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Full text of "Catalogue of the manuscripts, maps, medals, coins, statuary, portraits and pictures : and an account of the library of the Maryland Historical Society, made in 1854"

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MADE IN 1854, 



Assistant Libro 









MADE IN 1854, 




Assistant Librarian. 









Fort Folio No. 1. 

Contains all the Manuscripts, here mentioned, relating to the early 
History of Maryland. 

16$?— 1681. 

No. 1. Account of Sir George Calvert, pp. 11, and Charta 
Avalonise, pp. 25, copied from the originals among the Sloane ^ 
MSS. in the British Museum. 

2. Translation of the Charter for Avalon. MS. from British 


3. A Relation of the Colony of the Lord Baron of Baltemore, 
in Maryland, near Virginia; a Narrative of the First Voyage to 
Maryland in 1633, by the Rev. Father White, and Sundry 
Reports from the Jesuit Fathers of the Colony, to the Superior 
General at Rome. Copied from the Archives of the Jesuits' 
College at Rome, and presented to the Maryland Historical 
Society, by Georgetown College, pp. 53, MS. in Latin. 

4. Translation of the same into English, by Mr. N. C. Brooks, v- 

5. Copy of "A Relation of the Successful Beginnings of the 
Lord Baltemore's Plantation, in Maryland," pp. 27, written in 

6. A Relation of Maryland, by one of the first Settlers, 
published, London, 1635. Copied from an original in the 
Library of Harvard University and presented by Mr. J. R. 
Partridge, pp. 44. 

7. Copies of Letters preserved in Georgetown College, from 
Members of the Society of Jesus, soliciting employment as Mis- 
sionaries in Maryland, 1640, pp. 50. Presented by Mr. B. U. 

8. "The Answer to Tom Tell Troth, the Practise of Princes 
and the Lamentations of the Kirke. Written by the Lord Bal- 
temore, late Secretary of State," pp. 108, London, printed, 1642. 

9. " The Lord Baltemore's case, concerning the Province of 

Maryland, adjoining to Virginia, in America; with full and clear 
answers to all material objections, touching his Rights, Juris- 
diction and Proceedings there," pp. 32, London, printed, 1653. 

10. "An additional Brief Narrative of a late Bloody Design 

against the Protestants in Anne Arundel County and Severn, in 
Maryland, in the Country of Virginia, as also the extraordinary 
deliverance of these poor oppressed people. Set forth by Roger 
Heamans, commander of the ship Golden Lyon, an eye witness 
there," pp. 32. London, July 24, 1655. 

11. A MS. tract entitled "Hammond versus Heamans, or an 
Answer to an audacious Pamphlet, published by an impudent 
and ridiculous fellow named. Roger Heamans, &c. &c. &c." 
By John Hammond, a sufferer in those calamities. Printed at 
London for the use of the Author, pp. 38. 


12. Petition of James Clements and others, November, 1633. 

13. A Law of Maryland concerning Religion. 

14. Declaration shewing the Illegality of the Proceedings of 
the Patent of Maryland. 

15. Letter from William Penn, Sept. 16, 1681, cautioning 
James Frisby, Edward Jones and others, in Maryland, not to 
pay taxes to Lord Baltimore. 

JHc^£m+*„ 'bin W+JmL ^UvSa^u^V 


The following documents were delivered to the Maryland Historical Society. 
in accordance with the 27th Resolution of the Legislature of 1846-7. 

BOUND BOOKS— (JYot in Port Folios.) 

1. Proprietary Council Book, 1637—50. 

2. do. do. 1650—69. 

3. do. do. 1656—68. 

4. do. do. 1669—71. 

5. do. do. 1721—28. 

6. Gov. Sharpe's Letter Book, 1754—56. 

7. do. do. do 1767—71. 

8. Journal of the Council of Safety at Annapolis, 1775 — 7 

7 // 

Port Folio No. 2. 

Contains a number of paper books relating to the following subjects : 

No. 1. Historical Notices of Maryland, in five parts. v 

2. Account of the Revenue Laws of the Province in two parts. 

3. Some Acts of the Assembly of 1638^39^ ■ Q " c ~ 

4. Instructions of Frederick, Lord Baltimore, to Gov. Sharpe. 
Additional Instructions, March, 1753. 

5. Instructions to Frederick, Lord Baltimore, from George II. 
with regard to Trade and Navigation, May 10, 1753, signed by 
his Majesty. 

6. Record of a Congress of the Provinces at Albany, 1754, 
relative to the Indians, and for the purpose of entering into 
Articles of Confederacy for their general defence. 

7. Answers to the Queries in the "Morning Chronicle," I 
with regard to the Taxes, Revenues, &c. of the Province of ' 
Maryland, Sept. 1758. 

Answers to the Queries relative to the Government of Maryland, 1 
published in the " Public Ledger." Nov. 1767. 

8. Bill-Book of Lord Baltimore, 1766—1769. 

9. Catalogue of North American Trees and Shrubs which will 
thrive in England. 

Port Folio No. 3. 

Contains Original Instructions from the Lord Proprietary to the Governor 

of Maryland, and Papers and Letters, relating to the Revenue, 

Trade and Civil Affairs of the Province. 


No. 1. Instructions of Charles, Third Lord Baltimore, to the 
Land Council of Maryland, May 5, 1684. 

2. Instructions of Charles, Fifth Lord Baltimore, to Gov. 
Benedict Leonard Calvert, March 14, 1726. 

3. Instructions of Frederick, Lord Baltimore, to Edward Lloyd, 
Agent and Receiver General in Maryland, March 30, 1753. 

4. Instructions of the same to Gov. Sharpe, to proclaim his 
Majesty George III, Oct. 30, 1760. 

5. Instructions of the same to the same, Dec. 20 and 27, 1760. 

6. Instructions of the same to the same, January 16, 1765. 

7. Imperfect Instructions from the same to the same. 

8. Copy of an Instruction of the King to all his Governors in 
America, directing them how to transmit to him accounts of 
the proceedings in their respective provinces. 

9. Printed Instructions to Commanders of H. M's Ships in 

10. Printed list of H. M's Ships stationed in America. 

11. Copy of a Letter of Lord Colvill, Commander-in-Chief of 
H. M's Ships in America, to the Captain of the Diana, ordering 
him to proceed to the Chesapeake to convoy a fleet of merchant- 
men to the Downs, Nov. 7, 1761. 

1 12. Memoranda concerning the annual charge of maintaining 
the establishment of Maryland ; account of the mode pursued 
in granting lands in the Province ; and of the Quit Rents. 

13. Copies of two Proclamations by Governors Charles Cal- 
vert and Ogle, in 1725 and 1732, concerning the landed pro- 
perty in the Province. 

14. Copy of Letters from President Tasker to the Judges of the 
Land Office, 1749-51. 

15. Account of Lord Baltimore's annual Quit Rents for the 
Eastern Shore in 1759. 

16. Account of Jonathan Hall with Lord Baltimore, 1767. 

17. Petition of Samuel Beall of Frederick County to Governor 
Sharpe, 1756. 

18. His Account with Lord Baltimore, 1762. 

19. Statement of the Sales of Lord Baltimore's Manors, &c, 
signed by Horatio Sharpe and Daniel Dulany, 176G — 1768. 

20. Account how the money granted in February, 1756, for 
ranging parties, was expended. ^'~~~ 

21. Account how the money granted in July, 17(34, for H. M's 
Service, was expended. 

22. Account of Disbursements made by Gov. Sharpe for the 
Western Expedition, by desire of Gen. Forbes, &c. 1758. 

23. Two Letters from the Commissioners of the Customs, 
London, 1764. 

24. Certificate from Officers of the Customs, London, 1775. 

25. Certificate from the Collector and Comptroller of the Port 
of Annapolis, 1766. ***■- »^Vw 1 I 

26. Copy of Report of Attorney and Solicitor Generals to Com- 
missioners for Trade and Plantations, 1767. 

27. Copy of a Report to the Privy Council on a petition from 
the inhabitants of Pennsylvania, shewing their defenceless con- 
dition, 1742. 

28. Memoranda concerning the Fighting Parson, Bennet Allen, 
a protege of Lord Baltimore and Gov. Sharpe. 

29. Papers concerning the passage in Parliament of a Bill 
allowing the importation of Salt into the Province, 1754-55- 

30. List of the Civil Officers of Maryland, in 1754, with their 
respective salaries. 

31. Bond with special condition for the due execution of the 
office of Secretary of State of Maryland, from George Plater to 
the Honorable Cecilius Calvert. 


Port Folio, No. 4. 

Contains a large collection of letters addressed to the Governor of Mary- 
land, and relating, chiefly, to the French War and 
American Revolution. 


32. Twenty-one letters from Frederick, Ld Baltimore, 1751-68. 

33. Fifteen from Cecilius Calvert, secretary of Maryland, 

34. Twenty-eight from Sir John St. Clair, 1755—60. 

35. Fourteen from Gen. Amherst, 1759 — 62. 

36. Thirteen from Gen. Forbes, April — October, 1758. 

37. Two from Gen. Gage, 1764—65. 

38. One from Col. Wm. Howe, 1758. 

39. One from Col. Haldimand, in French, " 

40. One from Major Halkett, " 

41. One from Capt. James Sinclair, " 

42. Letter from Gen. Shirley, concerning the dispute between 
Col. Washington and Capt. Dagworthy, with regard to the right 
of supreme command at Fort Cumberland, in Maryland, en- 
closing an extract of a letter to him from Gov. Dinwiddie, of 
Virginia, on the same subject, March 5, 1756. 

Another letter from Gen. Shirley, relative to a proposed expedition 
against the French and Indians, on the Ohio ; — speaks of Col. 
Washington as one to whom he would rather give the second 
command in the expedition, than any other provincial officer in 
America, May 16, 1756. 

43. Deposition of an Indian Trader, concerning the French 

upon the Ohio. 

