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Full text of "A catalogue of the Persian printed books in the British Museum, comp. by Edward Edwards. Printed by order of the Trustees"

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UonlJoii : 


LONCJMANS & CO.. .19. Paternoster Row, E.C.4; BERNARD QUARITCH, I/td., 11, Grafton Strbkt. W.l; 
AND HUMPHREY MILFORD, Oxford University Press, Amen Corner. K.C. 4. 






That the exceptionally rich and valuable collection of Persian printed books and litho- 
graphs in the British Museum should have remained so long without a special printed 
catalogue has been due to a variety of causes, and principally to its own great size. Some 
attempts were made in past generations to cope with the task ; but they were sporadic 
and ineffectual, and very little progress towards the preparation of an adequate catalogue 
was made until Mr. A. G. Ellis received the charge of the collection. During the period 
in which he served as assistant in the British Museum (1883-1909) a great advance was 
made in this direction, and several hundreds of titles were prepared by him. But his 
work in other sections of the Department, and especially with the Arabic printed books and 
manuscripts, denied him the opportunity to carry the Persian Catalogue beyond the initial 
stage, and this duty has therefore devolved upon Mr. Edwards, who has been at work upon 
it since 1904, and has brought the task to a successful conclusion. The volume which he 
has now completed is the first of its kind, for no detailed catalogue of any large collection of 
Persian printed books has hitherto been published. Owing to the bulk of the collection, his 
labour has been great, so great indeed that it has been necessary to make a drastic change in 
the rules hitherto followed for the preparation of the Catalogues of this Department. For 
to print without modification the titles written by Mr. Edwards and his predecessors would 
have resulted in a volume of enormous bulk and prohibitive cost ; and I therefore have 
abridged all the cross-references by making them general instead of special. The simplest 
type of these generalised cross-references may be exemplified by the following : — 

BAETOI'D (Vasilt Vladimirovich). [Edit.] See 
Muhammad ibn J a' fab (Abu Bakb). 

This denotes that V. V. Bartol'd has edited a work by Muh. b. Ja'far (Abu Bakr), under 
whose name will be found particulars of the edition. It is not too much to say that by this 
reform the size of the Catalogue has been at least halved. A striking example of this 
economy will be noticed under the name of FITZGEEALD (Edwab[>), where the brief state- 
ment " [Metrical version of 'Umar Khayyam's Ruba'iyyat.] See 'Umar KhaYTAH. — Rubaiyydt," 
has taken the place of about 100 cross-references of the old type. 

The bulk of the collection consists of works lithographed in India and Persia, which, 
for cataloguing purposes, resemble manuscripts rather than ordinary printed books. The 


considerable number of books contained in the collection which have been prepared in 
Persia is due mainly to the zeal and interest shown by Mr. Sidney Churchill, who secured 
copies of works where the issue was a very limited one, as so often happens in Persia. 
Amongst them is a rare small miscellany lithographed at Mashhad in 1878. Amongst 
the Indian lithographs is a copy of a version of the story of Vamik and 'Azra, by Sarfi, 
which apparently is not otherwise known in the West. 

The works included in this Catalogue are firstly books in the Persian language, secondly 
translations of Persian books in European tongues, and thirdly bibliographies and writings 
on Persian literature. Adaptations from Persian works and translations in oriental 
languages have been omitted, for lack of space. 

In the transliteration of Persian and Arabic words we have in the main followed 
Dr. Rieu's Catalogues of Persian MS3., the chief difference being that before the "solar" 
consonants (Lu,^.*^) t_s.,5s-") we have not specially denoted the assimilation of the -I of the 
Arabic article which is actually heard in pronunciation ; e.g. we transcribe ^jj) Lei as 
Ziya ul-Din, though it is pronounced as Ziya ud-Din. On other features of the trans- 
literation it is needless to comment : they have all been carefully considered, and it is 
hoped that they will enable readers to recognise the transcribed words with ease and 

The order in which headings are arranged is the same as that which has been followed 
in the Catalogue of Arabic Prirnted Books by Mr. Ellis. It may be here remarked that 
when there are two or more names beginning with the same word the order is one of gradual 
progression from the simplest to the most complex names. Thus we have the following 
series : — 

1. "AHMAD, Yasavl" : the simple name with qualifying epithet (chiefly nishah), when, 
it has such ; 

2. "AHMAD, called AmIu" : the simple name followed by a takhallus or literary name, 
or by a laknb or nickname. 

3. "AHMAD (Abu Mohammad)," or "AHMAD (Jalal uI-DIn) " : the simple name com- 
pounded with a kunyah or name derived from that of a son, or with a secondary name, both 
of which in 'ordinary language would usually precede the simple name (e.g. "Abu Muhammad 
Ahmad," "Jalal ul-Din Ahmad"); 

4. " AHMAD ibn 'ABD TILLAH " : the simple name followed by the father's name ; 

5. "A.HMAD ibn MUHAMMAD, called Khdeeam ": the same combination as no. 4, followe(^,, 
by a nishah, takhallus, or lakah ; 

6. "AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD MUKIM (Nizam uI-DIn) ": the same as no. 4, followed by 
a kunyah or other prefixed name in parentheses ; 

7. " AHMAD EAMAL " : a nanae compounded of two elements ; 
and so forth, with many intermediate and further stages. 


As far as it has been possible we have entered writers under their personal names 
(ism), and, where the latter is unknown, under their kunyah, not under their takhallus or 
literary title. Some readers will perhaps feel surprise at finding Sa'di under the heading 
MUSLIH ibn 'ABD ULLAH (Musiiarrip u1-DIn), and Firdausi under HASAN (Abo 'I-Kasih) ; but 
they may be assured that this course has been adopted after careful deliberation, and is 
logically necessary, besides being in harmony with the general practice of the Catalogue 
of Arabic Printed Books. The takkallus is often a very elusive thing, and not a few 
authors po.ssess two or three of them. We have therefore entered authors under a takhallus 
only in the rather rare cases when their personal name or their kunyah happened to be 
unknown or doubtful. In all cases cross-references from the takhallus have been given, so 
that no difficulty can arise. In a number of instances, again, where the personal name is 
unknown, or cannot be determined with certainty, but the kunyah is known, the kunyah 
has been chosen for the heading, for example in the case of Abu 'All (Sharaf ul-Din). 

In spite of the utmost care in the revision and proof-reading of this Catalogue a certain 
number of misprints, errors, and inconsistencies have found their way into it. Happily 
they are of no great importance, and two lists of corrigenda covering most of them will be 
found on columns 753-756 and p. viii. 

During almost the whole of the time in which this Catalogue has been passing through 
the press, most valuable help in revision has been given by Mr. A. S. Fulton, M.A., of 
this Department. 


Keeper of the Department of Oriental 

Printed Books and MSS. 
British Museum, 

March, 1922. 



















. i 











( viii ) 


{See also Cols. 753-756.)^ 

Col. 81, 1. 7 from bottom. For makabalah read 

Col. 156, 11. 16-10 from bottom. This entry is 
out of place, and should be transposed to 
the boitum of Col. 153* 

Col. 164, 1. 30 from top, and Col. 333, 1. 16 from 
top. For Khud-eaptah read Khvod- 


Col. 255, 1. 12 from bottom. For 'Itr rend 'Itr. 

Col. 293, 1. 5 from top, and Col. 797, 1. 5 from 
top. For kawafi read kiivafi. 

Col. 331, 1. 14 from bottom. The tith-page of 
this hook givfs the title as ^cJ^r^ Ci^UaJ, 
hut this in apiparently a mistake for i«_)UaJ 

Col. 776, 1. 14 from top. For Baikam read 

Col. 779, 1. 22 from top. Fiir Tapish read I'AnsH. 

Col. 790, 1. 18 from bottom. For b. Husain read 

b. Ul-HUSAIN. 

Col. 791, 1. 2 from bottom. For 'Hal read 'Hal. 

Col. 794, 1. 18 from top. For ta'arn read ta'am. 

Col. 796, 1. 3 from top. For muwaliKidin read 

Col. 803, 1. 3 from top. For kitab amsal read 
kitab i amsal. 

Col. 810, 1. 3 from top. F>r Maksud rend 

Col. 825, 1. 1 from top. For Tapish read Tapish. 

Col. 832, 1. 3 from top. For 'oin ul-Kayat read 
'ain il-liayat. 

Col. 841, 1. 27 from top. For Sepher read 

C-1. 852, 1. 30 from top. For Tazjiyat read 
Tajziyat, and transpose the entry thus 
corrected to its proper place in Col, 847. 

Col. 861, 1. 5 from top. For Zahik read ^ahik. 





A. (M. D.). See ManekjI Dadabhai ArjanI. 

natha Tuakuea. 

'ABBAS, 'ighd, Shlrdz?. Journal of a Tour through 
parts of the Panjab and Affghanistan, in the year 
1837 . . . arranged and translated by Major R. 
Leech, e<c. 1843. S'-e Academies, eic. — Calcutta. 
— Asiatic Society of Bengal. Journal, etc. vol. 
xii., pp. 564-621. 1832, e<c. 8°. R.Ac. 8826/11. 

'ABBAS, Efendl. See 'Abd u1-Baha ibn Baha 

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Riddles in vcrbc.] pp. 12, Wt. (_jiaJ i^n [DiUii, 
1866.] 8°. 14837. f. 2.(6.) 

'ABBAS, Yazcll. <u'J ^jr^ [Kisra-namah. An 
account of the ancient kings of Persia, mythical 
and historical, down to the Sasanian king 
Khusrau Parviz.] pp. 162. iJ^ [Calcutta, 1903.] 
8°. 14773. e. 29. 

'ABBAS, called Nashati Khan, Hazdrjarlll. 
Begin. Jl CJjdc fj^ if'^ ^ CJJ'.::cUi [Divan. 

Poems. Redacted, with life of the poet, by Muli. 
Khan b. Path 'Ali Livasani(?).] pp. xv. 241, 59, 
llth. [Fersia, 1845 ?] 8°. 14797. d. 2. 

'ABBAS, called Shabab, Shushtari. . . . ci^'oK 
Jl ^j~'ac he [Kulliyat. Poems. Edited by Muh. 

b. Karim Miisavl Shushtari.] pp. 308, lith. 
JLi^ 1*16 [Bovibay, 1895.] Fol, 14797. 1. 10. 

'ABBAS II., Slinh of Persia. [For letters written 
in the name of Shah 'Abbas :] See Muhammad 
Tahir Vahid. 

'ABBAS ibn AHMAD, Yamant, Shirvdnl. See 
Muhammad 'Abbas, Shirvdnl. 

'ABBAS ibn 'AL! ibn JA'FAR. See Mohammad 

'Abbas, Shushtari. 

'ABBAS (Judah Samuel), called Ibn Abijn. "ISO 
'IDT D-13 lliyb"? DJIIDD ^'n''£' nTpjT ['AUedath 
Yishak. A Hebrew poem on the sacrifice of 
Isaac. Edited, with a Persian paraphrase and a 
Persian translation of 3 confessional prayers for 
the Day of Atonement, by Benjamin ben Misha'el.] 
ff. 28. Db^'ll' 3"D-in [Jerusalem, 1902.] 8°. 

1976. ee. 16. 
'ABBAS KHAN, Sarvdm. Un chapitre de I'histoire 
de I'Inde rausulmane, ou Chronique de Scher 
Schah, Sultan de Dehli (Tarikh-i Scher Sch^h ou 
Tuhfa Scher Schalii). Traduite . . . par M. Garcin 
de Tassy [from Mazhar 'Ali Khan's Hindustani 
version of the Persian original], pp. 164. Paris, 
1865. 8°. 9057. b. 2. 

An extract from " Bevue de V Orient," 1864. 

'ABBAS KHAN, called Rip'at, Shirvdnl. ^jS 
x«'J ^o'-ii'"^ v__;'i:w-c [Sultan-uamah. A history 


of the Russo-Turkish war. With portraits of 
Turkish sovereigns.] pp. 102, llth. Bombay, ir.v 
[1890.] 8°. 14773. e. 5. 

'ABBAS KULi KHAN, Mlrzd. yi . . . i.^'Oi' 
J! i'j CL;-fl^ . . . J'^1 [Ahval i liazrat Bakir. 

A life of Imam Muli. Bakir.] 2 vols., llth. 
irrr-ri [re/(fcra»i, 1905-06.] Fol. 14779. k. 21. 

ij^r^'-' ^'^ ^J^ 'r-''^j' Jj' ^ [Tagkirah 

i Nasiri. Verse and prose eulogies of Nasir ul- 
Dm Shah and the events of his reign. With 
portrait.] pp. 254, ?i<A. \r.i. [Teheran, \SB7.'\ 4°, 

14797. c. 4. 

'ABBAS 'UTARID, called Shatri. (J^y lc^A=r«) 

[Majmu'ah i tarassul. Model letters.] S.\Q,lith. 

j>j^ rnr {Tabriz, 1846.] 8°. 14807. f. 4. 



'ABBAS 'TJTARID, called Siiatri {cont'muecl). 

(JJii Sc^Asr*) [Majmu'ah i tarassul.] ff. 28, Vdh. 

j,^- I nr [Tahiz, 1846.] 8°. 14807. b. 3.(1.) 

(J^j Scy«^) [Ma jmu' alii tarassul.] ff. 19, 

nth. fnv [Pema, 1851.] 8°. 14807. f. 5. 

•ABD ul-AD, Shah, called Varis. e^'As-j J-r^ ^y>^ 
(j^jjj^' <si^ _ J'jo <)JU^) [Jam i validat. A Sufic 
poem in masnavi rhyme. Followed by 2 similar 
tracts, viz. Risalah i nata'ij (iu verse and prose) 
and R°. i talkln.] pp. 36, lith. ^^_/^ irielAh'garh, 
1898.] 8°. 14797. d. 19.(3.) 

'ABD ul-AHAD, Maulavl. See Mchammad 'Abd 

'ABD ul-AHAD, Zanjdnl. Personal Reminiscences 
of the Babi Insurrection at Zanjiin in 1850 . . . 
translated . . . by E. G. Browne. See Academies, 
etc. — London. — Royal Asiatic Society of Great 
Britain ^ Ireland. The Journal, etc. 1897, 
pp. 761-827. 1834, etc. 8°. E.Ac. 8820/3. 

'ABD ul-AHAD, called Zam!. ^^1^ e:^>aa [Haft 
kbvan. Kai'idah poems in praise of Muhammad.] 
pp. 32, lith. jjji in. [Lucknow, 1873.] 8°. 

14837. e. 6.(10.) 

'ABD ul-'AI NAJAT. gee Najat. 

'ABD ul-A'LA ibn KAEIM ULLAH, Ghdzlpuri. 
t-j^^jj^j j^aj [Nazm i talizib, or Tahzib ul-mantili. 
An introduction to logic, in verse. Edited with 
marginal notes by Nazir ul-Din Ahmad b. 
Hamid ul-Din Ahmad.] pp. 14, lith. ir-i'-i^ '("'V 
{Benares, 1890.] 8°. 14745. c. 1. 

'ABD ul-'ALAVi, Nahrdmi. [Edit.] See Aman 
Ullah, Grammarian. 

'ABD ul-'ALI, Gopdmu't. [For 'Abd ul-'Ali's 
recipes appended in some editions to the Khvan 
i ni'mat :] See Khvan. 

'ABD ul-'ALI, Isldmdhddi. 'il^ j Jl^c^il Sfljis^ 
Jl^ill [Sahifat ul-a'mal va mir'at ul-ahval. A 
history of Islamabad {i.e. Chittagong) and its 
famous men. Followed by a short history of 
the world and some admonitions with regard to 
Islam.] pp. 276, 6, lith. ; 3 maps. jsiT [Agra, 
1889.] 8\ 14773. e. 18. 

'ABD ul-'ALI (A. F. M.). [Edit.] See Acade- 
mies, etc. — Calcutta. — Moslem Institute. 

'ABD ul-'ALI ibn MUHAMMAD (Nizam u1-DIn), 
Barjandl. [For Bist bab with commentary based 
on that of Barjandi :] See Muhammad ibn Mu- 
hammad (Nasir uI-Din), Tdsl. 

hammad Nase Ullah Khan. 

'ABD ul-AVVAL, Jaunpurt. [Translations, etc., 
of Mu'allakat.] See Hu'allakat. 

t_^;iAiJ! iWJ S-^J'^^'!' ^V* [Majallat ul- 

adib. Arabic muTcdrndt. With some Persian 
foot-notes.] pp. 88, lith. ^£i iri-r [Luclniow, 

14573. bb. 10.(1.) 

See Vali Ullah ibn 'Abd ul- 

1904.] 8°. 

'ABD ul-'AZiZ. 

'ABD ul-'AZiZ, Darydhddl. [Hindustani commen- 
tary on Sih nasr.] See Muhammad (Nub u1-UIn), 

'ABD ul-'AZiZ, Aravl. See Muhammad 'Abd ul- 

'ABD ul-'AZ!z, Dihlavl. ^^*As^' Jj^_ [Bustan 
ul-muhaddisln. A critical account of the chief 
works on Moslem tradition, with notices of their 
1876.] i 

pp. 148, lith. Uj [ir-]lr [Delhi, 

14707. b. 1. 

^jjoJws:'*^' lo'^-**^ [Bustan ul-muhaddisin.] 

Y>-p. 136, Uth. jj:^^ [Lahore, 18^3.] 8°. 14712.6.11. 

ijJ-J^ i.Ji"^ [Fatavl i 'Azizi. A collection 

of legal decisions. Edited with biographical 
notices of the author and some of his relatives 
by Muh. 'Abd ul-Ahad.] 2 vols., lith. ,_jUj 
iri4-irii [Delhi, 1894-97.] 8°. 14712. e. 14. 

[^ ll^'- '"• U5"^'^ u£^v^ ^r:^^' ^jyi^jij^^ ^ 

[P^ath ul-'Aziz. A commentary on the Kur'an. 
The last part, on Surahs Ixxviii.-cxiv.] pp. 384, 
lith. ^Jj.A.> I '^^1 [Bombay, 1889.] 8°. 14703. b. 2, 

c:^[^oy>}<^ [Malfuziit. Dicta on various 

subjects.] pp. 120, lith. ,«Vx^ irir [il/een(<, 1897.] 
8=. 14712. d. 5.(1.) 

[Sirr ul-shahadatain. A history of the martyrdom 




of the Imams Hasan and Husain, in Arabic. 
With Muli. Salamat Ulliih's Persian commentary 
Tahrlr ul-shahfulataiii.] pp. 106, lith. y.ii3 iA\r 
[Lucknow, 1882.] 8°. 14561. c. 17.(2.) 





['Ujalah i niifi'ah. Principles of Moslem tradi- 
tion.] pp. 32, /!</t. JjbJ I r^r [Delhi, 1876.] 8°. 

14837. f. 11.(7.) 

''^.J^ Jr'^ j'^ • • ■ <<*9'j ^W^ ['Ujalah i 

nfifi'ah.] pp. 32, W/i. jjib'l [Lahore, 1890.] 8°. 

14707. b. 2.(5.) 

'ABD ul-'AZiZ, Multunl. See Muhammad 'Abd 

'ABD ul-'AZiz ibn FAEID-BAKHSH. ^,j^jc cJ^ 
[KuUiyat i 'AzTzi. Collected Persian poems of 
'Aziz, followed by some Hindu-Sitaui ghazah.] 
pp.112, 64, 42, 18,16, 14, Zi7/t. ^1j im [Benares, 
1897.] 8°. 14797. g. 30. 

[Persian-Panjabi glossary to odes of Hafiz.] See 
Muhammad Hafiz, Shirdzl. 

'ABD ul-BAHA ibn BAHA TTLIAH, called 'Abbas 
Ependi. [Visit to America.] See Maiimud, 

[6 pamphlets or " tablets " (Alvah) by 

'Abd ul-Baha, with three letters on the progress 
of Bahaism.] [1906-07.] 8° & 16°. 

04503. g. 4.(2.) 

iSj^ S£.y^.sr* [Majmii'ah i mubarakah. A 

collection of " tablets " or revelations.] pp. 235, 
nth. irn [Bombay ? 1908.] 8°. 14728. b. 1. 

The Mysterious Forces of Civilization. 

Written in Persian by an eminent Bahai philo- 
sopher. And now first put into English by 
Johanna Dawud. <£joJ^I i__>'ji^^ ''y^-V^' >j'r^' •-—''Jl/ 
[Asrar ul-ghaibiyyah.] pp.242. London, [1910.] 
8°. 757. f. 53. 

A Traveller's Narrative written to illustrate 

the episode of the Bdb, edited in the original 
Persian, and translated into English, with an 
introduction and explanatory notes, by E. G. 
Browne. (<u<iy l_>U ay-aii .J i^ -Xx^ i<^^^=^ ""^'^ 
-1) 2 vols. Cambridge, 1891. 8°. 757. c. 38. 
The text it lithographed. 

'ABD ul-BAHA ibn BAHA ULLAH, called 'Abbas 
Ependi (continued). *l^l Joc ^,^'K.* [Makatib. 
Religious epistles in Arabic and Persian.] 
pp. 488. n.d. 8". 14597. d. 38. 

'Abd-oul-Beha. Les Le9ons de Saint-Jean- 

D'Acre. Recueillies par Laura Clifford Barney. 
Traduit du persan par Hippolyte Dreyfus, pp. 416. 
Varis, 1908. 8°. 757. b. 64. 

Some Answered Questions. Collected and 

translated from the Persian of 'Abdu'1-Baha by 
Laura Clifford Barney. pp. xiv. 344. London, 
1908. 8°. 757. f. 51. 

A letter from St. Jean d'Acre. (From 

Abdul Baha to a lady who visited Acre in 
February 1906. Translated by his daughter 
Monever Khanum from the orijzinal Persian.) 
pp.6. [Lorw^on, 1911 ?] 12°. 4503. ccc. 60.(1.) 

An-Niiru'1-Abha fl Mufawadat 'Abdi'l- 

Baha. Table talks, collected by Laura Clifford 
Barney. (liJl Joe cuLojU.* ^J ^^^H! .Jill) pp.221. 
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A Baha'I treatise on the moral and religious 
bases of civilization.] pp. 141. irrl [Cairo, 
1911.] 8°. 14728.0.2. 

The True Gardener, from words spoken 

by Abdul Baha. pp. 5. [London, 1912.] 8°. 

4503. ccc. 60.(5.) 

[Appendix to " Hidden Words."] See 

Husain 'Ali ibn 'Abbas. Hidden Words, etc. 
1911. 8°. 4503. ccc. 60.(8.) 

'ABD ul-BAKI ibn BABA KURD, Nahdvandi. The 

Ma'asir-i-Rahlmi (" Memoirs of 'Abd ur-Rahim 

Khan Khanan ") ... Edited with the preface 

and notes by Maulavi M. Hidayat Husain, etc. 

(j^^j^ y Lo) 1910, etc. See Academies, etc. — 

Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. Bibliotheca 

Indica. vol. 185. 1848, etc. 8°. 

14002. a. (vol. 185.) 
In progress. 

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meny's Geschichte von Gilan in den Jahren 923 
{= 1517) bis 1038 (= 1628). Persischer Text. 
ijbi g;U , ^^^ , J'^ J.4.^1 g;U) pp. 2 1, 270. 




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'ABD ul-FATTAH, called Asheaf 'Ali, Sayijid, 
Gulshanahadl. [Gujarati translation of Jam i 
Kai-khusrau.] See KnoDAJUY i Namdar. 

^\,i JoK [Kilid i danish. A catecliism 

on the religious life.] pp. 46, IWi. jyi^^ im 
[Gawnpore. 1850.] 8°. 14837. o. 2.(2.) 

J'o^'JI ,j'>,a.« ^-jUJ" [Masadir ul-af al] ... 

Amadan Namah, or The collection of verbs in 
Hindustani, Persian, Arabio, and English, etc. 
pp. 96, lith. Bombay, 1870. 8°. 14117. b. 9.(2.) 

^^i^K=- Sm [Sad hikayat. 100 stories. 

Edited by talib 'AH.] pp. 88, lith. ^J^, \r^r 
[Bombay, 1866.] 8°. 14783. e. 5.(2.) 

L5^y''~* '-^^.'^ "^ i-->'jk^ [Sad Kikayat.] 

pp. 160, Zt%. J.X4J [Bombay, \ 890 7] 12°. 

14783. a. 3. 

The first fifty stories of the Kitab-i-Sad 

Hikayat, transliterated and translated into English 
by Ardeshir Sorabji Master . . . and revised by 
[the author] Moulvi Saiyad Abdul Fattah alias 
Saiyad Ashraf Aly and Mirza Ismail, pp. 48, 50. 
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A literal translation of the first thirty 

stories from Sad Hekayet by E. R. Sahiar. pp. 24. 
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A literal translation of the first fifty stories 

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' A literal translation of the first fifty tales 

from Sad Hekayat. [By Kai-khusrau Barjorji 
Lala.] pp. 56. Bombay, [1888.] 12°. 

757. b. 81.(4.) 

First ten stories of Sad Hakayat . . . with 

a complete glossary and copious explanatory 
notes, with Sindhi equivalents, . . . &c. &c. . . . 
By Vasanmal Kishenchand Malkani. pp. ii. 16, 1 2. 
Hyderabad [Sind), 1900. 8°. 757. cc. 39.(2.) 

■ [For notes and glossaries to the Sad 

'ABD ul-FATTAH, called Fattahi. See Muhammad 
Yahta Sibak. 

'ABD ul-GHAFUR, called Akhuni-) Swat. [History.] 
See Muhammad 'Abd Ullah, Rami. 

'ABD ul-GHAFUR (Muhammad). See Muhammad 
'Add uI-Ghafur. 

'ABD ul-GHAFUR KHAN (Abu Muhammad), called 
Nassakh. cu'-^ [KuUiyat. Collected poems in 
Hindustani and Persian, the latter comprising 
Marghiib i dil, Kand i farsi, and Ganj i tavarikh.] 
lith. yjl trt\[Luclcnow, 1874.] 8°. 14114. b. 19. 

kJ'^J^ i f- '^f i^ ^^^^ Zamlmah i ganj i 

tavarikh, Persian and Hindustani chronograms, 
and (2) Armaghan, a dlvdn in Hindustani.] 
pp. 50, 128, lith. j^'i iPip-4 [Gawnpore, 1875-7.] 
8°. 14114. b. 30.(1.) 

[Another copy.] 14773. e. 13.(3.) 

hikayat ] 

See Ekachji Rustamji Sahiar. 

See Muhammad Gdl Muhammad Shaikh. 

L5*"j'"^ '^ [Kand i farsi. An anthology 

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'ABD ul-GHANI, Maulavi. [Edit.] See 'Abd ul- 
Rahman ibn Ahmad, called Jami. — RuUa'dt. 

[Notes on Gulistan.] See Muslih ibn 

'Abd Ullah (Mushareif uI-Din), called Sa'di. — 

'ABD ul-GHANI, Shlrdzt. [Edit.] See Muham- 
mad HusAiN ibn Muhammad Hadi, Kliurdsani. 

'ABD ul-GHANI, Shirvdnl. JwJl^ly! [Anvar ul- 
ramal. A treatise on geomancy. Edited with 
marginal notes by 'Aziz ul-fiasan Lakhnavi.] 
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14770. e. 1. 
'ABD ul-GHANI, called HamId Mir. [Continua- 
tion of Ta'rikh i Nusratjangl.] See 'Ali Khan 
(NnsEAT Jang). Tarikh-i-Nusratjangi, etc. 1908. 
4°. [Asiatic Society of Bengal : Memoirs.] 

R.Ac. 8826. b/2. 
'ABD ul-GHANI (Abu Muhammad), called §akib. 
Jl J,t>^''j' [Ta'sir i dard. An elegy on the death of 




Khvajah AUt'ih-bakhsh Chislitlof Tunis, with prose 
preface on his life, etc.] pp. 36, lith. ^_^i> '>^'^ 
[Delhi, 1906.] 8°. 14797. f. 3.(9.) 

'ABD ul-GHANI ibn ABI TALIS. [Translation of 
Jaini' ul-rizavi.] See Ja'fab ibn Sa'id. 

hammad NazIr. 

'ABD ul-HAKIM, Ixa'ts of Mecrut. See Muhammad 
'Abd uI-HakIm. 

'ABD ul-HAKIM ibn SHAMS ul-DIN, Shjallcoti. 
[Translation of Ghunyat ul-talibin.] See 'Abd 
u1-Kadie ibn MusA. 

'ABD ul-HAKK, Chishtl. J^>}\ J'vol [Akmal ul- 
itnan. A versified ti-eatise on the bases of Islam.] 
pp. 172, Zi</(. ^yt,i! irn [Lahore, 1898.] 8°. 

14712. c. 8. 

'ABD ul-HAKK, Hlnclnstam. dLo li-^ ej'J'j:^ 
ib'sjL- . [Halat i jang i Malakah u Sithanah. A 
versified account of an insurrection which took 
place in the districts of Malakah and Sithanah 
in the North-West Provinces of India after the 
Great Mutiny.] pp. 384, lith. <tuj M . i [, 
1901.] 8°. " 14773. d. 17. 

'ABD ul-HAKK, Maulavt, of Calcutta Madrasah. 
Zawabit-i-Farsi ; or, A Persian Grammar in 

Oordoo. ii^j^ ^)y^. (>T"T° lS^J"^ j^ J ' — ''f^ 
pp.71. 1869. See Lees (W.N.). Lees's Persian 
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'ABD ul-HAKK ibn SAIF ul DIN, called Hakki", 
Dihlavl. [Commentary on Futufi ul-ghaib.] See 
'Abd u1-Kadie ibn Musa. 

(ui.>'jiaU! ioi!) I— ttJ.»i 'i^JL^ LS**V^ '•'*?-/ 

[Ashi'at ul-lama'at. A Persian commentary on 
Mishkat ul-raasabih, Arabic traditions collected 
by Muh. b. 'Abd Ullah al-Khatib.] 4 vols., Wi. 
^ lAvr [Luchiow, 1873.] Fol. 14521. e. 9. 

Juzbul Quoloob ela-De-a-rul-Muh-boob; or 

A chronological and geographical History of the 
Holy City of Mudeenuh. Compiled by Shaikh 
Ubdul Huck of Delhee. (^bj Jl ^^^\ e_>i^ 
t-jyAs^') pp. 397. Calcutta, 1847. 8°. 

14762. c. 1. 

'ABD ul-HAKK ibn SAIF ul-DIN, called HAKiii, 
Dihlavl {continued). i_>y=c^'^'oJ ^\ ^y^^ '-r'>^ 
[Jagb ul-kulub.] pp.256,/i<A. y.^ \r^^ [Lucknow, 
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i_>^Jk3f*^' .'oJ ^1 t-J^l '-T^'^ [Jaab ul- 

kulub.] pp. 256, lith. jyu^ lAir [Oawnpore, 
1893.] 8°. ' 14762. e. 1. 

^j.'oJ:1 4jU=s1.1 ^ ^'jCa^J! eXii [Kashf 

ul-iltibas fi istihbab il-libas. A tract on Mu- 
hammad's dress as a guide to orthodox Moslem 
apparel.] pp. 8, lith. ^yj.11 [Lahore, 1892.] 8'. 

14718. f. 12.(7.) 

is^l 77^i1j>-« [Madarij ul-nubuvvat. The 

life of Muhammad.] pp. 358, lith. iaiv [Luchnoiv, 
1867.] 4°. 14779. i. 2. 

eu^l 7:-)'j^ [Madarij ul-nubuvvat.] 

vol. 2. lith. ^ lAA. [Luehnow, 1880.] 8°. 

14779. e. 5. 
]S\ il'-^, [Risalah i adab i libas. 



i„ SxM S'.^, [Risalah i sa'd u nahs, 

14718. f. 15. 

A tract on dress.] See Muhammad 'Abd uI-Razzaic, 
Kddirt. J 

etc.] pp. 44-55. [1902.] 8°. 

c:jJ'j«*J1 f^ 7- r^ [Sharh snfar ul-sa'adat. 

A commentary upon Muh. b. Ya kub F'lruz- 
abadi's collection of traditions relating to Mu- 
hammad the Prophet.] pp. vi. 584, lith. iaac 
[Lucknow, 1885.] Fol. 14707. e. 1. 

jj'-«j^l JtN*^ [Takmil ul-Iman. A treatise 

on the Sunni creed. Followed by a biography 
of the author, by Muh. Sulaiman.] pp. 108, lith. 
y^ I Mv [Lucknow, 1882.] 8°. 14712. d. 1. 

Articles of the Faith of Islam . . . [Takmil 

ul-Iman of 'Abd ul-Hakk, with author's commen- 
tary, translated into English, with notes,] by 
Shaikh Ahmad Munshi. pp. vi. 44. Bombay, 
1894. 8°. 757. e. 42. 

x«>i*-j' .Lijill J.s^ji>,! i—slii" ,^! . . . J<ji\ 'iSij 

■ '^l!l iijoj [Zubdat ul-asar. 'Abd ul-Hakk's own 
Persian abridgment of his Arabic work Zubdat 
ul-asrar, anecdotes and sayings of 'Abd ul-Kadir 
Gilani. With the omitted passages of the Z. nl- 
asrar, translated into Persian by Amanat Khan, 
and a Hindustani translation of the original 
Arabic by the latter.] pp. 116, lith. ,_jla>0 [Delhi, 
1890.] 8°. 14779. g. 11. 





'ABD ul-HAKK ibn SHAH ABI '1-HASAN, MungM. 
J^Si'i] —It ['Ilaj ul-abdan. A popular treatise 
on tberapeutics.] pp. 55, lilh. lAvr [Lucknow, 
1873.] 8°. 14837. f. 6.(6.) 

'ABD ul-HAKK ibn SHAH-NAVAZ. See 'Abd ul- 
Razzak (Samsam u1-Daulah Shah-navaz Khan) 
and 'Abd u1-Hakk ibn Shah-navaz. The Maasir- 
nl-umara, eic. 1888[1887]-91. 8°. [Bibliotheca 
Indica.] 14002. a. (vol. 112.) 

See 'Abd uI-Razzak (Samsam u1-Daulah 

Shah-navaz Khan) and 'Abd u1-Hakk ibn Shah- 
navaz. The Maasiru-l-umara . . . Translated, etc. 
8°. [Bibliotheca Indica.'] 14002. a. (vol. 201.) 

'ABD ul-HAKK 'ABID, Matdavl. [Edit.] See 
Ghdlam Husain, called Salim. 

•abd ul-HAKK SAJAVAL, SirUndl. ys:}\ J6Lo 
J! ^J'^J<i ^]^i -^A i^j^ ^^^/i ^'^^'=^ ri [Masa'il 
i sharli i viliayah. A Persian commentary on 
MaKmiid ibn 'Ubaid UUah's ViUayat ul-rivayah, 
an abridgment of Marghinani's Hidayah, an 
Arabic digest of Hanafi law. With Ibrahim al- 
Halabi's MultaUa ul-abliur, another Arabic digest 
of Hanafi law, on the margin.] 2 vols., lith. 
I f^^ [Bombay, \8Q2.] 4°. 14527. b. 15. 

js:_^\ ,_yiji« j-« <oUj yL i./^''* ^-♦^y Dii^- 

sa'il i sharh i viUayah. "With Multaka ul-abhur 
on the margin.] 2 vols., lith. .vul^ uvr [Caivn- 
pore, 1873.] 8°. ' 14528. d. 14. 

[MasaMI i sharh i vikayah. With Mnltaka ul- 
abhur on the margin.] 2 vols., Z/</t. iJuU lAvv 
[Bombay, 1877.] 8°. 14529. c. 11. 

'ABD ul-HAliM, LaUnavi. JJlJ' ^Uj J J^| ~iJ^ 
^/^ i [Ghayat ul-kalam. A treatise on things 
permitted and prohibited by Moslem law.] 
pp. 40, lith. j^l irir [Lahore, 1894.] 8°. 

14718. f. 12.(9.) 
'ABD ul-HAMID, Ldhaurl. dL,'o' ^^J^j The Bad- 
shAh N6mah [being the history of the first 20 
years of the reign of the Emperor Shahjahan, 
A.H. 1037-1057]. . . . Edited by Mawlawis Kabir 
al-Din Ahmad and Abd al-Rahim, under the 
superintendence of Major W. N. Lees. (Index of 
names of persons and geographical names ... by 

Maulavi Abdur Rahim.) 3 pts. 1867 [l866]-72. 
See Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of 
Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica, etc. vol. 56. 1848, 
etc. 8°. 14002. a. (vol. 56.) 

[Excerpts on Kuch Bihar, Kuch Hnjo, and 

Assam in the 16-17th century.] See Blochmann 
(H. F.). Koch Bihar, efc. 1872. [Asiatic Society 
of Bengal : Journal.] E.Ac. 8826/11. 

Selections from Shahjahan Nama [or Bad- 

shah-namah. Done into English, with notes]. 
See Academies, etc. — Allahabad. — University of 
Allahabad. A complete Key, etc. pt. i. pp. 80- 
108. [1897.] 8°. 757.00.31. 

[1896.] 8° 

757. CO. 31.* 

'ABD ul-HAMID, Maulavi. [Edit.] See 'Abd ul- 
Rahman ibn Ahmad, called Jami. — Nafalidt ul- 

Yusuf Zulaikhd. 

'ABD ul-HAMID, called Rafik. [Parallel verses 
to Pand-namali.] See Mdslih ibn 'Abd Ullah 
(MosHAKRip uI-Din), called Sa'di. — Pand-ndmah. 

[Notes on Dard i dil and Masuavl nia fl '1-zamir.] 
See Mohammad 'Abd uI-Rashid, Maulavi. 

ABD al-HAaa. See 'Abd uI-Hakk. 

'ABD ul-HASAIT, Maulavi. [Commentary on Inti- 
khab i tuhfat ul-'Irakain.] /See Ibrahim ibn 'Ali 

'ABD ul-HAYY, Dihlavi. [For the Lughat ul- 
Kur'an as published on the margin of the Kur'an :] 
See Kdr'an. 

J\jfi^] uu'^ [Lughat ul-Kur'an. A glossary 
to the Kur'an.] pp.64, ii., lith. ijjy^ ir.i-.v 
[Jaunpur, 1889.] 8°. 14514. b. 36.(3.) 

• [DictaofSayyid Ahmad of Bareilly.] See 

Muhammad Isma'Il, Dihlavi. *jJ!jwaI! 1s1_o [Sirat 
ul-mustakim.] [1823.] 8°. 14724. d. 2. 

'ABD ul-HAYY, Laldinavl. See Muhammad 'Abd 

'ABD ul-HAYY, Maulavi. [Edit.] See Jahangir. 

See Muhammad Kazim ibn Muhammad Amin. 

See 'UsMAN ibn Sieaj uI-Din. 





'ABD ul-HAYY ibn ul-ZAHHAK, Qardezl. Gardezi 
kezirati mnnkajiinak a Torokokrol, TibetiekrSl es 
SinaiakrSl irt fejezetei. Kiadta, Magyarra fordi- 
totta, Magyardzo jegyzetekkel s harom nevmuta- 
toval Idtta el Grof Kuun G(?za. [Excerpts relating 
to the Turks, Tibetans, and Chinese, with Magyar 
translation.] (Publications de la Section Oiientale 
de la Societe Ethnographique Hongroisc, iv.) 
pp. vii. 146. BuiUpest,\^QZ. 8°. 757. f. 39. 

'ABD ul-HUSAIN, Sayyid. [Edit.] See Muham- 
mad ibn HusAiN (Baha uI-Din), 'Amill. 

'ABD ul-HUSAIN, Zaidi. [Edit.] See 'Au Asghae, 


'ABD ul- JABBAR, Ghaznavi, and GHULAM RASUL, 
Kal'avi. ^y^sr-" j ^_jr*C ^'1^^ ^^a-^sJI . . . ^y>^ 
CijbyLe [Savanili i 'umri. A life of 'Abd Ullah 
Ghaznavi, known as Muli. A'zam, in Hindustani. 
Followed by a collection of his letters in Persian. 
With Hindustani marginal notes.] pp. 44, 48. 
j>^jj [Amritsar, 1895.] 8°. 14779. f. 7.(5.) 

'ABD ul-JALIL, Bilgraml, Sayyid. joc . . . ^y>^ 
^^lillj J-jisJ' [Masnavi. A poem celebrating the 
marriage of Farrukhsiyar with the daughter of 
Raja Ajit Singh. With marginal notes.] pp. 72, 
nth. ^£> \^^r'iLuclmow,\88^.'] 8°. 14797. h. 24.(2.) 

Original letters from a father to his son, 

on various subjects. [With English translation.] 
pt. i. See Oriental Miscellany. The Oriental 
Miscellany, e<c. vol. i. 1798. 8°. 757.0.13. 

See Persian Reader. The Persian 

Reader, etc. vol, ii. 1824. 8°. 757. d. 36. 

'ABD ul-JALIL, called Maujud, Malcanpuri. ^^a^^^' 
li^j^ Ja; Lii^ijt) j) ^^r>^ [Haft-band. A Persian 
poem. With Hindustani poetical amplification 
(tazvun) by Shah Zahir Ahmad.] pp. 1-6, litli. 
^j)}Si M.I [Badaon, 190G.] 8°. 14114. aa. 15.(2.) 

'ABD ul-JALIL ibn YAHYA, Yazdl. CX,^ Jl ^.^U 

[Extracts from the Ta'rikh i al i Barmak, or 
history of the Barmecide family.] 1885. See 
ScHEFEE (G.). Chrestomathie Persane. tom. ii. 
1883, 85. 8°. 14003. i. 15. 

'ABD ul-KADIR, Allmadl. A full glossary, with 
notes, on the first tliirty-one chapters of Akhlak- 
i-Muhsini,e<c. (Akhlak-i-Muhsini, part ii. Trans- 

lation with notes of the second half portion, 
chapters 32 to 40, etc.) 2 pts. Bombay, 1892,93. 
8°. 767. d. 46.(2.) 

'ABD ul-KADIR, Dcobandi. [Edit., with commen- 
tary, of Divan of 'All.] See 'AlI ibn Abi Talib. 

'ABD ul-KADIR, Sayyid. '-Jj/^ -u'J J^ i.^^"^ 
,'jiL <Co'J 1-f.^i?- ^ [Jang-namah i bulghiir. A 
mystic ma^navl. With marginal notes.] pp. 74, 
lith. JiA^i irir [DeiW, 1895.] 8°. 14797. g. 28.(6.) 

'ABD ul-KADIR, called 'Andalib i Gulshan i Raz, 
Fakhrl. ^yt>«-« {^^ [Faiz i ma'navl. An ex- 
position oi baits i., iii., and iv. of Rumi's Masnavf. 
Edited by the author's son. Shah Kadir.] pp. 35, 
lith. ^J^ irri iMadras, 1903.] 8°. 

14797. f. 2.(8.) 
'ABD nl-KADIR, called BIdil. Jjoj ci^'oK 
[Kulliyat. Collected works of Bidil. Edited 
by Si raj ul-HaUk b. Nur ul-Halik (talib) and 
Muh. IshaU b. 'Abd ul-Malik.] fi". 517, lith. 
,Juuj im [Bomta?/, 1882.] Fol. 14797. L 4. 

[Selections.] See Mohammad 'Abd u1-Ahad. 

J! cu'ioclj. <to^As-< [Majmii'ah i ruba'iyyat.] 

[1901.] 8°. 14797. d. 19.(5.) 

Jj«j.j ij'^.'i [Divan. Poems.] pp. 376, 

lith. j_jLkAJ I Avo [5om6a!/, 1875.] 8°. 14797.^.3, 

J'V^ Lul^ J ^}s^■s cj'^"'^ [Divan. Followed 

by Nikat, witticisms and pointed anecdotes on 
moral and religious topics, in prose and verse.] 
pp. 220, 68, lith. lAAr [Dtlhi, 1883.] 8°. 

14797. e. 18. 

Jj>jj Ji^d [Divan. With the Nikat on 

the margin.] pp. 258, Ki/t. ,^^\^^^ \_Caivnpore, 
1886.] 8°. '' 14797. g. 19. 

Jl <teU ^'Uu [Saki-namah. A mystic poem 

in masnavl rhyme.] pp. 176, lith. cIpJ^Lx-j 
ISialhot, 188^.] 12°. 14797. a^ 5.(1.) 

Jj^jo ^^.r^l'iIl "iM^ k_>'iaw« L-j'jki" [TuKfat 

ul-zakirin. A history of Husain and other 
members of the Prophet's family. Illustrated.] 
3 vols., lith. J\j^ irA.-Ai [_Teheran, 1863-64.] 


14779. 1. 1. 

'ABD ul-KADIR (Nuseat uI-Din Abu 'l-MuijAPFAK), 
called Nazim. ^xiair* L:i.>'v«Jli [Kalimat i mukhaf- 
fafah. A vocabulary of words written in a 





defective or abbreviated form in Persian. Edited 
by Muli. Tegh Bahadur.] pp. 28, lifh. j)JS i M a 

[Luchnoiv, 1881.] 8°. 

14815. d. 7.(5.) 

'ABD ul-KADIR ibn FAZL RASUL, Badd'uni. 
[Polemic.'] See Muhammad TakI uI-DIn, Kanaujl. 

'ABD ul-KADIR ibn MULUK SHAH, Brt^^^'wiit, called 
KadirL The Muntakhab al-tawarikh of Abd 
al-Qadir bin-i-Maluk Shah al Badaoni [a general 
history of India from the Muhammadan conquest 
down to the 40th year of Akbar, A.H. 1004]. 
Edited by Maulavi Ahmad AH, [Kablr ul-Din 
Ahmad, and W. N. Lees]. (Jl g^'^-'' (..^sill*) 
3 pts. 1864-69. See Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — 

Asiatic Society of Bengal Bibliotheca Indica, etc. 

vol.51. 1848, e<c. 8°. 14002. a. (vol. 51.) 

f.j\J!i] L;^^sn,jL<i [Muntakhab ul-tavarikh.] 

pp. ii. 393, /i%. jij^ lAiv [Luclcnow, 1868.] Fol. 

14773. 1. 14. 

Muntakhabu-t-Tawarikh . . .Volume i., trans- 
lated from the original Persian ... by G. Ranking. 
(Vol. ii., translated by W. H. Lowe. Vol. iii., by 
T. W. Haig.) 1898, etc. See Academies, etc. — 
Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. Bibliotheca 
Indica, etc. vol. 97. 1848, etc. 8°. 

14002. a. (vol. 97.) 
In progress ? 

The Emperor Akbar's repudiation of 

Esllam and profession of his own religion, called 
"Tovohhyd Elahy Akbar Shahy " or " Akbar 
Shah's Divine Monotheism." Consisting of 
passages from the Muntakhab al-Tawarikh of Abd 
al-Qadir bin-i Maliik Shah Al-Badauni. Trans- 
lated by E. Rehatsek. pp. v. 103. Bombay, 
1866. 12°. 757. e. 29. 

'ABD ul-KADIR ibn MUSA (Muhyi uI-Din), GlUn'i. 
[.Dieta.] See 'Abd u1-Hakk ibn Saif uI-Din. 

[Lfe.] See Mohammad (Abu 'I-Ma'alI). 

[For the FutuK ul-haramain of Muhyi, 

often ascribed to 'Abd ul-Kadir :] See Muhyi, 

[For the Divan of Muhyi, often ascribed 

to 'Abd ul-Kadir :] See Muhyi, SUfi. 

LS^-/'"* T/*' J^ • • ■ S-^^' 7-j^ [Futiih 

ul-ghaib. Arabic rules of asceticism. With 

Persian commentary by 'Abd ul-Hakli Dlhlavi.] 
p-p. lY. 424i, lith. y.^ iam [Lucknow, 1881.] 8°. 

14519. e. 1 

^AjJ'dJ! iyic [Ghunyat ul-talibin. An 

Arabic work on asceticism. With Persian inter- 
linear translation by 'Abd ul -Hakim Siyalk5ti, 
Persian preface by his son 'Abd UUah Labib, 
and glosses.] pp. 1104, Uth. ^J:b>i ir.. [Delhi, 
1883.] 8°. 14516. cc. 11. 

Ll^U .i) . Jl'ia^s [Haf tad va du millat. An 

account of certain Islamic sects, from 'Abd ul- 
Kadir's Q-hunyat ul-talibin.] See Ziya Ullah, 



[1872.] 8° 

^**J [Nasab-namah i kalan.] 
14837. f. 14.(10.) 

[1891.] 8=. 14779. d. 22.(3.) 

^Jl c^.^1 ^ ^Ul ^^^! [Al-Iksir ul- 

akbar, or Kibrit ahmar. An Arabic prayer. 
With Hindustani translation, and Persian preface 
and notes.] See Prayers. Jl ^^=^1 c:^)^ 
[Arabic prayers.] [1871.] 8°. 14519. b. 14.(5.) 

[1879.] 8°. 


£ji.v ^'^ 

14519. d. 9.(4.) 
XiijUas «Uo^J' [KasTdah i 

ghausiyyah. A Sufic poem, in Arabic, on wine 
as a symbol of mystic love. With Persian inter- 
linear translation and preface.] See Kasa'id. 

Jl iJJLm ^^Asr* c:^wj.^ [Kasa'id.] pp. 38-44. 

[1870?] 8°, 14519. d. 9.(1.) 

pp. 38-44. [1873.] 

14519. c. 9.(1.) 

(.^•c I " 1 -^ — iSX'O) ctf") "y-jy^ 4iiJk.«as 


^^^jliijill) [Kasldah i ghausiyyah, in Arabic. With 
Persian interlinear translation, etc.] See Kasa'id. 
Jl iii J tja.«QJ' _ J J <)J J liy [Kasa'id.] pp. 67-72. 
[1872.]. 8°. 14519. b. 21.(3.) 

pp. 67-72. [1877.] 8°. 

14519. b. 14.(5.) 

i<^ j' J)' ''^*^/ ^^ »Ja-aJ' [Kasidah i 

ghausiyyah. With 3 Persian metrical versions, 
the first by Lutfi.] See Muhammad Maksud 
Hasan. jJ'.us' ^j-*=r« [Majmii'ah i kasa'id.] pt. 1, 
pp. 13-56. [1892, etc.] 16°. 14519. a. 5. 

jjK ^^j^\ ^jliv* [Kasidah i ghausiyyah. 

With Persian and Panjabi verse-translations and 



-ABD ul-KAIim 


Hindustani commentary, tlie whole entitled Ma?nk 
iil-'arifin i kalun, by MuH. Firuz ul-Din.] pp. 96, 
lith. CJ^'ow. [Smif/fo<, 1900.] 12°. 14519. a. 7. 

ij^\ -isj^] ^/. J 4J^\ i^l/Jt [Al- 

Kasidat nl-Uutbiyyah. An Arabic poem in 
praise of Muliammad. With Persian commentary 
entitled al-Kavakib ul-durriyyah, by Muh. 'Abd 
ul-Saliim Kashmiri.] pp. 124!, liih. j^yt\ irrr 
[Amritsar, 1905.] 8°. 14797. e. 43. 

Jl ei^Vy*^ [Maktixbat. Letters on 

religious and Sufic matters.] See Ahmad ibn 
Yahta (Shaeap u1-DIn). ^J>}j^ ci^'jy^ [Mak- 
tiibrit i javabi, etc.'] [1884.] 8\ 14807. d. 13.(2.) 

a;y.J j;I'>*u, [Risalah i nuriyyah. An Arabic 

religious tract. With Persian paraphrase.] See 

Ism. Jicl (»^1 [Ism i a'zam.] pp. 171-183. 

[1899.] 8°. 14779. o. 28. 

[Enumeration of the uses of the Throne 

Verse.] See Muhammad Hasan, Sdhirl. j\jJ\ 
Ci^jJc^l. [Asrar i vahidiyyat.] [1886.] 8°. 

14712. c, 5.(1.) 
'ABD ul-KADIR ibn 'TJMAR, Baglidddi. 'Abdul- 
qadiri Bagdadensis lexicon Sahuamianum (vj:^ 
(U'J^-i), cui accedunt ejusdem auctoris in lexicon 
Sahidianum (^JJb'Ji iA:^) commentariorum, turcici 
particula prima, arabici excerpta .... Recensuit, 
annotationibus, indicibus instruxit, edidit C. 
Salemann. Fetropoli, Wdo, etc. 8°. 757. k. 38. 
In progress. 

[Another copy.] 757. k. 39. 

'ABD ul-KADIR SARFARAZ. [Edit.] See Muham- 
mad ibn JaeIr (Abu Ja'fae). 

'ABD ul-KAHIR ibn 'ABD ul-RAHMAN, Jurjdnl. 
[Mi'at 'amil. A tract on Arabic syntax, para- 
phrased in Persian verse.] See Nahv. ti£.y*sr* j) 
J! ^' [Majmii'ah i nahv.] pp. 41-45. [1843.] 

8°. 14837. g. 4.(7.) 

'ABD ul-KAHIR ibn 'ABD ul-RAHMAN,/«r;«?i?(<-o»i- 

tinued). ildb hoy^y^\ iJlJI Jv«ly«II Jij _-i [Mi'at 

amil, The Persian verse-paraphrase (hero called 
Nazm ul-'aviimil ul-ini'ah). With al-Shammah, 
an Arabic commentary. With Arabic glosses by 
Muh. Ilyas Kiichani.] , pp. 32, lith. j^l \s\^ 
[Lahore, 1898.] 8°. 14594. aa. 1.(4.) 

j,^*\\ i^uiLi 'Lcy^yti 1 S'w.- JI [Mi'at 'amil. 

The Persian verse-paraphrase. With Kashf ul- 
manzum, an Arabic commentary by Ahmad b. 
'Abd ul-Kadir Isra'ill.] pp. 50, ?/</<. jJ6js~ \r>-\ 
[Jatinimr, 1903.] Fol. UMS. f. 20. 

iJ^'i ^U _-i [Sliarli mi'at 'amil. An 

anonymous Arabic commentary on Mi'at 'amil. 

Edited with Persian marginal notes by llahi 

Bakhsh Fai?abadi.] pp. 52, /t</t. iroi [Luclcnoiv, 

1843.] 8°. 14837. g. 4.(8.) 

pp. 50, lith. y^$3 (All [Lucknow, 

1869.] 8°. 14593. e. 12.(3.) 

pp. 50, lith. J^j) [Delhi, 1870?] 

8". 14593. e. 24.(1.) 

pp. 50j lith. jX^ lAAr [Liccltnoio, 

1882.] 8°. 14594. a. 24.(2.) 

ij^'.£ B'.« _ yi [Sharh mi'at 'amil. Arabic 

text. With Persian notes of llahl Bakhsh.] 
pp. 50, lith. jyJ^i^ i^'^v [Cai07ipore, 1887.] 8°. 

14594. a. 37.(1.) 

[Second edition.] pp. 50, lith. j^^ i^ii 

[Cawnpore, 1896.] 8°. 14594. a. 37.(4.) 

ij^'x iJiU -,-yi [Sharh mi'at 'amil. Arabic 

text. With Persian marginal notes from those 
of llahi Bakhsh. Followed by ul-jumal, an 
anonymous Arabic tract on syntax, with Hindu- 
stani commentary.] pp. 72, lith. jy^^ ""•'' 
[Cawnpore, \mi.] 8°. 14594. a. 34.(1.) 

Jv«'.i i(jU --t^l --/i [Sharh mi'at 'amil. 

SffiNAHV. ^ jjyc ^ [Nahvimir, | Arabic text. With Arabic supercommentary by 

Muli. Mas'ud, and the anonymous Persian verse- 
paraphrase of Mi'at 'amil.] pp. 120, lith. ^ytD 
[Lahore, 1896.] 8^ 14594. a. 37.(3.) 

etc.] pp. 34-38. [1860 ?] 8°. ' 14820. f. 4.(1.) 

(J>-o'x i)'v<i [Mi'at 'amil. The same version. 

With commentaries by'Abdul-Rasiiland Jami, and 
notes.] (SeeNAiiv. Jl^" <L;^4cs-< [Majmii'ah i nahv.] 

pp. 43-46, 61-96. [1878.] 8°. 14820. e. 2.(4.) 

J^'j: iJU _yii [Sharh mi'at 'amil. Arabic 

text. With notes of llahi Baksh and others. 





Followed by the Asl ul-jumal with Hindustani 
commentary.] pp. 80, ii<7i. .yj^^^ \rf^ [Cawnpore, 
1898.] 8°. 14594. a. 37.(5.) 

[Sl)arh mi'at 'amil. Arabic text. With Persian 
marginal notes styled Hall i tarkib i kamil.] 
pp. 108, /I'i/i. ^d 11.1 {Delhi, 1906.] 8°. 

14593. e. 37. 

'ABD ul-KARIM, 'AUvi. j.a=-! -^p [Ta'rikh i 
Ahmad. A history of the Durrani dynasty from 
the reign of Ahmad Shah to the flight of 
Muhammad Shah in 1797; based principally upon 
the fiusain-shahlof Imam ul-DinHasaini Chishti.] 
pp. 50, nth. irT) [LucJcnoiv, 1850.] 8°. 

14773. i. 12. 

'ABD ul-KARIM, BuMdri, Mir. l^lir^ JjI^^. Jm)) 

[History of Central Asia in the second half of 
the 18th century. Printed by direction of C. 
Schefer.] pp.111. j"Jy i ri. [£u?aA;, 1873.] 4°. 

757. k. 32. 

Histoire de I'Asie Centrale (Afghanistan, 

Boukbara, Khiva, Klioqand) depuis les derni^res 
annees du regne de Nadir Chah (1153), jusqu'en 
1233 de I'Hegire (17-10-1818) par Mir Abdoul 
Kerim Boukhary, publie, traduit et annote par 
C. Schefer. (Publications de I'Ecole des Langues 
Orientales Vivantes. i serie, vol. 1.) 2 vols. 
Faris, 1876. 4° & 8°. 14003. k. 1. & i. 11. 

The Persian text was printed at Bulah. 

'ABD ul-KARIM, Manlavt, of the Persian Office. 
[Edit.] See Ghulam Husain Khan, tabatahd'i. 

'ABD ul-KARIM, Munshi. JjuSu j J^i^ aj^li^-« 
[Muharabah i Kabul u Kandahar. An account 
of the first English invasion of Afghanistan, 
especially in the years 1838-42, and of the deeds 
of Akbar Khan. Based upon the Akbar-namah, 
a heroic poem by Kasim Jan.] pp. 87, lith. 
[Lucknoxv ? 1848.] 8°. 14773. g. 2. 

j'jfcjjj' ^ J,)\^ •^p^ [Muharabah i Kabul u 

Kamlahar.] pp. 88, /i</i. .^I^inv [Cawnpore, 
1851.] 8°. ' 14773. g. 6. 

A dictionary of Anglo-Persian homogene- 
ous words. Being a . . . collection of . . . words 
having neai'ly the same souud and the same 

meaning, arranged alphabetically and explained 
in English with their equivalents in Persian. 
Illustrated with 1001 gems of Persian poetry . . . 
together with a novel play . . . called Bait Bazi. 
pp. ii. 68. Bomhaij, 1889. 8°. 757. d. 38.(4,) 


^j'Jf [Masa'il i zanan. Rules for ceremonial duties 
of Moslem women.] pp. 175, lith. .ysi! ir. i 
[ia/iore, 1891.] 8°. 14718, f. 12.(6.) 

'ABD ul-KARIM ibn 'AKIBAT MAHMUD, Kashmiri, 
Khvdjah. The Memoirs of Khojeh Abdulkurreem, 
a Cashmerian of distinction, who accompanied 
Nadir Shah, on his return from Hindostan to 
Persia ; from whence he travelled to Baghdad, 
Damascus, and Aleppo, and after visiting Medina 
and Mecca, embarked ... at the port of Jeddeh, 
and sailed to Hooghly in Bengal. Including the 
History of Hindostan, from A.D. 1739 to 1749: 
with an account of the European settlements in 
Bengal, and on the coast of Coromandel. Trans- 
lated ... by F. Gladwin. [Bayan i vaki'.] pp. x. 
219. Calcutta, 1788. 8°. 280.6.2. 

pp. viii. 210. Calcutta reprinted, 
10605. bb. 13. 

1813. 8° 

Voyage de I'lnde d la Mekke, par A'bdoul- 

Kerym . . . extrait et traduit de la version 
anglaise de ses Memoires, avec des notes . . . par 
L. Langles. pp. xxxii. 246. 1797. See Travels. 
Collection Portative de Voyages, tom. 1. 1797, 
etc. 12°. 1049. a. 18. 

'ABD ul-KARIM ibn HAVAZIN (Abd '1-Kasim), 
Jviishairl. [For parallels between the Risalah i 
Kushairiyyah and 'Attar's Tazkirat ul-auliya :] 
See Muhammad ibn Iijrahim (FarId u1-D!n), called 

'ABD ul-KARIM ibn MAHMUD, called Sahmast, 

BUrnl. 1 j'-^jl iajjo^ u-s'.jii' 4*:=-'^-^ [Hadlkat ul- 

insaf. A catechetical exposition of theological, 
philosophical, and scientific questions with special 
reference to the nature of man, with corroborations 
from Jewish and Christian scriptures as well as 
from Moslem works. Followed by (2) a Mu'amma 
or riddle and illustrations, (3) a ghazal by Shams 
i TabrTzI.] pp. xv. 409, lith. ir.v [Teheran, 
1889-90.] 8°. 14718. c. 5. 





'ABD ul-KARIM ibn MAKHDUM, callecl Akrund 
Dauvizaii, Nivgrtilnrn. [Coiniiientary ou Bad' 
ul-anifili.] See 'AlI ibn 'Usman, Usiii. 

(^IjS^) ^JJ^'>i2!l ii^j\ [Irsbad ul-talibln. A 

treatise ou Islam and its ethics. Followed by 
(2) Sadriyyah, 4 anonymous tracts on clean and 
unclean animals and the prohibition of music, 
tobacco and opium, and (3) an Arabic prayer by 
'Abd ul-Kadir Gilani. Edited by Fazl Halik 
FaiisabadI and Miyan Kamar ul-DIn Achinavi.] 

pp. xvi. 552, 80, liih. 
1881-82.] 8°. 

la J irlA-im [Dellii, 

14712. g. 6. 

The last three tracts of the Sadriyyah (pp. 57-64) 
are wanting. 

^J^J!|'^] o'-i^l [Irshad ul-talibin.] pp. 492, 

12, lith. ir.r->= [Delhi, 1886-7 ?] 8°. 14718. g. 8. 

t:;:!^'-^' "^'-^j' [Irshad ul-taliblu.] pp. 442, 

llth. J^ in. [Lurknow, 1892.] 8°. 14724.f.2. 

t^'^' '>''~;' [Irshad ul-talibin. Edited by 

MuK. Yar.] pp. 460, ?/<A. ^yt^ in . [La/(o?T, 1893.] 

8°. 14724. g. 1. 

Imperfect, wanting pp. 83-40. 

,1 [Irshad ul-talibin. Followed 
by Navab Sadr i JahJin's Saidiyyah, a tract on 
permitted animals, and Chihiil liadis, 40 traditions 
in Arabic] pp. 16, 551, 64, lith. tj^'^ """" 
[Delhi, 1895.] 8°. 14718. g. 13. 

• -lyi'ilj ,b^Jl iSsi [Tazkirat ul-abrar va'l- 

ashrfir. A controversial work on the true and 
false teachers of the author's time.] pp. 236, 4, 
lith. ir.'i [Delhi, 1892.] 8°. 14718. f. 17. 

'ABD ul-KARIM ibn MUHAMMAD 'ALI, Khurd- 

Kclnl. (iO^ jj'J L_j'ji) [Nan u siikah. A mamavl 
poem on the ascetic life, in imitation of the 
Nan u halva of Baha ul-DIn 'Amili.] pp. 48, lith. 
^J.y^_ <r.^ [Bombay, 189\.] 8°. 14797. b. 7.(2.) 

'ABD ul-KHALIK ibn 'ABD ul-RAHIM, Yazdi. 

Jl J^'}\ c:^^ L_>'iil^ L_>'j; (J!) J^! J.U [Bait 

ul-akhzau. A history of the martyrdoms of the 
Caliph 'All and his fumily. Edited by Mustafa 
b. 'Abd ul-Rasul Marrandi.] pp. 496, llth. j) yxi 
irvc [To^.m, 1858.] Fol. 14779. k. 1. 

h'lrpurl. [Edit.] See Muhammad 'Auif, called 

'ABD ul-KUDDtJS ibn ISMA'IL (Kotb u1-'Alam), 

Gav(jdhl. ^^jAJ' I aJW [Latii'if i Kuddusi. Sufio 

dicta. Compiled by Shaikh Rukn ul-Din.] pp.1 10, 
lith. ^d yrw [Delhi, 1894:.] 8°. 14779.17.(3.) 

ij^^Si LHj'jyiiU [Maktubat i Kuddusiyyah. 

Religious rosponsa, collected and arranged by 
Budhan b. Rukn Jaunpuri (Miyan Khan). Edited 
with 6 letters from mss. found in the library of 
Shaikh Hamid ul-Dio, the author's son, by Shir 
Muh. Khan and Muli. RaHm llalii.] pp. 360, 11, 
lith. ^b)^ \v^^ [Delhi, 1810.] 8°. 14712. g. 1. 
,. > 

i_<'**==^ '*•*'-' '^ ) [Rushd-namah. A summary 

of Sufism. Edited, with marginal notes, by Rukn 
nl-DIn b. 'Abd ul-Kuddiis.] pp. 36, lith. ys^e>- ir i .- 
[Jhajar, 1897.] 8°. 14724. e. 1.(8.) 

'ABD ul-LATIF, TassujT, Tahrizt. [Translation of 

Arabian Nights.] See Arabian Nights. 

'ABD ul-LAtiF, called Muhti uI-DIn, Shah. 
ijljLs^' J*')*- [Javahir ul-haka'ik. A cosmo- 
graphy.] pp. i. 182, 2, 16, lith. ;^1;J^ i''"^ 
[Madras, 1858.] Fol. 14759. d. 2. 

'ABD ul-LATIF ibn 'ABD ULLAH, 'Ahbdnt, mru'i. 

[Lata'if ul-lughat. A dictionary of words in 
Ruml's Masnavl, in the alphabetical order of their 
fiist and last letters.] pp. 206, lith. y^ iaw 
[Luchiow, 1877.] 8^ 14787. g. 6.(3.) 

J! cij'^iU! uJ*y [Lata'if ul-lughat.] 

pp. 20G, lith. j^'^ [Cawnpore, 1905.] 8°. 

14815. e. 6. 

(_5y^' ^'•**" e/* t^y*^' u-ai'iJ [Lata'if ul- 

ma'navl min haka'ik il-ma.snavl. A commentary 
on difficult or specially excellent portions of 
Rumi's Masnavl.] pp. 282, lith. j^^^ i"^"' 
[Cawnpore, 1876.] 8°. 14787.' g. B.Xl.) 

'ABD ul-LATIF ibn ABI TALIB, Shushtnrl. ^^'v^ 
JUll (lissp [TuKfat ul-'alam. A historical and 
biographical treatise on India and Persia, with 
special reference to Shushtar, followed by a 
supplement entitled Zail ul-tuKfat.] pp. viii. 
388,12,/)%. [Eaidarabad,%.&.] 8". 14762. d. 4. 

'ABD ul-LATIF KHAN, Ufahdnl. Anglo-Persian 
Idioms, containing proverbs, allusions, words that 
have historical derivation, and colloquial phrases, 
&c., &c. pp.224. [Bombay,] 1896. 8°. 12906.8.9. 






[Preface to Janii' ul-tavarikli.] See Fakir Mu- 
hammad ibn Muhammad Riza, Rajahpurt. 

'ABD ul-MAHMtJD ibn DA'UD. See 'Al! ibn MusA, 
called Ibn Ta'us. 

'ABD ul-MAJID, Sayyid. [Translation of Ru- 
ba'iyyat of Hafiz.] See Muhammad Hafiz, Sh'trdzi. 

'ABD ul-MAJID KHAN, Hr>fzahddi, Pdlbhit. [Hin- 
dustani commentary on Kasa'id of Badr i Chacli.] 
See Baur uI-Din, ChdcJu. 

[CbiragTi i iman, Urdu translation and 

exposition of Sliaui' i sbabistan.] See Muhammad 


'ABD iil-MAJID KHAN, Hakim. [Edit,] See 
Ghulam Husain Khan, Tahdiahai. 

■ See Muhammad ibn Yusdf, Haravi. 

• • See Muhammad Husain ibn Khalaf. 

■ 7-'r^ i^isiji ^lyi [Karali. A glossary of 

Persian words occurring in the explanatory portion 
of the Arabic-Persian lexicon Surah, with explana- 
tions in Persian.] See Isma'il ibn Hammad. 
[Surah.] [1872.] 8°. 

14589. b. 15. 

_!-c iSjJJbJ —lyi' [Karah.] See Isma'il 

ibn Hammad. JI \yo [Surah.] [1883.] 8°. 

14590. c. 1. 

<xajL] lU.^.A^ [Zamlmah i latlfah. A sup- 

plement to Jamal Kurashi^s Surah, a Persian trans- 
lation of Jauhari's Arabic lexicon Sihah.] pp. 186. 
I '-r\ [Caleulta, I8:n.] 4°. 14815. h. 4. 

'ABD ul-MALIK. [Edit.] See MusLiii ibn 'Abd 
Ullah (Musharrif uI-Din), called Sa'di. — Guli- 

'ABD ul-MASIH. [Naubar i shirin, Persian trans- 
lation of Bakurah sbahiyyah.] See Bakurah. 

