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Full text of "Catalogue of members in the communion of the (Collegiate) Reformed Protestant Dutch church of the city of New York. January 6, 1898"

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I' *!:*■; . 



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Members in the Communion 


j}f|ormed jjrotcjiiant mk}t mmch 



J yv 3sr xj A. n -sr e, xe&e. 

oompileo by order of the 
< Ministers and Elders. / 


Charles H. Jones & Co., Printers, 114 Fulton Street. 


Members in the Communion 


j^eformed jjrotcstant jjutch |^lmrch 


J y»i. 3Sr XT -A. R ^^ e, 1888 

/compiled by order of the \ 
V Ministers and Elders. / 


Charlks H. Jones & Co., Fkintkrs, 114 Fui.roN Street. 



Congregation of the "Middle I / i * \ 

Church," 2d Ave. and 7th St. ) ^^^ ^^'^ 

Congregation of the Church at / C20th St ) 

5th Ave. and 29th St. ) K y -J 

Congregation of the Church at I ^ g^l^ S^^ 

5th Ave. and 48th St. ) ^^ 

Congregation of the Church at / /-.v -p \ 

West End Ave. and 77th St. ) ^^^ ' "^'^ 

Congregation of the Church at ) (M v\ \ 

University Heights. S ^ '' 

Congregation of the Thirty- ) rjAtU q* \ 

fourth Street Church. \ ^^"^^^^ ^^'^ 

Congregation of Knox Memorial Chapel. (K. M.) 

Congregation of Vermilye Chapel. (V.) 

43 DE ' " 1 A 






Ucformcb Protestant Dutcl) £l)uvcl) 



January 6, 1898. 

(34tli St ) Abbott. Harriet A.. (Wheret) Unington, N. J 
Wife of James, ) & . j 

(2(1 Av.) Abolin, A. Mathilde A. E. (Schmidt) Kr . . . ^ 
wife of Louis. ^- union, A.J 

Ackerman. Lydia (Piatt) / 5 ,^ p, j ^. j 

wKl. of warren, 'i ' -^ 

(34th St.) Ackerman, Joseph Washburn, 408 Ninth Ave 

Ackerson, Efifie (Barnet) wid. of John. 

(34th St.) Adams, Samuel Robert. 30J W. 32d St 

.■\dams, Francis. 

.\dams, Ellen (Rainer) wife of Francis. 

(\'.) .\dams. Marv Elizabeth (Felter) / , ... ,, . 

wife of Joseph H.. \ fn^ 1 enth Ave. 

(\'.) Adams, Ella Josephine 

(29th St.) Adams, Mary \V. (Volivider) Mrs. 

(29th St.)Adamson, Lucius C.,M. D., 365 Lexington Ave. 

(V.) Adler.^Barbara (Reps.) wid. of j. ^,. ^^.,^^,^ .^^.^. 

(34th St.) Adler, Elizabeth (Schulz) wife { ^ ^y ^^^ g^ 
of Christian, \ ^ 

Agnew, Catharine (Hezlep) wife of Samuel. 

(29th St.)Ahrens, Rebecca Adelina(Hamje) ) 

wid. of Christopher Henry, f 424 \ v • 33d St. 

(2d Av.) Aiken, Althea E. (Wadsvvorth) } ^„ c,-,-^u c^ 
wife of Frederick, ) ^^^ ^'^^^^ ^^• 

(2d Av.) Aiken, Emma Frances, 

(29th St.)Aitken, Jessie, 271 Madison Ave. 

(34th St.)Akins, Frank William, 222 W. 30th St. 

(2d Av.) Albrecht, Clara Louise ) 204 Fifth Ave., Astoria, 

(Schmidt), \ L. I. 

(34th St.)Alexander, George Washington, 146 W. 28th St. 
(34th St.) Alexander, Mary (Smith) wife ) .. 

of Geo. W., \ 

(2d Av.) Allan, Anthony George, 223 Ave. C. 

(2d Av.) Allan, Mary (Scott) wife of ) u 

Anthony George, J 

Allason, William D. 

Allen, Frances Amanda. 
(K. M.) Allen, Addie, 338 W. 47th St. 

(K. M.) Allen, Mary, wife of David, 
(K. M.) Allen, Matilda, 
(K. M.) Allen, Rebecca, 

(29th St.)Allis, Henrietta Latitia, 308 Fifth Ave. 

(34th St.)Allyn, Gertrude M., wid. of { j^^^^^ ^-^^^^^ j^ j 

(34th St)Alsdorf, Johannes, 461 W. 34th St. 

(34th St.)Alsdorf, A. E., wife of Johannes, 
(48th St.)Althause, Sarah Alice. 

(48th St.) Althause, Sarah Maria j. ^^ ^^ ^ S^ 

(Althause) wife of John J., ) ^^ 

Amerrnan, Eliza (Rosette) wid. of Abraham B. 
(48th St.)Amerman, Mary Frances, 124 Madison Ave. 

Ames, Lena (Hidoff) wife of Robert E. 

Amor, Sarah (Oliver) wife of Edgar J. 


(V.) Andel, Emma, 678 Eleventh Ave. 

(V.) Andel, Maggie, 

(2d Av.) Anderson, Mary Jane, 307 E. 12th St. 

(29th St.) Anderson, Eliza Margaret, 358 E. 50th St. 

(29th St.) Anderson, Sarah Clamina, 

Anderson, Eliza (Gillespie) wid. of Alex. 

Anderson, Helen E. 

Anderson, John. 

(29th St.) Anderson, Marion, Canada 

(K. M.) Andres, Emily, 146 Roebling St., Bkn. 

(48th St.) Andrews, Mary E. (Dougherty) / o t7 ^ .i c. 

wid. of Thomas, \ 4» E. 67th St. 

Anneran, Eliza (Bottom) wife of Benjamin. 
Anthony, Joseph. 
(34th St.)Appel, Marie (Schmidt) wife ) . ... , c-. 
of August, f ^"^i ^^'- -9tli St. 

(34th St.)Applin, Elizabeth Ann, wid. ) Amsterdam Av. 

of Jas., f and 104th St. 

(29th St.) Archer, Wilbur Lincoln, 26 Broadway 

(34th St.)Armfield, Victoria Elizabeth, 412 W. 29th St. 

(29th St.)Armitage, Bessie, 374 Tenth Ave. 

Armitage, Margaret (Spencer) wife of John L. 

(34th St.) Armstrong, Hugh, 844 Eighth Ave. 
(34th St.) Armstrong, Bertha Linda, / 

(Cornell) wife of Hugh, f 

(34th St.) Armstrong, John Charles, 324 W. 55th St. 

(34th St.) Arthur, Ida Henrietta, 521 W. 34th St. 

(2d Av.) Astheimer, Louisa Christine, 689 E. I42d St. 

(29th St.)Astwood, William Henry, 526 Third Ave. 

(V.) Atkinson, Joseph, 540 W. 50th St. 
(V.) Atkinson, Mary (Sanderson) wife ) 

of Joseph, f 

(W. E.) Atkinson, Ethyl, 560 E. Town St., Columbus, O. 
(V.) Auld, Ida, 432 W. 47th St. 


(2d Av.) Anpperle, Emily, 640 E. i6th St. 

(2d Av.) Aupperle, Mary, " 

(2d Av.) Aupperle, Pauline, " 

(K. M.) Ayling, Harriet Mary (Rooke) wife of Thomas. 

(K. M.) Ayling, Robert William. 

(29th St.) Baas. Matilda (Greenwood) Mrs. 

(U. H.) Babcock, Hamlin, University Heights 

(U. H.) Babcock, Jennie Augusta, } <. 

(Wheaton) wife of Hamlin, \ 
(29th St.) Bach, Edward, 1657 Broadway 

(2d Av.) Bach, Bernard Hermann. 243 Eighth St. 

(2d Av.) Bach. Amelia (Rheinold) wife of [ u 

George. \ 

(2d Av.) Bachoven, Rosa Victoria, 273 E. Tenth St. 

(K. M.) Backenstos, Edward J., 348 W. 44th St. 

(K. M.) Backenstos. Kate. 

(K. M.) Backenstos, Lizzie, ** 

(2d Av.) Bader, Katharine E. A. M., 113 E. 7th St. 

(34th St.) Bagley, Alice, 124 W. 29th St. 

(34th St.) Bagley, Richardson G., 
(34th St.) Bagley, Anna M. (Martin) wife of I 

R. G., ) 

(34th St.) Bagley, Anna May, 
(29th St)Baillie, Joseph Telford, 225 W. 14th St. 

(29th St.)Baird, Arthur Herbert, -j ^"^^l^^^^^^^^ ^^^>c. 

M Madison Ave. & 43d St. 

(29th St.) Baker, Josiah H., 129 W. nth St. 

(48th St.) Baker, Annie, 21 E. 46th St. 

Baker, Sarah A. (Spies- Kip) wife of John Blake. 

(29th St.) Baker, Joseph Hooker. 3 W. I32d St. 

(29th St.) Baker. Olive L., wife of { 909 E. i8th St. 

J. F.. \ Minneapolis. Minn. 

(29th St.) Baker, Beulah, 


(34th St.) Bald. William, 

(34th St.) Bald, Sarah Ann (Gray) wife of William. 

(W. E.) Baldwin, Frederick Augustus, ) ^^^ ..r ^„,, t;. 

M. D.. \ ^ ''' 

(W. E.) Baldwin, Mary E. (Field) wife I 

of F. A., M. D., ( 

(34th St.) Ball, Catharine N., 250 W. 36th St. 

(W. E.) Ballantine, Evelina (Nack) / ^o/c ^^: 4. -c a \ 

wife of William A., f ^^^ ^^ ^'^ ^nd Ave. 

(W. E.) Ballantine, Evelina, 

Ballentyne, Mary Ann. 

Bancker, Hannah (Frederick) wid. of Benj. 
(29th St.) Bang. Augusta. 1186 Broadway 

(29th St.) Bang, Henry August, 

Banks, Ann Eliza (Price) wid. of William. 

Barker, Eliza. 

Barlow, Rhoda (Wadsworth) wife of 
Samuel B., M. D. 

Barnes, Daniel A. 

Barnes, Mary (Eberhard) wife of 

(29th St.) Barnes, Angelina (Driggs) wid. of James. 
(29th St.)Barr, Annie, 23 E. 31st St. 

(48th St.) Barrett, Frederick C. 

(29th St.) Barron, Grace E.(McKeown) ) ^^^ ,,. o_^, e^ 
wife of William D., f ^^^ ^^'- ^^^^^ ^^• 

(V.) Barteldes, Caroline (Meyers) / ^. ... -. ^ c^. 

wife of Louis, \ 546 W. oist St. 

(V.) Barteldes, Louis, Jr., 710 Eleventh Ave. 

(V.) Barteldes. Rebecca (Cans) ( 

wife of Louis, Jr., f 

(2d Av.) Barth, Eugene Casper, 136 E. Houston St. 

(2d Av.) Bartholomae, Rosa (Seller) / - ir ^u c* 

wife of William, S ^^3 ^- jth M. 

(2d Av.) Bartlett, Charles, 120 E. ist St. 

(29th St.) Barton, Frederick Charles. 
Barton, John. 










Bassett, Elizabeth Ann (Carver) wid. of 
Tho5. C. 
(29th St.) Bate, Jacob, iii E. 26th St. 

(29th St.) Bate, Ruth Caldwell (McCrum) { 
wife of Jacob, ) 

(34th St.) Bauer, Carrie Louise, 222 W. 28th St. 

Bauer, Clara (Rohling) wife ) ^^ ^^ S^^ 

of Geo. F., ^ t ^ 

Bauer. George F. 

Bauer, Carrie (Gruner) wife of John. 
Baum, John Edward, 120 St. Mark's PI. 

Baumert, Andrew, 711 E. 144th St. 

Baumgartner, Henry, 96 E. Houston St. 

(2d Av.) Baumgartner, Sarah (McVey) { u 

wife of Henry, ) 

(2d Av.) Baumgartner, Henry, " 

(29th St.) Bayerdorfer, Conrad, 410 Fourth Ave. 

(29th St.) Bayerdorfer, Frederick, Jr., 
Beach. John, M. D. 
Beach. J. Sterling 
(34th St.)Beardsley Susan Adeline, j. ^,j^ ^ ^ 

(Dow) w — of Charles, \ ^^ 
Beardsley, Frances E. 
(29th St.) Beaton, Mary, 26 Manhattan Ave. 

r2d Av.) Beatty, Mary Ann (Meradith) ) ^ ^^^^^ ^^ 

wife of William F., ) ^ 

(48th St.) Beaver, Ida J A. (Traugott) J. ^^ ^^^ S^ 

wife of William, S 

r34th St.) Beck, Theodore, 323 W. 103d St. 

(34th St.) Beck, Cora M. (Scott) wife ]_ 
of Theodore, \ 

(34th St.) Beck Anna wid. of |. ^ ^^ S^ 

William, Sr., ) ^ "* 

(34th St.) Beck, William, Jr., 

(34th St.) Beck, Clara M. (Barry) wife) u 

of William, Jr., S 


(2d Av.) Becker. Katharine Eva (Poschen) } ^x- T--r,i Ci. 
wife of Julius William, ) 430 l^itth bt. 

(29th St.) Becker, Jackson, 237 W. 30th St. 

(2d Av.) Becker, Margaret (Keller) wid. ) . ^. . 

of Wm., r^^ ^'^^^ ^^^• 

(34th St.) Becker, Lilian Adelle, no E. 71st St. 

(2d Av.) Becker, Julius William, 436 Fifth St. 

(29th St.) Becket, Frank W. M., 201 W. 56th St. 

(29th St.) Becket, Frederick M., 

(W. E.) Beebe, Helen Worthington, 262 W. 89th St. 
(W. E.) Beebe, William W., 
(W. E.) Beebe. Lillie H. (Shotwell) wife ) 

of William PL, f 

(29th St.) Beekman, Cornelia A., 5 E. 34th St. 

(29th St.) Beekman, Gerard. *' 

(29th St.) Beekman, J. William, " 

(48th St.) Beekman, William M., 566 Park Ave. 

(29th St.)Beemer, Miles W., 303 W. 51st St. 

(34th St.) Beers, William, 210 W. 29th St. 

(W. E.) Beers, Lucius H.. 35 W. 82d St. 
(W. E.) Beers, Florence (White) wife ) 

of Lucius H., f 
Beers, Amelia S. 

(34tli St.)Beffa Katie (Meyer) wife of j. California 

Maxme, ) 

(34th St.) Behlen, John, 418 W. 32d St. 

(20th St.)Behn, Pauline (Pfalzgraf) wid. ^ Care Adler, 466 

of Augustus, S Fourth Ave. 

(2d Av.) Beinert, George, 116 E. 8th St. 

(2d Av.) Beinert, Michael, '' 

(W. E.) Belden, Henry. 251 W. 91st St. 

(W. E.) Belden, Georgia (Lamb) wife > a 

of Henry, S 

(29th St.) Belknap, Mary Elizabeth, 118 E. nth St. 

(W. E.) Belknap, Ralph Augustus, 213 W. 8ist St. 


(34th St.) Bell William G.. 650 Ninth Ave. 

Bell, Parthenia (Monson) wife of Robert. 

Bell, Janet (Mitchell) wife of John. 
(48th St.)Belloni, Mary Louise, 14 E. 66th St. 

(2d Av.) Bender, Martin, 249 E. loth St. 

(2d Av.) Bender, Charles Frederick, Sr.. 

(2d Av.) Bender, Charles Frederick, Jr. -J •^3^1,^^,^''^^ Y^^" 

Bender, Louise. 
(W. E.) Benedict, Jeannette ]^IcAlpin, 154 W. 87th St. 
(29th St.) Benjamin. Charles R., 454 W. 22d St. 

(29th St.) Benjamin, Margaret S., wife of i 

Charles R., f 

(2d Av.) Benjes, Katharine, 416 E. 6th St. 

(2d Av.) Benjes, Meta Anna Wilhelmine, " 

(2d Av.) Benjes, William H. B., 334 E. 6th St. 

Bennett, Charlotte A. (Berry) wife of David L. 
(2d Av.) Bennett, Laura, 99 E. 7th St. 

(29th St.) Bennington, William Lincoln, 225 W. io6th St. 
(29th St.) Bennington, Mary Harriet, I a 

(Welch) wife of W^ L., \ 
(34th St.) Benson, Johanna Sophia (Sell) } -.y ^^ g. 

wife of Andrew G., i" ^^ ' ^ 

(K. M.) Benson, Minnie Adela, 152 W. 36th St. 

(K. M.) Benson, Nellie Henderson, 
(K. M.) Benson, Dasie. 
(K. M.) Benson, Anna' Augusta (Thompson) / u 

wife of Alfred Bruce, S 

(29th St.)Benz, Emma, 

Berckman, Albert, At Sea 

(V.) Berger, Lena (Durrberger) / g ^y g^j^ S^ 

wid. of Oscar, s ^^ 

(2d Av ) Bergmann, Matilda ^^larguerite. 192 E. 7th St. 
(2d Av.) Berje, Hermann, 505 E. 6th St. 

(2d Av.) Berje, Christina (Facklam) wid. / 

of George, \ 



(2d Av.) Berje, Katharine, 505 E. 6th St. 

(2d Av.) Berje, Maggie Johanna, " 

(K. M.) Berls, Ida, 606 Sixth Ave. 

(K. M.) Berls, EHzabeth H., 

(29th St.)Bernar_d_Ella M., wife | Montreal, Canada 

(2d Av.) Bernstein, Charles G., 112 E. 2d St. 

(2d Av.) Bernstein, Edwin, " 

(2d Av.) Bernstein, Elsa, 142 E. 15th St. 

(K. M.) Bernstein, William, 521 W. 49th St. 

(K. M.) Bernstine, George, 203 E. 119th St. 

(K. M.) Bernstine. Lena (Dieterich) [ « 

wife of George, f 

(34th St.) Berry, Jacob H., 350 W. 31st St. 

(34th St.) Berry, Margaret A. (Monks) I 

wife of Jacob H., f 

(2Qth St.) Berry, William J. C, 42 W. 44th St. 

(29th St.) Berry, Maria G. (Luckey) wife } u 

of Wm. J. C , )■ 

(29th St.) Berry, Edith, 
(29th St.) Berry, Maria Janet, " 

Berryman, Charlotte Augusta ) ^^^ ,Tr ^^^ . q. 

(Donnelly) wife of Grant, S ''^ ^^- '°''^ ^^• 
(34th St.) Berwick, Ann Eliza, 114 W. 124th St, 

(V.) Beuser, Olive, 507 W. 46th St. 

(V.) Bianclii, Mary. 

(29th St.) Biava, John, M. D., 147 W. 44th St. 

(29th St.) Biava. Rachel (Jourard) wife ) u 

of John, M. D., f 

Bierlich, Elsa Johanna Mignon. 
(W. E.) Bigelow, Harriet M. (Smith) } .^ , ^ 

wife of John A., )" ^°° ^^- 99th St. 

(W. E.) Bigelow, Alice. 
(W. E.) Bigelow, Frank. 

(V.) Bilberg, August, 514 W. 49th St. 

(V.) Bilberg, Augusta, (Anderson) { u 

wife of August, S 


(34th St.) Billman, Fredrica, 216 W. 31st St. 

(34th St.) Billman, Annie, " 

(29th St.) Billmeyer, Helen May, 40 E. 26th St. 

(29th St.) Billmeyer, wife of Frank P., 

(48th St.) Bingham, George \V. 

(48Ln St.") Bingham, Sarah C. (Lawrence) wife of Geo. W. 

Bingham, Richard Edward. 
(34th St.) Bird, Edgar Joseph, 712 Eighth Ave. 

(34th St.) Bird, Hester L. (Mabie) wife ) 
of E. J., ^ ) 

Bischoff, Annie E. 

Bischoff, Augusta. 
(29th St.) Bishop, Anna Gertrude, 136 W. 21st St. 

(W. E.) Bishop, Louis Fauge'res, M. D., 30 W. 36th St. 
(W. E.) Bishop, James, Jr., M. D., 

(29th St.) Bizley, Edward J., 48 E. 107th St. 

(48th St.) Black, Frank Milton, 317 W. 45th St. 

(48th St.) Black, Jane (Eraser) wid. of }_ 
Joseph, f 

(29th St.) Blackledge, Anna B. (Smith) } ^ , ^ 

wife of Charles E., \ ^°9 W. 24th bt. 

(29th St.) Blackledge, Edgar S., 
(29th St.) Blackledge, Hattie E., 

Blair, Samuel, 

Blake, Francis D., 

Blanc, Joseph Ernest, 

(29th St.) Blanchard, Minnie A., 319 W. 22d St. 

(V.) Blanden, James, 448 W. 55th St. 

(V.) Blanden, Catherine (Pratt) wife }_ 

of James, ) 

(V.) Blanden, Kitty, 

Blauvelt, Cornelius G. 

Blauvelt, Ann Maria (Schoonmaker) wife of 
Cornelius G. 

(29th St.) Blauvelt, Charles E., io6 W. 27th St. 

(29th St.) Blauvelt, Anna (Insley) wife / 
of Charles E., j" 

(29th St.) Blauvelt, May, 
(34th St.) Blauvelt^^ Elizabeth wid. of ) ^^g ^^^^^^ ^t. 

(V.) Bliss, Mary (Kuntz) wid. of } ^ ^^^ 3^^ 5^ 

Aaron, ) ^^ ^ 

Bliven, Ella M. (Mead) wid. of Geo.W. M. 
(V.) Blohm, Lulu Matilda, 59th St. & Madison Ave. 

Bloodgood. Helen O. 
(W. E.) Bloomfield, Mrs. Sarah L., 56 W. 82d St. 

(V.) Blyer, Katie, 560 W. 54th St. 

Blythe, George. 
(2d Av.) Bochow, August, 334 E. 6th St. 

(2d Av.) Boehm, Annie, 210 E. 6th St. 

(2d Av.) Boehm, William Baldwin, 537 Courtlandt Ave. 

Boeppler, Bertha Edna (Krummie) wife of 
(2d Av.) Boerkel, Clara, 122 Seventh St. 

(29th St.) Bogardus Elizabeth H. ) g ^^^. ^ 

(Toby) wid. of Wm., ) ' 

Bogardus, Sarah Ann. 
(W. E.) Bogardus, William, 165 W. 88th St. 

Bogart, Kate Knapp. 

Bogel, Sarah (Van Alst) wife of John. 
(29th St.) Bohmer, Ellanora C. 

(29th St.) Bolduan, Charles Frederick, 439 Fifth Ave. 

(34th St.) Bollenbach, Jacob, 408 Ninth Ave. 

Bonar, Eliza Margaret. 
(2d Av.) Bonheimer, Caroline, 134 E. 3d St. 

(K. M.) Bonner, Joseph Thomas, 113 W. 44th St. 

(K. M.) Bonner, Tilly Ann, 
(34th St.) Bonner, Thomas 
(34th St.) Bonner, William James, 451 W. 43d St. 


Bonner, James. 

Bonner, Margaret' (Young) wife of James, 
(48th St.)Bookstaver, Henry W., 14 E. 67th St. 

(48th St.)Bookstaver. Mary B. (Yomig) ) 
wife of Henry W., \ 

(48th St.)Bookstaver, Mary Aletta, 

(34th St.)Bopp, Elizabeth (Wagner) / ^ , c: 

wife of Chas., j 34i W. 39tli bt. 

(34th St.)Bopp. Charles M.. 

Bordwell. Anna W. 
(29th St.) Bos, Cornelius, 258 W. 22d St. 

(48th St.)Bosworth, Francke H., M. D., 41 Park Ave. 
(48th St)Bosworth. Mary H. (Putnam) } 
wife of Francke H., M. D., f 
(48th St.)Bosworth, Francke H., Jr., 

Bosworth, Tasker B. 
(48th St.)Botsford. ^laria. 

Boucher, Honora. 

Bouck, Elizabeth. 

Boulding, Jane. 
(29th St.) Bowen, Mary A., 522 E. 120th St. 

(29th St.)Bowne. Emily W. (Embree) } Madison Ave. 

wife of Edward R., ) ' 

(29th St.) Bowne, Amy Lawrence. " 

(2d Av.) Bowse^^Emma (Brown) wife | ^^g g^j^-^^^^^ g^ 

(29th St.) Boyajian, Bedros K., Armenia 

(W. E.) Boyd, James, Murray Hill Hotel 

(W. E.) Boyd, Sarah J. (Lock) wife \ 
of James, f 

(W. E.) Boyd, James Van Wagnen, } 38 Maple St. 

M. D., S Springfield, Mass. 

Boyd, Margaret Ellen. 
(W. E.) Boyd, Mrs. Mary E., 308 W. 73d St. 

(W. E.) Boyd, Annie M., 

Boyd, William Irwin. 


Boyer, Elizabeth (Renney) wife of James. 
Brackett, Caroline Thomas (White) wife of 

Robert Lambert. 
Bradley, Annie E. (Bogart) wife of W. C. 
(34th St.) Bradley, Lulu Edna, 154 Seventh Ave. 

(34th St.) Bradley, Margaret (Clark) } 
wid. of Samuel J., f 

(29th St.) Bradstreet, George Pierce, 244 W. loist St. 

(29th St.) Bradstreet Cora E. (Lucas) i* u 

wife of George Pierce, f 
Brahm, Englehart. 
(K. M.) Brandenstein, Catharine Ann } ^^^ ttt ^^,, q. 
(Haller) wife of Geo. J., f 440 W. 36th St. 

Brandenstein, George John Jr., " 

(2d Av.) Brandt, Adam, 142 Chrystie St. 

Brandt, Anne Elizabeth ( ) wid. of Wm. 
(K. M.) Brandt, Anna, 703 Eighth Ave. 

(K. M.) Brandt, Gustava, 

(2d Av.) Brann, Philip Charles, 318 Sixth St 

(29th St.) Brant, John Ira, 209 W. 46th St. 

(K. M.) Brauss, Frederick W. M., 324 W. 40th St. 

Bremond, Bridget Annie (O'Brian) wid. of 
Wm. Augustus. 

Brendel, Elizabeth Esther (McCluskey) wife 
of W. J. 
(34th St.) Brenner, Hannah Louise, 243 W. 26th St. 

Bresie, Lorinda A. (Brimmer) wife of Jeremiah. 
(48th St.) Brett, Cornelia Graham, 43 W. 49th St. 

(48th St.)Briggs, James Hyde, 112 W. 48th St. 

(48th St.)Briggs, Lucy E. (Bennett) ) 
wife of James H., f 

(48th St.)Briggs, Sophie Jackson, 
(48th St.)Briggs, Caroline de Motte, 

(48th St.)Briggs, James H. Jr., 121 E. 89th St. 

Briggs, Sarah (Valentine) wife of Walter. 


<K. M.) Bright, George. 430 W. 35th St. 

(K. M.) Bright. Augusta (Zender) wife } 

of George. f 

(U. H.) Bristol, Charles L., Universit}^ Heights 

(U. H.) Bristol. Ellen (Gallup) wife / 

of Charles L., f 

Bristol, Fanny (Verity) wife of Alex. 
(29th St.) Britton, Mrs. Harriet S., 303 W. 117th St. 

(29th St.) Britton, Mary F., 
(29th St.) Broad, Henry R. 

(29th St.) Broad, Louisa R. (Everett) wife of H. R. 
(48th St.)Brouwer, Theophilus A., 58 W. 91st St. 

(48tli St.)Brouwer, Elizabeth (Jackson) } 

wife of Theophilus A., f 

(4Sth St.)Brouwer, Edward, 

(29th St.)Brower, Emma B. (Collins) ) -jtt , o^ 

w- of William I.. I 341 W. 22d St. 

(34th St.) Brower, Amelia (Schorn) wife of ^ tt , 

Walter H.. \ Harlem 

(2d Av.) Brower. William Leverich. 28 W. 22d St. 

(2d Av.) Brower, Sarah L. (Beckley) > -r^ . r^ at t 

wife of John, ^ ', East Orange, N. J. 

(29th St.)Brown,^Helen^(Wallace) wid. I j^,^^^, j^^^^^j,^ 

<29th St.) Brown, Isabella, 

(48th St.) Brown, Alfred Lockwood, in W. 93d St. 

Brown. James. 

Brown. Ann (Hunter) wife of James. 
(29th St.) Brown, Jemima, 81 W. 91st St. 

(29th St.) Brown, Isabella, 

Brown, Jenny (Walker) wife of John H. 
(K. M.) Brown, William H.. 413 W. 42d St. 

(K. M.) Brown, Lena A. (Hug) wife } 
of Wm. H., f 

<29th St.) Brown. Mark Hart, 235 W. 34th St. 

Brown, Kate E. (Weeks) wid. of Wm. H. 


(29th St.)Browne, Matilda M. L., ) ^ ,,. ^ ., ^.^ 

(Pritchard) wife of Ernest W., f 24 W. ijtn bt. 

Browning, Isabella V. R. (Rutter) wid. of 
John H. 
(29th St.)Brownne, William S., 428 Fourth Ave. 

(2d Av.) Bruce, Peter, New Brunswick, N. J. 

Bruck, Herman. 
(2d Av.) Brune, Maria Wilhelmina, 1233^ Chrystie St. 

Bruner, Minnie. 
(K. M.) Brunner, Otto, 600 B'way, L. I. City 

(W. E.) Brush, H. Mortimer, M. D., 338 W. 84th St. 
(W. E.) Brush. Annie E. (Hutchinson; } 
wife of H. M., M. D., f 

Brush, Elizabeth G. (Kinney) wife of DeWitt. 
(K. M.) Bucher, Leonora Carrie (Gurk) wife of Meinard. 
(29th St.) Buck, Anna M., 205 W. 88th St. 

(29th St.) Buck, Helen Amelia, 

Buck, Louis Frederick. 
(48th St.) Buck, Robert, 131 W. 47th St. 

(2d Av.) Buckridge, Katharine, i^ 982 Halsey St., 

(Kirchner) wife of Walter, ) Bkn. 

Buedel, Magdalena (Schriner) wid. of Anton. 

Buehler, Charles, 115 Market St., Bkn. 

Buehler, Lisette, 

Buehler, Minnie, " 

Bullock, Amelia (De Voe) wife of Geo. 

(29th St.)Bunn Phebe A. (Moore) wid. 1^ ^^ ^ j^ S^ 
01 Jacob K., ) ^ 

(34th St.)Burdick, Alice (Hartley) wife } ^ , o 

of Stephen P., j ^49 W. 34th bt. 

(2d Av.) Burkhardt, John Charles, 90 Grand St. 

(V.) Burne, Edward, 611 W. 52d St. 

(V.) Burne, Annie (Herd) wife [ 

of Edward, ) 

(34th St.) Burnett. Adelaide, 363 W. 51st St. 


(W. E.) Burniston, William C, 264 W. 88th St. 
(V.) Burnley, Elizabeth, Virginia 

Burns, Flora (McCallum) wid. of Charles. 

(K. M.) Burns, Maggie, 408 W. 38th St. 

(V.) Burns.^Annie (Smith) wife |. ^^^ ^y ^^^^ 5^ 

(V.) Burns, Annie, " 

(29th St.)Burrell, Clara (De Forest) wife / ^,0 ,.r _,,, c;. 
of Rev. Dr. David James, f^4« W. 7:)th St. 

(29th St.)Burrell, Bessie S., 

(29th St.)Burrell, Eleanor L., ** 

(29th St.)Burrell, David DeForest, 

(29th St.)Burrell, Norman M., 

(29th St.) Bussing, Ann (Van Nest) wid. } ^ -r^ ,^.1, c:4. 
of John S., f 4 ii. I2th St. 

(29th St.) Bussing, Mary, " 

(29th St.) Bussing, John S., 26 E. loth St. 

(29th St.) Bussing, Emily M. (Jenkins) ) a 

wife of John S., f 

Butler, George. 

Butler, Susan N. B. (Smith) wife of George. 
(29th St.)Butwell, Jessie. 


