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Full text of "Catalogue of the officers and alumni of Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont, and all others who have received degrees, 1800 to 1889"

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1800 to 1889 

Compiled by 
Class of 1876, Professor of Mathematics 

The Register Company, Printers 




After the most diligent search there is lack of much desired information con- 
cerning many of our alumni. The compiler regrets that about many graduates of the 
college he is able to say so little ; and in most cases the, want of knowledge is con- 
cerning the men about whom the readers of this book most desire to learn. It is the 
classmate who has been lost sight of that we most wish to know about. But while the 
compiler appreciates and regrets the defects in this catalogue, he trusts its very faults 
will stimulate all persons who have information of interest concerning any alumnus, or 
who discover errors herein, to communicate with him immediately that omissions may 
be supplied and errors corrected in subsequent editions. 

Abbreviations have been avoided as far as possible and when used are thought 
to be self-explanatory. The asterisk (*) is used to mark the names of the dead. An 
interrogation mark (?) is used to express doubt and to request information. 



MiDDLEBURY COLLEGE was established by a Charter from the Legis- 
lature of Vermont in the year 1800. 


Rev. Jeremiah Atwater, D. D Resigned 1809. . . . Died 1858 

Hon. Nathaniel Chipman, LL. D Died 1843 

Rev. Heman Ball, D. D Died 1 82 1 

Hon. Elijah Paine, LL. D Resigned 1809. . . .Died 1842 

Hon. Gamaliel Painter Died 1 8 1 9 

Hon. Israel Smith, A. M Died 181 o 

Hon. Stephen Rowe Bradley, LL. D Died 1830 

Seth Storrs, a. M Died 1 83 7 

Hon. Stephen Jacob, A. M Resigned 1810. . . .Died 1816 

Hon, Daniel Chipman, LL. D Resigned 1844.... Died 1850 

Hon. Lot Hall Died 1809 

Rev. Aaron Leland, A. M Died i ?>t^2^ 

Rev. Gershom Clark Lyman, D. D. . .Resigned 1805 Died 181 3 

Samufl Miller, A. M. Died 1810 

Hon. Jedediah Parker Buckingham, A. M.Res'd 1823.. ..Died 1840 
Hon. Darius Matthews Died 1 8 1 9 


Elected. Retired. Died. 

i8or Rev. William Jackson, D. D 1842 

1802 Rev. Job Swift, D. D 1804 

1805 Rev. Martin Tullar, A. M 1813 

1806 Rev. Thomas Abbot Merrill, D. D 1855 

1806 Rev. Samuel Shepard, D. D 1813. . . . 1846 

18 10 David Edmond, A. M 1824 

1810 Rev. Bancrofi" Fowler, A. M. 1825 .... 1856 



Elected. Retired. Died. 

1 8 lo Rev. Sylvester Sage, A. M 1 84 1 

1810 Hon. Horatio Seymour, LL. D 1855 .... 1857 

'^^iSii . H,o,n, Asa Aldis, A. M. 1817 1847 

' 1811 'Reyv.Aj'si I^urton, D. D 1823. . .. 1836 

iSf'i. "Hon. jCifAUNCEY Langdon, A, M 1830 

' i5 r4 R^Vc. jc^JN . Fitch, A. M 1817....1827 

181 7 Hon. William Hall, A. M 1831 

181 7 Hon. Richard Skinner, A. M 1833 

181 7 Rev. Henry Pierce Strong, A. M 1S23. . . . 1835 

1819 Rev. Abraham Bronson, A. M 1S32. . . . 1853 

1 819 Hon. Joel Doolittle, A. M 1841 

1819 Hon. Zebulon R. Shipherd, A. M 1841 

1819 Hon. Peter Starr, LL. D i860 

1819 Hon. Ira Stewart 1855 

1819 Rev. Chester Wright, A. M 1840 

1 82 1 Rev. Walter Chapin, A. M 1827 

182 1 Hon. Abner Forbes 1828 

» 1821 Hon. Jonathan Hunt, A. M 1832 

1 82 1 Rev. Absalom Peters, D. D 1842. . . . 1869 

1822 Rev. Nathaniel Scudder Prime, D. D 1826. . . . 1856 

1824 Rev. Nathan S. S. Beeman, D. D., LL. D 187 1 

1825 Rev. JosiAH Hopkins, D. D 1840. . .. 1862 

1825 Hon. Rollin C. Mallary, A. M . 1831 

1825 Hon. Charles Kilborn Williams, LL. D 1843. ... 1853 

1827 Hon. Samuel Swift, LL. D 1855. . .. 1875 

" 1 830 Rev. Jedediah Bushnell, A. M 1 846 

1830 Rev. Daniel Oliver Morton, A. M 1846. ... 1852 

1830 Rev. William Buel Sprague, D. D 1839 .... 1876 

1830 Hon. Benjamin Swift, A. M 1839 .... 1 847 

1831 Rev. WiLLARD Child, D. D 1842 1877 

1833 Rev. Lyman Coleman, D. D 1840 1883 

1834 Rev. Edward William Hooker, D. D 1844. ... 1875 

1834 Rev. Hadley Proctor, A. M 1842 

1834 Hon. Phineas White, A, M 1845. • •• ^^47 

1835 Rev. Joseph Steele, A. M 1872 

1 83 7 William Page, A. M 1 850 

1837 Rev. Charles Walker, D. D 1870 

1838 Hon. Isaac Fletcher Redfield, LL. D 1846. ... 1876 


Elected. Retired. Died. 

-^ 1839 Rev. Joshua Bates, D. D 1845 • • • • ^^54 

1839 Rev. Harvey Freegrace Leavitt, A. M 1874 

1840 Hon. Silas Henry Hodges, A. M i860. ... 1875 

" 1 840 Hon. ZiMRi Howe, A. M 1 863 

1840 Rev. Amos Boardman Lambert, D. D 1888. . . . 

1840 Rev. Elijah Whiton Plumb, D. D 1855.... 1879 

1 840 Rev. Joseph Dresser Wickham, D. D 

1 84 1 Rev. Otto Smith Hoyt, A. M 1 869 

1841 Rev. Lucius Maro Purdy, A. M 1853 

1841 Rev. Lucius Linsley Tilden, A. M 1875 • • • • ^^^6 

1845 R^^'- Andrew Rankin, A. M 1862 

1846 Amasa Corbin Moore, A. M 1865 

1847 Elisha VV. Chester, A. M 1863. . .. 1873 

1847 Rev. JosiAH Fletcher Goodhue, A. M 1858. .. . 1863 

1847 R^v- Lyman Matihews, A. M 1866 

' 1850 Joshua Bates, LL. D .1887. . .. 1888 

1850 Hon.. Calvin Tilden Hulburd, LL. D 1884. . . . 

1850 Rev. John Mattocks, A. M i860. ... 1875 

1850 Hon. William Nash 1871 

1850 Hon. Bradford Leonard Wales, A. M., M. D. . 1881 . . . . 

1850 Hon. Joseph Warner 1865 

' 185 1 Joseph Paddock Fairbanks 1855 

1 85 1 Hon. Myron Lawrence, A. M 1852 

1853 Henry Simpson Waldo ♦. .1862 

1 855 Charles Jones Starr 

1855 Julius A. Beckwith, A. M 1857 

1855 Rev. Willard Child, D. D 1877 

' 1855 Thaddeus Fairbanks, A. M 1886 

1855 Hon. James Meacham, A. M 1856 

1855 Prof. William Henry Parker, A. M 1889 

1858 Rev. Elijah Whiton Plumb, D. D 1879 

1858 Hon. John Wolcoit Stewart, LL. D 

1859 Hon. Solomon Foot, LL. D 1866 

1859 Hon. Romeo H. Hoyt, A. M 1874 1888 

1859 Rev. George P.Tyler, D. D 1887 

1859 Rev. Cyrus Bryant Drake, D. D 1878 

1863 Rev. John Jason Owen, D. D., LL. D 1869 

1863 Rev. Aldace Walker, D. D 1878 


Elected. Retired. Died. 

863 Rev. RuFUS Spaulding Cushman, D. D 1877 

863 Hon. John B. Page 1885 

866 Rev. Calvin Butler Hulbert, D. D 

867 Hon. Edwin Hammond 1871 

868 Rev. William Patton, D. D 1879 

868 Rev. George Nye Boardman, D. D 

868 Rev. Pliny Holton White, A. M 1869 

869 Hon. John Charles Churchill, LL. D 1875 ... . 

8 70 James B. Jermain, A. M 

870 Hon. Walter C. Dunton, A. M 

870 Hon. Stephen A. Walker, LL. D 

873 Rev. Harvey D. Kitchel, D. D 1879. . . . 

873 Baxter E. Perry, A. M 1884 

873 Hon. William H. Walker, A. M 

874 RuFUS Wainwright, a. M 

874 George W. Ware, Jr., A. M 

876 Rev. Edward P. Hooker, D. D 

880 Rev. Lewis A. Austin, A. M 1 880 

880 Rev. James G. Johnson, D. D 1 889 .... 

88 1 Hon. Joseph Battell, A. M 

881 Hon. Loyal D. Eldredge, A. M 

884 ColUxMbus Smith 1 888 .... 

885 Brainerd Kellogg, A. M 

885 Hon. Aldace F. Walker, LL. D • • • • 

885 Hon. George Z. Erwin, A. M 

885 Gen. James M. Warner, A. M 

885 Rev. Charles C. McIntire, D. D 

886 Rev. Rufus C. Flagg, A. M 

889 Hon. David K. Simonds 

889 Rev. Chandler N. Tho]\ias 

889 Hon. Charles S. Colburn, A. M 


T 800 Seth Storrs, a. M 1 807 . . 

1807 Hon. Peter Starr, LL. D 1815. . 

181 5 Hon. Samuel Swift, LL. D 1826. . 

1826 Hon. Harvey Bell, A. M ..1843. . 

1843 Rev. Lucius Linsley Tilden, A. M 185 1 . . 




Elected. Retired. Died. 

185 1 Hon. John Wolcott Stewart, LL. D 1858. . . . 

1858 Rev. Lucius Linsley Tilden, A. M 1862. . . . 1886 

1862 RuFUS Wainwright, a. M 1 881 ... . 

1881 Charles G. Wainwright 1883. . .. 

1 883 Hon. James M. Slade 


1 800 Hon. Darius Matthews 1 803 .... 1 8 1 9 

1803 Samuel Miller, A. M 1806. . . . 1810 

1806 Hon. Samuel Swift, LL. D , .1810. . .. 1875 

181 o John Simmons, A. M 1829 

1829 William G. Hooker 1830. . . . 1830 

1830 Rev. William Chauncey Fowler, LL. D 1837. .. .1881 

1837 Hon. Samuel Swift, LL. D 1839. • • • 1^75 

1839 Hon. Peter Starr, LL. D 1842. . .. i860 

1842 Rev. Thomas Abbot Merrill, D. D 1852. . . . 1855 

1852 Julius A. Beckwith, A. M 1S54. . ..1857 

1854 Rev. Joseph Dresser Wickham, D. D 1855 ... . 

1855 Prof. Willum Henry Parker, A. M 1884. • • • 1889 

1884 Hon. Loyal Dorus Eldredge, A. M 



1889— 1890. 

Ezra Brainerd, LL. D., ex-officio, President. 
Rev. Joseph D. Wickham, D. D., Manchester. 
Charles J. Starr, Esq., A>z£/ York, N. V. 
Hon. John W. Stewart, LL. D., Middlebury. 
Rev. George N. Boardman, D. D., Chicago, III. 
James B. Jermain, A. M., Albany, N. V. 
Hon. Walter C. Dunton, A. M., Rutland. 
Hon. William H. Walker, A. M., Ludlow. 
RuFUS Wainwright, Esq., A. M., Middlebury. 
George W. Ware, Jr., A. M., Boston, Mass. 
Hon. L. D. Eldredge, A. M., Middlebury. 
Hon. Joseph Baitell, A. M., Middlebury. 
Hon. Aldace F. Walker, A. M., Rutland. 
Hon. George Z. Erwin, A. M., Potsdam, N. V. 
Gen. James M. Warner, A. M., Albany, N. V. 
Rev. C. C. McIntire, D. D., Pitts/ord. 
Prof. Brainerd Kellogg, A. M., Brooklyn, N. V. 
Rev. RuFUS C. Flagg, A. M., IVells River. 
Hon. David K. Simonds, Manchester. 
Rev. Chandler N. Thomas, Port Henry, N. V. 
Hon. Charles S. Colburn, A. M., Pitts/ord. 

Hon. L. D. Eldredge, A. M., Treasurer. 

Hon. James M. Slade, A. M., Secretary. 




Appointed, 1800; resigned, 1809; died, i8i^8. 

Dr. Atwater, the first President of Middlebury College, was bom 
at New Haven, Conn., in 1774. He graduated at Yale College 
in 1793, was the youngest of his class and distinguished himself 
by his scholarly attainments. He was tutor at Yale from 1795 
to 1799, when he was appointed Principal of Addison County 
Grammar School on the recommendation of Dr. Dwight, then Pres- 
dent of Yale College. In 1800 he was appointed President of 
Middlebury College. He continued to act, however, as Principal 
of the Grammar School until 1805. Under President At water's 
administration the College grew and prospered. In 1809 he resigned 
his office and accepted a similar position in Dickinson College at 
Carlisle, Pa. After his resignation of the presidency of Dickinson 
in 18 15 he returned to New Haven and established his residence 
there. His degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred by the Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania. While residing in Middlebury, he was mar- 
ried to Clarissa, daughter of Rev. Eleazer Storrs, who died at New 
Haven in 1834. He subsequently married Mrs. Susan Barnes, whom 
he survived four years. Doctor Atwater continued to reside at New 
Haven until his death, July 29, 1858. 


Appointed, 1809; resigned, 1817; died, 1852. 

Rev. Henry Davis, D. D., was born in East Hampton, N. Y., in 
1 771. His ancestors came from Kidderminster, England, and were 
parishioners of Richard Baxter. He prepared tor college at Clinton 
Academy, and graduated at Yale in 1796. He immediately accepted 
a tutorship at Williams College, which he held till 1798. He then en- 
tered upon the study of theology at Somers, Conn., with Dr. Charles 


Backus, who also had the training of Dr. Woods of Andover and 
President Moore of Amherst. In about six months he was licensed 
to preach by the Association of Tolland County, and soon after was 
appointed tutor in Yale, where he remained till 1803. In 1806 he 
was called to the professorship of Greek in Union College. Three 
years after, upon the retirement of Dr. Atwater, he was elected Pres- 
ident of Middlebury College and was ordained at the time of his in- 
auguration. Later the degree of D. D. was conferred upon him by 
Union College and again the Greek professorship of that institution 
was offered him, which he declined. Later he declined the presiden- 
cy of Yale College. In 181 7 he was elected President of Hamilton 
College. This position he held till 1833. He was President of Mid- 
dlebury from 1809 to 181 7. Dr. Davis was especially active in the 
establishment of Auburn Theological Seminary and the American 
Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. He died at Clinton, 
N. Y., in 1852. 


Appointed, 1818; retired, 1839; died, 1854. 

Rev. Joshua Bates was born at Cohasset, Mass., March 20, 1776. 
His early boyhood was divided between farm labor or attendance on 
a country store and the ordinary schools of his neighborhood. It 
was not till the age of seventeen that he began his classical studies 
with the parish pastor and not till twenty that, after many inteirup- 
tions, he was fitted for college. Having carried on the studies of the 
freshman year while teaching a select school, he entered Harvard 
College as a sophomore and graduated with highest honors in the 
class of 1800. The next year he taught in Phillips Andover Acad- 
emy, and the next was a student of theology under Rev. Jonathan 
French, of Andover, the Theological Seminary not being opened till 
four years later. Licensed in 1802, on March 16, 1803, he was or- 
dained and installed over the First Church and Parish in Dedham, 
Mass., as colleague with the Rev. Jason Haven. Mr. Haven died in 
about two months, leaving him sole tenant of the pastoral office, 
which he occupied for fifteen years. On the i8th of March, 1818, 
he was inaugurated President ot Middlebury College. His administra- 
tion proved honorable, energetic and wise and the result of his ef- 
forts, both as an educator and a man of affairs, was lasting. It had 


been his intention to retire from the presidency at the age of sixty. 
Circumstances, however, made it advisable that he should delay the 
execution of his purpose for three years, and he remamed in office 
until after the Commencement of 1839. Visiting Washington im- 
mediately after his resignation, he was elected chaplain of the House 
of Representatives and acted in that capacity during the long session 
of the twenty-sixth Congress. He settled in Dudley, Mass., in 
1843, where a pastorate of ten years was ended by his death, Jan. 14^ 


Appointed, 1840; resigned, 1866; died, 1883. 

He was the son of Benjamin and Hannah (Farwell) Labaree, born 
in Charlestown, N. H., r8oi, June 3. He studied at Kimball Union 
Academy, Meriden, N. H., graduated at Dartmouth College 1828, 
and at Andover Theological seminary 1831, and was ordained by the 
Presbytery of Nevvburyport, at Bradford, Mass., Sept. 26, 1831. 
Before entering the Academy he had been a teacher in North Caro- 
lina, and after his Seminary course he was sent out by the American 
Education Society to make a tour through the region south-west of 
Ohio to enlist young men for the ministry. Soon after, in September, 
1 83 1, he accepted a position as head teacher in a Manual Labor 
School at Spring Hill, Tenn., where he resided till 1836. During the 
last four years of this period he was connected with Jackson College, 
Columbia, Tenn. — as Professor of ancient languages, i832-4,and as 
President, 1834-6. In the autumn of 1833 he was unanimously 
elected to the Presidency of Western Reserve (now Adelbert) College, 
and in 1 835 to the chair of Sacred Rhetoric in Lane Theological Sem- 
inary ; both of which calls he declined. From 1837 to 1840 he was 
Secretary of the Central American Education Society at New York 
City, from which position he was called to the Presidency of Middle- 
bury College. His long administration of twenty-six years was an em- 
inently successful one. The endowment of the College was largely 
increased by his earnest and self-sacrificing efforts. The new dormi- 
tory, "Starr Hall," was built in i86r, and promptly rebuilt after the 
fire of 1864. He commanded the esteem of his pupils for the thor- 
oughness of his instruction, the firmness of his government, and his 
paternal care for their welfare. He labored for the religious interests 


of the college ; sixty-three of his graduates became ministers. His 
devotion to his work led him to decline an invitation to a secretary- 
ship of the American Board. After leaving Middlebury Dr. Labaree 
resided at Andover, Mass., 1867-69; was acting pastor at South 
Weymouth, Mass., 1869 ; resided at West Roxbury, Mass., 1870-75 ; 
at Charlestown, N. H., 1875-80; at Walpole, N. H., from 1880 till 
his death, Nov. 15, 1883. He was appointed lecturer on Moral Phil- 
osophy and International Law in Dartmouth College in 1871 and held 
the office until 1876. He lectured on these topics also at Middle- 
bury College in 1874. He received the degree ot D. D. from the 
University of Vermont in 1841 ; and the degree of LL.D. from Dart- 
mouth College in 1864. Dr. Labaree was married in Dorchester, 
Mass., Sept. 29, 1831, to Eliza Paul Capen, who died in Spring Hill, 
Tenn., Oct. 12, 1835, leaving two sons, Benjamin and John C. Dr. 
Labaree was again married in 1836, Oct. 25, to Mrs. Susan (Free- 
man) Fairbank of Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Labaree and his late widow 
are buried at Charlestown, N. H. 


Appointed, 1866; resigned, 1875. 

President Kitchel was born at Whitehall, N. Y., February 3, 181 2. 
His education was obtained by persistent efforts, and he graduated at 
Middlebury College with high honors in 1835. The fall after gradu- 
ation he taught in Castleton Seminary, and soon after entered upon 
his studies at Andover Theological vSeminary, where he remained un- 
til 1836, when he returned to Middlebury College as tutor. The next 
year he resumed his studies at Yale Theological Seminary and gradu- 
ated at that institution in 1838. The next year he became pastor 
of the Congregational church in Thomaston, Conn., where he re- 
mained until 1848, when he was called to the First Congregational 
church in Detroit, Mich. His service with that church continued for 
sixteen years and there he confirmed his reputation as a vigorous 
thinker, an eloquent preacher, a strong man. In 1864 he accepted 
a call to the Plymouth church in Chicago, and thence in 1866, upon 
the retirement of President Labaree, he was called to the presidency 
of Middlebury College. Dr. Kitchel entered upon the duties of his 
office in the fullness of his powers and for nine years administered 
the affairs of the college with sound judgment and thorough effi- 


ciency. In the State at large he at once took his place as a man of 
commanding powers and wide influence, and into the immediate col- 
lege life he entered with dignity and kindHness. He resigned the pres- 
idency of the college in 1875. In early life he married Miss Ann 
Sheldon of Rupert, Vt. ; she became the mother of his six sons, who 
are all filling honorable and responsible positions. His second wife 
was Mrs. Ophelia Sayre of Brooklyn, N. Y. Not long before coming to 
Middlebury he married Mrs. Harriet Smith of Milwaukee, whose 
worth and grace added largely to the success of his administration. 
They are passing the last years of honored lives in their home at 
East Liverpool, Ohio. 


Appointed, 1875 ; resigned, 1880. 

President Hulbert was successor to President Kitchel, coming to 
the office after a vacancy in the presidency of a year. Professor W. 
H. Parker, senior professor, acting in the interim. Dr. Hulbert 
was born in Vermont, at East Sheldon, Oct. 18, 1827. His 
parents were Chauncey and Charlotte (Munsell) Hulbert. His pre- 
paration for college was made at the Academies at Bakersfield and 
Thetford. The experiences formerly so common to students, that 
of struggle for means of carrying on study, teaching in winter and 
working on the farm part of the summer, was not an exception in 
his case ; he was compelled to make his own way. He entered 
Dartmouth College in 1849 and graduated in the class of 1853. 
Then followed three years of teaching, one at Swanton and two as 
Principal of the Franklin County Grammar School, St. Albans, Vt. 
In the Autumn of 1856 he entered the Theological Seminary at An- 
dover, Mass., and graduated in 1859. On October 20 of the same 
year he was ordained and installed pastor of the Congregational 
church. New Haven, Vt. It was while pastor of this church in the 
vicinity of Middlebury that his official connection with the College 
began, he being in 1866 elected a member of the Board of Trustees. 
He evinced a warm and abiding interest in the prosperity of the col- 
lege. After ten years' labor at New Haven he was dismissed from this 
place to enter upon the pastorate of the Bellville Avenue Congrega- 
tional church, Newark, N. J., which he began Jan. i, 1870. In May, 
1872, he was installed pastor of the Second Congregational church of 


Bennington, Vt., continuing there until entering upon the duties of 
the presidency of Middlebury College, July, 1875. At Commence- 
ment time, 1880, he resigned the presidency and returned to the work 
ot the gospel ministry. He was acting pastor of the Congregational 
church, Lyndonville, Vt., until 1886. In 1887 he entered upon the 
pastorate of the Congregational church in East Hardwick, Vt. In 
1875 Dartmouth College conferred upon him the degree of 
Doctor of Divinity. Dr. Hulbcrt has written many papers and 
addresses of value, chiefly upon topics connected with education. 


Appointed, 1880; resigned, 1885. 

His parents were Hon. Hannibal Hamlin and Susan Faulkner 
Hamlin, who resided in Waterford, Me. His father was teacher, 
member of the General Court of Massachusetts, and High Sheriff of 
Oxford County. Maine was ^t that time a province of Massachusetts. 
Cyrus Hamlin was born in Waterford, Me., January 5, t8ii. 
Till he was 16 years old he lived on a farm, attending the common 
school a few weeks each year. January i, 1827, he entered a jewelry 
and silversmith establishment in Portland, Me. Under the preaching 
of Payson he became a Christian and went to Bridgton Academy, 
May, 1829, to prepare for the ministry. He was graduated from 
Bowdoin College in 1834, and while in college exhibited the same 
mechanical skill and Christian courage which characterized his later 
life. In his sophomore year he built a steam engine under great 
difficulties, the first one constructed in Maine. He was graduated 
from Bangor Theological Seminary in 1837. His wish was to go into 
Central Africa as an explorer, but the A. B. C. F. M. sent him to 
Constantinople to establish a High School and to superintend educa- 
tion. From 1840 till i860 he was principal of Bebek Seminary ; and 
then became engaged in the work of founding Robert College and 
securing a building for it. Success crowned this last effort only after 
the most persistent and patient labor. He was its first President and 
continued in this office till 1877. During his residence at Constanti- 
nople he showed his great executive power in the successful introduc- 
tion of industrial activities, especially bread-making, among the perse- 
cuted Armenians and in connection with the English hospital at Scutari 


during the Crimean war. From 1877 to 1880 he was Professor of 
Theology in Bangor Theological Seminary and from 1880 to 1885 
was President of Middlebury College. Several thousand dollars were 
collected by him with which he fitted up new rooms for the library 
and added many books to it, arranged the cabinets in new and 
spacious quarters, greatly enlarged the amount of physical apparatus, 
and built a boarding hall. These remain as a constant reminder of 
his energy. He received the degree of D. D. from Bowdoin and 
Harvard and LL.D. from the University of New York and Bowdoin. 
He now resides in Lexington, Mass. 


Appointed pro tempore, 1885 ; elected, 1886. 

Ezra Brainerd was born at St. Albans, Vt., Dec. 17, 1844. His 
early life was spent in that town, where he received his preparation 
for college. Through the influence of the Rev. Dr. J. E. Rankin he 
was led to enter Middlebury College in the autumn of i860. He 
graduated in 1864, receiving the first honor, and was immediately 
appointed tutor for the following year. There is but one other in- 
stance in the history of the college of the appointment of a student 
to the position of instructor for the year succeeding his graduation. 
After serving for two years as tutor, Mr. Brainerd entered the Theo- 
logical Seminary at Andover, Mass., where he graduated in i868. 
He was at once appointed to the chair of Rhetoric and English Lit- 
erature in Middlebury College, left vacant by the resignation of Pro- 
fessor Brainerd Kellogg, who had been called to the Brooklyn Poly- 
technic Institute. He filled this position until 1880, when he was 
made Professor of Physics and Applied Mathematics. In 1885, upon 
the resignation of the Rev. Dr. Cyrus Hamlin, he was appointed tem- 
porary president by the Board of Trustees, and on April 17, 1886, he 
was elected eighth president of the college with which he had been 
so long connected. In addition to his regular college duties, Presi- 
dent Brainerd has given much study to other departments of Natural 
Science, and has made several important contributions to the Botany 
and Geology of Vermont. In 1887, he was one of the three commis- 
sioners appointed to revise the school laws of the State of Vermont. 
In 1888, he received the degree of LL.D. from Ripon College, Wis- 
consin, and also from the University of Vermont. 




1800 *REV. JEREMIAH ATWATER, A. B., Yale, 1793 ; A. 
M., Yale, 1796; S. T. D., Dickinson, 1810; D. D., 

University of Pennsylvania, 181 1 Died 1858 

President, 1800-1809. 

1800 *HON. JOEL DOOLrCTLE, A. B., Yale, 1799 ; A. M., 

Middlebury, 1802 Died 1841 

Tutor, 1800-1801 

1801 *HON. SAMUEL SWIFT, A. B., Dartmouth, 1800; A. 

M., Middlebury and Dartmouth, 1803 ; LL. D., Mid- 
dlebury, i860 Died [875 

Tutor, 1801-1803. 

1803 *REV. EXPERIENCE PORTER, A. B., Dartmouth, 

1803 and Middlebury, 1804 ; A. M., Middlebury, 
1806 Died 1828 

Tutor, 1803-1804. 


mouth, 1801 ; A. M., Middlebury and Dartmouth, 
1805 ; D. D., Middlebury, 1837 Died 1855 

Tutor, 1804-1805. 

1804 *REV. WALTER CHAPIN, A. B., Middlebury, 1803; 

A. M., 1806 Died 1827 

Tutor, 1804-1805. 

1805 *FREDERICK HALL, A. B., Dartmouth, 1803; A.M., 

Middlebury, 1806, and Dartmouth and Harvard, 1810 ; 
M. D., Castleton Medical College, 1827; LL. D., 
Dartmouth, 1841 Died 1843 

Tutor, 1805-1806. 

Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, 1806- 

1806 *HON. DANIEL CHIPMAN, A. B., Dartmouth, 1788 ; 

A. M., Middlebury, 1808; LL. D., Middlebury, 

1849 Died 1850 

Professor of Law, 1806-1816. 

1806 *REV. ALLEN GREELEY, A. B., Dartmouth, 1804 ; A. 

M., Middlebury and Dartmouth, 1807 Died 1843 

Tutor, 1806- 1808. 



1808 *REV. OLIVER HULBURD, A. B., Middlebury, 1806 ; 

A.M., 1809 Died 18 14 

' Tutor. 1808-1811. 

Professor of the Greek and Latin Languages, 1811-1812. 

1809 *REV. RICHARD HALL, A. B., Middlebury, 1808; 

A.M., 181 1 Died 1824 

Tutor, 1809-18 10. 

i8io *REV. HENRY DAVIS, A. B., Yale, 1796 ; A. M., Yale 

and Williams, 1799 ; S. T. D., Union, 18 10. ...Died 1852 

President, 1810-1817. 

1810 *IRA BASCOM, A. B., Middlebury, 1807; A. M., i8to. 

.Died 1820 

Tutor, 1810-1811. 

181 1 *REV. WILLIAM GOODELL, A. B., Middlebury, 

1810; A. M., 1813 Died 1865 

Tutor, 1811-1813. 

181 1 *HON. HORATIO CONANT, A. B., Middlebury, 1810 ; 

A. M., 1813; M. D Died 1879 

Tutor, 1811-1813. 

1812 *REV. JOHN HOUGH, A. B., Yale, 1802 ; A. M., Yale, 

1805 ; Williams, 1806; Middlebury, 1807; S. T. D., 
Middlebury, 184.C; Died 1861 

Professor of the Greek and Latin Languages, 1812-1817. 
Professor of Theology, 1817-1825. 

Professor of the Greek and Latin Languages, 1825-1838. 
Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature, 1838-1839. 

1813 *REV. JOEL HARVEY LINSLEY, A. B., Middlebury, 

181 1 ; A. M., 1814; D. D., 1837 Died 1868 

Tutor, 1813-1815. 

1813 *REV. SAMUEL S. DAVIS, A. B., Middlebury, 1812; 

A. M , Middlebury and Union, 18 15 ; D. D., Franklin, 
1845 Died 1877 

Tutor, 1813-1814. 

1814 *SOLOMON METCALF ALLEN, A. B., Middlebury, 

1813 ; A. M., Middlebury and Williams, 1817. .Died 181 7 

Tutor. 1814-1817. 

Professor of the Greek and Latin Languages, 1817. 


dlebury, 181 1 ; A. M., Middlebury, 18 14; College of 
New Jersey, 181 7 Died 1847 

Tutor, 1815. 

1 815 *REV. OTTO SMITH HOYT, A. B., Middlebury, 1813 ; 

A. M., 1816 Died 1869 

Tutor, 1815-1816. 



1816 *HON. NATHANIEL CHIPMAN, A. B., Yale, 1777; 

LL. D., Dartmouth, 1797 Died 1 843 

Professor of Law, i8 16-1843. 

1816 *REV. REUEL KEITH, A. B., Middlebury, 1814; A. 

M., 18 19; D. D., 1827 Died 1842 

Tutor, 1816-1817. 

181 7 *HOLDEN RHODES, A. B., Middlebury, 1815 ; A. M., 

i8r8 Died 1857 

Tutor, 1817. 

1817 *REV. DANIEL HEMENWAY, A. B., Middlebury, 

1815; A. M., 1818 Died 1871 

Tutor, 1817-1818. 

1817 *ROBERT BRIDGES PATTON, A. B., Yale, 181 7; Mid- 

dlebury, 181 8 ; A. M., Middlebury, 1820 ; Ph. D., Goet- 
tingen, "182 1 Died 1839 

Tutor, 1817-1818. 

Professor of the Greek and Latin Languages, 1818-1825. 

1818 *REV. JOSHUA BATES, A. B., Harvard, 1800; A. M., 

Harvard and Brown, 181 3 ; S.T. D.,Yale, 181 8.. Died 1854 
President, 1818-1839. 

1818 *FRANKLIN SHERRILL, A. B., Williams, 1815 ; Mid- 
dlebury, 1818; A. M., Middlebury, 1819 Died 1856 

Tutor, 1818 1820. 

1818 *HENRY HOWE, A. B., Middlebury, 1817; A. M., 

1820 Died 1865 

Tutor, 1818-1820. 


Middlebury, 181 7; A. M., 1820- Died 1838 

Tutor, 1821-1822. 

1820 *REV. JUSTUS WARNER FRENCH, A. B., Middle- 

bury, 181 7 ; A. M., 1820 Died 1862 

Tutor, 1820-1821. 

1821 *REV. HEMAN ROOD, A. B., Middlebury, 1819; A. 

M., 1822; D. D., 1873 Died 1882 

Tutor, 1821-1822. 


dlebury, 182 1 ; A. M., 1824 Died 1863 

Tutor, 1822-1823. 

1823 *EDWARD TURNER, A. B., Yale, 1818; A. M., Yale, 

1821 ; Middlebury, 1825 Died 1838 

Tutor, 1823-1825. 

Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, I825- 





Middlebury, 1821 ; A. M., 1824 Died 1878 

Tutor, 1824. 

1825 *REV. JOHN STEVENS, A. B., Middlebury, 1821 ; A. 

M., Middlebury, 1824; Brown, 1829; D. D., Roch- 
ester, 1873 Died 1877 

Tutor, 1825-1827. 

1827 *REV. EDWIN HALL, A. B., Middlebury, 1826 ; A. M., 

1829; D. D., 1846 Died 1877 

Tutor, 1827-1828. 


1816; A. M., Yale, 1819; Middlebury, 1837; 

LL. D., Lafayette, 186 r Died 1881 

Professor of Chemistry and Natural History, 1828-1838. 
1828 *REV. HENRY SMITH, A. B., Middlebury, 1827; A. 

M., 1830 ; D. D., 1847 ; LL. D., Marietta, 1874.. Died 1879 

Tutor, 1828-1830. 

bury, 1829; A. M., 1832; D. D., 1855 Died 1886 

Tutor, 1830-1832. 

1832 *WILLIAM HENRY PARKER, A. B., Middlebury, 

1830; A.M., 1833 Died 1889 

Tutor, 1832-1834. 

Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, 1848- 

Emeritus, 1881. 

1834 *REV. HARVEY CURTIS, A. B., Middlebury, 1831 ; 

A. M., 1834; D. D., 1857 Died 1862 

Tutor, 1834-1835. 

1835 REV. SAMUEL STORRS HOWE, A. B., Middlebury, 

1829; A. M., 1832 Died 1888 

Tutor, 1835-1836. 

1836 ^LEONARD RAWSON, A. B., Middlebury, 1833; A. 

M., 1836 Died 1838 

Tutor, 1836 1837. 

1836 *HON. JAMES MEACHAM, A. B., Middlebury, 1832 ; 

A. M., 1835 Died 1856 

Tutor, 1 836- 1 838. 

Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature, 1 846-1850. 

dlebury, 1835 ; A. M., Middlebury, 1838 ; Yale, 1865 ; 
D. D., Middlebury, 1858 ' 

Tutor, 1836-1837. 
President, 1866-1873. * 



1837 REV. JAMES DAVIE BUTLER, A. B., Middlebury, 

1836; A. M., 1839; LL.D., 1862. 

Tutor, 1837-1838. 

1838 *SOLOMON STODDARD, A. B., Yale, 1820; A. M., 

Yale, 1823 ; Middlebury, 1838 Died 1847 

Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, 1838. 
Professor of the Greek and Latin Languages, 1838- 1847. 

1838 JAMES MADISON FLAGG, A. B., Middlebury, 1835 ; 
A.M., 1 838 

Tutor, 1838. 

1838 *CHARLES BAKER ADAMS, A. B., Amherst, 1834; 

A. M., Amherst, 1837 ; Middlebury, 1839 ^^^^ 1853 

Professor of Chemistry and Natural History, 1838-1847. 

bury, 1834 ; D. D., Madison, 1853 Died 1888 

Tutor, 1838-1839. 

1838 *ALEXANDER CATLIN TWINING, A. B., Yale, 1820 ; 

A. M., Yale, 1823; Middlebury, 1839; LL.D., Yale, 

1865 Died 1884 

Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, 1838- 


A. B., Middlebury, 1835; A. M., 1838; D. D., 
1882 Died 1882 

Tutor, 1839. 

Professor of the Greek and Latin Languages, 1848-1866. 

Professor of Greek and German, 1866-1872. 

1839 WILLIAM FRANKLIN BASCOM, A. B., Middlebury, 

1838; A. M., 1841 

Tutor, 1839-1845. 

1840 *REV. BENJAMIN LABAREE, A. B., Dartmouth, 

1828; D. D., University of Vermont, 1841 ; LL.D., 
Dartmouth, 1864.... Died 1883 

President, 1839-1866. 

Instructor in International Law and History of Civilization, 
1 876- 1 877. 

1840 *REV. ALBERT SMITH, A. B., Middlebury, 1831 ; A. 

M., 1834; D. D., Shurtleff, i86o Died 1863 

Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature, 1840-1844. 


1838; A. M., Yale, 1841 Died 1857 

Tutor, 1840. 



1840 *REV. MILO JUDSON HICKOK, A. B., Middlebury, 
1835 ; A. M., 1838; D. D., College of New Jersey, 
1861 Died 1873 

Tutor, 1840. 


Middlebury, 1 840 ; A. M., 1 843 Died 1853 

Tutor, 1843-1844. 

1844 *JAMES HADLEY, A. B., Yale, 1S42 ; A. M., Yale, 

1845; LL. D., Wesleyan, 1866 Died 1872 

Tutor, 1844-1845. 


dlebury, 1843 > A. M., 1846 ; LL.D., Middlebury, 
1874; Hamilton, 1882 •••• 

Tutor, 1845-1846. 

1846 *EBER DOUGLASS MUNGER, A. B., Middlebury, 

1842 ; A. M., 1845 Died 1847 

Tutor, 1846-1847. 

1847 REV. GEORGE NYE BOARDMAN, A. B., Middle- 

bury, 1847; A. M., 1850; D. D., University of Ver- 
mont, 1867 

Tutor, 1847-1849. 

Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature, 1853-1859. 

1848 JOHN BUTLER TALCOTI^ A. B., Yale, 1846 ; A. M., 

Yale, 1849 

Tutor, 1848. 

1848 *HON. HORACE EATON, A. B., Middlebury, 1825; 

A. M., 1828; M. D., Castleton Medical College, 
1828 Died 1.855 

Professor of Chemistry and Natural History, 1848-1854. 

1849 REV. JOSEPH AVERY BENT, A. B., Middlebury, 

1845 ; A. M., 1848 

Tutor, 1849-1850. 

1850 REV. IRA DOTY BURWELL, A. B., Middlebury, 

1847; A. M., 1850 

Tutor, 1850. 

1850 Rev. JEREMIAH EAMES RANKIN, A. B., Middle- 

bury, 1848; A. M., 1851 ; D. D., 1869 

Tutor, 1850-1851. 


sylvania College, 1844; D. D., Western Reserve, 

Professor of Rhetoric and EngUsh Literature, 1851-1853. 



1851 ELEAZER SHERMAN, A. B., xMiddlebury, 1849; A. 

M., 1852 

Tutor, 1851-1852. 

1852 *REV. HIRAM MEAD, A. B., Middlebury, 1850; A. 

M., 1853; D. D. 1870 Died i88i 

Tutor, 1852-1854. 

1854 SOLON ALBEE, A. B., Middlebury, 1851 ; A. M., 


Tutor. 1854-1855. 

Professor of Latin, 1866-1880. 

1855 ^GILBERT COOK LANE, A. B., Middlebury, 1853; 

A. M., 1856 Died 1858 

Tutor, 1855-1856. 


bury, 1853; A. M., 1856 

Tutor. 1855-1856. 

1856 *ISAAC FARWELL HOLTON, A. B., Amherst, 1836 ; 

M. A., Amherst, 1846 Died 1874 

Professor of Chemistry and Natural History, 1856-1857. 


bury, 1855 ; A. M., 1858; D. D., 1881 

Tutor, 1856-1857. 


bury, 1856 ; A. M., 1859 

Tutor. 1857- 1859. 

Professor of Latin, 1880-1885. 

bury, 1851 ; A. M., 1854; Dartmouth, 1859; D. D., 
Hamilton, 1870 

Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature, 1859-1861. 

1859 REV. CHARLES MARSH MEAD. A. B., Middlebury, 
1856 ; A. M., 1859 ; Ph. D., Tuebingen, 1866 ; D. D., 
Middlebury, 1881 

Tutor, 1859-1860. 

i860 BRAINERD KELLOGG, A. B., Middlebury, 1858; 
A. M., 1861 

Tutor, 1860-1861. 

Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature, 1861-1868. 

Instructor in Elocution, 1872 — 

bury, i860 ; A. M., 1863 

Tutor, 1861-1863. 



1861 HENRY MARTYN SEELY, Ph. B., Yale, 1856 ; M. D., 
Berkshire Medical School, 1857; A. M., Yale, i860. 

Professor of Chemistry and Natural History, i86i — 

1863 *REV. JAMES E. PIERCE, A. B., Middlebury, 1861 ; 

A.M., 1864 Died 1870 

Tutor, 1863-1864. 

1864 EZRA BRAINERD, A. B., Middlebury, 1864 ; A. M., 

1867; LL. D., Ripon and University of Vermont, 

Tutor, 1864-1866. 

Professor of Rhetoric and EngUsh Literature, 1868-1880. 

Professor of Physics and Applied Mathematics, 1880 — 

President, /rc> tempore, 1885-1886. 

President, 1886— 

1866 REV. GEORGE NELSON WEBBER, A. B., Amherst, 
1852 ; M. A., Amherst, 1855 ; D. D., Amherst, 1870. 

Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy, 1866-1874. 
Pro tempore^ 1885-1886. 

1872 EDWIN HALL HIGLEY, A. B., Middlebury, 1868; 
A.M., 1871 

Professor of Geeek and German, 1872-1882. 

1874 WILLIAM B. CLARK, A. B., Amherst, 1874 

Instructor in Intellectual Philosophy and Logic, 1874-1875. 

1874 HENRY HERBERT ROSS, A. B., Middlebury, 1872 ; 

A.M., 1875 

Instructor in Greek and Mathematics, 1874-1875. 


mouth, 1853 ; D. D., Dartmouth, 1876 

-President, 1875-1880. - 

1875 *REV. M. STUART PHELPS, A. B., Yale, 1869 ; Ph. D., 

Yale, 1874 Died 1883 

Instructor in Intellectual Philosophy and Logic, 1875-1876. 

1877 DAVID McGregor means, a. B., Yale, 1868. . . . 

Professor of Political and Mental Science, 1 877-1880. 

1S80 REV. CYRUS HAMLIN, A. B., Bowdoin, 1834; A. 
M., Bowdoin, 1837 ; D. D., Bowdoin, 1854 ; Harvard, 
1861 ; LL. D., University of New York, 1870 ; Bow- 
doin, 1880 

President, 1880-1885. 

1880 JULIAN WILLIS ABERNETHY, A. B., Middlebury, 
1876; A. M., 1879; Ph. D., Yale, 1879 

Tutor, 1880-188 1. 



1881 HENRY W. HULBERT. A. B., Middlebury, 1879; 

A. M., 1 882 

Tutor, 1881-1882. 

1882 WILLIAM WELLS EATON, A. B., Amherst, 1868; 

M. A., Amherst, 1871 

Professor of Greek, 1882-1884. 
Professor of Greek and German, 1884- 

1882 REV. FRANK HUGH FOSTER, A. B., Harvard, 
1873 ; Ph. D., Leipsic, 1882 

Protessor of Philosophy and German, 1882-1884. 

1884 EDWARD STRIEBY STEELE, A. B., Oberhn, 1872. . 

Professor of Philosophy, 1884-1885, 

1884 SAMUEL SHELDON, A. B., Middlebury, 1883; A. 

M., 1887; Ph. D., Wuerzburg, 1888 

Instructor in Mathematics, 1884-1885. 

1885 HENRY EDWARDS SCOTT, A. B., Harvard, 1881. 

Professor of Latin and Instructor in French, 1885-1887. 

1885 CHARLES BAKER WRIGHT, A. B., Buchtel, 1880; 

A. M., Buchtel, 1885 

Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature, 1885— 

1886 REV. GRANVILLE YAGER, A. B., Wesleyan, 1866. 

Professor of Psychology, Ethics and Economics, 1886-1889. 
Professor of Psychology and Ethics, 1889 — 

1886 THOMAS EMERSON BOYCE, A. B., Middlebury, 

1876; A.M., 1879 

Professor of Mathematics, 1886 — 

1887 JAMES MORTON BATON, A. B., University of the 

City of New York, 1 883 ; Harvard, 1 884 

Professor of Latin and French, 1887 — 

1889 WALTER E. HOWARD, A. B., Middlebury, 1871.. . 

Professor of History and Political Science, 1889 — 



T 889— 1890. 
EZRA BRAIN ERD, LL. D., President, 

I And Professor of Physics. 


Burr Professor of Chemistry and Natural History. 


Professor of Psychology and Ethics. 


Professor of Greek and German. 


Professor of History and Political Science. 


Professor of Mathematics. 


Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature. 


Morton Professor of Latin and French. 


Instructor in Elocution. 






*Aaron Petty, Westminster, Vt. 

He had the ministry in view. Died 1803. 


♦Walter Chapin, Woodstock, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal of Royalton Academy, 1803- 
1804. Tutor in Middlebury College. 1804-1805. Pastor of Congrega- 
tional church in Woodstock, 1810-1827. Secretary Vermont Domes- 
tic Missionary Association seven years. Trustee of Middlebury Col- 
lege, 1821-1827. A. M. Died 1827. 

♦Henry Chipman, Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. Practiced in Walterborough, S. C, 1809-1824. Removed to 
Detroit, 1824. Chief Judge of Wayne County Court, 1825-1827. Judge 
of the U. S. Territorial Court of Mich., 1827-1832. Recorder of De- 
troit, 1833-1835. Chief Justice of the District Crimmal Court, 1840- 
1844. Adjutant U. S. service, 1812. A.M. LL. D., 1866. Died 1867. 

♦Edward S. Stuart, Lyons, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Studied law in Troy and settled in Lyons, N. Y. He was 
an uncle of Senator Stewart of Nevada. Died 1816. 


♦Charles Barney, New Haven, Conn. 

Teacher. Died 1815. 

♦Jonathan Bell, Detroit, Mich. 

Commissioned First Lieutenant U. S. A., 1815. Afterward he served 
in the Commissary Department with the rank of Major. He lived in 
I^wiston, N. Y., until 1850, when he removed to Detroit. Died 1867. 

♦Milo Cooke, Augusta, Ga. 

Lawyer and teacher. Read law in Middlebury and practiced in Wil- 
liston, Vt., till 1813. Principal Addison County Grammar School, 
1817-1818 ; English Department, Richmond Academy, Augusta, 1818- 
1820. A. M. Died 1820. 

♦James B. Gibson, Salem, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died 1827. 

1804-1805 ALUMNI. 27 

*Thomas'E. Hale, Castine, Me. 

Lawyer. A. M. Died 1821. 

*Daniel C. Hopkins, Montclair, N. J. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Ordained by the Presbytery of Hudson, N. 
Y., 1809. A. M. 'Died 1871. 

♦Thomas Dillino Huggins, Albany, N. Y. 

Lawyer. A. M. Died 1816. 

*Ira Manley, Keene, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clers^yraan. Principal of Brandon Academy four years 
and also taught in Rutland and West Rutland. Read law and theol- 
ogy. Was licensed to preach by the Rutland Association, 1813 and 
ordained about 1816. He preached in Essex and Oneida counties, 
N. Y., until about 1850, when he removed to Wisconsin, returning to 
Essex county about four years before his death. Died 1871. 

♦David McWhorter. (?) 

A. B., Dartmouth College, 1805. Died 1809. 

*Mati'HEw Phelps, New Haven, Vt. 

Representative in the Legislature, 181 1. Judge of Addison County 
Court, 1810-1812. Major U. S. service in the war of 1812. A. M. 
Died 1813. 

♦William Douglass Smith, Rutland, Vt. 

Lawyer. Clerk of the Vermont House of Representatives, 1809-1822. 
Died 1822. 

*JuBA Storks, Mansfield, Conn. 

Lawyer. Commenced practice in Buffalo, N. Y., 1808. Clerk Niag- 
ara County, igio. Engaged in commercial pursuits in Buffalo and 
Canandaigua, N. Y., and in 1826 removed to Mansfield. Died 1861. 


♦Amos Bingham, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Licensed to preach, 1812. Ordained by 
the Pawlet Association, 1817. City missionary, Albany, N. Y., 1818- 
1819; Boston, 1819-1828. Became a member of the Third Presby- 
tery of Philadelphia, 1838. A. M. Died 1861. 

♦Luther Palmer Blodgeit, Exeter, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Rochester, Vt., twelve years; 
Jericho, 1819-1827 ; in Little Falls, N. Y., Sherburne, N. Y., and Ex- 
eter. A. M. Died 1862. 

William H. Cooley, Rupert, Vt. 

He became a lawyer and settled in western New York. (?) 

♦Joel Davis, Croydon, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor in Barnard, Vt., 1808-1822 ; Wil- 
liamstown, Vt., 1824-1834; Washington, N. H., 1837-1840; Williams- 
town, 1840-1842. After 1842 lived in Croydon. A. M. Died 1853. 

♦Jesse Gove, Rutland, Vt. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar, 1808. Clerk U. S. Circuit and Dis- 
trict Courts, 1809-1842. Died 1842. 


*Daniel Gray, Bridport, Vt. 

A. M. Died 1823. 

♦Daniel Hall, Troy, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar in Troy, i8og. Secretary of the Rensse- 
laer and Saratoga Insurance Company and director of various banks. 
At the time of his death his was the oldest name borne on the rolls of 
the Rensselaer County bar. A. B,, Dartmouth College, 1805. Died 

♦Timothy Harris, Granville, Ohio. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Granville, Ohio, 1808-1822. A. 
M. Died 1822. 

♦John Lawton, Newport, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Windham, Vt., 1809-1819 ; Hills- 
boro, N, H., 1819-1834. Was then a home missionary in Illinois a 
few years. A. M. Died 1842. 

Joseph D. Learned, Davenport, la. ( ?) 

lawyer. Began practice in Portland, Me., 1810. Entered the mili- 
tary service of the U. S., 1812; became colonel and was appointed to 
the command of the Eastern Military Division of the United States. 
In i8t6 he resumed the practice of the law in Baltimore, where he re- 
maijiedJiiLlSs?*^ In 1844 he was living in. Davenport, Iowa. A. M. 

♦RoLLiiTc. Mallar^^^^C{^/>J^ ■ ^r^::^ ^""" Poultney, Vt. 

Lawyer. Principal Castleton Seminary, 1806. Practiced law in 
Castleton, 1807-1818; in Poultney, 1818-1831. Secretary of the Gov- 
ernor and Council of Vermont 1807. 1809-1812, and 1815-1819. State's 
Attorney, Rutland county, 1810-1813 and 1815-1816. Member of Con- 
gress, 1820-1831. Trustee of Middlebury College, 1825-1831. Died 

♦Calvin Noble, Chelsea, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Chelsea, 1807-1834. A. M. Died 

♦Justus Post, Caledonia, 111. 

Cadet, U. S. Military Academy, West Point, 1806-1807. Second Lieut. 
Reg. of Artillerists, 1807; First Lieut, 1811. Military Agent, 1812 
and Agent of Fortifications, 1812-1815. Colonel, Staff Quartermaster- 
General, 1814. Disbanded, 1815. Farmer, Bonhomme Bottom, St. 
Louis county. Miss., 1816-1830. Judge of the County Court of St. 
Louis, Mo., 1822-1826. Engineer of the survey of the Illinois and 
Michigan canal, 1823-1824. Member of the Missouri Senate. 1826- 
1830. Farmer and Merchant, Alexander (now Pulaski) county, 
Illinois, 1830-1846. Died 1846. 

♦Julius A. Preston, Orwell, Vt. 

Graduated at seventeen years of age and died a few months after. 

♦Salem Town, Greencastle, Ind. 

Teacher. Conducted Teachers' Institute as early as 1843. Forty 
years a teacher in the State of New York and served one term as a 
member of the New York Senate. Author of many school books. A. 
M. LL.D., Regents University, 1849. Died 1864. 

♦Chester Wright, Montpelier, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Addison County Grammar 
School, 1805-1807. Pastor, Montpelier, 1809-1830; Hardwick, 1837- 
1840. Trustee of Middlebury College, 1819-1840. A. M. Died 1840. 

1806-1807 ALUMNI. 29 


*WiLLiAM Andrews, Cornwall, Conn. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Windham, Conn., 1808-1813; 
Danbury. 1813-1827; Cornwall, 1827-1838. A.M. Died 1838. 

*Caleb Burge, Warsaw, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Physician. Author. A. M. M. t)., 
Castleton Medical College, 1828. Died 1838. 

*AsAHEL Clark, Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Lawyer. A. M. Died 1822. 

*SoLOMON G. CoNKLiN, Albany, N. Y. 

Graduated at West Point, 1809, Died in the military service, i3io. (?) 

*Chauncey Cook, Ottawa, III. 

Congregational clergyman. A. M. Died i860. 

*Eli Eddy, Bath, N. Y. 

Clergyman. Teacher. Author. Died 1832. 

*JoHN Frost, Waterville, N. Y. 

Presbyterian Clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1810. Agent 
A. B. C. F. M. in New England and New York, 1811-1812. Ordained 
1813. Pastor, Whitesborough, N. Y., 1813-1833. Agent Oneida In- 
stitute, 1833-1834. Pastor. Elmira, N. Y., 1835-1839; Waterville, N. 
Y., 1841-1842. A. M. Died 1842. 

*Daniel Hascall, Hamilton, N. Y. 

Baptist clergyman. Professor of Natural Philosophy and Sacred 
Rhetoric, Hamilton Theological Seminary. Author. A. M. Died 

*Oliver Hulburd, WaynesboroughjGa. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Tutor, 1808-1811. Professor of Languages, 
1811-1812. A. M. Died 1814. 

*Daniel Hunter, Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Lawyer. A. B., Dartmouth, 1806. Died 1820. 

*Oliver Leavitt, Palermo, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Died 1837. 

* Luther Leland, Derby, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Derby, 1810-1822. A. M. Died 

*Stephen Martindale, Wallingford, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher, West Dorset, 1807-1814. Pas- 
tor, Tinmouth, Vt., 1818-1832 ; Wallingford, 1832-1847. A. M. Died 

*Calvin Sheldon, Oswego, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Represented Manchester in Vermont Legislature, 1820. 
State's Attorney, Bennington County, 1815-1821, and procured con- 
viction in the causa celebre State vs. Boorne. Died 1834. 


*Ira Bascom, Orwell, Vt. 

Tutor, 1810-1811. Physician. A. M. Died 1820. 


* Nathan Sidney Smith Beman, Troy, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Author. Trustee, 1824-1871. For more 
than twentv-five years he was pastor of the First Presbyterian church 
in Troy. A. M. D. D., Williams, 1824. LL. D., Middlebury, 1852. 
Died 1871. 

*Daniel Azro Ashley Buck, Chelsea, Vt. 

Graduated at West Point, 1808. Representative in Legislature four- 
teen years. Speaker six years. State's Attorney six years. Member 
of Congress 1823-1829. A. M., and Dartmouth, 1823, Died 1841. 

*MiLLS PuRDY, Malone, N. Y. 

Lawyer. A. B., Williams, 1807. A. M. Died 1813. 

♦Stephen Royce, East Berkshire, Vt. 

Lawyer. Member of General Assembly, 1815-1817 and 1822-1825. 
Member Constitutional Convention, 1822. Judge Supreme Court, 
1825-1827 and 1829-1846. Chief Justice, i84'6-i852. Governor 1854 
and 1856. LL. D., University of Vermont, 1837. Died 1868. 

*William Slade, Middlebury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Secretary of State, 1815-1823. Judge of Addison County 
Court, 1816-1822. Clerk of Supreme Court, 1820-1824. States At- 
torney, 1830-1831. Member of Congress, 1831-1843. Reporter of 
Supreme Court, 1843-1844. Governor, 1844-1846. Editor Vermont 
State Papers, 1823 and Laws^of Vermont, 1825. A. M. Died 1859. 

Oliver C. Stewart, Shore ham, Vt. 

Teacher. Principal of Brandon Academy for a while and then went 
to Pennsylvania. (?) 


*AsA AiKENS, Westport, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Represented Windsor in the Legislature of Vermont, 1818- 
1820. Judge of Vermont Supreme Court, 1823-1825. President 
Council ot Censors of Vermont, 1827. Editor Vermont Supreme 
Court Reports, 1827-1828. A. M. Died 1863. 

*Samuel Champlain, New Orleans, La. 

Major U. S. A., 1812. Died (?) 

*Peres Chapin, Pownal, Me. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Pownal, 1811-1839. Died 1839. 

* Fitch Chipman, Sheldon, N. Y. 

He was from Pittstown, N. Y., and in 1850 was residing in Sheldon, 
N.Y. (?) Died 1858. (?) 

GusTAVUS D. Chipman, . Middleburg, N. Y. 

Merchant. He was from Rutland. He was once a merchant in West 
Bloomfield, N.Y. (?) 

* Joseph Ward Clary, Cornish, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1809- 
1811. Pastor, Dover, N. H., 1812-1828; Cornish, 1828-1835. Died 

*John Dickson, West Bloomfield, N.Y. 

i^awyer. Member of New York Legislature, 1829-1830. Member ot 
Congress, 1831-1835. A. M. Died 1852. 

1808 ALUMNI. 31 

*Udney- Hay Everest, Shoreham, Vt. 

Lawyer. A. M. Died 1845. 

*RiCHARD Hall, New Ipswich, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman. Tutor, 1809-1810; Andover Theologi- 
cal Seminary, 1811. Pastor, New Ipswich, 1812-1824. A.M. Died 

*JoHN Prentiss Kewley Henshaw, Providence, R. I. 

Episcopal clergyman. Author. Bishop of the diocese of Rhode 
Island, 1843-1852. A. B., Harvard, 1808 ; A. M., iMiddlebury ; D. D., 
1830. Died 1852. 

* Solomon S. Miller, Norfolk, Va. 

Lawyer. A. M. Died 1830. 

*NoADiAH Moore, Champlain, N. Y. 

Manufacturer of iron. A. B., Williams, 1808. A. M. Died 1859. 

*JosiAH Peet, Norridgewock, Me. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Castleton Seminary, 1808-1809. 
Andover Theological Seminary, 1809-1811. Pastor Norridgewock, 
1814-1852. A. M. Died 1852. 

*Ralph Robinson, New Haven, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Pastor, Granville and Hartford, N. Y., i8io- 
1822; Marshall, N. Y., 1822-1828 ; Pulaski, N. Y., 1828-1846; New 
Haven, 1846-. A. M. Died 1863. 

♦Cephas L. Rockwood, Prairie Village,Wis.( ?) 

Lawyer. He was from Chester. A. M. Died 1843-1847. (?) 

* Hippocrates Rowe, Palmyra, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Hewasfrom Pawlet. Ordained at Palmyra, 
1813. Died before 1820. (?) 

*James N. Seaman, Hampden, Me, 

Baptist clergyman. Pastor Second Baptist church, Providence, R. I., 
1825-1831. Published a volume of poems, 1816. Died 1831. 

*LuTHER Sheldon, Easton, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Easton, 18 10-1853. A. M. ;D. D., 
1851. Died 1866. 

*JosEPH Sill, Chillicothe, O. 

Lawyer. Member of Ohio Legislature, 1818-1819. District Attorney 
of Ross county, O., eleven years. Died 1875. 

*Ebenezer Peck Sperry, Lyme, O. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1809- 

181 1. Pastor Dunstable, N. H., 1813-1819; Wenham, Mass., 1820. 
Went to Ohio about 1844. A. M. Died, 1853. 

* William Swetland, Plattsburgh, N. Y. 

Lawyer. A. M. Died 1864. 

*Joshua Youngs Vail, Montpelier, Vt. 

Lawyer. Clerk of Washington county, 1818-1839. Member and 
Secretary, Council of Censors, 1820. A. M., University of Vermont, 

1812. Died 1854. 

♦Edward Warren, Marlborough, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1812. 
Missionary of A. B. C. F. M.. Ceylon, 1815. A. M. Died at Cape 
Town, Africa, 1818. 



* Harvey Bell, Middlebury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Member Governor's Council, 1835. State Senator, 1836. 
Secretary, Board of Trustees, 1826-1843. Editor ot the Northern 
Galaxy, 1841-1848. A. M. Died 1848, 

*Bela Edgerton, Hicksville, O. 