(julLar* LuUl'i^) [Mukalamat i muhibba- 

tanah. Dialogues on Christianity and Islam, for 
the conversion of Moslems.] pp. 243, lith. ^yi>il 
[ia/toj-e, 1898.] 12°. 14701. a. 6. 

'ABD ul-MASm ibn ISHAK, Kindl. J^IiL* ...\^ 

*" Ljr*^ ii)"'^ ^-^ ^^''*'^'* ^y '-^bd Ullah Hashimi 
in proof of the authority of Islam. Followed by 

a detailed rejoinder in proof of Christianity by 
'Abd ul-Masih Kindl.] [1888.] 8°. See 'Ann 
Ullah ibn Isma'il, Hdshiml. 14701. c. 7. 

'ABD ul-MUKTADIR, Khdn Sdlnh, of Oriental Puhlie 
Library, Bankipore. [Edit.] See Amin Ahmad, 

Catalogue of the Arabic and Persian 

Manuscripts in the Oriental Public Library at 
Bankipore. Persian Poets [vols, i.-iii.], prepared 
by . . . Abdul Muqtadir. 1908, etc. 8°. ,8ee 
Bankipore. 757. h. 64. 

Catalogue of the Arabic and Persian 

Manuscripts in the library of the Calcutta 
Madrasah, by Kamalu 'd-Din Ahmad . . . and 
'Abdu '1-Muqtadir. With an introduction by 
E. D. Ross. . 1905. 8°. See Calcutta.— 
Madrasah. 14598. d. 34. 

'ABD ul-NABi ibn 'ABD ul-RAStJL, Mmadnngrl. 

[Janii' ul-ghumuz. A commentary on Ibu ul- 

flajib's Kafiyah. Second edition.] 4 pts., lith. 

jjjS\^ lAM [Cawnpore, 1881.] 4°. 14593. e. 30. 

.[Fourth edition.] 4 Tpts., lith. i^li 

[Cawnpore, 1896.] 4°. 14594. d. 5. 

ABD al-aADIB, bin-i MALUK SHAH, al-Baddoni. 
See 'Abd u1-Kadie ibn Muluk Shah. 

'ABD ul-EAHIM, Kashmiri. See 'Abd uI-Karim 
ibn 'Akibat Mahmud. 

'ABD ul-RAHIM, Maulavl. [Edit.] See Abu 
'1-Fazl ibn Mubarak, 

'ABD ul-RAHIM, Shaikh. . . . i__)'iaL^^ \-j[iS !i» 
J! yj'LjJj! *s-y [Rajm ul-shaitan. A polemic 

against the Babis.] pp. 179, lith. Bombay, [1892.] 
8°. 14724, b. 3. 

'ABD ul-RAHIM, Sldrdzl. [Edit.] See Kur'an. 

'ABD ul-RAHIM, called Fauk. [Edit.] See Aman 
Ullah, Grammarian. 

'ABD ul-RAHIM ibn 'ABD ul-KARIM, Safipurl. 
[Edit.] See 'Abd u1-Hamid, Ldhaurl. 

See 'Abd uI-Razzak (Samsam ul- 

Dadlah Shah-navaz Khan) and 'Abd u1-Hakk ibu 





'ABD ulRAHIM ibn 'ABD ul-KARIM, S'ifiimri 
{foiiliuutul). [Translation of Aesop.] See iEsoi'. 

[Edit.] See IsMi'ii- ibn Hammad. 

See Muhammad Isma'il, Dihlavl. 

See Shams uI-Din Fakir. 

(ii)»snJl Jkciyi]! [Gliayat ul-bayan and al-Masalik 
ul-bahiyyah. Being pts. i. and ii. of a work 
on Arabic grammar, treating respectively of 
accidence and syntax.] pp. v. 194, iii. 281. 
Z^ I >^r^ [Calcutta, 1828.] 4°. 757. k. 12. 

[Another copy, wanting title-page 

and index of pt. 1.] 14820. g. 1. 

(s-';*!' cij'jJ (J t-rJ/^Jl IS?-"-*) [Muntaha ul- 

arab. A thesaurus of the Arabic langunge, 
explained in Persian. Compiled from the Kanius 
of Firuzabadi, the Sihah of Jauhari, etc.] 4 vols. 
iiOi ir«r-(5v [Calcutta, 1836-41.] Fol. 

14589, d, 3-6. 

[Second edition, from the Calcutta 

edition.] 4 vols, .ytjl uvi [Lahore, 1871.] Fol. 

14590. d. 1. 

'ABD ul-EAHIM ibn AHMAD, KdzL jlyj^'i) jJUo 
[Dalia'ik ul-akhbar. An Arabic work on escha- 
tology. With Persian interlinear translation by 
'Ain Ullah Laghmanl.] pp. 127, h'th. .^Ssl ipaI 
[Lahore, 1872.] 8°. 14516. b. 26.(1.) 

pp. 172, lith. JjtJ I Mr [Delhi, 

1875.] 8°. 14516. b, 27. 

j'St]j iiJlyj ^j^'^^ J^'^'^ [Daka'ik ul- 
akhbar. With the same translation.] pp. 148, 
nth. ^yx^ t^^. [Bombay, 1880.] 8°. 14516. c. 13. 

'ABD ul-RAHIM KHAN, Shirdzl. [FutfiH ul-'arab, 
translation from the English.] See Arabs. 

'ABD ul-RAHMAN, A'zamgarht. [Edit.] See 
Mohammad ibn Idris. 

'ABD ul-RAHMAN, Mudarris. [Edit.] See Mu- 
hammad As'ad, Efendi. 

■ • See Muhammad Husain ibn Khalaf. 

'ABD ul-RAHMAN, MxiUd. [Edit.] See Ahmad 
ibn Abi '1-Hasan (Abu Nasr), Jdml. 

'ABD ul-RAHMAN, Shah. [Life and Teachings.] 
See Mohammad Nur Ullah. 

'ABD ul-RAHMAN, called Dil. See Muhammad 

'Abd u1-Rai'iman. 

'ABD ul-RAHMAN, called Hafiz, Muraddbddl. See 
Muhammad MujTb Ullah Khan. 

'ABD ul-RAHMAN ibn ABI BAKR (Jalal u1-DIn), 

SuijUil. (ju'olill J=- <)^«'.jJj ^'iii^' gjo [Ta'rikh 
ul-khulafa. An Arabic history of the Caliphs. 
Edited with Persian marginal notes by Mali. 
Ja'far 'Ali Najinavi.] pp. 372, litli. ^\^ irn 
[Luchioiv, \<dQZ.] 8'.' 145^54. bb. 1. 

'ABD ul-RAHMAN ibn AHMAD, called Jami. 
[Life.] See Leks [W. N.). 


L_^iJl iLJLj ^ f^^l] (.:l;'.s^ [Nafaliat ul- 

uns. A history of famous Siifis and saints from 
the 2nd to the 8th century of the Hijrah. 
Followed by Silsilat ul-zahab, a religious poem.] 
pp. 467, lith. jyf^^ "'"O [Cawnpore, 1885.] 8°. 

14779. g. 9. 


^"^^ ^ f>t,w^i (<«•»- . . . e:,^ jj (i<.iX»*^ 

ij'JLiU [Sada i ashikan. A musaddas poem of 
15 verses, each consisting of Persian lines by 
Jiimi with Hindustani amplifications by 'Abd 
ul-Razzali. Followed by Munajat by the latter.] 
^^.8, lith. j'jIjI^ M.e [il/orarf(jZ/aJ, 1905.] 12°. 

14114. e. 3.(4.) 

[Select poems.] See La'ali. La'ali'-i- 

manzuma, etc. 1910. 8°. 14797. e. 46. 

[Select quatrains.] See Muhammad 'Abd 

u1-Ahad. Jl tiu'jtc'j, ai»A3r< [Majmu'ah i ruba- 

'iyyat] [1901.] 8°. 14797. d. 19.(6.) 

^^.s^^jt J\. Aus Dschami's Liebesliedern 

von F. Riickert. [Persian text, with a translation 
into German, on alternate pages.] 1848. See 
Academies, etc. — Germany. — Deutsche Morgen- 
Idndische Gesellschaft. Zeitsclirift, etc. Bd. 2, 
pp. 20-51, etc. 1846, etc. 8°. Ac. 8815/2. 

Liebe, Wein und Mancherlei. Persische 

Lieder nach Dschami's Text zum ersten Male 
deutsch gegeben von M. Wickerhauser. pp. vi. 
206. Leipzig, I8b5. 8". 757. b. 19. 

The Persian Mystics : Jdmi. [Selections, 

in English, with an introduction.] By F. Hadland 





Davis, pp. 107. 1908, See East. Wisdom of 
the East, etc. 1904, etc. 8°. 14003. a. 20. 


Jl ij^U- [Arba'Qn liadis. 40 traditions in Arabic, 

with Persian metrical paraphrase.] pp. 16, lith. 

ji>jijJii [Firozimr, 1887.] 8°. 14521. a. 11. 


■ [sic] f^W' u^if- L'-A-riiz i Jarai. A tract 

on prosody.] See Mohammad (Abu 'Abd Ullah), 
called Abo '1-Jaish. |_yJjJlll ija^^ ['Ariiz iil- 
Andalasl.] [1845.] 8°. 14597. c. 7. 

if*'-?^ u^if- ['Ariiz i JamT.] See Mu- 
hammad (Abu 'Abd Ullah), called Abu '1-Jaish. 
Jjj^ ['Aruz ul-AndalusI.] [1857.] 8°. 

14597. c. 12. 

(jjlsjJI hs^_ ^^*Mu^\) ijIILi.Uj ■^ f" [Bahar- 

istan. An ethical miscellany, in imitation of 
Sa di's Gulistan. With Turkish commentary, en- 
titled Hadiyyat ul-'irfan, by Muh. Shakir. With 
Turkish biography of Jami appended.] pp. 607. 
\r6f [Constantinople, ISZQ.'] 8°. 757. g. 15. 

■ |^'.»-^^li*^l^ [Baharistan.] pp. \2\,lith. 

J^^ [Luchnow, 1870 ?] 14837. g. 7.(1.) 

^_j^U-^^lL^l^j [Baharistan.] pp. 124, lith. 

{Cawnpore, 1883.] 8°. 14749. g. 7. 

Tbe Beharistan. Abode of Spring . . . 

A literal translation [by E. Rehatsek] from the 
Persian, pp. vi. 183. Benares, \8B1. 8°. 

757. bb. 15. 

Printed for private subscribers only. 

[Another copy.] 

757. bb. 15*. 

The Behdristan-i- Jami, or Abode of Spring 
. . . Translated from the Persian by Sorabji Far- 
dunji Mulla. pp. xi. 106. Bombay, 1899. 8°. 

757. e. 61. 

Second edition, pp. 99. Bombay, 

1908. 8°. 757. g. 67. 

[For extracts prescribed for the Allahabad 

University Entrance Course, translated with notes :] 

See Academies, etc. — Allahabad, — University of 

ic^^.s- Ul! v« yjljuj il^ ji J^ Fabulae ex libro 

niorali Mola Dschami Beharistan seu Tempus 
Vernum dicto. (Axiomata, et sententias sapien- 
tum et eruditorum viroruni. Vitae colebriorum 
quorundam poetarum.) [With Latin translation.] 
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u^''^ ^'-^ i^^ (jV-"^ [Divan i bl-nukat. 

Poems in which only letters without diacritic 
points are used, so that ' Jauil " appears as 
" Madili." Edited by Kanta-prasada (Nadan).] 
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ui. [C'fl iwnpore, 1890.] 8°. 14787.0.26. 

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[For commentary on Mu ammayat :] See 

Imam-bakhsh, called Sahba'I. 


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■^'j'"^ U^ U^ 

rjt cu'otA' uj'J/ Les 

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Jami. Specimens of elegant letterwriting. 
Edited by Ilahdad.] pp.142. <u$^iaii [Calcutta, 
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^! '^V u-^/ ^ t. 

!jJ, Rokaute 

Jaumee, by Moolla Abdoorraman Jaumee. [With 
some Mu'ammayat or riddles, with answers.] 
pp. 149. See Persian Writers. Classic Selec- 
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■ ic*'-=^ u/*^/'' '^ ^ ci.'Us; . . . [Ruka'at. 

Edited by 'Abd ul-Ghani.] pp. 179, lith. £^ 
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With marginal notes.] pp. 76, litli. i rM [Lahore ? 
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Salaman and Absal : an allegorv. Trans- 

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(Notice of Jdrai's life. Drawn from Rosenzweig's 
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[Commentary on some verses of Rumi's 

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[Commentary on Mi'at 'amil.] See 'Aed 

uI-Kahir ibn 'Abd u1-Rahman. 


»»!iflJl JaI ^.jJij ^>.f'^ '^y^^ JJbIyi [Shavahid 

nl-nubuvvat. A treatise to prove the divine 
mission of Muhammad. Edited by Shah 'Aziz 
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[Another copy.] 

757. b. 6. 

Toojnees ool Loghat, or, Discrimination 

between words similar in form, but different in 
meaning. c:j'oiUl (^^..^jAsr t__)'w2i. [Abridged and 
edited by Muh. 'Askari (Fikrat).] pp. 14. 8°. 

14837. b. 2.(6.) 


, 1 j=-^I ^AsT Tuhf at ul Ahrar, the Grift of the 

Noble : being one of the Seven Poems, or Haft 
Aurang, of MuUa Jami . . . edited ... by 
F. Falconer. [With 3 biographies of the poet, 
from the Tazkirat ul-shu'ara of Daulat-shah, the 
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[Another copy.] 
[Another copy.] 

14787. i. 2. 
14787. i. 1. 

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marginal notes by 'Ivaz 'All.] pp. 112, lith. iaTi 
[Luchnow, 1869.] 8°. 14787. g. 2. 


[For vocabularies and notes to Y. Z. :] 

See Muhammad Amjad 'Ali. 

See Sayyid ibn Hasan, Maududl. 

[For comparison of the Y. Z. with the 

Katha-kautuka based thereon:] See Sgivaka. 

Jl li\I : . ( ft/^j^ L-j'jJ" Joseph und Su- 

le'icha, historisch-romantisches Gedicht aus dem 
Persischen des Mewlana Abdurrahman Dschami 
iibersetzt und durch Anmerkungen erliiutert von 
V. Edlem von Rosenzweig. [With the text.] 
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J! iU'J Li^^Jis-< L—j'ji" Zuleikhu by Abdoor- 

pp. 44. See Persian Writers. 

raman Jamee 
Classic Selections, etc 

vol. i. 1828. 4°. 

757. i. 1.(4.) 

Lf*'^ ^ i_j''^!; i ^—^3l [Yiisuf u Zulaikha. 

Published under the superintendence of Captain 





G. Jervis.] pp. 280, lith. j^jij^J i^J*' [Bomha;/, 
1829.] 4°. 757. g. 9. 

'ic^j I— a/*i_jJ [Yusuf Zulaikhfi.] See MosLiH 

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Bustan. J! ^JJ^^i [Bustan.] margin. [1845.] 
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With note^.] pp. 183, lith. ,Jua; ir^v [Bomhai/, 
I860.] 8°. 14787.1.12. 


^j'^l ^_5>».^.« . . 

, x«'j [Yusuf u Zulaikhfi. 

With commentary called Sliarh i ajib by Muh. 
Sitjid Kiidiri. Edited by Farid ul-Din Ahmad 
and 'Abd ul-Hamld.] pp.327. 5jJ'.x^ ii-vi-Ar 
[SiaZtZuA (CoZcwWa), 1802-66.] 4°. 14787. k. 2. 

'JsrJj L_SA-y. [Yusuf u Zulaikha. With 

with a MS. dated 974 A.H. With marginal 
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8°. ' 14747. g. 5. 

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marginal notes.] pp. 252, /t</t. ^^ i^vr {Lndi- 
now, 1872.] 8°. 14787. g. 24. 

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with marginal notes from various sources by Niir 
Muh. b. 'Abd ul-Samad.] pp. 230, Uih. ^Jj^_ 
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'.k\!; 1 'i^^> ^_!lA^ lijj] [Yiisuf u Zulaikha.] 

pp. 132, W/i. irii [Tttim? 1875.] 8°. 14787.0.25. 
|Xj.*i< i^ '-^J i_iUjO [Yusuf u Zulaikha. 

With marginal notes.] pp. 119, IMi. j>-y^^ 'aw 
[Cawn^jore, 1877.] 8°. 14787. g. 17. 

'Js^; ^ [Yiisuf u Zulaikha. With com- 
mentary of Muh. Sajid.] pp. 310, //</i. ,.aj1^ iaw 
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ginal notes], pp. 332, lltK. yu^liAvi [Luelmow, 
1879.] 8°. 14787. g. 18. 

_ '.s:\! ; I su-y [Yusuf u Zulaikha, With mar- 
ginal notes.] pp. 119, /t</i. jyJ^'^ lAvi [Caivnpore, 
1879.] 8\ '' 14787. g. 11.(1.) 

'.ir^j ' L^y, [Yusuf u Zulaikha. With mar- 

ginal notes.] pp. 230, liih. lyjo^ "■'i [Cawnpon-, 
1879.] 8°. ' 14787. e. 19. 

IkJ ; <_ft«^i [Yusuf u Zulaikhii. With mar- 

ginal notes.] pp. 332, lith. y^^ iavI [Lucknoio, 
1879.] 8°. 14787. h. 15. 

Ik^j '—Am}!, [Yusuf u Zulaikha. With mar- 
ginal notes.] pp. 230, lith. |<ax«.j iaa. [Bombay, 
1880.] 8°. ' 14787. e. 21.' 

lk;| i I— ft-'»i [Yiisuf u Zulaikhii. With mar- 

ginal notes.] pp. 226, lith. jip3 iaa. \_Luclcnow, 
1880.] 8°. 14787. g. 16. 


marginal notes.] pp. 204, lith. itat \_J,ucTmow, 
1865.] 8°. 14787. g. 25. 

'ic\!; ■ -°'";,'. [Yusuf u Zulaikha. Collated 

k\l ; I s^»j [Yiisuf u Zulaikha. With mar- 

ginal note-i. . Followed by a glossary by Sayyid 
b. Hasan Maudiidf.] pp. 332, 32, lith. yji3 iaat 
[Ui^cltnmo, 1882.] 8°. 14787. g. 20. 

Ik^j _yi [Yiisuf u Zulaikha. With com- 
mentary of Muh. Sajid.] pp. 346, lith. j>jj^ iaa^ 
iCawnpore, 1882.] 8°. 14787. 'e. 11.(2.) 

(XTjkAs-* ,j^.i.« 'wjcjj _yi. [Yiisuf u Zulaikha. 

With commentary called Muhammadiyyah by Muh. 
Gulavi.] pp. 175, lith. j^'l [Lahore, 1900.] 8°. 

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With Hindustani interlinear translation and mar- 
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marginal notes.] pp. 374, lith. .jSil irrv [Lahore, 
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'^ J iSsciac^ (fcs'**^ [Yusuf u Zulaikhii. 

With Urdu interlineary ver.siou by 'Abd ul-Sar'id 
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liJi ^ i_ft*"y. i_>'JLi' The Book of Joseph 

and Zuleikha by MulUind Abdulrahman ikm'x. 
Historical romantic Persian poem. Translated 






into English verse by A. Rogers, pp. ix. 252. 
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The Book of Joseph and Zuleikha . . . 

Translated into English verse by A. Rogers, pp. xi. 
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• [For extracts prescribed for the Allahabad 

University Entrance Course, translated with 
notes :] See Academies, etc. — Allahabad. — Univer- 
sity of Allahabad. 

The Exordium of Jaumi's Poem, entitled, 

Eusoof and Zoolleikha [translated into English]. 
See TiMDE, Amir. Institutes, etc. 1783. 4°. 

757. h. 15. 

Begin, ti^j j\ ^ . ^_j'-i^ Ax«l Isac ^J! 

.^'vtJ A>.U- [A selection from Yiisuf u Zulaikha.] 
pp. 97. ' [Calcutta, 1809 ?] 4°. 757. i. 24. 

The 'Iqd-i-marjan. Containing the Pand- 

nameh of . . . 'Attar and the Qiccah-i-Yoosf, being 
an extract from Jami's . . . Yoosof and Zolaikha, 
etc. iJ^jA^] OJic) 1871. 8°. See Muhammad 
ibu Ibrahim (Fakid uI-Din), called 'Attar. 

14822. b. 1.(1.) 

Analysis and Specimens of the Joseph and 

Zulaikha, a histoi"ical-romantic poem, etc. [Trans- 
lated from the Persian by S. R., i.e. Samuel 
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Specimens of Jami. (Joseph and Zulaikba.) 

See Robinson (S.). Persian Poetry, etc. 1883. 
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of calligraphy.] 4 pts., lith. j^^ ir.r [Gawnpore, 
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(ijJls> <idaj'-^) [Zabitah i hilaliyyah. Rules 

for finding the day of the new moon.] See 
Muhammad Hasan, called KatIi,. J.^' [jj^ euUi, 
[Ruka'at.] pp. 95-98. [1865 ?] 8°. 

14797. h. 3.(8.) 

[Preface to Sa'ib's Divan, and biography 

of 'Amila Balkhr.] See Muhammad 'AlI, called 
Sa'ib. t_^^l* Jyi.^ [Divan.] [1871.] 8°. 

14797. c. 2. 

'ABD ul-RAHMAN KHAN, A7nir of Afghanistan. 
*., SX«1U1 Iv/i,^ [Sar-rishtah i islamiyyah i Rum. 
A proclamation issued by the Amir to all Moslems 
of his country in view of the attitude of Turkey 
towards European Powers.] pp. 8, Z/f/i. J..'!^ ir.i 
[Kabul, 1887.] 8^ 14773. e. 4. 

The Life of Abdur Rahman, Amir of 

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[2] maps, and illustrations. 2 vols. London, 
1900. 8°. 757. S. 9. 

'ABD ul-RAHMAN KHAN, Kalydnl. jL^lIly/ 
^■'iill (JjfcU [Kanz ul-aklilak. Ethical traditions, 
with Persian translation and Hindustani para- 
phrase.] pp. 192, Z(7/i,. jbblj^iAii [Moradabad, 
1891.] 8°. 14521. c. 31.(6.) 

'ABD ul-RAHMAN KHAN, called Shakir. ^jUJi 
ii'tw^ [Gulistan i masarrat, or Hada'ik ul-ma'ani. 
A cento from Persian poets.] pp. x. 562, viii., 
lith. j^^ ""'"' [Gawnpore, 18-51.] Fol. 

14797. k. 2. 

'ABD ul-RASHID. See Muhammad 'Abd ul- 

'ABD ul-RASHID ibn 'ABD ul-GHAFUR, Husainl, 
Madanl, Tattavl. i<^M iJ^J '^}}^ i 6£-\j> (jrram- 
maticae Persicae praecepta ac regulae quas lexico 
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The Farhang i Rashidi, a Persian dictionary 

by Sayyid 'Abdurrashid of Tattah . . . Edited . . . 
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1875 [1870-75]. See Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — 
Asiatic Society of Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica, etc. 
vol. 67. 1848, etc. Fol. 14002. a. (vol. 67.) 

Moontukhub-ool-Loghaut, or A dictionary 

of Arabic words, with a Persian translation, 
according to the authority of the Kaumoos, the 
Sehauh, the Kunz, the Mohuzzub, and other 
Arabic lexicons . . . originally compiled by 
Abd-oor-Rusheed-e T'hatvee ; and now revised. 





corrected and published by Molovee Allnh Daud. 
[With English preface by M. Lumsden.] pp. iv. 
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^_5J'w^'-i iiUl (>_^i'-»J-« [Muntakbab ul- 

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8°. . 14589. b. 16. 

ci,>Ulll l.^i^ [Muntakbab ul-lugbat.] 

pp. 512, 8, //</t. jX^ irM [iucfertou>, 1869.] 8°. 

14590. c. 4. 


= iiUI ^..oS^ i.j'Ji' [Muntakhab 

ul-lngliat. Followed by an abridgment of Rashid 
ul-Din Vatvilt's Hada'ik nl-siHr, a treatise on 
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cu'jtlJI («; dr-^-'^ [Muntakliab ul-lughat.] 

pp. 512, /i7/i. ^Jmj lAvi [Bombay, 1879.] 8°. 

14589. b. 17. 
■ e-j'^JtUl l.__-^^^ [Muntakbab ul-lugbat.] 

See Muhammad Ghiyas uI-Din ibn Jalal u1-DIn. 


CLj'jiil I Lij'oc [Ghiyas nMughat,e<c.] [1912.] Fol. 

14815. i. 8. 
'ABD ul-EASUL, Grammarian. [Commentary ou 
Mi'at 'aiiiil.] See 'Abd u1-Kahib ibn 'Add ul- 

'ABD lil-RASUL, luizl. ^yu JJ'-^ [Masa'il i 
'asbarah. Ten questions and answers on contro- 
versial points of Islam.] j)p. 24, lith. ^J^ 
[Bombai/, ISn.] 8". 14712.6.13.(6) 

'ABD ul-RASUL, TahrlzL ]J>^ ^'-^^j '^^ [Rab- 
numa i sufara. A travellers' guide-book, com- 
piled from European works.] pp. 167, ZiV/i. ^ij^ 

aH= [Bombaij, 1884.] 8° 

14779. a. 3. 

'ABD ul-RAZZAK. See 'Ail Husain. 

'ABD ul-RAZZAK, Biinsu'i. [Life and Teachings.'] 
See Muhammad ibn Kui'B uI-DIn (Nizam uI-Din). 

See Muhammad Khan, RazzdHi. 

'ABD uI-RAZZAK, Husainl, Sifdhdnl. ^\j». jj'. lijb 
^_yiju.^t jhj ! JOT . . . t_iJ'Jal ^^ Ijjj yiJ ^\ U! 
i^J'ju'wiJ! [Select poems.] See Riza Hasan Khan, 
Lalihnavl. Jl J'^^iill --jj^l Un Moozuj ul Kumal, 
etc. pp. 465-516. 1849. 8°. 14597. d. 27. 

'ABD ul-RAZZAK, 7.?7a7(«7u. [Edit.] See Muhammad 
B.\KiB ibn Muhammad TakI. 

Der Kurdengau Uschnuje und die Stadt 

Urumije. Keiseschilderungen eines Persers ('Abd- 

er-Razzaq aus I?fah3,n), im Originaltexte herans- 
gegeben, iibersetzt und erlautert von M. Bittner. 
(<u.^.^lj «oytil J 1^1) (Sitzungsberiehto der Kaia. 
Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien, philo- 
sopbisch-historische Classe, Bd. 133, iii.) pp. 97. 
Wien, 1895. 8°. 757. ff. 2. 

'ABD ul-RAZZAK, Kahjdnavl. (__j'.«J'J! ^JJ^asst 
i^J' Ja^ 1J=^.•^ (»^V jjt*^' [Mazhar ul-Hakk. A 
treatise on the ethnography and class-divisions 
of Indian Muhammadans.] pp. 102, lith. iavc 
[Luclcnow, \81b"[ 8\ 14837. g. 9.(11.) 

'ABD ul-RAZZAK, Ldhijl. Begin. iS ^4>L« yt^ 

[Gaubar i muradl. A treatise on metaphysics and 
Shi'ah theology.] pp. 253, lith. \ rv i [Persia, 
1855] 8°. 14745. b. 2. 

'ABD ul-RAZZAK, Simndnl, Hdjl. [Edit.] See 


'ABD ul RAZZAK, Suratl. See 'Abd uI-Razzak 
ibn Muhammad Ishak. 

'ABD ul-RAZZAK, called Vafa, Marahravi. [Hin- 
dustani musaddas poem on lines of Jami.] See'ABD 
u1-Rahman ibn Ahmad, called Jami. — Selections. 

'ABD ul-RAZZAK, called YAMiNl. [Commentary 
on Panj ruka'ab.] See Ieadat Khan (Mubarak 

'ABD ul-RAZZAK (Samsam u1-Daulah Shah- 
NAVAZ Khan) and 'ABD ul-HAKK ibn SHAH- 
XAVAZ. The Maasir-ul-umara [a biographical 
dictionary of the great Amirs of theMugbal empire 
from the reign of the Emperor Akbar] by Nawab 
Samsamud-dowla Shah Nawaz Khan. [Completed 
by the author's son Abd ul-fiaklc. Preceded by 
a life of the author by Mir Ghulam 'All Azad] . . . 
Edited by Maulavi Abd-ur-Rabim (and Maulavi 
MirzaAsbraf'Ali). Oj<'i] yl<) 3pts. 1888 [1887]- 
91. See Academies, e<c. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Socidt/ 
of Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica, etc. vol. 112. 
1848, etc. 8°. 14002. a. (vol. 112.) 

The Maasiru-1-umara, being biographies 

of the Muhammadan and Hindu oflScers of the 
Timurid Sovereigns of India from 1500 to about 

1780 A.D Translated by H. Beveridge. 191 1, 

etc. 8°. See Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic 




40 -' 

Society of Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica, etc. New- 
Series, vol. 201. -[Si%,etc. 8°. 14002. aXvol. 201.) 

'ABD ul-RAZZAK ibn ISHAK (Kamal uI-Din), 
Saviarliandt. Notice de I'ouvrage persau qui a 
pour titre Matla-assaadein ou-Madjma-albahrein 
i^j .:s\!l »As-«. |_^>Jji^! «lL<j et qui contient I'histoire 

des deux sultans Sohah-rokh et Abou-Said . . . 
par M. Quatremere. 18 13. See Academies, eic. — 
Paris. — Academie des Inscriptions, eta. Notices, etc. 
torn. xiv. 1787, etc. 4°. Bar. T. 1. a-c. (torn. 14.) 

■ Jl ^^jjvjuj! «ik< L_)'a^ 1^ [Extracts from 

Matla' ul-sa'dain.] See Does (B.). Mubamme- 
danische Quellen, etc. Tb. iv. pp. 154-237. 
1 850, etc. 8°. 757. h. 26. 

Ambassades reciproques d'un Roi des 

Indes, de la Perse, etc. (Cbab-Roukh Mirza) et 
d'un Empereur de la Chine (tirees d'une , . . 
histoire des descandans de Tamerlau . . . par 
Abdourrizac Alsamarcandy, intitulee Mathla'a- 
Sa'adein ou Medjema'a Babarein). Traduites du 
persan, avec la vie des ces deux souveraias et 
des notes . . . par L. Langl^s. pp. viii. 58. 
Londres, 1788. 8°. 757. e. 32.(2.) 

Voyage de la Perse dans I'Inde, pendant 

les anuses 846, 846, 847 et 848 de I'hegire, 1442, 
1443 et J 444 de Fere vulgaire, par A'bd-oulrizaq, 
ambassadeur de Chah-Rokh . . . aupres du roi 
de Bisnagor. Extrait et traduit dti Matbla'a 
Sa'adein ou Djema'a Babbarein (par L. Langles). 
1798. See Travels. Collection Portative de 
Voyages, torn. 2. 1797, etc. 12°. 1049. a. 19. 

Narrative of tbe Journey of Abd-er-Razzak. 

[Translated from the Matla' ul-sa'dain.] pp. 49. 
See Major (R. H.). India in the fifteenth century, 
etc. 1857. 8°. Ac. 6172/20. 

'ABD ul-EAZZAK ibn MUHAMMAD (Kamal uI-Uin), 
Kashl. Eine persische Bearbeitung der sufischen 
Terminologie— Istilahat-assufija— des 'Abdurraz- 
zak al-Kaschani. Von Prof. Dr. Bacher. 1880. 
See Academies, etc.—Germauy.— Deutsche Morgen- 
landisehe Gesellschaft. Zeitschrift, etc. Bd. 34, 
pp. 597-609. 1846, etc. 8°. Ac. 88I5/2! 

^1 &^y^] uij'^Ula^! ^J'ar [Istilaliat ul- 

sufiyyah. A dictionary of Sufi technical terms, 
attributed by the editor to Ni'mat Ullah Vali' 


the translator from tbe original Arabic] pp. 79, 
nth. ^Ia^j irir [BomboAj, 1894.] 8°. 

14724. b. 8.(1.) 

dyi^l ij:j'js.Ei.cI . . . i—jVAi" [Istilaliat 
ul-siifiyyab. A shorter collection of Sufic terms. 
Followed by Risalah dar bayan i abkam "i sharfat, 
rules for Siifis, with explanations of terms and 
abbreviations, ascribed to Ja'far Sadik.] pp. 24, 
nth. ^J^> irir [Bombatj, 1894.] 8°. 

14724. b. 8.(2.) 
icj^i^ (^s^i iXiU [Mukaddimat i Zubiirl. An 
introduction to tbe works of Zuhuri, prefaced by 
a biographical notice.] pp. 31, lith. [Luchiow, 
1870.3] 8°. 14837. g. 6.(5.) 

LjJii'^ eu'»«J>L<: [Mukaddimat i Zuhiirl.] 

pp. 31, lith. jyjJi\^ [Cawnpore, 1896.] 8°. 

14807. g. 19.(1.) 

■ [Mukaddimat i salasah, introduction to 

Sih nasr.] See Muhammad (Ndr uI-Din), Turshtzi. 

[For commentary on Mina bazar based 

partly on that of 'A. R. :] See Muhammad (Nijr 
uI-DIn), Turshtzi. 

'ABD ul-RAZZAK ibn NAJAF KULI. (jyJ'iiLyX«) 
[Ma'asir i sultaniyyah. A history of the Kajar 
Dynasty from its rise down to 1241 A.H., with 
special reference to Fatii 'Al! Shah. Edited by 
MuH. Bakir Tabriz!.] ff. 201. j^^irii [Tabriz, 
1826.] 8\ " ' 14773. c. 1. 

[Another copy.] 14773. d. 12. 

The Dynasty of the Kajars, translated from 

the original Persian manuscript [of the Ma'asir i 
sultaniyyah of 'A. ul-R.] . . . [by] Sir H." J. 
Brydges [assisted by D. Shea]. To which is 
prefixed a succinct account of the history of 
Persia previous to that period. Illustrated with 
plates and a map of Western Persia ... by 
Colonel J. Sutherland. pp. cxci. 448. London, 
1833. 8°. 757. e. 10. 

The translation comprises about tivo-thirds only of the 
text as printed in the Tabriz edition. 

'ABD ul-SADAT. [Edit.] See Hikayah. 

'ABD ul-SA'ID. See AiiMAD ibn Fath Mohammad. 

"ABD ul-SALAM, EafiB, Nurpurl. AJL .uxls s ^ 
^' ''y^Si^ ci.»yas^ e.>dj^j^ &j.\^ [Succession-list of 





the Shaikhs of the Rafiki order of Sufis, in verse, 
with a genealogiciil table of the posterity of 
Abu Muli. Shiiiiib ul-Din Kilij down to the 
author, 'Abd ul-Salam Niirpurl.] pp. 2,Jith. ,^l 
[La/iore, 1899.] Fol. O.P. 219.(44.) 

'ABD ul-SALAM, Shaihh. [Commentary on Tuhfat 
ul-'lrakain.] iSVe IhrahIm ibn 'AlI Najjar (Apzal 
uI-Din), called Khakani. 

'ABD ul-SALAM, SlaiiU, of Tlflu. [Crlfid.ims of 
iKdn.] See Muhammad ibn Muiiammad Riza, Jar- 

ABD ul-SALAM ibn 'ABD ul-JABBAR. [Trans- 
lation of Riyiiz ul-salatiu.] Sett Ghulam Husain, 
called SalIm. 

[Translation of Sib nasr.] See Muham- 
mad (NuR u1-Din), Turshizl. 

[Translation of Kasa'id of 'Urfi.J Sve 

Muhammad ibn 'AlI (Jamal u1-Din). 

'ABD ul-SAMAD, Maulavl. [Translation of Persian 
Civil Guide.] See India. — Legislative Council. 

[Edit.] See Sfabap u1-DIn, Buldidrl. 

'ABD ul-SAMAD, Mulld, Eamaddin. ^_ (__j'a^ 

Jl 1 s.'jt-Jl [Bahr ul-ma'arif. A treatise on the 

Sufic religious life.] pp. 550, liih. 
[Tabriz, 1876.] Fol. 

14724. i. 1. 

'ABD ul-SAMAD, Pashdwart. [Edit.] See Mu- 
hammad SiDDiic Hasan Khan. 


See Abu ^1-Fazl ibn Mubarak. 

Ghulam Muhammad ('Abd u1-Samad). 

'ABD u1-SHAH!d. See Nasir uI-DIn ibn 'Ubaid 

'ABD ul-SHAKUR ibn MUNAVVAB,, called BazmI. 
^*,,j cujUj>j [Padmavat i farsi. A Persian 
metrical version of the Padmavat, an historical 
romance in Hindi verse by Malik Muli. Jayasi.] 
pp. 69, h'</(. ^ I AVI [Lucknow, 1871.] 8°. 

14837. g. 5.(3 ) 

'ABD ULLAH, Anmn. Jl eL;U.UU, ^ ej'aclj^ [Ru- 

ba'iyyat u Munajfit. Quatrains and a Sufic tract.] 
See'UMARKaAYYAM. — Eubd'ivi/dt, ^j-«.-sr* i^'^i^}. 

Jl c:^'".jj [Quatrains of 'Umar Khayyam, dr.] 
pp. 77-96. [1891.] 8°. 14787. b. 22. 

' J^' jJ'-Ji-* [Mabaligh ul-Kikam. Being 

Ansari's Sufic tract Ay darvish, edited with Turk- 
ish paraphrase by' Nauras Efendi.] pp. 180. 
<iuJudaJda^' ir.H= [Constantinople, 1887.] 8°. 

14724. a. 2. 

• (sj'c) ,'«<fljl <tl]l Joe <sl'«.^, [Risalah. A moral 

and religious tract.] See Lukman. Jl Jaj Jw? 

[Sad pand, etc.] pp. 7-12. [1859.] 8=. 

14837. g. 1.(1.) 

=^'Ji« [Munajat, or Risalah. 


i'J^C^j J 

Followed by some quatrains by Abu Sa'id b. Abi 
'l-Khair.Baba tahir, and 'Umar Khayyam.] ff. 24. 
irvi [TW;era7i? 1862.] 12°. 14807. a. 3.(5.) 

i_W '•***' ^^ '^ *'''^>? [Risalah.] See Maj- 

mu'ah. Jl ^^^^ [Majmu'ah. (2.)] [1873.] 

^ 14837. g. 8.(6.) 

l::j'.=-'Ju> [Munajat. Followed by Khuld i 

barin, a masnavi by VahshI, and quatrains by 
Baba Tahir, Abu Sa'id, and Amir Kbusrau.] 
pp. 100, lith. J^ ir. ! [Bombay, 1884.] 12°. 

14787. a. 6.(2.) 

'ABD ULLAH, Ghaznavl. See Muhammad A'zam 
ibn Muhammad. 

'ABD ULLAH, 'Imddl. [Notes on Mufassal, etc.] 
See Mahmud ibn 'Umar, Zamalchshari. 

'ABD ULLAH, Khurdsdnl, Mulld. ^ ^i t-jUi" IJA 
*jji> jJis- [Gav khar. Part 2 of the fable of the 
ox and the ass, versified. Illustrated.] ff. 8, 
lith. ir.o [Persj'a, 1887-8.] 12°. 14783. aa. 1.(4.) 

'ABD ULLAH, Maulavl. [Edit.] See Muslih ibn 
'Abd Ullah (Mushabrif uI-Din), called Sa'di. — 

'ABD ULLAH, Multdnl. ^^jL^^I JjJj [Dalil ul- 
ili.san. A guide to holy living. Redacted by 
Mustakim b. Ghiyas ul-Din Namaksari.] pp. 6:3, 
nth. J ^"i [Lahore] \S1*S.] 8°. 14837. f. 11.(6.) 

'ABD ULLAH, Munajjim, Bulihdrl. See 'Aii Shah 
ibn Muhammad. 

'ABD ULLAH, Eumi. See Muhammad 'Abd Ullah, 




'ABD ULLAH, SahdranpUrl. [Edit., with notes, 
of Bustan.] See MuiLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mu- 
SHARRiP uI-Din), called Sa'dL — Bustan. 

'ABD ULLAH, Tahnrl, Munxhl. [EiHt.] See Mu- 
hammad ibn Ya'kub (Majd uI-Din Abu Tahir). 

'ABD ULLAH, ' UbaidL [Panjabi verse-paraphrase 
of odes of Hafi.7,.] See Muhammad Hlriz, Shird~t. 

'ABD ULLAH, called Hatipi. Laili Majniin. A 
Persian poem of Hatifi. (i^y^ ^J^ i—jUii") [A 
masnavl in imitation. of Nizami's poem. Edited 
with English preface by Sir W. Jones, and Persian 
notice of the author by 'All Ibrahim Khau.] 
pp. xi. fi". 68. Calcutta, 1788. 8^ 14797. d. 4. 

LS^J'' iti>y^ LS^ [Laila Majnun.] pp. 58. 

J^ IM1 [Lucknoiv, I860.] 8°. 14797. e. 22. 

15^'"* iCo'J^li [Zafar-namah, or Timur- 

namah. An epic poem on Timiir's exploits, in 
imitation of Nizami's Iskandar-uamah.] pp. 108, 
i(%. yj$3 (All [Lwc/niow, 1869.] 8°. 14837. f. 2.(4.) 

'ABD ULLAH, called Hush, Beg. ^_^-^Jj Ic'J^'wi 
[Guflgu-namah i farsi. A primer of Persian 
conversation. Fifth edition.] pp. 24, h'th. Ju$3 
irr. [Z,Mf7,Kow, 1902.] 8°. 14822. e. 3. 

'ABD ULLAH, called Sargashtah, Jsfuhdnl. Ijjsi 
Jl '.jLi! hjJ>Ki L__>'ai^ [Kitab i Mirza Islitiha. A 

versified account of Mlrza Ishtiha. Followed by 
Afkar i abkar, some gliaznh by MuU. Hasan Isfa- 
han! (Zai'gar).] pp. 94, I'dh. ^J^ if"ii [Bom- 
hay, 1894.] 8°. ' 14797. c. 17. 

'ABD ULLAH (Abu/AlI), Malckl, Glldnl. ^'^j 
.tjj'j: ^'mjj lb .^jJl* i^ioJl WJLJ [Risalah i ghausiyyali, 
or Nishat ul-'ishk. A mystic treatise in prose 
and verse. Edited by Muh. Sadik 'Ali. Second 
edition.] pp. 30, Zt7/(. uw [LucA-how, 1877.] 8°. 

14837. e. 9.(2.) 

'ABD ULLAH (Muhammad), Bilyrami. See Mu- 
hammad 'Abd Ullah. 

'ABD ULLAH (VajIh u1-DTn), called Lisani. Mew- 
]knk Lisani. [Specimen verses with translation, 
etc.] Von . . . F, von Erdmann. 1858. See 
Academies, etc. — Germany. — Deutsche Morgen- 
Idndische (jesellschaft. Zeitschrift, etc. Bd. 12, 
pp. 518-35. 1846, e<c. 8°. Ac. 8815/2. (Bd. 12.) 

'ABD ULLAH iba 'ABBAS, ^^y'-?^ *'j:^ [Du'a i 
suryanL The " Syrian Prayer," ascribed to 'A. U. 
Arabic text with Panjabi and Persian metrical 
paraphrases.] pp. 16, lith. .yt>^ irAi [Lahore, 
1872.] 8°. 14519. d. 13.(3.) 

ly-.'.r" 1^'-^'^ o'Ju^l [Du'a i suryani. With 

Persian metrical preface and interlinear transla- 
tion.] See Kasa'id. J! xJj ^Xiio-aii _ JJ i! j Jy 

[Kasu'id.] pp. 58-67. [1872.] 8°. 14519. b. 21.(3.) 
58-67. [1877.] 8°. 14519. b. 14.(5.) 


'ABD ULLAH ibn ABI '1-KASIM (Abu Sa'id), 
Baizdvi. See 'Abd Ullah ibn 'Umar. 

'ABD ULLAH ibn AHMAD (Hafiz uI-Din), Nasnfi. 
^oj.'J jjS [Kanz ul-daka'ik. A compendium of 
Hanafi law. Translated into Persian and ampli- 
fied by Nasr Ullah b. Muh. KirmanT. Edited 
with notes by Muh. Mirza Khan.] pp. 896, 24, 
lith. lAv. [Lahore, 1870.] 8°. 14736. d. 2.(4.) 

From the title-page the place of imprint would appear to 
he Delhi, hut the colophon suggests Lahore. 

j-vjiU jjS [Kanz ul-daka'ik. Translated 

by Nasr Ullah Kirmani. With marginal notes.] 
pp. ix. 292, lith. Jij$3 I Ave [Ijucknow, 1575.] 

14736. c. 1. 

jjA^i'j^^ <!o |^>».-*k^ ^j'J'jJl ^^ ^'•^^f [Kanz 

ul-dnka'ilc. Translated by Nasr Ullah (called in 
this edition Nasir ul-Din Muh.) KirmanL With 
marginal notes.] pp. 244, lith. ,^1 [Lahore, 
1891.] 8°. 14815. e. 5. 

Jl ij jjJl jjS [Kanz ul-daKa'ik. Arabic 

text, with Persian interlinear translation.] pp.324, 
Uth. j^l irr. [Lahore, 1912.] 8°. 14530. d. 2. 

jJ'ijJl JS [Kanz ul-daka'ik. With 


interlinear Persian translation and marginal 
notes.] pp.324.i/<//. j^l irr-. [La/iore, 1912.] 8°. 

14530. d. 1.(2.) 

[Kanz ul-daka'ik, pt. i. (to end of Kitab ul-vakf). 
With Persian interlinear translation. EJited, 
with preface and marginal notes, by Fazl Hakk 
Akhund-zadah and Hafiz Muh. Muhsin.] pp. xx. 
344, Uth. Jia.j ir.A-.i [Delhi, 1890-92.] 8°. 

14529. b. 4. 

^j'jjJl^^ [Kanz ul-dakfi'ik, pt. i. (to end 

of Kitab ul-vakf). With Persian interlinear 





translation and Arabic marginal notes by Burhan 

ul-Din.] pp. 32i, IM. 

jb)j in I [D,'//m-, 180i.] 
14527. d. 19. 

fcj'j'jjl jJo [Kanz ul-daUa'ili, pt. i. Arabic 

text witli Persian interlinear translation.] pp.365, 
iii., llth. j^l irri [Lahore, 1912.] 8°. 

14530. d. 1.(2.) 

• ^_jJI?aW j/J^'jii" [Kanz ul-dalia'ik, pt. 2 

(from Kitub ul-buyii' to end). With Persian 

interlinear translation and Arabic marginal notes. 

Edited by Hafiz Muli. Mulisin.] pp. 292, lith. 

^yi,3 ir.i-.v [iuAorc, 1889] 8°. 14527. d. 20. 

_)Li.l JwU- jJls'jJljiJ' [Kanz ul-daUa'ili, pt. 2 

(from K°. ul-buyu* to end). With Persian inter- 
linear translation and Arabic notes.] pp. 208, 
litk. \r.^ [Delhi, 1891.] 8°. 14527. d. 23. 

ji^] aU- jJUjJl^ [Kanz ul-dalca'ik, pt. 2 

(from K°. ul-buyu' to end). With Persian inter- 
linear translation and Arabic notes.] pp. 272, 
llth. ir.v-.A [i¥eerM<, 1891.] 8°. 14527. d. 22. 

jJ'ijJl^'' ^ ^\J] JJJ' [Kanz ul-di.Ua'ik, 

pt. 4 (from Kitab ul-ijarah to end). With 
Persian interlineat translation. Edited with 
notes by Muh. 'Abd ul-Rahlm.] pp. 184, llth. 
ir.i [Delhi, 1889.] 8°. 14527. d. 21 

[For other commentaries on Kanz ul- 

daUii'ilc :] See Buehan uI-Din, Mavlam. 

<SeeManAMMAD(ZiTA u1-DIn), ijiisatn i. 

'ABD ULLAH ibn AS'AD, Yafi!l. [For the Durr 
ul uazim, on the mystic virtues of the Kur'an, 
wrongly asciibcd to 'A. U. b. As'ad :] See Mu- 
hammad ibn Ahmad, called Ibn u1-Kqashshab. 

'ABD ULLAH ibn FAZL ULLAH, called Vassaf. 
Geschichte Wassaf's. Persisch herausgegeben 
und Deutsch iibersetzt von Hammer-Purgstall. 
Bd. 1. (iyiJ' c_i'^j)y^a! Ljs?j^La,yi h^yi) 

Wien, 1856. 4°. 757. i. 61. 

No more 'published. 

( — j'v.?j f'-j"^- jyi^ .'-iiii'il h -^ 

4>=^ I— j'JJJ' 

[Ta'i'ikh i Vasiaf. A history of the Mongol 
empire in Persia, and of certain contemporary 

rulera from A H. 056 to 712, with a continuation 
added in A.H. 728.] vol. i. pp. 280, lith. j>jjS 
irvr [Tabriz, 1885-6.] 8°. 14773. f. 10. 

'ABD ULLAH ibn ISMA'iL, Hdshimi. J^-IiU . . . ki- 
i^^Jijt (JJUj J . . . L_j!»»- . , . . ^L«! cujtJ j> 
Jl ^y.^^ ^jid ijUjtS) J [A letter by 'Abd Ullah 

Hashimi in proof of the autliority of Islam. 
Followed by a detailed rejoinder in proof of 
Christianity by 'Abd ul-Masifi Kindi.] pp. 360, 
lith. ^jya< I AAA [Mussoorie, 1888.] 8°. 

14701. 0. 7. 

'ABD ULLAH ibn MUHAMMAD, Professor of 
Hindustani. Begin. j-iJJ • • • ^J^^ ej'-^'^ >>^^?*: 

J! Oj^ df^ • • • J'^'V* ^^^ [-^ panegyric poem 
in praise of Narendra Simha Mahendra, Maharaja 
of Patiala. With an English preface.] pp. ix. 3. 

[London, I860.] 4°. 14797. h. 37. 

■ Panegyric on His Royal Highness the Ma- 

harnjah Rundheer Singh Bahadoor, Sovereign of 
Kuppurthulla. By Syed Abdoollah, etc. iSj.^) 
( Jl ^^iuu ^Jo^ . . . _J^ iii [With a preface in 
Euglish.] pp. 2, 8. London, 1866. 4°. 

14797. h. 11. 

'ABD ULLAH ibn MUHAMMAD, Alia. M sjc 


[Sharh i 'Abd Ullah. A commentary on Biib 1, 
fad 2, of the Sarf i Mu'izzl, an Arabic work 
on acc-idence.] See Badan. Jl ^jIaj <t<JJU [Mu- 

kaddimah i badan, etc.] pp. 19-100. 1905. 8°. 

14820. f. 10. 

'ABD ULLAH ibn MUHAMMAD, Aaadrl. See 
'Abd Ullah, Ansdrl. 

'ABD ULLAH ibn MUHAMMAD, Sayyid. B'-gin. 

iJ)S O'yjju Ji j\ \j J'r. jj sjJ" j'.srj Jjic dS\ I'Ju 

[Guldastah i Ingilistan. An account of a visit 
to London, with verses in praise of London, etc. 
With an ode in Persian and English, and glossary.] 
pp. V. 36, viii. <u^ iacf [Calcutta, 1854.] 8°. 

757. g. 21. 


[Tahkik ul-auzln. A tract on weights and 
measures used in medicine and recognized in law. 
Followed by T-iliklk ul-buhran, on crises of 



-ABD ul-VAHlD 


diseases, based upon 'All Husain's Gliayat ul- 
bayan, by MuK. Badr ul-DIn.] pp. 28, lith. 
jj^ ini^ [Luchiow, 1848.] 8°. 14815. f. 5, 

[Another copy.] 14753. e. 4. 

'ABD ULLAH ibn I!VR ul-DIN, called FakIb, 
Husaim, Sliushtarl. History of Sbustar . . . with 
notices of its celebrated men and memoirs of the 
author's life . . . Edited by Khau Bahadur Maula 
Bakhsh. ( JLiJi s->Jo [Tazkirah i Shiishtar.]) 
1914, etc. See Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic 
Societij of Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica, etc. vol. 
215. 1848, fie. 8°. 14002. a. (vol. 215.) 

In progress. 

'ABD ULLAH ibn NUR MUHAMMAD, .Tdmi. <ti\Xo 
^>J^ [Sadkah i jariyyah. A commentary on the 
Mukhtasar, Kuduri's compendium of Hanafi law.] 
pp. 1036, lith. j^'l irr. \_Lahore, 1902,] 8°. 

14736. b. 7. 
'ABD ULLAH ibn SAr! (Firpz Jang). [Translation 
of Salihotra.] Sec Salihotea. 

'ABD ULLAH ibn 'UMAR, Baizavi. [For the 
Chronicle of Chiua ascribed to Baizavi:] See 
Da'ud ibn Abi '1-Fa7l Muhammad. 

ffeii'y^' f*'"^ i_>'j/ L'Ordre des Chroniques, 

ou Ohronologiedel'Histoire.par le cadhi Beidhawi 
... Par A. I. Silvestre de Sacy. 7 [1798.] See 
Academies, efc. — Paris. — AcacUmie des Inscriptions, 
etc. Notices, etc. torn, iy., pp. 672-699. 1787, 
e^«- 4"- Bar. T. 1. a-c.(tom. 4.) 

'ABD ULLAH ibn 'UMAR (Sapi uI-Din Abu Bakr). 
Jj (jiUi [Two chapters of Faza'il i Balkh, a 
Persian translation of an Arabic work by 'Abd 
Ullah, describing the city of Balkh.] See Schefer 
(C). Chrestomathie Persane, eic. torn. 1. 1883, 
^^'^- 8°. 14003. i. 15. 

rukhabdcU. [Edit., with commentary, of Divan of 
Hafiz.] See Muhammad Hafiz, Shtrdzi. 

'ABD ULLAH KHAN, Uzbeg. [For Akbar's letter 
to 'A. U. :] See Akbau, Emperor of Hinchif^tan. 

'ABD ULLAH KHAN, cnlled 'Alavi. ^ JJo ^ 
<U'J c:^,=^ [Safir i bulbul. A collection of letters. 
Followed by Sihiiat-namah, a work congratulating 
a certain person on his recovery from an illness. 

in elegant prose and verse, with marginal annota- 
tions.] pp. 50, 44, lith. j'x^ lAvi l^Litchnow, 
187G.] 8". 14807. g. 10.(2.) 

'ABD ULLAH ul-LABIB ibn ABD ul-HAKIM, Siydl- 
liotl. [Preface to Ghuuyat ul-talibin.] See 'Abd 
u1-Kadib ibn Musa. 

[Edit, with translation, etc., of Odes 1-60 of Amir 
Khusrau.] See Khusrad, Amir. 

'ABD ULLAH MU'IN. See Muhammad 'Abd Ullah 

'ABD ul-VADUD, Sadavl. [Translation of Divan 
of 'All with commentary.] See 'Ali ibn Abi 

'ABD ul-VAHHAB, called Mahram, surnamed Lisan 
u1-Hakk. (j^'ju. jIjo^ tL^J l-jVaJ") [Farhang i 
khuda-parasti. A poem celebrating the martyrs 
of Karbala. With eulogies, in prose and verse, 
on the author and his work.] pp. 291, lith. 
J\j^ irA-i [Teheran, 1864.] 8°. 14787. b. 19. 

(|JLu.j!jcj^ i^iaJ . . . L_>li^) [Farhang i 

khuda-parasti.] pp. 80, Zi7/t. ^J^> i"'- [Bomhaij, 
1893.] 8°. * 14787.0.2. 

'ABD ul-VAHHAB, called Nashat. cu'jJ^ [Gha- 
zaliyyat. Odes. Edited by Khuda-bakhsh b. 
Bahram Irani.] pp. 48, lith. ^J^^> if^i- [Bombay, 
1914.] 8°. 14797. c. 20. 

'ABD nl-VAHHAB ibn IBRAHIM ('Izz uI-DIn), 
Zanjdni. ,^_jAs-< j_y'vsrj [Al-Mabadi' fi '1-tasrif. 
An Arabic tract on verb-flexion. With Persian 
marginal notes by Muh. Barakat Ullah Lakhnavi.] 
pp. 32, lith. ji.^ [Luclmow, 1907.] 8°. 

14594. d. 9. 
'ABD nl-VAHID, Mauldnd. [Edit.] See Ilyas 
ibn YijsuF (Abu Muhammad), called Nizami. 

'ABD ul-VAHID ibn MUHAMMAD, Mufti. C.^'.^^ 

i_j»ij^'j ^^Jjj'i] (_^<i> ^ij^i^'c ^ya■^\ [Kisas ul-anbija 
i farsi, or 'Aja'ib ul-kisas. An account of pro- 
phets and saints from Adam to Muhammad, pre- 
ceded by an account of the Creation.] pp. 288, 
lith. y^ (AAr [Luclcnow, 1882.] 8°. 14779. g. 6. 

jj^ls *'JJ.'Jl ^jo^i^ £J ;J^^* (/^i*^! L—^'ws^ 

[Kisas ul-anbiya i farsi.] pp. 288, //</(.. .yt^Jn.o 
[Lahore, 1905.] 8°. 14779. g. 20, 





'ABD ul-VALi, Manhivl. [Edit.] See Abo Sa'Id 
ibu Am 'l-KiiAiR. 

llussiun Supremacy in Central Asia, being 

a hi'iof account, historical, geographical and ethno- 
logical of the Central Asian or Turanian Khanates, 
down to the present time, prepared from various 
sources and written in simple modern Persian by 
;Maulavi Abdul Wali. (J! '.x*T j ^<^;j laJ^' f-.'.'-'j) 
New edition. pp. ii. 82, lith. )il\ n.. [Agra, 
1900.] 8°. 14773. e. 8. 

'ABD ul-VASI'. [Excerpts from grammatical 
writings.] See SIta-ram ibn Gopal-eau. A^m, 
Jcljil! y^iisr* [Risiilah i mukhtasar ul-kava'id.] 
[1880.] 8°. 14820. e. 6. 

'ABD ul-VASI', Hihisavl. [For commentary on 
Makamat of 'A. V. :] See Imam-baksh, called 

J! j^lJ! Joe [Risalah. A work on Per- 
sian grammar and philology (introduction and 
ch. i.-ii.) and on literary terminology (ch. iii.).] 
pp. 65, lith. jjSi'i lAir [Lahore, 1862] 8°. 

14837. e. 2.(3.) 

^]yi\ Ajc A^^j [Risalah.] pp. 84, lith. 

jyx^K i^^'i [Cawnpore,\879.] 8°. 14820,6.2.(12.) 

ABDAL RAOOF. See Muhammad 'Abd u1-Ra^uf. 

ABDALIA (Abu Said), Baidavaeus. See 'Abd 
Ullah ibn 'Umae, Baixdvl. 

ABDALLAH ibn OMAR (Saft eddin Abou Beke). 
See 'Abd Ullah ibn 'Umak (Sapi uI-Din Abu 


Ullah ibn Safi. 

ABDOOL KERIM. See 'Abd uI-Karim. 

ABDOOL MUJEED, Huheem. See 'Abd uI-Majid 

ABDOOL RDHEEM. See 'Abd u1-Rah!m ibn 'Abd 

ABDOOL STJMUD. See 'Abd u1-Samad. 

ABDOOR RUHEEM, Mouluvee. See 'Abd u1-Rahim 
ibn 'Abd uI-Karim. 

ABDOORRUMAN JAMEE. See 'Abd u1-Rauman 
ibn Ahmad. 


RashIu ibu 'Abd u1-0hafue. 

ABDOITL DJELIL, Yezdij. See 'Abd uI-JalIl ibn 

Karim, Bukhdrl. 




BAT Mahmud. 

See 'Abd u1-Baha ibn Baha 
See 'Abd uI-KaeIm ibn *Aki- 

RAZzAii ibn Ishak. 

'ABDU, Yazdl, Hfljt, calling himself Hichmakani 
[i.e. Sir Richard Francis Bueton]. ,_y?-'-=^ j^ 
sj^j-iOftll The Kasidah — couplets — of Haji Abdu 
El-Yezdi : a lay of the Higher Law. Translated 
and annotated by . . . F. B. pp. 33. London, 
1880. 4°. 757. i. 44. 

The Kasidah — couplets — of Haji Abdu al- 

Yazdi . . . Translated . , . by his friend and pupil 
F. B. By Sir Richard F. Burton. [With preface 
by Lady Burton.] ff. 42. London, 1900. 4^ 

1165L 1. 60. 
'ABDU '1-RESSAK, Samarlcandy. See 'Abd ul- 
Razzak ibn Ishak. 

ABDUL FATTAH, alias Saitad Ashraf Alt, Moului. 
See 'Abd u1-Fattah, called Ashraf 'Ali. 

ABDUL HAKK, Saheb Mvhaddis, of BihlL See 
'Abd uI-Hakk ibn Saip uI-DIn. 

ABDUL HAK ABID. See 'Abd uI-Hakk: 'Abid. 

ABDUL KADIR, Ahmadi. See 'Abd u1-Kadir, 

ABDUL KARIM, Munshi. See 'Abd uI-Kakim. 


'ABDU'L-FATTAH, Fiimeny. See 'Abd uI-Fattah, 

ABDULHAY, Maulawi. See 'Abd u1-Haty. 

ABD-uI-JELEEL. See 'Abd uI-JalIl. 

ABDULKADIR, S. Surfraz. See 'Abd u1-Kapir 






ABDULKURE.EEM, Khojeh. See 'Abd u1-KabIm 
ibn 'Akibat Mahmud. 

'ABDULftADIR, Boffdddcnsis. See 'Abd u1-Kadie 
ibn 'Umar, Baghdadt. 

ABDITE EAHIM, Maulavi. See 'Abd uI-Rahim ibn 
'Abd uI-Kauim. 

ABDXJR EAHMAlf, Amir of Afghanistan. See 
'Abd u1-Rahman Khan. 

'ABDURRASHID, of Tattali. See 'Abd uI-RashId 
ibn 'Abd u1-Ghafue. 

ABDUS SALAM, Moulvi. See 'Abd u1-Salam ibn 
'Abd u1-Jabbae. 

ABERCROMBY (Sir Robeet) . [Edit] fifee India. 
— East India Company. 

ABHARI. See Mufazzal ibn 'ETmae. 

ABI JAUFFER MAHOMMED, the son of Jerreir, 
the Tehrian. See Muhammad ibn Jarik (Abu 
Ja'far), Taharl. 

'ABID. See 'Abd u1-Hakk 'Abid. 

'ABIL HTISAIN, Lalthnavl. [Edit.] See SadId 
nl-DIjJ, Kdzarunt. 

'ABIDIN PASHA. [Turkish paraphrase and com- 
mentary on Masnavi.] See Muhammad ibn Mu- 
hammad (Jalal uI-Din), RUmi. 

ABOO TALIB KHAN. See Abu Talib ibn Muham- 
mad Khan. 



ABOIT-DJAFAR, Tallin. See Muhammad ibn Jaeie 
(Abu Ja'far). 


ABOU NASR AHMAD, d Qobawy. See Ahmad ibn 
Muhammad (Abu Nase). 


See Muhammad ibn 'Ubaid Ullah. 

ABOIT-TALEB, al-Hossemi. See Abu Talib, Hu- 

ABRAHAM, Ecchellensis. [Edit., with translation, 
of Jam i giti-numa.] See Husain ibn Mu'in 

ABRAHAM AMINOV. See Aminov (A.). 

ABRAHAM ASHER. HT^ VDn ... buiW^ 'i2 IJ-'nN'? 
[Hemyan shirah. Hebrew and Persian Jewish 
religious poems.] pp. 16. d'?W1T t3"J"lil [Jeru- 
salem, 1899.] 12°. 01980. c. 29. 

ABRU. See Muhammad Asghae 'Ali. 

ABTJ 'ALL Jj^"^ J'-»«cl jJ -sl^. ['lyar ul-'ukul. 
A handbook of elementary mechanics.] pp. 20, 
lith. t>ljT,Jar^ \^ri [Hyderabad, 1834.] 4°. 

14766. c. 1. 

ABU 'ALI, Maulavi. See Mohammad Ietiza 'Ali 

ABU 'ALI (Shaeaf uI-Din), Kalandar, Pdnlpatl. 
cijA=-»I1 fU"'' [Asrar ul-yalidat. A tract on the 
nature of God.] See Muhammad 'Ashik (Sa'id 
uI-DIn). jJ' <iuJ^ [Kalimat ul-hakk, ei!c.] pp. 20- 
end. [1891.] 8°. 14712. c. 5.(2.) 

^..jJili ^a [Kalam i lialandarl. Masnavi 

poems.] pp. 76, 16, 20, 40. 1=^ iaI. [Meeruf, 
1890.] 8°. • 14797. g. 29.(3.) 

,Jals ^M y> (_oJ^ [Masnavi. A mystic 

poem, usually ascribed to Abu 'All.] pp. 16, lith. 

^yt'l lAvr [Lahore, 1872.] 8°. 14787. d. 13.(3.) 

,j.jJls ^_jic_jjl s'-i i_si'^ [Masnavi.] pp. 10, 

mil. j^'^ lAvr [Gawnpore, 1872.] 8°. 

14837. g. 5.(10.) 

^txLc [Masnavi.] See Muhammad Zardar 

Khan. JI ^=>- s'^ jp>j [Rahbar i rah i liaUk.] 

pp. 151-58. [1877.] 8°. 14119. e. 28. 

.Jolj' ^k o s';/i (_?y^ [Miisnavi.] See 

Ganjinah. Jl ^J~>s. ^xA=a^ [GanjTnah i 'irfan.] 

pp. 13-20. [1877.] 8°. 14797. h. 51.(1.) 

,yul« [Masnavi.] pp. 10, lith. j^^ iaa. 

[Gaivnpore, 1880.] 8°. 14787. g. 29.(1.) 

^'Xo j>^^ 1^ ^. »'-^ (_sy^ [Masn 


With interlinear Hindustani translation by Zuhur 




Khan.] pp, 44, WA. ^^ in. [LMc/mo!<>, 1893.] 
8°. 14797. g. 26.(5.) 

[Third edition.] pp. 44, Jith. ^ij$3 

I All [Luchioiu, 1899.] 8°. 14797. e. 36.(4.) 

[Fourth edition.] pp. 44, lith. 

y^ M.I {Uiclimiv, 1901.] 8°. 14797. f. 2.(1.) 

ABU 'ALI ibn MISKAVAIH. See Ahmad ibn Mo- 
hammad (Adu 'AlT). 


Dlllhivl. i_8,t.s' JCJ l«_^l« . j^JoLe»^! t-S^ . . . ^'^j 

Jl ^^jj^' Jz ^l^\ e^'jol J ^J] [Saif ul- 
uiu'minTn, or Kashf ul-rain. A Shi'ah con- 
troversial treatise.] pp. 219, lith. [Imchnow, 
1878.] 8°. 14712. g. 3. 

ABU 'ALI MUHAMMAD, Bal'atm. See Muhammad 
ibn MnuAMMAD (Abu 'AlI). 

ABU 'ALI SINA. See Husain ibn 'Abd Ullah 
(Abu 'Ali). 

. ABU 'l-BAKA, of Fez. See 'Abbas (J. S.). 

ABU BAKR, IsHdU-zai, and others. ^^.a!I *^. JLJi 
[TaUvim ul-din. A treatise on Jihad or holy 
war, especially as regards the present time, by 
Abu Bakr and eleven other divines, under the 
direction of 'Abd ul-Rahman Khan, Amir of 
Afghanistan. With Persian interlinear transla- 
tions of Arabic quotations.] pp. 211, lith. JjI^ 
ir.c [Kabul, 1888.] 8°. 14718. e. 2. 

ABU BAKR (Hamid u1-Din), Balkhi. See HamId 


ABU BAKU ibn MUHAMMAD 'ALI, Xttms/ie. , .^1 
^AlacUl [Anis ul-va'izin. A work on Moslem 
rites. With an appendix entitled Risalah i 
mnfidah i tanbih ul-vfi'izin by Falcir Ullah.] 
pp. 28, lith. ^Luj ir.p [Bonihay, 1886.] 8°. 

14718. g. 7. 

ABU '1-BARAKAT, Nasafl. See 'Abd Ullah ibn 
Ahmad (Hapiz uI-Din). 

ABU 'l-BARAKAT ibn 'ABD ul-MAJID, Multdni. 
See MuNiB ul-DiN. 

ABU 'l-FAIZ ibn MUBARAK. See Faiz! ibn Mu- 

ABU '1-FATH, called Kabil Khan. [Adab i 
'Alamglrl, collection of Aurangzib'a letters.] 


ABU '1-FAZL, BaihaKi. See Muhammad ibn ul- 
HusAiN (Abu '1-Fazl). 

ABU l-FAZL ibn ABI '1-KASIM, Tlhrdnl. \s3> 
,^vxJl U<ij |-**.4j1 Cjj'J^l lyt [Shifa ul-sudiir. A 
treatise on the feast of 'Ashura and the rites 
thereof. Followed by an Arabic prayer attributed 
to 'Alliamah b. Muh. HazramI, with interlinear 
Persian translation and commentary.] pp. 384, 
lith. i^omiai/, ir. 1-1. [1893,] 8°. 14718. g. 12. 

ABU '1-FAZL ibn MUBARAK, called 'Allami. ^I 
is^'j [Akbar-naraah. A history of the reign of 
Akbar, prefaced by an account of his ancestors 
and predecessors. Edited, with preface and mar- 
ginal notes, by Sayyid Muh. Sadik 'Ali.] 3 vols., 
lith. \^^s [Luclcnow, \mi.] Fol. 14773.1.1. 