44. Paper showing the number of Provincial troops to be raised 
for the year, 1756. 

45. Letter from William Denny, announcing to Gov. Sharpe, 
his appointment as Governor of Pennsylvania, August 23, 1756. 

46. Seven letters from Sir Thomas Robinson, to the Governor 
of Maryland, 1754—55. 

47. Four from Wm. Pitt, 1756—57. 


48. Four from Gen. Conway, 1765 — 66. 

49. Two from Lord Shelburne, 1766. 

50. Letter from Lord Hillsborough, with two letters from 
Edward Stanley, of the Custom House, London, to Thomas 
Bradshaw enclosing two depositions with regard to the murder 
of one Wm. Odgers, whose assassin had escaped to America. 
Also, a letter from Thomas Bradshaw to Richard Phelps. One 
from Gov. Sharpe, on the same subject, 1768. Two letters from 
Lord Hillsborough, 1768. 

51. Two from Christopher Kilby, 1758—60. 

52. Letter from Thomas Stephens, 1757. 

53. Four letters from Stephen Bordley to Gov. Sharpe, and j 
two to him from the Governor, 1756 — 60. 

54. Letter from Gov. Sharpe to Philip Sharpe, 1760. 

55. Letter of W. Sharpe enclosing an extract of a letter from 
Thomas Penn to Lord Shelburne, 1767. 

56. Letter of Edmund Jennings, 1754. 

57. Copy of a letter from Admiral Boscawen to Gov. Phipps, 
Oct. 1, 1755. 

58. Copy of a letter from the Lords Commissioners for Trade 
and Plantations to Sir William Johnson, July 10, 1764. 

59. Petition from the Council and Burgesses of Virginia to the 
King's most excellent Majesty, Memorial to the House of Lords 
and Remonstrance to the House of Commons, concerning the 
right of the People not to be taxed without their own consent. 

60. Ten letters from Gov. Johnson of Maryland, to the General 

Assembly, enclosing letters to him from Washington, Pulaski, 
Luther Martin, Patrick Henry, Secretary Charles Thomson, 
Cols. Samuel Smith, Beatty, Hollingsworth, &c, written during 
the months of March and April, 1778. 

61. Thirty-five letters from members of the Maryland Legisla- 
ture and other public men, March, April, 177S. 




This Collection of Manuscripts was presented to the Maryland 
Historical Society, by the late Mr. Robert Gilmor, of Baltimore. 
It embraces documents relating to Maryland, and the other Pro- 
vinces, principally during the administration of Horatio Sharpe, 
as governor, from about 1753 to about 1770. The greater part 
of the papers of this period, were given to Mr. Gilmor by Mr. 
Ridout, whose father was Gov. Sharpe's secretary. 

The remainder of the collection consists of papers and letters ; 
a few relating to the early history of Maryland, but the chief 
portion to Revolutionary times. 

Vol. I. 

Contains documents referring to the Civil Affairs of the Province. 


Contains the following : 

1689—1770. • 

No. 1. Ordinance of the Convention, September 4, 1689, for 
regulating the civil and military officers of Maryland. 

2. Ancient Plat of land in Maryland, 1690. 

3. Land warrant, 1714, signed by Charles Carroll, keeper of 
the seals of Maryland. 

4. Deed dated in 1734, signed by Samuel Ogle, governor of 


5. Deed dated 1735. 

6. Instructions from Frederick, Lord Baltimore, to Gov. Sharpe, 

7. Lord Baltimore's announcement to the Governor of Mary- 
land, of the death of George II, and accession of George III, 
giving instructions to proclaim the latter, October 13, 1760. 

8. Instructions from Lord Baltimore to Gov. Sharpe, Jan'y 16, 

9. Instructions to the same, dated May 15, 1765. 

10. Letter of condolence from Ceecilius Calvert on the death 
of George II, to Gov. Sharpe, October 30, 1760. 


11. Power of Attorney from Caecilius Calvert to Gov. Sharpe, 
with regard to the deputation of George Plater to the office of 
Secretary of the Province, 1754. 

12. Letter from John Morton Jordan, Secretary of Lord Balti- 
more to Gov. Sharpe, August 16, 1768. 

13. Two .letters from Hugh Hamersley, Secretary of Lord 
Baltimore, to Gov. Sharpe, 1768-70. 

14. Two proclamations by Gov. Sharpe, 1756-60. 

15. Instructions from Gov. Sharpe to Capt. Ferguson, 1759. 

16. Two letters from Edmund Jenings, 1743-54. 

17. Bond with the signature of Thomas Bacon, (Digester of the 

Laws of Maryland,) 1754. 

18 Two land certificates of Benedict Calvert, 1755-59. 

19. Two Receipts for money, 1758-68. 

20. Lease to Jos. Warford of the Fort Frederick Land, drawn 
up and signed, as a witness, by Gen. O. H. Williams, then 
a clerk in the Clerk's Office of Frederick County, 1765. 

21. Letter from David Ross, to Gov. Sharpe, 1758. 

22. Address to Gov. Sharpe, of the Lower House of Assembly, 

23. Answers to the Queries, respecting the inhabitants, products, 
commerce, revenue, &c. of the province, sent to the Governor 
of Maryland by the Lords of Trade and Plantations in 1761, 
pp. 8, folio. 

24. Petition of James Maccubbin to Gov. Sharpe, 1763. 

25. Letter to Gov. Sharpe from Col. Thomas Cresap, father of 
the celebrated Capt. Michael Cresap, dated Old-Town, July 15, 
1763. Published in Mr. Brantz Mayer's " Logan and Capt. 
Michael Cresap." 

26. Letter from Robert Jenckins Henry, 1768. 

27. Assessment for Worcester County, 1766, pp. 12. 

28. Letter from Robert Heron, Collector of Somerset County, 
respecting the encroachments made by the Pennsylvanians on 
the trade of Nanticoke River, 1763. 

29. Genealogy of the Brooke and Plunkett family, descended 
from Lord Baltimore. 




Contains many interesting papers relating to the dissensions in 
the parishes of Maryland ; but more particularly to the conduct 
of a profligate parson, named Bennet Allen, a protege, of Lord 
Baltimore and Gov. Sharpe ; who after a series of quarrels and 
disputes, killed Lloyd Dulany in a duel in London, in 1782, was 
tried for his life and acquitted. 



Contains addresses from the clergy, magistracy and legislature 
of Maryland to Gov. Sharpe, on his retirement from office, and 
his answers to some of them. 

Contains the following Printed Documents : 


No. 1. Votes and Proceedings of the Lower House of Assembly, 
1753, pp. 82, 12mo. 

2. "The Case of the Province of Maryland touching the out- 
l'ageous Riots which have been committed in the Borders of that 
Province by the inhabitants of Pensylvania," 1737. 

3. "The Case of the Proprietors and Province of Pensilvania, 
and the three lower Counties of New Castle, Kent and Sussex, on 
Delaware," 1737. 

4. His Majesty's Speech to the Parliament, Nov. 9, 1768. 

5. "The Humble Address of the House of Commons to the 
King," 1768. 

6. Several Maryland and Virginia " Gazettes," of the same 


Vol. II. 

Contains a large collection of papers and letters relating, for the most part, 

to the French War. There is also, in this volume, a number of 

papers, relating to Mason and Dixon's Line. 


Contains the following Letters addressed to Gov. Sharpe, of Maryland : 


No. 1. Two letters from Gen. Braddock, one dated at Fort 
Cumberland, May 22, 1755. 

2. Letter from Capt. Orme, aid to Gen. Braddock, giving Gov. 
Sharpe, an account of the battle of the Monongahela, fought 
July 9, 1755; — he mentions the gallantry of Col. Washington, 
dated at Fort Cumberland, July 18, 1755. 

3. One from Capt. Bradstreet, dated Oswego, May 29, 1755. 

4. One from Gov. Lawrence, dated Halifax, July 1, 1756. 

5. One from Sir Charles Hardy, Fort George, April 30, 1757. 

6. One from Col. Stanwix, 1757. 

7. Four from Col. Bouquet, 1758 — 64, with a copy of Gov. 
Sharpe's answer to one of them. 

8. Two from Major Halkett, 1758. 

9. One from Sir John St. Clair, 1758. 

10. One from Gen. Abercromby, 1758. 

11. One from Daniel Clark, 1758. 

12. Two from Capt. W. Morris, Crown Point, 1759. 

13. Two from Gen. Amherst, 1759—60. 

14. Two from Gen. Monckton, 1760. 

15. Two from Gen. Gage, 1765. 

16. Three from Sir William Johnson, 1767—68. 

17. Letter from Admiral Boscawen to the Governor of Mary- 
land, 1755. 

18. One from Admiral Spry, with a list of the ships and ves- 
sels stationed in America, 1755. 


19. One from Admiral Lord Colvill, 1757. 

20. One from Capt. Adams, R. N., 1762. 

21. Order of Sir James Douglas, Commander of H. M's ships 

and vessels stationed at the Barbadoes, 1760. 

22. Letter to Gov. Sharpe from Sir Thomas Robinson, Secretary 
of State, 1755. 

23. Four from J. Pownall, Secretary to the Board of Trade, 

24. Five from the Commissioners of the Customs, 1753 — 61. 

25. One from the Lords of Trade, 1764. 

26. Two from Henry Fox, (afterwards Lord Holland,) 1756. 

27. Two from William Pitt, (afterwards Earl of Chatham,) 

28. One from the Earl of Holdernesse, 1757. 

29. One from Lord Egremont, 1762. 

30. Letter from Capt. Bosomworth to Lord Loudon, 1757. 

31. Copy of The Report of the Earl of Loudon and Generals 
Abercromby and Stanwix, to the Lords Commissioners of His 
Majesty's Treasury, 1761. 

32. Rules for settling rank and precedence in North America. 
Rank of Provincial, General and Field Officers in North Amer- 
ica, 1756, 

Letters to Gov. Sharpe from the following Governors. 