Lawyer. Farmer. Member New York Legislature, 1826-1830. Died 

*MiCAiAH Fairfield, Hillsdale, Mich. 

Baptist clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1811-1812. Died 

*Benjamin Foster, Kingfield, Me. 

I^awyer. Died i860. 

*MuNNis M. Kinney, Webster, Mich. 

Lawyer. Represented Townshend in the Legislature of Vermont, i8i6- 
1818 and 1821. A. B., Williams, 1809. Died 1863. 

*Thomas Leland, Claremont, N. H. 

Lawyer. Represented Windsor in the Legislature of Vermont, 1828- 
1831. Died 1849. 

*Benjamin Brearley Stockton, Williamsburg, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman, Andover Theological Seminary, 1813. A. 
M., and Hamilton, 1815. Died 1861. 

*Jonathan David Winchester, Madison, O. 

Presbyterian clergyman. A. M. Died 1835. 


* Horatio Conant, Maumee City, O. 

Physician. Tutor, 1811 1813. Judge Court of Common Pleas. Clerk 
of the Common Pleas and Supreme Courts. Collector of Customs. 
A. M. M. D., elsewhere. Died 1879. 

* William Goodell, Cayuga, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Tutor, 1811-1813. Pastor, Grafton, Vt., 
1814-1822. A. M. Died 1865. 

*FiFiELD Holt, Bloomfield, Me. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1813. 
Pastor, Bloomfield, 1814-1830. Died 1830. 

* Justus Shailer Hough, • Syracuse, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Addison, Vt., 1815-1825; Livo- 
nia, 1850. A. M. Died 1872. 

*ZiMRi Howe, Castleton, Vt. 

Lawyer. Member Governor's Council, 1831-1835. State Senator, 
1836-1838. Judge Rutland County Court, 1838-1844. Trustee, 1840- 
1863. A. M. Died 1863. 

*Ephraim Holland Newton, Cambridge, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1813. 
Pastor, Marlboro, Vt., 1813-1833; Glens Falls, N.Y., 1833-1836; Cam- 
bridge, N. v., 1837-1843. Teacher there, 1843-1848. A. M.,'and Wil- 
liams, 1828. D. D., 1862. Died 1864. 

lSlO-1811 ALUMNI. 33 

*Joh:n S. Pettibone, Manchester, Vt. 

Farmer. Representative in Legislature seven years. Judge of Pro- 
bate Court seven years. Member Governor's Council tour years. 
Died 1872. 

*Stephen C. Pitkin, Dumfries, Va. 

Teacher. Died 1811. 

*Daniel Smith, Louisville, Ky. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1813. 
Exploring agent and home missionary, 1814-1823, A. M. Died 1823. 


* Nathan Godfrey Babbitt, Beloit, Wis. 

Lawyer. Judge Cheshire County Court, 1842. Postmaster Walpole, 
N. H., 1847-1849. Alderman, Beloit. A. M. Died 1866. 

*Eleazer Storks Barrows, Utica, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1814-1815. 
Tutor, Middlebury College, 1815 ; Hamilton College, 1817 1819. Pro- 
fesssor ot Latin, Hamilton College, 1819-1821. Editor Christian Jour- 
nal, 1828-1833, A, M., and College of New Jersey, 1817. Died 1847. 

*TiTus Brown, Francestown, N. H. 

Lawyer. Representative in New Hampshire Legislature six years. 
President State Senate. Member of Congress, 1825-1829. A. M. 
Died 1849- 

*Carlos Coolidge, Windsor, Vt. 

Lawyer. State's Attorney. 1831-1836. Representative in Legislature, 
1834-1837, 1839-1842. Speaker, 1836, 1839-1842, Governor, 1848-1850. 
A. M., University of Vermont, 1835. LL. D., Middlebury College, 
1849. Died 1866. 

*Enoch Corser, Plymouth, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Loudon, N. H., 1817-1834. A. 
M., Dartmouth, 1818. Died 1868. 

* Charles Davis, Danville, Vt. 

Lawyer. State's Attorney, 1828-1835, 1838-1839. Clerk House of 
Representatives, 1831. Representative, 1851. U. S. District Attor- 
ney, 1841-1845. Judge of Probate, 1845-1846. Judge Supreme 
Co'urt, 1846-1848. A. M. Died 1863. 

*Jeremiah Flint, Eden, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1814, 
Died 1843. 

*Calvin Hitchcock, Wrentham, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1814. 
Pastor, Newport, R. I., 1815-1820; Randolph, Mass., 1821-1851. D. 
D., 1841. Died 1867. 

♦Joseph Labaree, .Liberty, O. 

Congregational clergyman and teacher. Principal Addison County 
Grammar School. 1811-1813. Pastor in Vermont and New York, 
1814-1825; North Carolina, 1825-1829; Ohio, 1829— . A.M. Died(?) 

♦Jacob Lansing, Albany, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Judge Albany County Court, 1828. A. M. Died 1858. 


*Archy B. Lawrence, Liberty, Miss. 

Lawyer. Clergyman. Teacher. Editor. In 1850 he was principal 
of a Seminary in Liberty. A. M. Died (?) 

*JoEL Harvey Linsley, Greenwich, Conn. 

Congregational clergyman. Tutor, 1813-1815. Practiced law in Mid- 
dlebury till 1821. Andover Theological Seminary, 1821-1822. Presi- 
dent Marietta College, 1836-1846. Pastor, Greenwich, 1847-1868. A. 
M.; D. D., 1837. Died 1868. 

*Thomas Porter Matthews, Redford, Mich. 

Physician. Professor of Anatomy, Physiology and Chemistry, Castle- 
ton Medical College, 1818-1820. Represented Cornwall in Vermont 
Legislature, 1820. A. M. ; M. D. elsewhere. Died i86g. 

Benton Pixley, Independence, Mo. 

Congregational clergyman. He was from Great Barrington, Mass. 
Principal Montpelier Academy. Pastor, Williamstown, Vt. In 1821 
• he was sent among the Osage Indians by the United Foreign Mission- 

ary Society. Missionary, A. B. C. F. the West, 1826-1829. Com- 
missioned by the A. H. M. Society at Independence, Mo., 1832. (?) 

*JoHN Sargeant, Fort Ann, N. Y. 

Physician. M. D, elsewhere. Died 1854. 

*Calvin Solace, Bridport, Vt. 

Lawyer. Representative in Legislature, 1826-1828. Member Consti- 
tutional Convention, i8c;o. Judge County Court, 1835-1838 and 1842- 
1844. A. M. Died 1865. 

*MiLES Powell Squier, Geneva, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 18 14. 
Financial agent Auburn Theological Seminary, 1824-1826. Professor 
of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy, Beloit College, 1849-1863. A. 
M. ; D. D., 1852. Died 1866. 

♦Heman Swift, Bennington, Vt. 

Physician. Andover Theological Seminary, 1813-1814. State Sena- 
tor, 1837. M. D. elsewhere. Died 1856. 

♦Jonathan Taylor, Danbury, N. H.( ?) 

Episcopal clergyman. Died 1852. 


♦Jonathan Adams. New Sharon, Me. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1815. 
Pastor, Woolwich, Me., 1817-1832; Deer Isle, Me., 1832-1852; Booth- 
bay, Me., 1852-1858. A. M. Died 1861. 

♦Joseph Raphael Andrus, Sierra Leone, Africa. 

Episcopal clergyman. Yale, 1812-1813. Andover Theological Semi- 
nai'y, 1815-1816. First agent of American Colonization Society. A. 
M. Died 1821. 

*Seth Shaler Arnold, Ascutneyville, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. First Sergeant war 1812. Pastor, Alstead, 
N. H., 1815-1834. Supplied other churches in New Hampshire, 1834- 
1838; Westminster, Vt., 1838-1840; and other churches in Vermont 
until 1858. A. M. Died 1871. 

2812 ALUMNI. 35 

*GusTAVus Adolphus Bird, St. Louis, Mo, 

A. M. Died (?) 

*Stephen Bliss, Linn, III. 

Presbyterian clergyman. He was the first Presbyterian preacher set- 
tled in Illinois. State Senator Illinois, 1824-1828. Died 1847. 

*IsAAC Newton Cushman, Hartland, Vt. 

Lawyer, Representative in Legislature, 1823-1825, 1832. State's At- 
torney, 1824-1827. Member Council of Censors, 1820. Died 1843. 

*Samuel S. Davis, - Surnmerville, Ga. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1815. Tu- 
tor in Middlebury College, 1813-1814 and in Union College, 1815- 
1817, Pastor of churches in Georgia and South Carolina many years. 
Professor Oglethorpe University, 1841-1842. A. M, and Union Col- 
lege. ; D. D., Franklin College, Ga., 1845. Died 1877. 

* Martin C, Deming, Arlington, Vt, 

Merchant. Representative in Legislature, 1830-1832. Judge of Pro- 
bate, 1836-1838. Member Council of Censors, 1841, and Constitu- 
tional Convention, 1850. A. M, Died 1851. 

* Martin Fitch, Salem, N. Y. 

Physician. Died 1816. 

*Henry Fuller, North Stamford, Conn. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Smithtown, N. Y., 1816-1821 ; 
North Stamford, 1821-1844. Died 1867. 

* Allen Graves, Malcom Peth, India. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1815. 
Missionary, A. B. C, F. M., 1817-1843. A. M. Died 1843. 

*Friend Mabel Hall, Berkshire, Vt. 

Physician. Farmer. M. D. elsewhere. Died 1868. 

* George S. Henshaw, Montreal, Canada. 

Lawyer. Died before 1853. (?) 

*Oren Hyde, Fayetteville, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1822-1823. 
A. M.'and Yale college, 1820. Died 1873. 

* Hiram Sumner Johnson, Canton, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Died 1853. 

* Chester Long, Salem, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Pastor Westernville, White Plains and Mel- 
ville, N. Y. New York City Missions, 1833-1836. Died 1877. 

^Daniel Oliver Morton, Bristol, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Shoreham, 1814-1831 ; Spring- 
field, 1831-1836 ; Winchendon. Mass., some years ; Bristol, N. H., un- 
til his death. Author Life of Levi Parsons and other works. Trus- 
tee, 1830-1846. A. M. Died 1852. 

♦Matthew Perkins, Sanbornton, N, H. 

Lawyer, Representative in New Hampshire Legislature, 1825, A. 
M. Died 1826. 

♦William Perrin, Berlin, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1815- 
18 16. Published three volumes of poetry. Died 1824. 


♦Benjamin Pettengill, (?) 

A. B., Dartmouth, 1812. Died 1873. 

* J AMES Kent Platt, Plattsburgh, N. Y. 

Physician. Studied in Yale one year ; Philadelphia and New York 
three years ; London two years ; Paris six months. Professor of Sur- 
gery in University of Vermont, 1823. M. D. elsewhere. Died 1824. 

*ISAAC Reed, Maysville, Ky. 

Clergyman. In 1851 he was principal of a Seminary in Maysville. 
Died 1858, 

♦Ashley Sampson, Rochester, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Judge Monroe County Court, 1823-1826, 1837-1844. Mem- 
ber New York Legislature, 1844. A. M. Died 1857. 

♦Horatio Shumway, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died 1871. 

♦Job Sedgwick Swift, Dalton, Ga. 

Planter. Andover Theological Seminary, 1815. Died 1859. 

♦JosiAH Town, (?) 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Hanover Centre, N. H., 1814- 
1833; Warren, O., 1834; Hudson, O. ; Illinois or Wisconsin. A. 
M., Dartmouth, 1815. Died 1855. 


♦Solomon Metcalf Allen, Middlebury, Vt. 

Teacher. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1814-1816. Andover Theo- 
logical Seminary, 18 16. Professor of Languages in Middlebury Col- 
lege, 1816-1817, A. M. and Williams, 1817. Died 1817. 

♦Seneca G. Bragg, Kingston, N. Y. 

Episcopal clergyman. Studied at the Episcopal Seminary, Alexan- 
dria, Va. Ordained 1831. Was in active service in Georgia as a 
preacher and teacher till 1859. Died 1861. 

♦Thomas P. Chapin, Weathersfield, Vt. 

Not long after graduation he went to the Southern States and thence 
JO South America, where he enlisted as a soldier and is thought to 
have been executed with several others as a rebel. 

♦Henry Conant, Monroe, Mich. 

Physician. M. D. elsewhere. Died 185 1. 

♦Franceway Ranna Cossitt, Lebanon, Tenn. 

Presbyterian clergyman. President Cumberland College, Ky., and 
Cumberland University, Tenn., 1843-1860. Editor Banner of Peace. 
D. D.. 1839. Died 1863. 

♦Nathan Douglas, Bangor, Me. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1815- 
. 1816. Died 1866. 

♦Junius H. Hatch, Buffalo, N. Y. 

LaA^yer. Member New York Legislature. Died 1869. 

♦Thomas Hopkins, Middlebury, Vl. 

His name was starred in the Triennial of 1822. (?) 

1813 ALUMNI. 37 

*Otto Smith Hoyt, New Haven, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1814- 
1815. Tutor, 1815-1816. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1817. Pas- 
tor at Hinesburgh thirty years. Trustee, 1841-1869. A. M. Died 

Luther Humphrey, Edwardsburg, Mich. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Pastor, Burton, O., 1815-1828; Conneaut, 
O., 1829-1831 ; Edwardsburg, Mich. (?) 

Hall Jackson Kelly, Boston, Mass. 

Teacher. A. M. and Harvard, 1820. (?) 

*George W. Kirtland, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Practiced in Waterford, N. Y., for about 35 years. At one 
time he was Assistant Vice Chancellor of the State of New York. Re- 
moved to Brooklyn, 1856. Died 1872. 

*Sylvester Larned, New Orleans, La. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover and Princeton Theological Semi- 
naries, 1815-1816. First pastor First Presbyterian church, New Or- 
leans. A. M. Died 1820. 

*Abiel Pettibone Mead, Maiden, Mass. 

Physician. A. M. ; M. D., elsewhere, 1830. Died 1857. 

*Selah Higley Merrill, Castleton, Vt. 

Lawyer. Register of Probate, 1814-1823, 1829-1837. Representative 
in Legislature, 1831-1833. State's Attorney, 1829-1835. Died 1839. 

*Samuel Nelson, Washington, D. C. 

Lawyer. Member Constitutional Convention New York, 1821. Judge 
New York Circuit Court, 1823-1831. Judge New York Supreme 
Court, 1831-1845. Justice United States Supreme Court, 1845-1872. 
Member Joint High Commission negotiating Treaty of \A/ashington, 
1872. LL. D., 1841, and Geneva 1837, and Columbia and Hamilton, 
1870. Died 1873. 

♦Benjamin Nixon, Pitisford, Vt. 

Died 1883. 

* Henry G. Palmer, Stonington, Conn. 

Teacher. Died in New Jersey before 1853. (?) 

*Otis Rock wood, Cambridge, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1817. 
Pastor, Lynn, Mass., 1818-1832; Woodstock, Conn., 1834-1843. A. M. 
Died 1861. 

*John Ross, Tipton, Ind. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1813- 
1814. Pastor, Somerset, Pa., Ripley, O., Richmond. Ind., 1817-1829. 
Home missionary, Ohio and Indiana, 1829-1850. Died 1876. 

♦Dudley D. Rosseter, Marietta, O. 

Congregational clergyman. Ordained, 1816. City missionary, Bos- 
ton, several years. In business for some years in Boston and New 
York. Settled in Marietta, 1839. Died 1870. 

*Reuben Smith, Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Presbyterian clergyman and author. Princeton Theological Semina- 
ry, 1813-1814. Pastor, Ballston Centre, N. Y., 1816-1825 ; Burlington, 
Vt., 1825-1831; Waterford, N. Y., 1831-1848; Ballston Centre, 1848- 
1853, A. M. and Union, i8i6. Died i860. 


♦Noble D. Strong, Auburn, N. Y. 

Editor and teacher. A. M. Died 1833. 

* Humphrey Webster, Jeffersonville, Ind. 

Lawyer. Lieutenant war of 1812. Died 18 19. 

*LuKE Whitcomb, Townshend, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Townshend, 1815-1820. A. M. 
Died in Savannah, Ga., 1821. 

*JosEPH Whiteley, Caldwell, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died 1869. 

* Carlos Wilcox, Dan bury, Conn. 

Congregational clergyman and author. Andover Theological Semi- 
nary, 1817. Pastor, New Haven, Conn., 1823-1824; Hartford, Conn., 
1824- 1826. Died 1827. 

*JoHN Willard, Salem, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Judge County Courts, 1824-1836. Judge Supreme Court 
of New York, 1836-1862'. A. M. ; LL. D., 1850. Died 1862. 

* Hubbard Willson, Lancaster, N. H. 

Law student. Taught two terms in High School. Died 1819. 


*Samuel Clark Aiken, Cleveland, O. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1817. Pas- 
tor First Presbyterian church, Utica, N. Y., 1818-1835; Cleveland, O., 
1835-1858. A. M. ; D. D., 1842. Died 1879. 

* David Bailey, Weare, N. H. 

Lawyer. In Unity, N. H., two years; Rochester, N. Y., two years; 
Oswego, N. Y., eleven years — in the latter place, for a time, clerk of the 
County Court. Returned to Weare 1838 and engaged in agriculture. 
Died 1875. 

♦Remembrance Chamberlain, Milledgeville, Ga. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1816. 
Pastor in Georgia, 1825-1834. Agent Oglethorpe University, 1850. A. 
M. Died 1855. 

♦Benjamin Chase, Natchez, Miss. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Was Bible agent and missionary in the 
South and Southwest, 1824-1840. A. M. and Dartmouth, 1817. D. 
D., Washington College, Pa., 1857. Died 1870. 

*Ira Chase, Newton Center, Mass. 

Baptist clergyman, teacher and author. Andover Theological Semi- 
nary, 1817. Professor of Languages and Biblical Literature, Colum- 
bia'College, 1819-1825, and of Theology and Ecclesiastical History in 
Newton Theological Seminary, of which he was one ot the origina- 
tors, 1825-1845. A. M. ; D. D., Waterville, 1830. Died 1864. 

♦Caleb Clark, Truxton, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Pastor, Truxton, 1820 until a few years be- 
fore his death, except two years at Pompey, N. Y. Died 1863. 

♦Nehemiah Cutter, Pepperell, Mass. 

Physician. For many years at the head of a large private insane asy- 
lum. M. D., Yale, 1817. Died 1859. 

1814 ALUMNI. 39 

* Orson Douglass, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1818. La- 
bored among seamen in connection with the Eastburn Mariner's 
Chapel in Philadelphia, 1839-1852. A. M. Died 1852. 

♦Benjamin Durkee, Lebanon, N. H. 

Died 1816. 

*NoAH Emerson, Shinnecock Reservation, N.Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1817. 
Pastor, Baldwin, Me., 1825-1850. Missionary, Shinnecock Reserva- 
tion, i860. Died i860. 

*Pliny Fisk, Beirut, Syria. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1818. 
Missionary A. B. C. F. M., 1819-1825. A. M. Died 1825. 

*Calvin Foot, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Ordained 1820. Pastor, Southwick, 
Mass., twenty-six years. Agent American Tract Society in Southern 
New York the last twenty years of his life. Died 1868. 

♦Benjamin Gildersleeve, Richmond, Va. 

Presbyterian clergyman and editor. Princeton Theological Semina- 
ry, 1816-1817. Editor Christian Observer, Charleston. S. C, 1826- 
1845; Watchman and Observer, Richmond, Va.. 1845-1856; Central 
Presbyterian, 1856-1860. A.M.; D. D. elsewhere. Died 1875. 

*Thomas Charlton Henry, Charleston, S. C. 

Presbyterian clergyman and author. Princeton Theological Semina- 
rv, 1814-1815. Pastor, Columbia, S. C, 1818-1823; Charleston, 1823- 
1827. D. D., Yale, 1824. Died 1827. 

* Edward William Hooker, Fort Atkinson, Wis. 

Congregational clergyman and author. Andover Theological Semi- 
nary, 1817. Pastor, Bennington, Vt., 1832-1844. Professor Rhetoric 
and Ecclesiastical History Theological Institute of Connecticut, 1844- 
1848. Pastor, South Windsor, Conn., 1849-1856 ; Fair Haven, Vt., 
1856-1862. Trustee of Middlebury College, 1834-1844. A. M. ; D. D., 
Williams, 1840. Died 1875. 

*Reuel Keith, Sheldon, Vt. 

Episcopal clergyman, teacher and author. Tutor in Middlebury Col- 
lege, 1816-1817. Professor of Humanities and History William and 
Mary College. Professor Pastoral Theology, Virginia Theological 
Seminary. A. M. ; D. D., 1827. Died 1842. 

♦George May, Rochester, N. Y. 

Died 1822. (?) 

♦George R. Minot, Boston, Mass. 

Was from West Haven, Vt. Died 1827. 

* Pliny Moody, South Had ley, Mass. 

Farmer. Died 1868. 

*WiLLARD J. Parker, Brandon, Vt. 

Lawyer. A. M. Died 1830. 

*Ezekiel C. Parks, Washington, Ga. 

Physician. M. D. elsewhere. Died 1824. 

*Levi Parsons, Alexandria, Egypt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1817. 
Missionary A. B. C. F. M., 1817-1822. A. M, Died 1822. 


* Richard Pearse, Avransas Bay, Tex. 

Teacher and merchant. Was murdered, 1842. 

*Philanthropos Perry, Andover, Mass. 

Died while a member of Andover Theological Seminary, 1815. 

* Reuben Post, Charleston, S. C. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1818. 
Pastor First Presbyterian church, Washington, D. C, 1819- 1836. Pastor 
Charleston, S. C, 1836-1858. D. D. College of South Carolina, 1837. 
Died 1858. 

*NoAH Smith, Natchez, Miss. 

Teacher. Was from Middlebury ; became a teacher in Natchez and 
died in early life. (?) 

*Spencer Wall, Lafourche, La. 

Episcopal clergyman. Died 1879. 

*Moses E. Wilson, St. Louis, Mo. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1817. 
Home missionary, 1817-1822. A. M. Died 1822. 


* Edward Aiken, Tallahassee, Fla. 

Physician. A. M. Hamilton, 1821. ; M. D, elsewhere. Died 1831. 

*Salmon Bennetf, Sherman, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Winchester. N. H., 1817-1823 ; 
Marlboro, N. H., 1823-1832; Boscawen, N. H., 1832—. Died 1882. 

*Dana Clayes, Wakefield, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1820. 
Pastor, Meriden, N. H., 1821-1837 ; Portland, Me., 1839-1 841. Home 
missionary, 1841 — . A. M. Died 1877. 

*Silas Smith Chipman, Shoreham, Vt. 

Teacher. Andover Theological Seminary, a short time. Died 1817. 

*Edward Salmon Cone, Middletown, Conn. 

Physician. M. D. elsewhere. Died 1831. 

*Oliver Dudley Cooke, East Windsor, Conn. 

Merchant. Some time in New York city. Died 1829. 

* Henry Crawford, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Practiced in Walpole, N. H., until 1822. Died 1835. 

*Lucius Chitpenden FooTE, Nunda, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Practiced in Cayuga some years ; was then land agent in 
Nunda. A. M. Died 1828. 

* Alfred Gillet, Steuben, N. Y. 

Physician. M. D., New Haven School of Medicine. Located in 
Steuben, 1818. Died 1874. 

*David Gould, Chelsea, Mass. 

Lawyer. Practiced in Vermont until 1825; afterwards in Boston. 
Died i860. 

1813 ALUMNI. 41 

*George Hamilton Green, Argyle, N. Y. 

A. M., Hamilton, 1821. Died (?) 

*David a. Hall, Washington, D. C. 

Lawyer. Practiced in Washington after 1819. Died 1870, 

* Daniel Hemenway, Suffield, Conn. 

Congreeiational clergyman and teacher. Tutor in Middlebury Col- 
lege, 1817 1818. Andover Theological Seminarv, 1819. Pastor, Ware- 
ham, Mass., 1821-1828. Principal Norwich. Conn., Female Seminary, 
1828-1831. Pastor, East Granby, Conn., 1832-1842. Teacher, Suffield, 
Conn., 1842-1861. A. M. Died 1871. 

*Ira Ingraham, Geneva, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Pastor, Orwell, Vt., 1820 1823 ; Bradford, 
Mass., 1824-1830; Brandon, Vt , 1830-1835. Secretary Vermont Do- 
mestic Missionary Society, 1835 1839. Pastor, Lyons, N. Y., 1835- 
1848. Educational agent in the West, 1848—. A. M. Died 1864. 

♦Leonard Elijah Lathrop, Sharon. Conn. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Read law, 1815-1817; theology, 1817-1819. 
Taught and preached in Wilmington, N. C, 1819-1823. Pastor Salis- 
bury. Conn., 1824-1836; Auburn, N. y., 1836-1851. Agent of Ham- 
ilton College, 1851-1853. Pastor, Sharon.Conn., 1853-1857. D. D., 
Hobart College, 1840. Died 1857. 

♦Andrew Van Tuyl Leavitt, Wallingford, Vt. 

Merchant. In Rochester, N. Y., until 1850. Died 1878. 

*IsAAC Parker, Coventry, Vt. 

Farmer. Representative in the Legislature 1831-1833 and 1847-1849. 
Member Constitutional Convention, 1850. Judge County Court, 1833- 
1834 and 1839-1843. Died 1882. 

♦Alonzo Phillips, Newburyport, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1818. 
Pastor, Princeton, Mass., 1820-1835. Died 1838. 

♦HoLDEN Rhodes, Manchester, Va. 

Lawyer. Tutor in Middlebury college, 1817. Attorney for the Com- 
monwealth tor the Circuit Court of Powhatan County, Va., for many 
years. He attained prominence at the bar of Virginia particularly as 
a chancery lawyer. He was a Whig and often received the nomin- 
ation of his party to office. Died 1857. 

♦Ludovicus Robbins, Alganse, Mich. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Farmington, now Avon, Conn., 
1820- 1822. Afterwards Home Missionary in the South and West. 
Died 1850. 

*SiLAS S. Safford, Sweedsboro, N. J. 

Episcopal clergyman. Pastor, St. Stephen's church, Middlebury, 
1814-1816. Died 1817. 

Charles Smith, Lunenburgh C. H.,Va. 

Lawyer. He was from Addison, Vt., and went to Virginia soon after 
graduation. For many years he was Commonwealth Attorney for his 
county and attained eminence at the bar. Died in 1857. 

♦Constant Southworth, WiUiams Centre, O. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andoyer and Princeton Theological Sem- 
inaries, 1816-1817. Agent Bangor Theological Seminary, 1818-1819. 
Pastor, Canton, N. Y., 1820-1836. Agent American Bible Society. 
A. M., and University of Vermont, 1818. Died 1870. 


*LuKE AiNSWORTH Spofford, Rockport, Ind. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor.Gilmanton, N. H., 1819-X825 ; Brent- 
wood, N, H., 1826-1829; Lancaster, N. H., 1829-1831 ; Atkinson, N. 
H., 1832-1835; in Mass., 1835-1845; Newburgh, N. Y., 1845 — . Died 

*Jesse Strickland, (?) Westchester Co., Pa. 

Physician. M. D. elsewhere. Died (?) 

*Ebenezer Washburn, Blendon, O. 

Congregational clergyman, Andover Theological Seminary, 1815- 
1816. Pastor, Blendon, 1817-1859, Professor of Mathematics in Cen- 
tral College, 1842-1857 ; Emeritus, 1857. Died 1873. 

♦Daniel E. Watrous, Austin, Texas. 

Lawyer. Taught in " the old college," Knoxville, Tenn. Practiced 
law in Montevallo, Ala,, many years. Member Alabama Legislature. 
Ran for Congress against William L. Yancey. Removed to Texas, 
Died 1862. 

*MiRON WiNSLOW, Madras, India. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1818. 
Missionary, A. B, C. F, M., 1819-1864. A. M., Yale, i8t8; D. D., 
Harvard, 1858 ; LL. D., Middlebury, 1864. Died at Cape of Good 
Hope, 1864. 

*Samuel Wolcott, Shoreham, Vt. 

Lawyer. Litchfield Law School. Died 1828. 

* Silas Wright, Canton, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Member New York Senate, 1823-1827. Member of Con- 
gress, 1827-1829. Comptroller of the State of Nca^ York, 1829-1832. 
United States Senator, 1832-1844. Governor of New York, 1845-1847. 
A. M,, LL.D., University of Vermont, 1838. Died 1847, 


*Benson C. Baldwin, Medina, O. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Addison County Grammar 
School, 1816-1817. Andover Theological Seminary, 1822. Pastor, 
Norwich, Conn., 1828-1830; Ohio, 1830-1844. Pied 1844. 

♦Horace Belknap, Ellington, Conn. 

Congregational clergyman and physician. Andover Theological Sem- 
inary, 1820. Went South. Died (?) 

*HiRAM Bingham, New Haven, Conn. 

Congregational clergyman and author. Andover Theological Semi- 
nary, 1819. Missionary A. R. C. F. M. Sandwich Islands, 1819-1846. 
Acting pastor, 1848-1860. A. M., Yale, 1819. Died 1869. 

*LuKE BowEN, Putney, Vt. 

(?) Clergyman. Died (?) 

♦Ambrose Lincoln Brown, Rutland, Vt. 

Lawyer. Judge of Probate, 1832-1835 and 1838-1839. Representative 
in Legislature, 1834-1835. Editor Rutland Herald, 1837-1841. Judge 
of County Court, 1844-1847. A. M. Died 1865. 

♦Alonzo Church, Athens, Ga. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy 
in Franklin College, Ga., 18 19 1829. President of same, 1829-1862. 
A. M., D. D., 1830. Died 1862. 

1816 ALUMNI. 43 

* Charles Glidden Haines, New York, N. Y. 

Lawyer and publicist. Studied law in New York and edited the first 
law journal published in this country. Secretary Board of Canal 
Commissioners. Author of many treatises upon legal and political 
subjects — " notably 'A Complete System of Republican Government,' 
drawn up for the republics of South America by the request of their 
representatives and at the instance of Mr. Webster." Practiced in 
the United States Supreme Court, contending successfully for the free 
navigation ot the Hudson river, and was engaged in other causes in- 
volving the most important constitutional questions. Appointed Ad- 
jutant General of the State o( New York by Governor Clinton in 1825. 
Died 1825 at the age of thirty-two. Declared by Mr. Webster to be 
the most brilliant man in the country. 

♦Edward Hollister, Alton, 111. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1820. 
Pastor in V^ermont, Virginia. Illinois and Tennessee, 1823-1850. Agent 
American Bible Society, 1851 — . Died 1870. 

*Edwin James, Burlington, la. 

Physician and author. Attached to Maj. Long's expedition to the 
Rocky Mountains, and compiled and published journal of same. Sur- 
geon and Indian Agent 1826-1832 and 1834-1840. Published nine 
works — five of them in the Indian language, among which is a trans- 
lation of the whole Bible, M. D. elsewhere. Died 1862. 

*AsA Messer, • Geneva, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman and teacher. Ordained 1818. Pastor, 
Pittsford, Vt., 1818-1822; Essex, N. Y., 1822-1826, Teacher, 1827- 
1833. Bookseller, Geneva, N. Y,, 1833- 1845, A. M. Died 1876. 

*Nahum Nixon, Marlborough, Mass. 

Farmer. Died (?) 

*David Root, Chicago, 111. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Cincinnati, 1819 1832; Dover, N. 
H., 1832-1839; Waterbury, Conn., 1841-1844; Guilford, Conn., 1844- 
1851 ; acting pastor, 1851-1862. Was a prominent anti-slavery agitator, 
A, M., Dartmouth, 1825. Died 1873. 

*Amherst D. Scovell, Colchester, Conn. 

Lawyer, Died 1837, 

* Daniel H, Skinner, Royalton, Vt. 

Physician, A. M,, Dartmouth, 1820. M. D. elsewhere. Practiced in 
Bahimore, M. D., till 1863. Died 1875. 

* Henry Stowell, Cambridge, Vt. 

Lawyer. Member Constitutional Convention, 1836, and Council of 
Censors, 1848. Judge County Court 1849-1851. A. M. Died 1872. 

*JoEL TuRRiLL, Osvvego, N. Y. 

Lawyer, District Attorney three years, fudge County Court five 
years. Surrogate several years. Member New York Legislature one 
year. Member of Congress, 1833-1837. United States Consul at the 
Sandwich Islands, 1845- 1850. Died 1859. 

*David Wilson, Hebron, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1819. 
Pastor, Rupert, Vt., 1826-1844; Hebron, N. Y., 1844-1846. A.M. 
Died 1864. 



* Ethan Allen, Newport, Ky. 

Episcopal clergyman. In Dayton, Ohio, many years, afterwards in 
Baltimore. D. D., Protestant University of Baltimore, 1858, Died 

* Joseph Brown, New York, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1820. 
Agent and Secretary Seaman's Friends' Society, 1829-1833. A. M. 
Died 1833. 

*JoNAS CoLBURN, Chicopee, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1820. 
Pastor, Leverett, Mass.. 1824-1832; Stoneham, Mass., 1832-1837 ; 
Wells, Me., 1837-1844; New Salem, Mass., and elsewhere, 1845-1862. 
He spelled his name Coburn when in college. Died 1862. 

*Palmer C. Dorr, Albany, N. Y. 

Physician. M. D. elsewhere. Died 1838. 

* Justus Warner French, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman and teacher. Andover Theological Semi- 
nary, 1818-1820. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1820-1821. Pastor, 
Barre, Vt., 1821-1832, Teacher, Geneva, N. Y., 18^3-1842; Albion, N. 
Y., 1842 1849; Palmvra, N. Y., 1849-1855; Albany^ 1855-1856. A. M. 
Died 1862. 

*Uriel Fuller, Brooklyn, Conn. 

lawyer. Died 1880. 

*Samuel Hitchcock, Piqua, Ohio. 

Physician. Taught in Maryland after graduating. Practiced in Ham- 
ilton and Piqua, O , many years. Died 1870. 

* Henry Howe, Canandaigua, N. Y. 

Teacher. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1818-1820. Principal Can- 
andaigua Academy nearly twenty-four years. A. M. Died 1865. 

*Enos B. M. Hughes, - New Haven, Conn. 

Merchant. Died 1834. 

*Thomas Huntington, Brooklyn, Conn. 

Physician and Baptist clergyman. Died 1867. 

*Chauncey Graham Lee, New Haven, Conn. 

Congregational clergyman. Ordained 1821. Pastor, Monroe, Conn., 
1821-1826: East Windsor, Conn., 1832-1838; Naugatuck, Conn., 
1838—. Died 1871. 

*Jacob Noble J^oomis, Craftsbury, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1820. 
Pastor, • Hardwick, Vt., 1822-1830 and 1835-1836; Plainfield, N, H., 
1830-1832; Greensboro, Vt., 1832-1834. A.M. Died 1864. 

*Charles Nicoll, New Haven, Conn. 

Merchant. Died 1871. 

*JoHN Russell, Bluffdale, 111. 

Teacher and author. Taught in Georgia and Missouri several years ; 
two years in Alton Seminary, now Shurtleff College. In 1828 he set- 
tled in Bluffdale, which he founded and named. Licensed to preach 
by the Baptist church, 1833. A. M., and Brown University, 1841. LL. 
D., University of Chicago, 1862. Died 1863. 

1817-1S18 ALUMNI. 45 

*Franklin Gillet SiMiTH, Columbia, Tenn. 

Episcopal clergyman. Rector, Lynchburg, Va., 1824- 1838 ; Colum- 
bia, Tenn., 1838—. A. M., Hampden Sidney College, 1823. Died 

*JoNATHAN Coleman Southmayd, Rutland, Vt. 

Teacher. Andoyer Theological Seminary, 1819-1820. Tutor in Mid- 
dleburv College, 1820-1823. Teacher Montpelier Academy, 1823- 
1835; Burlington, 1835-1836; Rutland, 1836-1838. A.M. Died 1838. 

* Charles VVatrous, Montpelier, Vt. 

Printer. Went South (?) and. died 1836. 

*Lyman Whitney, Asheville, N. C. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1821. 
Home Missionary in the South and West, 1821-1825. Agent Presby- 
terian College, Kentucky, 1825-1826. A. M. Died 1826. 


*Charles Eldredge Avery, Weedsport, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Was settled in Scipio and afterwards in 
Weedsport. Died 1854. 

*Hervey Ball, Cedar Lake, Ind. 

Lawyer and Farmer. Practiced in Georgia, 1820-1834. Settled in 
Cedar Lake, 1837. County Surveyor some years. Judge of Probate 
and Justice of the Peace, Trustee Franklin College. A. M. Died 

♦Carlisle Pollock Beman, Milledgeville, Ga. 

Presbyterian clergyman. President of Oglethorpe University. A. M. 
D. D., Oglethorpe'University, 1853. Died 1875. 

♦Samuel Center, Albany, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman and teacher. Died 1859. 

♦Elisha W. Chester, New York, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Practiced some years in Georgia and afterwards in New 
York city. Trustee of Middlebury College, 1847-1863. A. M. Died 

*John Clancy, Schenectady, N. Y. 

' Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1822. In 

Virginia, 1822-1823. Pastor, Freehold, N. Y., 1825-1841^ ; Belchertown, 
Mass., 1846-1849; Princetown, Hamilton, Florida, Little Falls and 
Schenectady, N.Y., 1849-1862. A.M. Died 1876. 

*Philetus Clark, Memphis, Tenn. 

Congregational clergyman. Ordained, 1821. Pastor, Townshend, 
Weston, Londonderry. Windsor. Mass., Clarendon, West Town- 
shend, Sharon and Wardsboro, Vt. Died 1875. 

♦Jonathan Clement, Norwich, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Toeological Seminary, 1818- 
1820. Teacher at Phillips' Academy, Andover, Mass., 1820-1830. 
Pastor Congregational church, Chester, N. H.. 1830-1845 ; Topsham, 
Me., 1845-1852 ; Woodstock, Vt., 1852-1867 ; Quechee, Vt., 1869-1874. 
A. M., D. D., 1847. Died 1881. 

♦Dexter Hitchcock, Granville, N. Y. 

Clergyman. A. M. Died 1864. 


♦Samuel Mosely, Mayhew, Miss. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1821. 
Missionary among the Choctaw Indians, 1823-1824. A. M.. Dart- 
mouth, 1823. Died 1824. 

♦William Page, Three Rivers, Mich. 

Presbyterian clergyman. He was from Middlebury. Andover The- 
ological Seminary, 1820-1 821. Ordained, 1823. For many years in 
the service of the Home Missionary Society East and West. Died 

♦Willuuvi Patton, New Haven, Conn. 

Congregational clergyman, author and editor. Princeton Theologi- 
cal Seminary, 1818-1819. Pastor of churches in New York city, 1821- 
1852. Secretary American Educational Society, 1834- 1837. A. M. 
D. D., New York University, 1836, Died 1879. 

*Marcus Aurelius Perry, Utica, N. Y. 

Episcopal clergyman. Ordained deacon 1820 and priest 1821. He 
organized several churches; was pastor in Rome, N. Y., nine years; 
fourteen years at Holland Patent; many years in Utica. A. M., Ho- 
bart College. Died 1874. 

♦Henry Sheldon, Rupert, Vt. 

Physician. Town Clerk. Justice of the Peace. Postmaster twenty- 
-five years. State Senator, 1841-1842. M. D. elsewhere. Died 1872. 

♦Marcus Smith, Collamer, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1821. Pas- 
tor, Collamer, 1856-1871. A. M., Union, 1825. Died at Dunkirk, 1871. 

♦John B. Steele, Canajoharie, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Associate Reformed Seminary, New York, 
1822. In active service as pastor for fifty-two years. A. M., Union, 
1826. Died 1884. 

♦Dan Stone, Cincinnati, O. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar in Cincinnati, O., 1825. Aide-de-camp 
to the Governor of Ohio, 1825. Went to Illinois, 1832. Member Illi- 
nois Legislature, 1836, and was known as one of the '• Long Nine." 
Judge of the Circuit Court of Illinois, 1836-1842. Returned to Cincin- 
nati, 1843. A. M. Died in Westfield, N. J., i860. 

♦Samuel Tuttle, Albion, Mich. 

Physician. Judge County Court, Indiana, tour years. A. M., Ham- 
ilton, 1822. M. D. elsewhere. Died 1879. 


♦Isaac Richmond Barbour, Galesburg, 111. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1819-1821. 
Ordained 1823. Home missionarv South Carolina, 1823-1825. Pas- 
tor, Bvfield, Mass., 1827-1833 ; Charlton, Mass., 1836-1839. A. M. 
Died 1869. 

♦Joseph Bryan, Sparta, Ga. 

Planter. Died 1861. 

♦John L. Burnap, Windham, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Castleton Seminary, 1819-1820. 
Andover Theological" Seminary, 1823. Never ordained. Home Mis- 
sionary, 1823-1825. A. M. Died at West Townshend, Vt., 1876. 

1819 ALUMNI. 47 

Galen C. Carter, Bethel, Me. 

(?) A. M. (?) 

♦Stephen Coburn, Ipswich, Mass. 

Merchant. Andover Theological Seminary, 1819-1820. Teacher, 
1820-1827. Postmaster, 1823-1860. Died 1881. 

*Amzi Francis, Bridgehampton, N.Y. 

Presbyte'ian clergyman. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1819-1820. 
Pastor, Bridgehampton, N. Y., 1825-1846. A. M. Died 1846. 

*Ralph Gowdy, Middlebury, Vt. 

Physician. Professor in Castleton Medical College. Represented 
Middlebury in Legislature, 1838-1840. A. M„ M. D,, 1825. Died 1840. 

*Beriah Green, Whitesboro, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1819- 
1820. Teacher, Phillips Andover Academy, 1820-1821. Pastor, E^st 
Lyme, Conn., Brandon, Vt., and Kennebunk, Me., 1821-1830. Pro- 
fessor Sacred Literature, Western Reserve College. 1830-1833. Presi- 
dent Oneida Literary and Theological Institute, Whitesboro, N. Y., 
1833 1843. Pastor, same place, 1843-67. A. M. Died 1874. 

♦Jonathan Lee Hale, Windham, Me. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1822. 
Pastor, Campton, N. H., 1824-1832; Windham, Me., 1832-1835. 
A. M. Died 1835. 

*Caleb Hemenway, Bridport, Vt. 

Never engaged in any profession. Died 1828. 

♦David Metcalf, Auburn, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Studied at Andover and New Haven 
Theological Seminaries. Ordained, 1829. Pastor, North Madison, 
Conn., 1829 1831 ; in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New 
Hampshire and Ohio, 1831-1840. Resided at Worcester, Mass., 
1840—. Died 1884. 

♦RoswELL Mills, Johnstown, N. Y. 

Died in 1821 while a member of Andover Theological Seminary. 

♦MosES G. Noyes, Stillwater, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Practiced at Poultney, Vt., Salem and Easton, N. Y. Died 

♦Joel Rice, Bridport, Vt. 

Physician. Representative in Legislature, 1843-1845. State Senator, 
1849-18151. A. M. M. D. elsewhere, 1821. Died in Blooming Grove, 
Wis., i860. 

♦Hem AN Rood, Hanover, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman and teacher. Andover Theological Sem- 
inary, 1825. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1821-1822. Pastor, Gil- 
manton, N. H., 1826-1830; New Milford. Conn.. 1830-1835. Profes- 
sor of Biblical Literature, Gilmanton Theological Seminary, 1835- 
1843. Teacher, Haverhill, N. H., 1843-1853. Pastor, Quechee, Vt., 
1853-1858; Hartland, Vt., 1858-1864. Lived in Hanover, N. H., 1864- 
1880. A. M. D. D., 1873. Died in Westfield, N. ]., 1884. 

♦Seth Paddock Storrs, Wetumka, Ala. 

lawyer. Practiced in Irwinton, Ga., 1821-1823; Covington, Ga., 
1823-1835. A. M. and Franklin College, Ga., 1837. Died 1854. 


Daniel Washburn, Springfield, Vt. 

He was from Springfield. A gentleman writes from there : " Mr. 
Washburn preached in this town a few times, but I think he went 
away soon after graduation." (?) 

*PuTNAM Tarrant Williams, Fayette, Miss. 

Lawyer. Taught and read law in Edenton, Ga. Pracliced in Mobile, 
Ala., one year ; afterwards in Mississippi. Was State's Attorney for 
Jefferson County four years and at the time of his death was a mem- 
ber of the Mississippi Legislature. Died 1834. 


*Ira M. Allen, New York, N. Y. 

Baptist clergyman. General agent Baptist General Tract Society, 1831- 
1839; of the American and Foreign Bible Society, 1838-1848. Pear- 
son's catalogue says that he died on the Rio Gila, Cal., 1849. (?) 

*Isaac Orr Barnes, Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. United States Naval Officer for the port of Boston and 
Charlestown, 1835-1841. United States Commissioner in Bankrupt- 
cy, 1841, United States Marshal, 1845-1849. Clerk United States 
Circuit Court, 1849-1853. United States Naval Pension Agent, 1853- 
1865. Died 1865. 

*Albert Bingham, Newtonville, Mass. 

Lawyer. Many years a government clerk at Boston, Port Roval and 
Portsmouth. Died 1878. 

Samuel Andrews Bumstead, Decatur, 111. 

Presbyterian clergyman (Dutch Reformed). Princeton Theological 
Serninary, 1821-1822. Ordained 1828. Missionary, Boston, Mass., 
1828-1830. Pastor, Manayunk, Pa., 1830 — ; Roxborough, 1836-1842. 
Evangelist, 1842 1849. Pastor, Roxborough, 1849-1853 ; Sprmglake, 
111., 1853-1861 ; Raritan, 1861-1874; Norris, 1874-1889. Resides at 
Decatur, Macon county. III., in his ninety-first year, and sends saluta- 
tion in his own handwriting as our oldest living graduate. A. M. 

*Abijah Crane, *- Westmoreland, N.Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Pastor. Westmoreland. Agent American 
Home Missionary Society for Central New York, 1833-1847. Died 

*Edmund Frost, Bombay, India. 

Congregational clergyman, Andover Theological Seminary, 1823. 
Missionary, A. B. C. F. M., 1823-1825. A. M. Died 1825. 

*Thomas Gildersleeve, New York, N. Y. 

Physician. A. M. M. D. elsewhere, 1824. Died 1874. 

* William Frederick Hall, Washington, D. C. 

Lawyer. Practiced in Wallingford and in Bellows Falls. In the Post 
Office Department, after 1850. A. M.. University of Vermont, 1823. 
Died 1883. 

*James Kimball, St. Louis, Mo. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1823. 
Pastor, Oakham, Mass., 1832-1860. A.M. Died 1861. 

1820 ALUMNI. 49 

* Myron Lawrence, Belchertown, Mass. 

Lawyer. Representative in Massachusetts Legislature, 1827-1828, 
1849-1850. State Senator, 1834-1840, 1843 1844 and 1852. President 
of the Senate, 1837-1840. Commissioner on boundary line between 
Massachusetts and Rhode Island, 1844. Trustee of Middlebury 
College, 1851-1852. A. M. Died 1852. 

*Stephen Olin, Mifidletown, Conn. 

Methodist clergyman. Professor of Ethics and Rhetoric. Franklin 
College, Ga., 1826-1833. President Randolph-Macon College, Vir- 
ginia, 1834-1837. President Wesleyan University, 1839-1841 and 1842- 
1851. Delegate to Evangelical Alliance, London, 1846. He published 
" Travels in the East" and numerous smaller works. Since his death 
two volumes of his miscellaneous works have been published. A. M., 
D. D,, 1832, and Wesleyan and Alabama Universities, 1834. LL. D. 
Yale, 1845. Died 1851. 

* Moses Ordway, Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Clergyman and home missionary for many years. Died 1870. (?) 

*Alvin Hellet Parker, Media, Pa. 

Presbyterian clergyman and teacher. Princeton Theological Semina- 
ry, 1820-1822. Ordained, 1826. Pastor, Cape May, N. J.. 1826-1829; 
Salem, N. J ; Middletown and Ridley, Pa., 1833-1839. " Taught, Me- 
dia. A. M. Died 1864. 

*Ora Pearson, Peacham, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1824. 
Pastor in New Hampshire, New York and Vermont, 1824-1844. Agent 
American Tract Society, 1845 1851. A, M. Died 1858. 

*RoswELL Pettibone, Canton, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Principal Addison County Grammar School, 
1820-1821. Pastor, Hopkinton, Evans Mills and Canton, N. Y. Died 

*OziAS Seymour, Middlebury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Litchfield Law School. State's Attorney, 1839 1845. Mem- 
ber Constitutional Convention, 1850. A. M. Died 1861. 

*Cyrus D. Sheldon, Troy, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Practiced in Lansingburgh, N. Y., 1824-1830; Troy, 1830- 
1856. For many years a magistrate. Died 1856. 

*Daniel Pierce Thompson, Montpelier, Vt. 

Lawyer and author. Clerk Vermont Legislature, 1830-1833 and 1834- 
1836. Judge of Probate, 1837-1840 and 1841-1842. Clerk of the County 
Court. 1843-1845. Secretary of State, Vermont, 1853. Published "A 
Compilation of the Laws of Vermont," and was author of "The Green 
Mountain Boys." " The Rangers, or the Tory's Daughter," " May 
Martin," " Locke Amsden," " History of Vermont" and other works. 
Editor " Green Mountain Freeman." Died 1868. 

*Joseph Needham Wales, Cheshire, Mass. 

While in college was a licensed Baptist preacher. Died a few months 
after graduating. 

* William Elnathan Whitman, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lawyer. A. B., Yale, 1821. Died 1875. 

50 MroDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1820-1821 

* J AMES Wilson, Keene, N. H. 

Lawyer. Surveyor General of Public Lands, Wisconsin and Iowa, 
1845. Was a general of militia. Member of the New Hampshire Leg- 
islature several years and Sp>eaker of the House. Member of Con- 
gress, 1848-1850. Resigned his seat in Congress, 1850, and went to 
California, where he resided several years. He afterwards returned to 
New Hampshire and lived at Keene the rest of his life. A. M., 1825, 
Died 1881. 

*Mark Tully Cicero Wing, Gambier, O. 

Episcopal clergyman and teacher. Studied at the Alexandria, Va., 
Episcopal Theological Seminary. Tutor, Kenyon College, 1826-1829. 
Professor of Latin in same many years. Professor of Ecclesiastical 
History. Episcopal Theological Seminary of Ohio, at time of his death. 
A. M., Kenyon, 1833. D. D., William and Mary, 1851. Died 1863. 


* Henry Locke Aiken, Townshend, Vt. 

Farmer. Representative in Legislature, 1844-1846. Died 1873. 

*SiLAS Baldwin, Canton, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Entered the law ofifice of Silas Wright in Canton, 1824, and 
was admitted to the bar, 1828. Supervisor, 1831-1833. Member of 
the Assembly, 1854-1855, Justice of the Sessions for twenty years. 
Postmaster, 1826-1833. A. M. Died 1884. 

*Luther Goodyear Bingham, Middlebush, N. J. 

Congregational clergyman and author. Tutor in Middlebury Col- 
lege, 1824. Andover Theological Seminary, 1825. Pastor, Marietta, 
O., 1825-1838. Agent Western Educational Societv, 1838-1843. Pas- 
tor, Williston, Vt., 1843-1851. A. M. Died 1878. 

♦UzziAH Cicero Burnap, Lowell, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Addison County Grammar 
School, 182I-1823; Chester Academy, 1824-1826. Pastor Congrega- 
tional church, Chester, Vt., 1 8 24-1 837 ; Ixjwell, 1837-1854. A. M. 
Died 1854. 

♦Washington Hall Elmore, Peru, N. Y. 

Lawyer, Died 1830. 

♦Nathan Bucknam Felton, Haverhill, N. H. 

Lawyer. Clerk of Courts for Grafton countv, 1835-1847. Register of 
Probate, 1852-1857. Member of the Legislature two years. Died 1876. 

*JOHN FooTE, Franklinville, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Preached in Orwell a few months ; in 
North Beverly, Mass., 1834. and several years thereafter. Then a 
farmer in Franklinville. A. M. Died 1887 in his ninety-third year. 

*Henry Norton Fullerton, Chester, Vt. 

Business. Resided in Boston till 1834. Woolen manufacturer in Cav- 
endish till 1849. Farmer, 1851—. Died 1883. 

*JosL\.H Fletcher Goodhue, Whitewater, Wis. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1821- 
1822. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1822-1823. Pastor, Williston, 
Vt., 1823-1833 ; Shoreham. Vt., 1833-1857. Trustee Middlebury Col- 
lege, 1847-1858. A. M. Died 1863. 

1821 ALUMNI. 

*RoswELL Harris, West Brattleboro, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman and teacher. Principal West Brattleboro 
Academy, 1821-1823 Andover Theological Seminary, 1826. Pastor, 
Salisbury, Mass.. 1826-1828. Principal Hampton, N. H., Academy, 
1828-1833; West Brattleboro Academy, 1833-1837 and 1845-1853. 
A. M. Died 1871. 

*SiLAS Henry Hodges, Rutland, Vt. 

Lawyer and clergyman. Admitted to the bar 1832. Auburn Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1833. Pastor Congregational churches I^udlow, 
Perkinsville and Chester, Vt., till 1841, Practiced law in Rutland, 
• 1841-1861. State Auditor, 1845-1850. U. S. Commissioner of Patents, 

1852-1853. Examiner-in- chief, U. S. Patent Office, 1861-1875- Trus- 
tee of Middlebury College, 1840-1860. A. M. Died in Washington, 
D. C. 1875, 

♦Henry Brown Hooker, Boston, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman, Andover Theological Seminary. 1825. 
Pastor, Lanesboro, Mass.. 1827-1837 ; Falmouth. Mass.. 1837-1857. 
Secretary Massachusetts Horfte Missionary Society, 1858-1873. A. M., 
D. D., 1857. Died 1881. 

* Hiram Brownson Hopkins, Pittsford, Vt. 

Commenced the study oi theology. Died 1824. 

*OvA Phelps Hoyt, Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1824. Pas- 
tor, Potsdam, N. Y.. 1825 1830; Cambridge, N. Y., 1835-1838 ; Detroit, 
Mich., 1839 1840; Kalamazoo, Mich.. 1840-1852. Secretary, A. B. C. 
F. M., 1852-1860. Pastor, Elkhart. la., 18601863. A. M., D. D., 1856. 
Died 1866. 

*JOHN Ingersoll, Canton, N. Y. 

Congregational cJergyman. Pastor, Pittsford, Vt., 1823-1826; New 
York city, 1833; Belleville, N. Y., 1841. In 1850 resided in Ohio. 
Died 1859. 

*Samuel Cram Jackson, Andover, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Studied at Yale College Law School. 
Andover Theological Seminary, 1826. Pastor West Church, Ando- 
ver. 1827-1849. Assistant Secretary Massachusetts Board of Educa- 
tion. 1849-1877. A. M., D. D., 1849. Died 1878, 

*Ezra June, Brandon, Vt. 

Lawyer. Judge of County Court, 1 843-1847. State Senator, 1848- 
1849. State's Attorney, 1849-1850. Admitted to the bar in Rutland 
County, 1825, and attended every term of court for over fifty years. 
A. M, Died 1876. .* - 

Jonathan Bacon Kidder, / '/ J Huntingdon, Pa. 

Teacher. In Erasmus Hall, 'Flatbush, N. Y., now included in the 
city of Brooklyn, 1822-1830. In 1830 opened a private school in New 
York city and taught there for more than 20 years. Principal Female 
Seminary, Shirleysburg. Pa., 1853 — . His last employment in a school 
wras as Professor of Languages in the Normal College at Huntinefdon, 
where he is living in his 86th year. A. M. 

♦Charles Daniel Mallary, Albany, Ga. 

Baptist clergyman and author. D. D., Columbian, 1850. Died 1864. 


*Samuel Buckley Mattocks, Danville, Vt. 

Lawyer. Register of Probate, 1826-1832, 1835-1836. Cashier, 1833- 
1837. Clerk of Court, 1835-1849. Judge of Probate, 1836-1838, 1839- 
1845, 1847-1848. Representative in Legislature, 1838-1841. Member 
Constitutional Convention, 1843. State Senator 1847-1849. Cashier 
1853. Died 1887. 

*Amasa Corbin Moore, Plattsburgh, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Trustee of Middlebury College, 1846-1865. A. M, Died 

*JoHN Stevens^ Granville, O. 

Baptist clergyman and teacher. Studied at Andover Theological 
Seminary, Tutor in Middlebury College, 1825-1827. Editor "Baptist 
Journal," Cincinnati, 1831-1838. Professor of Intellectual and Moral 
Philosophy, Granville Coljege, 1838-1843, and of Latin and Greek, 
Denison University, 1859-1877. A. M. and Brown, 1829, D. D., 
Rochester, 1873. Died 1877. 

* Avery L. Ware, ' Otsego, Mich. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Montgomery, Vt., 1825- 1830. 
Home Missionary in Vermont, 1830-1836; in Ohio, 1836-1838. A. M. 
Died 1838. 


*George Cone Beckwith, Boston, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1826. 
Professor Sacred Literature, Lane Theological Seminary, 1829-1830. 
Instructor Sacred Rhetoric, Andover Theological Seminary, 1830- 
1832, Pastor, Portland, Me., 1832-1835 Agent and Secretary Amer- 
ican Peace Society, 1835-1870 D. D., 1850. Died 1870. 

* Hiram Chamberlain, Brownsville, Texas. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Studied at Princeton and graduated at An- 
dover Theological Seminary, 1825. Preached in Missouri twenty 
years. Editor " Herald of Religious Liberty," St. Louis, two years. 
Pastor Presbyterian church, Brownsville, Texas, 1850-1866, A. M. 
Died 1866. 

*Aaron Billings Church, Princeton, 111. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1825. Pas- 
tor, Calais, Me., 1828-1834; Princeton, 111,, 1849-1853. He was twin 
brother of Moses Billings Church. Died 1857. 

*MosES Billings Church, 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1825. Home 
missionary, Madbury, N. H., 1825 ; Robinson, Me., 1827. Pastor, 
East Stafford, Conn., 1831-1836. In 1837 he removed to Iowa and be- 
came a farmer. He was twin brother of Aaron Billings Church. 
Died 1871. 

*Bicknell Carlton Cole, Macon, Ga. 

Lawyer. Taught and studied law in North Carolina. Admitted to 
the bar 1826, and in 1827 removed to Macon. Judge of the South- 
ern Circuit Court of Georgia, 1833-1847. Professor of Law, Ogle- 
thorpe University, near Milledgeville, Ga., 1847-1854. Then resumed 
his law practice in Macon. Delegate to the State Constitutional Con- 
stitutional Convention, 1865. judge of the Macon Circuit Court, 
1865-1873. Then resumed his law practice. Died 1876. 

1822 ALUMNI. 53 

*Charles Kellogg Field, Brattleboro, Vt. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar, 1825, and settled in Wilmington, Vt. 
Representative in the Legislature, 1835-1838. Then removed to New- 
fane, Vt. Represented that town in the Legislature, 1853- 1855 and 
i860. Member Constitutional Convention, 1843, 1850, 1857 and 1870. 
Removed to Brattleboro, 1861. Died 1880. 

*Roswell Martin Field, St. Louis, Mo. 

Lawyer. State's Attorney, Windham county, Vt., 1831-1832 and 1833- 
1836. Represented Newfane in the Legislature, 1835 and 1836. Set- 
tled in St. Louis, 1837. Died 1869. 

* Hamilton Goode, Atlanta, Ga. 

Lawyer and teacher. Practiced law for a time in Washington, Ga., 
and afterwards taught private select schools, the last one being in At- 
lanta, where he lived after 1861. Died 1869. 

* Horatio Nelson Gray, Arlington, Vt. 

Episcopal clergyman. Rector Christ's Church, Georgetown, D. C. 
Missionary in Florida (?) until his death. Died 1829. 

* Richard Charles Hand, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1825. Pas- 
tor, Gouverneur, N. Y., 1825-1834. Agent and Secretary A. B. C. F. M. 
for northern New England, 1834-1839. Pastor, Danville, Vt., 1839- 
1846; Bennington, 1847-1853. Without charge, Brooklyn, 1853. A. 
M, Died 1870. 

*Chester HiNxMan, Johnstown, N. Y. 

Lawyer and clergyman. Practiced law in New York city a short 
time ; then entered the ministry. A. B., Yale, 1827. Died 1830. 

♦George Howe, Columbia, S. C. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1825. Pro- 
fessor of Theology, Dartmouth College, 1827-1830. Professor Sacred 
Literature, Southern Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1831— . 
President of same at the time of his death. A. M. and Dartmouth. 
1827. D. D., University of North Carolina, 1833. LL. D., Oglethorpe 
University, 1871. Died 1883. 

*John Gray Huletf, Galena, 111. 

Lawyer. Died 1848. 