Cadmus, Josiah F., M. D., 1135 Park Ave. 

Cadmus, Agnes F. (Vermeule) / u 

wife of Josiah F., M. D., f 
Cahill, Cassie. 
Cahill, John Edward. 
Cahill, William J. 

Caldwell, John C, 2040 Seventh Ave. 

Caldwell, Jane F. (Phyfe) / 

wife of John C, ) 

(K. M.) Caldwell, Annie (Smyth) wife of Robert H. 

(29th St.) Caldwell, Mary E., wife } 321 Malone St., West 

of f Hoboken, N. J. 

(29th St.) Caldwell, Matthew James, 
(29th St.) Caldwell, Corinne Elizabeth, 
(29th St.) Caldwell, Gertrude Alabama, 
(29th St.) Caldwell, George W., M. D. 
(48th St.) Calhoun, Henry W., 54 Wall St. 

Calton, Sarah J. (Williams) wife of Charles G. 
(W. E.) Camerden, Henry Burgess, 69 W. 83d St. 

(W. E.) Camerden, Alice (Ward-Peck) [ 
w — of Thomas L., f 

(W. E.) Camerden, Bertha Ward, 

(34th St.) Camerden, Elizabeth 248 Washington Ave. 

(Lippincott) wid. of Henry, Brooklyn. 
Cameron, Janet Cochran. 
(2d Av.) Cameron, Edward, in Waverly Place 

C48th St.) Camp, Abbie (Carver) wid. of Joseph E. 
(34th St.) Campbell, Mary Elizabeth, 326 W. 33d St. 

(34th St.) Campbell, George William, 357 W. 47th St. 

(29th St.) Campbell, Robert J., 337 W. 27th St. 

(29th St.) Campbell, Jessie (Stodart) wife } 

of R. J., f 

(29th St.) Campbell, Catharine Helen. 
(2d Av.) Campbell. Jane (Quigley) } -d u . • tt 

^^id. of Charle^ f Presbyterian Home 

(29th St.) Campbell, Lome Lewis, 163 W. 22d St. 

(34th St.) Canby, Margarita, wid. of Geo., 258 W. 37th St. 
(K. M.) Candisky, Emma Ann, } Rochelle Park. 

(Brandenstein) wifeof f N. J. 

(48th St.) Canfield, Cornelia Frances (Van ) -di • c u xt t 

Roden) wife of Webster W., f Pl^mfield, N. J. 

(W. E.) Cannon, Edith (Laing) } .^ ti. ^ tt 1 a 

wife of Charles M^ \ ^^^ ^^^^^ End Ave. 

(34th St.) Capel, Lulu, 244 W. 31st St. 

Capron, Jane (Campbell) wid. of James. 


(29th St.) Card, Mary B. (Kinnan) wid. } ^j , ^ 

of Stephen, f ^^^ ^^' 44th M. 

(W. E.) Card, James Van Dyck, 248 W. 73d St. 

(W. E.) Card, Margaretta (Van Wagenen) } 
wife of James V. D., f 

(W. E.) Card, Helen, 

Carman, Jane D. (Campbell) wife of T. S. 
(29th St.)Carmichael, Alphonso, 48 W. 27th St. 

(29th St.)Carmichael, Mary, 155 Lexington Ave. 

(34th St.) Carpenter, Clarence Hasbrouck, 461 W. 34th St. 
(W. E.) Carpenter, Charles Whitney, 526 West End Ave. 

(W. E.) Carpenter, Caroline (Bowne) i* u 

wife of Charles W, f 

(W. E.) Carpenter, Lilian, " 

(34th St.) Carr, Annie Louise, 314 W. 33d St. 

(48th St.) Carr, William, M. D., 35 W. 46th St. 

(48th St.) Carr, A. Renelche (Clock) wife / 
of Wm., M. D., \ 

(V.) Carroll, Matilda (Doughty) wid. of Hugh. 

(U. H.) Carter, Thomas, University Heights. 

(U. H.) Carter, Adelina Mary [ 

(Sefton) wife of Thomas, f 
(34th St.) Cash, Catharine C. / <„ -d ..1 . \ 

(Bogert) wife of Smith, f ^^^2 Bathgate Ave. 

(29th St.)Cashman, I^enrietta J. (Hooker) / ^ -p.r, . 

wid. of Michael H., \ ^08 i'ltth Ave. 

(V.) Cass, William, Boonton, N. J. 
(V.) Cass, Mary (McCutchell) wife / 

of William, f 
(V.) Cass, Rose Mary, 

(29th St.) Castree, John W., 150 W. 59th St. 

(29th St.) Castree, Carrie R. (Dodd) wife } u 

of John W., f 
(29th St.) Castree, Alice Gertrude, 

(34th St.)Cavanagh, Maggie, 450 Second Ave. 


(2d Av.) Cellarins, Marie, 85 E. 7th St. 

(2d Av.) Cellarins, Elizabeth, 

(29th St.) Cesan, Ernestina, 2.-] N. Washington Sq. 

(34th St.) Chalmers, Isabella (Scott) wid. ) ^y ^gth St. 

of David, ^ 00 • 

(34th St.) Chalmers, William David, 

(29th St.) Chamberlin, Allen, 140 W. nth St. 

(29th St.) Chamberlin, Josephine / 

(Button) wife of Allen, S 

(W. E.) Chamberlin, E. Crosby, M. D., 54 W. 83d St. 

,,..„, . T 1 T7 ^ "The Rockingham," 

(2d Av.) Chambers, John F., -^ ^^3^^^ g^^ ^ Broadway. 

(W. E.) Chambers, Hilary R., Somerville, N. J. 

(W. E.) Chambers, Maria Schenck / 

(Jameson) wife of Hilary R., S 
(2d Av.) Chambers, Catharine, V. N. 
(48th St.)Chapin, James M. 

(W. E.) Chaplin, Duncan D., Ridgewood, N. J. 

(W. E.) Chaplin, Fannie (Myers) ] 
wife of D. D., S 

(W. E.) Chaplin, Lucy Mitchell, 
(K. M.) Chapman, Mary Ann (Jeff coat) wife of 

Walter Jas. 
(29th St.) Cheever, George W., 335 E. 27th St. 

(29th St.) Chesebro, Alary C, 23 W. 12th St. 

(48th St.) Chittenden, Charles M., Madison, Conn. 

(K. M.) Christe, William Charles, 492 Tenth Ave. 

Christianson, Caroline S. 

Christianson, Nicholas. 

Christianson, Mary (Ely) wife of Nicholas. 

Christie, Anna S. (Forrester) wife of Wm. H. 
(29th St.) Churchwell, Hannah Eliza, 323 W. 48th St. 

(29th St.) Clark, Elizabeth (Wyckoff) wife \ .y ^^^j^ 5^ 

of Rev. Willam Walton, S 
(29th St.) Clark, Marion, 
(29th St.) Clark. Alice W. 


(29th St.) Clark, Eliza, 591 Lexington Ave. 
(W. E.) Clark, Edward H., 184 W. 80th St. 

(W. E.) Clark. Emma L. (Conklin) wife } 
of Edward H., \ 

Clark, Eliza M. (DeHart) wid. of John M. D. 
(K. M.) Clark, Jane Stewart, 
Clark, John Henry. 

Clark, Eliza (Steegman) wife of John H. 
(48th St.) Clark, Lawrence. Geneva, N. Y. 

Clark, Samuel B. 
(2d Av.) Clark, Sethelia M., 308 W. nth St. 

(2d Av.) Clark, Caroline A., 
Clark, Susan Lavinia. 
Clark, Caroline. 
Clark, Lourene. 
(29th St.) Clark, Marie Louise (Campman) } ^, . 

wife of Rev. John Lewis, f Chicago, 111. 

(34th St.)Cleverley, John, 406 W. 29th St. 

(34th St.)Cleverley, Martha J. (Knight) ) 
wife of John, f 

(34th St.)Cleverley, Margaret Ann, 

(34th St.) Cleverley, Abraham B., 444 W. 44th St. 

(34th St.) Cleverley, Bertha (Crockett) } 
wife of A. B., f 

Close, Matilda J. (Marsalk) wife of Walter. 

Clum, Jane (Wilson) wife of 

(29th St.) Coats, Miss M. H. 

(K. M.) Cobb, John Ruel, 644 Hudson St. 

(K. M.) Cobb, Amelia (Brown) wife [ 
of John R., \ 

(W. E.) Cobb, Elizabeth (Penrose) wife } 370 West End 

of Rev. Henry Evertson, j" Avenue. 

(48th St.) Cobden, Isabel (Morrison) ^ Pelham Manor, 

wife of Rev. Richard, f N. Y. 

(29th St.) Cochran, George Lindsey, 217 W. 14th St. 


(29th St.) Cochrane, Frank, 347 W. 22d St. 

(48th St.) Coddington, Emily Matilda, 24 W. 58th St. 

(48th St.) Coddington, Julia (Fellows) wid. ( u 

of Jefferson, \ 

(34th St.) Coe, Margaret Cecilia Gunther, New Jersey 

(34th St.) Coe, Eliza V., wife of Garret H., 

(48th St.)Coe, Emnia (Harmstead) wid. } ^^ ^.^^ ^ 

of E. Frank, ) 

(48th St.) Coe, Mary Frances. 
(48th St.) Coe, Mary Jenks (Storrs) wife } ^^ -.^r _i o. 

of Rev. Edward B., D. D., f 42 W. ^^d bt. 

(48th St.) Coe, Edith Mary, 

(48th St.) Coe, Margaret Elmer, " 

(K. M.) Coester, Augusta, 453 W. 47th St. 

(34th St.) Coile, Andrew William, 240 W. 35th St. 

(34th St.) Coile, Lulu (Billman) wife ) 

of Andrew Wm., f 

(34th St.) Coile, David, 350 W. 35th St. 

(34th St.) Coile, Mary, 
(34th St.) Coile, Mamie, 
(34th St.) Coile, Andrew, 
(34th St.) Coile, Sarah (Gibson) wife ) u 

of Andrew, ^ 

(48th St.) Colby, Charles A., 28 Pine St. 

Coleman, Julia C. (Groshon) wid. of Thomas T. 

Colley, Jeanette (Macbeth) wid. of William. 

(29th St.) Collins, Ernest Hammond, 261 W. 21st St. 

(2d Av.) Collins, Emma (Atkins) wid. of Geo. 

(29th St.) Collins, Mary M. (Case) wife ) ^. -.t^ ^^^, q. 
of William H., f ^^ V\ . 21st bt. 

(W. E.) Colwell, Mrs. Catharine L., 25 W. 83d St. 

(W. E.) Colwell, Mrs. Aurelia Blanche, 
(U. H.) Colwell, Marian A., University Heights 

(U. H.) Colwell. Mary Ann (Lockwood) { 
wife of James W., f 


Comfort, Thamar (Haight) wid. of Rev. 
Lawrence L. 

Commeraw, Melissa T. 
(48th St.lCondit, John W., 
(29th St.) Cone, Evelyn (Myers) wife of ) 
Henry H., \ 

(29th St.) Confield, Edwin Wellington, 
(29th St.) Confield, Rudolph, 
(29th St.) Conklin, Albertus B., 
(3^ith St.) Conley, Margaret C, 

Conolly, James. 

Conolly, James L. 

Conolly, Mary L. 
(29th St.) Conover, Charles E., 

Conrad, Pauline. 
(K. M.) Constantine, Sophia Jane, } 

(Reinecker) wife of ) 

(V.) Cook, Lavinia (Matthews) }_ 

wid. of Martin, ) 

(29th St.) Cook, Agnes, 
(29th St.) Cook. Ann Rebekah (Riley) ) 


763 Fifth Ave. 
23 W. 20th St. 
105 W. 72d St. 

Northfield, Mass. 
302 W. 32d St. 

142 E. i6th St. 

629 Columbus 

540 W. 49th St. 

344 W. 2ist St. 

25 W. i8th St. 

221 Myrtle Ave., Bkn. 

Mt. Holyoke, Mass. 
New Jersey 
58 Ann St. 

wid. of Fred 
(2d Av.) Cook, Edward, 

Cook, Emma. 
(48th St.) Cook, Sarah M., 
(34th St.) Cook, Catharine, 
(2d Av.) Cook, John, 
(2d Av.) Cook, George, " 

(2d Av.) Cook, Julia (Baumgartner) wife ) <. 

of George, \ 

(2d Av.) Cook, John, Jr., 279 Scholes St., Bkn. 

Cooke, Hannah (Robertson) wid. of David. 

Cooke, Wilhelmina, 
(34th St.) Cooper, Lilian A., 76 W. 92d St. 

Coppinger, Deborah Ann. 

46 ■ 

Corbett, Julia Bogart. 
<34th St.) Cornell, Jane. 256 W. 28th St. 

<34th St.)Cor„eM, MaryJ^^ane (Duffin) (. g^^ ^j^,^^ ^^.^ 

Corner, Elizabeth. 

(U. H.) Corsa, Josephine B. / tt • •. tt • 1 

(Warren) Mrs., ) University Heights 

(U. H.) Corsa, Florence, '' 

<U. H.) Corsa, Ella, " M 

(U. H.) Corsa, Josie L.. " ^ 

(U. H.) Corsa, Alice May, 

(29th St.)Corson, Katharine E. ) .^^ ixr ,^1 c^ 

(Simpson) wid. of Horace, f 432 W. 25th St. 

Cory. Florence C. (Black) wife of Charles. 

(34th St.)Coysh, Hattie Elsie (Walker) ) ^ ,.. ^ , c, 

wife of Fred'k Charles, ) ^^ ^- "^^^ ^^• 

(K. M.) Craddock, Victoria A.. } ,,^,Tr ,^^, ^^ 

(Buchanan) wife of Arthur, f ^lo VV. 30th bt. 

(W. E.) Craft, Herbert A., 338 W. 84th St. 

(W. E.) Craft. Florence E. (Brush) ) 
wife of Herbert A., ^ 

(34th St.) Craft, Irene Wright. 306 W. 36th St. 

(34th St.) Craft, Mary Ann (Humphrey) { 
wid. of William, j" 

(34th St.) Craft, Mary Ella, 
(34th St.) Craft, James H., 
(K. ]\I.) Craig, Laura Isabella, 563 W. 37th St. 

Craig, Alary (Ranney) wife of Robert. 

Cramer, A. W. Putman, 142 W. 87th St. 

Cramer, Marie (Wilson) wife } <. 

of A. W. Putman, ) 

Cramer, William J. C. Putman. " 

Cramer, Antoinette Putman, " 

(29th St.) Crane, Elliott Earle, 358 W. 46th St. 

(29th St.) Crane, Madge S., 176th St., & Amsterdam Ave. 










(29th St.) Crass, Frederick Christian, 306 W. ii6th St. 
(29th St.) Crass, Fannie E. (Sumner) } 
wife of F. C, f 

(34th St.)Creighton, Ella Eggleston, 261 W. 21st St. 

Creighton, Isabella (Lang) wid. of William, m 

Creighton, Jane (Renton) wife of James. f 

(34th St.) Crockett, Arthur E., Hoboken, N. J. 

(34th St.) Crockett, Anna E., (Lyon) wife I u 

of A. E., f 

(48th St.)Cropsey, William J., Bay Ridge, N. Y. 

(29th St.) Cross, Robert B. 

(K. M.) Crum, Eliza, 404 W. 35th St. 

(K. M.) Crum, Rosie Dora, 

Crum, Emma F., River Edge, N. J. 

Crum, Henrietta (Garns) }_ 
wid. of Thos., i' 

Crumble, Ann E. (Dunning) wid. of James. 
(34th St.) Crummey, Percy Lambert. 
(29th St.) Cuddeback, William Edgar, 205 Seventh Ave. 

Cullen, Patrick. 

Cullen, Ellen M. (Hughes) wife of Patrick. 
(K. M.) Cummings, Eliz. B. (Weir) wid. of Andrew. 

Cunlifife, Elizabeth (Campbell) wid. of Henry F. 

Cunningham, William, loi W. 78th St. 

Cunningham, Ella (Dickson) [ u 

wife of William, f 

Curran, William. 

Currie, William Stuart, D.D.S., 148 W.Soth St. 

Currie, Jean Campbell, 

Currie, Robert, " 

Currie, Martha (Mac Gay) wife \ u 

of Robert, \ 

(W. E.) Currie, Henry G., 
(29th St.) Currie, Donald. 

Gushing, Lousia Gertrude (Schieffelin) wife of 
David B. 
(2d Av.) Czermaek, Rudolph, 320 Sixth St. 
















(34tli St.) Daggett, Sarah H., 223 W. loth St. 

(2d Av.) Dahl, Frederick J., 406 E. 9th St. 

(2d Av.) Dahl, Mary Amelia, 

(W. E.) Dahlfeldt, Ediiia, Delhi, N. Y. 

(29th St.) Dailey, Cora I. (Fletcher) wife ) ^ , o 
of W. M., ^ 30 w. 39tn M. 

Dale, John. 

Dale, Ellen (McLemoil) wife of John. 

Dalryniple, Ellen E. (Hutchins) wife of Aaron. 

D'Ainico, Dora Louisa (Hartz) wife of Antonio 
(29th St.) Dana, Russell R., 168 E. 72d St. 

(29th St.) Danzberger, George W., Pittsburg, Pa. 

(29th St.) Danzberger, Mrs. George W., " 

(29th St.) Dashiell, Frank B., loi Wall St. 

(34th St.) Davidson, Joanna (Boole) } ^ ^1 c; 

w— of John, ) 403 W. 140th bt. 

(34th St.) Davidson, Mary M. C, 

(W. E.) Davidson, Eliza Jane, 370 West End Ave. 

(34th St.) Davie, Hugh, Scotland 

(34th St.) Davie, James, 164 Eighth Ave. 

(34th St.) Davie. William, 
(34th St.) Davie, James B., 
(34th St.) Davie. Elizabeth (Todd) wife [ 
of James B., f 

Davies, Jemima E. (Griffiths) wid. of David. 
(48th St.) Davies, William A., 180 W. 82d St. 

(29th St.) Davis, Isabel G., Hotel Marlborough 

(29th St.) Davis, Samuel C. H., 

Davis Fredericka M. (Dorn) } ^ g^^ 3^ 

wife of Geo. H., ) ^ ^ 

(W. E.) Davis, Isabella Charles, wife of Dr. Myron J. 
(34th St.) Davis, Grace E. (Geiger) 319 W. 31st St. 

(48th St.) Davis, Jane Conger, M. D. 


Day, Elizabeth P. (Dobbs) wife of Nathaniel B. 

Day, Howell F. 
(48th St.) Day, Amasa Thayer. 

(29th St.) Day, Sarah (Campbell) wid. / ^ , (. 

of Charles, f 349 W. 44th bt. 

(29th St.) Day, Biiel H., 836 West End Ave. 

(29th St.) Day, Mary B. (Whitcomb) 

wife of Buel H., 
(29th St.) Day, Carl E., 

(K. M.) Day, Hattie Ellwood, Hoffman House 

(29th St.) Dayton, Mrs. Jennie, 431 Fourth Ave. 

Dayton, JNIarcillena. 
(29th St.)deAlard, Herman Charles, 90 Lexington Ave. 

Dearin, Edward Hatfield. 

(34th St.) Deas, Catharine (Ball) wife of ) ^_ .^ ,^,, Of 
Richard M., f ^50 VV. 3&th bt. 

(2d Av.) Decker, Anna L. (Wuesthofif) } ^^^ -p. , q, 
wife of John, f 103 l^irst bt. 

(34th St.) DeClark, David J., Arlington 

(34th St.) DeClark, Regina V. (Munn) } 
wife of David J., f 

(V.) Dcckmeyer, Martha (Valentine) ) ^^^ ^^ ,,,- c+ 

wife of George, f^^i W. ^^ist bt. 

Dederer, Charles H., 608 W. 113th St. 

Dederer, Martha (Paul) wife } u 

of Charles H., f 

Dederer, Pauline, " 

Dederer, Carlton, " 

Dederer, Allard, 
(29th St.)Deen, Ann Maria, wife of John L. 

(34th St.) Degenhardt, Sarah (Barton) ) Tenth Ave 

wife of John. f "^^^ -^^"^^ ^^^^• 

DeGray, William. 
DeGroff, Edward. 
DeGrofT, John. 
DeGrofif, Agnes (Quinn) wife of John. 






Deignan, Elizabeth (Gerton) wife of James. 

Deiner, John F. 

(48th St.) DeKoster, Bessie, 109 E. 86th St. 

Delavan, Tompkins C. 

(V.) Delcher, Caroline (Anders) Kg ^^^^ ^nd Ave. 

wife of Charles, ) 

Demaray, Helen. 

DeMare John. 
(48th St.) Demarest, Albert Z., 106 E. 29th St. 

Demarest, David S. 

Demarest, Nancy A. (Baldwin) wife of David S. 

Demarest, Ephraim B. 
(34th St.) Demarest, Margaret (Anderson) ( -^y ^-th St 

wid. of John, \ ^ ^ ' ^ 

(34th St.) Demarest, Frank Zabriskie, " 

(34th St.) Demarest, Samuel J., E. 113th St. 

Dempster, James. 

Dempster, Mary Jane. 

(29th St.)Denison, Ellen Keziah (Gibb) } ^^ ^ ^ ^^ 

wife ot Ellery, M. D., ) ^ 

(29th St.)Denison, William Samuel, " 

('29th St.)Denison, Emma Keziah, " 

(29th St.) Denison, Ellen Louise, " 

(34th St.) Dennison, Samuel, 368 Eighth Ave. 

(29th St.)Denno, Henry. 

(29th St.) Denno, Bertha V. (Montague) wife of Henry. 

Denton, Charles H. 

(29th St.)DePauw, Florence Leyden, Washington, D. C. 

(29th St.) Depew, William Perry. 

(W. E.) DePuy, Henry F., 296 West End Ave. 

(W. E.) DePuy, ^lary (Raymond) } 
wife of Henry F., f 

(48th St.) Dewey, A. L. O. 
(29th St.)DeWitt, Rachel (Belshaw) wife of Harry. 


(29th St.) Dey. Mary Laidlie, 121 E. 24th St. 

(29th St.) Dey, Anthony, 

(48th St.) Deyo, Jane Crawford (Dennis- ) ^. -.^r ^q., q, 
ton) wife of Robert E., [ ^°^ ^- 4«th bt. 

(48th St.) Deyo, CorneHa DuBois, " 

(48th St.) Deyo, JtiHana Denniston, " 

(29th St.) Dick, Levi Reese H.. 297 Adelphi St., Bkn. 

(29th St.) Dick, William Scott. 

(K. M.) Dick, William Rae, 552 W. 48th St. 

Dick, Ann (Dawson) wife of } a 

Wm. R., f 

(W. E.) Dickinson, Clarence Cookman, 44 W. 72d St. 
(W. E.) Dickinson, Mary Katharine (Good- ) a 

win) wife of C. C, [ 

Dickson, John. 
(2Qth St.) Dickson, Charles E., 12 W. 35th St. 

(29th St.) Dickson, Jennie, " 

(29th St.) Dickson, Sarah L., " 

(2d Av.) Diestelhorst, Annie (Gunther) ) 228 Bleeck St., 

wife of William, f Bklyn. 

(34th St.) Dietz, Emma, 231 W. 26th St. 

(34th St.) Dietz, Louis, 408 Ninth Ave. 

(2d Av.) Dilg, Katharine, 401 E. 51st St. 

Dimond, Jane (Wright) wife of Morgan. 
(2d Av.) Dippel Eniilie (Stutzer) \ g ^ g ^^ g 

wife of Michael W., ) ' 

(2d Av.) Dirks, Hermina Sophia, 173 E. 90th St. 

(34th St.) Disso.sway, Isabella (McLean) ] ^ , c; 

wife of C. M., S ^^ ^^- 123d bt. 

(K. ^T.) Distler, John Walter, 442 W. 19th St. 

(K. M.) Dixon, James, 237 W. 39th St. 

(K. M.) Dixon, Nellie, 

(29th St.)Doan, William A. 

(29th St.)Doan, Catharine D. 

(29th St.) Dobson, Simon, 356 W. 127th St. 


















(29th St.) Dodd, Helen M., 13 W. 48th St. 

(29th St.) Dodd, Gertrude, " 

Dodd. Frank H., 222 W. 70th St. 

Dodd, Martha (Parker) wife 
of Frank H., 

Dodd, Edward H., 

Dodd, Jennie Stout, 

Dodd, Catharine Riley, 

Dodd, Harriet Phelps, 

Dodge, Charles Nelson, 225 Central Park W. 

Dodge, Helen (Todd) wife ) 
of Charles Nelson, f 

Dodge, Helen (Amerman) wife of Alexander F. 

Dofner, Josephine. 

Dolph, Catharine L. (Callow) wid. of Israel. 
(48th St.) Donald, Peter, 39 W. 46th St. 

(48th St.) Donald, Anna Judson (Edgar) 

wife of Peter, 
(48th St.) Donald, Anna Edgar, " 

(48th St.) Donald, Margaret McGregor, 
(V.) Donnes, William. 

(V.) Donnes, Katharine (Merkel) wife of William. 

Dorn, Margaret. 
(W. E.) Dorrance, Charles P., 29 W. 82d St. 

(W. E.) Dorrance, Libbie L. (Acken) } u 

wife of Charles P., f 

(W. E.) Dorrance, Edith Acken, 
(K. M.) Dosch, Lizette. 

(2d Av.) Doscher, Louisa Charlotte, 1487 Ave. A. 

(34th St.) Doughty, Charles E., 16 W. 128th St., 

(48th St.>Ddughty, Frances A. j. Madison Ave. 

(Amerman) wid. of S. b., ) 
(2d Av.) Douglas, George, 182 Sixth Ave. 

(W. E.^ Douglass, Elizabeth M. (Chapman) ) Englewood, 

wid. of J. A. Frith, f N. J. 

(W. E.) Douglass, Elizabeth C, 


Douglass, Agnes Marie Campbell. 

Douglass, Andrew. 

Douglass, Emma Louise Orr. 

Douglass, Jeannie L. O. 

Douglass, William. 

Douglass, Catharine (Thompson) wife of Wm. 
(29th St.)Doutrich, John W., 343 W. 23d St. 

Dowling, Mary Jessop. 

Downs, Emily. 

Downs, Maria E. 
(K. M.) Dressel, Frederick H., 529 E. i6oth St. 

(K. M.) Dressier, Charles Henry, 420 W. 40th St. 

(34th St.) Drew, James, 408 Ninth Ave. 

(48th St.) DuBois, Matthew B., M. D., zi E. 39th St. 

(48th St.) DuBois, Helen M. (Rae) wife of \ 
Matthew B., S 

DuBois, Mary (Griswold) wid. of John. 
(29th St.) DuBois, Margaret (Martino) \ „^ w -,^^1-. c:, 
wid. of Louis Broadhead, \ ^^^ ^^ ' ^^th St. 
(W. E.) Duckwitz, Helen Louise, 704 West End Ave. 
(V.) Dueker, Otto. 

(V.) Dueker, Minnie (Meyer) wife of Otto. 

(2d Av.) Duftey, Katharine (Hardenfelder) ^ _ c. ^ c^. 
wif^ of George, ^ } 5 Stanton St. 

(34th St.) Duffy, Lizzie. 

Dugan, Maria (Davis) wid. of Richard. 
(48th St.) Dun, Helen M.. Japan 

(K. M.) Dunbar, Frederick W., 70 W. i02d St. 

(K. M.) Dunbar, Emma W^, wife of ^ 
Frederick W., f 

Duncan, Anna. 

Duncan, Catharine. 
(K. M.) Dunham. William D., 70 W. loist St. 

Dunn. Mary E. (Van Voost) wife of Geo. H. 
(29th St.) Dunne, Richard. 10 Eli Ave.. L. L City 


Dunning. Catharine (Sproull) wid. of Clement S. 

(W. E.) Dunning, Eliza A. (Bogardus) } ^^ ..r r.^., ^, 

wid. of William H., f ^i W. 84tli St. 

Dunning, Helen Robertson. 

Dunning, Theodore W. 

(48th St.)Dunshee, Mary (Parker) ) Pn^Pvillp \t t 

wid. of Henry W., f Koseville, M. J. 

(48th St.) Dunshee, Amelia Frances, " 

(W. E.) Dunshee, Thomas DeWitt, 106 W. 926. St. 

(W. E.) Dunshee, Aletta L. (Morrell) } 

wife of Thomas DeWitt, f 
(2d Av.) Dunshee, James, 50 E. 7th St. 

(2d Av.) Dunshee, Mary Margaret } « 

(Williams) wife of James, f 

(2d Av.) Dunshee, Mary Williams, " 

(29th St.)Dunster, Amelia Bonnie, 65 Second St. 

(29th St.) Dunwoody, Emma (Davis) ) ^ ^ 

wid. of John, f ^50 W. loist St. 

Dupont, Mary Pauline (Foster) wife of Henry A. 
(K. M.) Durner, Kate H. (Muller) } ^ ^ , ^ 

wife of John, f ^^ ^- ^34th St 

(V.) Durrberger, Magdalena \ o ,y j. , ^ 

(Briderlin) wife of Jacob, f 448 W. 38th St. 

Duryee. Catharine A. 

Dusendorf, Ann Eliza. 

Duvall, Frances McA. (Brownlee) wid. of 

Langdon, 325 Fifth Ave., Leavenworth, Kan. 

Eagleson, Mary E. 
(29th St.) Earle, Airs. Caroline M. 

(K. M.) Eberle, Johanna, 559 W. 50th St. 

(34th St.) Eberle, Louis, 158 Eighth Ave. 

(K. M.) Ebert, Lewis, 443 W. 45th St. 

(K. M.) Ebert, Sarah J. (Buchanan) \ 
wife of Lewis, S 


(K. M.) Ebinger, Amelia Margaret, 417 W. 38th St. 

(K. M.) Ebinger, Catharine 'Lizzie [ 

(Fuchs) wife of Christ. F., f 

Eckstein, Wilhehiiina (Eichborn) wife of Jacob. 

Eckstein, Minnie Augusta. 
(34th St.) Edgar, Charles, 49 W. 39th St. 

(29th St.)Edge, Herbert, 511 W. i68th St. 

(34th St.) Edwards, Ernest, 408 Ninth Ave. 

(34th St.) Edwards, Edward Bartholomew. 

Edwards, Henrietta J. 
(V.) Edwards, Laura F. (Lynn) wife of Wesley M. 

(2d Av.) Egberts, Pauline Caroline ) - -p- <. a 

(Ummerle) wid. of John, f =>^ ^^^^^ ^"^^^ 

(2d Av.) Egberts, Magdalene E. M., 
(2d Av.) Egberts, Mary Amelia, 
(2d Av.) Egberts, Charles Gustave, " 

(29th St.)Eggie, Ida DeMott (Pumyea) } ^ j^ ^^^,, c^, 
wife of John, f ^ ^- ^^^^h ^^• 

Egner, John Peter. 

Egner, Minnie Louise. 
(34th St.) Eichberg. Herman Robert, 408 W. 36th St. 

(K. M.) Eichele, Frederica Johanna } ._ -iTr ^„,i c*. 

(Crum) wife of Peter, f 44i W. 37th St. 

(29th St.)Eldridge, Mary A. (Fanning) } ^ ^ ^ 

wife of Corneims R., ) ' 

Elliott, Charles Skelton, in Waverly PI. 

Elliott, Jane Eliza (Cramwell) ) _^^ ^Tr _,, o. 
wife of Edward. f ^H W. :,oth bt. 

Elliott, William St. George, University Heights 

Elliott, Annie Rankin (Lee) [ a 

wife of William St. George, j" 

Elliott, Annie Lee, 

Elliott Mary Lee, 

Elliott, Maud, 

Elliott, Richard Irvine, " 

(2d Av.) 