33. One from Robt. H. Morris, of Pa., 1754. 

34. Two from Wm. Denny, of Pa., 1756—59. 

35. Two from James Hamilton, of Pa., 1760 — 62. 

36. One from John Penn, of Pa., 1767. 

37. One from J. Belcher, of N. J., 1754. 

38. One from Henry Moore, of N. Y., 1765. 

39. One from Robert Dinwiddie, of Va., 1757. 

40. One from George Mercer, of Va., 1765. 

41. Two from Gen. Shirley, 1755—56. 


42. Account of the expenses of Richard Peters, and Govrs. 
Shirley and Morris on a journey from Philadelphia to Annapolis, 

43. Letters/ written by Richard Peters, (Grandfather of the 
Reporter of the Supreme Court,) 1761. 

44. Designs by Judge Peters, for a Medal intended for the 
Captors of Major Andre. 


Contains a number of miscellaneous papers, relating chiefly to the French 



No. 1. Patent of land, signed Nov. 1, 1675, by Sir Edmund 


2. Report of a Committee of the Assembly of New Hamp- 
shire, dated Portsmouth, May 13, 1711. 

3. Several printed documents relating to the dispute between 
Gov. Belcher and the House of Representatives, of New Hamp- 
shire, 1739. 

4. Act of the province of Rhode Island, appointing commis- 
sioners to meet Gen. Shirley and the commissioners from the 
northern Colonies, 1755. 

5. List of the Captains, Lieutenants and Ensigns of the Vir- 
ginia Forces, April, 1755. 

6. Minutes of the Council held at Alexandria, April 14, 1755, 
over which Gen. Braddock presided. 

7. Instructions to Sir Wm. Johnson from James De Lancey, 
Governor of New York, with regard to the attack upon Crown 
Point, dated April 16, 1755. 

8. Message of an Oneida Sachem to Sir Wm. Johnson, 1756. 

9. Extract of a "talk" from Conoquieson to the same, at a 
Congress of the Indians in July, 1770. 

10. Letter from Sir Guy Carleton to the same, 1766. 

11. Extract of a letter from Sir Wm. Johnson to the Earl of 
Hillsborough, 1770. 

12. Copy of the Articles of Capitulation of St. John's, Sept. 
18, 1762. 


13. Copy of Col. Bradstreet's Treaty with the Indians, Aug. 
12, 1764. 

14. Proclamation by Gov. Fauquier, of Virginia, 1766. 

15. Journal of Lieut. James Gorrell, commencing at Detroit, 
Sept. 8, 1761, and ending at Montreal, Aug. 13, 1763, containing 
an account of several councils held with the Indians; — also, 
showing the villany used by the Canadians to corrupt the In- 
dians, and excite them against the English, together with a short 
account of the expedition conducted in the fall of 1763, by Ma- 
jor Wilkins, from Niagara to Detroit, pp. 26, 8vo. 



Contains the following original documents, relating entirely, with the ex- 
ception of the last, to the Boundary Line between Pennsylvania and 
Maryland, commonly called Mason and Dixon's Line. 

No. 1. Field notes of the Surveyors employed to run the Trans- 
peninsular Line in 1751, pp. 40, 18mo. 

2. Letter from the Commissioners appointed by Richard Penn, 
to the Maryland Commissioners, Oct. 20, 1760. 

3. Letter to Gov. Sharpe from Thomas Garnett and Jonathan 

Hall, Maryland Surveyors, Sept. 5, 1761. 

4. Mr. Garnett's account of expenditures, 1761. 

5. Letter from John Emory, one of the Surveyors, with a 
sketch of the Tangent Line, Dec. 10, 1761. 

6. Letter from the Pennsylvania to the Maryland Commis- 
sioners, Nov. 18, 1762. 

7. Letter from Chas. Mason and Jere. Dixon to Mr. Ridout, 
Secretary to Gov. Sharpe, April 14, 1766. 

8. Letter of the same to Gov. Sharpe, June 10. 

9. Letter of the same to the same, Aug. 12. 

10. Letter of the same to the same, Oct. 1. 

11. Letter from the Pennsylvania to the Maryland Commis- 
sioners, March, 15, 1768. 

12. Col. Cresap's original MS. Map of the course of the 

Potomac, and a copy of the same. 

"This was the first map ever made to show the [course and fountains of the 
north and south branches of the Potomac river." 


Vol, III. 

Contains documents relating to Maryland at the epoch of the 

Revolution and a number of miscellaneous letters, &c. 

written at the same period. 

Papers and Letters of the " Homony Club," a convivial asso- 
ciation of Annapolis, which flourished just before the Revolution, 
and of which Governors Eden and Johnson, Judge Samuel 
Chase, Daniel Dulany, John Hall and other distinguished citi- 
zens of Annapolis, were members. 


Contains letters relating to the Stamp Act and the other measures of the 
British ministry for taxing America. 


1. Two letters from Dunk, Lord Halifax, 1764-65. 

2. Two from Gen. H. S. Conway, Secretary of State, 1766. 

3. Letter from the Duke of Richmond. Duplicate of the same, 

4. One from Sir Grey Cooper, 1766. 

5. One from Lord Shelburne, 1766. 

6. One from Lachlin Macleane, Secretary to Lord Shelburne, 

7. One from the Earl of Hillsborough, 1771, to Gov. Eden. 

8. Letter to Gov. Sharpe from Zachariah Hood, Commissioner 
of Stamps for Maryland, dated November 11, 1765, New York, 
whither he had been obliged to flee for safety. 

9. One from Capt. James Hawker, R. N. with regard to the 
delivery of Stamps on board his ship, Oct. 22, 1765. 

10. One from Capt. John Brown, R. N. as to what he shall do 
with a collection of Stamps on board his vessel, June 16, 1766. 
The Stamp Act was repealed, March 18, 1766. 

11. Printed Resolutions of the inhabitants of Maryland not to 
import certain articles into the province, Annapolis, June 22, 


Contains Papers relating to Maryland during and since the Revolution : 

No. 1. Package of Continental Money. 

2. Proceedings of the Committee of the Legislature of Mary- 
land, June 22, 1774. 

3. Resolves of Congress to raise ten companies of Riflemen, 
two of them in Maryland, two in Virginia and six in Pennsyl- 
vania, June 14, 1775. 

4. Letter from Benjamin Rumsey, 1776. 

5. One from Stephen West, 1776. 

6. One from Judge Samuel Chase to Gov. Johnson, 1777. 

7. One from Josias Polk and Edward Lloyd, to Thomas S. 
Lee, 1777. 

8. One from Wm. Paca to Gov. Johnson, 1778. 

9. One from Daniel of St. Thos. Jenifer, 1779. 

10. Address to Gov. Johnson, by the Maryland Line, in the 
handwriting of Gen. Smallwood. 

11. Arrangement of the officers of the four Maryland Companies 
of Riflemen, 1781, in the handwriting of the same. 

12. Two letters from John Hanson, 1782. 

13. Letter of Wm. Le Conte, 1783. 

14. One from Elias Boudinot, President of Congress, to Gov. 
Paca, 1783. 

15. Address of the General Assembly of Maryland, to Major 
Gen. Greene, January 15, 1783. Duplicate of the same. 

16. Resolutions of the Officers of the Southern Army, signed 
by Generals Daniel Morgan and O. H. Williams, in the hand- 
writing of the latter. 

17. Address of the Officers of the Continental Army to Con- 
gress, dated White Plains, Sept. 13, 1778, in the handwriting 
of Gen. O. H. Williams. 

18. Address of the Officers of the Maryland Line, to the Gov- 
ernor and General Assembly of Maryland, in 1779, in the hand- 
writing- of the same. 


19. Address of the same to the General Assembly, in 1783, in 
the handwriting of the same. 

20. Letter to Gen. Washington from D. Plunket and Gen. 
Williams, written by the latter, April 21, 1789. 

21. Return of the Hospital, from Dr. Brown to Gen. Williams, 

22. Letter from Col. Scammell to the same, 1780. 

23. Letter from James McHenry and R. H. Harrison, dated at 
head-quarters, Orangetown, Augt. 12, 1780, to the same. 

24 Two Letters from Major Giles to the same, 1780-81. 

25. One from Gen. Gist to the same, 1783. 

26. One from Gen. Smallwood to the same, 1784. 

27. Seven letters from Wm. Smith to his son-in-law, Gen. 
Williams, 1789—91. 

Contains the following papers relating to Baltimore-Town. 


No. 1. Papers concerning Robert Moreton, preventive officer at 
Baltimore, 1773. 

2. Warrant of election to represent Baltimore-Town in the 
General Assembly, in 1773. 

3. Correspondence of the Committee of Safety of Baltimore 
with other Committees and persons elsewhere ; together with 
the proceedings of the Committee, 1775 — 76. 

4. Articles of Association of the Independent Company, com- 
manded by Capt. John Strieker with the signatures of the 


With the following miscellaneous papers and letters of Revolutionary date, 
the collection of Manuscripts presented to the Society, by Mr. Giltnor, 



No. 1. Letter from Daniel Chamier, of Baltimore, dated Boston, 
June 18, 1770, giving an account of the affray between the 
citizens and the soldiery. He takes the part of the latter. 


2. Commission to James Otis, Nov. 15, 1775, from George III, 
signed by James Otis, Benjamin Lincoln and' others. 

3. Letter from Col. Josiah Bartlett, signer of the Declaration 
of Independence, January 20, 1776. 

4. Letter from Robert Morris, signer of the Declaration of 
Independence, to William Whipple, of New Hampshire, also a 
signer, 1777. 