♦Joseph Hurlbut, Wancoma, la. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Pastor, Madrid, N. Y., 1824-1833 ; Willis- 
ton, Vt., 1833-1836. In the service of the Anti-Slavery Society in Berk- 
shire, Mass. Pastor, Nassau, N. Y., 1843-1851. Then went West 
and spent his last years in the service of the A. H. M. Society. Died 

♦Henry Lewis, Mobile, Ala. 

Lawyer. County Clerk eight years. Died 1874. 

♦Lyman Matthews, Cornwall, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Taught in the South, 1822-1825. Ando- 
ver Theological Seminary, 1828. Pastor, Braintree, Mass., 1830-1844. 
Then farmer in Cornwall. Trustee Middlebury College, 1847 1866. 
A. M. Died 1866. 

♦Samuel Miller, New Haven, Conn. 

Lawyer. Practiced law many years in Rochester, N. Y. Judge 
County Court. Member New York Legislature. A. M. Died at 
Santa Barbara, Cal., 1888. 



♦Stephen Goodwin Peck, Panama, N. Y. 

Physician and farmer. M. D. elsewhere. Died 1882. 

♦Erie Prince, Oakland Co., Mich. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Rush, N. Y., 1833. Was several 
years in Michigan in the service of the A. H. M. Society. Died 1862. 

♦William Sargeant, Plainfield, N. J. 

Business. Died 1885. 

♦John Wells Satterlee, Sparta, Ga. 

Lawyer. Taught, read law and practiced in Sparta till 1836. Re- 
sided in Natchez, Miss., till 1840; in New Orleans till 1842; again in 
Sparta. A. M., Franklin College, 1830. Died 1843. 

♦Amos Savage, Hartford, Conn. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1825. 
Pastor, Granville, N. Y., 1825-1832. Home Missionary in Florida, 
1832-1834. Pastor, Utica, N. Y., 1834-1839; Williamstown, Mass., 
1839-1843. Agent American Tract Society, 1843 — . A. M. Died 

♦Ezra Scovell, Triangle, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Pittsfield, N, H., 1827-1829; 
Groton, N. Y.; Mexico, N. Y. ; Triangle, N. Y. A. M. Died 1876. 

♦Daniel Starr Southmayd, Fort Bend, Texas. 

Congregational clergyman and editor. Studied at Andover Theolog- 
ical Seminary. Pastor, Concord, Mass., 1827-1832. Editor " Lowell 
Observer," 1833-1834. A. M. Died 1837. 

Isaac Newton Sprague, Poultney, Vt. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Licensed, Pawlet, 1823. Pastor, Sherburne, 
N. Y., 1825-1834; New York city, 1 834-1 837 ; Hartford, Conn., 1837- 
1845; Brooklyn, N. Y., 1845-1850 ; Caldwell, N. J., 1850-1869 ; Gen- 
eseo, N. Y., 1 869-1 877 ; Wyandotte, Mich. 1877-1883. Honorably re- 
tired by presbytery, 1883. D. D., 1865. i^U ^•— I f(flr 

John Livingston Van Doren, Caldwell, N. J. 

Teacher. Was several years principal of a Seminary in Brooklyn, 
N.Y. A.M. (?) 


♦Joseph Battell, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Merchant. In Norfolk, Conn., till 1831. Then in the iron trade in 
New York for nearly thirty years. Director Bank of America. A. B., 
Yale, 1823 ; A. M., and Yale, 1871. Died 1874. 

♦Julian Griswold Buel, Castleton, Vt. 

Lawyer. Principal St. Albans Academy. Practiced law in Whitehall, 
N. Y., 1828-1833 ; in Castleton, 1833-1835. Died at Spring Hill, Ga., 

♦Harvey Button, Wallingford, Vt. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar and settled in Wallingford, 1826. Rep- 
resentative in the Legislature, 1844-1846. Member Constitutional 
Convention, 1850. Judge of Probate, 1848-1861. A. M. Died 1887. 

♦John Smith Chipman, Niles, Mich. 

Lawyer. Member of Congress, 1845-1847. He removed to California 
about 1857 and died there about 1869. (?) 

1823 ALUMNI. 55 

Merritt Clark, • Poultney, Vt. 

Business. Merchant in Middletown, Vt., 1825-1841. Cashier Rank 
of Poultney, 1841-1866. President Rutland and Washington Railroad 
Company, 1847—. He represented MiddIetov\n in the Legislature, 
1832, 1833 and 1839 ; Poultney, 1865 and 1866. State Senator, 1863, 
1864 and 1868-1869. In 1850 he was the Democratic candidate for 
Member of Congress and was twice candidate for governor. Member 
of last Constitutional Conventiorl of Vermont. Postmaster many 
years and Pension Agent in President Polk's administration. In 1852 
was delegate to the National Democratic Convention in Baltimore. 
Member State Board of Education. Has been Trustee of Rutland 
County Grammar School for more than fifty years. A. M. 

Thomas Jefferson Conant, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Baptist clergyman and teacher. Tutor, Columbian College (now 
Columbian University), Washington, D. C, 1828-1830. Professor of 
Languages, Waterville College (now Colby University), 1830-1833. 
Then resided near Boston, pursuing his studies in the Oriental lan- 
guages. Professor of Biblical I>iterature and Criticism in the Baptist 
Theological Seminary (afterwards Madison University and now Col- 
gate University), Hamilton, N. Y., 1835-1850. Studying in Halle and 
Berlin, 1850-1852 Professor of Biblical Literature, University of 
Rochester, 1850-1857. While at Hamilton he translated the Hebrew 
Grammar of Gesenius, with the additions of Roediger. In 1857 he 
removed to Brooklyn to devote himself exclusively to the service of 
the American Bible Union. His work in this department consists of 
revised versions, with notes, of The Book of job, 1857 ; The Gospel 
of Matthew, i860; The Book of Genesis, 1868; The Book of Psalms, 
1868 (also published in the American Edition of Lange's Commentary, 
1872) ; The Book of Proverbs, 1871. In 1873 he became a member 
of the American Committee co-operating with the Old Testament 
Company of the Convocation of Canterbury, England, in the revision 
of the authorized English version of the Bible. In 1884 he published 
a translation, and notes, of the Books of Joshua, Judges, Ruth, I. and 
II. Samuel, Land II. Kings. A.M. D. D., 1844 and Waterville. 
His address is 187 Washington St., Brooklyn. 

*Alvah Day. Manchester, la. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Died (?). 

* David Laurens Farnham, Fayetteville, N. Y. 

Lawyer. A. M. Died i860. 

♦Benjamin Hagar, Washington, D. C. 

Teacher in Alexandria, Va., 1824-1825. Principal High School, Wash- 
ington, 1825-1827. A. M. Died 1827. 

Lewis McDonald, Brattleboro, Vt. 

Episcopal clergyman. Preached in Rutland, Shelburn, Sheldon and 
Berkshire, and in Granville, N. Y. A. M., University of Vermont, 1828. 

♦Francis Markoe, Baltimore, Md. . 

Lawyer. Chief United States Consular Bureau several years, then 
transferred to Diplomatic Bureau. Died 1872. 

* Edgar Leonard Ormsbee, Rutland, Vt. 

I^awyer. Litchfield Law School, 1826. State's Attorney, 1845-1847. 
A. M. pied 1862. 

♦Addison Parker, Agawam, Mass. 

Baptist clergyman. Tutor, Waterville College, 1824- 1826. Pastor, 
Southbridge, Mass., 1827-1832 ; Sturbridge, 1832-1836; Methuen, 1836- 
1839; Danbury and other churches in Connecticut, 1839-1848; Palm- 
er and Fishdale, Mass., 1848-1855 ; Agawam, 1855-1864. A. M., Brown, 
1846. Died 1864. 

56 MroDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1823-1824 

* Miner Giles PRATr, Rochester, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1826. 
' Pastor, Auburn, Mass., 1828-1848. Agent American Colonization So- 
ciety, 1848-1870. A. M. Died 1884. 

*JoHN Bliss Shaw, Stephen town, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. A. M. Died 1865. 

*Eli Burnham Smith, Colchester, Vt. 

Baptist clergyman. Studied at Andover Theological Seminary, 1823- 
1825. Newton Theological Seminary, 1826. Pastor, Buffalo, N. Y., 
and Poultney, Vt., 1826-1833. President and Professor, New Hamp- 
ton Academical and Theological Seminary, 1833 1861. A.M., Brown, 

1833. D. D., Waterville, 1849. Died 1861. 

*Lucius LiNSLEY TiLDEN, Nashua, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Addison County Grammar 
School, 1824-1825. Studied at Andover Theological Seminary. Pas- 
tor, West Rutland, 1830-1840. Principal Middlebury Female Semina- 
ry. 1840-1845. Superintendent Schools for Addison County, 1846-1848. 
Banking in Bethel, Vt., 1851-1857. Government service, Washington, 
1861-1874. Trustee of Middlebury College, 1841-1875. Secretary, 
1843-1851. A. M. Died 1886. 

*Alexander Lucius Twilight, Brownington, Vt. 

Congiegational clergyman and teacher. Pastor, Brownington, 1829- 

1834. Principal Orleans County Grammar School, Brownington, about 
twenty years. He also taught in Canada a few years. Died 1857. 


*Mervin Allen, • Benson, Vt. 

Episcopal clergyman. Died in (?) Maryland, 1834. 

*Calvin Butler, Marine, 111. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1827. Home 
missionary in Indiana, 1827-1831. Pastor, Evansville, Ind., 1831- 1835 ; 
Washington, 1835-1838 ; Boonville, 1838-1849; Marine, 1849-1854. 
Died 1854. 

*Joseph Titus Clark, Skaneateles, N. Y. 

Episcopal clergyman. Ordained, 1825. Rector, Woodbridge, Conn., 
1825-1830; Plymouth, 1830; Skaneateles, 1831-1845. A. M., Trinitv, 
1832. Died on the Island of Jamaica, where he was temporarily offi- 
ciating, 1845. 

*Charles Cleveland, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Episcopal clergyman. Studied at Andover Theological Seminary, 
• and graduated at the Episcopal Theological Seminary, Alexandria, Va., 

1829. Ordained deacon. 1829, and priest. 1837. He devoted much 
time and strength to the amelioration and elevation of the African 
race. Spent some time in England. Rector, Shelburne, Vt , 1840- 
1848; Canton, Miss., 1848-1851 ; Ashfield, Mass., 1852-1859; East 
New York (now a part of Brooklyn), 1859-1865. He was the inventor 
of the fountain pen. A. M. Died 1865. 

*IsAAC CuMMiNGS, Dover, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Dover, 1827-1831. Died 1831. 

*Alexander Nathaniel Fullerton, Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Died 1880. 

1824 ALUMNI. 57 

*Lyman Gilbert, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1827. 
Pastor, Danbury, Conn., 1827-1828; Newton, Mass., 1828-1855. 
Teacher there, 1855 1859, Pastor. Maiden, N. Y., 1859-1863. Govern- 
ment service, Brooklyn, 18^3-1875. A. M. D. D., 1850. Died 1885. 

*Harley Goodwin, New Canaan, Conn. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, New Marlboro, Mass., 1826—. 
A. M. Died 1855. 

*SoLOMON Hardy, Eastham, Mass. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1827. 
Home Missionary in the West till 1838. Pastor, Wellfleet, Mass., 
1838-1840; Eastham, 1840-1842. Died 1842. 

*AzEL Hayward, Fort Covington, N.Y. 

Lawyer. Died 1834. 

* Frederick Augustus Hubbell, Champlain, N. Y. 

Lawyer. A. M. Died 1853. 

*Cyrus Hudson, Springfield, III. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1828. Pas- 
tor, Locke and Groton, N. Y., 1828-1830 ; Canaan, N. ¥., 1830-1833; 
Curtisville, Mass., 1833-1837 ; Mt. Morris, N. Y., 1839- 1847 ; Dorset, 
Vt., 1847-1854. Resided in Belvidere, III., and Springfield atter 1868. 
Died 1875. 

* Cephas Henry Kent, New Haven, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1827. 
Pastor, Barrington, N. H., 1828-1830; Kennebunkport, Me., 1830- 
1832; Freeport, 1832-1836; Bradford, Vt., 1837-1842. Secretary and 
General Agent Vermont Domestic Missionary Society, 1842-1846; 
Vermont Bible Society, 1846 1848. Pastor, East Poultney, 1848-1851; 
Enosburg, i852-i86o;Ripton, 1860-1879. A.M. Died 1885. 

*RiAL Lake, Howell, Mich. 

Taught in Philadelphia a few years and then went to Michigan and 
became a farmer. Died 1850. 

♦Arthur LathaiM, White River Junction,Vt. 

Merchant. For many years was in business in Lyme, N. H. Was 
postmaster several years and served repeatedly in the New Hamp- 
shire Legislature. From 1856-1871 he lived in Missouri; after 1871 in 
White River Junction. A. M. Died 1889. 

* Elijah VVhiton Plumb, East Bloomfield, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Brattleboro Academy, 1824- 
, 1826; teacher in Hampton Academy, N. H., 1826-1828. Pastor, Paw- 
let, 1831-1844; Potsdam, N. Y., 1844-1851. Principal St. Lawrence 
Academy, 1851-1864. In 1865 he removed to Sterling, 111,, where he 
preached two vears. In 1869 he removed to East Bloomfield. A. M., 
D. D., 1858. "Died 1879. 

^Frye Bailey Reed, ' Prescott, Wis. 

Presbyterian cclergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1827. 
Home Missionary in Western New York, 1828-1830. Pastor, Clinton- 
ville, N. v., 1830-1833; Barnard, Vt., 1834-1838; Clintonville. N. ¥., 
1838-1841 ; Moiraand other churches in Franklin County, N. Y., 1841- 
1854. Removed to Omro, Wis., 1855 ; to Prescott, 1873. Died 1877, 

*Jared Rice, Petersville, Md. 

Episcopal clergyman. He was from Middlebury. A. M. Died 1833. 


*Alvah Sanford, Granville, O. 

Episcopal clergyman. Alexandria Theological Seminary, 1827. Rec- 
tor, Medina, Ohio, 1828-1835 ; Portsmouth, 1835-1838. Then became 
Rector of the Episcopal Female Seminary in Granville and so contin- 
ued till 1854, when he retired to a farm in Granville, where he spent 
the remainder of his life. Died 1873, 

*Ons Smith, La Grange, Ga. 

Baptist clergyman. Taught in Granville, N. Y., one year. President 
Mercer University some years. Principal Brownwood Institute, La 
Grange, 1842—. Died 1864. 

*Amasa Stewart, Pittsford, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1828. 
Pastor, Essex, Vt., 1829-1832; Hampden, O., 1 834-1 835 ; Berlin, Vt. 
Teacher in Alabama, 1837-1844. Pastor, Ohio, 1844-1854; South 
Granville, N. Y., 1861-1862. Died 1884. 

*JoHN Storrs, Winchendon, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Preached in Plamfield, N. Y., 1826-1827, 
Yale Theological Seminary, 1827-1828. Pastor, Barre, Mass., 1828- 
1832; Norwich, Conn., 1834-1835. Teacher there, 1835-1836. Pastor, 
Holliston, Mass., 1836-1843. Agent American Bible Society. Pastor, 
Winchendon, Mass., 1849 — . A. M. Died 1854. 

Bradford L. Wales, Randolph, Mass. 

Physician. State Senator, Massachusetts, 1840. Representative in 
Legislature, 1853-1854. Member Constitutional Convention, 1853. 
Deputy Collector Port of Boston, 1857-1861. Trustee of Middlebury 
College, 1850-1881. A. M. M. D., Harvard, 1828. 

*Ralden Alexander Watkins, Turner Junction, 111. 

Congregational clergyman. Ordained 1826. Pastor, Stowe, Vt, 
1826-1830; Coventry, 1 830- 1 836; West Hartford, 1836-1845; Rupert, 
1845-1855. Farmer, Turner junction, 1855 — . Died 1868. 


•Horace Eaton, Middlebury, Vt. 

Physician. Practiced medicine in Enosburgh, 1828-1848. Represen- 
tative in Legislature, 1829-1831 and 1835-1837. State Senator, 1837- 
1838 and 1839-1843. Member Constitutional Convention, 1843. Lieu- 
tenant Governor, 1844-1846. Governor, 1846-1848. State Superinten- 
dent of Schools, 1848-1850. Professor of Chemistry and Natural 
History in Middlebury College, 1848-1854. A. M., M. D., Castleton 
Medical College, 1828. Died 1855. 
70EL FiSK, Plainfield, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Monkton, 1826-1830; New Ha- 
ven, 1830-1832; Essex, 1832-1844; Phillipsburg, Canada, 1845-1850; 
Irasburg, Vt., 1850-1855. A. M. Died 1856. 

^Chauncey Wheaton Fitch, Detroit, Mich. 

Episcopal clergyman. Studied at Castleton Medical College, 1825. 
Professor of Languages, Georgetown, D. C, 1826-1828. Alexandria 
Theological Seminary, 1829. Professor of Languages, Kenyon College, 
1829-1838. First President Michigan University, 1838-1841, Rector 
in Jackson, Mich., Piqua, O., Terre Haute, Ind.. and Dearborn, Mich. 
Post Chaplain, U. S. A., 1863-T878. A. M. D. D., Kenyon, 1858. 
Died at Jeffersonville, Ind., 1878. 

182 5 ALUMNI. 59 

^Walter Folletit, Hannibal, Mo. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Castleton Seminary. 1825 1826. 
Andover Theological Seminary, 1829. Secretary American Tract 
Society, 1829-1831. Pastor, Southboro. Mass., 1831-1837 : Dudley, 
1837-1841 ; Temple, N. H., 1845-1854. Died 1874. 

*George Dixon Gordon, Walpole, N. H. 

Merchant. Died 1882. 

* Israel Hamilton, Columbus, O. 

Lawyer. U. S. District Attorney. Died about 1845. (?) 

Merit Harmon, Hopkinton, la. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Ordained 1828. Pastor, Addison, 1828- 
1829; Big Flats, N.'Y,, 1^29-1833; Geneseo, N. Y., 1833-1843 ; Tiffin, 
Ohio, 1843-1850. Home Missionary in Michigan, 1850-1857. Pastor, 
Cascade and Hopkinton, Iowa, 1857- 1861. In the service of the 
American Sunday School Board, 1861-1865. Then for three years in 
charge of a church neai Hopkinton, where he is still living in good 
health in his 94th year. A. M. 

*Hervey Owen Higley, Castleton, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1829. 
Pastor, Georgetown and Hartford, Ohio, 1829-1836. Compelled by ill 
health to relinquish his profession, he was, from 1840 until his death, 
a resident of Castleton, his native town, where he was held in great re- 
spect. Died 1878. 

* Herman Hooker, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Episcopal clergyman. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1825-1827 
and Alexandria Theological Seminary. Was a publisher in Philadel- 
phia several years, and the author of many religious books. A. M., 
and College of New Jersey, 1830. D. D., Union, 1848. Died 1865. 

*EzRA Denison Kinney, Darien, Conn. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Ordained 1827. Evangelist in New York 
City and Troy with brief pastorates at Ticonderoga, Champlain, Nas- 
sau, N. Y., and Bennington, 1827-1838. Pastor, Darien, 1838-1859; 
churches in Eastern Connecticut and Sayville, Long Island, 1859-1871. 
When in college his name was spelled Kinne. A. M. Died 1873. 

*JoB Henry Martin, Utica, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1825-1826. 
Pastor, Edgartown, Mass., 1828—. New York City, 1836-1846. Was 
afterwards a publisher there. Died 1868. 

♦Anson Rood, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Congregational clergyman. Studied at Andover, Princeton and New 
Haven Theological Seminaries, 1825-1828. Pastor, Danbury, Conn., 
1829-1837; Philadelphia, 1837-1849. Assistant Editor Philadelphia 
" North American." 1849-1851. A. M. Died 1857. 

♦Stephen Smith Sheldon, Greensville, Mich. 

Business. Taught in Brattleboro two years and in Camden. In busi- 
ness in Camden, New York Mills and Buckport, N. Y., and Milwau- 
kee, Wis. Removed to Greensville 1864. Died 1873. ^ 

♦John Spaulding, New York, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1828. Pas- 
tor, Athens, Ohio, 1828-1833. Secretary Western Educational Society, 
1833-1837. Pastor, Peoria, 111., 1837-1841. Secretary American Sea- 
man's Friend Society, New York, 1841-1857. D. D., 1869 and Olivet, 
1865. Died 1889. 


*JOB Sidney Swift, Manchester, Vt. 

Studied at Alexandria Theological Seminary. (?) Died 1879. 

*AsAHEL Cornwall Washburn, Syracuse, K. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher in Washington, D. C, 1825-1826. 
Pastor in Royal ton nine years and in Suffield, Conn., seventeen years. 
Died 1883. 

*James Bishop Wilcox, Shortsville, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Princip>al Academy, Simsbury, Conn., 
1825-1826. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1827-1828. Preached in 
Western New York nearly thirty years. From i860, for several years, 
Principal Seminary, Darien Center, N. Y. Died 1886. 


♦Joseph Ayers Avery, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Plvmouth, Bridgewater and West 
Haven, 18281835; Middletown, 1835-1841; Onondaga Hill, N. Y., 
1841-1843; Marathon, 1843-1847. Editor " Religious Recorder," Syra- 
cuse, 1847, Died 1863. 

Philip Battell, Middlebury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Studied at Yale College Law School. Resided in Connecti- 
cut till 1833 ; in Cleveland, Ohio, till 1838 ; since then at Middlebury. 
A. B., Yale, 1826. A. M. 

*Ebenezer C. Beach, ' Lysander, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1829. Pas- 
tor, Baldwinsville,'N. Y., 1829-1830; Lysander, 1830-1858. Died 1868. 

*Jedidiah Smith Bushnell, Middlebury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Register of Probate, 1841 — . Member Constitutional Con- 
vention, 1843. A. M, Died 1871. 

♦Edmund Chamberlain, Plainfield, Vt. 

" He commenced public religious labors when about seventeen years 
old— when about nineteen he labored with the Baptist church in 
Marshfield with such success that they wished him to become their 
pastor." Died 1826. 

♦John White Chickering, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1829. 
Pastor, Bolton, Mass., 1830-1835 ; Portland, Me., 1835-1865. Secretary 
Massachusetts Temperance Society, 1865-1870. Secretary Congres- 
sional Temperance Society, Washington, D, C, 1870 — . S. T. D., 
Bowdoin, 1855. Died 1888. 

♦Ferris Fitch, Brownhelm, O. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1830. 
Pastor in Maine, 1830-1834; Painesville, Richmond, Huron, Sandusky 
and Avon, Ohio, 1834-1844. Died 1846. 

♦Solomon Foot, Rutland, Vt. 

Lawyer. Principal Castleton Seminary, 1826-1827 and 1828-1831. Tu- 
tor, University of Vermont, 1827-1828. Professor of Natural Philoso- 
phy, Castleton Medical College, 1828-1831. A lawyer in Rutland from 
1831. Representative in Legislature, 1833, 1836, 1837, 1838 and 1847. 
Speaker, 1837, 1838 and 1847. Member Constitutional Convention, 
1836. State's Attorney, 1836-1842. Representative in Congress, 1843- 
1847. United States Senator, 1851-1866, Trustee of Middlebury Col- 
lege, 1859-1866. A. M. LL. D., 1857. Died i866. 

1826 ALUMNI. 6 1 

* Edwin Hall, Auburn, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Principal Franklin County Grammar School, 
St. Albans, 1826-1827. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1827-1828. Prin- 
cipal Addison County Grammar School, Middlebury, 1828-1830. 
Principal Bloomfield Academy, New Jersey, 1831-1832. Pastor, Nor- 
walk, Conn., 1832-1854. Professor of Christian Theology, Auburn 
Theological Seminary, 1854-1877. A. M. D. D., 1846. Died 1877. 

*iN[ELSON HiGLEY, Castlcton, Vt. 

" Was licensed to preach and supplied destitute churches for short 
terms as his health permitted." Died 1832. 

*Seth Harrison Keeler, Somerville, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1829. 
Pastor, South Berwick, Me., 1829-1836; Amesbury, Mass., 1836-1839; 
Calais, Me., 1839-1867 ; Mt. Vernon, N. H., 1867-1875. A. M. D. D., 
1864. Died 1886. 

*JoHN Alexander Murray, Detroit, Mich. 

Congregational clergyman. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1826- 
1827. Missionary and pastor in New York City, 1827-1834. Secreta- 
ry Home Missionary Society, Geneva, N. Y., 1834-1868. A. M. Died 

*Martin Mercilian Post, Logansport, Ind. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1829. Pas- 
tor, Logansport, 18291864. " He continued to reside in Logansport, 
preaching almost every Sabbath, and having for a number of years 
three different churches which he had organized almost wholly un- 
der his care." A. M. D. D., 1863. Died 1876. 

*Luther Shaw, Tallmadge, O. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1830. For 
more than thirty years a Home Missionary in Michigan. Removed 
to Tallmadge, 1863. Agent of the American Bible Society nine years. 
Died 1888. 

Adams Shepherd, Wabash Co., 111. 

Farmer. Was from Canterbury, N. H. Has been a teacher. (?) 

*Erdix Tenny, Norwich, Conn. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1829. 
Pastor, Lvme, N. H., 1830-1867. Resided in Westboro, Mass., 1867- 
1880. A.'M. D. D., 1863. Died 1882. 

♦Joseph Thacher, Tunbridge, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Peacham Academy, 1826-1828. 
Pastor, Plainfield; Barre; Tunbridge, 1838-1844. A.M. Died 1844. 

*JoHN Thompson, Winchester, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1826- 
1828. Missionary to the Cherokees. 1828-1832. Home Missionary in 
Ohio, 1832-1834. Pastor, Sudbury, 1834-1837 ; Granville, N. Y., 1837- 
1840; Winchester, N. H., 1840-1846. Died 1846. 

♦William Young Warren, Middlebury, Vt. 

Merchant. In Middlebury and in Augusta, Ga. A. B., Yale, 1826. 
A. M. Died 1833. 



*JosEPH Stedman Clarke, Augusta, Ga. 

•Lawyer. Albany Law School. Practiced in New York city till 1836. 
Then located in Augusta and engaged in mercantile pursuits. Died 

* Robert Latimer Cooke, New York, N. Y. 

Teacher and civil engineer. Read law 1827-1828. Teacher in Chazy, 
N. Y., and Middlebury, 1828-1829 ; Princeton, N. J., 1829-1832 ; Staun 
ton, Va., 1832-1837; Bloomfield, N. J., 1837-1857. Civil Engineer, 
Mauch Chunk, Pa.. 1862. Superintendent construction Lake Cham- 
plain and Moriah Railroad, 1868. Engineer, Department of Public 
Works, New York City, 1872-1877. A. M. Died 1877. 

*JosEPH Fuller, Vershire, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1830. 
Pastor, Kennebunk, Me., 1830-1834 ; Brimfield, Mass., 1835-1837 ; 
Ridgefield, Conn., 1838-1842 ; Vershire, Vt., 1843-1860. A.M. Died 

*Jedidiah Clark Parmelee, Tallmadge, O. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary. 1830. Agent 
A. B. C. F. M. Pastor, Westfield, N. Y., 1832-1833; Tallmadge, 1833- 
1840. Died at Sandy Hill, N, Y., where he had stopped for the night, 

Royal Whitman Peake, Bristol, Vt. 

Farmer. Member of the Legislature, 1842. 

*JoHN Bower Preston, Chicago. 111. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary. 1830. Pas- 
tor, Fredonia, N. Y., 1830-1835 ; Gowanda, 1835-1841 ; Attica, 1841- 
1848; Byron, 1848-1850; Berlin, Wis., 1850 i860; Omro, 1860-1865 ; 
Cape Vincent, 1865-1871 ; Woodville, 1871-1874; Manlius, 1874-1876, 
Died 1877. 

*Lucius Maro Purdy, St. Martinsville, La. 

Episcopal clergyman. He was for a time Tutor in Trinity College. 
Ordained priest, 1832; deacon, 1834, at Plymouth, Conn. Rector, 
Sharon and Salisbury, Conn,, 1834-1837 ; Hampton, N. Y., 1840-1845 ; 
St. Martinsville, La., 1846 — . Trustee of Middlebury College, 1841- 
1853. A. M., Trinity, 1832. Died at St. Mary's, Georgia, 1853. 

*Thomas Sawyer. Calais, Me. 

Merchant. He was fi-om Phillipston, Mass., and went to Calais, 1828. 
Died 1862. 

*Henry Smith, Cincinnati, O. 

Presbyterian clergyman and teacher. Tutor in Middlehury College, 
1828-1830. Andover Theological Seminary, 1833. Professor of Lan- 
guages in Marietta College, 1833-1846. President of the same, 1846- 
1855. Professor of Sacred Rhetoric and Church History, Lane The- 
ological Seminary, 1855-1861. Pastor, Buffalo, N. Y., 1861-1865. In 
1865 he returned to his professorship in Lane, which he held till 
his death. Published a translation of Crusius' Homeric Lexicon. A. 
M. D. D., 1847. LL. D., Marietta, 1874. Died 1879. 

*Amos C. Tuttle, Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Teacher in Philadelphia, 1828-1829. Or- 
dained 1829. Pastor, Ticonderoga, N. Y., 1829-1830; Whitehall. 1830- 
1832; Hartford, 1832-1836. Agent Auburn Theological Seminary, 
1836-1837. Pastor, Fayetteville, N. Y., 1837-1841 ; Liverpool, 1841- 
184^; Sherburn, 1 844-1 853 ; Deansville, 1853-1855 ; Paw Paw, Mich., 
1855-1858 ; Lapeer, 1858—. A. M. Died 1862. 

1827-1828 ALUMNI. 6^ 

Charles Whipple, Oakham, Mass. 

He was from Oakham and went to Wisconsin. (?) 

*JoHN Wilde, Alexandria, Va. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1831. 
Pastor, Grafton, Mass., 1832-1838 ; Conway, N. H., 1839 1845 ; Fal- 
mouth, Me., 1845-1852; Topsham, 1 853-1 855 ; Brunswick, 1856-1857. 
Teacher, Deposit, N. Y., 1858-1860; Stamford, 1861-1864. In the col- 
lege catalogues his name is spelled Wild. 

*Enoch Cobb Wines, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Congregational clergyman and teacher. Principal St. Albans Acad- 
emy and teacher in Alexandria, Va., 1827-1830. Professor of Mathe- 
matics, United States Navy, assigned to the ship ' Constellation, 1830- 
1833. Principal Edge Hil'l School, Princeton, N. J., 1833-1838. Pro- 
fessor of Languages, Central High School, Philadelphia, 1838-1844. 
Principal Burlington, N. J., 1844-1848. Licensed to preach, 1849, and 
was pastor in Cornwall, Vt„ and Easthampton, Long Island. Professor 
of Ancient Languages, Washington College, Pa., 1853-1859. President 
City University of St. Louis, 1859-1862, Secretary New Jersey Prison 
Association, 1862-1870. In 1870 he brought about the formation of the 
National Prison Association and became its Secretary. In 1872 the 
International Prison Association, convoked by his efforts, held its first 
meeting in London. Chairman Permanent International Commission, 
Brussels, 1874; at Bruchsal, 1875; at Stockholm, 1877. His published 
works comprise twelve volumes. A. M. D. D., 1853. LL. D., Wash- 
ington College. Pa., 1859. Died 1879. 

Pliny R. Wright, Canton, N. Y. 

Farmer. Read law with his brother, Silas Wright, class of '15. 


♦Samuel Allen, (?) 

Baptist clergyman. He was from Panton. At one time he preached 
in Peoria, 111. Then went to Leon, La., and died in the Parish of 
Plaquemines about the year 1870. (?) 

♦Stephen R. Burrowes, Franklin, O. 

r?) Died 1841. 

♦Joseph Nathan Chipman, Niles, Mich. 

Lawyer. State Senator, Michigan, 1844. County Judge, 1846. First 
Mayor of Nevada City, 1853. Returned to Niles, 1854. A. M. Died 

♦Nathaniel Catlin Clark, Elgin, 111. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Teacher in Herkimer and Brutus, N. Y. 
Auburn Theological Seminary, 1832. Pastor, Shoreham. 1832-1833 ; 
Napierville, 111., and other churches, 1833-1836; St. Charles and Elgin, 
1837-1839; Elgin, 1839— . Died 1872. 

♦Samuel Wood worth Cozzens, Med field, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1831. 
Pastor, Marblehead, Mass., 1832-1837 ; Milton, 1837-1851 ; Kingsboro, 
N. Y., 1852-1853; Mount Vernon, 1853-1859 ; Weybridge, Vt., 1859- 
1868; South Plymouth, Mass., 1868-1872. A. M, D. D., Ingham, 
1862. Died 1875. 

♦Edward C. Eells, Middlebury, Vt. 

Became a member of Andover Theological Seminary and died 1830. 


Samuel Everts, Cornwall, Vt. 

Business. Justice of the Peace. Town Clerk. Postmaster over for- 
ty years. A. M. 

*JoHN Goodrich, Pontiac, Mich. 

Lawyer. Located at Pontiac, 1832. A. M. Died 1839. 

* Frederick William Hopkins, Rutland, Vt. 

Lawyer. Register of Probate, 1832-1836 and 1838-1839. Adjutant 
and Inspector General, Vermont. 1838-1852. Clerk of Courts, 1839 — . 
A. M. Died 1874. 

*Amzi Jones, Indianola, Neb. 

Baptist clergyman. Principal Shoreham Academy six years. In min- 
isterial labors in Greenfield, X. H., and vicinity about thirty years. Re- 
moved West 1873. Preached regularly until his death. A. M. Died 

♦Freeman Lane, Huntingdon, Pa. 

Episcopal clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1833. Rector, 
Manchester; Springville, Pa., 1836-1840; Troy, 1844-1850; Hunting- 
don, 1851 — . Died 1852. 

*Sendol Barnes Munger, Bombay, India. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1833. 
Missionary, A. B. C. F. M., 1834-1868. Died 1868. 

*JoHN Jason Owen, New York, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman and teacher. Andover Theological Semi- 
dary, 1831. Secretary Presbyterian Education Society, 1832-1835. 
Principal Cornelius Institute, New York City, 1835-1848. Professor 
of Ancient Languages and Vice President, College of the City of New 
York, 1848-1869. Author of many classical text-books. Trustee of 
Middleburv College, 1863 1869. A. M. D. D., New York University, 
1848. LL.' D., Ingham, 1850. LL. D., i'{64. Died 1869. 

*JoHN Mason Parker, Owego, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Principal Peacham Academy, 1828-1830. Located in Owego, 
1838. Member of Congress, 1857- 1859. Judge of the Supreme Court 
of xNew York, 1859-1873. LL. D., 1865. Died 1873. 

*Ira Pettibone, Winchester, Conn. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Ordained 1834. Pastor, Whitesboro, N. 
Y., 1834-1836; New York Mills, 1 836-1 845 ; Winsted, South Cornwall, 
and Winchester Center, Conn., 1846-1866. Missionary among the 
Freedmen, 1866-1867. Pastor, West Stafford, Conn., 1867-1870. A. 
M. D. D., 1885. Died 1889. 

*Ephraim* Spaulding, • Westboro, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1831. 
Missionary A. B. C. F. M., Hawaiian Islands,'i83i-i836. A. M. Died 

♦Benjamin Perkins Stone, Concord, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman and editor. Andover Theological Semin- 
ary, 1831. Pastor, Franklin and Campton, N. H., 1831-1837. Secre- 
tary New Hampshire Missionary Society, 1837-1859. Treasurer New 
Hampshire Missionary and Bible Societies, 1853-1854. Editor " Con- 
gregational Journal," i8t;4-i862; "Christian Reporter," 1865-1866. 
A. M. D. D., 1854. Died 1870. 

♦Wheelock S. Stone, Mobile, Ala. 

(?) clergyman. He was from Bridport. A. M. Died 1837. 

1828-1829 ALUMNI. 65 

David Bates Tower, Cambridge, Mass. 

Teacher and author. Studied law for a while in Daniel Webster's 
office. Teacher in the Adams School and Principal of the Eliot 
School, Boston, until 1840. Superintendent Philadelphia Institute for 
the Blind. 1841-1846. Principal Park Latin School, Boston, 1846-1859 
and 1861-1867. Professor of Mathematics and Regent, University of 
St. Louis, 1859-1861. Author of many school books, A. M. Died 



♦Edward Downing Barber, Salisbury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Read law and practiced in Middlebury, 1829 — . Editor 
"Anti-Masonic Republican," 1829-1832; "Middlebury Free Press," 
1832-1836. Secretary of the Governor and Council, 1831. Repre- 
sented Middlebury in the Legislature, 1832 and 1833. Clerk of the 
House of Representatives, 1834. A. M. Died 1855. 

* Richard Bolton, Pontotoc, Miss. 

Civil Engineer Went South 1835 as agent of the New York and Mis- 
sissippi i^and Company at Pontotoc and held that position till his 
death. Surveyed a railroad line from Pontotoc to Columbus, 1840, 
Was a colonel of militia. President Board of Trustees of Chickasaw 
Female College many years, A. M, Died 1889, 

* Paschal Carter, Centralia, 111. 

Teacher, Tutor, Columbian College, Washington, D. C, 1829-1830. 
Principal Keeseville Academy, N. Y., 1830-1831 ; South Reading, 
Mass.. 1831-1832. Professor of Mathematics in Denison University, 
Granville, O., 1832-1854. For many years Treasurer and Financial 
Secretary of same. Professor in Georgetown College, Ky., 1858-1861. 
President of Central Collegiate Institute of Alabama, 1861-1881. A. 
M. Died 1881. 

George Clinton Vanvaughton Eastman, Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Episcopal clergyman. Rector, Saybrook, Conn.; Litchfield; Roch- 
ester, N, H.; Bangor, Me.; Guilford, Vt; Benton Harbor, A. M,, 
Trinity, 1834. D. D„ Middlebury, 1880. \%^^ 

*Cyrus Farwell, Albion, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Practiced in Albion, 1833-1845 ; in Dorset, Vt., 1845-1848, 
Superintendent of Schools for Bennington county, 1847-1850. Judge 
of Countv Court, 1849-1851. Resumed practice in Albion, 1848. A. 
M. Died i88i. 

♦Sheridan Guitteau, Baltimore, Md. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1829-1831 ; 
Princeton, 1832. In New York and Baltimore, 1832-1834, Pastor, 
Montgomery, N. Y., 1834 1835. Baltimore and vicinity, 1836-1844, 
Secretary Maryland Tract Society and Sunday School Union, 1844- 
1872. Died £872. 

♦Edwin Francis Hatfield, New York, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1829-1831. 
Pastor, St. Louis, Mo., 1832-1835 ; New York city, 1835-1863. Agent 
Union Theological Seminary, 1864-1866 and 1870 — . Secretary Pres- 
byterian H. M. Com., 1868-1870. For thirty-seven years stated Clerk 
of the Presbyterian General Assembly. A. M. D,'D., Marietta, 1850. 
Died 1883, 



*Samuel Storks Howe, Iowa City, la. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Principal Castleton Seminary, 1830-183 1. 
Princeton Theological Seminary, 1831-1832. Teacher, Princeton, 1832- 
1833. Andover Theological Seminary, 1834. Tutor, Middlebury Col- 
lege, 1835-1836. Teacher, Canandaigua, N. Y., 1836-1838. Pastor in 
the State of New York. 1838 1849; in Iowa, 1849-1851. Secretary of 
various church societies, 1851-1868. A. M. Died 1888. 

Calvin TiLDEN Hulburd, Brasher Falls, N.Y. 

I^awyer. Yale College Law School, 1831-1832. Member of the New 
York Assembly several years Member of Congress, 1863-1869. Su- 
perintendent of Construction New York Post Office. Corporate mem- 
ber of the A. B. C. F. M. Trustee of Middlebury College, 1850 — . 
LL. D., Hamilton, 1867. /3^tH^ Oof X^ I ijf '^ ^-? 

♦David Tenney Klmball, Lowell, Mass. 

Teacher. Andover Theological Seminary, 1834. Never ordained, 
but preached occasionally, and for two years ministered to a colored 
church in Hartford, Conn. Was proof-reader for a while in Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Taught in Atkinson, N. H., and Ipswich, Mass. The 
last twenty years of his life were passed in Lowell. He was one of the 
sixty-two original members of the National Anti-Slavery Society. 
Died 1886. 

*Edwin Lawrence, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Lawyer. Teacher in Geoigia. Began practice in Middlebury, 1834. 
Removed to Ann Arbor, Mich., 1836. Member Michigan Legislature 
several years. Judge of the County Court. A. M. and Franklin Col- 
lege, Georgia, 1832. Died 1885. 

♦Henry Bliss Northup, Sandy Hill, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Washington county, 1837- 
1843. District Attorney, 1847-1850. Member of Assembly, 1855-1856. 
A. M. Died 1877. 

♦William Todd Page, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lawyer and banker. Practiced law in Carmi, 111., 1831-1836. Cashier 
Mt. Carmel, 111, 1836-1851; Evansville, Ind., 1851-1865. Removed 
to Vicksburg, Miss., 1865. Judge of Probate there one year. Removed 
to Philadelphia, 1872. A. M. Died 1877. 

♦Truman Marcellus Post, St. Louis, Mo. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Castleton Seminary, 1829 1830. 
Tutor in Middlebury College, 1830-1832. Admitted to the Illinois bar. 
Tutor in Illinois College, Jacksonville, 1833-1834. Professor of Lan- 
guages and History in same, 1834-1848. Pastor, Jacksonville, 111., 
1841-1848; Third Presbyterian church, St. Louis, 1848-1851 ; First 
Congregational church, St. Louis, 1851-1882; Emeritus, 1882 — . Pro- 
fessor of History in Washington University, St. Louis. Lecturer m 
Chicago Theological Seminary and at Andover. A. M. D. D., 1855. 
Died 1886. 

Died I88b. . /• ff//- 

^^^ Daniel Roberts, Xa^ l^J^ Burlington, Vt. 

f Lawyer. Practiced in Jacksonville, III., 1833-1835; Wallingford, Vt., 

1835-1836; Manchester, 1836-1853 ; Burlington, 1853—. Bank Com- 
missioner, 1853-1854. Special Agent U. S. Treasury Department, 
1865-1866. State's Attorney, 1868-1869. Orator Bennington Centen- 
nial Celebration, 1877. Author of "Roberts' Digest of the Decisions 
of the Supreme Court of Vermont." A.M. LL. D., 1879. 

♦Washington Roosevelt, Pelham, N.Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1829-1830. 
Pastor, Sandy Hill, N. Y., 1831-1833 ; Nassau, 1833-1835 ; Valatie, 1835- 
1837 ; Lockport, 1838-1840 ; New York city, 1846-1856 ; Bronxville, 
1857-1872. Died 1884. 

1829-1830 ALUMNI. 67 

Thomas Jefferson Sawyer. c^JV^' jv^ ^/Vff College Hill, Mass. 

Universalist clergyman and teacher. Pastor, Second Universalist 
church. New York city, 1830-1845 and 1852-1861. Principal Clinton, 
N- Y,, Liberal Institute, 1845-1852. Editor " Christian Embassador," 
New York, 1863-1866. Professor of Systematic Theology in Tufts' 
College Divinity School, 1869 — . One of the original Trustees of 
Tufts College and of St. Lawrence University. Author of many books 
upon theological subjects. A. M. S. T. T)., Harvard, 1850. 

*RoLLiN Field Strong, Middleport, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died 1835. 


*Alexander Woodruff Buel, Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. Teacher in West Rutland, 1830-1831 ; Fort Covington, N. Y., 
1831-1832; Castleton, 1833-1834. Began practice in Detroit. 1834. 
Deputy Register of Probate, 1834-1836. City Attorney, 1836-1837. 
Member of the Legislature, 1837. Prosecuting Attorney, 1843-1847. 
Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, 1847. Member 
of Congress, 1849-1851. Member Michigan Legislature, 1858-1859. 
A. M. Died 1868. 

*Romeo Houghton Hoyt, St. Albans, Vt. 

Lawyer. Yale College Law School. Admitted to the bar, 1833. Reg- 
ister of Probate, 1836-1842. State Senator, 1853 1854. County Com- 
missioner, 1858-1861. Judge of County Court, 1862-1865. Trustee 
of Middlebury College, 1859-1874. A. M. Died 1888. 

*George Baker Ide, Springfield, Mass. 

Baptist clergyman. Pastor, Brandon. 1832 ; then in Derby ; Boston, 
Mass., 1836-1838; Philadelphia, Pa., 1838-1852; Springfield, Mass., 
1852-1872. Two volumes of his sermons have been published. A. M. 
D. D., Madison, 1848. Died 1872. 

Hiram Jones, Whitehall, N. Y. 

His history since graduating is unknown. (?). 

*Nehemiah Homand Losey, Galesburg, 111. 

Teacher. In Potsdam and Whitesboro, N. Y. One of the incorpo- 
rators of Knox College and Professor of Mathematics and Natural 
Science in the same until 1861 ; Treasurer in same till 1872. Died 

*Samuel Newbury, Dubuque, la. 

Presbyterian clergyman and teacher. Ordained 1831. Pastor, Rut- 
land, Ohio. 1831-1832. Agent American S. S. Union and Education 
Societies, 1832-1838. Principal, White Pigeon Branch, University of 
Michigan, 1838-1842. Pastor, Allegan, Mich., 1842-1846. Principal 
Jackson High School, 1846—. President of the Michigan State Board 
of Education. Established a Normal School at Ypsilanti. Removed 
to Dubuque, 1853. Agent American Tract Society (Boston), 1865. 
A. M. Died 1868. 

*William Henry Parker, Middlebury, Vt. 

Teacher. Principal Bennington Academy, 1830-1832. Tutor in Mid- 
dlebury College, 1832-1834. Andover Theological Seminary, 1834- 
1836. Teacher of Languages in St. Lawrence Academy, Potsdam, 
N. Y., 1836-1846; Principal of the same, 1846-1848. Professor -of 
.Mathematics and Natural Philosophy in Middlebury College, 1848- 
1881 ; Emeritus 1881 — ; Treasurer of same, 1855-1884 and Trustee, 
1855 until his death. A. M. Died 1889. 


*James Randles, St. Joseph's, Mich. 

Pearson says : " He was from Hebron, N. Y. Read law in Troy, N. 
Y., and died in St. Joseph's, Mich." (?j 

John Stewart, (?) 

He was from Pittsford, Vt. Pearson says : " He read theology some- 
what at Princeton ; was for some time Secretary of the New Jersey 
Prison Discipline Society; in 1843 ^^'^s practicing law in Philadel- 
phia." He went west from Philadelphia. He was a brother of Amasa 
Stewart, class of '24, and of P. P. Stewart, the stove manufacturer. (?) 

♦John Stocker, Muscatine, la. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Teacher, Long Island, 1830-1831. Prince- 
ton Theological Seminary, 1831-1832. Pastor, Miller's Place and West 
Hampton, N. Y., 1833-1835 ; Monticello, Ind., 1836-1837; Blooming- 
ton (now Muscatine), Iowa, 1839-1848. A. M. Died 1848. 

♦Gilbert Timothy Thompson, Northampton, Mass. 

Teacher and lawyer. Principal Addison County Grammar School, 
1830-1833. Tutor and Professor of Languages in Hobart College. 
Resided in Cornwall till 1850 ; then in Northampton. A. M. Died 

♦Francis Putnam Whipple, Hardwick, Vt. 

Teacher. Principal Granville Academy, N. Y., 1830. Died 1830. 

♦Horace Wilcox, St. Louis, Mo. 

Teacher. Principal. Ogdensburg Academy, N. Y. ; Columbus Acad- 
emy, Ohio. Teacher in St. Louis till 1839. A. M., University of Ver- 
mont, 1833. Died 1839. 


♦Edwin Munson Barbour, Benson, Vt. 

Studied law in New York City and started West, intending to begin 
practice in Cincinnati. Died on the journey, at Portsmouth, Ohio, 

♦Nelson Barbour, Georgia, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1834. 
Pastor, Saxton's River, 1835-1839; Dummerston, 1840-1846; Lang- 
don, N. H., 1849-1852; Wolfboro. 1852-1854; Cummington, Mass., 
1857-1858; Jamaica, Vt., 1859 i860; Sullivan, N. H., 1861-1863: West 
Fairlee, Vt., 1864-1867 ; Georgia, 1867. Died 1867. 

♦Harvey Curtis, Galesburg, 111. 

Presbyterian clergyman and teacher. Princeton Theological Semi- 
nary, 1831-1832. Principal Norwalk Academy, Conn., 1833 1834. Tu- 
tor in Middiebury College, 1834-1835. Pastor, Brandon, 1835-1840. 
Agent A. B. C. F. M. in the West, 1841-1843. Pastor, Madison, Ind., 
1843-1850; Chicago, 111., 1850-1858. President Knox College, 1858- 
1862. A. M. D. D., 1857. Died 1862. 

♦Daniel Hancock Deacon, Henderson, Ky. 

Episcopal clergyman and teacher. Rector and teacher in Henderson 
several years ; then in Natchez, Miss. ; again in Henderson. Died 1882. 

1831 ALUMNI. 69 

Bela Fancher, Homer, Mich. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary. 1831-1833. 
Principal Sheldon Academy, Southampton, Mass., 1833-1834. Ando- 
ver Theological Seminary, 1835. Pastor, Troy, Ohio, 1836-1842; North 
Bergen, N. Y., 18421848 ; Oakfield, 1848 1852, and Principal Gary 
Seminary, 1850 1852; Barre Center, 1852 1855 ; Homer, 1855-1864, 
and Principal Homer Academy, 18551858; Concord, 1866-1869. 
County Superintendent of Schools, 1^69-1873. Pastor, Eckford, since 
1873, with residence at Homer continually since 1855. 

Ephraim H. Farrar, (?) 

Business. Taught a while and was in the service of the American 
Tract Society, 1832-1833. Resided chiefly in Fairfax, engaged in agri- 
culture till 1846, when he commenced the manufacture of fire bricks 
in Vergennes. A. M. (?) 

*JoHN Metcalf Hooker, Middlebury, Vt. 

Physician. Teacher in Bloomfield, N. J., 1831-1832. M. D., Yale, 
1835. Died in New Haven, Conn., 1835. 

*Daniel Howard, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Teacher. Principal Jericho Academy, 1831 — . " In 1836 he removed 
to Philadelphia, where he was a successful and highly respected teach- 
er until his death." A. M. Died 1869. 

* George Cleveland Hyde, Lake Charles, La. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1835. Pas- 
tor, Readfield. Me., 1836-1838; Castleton, N. Y., 1843. Teacher, El- 
mira, N. Y., 1846. Pastor, Onondaga Hollow, N. Y., 1851. Home 
Missionary, New York, 1851-1855. Pastor, Atchafalaya, La.. 1855- 
1869 ; Lake Charles, 1870 — . Died at his home on English Bayou, 
near Lake Charles, 1883. 

*EzRA Jones, Phelps, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1834. 
Pastor, Greenfield, N. H., 1834-1838 ; Dorset, Johnson and Claren- 
don, Vt., 1838-1850. In active service as pastor in western and central 
New York, 1850-1878. In Phelps, 1882—. A. M. Died 1888. 

Samuel Adams Kirby, Emory (?) Texas. 

Lawyer. Was from Middlebury. Resided in Brownville, N. Y., 1833- 
1834. (?) 

*Nathaniel Ogden Preston, Manhattan, Kan. 

Episcopal clergyman. Principal Royalton Academy, 1831-1832. Or- 
dained deacon. 1834, and priest, 1835. Rector, Bennington, 1834-1844; 
New Orleans. La., 1844-1856; Philadelphia, Pa., 1856-1858 ; Manhat- 
tan, Kan., 1858-1862 ; Topeka, 1862-1864 ; and Principal of the Topeka 
Female Seminary, reorganized as the College of the Sisters of Beth- 
any. Professor of English Literature, State Agricultural College, 
Manhattan, 1864-1866. Delegate to the (triennial) General Conven- 
tion of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States in 1844, 
1847, 1850, 1853 and 1859. A. M. Died 1866. 

♦David Sylvester Sheldon, Davenport, la. 

Teacher. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1831-1832. Principal 
Bennington Academy, 1832-1834. Andover Theological Seminary, 
1834-1835. Teacher of Mathematics in Potsdam Academy, 1835-1840; 
in Northampton, Mass., 1840 — , Farmer in Rupert, Vt., and repre- 
sented that town in the Legislature of 1849. Teacher, Preparatory 
Department, Iowa College, Davenport, 1853. Professor of Chemistry 
and. Natural Sciences, Iowa College, then at Davenport, 1853-1858 ; 
same in Griswold College, 1858—. A. M. Died 1886. 

70 MroDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1831-1832 

*Albert Smith, Monticello, 111. 

Congregational clergyman and teacher. Teacher in Hartford and 
Medford, Conn., 1831-1832. Andover Theological Seminary, 1835. 
Pastor, Williamstown, Mass., 1836-1838. Professor of Languages and 
Belles Lettres, Marshall College, 1838-1840 ; of Rhetoric and English 
Literature in Middlebury College, 1840-1844. Pastor, Vernon, Conn., 
1845-1854; Peru, Ind., 1854-1855 ; Duquoine, 111., 1855; Monticello, 
1855-1863. A. M. D. D., Shurtleff, i860. Died 1863. 

*BuEL WiLLOUGHBY Smith, Ishpemiiig, Mich. 

Congregational clergyman and teacher. Andover Theological Sem- 
inary, 1834. Pastor, Ferrisburg, Irasburg, Montpelier and Plainfield, 
Vt., 1834- 1841. Principal Keeseville, N. Y., Academy and acting pas- 
tor at Port Kent, 1841-1848. Principal Burlington Female Seminary, 
1848-1865 and acting pastor for neighboring churches. Resided at 
Newton, Mass., 1865-1876; then at Ishpeming. Died 1882. 


William M. Bass, Dedham, Mass. 

Physician. Practiced in Grand Detour, 111., 1837-1846; Middlebury, 
1846-1877. M. D., Berkshire Medical College, 1835, 

* Joshua Bates, . Boston, Mass. 

Teacher. In Charlestown, Mass., several years, then Head Master of 
the Brimmer School, Boston. Trustee of Middlebury College, 1850- 
1888. A. M. LL. D., 1880. Died 1888. 

Jonathan Blanchard, Chicago, 111. 

Presbyterian clergyman and teacher. Principal Plattsburg Academy, 
1832-1834. Andover Theological Seminary, 1834-1836. Lane Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1838. Pastor, Cincinnati, O., 1838-1846. President 
of Knox College, Galesburg, ill., 1846-1860. President of Wheaton 
College, 111., i860—. A. M. 

Edward Carrington, Providence, R. I. 

Merchant (retired). Harvard Law School, 1834-1835. 

* J ESSE Caswell, Bangkok, Siam. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher, Potsdam, N. Y., 1832-1834. 
Andover Theological Seminary, 1834-1835. Lane Theological Sem- 
inary, 1837. City Missionary, Cincinnati, O., 1837-1838. Missionary, 
A. B. C. F. M. in Siam, 1839-1848. Died 1848. 

♦William Dewey Cooke, Staunton, Va. 

Teacher. Went to Virginia soon after graduating and in 1840 became 
connected with the Virginia Institution for Deaf Mutes and the Blind 
at Staunton. In 1845 he became the first Principal of the North Car- 
olina Institution for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind at Raleigh and held 
that position until i860. Principal State Deaf and Dumb Institution, 
Cave Spring, Ga., i860—. Publishing Agent, Southern Presbyterian 
Church, Richmond, Va. Principal Maryland Deaf and Dumb institu- 
tion, Frederick City, till 1871. Then at Staunton until his death. A. M. 
Died 1885. 

*John Titus Doolittle, Painesville, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Practiced in Middlebury, 1835-1837 ; Huron, O., 1838-1841 ; 
Painesville, 1841-1871. A. M. Died 1871. 

1832 ALUMNI. 71 

Caleb Blanchard Harrington, Burlington, la. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar in Bennington County, Vt., 1835. Prac- 
ticed in Middletovvn, 1835-1850; Rutland, 1850-1857 ; Burlington, la., 
1857 — . Represented Middletovvn in the I>egislature, 1842, 1843 ^"d 
1846. Commissioner of the Vermont Insane Asylum, 1846-1847. 
State's Attorney tor Rutland County, 1851-1857. Has now retired from 
practice. A. M. 

^p-WILLIAM Jones Hoppin, Providence, R. I. 

•^ Lawyer. Secretary of the United States Legation at London, 1876- 

1886. Address, 99 George street. LL. B., Harvard, 1835. 1^^<T^ 

* Elijah K. Hubbard, Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. " He projected and chartered the old Galena railroad, now 
part of the ' Northwest' system, and first railroad built out of Chic- 
ago." Died 1839. 

*Ephraim Holt Jenny, New York, N. Y. 

Business. Principal and proprietor of a Classical School in New York 
City for some years. After 1850 and until his death he was connected 
with the business department of the New York Tribune. A. M. Died 

*Daniel Ladd, Middlebury, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1835. 
Missionary, A. B. C. F. M. in Turkey, 1836-1867. Died 1872.' 

*RoBERT Fowler Lawrence, Albany, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1832- 
1833. Pastor, Westport, N. Y., 1835-1836; Gouverneur. 1836-1838 ; 
Claremont, N. H., 1839-1863. Trustee Kimball Union Academy. 
Agent Freedmen's Relief Association, 1863. City Missionary, New- 
London, Conn., 1864-1865. Resided at Maiden, Mass., 1865 — . A. 
M. Died 1886. 

*RoBiNSON Smiley Lockwood,' Mt. Vernon, O. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1834-1836. 
Pastor, Girard, Pa , 1837-1841 ; Meadville, 1841-1843. Practiced law, 
Erie, 1846-1847. Pastor, Piqua, O., 1849-1850; Berlin Heights, 1858 ; 
Steuben, 1859-1860. Resided in Chicago, 1864-1870; in Ludlow, 111,, 
1871-1873; in Texas, 1873-1876. A. M. Died 1876. 

*Henry B. McClure, Jacksonville, 111. 

Lawyer. When in College his name was spelled McCluer. A. M. 
Died (?) 

♦Salmon Leonard Matthews, Whitehall, N. Y. 

Preached in Sudbury six months. At the time of his death he was a 
member of Andoyer Theological Seminary. Died 1835. 

*JoHN Mattocks, St. Paul, Minn. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Read law 1832-1835. Yale Diyinity School, 
1837-1838. Preached in West Rutland. Pastor Presbyterian church, 
Keeseyilie, N. Y.,.1838-1856 ; St. Paul, 1856-1875. Trustee of Middle- 
bury College, 1850-1860. A. M. Died 1875. 

*James Meacham, Middlebury, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman and teacher. Taught in Castleton Semi- 
nary, 1832-1833, and St. Albans Academy, i833-i83[4. Andover Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1834- 1836. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1836-1838. 
Pastor, New Haven, 1838-1846. Professor of Rhetoric and English 
Literature in Middlebury College, 1846-18^0. Member of Congress, 
1849-1856. Trustee of Middlebury College, 1855-1856. A. M. Died 


♦Charles Miller, Rochester, N. Y. 

Business. In 1834 located in Rochester, where he was engaged in bus- 
iness until his death. Died 1875. 

♦Andrew Naudain, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Physician. Died 1864. 

♦Aurelian Hulburd Post, Cornwall, Vt. 

Teacher. Andover Theological Seminary, 1832 1833. Taught at 
Natchez, Miss. Died at Logansport, Ind., 1834. 

♦Benjamin Washington Reynolds, (?) Mich. 

Congregational clergyman. He was from Abbeville, S. C. In 1848 
was Home Missionary in Pleasant Grove, 111. In 1853 he was in 
Michigan. (?) A. M. ' Died 1877. 

♦William Scales, Lyndon, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1837. 
Pastor, Lyndon, 1837-1841; Rochester, 1841-1847 ; Brownington. 1847- 
1851; Co'nneaut, Ohio, 1852-1855 ; Lyndon, 1855-1864. Died 1864. 

♦Horatio Seymour, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Litchfield Law School. Surrogate of Erie County. A. M. 
Died 1872. 

♦John Strong Storrs, Monte vallo, Ala. 

Lawyer. He was from Middlebury. Member Alabama Legislature, 
and State Senator, 1844 1857. President Alabama Coal Co. He was 
a strong Union man. A. M. Died 1862. 

♦Homer Hine Stuart, New York, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Taught in Springfield, 1832-1833. Practiced in Lockport 
and afterwards in New York City. When in College his name was 
spelled Stewart. Died 1885. 

♦Halsey R. Wing, Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Buffalo, 1835- 1841. Superintendent Schools, Warren Co., 
N. Y., 1842-1843. Judge of the Court, of Common Pleas, 1843-1847. 
A. M. Died 1870. 


♦Hiram Allen Babcock, Wayne, Ohio. 

