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Full text of "Catalogue of the members of the fraternity of Delta psi"

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A^ /<PJ^f 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2007 with funding from 

IVIicrosoft Corporation 






JUNE, 1889. 








^M ^ 


This list has been compiled and issued under the 
authority of the Fraternity. Although the records are 
somewhat incomplete and in cases of extinct Chapters only 
fragmentary, it has been deemed best to publish without 
further delay, the data immediately available, with the hope 
that with this book as a basis for future work, the necessary 
corrections and additions may be more quickly and easily 
made, and a complete catalogue issued within a few 
years. All members of the Fraternity are earnestly re- 
quested to make known any information in their pos- 
session relating either to themselves or other members, 
additional to that contained in the following pages. 

Address, Robert Thorne, 

St. Anthony Club, 29 East 28th St., 

New York City. 


siNCK THE Printing of thk pages relating to the 







Order of Their Foundation. 

Alpha Chapter, 
Columbia College, New York, N. Y. 

Delta Chapter, 
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Epsilon Chapter, 
Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. 

Iota Chapter, 
University of Rochester, Rochester, N. Y. 

Lambda Chapter, 
Williams College, Williamstown, Mass. 

Phi Chapter, 
University of Mississippi, Oxford, Miss. 

Upsilon Chapter, 
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. 

Sigma Chapter, 
Sheffield Scientific School, Yale University, 

New Haven, Conn. 

Tau Chapter, 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. 


Founded in Columbia College, 



JANUARY 17th, 1847. 





3. George Gordon Byron, 

Occupation, With Adams Express Co., 

59 Broadway, N. Y. C. 
Home address, Morton House, N. Y. C. 

8. Edward Philip. Livingston Ludlow 

Address, 137 Madison Ave., N. Y. C. 

15. Rudolph Augustus Witthaus, 

Occupation, Chemist, Prof., Chemistry and Physics, 
Univ. of N. v., Med. Dept., 

410 East 26th St., N. Y. C. 
Home address, 61 Fifth Ave., N. Y. C. 

18. Valentine Mott, 

Degrees, also A. B. [Col.] 

Only address, 62 Madison Ave., N. Y. C. 

23. Rudolph Herman Kissell, 

Occupation, Banker, 54 Wall St., N. Y. C. 

Residence, N. Y. C. 

28. Daniel Edward Moran, 

Occupation, With Pcttsch Sooysmith Freezing Co,, 

2 Nassau St., N. Y. C. 

32. Robert Cornell Sands, 

A. B., A. M., also LL. B. 


1850. *Charles Arms Budd, 

M. D. 

Died, May 17, 1877. 

1851. *JOHN Hone Anthon, 

A. M. 
Lawyer, Died, October 29, 1874. 

1 85 1. Samuel W. Barger, 
Lawyer, iii Broadway, 192 Madison Ave., New York City. 

1850. William Myn Van Wagenen. 


185 1. *Charles a. Shepherd, 

Died, 1852. 

185 1. *George Ehninger, Jr., 
C. E. 

Died, November 3, i860. 

185 1. *James R. Welling, 


1850. George Gordon Byron, 
A. B. 


1 85 1. Charles Arms Cook, 
^ A. B., A. M. 
Insurance, 52 Broad St., 1138 Third Ave., New York City 

185 1. John W. McGrath. 


1 85 1. John Newton Tuttle. 

1852. Gardiner Spring Hutchinson. 

1851. Frederick Beasley Norcom, 
M. D. 

Physician, 12th and Chesnut Sts., St. Louis, Mo. 

Webster Groves, St. Louis Co., Mo. 

1852. *Edward K. Collins, Jr , 


1852. Henry T. Norcom, 

St. Louis, Mo, 


185 1. *Thomas William Channing Moore, 


1 85 1. Henry Steele Olcott, 

Bombay. India. 

1853. George Moore Rodgers. 

1852. *Edward Willett, 


1853. Alexander Scott. 


1853. William Stout Edwards. 
1853. *Thomas Robinson Rodgers, 

Died, 1870. 

1852. Hiram Ketchum, 
Lawyer, 357 Grand St., 41 Mott St., New York City. 

1853. George Golden Tracy. 

1853. Richard Howard, 

Lawyer. New York City. 

1851. William Greene Ward, 

A. B. Serpentine Road, 

Banker, 17 Broad St., N. Y. C. Edgewater, Richmond Co., N.Y. 

185 1. *Alfred Henry Thurston, 
A. M., M. D. 

Died, 1865. 

*John S. Lawrence, 

Died, 1870. 

Henry E. Holmes. 

1854. Samuel Milford Blatchford, 

Special Deputy Surveyor, I East 39th St. , 

Port Custom House, New York City. 

1854. Frederick Newbold Lawrence, 
Broker, 30 Broadway, N. Y. C. Bayside, Long Island. 

♦Horace Durrie Steele, {E) 

Died. October, 1851. 

1853. *Francis Saltus Banks, 

Died, February 14, 1872. 

1852. Charles Theobald Jung, 

Banker, 6 Wall St., N. Y. C. 359 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1852. William Gary Smith. 

1852. *WiLLiAM Amos Ketchum. 

U. S. Consular A gent 2X Minatitlan, Mexico, where he died, April 26, 1882. 

1852. Richard H. Tucker, 

Lawyer. A. M. 

1854. Stewart Lyndon Woodford, (/) 

A. M. (Col.; Trin.; Yale); LL. D. (Trin.). 
Lawyer, 18 Wall St., N. Y. C. 869 President St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


1854. {E) CuLLEN Lawson Garter, 

A. B. 

Merchant, loi N. Moore St., N. Y. C. 481 Waverly Ave., Brooklyn. 

i854' *Orlando Harriman Morris, 
A. B. 

Lawyer. Died, June, 1864. 

1854. John Edward Taylor, 
A. B. 

Morristown, N. J. 

♦Joseph H. Nash, 

Died, October. 1864. 

1854. *Charles Edwards Morgan, 

A. B.. M. D. 

Died, 1867. 

1854. *Brockholst Fulton Cutting, (J) 

Died, July 10, 1869. 
1855. James Ray Hosmer, 

A. M. 
Sec. of Legation and U, S, Consul General, Guatemala. C. A. 

1854. Benjamin Strong, 

A. B. 

52 William St, N. Y. C. Montclair. N. T- 

1854. *Cutler Corday MacAllister, 
A. M. 

Lawyer. Died, June, 1879. 

1855. Alexander Robert Chisolm, 

61 Broadway, N. Y. C. Morristown, N. J. 


1855. William Parker Ravenel. 

1856. James Weeks, 

A. B. 

Broker, 18 Wall St., N. Y. C. Grand View-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

1856. Edwin Stanton Babcock, 

A. M. 

Lawyer, 7 Warren St., N. Y. C. Nyack, N. Y. 


A. M. 

Lawyer, Died, May 2, 1868. 

1855. *David Burgess Miller, 

A. M., M. D. 
Physician. Deceased. 

1855. Stephen Titus Hosmer, 

Adjuster, 195 Broadway, New York City. 

1856. William Jones Seabury, 

A. M., S. T. D. 
Clergyman, 405 West 20th St., 114 West 14th St., New York City. 

1856. *Herman Frederick Lee, 
A. B. 

Died 1864. 

1856. Frederick Ferris Thompson, {A) 
A. M. 

Banker, 2 Wall St., 283 Madison Ave., New York City. 

1856. William Jones Fuller. 


1856. John W. Timpson, 
A. M. 

1856. David Gardiner Thompson, 

A. M. 

25 Lafayette Place, New York City. 

1856. David Bradley Lee, 
A. B. 

Union Club, New York City. 

1856. *Henry Parish Conrey, 

Died, 1858. 

1857. *Francis William Waldo, 

Died, September 29, 1878. 


1857. Edward P. Livingston Ludlow, 

178 Madison Ave,, New York City. 

1857. *Charles Porter Russel, 
M. D. 


1857. James Burton Herrick, 

A. M. 

Clergyman. Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

1857. James H. Slipper, 

86 WoodhuU St., Brooklyn, N. Y- 

1857. George Butler Griffin. 
1857. William Gibbs MacNeill Whistler, (E) (J) 

M. D, [Univ. of Penn.], 
Physician. 28 Wimpole St. W. London, England. 

1857. *MoRGAN Lewis Smith Brower, 
A. M. 

Died, 1864. 

1854. *George Washington Bacon, 

A. B., a. M., M. D., LL.B., 
Clergyman, Died, January 16, 1865. 

Elbert Ellery Anderson, 

A. M. 

Lawyer^ 10 Wall St., 165 Madison Ave., New York City. 

1854. Carleton Moses Herrick, 
A. M., LL. b. 


1854. Jeremiah Lott Zabriskie, 

A. B. 

Clergyman. Nyack, N. Y. 


1857. Ephraim Leonard Corning. 
1858. James Dater. 



1858. Abram Greene Richards, 
A. B. 

470 Broadway, New York City. 

1858. *Thomas Fitch Thatcher, 

A. B. 

Died, 1879. 

1857. *Henry B. Nott, 

Died, 1859. 

1859. William Frank Burroughs, 

A. B. (Univ., City of N. Y.) 
Actor. Larchmont, N. Y. 

1859. John Rutherford Matthews, 


1856. *WiLLiAM Thomas Van Riper, 
A. M. 

Died, i860. 

1858. Robert Kerr Richards, 

A. B. 
Broker, 52 Broadway, N. Y. C. Long Island. 

1859. John Haggerty Draper, 
Auctioneer, 240 Fifth Ave., 126 East 36th St., New York City. 

1859. Edwin Ely Butler, 


1859. *Edward Henry Anderson, 

A. M. 
Lawyer. Died, June 6, 1879. 


1856. William Warren Ayres, 

A. M. 

Clergyman. Wickford, R. I. 


1856. Leonard William Kip, Jr., 

RT. REV., D. D., A. M. 

Bishop, Prot. Episcopal Chutch. Amoy, China. 

1858. *Charles William Chauncey, 


1859. *Stephen Whitney Phcenix, 

A. M., LL. B. 

Lawyer. Died, 1881. 

1858. *Wyllys Pomeroy Baxter, 
Lawyer. Died, 1872. 

1859. Gabriel Mead Tooker, 
A. M., LL. B. 

Lawyer. Newport, R. L 

1861. ♦Prescott Hall Ward, 
Lawyer. Died, October, 1870. 

1859. Franklin Miller, 
Ass't Treas., 7 Warren St., N. Y. C. Stamford, Ct. 


1859. Henry W. Miller, 
Broker, 58 Broadway, 72 West 92d St., New York City 

i860. Robert Peabody Barry, 

A. B. 

Farmer. Warrentown, Va. 

i860. Charles De Ruyter, 
A. M., LL. B 
Robins St., New Orleans, La. 

i860. ♦Richard Lewis Morris, Jr., 

A. M. 

J 8th Infantry, U. S. A. Deceased. 

1861. John Asken Tucker, 

A. M. 

Merchant, 98 Pine St., N. Y. C. loi Willow St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


1 86 1. Frank Alleyne Otis. 

A. M., LL. B. 

15 Cortlandt St., N. Y. C. Bellport, Long Island: 

1861. *SiDNEY Stewart Henop, 
LL. B. 

Lawyer. Deceased. 


A. M., M. D. 

Surgeon, U. S, N. Died, May 29, 1872.. 


186 r. Cornelius Fellows, Jr., 

Broker, 25 William St., 570 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1862. *Thomas Freeborn, 

LL. B. 
Lawyer. Died, January 11, 1886. 

1862. Joseph Louis Spofford, 

Merchant, 27 State St., N. Y. C. Elmwood, N. Y- 

1859. James Frederick Moore, 

A. M., M. D. 

Physician. 444 Pacific St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1862. Edmund Augustus Ward, 
LL. B. 

1862. Nathan Brewster Moose, Jr., 

1862. *Goodwin Watson, 

Died, November, 1872. 

1862. Frederick Shonnard, 

Warburton Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 


1862. *Francis Willis, 

A. M. 

Merchant. Died, June 23, 1870. 



1 862. William Henry Willis, 

A. M. 
Lawyer, 115 Broadway, 108 East 26th St., New York City. 

1863. Francis Henry Weeks, 

A. B.. LL. B. 
Lawyer, 120 Broadway, 11 East 24th St., New York City. 

1861. *Thomas Taunton Sabine, 

A. M., M. D. 

Physician. Deceased. 

1863. Stuyvesant Fish Morris, 

A. M.. M D. 
Physician. 16 East 30th St., New York City. 

1863. Rutherfurd Stuyvesant, 

A. B. 

16 & 18 Exchange Place, 246 East 15th St., New York City. 

1863. Charles Alfred Post, 

LL. B. 
Lawyer, Post Building, 21 N. Washington Square, New York City. 


1864. *Henry Hills Parker, 

A.M., LL. B. 
Lawyer. Died, October, 1886. 

1863. Robert Emmet Robinson, 

A. B., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 52 Wall St., N. Y. C. New Brighton, Staten Island. 


1864. *Reginald Heber Bartow, 

A. B. 

Died, 1888. 

1864. Francis Ferdinand Marbury, 

Lawyer, 3 Broad St., 76 Irving Place, New York City. 

1865. {E) Jerome Gill Atkinson, 
M. D. LUniv. City of N. Y.]. 

Physician, 257 Adelphi St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 



1865. Frederick Prime, Jr , 
A. B. 

Professor, Univ. of Penna., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1866. Frederick Kobre, 

Dry Goods, Commission, 66 White St., New Brighton, 

N. Y. C. Staten Island, 

1866. John Frederick Wissman, 

A. M. 

Merchant. 437 Fifth Ave., New York City, 

1866. Edward Holland Nicoll, 

A. M., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 54 Wall St., 40 East 2ist St., New York City. 


1866. Marshall Bell, 
A. M., LL. B. 

Lawyer. 276 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1867. Nicholas Fish, 

A. M.;LL. B. [Harvard], 
Banker, 120 Broadway, 53 Irving Place, New York City. 

1867. George Winthrop Folsom, 

Real Estate, 105 Temple Court, 236 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1867. * J AMES BoGGS Livingston, 

Broker. Deceased 

1867. James Philip TiLLiNGHAST, 
Broker, 9 Broad St., New York City. 

1867. Clarence Melville Hyde, 
Lawyer. A. M., LL. B. Vienna, Austria. 


1862. *JoHN Lawrence Churchill, 

Captain, U. S. A, A. M. Died. October 14, 186S. 


i86i. Philip Ferdinand Kobbe, 
59 Liberty St., N. Y, C. New Brighton, Staten Island. 

1 868. *JoHN William Schmidt Arnold, 

A. M., M. D. 

Professor, University of the South. Deceased. 

1 868. George Lockhart Rives, 

A. M., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 32 Nassau St., 15 East 29th St., New York City. 

1868. *DuANE Livingston Peabodv, 

A. M., LL. B. 

Lawyer. Died, September 17, 1886. 

1866. Frederick Diodate Thompson, 

LL. B. 

25 Lafayette Place, New York City. 

1868. Henry Coit Mortimer, 

Broker, 141 Pearl St., 108 West 12th St., New York City. 


1866. Benjamin Robert Winthrop, Jr., 

Lawyer. LL. B. 

1864. Joseph Baylev Lawrence, 

LL. B., A. M. 

Lawyer, 11 1 Broadway, 135 East 38th St., New York City. 

1869. *JoHN Jacob Astor Bristed, 

A. B. Died, June i6, i83o. 

1869. Herman Kobbe, 
LL. B. 
Lawyer, 18 Wall St., no East 47th St., New York City. 

1869. Henry Cady Sturges, 

, A. M. 

Farmer. 40 East 36th St., New York City. 

1869. Hamilton Fish, Jr., 

A. M., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 104 Broadway, 315 Second Ave., New York City. 


1869. William Alexander Duer, 

LL. B., A. M. 

Lawyer, 115 Broadway, 40 West 35th St., New York City. 

A. M., LL. B. [Univ. City of N. Y.] 
Justice Supreme Court, State of N. F., 145 Willow St., 

County Court House, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1869. *Robert Henry Hunt, 

A. B. Died, March 24, 1870, 

1869. Henry Waterman Holden, 

A. M. 
51 Leonard St., N. Y. C. Huntington, L. I. 

1869. Charles Augustus Peabody, Jr., 

A. M., LL. B. 

Lawyer, no Broadway, 13 Park Ave., New York City. 


1866. John Watts Kearny, 
P. O. Box 58, Newark, N. J. Kearny Township, Hudson Co., N. J. 

1868. Thomas Parish Sherman, 

Lawyer, 180 Temple Court, 606 Lexington Ave., New York City. 

*Edward Swan Fearing, 

Merchant. Died, 1881. 

1870. William Neilsen Winthrop, 

Paris, France. 

1870. *George Livingston Peabody, 
A. M., M. D. 

Physician. Deceased. 


Died November 20, 1867. 

1870. George Hammond McLean, 

Insurance, 156 Broadway, 126 W. 57th St., New York City. 

1867. Rudolph Augustus Witthaus, 

A. M., M. D. 
Surgeon, New York College, 2 E. 28th St., New York City. 


1871. Edward Livingston Trudeau, 

Physician. Saranac Lake, Franklin Co., N. Y. 

1868. John Anthon Callender, 

M. D. 

1867. William A. Weed. 

Sec. and Treas. 741 Fifth Ave.. 

New York Silicate Co , 40 Broadway, New York City. 


1870. Robert Stratton Morison, 

A. B. 

Importer of Plate Glass, 49 Garden Place, 

83 Wooster St., N. Y. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1870. Frank Dodge Sturges, 
A. B., A. M., LL. B. 

.Lawyer, 71 Wall St., 37 W. 20th St., New York City. 

1 87 1. Robert Waller, Jr., 
A. M. 

Broker, 52 Exchange Place, 130 E. 37th St., New York City. 

187 1. Abram Evan Gwynne, 
Banker and Broker^ 25 Broad St., N. Y. C. Sea Side. L. L 

187 1. *Frank Goddard Haughwout, 

A B., LL. B. 
Ex-U. S. Consul, Naples, Italy. Died, November, 1885. 

187 1. Denning Duer, Jr., 
A. B. 

37 New St., 107 East 17th St., New York City. 

1 87 1. Chester Clark Munroe, 

A. B. 

Merchant, 77 William St., N. Y. C. Englewood, N. J. 


187 1. Stuyvesant Fish, 

A. B., A. M. 
Pres't Illinois Central Railroad, 214 Broadway, 

20 Grammercy Park, New York City. 


187 1. *JoHN Watts Russell, 
Lawyer. LL. B., A. M. Deceased. 

1 86 1. {}]) Bankson Taylor Morgan, 

A. M. [Trinity], LL. B. [Columbia] 

Lawyer, 146 Nassau St., 38 W, Washington Square, New York City. 

1872. Edward Fermor Hall, 

A. B., A. M. 

Sup't, Fidelity and Casualty Co., 214 Broadway, 

St. Anthony Club, New York City. 

1872. Francis Robert Rives, Jr., 
Lawyer, 32 Nassau St. , 8 Washington Place, New York City. 

1872. William Merriman Humphrey, 
76 Franklin St., N. Y. C. Englewood, N. J. 

1872. *RoBERT Arnold, 

Lawyer. A. M., LL. B. Died, May 31, 1875. 

1872. *George Mortimer Tibbits, 

A. B. Died, February i, 1882. 

1872. Edward Wanton Casey, 

Lieutenant 2d U. S. Cavalry. Care War Dept., Washington, D. C. 

1872. Robert Ray Hamilton, 

A. M., LL. B. 
Lawyer, 229 Broadway, 55 West 30th St., New York City. 

1870. Edgar Bradford Clark, 

Lawyer. LL. B. 


1870. Stacy Budd Collins, 

Physician. LL B., M. D. 

1 87 1. Brander Matthews, 

LL. B., A. M. 

Lawyer, Author. 121 East 18th St., New York City. 

1872. Arthur Delano Weekes, 

A. M. 
Lawyer, 58 Wall St., N. Y. C. Short Hills, N. J. 


1873. Gilbert MacMaster Speir, Jr., 

A B., A. M., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 62 Wall St., 9 East 34th St., New York City. 

1873. Henry Walter Webb, 
M. E. 

Vice Pteit, Wagner Palace Car Co., Ass't to Prest N. Y. C. 6f //. P. 
R. P., Grand Central Depot, 15 West 47th St. New York City. 

1870. John Christopher O'Connor, Jr., 
LL. B. 

Lawyer, 62 Wall St., 24 East 33d St., New York City. 

1873. James Montaudevert Waterbury, 
A. M. 
Merchant and Manufacturer, 139 Front St., 

43 Fifth Ave., New York City. 


1872. Valentine Mott, 
B. A. [Trin. Col., Camb.], A. M. [Col.], M. D. [Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col.] 
Physician, 29 East 24th St., 62 Madison Ave,, New York City. 

187 1. James Otis Morse, Jr., 
A. M., LL. B. 

Lawyer, i20 Broadway, N. Y. C. Englewood, N. J. 

1872. Schuyler Hamilton, Jr., 

A. M., E. M. 

Brick Manufacturer. Croton Landing, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

1873. Casimir De Rham Moore, 

A. M., LL. B 
Lawyer, 120 Broadway, 143 East 36th St., New York City. 

1874. George Christian Kobbe, 

A. M., LL. B. 
Laivyer, 102 Broadway, N. Y C. Short Hills, N. J. 


1873. William Seward Webb, 
M. D. 

Preset, Wagner Palace Car Co. 680 Fifth Ave., 

Vanderbilt Ave., New York City. 


1873. Glover Crane Arnold, 
M. D. [Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col.] 

Physician. 115 East 30th St., New York City. 

1874. Sylvanus Albert Reed, 

A. B., A. M., E. M., Ph. D. 
Civil Engineer. 6 East 53d St., New York City. 

1874. Robert Clifford Cornell, 

A. B., A. M., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 54 William St., 33 Irving Place, New York City. 

1873. Sutherland Tenney, 

LL. B., A. M. 

Lawyer, 11 Pine St., 87 Madison Ave., New York City. 

1874. Spencer Aldrich, 
A. B., A. M., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 45 Broadway., 93 Park Ave., New York City. 

1^73- Jose Aymar, 
A.M., LL. B. 

Barcelona, Spain. 

1874. Benjamin Aymar Sands, 
A. B., A. M., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 54 William St., 73 West 55th St., New York City. 

1875. Oliver Drake Smith, 
LL. B. 

iMwyer, 115 Broadway, N. Y. C. Englewood, N, J. 

1875- John Henry Purdy, 
A. B., A. M., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 140 Nassau St., 26 East 38th St., New York City. 

1875. AuGUSTiN Monroe, 

LL. B. 

Lawyer. 55 West 26th St., New York City. 

1875. Henry De La Montagne. 

1875. Thomas Cumming Bach, 

LL. B., A. M. 
Associate Justice Montana Supreme Courts Great Falls, Mont. 

1875. George Alexander Brown, 

Broker, 64 Broadway, 152 Lexington Ave., New York City. 


i875- Charles De Kay Townsend, 

LL. B. 

Lawyer, 55 Liberty St., 28 East 6ist St., New York City. 


1873. *JoHN Scott Loughton, 

Lawyer. LL. B. Died, January, 1878, 

1873. Charles Nathan Harris, 

LL. B. 

Lawyer, 68 Beaver St., 91 Madison Ave., New York City. 

1873. George Cornell Freeborn, 

M. D. 

Physician. 18 East 41st St., New York City. 

1875. James Punnett, 

LL. B. 

Lawyer, 92 Liberty St., N. Y. C. Dobbs-Ferry-on- Hudson, N, Y. 

1875. Randolph Hurry, 
A. B.. A. M.. LL. B. 

Lawyer, 58 William St., 242 Lexington Ave., New York City. 

1876. Ledyard Sands. 
1876. Latham Gallup Reed, 

B. A., LL. B. [Trin. Hall, Camb.] 
Lawyer. 6 East 54th St., New York City. 

1876. Center Hitchcock, 

8 East 2Qth St., New York City. 

1875. Charles King, 

PH. B. Montana. 

1876. Frederick Oakes, 
A. B 

Physician. 248 West 23d St.. New York City, 

1876. Robert Townsend, 

A. B., A. M., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 55 Liberty St., N. Y. C. Oyster Bay, Long Island. 

1876. WiLMOT Johnson, Jr., 
A. B., LL. B. 

Lawyer^ 140 Nassau St., N. Y. C. Morris Plains, N. J. 


1875. ^Alfred Torrance. 

Died, April 12, i858. 

1875. Samuel Rowland Russell, 

E. M. 

■2 Nassau St., no East 35th St., New York City. 

1874. John Ellis Roosevelt, 

LL. B. 

Lawyer, 17 Nassau St., iia East 45th St., New York City. 


1876. Irvin Auchincloss Sprague, 

A. B. 
Merchant, 97 Wall St., N. Y. C. 77 Willow St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1877. Theodore Vernon Boynton, 

A. B., A. M. 

13 West Qth St., New York City. 

1877. Edward Howe Wales, 

Stock Broker, 72 Broadway, 122 East 39th St., New York City. 

1876. *Gaspar Griswold, 

M. D., A. M., M. R. C. S. 
Physician. Died, March 4th, 1886. 

1877. Philip Glendower Peabody, 

A. B., A. M., LL. B. 

18 Lichfield St., Boston, Mass. 

1877. Gouverneur William Morris, 

E. M. 

Broker, 58 Wall St., 55 West 33d St., New York City. 

1874. Clifford Allan Hereschoff Bartlett, 

LL. B. 
Lawyer, 168 Nassau St., 31 West 9th St., New York City. 


1877. Frederick Delano Weekes, 

A. B., A. M. 

Lawyer, 58 Wall St., 47 East 20th St., New York City. 


1878 Francis Reynolds Hitchcock, 

A. B., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 44 Broadway, 8 East 29th St., New York City. 

1878. William Waller, 
A. B. 

Ass't Cashier, Franklin Natural Gas Co., Franklin, Pa. 

1878. Charles Frederick Hoffman, Jr., 

A. B. 

Real Estate, 4 Warren St., 159 West 73d St., New York City. 

1878. William Henry de Forest, Jr., 

A. B. I Hamilton Grange, 

Merchant, 4 Wall St., West 144 St., New York City. 

1876. William Augustus Pierrepont, 

LL. B., M. D. [Univ. Med. Coll,] 

Physician, 7 West 45th St., N. Y. C. i Pierrepont PL, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1878. William Hamilton Russell, 

A. B. 
Architect, 71 Broadway, 21 West loth St., New York City. 

1876. James Clinch Smith, 

LL. B. 
Lawyer. 537 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1877. William Guy Richards, 
M. D. 

Physician^ Home Benefit Ass., 137 Broadway, N.Y. C. Ir\'ington, N.Y. 

1876. Louis Bogert Wright, 
Broker, Care of L B. Newcombe & Co., Irvington, N. Y. 

6 Broad St., N. Y. C. 

1876. Albert Gallup, 

A. B., A. M. [Brown]; LL. B. 

Lawyer, 58 William St., 45 West 20th St., New York City. 

1874. John Lindley, 

LL. B 
Lawyer, i Broadway, 46 East 30th St., New York City. 


1877. Charles Montagu Ward, 

Real Estate, 72 Broadway, A. B. Racquet Club, New York City 


i879- William Barclay Parsons, 

A. B., C. E. 

Engineer, 35 Broadway, 505 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1879. Henry Gallup Paine, 

A. B. 

Editor, 39 East Houston St., 19 West 24th St., New York City. 

1879. John Johnston, 

14 West loth St. , New York City. 

1877. *Henry Wager Halleck, 

LL. B. Died, 1882. 

1879. Robert Wrightson Webb. 

1877. ^Cornelius Smith Lee, 


1879. Rudolph Herman Kissel, 

Fruit, 71 Hudson St., N. Y. C. San Francisco 


1877. John Murray Mitchell, 
A. B., A. M., LL. B, 

Lawyer, 45 Wall St., 60 West 9th St , New York City. 

1880. Romulus Riggs Colgate, 

Treas. Atlantic White Lead and Linseed Oil Co., 38 East 51st St., 

287 Pearl St., New York City. 

1880. Robert R. Livingston, 

15 Washington Place, New York City. 

1880. Robert Morgan Gibbes Barnwell, 

Lawyer. A. B. , LL. B. Tuxedo Park, N. Y. 

1880. William Fellowes Morgan, 

A. B., E. M. 
storage, Arch 4, Brooklyn Bridge, N. Y. C. Short Hills, N. J. 

1880. John Smith Lawrence, Jr., 

Insurance, 51 Liberty St., N. Y. C. Garden City, Long Island. 

. Cai. nA. 



i88o. Robert Maclav Bull, 

51 Liberty St., A. B. 118 East i6th St., New York City. 

1879. James West Roosevelt, 

M. D. 
Physician. 32 East 31st St., New York City. 

1877. Frederick Holme Wiggin, 

M. D. [Believue Hosp. Med. Coll.] 

Physician. Litchfield, Conn. 

Richard Sherwood Satterlee, 
Broker. Racquet Club, New York City. 

1881. Francis Ehrick Ward, 

Real Estate, 165 Broadway, N. Y. C. Grymes Hill, Staten Island. 

1881. David Augustus Clarkson, 
PH. B. 

Real Estate, 55 Liberty St., 22 West 22d St., New York City. 

1880. Cyrus Edson 

M. D. 

Chief Inspector, Medical Health Department, 54 West 9th St , 

301 Mott St., New York City. 

1881. *WlLLIAM De RhaM, 

Died, January 29, 1881. 

1881. Charles Adams Moran, 

PH. B., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 45 Broadway, 26 West 18th St., New York City. 

1880. William Hickok Taylor, 
A. B. 

Banker. 26 West 52d St., New York City. 

1879. *Edward Hayden Herrick, 

A. B., LL. B. 

Died. February 8, 1889. 

1879. Frank Eldridge Randall, 

A. B. [Harv.l, LL. B. 
Lawyer, 45 Broadway, 1425 Broadway, New York City. 



i88i. George Waldron Elder. 

Agent iV. V. C. &' H. R. R. R. Co. 770 Madison Ave., 

N. 4th St., Brooklyn, E. D.. N. Y. New York City. 

1880. John Tracy Edson, 

M. D. 
Physician. 447 California St. , Denver, Col. 

1882. Edward De Peyster Livingston, 

A. B., LL. B. 

Lawyer, iii Broadway, 271 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1882. James Lawrence Hamilton, 

Mining, P. O. Box, 505, 86^ James St., New York City. 

1882. Othniel De Forest, 

A. B. 

Merchant, 1 Green St., 21 East 62d St., New York City. 

1882. Francis Egerton Webb, 
Broker, 37 Wall St., 14 West 38th St., New York City. 

1882. Nathaniel Pendleton Rogers, Jr., 
A. B. 

Grain Broker, 25 Whitehall St., N. Y. C. Sewarney, N. J. 

1882. Eugene Higgins, 

A. B. 
Carpets, 82 White St , 137 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1882. Marshall Orme Wilson, 

A. B. 

2 Exchange Court, 414 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1880. Frederic Augustus Potts, 

Coal Merchant, 39 East 39th St., New York City. 

Standard Oil Building, 
26 Broadway, 

1882. Reginald William Rives, 

A. B., LL B. 

Lawyer, Mutual Life Building, N Y. C. New Hamburg, N. Y. 

1880. Charles Sprague Lincoln, 

Lawyer, 4 Pine St., 82 Irving Place, New York City. 


i882. Drayton Burrill, 

A. B. 

Union Trust Co., 71 Broadway, 10 Grammercy Park, New York City. 

1882. Frank Lyon Henry, 
A. B. 

5 Wall St., 14 East loth St., New York City. 

1882. Rowland Parry Keasbey, 
A. B. 

Manufacturer, 115 Broadway, 6 Saybrook Place, 

N. Y. C. Newark, N. J. 

1882. Harry De Berkeley Parsons, 

B. S., M. E. [Stevens]. 

Engineer, 35 Broadway, 505 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1881. Adrian Gardiner Hegeman, 

Real Estate Broker, 149 Fifth Ave., 

1321 Broadway, New York City. 


1882. George Burrington Parsons, 
A. B. 

Stock Broker, 36 Broad St., 505 Fifth Ave.. New York City. 

1883. William Petit Trowbridge, Jr., 

Hydrographic Engineer, New Haven, 

U. S. Geol. Survey, Washington, D. C. Conn. 

1882. William Riggin Travers, 

A. B. 

3 West 38th St., New York City. 

1883. Nathaniel Stone Simpkins. 

26 West 53d St., New York City. 

1883. John Ernest De Ruyter, 

A. B. 

San Francisco, Cal. 

1881. Frank Mauran Lawrence. 
Broker, 26 Broad St. , Calumet Club, New York City. 



1883. Arthur Lawrence Lesher, 

A. B. 

Merchant^ 502 Broadway, 29 East 69th St., New York City. 


1883. Herbert Livingston Satterlee, 

A. M., B. S., LL. B. (cumlaude), Ph. B., Ph. D. 

Lawyer, 52 Wall St., 398 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

Hamilton Fish Webster, 

A. B. 

216 Broadway, 243 East i8th St., New York City. 

1883. John Armstrong Chanler, 

A. M. 

18 Exchange Place, Racquet Club, New York City. 

1884. Ambrose Dyer Henry, 

A. B. 

5 Wall St., 14 East loth St., New York City. 

1884. Charles Taber. 

Railroads, 26 Exchange Place, 22 East 67th St., New York City. 

1884. Reverdy Johnston Tr avers, 

A. B. [Princeton] 

3 West 38th St., New York City. 

1883. George Carnegie Palmer, 
A. B. 

576 Madison Ave., New York City. 

1883. Walter Norman Eldridge, 

A. B. 

Cattle Ranch. Norwood, Colorado. 

1884. Jerome Lucien Hill, 
120 Broadway, N. Y. C. Yonkers, N. Y. 

1884. William Mitchell Vail Hoffman, 
A B. 

Real Estate Broker, 4 Warren St.. 240 West 76th St., New York City. 


1884. Clark Ostrom Eldridge, 

Cattle Ranch. Norwood, Colorado. 

1883. Norman Henderson, 

Manufacturer, 109 Prince St., i73 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1884. Alan Le Roy Reid, 

Banker. Newtown, Kansas. 


1884. Ramsey Turnbull, 

Broker, 30 Broad St., 5 West i6th St., New York City. 

1881. Frederic Madison Mixter, 
Broker, 55 West 26th St., New York City. 

1884. Hamilton Fish Kean, 

24 West 17th St., New York C ty 

1881. Stephen Guion Williams, 

A. M., Ph. B., LL. B., C. E., Ph. D. 
Lawyer, 45 Broadway, 54 West 82d St., New York City. 

1884. Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright, 
A. B., Ph. B., LL. B. 

Lawyer, Temple Court, N. Y. C. Rye, N. Y. 

1882. Charles Harison Simonds, 

A. B. 

Broker, 44 New St., 147 East 34th St , New York City. 

1885. John Scott Browning, 

A. B. 

Merchant, 408 Broome St., 552 Fifth Ave., New York City, 

1882. John Howard Wainwright, 

Ph. B. 

Appraiser's Office, Port of New York. Rye, N. Y. 

1884. Daniel Edward Moran, 
C. E. 

26 West 1 8th St., New York City. 


1885. George Stillman Robbins, 

A. B., LL. B. 

Student at Law, 9 East 36th St., New York City, 

1885. Arden Morris Robbins, 

A. B. 

Banking, 5 Nassau St., 9 East 36th St., New York City. 

1885. Temple Bowdoin, 
A. B. 
Winslow, Lanier & Co., 39 Pa'^k Ave., 

28 Nassau St., New York City, 

1885. Edward Livingston Burrill, 

A. B. 

Broker, 64 Broadway, 9 East 56th St., New York City. 

1883. Harold Gould Henderson, 

A. B. [Harvard], LL. B. 

Lawyer, Temple Court, '* The Florence," New York City. 

1884. Horatio Ray Miller, 

39 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1885. Elbert Francis Baldwin, {A) 

A. B., A. M. [Williams]. 
670 Prospect St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

1883. Robert Arthur Osborn, 

Merchant, 45 Beaver St., 38 E. Union Square, New York City. 


John Van der Poel, 

A. B. [Rutgers], M. D. 

Physician. 36 West 39th St., New York City. 

1886. Arthur Turnbull, 

A. B. 
E. R. R. Co., New York. 5 West 15th St., New York City. 

i886. Benjamin Stephens, 

Broker, 51 Exchange PL, 28 East 54th St., New York City. 

1886. Charles Pinckney Kirkland, 

A. B. 

72 Broadway, Park Ave. Hotel, New York City. 

1886. George Browne Post, Jr., 
A. B. 

Stock Broker. 29 Waverly Place, New York City. 

1886. John Howell Janeway, Jr., 
M. E. 
Engineer, Trenton Iron Co. 50 West gth St., 

Trenton, N. J. New York City. 

1884. Charles Antonio Rapallo, Jr., 

A. B. 

26 Exchange Place, 17 West 31st St., New York City. 

1883. *Sterling Rossiter, 

Died, June gth, 1883. 

1885. Meredith Rowland, 2d., 

^8 Nassau St., 118 East 37th St., New York City. 

1886. John Henry Townsend, 

A. B. 

Stock Broker, 26 Broad St., 53 East 54th St., New York City. 

1883. John Thomas Fisher. 
Marble, 97 E. Houston St., N. Y. C. New Rochelle, N. Y. 


James Raynor Hayden, 
M. D. 

Physician, 18 W. i6th St., 80 Madison Ave., New York City. 

1886. Stockton Beekman Colt, 
A. B., Ph. B. 

Architect, 15 Cortlandt St., N. Y. C. Short Hills, N. J. 


1885. Van Horne Norrie, 

A. B., M. D. 

Physician. 377 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1887. William Hull Browning, 
A. B. 

Merchant, 408 Broome St., 552 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1887. Richard Thornton Wilson, Jr., 

A. B. 

Banking, 2 Exchange Court, 511 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1886. Appleton Lesure Clark, 

A. B. LL. B. 
Lawyer, 146 Broadway, Riverside Drive and looth St., 

New York City. 

1887. William Frederick Ward, 
26 Exchange Place, 784 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1887. Thomas Tileston Wells, 

LL. B. 
Lawyer, 26 Exchange Place, 12 West 9th St., New York City. 

1887. Benoni Lockwood, Jr., 
Armour & Co., 205 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

1887. Sidney Harris, 
A. B., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 2 Wall St., 19 West 33d St., New York City. 

1887. Guy Richards, 
A. B„ LL. B 

Lawyer, 53 Nassau St.', Bard Ave., New Brighton, 

N. Y. C. Staten Island. 

1884. Winthrop Rutherfurd, 

A. B. 

Real Estate, 51 Liberty St. New York City. 

1887. John Henry Holden, 

A. B. 

Railroads, 26 Exchange Place. New York City. 


18 Exchange Place, New York City. 

1887. Stuyvesant Le Roy, Jr., 

A. B. 

18 Walton Place, Union Club, Chicago, III. 


1884. *James Russell White, 
A. B. 

Died, November 2d, 1886. 

1887. Charles Albert Stevens, 
A. B. 

"Castle Point," Hoboken, N. J. 

1886. Charles Randolph, 

A. B. 
Edmund & Charles Randolph, Mount Saint Vincent, 

7 Nassau St., N. Y. C. N. Y. 

1888. Goodhue Livingston, 
A. B. 

271 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1887. Samuel Sloan, Jr., 

A. B. 

Farmers' Loan and Trust Co,, 145 East 37th St., 

20 William St., New York City. 

1887. Charles Edward Sands, 

A. B. 

Blake Bros., 7 Nassau St., 385 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1887. Robert Cornell Sands, 
A. B.. A. M. 

385 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1888. Valentine Gill Hall. 

II West 37th St., New York City. 

1887. James Frederick Bacon, 
A. B. 

Teft, Weller & Co., 22 West loth St. , 

320 Broadway, New York City. 


1 888. William Stone Post, 
1 8 Wavcrly Place, New York City. 

x888. Benson Bennett Sloan, 
Farmers Loan & Trust Co., A. B. 7 East 38th St., 

20 William St., New York City. 

1886. Joseph Lawrence, 

A. B. 

316 Broadway, 57 East 25th St., New York City. 

(J) *Robert Ralston Reed, 

Died at New York, November 3d, 1887. 

1888. CouRTAULD Wharton Smith, 
Susquehanna Paper Mills, Darling^ton, Md. 

CoQOwingo, Md. 


1887. Robert Livingston Stevens, 

A. B. 

••Castle Point," Hoboken, N. J. 

1886. Charles Townsend Titus, Jr., 
A. B. 

Lawyer. Scarborough, N. Y. 

1889. Daniel Le Roy Dresser, 
C. E. 

Newport, R. L 

1889. Charles Frederic Havemever, 

244 Madison Ave., New York City. 

1889. Henry Talbot Watson, 
Henry Meigs & Co., Cosmus Club, Buenos Ayres, 

Argentine Republic, S. A. 

1888. Edward de Forest Simmons, 

16 Nassau St., 742 Lexington Are., New York City. 

1889. Frank Chickering Warren, 

26 Exchange Place, 9 West 49th St., New York City. 

1889. Douglas Farley Cox, 

Higgins, Cox & Barrett, Morristown, N. J. 

52 WaU St., N. Y. C. 


1887. Francis May Simonds, 
M. E. 

Mining Engineer. I47 East 34th St.. New York City. 

1886. Herbert Maxon King, 

M. D. lUniv. of N. J.] 

Physician. 43 East 41st St., New York City. 


1888. David Orr Edson. 

54 West Qth St., New York City. 

1889. Richard Tighe Wainwright, 

Rye, N. Y. 

1889. Eugene Klapp, 
C. E. 

13 East 22d St., New York City. 

1890. Allison Wright Post, 

18 Wavcrly Place, New York City. 

1890. Richard Stevens, 

"Castle Point," Hoboken, N. J. 