This edition, like all those thatjollow, does not include 
part iii. of the jvork, entitled A'ln i Akbari, which is 
usually published by itself. 

The Akbarndmah by Abul Fazl i Mubarak 

i 'Allami . . . Edited . . . [to the end of vol. i., 
fasc. 2,] by Agha Ahmad 'Ali ([and for the re- 
mainder] by Maulawi 'Abd-ur-Rahim.) [With 
index of names of persons and places.] (<Cc'J jS\) 
3 vols. 1877-87. See Academies. — Calcutta. — 
Asiatic Sociehj of Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica, etc. 
vol.79. 1848, e<c. Fol. 14002. a. (vol. 79.) 

<)U,'J jii\ [Akbar-namah. Edited with mar- 
ginal notes by Muh. Sadik 'Ali Lakhnavi.] 3 vols. 
Jkj$3 - .jAil^ lAM-r \_Gawnpore-Lucknow, 1881-3.] 
Fol. 14773. k. 6. 

Jjl aU- - <uU o^l [Akbar-namah, vol. i. 

Edited with marginal notes, mainly from Muli. 
Sadik 'AH Rizavi.] pp. 276, lith. jy^^ "■'' 
[(^awwpore, 1881.] Fol. 14773.1.2. 

The Akbarnama of Abu-1-Fa?l, translated 

from the Persian by H. Beveridge. 1897, etc. 

See Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of 

Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica, etc. vol. 138. 1848, 

etc. 8°. 14002. a. (vol. 138.) 

In progress. 

An account of the siege and reduction 

of Chaitiir, by the Emperor Akbar. From the 




Akbar-namah of Shaikh Abul-Fazl. Translated 
by Major D. Price, pp. 42. 1834. See Acade- 
mies, etc. — London. — Oriental Translation Fund, 
etc. Miscellaneous Translations from Oriental 
Lancjuaffes. vol. 2. 1831-34. 8°. 14003. d, 5. 

[Excerpts from Akbar-namah on Kuch 

Bihar, Kuch Hajo, and Assam in the 16- 17th 
centuries.] See Blochmann (H.F.). Koch Bihar, 
etc. 1872. [Asiatic Society of Bengal : Journal.] 

R. Ac. 8826/11. 

Jl ^jxi] ^^T [A'in i Akbari. The Insti- 
tutes of the Emperor Akbar, forming part iii. 
of Akbar-namah. Edited, with illustrations, by 
Sayyid Ahmad Khan.] 2 vols., lith. ^Ji^J irvi- 
[DeUii, 1855.] Fol. 757. 1. 3. 

i_sri^' U^~ l^'^^ i Akbari.] 3 vols. *X£i 

u->i [Lucknow, 1869.] Fob 14773. h. 1-2. 

The AIu-i-Akbari by Abul-Fazl-i-''Allami. 

Edited ... by H. Blochmann. (Jl ^^! ^^T) 

2 pts. 1872 [1867]-77. See Academies, t>/c.— Cal- 
cutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. Bibliotheca 
Indica, etc. vol. 58. 1848, etc. Fol. 

14002. b. (vol. 58.) 

L?r^' U^' [-A-'iii i Akbari. Illustrated.] 

3 vols. ji3 I AM- [Lwcfcnow, 1882.] Fol. 14773.k.7. 

The Ayin Akbary, or The Institutes of 

the Emperor Akbar. Translated from the original 

Persian [by F. Gladwin], pp. iv. 81. London, 

nil. 4°. 26. i, 16. 

Published as a specimen of tlie complete translation pub- 
lished at Calcutta in 1783-86. 

Ayeen Akbery ; or, The Institutes of the 

Emperor Akber, translated from the original Per- 
sian by Francis Gladwin. 3 vols. OftZcM^to, 1783- 
86. 4°. 757. k. 9,10. 

[Another copy, wanting vol. 3.] 

26. f. 4, 5. 

[Another copy of vol. i., with MS. 

notes by Sir W. Jones.] 757. h. 16. 

Ayeen Akbery ; or The Institutes of the 

Emperor Akber. Translated ... by F. Gladwin. 
2 vols. London, 1800. 4°. 757. k. 34. 

Ayeen Akbery : or Akber's regulations 

for the government of Hindustan . . . Ti'anslated 

by Francis Gladwin . . . Edited ... by Jagadis 
Mukhopaidhyaya. Vols. i. & ii. pp. xxiv. 802. 
Calcutta, 1898. 8°. 757. ff. 11. 

The Ain i Akbari of Abul Fazl 'Allami, 

translated ... by H. Blochmann. (Pts. 2 and 3, 
translated by H. S. Jarrett.) (Biography of 
Shaikh Abulfazl i 'AUami.) (A supplementary 
index of the place names . . . Compiled by William 
Irvine . . . and Lavinia Mary Austey.) 4 pts. 
1873-1910. See Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — 
Asiatic Society of Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica, etc. 
vol. 61. 1848, etc. 8°. 14002. a. (vol. 61.) 

[For extracts prescribed for the Allahabad 

University Entrance Course, translated with 
notes :] See Academies, etc. — Allahabad. — Univer- 
sity of Allahabad. 

[For supplement to vol. i. of A'iu i Akbari :] 

See Williams (L. F. R.). 

j^iXL)] J .'->r 

["^lyar i danish. A modernized 
version of the Kalilah u Dimnah of Husain Va'iz.] 
pp. 304, lith. jyxi'i^ lAvi [Cawnpore, 1879.] 8°. 

14783. f. 7. 

,^]iij.j£. ['lyar i dtinish] ou Le Parangon 

de la Science ; traduction persane du Livre de 
Calila, faite par le vizir Abou'lfazl . . . [Noticed] 
par M. Silvestre de Sacy. 1818. See Acade- 
mies, etc. — Paris. — Academie des Inscriptions, etc. 
Notices, etc. torn, x., pt. i., pp. 197-225. 1787, 
etc. 4°. Bar. T. 1. a-c. (torn. 10.) 

The Khirud-Ufroz : translated from the 

Oordoo [viz. Hafiz ul-Din Ahmad's Hindustani 
version of the 'lyar i diinish,] into English, and 
followed by a vocabulary ... by T. P. Manuel. 
pp.49. Calcutta, 1861. 8°. 14112. bbb, 11. 

pp. 3, 99. Luchioiv, 1892. 8°. 

14112. b. 50. 

il^\^ JXi [Nigar i danish. An abridg- 
ment of Abu '1-Fazl's 'lyar i danish.] pp. 150, 
Zti/t. y4^ lAvr [LmcA-wow, 1873.] 8°. 14837.6.4.(5.) 

^;lJb^'jo [Nigar i danish.] pp. 178, ?/</(. 

y^ lAiA [Lucknow, 1898.] 8°. 14783. d. 6.(3.) 

Begin. V JL> J^j iS ! y ,^li)_<, (i^VuJ ^jS^S 

iXjo'-i^j '■^'•:^=^ ui;^*^ ^-ii^?.'^ <o'oyl^ j] [Mukatabat, 





or Inshfi. Epistles. Pt. i. and a portion of 
pt. ii.] pp. ]()0. [OalcuHa, 1810.] . 4°. 

757. k. 19. 

TJiis ejilion contains the material found in the Liichiiow 
edition o/1803 (sec below) up to p. lAO, with some variations 
in text. 

[Anotliev copy.] 

757. i. 32.(1.) 

Jl ic«^ J-a^l j>\ Liu'oyd Insliae Abool 

Fuzul by Moonsliee Abool Fuzul Ullamee. 
pp. 106. See Persian Wkiters. Classic Selec- 
tions, e<c. vol. i. 1828. 4°. 757.1.1.(5.) 

Same material as Calcutta edition of 1810. 

J-oail }j1 JjJ &^ Jb [Mukatabiit, da/tars 

i.-iii. Edited with notes by Malibul Alimad 
Gopiitnii'l.] pp. 349, iM. irif \_Luchiiow, IS4Q.] 
8°. 14807. g. 9. 

.li.l "*-♦>?-/ } [Muntakhabat. Selections from the 
Mukatabat. With Hindustani translation.] 
pp. 285, //<A. [Lfl /tore, 1861.] 8°. 14807. d. 1. 

(J-oaJl yi] [Mukatabat. Collected and re- 
dacted by the author's nephew 'Abd ul-Samad 
ibn Afzal Muhammad. Edited, with marginal 
notes from various sources, by Muh. Hadi All.] 
pp. 360, llth. irA. [Luchiow, 1863.] 8°. 

14807. g. 1. 

JiJ .li (J-aflJl .jl '-/*' [Mukatabat, duftars 

i.-ii. With commentary by Muh. Ghiyils ul-Din 
Rampiiri.] pp. 408, Zi'</t. iai. [iitf/mou;, 1890.] 
8°. 14807. g. 17. 

■ [For commentary on Mukatabat or Insha :] 

See Muhammad A'lam. 

[For Letter of Akbar drafted by Abu 

'1-Fazl :] See Akbar, Emperor of Hindustan. 

[Preface to Mahabharata.] See Maha- 

bhauata. tg^j'^ *^>i^'>f« [Mahabharat i farsl.] 
[1897-1900.] 8°. 14734. d. 4. 

ABU '1-FUTUH. See Hosain ibn 'AlL 

ABU '1-GHAZi. See Husain (Abu 'I-Ghazi). 

ABU 'l-HASAN, Farlddhddi. [Commentary on 
Khakfini.] See Ibrahim ibn 'Ali Najjar. 

ABU '1-HASAN, litahhdndtl. JjjiJ-.^ ,_^a«.J! (_j'J/ 
[Siilsabil. Philosopbico- theological discourses, 
mainly on texts of the Kur'an.] pp. 416, lilh. 
^J^_ irir [Bombay, 189-5.] 8°. 14703. aa. 1. 

ABU 'itih&kTS , Khvdjah. <u'J _<Xil;s> [Jahangir- 
niimah. A history of the reign of Jahangir and 
Niir Jahan.] pp. 280, litli. J<^ uIa [Lvcknoio, 
1898.] 8°. ^ 14773. d, 16. 

ABU '1-HASAN, Maxdavl. See Muhammad Abu 'l- 

ABU '1-HASAN, Shdzili. See 'Ali ibn 'Abd Ullah 
(NuK ul-DiN Abu '1-Hasan). 

ABU '1-HASAN, called Faeeukhi. See 'AlI ibn 


ABU '1-HASAN, called Hasan. See Muhammad 
Abu '1-Hasan. 

ABU '1-HASAN, called Khueeam, snmamed Sadu 

uI-Shd'aea, Slnrdzl. ^^j*^^\ . . . v—j'Ji' ;1 Jj"! jl». 
(^lyil! ^Iko ,<uJ^Ji ^_^•'Ju) Juw^' c:^'.^ [Shu- 
ja'at ul-liusaini, a poem on the heroism and 
martyrdom of the family of 'Ali ; Manakib ul- 
a'immah, poems in praise of 'All and the Imams, 
etc. ; and Matla' ul-anvar, poems in praise of 
Nasir ul-Din Shah and the royal family of Persia, 
etc. Edited by Mlrza Asad Ullah.] pp. 152, 
40, 40, lith. ^^> ir.i [Bombay, 1891.] 8°. 

14797. c. 16. 

(Jl (UjjII (-; i'JLe ,iUU oJ}^) [Shuja'at ul-husaini; 

MaulQd-namah, a poem on the 12th Imam; Ma- 
nakib ul-a'immah ; Matla' ul-anvar ; and Bahar i 
Khurram, or Hadikah i danish, a tract on prosody. 
Second edition.] 5 pts., lith. ^Jj-^ irrA [Bom- 
bay, 1910.] 8°. 14787. b. 28. 

[Second edition.] 5 pts., lith. 

^J.X4J irrA [Bombay, 1911.] 8°. 14787. b. 28. 

ABU '1-HASAN, called Rlji. ^_^!^ J^,i Ijjt, 
[Dlviin, Poems, in Persian and Azarbaijani 
Turkish.] pp. 258, iiiA. i rU [Persia, 1877.] 8°. 

14797. d. 3. 

ABU '1-HASAN, called Shaikh uI-Ea'Ts. JJt o\&-\ 
[Ittiliad i islam. An historical appreciation of 





Islam.] pp. 96, lith. ^h^, \r\f [Bomhay, 1894.] 


14718. c. 4. 

^J^^SJ] ^ . . .y 1 jl ^j-JAi (w-^s^;^ [M 


takhab i nafis. Writings in verse and prose (in- 
cluding some Arabic verses), preceded by an 
autobiography.] pp. 42, 209, 8, lith. ^y^; irir 
[Bombay, 1896.] 8^ 14797. c. 24. 

ABUl-HASAN, called Yaghma, of Jandalc. ^Jj^.S) 
(^> [Divan. Prose and verse writings. Edited 
with -preface by Haji Muh. Isma'il.] pp. 389, 
lilh. irAr [re/ieran.? 1866.] Fol. 14797.1.7. 

ABU 'I-HASAN, called Zclali, Klivdnsdrl. ^y>^ 
^1j [Masnavi i Zulali. The romance of Sultan 
Mahmiid and his slave Ayaz. Edited with preface 
and marginal notes by Muh. Sadik 'Ali (Ghalib).] 
pp. vi. 482, Uth. ^ iAv« [iMcfcmow, 1874.] 8°. 

14797. e. 2, 

stdnah. Das Mujmil et-Tarikh-i ba'dnadirije des 
Ibn Muhammed Emin Abu'l-Hasan aus Gulistane. 
[A history of Persia.] . . . Herausgegeben, und 
mit ciner Einleitung und mit Indices versehen, 
von 0. Mann. Leiden, 1891. 8°. 757. f. 35. 

In progress. 


Ci^,.*.^' j^'-ij 4-5Vi$^ [Yanabi' ul-hikmat. Tra- 
ditional sayings of the Prophets, Imams, and 
sages of Islam.] pp. 238, lith. ir.i [Teheran, 
1887.] 8°. 14707. c. 2. 

ABU '1-HASAN 'All ibn KULU'. See 'Ali ibn 

ABU ISHAK. See Jamal uI-Din. 

ABU ISHAK, Istalihrl. See Ibrahim ibn Muham- 
mad (Abu Ishak). 

Ullah, Ansdri. 

Muhammad ibn 'Ali, called Ibn Babavaih. 

ABU 'l-KASIM, Ahhvdnl (?). [Edit.] See Masud 
ibn Sa'd ibn Salman. 

ABU '1-KASIM, Kushairi. See 'Abd uI-KaeIm ibn 

ABU '1-KASIM, Ldhauri, Sayyid. ^^jJ^sH^] u_ljJ^' 
[Taklif ul-mukallifin. A manual of Shi'ah re- 
ligious instruction, in two parts. With 2 Arabic 
tracts on the margin, viz. (1) al-Bab al-hildi 
'ashar, a compendium of the Shi'ah creed, by al- 
HillT, and (2) Risalah alfiyyah i Shahid, a manual 
of Shi'ah law by Shaikh Shahid.] pp. 129, iv., 
lith^ jjs^'i irlr [La/to»-e, 1875.] 8°. 14712. c. 4. 

ABU '1-KASIM, called Kudeat Ullah Khan, ^}yai 
j_^L«^l J)jS=~ _yi i^y-Sl [Fusul ul-a'raz. A 
Persian commentary on the Arabic Hudud ul- 
amraz, an alphabetical dictionary of. bodily 
diseases and ailments by Muh. Akbar Arzani. 
Edited by Ghulam Husain. Second edition.] 
pp. 322, Uth. j^l [Lahore, 1890.] 8°. 

14753. d. 7. 

ABU '1-KASIM, called Madiii, Sardtt. . . . (-j'Jii" 
Jl <c«'j fjXi^,^»- [Jahangir-namah. A poem in 
imitation of Firdausi's Shah-namah, on the adven- 
tures of Rustam and his son Jahangir.] pp. 402, 
lith. J^> \'^^r [Bombay, 1892.] 8°. 14797. d. 14. 

ABU '1-KASIM ibn ABI BAKR, Laisi, Samarliandi. 
i^s^.^^ ^-^-i} ^A [Abyat. Verses quoted in 
the Mustakhlas ul-haka'ik, an Arabic commentary 
on Nasafi's Kanz ul-daka'ik. With Persian 
glosses and Pushtu metrical paraphrase by Hafiz 
Muh. Shafi'.] pp. 32, Zt</i.. ^j'-i.j irli- [Peshawar, 
1875.] 8°. ' 14163. b. 4.(1.) 

ABU '1-KASIM ibn HASAN. [Translation of 
Mukhtasar.] See Ahmad ibn Muhammad, called 


ABU '1-KASIM ibn ul-HUSAIN, Bizavl, of I{umm 
and Herat. [Haka'ik i ladunni, translation and 
exposition of Khasa'is 'Ali.] See Ahmad ibn 

[Lavami' ul-tanzil, translation and exposi- 

tion of Kur'an.] See Kue'an. 

<s»iUl .U y [Durban ul-mut'ah. An essay 

on temporary marriage, based on the Kur'an and 
Traditions.] pp. 57, 3, WA. ^yt^ [La/iore, 1882.] 
8°. 14712. d. 7.(2.) 

J'iisll l::^j1 JA [Hidayat ul-atfal. A com- 
pendium of Islam.] pp.32,Zi<A. ^jjbl lAvr [La/iore, 
1872.] 8°. 14837. d. 2.(3.) 





ABU l-KASIM ibn ul-HUSAIW, Rizavl, of Kumm 
and Herat (continued). JLe'^aH' ^Ac iilUl jUl Aar*" 


Leji) j [Hiijjat Ullilh ul-biiligliat 'ala '1-khassat 
va 'l-'atmnat. A treatise on the Imamate.] pp. 28, 
nth. jjS.'i iNvr [Lahore, 1872.] 8°. 14712. d. 2. 

<u*Ai- ,1 J! <i(l'«^. [Risalah i anvar i khamsah. 

A compendium of the Shi'ah creed. Followed 
by Risalah i ziya i nasamah, on religious rites.] 
pp. 208, i.'ilA. [Lahore, 1887.] 16°. 14718. a. 1. 

iiiiLJI 'iii^.^ [Siyadat ul-sfidat. A vindica- 
tion of the authority of Muhammad, his ancestors, 
and his successors in the sovereignty of Islam.] 
pp. iv. 204, 4, Zi</t. jjib'i ir.v [Lahore, \ 890.] 8°. 

14712. b. 2. 
Ufaluinl, (ij^U!! iisr iwjl'iT Ijjt) [Al-Tuhfat 
ul-nasiriyyah. An anthology of Arabic poetry, 
with Persian interlinear translation.] ff. 303, litlt. 
iiiU'^lj I rvA [Te/icran, 1861.] Fol. 14573. e. 3. 

ABU n-KASIM ibn RAZI ul-DIN, called MIk 'Alam, 
Musavl. Jl JWI ii)A=- l_;Ia/ IJjs [Hadikat ul- 

'alam. A history of the Kutbshahis and of the 
Asafis of Hyderabad.] pp. xv. vii. 415, 397, 3, lilh. 
^[i\jj>^ ln^ [Hyderabad, 18b0.] 8°. 14773. h. 5. 

JU!1 iijJJfc [Hadikat ul-'alam. In an 

abridged English translation.] See Eastwick 
(E. B.). The Kaisarnauiah i Hind, etc. vol. i. 
1877-82. Fol. Tab. 1336. b. 1. 


See Hasan (Abu '1- 


ABU 'l-KASIM HUSAIN, called 'UNbURl. 
Husain (Abu 'I-Kasim). 

ABU '1-KHAIR ibn GHIYAS nl-DIN. [Translation 
of Majmu'ah i sliamsi.] See Hunter (W.). 

ABU a-MA'ALI. See Muhammad (Abu 'I-Ma'au). 

See Nasr Ullah ibn Muhammad. 


See Muhammad ihn 'Ubaid Ullah. 



See Muhammad, called Abu 

ibn 'klI. 

ABU MUHAMMAD, called Sakib. See 'Abd ul- 

u1-Ghafur Khan. 

ABU MUHAMMAD HASAN, called Shj'bI. See 
Hasan (Abu Muhammad). 


ABU MUHSIN, nf Ardilan. ^j/ ci.>W t-jUi" Ijjb 
[Lughat i kurdi. A Kurdish-Persian glossary.] 
pp. 43,W/i.. ir.r [re/ier«>i,1886.] 8°. 14815. b. 1. 

ABU '1-NAJM AHMAD, called MinuchihrI, Bdma- 
ghcini. See Ahmad (Abu '1-Najm). 

ABU NASR, Fardhi. yj'ojuaJl ^_j'.oJ Nisab 
oo'ssibyan. [A versified Arabic-Persian vocabu- 
lary.] Edited by Meerza Moohummnd Uscuree. 
pp. vi. 54. Calcutta School-Boole Societ]! : Calcutta, 
1819. 8'. 14820. b. 1.(1.) 

This edition differs in arrangement from the two follow- 
ing editions. 

Abii Nasr's proper name is given variously as Muh. Badr 
ul-D'in, Malimud b. Ahi Baler, Mas'ud h. Abi Bakr, ami 
Mas'Hd b. Hasan, 

■ (j'-r!^' i-__>'.^ [Nisab ul-subyan. With 

marginal notes. Preceded by Ta'bir i khvab, a 

table for dream-interpretations.] ff. 20, lith. 

j>y^ (rir [Tabriz, 1846.] 8°. 14807. b. 3.(2.) 


'ju« i__;'^ [Nisab ul-subyan. With 

marginal notes.] See Nisab. (ul-'J > ''►<=-') 

[Nisabitarassul. (3.)] [1858.] 8°. 14837. c. 5. 

^j'>joufl!l (__5'^.ai!l i__)l.i/ IjJt [Nisab ul-subyan. 

With marginal notes. Followed by Amsilah, a 
tract on Arabic verbs.] S.\2,lith. irv)' [Persia, 
1858.] 8°. 14837. f. 3.(4.) 

End. j^'ojuJI L_j'..i2J xt J.«j' [Nisab ul-subyan. 

With the commentary of Muh. b. Fasih (Karim 
ul-Din Dasht-bayazi).] S.3i>, lith. ir'yr-^i [Persia, 
1866.] 8°. 14820. f. 2. 

cJ'ti^' i—j'-^ [Nisab nl-subyan. With 

marginal notes.] ff.l2, lith. irM [7«/a/iaw, 1869.] 
8°. 14820. f. 3.(8.) 


I !'.«a! 

) [Nisab ul-subyan. Witli 

marginal notes.] pp. 30, lith. jy*^'^ •^^'' [Cawn- 
pore, 1872.] 8°. 14837. g. 10. 


ABU NASR, Fardhi (continued) 




^j^^y^o -j^ <u ji"^^ . . . ^J^^'^ [Nisab 
ul-subyan. Witli commentary of Karim ul-DIn 
Daslit-bayazi, and marginal notes by Muli. 'Aziz 
Hasan. Edited by Muli. Sadik 'All Lakhnavi.] 
pp; 164. JkjC lAVA [^L^ichnoiv, 1878.] 8°. 

14837. e. 11.(5.) 

,•'.) Jjl [OUu yaz. The Nisab ul-subyan 

with Turkish translation by Ibrahim HaUki.] 
pp. 112. ir.4 [Cunstantinople, 1886.] 8°. 

14820. b. 2. 

ABU NASR, Farydhl. See ZahIr (Ana Nask). 

ABU '1-NASR (Path Ullah Khan), Shaibdni. See 
Fath Ullah Khan. 

ABU NASR AHMAD, called Zhandah-pIl. See 
Ahmad ibn Abi '1-Hasan. 

ABU NASR MUHAMMAD, 'Utbi. See Muhammad 
' Uxiii. 

ABU al-QASIM, al-Qushairl. See 'Abd u1-KarTm 
ibn Havazin. 

ABU RAJA. See Muhammad Zaman Khan. 

ABU 'l-SAFA, Rizvdnl. See Ahmad Shah (Abu 

ABU SA'ID. See Muhammad Hdsain (Abu Sa'id). 

ABU SA'ID ibn ABI '1-KHAIR (Fazl Ullah). 
[Life and Teachhtfjs.] See Muhammad ibn ul- 

[On the quatrains of A. S. :] See 'Ubaid 

Ullah ibn Mahmud. 

The Ruba'iyat of Abu Sa'ld . . . Edited 

by Maulavi 'Abd'ul Wali. 1910, 1 1. See Acade- 
mies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. 
Journal and Proceedings, etc. vol. v., pp. 421-56, 
vol. vii., pp. 637-67. 1905, etc. 8°. 

R.Ac. 8826/11, 

[Ruba'iyyat. Quatrains.] See 'Abd Ullah, 

Ansdri. Jl cij'j^'Jt* [Munajat, etc.] ff. 14-21. 

[1862.] 12°. 14807. a. 3.(5.) 

pp. 91-95. [1884.] 12°. 

14787. a. 5.(2.) 

Jl iijj«« %i 


jx'j . [Ruba'iyyat.] See 

Jl ij:^^>] [Quatrains of 'Umar Khayyam, etc.] 
pp. 74-77. [1891.] 8°. 14787. b. 22. 

JKii3Hb 11 pfc'iii CTapua A6y-Ca'iijia MeiixeHen- 

CKaro. nepciLicKin tckctt.. [Life and dicta of Abu 
Sa'id. Edited by V. A. Zhukovsky.] ^ eu^U^) 
( Jl ^iJi^\ ni>=^' (_s^' U- '^^' ^-^ '^^^^^ ^-^ f'^ J^"^ 
pp. 6, 84. 1899. See Academies, etc. — Petro- 
grad. — Imjwratorsln/ SanJctpeterhurgshy Universifet. 
H3;i;aHia 4'aKy.itTeTa boctomuhxi. asHKOBi,, etc. no. 2. 
1899, etc. 8°. 14005, f. 2. 

ABU SAID ABDALLA, Baidavaeus. 
Ullah ibn 'Umar, Baizdvl. 

See 'Abd 

ABU SA'ID BAHADUR KHAN, lUchdnl, Sultan. 
[History.] See 'Abd uI-Razzak ibn Ishak. 

ABU '1-SHARAF, Jarhuzakjni. 

See Nasih ibn 


Muhammad Ashrap 'Ali. 

ABU TAHIR ibn ABI SA'ID, Klnuijah i Samar- 
Uandi. CaJiapia . . . Ta.TJKiinKiii Teitcn., etc. [Samaria. 
Antiquities of Samarkand. Edited by N. I. Vese- 
lovsky.] i^\il.>yt^) pp. xii. 81. 1904. /See Acade- 
mies, etc. — Petrograd. — Imperatorshj SanJctpeter- 
hurgshy Universitet. H3;i,aHia 4)aKyabTeTa boctomiiwxi, 
asHKOBT,, e^c. no. 21. 1899, etc. 8°. 14005. f. 21. 

ABU TALIB, Agha Mlrzd, Shirazl. j_^i'o jJ.:s-* ^s] 

[sic] jJ'JUU 


i^jS ^ . . . [Asrar ul-'aUa'id. 

'Umar Khayyam. — Ruha'iyydt, i^ycsr* t-j'ui' ^)] 

A treatise in support of the Shi'ah doctrine of the 
Imamnte and in refutation of Babism.] pp. 456,6, 
lith. J^> irei [Bombay, 1906.] 8°. 14712. f. 2. 

ABU TALIB, HusainJ, Tiirhal'. [Translation of 
Timur's Memoirs.] See TiMb'R, Amir. 

ABU TALIB, called Kalim. See Kalim (Abu 

[Edit.] See Muhammad H-afiz, Shlrdzl. 

(^_jsryl dh ^) ^_jJ'i3 ^yw,.-* [Masir i ta- 

libl.] Travels in Europe and Asia, by Mirz^ Abu 
Taleb Khan. Published and edited by his son 
Mirzii Hasein Ali and Mir Kudrut Ali. pp. 865. 
Calcutta, 1812. 8°. 757. h. 27. 



-ACADEMIES [allababad] 


(continued). The Travels of Mirza Aboo Talib 
Khan. la tbe Porsian language. Abridged by 
David Macfarlane. (,<J*J'-i= r^~^) PP- x. 157. 
Calcutta School-Book Society : Cahutta, 1827. 8°. 

14779. c. 5. 

The Travels of Mirza Abu Taleb Khan, in 

Asia, Africa, and Europe, during the years 1799, 
1800, 1801, 1802, and 1803. Written by him- 
self, in the Persian language. Translated by C. 
Stewart. 2 vols. London, Broxhourne [printed], 
1810. 8°. 303. k. 21, 22. 

Second edition, with additions. 

3 vols. London', Broxbourne [print(;d], 1814. 
12°. 1045. a. 19. 

Voyages de Mirza Abu Taleb Khan . . . 

Suivis d'une refutation des idees qu'on a en Europe 
sur la liberty des femraes d'Asie; par le meme 
auteur. Le tout traduit du persan en anglais, par 
C. Stewart . . . et traduit de I'anglais en francais 
par M.J. C.J. 2 torn. Parw, 1811. 8°. 757. c. 34. 

Reise des Mirza Abu Taleb Khan durch 

Asien, Afrika, uud Europa, in den Jaliren 1799, 
1800, 1801, 1802 und 1803. Nebst eiuer Wider- 
legung der Begriffe, welcho man in Europa von 
der Freyheit der asiatischen Weiber hat. Aus 
dem Franzosischen. pp. 429. Wien, 1813. 8°. 

757. c. 37. 

^^ l.._^'i3 ^1 lf_« Jaj t_«y"-* (Poem in 

praise of Miss Julia Bui-rell.) With an English 
translation by G, Swinton. pp. 27. [London, 
1802 ?] 8°. 757. f. 44. (1 ) 

Imperfect : wanting pp. 1-4. 

ABU TALIB KHAN, TahnzJ, Londonl. See Abu 
Talib ibn Mui'iamjiad Khan. 

ABU TAULIB, AJhuseini. See Abo Talib, Husaint. 

ABU TURAB, Ja'furJ. ^y^\ ^i [Ta'lim ul- 
tahiirat. A treatise on Moslem laws of purifica- 
tion.] pp. 88, litli. y^ [lucknoiv, 1880.] 8°. 

14718. f. 4. 

ABU TURAB, Jjohaurl. See 'Ali (Abc Tciub). 

ABU TURAB VALI, Shdh. A Hfstory of Gujarat . . . 
Edited with introduction and notes by E. Denison 
Ross, (ci;!^ j,)^'i) pp. xiv. 110. 1908. See 

Academies, etc. — Bengal. — Asiatic Society of Ben- 

gal. Bibliotheca Indica. Now Series, vol. 180. 
1848, etc. 8°. 14002. a. (vol. 180.) 

GHAZi ul-DIN HAIDAR, See Haidar Khan. 

(Abd '1-Kasim). 

ABUL FAZEL MOBAREK. 8,-e Abu 'I-Fazl ibn 


ABU 'L FAZL, al-Baihaqi. See Muhammad ibn ul- 
IIl-sain (Abu '1-Fazl). 

ABUL FUZUL. See Abu '1-Fazl ibn Mubarak. • 

ABUL KASIM FIRDUSI. See Hasan (Abu 'I-Kasim). 

ABUL SHAR AF, Jdrbadecdni. See Nasih ibn Zafar. 

ABUL-FAZL-i-'ALLAMI. See Abu 'I-Faz*. ibn 

ABULFEDA. See IsM.i'iL ibn 'AlL 

ixtane. See Acu '1-Hasan il>u Muhammad AmIn. 

ABUL-MAANI (Mohammad). See Muhammad, 
called Abu '1-Ma'anT. 

ABUZURJMIHR. See Buzurg-mihr. 

etc. — Gotllnyen. 


etc. — Ley den. 



University of Allahabad. 

[Entrance E.eamination Course.} See Muhammad 
Amjad 'Ali. 

See Muhammad Muhyi uI-DIn, Ilaliahadl. 

An English translation of the Persian Entrance 
Course of the University of AUnhabad for 1891. 
By two Graduates, pp.155. AUalu(had,\8Q(i. 8°. 

757. c. 39. 
An English translation of the Persian Entrance 
Course, 1891 and 92 . . . with . . . notes and an 
appendix containing the lives of the authors . . . 
By Hafiz Jalaluddin Ahmad. 2 pts. Allahabad, 
1890,91. 8°, 767. CO. 23. 


ACADEMIES ullahabad] 

ACADEMIES {allahabad] 



AliliAHABAD (continued). 

University of Allahabad (continiied). 

An English translation of the Persian Entrance 
Course of the University of Allahabad, 1895 and 
1896. . . . Second edition, etc. pp. 106, 131. 
Allahabad, 1894. 8°. 757. cc. 26. 

The title is taken from the wrapper. 

J] ^^Ji ir-)^ ^^r"' [Persian Entrance Course 
for 1898. Edited by Muh. Shibli Nu'mani.] 
pp. 222, nth. aiT I All [Agra, 1896.] 8°. 

14822. d. 5. 
A complete Key to the Persian Entrance Course 
for 1897-1898. By Oude Behari Lai and Jwala 
Prasada. pt. i. pp.143. Allahahad,[\mQ.'] 8°. 

757. cc. 31.* 
A complete Key to the Persian Entrance Course 
for 1897-1898 ... By Oude Behari Lai . . . and 
Jwala Prasada. pp. 143, 201. ^//a/m&a<7, [1897.] 
8°. 757. cc. 31. 

i^^j-i iri4 i_,-^j^' [Persian Entrance Course. 
Edited by MuH. Shibli.] pp. 224, lltlu oU<x!l 
[AUaltahad,\^Q\.'\ 8°. 14822. d. 7.(1.) 

^►ij.'j ir;;-^ LT"*;^' [Persian Entrance Course. 
Compiled by Muh. Shibli.] pp. 224, litlt. jUUT 
{Allahahad, 1902.] 8°. 14822. c. 14. 

^K^ ^jti iw'*yj 7"/*' [Key to the Entrance Course 
of Class III, being translations of and notes on 
Gulistan iv. and vii. and Biistan v. and x.] 
pp. 84, ?/<7i. Ci\j]d!i] n.f [Allahabad, 1902.] 8°. 

14117. bb. 9.(1.) 
A complete Key and English translation of the 
Persian Entrance Course . . . for 1905 . . . By 
Oudh Behari Lai, Jwala Prasada, and Qazi Mo- 
hammad Usman. New edition. Revised ... by 
Ram Nath Bhargava. pp. 164, Ixii. Allahabad, 
1903. 8°. 757. b. 65. 

n.e hXm y^lsXcl ^Ij . 

^j^jli ^j^j^ i^;iil 

[Persian Entrance Course for 1905.] ff. 58,lith. 
jlTii! I1.C [Allahabad, 1905.] 8°. 

14822. d. 11.(1.) 
iS"J'' UVT L/H/^' [Persian Entrance Course for 
1906. Edited by Muh. Amjad 'AIL] ff. 109, Uth. 
oUTjd! [Allahabad, 1904.] 8°. 14822. c. 16. 


AIiIjAHABAD (continued). 
University of Allahabad (contimied). 

Notes on the Persian Entrance Course for 1906 
. . . With useful appendices by an experienced 
Moulvi. Pts. i., ii. pp. 236, 252. Allahabad, 
1904. 8°. 14117. aa. 60. 

Notes on the Persian Entrance Course for 1906 
. . . By an experienced Moulvi. 2 pts. pp. 236, 
252. Engl. Sj- Hindust. Allahabad, 1904, 05. 
12°. 14117. aa. 60. 

Persian Entrance Course for 1906-07 . . . by Shams- 
ul-Ularaa Maulvi Syed Amjad Ali. pp. 224, Uth. 
Allahabad, 1905. 8°. 14822. e. 5.(1.) 

Persian Matriculation Text (prose and verse) and 
for rapid reading together with elementary Arabic 
grammar for 1909-10 . . . By . . . Amjad Ali. 
pp. 22 1, 16, 66, Uth. Allahabad, 1908. 8°. 

14822. c. 15. 

[Tntermediate Course.] Sec Muhammad Sadid 

11 J i« ^ouj |^y^;'j t^j^j}^ J"^ [Persian Middle 
Course for 1895-6, being selections from the 
Gulistan, Anvar i Suhaili, and Bustan. Edited 
by Muhyi ul-Din. Second edition.] pp. 47, 40, 
20, Uth. jUTjill iaU [Allahabad, 1894.] 8°. 

14822. c. 7. 

The New Middle Persian Course [for 1896-97] 
consisting of Iqd i Gul, chapters vii. and viii. ; 
Anwarsaheli, chapter v.; Iqd i Manzum, chapters 
V. and vi., tic. pp. 96, Uth. Allahabad, 1895. 8°. 

14822. c. 8. 

LS^^ UV. 




[Intermediate Persian 

Course for 1896-97. Edited by Muh. Amjad 'All. 
Third edition.] pp. 204, Uth. jIjT<xII uie [Allah- 
abad, 1895.] 8°. 14822. c. 9. 


l/^''* Ur;j-^ iJLJiA-cJul [Persian Intermediate 
Course. Edited by Muh. Shibli Nu'mani.] 
pp. 302, Uth. Ji^^ld] iu\ [Allahabad, 1901.] 8°. 

14822. d. 6. 

[Persian Intermediate Course for 1905.] pp. 128, 
Uth. jUTjJ! 11.4 [Allahabad, 1904.] 8°. 

14822. d. 11.(2.) 


ACADEMIES iallahabad-calcvtta] 

ACADEMIES icalcutta\ 



ALLAHABAD (continued). 
University of Allahabad (continwd). 

Persian- Arabic Intermediate Course for 1906-07 
. . . By . . . Syed Amjad Ali. pp. 88, 120, 40, 
lith. Allahabad, 1905. 8°. 14822. e. 5.(2.) 

[B.A. Examination.^ See Muzafpar u1-DIn, Sliah 
of Persia. 

L^J^ L^y uS^ L^ [Persian B.A. Course for 
1896-97. Edited by Mali. Amjad 'AIL] pp. 192, 
lith. ,i[>\^\ [Allahabad, 1890.] 8°. 14822. c. 10. 

ij^j-i iryt^ i«' 15^ [Persian B.A. Course. Edited 
by Muli. Shibll Nu'mani.] pp. 302, 191, 8, lith. 
i^^J^ lAiv [Aligarh, 1897.] 8°. 14822. c. 17. 

LS^J^ ^J"!^ ~ i_s' " L5^ [Persian B.A. Course. 
Edited by Muli. Sliibli.] pp. 205, 100, 191, lith. 
jUTijll 11.1 [Allahabad, 1901.] 8°. 14822. d. 7.(2.) 

B.A. Course of the Uuiversity of Allahabad in 
Arabic with Persian 1907 by . . . Syed Amjad 
Ali. ff. 154. Allahabad, \9<io. 8°. 14822.6.5.(3.) 

Persian-Arabic BA. text (prose and verse) and 

rapid reading for 1912 by . . . Amjad Ali. pp. 16, 

92, 99, 48, 52, 42, lith. Allahabad, 1910. 8°. 

14822. e. 4. 

Bombay Brancli of the Royal Asiatic Society, 

The Journal, e/c. ^omtay, [1841-] 1844, e<c. 8°. 
In progress. Ac. 8827. 

University of Bombay. 

The Bombay University Matriculation Examina- 
tion papers in Persian, with their answers, from 
1883 to 1900. By Ratanshaw Koyaji. pp. v. 88. 
Sural, 1900. 8°. 757. e. 52. 

Asiatic Society of Bengal. 

Asiatick Researches, etc. vols. 1-20. Calevtta, 
1788-1839. 4°, . RAc. 8826. b. 

Printed verbatim from the Calcutta edition. 

vols. 1-11. ionc?on, 1801-12. 8°. R.Ac. 8826/4. 

Asiatic Researches . . . Republished ... by Bihari- 
lala Mitra and Mahendranath Ghosh. Calcutta, 
1875, etc. 8". R.Ac. 8826/8. 


CALCUTTA {continued), 
Asiatic Society of Bengal (coniimud). 

Recherches Asiatiques . . . Rovns et angment^s 
de notes, etc, 2 torn. Paris, an xiv., 1805. 4°. 

R.Ac. 8826/5. 
Abhandlungen iiber die Geschichte und Alter- 
tbiimer, die Kiinste, Wissenschaften und Literatur 
Asiens . . . iibersetzt von J. C. Fick, etc. 4 Bde. 
Riga, 1795-97. 8°. 817. a. 17-18. 

Bibliotheca Indica, etc. 1848, etc. 8° & Fol, 

In progress, 14002. a, b. 

List of Arabic and Persian MSS. acquired on behalf 
of the Government of India by the Asiatic Society 
of Bengal during 1903-1907 (1908-1910). [Pre- 
pared by Hidiiyat Husain (pt. 1), audNazIr Ahmad 
and Hasir Rizavi (pt. 2), with preface by Sir E. 
Deuison Ross.] 2 pts. Calcutta [1908, 1912.] 
4°. R.Ac. 8826. b/s. 

Jl c«jla« J i<*i» L_-v.i^ L/VV* [Catalogue of Arabic, 
Persian, Hindustani, Panjabi, Pushtu, and Turkish 
mss. and books in the libraryof the Asiatic Society 
of Bengal.] [1837.] 8°. See ZuhOr 'Ali. 

14598. d. 16. 
A Catalogue of the Persian books and manuscripts 
in the library of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 
Compiled by . . . Mirza Ashraf Ali, under the 
supervision of the Honorary Philological Secre- 
tary, pp. iii. 200. OaZc««a, [1890-] 1895. Fol. 

15000. d. 
Journal, etc. vols. 1-7. Calcutta, 1832-38. 8°. 

R.Ac. 8826/11. 

New series, vol. 8, etc. Calcutta, 1840- 

1904. 8°. R.Ac. 8826/11. 

Journal and Proceedings, etc, Calcutta, 1905, 

etc. 8°. _ R.Ac. 8826/11. 

In progress. 

Memoirs, etc. Calcutta, 1905, etc. 4°. 

In progress. R.Ac. 8826. b/2. 

Indian Museum. 

Catalogue of the Coins of the Indian Museum, by 
C. J. Rodgers. 4 pts. Calcutta, 1893-96. 8°. 

757. g. 56. 

[Another copy.] 7757. bb. 6. 


ACADEMIES icalcctta] 



CALCUTTA {amtintud). 

Moslem Institute. 

Journal ... A quarterly chiefly devoted to subjects 
of oriental interest. Honorary editor: — A. F. M. 
Abdul Ali. vol. i.-vi. 1. Calcutta, \{^()o-\0. 8°. 

14005. ee. 1. 

New Series. EJited by ... A. H. Harley 

and M. Azizul Huq. Calcutta, 1915, tte. 8°. 

In progress. 1*005. ee. 1. 

University of Calcutta. 

[Entrance Examination.] See Muhammad Muhji 

u1-DIn, Ildhdhadt. 

Jl yjl'i-j^ J jjl'wl^ L-jlsiv! —J, Notes to the 

Persian Entrance Course, eic. pp.106. Allijarh, 

1876. 14822. d. 4. 

New Persian Selections for the Entrance Examina- 
tion.. . . Compiled by Moulavi Alimad. l._^vkvLe) 
i^i ^SlS:>. pp. 86, /(7/i. Calcutta, \9(}1. 8°. 


A complete key to Calcutta Persian Entrance 
Course by an experienced Moulvi. pp. 160, litJi. 
Allahabad, 1902. 8°. 14117. bb. 9.(2.) 

Persian Course for Intermediate Examination in 
Arts 1909-1910 . . . Compiled by . . . Moulavi 
Ahmad . . . and . . . Mirza Ashraf Ali, etc. 
pp.168. Calcidta, 1907. 8°. 14822.6.10. 

English translation of the Revised Persian F.A. 
Course, Calcutta University : with explanatory 
notes . . . Translated by Moulavi Sj'ed Husain 
Ali . . . with . . . help from . . . Shams-ul-Ulama 
Moulavi Ahmad. pp. 148. Calcutta, 1898. 8°. 

757. g. 59. 
New Persian Selections for the F.A. Examination 
. . . Compiled by . . . Moulavi Ahmad. l«.^sis\JL«) 
(^J^J^i SJO'^ PP- 128, lith. Calcutta, 1902. 8°. 

14822. c. 13.(2.) 

New Persian Selections for the B.A. Pass Ex- 
amination : compiled by . . . Moulavi Ahmad, 
pp. 152, lith. (j_j~^'J 'iJ>J',J^ c:j'jikiJL«) Calcutta, 
1902. 8°. 14822. c. 13.(3.) 

Persian Course for B.A. Examination 1909-1910. 
Compiled by . . . Moulavi Ahmad . . . and . . . 

Mirza Ashraf Ali. pp. ii. 256. Calcutta, 1908. 
8°. 14822. e. 9. 

Hadiqa-i-Fasahat. A selection from the Diary of 
Nasiru-d-Din Shah, the Tarikh-i-Sasaniyan [by 
Muh. Husain Furiighi], and a private account of 
the Indian Mutiny by an eyewitness. Being the 
text-book for the Higher Standard Exauiination 

in Persian. 
1910. 8°. 


-'^ <sii)Jk»-) 

pp. 418. Calcutta, 
14773. d. 19. 

Hadiq-i-i-Fasahat. The text book for Higher 
Standard Examination in Persian. A literal 
English translation of Tarikii-i-Sasauiyan by Mu- 
hammad Kazim Shirazi. pp. i. 37. Calcutta, 
1911. 8°. 14773. d. 23. 

University of Cambridge. 

A Catalogue of the Persian Manuscripts in tlie 
Library of the University of Cambridge. By 
E. Gr. Browne, pp. xl. 471. Cambridge, Leydcn 
[printed], 1896. 8°. 2038. b. 

A Hand-list of the Muhammadan Manuscripts . . . 
preserved in the Library of the University of 
Cambridge. By E. G. Browne. pp. xvii. 440. 
Cambridge, 1900. 8°. 011904. g. 5. 

King's College. 

Catalogue of the Oriental Manuscripts in the 
Library of King's College, Cambridge. By E. H. 
Palmer. 1868. See below: London. — Royal 
Asiatic Socitty, etc. The Journal ... 1868. pp. 105- 
31. 1834, eic. 8°. R.Ac. 8820/3. 

Trinity College. 

A descriptive Catalogue of the Arabic, Persian, 
and Turkish Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity 
College, Cambridge. By P]. H. Palmer, e<c. pp. vii. 
235. Cambridge, London, Hertford [printed], 
1870. 8°. 14598. d. 26. 

Philologisk-historisk Samfund. 

Studier fra Sprog- og Oldtidsforskning. K0ben- 

hava, 1891, etc. 8°. Ac. 9877/2. 

In progress. 

Societa Asiatica Italiana. 
Giornale, etc. Firenze, 1887, etc. 8°. Ac. 8804. 



ACADEMIES ilabohs-losdox: 


ACADEMIES, dc. (contiminl). 

Deutsche MorgenlandiBche Oesellsohaft. 

Katalog der Bibliotliek der Deutschon Morgen- 
Ijiiulisclien Gosellscliuft. Zweiter li.iiid. Hand- 
seliriften. Teil B : Pevsisclio und Iliudiistainscbo 
Handscliriftcn. Bearbeitot von . . . Maliomined 
Musharraf-ul Hukk. pp. 22-37. Xei/jz/jji, 1911. 8°. 

11905. f. 20. 

Zeitscbi'ift . . . herausgegeben von den Geschiifts- 

fiihrern. Lei^nlg, 181.t], etc. 8°. Ac. 8815/2. 

In progress. 

University of Glasgow. 

[Hu)ifen'(i)i Lihnui/.'] [For Cntalogne of Persian 
and Turkish MSS.:] See Wkir (T. II.). 

Academia Georgia Augusta. 

Die Handscbriften in Gottingen . . . Universitats- 
Bibliothek, etc. [By C. Meyer and 0. Giinther, 
with Preface by W. Meyer.] -3 vols. 1893-94.. 
Sen Prussia. Verzeichniss der Handsehrif ten, etc. 
I. Hannover. 1893-94. 8°. 2330. e. 18. 


Punjab University. 

[E.mniiiKition for 'Title of ihuishJ .^ See Mohammad 

Taki, called Lisan u1-Mulk, etc. 

Persian Papers of the Panjab University En- 
trance E.xamination 1890-1903. Compiled by Lala 
Salig Earn. pp. 80, litli. Lahore, 1904. ^8°. 

14822. c. 18. 

The English translation of the revised Inter- 
mediate Persian Course of the Punjab University, 
translated by Sardar Chhaju Singh. pp. 338. 
Lahore, 1896. 8°. 757. «. 4. 

Imperfect : wanting pp. 72-87. 

Translation and explanation of the Persian In- 
termediate Course of the Panjab University. By 
T. George, pts. 1, 2. Lahore, [1896-97.] 8°. 

757. ff. 8. 
^_j~y'j ^J~;^ *.H-^>iA^Jo! ^JLjjyj3js '-r''^i [Persian 
Intermediate Course. Selections in prose and 
verse.] pp. 258, lith. j^'l ,i.i [Lahore, 1901.] 
8°. 14822. c. 12. 


LAHORE (amtinued). 
Punjab University (contimucC). 

Translation and explanation of the Persian Inter- 
mediate Course of the Punjab University by 
Thomas George . . . Part I. (Poetry) comprising 
extracts from . . . Urfi, Ka-ani, Ghalib, Sa'adi, 
Nizimi, Khusro, Firdousi, Hafiz and Umar 
Khayatn. Third edition, pp.145. ia/(ore, [1906.] 
8°. 757. f. 46, 

i^y''"* 'sJ^Ji^ (_?' 1^' {J^Z!!^}'- *^''^y [Selections in 

prose and verse for the B. A. Course.] pp. iv. 232. 

j^'i M.A [Lahore, 1908.] 8°. 14822. d. 10. 

Translation (witli explanation) of the New Persian 
B.A. Course of the Punjab University by G. 
Yazdani . . . Part ii. Comprising extracts from 
the poems of Yazdi and Qaani. pp. 49. Delhi, 
,1908. 8°. 14822. e. 11. 

University of Leipzig. 

Katalog der Handschriften der Universitats- 
Bibliothek zu Leipzig. II. Die islaniischen, 
christlich orieutalischen, judischen und samari- 
tanischen Handschriften. (Von K. VoUers. Mit 
einem Beitrag von J. Leipoldt.) pp. xi. i. 508, i. 
Leii'zifj, 1906. 4°. 15000. b. 

Academia Lugduno-Batava. 

Catalogus Codicum Orientalium Bibliothecae 
Academiao Lugduno Batavae [vols. 1, 2] auctore 
R. P. A. Dozy ([vols. 3, 4] auctoribus P. de 
Jong et M. J. de Goeje [and A. Kuenen ; vol. 5] 
auctore M. J. de Goeje [and vol. 6] auctore 
M. Th. Houtsma). 6 vols. Lugduni Batavorum, 
1851-77. 8°. Ac. 940/4. 

Academia Regia Scientiarum. 

[Catalogue of Oriental MSS.} See Weijers (H. E.). 

British Museum. 

Catalogue of the Persian Manuscripts in the 
British Museum. By C. Rieu. 3 vols. London, 
1879-83. Fol. Cir. 34. b. 

Supplement to the Catalogue of the Persian 
Manuscripts . . . By C. Rieu. pp. ix. i. 308. 
London, 1895. Fol. Cir. 34. b. 


ACADEMIES iloxdox: . 




LONDON {continued). 
British Museum {continued). 

The Coins of tbe Shahs of Persia, Safavis, 
Afghans, Efsharis, Zands, and Kajars. By R. S. 
Poole. pp. xcvi. 336 ; 24 plates ^' 1 folding 
table. London, 1887. 8°. 7756. bb. 30. 

Hakluyt Society. 

[For "India in the Fifteenth Century," published 

by this Society :] See Major (R. H.). 

Oriental Translation Fund of Great Britain and Ireland. 
Oriental Translation Fund, etc. London, 1829, 
etc. 8° & 4°. 14003. d, e. 

Oriental Translation Fund. New Series. Tfoyal 
Asiatic Society : 1891, cfc. 8°. 14003. bb. 

In progress. 

[Another copy of vol. xiii.] 14003. bb.* 

Miscellaneous Translations from Oriental Lan- 
guages. 2 vols. London, 1831-34. 8°. 

14003. d. 5. 
Palestine Pilgrims' Text Society. 
[For Nasir b. Khusrau's Diary, published by this 
Society :] See Nasir ibn Khusrau. 

Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. 
A descriptive Catalogue of the Historical Manu- 
scripts in the Arabic and Persian languages, 
preserved in tbe Library of the Royal Asiatic 
Society of Great Britain and Ireland. By W. H. 
Morley. pp. viii. 160. London, 1854. 8°. 

824. f. 48. 
Catalogue of the Arabic, Persian, Hindustani, and 
Turkish MSS. in the Library of tbe Royal Asiatic 
Society. [By 0. Codrington.] See below: The 
Journal, etc. 1892, pp. 501-69. 1834, etc. 8°. 

R.Ae. 8820/3. 

Asiatic Society Monographs. London, 1902, etc. 

^°- r 14005. b. 

in progress. 

Transactions, etc. 3 vols. London, 1827, 1830, 

^^^^- ^°- * E.Ac. 8820/2! 

[Continued as :] 
The Journal of the Society, etc. London, 1834 

^'''- 8°. R.Ac. 8820/3! 

In progress. 


LONDON {continued). 
Society for the Publication of Oriental Texts. 
[For works published by this Society :] See 'Abd 
u1-Rahman ibn Ahmad, called Jami. — Saldmdn u 

TuVifat td-Ahrdr. 

See Iltas ibn YiJsuF. 

See Muhammad ibn Khavand Shah. 

University of Lund. 

[Catalogue of Oriental MSS.] See Tornbeeg(C. J.). 

Collegium Ambrosianum. 

Catalogo dei codici arabi, persiani e turchi della 
Biblioteca Ambrosiana (di G. de Hammer). 
(Biblioteca Italiana. tomo xciv., pp. 22-49, 322- 
48.) Milano, 1839. 8°. P.P. 4187. (torn. 94.) 

Lazarevsky Institut Vostochnuikh Yazuikov. 

TpVjlU no BOCTOKOBtxfeHilO, etc. \]^nu^nLuj [3foscoiv,'] 

1899, etc. Fol. & 8°. 761. 1. 5. 

In progress. 

Columbia University. 

Columbia University Indo-Iranian Series. Edited 
by A. V. Williams Jackson. New York, 1901, etc. 
S°- In progress. 1*003. p. 


University of Oxford. 

Bibliothecae Bodleianse Codicum Manuscriptorum 
Orientaliura . . . Catalogus ... a loanne Uri con- 
fectus. 2 pts. O^omt, 1787-1833. Fol. 

822. 1. 11, 12. 
Catalogue of the Persian, Turkish, Hindiistani and 
Pushtu Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library. 
Begun by . . . Ed. Sachau . . . completed ... by 
H. EtL«. Oaford, 1889, etc. 4°. 15000. c. 

In progress, 

Acad^mie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres. 
Notices et Extraits des Manuscrits de la Biblio- 
theque du Roi, etc. Paris, 1787, etc. 4°. 

Bar. T. 1. a-c. 



ACADEMIES iparss] 



PARIS (continued). 
Biblioth^que Nationale. 

Catalogue de la collection de manuscrits orien- 
taux, arabes, porsans ct turcs, formeo par M. C. 
Schcfer ct acquise par I'Etat, public par E. Blochet. 
pp. V. 231; I2 2'l»te8. Paris, WOO. 8°. 

011904. dd. 12. 

Catalogue des manuscrits arabes, persans at turcs, 
efforts a la Biblioth^que Nationale par M. J. -A. 
Decourdenianclie. Public par E. Blochet. pp.90. 
Pans, 1909. 8". 11907. b. 11. 

Collection Orientale. Manuscrits inedits de la 
Bibliotheque Royale traduits at publics par ordre 
du Roi. Paris, ISm, etc. Fol. 756.1.1-8. 

In progress. 
Peintures de manuscrits arabes, persans at turcs 
de la Bibliotheque Nationale, par E. Blochet. 
pp. 31; 64 pZaies. PaW«,[19lO.] 8°. Or. 70. a. 1. 

Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes. 

Bibliotheque de I'EcoIe des Hautes Etudes . . . 

Sciences philologiques et historiques. Paris, 1 869, 

etc. 8°. T R.Ac. 8927. 

In progress. *..i»v. v^«~i . 

Ecole Specials des Langues Orientales Vivantes. 

Catalogue de la Bibliotheque de FEcole, etc. 

(Publications de I'Ecole des Langnes Orientales 

Vivantes. iv* seria, torn. 1.) Paris, 1897, etc. 

8°. T 14003. i. 54. 

In progress. i^»/««*. ». u^. 

Centenaire de I'Ecole des Langues Orientales 

Vivantes 1795-1895. Recueil de memoires public 

par les professeurs de I'Ecole. pp. v. 475; 8 plates. 

Pans, 1 895. 4°. Ac. 8813/21 & 14003. k. 2. 

■ [Another copy.] 14003. k. 2.* 

Chrestomathies Orientales ou Recueil de textes 
arabes, turks, persans, grecs-modernes, armeniens 
et indostanis, etc. 6 pts. Paris, 1841-43. 8°. 

14003. i. 9.(1-6.) 

Chrestomathie Persane ... A I'usage des «5Ieves 
de I'Ecole Royale et Speciale des Langues Orien- 
tales Vivantes. 2 torn. Paris, 1847-53. 8°. 


One of the publications contained in torn i. and all of those 
contained in torn. ii. were originally issued under the collec- 
tive title " Chrestomathies Orientales," and then re-issued 
under the present title ivilhout alteration, the original half ■ 
title still remaining in some of them. 


PARIS (cnnthiHed). 

Ecole Speciale des Langues Orientales Vivantes (cott- 

Melanges Orientaux. Textes ct traductions 
publics ... a I'occasion du sixiemo Congres Inter- 
national des Orientalistes reuni a Leyde. (Pub- 
lications de I'Ecole des Langues Orientales Vi- 
vantes. ii. serie, vol. 9.) pp. Iv. 577. Paris, 
1883. 8°. 14003. i. 16. 

Nouveaux Melanges Orientaux. Memoires, textes 
et traductions publics . . . i I'occasion du septi^nie 
Congres International des Orientalistes a Vienna, 
septembre 1886, (Publications de I'Ecole des 
Langues Orientales Vivantes. ii. serie, vol. 19.) 
pp. xiv. 598. Paris, 188G. 8°. 14003. i. 18. 

Recueil de Textes et do Traductions public . . . 
A I'occasion du viii'' Congres International des 
Orientalistes tenu a Stockholm en 1889. (Pub- 
lications de I'Ecole des Langues Orientales Vi- 
vantes. iii. serie, vols. 5, 6.) 2 torn. Paris, 
1889. 8°. 14003. i. 23. 

[Another copy.] 

14003. i. 23.* 

Recueil de Memoires Orientaux. Textes et tra- 
ductions publics ... a I'occasion du xiv" Congres 
International des Orientalistes, reuni a Alger avril 
1905. pp.495, i. Paris,1905. 8°. 14003.1.56. 

[Another copy.] 

14003. i. 66.* 

[For other publications of the Ecole Speciale :] 
See 'Abd u1-KarIm, Bukhdrl. 

See HosAiN ibn 'Au (Abu 'Ali). 

See Muhammad ibn Ja'far (Abu Bakk), 


See Nasir ibn Khusrau. 

See RashId uI-Din Tabib. 
(Sea RizA KulI Khan. 
See ScHEFKR (C). 

Soci6t6 Asiatique. 

Journal Asiatique, etc. Paris, 1822, etc. 8° 

B.Ac. 8808 , 

In progreu. 





ACADEMIES, etc. (continued). 

Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia. 

Ertetezesek a nyelv- ^s szeptudomanyi osztalylco- 

relol, etc. Pest, 1867, etc. 8°. Ac. 825/20. 

In 2)r ogress. 


Academia Scientiarum Imperialis. 

Bulletin de rAcademie, etc. St.-Petershounj, 1 860, 

etc. 4°. Ac. 1125/44. 

Melanges Asiatiques tires du Bulletin Historieo- 
philologique de PAcademie, etc. 8f.-Petersh<,vr(j, 
1849, etc. 8°. Ac. 1125/11. 

Memoires de I'Academie Imperiale des Sciences . . . 
\in serie. Classe historico-philologique. St.- 
Petersbourg, ]89b, etc. 4°. Ac. 1125/3. 

In progress. 
Aziatsky Muzei. 
[Catalogue.] See Doen (B.). 

Imperatorskaya Putlichnaya Biblioteka. 
[Khanuikov Collection.] See DoEN (B.). 

Catalogue des manuscrits et xylograplies orientaux 
de la Bibliotheque Imperiale Publique de St.Petei\s- 
bourg. [ByB.Dorn.] pp.xliv. 718. St.Peters- 
hoimj, 1852. 8°. 824. h. 26. 

Imperatorsky Sanktpeterburgsky Universitet. 

[Catalogue of Oriental MSS.] See Salemann (C.) 
and Rosen (V.). 

Hs^aHia ^aKyjibTeia Boctomhuxi. ^Hshkobt., etc. C- 
nemep6ijpn, 1899, etc. 4°. 14005. f. 

Obshchestvo Vostokovyedyeniya. 

Mipt Hcjaiia . . . IIoat. peji,aKuieH . . . B. Baprojitjia. 

C.-nemep6ijpn, 1912, etc. 8°. Ac. 2355/4. 

In progress. 

Uchebnoe Otdyelenie Vostochnuikh Yazuikov. 
Collections Scientifiques de I'lnstitut des Langues 
Orientales du Ministers des Affaires Etrangeres. 
(III. Les Manuscrits Persans . . . decrits par le 
Baron V. Rosen.) 8t.-Petershourg, 1877, etc. 8°. 

14598. d. 8. 

Verzeichniss der orientalischen Handschriften der 
Universitats-Bibliotbek zu Tubingen. [By G. 

H. A. Ewald.] pp.32. Tubingen, [^8^^-'] 4°. 

821. k. 34. 


Regia University di Torino. 

[Persian MSS.] See Hammeb-Pukgstali. (J. von). 

University of Upsal. 
[Catalogue of Oriental MSS.] See Toenbeeg (C. J.). 

Kaiserlich-konigliche Hofbibliothek. 
Codices ai'abicos, persicos, turcicos, Bibliotliecae 
Cissareo-Regio-Palatinse Vindobonensis, recensuit 
J. de Hammer. Vindobonm, 1820. Fol. 620.k.ll. 

Die arabischen, persisclien und tiirkisclien Hand- 
schriftea der . . . Hofbibliothek zu Wien . . . 
Georduet und btsclirieben von . . . G. Fliigel. 
3 Bde. Wien, 1865-07. 4°. 11902. d. 23. 

Kaiserlich-konigliche Orientalische Akademie. 
Die arabischen, persischen und tiirkiscben Hand- 
schriften der k. k. Orientalischen Akademie zu 
Wieu. Wren, 1842. 8°. 11901. h. 2. 

[For other works published by this Academy :] 
See Rosenzvveig-Schwannau (V. von) . 

See Stueijmee (I. von). 

ACBER, Aga. See 'Ali Akbae, ShhTizl. 

ACHMED. See Ahmad. 

ACHUNDOW (Abdul-Chalig). See Akhundov ('Abd 




iliil (Adab oussalthaneh 

ou'el-Wezareh, Regies de couduite du Sultan et du 
Vezir.) See Schefee(C.). Chrestoraathie Persane, 
etc. torn. i. 1883,85. 8°. 14003.1.15. 

' ADALAT KHAN. [Translation of Auvar i Suhailf, 
i.-iii.J See Husain Va'iz, Kdshifl. 

[Translation of 'Ikd i manziim.] See Mus- 

LiH ibn 'Abd Ui.lah (Mushaekif uI-DIn), called 
Sa'di. — Dustan. 

[Translation of 'lUd i gul.] See Mcsliii 

ibn'ABDUi.L.\H (MushareifuI-Din), called Sa'di. — 

ADAM. See UvAis ibn 'Ala. 





ADAMOV (Ai,EKSiNPR). HpaKi.Ap:i6cKiii. BaccopcKift 
Bii.iail9Tt B'h ero iipoiiuosn, ii iiacTojiiucsit. [With 
innp.] pp. iv. 61G. C.-ireme2)6!/2)n, ] 9 12. 8°. 

010075. i. 15. 

ADIB i ISFAHAN! See Mohammad Husain ibn 
Muhammad 'Ai.I. 

ADYA-PRASADA MISRA. [Edit.] See Maha- 


AESOP. [For fables of Aesop in Gilchrist's 
" Oriental Fabulist " :] See Gilchrist (J. B.). 

■ • Croxall's edition of the fables of Aesop 

translated from English into Persian by Mouluvee 
Abdool Ruheem, of Calcutta, etc. pp. 428. Cal- 
cutta, 18-30. 4°. 757. i. 22. 

J»]u^t> i.:uV.^[Hil<ayiltidilpasand. Fables 

of Aesop, translated into Persian.] pp. 16 i, lith. 
inr [Persia, 1847.] 8°. 14783. b. 2, 

API. See Ahmad Yar Khan. 

'AFIF. See Shams Siraj. 

AFIAKI. See Ahmad (Shams uI-DIn). 

AFLATUN, ilJrzd. [Translation of Surudha'i 
rulifuii.] See Evangelical Church. 

AFRIN. See Matan Lal. 

AFSHAR. See Ri7,a Khan. 

AFZAL 'ALi, RlzavL <ajy! (_^1^«1 J.jJ xwljll ij^ 
[Jannat ul-vaUiyali, or Risalah i vaba'iyyah. A 
treatise on remedies for pestilential diseases accord- 
ing to the Greek systems.] pp. 53, //7/i. Jjd lAvv 
[Lucknoir, 1877.] 8°. 14837. g. 12.(3.) 

AFZAL ul-Dill, Kirnianl. See Ahmad ibn Hamid. 

AFZAL ul-DIN BALIL, called KhakanL See 
IbrahIm ibn 'Ali Najjar. 


Ai^JLe . jks- Ac [Usui i 'ilm i jabr u makabalah. 
An elementary treatise on algebra.-] pp. 216, llth. 
J^ ir.e [Te/ieran, 1888.] 8°. 14766. a. 2. 

AGNELLINI (Timoteo), Archbishop of Mardin. Pro- 
verbi utili e virtuosi in lingua Araba, Persiana, 
e Turca, gran parte in versi, con la loro ispiegatione 
in lingua Latina & Italiana : et alcuni vocaboli 

di dette lingue. Raccolti da T. Agnellini . . , i_>'ai^ 
JI yali-« J'jL«! pp.55. Fadooa, 1688. 8°. 
' 1075. m. 5.(6.) 

AHAD. See Muhammad 'Add u1-Ahad ibn Iuax 

AHMAD, Afinld. See Ahmad (Shams u1-Din). 

AHMAD, Amindbddt, Sayyid. ^j^UiLJ ^V^ [Mashli 
i nasta'liR. Copies for -writing in the nantci'liU 
script.] ^ytl iAi(^ [rva//ore,1864.] 8°. 14797. g. 1. 

AHMAD, Amir. See Amir Ahmad. 

AHMAD, Ardabili. y .^ ^j^ ['Aks i partav.] A 
series of poems, containing the plaints, consola- 
tions and delights of Achmed Ardebeili a Persian 
exile. With notes historical and explanatory, by 
C. Fox. pp. xl.276. Bristol ^London, 1797. 8". 

757. d. 8. 

[Another copy.] 757. c. 7. 

AHMAD, Efendi. See Ahmad 'Asim. 

AHMAD, FdruUl, Gopdmu'l. [Edit.] See Madhava- 


AHMAD, Jdml. See Ahmad ibn Aei '1-Hasan. 

AHMAD, Klian, Glldnl. See Khan Ahmad. 

AHMAD, Kirmdnt, Shaikh. [Translation of Ad- 
ventures of Haji Baba.] See Moiuee (J. P.). 

AHMAD, Maulave, [Notes on Shirin Khusrau.] 
See Ilyas ibn YHsuP. 

AHMAD, Munshl, Shaikh. [Translation of Tiikmll 
ul-iman and its commentary.] See 'Abd uI-Hakk 
ibn Saip uI-Din. 

AHMAD, Niydzl. [Edit.] See Ibrahim ibn Khcda'i 

AHMAD, Uuzl. See Amin Ahmad. 

AHMAD, Sayyid. [Edit., with translation, etc., of 
Munyat nl-musalli.] See SadId uI-Din, Kdshgharl. 

AHMAD, Sayyid, of Bareilly. See Ahmad ibn 
Muhammad 'Irfan. 

AHMAD, Shams td-'Ulamd, of Calcutta Madrasah. 
[Edit.] See Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Univer- 
sity of Calcutta. 

AHMAD, Tasavi. [Life.] See Sulaiman Ata. 






AHMAD, called 'Ajiz, Sikandarpurl. (_5ii=- J^j'.'^ 
[Divaa i lianafi. A versified polemic against tlie 
Shafi'i doctrines set forth in a Divan of Muli. 
.Siddili Hasan Khan (Navab) quoting and refuting 
them in the same metre. Preceded by a liasidah 
in praise of Abu Hanifah. With marginal notes 
and some brief poems in Persian and Arabic at 
the end.] pp. 91, lith. y^ ir.i [Luclcnow, 1889.] 
S\ 14797. g. 29.(2.) 