5. One from Col. Henry Laurens, to the same, 1779. 

6. Bill of Exchange drawn by Robert Morris, as minister of 
Finance, 1783. 

7. Letter written by Gen. Thomas Conway, 1778. 

8. Letter from Patrick Henry to Richard Henry Lee, 1779. 

9. One from Dr. Witherspoon, signer of the Declaration of 
Independence, to the same, 1781. 

10. One from John Adams, dated Amsterdam, September 4, 
1780, to Samuel Huntington, President of Congress. 

11. One from Ralph Izard, 1783. 

12. Warrant for money, signed by Sir Guy Carleton, 1778. 

13. Order for money to be paid, from Lord" Dorchester, (formerly 
Sir Guy Carleton,) 1789. 

14. Warrant of money to be paid to Col. Goreham, signed by 
Gen. Massey, commandant in Nova Scotia, 1778. 

15. Subsistence Warrant, signed by Sir Henry Clinton, 1781. 

16. Memorial of Capt. McKinnon to Col. Balfour, Commandant 
at Charleston, S. C. and two warrants to the former, one signed 
by Gen. Leslie, 1781. 

17. Printed "Account of Receipts and Expenditures by the 
Superintendent of Finance, to December 31, 1781." 

18. Philadelphia Evening Post of November 2, 1782. 




This elaborate Manuscript was prepared by Mr. Henry Ste- 
vens, at the cost and under the direction of Mr. George Peabody, 
who presented it to the Maryland Historical Society as a testimo- 
nial of his regard for the State in which he formerly dwelt. The 
collection is contained in eleven volumes or, solander cases, bound 
in blue morocco, under lock. There are abstracts and descriptions 
of one thousand seven hundred and twenty-nine documents extending 
from the year 1626 to 1780, exhibiting a chronological reference 
to the complete Colonial History op Maryland. 

The gentleman who prepared this work states, that he believes 
it contains an account of every thing at present accessible on this 
subject in the State Paper Office, though there are still papers 
in that depository which are unarranged and may contain references 
to Maryland. There are, also, valuable Manuscripts relating to 
our Province in the British Museum, the Badleian Library, the 
Society for the propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, and 
elsewhere in England, none of which are described in the present 

It may be proper to remark, for the benefit and guidance of 
those who wish to consult this index for the purpose of obtaining 
full copies of documents referred to, that every paper is described 
and its length in folios accurately given. A folio is reckoned in 
the State Paper Office, as consisting of scventy-tioo words, and the 
price of copying is regulated by law, at four pence per folio. 


Vol. I. 

Contains an Index to the Documents in the State Paper Office, 
relating to Sir George Calvert's Colony of Avalon and. the Pro- 
prietary history of Maryland from 1626 to 1685, among which are 
many referring to the religion, laws, trade, productions, &c. of 
Maryland; the wars with the Indians; the disputes of Lord Balti- 
more with William Claiborne, William Penn, and the Officers of 
the Customs, Rousby and Badcock ; Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia, 
and the proceedings of the Dutch and Swedes, on Delaware Bay. 

Vol. II. 

Contains an index to numerous letters and papers written by 
persons of both factions concerning the Revolution of 1689 in the 
province. Also papers concerning the appointment of Sir Lionel 
Copley, the first Royal Governor after the Revolution. 

Vol. III. 


Contains an index to documents regarding the administration of 
Governors Copley, Andros and Nicholson; the disputes of the first 
mentioned with the Secretary of the province, and also with the 
Surveyor General of North America; the establishment of Pro- 
testant ministers in Maryland ; the trade of the province, and the 
Quota demanded from Maryland, for the defence of the frontiers 
of New York against the French and Indians. 

Vol. IV. 


Contains an index to papers concerning the proceedings of the 
Board of Trade ; the laws of the province ; the piracies in the 
American seas ; addresses from the people of Maryland to the 
King, and the administration of Governor Blackistone. 

Vol. V. 

Contains an index to similar subjects as the preceding. 


Vol. VI. 


Contains an index to documents relating to the condition of 
Maryland during the government of John Seymour; the war with 
France and Spain ; value of foreign coins in America ; salaries of 
the provincial governors, and religion in the province. 

Vol. VII. 

Contains an index to papers respecting the population, laws, 
trade, &c. of Maryland ; perquisites of the Secretary's office ; 
boundary line of Maryland, and appointment of Col. Corbet as 

Vol. VIII. 

Contains an index to documents concerning the proceedings of 
President Lloyd ; the appointment and administration of Governor 
Hart; the appointment of Charles Calvert, proprietary governor, 
and the trade, &c. of the province. 

Vol. IX. 

Contains an index to papers referring to the appointment and 
administrations of Governors Benedict Leonard Calvert and Samuel 
Ogle ; trade, &c. of the province, and the outrages committed 
against Col. Thomas Cresap and family, by the Sheriff of Lancas- 
ter County, Pennsylvania. 

Vol. X. 


Contains an index to papers regarding the foreign coins and 
paper currency in America, boundary line of Maryland ; the ap- 
pointment and administrations of Governors Bladen and Ogle, 
President Tasker, Governor Sharpe, and the occurrences of the 
French War. 


Vol. XL 


Contains an interesting compendium of documents relating to 
the administrations of Governors Sharpe and Eden ; the boundary 
line ; the proceedings of the people of Maryland upon the passing 
and repeal of the Stamp Act and the various other taxes imposed 
by the British Ministry ; communications between the Governor 
and General Assembly concerning the Acts of Parliament ; ad- 
dresses and petitions of the people to the King; proceedings of 
the delegates appointed to the Continental Congress ; resolutions 
of the people ; proceedings of the Convention of Maryland ; the 
movements in the other colonies, and the battles fought with the 


BOUND BOOKS— (Not in Port Folios.) 

No. 1. Rent-Roll of Lord Baltimore, 1749-53. 

2. Proceedings of the Maryland Convention, from June 22, 
1774, to November 11, 1776, 2 vols. 

3. Journal of the Committee of Observation of the Middle 
District of Frederick County, Maryland, 1775 — 1776, presented 
by the City of Frederick to the Maryland Historical Society. 

4. Contents, Dedication and Preface to a History of the "An- 
cient and Honorable Tuesday Club," of Annapolis, 1754. 

"Record of the Tuesday Club, containing the first decade of the 
Transactions of that Society, comprehended in 239 sederunts, 
viz: from May, 1745 to May, 1755, inclusive, with heads of the 
honorable the President, and the principal officers and members, 
and figures of the most material transactions of the Club." 
Vol. 1, pp. 550, 4to. 

5. Lectures on Maryland History, by the late Mr. Thomas W. 
Griffith, presented by Mr. Brantz Mayer, 8vo. 


6. Index to the Laws of Maryland, from 1800 to 1810, pp. 
263, 4to. 

7. The Original Rolls of the Cincinnati Society of Mary- 
land, containing its Constitution, and the Signatures of its 
Members, deposited with the Historical Society, by the Mem- 
bers. In- a tin box. 

The list of original members is published in Mr. McSherry's 

History of Maryland. 

Port Folio No. 5 

r&UJt } -/tfr flunU&j** hut l 7 UM **- 

£ceJ46&i»v»t?<^ Myitis* fUnAf* - »/ : 

Contains the following documents found among the Revolutionary 

Papers of GEN. MORDECAI GIST, and presented to the Society, 

by Dr. J. Paul Cockey, of Baltimore. 


No. 1. Orderly Book containing the General Division and 

Brigade orders in Camp, at Morristown, from March 5, to April 
15, 1780. Also those issued during the march of the Maryland 
Troops, from Morristown to join the Southern Army, from April 
15 to July 14, 1780, 1 vol. 

2. Orderly Book, containing Regulations for the service of 
the Seige of York. The General Orders from the commence- 
ment of the Seige to its close. The correspondence between 
Gen. Washington and Lord Cornwallis, with regard to the Sur- 
render of Yorktown, &c. General Orders on the march of the 
Troops from Williamsburg, Nov. 5, 1781, 1 vol. 

3. Arrangement of the Maryland Line after its re-organization 
in 1781, in the handwriting of Gen. Smallwood. Published 
in Mr. McSherry's History of Maryland. 

4. Articles of Association and Signatures of Members of the 
Baltimore Independent Cadets, Dec. 3, 1774. 

5. List of the Officers of the Third Maryland Regiment, April 
19, 1777. 

6. Proceedings of a Court Martial, held at Wilmington, April 
G, 1778, written on British stamped paper. 

to ** fL -tech***™.***- ' W 



Port Folio No. 6. 

Contains documents, manuscript and printed, relating, principally, to the 

History of Maryland, at the period of the Revolution, presented 

to the Society by Mr. B. U. Campbell. 


No. 1. Original Manuscript Records of Courts Baron and 
Courts Leet, held in St. Clement's Manor, at several times, from 
1659 to 1672, folio. 

2. Three Deeds dated 1659, 1663 and 1664, the first signed 
by Josias Fendall, and the two last, by Charles Calvert, Gov. 
of Maryland, and afterwards, third Lord Baltimore. 

3. Patent of the Baltimore Company, 1732. 

4. Printed Scheme of the Maryland Liberty Lottery, Annap- 
olis, 1767. 

5. Printed Resolutions of the Inhabitants of Maryland, not to 
import certain articles into the Colony, June 22, 1769. 

6. Handbill addressed to the Inhabitants of Anne Arundel 
Co., Md., January, 1775. 

7. Another to the Citizens of Annapolis, January, 1775. 

8. Paper containing the appointment of a Committee of Ob- 
servation for Anne Arundel Co., January, 1775. 

9. MS. invective against the Civil Rulers of Maryland, ad- 
dressed to the people of Maryland, exhorting them to avenge 
themselves upon their domestic enemies, and act more vigorous- 
ly against the common foe of their country, 1777. 

10. Letter from Rev. John Carroll, dated Philadelphia, June 2, 
1776, to Charles Carroll, Sr., father of Charles Carroll of Car- 

11. Letters to Charles Carroll of Carrollton, from James Sterett, 
James Fitzgerald and Mr. Pliarne, 1777. 

12. Arrears of taxes due in Maryland, 1784. 

13. Report of Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, Intendant of the 
Revenue, to the General Assembly, 1784, printed. 