Congregational clergyman and farmer. Lane Theological Seminary, 
1836. Was a home missionary in Ohio and Pennsylvania several 
years, A. M., Western Reserve College, 1836. Died 1868. 

♦John Codman Bates, Montgomery, Ala. 

Lawver. Private tutor for several years in Virginia and Alabama. 
Editor " Alabama Journal." A. M. Died 1857. 

♦Ward Bullard, New Haven, Vt. 

Methodist clergyman. Taught in the South. Returned North in 
1838, joined the Troy Conference and took appointments till 1854. A. 
M. Died 1879. 

Hiram Carleton, East Sandwich, Mass. 

Episcopal clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1837. Pastor 
Congregational church, Stowe, Vt., 1838 1852; West Barnstable, Mass., 
1852-1862; Stoneham, 1862-1863 ; Fairmount, 1863-1865. Ordained 
an Episcopalian clergvman, 1867. Rector, Wood's Holl, Mass., 1866 — . 
A. M. D. D., Trinity, 1878. 


1833 ALUMNI. 73 

Philos G. Cook, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Principal Classical School, Bufifalo, 1836- 

1845. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1849. Chaplain of Auburn 

State Prison, 1848-1851. Pastor, Ludlowville, N. Y., 1851-1856. Agent 

for A. S. S. Union, Buffalo, 1856-1858. City Missionary, 1859-1862./^^^ 

Chaplain 94th Reg. N. Y. V. Vols., 1862-1865. City Missionary, 1865— /Jf^^ 

*AzARiAH R. Graves, (?) 

Clergyman. He was from Pawiet, Vt., and went South soon after 
graduation. (?) A. M. Died 1871. 

Joel S. Graves, ( ?) Ocklocknee, Ga. 

Congregational clergyman. He was from Fair Haven, Vt. Studied 
at Auburn Theological Seminary, 1833-1835. In Alabama, Florida 
and Georgia after 1836. (?) 

* Edward Joseph Hallock, St. Louis, Mo. 

Congregational clergyman and teacher. Andover Theological Semi- 
nary, 1837. Principal of Castleton Seminary, 1838-1856. When in 
College his name was written Joseph Edward Hallock. A. M. Died 

*Thomas Henderson Hubbell, Charaplain, N. Y. 

Died 1834. 

Eliezer Jewett Marsh, Leominster, Mass. 

Teacher. Studied at Andover Theological Seminary. Teacher, Jer- 
icho, Vt., 1833-1835 ; Concord, Mass., 1836-1837 ; Thetford, Vt., 1837- 
1840; Milton, Mass., 1 840-1 845 ; Dorchester, Mass., 1 845-1 847 ; Gro- 
ton, Mass., 1847-1854. 

* George Martin, Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. State Senator. Judge County Court, 1851. Chief Justice 
Supreme Court of Michigan, 1857 — . Died 1867. 

* Charles Nash Mattoon, Monroe, Mich. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1836. Pas- 
tor, Canoga, N. Y., 1837-1841; Aurora, N. Y., 1841-1850; Leroy, 1850- 
1857. President Farmers' College. Cincinnati, Ohio. 1857-1861. Pas- 
tor, Rockford, 111., 1861-1862; Monroe, Mich., 1863-1877. D. D., 
Farmers' College, 1859. Died 1886. 

*Lamson Miner, Castleton, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Studied at Lane Theological Seminary. 
Tutor, Franklin College, Ga., 1835-1836. Pastor, Cornwall, Vt., 1837- 
1839. Died 1841. 

*Clarendon Fay Muzzy, Amherst, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1836. 
Missionary, A. B. C. F. M. in India, 1836-1857. Pastor, Ferrisburgh, 
1859; Brasher Falls, N. Y., 1862 1864 ; Waverly, Pa., 1865, and Mont- 
ville, Ct., 1866-1873. Died 1878. 

* Leonard Rawson, Pittsford, Vt. 

Teacher. In Castleton Seminary, 1833. Tutor in Middlebury Col- 
lege, 18361837. A. M. Died 1838. 

*Ezekiel Sanford Sayre, Demapolis, Ala. 

Lawyer. Taught, and in 1842 was Editor of the " Perry County (Ala.) 
Eagle." In 1852 was a lawyer in Montgomery, Ala. In the college 
catalogues for his four years his name is spelled Sayres. A. M., Uni- 
versity of Alabama, 1843. Died 1853. 


♦Ephraim Sanford Seymour, Newark, III. 

Lawyer. Practiced in Jacksonville, 111., 1839-1841 ; Newark. 1841 — . 
A. M. Died 1851. 

♦Mark Skinner, Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. New Haven Law School, 1835-1836. Settled in Chicago in 
1836, City Attorney, 1840. United States District Attorney, 1841 — . 
Member Illinois Legislature, 1846. Member State Constitutional Con- 
vention, 1848. Judge Cook County Court of Common Pleas, 1851- 
1853. LL. D., 1884. Died at Manchester, Vt,, 1887. 

♦William L. G. Smith, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lawyer. In 1852 he published " Uncle Tom's Cabin as It Is." A, 
M. 'Died 1877. 

♦Benoni Thompson, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Member New York Legislature. Died 1858. 

♦Jesse Walker, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Judge of Erie County Court at the time of his death. Died 

♦Edward S. Warren, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Actively engaged in street railway and other business enter- 
prises. Died 1868. 



'Benjamin Brooker Allen, Vergennes, Vt. 

Was a teacher in Vergennes from graduation until his death. A. M. 
Died 1869. 

Charles Henshaw Blair, Chicago, 111. 

Was from Montreal. Went to Chicago soon after graduation. (?) 

♦LuaEN Cyrus Boynton, Springfield, 111. 

Lawyer. Teacher, Plattsburgh, N. Y., 1834-1835. Andover Theolog- 
ical Seminary, 1838. Taught in Delaware and Virginia, 1838-1844. 
Lawyer in Worcester, Mass., 1847-1858; Springfield, 111., 1858-1886. 
A. M. Died 1886. 

^T^f'JosiAH Bartleit Clark, Islington, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman, Andover Theological Seminary, 1834- 
1835; Lane Theological Seminary, 1837. Pastor, Rising Sun, Ind., 
1838-1840; Sharon, Vt„ 1840-1842; Eliot, Me., 1842-1845; West Ran- 
dolph, Vt., 1846; Pittsfield, 1847-1850; Clarendon, 1851-1856; Rupert, 
1857-1869; Pittsfield iSpQ?^§73; Weathersfield Centre, 1874-1875; 
Ludlow, 1876-1881. I T^U^ 

♦MiRON MuNSON Dean, Cambridge, Mass. 

Baptist clergyman. Newton Theological Seminary, 1838. Pastor, 
Providence, R. I., 1838 1840; Marblehead, Mass., 1840-1847; chaplain 
Deer Island, Mass, ; agent A. and F. B. Society. Pastor, Warren, R. 
I. A, M., Brown, 1837. Died i86i. 

♦Cyrus Bryant Drake, Royalton, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1837. 
Pastor in Royalton, 1837-1878. Trustee of Middlebnry College, 1859- 
1878. A. M. D. D., 1861. Died 1878. 

♦Alanson Fish, Ira, Vt. 

Baptist clergyman. Newton Theological Seminary, 1837. Pastor, 
Chelsea, Mass., 1837-1840. Died 1840. 

1834 ALUMNI. 75 

Russell Loomis Galusha, Jericho, Vt. 


*Charles Goodrich, New Orleans, La. 

Episcopal clergyman. Theological Seminary of Virginia, 1837. Rec- 
tor, St. Paul's Church, New Orleans, 1838-1868 ; St. James Church, Ba- 
ton Rouge, 1869-1886. Rector, Emeritus, St. Paul's Church, New Or- 
leans, 1886-1889. D. D., Jefferson College, 1855. Died 1889. 

*Hiram Atwell Graves, Bristol, R. I. 

Baptist clergyman and author. Pastor, Springfield, Mass., 1837- 1840; 
Lynn, 1840-1842. Editor " Christian Reflector," Boston, 1842. A. M. 
Died 1850. 

Thomas Swan Hubbard, Tunbridge, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andove.r Theological Seminary, 1838. 
Pastor, Stockbridge, 183Q-1846; Royaiton, 1846; Chelsea, 1 847-1 854 ; 
Stockbridge, 1855-1862; Dunton. 111., 1862-1864 ; Gaysville, Vt., 1864- 
1868 ; Rochester, 1868-1878 ; neighboring churches 1878 — , County 
Superintendent of Schools, 1845-1846. Representative in the Legisla- 
ture of Vermont four years. State Senator, 1859-1860. 

Henry T. Huggins, New Haven, Conn 

Lawyer. Yale College Law School, 1834-1835. Practiced in New 
Haven, Conn., 1836-1841. Clerk of the Connecticut Senate. .Settled 
in Burlington, Iowa, 1841. Returned to New Haven about 1846 and 
became connected with some newspaper. (?) 

*Charles W. Jewett, Niles, Mich. 

Lawyer. Located in Niles, 1836. Judge of Probate; Prosecuting 
Attorney, and County Judge. A. M.' Died 1880. 

* Daniel Oliver Morton, Toledo, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Removed to Toledo, 1836 ; was admitted to the bar and 
practiced law until his death. Was appointed United States District 
Attorney for Ohio bv President Pierce, 1853. He was a brother of 
Vice-President Morton. A. M. Died 1859. 

*Calvin Day Noble, Springfield, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Rochester, Vt,, 1836 1840 ; Spring- 
field, 1840-1844. A. M. Died 1844. 

*Charles Paulk, Waukon, la. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar 1838. Practiced in Heneoye Falls, N. 
Y., till 1850. Then spent three years in California. Settled upon a 
farm in Waukon, 1854. Member Iowa Legislature, 1859 and 1863. 
State Senator, 1865. A. M. Died 1885. 

*Lyman Bert Peet, West Haven, Conn. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1837. 
Missionary, A. B. C. F. M., India, 1839-1840; Siam, 1840-1846; China, 
1846 1871. Translated the New Testament and several books of the 
Old into the Chinese language. Died 1878. 

*James Turner Phelps, Chelsea, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher, I^ Grange, Ga., 1834-1835. 
Tutor, Franklin College, Ga., 1835-1836; Columbia, S. C, Theological 
Seminary, 1836-1838. Pastor, Enosburgh, Vt., 1839-1843. Afterwards 
engaged in business. A. M. and Franklin College, 1836. Died 1870. 

Orson Rockwell, Richmond, Ala. 

Baptist clergyman and teacher. Principal Norwalk, Conn., Academy, 
1834-1836. New Haven Theological Seminary, 1836-1837. Teacher, 
Mobile, Ala., 1838-1840; Howard College, Marion, one year; Cahaba, 
1845-1848. In 1850 he was a teacher in Richmond. A.M. (?) 

76 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1834-183,^ 

♦Seth HuTCHiNS Sabine, Marblehead, Mass. 

Druggist. Died 1849. 

♦Asa Bowen Smith, Buckland, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. New Haven Theological Seminary, 1837. 
Missionary A. B. C. F, M. to Oregon ; Sandwich Islands, 1843-1845. 
Pastor, Buckland. Died i886. 

Oliver H. Staples, Kansas City, Mo. 

Episcopal clergyman. Ordained 1838. Rector, Windsor, Vt., 1838- 
1841 ; Mobile, Ala., 1841 — . Teacher thirteen years. City Missiona- 
ry, St. Louis. 1866 1870. Rector, St. Paul's Church, 1860-1877. Re- 
moved to Kansas City 1890. 

♦William Henry Starr, Burlington, la. 

Lawyer. Cincinnati I^w School, 1837. Located in Burlington, 1837. 
Mayor of Burlington, 1849 and 1850. A. M. Died i88i. 

♦James Andrus Blinn Stone, Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Baptist clergyman. Principal Hinesburg Academy, 1834-1836. Tu- 
tor in Middiebury College, 1838. Andover Theological Seminary, 
1839. Pastor, Gloucester, Mass., 1839-1841. Professor in Newton 
Theological Seminary, 1841-1842, Pastor, Kalamazoo, Mich., 1843- 
1849. President and Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy, 
Kalamazoo College, 1843-1863. Editor and publisher for several years 
of the Daily and Weekly " Telegraph," Postmaster four years. Pub- 
lished many theological works. D. D., Madison University, 1853. 
Died at Detroit, 1888. 

DeWitt Clinton Walker, Capac, Mich. 

Lawyer. Prosecuting Attorney, Summit County, 1837-1839. Member 
Michigan Legislature, 1840-1844, and 1846. State Senator, 1841 and 
1842. Regent of the Michigan State University, 1843. Member of 
the Constitutional Convention, 1850. Judge of Probate, St. Clair Co., 
1865 1869. 

♦George Clinton Whitlock, Albia, la. 

Methodist clergyman and teacher. Teacher in Middleburg, N. Y., 
Academy, 1835-1839. Professor of Mathematics in Genesee Wes- 
leyan Seminary, 1839-1850 ; of Chemistry and Natural History in 
Genesee College, 1850 — ; in Victoria College, Canada, and in Western 
University, Iowa. A. M. LL. D,, Wesleyan University, Illinois, 1859. 
Died 1864. 


Nathaniel Aldrich Balch, - Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Lawyer. Taught from 1835-1845. Admitted to practice in Supreme 
Court, 1848, Practiced law forty-eight years. State Senator two years. 
A. M. 

♦Edward Semans Barrett. (?) 

Congregational clergyman and teacher. Teacher in Canton, N. Y., 
183s 1838. Pastor in Weston, Vt., 1839-1845. Then teacher in Lei- 
cester. Superintendent of Schools for Addison County, 1848-1850. 
A. M. Died 1866. 

♦Prentiss Bates, ' Brattleboro, Vt. 

He was from Middiebury, but was a resident of Brattleboro after 1840. 
Died 1889. 

1835 ALUMNI. 77 

*RuFUS King Bellamy, Chicopee Falls, Mass. 

Baptist clergyman. Hamilton Theological Seminary, 1838. Pastor, 
Groton and Medina, N. Y., 1838-1842; Danburv, Conn., 1842-1848; 
Chicopee Falls, Mass., 1848-1882. A. M. Died 1886. 

*JoHN BoYNTON, Pcppercll, Mass. 

^ Teacher. Taught in the South. Died in Pepperell, 1839. 

Jj^ Milton Bradley, Richland, Mich. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Teacher, Fort Covington, N. Y., 1835-1837. 
Auburn Theological Seminary, 1837-1838. Pastor, Parishville, N. Y., 
1839-1843; Richland, Mich., 1844- 1878 ; Emeritus, 1878 — . Delegate 
to Michigan Constitutional Convention, 1867. Trustee Michigan Fe- 
male Seminary, jf <^ ^ 

*BusHROD Washington Converse, (?) 

Lawyer. He was from Panton and went West soon after gradua- 
tion. (?) Died 1847. 

* David Dobie, Plattsburgh, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. New Haven Theological Seminary, 1838. 
Edinburgh University, 1838 1839. Pastor, Huntingdon, Canada, 1839- 
1844 ; Plattsburgh, 1844-1857. Died 1857. 

James Madison Flagg, Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Teacher in Shoreham and Alabama, 1835-1838 Tutor in 
Middlebury CoUeg-e, 1838. Admitted to the bar in New York and 
began practice there but soon removed to Indiana. Practiced law and 
edited a paper in Fort Wayne, Ind., and then settled in Lima. Re- 
moved to Chicago, 1866. 

;::5^JoHN Graham Foote, Burlington, la. 

Merchant. Located in Burlington. 1843. State Senator, 1862-1866. 
State House Commissioner, 1872-1886. Is Vice President First Na- 
tional Bank of Burlington. 1 J-^ ^, '^ 

:::yC^THE0D0RE Gay, Malone, N. Y. 

' Physician. Castleton Medical College, 1840. Examining Surgeon for 

Pensions, 1863. President Northern New York Medical Association, 
1874 ; Franklin County Medical Society, 1868. A. M. M. D., Cas- 
tleton Medical College, ^^i^.^ rti^ "^^ '' ' ■' 

♦Daniel Gibbs, ^ ' Hartford, Conn. 

Congregational clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1838. 
Pastor, West Bloomfield, N. Y., 1839 — . In missionary work in Ohio, 
1847-1853. Afterwards pastor in New York and Connecticut. A. M. 
Died 1881. 

♦Lemuel Grosvenor, Porafret, Conn. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1843. 
Pastor, Rock Hill, Mo., 1845-1846; CoUinsville, 111., 1848-1850 ; }er- 
seyville. 111., 1851-1855; Woodstock, Conn., 1855-1860. Died in Lon- 
don, England, 1870. 

♦Henry Hall, Rutland, Vt. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar, 1839. Register of Probate in Rutland 
many years. Devoted much time to the early history of Vermont. 
Died 1889. 

♦Curtis Kendall Harvey, Knoxville, 111. 

Lawyer. Principal Brandon Academy, 1835-1836. Died 1849. 


Asa Hemenway, Manchester, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1838. 
Missionary, A. B. C. F. M., at Bangkok, Siam, 1839-1850. Pastor, 
Cornwall, '1850-1851; Ripton, 1851-1860; Keeseville, N.Y., 1860-1864; 
Mooers, 1864-1869; West Hartford, Vt., 1869-1871 ; East Chazy, N. Y., 
1871-1872. A. M. 

*MiLO JuDSON HiCKOK, Marietta, Ohio. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Professor of Languages in Delaware Col- 
lege, 183S-1838. Tutor in Middiebury College, 1840. Union Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1841. Pastor, Marietta, Ohio, 1841-1844 ; Roches- 
ter, N.Y„ 1844-1853 ; Montreal, 1853-1855 ; Scranton, Pa., 1855 1868. 
Delegate to the Synod of Presbyterian Churches in Ireland and Scot- 
land. 1867. A. M. D. D., College of New Jersey, 1861. Died 1873. 

♦Edward Fuller Hodges, Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. In Rutland, 1838-1845 ; Boston, 1845-1883. Died 1883. 

Edwin Hoyt, Grand Rapids,Mich. 

Advent clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1836 1837. Sev- 
eral years an evangelist and a pastor of churches in the West. Has 
been President of an Ecclesiastical Association. 

♦Alexander Cummings Hunter, VidaUa, La. 

Lawyer. Was a volunteer in the Mexican war. Recorder of Concor- 
dia Parish. Died 1855. 

■^ Harvey Denison Kitchel, East Liverpool, O. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1835- 
1836. Tutor in Middiebury College, 1836-1837. New Haven Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1837-1838. Pastor atThomaston, Conn., 1838-1848 ; 
First Congregational Church, Detroit, Mich., 1848-1864; Plymouth 
Church, Chicago, III., 1864-1866. President of Middiebury College, 
1866-1873. A. M. and Yale, 1865. D. D., 1858. ' (^[^jL^^ 

♦Spencer Mattison, Lebanon, 111. 

Methodist clergyman and teacher. Pastor, Pittstord, Plattsburg. N. 
v., Middlefield.'Mass., Clifton Park. N. Y., Stillwater. N. Y. Teacher 
in the State of Georgia four years. Professor of Ancient Languages 
and Literature in McKendree College, 1846—. A. M., Wesleyan Uni- 
versity, 1840. Died 1858. 

♦Allen Kent Merrill, Eufaula, Ala. 

Lawyer. Teacher in Georgia and Alabama, 1835-1837. Admitted to 
the bar, 1838. Died 1845. 

♦James Deveril Moore, Hartford, Conn. 

Presbyterian clergyman. New Haven Theological Seminary, 1837. 
S. S. Missionary in Canada, 1838-1839. Pastor, Milford, Conn., Black 
Rock, N. Y.. Lyme, Westerly, R. I.. Middlefield. Conn., 1840 1850; 
. Clinton, 1850-1866; Plainfield, 1867-1868. Died 1869. 

Allen B. Myers, (?) 

Clergyman. He was engaged in teaching some time. In 1848 he was 
living in New Haven, Conn,, as the Agent of some Society. A. M. (?) 

George West Parker, New York, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Taught and read law, 1835-1841. Admitted to the bar in 
1841 and practiced in Jamestown, Westfield and Owego, N.Y. In 
1853 he removed to New York City, where he has since lived and prac- 
ticed his profession. From 1876 to 1888 he was Justice of the 3d 
District (Civil) Court, New York City. 

1S35 ALUMNI. 79 

James Houghton Phelps, West Townshend, Vt. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar, 1839. Register of Probate, 1842-1846. 
judge of Windham County Court, 1846-1848. Representative in the 
Legislature, 1848, 1849 and 1867. State Senator, 1854 and 1856. A. M. 

* Darwin Harlow Ranney, West Brattleboro,Vt. 

Clergyman. Teacher, VVestport, N. Y., and Ludlow, Vt., 1835 1837. 
Pastor in Ciaremont, N. H., Dover and Wilmington, Vt., and Green- 
^ field and Rernardston, Mass. Represented Brattleboro in the Legis- 
lature two years. A. M., Dartmouth, 1838. Died 1870. 

♦Merrill Richardson, Milford, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Addison County Grammar 
School, 1835-1837. New Haven Theological Seminary, 1837-1838. 
Pastor, Salisbury, 1838-1840 ; Terryville, Conn., 1841-1858 ; Worcester, 
Mass., 1858-1870; Milford, 1872-1876. A. M. D. D., 1871. Died 

♦Rensselaer David Chanceford Robbins, | ^^'^^^^ Highlands, 

Teacher and author. Teacher in the State of Georgia and Royalton, 
Vt., 1835-1837. Andover Theological Seminary, 1837-1839. Tutor in 
Middiebury College, 1839. Andover Theological Seminary, 1841. Li- 
centiate and Librarian at Andover, 1841-1848. Professor of Greek and 
Latin in Middiebury College, 1848-1866; Professor of Greek and Ger- 
man, 1866-1872. He published a translation of Hengstenberg's Egypt 
and the Books 0/ Moses a.nd an edition of Xenophon's Memorabilia. 
He also assisted in the work of Andrew's Latin Lexicon and edited 
several of Prof. Stuart's works. A. M. D. D., 1882. Died 1882. 

♦Zalmon Austin Storrs, Hartford, Conn. 

Lawyer. Litchfield Law School, 1836 1838. Began practice in Tol- 
land, Conn., 1838. Judge of Probate for the District of Tolland, 1847, 
and Judge of the County Court tor that county, 1851. Removed to 
Hartford in 1852. Vice President Charter Oak Life Insurance Co., 
1868-1872. Soon after his removal to Hartford he was chosen attorney 
for the Society for Savings (having on deposit at the present time 
$12,660,993.00), and in 1871 was elected its treasurer and financial 
manager, which office he held till his death. Director ^tna National 
Bank. Trustee Hartford Trust Co. Died 1890. 

Samuel Rowley Thrall, West Salem, Wis. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher in Potsdam, N. Y., 1835-1836. 
Andover Theological Seminary, 1837-1838. Pastor of churches in 
Perkinsville, Wells River, Hubbardton and Cuttingsville, Vt., 1839- 
1853 ; in Illinois, 1854-1869. Agent American Bible Society, at Gales- 
burg, 111., 1869-1880. 

♦Norman Nelson Wood, Jacksonville, III. 

Baptist clergyman. Principal Black River Academy, Ludlow, 1835 • 
1836. Hamilton Theological Seminary and elsewhere, 1836-1838. 
Pastor, Lebanon Springs, Ohio, 1838 1842 ; Vicksburgh, Miss., 1842- 
1845 ; Zanesville, O., 1845-1850. President Shurtleff College, Alton, 
111., 1850-1855. In 1861 entered the army as a chaplain. Professor of 
Mental and Moral Philosophy, Jacksonville, III., 1866 — . A.M. D. 
D., Denison University, 1851. Died 1874. 

♦Stephen Richardson Wright, Selma, Ala. 

Presbyterian clergyman and teacher. Principal of Franklin Institute, 
Montgomery, Ala., 1836-1838 ; Marion Institute, 1838-1848. Presi- 
dent Central Masonic Institute, Selma, Ala., 1848 — . A. M., Alabama 
University, 1859. (?; 



•Samuel Austin Benton, Armida, Mich, 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Randolph Academy, 1836-1838. 
Pastor, Saxton's River, Vt,, 1840-1842. In 1850 was settled in Armida. 
A. M. Died 1865. 

*JosHUA Downing Berry, Portsmouth, N. H. 

Episcopal clergyman and teacher. Principal of an Academy in Con- 
cord. N. H., one year; in South Berwick, Me., four years ; in Dur- 
ham, N. H., three years. President of Shelby College, Ky., 1843-1847. 
Rector in Shelby ville, two years. He then located in Orange, N. J-, 
where he had a parish and boarding school. Afterwards he bought a 
farm in Litchfield, Conn., and had two parishes in the vicinity. Re- 
moved to Portsmouth, 1867. A. M. Died 1869. 

* Aaron Henry Bigelow, Atwood, Ind. 

Lawyer and farmer. Was admitted to the Rutland County bar in 
J839. Removed to Findlay, Ohio, in 1841. The last ten years of his 
life were spent upon a farm in Atwood, Kosciusko Countv, Ind. Died 

John Blake, New York, N. Y. 

Episcopal clergyman. He was for many years Chaplain in the United 
States Navy. A. M. Address, 64 Sixth Avenue. 

*Calvin Parkhurst Bliss Royalton, Vt. 

Teacher and farmer. Taught in the South several years. Then a 
farmer in Royalton. A. M. Died 1881. 

Charles Edward Bowen, (?) 

Lawyer. Employed in Philadelphia. In 1847 was practicing in Dan- 
by, Vt. (>) A. M. 

* Nathan Smith Boynton, Canton, N. Y. 

Taught in Malone, N. Y.,one year, and died in Canton soon after. (?) 

James Davie Butler, Madison, Wis. 

Congregational clergyman and teacher. New Haven Theological 
Seminary, 1836-1837. Tutor in Middlebury College. 1837- 1838. An- 
dover Theological Seminary, 1840. Professor Languages and Litera- 
ture, Norwich University, 1845-1847. Pastor, Wells River, 1847-1850; 
Peabody, Mass., 1851-1852; Cincinnati. O., 18521855. Professor 
Ancient Languages, Wabash College, 1855-1858 ; Wisconsin Univer- 
sity. 1858-1867. A. M. LL. D., 1862. 

*Calvin Brainard Cady, Alburgh Springs, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Licensed to preach by the Essex, N- Y., 
Association, 1838, and ordained. Pastor, Ausable Forks, N. Y., 1842- 
1845; St. Albans Bay, 1845-1852; Alburgh Springs, 1852 1873; Geor- 
gia, Vt., 1873-1877. A. M. Died 1889. 

*John Eleazer Claghorn, Castleton, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1840, and 
post-graduate course, 1840-1841. A. M, Died 1847. 

* Louis A. Doolittle, Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Admitted to practice in Chicago in 1838 and lived there 
until his death with the exception of two years in California. Died 


* J AMES Thomas Foster, Greensboro, N. C. 

Geologist and mining engineer. Curator Geological Department State 
of New York, Albany, 1849 — , Gold mining in North Carolina, 1851. 
Resided in Missouri, 1860-1883, and was a member of the Legislature 
of Missouri, 1865. Removed to Greensboro, 1883. Died 1886. 

William Dickinson Griswold, St. Louis, Mo. 

Lawyer and business man. He has a summer home in Castleton. f(*!y^S 

*Zebulon Jones, Hubbardton, Vt. 

Baptist clergyman. Pastor in Hancock, N. H., 1837-1839; Peterboro, 
N. H., 1839-1843 ; Hampton Falls, N. H., 1843-1852. Commissioner 
of Schools for Rockingham County, 1850, and President New Hamp- 
shire Board of Education. Afterwards he resided in Cornwall and for 
several years immediately preceding his death was pastor of the Bap- 
tist church in Hubbardton. A. M. Died 1883. 

Louis Shafter Lovell, Ionia, Mich. 

Lawyer. Register of the U. S. Land Office under the Taylor-Fillmore 
administration. Has been Circuit Judge of the 8th Judicial Circuit 
of Michigan for twenty-five years. 

*VVilliam Schuyler Martin, Granville, Ohio. 

Teacher. Studied theology in Oberlin. Teacher in Granville, 1838- 
1842. A. M,, Marietta, 1841. Died 1842, 

Merritt Maitison, (?) 

Methodist clergyman. He was from Sudbury, Vt. At one time was 
principal of an academy in New York. (?) 

*David Mower, Rockford, 111. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Lane Theological Seminary, 1839. Sup- 
plied churches in Kentucky until 1855. Then a farmer near Rockford. 
Died 1879. 

JosiAH Wheelock Peet, Monticello, Iowa. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1840. 
Pastor, Gardiner, Me., 1841-1848. Principal Mt. Hope Seminary, Fall 
River, Mass., 1849-1859. Teacher, Easthampton, 1859-1862 ; Oshkosh, 
Wis., 1862-1864. Pastor and Professor in Yellow Spring (now Par- 
sons) College, Iowa, 1864-1867. Home Missionary, Fontanelle, Iowa, 
1867-1880. A. M. 

♦Ashley Samson, Fayette, Mo. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1839. 
Agent of the Massachusetts Sabbath School Society, 1839—. A. M. 
Died 1840. 

Calvin Selden, Chicago, 111. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher a few years. Pastor of churches 
in Waitsfield, Barnard and West Randolph, Vt. Superintendent of 
Public Schools. Address, 542 West Van Buren St. A. M. 

William Slade, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar 1838 and practiced in Lancaster, Ohio, 
till 1848. Cashier there 1848-1850. Lawyer in Cleveland, 1850 — . 
State Senator, 1857-1858, 1858-1859. U. S. Consul at Nice, 1862-1865 ; 
at Brussels, 1885-1889, A. M., Marietta College, 1841. 

♦George Sedgwick Swirr, St. Albans, Vt. 

Business. Died 1840. 

*Samuel Clark Swift, Raymond, Miss. 

Teacher. Died 1838. 



AsAHEL Brown Watrous, (?) 

Teacher. In Milledgeville, Ga., and afterwards in Columbus. He 
was from Middlebury. (>) 

♦Robert Ransom Wells, San Francisco, Cal. 

Presbyterian clerg^'man and teacher. Taught in Jefferson, N. Y., 1836- 

1838. Andover Theological Seminary, 1838-1839. Teacher in Balti- 
more, Md., Western Theological Seminary. Pastor, South Bend, 
Ind., 1846 — . Teacher in Pennsylvania and Maryland till 1866. Pas- 
tor in California with residence San Francisco, 1866 — . A. M. Died 

John Henry Whiteside, Champlain.. N. Y. 

Business. Has been engaged in business in Champlain since gradu- 
ation. I G^ $' 

*Samuel Milungton Wood, Omro, Wis. 

Congregational clergyman. New Haven Theological Seminary, 1838- 

1839. Pastor, Madrid, N. Y., 1839-1848 ; Brownville, N. Y., 1848-1851. 
Teacher in Castleton Seminary, 1852-1854. In Brunswick, N. Y., 
i860—. A. M. Died 1883. 


♦Chauncey Abbott, Madison, Wis. 

Lawyer. Private tutor in Virginia, 1837-1838. Began practice in Fort 
Winnebago, Wis , in 1841 and permanently settled in Madison in 
1845. Was District Attorney in his County. Represented the Madi- 
son district in the Assembly, 1850. Postmaster, 1850-1853, About 
four years before his death he removed to Vermont and died suddenly 
in Nebraska. Died 1872. 

*John Adams, Hillsboro Centre, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor in Sharon, Vt., and East Hanover, 
x\. H., 1843-1861; Hillsboro Center, 1861-1879. Died 1879. 

*Sheridan Franklin Bates, Belfast, Me. 

Teacher and law student. He was from Fort Covington, N. Y. 
Taught in Potsdam and Lockport, N. Y., 1837-1839. Principal Bel- 
last Academy, 1839-1841. Died off the coast of North Carolina, 1841. 

*Sylvanus Bates, Mason, Ga. 

Teacher. Andover Theological Seminary, 1837-1838. Principal of 
Royalton Academy for six years. He was for many years a teacher in 
Georgia. Died 1883. 

♦William Bates. Falmouth, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1840. 
Pastor, Northbridge, Mass., 1845-1858; Falmouth, 1858-1859. A.M. 
Died 1859. 

William J. Brown, Easton, Pa. 

Lawyer. (?) 

Elias Black Burton, Manchester, Vt. 

Lawyer. Teacher in Alabama, 1837-1838. Admitted to the bar and 
began practice in Manchester, 1842. State's Attorney, Bennington 
County. Representative in the Legislature. State Senator. Judge of 
Probate. Delegate from Vermont to the Republican National Con- 
vention, i860. 

1837 ALUMNI. ^7, 

*WiLUAM Hunter Conkey, New Haven, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman, Andover Theological Seminary, 1841. 
Died 1847. 

*RuFUS Spaulding Cushman, Manchester, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher in the South, 1837-1840. Lane 
Theological Seminary, 1840-1841 ; Auburn Theological Seminary, 
1841-1843. Pastor, Orwell, Vt., 1843-1862; Manchester, 1862-1877. 
D. D., 1872, Died 1877. 

*Ei)SOn Fobes, Washington, D. C. 

Teacher. Taught several years in Palmyra, N. Y. Assistant teacher. 
Glens Falls Academy, 1851-1853 and Principal in same, 1857-1862; 
Shoreham, Vt, 1853-1857. Appointed to a clerkship in Washington, 
1862, and lived there till his death. A. M. Died 1879. 

♦Joseph Huntington, Braintree, Vt. 

Baptist clergyman. Died 1843. 

*Henry Page, Chicago, 111. 

Merchant. Died 1885. 

*John Ramsdell, Lake City, Minn. 

Lawyer. Practiced in Racine, Wis., several years. Died 1877. 

Amos Jeweit Samson, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Hinesburgh Academy, 1837- 
1839. Pastor in Underbill, Fairfield and Swanton, Vt., several years. 
Judge of Probate for Franklin County, Vt., 1856-1867. A. M. 

Henry Aaron Sheldon, (?) 

Was a teacher in the South ten years. Became a lumber merchant 
in New York City. In 1849 he went to California. He was from Rut- 
land. A. M. (?) 

♦George Washington Strong, " Rutland, Vt. 

Lawyer and farmer. Died 1858. 

♦Lucius Ascanius Swift, Fayetteville, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman and teacher. Auburn Theological Semi- 
nary, 1839-1842, Teacher in the South. Died 1849. 

♦William Warner, Detroit, Mich. 

Business man. Principal Addison County Grammar School, 1837- 
1838. Andover Theological Seminary, 1838-1840. Treasurer of the 
University of Vermont, 1843-1849. Deputy Treasurer of the Vermont 
Central Railroad, 1845-1855. Removed to" Detroitin 1855. Member 
of the Michigan Legislature, i860, 1862 and 1866. President Detroit 
Bridge and Iron Works. A. M. Died at Quincy, 111., where he was 
superintending the construction of a bridge over the Mississippi river, 

♦Leonard Hemenway Wheeler, Beloit, Wis. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1840. 
Missionary A. B. C. F. M. to the Ojibwa Indians, LaPointe, Wis., 
1841-1844 ; Odanah, Wis., 1844-1866. Died 1872. 

William Wines, Washington, D. C. 

Government service. Teacher in the South a number of years. Post- 
master, Clarksville, Tenn., 1862-1865. Member of the Tennessee Leg- 
islature of 1865, which reorganized the State government. Removed 
to Michigan, 1866. Professor of Languages, Stewart College. Editor 
" Michigan Courier and Visitant," Ann Arbor, In the Government 
service in Washington, 1880 — . A. M, Address, 1324 nth St., N. W. 


John Treat Wolcott, Alleghany City, Pa. 

Presbyterian clergyman (?). He read law. Prof. Parker interlined in 
Pearson's catalogue, " Presbyterian clergyman, Alleghany City, Pa." 

* Julius Lorenzo Wyman, West Haven, Vt. 

Lawyer. He settled in Circleville, Ohio, where he practiced several 
years. Returned to Vermont about 1870. Died 1888. 


* Nathan Barton, New Haven, Vt. 

Farmer. He had lived in Fort Wayne, Ind., and Champlain, N. Y. 
New Haven, Vt., 1871— . Died 1881. 

William Franklin Bascom, Washington, D. C. 

Teacher. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1839-1845. Principal of Yates 
Academy, N. Y., 1845-1846. Teacher, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1846-1848. 
Principal St. Lawrence Academy, 1848-1852; Middlebury Female 
Seminary, 1852 — . General Agent of the " Army and Navy Claims 
Agency" of the United Slates Sanitary Commission, 1865-1868. Pro- 
fessor of Greek and Latin in Howard University, 1868-1877. A. M. 
Address, 926 17th St., N. W. 

*OsMAN Roger Castle, Jericho, Vt. 

Died 1838. 

♦William Fairman Dibble, Bridgeport, Conn. 

Cabinet maker. Aftei graduation he entered the Theological Institute 
at East Windsor, Conn, ; was licensed to preach, and did tor a time, 
but was compelled by ill health to relinquish the ministry. Died 1888. 

♦James Marsh Douglas, Brunswick, Mo. 

Lawyer. Was also engaged in mercantile pursuits. Taught in South 
Carolina and Kentucky several years. Died 1881. 

*AsA Farwell, Ludlow, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1842. 
Principal of Abbot Academy, Andover, Mass., 1842-1853. Pastor, 
West Haverhill, Mass., 1853-1866; in Iowa and Nebraska, 1866-1876. 
Connected with Doane College, 1876-1878. Resided in Ludlow 1882—. 
A. M. Died 1888. 

♦Andrew Seymour Flower, Mansfield, La. 

Lawyer. Andover Theological Seminary, 1838-1839. Taught in Ala- 
bama, 1839-1844. Died of yellow fever at the mouth of the Red River, 


♦David Foote, La Grange, N. Y. 

Baptist clergyman. Principal of Moriah Academy, 1838-1839. Pastor, 
Nassau, N. Y., 1 840-1 843 ; Hannibal, 1 843-1 848 ; LaGrange, 1848. 
Died 1848. 

♦Stillman Foote, Ogdensburg, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Practiced in Waddington, N. Y., 1842-1845 ; Ogdensburg, 
1845 until his death. For some years he was editor of the "Ogdensburg 
Sentinel." Surrogate, 1863-1877. Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, 
1861-1883. Professor of Law in St. Lawrence University. A. M. 
Died 1883. 

1838 ALUMNI. 85 

Solomon Paine Giddings, Washington, D. C. 

Congregational clergyman. New Haven Theological Seminary, 1839- 
1841. Lane Theological Seminary, 1842. Pastor, Clarendon, Vt., and 
Curtisville, Mass., 1843 — ; Fair Haven, Vt., 1852; Springfield. 1852- 
1859; Illinois. In Washington, 1863— . For the past five years has 
labored most of the time in the ministry. 

Storrs Hall, Rosendale, Wis. 

Physician. Received his degree of M. D. from the Connecticut State 
^ Medical Society, 1851. Postmaster during Gen Grant's administra- 

tion. Trustee of Ripon College since 1857 and Secretary of the Board 
since 1865. President of many educational and professional associa- 
tions. A. M. ; and honorary M. D., 1888. 

*John Hough, Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Lawyer. Taught in the South, 1838-1841. Read law in Cleveland, 
Ohio, 1841-1843, and then established himself in practice in Fort 
Wayne. Died 1875. 

*Clark Brigham Hubbard, Steubenville, Ind. 

After graduation he went to Niles, Michigan ; subsequently to Steuben- 
ville, Ind. Died 1842. 

AzARiAH Hyde, Galesburg, 111. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal of Randolph Academy, 1838- 
1841; Middlebury, 1841-1842; Champlain, N. Y., 1842 — ; Castleton 
Seminary, 1857-1860, Pastor, Benson, Vt., eleven years ; Pawlet, Vt., 
six years; also preached in Hubbardton, Vt., Whitehall, N. Y., 
Galesburg, and elsewhere in Illinois. Agent Vermont Bible Society, 
1845, and for Middlebury College building fund, 1859 i860. Financial 
Agent of Knox College, Galesburg. At present is supplying vacant 
churches as called upon. 

* Daniel Kelsey, Atlanta, Ga. 

Methodist clergyman. He was from Danville and went to Georgia in 
1840 as a teacher. Admitted to the Georgia Conference of the M. E. 
Church, 1844, and ordained an elder, 1846. In the itinerancy constant- 
ly, 1844-1876. Superannuated, 1876, but continued preaching occa- 
sionally till his death. Professor in Carsville Female College, 1858 
and President of same, 1859-1860. A. M. Died 1884. 

Henry Kingsley, Middlebury, Vt. 

Farmer. Andover Theological Seminary, 1841. Acting pastor until 
1845. Bookseller in Brandon, 1846-1856. Dentist, Middlebury, 1856- 
1876. A. M. 

John Jordan Latting. New York, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Read law in New York City, 1838-1842, and has practiced 
there since. A. M. Address, 45 West 38th St. 

♦Nathaniel Clarke Locke, Hempstead, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Teacher in Alabama, 1838-1841. Union 
Theological Seminary, 1841-1844. Pastor in Brooklyn, N. Y., some 
years and then in Hempstead. A. M. D. D., University of Alabama, 
1858. Died 1862. 

Gad Lyman, Chicago, 111. 

Teacher. Principal LeRoy, N. Y., Academy, 1838-1841 ; Ajnes, N. Y., 
Academy, 1841-1846 ; Cottage Hall Boarding School, East Greenbush, 
N. Y., 1846—. 

Neill Alexander McMillan, Prairie Bluff, Ala. 

Lawyer. Teacher in Alabama, 1S39-1840. (?) A. M. 


♦Jonathan Fiske Moore, Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Editor of the Dedham, Mass., " Gazette," 1842-1844. Began , 

practice in Boston. 1844. ^^^^^'^v^-. > I /} a/ ^4^i.> ' . ^i 

Sylvester Larned Nevins, -Sx^ w^-^vy / ^ ^fLaCrosse, Wi^. 

Lumberman. Engaged in business in Wall Street, New York City, 
until 1859, when he removed to LaCrosse. Served several years as 
Alderman of LaCrosse. State Senator, Wisconsin, 1876-1877. 

Franklin White Olmsted, Burlington, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Was a teacher in LeRoy, N. Y., two 
years; Mendon, N. Y., six years; in Riga, N. Y., two years. Pastor, 
Bridport, Vt., 1848-1863. Chaplain in Hospital, Philadelphia, 1863- 
1865. Principal Burr and Burton Seminary, 1865-1867. Pastor, East 
Dorset, 1867-1870; Townshend, 1870-1877; Williston, 1877-1882. 
County and Town Superintendent of Schools fifteen years. Member 
of the Vermont Legislature five years. Member of the Constitutional 
Convention of Vermont, 1870. A. M. 

*RuFus Burnett Olmsted, Cambria, Cal. 

Teacher. In Lockport, 111., 1840; Plainfield, 1841-1845 ; Iowa, 185 — ; 
San Jose, Cal., 1858. Died in San Luis Obispo County, Cal., 1867. 

*James Wells Ransom, Townshend, Vt. 

He died in Michigan in 1840. 

George Fitch Ruggles, Aurora, 111. 

Business. A. M. 

Jonathan Avery Shepherd, Santa Rosa, Cal. 

Episcopal clergyman. Studied at the Episcopal Theological Semin- 
ary, New York City. Rector in the South many years. Acted as 
Chaplain to open the first session of the Rebel Congress at Mont- 
gomery, Ala. Rector of St. Andrews College, Mississippi. Is Presi- 
dent of the Standing Committee, Episcopal Church in Northern Cali- 
fornia and Examining Chaplain for the ministry. A. M. D. D., 1868. 

Samuel Sterling Sherman, Chicago, 111. 

Merchant. Tutor in the University of Alabama, 1838-1841. Profes- 
sor of Languages and President Howard College, Marion, Alabama. 
President of Judson Institute, Marion, Alabama. A.M. LL. D., 
William Jewell College. 1876, and Middlebury College, 1888. Ad- 
dress, 22 and 24 S. Water St. 

Horatio Austin Smith, Columbiana, Ala. 

Presbyterian clergyman. A. M. 

*John Curtis Smith, Hartford, Conn. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1841. 
Missionary, A. B. C. F. M., at Ceylon, 1841-1874. A. M. Died 1884. 

*Ebenezer Harvey Squier, Scipio, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1843. Pas- 
tor, Hartland, Vt., 1844-1852; Lewis, N. Y., 1852-1854; Weybridge, 
Vt., 1854-1858; Highgate, Vt., 1858-1864; Scipio, 1866-1870. A. M. 
Died 1870. 

*Enos Stevens, Barnet, Vt. 

Teacher. In Paradise, Pa., 1838-1845. Resided in Barnet, 1848-1858 ; 
in New York City, 1858-1865 ; Barnet, 1865—. Died 1877. 

1838-1S39 ALUMNI. 87 

Byron Sunderland, Washington, D. C. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Pastor in Batavia, N. Y. ; Syracuse, N. Y. ; 
Washington, D. C. Chaplain of the United States Senate. In charge 
of the American Chapel, Paris, France. President for a time of the 
Board of Trustees of Howard University, Washington, and has held 
many church offices, A. M. D. D., 1855. 

Jesse Eugene Tenney, Lansing, Mich. 

Has been U. S. Commercial Agent in Italy; Mayor of the city of 
Lansing; Police Judge; U. S. Circuit Court Commissioner. 

Edgar Prindle Wadhams, Ogdensburgh, N.Y. 

Roman Catholic clergyman. Studied at the Episcopal Seminary, 
New York City. Preached to the Episcopal Church, Ticonderoga, N. 
Y., two years. Became a Roman Catholic priest and was connected 
with a Seminary in Baltimore. Was Rector of the Cathedral and Vi- 
car General of the Diocese of Albany and is now Bishop of the Dio- 
cese of Ogdensburgh. 

George Stovaul Walden, (?) 

Lawyer. Tutor in the University of Alabama two years. U. S. Dis- 
trict Attorney for the Northern district of Alabama. 

*John Henry Weir, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Physician. Died 1858. 

John Gregory Wellington, Middlebury, Vt. 

Cashier. Studied medicine and took lectures at Harvard, but never 
practiced. Teller, Middlebury Bank, 1848-1865 ; Cashier, 1865-1885. 

♦Philander Wilder, Brattleboro, Vt. 

Teacher. Died in Cuba, 1841. 

Emerson Ransom Wright, Middlebury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Teacher in Alabama, 1839-1840. Admitted to the bar, 1841, 
and has since practiced in Middlebury. 


V-HiRAM Bingham, Windham, Ohio. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1839-1840. 
Lane Theological Seminary, 1842. Pastor, Portsmouth, Watertown and 
Windham, Ohio. Professor of Chemistry and Natural History, Ma- 
rietta College, 1846-1849. Then resumed his pastorate at Windham. 
A. M. 

♦Charles Carlos Bisbee, Sioux City, Iowa. 

Teacher. Principal Brandon Academy, 1839-1842 ; Middlebury, 1842- 
1844 ; then for several years associate principal of Bakersfield Acade- 
my. Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy and Vi/ce Presi- 
dent Ixjuisiana College. A. M. Died 1871. 

OHN Bradshaw, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Congregational clergyman. Union Theological Seminary, 1850. Prin- 
cipal Addison County Grammar School, Middlebury, 1839-1841 ; Fort 
Covington Academy, 1841-1843; Ogdensburgh Academy, 1843-1848. 
Pastor, Elizabethtown, N. Y. ; Rochester, Minn. A. M. 


♦Gorham B. Clark, Grenada, Miss. 

Teacher. In Ashby, Mass., 1839-1841 ; Pleasant Grove, Miss., 1841- 
1843 ; Grenada, 1 843-1844. He was from Westminster, Vt. Died 1844. 


*David S. Tennant Douglass, Thomasville, Ga. 

Teacher. Superintendent Common Schools, Clinton Co., N. Y., two 
years. Teacher, Dallas Male and Female Academy, Selma, Ala., 1844- 
1846; Centenary Institute, 1846-1848. Principal Tuskegee Female 
Seminary, 1848-1851. President Glenville (Ala.) Female College, 1851- 
1868; Lumpkin Masonic P'emale College, Georgia, 1868-187 1 ; Fene- 
lon Masonic Female College, Americus, Ga., 1871-1874. Died 1884. 

*^^DWiN Everts, Virden, III. 

Farmer. Teacher in North Carolina ten years. Read law, then be- 
came a farmer in Waltham, Vt. Has been town clerk and held other 
town offices. Representative in the Vermont Legislature. Judge of 
Addison County Court. Member of Constitutional Convention of 
Vermont, 1870. A. M. Aw-tt >Ia^ •*V{ ^''M />r* /oM 

*Bethuel Farrand, Deckertown, N. J. 

Clergyman. Teacher in New York and New Jersey, 1839-1842. 
Preached in Augusta, N. J., 1842-1847 ; in Deckertown, 1847— . (?) 
Died 1866. 

Melvin Lamond Gray, St. Louis, Mo. 

Lawyer. Has practiced in St. Louis since 1844. Trustee Drury 

*Zera Hamilton, Shiloh, N. C. 

Lawyer. In Elizabeth City, N. C, 1839-1843. County Solicitor, Cam- 
den County. Died 1868. 

James Harran, Louisville, Ky. 

Teacher. In Moriah, N. Y., about a year. In 1850 he became prin- 
cipal of a Classical School in Newbern, Ala., and taught in that State 
for years. In 1857 he was teaching in Bladon Springs or Citronelle, 
twenty-five or thirty miles north of Mobile. He is reported to have 
died in Louisville about i860. (?) 

^ David Leavitt Hough, Chicago, III. 

Lawver. Teacher in Alabama, 1839-1842. Began practice in Quincy, 
111., i843. /Jvw4,/^^(M? 

♦William Alanson Howard, Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. Member of Congress, 1855- 1861. Alexander H. Stephens 
says : " Being a man of a high order of talents, strong convictions and 
unquestioned integrity, he had not only the respect but the esteem of 
his most decided opponents." Postmaster, Detroit, 1861 — . Governor 
of Dakota Territory, 1878-1880. Died 1880. 

*Samuel Hurlbut, New Haven, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher in Castleton Seminary, 1839-1842. 
Union Theological Seminary, 1845. Pastor, New Haven, 1847-1856. 
A. M. Died 1856. 

*Woodbridge Little James, Kingston, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Teacher, 1839-1841. Missionary to the In- 
dians, 1841. Bangor Theological Seminary, 1843-1846. Preached to 
Congregational church in Litchfield, N. Y., 1848-1849; then became 
pastor of a Dutch Reformed Church in West Day, N. Y., and after- 
wards at Columbia and Woodstock, N. Y. Died 1887. 

* William Fayette Kent, (?) 

Principal Bennington Academy, 1839-1840. Read law, 1840-1841. 
Mercantile Agent in the West and South. In 185 1 he resided in 
Zanesville, Ohio. (?) Died 1856. 

*Daniel Mason Knapen, Castleton, Vt. 

Universalist clergyman. Died 1887. 


1S39 ALUMNI. 89 

*Stephen Pearl Lathrop, Beloit, Wis. 

Physician and teacher. Practiced medicine in Middlebury, 1843-1846. 
Principal Middlebury Female Seminary, 1846 1849. Professor of 
Chemistry and Natural History in Beloit College and Wisconsin Uni- 
versity, 1849- 1854. A. M. M. D., Vermont Medical College, 1843. 
Died 1854. 

*Alexander McLean, (?) 

Presbyterian clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1839-1840. 
Ordained at Pictou, Can., 1843. Pastor there, 1843- 1847 ; Wellington 
Square, 1847 ; Nelson. His last charge was Flamboro West. A. M. 
Died 1877. 

*George Augustus Miller, San Francisco, Cal. 

Physician. In Plattsburgh, N. Y., 1844 1848. Physician and Surgeon 
of Clinton State Prison, 1848-1850; then went to San Francisco. 
M. D., Castleton Medical College, 1844. Died 1867. 

Anson Hall Parivielee, Phelps, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1842. Gen- 
eral Agent American Tract Society, 1842-1845. Pastor, Addison, N. 
Y., 1845-1855 ; Livonia, N. Y., 1855-1869 ; Seneca Castle, 1869-1873. 

*KiNNE Prescott, Rupert, Vt. 

Merchant. Studied for a time at Andover Theological Seminary. 
Died 1846. 

^ Joseph Addison Ranney, Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Teacher, 1839-1843. Pastor, Carlinville, 111., 
18431847; Belleville, 1847-1854 ; Allegan, Mich., 1854-1859 ; Three 
Rivers, Mich., 1859-1872; Delphi, Ind., 1873-1878. Trustee of Mich- 
igan Female Seminary at Kalamazoo tor twenty years or more. D. D., 

*TiMOTHY Emerson Ranney, St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1842- 
Missionary, A, B. C. F. M. to the Indians, 1842-1860. Supplying 
churches in Vermont, 1860-1880. Died 1884. 

-^VVerden Reynolds, At^ljlO.^ Green Bay, Wis. 

Has been a licenciate of the Baptist church and President of the 
Worcester Female Collegiate Institute. A. M. 

*MosES Robinson, Steam Boat Rock, la. 

Congregational clergyman. Union Theological Seminary, 1842. 
Home Missionary, 1842 1846. Pastor in Enosburgh, Vt., 1847-1851 ; 
Newport and Brighton, 1851-1857. A. M. Died 1865. 

* Myron Webb Safford, Morganfield, Ky. 

Presbyterian clergyman and teacher. Andover and Lane Theological 
Seminaries, 1839 1842. Teacher and acting pastor, Morganfield, Ky., 
1843-1849; Evansville, Ind., 1850-1856; Tennessee, 1856-1860. A. M. 
Died 1862. 

*John Godfrey Saxe, Albany, N. Y. 

lawyer and author. Admitted to the bar in St. Albans, 1843. Prac- 
ticed law in Franklin County, Vt., 1843-1850. Superintendent of 
Schools for Franklin County, 1847-1848. State's Attorney for Chitten- 
den County, 1850- 185 1. Editor " Burlington Sentinel," 1850-1856. 
Democratic candidate for Governor of Vermont, 1859 and i860. 
P'rom i860 he devoted himself to literature. More than lorty editions 
of his collected poems have been issued m the United States and 
England. A. M. LL. D., i860. Died 1887. 


-^Luther Harris Sheldon, Andover, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1842. 
Pastor, Townsend, Mass., 1844-1856; Westborough, Mass., i8'56-i867. 
Superintendent State Reform School. Jamesburg, 2^. ]., 1867-1874; ^ 
State Reform School, Westboro, Mass., 1878-1880. i)W.<v^'tyl/ ,. i{t.*/ 

♦Edward Samuel Shumway, Essex, N. Y. / 

Lawyer. Superintendent of Schools for Elssex County, N. Y., 1841- 
1845! He practiced law in Chicago about a year. A. M. Died 1853. 

*James Hyde Smith, Princeton, 111. 

Teacher. He settled in Princeton soon after graduation and lived 
there until his death. Died 1879. 

*Calvin Theomre Sot^ce, Delaware, Ohio. 

Lawyer. nJied 1853. 

♦Erastus Carter Spooner, Brandon, Vt. 

He was a teacher in Brandon, 1839-1840, Studied at Union Theologi- 
cal Seminary, 1840-1841. Died 1841. 

^ Eliphalet Young Swifi, Denmark, Iowa. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1842. Pas- 
tor, Chillicothe, Ohio, 1844-1845; Northampton, Mass., 1845-1851; 
South Hadlev, 1852-1857; Clinton, N. Y., 1858-1862; Williamsburg, 
Mass., 1862- 1868; Denmark, Iowa, 1868—. 

5^ George Sedgwick Swift, Detroit, Mich. 

lawyer. New Haven Law School. Practiced two years in Lancaster, 
Ohio. Then in Middlebury. Clerk of the Supreme and County 
Courts for the County of Addison, Vermont, 1847, and for several 
years thereafter. Is Recjprder and judge of the Recorder's Court, De- 
troit, y^*^ '- ufi / ^^ J] 
■^Lathrop Taylor, UfkuM^ H Rutland, 111. 

Congregational clergyman, Andover Theological Seminary, 1842. 
Pastor, Taunton, Mass., 1843-1845; Springfield, Vt., 1845-1851; 
Francestown, N. H., 1851-1857 ; Bloomington, 111., 1857-1861 ; Madi- 
. son. Wis., 1861-1864; Farmmgton, III., 1864-1876; Wheaton, 111.. 1876- 
1880; Peru, 111., 1880—. Trustee of Wheaton College and Pastor of 
College Church. A. M. ^fli"*-<^ J^n4.i-P-rtf / $if %^"^' 

•if Norman Freeman Wright, / 'Clinton, N. Y. 

Teacher. In New Ia)ndon, N. H., 1841-1842; Pembroke, N. H., 
1842 — . Classical teacher in Houghton Female Seminary, Clinton, 
N. Y. a. M. 

Truman King Wright, Elbridge, N. Y. 

Teacher. Taught two years in Vermont, seven in New Hampshire, 
forty-two in New York and is now serving his thirty-second year as 
Principal of Monroe Collegiate Institute, Elbridge, N. Y. A. M.'Ph. D., 
Hamilton College, 1880. 


♦Julius A. Beckwith, Middlebury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar in 1843. Practiced law in Lancaster, 
Ohio, 1843 and 1844 ; in Middlebury, 1844-1857. Represented Middle- 
bury in the Legislature, 1854-1855. Treasurer Middlebury College, 
1852-1854 and Trustee, 1855-1857. A. M. Died 1857. 

1840 ALUMNI. 9 1 

*Samuel Willard Cheney, Sardis, Miss. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Teacher in Kentucky. Princeton Theolog- 
ical Seminary, 1843 1845. Pastoi, Springfield, Ky.. 1845-1854; Shel- 
byville, Ky., 1855-1861 ; Winchester, Ky., 1861-1870; Sardis, Miss., 
1873-1876. Died 1876. 

Henry Brown Farrar, Middlebury, Vt. 

Business. Was a teacher in the South. Afterwards was a manufac- 
turer of pottery at Seneca Falls and Syracuse, N. Y. Is now retired 
and lives upon a farm. 

*Henry Gustavus Foote, Ogdensburgh, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Editor of the " Frontier Sentinel", 1844. Democratic candi- 
date for Member of Congress, i860. Died 1865. 

♦Orson Gaylord Foster, Whiting, Vt. 

Newton Theological Seminary, 1840-1841. Teacher in the Judson 
Collegiate Institute, Miss., 1841-1842. Newton Theological Seminary, 
1844. Colporteur American Tract Society till his death. Died at 
Clairborne, Ala., 1845. 

♦Matthew Davidson Gordon, Barhamville, S. C. 

Congregational clergyman and teacher. Studied at Union Theolog- 
ical Seminary, 1842-1843 and 1844-1846. Tutor in Middlebury Col- 
lege, 1843-1844. Chaplain of Sing Sing State Prison, 1846-1847; War- 
den, 1847-1848. Pastor, Hollis, N. H., 1849-185 1. Principal of Law- 
rence Academy, Groton, Mass., one year; Female Collegiate Institute, 
Barhamville, S, C. A, M. Died 1853. 

♦Jeremiah Hatch, Friendship, N. Y. 

Teacher. Union Academy, Woodville, Miss., 1840-1841 ; Log Cabin 
Academv, Mecklenburg County, Va , 1841-1842; Nauvoo, 111., two 
years; North Carolina two years; Friendship, N. Y., 1853 — . Died 

♦Peter Henderson, St. Andrews, Can. 

Physician. A. M. Died 1862. 

♦Henry Norman Hudson, Cambridge, Mass. 

Episcopal clergyman and Shakespearean scholar. After graduation he 
taught and lectured in the West Rector, Litchfield, Conn., 1858-1860. 
In 1851 his first edition of Shakespeare's plays appeared. For three 
years during the civil war he was chaplain of a New York regiment. 
After 1865 he lived at Cambridge and devoted himself chiefly to 
Shakespearean literature. He published many works — the Harvard 
edition of Shakespeare being his last of any prominence. A. M„ 
Trinity College, 1850. LL. D., 1881. Died 1886- 

Edward Warren Johnson, Lodi, Cal. 

Teacher. Studied medicine in New York LTniversity, but never prac- » 

ticed. Taught for thirty years. At first in district schools, afterwards 
in Academies and High Schools. Spent several years as a druggist 
and as a public librarian. 

♦Miron Wead Johnson, Canton, N. Y. 

Teacher. Died 1841. 

Adam Johnston, Deer Lodge, Men. 

Presbyterian clergyman. In Waynesville, 111., 1847; Chicago, 111., 
1850—. Now pastor in chaise of the Presbyterian church in Deer 



*Lysander Kelsey, Portland, Oregon. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Lane Theological Seminary, 1845. Super- 
intendent of the A. H. M. S. for the State of Ohio until 1873, residing 
at Columbus, Ohio. Died 1889. 

*Edward Parsons King, Beloit, Wis. 