1888. Edward Le Roy Stewart, 

Fishkill^n-Hudson, N. Y. 

1888. Edward Van Volkenburgh, Jr., 
C. E. 

818 Madison Ave., New York City. 

1887. Edwards Ogden Schuyler, 
A. B. 

Union Trust Co., Bergen Point, 

71 Broadway, N. Y. C. N. J. 

1890. William Willis Reese, 

New Hamburg, N. Y. 

1890. Smith Dewey Pierce, 

Riverside, Conn. 153 Clinton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


1889. Thomas Hugh Kelly, 

33 West 51st St., New York City. 


1889. Charles Kellar Beekman, 
A. B. 

440 Madison Ave., New York City. 

1889. Henry King Browning, 

552 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1 89 1. Oliver Hazard Perry La Farge, 

Newport, R. I. 

1891. Theodore Augustus Havemeyer, Jr., 

244 Madison Ave., New York City. 

1 89 1. Lyman Roswell Colt, 

128 West 59th St., New York City. 

1891. Richard Suydam Palmer, 

24 East 29th St., New York City. 

1 89 1. Adam Gordon Norrie, 

377 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1 89 1. Russell Hotchkiss Hoadley, Jr., 

II West 49th St., New York City. 

1891. Dorsey Noah Hunt Schenck, 

125 East 34th St., New York City. 


1889. Tracy Hyde Harris, 
A. B. [Princeton] ; LL. B. 

71 East 87th St., New York City. 

1890. Joseph Carson, 

31 West 55th St., New York City. 

1 89 1. Norman Bernard Holter, 

Helena, Montana. 66 East 49th St., New York City. 

1892. Edwin Maine Post, 

4 East 62d St., New York City. 


1892. Henry Chauncey Cryder, 

Tuxedo Park, N. Y. 

1893. Frederic Winston Keasbey, 

26 Stratford Place, Newark, N. J. 

1892. Edward Bowne Willets, 

77 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


1891. Lewis Stuyvesant Chanler, 

Racquet Club, New York City. 

1891. Richard Milford Blatchford Potter, 

Catherine St., Newport, R. I. 

1892. Joseph Laroque, Jr., 

6 East 56th St., New York City. 




NOVEMBER 28th, 1849. 


University of Pennsylvania, 


DECEMBER 27th, 1854. 


The members of the Delta Chapter have been students in the Arts 
Department, University of Pennsylvania, except where otherwise in- 




40. John Flavel Mines, (£) 

Only address, 3 Park Row, N. Y. C. 

42 Emlen Trenchard Littell, 

Business address, 54 William St., N. Y. C. 

Home address, 49 East 44th St., N. Y. C. 

45. William Lyttleton Savage, 

Degrees, A. B., A. M. [Williams.] 
Business address, 251 South 4th St., Philadelphia. 
Home address, 1223 Walnut St., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

57. William St. Clair Denny Corcoran, 

Heme address, Litac St., Not Lilac St. 

58. Francis Lanier Potts, 

Occupation, Asst., Prest., Chester Pipe ^ Tube Co. 

216 South 4th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1852, *Warren Livingston, 

Burliogton College. 

A. B. 

Died at New Brunswick, N. J., August 7, 1857. 
1849, William Croswell Doane, 

Burlingtoa College. 

A. B., A. M., B. D. 

S. T. D. [Columbia], LL. D. [Union], 

Bishop of the Diocese 0/ Albany, 29 Elk St., Albany, N. Y» 

1849, *Caleb Harrison Condit, 

Burlington College. 

Died at New York, Jan. 14, 1881. 


St. James College. 

Clergyman. Died at Waverely, Md., Jan. 3, 1878. 

1850, George Henry Clay. 

Burlington College. 

1852, John Henry Hobart Breintnall, 

Burlington College. 

A. B., A. M.; M. D. [Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons], 
Physician. 17 Breintnall Place, Newark, N. J. 

1854, *George Whiting Garthwaite, 

Burlington College. 

A. B. 

Acting Assistant Paymaster U. S. N. 

Drowned in James River, April, 1865. 

1850, *WiLLiAM James Waterman, 

Burlington College. 

Died at Detroit, Mich., 1885. 

1850, *Henry Laurens, 

Burlington College. 

Died at Charleston, S. C, Dec. 7, i860. 

185a, Charles Willing Littell, 

BurliogtoD College. 

Lawyer, 520 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

185a, *LiNDLEY Hoffman Miller, 

Barliogtoo College. 

A. B. 
Lawyer. Died at St. Louis, Mo., June 30, 1864. 

1854, Dayton Ogden, 

Burlington College. 

A. B. 


1853, Jeremiah Crane Garthwaite, Jr., 

Burlington College. 

Lawyer, 917 Broad St., Newark, N. J. 

1853, Ira Condict Whitehead, 


A. B., A. M.; M. D. [Berkshire Med. Coll.], 

Physician. 72 Green St., Newark, N. J. 

Surgeon, U, S. A'iizy— 1861-1879. 

1852, ♦Devereux Klapp, 

Burlington College. 

A. B., A. M. 

Died at Rome, Italy, Sep. 7, 1874. 


1853, William Bradford Stockton Boudinot, 

Burlington College. 

Paterson, N. J. 

1852, Richard Stockton Jenkins, 

Burlington College. 

A. B., A. M. 
Lawyer. Camden, N. J. 

1854, John Flavel Mines, {E) 

Burlington College. 

B. A., M. A. [Trinity]; A. M. ad eundem, LL.D. [Hampden Sidney Coll.], 

Journalist, 3 Park Row, 333 West 29th St., New York City. 

1855, Henry Grafton Dulany, 

Burlington College. 

Upperville, Va. 


1855, *Edward Leeds Kerr, (A) 

Burlington College. 

Died, December, 1885. 


1853, *Brockholst Cutting, 

BurUtigttm College. 

Died at New York, July 10, 1869. 

1855, *Henry Clay Beatty, 

Burlington College. 

Lawyer. Killed at Second Battle of Bull Run, August 30, 1862. 

1852, William Cushman Avery, 

Burlington College. 

A. B., M. D. 
Physician. Greensboro, Hale Co., Ala. 

1856, Henry William De Saussure Ford, 

Burlington College. 

A. B., A. M. [Franklin Coll.], M. D. [Medical Coll. of Georgia], 
Professor, Med. Coll. of Ga., Univ. of Ga. Augusta, Ga. 

1853, Thomas Wall Ryall, 

Burlington College. 

A. B. 
Farmer. ' ' The Farm," Freehold, N. J. 

i^5^> *JoHN Hampden Waller, 

Burlington College. 

LL. B. 
Died at Shelbyrille, Ky., June 27, 1867. 


1854, Peter Voorhees Finch, 

Burlington College. 

A. B., A. M., M. A. ad eundem [Trinity.] 
Rector of St. James' P. E. Church, Greenfield, Mass. 

1 857? * Joseph Blackwell Livingston, 

Burlington College. 

Died at Burlington, N. J., January, 1857. 

1854, *Philip Johnston Ryall, 

Rutger's College. 

A. B. 
Lawyer. Died at St. Augustine, Fla., March 14, 1874. 

1855, Thomas Gardiner Littell, 

Burlington College. 

A. B.. A. M. 
Rector of St. John's P. E, Churchy Wilmington, Del. 

1857, *Thomas Griffin, 

Burlington College. 

Died at Louisville, Ky., August, 1858. 

1854, *AuGUSTUS Montgomery King, 

Burlington College. 

Died at Morristown, N. J., August 29. 1861. 

1856, John Philemon Chew Davidson, 

Burlington College. 

Queenstown P. O., Queen Anne's Co., Md. " Beverly." 

1856, *WiLLiAM Berrian Dayton, (A') 

Burlington College. 

B. A., M. A. [Trinity.] 

Lawyer. Died, March 30, 1881. 


1852, Nathaniel Bailey Boyd, 

Burlington College. 

A. B., A. M. 

Assistant Melter and Refiner, 2039 Norris St. , 

U. S. Mint. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Richard Garwood Devereux, 

St. Paul's College (Long Island). 

Merchant. 313 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1857, John Potter, 

Princeton College. 

A. B., A. M. 

1856. Emlen Trenchard Littell, 

A. B., A. M. 

Architect. New York City. 

1857. John Christian Cornelius, 

Manufcuturer, Tulpohocken St., Germantown, 

1612 Chesnut St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

1854. Thomas George Morton, 

Physician. 1429 Chesnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1858. George Gillson Klapp, 

Cotton Factor and Commission Merchant, Natchez, Miss. 

1858. George Tucker Bispham, 

A. B., A. M., LL. B. 
Latiyer, Professor, Law Dept. Univ. Penn. 1805 De Lancey Place, 
Bullitt Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 


1859. *Bryan McQueen Morel, 

Killed at Battle of Bull Run, July 21, i86r. 

1859. Andrew Charles Barclay, 
A. B., A. M. 
Merchant 18 16 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1859. Charles Field Haseltine, 

Merchant, 1418 Chesnut St., 1707 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1857, Charles Henry Wilson, 

Med., Univ. Penn. 

M. D. 
Physician. Nebraska City, Neb. 

1858, George Washington Carpenter, 

Med. Dcp't, Univ. Penn. 

Merchant, Fisher's Lane, 

737 Market St., Germantown, Phila., Pa. 


1858. *Charles Borromeo Devereux, 

Died at Butler's Island, Ga., November 26, 1877. 

i860, George Washington Mayo, 

Princeton College. 

A. B., A. M. 
Auctioneer, 611 East Franklin St., Richmond, Virginia. 

1859. *Stephen Franklin Hanson, 

Died at Philadelphia, April 26, 1875. 

1856, *Thomas Green Clemson, {E) 

Trinity College. 

M. A. [Hobart College.] 
Clergyman. Died at Waddington, N. Y., June 27, 1888. 


1858. *JoHN Newbold Coxe, 

Died, at sea, off Trinidad, July 10, i86r. 

i860, (A) (E) William Gibbs MacNeill Whistler, 

Med. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

M. D. 
Physician. 28 Wimpole St , W., London, Eng. 

i860. Christopher Stuart Patterson, 

A. B., A. M , 
Lawyer, Professor, Law Dep't Univ., "Grace-Hill," 

38 South Third St. Chesnut Hill, Phila., Pa. 

i86i. Ebenezer Greenough Platt, 

A. B., A. M. 

Lawyer, 908 Drexcl Building, 615 Walnut St., Phila., Pa. 

1861. John Quincy Carpenter, 

A. M., M. D. 

Physician. 5510 Main St., Germantown, Phila,, Pa. 

1858, *Lafayette Fuller Leecraft, 

Med. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

M. D. 

Died at Beaufort, N. C, i860. 

^859, John Barclay Fassitt, 

Med. Dep^, Univ. Penn. 

Broker^ 30 Broadway, New York Club, New York City 

1859, William Hubley Potter, 

Med. Dep% Univ. Penn. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

1861, *Charles William Godfrey Smith, 

Died at Cincinnati, O., 1861. 


1859. Cecil Clay, 

A. B., A. M. 

Chief Clerk, Dep't of Justice Washington, D. C. 1513 S St., N. W. 

1859. *Henry Bainbridge Hoff, 

first Lieut. U. S. Navy. Died off Guayraas, Mexico, August 7, 1862. 

1861. Joshua Ladd Howell, 

307 Walnut St. 1 310 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1862. Beverley Robinson, 
A. B., M. D. [Univ. of Paris.] 

Physician. 37 West 35th St., New York City. 

1862. George Hamilton Colket, 

A. B., A. M., LL. B. 
Manufacturer. 1 8 1 7 Spring Garden St. , 

1 5 10 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1862. Thomas Campbell Oakman, 

Cotton Spinning. Hope Mills, North Carolina. 

1862. George Brinton Phillips, 

Manufacturing Chemist. 2007 De Lancy Place, 

622 Race St., Philadelphia, Pa 

1859. *JOHN Hazeltine Haddock, 

A. B. 

Killed in Battle of Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863. 

1862. Persifor Frazer, 

A. B., A. M., Doctcur es Sciences Naturelles, [Univ. de France]. 
Geologist and Chemist, Prof, Chemistry, Franklin Inst.^ 

1042 Drexel Building, 917 Clinton St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

i860. Eugene Devereux, 

A. B., A. M. 
1831 De Lancey Place, Philadelphia, Pa. 


1862, Thomas Leaming Smith, 

Sci. Dept. Univ. Peon. 

Merchant, 86 Worth St., 352 West 21st St., New York City. 

1863. Ervine Stephens Bulloch, 

Cotton Broker, 7 Rumford St., 7 Sydenham Ave., Liverpool, Eng. 

1863. Cornelius Stevenson, 

Lawyer, 601 Walnut St., 1702 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1862. John Wood Kester. 

1862. *Frank Hamilton Clark, 

Died at Philadelphia, Nov. 29, 1882. 


1864. John Jacob Ridgway, 

LL. B. 
Lawyer, 721 Walnut St., 1706 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1864. William Lyttleton Savage, {A) 
Lawyer, 255 South 4th St., Philadelphia, Pa, 

1863. *Henry Bryan Bowen, 

Died at Philadelphia, Nov., i860. 

1863. *William H. Hart Adams, 

Merchant. Died at Nice, April 15, 1869. 

1863. Franklin Platt, 

Geologist, 615 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 



1864. Samuel Starr Griffin, 

Cctton Planter and Chancery Clerk, Yazoo City, Miss. 

1864. James Cole Van Dyke, 


1862. *Edward Stephen Kimball, 

Died at Binghampton, N. Y., March 13, 1888^. 

1859, William Suddards Robinson, 

Sci. Dept. Univ. Penn. 


1863. (E') Herbert Norris, 

M. D. 

Physician, 313 South i8th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1863. Thomas McKee Brown, (£) 

B. A.. M. A. [Trinity]. 
Rector of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin. 

226 West 45th St., New York City. 

1865. Paul Beck, 

Architect. Union League Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1865. Benjamin Maurice Gaskill, 

Merchant arid Manufacturer. 131 5 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1865. Ethelbert Watts, 

Secretary, 310 Chestnut St., 2303 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1863, Henry Pettit, 

Sci. Dept. Unir. Peon. 

M. S. 

Civil Engineer and A rchitect, 1 1 8 South i gth St . , 

209 South 3d St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1865. Henry Robinson Towne, 

Mechanical Engineer, Stamford, Conn. 

President of the Yale & Towne Manufacturing Co. 


♦Joseph Dennie Meredith, 

Died at San Gabriel, Cal., December 30, 1876. 

♦Elias Louis Boudinot, 

Died at Philadelphia,. September 7, 1877. 

1863. Evan James Coleman, 

Law Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

Lawyer, no Sutter St., San Francisco, Cal. 

♦Edward Emlen Conner, 

Died at Philadelphia, July 4, 1884. 

1862. Clifford Lewis, 

Insurance, 313 South Twelfth St., 

526 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

James Potter Franks, 

p. E. Divinity School [Phila.] 

Rector of Grace Church, Salem, Mass. 

1867. Francis Colgate Benson, 

Real Estate. Fox Chase, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1867. * Joseph Blasio Oliver, 

Died at Philadelphia, December 29, 1885. 

1867. Clement Stocker Phillips, 

Chemist. 18 10 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1867. Samuel Maxwell McIntyre, 

Lawyer. Philadelphia, Pa. 


1867. William Gerhard, 

Manufacturer^ Beach & Otis Sts., Ardmore, Montgomery Co., Pa. 

1866. Craige Lippincott, 

Publisher, 2012 Walnut St., 

717 Market St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1865. Horace Magee, 

A. B., A. M. 
Lawyer, 251 South Fourth St., 1219 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1868. *Charles Camblos, 

Died at Philadelphia, March 31, 1887. 

1868. Alexander Wood, 

A. B., A. M. 

Insurance. Philadelphia Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 


i868. *Arundel Caulfeild Osborne, 
M. D. [Med. Coll. of Va.] 

Died at Philadelphia, June 21, 1874. 

1868. Levi Taylor Dickson, 

Lawyer. Philadelphia Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 


1867. Robert Frazer, 

Mining and Civil Engineer. 333 South i8th St., 

209 South 3rd St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

1868. George Sergeant Gerhard, 


Physician. Ardmore, Montgomery Co., Pa. 

1869. Joseph Hopkinson, 

A. B. 
Lawyer, 727 Walnut St., 1302 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1869. Robert Adams, Jr., 

» A. B., A. M., B. F. 

United States Minister to Brazil. 124 South 16th St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

1869. Richard Francis Wood, 

A. B., A. M. 

Lawyer , Lower Merion, 

206 South 5th St., Philadelphia. Montgomery Co., Pa. 


1870, Wilson Hayward Jenkins, 

Polytechnic Coll. [Phila.] 

Lawyer, Linden St. , 

Prosecutor of the Pleas, of Camden Co., N. J. Camden, N. J. 

1870. ♦George Sharswood, Jr., 

A. B., A. M. 
Lawyer. Died April 7, i88i. 

1870. ♦Henry Trevor Eckert, 

Died at Philadelphia, September 16, 1870. 

1870. Hugh Craig, Jr., 

Commission Merchant, 1917 Chestnut St., 

191 5 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1869. George Pomeroy Allen, 

A. B., A. M., D. D. 
Rector of Trinity P. E. Church. Bethlehem, Pa. 

1868. James Hugh Elliot, 

Wilmington Club, Wilmington, Del. 

1870. William Delaware Neilson, 

A. B., A. M. 
Lawyer, 325 South 12th St., 

215 South Fifth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1870. Robert Maskell Patterson, 

Penna. R. R. Co., Martin's Depot, 

233 S. 4th St., Phila., Pa. Pulaski Co., Va. 


1870. Charles Fry, 

Lawyer, 54 Devonshire St., 21 Commonwealth Ave,, Boston, Mass. 

♦John Buchanan Dickson, 

Died at Philadelphia, January i, 1878. 

1869. Edward Robins Grant, 

A. B., A. M. 

Stock Broker, 57 Broadway, Schuyler Court, 

N. Y. C. Bergen Point, N. J. 

1 87 1. George Randolph Justice, 

121 1 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1872. William Phillips Biddle, 

Lieutenant U. S. Marine Corps. Care of Navy Dep't, Washington, D.C. 

1872. Sutherland Law, 

A. B., A. M. 
Civil Engineer. \2.\i Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa, 

1872. Henry Charles Olmsted, 

A. B., A. M., LL. B. 
Lawyer, 327 South I2th St.. 

215 South Fifth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1872. Charles Meigs Robinson, 

Stock Broker, Care H. T. Carey & Co., New York City. 


M. D. 
Physician. 258 South i8th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1872. Horace Castle, 

A. B., A. M., LL. B. 
Lawyer. 419 South 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1872. Robert Patterson Field, 

A. B., A. M. 

Consulting Civil and Mining Engineer, 237 South 42d St., 

435 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1872. William Horner Smith, 

Merchant, 123 South Front St., Phila., Pa. Ardmore, Pa. 

1872. William Masters Camac, 

A rchitect, Roxborough , 

209 South Third St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

187 1. Craig Heberton, 

Banker and Broktr, 433 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1871. Louis Naglee Bruner, 

A. B., A. M. 
P. O. Box 3608. New York City. 

1873. Russell Thayer, 

Sup' t and Chief Engineer of Fait mont Park, " Highland," Chestnut Hill, 
Civil Engineer, 14 18 South Penn Sq., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1873. Bernard Henry Wood, 

A. B., A. M. 

Insuranee, 1809 De Lancey Place, 

306 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1873. Clayton Platt, {E) {I) 

Insurance, 16 Exchange Place, New York City. 


1871. Frank Smyth, 

A. B., A. M. 

Broker, 104 South Jist St., 

315 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1873. Harry Carlton Adams, 

A. B., A. M. 

Philadelphia Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1873. William Coleman Hall, 

Lawyer, 251 South 4th St., 18 14 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1873. *Robert Ralston Reed, {A) 

Died at New York, Nov. 3, 1887. 
1868, *William Greenough Platt, 


LL. B. 
Geologist. Died at Philadelphia, Nov. 13, 1885. 

1873, Nathan Trotter, 

Sci. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

Merchant, 36 North Front St., 2215 Trinity Place, Philadelphia, Pa. 


1 87 1. *Alfred Biddle, 

Broker. Died at Philadelphia, Dec. 24, 1884. 

1872, Murray Rush, 

Lehigh University. 

Lawyer, 719 Walnut St., Phila., Pa. Radnor, Delaware Co., Pa. 

1874. Joseph Trotter, 

A. B. 

Stock Broker. 255 South 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1874. Clement Biddle, 

M. D. 
Assistant Surgeon U. S. N. 331 South 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1874, Lawrence Taylor Paul, 

Sci. Dcp't, Univ. Penn. 

B. S. 

Electrician, 224 Carter St., Rittenhouse Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1874, * Archie Paul Paxton. 

Merchant. Died at Wheeling, West Va., June 22, 1878. 


Richard Holmes Townsend, Jr., 

CoU. at Laon, France. 

Banker and Broker, 2029 Walnut St. , 

104 South 4th St., , Philadelphia. Pa. 

1872, Robert Phillips Cregar. 

Med. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

2215 Venango St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1874. MoNCURE Robinson, Jr., 

Farmer, 1301 Walnut St., Phila., Pa. Paoli, Chester Co., Pa. 

1874. Richard Wilson McCready, 
Iron Merchant, 237 South 3d St., 2037 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1874. Robert Winder Johnson, 

Merchant, 109 Walnut St., 2109 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa 


1874, Charles Henry Townsend, 

Sci. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

B. S. 
Lawyer. 2028 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1874. William Brashear Lane, 

A. B., A. M. 
Lawyer, 719 Walnut St., 1505 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1875. Walter Shelton Massey, 

A. B., A. M. 

Treasurer. 1417 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1875, ♦Calhoun Megargee, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

B. S., M. D. 

Physician. Died at Philadelphia, August. 18 So. 

1875. William Wayne, Jr., 

Farmer. Waynesborough, Paoli P. O., Chester Co., Pa. 

1874, Cornelius Hartman Kuhn, 

Med. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

President, A. D. T. Co. 1712 Spruce St , 

113 South Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1875. Louis McLane Simpson, 

Lawyer, 727 Walnut St., 428 North 32d St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

1876, William Darrah Kelley, Jr., 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Lawyer. 41st and Parrish Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1876, William Alexander Dick, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Stock Broker, 1709 Locust St., 

147 South 4th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1876, Harry Basil Hall, 

T, S, S., Univ. Penn, 

Merchant, 709 Market St., 1742 Green St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1876. *Theodore Horwitz, 

M. D. [Jefferson.] 
Physician. Died at Philadelphia, December 12, 1877. 

1876, Frank Hamilton Field, 

T. S S., Univ. Penn. 

206 South 20th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1875. Sydney Castle, 

Chemist. Died at Denver, Col., November 17, 1879. 

1876. Alexander Williams Biddle, 

M. D. 
Physician. Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1874. Isaac Tyson Morris, 

A B., A. M., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 200 South Fifth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1876, Samuel Freedley Prince, Jr., 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

B. S. 

Mechanical Engineer, Princeton Station, 

2214 Chestnut St., (Norristown R. R.), Philadelphia, Pa. 

1875, Pierre Camblos, 

Med. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

Clerk, Care of Drexel & Co., 1600 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1876. William Coleman Turner, 

Lieutenant U. S. Matine Corps. Washington, D. C. 

Care Navy Department. 

1877, Eugene Townsend, 

Med. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

M. D. 
Banker and Broker, 2047 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1875, Frank Eyre, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

1875. Carroll Smyth, 

A. B., A. M. 

2 1 10 Walnut St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

1877. John Ruckman Fell, 

Merchant^ 313 South Broad St., 

237 South Third St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1877, James Wilks O'Neill, 

Med. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

M. D. 

Physician. 38 South 19th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1877, Edward Roberts, 3D, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Secretary and Treasurer, 215 South Broad St., 

320 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1876. Henry Conover Boyer, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn, 

Lawyer, 1319 Spruce St., 

850 Drexel Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1877. Charles Taylor Stewart, 

Philadelphia Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1876, *JosEPH Nathaniel Holman, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

EHed at Philadelphia, December 13, 1887. 

1876, Edward Hazlehurst, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

ArchiUct. ion Clinton St., 

410 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1877, Samuel Yohe Heebner, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Lawyer. Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1877, George Rogers Young, 

Med. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

1878, William Green Cochran, Jr., 

T, S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Mefchant, 2202 Trinity Place, 

324 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1878. *WiLSON Darling Craig, 

Died at Philadelphia, March 12, 1877. 

1877, John Baptiste Bernadou, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Ensign, U. S. N., Washington, D. C. 

Care of Navy Department, 

1878, Herman Clarke, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Stock Broker, 106 East 29th St. , 

44 Broadway, New York City. 

1878, Charles Alfred Rutter, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Mechanical Engineer^ 925 Clinton St., 

424 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1878. Henry Reed Hatfield, 

M. D. [Jefferson.] 
Lawyer, Rittenhouse Club, 

723 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1878, John Curtis Patterson, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Civil Engineer. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

1878, William Henry Norris, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Mechanical Engineer, 3237 Powelton Ave,, 

Edison E. L. Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1877. John Neill, Jr., 

A. B., A. M. 
President, Victor Coal Co., Chestnut Hill, 

Drexel Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1877, Charles Spalding Farnum, 

Insurance Business, 2033 Sansom St. , 

413 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1877. Charles Aitken Currie, 

A. B., M. D. 
Physician. 51 18 Germantown Ave., Germantown, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

1879, Thomas Collins Wiley, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Railroad Contractor, Lancaster, Pa« 


1877. John P. Crozer Griffith, 

A. B., M. D. 
Physician. no South i8th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1875, Samuel Millington Miller, 


A. B., A. M., M. D. 

Medical Publisher. Philadelphia, Pa. 

1876. William Christian Bullitt, {T) 

A. B. 

Ass't to Prcit, Norfolk &- Western P. P., 

333 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1876. Charles Penrose Blight, 

A. B.. A. M. 
Lawyer, 1406 Pine St., 

Southeast Comer Locust and Sixth Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1876. William Ludwig Kneedler, 
M. D. [Jefferson.] 
Captain, Medical Corps, U. S. A. West Point, N. Y. 

1878. Edward Swift Buckley, Jr., 

A. B., A. M. 

Iron Business, 209 South 3d St., 2037 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1871, James Patterson Burd, 

Med. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

M. D. 
Physician. 1207 Walnut St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

1879. Henry Taylor Dechert, 

A. B., A. M., LL. B. 
Lawyer, 513 Drexel Building. 3914 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1878. Henry Martyn Kneedler, 

A. B.. A. M. 
Manufacturer. Bridesburg. Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1879. Evans Rogers Dick, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

147 South 4th St., 1709 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1880. Charles Henry Castle, 
M. D. [Med. Dep't, Miami Univ.] 

Physician. 206 Cutter St., Cincinnati, O. 


1878. William Sergeant Blight, Jr., 
A. B., A. M., LL. B. 

Lawyer and Teacher, 1406 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1880, William St. Clair Denny Corcoran, 

T. S. S , Univ. Penn. 

Steel Manufacturer, Lilac St., East End, 

Howe, Brown & Co., • Pittsburg, Pa. 

1880. Harry Connelly Groome, 

Tfeas., Kane Aut. Fire Ex Co., Rittenhouse Club, 

411 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1880, Charles Stuart Wood Packard, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Treas., Washington M'f'g Co., Rosemont, 

Gloucester, N. J. Montgomery Co., Pa. 

1880. Richard NoRRis Williams, 

Drifton, Luzerne Co., Pa. 

1880. *Bernardo De Souza Frank Harrah, 

A. B., LL. B. 
Lawyer. Died at Philadelphia, January 23, 1883. 


1880. *John Travis Cochran, 

A. B. 

Died at Philadelphia, March 23, 1882. 

1878, John Hassinger Murphy, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Civil Engineer, Penna. R. R. St. Anthony Club, 32 South 22d St., 

Phila., Pa- 

1879, *WlLLIAM LORENZ, Jr., 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

B. S. 

Chemist. Died at Philadelphia, August 10, 188 1. 

1878, Thomas Haskins Graham, 

T, S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Mining Engineer, Penllyn, 

400 Chestnut St , Phila., Pa. Pa. 

1879, George McCall, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Mechanical Engineer. Jeffersonvillc, Tazewell Co. , Va. 

1881, Dunbar Price, 

Princeton College. 

Paris, France. 



S. S., Univ. Penn. 


Francis Lanier Potts, 

3802 Locust St., 
Davidson Kennedy, 

, Philadelphia, 


Stock Broker, 

303 Walnut St 

2035 Spruce St., 



1879, Reginald Lawrence Hart, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Bridgeton, N. J. 

1874, Kenneth Mackenzie Blakiston, 

Med. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

Publisher, 23 South 21st St., 

1012 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1879. George Wood Hunt, 

A. B., A. M. 

1300 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1881. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Norris, 

2200 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1881, Frank Madison Dick, 

Banker and Broker, Wmzohocking Station, 

147 South Fourth St., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1879, Anthony Miskey Hance, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

B. S. 
Manufacturing Chemist^ Tulpohocken St., 

Marshall and Callowhill Sts., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1881, Edward Anderson White, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

1734 Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1879, *William Meredith Ralston, 

Died at Atlantic City, N. J., June 4, 1889. 

1878. Alan Hale Harris, 

A. B. 

Accountant, Chestnut Hill, 

116 South Third St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1878, Arthur Latham Church, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

B. S. 

Mechanical Engineer, Pulaski Ave., Germantown, 

500 North Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. 



1878. Clarence Munroe Clark, 

A. B. 

139 South 4th St„ Rose St., Gcrmantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1879, Joseph Fitch, 

Swarthmore Coll. 

A. B. 
Lawyer. 237 Broadway, N. Y. C. Flushing, Long Island. 

1878. James Clark Corry, 

A. B., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 263 South 4th St., 117 North 19th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1881. Jacob Henry Hentz, Jr., 

Merchant, 222 North 2d St., 1533 North 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1 88 1. Charles Meigs Wilson, 

M. D. [Jeflferson.] 
Physician. 121 South 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1879, Richard Lewis Howell, 

Jefferson Med. Coll. 

M. D. 

Physician. Tower City, Dakota. 

1881. William Heyward Drayton, Jr., 
A. B. 

With Penna. R. P. 1012 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1881, Daniel Murray Bohlen, {E) 

Med. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

B. A., M. A. [Trinity.] 

1 5 10 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1880, William D wight Church, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Chemist. Topeka, Kan. 

1879, George Richstein Van Dusen, 

Law Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

A. B., A. M. [Princeton]; LL. B. 
Lawyer, Drexel Building. 240 West Logan Square, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1883, Peter Williamson Roberts, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Iron Merchant. 1935 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1881. Joseph Sill Clark, 

A. B., A. M., LL. B.; A. B. [Harvard] 
Lawyer, Bullitt Building, School Lane. Germantown, Phila., Pa. 

1882. Frederick Adolphus Packard, 

A. B., M. D. 
Physician. 259 South 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1883. Lewis Ryan Dick, 

Lawyer, 712 Walnut St., 1738 N. 26th St., Phila , Pa. 


1883, Charles Hay Doebler, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 
With Cleveland and Pittsburg R. R. Wcllsville, Ohio. 

1882, Charles Prevost Mac Arthur, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

B. S. 
Civil Engineer, P. W. and B. R. R., 4203 Walnut St., 

Wilmington, Del. Philadelphia, Pa. 

1881. Elihu Spencer Blight, 

A. B. 
Coal Merchant, 137 South 2d St., 1406 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1883, Alfred Scull Reeves, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

B. M., E M. 
With Tubal Smelting Works, Phoenixville, 

760 South Broad St., Phila., Pa. Pa. 

1883. Joseph Whitaker Thompson, 

Lawyer, 209 South 6th St., Phila., Pa. Phoenixville. Pa. 

1884. Butler Kenner Harding, 

A. B , LL. B. 

Lawyer, 901 Walnut St., 2102 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1884. Newbold Etting, 

Iron Merchant, 2205 St. James Place, 

222 South 3d St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1884. William Henry Dillingham, 

A. B. 

Law Student. West Chester, Pa. 

1881, Charles Prevost Grayson, 

Med. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

M. D. [Univ. Penn.] ; M. D. [Jefferson.] 
Physician. 122 South 42d St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1880. James Burr Shreve, 

1885. William George Thomson, 

A. B.. LL. B 
Lawyer, 708 Walnut St., 1426 Waflnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1882, Richard Downing Baker, 

T. S. S,, Univ. Penn. 

B. S. 

Chemist and Geologist, 1414 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1885. Henry Austie Smith, 

A. B.. LL. B. 
Lawyer, 1804 South Rittenhouse Square, 

524 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1884, Alfred Hurst Read, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

With Carnegie, Phipps 6r* Co., Norristown, 

Beaver Falls, Pa. Pa. 

1885, Robert Grier Le Conte, 

A. B. 

Physician, Penna. Hospital, 1625 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1886, William Whitney Heberton, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Stock Broker, 2018 Walnut St. , 

433 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1886, Edmund Waterman Dwight, 

T. S. S.,Univ. Penn. 

Clerk, 2124 Walnut St., 

407 Library St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1886, Charles Stanley Harvey, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Treasurer, Peoples' Telephone Co., 220 West Rittenhouse Square, 
Twelfth and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 



1885, John Rhea Barton Willing, 

A. B. 

511 South Broad St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

1886, Howard Godey, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Actor, 2104 Spruce St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

1887, Linn Hartranft, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Insurance, Nornshire, Pa. 

1887, James Newman Carter, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

1632 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1886. Gerald Holsman, 

B. S. 

Ass't Supervisor, P. R. R,, i2\-j St. James Place, 

Pittsburgh Mills, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. 

1885. Snow Naudain Duer, 

A. B. 
Medical Student, 1704 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1886. Samuel Megargee Wright, 

A. B. 

Law Student, 126 South i6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1884. Caldwell Keppele Biddle, 

A. B., LL. B. 
Lawyer, 324 South 19th St., 

225 South 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1887. Charles Willcox, {!) (/*), 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

University of Virginia, Virginia. 

1885. Harrison White Biddle, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. 324 South 19th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1885. Edward De Veaux Morrell, 

A. B.. LL. B. 

Lawyer, 1826 South Rittenhouse Square, 

708 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1884, Samuel Bell, Jr., 

Lafayette College. 

Iron Broker, 224 South 3d St., 268 South i6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1886. John Hooker Packard, Jr., 

Insurance. 1926 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

T877, William Boulton Dixon, 

Gait College [Canada]. 

Civil Engineer. Rittenhouse Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 


1884, Bertram Dawson Coleman, 

Penn. Coll. of D. S. 

Lebanon Iron Works, Lebanon, Pa. 

1887, Richard McCall, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn 

West Chester, Pa. 

1885, Thomas Story Kirkbride Morton, 

Med. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

M. D. 

Physician. 1506 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1887, Isaac Norris Cochran, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

131 South 22d St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

William Byrd Page, 

B. S. 

281 South 4th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1887, Philip Syng Physic Randolph, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

128 South 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
1884, Charles Francis Gummey, Jr., 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

B. S., LL. B. 
Lawyer, 733 Walnut St., High St., Gerraantown, Phila, Pa. 

1888, Edward Lowber Welsh, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

A. B. 
With S. &> W. Welsh, Bankers, 1420 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1887. Samuel Frederick Houston, 
A. B. 

Law Student. Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 



1 888, David Pepper, Jr., 

T S. S„ Univ. Penn. 

B. S. 

1827 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

i886. William West Frazier, 3D, 
With Harrison, Frazier (5r* Co., 250 South i8th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1888, Francis Edmund Green. 

T. S. S,, Univ. Peon. 

With P. R. R., 2125 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1887, Frank Bird Gummey, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

M. D. 

Physician. High and Morton Sts., Germantown, Phila. Pa. 

1888, Richard Henry Bayard Bowie, 

A. B. 

Law Student. 1710 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1889, Isaac Starr, Jr., 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

Broker, 311 Walnut St., 2203 Trinity Place, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1888. Lawrence Savery Smith, 

A. B. 

Medical Student. 23 11 DeLancy Place, Philadelphia, Pa. 


1887. Francis William Ralston, Jr., 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

233 South 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1889, William Barklie Henry, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

2200 St. James Place, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1888. William Lyttleton Barclay, 

A. B. 
Chemist. 18 16 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa- 

1889. Archibald Graham Thomson, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

1426 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1888, Edward Hance Hance, Jr., 

Biol. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

Chemist Tulpohocken St., Gennantown, Phila., Pa. 

1888, Francis Hermann Bohlen, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

1 5 10 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1887, Robert Hunter McGrath, Jr., 

Law Dep't, Univ. Peon. 

LL. B. 

Lawyer, 32 Nassau St., 34 West 27th St. New York City. 

1888, John Louis Francis Bancel La Faroe, 

Med. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

Newport, R. I. 

1887, George Harrison Frazier, 

A. B. 

With Harrison, Frazier <Sr» Co., 250 South i8th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1888, Francis Peters Adams, 

Med. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

124 South 1 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1889, James Wadsworth Rogers, 

Sci., Haverford Col. 

Pau, France. 


1889. Frederic Robeson Baker, 

A. B. 

14 14 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1889, Arthur Hugh Frazier, 

Arts, Lehigh Univ. 

South Bethlehem, Pa. 

1886. Francis William Birchal Pile, 

E. M. Course, Lehigh Univ. 

South Bethlehem, Pa. 

1888, Norton Downs, 

Med. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

Physician, 5010 Green St., 

Pennsylvania Hospital, Germantown, Phila., Pa. 

1890, William Howard Hart, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

131 7 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1 888, William Paull Howell, 

Biol. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

1 62 1 Chesnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1888, George Stewart Patterson, 

Wharton Sch., Univ. Pcnn. 

Chesnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1890, Benjamin Lees Crozier Griffith, 

Dep't Phil. Univ. Penn. 

Upland, Delaware Co., Pa, 


1890, Charles Stuart Wurts, Jr., 

Princeton Coll. 

1701 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1890, Robert Murray Bohlen. 

Med, Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

1 5 10 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1891, Frederick Rogers Meigs. 

T. S. S., Univ. Pcnn. 

1 713 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1891. Thomas Powers Harris. 

1609 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1889. Charles Harrison Frazier, 

A. B. 

1800 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1890. Horace Andrews Walton, 

Roxborough, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1891, Clayton Fotteral McMichael, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

2041 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1889, Francis Randolph Packard, 

Biol. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

1926 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1892. Walter Barclay, 

18 16 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1892. Morris Darrach, 

Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 


1892, Jay Bucknell Lippencott, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

2013 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1 89 1, George Emlen Starr, 

Med. Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1892, Frank Tracy Griswold, 

T. S. S., Univ. Penn. 

I5cx> Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1892. Charles Nicoll Bancker Camac, 

Roxborough, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1 89 1, Edward Rion Coleman, 

Law Dep't, Univ. Penn. 

2009 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 



Ulysses Mercer, 
A, B. 

Towanda, Pa. 


James Hancock, 

A. c. 

2032 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Founded in Trinity College, 

OCTOBER 17, 1850. 






72 (J) John Flavel Mines, 

Degrees, B. A., M. A.; M. A. ad eundem and LL. D. [Hampden- 
Sidney Coll,] Only address, 3 Park Row, N. Y. C. 

75. *Francis Sayre Pinckney, 

Date of Death, March i8th, 1888. 

'177. William Henry Lewis, 

Home address, 127 Madison Ave., N. Y. C. 

81. (2!) George Egbert Wright, not William. 

81. William Anthony Platt, 

Home address, Penllyn, Montgomery Co., Pa. 

83. William Edmond Curtis, 

Business address, 58 William St., N. Y. C. 

83. Horace Brown Scott, 

Address, Care of Navy Dep't., Washington D. C. 

Home address, Wallingford, Conn. 

84. Francis Randolph Curtis, 

Occupation, Planter, Alexander, Buncombe, Co,, N. C 

Home address, 14 W^st 20th St„ N. Y. C. 


88. George Safford Waters, 

B. A., also Ph. B. [Col. Coll.] 
Occupation, Designer^ with Herter Bros. , 

Fifth Ave. and 20th St., N. Y. C 

88. Louis Le Grand Benedict, 

Address, P. O. Box 2270, N. Y. C. 

90. Edward Gardner Lewis, 

Home address, 127 Madison Ave., N. Y. C 


185 1, (r) Charles Frederick Hoffman, 

B. A., M. A., ; D. D. [Rutgers.] 

Rector of All AngeVs Church, 51 West 5 2d St., New York City. 

B. A. [Columbia.] 
Merchant, loi North Moore St., 481 Waverly Ave., 

N. Y. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

185 1. {A) *Horace Durrie Steele, 

B. A. 

Died 1 85 1. 

1851. *Charles Collins Palmer, 

B. A., M. A. 

Merchant. Died 1864. 

185 1. Henry McClory, 
Lawyer, Chicago, 111. 



B. A. [Harvard.] 

Lawyer, Deceased. 

1855. Arthur Frederick Knoblock, 

New Orleans, I^. 

185 1. Henry Clay Paxson, 
B. A., M. A. 
Railway Mail Service, Room 15, New York City Post Office. 

1855. Robert Moody Crane, 


1855. Samuel Edson, 

Clergyman. B. A. Newton, N. J. 

1S55. George Smith Devendorf, 
B. A. 

Lavtyer. Amsterdam, N. Y. 

1855- *JoHN Newbold Coxe, 

Citii Engineer. Died 1862. 


1856. Cornelius Van Wyck Lawrence. 

1855. (J) ♦Edward Leeds Kerr, 

Died December, 1885. 

1856. Charles Allen Sumner, 

M. A. 

Lawyer. Montgomery St., San Francisco, Cal. 


1856. *WlLLIAM LaMSON, 

B. A. [Yale.] 

Merchant. Died 1867. 

1856. *Blaise Carmick Cenas, 

B. A. [Dartmouth.] 

ist Lieutenant, ist Louisiana Infantry. Shot at Murfreesboro, 1863. 

1857. Thomas Gregory Wildman, 

Manufacturer, M. A. Danbury, Conn. 