14. Report of the same for 1785. 


15. Three printed papers containing the controversy between 
D. of St. Thos. Jenifer and Judge Hanson, concerning plans of 
finance and the revenues and funds of the State, Dec. 1784. 

16. Printed address to the General Assembly, tending to show 
the justice of making specie bonds, "by one of the debtors for 
black money," 1786. 

17. Printed account of the value of land in the several counties 
of Maryland, 1781, with views of the assessments of lands in 
the same counties in 1781-2-3. 

18. Printed proceedings of the General Assembly, 1785, re- 
lating to Henry Harford, the last proprietary of Maryland. 

19. MS. of Strictures on the Counter Protest to the Pro- 
test against the passage of a bill in April Session of the General 
Assembly, 1783, entitled an "Act concerning the admission 
and qualification of solicitors and attornies," arguments in sup- 
port of the protest, signed by Charles Carroll of Carrollton. 

Duplicate of the same, without signature. 

20. Instructions and Letters from Gov. Smallwood, Thos. John- 
son and Charles Carroll of Carrollton, to Judge Chase, respect- 
ing the Stock of the Bank of England belonging to Maryland, 
1787, appointing him Agent, and letters from Judge Chase on 
the same subject. 

21. Memoranda and journal of Augustine Herman, of Bohemia 
Manor, with numerous documents relative to the estate. 

22. Printed extracts from private letters, dated London, April, 
1774, relative to the oppressive measures of the British Ministry. 

23. Printed copy of the King's Address to Parliament, October 
27, 1775. 

24. Printed Address of the Continental Congress to the inhabi- 
tants of the United States, May 9, 1778. 

25. General Account of Receipts and Expenditures of United 
States, from 1 November, 1784 to 1 November, 1785. 

26. Report of the Grand Committee of Congress respecting the 
foreign and domestic debts of the United States and the quotas 
of the several states, signed by Charles Thomson, Secretary of 
Congress, 1785. 

27. Printed Resolves of Congress respecting the laying off of 
lands to the westward, 1785. 


28. Handbill of news from England respecting a proposed 
peace with the United States. 

29. Printed remarks on Lord Sheffield's observations on the 
commerce of the United States. 

30. Inscription for a monument which might appropriately be 
erected on the Repeal of the Stamp Act. . . 

Port Folio No. 7. 

Contains all the remaining Manuscripts relating to the History of Maryland. 


ry of Maryland. 

Papers written by the late Mr. JAMES JOHNSON,,,^*? of Gov. 
Johnson, of Maryland, and presented by him to the Society. 

No. 1. Genealogy of the family of Thomas Johnson, the first 
Republican Governor of Maryland. 

2. Biographical Sketch of Thomas Johnson. 

3. Revolutionary Worthies of Maryland. 

4. Revolutionary Reminiscences. 

5. List of the Maryland officers appointed to command the 
Flying Camp in the campaign jn/ 1776-77. 

6. Catalogue of the Professors afhd Students of St. John's 
College, Annapolis, 17S9-95. 

7. Origin, Rise and Progress of Steam Navigation. 

Miscellaneous Manuscripts. 


No. 1. Pres. Joseph's address to the General Assembly, Nov. 
14, 1688, and two addresses, by Gov. Seymour, 1704, extracted 
from the Journals of the Upper House of the Maryland Assem- 
bly, preserved in the Council Chamber, at Annapolis, pp. 11, folio. 

2. Copy of H. M's Order in Council, 1738, for preserving 
peace between the Inhabitants of Pennsylvania and Maryland. 

3. Copy of the Agreement, 1760, between the Proprietors of 
■ Pennsylvania and Maryland, pp. 55, folio, presented by Mr. J. 

B. Morris, 

(A printed copy of the same, in the Library, presented by Mr. 
E. D. Ingraham, of Philadelphia.) 

4. Orders and Instructions for Robert Eden, Governor of 
Maryland, from George III, 1769, copied from the original 


Records in the Council Office, Whitehall, London, presented 
to the Society by Jared Sparks, LL. D. 

5. Letter from General Samuel Smith, written in 1821, giving 
an account of the plan by which the Committee of Safety at 
Baltimore, intended making Governor Eden prisoner, in 1776. 

6. Journal of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, during his visit to 
Canada in 1776, as one of the Commissioners from Congress, 
pp. 41, presented by Mrs. J. McTavish. Published by the 
Society, with a memoir and notes by Mr. Brantz Mayer. 

7. Journal of Capt. William Beatty of the Maryland Line, from 
1776 to 1781. Also five letters of the same ; with his memoir, 
written by Judge Beatty, of Kentucky, presented by the same. 

8. Copy of the Journal of Lieut. Anderson of the Delaware 
Regiment, in the Southern Campaign, 1780-S1, pp. 19. 

9. Manuscript of Mr. 0. Tiffany's Sketch of the Life and 
Services of General O. H. Williams, of the Maryland Line, a 
discourse delivered by him before the Society, and published, 
pp. 36, folio. 

10. An account of Occurrences in Somerset County, 1781, in 
letters chiefly addressed to Matthew Tilghman, copied from the 
originals on file in the Council Chamber, Annapolis, pp. 20. 

11. Transcripts from the Records of Kent County Court, 1652, 
made by Mr. George L. L. Davis, and presented by him to the 

12. Scale of Depreciation by the Maryland Legislature, for the 
Payment of Officers, &c. 177-81. 

13. Fac-simile of a letter of Charles, third Lord Baltimore, 1687. 

14. Letter of Charles, fifth Lord Baltimore, 1742. 

15. Three letters from Governor Eden, 1775. 

16. Note to him from John Montgomery, in Latin. 

17. Letter from Daniel Dulany, 1787. 

18. One from Col. J. E. Howard, 1826. 

19. One from Col. Paul Bentalou, 1826. 

20. One from Gen. Samuel Smith, 1835. 

21. Letter concerning John Hicks, a Chief of the Cherokee 
nation, showing him to have been born of white parents in Mary- 
land ; and another letter from the same person concerning Fort 
Frederick. _ 


BOUND BOOKS— (JYot in Port Folios.) 

1774— 1S38. 

No. 1. The Manuscript of Mr. Robert Purviance's "Narra- 
tive of Events which occurred in Baltimore-Town, during the 
Revolutionary War." 

2. Orderly Book of the Baltimore Independent Company, com- 
manded by Samuel Sterett, and attached to the 5th Regiment M. 
M. Aug. — November, 1S14, presented by Mr. John S. Sumner. 

3. Record of Visitors to the top of Washington Monument, 
from 1835 to 1838. 

Port Folio, No. 8. 

Contains all the Manuscripts in this section. 


No. 1. The original letters published in Mr. Purviance's "Nar- 
rative of Events which occurred in Baltimore-Town during the 
Revolution," presented to the Society by Mr. Purviance. 

2. List of subscribers for keeping the Fence around Baltimore 
Town in repair, 1748. 

3. Do. for building a Town Hall, and Market House, 1751. 

4. Census of Deptford Hundred, or Fell's Point, made by 
order of Congress, 1776. 

The above were presented by Mr. Randolph B. Latimer. They 
were found among the papers of the late Mr. Thos. W. Griffith. 

5. History of the Baltimore City and County Alms House; 
found among the papers of Mr. Thos. W. Griffith. 

6. List of subscribers for opening Calvert Street, by under. 
pinning and under-arching the Court House, 1784 — presented 
by Mr. Ramsay McHenry. 


7. Paper read before the Society by Mr. Robert Gilmor, rela- 
tive to certain buildings which once existed in Baltimore. 

8. Member book of the Baltimore Lodge of Masons, No. 16, 
from 1773 to 1780, presented by Mr. Geo. F. R. Waesche. 

9. Paper book of descriptions of designs for the Washington 
Monument, written in 1813. Also, tickets in the "Washington 
Monument Lottery," 1813. 

10. Orderly Book of the 3d Brigade, Maryland Militia, John 
Strieker, Brig. Gen. Baltimore, Aug. — Nov. 1814 — presented 
by Mr. Hugh Jenkins. 

11. Papers concerning the presentation of a sword by the 
citizens of Baltimore, to Lieut. R. Ridgely, for his gallantry at 
Palo Alto, and Resaca de la Palma, 1846. 





BOUND BOOKS— (Not in Port Folios.-) 


No. 1. Manuscript in Latin, on vellum, of the XIV. Century, 
beautifully written and illuminated, of the Gospels of Matthew 
and Mark, with annotations and commentaries. Bound in the 
original wood and stamped leather, pp. about 250. 

2. Manuscript in Latin, on vellum, Anno 1312, Aristotle's 
Physics, pp. about 300. 

3. Spanish Manuscript, beautifully illuminated, and bound in 
crimson velvet, with silver clasps, — giving an account of the Geo- 
graphy, History, Statistics, &c. &c. of the North op Terra 
Firma and the Province of Veragua, in a Report to the 
King of Spain, signed by Diego de la Haya, 1716, pp. 352. 


4. Manuscript History (in Spanish) of the American Revolution, 
for the years 1776, '77 and '78, pp. 450, presented by Mr. S. T. 

5. Order Book of the United States Army, under Gen. James 
Wilkinson, from 1797 to 1813, presented by Mr. John 1. Donald- 

6. Fac-similes of Manuscripts on Papyrus, preserved in the 
Royal Library, Paris, edited by M. Champollion Figeac, of Paris, 
presented by the Editor, 1 vol. folio. 

7. Mons. Alexandre Vattemare's "Album Cosmopolite," 
containing fac-similes of sketches, &c. by distinguished artists 
and of autograph signatures and letters, of celebrated men, of 
past and present time, presented, by M. Vattemai*e, 1 vol. folio. 


No. 1. Two Fac-similes of the Declaration of Independence. 

