friend and dailv advertiser, Sept. 24, 

1806-Dec.31, 1807.' X. Y.. 1806-07. f. 
Xote. From Aug. 3d 1807 called The daily advertiser. 
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1846-[49?]. 6v. 8". 
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Mod. stand, dr., v. 31.) 
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Peoria, 1870, 8°. 
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3 V. 12". 

— Relation des evenemens k Naples, 1820-21. 

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49. London, 1850. 2 v. 8". 

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d'ltalie. Brux., 1850. 12". 

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Pepin I., of Landen, Mayor of the Palace, d. 639. Vie 

de Pepin le vieui. {In Goizot. Col. des mem., 
V. 2. 1823.) 

— Vita. {In Boaquet. Recueil, etc., v. 2. 1869.) 
Pepin II., 0/ Jleri^tal, Mayor of the Palace, d. 714. Ex- 

CEBPTA ex vitis sanctorum de P. {In Bonqnet, M. 
Recueil des hist., v. 3. 1869.) 
Pepin iii.,;e Bref. King of the FranlM,d. 7fr3. Excerpta ex 
vltis sanctorum de P. {In Boaquet, M. Hecneil de« 
hist., ftc.v. 3. 1861.) 

— Eginhardus. Annales. {In Gnizot. Col. des mem., 

V. 3. 1824.) 
Pepin, Lake. Estes, L. C. Antiquities on Lake Pepin. 

{In Smithsonian Last. Reports, 1866.) 
Peploe, Samuel, Bp. of Chester. Gastbell, P. 

Enquiry into the exercise of some parts of 

eccl. jurisdiction ; three letters to P. Ches- 
ter, 1747. 8°. 
Pepoli, Carlo. In morte del Canova, — del V. Bellini, — di C. 

Alkiiison. — Sulla tomba della contessa Plater. {In 

Poeti ital. coiilemp. 1843.) 
Pepper. Blcme, C. L. Monographie der Oost-Indische 

pepersoorten. {In Batavia. Batav. Genootachap. 

Verhand., 1826.) 
Pepperell, Andrew, Funeral sermon on. 1751. See Stevena, 

B. CB331) 
Pepperell, i<ir Wm., and others. See Eastern In- 

diAns. M.A.SS. Commissioners (p. 1843). 

— Parsons, U. Life of P. Boston, 1855. 8". 
Same, abridged. {In Hunt, F. Lives of American 

merchants, v. 2. 1858.) 

— Funeral sermon on. 1759. See Stevens, B. (A 3, 

B 69, 70. W 25) 

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P., etc. Boston, 1848. 8°. 
Pepys, Lady Charlotte. Domestic sketches in 

Russia. London, 1861. 2 v. 16°. 
Pepys, Samuel. Memoirs; comprising his diary 

from 1659-69 ; ed. by Lord Braybrooke. 

London, 1825. 2 v. 4°. 

— Same. 5th ed. London, 1851. 4 v. 8°. 

— HcsT, J. H. L, {In his Men, women, and books, v. 2. 


Peqaaakets. Kidder, F. Expeditions of Capt. 

J. Lovewell ; [with] ace. of the Pequauket 

battle, etc. Boston, 1865. 8". 
Contents. Map of the locality of Lovewell's fight. — 
Causes and conunencement of L.'s war. — L.'s first and 
second campaigns. — Biog. sketch of Rev. T. Synmies. 
Hist. mem. of Pigwacket fight. — Rev. Mr. Symmes's 
sermon. — Notes to Mr. Symmes's hist. mem. — De- 
spatches received by the Gov., and his orders. — Con- 
temporaneous accounts of the battle. — Biog. sketch of 
Capt. L., Lieuts. Robbins and Farwell, of Ensign Wy- 
man, Frye, Lingfield, Kidder, Davis, Johnson, Farrar, 
Melvin, Richardson, Whiting, Asten, Anstin, Jones, 
Chamberlain, and HaseelL — Hist, of the Pequauket tribe. 
— Ballads on L.'s fight. — Elegy on J. Frye. — Index. 