1857. *Henry Livingstone Breese, 

Killed on Walker's expedition to Nicaragua, 1857. 

1854. John Flavel Mines, 
B. A., M. A.; M. A. ad eundum and LL.D. (Hamden Sidney College.) 
Journalist, 3 Park Row, 333 West 29th St., New York City. 


1856. *Edward Minturn Hartshorne, 
Merchant. Died at Astoria. N. Y. 


1858. *SiMON Greenleaf Fuller, 

B. A. [Hary.J ; M. A. [Trin.] 
Clergyman. Died November i, 187a. 

1858. *James Henry Leacock. 

Died 1855. 


B. A., M. A. 

Lawyer. Died at Philadelphia, March 30, 1881. 


1857. (J) William Gibbs McNeill Whistler, (J) 

M. D. [Univ. Penna.] 
Physician and Surgeon. 28 Wimpole St., London, W. England. 

1859. *Aubrey Spencer Darrell, 

B. A., M. A. 
Clergyman. Died at Jamaica, N. Y., June 11, 1856. 

1859. Charles Montrose Graham. 



1858. William Ripley Woodin, 

B. A., M. A. 

Lawyer, 46_Market St., 250 Church St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

1858. William Henry Vibbert, 

B. A., M. A. ; S. T. D. [Racine.] 

Rector of St, James* Church, 385 Ontario St., Chicago, 111. 

1856. Samuel Fitch Hotchkin, 

B. A., M. A. 

Rector at Bustleton. Bustleton, Station P., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1856. (J) *Thomas Green Clemson, 

M. A. [Hobart.] 
Clergyman. Died at Waddington, N. Y., June 27, 1888. 

1858. William Robert Harris, 

B. A., M. A. 

Rector of St. John's Churchy Somerville, N. J. 


1858. *Henry Hurbard Pierce, 

B. A. 

Captain, Regular Army. Died July 17, 1883. 

i860. *Theodore Caswell Glazier, 
B. A. 
Died, at Watertown, Conn., November 23, 1874. 

i860. JosiAH Cleveland Cady, 
M. A. 

Architect, iii Broadway, 126 East 39th St., New York City. 


1858. Wharton Butler, 

B. A. 
Lawyer. 610 Ninth Ave., New York City. 

1861. Samuel Seymour Lewis, 

B. D. [Nashotah.] 
Rector at WalpoU. \ValpoIe, Mass. 

1861. Albin Barlow Jennings, 

B. A., M. A. 

Rector of St. PauPs Church. Sing Sing, N. Y. 

1861. Bankson Taylor Morgan, (A) 

M. A. 

Lawyer, 140 Nassau St., 17 West loth St., New York City. 

1862. James Ivers Lewis. 

B. A., M. A.; M. D. [College, Physicians and Surgeons.] 

President and Treasurer of Uncasville Mfg. Co,, New London, Conn. 


1861. Arthur Washington Allyn, 
B. A. 

Merchant. 946 Oak wood Boulevard, Chicago, 111. 

1854. Horace Baldwin Hitchings, 
B. A. 

Clergyman. Care of Kountze Bros., Bankers, 

Equitable Building, New York City. 

i862. *Heber St. Clair Smith, 

ind Lieutenant and Adjutant ^th Conn. Volunteers, 

Killed at Cedar Mountain, August 9, 1862. 

1861. Fenwick Mitford Cookson, 

B. A., M. A. 
Rector of Church of the Messiah, Glens Falls, N. Y. 

1862. Thomas Rawdon Fisher, 

B. A.; LL. B. [Columbia.] 

New Rochelle, N. Y. St. Anthony Club, New York City. 

1863. *WiLLiAM Chester Watson, 
Died 1864. 

1862. *Francis Sayre Pinckney, 

Died at Jacksonville, Fla, 1889, 
Editor American Angler, 

186 1. *Edward Carlyle Norris. 

Killed in the battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862. 


1862. *George Herbert Goodwin, 

Died at Rome, 1864. 

1862. Armand Lamar De Rossett, 
Merchant, Wilmington, N. C. A 

1863. James Walters Clark, 

B. A., M. A. 
Rector of Saint James' Church, 717 Massachusetts Ave., N. E., 

Washington, D. C. I 

1863. Samuel Blackwall Smallwood, 

M. D. [New York Medical Univ.] 

Surgeon. Astoria, N. Y. 

1863. Arthur Bowen, 

Wine Merchant and Brewer. Rochdale, England. 

1863. Herbert Norris, (J) 

M. D. [Univ. Penna.] 

Physician. 313 South iSth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 



i862. James Sturges Pearce, 
Rector of St. PauFs Church, Portsmouth, R. I. 

1864. Thomas McKee Brown, 
B. A., M. A. 

Rector of Church of St. Mary the Virgin, 226 West 45th St., 

New York City. 

1862. William Pancoast Clyde, 
M. A. 

Merchant, 35 Broadway, 748 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1862. Thomas Potter Fordney, 

Merchant. Lancaster, Pa. 

1862. {A) William Telemachus Hallett, 

Architect, 35 Broad St., New York City. 

1864. Charles Matthews Strong, 
Merchant. Bay St. Louis, Hancock County, La« 

1864. Jerome Gill Atkinson, (.^ 

M. D. [Univ., City of New York.] 

Physician. 257 Adelphi St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1864. Philip Smith Miller, 
B. A., M. A. 

Agent, Conn. Mutual Life Ins. Co., 9 East 48th St., 

I Wall Street, New York City. 

1864. *Ira St. Clair Smith. 
B. A., M. A.; M. D. LHarvard.] 
Physician. Died at New Haven, Conn. 

1862. *David Lamb Peck. 
B. A. 
Died at Clinton, Conn., March, 1888. 

1864. *Edward Swift De Rossett. 

Killed in Confederate Army, January, 1862. 



1864. George Henry Bliss. 

1864. *Flavel Scott Mines, 

Clergyman, Died in Louisiana, September 17, 1878. 

1865. *Edgar Bartow Lewis, 

Ordnance Sergeant, jgth Conn, Volunteers, Died September 6, 1863. 


1865. William Henry Lewis, 

B. A., M. A. 

Assistant Rector, Calvary Churchy 137 East 21st St., New York City. 

1865. *JoHN Walter Kirby, 

Died December 29, 1873. 

1866. James Frederick Morse, 
Insurance, 233 Broadway, N. Y. C. Long Branch, N. J. 

1866. Josiah Blackwell, Jr., 

230 West 59th St., New York City. 

1866. Joseph Horace Goodspeed, 

Treas. West End Street Railway Co. Boston, Mass. 

1866. Charles Wanzer, 

CitHI Engineer and Contractor. 122 Virginia Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

1866. Albert Steele Hull, 

B. A.,M. A., 

Rector of Trinity Church, 1030 Forest Ave., Morrisania, N. Y. 


1865. (7) *Samuel Stevens. 

B. A. 

Lawyer. Died March 15, 1876. 

1867. William Richard Mackay, 

* B. A., M. A. 
Clergyman. 153 Buena Vista St., Alleghany, Pa. 



1867. Stephen Holbrooke, 
B. A. 

With Schuyler Electric Light Co., Bryn Mawr, 

55 South 3rd St., Phila., Pa. Pa. 

1867. Frank Somerville Harraden, 

B. A., M. A. 

Rector at Hanover, Hanover, Mass. 

1868. *Henry David Jardine, 
Clergyman. Died 1886. 

1868. Frank Louis Norton, 

B. A., M. A.; D. D. [St. Stephen's.] 
Clergyman. Cazenovia, N. Y. 

1868. Robert Hallam Curtis, 
B. A., M. A. 

Secretary and Treasurer, 835 Broad St., 

Meriden Silver Plate Co., Meriden, Conn. 

1868. Howard Cooke Vibbert, 

B. A., M A.. 
Merchant. 68 Grand Ave , New Haven, Conn. 


1869. George Otis Holbrooke, 

B. A. (Optimus.) 

1869. Charles Clarence Barton, 

B. A. ; LL. B. [Boston Univ.] 

Lawyer, 82 Devonshire St., Boston, Mass. Newton Centre, Mass. 

1867. George Gideon Nichols, 

Broker. Union Club, New York City. 

1869. Robert Hob art Smith, 

B. A. 

Banker, 70 Broadway, 2 East 84th St., New York City. 



1869. Breckenridge Stuyvesant Gibson, 

B. A., M. A. 
Head Master of St John's School, Sing Sing, N. Y. 

1870. *Rysam Mulford Stillwell. 

Died at Sag Harbor, N. Y., January 27, 1869. 

1870. James Robert Fuller, 
M. D. [Bellevue Hospital Med. College.] 

Physician. 29 Huntington St., New London, Conn. 

1870. Samuel Richard Fuller, 
M. A., 

Rector of St. John's Church, 487 Pearl St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

1859. William Byron Buckingham, 
B. A., M. A. 

Rector of Trinity Chu7ch, Rutland, Vt. 

1870. Charles Henry Gardner, 

B. D. [Nashotah.l 
Dean, Trinity Cathedral, Omaha, Neb. 

i868. Samuel Washington Clifford, 

B. A. 

Lawyer, 23 Court St., Hotel Oxford, Boston, Mass. 


1 87 1. Richard Hartley Nott, 

Lawyer. Saco, Me. 

1870. Allender Ensign Breckenridge, 

187 1. *Thomas Chew Lewis, 

B.A., M. A. 
Lawyer. Died at New York, i88i. 

1870. George Edward Elwell, 

M. A. 

Lawyer. Bloomsburgh, Pa. 


1869, Charles Adelle Lewis Totten, 
M. A. 

ist Lieutenant 4th Artillery, U. S. A., Sheffield Scientific School, 

War Dept., Washington, D. C. New Haven, Conn. 

1871. Newberry Davenport Thorne, 
Broker, 30 Broad St., N. Y. C. Davenport's Neck, New Rochelle, N.Y. 

187 1. Ambrose Spencer Murray, Jr., 

B. A., M. A.; LL. B. [Columbia], 
Lawyer, 32 Nassau St., 263 Fourth Avenue, New York City. 

1871. William George Washington Smith. 

Rector of St. Janus* Church, La Grange, Fayette County, Texas. 

1871. Chauncy Camp Williams, 

B. A., M. A. 

Rector of St. PauFs Church, Augusta, Ga. 


1872. Stephen Elliott Barnwell, 

Rector of St. John* s Church, , . , 1 113 West Jefferson St., 

\-toUUi. '^Wv--*^^ ^'*'''^*"'v^v.V n r^q Louisville, Ky. 

1872. John Archibald Deal, 

Missionary Work, Franklin, N. C. 

1872. Robert Woodward Barnwell, 

Clergyman, Henderson, Ky. 

1871. Lucius Waterman, 

B. A., {Optimus) M. A. 
Rector at Littleton. Littleton, N. H. 

1872. Samuel Chalmers Thompson, 

Clergyman. London, England. 


1873. Gustave Breaux Underhill. 

B. S.; M. D. [Univ. Heidelberg and Univ., La.] 
Planter and Physician. New Braunfels, Texas. 


1873. Russell Murray, 

B. s. 

Merchant, 52 Greene St., University Club, New York City. 

1873. Frederick Ossian Granniss, 

B. A., M. A. 
Rector of Church of Good Shepherd y Columbus, Ohio. 

1873. Nathaniel Harding, 

l^ Rector of St. Peter's Church, Washington, N. C. 

1873. Edward Biddle Watts, 

B. A., M. A. 

Lawyer. Carlisle, Pa. 


1873. Derrill Hart McCollough, 

B. A. 
Surveyor. Spartansburgh, S. C. 

1874. *Theodore Winthrop Stedman, 

Merchant. Died at Omaha, Neb., March, 1884. 

1874. John Elmendorf Brandegee, 

B. A. 
Lawyer^ 30 Genesee St., Utica, N. Y. 


1875. Charles Platt, Jr. 

Insurance Agent, 1809 De Lancy Place, 

401 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1875. William Anthony Platt, 

Vice-President North American Life Ins. Co, 

232 Walnut St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

1874. (J, T) Clayton Platt, 
Insurance, 16 Exchange Place, New York City. 

1874, (T) William Egbert Wright, 

Newburgh-on-Hudson, N. Y. 


i875> William Molthrop Stark, 

B. A., M. A.; LL. B. LColumbia.] 

iMwyer, New London, Conn. 

1875. Grenville Kane, 

B. A., M. A.; LL B. [Columbia.] 

Laiayer. Union Club, New York City. 

1875. Henry Gordon McCouch, 
B. A. 

Lawyer, 27th Street (below Travers Lane), 

Drexel Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1875. George William Lincoln, 

B. A. 
Rector of St. Paul's Churchy Columbus, Ohio. 

1874. George McIlvaine Du Bois, 

B. A., M. A. 
Clergyman. Canon City, Colo. 

1875. Thomas McLean, 
B. A.. M. A. 

Brooklyn Bridge Freezing and Cold Storage Co.^ 95 Madison Ave., 

Pearl and Frankfort Sts., New York City. 

1875. William Edmond Curtis, 
B. A., M. A.; LL. B. [Columbia.] 
Lawyer, 45 William St., 14 West 20th St., New York City 

1875. William Asbury Bibb, 

Stocks, Bonds and Real Estate. Minter Station, Ala. 



1876. Arthur Newton Edwards, 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

1876. Harry Vane Rutherford, 

B. A. 
Lawyer, Drake Block, 180 East 3d St.. St. Paul, Minn. 

1876. Henry Hartstene Brigham, 
B. A. 

Banker, 11 Wall St.. New York City. 


1876. Henry Ogden DuBois, 
B. A., M. A. 

Rye, N. Y. 

1876. Frank Thorla Lincoln, 

M. D. [Univ. Maryland.] 
Physician. Savannah, Ga. 

1875. Eric Pierson Swenson, 
Banker, 216 Broadway, 20 East 69th St., New York City. 


1876. Percival Padgett, 
B. A., M. A. 

Master in St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. 

1877. Robert Habersham Coleman, 

B. A. 

Capitalist. Cornwall, Pa. 

1877. *Lewis Condict Brandegee, 

Died November, 1873. 


1878. Horace Brown Scott, 

B. A., M. A.; M. D. [Jefferson Medical College.] 

Surgeon, U. S. N". Navy Yard, New York City. 

1878. *Frank Worth White, 

Broker, Died at New York, January 17, 1887 

1878. Frank de Peyster Hall, 
B. S. 

Wine Merchant, St. Anthony Club, 

51 Broad St., New York City. 


1878. William Hudson Burr, 

Clergyman. 1618 Vine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1878. William Viall Chapin, 

B. A., M. A. 

Banker, 40 Wall St., 51 West 45th St., New York City. 

1879, Benjamin Stark, Jr., 

B. A. 
Merchant. New London, Conn. 

1879. William Nicholson Elbert, 

B. A., M. A. 

Manager, Roosevelt Organ Factory, 22220 Trinity Place, 

317 South 22nd St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1879. George Aspinwall Hazelhurst, 

Corner 19th and Pine Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1880. Thomas Brownell Chapman, 
With Holmes, Booth b' ffayden, 25 Park PI., N. Y. C. 

1880. George Munson Curtis, 

Meriden Britannia Co., Meriden, Conn. 


1879. Frederick Windle Chapin, 

M. D. 

Physician. Pomfret, Conn. 

1879. Robert LeFavour Winkley, 

B. A. 
Teacher. Dobb's-Fcrry-on- Hudson, N. Y. 

1879. Henry Stuart Martindale, 

B. A. 

Stock Farmer, Kirkwood House, Des Moines, Iowa. 

1880. Hoffman Miller, 

B. A. 

Lawyer, 29 Wall St^ 640 Madison Ave., New York City. 

1880, Francis Randolph Curtis, 

B. A., M. A. 
80 Wall St., New York City. 

1880. Coleman Gandy Williams, 

B. A., M. A. 
Broker. St. Anthony Club, New York City. 


i88o. Edward Dale Appleton. 
Publisher, i, 3 and 5 Bond St., St. Anthony Club, New York City. 

1880. Frederick Grenville Russell, 

B. A. 

With Pittsburg Stub Co., Bridgeport, Conn. 

1880. Frank Langdon Wilcox, 

B. A. 
Manufacturer, Berlin, Conn. 

1880. Frederick Peck Wilcox, 
B. A. 

Silverman and Broker, 122 West 79th St., 

92 Broadway, New York City. 


1877, Francis Wisner Murray, 

B. A. [Yale J; M. D. [College, Physicians and Surgeons.] 

Physician, 38 West 36th St., St. Anthony Club, New York City. 

1881. SwEN Albin Swenson, 

Banker, 216 Broadway, St. Anthony Club, New York City. 

i88i. George Endicott Perkins, 

B. A., M. A. 
Banker. St. Anthony Club, New York City. 

1 88 1. Herbert Wilmerding, 

Insurance, 100 Broadway, St. Anthony Club, New York City. 

1881. James Russell Parsons, Jr., 
B, A., M. A. 

U. S. Consul at Aix-la-Chapelle. Germany. 

1881. John Dow Cheever, 
New York Belting and Packing Co. , Cedarhurst, 

15 Park Row, N. Y. C. L. I. 

1880. Richard Henry Nelson, 

B. A., M. A. 

Rector of Christ Church. Norwich, Conn. 



i88i. George Bradley Pattison, 

B. A., M. A. 
Lawyer, 12 First St., 105 First St., Troy, N. Y. 

1882. Charles Adams Appleton, 
B. A. 

Publisher, St. Anthony Club, 

D. Appleton & Co., i, 3 and 5 Bond St., New York City. 

1882. Ernest Flagg Henderson, 

B. A.;B. A., M. A. [Harvard.] 
Godesburg-ara- Rhine, Germany. in Prince St., New York City. 

1882. Andrew Murray Young, 

B. A., M. A. 

N. Y. Security dr* Trust Co., Calumet Club, 267 Fifth Ave., 

46 Wall St., New York City. 

1882. Judson Baldwin Brainerd, 

Merchant Portland, Conn. 

1882. William Crawford Sheldon, Jr., 
B. A. 

Banker, 4 Wall St.. 36 Pierrepont St. 

N. Y. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1882. James Remsen Strong, 

B. A. 
Electrical Engineer, Newtown, 

59 and 61 Liberty St., N. Y. C. L. I. 

1882. James Goodrich de Forest, 

Merchant. 37 West 36th St., New York City. 

1882. Edward Haynes Woodruff, 

B. A. [Harvard.] 
Medical Student, Care of Mrs. D. C. Haynes, 

McGill Medical College. St. Catherine's, Ontario. 


1883. HiNSDiLL Parsons, 
B. A. 

Lawyer. Hoosick Falls, N. Y. 


1883. Frank Roosevelt, 
B. A., M. A. 
Manufacturer of Organs, 58 West i8th St., 

149 West i£th St., New York City. 

1883. George Pratt Ingersoll, 

B. A., M. A.;LL. B. [Yale.] 

Lawyer, 179 Church St., 85 Trumbull St., New Haven, Conn. 

1883. Samuel Breck Parkman Trowbridge, 

B. A., M. A.; Ph. B. [Columbia.] 

A.chitect, 210 Prospect St., New Haven, Conn. 

1882. (J) Daniel Murray Bohlen, 
B. A., M. A. 

1 5 10 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1884. Huntley Russell, 

Merchant, 442 Ottawa St., 

Canal and Newberry Sts., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

1884. Edward Sims Van Zile, 

B. A., M. A. 

Journalist, New York World. 245 West 43rd St., New York City' 

1884. Frank William Owen, 

Boonville, N. Y. 


1884. Harmon Pumpelly Read, 

7 Elk St., Albany, N. Y. 

1885. Sidney Trowbridge Miller, 
B. A., M. A. 
Lawyer, 524 Jefferson Ave. , 

80 Griswold St., Detroit. Mich. 

1886. Henry Cozzens Appleton, 

D. Appleton ^ Co., 3 Madison Ave., 

I, 3 and 5 Bond St., New York City. 


1885. Robert Thorne, 

B. A., M. A. 

Law Student. St. Anthony Club, New York City. 


1886. George Emerson Beers. 

B. A., M. A.; LL. B. [Yale.] 

Lawyer, 157 Church St., New Haven, Conn. Southport, Conn. 


1887. Strathearn Hendrie, 
B. A. 
Treasurer, Detroit City Railway, 121 Woodward Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 

1887. George Safford Waters, 

B. A. 

Architect, Lansingburgh, N. Y. 

1887. Frederick Everest Haight. 

B. A. 

Merchant, 1 109 Bergen St., 

119 Franklin St., N. Y. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. 


1888. John Prince Elton, 

B. S. 

Manufacturer, Waterbury Brass Co. Waterbury, Conn. 

1888. Arthur Cleveland Hall, 

B. A. 
Printing, Mcllroy & Emmet, Highwood, 

36 Cortlandt St., N. Y. C. N. J. 

1887. Henry Rumford Thompson, 

B. A. 

Paper Manufacturer, Bellows Falls., 

Moore, Arms and Thompson. Vt. 

1888. Louis Le Grand Benedict, 

B. A. 

Law Student. 37 Gramercy Park, New York City. 



i888. Charles Miller Beckwith, 

70 Gillet St., Hartford, Conn. 

1889, James Rowland Nash, (A) 
B. A. [Williams.] 

Ill East 37th St , New York City. 

1889. Frederick FitzGerald, 

1889. Benjamin Freeman Comfort, 
Principal, Tappan Public School, 542 Second Ave., Detroit, Mich. 


1889. Samuel Fermor Jarvis, Jr., 

B. A. 

Brooklyn, Conn. 

1890. William Eliphalet Adams Bulkeley, 

134 Washington St., Hartford, Conn. 

1890. Edward McPherson McCook, 

114 Main St., Hartford, Conn. 

1890. Allen Butler Talcott, 

863 Asylum Ave., Hartford, Conn. 

1890. George Thurston Macauley, 

61 Edmund Place, Detroit, Mich. 


1891. Charles Hooker Talcott, 

863 Asylum Ave., Hartford Conn. 

1892. Jacob Humphrey Greene, 

113 Woodland St., Hartford, Conn. 

1891. George Hampton Hill, 

66 Grafton St., Worcester, Mass. 


1 89 1. Edward Bronson Finch, 

Greenfield, Mass. 
1 891. Irving Thomas Smith, 

860 St. Mark's Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1891. Frederick Reed Hoisington, 

Coventry, Conn. 


1892. John Russell Bacon, 

Danbury, Conn, 

1892. Alexander Hamilton Sibley, 

414 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

1892. Charles Christopher Trowbridge, 

210 Prospect St., New Haven, Conn. 

1892. Isaac Dan Russell, 

"The Grove," New Britain, Conn. 

1892. Edward Gardner Lewis, 

137 East 2ist St., New York City. 

1892. Ashton Howard Potter, 
Care of Brown, Shipley & Co , 57 Wall St., New York City. 


Founded in University of Rochester, 


OCTOBER 24th, 1851 




94. Benjamin Francis Harris, 

Occupation, Real Estate. 

97. William Wallace Gilbert, 

Home address, 20 Arnold Place, 

Rochester, N, Y. 

98. John Harry Stedman, 

A. M. 

Occupation, Vice-Prest. , Rochester Burner Co. , 

123 Troup St., Rochester, N. Y. 

98. Daniel West Bush, 

Occupation, Insurance, 4 Tremont St., 

Rochester, N. Y. 

102. Arthur B. Griffin, 

Address as given, incorrect. 

103. Frank Edward Fulton, 

Address as given, incorrect. 

105. Albert Arthur Davis, 

Business address, 512 Wilder Building, 

Home address. Chili Sta., N. Y. 

106 Alexander Conde Smith, 

Address as given, incorrect. 

lo;. Year of Initiation, above name of Frank Henry 
Connelly, 1882. 

107. Frank Bowdoin Mathews, 

Degrees, A. B., A. M.; Ph. G. [Mass. Coll., Pharmacy.] 
Occupation, Manufacturer. 

Only address, Belfast, Maine.. 

107. Merleau Clarke Smith, not Merlean, 

Home address, 99 Jones Ave , 

Rochester, N. Y. 

107. Charles Everett Sunderlin, 

Of L. Sunderlin dr' Co. 
Home address, 45 Sophia St., Rochester, N. Y. 

108. John George McDonald, 

Business address, 16 State St., Rochester, N. Y. 

109. George Elmer Newman, 

IVitA the James Cunningham^. Sou «Sr* Co. 


1854. (A) Stewart Lyndon Woodford, 

A. M., LL. D. 

Lawyer, 18 Wall St., N. Y. C. 16 Cambridge Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1852. Justin Dewey Fulton, 

S. T. D. 

Clergyman. 255 Carlton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1854. *George Walton Chapman, 

Died at Ballston Spa, 1878. 

1852. Edward Hatch Davis, 

A. M., M. D. 

Wholesale Druggist. 107 State St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1854. * Archibald La Mont Farr, 
Clergyman. Died at Orlando, Fla., November 28th, 1887. 

1853, *ISAAC SeELEY, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. Died, March 22nd, 1877. 

1855. Rezin Augustus Wight, 

A. M. [Harvard.] 
Lawyer, 304 East 14th St., New York City. 

1855. William Wirt Fay, 
A. M. 

Professor, U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. 


1854. Edwin Thomas Otis, 

Virginia City, Nev. 





1855. RuFUS Lawrence Bingham. 

Norwich. N. Y. 

185 1. Samuel John Fulton, 
M. D. 

1 85 1. George Milton Noyce, 

A. B. [Williams.] 

1856. *Charles Phipps Achilles, 
A. B. 

Died September 20, 187S. 

1856. Daniel Webster Wilder, 

Hiawatha, Kan. 

1856. John Leslie, 
A. M. 

Newport, R. I. 



1855. *Lewis Bullock, 

A. M. 


1855. Norman Fox, Jr., 
A. M., S. T. D. 

1856. *Phillip Greenwood Kershaw, 

Died at Montreal, November, 1857. 

1857. Benjamin Francis Harris, 

34 Sophia St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1857. John Raymond Howard, 
A. B., A. M. 

Publisher, 30 Lafayette PI., N. Y. C. Montclair, N. J. 


1867. Augustus Palmer Cooke, 

A. B. 

Lumber Merchant, 320 Madison Ave , New York City. 


1856. Jerome Alanson Lake, 
Farmer. Mount Morris, N. Y. 

1857. Frederick Wadsworth Cole, {A) 
A. B. 

Lawyer. Butte, Mon 

1855. Ira Late Otis, 
A. B. 

Manufacturer, 55 Powers Block, Rochester, N. Y. 

1857. Henry Ludwig Achilles, 

Rochester, N. Y. 

1857. *Lewis Wilson Merritt, 

A. B. 

Lawyer Died at Newfane, N. Y., 1865. 

1857. Timothy Edwards Ellsworth, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. Lockport, N. Y. 


1857. William Hume Caldwell. 

1858. William Thompson Rockwood, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. Saratoga, N. Y. 

1859. William Wallace Shaw, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. Louisville, Ky. ^ 

1859. *Lloyd Alexander Haynes, 

Killed in Confederate Army. 

1859. *Coleman Townsend Robinson, 

Died, 1864. 

1855. James A. Robinson, 
A. B. 

1855. Henry Harrison Fay, 
A. M. 

Teacher, Newport, R. I. 



1858. Elwell Stephen Otis, 

LL. B. [Harvard.] Fort Assinaboine, Mont. 

1858. William Hamilton Harris, 
A. M. 

Banker. 490 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

i860. Martin Warren Cooke, 

A. B., A. M. 

Lxiwyer, 29 State St., Rochester, N. Y. 

i860. *Freeman De Witt Clarke, 

Died at Rochester, May 27th, 1889. 

i860. *Charles Ellis Caldwell, 

Journalist. Died at Rochester, 1865. 

1859. Charles Austin Devendorf, (yi) 

A. M. [Williams] M. D. 
Physician. 353 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

i860, *George Shadbolt, 

Farmer. Died, 1888. 

i860, Charles Frederick Pond, 

A. B. 

Secretary, Rochester Savings Bank, 133 Plymouth Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 


1857. ♦William Athinson Roberts, 


i860. * J AMES ChAPPELL, Jr. 
Fatmer. Died at Gates, N. Y., February i, 1889. 

i860, *WiLLiAM GuNN Hoffman, 

B. S. 

Captain, C. S, A. Died at McKinney, Texas, 1861. 


i860. William Henry Cooke, 

Lumber Merchant, Whitehall, N. Y. 


i86i. Porter Farley, 

M. D. 

Physician. 312 Mt. Hope Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

1861. Sidney Johnston Hobbs, 

Planter, Hobbs' Station, Ky. 


1 86 1. William Wallace Gilbert, 
A. M. 

U. S. Commissioner, Powers' Block. Rochester, N. Y, 

1862. Edward Gilbert, 

A. M. 

Teacher, New York City. 

1858. *Patrick Henry O'Rourke, 

Colonel, 140th N. V. Vols. Killed in battle of Gettysburg. 

1863. *Samuel Porter, 
A. B. 

Manufacturer Died, March, 188 1. 

1863. Rolland Clarke Cooke, 
A. B. 

Lumber Merchant. Whitehall, N. Y. 

1863. Maurice Roland Stettheimer, 

A. B. 

Banker. Rochester. N. Y. 

i86c. *Shepard Gleason, 



i860. *David McKenzie, 

B. S. 

Civil Engineer. Died at Drummondsville, Ontario. 

1864. *Henry Smith Dean, 

A. B. 

Merchant. Died at Rochester, December 29th, 1871. 


1864. Oliver Mills Benedict, 

A. B. 


1864. DwYER Augustine Carpenter, 
A. B. 

Manufacturer^ 115 Pine St., San Francisco, Cal. 

1862. Edward Seward Churchill, 
A. M. 

Banker. Nappa City, Cal. 

1863. Henry Barton Beecher, 

Inspector of Customs. San Franscisco, Cal. 


1865. William Henry Caldwell, 
A. B. 

Manufacturer, 288 State St., 403 West Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

1865. *JosEPH Henry Pool, 

Died at Gordonsville, Va., July 17th, 1864. 

1865. Seward Fisher Gould, 
Farmer. Avon, N. Y. 

1865. George Hunt Clarke, 

224 Alexander St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1865. John Harry Stedman. 

A. B. 
Manager, E. H. Cook 6- Co., Lfd. Rochester, N. Y. 

1865. *Samuel Stevens, 

Died at New York City, 1876. 


1866. Farley Porter. 

A. B. 

Clergyman. Gouvemeur, N, Y. 


1864. Daniel West Bush, 

Real Estate, 8 Eagle St., Rochester, N. V. 



1865. Charles Chittenden Farnham, 

A. M.. M. D. 
Physician. Pleasant Mount, Pa. 

1868. Charles Eugene Hoyt, 

Shoe Manufacturer. 26 South Goodman St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1868. James Sherlock Andrews, 

A. B. 

Lawyer^ 213 Powers' Block, iii North St. Paul St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1866. *Charles Tiffany Litchfield, 


1868. George Kemp Ward, 

A. M. [Princeton.] 
Clergyman. Dansville, N. Y. 

1866. Edward D. Moore. 

1866. Hackley Bartholomew Bacon, 

B. S. 

Real Estate, 395 Canal St., New York City. 


1868. John Clark, Jr., 

A. B. 

Lawyer, Clinton, N. Y. 

1868. John Paradise Palmer, 
A. B. 

With H. H. Warner 6^ Co. 28 Upton Park, Rochester, N. Y. 

1869 Julius Francis Gratz. 
1867. James Breck Perkins, 

A. B. 
Lawyer, 13 Elwood Building, Rochester, N. Y. 


1870. William Henry Van Sicklen. 



1868. Theodore Frank Hall, 
A. B. 

Journalist, 624 Park St., Atchison, Kan. 

187 1. Samuel Barron Caldwell, 
Manufacturer, 304 Battery St., San Francisco, Cal. 

1 87 1. Charles Mather Burt, 

Manufacturer, 150 Duane St., New York City. 

1871. Kenneth Young Alling, 
Artist. 134 South Fitzhugh St., Rochester, N. Y. 


1 87 1. Benjamin Folsom, 

A. B., A. M., 

Lawyer, U. S. Consul. Sheffield, England. 

187 1. George M. Armstrong. 

1872. Herbert Mirhall Dayfoot, 
M. D. 

Physician. 41 Sophia St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1872. Horace John Babcock, 

Merchant. Lawrence, Kan. 


1872. Augustus C. Tyler, 

U. S. Army. War Dep't. Washington, D. C. 

1872. Paris G. Clark, 

M. D. 

Physician. Unadilla, N. Y. 

1873. William Frederick Taylor, 

Clergyman. Maple Ave., East Orange, N. J. 


187 1. Edward Tracy Huntington, 

A. B. 

Commercial National Bank. 53 South Fitzhugh St., 

Rochester, N. Y. 

1873. R. E. Augustus Land, 

Lawyer. Hamilton, Canada. 

1873. *Lewis Taylor Morgan, 

Died at Rochester, 1873. 

1873. Alfred George Dunsford, 

Clergyman. Marengo, 111. 

1873. *George F. Hurd, 

M. D. 

Physician, Died at Rochester, 1876. 

1873. Arthur Wellington Horton, 

B. S. 

Lawyer y 430 Walnut St., 1318 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


1874. Frederick Budrean Dodge, 
Lawyer. 225 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

1874. Charles Henry Moscrip, 

A. M. 

Clergyman. St. Louis, Mo. 

1873. Ross Platt Cole, 

Contractor, 82 Driving Park Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 


1875. Dan Tuttle Chamberlain, 

Journalist. Hastings, Minn. 

1874. Edward Francis Grant, 

A. B., M. D. 
Physician. Lodi, Cal. 


1875, William Sketchley Gilbert, 

A. B., A. M. 

Teacher. New York City. 

1875. Garnett Pendleton, 

A. B., A. M. 
Lawyer. Chester, Pa. 

1875. Harvey Blanchard Johnson, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. Lyndonville, N. Y. 

1875. George C. Richards. 

1875. Samuel Henry Anderson. 


1876. Arthur Billings Chaffee, 

Prof, of History ^ Ffanklin College, Franklin, Ind. 

1876. *Charles Foote Thorpe, 

Died at Rochester, 1872. 

1876. Arthur B. Griffin, 

A. B., A. M. • 
Manufacturer, 107 Liberty St., New York City. 

1876. William J. Holding, 

Musician. Fort Edward, N. Y. 

1873. Charles Clarke Herrick, 

A. B. ; LL. B. [Columbia ] 

Manufacturer, 278 State St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1873. Charles Miner Vrooman, 
/ A. B. 

V Journalist. Weldon, Cal. 

1876. George Percy Morse, 

Farmer. Eaton, N. Y. 

1876. Joseph Wamsley, 

LL. B. [Columbia.] 

Lawyer, 67 William St, 1626 Madison Ave., New Ycrk City. 


1 874- Samuel Prescott Moore, 
A. B. 

Lawyer, Rochester German Ins. Building, Rochester, N. Y 


1877. Curtis Noble Douglas, 
A. B. 

Lumber Merchant. 

L. Thompson & Co., Albany, N. Y. 

1877. George Henry Donohue, 
M. D. 

Physician. 86 Irving Place, New York City. 

1877. James Banks Gilbert, 
Merchant. Newton, 111. 

1877. Frank Edward Fulton, 

Newport, R. I. 

1877. Richard Mott Moore, 

M. D. [Buffalo Med. Coll.] 
Physician. 74 South Fitzhugh St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1877. Arthur Alfred Gillette, 
M. D. 


1876. Edwin Haskins King, 
A. B., 

Clergyman. Carson City, Nev. 

1878, *Norman Mather Waterbury, 

A. B. 

Missionary. Died at Vespery, Madras, India, Nov. nth, 1886. 

1878. James Ephraim Nichols, 

A. B., M. D. 

Physician. 162 East 37th St., New York City. 



1878. David Low Hill, 
A. B. 
City Editor y 162 Mount Hope Ave., 

" Union and Advertiser" Rochester, N, Y, 

1879. John Alexander Rockfellow, 

Ranch. Dragoon, Cochise Co.. Arizona. 

1879. Charles John Townsend, 

A. B., A. M. 

Banker and Broker, 6 Wall St., 51 West 84th St., New York City. 

1879. Thomas Nolan, 

B. S., M. S.: Ph. B. [Columbia.] 

Architect, 503 Wilder Building, Rochester, N. Y. 

1876. Horace Johnson Tuttle, 

A. B. 

Lawyer, Durand Building, Rochester, N. Y. 

1870. Phillip Stafford Moxom, 

A. M. 

Pastor, First Baptist Churchy Boston, Mass. 


1880. Charles Hastings Wiltsie, 

A. M. 

Lawyer, Trust Building, Rochester, N. Y. 

1880. Walter Everett Servoss, 

Mining and Ranch. Dragoon, Cochise Co., Arizona. 

1880. Clarence Granger Carr, 

B. S. 

Lumber Merchant, 

D. C. Bell & Co., Minneapolis, Minn. 

1880. Raleigh Farrar, 

A. B. 

Lawyer, care of Elbranger and Barry, Rochester, N. Y. 


i88o. Clarence Arthur MacDonald, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. Seneca Falls, N. Y. 

1880. Edward Merriam Waterbury, 

A. B., M. D. 

Physician. Iowa. 

1880. George Doniphan, 
A. B., LL. B. 

Lawyer. Augusta, Ky. 

1879. Arthur McDonald, 
A. B., A. M.; Ph. D. [Harvard.] 

805 Lincoln Ave., Hastings, Neb. 


1878. George Edwin Peer, 

With L. Sundulin b* Co., 40 North Clinton St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1881. Harmon Martin Sage, 

B. S. 

Western Electric Co. , Greenwich and Thames Sts. , East Orange, 

N. Y. C. N. J. 

1881. Benjamin Lester Bowen, 

A. B.; Ph. D. [Johns Hopkins.] 

Professor of French, Bowdoin College ^ Brunswick, Me. 


1882. William Stuart MacDonald, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. Seneca Falls, N. Y. 

1883. Albert Arthur Davis, 

A. B., A. M. 

Lawyer^ German Ins. Building, Rochester, N. Y. 

1882. Albert H. Cutter, 

1882. Edwin W. Saphoie. 
1882. Charles H. Perrine. 

Andrews, Ind. 


1881. Edwin S. Hayward, Jr, 

Physician. Goodman St., Rochester, N. Y. 


1881. George Herbert Smith, 

A. B., A. M. 
Lawyer, Cor. Oakland St., and Mt. Vernon Ave., 

Wilder Building, Rochester, N. Y. 

1881. Homer Collins, 

B. S. [Cornell] ; M. D. [Columbia.] 

Physician, State Hospital for the Insane, Rochester, Minn. 

1883. Henry Martyn Brigham, 

A, B. 

Lawyer^ 31 Nassau St., N. Y, C. 537 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1883. John Bradford Losey, 

A. B. 
Ranch. Sloan, Iowa. 


/ LL. B. 

\J Lawyer. Pasadena, Cal. 

1883. Harry Miller Bennett, 

A. B., M. D. 

Physician, County Hospital, Denver, Col. 


1882. Joseph Malcolm Blain, 

Tacoma, Wash. 

1883. Seth Sprague Terry, 

A. B., A. M. 

Lawyer^ 45 William St., 41 West 25th St., New York City. 

1884. Alexander Conde Smith, 

M. D. 
Physician, Marine Hospital, Governor's Island, N. Y. 

1884. Frederick John Smythe, 

A. B. 

Lawyer, 52 Exchange Place Building, Rochester, N. Y. 


1884. George Monroe Weed Bills, 

A. B. 

Lawyer, Exchange Place Building, Rochester, N. Y 

1884. Edward Joseph Beir, 

Merchant, 77 North St. Paul St., Rochester, N. Y. 


1884. Charles Hamilton Losey, 

A. B. 

Medical Student. 10 1 Smith St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1884. Francis Crosby Cooke, 

Lumber Merchant, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1884. Guerdon Howard Cooke. 

Lumber Merchant. Whitehall, N. Y. 

1885. Merlean Clarke Smith, 

Manufacturer, 278 State St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1885. Carey De Witt Brown, 

A. B., A. M. 
Teacher. Warsaw, N. Y. 

1885. Frank Bowdoin Mathews, 

A. B. 

Druggist, 1 1 29 Washington St., Boston, Mass. 

1886. Frank Henry Connelly, 

Lawyer. Osage City, Kansas. 

1886. Cleland H. Ward, 

Publisher, " Lockport Journal''* Lockport, N. Y. 

1886. Arthur Byron Newman, 

Designer and Draftsman, Fairport, N. Y. 


1885. Henry Ludwig Achilles, Jr., 

Banker. Tacoma, Wash. 

1885. Charles Everett Sunderlin, 
With L. Sunderlin ^ Co., 20 State St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1886. Frank Willis Hughes, 

Journalist. \yi Jefferson Ave.. Rochester, N. Y. 

1886. William James Rogers, 

Lawyet. Tonawanda, N. Y. 

1887. William Francis Shero, 

A. B. 
Teacher, Smethport, Pa. 

1887. Edward Bleecker Ripsom, 

Manufacturer. 124 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

1886. John George McDonald, 
Real Estate. 34 Briggs Place, Rochester, N. Y. 

1886. John De Cew Knapp, 
Druggist. Box 294, Minneapolis, Minn. 


1889. Henry Dean Smith, 
A. B. 

Theological Student. Churchville, Monroe Co., N. Y. 

1888. William Bennett Weaver, 

A. B. 

Law Student. 56 North Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

1888. Harry William Gregg, 
A. B. 

Law Student. 44 Alexander St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1888. William Henry Dodge, 

M. D. [Univ. Mich.] 

Physician. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

1888. Charles Winchester Whedon, 

A. B. 

Medina, N. Y. 

1888. Emmett La Verne Powers, 

63 Lakeside Building, Chicago, 111. 



1889. John Warrant Castleman, 
A. B. 

Law Student, 31 State St., 82 South Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

1889. William Patton, 

Prince St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1888. Henry Clarke, 

A. B. 

Student, Rochester Theological Seminary, Rochester, N. Y. 