Lawyer. Taught in Virginia and Baltimore. Began practice in Bal- 
timore and removed to Beloit, 1847. Justice of the Peace, 1856 -1886. 
Police Judge. Member Wisconsin Legislature, 1865 and 1866. Died 

♦Alexander Miller, Greenville, Ohio. 

Teacher. President of the Delaware Female College, Ohio, four 
years. Ordained by the Marion, Ohio, Presbytery, 1862, and appointed 
chaplain of the Eighth Regiment Ohio Volunteers. Was a teacher in 
Greenville, after 1865, for some years. Died 1872. 

*Alfred Miller, Ashburnham, Mass. 

Physician. Teacher, Upper Marlboro and Ashby, Mass., 1840-1843. 
A. M. M. D., Vermont Medical College at Woodstock, 1845. Died 

♦Edward Clark Sanders Miller, Williston, Vt. 

Teacher. Taught in Academies, Seminaries and High Schools in Ver- 
mont, New York, Delaware, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Was also li- 
censed to preach. Died 1887. 

George Page, Crown Point, N. Y. 

Physician. Practiced in Rutland, Vt., Covington, Ky., and Crown 
Point. Was examining surgeon of the army during the war. M. D., 
Yale, 1843. 

Edward John Phelps, Burlington, Vt. 

Lawver and teacher. Studied at Yale Law School, 1842-1843. Prac- 
ticed law in Vermont after 1844. Second Comptroller of the Treasury, 
1851-1853. Member of Vermont Constitutional Convention, 1870. 
Democratic candidate for Governor of Vermont, 1880. Became Kent 
Professor of Law in Yale University, 1881. and Lecturer on Constitu- 
tional Law in Boston University, 1882. Appointed U. S. Minister to 
Great Britain, 1885. Resumed his professorship in Yale University, 
1889. LL. D., 1870. >^^^>>vj^>i^ a^ 

Ezra Wright Sherman, ' Abercorn, P. Q. 

Farmer. Taught some years in the South. Represented the town of 
Montgomery in the Vermont legislature of 1852. 

*RoYAL Gould Wilder, Princeton, N. J. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Teacher, Preston, Mass., 1841-1843. Ando- 
ver Theological Seminary. 1845. Missionary in India, 1846 1875. 
Editor of " Missionary Review," 1878. A. M. Died 1887. 


Rollin Diarca Hemenway Allen, Pequabuck, Conn. 

Manufacturer. Andover Theological Seminary, 1841-1842. Teacher, 
Cromwell, Conn., 1843-1844. Yale Divinity School. 1845. Teacher, 
Tolland, Conn., Geneseo, N. Y., Riga, N. Y., and Terryville, Conn., 
till 1851, In business in Terryville, 1851 — . Representative in Connecti- 
cut Legislature. 1854 and 1878. 

1841-1842 ALUMNI. 93 

Luke Dorland, Hot Springs, N. C. 

Presbyterian clergyman and teacher. Studied at Princeton and Union 
Theological Seminaries. Ordained 1846. Pastor of churches in Ohio 
and Iowa, 1846-1866. Founder of Scotia Seminary, Concord, N. C, 
1867 ; Superintendent and President of the same sixteen years. Still 
engaged in educational woik. A. M. D. D., Lafayette College, 1884. 

Darius Matthews Linsley, Millville, N. Y. 

Farmer. Principal Monroe Academy N. Y., 1846-1848 ; Jefferson 
County Institute, Watertown, N. Y., 1848-1852; Onondaga Academy, 
1854 1856. Financial Agent Michigan Female Seminary, Kalamazoo, 
1858-1862. A. M, 

♦Julian Merrill Loveland, Castleton, Vt. 

He was a native of Castleton and after teaching a few years returned 
there, where he passed most of his life. Died 1883. 

*Adam Knox Miller, New Orleans, La. - 

Physician. Was a teacher in Mississippi and Louisiana for several 
years. Then became a physician in New Orleans. A. M. Died 1853 

James Simmons, Lake Geneva, Wis. 

Lawyer. Has been Court Commissioner, Clerk of the Circuit Court 
and held other local ofifices. 


Charles Linn^us Allen, Rutland, Vt. 

Physician. Graduated at Castleton Medical College, 1846. Professor 
of Chemistry, Castleton Medical College, 1855. President Vermont 
Medical Society, 1858. Professor of Practice of Medicine, Castleton 
Medical College, i860. Member ot State Board for examining candi- 
dates for regimental surgeons, 1861. U. S. Surgeon of Volunteers, 
1862. Medical Purveyor Department of the South, 1864. President 
of State Board for examination of candidates for regimental surgeons, 
1865. President U. S. Board of Pension Surgeons, 1880. Secretary 
of Vermont Board of Health, 1886. Member American Public Health 
Association, 1888. Member American Medical Association and Fel- 
low of the American Academy of Medicine. A. M. M. D., Castle- 
ton Medical College, 1845, and honorary, Rush Medical College, 1873. 

Carlos Boardman, Linneus, Mo. 

Lawyer. Taught in Ohio and Missouri. Has been County Attorney, 
Public Administrator, Probate Judge, Presiding Justice of County 
Court and Prosecuting Attorney. 

*NoRMAN Clark, Chelsea, Vt. 

Baptist clergyman. Pastor in Swanton, Ira, Jamaica and Fair Ha- 
ven, Vt., and in Marlboro. N. H., and Wendell, Mass. Did not grad- 
uate with his class, but in i86o the Trustees voted to give him the de- 
ree of A. B., and add his name to the class. Died 1882. 

*MiL0 Dewey Cooke, Galesburg, 111. 

Lawyer. Teacher in Moriah, N. Y., Liberty Corners, N. J., and Hen- 
derson, 111. Member of the Board of Education of the city of Gales- 
burg. Member of the Board of Supervisors of Knox County. Judge 
of the Municipal Court of the city of Galesburg, 1857-1889. Died 

*Champlin Miner Fletcher, Orwell, Vt. 

Farmer. Representative in the Legislature of Vermont, 1851 1852. 
A. M. Died 1857. 


*JoHN JiLSON Gardner, Utica, N. Y. 

Unitarian clergyman. Studied at the Western Reserve College and 
graduated at Auburn Theological Seminary, 1845 Preached in Ohio 
and Michigan until 1849. Died 1850. 

♦Henry Merrill, New Orleans, La. 

He was born in Middlebury. Teacher in Kentucky, 1842-1843. Then 
a teacher and law student in New Orleans. Died 1847. 

*Eber Douglass Munger, West Rutland, Vt. 

Teacher. In Shoreham and Castleton, 1842-1846. Tutor in Middle- 
bury College, 1847. A. M. Died 1847. 

Osborn Myrick, Middletown Springs,Vt. 

Congregati6nal clergyman. Pastor, Provincetown, Mass., 1846-1866 ; 
Middletown Springs. 1866—. 

Columbus Smith, West Salisbury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Has made a specialty of obtaining inheritances in England 
for heirs in this country. 

Timothy Clark Smith, Odessa, Russia. 

Physician. Clerk in the Treasury Department. Washington, 1849- 
1853. Staff surgeon in the Russian army, 1855-1856. U.S. Consul at 
Odessa, 1861-1875 ; at Galatz, Russia, 1878-1883. M. D., University of 
New York, 1855. 

*Dugald Stewart, Middlebury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Accountant and Paymaster of the Rutland and Burlington 
Railroad Company, 1848-1855. Clerk of the Supreme and County 
Courts for the County of Addison, 1855-1870. Auditor of Accounts, 
1864 1870. Representative of the town of Middlebury in the Legisla- 
ture, i860, 1861 and 1862. Died 1870. 

John W. Tyson, (?) 

(^) He was from Plattsburgh, N. Y. In 1846 he was residing in New 
York City. (?) 

Henry Watkins, Potsdam, N. Y. 

Lumberman. Teacher in St. Lawrence Academy, 1842-1845. Read 
law. President of the Board of Trustees of the Potsdam Normal 
School, 1880 — . 


Calvin C. Adams, Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

Congregational clergyman. Taught in Alabama and Tennessee, 1844- 
1849. Pastor, Fairfield, Vt., and in Iowa, 1850 — . 

*Samuel Worcester Bates, Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Principal Nichols Academy, Dudley, Mass. ; Adams 
Grammar School, Boston. Studied at the Harvard Law School. 
Counsel for the Boston, Hartford and Erie Railroad Company for 
several years. Compiled many volumes of the English Law and 
Equity Reports. He was the youngest son of President Bates. A. M. 
Died 1882. 

Joel Storrs Byington, New York, N. Y. 

Business. Was from Alabama and after graduation went into business 
there. Afterwards located in New York City. Address, 63 Temple 

1843-1844 ALUMNI. 95 

*Enoch Haskin Caswell, Bennington, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman. Union Theological Seminary, 1845-1846. 
Andover Theological Seminary, 1847. Pastor, Salisbury, N. H,, 
Stockbridge and Barnet, Vt., Loudon, Hookset and Bennington, N. 
H. Was a teacher a few years in Bristol, N. H. A. M. Died 1861. 

John Charles Churchill, Oswego, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Teacher in Castleton Seminary, 1843-1845. Tutor in Mid- 
dlebury College, 1845-1846. Studied at Harvard Law School and 
elsewhere. Performed the duties of the Professor of Languages in 
Middlebury College, the fall term of 1847. Member of Congress, 1867- 
1871. Presidential Elector at Large for the State of New York, 1880. 
justice of the Supreme Court of New York since 1881. Trustee of 
Middlebury College, i869-i'875. A. M. LL. D., 1874, and Hamilton 
College, 1882. 

Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Clarke, Oswego, N. Y. 

Physician. Practiced in Middlebury, 1847-1851. Since then in Oswe- 
go. Has been U. S. Collector of Customs. A. M. M. D., New York 
College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1847. 

Jonathan Wright Nash, Janesville, Wis. 


Thomas Spencer Scales, Woburn, Mass. 

Physician. M. D., Vermont Medical College at Woodstock, 1848. 


♦Jacob Edgerton Blakely, Pawlet, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Union Theological Seminary, 1848-1849. 
Auburn Theological Seminary, 1851. Pastor, East Pouitney, 1851-1854. 
Died 1854. 

♦Samuel Mills Conant, Brandon, Vt. 

Lawyer. Union Thelogical Seminary, 1844 1846. Teacher in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., 1846-1848. Read law and settled in Brandon. Editor "Ver- 
mont Union Whig." Assistant Clerk of the House of Representa- 
tives, 1849. Assistant Secretary of the Senate, 1850, and afterwards 
Secretary ot the same. A. M., University of Vermont, 1848. Died 

Joseph Green Stevens Hitchcock, Foxborough, Mass. 

Physician. Principal Union Seminary, Fairhaven, Mass., 1844-1845 ; 
Royalton Academy, 1845-1846. Examining Surgeon, U. S. Pension 
Office. Medical Examiner for Norfolk Co., Mass. Counsellor Mas- 
sachusetts Medical Society. M. D., Harvard Medical College, 1850. 

♦TowNSEND Elijah Taylor, , Nordhoff, Cal. 

Congregational clergyman. Union Theological Seminary, 1847. 
Missionary. Lahaina, Sandwich Islands, until 1855. Home Mission- 
ary in California, 1855 until his death. Resided in Nordhoff, 1877 — . 
Died 1883. 

Thomas Beale Wales, Boston, Mass. 

Physician. M. D., Harvard Medical College, 1847. 

Orlando Wooster, Rutland, Vt. 

Accountant. Teacher in Windsor, Middlebury, Moriah, N. Y., and 
West Randolph, Mass. Read law and practiced in Moriah about a 
year. Has been connected with the Rutland and Burlington R. R. for 
several years. 


♦Charles Kent Wright, Portland, Ore. 

Lawyer. Assistant clerk of the House of Representatives, 1851 and 
1852. Died 188— (?) 


*Charles Clarke Abbey, San Francisco, Cal. 

Physician. Principal Bethany Academy, South Carolina. 1845-1846 ; 
Oak Grove Academy, Alabama, 1846-1848. Began practice in Little- 
ton, N. H. M. D., Jefferson Medical College, 1848. Died 1853. 

Jonathan Adams Allen, Chicago, 111. 

Physician. Castleton Medical College, 1846. Began practice in Kal- 
amazoo, Mich. Professor in the Indiana Medical College. 1848-1850, 
and in the Medical Department of the University of Michigan, 1850 - . 
Is now President of Rush Medical College, and Professor of Princi- 
ples and Practice of Medicine in the same. Surgeon-in-chief of the 
C. B. & Q. R. R. for twenty-four years. A. M. M. D., Castleton and 
elsewhere. LL. D., Masonic University, LaGrange, Ky. 

Joseph Hartwell Barrett, Loveland, Ohio. 

Editor and writer. Taught in New York City, Walpole, N. H., and 
Chester, Vt. Editor of the " Middlebury Galaxy," 1848. Read law 
and was admitted to the bar. Assistant Clerk of the House of Rep- 
resentatives, 1849 and 1850. Representative from Middlebury in the 
Vermont Legislature, 1851 and 1852. U. S. Commissioner of Pen- 
sions, 1861 1868. A. M. 

Joseph Avery Bent, Wheaton, 111. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Union County Academy, Ind., 
1845-1847 ; Preparatory Department Knox College, 1847-1849. Tutor, 
Middlebury College, 1849-1850. Studied at Union Theological Sem- 
inary, 185CH1851, and graduated at Andover, 1853. Pastor, Stowe, Vt., 
1854; Cornwall, Vt.. 1855-1856. Principal Hoyleton Seminary, 111.. 
1858 1865. Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Wheat- 
on College, 1866-1871. A. M. 

*Lavius Fillmore Chapman, Victoria, Texas. 

Merchant. Was principal of an Academy in Victoria, Texas, 1845- 
1848 ; then became a merchant in the same place. Died 1859. 

Cleveland Keith, Oakwood, Va. 

Episcopal clergyman. He graduated at the Theological Seminary of 
the Protestant Episcopal church in the Diocese of Virginia, 1850; 
preached in Salem, Va., one year ; then became a Missionary of the 
Episcopal Board to China. He was lost with the " Golden Gate" 
which was burned July 27th, 1862, on its passage from San Francisco. 
A. M., and Trinity College, 1852. 

Reuel Keith, Washington, D. C. 

Professor of Mathematics in the U.S. Navy. Astronomical Observer 
at the U. S. Naval Observatory. Principal of Trinity Female College, 
Pass Christian, Miss. Surveyor of boundary hne between Virginia and 
Tennessee. He was from Oakwood, Va. A. M., and Trinity College, 
1852. Address, 226 A St., S. E. 

Luther Franklin Locke, Nashua, N. H. 

Physician. Teacher, 1845-1846. A. M. M. D., Harvard, 1849. 

1845-1846 ALUMNI. 97 

* Edward Merrill, Waco, Texas. 

Physician. Taught in the South 1845 — . Studied two years at Louis- 
iana Medical College, New Orleans, and one year at Castleton Medical 
College. Was Assistant Surgeon in the Hospital at Natchez, Miss. 
Practiced in Trinity, La., and then settled in Waco. A. M. M. D., 
Castleton Medical College, 1855. Died 1869. 

Charles Henry Phelps, Burlington, Iowa. 

Lawyer. Prosecuting Attorney for Des Moines County, 1853. Circuit 
Judge and Judge of the First District Court of Iowa. 

Silas Goodyear Randall, ( ?) Providence, R. I. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Union Theological Seminary, 1845-1846 and 
graduated at Andover, 1848. Pastor, Roscoe, 111., Essex, N. Y., Rock- 
ford and Chicago, 111., and Providence. 

*Carlos Herman Samson, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Business. Teacher in Allentown, Pa., 1845 1847. In the hardware 
business, 1852 1862. Agent of the Indiana Railway Company and 
of the Great Western Despatch Line, 1862- 1874. Died 1877. 

Claudius Buchanan Smith, Anacostia, D. C. 

Government service. Principal Black River Academv, Ludlow, Vt., 
1845-1852; Leiand and Gray Seminary, Townshend, Vt., 1852 — . 
Chaplain U. S. Army. Now in the U. S. Treasury Department. A. M. 


♦Daniel Aretas Bowe, Lancaster, N. H. 

Editor. Principal Adddison County Grammar School. 1846-1849. and 
read law. Teacher in Williston, Vt., and Colebrook and Lancaster, 
N. H., 1849-1855. Editor of the " Coos Republican," 1855—. A. M. 
Died 1857. 

Robert Willlvm Duncan, Grand Haven, Mich. 

Lawyer. Has resided in Grand Haven nearly forty years. 

Varney a. Gaskill, Rutland, Vt. 

Lawyer. Graduated at Mercer, Ga., Theological Seminary, 1849. Ad- 
mitted to practice in the Courts of Georgia and the Federal Courts, 1853. 
Visitor to the University of Georgia, 1854. Codified the laws of Geor- 
gia by appointment of the Governor. Commissioned Quartermaster 
by the Governor of Georgia, 1861 ; Paymaster of the Fourth Brigade 
Georgia Volunteers with rank of Major, 1861. Assistant Secretary of 
the National Democratic Convention and alternate Presidential Elect- 
or in Georgia, i868. ChieC Clerk of the Reconstruction Bureau of 
Georgia under Gens. Pope and Meade. After the war he held many 
important positions in private and public life in Georgia, 

Samuel Newell Grout, Franklin, Neb. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1849. Home 
Missionary in Missouri, 18501855. Pastor, Fulton, III., 1855; Big 
Rock, Iowa, 1856-1867; Munroe, 1867-1869 ; Elmore, Neb., 1869-1870; 
Macon, 1872— ; Franklin. Trustee Franklin Academy. 

Henry Leonard Hodges, Washington, D. C. 

Government service. He was a teacher in LaGrange, Ga., for several 
years after graduation and read law in the same place. Is now con- 
nected with the Treasury Department at Washington. 


William Smith Hopkins, Vergennes, Vt. 

Physician. Mayor of the city of Vergennes four years. Member of 
the House of Representatives of Vermont four years. A.M. M. D., 
Castleton Medical College, 1849. 

♦Cephas Augustus Leach, Sedalia, Mo. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Teacher, Nashua, N. H., and elsewhere. 
Andover Theological Seminary, 1852. Pastor, Granby, Mass., 1853; 
Detroit, Mich., 1854. Ordained 1855. Pastor, Carlinville, 111., 1854- 
1856 ; Pason, 1856-1866 ; Brimfield, 1866-1868. Resided at Andover, 
Mass., 1871-1872; Rockford, III., 1872. Editor and publisher "Seda- 
lia Daily Times," 1873—. Died 1887. 

Patrick Henry Sanford, Knoxville, III. 

Lawyer. Principal Newton Academy, Shoreham, 1846-1847 ; Willis- 
ton Academy, 1847-1849. Read law and in 1853 taught in Vergennes. 

*Levi Parsons Sawyer, Nashua, N. H. 

Physician. Principal Royalton Academy, 1846-1847, and of Nashua 
Academy for several years. Member New Hampshire Legislature two 
years, A. M. M. D., Dartmouth, 1854. Died 1868. 

yl<^ Peter Starr. New York, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Yale College Law School, 1849. | ^^j V^ 

John Wolcott Stewart, Middlebury, Vl. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar, 1849. State's Attorney, 1851-1854. 
County Clerk, 1855. Member of the Vermont House of Representa- 
tives, 1856, 1857, 1864. 1865, 1866, 1867, 1876; and Speaker, 1865, 
1866, 1867 and 1876, State Senator, 1861-1862. Governor of Ver- 
mont, 1870-1872, Member of Congress, 1882 — . Secretary of the 
Board of Trustees of Middlebury College, 1851-1858. Trustee, 1858—. 
A. M. LL. D., 1876. 


Charles C. Bixby, Brockton, Mass. 

Druggist (retired). Has lived in Brockton since graduation. Direc- 
tor Brockton Gas Light Company and Home National Bank. Has 
held various municipal offices and represented Brockton in the Massa- 
chusetts Legislature, 188—, 1888 and 1889. 

George Nye Boardman, Chicago, 111. 

Presbyterian clergyman and teacher. Tutor in Middlebury College, 
1847-1849. Andover Theological Seminary, 1852, Professor of Rhet- 
oric and English Literature in Middlebury College, 1853-1859. Pastor, 
Presbyterian church, Binghamton, N. Y., 1859 1872. Professor of 
Systematic Theology in Chicago Theological Seminary, 1872—. Trus- 
tee of Middlebury College, 1868^. A. M. D, D., University of Ver- 
mont, 1867. 

Ira Doit Burwell, Saxton's River, Vt. 

Baptist clergyman. Teacher in New York City, 1847-1849, Tutor in 
, Middlebury College, 1850. Teacher in Troy Conference Academy, 

Poultney, 1850; Brandon Academy, 1851; Crown Point, N. Y., 1851- 
1852. Pastor, Crown Point, 1852; Moriah. 1852-1867 ; Hinesburg, 
Vt., 1867-1878, Residence, Saxton's River, 1878—. Superintendent 
of Schools and Chairman School Board, 1870-1878, A. M, 

♦Francis Dake, Washington, D. C. 

Taught a short time and then went to Washington, where he was em- 
ployed as a mechanic. Died 1888. (?) 

1847 ALUMNI. 99 

*Velie Haynes Deane, Randolph, Mass. 

Teacher. Principal Stetson High School, Randolph, Mass., 1847- 
1856; Newton High School, 1856-1860; Tilden Female Seminary, 
1860-1863; Stetson High School, 1863-1880. A. M., Dartmouth, 1864. 
Died 1880. 

Asa Elmore Everest, Grinnell, Iowa. 

Congregational clergyman. Union Theological Seminary, 1850. 
Home Missionary in Brooklyn, 1850-1852. Teacher and Superinten- 
dent of Schools, 1852-18^6. Pastor, Mooers, N. Y., 1856-1864. Del- 
egate U. S. Christian Commission in Virginia and West Virginia, 
1864. Chaplain ii8th Regiment U. S. C. T., 1865. Pastor in Illinois 
and Iowa, 1866-1879. Delegate to the General Assembly of Presbyte- 
rian Churches at St. Louis, 1866. Agent American Bible Society, 1879- 
1890. Delegate to the National Council of Congregational Churches 
at New Hayen, Conn., 1875. Residence, Grinnell, 1882—. A. M. 

Daniel Dunks Gorham, Northampton, Mass. 

Teacher. Principal of Champlain Academy, N. Y., 1847-1850; Ma- 
lone Academy, 1850—. Was principal of the Northampton High 
School seventeen years and is now Associate Principal and Professor 
of Ancient Languages in the same. A. M. 

John William Hunt, Washington, D. C. 

Teacher. Principal Plymouth, Mass., High School, 1848-1852; New- 
ton, Mass., High School, 1852-1856. Established Crystal Lake Sem- 
inary, Newton Center, Mass., 1856, and was principal of the same 
until 1865. Teacher in the Public Schools, Washington, D. C, 1866- 
1868. Has been principal and proprietor of a private English and 
Classical School in Washington since 1868. A. M., and Marietta Col- 
lege, 1889. 

♦David John Lyon, New York, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Taught in Petersburgh, Va., 1847-1848; Jackson, N. C, 
1848-1850. Read law in New York City, 1850-1851, and practiced 
there. Died 1865. 

Stephen Martindale, LaCrosse, Wis. 

Loan, land and insurance agent. Read law with Hon. Harvey Button 
of Wallingford, Vt., and at the National Law School, Ballston Spa., N. 
Y., 1847-1849. Resided in Racine, Wis., 1849-1854, Lacrosse, 1854 — . 

Peter J. H. Myers, Chazy, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Union Theological Seminary, 1850. Pas- 
tor, ''Clintonville and Ausable Forks, N. Y., 1850-1852; Middlebury, 
1852-1853; Luzerne, N. Y., 1853-1854; Haverstraw, 1854-1860. City 
Missionary, Brooklyn, 1865. Home Missionary in Tennessee till 1867. 
City Missionary in New York and Brooklyn till 1872. In secular work, 
1872-1878. Pastor, Chazy, 1878—. 

Guy Chandler Strong, Highland, Col. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Union Theological Seminary, 1850. Pas- 
tor, Moira, N. Y. ; Grandville, Mich. ; South Barton, Mich., and Lo- 
da, 111. 

*James Hewett Trowbridge, Riverside, 111. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Union Theological Seminary, 1847-1849; 
New Haven Theological Seminary, 1850. Pastor, Haverstraw, N. Y., 
1850-1854; Marshall. Mich., 1854-1856; Dubuque, la., 1856-1862; 
Chicago, 1862-1865 ; Riverside, 1873-1885. Editor, and in large meas- 
ure founder, of the " Interior." previous to his last pastorate. Died 


*Warren Weaver Winchester, Williamstown. Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher in Castleton Seminary, 1847- 
1849. Andover Theological Seminary, 1852. Pastor, Wilton N. H., 
1852-1853; Clinton, Mass., 1854-1862. Hospital Chaplain, U.S.A., 
1862-1865. Pastor, Bridport, Vt., 1867- 1881. The day before his death 
he accepted an appointment to take charge of a Home Missionary 
church in Alaska. Died 1889. 


Sumner Albee, Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Teacher in Brattleboro, 1848-1849, then in Boston. Read 
law and began practice in Boston, 185 — . Alderman of Cambridge, 
1865. Member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, i88i 
and 1882. Address, 30 Court St. A. M. 

Edmund Harvey Blanchard, Bloom ington, III. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Lyndon Academy, 1848-1849. 
Andover Theological Seminary, 1852. Pastor, Epsom, N. H., and 
elsewhere; Warwick. Mass., 1860-1869; Bloomington. 

George Dana, (?) Cal. 

Mercantile business. He was from Brandon and spends his summers 

Wit^on x'\mos Farnsworth, Cesarea, Turkey. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal, West Boylston Academy, 
Mass., 184.8- 1849. AndoverTheoiogical Seminary, 1852. Missionary, 
A. B. C. F. M. in Turkey since 1853. A. M. D. D., 1877. 

Mark W. Folsom, Des Moines, la. 

Lawyer. Read law in Moriah and practiced several years in Wells- 
ville, N. Y. Went West in 1859. Was Justice of the Peace in Des 

Robert Emmett Maranville, Milford, Del. 

Teacher. Was for some years Principal of Furlow Masonic Female 
College, Americus, Ga. Has also taught in Poultney and Castleton. 
Is now Principal of Milford Seminary, Del. A. M. 

Jeremiah Eames Rankin, Washington, D. C. 

Congregational clergyman and teacher. Teacher, Bartlett Grammar 
School, New London, Conn., 1848-1849; in Warren County. Ky., 1849- 
1850. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1850-1851. AndoverTheoiogical 
Seminary, 1854. Pastor, St. Albans, 1855-1862; Lowell, Mass.. 1862- 
1864 ; Boston, Mass., 1864-1869 ; Washington, D. C, 1869 ; Orange, N. J. 
Has been chaplain of the U, S. House of Representatives ; Professor 
of Homeletics and Pastoral Theology in Howard University aud 
Trustee of the same. Has also held many important offices in church 
and missionary associations. President of Howard University, 1889—. 
A. M. D. D., 1869. LL. D., 1889. 

Stephen West Remele, East Poultney, Vt. 

P'armer. Was a teacher in Kentucky, 1848-1850. 

1848-1849-1850 ALUMNI. /.lO^ 

* Davis John Rich, , ( ?X County,,',"}^ A^, ', 

Lawyer. Practiced in Champlain, N. Y., until '1861 /,^Jr^ ^^^i' he* en-' 
listed and was commissioned captain. Appointed Assfs?ant Adjutant 
General and served through the war. Assistant U. S. Marshal at 
Richmond, 1865, and same year settled in North Carolina. Sheriff, 
Pitt County. Member of the State Constitutional Convention, 1868. 
State Senator, 1869. Died 1869. 

GusTAVus Blinn Wright, Portland, Oregon. 



Martin Henry Freeman, (?) 

Teacher. Junior Professor in the Alleghany Institute, Pittsburgh, 
Pa., 1850 — ." Professor of Mathematics Liberia College, Africa. (?) 
A. M. 

*AsA Stowell Jones, St. Louis, Mo. 

Lawyer. Principal of Newton Academy, Shoreham, 1849-1850. Ed- 
itor " Whitehall Chronicle." Practiced taw in Whitehall, N. Y., until 
1853 ; then went to St. Louis. Died 1863. 

Baxter Edward Perry, Medford, Mass. 

Lawyer. Teacher of a Government School, Bedford, Canada, 1849- 
1850. Principal Chester Academv, 1850-1855. Has lived in Medford 
for thirty years and practiced in Boston since 1855. Member Massa- 
chusetts Legislature. Trustee of Middlebury College, 1873^. Office 
address, i Beacon St. A. M. 

Sewall Sergeant, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer, Teacher, Elizabethtown, N. Y., 1849-1850. Studied law and 
began practice there 185 1. Major Fifteenth Regiment N. Y. Volun- 
teer Engineers. Honorably discharged. 1865. Office address, 186 
Remsen St., Brooklyn ; residence. Fort Hamilton. 

Eleazer Sherman, ( ?) Contra Casta, Cal. 

Lawyer. Principal Addison Countv Grammar School, 1849-1850. In 
the South, 1850-1851. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1851-1852. Prac- 
ticed law in Racine, Wis. ; St. Louis, Mo. ; San Francisco. A. M. 

* David Goodrich Simmons, Hanover, N. H. 

He taught in Melrose, Mass., a short time. Died 1852. 

Oliver Westcote Winchester, Cambria, Wis. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher, Madrid and Potsdam, N. V,, 
1849-1850; Raleigh, Tenn., 1850-1851. Andover Theological Semi- 
nary, 1856. Missionary A. B. C. F. M. in Turkey, 1857-1865. Pastor, 
Wadham's Mills, N. Y,. 1866-1867 ; Beekmantown', 1867-1869; Manistee, 
Mich, 1869-1871; Jefferson, Wis., 1872- 1874; Fergus Falls, Minn., 
1875-1880; Reedsburgh, Wis., 1881 — ; Cambria. 


*JameS Harwood Barter, Ogdensburg, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died 1853. 

♦Edward Martin Dewey, Chicago, 111. 

lawyer. Teacher in Lisbon, 111., 1850-1851. Began the practice of 
law in Crown Point, N. Y., 1853. Died i86i. 

102, MroDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1850-1851 

f(5fiAi^BB. Egbert Everest, Cham plain, N. Y. 

' •' '" -L3'\'}''er J^ Began practice in Keeseville, but removed to Champlain in 
1853 ancl \::Ontinued i,rt active practice there until his death. District 
Attorney, Clinton County, 1856-1859. For twenty-six years he was a 
Justice of the Peace and held many other local offices. For many 
years he was a Trustee of Champlain Academy. Died 1888. 

Albert Hurd, Galesburg, 111. 

Teacher, Principal Vermont Literary and Scientific Institute at 
Brandon, 1850-1851. Tutor and Lecturer on Natural Science, Knox 
College, 1851-1854. Professor of Chemistry and Natural Science in 
the same since 1854. Acting Professor of Latin in the same since 
1872. A. M., Knox College, 1854. Ph. D., 188 1. 

Daniel Webster Mandell, Greenwich, N. Y. 

Justice of the Peace. Police Justice. Insurance Agent. Surveyor. 
Commissioner of Town Bonds. 

*HiRAM Mead, Oberlin, Ohio. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher, Flushing, L. I., 1850-1852. Tu- 
tor in Middlebury College, 1852-1854. Andover Theological Semin- 
ary, 1857. Pastor, South Hadley, Mass., 1858-1867 ; Nashua, N. H., 
1867-1899. Professor of Sacred Rhetoric, Theological Department, 
Oberlin College, 1869-1881. A. M. D. D., 1870. Died 1881. 

*Henry Martyn Slade, Washington, D. C. 

Government Service, Tutor in University, Cleveland, 1851. Princi- 
pal Lisbon Academy, 111., 1851-1852. Read law ip Cleveland. Clerk 
in U. S. Treasury Department, 1859-1868 ; Pension Bureau. 1868-1870. 
Board of Public Works, 1870. Special Pension Agent for Vermont, 
1875. A. M. Died 1875. 

Edward Young Swift, Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. In Detroit since 1854. 

Simeon Sylvester Willard, Malone, N. Y. 

Lawyer. First Lieutenant and Captain Ninety-eighth Regiment N. Y. 
Volunteers. School Commissioner. Inspector of Elections. Clerk 
of Board of Supervisors. Clerk of Ways and Means Committee N. 
Y. Assembly. Trustee and Clerk of Malone. Secretary Franklin 
County Agricultural Society. 


Solon Albee, Langdon, N. H. 

Teacher. In Montreal. Canada, and Mt. Holley, N. ]., 1851-1852. 
Tutor, Lafayette College, 1852-1854 ; Middlebury College, 1854-1855. 
Andover Theological Seminary, 1859. Teacher, Burr and Burton 
Seminary, 1860-1862; Dummer Academy, Byfield, Mass., 1863-1864; 
Burr and Burton Seminary, 1864-1866. Professor of Latin, Middlebury 
College, 1866-1880. A. M. 

*Allen Cainipbell Baker, Oswego, Kan. 

Teacher. County Surveyor, Pickens Couuty, Ala. Principal People's 
Academy, Morrisville, Vt., 1851-1853. Professor of Mathematics. La- 
Grange, Ga., 1853-1855. Principal Spring Hill Academy, Ala., 1855- 
1867. Principal of Oswego College, 1868-1873. Principal of the High 
School and connected with the Oswego Public Schools, 1873-1876 and 
1879-1881. A. M. Died 1881. 


1851 ALUMNI. 103 

* Warren Bigelow, Mazeppa, Minn. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1854, 
Pastor, Black River Falls, Wis., 1854-1862; Mazeppa, 1862-1866. Died 

Samuel Ward Boardman, Maryville, Tenn. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher in Castleton Seminary and else- 
where. Andover Theological Seminary, 1855. Pastor, Norwich. Vt., 
1857-1859. Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature in Middle- 
bury College, 1859-1861. Pastor, Auburn, N. Y., 1 862-1 877 ; Sterling, 
111., 1879-1883 ; Stanhope, N. J., 1883-1889. President Maryville Col- 
lege, 1889—. A. M. and Dartmouth, 1859. D. D., Hamilton Col- 
lege, 1870. 

*Gaylord Pinney Chapin, Ogdensburg, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died 1856. 

* Pliny Fisk Churchill, Mooers, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Professor in LaGrange Institute, Georgia, and elsewhere in 
the South. Died 1857. 

George Dunsmore, St. Albans, Vt. 

Physician. Has been President of the Vermont Medical Society. 
Trustee and Superintendent St. Albans Hospital. Trustee Franklin 
County Grammar School. A. M. M. D.. Castleton Medical College, 
1855, and Ohio Medical College, 1871. 

*Philo Spencer Keep, New Haven, Ky. 

Teacher. In Maysville, Ky., till 1855; Springfield, 1855-1856; New 
Haven, 1856-1877. Died 1877. 

Alfred Jerome Long, Whitehall, N. Y. 

Physician. M. D., University of the City of New York, 1853. /(fOS^ 

Luther Lowell, Sycamore, 111. 

lawyer. He was principal of Ellicottville Academy, N. Y., 1851-1852, 
and afterwards of Rutland Academy. Has practiced law in Syca- 
more since 1857. County Judge, 1869-1877 and 1883-1886. A, M. 

Allen Parkhill Northrop, Flushing, N. Y. 

Teacher. He went to Flushing in 1851 and has been a successful 
teacher there ever since. A. M. 

♦Thomas Scorr Pearson, Peacham, Vt. 

Teacher. Principal Addison County Grammar School, 1851-1852; 
Caledonia County Grammar School at Peacham, 1852-1855. Com- 
piler of Pearson's Catalogue of the Alumni of Middlebury College, 
1853. Assistant teacher Kimball Union Academy, 1855. His last 
literary work was editing the Triennial of 1856. A. M. Died at In- 
dianapolis, Ind., 1856. 

♦Simeon Dana Post, Rutland, Vt. 

Physician. After graduation he taught in Alabama a year or two. 
A. M. M. D., Castleton Medical College, 1855. Died 1855. 

James Edwin Ross, Rome, Mich. 

Physician. Has practiced at Rome for the last twenty-five years. 

♦Nathan Allan Smfih, Americus, Ga. 

Lawyer. Teacher, Brownwood University, 1855. Principal -Buena 
Vista Academy, 1853. Judge of Inferior Court, Sumpter County, Ga. 
Mayor, Americus, Ga. Died 1888. 

[04 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1852-1853 


Penfield Bull Goodsell, Boston, Mass. 

Physician. Has been treasurer of several financial corporations, 

John Ormsbee Haven, Big Lake, Minn. 

Mei chant. Principal Ellicottville Union School, N. Y., 1851 ; Monti- 
cello Academy, Minn., i860—. Clerk of the County Court. County 
Surveyor. County Superintendent of Schools. State Senator, Min- 
nesota, 1872 and 1873. A. M. 

John Howe, Castleton, Vt. 

Lawyer. First Lieutenant Co. B. Second Regiment Vermont Volun- 
teers. Mayor of Apalachicola, Florida. 1874 and 1875. Representa- 
tive in the Vermont Legislature, 1878. State's Attorney, Rutland 
County, 1879-1883. Assistant Judge of the Rutland County Court, 
1888—. A.M. 

George Gushing Knapp, Bitlis, Turkey. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1855. 
Missionary A. B. B. C. F. M. in Turkey since his ordination in 1855. 

Matthew Henry Maynard, Marquette, Mich. 


Lucretius Dewey Ross, Poultney, Vt. 

Physician. Assistant Surgeon Fourteenth Regiment Vermont Volun- 
teers. Acting Surgeon U. S. A. Hospital. President Rutland County 
Medical Society. Superintendent of Schools. M. D., Castleton Med- 
ical College, 1857. 

Royal Daniels Ross, Gooperstown, N. D- 

Farmer. Has been a teacher. Justice of the Peace for Steele Coun- 
ty. A. M. 

Rufus Wainwright, Middlebury, Vt. 

Lawyer. County Clerk since 1870. Secretary of the Board of Trus- 
tees of Middlebury College, 1862-1881, and a Trustee since 1874. 

RoLLiN Wilcox, Norwich, Kan. 



*Bernice Darwin Ames, Mechanicsville, N. Y. 

Methodist clergyman and teacher. Professor of Latin and Greek, 
Fort Plain and Fort Edward Institutes, several years. Pastor, East 
Dorset, Charlotte and Brandon. President Providence Conference 
Seminary, 1861 1864. Secretary of the Christian Commission, Phila- 
delphia, 1864-1865. Principal Mechanicsville Academy, N. Y., 1867- 
1876. A. M.,and Wesleyan University. Died 1876. 

William Nathaniel Bacon, Bridport, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Granville Academy, N. Y., one 
year; Weedsport Graded School, one year. Auburn Theological 
Seminary, 1859. Pastor. Pomfret, 1859-1863 ; Shoreham, 1864-1883 ; 
Coventry, 1883-1889. A. M. 

*Lyman Sanders Gheney, Wing River, Minn. 

Teacher. In Georgia two years. He then assisted in founding a 
Seminary in Galesville, Wis., and was Professor of Mathematics there 
for several years. He then became a farmer and resided at Wing 
River. A. M. Died 1885. 

1853 ALUMNI. 105 

*Deodatus Dutton Haskell, Greenwich, N. Y. 

Business. Dealer in musical instruments in Troy, N. Y., 18531855. 
Manufacturer of boots and shoes, Greenwich, 1855 — . Cotton planter 
near Tarboro, N. C, 1865-1867. Returned to Greenwich, 1867 A. M. 
Died 1867. 

* David Griswold Hooker, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lawyer. City Attorney, 1867-1870. Mayor, 1872-1873. Counsel for 
the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company after 1878. A. M. 
Died at Jacksonville, Fla., 1888. 

John Alonzo Howe, Albany, N. Y. 

Teacher. Principal successively of the Poestenkill, N. Y., Union Acad- 
emy and Grammar School No. 6, No. 3 and No. 5 in Albany. A. M. 

* Henry James, Omaha, Neb. 

A. M. He was from Weybridge. pied i860. 

*WiLLiAM Keyes, Highgate, Vt. 

Lawyer. He served three years in the War of the Rebellion. Died 


*Gilbert Cooke Lane, Weybridge, Vt. 

Teacher. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1855-1856. A. M. Died 

Charles Mills May, Mayslick, Ky. 

Teacher. Has lived in Mayslick for nearly 35 years. 

Joel Turrill Rice, New York, N. Y. 


Edward Payson Stone, Lapeer, Mich. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher, 1853-1860. Ordained, 1861. 
Chaplain 6th Reg. Vt. Vols., 1861-1863. P.istor, Centerville. Mass., 
1863-1865; Wellesley, 1865. Agent A. H. M. S. at Boston, 1865-1869. 
Pastor, Wallingford, Vt., 1869-1871 ; Underbill and Essex, 1871-1875 ; 
Pembroke and Centre Harbor, N. H., 1875-1879. General Mission- 
ary of the A. H. M. Society with residence at Lapeer, 1880 — . A. M. 

George Warren Thomas, Montgomery, Ala. 

Teacher. Professor of Ancient Languages in East Alabama Female 
College, 1855- 1860. President Central Female College, Tuskaloosa, 
Ala., 1885-1886. Is now principal of Boys' High School, Montgom- 
ery. Has been Alderman of that city. A. M. LL. D., Howard Col- 
lege, Ala., 1885. 

WiLLL^^M Wirt Walker, Burlington, Vt. 

Merchant. Teacher in South Carolina. Studied law. Served in Co. 
C, i2th Reg. Vt. Vols. Has been m the wholesale grocery business 
the last twenty-five years. A. M. 

♦George Augustus Weeks, Paris, Ky. 

Episcopal clergyman. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1855-1856. 
General Theological Seminary, New York, 1862. Rector, Hoosac 
Falls, N. Y., 1862-1865 ; Paris, Ky., 1865—. Was Examining Chaplain 
and member of the Ecclesiastical Court of the Diocese of Kentucky 
at the time of his death. A. M. Died 1890. 

*John Eliakim Weeks, West Constable, N. Y. 

Physician. Began practice in Cazenovia, N. Y., 1857. In Brandon, 
Vt., 1858-1861; West Constable, N. Y., 1862—. M. D., Castleton 
Medical College, 1855. Died 1886. 

I06 MroDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1854-18 35 


German Hammond Chatterton, Peru, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, i866. Pas- 
tor, j'anesville, Wis., 1866-1867 ; Ackley, 1 867-1 869 ; Dubuque, la., 
1869-1871; Northwood, la., 1873-1875; Charles City, 1876; Des 
Moines, 1877, A. M. 

Royal Corbin, Plattsburgh, N. Y. 


*Alonzo Taylor Deming, Glyndon, Minn. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Royallon Academy, 1854-1855; 
Underhill Academy, 1855-1857 ; Essex Academy, 1857. Andover The- 
ological Seminary, i860. Pastor, Bridgewater, 1860-1863; Bridport, 
1863-1864; Franklin, 1864-1866; Swanton, 1 866-1 868 ; Post Mills, 1868- 
1870; Newbury, 1870-1871. The winter of 1871-1872 he taught in 
Carlton College, Minn. Acting pastor, Glyndon, 1872. A. M. Died 

-^JoHN Cleveland Fenton, Ticonderoga, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Teacher, Mt. Washington Collegiate Institute, New York 
City, 1855-1860. Studied and practiced law in New York, 1860-1865, 
U. S. Internal Revenue officer, 1865-1868. Lawyer in Ticonderoga, 
1868-. l<^$< 

Benjamin Labaree, Oroomiah, Persia. 

Congregational clergyman. Andoyer Theological Seminary, 1859. 
Missionary A. B. C. F. M. in Persia since i860. A. M. D. D , 1887. 

Thomas Henry McLeod, Middlebury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Has been Justice of the Peace since 1861. Register of Pro- 
bate Court, 1874-1878. Is Notary Public and Master in Chancery. 

*JoHN MosELY Potter, New York, N. Y. 

Lawyer. He was a native of Middlebury. He practiced law in Syra- 
cuse, N. v., many years, and more recently in New York City. Died 

*i\NDREW EvARTS Rankin, St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Harvard' Law School, 1861. Secretary of Civil and Military 
Affairs, 1867. Secretary of the Vermont Board of Education, 1867- 
1870. Trustee and Librarian St. Johnsbury Athenaeum. Director 
First National Bank. Trustee Passumpsic Savings Bank. He was 
Clerk of the Caledonia County Court at the time of his death and had 
held that office for many years. A. M. LL. B., Harvard, 1861. Died 

Elijah Marble Torrey, East Dorset, Vt. 

Lumberman and farmer. Representative from Jamaica in the Legis- 
lature, 1862, 1863 and 1864. Has been Superintendent of Schools for 
years and held many other local offices. A. M. 

Edward Wilcox, Rocky Mount, N.C. 

Business. Superintendent Rocky Mount Graded School. Manager 
Rocky Mount Iron Works. 


Simeon Gilbert Boardman, Clarksburg, W. Va. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Read and practiced law. Licensed to preach, 
1870, and ordained, 1872, Pastor, Port Penn, Del., 1871-1884 ; Cham- 
plain, N. Y., 1885-1888; Clarksburg, 1889—. 

1855-1856 ALUMNI. 107 

*RoTus Oramel Graves, Fair Haven, Vt. 

Teacher. Principal Bristol, Jonesville, N. Y., Groton and Lyndon 
Academies until 1859. Visited England, 1859. Principal Fair Haven 
School, i860 — . Licensed to preach by the Methodist Church, 1861, 
and supplied neighboring churches. A. M. Died 1865. 

Edward Payson Hooker, Winter Park, Fla. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Brattleboro Academy, 1855- 
1856. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1856-1857. Professor in Fort 
Plain Institute, N. Y., 1857-1858. Andover Theological Seminary, 1861. 
Pastor, Medford, Mass., 1861-1869 ; Fair Haven, Vt„ 1869 1870'; Mid- 
dlebury, 1870-1880; Lawrence, Mass., 1880-1883 ; Winter Park, 1883—. 
President Rollins College, Winter Park. 1885—. Trustee Middlebury 
College, 1876— A. M. D. D., 1881. 

*Edwin Charles Johnson, Chicago, III. 

Teacher. Principal Union High School, Rutland, 1855-1858 ; High 
and Graded School, Fon du Lac, Wis., 1858-1859. Professor of Latin, 
University of Chicago, 1859-1863. A. M. Die'd 1863. 

Martin Luther Mead, Highland Lake,Col. 

Physician. Professor of Chemistry, Medical Department Wooster 
University, Cleveland, Ohio. A. M. M. D., Albany Medical Col- 
lege, 1859. 

* J AMES TuFTS, Niobrara, Neb. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar in Burlington, Iowa, 1857. Probate 
Judge in Nebraska, 1857-1861. Member Nebraska Legislature, 1859- 
1860. Secretary Council, Dakota Territory, 1861-1862, U. S. Com- 
missioner to adjust military claims, 1862. Member and Speaker first 
Legislature of Idaho, 1863-1864. Secretary Montana Territory, 1867- 
1868. Acting Governor of Montana, 1868 1869. Superintendent In- 
dian Affairs, Montana, 1868-1870. Died 1884. 


Solomon Theophilus Allen, Bassett, Neb. 

Teacher. Superintendent of Public Schools. Professor of Mathe- 
matics. President of Bourbon College. A. M. 

Lewis Augustin Ausi'in, Winter Park, Fla. 

Congregational clergyman. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1857-1859. 
Principal jonesville Academy, N. Y., 1859-1861. Pastor, Orwell, Vt.. 
1862-1868.' Principal Burr and Burton Seminary, 1868-1872; Kimball 
Union Academy, Meriden, N. H., 1872-1875. Teacher of Greek in 
same, 1876-1880.' Professor of Latin in Middlebury College, i88o- 
1885 ; Rollins College, Winter Park, 1886—. Trustee of Middlebury 
College, 1880. A. M. 

*George Daniel Davenport, Brandon, Vt. 

Lawyer. Private Co. H, 5th Reg. Vt. Vols., Sept 2, 1861 ; ist Sergt., 
1861 ; ist Lieut. Co. G., Nov. 22, 1861. Killed in the battle of the 
Wilderness, 1864. 

* David Brownson Dewey, Whitehall. N. Y. 

Physician and Surgeon. M. D., elsewhere. Died 1864. 

* Henry Dwight Foster, Grafton, Vt. 

Journalist. County Register, Sullivan County, N. H., for about five 
years. Trial Justice for the same a number of years. Editor " Lud- 
low Gazette. Principal of Black River Academy. A. M. Died 


John Codman Labaree, Randolph, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1861. 
Pastor, Sterling, Mass., 1861-1865; Randolph, 1865—. A. M." D. D,, 

*MosES Marston, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Teacher. Professor of Ancient Languages in St. Lawrence Univer- 
sity, 1868-1872; of English Literature in the University of Minnesota, 
1874- 1883. A, M. Ph. D., St. Lawrence University, 1878. Died 1883. 

Charles Marsh Mead, Boston, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher, Phillips Academy, Andover, 
Mass., 1856-1858. Tutor, Middlebury College, 1859-1860. Andover 
Theological Seminary, 1862. Studied at the University of Halle, Ger- 
many, 1863-1864; Berlin, 1864-1866; Tuebingen, 1866. Professor of 
Hebrew, Andover Theological Seminary, 1866-1882. In Germany, 
1882- 1888. Lecturer at Princeton Theological Seminary, 1889. Is 
now in Europe. A. M. Ph. D., Tuebingen University, 1866. D. D., 
Middlebury College, 1881. 

William Henry Nichols, AVest Randolph, Vt. 

Judge of Probate. Representative in the Legislature, 1870, Member 
Council Censors, 1870. Assistant Judge of the County Court, 1872- 
1874. Judge of Probate, 1874—, 

Allen Tenny, Norwich, Conn. 

Lawyer. Teacher in Lyndon, Vt., and Concord, N. H., 1856-1858. 
Deputy Secretary of State, New Hampshire, 1859-1861. Secretary of 
State, 1861-1865. Albany Law School, 1866. Admitted to the bar in 
Connecticut, 1868, and has practiced law in Norwich since. State 
Senator, Connecticut, 1873. Member Connecticut House of Repre- 
sentatives, 1874. Corporation counsel for City of Norwich, 1874-1883. 
U. S. Commissioner several years. 

♦Charles Wetherby, Nashua, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman. Taught in Ohio. Studied at Union The- 
ological Seminary. Pastor, North Cornwall, Conn., 1859-1865; West 
Winsted, Conn., 1865-1871; Nashua. N.H., 1871-1879; Chnton, Mass., 
1879-1884 ; Milford, 1884-1887. Died 1887. 

Ozi William Whitaker, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Episcopal clergyman. Princip>al High School, North Broolcfield, 
Mass., 1856-1860. General Theological Seminary, New York, 1863. 
Ordained deacon and priest, 1863. Rector, Gold Hill. Nevada, 1863- 
1865; Englewood, N. J., 1865-1867 ; Virginia City, Nev., 1867-1868. 
Missionary Bishop of Nevada, 1868. Assistant Bishop of Pennsylva- 
nia 1886. Bishop of Pennsylvania, 1887 — . D. D., Kenyon, 1869. 


♦Alanson Saltmarsh Barton, Colchester, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1861. 
Pastor, Georgia, Vt., 1864-1866 ; Saxton's River, 1866-1867 ; Towns- 
hend, 1867-1870; Colchester, 1877-1882. Resided at Middlebury, 1870- 
1876. A. M. Died at sea, 1882. 

♦Horace Elijah Boardman, Sun Prairie, Wis. 

Physician. Andover Theological Seminary, 1862. Pastor. Fort Dodge, 
Iowa, 1863-1864; Earlville, 1864-1865. Studied medicine, 1865-1867. 
Practiced, Appleton, Monroe and Sun Prairie, Wis., 1867 — . A. M. 
M. D., Hahnemann Medical College, 1867. Died i888. 

1S57 ALUMNI. 109 

Thomas Herbert Davis, (?) 

He was from Henrico County, Virginia. Was a soldier in the Confed- 
erate army ; was captured by the U. S. troops and his classmate, Foote, 
savs that Judge Dunton saw him while a prisoner. Nothing more is 
known ofhim, though it is said that he died in Texas. (?) 

♦Jeremiah Nixon Diament, Wealaka, I. T. 

Congregational clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, i860. 
Pastor, PVanklin, Pa., 1860-1865 ; Redfield and Osceola, N. Y., 1865- 
1868; Santon, Mich., and other places, 1868-1874; Cherrytree, Pa., 
1875-1877. Missionary, Wealaka, Indian Territory, 1882—. Died 1888. 

*Walter Chipman Dunton, Rutland, Vt. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar, 1858, and began practice in Kansas. 
Member of the last Territorial Legislature of Kansas. In 1861 he 
settled in Rutland. Captain Company H, Fourteenth Reg. Vt. 
Vols. Judge of Probate for the District of Rutland, 1865-1877. 
Judge of the Supreme Court of Vermont, 1877-1879 Member State 
Constitutional Convention, 1870. State Senator, 1880-1882. President 
State Bar Association. Professor of Law in the Iowa State Univer- 
sity, 1888-1889. Trustee of Middlebury College, 1870—. A. M. Died 

Loyal Dorus Eldredge, Middlebury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Taught and studied law in Randolph and Johnson, 1857- 
1859. Admitted to the bar at Hydepark, 1859, and began practice in 
Alburgh the same year. State's Attorney for Grand Isle County, 1861- 
1862. Located in Middlebury, 1862. Assistant Assessor of Internal 
Revenue, 1864-1870. Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue, 1870- 
1874. State Senator, 1876-1878. Representative in the Legislature, 
1888-1890. Trustee of Middlebury College since 1881. Treasurer of 
the same since 1884. A. M. 

Henry Smith Foote, Middlebury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar, i860. State's Attorney for Addison 
County, 1863-1866. Practiced in Middlebury till 1867'; in Brooklyn, 
N. Y., 1867-1882; since then in Middlebury. A. M. 

Henry Benjamin Furness, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Teacher. Connected with the Hughes High School, Cincinnati, as 
teacher of Natural Sciences for many years. Residence, Walnut Hills. 

Edmund Goodrich Hunt, Brooksville, Vt. 

Farmer. Admitted to the bar in Jackson, California, 1862, and resided 
there eleven years. Notary Public and U. S. Commissioner. In 1870 
removed to Vicksburg, Miss., and resided there seven years. Prac- 
ticed law and edited the " Vicksburg Times and Republican." Special 
Commissioner for Southern claims. Clerk of Chancery Court. Act- 
ing District Attorney. Justice of the Peace and U. S. Commissioner. 
Became a farmer in New Haven, Vt., and has held various local offices 

Americus Vespucius Jewett, (?) 

He came to Middlebury from Bowdoin and his residence appears from 
the catalogue as at Alna, Me. (?) 

Stephen Knowlton, Greensboro, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher in Castleton Seminary, 1857- 
1862. Andover Theological Seminary, 1865. Pastor, West Medway, 
Mass., 1865-1872; New Haven, Vt., 1873-1881; Greensboro, 1881 — . 

♦Henry Miner, Washington, D. C. 

Lawyer. State's Attorney, Bennington County, Vt., 1862. Editor 
" Manchester Journal " one year. A. M. Died 1863. 


Henry Martyn Porter, New York, N. Y. 

Business. He is connected with the American Bank Note Company, 
having had charge of one of its Departments for twenty-two years. 
Private, yth Reg. N. Y. National Guard. Captain, Major, Lieut.-Col- 
onel and Colonel 7th Reg. Vt. Vols. Provost Marshal, City and Parish 
of New Orleans, 1863-1864. Address, 86 Trinity Place. A. M. 

Lauren Redfield, New York, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Address, 34 Nassau St. 

*Charles Williams Seaton, Williston, Vt. 

First Lieut. Co. F, ist Reg. U. S. Sharpshooters, Aug. 15, 1861 ; Cap- 
tain, Aug. 2. 1862; Wounded at Malvern Hill; Resigned Mav 15, 
1863. For several years he was in the Census office at Washington 
and from 1883 to 1885 held the office of Superintendent. Died 1885. 

Henry Franklin Severens, Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Lawyer. State's Attorney, St. Joseph County, Mich., 1862-1865. Ap- 
pointed U. S. Judge for the West District of Michigan, 1886, and 
still holds that office. 

Horace Holmes Thomas, Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar and began practice in Chicago, 1859. 
Enlisted 1861. Captain and Ass't. Adj't General 3d Div, 2d Army 
Corps. Brigadier General and Quartermaster General of Tennessee 
and Private Secretary to Gov. Brownlow until 1869. Then resumed 
practice in Chicago. Member of Illinois House of Representatives, 
1878, and Speaker, 1880-1882. State Senator, Illinois, 1888-1892. A. M. 

Nehemiah White, Galesburg, 111. 

Universalist clergyman and teacher. Associate Principal Perkins In- 
stitute. South Woodstock, 1857-1858 ; Principal Clinton Liberal Insti- 
tute, 1859-1860. Professor of Mathematics, St. Lawrence University, 
1865-1871; of Ancient Lauguages and Comparative Philology, Buch- 
tel College, 1872-1875. President Lombard University, 1875 — . A. M. 

AzEL Washburn Wild, Charlotte, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1862. 
Pastor, Pittsfield, 1862-1864 ; Greensboro, 1864-1873 ; Peacham, 1873- 
1881 ; Charlotte, 1882—, A. M. 


*Charles Frederick Abbott, Bristol, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1861. 
Pastor, Bristol, 1861-1866. Died 1866. 

Henry Martyn Barnum, Freeport, 111. 

Lawyer. Teacher, Little Falls, N. Y., 1858-1859. Then located in 
Freeport. Superintendent Public Schools, 1861-1864. Practiced law 
since 1864. Citv Attorney, 1868. Member Board of Education, 1868- 

Samuel Emmons Burnham, Rutland, Vt. 

Fire Insurance Agent. 2d Lieut. Co. E. 5th Reg. Vt. Vols., Aug. 30, 
1861 ; ist Lieut., July 24, 1862 ; Capt., Oct. 6, 1862 ; resigned Feb. 17, 
1863. Secretary of Civil and Military Affairs, 1867-1868. A. M. 

Charles Shepherd Colburn, Pittsford, Vt. 

Lawyer. Judge of Probate, Rutland District, 1877-1878. State Sena- 
tor, Rutland County, 1882-1884. Trustee of Middlebury College, 
1889—. A. M. LL. B., Harvard University, 1862. 

1858 ALUMNI. Ill 

Elias Dewey, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Teacher. Private aud Sergeant, Co. G, 20th Reg. Wisconsin Vols. 
Principal Delavan High School, 1883. Has been Mayor of his city. 

Albert Ira Button, South Framingham, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Hartford Theological Seminary, two 
years. Andover Theological Seminary, 1863. Pastor, Shirley, Mass., 
1863-1869 ; East Longmeadow, 1869-1885 ; Royalton, Vt , 1885-1887. 

George Fisher, Cairo, 111. 

Lawyer. Taught at Randolph, Vt., 1858- 1861 ; Ahon, 111., 1862-1865. 
Surveyor of Customs, Port of Cairo, 1869 — . A. M. 

♦Calvin Hubbard Flower, Springfield, III. 

Insurance Agent. Principal Island Grove Academy, 111., 1858-1860 ; 
Graded School, Springfteld, 1860-1862. A. M. Died 1871. 

♦Dan Meeker Howard, Benson, Vt. 

Farmer. Town Superintendent of Schools, 1864. Died 1866. 

Brainerd Kellogg, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Teacher. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1860-1861. Professor of 
Rhetoric and English Literature in Middlebury College, i86i-i868 ; in 
the Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic Institute, 1868 — . Trustee 
of Middlebury College, 1885 — . Author of several text books* A. M. 

♦James Harvey Leavitt, Middlebury, Vt. 

Teacher. A. M. Died 1862. 

John Edmund Parker, Washington, D. C. 

Government service. Corporal Co. A, Sixth Reg. Vt. Vols., Oct. 2, 
1861 ; promoted Sergeant ; mustered out Oct, 28, 1864, Has been in 
the Government service in the Pension office since the war. A. M. 

George Arden Rockwood, Willsburg, Oregon. 

Congregational clergyman. Principal Batavia Institute, 111., 1858- 
1860. Studied at Chicago Theological Seminary and graduated at 
Andover, 1863. In the service of the U. S. Christian Commission, 
1863. Chaplain Eighth Regiment U. S. C. T., 1863-1865. Pastor, 
Deer River and Carthage, N. Y., i866-i86g ; Rensselaer Falls, 1869- 
1883; Oregon City, Oregon, 1883-1888. Superintendent Congrega- 
tional S. S. and Publishing Society, 1888—. A. M. 

♦George Washington Squier, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Teacher. Principal Grand Rapids Graded School. Had studied 
law and was soon to have been admitted fo the bar. Died 1864. 

Lyman Walker, Peru, Ind. 

Lawyer. Is Judge of the 27th Judicial Circuit of Indiana. A. M. 