(29th St.) Ellis, Sarah A. (Hemenway) } ^ c; 

wife of Harvey, \ ^^^ ^- ^^'^ ^^• 

(K. M.) Ellison, John Smithy 309 W. 118th St. 

(K. M.) Ellison, Emma White (Hoff) { 

wife of John S., f 

(34th St.) Ellsworth, Gerard, 216 W. 21st St. 

(34th St.) Ellsworth, Mary Jane (Van Wyck) ) 

w — of Gerard, f 

(34th St.) Ellsworth, Jane Van Wyck, " 

(34th St.) Ellsworth, Flora Belle, 
(W. E.) Elmendorf, Louise (Ten Eyck) } ^.^^y „^^ c:|. 

Mrs., \ ^59 ^^- 9-^ ^^• 

(W. E.) Elmendorf, William Ten Eyck, 

Elwood, Sarah (Howell) wife of Charles. 

(20th St.)Embree, Fanny (Wells) wid. } MpHi^^n Avp 
of Geo. W., M .D., ) ^i Madison Ave. 

Emerson, George Charles. 

(V.) Enders, Dora, 453 W. 53d St. 

(34th St.) Engholm, ^Magnus, 413 W. 31st St. 

(34th St.) Engholm, Carrie (Gleason") } « 

wife of Magnus, f 

(34th St.) Engholm, Clara Jane, " 

(34th St.) England, Richard, 1364 Vanderbilt Ave. 

(34th St.) England, Susan (Butler) wife } ^ 

of Richard. f 

Ennis, John J. 

.,-,. T- N -n u t- Ar- ^ ] Care John Monroe & Co., 

(W. E.) Erbacher, Victor, \ ^ -^^^ S^^.^^^ p^^.^ 

(W. E.) Erbacher, Lavinia Anna ) « 

(Alexander) wife of Victor, f 

(2d Av.) Erdmann, Ernest F., 241 W. 49th St. 

(29th St.)Erickson, Agnes, 238 E. 45th St. 

(29th St.)Erskine. Cornelia Douglass, 118 E. nth St. 

(29th St.)Everly, Magdalena, 232 E. 31st St. 

Ewing, Caroline. 

(2d Av.) Faas, Frederick C, 107 E. 3d St. 

(2d Av.) Faber, Rosa, 206 Sixth St. 

(2d Av.) Fagg, Margaret W. (Gillespie) ) . „r„^,^., . pi 
wife of Rev. John G., f 43 i^ata>ette Fl. 

(48th St.) Fairbanks, Robert N., 6 W. 123d St. 

(48th St.) Fairbanks, Camilla (Van Kleeck) ) 
wife of Robert N., j" 

Farlee, Geo. W. 

Farrar, George Clinton. 

Farrar, Walter B. 

Farrar, Louis C. 

Farrington, Ebenezer. 

Farrington, Elizabeth (Butler) wife of A. L. 
(V.) Faulhaber, Lena Barbara, 503 W. 47th St. 

(V.) Faulhaber, Mary (Dupont) { 

wife of Frederic, \ 

(V.) Faulhaber, Mary Louisa, 

(K. J\L) Fehn, Christina (Gallena) ) ^^_ -.t. ^„,i q, 

wid. of Louis, f 417 W. 4/th bt. 

(34th St.) Fenrich, Elizabeth (Schmieder) } ,y , 0^ 
wid. of Geo., f ^-^7 VV. 30th bt. 

(34th St.) Fenrich, Julia, 

(34th St.) Fenrich, Joseph. 

(34th St.) Fenrich, Lena C. (Hafner) j 

wife of George, ( 

(34th St.) Fenrich Jessie Brown } ^^ j^ St. 

(Bagley) w. of \\ m., \ ^ ^ 

(34th St.)Fenton, Joseph. 487 Tenth Ave. 

(34th St.)Fenton, Mary Ann (Scholes) ( u 

wife of Joseph, f 

(34th St.) Ferguson, Andrew, Sr., 425 W. 43d St. 

(34th St.) Ferguson, Addie, 

(34th St.) Ferguson, John A., 24 Cornelia St., Bklyn. 

(34th St.) Ferguson, Frances E. (McNeil) { u 

wife of John, f 


Ferguson, Elizabeth (Giles) wife of Michael. 
(34th St.) Ferguson, Samuel Edward, 429 W. 31st St. 

(34th St.) Ferguson, ]\Iary Jane (Little) } u 

wife of Samuel Edward, f 
(34th St.) Ferguson, William, 430 W. 31st St. 

(34th St.) Ferguson, Mary Ruth, wife of Wm, " 

(48th St.) Ferris, Albert Warren M. D., 12 E. 47th St. 

(48th St.) Ferris, Anna, Flatbush, L. I. 

(48th St.) Ferris, Estelle, Nyack, N. Y. 

(48th St.) Ferris, Jeannie (Mather) wid. { u 

of Warren, S 

Ferris, Sarah W., 288 Lexington Ave. 

(29th St.) Ferry, William Ritter, 122 W. 123d St. 

(29th St.) Ferry, Charlotte D. (Simmons) \ a 

wife of William R., f 

(2d Av.) Fersch, Adolph Hermann, 11 1 E. 4th St. 

(2d Av.) Fichtelman, Dora (Trunk) ) ^^^ t- ^.1 c^- 

wife of John E., f ^^^ ^- ^^^ i^t. 

(29th St.) Field, Annie (Horton) wid. ) MuA\^nn Avp 

of Alfred E., f ^939 Madison Ave. 

(29th St.) Field, Harriet Van Ranst, " 

(48th St.) Field, Annie Porter (Lynes) wife ) tj^^^i 1 „ 
of Charles M., f tJrooklyn 

(29th St.) Fielding, Owen, 242 W. 31st St. 

(29th St.) Fielding, Rose (Knapp) wife \ u 

of Owen, f 

(34th St.) Field, Elizabeth (Maxwell) } ^ ., ^ 

wid. of John, f 529 W. 26th bt. 

(34th St.) Field, Robert Maxwell, 

(W. E.) Fierz, Katharine (Rudd- ) ''St. Andrew," 72d St. 
Whiting) wife of Carl, f and W. Boulevard 

(29th St.) Finch, Hiram B., 239 E. 19th St. 

(29th St.) Finch, Carrie L. (Tobias) wife \ a 

of Hiram B., f 

(2Qth St.) Findlay, Norman, 353 W. 19th St. 

(29th St.) Findlay, , wife of Norman, " 

(29th St.) Findley, Charles Donald. 

Fink, Mary Elizabeth. 

Finkenaur, Eliza (Reynolds) wife of Geo. 

Finlay, Margaret. 
(K. M.) Fisher, Amelia. 

Fisher, John S. 

Fisher, Margaret Bryson. 

Fisher, Mary (De Contalon) wid. of Daniel. 
(34th St.) Fisher, Teressa (Wirth) wid. of Henry, Flushing 
(34th St.) Fisher, Frederick, 256 W. 37th St. 

(34th St.) Fisher, Josephine (Rice) wid. } u 

of Charles, f 

(34th St.) Fisher, Robert John, 142 W. 28th St. 

(W. E.) Fisk, Harvey E., 330 W. 72d St. 

(W. E.) Fisk, Mary Lee (Scudder) wife 
of Harvey E., 

Fitzgerald, Mary. 

(34th St.) Flandreau, Christina (McLaughlin) wife of Ed. 

(K. M.) Fleck, Elizabeth C, 453 W. 40th St. 

(2d Av.) Fleck, Lily, 120 E. ist St. 

(2d Av.) Fleck, Christina, " 

(29th St.) Flood, Charlotte H. 

(34th St.)Flowers, Josephine L. (Watson) } a^i-„.^„ xt t 
w. of M. F., ^Arlington, M.J. 

Flowery, Sarah (Thorn) wid. of Peter. 
(29th St.>Flynn, Frederick, J. 

Foerdrung, Anna M. T. ) ^^^^ -ri • ^ a 

(Laurier) wife of Robert, \ 3052 Third Ave. 

(2d Av.) Folz, Mary (Meier) wife of Jacob, 341 E. 5th St. 
(29th St.) Forbes, George M., 497 Sixth Ave. 

Force, Amy C. (Bennet) wife of Silas L. 
(20th St.) Force. Bertha (Harmon) } -^,r- ,. ti^-. 

wife of Charles E., f Mmneapolis, Mmn. 

Ford, Carrie (Stanwood) wife of James. 
(29th St.) Ford, Nina M. (Rasbach) } ... w ^ c. 

wife of James H., ) ^44 W. 43d St. 


Forrest, Margaret (Ross) wid. of Scott. 
(K. M.) Forstner, Christina (Brann) wid. of Geo. 
(V.) Forthmann, William, 463 W. 46th St. 

(29th St.) Foster, Delia M., 151 W. 45th St. 

Foster, Antoine Lentilhon. 

Foster, Mary (Curren) wife of John. 
(48th St.) Fowler, Elizabeth, Newburgh, N. Y. 

(34th St.) Fowler, Sarah E. (Munn) } Amsterdam Ave., & 

wid. of N. H., f 104th St. 

(2Qih St.) Fowler Emma Jane, 146 E. 20th St. 

Fox, John. 
(2d Av.) Fraenkle, Charles F., 332 Bowery 

(34th St.) Frame, Matthew, 217 Ninth Ave. 

(34th St.) Frame, Adelia (Manting) w. of M., 
(.9th St.)France, Mr. Jennie M. j. ^arbletown, N. Y. 

(29th St.) France, JNIary Elizabeth, 203 W. 24th St. 

(2d Av.) Frank, Katharine (Koch) } „,, tt • a 

wife of John, ' \ 753 Union Ave. 

(V.) Frank, Carl, At Sea 

Eraser, Clara (Bigelow) wid. of Joseph. 

(K. M.) Eraser, George. 

Eraser, Sarah (Watkins) wife of Alexander. 

(29th St.)Frear, Margaret A. (Cahoone; } ^ , c;* 
wid. of Alexander S., f^^Q W. 34th bt. 

Frederickson, Julia Anna. 

Freeborn, Viola (Yates) wife of 

(K. M.) Erey, John Jacob, 324 W. 38th St. 

(K. M.) Fr^^^U^t^a^.^.ck.r^,,^^^^^^^^,^^^^ 

(.pthStOFrico..Marie^(Fe.d), 3.8 W. 46th St. 

(34th St.) Friedman, Florence, 371 Seventh Ave. 

(34th St.) Friess, Charlotte Lucy, 322 W. 31st St. 

(34th St.) Fritz. Caroline Christina '( ^^^ ,Tr ^_, o. 

(Kaufer) wife of Wm., f 449 W. 3/th St. 


(2Qth St.) Froschl, John, 404 E. 52d St. 

(29th St.) Frost, Herbert C, 130 E. i6th St. 

Ftiessel, Elizabeth. 
(34th St.) Fuller, Julia, 321 W. 15th St. 

(34th St.) Fulton, John, 443 W. 44th St. 

(34th St.) Fulton, John Robert. 
(34th St.) Fulton, Margaret, 
(34th St.) Fulton, Robert Campbell, 

(29th St.) Furnald, Francis P.. 21 W. 45th St. 

(29th St.) Furnald, Charlotte A. (Weed) 
wife of Francis P., 


Gabel. George. 
(V.) Gaethke, Theodore. 417 W. 53d St. 

(V.) Gaethke, Bertha (Rohlwing) [ 

wife of Theodore. j" 

(V.) Gaethke, Lillie, 

(V.) Gaethke, Theodore, Jr.. 

(V.) Gaethke. Emily, 

Gage, Maria (Montgomery) wife of Robert. 

Galette, Augusta J. 
(29th St ) Galloway. Alice T., io5 W. 80th St. 

(2gth St.) Galloway, Isabella, 

(29th St.) Galloway, Miriam, " 

(29th St.) Gallwitz, Clara Louise, 269 W. i22d St. 

(29th St.) Gallwitz, Julia, 
(2d Av.) Gambichler. Carrie \V., 222 Ave. B. 

Ganse, Bethia. 
(29th St.) Gardiner, Percy. 

Gardiner, Louisa B. (Ennis) wife of William. 

Gardner, Mary A. (Jacques) wid. of N. B. 

(W. E.) Gardner, Mrs. Miriam } Hotel San Remo. Cen- 
Bloomfield, f tral Park West & 75th St. 


(34th St.) Garrison, Ella J.. 361 W. 27th St. 

(34th St.) Garrison, Mary Laura, " 

(2d Av.) Gaulrapp, John, 7,:^'j E. 6th St. 

(48th St.) Gawtry, Ann E. (Walker) } ^^ ^ .,, ^^ 

wid. of Wm. M., f 34 W. 46th St. 

(29th St.) Gsy, Mary (Anderson) wife \ ^^, -^ ,^ . c«, 

of Thomas, f ^^3 ^- 3ist St. 

Gaylor, Sarah Ann (Miller) wid of John. 

(K. M.) Gebhard, August, 420 W. 40th St. 

(K. M.) Gebhard, John, 

CK. M.) Gebhard, Katie, 

CK. M.) Gebhard, Martin, " 

(V.) Gebhardt, Marie (Mazza) wife \ ^ , c;, 

of Otto, f 552 W. 47th St. 

Geddes, Ann Eliza. 
(2d Av.) Gegenheimer, Clara (Moeslein) } ^^, -r- 1 c*. 
wife of Frederick Francis, \ ^°4 E. 3d St. 

(2d Av.) Geis, Alvina, 368 Third Ave. 

(2d Av.) Geis, Josephine Barbara, " 

(2d Av.) Geis, Otto F., 
(V.) Geislinger, Margaret, } 710 Eleventh 

(Renner) wife of Michael, f Ave. 

(2d Av.) George, Jacob, 108 Newell St., Greenpoint 

Gerber, Ann E., 403 S. 3d St., Bklyn. 

(K. M.) Gercken, Kate Annie, ) Bath Beach, 

(Stoetzel) wife of John C, \ L. I. 

(2d Av.) Gerlach, Henry A. W., 60 First St. 

(2d Av.) Gerlach, Adolph T., 
(2d Av.) Gerlach, Julia Amelia, 
(29th St.)Geroldseck, S. Frances. 

(V.) Gerstenberg, Lizzie (Erhardt) [ . ^ , o^. 

wife of Frederic. \ 204 W. 4/tli bt. 

Getty, Moore. 

Getty, Catharine (Sinclair) wife of Moore. 

(K. M.) Geyler, Anna, 350 W. 37th St. 

(34th St.) Gibson, Charles, 43 W. 36th St. 


(2d Av.) 
(2d Av.) 

(2d Av.) 
(34th St.) 

(W. E.) 

(W. E.) 

(34th St.) 
(34th St.) 
(29th St.) 
(29th St.) 

(29th St.) 

Gibson, Watson, 484 Grand St. 

Gibson, Margaret (Herbert) } u 

wife of Watson, f 

Gibson, John, " 
Gibson, Jane. 

Gibson, Fannie H. (Davidson) wife of Henry W. 
Gibson, Louis McPhee, M. D., 158 W. 81st St. 

Gibson, Anna (Yard) wife ) ., 

of Louis McP., f 

Gibson, Mary, wid. of Hugh, 265 W. 129th St. 

Gibson, Jessie May, 712 Eighth Ave. 

Gibson, John Wilson, 39 W. 20th St. 

Gibson, , wife of John ( u 

(2d Av.) 

(W. E.) 

(W. E.) 

(2d Av.) 

(W. E.) 

(W. E.) 

(34th St.) 

(34th St.) 

(34th St.) 

(48th St.) 

(34th St.) 

(.34th St.) 

Gieblehouse, Matthias J., 
Giegerich, Katharine (Hess) 

wife of Jacob, 
Giegler, Sarah E. (Miller) } 

wife of Emil, f 

Giffing, Mary E. (Craig) wid. 

of Isaac H., 
Giffing, J. Ferguson. 
Giffing, Katharine S., 
Giffing, Mary E., 
Giffing, William Craig, 
Gilbert, Lester Bromley, 
Gilford, Mary H., 
Gilger, Sylvester Francis, 
Gillespie, David, 

118 E. 23d St. 

} 351 S. 3d St., 
f Bkn. 

510 E. i2th St. 
[- 277 W. 71st St. 

408 Ninth Ave. 

357 W. 50th St. 

408 Ninth Ave. 

Morristown, N. J. 

Gillies, Blanche S. L. (Jacoutot) wife of John. 


Gillmore, Margaret (Warnock) ( 
wid. of John S., \ 

Girard, Frederick. 
Gladstone. Anna Roger. 
Gladstone, Elizabeth Emily. 
Gleason, Cora. 

66 W. 94th St. 
333 W. 40th St. 


(W. E.) Gleason, Leila Seward, ) South Norwalk, 

wid. of Rev. Wm. H., f Conn. 

(W. E.) Gleason, Arthur Huntington, " 

(W. E.) Glenney, William P., 242 W. 75th St. 

(W. E.) Glenney, Annie (DeFreest) wife } u 

of William P., f 

(W. E.) Glenney, Caroline DeF., " 

(2d Av.) Glockmann, Katharine (Trempert) } ^^ -c- . \ 

wife of Frederick, f 57 t irst Ave. 

(2d Av.) Glover. Frances (Livingston) } -p -^., c:^ 

wife of James A., \ ^"^ ^- ^°^*' ^^• 

(2d Av.) Goepfert, Elizabeth, 140 E. 4th St. 

(34th St.) Goetschius, Joseph, 410 W. 44th St. 

(34th St.) Goetschius, Martha (Van Riper) [ u 

wife of Joseph, f 

(34th St.) Goetschius, Jessie Brannan, " 

(2d Av.) Goetz, August, 254 W. 143d St. 

(K. M.) Goetze, Carrie May, 459 W. 46th St. 

(29th St.)Gohring, Adolpf, 53 Lexington Ave. 

(48th St.) Golding, Amy (Thomas) wife of Louis T. 

(34th St.) Gonnerman, Elizabeth C, 353 W. 32d St. 

(2d Av.) Gons, Vincent, 124 Second Ave. 

(2d Av.) Gons, Anna Jaenette Josephine ^ ^ 

(Poezik) wife of Vincent. ) 

Goodrich, Margaret M. (Adriance) wife of 
John, M. D. 

Goodridge, Sarah M. (Haywood) wife of 
Charles A. 

(29th St.) Goodwin, Sanmel Lewis, 53 Lexington Ave. 

(W. E.) Goodwin, Jane Christina. } Claverack, 

(Miller) wife of M. Augustus, f N. Y. 

(W. E.) Goodwin, Jennie M., 

(W. E.) Goodwin, Nellie, 

(W. E.) Goodwin, Augustus F.. 55 W. 92d St. 


(34th St.) Gordon, John James, 345 W. 17th St. 

(34th St.) Gordon, John, 

(34th St.) Gordon, Julia (Leighton) w. [ y^ ^^^^ 5^^ 

of Wm. W., j 

Gordon, Alexander, 

Gordon, Aline. 

Gordon, Joseph. 

(K. M.) Gordon, John, England 

(K. AI.) Gordon, Lilla Lyster (Cooper) } 
wife of John, f 

(34th St.) Gorton, George Henry, 434 W. 31st St. 

(34th St.) Gorton, Annie (Hutteman) [ « 

wife of Geo. H., f 

(34th St.) Gotthold, Katie Eugenie, 262 W. 34th St. 

(34th St.) Gotthold, Jennie G., wife of E. M. 

Gottschalk, Josephine M. 
(29th St.)Gourlay, David, 219 W. 21st St. 

(K. M.) Graf, Annie Dorothea, 107 W. 26th St. 

GrafY, Ann Maria (Schroud) wife of Francis. 

(V.) Graff Caroline (Browart) wife } ^ ^ 5 

of Bernhard, ) ^ -^^ 

Graflf, George. 
(2d Av.) Graham, Janie (McKee) } ^ -g ^^j^ g^ 

wid. of John, f -6 • ^ 

Graham, George. 

Grant, Louisa (Ackley) wid. of Wm. G. 
(48th St.) Grant, Jane Eliza (Porter) wife of E. D. 
(K. M.) Grant, Reginald Chambers, 220 Eckfort St., Bkn. 
(K. M.) Grant, Emma (Hassenfratz) { a 

wife of Reginald C, ) 

(29th St.) Grant, Minnie A. 
Gray, Jennie. 
Gray, Maria Theresa. 


(29th St.) Greaves, Edwin T,, 139 E. i6th St. 

(29th St.) Greaves, Catharine Ann _ [ u 

(Matthews) wife of Edwin T., ^ 

(U. H.) Green, Jennie Estella, University Heights 

(K. M.) Green Annie (Schwartz) { ^ -^Y ^^ g^ 

wid. of Henry, S ^^'^ ' ^" 

(2d Av.) Greene, Emily Amanda { Lake Ridge, 

(Maiirer)wifeofWm.LaMar., ^ N. Y. 

(W. E.) Greenwood, Isaac John, 271 West End Ave. 

(W. E.) Greenwood, EHza R., 

(W. E.) Greenwood, Mary Mackay, " 

(W. E.) Greenwood, Joseph Rudd, 

(2d Av.) Gregg, Margaret (Cook) wife { ^ ^^^j^ g^ 

of CorneHus, , \ 

(48th St.) Griffin, EHzabeth Roe (Lock- ) ^y j^ g^ 

wood) wid. of Chas. Francis, \ ^ 
(29th St.) Griffin, Caroline, 214 W. 15th St. 

(48th St.) Grimke, Louise F. (Gawtry) } ^ ^^^ S^ 

, wite of Thomas Smith, ) ^^ 

(20th St.)Grivet, Phebe Ann (Ten Eyck) { ^ ^ ^^ g^ 

wid. of John V., \ ^ 

(34th St.)Grohe, Agnes, 356 Seventh Ave. 

(V.) Groskopf, Lena, 538 W. 55th St. 

(2d Av.) Gross, Lizzie (Lautenschlager) [ ^y^^\^ -^ y 

wife of Henry, J y ^^ • • 

(34th St.) Grosse, Catharine (Eichman) I ^ ^^^^ g^ 

wife of Wm., j "^"^ 

(K. M.) Guest, Emma, 424 W. 36th St. 

Guion, Emma Van Eps (Snyder) wid, of — 

(2d Av.) Grundig, Caroline (Goetze) { ^ 4^^^ ^ 

wife of Emil, f ^ ^ • • 

(K. M.) Grunig, Louis, 735 Ninth Ave. 

(K. M.) Gurk, Annie Dora, 448 W. 38th St. 

(V.) Gustavson, Emerich, 538 W. 55th St. 

(V.) Gustavson, Anna (Stevenson) \ 

wife of Emerich, S 

(34th St.) Haas, Caroline (Kasch) wife { p |, ^ 

of Martin, \ ^^^ 

(29th St.) Haas, Louisa Christina, 106 E. 31st St. 

(29th St.) Haas, Anna Teresa Eleanore, 
(29th St.) Habenstein, Charles, 209 W. 29th St. 

(K. M.) Hafner, Daniel G., 699 Tenth Ave. 

(K. M.) Hafner, Katie, 
(K. M.) Hafner, Katrina (Schiel) wife of John Daniel. 

Hagar, Frederick Jacob. 
(2d Av.) Hager, Edward, 249 E. loth St. 

Hager, Christian, 

Hager, Kunigunda (Gebhardt) wife of Christian. 
(K. M.) Hague, Lena. 

(K. M.) Hague, Caroline Elizabeth } -itt 1 o. 

(Brandenstein) wife of— f ^^^ ^^ ' ^^^ ^^■ 

(29th St.) Hale, Robert, 42 Lexington Ave. 

Hale, Frances M. (Osborne) wife of Frederick. 
(34th St.) Hallberg, Lars Edward, 414 W. 36th St. 

(34th St.) Hallberg, Helena (Sernberg) w. } u 

of Lars E., f 

(29th St.)Haller, Edwin A. F., 349 W. 30th St. 

(29th St.) Haller, Christina Isabel, 
(29th St.) Haller, Henry, 
(34th St.)Hallock, William H. 

(34th St.) Hallock, Julia A. (Beardsley) wife of Wm. H. 
(34th St.) Halvoisen, Caroline (Syversen) \ ^^ ^y ^-^ g^ 
wid. of .Charles, S ^ ' '^^ 

Hamill, Sarah (Troy) wid. of James. 
(W. E.) Hamilton, Emmet Cuthbert. 60 W. 76th St. 

(W. E.) Hamilton, Grace Coolidge, 
(W. E.) Hamilton, Ethel Cutting, 

Hamilton, Robert. 
(29th St.) Hamilton, Charlotte (Clancy) ) ^g -^ ^-^ g^ 
wife of Watson, f 


(29th St.) Hamje, Adelina A. (Bunki) wid. of Nicholas. 

(29th St.) Hamje, ]\Iartha M. J. 

(34th St.) Hamje, Jacob, 245 Greenwich Ave. 

(34th St.) Hamje, Frederica Elizabeth } g ^y ^^26. St 

(Dietz) wife of Jacob, \ ^ ^ 

(2d Av.) Hammesfahr, William George, 124 E. Fourth St. 

(2d Av.) Hammesfahr, Katharine, '' 

(V.) Hammond Barbara (Bride- ( g ^ ^ 5^ 

groom) wife of Frank, ) ^ ^^ 

(29th St.) Hampton, :\Iary Elizabeth, 5 W. 22d St. 

(K. M.) Handy, Louisa (Lied) wife of— 119 W. 6oth St. 

(K. M.) Hanna, Thomas James, 314 W. 37th St. 

(34th St.) Hanna, Annie (Woods) wid. of } ^^ ^ ^^^^ g^ 
Isaac, ^ :34 • 

(34th St.) Hanna, Sarah Jane, " 

Hanna, Frederick Lasher. 
(29th St.) Hanning, George, 344 W. 21st St, 

(29th St.) Hanning, Anna (Cook) wife of Geo. " 
(34th St.) Hardel, Elizabeth (Sour) wife } ,y , o. 

of Frank, j- 0/ • / 

(34th St.) Hardel, Louisa, " 

(48th St.)Hardenbergh, Daniel Bailey, j. Middletown, N. Y. 

(W. E.) Hardenbergh Louise (Finch) / ^ ^ 5 

wite of Thomas E., ) '"" 

(W. E.) Hardenbergh, John P., 
(W. E.) Hardenbergh, Frances (Eddy) I « 

wife of John P., f 

(W. E.) Hardenbergh, Thomas E., Jr., 
(W. E.) Hardenbergh, Ambrose, 

Harley, Daniel. 
(29th St.) Harper, Andrew Dimick. 

(K. M.) Harper, William D., 386 West St. 

(K. M.) Harper, MeUssa(Sanford) j. ^^^ ^y ^^^^^ S^ 

(W. E.) Harriman, Helen U. } „. ^ , ^ 

(Anderson) wid. of Chas., ) ^^^ ^^ ' ^^tn bt 
(W. E.) Harriman, Katharine Schuyler, " 

(W. E.) Harriman, Helen IL, 
(W. E.) Harriman, William E., " 

Harriman, Smith Anderson, Geneva, N. Y. 

Harriman, Elizabeth. 
(48th St.) Harrison, Henry L., 69 E. 54th St. 

(48th St.)Harrison, Frances (Tyrrell) [ 

wife of Henry L., j" 

(34th St.) Harrison, Mary Jane, 15 W. i8th St. 

(29th St.) Hart, Garnet Seabright, 11 Bank St. 

(48th St.) Hart, George S., 26 W. 56th St. 

(48th St.) Hart, Frances (Wheeler) wife { 

of Geo. S., ) 

Hartop, Eliza (Spanton) wife of Wm. 
(2d Av.) Hartz, Henry, 88 Cedar St., Bkn. 

(2d Av.) Hartz, Louisa (Doering) ) u 

wid. of Herman, ) 

(2d Av.) Hartz, Louisa W., 

(2d Av.) Hartz, Wilhelmina, 

(34th St.) Harvey, Annetta Clotilda, 603 W. 37th St. 

(29th St.) Harvey, Hanna Mead, 240 W. 22d St. 

(29th St.)Hasbrouck, Mrs. Minnie A. ^ ,.. tt ^^.u c*. 

(Hoose) w. of J. C, )" ^^4 E. 25th St. 

Hasbrouck, Margaret (Dubois) wife of 

Hasselbusch, Aurelia Mary (North) } ^^^ a a 
wife of August, f ^^9 Ave A. 

(2d Av.) Haupt, Kate (Jaeger) wife of John, 122 E. 7th St. 

(2d Av.) Hausmann, Julius, 73 E. 8th St. 

Hawkins, Henry Marble. 

(29th St.) Hawthorn, Agnes, 30 E. 28th St. 

(29th St.) Hawthorn, Christina, 

(29th St.) Hawthorne, Lucia A., 65 W. 12th St. 


(48th St.) Hay, Silas C, i8o W. 74th St. 

(48th St.) Hay, Elizabeth (Piatt) wife { 
of Silas C, f 

Haywood, George M. 
(34th St.) Hazard, Kate (Goetschius) wife of G 

Hazelroth, Magdalene (Weisz) } 


444 W. 40th St, 
Plainf^eld, N. J. 

wife of Frederick, J 

(48th St.) Healy, Cyrus A., 
(48th St.) Healy, Catharine (Nettleton) [ 

wife of Cyrus A.. j 

(29th St.) Heath, John Pierre, 
(29th St.) Heath, Mary (Manning) ) 

wife of A. H., M. D., f 
(29th St.) Heath, Bessie, 
(29th St.) Heath, Mary (Mrs.) 
(K. M.) Heck, Otto William, 

Heerniann, Mary Louisa, 
Heermann, John Frederic, 
(34th St.) Hegelman, Elizabeth. 
(48th St.) Hegeman, Laura N. (Hotch- [ 

kiss) wid. of Peter A., j 
(34th St.) Hegner, Annie, 
(34th St.)Hehnow, William A., 
(V.) HeidlofT, Annie (Thogode) } 

wife of Andrew, ^ 

(V.) HeidlofT, Eva, 

(2d Av.) Heim, Frederica S., 35 Pilling St., 

(34th St.) Heinrich, Adolph, 481 Ninth 

(34th St.) Heinrich, Frieda, wife of Adolph, 
(34th St.) Heinrich, Mary. 

Heifer, Augustus. 
(29th St.)Hellnian, Anna Elizabeth, 
(34th St.)Hellman, Jane (Corr) wid. [ 

of Fred'k, f 

Hellriegel, Eliz. (Hiltzinger) } 

wife of Phillip, f 

51 E. 29th St. 

104 E. 29th St. 

114 Fifth Ave. 

584 Roberts Ave. 
443 W. 45th St. 


244 W. 32d St. 

37 W. Washington 


107 W. 26th St. 

443 W. 39th St. 

Newark, N. J. 


206 W. 28th St. 

316 W. 38th St. 


Helme, Elizabeth A. 
(29th St.) Hemenway, John F., 230 W. 42d St. 

(29th St.) Hemenway, AHce (Montague) } « 

wife of John F., j' 

(K. ]\I.) Henderson, Sarah JanCj } ,,0 T71 -1 a 

(Castles) wife of Wm., [ 448 Eleventh Ave. 

(K. M.) Henderson, William C, 350 W. i8th St. 

(K. M.) Henderson, wife of Wm. C, 

(K. M.) Henderson, George, " 

Henderson, Isabella. 

Henderson, John. 
(29th St.) Henderson, John, 213 E. 38th St. 

(29th St.) Hendrickson, Christianna C. M. 55 W. 12th St. 
(29th St.) Hendrix, Emma, 310 W. 34th St. 

(29th St.) Henry, Emil, 319 W. 21st St. 

(29th St.) Henry, Rosa (Jevini) wife of Emil, " 

(29th St.) Herm, Henry, 230 W. 22d St. 

Herman, Sophie Flora. 
(2d Av.) Hermann, Wilhelmina, Bedford Park 

Herold, Peter. 
(K. M.) Herrel, Emma, 448 W. 31st St. 

Herrick, Sophie (Lowe) wid. of Wm. T. 

Herring, Margaret (Divens) wid. of Edward. 