AHMAD, called Amir. [Edit., with notes, of 
Kandil i Karam.] See Muhammad Kalb 'Ali 

AHMAD, called Ghappaki. See Ahmad ibn Mu- 

AHMAD, called Hatip, Ufahcint. Trois odes 
mystiques . . . publiees, traduites et commentees, 
par M. C. Defremcry. ] 856. See Academies, etc. 
— Paris. — Societe Atiiatique. Journal Asiatique, 
etc. 5" serie, torn. 7, pp. 130-47. 1822, etc. 8". 

R.Ao. 8808. 

AHMAD, called Mujaddid i Alp i Rani, F.iruJil, 
SirhinclL t}l>t.« . Iaju [Mabda u ma'ad. A tract 
on eschatology.] pp. 56, Zi7/i. jj^'^ ""•' [Gawn- 
pore, 1891.] 8°. ' 14712. e. 17. 

iJ^'-"j J-«l L::_>'.J»>i.« [Maktiibat i Imam 

Rabbani. Collected letters and other religious 
Avritings of Shaikh Ahmad. Edited by his pupil 
Yar Muhammad.] 3 pts. y.^^ uw [Luclinow, 
1877.] 8°. 14807. d. 6. 

J ^^^J A*' ^^>j>^ Jjl ^«J |._y^ 

f- u 

[Maktiibat, daftar i., pt. 3. Edited with Arabic 
aud Persian marginal notes by Muh. Niir Alimad.] 
pp. viii. 132, litli. j^^\ 1111 [Amritsar, 1911.] 
Pol. 14807. i 3. 

Begin. . . . e-ibyiC jl L_>yC jd Jc ^jA 

J! ^J^ Jl [Two letters.] . pp. 8. See 'Ai.l ibn 
Muhammad (Zain uI-Din Abu '1- Hasan). AciU^ _>^ 
Jl ^'"V^ [Commentary on Khulas:ih.] [1870?] 
8°. 14519. d. 17.(2.) 

AHMAD (Abu '1-Najm), called Minuchihri, Ddma- 
ghdni. Jl jj'yJ [Divan. Poems. A revised aud 

amplified edition by MuH. Husain (Adib), based 
upon that of Ri?a Kuli Khan, with the latter's life 

of Minuchihri.] S.\Q4,,llth. J\j^ {rSs [Teheran, 
1880.] 8°. 14797. c. 6. 

Menoutchehri, poete persan du 11'"'' siecle 

de notre ere, du 5'*^"^ de I'hegire. Texte, tra- 
duction, notes et introduction historique par A. 
de Biberstein Kazimirski. pp. viii. 413, 121-. 
Faris, Leide [printed], 1886,[87.] 8°. 757. g. 52. 

Specimen du Divan . . . de Menoutchehri, 

poete persan du v" siecle de I'Hegire . . . Texte, 
traduction et notes par A. de Biberstein Kazimir- 
ski. pp. 55, 29. Fer«HV/es, 1876. 8°. 757. e. 63. 

AHMAD ('Ala uI-Din), LaMnavl. [Commentary 
on Fusiil i Akbarl.] See 'Ali Akbar ibu 'AlT. 

[Supercorameutary onRazi's Risalah.] See 

Muhammad Zahid. 

AHMAD (AsHKAF uI-DIn). j^^ y [Nau ratan. An 
anthology from older poets.] pp. 164, lith. 
[Luchnow, 188S.] 8°. 14797. h. 13. 

AHMAD (FarId u1-Din), Maulavi. [Edit.] See 
'Abd u1-Rahman ibn Ahmad, called Jami. — Yiisufu 


AHMAD (FakId uI-Din) , o/ i?aro Ja Gollcge. [Edit.] 
See Nannu-miyan Ahmad-miyan. 

AHMAD (Jalal uI-Din). [Edit.] See MuiLift ibn 
'Abd Ullah (Musharrif u1-Din), called Sa'di. — ■ 
Bustun and Gttlistdn. 

AHMAD (.Jalal uI-Din), Hdfz. [Translation of 
Persian Entrance Course, with notes, eic] See 
Academies, etc. — Allahabad. — Universltj of Allah- 

AHMAD (efAMAL u1-DIn), Hdnsavi. Jl l:u'.a^U 
[Mulhamat. Ethical teachings in Arabic, with 
interlinear translations in Persian and Hindustani. 
With Persian life of the author, by Ahmad Hasan 
Jamall, appended.] pp. 136, 8, Zi'i/t. ij^^ [Delhi, 
1891.] 8°. 14516, c. 22. 

AHMAD (Kabir uI-Dim). [Edit.] See 'Abd ul- 
Hamid, Ldhaurl. 

See Muhammad ibn u1-Husain (Abu 


See Muhammad Hashim, called Ha- 

shim 'Ali Khan, etc. 

See ZiYA ul-DiN, Baranl. 





AHMAD (Kamal u1-Din\ Maulnvl. Catalogue of 
tilt) Arabic and Persian Maniiscrii)fcs iu tlio library 
of theCalcutta Madrasah, by Kaiiialu'd-Dm Ahmad 
. . . and 'Abdu '1-Muqtadir. With an introduc- 
tion by E. D. Ross. 1905. 8°. See Calcutta.— 
MaJramh. 14598. d. 34. 

AHUAD (Kui'B u1-DIn). [Hindustani vor.sion of 
Jla niuUinian.] See 'Ala uI-DIn, called Visali. 

[Hindustani translation of Gulistan, He.] 

See MujiLiH ibn 'Add Ullah (Musharrif u1-DIn), 
called Sa'di. — Gulistan. 

AHMAD (MdnIk uI-Din). ^^! J^ [Siiaj ul- 
Jfuuir. Persian and Hindustaui poems.] pp. 32, 
lith. Jj)0 IU. [Delhi, 1900.] 8°. 

14114. aa. 18 (2.) 

AHMAD (Munir u1-DIn), Sandllavi. [Ghazals.] 
See Mazhar 'Ali, called Safi. m uuKj iX^j-ks-* 
i-J^' J [Majmu'ah, e/c] [1885.] 8°. 

14797, d. 15.(1.) 

AHMAD (Nizam uI-DIn), of Eojaram College, 
Eolhapur. [Edit.] See Nannu-mitan Ahmad- 


AHMAD (Nizam uI-Din), Earavi. See Ahmad ibn 
Muhammad Mukim. 

AHMAD (RauTm uI-DIn). [Edit] See India.— 
Legislative Council. 

AHMAD (Sadr uI-DIn), 'Alavl, Burdvdnl. J].. 
^J^J^\ j^j^ ^j^ ^_jfli3^i*Jl [Rava'ili ul-mustafa min 
azhar il-niurtaza. Biographies of 'All, Fatimah, 
the 12 Imams and some of their descendants, 
witli other eminent saints.] pp. 340, hV/t. ,o3^ 
ir.e [Caiunpore, 1889.] 8°. 14779. d. 17. 

AHMAD (Samib u1-DTn). y^] ^ [Gulbun i 
Akhtar. A romance in verse.] pp. 229, 1, lith. 
yj] \r\r-\i [Luclinow, 1896-97.] 8°. 

14797. e. 33. 
AHMAD (Shams ui-Dl^) , AJldkL erj-ii^^^ J|^ 
^^J^'\ <^\Lo £j ^JL^ ^^y Ull^ [Manakib ul- 
'arifln. Lives of Jalal ul-Din Rumi, his father, 
master, friends, son, and successors.] pp. 395, 
lith. s^n lAiv [^£rm, 1897.] 8°. 14779. d. 32. 

AHMAD (Shams u1-DIn), AJldkl {continued) , 
[Anecdjtes from Manakib ul-'iirifin.] See Mu- 
hammad ibn Muhammad (Jalal uI-Din), Rumi. 
The Mesnevi, f<c. 1881. 8°. 2318. f. 8. 

AHMAD (Siiuj u1-DIn), called 'Ishrat, Lakhnavi. 
[Edit.] See Mohammad Tahir VahId. 

AHMAD (VajIh uI-DIn) . ^.^^ ^Ui' [Ta'lira ul- 
Kuriif, A copy-book.] pt. ii. pp. 24, lith. 
o'jTaJl lAA. [,4/Za/iaiat7, 1880.] 8°. 14835. b. 1. 

AHMAD ibn 'ABD ul-HALIM, called Ibn Taimittah. 
[Life.] Sec Mohammad ibn Isma'il, Bul-hurl. 

AHMAD ibn 'ABD ul-KADIE, Isrd'iU, Amdzai. 
[Kashf ul-manzura, Arabic commentary on Mi'at 
'amil.] See 'Abd u1-Kahir ibn 'Ann ul-IiAHM.iN. 

AHMAD ibn 'ABD ul-RAHIM, Safipurl. [Com- 
mentary on 'Urfi's Ka.sii'id :] See Mohammad ibn 
'Ali (Jamal uI-DIn). 

AHMAD ibn 'ABD ul-EAHIM, called ValI Hllah. 
See Vali Ullah ibn 'Abd u1-Rahim. 

AHMAD ibn 'ABD ULLAH. dj^ M\ ^ 


jUb^_jA-.JI^l./Jl [Lubilb ul-akhbar. 400 

selected Traditions, in Arabic, with Persian and 
Hindustani translation.] pp. 80, /i7/t. ^Jj^ ir^. 
[Bombay, 1803.] 8°. 14521. b. 13.(1.) 

y^'i] L_j'jJ [Lubab ul-akhbar.] pp. 80, lith. 

jjU'l (rAi [Lahore, 1871.] 8°. 14521. b. 13.(3.) 

AHMAD ibn ABI BAKR ibn NASR (Hamd Ullah), 

Mti.'ituufi, Kazvini. Jl ^-JjlJiJ! ci^Ji^ L-jUi' Ijjt 
[Nuzhat ul-kuliib. A cosmography, dealing 
principally with Persia and adjacent countries.] 
pp. 260, W/i. Bombay, \r-u [1894.] 8°. 

14762. e. 2. 

The geographical part of the Nuzhat-al- 

Quliib. . . . Edited (translated) by G. Le Strange 
(c-j^li»fJ) 2 vols. 1915,19. SeeGiBB(E.J.W.). 
" E. J. W. Gibb Memorial " Series, vol. xxiii: 1. 
1905, etc. 8°. 14005. g. 23. 

Jl c_J Jjil! hiij i_j'jL/ |^r« [An extract from 

tte Nuzhat ul-kuliib.] See Dorn (B.). Muham- 





niedanische Quellen, etc. 
1850-58. 8°. 

Th. iv., pp. 81-87. 
757. h. 26. 

Extraitsdu"Nouzhet-oul-Qoloub." [With 

French translation.] See Huart (C). Documents 
Persans sur I'Afrique, etc. 1905. 8". [Recueil 
de Memoires Orientaux,'\ 14003. i. 66, 

Mesopotamia and Persia under the Mongols 

iu the fourteenth century A.D. From the Nuzhat- 
al-Kulub of Hamd-Allah Mustawfi. By G. Le 
Strange, pp. v. 134 ; 1 viap. 1903. S^e Acade- 
mies, etc. — London. — Royal Asiatic Society, etc. 
Asiatic Society Monographs, vol.5. 1902, etc. 8°. 

14005. b. 5. 

Tarikh' Gozide par Hamd Ollah Mostooufi 

Qazvini. Les dynasties persanes pendant la 
periode musulmane, depuis les Saffarides jusques 
et y compris les Mogols de la Perse en 1330 de 
notre ere. Texte persan complet . . . et traduc- 
tion franfaise en regard suivie de notes, de 
tableaux dynastiques, geuealogiques et synchro- 
niques, de cartes schematiques et tables diverses. 
Par J. Gantin. Pons, 1903, etc. 8°. 757. i. 60. 

In progress. 

The Tarikh-i-Guzida, or Select History . . . 

Compiled in A.H. 730 (A.D. 1330), and now re- 
produced in fac-simile from a manuscript dated 
A.H. 857 (A.D. 1453) with an introduction by 
Edward G. Browne, (sj^jji r.^'j) pp. xix. 13, 803. 
1910. See GiBB (E. J. W.). " B. J. W. Gibb 
Memorial " Series, vol. xiv. 1905, eic. 8°. 

14005. g. 14. 

[Ta'rikh i guzidah, IV. ii. An account of 

the Samani dynasty.] See Muhammad ibn Ja'fae 
(Abu Bakr). Description . . . de Boukhara, etc. 
pp. 99-111. 1892. 8°. 14003.1.30. 

Histoire des Seldjoukides et des Ismaeliens 

ou Assassins de I'Iran, extraite du Tariklii Gu- 
zideh ou Histoire Choisie d'Hamd-Allah Mustaufi. 
Traduite du persan et accompagnee de notes 
historiques et geographiques par M. Defremery. 
(Extrait . . . du Journal Asiatique.) pp. 142. 
Paris, 1849. 8°. 757. cc. 3.(2.) 

[Another copy.] 

757. c. 24. 

Description historique de la ville de 

Kazvin, extraite du Tarikhe Guzideh . . . [trans- 
lated] par M. C. Barbier de Meynard. 1857. See 

Academies, etc. — Paris. — Societo Asiatique. Journal 
Asiatique, etc. v* serie, tom. x., pp. 257-308. 
1822, etc. 8°. R.Ac. 8808. 

Biographies of Persian Poets contained in 

Ch. V, § 6, of the Tarikh-i-Guzida . . . Translated 
by E. G. Browne. See Academies, etc. — London, 
— Royal Asiatic Society, etc. The Journal, etc. 
1900, pp. 721-62, 1901, pp. 1-32. 1834, etc. 8°. 

E.Ac. 8820/3. 

AHMAD ibn ABI 'l-HASAN (Abu Nasr), called 
Zhandah-pil, Jiinn, NdmaHl. A biography of 
Shaykh Ahmad-i-Jam. [Edited with introduc- 
tion] by W. Ivanow. See Academies, etc. — 
London. — Royal Asiatic Society, etc. The Journal, 
etc. 1917, pp. 291-365. 1834, e<c. 8°. 

E.Ac. 8820/3. 

Jajii jJ;- ^'^ A*»-l .. . jjl»jJ [Divan. Poems.] 

pp. 196, lith. j^i^ lAvi \_Cawn{iore, 1879.] 8°. 

14797. g. 9.(3.) 

ijj.jsjj; ^Is- Sa.s>-\ ijijjJts- jjIy.iJ [Divan.] 

pp. 196, lith. jjM\i lAAi [Cawnporc, 1881.] 8°. 

14797. d. 7. 

Jl lJkI j'"*?" ^ jyi^^ LT*'"^ A.«>»-1 <usj [Kis- 

sah i Alimad Jami, or Chahar pari. A romance 
in prose and verse. With the metrical romance 
Varakah u Gulsbah on the margin. Edited by 
Mulla 'Abd ul-Rahman.] pp. 127, lith. j_^Uj» ir.i 
[Delhi, 1889.] 8°, 14783. f. 15.(2.) 


I iJai [Kissah i Alimad Jam!.] 
pp. 88, lith. ^ytil [Lahore, 1895.] 8°. 14783. d. 16.(2.) 

^U Jij 

i^jj !Loi 

• • • } 

[Kissah i Ahmad Jami. With the Varakah u 
Gulshah on the margin.] pp. 128, lith. ^ytj! 
[Lahore, 1896.] 8°. 14783.6.13.(2.) 

AHMAD ibn AHMAD (Kabir uI-DIn), Kalyuhl. 
[Edit.] See 'Abd u1-Kadie ibn Shah, 

• ■ See 'Abd u1-Rahman ibn Ahmad, 

called Zlm.—Nafalidt ul-Uns. 

See A'kas. 

See MusLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mu- 

SHAREip uI-Din), called Sa'di. — Bustdn. 


J! ^' .i^y]l ^ ... ^o.'Ji]I ^[iS [Na- 

vadir. Arabic anecdotes, jests, wonders, and 





entertaining extracts. With Persian glosses by 
Mull. Ja'far''AIi Najinavi.] pp. 292, lith. jf^\i 
[Caw7ipore, 1912.] 8°. 14576. cc. 4. 

[For glossary on NavSdir :] See Muham- 

mad Ahib 'AlT ('Abd u1-Razzak). 

AHMAD ibn 'ALI, called Ibn Ha jar, ' AsUalihil. 
[For coinmentary on Bulugli ul-maram :] See 


i^J^ (**■ r^ 1^ ^'**^ f^^^j"} <-2-»'^«J^ [Al-Mu- 

nabbiliat 'ala '1-isti'dad. Traditions for purposes of 
devotion, in Arabic, with Persian interlinear trans- 
lation by Sublian-bakhsh Shikarpiiri.] pp. 96, 
lith. ,_jUjJ1 irAA[Z)eWa, 1872.] 8°. 14521. c. 21. 

• ^'jill ijCi [Al-Munabbihat. With Persian 

Dietrical preface and paraphrase, entitled Durrat 
ul-taj, by Nnjaf 'Ali Khan.] pp. 320, lith. ^^,U) 
I Av A [Bt,uires, 1878.] 8°. 14521. c. 18. 

^'i\ Jjtl Jii«a<i |_jlc XaJ! &Asr ^s^^ ^ iiil! [Nukh- 

bat ul-fikar. An Arabic essay on the science of 
Tradition. With the author's commentary Nuzhat 
nl-nazar, and Muh. Husain Hazaravi's Persian 
supercommentary Tashih ul-nazar.] pp. 391, lith. 
^yti! ir.A-i. [La/tore, 1891-92.] 8°. 14521. c. 29. 

AHMAD ibn 'ALI (Abu Bakr), called Ibn Vahshiy- 
TAH. Jl J^'-*J J L^^ L_>Vir [Kitab i hayakil u 
taniasll. A tract on talismans, attributed to Ibn 

V ' 

Vahshiyyah.] pp. 32, Utli. ^J^> if"!!* [Bombay, 
1894.] 8°. 14770. b. 8.(3.) 

AHMAD ibn 'ALI ibn MAS'tJD. ^y^ L^U! !^ 

[Marali ul-arvah. An Arabic work on the verb. 
With interlinear Persian translation and Arabic 
marginal notes.] pp. 152, litli. ^iiO [Delhi, 
1893.] 8°. 14593. e. 36.(1.) 

AHMAD ibn FATH MUHAMMAD ('Abd uI-Sa'i'd), 
called Ta'ib. [Urdu translation of Zulaikha.] 

See 'Abd u1-Rahman ibn Ahmad, called JamI 

Yusuf u Zulaikha. 

[Urdu translation of Insha i Khalifah.] 

Sec Khalifah Shah Muhammad. 

AHMAD ibn HAMID, called Ibn Nizam. ^1 1 
[Ilairat ul-fikh. A catechism on legal problems 

With a Hindustani decision on conditions of 
liability to slavery, by Vajih ul-Din.] pp. 16, lith. 
^_5^aJ irAi [I)eZ/t«, I860.] 8°. 14837. f. 1.(2.) 

AHMAD ibn HAMID ( Afzal uI-DIn) , Kirmanl. t_j'J/ 
Jl J£i\ ._ii^ Jill jJic ['Ikd ul-'ula. The history 

of the conquest of Kirman by the Ghuzz chieftain 
Malik Dinar. Edited with prt face by Muli. Husain 
(Furaglii).] ff. 8[,i-W. irir[2'eAeran,1876.] 8°. 

14773. d. 6. 

Din). [Edit.] See 'Abd u1-A'la ibn Kakim Ullah. 

AHMAD ibn HUSAIN, kafllush ^^j^-^l u.jUi' Ijjt 
Jl Lis^jkJ [Dilkusha. A treatise on ethics.] 

pp. 256, 21, ?/i/i. ^_j^\m WW [Tljiis,\BS2.'] i\A. 

14749. i. 3. 

AHMAD ibn HUSAIN (Abu 'I-Tayyib), called Mu- 
tanabbi. {j^Lc ^j>i^ ^ J^ lyi^^^) [Divan. Arabic 
poems. With Persian commentary called Mu- 
habbi by Muh. Ibriihim b. Muh. Madln Ullah.] 
pp. 661. iii^ in I [Calcutta, 1845.] Fol. 

14573. d. 1. 


>) v«2J [Di 



Tasvib ul-bayan, a Persian translation and com- 
mentary by Muh. 'Abd ul-Muu'im, assisted by 
'Ubaid Ullah 'Ubaidi.] pp. 305, Z/</i. s^lir.. 
[AQva, 1883.] 8°. 14573. b. 54. 

Jl ^j'oJI V-ij-flJ [Divan. With Muh. 

'Abd ul-Mun'im's Tasvib ul-bayan.] pp. 230, lith. 
^^1^ irie [Cawnpore, 1898.] 8°. 14573. cc. 13. 

AHMAD ibn IMAM 'ALL [Translation of 'Alamat 
i jaliyyah.] See Muhammad ibn 'Abd Ullah (Nue 

AHMAD ibn KAEIM, Tahrlzl. [Edit.] See Ta- 
VAKKUL ibn Isma'il. 

AHMAD ibn MAHMUD. (jJUs jd <ilwwJ ^_L"iai 
ay^jl [Lata'if i nafisiyyah. A life of Khvajah 
Uvais Karani.] pp. 120, lith. JjtO irit [Delhi, 
1896.] 8°. 14779. f. 7.(7.) 

AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD, Writer on Metre, ^j.^ 
(jjjyJl _ yt (_/j 5 j«J! [Masdar ul-*aruz. A tract on 
metre, commenting on 2 verses.] pp. 4, lith. 
jx^ lAvr [Luchiow, 1873.] 8". 14837. e. 6.(8.) 





AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD, Ardahlll. L-j'.i^" liju 
<ujCJ1 iijAs- [HadiUitt ul-slirah. A Shi'ali treatise 
on the Caliphate and Imatnate.] if. 156, lith. 
JJa ino [Teheran, 1849.] Fol. 14712.1.3. 

AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD, Ghazzalt. [Edit.] See 
Mohammad ibu Muhammad, Ghazxdll. 

AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD, Mustau/i,' Haravl. 
[Translation of Futuh.] See Muhammad ibn 'Aui, 
called A'sam. 

AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD, called GnAWFARi, Kazvim. 
J^mJSj >j,o [Ta'rikh i nigaristiin. Narratives 
and notices from historians, arranged according 
to dynasties.] pp. 376, ?/</t. ^J^_ I'M'I [Bombay, 
1829.] Fol. 14783. h. 3. 

Jl J3.^}Xj i.),'j L_3'.li^t IJJt) [Nigaristan.] 

pp. 430, Z/i'/i. Juu.J irvo [Bomhaij, 1859.] 8°. 

14783. e. 3. 

Jl ^j'jUi.lC" i^XjS ^^ [Extracts from Ni- 
garistan.] See DoRN (B.). Muhammcdanische 
Quellen, eic. Th. iv., pp. 423-425. 1850-58. 8°. 

757. h. 26. 

■ Epitome of the ancient history of Persia. 

Extracted and translated from the J^han Ara 
[i.e. Nusakh i Jahan-ai-a], a Persian manuscript, 
by W. Ouseley. pp. xxxvi. 92. f. p. London, 
1799. 8°. 757. a. 1. 

AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD, called Ibn Hajar, 
Haisaml. <t)»ls'j' .jJ^'^J ^, jj*^ • • • ^r^^ 3^^y^ 
[Sava'ik i muhrikah. A polemic against the 
Shi'ah view on the first five Caliphs. Translated 
into Persian, and entitled Barahin i kati'ah, by 
Kamal ul-Dfn b. Fakhr ul-Diu Jahrami.] pp. 364, 
lith. ^yoU [Lahore, 1895.] 8°. 14712. e. 12. 

AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD, called Khurram. 
[Edit.] See Muhammad ibn Muhammad (Jalal 
uI-Din), RUmi. 

AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD, called Kuduri. [For 
commentary on the Mukhtasar :] See 'Abd Ullah 
ibn NuR Muhammad. 

LS^J"" i-SJ}'^ [Mukhtasar, or Kuduri. A 

compendium of Hanafi law. Rendered into 
Persian and arranged chiefly in catechetical form 
by Abu '1-Kasim b. Husain. Edited by Ghulam 

Husain Lahauri.] pp.184. ^.yt'J i M i [Lahore, 
1882.] 8°. 14736. b. 3. 


ji [Mukhtasar, i.-v. (to end of Kitab 
ul-Kajj). With Persian and Pushtu interlinear 
translations, and Arabic marginal notes.] pp. 168, 
lith. ir.f [Delhi, ISSb.] 8°. 14527. dd. 5. 

>.=^ jLc <r'«JJ [Mukhtasar, i-v. 


Persinn iuteilinear translation and Arabic mar- 
ginal notes.] pp. 124, lith. |^J ir.v [Delhi, 
1890.] 8°. 14529. aa. 6. 

•^ o^jJ^V ^^ 

olAi I j'jL> 

Jl <t«^j' [Mukhtasar, i.-v. Wilh Persian and 

Pushtu interlinear translations, and Arabic notes.] 
pp. 167, lith. JjbJ in. [DeZ/(i, 1893.] 8°. 

14527. dd. 14.(3.) 

^,.jj' [Mukhtasar, i.-v. With interlinear 

Persian and Pushtu translations.] pp. 168, lith. 
j^'l [Lahore, 1904.] 8°. 14529. aa, 11. 

Jl *=^J^« (< '•'^' [Mukhtasar, i.-v. With 

Persian and Pushtu interlinear translations, and 
Arabic notes.] pp. 159, lith. j^l [Lahore, 1909.] 
8°. 14529. aa. 5. 

AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD, called Maidan!. uj'ji' 
J! ^.*'^il! J ^\J\\ [AlSamI fi'1-asami. A 

classified dictionary of Arabic, explained in 
Persian. With 18 other Arabic essays and ex- 
tracts on grammar, religion, efc] ff. 98, lith. \rv6 
[Teheran ? 1859.] 8°. 14589. b. 26. 

AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD (Abu 'Ali), called Ibn 
Miskavaih. (>^f^ ij"^!.}^'~~ • ■ • i_j/^-^=^) [Javidan 
khirad. An abridged translation by Haji Shams 
ul-DIn Muh. Husain of Ibn Miskavaih's Arabic 
collection of moral precepts of ancient sages of 
Persia, India, Arabia, and Greece. Edited by 
Manekjl Limji Hiishang Hataryii.] pp. 436, lith. 
\ni [Teheran? 1877.] 12°. 14749. b. 1. 

AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD (Abu '1-Kasim), 'irdUi. 
[For the Kashf ul-asi-ar, based mainly on woi'ks 
of A. b. M. :] See Husain Va'iz, Kdshifl. 

■ i^'V u^' ^j^^ J iXi'^ • • • *'"*" Jr"*^ ijj'^j 

[Rasa'il i Khusrau Shah u liiyal u dukiik i Ibn 
'IraUt. A tract on jugglery, compiled from a 





Risaluh 1 Khusrau Shall and a 11°. i Ibn 'IriiUl.] 
[1894.] 8°. See Khl'skau, Shah, Siuailvl. 

14770. b. 8.(2.) 

AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD (Abd Nasu}, Kubavt. 
[For the abridgment of Kubavi's Persian version 
of Narslmkhi's Ta'rikh i Biikharii :] See Mu- 
hammad ibn Ja'fai; (Abu Bakk). 


v*J.'.^- . . . L_>'Ju ,.,>] 
••J C^" 


Jl ^'-wil f'li J [Matlab ul-su'al. A treatise on 

therapeutics. Followed by Risalah i ishaliyyah, 
on laxatives, by the same author ; and Bur' ul- 
Bil'at, on instantaneous cures, from the Arabic 
of Muh. b. Zakariyya Razi.] pp. 231, lith. 
J^A= irlv [Te/zeraw, 1880.J 4°. 14753. b. 3. 

AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD HUSAIN, called Daea, 
Kuzavunt. [Notes on verses from the Divan of 
Hafiz (Kiili i binish).] See Muhammad Hafiz, 


vijlk) '.> .li [Darya i danish. Moral re- 
flections and anecdotes, in mixed prose and verse.] 
pp. 48, lith. ^iu.) irri [JBomhay, 190G.] 8°. 

14749. c. 4.(1.) 

AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD 'IRFAN, Sayyid, of 
JJareiUy. [Dicta.] See Muhammad Isma'Il, Dih- 
Javl. ,»jLaIw**Il ]c\^ [Sirat ul-mustaUim.] [1823.] 

14724. d. 2. 

.XjAas^'jj, Aill ^> <sjS^ LiuU^ [Mulhimilt 

i alimadiyyah fi '1-tarilc il-muhammadiyyali. A 
tract on Sufism.] ]>p. 44, litlt. ii\ irll \^Aij\-a, 
1882.] 8°. 14712. e. 5.(2.) 


Nardlil. Begin. lijJjw. ■r^-^f-^ [Mi' raj i sa'adat. 
A treatise on practical ethics.] pp.364, //<//. irvF 
\_Ttheran, 1858.] Fol. 14749. i. 2. 

euJ'juJ! ^f^-c [Mi'raj ul-sa'adat.] pp. 552, 

lith. JLaj irr<3 [Bombay, 1908.] 8°. 

■ 14749. f. 24. 

Jl iUm I Rj^ L_;'i( c:^*^,iJ [Saif ul-ummat. 

A controversial work in defence of the claims 
of Muhammad, against some writer, possibly 
H. Martyn. Preceded by a collection of scriptural 
texts found in the book of the latter, with rules 

for their reading and vocalization, by Muh. Muhdi 
Narulii.] pp. 323, //</<• inv [i'tmm, 1851.] 8°. 

14712. b. 1. 

i/^!iiji% i__>'Ji/ Ijjt [Talidis. A didactic poem. 

With illustrations.] ff. 152, lith. (rvi [Pergia, 
1855.] 8°. 14787. c. 11. 

Hiiruvi. ^_gr>^^^ eu'Julj [Tabakat i Akbarshahi. 
A history of India.] ff. 329, //</i. <"</ • [Luchnow, 
1870.] 8°. 14773. h. 4. 

The Tabakat-i-Akbari (or A History 

of India from the early Musalman invasio7is to 
the thirty-sixth year of the reign of Akbar) . . . 
Edited [with translation] by B. De. 2 pts. pp. i. 
233, vii. 248. 1913. See Academies, e<c.— Cal- 
cutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. Bibliotheca 
Indica, etc. New Series. vol. 199. 1848, e<c. 
8°. 14002. a. (vol. 199.) 

AHMAD ibn MUHAMMAD VALI, called Shihab ul- 
Din Talish. ^'-i! i?. ,o [Ta'rikh i Asham, or 
Fathiyyali i ibratiyyali. A history of the cam- 
paigns of Mir Jumlah in Kuch Bihar and Assam 
in 1072-73 A.H.] pp 193. nj^ irii= [Calcutta, 
1847.] 8". 14773.6.7. 

Tarikh-i Asham. Recit de I'expedition 

de Mir-Djumlah au pays d'Assam, traduit sur 
la version hindoustani de Mir-Hu9aini [of the 
Persian Fatliiyyah i 'ibratiyyali] par T. I'avie. 
pp. xxxi. 312. Paris, Angers [printed], 1845. 
8°. 14109. a. 39. 

[Excerpts on Kuch Bihar, Kuch Hajo, and 

Assam in the 16-17th centuries.] See Blochmann 
(H. F.). Koch Bihar, e^c. 1872. [Asiatic Society 
of Bengal : Journal.] R.Ac. 8826/ll. 

AHMAD ibn SHAMS ul-DIN, Shailih. [Grammatical 
analysis of Malimud-namah.] See Mahmud. 

[Grammatical analysis of Pand-niimah.] 

See MuiLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushaekif u1-DIn), 
called Sa dI. — Pawl-no muh. 

AHMAD ibn SHAMS ul-DIN (Shihab u1-DIn), Za- 
mdi, Daulatubddi. See Shihab Shams 'Amk. 

AHMAD ibn SHU'AIB, Nasd'i. J->Ui^J . . . t_;'J/ 
^,f^ j'i (JjJ i5'''A=^. ''^y^y* «_>Lo e:^.'!; ei^^-<i»- 
j_y»'-.*J Jxl ^^ ij^i-'^^ Jj'J''^ [Khasii'is 'All ibn 
Abi tiilib. Traditions relating to the Caliph 'Ali. 
Arabic text, with the Persian translation and 





commentary, styled Haka'iK i ladunnl, of Abu 
'1-Kasim Ri?avi Kummi.] pp. 224, ii. ^yi^ [La- 
hore, 1898.] 8°. 14521. c. 41.(1.) 

AHMAD ibn SULAIMAN, called Ibn Kamal Pasha. 

Jl i_)'a<i Jl iJuiJl l_jU1 L-j'Oi' IJJt [lyab nl- 
shaikh ila shabab. An erotic treatise, translated 
from the Arabic Rujii' ul-sliaikli ila sabah.] pp. 72, 

96, nth. 


^ (r.H= [TeAeran, 1887.] 8° 

14807. d. 14. 

AHMAD ibn'FMAR, Nizamt, 'Aruzt, of Samarlzand. 
Jl <sl'JU ,'.*=- L-j'Ji^ [Chahar maUalah. " Four dis- 
courses," treating in turn of secretaries, poets, 
astrologers, and physicians. Edited by Muli. Baliir 
Khan b. Muli. Baliir Khan Beglerbegi.] pp. 176, 
nth. ir.c [2Wteran, 1888.] 12°. 14779. a. 6. 

Chabar Maqala — " The Four Discourses " 

— of Ahmad ibn 'Umar ibn 'AH an-Nizami al- 
'Arudi as-Samarqandi, edited, with introduction, 
notes and indices, by Mirza Muhammad ibn 'Abdu' 
1-Wahhabof Qazwin. W'JU^'v^) [With English 
preface by E. G. Browne.] pp. xxiv. xxv. 359. 
1910. See GiBB (B. J. W.). " E. J. W. Gibb 
Memorial " Series, vol. xi. 1905, etc. 8°. 

14005. g. 11. 

The Chahar ]\[aqala — " Four Discourses " 

■ — of Nidhami-i-'Arudi-i-Samarq!indi. Translated 
. . . by E. G. Browne. See Academies, ttc. — Lon- 
don. — Royal Asiatic Society, etc. The Journal, e<c. 
1899, pp. 613-63, 757-845. 1834, eic. 8°. 

E.Ac. 8820/3. 

Reprinted from the Journal of the 

Royal Asiatic Society, pp. 139. London, 1900. 
8°. 757. e. 47. 

[Another copy.] 

14005. b. 6. 

AHMAD ibn VISAL, called VAitAE, Shlrazl. [Edit.] 
See Muhammad ibn Muhammad (Jalal uI-Din), 

((^jiJ'iJ {j*^^) [Anjuman i danish. An 

imitation of Sa'di's Gulistan] pp. 228, lith. 
Jij,^ irAi-1. [Te/ieran, 1872-3.] 8°. 14749. d. 4. 

AHMAD ibn YAHYA (Sharaf uI-DTn), Munyart. 
[Life.] See Amin Ahmad Shah, called Rabat. 

^_5JlJ^>-c:JVy■^ [^I»ktubatijavabi. Letters 

in answer to queries on religious and Sufic matters. 

Followed by some similar letters by 'Abd ul-Kadir 
Gilanl.] pp. 54, W/i. yji i^/^i [Luchiow , ISSi.] 
8°. 14807. d. 13.(2.) 

}'jJC> [Maktubat. Letters on Sufism. 

Compiled by Kazi Shams ul-DIn, and edited by 
Zain ul-Diu Badr 'Arab!.] pp. 400, ////t. yUi! uac 
[Lucknow, 1885.] 8°. 14807. d. 13.(1.) 

J! ^^] 

.^\j [RaHat ul-kulub. Ex- 
planations of religious questions. Followed by 
(2) Vafat-namah, or Munyari's last words and 
injunctions, compiled by Zain ul-Din Badr ArabT, 
and (3) Vasiyyat-namah, on the proper treatment 
of his person, addressed by Najib ul-DIn Firdausi 
to Munyari.] pp. 34, ZiWi. ail irri [^l^rn, 1903.] 
8°. 14724. 0. 2. 

AHMAD ibn YA'KUB, called MinOchihri and 
Shast-kalah. See Ahmad (Abu "I-Najm). 

AHMAD ibn ZAIN ul-'ABIDIN, 'Alavl. (Notice of 
a Reply to Xavier's work by Zain Elabidin, a 
Persian nobleman, with extracts from it.) See 
Martyn(H.). Controversial tracts, e<c. pp. xli.- 
cviii. 1824. 8°. 757. d. 40. 

AHMAD 'ALI, Chiriaholl. [Notes on Munyat 
ul-musalli.] See Sadid uI-DIn, Kdshghari. 

( iyo <)J1L —Jj [Sulalah i sarf. A tract 

on Arabic accidence written in Arabic. With 
Persian translation and commentary by Muli. 
'Abbas!.] pp. 32, 2, lith. y^ uw [Lucknow, 
1877.] 8°. 14815. f. 2.(4.) 

AHMAD 'ALI ibn SHUJA'AT 'ALI, Jyhd. [Edit.] 
See 'Abd uI-Kadie ibn Moluk Shah. 

See Abu '1-Fazl ibn Mubarak. 

See As'ad (Fakhr uI-Din). 

See Ilyas ibn Ytjsup. 

See JahangIr. 

See Muhammad Saki. 

The Haft Asm an, or The history of the 

Masnawi of the Persians . . . With a biographical 
notice of the author by H. Blochmann. t-jlij^) 

u~/ J- -J i^y^ "-^-/^i t^y^ j-i^^'j^ (_;'jai^.« 

( Jl ^j'.A<*.l"e:,Jct &i 1^^*.^^ pp. iv. vi. 174. 1873. 





See Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Societi/ of 
Bengnl. Bibliotheca ludica, e<c. vol.80. 1818, 
etc. 8". 14002. a. (vol. 80.) 

A treatise on tbe Rubd'i entitled Risalah i 

T.iianah . . . with an introduction and . . . notes 
[in English] by H. Blochmann. (<)j!J <iJL.) 
pp. xi. 14. Calcutta, 1867. 8°. 14837. f. 1.(7.) 

AHMAD 'AL! khan, Mir, Mumvl. [Edit.] gee 
Ghdlam Husain Khan, called Khan Zauan Khan. 

AHMAD 'ASIM (Abu '1-Kamal), 'Ain.'ubl. [Edit.] 
Sec Muhammad ibn Muhammad (Jalal u1-DIn), 

[Turkish translation of Burhan i liati'.] 

See Muhammad Husain ibn Khalaf. 

AHMAD lil-DIN ibn ILAH-DIN, Ldhaurl. [Kashif 
ul-rumiiz, commentary upon Miijiz ul-kantin.] 
See 'Au ibn Abi '1-Hazm, called Ibn u1-Naf!s. 

AHMAD DIN KKAK, Khan Bahadur. [For "The 
Glory of the Sliia World," by Sir P. M. Sykes, 
assisted by A. D. Kh.:] See Sykes (P. M.), Sir. 

AHMAD HASAN, Dihlavl. [Edit.] See Kur'an. 

AHMAD HASAN, JamaU. [Life of Jamal ul-Dln 
Alimjid HJinsavI.] See Ahmad (Jamal uI-DIn), 
Hunsain. J ci^'^U [Mulhamat.] [1891.] 8°. 
^ 14516. c. 22. 

AHMAD HASAN, called Rusvl, Bijnaurl. J\^>,i 
\^j [Divau. PLieins.] pp. 150, lith. y./l i\ai 
[Iwcfcftoff, 1881.] 8°. 14797. h. 25.(3.) 

.1.jj! L_^'jL« [Manakib ul-abrar. Kasldah 

pnems.] pp. 71, lith. j^s:_ [Bijiior, 1898.] 8°. 

14797. g. 31.(6.) 
AHMAD HUSAIN, Arrakdnl. [Al-Kalain ul-fa'ik, 
couimentary on Mizan ul-mantik.] See 'Ali ibn 
'Umak (Najm uI-Din), Kdtibi. 

AHMAD HUSAIN, called Amjad. 




[Ilubil'iyyat i Amjad. Hindustani and Persian 
quatrains.] pp. 32, lith. s^l [Agi-a, 1906.] 8°. 

14114. bb. 28.(4.) 
AHMAD HUSAIN, called Fuukani.' Ji^ji ^I^O 
[Diviin. Poems. Edited by the author's son Muh. 
Karrar Husain.] pp. iv. 177,4. j^^ "•i \.Caivn- 
pore, 1906.] 8°. 14797. e. 49. 

;!;■ ; 'a;! [Insha. Letters and other 

pp. iv. 123, 2, lith. jyu^ n.i [Cawnpore, 1906.] 
8°. ' 14807. d. 19. 

AHMAD HUSAIN KHAN, Kadirl. j.^! cyUK 
[KuUiyat. Collected poems of A. H. Compiled 
by his brother 'All Husain Khan.] pp. 378, lith. 
^^>}s> lU)^ [Badaoii, lOU.] 8°.. 14787. e. 33, 

AHMAD HUSAIN SHAUKAT. [Urdu translation 
and exposition of Kliakaui's Kasa'id.] See Ibba- 
hIm ibn 'Al! Najjar. 

AHMAD i JAM. See Ahmad ibn Abi '1-Hasan. 

AHMAD KABIR, Hrifz. [Edit.] See Hasan (Abu 
'1-Kasim), called Firdausi. 

See Muhammad Husain ibn Mu- 

hammad HadL 

AHMAD KAMAL. [Edit, of parts of Shah-namah, 
with Turkish glossary.] See Hasan (Abu M-Kasim), 
called Firdausi. 

AHMAD KHAN, Bihlavl. ^ f,^^ [Jam i jam. 
Chronological tables of 43 Kings of Dehli and 
Emperors of India from the time of Timur to 
A. H. 1255.] S.S,lith.; II plates. jIjT^I ia(=. 
[Belhi, 184:0.] 8°. 14773. f. 6.(1.) 

AHMAD KHAN, Mir. [Edit.] See Shuja' u1-Mulk. 

AHMAD KHAN, Sayyid; Sir, K.G.S.I. [Edit.] See 
Abu 'I-Fazl ibn Mubarak. 


prcse writings. Edited by Muli. Karrar Husain.] 

See Jahangir. 

See Muhammad ibn Muhammad, 

See ZiYA ul-DiN, Barani. 

[For extracts from the Asar ul-sanadid 

prescribed for the Allahabad University Entrance 
Course, translated with notes :] See Academies, 
etc. — All.thabad. — University of Allahabad. 

AHMAD KHAN, called Sufi. s^T ^-^ &L.s^ 
[Guldnstah i sukhan i Agrah. An anthology of 
Persian and Hindustani poetry, compiled from 
modern authors and issued in monthly parts.] 
vol. i., pts. 4-8, lith. ij] lAAr [^l^r«, 1883.] 8°. 

14797. e. 15. 

<u'J ijJj^ [Jang-niimah. A versified account 

of the life and wars of Muhammad, Abu Bakr, and 
'Umar.] pp. 320, lith. y^ irli [Lucknow, 1882.] 
8°. 14797. g. 2. 





AHMAD EHAN, called Sufi (continued). ^j^ 
.UjJw. j i^J^ [Masnavi i BilUis u Sulaiman. 
The story of Solomon and Bilkis, in verse.] 
pp. 208, nth. x/T irn [Agra, 1880.] 8°. 

14797, d. 6. 

4U'J ,<Ju [Tfabl-namali. A versified account 

of the life of Muhammad.] 3 pts., litJi. x^T <r. 
{Agra, 1882-83.] 8'. 14787. e. 10. 

AHMAD NASHID, Efendl. ui.>'jJ]l 'iSij [Zubdat 
ul-lughat. A dictionary in two parts, Arabic- 
Turkish and Per.sian-Turkish.] pp. xii. 304, 160. 
I f ^r [Constavtinople, 1866.] 12°. 14589. a. 5. 

AHMAD EASHID, Khalvatl. [Arabic translation 
of Pand-namah.] See Muhammad ibn IbkahIm. 
(Fae!d uI-Din), called 'Attae. 

AHMAD EUSHDI, NaUslilandi. [Turkish commen- 
tary on ghazal of 'Ismat.] See 'Ismat, Bukhdrd'l. 

AHMAD SHAH (Abu '1-Sapa), Bizvdnl. [Arabic 
commentary and Persian translation of Shulshul 
(Sannajat ul-'arab) and Lamiyyat ul-'arab.] See 
MaimOn ibn Kais. 

AHMAD SURAYYA, Baglidddl. _yi c:^^!; [Ra- 
liat ul-arvah. Stories in verse.] vol. i. pp. 79. 
JjjoUwl irli [Gonstantinople, 1879.] 8°. 

14797. e. 17. 

AHMAD ULLAH, called MunIr, Maulavi. ^^Jj^ 
cu^Ias- [Arzhang i khayalat. A panegyric in 
verse upon Sir Edward Denison Ross.] pp. 24, 
nth. ^ irr.[Ca/cM»a, 1902.] 8°. 14797. f. 3.(11.) 

AHMAD TILLAH ibn DALIL ULLAH, Siddtlcl. 'iilo 
(Jj'.«»*.< [Mi'at masa'il. 100 questions and answers 
on religious matters. With marginal notes.] 
pp. iv. 123, lith. [Liiclcnow, 1877.] 8°. 

14516. cc. 8.(3.) 
AHMAD VAFIK, Pa-s/ia. ^Ikv'^l^ LiU jjij ^^.=-1 
jSyjiii lLUmj Catalogue de la bibliotheque de feu 
Ahmed Vefyk Pacha. [With preface signed E. P.] 
pp. 314. Constantinople, 1893. Fol. 14598. f. 4. 

AHMAD YAE, Hdfiz, of Pahpattan. [For Intikhab 
i manakib i Sulaimaniyyah, mainly abstracted 
from A. Y.'s Manakib i sharifah :] See Yak Mu- 
hammad ibn Taj Muhammad. 

AHMAD YAE KHAW, called Api. Jljii-^V^ ^yuU 
[Gulzar i khayal. The Prince and the Beggar. 

A romance in verse.] pp. 32, Uth. jJ-ajJ\ uei 
[Ajmer, 1859.] 8°. 14797. d. 6.(2.) 

AHMAD ZAIN ul-DIN, AUsa'l. [Life.'] See 
Ni'mat Ullah, Rizavi. 

AHMADI CAbd u1-Kadie). See 'Abd u1-Kadik, 

IwJ' [FavaMd ul-hakkiyyat. An Arabic com- 
mentary on Fakhr ul-Din Zarradi's Persian com- 
pendium of Arabic grammar entitled Zarradi.] 
pp. 80, lith. J:td-\r^s [Delhi, 1882.] 8°. 

14820. e. 8.(2.) 
AHMED (Abou Nasr), el Qohawy. See Ahmad ibn 
Muhammad (Abu Nase), Kuhdvl. 

AHMED (Shem3U-'D-Din), el Efldki el 'Arifi. See 
Ahmad (Shams u1-Din). 

AHMED al GHUFFAEI, Cazi. See Ahmad ibn 
Muhammad, called Ghafpari. 

AHMED VEFYK. See Ahmad Vapik. 

AHSAN. See 'Au Ahsan. 

See Muhammad Ahsan, BUgrdmi. 

AHSAlf, Miydn. ai^s- <xUio' &j j^f^ i^f^*^ ^.j"^^ 
Jl ^iJ>J'»- [Muharabah i ghazaufarl, or Takmilah 
i liainlah i Haidari. A continuation of Muli. Rafi' 
Bazil's Hamlah i Haidari or poetical life of Mu- 
hammad and the first Caliphs.] pp. 211, lith. 
^\r\S\j^\r,'\[Moradahad,\m\.] Fol. 14787. k. 13. 

AIDAMIE ibn 'ALI, Jildalu. [For the translation, 
ascribed to A., of the Muktasab or Nihayat ul- 
talab :] See Jabir ibn Hayyan. 

'AIN ul-DIN ibn 'ALI. ^Ijiil ^^ ['Ain ul-fava'id. 
An elementary grammar.] pp. 64, ?iW-. ^^^j^a.) \r\e 
[Bombay, 1898.] 8°. 14820. f. 8. 

'AIN ULLAH ibn 'ABD ULLAH, Laghmdm. [Trans- 
lation of Daka'ik ul-akhbar.] See 'Abd uI-RahIm 
ibn Ahmad, Kdzi. 

[Edit., with translation, of 'Ain ul-zulal.] 

See 'Ain u1-Zulal. 

'AIN ul-ZULAL. J! J^l ^^^j^ •— 'j/^' '-r-'^' ['^i" 
ul-zulal. A summary of Islam, in Arabic verse. 
Edited with Persian translation by 'Ain Ullah 



-ALA ul-DIN 


Laghmunl.] pp. 2t, /i7/i. .j[^\ \i-^ i [Peshnwar, 
1874.] 8°. 14516. b. 26.(2.) 

'AINI. See Mahmud ibn Ahmad (Badu uI-Din). 

AITCHISON (Sir Charles Umpherson). [Collec- 
tion of treaties.] See India. 

'AJA'IB. cijlj'ilJ' ^^^^ S-''-o lii ['Aja'it ul- 
liikfiyat. Folk-tales.] pp. 124, /(</*. iriA[Z?o»i- 
bay, 1852.] 8°. 14783. c. 2. 

AJIR ul-DIN MUHAMMAD. See Muhammad ibn 
Zahir uI-DIn Ahmad. 

'AJIZ. See Ahmad, called 'Ajiz. 


See Muhammad Anvak 'AlI. 

See Vakil Ahmad. 

AJODHYA-PAESHAD, Pandit. jJ'-i ^'JiJl [Insha 
i sha'iK. A letter-writer.] pp. 24, lith. \rie 
[Lucknow, 1878.] 8°. 14807. d. 8.(2.) 

AJODHYA-RAM, MtinsJn. [Translation of Rasa- 
paiicliadhyayi.] See Puranas. — Bhdgavata-purdna. 

AJ5dHYA-RAM, called Ma'n!. ^y*^ Jiyi,i [Divan. 
Ghazals.] pp. ix. 44, litli. j^i^j^ ^'-'^^ [Goralth- 
]'ur, 1894.] 8°. '' 14797. d. 19. 

AKA, Alirzd. See Muhammad NasIr. 

AKA, Yazdi. [Extracts from poems.] See Taz- 
DAni (G.). Translation of the new Persian B.A. 
Course, etc. 1908. 8°. 14822, e. 11. 

AKA MALIK ibn JAMAL ul-DIN, FlrUzkuhJ, called 
Amir Shahi. ^'-i' ciV-"^ [Divan. Poems.] 
pp. 72, Utii. )ids>ji[> AA [^Constantinople, 1871.] 
8°. 14797. c. 1. 

'AKA'ID. jJ'jUII i^SS [Tazkirat ul-'alia'id. An 
account of tlie chief religions.] pp. 16. See Ma- 
kalat. Jl J'wt (Jjtl c:jTJU [Makalat i ahl i 'alara.] 

[1894.] 8°. 14728. c. 3.(1.) 

AKBAR, Einperor of H industan. [^History.^ See 
'Abd u1-Kadik ibn Muluk Shah. 

See Abu 'I-Fazl ibn Mubarak. 

• See JTvANji Jamshkdji Moui. 

See Yadu-natha Sabkab. 

AKBAR, Emperor of Hinduetan (continued) . Fir- 
mauus of the Emperor Akber. [With English 
translation.] See Oriental Miscellany. The 
Oriental Miscellany, eic. 1798. 8°. 767. c. 13. 

Letter from the Emperor Akber to Ab- 
dullah Khan, the Usbeck, Ruler of Turan. Com- 
posed by Abiil Fuzul. — Translated from the 
Persian. By J. Stonohouso. See Periodical 

Publications Calnitta. New Asiatic Miscellany, 

etc. vol. i., pp. 65-85. 1789. 8°. 88. g. 9. 

A letter of the Emperor Akbar asking for 

the Christian Scriptures. By E. Rehatsek. (The 
Indian Antiquary, vol. xvi., pp. 135 139.) Bo7n- 
bay, IS87. Fol. 14096. e. (vol. 16.) 

AKBAR, Aijhd. See 'AlI Akbar, Shirdzl. 

AKBAR 'ALI. See 'Ali Akbar ibn 'Ali. 

AKBAR 'ALI SHAH, See Muhammad Akbab 'AlI 

AKHTAR. See Mohammad Vajid 'Ali. 

AKHTJND, of Swat. See 'Abd uI-Ghapur. 

AKHTJND DARViZAH. See 'Abd uI-Karim ibn 

AKHUNDOV ('Abd u1-Kh.5lik). [Translation of 
Pharmacology of MuvaflBk b. 'Ali.] See MuvAFPifc 
ibn 'Ali. 

AKHUND-ZADAH (Fath 'AlI). See Fath 'Al!, 


'AKIL. See Muhammad Ja'fab. 

AL HASAN, Maududt. See Muhammad Al Hasan. 

AL MUHAMMAD, Bilgrdml, Mdrharavi. to'y.*^ 
f-j\f [Diviin i tavarikh. Chronograms in verse. 
Followed by Da'irah i khujistah, chronograms 
designed in the form of circles.] pp. 180, 56, 
Uth. x^T irAA-irn [-'l?T«/t, 1871-79.] 8°. 

14773. e. 12. 

'ALA ul-DIN, Juvaint. See 'Ata. Malik ibn Mu- 

'ALA ul-DIN, SamarUandl. See 'Ali ibn Yahya, 

'ALA ul-DIN, called Visali, Kkurdsdnl. Jojj^i 
^'««JA< U [Tarji'-band i ma mukimau. A mystic 


ALA ul-Dm- 



poem. With marginal notes.] pp. 20, ?i7/i. ini 
[Lueknow ? 1845.] 8°. 14837. e. 7.(2.) 

This poem is commonly attributed to Firiahtah {Abu 
'l-Vafd), with no apparent reason. 

Iqd-i-Laali, or Persian Poetical Reader. 

No. 1. Containing tbe Pand-namah or Katiraa 
and the Tarji'-baud called Ma-Moqiman [by Vi- 
sali]. (JlJ2UljJb) 1864. 8^ See Musmh ibn 
'Abd Ullah (Mushareif uI-Din), called Sa'di. — 
Fand-ndmah. 14822. a. 1.(4.) 

^J-AJ^ Uj [Ma mulclman. With marginal 

notes.] pp. 12, Uth. ^Uj iavh= [BeJhi, 1874.] 
8°, 14787. c. 22.(1.) 

yJjtJ^ U [Ma mukiman. With marginal 

notes.] pp. 12, WA. im« [LwcAijiott;, 1865.] 8°. 

14837. f. 3.(1.) 

J^*J:A^ U [Ma muKiman. With marginal 

notes.] pp. 12, lith. O^^AJ^^^ ipir [Delhi, 
1876.] 8°. 14837. f. 11.(9.) 

^j'-AAJU 'w« [Ma mulclman. With marginal 

notes, substantially the same as those in the 
Lucknow edition of 1875.] pp. 12, lith. ^jJ^ 
[Meerut, 1878.] 8°. 14783. e. 8.(10.) 

*^X* (j'-^tS^ '-^ [Ma mnUiman. With inter- 
linear Hindustani translation by Kutb ul-DIn 
Ahmad.] pp. 32, lith. y^ ir.v [Lucknoiv, 1890.] 
8°. 14797. g. 24.(11.) 


&^?-* vjW*^ ^ [^* muUiman. Wi 

Hindustani translation by Kutb ul-Din Ahmad. 
Second edition.] pp. 32, Zi7/t. J.^ \r\,[Luchnow, 
1892.] 8°. 14797. g. 26.(6.) 

'ALA ul-DIN AHMAD. See Ahmad ('Ala uI-Din). 

'ALA ul-DIN 'ATA MALIK, Juvaini. See 'Ata 
Malik ibn Muhammad. 

Mdhammad Gdlistanah. 

ALA EDDIN ATHA MELIK, Bjouweinij. See 'Ata 
Malik ibn Muhammad. 

'ALA ul-MUNAJJIM, Bulhdrl. See 'Al! Shah ibn 

'ALA'I. See Daulat Shah 'Ala'i, 

'ALAM, Mir. See Abu '1-Kasim ibn Raxi uI-Din. 

'ALAM, Shaikh, Ahhardhddi. ^'t**!1 j'i^ [Nadir 
ul-mi'raj. A treatise on Muhammad's ascent to 
heaven on the hurdle.] pp. 656, lith. y^ M.i* 
[Luckuoiv, 1904.] Fol. 14707. f. 2. 

'ALAM ul-HTIDA. See 'Al! ibn u1-Hdsain ibn 


'ALAMGIR. See Adrangzib. 

ibn Mubarak. 

'ALAVi. See 'Abd Ullah Khan. 

See Zahir ibn Mahmijd. 

'ALAVi KHAN. See Muhammad Hashim. 

ALEGRE ( d'). [Translation of Gulistan.] 

See MuBLiii ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushaerif uI-Din), 
called Sa'di. — Gulistdn. 

ALEMGEEE., Emperor of Eiiidostan. See Aurang- 

ALEXANDER, the Great, King of Macedon. [His- 
tory.] See Campbell (J.). 

See Ilyas ibn Yusup. 


ALEXANDER (Jamfs Edward). [Translation of 
Shigarf-namah i Vihiyat] See I'tisam u1-DIn ibn 
Taj ul-DiN. 

ALEXANDER (Louis Charles). [Translation from 
'Umar Khayyam.] See 'Umar Khayyam.— Two 
or More Poems. 

ALEXANDRIDES (Demetrius). [Edit.] See Is- 
ma'il ibn 'Ali. 

See Sylloge. 

ALF L AIL AH va-LAILAH. See Arabian Nights. 
ALFETTAH. See Muhammad Yahya Sibak. 

'ALL See Muhammad 'Ali. 

See Nauruz 'Ali Khan. 

See Rajab 'Ali Khan. 

'ALI. See (Jul Muhammad. 

See Ni'mat Khan. 

'ALI, Ldhtl'c, Imam. [History.] S»e Ghblam 
Ghaus, called Ghulami, 





'ALI, Mlrza, Dihiavt. [Tnzmin i haft-band i Kushf, 
metrical amplification of Kasbi's Haft-band.] See 
^lui'iAMMAD Hasan, Kdshl. 

'ALI, Snyi/id, Historian. Notes on Sirajuddaulah 
and the town of Murshidabdd, taken from a Per- 
sian Manuscript of the Tarikli i Man9Uri [by Sayyid 
'All].— By H. Blocliniann. 1867. /See Academies, 
etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. Journal, 
etc. vol. xxxvi., pt. 1, pp. 85-104. lS32,e<c. 8°. 

R.Ac. 8826/11. 

'ALI, Sirhindl. See Nasir 'AlI. 

'ALI, Yazdi. See 'AlI (Shaeaf u1-DIn). 

'ALI (AbuTurab), Hd'iri, Ldhaurl. Jj^Jl jLr*!' 
Jv-iiUJI 41 . . . (^\J] . . . cJ'Jtll . . . ^_^'JJI) [Ghayat 
ul-niaUsiid. A controversial treatise on the Mahdl 
or twelfth Imam, refuting in pt. 4 the doctrines 
of Ghulilm Ahmad Kadiyanl.] 4pts. ,Zi7/(. .ytl! 
iAn-M.r[La/iore, 1899-1903.] 8°. 14712. e. 15. 

<t«JLJ!_lJtc [Minhaj ul-salamah. A treatise 

on the fundamental doctrines of Shi ah Muham- 
madans.] pp. 286, /(%. ^ytl [La/ioj-e, 1901.] 8°. 

14712. d. 6. 

'ALI (Najm uI-DIn), Khan. See Muhammad Najm 
u1-DIn Khan. 

ALI (Shaeaf u1-Din), Yazdl. The Zafarnamah 
[a history of the Amir Timur] by Maulana Shaif- 
uddin 'Aii of Yazd. Edited ... by Mawlawi 
Muhammad Ilahdad. (J! x^\JiJ^) 2 vols. 1887 

[1885] -88. See AcADEMiiiS^eic. — Calcutta — Asiatic 
Society of Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica, e<c. vol.99. 
1848, etc. 8°. 14002. a. (vol. 99.) 

Histoire de Timur- Bee, connu sous le norn 

du Grand Tamerlan . . . Ecnte en persan [under 
the title Zafar-namah], par Chercfeddin Ali . . . 
traduite en francois par.. . . Petis de la Croix . . . 
Avec des notes historiques, et cartes geogra- 
phiques. 4 torn. pp. xlix. 10, 449, 431, 421, 303. 
Pans, 1722. 12°. 680. a, 30-33. 

[Another copy.] ■ 146. a. 17-20. 

[Another copy.] G. 14974-77. 

The History of Timur Bee, known by the 

name of Tamerlain the Great . . . written in 
Persian by Cherefeddin Ali , . . Translated into 
French by . . . Petis de la Croix . . . with his- 

torical notes and maps. Now faithfully render'd 
into English [by J. Darby]. 2 vols. pp. xxxi. 
542,428. London, 1723. 8°. 683. d. 19,- 20. 

[Another copy.] 279. c. 15, 16. 

'ALI ibn 'ABD ul-LATIF (Ghiyas u1-DIn1, Mir, 
entitled NAixiB Khan. [Translation of Maha- 
bharata.] See Mahabhaeata. 

'ALi ibn 'ABD ULLAH fNuR ul-DiN Abu '1-Hasan), 

Shdzill. ^2t\JI <-rJ/s- |_s'-^'^ o'Ju<! [Hizb ul-bahr. 
A prayer in Arabic. With Persian interlinear 
translation and preface.] See Kasa'id. l:>j*j«» 
J!jJ'^-<xc^A^[Kasa'id.] pp. 44-62. [1870?] 8°. 
^ 14519. d. 9.(1.) 

: pp. 44-62. [1873.] 8°. 

14519. c. 

'ALI ibn ABI BAKR (Burhan uI-Din), Marghlndni. 
[For commentary on the Vilcayah, an abridgment 
of Marghinani's Hidayah :] See 'Abd u1-Hakk 

15*";''* 7- f"i ^^•^^■^f 7-^ ^V"^ ij/^' (J-<'>»- (i^jjjfc 

[Al-Hidayah fi ^l-furii'. A commentary by Mar- 
ghlnani upon his own Bidayat ul-mubtadT, an 
Arabic compendium of Hanafi law. With Persian 
translation and notes by Ghulam Yahya Khan, 
Taj uI-DIn Bangali, Mir Muhammad flusain, and 
Shari'at Ullah Sanbhali. Eeprinted from the 
Calcutta edition of 1834.] 4vols., Z(7/t. jX^ uvt* 
[Luchiow, 187-i.] 4°. 14528. d. 13. 

The Hedaya, or Guide ; a commentary on 

the Mussulman laws. Translated [from the Per- 
sian version] ... by C. Hamilton. 4 vols. London, 
1791. 4°. 27. f. 11-14. 

Second edition, with preface and index by 

S. G. Grady, pp. li. 783. London, 1870. 8^ 

14528. a. 15. 

&))si> <— jlyl Ai»- tj^j^ <*-♦>*-/ [Tarjumah i 

farsi i chand abvab i Hidayah. A Persian trans- 
lation of the Hidayah, ch. ii. and xxx.] pp. 78, 
lith. ij\ I ^^6 [Agra, I89b.] 8". 14736. b. 9. 

'ALI ibn ABI '1-HAZM, called Ibn ul-NAPrs. uJ.itf 
>-y< 'J' f" j ^^ [Mujiz ul-kanun. A compendium 
of medicine, abridged from Avicenna's KaniiD. 
With Persian commentary styled Kashif nl- 
rumiiz by Ahmad ul-Din ibn llah-din Lahauri^ 





Edited by Muli. Firuz ul-Din.] pt. i. lith. jjS>'i 
n.t [Lahore, 1Q05.] 8°. 14753. f. 4. 

'AL! ibn ABI TALIB, Caliph. [Anecdotes.'] See 


[Divan. Poems, in Arabic. Witli Persian 

notes.] pp. 124, ZiWi.. n^t [Teheran? 1864:] 8°. 

14573. b. 48. 

A] i._J'viajjl [Divan. With Persian notes and 

metrical translations of some of the poems by 
Muli. 'All tihranl.] S. 71, lith. \r^\' [Teheran? 
1867.] 4°. 14573. b. 19. 

J! ,ic UjoaJ . . . ^jl^,»i!l li>2> [Divan. 

With the same notes, etc.] pp. 144, lith. j_ji^I 
ir., [Bombay, 1882.] 8". 14573. b. 39. 

Jl ^^;Jvil»Il *U1 J^^.'^ tT^^ '"^ [Divan. 

With Persian translation and commentary by 
'Abd ul-Vadiid Sadavi.] 2 pts., lith. x^T <U^ 
ir.r-.H= [Calcutta, Agra, 1886, 87.] 8°. 

14570. d. 21. 

J! j_jic Uj>j.J oi'y.'^' [Divan. Edited with 

Persian marginal notes by Hafiz MuK. Abd 
UUali.] pp. 1^6, lith. ,^1^1 in i [Caivnpore, 
1894.] 8°. 14570. d. 23. 

|lc ^^l»Ji3 7- f" [Divan. With Persian 

translation, etc., of 'Abd ul-VadOd.] 2 pts., lith. 
jyxi\^ irir [Cawiipore, 1896.] 8°. 14570. d. 22. 


^Ja Ujo-J jjl^ijJl [Divan. Edited with 

Persian marginal commentary by 'Abd ul-Kadir 
Deobandi.] pp. 138, Zi%. M.. [Lucknotv, 1900.] 
4°. 14570. f. 21. 

Apothegms [sic] of Alee, the son of Abo 

Talib [Matlub kuU talib, or Sad kalimah.] . . . 
With an early Persic paraphrase, and an English 
translation by W. Yule, ff.26. JE'cZm'^., 1832. 4°. 

14579. d. 14. 

Lithographed on sheets of yellow and pink paper 

All's Hundert Spriiche, arabisch und persisch 
paraphrasirt von Reschideddin Watwat . . . 
herausgegeben, iibersetzt und mit Anmerkungeu 

begleitet von H. L. Fleischer. pp. vii. 136. 
Leipzig, 1837. 4°. 14579. d. 5. 

Jl <uJ^ L^jo [Sad kalimah, or Matliib kuU 


talib. With Persian metrical paraphrase. Fol- 
lowed by a poem on the marriage of 'Ali with 
Fatimah.] pp.32, Zi//i. tr.)<= [Teheran, 1887.] 12°. 

14579. b. 17. 

Moral Aphorisms in Arabic, [from the 

Nasr ul-la'ali of 'Ali] and a Persian commentary 
in verse, translated from the originals. See 
Weston (S.). Moral Aphorisms, e<c. 1805. 8°. 

14579. c. 8. 

Sententias Ali ben Abi Taleb. Arabice 

et persice . . . primus edidit, atque . . . annota- 
tionibus . . . nee non glossariis, instruxit J. G. 
Stickel. (l^'L ^1 ^i Ji£. JIJUl) pp. xv. 80. 
lence, 1834. 4°. 14579. c. 25. 

A Mehzur or certificate . . . given by 

Huzrut Ally to a Parsee named Behramshad-bin- 
Kheradroos . . . Translated into Goozratbee from 
the Persian version . . . By Sorabjee Jamsetjee 
Jejeebhoy. [With Arabic and Persian texts.] 
See Muhammad, the Prophet, Tuqviuti-din-i- 
Mazdiasna, etc. 1851. 8°. 14144. i. 3. 

*Ali ibn AHMAD (Abu '1-Hasan), called AsadI, 
Tiisl. Asadi's neupersisches Worterbuch Lughat-i 
Furs . , . herausgegeben von P. Horn, ci^ L_;'a^) 
(Jl if-j (Abhandlungen der kociglichen Gcsell- 

schaft der Wissenschaften zu Gottingeu. Philo- 
logisch-historische Klasse. Neue Folge, Bd. 1, 
Nro. 8.) pp.37, 133. Berlin,1897. 4°. 757.1.57. 

[Another copy.] 

Ac. 270. (Neue Folge, Bd. 1.) 

'ALI ibn AHMAD ibn ABI BAKE, called BIsutun. 
[Preface to Sa'dl's KuUiyat or Divan.] See 
Mu.sLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushaerif u1-DIn), called 
Sa'dI. — K'uUiydt. 

'ALI ibn 'ALI ('Inatat uI-DIn), iJasonJ, Isfahdvi. 
^jljs-<iOc'J (fiJlj [Danish-namah i jahan. A manual 
of the physical sciences, with special reference to 
astronomy.] pp. 168, lith. J.^ iaa. [Ltu-knoio , 
1880.] 8°. 14759. b. 1. 

'ALI ibn ul-AMJAD. See Mohammad Vajid 'AlI. 





'ALI ibn 'AZIZ TILLAH, Tahutahd'l. The Burli&n-i 
Mii,asir ... a history of the NiK^m Shdhi dynasty 
of Alunndnagar. [An abridged translation.] Sue 
King(J. S.). The History of theBalimani Dynasty, 
etc. 1900. 8°. 09057. d. 9. 

'ALI ibn HAMID, Kufi. The Chachnamah, an 
ancient history of Sind, giving the Hindu period 
down to the Arab conquest. Translated from the 
Persian by Mirza Kalichbeg Froduubeg. (A 
history of Sind. Vol. ii. [The Muhammadan 
period down to the British conquest,] translated 
from Persian books, by Mirza Kalichbeg Fredun- 
bcg.) 2 vols. 70n-«c/H, 1900, 02. 8°. 757. g. 61. 

Account of the expedition of Chach . . . 

extracted from the Chach Nameh, and extracts 
from the Tolifat ul Khwan (Kiram). [Translated] 
by Ensign Postans. 1838. See Academies, e<c. — 
Calcutta. — Asiatic Socudij of Bengal. Journal, etc. 
vol. vii., pp. 93-lOi, 297-310. 1832, etc. 8°. 