Stephen Ambrose Walker, New York, N. Y. 

Lawyer. President of the Board of Education, New York City, 1879- 
1886. Trustee of the " Tilden Trust." United States Attorney for the 
Southern District of New York, 1886-1889. Trustee of Middlebury 
College, 1870—. A. M. LL.D., 1882. 


112 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1858-1859 

William Harris Walker, Ludlow, Vt. 

Lawyer. Assistant Secretary Vermont Senate, 1857, Principal Lit- 
tle Falls, N. Y., Academy, 1858-1860. Located in Ludlow, i860. Ad- 
mitted to the bar, 1861. Representative in the Legislature, 1865, 1866 
and 1884-1885. State Senator, Windsor County, 1867 and 1868. State's 
Attorney, 1874-1876. Special Commissioner on the Insane. 1878. 
Supervisor of the Insane, 1878-1880. Judge of Probate, District of 
Windsor, 1878-1884. Judge of the Supreme Court of Vermont, 1884 
until resignation, 1887. Trustee and President of the Boaid, Black 
River Academy, for many years. Trustee of Middleburv College, 

JuLius Wilcox, New York, N. Y. 

Journalist. Has been engaged in newspaper work in New York City 
since graduation. Address, 33 Murray St. 


John Graves Bailey, Rogers, Arkansas. 

Congregational clergyman. Bangor Theological Seminary, 1862. 
Pastor, Hydepark, Vt.", Windsor, Mo., and Rogers, Ark. Has been 
Superintendent of Public Schools. 

Silas Leroy Blake, New London, Conn. 

Congregational clergyman. Taught at Randolph, Vt., I^ancaster, 
Mass., and Pembroke, N. H., 1859-1862. Andover Theological Sem- 
inary, 1864. Pastor, Pepperell, Mass., 1864-1869; Concord, N. H., 
1869-1877; Cleveland, Ohio, 1877-1880; Fitchburg, Mass., 1880-1887 ; 
New London, 1887—. A. M. D. D., Iowa College, 1883. 

*Miles Powell Squier Cadwell, New Haven, Vt. 

Teaching and studying law at Port Henrv, N. Y., till enlistment. Cap- 
tain, Co. K, 22d Reg. N. Y. Vols. Killed at the battle of Bull Run, 
Aug. 29, 1862. 

William Henry Knight, Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. A. M. LL.B., Boston University, 1878. 

George Erastus Lane, Ludlow, Vt. 

Physician. Principal Leland and Gray Seminary, 1859 1862. Prac- 
ticed medicine, Williamstown, Vt., 1864-1877 ; Ludlow, 1877 — . A. M. 
M. D., University of Vermont, 1864. f<CO <^ 

*Seth Willard Segur, West Medway, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1862. 
Pastor, Tallmadge, Ohio, 1862-1871 ; Gloucester, Mass., 1871 1873; 
West Medway, 1873-1875. A. M. Died 1875. 

Milton Leonard Severance, Bennington Center,Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Taught at Ticonderoga, N. Y., 1859- 
1860. Union Theological Seminary, i860 1862. Andover Theological 
Seminary, 1863. Pastor, Boscawen, N. H., 1864-1868; Orwell, Vt., 
1869-1880. Financial agent, Middlebury College, one year. Principal 
Burr and Burton Seminary, 1882-1888. Pastor, Bennington Center, 
1888—. A. M. 

William Rollin Shipman, College Hill, Mass. 

Universalist clergyman and teacher. Principal Green Mountain In- 
stitute, Woodstock, Vt., 1859-1863. Ordained 1865. Professor of Rhet- 
oric, Logic and English Literature in Tufts College, 1864 — . A. M. 
D. D., St. Lawrence University, 1882. 

1859-1860 ALUMNI. 113 

* Lyman Sargeant Watts, Barnet, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Taught at Castleton, 1859-1860; Peach- 
am, 1860-1861. Andover Theological Seminary, 1864. Pastor at Dra- 
cut, Mass., 1864-1867; Barnet, Vt., 1867-1872. Died at Peacham, 
Vt., 1872. 


David Haskell Adams, Gonic, N. H. 

Free Baptist clergyman. New Hampton Theological Seminary, 1864. 
Pastor, Underhill Center, Vt., 1865-1871 and taught in the Academy ; 
Waterbury Center, 1871-1872; Lvndon Center, 1872-1875 ; Farming- 
ton, N. H., 1875 1878 and 1881-1883; New Market, 1878-1881 ; St. 
johnsbury, Vt., 1883-1886; Franklin Falls, N. H., 1886-1889 ; Gonic, 
1889—. A. M. 

*JoHN QuiNCY Dickinson, Marianna, Fla. 

Lawyer, Second Lieut. Co. C. 7th Reg. Vt. Vols. Jan. 15. 1862 ; First 
Lieut., Oct. 9,1862; Quartermaster, Sept. 13, 1864; Captain Co. F., 
Aug. 22, 1865. Honorably discharged as Quartermaster, Oct. 10, 1865, 
tor disability. In 1868 Assistant Commissioner of Freedmen's Bureau 
at Marianna. At its discontinuance he became Clerk of the Circuit 
Court there. Was assassinated, 1871. Buried in Benson, Vt., his na- 
tive place. 

Merritt Henry Eddy, Middlebury, Vt. 

Physician. A. M. M. D., University of Vermont, 1865. 

William Sheldon Green, Sheldon, Vt. 

Farmer. A. M. 

RoswELL Harris, Jr., Detroit, Mich. 

Real estate. Andover Theological Seminary, 1863. Teacher, 1863 — . 
F'rincipal Burr and Burton Seminary at Manchester, 1867-1868 ; Cas- 
tleton Seminary, 1868-1869. In business in Saginaw, Mich., 1869 — . 
Then removed to Detroit. Address, 149 Griswold St. A. M. 

Henry Post Higley, Beloit, Wis. 

Congregational clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1865. 
Pastor at Vevay, Ind., 1865-1866 ; Beloit, 1866 — . Secretary of the 
Board of Trustees, Beloit College. A. M. D. D., 1886. 

Charles Minot Hollis, Marion, Iowa. 

Lawyer and broker. Engaged in recruiting regiments for the Union 
army. Township Trustee. County ofificer for fourteen years. Editor 
"Cedar Valley Times," 1861-1866; "Marion Tribune," 1871-1872. 
President Marion Female Seminary, 1871-1872. Corporation Attor- 
ney. Treasurer of many institutions. A. M. 

AzRO Levi Mann, San Francisco, Cal. 

Teacher. Professor of Latin and Greek, Boys' High School, 1865- 
1877. City Superintendent of Public Schools, 1878-1879. Trustee 
Free Public Library, 1887 — elected for life. A. M. 

Samuel Lewis Miner, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Business. Principal 25th District School. Secretary Fairmount Build- 
ing and Savings Company. Treasurer Jones Bros. Publishing Co. 
A. M. 

*Giles Foster Montgomery, Marash, Turkey. 

Congregational clergyman. Lane Theological Seminary, 1863. Mis- 
sionary in Turkey from 1863 until his death. Teacher of Systematic 
Theology at Central Turkey Theological Seminary after 1869. U. S. 
Consular Agent after 1877.' A. M. Died at Adana, Turkey, 1888. 


J. C. O. Redington, Syracuse, N. Y. 


George Richardson, Sparta, Wis. 

Lawyer. Commissary Sergeant 14th Reg. Vt. Vols. State's Attorney 
for Monroe County, Wis., 1869-1870. Cashier since 1870. Has re- 
sided in Sparta since 1866. 

John Russ, Oakland, Cal. 

Insurance. Principal of High School, Amboy, 111. Superintendent 
of Public Instruction, Amboy. Has been connected with the San 
Francisco " Evening Bulletin." 

Elijah B. Sherman, Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Second Lieutenant Co. C. 9th Reg. Vt. Vols., 1862. Lieut. 
Col. and Judge Advocate, First Brigade 111. N. G., 1878. Member Illi- 
nois House of Representntives, 1877 and 1879. President Illinois 
State Bar Association, 188 1. Vice President American Bar Associa- 
tion, 1886. Master in Chancery, U. S. Circuit Court, since 1879. Chief 
Supervisor of Elections for Northern District of Illinois since 1884. 
A. M. LL.B., University of Chicago, 1864. LL.D., Middlebury Col- 
lege, 1884. 

*JoHN Bacon Steele, Middlebury, Vt. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1864. Pas 
tor, Presbyterian church, Castile, N. Y., 1864-1867 ; Glenwood, N. Y., 
1867-1869. In business in Middlebury, 1869—. A. M. Died 1873. 

Charles Gutzlaff Steele, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Business. Studied law at Columbia College. In business and taught 
school for several years in Middlebury. Taught two years in New- 
port, Vt., and in South Dennis, Mass. Was connected with the " Min- 
neapolis Tribune" for several years. Is now the representative of a 
western loan and mortgage company, having his office at 42 New St., 
New York City. A. M. LL.B,, Chicago University, 1864. 

Henry Hobart Vail, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Publisher. Teacher in Alburgh, Vt., 1860-1861 ; Marquette, Mich,, 
1861-1862; Dayton, Ohio, 1862-1864, In the Union Army, 1864. 
Connected with a publishing house in Cincinnati, 1866-1871; partner 
Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co., since 187 1. 

Henry Freeman Walker, New York, N. Y. 

Physician. Graduated at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, 
New York, 1866; Bellevue Hospital, 1867, Physician on Home Staff. 
Has since practiced in New York City. Visiting Physician Nursing 
and Child's Hospital and the same Bellevue Hospital, A, M, M, D., 
College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, 1866. 

Edward Payson Wild, Manchester, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Bangor Theological Seminary, 1865. 
Pastor, Crattsbury, Vt,, 1865-1874; Newport, Vt., 1874-1887; Manches- 
ter, 1887— A, M. D. D,, 1886. 

John Kilbourn Williams, Peacham, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher in Castleton Seminary, 1860- 
1861, Tutor in Middlebury College, 1861-1862. Auburn Theologi- 
cal Seminary, 1863-1864, Andover Theological Seminary, 1866. Pas- 
tor, Bradford, Vt., 1866-1872; West Rutland, 1872-1884; Underbill, 
1884-1889 ; Peacham, 1889—. A. M. 

1861 ALUMNI. 115 


Charles Emmet Abell, Orwell, Vt. 

Farmer. Captain Co, D, 14th Reg. Vt, Vols, Town Superintendent 
of Schools. Representative in the Legislature, 1876-1877. A. M. 

*WiLLiAM Harvey Button, East Saginaw, Mich. 

I^awyer. He served in Co. K, 12th Reg, Vt. Vols. Admitted to the 
bar, 1864. In 1865 he settled in East Saginaw, City Attorney. At 
the time of his death he was City Recorder. A. M. Died at Middle- 
bury, 1870. 

Robert A. Donaldson, San Francisco, Cal. 

Is Assistant General Passenger and Ticket Agent Southern Pacific R. 
R. Company (Pacific System), A. M. 

Algernon M. Goodnough, Redding, Cal. 

Merchant. Teacher in Massachusetts and Principal Barnstable High 
School, 1861-1864. Meadville and Yale Theological Seminaries. 1864- 
1866. Pastor, Congregational church, Mystic Bridge, Conn., 1866-1867. 
Home Missionary California, 1867-1872. Since then engaged in busi- 
ness. When in college his name was spelled Goodnow. A. M, 

*James T. Gove, Lincoln, Vt. 

Died at Lincoln, April 10, 1862. 

*Nathan Hall, Whitehall, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar in Windham County, Vt., 1865. Died 

^George Edward Joslin, Vergennes, Vt. 

Teacher in Middlebury, 1861-1862. Died 1862. 

Moses Melville Martin, Three Oaks, Mich. 

Congregational clergyman. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1864. 
Pastor, Middletown, 1864-1865 ; Prescott, Wis., 1865-1868 ; Stoughton, 
Wis.. 1868-1869 ; Mazomanie, Wis., 1870-1877 ; Three Oaks, 1880—. 
A. M. 

Sylvester Baron Partridge, Swatow, China. 

Baptist clergyman. Private Co. H. 92d Reg. N. Y. Vols.. 1861 ; Sec- 
ond Lieut, and First Lieut, same regiment, 1862 ; First Lieut. Signal 
Corps, U. S. A., 1862 ; Chief Signal Officer, 2Sth Army Corps, 1865 ; 
Brevet Captain, 1865 ; resigned, 1865. Newton Theological Seminary, 
1865-1868, Missionary, Siam, 1868-1873 ; China, 1873—. Translated 
parts of the Bible into the Tie-Chin dialect of the Chinese language. 
Is in this country now on a year's leave of absence. A. M. 

Lyman Walker Peet, Cornwall, Vt. 

Farmer. Taught in Nebraska City, Neb., Nashville, Tenn., Hoboken, 
N. J., and other places. Town Superintendent, Cornwall, for several 
years. President Vermont Merino Sheep Breeders' Association. A. M. 

Erastus Hibbard Phelps, Fair Haven, Vt. 

Cashier. Served in the Union army as Paymaster's Clerk. Editor 
" Fair Haven Journal," 1869-1870. Member of the Constitutional Con- 
vention of Vermont, 1870. Has been Cashier of the First National 
Bank of Fair Haven for several years. A. M. LL.B., Albany Law 
School, 1872. 

* J AMES E. Pierce, Auburn, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1861-1863. 
Tutor in Middlebury College, 1863-1864. Graduated at Auburn The- 
ological Seminary, 1865, Professor of Hebrew in Auburn Theologi- 
cal Seminary, 1865-1870. A. M. Died 1870. 


George Edward Plumbe, Austin, 111. 

Journalist. Editor " Chicago Daily News." A. M. LL.B., Albany 
Law School, 1863. 

Linus Ell\s Sherman, Chenoa, Col. 

Merchant. First Lieut, Co. A, 9th Reg. Vt. Vols.-^ 1862; Capt., 1863- 
1865. Druggist and Chemist, Ludlow, Vt., 1865-1876, Merchant, 
Colorado Springs, 1877. Member Constitutional Convention. Mem- 
ber of Council and Acting Mayor, Colorado Springs, 1879-1880. A. M. 

James Buchanan Smith, Hyde Park, 111. 

Contractor, ist Lieut. 25th Reg. Mass. Vols. Lieut. Col. 36th Reg. 
Mass. Vols. 

George R. Taylor, Louisville, Ky. 

Police Judge in Kentucky for several years. Superintendent of State 
House of Reform. Inspector of License six terms in Louisville, Ky. 

Chandler N. Thomas, Port Henry, N. Y. 

FYesbyterian clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1865. Pas- 
tor, Fort Covington, N. ¥., 1865-1882; Port Henry, N. ¥., 1882—. 
Trustee of Middlebury College, 1889 — . 

Ezra J. Warner, Chicago, 111. 

Merchant. Local Director of the Liverpool, London and Globe In- 
surance Co., England. Trustee of Lake Forest University. 

John Brigham Young, Davenport, Iowa. 

Teacher. Principal Lawrenceville, N. Y., Academy, 1861-1864; Fort 
Covington Academy, 1864-1868 ; Davenport High School, 1868 1878. 
Superintendent Davenport Public Schools, 1878 — . A. M. 


♦John Rollin Converse, Panton, Vt. 

Enlisted as a private in Co. L, 14th Reg. Vt. Vols., Sept. 16, 1862; 
Second Lieut. July 3, 1863; mustered out July 30, 1863. Second 
Lieut. Co. H. 17th Reg. Vt. Vols., May 19, 1864 ; killed in action before 
Petersburgh, Va., July 30, 1864. 

Park Davis, Sioux Falls, Dakota. 

Lawyer. In St. Albans, 1865-1880 ; St. Paul, Minn., 1880-1882; Al- 
bany, N. Y., 1882-1885; Sioux Falls, 1885—. Represented St. Albans 
in the Vermont Legislature, 1874-1875. 

* Henry Augustus Eaton, Rochester, Vt. 

Enlisted as a private ; commissioned Captain Co. A. i6th Reg. Vt. 
Vols., Aug. 26, 1862; wounded severely at Gettysburg, July 3, x353; 
mustered out, Aug. 10, 1863. Captain Co. D. 17th R-g, Vt. Vols., 
March 4, 1854; Major, Aug. 12, 1854; Lieut. Col., Nov. i, 1864; killed 
in action before Petersburgh, Va., Sept. 30, 1864. 

John Ashley Fitch, St. Albans, Vt. 

Lawyer. Sergeant Co. E. 12th Reg. Vt. Vols., Sept. i, 1862. Deputy 
Collector of Customs. Represented Highgate in the Legislature, 
1886-1887. Removed to St. Albans, 1890. 

Eli Holbrook Gale, Lacon, 111. 

Physician. M. D., University of Pennsylvania. 

2862 ALUMNI. 1 1 7 

Elbridge Gerry, West Randolph, Vr. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1866. 
Pastor, Oregon City, Ore., 1868-1872; Bethel, Vt., 1872-1882 ; Oregon 
City, 1882. Is now a farmer. A. M. 

*Charles Clark Harris, Parsons, Kan. 

Episcopal clergyman. Rector, Brattleboro, Vt., about eight years ; 
Lincoln, Neb., eight years ; Parsons two years. Chaplain Nebraska 
Senate and State Penitentiary. Trustee Nebraska College. A. M. 
Died 1887. 

Erwin Amos Hasseltine, Bristol, Vt. , 

Supervisor of Schools for Addison County, 1889 — . A. M. 

Richard Sill Holmes, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Presbyterian clergvman. Teacher of Classics, Poughkeepsie, 1863- 
1864; Clinton, N.' Y., 1864-1865. Studied at Auburn Tneological 
Seminary, 1865-1866. Teacher in Auburn, 1871-1878. President of 
Y. M. C. A. of the State of New York. 1871. Member of Board of 
Education, Auburn. Professor of Languages, Latin Summer School, 
Chautauqua, 1880. Registrar of Chautauqua University. Pastor, War- 
ren, Pa., until 1890 ; Pittsburgh, 1890 — . A. M. 

Lyman E. Knapp, Sitka, Alaska. 

Lawyer. Capt. Co. I, i6th Reg. Vt. Vols., Sept. 20, 1862, Wounded 
July 3, 1863. Capt. Co. F, 17th Reg. Vt. Vols., April 9. 1864. Major, 
Nov. I, 1864. Lieut.-Col., Dec. 10. 1864. Editor " Middleburv Regis- 
ter," 1865-1878. Liwyer in Middleburv, 1875—. Clerk in Vermont 
Legislature, 1872-1874. Judge of Probate, 1879-1889. Representative 
in Vermont Legislature, 1886-1887. Governor of Alaska, 1889 — . 

Norman F. Rider, Middlebury, Vt. 

Druggist. A. M. 

William A. Robinson, Homer, N. Y. 

Congregational clergyman. Bangor Theological Seminary. 1865. 
Pastor. Barton. Vt., 1865-1871 ; Homer, 1871 — . Member Vermont 
State Board of Education, 1868-1871. President Board of Education, 
Homer, 1872—. President N. Y. Home Missionary Society, I884-^. 
D. D., Middlebury College, 1886. 

^ Lauren Anson Scorr, National City, Cal. 

Lawyer. LL.B., University of Chicago, 1865. * oQ^T' 

David Kemdall Simonds, Manchester, Vt. 

Journalist. Served in 3d Reg. Tenn. Vols. Editor " Newport Ex- 
, press", 1864-1866. Admitted to the bar, i865. Editor " St. Johnsbury 

Times", 1869; " Manchester Journal", 1871 — . Town Clerk, 1872- 
i88g. Postmaster, 1875-1885 and 1889—. Register of Probate, 1876 — . 
Representative in Legislature, 1886-1888. State Senator, 1888-1890. 
Trustee Burr and Burton Seminary. Trustee of Middlebury College, 

Charles Carroll Smith, Gaysville, Vt. 

Physician. Representative in the Legislature, 1882 and 1874. A. M. 
M. D., University of Vermont, 1865. 

George Haselton Sweet, Potsdam, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Albany Law School, 1864. Principal St. Lawrence Acade- 
my, 1865-1869. Vice President Potsdam Normal and Training School, 
1869-1872. Editor Potsdam " Courier and Freeman", 1872-1880. Pri- 
vate Secretary to the Collector of the Port of New York, 1880-1881. 

Il8 MroDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1862-1863 

Aldace Freeman Walker, Rutland, Vt. 

Lawyer. First Lieut. Co. B, nth Reg. Vt. Vols., Aug. 13, 1862; Capt. 
Co. C, Nov. 30, 1862; Major, June 28, 1864; Brevet Lieut.-Col , Oct. 
19, 1864. Lieut.-Col., May 23, 1865. State Senator from Rutland 
County, 1882-1884. Interstate Commerce Commissioner, 1887. Re- 
signed, 1889. Is now President of the Interstate Commerce Rail- 
way Association with headquarters in Chicago, 111. A. M. LL.D., 


Lyman Horace Blake, Westfield, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1867. 
Pastor, River Point, R. I., 1867-1869; Rowley, Mass., 1869-1874; Me- 
thuen, Mass., 1874-1877 ; Roxbury, Mass., 1877-1881 ; Westfield, 1881 — . 

Peter Elder Caldwell, Louisville, Ky. 

Assistant Superintendent of Chicago Reform School, 1864-1866. Su- 
perintendent Louisville Industrial School of Reform since i865. 

Lawrence Flinn, Albany, Oregon. 

Lawyer. Judge of the County Court of Linn County, 1880-1884. 

George Washington Lewis, Fort Covington, Ky. 

Robert Scott McCullough, Chazy, N. Y. 


♦Rollin Artemas Scott, Bristol, Vt. 

Law Student. Died 1865. 

Francis Hiram Seeley, Delhi, N. Y. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Auburn Theological Seminary, 1866. Pas- 
tor, Richfield Springs, N. ¥., 1867-1882 ; Delhi, 1882—. 

Nathan Button Smith, Pulaski, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Teacher in Pulaski Academy, 1866-1868. Has practiced 
law there since 1868. Member General Assembly of New York, 1869. 
Special Surrogate, Oswego County, 1876-1879. Prosecuting Attorney, 

Myron Lawrence Story, Washington, D. C. 

Lawyer. Principal Claremont, N. H., Academy, 1864. Principal Ex- 
aminer U. S. Pension office. A. M. LL.B., Columbian University, 

*Ethan Allen Sturdevant, Middlebury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Began pi actice in Manchester, Mich., but soon removed to 
East Saginaw. Returned to Vermont in 1870 and practiced law in 
Middlebury until his death. LL.B., University of Michigan, 1865. 
Died 1878. 

Richard Stanley Tuthill, Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Enlisted immediately after graduation and served succes- 
sively with Logan's scouts in DeGolyer's Black Horse Battery (H. of 
the First Michigan Light Artillery), in the Atlanta campaign with Gen. 
Sherman and with Gen. Thomas in the fighting about Nashville, re- 
ceiving several promotions for meritorious service. Admitted to the 
bar at Nashville, Tenn., 1866. State's Attorney for the Nashville Cir- 
cuit. 1867. Removed to Chicago, 1873. City Attorney, 1875- 1879. 
U. S. District Attorney, 1884-1887. Judge of the Circuit Court, 1887—. 
A. M. 

1864 ALUMNI. 119 


James Kendrick Batchelder, Arlington, Vt. 

Lawyer. State's Attorney, Bennington County, nine years. Repre- 
sentative in the Legislature, 1874-1875. 1876-1877 and 1884-1885, and 
Speaker, 1884-1885. Presidential Elector, 1880. 

Ezra Brainerd, Middlebury, Vt. 

Teacher. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1864-1866. Andover Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1868, Professor of Rhetoric and English Litera- 
ture in Middlebury College. 1868-1880; Physics and Applied Mathe- 
matics, 1880— . President, 1886— . A.M. LL.D., University of Ver- 
mont and Ripon College, 1888. 

Joseph Wickham Burnham, Opechee, Mich. 

Mercantile business. 

Francis Gray Clark, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Lawyer. Enlisted as a private in Co. G. i6th Reg. Vt. Vols., Aug. 28, 
1862; Second Lieut. Sept. 15, 1862; first Lieut. Co. L, April i, 1863; 
Mustered out Aug. 11,1863; First Lieut. 2d Co. Frontier Cavalry, 
Jan. I, 1865 ; Mustered out June 25, 1865. Admitted to the bar in 
Woodstock, Vt., 1866. Began practice, Belle Plains, Iowa, 1867. Rep- 
resentative. Iowa General Assembly, 1872-1873. Member and President 
School Board. Removed to Cedar Rapids, 1876. Has been Alder- 
man and U. S. Commissioner. 

Lewis Hunt Hemenway, Manchester, Vt. 

Physician. Private Co. K. 12th Reg. Vt. Vols. Treasurer of Burr and 
Burton Seminary. M. D., University of Vermont, 1866. 

John Abner Mead, Rutland, Vt. 

Physician. Private Co. K. 12th Reg. Vt. Vols. Surgeon General on 
Gov. Proctor's staff. 1878-1880. Vice-President State Trust Company, 
Rutland. Treasurer of Rutland and Addison R. R. Co., 1884-1888. 
President of the Howe Scale Company, 1888—. A. M. M. D., Col- 
lege of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, 1867. 

*Calvin Day Noble, Riverside, Cal. 

Swedenborgean clergyman. In newspaper work, 1864-1866. Pastor, 
Cleveland, Ohio, 1867-1870; Chicago, 111., 1870-1874; Riverside, Cal., 
1874—. A. M. Died 1885. 

Charles Edward Prentiss, New York, N. Y. 

Physician. In Treasury Department. Washington, 1864-1872. In 
business in Washington. 1872-1878. Practiced medicine there. 1879- 
1882, In business in Middlebury, 1882-1888. Manager New Church 
Board of Publication and Agent American Swedenborg Printing and 
Publishing Society, New York City. 1888 — . Address, No. 20 Cooper 
Union. A. M. M. D., Georgetown College, 1868. 

George Robert White Scott, Berlin, Germany. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1867. 
Pastor, Newport, N. H.. 1868-1873; Boston. Mass., 1873-1875; Fitch- 
burg, Mass., 1875 — . Member of the State Board of Education of 
New Hampshire, On the editorial staff of several religious newspa- 
pers. A. M. D. D., Middlebury College, 1883. 

William Calvin Tilden, Washington, D. C. 

Physician. Government Chemist. Professor of Chemistry, George- 
town College and Howard University. A. M. M. D., Georgetown 
College, 1867. 


William Henry Wolcott, So. Riverside, Cal. 

Congregational clergyman. Union Theological Seminary, 1868. Pas- 
tor, Wadham's Mill's, N. Y., 1870-1873 ; Dudley, Mass., 1873-1880; 
East Taunton, 1880-1885 ; Ontario, Cal, 1885-1889 ; South Riverside, 
1889—. A. M. 


♦Marquis De La Collister, Mankato, Minn. 

Lawyer. Commenced practice in Minneapolis, 1867. Professor of 
Greek and Latin Shattuck School, Faribault, 1867-1872. Resumed 
practice in Waseca, 1872. Member School Board and Mayor, 1882- 
1883. County Attorney for five years. In 1885 represented Waseca 
County in the Legislature. In 1885 removed to Mankato. Died 1887. 

*EzEKiEL Webster Dimond, Hanover, N. H. 

Teacher. Taught in Worcester. Mass. Studied with Prof. Agassiz 
and in Germany. Professor of Chemistry in New Hampshire Agri- 
cultural College, 1868-1876. A. M., and Dartmouth College, 1868. 
Died 1876. 

*Edmund Nichols Dorrance, Middlebury, Vt. 

Theological Student. Died in Philadelphia, Pa., where he was study- 
ing for the Episcopal ministry, 1865. 

George Zalmon Erwin, Potsdam, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Member of the New York Assembly for six years and Speaker 
of same. Is now serving his second term as State Senator. Mem- 
ber of the Board of Managers of the State Normal School at Potsdam. 
Trustee of Middlebury College, 1885—. A. M. 

William Allen Jenner, New York, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Address, 125 East 60th .St. 

EvARTS Bradford Kent, Eldora, Iowa. 

Congregational clergyman. Private Co. A. 6th Reg. Vt. Vols., Feb. 
6,1864; Wounded in'battle of Wilderness, May 6 1864; Discharged 
Feb. 25, 1865. Teacher, Harvard, 111., 1865-1866. Auburn Theologi- 
cal Seminary, 1866-1867, Andover Theological Seminary, 1869. Pas- 
tor, Sterling, Mass., 1869-1870 ; Billerica, 1870-1871; Michigan City, 
Ind., 1871-1880; Chicago, 111., 1880-1881 ; Atlanta, Ga., 1881-1889; El- 
dora, Iowa, 1889—. A. M. 

John Gilbert McIntyre, Potsdam, N. Y. 


George Lyman Nims, Sullivan, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1870. 
Pastor, Roxbury, N. H., 1872-1873. 

David Judson Newland, New York, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Secretary N. Y. Bible Society. President Baptist Social 
Union of Manhattan Island. Secretary D. K. E. Club, New York 
City. Address, 255 West 84th St. A. M. LL.B., Columbia College 
Law School, 1868. 

Henry Hattric Shaw, ^ West Brattleboro.Vt. 

Teacher. Principal Chester Academy. 1865-1868 ; Springfield High 
School, 1868-1872; Burr and Burton Seminary, Manchester, 1872-1879 ; 
Glenwood Classical Seminary, West Brattleboro, 1881— . Was li- 
censed to preach. 1871 Has been Superintendent of Schools and 
Justice of the Peace. 

1865-1866 ALUMNI. 121 

William Allen Tewksbury, Vinton, la. 

Lawyer. Resided in Belle Plains, la., several years. Died 1884. 

Charles Axtell Vorce, Port Henry, N. \ 

Lawyer. Principal People's Academy, Morrisville, Vt., 1865-1866. 
Admitted to the bar, 1867, and began practice in Port Henry and con- 
tinued there until a few days before his death. Died at Crown Point, 
N. Y.. 1871. 

Howe Vorce, Essex, Conn. 

Congregational clergyman. Yale Divinity School, 1870. Pastor, 
South Meriden, Conn., 1870-1873 ; Essex, 1873-1875 ; Derby, 1875- 
1879; Kent, 1879-1883 ; Essex, 1883— ./ t',^ A., 

*JOHN Atkins Wilber, Norwood, N. Y. 

Physician. M. D., Albany Medical College. Died 1878. 

Warren Corbin Wood, Lockport, N. Y. 

Physician. A. M. M. D., Berkshire Medical College, 1866. 



WiLLARD Deming Brown, Interlachcn, Fla. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1869. 
Pastor, Giibertville, Mass., 1869— ; Interlachen, 1888—. 

Royal Jerome Eddy, Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Physician. Health Officer, Glens Falls. Coroner Warren County. 
M. D., University of Vermont, 1868. 

Thomas Swift Ford, Columbia, Miss. 

Lawyer, Member of Mississippi Legislature, 1872 and 1873. Dis- 
trict Attorney, First District of Misssissippi, 1876-1879 ; Seventh Dis- 
trict, 1880-1884. Attorney General of Mississippi, 1885-1886. 

Julius Sprague Grinnell, Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. City Attorney of Chicago, 1879-1883. State's Attorney for 
Cook County, 111., 1884-1887. In 1887 he was elected Judge of the 
Circuit Court of Cook County and still holds that office. 

Nathan Round Nichols, Norwich, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher in Castleton Seminary, 1866- 
1867. Andover Theological Seminary, 1870. Pastor, Westford, Mass., 
1870-1871; Ackworth, N.H,, 1872-1873 ; Barnet, Vt., 1873-1880; Nor- 
wich, 1880 — . Instructor in Evidences of Christianity in Chandler 
Scientific School, Dartmouth College. 

Leroy Matthew Pierce, Blackstone, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1869. 
Pastor, Glenwood, Mo., 1869-1871 ; Provincetown, Mass.. 1871-1872; 
Bernardston, Mass., 1873-1884; Blackstone, Mass., 1884— . Was for 
five months delegate of the Christian Commission in the army, 1864. 

Henry James Porter, Freeport, 111. 

Merchant. Has resided in Freeport for about twenty years. Has 
been a member of the City Council and Deputy Collector of Internal 
Revenue. Is member of the firm of Smith & Porter, grain dealers 
and coal merchants. 

Eugene John Ranslow, Swanton, Vt. 

Congiegational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1869. 
Pastor, Swanton, 1869-1875 ; Wells River, 1875-1888 ; Swanton, 1888—. 
Served as a soldier in the civil war. A. M. 


AzRO Barnes Shepard, , Waddington, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Principal Lawrenceville Academy, 1869-1870. Admitted to 
the bar, 1871. Resided in Ogdensburg, 1871-1879; since then in 

Abner Smith, Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Teacher Newton Academy, Shoreham, Vt., 1866-1867. Went 
to Chicago in 1867 and began to study law. Admitted to the bar, 1868. 
Is President of the Lake View Telephone Exchange ; director North 
Star Construction Company, which owns and is building the Duluth 
and Winnipeg Railroad ; counsel for the National Life Insurance Co. 
of Vermont, the Life Indemnity and Investment Co. of Iowa and 
other corporations. Office, 630 Opera House Block. 

Oscar Hamlin Stearns, Brooklyn, N Y. 

Manufacturer. Principal High School, Leominster, Mass., 1866-1867 ; 
Athol, 1867. Law student Boston and Brooklyn, N. Y., 1867-1868. 
Admitted to the bar, 1868. Practiced in Brooklyn until 1882. Is Treas- 
urer and General Manager of the Stearns Fertilizer Company. Ad- 
dress, 133 Water St., New York City. 


David Nichols Burke, Bahia, Brazil. 

Government service. Teacher, Canton, N. Y., 1867-1869 ; Arcade, 
1869-1871; Belfast, 1871-1872; Yates, 1872-1877. Lecturing in the 
West. 1877-1879. Teacher, Mineville, N. Y., 1879-1886. U. S. Con- 
sul, Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, 1886-1888; U.S. Consul, Bahia, Brazil, 

Lemuel Vernon Ferris, Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Teacher in Windsor, Vt., 1867-1871 ; Troy, Ohio, 1871- 
1874. Has practiced law in Chicago since 1874. A. M. 

George Edwin Lawrence, Rutland, Vt. 

Lawver. Judge Rutland Municipal Court, 1876, 1877, 1887, 1888 and 
1889'. State's Attorney, 1878-1880. 

Henry Martyn Perkins, Dunstable, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher and law student, 1867-1869. Hart- 
ford Theological Seminary, 1872. Pastor, Southwest Harbor, Me., 
1872-1874; New Gloucester, 1874 1875 ; Hanover, Mass., 1876-1878 ; 
Chandlerville, 111., 1878-1880; Wythe and Macomb, 1880-1884; Iron 
River, Mich., 1884-1885 ; Dunstable, 1885—. A. M. 

James Madison Slade, Middlebury, Vt. 

Lawver. Law student, 18^7-1868. Albany Law School, 1867. Ad- 
mitted to the bar in Middlebury, 1868. Secretary Civil and Military 
Affairs, 1870-1872. Assistant Assessor of Internal Revenue, 1872- 
1873. Representative in the Legislature, 1874-1876, State's Attorney 
Addison County, 1878-1882. Secretary of the Board of Trustees of 
Middlebury CoUege, 1883—. Judge of Probate, Addison District, 
1889—. A. M. 

Nathan David Yale, Deerfield, Mich. 

Physician. M. D., Michigan University, 1872. 

1868 ALUMNI. 123 


Charles Nash Bell, St. Paul, Minn. 

Lawyer. Teacher Mankato, Minn., 1868-1870. Has practiced law in 
St, Paul since 1870. 

Patrick Burke, Port Henry, N. Y. 

Teacher. Principal of schools in the State of New York eighteen 
years. Superintendent of Government Indian Industrial School at 
Albuquerque, N. M., and special disbursing agent of the government, 
1886-1889. Is now Principal of the Port Henry Graded School. A.M. 

George Pease Collins, No. Ferrisburgh,Vt. 

Physician. A. M. M. D., University of Vermont, 1872. 

George William Ellis, New York, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Address, 155 Broadway. LL.B., Columbia College, 1870. 

Nelson Zuingle Graves, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Merchant. Dealer in Varnishes and Japans. Address, Manheim St. 
and Missahickon Avenue, Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Alfred Erastus Higley, Castleton, Vt. 

Business. Farmer in Castleton on the Higley homestead, 1868-1886; 
Benson, 1886-1890. 

Edwin Hall Higley, Groton, Mass. 

Teacher. Enlisted in 1861, when a Sophomore, as a private in the 
First Reg. Vt. Cavalry. Orderly Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain and 
Major in same. Nine months in rebel prisons. Served during the 
war and re-entered college in 1865. Teacher, Charlestown, Mass., 
1868-1872. Professor of Greek and German in Middlebury College, 
1872-1882. Studied in Leipsic, Germany, 1882-1885. Master of Greek 
and German in Groton School, 1885 — . A. M. 

Gamaliel L. Jones, Lake Eunice, Minn. 

Teacher. County Superintendent of Schools, Becker County, Minn. 
A. M. 

Elmer Elijah Phillips, New York, N. Y. 

Teacher. Member Co. C. 14th Reg. Vt. Vols. Is Principal of the 
Park Collegiate School. A. M. 

Charles Henry Rowley, Westford, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Union Theological Seminary, 1868-1869. 
Andover Theological Seminary, 1869-1871. Pastor, Sheldon, Vt., 
1872-1874; Norwood, N. Y., 1875-1878; Westford, 1880—. A. M. 
Fellow Royal Microscopical Society of England, 1887. 

Oscar Delieu Scott, Texarkana, Ark. 

Lawyer. Served in Co. F, 17th Reg. Vt. Vols. Special Circuit Judge 
in Miller County, Ark. County Attorney, Columbia County, Ark. 

James C. Waugh, Belleville, 111. 

Manufacturer of iron and steel. Went into active business immedi- 
ately after graduating. 

Willum Walton Waugh, Belleville, 111. 

Manufacturer of iron and steel. Practiced medicine seven years. 
M. D., elsewhere. 

Albert Darwin Whitney, Horseheads, N. Y. 


124 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1868-1869 

Joel Fisk Whitney, Jamaica, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1871. 
Missionary A. B. C. F. M., Micronesia, 1871-1881 Pastor, Wadham's 
Mills, N. v., 1881-1883; Wolcott, Vt., 1883-1886; St. Johnsbury East, 
1886-1888; Jamaica, 1888—. 


Henry Sylvester Baker, St. Paul, Minn. 

Teacher. In River Falls, Wis., 1873-1875. Superintendent of Schools, 
Pierce County, Wis., 1876-1879. Principal in St. Paul, 1880 — . Is now 
Principal yefferson School. Licensed to preach by the Methodist 
church. A. M. and Illinois Wesleyan University, 1882 and Syracuse 
University, 1883 ; Ph. D., Illinois Wesleyan University, 1884 and M. 
Sc. from same, 1886. 

John Williams Bradshaw, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Congregational clergyman. Chicago Theological Seminary, 1874. 
Pastor, Batavia, III., 1874-1879 ; Rochester, Minn., 1879—; Galesburg, 
111., 1885 ; Ann Arbor, 1888— A. M. 

Martin Everts Cady, Rockford, 111. 

Methodist clergvman. Principal River Falls Institute, Wis., 1871-1873. 
Superintendent of Public Schools, Pierce County, Wis., 1874. Prin- 
cipal Troy Conference Academy, Poultney, Vt., 1874-1877 ; Jennings 
Seminarv, Aurora. III., 1877-1881, Pastor, Michigan Avenue Metho- 
dist church, Chicago, III., 1881 1884; Dixon, 111., 1884-1887; Rockford, 
111., 1887—. A. M. 

Anthony Carr, (?) 

Civil Engineer. 

Francis Church, Denver, Col. 

Business. Superintendent of Schools. State Senator, two terms. 
Treasurer of Arapahoe County, three terms. 

Orestes Almiron Douglass, (?) 

It is said that he went to Kentucky soon after graduation and became 
a lawyer, but nothing certain is known of him. (?) 

RuFUS CusHMAN Fla'gg, Wclls River, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminarv, 1872. 
Pastor, North Andover, Mass., 1872- 1877; Westford, 1877-1879; Fair 
Haven, Vt., 1880 1888 ; Wells River, 1889—. Trustee ot Middlebury 
College, 1886—. 

William Jackson Gilbert, Niles, Mich." 

Lawyer. City Recorder. Director of Schools. Court Commissioner. 

Edward Willard Howe, Boston, Mass. 

Civil Engineer. Assistant Engineer, City Engineer's Office, Boston. 
At present is Assistant Engineer in charge of Park construction. 

Frederick D. Mussey, Washington, D. C. 

Journalist. Private Secretary to the Governor of Ohio, four years. 
Now connected with the " Cincinnati Commercial Gazette." 

Harrison P. Nichols, Maywood, 111. 

Lawyer. Has resided in Maywood, a suburb of Chicago, since gradu- 
ation, except five or six years in California. Is now President of the 
Maywood Company. President Board of Education, 1890 — . 

1869-1870 ALUMNI. 125 

Joseph Homer Parker, Wichita, Kan. 

Congregational clergyman. Chicago Theological Seminary, 1873. 
Pastor, Vermontville, Mich., 1873-1874; Pontiac, 1874 1876; Bav City, 
1876-1879; Peoria, 111., 1880—; Wichita, 1885—. A. M. 

Eugene E. Sheldon, Little Falls, N. Y. 

Lawyer. District Attorney, Herkimer County, N. Y., 1886-1889. 
LL. B,, Columbia College, 1873. 

Charles Francis Stone, Laconia, N. H. 

Lawyer. Principal Middlebury Graded School, 1869-1870. Has resi- 
ded in Laconia since 1870. Trustee State Normal School, 1876-1879. 
Member New Hampshire Legislature, 1885 and 1887. 

Horace Fay White, Chicago, III. 

I^awyer. .Member Co. A. r4th Reg. Vt. Vols., Aug. 27, 1362, to [uly 30, 
1863. Private Secretary to the Mayor of Chicago. Assistant to Assis- 
tant U. S. Attorney General. 


Sidney Hiram Foster, Galveston. Texas. 

Physician. Has been Health Officer of the Port. A. M. M. D. else- 

Sidney A. Giffin, Boulder, Col. 

Lawyer. Principal Black River Academy, Ludlow, Vt., 1870 — . Is 
Regent of the University of Colorado. A. M. 

Timothy Porter Dwight Matthews, Middlebury, Vt. 

Farmer. On the Matthews homestead, in Cornwall. A. M. 

George Hodges Owen, New York, N. Y. 

Journalist. U. S. Consul at Messina, Italy, 1876-1886. Manager of a 
school in Wiesbaden. Germany. Connected with the " Chicago Her- 
ald " ; now engaged in journalism in New York City. A. M. 

Marsh Olin Perkins, Windsor, Vt. 

Journalist. Principal Woodstock Academy, 1870-1871 ; Windsor 
High School. 1871-1880. Editor " Windsor Journal," i88o—. Rep- 
resentative in the Legislature, 1882 and 1884. State Senator, 1888. 
Colonel on Gov. Dillingham's staff, 1888—. A. M. 

Harlan S. Perrigo, Potsdam, N. Y. 

Insurance Agent. Principal State Normal School at Johnson, 1872- 
1875 ; Beeman Academy, New Haven, 1875 — . School Commissioner 
for Third District St. Lawrence County, N. Y., six years. A. M. 

James Chipman Porter, Saratoga, N. Y. 

Teacher of Music. In Essex Classical Seminary, Vt., 1870-1872; 
Washington Ladies' Seminary, Pa., 1872-1880; Chicago, 1880-1881 ; 
Temple Grove Seminary, Saratoga, i88i — . A. M. 

Martin Egbert Severance, Lisbon, Dak. 

Civil Engineer and farmer. Deputy Government Surveyor, 1871 ; 
with the N. P. R. R., 1872—. Teacher in northern Wisconsin and 
Minnesota, 1874-1878. Mercantile business St. Paul and Fargo, 1879- 
1880. Has been in business and a surveyor in Lisbon since i88i. 
County Surveyor, 1883-1884 and 1887 — . 

James Edward Stapleton, Middlebury, Vt. 

Lawyer. A. M. 

126 . MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1870-1871 

Edson Speare Wellington, Pittsfield, III. 

Introducer of improved school books. Was for some years Profess- 
or of Chemistry and Natural Sciences, Normal Department, Tennes- 
see University. A. M. 

Eugene Franklin Wright, Crystal Lake, 111. 

Congregational clergyman. Private in Co. K. 2d Reg. Vt. Vols., 1861- 
1864. Principal Royalton Academy, Vt., 1870-1872. Pastor, Danby, 
1872-1874. Chicago Theological Seminary, 1876. Pastor, Pecatonica, 
III., 1874-1887; Crystal Lake, 111., 1887—. ' A. M. 


Elias Huntington Bottum, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lawyer. Clerk in Department of the Interior, Washington, D. C, 
and law student, 1871-1873. Has practiced law in Milwaukee since 
1873. His firm is Winkler, Flanders, Smith, Bottum and Vilas. LL.B, 
Columbian Law School, 1873. 

Andrew E. Clark, Des Moines, la. 

Real Estate and Insurance. Resided in Malone, N. Y., 1874-1889. 
Studied law, 1878-1882. Editor and publisher ol the " Malone Far- 
mer " for several years previous to 1889, when he removed to Des 
Moines. A. M. 

Gideon E. Clark. South Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Resided some years in Plankinton, N. D. Was a soldier in 
the Union army. A. M. 

Edward J. Davenport. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Lawyer. Deputy Clerk District Court, Hennepin County, Minn., 
1871-1874. Admitted to the bar, 1874. Clerk of the Municipal Court, 
Minneapolis, 1874-1877. Elected Clerk of the District Court for Hen- 
nepin County, 1880, and re-elected, 1884. Representative in the Min- 
nesota Legislature, 1889 and 1890. Is Supervisor of the nth U. S. 
Census for the 2d District of Minnesota. A, M. 

Francis Brigham Denio, Bangor, Me. 

Teacher. Andover Theological Seminary, 1879. Instructor in New 
Testament Greek, Bangor Theological Seminary, 1879-1882. Profes- 
sor of Old Testament Language and Literature in same since 1882. 

Franklin Henry Graham, Salem, N. Y. 

Lawyer. A. M. 

Christopher Webber Hall, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Teacher. Principal Glens Falls Academy, N. Y., 1871-1872; High 
School, Mankato, Minn., 1872-1873. Superintendent City Schools, 
Owatonna, Minn., 1873-1875. Student in Germany, 1875-1878. In- 
structor in Geology, University of Minnesota, 1878-1879. Professor 
of Geology, Mineralogy and Biology in same since 1879. Assistant 
Geologist U. S. Geological Survey, since 1883. A. M. 

Walter E. Howard, Middlebury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Teacher and law student. River Falls, Wis., 1871-1873. Ad- 
mitted to the bar 1873. Law and Journalism in Milwaukee, 1873- 
1876. Principal State Normal School at Castleton, Vt., 1876-1878; 
Normal and' High School, Shelbyville, Tenn., 1878-1879. Special 
studies, 1880. Lawyer, Fair Haven, Vt., 1881-1889. State Senator 
from Rutland County, 1882. U. S. Consul at Toronto, Canada, 1883- 
1885. Represented Fair Haven in the Legislature, 1888. Professor 
of History and Political Science in Middlebury College, 1889 — . 

1871-1872 ALUMNI. 127 

Julius Nathan Mallory, Thetford, Vt. 

Teacher. Principal of High School, Winchester. N. H., 1874-1883 ; 
Brandon. Vt.. 1883-1885 ; Keene. N. H., 1885-1888; Thetford Acad- 
emy. 1888 — . President Orange County Board of Education. A. M. 

Francis Merriman Peck, Potsdam, N. Y. 

Accountant. Librarian N. Y. Assembly. 1876-1877. Secretary R. V. 
and St, R. V. Ag'l and Hort. Society. 1886- 1889. Trustee Potsdam 
Village, 1888-1889. Is now connected N\\h the People's Bank. A. M. 

Henry Clark Robbins, Wilton, N. Y. 

Baptist clergyman. A. M. 

Eben Edwards Smith, Hartford, Conn. 

I^awyer. Is now Secretary of the National Life Association of Hart- 

Hiram Smith, Jr., Washington, D. C. 

Lawyer. Member Co. E. iith Reg. Vt. Vols. Discharged by reason 
of loss of left arm and left leg. Admitted to the bar at Detroit, Mich., 
1873, and located the same year in Cameron. Mo., where he resided 
until 1889. Commander Department of Missouri G. A. R., 1888-1889. 
First Deputy Commissioner of Pensions, 1889-1890. LL.B., Michigan 
University, 1873. 

William Wallace Thompson, Albany, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Enlisted as a private in the i6th Reg. N. Y. Vols. Mustered 
out May 22, 1863, as First Lieut. ; afterwards brevetted Major. Was 
wounded at Gaines Hill. Antietam and Salem Church. Attorney for 
the Insurance Department of the State of New York, 1879-1882. A. 
M. LL.B., Hamilton College, 1878. 

Arthur Wilder, St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

Hardware merchant. 


Albert Franklin Abbott, (?) 

Congregational clergyman. Yale Divinity School, 1872-1873. Teacher 
in Michigan and Iowa. In 1886 his residence was Malta, Colorado; 
another report says Leadville, Col. (?) A. M. 

Kerr Cranston Anderson, Bradford, England. 

Congregational clergyman. Yale Divinity School, 1872-1873. Chi- 
cago Theological Seminarv, 1875. Pastor. Fair Haven, Vt., 1873-1874 ; 
Milwaukee, Wis.. 1874-1876; Oshkosh, 1876-1883 ; Troy. N. Y.. 1884- 
1885 ; Bradford, England, 1885—. A. M. D. D., Union College. 1884. 

Robert Morris Bailey, West Somerville, Mass. 

Editor and printer. Editor " Middlebury Register," 1873-1882. Prin- 
ter, Boston, Mass., 1882 — . 

♦John B. Burke, Middlebury, Vt. 

Died 1874. 

♦Charles Bell Cooke, Middlebury, Vt. 

Register of Probate, Addison County, 1872. Died 1873. 

Walter Haig, Fort Plain, N. Y. 

Manufacturer. Teacher, Fort Plain, 18721873; Dixon, 111., 1874- 
1875 ; Norwood, N. Y., 1 876-1 877 ; Clinton, 1878-1880; Fort Plain, 
1880-1887. Since 1887 has been engaged in the glove manufacturing 
business. A. M. 

128 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1872-1873 

Charles Edward Hale, Logansport, Ind. 

Lawyer. A. M. 

Charles W. Howard, Shoreham, Vt. 

Physician. Member County Board of Education. M. D., University 
of Vermont, 1874. 

Charles Francis Kingsley, Salisbury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Representative in the Legislature, 1886. LL. B., Columbia 
College, 1874. 

Henry Martyn Ladd, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Congregational clergyman, Yale Theological Seminary, 1875. Pas- 
tor, Walton, N. Y., 1875- 1881. Foreign Superintendent of A. M. A. 
exploring in Africa, 1881-1883. Pastor, Cleveland, 1883 — . A. M. 
D. D., 1882. 

Lewis Leonidas Lawrence, Pan ton, Vt. 

Methodist clergyman. Member of the Troy Conference. Principal 
Warrensburg, Academy, N. Y., 1872-1874. Pastor in Bolton, North 
Granville, Valcour, EUenburg, Chestertown, Mineral Springs and Au- 
sable Forks, 1874-1890 and Panton, 1890 — . A. M. 

Horace J. Nichols, Worcester, Mass. 


George Hopkins Remele, West Medford, Mass. 

Lawyer. Practiced in Boston several years, but now devotes most of 
his time to music, and is a member of the Ruggles Street Quartette. 
A. M. LL.B., Boston University, 1875. 

Henry Herbert Ross, Burlington, Vt. 

Teacher. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1874-1875. Principal Ver- 
gennes Graded School, 1875-1881 ; Vermont Episcopal Institute at 
Burlington, 1881— . A. M. 

Edgar Leonard Walker, Castleton, Vt. 

Methodist clergyman. Teacher, Shoreham, 1872-1873 ; West Rut- 
land, 1873 1876. Member Troy Conference, 1876. Pastor, Bristol, 
Pawlet, Winooski, Hinesburgh, Arlington, Pawlet, 1876-1890, and Cas- 
tleton, 1890 — . A. M. M. D., University of Vermont, 1883. 


Clarence Eugene Blake, Springfield, Mass. 

Teacher. Principal High School, Winchester, N. H., 1873-1875; 
Eastport, Me., 1875-1877 ; Glenwood Classical Seminary, West Brat- 
tleboro, Vt., 1877-1881 ; Springfield, Mass., Collegiate Institute, 1881- 
1889. Professor of Latin and Greek, French Protestant College, 
Springfield, 1889 — . Has published an Homeric Lexicon. A. M. 

Charles Nelson Brainerd, Orwell, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1876. 
Pastor, South Dennis, Mass., 1877-1879; Wallingford, Vt., 1879-1882. 

George Wolcott Brooks, Charlestown, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Teacher, St. Albans, 1873-1874. Union 
Theological Seminary, 1874-1875. Andover Theological Seminary, 
1877. Pastor, Woonsocket, R. I., 1877-1883 ; Boston (Charlestown 
District), 1883— . A.M. 

1 8 73-1 8 74 ALUMNI. 129 

John A. Haig, Madrid, N. Y. 

Is School Commissioner for the Second District, St. Lawrence Coun- 
ty, N. Y., and has held the office for the last seven years. A. M. 

Webster Ingersoll, Pulaski, N. Y. 

Methodist clergyman. A. M. 

Herbert F. Northrup, Traverse City,Mich. 

Civil Engineer. Sheffield Scientific School, 1876-1878. Assistant En- 
gineer Eastern R. R., 1879-1880; Texas and Pacific R. R., 1880-1884; 
Missouri Pacific R. R , 1885 1886. Engineer Louisville, Cincinnati 
and Dayton R. R., 18861887. Locating Engineer Chicago and West 
Michigan R. R., 1887-1888 ; Division Engineer same, 1889 — . A. M. 

Herbert Melville Tenney, Grinnell, Iowa. 

Congregational clergyman. Yale Divinity School, 1876. Pastor, Wal- 
lingford. Conn., 1877-1885 ; Cleveland, Ohio, 1885-1889; Grinnell, 

Clayton R. Turrill, Burlington, Vt. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar and practiced in Burlington, 1878-1880. 
Secretary Vermont Life Insurance Company, 1880 — . 

Wells H. Utley, Parsons, Kan. 

Congregational clergyman. Pastor, Crown Point, N. Y., 1873-1875; 
Pontiac, Mich., 1876-1879; Stanton, Mich., 1879-1882; Parsons, 1883- 
1886. Has retired from the ministry and lives upon his farm. 


Loren Harrison Batchelder, St. Paul, Minn. 

Teacher. Instructor Mathematics and Chemistry in Hackettstown 
Institute, N. [., 1874-1881. Attorney at law, Trenton, N. J.. 1881-1883. 
Professor of Chemistry and Physics Hamline University, St. Paul, 
1883—. A. M. 

Harland Smith Boardman, Montpelier, Vt. 

Physician. Member of the State Board of Censors for the Homoeo- 
pathic Physicians of Vermont. A. M. M. D., Homoeopathic Hos- 
pital College, Cleveland, Ohio, 1877. 

Allen Gwyer Conant, Salenn, N. Y. 

Lawyer. . 

Thomas Whitney Darling, Acworth, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman. Tutor in Springfield, Mass., Collegiate In- 
stitute, 1875-1876. Yale Divinity School, 1878. Pastor, Wentworth, 
N. H., 1879-1883 ; Danville, Vt., 1883-1889; Wentworth, 1889-1890; Ac- 
worth, 1890 — . A. M. 

Otis Smith Eaton, Fort Worth, Texas. 


Edward Dyer Ellis, Poultney, Vt. 

Physician. M. D., Harvard University, 1877. 

Curtis Carlos Gove, Oakfield, N. Y. 

Episcopal clergyman and teacher. Principal Union Graded School, 
Westport, N. Y., 1874-1879; Beeman Academy, New Haven, Vt., 1879- 
1885; Monson Academy, Mass., 1885-1886. Drury High School, 
North Adams, 1886-1889. Ordained 1889. Rector Oakfield and Prin- 
cipal of the Church School, 1889—. A. M. 

130 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1874-1875 

A. Louis Miner, Berkeley, Cal. 

Teacher. Professor of Natural Sciences, Collec^iate Institute, Port- 
land, Oregon, 1877-1880. Principal High School, San Mateo, 1880. 
A. M. 

George Granville Ryan, Leavenworth, Kan. 

Teacher. In Mechanicville, N. Y., 1874-1875. Professor of Latin, 
Hudson Rivei Institute, Claverack, 1875- 1882. Principal High School, 
Hudson, 1882-1885 ; High School, Leavenworth, 1885 — . A. M. 

Preston Sheldon, Wakefield, Mass. 

Physician. His first name, Horace, he now omits. A. M. M. D., 
College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City, 1877. 

Bradford P. Sparrow, Brooke, Va. 

Business. Private Co. K. 4th Reg. Vt. Vols., July 17, 1863. Cap- 
tured June 24, 1864. Discharged June 17, 1865. Assistant Clerk of 
the Supreme Court, District of Columbia, 1876-1880. LL.B., Colum- 
bian University, 1876. 

Austin O. Spoor, Peru, N. Y. 

Methodist clergyman. Private Battery K. First Vt. Heavy Art. Served 
1862-1865. In Andersonville and other rebel prisons. Taught one 
year after graduation. Joined Troy Conference, 1875. Pastor, Sara- 
nac Lake, N. Y., Hinesburg, Starksboro and Pittsford, Vt., and West 
Cbazy, 1875-1890, and Peru, 1890—. 

George Murray Wright, New York, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar at Albany, 1878. In the office of the 
Attorney General, Albany, 1880-1882. Has practiced in New York 
City since 1882. Office address, 280 Broadway. 


Lyman D. Bragg, Woburn, Mass. 

Methodist clergyman. Boston University, Theological Department, 
1878. Member of the New England Conference and pastor, Boston, 
Mass., 1878-1880; Whitinsville, 1881-1883; Spencer, 1884; Medford, 
Mass., 1885-1887; Woburn, 1888—. A. M. 

* Warren H. Hamilton, Brandon, Vt. 

Physician. M. D., N. Y, Homoeopathic College, 1877. Died 1879. 

Lawrence Phelps, Gardner, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Studied at Andover Theological Semi- 
nary for a while. Ordained 1878. Pastor, Barton, Vt., 1878-1883; 
Gardner, 1883—. 

John F. Reynolds, Irona, N. Y. . 

Iron manufacturer. Supervisor, 1881-1884. 

HiLAND Southworth, Abilene, Kan. 

Lawyer. Teacher, Rosendale, Wis., 1875-1876. • Law student Junc- 
tion City, Iowa, 1876-1877. Has practiced law in Abilene since 1878. 
A. M. 

Charles M. Wilds, Middlebury, Vt. 

Lawyer. Post-Graduate in Higher Mathematics, Yale University. 
State's Attorney for Addison County, 1888 — . 

Fred G. Swinington, Rutland, Vt. 

Lawyer. Corporation Counsel for Rutland, 1885-1886. 


1876 ALUMNI. 131 


Julian Willis Abernethy, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Teacher. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1880-1881. Professor of Eng- 
lish Literature, Adelphi Academy, Brooklyn, 1881 — . A. M. Ph. D., 
Yale University, 1879. 

WiNFiELD Scott Austin, Toledo, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Principal Warrensburg, N. Y., Academy four years. Ad- 
mitted to the bar, 1881. In Washington Territory, 1882—. Register 
of Land Office, 1886. A. M. / hfo^ 

Edward Hooker Baxter, Hyde Park, Mass. 

Physician. M. D., University of Vermont, 1882. 

Thomas Emerson Boyce, Middlebury, Vt. 

Teacher. In Middlebury, 1876-1877 ; Jennings Seminary, Aurora, 111., 
1877-1886. Professor of Mathematics in Middlebury College, 1886 — . 
A. M. 

Walter Ingalls Brown, Nephi, Utah. 

Ranchman. Taught several years. Engaged in his present business 
about 1885. A. M. 

WiLLARD Rush Cray, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar, 1878. Has resided in Minneapolis 
since 1877. 

Edward Dana, Rutland, Vt. 

Lawyer. State's Attorney for Rutland County, 1888—. 

Orange Wood Dodge, Ogdensburg, N. Y. 

Teacher. In Flushing Institute, Long Island, two years. Admitted 
to the bar in Ithaca, N. Y., x8Si. Teacher of Latin and Greek, Og- 
densburg Academy, 1881— . A. M. 

Edwin Harvey Eastman, Waterloo, Iowa. 