1889. James Lincoln Harroun, 
Teacher. Corfu, N. Y. 


1888. Edmund Beardsley Nolan, 
Architect, 501 Wilder Building, 13 Oxford St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1888. George Elmer Newman, 

With The James Cunningham's Son 6^ Co. 26 Chestnut St., 

Rochester, N. Y. 

1890. Frank Lincoln Weaver, 

With Weaver, Thomas <5r» Kirk. 77 South St. Paul St., 

Rochester, N. Y. 

1890. George Aloysius Engert, 

65 Marshall St., Rochester, N. Y. 


1891. Edwin Clarke Smith, Jr., 

16 Union Park. Rochester, N. Y. 

1891. Charles WisNER Gamble, . 

1615 Marion St., Washington, D. C. 

1891. Fred. Douglas Losey, 

25 Second Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 


1891. George Sears Curtiss, 

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

1891. William Henry Shaw, 

45 Charlotte St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1891. Charles Melton Shaw, 

45 Charlotte St., Rochester, N Y. 


1892. Harvey Deles Brown, 

392 Alexander St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1892. Robert Kennedy Toaz, 

ID Lime St., Rochester, N. Y. 

1891. Herbert Kinzie, 

392 Alexander St., Rochester, N. Y. 


1892. Clifford Vinal Comfort, 

392 Alexander St., Rochester. N. Y. 

1892. James Millard Baker, 

Medina, N. Y. 

1889. Alfred William Hurford Hodder, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 


Founded in Williams College, 


MARCH i£th, 1853. 





115. Samuel Williams, 

Home address, 220 St. Mark's Square, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

116. Thomas Hall Woods, 

Occupation, y«^^. Supreme Court, Miss. 

118. *WiLLiAM Parker, 

Died at Hartford, Conn, June 5th, 1887. 

119. (J) William Lyttleton Savage, 

A. B. and A. M. 

Business address, 251 South 4th St., Philadelphia. 
Home address, 1223 Walnut St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

119. Charles Carroll Blague, 

Business address. 28 Union Square, N. Y. C. 

Home address, 43 East 41st St., N. Y. C. 

119. , Frederic Thomas Lockwood, 

Address as given, incorrect. 

120. William Hiram Morrison, 

Occupation, A?nerican Securities, 

Founder's Court Lothburg E. C, London, England. 

120. Alfred Theodore Schauffler, 

A. B. and A. M. 
Business address 125 West 54th St., N. Y. C. 

Home address. New Rochelle, N. Y 


121. Henry Loomis Nelson, 

Not connected with " New York Star.'' 

123. Edward Augustus Day, 

Degrees, A. B.; LL. B. [Col.] 

Home address, 29 Say brook Place, 

Newark, N. J. 

\ 27. Frederic James Pousland, 

Class 1 88 1. 
Occupation, Sup't, Adamanta Manufacturing Co, 

Salem, Mass. 

127. James Bezer Ryder, 

Occupation, Insurance, 

37 Weybosset St., Providence, R. I. 

Home address, 46 Elm St., Pawtucket. K. I. 

127. Benjamin Prince, 

Address, 5pi East 70th St., N. Y. C 

128. Norris Bell, 
Occupation, Lawyer, 810 Wilder Building, 

Rochester, N. Y. 
Home address, 58 Gibbs St., Rochester, NY. 

128. William Erastus Collins, 

A. B. and A. M. 
Occupation, Editorial Staff ^'Hartford Courant " 
Home address, 990 Asylum Ave,, Hartford, Conn. 

128. William Haywood Johnson, 

Occupation. Sup' t, /o Anson's West Shore R. R. Restaurants. 

Address, Kingston, N. V. 

129. Frank Squter Talcott, 

Address, Buffalo, North Dakota 

129. Elbridge Lapham Adams, 

Occupation, Lawyer, 20 Trust Building, Rochester, N. Y 

129. Insert under **1883/* 
Henry Sarin Leake, A. B., Class, 1887, 

Medical Student, i East 55th St., New York City 

130. Henry Sprague Hyde, 

No degrees. 

130. Harry Green Wooster, not Henry, 

Class, 1890. 


1856. (A) Frederick Ferris Thompson, 
A. M. 

Banker, 2 Wall St., 283 Madison Ave., New York City. 

1854. *Charles Franklin Ingersoll, 

A. B. [Union Coll.] 

Died at Franklin, N. Y., 1855. 

1854. Eugene Mathivet, 
A. B. 

Lawyer. 173 Lake St., Cleveland, O. 

1854. Henry Decker, 

A. B. [Genesee Coll.] 

Lawyer, 132 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

1854. George Benjamin Goodwin, 

A. B. [Genesee Coll.] 

Lawyer. Milwaukee. Wis. 

1856. *JoHN Treadwell Pingree, 

A. B. ; LL. B. [Albany Law School.] 
Lawyer, Died, June 27th, 1883, 

1856. *Hamilton Nathan Eldridge, 
A. M.; LL. B. [Albany Law School.] 
Lawyer, Died, December, 1882. 

1856. John Thompson Stoneman, 

A. M.; LL. B. [Albany Law School.] 
Judge, Sup. Court. 44 Ave. A, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 


1856. *WiLLiAM RowE Baxter, 
A. B. 

Killed in Miss., 1864. 

1856. David Howe Hitchcock, 

Hilo, Island of Hawaii, Hawiian Islands. 

1857. Merritt Barber, 
A. B.; LL. B. [Ohio State Law School] 
Major and Assistant Adjutant General^ U. S. A. 

Los Angeles, Cal. Washington, D. C. 

1857. Simeon Howard Calhoun, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. Nebraska City, Neb. 

1857. Martin Henry Smith, 

A. B., Ph. D. 

Principal of Conn. Literary Institute, Suffield, Conn. 

1857. Nelson Boynton Sherwin, 

A. B.; L.L B. [Ohio State Law School.] 
Attorney and General Agent 1 560 Euclid Ave. , 

of New York Life Insurance Co., Cleveland, Ohio. 


1854. ♦Ellsworth Nahum Bates, 

Died at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1863. 

1854. Orson Van Buren Tousley, 

A. B. 

Supnintendent of Public Instruction in Minnesota. 

Minneapolis, Care of Monroe and Co., Paris, 

Minn. France. 

1855. Thomas Jefferson Pullen, 

A. M. 
Nurseryman. Hightstown, N. J, 

1857. John Gardner Reid, 

Lawyer, Metropolitan Block, 162 Rudolph St., Chicago, III. 


1^57- (J) Frederic Wadsworth Cole, 
A. B. 

Butte, Montana. 

1857. Charles Henry Wilson, 

M. D. [Univ. of Penna.] 
Surgeon. Nebraska City, Neb. 

1858. Daniel Fuju Leavitt, 
M. D. 

1858. *Charles Durand Sanford, 
A. B.; LL. B. [Albany Law School.] 

Killed in Virginia, 1864. 


1856. *Nathan Bacon Robbins, Jr., 
A. B. 

Lawyer. Drowned at Rochester, 1859. 

1856. Samuel Williams, 
A. M. 
Manager, Phila. Marble Co., Philadelphia, 

201 South 30th St., Pa. 

1856. George Yeomens, 

A. B. 

Physician. 1948 North Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1857. *JoHN Jacob Doughty, 

A. B. ; LL. B. [Albany Law School.] 

iMivyer. Died at Poughkeepsie, 1871. 

1858. Edgar Mantleburt Wood, 

A. B. [Union.] 
Lawyer. Box 1022, Pittsfield, Mass. 

A. B. 

Died, 1867. 


1858. Henry Brainard McClellan, 
A. M. 

Principal of Sayre Female Institute y Lexington, Ky. 

1858, *Samuel McClellan, 

M. D, [Yale.] 
Physican and Surgeon, Died at Tower Lake, Cal., 1887. 

1859. Thomas Hall Woods, 

Lawyer. Meridian, Miss. 

1859. Jacob Henry Hager, 

Journalist and Litterateur, 

Care of A. Lovell & Co., 3 East 14th St., Poughkeepsie, 

N. Y. C. N. Y. 

1859. Daniel Francis Fritz, 

Lawyer. Boston, Mass. 


1849. Shepard Thayer, 

A. B. [Western Reserve College.] 

Lawyer. North Adams, Mass. 

1856. William Alexander Montgomery Grier 

1858. John Eaton Darby, 

A. B. ; M. D. [Western Reserve College.] 

Physician. 837 Superior St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

1859. Robert Weeks, 
A. M. 
Rector of Associate Mission of Suffolk County, Greenport, 

Long Island. Long Island, N. Y. 

1859. Charles Austin Devendorf, 

A. M.; M. D. [Bellevue Medical College.] 

Physician and Surgeon. 439 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

i860. *Benjamin Lockwood De Forest, 
A. B. 

Died at Kittrell, N. C, 1885. 


i86o. *David Lane Warner, 

Died at Waterloo, N. Y., 1859. 

1861. *Walter Wakefield Streeter, 

Died at Berlin, N. Y., 1866. 

1861. Charles Ezra Simmons, 
M. D. 

Physician. 59th St. and Lexington Ave., New York City. 


1858. Robert Preston Wilson, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. 261 Georgia St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

1861. Thomal Baird Appleget, 

Editor of '' Hightstown Gazette," Hightstown, N. J. 

1 86 1. William Simeon Smith, 

Insurance Department at Boston, Boston, Mass. 

1861. Silas Pratt Wright, 

A. M.; M. D. [Albany Medical College.] 

Quarantine Physician. Wilmington, N. C. 

1861. *John Riley House. 

A. B. 

Died at Chattanooga, 1864. 

1862. Joseph Edward Simmons, 

A. M.;LL. D. 
Lawyer, Banker, 20 Nassau St., 28 West 52nd St., New York City. 

1862. Archibald Hopkins, 
A. B.;LL. B. [Columbia.] 

Lawyer, Clerk of the Court of Claims, Washington, D. C. 


1862. John Gordon Frazer, 

A. B.; M. D. [Bellevue Med. Coll.! 

Physician and Surgeon. 321 West 35th St., New York City. 

1862. *Edward Kirk Wilcox, 
A. B. 
Killed in battle of Cold Harbor, 1864. 


i860. Louis Hayward Hazletine, 
A. B., M. D 

Physician. Jamestown, N. Y. 

1861. Edward Dewey, 

A. B. 
Merchant, 311 East Water St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

1862. *Edward William Schauffler, 

M. D. [Coll., Physicians and Surgeons.] 

Died at Kansas City, Mo., 1887. 

1862. William Parker, 

A. M. 

New Britain, Conn. 

1863. William Swan, 

A. M. 

Pastor of Presbyterian Church, Lambertville, N. J. 

1863. Seth Benjamin Jones, 
A. M. 

Principal and Proprietor of Park Ave. Institute, Bridgeport, Conn. 

1863. Henry Denton Nicol, 

A. M.: M. D. [Coll., Physicians and Surgeons.] 
Physician. 7 West 30th St. , New York City. 

1864. Francis Henry Weeks, (./) 

A. B.. A. M.; LL. B. [Columbia.] 

Lawyer^ 120 Broadway, 11 East 24th St., New York City. 



i86i. William Telemachus Hallett, [E) 
Architect, 35 Broad St., New York City. 

1862. Allein Norton Leet, Jr., 
1862. *JosEPH Fairchild Baker, 

U. S. N. Died at Charleston Navy Yard, 1876. 

1864. *Edward Payson Hopkins, 

A. B. 

Killed at Ashland, Va., 1864. 

1864. Proctor Thayer, 

M. D. [Western Reserve Med. Coll.] 

Physician. Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

1864. Charles Willard Keyes, 

A. M. 

Merchant, Quincy, 111. 

1864. William Littleton Savage, 

A. M. 

Lawyer. 255 South 4th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1864. Henry Oliver Ely, 

A. B.; M. D. [Columbia.] 

Physician, Binghampton, N. Y. 


1862. Charles Carroll Blague, 

Real Estate and Insurance. 117 East 35th St., New York City. 

1862. Henry De Witt Joy, 

M. D. [Coll., Physicians and Surgeons.] 
Physician. 38 Union Square, New York City. 

1864. Frederic Thomas Lockwood, 

A. M. 

Lawyer. Troy, N. Y. 


1865. Alfred Theodore Schauffler, 

A. M. 

Vice-Principal, Grammar School 6g. 244 East 13th St., New Yoik City. 

1865. *Edward King Goodell, 
A. B. 
Died at Great Barrington, Mass., 187 1. 

1865. *Henry Tunstall Strong, 

A. M.; M D. [Coll., Physicians and Surgeons.] 
Physician. Died at New York, 1876. 

1865. Henry Richards McLane, 

Broker, 31 Broad St., New York City. 


1863. Amos Lawrence Hopkins, 
A. B. 

Vice-President, Missouri Railway Co., 

195 Broadway, New York City. 

1865. William Hiram Morrison, 

A. M. 

Lawyer, 63 Wall St., New York City. 

1865. George Strong Baxter, 
A. B. 

Assistant Tfcasurer, Northern Pacific Railroad Co.^ St Paul, Minn. 

1866. Albert Morgan Day, 
Vice-President, German Bank, Chicago, 

128 La Salle St., UK 


1864. William Abbott Nason, 

Algonquin, 111. 

1865. Henry Van Schoonhoven Myers, 
A. M. 

Clergyman. Newburgh, N. Y. 


1865. *Charles Ellis Morris, 
A. M. 

Lawyer. Died at Philadelphia, 1879, 

1866. Alfred Edwards Myers, 
A. M. 

Clergyman. 617 Chestnut St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

1867. Henry Loomis Nelson, 

A. M., LL. B. LColumbia.] 
Journalist, New York Star. New York City. 

1868. John Phillips Truesdell, 
A B. 
Grain Broker. 

Care of Field, Lindley & Co. , i Broadway, New York City. 


1867, John Dikeman Rushmore, 

A. B.; M. 13. [Coll., Physicians and Surgeons.] 

Physician. 129 Montague St. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1868, Charles Henry Burr, 
A. B. 

Pastor, Bethany Congregational Church, 122 West 37th St., 

New York City. 

1869. Henry Schmaltz Van Ingen, 

A. B. 

Pennsylvania Coal Company, 92 Washington St., Chicago, 111. 


1867. Adolphus Frederick Schauffler, 
A. B. 

Clergyman, New York City Mission Work, 63 Second St. 

New York City. 

1869. Hiram Lucas Doolittle, 
A. B. 

Agent, 84 West Broadway, New York City. 



1867. Henry Wyckoff Le Roy, 

A. B. 

Treasurer, Simonds M'fg 6a, 10 1 East 19th St., 

SoCliflfSt., New York City. 

1870. F. H. Gaylord. 
1870. *Edward Livingston Van Buren, 

Died at Isle of Wight, 1873. 

1870. *IsAAC Parker Farnsworth, 

Died at Williamstown. 1868. 

1870. Melville Egglestgn, 

A. B. 
Lawyer, 15 Cortlandt St.; New York City. 

1870. *Frank Hamilton, 



1868. Frederick Kellogg Day, 
Grain Broker, Care of Field, Lindley & Co., 

I Broadway, N. Y. C. Elizabeth, N J. 

1869. *Russel Nevins Whelen, 

Banker. Died at Ocean Beach, N. J., June 30th, 1889. 

187 1. Joseph Curtis Tyler, 

A. B. 
Merchant. Iloilo, Phillipine Islands, East Indies. 

187 1. Charles Huntoon Knight, 
A. B.; M. D. [Coll., Physicians and Surgeons.] 

Physician and Surgeon. 121 West 34th St., New York City. 

187 1. *Jeremiah Wilbur Masters, 
A. B. 

Teacher. Died at Fishkill-on-Hudson, 1872. 


iSyi. Frank Warner, 
Manufacturer^ Pacific Iron Works^ San Francisco, 

121 First St., Cal. 

1 87 1. John Lawson Stoddard, 

A. B. 

Lecturer. Brookline, Mass. 


187 1. Mark Hopkins, Jr., 

A. B. 

Grain Broker ^ 

New York City. 

1872. Herbert Valentine. 

1872. Frank Woodman Eddy, 

80 Edmund Place, Detroit, Mich. 

1872. *Francis G. Nicoll, 

Died at New Windsor, N. Y., 1880. 

1872. Charles Cuthbert Hall, 

A. B. 

Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, 128 Henry St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1872. Isaac Henderson, Jr., 
A. B. 

Care of Maquay, Hooker & Co., Rome, Italy. 


1873. *Van Vechten Trotter, 

Died at New York, 1880- 

1873. Edward Augustus Day, 
A. M.; LL. B. [Columbia.] 

Lawyer^ Boo Broad St., Newark, N. J. 


1874. *Jacob Horton, 

A. B. 

Died at South Gardiner, Me., June iith, 1887. 


i874- *Edward Southwood Bell, 

Died at Zanesville, Ohio, 1881. 

1874. William Truesdell Day, 

A. M.;LL. B. [Columbia.] 

Lawyer, 800 Broad St., Newark, N. J. Elizabeth, N. J. 


1872. Alfred Sanford Dana, 

M. D. [Coll., Physicians and Surgeons.] 
Physician. Fairbanks, Alachua Co., Fla. 

1874. John Bacon Moody, 

A. B., M. D. [Coll., Physicians and Surgeons.] 
Physician. 309 East Broadway, Louisville, Ky. 

1875. Isaac Heyer Polhemus, 

A. B. 
Pastor, Tewsmith Memorial Church, 56 Roseville Ave., Newark, N. J. 


1876. Oakley Smith Barker, 

New York City. 

1876. Edward Morse Field, 

A. B. 

Grain Broker, Field, Lindley & Co., i Broadway, New York City. 

1876, Samuel Hutchins, 

Louisville, Ky. 

1876. Frank Ferris, 
A. B. 
Commercial Freight Agent, 86 Washington St., 

Missouri Pcuific R. R, Chicago, 111. 

1876. William Guy Richards, (/I) 

M. D. [Coll., Physicians and Surgeons.] 
Physician, Irvington, Westchester Co., 

Home Benefit Ass., 137 Broadway, N, Y. C. N. Y. 


1876. George Keyes Thompson, 

A. B. 

Lawyer, 82 West Third St., Cincinnatti, Ohio. 


1876. William Alexander Platt, 
A. M. 

Editorial Corps, ' * Afail and Express" Summit, 

23 Park Row, N. Y. C. N. J. 

1877. Charles Richards Leake, 

A. B. 
Care of Farmers' Loan and Trust Co., New York City. 

1877. Buchanan Burr, 

M. D. [Harvard.] 
Physician, Pocasset, Mass. 

1877. Richard Lathers, Jr., 
Manufacturer. Box 889, Pittsfield, Mass. 

1877. Marshall Prince Washburne, 

A. B. 

Grain Broker. 8 Pacific Ave., Chicago, 111. 


1874. John Lindley, 
LL. B. [Columbia.] 
Lawyer, Washington Building, 43 East 30th St. , 

I Broadway, New York City. 

1878. William Congdell Fargo, 

A. B. 

American Express Co, 122 East 37th St., New York City. 

1878. Harry Allan Briggs, 

A. B. 

Pittsfield, Mass. 

1878. James Suydam Polhemus, 

Merchant, I02 Reade St., New York City. 

1878. John Leake, 

A. B. 

Northampton, Mass. 



iSyS* James Bryant Lindley, 

A. B.: LL. B. [Columbia.] 

Lawyer, Field, Lindley & Co., i Broadway, New York City. 

1878, Elbert Baldwin Mann, 
Merchant, Care of A. S. Mann & Co., Rochester, N. Y. 

1876. Richard Bryan Leake, 

A. B. 

President, Riggs Printing Co., 216 State St., Albany, N. Y. 

1879. James Francis Fargo, 
A. B. 

Amencan Express Co,, 124 East 37th St., 

65 Broadway, New York City. 

1879. Cyrus William Field, Jr., 
A. B. 

Grain Broker, 8 East 56th St., 

Care of Field, Lindley & Co., i Broadway, New York City. 


1876. William Rogers Campbell. 
A. B. 

Pastor, Highland Congregational Church, 72 Alleghany St., 

Boston, Mass. 

1879. Danforth Geer, 

A. B. 

With Walter A. Wood Mowing and Reaping Afachine Co., 

Hoosick Falls, N. Y. 

1879. Alfred Henry de Camp. 
A. B. 
Manager, Oxford Gold Mining Co., Musquodoboit Harbour, 

Halifax Co., N. S. 

1880. Lansing Van Schoonhooven, 
A. B. 

Bethany Mission, Calvary Church, 255 Richmond Ave., BuflFalo, N. Y. 

1880. James Otis Hinkley, 

LL. B. [Union.] 

Lawyer. 26th St. cor Indiana Ave., Chicago, III. 


i88o. James Bezer Ryder, 
With John Duncan's Sons, 26 College Place, New York City. 

1880. Benjamin Prince, 

A. B. 

With Moorwood ^ Co,, N. Y. C. Irvington-on-Hudson, N. Y, 


1878. Walter Geer, 
A. B., A. M.; LL. M. [National Univ.] 
38 Park Row, 246 West 72nd St., New York City. 

1880. Henry Knox, 
Lawyer. St. Louis, Mo. 

1881. Frederick Hoyt Mann, 

A. B. 

Cattle Ranch. Flint Ridge, Greenwood Co. , Kansas. 

1881. William Barber Melick, 

A. B. 

Physician and Surgeon Fort Edward, N. Y. 


1880. James Goodwin Batterson, Jr., 

Travellers' Insurance Co., Westerly, 

Hartford, Conn. R. I- 

1880. Frederick Graham Pousland, 

A. B. 

Wholesale Grocer, 45 Commercial St., Boston, Mass. 

188 1. Edward Dudley Tibbitts, 

A. B. 
Rector of Episcopal Church. Hoosac, N. Y. 

1882. Livingston Wells Fargo, 

A. B. 
American Express Co. 2247 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111, 

1882. George Ira Haner, 
Farmer. Melrose, Rensselaer Co., N, Y. 



1883. James Curtis Butler Andrews, 

American Express Co. 138 East 40th St., New York City. 

1883. William Haywood Johnston, 

N. Y. C. 6- H. i?. R. R. Albany, N. Y. 

1883. Samuel Smith, 

A. B. 

Physician. Ballston Spa, N. Y. 

1884. William Hoffman Martin, 
A. B. 

Grain Broker, Coster & Martin, 161 Clinton St,, 

329 Produce Exchange, N. Y. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. 


1884. Charles Smith Loper Marlor, 

66 Broadway, N. Y. C. Brooklyn, Conn. 

1884. William Erastus Collins, 

A. B. 

Editorial Staff, " Evening Post," 1657 Asylum Ave. 

Hartford, Conn. 

1884. Robert Ramsey, 

A. B. 
Lawyer. Cor. 4th and Vine Sts., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

1884. Charles Clement Richardson, 
A. B. 

Lawyer. Glendale, Hamilton Co., Ohia 

1884. Norris Bull, 
A. B. 

Grain Business, Rochester Milling Co., Rochester, N. Y. 


1884. [A) Elbert Francis Baldwin, 

A. B. 

Student, Univ. Berlin. 670 Prospect St., Cleveland, Ohio. 


1885. Herbert Colter Boye, 
A. B. 
Mt. Washington, Hamilton Co., Ohio. 

1885. Frank Squier Talcott, 
A. B. 

864 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

1885. Bryan Herbert Smith, 
A. B. 

With Whitman, Creighton ^ Co., 79 Pierrepoint St., 

41 Leonard St., N. Y. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1885. Robert Morris Kemp, 

A. B. 

Clergyman, St Paul's Chapel, 61 Church St., New York City. 

1885. Courtlandt Dixon Learned, 

Berkshire Blacking Co. Pittsfield, Mass. 

1885. Walter Gray Parsons. 
Standard Cement Co., Hartford, Conn. Windham, Conn. 


1886. Irving Baldwin. 
A. B. 

670 Prospect St., Cleveland, Ohio. 


1886. Edgar Cotrell Leonard, 

A. B. 

56 Willett St., Albany, N. Y. 

1887. Gardner Cotrell Leonard, 

A. B. 

56 Willett St., Albany N.Y. 

1887. Elbridge Lapham Adams, 

A. B. 

Canandaigua, N. Y. 

1887. Harold Arthur Streator, 
A. B. 

1826 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 


1887. David Irwin Jackson, 

A. B. 

St. Anthony Club, New York City. 

1887. George Kennedy Newell, 
A. B. 

Morristown, N. J, 


1888. George Sherrill, Jr., 

A. B. 

128 Mercer St., Jersey City, N. J. 

1888. Edmund Niles Huyck, 
A. B. 

251 Sute St., Albany, N. Y. 


1888. Henry Sprague Hyde, 
A. B. 

Springfield, Mass. 

1889. Henry Green Wooster, 

I Englewood Place, Albany, N. Y. 

1889, William Darrow Carter, (2) 

Brass Manufacturer. 52 Grove St., Waterbury, Conn. 

1889. Frank Jewett Mather, Jr., 
A. B. 

Morristown, N. J. 


1888. Frank Wells Graves, 
A. B. 

Journalist, New York City. 

1889. (A') James Rowland Nash, 
A. B. 

Ill East 37th St., New York City. 

1889. Benjamin Warder Buxton, 

Detroit, Mich. 

Wesley Hunt Negus, 

313 Varick St., Jersey City, N. J. 

1890. Lindley Clyde Cooper, 

Williamstown, Mass. 

1890. Charles Emmett Johnson, 

Glens Falls, N. Y. 

1890. William Frank Judson, (2) 
Sheffield Scientific School, Gramercy Park, 

New Haven, Conn. New York City. 

1890. Frank Hallett Lovell, Jr., 

35 Monroe Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


1 89 1. Robert Cluett, Jr., 

52 Fourth St., Troy, N. Y. 

1891. William Lucas Cook, 

1916 Fifth Ave., Troy, N. Y. 

1891. Joel Howard Wheeler, 

735 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

1 89 1. Frederick Jay Bentley, 

2001 Indiana Ave., Chicago, 111. 

1891. Frederick Baker Lindsay, 

377 Greek Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


1892. Herbert Savage Ide, 

88 Fourth St., Troy, N. Y. 

1892. Henry Marion Ward, 
Care of F. E. Ward, 165 Broadway, New York City. 


Founded in University of Mississippi, 

JUNE 22nd, 1855. 





135. John Calvin Russell, 

Occupation, Planter. 

Address, Kirk wood. Miss, 

136. James Abner Cox, not Cux, 

136. Samuel Heidelberg Terral, not Heidelburg. 

136. Vernon Legrange Terral, 

Occupation, Banker. 

137 James Henry Jones, 

state Senator. 

137. George Lavalle Donald, not Laraille. 

138. George Garrett Dillard, 

State Senator. 

138. Richard Marion Leavell, 

Occupation, Prof, of English, Univ., Miss. 

Address, Oxford, Miss. 

138. William Henry Luse, 

State Senator, 

Address, Yazoo City, Miss. 


Lieut., " Univ. Grays.' 

139- Daniel Minyard Ballard, . 

Occupation. Clergyman. 

Address, Natchez, Mis&. 

139. *George Pratt Foote, 

Adjutant and Captain, lyth Miss. Infantty 

140. Francis Fentress, 

Occupation, Lawyer. 

140. *WiLLiAM Form AN Dunbar, not Foreman. 

141. Nolan Stewart McLain, not McLean. 

142. *John Young Lilley, 

Member, " Univ. Grays."' 

143. Luke Edward Wright, 

Ex. Atty.-Gen., Tenn. 

144. Harris Park Branham, 

Occupation, Banker, 

Address, Oxford, Miss, 

144. Charles Betts Galloway, 

Bis hep, M. E. Church, South. 

Address, Jackson, Miss. 

144. Thomas Van Court Neel, not Weel. 

144, Robert Narcissus Miller, 

" District Atty." 7th Dist. 

144. Henry Sale Yerger, 

D. D. 

Address, Femandina, Fla 

146. Frank Archelaus Critz, 

Occupation, Chancelloi . 

147. Walker Lucas Clapp, 

speaker. House of Rep., Tenn. 


(47. *Charles Douglas Newman, 

Died, 1886. 

147. Samuel Craighead Caldwell, 

Address, Hazlehiirst, Miss. 

148. Nicholas Gains Augustus, 

Address, Jonestown, Miss. 

148. *Charles Henry Leonard, 

Died, 1889. 

150. John Newton Bush, 

Address, Vicksburg, Miss. 

151. Hiram Taliafero Roberts, not Faliafero. 
151. James Carson Bowmar, not Bowman. 

151. William Britton Taylor, 

Occupation, Brick Manufacturer, 

152. Robert Leright Buck, not Lewight. 

152. Douglas F. Terrell, 

Occupation, Lieut., U. S. Navy. 

£53. James Lyon Harris, 

Occupation, Laivyer. 

153. Algernon Jasper Aven, 

Prof, of English, Miss. Coll. 

154. Samuel Preston Forsee, 

Occupation, Lawyer. 

154. John Robert Stowers, not Stoners. 

154. J. Victor Hamilton, 

Occupation, Met chant, Denver; Colo. 

155. Plautus Iberus Lipsey, 

Occupation, Baptist Clergyman. 


155. Henry Mounger Jones, 

Occupation, Salesman, 

Address, Meridian, Miss. 

155. William Lawrence Linfield, 

Occupation, Methodist Clergyman. 

155. William Augustus Drennan, Jr., 

Occupation, Insurance Agent. 

155. William Dantzer Mounger, 

Occupation, Merchant. 

155. Madden West Hamilton, 

Address, Durant, Miss. 

156. Stephen Mason Jackson, 

Occupation, Salesman. 

156. J. Patrick Moore, 

Medical Student. 

155. John Waddel Lowry, 

Occupation, Private Secy, to the Got', of Miss. 

157. Samuel Lizzie Gwin. 
157. Isaac Caldwell Pattison. 
157. William Maxey Falls, 

Occupation, Deputy U. S. Marshall. 

157. Ernest Lott Carter, 

Occupation, Bookkeeper. 

158. Robertson Augustus Horton, 

Address, Torrance, Miss. 
158. EvoN M. Barber, 

Occupation, Lawyer, 

Address, Port Gibson, Miss 

158. James E. Porter, not Parter, 

Occupation, Commercial Traveller. 



1857. *MoRGAN Lewis Fitch, 

1856. *JoHN Harrison Gatewood, 
A. B. 

1858, * James Thomas Holme^!, 

Died, i860. 

Died, 1856, 

A. B. 


Died at Macon, Ga., July 31, 188 r. 
1857- *James McWillie McCulloch, 

A. B. 

Killed at Bristow Station, Va., 1863. 

1 85 1. *Henry Xenophon McGowan, 

Died, 1857, 




1857. George Crawford Phillips, 
A. B.; M. D. [New Orleans Med. Coll.] 

Greenville, Miss. 

1857. *JoHN Calvin Russel, 

A. B., LL. B. 

1858. Thomas Jefferson Stokes, 

1856. *Alfred Norman Thomas, 
A. B.. LL. B. 

Died, 1874. 

Macon, Miss. 



1857. John William Thompson, 
A. B., LL. B. 

Died at Corinth, Miss., i86e. 


1858. James Abner Cux, 

A. B. 

Lieut. , 14th Miss. Infantry. Silvan, Miss. 

1857. Charles Caleb Mattox, 
Farmer. Vaiden, Miss. 

1856. Leroy Branch Valliant, 

A. B.,LL. B. 
District Judge. St. Louis, Mo. 

1856. Edwin Preston Harman, 
A. B. 

Chancellor. Denver, Col. 

1856. *Edward Kindle Ward, 
A. B. 

Captain, ij4th Tenn. Infantty. Killed at Atlanta, Ga., 1864. 

1858. Frisby Freeland Chew, 

A.B., LL. B. 
Lawyer. Houston, Texas. 

1858. *James Charles Campbell, 

A. B. 

Major, i8th Miss. Infantry. Killed at Fredericksburg, Md., 1863. 

1859. *Robert Fisher Dickens, 

Died, 1875. 

1839. *Samuel Gabriel Ragsdale, 

Died, 1876. 

1857. Samuel Heidelburg Terral, 

A. B. 

Circuit Judge. Quitman, Miss. 

1857. Vernon Legrange Terrel, 

A. B. 

Merchant. Crystal Springs, Miss. 


1857. ♦Benjamin Franklin Standley, 
A. B. 

Died, 1876. 


1858. Abraham Walton Currie, 
A. B. 

1859. Henry Clinton Rogers, 

Emory, Miss. 

1859. *Robert Adolphus Bankhead, 

Captain, i^th Miss, Infantry. Killed at Fishing Creek. 

1859. James Franklin Brown, 
A. B. 

San Saba, Texas. 

1857. Hugh Duncan McLaurin, 

A. B. 

Brandon, Miss. 




1858. James Henry Jones, 
A. B. 

Woodville, Miss. 

1859. George Laraille Donald, 
A. B. 

Quitman, Miss. 

i860. Louis West, 

Wilkinson Co., Miss. 

i860. Joseph Tipton McGeehee, 

Tuscalosa, Ala. 


i860. *Lewis Alexander Parker, 
A. B. 

Died at New Orleans, La., i860. 

i860. *Eugene Leroy Cowan, 
A. B., LL. B. 

Captain, 2gth Miss. Infantry. Killed at Corinth, Miss., May 19th, 1862. 

i860. Hernando De Soto Money, 

LL. B. 


Washington, D. C. 


i86o. George Garret Dillard, 
A. B. 

Lawyer. Macon, Miss. 

1862. Thomas Perry Lee, 

Port Gibson, Miss. 

i860. James Lockhart Goodloe, 

A. B. 

Real Estate. Memphis, Tenn. 

1861. *Francis Asbury Pope, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. Died at New York City. 

1859. Richard Marion Leavill, 
A. B. 
Professor, Miss. Coll. Clinton, Miss 

1861. *JoHN Dawson, 
A. B. 

Lawyer. Died at Tuscumbia, Ala., October 22, 1872. 

1861. *RoBERT Thompson Crenshaw, 

Killed, 1863. 


1861. Andrew Jackson Harris, 
A. B. 

lawyer. Belton, Texas. 

1861. ♦James Fisk Walton, 
A. B. 

Died at Dalton, Ga., November 9, 1863. 

i860. William Henry Luse, 

LL. B. 

Lawyer. Bentonia, Miss. 

1855. *Francis Williamson Keyes, 
A. B. 



1858. *George Pratt Foote, 
LL. B. 

Adjutant, 17th Miss. Infantry. Killed at Richmond, 1862. 

1859. *WiLLiAM Stokes Cowan, 
LL. B. 

Killed at Mary's Heights, Va., May, 1862. 

1861. Samuel Donald Gwin, 

A. B. 

Planter. Lexington, Miss. 

1862. RuFFiN Thompson, 

Physician. Lake Wier, Fla. 

1861. Albert Thompson McNeal, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. Bolivar, Tenn. 

i860. *Samuel Pinckney Smith, {¥) 

Died at Richmond, Va.. 1862. 


i860. RuFUs Pettis Milam, 

Lawyer. Lexington, Miss. 

1859. *Henry Minor Scales, 
A. B., LL. B. 

Died, 1868. 

1862. *Lavens Matthewson Bisland, 

Killed in battle of Manassas. 

1861. James Lufkin McCaskill, 

A. B. 

U. S. Consul at Dublin, Dublin, Ireland. 

i860. * Jerry Saunders Gage, 
A. B. 

Killed at Gettysburg, 1864. 

1862. Daniel Minyard Ballard, 

Planter. Edwards, Miss. 


i86i. Francis Fentress, 
A. B. 

Bolivar, Tenn. 

1863. Thomas Clendenin Catchings, 

Member of Congress from Miss. Washington , D. C . 

1862. *James Alexander Smith, 

Died at Atlanta, Ga., November 27th, 1863 

• 1862. *JoHN Marshall Walker, 

Killed at Resaca, Ga., 1864. 

1862. Joseph Frazer Brown, 

I-a'm'er. San Saba, Texas. 

1862. Theophilus Reynolds Davenport, 

Okalona, Miss. 

1862. *Thomas Allen Henderson, 

Died at New Orleans, La. 

1863. Oscar Black, 
Farmer. Bolton, Miss. 

1862. W. S. Terrell, 

Mt. Carmel, Miss. 

1863. *William Foreman Dunbar, 


i860. *Edward Littleton Belcher, 

Lawyer. Died at Dallas, Texas, October, 1887. 

i860. *James Ward Faulkner, 

Killed in Battle of Gettysburg, 1864, 

i860. ♦C. S. Avery, 
A. B. 

Died, 1 86 1. 

1863. Edward Broughton, 

Died July, 1870. 


i86i. Paine Wingate Chase, 
A. B. 

1862. *Francis Thomas Grubbs, 

Died, 1861. 

1862. Pleasant Samuel Harellson, 
A. B. 

1861. Thomas Winn Hunt, 

Farmer. Fargo, Dak. 

i860. Nolan Stewart McClean, 

Liberty, Miss. 

1861. *Adin McNeill, 

Killed at Chickamauga, September 20th, 1863. 

1862. John Tillman Nolan, Jr., (J*) 

Donaldsonville, La. 

1861. *William Frederick Ogden, {Y") 
A. B. 

Died at New Orleans, La. 

1861. Matthew Bolls Shaw, 

A. B. 

Pastor^ Presbyterian Church. Clinton, La. 

1862. Horatio Nelson Spencer. 

A. B. 

Physician. '2-T2.^ Washington Ave. , St. Louis, Mo. 

1862. Dunbar Bisland Wade, 

A. B. 

i860. *WiLLiAM Henry Warren, 
A. B. 

Clergyman. Died, 1865. 

1862. *WiLLiAM James Young, 




i86i. Thomas McNeal Peters, 
A. B. 

Died, 1866. 

1862. Jasper DeKalb Terrell, 
M. D. 

Physician. Mt. Carmel, Miss* 

1862. ♦James Fontaine Maury, 
Lawyer. Died, 1875. 

1864. Sol. S. Calhoon, 

Lawyer. Jackson, Miss. 

1864, *WiLLiAM Harvey Thompson, 

Killed during war. 

1862. ♦Edwin Israel Coleman, 

Killed during war. 

1863. Oscar Fitzallan Coleman, 

Planter. Bolivar Co., Miss. 

i860. Henry Albert Garratt, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. St. Joseph, La. 

1864. Samuel Houston Kirkland, 

Merchant. Morton, Miss. 

1864. ♦Edward Buckner, 

Killed in battle of Shiloh, April 6th, 1862. 

1862. ♦John Blanton Coleman, 
Adjutant, ibth Miss. Vols. Killed at Petersburg, Va., 1865. 

1864. ♦John Young Lilley, 

Killed in first battle of Manassas. 

1864. ♦Samuel Smith Phillips, 

Died, March 24, 1861. 




1863. Albert Daniel Smith, 

Winchester, Miss. 

1863. *RiCHARD James Phillips. 

1863. Milton Theodosius Alford, 

Fannin, Miss. 

From 1861 to 1865, active operations of the Phi 
Chapter were suspended. Reorganized 1865. 


1867. John Curtis Bush, 
A. B. 

Cotton Factor, 15 North Commerce St., 

Mobile, Ala, 

1867. Thomas Greene Bush. 

Merchant, Commerce and St Louis Sts., Mobile, Ala., 

1868. *HuGH Sidney McGowan, 

Died at Pleasant Ridge, Ala., 1870. 

1867. Luke Edward Wright, 

Lawyer, Memphis, Tenn. 

1868. *WlLLIAM OtHO DoDD, 

A. B. 
Lawyer. Died at Louisville, Ky., November, 1886. 

1868. *Squire Boon Partee, 

LL. B. 

Died in Panolo Co., Miss., 1868. 

1868. *George Robertson Waddell, 

Died at San Saba, Texas, 1885. 

1867. George Edward Critz, 

A. B., A. M. 
Lawyer. Starkville, Miss. 


1867. Charles B. Mean, 
A. B. 

Clinton, Greene Co., Ala. 


1869. *Charles Edward Pegues, 
LL. B. 

Died in Wisconsin, 1870. 

1869. Harris Park Branham, 
LL. B. 

Indian Agent. Gray Horse, Ind. Ter. 

1867. John Silliman Moore, 

A. B., D. D. 

Clergyman. Sherman, Texas. 

1868. Charles Betts Galloway, 

A. B., D. D. 
Bishop, M. £. Church. Brookhaven, Miss. 

1869. Frank Houston Emerson, 

Book-keeper. Chattanooga, Tenn. 

1868. Richard Franklin Hudson, 

A. B. 

Merchant. Columbus, Miss. 

1869. William Calvin Wells, 
A. B. 

Lawyer. Kansas City, Mo. 

1868. Thomas Van Court )^eel, ^ i 

A. B. 

Farmer. White Haven, Tenn. 

1869. Robert Narcissus Miller, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. Hazelhurst, Miss, 


A. B. 
Clergyman. Died at Waxahachie, Tex. 


i868. *Christopher Taylor Hill, (^T) 
A. B. 

Murdered at Okolona, March 12, 1871. 

1868. Cornelius Washington Grafton, 

A. B. 

Pastor at Union Church. Jefferson Co. , Miss. 

1870. Thomas Luther Haman, 
A. B. 

Clergyman. Vaiden, Miss. 

1869. *John Whitfield Shields, 
A. B., LL. B. 

Laivyer, Died at Greenville, Miss., 1884. 

1869. LuMAN Sumter Handley, 
A. B., 
Clergyman. Birmingham, Ala. 

1869. James Knox Brooks, 

Macon, Miss. 

1871. Henry Sale Yerger, 
Clergyman. Pensacola, Fla. 

1868. John Joseph Farr, 
A. B. 

Lawyer. Glenrose, Texas. 


1871. Albert Peyton Bush, Jr., (7*) 

Cattle Ranch. Colorado, Texas. 

187 1. William Alfred Galloway, 
Physician. Jackson, Miss. 

187 1. *De Jarnett Thomas Barton, 

Died, 1868. 