— Sy:hmes, T. Historical memoirs of the late fight at 

Piggwacket; with sermon. 2d ed. corr. Boston, 
1725. 8-. (C 5) 

Same, without the sermon. Original account 

of Lovevrell's great fight. New ed., with 
notes, by N. Bouton. Concord, 1861. 8°. 

Peqnet. See Pecquet. 

Peqnot Indians. Stiles, E. Memoir of the P. Indians. 
{In Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 10. 1809.) 

Pequot war. Gardener, L. Relation of the Pequot 
warres. {In Mass. Hist. Soc Col., v. 23. 1833.; — 
Undebhiel, J. History, etc. — VlNCEST, P. His- 
tory, etc. {In V. 26. 1837.) 

— Hcbb'ard, Eet. W. War with the Pequods. {In his 

Isarr. of the troubles. 1679; — Present state. 1677; 
— Hist, of Indian wars. 1865.) 

— Mason, J. Brief hist., etc., 1637; introd. by T. Prince. 

{In Mass. Hist. Soc Col., v. 18. 1819.) 
Same. Boston, 1736. 8*. (B 1119) 

Peraldus {or de Petra Alia, French Perault or de 
Peyrauta or Peyra), GuUelmus, Arbp. of 
Lyons. Summae ^-irtutum ac vitiorum. Ant- 
verp., 1571. 2 v. 8°. 

Perambulations of a mouse. {In Yonge, C. M. Store- 
house. 1870.) 

Perception. Fearn. J. Essay on external perception. 
{In Pamphleteer, 1815; v. 5. of B838) 
See alio Senses. 

Perceval. See also PercivaL 

Perceval, Charles Spencer. Two rolls of arms of the reign 
of Edward I. (/n Soc of Antiq. Arcbaeologia, 
V. 39, pt. 2. 1863.) 

Perceval, John, 1st Earl of Efpnont. See Impartial en- 
quiry. 1741. Xote. 

Perceval, John, 2rf Earl of Egmont. Faction de- 
tected by the evidence of facts. 3d ed. 
London, 'l 743. 8°. 

— Another topy. (B 760) 

— Es.«ay on the means of discharging the public debt. 

London, 176.3. 8*. (B 1535) 

— Defence of the people; or, Confutation of the 'Fac- 

tion detected'. 2d ed. London, 1744. 8*. (B 760) 
Perceval, Spencer. Brocghax, H., Ld. {In his States- 
men of the time of George m., ser. 1. 1839.) 

— Triae of J. Bellingham for the murder of P. See 

Bellingham, J. 
Perceval of Galles, Sir, The romance of. {In Halliwell, 

J.O. Thornton romances, 1844. Camden Soc., v. 30.) 
See also Chrestien de Troyes ; — Wolfram so* 
Perch, Philemon. Dukesborough tales. Bait., 

1871. 8°. 
Perch. Jardine, Sir W. Natural history of 

fishes of the perch family. Edin., 1835. 16". 

(Jardine. Nat. lib., Ich., v. 1.) 
Percheron, AchiUe Remi. Bibliographic entomo- 

logique. Paris, 1837. 2 v. 8°. 




Perchlorate of iron. Burin du Buisson, A. M. B. 

Traite de Taction therapeutique du perchlo- 

rure de fer. Paris, 1860. 8°. 
Percier, Charles, and Fontaine, P. F. L. Maisons 

de plaisance de Rome et de ses environs. 

Paris, 1809. f° 
Percival. See also Perceval. 
Percival, Arthur P. Apology for the doctrine of 

apostolical succession ; with app. on the 

Eng. orders, N. Y., 1840. 12°. 
Percival, Edward. On typhous fever. London, 

1819. 8". 
Percival, James Gates, M.D. Oration before the 

*.B.K. Society, Sept. 10. New Haven, 1822. 8». 