Teacher. Professor of Latin and Greek in Des Moines College, Iowa, 
1877-1881. Principal of Atlantic High School, Iowa. 1881-1884. Su- 
perintenderit of Schoo's, Mt. Pleasant, Mt. Ayr and Winterset, 1884- 
1889. Is now Superintendent of Schools in Waterloo. 

Einion Cranogvab Evans, Springfield, Mo. 

Congregational clergyman. Instructor in Oberlin College, 1876-1877. 
Yale Divinity School, 1877-1878. Theological Department, Oberlin 
College. 1880. Pastor, Norwood, N. Y.; 1878-1883 ; St. Paul, Minn., 
1883-1889; Indianapolis, Ind., 1889-1890; Springfield, 1890 — . 

Charles Gurden Farwell, Boston, Mass. 

Special Agent of the Equitable Mortgage Company. Principal Black 
River Academy, Ludlow, Vt., 1876-1883. Teaclier of Greek and Latin 
in Friends' School, Providence, R. I., 1883-1886. Master in Columbia 
Grammar School, New York City, 1886. A. M. 

William Wheeler Gay, Chicago, 111. 

Journalist. Law student in Malone. N. Y., and admitted to the bar, 
1880. Twice elected Town Clerk of Malone ; Town Auditor and Vil- 
lage Clerk. In 1881 he became Telegraph and Assistant Night Editor 
of the " Springfield Republican." where he remained until 1884. Tel- 
egraph Editor " Chicago Tribune," 1884-1885. Chief Telegraph Ed- 
itor " Chicago News," 1885-1890. Editorial writer " Chicago Times," 
1890 — . 

132 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1876-1877 

Horace Payne James, Colfax, Wash. 

Congregational clergyman. Oberlin Theological Seminary, 1879. Pas- 
tor, Weybridge, Vt., 1879-1880; Corinth, 1880-1887 ; Cooperstown, N. 
D., 1887-1889 ; Colfax, 1889—. 

Charles Lewis Linsley, Alstead Centre, N. H. 

Farmer. He studied law, but has never practiced. 

William Arthur Remele, East Poultney, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Yale Divinity School, 1879. Pastor, Pom- 
fret, Vt., 1879—; East Poultney, 1888—. 

George Frank Belden Willard, Vergennes, Vt. 

Physician. Teacher in Whitehall, N. Y., 1876-1879. M. D., St. Louis 
Medical College, 1883. 


Will LeRoy Brett, Denver, Col. 

Physician, House Physician at County Hospital. M. D., Hahne- 
mann Medical College, Chicago, 111. 

James Meacham Gifford, New York, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Vice- Principal Mechanicville Academy, N. Y., 1877-1878. 
Principal Mexico Academy, N. Y., 1878-1881. Instructor in Columbia 
College Law School, 1883-1886. Address, 58 William St. A. M., 
Syracuse University, 1880. LL. B., Columbia College, 1883 

John Mervin Hull, Kingston, Mass. 

Baptist clergyman. Assistant Principal Ml. Anthony Seminary, Ben- 
nington, Vt., 1877-1878. Newton Theolo^^ical Seminary, 1878-1880. 
Ordained 1880. Pastor, Windsor. Vt., 1880-1885 ; Kingston, 1886—. 
Chaplain of the Vermont State Prison, 1880-1885. Superintendent of 
Schools, 1883. A. M. 

Albert Woodworth Lamb, East Orange, N. J. 

Government Service, Has been in the New York Post Ofifice since 

Calvin Blodgett Moody, Osage, Iowa. 

Congregational clergvman. Hartford Theological Seminarv, 1880. 
Pastor, Centre Harbor, N. H., 1880-1883; Barton, Vt., 1883-1888 ; 
Osage, 1888—. A. M. 

James McDonald Mulchahey, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Address, 26 Court St. 

Newcomb Harvey Munsill, Malone, N. Y. 


*James Ramsey Newell, Cedarville, Kan. 

Lawyer. He went to Kansas immediately after graduating: taught 
school and edited a newspaper — then became a lawyer. Died 1889. 

Andrew Thaddeus Stapleton, Middlebury, Vt. 

Pension attorney and press correspondent, representing New York 
"World,* Boston "Globe," St. Louis "Post-Dispatch," Burlington 
(Vt.; " Free Press " and Rutland (Vt.) " Herald and Globe." 

1877-1878 ALUMNI. 133 

Harry Palmer Stimson, Kansas City, Mo. 

Banker. Principal of Beeman Academy, New Haven, Vt., 1877-1878. 
Secretary of Civil and Military Affairs, Vermo-nt, iSyS-iS/g. Cashier 
First National Bank, Cawker City, Kansas, 1881-1883. Cashier Kan- 
sas Citv Safe Deposit and Savings Bank, 1883-1885. President Amer- 
ican National Bank of Kansas City, 1885—. 

Willis Ira Twitchell, Hartford, Conn. 

Teacher. Principal of Windsor, Vt., High School. President Hart- 
ford County Educational Association, 1887. Councilor of American 
Institute of Instruction, and Vice President Connecticut State Teach- 
ers' Association, 1889. Is Principal of the Arsenal School, Hartford. 

Charles Bond Warner, Port Henry, N. Y. 

Physician. President Essex County Medical Society. Health Officer 
of the town of Moriah. Member of Port Henry Board of Trustees 
four years. M. D., Bellevue Hospital Medical College, N. Y., 1880. 

Benjamin Mussey Weld, Glastonbury, Conn. 

Teacher. Principal Bradford Academy and Thetford Academy, Vt. 
Principal and Treasurer of Tillotson Institute, Austin, Texas. Is 
now Principal of Glastonbury Academy. A. M. 


Julius Walter Atwood, Providence, R. I. 

Episcopal clergyman. Episcopal Theological School. Camr.ridge, 
1882. Rector, Ipswich, Mass., 1882-1887; Providence, 1887 — . A.M. 

*William Joseph Fish, Miles City, Mon. 

Teacher. Principal Beeman Academy, New Haven, Vt., 1878-1879. 
In 1880 he went West and engaged in business. A. M. Died 1884. 

James Wesson Flagg, So. Framingham,Mass. 

- Presbyterian clergyman. Union Theological Seminary, 1879-1881. 
Andover Theological Seminary, 1882. Pastor, South "Ryegate, Vt., 
1882-1887; South Framingham, 1887 — . 

Fremont Hamilton, Chicopee Falls, Mass. 

Physician. M. D., New York Homeopathic College, 1882. 

Don Phineas Hardy, Auburn, N. Y. 

Stock Farmer. President Teachers' Association, Central New York, 

Morton Barton Manley, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Cashier and bookkeeper. Business address, 104 John St., New York 

Edwin Everett Rogers, Zanesville, Ohio. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Union Theological Seminary, 1881. Pastor, 
Hammonton, N.J.. 1881-1884; New York City, 1884-1886; East Hard- 
wick, Vt., 1886-1887; New York City, 1887-1889; Zanesville, 1889—. 

William Hudson Shaw, Vergennes, Vt. 

Teacher. In Mechanicville, N. Y., 1878-1879; Bennington, Vt., 1879- 
1880. Principal Wallingford, Vt., 1880-1884. Acting Principal of Rut- 
land Graded School, 1884-1885. Principal of the Graded School in 
Vergennes, 1885, until his resignation in the spring of 1890. 

134 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1878-1879-1880 

William Denison Smith, Mt. Sterling, 111. 

Presbyterian clergyman. Union Theological Seminary, 1881. Pastor, 
Glassboro and Elmer, N. J., 1881-1882; Royalton, Vt.. 1882-1883 ; 
Fulton. 111., 1883-1884; State Centre, Iowa, 1884-1887 ; Mt. Sterling, 
1887—. A. M. 

John Carroll Stapleton, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Lawyer. General insurance agent and broker. A.M. 


Edward Rankin Brainerd, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Congregational clergyman. Union Theological Seminary, 1882; Post 
Graduate, 1882-1883. Pastor, Sherbrooke, Canada, 1884-1886; Los 
Angeles, 1886—. A. M. 

John Wight Chapman, Anvik, Alaska. 

Episcopal clergyman. Teacher, East Dorset, Vt., 1879-1880. Artist, 
New York City, and teacher, Westchester, N. Y., 1880 — . General 
Theological Seminary, 1886. City missions, New York City, 1886- 
1887. Missionary, Alaska, 1887 — . Address, care of Alaska Com. 
Co., No. 310 Sansome St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Edward H. Farnsworth, North Adams, Mass. 

Business. Is Treasurer of the Linwood Woolen Company, 

Henry Woodward Hulbert, Marietta, Ohio. 

Teacher. Investigating Common Schools in England for U. S. Bu- 
reau of Education, 1879-1880. Teacher of Greek and Latin, Mechan- 
icville, N. Y., 1880-1881. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1881-1882. 
Union Theological Seminary, 1885. Professor in Marietta College, 
1888—. A. M. 

Frank Edward Whipple, Danby, Vt. 

Physician. M. D., Bellevue Hospital Medical College, 188 1. 


Fred Mills Baker, Carbon, Wyo. 


Wentworth Marble Bixby, Ludlow, Vt. 


Sidney Bates Cady, Merritt's Corners, N.Y. 

Civil Engineer. Is now in the office of the Division Engineer of Di- 
vision No. I, new Croton Aqueduct. C. E., Thayer School of Civil 
Engineering, 1882. 

William Dawson, Fort Scott, Kan. 

Methodist clergyman. Theological Department Boston University, 

Henry Ripley Dorr, Rutland, Vt. 

Broker. Was for some time on the editorial staff of the " Springfield 
Republican." Director of Rutland County National Bank ; Director 
National Loan and Trust Company, Topeka, Kansas ; President Eu- 
clid Park Land Company, Topeka. 

1S80-1881 ALUMNI. 135 

Perley a. Griswold, St. Louis, Mo. 

Teacher. General Secretary Y. M. C. A., Concord, N. H., 1881-1882. 
Teacher in Wvandotte Academy, 1882-1883 ; in Smith Academy, St. 
Louis, 1883—.' A. M. 

Willis Alfred Guernsey, New York, N. Y. 

General Store Keeper, United Edison Manufacturing Company. 
Teacher, Essex, Vt.. 1880-1881. General Secretary Y. M. C. A., Cum- 
berland. Md., 1881-1882; Rutland, Vt., 1882-1885. Store Keeper 
Thomson-Houston Electric Company, Lynn, Mass., 1885-1890. Ad- 
dress, I East Third St. 

Pat Matt Meldon, Rutland, Vt. 

Lawyer. Secretary Rutland Board of Education three years. Lister 
one year. Corporation Counsel for the village of Rutland one year. 
Assistant Counsel for Rutland R. R. Co. Democratic candidate for 
Lieut. Governor of Vermont, 1886. 

Frank Allen Parker, Omaha, Neb. 

lawyer. Dixon, 111., 1881-1887. Omaha, 1887. 

Hazen Merrill Parker, Minneapolis, Minn. 


Alva Christopher Peck, Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar, 1886. Ludlow, 1884-1887. Boston, 
1890—. Address, 61 Court St., Room 11. A. M. 

John Coles Scofield, Washington, D. C. 

Clerk in the Surgeon General's office, War Department. A, M. 


James Levi Barton, Harpoot, Turkey. 

Congregational clergyman. Hartford Theological Seminary, 1884. 
Missionary, A. B. C. F. M. in Turkey, 1885 — . Is professor of Ecclesi- 
astical History in the Theological Seminary at Harpoot; also Super- 
intendent of eighty common schools, and Secretary of the Domestic 
Missionary Society of Harpoot. A. M. 

Harry Belknap Boice, New Brunswick,N.J. 

Physician. Is Instructor in Physical Education in Rutgers College. 
A. M. M. D., University of Medicine, New York City, 1888. 

MiLTON A. Brooks, Middlebury. Vt. 

Real estate and insurance agent. Town Clerk, i886 — . 

James Clarence Harvey, Danbury, Conn. 

Journalist. Assistant Editor St. Nicholas Magazine. Secretary Car- 
toon Publishing Co. Editor " New York Weekly Cartoon." Has 
published a volume of poems. 

John David Jones, Utica, N. Y. 

Physician. Surgeon to St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Utica. M. D., Uni- 
versity of the City of New York, 1884. 

*Frank Spencer June, Charles City, la. 

Congregational clergyman. Studied one year at Union Theological 
Seminary and graduated at Hartford Theological Seminary, 1884. 
Pastor, Corning, Iowa, 1884-1887 ; Charles City, 1887—. A. M. Died 

136 MIDDLEBURY COIXEGE. 1881-1882-1883 

Charles Sumner Murkland. Manchester, N. H. 

Congregational clergyman. Harvard Divinity School, 1883. Pastor, 
Chicopee Falls, Mass., 1884-1886; Manchester, N. H., 1886—. A. M. 

Edward Mason Parker, New Bedford, Mass. 

Physician. A. M. M. D., University of the City of New York, 1884. 


Frank Brown, Milton, Cal. 

Postmaster and Justice of the Peace. 

Henry Elbridge Howard, Derby, Vt. 

Methodist clergyman. Ordained 1887, Member Vermont Confer- 
ence. Pastor, Canaan, Vt., 1883-1886; Derby, 1886-1889: Johnson, 
1889 — . Superintendent of Schools in Caanan and Derby. 

John Duncan Hutchinson, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Civil Engineer. Assistant Construction Engineer, Lakewood, N. J., 
1886. Inspector of Sewers, East Orange, N. J., 1886 1887. Assistant 
Engineer on construction of bridge across the Mississippi river at Fort 
Madison, Iowa, 1887-1888. Engineer on Water Works, Cedar Falls, 
la., 1888. St. Paul, 1889. Now in the office of the Superintendent 
of Bridges and Buildings, C, M. and St. P. R. R., Milwaukee, but ex- 
pects to be transferred to Chicago. C. E., Thayer School, 1886. 

Clarence G. Leavenworth, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Manager of the Cleveland Marble Co. Has been in the marble busi- 
ness since graduation. 

John Calvin Miller, Boston, Mass. 

Stenographer. Principal Fair Haven, Vt., Graded School, 1883-1885. 
Is Official Reporter of the Massachusetts Board of Arbitration. A. M. 

Charles Daniel Pili^bury, Dighton, Kan. 


George Nelson Pollard, Sioux City, Iowa. 


Harry Palmer Powers, Proctor, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Hartford Theological Seminary, 1886. 
Pastor, Little River, Kansas. Deputy County Surveyor, Finney Coun- 
ty, Kan. Is now employed by the Vermont Marble Company. 

Samuel James Preston, Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

Teacher. Has been there since graduation. A. M. 

Carroll Baldwin Ross, West Rutland, Vt. 

Physician. M. D., Harvard Medical College, 1886. 

Frank Ardain Walker, Ludlow, Vt. 



Fred Elmer Frisbie, Minneapolis, Minn. 


W^illiam Harvey Hoyt, Sandgate, Vt. 


1883-1884 ALUMNI. 137 

*JoHN Kellogg, Benson, Vt. 

Teacher in Troy Conference Academy, Poultney, for two years. He 
had also studied medicine and expected to become a physician. Died 

James Bernard O'Neill, Portland, Me. 

Physician. Physician to Portland Dispensary and to St. Joseph's 
Asylum. Secretary of Portland Medical Club. A. M. M. D., Har- 
vard University, 1887. 

Charles Benjamin Franklin Palmer, Chicago, 111. 

Clerk. Was official reporter ot the Senate proceedings of the Ver- 
mont Legislature, session 1882. Treasurer Woodsville Aqueduct 
Corporation. Secretary to Superintendent, Boston & Lowell, St. J. 
& L. C. and M. & W. R. R. Co. Is now chief clerk of the Inter- 
state Commerce Railway Association. Address, 768 " Rookery." 

George Miller Rowland, Okayama, Japan. 

Congregational clergyman. Hartford Theological Seminary, 1886. 
Missionary. A. B, C. F. M. in Japan, 1886—. A. M. 

CiJ\.UDE Milton Severance, New Haven, Conn. 

Theological student. Professor of Greek, German and Mathematics, 
Burr and Burton Seminary, 1883-1885 ; French, History and Elocu- 
tion. Oahee College, Honolulu, H. I., 1886-1887. Yale Divinity School, 
1887—. A. M. 

Samuel Sheldon, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Teacher. Tutor in Middlebury College, 1884-1885. Assistant in Phys- 
ics, Wuerzburg. Germany, 1886-1888 ; Assistant in Physics, Harvard 
University, 1888-1889. Professor of Physics in the Brooklyn Literary 
and Polytechnic Institute, 1889 — . A. M. Ph. D., Wuerzburg, i888. 

Jesse Stearns, New York, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the bar, 1886. Is in the office of Hobbs & 

Gififord, 58 WilUam St 


Robert Jacob Barton, Middlebury, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Hartford Theological Seminary, 1884-. 
1885. Pastor, Salisbury, 1889—. 

Benjamin Franklin Churchill, New York, N. Y. 

Physician, Clinical Assistant X, Y. Post-graduate Medical School 
and Hospital, M. D., New York University Medical College, 1887. 

Elmer Eugene Cowles, Weybridge, Vt. 

Farmer. Town Superintendent of Schools. 

Frank Breed Hyde, Wilmington, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Chicago Theological Seminary, 1889. Pas- 
tor, Partridge, Kan. ; Wilmington, 1889—. 

Frank H. Knowlton, Washington, D. C. 

Assistant Curator Recent and Fossil Plants, U. S. National Museum. 
Professor of Botany, Columbian University. Member of many Sci- 
entific Societies. B. S. at graduation. M. S,, 1887. 

Glenn Edward Lathrop, , Concordia, Kan. 

Cashier. Cashier Minnekoka National Bank, Sioux Falls, 1885-1887 ; 
First National Bank Concordia, 1887 — . 

138 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1884-1885-1886 

Elmer P. Miller, Hudson, N. Y. 

Episcopal clergyman. General Theological Seminary, New York 
City, 1889, Rector Hudson and Claverack, N. Y., 1889—. 

^Clarence Rodney Piper, Ludlow, Vt. 

Cashier. Teacher and law student, Corinth, Vt., 1884-1885. Teller, 
Concordia, Kan., 1885-1886; Clyde, 1886-1888. Died 1888. 

James Ten Broeke, Panton, Vt. 

Baptist clergyman. Rochester Theological Seminary, 1887. Pastor, 
Weedsport, N. Y., 1887-1888. Post-graduate course in Philosophy at 
Yale, 1888— A. M. 


Edward Gibson Jenks, Poultney, Vt. 

Teacher. Shelburne, Vt., 1886-1888. Book-keeper, Kansas City, Mo., 

James A. Jones, Norridgewock, Me. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary, 1885- 
1886. Pastor, Norridgewock, 1886—. 

Gerald Stanley Lee, Springfield, Mass. 

Congregational clergyman. Yale Divinity School, 1888. Pastor, 
Princeton, Minn., 1888-1889. 

George P. McGowan, New Haven, Conn. 

Business. Private Secretary, 1885-1886. Purser Steamer " Erastus 
Corning," New York and New Haven, 1886-1890. Is now member of 
the firm of G. W. Hazel & Co., 11 Church St., New Haven. 

Frederick T. McLeod, , Chicago, 111. 


WiLBERT N. Severance, Atlantic City, N. J. 

Jeweler. In Manchester. Vt., 1885-1888 ; New Haven, Conn., 1888- 
1890. In business for himself, Atlantic City, 1890 — . 

Michael Angelo Stapleton, St. Paul, Minn. 

Teacher. Teacher of Latin in the St. Paul High School, A. M. 

Julius Valorious Sturtevant, Brooksville, Vt. 

Teacher. Principal, Westport, N. Y., 1885-1886; Hinesburg, Vt., 
1886-1887 ; Shoreham, 1887-1889 ; Elssex Junction, 1889. 


Henry Lincoln Bailey, Pasumalai, India. 

Congregational clergyman. Hartford Theological Seminary, 1889. 
Missionary, A. B. C, F. M. in India, 1889—. Address, Pasumalai, 
Madura District, South India. A. M. 

Charles Billings, Poultney, Vt. 

Teacher. Teacher of Mathematics, Monson Academy, Mass., 1886- 
1887 ; of Latin and Greek, Troy Conference Academy, Poultney, 
1887—. A. M. 

May Belle Chellis, Ludlow, Vt. 

Teacher. Assistant, Black River Academy, 1886 — . Her home is 
Meriden, N. H. A. M. 

1886-1887-1888 ALUMNI. 139 

Marvin Hill Dana, Malone, N. Y. 

Lawyer. In Missouri 1888-1889; Malone, 1890—. Has published a 
volume of poems. A. M. LL.B., Union University, 1888. 

Jesse Abram Ellsworth, Mineville, N. Y. 

Teacher. Principal Public Schools, Mineville, 1886-1887; Pulaski 
Academy, N. Y., 1887-1889 ; Mineville, 1889—. . A. M. 

Willis Moore Ross, New York, N. Y. 

Law Student. Instructor in Natural Sciences and Elocution, Troy 
Conference Academy, Poultney, Vt., 1886-1888. Columbia Law 
School, 1889—. 

Albert Watson Varney, Ortonville, Minn. 

Teacher. Principal High School, Brown's Valley, 1886-1888. Super- 
intendent of City Schools. Ortonville, 1888—. 


May Amna Bolton, Middlebury, Vt. 

Teacher. Assistant, Black River Academy, 1887-1888; Middlebury 
High School 1888—. 

James Theophilus Clark, New York, N. Y. 

Journalist. Connected with the United Press Association. Address, 
I, S. Fifth Avenue. 

John Albert Fletcher, Middlebury, Vt. 

Teller, First National Bank. 

Edwin Dewey Howe, Valatie, N. Y. 

Lawyer. IX. B., Albany Law School, 1889. 

Charles Ford Langworthy, Strasbourg, Germany. 

Student. In Middlebury 1887-1889. Studying Physics and Chemis- 
try, Strasbourg, 1889 — . 

George Russell Wales, Washington, D. C. 

Government service. Principal of the Bristol, Vt., Graded School, 
1887-1889. Clerk in the War Department and law student in the Col- 
umbian University, 1889 — , 

Henry Noah Winchester, Madison, Wis. 

Law student. Principal of the Mineville, N. Y., Public Schools, 1887- 
1889. In the Law Department of the Wisconsin University, 1889 — . 


Berton Laurentine Brown, Moriah, N. Y. 

Teacher. Principal of Sherman Academy, Moriah, i888 — . 

William Buxton Clift, New York, N. Y. 

Theological student. In the General Theological Seminary, 1888—. 

Bernard Marsh Cooledge, St. Clair Springs, Mich. 


Herbert Williams Denio, Port Henry, N. Y. 

Accountant in First National Bank. 

140 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 2888-1889 

William Seymour Edgerton, Middlebury, Vt. 

Law student. In the office of Stewart & Wilds, Middlebury, 1888 — . 

Burton Julius Hazen, Greensboro, Vt. 


Eugene Elwin Howe, Albany, N. Y. 

Law student. Was official reporter of the House proceedings, Ver- 
mont Legislature, session 1886 and 1888. 

Edwin Judson Klock, Pawlei, Vt. 

Congregational clergyman. Andover Theological Seminary 1888- 
1889. Pastor, Pawlet, 1889 — . B. S. at graduation. 

George Ebenezer Knapp, Sitka, Alaska. 

Government service. Register of Probate for the Addison Probate 
Distiict, Middlebury, 1888. U. S. Collector of Customs, Sitka, 1889—. 

Richard Henry Lane, Proctorsville, Vt. 

Accountant in a bank. 


William Francis Alden, Rutland, Vt. 

Law Student. In the office of Fred G. Swinington, 1889 — . 

Louis Winslow Austin, Strasbourg, Germany. 

Student. Post-graduate in Physics, Strasbourg, 1889 — . 

CoLWORT Kendall Pier Cogswell, St. George, Md. 

Teacher. In St. George's Hall, 1889—. 

Robert Moore Collins, Akron, Ohio. 

Journalist. On the staff of the "Akron Daily Beacon ", 1889—. 

Arthur Enos Cushman, West Lincoln, Vt. 


Frank Fayette Douglas, - Potsdam, N. Y. 

Law student. In the office of Swift & Sanford, 1889—. B. S. at 

Prentiss Cheney Hoyt, West Addison, Vt. 

General Agent. The above is his home address ; since graduation he 
has been traveling as the general agent of a publishing house, 

Leslie Hewson Raine, West Addison, Vt. 

Teacher. The above is his home address. He has spent some time 
in the South and West. 

Carlton Spencer Severance, Denver, Col. 

Journalist. On the staff of the " Denver Republican," 1889 — . 






The students of the Medical School at Castleton 1819-1827, and those of the Med- 
ical School at Woodstock 1833-1837, contained in the following list, received their de- 
ees from this college, but did not reside in Middlebury. As they have been widely 
ispersed and have not reported to us, we can do little more than repeat the names 
thout change. 

Dan Pond, 



♦Franklin Shaw. 

Leonard Chase, Horace Parker, 

* Nathan Farnsworth, * Joseph Perkins, A. M. 

*Alba Southard. 


Franklin Bradley, 
Luther L. Deming, 
Benjamin W. Dewey, A. 
Joel Fairchild, 
♦Green leaf Fifield, 
rederick Ford, 



*Calvin Brown, 
Simeon A. Cook, 
John Currie, 
Artemas Doane, 

* George W. Ellis, 

* Moore Hoit, 
♦Charles F. Luce, 

ZiNA Pitcher. 

Jedidiah Smith, 

John Smith, 

Daniel W. Sturtevant. 

Jesse Everett, 
James L. Forsythe, 
'Danah Hyde, 
Paul Moore, 
Eliakim Paul, 




Moses Porter, 
*Truman Shaw, 
* Horace J. Shumway, 

*SocRATES Smith, 
*Dan C. Stone, 
Carter G. Stone, 

Sewell Walker. 

Benjamin Bailey, 

Isaac D. Bailey, 
*BusHNELL B. Carey, 
*Albert S. Clarke, 
*AsA H. Cogswell, 

Cephas Dunning, 

Stephen H. Farrington, 

Isaac Garrison, 

John P. Geraedet, 

George W. Graves, 
♦Almond Green, 

Hinman Griswold, 
♦Nathaniel Hall, 

Chester Johnson, 

RoswELL Kinney, 
* Edward Lewis, 

Alvan McAllister, 



Jonathan G. Abbott, 
♦Thomas P. Baldwin, 

AsAHEL Beach, 
♦William Bell, 

Franklin Branch, 
♦Alanson Burroughs, 
♦Charles E. Burrows, 

Davis Carpenter, 
♦Silas Clarke, 

Peter W. Ferris, 
♦Horace Green, A. M., LL.D. 
♦Lowell W. Gurnsey, 

Henry Haile, 

♦William McLeod, 

♦Hiram Paddock, 
Benjamin Palmer, 
John Pettes, 

♦Frederick Scofield, 
David Shepherd, 
Lemuel Sherwood, 
Albert G. W. Smith, 
William Snow, 

♦Stillman Spaulding, 
Hem an W. Tucker, 
George Tuttle, 
Peter Van Kuren, 
Jacob Van Syclin, 
Thomas Weatherill, 
Hezekiah M. Wells, 
Jonathan D. Woodward. 

Moses Hart, 

John N. Hastings, 

Isaac Ives, 
♦JuDAH C. Landon, 

Ebenezer Lindsey, 
♦Abram Lowell, 

Moses R. Ludwig, 
♦John McClary, 

Angus McDearmid, 

James McKee, 

Nathaniel Manning, 

Jean B. Meilleur, LL.D. 
♦Oliver B. Norton, 




Stephen N. Ostrander, 
John Phelps, 
GusTAVus W. Pope, 
Harold H. Pope, 
Harvey H. Proctor, 

* Lorenzo Sheldon, A. M. 

* Socrates N. Sherman, 

* Whipple Spooner, 

*Amos Allen, 
William P. T. Backus, 
Russell Bailey, 


Elliot Brown, 
Jervis Carey, 
Hervey Carpenter, 
Larkin B. Cole, 
Stephen P. Collins, 
*Abner Dayton, 
*JoHN P. French, 
Nathan Gale, 
Thomas R. Ingalls, 
David C. Joslyn, 
Ariel Kendrick, 
Samuel Kimball, 
*Cavin Lewis, 
Martin Mason, 

* George B. Armington, 
Ira C. Backus, 

Ir.\ Barton, 
Hiram Brown, 
Reuben L Chapman, 
Jonathan Colvin, 

* Daniel Corliss, 



Robert McH. Stevenson, 
John V. D. Sutphen, 
70HN Webb, 
^Roswell B. Webb, 
HosEA Wheeler, 
Charles J. White, 
Thomas Wilkinson, 
Gaius P. Woods. 

John F. Merrill, 
Governeur M. Millspaugh, 
Benjamin F. Morgan, 
Samuel Nichols, 
Nelson Peck, 
Amos Pollard, 

* Fletcher Ransom, 
*Eli Reed, 

Joseph W. Richards, 
*Alonzo Rockwell, 

* Leonard Root, 

* Martin Root, 
John McC. Rowan, 
Warren B. Sargeant, 
David Smiley, 
Edward W. Smith, 
Dudley C. Waller, 
Laurin G. Whiting. 

Alexander H. Cowles, 
Eber F. Crandall, 
John W. Crane, 
Samuel Fifield, 
Charles S. Gidney, 
Joshua E. Hall, 
♦Abijah H. Howard, 




Nathan Judson, 
Lester Kingsley, 
Ezra S. Loomis, 


Thomas J. Noyes, 
^Alvah Randall, 

*Maro Mali. Reed, 
Kimball Russ, 
Cyrenus Thompson, 
Luther M. Tracy, 
Benjamin Van Zandt, 

* Harvey Vinton, 
*Spencer Whiting, 


William C. Anthony, 

Philander D. Bradford, A. M. 

x\lfred Gale, 
* Lewis F. Gallup, 

Erasmus Hamilton, 

Albert Kendrick, 

William Kilburn, 

Ira a. Knapp, 
*Albert T. Leffingwell, 

Seth E. 

John E. May, 
Hiram Morgan, 
Isaiah Morgan, 
Mordecai Morton, 
John Robinson, 
Washington Rossman, 
Joseph Tefft, 
Joel Vaile, 
Charles S. Ward, 



Luther H. Barber, 
William A. Bissac, 
Nelson Coburn, 
♦Richard H. Colfax, 
Harvey Everett, 
Allen C. Fay, 
John Meigs, 
Nathan Mitchell, 

* Benjamin R. Palmer, 
*Darwin C. Perry, 
Lemuel Richmond, 
William B. Shaw, 
Benjamin Stout-, 
William H. Taylor, 
James M. Tefft, 
E. Austin Webb, 

James M. Woodworth. 


*Sanford Atherton, 
Thomas W. Bailey, 
Clark Blaisdell, 
Israel E. Carter, 

* William O. Caryl, 
Calvin C. Chaffee, 

Seth L. Childs, 
Salmon H. Morrill, 
David S. Morse, 
Thomas S. Moxley, 
Charles Perry, 
Anson L. Pettee, 




'Dewev H. Robinson, 
William B. Small, 

Alanson Stockwell, 
Duncan Willson. 


William O. Cham Berlin, 
Henry A. Childs, 
JosuH Freeman, 
*WiLLiAM E. Ide, 
James Mason, 

JosiAH Miles, 
Isaac D. Proctor, 
Heman H. Robinson, 
John O. Wade, 
Jacob A. Wood, * 

♦Ezra D. Worcester. 


David W. Bailey, 
Daniel A. Belknap, 
Rial Blanchard, 
George W. Bliss, 
Algernon S. Carpenter, 
John F. Daggett, 
Charles Doron, 
Thomas Gordon, 

John L. Kellogg, 
William M. Ladd, 
Daniel L. Lyman, 
Harris Mackintosh, 
Elias L. Munger, 
William C. Pierce, 
Kimball D. Webster, 
Asahel H. Wildes. 

146 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1802-2804 




*JOEL DooLiTTLE, Died 1841 

Tutor and Trustee of Middlebury College. Judge of the Supreme 
Court of Vermont. A. B. Yale, 1799. A. M. 


*Archibald Burnet, 

A. B, Dartmouth. 1798. A. M. 

*Chauncey Langdon, Died 1830 

Member of Congress from Vermont. Trustee of Middlebury College. 
A. B. Yale, 1787. A. M, 

*JoHN Bower Preston, Died 1813 

A. M. 
*JoHN Slmmons, Died 1829 

Treasurer of Middlebury College. A. B. Brown, 1797. A. M. and 

*Cephas Smith, Died 181 5 

A. B. Dartmouth, 1788. A. M. and Dartmouth. 


*ASA Burton, Died 1836 

Trustee of Middlebury College. A. B. Dartmouth, 1777 and A. M. 
D D. 

*Lemuel Haynes, Died 1833 

A. M. 

*Curtis Judson, Died 1804 

A. B. Dartmouth, 1804. A. B. 

*Elihu Smith, Died 1857 

A. B. Dartmouth, 1801, A. M. 

A. B. Yale, 1802 and A. M. A. B. 

1804-1807 HONORARY DEGREES. I47 

*Uriah Wilcox, Died 1838 

A. B. Dartmouth, 1804. A. M. 

*Leonard Worcester, Died 1846 

A. M. and Dartmouth, 1827. 


♦William Boies.. Died 1823 

A. B. Williams, i8oi. A. M. 

♦Bancroft Fowler, Died 1856 

Tutor in Yale and Williams. Professor of Classical and Sacred Lit- 
erature in Bangor Theological Seminary. A. B. Yale, 1796. A. M. 
and Yale and Williams, 1800. 


♦Frederick Hall, Died 1843 

Tutor in Middlebury College and Dartmouth. Professor in Trinity 
College. President of Mt. Hope College. Professor in Columbia 
College. A. B, Dartmouth. 1803. A. M. and Dartmouth and Har- • 
vard, 1810. M. D. Castleton Medical College, 1827. LL.D. Dart- 
mouth, 1841. 

♦William Hall, Died 1831 

Trustee of Middlebury College. A. M. and Dartmouth, 1826. 

♦Experience Porter, Died 1828 

Tutor in Middlebury College. A. B. Dartmouth, 1803 and Middle- 
bury, 1804. A. M. 


♦Eli Porter Ashmun, Died 1819 

U. S. Senator from Massachusetts. A. M. Harvard, 1809. A. M. 

♦Truman Baldwin, Died 1865 

A. B. Yale, 1802. A. M. and Yale. 

♦Jedidiah Parker Buckingham, Died 1840 

Trustee of Middlebury College. A. B. Dartmouth, 1779. A. M. and 

♦Marcus Doolittle, Died 1855 

A. B. Yale, 1804 and Middlebury, 1804. A. M. 

♦Allen Greeley, Died 1866 

Tutor in Middlebury College. A. B. Dartmouth, 1804. A. M. and 

♦Dan Kent, Died 1835 

A. M. 

♦John Williams, 

A. M. 

148 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 2808-1811 


*Edward Hooker, Died 1846 

Tutor in Yale College. A. B. Yale, 1805. A. M. and Yale. 

* Pliny Moore, Died 1822 


*Tapping Reeve, Died 1823 

Tutor in College of New Jersey. Member of Congress from Con- 
necticut and Judge of the Supreme Court of Connecticut. A. B. Col- 
lege of New Jersey, 1763 and A. M. and LL.D. 1813. LL.D. 

1809 ■ 

*Alexander McLeod, Died 1833 

A. B. Union, 1798 and A. M. and College of New Jersey, 1802. D. D. 


♦Austin Hazen, Died 1854 

A. B. Dartmouth, 1807. A. M. and Dartmouth. 

♦Constant Storrs, Died 1832 

A. R. Dartmouth, 1807. A. M. 


♦Henry Bigelow, Died 1832 

A. B. Yale, 1802. A., M. and Yale. 

♦Charles Chauncey, Died 1823 

judge of the Supreme Court of Connecticut. A. M. Yale, 1779. 

♦David Edmond, Died 1824 

A. B. Yale, 1796. A. M.^ 

♦Beaumont Parks, 

Professor of Languages, Indiana University. A. B. Dartmouth, 1808. 
A. M. 

♦Alexander Proudfit, Died 1844 

A. B. Columbia, 1792. A. M. Union, 1788. D. D. and Williams, 1812. 

♦Horatio Seymour, Died 1857 

Trustee of Middlebury College. U. S. Senator from Vermont. A. B. 
Yale, 1797 and A. M., and LL.D., 1847. A. M. 

♦AsAHEL Stone, 

A. B. Dartmouth, 1801. A. M. 

2822-1816 HONORARY DEGREES. I49 


*James Davis, Died 1868 

A. B. Union, 1809. A. M. 

*Gershom Clark Lyman, Died 1813 

Trustee of Middlebury College. A. B. Yale, 1773 and A. M. D. D. 

*Amos Pettengill, Died 1830 

A. B. Harvard. A. M. 


*Samuel Leonard, Died 1863 

A. M. and Williams, 1809. 

*Simeon Parmelee, Died 1882 

A. M. and University of Vermont, 1837 and D. D., i860. 


♦Jacob Jones Janeway, Died 1859 

D. D. 

*Aaron Leland, Died 1833 

Trustee of Middlebury College. Lieut.-Governor of Vermont. A.M. 
and Brown University, 1815. 

*Samuel Shethar Phelps, Died 1855 

Judge of the Supreme Court of Vermont. U. S. Senator from Ver- 
mont. A. B. Yale, i8u. A. M. 

♦Andrew Yates, Died 1844 

Professor in Union College. A. B. Yale, 1794. A. M. Union, 1798. 


♦Jonas Coe, Died 1S22 

A. M. College of New Jersey, 1792 and Union, 1797. D. D. 

James Laurie, 

D. D. 

♦Samuel Hunt Tupper, Died 1873 

A. B. University of Vermont, 1812. A. M. 


♦Ebenezer Hebard, Died 1835 

♦Samuel Hewett Holley, Died 1857 


John Joice, 


♦Moses Strong, Died 1842 


150 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1817-1819 


♦Abraham Bronson, ' Died 1853 

Trustee of Middlebury College. A. M. and Columbia, 1809 and Uni- 
versity of Vermont, 1811. 

*Jeremiah Day, Died 1867 

Tutor in Yale and Williams. Professor of Mathematics, Natural 
Philosophy and Astronomy, Yale; also Trustee and President of the 
same. A. B. Yale, 1795. A. M. Yale and Williams, 1798. D. D. 
Union, 1818 and Harvard, 1831. LL.D. 

*Selah Gridley, Died 

Professor of Theory and Practice and Materia Medica and Medical 
Jurisprudence and President Castleton Medical College. A. M. 

*Sylvanus Haynes, Died 1827 

A. M. 

Ervin Hopkins, 

' A. M. 

Jonathan Hovey, 


Roger Searle, 


* Richard Skinner, Died 1833 

Governor of Vermont. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ver- 
mont. Trustee of Middlebury College. A. M. 

*Enoch Day Woodbridge, Died 1853 

A. M. 


*Lyman Beecher, Died 1863 

Professor of Systematic Theology, Lane Seminary, and President of 
same. A. B. Yale, 1797. A. M. Vale, 1809. D. D. 

*Charles Young Chase, Died 1830 

' A. M. 


James Colton Bliss, 


Absalom Harris Chappell, 

Member of Congress from Georgia. A. M. 

* Clark Kendrick, Died 1824 

A. M. 

Ammi Nichols, 

A. M. 

* Aaron Palmer, Died 1821 

A. M. and University of Vermont, 1820. 

♦Franklin Sherrill, Died 1850 

A. B., 1818 and Williams. A. M. 

1820-1822 HONORARY DEGREES. 151 


Joel Clapp, 

A. M. D. D, Norwich University, 1849. 

Eli Moody, 

A. M. 

*RoBERT Bridges Patton, Died 1839 

Tutor and Professor of Languages in Middlebury College and College 
of New Jersey and Professor of Greek in New York University. A. 

B. Yale. 1817,'and Middlebury, 1818. A. M. Ph. D. Goettingen. 

^Benjamin Swift, Died 1847 

U. S. Senator from Vermont. Trustee of Middlebury College. A. M. 


*JoHN Putnam Batchelder, Died 1868 

Professor of Anatomy and Physiology and President Castleton Medi- 
cal College ; Professor of Surgery, Berkshire Medical School. A. M. 
M. D. Harvard, 1815 and Williams, 1826. 

*JOHN Dix Fisher, Died 1850 

A. B. and Brown University, 1820. M. D. Harvard, 1825. 

*Zephaniah SwiFi', Died 1823 

Member of Congress from Connecticut and Chief Justice of the Su- 
preme Court of Connecticut. A. B, Yale, 1778. LL.D. and Yale, 

*Edward Tudor, Died 1858 

M. B. Dartmouth, 1803. M. D. 

* Henry Nei^on Wheaton, 

A. B. and Brown, 1820. 

*Theodore Woodward, Died 1840 

Professor of Surgery and Obstetrics, Castleton Medical College. M. 
D. and Harvard, 1821. 


*Abijah Blanchard, Died 1852 

A. B. Dartmouth, 1807. A. M. and Dartmouth and Harvard, 1820. 
D. D. Alleghany College, 1842. 

*Ebenezer Brown, 

A. M. 

*John L. Comstock, 

M. D. , 

♦Benjamin Waterman Dewey, Died 1873 

A. B. Dartmouth, 1819. M. D. Castleton. A. M. 

*Eben Hill Dorman, Died 1862 

A. M. and University of Vermont, 1820. 

Moses Hale, 

M. D. 

152 MroDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1822-1824 

* Mason Knapen, 


* Benjamin Franklin Langdon. 

A. B. and Union, 1818. A. M. 

Joseph SA^v\'ER, 



William Anderson, 

Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, University of Vermont. M. D. 

* Henry Axtell, Died 1829 

A. B. College of New Jersey, 1796 and A. M. D. D. 

*Joseph Adams Gallup, Died 1849 

Professor of Theory and Practice and Materia Medica and President 
Castleton Medical College. A. M. M. B. Dartmouth, 1798 and M. 
D.. 1814. 

*JoHN Vernon Henry, Died 1829 

A. B. College of New Jersey, 1785 and A. M. LL.D. 

*Heman Humphrey, Died 1861 

President of Amherst College, A. B. Yale, 1805 and A. M. D. D. 

*Ebenezer Huntington, Died 1834 

M. D. 

*Zebulon R, Shipherd, Died 1841 

Member of Congress from New York. Trustee of Middlebury Col- 
lege. A. M, 

^ *Bennett Tyler, Died 1858 

President of Dartmouth College. Professor of Dogmatic Theology 
and President East Windsor Theological Seminary. A. B. Yale, 1804 
and A. M. D. D. 

♦Samuel VV. Whelpley, Died 1847 

A. M. and University of Vermont, 1818. 


*JoEL Ranney Arnold, Died 1865 

A. M, and Dartmouth, 1824. 

♦Joseph Battell, Died 1841 


— *Amos Drury, Died 1841 


Samuel Head, 

M. D. 

*Eli Hunter, Died 1857 


Edward Lamb, 

M. D. 

1824-1826 HONORARY DEGREES. 153 

*Ephraim Paddock, Died 1859 

Judge of the Supreme Court ot Vermont A. M. 

♦Horatio Adams Parsons, Died 1873 

A. B. Williams, 1820. A. M. and Williams. 

*James Spaulding, Died 1858 

M. D. 

♦Robert Temple, Died 1834 


*RoYAL Turner, Died 1862 

A. B. Harvard, 1813. A. M. and Harvard. 

Jeremiah Van Rensselaer, 

M. D. 

♦Jonathan Wales, Died 1843 

A. M. and Waterville, 1826. M. D. Waterville, 1832. 


♦WiLLUM Bass, Died [851 

M. D. 

Thomas Fletcher, 

A. M. 

John Kellogg, 

A. M. 

♦Adin Kendrick, Died 1853 

M. D. 

♦Richard Gary Morse, Died 1868 

A. B. Yale, 1812. A. M. and Yale. 

♦David Palmer, Died 1840 

President and Professor of Chemistry and Materia Medica, Vermont 
Medical College. M. D. and Williams, 1834. 

Benjamin Bosworth Smith, 

Episcopal Bishop of Kentucky. A. B. Brown, 1816. A. M. S. T. D. 
Geneva, 1832. LL.D. Brown, 1872. 

♦Edward Turner, Died 1838 

Tutor and Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy in Mid- 
dlebury College. A. B. Yale, 1818. A. M. and Yale. 

♦Charles Walker, Died 1870 

Trustee of Middlebury College. A. M. and Dartmouth. 1825, and Uni- 
versity of Vermont, 1823. D. D. University of Vermont, 1847. 

♦Paul Wheeler, Died 1849 

M. D. 


♦Moses Chase, Died 1878 

A. B. Dartmouth, 1820. A. M. 

♦Joseph Chickering, Died 1844 

A. B. Harvard, 1799. A. M. and Harvard. 

154 • MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 2826-1829 

*JoHN Locke Dickerman, Died 1857 

M. D. A. M. Dartmouth, 1857. 

*RoBERT PiERPOiNT, Died 1864 

Lieut.-Governor of Vermont. Judge of Circuit Court. A. M. and 
University of Vermont, 1838. 

James Porter, 

M. D. 

♦Benjamin Silliman, Died 1864 

Tutor and Professor of Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology, Yale. 
A. B. Yale, 1796 and A. M. M. D. Bowdoin, 1818. LL.D. 

Roswell Weston, 

A. M. 


John Lockwood Chandler, 

M. D. A. M. University of Vermont, 1843, 

*Gordon Newell, 

A. M. 

♦Waitstill R. Ranney, Died 1853 

Lieut.-Governor of Vermont. M. D. 


Jonathan Smith Green, 


John Holbrook, 


Leland Howard, 


Hiland Hulburt, 

A. M. 

*JoHN Mattocks. Died 1847 

Member of Congress and Governor of Vermont. Judge of the Su- 
preme Court of Vermont, A. M. 


*Zaccheus Bass, Died 1881 

M. D. 

*SiLAS BowEN, Died 1857 

M. D. and University of Vermont, 1824. 

*NoAH Hawley, Died 1832 


Moses Ingalls, 


1829-1832 HONORARY DEGREES. 1 55 

*Samuel C. Loveland, 


♦Jonathan Merriam, Died 1846 


*JoHN Smith, Died 1858 

Member of Congress from Vermont. A. M. and University of Ver- 
mont, 1838. 


Amasa Buck, 

A. M. 

Salmon Hurlbut. 


Jarvis C. Nichols, 
A. M, • 

* Fayette Shipherd, 


*JoHN Jay Shipherd, Died 1844 


Sumner A. Webber, 

A. M. 

♦Noah Webster, Died 1843 

A. B. Yale, 1778. A. M. and College of New Jersey. LL.D. and Yale, 


Joel Byington, 

A. M. 

*WiLLARD Child, Died 1877 

Trustee of Middlebury College. A. B. Yale, 1817. A. M. and Yale. 
D. D. University of Vermont, 1848. 

♦Pierpoint Isham, 

Judge of the Supreme Court of Vermont. A. M. 

*James Luce Kingsley, Died 1852 

Professor of Latin, Yale. A. B. Yale, 1799 and A. M. LL.D. 

John Bickerton Williams, 

In England. LL.D. 

♦DoRASTUS WoosTER, Died 1855 



*SiLAS Axtell Crane, Died 1872 

Tutor in Brown and President of Kemper College. A. B. Brown, 
1823. A. M. and Brown. D. D. Brown, 1855. 

*Joel Green, 

M. D. 

15.6 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1832-1834 

*JosiAH Wheelock Hale, Died 1851 

M. D. 

Julius Curtis Hubbell, 


*ToBiAS Spicer, 

A. M. D. D. Union, 1858. 

Winslow Cusole Watson, 



♦Lyman Coleman, Died 1883 

Tutor, Yale. Professor of German, College of New Jersey. Professor 
of Latin and Greek, Lafayette. Trustee of Middlebury College. A. 

B. Yale, 1817. A, M. and Yale. D. D. College of New Jersey, 1847, 

Heman Haff, 

A. B. Union, 1824. A. M. and Union. 

Anson Bies Hard, 


*Eli Hyde, Died 1856 

A. B. Yale, 1803. A. M and Yale. 

*Cyrus Mason, Died 1865 

Professor of Rhetoric and Apologetic Theology, New York Univer- 
sity. A. B. Union, 1824. A. M. D. D. Brown, 1841. 

♦William Mitchell, Died 1867 

A. R. Yale, 1818. A. M. and Yale. 

Peter C. Oakley, 

A. M. 

♦Thomas H. Palmer, Died 1861 

A. M. 
William S. Perkins, 

A. M. 

♦Absalom Peters, Died 1869 

A. B. Dartmouth, i8i6, and A. M. D. D. 

Isaac Westcott, 



♦Ebenezer Nelson Briggs, Died 1873 


Joseph M. Graves, 

A. M. 
♦Horace Green, Died 1866 

Professor and President Castleton Medical College and President and 
Professor New York City Medical College. M. D. Castleton Medical 
College, 1825. A. M. LL.D. University of Vermont, 1853. 

1834-1836 HONORARY DEGREES. 157 


Judge of the Supreme Court of Vermont. Member of Congress from 
Vermont. A. M. 

*Dana Lamb, Died 1861 

Tutor in the University of Vermont. A. B. University of Vermont, 
1825. A. M. and University of Vermont. 

Isaac Southworth, 

M. D. 

♦Charles Kilborn Williams, Died 1853 

Governor of Vermont. Judge and Chief Justice of the Supreme 
Court of Vermont. Trustee of Middlebury College. A. B. Williams, 
1800. A. M., 1803, and Williams. LL.D. 


*James Anderson, ' Died 1881 


Merriti' Bates, 


*Ebenezer Burgess, Died 1870 

Tutor in Brown, Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, 
University of Vermont. A. B. Brown, 1809, and A. M. D. D. 

*Jedidiah Bushnell, Died 1846 

Trustee of Middlebury College. A. B. Williams, 1797. A. M. and 

*Charles Linsley, Died 1863 


*George Barney Manser, Died 1862 

A. B. Dartmouth, 1825. A. M. D. D. Norwich University, 1853. 

♦William S. Southworth, Died 1875 

A. M. 

AzEL Spalding, 


♦Reuben Spalding, Died 1878 

A. B. Dartmouth, 1832. A. M. M. D. Harvard, 1836. 


♦Barzillai Davenport, Died 1871 

A. M. 
Alexis Ward, 

A. M. 

158 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1837-1839 


* William Chauncey Fowler, Died 1881 

Tutor, Yale. Professor of Chemistry and Natural History in Middle- 
bury College and Treasurer of same. Professor of Rhetoric and Or- 
atory, Amherst. A. B. Yale, 1816. A. M. and Yale. LL.D. Lafay- 
ette, 1861. 

*Thomas Kidder, Died 1864 

A. M. 

*Harvey Freegrace Leavitt, Died 1874 

Trustee of Middlebury College. A. B. Yale, 1816. A. M. and Wil- 
liams, 1820. 

*Thomas Abbot Merrill, Died 1855 

Tutor, Dartmouth, and Tutor and Treasurer, Middlebury College. A. 

B. Dartmouth, 1801. A. M., 1805 and Dartmouth. D. D. 

*Ahiman L. Miner, 

Member of Congress from Vermont. A. M. 

Ovid Miner, 


*JosEPH Perkins, 

Professor and President Castleton Medical College. Professor, Uni- 
versity of Vermont. A. M. 

*Samuel Melancthon Worcester, Died 1866 

Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory, Amherst. A. B. Harvard, 1822. 
A. M. and Harvard. D. D. Amherst, 1847. 


*Cyrus Whitman Hodges, Died 1851 


*George Edmond Pierce, Died 187 1 

President Western Reserve College. A. B. Yale, 1816, and A. M. 

*SoLOMON Stoddard, Died 1847 

Tutor, Yale. Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, also 
of I^anguages in Middlebury College. A. B. Yale, 1820. A. M. and 


♦Charles Baker Adams, Died 1853 

Professor of Chemistry and Natural History in Middlebury College. 
Professor of Zoology and Astronomy, Amherst, and Tutor in same. 
A. B. Amherst, 1834. A. M. 

Samuel Chipman, 

A. M. 

* Alexander Hill Everett, Died 1847 

U. S. Minister to Spain and to China. President of Jefferson Col- 
lege, La. A. B. Harvard, 1806, and Yale, 1807. A. M. Harvard. 
LL.D. and University of Vermont, 1826. 

1839-1842 HONORARY DEGREES. 1 59 

* Augustus Cincinnatus Hand, Died 1878 

Member of Congress from New York. Judge of the Supreme Court 
of New York. A. M. 

*WiLLiAM Jackson, Died 1842 

Trustee of Middebury College. A. B. Dartmouth, 1790, and A. M. 
D. D. 

John Fitch Stone, 


♦Alexander Catlin Twining, Died 1884 

Tutor, Yale. Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy in 
Middlebury College. A. B. Yale, 1820. A. M. 


^Stoddard Benham Colby, Died 1867 

Register of the U. S. Treasury. A. B. Dartmouth, 1836. A. M. and 
Dartmouth. LL.D. Norwich, 1867. 


♦Charles Doolittle, 

A. M. 

Joshua Graves, 

A. M. 

Thomas William Jenkyn, 

In England. D. D. 

Cyrus Prindle, 


♦Vernon Wolcott, Died 1847 

A. M. 


♦Nelson Bishop, Died 1871 


♦Abraham D. Brinckerhoff, Died i860 


♦Horatio Needham, 


♦Philip Crosby Tucker, Died 1861 

A. M. and University of Vermont, 1835. 

Reuben Wolcott, 

A. M. 

l6o MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1843-2845 


Ezra S. Carr, 

Professor of Chemistry, Castleton Medical College, also Philadelphia 
and Albany and Wisconsin University. Professor of Agricultural 
Chemistry and Horticulture, California University. M. D. Castleton 
Medical College. A. M. 



Peola Durkee, 

A. B. University of Vermont, 1836. A. M. and University of Vermont, 

*JosiAH* Hopkins, Died 1862 

Trustee of Middlebury College. A. M., 1813. D. D. 

Israel Keach, 


James McClintock, 

Professor of Anatomy and Surgery, Castleton and Philadelphia and 
Berkshire Medical School. A. M. M. D. elsewhere. 

Andrew Royce, 


Henry Taylor, 

A. M. 


* Aaron Angier, Died 1854 

A. M. 
*Milton Badger, Died 1873 

Tutor in Yale. A. B. Yale, 1823, and A. M. D. D. 

George W. Harman, 

A. M. 

* Alfred Hitchcock, Died 1874 

M. D. Berkshire Medical College, 1843, and Jefferson Medical Col- 
lege, 1845. A. M. 

Augustus Morse, 



Austin Hill Stowell, 


*John Hough, Died 1861 

Professor of Languages, also of Theology, also of English Literature 
in Middleburv College. A. B. Yale, i8o2. A. M. 1807, and Yale and 
Williams, 1806. D. D. 

1846-1850 HONORARY DEGREES. l6l 


Bernard Blair, 

Member of Congress from New York. A. M, 

♦Edward Hitchcock, Died 1864 

President and Professor of Chemistry and Natural History, Amherst 
College. A. M. Yale, 1818. LL.D. Harvard, 1840. D. D. 

♦Lewis Kellogg, Died 1882 

A. M. 


♦William A. Burnham, Died i860 

A. M. and Dartmouth, 1840. 

William H. Lewis, 

D. D. 


Louis Bridel, 

In France. A. M. 

Eli M. Maynard, 

A. M. 


♦Daniel Chipman, Died 1850 

Professor of Law and Trustee Middlebury College. Member of Con- 
gress from Vermont. A. B. Dartmouth, 1788. A. M., 1808. LL.D. 

R. W. Evans, 

A. M. M. D. elsewhere. 

JosiAH Bushnell Grinnell, 

Member of Congress from Iowa. A. M. 

James Palmer Stone, 


Levi Huntoon Stone, 

A. M. 


♦Benjamin F. Mason, Died 1870 


Berea Orson Meeker, 

A. M. 

James Mulchahey, 

A. B. Trinity, 1842. A. M. and Trinity. D. D. Columbia. 1866. 

1 62 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1850-1852 

Preston Taylor, 

A. M. 

^^^♦Amasa Walker, Died 1875 

Secretary of State and Member of Congress, Massachusetts. A. M. 
LL.D. Amherst, 1867. 


*Samuel Dexter Bradford, Died 1865 

A. B. Harvard, 1814, and A. M. LL.D. 

Jesse Cooper, 

A. M. 

"^ *Stephen Arnold Douglas, Died 1861 

Judge Supreme Court of Illinois. Representative in Congress and 
U. S. Senator fi-om Illinois. LL.D. 

•^*Thaddeus Fairbanks, Died 1886 

Trustee of Middlebury College. A. M. 

♦George Barrett Green, Died 1867 


Daniel L. Lyman, 


* Alexander Washington Marshall, Died 1876 

A. a Yale, 1823. D. D. 

Edward H. Owen, 

A. M. 
Alexander Ransom, 

A. M. 

William Smith, 

A. M. 

George F. Wiswell, 

A. M. D. D. Hamilton, i866. 


George Washington Grandey, 

speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives. A. M. 

Matthew Kingman, 

A. M. , 

Manoah D. Miller, 


RuFus RowE Town, ' 

A. M. M. D. elsewhere. 

* Pliny Holton White, Died 1869 

A. M. and Amherst, 1851, and University of Vermont, 1867. 

1853-2855 HONORARY DEGREES. 1 63 


Samuel S. Beman, 


John Frazer, 

A. M., 1838. D. D. 

James Hope, 

A. M. 

Timothy M. Hopkins, 


*AsHBEL Parmelee, ' Died 1862 

A. M., 1826. D. D. 

William D. Swan, 


Gilbert Thayer, 

A. M. 


*George Washington Barrows, 

A. M. 

Clark H. Chapman, 

A. M, 

Nathan S. Hill, 

A, M. 

Moses H. Ranney, 


Cornelius Arnold Thomas, 

A, R Waterville. 1832. D. D, 

John S. Tyler, 

A. M. 


•Cornelius N. Allen, 

Judge of the Supreme Court of New York. A. B. College of New 
Jersey, 1818. LL.D. 

Daniel C. Brown, 

A. M. 

Daniel Kimball, 


Courtney Smith, 

A. M. 

Stephen Gilbert Starks, 


164 MroDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1855-1858 

Solon Stevens, 


Joseph Underwood, 


Benjamin F. Wile, 



*Calvin Pease, Died 1863 

President and Professor of Lan^juages, University of Vermont. A. B. 
University of Vermont, 1838. D. D. 

Solomon Sias, 

A. M. 


David Benton Coe, 

Tutor in Yale. A. B. Yale, 1837, and A. M. D. D. 

Simeon L. Elliott, 


Adrl\n T. Woodward, 

M. D. Castleton Medical College, 1847. A. M. 

George W. Yates, 


Jeremiah Fox Yates, 

A. M. 


Noah Davis, 

Judge of the Supreme Court of New York. Member of Congress 
from New York. A. M. 

Barnes Merriti' Hall, 

A. M. 

Peter Pascal Harrower, 


Anson Alphonzo Nicholson, 

A. M. 

Ebenezer Platt, 


George Godfrey Saxe, 


Richard H, Stoddard, 

A. M. 

George Leon Walker, 

A. M. D. D. Yale, 1870. 

1859-1861 HONORARY DEGREES. 1 65 


Charles H. Anthony, 

A. M. 

Norman F. Coolidge, 

A. M. 

George H. Davis, 

In England. LL.D. 

Charles L. Ford, 

A. M. 

Luther Lee, 

D. D. 

* Peter Starr, Died i860 

Tutor in Williams. Secretary, Treasurer and Trustee of Middlebury 
College. A. B. Williams, 1799. A. M., 1803, and Williams. LL.D. 

Samuel Swan, 


*Alonzo Webster, 

A. M. 


* Anderson Green Dana, Died i860 

M. D., 1830. LL. D. 

* Henry Martyn Frost, Died 1866 


J. A. Page, 


L. W. Russell, 

A. M. 

Samuel Sparhawk, 


♦Samuel Swift, Died 1875 

Tutor, Secretary, Treasurer and Trustee of Middlebury College. A. 

B. Dartmouth, 1800. A. M., 1803, and Dartmouth. LL.D. 

E. P. Walton, 

Member of Congress from Vermont. A. M. 

Myron White, 

A. M. 


J. W. Diller, 

D. D. 

John Goadby, 

D. D. 

1 66 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1861-1864 

D. W. HOYT, 


A. M. 

W. E. Smith, 

A. M. 

Joseph Dresser Wickham, 

Tutor in Yale. Trustee of Middlebury College. A. B. Yale, 1815, 
and A. M. D. D. 