187 1. William Calvin Jarnagin, {T) 

M. D. [Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll.] 

Physician, 14 J^ Whitehall St. Kimball House, Atlanta, Ga. 


iSyo. *Hampton Mundall Sullivan, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. Died, August, 1886. 


A. B. 

Lawyer, 208 North Sixth St., St. Louis, Mc. 

1869. James Maury Harding, 

A. B. 
Lawyer. Port Gibson, Miss. 

1869. Frank Archelaus Critz, 

A. B. 
Lawyer, Stark ville, Miss. 


1869. Zebulon Butler Graves, 
A. B. 

Clergyman. Birmingham, Ala. 

1871. George Yates Freeman, 
Lawyer. Jackson, Miss. 

187 1. Walter Long Sink, 

Merchant. Selma, Ala. 

187 1. John William Thompson, 

A. B., LL. B. 

Lawyer. Dallas, Texas. 

187 1. John Lewis Dodd, 

A. B., LL. B. 

Lawyer. Lexington, Ky. 

187 1. Alexander Barr McCaw, 
Lawyer, Pontotoc, Miss. 

1871. *Herbert Lemuel Petrie, 
M. D. 
Died at Jackson, Miss., October, 1875. 

1870. *JosEPH Warren Matthews, 
A.B., LL. B. 

Died at Friar's Point, Miss., 1875. 


1874. Wiley Henry Lyons, (T) 
Lawyer. Des Moines, Iowa. 

1873. William Crawford Phillips, 
A. B. 

Physician. Selma, Ala. 

1871. James Hodges Barr, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Thomas Keith, 

LL. B. 

Lawyer. Decatur, Miss. 


1873. *Joshua Beaumont Hopson, 

Died, 1870. 

187 1. Walker Lucas Clapp, 

B. S. 

Lawyer, 15 Union St., Memphis, Tenn. 

1872. John Stone Hart Collins, 
A. B. 

Teacher. Kirkwood, Mo. 

• / 
1872. Charles Douglas Newman, 

A. B. 
1872. George Alexander Searcy, 

Banker. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

1 87 1. Robert Hills LouGHRiDGE, 

B. S., Ph. D. 

Professsot of Chem., S. C. College. Columbia, S. C. 

1875. Abner B. Magee, 


Edwards, Miss. 

1872. Samuel Craighead Caldwell, 
A. B. 

Clergyman. Memphis, Tenn. 



i873- Nicholas Gains Augustus, - 
Clergyman. Pontotoc, Miss- 

1875. James George Snedecor, 

Lawyer. Bay View, Fla. 

1874. Leon Sydney Hays, 

A. B., A. M., B. S. 

Lawyer. Pensacola, F a 


1875. Columbus Galloway, 

Physician. Girard, La. 

1875. Charles Henry Leonard, 
A. B. 

Anthony, Fla. 

1875. Robert Oakley Price, 
Merchant. Vicksburg, Miss- 

1875. David Outlaw Andrews, 
Merchant, Memphis, Tenn. 

1876. Henry Adolph Charles, 

Vicksburg, Miss. 

1875. Hugh Walter Lawson, 

Lawyer. Canton, Miss. 

1875. William Addison Alexander, 

A. B., A. M., 
Pastor, Presbyterian Church. Canton, Miss. 

1875. William Reddick Cross, 
B. S. 

Bartlett, Tenn. 



1876. James Wilson Crawford, 

Physician. * Sardis, Miss. 

1876. Thomas Henderson Allein, 

With Warner 6^ Searles. Vicksburg, Miss. 

1876. William Van Amberg Sullivan, 

LL. B. 

Lawyet. Oxford, Miss. 

1876. *Robert Read Eggleston, 

Died, 1878. 

i 1876. *Charles Shreve, 

Died, 1878, 

1876. *JosEPH Clayton Foster, 
A. B. 

Died, 1877. 

I 1873. David Samuel Fearing, 

LL. B. 
Lawyer. Raymond, Miss. 

1873. George Cuthbert Groce, 

LL. B. 

Lawyer. Lexington, Miss. 

1873. Stephen Bingaman Duncan, 

Planter. Issaquena Co., Miss. 

1873. James Adair Lyon, 

A. B. [Princeton] ; LL. B. 
Professor, S. W. Presbyterian Univ., Clarksville, Tenn. 


1875. Anselm Helm Jayne, 

A. B. 

Lawyer, Jackson, Miss. 



1878. John Newton Bush, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. Edwards, Miss. 

1877. Robert Alexander Dodd, 
Lawyer. Lexington, Ky. 

1877. William B. Rosborough, 

Teacher. Sardis, Miss. 

1878. Charlton Henry Alexander, 
A. B., A.^. 

Lawyer, Jackson, Miss. 

1878. John Thomas Leonard, 

Memphis, Tenn. 

1877. Edward Anderson Halsey, 
Lawyer, 175 Dearborn St. Chicago, 111. 

1877. Henry Miller, 
A. B. 

Clergyman, Geneva, Ky. 


1878. Marvin Eddy Sullivan, 
LL. B. 

Lawyer. Boulder, Col. 


1880. Alexander Peter Stewart, Jr., 

A. B. 

Physician. Colo. 

1880. *William Scovill Power, 

Died at Jackson, Miss., 1881. 


1880. William Cothran George, 
Planter, Greenwood, Miss. 

i88o. Thomas Baker Graham, 
Merchant. Forest, Miss. 


A. B., LL. B. 

Lawyer. Died at Jackson, Miss., 1884. 


1882. Hiram Faliafero Roberts, 

Guadaljara, Mexico. 

1881. Robert Cage Epperson, 

Merchant. Tchula, Miss. 

1881. *Charles Edward Epperson, 

Died in Texas, 1884. 

1880. Henry Clay Roberts, 

Raymond, Miss. 

1881. Fountain Barksdale, Jr., 

Planter, Yazoo City, Miss. 

1881. Robert Bowman, Jr., (T) 

Lawyer. Yazoo City, Miss. 

1882. James Carson Bowman, 

Vicksburg, Miss. 

x88i. William Britton Taylor, 

Jackson, Miss. 

1882. *WiLEY Pope Harris, Jr., 

Died at St. Louis, Mo., 1883. 

1880. *Bruce Marcus Moore, 

Died at Meridian, Miss., 1884. 

1879. Thomas Emmett Phillips, (T) 

M D. 

Physician. Duncansby, Miss. 



i882. Robert Lewight Buck, 


Jackson, Miss. 

1881. Robert Charles Lee, 

LL. B. 

Fanner. Madison, Miss. 

1882. Robert Norman Kittrell, 

A. B.; M. D. [Vanderbilt Univ.] 

Physician. Gadsden, Ala. 


1883. Joseph Agar Bailey, 

LL. B. 

Lawyer. Gainesville, Texas. 

1884. Douglas F. Terrell, 

Crystal Springs, Miss. 

1883. Samuel McCorkle Barr, 

Planter. Pontotoc, Miss. 

1881. Franklin Dawson Winter, 

Planter. Panther Burn, Miss. 

1882. Herbert Irving Phillips, 

Opelousas, La. 


1882. James Beauregard Wilson, 

A. B. 

Lawyer and Real Estate Agent, Yazoo City, Miss. 

1885, Robert Edwards Jackson, (7^ 

Lawyer, Fort Smith, Ark. 

James Lewis Hammond, 

Kosciusko, Miss. 



1882. James Lyons Harris, 

Gainesville, Texas. 

1885. Joseph Conway Dodd, 

1884. Walter Stokes, 

Dallas, Texas. 

Madison, Miss. 







1884. Newton Nash Campbell, 

Charleston, Miss. 

1883. Alvin White Irving, 

San Marcos, Texas. 

1885. John Lawrence Hebron, Jr. 
LL. B. 

Greenville, Miss. 



1884. Algernon Jasper A yen, 
A. B. 

Winona, Miss. 

1881. Charles Pinckney Adair, 
LL. B. 

Johnsonville, Miss. 

1882. Clarence Sidney Cullens, 

Wallerville, Union Co., Miss. 

1884. Singleton Smith Spencer, 

Water Valley, Miss. 

1882, Eugene Victor Hughston, 

Louisville, Miss. 

1883. J. Kennedy Harrington, 
B. P. 

Civil Engineer, Santa Barbara, Cal. 

1885. William Garret Stone, 
Physician, West Sta,, Miss. 





1886. William Shapas Murphy, 

Fort Smith, Ark. 

1883. John Franklin Dean, 
LL. B. 

Senatobia, Miss. 

1885. Charles Logan Bradley, 

1885. Richard Lee Bradley, 

Flora, Miss. 

Areola, Miss. 

1885. Charles Edwin Williams, 

Franklin Co., Miss. 

1885. Robert William McAfee, 

Grenada, Miss. 

1885. Samuel Preston Forsee, 

Kansas City, Mo 

1883. John Francis Latham, 

Dekalb, Miss. 



1887. Thomas Walter James, 

Tchula, Miss. 




1886. George Lipscomb Izard, 

M. D. [Tulane Univ.] 

1883. John Robert Stoners, 
B. P., LL. B. 

1886. J. Victor Hamilton, 

Meridian, Miss. 

Oxford, Miss. 

Durant, Miss. 

1887. Burton Ward Morphis, 

Pontotoc, Miss. 

1883. Frank H. Lewis, 

Moss Point, Miss. 

1886. Plantus Iberus Lipsey, 

A. B. 
Presbyterian Clergyman. Cold Water, Miss. 

1883. Will A. Elder, 
Lawyer, Woodville, Miss. 

1883. William Pynchon Stewart Ventress, 
LL. B. 

Lawyer. Woodville, Miss, 

1883. *W. L. Sharkey, 

Died at Vicksburg, Miss., 1886. 

1887. Henry Mounger Jones, 

Vicksburg, Miss. 


1887. William Lawrence Linfield, 
Divinity Student, Wesson, Miss, 

1885. James Freeman Sellers, 
A. B. 

Professor, Miss, College. Clinton, Miss. 

1889. James Alcorn, 

Jonestown, Miss. 

1887. William Augustus Drennan, Jr., 

Lexington, Miss. 

1887. William Dantzler Mounger, 

Natchez, Miss. 

1889. Madden West Hamilton, 

Lexington, Miss. 

1889. Osborne Moore Turner, 

With Lay &* Co. Winona, Miss. 



1889. Stephen Mason Jackson, 

Greenville, Miss. 

1889. Robert Archie Torrey, 
Teacher. Union Church, Miss. 

1887. J. Patrick Moore, 

A. B. 

Yazoo City, Miss. 

1889. Lee Bowman, 

Yazoo City, Miss. 
1888. Clifton L. Williams, 

Clarksville, Tenn. 

1889. Edward Walton Pickens, 

Jackson, Miss. 

1888. William Wallace Witty, 

Lawyer. Kansas City, Mo. 

1888. Frederick Brown White, Jr., 

Memphis, Tenn. 


1889, Walton Shields, 

B. P. 

Greenville, Miss. 


1890. John Waddel Lowry, 

Jackson, Miss. 

1889. William Nugent Yerger, 

Greenville, Miss. 

1891. George Bunyan Hebron, 

Leland, Miss. 


1889. *Lawrence Dillon Gwin, 

Died at Jackson, Miss., September 17th, 1887. 

1889. William Shryoc Hemingway, 
B. P. 

Jackson, Miss. 

1890. Lem Hall Lipsey, 
Teacher. Cold Water, Miss. 

1889. Edward Beauchamp Peirce, 
B. P. 

Oxford, Miss. 

1887. Edward Dickinson Peirce, 

LL. B. 

Lawyer, Mayor of Van Buren. Van Buren, Ark. 


1 89 1. Joseph Warren George, 

CarroUton, Miss. 

1891. Alfred Holt Stone, 

Jackson, Miss. 

1892. Samuel L. Gwin, 

Panther Burn, Miss. 

1891. Isaac C. Pattison, 

Charleston, Miss. 

1890. William Maxey Falls, 

U. S. Marshall. Jackson, Miss. 

1892. James Allen Yerger, 

Greenville, Miss. 

1892. George B. Hunt, 

Greenville, Miss. 

1891. Ernest Lott Carter, 

Meridian, Miss. 

iSpi. Edwin Lee Mounger, 

Port Gibson, Miss. 


189 1. Robertson Augustus Horton, 

Grenada, Miss. 

1892. Percy Bell, 

Greenville, Miss. 

1892. Robert Helm, 

Greenville, Miss. 


1889. Evon M. Barber, 
LL. B. 

Martin, Miss. 

1889. James E. Parter, 

Oxford, Miss. 


Founded in University of Virginia, 


APRIL 2oth, i860. 




164. Charles James Faulkner, 

U. S. Senator, not '^Ex." 

172. John H. Hamilton, 

Address, Kearney, Neb. 

175. Coles Van Vechten Veeder, 

Address, 510 Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 


t86o. *Alexander Carey Chancy, 
Lawyer, Killed in Confederate Army, i860. 

i860. * (2) Hugh Walker Gardner, 

M. D. [Univ., Md.] 
Surgeon^ C. S. A. Died in service, 1862. 

i860. (2^) John Edmund Penn, 

Lawyer. Penn's Store, Va. 

i860. (2^ Eugene Cole Powell, 

M. D. [Univ., N. Y.] 
Physician. San Marino, Va. 

i860, (zi) *JoHN Hampden Waller, 
LL. B. 
Died, at Shelbyville, Ky., June 27, 1867. 

i860. Blake Lynch Woodson, 

Dardenne, Mo. 

i860. (I) *RiCHARD Overton Wyatt, 
Captain, Art,, C. S.A. Killed at Cold Harbor, 1867. 

1861. ((/>) *WiLLiAM Frederick Ogden, 

Lawyer. Died at New Orleans, La. 

1861. Thomas Michael Scott, 

B. P. [Columbian Univ.] 
Lawyer and Farmer, Johnsontown, Va. 

1862. *Edwin William Easton, 

C. S, A, Died from effects of wound, 1862. 

Nathaniel Abram Flournoy, 
B. A,, M, A. [Hampden Sidney Coll.] 
Frin. of Somerville Female Lnst. Somerville, Fayette Co., 

and West Tenn. Mil. Acad. Tenn. 


1862. {0) John Tillman Nolan, Jr., 

Donaldsonville, La 

1863. *Walter Rid Preston, 

Murdered in Texas, 1872. 

James Lattimore Abrahams, 

D. D. 

President of Chickasaw Female College, Pontotoc, Miss. 

1863. (J) John Baptist Boyd, 
M. D. 

Physician. Boydton, Va. 

1863. (2) Oscear H. Heath, 
Farmer, Franktown. Northampton Co., Va. 

1863. John Goffigan. 

Capeville P. O., Va. 

1863. James Steptoe Johnson, Jr., 
D. D. 

Jiector. Mt. Sterling, Ky. 

1863. George Norman, 

St. Augustine, Fla. 

1863. *WiLLi AM Henry Pipes, 
Cotton Planter. Died at Clinton, I.a., 1874. 

1863. *Christopher Thrower, 
Editor and Lawyer, Died at Camden, Ark., 1882. 

1863. William Covington Wall, 

M. D. 

Physician. Hernando, Miss. 

1863. Charles Urquhart Williams, 
Lawyer, 503 East Grace St., 

1104 East Main St., Richmond, Va. 


1863. HoDijAH L. Mead, 

Lawyer. Amelia C. H., Va 

John D. Bidell, 

Planter. Franklin, La. 

Active operations of the Upsilon Chapter were 
suspended from 1861 to 1866, reorganized 1865. 


1863. (S) Thomas Wallace Taylor, 

Lawyer. Huntington. W. Va. 

1863. (2) Charles Edward Sears, 

Editor and Lawyer . Louisville, Ky. 

1863. (2) William Carter Stubbs, 
A., B., A. M., Ph. D. 

Prof., Agriculture, Univ., La. Audubon Park, New Orleans, La. 

1863. (2) Landon Brame Edwards, 
M. D. 

Physician, Editor, Va. Med. Monthly, Richmond, Va. 

1863. (2) Charles Mason Wesson, 

B. L. 

Laivyer. St. Louis, Mo. 

1863. (2*) William Henry White, 

Lawyer, 32 Freemason St., 

82 Main St. Norfolk, Va. 

1863. (2) *Henry Harvey Chambers, 
Lawyer. Died, May 2d, 1872. 

1863. Patrick Hamilton Baskerville, 

M. A. 

Merchant. Tobacco Exchange, 20 North Laurel St , Richmond Va. 

1863. *Samuel Travers Phillips, 

B. L. 
Lawyer. Deceased. 


MiCAjAH Woods, 
B. L. 

Lawyer. Charlottesville, Va. 

1863. John Tabb, 

Principal, Gloucester Academy, Gloucester C. H., Va. 

1863. Edmund Christian Minor, 
B. L. 

Lawyer, Judge of Henrico Co., 22 Shafer's Building, 

191 1 West Main St., Richmond, Va. 

1863. (Z) Chandler Woodward Hill, 
B. L. 

Lawyer, Judge, State Circuit Court. Norfolk, Va. 

1863. (5) George Gillett Thomas, 
M. D. 

[^ Editor, N. C. Med. Journal. Williamstown, N. C. 

1863. Charles James Faulkner, 

B. L. 
Lawyer, ex- U. S. Senator, Martinsburg, W. Va. 

1863. Van Franklin Garrett, 
M. D. [Bellevue, N. Y.]; A. M. [Coll. of Wm. and Mary.] 
Prof. , Natural Science, College of William and Mary, 

Williamsburg, Va. 

1863. Henry Winder Garrett, 

Pulaski, Tenn. 

1863. Christopher Peques Ellerbe, 
B. L. 

Lawyer, Turner Building, Ferguson, 

St. Louis. St. Louis Co., Mo. 

1863. Albert Washington Perrie, 
B. L. 

Lawyer, Towson, Balto. Co., Md. 

1863. Malcolm Henry Johnston, 

Lawyer. Waverly, Balto. Co., Md. 

1869. Samuel McKinney, 

Bank Teller. Knoxville, Tenn. 

1 65 
1869. (//) Albert Taylor Goodwyn, 

Planter. Robinson Springs, Ala, 


1867. Richard Anderson Dunlop, 

Manager, Flour Mill Co., P. O. Box 248, Richmond, Va. 

1867. (2') John Summerfield Lindsay, 
D. D. 

Rector of St. PatiVs Church, Boston, Mass. 

1867. Garrett Walker, 

New Orleans, La. 

1867. *Edwin 'V^'^iley Fuller, 

Died at Louisburg, N. C, April 22d, 1876. 

1867. *Wright Southgate Whittle, 
B. L. 

Lawyer. Died at Norfolk, Va. 

1867. Thomas Marshall Miller, 
B. L. 

Lawyer, Attorney General, Vicksburg, 

Jackson, Miss. Miss. 

1867. James Robertson Vivian Daniel, 

Lazvyer. ^ 912 East Marshall St., 

24 Shafer's Building. Richmond, Va. 

1867. William Henry Silver, 
B. L. 

Latvyer. Bay Minette, Ala. 

1867. William Craig, 

Lawyer. San Francisco, Cal. 

1867. St. George Tucker Brooke, 

Professor of Laiv, Univ. W. Va. Morgantown, W. Va. 

1867. John Cropper Wise, 

M. D. [Balto. Med. Coll.] 

Surgeon, U. S. N. Warrentown, Va. 



George Ainsley Wilcox, 

M. D. [Univ. N Y.] 

yy Physician. 


Augusta, Ga. 



♦Robert Berry Prinxe, 
M. D. 

Died at Carrolton, Miss. 

♦Richard Langdon Freemont, 

Died at Wilmington, N. C, 1870. 

869. William Edgar McAfee, 

B. L. 

Louisville, Ky. 

187 1. Richard Devereux Doyle, 
B. L. 

Norfolk, Va. 

1871. John Morris Shelton, 
B. L. 

Raymond, Miss. 

(<^) *Christopher Taylor Hill, 

Murdered at Okoiona, March 12, 1S71. 

Charles Carroll Lamb, 

Oxford, N. C. 


1874. ((^) Wiley Henry Lyons, 

Canton, Miss. 

♦Edward Minor Watson, 

Lawyer, Ass'i Att'y Gen., U. S. Died, March, 1S8S. 


William Catesby Latane, 

Hume, Fauquier, Va. 

Richard Baylor 

Essex Co., Va. 



James Nevett Steele, 

B. D. [Gen. Theol. Sem., N.Y.]; Mus. D. [Univ. of the South.] 

Priest, Episcopal. Wappingers Falls, N. Y. 

♦Robert Samuel Prichard, 
Baptist Missionary to China. Died at Richmond, Va., May i8th, 1872. 

William Henry Palmer, 

President^ City Bank. Richmond, Va. 


(C^) Albert Peyton Bush, Jr., 
Cattle Ranch. Colorado, Texas. 

(^) William Calvin Jarnagin, 

M. D. [Bellevue Med. Coll.] ^ 

Physician, 14^ Whitehall St., Kimball House, Atlanta, Ga. 

Eugene Francis Hill, 

Kansas City, Mo. 

187 1. WiNFiELD Johns Taylor, 
B. L. 

Lawyer, 211 St. Paul St., St. Paul and nth Sts., Baltimore, Md. 

John Nelson Steele, 

B. L. 
Lawyer, Bank of Bait. Building, 1029 Cathedral St., 

Baltimore, Md. 

John Caffrey Walker, 

Lawyer, Ave. L. bet. 22d and 23rd Sts., 

2 2d and Mechanic Sts., Galveston, Tex. 

James Irvine Perkins, 

Lawyer. San Augustine, Tex. 

Francis James McMaster, 

Lawyer, 510 Pine St., 3631 Lindell Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 


Leonard Kellog Barber, ^ 

Cotton Factor 347 Josephine St. , \/ 

190 Gravier St., New Orleans, La. 



Adiel Parker Barnes, 


Newtown, Md. 


William Elias Rector, 

Hot Springs, Ark. 


Thomas Fearn Mastin, 

Grand View, Texas. 

Edward Harris Green, 

M. D. 

Ass't Surgeon, U. S, N, Baltimore, Md. 

♦Thomas Riddle Edwards, 
M. D. [Bellevue Med. Coll.] 





Died, Oct., T877. 

1874. *Thomas Hamilton Brem, 
B. L. 

Died, 1882. 

Yeamans Smith Harriot, 
M. D. [Bellevue Med. Coll.] 

Robert Geddis Davis, 
B. L. 

Winchester, Va. 

Hot Springs, Ark. 

Frederick Focke Reese, 
D. D. 

Rector of Trinity Church, Portsmouth, Va. 

♦Charles Bucknor Rust, 
M. D. [Univ., Penn.] 

Died at Milldale, Va., 1888. 


John Black Stewart, 

St. Anthony Club, New York City. 

Joel Sutton Kendall, 

Principal, Pritchett Institute. Glasgow, Mo. 


(B) Thomas Bryan Pugh, 

M. D. [Univ., N. O.] 

Napoleonville, La. 


(i9) Thomas Nelson Page, 

B. L.; D. L. [Wash. & Lee.] 
Lawyer and Author. Richmond, Va. 




Peter William Miller, 
M. D. 

Winchester, Va. 

♦Thomas Jefferson Randolph, 

Died at Shadwell, Va. 

Williams Carter, 

1632 Walnnt St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Jordan Sumner Thomas, 

Wilmington, N. C. 




Curtis Tilton, 

419 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Charles Steele, 

M. A. 

13 West 51st St., New York City. 

Walter Ballard Gwyn, 

Alexander Franklin Dulin, 
M. D. 

Charles Henry Martin, 

Asheville, N. C. 

Batlimore, Md. 

Prof., Baptist Female Coll.., Murfreesboro, N. C. 

Howard Burgess McGehee, 


Edward May, 
Commission Merchant; 18 Chamber of Commerce, 

James B. Wells, 
B. L. 


Woodville, Miss. 
Chicago, 111. 

Rockport, Texas. 



Edward Walter Timberlake, 
PH. B. [Wake Forest Coll.] 
• La-^er. Louisburg, N. C. 

George Herbert Smith, 

Wilmington, N. C. 

John William Nelson, 
M. D. 

Supervisor, Penna. R. R, Osceola Mills, Pa. 

John Duncan Emmet, 
M. D. 

Physician, 91 Madison Ave., New York City. 


Joseph William Kelly, 
La-ivyer. Galveston, Texas. 

John Carroll Payne, 
J A. B. [Georgetown Coll.J; B. L. [La. Univ.] 

Lawyer, 29 East Alabama St., 153 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

William Pendleton Parish, 

Planter, Greenwood, Va. 

, Guy Fairfax Whiting, 

j M. D. 

Broker and Banker, 1303 New Hampshire Ave., 

1320 F St , Washington, D. C. 

Herny Rosier Dulany 
/ Real Estate Agent, 1320 F St., Washington, D. C. 

RoswELL Page, 
Lawyer. 814 West Grace St., Richmond, Va. 

William Nelson Meade, 

Clergyman, Hemdon, Fairfield Co., Va. 

Nathan Gross Bozeman, (2*) 

PH. B. [Yale]; M. D. [Columbia.] 
Physician. 9 West 31st St., New York City. 



(J) William Christian Bullitt, 

Lawyer^ Ass't to President, Norfolk and Western R. R, Philadelphia, 

333 Walnut St., Pa. 

Peebles Tucker, 

Laivyer. St. Anthony Club, New York City. 


Braxton Davenport Gibson, 
Lawyer, State Representative. Charlestown, Jefferson Co., W. Va. 

(/y) Charles Green Lee, 

Leadville, Colo. 

(^B) RiziER Davis Shepherd, 
Actor. Shepherdtown, Jefferson Co., W. Va. 

(0) Thomas Emmett Phillips, 

M. D. 

Physician. Duncansby, Miss. 

James H. S. Aumann, 

M. D. [Univ., City of N. Y.] 

Physican and Druggist. Wytheville, Va . 

Lawyer, 1401 Broome St., 

843 Market St., Wilmington, Del. 


Benjamin Huger Raymond, 

Planter. Charleston, S. C. 


Moore Moses Wall, 

Auburn, Ky. t/ 

\J Lawyer. 
J Planter. 


Sterling Price Graves, 
George Carlyle Graddv, 

Georgetown. Ky. 

Versailes, Ky 

Edward Stockton Jouett, Jr., 

B. L. 
^ Lawyer, City Attorney. Winchester, Ky. 


William Henry Snook, 

Shelby ville, Ky 

(ZT) John H. Hamilton, 

B. L., M. A.; C. E. [Wash, and Lee Univ.] 

Lawyer, 21 Nassau St., New York City. 






(p) Robert Bowman, Jr., 
[Univ. Miss.] 

Joseph Boyd, 

M. D. [Ohio Med. Coll.] 

(^) Joseph Agar Bailey, 

Yazoo City, Miss. 

Cynthiana, Ky. 

Gainesville, Texas. 

Lewis Boone Linder, 

Clarksville, Mo. 

(^) Robert Edwards Jackson, 

James William O'Bannon, 

James Ager Radford, 
M. A. [Georgetown Coll.] 

Fort Smith, Ark. 

Eminence, Ky^ 

Pembroke, Ky. 

♦Jacob Pinckney Reed, 

Died at Atlanta, Ga., 1884. 

FiRMiN Bradley Wright, 

Real Estate and Stock Broker. Kansas City, Mo. 


William A. Boswell, 

B. A. 

Merchant. 709 Congress Ave. , Austin, Tex. 

William Holland Wilmer, 
M. D. 

Physician, Instructor in N. V. Polyclinic. 109 East 23rd St., 

New York City. 

Halton T. Harris, 

M. D. 

Surgeon, U. S. N. Lynchburg, Va. 

William Averett McKinney, 

M. D. 
Physician, Pocahontas, Va. L3mchburg, Va. 

James Spicer, 

M. D. [Bellevue Med. Coll.] 

Physician. Goldsboro, N. C. 

William Dickerson Smith, Jr., 

Clergyman, Wickliffe, Clarke Co., Va. 

Robert Edgar Hall, 
B. L. 

Lawyer. Sec'y, Board of Education, 117 Fourteenth St., 

45 Fourteenth St. , Wheeling, W. Va. 

Henry Churchill Hilliard, 

Manufacturer, Gibson liilliard M'f'g Co., Florence, Ala. 

Frank M. Hanger, 
M. D. 

Box 72, Newport, Ky. 


Charles McCormick Brown, 

Lawyer. Charleston, W. Va. 


William Hendleigh French, 
B. L. 
w Lawyer. Winchester, Ky. 

Talfourd Noon Haas, 
B. L. 

Lawyer, 32 Postland Block, 

Joseph George Leiter, 

M. D. [Bellevue Med. Coll.] 

Chicago, 111. 

Leitersburg, Md. 

William Fontaine Lippitt, Jr. 
M. D. 

Charlestown, Jefferson Co., W, Va. 

Stephen Gano Long, 

A. B., A. M., B. L. 

Lawyer, Wilson Block, 11 13 South Olive St., l.os Angeles, Cal., 




Beale Edward Padgett, 

A. B. [St. John's Coll.] B. L. 

Rapid City, Dak. 

Leonard Overton Pellit, 

Palmyra, Va. 

Charles Hopkins Ralston, 
M. D. 

Mt. Clinton, Rockingham Co., Va. 

George Hoke Rowan. 

Jacksonville, Ala. 


James Edward Rizer, 

A. B. 

Lawyer. Pueblo, Colo. 

Charles Launcelot Minor, 

M. D. 

Physician, St. Luke's Hospital, New York City. 

Stanley Tibbs Prewitt, 

/ Planter. 

Winchester, Ky. 



James Curtis Ballagh, 

Teacher, La Grange, Ga. Brownsburg, Va. 

James Narolin Stratton, 
Civil Engineer^ Aspinwall, Va. 

G. W. M. Reed, 

Lawyer. Fayetteville, Ark, 

Hamilton P. Howard, 
M. D. 

Ass't Demonstrator of AfMtomy, 

University of Va., Charlottesville, Va. 


Beverly Tucker, 

M. D. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Addis Emmet Chalmers, (^B) 

B. L. 

Lawyer. 3rd and Cary Sts., Richmond, Va. 

Coles Van Vechter Veeder, 

La7uver. 109 South Peoria St , Chicago, 111- 


Otto Gustave Ramsay, 

Medical Student. Norfolk, Va- 

{I) (J) Charles Wilcox, 

PH. B. [Yale]; M. D. 

Surgeon. Governor's Island, N. Y. 

LuciEN Douglas Starke, Jr., 
B. L. 

Lawyer. Norfolk, Va. 

Edwin Murray Mann, 

M. D. 

Ass't Surgeon, U. S. A., San Carlos, Ariz. Ter. Petersburg, Va. 


Hugh Antrim, 
Law Student. Richmond, Va. 

Robert Findlater Williams, 

Richmond, Va. 


Edmund Randolph Williams, 

Box 225, Richmond, Va. 

James Sheldon Parrish, 

Portsmoulh, Va. 


Founded in the 
Sheffield Scientific School 


Yale University, 

N E W H A V E N , C O N N . , 
DECEMBER 19th, 1868. 





179. James Edward McCall, 

Business address, 25 Beaver St., 

Home address, 166 West 122nd St., N. Y. C- 

180. Charles Henry Greene, not Green. 
180. William Saunders Greene, not Green. 

Occupation, Sec'y Tiffin Nail Co. 

Only address, Tiffin, Ohio. 

180. Charles Pierson Spining, 

Occupation ^ Real Estate and Insurance y 

Guthrie, Ind. Terr, 

182. Charles Brewster, 

Address, 22d St. and 2d Ave., N. Y. C. 

187. Effingham Lawrence, Jr. 

Address, incorrect. 

192. John Chidsey Grout, 

Occupation, Sec^y Michigan Electric Service Co., 

g Whitney Opera House Block, Detroit, Mich. 

Home address, 128 West Fort St.. Detroit, Mich. 

190. George Edward Stevens, 

Occupation, Merchant , 50 Broadway, N. Y. C. 
Home address, 10 Highland Place, 

Yonkers, N. Y. 

191. William Williams Bond, 

Occupation, Railroad Superintendent, 

Vicksburg. Miss. 
Home address, correct as given. 


1870. Evelyn Pierreponte Roberts, 

Civil Engineer. Care of Am. Society of Civil Engineers 

New York City. 

1871. Horace Morrison Carleton, 

Special Advertising Agent, 21 Park Row, N. Y. C. 

33 Halsey St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

187 1. Joseph Dart, 

Wholesale Lumber. 63 Front Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

187 1. James Edward McCall, 

Merchant. 25 Beaver St., New York City. 

187 1. George Chesley McClean, 

Ph. B., M. D. 

Physician. yil State St., Springfield, Mass. 

1 87 1. Frederick Stoever Dickson, 

Lawyer, 3927 Chestnut St., 

T13 South 5th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


187 1. Shippen Wallace, 

Chemist, Burlington, 

113 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. N. J. 

187 1. George Benjamin Chittenden, > 

Ph. B.. C. E. 
Mining. Golden, N. M. 

1869. Andrew Dwight Chidsey, 
Ph. B. 

Manufacturer of Faints, Easton , 

J. S. Rodenbough & Co., Pa. 


1871. Charles Henry Green, 

Ph. B. 

President, Norton Iron Works. Ashland, Ky. 

1871. Frank Dickerson, 
Metal Merchant. 29 Cliff St., New York City. 

1872. Frederick Floyd Weld, 

Ph. B. 

Civil Engineer. Waterbury, Conn. 

1872. William Saunders Green, 

Ph. B. 
Treas. Standard Nail &* Iron Co., S. E. Cor. Oak Ave. & Lane St., 

5th and Main Sts., Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

1874. Charles Pierson Spining, 

Glendale, Ohio. 

1874. *William Richardson Upham, 

Ph. B., M. D. 

Died, May 24th, 1882. 

1872. *George Judson Walker, 

Died, January 4th, 1872^ 

1872. James Yeatman Player, 

Chief Clerk of the Supt. of St. Louis Public Schools. 

7th and Chestnut Sts., St. Louis. Mo. 

1872. James Richard Burroughs, 

Real Estate Agent Bridgeport, 

Burrough's Building. Conn. 

1872. Byron Hood Culbertson, 

45 Union Ave., Allegheny City, Pa. 


187 1. Edward Tracy Scovill, 

Civil Engineer. Union Club, Cleveland, Ohio, 

1871. John Nichols Judson, 

Metallurgist, 2201 Park Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 


1873. Archibald McCall, 

West Chester, Pa. 

1873. Edward Julius Hall, Jr., 
American Telephone 6^ Telegraph Co., 

i8 Cortlandt St., N. Y. C. Morristown, N. T. 

1873. Charles Miller Morse, 
Mechanical Engineer, 292 Franklin St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

1873. Samuel Rockwell, 
Ph. B. 

Prin, Asst, Engineer, Board of Water Comniiss'rs. 

23 East 5th St., St. Paul, Minn. 

1873. Amory Edwards Rowland, 
Ph. B. 
Manufacturer of Boilers, Machinery, etc. 413 Chapel St., 

New Haven, Conn. 

1873. Walter Brewster Platt, 
Ph. B., M. D. 

Surgeon. 859 Park Ave., Baltimore, Md, 

Henry Fowler English, 
LL. B. 

Real Estate Lawyer. 592 Chapel St. , New Haven, Conn. 

1873. Edgar Camp Savage, 
Ph. B., Ph. D. 

With Meriden Britannia Co. Meriden, Conn- 

1873. Benjamin Kearney Roberts, 

B. A. 

Lieut., U. S. A.,^th Artillery. War Department, Washington, D. C. 


1872. Allan Hamilton Dickson, 

Laxvyer. Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

1874. (J) Clayton Platt, (£') 

Marine Insurance. 16 Exchange Place, New York City. 


1874. William Rockwell, 
Ph. B., LL. B. 

Lawyer, Equitabie Building, 113 Montague St., 

N. Y. C. Brooklyn, N. V. 

1874. Archibald Smoot Hall, 

WhoUsale Lumber Merchant. Housten, Texas. 

1874. Irving Lucius Holt, 
Insurance. Meriden, Conn. 

1874. Jared Sidney Torrance, 
Ph. B. 

^•^(T. Gowanda, N. Y. 

1874. Frazier Davenport Head, 

Ph. B., LL. B. 

^aif^yer. 7g Sachem St., New Haven, Conn. 

1874. *William Pitt Lynde, Jr., 
Ph. B. 

Died, March 29th, 1887. 

1874. Frederick Bowman Crawford, 

Steamship Agent. Germantown, Pa. 

1874. William Henry Kellogg, 

Merchant, 171 Rush St., Chicago, 111. 

1874. Arthur Bucklin Claflin, 

Ph. B. 

Merchant, 73 High St., Boston, Mass. 

1874. George Egbert Wright, 

Newburgh, N. V. 

1874. *John Charles Weber, 
Ph. B. 

Died, August 17th, 1881. 

1874. Charles Brewster, 
Ph. B. 

Printer and Publisher, 33 West 23rd St., New York City. 


1874. Richard Dean Arden Parrott, 
Ph. B. 

Manufacturer of Pig Iron, Arden, Orange Co., 

Grenwood Iron Works, N. V. 

1874. Andrew Peters, 
Manufacturer of Chemicals. 9th St., Gowanus Canal, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1874. Bernard Nadel Baker, 
Merchant. 409 Second St., Baltimore, Md. 

1874. *MosES Taylor Belcher, 

Died, February 28th, 1882. 

1874. Thomas Belknap Beach, 

With Beach ^ Co. Hartford, Conn. 


1875. William Cornelius Hall 

Ph. B. 
18 Cortlandt St., New York City. 

Physician. Milwaukee, Wis. 

1875. Henry Mortimer Hastings, 

68 West 5th St., Oswego, N. Y. 

1875. Arthur Edward Nichols, 

Physician. 16 East 35th St., New York City. 

1875. *George Leland Upham, 

Ph. B. 

Died, August 8th, 1882. 

1876. *William Babcock Sawyer, 

Ph. B. 

Died, November 7th, 1880. 

1875. Livingston Gifford, 
Ph. B., LL. B. 
Patent Lawyer, 207 Bergen Ave., 

32 Park Place, N. Y. C. Jersey City Heights, N. J. 

1 84 

1875. Harry Grant Cheney, 
Cheney Bros., Silk Manufacturers. South Manchester, Conn. 

1875. Edward Luther White, 
Ph. B. 

Paper Business. Bridgeport, Conn. 

1875. Charles Purdy Lindsley, 

Ph. B. 

Physician. 15 Elm St., New Haven, Conn. 

1875. Charles Dickinson, 

Lawyer. 29 East 6ist St., New York City. 

1875. Louis Emile Addison de Goll, 

Manufacturer of Watch Ceues, 3 Maiden Lane, Elizabeth, 

N. Y. C. N. J. 

1876. Albert Sutton Macgregor, 

Architect, St. Anthony Club, 

Id 2 Lexington Ave. New York City. 

1876. Frederick Wood, 

Ph. B. 

Asst. Engineer, Penn. R. P. 233 South 4th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1875. William Arthur Pratt, 
Ph. B. 
Civil Engineer. 808 North 21st St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1875. Warren Edward Dennis, 

LL. B. 

Lawyer. 18 Central Ave., Newark, N. J. 


1875. James Hall FooTE, 

With the S. N". Pike Estate Office, 18 Mormon Ave., 

25 Pike's Building, Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

1876. Clarence Arthur Claflin, 

Manufacturer. Hopkinton, Mass. 

1876. Frederick William Vanderbilt, 

Ph. B. 

Railroads. Grand Central Depot, New York City. 

1 85 

1876. Howard Meyer, 

617 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

1875. Henry Pease Starbuck, 
B. A., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 62 Wall St., N. Y. C. Orange, N. J. 

1877. James Henry Brewster, 

Ph. B., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 46 Campau Building, 644 Champlain St., Detroit, Mich. 

1876. Edward Hine Johnson, 

Ph. B. 

Central News Co. 344 South i6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1876. Miles Greenwood Nixon, 
Mechanical Engineer, 31 Grannis Block, The "St. Benedict," 

Chicago, 111, 

1877. Allan Mason Thomas, Jr., 
Ph. B., M. D. 

Pkysician-in-Chief, State Etnigrant Hospital, 

UniA'ersity Club, New York City. 


Special. George Haynes Beckwith, 

Lawyer. i Chamber of Commerce, Toledo, Ohio. 

1877. John Abeel Weeks, Jr., 

Ph. B., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 71 Wall St., N. Y. C. Oyster Bay, N. Y. 

1877. Edwin Young, 

Ph. B., LL. B. 

Lawyer, 435 State St., Albany, N. Y. 

1877. Francis Cooper Lawrence, Jr., 
Ph. B. 

Lawyer. 16 East 37th St., New York City. 

1877. Walter Snowden Smith, 

Ph. B. 

Real Estate, 118 Broadway, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

1 86 

1877. Henry Holbrook Curtis, 

Ph. B., M. D. 

Physician. 118 Madison Ave., New York City. 

1877. Everett Rushmore, 

Dry Goods Commission, Mamaroneck, 

36 Thomas St., N. Y. C. N. Y. 

1877. William Oilman Thompson, 

Ph. B., M. D. 

Physician. 49 East 30th St., New York City. 

1877. Charles CoFFiNG Beach, 

Physician. Capitol Ave., Hartford, Conn. 

Clinton Hart Merriam, 
M. D. 
U. S. Deft of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. 


Ph. B. 
Lawyer 70 West 38th St., 

55 Liberty St., New York City. 


1877. Bernard Berens, 
Ph. B., M. D. 
Physician. 2006 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1878. William Hopkins Young, 
LL. B. 

Lawyer. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

1878. Henry Grenville Parkin, 

Iron Manufacturer, Norwalk, 

Care of Simonds Manufacturing Co. Conn. 

1878. Charles Betts Hillhouse, 
Ph. B. 

Grain Merchant. 57 West 17th St., New York City. 

1878. Elbert Baldwin Mann, (A) 

B. A. [Williams.] 

Merchant, of A. S. Mann ^ Co. Rochester, N. Y. 