RAc. 8826/11. 

[For other extracts, translated :] See 

Postans (T.). 

'ALI ibn ul-HUSAIN (Zain uI-Din), called HajI 

yoL^I [Ikhti- 

Zain uI-'Attar, Ansarl. ij*-),'^' 

yarat i badi'i. A Materia Medica. 

1879.] ( 

pp. 579, lith. i«jJl^ lAvi [Cawnpore, 

14753. e. 13. 

[Excerpts from Salih ul-adviyah.] See 

MuvAFFiK ibn 'Ali. Jl ayJu^JI i—jUi" Liber funda- 

mentorum pharmacologiae, etc. 1830-33. 8°. 

757. 0. 10. 
'ALI ibn ul-HTJSAIN ibn MUSA, known as Murtaza 

and 'Alam u1-Hui>a. i >jf>-< (_jLJ^! lii^ . . . c-jlii" 

l_>LJ*J1 ysr aj [Kanz ul-ansab, or Balir ul-ansab. 
Genealogies of the Prophet and his successors.] 
pp.128. ir\i [Bombay, 1898.] 8°. 14779. c. 23. 

Jyi] if^ [Tabsirat ul-'avam. An 

account of religious sects.] pp. 104. See Mu- 
hammad ibn SaLAiMAN, Tanahllunl. Jl UWl ^Ja^ 
[Kisas ul-'ulama, eic] [1886.] 8". 14779. g. 23. 

'ALI ibn HUSAIN VA'Ig, called Safi, Kdshifi. 

I ttjl^UI i iij.y (Extraits du Lethaif outh Thewa'if, 

anecdotes plnisantes sur les differentes classes de 
la society.) See Schepeb (C). Chrestomathie Per- 
sane, etc. torn. i. 1883, 85. 8°. 14003, i. 15. 

'ALI ibn HTTSAIN VA'I?, called SapI, Kdshifi (con- 
tinued). c:j'jk^. [Rashahat. Lives of eminentsaints 
of the NaUshbandi order.] pp. 36i, Z/i/t. y;i]iAi. 
[L«cA-no«;, 1890.] 8°. 14779. g. 12. 

'ALI ibn 'ISA, IrbiU. <u». J Jui'i) jj^ j g^'y" rf^' 
Jl <u*I! i_A.iJ^ L-j'J^jl [Iksir ul-tavarlkli va-siyar 

ul-a'immah. Lives of the Imams, abridged and 
translated from the original Arabic Kashf nl- 
gliummah. Preceded by a short life of Muhammad, 
by the publisher, Mirza Muli. Malik ul-Kuttab.] 
pp. 32, 134, lith. Bomhaii, ir.A [1891.] 8°. 

14779. f. 3. 

'ali ibn KTTLU' (Abu '1-Hasan), called Farrukiu. 
Jl ^Jly.t> [Divan. Select poems of Farrukhl, prin- 
cipally Icasd'id. Edited with a biography of the 
author by MuK. Mahdi b. Mustafa Husaini Tafrisbi 
(Muklilis).] pp. 194, lith. jjlr*l= ii~« i [Teheran, 
1884.] 8°. 14797. c. 7. 

• ij^"/ f^i^ cj'^"*^ [Divan.] ff. 155, ////*. 

ir.r [Te/iera?*, 1885.] 4°. 14797. d. 11. 

[Tarji'-band in praise of Mahmud of 

Ghazna.] See Lami'L Jl ^Jly.l> 'S^V:'.'^ [Divan, 
etc.] [1878.] 8°. ^ ' 14797. a. 3. 

'ALI ibn MUHAMMAD (Zain u1-DIn Abu '1-Hasas), 
called Sayyid Sharif, JurjdnJ. [Commentary on 
Kafiyah.] See 'Usman ibn 'Umar, called Ibn ul- 

(( Rj Ji 6J^ [Kubra, a manual of logic, and Suglira, 

an abridgment of the latter. With marginal 
notes.] pp. 42, 8. See Mantik. ,_»i=Jt« J^^*=r< 
[Majmu'ah i mantik.] [1862.] 8\ 14540. c. 29. 

pp. 1-50. [1869.] 8°. 

14540. c. 8. 

pp. 1-50. [1881.] 8°. 

14540. c. 19. 

[Sarf i mir, a compendium of Arabic accidence, 
and Kubra, a manual of l'>gic.] See Mck:addimat. 
(euUjJUJl j^'j>-) [Jami'ul-mukaddimat.] uos. 3, 9. 
[1884.] 8°. 14594. a. 25. 

_^ ^fs {ji^ ^) [Sarf i mIr and Naliv 

i mir. Tracts on Arabic accidence and syntax 
respectively.] See Sarf. [A collection of tracts 





on Arabic grammar.] pt. i., pp. 122-64, pt. ii., 
pp. 26-64. [1805.] 8°. 14820. d. 5. 

See Sakp. Begin. t—jUT . . . iX^' <)dJ 

Jl ^ . ( j_c Scj-t^ [Majmu'ali i sarf u naliv.] 

pt. ii., pp. 12-58, pt. iii., pp. 55-80. [1845.] 8°. 

14820. d. 4. 

[Naliv i rair.] See Nahv. Jl ysr ^^.ksr«j I 

[Majma'ah i naliv.] pp. 1-30. [1843.] 8°. 

14837. g. 4.(7.) 

See Nahv. Jl ££-y*^ [Majmii'ah.] 

pp. 1-36. [1878.] 8°. ^ 14820. e. 2.(4.) 

j^ ysir [Nahv i mir.] See Nahv. j^ ^ 

I [Naliv i mir, etc.'] pp. 1-27. [1860 ?] 8°. 

14820. f. 4.(1.) 



jjyo I iyic (—jU/ \s2b [Sarf i mir. 

by two Arabic works on tbe same subject, viz. al- 
Mabadi' fi '1-tasrif and al-'Avamil ul-ml'ah. With 
marginal notes.] pp. 76, 38, lilh. irA. [Tersia, 
1863-64.] 8°. - 14593. b. 38. 

jyc I iyo [Sarf i mir. Edited, with mar- 
ginal notes, by Anvav All.] pp. 48, Uth. \r^^ 
{Luclinow, 1871.] 8°. 14837. g. 1.(2.) 


x-ojG jya I j-c [Sarf i mir 


appendices called Tabsirah and Takmilah. Edited 
■with marginal notes from Anvar 'Ali and others.] 
pp. 60, Uth. j^^ irw [CaiOTipore, 1881.] 8°. 

14815. d. 7.(3.) 

1 ajJ^ Sj^ jJ^ j^ ij*^ j^ iJ^'^ XclU- ^x-c 

Jl [Commentary on Kaidani's Khulasah, on 
prayer, in Arabic. With Taftazaul's Arabic com- 
mentary on the latter (on the margin), and in an 
appendix two Persian letters by Shaikh Ahmad 
Sirhindi.] pp. 104, 8, Zi7/i. [De//n", 1870 ?] 8°. 

14519. d. 17.(2). 

'ALiibnMUSA,ealled'lBNtA'us. (._iJl^) [tara'if 
fi butlan mazhab il-tava'if. A Shi'ah controver- 
sial treatise against the Sunnls. Translated from 
the original Arabic, and named Kashf ul-Hujjat.] 
pp. 384, Uth. ir. I [Persia, 1884.] Fol. 14712. 1. 8. 

'All ibn SHAMS ul-DIN ibn HAJI HTJSAIN^ 'Aly 
ben Schems-Eddin's Chanisches Gcschichtsweik, 
oder Geschichte von Gilan in den Jahreu 800 
(= 1475) bis 920 (= 1514). Persischer Text. 
X^ls-g^U") pp. 30, 438. 1857. See Dokn (B.). 

Muhammedanische Quellen, e<c. Th. ii. 1850-58. 
8°. 757. h. 26. 

'ALI ibn SHIHAB ul-DIN MUHAMMAD, called Amir 
Kabie, Hdmaddm. [For commentaries on Hama- 
dani^s prayer-book Aurad i fathiyyah :] See Mu- 
hammad Ja'far, Ja'farl. 

^^^j IcO ''ix.* ^^ tSlyjl [Aurad i fathiyyah. 

Arabic forms of prayer. Followed by Du'a i rikab, 
a short prayer. With Persian interlinear trans- 
lation and marginal notes.] pp. 20, Uth. .^a^J 
irvi [/".rt/iore, 1872.] 8°. 14519. b, 14.(1.) 

iUrs^i jKjl [Aurad i fathiyyah, etc.] pp. 54, 

Uth. jyxi^ lAvi [Cawnpore, 1876.] 12°. 

14519. b. 13.(1.) 
[Chihil asrar. Religiousr/ZiazaZ poems. With 

takhmis by Mastan Shah.] See Mastan Shah. 
i.::jAaj xACioT [Atash-kadah i vahdat.] [1897.] 
8°. 14797. g. 30. 

i-Ljy^l sy^i [Zakhlrat ul-muliik. A 

treatise on conduct and duties of rulers according 
to the Kur'an and Traditions.] pp. 308, Uth. .yul 
[Lahore, 1906.] 8°. 14749. f. 25. 

'ALi ibn 'UMAR (Najm u1-D!n), Kdtibl. jJUl! .Ml 
ikJuJl ^J'[^ — yi iJ [Mizan ul-mantik. An 
Arabic compendium of logic, abridged from the 
author's Sliamsiyyah. With Persian commentary 
called al-Kalam ul-fa'iU by Ahmad Hu.sain Arra- 
kanl.] pp. 144, Z/</t. jyJ^^ ""'^ [Cawnpore, ] 899.] 
8°. 14540. c. 47.(5.) 

'All ibn 'USMAN, IJ.thi. Carmen arabicum Amali 
dictum, breve religionis islamiticae systema com- 
plectens, quod e codicibus mst. descriptum et in 
sermonem latinnm conversum dissertationis loco 
. . . publice defendet P. a Bohlen. [Bad' ul-amali, 
Arabic text with Persian paraphrase, Latin and 
German translations, and Latin commentary.] 
pp. vi. 32, 8. Uegimontli, 1825. 4°. 14516,. a. 4. 

JUl *=A.> ^y: J JiUl JiJ [Bad' ul-amali. 

With Nazm ul-la'ali, a Persian exposition in 
masiuivl rhyme by Hafiz Muh.-Bakhsh Rafiki.] 
pp. 48, Zii/t. lAii [LwcAr/ioiv, 1869.] 8°. 

14837. g. 3.(5).- 

iJ'^' xjawiii _yi [Bad' ul-amali. With 

Persian commentary by Akhund Darvizah. Edited. 





by Ghulam Husain Lahaurl and Muli. Yar Khush- 
&l)i.] pp. 28, mil. J jJb'i [Lahore, 189].] 8°. 

14516. c. 41.(2.) 

j_jlUl xjo-a* _yi [Bad' ul-amali. With 

commentary of AkliunJ Darvizah.] pp. 28, lith. 
j^'l n.. [Lahore, 1900.] 8°. 14516. ccc. 16.(9.) 

'AL! iba 'USMAN, called Data Ganj Bakhsh, 

JuUdhi, Hvjviri. i_>.=r^^ i L':J [Kashf ul-mali- 

jub. A treatise on Sufism. Witli marginal notes.] 
pp. 328, lith. ^yt.1 [Lahore, 1903.] 8°. 

14724. d. 11. 

.l^il! ( «»<■( <0 . . . jje^ <u'J fi [Kashf ul- 

asrar. Stories and sayings of Sfxli saints, from 
the Kashf ul-malijiib.] ff. 6, lith. .ytil [Lahore, 
1870 ?] 8°. 14837. c. 2.(1.) 

The Kashf al-Mahjiib; the oldest Persian 

treatise on Sufiism . . . Translated ... by Reynold 
A. Nicholson, pp. xxiv. 443. 1911. See Gibb 
(E. J. W.). "E. J. W. Gibb Memorial" Series, 
vol. xvii. 1905, etc. 8°. 14005. g. 17. 

'ALI ibn YAHYA ('Ala uI-Din), SamarJcandi. 
[For excerpts from 'All's Balir ul-'uliim, on ortho- 
graphy of the Kur'an, published as notes in 
editions of Kur'an :] See Kue'an. 

'ALI ibn ZAIN ul-'ABIDIN, Mazandardnt. ^^.^j IJjd 
&jj^\ [Risalah i insafiyyah. A simplified com- 
pendium of Shi'ah doctrine.] pp. 135, lith. 
irrr [Bumhay, 1905.] 8°. 14712. c. 9. 

'ALI AHMAD, Shdmchurdsavl. [Grammatical 
analysis of Biistan i.] See Muslih ibn Abd Ullah 
(Mushaeeip uI-DIn), called Sa'di. — BUstun. 

'ALI AHSAN, Sayyid. [Edit.] 
Ullah, called 'IshkI, etc. 

See Barakat 

'ALI AKBAR, liifahdnl. i_»;'o<-JI sJoj [Zubdat 
ul-ma'arif. Shi'ah theology.] S. 3'31, lith. inv 
[Persia, 1851.] Fol. 14712. i. 1. 

'ALI AKBAR, Sayyid, Kldid'i. Trois chapitres du 
Khitay Nameh. Texte . . . et traduction . . . par 
C. Schefer. See Acadkmies, etc. — Paris. — Ecole 
Speeiale des Langttes Orieidales Vivantes. Melanges 
Orientaux, e<c. pp. 29-84. 1883. 8°. 14003.1.16. 

'ALI AKBAR, Shlrdzl. An Extract from the Book 
of Aora Acber on the Miracles of Mohammed 

[from his Nur ul-hidayat, on the apostolic mission 
of Muhammad]. See Martyn (H.). Controversial 
tracts, «•<<•. pp. 40-71. 1824. 8°. 757. d. 40. 

'AL! AKBAR, Tahutl. JjtJ.] jL'i [Kati' ul-burhan. 
A controversial Shi'ah work on the Im.imate.] 
pp. 80, lith. j^'l irrA [Lahore, 1910.] 8°. 

14736. a. 3. 
'ALI AKBAR ibn ABI 'I-FAIZ. [Edit.] See Mu- 


'ALI AKBAR ibn 'ALI, Udhuhddl. [For commen- 
tary on Fusil i AkLarl :] See Muhammad Sa'd 
Ullah, Mufti. 

(*y^ jS i - i^r^' J^ - ^'^'^ ^^-^J [Fusul 

i Akbarl. A manual of Arabic inflexion. Pre- 
ceded by Risalah i lamiyyah, a tract on the Arabic 
article, by MuH. Sa'd Ullah; and followed by 
Guhar i manziim, a metrical tract on Arabic verbs 
by Muh. Hadi 'All. With notes.] pp. 7, 94, 14, 
lith. [Lucknow, 18Q4,1] 8°. 14797. h. 3.(7.) 

In soyne editions of the Fusul the author's name is given 
as Muhammad Akbar. 

i_j J^^! J»-fls --yi [Fusul i Akbarl. Wi 


commentary by 'Ala ul-Din Ahmad Lakhnavi. 
Edited by Muli. Ihsan Ullah.] pp. 257, lith. ua* 
[Lucknow, 1884.] 8°. 14820. f. 7. 

Jr=^' J^j ^ i.5^>^ • • • u?/^' Jr^ • • • zJ^ 

[Fusul i Akbarl. With commentary called Rikaz 
ul-usul by Hiinayat 'All Kakuravi.] pp. 227, 
lith. y^ Iau [LMc/crtow, 1898.] 8°. 14820. g. 2. 

{^r^\ J)*aaJl ^JaJ.i~^) [Khalis ul-fusiil i 

Akbarl. An anonymous commentary on the 
Fusul i Akbari. Edited by Muh. 'Abd Ullah 
and Zabardast Khan.] pp. 413. <u$^ irir [Cal- 
cutta, 1827 .] 8°. 14820, d. -2. 

'ALI AMJAD HUSAIIT. [>]si. iu >— »j,^l ^ J^ 
[Khulk i 'amim, or Khudaya. An ethical poem 
on the model of Sa'di's Pand-namah] pp. 15, 
lith. ^Jy>}S) irri [Budaun, 1903.] 8°. 

14797. f. 2.(6.) 

'ALI ANVAR, Kalandarl. ^--aJ ^ ^yHI tif«r 
.AiUil [Tahrir ul-anvar fi tafsir il-kalaudar. A 
tract on the origin, famous men, and tenets of 
the votaries called Kalandars.] pp. 32, lith. ^i^ 
tru [Lucknow, ISli.] 8°. 14837. f. 10.(3.) 






'ALI ASGHAR, Kazvim. e_>'cs^l iJ^ [Safinat 
ul-najat. A collection of prayers, invocations, 
and texts of the Kur'an uttered by the Imams 
on different occasions. Edited by 'Abd ul-Husain 
Zaidl.] pt. iv. Tpp. 299,11th. yji \r., [Luehnow, 
1883.] 8°. 14718. f. 9. 

'ALI ASGHAE ibn 'ALI AKBAR, cnlled Nayyae, 
BurUjlrdl. <)>jjjl jJUc ['Aka'id ul-shi'ah. A 
summary of Shi'ah doctrine, with marginal ex- 
tracts from other sources. Followed by an 
anonymous mystical tract on the constitution of 
the human heart ; with illustrations.] ff. 48, llth. 
I rAe [Pers/a, 1868.] 8°. 14712. c. 2. 

,1 Jill ,y ujli/ [Nur ul-anvar. An exposi- 
tion and vindication of the Slii'ah faith. With 
Ziya ul-nur, a similar work in verse, ou the 
margin.] ff. 179, Z/iA. ir. i [TeAeraji, 1884.] 8°. 

14712. f. 3. 
DiN, called Anvari. 

'ALI BAHJAT. [Turkish paraphrase of 'Islik- 
namah.] See Sultan Valad ibn Jalal uI-Din 

ALI GHULI ZHAN, called Valeh. 8ee 'AlI KulI 
Khan, called Valih. 

'ALI HABIB NASR. See Muhammad 'Ali Habib 


'ALI HASAN, Bhopdli, Sayyid. J^ JyJl^li. IjJJ) 
iuJi\jj^ c:jii'_< [Hadiyyah i Shahjahaniyyah. A 
Persian commentary on Muli. Fazl ul-Imam's 
Arabic logic al-Mirkat ul-mizaniyyah.] pp. 160. 
jyij^ \r^^ iCawni:iore, 1879.] Fol. 14540. d. 8. 

HASAN KHAN, Sayyid, called 'Ashiki, and MU- 
HAMMAD YtJSUF 'ALI, Sayyid. ^ juj [Subli 
i gulshan. Notices of poets, with extracts from 
their works.] pp. 646, 14, lith. JL>^ iMe 
[Bhopal, 1878.] 8°. 14779. d, 44. 

[Another copy.] 

14779. e. 9. 

'ALI HAZIN. See Muhammad 'Ali Hazin. 

'ALI HILMi, Efendl, Ddghistdm. (._Ji31 ei^^.^ 
Jl <OjW'j iU^^lo]! [Catalogue of Persian and Malay 

MSS. in the Khedivial Library.] [1889.] 8°. 
See Cairo. — Bibliothlque Khediviale. Ibl. h. 48. 

ALI HUSAIN, Haldrn. [For Mukhtasar ul-bayan, 
based on 'A. H.'s Ghayat ul-bayan :] See Mu- 
hammad Bade uI-Din ibn Jamal uI-Din. 

'ALI HUSAIN, Banglpurl. Jwj1 ^ i^f^^ ^"jj^ 
, m-»LJ' [MuravviU ul-nufus. A treatise on 
postures allowed and prohibited during worship 
in Islam.] pp. 28, lith. irir [Luehnow, 
1896.] 8°. 14718. f. 12.(11) 

'ALI HUSAIN KHAN, S/i«/ytt/mnpMr*. [Edit.] See 
Ahmad Husain Khan. 

'AL! IBRAHIM khan. [Notice of Hatifi.] See 
'Abd Ullah, called Hatifi. Laili Majnun, etc. 
[1788.] 8°. 14797. d, 4. 

'ALI KHAN (NuiRAT Jang), Kawah of Dacca. 
Tarikh-i-Nusratjangi. [An account of Dacca and 
its history. Continued after the author's death 
(1822) to 1843 by 'Abd ul-Ghani (Hamid Mir). 
Edited] by Hariuath De. 1908. See Academiks, 
e<c.— Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. Me- 
moirs, etc. vol. ii., pp. 121-153. 1905, e^c. 4°. 

RAc. 8826. b/2. 

ALI KHAN (SiRAJ uI-DIn), called Arzu, of 
Gwalior. [On the Ihkak ul-liakk of A. :] See 
Imam-bakhsh, called Sahba'i. 

[On the Risalah i tanbih ul-ghafilin of A. :] 

See Imam-bakhsh, called Sahba'i. 

[Commentary ou Sikandar-namah.] See 

Iltas ibn Yusup. 

-yji" xaIic ['Atiyyah i kubra. An essay on 

the literary art, especially with reference to 
poetry.] pp. 32, lith. j^'€ uiv [Gaivnpore, 
1897.] 8°. ' 14807. e. 12.(3.) 


glossary to modern poets.] See 
Ghitas u1-DIn, Rdmpurl. liijUU! (jL> -j^ 
lugbat.] margin. [1874.] Fol. 

[1878.] Fol. 

[1879.] Fol. 

[1880-81.] Fol. 

[Cliiragh i hidayat. A 
[Ghiyas ul- 
14815. g. 3. 

14815. h. 9. 

14815. h. 10. 

14815. h. 8. 

^JtuJi ^^ ij^?''^ [Khiyaban. A com- 
mentary on words and expressions in Sa'di's 
Gulistan.] pp. 117, lith. jji^^ i^w [Oawnpore, 
1877.] 8°. ' 14749. e, 4.(2.) 





'ALI KUII (I'tizad u1-Saltanah), Mirzd. ^J<j 

Jl jjlUljyl ^]yu J JUj [Ta'rikli i vnkii'i' u 

savanili i Afghanistan. A history of Afghanistan 
down to 1857.] pp.215; 1 map. irvr [Pemia, 
1857.] 8°. 14773. e. 

[Another copy.] 14773. e. 2. 

'ALI KTJLI KHAN, called Ishti'al ihn Kai.anpar. 
[Translations of works of BaLii UUiih.] See 
liusAiN 'Ali ibu 'Abbas. 

'ALI KTJL! khan, called Valth, D.lghlstdnl. 
[Romantic History.] See Shams uI-Din FakIe. 


'ALI MUHAMMAD, Karbald'J. [Guldastali i Rit'at 
i javahir i rakm. Specimens of elegant hand- 
writing.] pp. 19, lith. ^.yt!*J ir-iv [Lahore, 1899.] 
Fol. ^ 14835. f. l.a.) 

'ALI MUHAMMAD, Jl/at/Zay/T. S^e Muhammad Fiiiij/. 
ul-DiN, Miinshl Fdzil, and 'Ali Muhammad. Lu- 
ghat-i-Ferozi, eic. 1890. 8°. 14117. d. 51. 

'ALI MUHAMMAD, Mujtahiil, of Lurlnww. ^[}^l^\ 
^'jtla ci.^^:^ ^J''. J^ [Islil'tadar barah i liallat i ta'am. 
A tract on the right of Shi'ah Moslems to eat 
with non-Moslems.] pp. i2, lith. Jki$3 i taI [//«(•/■;- 
now, 1862.] 8°. 14736. b. 1.(1) 

'ALI MUHAMMAD, Sai/i/iil, MauJdnd. ij,0 vjj'jo' 
[TadUili i daUik. A tract on some points of metre 
and rhyme.] pp. 30, //i/i. [Lwcfrnoir, 1 878.] 8°. 

14820. e. 2.(10.) 

'ALI MUHAMMAD, Shirdz/, calling himself u1-Bab. 
[Ilistonj.] See HusAiN, IJamaildnl. 

Le Beyan persan. Traduit . . . par A.-L.-M. 

Nicolas. [Bayan. An exposition of Babi teaching.] 
tom.i. pp. xxxii.148. Paris,1911. 8°. 757. b. 83. 

Le Livre des Sept Preuves de la Mission 

du Bab. Traduction par A.-L.-M. Nicolas. 
[Dala'il i sab'ah.] pp. xiii. 68. Faris, 1902. 8°. 

757. h. 56. 
'ALI MUHAMMAD, Tihrdnt. On the Manufacture 
of modern Kashi Earthenware Tiles and Vases . . . 
by Ustad Ali Mohamed of Teheran, and translated 
from the Persian ms. by J. Farques . . . Museum 

of Science and Art, Edinburgh, 1888. See Fuh- 
NiVAL (W. J.). Leadless Decorative Tiles, etc. 
pp. 215-23. 1904. 4°. 07808. h. 6 

'ALI MUHAMMAD KHAN. Jj! aU- ^J-^t cijy 
(j^o) [Mir'iit i Alimadl. A history of Gujarat 
from the earliest times to the defeat of the Ma- 
rathas at Panipat in A.H. 1174.] pp. 440, 174, 
lith. ^_jijuj ir.i-ir.v [Bombay, 1888-89.] 8°. 

14773. e. 21. 

The political and statistical History of Gu- 
jarat [down to 1762 A.D.], translated from the 
Persian (Mirat Ahmadi)of AH Mohammed Khan. . . 
to which are added . . . annotations and . . . intro- 
duction. By J. Bird. (Oriental Translation Fund 
of Great Britain and Ireland.) pp. x. 427. Lon- 
don, 1835. 8°. 14003. e. 10. 


called Na'ib i Vizarat. [Preface to Duzdi 
makun.] See Buss (D.). 

'ALI NAKI, JaunpUrJ. il«ol!! L^'IJlo j_jS .Ui-^l ti.. 
.li^l [Rauzat ul-akhbar. The wall-inscriptions 
of the Hooghly ImiTm-barah (verses from the 
Kur'iin and Arabic Traditions), preceded by some 
documents in Arabic, Persian, Hindustani, and 
English.] pp. 160. ,tji\i ini [Calcutta, 1874.] 
8°. 14521. b. 11. 

'ALI NAKI KHAN, SdncU. (<djjU ei^ii) [Haft 
ziibitHli. A manual of elegant letter-writing.] 
See Tamiz uI-Din ibn Muhammad. Mujmooi Taleem 
Moossibiyan, etc. pp. 61-73. [1830.] 8°. 

14822. b. 4. 

idaj'wi [j:,Jct> [Haft zabitah. Wrongly 

attributed on the title-page to Raunak All Khan.] 
pp. 16, lith. I Me [Lucknoiv, 1865.] 8°. 

14837. f. 3.(5.) 

adsj'wc c:,^ [Haft zabitah.] pp. 16, lith. 

I AVA [LMc/mow;, 1878.] 8°. 14807. g. 12.(4.) 

'ALI RIZA, Hindi, Baghdddl. [A metrical tract 
on prayer and other religious observances.] See 
Muhammad Yahta (Nuk Muhammad). j^U/JI ii^y 
Jl [Vasilat ul-Iman.] margin. [1891.] 8°. 
^ 14718. f. 12.(5.) 

r*J^^ f?''^- t^**^'^''' ^ manzum. A ver.sified 

manual of Moslem rites. Edited, with marginal 





comtnentary called Saua'i', by Muli. Ilalii Baklish.] 
pp. 56, it«/j. ^^\^ irvv [Caw(y50»-e, I860.] 8°. 

14736. b. 1.(3.) 


-jliLo JUj [Bada'i'imanzum. Edited wit 

commentary by Ualii Bakhsh.] pp. 56, /('</(. j;^^ 
lAVA [Cawft/'OT-e, 1878.] 8°. 14718. f. 4.(1.) 

• ^r^ f^''^? [Bada'i' i manziim. With com- 
mentary of llahi Baklish. Edited by Ghulam 
Husain.] pp. 56, Zri/t. jjS,'^ [Lahore,] 189 \. 8°. 

14718. f. 12.(4.) 

'ALI RIZA, called Tajalli. ^jJ^ '^' ^ Ji« [Mi'raj 
ul-khayal, or Masnavl i liaza u kadar. An erotic 
poem. Edited by Pandit Gopi-natha.] pp. 17, 
lith. I V ^r [Gawnpore, 1867.] 8". 14837. f. 6.(7.) 

'ALI RIZA ibn 'ABD ul-KARIM, Slurazl. Das 
Tarikh-i Zendije des Ibn 'Abd el-Kerim 'All Ri?a 
von Siraz. [A history of the Zand Dynasty of 
Persia, from the death of Karim Khan, A.H. 1 193, 
to the defeat and capture of Lutf Ali Khan, 
A.H. 1209.] Herausgegeben und mit einer Ein- 
leitung versehen von E. Beer. pp. 27, xxviii. 
102. Leiden, 1888. 8°. 757. f. 23. 

'ALI RIZA ibn AMIN. [Turkish verse-translation 
of Pand-namah.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah 
(MusHAERiP u1-DTn), called Sa'di. — Fand-ndmah. 

'ALI SHAH ibn MUHAMMAD, Khvdrazmi, also 
known as 'Abd Ullah and 'Ala u1-Munajjim, 
Bukhdrl. ^ys" ^j^ !S-4o [Asmar u ashjar, or 
Samarah i shajarah i nujiim. A treatise on 
astrology, lithographed from a ms. dated 880 
A.H.] pp. 204, Z/i/t. _ji^ n.r [LMc/.-no!«, 190.3.] 
8°. ^ 14770. e. 8. 

'ALI SHIR KANI'. A History of Sind . . . Trans- 
lated from Persian books by Mirza Kalichbeg 
Fredunbeg. [The Muhammadan period down to 
the end of the Kalhorah dynasty, extracted from 
the Tuhfat ul-kiram of 'AlT Shir Kani' and the 
Ta'rikh i Ma'siimI of Muh. Ma'siim.] 1902. 
See 'Ali ibn Hamid, Kufl. The Chachnamah . . . 
translated, e<c. vol. ii. 1900, e<c. 8°. 757. g. 61. 

• Account of the expedition of Chach . . . 

and extracts from the Tohfat ul Khwan (Kiram) . 
[Translated] by Ensign Postans. 1838. See 
Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of 

Bengal. Journal, etc. vol. vii., pp. 93-104, 297- 
310. 1832, etc. 8°. R.Ac. 8826/U. 

Translation of [a portion of part iii. of] 

the Toofut ul Kiram, a history of Sindh. By 

Lieut. Postans. pp. 43. \_Calc%Ma, 1845.] 8°. 

757. CO. 8.(1.) 

Reprinted from the Journal of the Asiatic Society of 
Bengal, vol. xiv., pp. 75-99, 155-73. 

'ALI ZAIN ul-'ABIDIN, called Sajjad, JPowr/Zi Imam 

of the Shl'ahs. f^y-^ r^ u^i^ ^J'-^'^^ ^^ [Du'a 
i jaushan i kabir. The " Great Coat of Mail 
Prayer," handed down from the Prophet by 
'A. Z. ul-'A. With Persian interlinear transla- 
tion.] pp. 30. See Peayers. JI ^"^^ >iy^ 
[Shi'ah prayers.] [1871.] 8". 14519. b. 15.(2.) 

'ALi-BAKHSH, Kdjdr. [Part-translation of 'Ilm 
i tabaUiit ul-arz.] See 'Ilm. 


[Edit.] See Asad Ullah Khan, called Ghalib. 

'ALIF BA. ^J ^\> lJJI [Alif ba i farsi. A 
first spelling-book.] pp. 8, K<A. ^Jjbd I'^^i [Delhi, 
1876.] 8°. 14820. e. 2.(1.) 

'ALIM ULLAH, ilumini. j\ &A.^ji . . . f^^y^^ f^ 
,,jJl »la> ^x L-j'.A^ [Nasr ul-javahir. A life of 
Muhammad. Translated from the Arabic Nazm 
ul-durar into Persian by Auhad ul-Din Mirza 
Khan. With footnotes.] pp. ii. 274, lith. .ys^ 
I i.r [La/tore, 1902.] 8°. 14779. c. 29. 

'ALI-VIRDI KHAN (Mahabat Jang), Suhahdar of 
Bengal, Orissa, and Bihar. [SUbahdarl.] See 
'AzTm u1-Shan. 

ALLAH BAUD, Mnlove. See Ilah-dad. 

ALLAHABAD. — University of Allahabad. See 
Academies, etc. — Allahahad. 

ALLAH - BAKHSH, Khvdjah, Chi shit, of Tunis. 
[Elegy on Death.] See 'Abd uI-Ghasi (Abu Mu- 
hammad), called Sakib. 

sian Grammar in Persian. Containing elements 
and significations of letters accidence syntax 
rhetoric oratory and prosody . . . together with 
the Persian grammatical terms with the English 
equivalents. {^^/^, (,/aJJ) PP- 8, 32, 244. (^^j^ 
\r\ t [Karachi, I89i.] 8°. 14820.0.3. 





ALLAH DAD. See Ilah-dad. 

ALLAH-KHUDA'L ^lAi-.iJJlAs^ [Allali-khuda'i. 
An Ariibie-Persiiin versified vocabulary, composed 
11 00 A.H.] pp. 10, litli. irvr [Luch-nnw? 1858.] 
8°. 14736. b. 1.(2.) 

'ALLAMI. See Abu'1-Fazl ibn JIdbarak. 

ALLEN (Edward IIekon). [Edit., with transla- 
tion etc., of Bala Taliir's Ruba'iyyat.] See 
Tahir, Bdbd. 

• [Edit, and translation of 'Umar Khay- 
yam's Ruba'iyyat.] See 'Umae Khayyam. — 

ALLY, liuzrut. See 'AlI ibn Abi Talib. 

ALTAF HUSAIN, called HalI. See Muhammad 
IlI'af Husain. 

ALTMANN (JuLins). [Translation of poems of 
Ilusaiu 'All Mirza.] See Husain 'Ai.i MIkza. 

ALTSCHUL (Akthur). [Translation of 'Umar 
Khayyam.] See 'Umar Khayyam, — Ituhaiyyat. 

ALTJMGEER. See Aueangzib. 

ALY EKBER. See 'Ali Akbae. 

'ALY ben SCHEMS-EDDIN. See 'Au ibn Shams 
u1-DIn ibu Haji Husain. 

ALYVIRDY KHAN (Mehabut Jung), Snohahdar of 
Ilnignl, Orissa and Behar. See 'AlI-virdi Khan. 

AMADAN-NAMAH. Araadan Nama. [Paradigms 
of verbs.] In the old popular Persian style with 
the English translation and pronunciation of all 
the infinitives occurring in the book. pp. 32, 
liih. Bombay, -[892. 8°. 757. d. 46.(4.) 

yoo <X«1 ( ijZ c'^ *»iL=- [Amadan-namah, 

or Chashm-chiragh. With Sindhi equivalents.] 
See MuiLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Musharrif uIDin), 
called Sa'iu. — Pand-ndmah. Jl ^<^>J ,<^'>^ r*^ 
[Pand-namah, etc.] App., pp. 20-60. [1900.] 8°. 

14787. c. 34. 

Translation of the infinitives occurring in 

the Persian Amaden Nameb, into Gujarati and 
English byNavrnji Hormusji Cooper. Fers., Guj. 
^ Eng. pp. 22. Bombay, 1877. 12'. 

757. a. 21. 

AMADI7ZZI (Giovanni Ceistopano). [Edit.] Seo 
Persian Alphabet. 

AMAN ULLAH, Grammarian. \,m\ jib [Dafi' 
ul-aghlat An essay in verse on the orthoepy 
of certain coiiiinon words wrongly pronounced. 
Edited by 'Abd ul-'Alavi Nakraiiii and 'Abd ul- 
Riiliun Fauli. With marginal not^s.] pp. 49, ////(. 
I nr [it(cA-now? 1847.] 8°. 14820. f. 9.(1.) 

LSIilll jib [Dafi' ul-aghlat.] pp. 50, Uth. 

j^^"^ iaU iCawnpore, 1898.] 8°. 14820. e. 9.(4.) 

AMAN ullah, llusainl. ^Ju.A>.J^. jdll ^jUI cul«i^ 
[Ruka'at. Letters.] pp. 40, /t'iA. uvr [ZiMc/rnoit;, 
1873.] 8°. 14837. e. 6.(3.) 

_]UJ1 [Uinm ul-'ilaj. A treatise on purgatives 
and the conditions under which they should be 
administered.] pp. 68. j-^^ '"v"" [Cawnpore, 
1873.] 8°. ^' 14837. f. 6.(2.) 


1] [Umm ul-'ilaj.] pp. 68, lith. jj^^ 
t^^. [Cawnpore, 1880.] 8\ 14753. d. 14.(1.) 

AMANAT. See Muhammad Amanat Ullah Khan. 

AMANAT 'ALI ibn 'IBAD ULLAH, Sayyid. f^ J^ 
[Bahar i 'ajain. Short letters and postscripts in 
pure Persian, with glosses of rare words.] pp. 24, 
lith. j^^ ifvi [Cawnpore, 1859.] 8°. 

14807. g. 2.(5.) 

[Second edition.] pp.24, lith. uiv 

[Luchiow, 18G7.] 8\ 14807. g. 3.(3.) 

AMANAT KHAN (Abu Muhammad). [Translation 
of yjarts of Zubdat ul-asrar.] See Abd u1-Hakk 
ibn Saif uI-DIn. 

AMANAT RA'i, Dihlavl. [Verse-trans-latiou of 
Bhagavata.] See Pueanas. — Bhdgavata-purdna. 

[Verse- translation of Ramayana.] See 


AMANI. See Aman Ullah Khanahzad. 

AMARA-NATHA, Munsif. JI \^jj [Amara- 

gutika. Select verses from Sa'di's Gulistan, Sa'ib's 
Divan, ete., with Panjabi verse-translations.] 
pp. 148, lith. ^[s:ii\iiiiX> uil [Find Dadan Khan, 

1899.] 12°. 

14749. b. 5. 





AMAR SINGH. [Translation of Ramayana.] See 

AMBA-PRASADA. J^Jl ijoj [Zubdat ul-ramal. 
A treatise on geomancy, attributed on the title- 
pHge to " Hukim Bu 'All Sinii/' and in the 
colophon to Amba-prasada.] pp. iv. 128, lith. 
^Uj irir [Delhi, 1876.] 8°. 14837. f. 13 (2.) 

AMEER. [For names beginning with this word :] 
See Amir. 

AMEER KHOOSRAVAY, DulJuvvee. See Khuseau, 

KHAN. See Muhammad Amib Khan. 

'AMILA, BaJkhz. [Edit.] See Muhammad 'Ali, 
called Sa'ib. 

'AMIli. See Muhammad ibu Husaim (Baha uI-DIn). 

AMIN AHMAD, B.uzk Haft-iqlini, or The Gro- 
graphical and Biographical Encyclopaedia of Aiiim 
Ahmad Razi. Edited by E. Denison Ross . . . and 
Khan Sahib Maulavi 'Abdul Muqtadir. 1918, itc. 
See Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Societi/ of 
Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica, efc. vol.222. 1848, 

etc. 8°. 140C2. a. (vol. 222.) 

In progress. 

Jl *jJj'! Li^-ijb i—j'Ji ^ [Extracts from the 

Haftililim.] See Doen (B.). Muhammedanische 
Quellen, etc. Th. iv., pp. 88-100. 1850-58. 8°. 

757. h. 26. 

" •'•' ■•• "- •' ,J1 ,.,ijJl A=^J J'j [Life 

(i-' 1^^' ^.::-^ Jl ^jy ^^.^ 

-yyj [Lif 

of Anvari, from the Haft ikllm.] See Zhukovsky 
(V. A.). Ajiii AyxaA3MHHT, 9HBepii, e<c. 1883. 8". 

757. g. 44. 

Jl ^_5-«'>?- ^'iye Sd [Life of Jami, from the 

Haft iUlini.] See 'Abd u1-Rahm.\n ibu Ahmad, 
called Jami. — TuUfat ul-Allrur. j\^'i\ iasr Tuhfat 
ul Ahrar, e<c. 1848. 4°. 14003. h. 9. 

,^'1 ci-^ias L-j'oi" jl [Extracts from the Haft 

ikllm relating toBokhara and Turkistan generally.] 
See Muhammad ibn Ja'far (Abd Bakr), Nnrshakhi. 
Description . . . de Boukhara, etc. pp. 243-291. 
1892. 8°. 14003. i. 30. 

Extraits du "Haft-Iqlim" d'Ahmad Razi. 

[With French translation.] See Euakt (C). 

Documents Persans sur I'Afrique, etc. 1905. 8°. 
[Recueil tie Meni:)ires Orientaux.] 14003. i. 56. 

AMIN AHMAD SHAH, called Rabat. ^ii.^ J.? 
[Gal i bihishti. A versified account of some 
Cliishti saints.] pp. 2^2, 26, lith. \^^\ [Luclmow, 
1881.] 8°. 14787.6.24. 

• J) . vw.Jj (J.^ [Gal i firdaus. A versified 

account of the life of Sharaf ul-DIu Ahmad b. 
Yahya Munyarl, with iuterwoven notices of other 
Shaikhs of the Chi.shtl order.] pp. 200, 4, lith. 
jx^ iaah= [IaicIciwiv, 1884.] 8°. 14797.6.19. 

AMiN ul-DIN KHAN, Haravl. j'J^Il cuU^U.., 
[Ma'liunat ul-afak. An illustrated physical geo- 
graphy and natural history.] pp. 198, lith. ^i^ 
i ru [Luckiioiv, 187S.] 8°. 14759.6.1. 

AMIN ULLAH FARID. [Translation of "Hidden 
Words."] See Husain 'Ali ibu 'Abbas. 

AMINOV (Abkauam), nf Bokhara. D'JH 'aip^"? "130 
[Likkute diuim. A digest of Jewish religious 
laws. With Persian translation by Simeon Ha- 
kham of B .khara.] 4 pts. a'Ptt?!-)' JD-Din [Jer^^- 
s((/er/i, 1900-03.] 8°. 1925. b. 17. 

D-rT ■'ap^'P 13D [Likkute dinim. Another 

collection. With Persian translation by Simeon 
Hakham.] ff. 99, 89. D^tt^lT :iD1J-| [Jerusalem, 
1903.] 8°. 1925. b. 19. 

AMIR. See Ahmad, called Amir. 

See Amik u1-Din. 

AMIR^ Murishl. Sec AmIu Ahmad. 

AMIR ibn MUHAMMAD SA'ID, Saijijid, NaKshbamll. 

[Life.] See Safi Ullah. 

AMIR AHMAD, Sayi/id. iUl^ i/^ CJL' [Tilk 
'asharat kaudlat. Criticisms and strictures by 
Amir Ahmad on Muh. Fazl Hakk's Hadiyyah i 
sa'idiyyah, a treatise of physics ; taken down and 
redacted by Muh. Nazir.] pp. 8, Uth. iS\ iaw 
[Agra, 1877.] 8°. 14718. f. 4.(4.) 

AMIR AHMAD, called Amih. [Notes on ShigQfah 
i Khusravi.] See Muhammad Kalb 'AlI Khan. 

AMIR 'ALI, Sayyid, Mashhadl. The Anglo-Persian 
Serie.s. Persian Reader no. 1. pp. 41', 24. Bom- 
hay, 1888. 12°. 757. b. 9. 





AMIR 'ALI ('Ann u1-Razzak Muhammad). See 
Mohammad AmIr 'AlT. 

AMIR 'ALI KHAN, Bahadur. Ameer Namah ; a 
Persian work [f>:iving a short account of British 
relations with India, autobiography, and moral 
rules,] compiled by Moonshee Ameer Ali Khan . . . 
with an abstract translation in English. (<ulJ y-«l) 
pp. iv. 379, 56, llth. ; 9 plafes. Calcutta, 1870 
[-71.] 8°. 14773. f. 5. 

• [Another copy, containing 13 plates.] 

14779. g. 1. 

• The Ameer Namah . . . Second [and en- 
larged] edition, pp. iv. 492, 56, lith. Calcutta, 
1874. 8°. 14773. f. 8. 

See Muhammad AmIu Khan. 

AMIR ul-DIN, o/ Srt mra. ^1 j^Lo [Divan. Gha- 
zalg, or short odes.] pp. 14, lith. J.^ lA^r [Liirk- 
now, 1882.] 8°. 14797. g. 15.(9.) 

AMIR ul-DIN, called Paqlewal. ^Aas^ <iisr ^c^ii« 
[Tuhfah i muliammadi. Narratives of Sufic saints 
in mnnnavl i-hyme.] pp. xix. 96, lith. Ji.i3 ir^i 
{Luchiow, 1864-5.] 4°. 14787. h. 4. 

[Another copy.] 

14787. h. 3. 

AMIR HAIDAR, Bilgrdvu. Dissertation concern- 
ingf the Revenues of Government, and of landed 
Tenures, according to the Mohammedan Law. 
Written in Persian by Ameer Hyder Belgramy. 
[Translated into English.] See Oriental Mis- 
cellany. The Oriental Miscellany, etc. vol. i. 
1798. 8°. • 757. c. 13. 

Extracts from the Muntikhib Alsurf 

((_J-J1 ^,^;ir^) by Moulevy Syed A. H. See 
RowLANDSON (M. J.). An Analysis of Arabic Quo- 
tations, efc. pt. ii. 1828. 4°. 757. 11.37. 

AMIR HASAN. [Matla' ul-shamsain, talchmls 
on Hasan Kashi's Haft-band.] See Muhammad 
Hasan, Kushl. 

AMIR KABIR. See 'Ali ibn Shihab u1-DIn 

AMIR KHAN (AmIe u1-Daulah), Ba'ls of Tonh. 
See Muhammad Amie Kh.\n. 

AMiR KHUSRAU, Bihlavi. See Khusbap, Amir. 

AMIR KHVURD. See Muhammad ibn Mubarak 
ibn Muhammad. 

AMIR SHAHI. See Aka Malik ibn Jamal uI-DIn. 

AMIR YAHYA. See Yauya ibn 'Abd uI-LatIp, 

AMJAD. See Ahmad Husain, called Amjad. 

See 'Ali Amjad Husain. 

AMJAD 'ALI. See Muhammad Amjad 'Ali. 

•AMMAR 'ALI, Maulavl. JdJUJI jjj [Daf ul- 
mughalatah. A reply to Najaf 'Ali Faridabadi's 
Risalah on the Caliphate.] pp. 444, lith. irvi-A. 
[Delhi, 1863.] 8°. 14736. d. 1. 

<idaI'JUll fjj [Daf ul-mughiilatah.] pp. 200, 

lith. JjbJ ir.v [Delhi, 1890.] 8°. 14712. e. 9. 

'AMMAR 'ALI, Ua'ts of Sonipat. j\ Cj^kvLo <s!'-~; 
ij'joJI 'is*£. [E.xcerpts in Persian on recitation 
of the Kur'an, from 'Umdat ul-bayan, an Urdu 
commentary on the Kur'an.] See Majmu ah. 
ci,*I i (JoU, Ll^sA^^j &:.y*^ [Majmu'ah i bist 
rasa'il i kira'at.] pp. 41-43. [1891.] 8°. 

14703. b. 4. 

AMNON, nf Mayence. ipiD n^r\y\ ■ ■ ■ pJO.^ Ul DVB 
'Ol [Un'thauneh toUeph. A prayer for the New 
Year and Day of Atonement, attributed to Amnon. 
Translated from the original Hebrew into Persian ; 
prefaced by an account of Amnon in Hebrew and 
Persian; and followed by the Targumic version 
of the prayer of Hannah. Edited by fianukkah 
ben Aga Jani Shamraash.] pp. 16. o'riyTV n'Olil 
[Jerusalem, 1902.] 8°. 01980. c. 28.(2.) 

'AMR ibn KULSUM. [For Mu'allaUah of 'A. pub- 
lished with other Mu'allakat :] See Mu'allakat. 

AMRIT LAL, E,ija. JH cu^l s^\ 

;>«i <t»-li \^uJLx* 


sha'at. Model and actual letters. Edited by 
Raja Dina-dayal.] pp. 208, 16, W/». \^<\\ [Luck- 
now, 1891.] 8°. 14807. d. 15. 

^JU'J! 'ijsA —yi ^ i^'-*^' ^r*^ [Samarat 

ul-ma'ani. A commentary on Katil's treatise on 
elegant Persian composition Shajarat ul-amani.] 
pp. 53, lith. lAi. yii$3 [Lucltnow, 1890.] 8°. 

14807. e. 8.(2.) 





AMSILAH. ilXclL—slio [Kitab i umsilah. A tract on 
Arabic verbs.] See Abo Nase, Farahl. L-j'Jli' IJA 
^'.jLuaSl i_.>Laill [Nisab ul-subyan.] 1858. 8°. 

14837. f. 3.(4.) 

AMTHOE (Eduard). Kliinge aus Osten enthalteud 
neun Makainen des Hamadani, zvvei kleinore Epi- 
soden aus dem Schaliname des Firdausi, Gedichte, 
Sentenzen, Spruchworter, aus dein Arabischen und 
Per.sischen iibersetzt von E. A. pp. xii. 215. 
Leipzhj, 1841. 12°. 14576. a. 11. 

AMTHOR (Eduaed) and FRITZSCHE (Adolf Tlieo- 
DOE Heemann). Horti Persici et Anibici. In 
Latii valles transtulerunt Odoardus Amthorus et 
Arminius Fritscbius. Pars prima, pp. viii. 64. 
Melocahi et Lipsiae, 1842. 8°. 14797. c. 21. 

ANANDA-EAMA, called MuKHLrs. ^jl'wUa- 
j_^'-s-< *'.JJL)I [Chamanistan. Tales and anecdotes.] 
pp. 68, nth. ^ I AW [Luchiow, 1877.] 8°. 

14837. e. 11.(2.) 
AMTANLI LAL. [Kbiyfiban i 'isbk, translation of 
Satsa'i.] See BihaeI Lal. 

ANBIYA. UjuIJI j_/a«2J' ^->'J^^ \ss> [Kisas ul-anbiya. 
History of tbe Prophets from Adam to Muliammad, 
from Arabic traditions.] pp. 283, lith. ii-ai 
[Tahru, 1864.] 8°. 14783, d. 8. 

^^'1] t^-^' i-T^'-i^ [Kisas ul-anbiya.] pp.245, 

nth. in. [Ttttm, 1873.] 8°. 14779. c. 14. 

iji^j^^ i 



[Kisas ul-anbiya. A history of tbe Prophets from 
Adam to Muliammad, differing from the preceding. 
Eevised by Gbulam 'All ibn Ghulam Husain.] 
pp. 444, lilh. ^J^i iTAr [Bomhay, 1865.] 8°. 

14779. d. 2. 
'ANDALIB, Edshdnl. See Mohammad Hdsain Khan. 

'ANDALIB i GULSHAN i RAZ. See 'Abd u1-Kadir. 

ANDERSON (Robert Patrick). [Edit., with ana- 
lysis, of Giilistan.] See Muslih ibu 'Abd Ullah 
(Moshaerif uI-DIn), called SA'm.— GidUtun. 

ANDTJL. [Riij.] See Kisoei-mohana Gangopa- 


ANGAN-LAL VARMA. [Translation of Jang- 
namah.] See Ni'mat Khan, called 'Ali. 

ANGELI (Diego). [Italian translation of 'Umar 
Khayyam.] See 'Umae Khayyam. — Buhaiyyat. 

ANGELTJS, a Sando Josepho [.Joseph Labrosse]. 
Gazopliylacium linguae Persarum, triplici lingu- 
arum clavi italicas, latiua3, gallicae . . . reseratum. 
pp. xvi. 18, 474, xxxviii. Amstelodnmi, 1681. 
Fol. 12907. h. 10. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

622. m. 12. 

67. g. 6. 

ANIATULLAH, Moonnhee. See 'Inayat Ull.\h. 

ANJUM. See ^[uhammad 'Ali ibn Husain Khan. 


ANaUETIL DU PERRON (Abraham Hyacinthe). 
[Translation of Upanisliads.] See Upanishads. 

ANSTEY (Lavinia Mart). [Index of place-names 
in A'in i Akbarl.] See Abu 'I-Fazl ibn Mdbaeak. 

'ANTARAH ibn SHADDAD, 'Ahi^i. [For Mu'allakah 
of 'A. published with other Mu'allakat :] See 


ANTIOCHUS IV. [Epiphanes]. DOV:3:^4 d'tJ-J 130 
'01 DHH) X\vb:x . . . DTnna [Me-illath Autiokhos. 
The story of Antiochus and the Maccabaeans. 
Rendered from the Hebrew into Persian verse by 
Joseph ben Isaac Rabbi.] pp. 158. □'^i'lT J"D"in 
[Jerusahm, 1903.] 8°. 1906. a. 43. 

ANUSHIRVAN. See Khuseao, called Anoshievan. 

ANVAR. See 'Ali Anvar. 

See Kalika-peasada. 

See Muhammad Anvae Shah. 

ANVAR 'ALI, ijafz, SidiMi. [Commentary on 
'Umar Khayyam's Ruba'iyyat i.] See 'Umab 
Khayyam. — Buhaiyycit. 

ANVAR 'ALI, MaulavJ. [Notes on Sarf i mlr.] 
See 'AlI ibn Mohammad (Zain yl-DiN Abu '1- 

• [Edit.] See Nahv. 

ANVAR HUSAIN, called TaslIm. See Muhammad 
Anvak Husain. 

ANVARL See Auhad uI-Din. 

APOSTLES' CREED. ^kj^y=- ^'^ 'i'-^^' [I'tikad- 
nsimah i havariyan. The Apostles' Creed.] See 
Evajs'gelical Church. JI ^_gi^•=^JJ ^'jiJ.^ [Sur&d- 
ha'i ruhani, etc.] pp. 103-04. [1892.] 12°. 

14701. a. 3. 





APURVA - KRISHNA, Maharaja. [Life.] Sve 
Tayyib Uli-ah. 

Tlio History of tlio Conquerors of Hind 

from the earliest period to the present time. Con- 
taining an account of the religion, government, 
usages and character of the inhabitants of that 
kingdom. (joa (tc'aati L.j'jii') [Sliah-niimah i 
Hind. In Persian verse, with English prose para- 
phrase.] pp. 74, 38; 1 plate. Calcutta, 1848. 
8°. 14734. a. 2. 

Joa <u'ja'.>i. [Shah-namah i Hind, pts. i.-ii. 

Second edition.] pp. 54, 48. .ytl! [L(i/(0)v, 1899.] 
8°. 14787. b. 25. 

lailah va-lailah. The Arabian Nights Entertain- 
ments. Translated from Arabic into Persian, the 
prose by Abd ul-Latvf Tassiiji Tabriz!, the verse 
by Mirza Surush, by order of Bahman Mirza.] 
2 vols., Uth. j>^ in I [Tabriz, 1845.] Fol. 

14783. h. 1. 
A table of the tales, in manuscript, is prefixed to each 

[Another copy.] 14783. h. 2. 

[The same translation.] 2 vols., ?j7/i. 

Jj^ I rvc [Teheran, 1859.] Fol. 14783. i. 1. 

i^^i ^ 1— «il [Alf lailah i farsl. The same 

version.] 2 vols., Uth. ,^1 irrr [ia/jore, 1914.] 
Fol. 14783. i. 3. 

<idjJ ( sJl ;! («_-^iE^JL« [Muntakhab az Alf lailah. 

Selections from the Arabian Nights. Followed 
by two anecdotes from Riyaz Hamadam.] pp. 97, 
Uth. irA. [Te^eraw, 1863.] 8°. 14807. a. 3.(3.) 

[For extracts prescribed for the Allahabad 

University Entrance Course, translated with notes :] 
See Academies, etc. — Allahabad. — University of 

ARABIC SECOND BOOK, J! t-j'JJ" ^^^^ ^J ^y^ 

['Arabi-kl diisri kitab. Easy dialogues in Arabic 
and Persian for schools.] pp. 164, Zif/i. ,yt>*J uvr 
[Lahore, 1873.] 8°. 14586. d. 29. 

ARABS. ^SI\jy'iS ^ (_jyJl ya [Futiih ul-'arab 
va-kuniiz ul-adab. A short account of the conquest 
of Spain by the Moors. Translated by 'Abd ul- 
Rahim Khau ShirazI from an English original 
(one of Chambers* publications ?).] pp. 136, Uth. 
JoAJ tu I [Bombay, 1911.] 8^ 14773. d. 21. 

'ARAB-ZADAH, called TaskIn, Kaiifi. Jui~,^ IJJt 
yjCJM y ij>.j>^ [Khvurshid afrln u Falaknaz, or 
Sarv u gul, or Falakniiz-namah. A romance, in 
masnavl rhyme. With illustrations.] pp. 285, 
Uth. .^jMAj ir.v [Comiff.//, 1890.] 8°. 14797.g.22. 

A RAS. The A'aras-i-Bozorgan, being an obituary 
of pious and learned Moslims from the beginning 
of Islam to the middle of the twelfth century of 
the Hijrah. Edited by W. Nassau Lees, and 
Mawlawi Kabir Al-Din AAmad. (ij^jj> irV') 
pp. V. 91, 8. lAoe [Calcutta? 18550 8°. 

14779. b. 5. 

ARBUTHNOT (Foster Fitzgerald). [Edit.] See 
Muhammad ibn Khavand Shah. 

Persian Portraits. A sketch of Persian his- 

tory, literature, and politics, pp. xii. 1 70. Lon- 
don, Guildford [printed], 1887. 8°. 11840. k. 46. 

ARDASHIR MIHRABAN, Yazdl. A Specimen of 
the Gabri Dialect of Persia . . , published, with . . . 
translation, by E. G. Browne. See Academies, etc. — 
London. — Royal Asiatic Society, etc. The Journal, 
etc. 1897, pp. 103-10. 1834, etc. 8°. 

R.Ac. 8820/3. 

ARDA-VIRAF. Arda Viraf Nameh. [A Zoro- 
astrian allegory describing heaven and hell.] The 
original Pahlavi text, with an introduction, notes, 
Gujarati translation, and Persian version of Zar- 
tosht Behram in verse. By Dastur Kaikhusru 
Dastur Jamaspji Jamasp Asa. pp.xii. 75, ii. 37,39. 
Bombay, 1902. 8°. 761. f. 46. 

and translation of Sad hikayat.] See 'Abd ul- 
Fattah, called Asheap 'Ali. 

ARISTOTLE. — [Problemata.] Jx.jJ Jl^ ^ i_>!^ 

(»; Jo JU>- . J JU U aJLj, jyi^ ^ is [Javab u su'al 

dar 'ilm i tibb (Risalah i su'al u javab, or R°. i 
ma bal). A catechetical tract ou some points in 
medicine and natural science ; professing to have 
been translated directly from the Greek (inde- 
pendently of the Arabic version called Ma bal), by 
Asghar Husain b. Ghnlam Ghaus.] pp. 8, Uth. 
j^'i [Lahore, 1872 ?] ' 14837. f. 9.(4.) 

(__)lj»- . Jl»« <0u«. [Risalah i su'al n javab. 

The same translation.] See Manscr ibn Muhah- 





MAD ibn Ahmad. JI ^jr^ 6/*^ [Tashrili, etc.] 
pp. 29-40, war^tn. [1895.] 8°. 14753. d. 15.(4.) 
[Supposititious Worlcs.] The Book of tlie 

Apple . . . [Kitab ul-tnffahah. A philosophical 
work, translated from an Arabic original.] Edited 
in Persian and English by D. S. Margoliouth. See 
Academies, etc. — London. — Royal Asiatic Society, 
etc. The Journal, eic. 1892, pp. 187-252. 1834, 
etc. 8°. E.Ac. 8820/3. 

[For other works wrongly ascribed to A. :] 

See Heumes Teismegistds. 

See Su'al. 

ARJANI (Manekji DadabhaI). See Manekji Da- 


KHAN, called SalTm. jjS^ .vk, [Mihr i munir. 
Notices of poets, arranged in the alphabetical order 
of their names.] vol. i., pts. 1, 2, 4-10, lith. 
^jc^j. iri4-i«[Har(7o/, 189G-97.] 8°. 14779. cc. 1. 

ARMENO (Christofoeo). See Cheistofoeo. 

ARNOLD (SiE Edwin). ["With Sa'di in the 
Garden," metrical adaptation of Biistan iii.] See 
MusLiH ibn'AoD Ullah(Mushaeeif uI-Din), called 
Sa'dI. — BFistdn. 

[Translation in prose and verse of Gul- 

istan i.-iv.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mu- 
SHAEEiF uI-Din), Called Sa di. — Gulistdn. 

ARNOT (Sandford). [Translation of Khvan i 
ni'mat.] See Khvan. 

ARRATOON (Nicolas). [Translation of Sayings 
of Nasr ul-Din.] See Nase uI-Din, Mulld. 

'ARSHI. See Muhammad Fazl i Rabb. 

Ses Mohammad Ishak. 


ARZANI. See Muhammad Akbae. 

See Tamiz u1-DIn ibn Muhammad. 

ARZU. See 'All Khan (Sieaj uI-Din). 

ASA (Kaikhushu Jamaspji Jamasp). See Kai- 
KHusRAU Jamaspji Jamasp-Asana. 

AS'AD (Fakhe uI-DIn), called FakheI, Jurjdnt. 
Wis Ramin, a romance of ancient Persia, trans- 

lated from the Pahlawi and rendered into [Persian] 
verse by Fakhr al-Din, As'ad al-Astarabadi, al- 
Fakhri, al-Gurgani. Edited by W. N. Lees and 
Munshi Ahmad Ali. ( Jl ^^j:i-<ij j Lr-ij i_5y^^ 
pp. vi. 400, 6. 1865 [1864.] See Academies, efc. 
— Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. Biblio- 
theca Indica, etc. vol. 47. 1848, etc. 8°. 

14002. a. (vol. 47.) 

■ Wis und Ramin. [An abstract with some 

metrical translations.] Von K. H. Graf. 1869. 
See Academies, etc. — Germany. — Deutsche Morgen- 
Idndische Gesellsehaft. Zeitschrift, etc. Bd. 23, 
pp. 375-433. 1846, eic. 8°. Ac. 8815/2. 

ASAD JANG, Naih SubaJidar of Bengal, Orissa, and 
Bihar. See Muhammad Khan (Mu'tamin u1-Mulk 
Shuja' u1-DIn Bahadue Asad-Jang). 

ASAD ULLAH, AM Mrrzd. [Edit.] See Sell (E.). 

ASAD ULLAH, Mirza, Adjutant of Commercial De- 
partment (?) [Edit.] See Abu '1-Hasan, called 

ASAD ULLAH, Tilhari. See Muhammad Asad 

Saefaeaz Khan. 

ASAD ULLAH KHAN, SMrdzl. [Mazhar ul-'ajam, 
or Savanili i 'umrl i Hfijji Baba, translation of 
"The Adventures of Hajji Baba."] See Moeiek 
(J. J.). 

ASAD ULLAH KHAN, called Ghalib. ^jU j jL'j 
[Kati' i burhan. Strictures on the spelling and 
explanation of some words in the Burhan i kati'. 
Second edition.] pp. 98, lith. irvA [Ltichioio, 
1862.] 8°. 14797.11.4.(6.) 

burhan. An enlarged edition, entitled Dirafsh i 
kaviyani.] pp. 1 54, Zt'f/i. ^iitiiMo [i)e?/i,)', 1865.] 
8°. 14815. e. 2. 

i_j«^.U l._Jlc UijLaK [Kulliyat. Poems.] 

pp. 556, lith. jl^ lAvr [Luclcnow, 1872.] 8°. 

14797. e. 1. 

t_Jl£ JLJ Ui.>UK [Kulliyat i nashr. Prose 

works. Edited by 'Ali-bakhsh Khan.] pp. 418, 
lith. lAvi [iMci-woio, 1871.] 8°, 14807. d. 4. 





ASAD ULLAH KHAN, called Ghalib (continued). 
^jJiJ\ ,_jyi« [Masnavl i abr i guhar-bar. The 
prologue of an unfinished heroic masnavl poem 
to celebrate the victories of Muhammad. Followed 
by ii few minor poems.] pp.41, lUk. ^^'^ if^* 
[Dc/A;, 18G3.] 8°. 14837. f. 4.(2.) 

AS'AD YA'KtJB KHAYYAT. [Translation of Najaf 
Kull Mirza's Journal.] See l^kikv Koli Mikza. 

ASADI. See 'Aii ibn Ahmad. 

ASADOOLLAH. Sec k%kT) Ullah. 

ASAF ibn BARAKHYA, HalcJm. . . . <^^JS lia 
JI (^y-Il ri^'-^' [Asatir ul-avvalin. A work on 
talismans formed of numbers and geometrical 
figures, attributed to Asaf. Purporting to be 
trauslated from the original Arabic into Persian, 
with a preface, by Muh. b. Sa'd (Ibn ul-Siivaji).] 
pp. 9Q, Uth. Bombay, in. [1892.] 8°. 

14770. b. 5.(1.) 

J! j^ylC*]' r*'^ ■ • • <-7^'^ l>i» [Javahir ul- 

makniiu. A tract on talismans formed of letters 
of the alphabet, attributed to Asaf.] pp. 32, Uth. 
^J.xA^ in r[Bomhm/, 189 i.] 8°. 14770. b. 5.(2.) 

ASAF JAH II., Nizam of Hyderabad. See Nizam 
'Ali Khan. 

ASAF JAH, called Asapi, Vazlr i A'zam. j_jyx« 
^Ju>\ r^'.rri^ ii"^*^ [Masaavi i Khusrau Shirin. 
Aromantic poem in imitation of Nizaml's Khusrau 
Shirln.] pp. 224, Uth. y.^ iaw [Luclcnoiv, 1877.] 
8°. 14797. c. 3.(2.) 

ASAFI. See Asaf Jah. 

A'SAM. See Muhammad ibn 'Ali, called A'sam KupI. 

A SAB,. See Shapi'a. 

ASGHAR HTJSAIN. See Mtoammad Asghae Hu- 


lation of Risalah i su'al u javab (R°. i ma bal).] 
See Aristotle. 

A'SHA. See MaimOn ibn Kais. 

ASH'AR. j_^yiLo^'j«/tl t_>lsnjl [Intikhab i ash'ar 
i maktubl. Couplets from poets.] See KhalIpah 

Shah Muhammad. J1 <ikAi>~ ^'«iJl . fScj-ksr* [Insha'I 

Khalifah, etc.] pp. 82-95. [1895.] 8°. 

14807. f. 6.(3.) 

.'jt^^l %*=^ [Majma' ul-ash'ar. Ghazul 

poems by Persian and Hindustani poets.] pp. 128, 
Uth. JjfcO irM [De//«, 1872.] 8°. 14119. e. 6.(6.) 

ASHER (Abraham). See Abraham Asher. 

ASHHARI. See Muhammad Amjad 'Ali. 

'ASHIKI. See 'AlT Hasan Khan ibn Muhammad 
SiDDiK Hasan Khan. 

ASHK. See Muhammad Hadi 'Ali. 

ASHRAF. See 'Abd u1-Fattah. 

See Ashkap 'A\.\. 

See Ahmad (Ashbap uI-Din). 

■ See Mohammad Hasan, called Ash rap. 

ASHRAF (Nazir). See Nazir Ashrap. 

ASHRAF 'ALI, Gulshandbddl. See 'Abd uI-Fattah. 

ASHRAF 'ALI, Maulavi. *j ^ .>; [Zir n bam. A 
religious romance in mamavl rhyme.] pp. 62, 4, 
Uth. M^\ iriv [Allahabad, 1899.] 8°. 

14797. e. 40.(3.) 

ASHRAF 'ALI, Mtrzd, Shams ul-'Vlamd. [Edit.] 
See 'Abd u1-Razzak (Sam^am u1-Daulah Shah- 
NAYAz Khan) and 'Abd u1-Hakk ibn Shah-navaz. 

See Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — 

University of Calcutta. 

A Catalogue of the Persian books and 

manuscripts in the library of the Asiatic Society 
of Bengal, efc. [1890-]1895. Fol. See Acade- 
mies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal.- 

757. 1. 9. 

ASHRAF 'ALI, Sayyid. See 'Abd u1-Fattah. 

ASHRAF ul-DIN AHMAD. See Ahmad (Ashrap 

ASHRAF JAHANGIR, Simndni, Sayyid. ^y^ 
^yil [Maktub i Ashrafi. Letters on the Sufic 
life, with lives and teachings of past saints. 
Compiled and edited by the author's son, 'Abd 
ul-Razzak.] pp. 80, Uth. ^ ir.l [Luclcnow, 
1891.] 8°. 14724. e. 1.(7.) 





ASHRAFL Sec Muhammad 'AlI Husain (Abu 

ASHITFTAH. See Sa'd Ullah. 

ASi. See Muhammad 'Abd u1-'AlavI. 

'Asi. See GnuLAM Saevar. 

See Sham La'l. 

'ASi MUHAMMAD ISMA'IL. [Edit.] See Muslih 
ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushaurip uI-Din), called 
Sa'di. — GuUstdn. 

etc. — Culculta. 

IRELAND. See Academies, etc. — London. 

ASIR. See Jalal ibn Mu'min. 

See Muzappau 'Al! Khan. 

ASIRI. See Muhammad ibn Yahya. 

ASL. s^\yt!t] (J^j iXoliUJl J.0I t-j'Ji" [Asl ul- 
maliasid.] Le Capital des Objets Recherclies . . . 
ouDictiouuaiie del'idiomebalaibalan. . . [Noticed] 
par M. Silvestre de Sacy. 1813. See Academils, 
etc. — Paris. — Academie ilcs Inscriptions, etc. 
Notices, dc. torn, ix., pt. i., pp. 365-96. 1787, 
etc. 4^ Bar T. 1. a-c. (torn. 9.) 