2. Fac-simile of the signatures of the Merchants and other 
citizens of Philadelphia, as subscribed to the Non -Importation 
Resolutions, Oct. 25, 1765. — presented by Mr. R. H. Townsend. 

3. Fac-simile of the Acts of Separation of the Free Church 
of Scotland in 1843, presented by Mr. George Brown. 



No. 1. Fac-simile of the Declaration of Independence, presented 
by Congress to Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the surviving 
signer, signed by him in the year 1826, and given by him to 
Mr. John McTavish, who presented it to the Society. 

2. Fac-simile of a letter to Thomas Jefferson, from Benjamin 
Banneker, a colored man, of Baltimore County, of considerable 
mathematical attainments, and of Mr. Jefferson's answer, 1791, 
presented by Mr. Moses Sheppard. These letters are published 
in Mr. Latrobe's " Memoir of Benjamin Banneker." 

3. Letter, dated Monterey, September 22, 1847, signed by Gen. 
Z. Taylor. 

4. Note written by the Duke of Wellington, 1847, presented by 
Mr. W. S. Peterkin. 


Port Folio No. 9. 

Contains Mons. Du Bois Martin's Account of his agency in the 
Embarkation of Lafayette, for this country in 1776. Also, his 
private papers, in French. 

Mons. Martin was a French officer, who, in the latter part of 
his life, resided in Baltimore., <o ,-, cr> 

t&ZSZl ^rt Folio, No. 10. 

Contains all the remaining- Manuscripts mentioned in the following pages : 


No. 1. Copy of a letter written by Columbus, and preserved in 
the Ducal Palace, Genoa, dated Seville, April 2, 1502. 

2. Translation of a Treatise by A. Von Humboldt, on the 
"oldest maps of the New Continent," and on the name, 
" America," prefixed to a German History of Behaim, the Nav- 
igator, presented to the Society by Mr. Wtn. Rodewald, of 
Bremen. Also, a translation of the preface to the same work. 

3. Letter from William Penn, dated May 2, 1698, addressed 
to his Agents in Pennsylvania, concerning six hundred pounds 
due to him by the province. This valuable relic was presented 
to the Society by Mr. Richard H. Townsend, of Baltimore. 

4. Fac-simile of the same. 


5. Do. of a letter from William Penn, dated 25 April, 1682. 

6. Fac-simile of Washington's Accounts with the United 
States, from June, 1775, to June, 1783.— presented by Mr. 

Geo. B. Coale. 

7. Historical Account of Erie County, Pennsylvania, written 
for the Society, by Wm. Maxwell Wood, M. D. Surgeon U. S . 

h& . At/my. — pp. 30, 12mo. 

8. Correspondence between the United States citizens resident 
at La Guayra, and Capt. Spence, commanding the U. S. Ship 
Cyane, 1822.— presented by Mr. P. W. Lowry. 



9. Note from Col. J. E. Howard. 

10. Letter from Gouverneur Morris, 1800. 

11. One from Chief Justice Taney, 1831. 

12. One from Chief Justice Marshall, 1830. 

13. One from Mathew Carey, 1837. 

14. One from Jared Sparks, 1832. 

15. Letter written by Benedict Arnold, 1768, presented by Mr. 
Charles S. Gilmor. 

16. One from Aaron Burr, 1793, presented by the same. 

17. Letter from Dr. Hugh Williamson, 1774. 

18. Fac-simile of a letter from Washington to Francis Hop- 
kinson, 1785, presented by Mr. George B. Coale. 

19. Letter from Lafayette, 1827, presented by Mr. R. H. 

20. Two from David Crockett, 1835, presented by Mr. George 
H. Hickman. 

21. Letter from John Quincy Adams, dated Quincy, Oct. 26, 
1841, to Mr. J. A. Grace, concerning the Genealogy of the 
Adams family and other papers relating to the same subject, pp. 21. 

22. Two letters to the President of the Maryland Historical 
Society, from George W. P. Custis, descriptive of the uniforms 
worn by the several corps of the Continental army. Published in 
Mr. McSherry's History of Maryland. 

23. French inscription engraved in 1749, upon a leaden plate 
found at the confluence of the Ohio and Great Kanawha rivers. 

24. Fac-simile of two letters from Thomas Jefferson and Andrew 
Jackson, 1824 and 1833, presented by Mr. John P. Hughes. 

25. Deed of the sale of a negro girl in Newport, Rhode Island, 

26. Various English and American Indentures, of the fol- 
lowing dates: 1602, 1607, 1656, 1695, 1696, 1752, 1756, 1770. 

27. Various specimens of continental and provincial notes of 
. Maryland, &c. issued during the period from 1774 to 1776, pre- 

eented by Mr. F. B. Mayer. 


28. "An Essay towards an English Grammar, in verse," by 
the Rev. Mr. Chase, father of Judge Samuel Chase, presented '■ 
by Mr. J. I. Donaldson, pp. 109, 4to. 

29. A Course of Law and Literary Study, prepared by Judge 
Samuel Chase, presented by Hon. J. P. Kennedy, pp. 28, 4to. 

30. "The Materials of History," an essay read before the So- 
ciety, by Mr. Thomas Donaldson. 

31. Fac-simile of the Death Warrant of Charles I, presented 
by Mr. Louis Servary. 

32. Handbill containing an account of the trials of William, 
Earl of Kilmarnock, George, Earl of Cromartie and Arthur, 
Loi'd Balmerino, for High Treason, in 1746. 

33. Permit with the signatures of Napoleon and some of his 
ministers, 1813. 

34. Fac-simile of a sketch and notes illustrating the battle of 
Areola, made by Napoleon, presented by Mr. P. W. Lowrv. 

35. Fourth Bulletin of the French Army in Russia, dated 
Wilna, June 30, 1812, printed, presented by Gen. J. S. Smith. 

36. Two pieces of birch bark marked with the picture writing 

and hieroglyphics of the North- Western Indians. 

Autograph letters, presented to the society, by Mr. 
Lyman C. Draper. 

No. 1. Letter dated Williamsburg, 1738. 

2. Letter from Patrick Henry, 1784. 

3. Benjamin Harrison, signer of the Declaration of Indepen- 
dence, 1783. 

4. Thomas Jefferson, 1779. 

5. James Monroe, 1802. 

6. Gen. S. F. Mason, U. S. Senator from Virginia, announcing 
the election of Mr. Jefferson, as President, 1801. 

7. Alexander Martin, of N. C. 1806. 

8. Gen. Henry Knox, Secretary of War, 1792. 

9. William Blount, 1794. 

10. Passport signed by Gen. Henry Lee, Gov. of Virginia, 1791. 

11. Autograph signatures of many distinguished Americans. 



No. 1. An exact MS. Plat of Baltimore Town in Baltimore 
County, 1756, — presented by Mr. Chas. F. Mayer, — framed. 

2. A New and Accurate MS. Map of Baltimore Town; 
dedicated to Thos. Langton, Esq. by G. Goulds. Presbury, 
S B. C. 1780,— presented by Mr. B. U. Campbell,— framed. 

3. MS. Plat of the lands on which Baltimore City is situated, 
1786, by G. Goulds. Presbury, S. B. C. 

4. Plan of the Town of Baltimore, and its Environs ; dedicated 
to the citizens of Baltimore. Taken upon the spot, by their 
most humble servant A. P. Folie, French Geographer, 1792, — 
presented by Mr. John S. Sumner, — framed. 

Duplicate of the same. 

5. Plan of the City and Environs of Baltimore, 1799, pre- 
sented by Mr. J. R. Partridge. 

6. Plan of the City of Baltimore, 1818, by L. H. Poppleton, 


7. Original MS. draft of a Survey of Patapsco River, and 
part of Chesapeake Bay, made in 1.819, by Mr. Lewis Brantz, 
and presented to the Society by Mr. Brantz Mayer. 

Printed copy of the same. 

8. MS. copy of Lord Baltimore's own Map, annexed to his 
Agreement with Penn, in 1732. 

9. MS. copy of an Original Map of the Survey of Mason 
and Dixon's Line, made and presented to the Society, by Mr. 
F. Lucas, Jr. 

10. Map of Maryland, 1794,— presented by Mr. J. R. Partridge. 


11. Map of the Stage Routes between the cities of New York 
and Baltimore ; exhibiting also the operations of the British 
Army from their landing at Elk River, 1777, until their embarka- 
tion at Nevesink, 1778, — presented by Mr. Brantz Mayer. 

12. Map of the Chesapeake Bay and Susquehanna River, 1799, 
presented by the same. 

Duplicate of the above map. 

13. MS. Plat of St. Mary's River,— presented by Gen. J. S. 

14. Map of the country between Washington and Pittsburg, 
referring to the contemplated Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, 1826. 

15. Map of the various routes surveyed for the Baltimore and 
Ohio Rail Road. 

16. Map of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and North 
Carolina, 1778. 

17. Account of land in Pennsylvania, granted by Wm. Penn, 
1681, — presented by Mr. R. H. Townsend. 

18. Map of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and the 
three Delaware Counties, 1749, — presented by Mr. S. T. Wallis. 


19. Plat of the Town of Havre de Grace, Md. 

20. Old Map of Pennsylvania. 

21. German Map of the States, from Maine to Virginia, 1778. 

22. Spanish Chart of the Eastern Coast of Mexico. 

23. Spanish Map of the port of Vera Cruz, and the Western 
Coast of the Gulf of Mexico, 1798. 

24. Spanish Chart of the Coasts of the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf 
of Honduras, Islands of Cuba, Saint Domingo, Jamaica and 
Lucayas, 1813. 