1 87 


With E. ^^ A. H. Batcheller, 288 Commonwealth Ave., 

106 Summer St., Boston, Mass. 

1878. Edward Townsend Reed, 
Ph. B. 

Lawyer, 154 State St., Albany, N. Y. 

1878. Walter Tillman Hart, 
Ph. B. 
Stock Raising, 48 East 26th St., 

Lordsburg, Grant Co., New Mexico. New York City. 

1878. Frank Turner Moorhead, 

Manufacturer of Iron. Allegheny City, Pa. 

1878. Effingham Lawrence, Jr., 

Flushing, N. Y. 

* 1878. William Augustus Goodman, Jr., 

Wholesale Lumber. 29 Ingleside Place, 

Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


1878. Frank Pierce Morrison, 

Fruit Grower. Lugonia P. O. , 

San Bernardino Co., Cal. 

1878. Fayette Williams Brown, 

Ph. B., LL. B. 
Mutual Life Insurance Co. Montreal, Canada. 

1878. Charles Theodore Richmond, 
Ph. B. 

North Adams, Mass. 

1878. Fred. Beckwith Jillson, 
Ph. B. 

Mercantile Business. Whitehall, N. Y. 

1878. George Stuart Hegeman, 
Ph. B., L. L. B. 

Lawyer. 1321 Broadway, New York City. 

1 88 

1879. Francis Hillhouse, 

New Haven, Conn. 

1879. *George Henry Potts, 
Ph. B. 

Died, May 8th, 1881. 

1879. John Thomas Waring, Jr., 

Ph. B. 

Waring Hat Manufactwing Co. Yonkers, N. Y. 

1879. Edward Delevan Nelson, 

Ph. B. 

Motive Power Department, Penn. R. K. Williamsport, Pa, 

1879. *JOHN JeWETT, 
Ph. B. 

Died, August 22d, 1S83. 

1879. *Arthur Stoddard Van Voorhis, 
Ph. B., LL. B. 

Died, January 8th, 18 84. 


Real Estate and Loans. 406 Boston Block, Minneapolis, Minn. 

1879. Daniel Edward Stone, 

Ph. B. 

With Joel Hay den Brass Co. 514 Euclid Ave.. Cleveland, Ohio. 

1879. Charles Henry Wilmerding, 

St. Anthony Club, New York City. 

1879. Charles Edward Davis, 
Banking. Ravenna, Neb. 

1879. George Walker Meeker, 
Ph. B. 

Coal Merchant^ 4 Banks St., Chicago, Til. 


1880. Edgar Sheffield Porter, 

38 Hillhouse Ave., New Haven, Conn. 


i88i. Harry Sprague Davidson, 

Engineer, San Francisco, 

California State Board of Forestry. Cal. 

1880. Daniel Sidney Appleton, Jr., 
Pli. B. 
Publisher, 3 University Place, 

D. Appleton & Co., t, 3 and 5 Bond St., New York City. 

1881. *Joel Howard Reed, 


1880. William Candee Warren, 
Ph. B. 

With Buffalo Commercial Advertiser Co. 222 North St., 

Buffalo, N. Y. 

1880. Schuyler Van Vechten, 

Stock Broker. New York Stock Exchange, New York City. 

1880. Louis Maynard Higginson, 

Sheep Raising, Eden, Concha Co., Texas. 

Caldwell Hart Colt, 
Manufacturer, "Armsmear," Hartford, Conn. 

1880. Edward Henry Ball, 
Iron Foundry. Landis Court Hotel, Kansas City, Mo. 

1880. Collin Macrae Ingersoll, Jr., 
Ph. B. 

Civil Engineer, N. Y., N. H. ^ H. R. R. 

85 Trumbell St., New Haven, Conn. 


1881. Charles Chamberlain, 
stock Raising. Paint Rock, Concha Co., Texas. 

1881. George W. Jackson Angell, 

Baling for Export, 44 Hudson St., New York City. 

1881. Robert William Watson, 
Ph. B. 

LandDept., C. C. C. ^^ J. Railway Co. 91 Water St. 

Cleveland, Ohio. 

1 881. William Fowler Jarvis, 

Iron Commission Merchant. 527 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

1881. George Edward Stevens, 

7 Wooster Place, New Haven, Conn. 

1881. William Meeker Wood, 
Ph. B. 

Division Engineer, California Southern R. R. Pasadena, Cal. 

1881. Blain Jamison, 

Ph. B, 

Cotton Business. 248 Baronne St., New Orleans, La. 

Edward Bailey, Jr., 
Ph. B. 

Iron Manufacturer, 31 South Front St., Harrisburgh, Pa. 


1881. Arthur Dean Bevan, 

Asst. Surgeon, U. S. Marine Hospital Service, 

Room 16, Campau Building, Detroit, Mich. 

1882. Horace Ellsworth Andrews, 
Ph. B. 

826 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

1882. Alfred Warren Armstrong, 
Ph. B., Ph. D. 
Mechanical Engifteer, 

Care of Harlan & Hollingsworth Co., Wilmington, Del. 

1882. Nathan Gross Bozeman, (^Y) 

Ph. B. ; M. D. [Columbia.] 

Physician. 9 West 31st St., New York City. 



1883. Henry Kelsey Devereux, 
Ph. B. 

Railroading, C. C. C. & I. R. R. Co., 869 Euclid Ave., 

Cleveland, Ohio. 

1883. Henry Whitney Berryman, 

Stock Raising. 8 East 9th St., New York City. 

1883. Horace Raymond Carpenter, 
Ph. B. 

Civil Engineer, U. P. Railway. Afton, N. Y. 

1883. William Williams Bond, 

Cor. Granite and Williams Sts., New London, Conn. 

1883. John Henry Mann, 

Ph. B. 
Lawyer, 13 Plant St., 

45 William St., N. Y. C. Utica, N. Y. 

1883. Harry Nelson Covell, 

Ph. B. 

With Yale Lock Co. 7 Prospect St., Stamford, Conn. 

1883. Charles Lansing Sayre, 

Ph. B. 

Hardware Business, 142 Park Ave., Utica, N. Y. 

1883. George Andrew Barrows, 
Ph. B. 

Lawyer, 23 and 24 McConnell Building, Chattanooga, Tenn. l^ 

1883. *Elmer Ellsworth Thompson, 

Accidently shot, Aug., 1887. 


1881. Seymour Francis Frasick, 
Ph. B. 

With Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Co. 

96 Church St., Hartford, Conn. 


1884. Edward Bailey Downing, 
Banker and Broker, P. O. Box 709, Seattle, Wash. 

1884. William Mason Wright, 
Lieutenant, U. S. A., Care of War Dep't, Washington, D. C. 

1884. James Arthur Fawcett, 

1 1 1 7 Case St. , Cleveland, Ohio. 

1884. John Chidsey Grout, 

Vice-Pres , Detroit Caniage Woodwork Co., Detroit, Mich. 

1884. Charles Henry Hopper, 

125 Arlington St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

1884. Samuel Joseph Cornell, 

Citizens' Seeamboat Co , 26 West 49th St., 

Pier 44, North River., New York City. 

1884. Samuel Brown Hawley, 
Ph. B. 

Lawyer, North Broadway, 

206 Broadway, N. Y. C. Yonkers, N. Y. 

• 1884. Albert Lucas, 

Ph. B. 
Color and Varnish Manufacturer, Philadelphia, 

141-143 North 4th St, Pa. 

1884. Joseph Powell, Jr., 

Ph. B. 
Civil Engineer. Towanda, Pa. 

1884. Elmore Abram Willets, 

Ph. B. 

Belmont, Allegany Co., N. Y. 


1872. Harrison Wheeler Lindsley, 

Ph. B., C. E. 

Architect. 15 Elm St., New Haven, Conn. 

1885. George Tyler Brown, 

London, Ontario. 


1885. Amos William Kimball, 
Ph. B. 

Portland, Oregon. 

1885. Clarence Brajmdegee Wood, 

Real Estate. Morristown, N. J. 

1885. Charles Pond McAvoy, 
Ph. B. 
Vice-Presf., McAvoy Bre-Mtng Co.^ 2321 Calumet Ave., 

2349 South Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 

1885. Frank Jerome Stevens, 
Ph. B. 
7 Wooster Place, New Haven, Conn. 

1885. Truman Handy Newberry, 
Ph. B. 

4S3 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

1885. William Adair McDowell, 
Ph. B. 

Fidst., Mountain Coal and Lumber Co., Lexington, Ky. 

1885. *Charles Thomas Richardson, 

Died, December 24th, 1884, 

1885. James Arthur Atwood, 

Ph. B. 

Manufacturer. Wauregan, Conn. 

1885, John Walter Atwood, 

Manufacturer. Wauregan, Conn. 


1885, Frederick John Kingsbury, Jr.j 

[Boston Inst, of Tech.] 
Sec'y, Aluminum Brass and Bronze Co., 

Bridgeport, Conn. Fairfield, Conn, 

1885. John Rice, 
Ph. B. 

/'/lila. Building Works. Pottstown, Pa. 


1885. Daniel Delevan Mangam, Jr., 

Ph. B. 
Grain, 92 Broad St., New York City. Sing Sing, N. Y. 

1886. (J) Charles WiLLCox, (?*) 

Ph. B.; M. D., [Univ., Va.] 

Medical Corps, U. S. A. Governor's Island, N. \. 

1886. Charles Francis Emerson, 
People's Natural Gas Co., Pittsburgh, Pa. Titusville, Pa. 

William Washington Gordon, Jr., 

Ph. B. 

Lawyr. 124 South Broad St., Savannah, Ga. 

1886. Reginald Ronalds, 
Ph. B. 

With Ronalds «y Co., 54 Cliff St , New York City. 

1886. George Howard Smith, 
Ph. B. 

Flour Sack Manufcuttirer. Canajoharie, N. \ . 

1886. Arthur Jones Richmond, 
Ph. B. 
With Proindence Steam and Gas Pipe Co. 46 Angell St. 

Providence, R. I. 

1886. Louis Denio Tourtellot, 

49 Broad St., Utica, N. Y. 

1886. Arthur Meeker, 

Ph. B. 

Provisions. 2107 Calumet Ave., Chicago, 111. 

1886. John Metcalfe Thomas, 

Ph. B. 

Peal Estate, 49 Liberty St., 600 Madison Ave., New York City. 

1885. Percy Lyford Lang, 

Banker. VVaverly, N. Y. 

1886. Henry Bourne Joy, 

140 West Fort St., Detroit Mich. 


1 886. William Evelyn Hutchings, 
Ph. B. 

1616 Barrett Ave., Louisville, Ky. 


1886. Thomas Brodhead Van Buren, Jr., 
Ph. B. 

Insurance and Real Estate, 49 Liberty St., Englewood, N. J. 

1887. Frederick Sheffield Kellogg, 
Lumber, 49 Seneca St., 286 Genesee St., Utica, N. Y. 

1887. Edward Horatio Parker, 

433 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

1887. George Alfred Caldwell, 

729 Fifth Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

1887. Harry Leon Hamlin, 

Ph. B. 

Manager, Grand Opera House, 343 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

1887. Edward Warburton Durant, 

Ph. B. 

Lumber, Stillwater, Washington Co., Minn. 

1887. Pedro Florentino Francke, 

Havana, Cuba. 

1887. Oscar Harmon Short, 
Ph. B. 

196 Broadway, New York City. 

1887. Harris Smith Reynolds, 
Ph. B. 

Flour and Grain. 229 Mill St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 


1885. Willis Lafayette Perkins, 
Ph. B. 

With W. S. Lawson 6^ Co., Bankers, 

40 Congress St. , Boston, Mass 



i888, John Nesbitt Conyngham, 
Coal Merchant, Laflin, Pa. 2 South St., Wilkesbarre, Ta. 

1888. Richard Huntington Franchot, 
Ph. B. 

Ltffnber, Olean, N. Y. Schenectady. N. \ . 

1886. Harvey Farrington, 
Ph. B. 
Asst. Engineer, N. Y. C. ^^ II. R. R. R. 

Croton-on- Hudson. 

1888. Henry Kellogg Goetchius, 
Ph. B. 

Chemicals, 47 Fulton St., St. Anthony Club, New York City. 

1888. George Howard Davison, 
Ph. B.; B. S. A. [Cornell.] 
Stock Farmer and Agriculturist, Altamont Stock Farm. 

Millbrook, N.N. 

1888. George Snowdon Howland, 

El Paso National Bank. El Paso, I'exas. 

1888. George Robert Carter, 
Ph. B. 
27 Kilby St., Boston, or Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands. 

1888. George Parker Thompson, 

20 East 35th St , New York City. 

1888. Charles Edward Curtis, 
Ph. B. 

138 Dwight St., New Haven, Conn. 

1888. Theodork Whitney Blake, 

Whitney Ave., New Haven, Conn. 

1888. Marshall Latham Bond, 

115 Broadway, New York City. 

1888. Cyrus Field Judson, 
Ph. B. 

123 East 21st St., New Yoik City. 



1889. (A) William Darrow Carter, 

Brass Manufacturer. 52 Grove St., Waterbury, Conn. 

1889. Albert Kingsley Spencer, 

Broker. 1253 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

1889. William Hillard Conyngham, 
Ph. B. 

Coal Business. 2 South St., Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

1889. Henry Work Rianhard, 

Ph. B. 

264 Fourth Ave., New York City. 

1889. Frederick Robinson Shepherd, 

Banker. 103 East i6th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

1889. Augustus Rene Moen, 
Ph. B. 

135 West 70th St., New York City. 

1889. Lewis Brown Gawtry, 
Ph. B. 

18 West nth St., New York City. 

1889. Adrian Muller Isham, 

123 East 37th St., New York City. 

1889. James Bradshaw Bailey, 
Ph. B. 

31 South Front St., Harrisburg, Pa, 

1889. Leland Howard, 
Ph. B. 

WUh James L. Howard d;' Co. Hartford, Conn. 

1890. (yj) William Frank Judson, 

123 East 2ist St., New York City. 



1890. John Henry Towne, (/) 

Boston Institute of Technology, Stamford, Conn. 

1890. Joseph Edward Otis, Jr., 

1730 Prairie Ave., Chicago, III. 

1890. Charles Beers Van Renselaer, 

Stottville, Columbia Co., N. V. 

1890. Clarence Beverly Davison, 

2 East 72d St., New York City. 

1890. Chauncy Davis Short, 

96 Broadway, New York City. 

1890. Herbert McBride, 

1270 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

1890. Samuel Richard Maynard, 

283 Genesee St., Utica, N. Y. 

1890. William Sterling Roby, 

95 Troup St., Rochester N. Y. 

1890 Charles Francis Rogers, 

New Canaan, Conn. 

1888. Edward Lambert Leeds, 

Stamford, Conn. 

1890. Charles Talbot Richmond, 

46 Angell St., Providence, R. I. 

1890. Philip Allen, 

Providence, R. I. 

1890. Campbell Emory McMichael, 

2041 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1890. NiEL Gray, Jr., 

Cor. 5th and Bridge Sts,, Oswego, N. Y. 

1890. Lawrence Heyworth, 

2902 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

1890. William Strong Post, 

With W. ^ J. Sloam, 61 Woodland St., 

Broadway and 19th St., N. Y. C. Hartford, Conn. 

1890. Charles Augustus Otis, Jr., 

846 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 


1 89 1. Frederick William Jones, 

iiS East 19th St., New York City. 

1891. Albert Francke, 

55 West 33d St., New York City. 

1 89 1. William Adams, 

Scarsdale, N. Y. 

1891. James Tracy Hill, 

2559 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

1891, Charles Ferris Sturtevant, 

801 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

1891. Alfred Stille Ives, 

347 Temple St., New Haven, Conn. 

1891. Stanley Hawkens Pearce, 

Denver, Col. 

1891. Daniel Loring, Jr., 

33 West 34th St., New York City. 

1891. William Pierson Hamilton, 

105 East 2ist St., New York City. 

1 891. George Marcellus Landers, 

136 East Main St., New Britain, Conn. 

1891. Alfred Victor Barnes, 

114 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Robert Lockwood Casement, 

II Wood St., Painesville, Ohio. 



Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 


APRIL, 6. 1889. 


1890. (J) John Henry Towne, 

Stamford, Conn. 

1889. (A) John Lawrence Mauran, 

A}xhitect. 326 Benefit St., Providence, R. I. 

1890. Charles Edward Ripley, 

Rutland, Vt 

1890, George Lewis Nelson, 

Geneva, N. Y. 

1890. George Bacon Wood, 

With Camden Iron Works, 1313 Spruce St., 

Camden, N. J. Philadelphia, Pa. 

1891. Ambrose Walker, 

237 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

1892. James McKeein Ferriday, 

301 Marlborough St., Boston, Mass. 

1888. Henry Forbes Bigelow, 
Architect. Clinton, Mass. 

1890. Philip Harvey, 

Geneva, 111. 

1S90. John Langdon Batchelder, Jr., 

Pond St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

1888. William Lincoln Harris, 
B. S. 

Medical Student, Harvard Med. Sch. North Wilmington, Mass. 


i888. William Langdon Dearmorn, 

Ass'/ Engimer, Boston ^ Maine R. R., Harrison Sq., 

St. Johnsburg. Vt. Dorchester, Mass. 

1889, HoLLis French, 
B. S. 

EUctrical Engineer. 200 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 

1891. Theodore Spencer, 

3 Garden St., Cambridge, Mass, 
1890. Benton Sturges, 

Lake Geneva, Wis. 

1888. Richard Devens, 
B. S. 

With Clinton Wire Cloth Co., Clinton, Mass. 

1892. Allen French, 

200 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. 

1887. QuiNTARD Peters, 

B. S. 

With S. M. Inrnan, Cotton Buyer. 48S I*eachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

1892. Morris Peters, 

Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

1887. Dwight Brainerd, 
B. S. 
Hamilton Powder Co., 1 13 Drummond St., 

Box 2015, Montreal, Canada, 

1887. Henry Boies Brainerd, 
B. S. 

Dominion Cartridge Co., 113 Drummond St., 

Box 2015. Montreal, Canada. 



Order of Their Foundation. 




JANUARY 17TH, 1847. 








1850. Nathan W. Jones. 1850. Charles Fred. Hoffman. (A') 

1851. Theodore Frelinghuysen Vail. 


1852. Edward De Russy. 1852. *Warren Livingston. 

1849. Walter Alexander Stirling. 





BKCANfK KX rfNJ(.'l" \V THK BFr,lNNMN<; «>F !HK WAR. 

"^Robert de Treville. /tl^^U-c*^ 
Henry Laurens. 
Marcus C. Mcl^more. 


Julian Mitchelir o/tM^M^^irv^ 


1854. Archibald Smith Barnwell. 1853. 
1852. James Caldwell Calhoun. 1853. 
1853 John Francis Calhoun. 1853. 


1854. John Barratt Cohen. ^« 1854. 

1854. *Paul (iervais Robinson. 


1856. *Freston Adams. 1858. *"John Cox Minott 

1855. ♦Josiah Bcdon. /<iu^ 1S57. *Albert Rhett. 
1858. Edmund James Felder. 1857. Elias Lynch Rivers. / 
1S56. Robert Fladger Graham. 1856. James Barclay Rosser, 7^^*..^^ 
1S56. ^ Laurant Bcmey Hallonquist.1855. **^Robt,W. Pinckney Tompkins 

1857. ^^ William Calhoun Keith. 1856. Bartlett Jones VVitherspoon . 
1857. Duncan Mclntire. 1856. *^ Harris Covington. 


^. r. 

[857." Saraus Franklin McQueen 



[858. "J^'illiam White Legare. 

1858.^ Robert Withers Memmlnger. i8s8 

1858. ^^ Isaac Hayne. 

*Grimkc Rhett. 

* James Alexander Rose. 


1S60. * William Finley Barnwell. 1S59. 

1859. Dul! Green Calhoun. 1858. 

1859. ^^William Thomas Cleveland. 1859. Ossian Freeborn Simpson 

1860.^ CoCesworth Pinckney Seabrook. /^iiuL^^d^ 

Thomas Keith Lcgarc. ^^' '^i 
*Wm. Drayton Rutherford. 



i860. John Bradley Macleod. 1861. James Pettigrew Mellard. 

iSGi.'^John Adams Wilson. 


1861. Albert Gallatin Drake. 1862. Iredell Jones. 7^^?cJ<. /l^uu^ S.t. 

1861. *[oseph Clay Habersham. 1861. *Francis Simons Parker, Jr. 

1862. Medicus Reichenbacker. 


1862. Washington Aug. Clarke. 1862. *SamueI Lafayette McAliley* 

James Henry Fowles. ' *i86i. ^Tristram McLaurin. ■b-<-^^- «^ o-co^>- 

i862.^James Morrown^y. /fr-f-4, 1863. '^Andrew Pickens Nicholson. 
1862. Rob'tDeTreville Lawrence. 1863. *George Moose Stoney. Aiu.4_.«-«(_. 
1863. 'AVilliam Kilgore Thomson. 


*Leslie Glover. • 1864. Albert Taylor Goodwyn. ( ^ ) 





1852. Francis AUyn Canfield. 1S53. Daniel Polhemus Voorhees. 

1853. William Stout Edwards. 1S53. Ira Condit Whitehead. (^) 
1851. *William Goldsborough. 1853. George Moore Rodgers. 






DKcl.AKKl) EXTINCT, APRIL iplH, 1853, 


1854. Josiah H. Kathbone, 1854. Joseph Richard Winchester. 



OCTOBER 2d. 1853. 



1854. James Granville Sharpelioyd 1856. William Richard (lee. 

1855. Henry James Carraway. 1854. James Kirkpatrick. 

1855. Warner Wade Coleman. 1854. Archibald Caigill Massenburg 

1856. Jas David Humphrey Dreury. 1856. William Marion Payne. 
1S57. William Benjamin Duncan. 1857. George Washington Pollock. 
1S56. John Powell Fuller. 1856. Samuel Albert Story. 

1856. *Hugh Walker Gardner.()*)i 854. William Henry Shay. 
1857. John Bryan Williams. 








Thomas Loring Love. 1858. Victor Moreau Brandon. 

William Norfleet Carter. 1856. Erasmus Kennon Harris. 
*Geo. McKendry Chandler. 1857. William Greenwood Lea. 
Thomas William Robeson. 1858. William Adolphus Taylor. 
1857. Isham Edward Trotter. 


William Thomas Merritt. i860. 
Benjamin Wyatt Arnold. 1859. 
Richard Thomas Carter. 1859. 
Benj. Lancaster Farinholt. 1859. 


Richard Ferguson. 
John Emory Wheeler 

Joseph David Arnold. 
Thomas Allen Bacon. 
James Edward Ballou. 
Archer Debrell Crenshaw 
Oscear H. Heath. ( >*) 

George Beverly Finch. 
Simmons Harris Isler. 
Thomas James Taylor. 
Christopher Thrower. ( /*) 

Alexander Mallory, Jr. 


185S. Benjamin Henry Hite. 

1S60. Thomas Crawford Campbell. 


1 86 1. Edward Hunter Muse, 

1859. John Edmund P nn. ( J*j 

1 86 1. George Wesley Prince. 

1861. James Davidson Still. 

1858. Richard Overton Wyatt. (T) 

1859. Thomas Wiley Branch. 
1859. William Holmes Davis. 
1861. ^Arthur Lee Wynne. i860 

1862. William Emory Edwards 
D. D. 
J'astor, MonwnfJit Metliodist Church, South, 


1859. Aurelius Theodore Gill. 
i860. James Edward Leary. 
Benjamin Erby Scott. 

Portsmouth, Va. 

1 861. 


Robert Watkins Bay ley. 1863. 
Thomas Moore Beckham. 1863. 
John Baptist Boyd. (}*) i860. 

William Edward Goode. 


Charles Lafayette Jackson. 
William Henry Jones. 
Eugene Cole Powell. (}\ 
Richard Dabney Thackson. 

862. Robert Walker. 

1863. John Conyers Allen. 
1863. Nathaniel Price Boyd. 




Melville Johnson. 
Oscar Malachi Styron. 

Archellus Benford Coleman. 
Chandler Woodward Hill. ( }') 
Charles Edward Seers. ( 2') 
William Carter Stubbs. ( } *) 
William Henry Farrar. 
John Dugger Carter. 


Landon Brame Edwards, ( ) '\ 
William Henry White. ( /') 
Charles Macon Wesson. ( /*) 
*Henry Harvey Chambers. ( )') 
James Thomas Gray. 
Watson Soule Dibbrell. 

* Peter D. Arnold. 



NOVEMBER 20th, 1854. 



1857. *Hugh Walker Gardner. (j-) 1S56. 

1857. John Anthony. 1856. 

1857. *Robert John Cannon. 1857. 

1857. James Hamilton Evans. 1S58. 

1857. George Henry Gregory. 1858. 

1856. *David Hilliard. 1859. 
1S56. Joseph Buckner Killebrew. 1858. 

1857. David Ward Saunders. 1857. 
1857. John Nicholas Stallings. 1858. 
1857. *William Edward Wilson. 1858. 
1857. Thos. Hilliard Christmas.(?^) 1 856. 

Thomas Steel Crump. 
Clement Dowd. 
Lewis Whitfigld Howard. 
James Smith Baker. 
Hugh Thomas Brown. 
*George Albert Courts. 
*Wllliam Carey Dowd. 
William Hill Jordan. 
Lafayette Fuller Leecrafj. 
Thomas Stanton Price. 
William Bingham. 




Benjamin Blount Barnes. 1859. 


Henry William McMillan. 1859. 


John Merritt Perry. 1858. 


William Holliday Hay ley. 1856. 


Renel Marcellus Stancill, 1859. 


William May Hammond. 1859. 


William Adolphus Taylor. 1859. 

Richard Cogdell Badger. 
George Badger Barnes. 
*Thomas Cowan. 
George Burgwin Johnston. 
Andrew Ed Baptiste Knox. 
Benjamin Ward Saunders. 
Elijah Benton Withers. 


1S60. George Pettigrew Bryan. 1859. William Bingham Lynch. 

1S5S. Addison Harvey. i860. Iowa Royster. 

]S59. Simmons Harris Isler. 1859. * Henry Watson Saunders. 

1560. Lewis Peter Butler. 
i860. Pierce Mason Butler. 

1561. Cornelius Furman Uowd. 
1S61. John Randolph Ely. 

I S60. 


Samuel Jay Andrews. 
John Decatur Barry. 
Lewis Bond. 
John Charles Gaines. 

James Foreman Clark. 
John Cowan, 
Madison Rush Grigsby. 
Gabriel Johnston. 







Robert Daniel Johnson. 
George Gordon Sims. 
Louis West. 
Garland Meredith Yancey. 

Edward Joseph Hale, Jr. 
William Churchill Jordan. 
Thomas Wallace Taylor- ( F) 
Joel Paton Walker. 

William James Robards. 
Ruffin Thomson. 
Robert Spencer Clark. 
John Almarine Cutchin. 


James Billingslea Mitchell. 1861. Julian Smith Foscue. 
Benj. Leecraft Perry, Jr. 1864. Henderson Dennis Judd. 
1864, Daniel Linzy Russell. 


Alvin Branson Howard. 1864. Thomas Lenoir Norwood. 

1864. Edmund Gregory Prout. 



1864. John Johnston. 1S64. Henry Armand London, Jr. 1/ 

1864. John William Lawrence. 1S64. Mathias Murray Marshall. v- 
1S64. William Curtis Prout. u^ 


1864. William A. Blount Branch. 1864. 

1864. Edmund Deberry Covington. 1S64. 

1864. John Ernest Donaldson. 1S64. 

W 1864. John Burgwyn McRae. 1864. 

Franklin Xash. 
John Taylor Rankin. 
Joseph Caldwell Mickle. 
George Gil let Thomas. { l") 









Risden Tyler Bennett. 1S5S. 

Joseph Achord Blance. 1858. 

Charles Hill (Tarlton. 1859. 

Richard Bohun Cater. 1858. 

(r)Thos. Hilliard Christmas, i860. 
1S60. Samuel Morford 


Andrew Jackson Abernethy. 1S61. 
James Armstrong. 1S61. 

Andrew Ridley Baird. 1S59. 

Bell Girard Bidwell. 1861. 

Empson C. Lucas Bridges, i860. 

Benjamin Benton Fontaine. 
John Myrick Gorrie. 
Addison Harvey. 
Lycurgus Leonidas Stanford. 
John May Taylor. 

Henry Eui^cne Jones. 
.Samuel Brown Lee, Jr. 
Gideon Harris Lowe. 
Stephen Newton McCraw, 
Rufus Pettis Milam. 




John McKinney Brooks. 1861. 

John Calhoun. 1S59. 

Richard Henry Christmas, i860. 

(0) *Robert T. Crenshaw. 1861, 

William Frederick Davis. i860. 

John Alexander Dobbins. i860. 

Mardonius V. Eggleston. i860. 

Felix Thomas Elder. i860. 

William Alexander Ellis. 1861. 

James Edward Everett. i860. 

J. Hodger Golson. 1859. 

(0) James. L. Goodloe. 1859. 


William Young Pemberton. 
Alexander William Persons. 
Willis Blanton Porter. 
William Short Ridgeley. 
Thomas Jefferson Seay. 
Cuthbert Obannon Smith. 
James Madison Tate. 
Charles Waller Tyler. 
Winter Walker. 
William S. Whiteman, jr. 
Francis E. WTiitfield, Jr. 
John Washington Wooton. 

Lewis Peter Butler. 1861. William Gregory Johnson. 

Joseph Douglas Cross. 1861. Charles Edward McGehee. 

1S61. ((If\ *Samuel Pinckney Smith. 



Washington and Lee University, 


NOVEMBER 27th, 1869. 



1870. Robert Semple, 

B. L. 
Lawyej. Thomastown, Miss. 

1870. John Frederick Effinger, 

B. L. 

Lawyer, 2 Law Building, Staunton, Va. 

LuciAN Hamilton Raines, 

Fanner. Rogers, Texas. 

William Jasper Nelson, 

Pfiysiiian. Austin, Miss. 

Norman McFarland Walker, 

New Orleans, I.a. 

Thomas Littleton Wyche, 

Thomasville, Ga. 

Charles Green Lee, 

Chatawa, Miss. 

*Samuel Travers Phillips,. 

Lawyer. Died, 1S77. 

(</> 2) Christopher Taylor Hill, 

Murdered at Okolona, Miss., 1871. 

1870. James Magee Gray, 

B. L. 
Lawyer. Point Arinas, Cal. 


Henry Duvall, 

Frankfort, Ky. 



V. M, I. 

V. M. 1. 



V. M. I. 


1871. Talbot Iryl Bartlette, 
M. A. 

Robert Andrews Wilkinson, 


Plaquemine Par., La. 
Frederick Caldwell Fisher, 

Thomas S. Humphreys, 
♦Francis Vinton Rathbone, 

1872. Henry Pickles, 
B. L. 

John Wallace Lke, 

{0) Henry Sale Yerger, 
D. D. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Died, 1884. 

Waco Texas. 

Lexington, \'a. 

Fernandina, Fla. 

{0) ♦William Schenck Johnson, 
B. A. 

Died, 1882. 

♦Henry Wayne Blair, 

Died at Nashvile, Tenn , 1SS4. 


♦Benjamin Warren Bettis, 
A. B., B. L. 

Gabriel Santini, 
Alphonse Ledoux, 

Died July 29th, 1885. 

Denver, Col 

Paris, France. 


Samuel Hunter Jemison, 

Lawyer and Recorder, 






Thomas Fendol West. 

John Carty, 

Macon, Ga. 

Jacksboro, Texas. 

Lexington, Ky. 

*David Leche, 

Died at Philadelphia, Aug. ist, 1881. 

*James Lawrence Jones, 

Died at St. Louis, Mo., 1S84. 

Thomas Bryan Pugh, ( j*) 
M. D. [Charity Hosp. Med. Coll., N. C] 

Napoleonville, La. 

Walter Scott Finny, 

• 201 St. Joseph St., New Odeans, La. 

Louis Waler Hubbard, 

Selma, Ala. 

Thomas Nelson Page, (Y) 

Laxvyer and Author. gii Main St.. Richmond, Va. 


1874. William Cook Ayres, 
C. E., M. E., M. D. 

25 West 24th St., New York City. 


James Luther Slayden, 


New Orleans, La. 

Edward Silliman Harris, 

Banker and Farmer. Elizabethtown, Ky. 

Malone Wheless, 


Washington, D. C. iy^^ 


William Bell Wisdom, 

253 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Brown Ayres, 
B. S. [Stevens Inst., Tech.] 
Professor of Natural Philosophy, Tulane University. 

Edward Springs Morris, 



Walter Byron Jacobs. 

RiCHARO Howe Winter, 

New Orleans, La. 

Columbia, Texas. 

Shreveport, La. 

Grenada, Miss. 







FoRTEScuE Whittle, 

Powhatan Co., Va. 

William Grant Moork, 

3041 Easton Ave., St. l>ouis, Mo. 

John Leonidas Hudson, 

Newton Walker Hartwell, 

Joel Allen Smith, 

Frank Turner Howard, 

Memphis, Tenn. 
Louisville, Ky. 
Abbeville, S. C. 

Cotton Manufacturer. 

New Orleans, La, 


1878. George Julius Denis, 
A. B. 

Lawyer and Editor. Los Angeles, Cal. 


Lewis Carmera Jones, 

Mississippi City, Miss. 

Frederick Absalom Dantzler, 

Heidelberg, Miss. 


Nathaniel Palmer Pratt, 

Analytical Chrmist. Atlanta, Ga. 

Samuel Cowan Cason, 

Abbeville, S. C. ^ 

1879. Rezin Davis Shepherd, (J') 
Actor. Shepherdstown, W. Va. 

1879. James Carroll Rainsford, 

B. A., M. A., B. L. 

Lawyer. Edgefield, S. C. 

Omar Hasson Bartlette, 

General Freight Office, La. dr IV. R. R. 

St. Charles and Common Sts., New Orleans, La. t*^ 


William Alexander Wimbish, 

I^aivyer and Editor. La Cirange, Ga. 

Walter Lonsdale Lea, 

Physician. Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

George Hill, 
Planter. Port Allen, La. 

James McClure, Jr. 

Professor in Jefferson College. Washington, Miss. 

John H. Hamilton, (Y) 

A. B., M. A.,C.E., B. L. 

Lawyer. Kearney, Neb. 


1879. Charles Christian McCluer, 

Teacher and Farmer. Cherokee, Texas. 


Lawrence Vest Stephens, 

Boonville National Bank. Boonville, Mo. 

Joseph Scott Brooks, 
B. L. 

Lawyer. Main and Fifth Sts., Kansas City, Mc. 

William Urquhart, 

Clerk. Portsmouth, O. 

Charles O'Neill Brant, 
Aferchanl. Boonville, Mo. 


Wallace Cumming, 
With Sugar Expert House. Manilla, Phillipine Islands. 

1882. Charles Ezra Marvin, 
B. A., C. E., 

Louisville and Nashville H. iV. Henderson, Ky. 

Joseph Emmett Johnson, 

Druggist. McKinney, Texas. 


1883. John Clinton Hamilton, 

Manufacturer. Shreveport, La. 

1882. George McChesney Craig, 

Farmer. Mount Meridian, Va. 

William G. Montgomery, 

Civil Engineer. Birmingham, Ala. 

John Rutherford Laud, 

Lawyer. Shreveport, La. 


i886, John Alexander Towers, 

West Point. 
Lieut., U. S. A. Care of War Department, 

Washington, D. C. 



1884. Guy Sherwood Raymond, 
A. B. 

Natchez, Miss. 

1884. *JoHN Overton Tate, 

Died, Jan. 6th, 1885. 


William White Sproul, 

Middlebrook, Va. 



1885. John Henry Wise, 
B. L. 

Trenton, S. C. 

1885. William Everard Hamilton, Jr. 
B. L. 

Shreveport, La. 



Addis Emmett Chalmers, (T) 

B. L. [Univ. Va.] 

Third and Gary Sts., Richmond, Va. 


1886. *David LeRoy Moody, 
B. L. 

Died, Oct. iSth, 1886. 


William Turner Armstrong, 

B. L. 

Lawyer, 25th St., between N and O Sts., Galveston, Texas. 





Charles Wilson Gregg. 

John Burruss Foster. 

Archibald Alexander Sproul, Jr., 

Augusta Co., Va. 

Joseph David Brvan, 


John Bush Hamilton, 


Shreveport, I. a. 

Knox I'oint, La. 

1889. Thomas Griffin Hailev, 
B. L. 

Pendleton, Oregon. 

Holmes Boyd. 

Winchester, Va. 

Benjamin Dey White, 
B. L. 

907 Brambleton Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Frank M. Zea, 

John McIntosh, 
B. L. 


Thomas Firth Pearce, 

EuGENE'E. Sproul, 
William H. Wise, Jr. 

Strasburg, Va. 
Birmingham, Va. 

Evergreen, La. 

Middlebrook, Va. 

Shreveport, La. 