ASRAR. c:^!J-: ;'/"' [Asrar i gliaflat. An essay- 
on escliatology.] pp. 60, Jlth. Jy^ Uvr [Lwefc- 
Hoic, 1873.] 8°. 14837.6.6.(1.) 

ASRAR, Sabzavdri. i'/"' (j'y'^ L-j'JiX [Divan. 
Poems, principally ghazals or short odes.] pp. 137, 
nth. ir.. [7'e//mni, 1883.] 8°. 14787. b. 12. 

ASSAAD Y. KAYAT. See As'ad Ya'kub Khayyat. 

'ASSAR, Tahrlzl. See Muhammad 'Assar. 

ASSED JUNG (MoTEMEN ul Mulk Shuja eddeen 
MoHAMMiin Kuan Behadre), Naib SoohaJulur of 
Bengal, 0)'<'s.<a, and Beliar. See Muhammad Khan 
(Mu'tamin ul-MuLK Suuja' ul-DiN Bahadur Asad- 
Jano) . 

ASSEDULLAH, Mirza, afterwards SIRAFRAZ 
KHAN. Ste Sarparaz Khan. 

ATA, Hakim. See Sulafman Ata. 

'ATA HUSAIN ('Abd u1-Razzak). ^LJ'l] jm 
[Kanz ul-ansab. The genealogy of eminent saints 
andother famous men.] pp. 344, h'</t. i/^^ i"^'' 
[Bombay, 1883.] 8°. 14779. c. 7. 

'ATA MALIK ibn MUHAMMAD ('Ala uI-DIn), Ju- 
Viiinl. The Ta'rikh-i-Jahan-Guslia . . , Part I, 
containing the history of Cliingiz Khan and his 
successors, edited with an introduction, notes and 
indices ... by Mirza Muhammad, etc. [With 
abridged English translation of the introduction 
by E. G. Browne.] (|_jLi,Xil^ fi'^^ PP- ^"^i"- 
294, 128. See Gibb (E. J. W.). " E. J. W. Gibb 
Memorial" Series, vol. xvi. 1. 1912. 8°. 

14005. g. 16. 

i_j'--^ ciW?" f-J^ \_Kn excerpt from the 

Ta'rikh i jaban-gusha'I, on the war between Chin- 
giz Khan and Sultan Muh. Khvarazm-shah.] 
1885. See Schefer (C). Chrestomathie Persane. 
tom. ii. 1883, 85. 8°. 14003. 1. 15. 

Note on the contents of the Ta'rikh-i- 

jahan-gusha : or History of the World-conqueror, 
Changiz Khan . . . By E. G. Browne. See Acade- 
mies, etc. — London. — L'oyal Asiatic Society, etc. 
The Journal, etc. 1904, pp. 27-43. 1834, etc. 8°. 

R.Ac. 8820/3. 

'ATA ULLAH ibn FAZL ULLAH, called Jamal ul- 

HUSAINI. J^lj ijJ^l rf^ i5» L_;Usvl!] <Li,. is*»*J 

L__!'.3--^lll. [Rauzat ul-ahbab. A life of Muham- 
mad and an account of his family, successors, and 
disciples.] 2 vols, iriv [Luchww, 1880-2.] 4°. 

14779. i. 3. 

[Another copy.] 

14779. h. 8. 

'ATA ULLAH ibn HUSAM nl-VA'IZ. . . . L-j'^TIis. 
tu^j jSsr*-! jyi^ ^^S^^.sr*^' La., <xj ^-^w^ [Rauzat 
ul-raujahidin, or Mukhtar-namah. An account" 
of the wars of the family of 'All, especially of 
Mukhtar, the avenger of Husain.] S. 185, lith, 
J^i irii [3V/-emH, 1845.] 8°. 14773. h. 7. 

'ATA ULLAH RASHIDL [Translation of Bija- 
giinita.] See Bhaskara Achaeya. 

'ATA'I. See Muhammad, called 'Ata'i. 

ATHAR 'ALI, Munshl. [Edit.] See Iltas ibn 






ATKINSON ( Jameb). [Translation of Shah-namab.] 
See Hasan (Abu '1-Kasim), called Fibdaus!. 

[Edit.] -See Hatim Ta'i. 

[Verso-translation of Laila u Majnun.] 

See Ilyas ibn YC'sup. 

[Translation of Kitab i Kulsum Nanl.] 

See KuL^UM Nani. 

ATKINSON (James AuoDSTus). [Edit.] -See Ilyas 
ibu YusuF. 

'ATTAR. See Muhammad ibn IbeahIm (Fakid ul- 

AUDH-BIHARI LAL. [Key to Persian Entrance 
Course.] See Acatjkmiks, etc. — Allahabad. — Uni- 
versity of Allahabad. 

ATJDIBERT (G.). [Translation of Ta'dlb ul-nis- 
vau.] See Nisvan. 

'AUFI. Ste Mui'iAMMAD 'AufI. 

AUHAD nl-DIN, Blhjrdmt. ^'j^\ ^'ij [Nafa'is 

ul-lugliat. A diclionary of Urdu words and 

phrases, explained in Persian.] pp. i. 490, litli. 

^^y^ 11 [CawHj3ore, 18u9.] 4°. 14815. f. 1. 

ej'jiUl ^_^i'A; [Nafa'isul-lughat.] pp. (336, 

Ulh. j^^ lAVA [Cownfore, 1878.] 4°. 14117. e. 11. 

cij'jiUl i;~j'a> [Nafa'is ul lugliat.] pp. G36, 

3, J'dli. yx^ lAAi [Luchiow, 1884 ] 4°. 14815. f. 9. 

AUHAD uI-DiN, Nnsafi. J^.! #^I liAlii cu'^ 
Jl ^^i-^1 tiT.'.-^' Carmen arabicum . . . Audeddini 
Aluasaplii. . . . Necnon persicum . . . docfcoris 
Saadi Shirazitse operis Pomarium dicti initium 
. . . Edidit ac latine vertit J. Uri. pp. 25. Oxonii, 
1770. 4°. 74.f. 13. 

AUHAD ul-DIN, called AnvarL [Life.'] See Amin 

• See Daulat Shah 'Ala'i. 

See Shir Khan ibn 'Ali Amjad Khan. 

■ !_?;>■'' t^ •— -''•^ [Kulliyat inazm i Anvari. 

The collected poems of A.] pp. 770, lifJi. »ii3 iaa. 
[LucHoiv, 1880.] 8°. 14797. g. 5. 

AUHAD ul-DIN, called AnvabI (continued). Ajh 
AyxaA»AAiiin. DuBepii. MatcpiaJiu wa ero 6iorpai|tiii h 
xapaitTcpiicTHKH. [Materials for the biography etc. 
of Anvari, compiled chiefly from his Divan, with 
Russian translation, etc., by V. A, Zhukovsky.] 

(<_«;y' w'.'^' '^=^>*' c^^ ■ • • u^.'^ } ejUiilu) 

pp. xxii. 140, 00. C.-IlemepCi/pn, 1883. 8°. 

757. g. 44. 
AUHAD ul-DIN MIRZA KHAN. [Nasr ul-javahir, 
translation of Ni.ziii ul-durar.] See 'Aum Ullah. 

AULAD AHMAD, Sahasvdm. [Notes on Husn u 
'ishli.] Sua Ni'mat Khan, called 'Ali. 

AULAD HASAN, Sayijid. Notes on the Antiquities 
of Dacca. [With translation into English verse 
of Persian verse inscriptions, by Harinath De.] 
pp. viii. 71. Dacca, 1904. 8°. 757.6.61. 


AUMAN PARSHAD. jLk, e:,^ euU'JU, [Munajat 
i liaft paikav. 7 poems in praise of God.] pp. viii. 
b7,liih. y.;^ isn [Z-McA-nou;, 1899.] 8°. 

14797. e. 36.(6.) 
AUMER (.Joseph). Die persischen Handschriften 
dtr K. Hof- und Staatsbibliolhek in Muenchen 
beschrieben von J. Aumer. 1866. 8°. Sea 
Munich. 11900. g. 11. 

kV'R.k'SGZlB, Emperor of Hlndmtan. [Life.'] See 
Iradat Khan (Mubarak Ullah). 

See Muhammad Kazim ibn Muhammad 


Begin. UJ'-is»- u:^^'.*.^^ ^ Lf*'.?^ ^ iirf' J^ 

[Divan. Poems.] pp. 381, Zi7A. JJtjO' ini [Ta- 
briz, 1850.] 8^ 14797. h. 2. 

See Muhammad Saki. 

See Yadu-natha Sarkar. 

Firniauns of the Emperor Arungzebe 

Alumgeer. [With English translation.] See 
Oriental Miscellany. The Oriental Miscellany, 
etc. vol. i. 1798. 8°. 757. c. 13. 

Letters of the Emperor Aurungzcbe, or 

Aulumgeer of Hindoostan. (Translated from a 
collection of the letters of the Emperor, entitled 
Adaub Aulumgeeree, or Complimentary Epistles 
of Aulumgeer, by his Meer Moonshi, or principal 
Persian secretary [i.e. Abu'l-Piith Kabil Khan].) 
See Scott (.J.). Tales, anecdotes and letters. 
1800. 8°. 88. b. 23. 

Letters of the Emperor Aurung-zebe to 

his sons, his grandsons, his ministers, and prin- 





cipal nobles ; to whicli is prefixed his will, trans- 
lated from the Persian by J. Earles. pp. 130. 
Calcutta, 1788. 8°. 757. bb. 5. 

^^jXJIc cij'jts, [Ruka'at i 'Alamgirl. Short 

letters of Aurangzib to his children and courtiers. 
"With marginal notes.] pp. 68, Uth. in. [Luck- 
now, 1844.] 8°. 14807. e. 5,(3.) 

^_jX«JIc iju'-xJj [RuKa'at i 'Alamgirl. Edited 

by Muh. HadT 'All.] pp. 53, ZiWi. iriiir [Luch- 
now, 1845-46.] 8°. 14807. g. 10.(1.) 

.xCfl'x dj'oe, 

,.;yw«-^ . 'ou. [Rulia'at i 'Alamgirl.] 

pp. 46, Uth. ^yJ)^J irAi [Lahore, 1864.] 8°. 

14837. e. 1.(4.) 

i_y_;X«JU eu'jJ, [Rulia'at i 'Alamgirl.] 

pp. 97, Uth. j^bi lAvi [Lahore, 1876.] 8°. 

14837. e. 10.(2.) 

^jjX«JIc cij'jtj'; [Rulia'at i 'AlamgirT. 

Edited from the second edition, with marginal 
notes, by Muli. 'Abd ul-Rahman.] pp. 61, Uth. 

jyxi^ inr [Cawnpore, 1876.] 8°. 14837. f 6.(1.) 

■ jctjXJ'vC c:_>'j<j\ [Rulia'at i 'Alamgiri.] 

pp. 56, Uth. j.xs^ lAvi [Oawnpore, 1879.] 8°. 

14773. f. 7.(3.) 

The annotations in all the above editions a/re substantially 
though not entirely the same. 

i_j_^^lc cu'ju^ [Rulia at i 'Alamgirl.] 

pp. 56, Uth. jKi^^ lAAi [Gawnpore, 1889.] 8°. 

14807. f. 6.(2.) 

Ruka'at-i- Alamgiri or Letters of Aurung- 

zebe, with historical and explanatory notes. 
Translated . . . into English by Jamshid H. Bili- 
moria. pp. v. 184. Bomhay,l9m. 8°. 757. g. 70. 

[Another copy.] 10910. dd. 32. 

[For extracts prescribed for the Allahabad 

Uniyersity Entrance Course, translated with 
notes :] See Academies, etc. — Allahabad. — TJni- 
versity of Allahabad. 

The Revenue Regulations of Aurangzib 

(with the Persian texts of two unique /armaws . . .) 

— [Text and commentary, edited with translation] 
by Jaduuath Sarkar. 1906. See Academies, etc. 
— Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. Journal 
and Proceedings, etc. vol. ii., pp. 223-55. 1905, 
etc. 8°. E.Ae. 8826/11. 

AURELIUS ANTONINUS (Maecus), called The 
Philosopher, Emperor of Borne. MapKov S-vjajvivov 
avTOKparopo'i t(ov et? eavTov Bi^Xia IB Trepaiari 
fiedep/ji.rjvevaavTO'; I. A/ifiep. .jJj'jl i/?y^ .x^l) 

^^^T ^_;~^U j['^ ,,^y^^ U^fj^ lJ^!.^3 7^ 
(xL^j^lc tiys^ |^j*iJ Jl=-^0 »'-it>l) Greek 8j- Pers. 
S. 169, i. Ev Bievvrji TTj'i AvaTpia<;, 1831. 4°. 

757. h. 13. 
AUZUMOODEEN HUSSUN, Belgramee, Syud. See 
Hasan (A'zam uI-Din). 

of 'Umar Khayyam.] See 'Umar Khayyam. — 

AVICENNA. See Husain ibn 'Abd TJllah. 

AXON (William Edward Armitage). [Romany 
translation of 1 verse of 'Umar Khayyam.] See 
'Umar Khayyam. — Ruhaiyyut. 

AYODHYA-PRASADA. See Ajodhya-paeshad. 

AYODHYA-RAMA. See Ajodhya-eam. 

AZAD, See Ghulam 'Ali Khan. 

See MahmOd ibn Asad uI-Din Haidae. 

See Vahid uI-Din Khan. 

A'ZAM ul-DIN HASAN. See Hasan (A'zam ul- 

AZARPAZHUH. [Zurah. A Zoroastrian work on 
ethics, translated from Pahlavi, and purporting 
to be derived from the words of Aniishirvan.] 
See Manekji Limji Hushang Hataeya. i^Ja.iyj>^^l 
[A'in i Hiishang.] pp. 149-177. [1879.] 8°. 

14724. d. 7. 
AZEEM us SHAN. See 'AziM u1-Shan. 

AZEEZ HASSAN (H. M.). See Muhammad 'Aziz 

'AZIM ul-SHAN, Suhahdar of Bengal and Bihar. 
A Narrative of the Transactions in Bengal, during 
the Soobahdaries of Azeem us Shan, Jaffer Khan, 
Shuja Khan, Siiafraz Khan and Alyvirdy Khan. 
Translated from the original Persian by F. Glad- 
win. pp.211. Calcutta, 178S. 8°. 757. e. 36. 

'AZIM TJLLAH, Maulavi. [Edit.] See Sarf. 

AZIYATSKY MUZEI. See Academies, etc.—Petro- 





'AZIZ. See 'Aziz uI-DIn. 

See Mduammad 'Aziz Ullah. 

■ See MuiiAMMAD Vilayat 'Ali Khan. 

'AZIZ ibn MUHAMMAD, Nasafi. [For "Oriental 
Mysticism/' founded upon the Maksad of 
'A. b. M.:] See Palmke (B. H.). 


Kurashi, [Edit.] See Pekiodical Publications. — 

'AZIZ ul-DIN, called 'Azizi, Lalchnavt. icy*^ 
J'^ (,J ijjjjj] iJ ^-*M^ . . . Kji^ [Arzhang i bi- 
misal, also called Aurang i liu;5iirl, Artang i 
khadlvlj Khilafat i Asafjahi, Ta'rikh i 'ajibah, and 
Guftiir i shigarf. 2 congratulatory poems to the 
Nawab Mahbub 'Ali Khan of the Deccan, on his 
accession and on his recovery from illness re- 
spectively, capable of four interpretations.] pp. 
10, lifh. ^ ir.r [Luchwiv, 1886.] 8°. 

14779. f. 7.(1.) 
AJij c:,.^ [Haft-band. A poem in 


praise of Muhammad, imitating Kashi's Haft-band 
on 'All.] See Rahman 'Ai.I, called Taish. &k'^ 
J! c:^ j\JS [Gukar i na't, ctc.l pp. 51-57. 

[1878.] 8°. 14787.8.17.(4.) 

' '~sj~/' '^ ^-^^-^ [Haft-band.] pp. 16, lith. 

^ n.i llZchiow, 1901.] 8°. 14797. f. 3.(6.) 

<CeU j>ax> [Kaisar-namah. A versified 

history of the Russo-Turkish war.] pp. 61, lith. 
irn [(7awM2wre, 1879.] 8°. 14797. e. 12. 

■ La^ tXJ ic^'i^ [Masnavi i yad i baiza. A 

religious poem in masnavi rhyme which may be 
read in both sari' and ramal metre.] pp. 40, lith. 
jjjS in, [Lucknow, 1895.] 8°. 14797. g. 29.(4.) 

'AZIZ u1-d!n (Ab0 '1-Raja Mohammad). 
Muhammad 'Aziz ul-DiN (Abu 'I-Raja). 


'AZIZ ul-DIN (Muhammad), MunsM. See Muham- 
mad 'Aziz u1-DIn. 

'AZIZ ul-HASAN, LaMnavt. [Notes on Anvar 
ul-ramal] See 'Abd uI-Ghani, Sh/rvdni. 

'AZIZ ul-HASAN, Shah. [Edit.] See 'Abd ul- 
Rahman ibn Ahmad, called Jami. — Shavahid ul- 

'AZIZ JANG, Naivab. cljUUI ^_i<»T [ASaf ul- 
lughat. A dictionary of Persian words, ex- 
pressions and idioms, explained in Hindustani.] 
lith. j'oTjJos- irrr [Hyderabad, 1905, e<c.] 8°. 

14815. d. 10. 

In progreu, 
[Another copy.] 

14815. d. 10.* 

'AZizi, Lalchnavi. See 'Aziz ul-DiN. 

AZIZUL HUa (M.) . See Muhammad 'Aziz uI-Hakk. 

AZOO (R. F.). [Edit.] See Ziya uI-Din, Nakh- 

AZUR. See Lutf 'Ali Beg. 

BA TALIS 'ALL See Nue u1-Huda ibn Talib 'AlI. 

BAB. See 'Ali Muhammad. 

BABA-JAH'. See Solomon. 

BABA i SHU'ARA. See Fighani. 

BABU-LAL. (_s'j^=- t^^jJl ^^J^*-* jj'J^ [Vaka'i' i 
Mu'in ul-DIn Chishti. A life of Mu'in uI-Din 
Chishti.] pp. 62, lith. J^ iavI \_L%u:know, 1879.] 
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BACKER (Wilhelm). [Notice of Istilahat ul- 
sufiyyah.] See 'Abd uI-Razzak ibn Muhammad 
(Kamal uI-DIn). 

■ [Notice of Commentary on Book of Samuel.] 

See Bible. — Appendix. 

[Edit, and translation of Kitab i salii- 

biyyah, pt. ii.] See Mdslih ibn 'Abd Ullah 
(Mdshaukii' uI-Din), called Sa'dI. — Kitiib i Sdfii- 

[Edit.] See Solomon ben Samuel. 

[Edit., with prolegomena, etc., of Mu- 

khammaa of Yusuf.] See Yusup, Yahiidi. 

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Memoir of the life and writings of the 

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badak". ^jJ*^} ^^ '^ ^f' c:< u''^ *.«jju 

[MuUaddimah i badan. An introduction to Arabic 
accidence. With (2) commentary of 'Abd Ullah 
b. Aka MuH. on hah i., fasl 2 of Sarf i Mu'izzi, 
an Arabic tract on grammar ; (3) the text of the 
latter ; (4) a grammatical exposition of the his- 
millah formula in Eastern Turkish. With mar- 
ginal notes, mainly Persian, but partly Arabic 
and Turkish.] pp. 119. Easauh, 1905. 8°. 

14820. f. 10. 

BADASHTI. See Kukban ibn Ramazan. 

BADAUNI. See 'Abd u1-Kadik ibn Fazl Rasul. 

— '■ See 'Abd u1-Kadie ibn Muluk Shah. 

BAD!'. See Muhammad Hasan Khan. 

BADr ul-DIN, Shaikh, LdhaurJ. [Teachings on 
Geomancy.] See Muhammad 'Ata'i, Ldhaurl. 

BADIL. See Ibkahim ibn 'Ali Najjar. 

BADE (Zain uI-Din), 'Amll. [Edit.] See Ahmad 
ibn Yahta (Shaeap uI-Din). 

[For the Vafat-namah, compiled by B. :] 

See Ahmad ibn Yahya (Sharaf uI-Din). 

BADE 'ALI, Azlmahddi. [Commentary on Sikan- 
dar-namah.] See Iltas ibn Yusup. 

BADE i CHACH. See Bade uI-Din, Chdehl. 

BADE ul-DIN, Aldmrdbddl. [Badr ul-shuriili, 

commentary on Divan of Hafiz.] See Muhammad 

Hakiz, Shtruzl. 

BADE ul-DIBT, Astardhdd'i. See Bade u1-DIn Hi- 


BADE ul-DIlT, Chdehl. [For commentaries on 
Kasa'id of B. :] See Muhammad 'Usman Khan. 

See Shafiic 'Ali Khan. 

'o- ,Aj dS^^ [Kasa'id. Kasidah poems. 

Edited with glossary by Muh. HadI 'Ali.] 
pp. 108, 12, /i/7t. y^ in I [Luclcnow, 1845.] 8°. 

14797. h. 8. 

^'.i- ^o'-^ic £.) ;__S.jt* 77^?" J"^^ liJ ^ 


[Kasa'id. With commentary called 'Usmaii-khani 
by MuH. 'LFsman (Kais).] 2 vols, ^^tl; ir^l-i. 
[Rampur, \872-3.] Fol. 14797. k. 3. 

«.l^ .J.) tjJLaJ' [Kasa'id. Edited with glos- 

sary by MuH. Had! 'Ali.] pp. 109, 11, Nth. jyxi\^ 
lAvr [Ca«Mi/we, 1873.] 8°. 14837. g. 9.(8.) 

^'o- lijUflJi [Kasa'id. W^ith marginal notes 

and glossary by MuH, Hadi 'Ali.] pp. 108, 11, 
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14797. h. 20. 

_U- ,S.> ji'-«a» —J^ [Kasa'id. With com- 

mentary called Kashif ul-asrar by MuH. Ghiyas 
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1891.] 8". 14797. h. 32. 

',^ .Jo jJLaii _ yi [KastVid. With Hin- 
dustani commentary by 'Abd ul-Majid Khan 
Hafizabadl.] pp. 338, h%. yj^ uw [Luchnow, 
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Edited with marginal notes by Varis 'Ali Far- 
rukhabadi.] pp. 156, Zif/i. ^^l^irAi [Catvnpore, 
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by Varis 'All.] pp. 156, lith. jy>J^ Iava [Cawn- 
pore, 1878.] 8°. ' 14797. h. 21.(1.) 

^jJU jjlyJ [Divan. With notes by Varis 

'Ali.] pp. 156, lith. j^l iriv [Lahore, 1899.] 
8°. 14797. h. 19.(1.) 





BADR ul-DIN HILALI, Chaghatd't, of Astarabad 
{eontinved). ^ht jjt^P [Divan. With marginal 
notes by Varis 'All.] pp. 158, Uth. j^^ i*^'* 
[Cawn^jort-, 1894.] 8°. 14797. h. 42. 

BADE. ISHAK ibn 'ALI, Dihlavi. [Redaction of 
Asrar ul-:iuliyii.] See FarId u1-DIn, called Ganj 
i Shakar. 


BAHA ul-DIN, 'Amill. See Muhammad ibn Husain 
(Baha u1-DIn). 

BAHA ul-DIN ibn SARMADI. See Muhammad ibn 

Valad ibn Jalal u1-DIn Muhammad. 

BAHA nl-DIN ZAKARIYYA. See Zakaeiyta. 

BAHA ULIAH. See Husain 'Ali ibn 'Abbas. 

BAHADUR 'ALI, Mir, Husaini.' [Hindustani trans- 
lation of Ta'rikh i Asham.] See Ahmad ibn Mu- 
hammad ValI. 

BAHADUR SHAH (Shah 'Alam), Emperor of Hindu- 
stan. [Ivj/e.] (See Ieadat Khan (Mubarak Ui.lah). 

BAHA'I, See Muhammad ibn Husain (Baha ul- 

PAHA'I, Shaikh. [Hikayat. A tale in verse.] 
See Nasr u1-DIn, Mulld. Jl jjJ^j cu'oli^s^ [Hika- 
yat.] [1882.] 12°. ' 14783. a. 6. 

BAHAR. See Muhammad 'Al! ibn Abi Talib. 

See Tekchand. 

BAHJAT. See Muhammad Taj uI-DIn. 

See Nathan Lal. 

BAHLUL, Shaikh. Jl ^_jy^ [Masnavl. A mystic 
poem.] See Muhammad Zardar Khan, xl, ^as. 
J! j=^ [Rahbar i rah i hakk.] pp. 190-220. 

[1877.] 8". ' 14119. c. 28. 

• jy^ . . . (_yyjUj [Masnavl.] pp. 30, Uth. 

jX^ I AAA [Luchww, 1888.] 8°. 14787. g. 29.(5.) 

BAHMAN. <CclJ ^jA^ L_jUi^ lift [Bahman-namah. 
An epic poem on the model and in the metre of 

the Sliah-naraah, celebrating the exploits of Bah- 
man ibn Isfandiyar. Edited by Rustam ibn 
Bahram.] pp. 552, Uth. ,JkJUj irro [Bombay, 
1907.] 8°. ' 14797.6.44. 

BAHMAN ibn KAI-KUBAD. Translation ... of 
the Kissah-i-Sanjan ; or History of the arrival 
and settlement of the PArsis in India. By Lieu- 
tenant E. B. Eastwick. With a few annotations 
by the Rev. John Wilson. 1842. See Academies, 
etc. — Bombay. — Bombay Branch of the Royal 
Asiatic Society. The Journal, etc. vol. i., pp. 167- 
191. Bombay, [}84>l-]18U, etc. 8°. Ac. 8827. 

BAHMANJ! pOSABHAi. [Vocabularies to " Idio- 
matic Sentences."] See Dosabhai Sohkabji. 

BAHR ul-'ULUM. See Muhammad 'Abd uI-'AlI. 

BAHRAM, Prince of Rum, JsJi^ j J^ L_>Ui' \^a, 
[Bahram u Gulandam. A romance. Followed by 
Kissah i jam u kalyan u khanchah, a poetical 
dialogue between the cup, the Ualyan, and the 
tray. With illustrations.] S.\Q,Uth. [Persio,n.d.] 
4°. 14783. d. 13.(3.) 

BAHRAM ibn BIZHAN, Mobed. [Edit.] See Bah- 
ram ibn Fakhad ibn Isfandiyar. 




'JJ^ ^Umj.U 1 >[jS Icka [Kulli- 

yat i chahar chaman, or Sharistan. Histories and 
legends of ancient kings of Persia, an account of 
Zoroastrianism, and (in bk. 4) a discourse on astro- 
nomy. With preface on geography, efc, by Manekji 
Limji Hushang. Edited by Bahram b. Bizhan, 
Khudadad b. Ardaslilr Khuda-bandah, and Ru- 
stam Bahram Suriish Tafti.] pp. viii. 802, Uth. 
Juu) irrv [Bombay, 1909.] 8°. 14773. e. 27. 

Jl ^jIjLi, Li L_>Ui'lA!b [Sharistan. Chapters 

i.-ii., and part of iii.] pp. 665, Uth. ,<ji-«^ irv. 
[Bombay, 1854.] 8°. 14783. e. 4. 

BAHRAM-SHAD ibn KHIRADRUS. [For certificate 
alleged to have been given to B. by 'All :] See 
'Ali ibn Abi Talib. 

BAHU. ^Ij ui.ysr>- jjlyj [Divan. Poems.] pp.16, 

Uth. eL>/lU« lAv. [Sialkot, 1870.] 8°. 

14837. f. 1.(6.) 

BAIDAVi. See 'Abd Ullah ibn 'Umab. 






BAIHAKI. See Muhammad ibu u1-Husain (Abu 

BAIJ-NATH, Munshi, 2nd South Staffordshire 
Regiment. Persian Manuscripts for Lower and 
Higher Standard Examinations, with copious 
notes, pp. 52, lith. Umballa, 1900. 8°. 

757. e. 56. 

BAINBEIDGE (John). CI. v. J. B. . . . Canicu- 
laria . . . quibus accesserunt, insigniorum aliquot 
Stellarum Longitudines, et Latitudines, ex astro- 
uomicis observationibus Ulug Beigi, etc. pp. 119. 
Oxonia; 1648. 16°. 533. a. 38. 

BAIRAM khan, Khdn-hhandn. The Persian and 
Turki Divans of Bayram Khan, Khan-khanau. 
Edited by E. Denison Ross. pp. v. 91. 1910. 
See Academies, e/c. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Societij 
of Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica. vol. 189. 1848, 
etc. 8°. 14002. a. (vol 189.) 

BAIZAVi. See 'Abd Ullah ibn 'TJmae. 

BAKHT SINGH, Munshi. '—^}f^ ,ja^] ^-^As^ ^[LjX!^ hj ['Ajib ul-kisas, or Shabistan i 
'ishrat. A romance.] pp. 198, lith. jy>^^ '^"^ 
iCawnpore,\8Td.'] 8°. 14783.6.8.(1.) 

BAKHTIYAR. The Bakhtyar Nameh, or Story of 
Prince Bakhtyar and the Ten Viziers ; a series 
of Persian tales. . . . [Edited with English trans- 
lation by] Sir W. Oaseley. pp. vii. 119, 135. 
London, 1801. 8°. 86. g. 22. 

[Another copy of the Persian text.] 

757. h. 6. 

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by A. de Biberstein Kazimirski.] (duU .Lxisr) 
pp. 127, lith. Paris, 1839. 8°. 757. f. 32. 

Bakhtiar nameh, ou Le Favori de la fortune, 

conte traduit du persan. Par M. Lescallier. 
pp. xvi. 232. Par/s, an xiii., 1805. 8°. 757. e. 8. 

The Bakhtyar Nama : a Persian romance. 

Translated from a manuscript text by Sir W. 
Ouseley. Edited, with introduction and notes, by 
W. A. Clouston. pp. li. 232. Privately frinfcd : 
Larkhall, Lanarkshire, 1883. 8°. 757. b. 38. 

BAKHTIYAR ibn AHMAD ibn MUSA (Kuxb ul- 
Din), Ushi Kdlil. [Life and Teachings.'] See 
Muhammad BuiAK. 

[Edit.] See Hasak (Mu'in uI-Din). 

[Another copy.] 

757. b. 38.* 

[For the Epistle of Mu'in ul-Din Chishti 

to K. ul-D. B. :] See Hasan (Mu'in u1-Din). 

Jl ^jjjJI L_^la!i . . . (j'^.ii [Divan. Poems, 

maiuly mystical.] pp. 226, /t7/i. y.^ iavI [Luck- 
now, 1879.] 8°. 14797. g. 9.(4.) 

ijjj. ^^ i_<y^ [Masnavi i mai-rang. A 

mystical poem.] pp. 136, Zt7/i. ^uJl^ul. [Caivn- 
pore, 1890.] 8°. "l4787. g. 29.(6.) 

EAKL See Giridhaei-prasada. 

See Muhammad BakI Bi'llah. 

BAKIR MAJLISi (Muhammad). See Muhammad 
Bakir ibn Muhammad Taki. 

BAKLL See Ruzbahan ibn Abi Nase. 

BAKtJRAH. Jl ^J>^ ^}^ } ^Ij^ yy [Naubar 

i shirln. A religious novel to vindicate the truth 
of Christianity. Being a Persian translation by 
'Abd ul-Masih of the Arabic work Bakfirah sha- 
hiyyah.] pp. 493, 4, lith. j^l, [Lahore, 1897.] 
8°. 14701. c. 8. 

BALAIBALAN. [For the Asl ul-makasid, or 
Dictionary of B. :] See Asl. 

BALAK RAM, Munshi. [Hindustani translation, 
etc., of Sikandar-namah.] See Ilyas ibn Yusup. 

BAL'AMI (Abu 'Ali Muhammad). See Muhammad 
ibn Muhammad (Abu 'Ali). 

BALAVANTA-RAU BHAI-SAHEB,S/«f?/(j/f7. [Trans- 
lation of Gwaliyar-uamah, with supplement.] Se* 


Pessimism of Omar Kbayam, the Astronomer- poet 
of Persia, pp. vi. 50. Bombay, [1903.] 8°. 

757. d. 60. 

BALCARRES, Baron Lindsay of. Sec Lindsay. 

BALFOUR (Edward). Jl ^j^J^ ^J^^ lu.j.1^ [Gul- 
dastah i sukhan. Extracts from Persian (pt. i.) 





and Hindustani (pt. ii.) poets.] pp. 256, lith. 
^J^ I A* I [Madras, 1851.] 8°. 767. g. 13.* 

[Another copy.] 14787. e. 12. 

BALFOUR (Francis\ [Edit, and translation of 
Insha.] See Haei-kakana. 

BALKHL See Ibn uI-Bai.khi. 

Bai-avanta-eau Bhai-saheb. 

BAMUN 'ALI, called Raji, Klrmanl. t-j'Of Ijjb 
^jSj^ Aaj>- [Hamlah i Haidari. A masnavi 
poem on tlie life and exploits of 'All, written by 
command of Shahzadali Ibrahim Khan.] ff. 208^ 
llth. J^ \ r^ . [Teheran, l8o4.] Fol. 14787. k. 4. 

^j^ji^ <iU=- v__)'jii' ! JJ6 [Hamlah i H.iidarl.] 

ff. 208, lith. I rAr [Persia, 1866.] Fol. 14787. k. 1. 

BANAKITI. See Da'ud ibn Abi 'I-Fazl Muhammad. 

BAUKE MIYAN. See Muiiammad Yusup 'AlI Shah 
ibn Muhammad Jalal uI-DIn Khan. 

BANKIPORE. Catalogue of the Arabic and Persian 

Manuscripts in the Oriental Public Library at 

Bankipore. Persian Poets [vols, i.-iii.], prepared 

by . . . Abdul Muqtadir. (Prepared . . . under 

the supervision of E. Denison Ross.) Calndta, 

1908, etc. 8°. 757. h. 64. 

In progress. 

BANVALI DAS, called Vali. [Gulzar i hal, version 
of Prabodha-cbandrodaya.] See Krishna Misra. 

BAftLI. See Ruzbahan ibn Abi Nas 


BARAHMAN. See Chandarbhan. 

BARAKAT ULLAH, called 'JshkI and Sahib ul- 
Baeakat. ^_iy>^ — ;_/-^ uj'y.'J - i.::-'^^' ^^^ 

[Majma' ul-barakat. Comprising (1) Divan, 
ghaxuls and quatrains ; (2) Masnavi i riyaz i 
'ishk, a mystic poem ; (3) Risalah i su'al u javab, 
a religious catechism ; (4) 'Avarif i hindi, maxims 
in Hindustani with Persian paraphrase and ex- 
emplifying quotations. Compiled with Hindu- 
stani introduction and biography by 'Ali Ahsan.] 
pp. 26, \m,lith. ^ [Uardoi, 1897.] 8°. 

14787. b. 24. 

BARB (Heineich Alfred). [Edit.] See Hikatah. 

See Lk Cleec (G. It.), Count de 


See MusiiiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mu- 

8HAEUIP u1-DIn), called Sa'dI. — Nasiliat ul-Mululc. 

BARBIER de MEYNARD (Chaeles Adeikn Casi- 
miu). [Translation of extract from Ta'rikh i 
guzidah.] See Ahmad ibn Abi Bake ibn Nase. 

[Translation of Fath 'Ali's plays.] See 

Fath 'AlI, Akhund- zddah. 

[Edit.] See Hasan (Abu 'I-Kasim), called 


[Translation, etc., of extracts from Rau?at 

ul-jannat.] See Muhammad (Mu'In nl-DlN)j 

[Annotated translation of Bustan.] See 

MusLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushakeip uI-Din), 
called Sa'd!. — Bustan. 

BARETTO (Joseph). 




[Shams ul-lughat. A dictionary of Arabic, Per- 
sian, and common Turkish words, explained in 
Persian. Compiled under the direction of J. B.] 
2 vols. pp. 632, 541. i^ i^.t [Calcutta, ISOO.] 
4°. 14815. g. 2. 

Imperfect, wanting pj). 249-52 of vol. i. 


>'jS [Shams ul-lughat. 
Edited by Niir ul-Huda Ba talib 'All.] pp. 342, 
lith. ^J^ irvv [Bombaij, 1861.] Fol. 

14815. h. 3. 

l:i;'.*U1 ^_;.w«-i [Shams ul-lughat. Edited 

by Ibrahim b. NQr Muh. Pulbandarl, Niir ul-Din 
b. Jivan Khan, and Siraj ul-DIn Panjabl.] 2 vols.,, 
lith. ^JUtj (AW [Bombay, 1877.] Fol. 

14815. h. 6. 
BARIA (J. H.). [Translation of Gulistan i.] See 
MubLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushaeeip uI-Din), called 
Sa'dI Gulistan. 

BARIA (S. B.). See Shapueji Bhikhaji Babia. . 

BARKHVURDAR ibn MAHMUD, called Mumtaz, 

Fiirahl. i—jJJiJl i__>jjts-* i__)'uiaju*< i^'jS [MahbQbr 
ul-kuliib, or Shamsah u kahRah. Moral tales and 
anecdotes.] pp. 558, lith. iJ^-« ""•'' [Bombay', 
1852.] 8°. 14783. f. 18. 





BARKHVURDAE ibn MAHMUD, called Mumtaz, 
Fardlii [continued), jy>*!*-< i-->jiiiil i_->jJksr< l—sU^ 
iA^ J i^AJLi [Malibub ul-kulub. Illustrated.] 
pp. X. 536, nth. ,Jo^ irn [Bombay, 1908.] 8°. 

14783. f. 17. 

History of Nassar. — History of Farrukh- 

ruz. — Persian stories. [Tales from tbe Malibub 
ul-kulub. Translated by E. Rehatsek.] See 
Clouston (W. a.), a Group of Eastern Romances, 
etc. 1889. 8". 14003. h. 21. 

UjJ J lie, L_>'a/ [Ra'na u ziba. Moral 

tales and anecdotes. Illustrated.] fF. 26, lith. 
ir.r [Persia, 1885.] 4°. 14783. d. 13.(2.) 

BARLAAM. [For the Persian versions of the 
Legend of Barlaam and Josaphat (Joasaph), com- 
monly known as the Tale of Bilauhar and Bu- 
zasif (or Yiizasif) :] See Bilauhar. 

BARMAK, Family of. [History.] See 'Abd ul- Jalil 
ibn Yahta. 

BARIfET (Lacea Clipfokd). [Edit, and trans- 
lations.] See 'Abd u1-Baha ibn Baha Ullah. 

BARROIS (Theophile). Catalogue des livres 
persans . . . etc. qui se trouvent a la Librairie 
etrangere de Th. Barrois fils, etc. 2 pts. Paris, 
1832, 35. 8". 14598. b. 2.(1.) 

BARTOL'D (Vasily Vladimibovich). [Edit.] See 
Academies, etc. — Petrograd. — Ohshchestvo Vosto- 

[Edit.] See Muhammad ibn Ja'far (Abo 


TypEecTaHi bx anoxy MoHroibCKaro HaniecTBifl. 

^acTb nepBan. TeKCTU. ('lacTt BTopafl. H3CJi1i;iOBaHie.) 
[Turkestan at the time of the Mongol invasion.] 
2 nacT. 1898-1900. See Academies, etc. — Petro- 
grad. — Imperatorshy SanMpeterburgslcy Universitet. 
Hsxauifl, etc. No. 4. 1899, etc. 8°. . 14005. f. 4. 

BARZU, son of Sohrab. La Gazzella di Berzu. 
[An episode from the Barzii-namah, a romantic 
poem on the adventures of the Persian hero 
Barzii.] Traduzione dal persiano di V. Rugarli. 
pp. 19. Bologna, 1889. 8°. 767. k. 46. 

BASAVAK LA'L, called Shadan. Memoirs of the 
Pnthan Soldier of Fortune, the Nuwab Ameer- 
ood-Doulah Mohummud Ameer Khan, Chief of 

Seronj, Tonk, Rampoora, Neemahera, and other 
places in Hindoostan. Compiled in Persian by 
Busawun Lai. [Translated into English by 
H. T. Prinsep. With map.] pp. xxii. 508. 
Calcutta, 1832. 8°. 757. f. 2. 

BASHARAT 'ALI, called Khapa. [Edit.] See 
'Umae Khayvam. — Rubaiyydt. 

BASHARAT ULLAH, Shah. e^j^j ^>\ [A'lnah 
i vahdat. Sufic ghazals, pt. 1 in Persian, pt. 2 
in Hindustani.] pp. 66, ii., lith. y.^ [Lucknow, 
1882.] 8°. 14797. g. 15.(11.) 

BASHIR. See Muhammad BashIr. 

BASHIR ul-DIN, Kanaujl. [For polemic against 
tbe Sava'ik ul-ilahiyyah of B. ul-D.:] See Muhibb 

BASSETT (James). [Translation of Shorter 
Catechism.] See England. — Divines, Assembly of. 


Jjis- ;! 1,1' -■■■'', I "• Asrlif ,..)] 

j"^' ^ji> '^ijT "^^ J' ' — ^^j^ "^.^ lij-'- 
J! ijM.[i iilflJ! . ^*i,jjJlJl [SuriJd. Hymns in Persian. 

Revised and enlarged edition.] pp. 56, lith. 
[Teheran, 1884.] 12°. 14701. a. 2. 

BATSON (Heneietta M.). [Commentary on 'U mar 
Khayyam.] See 'Umar Khayyam. — Rubaiyydt. 

BAVARIK. [For al-Tavarik ul-ahmadiyyah, a 
polemic against the Sava'ik ul-ilahiyyah, a critique 
of the Bavarik ul-muhammadiyyah, a work against 
the Vahhabi sect :] iSee Muhibb Ahmad. 

BAYER (Edmund A.). [Edit.] See Hasan (Abo 
'1-Kasim), called Firdausi. 

See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Md- 

shaerip uI-Din), called Sa'di. — Selections, 


BAYLEY {Sir Edward Clive). The History of 
India as told by its own historians. The local 
Muhammadan dynasties. Gujarat . . . Partially 
based on a translation by ... J. Dowson [of the 
Mir'at i Sikandari] . . . Forming a sequel to Sir 
H. M. Elliot's History of the Muhammadan 
Empire of India, pp. xx. 519, London, \88^. 8°, 

09057. d. 24. 

BAYLEY (William Bdttebwoeth). [Edit.] See 





BAZIL. See Muuamuad RafI', called Bajil. 

BAZMI. See 'Abd u1-Shakoe ibn Mcnavvab, 

BEALE (Thomas William). Miftah-ul-Tawarikh, 
or The Key to History, being a collection of the 
most valuable chronograms in the Persian lan- 
guage, shewing the exact year and date of the 
births, deaths, &c. &c. of Mahoniedan kings, 
philosophers and other eminent men with histori- 
cal observations ; also inscriptions of ancient 
buildings with their descriptions ... to the 1265th 
year of the Hijree era, etc. (i?. .Lill ljki«) pp. 009, 
viii., lith. Agra, 1849. 4^ 14773. g. 5. 

Fy'y^' 7-'J^< [Miftali ul-tavarikh.] pp. xi. 

406, nth. ^^:i^ iNiv [Cawnpore, 1867.] Fol. 

14773. i. 7. 

Jl ^_giW•^ ^^ijJl 'V^; 

jj!o [MiftaH ul-tavarikh. 

Wrongly described on the title-page as the Jami' 
ul-tavarikh of Rasliid ul-Diu Ghazani.] pp. 400, 
lith. j^\^ iMv [Cawnpore, 1807.] Fol. 14779. i. 5. 

BEDER ALL See Badr 'Ali. 

BEER (Ernst). [Edit.] See 'Ali Riza ibn 'Abd 

SHAD ibn Khibadeos. 

BEHRNAUER (Walter). [Preface to Burdah.] 
See Muhammad ibn Sa'Id, Buslrl. 

BEIDHAWI. See 'Abd Ullah ibn 'Umar. 

BEKCHURIN (Mir Salih). See Salih Bekchdrin. 

BiKERMADJIET, Souverain d'Aotehine. See Vi- 

BEL'AMJ (ABon-'ALi-Mo'HAMMED). See Muham- 
mad ibn Muhammad (Abu 'Ali). 

BELFOUR (F. Cunningham). [Edit, and trans- 
lation of Muh. 'All Haziu's Autobiography.] See 
Muhammad 'AlI HazIk. 

BELQRAMT. See Amie Haidae, 

BELL (Geeteude Lowthian). [Translations from 
Hafiz.] See Muhammad Hafiz, Shtrdzl. 

BELL (Robert Anning). [Illustrations to 'Umar 
Khayyam.] See 'Umae Khaytam. — Ruhaiyydt. 

BENOAL. — Committee of Puhlie Instruction. Selec- 
tions ; descriptive, scientific, and historical ; 
translated from English and Bengalee into Persian. 
Compiled and published under the authority of 
the Committee of Public Instruction. XJ>4^) 
(Jl j^J! 4>^ uij'w«jJju pp. viii. 311. Calcutta, 
1827. 8°. 14822. d. 3. 
Governor and Council. Regulations for 

the administration of justice in the courts of 
Mofussil Dewannee Adaulut, and in the Suddur 
Dewannee Adaulut, passed in Council the 5th of 
July 1781. ( Jl J.A««11 .^ii A Persian trans- 
lation of the Regulations for the administration 
of justice in the courts of Suddur and Mofussil 
Dewannee Adaulats ... by W. Chambers.) 2 pts. 
Ca/cM<{fl., 1781-82. 4°. 504. g. 19. 

[Another copy of the Persian text.] 

757. i. 40.(1.) 

Jl iSijJjJLc« , jSm [a selection from the 
most important Regulations for the administra- 
tion of justice in the courts of Sadr and Mufassal 
Divilnl ' Translated by W. Chambers.] 
pp.28. ivAi [Ca/cM/fa, 1781.] 4°. 757.1.40.(2.) 

Jl -«aisr< J^l ,j!L,ii A Persian abridge- 
ment of the Regulations of the 5th. of July, 1781, 
for the Mufussul and Sudder Dewanny Adavilets. 
(A translation of the Persian abridgement of the 
Regulations of the 5th. of July, 1781, for the 
Sudder and Mufussul Dewanny Adaulets.) [By 
W. Chambers.] 2 pts. Calcutta, 1783. 4°. 

504. g. 20. 

[Another copy.] 757. i. 40.(3.) 

BENJAMIN ben MISHA'EL. [Edit, of 'Aliedath 
YishaU, with translation.] See 'Abbas (J. S.). 

BENJAMIN ben YOHANAN, Kohen, of Bokhara. 
[Edit, of Pioverbs, with translation, eic] Sk9 
Bible. — Old Testament. 

[Edit, of Prayer-book, with translation.] 

See Liturgies. 

BENNET ( ), Lieutenant of Artillery. [Transla- 
tion of autobiography of Shah Shuja'.] S«e 
Shuja' ul-McLK. 





BENSON (Akthue Christophee) . [Introduction to 
'Cmar Khayyam.] See 'Umae Khayyam.— Eufca- 

BEREZTN (Il'ya Nikolaevich) . [Edit., with trans- 
lation, of History of the Mongols.] See Rashid 
ul-^iN Tabib. 

BERLIN.— Kuniyltche Bihliotliek. Die Haud- 
schrifteu-Verzeichnisse der koniglichen Bibliotbek 
zu Berlin. Berlin, 1878, etc. 4°. 11905. m. 

BERNET? (Emile). [Hikmat i nasiriyyab, trans- 
lation from Descartes' Principes de la Philosophic, 
etcJ] See Dlscartes (R.). 

BEEZHE(Adol'pPetrovich). [Ti-anslation of essay 
of Mirza Jabbar.] See Jabbae, Hdji Mlrzd. 

BERZTJ, son of Sliorah. See Bakzu. 

BESANT (Thomas Heney Gatehouse). The 
Persian and Urdu Letterwriter, with an English 
translation and vocabulary. Compiled and trans- 
lated by Captain T. H. G. Besant . . . with the 
assistance of Namat Khan, Akbarabadi. pp. viii. 
175, 191. Calcutta, 1843. 8°. 14807. c. 2. 

Second edition, pp. viii, 175, 191. 

Calcutta, 1845. 8°. 757. e. 24. 

BEVERIDGE (Annette Susannah). [Edit., with 
translation, of Humayun-namah.] /See Gclbadan. 

BEVERIDGE (Henry). [Translation of Ma'asir 
nl-umara.] See ' Abd u1-Razzak (Samsam u1-Daulah 
Shah-navaz Khan) and 'Abd uI-Hakk ibn Shah- 


[Translation of Akbar-namah.] See Abu 

'1-Fazl ibn Mubarak. 

[Analysis of Khvurshid jahan-numa with 

translation of extracts.] See IlahI Bakhsh ibn 
'Ali Bakhsh. 

[Edit.] See Jahangie. 

BHASKARA ACHARYA. Bija Ganita : or The 
Algebra of the Hindus. [Translated from Sanskrit 
into Persian by 'Ata UUah Rashidi, and thence 
into English] by E. Strachey. [With notes by 
S. Davis.] pp. iii. 119. London, 1813. 4°. 

8532. f. 2. 

The Lilavati, a treatise on arithmetic, 

translated into Persian, from the Sanscrit work 

of Bhascara Acharya, by the celebrated Feizi. 
i^J^U &s^) pp. 158. Calcutta, 1827. 8°. 

14766. d. 1. 

BHIKHARI, Shaikh. See Nizam uI-DIn. 

BHUVAH ibn KHAVAS KHAN, Miydn. l^iJ! ^s^ 
^''J^ jSJ^ [Ma'din ul-shifa. Prescriptions, com- 
piled and translated from Hindi and Sanskrit 
medical works for Sikandar Shah.] pp. 492, lith. 
yLj$3 I AW [iwcfcttou;, 1877.] 4°. 14753. g. 6. 

ij*'-^ j>i<J^ li-iJl e;J*-« [Ma'din ul-shifa.] 

pp. 496, /(%. yjC lAAi [Lwc/^now, 1889.] Fol. 

14753. h. 7. 
BIANCHI (Thomas Xaviee). Bibliographic Otto- 
mane . . . depuis . . . 1856 (1273) jusqu'a ce 
moment (1279). 4 pts. 1859-63. See Academies, 
etc. — Paris. — Societe Asiatique. Journal Asiatique, 
etc. 5* serie, torn. 13, 14, 16; 6 serie, torn. 2. 
1822, etc. 8°. Ac. 8808. 

Catalogue general des livres arabes, per- 

saus et turcs, imprimes a Boulac, etc. 1843. See 
AcADEMiESjeic. — Paris. — Societe Asiatique. Journal 
Asiatique, etc. 4° serie, torn. 2. 1822, etc. 8°. 

Ac. 8808. 

Notice sur le premier onvrage d'anatomie 

et de medecine, imprime en turc a Constantinople 
. . . Suivie du Catalogue des livres turcs, arabes 
et persans, imprimis a Constantinople, depuis . . . 
1726-27, jusqu'en 1820. pp. 40. Paris, 1821. 
8°. 7405. aaa. (1.) 

BELIN (Feancois Alphonse). Bibliographie 
Ottomane, ou Notice des livres . . . imprimes a 
Constantinople durant les annees 1281, 1282 et 
1283 (-1293) de THegire. 5 pts. 1868-77. See 
Academies, e<c. — Paris. — Societe Asiatique. Journal 
Asiatique, etc. 6' serie, torn. 11, 14, 18 ; 7" serie, 
tom. 1, 9. 1822, etc. 8°. Ac. 8808. 

with translation, etc., of Minuchihri's poems.] See 
Ahmad (Abu '1-Najm). 

[Edit.] See Bakhtiyae. 

[Translation of Gulistan.] See Muslih ibn 

'Abd Ullah (Mushaeeip uI-Din), called Sa'di. — 

Dialogues fran9ais-persans, etc. pp. xvi. 

1118. Paris, 1883. 8°. 12906, bb. 46. 







Biblia Sacra Polyglotta, complectentia textus 
originales, Hebraicum, cum Pentateucho Sa- 
maritano, Chaldaicum, Graecum ; versionumque 
antiquarum, SamaritaDao, Grsece LXXII Interp., 
Chaldaicaa, Syriacse^ ArabiciBj ^tbiopic?©, Persicse, 
Vulg. Lat. . . . cum . . . tran&lationibus latinis 
[of the Persian Pentateuch by T. Hyde and of 
the Persian Gospels by S. Clarke] . . . Edidit B. 
Waltonus. [Including Jacob Ta'Qs's Persian 
version of the Pentateuch (vol. 4) and a Persian 
translation of the Gospels from a ms. of E. Po- 
cocke (vol. 5).] 6 vols. Londini, 1655-57. Fol. 

675. 1. 1-6. 

(Glen's ver.sion of the Persian Old Testament. 
Third edition. Martyn's version of the Persian 
New Testament. Seventh edition.) pp. i. i. 1368. 
lAVA [ionrfoM, 1878.] 12°. 3070. b. L 


.Jo lis- SiC . Jf^-J^ ^i^ C^^JO (JixJ (-.jJLc 


(Persian Bible. Revised by Rev. Robert Bruce.) 
2 pts. ^^JjJ I Ale [London, 1895.] 8°. 

3068. eee. 18. 

□"N'-a:) ■'Din nppi) n«sp« ^<' n-\-)r\ ^v^2^n nm:in 

[Bible. The version of R. Bruce, put into Hebrew 
script by Niir UUah b. Mosheh, aided in the Penta- 
teuch by Khudadad b. Eliyahu.] 6 pts. ]12b 
[London,] Cambridge printed, 1899-1909. 8°. 

14701. b. 2. 

[Bible. Reduced by photography from R. Bruce's 
edition.] 2 vols. M.i [London, 1901.] 8°. 

757. f. 60. 


vhv2. riDJ-nrim •'"rn . . . mna /itt^-nso ..." nmn 
-D-isi ^^^<3 ^--lyD y^b "ai;?! D"i'?pJ« u^y^n n^ys'vb 

'131 [Pentateuch. Hebrew text, with the Hebrew 
commentary of Solomon ben Isaac (Rashi), the 
Targum of Oukelos, the Arabic version by Saadinh, 
and the Persian by Jacob ben Joseph Ta'us, all 
in Hebrew script.] ff. 458. XV «r3Jt2ttnp [Con- 
stantinople, 1546.] . Fol. 1902. c. 2. 

Old Testament (cuntinued). 

(jjo J/^yc (^/w-«>»- (__>»ii^ [Pentateuch. Translated 
by T. Robinson.] pp.i. 389, iv. xi^ iata [Cal- 
cutta, 1828.] 4°. 1110. h. 8. 

ij,y]l iAs-J [Pentateuch. A Moslem version of 
the Pentateuch in Arabic, Persian, and Hindu- 
stani.] pp. 954, Zi</i. jJu$3 lAAi [Luclcnow, 1881.] 
Fol. 3070. f. 6. 

'131 mij-l "VQMl n^DQH V•)^Bn «ipD ")5D [Penta- 
teuch. Hebrew text, with Aramaic Targum of 
Onkelos, Hebrew commentary of Rashi, and Per- 
sian translation by Simeon flakham of Bokhara. 
Edited with the Haphtaroth by Joseph Kohen, 
called Hasid.] 5 vols. d'^I^IT nv"\V\n [Jeru- 
salem, 1906-1908.] 4°. 01942.0.13. 


7-if" 3 ij^}'^i S-'''-*^ (^jjkil! yt [Genesis and 
Exodus. Revised by R. Bruce. Edited by R. H. 
Weakley.] pp. 323. y'Ji]! iau [Cairo, 1890.] 
16°. 3070. df.l. 

w w 

]^y< l:>j , J ;I Jj! l—jIjo iJ^j u-t^^ f^ [Genesis, 
Translated by Mirza Ja'far. Edited by S. Lee, 
with the help of Mirza Ibrahim.] pp. i. 100. 
^^ \sfs [London, 1821.] 8°. 1004. g. 7. 

ty't*T3 ")3D «'' n^^:'^<^n [Genesis. Bruce's 

version, put into Hebrew script by Nur Ullah 
ben Mosheh.] pp. 172. T^yh [London,] 1896. 
12°. 14701. b. 5. 

J! i;ijlj>J.^ J>^ ^j~jJJi!l ^ (Genesis in Persian ; 
reprinted from the Bible of 1895.) pp.100. [Zo>i- 
cZori,] 1913. 12°. 14701, a. 9. 

Duo priora capita Geneseos, ex persica transla- 
tione Jac. Tawusi. See DiEU (L. de). ^^j'jyaic 
^>, U L : Rudimenta linguae persicae, efc. 1639. 
4°. 757. e. L(3.) 

J! ^^f- f^ ^_r^'^' y" (Exodus in Persian ; re- 
printed from the Bible of 1895.) pp. 134. [Lon- 
don,] 1914. 12°. 1470La. 8. 

History of Joseph from the Pentateuch, translated 
from the original Hebrew into Persian by . , . 
T.Robinson, pp.34, ii^ [Calcutta,] ]S25. 8°. 

757, a, 26. 



Old Testament {continued). 
Begin. jJu'o^ISL, [Isaiah— Malachi. Translated 
by T. Robinson.] 18 pts. [Madras, 1837.] 8°. 

1110. f. 12. 

: 6«ptn' /in-'DT') TV}?^ 1H)D [Isaiah, Jeremiah, 
and Ezekiel i.-x. 4, in Persian.] pp. 140. See 
BoETTiCHER (P. A.), afterwards Lagardb (P. A. de). 
Persische Studien. 1884. 4". Ac. 670.(Bd. 31.) 

^! ^U«i1 SAj.=r^ [Isaiah. Translated by Muh. 

Ibrahim. Edited by F. Johnson.] pp. 66. 

,jjj I Ari [Lonfion, 1834.] 8°. 3068. d. 1, 

d^'i] JuJJ A^j li' aI^.^'^'-J^' ,►?.;'> '^S II- Chronicles 
to Canticles in Persian, translated . . . by . . . 
Thos. Robinson. 8 pts. Calcutta, 1838. 8°. 

1108. f. 6. 

Oj\^,y>J [Psalms. Translated by H. Martyn and 
Sayyid'Ali.] pp.143, ^jjj iArH= [ioncZoji, 1824.] 
8<». 1003. h. 14. 

.U*iAj J.b ,y ! i_>ljli' [Psalms. Translated by 

W. Glen, aided by Mirza talib. Edited by 

W. Greenfield.] pp. 273, ^Sj!i ff-re [London, 

1835.] 12°. 3068. de. 17. 

'131 'D"13 DIJin UV U^'bnn 13D [Psalms. Hebrew 
text, with Persian translation based on -that of 
Nuriel (made c. 1740 by order of Nadir Shah). 
Followed by some Hebrew prayers. Edited by 
Benjamin Kohen Bukhari.] pp.311. Men, 1883. 
8°, 1904. d. 36.> ,jJ J jJxJi. ji-*]}< i-_jl'.».f (Persian Psalms. 
[Translated by H. Martyn.] Dr. Bruce's revision.) 
pp. 194. ^J^Xl tMi [London, 1891.] 12°. 

3070. aaa. 62. 
TIT 1131 'Ji?^ nViJ^ta 2iir\2 H^ iD'brtn [Psalms. 
The revised version of R. Bruce, put into Hebrew 
script by Nur UUah b. Mosheh.] pp. 278. pilb 
[London,] 1895. 12°. 14701. b. 3. 

Jl -^l^i—j'o^ [Psalms. R. Bruce's revision.] 

See below: New Testament. Jl A>Ss.- A^ v_jli^ 
tNew Testament.] [1898.] 8°. 3068. ee. 52. 

Jl jJ^h-< J^ t^j*^' _j* (Psalms in Persian ; 
reprinted from the Bible of 1895.) pp. 226. 
ILondmi,] 1914. 12°. 14701. a. 7. 


Old Testament (continued). 


Psalmus I. Davidis Prophetse. Persian Sj- Latin. 
See Persian Alphabet. Alphabetum Persicum, 
etc. 1783. 8°. 621. b. 5.(3.) 

'131 nmn^ •'DIXS DIJin UV "bvo ISD [Proverbs. 
Hebrew text, edited with Persian translation and 
notes, by Benjamin b.Yolianan of Bokhara.] IF. 62. 
Dbm-)TfQ-)n [Jerusalem, 1880.] 8°, 1906. a. 44. 

'131 D'^T'iyn I'ty "13D [Song of Solomon. Hebrew 
text, with Persian translations of the same and 
of the Aramaic Targum, by Simeon Hakham of 
Bokhara.] pp.56. n'JV)-)^ lOnn [Jerusalem, 1904:.] 
8°. 1973. d. 27.(2.) 

•'DINS ]wb2 DiJinn npnyn uv WT^n •^'t! -ibd 

[Song of Solomon. Hebrew text, with Persian 
translation of the same and of the Aramaic 
Targum on it, by Simeon Hakham of Bokhara.] 
ubv^-)' ^Din [Jerusalem, 189Q.] 8°. 1905. a. 24. 


Novum Testamentum domini et salvatoris nostri 
Jesu Christi ... in Persicam linguam a viro 
reverendo Henrico Martyno translatum . . . cura 
et sumtibus Societatis Biblicae Ruthenicae typis 
datum. (^--^ (.y'^ • • • ^''^ J^>) PP- 455, iv. 
Fetropoli, 1815. 4°. 465. c. 22. 

[Another copy, wanting pp. 1-8.] 

465. c. 21. 

The New Testament . . . translated . . . into 
Persian ... by the Rev. Henry Martyn . . . with 
the assistance of Meerza Sueyid Ulee, of Sheeraz. 

pp.741. Calcutta, 1816. 8°. 842. c. 9. 

Third edition, pp. ii. 518, ii. Tjondon, 

1827. 8°. 1004. c. 10. 

The New Testament . . . Translated fi'om the 
original Greek into Persian by . . . Henry Martyn 
. . . Fourth edition. (xj'o J^>^ '^^) pp. iv. 
628. London, 1837. 8°. ' 14701. d. 1. 

The New Testament . . . translated . . . by . . , 
Henry Martyn, etc. ifs^i^ py^. • • • ^'^l'^ ^'^j) 
pp. 584. Calcutta, 1841. 8°. 1108. k. 6. 





New Testament (continued). 

The New Testament . . . translated . . . by . . . Henry 
Martyn. Fifth edition. i.^„JLf ytj ^_/,..JkiUll i—j'J/) 
(^^*>^ *J,•~*T^c • • . A'JcJ' J>jJI pp. ii. 532. Eth'n- 
hunjh, 1846. 8°. 3068. f. 15. 

Sixth edition, pp. ii.532. London, 1876. 

8°. 1108. k. 9. 

^j^u-« ^_^*^ l« (New Testament in Persian. Ro- 
vi.sed by Rev. Robert Bruce.) pp. ii. 666, iii. 
(_J't^*^ ci*^ ^"^^ {.London, Leipzig printed, 1882.] 
8°. " 3068. f. 8. 

[New Testament. Followed by Psalms.] pp.947. 
London, uu [1898.] 8°. 3068.66.52. 

Qnatuor Evangoliorum Domini nostri Jesu Christi 
versio persica, Syriacam & Arabieam suavissime 
rcdolens : ad verba & mentem graeci textus fide- 
liter & veuuste concinnata . . . per Abrahamum 
Whelocura. pp. 462. Londini, 1657. Fol. 

1216. k. 3. 

. . . Jjl f^ . . , — w« py^. '-r'''J^.'-c I Hr^ ^-j'^i^ 

Jj^l .Ijs- [Gospels. Translated by L. Sebastiani.] 
pp. 342, 'i. ' aOOi uir [Calcutta, 1813.] 8°. 

1108. f. 10. 

: n'^DD J'W ND • • . •T:'1«13 . ■ • b^aia 3>*n3 [Gospels. 
H. Martyn's version, put into Hebrew script.] 
pp. 367. ]-\y\b T"Q"J1/T'« [London, 1847.] 8°. 

3070. c. 12. 

. , . ^Jiyy J'-^' ' The Four Gospels, and the Acts 
of the Apostles, in Persian. [Edited by C. B. 
Lewis.] pp. 420. Calcutta, 1850. 8°. 

3070. cc. 18. 

D"TpD ^02^< a^riD (Judaeo-Persic Gospels.) pp. i. 
367. ]l}-\b "Q'-in [London, 1880.] 12°. 

3005. aa. 8. 

[Another copy.] 14701. b. 4. 

Jl SiScJ^ Sif- L_j'Jli »_J.»"Ua.« ^-1 (St. Matthew, St. 

Mark, St. Luke, St. John, in Persian. [Translated 
by H. Martyn.] Rev. Dr. Bruce's revision.) 4 pts. 

New Testament (continued). 

pp. 108, 61, 97, 74. iAAe-li [London, 1885-01] 
12°. 3070. aaa. 63. 

J^^ 1^^ j^ ,«!T^'•**^ py^!. '-* •^jl'J^ cki^'' [Matthew. 
Translated by Muh. Fitrat, under the supervision 
of Col. R. H. Colebrook.] pp. 83. aiOi u.e 
[Ca/c««a, 1805.] 4°. 345. b. 6. 

|JU (J-J^l Lg^j"* tj^ji ^j*J*< ^^ j^ [Matthew.] 
pp. 96, lith. a;'oOj5 (All [Ludhiana, 1866.] 12". 

3068. aa. 30. 


Jl jJLc (J:^*:! (St. Matthew's Gospel in Persian ; 

reprinted from the Bible of 1895.) pp. 104. 1 1 1 r 
[London, 1912.] 8°. 761. a. 37. 

[Matthew, oh. v.-vii., in Persian (translated by 
W. Chambers) and English.] See Gladwin (F.). 
The Persian Moonshee. 1795. 4°. 89. g. 4. 

1801. 4°. 

757. k. 41. 

ij^fo l)-^^^ [Mark.] pp. 111. ^^Jal uvr [Lon- 
don, 1873.] 12°. 3068. aa. 39. 

UjJ Ch^\ k_)'.i^ [Luke.] pp. 157. ^^.jJil iavi 
[London, 1876.] 12°. 3070. a. 1. 

J! A)iW' (S. Luke in Persian. [Martyn's ver- 
sion.] Revised by Rev. Robert Bruce.) pp. 96. 
LwJ lAAr [Leipsic, 1882.] 8°. 3070. g. 21. 

Gospel according to Saint John in Persian and 
English [the former in the version of H. Martyn, 
revised by R. Bruce].) pp. 45, 45. Oxford, 1899- 
8°. 3068. df. 70. 

^'ili,\^ cJ-rfJ^^J [Matthew xiii. 1-23 and John iv. 
1-42.] ^^JJJ [London, 1873.] Fol. 

1892. d. 2.(89.) 

Uti-0}=- J^^ '-r^'-^ [Acts.] pp. 147. ^J;JJi5 iavi 
[LonJoM, 1876.] 12°. 3070. a. 2. 

Jl ^'iy^j J'^1 K->^ ^,^\ }3> (The Acts in Per- 
sian ; reprinted from the Bible of 1895.) pp. 108. 
nn [London, 1912.] 12°. 761. a. 36. 






[PentateticJi.} See Rosenmuellek (E. F. C.)- 

[Isaiah.] Sec Mv^K (S.) . 

[HiBtort/.] See Osteewald (J. F.). 

Ein persisclier Kommentar zum Buclie Samuel 
(mpia;?). [Text on 1. Sam. 25 and II. 22, edited 
with prolegomena] von W. Bacher. 1897. See 
AcAPEMiES, etc. — Germany. — Deutsche Morgen- 
liindische Geselhchaft. Zeitschrift, etc. Bd. 51, 
pp. 392-425. 1846, etc. 8°. Ac. 8815/2.(Bd. 51.) 

Bible History. Old and New Testaments. In 
Persian. (,!y^Jl ,y l_j'J/) pp. 324, 6. London, 
Leipzig [printed], 1886. 8°. 3125, ccc. 8. 

,_jMjJJ' l::,^ j'o-l Xi |^y».«j.J) ^jX^c]^] ^jjjj [Rafik ul- 
Tii'izin, or Aliadis i kudsi. Moslem traditions 

..3 ¥ 

drawn from the Pentateuch, in Arabic, with Persian 
interlinear translation.] pp. 36, lith. ,^1 Ii"aa 
[La/iore, 1871.] 8°. 14521. b. 13.(4.) 

J! ^^iaclJ! )ijij [Riifili nl-va'izTn.] pp. 36, lith. 
^.ytil I Mr [La/iore, 1876.] 8°. 14521. b. 13.(5.) 

Eine jildisch-persischo Handschrift. [212 sections 
of tales in verse from the Bible and Islamic 
tradition. Noticed] von A. Houtum-Schindler. 
1909. See Academies, etc. — Gei'many. — Deutsche 
ilorgenldndische Gesdischaft. Zeitschrift, etc. Bd. 
63,pp. 441-52. 1846, e<c. 8°. Ac. 8815/2. (Bd. 63.) 

BIBLIOTECA AMBEOSIANA. See Academies, etc.— 




See Rome. 

Academies, etc. — Petrograd, 

afterwards NATIONALE. See Academies, etc.— 

BICKNELL (Algernon Sidney). [Edit.] See Mu- 
hammad Hafiz, Shli-dzi, 

BICKNELL (Heuman). [Translations from Hafiz.] 
See Muhammad Hafiz, Shirazi. 

BIDIL. See 'Abd u1-Kadie, called Bidil. 