Herrman, Katharine (Gettier) } p^nceton, N.J. 

wife of Henry W., ) 

(2d Av.) Hertfelder Amelia (Weigelt) } ^ Bedford St. 

wife of Albert, ) 

(48th St.) Hertzel, Caroline M., 140 W. 57th St. 

(2d Av.) Herwig, Anna Marg't, 334 Sixth St. 

(2d Av ) Hess, Frank, 130 E. 3d St. 

(34th St.) Hess, Matilda (Cook) wid. [ ^ .^^^ g^ 

of Jacob, \ J 4 • ^ 

(34th St.) Hess, Otto, 

(34th St.) Hess, Tillie, 

(34th St )Hess, Annie, 


(29th St.)Hesselgrave, Josie. 

(34th St.) Hettrick, Isabella, Ireland 

(K. M.) Hicenbothem, Sarah Margaret (Langendyck) 

wife of Geo. 
(29th St.) Hidden, Thomas B., Milburn, N. J. 

Higgins, Gertrude. 
(W. E.) Hildreth, Harriet M. (Bigelow) I 102 Prescott St. 

wife of John L., f Clinton, Mass. 

(V.) Hilkney, Lizzie (Shephard) } ^^^ ttt ^^., o^ 

wife of Ashton, f 400 W. 54th St. 

(34th St.) Hilliard, Maggie J. (Hall) wid. [ p , , 

of John, i 49J:^arkA\e. 

Hillyer, John B., Jr. 

Hilss, Lena. 
(K. M.) Hiltzinger, Elizabeth, 457 W. 49th St. 

(K. M.) Hiltzinger, George, 
(K M.) Hiltzinger, Christina, 

Himmler, Amelia (Bender) wife of Edmund. 

Hink, Caroline Henrietta. 
(29th St.)Hinman, Alice A., 26 Manhattan Ave. 

(29th St.) Hoagland, Ada Elizabeth, 233 W. 22d St. 

(V.) Hoffman, Andrew, 521 W. 52d St. 

(V.') Hoffman, Mary (Krupp) wife } u 

of Andrew, ) 

(V.) Hoffman, Annie, " 

(V.) Hoffman, Mary, " 

(29th St.) Hoffman, Anna A., 28 W. 22d St. 

(29th St.) Hoffman, Katharine, 
(K. M.) Hoffman,^S^phia (Blanke) ) ^^^ ^y ^^^^ St. 

Hoffman, Wilhelmina. 
(34th St.) Hogan, Elizabeth Jean, 427 W. i8th St. 

(34th St.) Hogan, Anna Grace. " 

Hogg, Jessie (Gray) wid. of David, 
(.d Av.) Holbrow, Edith J.. { -Newell Ave. 



(29th St.) Holgate, Thos. H., M. D., 206 W. 14th St. 

(29th St.) Holgate, Mary (Remsen) wife } 

of Thos. H., M. D., f 

(29th St.) Holgate, Ella H., 

(48th St.) Holmes, Mary M., 69 E. 54th St. 

(V.) Holpp, Bertha (Trust) } ^q, -p, ,, . 

^^^f; of Jacob, f 783 Eleventh Ave. 

(29th St.) Holt, Margaret (Chalmers) ) ^^^ -c> ^^^1, o^ 
wife of Alfred L., f ^°^ ^' ^^th bt. 

Holt, Frances (Brigham) wife of Daniel, 

Holt, Harriet Emily (Baldwin) wid. of H. A. 
(29th St.) Holt, Isaac, 431 E. 26th St. 

(W. E.) Homans, Lois, 308 W. 75th St. 

(W. E.) Homans, Ethel, 
(2Qth St.) Hood, Margaret Anne. 

(29th St.) Hopkins, Jennie A., 146 E. 30th St. 

(48th St.) Hopkins, Emma Augusta ) ^^ ^q,, q. 

(Jordan) wid. of James, f ^i W. 48th St. 

(48th St.) Hopkins, Leonard S. R., 

(29th St.) Hopley, Frank D., 215 W. 14th St. 

(29th St.) Horton, Carrie E., 35 W. i6th St. 

(K. M.) Hotchkiss, Mary (Smith) wid. of Aaron L. 
(34th St.) Hothersal, Anna, 256 W. 37th St. 

(34th St.) Hothersal, Martha, 

Houck, Amelia Ann (Homer) wife of Frederick. 
(W. E.) Houghton, Frank R., 32 W. 83d St. 

(W. E.) Houghton, Bessie (Taylor) [ 
wife of Frank R., f 

(29th St.) Hover, Ella, 10 W. 43d St. 

Howard, Ann Elizabeth (Bowling) wife of Patrick 
(34th St.) Howe, Jennie, 684 Lexington Ave. 

(34th St.) Howe, Minnie, " 

Howe, Margaret (Riley) wid. of Benj. F. 
(48th St.) Howell, Adelaide Smith. 
(K. M.) Howell, Anna Matilda (McHugh) wife of 
Henry Benjamin. 

Howell, James E. 


(29th St.) Hoxsey, Mary Almena, 133 W. 21st St. 

(W. E.) Hoyt, William Teal, loi Waverly PI. 

(K. M.) Hoyt, Elizabeth, Rutherford, N. J. 

(2d Av.) Hubbard, May (Fichtelmann) { -^ , g 

wife of Allen N., ^"49-5 

(W. E.) Hubbard. Elizabeth S., ) ^^. ^ _,, o, 

wid. of James B., f ^46 W. 59th St. 

(W. E.) Hubbell, Isabelle Watson, 205 W. 80th St. 

(K. M.) Huber, Anna, 317 W. 38th St. 

(V.) Hueg, Chas. P., 416 W. 54th St. 

(V.) Hueg, Lillie (Jollenbeck) { 

wife of Chas. P., S 

(34th St.)Huey, Elizabeth (Morrison) } ^ . g 

wife of James, ) -vj • jc> 

(2d Av.) Huiell, John M., Richmond Hill, Bkn. 

(2d Av.) Huiell, Augusta Curtis, 286 Madison St. 

(29th St.) Hunt, Jennie M., 55 W. 12th St. 

Hunt, Ann (Brinckerhoff) wife of Richard. 

Hunt, Elizabeth (Knox) wife of James L. 

Huntenberg, Theresa. 

Hunter, Mrs. J. W. 
(48th St.) Huntington, Samuel V. V., 69 E. 78th St. 

(48th St.) Huntington, Marie R. (VanVechten) } u 

wife of Samuel V. V., [ 

(29th St.) Hutcheson, William J., 217 E. 30th St. 

(29th St.) Hutcheson. Harriet E. (Wilson) } ^ 

wife of Wm. J., f 

Hutchings, Martha (Strang) wid of Geo. H. 

Hutchinson, W^ells. 
(34th St.) Hutteman, Annie, Mrs., 447 W. 39th St. 

(29th St.) Hutton, Prederic Remsen, 296 Lexington Ave. 
(29th St.) Hutton, Grace (Lefiferts) } 
wife of Prederic R., f 
(29th St.) Hutton, Arthur Lefferts, 
(29th St.) Hutton, Alancius Smeads, " 

(48th St.) Hyde, Samuel Mead, 20 W 53d St. 



(2d Av.) IlHg Mary E^ (Specht) } ^ E. 7th St. 

wife of Rudolph, ) ' 

(2d Av.) Illig, Rudolph, 

(29th St.)Inglis, Jessie, 411 W. 23d St. 

(29th St.)Inman, Ethel, 163 Madison Ave. 

(34th St.) Ireland, Albert Victor John, Corona, L. I. 

(34th St.) Ireland, Charles Alfred, 130 W. ii6th St. 

(34th St.) Ireland, David, 
(34th St.) Ireland, Catharine (Hamilton) \ a 

wife of David, f 

(29th St.) Ireland, James Valentine, 346 W. 19th St. 

(W. E.) Irons, Helen (Davis) wife \ Manhattan Ave. 

of Henry C. ) ^ 

(48th St.) Irwin, Alberta Lilian, 354 W. ii6th St. 

(29th St.) Isaacs, Mrs. Sarah R., 148 E. i8th St. 

(29th St.) Isaacs, Jessie, 
I vers, Henry. 
(29th St.) Ives, Francis L., M. D., 117 E. 30th St. 

(29th St.) Ives, Margaret (Lasak) \ « 

wife of Francis L., M. D.. S 


(29th St.) Jackson, Benjamin Andrew, 12 W. 35th St. 

(29th St.) Jackson, Stella A. (Barnaby) ] 

wife of B. A., S 

(K. M.) Jackson, Eva (Middleton) \ ^ ^^i St 

wid. of Nathan, f ^"^^ ' "^^ 

(48th St.) Jackson, George Thomas, M. D., 14 E. 31st St. 
(48th St.) Jackson, Carolme (Weidemeyer) { 

wife of George Thomas, M. D., ^ 
Jackson, Mary A. ( ) wid. of Chas. James. 

(W. E.) Jackson, Mary Frances (Sil- } ^^^ ^ ^^^ St. 

cocks) wife of E. Conover, ) 
(W. E.) Jackson, William E., 
(W. E.) Jackson. Howard Blauvelt, 


(34th St.) Jackson, Mary (Spence) w. } ^.^^ ,-.i, o. 
of Christopher, f 249 W. a^^tli bt. 

Jacobs, Theodore C. 
(2d Av.) Tacobson, Anna Katharine (Hoff- } ^.^ <r- ^.^ c_. 
mann) wife of Herman G., f ^^o bixth bt. 

(29th St.) Jacobus, David Schenck, 325 W. 28th St. 

Jacoutot, Euphrasia Louise (Herzog) wife of 
(34th St.) Jaeger, Emil, 906 Amsterdam Ave. 

(2d Av.) Jaeger, Mary (Streib) wid. [ -p , c:^ 

of August H., \ ^^7 i^. 7th bt. 

(34th St.)Jagels, Motor (Cook) wife } ^^^ y^ ^^^^ g^ 

01 Jrlenry, ) 

Jammelier, Andrew. 
(4Sth St.)Jansen, Louise L., 19 E. 72d St. 

(4Sth St.)Jansen, Mrs. M. H., Pompton Plains, N. J. 

Jansen, Wm. H. 
(34th St.) Jansen, Anna Louisa, 405 E. 65th St. 

(34th St.) Jansen, Peter, " 

(34th St.) Jansen, Margaret (Chabau) i* u 

wife of Peter, j 

(34th St.) Jansen, Margaret Marion, " 

(W. E.) Jaspen Catharine (Thompson) | ^^g ^^ ^^^^^ 5^ 

Jauck Louise (Vierling) / ^y ^ St. 

wife of Robert, ) 0^0 

(29th St.)Jaudon, Wm. Bainbridge, 449 Park Ave. 

(29th St.)Jaudon, Kate K. (Smith) I 
wife of Wm. Bainbridge, \ 

(34th St.) Jay, Robert, 645 Greenwich Ave. 

(34th St.) Jay, Kate Elizabeth (Perry) } 
wife of Robert, f 

(V.) Jehn, Christina (Kehr) / .y , c: 

wife of Joseph, f -^^^^ ^^' ^^^h bt. 

(V.) Jehn, Frances, '' 

(V.) Jehn, Helena, 


(2d Av.) Jennings, David F., 85 Second St. 

(48th St.) Jeremiah, Louise L. (Hertzel) } _^_ ,.r ^g., 5., 

wid. of Thomas F., f ^^5 W. 58th St. 

(34th St.)Jergensen, Sophia T. P. (Klein) ^ -o 1 

wife of Neil, ^ |- Pennsylvania 

(34th St.)Jergensen, Marie W. M., " 

Jerome, Augustus S. 
(29th St.) Jessop, George W. 

(29th St.) Jesup, Charles M., 124 E. 36th St. 

(29th St.) Jesup, Sarah Katharine (Owen) } u 

wife of Chas. M., J' 

(29th St.) Jesup, Richard M., 
(29th St.)Jewett, Louis Harry, Saugerties, N. Y. 

Jewett, Mary V. R. (Jones) wife of James J. 
(K. M.) Jobe, Mary Ann (West) wife of Thomas. 
(34th St.)Johanson, Sarah Jane (Gilmore) ) (■(■ ^-.j ^,., c. 

w. of Chas. O., f ^^ ^- 94th St. 

(2d Av.) Johnson, Rebecca L., 14 E. i6th St. 

(48th St.) Johnson, Mary Frances, Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 

(48th St.) Johnson, Kate Gertrude, 

(48th St.)Johnson, Rachel C. (Havens) } Shelter Island, 
wid. of John H., f N. Y. 

Johnson, Francis Tomes. 

Johnson, Sarah E. (Cahoone) wid. of R. H. 

Johnson, Wm. H. 

Johnston, Ellen (McGuffie) } ,^^ ,,. ^^., c^ 
(Looney) wife of , S ^°9 W. 60th St. 

(V.) Johnston, Fannie, 510 W. 43d St. 

(V.) Johnston, Richard. 

(W. E.) Johnston. Lewis, 52 W. 85th St. 

(48th St.) Johnston, E. W. Scudder, 

(48th St.) Johnston. Mary (Mandeville) \ 
wife of E. W. Scudder, f 

Johnston, Mary (Leitch) wid. of James. 

Johnston, Ann Jane (Owens) wife of Charles. 


<48th St.)Jones Alethea A. (Labagh) |, ^^^ ^ . ^ j 
wife of Joshua T., ) ^ ^' 

Jones, Mary (McNamee) wife of Adam M. 
Jones, Alida Carrie. 

Jones, Ann (Forman) wife of George G. 
(29th St.) Jones, Frank Lawrence. 
(2d Av.) Jones, Carrie M. (Stivers) wife of Frank L. 
Jones, James. 
Jones, Martha. 
Jones, Sarah Elizabeth. 
<V.) Jones, Anna (Royle) wid. of { ^ ^y 5^ 

James, ) 

Jordan, Henry Charles Lewis. 
(48th St.)Jorge, George Jacob, 136 Weirfield St., Bkn. 
Joseph, Elizabeth (Fordyce) wife of Bento. 
Jost, Margaret (Price) wife of Charles. 
Jost, William August. 

Jouffret, Susan H (Hardley) } ^y ^ist St. 

wiie of M. E., ) ^^ 

(48th St ) Judson, Emeline, 26 W. 50th St. 

(2d Av.) Julien, Alexis A., 71 E. 87th St. 

<2d Av.) Julien. Annie W. (Nevius) } 
wife of Alexis A., f 

{34th St.)Junor, Christiana (Campbell) ) 

(Morrison) wife of Rev. } 323 W. 28th St. 
K. F., M. D., ) 

(34th St.)Junor, John Kenneth, " 


(2Qth St.)Kaesche, Eliza Alma, 43 W. 131st St. 

(34th St.) Kaestner, Edwc^rd, 342 W. 37th St. 

(34th St.) Kaestner. Margaret (Schumann) { a 

wife of Edward. S 

(34th St.) Kaestner. Emily Anna. 
(48th St.)Kahl. Mary (Wennberg) )_ ^ ^^ g^. 

wife of Louis, S 4 • J • 


Kappes, Gustav. 
(K. M.) Kastenmeyer, Oscar J., 420 W. 40th St. 

(2d Av.) Kastner, Curt G. P., 401 Fifth St. 

(2d Av.) Kastner, William Walter, 

(K. M.) Kastner, Frank L., Sullivan Co., N. Y. 

(V.) Kastner, Anna, (^j'j Eleventh Ave. 

(K. M.) Kaufer, Albert Wm., 449 W. 37th St. 

(34th St.) Kaufer, Phillipina (Gasse) \ 
wid. of Albert, f 

(34th St.) Kaufer, Sophia, 

(2d Av.) Kaufifmann, Bertha, 46 First Ave. 

(48th St.) Kavanagh, Emily Katharine \ ^^ ,Tr ., 0+ 

(Adams) wife of Dudley, f ^^ ^ ' ^^^^'^ ^^' 

(29th St.) Kavanaugh, John Calvin, 52 E. 23d St. 

(29th St.) Kavanaugh, Addison Niles, " 

Kay, James. 

Kay, Helen (Beck) wife of James. 

(29th St.)Keates, Ernest Henry, 26 E. nth St. 

(K. M.) Keay, Rebecca. 

(K. M.) Keechler, Ida (Spindler) wife of Herman. 

(K. M.) Keeler, Margaret E., 813 Amsterdam Ave. 

(48th St.) Keeler, Rachel (Chardevoine) } ^^^ -i,r _q,i q, 
wid. of Henry H., f ^^0 VV. 5«tli bt. 

(V.) Keenen, Annie (Black) ) ^ , c: 

wid. of James, f ^°- ^' 4/th bt. 

(29th St.)Keeves, George Crawford. 

(K. M.) Kehr, Helena, Harlem 

(K. M.) Keiser, George, 615 W. 46th St. 

(K. M.) Keiser, John J., 

(K. M.) Keiser, Sophia France, } « 

wife of John Jacob, f 
(48th St.) Kellogg, Antomette, 13 E. 32d St. 

(K. M.) Kelly, James Archibald 404 W. 40th St. 

(K. M.) Kelly, Susie (Leicht) / 

wife of James, f 


(V.) Kelly Mary H. (Testot) ) ^ ,^„j 

Wife ot William, ) '^ 

(K. M.) Kelly, Agnes (McNaughton) wid. of James. 

Kemlo, Elizabeth (Wilson) |. Eleventh Ave. 

wife of Gideon, ) ' 

Kemlo, Marietta J. 
(34th St.) Kempe, Ernest H.. 210 W. 8ist St. 

Kempenaar, Jane (Tuerlingx) wife of . 

Kench. Sarah A. 
(29th St.) Kenney, Frederick M., 656 Second Ave. 

(W. E.) Kent, John Rust, 204 W. 136th St. 

(W. E.) Kent, Emma Pardon (Fellows) i* a 

wife of John Rust, i 

Kent, Cornelius. 
(W. E.) Kerley, Charles G., M. D., 113 W. 83d St. 

(W. E.) Kerley, Beth (McClannin) 
wife of Dr. Charles G., 

Kerr, Alice Maud, 331 W. 51st St. 

Kerr, Eliza A., wid. of John, " 

Kerr, Clara Eleanor, " 

Kerr, James. 
(K. j^.I.) Kerr, Margaret (Andrews) wid. of Thomas. 

Kerr, Jane. 
(V.) Kessler, William Frederic, 521 W. 52d St. 

(V.) Kessler, Margaret (Hoffman) \ « 

wife of William Frederic, ) 

Ketchale, William. 

Ketchale, Eliza (Boyd) wife of William. 

(29th St.) Ketcham, Anna Marie, 308 Second Ave. 

(48th St.) Ketchum. Edgar, Jerome Ave. and 165th St. 

(48th St.) Ketchum, Angelica Schuyler 
(Anderson) wife of Edgar, 

(29th St.) Kettle, George, i W. 30th St. 

(29th St.) Kettle. Kristina Juliana (Enquist) \ a 

wife of George, f 


Kew, Jacob Harris. 
(34th St.) Kidd, James M., 56 W. 126th St. 

(34th St.) Kidd, Eliza (Bodine) wife of { 
James M., ^ 

(34th St.) Kidd, Mary Elizabeth, 

(34th St.) Kiel, John, Harlem 

(34th St.) Kiel, Anna (Walter) wife of John, 
(2d Av.) King, Henry, 328 E. 6th St. 

(2d Av.) King, Amelia (Peters) wife ) « 

of Henry, f 

King, John. 

King, Mary. 

King, W. F. 
(K. M.) King, Wilmon Willdieu, 677 Ninth Ave. 

Kinney, George F. 
(29th St.)Kinports, H. A., 141 W. 84th St. 

(29th St.)Kinports, Olivia G. (Saylor) I 
wife of H. A., \ 

(2d Av.) Kinsey, Anna B. (Koehler) } 217 Seventh St., 

wife of Josiah B., i Jersey City 

(29th St.) Kirby, Charles L., 102 E. 22d St. 

(34th St.)Kirkland, Alice, w. of James I vy .5^^ St 

Hamilton, ^ :)-+/• t 

(34th St.) Kirkland. Jennie Hamilton, 

(2d Av.) Kirmmse, Oscar, 238 Second St. 

(K. M.) Kirschner, Louis, 537 W. 44th St. 

(V.) Kirstenpfad, Karl, 611 W. 59th St. 

(V.) Kirstenpfad, Katie (Beier) }_ « 

wife of Karl, \ 

(K. M.) Kissel, Lizzie (Kirschner) } ^y ^^ 5^ 

wife of Herman, f ^^^ " ^^ 

(W. E.) Kitchelt, Maggie (Spencer) } ^y ^j^ 5^ 

wife of August, ) ' 

(2d Av.) Klein Elizabeth (Schween) j ^ ^^ S^ 

wid. of Frank, S 

(V.) Kleis, Lilian (Redfield) wife ) ^ ^ 3^ 

of Peter, f '*'* ' ^^ 


(29th St.) Klingensmith, Mary Isabel, wife of Emil. 

(W. E.) Klock. Percy Lincoln, 102 W. 93d St. 

(W. E.) Klock, Kate (Thompson) } 
wife of Percy L., f 

(29th St.) Knapp, George Isaac, 121 E. 28th St. 

(29th St.) Knapp, Lena Augusta (Lock- } ^ 

wood) wife of George Isaac, f 
(2d Av.) Kneisel, Helen Minnie, 318 Sixth St. 

(2d Av.) Kneisel, Minnie (Opp) wife } ^ 

of Gerhardt, \ 

(2d Av.) Kneisel, Charlotte E., 

(34th St.) Knipe, Thomas, 277 W. 20th St. 

(V.) Knoll, Dinette (Wallman) } .^ ^^ ,, . 

wid. of George, \ ^75 Tenth Ave. 

(34th St.)Knowd, Charles, 404 W. 30th St. 

(34th St.) Knowd, Mary Jane (Wilson) ) 
wid. of John, \ 

(29th St.) Knox, Mrs. A. E., 238 W. 13th St. 

(48th St.) Knox, Charles H., 757 Madison Ave. 

(48th St.) Knox, Effie M. L. (Van Vechten) ) 
wife of Charles H., \ 

Knox, Elizabeth M. (McMekin) wife of Thos. 

Knox, Henry E. 

Knox, Henry E., Jr. 

Knox, William F. 

Knox, John, Jr. 

Knox, Helena Lefiferts, loi W. 55th St. 

(2d Av.) Knox, DeWitt, \ "lu^ c^°^^"]^i,^"'" 

i 56th St., and B way. 

(2d Av.) Knox, Louise S. (Chambers) } 

wife of DeWitt, \ 

(2d Av.) Knox, Mary Wyckoff, 43 Lafayette PI. 

Knox, John Mason, 104 Willow St., Bkn. 

(K. M.) Koch, Louisa (Wieland) } ^ ,,, ,, c. 

wife of H., \ 322 W. 44th St. 


(K. M.) Koch, Annie. 407 W. 37th St. 

(K. M.) Koch, Martha, 

(K. M.) Koch, George H.. 

(K. M.) Koch, Wilhehnina (Zibbelin) }_ 

wife of George H., S 

(K. M.) Koch, Wilhelmina. 
(K. M.) Koch. Eugene WilHam. 
(K. M.) Koch, Ernest. 
(K. i\I.) Koch. George Henry. 

(K. ]\I.) Koehler, ^latilda CaroHne, 528 Ninth Ave. 

(K. M.) Koehler, William H., 363 W. 36th St. 

(K. M.) Koehler, Louisa (Schumacher) } u 

wife of Wm. H., ) 

(V.) Koenig, George, 412 W. 53d St. 

(K. M.) Koerner, Lena (Kirschner) [ ^y ^^ g^ 

wife of John. ^ ^^^ ' ^^ 

(34th St.) Kohler, Catharine, 34i W. 38th St. 

(34th St.) Kohler, Margaret (Seibel) }_ 

wid. of August, \ 

Kolster, Amy. 
(2d Av.) Kolter, Lottie Elizabeth. 1535 Third Ave. 

(K. M.) Kommers Laura M^ (Hallock) } ^ ^. 

wife of Rev. T. J., \ j j j 

(V.) Koopman, Abigail (Munson) } ,,. , c; 

wife of Albert, f ^2:, W. 54th St. 

(2d Av.) Korch, Amelia (King) ) ^ g ^ S 

wid. of Hermann, ) 
(K. i\I.) Kraemer, Mary E. (Wintergerst) } 1210 Myrtle 

wife of Charles, ) Ave.. Bkn. 

Kraken, Doretta C. 
r48th St.)Krall, Charles S. 

(K. M.) Krauss, John Andree, Amsterdam. Holland 

(K. M.) Krauss, Catharine (Elders) } 

wife of J. A., f 

Krauss, Fredericka (Hagel) wife of Henry. 
Krauss. Annie. 


(2d Av.) Kreatzig, Rosa (Burger) ) P , o 

wid. of Hermann, f ^^° ^- ^^^^ ^^• 

(2d Av.) Krekel, Charles Louis, 158 E. 7th St. 

(2d Av.) Krekel, Sophia, 

(2d Av.) Krenkle, Emma (Wengel) ) ,^, -p-r., o. 

wife of Frank, f ^43 i^itth bt. 

(K. AI.) Krichgessner, Charles Joseph, 307 W. 35th St. 

(K. M.) Krickser, Wm., 248 W. 144th St. 

(K. M.) Krischker, Herman William, 405 W. 36th St. 
(K. M.) Krischker, Joseph, 

(V.) Kroeger, Louisa (Laufer) ) ^ ^ , c: 

wife of George, f 5i» W. 53d bt. 

(K. M.) Krone, Paul Jone 315 W. 38th St. 

(K. M.) Krone, Elizabeth (Stoetzel) I 

wife of Paul J., \ 

(K. M.) Kruge, Henry Andrew, 323 W. 38th St. 

(K. M.) Kruge, Sophia Henrietta, 

(29th St.) Kuhn, Oscar, 109 E. 75th St. 

(K. M.) Kupperschmidt, John, Newark, N. J. 

(29th St.) Kyle, James, 336 Lexington Ave. 

(29th St.) Kyle, Jeannette (Martin) ) 

wife of James, f 

(29th St.) Kyle, John M., 
(29th St.) Kyle, Harry B., 
(34th St.)Kyles, William James, 213 W. 29th St. 

(4Sth St.)Labagh, Mary Louise (Wood) ) ti6 E -8th St 

wid. of Isaac, f ' ^ 

(48th St.)Labagh, Mary Louise, 
(W. E.) LaBau, Francis, 498 West End Ave. 

(W. E.) LaBau, Julia (Stanley) } 
wife of Francis, f 

Lacy, Angeline. 

(U. H.) Ladue, Pomeroy, University Heights 


Lafferty, Eliza (Smith) wife of John. 
(34th St.) Lahl, John, 2^3 W. 27th St. 

<34th St.) Lahl, Louisa (Burckle) ] 
wife of John, f 

<34th St.) Lahl, Louise, 

^''- ''-^ "-''Tfe^o'f He^ry,^^'"''"'^ \ ^26 W. 47tl> St. 

(48th St.)Lahr, Victoria L. (Page) wife of Henry. 

(29th St.) Laimbeer, Francis E. 251 W. 50th St. 

(29th St.) Laimbeer, John, Jr., 133 W. 87th St. 

{29th St.) Lamb, Jennie (Esdale) Mrs. 

(48th St.) Lambert, Garetta (Vliet) ] . ,v ^^a q^ 

wid. of Jeremiah, f ^' ^^ • ^^^ ^^^ 

(48th St.) Lambert, Anna E., 
(48th St.) Lambert, Walter R., 

(48th St.) Lambert, William, 538 Madison Ave. 

(48th St.) Lambert, Frances R. S. (Talmadge) )^ u 

wife of William, \ 

(V.) Lambertus Katharine (Royal) } ^ j S 

wife of Frank, ) ^"^ ^^ 

.,^~ T7 N T AT AT XT \ 4^ Hcrcford St.. 

(W. E.) Lamson, Mrs. Mary H., | Boston, Mass. 

(W. E.) Lamson, Mary J., 

(W. E.) Lamson, Wm. J., St. Luke's Hospital 

(29th St.) Landsberg, Albert A. 

(48th St.) Lane, Mary B. (Ross) { Fifth Ave 

wid. of Peter Van Zandt, ) 
<48th St.) Lane, Edw. Van Zandt, Orange, N. J. 

(48th St.) Lane, Grace M. (Hustace) } 
wife of Edw. V. Z., \ 

Lane, Francis T. L., 40 W. 49th St. 

Lane, Carrie M. (Carpenter) } u 

wife of Francis T. L., ) 

Lane, Julia Harriet. 
<34th St.) Lang, Lena, 309 W. 39th St. 

(48th St.)Langdon, Mary W., 635 Park Ave. 


(34th St.) Langenbach, Anna, 509 Ninth Ave. 
(3.1th St.) Langenbach, Matilda, 

(29th St.)Langlois, John Alfred, 220 W. 15th St. 

(2d Av.) Lanphier, Jeremiah C, 130 E. i6th St. 

(W. E.) Lant, Jeremiah Hess, 430 W. 57th St. 

(W. E.) Lant, Mary (Parsons) } 

wife of J. H.. ) 
(W. E.) Lant, Edwin Palmer, 

(29th St.) LaPraik, Hattie D., 132 E. 23d St. 
(29th St.) Latham, Frances M. (Stryker) } . .^ , o. 

wife of Dr. J. R., f ^^^ ^^- '^^^' ^^• 

(K. M.) Lattheimer, Lewis, 519 Ninth Ave. 

(2d Av.) Latus, Annie, 254 Monroe St., Bkn. 

Lauerman, Helen (Niemeyer) wid. of Jacob. 

(V.) Laufer, Lena (Nuhfer) { ^ , o. 

wid. of Conrad. \ 537 W. 52CI bt. 

(V.) Lauffer, Lena, 72 Amsterdam Ave. 

(K. M.) Laiighland, Elizabeth Wren, 318 W. 39th St. 

(K. M.) Laughland, Janet Wilson, 

(K. AL) Laughland, Marion (Parker) [ o -ly 0^1 g^ 

wid. of Jno., ^ 

(2d Av.) Laurier, Emma (Longernecker) } wiHiamsbridge 

wife of Joseph, ) 

(2d Av.) Lautenschlager, Catharine H., ) g ^ ^^^ ^^ 

(Zimmerman) wife of Henry, ) ^ 
(2d Av.) Lautenschlager, Henry, " 

(2d Av.) Lautenschlager, Rebecca, 

(2d Av.) Lauth, Katharine, 341 E. 5th St. 

(2d Av.) Lauth, Mary, 
(29th St.) LaVelle, Agnes Emily, 345 W. 31st St. 

(29th St.) LaVelle, Ida (Bunce) wife of ) u 

Rev. Jas., ) 

(29th St.) LaVelle, Ida Blanche, 

Law, Alga B. (Smith) wid. of George. 

(W. E.) Law, William Henderson, Jr., 161 W. 92d St. 


(29th St.) Lawrence, Charles L., -j ^"ion Seminary, 69th 

' i St., & Park Ave. 
(29th St.) Lawrence, Alberta (Chamberlain) ) ^ . , 

wife of Chas. L., ^ [ Care of above 

(29th St.) Lawrence Orrin Clayton, 405 W. 19th St. 

Lawton, Henrietta (Guston) } ^^ ,.r ^, ^^ 

wife of William A., ) ^57 W. 25th St. 

Law^ton, Walter E., 

Lawton, Louise A., wife of } u 

Walter E., f 

Lawton, William E., " 

(29th St.) Lay, Josephine, wife of Seth, 113 W. 94th St. 
(29th St.) Lay, Bertha Edson, 

Leavitt, Catharine (Churchwell) wife of John W. 

LeBlanc, Helen L. (Htitchings) wife of Wm. A. 

LeBlanc, Louis. 

Ledig, Catharine (Buhl) w^id. of George Peter. 
(34th St.) Lee, Cora, 427 \N . 27th St. 