*WiLLARD A. Child, 

M. D. Castleton Medical College. A, M. 

DuRELL William Dayton, 


George A. Meitzke, 

A. M. 

H. W. Worthen, 



Thomas Bayne, 

A. M. 

Gemont Graves, 

A. B. Trinity, 1849. A. M. and Trinity. 

Milton C. Hyde, 

A. M. 
Horace B. Knight, 

A. M. 

*Maithias Ludlum, 



William L. P. Boardman, 

A. M. 

Charles Emmett Graves, 

A. B. Trinity, 1850. A. M. and Trinity. 

John Prout, 

Judge of the Supreme Court of Vermont. A. M. 

* Strong B. Thompson, 

A. M. 

George Palmer Tyler, 

Trustee of Middlebury College. A. B. Yale, 1836. D. D. 

1865-1S68 HONORARY DEGREES. 167 


James Barrett, 

Judge of the Supreme Court of Vermont. A. B. Dartmouth, 1838, 
and A. M. LL.D. 

Edward H. Hobbs, 

A. M. 

Charles D. Mead, 

A. M. 

Henry Taylor, 

In England. D. D. 


*VViLLL\M D. Brennan, Died 1881 

A. M. 

Edward Conant, 

A. M. 

Bennett Eaton, 


Newman Hall, 

In England. London University, 1841, and LL.B., 1850. D. D. and 
Amherst, 1865. 

Norman Seaver, 

A. B. Williams, 1854. D. D. 


Arthur Williams Austin, 

A. B. Harvard, 1825, LL.D. 

Joel Smith Bingham, 

A. M., 1847, and University of Vermont, 1848. D. D. 

George Lyman, 


Americus V. Spalding, 

A. M. 

♦Aldace Walker, . Died 1878 

A. B. Dartmouth. 1837. D. D. 

James M. Warner, 

A. M. 


George H. Bailey, 

A. M. 

George M. Blake, 

A. M. 

1 68 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1868-1870 

Anderson Carroll Dana, 


George B. Hollister, 


Joel Hayward Lucia, 

A. M. 

*Jacob Shedd Spaulding, Died 1880 

A. B. Dartmouth, 1841, and A, M. LL.D. 

John Lord Taylor, 

Tutor in Yale. Professor of Theology and Homiletics, Andover The- 
ological Seminary. A. B.Yale, 1835, and A. M. D, D. 

*George W. Ware, Died 1890 

Trustee of Middlebury College. A. B. Amherst, 1859, and A. M. 
LL.B. Harvard. 1861. A. M. 

* Edward N. Wood, 

A. M. 


Lester F. Benton, 


George W. Crouch, 

A. M. 

W. Wedworth Dowd, 

A. M. 

George F. Edmunds, 

U. S. Senator from Vermont. A. M. University of Vermont, 1855. 

Joseph Morrison, 

A. M. and University of Arcadia, N. S., 1872. M. B. University of To- 
ronto, 1872. 

Joseph B. Sylvester, 



William S. Blaisdell, 


James Barclay Jermain, 

Trustee of Middlebury College. A. B. Amherst, i83i,and A. M. A.M. 

♦Charles B. Lawrence, Died 1883 

Judge ot the Supreme Court of Illinois. A. B. Union, 1841. LL.D, 

Phineas H. Strong, 

M. D. A.M. 

1871-1875 HONORARY DEGREES. 1 69 


Fernando C. Beam an, 

A. B., 1865. A. M. 

* James Caldwell, Died 1885 

D. D. 

Ira W. Clark, 

A. M. 

*JoHN Pierpoint, Died 1882 

Judge of the Supreme Court of Vermont, and Chief Justice. A. M., 
1834. LL.D. 


*AsAHEL Peck, Died 1879 

t of Verm 
1847. LL 


Judge of the Supreme Court of Vermont. Governor of Vermont. 
A. M. University of Vermont, 1847. LL.D. 

Herman Norton Barnum, 

A. B. Amherst, 1852, and A. M. D. D. 

Timothy C. Cronin, 

A. M. 

Albert R. Sabin, 

A. M. 


Abraham G. Cochran, 

A. M. 

* Lewis Meacham, 


Samuel B. Pettengill, 


Albert Kendall Teele, 

A. B. Yale, 1842. D. D. 

*James Warren Wilkie, Died 1877 

A, M. M. D. elsewhere. 

Thomas H. Archibald, 

D. D. 




lyo MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1875-1879 


*Seagrove Willl\m Magill, Died 1884 

A. B. Yale, 1831. D. D. 

Ebenezer J. Ormsbee, 

Governor of Vermont. A. M. 


Cyrus G. Pringle, 


Alonzo Reed, 


John Thomas, 

D. D. 

*R0LLiN E. Warner, Died 1883 

M. D. Castleton, 1850. A. M. 


M. M. G. Dana, 

D. D. 

*Seneca M. Dorr, 


J. D. Guild, 

A. M. 

Edward Henry Pettengill, 

A. M. M. D. elsewhere. 

♦TIMOTHY Parker Redfield, Died 1885 

Judge of the Supreme Court of Vermont. A. B. Dartmouth, 1836. 

A. M., 1840. LL.D. 


Andrew Jackson Fennel, 

A. M., 1847. D. D. 

Julius Henry Stewart, 


William Wood, 



Joseph Battell, 

Trustee of Middlebury College. A. M. 

James G. Johnson, 

A. B. Union, 1863. D. D. 

1879-1S85 HONORARY DEGREES. 171 


Judge of the Supreme Court of Vermont. A. M. 

James M. Tyler, 

Member of Congress from Vermont. Judge of the Supreme Court 
of Vermont. A. M. 


Frank G. Butterfield, 

A. M. 

*Clark Ela Ferrin, Died 1881 

A. B. University of Vermont, 1845, ^^^o A. M. D. D. 

Abraham X. Parker, 

Member of Congress from New York. A. M. 

Charles M. Prynne, 

A. M. 

Almon p. Tupper, 

A. M. 

George L. Faxon, 



JuBA Howe Allen, 

A. M. 
RocKWOOD Barrett, 


Levi Parsons Morton, 

U. S. Minister to France. Vice President of the United States. LL.D. 

Albert S. Bowles, 

Ph. D. 

Charles S. Boynton, 


Leigh Hunt, 

A. M. 

Ira Fayette Pettibone, 

A. B. Union, 1849. D. D. 

George A. Wardwell, 

A. M. 



172 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1886-1889 


D. M. Camp, 

J. J. NOE, 


George Gannett, 

D. D. 

George Whitefield Phillips, 

A. B. Amherst, 1861. D. D. 

W. H. Sheldon, 


Melville E. Stone. 


Edward L. Temple, 



George Mills Boynton, 

A, B. Yale, 1858. D. D. 

Thaddeus M. Chapman, 


♦Charles C. McIntire, " Died 1890 

Trustee of Middlebury College. A. M., 1884. D. D. 

William R. Singleton, 



Adelbert F. 'Keith, 


280S-1836 ADDENDA. 1 73 



*FiTCH Chipman, 

Assessor in Sheldon, N. Y., 1846 ; Town Clerk, 1848-1851. Then re- 
moved to Michigan. (?J 


*JosiAH Town, Geneva, 111. 

Removed from Hudson, Ohio, to Batavia, 111., 1844. After a few years 
he removed to Geneva, where he died in 1855. 


*EzRA ScovELL — also Written Scovillc, (?) 

In Triangle. N. Y., 1855-1858 ; West Newark, 1858 ; Spencer ; New 
Haven, N. Y., 1867. 


*JoHN Bliss Shaw, Stephentown, N. Y. 

Pastor, Fair Haven, Vt.; Buskirk's Bridge, N. Y., 1851-1860; Stephen- 
town, i860—. Died in Brattleboro, Vt., 1876. 


* Bradford L. Wales, Randolph, Mass. 

Died 1890. 


*David Sylvester Sheldon, Davenport, la. 

LL.D., Griswold College, 1877. 


*Samuel Millington Wood, Omro, Wis. 

Pastor, Pawlet, Vt., 1854-1860; Brunswick, N. Y., 1860-1876; Beaver 
Dam, Wis., 1876-1877 ; Omro, 1877—. Died 1883. 

174 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1837-1853 


*JOHN Ramsdell, Lake City, Minn. 

Lawyer in Racine, Wis., and was County Treasurer. Served in the 
41st 'Wis. Vols, and ist Reg. Wis. Heavy Artillery. Removed to 
Lake City, 1867. 


Gad Lyman. Chicago, 111. 

A. M., 1888. 

Samuel Sterling Sherman, Chicago, 111. 

LL.D., 1888. 

Horatio Austin Smith, Columbiana, Ala. 

Went to Alabama, 1838, and taught several years. Ordained 1844. 
Pastor, Monroe and Wilcox, 1844-1859; Centerville and Columbiana, 


* David Leavitt Hough, Chicago, 111. 

Died 1890. 


*Charles K. Wright, 

Died at New Westminster, British Columbia, i88o. 


Patrick Henry Sanford, Knoxville, 111. 

Settled in Knoxville, III, 1852, Admitted to the bar, 1853. Member 
Illinois House of Representatives, 1870-1872. State Senator, 1872- 
1876. Judge of the County Court of Knox County, 1886 — . 


Royal Daniels Ross, Pickert, N. Dakota. 

Matthew Henry Maynard, Marquette, Mich. 

Has resided in Marquette, Mich., since 1855. Has been Prosecuting 
Attorney and County Treasurer, District Attornev of the Upper Pe- 
ninsula of Michigan, Director of Schools for twenty-seven years, and 
is now U. S. Receiver of Public Money. 


* Henry Jamfs, 

Teacher in Fort Plain Seminary, 1853-1856. In business in Omaha, 
Neb., and correspondent "New York Tribune," 1856-1858, Engaged 
with a New York publishing house, 1858. He went to South America 
in 1859 in connection with his business and died at Bahia, Feb. 17, i860. 




Joel Turrill Rice, New York, N. Y. 

Admitted to the bar in Springfield, Mass., 1856. Practiced in St. 
Louis, 1856-1861 ; Alton, 111., 1861-1870; New York City, 1870—. Ad- 
dress, 415 West 47th St. 

*George Augustus Weeks, Paris, Ky. 

Died i8qo. 


David Brownson Dewey, 

M. D. University o( the City of New York, 1859. 
of the " Brooklyn 14th," 1861— . Died 1864. 

Whitehall, N. Y. 

Assistant Surgeon 


Americus Vespucius Jewett, 
*Walter Chipman Dunton, 

Died 1890. 

Abilene, Kansas. 
Rutland, Vt. 


Lyman Walker, 

Admitted to the bar, 1861. Practiced in Peru, 

cinnati. 1863-1868 ; Peru, 1868—. Judge of the 27th JudiciarCircuit 

of Indiana. 1880-1886. 

Peru, Ind. 

Ind.. 1861-1863; Cin- 


Samuel T,ewis Miner, 

Member of the 65th and 137th Reg. Ohio Vols. 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 


George E Plumbe, Austin, 111. 

Practiced law in Potsdam, N. Y., 1863-1868; Chicago, 1868-1870. 
Literary editor, "Chicago Republican," 1870-187 1 ; Editorial writer, 
"Chicago Inter-Ocean," 1872-1878 ; Government postal service, 1878- 
1880; Editorial writer, " Chicago Daily News," i88o — . 


Eli Holbrook Gale, 

Assistant Surgeon i86th Reg. Pa. Vols. 

Aurora, 111. 


Joseph Homer Parker, 

Kingfisher, Oklahoma. 

Is now general Missionary of the Congregational Churches in Okla- 

176 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. 1871-1889 


Gideon E. Clark, South Chicago, 111. 

Enlisted private Co. M. " Scott's 900," later designated Eleventh N. Y. 
Cavalry, Sept. 3, 1862 ; discharged Aug. 3, 1864, by reason of promo- 
tion and mustered same day Second Lieutenant Co. H. io8th U. S. Col- 
ored Infantry Volunteers ; promoted to First Lieutenant July 5, 1865, 
and honorably discharged March 21, 1866. 


Bradford P. Sparronv, Stafford Court House, Va. 

Manufacturer of lumber. 


John F. Reynolds, Pitkin, Colorado. 

Mercantile business. 


Robert Moore Collins, Akron, Ohio. 

B. S. at graduation. 


Graduates, 1338 

Deceased, . . 769 

Living, 569 

Doctors of Medicine in course, 254 

Deceased, 7^ 

Living, 184 

Recipients of Honorary Degrees not of the Alumni, . 436 

Deceased, , . .216 

Living, 220 




a annexed to a name indicates that the name is also in the Addenda. 
k annexed to a name indicates an honorary degree. 
m annexed to a name indicates an M. D. in course. 


1845 Charles C. 


1825 Jonathan G. m 
1837 Chauncev 
1858 Charles F. 
1872 Albert F. 


1861 Charles E. 


1876 Julian W. 


1812 Jonathan 
1837 John 

1839 Charles B. /4 
1843 Calvin C. 
i860 David H. 


1814 Samuel C. 

1815 Edward 
1821 Henry L. 

1808 Asa 


1848 Sumner 
1851 Solon 


1889 William F. 

1813 Solomon M. 
1817 Ethan 

1820 Ira M. 
1824 Mervin 
1826 Amos m 
1828 Samuel 
1834 Benjamin B. 

1841 Rollin D. H. 

1842 Charles L. 
1845 Jonathan A. 

1855 Cornelius N. A 

1856 Solomon T. 
1882 Juba H. A. 


1853 Bernice D. 


1823 William A 
1835 James k 
1872 Kerr C. 


1806 William 


18 12 Joseph R. 


1844 Aaron A 


1833 William C. m 
1859 Charles H. A 


1875 Thomas H. A 


1827 George B. m 


1812 Seth S. 

1824 Joel R. A 

1807 Eli P. A 


1835 Sanford m 


1878 Julius W. 


1856 Lewis A. 
1867 Arthur W. A 

1876 Winfield S. 
1889 Louis W. 


1 8 18 Charles E. 
1826 Joseph A. 


1823 Henry A 


181 1 Nathan G. 


1833 Hiram A. 


1826 William P. T. m 


1827 Ira C. m 


1853 William N. 


1844 Milton A 


1814 David 
1824 Benjamin m 

1824 Isaac D. m 
1826 Russell tn 
1835 Thomas W. m 
1837 David W. m 
1859 John G. 

1868 George H. A 

1872 Robert M. 
1886 Henry L. 


1851 Allen C. 

1869 Henry S.. 
1880 Fred M. 


1835 Nathaniel A. 


1807 Truman A 
18 16 Benson C. 
1821 Silas 

1825 Thomas P. m 


18 18 Hervey 


1829 Edward D. 
1834 Luther H. m 


1819 Isaac R. 
1831 Edwin M. 
183 1 Nelson 


1820 Isaac O. 


1804 Charles 


1858 Henry M. 

1873 Herman N. A 




1835 Edward S. 
1845 Joseph H. 
1865 fames h 
1882 Rockwood k 


i8u Eleazar S. 
1854 George W. h 


1850 James H. 


1827 Ira m 
1838 Nathan 
1857 Alanson S. 
1881 James L, 
1884 Robert ]. 


1807 Ira 

1838 William F. 


1825 William h 
1829 Zaccheus h 
1832 William M. 

Batch ELDER 

1821 John P. h 
1864 [ames K. 
1874 Loren H. 


1832 Joshua 

1833 John C. 
1835 Prentiss 
1835 Merritt h 
1837 Sheridan F. 
1837 Sylvanus 
1837 William 
1843 Samuel W. 


1823 Joseph 

1824 Joseph h 

1826 Philip 
1879 Joseph h 


1876 Edward H. 


1863 Thomas h 


1825 Asahel m 

1826 Ebenezer C. 


1871 Fernando C. 


1822 George C. 
1840 Julius A. 


1818 Lyman h 


1816 Horace 
1837 Daniel A. m 


1804 Jonathan 
1809 Harvey 

1825 William m 

1868 Charles N. 


1835 Rufus K. 


1807 Nathan S. S. 
1818 Carlisle P. 
1853 Samuel S. k 


1815 Salmon 


1845 Joseph A, 


1836 Samuel A. 

1869 Lester F. h 


1836 Joshua D. 

1811 Henry k 

1826 Augustus G. m 
1836 Aaron H. 
1851 Warren 


1886 Charles 


1805 Amos 

1816 Hiram 

1820 Albert 

1821 Luther G. 
1839 Hiram 

1867 Joel S. h 


181 2 Gustavus A. 

1839 Charles C. 


1842 Nelson h 

1834 William H. ni 

1847 Charles C. 

1880 Wentworth M. 

1834 Charles H. 
1846 Bernard h 


1835 Clark m 
1870 William S. h 


1836 John 
1859 Silas L. 
1863 Lyman H. 

1868 George M. h 
1873 Clarence E. 


1844 Jacob E. 


1822 Abijah h 
1832 Jonathan 
1837 "Rial in 
1848 Edmund H. 


1812 Stephen 
1819 James C. h 

1836 Calvin F\ 

1837 George W. 7n 


1805 Luther P. 


1842 Carlos 
1847 George N. 
3851 Samuel W. 
1855 Simeon G. 
1857 Horace E. 
1864 William L. P. h 
1874 Harland S. 

188 1 Harry B. 


1805 William h 


1829 Richard 

1887 May A. 


1871 Elias H. 

1846 Daniel A.' 

1816 Luke 

1829 Silas h 

1836 Charles E. 


1883 Albert S. h 

1876 Thomas E. 

1834 Lucien C. 

1835 John 

1836 Nathan S. 

1884 Charles S. h 

1888 George M. h 


1833 Philander D. m 
1851 Samuel D. h 


1822 Franklin m 
1835 Milton 


1839 John 
1869 "John W. 




1813 Seneca G. 

1875 Lyman D. 


1864 Ezra 
1873 Charles N. 
1879 Edward R. 


1825 Franklin m 


1866 William D. h 


1877 Will L. 


1848 Louis h 


1834 Ebenezer N. h 


1842 Abraham D. h 


1 8 17 Abraham h 


1873 George W. 

1881 Milton A. 


1811 Titus 

1816 Ambrose L. 

1817 Joseph 

1822 Ebenezer h 

1823 Calvin m 

1826 Elliot m 
y'&ttj Hiram m 
1837 William J. 
1855 Daniel C. h 
1866 Willard D. 

1876 Walter I. 

1882 Frank 
1888 Berton L. 


18 19 Joseph 


1807 Daniel A. A. 
1830 Amasa h 


1807 Jedidiah P. h 


1823 Julian G. 
1830 "Alexander W. 


1833 Ward 


1820 Samuel A. 

1806 Caleb 

1835 Ebenezer h 


1867 David N. 

1868 Patrick 
1872 John B. 


1819 John Iv. 
1821 Uzziah C. 


1803 Archibald h 


1847 William A. h 

1858 Samuel E. 
1864 Joseph W. 


1825 Alanson m 
1828 Stephen R. 


1825 Charles E. m 


1804 Asa h 
1837 Elias B. 

1847 Ira D. 


1826 Jedidiah S. 

1835 Jedidiah h 


1824 Calvin 

1836 James D. 

1880 Frank G. h 


1823 Harvey 
1861 William H. 


1831 ]oel h 
1843 Joel S. 


1859 Miles P. S. 


1836 Calvin B. 

1869 Martin E. 
1880 Sidney B. 


1863 Peter E. 
187 1 James h 


1886 D.M. /z 


1824 Bushnell B. m 
1826 Jervis m 


1833 Hiram 


1825 Davis m 


1826 Hervey m 

1837 Alejernon S. m 


1843 Ezra S. h 
1869 Anthony 


1832 Edward 


18 19 Galen C. 
1829 Piischal 
1835 Israel E. m 


1835 William O. m 


1838 Osman R. 


1832 Jesse 
1843 "Enoch H. 


1818 Samuel 


1835 Calvin C. m 


1814 Remembrance 
1822 Hiram 

1826 Edmund 

1836 William O. m 


1808 Samuel 


1827 John L. h 


1803 Walter 
1808 Perez 

1813 Thomas P. 
185 1 Gay lord P. 


1827 Reuben I. m 
1845 Lavius F. 
1854 Clark H. h 
1879 John W. 
1888 Thaddeus M. h 


1819 Absalom H. k 


1814 Benjamin 
1814 Ira 

1818 Charles Y. h 
1821 Leonard m 
1826 Moses h 


1854 German H. 


18 1 1 Charles h 


1886 May B. 




1840 Samuel W. 
1853 Lyman S. 


1818 Elisha W. 


1826 John W. 
1826 Joseph h 


183 1 Willard h 
1862 Willard A. h 


1835 Seth L. m 

1836 Henry. A. m 


1803 Henry 

1808 Fitch 

1808 Gustavus D. 

1815 Silas S. 
1823 John S. 
1828 Joseph N. 
1839 Samuel h 
184Q Daniel h 


1816 Alonzo 
1822 Aaron B. 

1822 Moses B. 
1869 Francis 


1843 John C. 
185 1 Pliny F. 
1884 Benjamin F. 


1836 John E. 


1818 John 


1820 Joel h 


1806 Asahel 
18 14 Caleb 
1818 Philetus 

1823 Merritt 

1824 Joseph T. 
1828 Nathaniel C. 
1834 josiah B. 
1839 Gorham B. 

1842 Norman 
1864 Francis G. 
1871 Ira W. h 
187 1 Andrew E. 
1871 Gideon E. a 
1887 James T. 


1824 Albert S. m 

1825 Silas m 
1827 Joseph S. 

1843 Charles C. P. 


1808 Joseph W. 


1815 Dana 


1818 Jonathan 


1824 Charles 


1888 William B. 


1819 Stephen 
1834 Nelson m 


1874 Abraham G, h 


1815 Jonas h 

1857 "David B. h 


1824 Asa H. m 

1889 Colvvort K. P. 

1817 Jonas. 

1858 Charles S. 


1840 Stoddard B. h 


1822 Bicknell C. 
1826 Larkin B. m 


1833 Lyman h 


1834 Richard H. w 


1826 Stephen P. m 
1868 George P. 
1889 Robert M. 


1865 Marquis De La 

1827 Jonathan m 

1822 John L. h 

1810 Horatio 
1813 Henry 

1823 Thomas J. 
1844 Samuel M. 

1866 Edward h 
1874 Allen G. 


18 1 5 Edward S. 
1837 William H. 


1806 Solomon G. 


1835 Bushrod W. 
1862 John R. 


1806 Chauncey 
1823 Simeon A. m 
1833 Philos G. 

1804 Milo 
1815 Oliver D. 
1827 Robert L. 
1832 William D. 
1842 Milo D. 
1872 Charles B. 


1805 William H. 


1888 Bernard M. 


1811 Carlos 

1859 Norman F. h 


1851 Jesse h 


1854 Royal 


1827 Daniel m 


181 I Enoch 

1 8 13 Franceway R. 


1827 Alexander H. 
1884 Elmer E. 


1828 Samuel W. 


1827 Eber F. in 


1820 Abijah 
1827 John W. m 
1832 Silas A. h 


1876 Willard R. 


18 15 Henry 


1873 Timothy C. h 


1869 George W. h 
1824 Isaac 




1823 John m 


1 83 1 Harvey 
1812 Isaac N. 
1837 Rufus S. 
1889 Arthur E. 


1814 Nehemiah 


1837 John F. m 


1847 Francis 


1848 George 

i860 Anderson G. h 
1868 Anderson C. h 

1876 Edward 

1877 M. M. G. k 
1886 Marvin H. 


1874 Thomas W. 


1836 Barzillai h 

1856 George D, 
187 1 Edward J. 


1805 Joel 

181 1 Charles 

1812 Samuel S. 
1812 James h 

1857 Thomas H. 

1858 Noah h 

1859 George H. k 
1862 Park 


1880 William 

1817 Jeremiah h 
1823 Alvah 


1826 Abner m 
1862 Durell W. k 


1831 Daniel H. 


1834 Miron M. 


1847 Velie H. 


1812 Martin C. 
1822 Luther L. m 
1854 Alonzo T. 


1871 Francis B. 
1888 Herbert W. 


1843 William C. h 


1822 Benjamin W. m h 

1850 Edward M. 

1856 David B. 
1858 Elias 


1857 Jeremiah N. 


1838 William F. 
1826 John L k 


1808 John 


i860 John Q. 

1861 J. W. h 

1865 Ezekiel W. 

1823 Artemas m 

1835 David 


1876 Orange W. 


1861 Robert A. 


1802 Joel h 
\S><yj Marcus h 
1832 John T. 

1836 Louis A, 
1841 Charles h 


1841 Luke 

Dorm AN 

1822 Eben H. h 

1837 Charles m 


1817 Palmer C. 

1877 Seneca M. h 
1880 Henry R. 


1865 Edmund X. 


1 8 13 Nathan 

1838 James M. 

1 85 1 Stephen A. h 
1889 Frank F. 


1814 Orson 

1839 David S. T. 
1869 Orestes A. 


1869 W. Wedworth h 


1834 Cyrus B. 


1824 Amos k 


1846 Robert W, 


1824 Cephas m 

1851 George 

1857 Walter C. a, 

1814 Benjamin 
1843 Peola Ji 

1858 Albert L 


1829 George C- V. 
£876 Edwin H. 


1825 Horace 
1862 Henry A. 
1866 Bennett h 
1874 Otis S. 


1806 Eli 

i860 Merritt H. 

1866 Royal J. 


1809 Bela 

1888 William S. 


1811 David k 


1869 George F. h 


1828 Edward C. 


1857 Loyal D. 


1857 Simeon L. h 


. 1823 George W. m 
1868 George W. 
1874 Edward D. 


1886 Jesse A. 


1821 Washington H. 


18 14 Noah. 




1865 George Z. 


1849 R. W. h 
1876 Einion C. 


1808 Udney H. 

1847 -^sa E. 

1850 Charles E, 


1823 Jesse m 
1834 Harvey m 
1839 Alexander H. k 


1828 Samuel. 
1 539 Eldwin 


1851 Thaddeus k 


1822 ]oel m 


1809 Micaiab 


1831 Bela 


1823 David L. 


1821 Nathan m 

1848 Wilson A. 

1879 Edward H, 


1839 Bethuel 


1831 Ephraim H. 

1840 Henry B, 


1824 Stephen H. m 


1829 Cyrus 
1838 Asa 

1876 Charles G. 


1881 George L. h 


1834 Allen C. m 


1821 Nathan B. 


1878 Andrew J. h 


1854 fohn C. 


1880 Clark E. h 


1825 Peter W. w 
1867 Lemuel V. 


1822 Charles K. 
1822 Roswell M. 

1822 Greenleaf m 
1827 Samuel m 


1834 Alanson 
1878 William J. 


1821 John D. A 
1858 George 

1 8 14 Pliny 

1825 Joel 


1812 Martin 

1824 Chauncey W. 

1826 Ferris 

1862 John A, 


1835 James M. 
1869 Rufus C. 
1878 James W. 


1825 Thomas /i 
1842 Champlin M. 
1887 John A. 


1863 T.^\vrence 


181 1 Jeremiah 


1838 Andrew S, 

1858 Calvin H. 


1837 Edson 


1825 Walter 

1848 Mark W. 


1814 Calvin 

1826 Solomon 


1815 Lucius C. 

1821 John 
1835 John G. 

1838 David 
1838 Stillman 
1840 Henry G, 
1857 Henry S. 


1822 Frederick ni 

1859 Charles L. A 
1866 Thomas S. 


1823 James L. m 


1809 Benjamin 

1836 James T. 
1840 Orson G. 

1856 Henry D. 
1870 Sidney H. 


1805 Bancroft ^ 

1837 William C. /i 


1819 Amzi 


1853 John ^ 


1836 Josiah m 
1849 "Martin H. 


1817 Justus W. 

1826 John P. 7/^ 


1883 Fred E. 


1806 John 

1820 Edmund 
i860 Henry M. A 


1812 Henry 
1817 Uriel 

1827 Joseph 


1821 Henry N. 

1824 Alexander N. 

1857 Henry B. 


1826 Nathan ?n 
1833 Alfred m 
1862 Eli H. a 


1823 Joseph A. A 

1833 Lewis F. m 


1834 Russell L, 


1887 George // 


1842 John J. 


. 1824 Isaac m 


1846 Varney A. 


1835 Theodore 
1876 William W. 




1824 [ohn P. m 


1862 Elbridge 
1835 Daniel 


1804 James B. 

1838 Solomon P. 

1827 Charles S. m 

1870 Sidney A. 

1877 James M. 


1824 Lvman 
1869 William J. 


1814 Benjamin 

1820 Thomas 

1815 Alfred 

1861 John h 

1822 Hamilton 

1810 William 


1821 Josiah F. 

1861 Algernon M. 


1828 John 
1834 Charles 

1852 Penfield B. 


1824 Harley 


1825 George D. 
1837 Thomas m 
1840 Matthew D. 


1847 Daniel D. 


1815 David 


1805 Jesse 
1861 James T. 
1874 Curtis C. 

1819 Ralph 


1871 Franklin H. 


1852 George W. k 


1812 Allen 

1824 George W. m 

1833 Azariah R. 

1833 Joel S. 

1834 "Hiram A. 
1834 Joseph M, h 
1841 Joshua h 
1855 Rotus O. 

1863 Gemont h 

1864 Charles E. h 
1868 Nelson Z. 


1805 Daniel 

1822 Horatio N. 
1839 Melvin L. 


1807 Allen h 


18 15 George H. 
18x9 Beriah 
1824 Almond m 

1828 Jonathan S. h 

1832 Joel h 

1834 Horace h m 
185 1 George B. h 
i860 William S. 


18 17 Selah h 


1849 Josiah B. h 
1866 "Julius S. 


1824 Hinman m 
1836 William D. 
1880 Perley A. 


1835 Lemuel 


1846 Samuel N. 


1880 Willis A. 


1877 J. D. h 


1829 Sheridan 


1825 Lowell W. m 


1833 Heman h 


1823 Benjamin 


1872 Walter 

1873 John A. 


1825 Henry m 


1816 Charles G. 


1804 Thomas E. 

1819 Jonathan L. 
1822 Moses h 

1832 Josiah W. h 
1872 Charles E. 


1805 Daniel 

1806 Frederick k 
1806 William h 
1808 Richard 
1812 Friend M. 
1815 David A. 

1820 William F. 

1824 Nathaniel m 

1826 Edwin 

1827 Joshua E, m 
1835 Henry 

1838 Storrs 

1858 Barnes M. h 
1861 Nathan 
1866 Newman h 
187 1 Christopher W. 


1833 Edward J. 


1825 Israel 
1833 Erasmus m 

1839 Zera 

1875 Warren H. 
1878 Fremont 


1822 Richard C. 
1839 Augustus C. h 
1833 Anson B. h 


1824 Solomon 
1878 Don P. 


1825 Merit 

1844 George W. h 


1S39 James 


1832 Caleb B. 


1805 Timothy 

1 82 1 R OS well 

i860 Roswell 
1862 Charles 

'•ell, Jr. 
les C. 

1 84 



1858 Peter P. h 


1825 Moses m 


1835 Curtis K. 
1881 James C. 


1806 Daniel 


1853 Deodatus D. 


1862 Erwin A. 


1825 John N, m 


1813 Junius H. 
1840 Jeremiah 


1829 Edwin F. 


1852 John O. 


1829 Noah h 


1804 Lemuel h 
1817 Sylvanus h 


1824 Azel 


1810 Austin h 
1888 Burton J. 


1824 Samuel h 


1816 Ebenezer h 

1834 William h 


1815 Daniel 
1 8 19 Caleb 

1835 Asa 
1864 Lewis H. 


1840 Peter 


1814 Thomas C. 
1823 John V. h 


1808 John P. K. 
1812 George S. 
183s Mile J. 


1825 Hervey O. 

1826 Nelson 
i860 Henry P. 


1868 Alfred E. 
1868 Edwin H. 


1854 Nathan S. h 


1822 Chester 


1811 Calvin 

1817 Samuel 

1818 Dexter 
1844 Joseph G. S. 
1844 Alfred h 
1846 Edward h 


1865 Edward H. h 


1821 Silas H. 
1835 Edward F. 
1838 Cyrus W. h 
1846 Henry L. 


1822 Moore m 

1828 John h 

1816 Samuel H. h 

i860 Charles M. 


1816 Edward 
1868 George B. h 
1875 J. B. h 


1862 Richard S. 


1810 Fifield 


1808 Edward h 
1 8 14 Edward W. 
1821 Henry B. 
1825 Herman 

183 1 John M. 
1853 David G. 
1855 Edward P. 


1853 James h 


1804 Daniel C. 
1813 Thomas 

1817 Ervin h 
1821 Hiram B. 
1828 Frederick W. 
1843 Josiah h 
1846 William S. 
1853 Timothy M. h 


1832 William J. 


1810 Justus S. 

1838 John 

1839 David L. a 
1845 John h 


1817 Jonathan h 


1827 Abijah H. m 

1828 Leland h 

1831 Daniel 

1839 William A. 
1858 Dan M. 

1871 Walter E. 

1872 Charles W. 

1882 Henry E. 


1810 Zimri 
1817 Henry 
1822 George 

1829 Samuel S. 

1852 John 

1853 John A. 
1869 Edward W. 

1887 Edwin D. 

1888 Eugene E. 

1813 Otto S. 

1821 Ova P. 

1830 Romeo H. 
1835 Edwin 
1861 D. W. h 

1883 William H. 

1889 Prentiss C. 


1832 Elijah K. 
1834 Thomas S. 
1838 Clark B. 


1824 Frederick A. 

1832 Julius C. h 

1833 Thomas H. 


1824 Cyrus 

1840 Henry N. 


1804 Thomas D. 

1834 Henry T. 


18 17 Enos B. M. 


1879 Henry W. 

1806 Oliver 

1829 Calvin T. 

1828 Hiland h 

1822 John G. 




1887 John M. 


1813 Luther 

1823 Heman h 


1847 John W. 
1857 Edmund G. 
1884 Leigh h 


1806 Daniel 

1824 Eli h 

1835 Alexander C. 


1817 Thomas 
1823 Ebenezer h 

1837 Joseph 

1850 Albert 


1822 Joseph 

1830 Salmon h 
1839 Samuel 

1875 J. E. h 


1882 John D. 


1812 Oren m 

1823 Danah m 

1 83 1 George C. 
1833 Eli It 

1838 Azariah 
1863 Milton C. h 
1884 Frank B. 


1830 George B. 

1836 William E. m 


1826 Thomas R. m 
1829 Moses h 


1821 John 
1873 Webster 


1815 Ira 

1831 Pierpoint h 


1825 Isaac m 


1821 Samuel C. 

1839 William h 


1816 Edwin 

1839 Woodbridge L. 
1853 Henry a 

1876 Horace P. 


1814 Jacob J. h 


1885 Edward G. 


1841 Thomas W. h 


1865 William A. 


1832 Ephraim H. 


1870 James B. k 


1834 Charles W. 
1857 Americus V. a 


1812 Hiram S. 
1824 Chester ni 
1840 Edward W. 
1840 Miron W. 
1855 Edwin C. 
1879 James G. h 


1840 Adam 


1816 John h 


1828 Amzi 

1830 Hiram 

183 1 Ezra 
1836 Zebulon 
1849 Asa S. 
1868 Gamaliel L. 
1881 John D. 
1885 James A. 


1 86 1 George E. 


1826 David C. m 


1804 Curtis h 
I'^orj Nathan m 
i860 Roscius W. h 


1821 Ezra 
. 188 1 Frank G. 


1843 Israel h 


1826 Seth H. 


1851 Philo S. 


1814 Reuel 
1845 Cleveland 
1845 Reuel 
1889 Adelbert F. // 


1825 John h 

1837 John L. m 
1846 Lewis h 
1858 Brainerd 
1883 John 


1813 Hall J. 


1838 Daniel 
1840 Ly Sander 


1819 Clark h 

1825 Ad in // 

1826 Ariel m 
1833 Albert m 


1807 Dan /; 
1824 Cephas H. 

1839 William F. 
1865 Evarts B. 


1853 William 


1821 Jonathan B. 

1837 Thomas h 

1833 William m 


1820 [ames 

1826 Samuel m 
1829 David T. 
1855 Daniel h 


1840 Edward P. 


1852 Matthew h 


1827 Lester m 
183 1 James L. h 

1838 Henry 
1872 Charles F. 


1809 Munnis M. 

1824 Roswell m 

1825 Ezra D. 

1831 Samuel A. 


18 13 George W. 


1835 Harvey D. 


1888 Edwin J. 


1822 Mason h 

1839 Daniel M. 




1833 Ira A. m 

1852 George C. 

1862 Lyman E. 
1888 George E. 


1859 William H, 

1863 H. B. /2 


1857 Stephen 
1884 Frank H. 


1811 Joseph 
1854 Benjamin 
1856 John C. 


1832 Daniel 

1837 William M. m 
1872 Henry M. 


1824 Rial 


1824 Edward k 

1834 Dana h 
1877 Albert W. 


1825 Judah C. m 


1828 Freeman 

1853 Gilbert C. 
1859 George E. 
1888 Richard H. 


1803 Chauncey h 
1818 Benjamin F. h 


1887 Charles F. 


181 1 Jacob 


1813 Sylvester 


1824 Arthur 


1815 Leonard E. 
1839 Stephen P. 
1884 Glenn E. 


1838 John J. 


1815 James // 


1811 Archy B. 
1820 Myron 

1829 Edwin 
1832 Robert F. 
1867 George E. 


1870 Charles B. h 
1872 Lewis L. 


1805 John 


1846 Cephas A. 


1805 Joseph D. 


1882 Clarence G. 


1806 Oliver 

1 8 15 Andrew V. T. 

1837 Harvey F. h 

1858 ]ames H. 


1817 Chauncey G. 

1859 Luther k 
1885 Gerald S. 


1833 Albert T. m 


1806 Luther 
1809 Thomas 
1814 Aaron h 


1813 Samuel h 


1822 Henry 

1824 Edward m 

1826 Calvm m 

1847 William H. k 
1863 George W. 


1825 Ebenezer m 


181 1 Joel H. 
1835 Charles h 
1841 Darius M. 
1876 Charles L. 


1838 Nathaniel C. 
1845 Luther F, 


1832 Robinson S. 


1812 Chester 
1851 Alfred J. 


1817 Jacob N. 

1827 Ezra S. in 

1830 Nehemiah H. 


1829 Samuel C. h 
1841 Julian M. 


1836 Louis S. 


1825 Abram m 
185 1 Luther 


1822 Charles F, in 


1868 Joel H. h 


1863 Matthias h 

1825 Moses R. vt 


1812 Gershom C. h 

1837 Daniel L. m 

1838 Gad a 
1851 Daniel L. k 
1867 George h 


1847 David J. 


1837 Harris m 


1824 Alvan m 


1825 John m 


1843 James h 


1832 Henry B. 

1863 Robert S. 


1825 Angus m 


1823 Lewis 


1885 George P. 


1888 Charles C h 


1865 lohn G. 


1825 James m 


1839 Alexander 


1809 Alexander h 

1824 Wi'liam m 
1854 Thomas H. 
1885 Frederick T. 


1838 Neill A. 




1804 David 


1875 Seagrove W. h 


1805 Rollin C. 

1821 Charles D. 


1871 Julius N. 


1850 Daniel W. 


1804 Ira 

1878 Morton B. 


i860 Azro L. 


1825 Nathaniel m 


1835 George B. h 


1848 Robert E. 


1823 Francis 


1833 Eliezer J. 


1851 Alexander W. h 


1856 Moses 


1825 job H. 
1833 George 

1836 William S. 
1861 Moses M. 


1806 Stephen 
1847 Stephen 


1826 Martin m 
1833 Cyrus h 
1836 James m 
1850 Benjamin F, // 


1811 Thomas P. 

1822 Lyman 
1832 Salmon L. 
1870 Timothy P. D. 


1835 Spencer 

1836 Merritt 


1 82 1 Samuel R. 
1828 John h 
1832 John 


1833 Charles N. 


1 8 15 George 
1833 John E. m 
1853 Charles M. 


1848 Eli M. h 
1852 Matthew H. a 


1832 James 
1874 Lewis h 


1813 Abiel P. 
1850 Hiram 

1855 Martin L. 

1856 Charles M. 

1864 John A. 

1865 Charles D. h 


1850 Berea O. h 


i834,John m, 


1825 Jean B. m 


1862 George A. h 


1880 Pat M. 


1829 Jonathan k 


1813 Selah H. 

1826 John F. m 

1835 Allen K. 
1837 Thomas A. h 
1842 Henry 

1845 Edward 


1816 Asa 


1819 David 


1836 Josiah m 


1808 Solomon S. 
1822 Samuel 
1832 Charles 

1839 George A. 

1840 Alexander 
1840 Alfred 

1840 Edward C. S. 

1841 Adam K. 
1852 Manoah D. h 
1882 John C. 
1884 "Elmer P. 


1 8 19 Roswell 


1826 Governeur M. m 


1833 Lamson 
1837 Ahiman L. h 

1837 Ovid h 
1857 Henry 

i860 Samuel L. a 
1874 A. Louis 

1814 George R, 


1833 William h 

1834 Nathan m 


i860 Giles F. 


1814 Pliny 

1820 Eli h 
1877 Calvin B. 


1808 Noadiah 
1808 Pliny h 

1821 Amasa C. 
1823 Paul in 

1835 James D. 

1838 Jonathan F. 


1826 Benjamin F. m 
1833 Hiram in 
1833 Isaiah in 


1835 Salmon H. in 


1825 Richard C, h 

1835 David S. m 
1844 Augustus h 


1869 Joseph h 


1812 Daniel O. 

1833 Mordecai m 

1834 Daniel O. 
1882 Levi P. h 

1818 Samuel 


1836 David 


1835 Thomas S. m 


1850 James h 
1877 James M. 


1827 Ezra A. in 


1828 Sendol B. 



1837 Elias L. m 
1842 Eber D. 


1877 Newcomb H. 

1879 Loveland h 

1881 Charles S. 


1826 John A, 

1869 Frederick D. 


1833 Clarendon F. 


1835 Allen B. 
1847 Peter J. H. 


1842 Osborn 


1843 Jonathan W. 


1832 Andrew 


1842 Horatio h 


1813 Samuel 


1838 Sylvester L. 


1830 Samuel 


1827 Gordon h 
1877 James R. 


1865 David J. 


1810 Ephraim H. 


1819 Ammi h 
1826 Samuel m 
1830 Jarvis Z. h 
1856 William H. 

1866 Nathan R. 
1869 Harrison P. 
1872 Horace J. 


1858 Anson A. h 

1817 Charles 

1865 George L. 

1813 Benjamin 


18 16 Nahum 


1805 Calvin 
1834 Calvin D. 
1864 Calvin D. 


1886 ^,}.h 


1851 Allen p. 

1873 Herbert F. 

1829 Henry B. 


1825 Oliver B. m 


1 8 19 Moses G. 

1827 Thomas J. m 


1833 Peter C. h 


1820 Stephen 


1838 Franklin W. 
1838 Rufus B. 


1883 James B. 


1820 Moses 


1823 Edgar L. 
1875 Ebenezer J. h 


1825 Stephen N. m 


1828 John J. 
1851 Edward H. h 
1870 George H. 


1824 Hiram m 
1824 Ephriam h 


1818 William 

1829 William T. 
1837 Henry 
1840 George 
i860 J. A. /^ 


1813 Henry G. 

1819 Aaron h 

1824 Benjamin m 

1825 David h 

1833 Thomas H. h 

1834 Benjamin R. n 
1883 Charles B. F. 


i3i4 Willard J. 
1815 Isaac 

1820 Alvin H. 

1821 Horace m 

1823 Addison 
1828 John M. 
1830 William H. 

1835 George W, 
1858 John E. 
1869 Joseph H.a 
1880 Abraham X. h 
1880 Frank A. 

1880 Hazen M. 

188 1 Edward M. 


1811 Beaumont h ' 
1814 Ezekiel C. 


1813 Simeon h 
1827 Jedidiah C. 
1839 Anson H. 
1853 Ashbel h 


1814 Levi 

1824 Horatio A. h 


1861 Sylvester B. 


1818 William 
1820 Robert B. h 


1823 Eliakim m 


1834 Charles 


1827 Royal W. 


1814 Richard 


1820 Ora 

1851 Thomas S. 


1856 Calvin h 


1822 Stephen G. 
1826 Nelson m 

1871 Francis M. 

1872 Asahel h 
1880 Alva C. 


1808 Josiah 
1834 Lyman B. 

1836 josiah W. 
1861 Lyman W. 


18 1 2 Matthew 
1833 William S. h 




1837 Joseph // in 

1867 Henry M. 
1870 Marsh O. 


1812 William 


1870 Harlan S. 


1814 Philanthropes 
1818 Marcus A. 

1834 Darwin C. m 

1835 Charles 7n 
1849 Baxter E. 


X833 Absalom h 


1835 Anson L. m 


1812 Benjamin 
1812 Amos h 

1874 Samuel B. h 
1877 Edward H. h 


1824 John 

Petti BONE 

1810 John S. 
1820 "Roswell 
1828 Ira 
1885 Ira F. h 


1802 Aaron 


1804 Matthew 

1814 Samuel S. h 

1825 John m 

1834 James T. 

1835 James H. 
1840 Edward J. 
1845 Charles H. 
1861 Erastus H. 

1875 Lawrence 


1815 Alonzo 

1868 Elmer E. 
1887 George W. h 


1837 William C. m 

1838 George E. k 
1861 James E. 
1866 Leroy M. 


1826 Robert h 
1871 John h 

1882 Charles D. 


1884 Clarence R. 


1822 Zina m 


1810 Stephen C. 

181 1 Benton 


1812 James K. 
1858 Ebenezer h 


1824 Elijah W. 


1861 George E. a 


1826 Amos m 
1882 George N. 


1820 Dan in 


1825 Gustavus W. 

1825 Harold H. m 


1804 Experience h 

1823 Moses m 

1826 James h 
1857 Henrv M. 
1866 Henry J. 
1870 James C. 


1805 Justus 
1814 "Reuben 

1826 Martin M. 
1829 Truman M. 
1832 Aurelian H. 
1851 Simeon D. 


1854 John M. 


1882 Harry P. 


1823 Miner G. 


1864 Charles E. 


1839 Kinne 


1803 John B. h 
1805 Julius A. 

1827 John B. 
1831 Nathaniel O. 
1882 Samuel J. 


1822 Erie 


1 84 1 Cyrus h 


1876 Cyrus G. h 


1825 Harvey H. m 

1836 Isaac b. m 


181 1 Alexander h 


1864 John h 


1880 Charles M. h 

1807 Mills 
1827 Lucius M. 


1889 Leslie H. 


1837 John a 


1827 Alva m 
1845 Silas G. 


1830 James 


1848 Jeremiah E. 
1854 Andrew E. 


1827 Waitstill R. h 
1835 Darwin H. 
1839 Joseph A. 
1839 Timothy E. 
1854 Moses H. h 


1866 Eugene J. 


1826 Fletcher in 

1838 James W. 
1851 Alexander h 


1833 Leonard 


1857 Lauren 
1877 Timothy P. h 


i860 J. C. O. 


1812 Isaac 
1824 Frye B. 

1826 Eli m 

1827 Maro M. m 
1876 Alonzo h 


1808 Tapping h 


1848 Stephen W. 
1872 George H. 
1876 William A. 


1832 Benjamin W. 




1839 Werden 
1875 John F. a 


1815 Holden 


1819 Joel 

1824 Jared 
1853 Joel T. a 


1848 Davis ]. 


1826 Joseph W. m 


1835 Merrill 
i860 George 


1834 Lemuel m 


1862 Xorman F. 

1815 Ludovicus 

1835 Rensselaer D. C. 

1861 F. C. /i 

1871 Henry C. 


1829 Daniel 


1808 Ralph 

1833 }ohn jn 

1835 Dewey H. in 

1836 Heman H. 7n 
1839 Moses 

1862 William A. 


1826 Alonzo m 

1834 Orson 

1808 Cephas L. 

1813 Otis 

1858 George A. 


1878 Edwin E, 


1819 Heman 

1825 Anson 


1816 David 

1826 Leonard m 
1826 Martin fn 


1829 Washington 


1813 John 

1851 James E. 

1852 Lucretius D. 
1852 Royal D. a 

1872 Henry H. 


1882 Carroll B. 
1886 Willis M. 


1813 Dudley D. 


1833 Washington 1 


1826 John M. 7n 


1808 Hippocrates 


1883 George M. 


1868 Charles H. 


1807 Stephen 
1843 Andrew A 


1838 George F. 


1827 Kimball m 
i860 John 


1817 John 
i860 L. W. /i 


1874 George G. 


1873 Albert R. k 


1834 Seth H. 


1815 Silas S. 

1839 Myron W. 


1 8 12 Ashley 


1836 Ashley 

1837 Amos J. 

1845 Carlos H. 


1824 Alvah 

1846 Patrick H. a 


1811 John 
1822 William 

1826 Warren B. m 


1822 John W. 


1822 Amos 


1822 Joseph /i 

1827 Thomas 
1829 Thomas J, 


1846 Levi P. 


1839 John G. 

1858 George G. k 


1833 Ezekiel S. 


1832 William 

1843 Thomas S. 

1824 Frederick m 

1880 John C. 

1862 Lauren A. 

1863 Rollin A. 

1864 George R. W 
1868 Oscar D. 


1816 Amherst D. 

1822 Ezra a 


1808 James N. 


1857 Charles W. 


1817 Roger A 


1866 Norman A 


1863 Francis H. 


1859 Seth W. 


1836 Calvin 


1849 Sewell 


1859 Milton L. 
1870 Martin E. 
1883 Claude M. 
1885 Wilbert N. 
1889 Carlton S. 


1857 Henry F. 


1811 Horatio A 
1820 Ozias 

1832 Horatio 

1833 Ephraim S. 


1820 Franklin m 

1823 Truman m 
1823 John B. a 
1826 Luther 

1834 William B. m 

1865 Henry H. 




1878 William H. 


1806 Calvin 
1808 Luther 
1818 Henry 
1820 Cyrus D. 
1825 Lorenzo m 

1825 Stephen S. 
1831 Davids, a 

1837 Henry A. 

1839 Luther H. 
1869 Eugene E. 
1874 Preston 
1883 Samuel 

1887 W. H. h 


1866 Azro B. 


1824 David m 

1826 Adams 

1838 Jonathan A. 


1825 Socrates N. m 

1838 Samuel S. a 

1840 Ezra W. 
1849 Eleazar 
i860 Elijah B. 

1861 Linus E. 


1818 Franklin h 


1824 Lemuel m 


1823 Zebulon R. h 
T830 Fayette h 
1830 John J. h 


1859 William R. 


i8i2 Horatio 
1823 Horace J. m 

1839 Edward S. 

1856 Solomon h 


1808 Joseph 


1826 Benjamin k 


1803 John h 

1841 James 
1849 David G. 


1862 David K. 


1888 William R. h 


1816 Daniel H. 

18 17 Richard h 
1833 Mark 


1807 William 
1836 William 

1850 Henry M. 
1867 James M. 


1835 William B. in 


1826 David m 


1803 Cephas h 

1804 William D. 
1804 Elihu h 
1810 Daniel 

1813 Reuben 

1814 Noah 

18 15 Charles 

1817 Franklin G. 

1818 Marcus 
1822 Jedidiah m 

1822 John m 

1823 Socrates m 

1823 Eli B. 

1824 Albert G. W. m 

1824 Otis 

1825 Benjamin B. // 

1826 Edward W. ;;/ 

1827 Henry 
1829 John h 
1831 Albert 
1831 Buel W. 

1833 William L. G. 

1834 Asa B. 

1838 Horatio A. a 

1838 John C. 

1839 James H. 
1842 Columbus 
1842 Tmiothy C. 
1845 Claudius B. 

1851 Nathan A. 
• 1851 William h 

1855 Courtney h 
1861 James B. 

1861 W. E. h 

1862 Charles C. 

1863 Nathan B. 
1866 Abner 

1 87 1 Eben E. 
1871 Hiram, Jr. 
1878 William" D. 


1824 William m 


i8ii Calvin 
1839 Calvin T, 


1821 Alba m 


18 17 Jonathan C. 
1822 Daniel S. 


1815 Constant 

1834 Isaac k 

1835 William S. h 
1875 Hiland 


1835 Azel h 
183s Reuben k 
\Z(yj Americus V. h 


i860 Samuel h 


1874 Bradford P. a 


1824 Stillman m 

1824 James h 

1825 John 
1828 Ephraim 
1868 Jacob S. h 


1808 Ebenezer P. 


1832 Tobias h 


1815 Luke A. 


1825 Whipple m 
1839 Erastus C. 


1874 Austin O. 


1822 Isaac N. 


181 1 Miles P. 
1838 Ebenezer H. 

1858 George W. 


1834 Oliver H. 


1870 James E. 

1877 Andrew T. 

1878 John C. 
1885 Michael A. 


1855 Stephen G. h 


1834 William H. 
1846 Peter 

1859 Peter h 


1866 Oscar H. 
1883 Jesse 


1818 John B. 




i860 John B. 
i860 Charles G. 


1821 John 
1838 Enos 
1855 Solon k 


1825 Robert M. m 


1807 Oliver C. 
1824 Amasa 
1830 John 
1842 Dugald 
1846 ]ohn W. 
1878 Julius H. k 


1877 Harry P. 


1830 John 


1809 Benjamin B. 


1835 Alanson m 


1838 Solomon h 
1858 Richard H. // 


181 1 Asahel h 

1818 Dan 
1823 Dan C. m 

1823 Carter G. m 
1828 Benjamin P, 
1828 VVheelock S. 

1834 James A. B. 

1839 John F. // 
1849 James P. k 
1849 Levi H. h 
1853 Edward P. 
1869 Charles F. 
1887 Melville E. h 


1804 Juba 

1810 Constant h 

1819 Seth P. 

1824 John 
1832 John S. 

1835 Zalmon A. 


1863 Myron L. 


1834 Benjamin m 


1816 Henry 
1845 Austin H. h 


1815 Jesse 


1804 William L. h 
1813 Noble D. 
1816 Moses h 
1829 Rollin F. 

1837 George W. 
1847 Guy C. 

1870 Phineas H. h 


1803 Edward S. 
1832 Homer H. 


1863 Ethan A. 


1822 Daniel W. m 
1885 Julius V. 


1838 Byron 

1825 John V. D.;« 


1853 William D. h 
1859 Samuel h 


1862 George H. 


1808 William 

1811 Heman 

1812 Job S. 

1820 EJenjamin h 

1821 Zephaniah h 
1825 Job S. 
1836 George S. 

1836 Samuel C. 

1837 Lucius A. 

1839 Eliphalet Y. 
1839 George S. 
1850 Edward Y. 
i860 Samuel h 


1875 Fred G. 


1869 Joseph B. h 


i8n Jonathan 
1834 William H. m. 
1839 Lathrop 

1843 Henry /; 

1844 Townsend E. 
1850 Preston h 
1861 George R. 
1865 Henry h 
1868 John L. h 


1874 Albert K. h 


1833 Joseph m 


1834 James M. tn 


1824 Robert k 
1887 Edward L. k 

Ten Brceke 

1884 James 


1838 Jesse E. 
1873 Herbert M. 


1826 Erdix 

1856 Allen 


1865 William A. 


1826 Joseph 


1853 Gilbert h 


1853 George W. 

1854 Cornelius A. h 

1857 Horace H. 
1861 Chandler N. 
1876 John h 


1820 Daniel P. 

1826 John 

1827 Cyrenus m 
1830 Gilbert T. 
1833 Benoni 
1864 Strong B. h 
1871 William W. 


1835 Samuel R. 

1823 Lucius L. 
1864 William C. 


1854 Elijah M. 


1805 Salem 
1812 Josiah a 
1852 Rufus R. h 


1828 David B. 


1827 Luther M. m 


1847 James H. 


1824 Heman W. m 
1842 Philip C. h 


1821 Edward h 




1855 fames 

1815 Samuel H. // 
1880 Almon P. h 


1824 Royal h 

1825 Edward h 

1816 |oel 

1873 "Clayton R. 

1863 Richard S. 

1818 Samuel 
1824 George m 
1827 Amos C. 


1823 Alexander L. 


1839 Alexander C. h 

Twitch ELL 

1877 Willis I. 

1823 Bennett h 

1854 John S. h 

1864 George P. h 
1879 James M. h 


1842 John W. 


1855 Joseph h 


1873 Wells H. 


1808 Joshua Y. 
i860 Henry H. 


1S33 Joel m 

Van Doren 

1822 John L. 

Van Kuren 

1824 Peter m 

Van Rensselaer 

1824 Jeremiah h 

Van Syclin 

1824 Jacob jn 

Van Zandt 

1827 Benjamin m 


1886 Albert W. 


1827 Harvey m 


1865 Charles A. 
1865 Juba H. 


1836 John O. m 
1838 Edgar P. 


1852 Rufus 


1838 George S. 


1820 Joseph N. 
1824 Bradford L. a 

1824 Jonathan h 
1844 Thomas B. 
1887 George R. 


1823 Sewell m 

1825 Charles h 

1833 Jesse 

1834 De Witt C. 
1850 Amasa h 

1853 William W. 
1858 George L. h 
1858 Lvman a 
1858 Stephen A. 
1858 William H. 
i860 Henry F. 
1862 Aldace F. 

1867 Aldace h 
1872 Edgar L. 
1882 Frank A. 


• 1814 Spencer 


1826 Dudley C. ;;/ 


i860 E. P. h 

1833 Charles S. m 

1836 Alexis h 


1885 George A, h 


1821 Avery S. 

1868 George W. h 


1837 William 
1 861 Ezra J. 
1867 James M, h 

1876 Rollin E. h 

1877 Charles B. 


1808 Edward 
1826 William Y. 
1833 Edward S. 


1815 Ebenezer 
1819 Daniel 
1825 Asahei C. 


1824 Ralden A. 
1842 Henry 


1815 Daniel E. 
1817 Charles 

1836 Ashel B. 


1832 Winslow C. h 


1859 Lyman S. 


1868 James C. 
1868 William W. 


1824 Thomas m 


1825 John m 

1825 "Roswell B. m 
1834 E. Austin m 


1830 Sumner A. h 


1 8 13 Humphrey 
1830 Noah h 

1837 Kimball D. m 
1859 Alonzo h 


1853 George A. a 
1853 John E. 


1838 John H. 


1877 Benjamin M. 


1838 John G. 
1870 Edson S. 


1824 Hezekiah M. m 

1836 Robert R. 


1833 Isaac h 


1826 Roswell h 

Wether BY 

1856 Charles 


1821 Henry N, h 


1825 Paul h 
1825 Hosea m 

1837 Leonard H. 


1823 Samuel W. h 


1827 Charles 




1830 Francis P. 
1879 Frank E. 


1856 Ozi W. 


1 8 13 Luke 


1825 Charles J. m 
1852 Pliny H. h 
1858 Nehemiah 
i860 Miron h 
i86g Horace F. 


1813 Joseph 


1836 John H. 


1826 Laurin G. m 
x^TTj Spencer m 


1834 George C. 


1820 William E. 


18 17 Lyman 

1868 Albert D. 

1868 Joel F. 

i86i Joseph D. h 

1865 John A. 


1804 Uriah h 
1 8 13 Carlos 
1825 James B. 
1830 Horace 
1852 Rollin 
1854 Edward 
1858 Julius 


1857 A zel W. 
i860 Edward P. 


1827 John 


1838 Philander 
1840 Royal G. 
1871 Arthur ; 


1837 Asahel H. m 


1875 Charles M. 


1855 Benjamin F. h 

1874 James W. h 


1825 Thomas m 


1813 John 

1850 Simeon S. 

1876 George F. B. 


1807 John h 

1819 Putnam T. h 

1831 John B. h 

1834 Charles K. h 
i860 John K. 


1813 Hubbard 

1835 Duncan m 


1 814 Moses E. 
18 16 David 

1820 James 


1809 Jonathan D. 
1847 Warren W. 
1849 Oliver W. 
1887 Henry N. 


1827 Enoch C. 
1837 William 


1820 Mark T. C. 

1832 Halsey R. 

1815 Miron 

1833 Seth E. m 

185 1 George F. h 

1815 Samuel 
1837 John T. 

1841 Vernon k 

1842 Reuben h 
X864 William H. 


1835 Norman N. 

1836 Jacob A. m 
1836 Samuel M. a 

1865 Warren C. 
i868 Edward N. h 
1878 William h 


1817 Enoch D. h 


1825 Gaius P. m 


1821 Theodore h 
1824 Jonathan D, tn 
1857 Adrian T. h 


1834 James M. ni 

1831 Dorastus h 
1844 Orlando 


1804 Leonard h 

1836 Ezra D. m 

1837 Samuel M. h 

1862 H. W. h 


1805 Chester 
X815 Silas 
1827 Plinv R. 

1835 Stephen R. 

1838 Emerson R. 

1839 Norman F. 
1839 Truman K. 
1844 Charles K. a 
1848 Gustavus B. 
1870 Eugene F. 
1874 George M. 


1837 Julius L. 

1866 E. A. h 


1867 Nathan D. 


1814 Andrew h 
1857 George W. h 
1857 Jeremiah F. h 


1861 John B. 


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