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Didactic refrain-poems.] 
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See AmIk Haidab. 

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y uj^s 


'^' J^/'^ 

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Michel). [Notice of Rau/.at ulsafa.] See Mu- 
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[Edit, and translation of Firishtah's 

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Reminiscences of the Babi Insurrection."] See 
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[Edit.] See Jan!. 

[Preface to Marzuban-naraah.] See Marzu- 


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Jl ^Jy^«J' uu'wib !sU**^l iir^' [Lughat nl- 

'Aini. Persian glosses on pt. ii. of 'Aiui's Arabic 
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a commentary on the Vikayah, on the margin.] 
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A commentary on Ibn ul-Hajib's Kafiyah, on 
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BUSAWUN LAL. See Basavan La'l. 

BUSHAK. See Jamal uI-Din (Abu Ishak). 

BUSIRI. See Muhammad ibn Sa'Id. 

BUSNAVi. See Suni. 

BUZUR(J-MIHR. <u'J;fti3 [Zafar-namah. Precepts 
ascribed to Buzurg-tnihr, minister to the Emperor 
NQshlrvan. Stated to be translated from tbo 
Pahlavi into Persian by Ibn Sina.] See Schepeu 
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S'.'e Essay. 

[Translation of Geographical Works of 

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(J. E.). 

CADELL (Jessie Ellen), Mrs. [Translation ■ of 
'Umar Khayyam.] See 'Umae Khayyam. — Eu- 

CAIRO BiUintliiqne KJieJiviale. tw^l^l ci-v^r^* 

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Sadr Board of Revenue. [For Rules and 

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University of Calcutta. See Academies, etc. 

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' King's College. See Academies, etc. — 


Trinity College. 


See Academies, etc. — 

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[Another copy.] 243. f. 16, 17. 

Melanges de Litterature Orientale ... On 

y a joint les Paroles remarquables, & les bons 
Mots des Orientaux, suivant la traduction de 
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758. b. 30. 

A Miscellany of Eastern Learning. Trans- 
lated [into French] from Turkish, Arabian and 

Persian manuscripts ... by Mons. Cardonne. 
Translated into English. 2 vols. London, 1771. 
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CARLSRUHE. — Orossherzoglich Badische Hof- und 
Landeshibiiothek. Die Handschriften, etc. 1891, 
etc. 8°. 2330. g. 4. 

CASTELL (Edmund). Lexicon Heptaglotton, 
Hebraicum, Chaldaicum, Syriacum, Samaritanum, 
JEthiopicum, Arabicum, conjuHctim ; et Persicum 
separatim , . . Cui accessit brevis, et harmonica . . . 
Grammatics omnium praecedentium linguarum 
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Latiuum, opera ... I. Gobi atque E. Castelli . . . 
concinnatum.) 2 torn. Londini, 1669. Fol. 

6. i. 10. 
CATALOGUES. [For catalogue of books published 
by Naval Kishor :] See Naval Kish5h. 

Cataloghi dei Codici Orientali di alcune 

Biblioteche d'ltalia, stampati a spese del Miuistero 
della Pubblica Istruzione. 5 fasc. Firenze, 1878- 
1892. 8°. 11903. g. 37. 

CEYLON. Peregrinaggio di tre giovani figliuoli 
del Re de Serendippo. Per opra di M. Christoforo 
Anneno dalla Persiana nell' Italiana lingua trap- 
portato. Venctia,lbb7. 16°. C.34.e.66. 

• ff. iii. 83. Venetia, 1622. 16°. 

1079. c. 22. 

CHACHI. See Bade uI-Din, Chdcht. 

CHAGHMINI. See Mahmud ibn 'Umae. 

CHAHAR DARViSH. ^^Jj ^j^Xijjd J^^ [Chahar 
darvish. The Four Dervishes ; a folk tale.] 
pp. 288, lith. ^_jijk*j irie [Bombay, 1878.] 8°. 

14783. d. 15. 
CHAJJAM. See 'Umae Khayyam. 

CHAKAR. See RizI Kuli Khan. 

CHAMBERS (William), Chi(f Judge at Fort 
William. [Translations of Regulations for the 
Administration of Justice.] See Bengal. 

[Translation of Matthew v.-vii.] See 

Bible. — .New Testament. 

[Edit.] See Peeiodical Publications. — 






CHAMPION (Joseph). [Translation of Shnli- 
numah.] See Hasan (Abu '1-Kasim), called Fir- 


CHANDARBHAN, Rd'i, called Brahman. [Nazik 
i khayalat, version of Atma-vilasa.] See Sankara 


^'.^^5 Li Ci^JdaLJI J>cl y Kowdyid us Sul- 

tanet Shalijeliau, or Rules observed during tlio 
reign of Shahjelian. [Ah. extract from Chahar 
chamau i Brahman, an account of Shahjahan's 
court, with English translation.] Sue Gf-adwin 
(F.). The Persian Moonshee. 1795. 4°. 89. g. 4. 

1801. 4°. 

757. k. 41. 

t^y^ [Masnavi. A mystic poem.] See 

Majmu'ah. (Jj'wy icytjs^ [Majmii'ah i rai^a'il.] 
pp. 85-113. [1877.] 8°. 14837.6.11.(4.) 


[Munsha'at. Letters and 

other literary productions.] pp. 80, lith. iaac 
[Luclcnow, 1885.] 8°, 14807. d. 18. 

CHANDIKA-PEASADA, called Napir. ^jl%'^ 

(.::,^&-Lflj [Baharistan i fasaliat. Erotic and other 

poems. With marginal notes.] pp. 41, /('</i. Ji^ 

I AAr [iywc/mo«;, 1882.] 8°. 14797. h. 24.(3.) 

CHANDIIA-LALA GUPTA. [Translation of Jang- 
nfimah.] See Ni'mat Khan, called 'Ali. 

CHAPISTARI. See Mahmud ibn 'Abd uI-Karim. 

CHARKHI. See Ya'kob. 

CHARLES XII, King of Sweden. [History.'] See 
Voltaire (F. M. A. de). 

CHARMOY (Francois Bernard). [Translation of 
Sliaraf-namah.] See Sharap Khan ibn Shams 

ExpMition de Timour-i-lenk on Tamerlan 

centre Toqtamiche, Khan de I'Ouloiis de Djofltchy, 
en 795 de I'Hegire, etc. (Pieces justificatives 
Textes persans, arabes et turk suivis de leurs tra 
ductions.) 1836. iSee Academies, e<c, — Petrograd 
— Academia Selentiarum Tmperialis. M^moires . . 
VI* serie. Sciences politiques, histoire et philo 
logie. tome iii., pp. 89-505. 1831-59. 4°. 

Ac. 1125/2. 

CHASSEBCEUF DE VOLNEY (Constantin Francois), 
Count. Simplification des langues orientales, ou 

M^tliode nouvelle et facile d'apprendre les langues 
arabe, persane et turque, e<c. pp. 136, 2. Pari*, iii. 
[1795.] 8°. 621.6.11. 

CHAXTDHITR!. See Shahbaz Khan. 

CHEGHMENY (Mahmood). See Mahmud iba 


CHELA. See Nub Muhammad. 

CHEREFEDDIN ALL See 'AlI (Sharap u1-DIn). 

CHEREF-EDDIN RAMI. See Hasan ibn Muham- 
mad (Sharap uI-DIn). 

CHEREF-OU'DDINE, Prince of Bidlis. See Shaeaf 
Khan ibn Shams u1-DIn. 

CHERIF. See Sharif. 

CHHABEL! ram. ± J-ti-H^ Jj ^U tjXi [Barah- 
masah. An erotic treatise, written, partly in 
prose partly in verse, in Persian and Urdu.] 
pp. 46, Uth. ^^'Jy-- lAVA [Sitapur, 1878.] 8°. 

14797. g. 15.(1.) 
CHHAJJU SINGH, Sardar. [Translation of Inter- 
mediate Course.] See Academies, etc. — Lahore. — 
Punjab University. 

[Translation of Gul i Bakavali.] See 

'IzzAX Ullah, Bangdll. 

[Translation of Bagh u bahar.] See Khus- 

RAU, Amir. 

CHHANtJ-LAL GUPTA. Bunch of Proverbs. <tL,jJlf 
c:..!Kj'«:^* ^ J'Xoil! A magazine containing abonb 
1,100 English proverbs, idioms, idiomatic sen- 
tences and aphorisms, with their equivalents in 
Urdu, some in Hindi and Persian. New edition, 
pp. 60. [Dellii, 1892.] 8°. 14119. a. 26.(2.) 

CHHATAR MAL, son of Purdn-chand. A transla- 
tion of the Deewan Pusund [i.e. Divan i pasand], 
being a treatise on agriculture and revenue 
accounts ; to which is appended a short essay on 
husbandry as applicable to the Province of Behar. 
Both rendered into English from the original 
Persian, with . . . improvements and additions, 
by L. Dacosta. pp. v. 255, 24. Calcutta, 1824. 
4°. 767. i. 42. 

— — [Another copy, wanting pp. 145-8.} 

767. i. 42.* 





CHHATAR MAN, Kayastha. Extracts from . . . 
tlie Chahar Gulshan translated and annotated. 
See Yadu-natha Sarkar. The India of Auraug- 
zih, etc. pp. 123-178. 1901, 8°. 757. e. 57. 

CHHOTE LAL, MmisM. Classified list of Arabic, 
Persian, and Urdu manuscripts. See Lucknow. — 
Provincial Museum. Catalogue of the Reference 
Library, etc. 1892. 8°. 011900. ee. 15. 

CHIHAL TUTI. ^^ J^ i-j'ai' 1 JJfc [Chihal tuti. 
A folk tale. With illustrations.] pp. 55, lith. 
^Ijxi ir.. [Tabriz, 1883.] 8°. 14783. c. 9. 

Ja^ L_)'Ji^ liA [Chihal tuti. With 

illustrations.] pp. 40, /if/t. tr, 6 [Persia, 1888.] 
40. 14783. d. 14. 

CKasKn IIonyraH. Cnopi. lamKit ct. Ka.jBflHOMT.. 

B£i6paJit 11 ciOBapeMi CHaCjiiun) B. A. JKyKOBCKiR. 
Hsjtanie Biopoe. [Select tales from the Chihal tiiti, 
eic. Edited with glossary by V. A. Zbukovsky.] 

pp. 65, 43. 1901. See Academip:s, etc. — Petro- 
grad. — Imperatorshy Sanldpeterhurgshj Vniversitet. 
Il3ji,aHiii <I'aKy;ibTeTa boctoihuxi. aatiKOBT., etc. No. 8. 
1899, etc. 8°. 14005. f. 8. 

CHINGIZ KHAN. [Eistory?^ See Turks. 

See 'UsMAN ibn Siraj uI-Din. 

CHIRAGH I DIHLI. See Mahmud (Nasie uI-Din). 

CHIRANJI LAL. [Edit.] See Muhammad Daea 
Shikuh ibn Shah-jahan and Lal Das. 

CHIRANJI LAL, of MoUndar College. [Edit.] 
See Muhammad Javahie Singh. 

CHIRANJI LAL, Bahadur. [Translation of Kha- 
yalat i sana'i'.] See Sturm (C. C). 

CHISHTI. See 'Abd uI-Hakk, Ohishti. 

See Hasan (Mu'in uI-DIn). 

CHITTAGONG. [Eistory.] See 'Abd uI-'Ali, 

CHOD^EO (Alexandee). Grammaire de la Langue 
Persane . . . Deuxieme edition augmentee de testes 
persans inedits et d'un glossaire. pp. xix. 383. 
Paris, Leide [printed], 1883. 12°. 12906. aaa. 32. 

Specimens of the Popular Poetry of Persia, 

as found in the adventures and improvisations of 

Kurroglou, and in tlie songs of the people in- 
habiting the Shores of the Caspian Sea. Orally 
collected and translated, with . . . notes, by A. C. 
vOriental Translation Fund of Great Britain and 
Ireland.) pp. x. 592. London, 1842. 8°. 

14003. d. 26. 

[For poems of Kur 'Ughll extracted from 

"Specimens of the Popular Poetry of Persia":] 
See Kde 'UghlI. 

— — [Theatre Persau, translations of dramas.] 

See Ta'ziyah. 

CHOLGIUS, Shah. See Mahmud Shah, Ehiiljl. 



See Ghiyas uI-DIn ibn Humam 

CHRISTENSEN (Arthur). [" Fremstilling af Re- 
ligionerne," translation from Kitab i bayan ul- 
adyan.] See Muhammad ibn 'Ubaid Ullah (Abu 

— ; — [Edit, with translation of 'Umar Khay- 

yam's Metaphysic] See 'Umae Khayyam. — Meta- 

Le Dialecte de Siimnan. Essai d'une 

grammaire samnanie avec une vocabulaire et 
quelques textes, suivi d'une notice sur les patois 
de Sangsar et de Lasgird. (Memoires de I'Aca- 
demie Royalo des Sciences et des Lettres de 
Danemark, Copenhague, 7"'* serie. Section des 
Lettres, t. II., n°. 4, pp. 227-300.) Kpbeiihavn, 
1915. 4°. Ac. 1023/2. 

Muhammedanske Digtere og Ta3nkere.* 

pp. vii. 224. K^benliavn og Kristiania, 190G. 8°. 

757. f. 40. 

Recherches sur les Ruba'iyat de 'Omar 

Hayyilm. pp.174. See Hartmann (M.). Materi- 
alien, e<c. Heft 3. 1900, eie. 8°. 14005. h. 3. 

CHRISTOFORO, Armeno. [Translation of Pere- 
grinaggio.] See Ceylon. 

CHUANDAMIR. See Ghiyas iiI-Din ibn Humam 

CHUB i CHINI. ,J4^=- ^-"^ ^'"^j [Risalah icbub 
i chini. A tract on China root and its uses.] 





See MansCr ilni JIuiiawmad ibn Ahmah. ii)^J>S 
Jl ^,«al« [Kifiiyah i mauiui-I, e<c.] [1869.] 8°. 
^ ^^ 14736. d. 2.(3.) 

pp. 252-55. [1873.] 8°. 

14753. e. 11. 
CIRBIED (Jacques Chahan de). See Jepetean 
(Y. Sh.). 

CLAEKE (Henkt Wilbebfoecb) . [Translation of 
Sikandar-namah i baii.] Sec Ilyas ibn Yusup. 

[Translation, etc., of Divan of Hafiz.] See 

Mdhammad Hafiz, Shirdzl. 

• [Annotated translation of Biistan.] See 

McsLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Musharbip uI-DIn), called 
Sa I)!. — Bustdn, 

[Translation of 'Avarif ul-rna'arif.] See 

'Umau ibn Muhammad (Shihab u1-DIn). 

The Persian Manual, etc. pp. xvi. 439. 

London, \%1B. 12°. 12906. bb. 24. 

CLARKE (Samuel), M.A., of Merton College, Oxford. 
[Latin translation of Persian Gospels.] See 
Bible. — Complete Bibles. 

CLOTJSTON (William Alexander). [Edit.] See 

[Translation, etc., of tbe Book of Sindibad.] 

See Sin DEAD. 

A Group of Eastern Romances and Stories 

from the Persian, Tamil, and Urdu. With intro- 
duction, notes, and appendix by W. A. C. pp. xl. 
586. L.p. Privately printed : Glasgow, 18S9. 8°. 

14003. h. 21. 

[Another copy, with ms. letter 

from W. A. Clouston.] 14003. h. 21*. 

CODRINGTON (Oliver). Catalogue of the Arabic, 
Persian, Hindustani, and Turkish MSS. in the 
Library of the Royal Asiatic Society. 1892. 8°. 
See Academies, etc. — London. — lioyal Asiatic 
Society, etc. R.Ac. 8820/3. 

A Manual of Musalman Numismatics. 

pp. viii. 239 ; 2 jj/dies. 1904. See Academies, 
etc. — London. — Royal Asiatic Society, etc. Asiatic 
Society Monographs, vol. 7. 1902, etc. 8°. 

14005. b. 7. 
Some rare and unedited Arabic and Persian 

Cunha, and some in the writer's own cabinet, 
pp. 40. Hertford, 1889. 8°. 14542. c. 9. 

COLE (Herbert). [Illustrations to 'Umnr Khay- 
yam.] See 'Umar Khayyam. — Buhaiyydt. 

COLEBROOK (Robert H.). [Translation of Mat- 
thew.] Sec Bible. — Neiv Tegtament. 

COLEBROOKE {Sir James Edward). [Translation 

of Act of 1784.] See England. 


etc. — Milan. 

See Academies, 

COLLIER (George). [For accounts of Maharaja 
Kali-krishi.ia, extracted from papers of G. C. :] 
See KalI-krishna Deva. 

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. See Academies, etc.— 
New York. 

COLVIN (Auckland). [Translation from Ta'iikh 
i Firuzshahi.] See Ziya uI-DIn, Barani. 

CONGRESSES. — International Oriental Congress. 
Menu du diner offert au VHP Congres Inter- 
national des Orientalistes, Stockholm le 7 Sept. 
1889. ie/rfe, [1889.] 8°. 761. f. 23. 

CONSTANTINOPLE. [For notice of Persian MSS. 
in Constantinople :] See Horn (P.). 

[For notices of books printed at Constanti- 
nople :] See Belin (F. A.). 

See BiANCHi (T. X.). 

See Hammer-Purgstall (J. von). 

See Huart (C). 

See Reinadd (J. T.). 

See ScHLECHTA-WssEnRD(O.M. von). 

! [Catalogue of books printed at Constanti- 

I nople in A.H. 1141-1235.] See HammiTr- 

PuRGSTALL (J. von) . Codices . . . Bibliothecse 

j Caesareo - Regio - Palatinae Vindobonensis, etc. 

! pp. 61-68. 1820. Fol. 620. k. 11. 

Catalogi librorum manuscriptorum in 

bibliothecis .. . Constantinopolitanis asservatoruin 
nunc primum . . . editi. 1858. See Mustafa ibn 
*Abd Ullah. J! ^j^^ v—Lii" Lexicon Biblio- 
graphicum, df. toni. 7. 1835-58. 4°. 14003. g. 3. 

SjJJ^.O ^^«i»- i^yo 




coins. Some in the collection of J. Gerson da | tJ^'j [Catalogue of books in the library of tho 





Aya Sufiyah Mosque (St. Sophia).] pp. i. 398. 
LijjU*" I J ii"«H= [Constantinople, 1887.] 4°. 

14598. e. 8. 

Jl jSiJJid [Catalogue of books in the Hamidiyyah 

Library.] pp. 152. [Constantinople, ]883.] 4°. 

14598. e. 4.(2.) 

Jl jAtJiii CJ3iii^yc l--.-^ [Catalogue of books 
in Kuprili-zadah Muli. Pasha's library.] pp. 247. 
[Cojistantinople, 1883.] 4°. 14598. e. 4.(1.) 

iJis^iS [Catalogue of books 

us/-"^ Ls^y^ 

in the Public Library of Constantinople.] pp. 389. 
^}yxi^J^][Constantino2^l.e, 1900?] Fol. 15000. d. 

J] jSiJiiii [Catalogue of books in the library of 

the Yeni Jami'.] pp. 103. [Constantinople, 
1883.] 4°. 14598. e. 4.(3.) 

COOMARASWAMY (Ananda Kentish). [Transla- 
tion of Suz u gudaz.] See Mohammad Riza, called 

COOFEB, (Nasarvanji Mankckji). See NasaevanjI 
Manekji Cooper. 

COOPER (Navroji Hoemdsji). See Nackoji 
HokmasjI CoOi'EE. 

COPENHAGEN Knngeligt Bibliothek. Codices 

Persici, Turcici, Hindustanici variique alii Biblio- 
thecSB Regi» Hafniensis . . . enumerati et descripti 
ab A. F. Mehren. (Codices Orientales Biblio- 
thecBB Regiffi Havniensis.) pp. iv. 92. Hafnice, 
1857. 4°. 11902. h. 31, 

[Another copy.] 

15000. c. 

CORVO (Frederick William Serafino Austin 
Lewis Rolpe), Baron. See Rolfe. 

COSTELLO (Louisa Stuart). The Rose Garden 
of Persia. [English verse-i'enderings of some 
Persian poems. With 12 illuminated pages and 
4 illustrations in colour^ by F. Gardner. Edited 
with introductions by L. S. C] pp. 189. [1913.] 
See Rose Garden Series. The Rose Garden Series. 
No. J. 1913, e<c. 8^ 757. gg. 19. 

COURT (Major Henry), Lieut. -Colonel, Bengal 
Cavalry. [Edit.] See Malcolm [Sir J.). 

COUTTS (Francis Buedett Monet). [Introduction 
to *Umar Khayyam.] See 'Umab Khayyam. — 
Rub a iyi/f't. 
CRANMER-BYNG (L.). See Btng. 

CRAWFORD, Earl of. See Lindsay. 

CRESPI (Angelo). [Preface to 'Umar Khayyam.] 
See 'Umar Khayyam. — Ruhaiyyat. 

CRISP (Burrish). [Translation of Mysore Revenue 
Regulations.] See Mysore. 

(JRIVARA. See Srivara. 

CROFTON (Henry Thomas). [Romany translation 
of one verse of 'Umar Kbayyam.] See Umau 
Khayyam. — Ruhaiyyat. 

CUMMINQ (Blanche). [Illustrations to 'Umar 
Khayyam.] See 'Umar Khayyam. — Ruhaiyyat. 

CUNHA (J. G. da). See Da Cunha. 

CURTIS, afterwards BRENTON (Elizabeth Alden). 
[Verse-translation of Baba Tahir's Ruba'iyyat.] 
See Tahie, Bdhd. 

DA'AVAT. uu^jJl j^U- t_jlji'li» [Jami' ul-da- 
'avat. Prayers for various occasions. With Namah 
i istikharah, a shorter collection, on the margin. 
Edited by Husain 'All Jahrami.] pp. 287, lith. 
^Jj^ [Bombay, 1893.] 8°. 14718. b. 2. 

DABIR. See Salamat 'Ali. 

' DABISTAN. Begin. j^lwJ JJ^) yid ^^ ^ J 
[Dabistan i mazahib. An account of Eastern 
religions and philosophies, commonly ascribed to 
MuUsin Fani. Edited, with glossary, by Nazir 
Ashraf, under the superintendence of W. B. 
Bayley.] pp. 545. u.i [Calcutta, 1809.] 4°. 

757. 1, 19. 
[Another copy.] 757. k. 11. 

(. ^1 >X« ^11^ J I >lii^ [Dabistan i mazahib.] 

pp.334, litli. ^J^x^ irir [Bombay, 1846.] Fol. 

14712. h. 2. 

I. ^a)!J.JI ^J^j^^li 

U/ IJJt [Dabistan i 
maz.ahib.] pp. 327, lith. ^_5lf^ i i-w [Bombay, 
1861.] 8°. ' 14724. d.l. 

>\jS IJjfc [Dabistan i 

mazahib.] pp. 324, lith. ,^^V*^ ""' ■■ L-BorHta//, 1875.] 
8°. 14712. e. 3. 





DABISTAN {continued). L_,>ai!xo ^jli^J [Dabistan 
i magiihib.] pp.. 396, Z?<A. y^ uw {Imehnow, 
1877.] 8°. 14712. e. 2. 

<.»„-%Aliw« ^j'jUjjJ [Dabistan i mazahib. A 

re-issue of the edition of 1877.] yi^ uai [LucJc- 
«o«;, 1881.] 8°. 14712.6.4. 

(._-^a)l>Vc ^jIjujjJ [Dabistan i ma/.ahib.] 

pp. 396, lUh. J^ \'\.i [Luchiow, 1904.] 8°. 

14728. d. 2. 

The Dabistan, or School of Manners, trans- 
lated from the original Persian, with notes and 
illustrations, by D. Shea . . . and A. Troyer . . . ; 
edited, with a preliminary discourse, by the latter. 
(Oriental Translation Fund of Great Britain and 
Ireland.) 3 vols. London, Paris printed. 1843. 
8". 14003. e. 1. 

The Dabistan; or School of Manners. Trans- 
lated by F. Gladwin. [Pt. i.] See Periodical 
Publications. — Calcvtta. New Asiatic Miscellany, 
etc. vol. i., pp. 86-136. 1789. 4°. 88. g. 9. 

• Scheik Mohammed Faui's Dabistan oder 

von der Religion der altesten Parseu. Aus der 
persischen Urschrift von Sir F. Gladwin ius 
Englische, aus diesem ins Deutsche iibersetzt von 
F. V. Dalberg, Nebst Erlauterungen und einem 
Nachtrage die Geschichte der Semiramis aus 
indischen Quellen betreffend. Neue Ausgabe. 
pp. 118. Bamherg 8f Wiirzburg, Offenbach [printed], 
1817. 16°.- 757. b. 41. 

^u»>ju>|'x |jlju«jii [Dabistan i mazdayasni. 

A catechism of the Mazdayasnian religion com 
posed in Pahlavi in the time of Shahpur b. 
Ardashir Papakan, and translated into Persian 
by Dadar b. Dadukht. Edited by Rustam and 
Khuda-rahm, sons of Bahram Sariish Taf tl. Second 
edition.] pp. 350, W/t. ,<J^ ^'^ [_Bomhay, 1907.] 
8°. 14990. b. 1, 

DACCA. [History.'] See 'Ali Kuan (Nuskat 
Jang) . 

DACOSTA (Lewis). [Translation of Divan i pa- 
sand.] See Chhatar Mal. 

DA CUNHA (Joseph Gehson). [Collection of Coins.] 

DADACHANJI (H. T.). See Hormasj! TehmdljI 

DADAK IBN DADTJKHT, called Rastab. [Trans- 
lation of Dabistan.] See Dabistan. 

DALBERG (Johann Friedrich Hugo von). Baron. 
[Translation of Dabistan.] See Dabistan. 

DALRYMPLE (Alexander). Oriental Repertory. 
2 vols. London. 1793-1808. 4°. 148. f, 3. 

[Another copy, wanting title-page, 

table of contents, indexes, and 24 pp. at the end 
of vol. 2.] 454. g. 6. 

DAM ANT (QoTBON Henry). [Notes on Isoia'il 
Ghazi and summary of Risalat ul-shuhada.] See 
Pfu Muhammad ibn 'Akil Muhammad, 

DAMIRI. See Muhammad ibn MusA. 

DAMM (A. G.). [Preface to Swedish version of 
'Umar Khayyam.] See 'Umar Khayyam. — 
Eubd iyydt. 

DANISHMAND KHAN, Shlrdzl. See Ni'mat Khan, 
called 'Ali. 

DARA. See Ahmad ibn Muhammad Husain. 

See Mustafa ibn 'Add u1-Rasul. 

DARA SHIKUH. See Muhammad Dara Shikuh ibn 

DARBY (.John). [Translation of " The History 
of Timur-Bec."] See 'AlI (Sharap u1-Din). 

DARD, Mir. See Mir Muhammadi ibn Muhammad 

DARMESTETER (James). [Edit.] See Tansar. 

Les Origines de la Po^sie Persane. (Biblio- 

theque Orientale Elzevirienne.) pp. 88. Paris, 
ie Pwy [printed], 1887. 12°. 757. a. 10. 

DARViSH 'ALI, Maulavl. [Edit.] See Isma'il 
ibn Hammad. 

DARViSH FANI, Irani. See Manekji Limji Hu- 
shang Hataeya. 

DARVISH JAMALI. See Hamid ibn Fazl Ullah. 

DARViZAH ibn GADA. See 'Abd u1-KabIm ibn 





DASATIR. The Desatir or Sacred Writiugs of 
the ancient Persian Prophets ; in the original 
tongue J together with the ancient Persian version 
and commentary of the Fifth Sasan ; carefully 
jjublished by Mulla Firuz bin Kaus, who has 
subjoined a copious glossary of the obsolete and 
technical Persian terms : to which is added an 
English translation of the Desatir and commentary. 
2 vols. Bomhay, 1818. 8°. 757. h. 12. 

[Another copy.] 

757. h. 38. 

The Desatir . . . with the commentary of 

the Fifth Sasan. Translated by Mulla Firuz bin 
Kaus. Edited and republished by Dhunjecbhoy 
Jamsetjee Medhora. (Discussion on the Dosatir 
by A. Troyer.) pp. ii. 190. Bomhay, 1888. 8°. 

757. d. 44. 

j^>'-A^T ,.Ai'L.L> [Dasatir i asmani. With 

glossary of obsolete and technical tei-ms by Flriiz 
b. Kfi'Qs.] pp. 283, i;th. I AAA [Bombay, 1888.] 
8°. 14724. d. 3. 

[For excerpts :] See Kai-khuseau ibn 


DASHT-BAYAZi. See Muhammad ibn FAiift. 

DASHTI, See Mohammad Khan, called Dashti. 

DASTUR. ^J.jj^]j^L.ii [Dastiirul-subyan. Models 
of letter- writing.] ■pj). dl,lith. .yt^J iaiJ [Lahore, 
1864.] 8°. 14837. d. 2.(1.) 

Different frotn the worh of tlie same name liy Ama ul Din 
h. Na'lm ul'-Dln {Bieu, Catal., 11., i>. 820). 

ij'-^jua!! .yLjt> [Dastur ul-subyan. With 

Hindustani marginal notes.] pp. 26, lith. [Lahore? 
1875 ?] 8°. 14837, f. 10.(5.) 

DATA GANJ BAKHSH. See 'Ali ibn 'Usman. 

Hk'XST), IZhdlft, Bdhd, Kashmiri. i_f;ir^tj^ -;*r^ 
^^JiXj^l dj^ dj,f>- [Zuriirf i kalan. A versified 
compendium of the Moslem creed and practice, 
by Da'ud Khaki. Followed by (1) Zururl i 
khurd, a tract on observances, by Nasib ul-Din 
GhazT Suhravardi ; (2) Vird ul-muridin, a short 
versified life of Shaikh Hamzah Kashmiri, by 
Da'ud Khaki ; (3) notices of other Kashmiri 
saints; (4) a tazmm on a ghazal of Jami by 
Fakir Ullah ; and (5) a short poem in refutation 
of polytheism by Nizam ul-Diu Puhrahl. Second 

edition.] pp.31, Zi%. ^ytU iaU [Lahore, 1894.] 
8°. • 14718. f. 12,(8.) 

DA'^D (Yak Muhammad). See Khuda-yae Khan. 

Solaiman), Banuldtl. Abdallaj BeidavEei Historia 
Sinensis, [being in reality part viii. of the Rauzat 
fill ul-albab, a general history by BauakitI,] 
Persice e gemino mauuscripto edita, Latine quoque 
reddita ab A. Mullero Greiffenhagio . . . Nunc . . . 
una cum additamentis edita ab autoris filio Q. A. 
Mullero. pp. xl. 56, 72, Ixxii. Jence, 1689. 4°. 

757. e. 2.(1.) 

A Chinese Chroniclo ; by Abdalla of Beyza 

[i.e. Rauzat ull ul-albab, pt. viii.] Translated from 
the Persian, with notes and explanations by 
S. Weston, pp.38. London, liiQ. 8°. 757. h. 20. 

DA'UD PUTRIK, Shaikh. (^^Ul jsU [Nafi' ul- 
salikiu. A life of MuH. Sikaudar (Vasil).] See 
Muhammad Sikandar, called Vasil. *UWI iis:' 
[Tuhfat ul-'ulama.] [1893.] 8°. 14516. c. 27. 

DA'UD SA'ID, L\fahan'i. [Translation of Auvar i 
suhaili i.-iv.] See Husain Va'iz, Kushifl. 


'I, called Shauic. sK-c) <U^laJUi r2>'y?- 
(i__j..i2ll [(1) Javahir i manzumah, a metrical work 
on Arabic inflection, and (2) Mir'at ul-sarf, a 
metrical work on inflection of Arabic derivatives 
from weak roots.] pp. 113, lith. •y>^>^ iava 
[Cawnporc, 1878.] 8°. 1482o', f. 1.(3.) 

DAULAT RA'I ibn IZZAT RAI. c:J.J ^\,^ 

<U*«'o£ [Mir'at i dauhit i 'Abbasiyyah. A history 
of the Khans of Bahawalpur down to A.H. 1224.] 
pp. 476, lith. ^d |A,^. [Delhi, 18-50.] 8°. 

14779. c. 4. 

With a manuscript table of contents. 

DAUIAT SHAH 'ALA'I, SamarlcanJJ. [On the 
sources of D. Sh.:] See Browne (B. G.). 

Jl sLiJijO fj'ij' t-jlAJ" Ij^ [Tazkirat ul- 

shu'ara. Memoirs of poets. Edited with marginal 
headings and notes by Muh. ShirazT, called Malik 
ul-Kuttab.] pp. 231, Nth. Bomhay, 1887. 8°. 

14779. d. 14. 

■ The Tadhkiratu 'sh-Shu ara, " Memoirs of 

the Poets," of Dawlatshah bin 'Ala'u 'd-Dawla 
Bakhtishah al-Ghazi of Samarqand, edited . . . 
with prefaces and indices, by E. G. Browne. 





( Jl Aj^\ i^}^ L-j'JLT) pp. 10, 621. 1901. 8°. 

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Texts, vol.1. 1901, e<c. 8°. 757. gg. 7. 

Vitae Poetarum Persicorum ex Daulct- 

sclialii Hi.'storia Poetaiuin (*!jciJl iSsi) excerptae 
. . . pei'sice edidit latiuo vertit uunotatioiiibus 
instruxit J. A. Vullers. Fuse. i. Hafizi Schi- 
razeusis vitam touens. Fasc. ii. Anvarii vitam 
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Glsgae, 1839, 08. 8°. 757. c. 23.(2.) 

[Another copy of fasc. i.] 767.6.16. 

Jl 'juiJl '> j\ [Life of Jiimi, from the 

Tagkirat ul-shu'ara.] See 'Abd u1-Rahman ibn 
Ahmad, called JamL — Tufifat ul-Ahrdr. i' t»-^' ift^c" 
Tuhfat ul Ahrar, etc. 1848. 4°. 14003. h. 9. 

[Life of Nizami, from the Tiizkirat ul- 
shu'ara.] See Ilyas ibn Yusup. De Expeditione 
RusEorura Berdaara versus, etc. 1826-32. 8°. 

757. 0. 11. 

See Ilyas ibn YOsup. ^l.w c:^j'<^ 

Jl j^ (Behram-Gur und die Bussische Fuersten- 

tocbter, e<c.) 1844. 8°. 757. g. 12. 

[Exti-acts from the Tazkirat ul-shu'ara.] 

See Ibkahim ibn 'Ali Najj.\r. ^leTBepocTiimiii Xa- 
li&iui, etc. 1875. 8< 757. g. 41. 

Vie de Ferid-eddin Attar extraite de 

I'Histoire des Poetes de Dauletschah, etc. Pers. 
§• Fr. See Muhammad ibu Ibrahim (Farid u1-DIn) . 
Pend-nameh, efc. 1819. 8°. 31. h. 26. 

[Life of Sa'di, extracted and translated 

from the Tazkirat ul-shu'ara, by J. H. Hainngton.] 
See McsLiii ibn 'Abd Ullah (Musharrip uI-Din), 
called Sa'di. — Kulliydt. The Persian and Arabic 
Works of Sadee. vol. i. 1791. 757. i. 6. 

■ Leben des Ferdusi aus Dauletschah's Bio- 

graphieen der Dichter. See Zarathustra. Frag- 
mente, e<c. 1831. 8°. 757. c. 23.(1.) 

■ Jl ,_«;yl ^^.jJl J>=-jt yi [Life of Anvarl, 

from the Tazkirat ul-shu'ara.] See Auhad u1-Din, 
called AnvarI. Ajii Ayxa.-iaMiiHt Bhebph, eic. 1883. 
8°. 757. g. 44. 

[For "SchoneRedekiinstePersiens," mainly 

based upon the Tazkirat ul-shu'ara:] Sec Hammeu- 


DAULAT YAR JANG. See Nasu Ullah Kban. 

DAIJMER (Georo Friedrioh). [Translations from 
Hafig, etc.] See Muhammad Hapiz, Slilrazl. 

DAVANI. See Mohammad ibn As'ad (Jalal ul- 

DAVIE (George Scott). [Translation of Busliin.] 
See MusLiff ibn 'Abd Ullah (Musharrif uI-Din), 
called Sa'dI. — Bu.'itdn. 

DAVIES(nocHFORT). [Edit.] SeeMusLmibn'ABD 
Ullah (Musharrip u1-DIn), called Sa'di. — Bustan. 

DAVIS (Frederick Hadland). [Translations from 
JatTiI.] See 'Abd u1-Kahman ibn Ahmad, called 
J AMI. — Selections. 

[Translations from Pumi's Masnavl.] See 

Muhammad ibn Muhammad (Jalal uI-Din), Ruml. 

DAVIS (Samuel). [Notes on Bija-ganita.] See 
Bhaskara Acharya. 

DAVOUD-ZADOUR, de UMik, Myr. See 
Melik-Shahnazareaxts (D. Ts.). 

DAVY (William), Major. [Translation of Insti- 
tutes of Timiir.] See Timur, Amh-. 

SHAh. See Daulat Shah 'Ala'I. 

DAWITD (Y.). See Yuhanna ibn Da'ud. 

DAYA-KISHAN, called Muztare. ia-<2.« l^^"^ 
[Masnavl. A religious poem in rhymed couplets. 
Followed by a ghazal and a quatrain, by the 
same.] pp. 4, Nth. .xl'jut uIa [Ambala, 1898.] 
8°. 14797. h. 51.(5.) 

^] ^ (_^y^ [Sirr i akbar. A religious 

poem.] pp. 4, liih. jdljul iaIa S^Amhala, 1898.] 

8°. 14797. h. 51.(3.) 

The official Catalogue of BooTca registered gives the actual 
date of publication as 1899. 

DE (B.). See Vbajendra-natha De. 

DEBi-PARSAD, MiinsM. [Edit.] See Naj.\t. 

DECOURDEMANCHE (Jean Adolphe). [Collection.] 
See Academies, etc. — Paris. — Bibliotheque Nationale. 

See Blochet (E.). 

DEFOE (Daniel). Rdbinsan Kruso [Robinson 
Crusoe] . . .translated from the Urdu into Persian 





by Sber All of Kabul, and edited in tlie Roman 
character, by T. W. H. Tolbort. pp. xxxvi. 354. 
London, 1878. 8°. 767- ^- 24. 

DEFREMEEY (Charles). [Edit., with translation, 
etc., of odes of Hatif.] See Ahmad, called Hatif. 

[Translation of History of Saljuks and 

Israa'ilis from Ta'rikh i guzldah.] See Ahmad 
ibn Abi Bake ibn Nase. 

[Translation of extracts from Habib ul- 

siyar.] See Ghiyas uI-Din ibn Humam uI-DIn. 

[Edit, and translations of extracts from 

Mir Khvand's History.] See Muhammad ibn Kha- 
VAND Shah. 

[Annotated translation of Gulistan.] See 

MusLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushaeeip ul-Diu), called 
Sa'di. — Gulistan. 

DEL V AH (Alfeed) . Bibliotheque Bleue. Reim- 
pression des romans de chevalerie . . . fsiite sur 
las meilleurs textes . . . sous la direction d'A. 
Delvau. 30 pts. Parts, 1859-60. Fol. 

DEPPING (Geoeg Beenhaed). jJly: i~^Uc (-jUi" 
Jio [Ghara'ib i 'ava'id i milal. A Persian transla- 
tion by Habib Isfahani of the "Apercu historique 
sur les mceurs et coutumes des nations."] pp. 260. 
Jyy,l^]ir.r[Oonstantinople,l88Q.] 8°. 14773. b. 4. 

DESAI (S. N.). [Translation of Hikayat i latif, 
i.-xx.] See Hikayah. 

DESCARTES (Rene). ^^.jJl^'J . . . ^^! L_-v.^ 

<u -cU c:,^*^. } !iJ-i *'**^;J '•^^/'^.'^ i_>lji' . . . sti 
c:^oiJ^ i*y*'?-* [Hikmat i nasiriyyah. A compilation 
from the Principes de la Philosophic and other 
works of D., translated with biographical preface 
by ]5mile Bernet (?) and Eleazar Raliiyyim (? Ra- 
Kamim) Hamadani, under the direction of Count 
de Gobineau.] pp. 164, lith. ^Jl Ja irvl [2'e/ieran, 
1862.] 8°. 14745. b.l. 

DESLONGCHAMPS (Auguste Louis Aemand Loise- 
leue). See Loiseleue Deslongchamps. 

SCHAFT. See Academies, etc.— Germany. 

DEVI- PR AS AD A. See Debi-paesad. 

DEVi-SAHAYA. e:^.ljJi> c)^ [Chiragh i hidayat. 
A Sufic catechism, forming part of the series 

" Zakhirab i rafah i 'amm."] pp. 8, lith. c!jji3'.^ 
[Sialkot, 1876.] 8°. 14787. b. 2.(3.) 

See Dasatie. 

DHANNtJ LAL, called Mast. l;>.««,jU>. [Khumar 
i mast. Poems arranged in the alphabetical order 
of their rhymes.] pp.32. jUljJl i^le [Allahabad, 
1895.] 8°. 14797. g. 29.(5.) 

DHANPAT RA'I, Munshl. [Notes on Sifat i 
ka'inat.] See Siyalkot! Mal, called Vaeastah. 

DhanjIbhai Jamshedji Medhora. 

DICTIONARIES. ^Joa. j ^^J^ liUJl [Alfaz i farsi 

u hindi.] A vocabulary Persian and Hindoostanee. 

pp.216. Cfi^cM^a, 1808. 8°. 757. g. 50. 

The meaning of every word in English is added in ms. 

DIET! (Ludovicus de), the Elder. [Edit.] See 
Xavier (H.). 

L_s*^;^ nj'^J (_s''*r*"^ ['tJnsurha i zuban i 

farsi.] Rudimenta Linguae Persicse . . . Accedunt 
duo priora capita Geneseos, ex persica translatione 
lac. Tawusi. pp. vi. 95. Lugduni Batavorum, 1639. 
4°. . 757. e. 1.(3 ) 

DIEZ (Heineich Friedrich von). [Translation of 
Kabiis-naniah with notes and excursus.] See 
Kai-ka'us ibn Iskandae. 

DIHDAR (Mahmud). See Mahmijd ibn Muhammad 

DIL. See Muhammad 'Abd u1-Rahman. 

DINA-DAYAL, Munshl. [Notes on Kharistap.] See 
Majd ul-DiN, Khvdfi. 

[Notes on Sifat i ka'inat.] See Siyalkot! 

Mal, called Vaeastah. 

DINA-DAYAL, Baja. [Edit.] See Ameit Lal. 

DINA-NATHA DEVA. Hindustani and Persian 
Grammar with pleasing thoughts. Containing 
grammatical rules of Hindustani and Persian 
languages, the translations from eminent authors 
accompanied by the original, and original com- 
positions, by Dina Ndtha Deva. pp. vii. 272, 2. 
Calcutta, 1904. 8°. 14117. bb. 11. 





DINSHAH FARDUNJi MULLA. [Translation of 
Akliliik i inulisiui.] See Husain Va'i/, Kdshifi. 

[Translation, etc., of Hafiz, Divan ccclxxvi.- 

cdl.] See Muhammad Hapiz, Shlrazl. 

[Translation and explanation of Tayyibiit, 

i.-c] See Jfusr.iii ibn *Abd Ullaif (Mushauiuf 
uI-Din), called Sa'd!. — tai/i/ilnlt. 

DiNSHAH JIJIBHAi IRANi. [Translation, etc., 
of Anvar i suhaill, ii.-iii.] See Husain Va'iz, 

■ [Edit., with translation, etc., of Hufiz, 

i.-lxxv.] See Muhammad Haftz, Shlrazl. 

DiVANAH. See Kasim. 

DIYANAT ULLAH. [Edit.] See Hatim, td'l. 

DJA'FAE, Mirza. See Muhammad Ja'par, Kard- 

DJAMY. See 'Abd u1-Rahman ibn Ahmad. 

DJOUWEINY (Ala Eddin Atha Mklik). See 'Ai-i 
MaI/Ik ibn Muhammad. 

DOCTOR (SoRABSHAW Byramji). See Sohrabshah 
Bairamji Doctor. 

DOLE (Nathan Haskell). [Edit, of 'Umar Khay- 
yam's Ruba'iyyat with preface, notes, etc.] See 
'Hmar Khayyam. — Ruha iyydt. 

DOMBAY (Franz Lorenz von). ^J^j ^Ja^a ^\jo 
^«u. U Grammatica Linguae Persicae : accedunt 
dialog!, historiae, sententiae, et uarrationes per- 
sicae. pp. iv. 114. Fmrfo6on«e, 1804. 4°. 66. e. 8. 

Popular-Philosophie der Araber, Perser und 

Tiirken, theils gesammelt, theils aus orientalischen 
Manuskripten Ubersetzt. pp. 277. Agram, 1795. 
8°. 14540. b. 44. 

DORN (Bernhard). [Edit, with translation of 
History of Tabaristan.] See Ghiya§ uI-DIn ibn 
Humam ul-DiN. 

[Translation of Makhzan i afgliilni.] See 

Ni'mat Ullah ibn Habib Ullah. . 

Das Asiatische Museum der kaiserlichen 

Akademie der Wissenschaften zu St. Petersburg. 
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Catalogue des manuscrits et xylographes 

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turc«, publies d Constantinople, en Ej^ypte et on 
Perse, qui so trouvent au Mutee Asiatique de 
1' Academic, pp. 64. St.-Pelcrshourg, 1866. 8°. 

14598. d. 2. 

Chronologisches Verzoichniss der seit dem 

orientaux de la Biblioth^que Imperiale Publiquo 

Jahro 1801 bis 1866 in Kasnn gedruckten arabi- 
sclien, tiirkischen, tatarischen und persischcn 
Werkp,alsKatalog der in dem Asiatischen Museum 
befindlicheu Schrifteu der Art. (Bulletin do 
I'Acadeinie Imperiale des Sciences de St.-Petors- 
bourg. Tom. xi., col. 305-385.) [St. Petersburg, 
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Muhammedanische Quellen zur Geschicbte 

der siidlichen Kiistenlander des Kaspisclien Meere3 
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(Arabische, persisclie und tiirkische Texte.) 4 Th. 
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Die Sammlung von morgenlandischen 

Handschriften, welclie die kaiscrliche offentliche 
Bibliotbek zu St. Petersburg im Jahre 1861 von 
Hru. V. Chanykov erworben hat. [A catalogue.] 
2 pts. St. Petersbtirg, -[SQ^. 8°. 15000. a. 

Book of Persian, being a grammatical guide to 
Hekayet-i-latif and the First Book of the Punjab 
Series [of Muhammad Husain]. pp. i. 32. Suruf, 
1890. 12°. ■ 757. a. 27. 

pOSABHAI SOHRABJI, Munshl. Idiomatical Sen- 
tences in the English, Hindostanee, Goozratee 
and Persian languages, etc. 6 pts. Bombay, 1843. 
Fol. 14150. h. 1. 

A new self-instructing work, entitled Idio- 

matic Sentences, in the English, Gujarati, Hindu- 
stani, and Persian languages, the whole in oi-iental 
and Roman characters. [Enlarged from the first 
edition.] . . . With notes . . . vocabularies of 
military, political, naval, mercantile, fiscal, and 
medical words and expressions. By Bahmanji 
Dosabhai, Munshi. With a memoir of the late 
Mr. D. S. pp. xviii. 427, 290. Bombay, 1878. 
4° 14150, b. 41. 






DOST MUHAMMAD KHAIT, Amir of Afghanistan. 
[Wars.] See Muhammad Abu 'I-Faiz. 

DOW (Alexandek). [Translation of Batar i 
danish.] See 'Inayat Ullah, Kanbu. 

[Translation of Firishtali's History.] See 

Muhammad Kasim ibn Hindu Shah. 

DOWSON (John). [Edit.] See Elliot {Sir H. M.). 

[Translation of Mir'at i Sikandari.] See 

SiKANDAE ibn Muhammad. 

DOZY (Reinhart Pietee Anne). Catalogus Codi- 
cum Orientalium Bibliothecae Academiae Lugduno 
Batavae. [Vols. 1, 2 J auctore R. P. A. D. See 
Academies, etc. — Leyden. — Aeademia Lugduno- 
Batava. Catalogus Codicum Orientalium, etc. 
1851, etc. 8°. Ac. 940/4. 

DRESDEIf. — ■KonigUche BiUiothek. [Catalogue of 
Oriental MSS.] See Fleischee (H. L.). 

DREYFUS (Hippoltte) . [Translation of preachings 
of 'Abd ul-Balia.j See 'Abd u1-Baha ibn Baha 

[Translations of works of Baha Ullah.] See 

HusAiN 'Ali ibn 'Abbas. 

DSCHAMI. See *Abd u1-Rahman ibn Ahmad. 

DSCHELAL-ED-DIN RUMI. See Muhammad ibn 
Muhammad (Jalal u1-Din). 

DUBEUX (Louis). [Translation of tabari's Chro- 
nicle.] See Muhammad ibn Jaeie. 

DUISBERG (Jan van). [Translation of Gulistan, 
etc.} See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Musharrip 
uI-Din), called Sa'di. — Gulistan. 

DUJAIN ibn SABIT, Rabut, called Jaha. See VajIn 
ibn Sabit. 

DUMOULIN (James). [Edit., with translation, of 
Gulistan.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mu- 
SHAEEiP uI-DIn), called Sa'di. — Gulistan. 

DUNDi KHAN, Bohilla Chief. [History.] See 
Muhammad Ashraf Khan ibn Dundi Khan. 

DUPERRON (A. H. Anquetil). See Anquetil du 

DURGA-DASA ZAPUR. ^[jj e^JUt. L2->'o.;l [Abyat 
i hasht zuban. A metrical glossary of English, 

Panjabi, Sanskrit, Hindustani, Arabic, Persian, 
Pushtu, and Latin words.] pp. 8, lith. [Peshawar, 
1889.] 8°. 14589. a. 12. 

DURGA-PRASADA, called 'Ajiz. J! ^^^1 ^^ 

[Majma' ul-bahrain, A mystic masnavi, with some 
prose discussions. Edited, with notes and cita- 
tions, by Pandit Gauri-Sankara Jan.] pp. 1 12, lith. 
zJ~\\^s^[Agra,\Ql&.] 8°. 14837. f. 10.(8.) 

DURGA-PRASADA, called Mihr, Kunvar, Sandili. 
JSJjl^jU-j^ [Bustan i Avadh. A history of Oudh 
from the time of Sa'adat 'All Khan down to 1877. 
Edited by Miyan Jan Lakhnavl.] pp. iv. 284, 
lith. lAir [iwc/mow, 1892.] 8°. 14762. d. 2. 

The Universal History of India in com- 
memoration of the Queen's Jubilee 1887 ^jlUi^) 
(joa [Illustrated. Followed by a short account 
of the author's family.] pp. vi. 344, 13, lith. 
Luclmow, 1889. 4°. 14773. h. 8. 

joLi) yjluJ^ [Gulistan i Hind.] pp. 201, 

358, 281, 47, 77, 2. <si.iJ^ iMv [Sandila, 1897.] 
8°. 14797. e. 36. 

Lijyii <UjiJ.»- [Hadikah i 'ishrat. A taz- 

hirah of famous women poets.] pp. 64, lith. 
<t!ij.JJu. [Sandila, 1894.] 8°. 14779. d. 29. 

DU RYER (Andke). [Translation of Gulistan.] 
See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushaeeip uI-Din), 
called Sa'di. — Gulistan. 

DURVESH ULEE. See DaevTsh 'AlT. 

DUWAYU. Jl <ioljjJl (-j'ai" [Duwayu. A Persian- 

Sindhi vocabulary.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah 
(Mushaeeif uI-Din), called Sa'di. — Pand-nSmah. 
Jl Uj j/ ^W j>»^ [Pand-namah, etc.] App., 
pp. 1-14. [1900.] 8°. 14787. c. 34. 

DUZD. j>1j>»o ly^'j' J lij'i i—jU/ lijs [Duzd u kazi. 
The thief and the judge. Comic stories. Illus- 
trated.] pp. 31, Zii/t. inr [re/ieran, 1846.] 8°. 

14783. d. 2. 

[Duzd u ka?i. Illustrated.] pp. 31, lith. 

irAr [Persia ? 1866.] 8°. 14783. a. 1. 

DVORAK (Rudolf). [Edit, and translation of 
Husn u dil.] See Muhammad Yahya SIbak. 





EARLES (JosEi'u). [Translation of Letters of 
Aurangzib.] See AurangzIb. 

[Translation of Salihotra.] See Salihotra. 

EAST. The Wisdom of the East Series. Edited 
by L. Cranmer-Byng [and] S. A. Kapadia. Lon- 
don, 1904, etc. 8°. 14003. a. 
In progress. 

EAST IHDIES. [For publications of the Govern- 
ment of India :] See India. 

EAST INDIA COMPANY. [For works relating to 
the administration of the Company :] See India. 

EASTON (William G.). [Decorations to 'Umar 
Khayyam's Ruba'iyyat.] See 'Umar Khaytam. — 

EASTWICK (Edward Backhouse). [Translation 
of Kissah i Sanjan.] See Bahman ibn Kai-kucad. 

[Translation of Anvar i suhaili.] See 

H0SA1N Va'iz, Kdshifi. 

[Translation of Biigh u bahar, with notes. 

etc.] See Khusrau, Amir. 

[Edit, and translation (prose and verse) 

of Gulistan.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah 
(MusHARRiF uI-Din), Called Sa'di. — Gulistan. 

[Translation of Zartusht-namab.] See 

Zaetusht ibn Bahkam. 

The Kaisarndmah i Hind, or Lay of the 

Empress. A poem in nine cantos. With appen- 
dices containing histories of the Princes of India, 
dedicated ... to Her Majesty the Queen, Empress 
of India, etc. (^_jj^ ^^j) [Vol. i., containing 
cantos i.-iii., with Persian verse-translation by 
Amir Jan, under the superintendence of Nawab 
Ziya ul-Din Khan, and appendices, chiefly an 
abridged translation of Mir 'Alam's Hadikat ul- 
'alam. Vol. ii. = cantos iv.-v., with Hindi verse- 
translation by Syamala-dasa. With portraits and 
illustrations.] London, 1877-82. Fol. 

Tab. 1336. b. 1. 

Vol. iii. {Samhrit and English) has apparently not been 

EBERT (Fkiedrich Adolph). Catalogas codicum 
manuscriptorum orieatalium Bibliothecae Ducalis 

Guelferbytanae. See Fleischkr (H. L.). Cata- 
logus, efo. 1831. 4°. 11901. h. 44. 

EBN HAUKAL. See Muhammad ibn Hauical. 

EBON-MANSOUR', el-'6mri. See Su'ud ibn ManJur. 

GHAZi-el'DiN HAIDER, Pad'shah of Otide. See 
Haidar Khan (Ghazi u1-DIn). 


Academies, etc. — Paris. 

VIVANTES. See Academies, etc.— Paris. 

EDWARD VII., King of Great Britain and Ireland. 
[_Accession^ See Muhammad Ja'far, called Zam- 

EDWARDS (A. Hart). [Translation of Bustan.] 
See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushaerip ul DIn), 
called Sa'di. — Bustan. 

EINAIUT OOLLAH. See 'Inayat Ullah. 

EKADASi. ^ol^J J'^ [Mahatara i ekada^I. 
An account of the Hindu rites performed on the 
1 1th of each month, apparently derived from tlje 
Ekadasl-mahatmya, a Sanskrit collection of 
Puranic readings.] pp. 28, Z/</t. Ji^ iaa, \_Lucli- 
now, 1880.] 8°. 14734. c. 3.(1.) 

ELEAZAR RAHAMIJtt (?), called Mulla Lalah- 
ZAR, Hamaddnl. [flikmat i nasiriyyah, transla- 
tion from Descartes' Principes de la Philosopliie, 
etc.] See Descartes (R.). 

ELIAS (Ney). [Edit., with commentary, etc., of 
Ta'rikh i Rasbidl.] See Muhammad Haidae, 

ELLIOT {Sir Henry Miers). Bibliographical 
Index to the Historians of Aluhammadan India. 
vol. i, Calcutta [printed] ^ London, 1849. 8°.^ 
No more published. BB.M. C. 16. 

The History of India, as told by its own 

historians . . . Edited ... by ... J. Dowson. 
8 vols, ioniow, if eW/ori [printed], 1867-77. 8°. 

09055. b. 28. 

ijJ^'-i=il 7-'-**^ [Misbah nl-talibin. A list 

of books required and not required by Elliot, in 





tlie preparation of liis His-tory of India ] pp. 73, 
vi. v., Uth. <xU^ s.i I Ail iSimla, 1849.] 8°. 


[Anotlier copy, with ms. notes by 

the author.] 14773, c. 4. 

[Another copy, with ras. notes by 

tlie author.] 14835. a. 1. 

[For Bayley's sequel to Elliot's History 

India Office. Catalogue of Persian Manu- 
scripts in the Library of the India Office, by 
H. Ethe. Oxford, WOS, etc. 4°. 15000. c. 
In progress. 

Catalogue of two collections of Per- 
sian and Arabic manuscripts preserved in the 
India Office Library. By E. D. Ross . . . and 
E.G.Browne, pp. vii. 189. London, 1902. 8°. 

15000. a. 

Divines, Assembly of. Jl^ <Ks.''.jo ^jI 

of India :] Sec Bayley {Sir E. C.) . 

ELLIOTT (Charles). [Abridgrd translation of 
Gulistan i Rahinat.] See Mohammad Mdstajab 
ibn Haki7. Rahmat Khan. 

EMERSON (Ralph Waldo). [Preface to Gulistan.] 
See MuiLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushaupjp uI-Din), 
called Sa'di Gulistan. 

ENGINEER (H. R.). See Hormasji Rustamji 


ENGLAND. [For treaties :] See Thomas (R. H.). 

ouinniary of such of the clauses of the 

Act of Parliament of the 18th of May 1784 as 
relate to the natives of India. Translated into 
the Persian language by Edward Colebrooke. 
Published by Order of the Hon. the Governor 
General and Council. h). <Lc'J|,ils>- 'U.=^.) [Cal- 
cnfta,] 1783. 8°. ' 14749. f. 18. 

[Kiiva'id i sarf u nahv i zuban i angrizi. English 
text with Persian translation by A'zam ul-Din 
Hasan Bilgranil.] Calcutta Scliool-book Socidi/ : 
Calcutta, 1833. 8°. 757. c. 20. 

ENVERI (Ali Aukhadeddin). See Auhad uI-DIn, 
called Anvari. 

EPHEMERIDES. The Lucknow Almanac for the 
year 1849. Translated into Persian by Syud 
Kumalooddeen Hyder and assistants, etc. i»>.j^) 
( ^IkU pp. 124, KiA. yi^ lAii [L«.c/,-«o?y, 1849.] 


Jl <)yjiJp '-r'lj^ J [Su'al u javab i diniyyah. 
" The Shorter Catechism agreed upon by the 
Assembly of Divines at Westminster," translated 
into Persian by J. Bassett.] pp. 64, Zj7/(. [Persia, 

1884.] 12°. 14701. a. 1. 

ENGLISH GRAMMAR. The Leading Principles 

of Euy-lish Grammar. 



uf >=^j^/*'^y 

14766. e. 2. 

(j'j'.' ''^'■^'■^ [Sal-namah i Iran. An official 

almanack of the Persian Government for 1290-1 
A.H. (1S73-4 A.D.).] 2vo]s,Iith. irU-\ [Tehe- 
ran, 1873-4.] 8°. 14837. b. b, 6. 

is-*^'^ ci^j'Jixo [Miliat i Kii'imi. A Mosle ii 

almanack, giving times for rites throughout the 
year. Compiled by Muh. Ka'ini 'Ali Jauupurl.] 
pp. 58, lith. j)^y?- '^'^<~ [Jaunpur, 1893.] 16°^. 

14837. a. 3. 

Omar Khayyam Calendar, 1902 (1903). 

With . . . drawings in colour by B. McManus. 
2 vols. io7u7on, [1901-02.] 8°. 757. gg. G. 

EPHRAIM ben ISAAC. n«J t3V3 D^^< D.^ I^D-JjI 
pnS' r\~\^p}? tr [Im aphes. A Hebrew poem on 
the sacrifice of Isaac. With Persian translation. 
Edited by Hanukkah ben Aga Jani Shammash.] 
pp. 8. D^iyiT Y"P ^y [Jerusalem, 1900.] 12°. 

01980. c. 28.(1.) 

ERACHJ! RUSTAMJ! SAHIAR. [Translation of 
Sad hikayat, i.-xxx.] See 'Abd uI-Fattait, called 
Ashraf 'Ali. 

[Key and translation of First and Second 

Books of Persian :] See Muhammad Husain, of 
Lahore College. 

[Translation of Gulistan i.] See Muwlih ibn 

'Abd Ullah (Mushareip u1-D!n), called Sa'di. — 

[Edit, with translation of Karima.] See 

Mdslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (ilusHARRiP uI-Din), called 
Sa'di. — Pand-ndmah. 

A copious glossary of difficult words and 

phrases occurring in Gulistan chapter ii., with their 
pronunciations in English character, meanings in 





Kiiglibli, infinitives, adjective aud noun forms and 
Arabic plurals of many words, pp. 57. Bombai/, 
ISSiJ. 12°. 757. b. 81.(1.) 

A complete glossary of difficult words and 

phrases occurring in Sad Hekayat, with their pro- 
uuiiciatiou in Gujarati [characters] aud meanings 
in English, e<c. pp.81. Stimt, ]880. 12". 

757. a. 9 (2.) 

' A glossary of difficult words and ])lirases 

occurring in the first fifteen chapters of Akhlak- 
c-raohs:ini. pp. 27. Bomlxnj, 1885. 12°. 

757. a. 21.(2.) 

A complete and copious glossary of difficult 

words and phrases, occurring in the Second Book, 
Panjiib Series [of Muh. Husain], with their pro- 
nunciation in Gujrtrati [characters] and meanings 
iu English, e/c. pp. 84. Bomhaij, 1888. It5°. 

757. a. 26 (3.) 
ERACH-SHAH F. KARANL [Translation of Pand- 
niimah.] See Muhammad ibn Ibkahim (Farid 
uI-DIn), called 'Attar. 


ERDMANN (Franz von). [Edit, of verses of 
Lisaui, with translation, eic] See 'Abd Ullah 
(Vajiu uI-Din). 

[Adaptations from Haft paikar.] See 

Ii.YAS ilin yOsuF. 

[Edit, witli notes of excerpt fj'om Sikandar- 

namah.] See Ilyas ibu YusuP. 

Muhammed's Geburt, und Abrahah's Unter- 

gang. pp.48. Kusan, \MZ. 8°. 757. h. 19. 

VoUstaendige Uebersicht der aeltesten 

Tuerkischen, Tatarischen und Mogholischen 
Voelkerstaemme uach Raschid-ud-din's Vorgange 
bearbeitet von F. von Erdmann. pp.188. Kiuan, 
18 n. 8°. 757. h. 18. 

ERODI HARRACH (Bkla). [Verse -translations 
from Hafi/,.] See Muhammad Hapi/, Shirdzi. 

[Translation of Gulistan.] ■ See MuiLiu ibn 

'Abd Ullah (Mushabiup u1-DIn), called Sa'dL— 

■ [Translation of Qmar Khayyam.] See 

'Umaij Khayyam. — liuba'iyydt, 

ESOP. See Aesop. 

ESSAY. A critical Essay on various manuscript 
works, Arabic and Persian, illustrating the history 
of Arabia, Persia, Turkomania, India, Syria, Egypt, 
Mauritania, and Spain [elsewhere styled Mii'asir- 
namah dar liaUiliat i kutub i tavarikh]. Translated 
by J. C. from a Persian manuscript in the collec- 
tion of SirW. Ouseley, the editor. (Oriental Trans- 
lation Fund of Great Britain and Ireland.) pp. xi. 
71. London, 18S2. 8°. 14003. d. 12. 

ETHE (Hermann). [Edit.] See Hasan (Abu 
'1 Kasim), called Fiudausi. 

[Edit, and translation of Kisa'i's poems.] 

See Majd u1-DIn (Abu Ishaic). 

[Edit, and translation of Shabistan i khayal.] 

See Muhammad Yahta Sibak. 

[Edit., with translation, of selections from 

Niisir b. Khusrau's Kasa'id.] See Nasir ibn 

[Edit, and translation of Raushana'i- 

namah.] See Nasie ibn Khusrau. 

Catalogue of Persian Manuscripts in the 

Library of the India Office. 1903, etc. 4°. See 
England. — India Office. 

Catalogue of the Persian, Turkish, Hindu- 

stani, and Pushtu Manuscripts in the Bodleian 
Library. Begun by . . . Ed. Sachau . . . completed 
. . . by H. Ethe. 1889, e<c. 4°. See Academies, 
etc.— Oxford. 2038. d. 

Morgenlandische Studien. pp. viii. 282, 

ii. Leipzifj, AUenhurg [printed], 1870. 8°. 

12331. d. 14. 

Riidagi's Vorlaufer und Zeitgenossen. Ein 

Beitrag zur Kenntuiss der iiltesten Denkmaler 
neupersischer Poesie. See Oriental Researches. 
Morgenlandische Forschungen, etc. pp. 33-68. 
1875. 8°. 14003. h. 22. 

ETON COLLEGE. Catalogue of the Oriental Manu- 
scripts in the Library of Eton College. Compiled 
by D. S. Margoliouth. pp. 34, i. O.rford, 1904. 
8°. 15000. b. 

EVANGELICAL CHURCH, ^ly iJ'-=-}j ^'*'>j/" 
Jl ^Us-I ^'jb'o-^ ,0 J'.>»»«JU-' [Surudha'i ruliani. 
Hymns for the use of the Evangelical Church, 





principally translated from Englisli by Mirza 
Yusuf, Mirza Aflatun, and S. L. Ward. Followed 
by some prayers and the Apostles' Creed.] pp. 104. 
t^tr [Urmia, 1892.] 12°. 14701. a. 3. 

EVANS (Feedeeick H.). [Edit.] See 'Umae 
Khayyam. — Euhd'iyydt. 

EWALD (Geoeg Heineich August von). Verzeich- 
niss der orientalischen Haudschrif ten der Univer- 
Bitats-Bibliothek zu Tubingen. [1839.] 4°. See 
Academies, etc—Tuehingen. 821. k. 34. 

FABIAN (Gaboe). [Translations from Hafiz.] 
See Muhammad Hafiz, Shirdzi. 

FACHbI. See Muhammad (Shams uI-Din), called 

ul-DiN TabIb. 

FJETH 'AELl AHOND-ZADi:. See Fath 'Ali 


FAGNAN (Edmond). [Edit, and translation of 
Sa'adat-namah.] See Nasie ibn Khusrau. 

FA'IK. See Muhammad Fa'ik. 

FAIZ. See Muhammad Akeam. 

See MuNAvvAE Husain. 

FAIZ AHMAD ibn DILDAK AHMAD. [Supplements 
to Silsilah i 'ali yah.] See 'Inayat Husain ibn 
Fath Ullah. 

FAIZ MITHAMMAD KHAN. ^ J.A=r*I' ,^ [Al-Fai? 
ul-MuKamraadi. Arabic Traditions of the Prophet, 
■with Persian interlinear translation and marginal 
notes.] pp. 210, lith. ^^^ ^r^^ [Cawnpore, 1870.] 
4°. 14521. c. 14. 

FAIZ ULLAH (Muhammad). See Muhammad Faiz 

FAIZ-BAKHSH (Muhammad). See Muhammad Faiz- 


FA'IZi (FiEUZ ul-DiN Ahmad). See [Addenda] 
Ahmad (Fiedz uI-Din). 

FAIZi ibn MUBARAK (Abu 'I-Faiz). [Translation 
of Lllavati.] See Bhaskara Acharya. 

[Verse-translation of Bhagavad-gita.] See 


FAIZi ibn MUBARAK (Abu '1-Faiz) [continued). 
^-ajj ^jlyJ [Divan. Poems.] pp. 1 88, i///;.. j_ji»ii 
[Delhi, 1894.] 8°. 14797. g. 27. 

[For the version of Mahabharata as revised 

by F. :] See Mahabhaeata. 

FAKHR BANAKITL See Da'ud ibn Aei '1-Fazl 

FAKHR ul-DIN, Munsln. [Edit.] See Muhammad 
Hafiz, SInrdzi. 

FAKHR ul-DIN, Bdzt. See Muhammad ibn 'Umar. 

See Nasib uI-Din. 

FAKHR ul-DIN, Zarrddi. [For commentary on the 
Zarradi :] See Ahmadji ibn Muhammad Shah-gul. 

Jl ^d\jj _yi ^Jii [Zarradi. A 


pendium of Arabic grammar. With the commen- 
tary Naghzak by Muhammad Mas'ud Multani.] 
pp. 166, lith. jy&'i lAi. [Lahore, 1890.] 8°. 

14820. e. 8.(3.) 

iJ'^llJ [^3,rradl. With marginal notes.] 

p]p. 32, Uth. jjSb'i [Lahore, I89b.] 8°. 14820. e. 8.(1.) 

FAKHR ul-DIN, called KhayalI, Barelavl. ^J'j^ l; 
[Nasr i khayali. A eulogy of Navab Shahjahaii 
Begam of Blip pal, in prose and verse.] pp. 16, 
lith. %i~\ \r.. [Agra,l88i.'\ 8°. 14837. f. 16.(6.) 