(34th St.) Lee, Martha Sarah (Clark) / 
wife of Robert E., f 

(48th St.) Lee, Theodore, V. W., 70 W. 38th St. 

(29th St.) Lee, Caddie Louisa. 

(48th St.) Lee, Lizzie V. (Stevens) ) t^ ^ r\ at t 

wife of Charles Ridgely, f ^^^^ O^^"^^' N. J. 

Leeds, Anna (Young) wife of James M. 

Leeuw, Gertrude (Geel) wife of Gabriel. 
(34th St.) LeFevre, Ella May, Brooklyn 

(29th St.) LeFevre, Egbert, 52 W. 56th St. 

(29th St.) LeFevre, Helen (Hasbrouck) \ u 

wife of Egbert, f 

(29th St.) LeGay, Cordelia E. (Bogardus) Mrs., Paris 

(K. M.) Lehn, Charles, 506 Tenth Ave. 

(K. M.) Lehn, Francisca Caroline (Kruge) \ << 
wife of Charles, f 

(K. M.) Leibright, Mary (Reiner) ) ^^.\y ^^^^ S, 


(K. M.) Leins, Ernest. 

315 W. 38th St. 

(K. M.) Leins, Mary K. (Stoetzel) [ 


wife of Ernest, ') 


Leisker, Richard, 

546 W. sist St. 


Leisker, Elizabeth (Antonson) } u 

wife of Richard, 


(48lh St.)Leland, Amory, 

692 Park Ave. 

(48th St.)Leland, Olive M., 


Lennox, Mary Ann. 


Lent, Annie (Miller) wife of Geo., 528 W. 53d St. 

(48th St.) Lentilhon, Edward Smith, 

Oyster Bay 

Leonard, Eliza (Rainey) wid. 

of Thomas. 


St.) Leonard, Frank O. H., 

21 1 5 Eighth Ave. 

Leonard, Nancy (Hutchinson) wid. of Geo. 
(2d Av.) Lerocker, Emma Freda, in Eighth St 

(2d Av.) Lerocker, Frederick William, " 

(2d Av.) Lerocker, Anna W. (Brincker) [ « 

wife of Frederick, \ 

Leslie, Charles. 

Leslie, Mary Ann (Gardiner) wife of Charles. 
Letsinger, Mary Augusta (Lockhart) wife of 

Henry C. 
Leubuscher, Albert Louis. 
Leubuscher, Catharine Ann (Homer) wife of 

Leubuscher, Amelia Elizabeth. 

Leubuscher, Frederick Cyrus. 

Levines, Maria L. (Nolton) wife of Chas. R. 

(29th St.) Lewis, Frederick B., 123 E. i8th St. 

(29th St.) Lewis, Annie F. (Brunner) }_ u 

wife of Frederick B., \ 

Lewis. Mary (Ellis) wife of Benj. F. 

(29th St.) Lewis. Minnie Elizabeth (Potter) ) ^^^ ,,r ^^ , q^. 
wife of Alfred L., \ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^• 

(29th St.) Lewis, Sarah Elizabeth, Mrs., 143 W. 8ist St. 


(29th St.) Lewis, Etta Dinsmore, 412 Ninth Ave. 

(34th St.) Lewis, Daniel, 408 Ninth Ave. 

Nyack, N. Y. 

(48th St.) Lexow. Catharine IMorton, } 

(Ferris) wife of Clarence, f 
(V.) Liell, Kate (Woop) wid. ) ^^ , 3 

of Frederic, ^ 439 W. 53d ^t. 

(48th St.)Lilienthal, Marie E., Yonkers, N. Y. 

(2d Av.) Lindblad, Paul Emanuel, 140 Second Ave. 

(V.) Lindenfelser, Joseph, Brooklyn 

(K. M.) Lindsay, Margaret (White) |. ^^, ^ S 

wid, ot David, ) ^ ^ ^ 

(K. M.) Lindsay, Thomas Strachan, " 

(K. M.) Lindsay, John, i Elliot PL, Jersey City 

(29th St.) Lindsay, Jenny C. (Shoards) wife of Robert. 
(W. E.) Lines, Ernest H., M. D., 255 W. looth St. 

(4Sth St.) Lines, Mrs. Jane, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

(48th St.) Lines, Mabel. 
(W. E.) Lippincott, Mary Elizabeth } ^, 0,1 o.. 

(Yates) wife of Wm. H., f ^^ ^^ • ^^^ ^^• 
(W. E.) Lippincott, Florence, '' 

(34th St.) Lippincott, Amelia K, \ '^^ ^"i^^^^.f^^A^'- 

Lippold, Augustus F. 

Lippold, Rosina (Wenzel) wife of Augustus F. 
(K. M.) Lipps, Clara, 409 W. 37th St. 

(W. E.) Lipsett, Arthur W., 128 W. 103d St. 

(W. E.) Lippsett, Ada (Townsend) } 
wife of Arthur W., j" 

(W. E.) Little, Robert Forsyth, 116 W. 76th St. 

(W. E.) Little, Julia (Whiton) ) 
wife of Robert F., f 

(W. E.) Little, Julia Whiton, 

(W. E.) Little, Robert Forsyth, Jr., 

(34th St.)Littlejohn, Ada (Ireland) [ rornn;, T T 

wife of Harry, ^ Corona, 1.. i. 


(48th St.)Livermore, Harriet. 

(2d Av.) Livingston, Wm. S., 670 Lexington Ave. 

(34th St.) Lloyd, Emma, 303 W. 21st St. 

(2d Av.) Locke, Frederick E., 38 First Ave. 

(29th St.) Locke Margaret M (Ellison) j. ^ ^^^ S^ 

wid. of Frederick T., ) 

(V.) Lockhart, Elizabeth (McCrea) } N. W. cor. nth 

wid. of David, f Ave., 61 52d St. 

(48th St.) Lockwood, Catharine B. (Ferris) [ -p^^y. ^^^ 

wid. of Geo. E., ^ ^ 

.„,f,.Ti JT T-'i Yosemite, Park Ave. 

(48th St.) Lockwood, Isaac Ferris, -j ^^^ ^^d St. 

Lockwood, Charles B. 
(2d Av.) Lockwood, Harry Clifford, 350 E. 13th St. 

(2d Av.) Lockwood, Emma E. (Rice) { u 

wife of Harry Clifford, ) 
(2d Av.) Loefler, Frank Joseph, Plainsboro, N. J. 

Loescher, Susan E. (Shankland) wife of John C. 
(29th St.) Logue, Elizabeth, wife of D. C, 225 W. 34th St. 
(29th St.) Logue, Harry O., 

(K. M.) Lord Annie M. (Assmus) j. ^3 ^^^^ g^ ^^^ 

wife of Chas. A., S 

Lord, Margaret (McLaughlin) wife of Thomas. 
(V.) Lorenz, Matilda (Tofift) } g ^^^^j^ ^ve. 

wife of Christian, ) 

(34th St.) Lorrimer, Wm. Beedie, 4 Pacific PI. 

(34th St.) Lorrimer, Jessie (Brown) 
wife of Wm. Beedie, 
Losee, Abbie (VanBussum) wife of Willett G., 
(K. M.) Lotthammer, Frederic Henry, 435 W. 39th St. 
(K. M.) Lotthammer, Pauline Theresa, '' 

(2d Av.) Love, James, 3/6 E. loth St. 

(2d Av.) Love, Antoinette (Freifeld) 
wife of James, 
Lovejoy, Augusta M. (Dominick) wife of 
Geo. W. 


Lovell, Floride. 
(48th St.) Low, Barbara. 

(48th St.) Lowerre, Martha T. (Hadley) } „, , e. 

wife of Chas. H., \ 37 W. 53d St. 

Lowery, Virginia (Greenslade) wife of 

(K. M.) Luce, Milton, New Vineyard, Me. 

Liicke, Julia, 174 E. i22d St. 

(34th St.) Lucken, John H., 358 W. 27th St. 

(34th St.) Lucken, Sarah (Turner) [ u 
wife of John H., ) 
Ludlow, Alexander B. 
Luhn, Frank H. 

(34th St.)Lukin, Meta Magretta ) _„ ,,. ^g,, (.. 

(Dohney) wid. of John, S ^4/ W. 2bth bt. 
(34th St.) Lukin, Nettie Margaret, 

(29th St.) Lumsden, Duncan Mclntyre, 98 Fifth Ave. 

(48th St.)Luyster, Hannah P. (Palmer) ) _. ,,, ^^_, j,, 

wid. of P. L, f ^55 W. 117th M. 

Luyster, Rachel (Vreeland) wife of Peter T. 
(29th St.) Lyman. Edward M., 165 Lexington Ave. 

(29th St.) Lyman, Kate V. (Duncan) \ ,< 

wife of Edward M., j 
(29th St.) Lyman, Edward O., 
(29th St.) Lyman, Eleanor Bartlett. 
(29th St.) Lynch. Elizabeth Jane, Mrs., 

Ljmch, Agnes. 
(48th St.) Lynes, Stephen C, 
(48th St.) Lynes, Caroline (Rowland) / .. 

wife of Stephen C, \ 

Lynes, George. 
Lyng, James B. 
(W. E.) Lyon, Frances (Rudd) { 758 St. :Marks Ave., 
wife of ]\Iarvin T., S Bkn. 

Lyon, Emma A. (Kuypers) wid. of J. L., M. D. 

689 West End Ave. 
T., Trenton, N. J. 

239 w. 

34th St. 

35 E. 

31st St. 

152 W. 

57th St. 




Mary J., 






1 St.) Lyon, 



(34th St.) McAleese, Sarah (Stuart) ) ^ , <. 

wid. of James, f ^^4 W. 30th St. 

]\IcCabe, ^lary Ann (Collier) wife of James. 

McCabe, Alary Emma. 

McCann, Thomas. 

McCarty, Mary L. (Caldwell) wife of Alichael. 
(K. M.) McCausland, John, Chicago, 111. 

(W. E.) AlcClannin, Frances H. } ^^q ,,r ^ ,, ^^ 

(Skerrett) wife of Robt. P., f ^^^ ^- ^°^^^ S^" 
(34th St.)McClatchy, Mary (McGill) } ^^^ p ^ ... ^, 
wid. of James, \ ^^° ^- ^^^^^^ ^^• 

(34th St.)McClatchy, Walter, 

McClintock, Almira S. 

McClusky, Esther Hastings (Hewitt) 
wid. of Edward. 

AlcComb. Martha. 

McCoon, Mary A. 
(29th St.)McCord, Harriet L. 
(W. E.) McCord, Margaret, 57 W 27th St. 

AlcCracken, Mary Ann (Wright) wid. 
of Alexander. 
(29th St.)McCrum, Sarah Elizabeth, 33 Grove St. 

(34th St.)AIcCullagh, Margaret Jane, 126 Tenth Ave. 

(34th St.)AIcCullagh, Alary Elizabeth, 

AlcCulloch, Sophia. 

(34th St.)AIcCullough, Agnes (Cochrane) / ^. , . 

wid. of H. Al., f 422 JNinth Ave. 

(29th St.)AlcCullough. F. W. 

AlcCully, Jane. 
(29th St.)AIcCutcheon, John A., 136 W. 21st St. 

(48th St.) AIcDonald, Charles H. 

AIcDonald, Dnncan. 
(34th St.)AIcDonough, Henry Grattan, 316 W. 30th St. 
(34th St.)AIcDowel], Lee. 339 W. 31st St. 


(29th St.)McEwen, James L., 


W. 31st St, 

(29th St.)McEwen, Janet, 


(K. M.) 

McEwen, Annie L.. 


Tenth Ave. 

(K. M.) 

McEwen. Charles C, 


<K. M.) 

McEwen, Herbert Douglass, 


(K. M.) 

McEwen, Lizzie. 


<K. M.) 

McEwen, Stella Morrison, 


(K. M.) 

McEwen, Wm. Taylor, 


(K. M.) 

McEwen, Charles, 

<K. M.) 

McEwen, Susan (Campbell) } 
wife of Charles, f 


(K. M.) 

McEwen, Helen, 


W. 56th St. 

<K. M.) 

McEwen, Isabella (Young) } 
wife of William, f 


(K. M.) 

McEwen, William Herrick, 


(K. M.) 

McFarlane John. 

(K. M.) 

McFarlane, Margaret (Colquhoun) wife of John. 

(34th St.) McFaul, Rose (Madden) |. ^^ ,, gt. 

wife of James, ) -t y oj 

(29th St.)McGiffin, James, 136 W. 21st St. 

McGill, William. 
(29th St.)McGowan, Agnes, 135 W. 22d St. 

(29th St.)McGowan, Mary S., 
<V.) McGuf^^e, Hugh. 

(V.) McGuffie, Grace (Nicholl) wife of Hugh. 

McGuire, Philip. 

McHugh, Eliza (Hall) wife of John. 

Mcllvaine, George. 

Mcllvaine, Mary (Bailey) wife of George. 

Mcllvaine, Jane Elizabeth. 

(29th St.)McIndo, Amelia (Woodhall) I jjq g 2''th St 
wid. of James, ^ 9 • / 

(W. E.) Mclndoe, Walter J., 139 W. 77th St. 

<W. E.) Mclndoe, Janet N. (Templeton) [ 
wife of Walter J.. f 


(34th St.)McInnes, Joseph, 350 W. 35th St. 

(29th St.) Mclnnis, Alexina, 318 W. 40th St. 

A'IcIntyre, Alargaret. 

Mclntyre, Grace. 
(K. M.) McKay, Angus, 300 W. 44th St. 

(K. M.) McKay, Maggie (Roxbury) [ 
wife of Angus, \ 

(29th St.) McKay, LesHe Gower, 227 W. 38th St. 

(K. M.) McKay, James, 320 Ninth Ave. 

(K. M.) McKay, Mrs. Catharine, 
(K. M.) McKay, Edward, 
(K. M.) McKay, Lizzie, 
(K. M.) McKay, Maggie, 
(29th St.)]\IcKechnie, Jean, 205 W. 80th St. 

McKee, Gertrude Matilda (Weaver) wife 
of John S. 
(34th St.)McKenzie. Sarah (Rutledge) } ■kt^.^^u vr v 
wife of CoHn G., f ^^^''^' ^- ^• 

McKie, Elizabeth. 

McKinlay, David A., Jr. 
(29th St.) McKinney, Elizabeth Ann. 

McKinnon, Mary. 
(48th St.) McLean, Henry Brooks. 

(29th St.)McLellan, Anna L. (Fanning) wife of Henry W. 
(29th St.)McMichael, William James, 151 W. 20th St. 

McMillan, Sarah. 

McMullen, Margaret (McMullen) wife of Robert. 
(34th St.)McNen,^Matilda (Clark) wid. |. ^,^ ^^^.^^^^^ ^^.^ 

(34th St.) McNeil, Richard S., 170 W. 98th St. 

(34th St.) McNeil, Sarah (Coile) } 
wife of Richard S., ) 

(W. E.) McNerland, Mary. 9 E. 115th St. 

McNicholl, Ellen. 




(29th St 
(29th St 
(29th St 
(K. M.) 

(34th St. 

(29th St 

(2Qth St 

(U. H.) 

(U. H.) 
(U. H.) 
(U. H.) 
(29th St. 
(29th St 

(29th St. 
(29th St. 
(29th St 

(29th St 
(29th St. 
(29th St 
(29th St, 
(29th St 

(34th St. 
(34th St. 

McPhee, Annie McGloude, 

McPhee, Jane (Henry) [ 
wife of Hector, f 

McPhee, Jane Henry, 

)McVean, Mary, 

.)Maas, OttiHe L., 

)Maasch, Frederick Wm. Conrad 

Mabie, Lucia (Roberts) '{ 
wid. of Richard, ) 

) Mabie, Phoebe (Lozier) ) 
wid. of Abram, f 

)MacCallum, James, 

)MacConnell, William, 

533 W. 50th St. 

143 E. 30th St. 

313 W. 28th St. 

, III Fifth Ave. 

311 W. 44th St. 

712 Eighth Ave. 

55 W. 92d St. 
S2S E. 114th St. 

MacCracken, Catharine ) 
(Hubbard) wife of }■ 

Rev. Henry M..D.D., 
MacCracken, Fay M., 
MacCracken, George Gore, 
MacCracken, Noble, 
) IMacdonald, Charles. 
.)Macdonald, May (Sheridan) [ 

wife of Charles, j 

) MacDougall, Alexander, 
)AIacKay, David, 
,)MacKay, Margaret (Ross) { 

wife of David, j 

,)MacKay, Helen McFarlane, 
) Mackenzie, Jane, 
,)Mackey, Laura E., 
)MacRae, Donald, 
)MacRae, Isabella (McLeod) { 

wife of Donald, ) 

)Madill, Robert, 
)Madill, Bella (Pohock) [ 

wife of Robert, ^ 

University Heights 

347 W. 25th St. 

Hartford, Conn. 
333 W. i8th St. 

69 W. 115th St. 
315 E 19th St. 

205 E. 33d St. 


(2d Av.) Mager, Edmund, 209 E. loth St. 

(2d Av.) Mager, Johanna (Adler) } ^ 

(Thouvard) wife of Edmund, i" 

(34th St.) Mains, Sarah Jane(McKendray) ^ r.^wr qu c. 
wid of Isaac, ^-^ j- 5i7 W. 28th St. 

Mainzer, Gustavus. 

('29th St.) Malcolm, May, 118 Madison Ave. 

(W. E.) Mallison, Leonard (Bussing) } -inr ^ •> c 

wid. of Charles L, [ 2°4 W. 62d St. 

(34th St.)Malloy, Augusta Dora(Hill) } ^^,, ^^ . ^, . 

wife of Wm. Henry. f 45th St. & 9th Ave. 

(U. H.) Maltby, Mary Desha (Brecken- } University 

ridge) wife of /inson, f Heights 

(U. H.) Maltby, Frances, 

Maltby, Louise (Bogardus) wife of Martin ]\I., 
M. D., 

Mandeville, Rachel (Jacobus) wife of Rev. Giles 
H., D. D., 

(29th St.) Mandeville, Evelyn, 147 W. 84th St. 

(29th St.) Mandeville, Henrietta Eliza, 

Manley, Catharine. 
(29th St.) Manning, Clara McLean, Mrs., 104 E. 29th St. 
(K. M.) Many. Catharine, 443 W. 32d St. 

Marcullees, Elmira Margaret. 

(34th St.)Mareni, Charles Albert, 331 W. 24th St. 

(34th St.)Mareni, Eleanor J., wife of John M. 

(Mth St.)Mareni, Edith Barridge, 

(K. M.) Marfarth, Ida, 430 W. 35th St. 

(K. M.) Marfarth , Bertha, 

(29th St.)Marin, John C, i W. 8ist St. 

(29th St.) Marino, Louise (Minder) ) ,^0 c .1 a 

wife of Angelo, [ ^68 Seventh Ave. 

(34th St.) Mark. William. At Sea 

(2d Av.) Mark, Henry A., 145 E. 4th St. 

(2d Av.) Mark, Chas. Martin, 160 E. 4th St. 


(29th St.)Marks Caroline (Mande- } ^^ ^ ^ ^^^ 

ville)wife ot Alex. D., ) & ^ 

(29th St.)Marsac, Anna Bell, Mrs., Roseville, N. J. 

(34th St.)Alarshall, Janette, 651 Greenwich St. 

(29th St.)Marshalsea, Mary (Wingfield) ) Jersev Citv 

wife of , ^ J y y 

(2d Av.) Martens, Frederica A. (Uhlioss) } ^ j,-^^^ S^ 

wife of Carl T., ) ^^ 

(34th St.)Martin, Marie Celeste, 105 W. 62d St. 

(34th St.) Martin, Mary Jane, 302 W. 32d St. 

Martin, Elizabeth (Houston) wife of John. 

(34th St.) Martin, Emma (Wegman) } Brooklyn 

wife of Charles, ) ^ 

(W. E.) Martin, Katharine Androse, 240 W. 74th St. 

(29th St.)Mase, George Schoonmaker. 

(34th St.) Mason, Helena, 306 W. 30th St. 

Mates, John. 

Mates, Elizabeth (Snyder) wife of John. 
(29th St.) Mather, A. W., 57 W. 17th St. 

Mather, Martha H. (Ridgeley) wife of DeWitt C. 

(48th St.) Mather, Emily A. (Sayre) ) ^ ^ ^ S^ 

wid. of S. Talmage, S ^^ 

(48th St.) Mather, Grace, 

Mather, Sarah B. L. (Smith) wife of Thomas D. 

(29th St.)Mathot, Florence P., 263 W. 25th St. 

(29th St.) Mathot, Jeanne, " 

(29th St.) Matthews, Robert E. 

(48th St.) Maura, Agnes. 

(K. M.) Maxner, Anna, 344 W. 39th St. 

(K. M.) Maxner, Katharine Frances, { ^ 

(Wolbert)wife of Frank Joseph, f 

(K. M.) Maxner, Mary, 

(K. M.) Maxner, Kate F., 


]Max\vell, Isabella (Murray) wid. of Wm. 
(2d Av.) Maxwell, Robert, 318 Gold St., Bkn. 

(2d Av.) Maxwell, Anna Jane (Breakey) } « 

wife of Robert, f 

(34th St.) May, Katharine, 5 Stryker's Lane 

(34th St.) May, Charles, 

(V.) May, Emma, 424 W. 48th St. 

(34th St.) May, Eva Odelia, 256 W. 28th St. 

(34th St.) May, John Henry. 

Maydole, Mrs. Gertrude. 

Mayer, Christina (Leinfelter) wife of Henry. 
(34th St.) Mayereaux, Louisa, 112 W. nth St. 

(34th St.)Mayfield, Ada, 322 W. 26th St. 

(34th St.)Mayfield, Susie Margaret, 
(34th St.)Mayfield, Beatrice Mary, 
(34th St.)Mayfield, Emily Clara, 

(W. E.) Mead, William Lawrence, 204 W. 80th St. 

(W. E.) Mead. Marion Y. (Clow) } 
wife of William L., \ 
(48th St.):\Iead, Mary C. (Luqueer) ) t i it .• tti 
wife of Samuel H , [ ^ake Eustis, Fla. 

Mead, Jessie May. 

(W. E.) Mead, Mary L., wife of ) . ,.. . , ^, 

Roger Augustine. \ ^'^ ^- ^^^ ^t. 

(29th St.). Mead, Mary A., wife } ^^ ,,. _^. ^^ 

of Henry V., f 342 W. 29th St. 

(29th St.) Mead. Minerva, " 

(29th St.) Meade, William. 
(29th St.) Meade, Anne. 

Meade, Margaret. 
(2d Av.) Meier, William, 219 Fifth St. 

(V.) Tsleierhans, Catharine (Meyer) wid. of Paul. 

(V.) Meierhans, Ida Mary. 

(29th St.) Meigs, Margaret E. (Crane) } ^^^ ,^ ^ ., ^, 
wid. of Geo. S., f 242 W. 34th St. 


(29th St.) Meiklereid, David William. 

(K. M.) Meinhardt, Wilhelmina. 

(34th St.) Mendel, Albert Lawrence. loio Sixth Ave. 

(2d Av.) Menkel, Jennie, 315 Sixth St. 

(2d Av.) Menkel, Margaret, 

(2d Av.) Mennerich, Frederick, 282 E. loth St. 

(2d Av.) Mennerich, Louisa. " 

(29th St.)Mensendieck, Winfred Johannes. 

Mentz, Helen (Leonard) wife of Geo. 
(2d Av.) Mergler, Carrie Julia, 141 Tompkins Ave., Bkn. 
(2d Av.) Mergler, William Peter, 
(48th St.) Merrill Sarah E. (Tappan) } ^ -d , a 

wid. of Robert D., \ ^35 Park Ave. 

(W. E.) Merritt, William J., 162 W. 87th St. 

(W. E.) Merritt, Armintha (Conklin) ) 
wife of Wm. J., f 

(W. E.) Merritt, Clarence Conklin. 
Merritt, Emma Frances. 
Merritt, Sarah L (Brown) wid. of Ira. 
(48th St.)Meserole, Evelina A. (Clock) } ,_ .. ,. , 

wid. of J. v., \ 539 Madison Ave. 

(V.) Metzger, George, 552 W. 47th St. 

(V.) Metzger, Mary (Kleis) } 

wife of Geo., C 

(W. E.) Alewborn, Eleanor (Boyd) } o m^t ^ c. 

wife of Ala Duke M. D., f 3o8 W. 73d St. 

Meyer, Augusta M. 

(48th St.;) Meyer, Andrew. 

(34th St.) Meyers, Barbara (Kuhner) } .,r o , c 

wife of Max, [ i4i W. 28th St. 

(34th St.) Meyers, Annie^ " 

Meyers, Ann Maria. 

Meyers, Eliza (Gray) wife of Andrew G. 
(K. M.) Michel, Charles G., 365 Tenth Ave. 

(K. ^L) Michel, Mary Margaret (Gaede) } 
wife of Charles G., f 


(V.) 3klierish, George Frederick, 463 W. 46th St. 

(29th St.)Milbank, Georgiana (Goodsell) } ^ ,,. 0^1 c. 

wife of Albert J., f 42 W. 38th St. 

(2Qth St.)AIilbank, Albert G., 

(29th St.)Miles, Isabel N., 34 W. 34th St. 

(34th St.) Miller, Isaac S., 124 Second PL, Bkn. 

(2d Av.) Miller, Charlotte Henrietta, 650 E. 5th St. 

(V.) Miller, Emma, 446 W. 48th St. 

(29th St.)Miller, Lewis A., 302 Seventh Ave. 

Miller, Caroline. 

Miller, Henry. 

Miller, Jane (Cowan) wid. of Robert. 

Miller, Lizzie E. 

(V.) Miller, Ida (Weibel) } A.r , c 

wife of Chas., f 503 W. 45th St. 

(V.) ]\Iiller, Mary Emma, 506 W. 51st St. 

(K. M.) Miller, Edward, 435 W. 39th St. 

(29th St.) Miller, David H., 155 W. 21st St. 

C29th St.) Miller, Mrs. Frances T., 125 Lefferts PI., Bkn. 

(V.) Mills, Pauline (Cans) } ^ ^xt a c. 

wife of Wm. Frederick, f 430 W. 53d St. 

Mills, George W. 

Mills, Lucretia L. (Smith) wife of Geo. W. 

(V.) Minkler, Lizzie .(Wasner) ) „, . „ 

wife of Wm., [ 544 W. 50th St. 

(V.) Mitchell, Christina, 327 W. 50th St. 

(W. E.) Mitchell, Robert Chamberlain, 201 W. 117th St. 
(W. E.) Mitchell, Rosita Marie (Gueria) { 

wife of Robert Chamberlain, \ 

Moase, Phebe. 

(2d Av.) ]\Ioeslein, Louis Jacob, 104 E. 3d St. 

(29th St.)Moflfat, Mary Cutter, 309 W. 70th St. 

Mohr, Sophia. 

(V.) Mohrbotter, John, 551 W. 50th St. 

Molleson, Theophilus Moore. 


Molleson, Kate Ella (Barker) wife of 
Theophilus M. 

Monas, Mary. 

Monell, Elizabeth. 
<29th St.)Monroe, Mary Louise, Southport, Conn. 

(?9th St.)Monsees, Francis H., 400 W. 41st St. 

Montgomery, Margaret. 

.(2d Av.) Montigel, Aurelia Minnie, ] ^79 Monmomh Ave. 

<2d Av.) Montigel, Frederick. 
(2d Av.) Montigel, John C. T.. 

(29th St.) Moore, Esther E., 406 W. 19th St. 

(29th St.)Moore, William, 466 W. 22d St. 

<29th St.)Moore, Elizabeth (MacArthur) { 
wife of Wm., f 

(29th St.) Moore, Elspy, 

Moore, Augusta E. 

Moore, Catharine (Hasbrouck) wid. of Wm. 

Moorehead, Mary. 

Moorehouse, Mary E. (Bogart) wife of Abm. 
<V.) Moores Mary (Kay) wife } ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^.^_ 

of Wm. 

(29th St.)Moquist, John Isidor, 221 E. 48th St. 

(48th St.)Moran, Gertrude Wendell (Van- } ^^ j~. ^^., c, 

derpoel) wife of Anson Blake, f ^^ ^. 54tn bt. 

Morenza, Germain. 
■(48th St.) Morgan, Sarah Josephine (Giffing) wid. of . 

Morrell, Jennie. 
(34th St.) Morris, William C, 139 W. 24th St. 

(34th St.) Morris, Matthew, 
(34th St.) Morris, Mary (Gambel) { « 

wife of Matthew, f 

(V.) Morris, Isabella, 621 W. 46th St. 

<V.) Morris, Anne (Thoms) wife of Geo.. " 

(29th St.)Morris. Sarah Elizabeth, Mrs., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
(29th St.) Morris, Fannie May, 


Morris, Louisa A. (Morrison) wife of Lincoln S. 
(W. E.) Morrison, Jane E. (Underwood) ) ,^o wr q^a c* 
wid. of John. f ^°^ W- ^3d bt. 

(2d Av.) Morrison, Margaret C, " 

Morrison, Charlotte (Gray) wid. of John W. 
(48th St.) Morrison, Edward A., Pelham Manor, N. Y. 
(48th St.) Morrison, Emily, 
(48th St.) Morrison, Edward A., Jr. 

Morrison, Isabella P. 
(29th St.)Morsac, Rollins Carmer, Roseville, N. J. 

(29th St.)Morsac, May Ethel 

<34th St.) Mosher, Sarah Jane (Corrie) ) _o .^ ^, ^, 

wife of Alfred, \ ^°^ ^^ ' ^^^ ^^■ 

(29th St.)Mosser, Samuel S., 29 W. 15th St. 

Motts, Sophia. 
(2d Av.) Motz, Etta, 517 E. 6th St. 

(2d Av.) Motz, Ida, 
(2d Av.) Motz, Julia, 

Motz, Louisa. 

Muckridge, Charles Henry. 

Muckridge, Annie R. (Thompson) wife of 
Chas. Henry. 
(29th St.)Mudie, Louis Beech, Philadelphia 

(2Qth St.)Mueller, Frederick, 230 W. 22d St. 

(V.) Muhr, John, 221 W. 62d St. 

(V.) Muhr, Christina (Woldbye) } 

wife of John, \ 

(29th St.)Muir, Jane, 442 W. 33d St. 

(K. M.) Mulder, Samuel Edward, 308 W. 39th St. 

(K. M.) Mulder, Broune John, 

(K. M.) Mulder, Cornelius A., 74 S. 3d St., Bkn. 

(W. E.) Mu,.er,LouisGardner,];Ho-lSan^R--.;C^^ 

(W. E.) Muller, Julia Bloomf^eld (Card- \ 
ner) wife or Louis Gardner, f 


(K. M.) Muller, Minnie A., 310 W. 43d St. 

Muller, Mary Ann E. 
(34th St.) Mulligan, Lizzie (Sauter) } ^y ^^ g^ 

wife of John, f ^^'* " ^^ 

(34th St.) Munro, Margaret M., Brooklyn 

(48th St.)Munroe, Harry Augustus, 76 E. 104th St. 

(48th St.>Munroe, Matilda Louisa, 
(48th St.)Munroe, Mildred Crozier, 
(48th St.)Munroe, Richard Aubrey, 

(K. M.) Munz, George Henry, 410 W. 48th St. 

CW. E.) Murray, Carol G. wife of David, Delhi, N. Y. 
(W. E.) Murray, David, '35 Nassau St. 

(W. E.) Muschenheim, Emma, 40 W. 32d St. 

(2d Av.) Musser, Martin R., 148 Waverly PI. 

(29th St.)Myers Mary (Moffat) wife } ^r ^^^^ ^^ 

of Rev. Alfred E., ^ o ^ / 

(29th St.)Myers, Alfred Stuart, 
(29th St.)Myers, David Moffat, 
(29th St.)Myers, James, 
(29th St.) Myers, Susan Isabella, 

(W. E.) Mygatt, Lemuel C., 257 W. 97th St. 