Abernethy, x\ndrevv Jackson 214 

Abrahams, James Lattimore 16*3 

* Achilles, Charles Phipps 94 

Achilles, Henry Ludwig 95 

Achilles, Henry Ludwig, Jr 107 

Adair, Charles Pinckney 153 

Adams, Elbridge Lapham 129 

Adams, Francis Peters 65 

Adams, Henry Carlton 51 

*Adams, Preston 208 

Adams, Robert, Jr 48 

Adams, William 199 

*Adams, William H. Hart 45 

Alcorn, James 155 

Aldrich, Spencer 19 

Alexander, Charlton Henry 150 

Alexander, William Addison 148 

Alford, Milton Theodosius 143 

Allein, Thomas Henderson 149 

Allen, George Pomeroy 49 

Allen, John Conyers 212 

Allen, Philip 198 

Ailing, Kenneth Young 100 

Allyn, Arthur Washington 74 

"^Anderson, Edward Henry 9 

Anderson. Elbert EUery 8 

Anderson, Samuel Henry 102 

Andrews, David Outlaw 148 

Andrews, Horace Ellsworth 190 

Andrews, James Curtis Butler. . . .128 

Andrews, James Sherlock 99 

Andrews, Samuel Jay 213 

Angell, Amasa Richard 186 

Angell, George W. Jackson 189 

*Anthon, John Hone 3 

Anthony, John 212 

Antrim, Hugh .176 

Appleget, Thomas Baird 117 

Appleton, Charles Adams 86 

Appleton, Daniel Sidney, Jr 189 

Appleton, Edward Dale 85 

Appleton, Henry Cozzens 87 

Armstrong, Alfred Warren 190 

Armstrong, George M 100 

Armstrong, James 214 

Armstrong, William Turner 225 

Arnold, Benjamin Wyatt 211 

Arnold, Glover Crane 19 

Arnold, Joseph David 211 

*Arnolcl, John William Schmidt.. '14 

Arnold, Peter D 212 

*Arnold, Robert 17 

Atkinson, Jerome Gill 12, 76 

Atwood, James Arthur 193 

Atwood, John Walter 193 

Augustus, Nicholas Gains.. 148 

Aumann, James H. S 171 

Aven, Algernon Jasper 153 

*Avery, C. S...." 140 

Avery, William Cushman 41 

Aymar, Jose 19 

Ayres, Brown 222 

Ayres, William Cook 221 

Ayres, William Warren 9 

Babcock, Edwin .Stanton 6 

Babcock, Horace John 100 

Bach, Thomas Gumming 19 

*Bacon, George Washington 8 

Bacon, Hackley Bartholomew. ... 99 

Bacon, James Frederick 32 

Bacon, John Russell 90 

Bacon, Thomas Allen. 211 

Badger, Richard Cogdell 213 

Bailey, Edward, Jr .'. . . .190 

Bailey, [ames Bradshaw 197 

Bailey, 'f oseph Agar 152, 172 

Baird, Andrew Ridley 214 

Baker, Bernard Nadel 183 

Baker, James Millard 110 

Baker, James Smith 212 

*Baker, Joseph Fairchild 119 

Baker, Frederic Robeson 65 

Baker, Richard Downing 61 



Baldwin, Elbert Francis 29, 128 

Baldwin, Irving 7 129 

Ball, Edward Henry 189 

Ballagh, James Curtis 175 

Ballard, Daniel Minyard. 139 

Ballou, James Edward 211 

*Bankhead, Robert Adolphus 137 

*Banks. Francis Saltus 5 

Barber, Evon M 158 

Barber, Leonard Kellog ; . . .167 

Barber, Merritt 114 

Barclay, Andrew Charles 48 

Barclay, Walter 66 

Barclay, William Lyttleton 64 

Barger, Samuel W 4 

Barker, Oakley Smith 124 

Barksdale, Fountain, Jr 151 

Barnes, Adiel Parker. 163 

Barnes, Alfred Victor 199 

Barnes, George Badger 213 

Barnes, Benjamin Blunt 213 

Barnwell, Archibald Smith 208 

Barnwell, Robert Morgan Gibbes. 23 

Barnwell, Robert Woodward 80 

Barnwell. Stephen Elliott 80 

*BarnwelI, William Finley 208 

Baskerville, Patrick Hamilton. . . .163 

Barr, James Hodges 147 

Barr. Samuel McCorkle 152 

Barrows, (ieorge Andrew 191 

Barry, John Decatur 213 

Barry, Robert Peabody 10 

Bartlett, Clifford Allen Hereschoff 21 

Bartlett, Willard 15 

Bartlette, Omar Hasson 223 

Bartlette, Talbot Iryl 220 

Barton, Charles Clarence 78 

*Barton, De Jarnett Thomas 145 

*Bartow, Reginald Heber 12 

Batcheller, Francis 187 

Batchelder, John Langdon, Jr 203 

*Bates, Ellsworth Nahum 114 

Batterson, James Goodwin, Jr 127 

Baxter, George Strong 120 

"Baxter, William Rowe 114 

* Baxter, Wyllys Pomeroy 10 

Bayley, Robert Walkins 211 

Baylor, Richard 166 

Beach, Charles Coffing 186 

Beach, Thomas Belknap 183 

♦Beattv, Henrv Clay 41 

Beck, Paul...: 46 

Beckham, Thomas Moore 211 

Beckwith, Charles Miller 89 

Beck with, George Haynes 186 

*Bedon, Josiah 208 

Beecher, Henry Barton 98 

Beekman, Charles Kellar 35 

Beers, George Emerson 88 

Beir, Edward Joseph 107 

* Belcher, Edward Littleton 140 

♦Belcher, Moses Taylor 183 

♦Bell, Edward Southwood 124 

Bell, Marshall 13 

Bell, Percy 158 

Bell, Samuel, Jr 63 

Benedict, Louis Le Grand 88 

Benedict, Oliver Mills 98 

Bennett, Harry Miller 106 

Bennett, Risden Tyler 214 

Benson, Francis Colgate 47 

Bentley, Frederick Jay 131 

Berens, Bernard 186 

Bernadou, John Baptiste 55 

Berryman, Henry Whitney 191 

♦Bettis, Benjamin Warren 220 

Bevan, Arthur Dean 190 

Bibb, William Asbury 82 

Biddle, Alexander Williams 58 

♦Biddle, Alfred 51 

Biddle, Caldwell Keppele 62 

Biddle, Clement 51 

Biddle, Harrison White 62 

Biddle, William Phillips 49 

Bidell, John D 163 

Bidwell, Bell Girard 214 

Bigelow, Henry Forbes 203 

Bills, George Monroe Weed 107 

Bingham, Rufus Lawrence 94 

Bingham, William 212 

♦Bisland, Lavens Matthewson 139 

Bispham, George Tucker 42 

Black, Oscar 146 

Blackwell, Josiah, Jr 77 

Blague, Charles Carroll 119 

Blain, Joseph Malcolm 106 

♦Blair, Henry Wayne 220 

Blake, Theodore Whitney 196 

Blakiston, Kenneth Mackenzie... 58 

Blanc. Joseph Achord 2f4 

Blatchford, Samuel Milford 5 

Blight, Charles Penrose 56 

Blight, Elihu Spencer 60 

Blight, William Sergeant, Jr 57 

Bliss, George Henrj' 77 

Bohlen, Daniel Murray 57, 87 

Bohlen. Francis Hermann 65 

Bohlen, Robert Murray 66 

Bond, Lewis 213 

Bond, Marshall Latham 196 

Bond, William Williams 191 

Boswell, William A 173 

♦Boudinot, Elias Louis 46 

Boudinot, Wm. Bradford Stockton 40 


Bowdoin, Temple 39 

Bowen, Arthur 75 

Bowen, Benjamin Lester 105 

*Bowen, Henry Bryan 45 

Bowie, Richard Henry Bayard 64 

Bowman, James Carson 151 

Bowman, Lee 156 

Bowman, Robert, Jr 151, 172 

Boyd, Holmes 236 

Boyd, James Granville Sharpe 210 

Boyd, John Baptist 161, 311 

/tiyBoyd, Joseph 172 

Boyd, Nathaniel Bailey 42 

Boyd, Nathaniel Price 212 

Boye, Herbert Colter .129 

Boyer, Henry Conover 54 

Boynton, Theodore Vernon 21 

Bozeman, Nathan Gross . ..170, 190 

Bradley, Charles Logan 154 

Bradley, Richard Lee 154 

Brainerd, Dwight 204 

Brainerd, Henry Boies 204 

Brainerd, Tudson Baldwin 86 

Branch, Thomas Wiley 211 

Branch, William A. Blount 214 

Brandegee, John Elmendorf 81 

*Brandegee, Lewis Condict 83 

Brandon, Victor Moreau 311 

Branham, Harris Park 144 

Brant, Charles O'Neill 224 

Breckenridge. Allender Ensign ... 79 

"Breese, Henry Livingstone 72 

Breintnall, John Henry Hobart. . . 39 

*Brem, Thomas Hamilton 168 

Brewster, Charles 128 

Brewster, James Henry. 185 

Bridges, Empson C. Lucas 214 

Briggs, Harry Allan 125 

Brigham , Henry Hartstene 82 

Brigham, Henry Martyn 106 

*Bristed, John Jacob Astor 14 

Brooke, St. George Tucker 165 

Brooks, James Knox 145 

Brooks. John McKinney 215 

Brooks Joseph Scott 224 

'•'^Brower. Morgan Lewis Smith 8 

Brown. Carey De Witt 107 

Brown. Charles McCormick 173 

Brown, Fayette Williams 187 

Brown, George Alexander 19 

Brown, George Tyler 192 

Brown, Harvev Deles 110 

Brown, Hugh Thomas. . . \ 212 

Brown, James Franklin 137 

Brown, Joseph Frazer 140 

Brown. Thomas McKee 46, 76 

Browning, Henry King .... 35 

Browning, John Scott 28 

Browning, William Hull 31 

*Broughton, Edward 140 

Bruner, Louis Naglee 50 

Bryan, George Pettigrew 213 

Bryan, Joseph David 226 

Buck, Robert Lewight 153 

Buckingham, William Byron 79 

Buckley, Edward Swift, Jr 56 

*Edward Buckner 142 

*Budd Charles Arms 3 

Bulkeley, W^m. Eliphalet Adams.. 89 

Bull, Norris 128 

Bull, Robert Maclay 24 

Bullitt. William Christian 56, 171 

Bulloch, Ervine Stephens 45 

*Bullock, Lewis 94 

Burd, James Patterson 56 

Burr, Buchanan 125 

Burr, Charles Henry 121 

Burr. William Hudson 83 

Burrill, Drayton 26 

Burrill, Edward Livingston 2^ 

Burroughs, James Richard 180 

Burroughs, William Frank 9 

Burt. Charles Mather 100 

Bush, Albert Pevton, Jr 145, 167 

Bush. Daniel West 98 

Bu«*h, John Curtis 143 

Bush, John Newton 150 

Bush, Thomas Greene 143 

Butler, Edwin Ely 9 

Butler, Lewis Peter 213, 215 

Butler, Pierce Mason 213 

Butler. Wharton 74 

Buxton, Benjamin Warder. .... .131 

Byron, George Gordon 3 

Cady, Josiah Cleveland 74 

*Caldwell. Charles Ellis 96 

Caldwell, George Alfred 195 /t 

Caldwell, Samuel Barron 100-^ 

Caldwell, Samuel Craighead 147 

Caldwell. William Henry 98 

Caldwell, William Hume 95 

Calhoon, Sol. S 142 

Calhoun, Duff Green 208 

Calhoun, James Caldwell 208 

Calhoun, John 315 

Calhoun, John Francis 208 

Calhoun, Simeon Howard 114 

Callender, John Anthon 16 

Camac, Charles NicoU Bancker. . . 67 

Camac, William Masters 60 

*Camblos, Charles 47 

Camblos, Pierre 53 

*Campbell, James Charles 136 

Campbell, Newton Nash 153 


Campbell, William Rogers 126 

Campbell, Thomas Crawford 211 

Canfield, Francis Allyn 209 

*Cannon, Robert John 212 

Carleton, Horace Morrison 179 

Carlton, Charles Hill 214 

Carpenter, Dwyer Augustine 98 

Carpenter, George Washington. . . 43 

Carpenter. Horace Raymond 191 

Carpenter, John Quincy 44 

Carr, Clarence Granger 104 

Carraway, Henry James 210 

Carson, Joseph 85 

Carter, CuUen Lawson 5, 71 

Carter, Ernest Lott 157 

Carter, George Robert 196 

Carter, James Newman 62 

Carter, John Duggei 212 

Carter, Richard Thomas 211 

Carter, William Darrow 130, 197 

Carter, William Norfleet 211 

Carter, Williams 169 

/^ Carty, John 221 

I Casement, Robert Lockwood 199 

Casey, Edward Wanton 17 

•^ Cason, Samuel Cowan 223 

Castle, Charles Henry 66 

Castle, Horace 50 

Castle, Sydney 53 

Castleman, John Warrant 109 

Catchings, Thomas Clendinen . . . 140 

Cater, Richard Bohun 214 

*Cenas, Blaise Carmick 72 

Chaffee, Arthur Billings 102 

Chalmers, Addis Emmet 175, 225 

Chamberlain, Charles 189 

Chamberlain, Dan Tuttle 101 

♦Chambers, Henry Harvey.. 163, 212 

*Chancy, Alexander Carey 161 

♦Chandler, Geo. McKendry .. ..211 

Chanlcr, John Armstrong 27 

Chanler, Lewis Stuyvesant 36 

Chanler, Winthrop Astor 32 

Chapin, Frederick Windle 84 

Chapin. William Viall 84 

♦Chapman, George Walton 93 

Chapman. Thomas Brownell 84 

♦Chappell, James, Jr 96 

Charles, Henry Adolph 148 

Chase, Paine Wingate 141 

♦Chauncey, Charles William 10 

Cheever. John Dow 85 

Cheney, Harry Grant 184 

Chew, Frisby Freeland 136 

Chidsey, Andrew Dwight 179 

Chisolm, Alexander Robert fi 

Chittenden, George Benjamin. . . .179 

Christmas, Richard Henry 215 

Christmas, Thomas Hilliard..212, 214 

Church, Arthur Latham "i^ 

Church, William Dwight 59 

Churchill, Edward Seward 98 -C^ 

♦Churchill, John Lawrence 18 

Claflin, Arthur Bucklin 182 

Claflin, Clarence Arthur 184 

Clapp, Walker Lucas 147 

Clark, Appleton Lesure 31 

Clark. Clarence Munroe 59 

Clark, Edgar Bradford 17 

♦Clark, Frank Hamilton 45 

Clark, James Forman 213 

Clark, James Walters 75 

Clark, [ohn,Jr 99 

Clark, Joseph Sill 60 

Clark, ParisG 100 

Clark, Robert Spencer 213 

♦Clarke, Freeman De Witt 96 

Clarke, George Hunt 98 

Clarke, Henry 109 

Clarke, Herman 55 

Clarkson, David Augustus 24 

Clay, Cecil 44 

Clay, George Henry 39 

♦Clemson, Thomas Green 48, 73 

Cleveland, William Thomas 208 

Clifford, Samuel Washington 79 

Cluett, Robert, Jr 131 

Clyde, William Pancoast 76 

Cochran, Isaac Norris 63 

♦Cochran, John Travis 57 

Cochran, William Green, Jr 54 

Cohen. John Barratt 208 

Cole, Frederic Wadsworth 95, 115 

Cole, Ross Piatt 101 

Coleman. Archellus Benford 212 

Coleman, Bertram Dawson 68 

Coleman, Edward Rion, 67 

♦Coleman. Edwin Israel 142 /-> 

Coleman, Evan James 47 ^=6*» 

♦Coleman, John Blanton 142 

Coleman, Oscar Fitzallan 142 

Coleman, Robert Habersham 83 

Coleman, Warren Wade 210 

Colgate, Romulus Riggs 23 

Colket, George Hamilton 44 

♦Collins, Edward K. , Jr 4 

Collins, Homer 106 

Collins, John Stone Hart 147 

Collins, Stacy Budd 17 

Collins, William Erastus 128 

Colt, Caldwell Hart 189 

Colt, Lyman Roswell 35 

Colt, Stockton Beekman 30 

Comfort, Benjamin Freeman 89 


Comfort, Clifford Vinal 110 

*Condit, Caleb Harrison 39 

Connelly, Frank Henry 107 

*Connor, Edward Emlen 47 

*Conrey, Henry Parish 7 

Conyngham, John Nesbitt 196 

Conyngham, William Hillard . . . .197 

Cooic, Charles Arms 3 

Cook, William Lucas 131 

Cooke, Augustus Palmer 94 

Cooke, Francis Crosby 107 

Cooke, Guerdon Howard 107 

Cooke, Martin Warren 96 

Cooke, RoUand Clarke 97 

Cooke, William Henry 96 

Cockson, Fenwick Mitford 75 

Cooper, Lindley Clyde 131 

Corcoran, Wm. St. Clair Denny. . . 57 

Cornelius, John Christian 42 

Cornell, Robert Clifford 19 

Cornell, Samuel Joseph 192 

Corning. Ephraim Leonard 8 

Corry, James Clark 59 

♦Courts, George Albert 313 

Covell, Harry Nelson 191 

Covington, Edward Deberry 314 

Covington, Harris 208 

*Cowan, Eugene Leroy 137 

Cowan, John 313 

*Cowan, Thomas 213 

*Cowan, William Stokes 139 

Cox, Douglas Farley 33 

Cox, James Abner 136 

*Coxe, John Newbold 43, 73 

Craig, George McChesney 324 

^ Craig, Hugh, Jr 48 

«>^Craig, William 165 

*Craig, Wilson Darling 55 

Crane, Robert Moody 71 

Crawford, Frederick Bowman. . . 182 

Crawford, James Wilson 149 

Cregar, Robert Phillips 52 

Crenshaw, Archer Debrell 211 

*Crenshaw, Robert T 138, 215 

Critz, Frank Archelaus 146 

Critz, George Edward 143 

Cross, Joseph Douglass 215 

Cross, William Reddick 148 

Crump, Thomas Steel 212 

Cryder, Henry Chauncey 36 

Culbertson, Byron Hood 180 

Cullens, Clarence Sidney 153 

Cumming, Wallace 224 

Currie, Abraham Walton 137 

Currie, Charles Aitken 55 

Curtis, Charles Edward 196 

Curtis, Francis Randolph 84 

Curtis, George Munson 84 

Curtis, Henry Holbrook 186 

Curtis, Robert Hallam 71 

Curtis, William Edmond 83 

Curtiss, George Sears 110 

Cutchin, John Almarine 218 

Cutter, Albert H 105 

■^Cutting, Brockholst 6, 41 

Daniel, James Robertson Vivian.. 165 

Dana, Alfred Sandford 124 

Dantzler. Frederick Absalom 328 

Darby, John Eaton 116 

Darrach, Morris 66 

*Darrell, Aubrey Spencer 73 

Dart, Joseph 179 

Dater, James . . 8 

Davidson, Harry Sprague 189 ^ 

Davidson, John Philemon Chew. . 42 
Davenport, Theopholis Reynolds. 140 

Davis, Albert Arthur 105 

Davis, Charles Edward 188 

Davis, Edward Hatch 93 

Davis, Robert Geddis 168 

Davis, William Frederick 215 

Davis, William Holmes 211 

Davison, Clarence Beverly 198 

Davison, George Howard 196 

*Dawson, John 138 

Day, Albert Morgan 120 

Day, Edward Augustus 123 

Day, Frederick Kellogg 122 

Day, William Truesdell 124 

Dayfoot, Herbert Mirhall 100 

^Dayton, William Berrian 42, 73 

Deal, John Archibald 80 

*Dean, Henry Smith . . 97 

Dean, John Franklin 154 

Dearborn, William Langdon 204 

De Camp, Alfred Henry 126 

Dechert, Henry Taylor 56 

Decker, Henry 113 

*De Forest, Benjamin Lockwood.116 

De Forest, James Goodrich 86 

De Forest, Othniel 25 

De Forest, William Henry, Jr. . . . 22 
De Coll. Louis Emile Addison .... 184 

De La Montagne, Henry 19 

Denis, George Julius 222 — ( 

Dennis, Warren Edward 184 

*De Rham, William 24 

De Rossett, Armand Lamar 75 

*De Rossett, Edward Swift 76 

De Russy, Edward 207 

De Ruyter, Charles 10 

De Ruyter, John Ernest 26 

De Treville, Robert 208 

Devendorf, Charles Austin. . ..96, 116 


Devendorf , George Smith 72 

Devens, Richard 204 

*Dcvereux, Charles Borromeo. ... 43 

Devereux, Eugene 45 

Devereux, Henry Kelsey 191 

Devereux, Richard Garwood 42 

Dewey, Edward 118 

Dibbrell. Watson Soule 212 

Dick, Evans Rogers 56 

Dick, Frank Madison 58 

Dick, Lewis Ryan 60 

Dick. William Alexander 53 

♦Dickens, Robert Fisher 136 

Dickerson, Frank 180 

Dickinson, Charles 184 

Dickson, Allan Hamilton 181 

Dickson, Frederick Stoever 179 

*Dickson, John Buchanan 49 

Dickson, Levi Taylor 48 

Diggles, Arthur Melancthon 188 

Dillard, George Garret 138 

Dillingham. William Henry 61 

Dixon, William Boulton 63 

Doane, William Croswell 89 

Dobbins, John Alexander 215 

Dodd, John Lewis 146 

Dodd, Joseph Conway 158 

Dodd, Robert Alexander 150 

*Dodd, William Otho 148 

Dodge. Frederick Budrean 101 

Dodge. William Henry 108 

Doebler. Charles Hay 60 

Donald, George Lavalle 137 

Donaldson, John Ernest 214 

Doniphan, George 105 

Donohue, George Henry 108 

Doolittle, Hiram Lucas 121 

*Doughty, John Jacob 115 

Douglas, Curtis Noble 103 

Dowd, Clement 212 

Dowd, Cornelius Furman 213 

*Dowd, William Carey 212 

Downing. Edward Bailey 192 

Downs, Norton 65 

Doyle, Richard Devereux 166 

Drake, Albert Gallatin 209 

Draper, John Haggerty 9 

Drayton, William Heyward, Jr. . . 59 
Drennan, William Augustus, Jr.. .155 

Dresser, Daniel Le Roy 33 

Dreury, Jas. David Humphrey. . .210 
Du Bois, George Mcllvaine. .... 82 

Du Bois, Henry Ogden 83 

Duer, Denning 16 

Duer, Snow Naudain 62 

Duer, William Alexander 15 

Dulany, Henry Grafton 40 

Dulany, Henry Rosier 170 

Dulin, Alexander Franklin 169 

*Dunbar, William Forman 140 

Duncan, Stephen Bingaman 149 

Duncan, William Benjamin 210 

Dunlop, Richard Anderson 165 

Dunsford, Alfred George 101 

Durant, Edward Warburton 195 

Duvall, Henry 219 H^ 

Dwight, Edmund Waterman 61 

*Easton, Edwin William 161 

♦Eckert, Henr>' Trevor 48 

Eddy, Frank Woodman 123 

*Edgar, William Lorillard 15 

Edson, Cyrus 34 

Edson. David Orr 34 

Edson, Samuel 72 

Edson, John Tracy 25 

Edwards, Arthur Newton 82 

Edwards, I>andon Brame 163, 212 

♦Edwards, Thomas Riddle 168 

Edwards, William Emory 211 

Edwards, William Stout 4, 209 

Effinger, John Frederick 219 

Eggleston, ISIardonius V 215 

Eggleston, Melville 122 

♦Eggleston, Robert Read 149 

♦Ehninger, George, Jr 3 

Elbert, William Nicholson 84 

Elder, Felix Thomas 215 

Elder, .George Waldron 25 

Elder, Will A 155 

Eldridge, Clark Ostrom 28 

♦Eldridge, Hamilton Nathan 113 

Eldridge. Walter Norman 27 

EUerbe. Christopher Peques 164 

Elliot. James Hugh 49 

Ellis. William Alexander 215 

Ellsworth, Timothy Edwards 95 

Elton, John Prince 88 

Elwell, George Edward .... 79 

Ely, Henry Oliver 119 

Ely, John Randolph 213 

Emerson, Charles Francis 194 

Emerson, Frank Houston 144 

Emmet, John Duncan 170 

Engert. George Aloysius 109 

English. Henry Fowler 181 

♦Epperson Charles Edward 151 

Epperson, Robert Cage 151 

Etting. Newbold 60 

Evans. James Hamilton 212 

Everett, James Edward 215 

Eyre, Frank 54 

♦Falkner, James Ward 140 

Falls, William Maxey 157 

Fargo, James Francis 126 


Fargo, Livingston Wells 127 

Fargo, William Congdell 125 

Farinholt, Benj. Lancaster 211 

Farish. William Pendleton 170 

Farley, Porter 97 

Farnham, Charles Chittenden 99 

*Farnsworth, Isaac Parker 122 

Famum, Charles Spalding 55 

*Farr, Archibald La Mont 93 

Farr, John Joseph 145 

Farrar, Raleigh. 104 

Farrar, William Henry 212 

Farrington, Harvey 196 

Fassitt, John Barclay 44 

Faulkner, Charles James 164 

Fawcett, James Arthur 192 

Fay, Henry Harrison 95 

Fay, William Wirt 93 

*Fearing, Edward Swan 15 

Fearing, David Samuel 149 

Felder, James Edmund 208 

Fell, John Ruckman 54 

Fellows, Cornelius, Jr 11 

Fentress, Francis 140 

Ferguson, Richard 211 

Ferriday, James McKeen 203 

Ferris, Frank 124 

Field, Cyrus William, Jr 126 

Field, Edward Morse 124 

Field, Frank Hamilton 53 

Field, Robert Patterson 50 

Finch, Edward Bronson 90 

Finch, George Beverly 211 

Finch, Peter Voorhees 41 

Finny, Walter Scott 221 

Fish, Hamilton, Jr 14 

Fish, Nicholas 13 

Fish, Stuyvesant 16 

Fisher, Frederick Caldwell 220 

Fisher, John Thomas 30 

Fisher, Thomas Rawdon 75 

Fitch, Joseph 59 

*Fitch, Morgan Lewis 135 

FitzGerald, Frederick 89 

Flournoy, Nathaniel Abram 161 

Folsom, Benjamin 100 

Folsom, George Winthrop 13 

Fontaine, Benjamin Benton 214 

*Foote, George Pratt 139 

Foote, James Hall 184 

^ji^Ford, Henry William De Saussure. 41 

Fordney, Thomas Potter 76 

Forsee, Samuel Preston 154 

Foscue, Julian Smith 213 

Foster, John Burruss 226 

*Foster, Joseph Clayton 149 

Fowles. James Henry 209 

Fox, Norman, Jr 94 

Franchot, Richard Huntington. . .196 

Francke, Albert 199 

Francke, Pedro Florentine 195 

Franks, James Potter 47 

Frasick, Seymour Francis 191 

Frazier. Arthur Hugh 65 

Frazier, Charles Harrison 66 

Frazier, George Harrison 65 

Frazer, John Gordon 118 

Frazer, Persifor 45 

Frazer, Robert 48 

Frazier, William West. 3d 64 

Freeborn, George Cornell 20 

*Freeborn, Thomas 11 

Freeman, George Yates 146 

♦Freemont, Richard Langdon 166 

French, Allen 204 

French. Hollis 204 ^ 

French, William Hendleigh 174-^ 

Fritz, Daniel Francis 116 

Fry, Charles 49 

♦Fuller, Edward Wiley 165 

Fuller, John Powell 210 

Fuller, James Robert 79 

Fuller, Samuel Richard 79 

♦Fuller, Simon Greenleaf 73 

Fuller, William Jones 7 

Fulton, Frank Edward 103 

Fulton, Justin Dewey 93 

Fulton, Samuel John 94 

*Gage, Terry Saunders 139 

Gaines, John Charles 213 

Galloway, Charles Betts 144 

Galloway, Columbus 148 

Galloway, William Alfred 145 

Gallup, Albert 22 

Gamble, Charles Wisner 109 

Gardner, Charles Henry 79 

*Gardner, Hugh Walker. 161, 210, 212 

Garratt, Henry Albert 142 

Garrett, Henry Winder 164 

Garrett, Van Franklin 164 

*Garthwaite, George Whiting 89 

Garthwaite, Jeremiah Crane, Jr.. . 40 

Gaskill, Benjamin Maurice 46 

♦Gatewood, John Harrison 135 

Gawtry, Lewis Brown .197 

Gaylord, F. H 122 

Gee, William Richard 210 

Geer, Danforth 126 

Geer, Walter 127 

George, Joseph Warren 157 

George, William Cothran 150 

Gerhard, George Sergeant 48 

Gerhard, William 47 

Gibson, Braxton Davenport 171 





Gibson, Breckenridge Stuyvesant. 79 

Gifford, Livingston 183 

Gilbert, Edward 97 

Gilbert, James Banks 103 

(Jilbert, William Sketchley 102 

Gilbert, William Wallace 97 

Gill. Aurelius Theodore 211 

Gillette. Arthur Alfred 103 

*Glazier, Theodore Caswell 74 

*Gleason. Shepard 97 

*Glover, Leslie 209 

Godey, Howard 62 

Goetchius, Henry Kellogg 196 

Goffigan, John 162 

*Goldsborough, William 209 

Golson, J. Hodger 215 

Goode, William Edward 21 1 

*Goodell, Edward King 120 

Goodloe, James Lockhart. .. .138, 215 

Goodman, William Augustus 187 

Good speed, Joseph Horace. 77 

Goodwin, George Benjamin 113 

*Goodwin, George Herbert 75 

Goodwyn. Albert Taylor 165, 209 

Gordon, William Washington. Jr. 194 

Gorrie, John Myrick 214 

Gould, Seward Fisher 98 

Graddy, George Carlyle 172 

Grafton, Cornelius Washington. . .145 

Graham, Charles Montrose 73 

Graham, Robert Fladger. 208 

Graham, Thomas Baker 151 

Graham, Thomas Haskins 57 

Granniss. Frederick Ossian 81 

Grant, Edward Francis 101 

Grant, Edward Robins 49 

Gratz, Julius Francis . . 99 

Graves, Frank Wells 130 

Graves, Sterling Price 173 

Graves, Zebulon Butler 146 

Gray, James Thomas 212 

Gray, fames Magee 219 

Gray, Niel, Jr 198 

Grayson, Charles Prevost 61 

Greene, Charles Henry 180 

Green, Edward Harris 168 

Green, P>ancis Edmund 64 

Greene, William Saunders 180 

(ireene, Jacob Humphrey 89 

Gregg, Charles Wilson 226 

(iregg, Harr> William 108 

(iregory, George Henry 212 

Grier, William Ale.x. Montgomery 116 

Griffin, Arthur B 102 

Griffin. George Butler 8 

Griffin, Samuel Starr 46 

■•Griffin. Thomas 41 

Griffith, Benjamin Lees Crozier. . . 66 

Griffith, John P. Crozer 56 

Grigsby, Madison Rush 218 

Griswold, P'rank Tracy 67 

*Griswold, Caspar 21 

Groce, George Cuthbert 149 

Groome, Harry Connelly 57 

Grout. John Chidsey 192 

*Grubbs, Francis Thomas 141 

Gummey, Charles Francis, Jr. . . . 63 

Gummey , Frank Bird 64 

*Gwin, Lawrence Dillon 157 

Gwin. Samuel Donald 139 

Gwin, Samuel L 157 

Gwyn, Walter Ballard 169 

Gwynne Abram Evan 16 

I Haas. Talfourd Noon 174 

i *Hadershaw, Joseph Clay 209 

j *Haddock, John Hazeltine 45 

I Hager, Jacob Henr)- 116 

I Haight, Frederick Everest 88 

i Hailey, Thomas Griffin 226 

; Hale, Edward Joseph. Jr 213 

! Hall, Archibald Smoot. ! 182 

i Hall. Arthur Cleveland 88 

i Hall, Charles Cuthbert 123 

I Hall, Edward Fermor 17 

Hall, Edward Julius. Jr 181 

Hall, Frank de Peyster 83 

Hall, Harry Basil 53 

Hall, Robert Edgar 173 

Hall, Theodore Frank 100 

Hall, Valentine Gill 32 

Hall, William Coleman 51 

Hall, William Cornelius 183 

♦Halleck. Henry Wager 23 

Hallctt, William Telemachus. 76, 119 

Halsey, Edward Anderson 150 

Haman, McDougall 146 

Haman, Thomas Luther 145 

*Hamilton, Frank 122 

Hamilton. James Lawrence 25 

Hamilton . John Bush 226 

Hamilton, [ohn Clinton 224 

Hamilton. John H 172, 223 

Hamilton. J. Victor 154 

Hamilton, Madden West 155 

Hamilton. Robert Rav 17 

Hamilton, Schuyler. Jr 18 

Hamilton, William Everard. Jr. 225 

Hamilton. William Pierson 199 

Hamlin. Harry Leon 195 

Hammond, James Lewis 152 

Hammond. William May 21o 

Hance, Anthony Miskey ."iS 

Hance, Edward Hance, Jr 6.") 

Hancock, Tames 67 


Handley, Luman Sumter 145 

Haner , George Ira 127 

^ Hanger, Frank M 173 

■•^Hanson, Stephen Franklin 43 

Harding, Butler Kenner 60 

Harding, James Maury 146 

Harding, Nathaniel HI 

Harelson, Pleasant Samuel 141 

Harman, Edward Preston 136 

Harraden, Frank Somerville 78 

^ *Harrah, Bernardo De Souza Frank .")7 

'^ Harrington, J. Kennedy 1.^3 

Harris. Alan Hale 58 

Harris, Andrew Jackson ....... 138 

Harris, Benjamin Francis 94 

Harris, Charles Nathan 20 

^ Harris, Edward Silliman 221 

f Harris, Erasmus Kennon 211 

Harris, Halton T 173 

Harris, James Lyons 153 

Harris, Sydney 31 

Harris, Thomas Powers 66 

Harris, Tracy Hvde 35 

*Harris, Wiley Pope, Jr .151 

Harris, William Hamilton 96 

Harris, William Lincoln 203 

Harris, William Robert 73 

Harroun, James Lincoln 109 

Harvey, Addison 213, 214 

Harvey, Charles Stanley, 61 

Harvey, Philip 203 

Hart, Reginald Lawrence 58 

Hart, Walter Tillman 187 

Hart, William Howard 65 

Hartranft, Linn 62 

*Hartshorne, Edward Minturn... 72 

KvHartwell, Newton Walker 222 

' Haseltine. Charles Field 43 

Hastings, Henry Mortimer 183 

Hatfield, Henry Reed 55 

*Haughwout, Frank Goddard.... 16 

Havemeyer, Charles Frederic 33 

Havemeyer, Theo. Augustus, Jr. . 35 

Hawley, Samuel Brown 192 

Havden, James Raynor 30 

Hayley, William HoUiday ... .213 

C^ Havniond, Benjamin Huger 171 

Hayne, Isaac 208 

*Haynes, Lloyd Alexander 95 

Hays, Leon Sydney 148 

Hayward, Edwin S. , Jr 106 

Hazelhurst, Edward 54 

Hazelhurst, George Aspinwall 84 

Hazeltine, Louis Hayward 118 

Head, Frazier Davenport 182 

Heath, Oscear H 162, 211 

Heberton, Craiof 50 

Heberton, William Whitney 61 

Hebron, George Bunyan 156 

Hebron, John Lawrence, Jr 153 

Heebner, Samuel Vohe 54 

Hegeman, Adrian Gardiner 26 

Hegeman, George Stuart 187 

Helm, Robert 158 

I Hemingway, William Shryoc 157 

I Henderson, Ernest Flagg 86 

j Henderson, Harold Gould 29 

Henderson, Isaac, Jr 128 

I Henderson, Norman 28 

^Henderson, Thomas Allen 140 

, Hendrie, Strathearn 88 

j *Henop, Sidney Stewart 11 

! Henr)- , Ambrose Dyer 27 

! Henry, Frank Lyon 26 

I Henry, William Barklie 64 

j Hentz, Jacob Henry, Jr 59 

i Herrick, Carleton Moses 8 

I Herrick, Charles Clarke 102 

*Herrick, Edward Hayden 24 

Herrick, James Burton 8 

Hey worth, Lawrence 199 

Higgins, Eugene 25 

Higginson, Louis Maynard 189 

Hill, Chandler Woodward. . .164, 212 
*Hill, Christopher Taylor 145, 166, 219 

{ Hill, David Low.. 104 

i Hill, Eugene Francis 167 

Hill, George 223 

Hill, George Hampton 89 

Hill, James Tracy 199 

Hill, Jerome Lucien 27 

Hillhouse. Charles Betts.. 186 

Hillhouse, Francis 188 

*Hilliard, David 212 

Hilliard, Henry Churchill 173 

Hinkley, James Otis 126 

Hitchcock, Center 20 

Hitchcock, David Howe 114 

Hitchcock, Francis Reynolds 22 

Hitchings. Horace Baldwin 74 

Hite, Benjamin Henry 211 

Hoadley, Russell Hotchkiss, Jr. . . 35 

Hobbs, Sidney Johnston 97 

Hodder, Alfred William Hurford.llO 

*Hoff. Henry Bainbridge 44 

Hoffman, Charles Frederick. .71, 207 
Hoffman, Charles Frederick, Jr. . . 22 

*Hoffman, William Gunn 96 

Hoffman, William Mitchell Vail. . 27 

Hoisington, Frederick Reed 90 

Holbrooke, Stephen 78 

Holbrooke, George Otis 78 

Holden. Henry Waterman 15 

Holden, John Henry 31 



Holding, William J 102 

Hollonquist, Lawrent Berney 208 

•Holman, Joseph Nathaniel 54 

Holmes, Henry E 5 

*Holmes, James Thomas 135 

Holsman. Gerald 62 

Holt, Irving Lucius 82 

Holter, Norman Bernard 35 

Hopkins, Amos Lawrence 120 

Hopkins, Archibald 117 

♦Hopkins, Edward Pay son 119 

Hopkins, Mark, Ji 123 

Hopkinson, Joseph 48 

Hopper, Charles Henry 192 

*Hopson, Joshua Beaumont 147 

Horton, Arthur Wellington 101 

♦Horton, Jacob 123 

Horton, Robertson Augustus 158 

•Horwitz, Theodore 53 

Hosmer, James Ray 6 

Hosmer, Stephen Titus 7 

Hotchkin, Samuel Fitch 73 

♦House, John Riley 117 

Houston, Samuel Frederick 63 

Howard, Alvin Branson 213 

Howard, Frank Turner 222 

Howard, Hamilton P .175 

Howard, John Raymond 94 

Howard, Leland 197 

Howard, Lewis Whitfield 212 

Howard, Richard 4 

Howell, Joshua Ladd 44 

Howell, Richard Lewis 59 

Howell, William Paull 66 

Howland. George Snowdon 196 

Howland, Meredith, 2d 30 

Hoyt, Charles Eugene 99 

Hubbard. Louis Waler 221 

Hudson, John Leonidas 222 

Hudson, Richard Franklin 144 

Hughes, Frank Willis 108 

Hughston, Eugene Victor 153 

Hull, Albert Steele 77 

Humphreys, Thomas S. 220 

Humphrey, William Merriman... 17 

Hunt, George B 157 

Hunt, George Wood 58 

♦Hunt, Robert Henry 15 

Hunt, Thomas Winn 141 

Huntington, Edward Tracy 101 

♦Hurd, George F lOl 

Hurry, Randolph 20 

Hutchins, Samuel 124 

Hutchings, William Evelyn 195 

Hutchinson, Gardiner Spring 4 

Huyck, Edmund Niles 130 

Hyde, Clarence Melville 13 

Hyde, Henry Sprague 130 

♦Hyslop, William Rollinson 7 

Ide, Herbert Savage 131 

♦ingersoll, Charles Franklin 113 

Ingersoll, Collin Macrae, Jr 189 

Ingersoll, Cicorge Pratt 87 

Irving, Alvin White 153 

Isham, Adrian Muller 197 

Isler, Simmons Harris 211, 213 

Ives, Alfred Stille 199 

Ivy, James Morrow 209 

Izard, George Lipscomb 154 

Jackson, Charles Lafayette 211 

Jackson, David Irwin 130 

Jackson, Robert Edwards 152, 172 

Jackson, Stephen Mason 156 

Jacobs, Walter Byron 222 

James, Thomas Walter 154 

Jamison, Blain 190 

Janeway, John Howell, Jr 30 

♦Jardine, Henry David 7S 

Jarnagin, William Calvin 146, 167 

Jarvis, Samuel Fermor, Jr 89 

Jarvis, William Fowler 190 

Jayne, Anselm Helm 149 

Jemison. Samuel Hunter 221 

Jenkins, Richard Stockton 40 

Jenkins, Wilson Hay ward 48 

iennings. Albin Barlow 74 
Jewett. John 188 

Jiason, Fred. Beckwith 187 

Jones, f>ederick William 199 

Jones, Henry Eugene 214 

Jones, Henry Mounger 155 

Jones, Iredell 209 

Jones, James Henry 137 

♦Jones, James Lawrence 221 

Jones, Lewis Carmera 223 

Jones, Nathan W 207 

Jones, Seth Benjamin 118 

Jones, William Henry 211 

Johnson, Charles Emmett 131 

Johnson, Edward Hine 185 

Johnson, Harvey Blanchard 102 

Johnson, James Steptoe, Jr 162 

fohnson, Joseph Emmett 224 

Johnson, Melville 212 

Johnson, Robert Daniel 213 

Johnson, Robert Winder 52 

Johnson, William Gregory 215 

^Johnson, WMlliam Schenck. .144, 220 

Johnson, Wilmot, Jr 20 

Johnston, Gabriel 218 

Johnston, George Burgwin 218 

Johnston, John 23, 214 

Johnston, Malcolm Henry 164 

Johnston, William Hay ward 128 


*Johnston, William Tilghman 39 

Jordan, William Churchill 213 

Jordan, William Hill 213 

■^ Jouett, Edward Stockton, Jr 172 

/ Toy, Henry Bourne 194 

Joy, Henry De Witt 119 

Judd, Henderson Dennis 213 

Judson, Cyrus Field 196 

Judson, John Nichols 180 

Judson, William Frank 131, 197 

Jung, Charles Theobald 5 

Justice, George Randolph 49 

Kane, Grenville 82 

Kean, Hamilton Fish ,... 28 

Kearny, John Watts 15 

Keasbey, Frederick Winston 36 

Keasbey, Rowland Parry 26 

Keith, Thomas 147 

C^ Keith, William Calhoun 208 

Kelley, William Darrah, Jr 53 

Kellogg, Frederick Sheffield 195 

Kellogg. William Henry 1 82 

Kelly, Joseph William 170 

Kelly, Thomas Hugh 34 

Kemp, Robert Morris 129 

Kendall, Joel Sutton 168 

Kennedy, Davidson 58 

*Kerr, Edward Leeds 40, 72 

*Kershaw, Phillip Greenwood ... 94 

Kester, John Wood 45 

Ketchum, Hiram 4 

*Ketchum, William Amos 5 

Keyes, Charles Willard 119 

*Keyes, Francis Williamson 138 

Killebrew, Joseph Buckner 212 

Kimball, Amos William 193 

*Kimball, Edward Stephen 46 

*King, Augustus Montgomery. ... 42 

King, Charles 20 

King, Edwin Haskins 103 

King, Herbert Maxon 34 

Kingsbury, Frederick John, Jr. . .193 

Kinzie, Herbert ... 1 lO 

Kip, Leonard William, Jr 10 

*Kirby, John Walter 77 

Kirkland, Charles Pinckney 30 

Kirkland, Samuel Houston 142 

A Kirkpatrick, James . 210 

::Jt>Kissel, Rudolph Herman 23 

Kittrell, Hoberi Norman 152 

*Klapp, Devereux 40 

Klapp, Eugene 34 

Klapp, George Gillson 42 

Knapp, John De Cew 108 

Kneedler, Henry Martyn 56 

Kneedler, William Ludwig 56 

Knight, Charles Huntoon 122 

Knoblock, Arthur Frederick 71 

Knox, Andrew Ed. Baptiste 313 

Knox, Henry 127 

Kobbe, Frederick 13 

Kobbe, George Christian 18 

Kobbe, Herman 14 

Kobbe, Philip Ferdinand 14 

Kuhn, Cornelius Hartman 52 

LaFarge, John Louis Francis Bancel 65 
La Farge, Oliver Hazard Perry ... 35 

Lake, Jerome Alanson 95 

Lamb, Charles Carroll , 166 

*Lamson, William 72 

Land, R.E.Augustus 101 

Landers, George Marcellus 199 

Lane, William Brashear 52 

Lang, Percy Lyford 194 

Laroque, Joseph, Jr 36 

Latham, John Francis 154 

Latane, William Catesby 166 

Lathers, Richard, Jr 125 

Laud, John Rutherford 224 

*Laurens, Henry 39, 208 

Law, Sutherland 49 

Lawrence, Cornelius Van Wyck . . 72 

Lawrence, Effingham, Jr 187 

Lawrence, Francis Cooper, Jr 185 

Lawrence, Frank Mauran 26 

Lawrence, Frederick Newbold.... 5 

*Lawrence, John S 5 

Lawrence, John Smith, Jr 23 

Lawrence, John William 214 

Lawrence, Joseph 33 

Lawrence, Joseph Bayley 14 

Lawrence, Robert De Treville 209 

Lawson, Hugh Walter 148 

Lea, Walter Lonsdale 223 

Lea. William Greenwood.. . 211 

*Leacock, James Henry 73 

Leake, Charles Richards 125 

Leake, John 125 

Leake, Richard Br}'an 126 

Learned, Cortlandt Dixon 129 

Leary, James Edward 211 

Leavell, Richard Marion. 138 

Leavitt, Daniel Fuju 115 

*Leche, David 221 

Le Conte, Robert Grier 61 

Ledoux, Alphonse 280 

Lee, Charles Green 171, 219 

*Lee, Cornelius Smith 23 

Lee, David Bradley 7 

*Lee, Herman Frederick 7 

Lee, John Wallace 220 

Lee, Robert Charles 152 

Lee, Samuel Brown, Jr 214 

Lee, Thomas Perry 138 


Leecraft, Lafayette Fuller 44, 212 

Leeds, F^dward Lambert 198 

Leet, Allein Norton, Jr 119 

Legare, Thomas Keith 208 

Legare, William White 208 

Leiter, Joseph George 174 

Leonard, Charles Henry 148 

Leonard, Edgar Cotrell 129 

Leonard, Gardner Cotrell 129 

Leonard, John Thomas 150 

Le Roy, Henry Wyckoff 122 

Le Roy, Stuyvesant, Jr 32 

Lesher, Arthur Lawrence 27 

Leslie, John 94 

Lewis, Clifford 47 

*Lewis, Edgar Bartow 77 

Lewis, Edward Gardner 90 

Lewis, Frank H 155 

Lewis, James Ivers 74 

Lewis, Samuel Seymour 74 

*Lewis, Thomas Chew 79 

Lewis, William Henry 77 

*Lilley, John Young 142 

, Lincoln, Charles Sprague « 25 

ij^^>^ Lincoln, Frank Thorla. 83 

Lincoln, George William 82 

Linder, Lewis Boone . . 1 72 

Linfield, William La^rrence 155 

Lindley, James Bryant 126 

Lindley, John 22, 125 

Lindsay, Frederick Baker 131 

Lindsay, John Summerfield 165 

Lindsley, Charles Purdy 184 

Lindsley, Harrison Wheeler 192 

Lippincott, Craige 47 

Lippencott, Jay Bucknell 67 

Lippitt, William Fontaine, Jr. . . .174 

Lipsey, Lem Hall 157 

Lipsey , Plantus ) berus 155 

♦Litchfield, Charles Tiflany 99 

Littell. Charles Willing 40 

Littell, Emlen Trenchard 42 

Littell, Thomas Gardiner 41 

Livingston, Edward De Peyster. . . 25 

Livingston, Goodhue 32 

♦Livingston, James Boggs 13 

♦Livingston, Joseph Blackwell,.. . 41 

Livingston, Robert R 23 

♦Livingston, Warren 39, 207 

Lockwood, Benoni, Jr 31 

Lockwood, Frederic Thomas 119 

Ij^,^^ Long, Stephen Gano 174 

London. Henry Armand, Jr 214 

♦Lorenz, William, Jr 57 

Loring, Daniel, Jr 199 

Losey, Charles Hamilton 107 

Losey, Fred. Douglas 109 

Losey, John Bradford 106 

Loughridge, Robert Hills 147 

♦Loughton, John Scott 20 

Love. Thomas Loring 311 

Lovell, Frank Hallett, Jr 131 

Lowe, Gideon Harris 214 

Lowry, John Waddell 156 

Lucas, Albert 192 

Ludlow. Edward P. Livingston. . . 8 

Luse, William Henry 138 

Lynch, William Bingham 213 

Lynde, Azariel Blanchard 183 

♦Lynde W^illiam Pitt, Jr 182 

Lyon, James Adair 149 

Lyons, Wiley Henry 147, 166 

♦MacAllister. Cutler Gorday 6 

Mac Arthur, Charles Prevost 60 

Macauley, George Thurston 89 

MacDonald. Clarence Arthur 105 

MacDonald, William Stuart 105 

Macgregor, Albert Sutton 184 

Mackay, William Richard 77 

Macleod, John Bradley 209 

Magee, Abner B 147 

Magee, Horace 47 

Mallory, Alexander, Jr 211 

Mangam, Daniel Delevan, Jr 194 

Mann, Elbert Baldwin 126, 186 

Mann, Edwin Murray 175 

Mann, Frederick Hoyt 127 

Mann, John Henry 191 

Marbury, Francis Ferdinand 12 

Marlor, Charles Smith Loper. . . , .128 

Marriot, Yeamans Smith 168 

Marshall, Mathias Murray 214 

Martin, Charles Henry 189 

Martin, William Hoffman 128 

Martindale, Henry Stuart 84 

Marvin, Charles Ezra 224 / 

Massenburg, Archibald Caigill 210 

Massey, Walter Shelton 52 

♦Masters. Jeremiah Wilbur 122 

Mastin, Thomas Feam 168 

Mather. Frank Jewett, Jr 130 

Mathews, Frank Bowdoin 107 

Mathivet, Eugene 113 

Matthews, Brander 17 

Matthews, John Rutherford 9 

♦Matthews, Joseph Warren 146 

Mattox, Charles Caleb 136 

♦Mauran, John Lawrence 203 

♦Maury. James Fontaine 142 

May, Edward 169 

Maynard, Samuel Richard 198 

Mayo, George Washington 43 

McAfee, Robert William 154 



McAfee, William Edgar 160 

*McAliley, Samuel Lafayette 209' 