25. American Chart of the Spanish Main, 1823. 

26. American Chart of the same, from Carthagena to the 
River Chagres, 1823. 

27. Spanish Chart of the Sea of the Antilles, 1809. 

28. Do. of the Old Bahama Channel, 1790. 


29. Do. of part of the Antilles, of Porto Rico, Saint Domingo, 
Jamaica and Cuba, 1815. 

30. Spanish Plat of Porto, Capital of Porto Rico, 1794. 

31. French tables of Longitudes and Latitudes. 

32. Map of the Mississippi River, from the Balize to Fort 
Chartres, in 1765 — presented by Mr. J. R. Partridge. 

33. Plan of the City and Environs of New York, 1765. 

34. Plan of New Orleans, 1803. 

35. Map of Florida and Bahama Islands. 

36. Map of Florida, Gulf of Mexico, and the Bahama Banks, 

37. Map of Florida, 1829,— presented by Gen. J. S. Smith. 

38. Map of Florida, 1846. 

39. French Map of the United States, 1802. 

40. A collection of French Maps and Plates, illustrating the 
Works of Internal Improvement in the United States, from 
1824 to 1831. 

41. Maps of the Rail Roads in the United States, published by 

the United States Government. 

42. Map of the Western Rail Roads, tributary to Philadelphia. 

43. Spanish Map of the Rail Roads in Cuba, 1846, — presented 
by Gen. Geo. H. Steuart. 

44. Chart of the Coast of North America from New York to 
Cape Hatteras, 1794. 

45. Collection of the Maps published by the United States 

Coast Survey. 

46. Various Maps and Charts published by the United States 

47. French Atlas of the World, for the use of the Dauphin, 
published in 1695, presented by Mr. Samuel W. Smith, 3 vols, 

48. Atlas attached to a work published in 1808, by order of the 
Emperor Napoleon, containing an account of the Voyage, in 
1791-92-93, of Dentrecasteaux in search of La Perouse, all 
presented to the Society by the Minister of Marine, of France. 
Atlas, 1 vol. folio. 


49. Directory of the East Indies, 1787, presented by Mr. F. B. 
Mayer, 1 vol. folio. 

50. Complete East Indies Pilot, 1800, from the same, 3 vols, 

51. English Pilot of Northern Navigation, 1775, from the same, 
1 vol. folio. 

52. Chart of the Mediterranean sea, dedicated to Lord Nelson, 
from the same. 

53. Geo-hydrographic Survey of Madeira, 1788, from the same. 

54. Chart of the Maritime Flags of all Nations, from the same. 

55. French Map of the Internal Navigation of France, presented 
by Mons. A. Vattemare, of Paris, 1820. 

56. French Map of the Republic of France, divided into 103 
Departments, 1799, presented by Gen. J. S. Smith. 

57. Map of the Southern part of Sweden and Norway, 1792, 
from the same. 

58. Map of the Theatre of War between Russia and France, 
in 1812, from the same. 

59. Pictorial Map of the Rhine from Basle to the Sea, presented 
by Mr. Alexander B. Gordon. 

60. Plat of Trieste. 

61. Map of the Seat of War in North America, in 1813. 

62. Plans of the Battles fought in the Mexican War, 1846-48. 

63. Chinese Map of the World, presented by Capt. Hugh 

64. Stream of Time, or Chart of Universal History, from the 
original German of Strass. Duplicate of the same. 

65. Ecclesiastical Chart of the Catholic Church, in Spanish 
presented by Mr. John Murphy. 



Bronze Medals, struck at various times, by order of Congress, 
in commemoration of military events, purchased and presented 
to the Society by the following named gentlemen : John Spear 
Smith, George Tiffany, J. McHenry Boyd, James H. McHenry, 
R. Cary Long and J. I. Donaldson. 

No. 1. Medal for George Washington, on the evacuation of Boston, 
March 17, 1776. 

2. Gen. Horatio Gates, for the battle of Saratoga, Oct. 17, 1777. 

3. Gen. Nath. Greene, in commemoration of his Southern 
Campaign, victory of Eutaw, Sept. 8, 1781. 

4. Gen. Daniel Morgan, for the victory of Cowpens, Jan. 17, 

5. Col. W. Washington, for the victory of Cowpens, Jan. 17, 

G. Col. J. E. Howard, for the victory of Cowpens, Jan. 17, 

7. Electrotype duplicate of the same. 

S. Gen. William H. Harrison, for the battle of the Thames, 
October 5, 1813. 

9. Governor Isaac Shelby, for the battle of the Thames, 
October 5, 1813. 

10. Col. George Croghan, Sandusky, August 2, 1813. 

11. Gen. Jacob Brown, for the battles of Chippewa, July 5, 
Niagara, July 25, and Erie, September 17, 1814. 

12. Gen. Eleazer W. Ripley, for the battles of Chippewa, 
July 5, Niagara, July 25, and Erie, September 17, 1814. 


13. James Miller, for the battles of Chippewa, July 5, Nia- 
gara, July 25, and Erie, September 17, 1814. 

14. Gen. Peter B. Porter, for the battles of Chippewa, July 
5, Niagara, July 25, and Erie, September 17, 1814. 

15. Gen. Winfield Scott, for the battles of Chippewa, July 5, 
Niagara, July 25, and Erie, September 17, 1814. 

16. Gen. Edmund P. Gaines, for the battle of Erie, August 
15, 1814. 

17. Gen. Alexander Macomb, battle of Plattsburg, September 
11, 1814. 

18. Gen. Andrew Jackson, for the battle of New Orleans, 
January 8, 1815. 



No. 1. Silver Shilling and six pence of Csecilius, Lord Balti- 
more, 1660, presented to the Society by Mr. George Peabody, 
of London. 

2. Three silver Shillings of Annapolis, 1783. 

3. Medal of President Cole, of the Tuesday Club, at Annapolis, 
May, 1746, presented by Capt. W. H. Fitzhugh. 

4. Impression of the seal of Thomas J. Clagett, D. D., Bishop 
of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in Maryland, 1792. 

5. Silver Medal in honor of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, 
struck by his family, September 20, 1826, on his entering his 
90th year; the surviving signer of the Declaration of Indepen- 
dence, after the 50th Anniversary. Presented to the Society 
by Mrs. John McTavish. 

6. Massachusetts Pine-tree Shilling, 1652, presented by Mr. S. 
T. Wallis. 

7. A French Medal to Defleury, a French soldier, vrho first 
scaled the walls of Stony-Point, 15 July, 1779. 

8. Electrotype copy of the obverse and reverse of a medal, 
struck during the second presidency of Washington, 1796. 

9. Bronze commemorative medal of Henry Clay, struck in 1852, 
by his friends and presented by them to the Society. 

10. Bronze Medal of Daniel Webster. 



11. Private medal struck in honor of J. Fennimore Cooper, by 
Commodore Jesse D. Elliott, silver, presented by Com. Elliott. 

12. Medal of Gen. Z. Taylor, cast in Iron. 

13. Bronze Genoese Medal, commemorative of Columbus. 

14. Cast of a very fine medal struck in France, in honor of 
Benjamin Franklin. 

15. Cast of the gold Coronation Medal of Charles X. 

16. French Medal in bronze, commemorative of Louis Philip, 
as Lieut. General of the kingdom, presented by M. Vattemare, 
of Paris. 

17. Mexican medal, commemorative of the outbreak of the 
Revolution in Mexico, in 1821. 

18. Copper medal in honor of the building of the new Market 
in Mexico, by Santa Anna, in 1842. 

19. Electrotype copy of an ancient Russian medal of St. 

20. Thirty-five Grecian and Roman bronze coins. 

21. Several hundred miscellaneous copper and silver coins. 

300 b. c— a. d. 1851. 

This fine numismatic collection is comprised in 19 volumes, 
numbering in all 251 specimens, the larger portion being silver, 
in fine preservation. The Medals and Coins are firmly set in 
strong boards, so as to exhibit the obverse and reverse of each 
through the glasses which cover both sides of the case, and protect 
the specimens from touch or injury. 

The collection was chiefly formed in Europe, by Joel Barlow, 
minister to France, and author of our American epic, " the Colum- 
biad." At his death it passed to his brother-in-law, the late 
Col. Bomford, U. S. A., upon whose decease, General Towson, 
U. S. A. became its owner. 

General Towson immediately proceeded, with the assistance of 
Mr. D. E. Groux, of Washington, who is said to be a very competent 
Numismatist, to classify and arrange the entire collection, as well 


as to prepare an ample catalogue raisonne of the whole, which he 
caused to be printed and presented with the Coins and Medals to 
the Maryland Historical Society, in March, 1852. 

The collection presented by General Towson, is valuable for 
many separate specimens of great rarity, as well as beauty, It is 
in truth, a numismatic gallery of many nations and various ages. 
We may especially notice the very fine medal of Gustavus Adol- 
phus, as an admirable specimen of minute and elegant art. But 
for historical purposes, the unbroken series of silver medals of 
French sovereigns and illustrious men, from the Merovingian kings 
in 420, to the Bourbons in 1793, is, if we may be allowed to dis- 
criminate, the most valuable portion of the collection. 

Vol. 1. 

4 Greek Medals from 300 B. C. to 400 B. C; 2 Medals of 
the Roman Republic; 12 Coins of the Roman Empire from 
A. D. 14 to 235. 

Vol. 2. 

16 Roman Medals from A. D. 260 to 428. 

Vol. 3. 

4 Roman Medals of the lower empire from A. D. 518 to 685 ; 5 

Miscellaneous English Coins, 1760 to 1788; 1 Portuguese, 1714. 

Vol. 4. 

2 French Coins, 1715 to 1774; 2 Spanish Coins, 1502 to 
1665; 2 Burgundian Coins, 1665 to 1788; 1 Swedish Coin, 
1719; 2 U. S. of America, 1792, 1851. 

Vol. 5. 

4 Mahometan Coins, Circassian Dynasty, 1356 ; 2 Mogul 
Empire, 1681 to 1723; 2 Empire of Morocco, 1786 to 1788; 6 
Turkish Empire, 1772 to 1803. 

Vol. 6. 

1 Papal Coin 1559; 2 Austrian Empire 1705 to 1780; 5 
Portuguese, 1706 to 1808; 5 Danish, 1670 to 1721; 2 Danish 
American Colonies, 1746 to 1808. 