(W. E.) Mygatt, Sophia (Hartj } 

wife of Lemuel C., f 
(W. E.) Mygatt, Jessie Carrington, 
(W. E.) Mygatt, Kenneth, 

Mygatt, Sarah M. (Robert- } Care W.W. Sherrill, 

son)wid. of Jared P. K., f 26 Court St., Bkn. 


(2d Av.) Nack, James T., 33 Commerce St. 

(2d Av.) Nack, Jennie (Walling) wife } u 

of Jas. T., f 

(W. E.) Nack Martha W. (Lemon) ^35 West End Ave. 

wid. of Jas., ) 

(48th St.)Nagel Caroline (Bucher) } Seventh Ave. 

wife of Gottfried, ) ^ ^ 


47 W. 36th St. 
104 E. 3d St. 

305 W. 28th St. 

(34th St.)Nagel, Joseph Darwin, j\L E 
(2d Av.) Neelsen, Christina S.. 
(2d Av.) Neelsen, Henry, 
(29th St.)Neeson, Rachel (Davison) / 

wid. of Thomas L., f 
(2d Av.) Nehrbass, Louisa (Kirsten) } 502 Palisade Ave 

wife of Wm. P., f Hoboken 

Neide, Christian (Hahumann) wife of Lorenz. 
Neil, Susan Margaret (Kenny) wife of John W. 
(29th St.)NeiIson, Theophilus. 

(K. M.) Nelson. Mary, 

Nevius, Louise Kennedy. 

Nevius, William Henry. 
(K. M.) Newbold, Alga F. (Rein- 
ecker) wife of Wm. M 
(34th St.) Newell, Darius E., 
(34th St.) Newell, Aurelia (Waring)^ 
wife of Darius E.. f 

(34th St.) Newell, Arthur Waring, 
(34th St.) Newell. Elizabeth Emma, 
(34th St.) Newkirk. Elsie Belle. 
(29th St.)Nichol, Mrs. George J., 
(29th St.)Nicholl, Lucien. 
(V.) Nicholl, Jane. 

(29th St.) Nichols, Harry Monmouth, 

Nicholson, Philopene (Karrar) wife of Wm 

Nickerson, Wm. Ebenezer. 

431 W. 36th St. 

r 630 Columbus Ave. 
154 W. 98th St. 

Arlington, N. J. 
157 W. 92d St. 

51 E. 20th St. 

(48th St.)Nicoll, Gilbert O. F., 
(48th St.)Nicoll, Anna V. W. (Lee) 

of Gilbert O. F.. 
(48th St.)Nicoll. Elizabeth Wiltse, 
(48th St.)Nicoll. Gilbert Lee. 

Niemeyer, William J. 

Nisbet, Andrew. 
(K. M.) Nordstron. John P., 

207 W. 8ist St. 

wife } 

Bedford Park, N. Y. 


(K. M.) Northrup, William Brooks, 302 W. 88th St. 

(K. M.) Northrup, Hannah M. } r. ^ , ,. 

(Johnson) wid. of Brooks L., f ^"^^ ^- ^S^h bt. 
Notman, Lydia (Rankin) wid. of Robert. 
(48th St.)Noyes, Katharine A., 14 E. 53d St. 

(34th St.) Nullet, Catharine (Brunk) } Manhattan St 

wid. of Joseph, f 57 Manhattan bt. 

(K. ]\I.) Nussbaumer, Veronica, Amboy, N. J. 

(K. M.) Nussbaumer, Mary, 493 Ninth Ave. 

(K. M.) Nussbaumer, Katie Cescelia, " 

(V.) Oak, Andrew, 514 W. 52d St. 

(V.) Oak, Margaret C, wife of Andrew, " 

(V.) Oak, Lizzie, 

(29th St.)Oakden, William B., 124 W. 29th St. 

Oakes, Charles. 
(48th St.) Oakley, Elizabeth (Ten Eyck) ) o, -^ _,, o. 
wife of E. B., f ^^ ^- =>^^^^ ^^■ 

(48th St.) Oakley, Elizabeth Benedict, 
(48th St.) Oakley, Mary Ten Eyck, 

'^•^ ^''of'joieph!' ^^'""""^ "''^- [ 516 W. 52d St. 

(V.) Obertubbessing, Louisa } , ,,. . c-. 

(Storm) wife of Henrich, f ^^^ ^ 50th St. 
(K. M.) Obertubbessing, Lavinia H. ) \\r o i c 

(Hegeman) wife of Henry, \ ^^'^ ^^ ■ ^eth St. 
O'Brien, James. 
(K. M.) O'Connor, Mary (Reccino) ] 23 Hudson Ave., 
wife of John, f Hoboken, N. J. 

1.29th St.)0'Conner, George, 142 W. 21st St. 

(29th St.)0'Conner, Kate Frances (Barry) \ 
wife of Rev. James A., \ 

O'Conner, Mary (Doyle) wid. of Charles. 
Odell, Frances Marion. 


O'Donnell, Mary (Smith) wife of Hugh. 
(29th St.)Oehlenschlaeger, Axel William. 
(29th St.)Oehlenschlaeger, Joergine Josepha (Joergensen) 

wife of Axel William, 
(34th St.) Ofifen, Albert Martin. 

(34th St.)Ohlson, Alagnus, 424 W. 27th St. 

(34th St.)Ohlson, Sophia (Holmberg) j^ ,< 

wife of Magnus, f 

(48th St.) Olcott, Euphemia H. (Knox) } ,,, ^,r _^u c^ 

wid. of J. N., f ^^^ ^^' ^^^^ ^^■ 

(48th St.) Olcott, Euphemia Mason, " 

(2d Av.) Olcott, Anna W., 

(W. E.) Olcott, William M. K., 58 W. 84th St. 

(W. E.) Olcott, Jessie (Baldwin) wife } 

of Wm. M. K., f 

(48th St.) Olcott, Eben E., 38 W. 39th St. 

(48th St.) Olcott, Katharine Lawrence (Van } ., 

Santvoord), wife of Eben E., f 
(2d Av.) Oldewurtel, Charles William, 216 Fifth St. 

Oliver, Ann Jane. 
(29th St.)0'Loughlin, Samuel. 
(29th St.)Oppenheim, Harry S. 

Ormiston, Clarissa (Cochran) wife } f, ... 

of Rev. Dr. Wm., f Cahtornia 

(29th St.) Osborne, James Edgar, 136 W. 28th St. 

(29th St.) Osborne, Mary Phebe (Briggs) / 
wife of J. E., \ 

(2d Av.) Osmers, Emma E. (Reimherr) } ^^ tt ^^u c* 
wife of Frank C, ' [ 550 E. ii6th St. 

Ostrander. Maria (Ashley) wid. of Miriam. 
(V.) Owen, Henry. 

(V.) Owen, Sarah (Halford) wife of Henry. 

(V.) Owen, FTerbert. 

(V.) Owen, Louisa. 

(V.) Owen, Sidney. 

(29th St.) Owens, David Edwin. 


(29th St.) Pages, Teresa C. Al.. Lefferts Park, L. I. 

Paine, Theron J. 
(29th St.)Pakenham, Airs. Sophie, 222 Lexington Ave. 
(29th St.)Pakenham, Albert WilHam, 
(34th St.) Palm, Anna Louisa (Strom) } 108 Third Ave., 

wife of Nels Peter. f Bkn. 

(29th St.) Palmer, Henry N.. 301 W. io6th St. 

(29th St.) Palmer, Lizzie C. (Harvey) { 
wife of Henry N., \ 

(29th St.) Palmer, Grace E., 

Palmer, John E. 

Palmer, Nellie (Polhamus) wife of John E. 

Pardee, Ebenezer C. 
(48th St.) Paret, Eliza H. (Green) wife of Stephen. 
(48th St.) Paret, Anna E. (Parmlv) } _^ ,,. ^ , c. 

wid. of Henry, f 119 W. 93d St. 

(48th St.) Paret, Anna P., 
(48th St.) Paret, Caroline E., 
(48th St.) Paret, Frank Murray, 

Parker, Robert Scott, Jr. 

Parks, George Albert. 
(34th St.) Parks, Alary Ann, Binghampton, N. Y. 

(34th St.) Parks, Rebecca (Gardiner) ) ^^ , q. 

Parr, Alary. 
(29th St.) Parrett. William Arthur. 
(29th St.) Parsons, Evelvn Howard } ^ c- .uu a 

(Adams) wid. of Edgar B., f 4^2 Sixth Ave. 
(29th St.) Patrick, William Hale, 56 Alorningside Park 
(29th St.) Patrick. Elizabeth (Coughey) } 

wife of W. H., f 

(29th St.) Patterson, Andrew, 240 W. 22d St. 

(29th St.) Patterson, Agnes (Harvey) ) 

wiie of Andrew, f 

(29th St.) Patterson, Elizabeth Blackwell, 
(29th St.) Patterson, John. 


(29th St.) Patterson, Harvey Andrew, 176 W. 105th St. 
(29th St.) Patterson, Agnes (Fleming) wife { u 

of Harvey A., \ 

(29th St.) Patterson, George B., 216 E. 32d St. 

(29th St.) Patterson, Agnes Nesala (Barnes) { 
wife of Geo. B., f 

(29th St.) Patterson, Samuel Spears. 

(2d Av.) Pavlis, Anna Belle, 227 Second St. 

(29th St.) Payne, Grace Grosvenor (Wright) ) Hotel 

wife of Halbert Edwin, f Endicott 

(K. M.) Payne, Charles, 13 Lewis St. 

(K. M.) Payne, Annie M. (Boyd) } 
wife of Charles, f 

Pease, Mary Ellen (Bingham) wife of Chas. A. 
(29th St.) Peaslee, Amy L., 231 W. 12th St. 

(48th St.) Peck, Julia (Manning) wife of Rev. Aaron. 
(48th St.) Peck, Lilian Henrietta. 

(W. E.) Peck, Julia T., wid. of Charles F., 309 W. 87th St. 
(W. E.) Peck, Charles Fletcher, 
(W. E.) Peck, Dora Mackall, 
(W. E.) Peck, Rachel H., 
(W. E.) Peck, Julia Ashley, 
(W. E.) Peck, Sarah Wright, 
(K. M.) Peck, Frances Amelia. 
(29th St.) Peek, Eben Augustus. 

Peek, Wilson Colden. 
(29th St.) Pelham, Gertrude H. (Creamer) wid. of Wm. 

Percival, Sarah E. (Batchelder) (Aldrich) wife 
of John P. T., 157 Newbury St., Boston, Mass. 

Perkins, Alice (Patrick) wid. of John M. 
(29th St.) Perlee, Ralph N., 150 Lexington Ave. 

(29th St.) Perlee, AL Louise, 
(2d Av.) Perrine, Charles, 1099 Jennings St. 

(2d Av.) Perrine, Elizabeth (Van Wagenen) / .. 
wife of Charles, j" 


<34th St.) Perry, Annie Elizabeth, 254 W. 326. St. 

Perry, David. 

Perry, Agnes (Pettigrew) wife of David. 

Peters, Emma Matilda (Stokes) wid. of Chas. T. 

<2d Av.) Peterson. Caroline A M. } ^ ^ -cr ..u c^ 

(Lehman) wife of James H., f ^'^ ^- ^^th St. 

(29th St.) Peterson, Otto, 670 Sixth Ave. 

<29th St ) Peterson. Eva K. (Peterson) } u 

wife of Otto. j" 

(2d Av ) Petrie, Lizzie. 85 E. 3d St. 

(2d Av.) Petrowitsch. Mary (Scholck) } p^^.^.u c. 

wid. of Christian. f 97 i^orsyth bt. 

<29th St.) Pettengill, George T., in Fifth Ave. 

(2d Av.) Petzoldt, Hugo Hermann, 87 Ave. A 

(2d Av.) Petzoldt, Edgar Theodore Alex. 
<2d Av.) Petzoldt, Lucy Ida, 

Phelps, Josephine (Teller) wife of John W. 
(29th St.) Phillips, Charles Stewart, 113 Fulton St. 

Phillips, Eliza (Lott) wid. of George L. 

Phillips, Elizabeth (Corbett) wife of Guy. 
(W. E.) Phillips, Bert G., 120 W. 50th St. 

Phillips, William King. 

Phillips, William G. 
<W. E.) Phinny, Harry B., Park Hill, Yonkers, N. Y. 
<29th St.) Phippen, Iva Jeannette (Forbes) } __r, ^v _ , o^ 
wid. of Frank R, ) ^^^ ^^ ' ^^^ ^^• 

(W. E.) Phyfe, James W., 246 W. 73d St. 

(W. E.) Phyfe. Anne C. (Smith) } 
wife of James W., ) 

<W. E.) Phyfe, Julia Floyd, 

Phyfe, Elizabeth Lane. 

Phyfe, Catharine A. 
<W. E.) Pickard, Emily A. (Benedict) ) ^^^ .^ „^ . o, 
wife of Frederick W.. \ ^"^ ^^ ' ^^^^ ^^• 

(W. E.) Pickard, Emilv Benedict. 
<W. E.) Pickard. Jesse, 


(29th St.) Pickens. Anna A., 120 E. nth St. 

Piercy, Matilda. 

(U. H.) Pine, Frances Allen } jj . v -u- • 1 . 

(Agnew) Mrs.. ) University Heights 

(U. H.) Pine, Frank W., 

{29th St.) Pine, Marguerite McLean, 104 E. 29th St. 

(34th St.) Pinkel, Philip Arthur. 610 Ninth Ave. 

Piper, James. 

Piper, Christina (Fraser) wife of James. 

Pitsing, Henry. 

(V.) Pitz, George. 712 Seventh Ave. 

Placzvck, Julia (Meindel) } . ^ -c ^^i c^ 

wid. of Charles. f ^lo E. 6th St. 

(K. M.) Plummer. John, Ireland 

(29th St.) Policy, Alice S.. 47 W. i6th St. 

(29th St.) Pomeroy. Mrs. Frances E., 306 W. ii6th St. 

(48th St.) Pomeroy. Almira I.. 12 W. 50th St. 

(29th St.) Pond, Frank Nelson. 94 Milton St., Bkn. 

Pooley, James. 

('2d Av.) Popkin, Henry Gerhard, 148 Second Ave. 

(2d Av.") Popkin. Caroline (Fass) wife ) ., 

of Henry Gerhard, f 

(2d Av.) Popkin, Robert Henry, 

(2d Av.) Popkin, Henry Frederick, " 

(29th St.) Porter, James George, Sailors Snug Harbor, S. I. 

(W. E.) Porter, Eugene H., M. D., 181 W. 73d St. 

(W. E.) Porter, Alice A. (Day) wife } 
of E. H., M. D., f 

(34th St.) Porter, Kate Elizabeth } _^ ,^ „,, «;. 

(Niblow) wid. of James, f ^^^ ^^- ^^th ^t. 

(V.) Forth, John Charles, 453 W. 53d St. 

Potter. Margaret (Thompson) wid. of Robert. 
(34th St.) Potts. Anna, 205 E. 33d St. 

Powell, William. 


(48th St.) Powers, Cornelius V. V., 26 W. 47th St. 

(48th St.) Powers, William V. V., j Cornwall,^on^Hudson, 

(34th St.) Powles, Peter E., 638 Hudson St. 

(48th St.) Pratt, Emily Hertzel (Jeremiah) } ^^_ ,^ _^., ^, 
wife of Wm. Alden, \ ^^5 \V.58th St. 

(29th St.) Pratt, William D. 70 Fifth Ave. 

(29th St.) Pratt, Helena M., 

(29th St.) Pray, Alary Collis (Locke) Mrs. 203 W. 46th St. 

(29th St.) Pray, Frederick Locke, " 

Pray, Edward Everett. 

(29th St.) Preston, Caroline M. (Keeler) } ,„ ^ ^xct «;<■ 
wife of Geo. C, f ^^^ ^^ • ^^^^ ^^' 

Primrose, Ann Outen (Bogart) wid. of John L. 

Prins, Joanna (Struveling) wid. of Joachim. 

(34th St.) Prinsensing, Katie, 452 W. 37th St. 

(29th St.) Pritchard, Charles C, 161 W. 84th St. 

(2d Av.) Proefriedt, George W^ashington, 153 Second Ave. 

(2d Av.) Proefriedt, Katharine AL } ^o c ..u c^. 

(Neelsen) wife of Wm., f 98 Seventh St. 

Pruyn, Mary A. (Forman) wid. of Abraham F. 
(29th St.) Pryer, Catharine Jane, 52 W. 27th St. 

Pugsley, Van Allen. 

Pusey, Mary Eliz. (Coffern) wife of Thomas H. 
(29th St.) Putnam, Bessie, 347 W. 19th St. 

Putnam, Elizabeth (Jaynes) wife of . 

(29th St.) Pyle. Mary A. (Vanderhoef) I ^ t7 -,a Qf 

wife of Wm. S., \ ^ ^- ^^"^ ^^^ 

Quince, Nancy (Bottom) wife of William. 
(K. M.) Quinn, Mary C, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 


Rabuskie, Marie. 

Radl Elizabeth (Hoi) ) ^ ^^-^^ ^ Melrose 
wid. of Joseph, ) '^ ' 

(34th St.) Raffaele, Annie, 319 W. 39th St. 

(34th St.) Rafifaele, Frank. 

(29th St.) Ramsay, Janie Alberta, 210 W. 14th St. 

(V.) Rand Mary (Yoimgman) j. ^^ j^ S^ 

wife of Charles, ) ^^ ^-^ 

Randeck, Frank. 

Randeck, Mena (Knoll) wife of Frank. 
(29th St.) Randell, Anna Jackson (Belden) [ ^ -^ ^ist St 
wife of Jaines W., J 

Ransom, Gurdon Mumford, Newtown, L. I. 

Ransom, Jonathan H., 443 Central Park West 

Ransom, Annie Louise, Paris 

Ransom, Celetta M., 

Ransom, Warren A., Knoxville. Tenn. 

Ransom, Julia S. (Snyder) wid. of George W. 

Rassner, Susan (Robert) wife of Andrew. 

(V.) Rau, John Charles, 

444 W. 54th St. 

(2d Av.) Ranch, Henry, 

523 E. 82d St. 

(2d Av.) Ranch, Elizabeth (Freitag) { 


wife of John, \ 

(2d Av.) Rauch, Elizabeth M. A., 


(2d Av.) Rauch, Emma E., 


Rancher, Elizabeth. 

Ray, Samuel. 

Ray, Elizabeth Ann. 

Raymond. John. 
(29th St.) Redf^eld. Edgar P.. 121 W. 21st St. 

(29th St.) Redfield, Melissa (Crane) ). 
wife of Edgar P., j 

(48th St.) Redman, Joseph E. 
(29th St.) Redman, Nefghbour George, 66 Lexington Ave. 


(V.) Redvanly, George, 207 W. 66th St. 

(29th St.) Reed, Erastus Darwin, 39 W. 26th St. 

(29th St.) Reed, Mrs. Estelle J., 

(29th St.) Reed, Roswell, 348 W. 31st St. 

(29th St.) Reed, Susan Amanda, \ Nepara Park, Yonkers, 

'i N. Y. 

(2d Av.) Regelmann, Emma (Seeliger) } ^^^ ■c' ^^^.u c. 
wife of Henry, f ^^9 E. 19th St. 

Rehback, Maximilian. 
(2d Av.) Reichard, Frances, White Plains, N. Y. 

(2d Av.) Reichard, Louisa, 
(48th St.)Reichenbach, William C. 

(48th St.)Reichenbach, Annie (Tabourst) wife of Wm. C. 
(29th St.) Reichner, Samuel, 134 W. 13th St. 

(29th St.) Reid, Anna, wid. of Wm. H., 328 W. 27th St. 
(29th St.) Reid, Christina, 

Reidel, Charles. 

Reidel, Barbarina (Knapp) wife of Chas. 

Reidel, Emma Elizabeth. 

Reidel, John Adams. 
(K. M.) Reinecker, Frederica } 630 Columbus 

(Enderline) wid. of Ferd., ji" Ave. 

(K. M.) Reinecker, Herman J. 
(K. M.) Reinecker, Ida Virginia (Bishop) wife of 

Herman J., 
(K. M.) Reiner, Frank Anton, 439 W. 37th St. 

(K. M.) Reiner, Adaline B. (Craig) / 
wife of Frank, f 

(K. M.) Reiner, Alary, 

Reinhardt, Adam, 

Reinhardt, Emma A. (Gunter) 
wife of Adam, 
(34th St.) Reinhardt, Jacob Frederick, 
(34th St.) Reinhardt, Trumund Theo., 
(.34th St.) Reinhardt, Caroline (Schreyer) 
wife of Trumund T., 

340 w 

850 E. 

'. 39th St. 
164th St. 




(K. M.) Reinhold, Ernest. 

(34th St.) Reisert, William, 463 W. 35th St. 

(34th St.) Reisert, Barbara (Feltmore) ) u 

wife of William, S 

(34th St.) Reisert, William, 

(2d Av.) Reitz, Frank, 334 Fifth St. 

(34th St.) Reynolds, Annie (Vorher) ) 647 Marcy Ave., 

w. of , f Bkn. 

Reynolds, Eliz. A. (Odell) wife of Daniel 

F., M. D. 

(2d Av.) Rheide, Emma, ] ^'' ^^^"^ ^^N^j"'^ Hoboken, 

(W. E.) Rhodes, Alfred Anson, 200 W. 80th St. 

(W. E.) Rhodes, Elsie (LeFevre) wife of A. A., " 

Rhodes, Eliz. (Ryder) wid. of Abraham. 

Riach, Agnes B. 
(2d Av.) Rice, Louisa, 350 E. 13th St. 

Richards, Emily M. (Ferris) wid. of E. C. 

(48th St.) Richardson, Charles H. 

Richardson, Lucretia (Vandervoort) wid. 
of Albert. 

Richardson, Susan Kip. 

(34th St.) Richter, Rudolph Charles, 228 W. 29th St. 

Rickard, Matilda (Stuart) wife of Robert. 

(34th St.)Riddell, John Hillam, 414 W. 22d St. 

(34th St.)Riddell, Robert James, 187 Lexington Ave, 

(K. M.) Riddell, John, Greenpoint, N. Y. 

(34th St.) Riddell, John, 946 E. 175th St. 

(34th St.) Riddell, Hugh, 

(34th St.) Riddell, Elizabeth (Logan) / 
wife of Hugh, f 

(34th St.) Riddell, George, 

(34th St.) Riddell, James, 

(34th St.) Riddell, Margaret Jane. 


(K. M.) Riddell, Mary Liiella. 182 Waverly PI. 

(K. M.) Riddell, Maggie, 

(29th St.) Riddle, Mary (Chalmers) ) ^^ ^^^^ 5^ 

wid. of John, ) ^ 

(K. M.) Rieb, August, 316 W. 41st St. 

(K. M.) Rieb, Mamie. 
(26. Av.) Riemenschneider. Mary } -c , <-, 

(Stephan) wife of Frederick, f 4^4 ^- 9tti ^t. 

(48th St.)Riggs, Mary Sophia (Gates) [37 W. Washington 

wid. of Geo. F., ) Square 

(2d Av.") Ringelmann, Bertha (Blessing) ) 1420 DeKalb 

wife of John, f Ave.,Bkn.N.Y. 

(29tli St.) Ripley, Amelia A. (Van Doren) wife of 

Edward H. 
Ripley, Annie (Sutherland) wife of William. 
(48th St.) Ripley, Eliza C, 14 E. 53d St. 

(V.) Riscen, Frederic, 624 W. 52d St. 

(V.) Riscen, Margaret (Schroder) } « 

wife of Frederic, \ 

(34th St.) Robb, James. Jr., 302 W. 32d St. 

(K. M.) Robb, James. 
(K. M.) Robb, Christina (Scott) wife { 

of James, i 

(K. M.) Robb, Mary. 

Roberts, Minnie Louise. 
(29th St.) Robertson, Alfred, 52 E. 23d St. 

(2d Av.) Robertson, Bertha (Bernhart) ^ ^^ -p- . a,,« 

wid. of Walter Bethune. \ 9° ^'"^'^ ^'^• 
(2d Av.) Robertson, Charlotte, 

(K. M.) Robinson, William E.. 119 E. 28th St. 

(K. M.) Robinson, Caroline L. B., 
(K. M.) Robinson, Jane Elizabeth. 

(V.) Robinson, Isabella. 690 Eighth Ave. 

(V.) Robinson, Matthew J., 44i W. 50th St. 

(V.) Robinson, Sarah (Leete) wife of Matthew J. 

Robinson, Harriet. 


Robinson, ^Margaret (McRae) wid. of George. 
Robinson, Alargaret (Ten Eyck) wid. of John A. 
(48th St.) Robinson, Phebe H. (Remsen) } -p ,1 o. 

wife of Charles, f 3 • 44l o . 

(34th St.) Robinson, Robt. H., 427 W. 43d St. 

(34th St.) Robinson, Emma (McNeil) 

wife of R. H., 
(V.) Robinson, Florence N., 1657 First Ave. 

(2d Av.) Rocklein, Esther (Lamb) / ^^^ -r- 0-1 o^ 

wife of George, f ^^7 E. 8th bt. 

(34th St.) Rockwell, Edith Field (Baker) wife of E L. 

(W. E.) Rockwood, William H., 59 W. 87th St. 

(V.) Rodenbach, Christina ) _^ ,,r ^g., c^. 

(Schitterle) wid of Jos., ^ ^^^ ^^- ^^^^^ ^^• 
(V.) Rodenbach, Bertha, 

(34th St.) Rodgers, James, Harlem 

(34th St.) Rodgers, Margaret D,, wife of James, " 

(48th St.) Rodgers, Elizabeth Nicholson, 129 W. 47th St. 
(48th St.) Rodgers, Katharine Outram, 

(2d Av.) Rodgers, Eliza A. (Banfield) / .-^ t? o ^.u c^ 
wid. of Wm. H., ) 4d3 E. 84th St. 

(2d Av.) Roelly, Lucie Camille, 304 Fifth St. 

(29th St.) Roffee, Frances C. (Atkinson' } ,,. ^ c^ 

wife of H. J. E., f ^^3 ^' 2^^^ ^^• 
(34th St.) Rogers, Anne, 354 Seventh Ave. 

(48th St.)Rojahn, Augusta B., 22 W. 48th St. 
(K. M.) Romaine, James. 

(29th St.)Rombout, Gertrude (Van I q , 0. 

Aresburg) wife of Hendrik, ( ^^^ ^' ^^^ ^^^ 

(29th St.) Rombout, Pearlena, " 

(29th St.) Rombout, Naomi, " 

(48th St.)Roome, Rachel Ann (Ryerson) ) p^t^^^^„ vr t 
wid. of M. R., ^-Paterson, iN J. 

(48th St.) Roome, Serena, " 

(29th St.) Roorbach, Edward H. 

Roosevelt, Anna Louise. 


(34tli St.)Roquet, George Fernard, ii Carmine St. 

(34th St.) Roquet, Eliza (Brandon) wife ) « 

of George F., \ 

Rosenberg, Helen. 
(29th St.) Ross, Elizabeth Rennie. 6.30 Fifth Ave. 

(34th St.) Ross, Emma (Schriver) } ,y , g 

w. of George, ) 4 5-5 

Rossel, Louisa. 

Roth, Emma Margaret (Stoetzel) wife of 
Gottlieb F. 
(V.) Roth, Mary (Suter) wife of Wm., 623 Tenth Ave. 

<29th St.) Rouse, Adelaide L., 22 W. 12th St. 

(29th St.) Rowell, Clarence Albert, 316 W. 82d St. 

(29th St.) Rowell, Grace (Rea) wife of / « 

Clarence Albert, i 

(29th St.) Rowland, Charles A., 49 W. 19th St. 

(29th St.) Rowland, Annie M. wife of Charles A. 

(34th St.jRoyal. Mary Elizabeth (Rundel) } .^ ^ 

wid. of Charles, f ^23 W. 31st bt. 

(34th St.) Royal, Alfred, 

(34th St.) Royal, Bertha (Ferguson) } ,, 

w. of Alfred, f 

(34th St.) Royal, Susan Bella, 

(W. E.) R"dd^Eii.a^E. (Barnes) j. ,„ ,^^^^ j,„, ^^.^ 

(29th St.) Rudesill, Martha. 

(29th St.) Rudesill, Samuel Marshall. ] wiUet^^ Potnt, lT L 

(2d Av.) Rudy, Catharine, 308 E. 5th St. 

Ruble, Carrie. 
(2d Av.) Ruhling, Frederick E., 173 E. 91st St. 

(2d Av.) Ruhling, Otillie H. (Uecker) { 
wife of Frederick E.. ) 

(29th St.) Rundell, Anvonette, 312 W. 28th St. 

(29th St.) Rundle, Louise Hopkins, 213 W. 43d St. 


<48th St.) Runk, Charles A.. 165 W. 58th St. 

<48th St.) Runk, Louise F. (Jeremiah) / « 

wife of Charles A., \ 

(48th St.) Runk, William B., 75 W. 54th St. 

<48th St.) Runk, Mary E. (Stoutenbergh) } 

wife of William B., ii" 

<48th St.) Runk Elizabeth P. (Stagg) } pj^^^ ^otel 

WIG. of W. T. ) 

(K. M.) Rupfrecht, Teresa, 622 Eighth Ave. 

Rutherford, Jeanette (Barnes) wife of Daniel. 
(29th St.) Rutherford. Archibald, 18 W. 103d St. 

(29th St.) Rutherford, Georgiana A. (Soper) \ a 

wife of Archibald, \ 

(34th St.)Rutledge, Agnes, 119 W. 55th St. 

(34th St.)Rutledge, Margaret, 

Ryerson, Sarah A. (Kipp) wife of Peter. 

(34th St.) Ryerson, Margaret Elizabeth l^o^\\f o-y^h^i 
(Van Nostrand) w. of Geo. N., p^; vv.27tnbt. 

(34th St.)Rynders, Mary (Creighton) ) ^^^ ^y ^ig^ St 

w. of C. A., ) 

(34th St.)Rynders, Woodward. 


(K. M.) Saam, Theresa, 388 W. 39th St. 

(2d Av.) Sabo, Augusta, 78 First St. 

Sackett. Sarah E. (Mead) wid. of A. M. 

(29th St.)Sagendorf, Katharine, 23 W. 12th St. 

St. John, Theresa (Moorhouse) wife of . 

Sanders, Emma F. (Bell) wife of James. 

Sandford, Jennie. 

(29th St.)Sandham, Anna M., 138 W. 45th St. 

(29th St.)Sandham, Sarah (Vanderburg) ) « 

wid. of George A., M. D., S 

(29th St.)Sandison, Sinclair, 168 W. 22d St. 

(34th St.)Sandquest, Frederick William. Brooklyn 


Near Albany, N. Y. 
Newburgh, N. Y. 

266 W. 123d St. 
840 Hanover St., Bkn. 

450 Second St., 
Hoboken, N. J. 

(K. M.) Sanford, Ella, 

(W. E.) Sanford, George Alden, 

Sanxay, Theodore F. 
(34th St.)Sauter, Frederick, 

Sauter, Lillian Elizabeth 
(34th St.)Scanlan, Martha, 

Schaeft'er, Rudolph. 
(2d Av.) Schau, Emma L. (Weigelt) ) 
wife of Paul, ') 

(V.) Schaulk, Elizabeth (Solluer) } 

wife of Jacob, f 

(K. M.) Scheer, Mary. 
(V.) Scheidle, Lizzie, 

(V.) Scheidle, Minnie ^Schober) } 

wife of Charles, f 

Schell, Frank. 
(29th St.) Schell, Robert, 
(48th St.) Schenck, Ella M. (Loomis) } 
wife of Edward T., f 

(29th St.) Schenck, Sophie L., wid. of Rev. John. 
(U. H.) Schenck, Ellie (Haring) / University 

wife of Rev. Ferdinand S., D.D., \ Heights 
(U. H.) Schenck, Maud H., 
(U. H.) Schenck, Nora V., 
(U. H.) Schenck, Martin L., 
(V.) Scher, Rosa (Fitzithum) ) 

wife of William, f 

Schermerhorn, Antionette L 
of Rev. John W. 