(B 573) 

— Poem before the Connecticut Alpha of the Phi Beta 

Kappa Society, Sept. 13, 1825. Boston, 1826. 8°. 
(B5T3, 1467) 

— Poems. N. Y., 1823. 8". 

— Poetical works. Boston, 1859. 2 v. 16". 

— Report of the geol. survey of Wisconsin, 1856. See 

Wisconsin. State GeologUt. 

— Calkins, E. A. Eulogies on P. (/n Wisconsin Hist. 

Soc. Col., V. 3. 18.i7.) 

— Catalogue of his library, sold April 1860 ; 

[with ms. prices]. Boston, 1860. 8°. 

— Lowell, J. R. Life and letters of P. {In Lowell, 

J. R. My study windows. 1871.) 

— Ward, J. H. Life and letters of P. Boston, 

1866. 8°. 
Percival, Capt. Robert. Account of Ceylon ; 
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See also Frankincense. 
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For lists of the English, French. German, Italian, 

Spanish, and American periodicals in the Library, see 

England ; — France ; — Germany ; — Italy ; — Spain ; 

— United States. 

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de-scription of theologie. — Exposition of the symbole 
or creede of the apostles. — Exposition of the Lord's 
praier. — Treatise tending unto a declaration whether 
a man may be in the estate of damnation, or, in the 
estate of grace. — Case of conscience. — Direction for 
the gDveriiement of the tongue according to God's word. 
— Two treatises : Nature and practice of repentance ; — 
Of the combat of the flesh and spirit. — 'I'reatise how 
to live well in all estates and times, specially when helpes 
and comforts faile. — Treatise of dying well. — Discourse 
of conscience. — A reformed Catholike : or. Declaration 
shewing how neare we may come to the present Church 

of Rome in sandrie points of religion, and wherein we 
must for ever depart from them. — Declaration of the 
true manner of knowing Christ crucified — Graine of 
musterd-seede. — True g ilne more in worth then all the 
goods of the world. — Warning agiinst the idolatrie of 
the last times. — Treatise of God's free grace atid man's 
free-will. — Treatise of the vocations or callings of men, 
with the sorts and kinds of them, and the right use 
thereof. 2. Contents of the three bookes of cases of 
conscience. — Exposition of ch. i.-v. of the Epistle to the 
GaL-itians; with the continuation of the commentary 
upon ch. vi. — Treatise of the manner and order of 
predestination, and of the largenessc of God's grace. — 
Treatise cone, the only true manner and method of 
preaching. 3. Exposition of Christ's sermon in the 
Mount. — Commentarie upon ch. ii. to the Hebrewes, 
cont. the cloud of faithfull witnesses. — Exposition of 
ch. i.-iii. of the Revelation of S. .John. — Cjmbate be- 
tween Christ and the Devill ; conunentarie upon Christ's 
temptations. — Exhortation to repentance, grounded 
upon Zeph. ii. 1, 2. — The calling of the ministerie; 
declaring their duties and dignities, in two treatises ; the 
first grounded on Job xxxiii. 23, 24 ; the second, on Isa. 
vi. 5-8. — A fruitful dialogue cone, the ende of the 
world, between a Christian and a worldling. — Exposi- 
tion of Jude. — Discourse of the damned art of witch- 
craft, grounded on Exod. xxii. 18. — Resolution to the 
countreiman, proclaiming it utterly unlawfull to buy or 
use our yearely progaoslications. — Short survey of the 
right manner of erecting and ordering of a family, 
according to the Scriptures. 

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Xote. For previous reports see Massachtisetts 
Asylum for the Blind. 
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De I'influfiici' des cjinses physiques sur le tempera- 
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Another copy. (B 1816) 




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3 V. 8". 
Kott. Vol. 1 was compiled from the original notes 
and journals of P. and his officers, by F. L. Hawks ; 
V. 2 is 'Natural history', by D. S. Green and others, 
with illustrations; v. 3 has the title-page 'L*. S. Japan 
Expedition ; obs. on the zodi.ical light, by G. Jones'. 

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