Vol. 7. 

17 English Silver Coins from Edward 2nd, 1350 to James 
2nd, 1686. 

Vol. 8. 

16 English Silver Coins from William and Mary, 1695 to 
George 4th, 1822. 

Vol. 9. 

7 French Silver Coins, 1715 to 1742; 1 Holland, 1738; 1 
Doventer, 1689; 2 West Friesland, 1632 to 1664; 1 Zealand, 

VoL 10. 

3 Prussian Silver Coins, 1786 to 1800 ; 1 Sardinian, 1727 ; 1 
Burgundy under Spain, 1611; 1 Schleswig Holstein, 1682; 1 
Florence, 1797; 2 Dukedom of Monaca, 1655; 1 Republic of 
Mexico, 1824 ; 2 Republic of Peru, 1828. 

Vol. 11. 

2 American Washington medals, 1796, silver; 1 American 
silver Jefferson medal, 1801 ; 1 American silver Gen. H. Gates, 
1777 ; 1 U. S. 3 cent coin of 1S51 ; 2 Massachusetts shillings of 

Vol. 12. 

2 French silver medals, (personal,) 1783, 1712, to the brothers 
Mongolfier, and J. J. Rousseau ; 1 English silver battle of Cul- 
loden,1746 ; 1 Swedish commemorative of Gustavus Adolphus, a 
splendid specimen, 1632, silver ; 1 French Republic, An. VI ; 
1 Louis XVI. 1779 ; 1 Republic of Chili, 1818. 

Vols. 13 and 14. 

22 Silver medals of the French Kings, in a complete series 
from Pharamond, A. D. 428, to Childeric, 752; 11 silver medals 
of French Kings, in series, from Pepin 752, to Louis IV. 954. 

Vols. 15 and 16. 

16 Silver French medals, in series, from Lothaire 954, to 1322 ; 
19 silver French medals from Charles IV. 1322, to Louis XVI, 


Vols. 17 and 18. 

24 Silver medals of eminent Frenchmen, from 1617 to 1723. 

Vol. 19. 

1 Spanish bronze medal, 1788 ; 3 English bronze medals, 
1727, 1789; 2 French bronze medals, 1792; 1 King of Etruria 
medal, 1801. 


Casts from the originals of the Dying Gladiator and Apollo 
Belvidere, presented by the Art Association. 

Cast of Canova's Venus, deposited by Mr. Brantz Mayer. 

Original Bust of Napoleon, by Canova ; Bust in marble, of 
Eloise, by Greenough. 

Bust in marble of Augustus, and a collection of Medallion 
casts from the Antique, in 7 vols., all deposited by Mr. David 

Collection of Casts from the Antique, in 1 vol. 

A Cast of the statue of Venus of Milo, reduced. 

A Cast of a statue of Polhymnia, reduced. 

Two Bas Reliefs, casts from the Frieze of the Parthenon at 
Athens, presented by M. Vattemare. 

Two Marble Busts of Voltaire and Rousseau, deposited by Mr. 
James H. McHenry. 

Medallion Bust of Washington, by Chevalier, presented by Mr. 
Johns Hopkins. 

Bust of Henry Clay, by Hart. 

Bust of the Rev. Dr. J. G. Morris, of Baltimore. 

Cast in iron of Thorwaldsen's Swiss Lion. 


Portrait of George Calvert, Lord Baltimore, eng. 

Portrait of Cecilius Calvert, Lord Baltimore, eng. 

Portrait of Frederick Calvert, Lord Baltimore, eng. 

A frame containing portraits of General Oglethorpe and Poca- 
hontas, eng. all presented by Mr. Brantz Mayer. 

Full length portrait, in oil, of Charles, fifth Lord Baltimore, 
copied by Mr. Thomas Sully, of Philadelphia, from the original 
of Sir Godfrey Kneller, and presented by him to the Society 
in 1853. 

Portrait in oil of Gen. 0. H. Williams, presented by Mrs. 
Williams and family. 

Portrait in oil of Col. J. E. Howard, presented by Messrs. 
James and Charles Howard. 

Portrait in oil of Gen. Samuel Smith, presented by Gen. J. Spear 

Portrait in oil of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, presented by 
Mrs. John McTavish. 

Portrait of Archbishop Carroll, eng., presented by Mr. J. S. 

Portrait in oil of Gen. Mordecai Gist, presented by Gen. J. S. 
Smith and Dr. J. P. Cockey. 

Portrait in oil of Gen. Wm. Smalhvood — purchased. 

Portrait in oil of Gen. John Strieker, deposited by Mr. C. B, 
Tiernan. » 


Portrait in oil of Christopher Hughes, by Sir Martin A. 
Shee, devised to the Society by Mr. Hughes, 

Portrait of Christopher Columbus from an original in the Royal 
Library, Paris, eng. presented by Gen. J. S. Smith. 

Engraving after the Portrait of Wm. Penn, belonging to the 
Pennsylvania Historical Society, presented by Mr. E. D. In- 
graham, of Philadelphia. 

Portrait of Mr. George Peabody, presented by Mr. William E. 


Original sketch by John Moale of Baltimore-Town in 1752, 
presented by Col. Samuel Moale. 

View of Baltimore in 1800. 

View of Baltimore from Fairmount, 1853. 

Portraits of Washington, Rochambeau, Lafayette, Greene, &c. 
on Yorktown heights, after the Seige, by C. W. Peale, presented 
by Mr. Robert Gilmor. 

Copy in oil of the Notte of Corregio, size of original, by 
V. C. Rothe, Dresden, 1834. 

Copy in oil of Raphael's Madonna of St. Sixtus, by C. 
Vogel, 1833. 

Copy in oil of Paul Veronese's Marriage at Cana, by 

Potiphar's Wife and Joseph, copied from Cignani, presented by 
Mr. O. C. Tiffany. 

A Copy by T. C. Ruckle, a Baltimore artist, of Murillo's Infant 
Saviour, presented by Mr. W. J. Tiffany. 

A Collection of valuable engravings, among which are many 
representing memorable scenes in history. 

A print published at Boston just before the Revolution repre- 
senting " The Bloody Massacre perpetrated in King Street, 
Boston, in March 5th, 1770, by a party of the 29th Regt." 

Caricature of the first fight in Congress between two of the 
members, 1798. 

Plate of a View of the Court House and Powder Magazine of 
Baltimore, 1789. 


The original Banner presented to Count Pulaski in 1778, by 
the Moravian Sisters of Bethlehem, in Pennsylvania. When 
Count Pulaski fell at Savannah in 1779, the banner was saved 
by his first lieutenant and afterwards delivered to Col. Bentalou, 
of Baltimore, then a captain in Pulaski's Legion. It was used 
in the procession which welcomed Lafayette to this city in 1824, 
and then deposited in Peale's Museum. In 1844, Mr. Edmund 
Peale presented it to the Maryland Historical Society. 

A number of Indian, Mexican, Chinese and other curiosities and 
relics ; together with various specimens of minerals, shells, and 
other natural productions. 




The Library of the Maryland Historical Society contains 2128 
bound volumes, — of which 390 are purchases by the Society, and 
the residue, 173S, donations from U. S. Government, States, asso- 
ciations, and individuals, in this state and elsewhere, who, imbued 
with the true idea of the end of historical institutions, and believing 
that they are depositories for every thing that may contribute to 
the elucidation of past or present events, have done all in their 
power to increase the collections of the Society. 

Of Histories of the States, of Local Histories, of Biographies 
and Memoirs of distinguished Americans, and of General Histories 
of the United States and the Americas, there are 730 volumes. 
Among these are almost all the standard works on American His- 
tory and Biography, and several very rare and valuable books. 

Of Public Documents and Publications by the United States 
Government there are 605 volumes. 

Of Newspapers there are 307 bound volumes, comprising some 
of the earliest published in Maryland. 

There are 56 bound volumes containing 703 Pamphlets, all accu- 
rately indexed and catalogued. These pamphlets relate principally 
to the history of Maryland and the United States, and to political, 
scientific and literary subjects generally. Among them are some 
of great rarity and historical importance. 

Of works on Universal and European History, Travels and 
Voyages in the Old World, and Biographies of distinguished 
English and French, there are 195 volumes. 

Of Miscellaneous Works on the Fine Arts, Science, Theology, 
Law, Literature, &c. there are 230 volumes. 



I. The Assistant Librarian, who is constantly in the Society's 
Rooms during hours of study, has charge of this Collection under 
the Library Committee, and is strictly responsible for every 
article contained in it, as well as for the preservation of its 
systematic order. He will keep the Manuscripts under lock, in 
the fire-proof safes. 

II. No Manuscript, Medal, Coin, Map, &c. of any character or 
value, shall be taken, by any one's authority, or for any purpose, 
from this Society's Hall. 

III. To preserve order in the custody and use of the articles 
comprised in this catalogue, and those which may, hereafter, be 
added to it, the Assistant Librarian, alone, will find and exhibit any 
document, work, or matter of interest desired for examination. 

IV. The Assistant Librarian is expressly inhibited from allowing 
any one to inspect or use this Collection, in any other way, or out 
of his presence. 

V. These fundamental rules are not adopted to prevent the 
legitimate use of the Society's Collection by all who require its 
aid in the spirit and for the purposes that originated the Institution. 
The experience of other Societies, in Europe as well as America, 
has demonstrated the necessity of strict rules and accountability 
in the guardianship of literary or scientific rarities ; and it is for 
this reason alone, that the Maryland Historical Society offers its 
pledge to the public and to students, that whatever may be 
entrusted to its care will be watchfully preserved, at the same time 
that it is made accessible. 

Brantz Mayer, Chairman. 

Geo. Wm. Brown, 

M. Courtney Jenkins, 

Library Committee, M. H. S. 
Baltimore, 1 July, 1854.