Schiel, Louisa, 
(2d Av.) Schlachter, Olga Kath, 
(K. M.) Schlachter, George Washington, 709 Tenth Ave 
(2d Av.) Schmid, Christina, 123 E. 134th St 

Schmidt, Margaret (Schmidt) wife of Herman. 
(K. M.) Schmidt, Josephine, 445 W. 35th St 

604 W. 55th St. 
697 Tenth Ave. 

33 W. 56th St. 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

437 W. 53d St. 
(Lasak) wife 

West Farms 
100 E. 7th St. 


Schmidt, Morris. 
Schmidt, Rosa. 
(34th St.)Schmieder, Theresa Ida (Lange) ) t, 

wife of Geo., ) aergen 

(34th St.)Schmieder, Charles, 

(V.) Schmitt, Mary Elizabeth (Andel) wife of John H. 

(2d Av.) Schmitt, Robert William, 153 Third St. 

(2d Av.) Schmitt, Emma (Wollmar) } 

wife of Robert Wm., j 

(2Qth St.) Schmitt, Louis. 125 E. 24th St. 

(29th St.) Schmitt, Harriet M. (Haskins) } 

wife of Louis, f 

(2d Av.) Schneiker, Eliza Mary Margaret, 120 First Ave. 
(2d Av.) Schneiker, Matilda, 

(V.) Scholl, Katharine, 359 W. 29th St. 

(2d Av.) Schorn, John L., 18 First Ave. 

(34th St.) Schorn, Annie Isabella, 410 W. 44th St. 

(34th St.) Schorn, Henrietta Sarah, 
(34th St.) Schorn, Lillian Anna, " 

(34th St.)Schraeder, Theodore Eugene, 408 Ninth Ave. 
(29th St.)Schrekkenberg, William George. 

Schreyer, Anna Maria. 
(34th St.)Schroeder, Clara Belle. 
(K. M.) Schroeder, Emma Elizabeth ) „ a- .1 a 

(Edler) wife of , f ^^9 Tenth Ave. 

(29th St.) Schuck, Nettie Katharine, 25 11 Third Ave. 

(2d Av.) Schultz. George C, in E. 4th. St. 
(2d Av.) Schultz. Katharine (Meerholz) i^ 

wife of Geo. C, f 

(2d Av.) Schultz, Edward, 164 E. Houston St. 
(2d Av.) Schultz, Robert, 

(2d Av.) Schulz, Sophie, 331 E. 5th St. 

(K. M.) Schumacher, Annie. 450 W. 38th St. 

(K. M.) Schumacher. Minnie, " 

(K. M.) Schwarm, Katie. 630 Tenth Ave. 


(29th StjSchwartz, Maurice John, 65 Ave. A 

(29th St.)Schwartz, Anna C. (Iseler) 

wife of Maurice John, 
(29th St.) Schwartz, Benjamin John, 
(2d Av.) Schwarz, Lulu, 283 Dean St., Bkn. 

Schwerin, Gifford J. 
(W. E.) Scofield, Eleanor Bogardus, 165 W. 88th St. 

(W. E.) Scofield, Elizabeth (Bogardus) wid. of 
Frederick K. 
Scott, Catharine E. (Mood) wife of James I. 
(K. M.) Scott, William, 428 W. 38th St. 

(34th St.) Scott, Cora A. (Martin) } ^^ ,,, , ^ 

wid. of John B., ) -=>^ ^^- ^4th St. 

(34th St.) Scott, Augustus Martin, 
(34th St.) Scott, Arthur, 
(34th St.) Scott, Winnifred, 
(34th St.) Scott, Allan, 

(34th St.) Scott; William, 33 W. 63d St. 

(34th St.) Scott, Emma (Douglas) w. of Wm., 
(V.) Scott, Andrew, 411 W. 53d St. 

(V.) Scott, Catharine (McCausland) I u 

wife of Andrew, f 

Scriver, Mary A. 
(K. M.) Seage^rs,^AmeIiMVollmer) ) ^^ Eleventh Ave. 

(29th St.)Sears, L. Eugene, 104 Duane St. 

(V.) Sedburn, Maria (Johansen) ^ T^QW^,ri.<;f 

wife of Charles, f ^^^ ^^- ^^^ ^^^ 

(34th St.) See, Emma Louise (Siebel) wife of . 

(2d Av.) Seeliger, Emma (Scarlet) } ^^. tt o ^ c*. 

wid. of Philip, f ^^4 ^. »2cl bt. 

(2d Av.) Seer, Bertha Rosabel (Tritten- } ,^ -r^ ^^, ^^ 
bach) wife of Geo. F., ^ ^^2 E. 6th St. 

(2d Av.) Seer, George F., 

(29th St.)Segler, Bertha (Schroeder) Mrs., 116 E. 32d St. 
(29th St.)Segler, Charlotte, 


(V.) Seidell, Mary (Blackenburg) } ,.. c:* 

wife of Henry, f ^^^ ^- ^ist bt. 

(W. E.) Seller, Frances C. (Woodworth) } ^^„ ,^ _ , c:. 
wife of Andrew, f ^47 VV. 73d bt 

(V.) Sembler, Adolphus, 546 W. 51st St. 

(V.) Sembler, Adelia Augusta (]\Iissilier) } u 

wife of Adolphus 
(34th St.)Semler, Catharine, 
(2d Av.) Semmele, Emil Frederick, 
(34th St.)Senn, Charles, 
(2d Av.) Senn, George, 
(2d Av.) Senn, Louis, 
(2d Av.) Sennberg. Rosa, 
(2d Av.) Seward, Katharine (Baker) 

wife of John, 
(29th St.)Seward, W. H.. 
(29th St.)Shafer, Cornelia, 
(29th St.) Shafer, Jennie, 
(V.) Shafer, Hannah (Scheer) { 

wife of Christopher, S 
(48th St.) Shaffner, Martha. 

Shannon, Ann. 
(48th St.) Shannon, Georgiana (Hege 

man) wid. of Thomas W., 
(29th St.)Sharpe, Peter Bennett, 


Jersey City 

124 Second Ave. 

345 W. 43d St. 

240 E. Houston St. 

103 First St. 

120 E. 4th St. 

590 Third Ave. 

97 Cedar St. 
443 W. 22d St. 

86 Amsterdam Ave. 

I 37 W.Washington 
f Square 

211 E. 14th St. 

Sharpies, Nancy (French) wife of William. . 

Shaw, Mary Elizabeth (Stan wood) wife of . 

Shay, William E. 

Shay, Henrietta (Canfield) wife of William E. 
(V.) Sheffer, Christ, 86 Amsterdam Ave. 

(29th St.) Sheldon, Charles D. 
(W. E.) Shellobarger, Belle V. H. 

(Davis) wife of Joseph M. 
(29th St.)Shepard, Gerald Faulkner. 
(V.) Shields, Robert, 

(29th St.)Shoards, Clayton Pope, 

317 W. 114th St. 

400 W. 47th St. 
19 W. 21 st St. 


Shoemaker, James Vanderpoel, 112 E. 64th St. 
Shoemaker, Mary A. (Ham) } ^ 

wife of James V,, f 

(34th St.)Shrader, Nellie (Grant) } j t 1 j ^• 

wife of James W., f ^ong Island City 

(29th St.>Shull, Franklin Pierce, Fordham Heights 

(29th St.)Shull, Agnes M. (Zei^er) } 
wife of F. P., \ 

Shultz, Wilhelmina (Ohms) wife of Frederick. 
(48th St.)SickeIs. Margaretta :\I. 
(34th St.)Siebel. Harriet Mary. 

Siebert, Louis Philip. Germany 

Siebert. Eliza (Oothout) } 
wife of Louis P., \ 

(W. E.) Siedler, Ernestine, 108 W. 78th St. 

(W. E.) Siedler, Marguerite, " 

(29th St.)Siefke, Henry, 307 W. 26th St. 

(29th St.)Siefke, Caroline C. (Ropke) } 
wife of Henry. [ 

(29th St.) Siefke, Henry. Jr., 

Simmons, Isaac. 
(2gth St.) Simpson, William, 115 E. 26th St. 

(K. M.) Sinclair, Finlay, 155 W. loist St. 

(K. M.) Sinclair, John. 
(29th St.) Singer, Arthur. 

(29th St.)Sjoberg, Edward A. J., 316 E. 34th. St. 

(48th St.)Skidmore, Helen A. (Beadleston) ) .xr . ^ c. 

wife of William L., f 49 W. 52d St. 

(W. E.) Skillman, George W., 293 Lenox Ave. 

(W. E ) Skillman, Emma Amelia (Spencer) } « 
wife of George W., f 

Slade, Francis P. 

Slaughter, Clayton. 
(29th St.)Smeaton, William H.. 15 Horatio St. 

Smith, Amelia (Hess) wife of John. 

Smith. Annie. 

(48th St.) Smith. Anna W. (Brown) wife ) ^_ ,.r _., q. 
of Charles Stewart, f ^5 W. 47th St. 

(48th St.) Smith, Annie G. (Elsworth) } .^ t^..,, .^^^ 
wid. of Roswell C, f ^^^ ^'"^ '^^^• 

(48th St.)Smith Margaret TE. (Foster) ) Cazenovia, N. Y. 

wid. ot Gamahel Cj., ) ' 

(48th St.) Smith, Augustus L., 107 W. 72d St. 
(48th St.) Smith, William L., 

(V.) Smith, Elizabeth Ann (Des- } ^^q rn^ . ^1 a 

mond) wife of John C, [ 7o8 Eleventh Ave. 

(48th St.) Smith, Edith Lord, 138 E. 30th St. 

Smith, William Vermilye. 

Smith, Emma Berrian. 

Smith, Aletta L. 

Smith, Amanda (Willis) wife of Edward C, M.D. 
(29th St.) Smith, Franklin C, 447 W. 21st St. 

(29th St.) Smith, John, 204 E. 33d St. 

(29th St.) Smith, Annie, wife of John. " 

(29th St.) Smith, James Martin, " 

(29th St.) Smith, John J., Ohio 

Smith, Mary (Galloway) wife of Andrew. 

144th St. 

(K. M.) 

Smith, Merritt, 

711 E. 

(K. M.) 

Smith, Catharine (Lange) i^ 
wife of Merritt, f 

(K. M.) 

Smith, Henry Clay, 

(K. M.) 

Smith, Eliza A. (Beumert) wid. 
Henry C, 

of } 

(K. M.) 

Smith, Alexander Hamilton, 
Smith, Sarah E. 

(K. M.) 

Smith, William Charles, 

332 w 

(K. M.) 

Smith, Elizabeth (Stracham) ) 
wife of William Charles, ) 

(34th St.) Smith, John. 

(34th St.) Smith, Catharine (Wilson) wife 

of John 

Smith, Ellison. 



(29th St 
(29th St 

(29th St 
(48th St 


(2d Av.) 

(48th St. 
(48th St. 

(K. M.) 

(K. M.) 
(34th St, 
(34th St. 

(K. M.) 
(34th St 
(29th St 

(U. H.) 

(29th St 



360 W. 52d St. 
203 Broadway 

35 W. i6th St. 
40 W. 48th St. 
562 W. 52d St. 

149 E. 4th St. 
17 E. 77th St. 

Smith, Lizzie (Youngman) ) 
wid. of George, f 

,) Smith, Charles T., 
.) Smith, Marion (Brown) } 
wife of Charles T., ) 
.) Smith, Eleanor C, 
,) Smith, Angelina (Butler) } 
wife of Dr. O. H., f 

Smith, Lillie Elise, 
Smith, Kate (Klouse) { 
wife of Philip. f 

Smith, Mary, 
Smith, Phillipine, 
Smith, Grace. 
) Smith, William Wheeler, 
) Smith. Catharine H. (Brower) } 
wife of William Wheeler, j" 
Smith, Emma (Kepler) wife } 
of Herbert Dayton, f 

Smith, Elizabeth, 
) Smith, John Shegog, 
) Smith, Helen (Meyer) wife } <, 

of John S., j" 

Smyth, Adam. 

Smyth, Aimee Rose Sarah (Godefroy) wife 
of Adam. 

Smyth, Jane. 
)Snell, Mary. 

)Snif¥en, Marietta (Irwin) ) 
wid. of Elijah, C 

Snow, Charles Henry, 

Snyder, Henry. 

Snyder, Elizabeth Elliot. 
) Snyder, Josephine, 

Sohmer, William G., 

Sohmer, Stella (Hardter) [ 
wife of William G., S 

607 Third Ave. 

530 W. 40th St. 

7 W. 26th St. 
University Heights 

5 E. i2th St. 
512 W. 49th St. 


(2d Av.) Solomon, Mary F. (Van } -p , <. 

Wagner) wid. of Thomas W., S ^^^ ^- ^°^^' ^^• 
(29th St.)Soper, Hannah (Gray) { .y , ^ 

wid. of Charles, \ ^^2 W . 24th bt. 

Sott, Annie, 68 E. 113th St. 

(48th St.) Southwick, Ella M. (Clapp) ) ,^^ -p c:, 
wid. of John C. \ ^^^ ^- 54th bt. 

(48th St.) Southwick, Susie Kent, " 

(29th St.)Soutter, John, 216 E. 45th St. 

(29th St.)Soutter, Mary Jane (Strachan) ) 
wife of John, ) 

(2d Av.) Sowter, George Jeflrey, Woodlawn Heights 

(2d Av.) Sowter, Anna E. (Newey) ) a 

wife of Geo. J., ) 

(29th St.) Sparks, Robert, 425 Fourth Ave. 

(29th St.) Sparks, Dora (Rolf) wife of Robert, 
(2d Av.) Sparks, Mary Elizabeth (Hogg) } ^^, -p o^ , q. 
wid. of Chas. Henry. \ '^^ ^- ^^^ ^^• 

Spencer, George. 
(2d Av.) Spengler, Andrew Peter. 424 Sixth St. 

Sperry, John H. 
(K. M.) Spice, James E., 4 W. 40th St. 

Spiess, Philip. 
(29th St.)Spoer, Louis C., 431 E. 26th St. 

(29th St.)Spoerri, Victoria. 

Sproul, Damie. 

Sproull, Eliza. 

Sproull, Mary A. (Earle) wife of John J. 
(34th St.)Stadter, Annie Mary, 205 W. 29th St. 

(34th St.)Stahl, William R., Plainfield, N. J. 

(V.) Stannard, George William, Jersey City 

Stanwood, Alida (Martin) wife of Robert E. 

Starcke, Susanna. 

Stark, Theresa (Blank) ) ^_ c .. c^ r>i 
wife of Louis K., \ ^-° ^umpter St.. Bkn. 


(29th St.) Starr, Eliza G., Flushing, L. I. 
Stary, Josephine, 117 W. 115th St. 
Stearns, Mary B. (Nye) wife of . 

(K. M.) Steedman Mary (McCourt) } Columbus Ave. 

wite of , ) ^ 

Steenken. Georgiana Valentine (Van Alst) 
wife of John E. 
(2d Av.) Stegner, Katharine (^Brinker) / 5^ ^^^^^^ pj 

wife of George H., ) 

(34th St.) Stegner, Lizzie, 410 W. 41st St. 

(34th St.) Stegner, Phillipena Leona, " 

(34th St.) Stegner, Helen Matilda, 
Stein, Margaret. 
Stein, Philip. 
Steinberger, Hilda Matilda, 329 Sixth St. 

(2d Av.) Steininger, Louisa (Kipp) } i^i E -^d St 

wife of William, ) .5 • j • 

(2d Av.) Steininger, Elizabeth, 
(2d Av.) Steininger, Annie, " 

(34th St.) Steising, Charles, 346 W. 26th St. 

(34th St.) Steising, Georgiana (Rosenthal) / 
wife of Charles, \ 

Steltman, Lizzie. 

(K. M.) Steormann, Lena (Tweele- } 173 W 4"th St 

Seebeck) ]\Irs., f "^"^ ' ^^ 

(2d Av.) Sterbezky, Thomas E., 512 E. i6th St. 

(34th St.) Steussing, Charles. 
(34th St.) Stevens, Marguerite Adele (Roulston) 

w. of Walter G. 
(48th St.) Stevens, Marion Christina, East Orange, N. J. 
(34th St.) Stevenson, Agnes, 548 W. 28th St. 

Stevenson, Frances (Anderson) wid. of 

Robert G. 
Stevenson, William Franklin. 
(29th St.) Stevenson. Barbara (Johnson) ) -^ ^^1^ 5^ 

wife of J. Wilson, ^ 4 • J 


(34th St.) Stewart, Lizzie E. (Bariiett) } ^^ ^^ S^ 

wid. of William, ) ^^^ 

(48th St.) Stewart, Elizabeth B. (Pond) wid. of Samuel B. 
Stewart, Grace. 

Stewart, Jane (Gardner) wife of Andrew. 
(K. M.) Stewart. Isabel (Allen) wife ) ^Y g^j^ g^ 

of Jas., \ 

Stickland, Henry. 
(W. E.) Stimson, Minnie K (Lant) } ^g ^y ^^^^ g^ 

wife of C. W., M. D., ) 
Stitt, Ann. 
(29th St.) Stitt, Charles Howard, 440 West End Ave. 

(29th St.) Stitt, Mary Louisa (Van Ben- ) 
schoten) wife of Charles H., ) 
(29th St.) Stitt, James Alex., 1122 Prospect PL, Bkn. 

Stoddard, Adam George. 
Stoddard, Agnes Jane. 
Stoddard, ^lary. 
(2d Av.) Stoekem, Maria, Mt. Lebanon, N. Y. 

(K. M.) Stoetzel, Mary (Reiber) } ^y g ^^ S^ 

wid. of Jacob, S 

Stokes, Stephen B. M. 

(29th St.) Stone, James. 

(29th St.) Storm, Charles H., 2158 Washington Ave. 

(29th St.) Storm, Grace Estelle (Egbert) } 
wife of Charles H., f 

(29th St.)Stotesbury, Louis William, i W. 69th St. 

(29th St.) Stotesbury, Helen M. (Tompkins) } 
wife of L. W., f 

(48th St.)Stoutenbergh, Reuham E. (Hall) } __ ..^t, c. 
wid. of W. T., <;"^ ^^- ^4tn:>t. 

(48th St.)Stoutenbergh, Sarah Robbins, '' 

(29th St.) Stover, Herbert W^ 

(29th St.) Stover, Mrs. Lilian Simons. 


(V.) Strack. Florence, 413 W. 53d St. 

(V.) Strack, William, 

(V.) Strack, Josephine (Hempell) ) <, 

wife of Wm., f 

Strahan, Alexander R., M. D. 

Strahan, Eliza (Sutherland) wife of A, R., M. D. 

Strahan, Jane (Van Hagen) wife of Wm. Grant. 

Strahan, Jennie Elizabeth. 
(34th St.) Strain, Marietta, 853 Seventh Ave. 

Strang, Isabella M. (Porter) wife of Peter O. 

(29th St.) Strange, Dr. Andrew, 322 W. 15th St. 

(29th St.) Strange, William C, 44 W. 20th St. 

('29th St.) Strange, Mary (Young) wife ) u 

of Wm. C, \ 

(29th St.) Strange, William Crawford, Jr., " 

(29th St.) Strange, Robert George, 

Stratton, Jennie Elizabeth. 

(K. M.) Strauss, Helen R. (Weber) wife of Charles F. 

(K. M.) Streder, Elizabeth (Ditrich) ) ^ ,,, o,, c. 
wid. of Frederick Wm., f 59 W. 98th St. 

(W. E.) Strong, Arthur Mitchell, 159 Madison Ave. 

Stuart, Mary. 

(34th St.)StudIey, James Henry, Jr., 155 W. 28th St. 

(34th St.)StudIey, Louise (Wimmer) ) 
wife of J. H., f 

Stumm, Kate (Ledig) wid. of Fred. R. 

(V.) Stummberger, Henry, 790 Eleventh Ave. 

(V.) Stummberger, Annie (Dress) ) u 

wife of Henry, f 

(W. E.) Sturges, Abbie Lyon, 689 West End Ave. 

(W. E.) Sturges, Anna Judson, 

(U. H.) Sturgess, Carolie (Colwell) Kt • -^ tt • ux 
wife of Thomas, \ University Heights 


(29th St.) Styles, Charles H., 

(29th St.) Styles, Sarah (Schoonmaker) 

wife of C. H., 
(29th St.) Styles, Walter Browning, 
(29th St.) Styles. Etta Estelle (Austin) 

wife of Walter B., 
(2d Av.) Sudor, Anthony, 

Summerville, Eliza. 
(29th St.) Sumner, Perrin H. 
(29th St.) Sunderland, Paul Ulysses. 
(U. H.) Sutphen, Henry K. R., 

Sutphen, Sarah Alice. 
(29th St.) Sutton, Florence. 
(29th St.)Suydam, Cornelia, 
(48th St.)Suydani, Henry, 
(48th St.) Suydam, Mary T., 
(34th St.)Swaggerman, Louisa, 
(34th St.) Swan, Everdina A. (Vander 

waal) wife of J. H., 
(34th St.) Swan, Jennie. 

Swan, Francis Eugene. 

Swan, Emily. 
(34th St.) Swan, Henry V., 
(34th St.) Swan, Edna E. (Howland) 

wife of Henry V., 
(34th St.) Swan, William. 
(29th St.) Swan, Juliana, 
(29th St.) Swan, Maria Louisa, 

j After May i, i8( 
I 136 E. 70th St. 

168 E. 72d St. 

228 E. 34th St. 

University Heights 

438 Classon Ave., Bkn. 
Morristown, N. J. 

Jersey City N. J. 
I 219 Dodd St., 
f Hoboken. 

II W. 65th St. 

124 Madison Ave. 
New Jersey 

(K. M.) Swart, Charles Henry, 

(K. M.) Swart, Minnie (Hotchkiss) { 

wife of Charles H., ^ 

(K. M.) Swart, Gertrude E. (Schoonmaker) wife 

of John H. 
(K. M.) Swartz, George, 783 Seventh Ave. 

Syring, John. 


(29th St.)Taber, Harriet, 33 W. 56th St. 

(29th St.)Tait, Arthur J. B., 82 Waring PI., Yonkers 

(29th St.)Tallman, Mrs. Lucinda, 109 W. 28th St. 

(34th St.)Tallman, Emma P. (Munn) } ^ r ^ at t 
w. of W. J., \ Arlmgton, N. J. 

(48th St.)Talmadge, Henry, 538 Madison Ave. 

(48th St.)Talmadge, Helen Atwood (White) ) u 
wife of Henry. ) 

(29th St.)Tams, Mary Catharine } ..r 0.1 c. 

(Anderson) Mrs. \ ^°9 W. 28th St. 

(W. E.) Tatlock, John, Jr., 376 West End Ave. 

(W. E.) Tatlock, Kate (Chamberlain) } 
wife of John Jr., f 

(29th St.) Taylor, Agnes. 

Taylor, Eliza. 

Taylor, Elizabeth. 

Taylor, Eleanor. 
(W. E.) Taylor, Ellen, 254 W. 84th St. 

Taylor, George Henry. 

Taylor, Mary Cornelia. 

Taylor, Matthew John. 

Taylor, Rachel (Willington) wid. of . 

Taylor, William Henry. 

(W. E.) Taylor, Mary Adelaide ^ ^., r . 1 t^ 1 aa. 
(Levison)wifeofC.J., \ ^47 Central Park, W. 

(W. E.) Taylor, Adelaide, 

(W. E.) Taylor, Virginia. " 

(V.) Taylor, Marie, 515 W. 47th St. 

Teller, Rebecca. 

(29th St.) Temple, Laura (Rudesill) } n • ■i n 1 r- 1 
wife of Edgar, \ ^^^PP^^ ^'^^^' Col. 

(29th St.) Ten Broeck, John V., 218 W. 24th St. 

Ten Eyck, Ann ( ) wid. of Cornelius. 













St.) Tennille, William A., 40 Clinton St., East Orange 
St.)TennilIe, Clara (Tuttle) / 
wife of W. A., j" 

St.) Tennille, George Francis, " 

St.) Tennille, Mary Alice, 

Tentell, Gustiv. 

Terry, Adam, 311 W. 69th St. 

Terry, Lizzie (Miller) wife of Adam, " 

Tesseyman, Nellie, 

Tesseyman, George Edward, 

Tesseyman, Elizabeth, wife of 
George E., 

Tesseyman, John, 

Tesseyman, Janet (McGuffie) } 
wife of John, f 

St.) Teufel, Frederika, 
St.)Thibeaudeaux, Charlotte, 

Thiebedeau, Anna Josephine, 

Thielpap, Agnes (Briggs) } 

521 W. 52d St. 

311 E. io6th St. 

240 W. 32d St. 
213 W. 19th St. 
544 W. 53d St. 

498 W. 55th St. 

546 W. 53d St. 
525 W. 49th St. 

wife of William 
Thielpap, Lawrence, 
Thierbach, Lizzie, 
Thierbach, Charles, " 

Thogode, Adam, 488 Eleventh Ave. 

Thogode, James Arthur, " 

Thogode, Caroline (Donnelly) } « 

wife of James Arthur, f 

Thogode, Henry, " 

Thogode, Maria (Dickson) [ u 

wife of Henry, f 

Thogode, Mary Louise, " 

St.) Thomas, Ada Eunice, s^ W. 15th St. 

St.) Thomas, Agnes Estelle, " 

Thomas, Josephine. 
Thompson, Annie (Faresee) wife of William. 


(29th St.) Thompson, Lewis, 124 Lexington Ave. 

(29th St.) Thompson. AHce S. (Tutt) [ u 

wife of Lewis, ) 

(29th St.) Thompson, Annie Josephine (Watson) wife of — 

Thompson, David. 

Thompson, John. 

Thompson, Joseph Benson. 

Thompson, Mary. 
(48th St.)Thompson, EHzabeth, 17 W. 36th St. 

Thompson, James. 

Thompson, Stuart. 
(29th St.) Thompson, Herbert Henry, 158 Dean St., Bkn. 
(34th St.) Thompson, ]Martha wid. of } ^„-r ^tt ^^j Cf 

Samuel, \ ^^^ ^^ • ^^^ ^^• 

(U. H.) Thompson, Alexander, University Heights 

(U. H.) Thompson, Rebecca (Cunningham) { .. 

wife of Alexander, \ 

(U. H.) Thompson, Maggie E. " 

Thornley, James J. 

Thornley, James J., Jr. 

(29th St.) Thornton, Amasa, 102 E. 26th St. 

(29th St.) Thornton, Margaret (Brown) [ 
wife of Amasa. \ 

Thornton, Delia. 

Throckmorton, Frances B. 

Tice, Eliza. 

Tice, George L. 

Tice, Mary (Kinney) wife of G. L. 

(34th St.)Tiefel, Lizzie (Brown) wife of } ^ .^ 1 <; 
Paul, )■ -4" ^^- ^-^^ ^^■ 

(34th St.)Tiefel, Margaret, " 

(34th St.)Tiefel, Wilhelmina. 

Tiers. Emmeline (Roberts) wid. of George W. 

(2d Av.) Tietjen, Adaline. 932 Trinity Ave. 

(2d Av.) Tietze, Gertrude, 54 Third Ave. 

(2d Av.) Tietze, Lillie Alice, 

(34th St.)Tillinghast, Anna Augusta } ^^ ^ j^ S^ 

(Barry) \vife of B. O., ) ^ 

Tillotson, Maria L. 
(34th St.) Todd, Mary, wid of George, 405 W. 30tli St. 

(29th St.)Tolfree, Herbert Myron, M. D. 

Tompkins, Catharine J. 

Tompkins, William Peterson. 

Tompkins, Mary (Lenox) wife of Wm. P. 
(48th St.)Tooker, William F.. Jr., 285 Hancock St.. Bkn. 

Torboss, Ellen (Vermilye) wid. of Luke. 
(29th St.)Totten, Anna H. (Gundermann) [ ^^ ^y ^ ^^ g^ 

wife of William H., ^ ^ 

(29th St.)Totten, Annie Edith, 15 W. 73<^ St. 

(29th St.)Totten, Elsie Lloyd, 

(29th St.)Townsend, George C., 237 W. 14th St. 

(29th St.)Townsend, Estella (Ewing) wife } u 

of George C.. f 

(29th St.)Townsend, Mrs. Frances H., 605 Madison Ave. 
(29th St.)Townsend, Isaac Holbrook. " 

(34th St.)Traber, John H., 420 W. 35th St. 

(34th St.)Traber, Charity (Drum) w. of J. H., 
(34th St.)Traber, Lena A., 439 W. 34th St. 

(48th St.)Traugott, Amelia Bertha. 359 W. 50th St. 

(48th St.)Traugott, Caroline A. H., 
(48th St.)Traugott, Maria R. E., 

(48th St.)Traugott, Alexander Geo. Henry, 407 W. 25th St. 
(48th St.)Traugott, August Christian, 2549 Eighth Ave. 
(48th St.)Traugott. Edward E. R., 355 W. 53d St. 

(48th St.)Traugott. Rosanna (Hall) wife ) 
of Edward E. R., ) 

(48th St.)Traugott, John William. 118 E. 84th St. 

Trautman, Peter. 


(V.) Trebour, Mary (Lutz) wid. of } ^^ ^ , o 

of Christian Rudolph, f ^24\/\/. 52d bt. 

(29th St.)Tregoning, Alfred. 

^''' ^"ofFScl''"""'^ ""' [ 510 W. 49th St. 

(2d Av.) Tritenbach, George Arthur, 305 E. 6th St. 
(2d Av.) Tritenbach, Bertha (Weissner) wife } u 

of George Arthur, f 

(29th St.)Troxell, William Daniel, 123 W. 42d St. 

Trumper, Ann Maria, 

(.d Av.) Trytha,Uoha„„aAnr^^(Eich- , ,,„„ Eighth Ave. 

(48th St.)Tucker, L. Miner, { klrO^r^^I.^r,'. 

(W. E.) Tucker, Cummings H., Jr., 309 W. 87th St. 

(W. E.) Tucker, Adeline R. (Todd) wife } 

of C. H., Jr., f 

(29th St.) Tucker, Mary Anna (Spear) } ^ ^^^ g 

wife of John J., ^ J/ • 

(34th St.)Tuckhorn, Walter, 408 Ninth Ave. 

(48th St.)Tully Sarah ^1 (Irwin) } ^ ^^^ S^ 

wid. of M. C, ) ^^ ' 

(K. ]M.) Tulp. Aike Peter, 255 W. 43d St. 

(K. M.) Tulp, Margaret (Beyers) \ 

wid. of Peter, f 

Turner, Adelia Elizabeth. 
Turner, Eliza W. (Barnes) wid. of John. 
Turner, Lizzie. 
(V.) Turney, Hannah (Messilier) \ ^y j^ 5 

wile of John F., ^ ci j 

(2d Av.) Turpm, Octavia. Nyack, N. Y. 

(34th St.)Tuttle Annie (Donnelly) } ^^ j^ 5^ 

wid of Theron, S 

(K. M.) Tyler, Emma Leonora, Nurse on Blackwell's Isl. 
(29th St.) Tyler, Florence N. 
(29th St.)Tytler, Harriet Christina (Earle) 

wid. of Robert C. 



(W.E.) Ucker,, rYo^V^eittlr 

(2d Av.) Uecker, Clara Mary, 76 Third St. 

(2d Av.) Ulrich, John, 418 Fifth St. 

(2d Av.) Ullrich, Gustave, 435 E. 9th St. 

(2d Av.) Ullrich, Matilda (Rathjen) [ 

wife of Gustave, f 

(34th St.)Unger, Amelia, Hoboken. N. J. 