McAvoy, Charles Pond 193 

McBride, Herbert 198 

McCall, Archibald 181 

McCall. George 57 

McCall, James Edward 179 

McCall, Richard 63 

McCaskill, James Lufkin 139 

McCaw, Alexander Barr 146 

McCIean, George Chesley 179 

McCIellan, Henry Brainard 116 

*M cClellan, Samuel 116 

McCIory, Henry 71 

McCIuer, Charles Christian 224 

M cClure, James, Jr 223 

McCollough, Derrill Hart 81 

McCook, Edward McPherson. . - . 89 

McCouch, Henry Gordon 82 

McCraw. Stephen Newton 214 

McCready, Richard Wilson 52 

*McCulIoch, James McWillie. . . .135 

McDonald, Arthur 105 

McDonald, John George 108 

McDowell, William. Adair 193 

McGehee, Charles Edward 215 

McGehee. Howard Burgess 169 

McGeehee, Joseph Tipton 137 

*McGowan, Henry Xenophon.. . .135 

" McGowan. Hugh Sidney 143 

• 1 cGrath, John W .' 3 

McGrath, Robert Hunter, Jr 65 

M cintire, Duncan 208 

Mclntyre, Samuel Maxwell 47 

Mcintosh, John 226 

*McKenzie, David 97 

McKinney, Samuel 164 

McKinney, William Averett 173 

Mcl.ane, Henry Richards 120 

McLain, Nolan Stewart . . 141 

McLaurin, Hugh Duncan 137 

*McLaurin, Tristram 209 

McLean, George Hammond 15 

McLean, Thomas 82 

vlcLenore, Marcus C 208 

vIcMaster, Francis James 167 

McMichael, Campbell Emory. . . .198 

McMichael, Clayton Fotteral 66 

M cMillan Henry William 213 

McNeal. Albert Thompson 139 

*McNeill, Adin 141 

McRae, John Burgwyn 214 

M cQueen, Saraus Franklin 208 

Mead, Hodijah L 162 

Meade, William Nelson.. 170 

Mean, Charles B 144 

Meeker, Arthur 194 

?/leeker, George Walker 188 

Meigs, Frederick Rogers 66 

*Megargee, Calhoun 52 

Melick, William Barber 127 

Mellard, James Pettigrew 209 

Memminger, Robert Withers 208 

Mercer, Ulysses 67 

*Meredith, Joseph Dennie 46 

Merriam Clinton Hart 186 

*Merritt, Lewis Wilson 95 

Merritt, William Thomas 211 

Meyer, FLoward 185 

Mickle, Joseph Caldwell 214 

Milam, Rufus Pettis 139, 214 

*Miller, David Burgess 7 

Miller Franklin 10 

Miller, Henry 150 

Miller, Henry W 10 

Miller, Hoffman 84 

Miller, Horatio Ray 29 

*Miller, Lindley Hoffman 40 

Miller, Philip Smith 76 

Miller, Peter William 169 

Miller, Robert Narcissus 144 

Miller, Samuel Millington 56 

Miller, Sidney Trowbridge. . . 87 

Miller, Thomas Marshall 165 

*Mines, Flavel Scott 77 

Mines, John Flavel 40, 72 

Minor, Charles Launcelot 174 

Minor, Edmund Christian 164 

Minott, John Cox 208 

Mixter, Frederic Madison 28 

Mitchell, James Billingslea. 213 

Mitchell, John Murray 23 

Mitchell, Julian 208 

Moen, Augustus Rene 197 

Money, Hermando De Soto 137 

Monroe, Augustin 19 

Montgomery, William G 224 

*Moody, David Le Roy 225 

Moody, John Bacon 124 

Moore, Casimir De Rham 18 

*Moore, Bruce Marcus 151 

Moore, Edward D 99 

Moore, James Frederick 11 

Moore, ]. Patrick 156 

Moore, John Silliman 144 

Moore, Richard Mott 103 

Moore, Samuel Prescott 103 

*Moore, Thomas William Channing 4 

Moore, William Grant 222 

Moorhead, Frank Turner 187 

Moose, Nathan Brewster, Jr ll 

Moran, Charles Adams 24 

Moran. Daniel Edward 28 

*Morel, Bryan McQueen 43 

Morgan, Bankson Taylor 17, 74 

■"Morgan, Charles Edwards 6 


Morison, Robert Strattor ........ 16 

Morphis, Burton Ward 154 

Morrell, Edward De Verux 62 

*Morgan, Lewis Taylor 101 

Morgan, William Fellowes 23 

*Morris, Charles Ellis 121 

Morris, Edward Springs 222 

Morris, Gouverneur William 21 

Morris, Isaac Tyson 53 

*Morris, Orlando Harriman 6 

*Morris, Richard Lewis, Jr 10 

Morris, Stuyvesant Fish 12 

-Morrison, Frank. Pierce 187 

Morrison, William Hiram 120 

Morse, Charles Miller 181 

Morse, George Percy 102 

Morse, James Frederick 77 

Morse, James Otis, Jr 18 

Mortimer, Henry Coit 14 

Morton, Thomas George 42 

Morton, Thomas Story Kirkbride. 63 

Moscrip, Charles Henry 101 

Mott. Valentine 18 

Mounger, Edwin Lee 158 

Mounger, William Dantzler 155 

Moxom, Phillip Stafford 104 

Munroe, Chester Clark 16 

Murphy, John Hassinger 57 

Murphy, William Shapas 154 

Murray, Ambrose Spencer, Jr. . . . 80 

Murray, Francis Wisner . ... 85 

Murray, Russell 81 

Muse, Edward Hunter 211 

Myers, Alfred Edwards 121 

Myers, Henry Van Schoonhoven. .120 

Nash, Franklin 214 

Nash, James Rowland 130 

♦Nash, Joseph H 6 

Nason, William Abbott 120 

Neel, Thomas Van Court 144 

Negus, Wesley Hunt 131 

Neill, HoUingsworth.. .. 50 

Neill, John, Jr 55 

Neilson, William Delaware 49 

Nelson, Edward Delevan 188 

Nelson, George Lewis 203 

Nelson, Henry Loomis 121 

Nelson, John William 17U 

Nelson, Richard Henry 85 

Nelson, William Jasper 219 

Newberry, Truman Handy 193 

Newell, George Kennedy 130 

Newman, Arthur Byron 107 

Newman, Charles Douglas 147 

Newman, George Elmer 109 

Nichols, Arthur Edward 183 

Nichols, George Gideon 78 

Nichols, James Ephraim 103 

Nicholson, Andrew Pickens 209 

Nicol, Henry Denton 11^ 

NicoU. Edward Holland 13 

*Nicoll, Francis G 123 

Nixon, Miles Greenwood 185 

Nolan, Edmund Beardsley 109 

Nolan. John Tillman. Jr. . . .141, 162 

Nolan, Thomas 104 

Norcom, Frederick Beasley 4 

Norcom, Henry T 4 

Norman, George 162 

Norrie, Adam Gordon 35 

Norrie, Van Home 31 

Norris, Chas. Cotesworth Pinckney 58 

*Norris, Edward Carlyle 75 

Norris, Herbert 46. 75 

Norris, William Henry 55 

Norton, Frank Louis , . . . 78 

Norwood, Thomas Lenoir 213 

*Nott, Henry B 9 

Nott, Richard Hartley 70 

Noyce, George Milton 94 

Oakes, Frederick 20 

Oakman, Thomas Campbell 44 

O'Bannon, James William -.172 

O'Connor, John Christopher, Jr. . 18 

Ogden, Dayton 40 

*Ogden, William Frederick.. 141, 161 

Olcott, Henry Steele 4 

♦Oliver, Joseph Blasio 47 

Olmsted, Henry Charles 49 

♦Onderdonk, Cornelius Sammons.115 

O'Neill. James Wilks 54 

♦O'Rourke, Patrick Henry 97 

Osborn, Robert Arthur 29 

♦Osborne, Arundel Caulfeild 48 

Otis. Charles Augustus, Jr 199 

Otis, Edwin Thomas 93 

Otis, Elwell Stephen 96 

Otis, Frank Alleyne 11 

Otis, Ira Late 95 

Otis, Joseph Edward, Jr 19S 

Owen, Frank William 87 

Packard, Charles Stuart Wood. ... 57 

Packard, Francis Randolph 66 

Packard, Frederick Adolphus 6t) 

Packard, John Hooker. Jr 63 

Padgett, Beale Edward 174 

Padgett, Percival 83 

Page, Roswell 170 

Page. Thomas Nelson 169, 221 

Page, William Byrd 63 

Paine, Henry Gallup 23 

♦Palmer, Charles Collins 71 

Palmer, George Carnegie 27 

Palmer, John Paradise 99 


Palmer, Richard Suydam 35 

Palmer, William Henry 167 

Parker, Edward Horatio 195 

*Parker, Francis Simons, Jr 209 

*Parker, Henry Hills 12 

*Parker, Louis Alexander 137 

♦Parker, William 118 

Parkin, Henry Grenville 186 

Parrish, James Sheldon 176 

Parrott, Richard Dean Arden 183 

Parsons, George Burrington 26 

Parsons, Harry De Berkeley 26 

Parsons, Hinsdill 86 

Parsons. James Russell, Jr 85 

Parsons, Walter Gray 129 

Parsons, William Barclay 23 

*Partee, Squire Boon 143 

Porter, James E 158 

Patterson, Christopher Stuart 43 

Patterson, George Stewart 66 

Patterson, John Curtis 55 

Patterson. Robert Maskell 49 

Pattison, George Bradley 86 

Pattison, Isaac C 157 

Patton. William 109 

Paul, Lawrence Taylor 51 

Paxson, Henry Clay 71 

*Paxton, Archie Paul 51 

Payne, John Carroll 170 

Payne, William Marion. . . 210 

Peabody, Charles Augustus, Jr. . , 15 

*Peabody, Duane Livingston 14 

* Peabody, George Livingston 15 

Peabody', Philip Glendower 21 

Pearce, James Sturges 76 

Pearce, Stanley Hawkens 199 

Pearce, Thomas Firth 226 

*Peck, David Lamb 76 

Peer, George Edwin 1(»5 

*Pegues, Charles Edward 144 

Peirce, Edward Beauchamp. 157 

Peirce, Edward Dickinson 157 

Pellit, Leonard Overton . . ..174 

Pemberton, William Young 215 

Pendleton, Garnett 102 

Penn, John Edmund 161,211 

Pepper, David, Jr 64 

Perkins, George Endicott 85 

Perkins, James Breck 99 

Perkins, James Irvine 167 

Perkins, Willis Lafayette 195 

Perrie, Albert Washington 164 

Perrine, Charles H 105 

5L, Perry, Benj. Leecraft, Jr 213 

Perry, John Merritt 813 

Persons, Alexander William 215 

Peters, Andrew 188 

Peters, Morris 204 

Peters, Thomas McNeal 142 

Peters, Quintard . 204 

*Petrie, Herbert Lemuel 146 

Pettit, Henry 46 

Pickens, Edward Walton 156 

Pickles, Henry 220 

*Pierce, Henry Hubbard 74 

Pierce, Smith Dewey 34 

Pierrepont, William Augustus.,.. 22 

Pile, Francis William Birchal 65 

*Pinckney, Francis Sayre 75 

*Pingree, John Treadwell 113 

*Pipes, William Henry 162 

Phillips, Clement Stocker 47 

Phillips, George Crawford 135 

Phillips, George Brinton 44 

Phillips, Herbert Irving 152 

*Phillips, Richard James 143 

^Phillips, Samuel Smith 142 

*Phillips, Samuel Travers.. . .163, 219 
Phillips, Thomas Emmett... .151, 171 

Phillips, William Crawford 147 

*Phoenix. Stephen Whitney 10 

Piatt, Charles, Jr 81 

Piatt, Clayton 50, 81, 181 

Piatt, Ebenezer Greenough 44 

Piatt, Franklin 45 

Piatt, Walter Brewster 181 

Piatt, William Alexander 125 

Piatt, William Anthony 81 

*Platt, William Greenough 51 

Player, James Yeatman. 180 

Polhemus, Isaac Heyer .124 

Polhemus, James Suydam ........ 125 

Pollock, George Washington 210 

Pond, Charles Frederick 96 

*Pool, Joseph Henry 98 

*Pope, Francis Asbury 138 

Porter, Edgar Sheffield 188 

Porter, Farley 98 

*Porter, Samuel 97 

Porter, Willis Blanton 215 

Post, Allison Wright 34 

Post, Charles Alfred 12 

Post, Edwin Maine 35 

Post, George Browne, Jr 30 

Post, William Stone 33 

Post, William Strong . 199 

Potter, Ashton Howard 90 

Potter, John 42 

Potter, Richard Mil ford Blatchford 39 

Potter, William Hubley 44 

Potts. Francis Lanier 58 

Potts, Frederic Augustus 25 

*Potts, George Henry 188 

Pousland, Frederick Graham 127 


Powell, Eugene Cole 161, 211 

Powell, loseph, Jr 192 

*Po.ver." William Scovill 150 

Powers, Emmett La Verne 108 

Pratt, Nathaniel Palmer 223 

Pratt, William Arthur 184 

*Preston, Walter Rid 162 

Um Prewitt, Stanley Tibbs 174 

'^ f Price, Dunbar 58 

Price, Robert Oakley 148 

Price, Thomas Stanton 212 

*Prichard, Robert Samuel 167 

Prime, Frederick, Jr 13 

Prince, Benjamin 127 

I'rince, George Wesley 211 

'Prince, Robert Berry 166 

Prince, Samuel Freedley, Jr 53 

Prout, Edmund Gregory 213 

Prout, William Curtis 214 

Pugh, Thomas Bryan 168, 221 

Pullen, Thomas Jefferson 114 

Punnett, James 20 

Purdy, John Henry 19 

jUu Radford, James Ager 172 

' ' -*Ragsdale, Samuel Gabriel 136 

Raines, Lucian Hamilton 219 

rt Kainsford, James Carroll 223 

Ralston, Charles Hopkins 174 

Ralston, Francis William, Jr 64 

?^ Ralston, William Meredith 58 

Ramsay, Otto Ciustave 175 

Ramsey, Robert 128 

Randall, Frank Eldridge 24 

Randolph, Charles 32 

Randolph, Philip Syng Physic 63 

^Randolph, Thomas Jefferson 169 

Rankin, John Taylor 214 

Rapallo. Charles Antonio, Jr 30 

*Rathbone, Francis Vinton 220 

Rathbone, Josiah H ...210 

Ravenel, William Parker 6 

Raymond, Guy Sherwood 225 

Read, Alfred Hurst 61 

Read, Harmon Pumpelly 87 

Rector. William Elias 168 

Reed, Edward Townsend 187 

Reed, G. W. M 175 

■*Reed, Jacob Pinckney 172 

•^Reed, Joel Howard 189 

Reed, Latham Gallup 20 

*Reed, Robert Ralston 33, 51 

Reed, Sylvanus Albert 19 

Reese, Frederick Focke 168 

Reese, William Willis 34 

Reeves, Albert Scull 60 

Reichenbacker, Medicus 209 

Reid, Alan Le Roy 28 

Reid, John Gardner 114 

Reynolds, Harris Smith 195 

*Rhett, Albert 208 

*Rhett, Grimke 208 

Rianhard. Henry Work 197 

Rice, John 193 

Richards, Abram Greene 9 

Richards, George C 102 

Richards, Guy 31 

Richards, Robert Kerr 9 

Richards. William Guy 22, 124 

Richardson, Charles Clement 128 

*Richardson, Charles Thomas 193 

Richmond, Arthur Jones 194 

Richmond, Charles Talbot 198 

Richmond, Charles Theodore. .. .187 

Ridgely, William Short 215 

Ridgway , John Jacob 45 

Ripley, Charles Edward 203 

Ripsom, Edward Bleecker 108 

Rivers, Elias Lynch 208 

Rives, Francis Robert, Jr 17 

Rives, George Lockhart 14 

Rives, Reginald William 25 i 

Rizer, James Edward 174 

Robards, William James 213 

Robbins, Arden Morris 29 

Robbins, George Stillman 29 

*Robbins. Nathan Bacon, Jr 115 

Roberts, Benjamin Kearney 181 

Roberts. Edward, 3d 54 

Roberts, Evelyn Pierreponte 179 

Roberts, Henry Clay 151 

Roberts, Hiram Taliafero 151 

Roberts, Peter Williamson 60 

*Roberts, William Athinson 96 

Robeson, Thomas William 211 

Robinson, Beverley 44 

Robinson, ("harles Meigs 50 

* Robinson, Coleman Townsend.. 95 

Robinson. James A 95 

Robinson, Moncure, Jr 52 

*Robinson, Paul Gervais 208 

Robinson, Robert Emmet 12 

Robinson, William Suddards 4f> 

Roby. William Sterling 198 

Rockfellow, John Alexander 104 

Rockwell, Samuel 181 

Rockwell, William 182 

Rockwood, William Thompson. . . 95 

Rodgers, George Moore 4, 209 

*Rodgers, Thomas Robinson 4 

Rodman, Willoughby 106 — 

Rogers, Charles Francis 198 

Rogers, Henry Clinton 137 

Rogers, James Wadsworth 65 

Rogers, Nathaniel Pendleton, Jr. . 25 


Rogers, William James 108 

Ronalds, Reginald 194 

Roosevelt, Frank 87 

Roosevelt, James West 24 

Roosevelt, John Ellis 21 

Rosborough, William B 150 

*Rose, James Alexander 208 

Rosser, James Barclay 208 

*Rossiter, Sterling 30 

Rowan, George Hoke 174 

Rowland, Amory Edwards 181 

Royster, Iowa 213 

Rush, Murray 51 

Rushmore, Everett 186 

Rushmore, John Dikeman 121 

*Russel, Charles Porter 8 

Russel, John Calvin 135 

Russell, Daniel Linzy 213 

Russell, Frederick Grenville 85 

Russell. Huntley 87 

*Russell, John Watts 17 

Russell, Isaac Dan 90 

Russell, Samuel Howland 21 

Russell, William Hamilton 22 

*Rust, Charles Bucknor 168 

Rutherford, Harry Vane 82 

♦Rutherford, Wm. Drayton 208 

Rutherford, Winthrop 31 

Rutter, Charles Alfred 55 

*Ryall, Philip Johnston 41 

Ryder, James Bezer 127 

*Sabine, Thomas Taunton 12 

Sage, Harmon Martin 105 

Sands, Benjamin Aymar 19 

Sands, Charles Edward 32 

Sands, Ledyard 20 

Sands, Robert Cornell 32 

*Sandford, Charles Durand 115 

Santini, Gabriel 220 

Saphoie, Edwin W 105 

Satterlee, Herbert Livingston. ... 27 

Satterlee, Richard Sherwood 24 

Saunders, Benjamin Ward 213 

Saunders, David Ward 212 

*Saunders, Henry Watson 213 

Saulsbury, Willard, Jr 171 

Savage, Edgar Camp 181 

Savage, William Littleton 45, 119 

*Sawyer, William Babcock 183 

Sayre, Charles Lansing. 191 

*Scales, Henry Minor 139 

Schauffler, Adolphus Frederick . . . 121 

Schauffler, Alfred Theodore 120 

*Schauffler, Edward William 118 

Schenck, Dorsey Noah Hunt 35 

Schuyler, Edwards Ogden 34 

Scott, Alexander 4 

Scott, Benjamin Erby 211 

Scott, Horace Brown 83 

Scott, Thomas Michael 161 

Scovill, Edward Tracy 180 

Seabrook, Cotesworth Pinckney. . .208 

Seabury, W^illiam Jones 7 

Searcy. George Alexander 147 

Sears, Charles Edward 163 f<^ 

Seay, Thomas Jefferson 215 / 

*Seeley, Isaac 93 

Seers, Charles Edward 212 

Sellers, James Freeman 155 

Semple, Robert 219 

Servoss, Walter Everett 104 

*Shadbolt. George 96 

*Sharkey, W. L 155 

*Sharswood, George, Jr 48 

Shaw, Charles Melton 110 

Shaw, Matthew Bolls 141 

Shaw, William Henry 110 

Shaw, William Wallace 95 - A^ 

Shay, William Henry 210 ^ 

Sheldon, William Crawford. Jr . . . 86 

Shelton, John Morris 166 

*Shepherd, Charles A 3 

Shepherd, Frederick Robinson ... 197 

Shepherd, Rezin Davis 171, 223 

Sherman, Thomas Parish 15 

Shero, William Francis 108 

Sherril, George, Jr 130 

Sherwin, Nelson Boynton 114 

*Shields, John Whitfield 145 

Shields, Walton 156 

Shonnard, Frederick 11 

Short, Chauncy Davis, 198 

Short, Oscar Harmon 195 

*Shotwell, Robert 151 

*Shreve, Charles 149 

Shreve, James Burr 61 

*Shreve. William Inskeep 71 

Sibley, Alexander Hamilton 90 

Silver, William Henry 165 

Simmons, Charles Ezra 117 

Simmons, Edward De Forest 38 

Simmons, Joseph Edward 117 

Simonds, Charles Harison 28 

Simonds, Francis May 34 

Simpson, Louis McLane 52 

Simpkins, Nathaniel Stone 26 

Simpson, Ossian Freeborn 208 

Sims, George Gordon 213 

Sink, Walter Long 146 

Slayden, James Luther 221 

Slipper, James H 8 

Sloan, Benson Bennett 33 

Sloan, Samuel, Jr 82 

Small wood, Samuel Blackwall. ... 75 


Smith, Albert Daniel 148 

Smith, Alexander Conde 106 

Smith, Bryan Herbert 129 

*Smith, Charles William Godfrey. 44 

Smith, Courtauld Wharton 33 

Smith, Cuthbert Obannon 215 

Smith, Edwin Clarke, Jr 109 

Smith, George Herbert 106, 170 

Smith, George Howard 194 

Smith, Henry Austie 61 

Smith, Henry Dean 108 

*Smith, Heber St. Clair 75 

♦Smith, Ira St. Clair 76 

Smith, Irving Thomas 90 

*Smith, James Alexander 140 

Smith, Tames Clinch 22 

^ Smith, Joal Allen 222 

Smith, Lawrence Savery 64 

Smith, Martin Henry 114 

Smith, Merlean Clarke 107 

Smith, Oliver Drake 19 

Smith, Robert Hobart /. . 78 

Smith, Samuel 128 

*Smith, Samuel Pinckney. ...139, 215 

Smith, Thomas Leaming 45 

Smith, Walter Snowden 185 

Smith, William Cary 5 

Smith, William Dickerson, Jr. . . .178 
Smith, William Geo. Washington 80 

Smith, William Horner 50 

Smith, William Simeon 117 

Smyth, Carroll 54 

Smyth, Frank 51 

Smythe, Frederick John 106 

Snedecor, James George 148 

^^ Snook, William Henry 172 

f Speir, Gilbert MacMaster, Jr 18 

Spencer, Albert Kingsley 197 

Spencer, Horatio Nelson 141 

Spencer, Singleton Smith 153 

Spencer, Theodore 204 

Spicer, James 173 

Spining, Charles Pierson 180 

Spofford, Joseph Louis 11 

Sprague. Irvin Auchincloss 21 

Sproul, Archibald Alexander, Jr. .226 

Sproul, Eugene E 226 

Sproul. William White 225 

Stallings, John Nicholas 212 

Stancill, Renel Marcellus 213 

Stanford, Lycurgus Leonidas 214 

♦Standley, Benjamin Franklin 136 

Starbuck, Henry Pease 185 

Stark, Benjamin, Jr 84 

Starke, Lucien Doughs, Jr 175 

Stark, William Molthrop 82 

Starr, George Emlen. 67 

Starr, Isaac, Jr 64 

Stedman, John Harry 98 

♦Stedman. Theodore Winthrop. . . 81 

Steele, Charles 169 

♦Steele, Horace Durrie 5, 71 

Steele, James Nevett 167 

Steele, John Nelson 167 

Stephens, Benjamin 30 

Stephens, Lawrence Vest 224 

Stettheimer, Maurice Roland 97 

Stevens, Charles Albert 32 

Stevens, Frank Jerome 193 

Stevens, George Edward 190 

Stevens, Richard 34 

Stevens, Robert Livingston .....*. 33 

♦Stevens, Samuel 77, 98 

Stevenson, Cornelius 45 

Stewart, Alexander Peter, Jr 150 

Stewart, Charles Taylor 54 

Stewart, Edward Le Roy 34 

Stewart, John Black 168 

Still, James Davidson 211 

*Stillwell. Rysam Mulford 79 

Stirling, Walter Alexander 207 

j Stoddard, John Lawson 128 

' Stokes, Thomas Jefferson 135 

Stokes, Walter 153 

Stone, Alfred Holt 157 

Stone, Daniel Edward 188 

Stone, William Garret 153 

i Stoneman, John Thompson 113 

Stoners, John Robert 154 

*Stoney, George Moose 209 

Story, Samuel Albert ,..210 

Stratton, James Narolin 175 

Streator, Harold Arthur 129 

*Streeter, Walter Wakefield 117 

Strong, Benjamin 6 

Strong, Charles Matthews 76 

♦Strong, Henry Tunstall 120 

Strong, James Remsen 86 

Stubbs, William Carter 163, 212 

Sturges, Benton 204 

Sturges, Frank Dodge 16 

Sturges, Henry Cady 14 

Sturtevant, Charles Ferris 199 

Stuyvesant. Rutherford 12 

Styron, Oscar Malachi 212 

♦Sullivan, Hampton Mundhall. ...146 

Sullivan, Marvin Eddy 150 

Sullivan, William Van Amberg ..149 ^ 

Sumner, Charles Allen 72 - C^ 

Sunderlin, Charles Everett 107 

Swan, William 118 

Swenson, Eric Pierson 83 

Swenson, Swen Albin 85 

Tabb, John 164 


Taber, Charles 21 

Talcott, Allen Butler 89 

Talcott, Charles Hooker 89 

Talcott. Frank Squier 129 

Tate, James Madison 215 

*Tate, John Overton 225 

Taylor, John Edward 6 

Taylor. John May 214 

Taylor, Thomas James 211 

Taylor, Thomas Wallace. . . 163, 213 
Taylor, William Adolphus . .211; 213 

Taylor, William Britton , 151 

Taylor, William Frederick 100 

Taylor, William Hickok 24 

Taylor, Winfield Johns 167 

Tenney, Sutherland 19 

Terral, Samuel Heidelberg 136 

Terrell, Douglas F ... .152 

Terrell, Jasper DeKalb 142 

Terrell, Vernon Legrange 136 

Terrell, W. S 140 

Terry, Seth Sprague 106 

Thackson, Richard Dabney 211 

Thayer. Proctor 119 

Thayer, Russell 50 

Thayer, Shepard 116 

*Thatcher, Thomas Fitch. 9 

♦Thomas, Alfred Norman 135 

Thomas, Allan Mason, Jr 185 

Thomas, George Gillett 164, 214 

Thomas, John Metcalfe 194 

Thomas, Jordan Sumner 169 

Thompson, David Gardiner 7 

•Thompson, Elmer Ellsworth 191 

Thompson, Frederick Diodate 14 

Thompson, Frederick Ferris. . 7, 113 

Thompson, George Keyes. 125 

Thompson, George Parker 196 

Thompson, Henry Rumford 88 

Thompson, John William. ...135. 146 

Thompson, Joseph Whitaker 60 

Thompson, Ruffin 139 

Thompson, Samuel Chalmers 80 

Thompson, William Gilman .... .186 

*Thompson, William Harvey 142 

Thomson, Archibald Graham. . . 64 

Thomson, Ruffin 213 

Thomson, William Geerge 61 

Thomson, William Kilgore 209 

♦Thorpe, Charles Foote 102 

Thorne, Newberry Davenport 80 

Thorne, Robert 88 

Thrower, Christopher 162, 211 

♦Thurston, Alfred Henry. ... 5 

*Tibbits, George Mortimer „ 17 

Tibbitts, Edward Dudley 127 

Tillinghast, James Philip 13 

Tilton. Curtis IW 

Timberlake. Edward Walter 170 

Timpson, John W 7 

Titus, Charles Townsend, Jr 33 

[ Toaz, Robert Kennedy 110 

I Tompkins, Robert W. Pinckney. .208 

! Tooker, Gabriel Mead 10 

*Torrance, Alfred , 21 

! Torrance, Jared Sidney. 182 

I Torrey, Robert Archie 156 

I TotteUy Charles Adelle Lewis ... 80 

*Totten, Gilbert Taveau 11 

Tourtellot, Lewis Denio 194 

Tousley, Orson Van Buren. ... .114 

Towers, John Alexander 225 

Towne, Henry Robinson ....... 46 

Towne, John Heiyry 198,-20o 

Townsend, Charles De Kay 20 

Townsend, Charles Henry 52 

Townsend, Charles John 104 

Townsend, Eugene 5o 

Townsend, John Henry, 30 

Townsend, Richard Holmes, Jr, . . 52 

Townsend, Robert. 20 

Tracy, George Colden 4 

Travers, Reverdy Johnstost .... 27 

Travers, William Riggin 26 

Trotter, Isham Edward 211 

Trotter, Joseph 51 

Trotter, Nathan , . . 51 

*Trotter, Van Vechten 123 

Trowbridge, Charles Christopher.. 90 
Trowbridge, Sam'l Breck Parkman 87 
Trowbridge, William Pettit, Jr. . . 26 

Trudeau, Edward Livingston 16 

Truesdell, John Phillips 121 

Tucker, Beverly 175 

Tucker, John Asken 10 

Tucker, Peebles 171 

Tucker. Richard H 5- 

Tumbull, Arthur 29 

Turnbull, Ramsey 28 

Turner, Osborne Moore 155 

Turner, William Coleman 53 

Tuttle, Horace Johnson 104 

Tuttle, John Newton 4 

Tyler, Augustus C 100 

Tyler, Charles Waller 215 

Tyler, Joseph Curtis 122 

Underbill, Gustave Breaux 80 

*Upham, George Leland 183 

*Upham, William Richardson 180 

Urquhart, William 224 

Vail, Theodore Frelinghuysen . . . .207 

Valentine, Herbert 128 

Valliant, Leroy Branch 136 

*Van Bwren, Edward Livingstoa..l22 




Van Buren, Thomas Broadhead, Jr. 195 
Vanderbilt. Frederick William. ..184 

Van der Poel, John 29 

\^an Dusen, George Richstein ... 59 

Van Dyke, James Cole 46 

Van Ingen, Henry Schmaltz. ... 121 
Van Renselaer, Charles Beers. . . .198 
*Van Riper, William Thomas. ... 9 
Van Schoonhooven. Lansing. . . .129 

Van Sicklen. William Henry 99 

Van Vechten. Schuyler 189 

Van Volkenburgh, Edward, Jr . . . 34 
*Van Voorhis, Arthur Stoddard. . .188 

Van Wagenen, William Myn 3 

Van Zile. Edward Sims 87 

Veeder, Coles Van Vechten 175 

Ventress, Wm. Pynchon Stewart. . 156 

Vibbert, Howard Cooke 78 

Vibbert. William Henry 73 

Voorhees, Daniel Polhemus 209 

Vrooman, Charles Minor 102 

*Waddell, George Robertson 143 

Wade, Dunbar Bisland 141 

Wainwright, Jonathan Mayhew. . . 28 

Wainwright, John Howard 28 

Wainwright, Richard Tighe 34 

*Waido, Francis William 7 

Wales, Edward Howe 21 

^^'alker, Ambrose 203 

Walker, Garrett 165 

"*Walker, George Judson 180 

Walker. Joel Paton 213 

Walker, John Caffrey 167 

^Walker, John Marshall 140 

Walker, Norman McFarland 219 

Walker, Robert 211 

Walker, Winter 215 

Wall, Moore Moses 171 

Wall, William Covington 162 

Wallace, Shippen 179 

*Waller, John Hampden 41, 161 

Waller, Robert, Jr 16 

Waller, William 22 

Walton, Horace Andrews ...... 66 

^••'Walton. James Fisk 138 

Wamsley, loseph 102 

Wanzer, Charles 77 

Ward, Charles Montagu 22 

Ward, Cleland H 107 

Ward, Edmund Augustus 11 

^Ward. Edward Kindle 136 

Ward, Francis Ehrick 24 

Ward, George Kemp 99 

Ward, Henry Marion .. 131 

^''Ward. I'rescott Hall 10 

Ward, William Frederick 31 

Ward, William Greene 5 

Waring. John Thoma.s. Jr 188 

* Warner. David Lane 117 

Warner, Frank .123 

Warren, Frank Chickering 33 

Warren, William Candee 189 

* Warren. William Henr)' 141 

Washburne, Marshall Prince 125 

Washington, Aug. Clarke S^>9 

Waterbury, Edward Merriam. . . .105 
W^aterbury, James Montaudevert . 18 
*Waterbury, Norman Mather. ...103 

Waterman, I.ucius 80 

*Waterman, W illiam James . . 39 

Waters, George Safford 88 

*Watson, Edward Minor 166 

♦Watson, Goodwin 11 

Watson, Henry Talbot 33 

Watson, Robert William 190 

* Watson. William Chester 75 

Watts, Edward Biddle 81 

Watts, Ethelbert 46 

Wayne, William, Jr 52 

Weakley, Samuel Morford 214 

Weaver, Frank Lincoln 109 

Weaver, William Bennett 108 

Webb, Francis Egerton 25 

W^ebb, Henry Walter 18 

Webb, Robert Wrightson 23 

Webb, William Seward 18 

♦Weber, John Charles 182 

Webster, Hamilton Fish 27 

Weed, William A 16 

Weekes, Arthur Delano 17 

Weekes, Frederick Delano 21 

Weeks, Francis Henry 12, 118 

Weeks, James 6 

Wrecks, John Abeel, Tr 185 

Weeks, Robert 116 

Weld, Frederick Floyd 180 

♦Welling. James R 3 

Wells, James B 169 

Wells, Thomas Tileston 31 

Wells, William Calvin 144 

Welsh. Edward Lowber 63 

Wesson, Charles Macon 163, 212 

West. Louis 137, 213 

West, Thomas Fendol 221 

Whedon, Charles Winchester 108 

Wheeler, Joel Howard 131 

Wheeler, John Emery 211 

*Whelen, Russel Nevins 122 

Wheless. Malone 221 

White, Benjamin Dey 226 

White, Edward Anderson 58 

White, Edward Luther 184 

*White, Frank Worth 83 

White, Frederick Brown, Jr 156 


*While, James Russell 32 

White, William Henry 163, 212 

Whitehead, Ira Condit 40. 209 

Whiteman, William S., Jr 215 

Whitfield, Francis E., Jr 215 

Whiting, Guy Fairfax 170 

Whistler, W. GibbsMacNeill.8,43,73 
Whittle. Fortescue 222 

* Whittle, Wright Southgate .. ..165 

Wiggin, Frederick Holme 24 

Wip-ht, Rezin Augustus 98 

*Wilcox Edward Kirk 118 

Wilcox, Frank Langdon ... . . 85 

Wilcox, Frederick Peck 85 

Wilcox, George Ainsley 166 

Wilder, Daniel Webster. . 94 

Wildman, Thomas Gregory . . 72 

Wiley, Thomas Collins 55 

Wilkinson, Robert Andrews 220 

Willcox, Charles 175, 194, 62 

*Willett, Edward 4 

Willets, Edward Bowne 36 

Willets, Elmore Abram 192 

Williams, Charles Edwin 154 

Williams, Charles Urquhart 162 

Ok.. Williams, Chauncy Camp 80 

Williams, Clifton L 156 

Williams, Coleman Gandy 84 

Williams, Edmund Randolph 176 

Williams, John Bryan 210 

Williams. Richard Norris 57 

Williams, Robert Findalter 176 

Williams, Samuel 115 

Williams, Stephen Guion 28 

Willing, John Rhea Barton 62 

*Willis, Francis 11 

Willis. William Henry 12 

Wilmer, William Holland 173 

Wilmerding, Charles Henry 188 

Wilmerding, Herbert 85 

Wilson, Charles Henry 48, 115 

Wilson, Charles Meigs 59 

Wilson, James Beauregard 152 

Wilson, John Adams 209 

Wilson, Marshall Orme 25 

Wilson, Richard Thornton, Jr 31 

Wilson, Robert Preston 117 

* Wilson, William Edward 212 

W^iltsie, Charles Hastings 104 

Wimbish, William Alexander 228 

Winchester, Joseph Richard 210 

Winkley. Robert LeFavour 84 

Winter. Franklin Dawson 152 

Winter, Richard Howe 222 

Winthrop, Benjamin Robert, Jr. . 14 

Winthrop, William Neilsen 15 

Wisdom, William Bell 222 

Wise, John Cropper 165 

Wise, John Henry 225 

Wise, William H., Jr 226 

Wissman, John Frederick 13 

Withers, Elijah Benton 213 

Witherspoon, Bartlett Jones 208 

Witthaus, Rudolph Augustus. ... 15 

Witty, William Wallace 156 

Wood, Alexander 47 

Wood, Bernard Henry 50 

Wood, Clarence Brandegee 193 

Wood, Edgar Mantleburt 115 

Wood, Frederick 184 

Wood, George Bacon 203 

Wood. Richard Francis 48 

Wood, William Meeker 190 

Woodford, Stuart Lyndon 5, 93 

Woodin, William Ripley 73 

Woodruff. Edward Hay'nes 86 

Woods, Micajah 164 

Woods, Thomas Hall 116 

Woodson, Blake Lynch 161 

Wooster, Harry Green 130 

Wooton, John Washington 216 

Wright, Firmin Bradley 173 

Wright, George Egbert 182 

Wright. Luke Edward 143 

Wright, Louis Bogert 22 

Wright, Samuel Megargee 62 

Wright, Silas Pratt 117 

Wright, William Egbert. . . . 81 

Wright, William Mason 192 

Wurts, Charles Stuart, Jr 66 

*Wyatt, Richard Overton... .161, 212 

Wyche, Thomas Littleton 219 

*Wynne, Arthur Lee 211 

Yancey, Garland Meredith 213 

Yerger, Henry Sale 145, 220 

Yerger, James Allen 157 

Yerger, William Nugent 156 

Yeomens, George 115 

Young, Andrew Murray 86 

Young, Edwin 185 

Young, George Rogers 54 

Young, William Hopkins 186 

* Young, William James 141 

Zabriskie. Jeremiah Lott 8 

Zea, Frank M 226 

^-^ y^ t \y /