('34th St.)Unger, Richard E., 
(34th St.)Unger, Annie (Shultz) wife } u 

of Richard E., f 

(V.) Ungerer, Frederic, 547 W. 48th St. 

(V.) Ungerer, John, 534 W. 45th St. 

(34th St.) Untied, August, 206 W. 28th St. 

Upton, Ann (Ross) wid. of John. 

(29th St.) Van Alen, Maria Van Dyck, 416 E. 26th St. 

(34th St.) Van Alstyne, Henry, 440 Ninth Ave. 

(K. M.) Van Amster, Jacob. Paterson, N. J. 

(K. M.) Van Amster, Katrina, wife of Jacob, " 
(29th St.) Van Arsdale, Elias Scudder. 
(2d Av.) Van Arsdale, Sarah (Burrows)? ^.^ -c- ^,,1 0, 

wid. of Henry. M. D., f ^^^ ^- ^"^^^^ ^^• 

(29th St.)Van Benschoten. Catharine Ida } ,„^ -itt q^,, c^ 

(Luqueer) wid. of Jas., f ^'^ ^^ ' ^^^^' S^" 

(29th St.)Van Benschoten, Catharine Ida, " 

(29th St.) Van Benschoten, Francis L. 
(34th St.) Van Benschoten, Burt W., 331 W. 21st St. 

Van Bergen, Diana (Tyler) wid. of Champlin. 
(29th St.) Van Beverhoudt, Octav, 209 W. 46th St. 

(34th St.)Van Blarcom, Catharine ) .^ , c; 

(Romaine) w. of Garrett, \ ^^^ ^^- ^°^^' ^^• 
(34th St.) Vance, Margaret Cornelia, 425 W. 32d St. 

(34th St.) Vance, May Irene, " 

(34th St.) Vandemark, ]\Iary E., 394 Ninth Ave. 


(34th St.)Vanderberg, Sarah (Matthews) 


52 Ninth Ave. 






29 W. 48th St. 

wid. of William, 
St.)Vanderbilt, Jno., 

Vanderbilt, Sarah Ann. 
St.)Vanderbilt, Lucretia, 710 Washington St. 

St.) Vanderbilt, George, 169th St.,& St. Nicholas Ave. 
St.) Vanderbilt, George N., 313 W. ii6th St. 

St.) Vanderbilt, Elsie May, 
St.) Vanderbilt, Howard N., 
St.)Vanderbilt, Caroline C., 
St.) Vanderbilt, Elizabeth, 

Vanderhoef, Harman B. 
St.)Vander Hoogt, Cornelius W. 
St.)Vanderpoel, Gertrude Lansing ) 
(Wendell) wid. of S. Oakley, [ 
M. D., ) 

Van Dervoort, Francis P. 
St.)Van Doren, Mary J. (Mott) wid. 

of Matthew, M. D., 
St.) Van Gelder, Arthur Pine, 
Van Home, Mary. 
Van Horsten, Gustav H. 
St.) Van Houten, Cornelius H., 
St.) Van Houten, Caroline (Mafiej ) 
wife of Cornelius H., C 

243 Waverly PI. 


Baltimore, Md. 
[ 36 W. 39th St. 

43 Park Ave. 

116 E. 54th St. 

364 W. 32d St. 

(34th St.) Van Keuren, Sarah, Amsterdam Ave. & 104th St. 



235 W. 45th St. 

St.)Van Kleeck, William H., 

St.)Van Kleeck, Mary I. (Leeds) ) 
wife of William H., ) 

(48th St.) Van Kleeck, Bertha, 
(48th St.)Van Kleeck, Helen, 
(48th St.) Van Kleeck, Nelson Roe, 
(48th St.)Van Kleeck, Chester Marsh, 

Van Ness, Cora M. (Wright) wife of Jno. B. 
(29th St.) Van Nest, Katharine, 45 W. 56th St. 

(48th St.)Van Nest, Katharine Elizabeth, 70 W. 46th St. 


(29th St.) Van Nice, Charles Cornelius, 153 W. 84th St. 
(29th St.)Van Nice, Ella N. (White) wife ) 
of Charles Cornelius, f 

(34th St.) Van Ordt, Myndert P., 368 W. 31st St. 

Van Pelt, Phebe A. (Van Peh) wid. of Tunis. 
(48th St.)Van Riper, Eliza, 21 E. 46th St. 

Van Riper, Josephine. 

Van Riper, Susannah (Post) wife of Bernard. 
(48th St.) Van Roden, Cornelius, 224 E. 50th St. 

(48th St.)Van Roden, Isabella (Jones) [ 
wife of Cornelius, \ 

(48th St.) Van Roden, William DeWitt, ] ^' Stl^Bkn.^""^ 
(48th St )Van Santvoord, Anna Townsend, 38 W. 39th St. 
(48th St.)Van Steenbergh, William H., 352 Madison Ave. 
(48th St.) Van Steenbergh. Clara (Taylor) } 
wife of W^m. H., f 

(W. E.) Van Slyck, Edith Anna ) ^^ ^^ S^^ 

(Glenney) wife ot Geo. P., j ^^ ^^ 

(29th St.)Van Tine, Anna, 433 W. 21st St. 

(29th St.) Van Tine, Elizabeth, 

Van Varick, Jane Ann (Small) wid. of Peter. 

Van Varick, Mary Dunshee. 
(29th St.) Van Vechten, Abraham V. W., Windsor Hotel 
(29th St.) Van Vleck, Catharine V. S., 431 Fourth Ave. 

Van Vleck, Jasper T. 
(48th St.) Van Vleuten, Mary Sophie } „.^ -c- q^j q^. 

(Ryk) wife of Jacob C, f ^^° ^- ^'"^ ^^^ 

(48th St.) Van Vleuten, May Sophie, 

Van Wagenen, Anna, Roseville, N. J. 

Van Wagenen, Elizabeth, 
(48th St.) Van Wagenen, Hubert, 36 E. 53d St. 

(48th St.) Van Wagenen, Cornelia (Louderback) { a 
wife of Hubert, ) 

Van Wie, Mary Elizabeth. 

Van Winkle, Albert W., 229 W. 45th St. 

Van Winkle, Hannah S. (Beach) wid. 
of Edgar S. 


(48th St.) Van Winkle, Elizabeth S., ii E. 45th St. 

Van Wyck, Aletta V. A. (Rapelye) wid. of Chas. 
(29th St.) Van Wyck, Hannah E. (Brinker- } r-., tt 

hoff ) wid. of Theodorus J., ^ ^'^'^y ^^^^^ 
(29th St.)Van Wyck, Maria B., 

(29th St.)Varick, JuHa CHnton, 258 Fourth Ave. 

(29th St.) Vaughan, Dorothy, 78 Madison Ave. 

(K. M.) Vaughan, Amanda I. { 355 Western 

(Bass) wife of Rev. Wm., j" Boulevard 

Veen, John D. 

Veen, Dirk John. 
(K. M.) Veit, Annie, 204 W. 46th St. 

(48th St.)Vermilye, Charles Augustus. [ ^^fooy^'n^ ^^^ 
(34th St.) Vernal, Mary M., 347 W. 34th St. 

(W. E.) Ver Planck, William G., 315 W. 90th St. 

(W. E.) Ver Planck, Harriet A. (Clark) } 
wife of William G., f 

(K. M.) Vetter, Anna Elizabeth, 400 W. 39th St. 

(34th St.)Voelker, Emma, 240 W. 33d St. 

(34th St.)Voelker, Rose, 

(34th St.Wogel, Augusta Anna. 251 W. 31st St. 

(34th St.) Vohrer, Matilda M. M., 248 W. 31st St. 

(2d Av.) Volz, Emma K., 300 E. 105th St. 

(48th St.) Von Auw, Anna Matilda, 47 E. 75th St. 

(48th St.) Von Auw, Clara, 
(48th St.) Von Auw, Malvina Emily, 

(29th St.)Voorhees, Stephen H., Plainfield, N. J. 

(29th St.) Voorhees, Helen (Gray) ) 
wife of Stephen H., f 
(34th St.) Voorhis, Albert E., 726 DeKalb Ave., Bkn. 

(34th St.) Voorhis, Sarah C, 

Voorhis, Phebe Jane (Smalley) wid. of Peter P. 

Voorhis, Mary Adele. 
(29th St.) Vosburg, Nellie M., 207 W. 8oth St. 

(29th St.) Vosburgh, Charles Peter, 257 Broadway 


(29th St.)\Vaaser, Gustav M., M. D. 

(2d Av.) Wadsworth, Mary Frances (Groom) ) ,,_ 0-^.1^0+ 
wid. of Chas. Frederick, f 337 ^ixtlibt. 

(V.) Wagner, Charles, 57i W. 45th St. 

(2d Av.) Wagner, Emma E., Z2>7 Second Ave. 
(2d Av.) Wagner, Lisette, 

(K. M.) Wagner, Louisa Carrie, 257 Fourth Ave. 

(K. M.) Wagner, Mary, 433 W\ 38th St. 

(2d Av.) Wahl, Mary Elizabeth, 122 Seventh St. 
(2d Av.) Wahl, Lena, 
(2d Av.) Wahl, Clara, 

Wakeham, William Thomas. 
(48th St.)Walcke, Hannah E. (Hitchcock) ) ^^ j^^^^j 

wife of Dr. Cornelius, f 

(34th St.)WaMo, Alar^^^^^ | ^^^ ^-^^^ ^^^ 

(34th St.) Waldo, Clifford,' 

Waldron, Sarah (Sparks) wid. of David. 

Walker, Allan. 
(48th St.) Walker, Arabella T. (Camp) wife of Alvin. 

(29th St.) Walker, Hilah Julia (Robbins) ) 8q Fifth Ave 

wife of Joseph, ) ^ 

(29th St.) Walker, Joseph, Jr.. 112 E. 37th St. 

(29th St.)Walker, Elizabeth L. (Sloan) ) 
wife of Joseph, Jr., S 

(34th St.) Walker, Peter Ross, 329 W. 26th St. 
Walker, Mary C. (Board) wife of Jno. C. 

(34th St.) Wallace, Eliza (Aiken) ) .^ , c: 

wid. of Wm., f ^-^ ^^- ^°^^' ^^• 

(29th St.) Walls, Mary J., 7 Fifth Ave. 

(2d Av.) Walter, Gertrude, 135 Second Ave 

(2d Av.) Walther, Susannah (Heidt) } ^ ^j^-^^ ^ve. 
wire of George Carl, ) ^ ^^ 

(29th St.)WaIton, Mrs. Mary J., Trenton. N. J. 


Wanamaker, Pauline (Peterson) ) _,^ -.Tr „_,, o. 
wid. of Daniel, f 532 VV. oOtti bt. 

(34th St.) Ward, Charles S., 201 W. 13th St. 

(V.) Ward, Caroline (Felter) wife ) ^ ^.^^^ ^ 

of George H., ) ^ 

(V.) Ward, Ella May, 

(2d Av.) Ward, Amelia, 251 W. 13th St. 

(29th St.) Ward, Thomas G. 
Wardrobe, James. 
{48th St.) Wardrobe, Caroline (Browning) } Chapel Hill, 

wife of James, f N. Y. 

Warganz, Julius. 

(48th St.)Warner, Emma L. (Frank- } Lexington Ave. 

hn) wite of Henry S., ) ^ ^ 

(48th St.) Warner, Florence, 

Warner, Marion E. (Waddy) wife of John. 
<34th St.)Warnock, Nellie, 66 W. 94th St. 

Warren, Andrew J. 

Warren, Sarah Eliz. (Quidor) wife of And. J. 

Warren, William W. J. 

Wassmer, Joseph George. 

Wassmin, Helena Fredericka (Ehlm) wid. 
of Frederick. 
(W. E.) Waters, Rossiter Lester. 45 W. 70th St. 

<W. E.) Waters, Spencer, " 

<W. E.) Waters, Adele C. (Lester) /, 
wife of William R., j 

(29th St.)Waters, Emily Adelaide, 37 Broadway 

Watkinson, Laura M. (Ferris) wid. of 
Radford A. 

Watson, Elizabeth N. (Landor) wid. of Charles. 

Watson, John. 

<48th St.) Watson Mary A^ (Hadley) } ^ ^^^^^ St. 

w. of Henry B., . ) *^^^ 

<48th St.) Watson, Mary E., 


(29th St.) Watt, John Stevenson, Yonkers, N. Y. 

(48th St.)Wattenberg, Edith Adele (Black) wife of 
Alfred Wm., 
Weand, Henry H. 
(34th St.) Weaver, Annie (Ross) wife ) .y , o 

(U. H.) Webb, Anna Elizabeth (Green) [ University 
wid. of Charles, \ Heights 

(U. H.) Webb, William Hanson. 

(K. M.) Weber, Caroline, 505 W. 49th St. 

(K. M.) Weber, Mary, 

(K. M.) Weber, Catharine Christian, " 

(29th St.) Weber, Lina (Birnstiel) wife } tt 4. 1 aiu <. 
of John, \ ^°^^^ ^^^^^^ 

Wecker, Phillepene (Bullinger) wid. of 

(29th St.)Weddle, Eveleen (Denison) ) „. t? ^r f c^- 



Weick, Frank, 



Weick, Emma C. 
wife of Frank, 



Weigel, Edward, 

wife of William B 
(34th St.)Weed, Lucia A. (Spencer) } ..^ , c; 

w. of Byron K., \ 53 W • 5od ^^t. 

Weedon, Elizabeth. 

Wehrenberg, Amy (Kolster) wife of Richard. 

405 W. 36th St. 
K. (Rangles) } 

274 W. 128th St. 

(2d Av.) Weigelt, Eva (Zuleg) wid. of } o_ R^^f^^H 9t 
Chas. Louis, f ^° Bedtord bt. 

(K. M.) Weiland, Charles, 322 W. 44th St. 

(29th St.) Weir, Annie, loi E. 38th St. 

Weir, Alexander, 

Weir, Mary (Graham) wife of Alex. 

(2d Av.) Weirich, Mary, 161 E. 4th St. 

(2d Av.) Weissner, Charles, 318 E. 6th St. 

(29th St.)Welden, Clara Elizabeth, 279 W. 22d St. 





(2d Av.) 

(2d Av.) 






(34th St.)Weller, Annie Katharine, in W. 30th St. 

(34th St.)Weller, Maggie, 

Wells, Matilda. 
(29th St.) Wells, William H., 118 W. 29th St. 

(29th St.)Wells, Caroline Matilda (Griffing) ) 
wife of W. H., f 

Wenderholt, Charles, 307 E. 83d St. 

(2d Av.) W^enner, Elizabeth (Motz) } ^ r^ ^^, o. 

wife of Jacob, \ ^^^ ^' ^^^ ^t. 

Wentz, Theodore, 328 W. 77th St. 

Wentz, Sarah Elizabeth (Ward) } 
wife of Theo., f 

Werder, Ottilia Wilhelmina Louisa, 147 Ave. A 
Werder, Wilhelmina Louisa, " 

Wessell, Charles, 316 W. 82d St. 

Wessell, Elizabeth (Van Deusen) ) <, 

wife of Charles, f 

(34th St.)Wessels, Elsie, 122 W. 63d St. 

(34th St.)Wessels, Melissa (Newkirk) } 
wid. of Paul A., f 

(48th St.)Westbrook, Frederick E., 108 E. 56th St. 

(20th St.)Westbrook, J. C, Chicago, 111. 

(W. E.) Westerfield, Adeline, wid. ) ,,, , c. 

of Martin, \ 104 W. 92d St. 

(W. E.) Westerfield, Lizzie A., 

(K. M.) Westervelt, Mary Alice, 322 W. 45th St. 

(29th St.)Westervelt, John Raymond, Strasburg, Germany 
(29th St.) Westervelt. Estelle E., } 

(Meyers) wife of John R., f 

(29th St.)Westervelt, Mary Addie, { ^i^ib"ken?N^j: 

(29th St.) Westervelt, Albert Zabriskie, 

(29th St.)Westervelt, Mary E. (Weir) / 
wife of A. Z., f 

(29th St.)Wetmore, Fanny Spencer, New London, Conn. 
(29th St.)Wetmore, Charles Shipman. 


(34th St.) Wharton, xA.nna, New Jersey 

(34th St.) Wharton, Clara, 

(U. H.) Wheaton, Amelia M (Ball) ^ tt • • tt • , 

wid. of Noah, ) University Heights 

(U. H.) Wheaton, Esther Amelia, 

(2d Av.) Wheeler, Joseph. 58 Ann St. 

Wheelock, George A. 
(34th St.) Wherry, Ann Jane, 206 W. 28th St. 

(34th St.) Wherry, Richard, 

(34th St.) Wherry, Richard W., 146 W. 48th St. 

(34th St.) Wherry, Florence (Callan) } 
wife of Richard, f 

White, Archibald. 

(29th St.)White, Minnie (Keachie) ) ^ ,w , c^ 

wid. of Henry K., f ^26 W. 90th St. 

(29th St.) White, Helene. 

(29th St.) White, Harry, 123 E. 36th St 

White, Lucy E. (Barrett) wid. of Jno. H. 

White, Thomas. 

(29th St.) White, Laura, 51 E. 29th St. 

(29th St.)White, Jessie, 121 E. loth St. 

(29th St.) White, Josephine B., wife of ) t:^t ,. a 

Geo. W., \ 20 Fifth Ave. 

(29th St.) Whiting, Murray, ;^6 E. 31st St. 

(48th St.)Whitiock, Elizabeth Phyfe. 

Whitney, Alice Rebecca (Sutton) wid. of 

(W. E.) Whiton, Augustus S., 116 W. 76th St. 

(W. E.) Whiton, Caroline (Ward) wife } 

of Augustus S., i" 

(W. E.) Whiton, Louis Claude, 114 W. 76th St. 

(W. E.) Whiton, Harriet Louisa (Bell) ) 

wife of Louis C, \ * 


Whitter, James H. 
(29th St.)Whytock, Katharine, 21 Charles St. 

(K. M.) Wicko, Margaret (Ederer) | ^^^ ^.^^^ ^^^ 

(K. M.) Wicko, Emma A., 

(34th St.) Wiedhaas, Fanny Pauline, 165 St. & nth Ave. 
(34th St.)Wiegand, Lucy Jane (Fordham) } .^ ^ 

wife of Charles C, f ^^9 W. 31st bt. 

Wierz, Elizabeth Catharine. 
(29th St.)Wiese, Albert John, 412 Fourth Ave. 

(29th St.)Wiese, Mrs. Catharine (Stoppert) 

Wigand, Rosa (Muller) wid. of Adam. 
(29th St.) Wight, Isabella, 133 W. 21st St. 

(48th St.) Wight, Harriet L. (Piatt) wid. of Geo. W. 
(U. H.) Wiley, Jennie E., University Heights 

(U. H.) Wiley, Minnie Bloodgood, 

(2d Av) Wiley, Samuel W., 18 Grove St. 

(2d Av.) Wiley, Cecelia (Heifer) wife of S. W. 
(29th St.)Wilhelm, Mary. 

Wilkerson, Mary C. (Kidd) wife of Wm. 

(V.) Wilkins, Matilda Wilhelmina, 850 Eleventh Ave. 

(34th St.) Wilkinson, Edward A., 425 W. 43d St. 

(34th St.)Wilkinson, Ada (Ferguson) } u 

w. of E. A., i 

Wilkinson, Mary. 

(34th St.)Willcocks, Abraham Lincoln, 124 W. 29th St. 

(34th St.)Willcocks, Clara W. (Bagley) { 

wife of A. L., ] 

(W. E.) Williams, Jane A., } ^ j^ 3^ 

wid. of William, ) ^ /^ 

(W. E.) Williams, Anna W., M. D., 

(2d Av.) Williams Lillie Cornelia } g p- ^ve. 

(Stoehr) wife of Anthony, \ ^^ 

(W. E.) Williams, Jane Helen, 252 W. 84th St. 


Williams, John Ward, 24 E. iiith St. 

Williams, Catharine T, (Dunshee) ) .< 

wife of J. W., f 

Williams, Sarah (Morris) wife of John. 

Williams, Sarah Frances (Field) (Marcullees) 
wid. of Rodrigo. 

Williams, Theodora A. (Hopkins) wife of 

(29th St.) Williams, E. Ellsworth M. D., 12 E. 28th St. 

/ 01 (T^wnT-M- r-t 1 xj ^ 216 Smith St., Bkn., 

(48th St.) Williamson, Charles H., - NY 

(48th St.) Willis, Edith Schuyler (Ketchum) }_ Germantown, 
wife of Charles C, \ Pa. 

(34th St.) Willis, Sarah Catharine j. ^^ ^ j^ S^_ 

(Pollard) w. of James, ) ^ ' ' 

(W. E.) Willis Mary (Tremper) » ^j ,^^,, ^^^ 

Wife of James, \ ^^ 

Willis, Harriet E. (Reed) wid. of Robert N. 

(V.) Wilson, Ann (Allison) wid. \ __ ..j ,_. c;i. 

ofWm., f 522W.oIStbt. 

Wilson, Catharine (Lemm) wife of Frank. 
Wilson, Elizabeth (Laird) wid. of William. 

(29th St.)Wilson, Janette (Riker) ) Lexington Ave. 

Wid. of Harris, ) ^ ^ 

(29th St.) Wilson, Julia, 

(34th St.) Wilson, Alice, 130 W. 28th St. 

(34th St.) Wilson, Mary Louisa, 

(34th St.) Wilson, Jane, 

(34th St.) Wilson, Jonathan, 

(34th St.) Wilson, Annie (Sparrowhawk) \ 
wife of Jonathan, S 

(29th St.) Wilson, Beatrice, " 

Wilson, Margaret (McKendry) wid. of John. 


(34th St. 

(34th St. 

(34th St. 


(29th St. 

(29th St. 

(29th St. 

(29th St. 

(29th St. 

(29th St. 

(29th St. 

(K. M.) 

(W. E.) 

(W. E.) 

(29th St. 


.) Wilson, Louisa, iii Christopher St. 

.) Wilson, Martha (White) { 
wid. of William J.. \ 

.) Wilson, Sarah, " 

Wilson, Martha (Draffin) wid. of John. 
Wilson, Christina (Forth) j. ^ ^ ^ 

wite of John W., ) 

Wilson, Sarah Woodward (Louderback) 
wife of Charles A. 
) Wilson, Rachel. 

,) Wilson, John C, Superior, Wis. 

.) Wilson, Isabelle, " 

Wimmer, Charles. 
Wimmer, Matilda (Romer) wife of Frederick B. 

(20th St. 

(29th St 
(K. M.) 
(K. M.) 


(K. M.) 
(48th St. 
(48th St 

)Windolpli, Emma Anna, 
)Windolph, Millie Eva, 
) Windolph, Lydia, 
)Windolph, Arthur Paul, 

Winkler, Fhilip Henry, 

Winne, Evelina Shea. 

Winne, Margaret Elizabeth. 
)Winslow, Mrs. Daisy E. } 
(Rowell), ) 

) Winter, Rebecca (Joy) wid. of { 
Charles, f 

,) Winter, Julia A., 

Wintergerst, Emma F.. 

Wintergerst, Jacobina L., 

Wintergerst, Otto, 

Wintergerst, Leonhart, 

Wintergerst, Mary Elizabeth { 
(Forherr) wife of Leonhart, ) 

Wintergerst, Wilhelmina, 
) Winthrop, Grenville Bayard, 
)Winthrop, Elizabeth (Oddie) { 
wid. of Grenville, i 

331 W. 31st St. 

709 Tenth Ave. 
252 W. 84th St. 

125 E. 24th St. 
1 1 68 Broadway 

354 W. 37th St. 

160 W. 59th St. 


(34th St.)Wirth, John, Flushing, L. I. 

(34th St.) Wirth, Catharine (Francis) } u 

wife of John, f 

(29th St.) Wirtz, John Conrad, 195 W. 134th St. 

(K. M.) Wiseman Barbara (Abogast) ) ^ ^. j^ ^ 

wid. of Jacob, ) ^ 

(K. M.) Wishart, George. 346 W. 39th St. 

(K. M.) Wishart, AHce (Campling) )_ 
wife of Geo., \ 

Wisnowski, Katharine (Diegele) { Cor. 49th St., 
wife of John, f & Ninth Ave. 

Witschen, Meta D. 

Wittmer, Elizabeth C. I\I. (Strauch) wife 
of John W. 
(V.) Wohliarth, Louisa (Stollmer) } ^_^ -i^r _^ , q. 

wife of George, \ 453 W. o3cl bt. 

(34th St.) Wohlfarth, Benjamin, 345 Seventh Ave. 

(34th St.) Wohlfarth, Catharine (Dorr) ^ 
wife of Benjamin, \ 

(34th St.) Wohlfarth, Lizzie, 

Wolf, Charles Albert. 

(2d Av.) Wolf, Elizabeth (Cook) { ^chn]e^ St Bkn 

wife of Charles A., \ ^'^ ^^clioies bt., Bkn. 

(34th St.)Wolfarth, Mary Louise (Hoff- } ^^ -^ ^^,,, c;. 

acker) w. of Wm. W., f ^° ^' ^^^^^' ^^• 

Wood, Abby (Johnson) wid. of Thomas. 

.(48th St.)Wood, Catharine M. (Giffing) } Bronklvn N Y 
wid. of Charles, f iirooklyn, JN. Y. 

(W. E.) Wood, Thomas C, 273 West End Ave. 

(W. E.) Wood, Julia A. (Rudd) { 
wife of Thomas C, f 
(W. E.) Wood, Jessie Clark, 
(W. E.) Wood, Katharine Rudd, 

Wood, Mary E. (Gaywood) wid. of Joseph. 
(V.) Woodburn, Alicia A., 1^42 W. 48th St. 


(48th St.)Woodruff, Charles H., 14 E. 68th St. 

<48th St.) Woodruff. Kittie (Sanford) wife ) u 

of Charles H., )" 

(48th St.)Woodriiff, Frederick Sanford, 

(48th St.)Woodruff, Lewis Bartholomew. " 

(W. E.) Woodward, Elizabeth R., Mrs., 206 W. 128th St. 

(W. E.) Woodward, Catharine Mace, " 

(W. E.) Woodward, Lucy Shuart, 

( "Hotel San Remo," 
(W. E.) Woodward, Frederick F., - Central Park West 

( and 75th St. 

(W. E.) Woodward, Amie Louise (Farrar) } ^ 

wife of Frederick F.. ^ 

(V.) Woodward, George, 723 Eleventh Ave. 

(V.) Woodward, Mary Ellen (Anderton) } ., 

wife of George, f 

(U. H.) Woolsey, Albert, University Heights 

(U. H.) Woolsey, Louisa (Wahrenberger) ) ^ 

wife of Albert, S 

(V.) Woop, Charlotte, 439 W. 53d St. 

(2d Av.) Worth, Mary E., 17 Bedford St. 

<K. M.) Wright, H. W., Greenpoint, L. L 

(29th St.) Wright, Joel Williston, M. D., Hotel Endicott 
{29th St.) Wright, Sarah H. (Lockwood) } 

wife of J. W., M. D., S 

(29th St.) Wright, Frederick W., 

(29th St.) Wright, M. Elizabeth, 353 W. 19th St. 

/48th St.) Wright, Sarah C. (Runk) j. ^^ ^^^ S^ 

wid. of Andrew, ) ^^ ^ 

Wroeger, Matilda, Freystadt in Silesia, Germany 
Wubbenhorst, Christiana C. (Von Glahn) 

wife of Diedrich. 
Wubbenhorst, John D. 
(2d Av.) Wulf Katharina Sophia \ g^ ^^ ^^^^^ g^ 

(Blanck) wife of Charles, ) 
Wyley, Mary. 


Yates, Adelaide. 

Yates, Josephine (Bosworth) 

Yelvington, Jennie E. 

(34th St.) Young, Bella Augusta, 

(34th St.) Young, Christian, 

(V.) Young, John, 

(V.) Young, Dora (Puckhaber) ) 

wife of John, \ 

(K. M.) Young, Auttina (Schultz) [ 
wife of Henry, \ 

(2d Av.) Young, Caroline. 

(2d Av.) Young, Ottilie, 

(29th St.) Young, Mrs. Emilv Theresa } 
(Wells) \ 

(2d Av.) Youngman, Kate 'SI., 

vvid. of Charles. 

Nutley, N. J. 
408 Ninth Ave. 
427 W. 54th St. 

459 W. 46th St. 
150 E. 48th St. 

118 W. 29th St. 
Yokohama, Japan 

(29th St.)Zabriskie, Albert H., 244 W. 24th St. 

Zaklasnik, Frances, 77 E. 121st St. 

Zeuner, Wilhelmina Catharine, 250 W. 28th St. 
iZeuner, Eva Dora. 
) Zeuner, Eva Elizabeth (Zeuner) ) 

(34th St.) 
(34th St.) 
(34th St.) 

(34th St.) 
(34th St.) 

(2d Av.) 
(2d Av.) 
(2d Av.) 
(29th St.) 

wife of William Jacob, 
Zeuner. Frederick Henry 
Zeuner, Rose Clara. 
Zimmerman, Barbara. 
Zimmerman, Henry. 
Zimmerman. William H., 
Zink, Emma. 
Zurn, Harry P. 

Hoboken, N. J. 

189 Concord St., Bkn. 
333 Fifth St. 


The following named persons were included in the 
membership of the Thirty-fourth Street Reformed Church, 
and were received into the communion of the Collegiate 
Church by Certificate in February 1896, but designated 
as unknown by Rev. K. F. Junor in the revision of the 
Roll of Membership : 

Bell, Jennie B. (Gleiidenning) w. of Jackson. 
Berry, Catharine (Key) w. of James. 
Bigelow, Maggie (Kahlbacker) w. of Henry. 
Brower, Amelia. 

Camp, Jeannie. 

Caverley, Lottie Maria. 

Charles, Elsie. 

Coward, Nellie (Jackman) w. of Geo. 

Crooks, ]\linnie. 

Drumgold, Mary J. (Patterson) w. of Henry. 

Earle, Elizabeth. 

Ferris, Fanny B. 

Finley, Catharine (Love' w. of James. 

Finley, Margaret Jane. 

Folly, Martha Elizabeth. 

Gibson, Emma Augusta. 


Hallberg, Leonora O. 
Hammond, Theodore Albert. 
Hansen, Charles V/m. 
Holriies, WilHani Harney. 
Hooper, Henrietta Frances. 
Hyatt, John Elijah. 

Koop, Lena (Boole) wife of . 

Lattin, C. Irving. 

Leunney, Mary E., wid. of Isaac L. 

Lindblad, Dagmar Josephine (Van Gerstenberg- 

Rosted) w. of Paul G. 
Lindblad, Onni Figgo. 
Lynason, Mattie W. 

Mabie, Sarah A. 

Macdonald, Belle J. (Chamberoux) w. of Henry. 

Macdonald, Daisy Belle. 

Marshall, Catharine S., wid. of James. 

Martin, Edwin S, 

Montfort, John H. 

Nelson, Emma (Blanck) w. of Henry V. 

Nesbit, Margaret J. (Post) wid. of Wm. 

Newkirk, Ann Eve. 

Niemann, Lilah (Galloway) w. of George. 

Nurse, George A. 

Nurse, Mary C. (Adcock) w. of Geo. A. 

Peek, George Washington. 

Ross, Edith. 
Ross, Emma. 
Rynders, Charles A. 


Schnaple, Ernest Frederick Louis. 

Schurr, Louise. 

Seifried, Mary. 

Sherman, Smith Livingston. 

Stevens, Harriet Frances. 

Tyler, Sarah EUzabeth (Cash). 

Van Aken, NelHe Louise. 

Van Wagenen, Charles. 

Van Wagenen, Margaret Ann, w. of Charles. 

Van Wagenen, ]\Iaria (Lewis) wid. of Jas. B. 

Vivian, Mary Ann (Bright) w. of Jean. 

Wheelan, Elizabeth G., w. of Joseph.