FAKHR ul-DIN ibn ABI '1-KASIM, Gulpd'lgdnl. 
[Translation of Kashf ul-kina'.] See Van DrcK 
(V. A. C). 

FAKHR ul-DIN AS'AD. See As'ad. 

(Fakhr uI-Din). 

Ullah (Fakhe uI-Din). 

FAKHRI. See Muhammad (Shams uI-Din), called 

FAKHRI, Jurjdni. See As'ad (Fakhr uI-DIn). 

FAKHRI ibn AMIRi, Earavl. C_Jls«!l ytl^ 
[Javahir ul-'aja'ib. Notices of poetesses, with 
specimens of their works.] pp. 23. Ji^ uvr 
[Lucknow, 1873.] 8°. 14837. f. 6.(3.) 

FAKIR. See 'Abd Ullah ibn Nur uI-DIn. 

See Shams uI-Din Fakir, 





FAEIB JANT (Muhaumad Asaad) . See Muhammad 
ibn As'ad (JalIl uI-DIn). 

puri. f^ j'y^' t*^- [Jami' ul-tavarikh. A com- 
pendium of general history. With preface by the 
author's son, 'Abd ul-Latif Khan.] pp. iv. 295, 
lith. y^ ini [7.Mcfc»ow, 1874.] 4°. 14773. h. 3. 

FAKIR ULLAH. [Risalah i mufldnh i tanbih ul- 
va'izin. A tract on Moslem rites.] See Abi Bakr 
ibn Muhammad 'AlI. ^^jjiaciyi ^_;~jj1 [Anis nl- 
va'izTn.] [1886.] 8°. 14718. g. 7. 

FAKIR ULLAH, Bookseller. [Tazmin on a ghazal 
of Jami.] See 'Abd u1-Rahman ibn Ahmad, called 
Jam I. — Kulliyat. 

FAKIR ULLAH, called Va'iz. . . . ^j^^ s^c^ euU^ 
^e«tfC_ Jv*ar< ^jjj' ... J [Vafat i Muhammad Yahya. 
Chronograms on the death of MuK. Yaliya. 
Followed by others called Kudum i Muh. Yahya, 
on his return from a pilgrimage to Mecca and 
Medinah.] pp.44, lith. j^l [Lahore, 1890?] 
8°. 14797. d. 15.(11). 

FALAMINGI (ShalImir). See Schlimmer (J. L.). 

FALCONER (Forbes). [Translation of Salaman u 
Absal.] See 'Abd u1-Rahman ibn Ahmad, called 
Jam!. — Saldmdn u Ahsdl. 

TuKfat ul-Ahrdr. 

[Edit.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mu- 

SHARRiF uI-DIn), called Sa'di — Bustdn. 

FANDAR, Kissis. See Pfander (C. G.). 

FANI, Darvish. See ManekjI LiMji Hushanq 

FANI (Muhsin). See Mhhsin Fani, 

FARAHI. See Abo Nasr. 

See Barkhvurdar ibn Mahmud. 

FARAJ ULLAH, iTasAan?. [Notes oq MasnavT.] See 
Muhammad ibn Muhammad (Jalal u1-DIn), Ruml, 

FARAMURZ, son of Rustam. <uLJ j^^l J t__>'vA/[rara- 
murz-namah. A poem on the exploits of Faramurz. 
Edited by Rustam ibn Bahram.] pp. 464, lith. 
^J^ irri [Bombay, 1906.] 8°. 14797. e. 47. 

lation of Shah-namah.] See Hasan (Abu 'I-Kasim), 
called FiRDAUs!. 

Jl [ABval i Sir Jamshedji Jijibha'i. A versified 
life of Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy.] pp. 63, lith. 
J.^^_ tni[Bo7nbay, I89b.] 16°. 14797. a. 10. 

FARAS. <Co'ji--i L_>lii^ Ijjb [Faras-namah. A work 
on horsemanship and farriery. Edited by order 
of Asad Ulliih Khan Khvansari.] fr. 58,Z/i/t. irvi 
[Persia, 1862.] 8°. 14783. d. 4.(1.) 

FARDUSL See Hasan (Abu 'I-Kasim). 

FARGHANI. See 'A Li ibn 'Usman, fjfshi. 

[Translation of " A comprehensive System of 
modern Geography and History."] See Pinnock 

(JjJjJl Lla^j J>d^' h}<^ c-j'oi' IJJb [Hida- 

yat ul-sabll va-kifayat ul-dalil. A diary of a 
pilgrimage to Medinah made by Farhad Mirza 
in A.H. 1292-93.] pp. 385, lith. J\j^ trU 
[Teheran, 1877.] Fol. 14779. k. 12. 

(.IL ^ta«xj . .liy *la-«i") [Kamkam i zakh- 

khar u samsam i battar. Notices of Muhammad, 
the Caliphs, and the Imams, followed by a list of 
works on the subject.] pp. 713, 4, lith. ir.c 
[re^eran, 1887.] Fol. 14779. k. 13. 

JI jj*.jJiCjl t_)Uaj [Nisab i ingllsl. A ver- 
sified English- Persian vocabulary, each couplet 
giving English words phonetically transliterated 
and being followed by the same normally spelt in 
Roman script, with Persian and Arabic equiva- 
lents.] pp. 152, lith. ^\Ja I Ml [Teheran, 1866.] 
8°. 14815. g. 6. 

FARID ul-DIN, Maulav'i. [Edit.] See Ilyas ibn 


FARID ul-DIN, called Ganj i Shakar. Ulj)!!^)^! 
[Asrar ul-auliya. Religious teachings. Compiled 
by the author's disciple Badr Isliak.] pp. 94, 
lith. y^ I ^■^i[LucTcnow, 1876.] 8°. 14712. g. 2. (2.) 

FARID ul-Dilf AHMAD. See Ahmad (FarId u1-D!n). 

Ibrahim (Farid u1-Din). 

See Muhammad ibn 





FAEIGH. See Kui'B u1-Din, called Fakigh. 

FARIGH, Gllanl. See Hdsain ibn Hasan. 

FARftTJES (John). [Translation.] See 'Aii Mu- 
hammad, Tihranl. 

FAERUKHI. See 'Am ibn Kulu'. 

FARZAND 'ALI, Munayyirl J). ^[> j ^^lw« d.j^ 
c:j\j\^ JjJb] ^o'-?- i_s^..;^ [Suriid i mastau, or Jan 
i ahl i kharabat. A tale in prose and verse, with 
quotations from other poets.] pp. 16, lith. iaw 
iLuchiow, 1877.] 8". 14837. e. 9.(3.) 

FARZAND 'All, Nal;avl. [Edit.] See Rajab 'Ali 

FASA'i. See Hasan ibn Hasan, Shirdzl. 

FATE 'ALI, AkJiund-zddah. [For glossary to plaj's 
of F. 'A.:] See Rahnhma. 

i.uL)jiAi' [Sarguzasht i vazTr i khan i 

Lankuran, Hikayat i khirs i kuldiir i basan, H°. 
Monsieur Jourdan, fi°. Mulla Ibrahim Khalil, 
Sarguzasht i raard i khasis, fi°. i vukala i mura- 
fa'at, and H°. i Yusuf Shah sarraj. Comedies. 
Translated into Persian with introduction by Ja'far 
Karajahdaghi from the original Azarbaijani Tur- 
kish of F. 'A., and prefaced by Kitab i tamasha- 
khanah dar 'ilm i tahzib i akhlak, an essay on the 
dramatic art.] pp. 9.4, 97, 63, 31, 100, 81, 53, Hth. 
JJi: \r'i\ [Teheran, 187 i.'] 12°. 14807. a. 2. 

(jjliJ,^ •;• 15'" v* ci^J lis^ : c:,^!^ [Sarguzasht i vazir i 
khan i Lankuran, VukaUi i murafa'at, and Monsieur 
Jourdan. Translated by Ja'far Karajahdaghi.] 
pp.l66,Z/%. tr.rlBombay,188b.'] 12°. 14807.a.4. 

Persian Plays. Tiiree Persian plays [viz. 

Vukala i murafa'at, Khirs i kuldiir i basan, and 
Monsieur Jourdan, translated by Ja'far Karajah- 
daghi,] with a literal English translation and 
vocabulary by A. Rogers. (JjuUi) pp. vi. 73, 
172,172. London §• Calcutta, 1890. 8°. 757.C.36. 

Trois Comedies [i.e. Khirs i kuldiir i basan. 

et S. Giiynrd. (,_y^;'J ^j'->J^ ^''-^ '■^'-^' t-j'-'iO 
pp. xix. 91, 169. Pam, 1886. 12°. 757. bb. 12. 

The Alchemist [i.e. Hikayah i Mulla Ibra- 
him Kh;ilil]. A Persian play. Translntcd by 
G. Le Strange. See Academies, etc. — Lonilou. — 
Roijal Asiatic Society, etc. The Journal, etr. 
1886, pp. 103-26. 1834, etc. 8°. R.Ac. 8820/3. 

Neupersische Schauspiele von Muhsemm^d 

Gae'fer Qaragadagi im persischen Texte, mit . . . 
tjbersetzung, Anmerkungen und . . . Wdrterver- 
zeichniss . . . herausgegeben . . . von A. Wahr- 
mund. Heft i. pp. viii. 36, 33, 30. Wien, Leipzig 
[printed], 1889. 8°. 757. f. 33. 

Contains only " Monsieur Jourdan." 

The Viizir of Lankunin. A Persinn pi ly 

. . . Edited, with a grammatical introduction, a 
translation, copious notes and a vocabulary . . . 
by W. H. D. Haggard and G. Le Strange. 
(j^lijJ ^J'^ j>.Ji LJ^J^j^) pp. 176,53. London, 
1882. 8°. 757. b. 35. 

The Vuzir of Lankuran. A Persian pla\-. 

[Edited with marginal notes and glossary by E. 

-ijs^^) pp. 40, 8, lith. 
14807. 0. 6.(1.) 

Sell.] {J/^^^j'Ji^ 
I AAV [Madras, 1887.] 8= 

Vukala i murafa'at, and Mulla Ibrahim] traduites 
du dialecte turc azeri en persan par Mirza Dja'far, 
et publi^es d'apres I'edition de Teheran, aveo un 
glossaire et des notes, par C. Barbier do Meynard 

Ganjina-i-mnhawarat. The Wazir-i-Lnn- 

kurau and selections from- the Diary of His 
Majesty Nasiru-d-Din Shah . . . Translated lite- 
rally into English by Muliammed Kazim Shirazi. 
pp. 67. Calcutta, 1905. 8". 757. 1 43. 

Ena-lish translation of The Vazir of Lan- 

kuran: a play in four acts, translated from Persian 
into Urdu and edited with . . . notes [and English 
translation]. By . . . Muhammad Yusuf Ja'fari, 
Khan Bahadur . . . and . . . D. C. Phillott. pp. ii. 
36, i. 74. Calcutta, 1911. 8°. 14112. bb. 16. 

Yusuff Shah, Sarraj. --'j-^ !s'>^ ' a^^J Ul^/.'-^ 

[Translated by Ja'far Karajahdaghi. Edited with 
marginal notes by E. Sell.] pp.48, i.^^'j [Madras, 
1887.] 8°. 14807. c. 6.(2.) 

The Story of Yusuf Shah Sarraj . . . and 

of how the inhabitants of Kazwin outwitted tlie 
heavenly bodies. A satire. Translated by Colonel 
Sir E. C. Ross. See Academies, etc. — London. — 
Royal Asiatic Society, etc. The Journal, etc. 1895, 
pp. 537-69. 1834, etc. 8°. R.Ac. 8820/3. 





FATH 'ALi KHAN, called Saba, Kashanl. <-j^3S 
Jl X* 'Jui'JLisi'-i . . . [Shahinshah-namah. A versi- 

lied history of the wars of Fatli All Shah of 
Persia. With illustrations.] pp. 123, ////t. Bom- 
hay, [1890.] 8°. 14797. h. 16. 

[Another copy.] 

14773. f. 12. 

FATH 'ALI SHAH, King of Persia, called Kiiakan. 
[HiiitorT/.] See Fath 'Ali Khan, called Saba. 

(See ScHLECHTA-WssEHED (0. M. von). 

[Court.] See Persia. 

• yj'j'.^ 11)^""^ [Divan i Khakan. Poems. 

Edited with introduction by Muliammad SaJilt 
Marvazl.] S. 118, litk. Jij^ [Teheran, \8Q0 ?] 
8°. 14797. d. 12. 

FATH ul-DIN MUHAMMAD. See Muhammad ibn 
Sayyid u1-Nas. 

FATH MUHAMMAD, Burhanpurt. is^LJI 'ILo 
[Miftah ul-salat. A Hanafi treatise on cere- 
monial prayer and purification. Followed by 
Arabic Responsa issued by 'Abd UUlih Mir Ghani 
HanafI to Kutb ul-DIn Khan Dihlavl.] pp. 120, 
litli. jyS,'l I r^^ [Lahore, 187 1]. 8°. 14837. g. 3.(2.) 

K«J1 JsjJJt iHl'wy a^K sy^all "jLfl.« [Miftah ul- 
salat. With the same Responsa.] pp. 120, lith. 
J ^'i trtr [Lahore, ] 37 6.] 8°. 14837. f. 13.(5.) 

FATH MUHAMMAD, MauIavL [Hindustani trans- 
lation and notes to Sikandar-namah.] See Ilyas 
ibn Yusup. 

FATH ULLAH, called Vapa'I, Shushtarl. ^^^lyj 
^j^ [Divan. Being a tract in prose and verse 
called Siraj ul-muhtaj, and some poems in praise 
of Muliammad, Fatimah, *Ali, and the Imams.] 
pp. 120, h7/i. iJuAj ir. I [Bombay, 1884.] 8°. 

14787. b. 13. 

Jl jjl^J [Divan.] pp.120, /t7/6. ^J,:^ \r\. 

[Bombay, 1892.] 8°. 14797. d. 17. 

FATH ULLAH ibn FAKHE ul-DIN, Shirdzl. 
[Translation of Kanun.] See Hosain ibn 'Abd 
Ullah (Abu 'Ali). 


Jl ^^'ii'.-fl!l ^aUj ,_j-k-**-c . . . ji^ rj*^ [Manbaj 
ul-sadikln. An Imami Shi'ah commentary on 

the Kur'an.] 3 vols , lith. 
1879-80.] Fol. 

irli-lv [Teheran, 
14614. e. 3. 




•'•'" [Khuli 


liisut ul-manhaj. 

An abridgment of the Manhaj.] lith. itai 

[Teheran, 1864.] Fol. 14509. e. 1. 

Pages not numbered. 

FATH ULLAH KHAN (Abu 'I-Xasb), Shaibanl. 
Begin, ^s.^ JJb ^ J-ii Sc^^^ar* i^ au'J ^^j1 [Divan. 
Poems, compiled by various admirers of F. U., 
with accounts of the circumstances of their dis- 
covery.] pp. 204, lith. [Persia, 1883.] 8°. 

14797. e. 30. 
FATTAHI. See Muhammad Yahya SIbak. 

FAUK. See 'Abd uI-Rahim, called Fauk. 

FAUZ nl-KABIR. 6'ee Muhammad Facz uI-Kabib. 

FAYAZI (FaizT), Blhlavt. See Faizi ibn Mubaeak. 

FAYYAZ ul-DIN ibn MU'IZZ ul-DIN. ^^]J fd'^^y 
[Risalah i fara'iz. A tract on inheritance.] 
pp. 16, lith. ^ lAvr [Luclnow, 1873.] 8°. 

14837. f. 5.(2.) 
FAZA. See Govind-pabshad. 

FAZIL. See Muhammad Fazil. 

FAZIL, Kaiddnl. See Lui'P Ullah, Nasafi, 



See Hasan ibn Muhammad (Taj 

FAZL 'ALI, Mundsib i MaUdm. [For commentary 
on Mina bazar, based partly on that of F. 'A. :] 
See Muhammad (Nue uI-DIn), Turshlzl. 

FAZL HAKK, Akhund-zddah. [Edit.] 
Ullah ibn Ahmad (Hafiz u1-D!n). 

FAZL HAKK, Faizabddl. 
Karim ibn Makhdijm. 

FAZL HAKK, Khairdbadl 

See 'Abd 
[Edit.] See 'Abd ul- 
See Muhammad Fazl 

FAZL HASAN, Maulavi, of Fathpur. [Takhmis i 
nafis, Urdu amplification of Paud-namah.] See 
Mublih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushareif uI-Din), called 
Sa'di. — Pand-namah. 

FAZL HUSAIN, Alimaddbadi. [Panjabi verse- 
paraphrase of odes of flafiz.] See Muhammad 
Hafiz, Shirdzl. 





TAZL ul-IMAM (Muhammad). See Muhammad 
Fazl u1-Imam. 

See Mdslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushaekip u1-DIn), 
called Sa'di. — Bustan. 

FAZL i RABBI, KhvundMr. The Origia of the 
Musalmans of Bengal : being a translation of 
Haqiqate Musalman-i-Bengalah. By [the author,] 
Khondkar Fuzli Rubbee. pp. vii. 132. Calcutta, 
1895. 8°. 757. bb. 21. 

FAZL RAHMAN, Shah. iBeath.'] See Muhammad 
'Abd uI-'Ali, Hanafi. 

FAZL ITLLAH, Husaim, Kazvlnl. ^s"^' i— j'Ji") 
(^^' lLJJl* .'ol |J [Al-Mu'jam fi asar muliik il- 
'Ajam. A histoiy of the early kings of Persia, 
from Kayumars to Niishlrvan. With marginal 
and interlinear glosses.] pp. 308, lith. irci 
[TeJiei-an ? 1843.] 4°. 14807. c. 3. 

MS. notes in Persian to pp. 1-112. 

1^ CJyl~< Jl_j=^l (_jj ♦S*-" f.j3 L-llii' Ilka 

[Mujam.] pp. 251, lith. mi [Persia, 1848.] 
4°. 14773. d. 7. 

llJJ-« yo! ^ ^^^ 6^'^^ cr'r* "^^ ''^ 


,^' [Al-Mu>m. "With glosses.] ff. 158, lith 

irAv [Teheran, 1870.] 4°. 14773. d. 1. 

The date on the last page, 1278, appears to he a misprint 
for 1287. 

ci"^" U"?.-"-^ J' L/"v 

FAZL ULLAH, Nurl. . 

Jl i__jl^ J J'^f" iiJ'wjJi^l [Su'al u javab. A Shi'ah 
catechism.] pp. 84, Zii/i. ^J^. [Bom6a?/, 1893.] 
8°. 14712. a. 1. 

FAZL ULLAH, called Abu Sa'id. See Abu Sa'id 
ibn Abi '1-Khaie. 

FAZL ULLAH iba ABI l-KHAIR (RashId u1-DIn), 
called Tabib. See Rashid uI-Din Tabib. 


<ua^<ij [A Turki-Persian vocabulary.] pp. 244. 
&>^ I Are [Calcutta, 1825.] 8°. 757. h. 25. 

tion of Mir'at i Sikandari.] See Sikandar ibn 
Muhammad, called Manjhu. 

F6GHANI. See Fighani. 

FEIZI. See Faizi ibn Mubarak. 

See Hasan (Abu '1-Kasim). 

FERID-EDDIN 'ATTAR. See Muhammad ibn Icea- 
HiM (Faeid uI-Din). 

FERISHTA (Mahomed Kasim). See Muhammad 
Kasim ibn Hindu Seiah. 

FERTE (H.). [Translation of life of Husain 
Bailiara.] See Ghiyas uI-DIn ibn Humam uI-Dim. 

[Edit, with translation of extract from 

Shafi'a's Divan.] See Shapi'a. 

FERUZ bin KAWUS. See Fieuz ibn Ka'us. 

FETH ALI DERBENDI. See Fatu 'Ali, Mhund- 

FETTAHL See Muhammad Yahta Sibak. 

FEYAZEE (Fayzee). See Faiz! ibn Mubarak. 

FEYLESOUF RIZA. See Riza Taufik. 

FICK (Johann GEOEa Cheistian). [Translation 
of Asiatick Researches.] See Academies, etc. — 
Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. 

FIDA 'ALI, Khvajah. jxJi) i.._,^Lc [Muntajab 
ul-siyar. The genealogy of Raja 'Ata Husain, and 
some account of his attainment of the Zamindari 
of Surjapur.] pp. 18, Z(%. i^w^^ irlv [Cawnpore, 
1881.] 8°, ' 14779. d. 7.(2.) 

FIDA 'ALI, called 'Aish, [Edit.] See Kcr'an. 

FIELD (Claud Herbert Allwyne). A Dictionary 
of Oriental Quotations (Arabic and Persian). 
pp.351. London, 1911. 8°. 2039. a. 

FIGHANI, called Sakkaki and Baba i Shu'ara. 
Les Perles de la Couronne. Choix de poesies de 
Baba Feghani traduites . . . avec une introduction 
et des notes par Hoceyne-Azad. (Bibliotheque 
Orientale Elzevirienne Ixxvii.) pp. xxi. 144. 
Paris, 1903.- 12°. 757. b. 53. 

FIKRAT. See Muhammad 'AskaeI. 

FIRDAUSi, TUsz. See Hasan (Abu '1-Kasim). 

FIRISHTAH. See Muhammad Kasim ibn Hindij 

FIROZ DIN (M.). See Muhammad Fikuz uI-Din. 





FIROZE JUNG (Abdallau Kuan). See 'Abd Ullau 
ibn Safi. 

FIEUZ ibn KA'US, Mulld. [Mulla Firuz Lihranj.] 
See Bombay, Citi/ of. 

[Edit, and translation, etc., of Dasatlr.] 

See DasatIr. 

Tlie George-Namah of Mulla Feruz bin 

Kawus [a Persian epic poem modelled on Firdausi's 
Shali-namah, on the conquests of the English in 
India down to A.D. 1817]. Edited by his nephew 
Mulla Rustam bin Kaikobad. SyoIs. ,Uth. Bombay, 
1837. 8°. 757. g. 28, 29. 

Ressallas UdduUaB Quveo-yeh bur Ud- 

dumse Juvazse Kubbeesas dur Shurreeat^ Zur- 
toshtee-yeh. Or a work exhibiting the strongest 
evidences of the non-existence of the Kubbeesa 
[r.e. Kabisah, or intercalation of a month to rectify 
the reckoning of 365 days in each year instead 
of 3G6 in every fourth year,] in the doctrines of 
Zoroaster. Composed on behalf of the Kudmeeans 
... as a Eeply to a Work published by one Hajee 
Mahomed Hossam Isphanee . . . entitled " Shava- 
hedul NuffeesEe fee Usbatool Kubbeesas " at the 
special request of the Rusmeeans, etc. iUyt^y< S '-.«,) 

(J! s^.^j<^ j\^ ^Jtf J iLiji Sj'j pp. ii. 255, litli. 
Bombay, 1828. 8°. 14724. h. 1. 

FIRUZ ul-DiH, Shaikh, of Government School, Jhelum. 
[Notes, etc., on Divan i Hasan.] See Ghdlau Hasan, 

FIRUZ ul-DIN (Mohammad), Munahl Fdzil. See 
Muhammad FIkuz uI-Din. 

FIRUZ JANG (Aman Ullah). See Aman Ullah 

FIRUZ SHAH ibn RAJAB, Sullan of Delh i. [Life.] 
See Shams Sibaj. 

FIRUZ ABADI. See Muhammad ibn Ya'kub (Majd 
ul-DiN Abu Tahie). 

of Nslmab i Khusravan.] See Jalal ul-DiN ibn 
Fath 'Ali Shah. 

FISCHBACH (Friedrich). [" Rosen aus Schiras," 
translations from Hafiz.] See Muhammad Hafiz, 

FITNAH. See Saduu Ram. 

FITZGERALD (Edwaed). [Metrical translation 
of Salamiin u Absal.] See *Abd uI-Raiiman ibn 
Ahmad, called Jam! 8aldm/in « Absdl. 

[Metrical version of 'Umar Khayyam's 

Rubii'iyyat.] See 'Umar Khayyam. — Ruhd'iyydt. 

FLEISCHER (Heinrich Lebeeecht). [Edit, with 
translation etc. of Matliib kuU talib.] See 'AlI 
ibn Abi Talis. 

Catalogus codicum manuscriptorum orien- 

talium Bibliothecae Regiae Dresdenensis. Scripsit 
. , . H. 0. Fleischer . . . Accedit F. A. Eberti . . . 
catalogus codicum manuscriptorum orientalium 
Bibliothecae Ducalis Guelferbytanae. pp. x. 106. 
Lipsiae, I8dl. 4°. 11901. h. 44. 

[Another copy.] 15000. c. 

FLORENCE. — Biblioteca Medico-Laurenziand. Cata- 
logo dei codici persiani della Biblioteca Medicea 
Laurenziana per I. Pizzi. 1886. See Catalogues. 
Cataloghi dei Codici Orientali di alcune Biblio- 
teche, etc. fasc. 3. 1878-92. 8°. 11903. g. 37. 

FLUEGEL (Gostav Leberecht) . [Edit, of Kashf 
ul-zunun with Latin translation, etc.] See Mu- 
stafa ibn 'Abd Ullah. 

Die arabischen, persischen und turkischen 

Handschriften der . . . Hofbibliothek zu Wien . . . 
Geordnet und beschrieben von . . . G, Fliigel. 
1865-67. 4°. See Academies, etc. — Vienna. 

11901. d. 23. 
FONAHN (Adolf Mauritz). Zur Quellenkunde 
der persischen Medizin. pp. v. 152. Leipzig,, 
1910. 8°. 15003. b. 

FORBES (Duncan). [Translation of Hatim ta'i.] 
See Hatim, Td't. 

[Edit, and translation of Bagh u bahar.] 

See Khusbau, Amir. 

Catalogue of Oriental Manuscripts, chiefly 

Persian, collected ... by D. Forbes, pp. i. 92. 
London, Hertford printed, 1866. 8°. 15000. a. 

A Grammar of the Persian Language . . . 

Second edition. London, 1844. 8°. 622. i. 6. 

Third edition . . . enlarged. {Ap- 

pendix L-AJ^y cj'jI^) 3 pts. ionion, 1861. 8' 

2056. c. 





FOX (Charles). [Edit.] See Ahmad, Ardahilu 

FEAEHN (Christian Martin). [Edit.] See 
Hammee-Pcrgstall (J. von). 

FRANCKLIN (William), Lieut.-Ool. [Translation 
of " The Loves of Camarupa and Camalata."] See 
Muhammad Kazim. 

[Translation of extract from Malfuzat i 

Timiiri.] See Timor, Amir. 

FRANK (Othmar). Ueber die morgenlandischen 
Handschriften der koniglichen Hof- und Central- 
Bibliothek in Miinchen. Bemerkungen. MuncUen, 
1814. 8°. 822, f. 22. 

FREEMASONS. ^JL*.>J j\yJ\ ^^Jij\ [Ifsha i asrar 
i frimashan. An essay on freemasonry.] pp. 40, 
lith. ^fn^^i.iLuchnow,\SlA:.'] 8°. 14837. e. 10.(1.) 

FREITAG (K.). [Edit.] See Kruimsky (A. E.). 

FRIEDEL (Johann). [Translations from Hafiz.] 
See Muhammad Hapiz, Shirdzl. 

[Edit.] See Rewiczki (C. B. A. de), Count. 

FRIEDERICI (Cael). Bibliotheca Orientalis . . . 
Liste der im Jahre 1876(-83) . . . ersohicnenen 
Biicher, Broscliiiren, Zeitscliriften u.s.w. iiber die 
Sprachen, Religionen, Antiquitaten, Literaturen, 
Geschichte und Geographie des Ostens. nos. 1-8. 
London, Leipzig [printed, 1877-84.] 8°. 

011907. de. 25. 
FRITZSCHE (Adolf Theodoe Hermann). See Am- 
thor (E.) and Fritzsche (A. T. H.) . Horti Persici 
et Arabici, ete. 1842. 8°. 14797. c. 21. 

FULLER (Abraham Richard). [Translation of 
Nasir b. Khusrau's account of Jerusalem.] See 
Nasie ibn Khusrau. 

[Translations from Ta'rikh i Firiizslialil.] 

See ZiTA u1-DIn, Baranl. 

FUMANi. See 'Abd u1-Fattah. 

FTJRKANi. See, Ahmad Husain. 

FURNIVAL (William James). Leadless Decora- 
tive Tiles, Faience and Mosaic, etc, (On the 
Manufacture of modern Kashi Earthenware Tiles 
and Vases ... by Ustad Ali Mohamed of Teheran, 
and translated ... by J. Farques.) pp. xxiii. 852 ; 
37 plates. Stone, Edinburgh printed, 1904. 4°. 

07808. h. 6. 

FURS AT. See Muhammad Nasie. 

FURUGHL See Muhammad Husain ibn Muhammad 

FUZLI RUBBEE, Khondkar. See Fazl i Rabbi. 

FU^ULI. See Muhammad ibn Sulaiman, called 

GACHTASB (M. Schafi), Mirza. See Muhammad 
ShafI', Mdzaitdardni. 

GADEBUSCH (Thomas Heinrich). [Translation 
of History of Nadir Shah.] Sea Muhammad 
Mahdi Khan. 

G.aEF.aER (MuHiEMM.«D), Qaragadagi. See Muham- 
mad Ja'far. 

GALENUS (Claudius). [Commentary on Aphor- 
isms of Hippocrates.] See Hippocrates. 

GALLAND (Antoine). [Translations of adages 
and proverbs.] See Cardonne (D. D.). 

[Translation of Lubb ul-tavarikh.] See 

Yahya ibn 'Abd u1-LatIf. 

GAMILL See KamilI. 

GANESA-DASA. ^'uku <Ss^ [Ghunchah i bikhar. 
An essay on artificial poetry, based upon the San- 
skrit Chitra-cbandrika of Raja Balavant Simha.] 
pp. 46, Z(7/t. ixllyl^y ivvi \_Gujrantvala, 1811.'] 
8°. 14837. f. 9.(3.) 

JJic j_j'.j,0 [Darya i 'akl. A paradigm of the 
Persian verb. Followed by a letter-writer for 
Hindus.] pp. 37, Zi<A. iav4 [Lucfcnow, 1874.] 8°. 

14837. g. 8.(3.) 

GANGOPADHYA (Kissory Mohan). See Kisoei- 


GANJ BAKHSH. See 'AiA ibu 'Usman. 
GANJ i SHAKAR. See Faeid uI-Din. 
GANJINAH. . <u'J ^j -^'vkc 

L::,JiAiisH' c:s]jycj - Ax> [Ganjinah i 'irfan. 6 mystic 
tracts, of which nos. 4 and 6 are in prose, the rest 
in verse, viz. ; — (1) Masnavi of 'Attar; (2) Bisar- 
namah, by the same ; (3) Masnavi of Abu 'All 
Kalandar; (4) Marghiib ul-kulub, by Shams i 

<L«'o j^: _ .'vb£ jcr*^ - iJ'^J^ XU-^ST^ 



Tabriz ; (5) Masnavl i girih-band, by Raja 'Aiif j 
(6) Risalah i rumuzat ul-hakikat, anonymous.] 
pp. 50, lith. y^ uvv [Lucknoiv, 1877.] 8°. 

14797. h. 61.(1.) 

GANTIN (Jules). [Edit, with translation, etc., of 
Ta'rikh i guzidah.] S'le Ahmad ibn Abi Bakr 
ibn Nasr. 

GAECIN de TASSY (Joseph Heliodore). [Trans- 
lation of Ta'rikh i Shir Shah.] See 'Abbas Khan, 

• • [Translation of Gul u sanaubar.] See Gdl. 

[Translation of part of Gul i Bakavali, and 

abridged translation of whole.] See 'Iz/AT Ullah, 

[Edit, and translation of Mantik ul-tair.] 

See Muhammad ibn Ibrahim (Farid uI-DIn). 

[Various translations.] See Muhammad 

ibn PiR 'Al!, Birkavl. 

[Analysis, with extracts, of Biistan.] See 

MusLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Musharrip uI-Din), 
called Sa'di. — Bustdn. 

[Translation, etc., of Ilada'ik ul-balaghah.] 

See Shams uI-Din Fakir. 

Allegories, r^cits poetiques et chants popu- 

laires traduits de I'arabe, du persan, de Thindou- 
stani & du tare . . . Stconde edition. pp. 639. 
Faris, 1876. 8°. 14003. h. 18. 

Note sur les Ruba'iyat de 'Omar Kha'iyam, 

etc. (Extrait . . . du Journal Asiatique.) pp. 11. 
Paris, 1857. 8°. 1434. h. 22 (3.) 

See 'Dmab Khayyam. — Rtihd'iyijut. 

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, etc. 1862. 8°. 

757. c. 43. 

Notice dn traite persan sur les vortus de 

Hu9am Waiz Kaschifi, intitule ,, Akhlaqu-i-Muh- 
cini." pp.23. [Parw,] 1837. 8°. 11824. ff. 25. 

La Po^sie Philosophique et Religieuse chez 

les Persans d'apres le Maiitic uttai'r, ou le langage 
des oiseaux, do Farid-uddin Attar . . . Troisierae 
edition. (Extrait de la Revue Contempoi-aine, 
t. xxiv.) pp.72. Purw, 1830. 8°. 757. ff. 37.(2.) 

Quatrieme edition, pp. 76. Paris, 

1864. 8°. 757. g. 37.(3.) 


GARDEZi. See 'Abd u1-Hayy ibn uI-Zahhak. 

GARDNER (Frederick). [Illustrations to Rose 
Garden of Persia.] See CoSTKllo (L. S.). 

GARNER (John Leslie). [Translation of 'Qmar 
Khayyam. ] See 'Umab Kuayyam. — Buhd'iyydt. 

GARNETT (Richard), G.B., Keeper of Printed 
Books, British Museum. [Preface to 'Umar Khay- 
yam.] See 'Umar Khayyam. — Rubd'iyydt, 

GATJDIN (Jacques), Ahhe. [Translation of Gul- 
istan, efc.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mu- 
sharrip uI-Din), called Sa'di. — Gulistdn. 

GATTLMIN (Gilbert). [Translation of Anvar i 
suhaili, i.-iv.] See Husain Va'iz, Kdshifi. 

[Translation of Lubb ul-tavarlkh.] See 

Yahya ibn 'Abd uI-LatIp. 

GAURI-SANKARA JAN. [Notes on Majma' ul- 
bahrain.] See Dorga-prasada, called 'Aziz. 

GEITLIN (Johan Gabriel). [Annotated edit, and 
translation of Pand-namah.] See Musuii ibn 'Abd 
Ullah (Musharrip u1-DIn), called Sa'di. — Fand- 

GENTIUS (Geoijgius). [Edit, and translation of 
Gulistan.] See Mdslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mu- 
sharrip u1-DIn), called Sa'di. — Gulistdn. 

GEOGRAPHY, (^y^^ J'^/^ ^^ [Kitab 
jughrafi i mukhtasari. A geography. Translated 
by Mah mud, Director of the Telegraph Office, from 
the French.] pp. 153, Zt«/t. [Teheran ? I88b ?] 
8°. 14773. c. 3. 

etc. — Goettingen. 

GEORGE (Thomas). [Translation and explanation 
of Persian Intermediate Course.] See Academies, 
etc. — Lahore Punjab University. 

[Translation of Akhlak i muHsinl.] See 

Husain Va'iz, Kushifi. 

GERRANS (B.). [Translation of tuti-namah.] 
See ZiY.A ul-DiN, Nakhshabl. 

GHAFFAR AHMAD, Sayyid. [Translation of 
Jahan-gusha i Niidiri.] See Muhammad Mahdi 
Khan, called Kaukab. 





GHAFFAEI. See Ahmad ibn MuhammaDj called 

GHAISi. <)ai>'^ ij^l:j ufW^ ^"'^Jv j' ^ [Nalil 
az ruz-namah. An extract from a Ruz-uamah, on 
dreams.] pp. 50, lith. ^j}ij^> ' ' •'" LS<. Peters- 
burg, 1903.] 8». " 14770. g. 1. 

GHALIB. See Asad Ullah Khan. 

See Muhammad Sa'd. 

See Muhammad Sadik 'AlL 

GHANI. See Muhammad Tahie. 

GHANIMAT, PanjdbL See Muhammad Akeam. 

GHARIB. See Megha-raja. 

GHATJS ul-A'ZAM. See 'Add hI-Kadie ibn Mcsa. 


^j^JLJl [Majma' ul-salatiu. Tabulated lists of 
the emperors of Hindustan and the sovereigns of 
England, with statistical accounts of the provinces 
of India.] pp. 69, Zii/t. !S;j'«^ ii-vr [Jaora, 1856.] 
4°. 14773, i. 9. 

GHAUS ul-SAKALAIN. See 'Abd u1-Kadie ibn 


GHAYAT. j.^] J ^^. jyJLl] h'J: [Ghayat 
ul-shu'ur, or Hnjaj ul-hajj. A treatise on pil- 
grimage.] pp. 342, 20, lUh. yJS lAvr [Luchiow, 
1873.] 8°. 14718. e. 4. 

The booh was dedicated to Sultan BaJitm ul-D'in Shdh- 
zudah, presumably the grandson of Shiih ^Alavi. 

GHAZANFAB, 'All KHAN. [Edit.] See Khusrau, 
called AnushIbvan. 


GHAZZAli. See Ahmad ibn Muhammad, GJiazzdIi. 

■ See Muhammad ibn Muhammad, Ghazzdll. 

Ghiyas ul-DiN ibn Humam uI-Din. 

GHIASUDDIN MAHMMUD, surnamed Khandmie. 
See Ghiyas uI-Din ibn Humam u1-Din. 

GHIYAS 'AL! (Muhammad). See Muhammad Ghiyas 

GHIYAS ul-DIN, called GhiyasI, Mr. ^_^^ J^yi.^i 
[Divan. Poems, Edited by Ghulam Rasiil of 
Adilgarh.] pp. 140^ lith. ,^1 ir.v [Lahore, 
1890.] 8°. 14797. g. 24.(8.) 

GHIYAS ul-DIN, Pdrnpurl. See Muhammad Ghiyas 
ul-DiN ibu Jalal uI-DIn. 

GHIYAS ul-DIN ibn HUMAM ul-DIN (Khvand 
Amie). j<>^] ^..-oos- i_>'da!w« L_>'ji' [Habib ul- 
siyar. A general history from the creation to 
930 A.H.] 3 pts., lith. Jjja irvi [Teherati, 
1855.] Fol, 14773. k. 8. 

The Habeeb-os-Seear. By . . . Gheeos- 

od-Deen bin . . . Hamaura od Deen. Being a 
General History of the World from the earliest 
times to the year of the Hegira 930, A.D. 1520. 
( Jia!! jLil jlt^] j_5» .aJI V-^J^^) 3 vols., lith. 
Bombay, 1857 . Eol. 14773.1.4. 

The publisher states that vol. 3 has been edited from the 
author's manuscript. 

HcTopix MoHrojoBT>. OT'L;npeBH'iininHX'LBpeMeH'b 

;;o TaMepaaHa. UepeBOAt ci. IIepcII;^cKa^o. [History 
of the Mongols. Translated by V. V. Grigor'ev.] 
pp. xii. 158. CaiiKmnemepoi/pii, 1834. 8°. 

757. c. 19. 

Die Geschichte Tabai-istan's und der Ser- 

bedare nach Chondemir. Persisch und deutsch 
vonB. Dorn. pp.182. St. Petersburg, 1850. 4°. 

757. k. 18. 

Fragments de Geographes et d'Historiens 

arabes et persans inedits, relatifs aux anciens 
peuples du Caucase et de la Russie meridionale. 
Traduits et accompagn^a de notes critiques, par 
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Histoire des Khans Mongols du Turkistan 

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Chuandamir's afliandling cm Qarachitaiska 

dynastin i Kerman med inledning och anmark- 





ningar . . . af E. A. Strandman. Pei's. ^ Sived. 
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Habeeb-os-sear. Life of Tamerlane, etc. 

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Vie do Sultan Hossein Ba'ikara traduit de 

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757. sg. 1. 

A literal translation of Habeeb-us-siyar, 

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The title is taien from the wrapper. 

Translation and explanation of Habeeb- 
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With an introduction and . . . appendix and 
glossary, pp. i. 41. Bomhaij, 1900. 8°. 

757. e. 49.(2.) 

A History of the Minor Dynasties of Persia. 

Being an extract from the Habib-us-siyar of 
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Jl K Jl .JL.J i-j'JS ^ [Extract from the 

Dastur ul-vuzara, biographies of Viziers.] See 
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s'Ji An account of the Philosophers; from the 
Khelassut-ul-Akhbar of Ameer Khoawend Shah. 
See Gladwin (F.). The Persian Moonshee. 1795. 
4°. 89. g. 4. 

1801. 4^ 

757. k. 41. 

GHIYAS ul-DiN 'All, M7r. See 'Ali ibn 'Abd 

GHIYASI. See Ghiyas u1-Din, called GhitasT. 

GHIZALI (Mohammad). See Muhammad ibn Mo- 
hammad, Ghazzali, 

GHOLAM HOSEIN khan, Tuba Tuha-ee. See 
Ghulam Husain Khan, Tabdiaba'i.- 

GHOLAM 'USA. See Ghulam 'Isa. 

GHOLAM UKBITK, Molvee. See Ghulam Akbab. 

GHOOLAM HUSUN. See Ghulam Hasan. 

GHOOLAM UKBUR. See Ghulam Akbab. 

QBJJLAM, Gilanlj BazzdUi. [Edit.] See Muhammad 
Khan, BazzCiHi. 

See Muhammad ibn Kutb u1-DIn. 

Amritsar. [Kilid i Hikmat, Hindustani translation 
and exposition of Kifjlyah i mansiirl.] See Man- 
sub ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmad. 

GHULAM AHMAD, Kdcliydm. [TeacMngs.'l See 
'AlI (Abu Turab), Hd'irl, 

[For polemic against Gh. A. :] See Mo- 
hammad AorangzIb Khan ibn Muhammad Shaeip 

GHULAM AHMAD, of Elphinstone High School. 
[Edit., with notes, etc., of Hikayat i latlf, i.-v.] 

Anglo-Persian Dialogues, a collection of 

400 English and Persian sentences on thirty-ono 
useful subjects . . . Second edition, pp. 35. Bom- 
bay, 1886. 12°. 757. b. 81.(2.) 
No. 2 of the Persian Teacher Series. 

[Another edition.] pp. 36. Bombay, 

1887. 12°. 757. b. 81.(3.) 

GHULAM AHMAD, Sanhliall. [Hindustani trans- 
lation of Epistle of Mu'iu ul-DIn Chishtl.] See 
Hasan (Mu'in u1-Din). 

GHULAM AHMAD, called Tueki and Ghulami. 
^1)J«3 ,l;li [Gulzar i siddikl. Poems.] pp.105, 
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GHULAM AHMAD KHAN, Maulavl. [Edit.] See 
Mahmud (Nasir uI-Din). 

GHULAM AKBAR. [Edit.] See Muhammad ibn 
Husain (Baha u1-DIn). 

See Mohammad Mahdi Khan, Astar- 


GHULAM 'ALI (Shah 'Abd Ullah), Mujaddidl, 

'Alavi. ^j'^ eijUliU [Makamat i Maghari, or 
Lata'if i khamsah. Memoirs, with some letters, 
of Shams nl-Din Habib Ullah Maghari. Edited 
with preface, appendix, and notes by MuH. Beg ibn 
Rahim Beg MujaddidI and MuK. 'Abd ul-Ahad.] 
pp. 132, 40, lith. jAd ir.i [Delhi, 1892.] 8°. 

14779. d. 23. 





KHAN, Naliavl. LijjU^! j'^^c ['imad ul-sa'adat. 
A history of Burhan ul-Mulk and the succeeding 
governors of Oudh down to A.H. 1223. Followed 
by an accuunt of Balil Rau.] pp. 205, litli. iaU 
[Lucl-noiv, 1864] 4°. 14773. i. 8. 

cuJ'jiaJ! y.*^ ['Imad ul-sa'adat.] pp. 204, 

nth. [L^ichiow, 1897.] Fol. 14779. i. 9. 

GHULAM 'ALI KHAN, called Azad, Hiisaini, Bil- 
grdim. x.^'i idhi- [Khizanah i 'amirah. Lives of 
Persian poets and of stme of the Indian Amirs 
contemporary with the author.] pp. iv. 462, Uth. 
j^^ II.. iCawnpore, 1900.] 8°. 14779. g. 24. 

[Life of Sauisam ul-Daulah Shah-navaz 

Khiin.] See 'Abd u1-Razzak (Samsam u1-Daulah 
Shah-navaz Khan) and 'Abd uI-Hakk ibn Shah- 
WAVAZ. The Maasir-ul-umara, eic. pt.i., pp. 10-41. 
[1887]-91. 8°. 14002. a. (vol. 112.) 


EustamJang. <u'J J'«c s'-i . . . Shah Alam Namah: 

a history of the reign of Shah Alam II. . . Edited by 

. . . Harinath De (fasc. i. By A. Al-Ma'mun Suhra- 

wardy . . . and Aqa Muhammad Kazim Shirazi, 

fasc. ii., etc.) 1912, etc. See Academiks, etc 

Calcutta. — Aniatic Societi/ of Bengal. Bibliotheca 

Indica, etc. vol. 205. 1848, etc. 8°. 

14002. a. (vol. 205.) 
In progress. 

GHULAM ASHRAF, [Edit.] See Husain Va'iz, 

GHULAM FARID. See Muhammad Ghulam Farid. 

GHULAM GHAUS, called Bikhabae. [Edit.] See 
Ghulam Imam, called Shahid. 

Xs- <io'jvi- [Khiinabah i jigar. Prose and 

verse works of Bikhabar, the former being prin- 
cipally letters.] pp. 264, 7, Uth. lilj^! lAir 
[AllahabaJ, 1892.] 8°. 14807. d, 16. 

GHULAM GHAUS, called GhdlamI. x,'J Jj^ 
[Firiiz-namah. A versifit'd account of the war 
between Imam 'All Lahik and Rnja Sahin Pal of 
Sialkot.] pp. 13'6, lUh. ^yoil ir.c [Lahore, 1888.] 
8°. 14797. d. 15.(2.) 

GHULAM HAIDAR, Shaihh. of Find Dadan Khan 
College. [Hindustani and Punjabi verse-transla- 
tions of Hafi/j.] See Mohammad Hapiz, Shirdzi. 

lavi. ^>,f^ '-ij' 'Wjs' [Tuhfah i isna 'ashariyyah. 
An account of the history and doctrines of the 
Shi'ah.] pp. 040, Uth. y^ i av i [Luchnow, 1 879.] 
Fol. 14712. h. 2. 

H^J^ iJijM iSAs;' [Tuhfah i i.sna 'ashariyyah.] 

pp. 400, Uth. y>4^ U11 [Luchww, 1896.] Fol. 

14712. i. 10. 

GHULAM HASAN, Mir. [Edit.] See Isma'il ibn 

GHULAM HASAN, MuUdnl. ^^^^ J^>d [Divan 

i Hasan. Poems. Edited with marginal notes 

and life of the poet by Shaikh Firuz ul-DIn.] 

pp. 94, Uth. 1^ ir.4 [Jhelum, 1887.] 8°. 

14797. g. 24.(4.) 
Pages 65-72 wanting. 

Li^.^Jj^I! .y i_#y^ [Niir ul-hidayat. A 

religious mamavl poem.] pp. 64, Uth. ^J3Lo \r.e> 
iMultan, 1887.] 8°. 14797. g. 24.(6.) 

GHULAM HAZRAT, Kazt. [Notes on Char sharbat.] 
See Muhammad Hasan, called Katil. 

GHULAM HAZRAT, called Sabir. j^Ij jLL 
[Tiraz i danish. Anecdotes, with occasional verse, 
in proof of tlie fidelity of women, as against the 
suggestions of the Bahar i danish.] pp. 162, Uth. 
^ lAAr [Lucknow, 1883.] 8°. 14783. f. 9. 

GHULAM HUSAIN, Gidpd'igdnl. [Edit.] See 
Mu'iN ul-DiN, Juvainl. 

GHULAM HUSAIN, Kanturt, NtuhapUri. [Trans- 
lation of Mulakhkhas i fusiil.] See Hippocrates. 

GHULAM HUSAIN, Jaunpurl. A Book Styeled 
Jamy Bahadur Khanee containeing four sciences 
of Mathematicks that is Geomatry, Optics, Arith- 
metics and Stronomy. Selected out of the Arabic 
and Eenglish authors, didecated to Rajah Khan 
buhadur Klian Dalaour Jung ... in the year 1834 
in the time of . . . Lord W. C. Bentinck . . . 
Governor General of Indea By Golam hosin of 
.Jan pore [sic], (^^'vi- ,^1^ j-cU.-) pp. iv. 720, Zi'ifA. 
Calcutta, 1835. 4°. 14766. e. 1. 

GHULAM HUSAIN, Ldhauri. [Edit.] See Ahmad 
ibn Muhammad, called Kuduri. 

See 'Ali ibn 'UgMAN, tfshi. 





GHULAM HUSAIN, Maulavt. [Edit.] See 'Ali 
RiZA, Hindi, Baghdddi. 

See Ta'lilat. 

GHULAM HUSAIN, Bammal. ^jj^^ jS [Kanz 
nl-Husain. A treatise on goomancy.] pp. 346, 
7iM. ^^(^ M.. [Cawnpore, 1900.] 8°. 14770. e. 6. 

^jX^^ JiS [Kanz ul-Husain.] pp. 346, lith. 

j^^ [Ur [Cawnpore, 1^02.} 8°. 14770. e. 7. 

GHULAM HUSAIN, Sayyid, Maulavt. [Edit, with 
notes of Rasa'il ul-i jaz.] See Khdsrau, Amir. 

GHULAM HUSAIN, called SalIm, Zaidpurl. The 
Riyazu-s-Salatin of Ghluam-i-Husain [sic], Saliin. 
[A history of Bengal.] Edited by Moulavi Abdul 
HakAbid. pp.400. 1890[-9l]. See Academies, 
etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. Biblio- 
theca Indica, etc. vol. 129. 1848, etc. 8°. 

14002. a. (vol. 129.) 

The Riyazu-s-SalaJin, a history of Bengal 

. . . Translated from the original Persian by 

Maulavi Abdus Salam. 1902, etc. See Academies, 

etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. Biblio- 

theca Indica, etc. vol. 153. 1848, etc. 8°. 

14002. a. (vol. 153.) 
In progress. 

GHULAM HUSAIN (Abu 'Abd uI-KarTm). [Edit.] 
See Abu '1-Kasim, called Kudrat XJllah Khan. 

GHULAM HUSAIN KHAN. [Edit.] See Muiiam- 
MAD Zahir u1-DIn Khan. 

GHULAM HUSAIN KHAN, Tabatabd't. ^^^^i-'JUJIy.* 
[Siyar ul-mnta'akhkhirln. A history of India from 
1118 to 1195 A.H., with special reference to 
Bengal between 1151 and 1195.] pp. 962, lith. 
tr^r [Luchnow, \8m.] Fol. 14773.1.5. 

Seear-ool Mutakh-reen. 

L^.r*"^' ft^*" 


Exploits of the Moderns, or The history of the 
Empire of Hindoostan, from the year 1118 to 
1194 of the Hijrah . . . Containing the transactions 
of the reigns of the seven last Emperors of 
Hindoostan in general ; and the events of wars 
of the English rulers of Bengal in particular, with 
an account of the rise and fall of the houses of 
Nuwwaub Siraj-ood Dowlah and Nuwwaub Shooja- 
ood Dowla and an enquiry into some of the trans- 
actions of the government of the English rulers 

to A.D. 1 783. Compiled by Nuwwaub Syed Gholam 

Hosein Khan, Tubatuba-ee. Edited by Hukeem 

Abdool Mujeed, etc. pp. 115, i. Ccdcutta, 1833. 

Fol. 14773. i. 6. 

Thit U the third volume of the work. 

A translation of the Seir Mutaqharin ; or 

View of Modern Times, being an history of India, 
from the year 1118 to the year 1195 of the 
Hidjrah, containing . . . the reigns of the seven 
last Emperors of Hindostan ; and ... an account 
of the English wars in Bengal . . . the rise and 
fall (if the families of Seradj-ed-Dowlah and 
Shudjah-ed-Dowlah, the last sovereigns of Bengal 
and Owd . . . the English Government and Policy 
in those countries down to . . . 1783, etc. [Trans- 
lated by Haji Mustafa, calling himself Nota 
Manus.] 3 vols. Ma. notes. Calcutta, 1789. 4°. 

153. h. 1-3. 

The Siyar-ul-mutakherin, a history of tho 

Mahomedan power in India during the last 
century . . . Revised from the translation of Haji 
Mustefa ... by J. Briggs. (Oriental Translation 
Fund.) vol. i. London, 1832. 8°. 14003. d. 14. 

No more of this edition published. 

A translation of the Seir Mutaqherin ; or 

View of Modern Times, etc. [A reprint of the 
edition of 1789, with index.] 4 vols. Calcutta, 
[1902, 03.] 8°. 757. g. 60. 

History of Bengal from the accession of 

Aliverdee Khan Mahabut Jung. [Translated by 
J. Scott.] See Muhammad Kasim ibn Hindu Shah. 
Ferishta's History of Dekkan, etc. vol. ii., pt. 6. 
1794. 4°. 9055.11.7. 

The Moolukhkhus-ool-Tuwareekh, being 

an abridgement of the celebrated historical work 
called the Seir Mootakherin. Prepared chiefly 
by Maulavi Abdool Kerim. pp. 514. Calcutta, 
1827. 4°. 757. k. 7. 

[Another copy.] 

757. k. 21. 

GHULAM HUSAIN KHAN, called Khan Zaman 
Khan. .aicT Jj^ fj3 [Ta'rikh i gulzar i 
asafiyyah. A history of the first four Nizams of 
Hyderabad, with some account of the most eminent 
men of their times. Edited by Mir AKmad 'All 
Khan Musayi.] pp. iv. 647, lith. ir.A [Bombay, 
1891.] 8°. 14779. f. 2. 






GHULAM IMAM, HaMm. UyJI ^SIc ['Ilaj ul- 
ghuraba. A manual of medicine. With marginal 
notes.] pp. 124, iii/i. Jj^^ [Delhi, US! 01] 8°. 

14837. g. 1.(5.) 

GHULAM IMAM, called Shahid. ^io ji'^-as 
[Kasa'id i na'tiyyah. Persian and Hindustani 
poems.] See Kifayat 'Ali, called Kafi. ^j'.j'tS=" 
Jl i^jiiji [Khiyaban i firdaus, etc.] pp. 70-100. 
[1872.] 8°. 14119. b. 5.(2.) 

ja*i cu'wiJ^ [Kulliyat. Poems. Edited 

with preface by Ghulam Ghaus (Bikhabar).] 
pp. 450, lith. j^\^ lAi. [Cawnpore, 1890.] 8°. 

14797. e. 21. 

GHULAM 'ISA, Maulavt. [Edit.] See 'Add ul- 
Rahman ibn Ahmad, called Jami. — Nafaliat ul- 

GHULAM MAULA, Badaunt. j^\ ^^ ^^^ \!A.\n 
nl-nur. Stories in verse.] pp. 1 18, Zi7/i. yj^j^iJ 
ir.. [Buc?aoji, 1883.] 8°. 14797. e. 8. 

GHULAM MAULA, called Kalik. [Edit.] See 
NuR Muhammad, called Chela. 

GHULAM MUHAMMAD, Munslu. [Edit.] See 
PfiEiODicAL Publications. — Bombay. 

GHULAM MUHAMMAD ('Abd u1-Samad). oI^ yo' 
[Samarah i murad. Prayers in Arabic, Persian, 
Hindustani, and Panjabi.] pp. 36, lith. cI.>ji!U«j 
I Av I [SiaZioi, 1871.] 8°. 14104. f. 7.(1.) 

Kashmiri. [Hindustani translation of Vasilat 
ul-najat.] See Muhammad Mubin ibn Muhibb 

<!o^'i.=^ l-^'Uui [Manaliib i hafiziyyah. The 

life of Muhammad 'Ali Khairabadi.] pp. 256, lith. 
j^^ ir.e iCawnfore, 1888.] 8°. 14779. e. 7. 

RiiciM. The Tadhkira-i-Khushnavisan of Maw- 
lana Ghulam Muhammad Dihlavi. Edited with 
prefaces, notes and indices by M. Hidayet Husain. 
(j^Ljj JUi^ Sj^jj) [Notices of famous Moslem 
calligraphers.] pp. vi. 39, 131. 1910. See 
Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of 
Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica. vol. 187. 1848, etc. 
8°. 14002. a. (vol. 187.) 

Muhammad Mardan 'Ali Khan. 

dahdrl. ^j'\&Sm i_gjj^ i^J^ dW^'^ ^^^ [Divan. 
Poems.] pp. xxiv. 708, 170, lith. ^jf-^J """ 
[Karachi, 1894.] 4°. 14797. h. 28. 

Pagination wrong. 

SADIK 'ALI KHAN. fjc\^ ^L^ . ^^ u_ajJ'o' 
J! pbj jc!^ • y'^' [Ta'lif i Sharifi, a Materia 

Medica, and (on margin) Risalah i khavass ul- 
javabir, on properties of precious stones, by Muh. 
Sharif. With 5 works of Ghulam Muh. on the 
margin, viz. R°. i vaba, on plague, R°. i chiib- 
chini, on China-root, R°. i ma'kiil u mashrub, 
on diet, R°. i zubdat ul-akhlak, on ethics, and R°. 
i khunsa, on hermaphroditism. Edited by Ghulam 
Riza Khan.] [1863.] 8°. See Muhammad Sharif 
Khak. 14753. e. 1, 

sX^d tJUi^iKs- [Hikayat i dilpasand. Tales.] 
pp. 96, lith. j^^ fpiv [Cawnpore, 1880.] 8°. 

14783. e. 8.(2.) 

iXwiit) uu'.^l^ [Hikayat i dilpasand.] 

pp. 99, lith. lAA. [Luclmow, 1880.] 8°. 

14783. e. 10.(1.) 


Karnama i Hydary, or Memoirs of the brave and 
noble Hyder Shah, surnamed Hyder Ally Khan 
Bahadur. To which is annexed a sketch of the 
history of his illustrious son Tippoo Sultan. Com- 
piled from different works written by English, 
French, and Oriental authors, pp. 988, 4. (U'J,!^) 
(^^Jo^ Calcutta, 1848. 4°. 14779. g. 10. 

With f> portraits and a ms. notice on the book in Hindu- 

GHULAM MUHYI ul-DIN, Kasuri. <dJ^^ <U:sr 
[Tuhfah i rasuliyyah. A masnavl poem on the 
Prophet.] SeeHADiYYAH. J! iXjJ^ ^teaf [Hadiyyah 

i rasaiiyyah, etc.] [1847.] 8". 14787. c. 7.(2.) 

GHULAM MUHYI ul-DIN, Siyalkotl. J^\ l.U^ 
[Sarmayah i islam. A religious poem. With 
some other short poems, etc., by divers authors.] 
pp. 16, lith. tlj^U-. lAiv [Sialkot, 1867.] 8°. 

14837. f. 2ltl.) 





GHULAM MUHYI ul-DIN, called SanjI, Kandahurl. 
( Jl o^...j.fllr)lU fji}) [Mulatafah. Specimens of 

letters in shikastah script.] pp. 5, lith. jjk'i 
[Lahore, 1899.] Fol. 14835. f. 1.(2.) 

,_5^^ <"^' [Tulifah i Sanji. A letter- 
writer, in the shikastah script.] pp. 74, lith. ,j»l! 
trie [Lahore, 1897. ] 8°. 14807. c. 8. 

i_S^f^ <tfl.^ i^Avj^ . . . Hs"^ ^i) [Tulifah i 

Sanji.] ])p. 80, lith. j^'} ir II [Lahore, [899.] 8°. 

14807, c. 10. 

[Specimens of documents, with some of 

the same letters in shikastah script.] pp. 31, lith. 
j^'l [Lahore, 1900.] Fol. 14807. i. 2. 

GHULAM MUETAZA, Maulavl. uJjJl k;l^ 
[Zavabit ul-sarf. Accidence of Arabic nouns and 
verbs. Edited by Muhammad Yar.] pp. 16, lith. 
^^^ irAi [ia/iore, 1872.] 8°. 14837. f. 9.(2.) 

KHAX. [Edit.] See Muhammad Sadik 'AlI 
Khan ibn Muhammad Sharif Khan. 

GHULAM NABi ibn VARIS 'ALI, Musiafa'abadl. 
iJX )1/~1 L^y^ [Asrar i Varisl. An imitation 
of Rumi's Masnavi.] pp. 238, lith. ytAJil'^ ir.i 
[Jalandhar, -1889.] 8°. 14797. a. 9.(1.) 

GHULAM NABI KHAN, Maulavi. [Edit.] See 
MusLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushaerif u1-DIn), called 
Sa'dI. — Bustfin. 

GHULAM NAJAF, Chishti, Sayyid. [Edit.] See 
Maiimud, Chishti. 

GB-VLAWRASfCL/Adilgarhl. [Edit.] SeeGniYAS 
u1-DTn, called Ghiyasi. 

GHULAM RAStJL, Kal'avl. See 'Abd u1-Jabbar, 
Ghaznavi,B.uA Ghulam Rasul. Jl ^^*ssr* [Savanih 
i 'umri.] [1895.] 8°. 14779. f. 7.(5.) 

,-«£ [Risalah i kaza i 'umri. A tract on re- 
peating prayers to make up for having omitted 
prayers in the former part of one's life.] See 
Sadid uI-DIn, Kdshgharl. ^^^LaJl 1>1« . . . i_>'j/ 
Jl [Munyat ul-musalli.] pp. 89-96. [1876.] 8°. 
^ 14527. b. 18.(2.) 

GHULAM RIZA KHAN. [Edit.] See MahmOd 
Khan ibn Muhammad Sadik: 'Ali Khan. 

See Muhammad SharIp Khan. 

GHULAM SAFDAR. ^^Jao ^'JJl [Insha i Safdari, 
Persian letters with Hindustani translations.] 
pp.86, lith. j^^ uvr [Cawnfore, 1872.] 8°. 

14837. g. 6.(1.) 
GHULAM SARVAR, Ldhaurl. See Muhammad 
Gnnr.AM Saevar ibn Ghulam Muhammad. 

GHULAM SARVAR, called 'Asi. c:j'o-'ju i <uU i 

e |Jo it.* 'J I j'j' 4 Is.iiJU ^ ■'j«.il r ^'J i\js^ r [Kaf- 

namah. Odes (ghazals) commencing with each 
letter of the alphabet in succession and all rhyming 
in Uclf. With Kamil's Chiragh-namah, ghazals 
with the word chirdgh as radlf or overhanging 
syllable, on the margin. Followed by another 
Kaf-namah, having the letter kuf as initial letter 
throughout, by Makbiil, a few poems without 
diacritic points, and some extracts from earlier 
poets.] pp. 20, Zi</i. Jk«$3 lAvr [Lucknow, 1873.] 
8°. ^ 14837. g. 8.(4.) 

GHULAM YAHYA KHAN, tdzl ul-Kuzdt. [Trans- 
lation etc. of Hidayah.] See 'Ali ibn Abi Bakb 
(Burhan u1-Din). 

GHULAMI. See Ghulam Ahmad, called Tueki. 
See Ghulam Ghaus. 

GIBB (Elias John Wilkinson). "E. J. W. Gibb 

Memorial " Series. London, Leyden printed, 1905, 

etc. 8°. ^ 14005. g. 

In progress. 

GILCHRIST (John Borthwick). The Hindee Moral 
Preceptor, and Persian Scholar's shortest road to 
the Hindoostanee language, or vice versa, trans- 
lated, compiled, and arranged, by learned natives 
. . . under the direction and superintendence of 
J. G. Pers. (^ Hindust. pp. xxxii. 45, 204. Cal- 
cutta, 1803. 8°. 14117. dd. 4. 

Second edition. 2 pts. London, 

1821. 8°. 825. e. 5. 

The Oriental Fabulist, or Polyglot trans- 
lations of Esop's and other ancient fables from the 
English language, into Hindoostanee, Persian , . . 
and Sunkrit, in the Roman character, by yarioas 





hands under tlie direction of J. G. pp. xxxvii. 
316. Calcutta, 180-3. 8°. 14112. aaa. 34. 

[Another copy.] 14112. aaa. 34.* 

GIBISHABI LAL, Munshl. .u ^ixj ^^aj aa^=^ 
uuj'juJl [Nahr ul-sa'adat, or Chashmahi faiz. A 
religious and philosophical catechism.] pp. 8, lith. 
jjly!^ [GMjVamyaZff, 1874?] 12°. 14837. a. 1.(2.) 

GIEIDHARI-PAKSHAD, called Baki and Mahbub 
Navazvant. [Bhagvat i sharlf, metrical abstract 
of Bhagavata.] Bee Pueanas. — Bhdgavata-pumna. 

J! ci^l^ylj ^-l^^.j [(1) Ruba'iyyat i ba- 

barakat, 9 quatrains on the 99 names of God, 
amplified in a further poem giving their meaning 
and proper use ; (2) Kasldah dar taliriz i Malibub 
'All Khan HaidarabadT, 3 poems in praise of the 
author's patron ; (3) a haft-hand on the names of 
Muhammad ; (4) Alif ba i ma'tam i ghamm, an 
elegy on the death of Husain.] pp. 64, 8, 10, 24, 
lith. ^_jla> J in.- irir [Z)e//ti, 1892-95.] 8°. 

14797. g. 29.(6.) 

J)ij, clj ^_Sj ij9^ [Masnavl i badi' i bagh 

i razzak. A work in verse on the nature, value, 
and preparation of various foods and drinks.] 
pp. iv. 164, 2. JjfcJ iru [Delhi, 1896.] 8". 

14797. e. 28.(2.) 

GLADWIN (Francis). [Translation of 'Abd ul- 
Karim's Memoirs.] See'ABD uI-Karim ibn'AKiBAT 

[Translation of Tajnis ul-lughat.] See 

'Abd u1-Rahman ibn Ahmad, called Jami. — Tajnis 

[Translation of A'in i Akbari.] See Abu 

'1-Fazl ibn Mubarak. 

[Translation of "A Narrative of the Trans- 
actions in Bengal."] See 'Azim u1-Shan. 

[Translation of Dabistan.] 8ee Dabistan. 

[Translation of Mir'at ul-masa'il.] See 


[Translation of Alfaz ul-adviyah.] See 

Muhammad 'Abd Ullah (Nur uI-Din). 

[Edit, with translation of Tiiti-namah.] See 

Muhammad Khudavand, Kddin. 

GLADWIN (Francis) (continued). [Edit, and 
translation of Gulistan.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd 
Ullah (MosharripuI-Din), called Sa'di Gidistdn. 

[Translation of Pand-namah.] See Muslih 

ibn 'Abd Ullah (MusharrifuI-DIn), called Sa'di. — 

[Persian translation of Abridgment of 

History of the Bible.] See Osteewald (J. F.). 
[Edit.] See Periodical Publications .- 


Persian Classicks. Vol. i. The Giilistan 

of Sady, with an English translation. Vol. ii. 
The Gulistan of Sady, with notes, pp. 337, 272, 
Hi. Calcutta, 1806. 4°. 757. i, 10. 

No more 'published. 

The Persian Moonshee. [Consisting of 

(i.) a Persian grammar with 13 copper plates of 
specimens of nasta'Uk writing; (ii.) the Pand- 
namah of Sa'di in Persian on 12 copper plates 
(in ta'lllc character), with English translation ; 
(iii.) specimens of sMkast-amiz writing on 5 copper 
plates ; (iv.) specimens of nashh character on 2 
copper plates ; (v.) Hikayat i latif, " Pleasant 
Stories"; (vi.) Alival i hukama, an account of 
philosophers from the Khulasat ul-akhbar of 
Khvand Amir ; (vii.) Kava'id ul-saltanat i Shah- 
jahan, or rules observed during the reign of 
Shah-jahan, from the Chahar chaman of Chandar- 
bhan (Brahman); (viii.) phrases and dialogues, in 
Persian and Englisji, compiled under the direction 
of W. Chambers ; (ix.) 3 chapters of St. Matthew's 
Gospel, translated into Persian by W. Chambers.] 
4 pts. Calcutta, ll'dh. 4°. 89. g. 4. 

The Persian Moonshee. Calcutta printed, 

London reprinted, 1801. 4°. 757. k. 41. 

[Another copy.] Calcutta \j^v'nitei\, 

London [reprinted], 1801. 4°. 826. k. 18. 

The Persian Moonshee . . . abridged by 

W. C. Smith. [Containing only (i.) the Persian 
grammar without plates, and (ii.) Hikayat i latif, 
in Persian and Roman characters with English 
translation.] pp. ii. 72, 120; 1 plate. London, 
1822. 8°. 757. cc. 1. 

GLASGOW, University of. See Academies, etc. 





GLEN (William). [Translation of Old Testament.] 
See BiBLR. 

GOBIND SINGH, Tenth Guru of the Sikhs, jj^- 
<rirfd<V'HvI I' [Zafar-naniah. A poem on the 
victories of Gobind Singh, popularly ascribed to 
him. In Gurmukiii script.] pp. 132. WvJd 9t?9 
[Lahore, 1871.] obi. 12°. 14779. a. 1. 

iiijU. jJu^ . . . XcU ioi [Zafar-namah. Illus- 
trated.] pp. 48, WA. .yo^ lAvi [Lahore, 1871.] 
8°. 14762. b. 3.(1.) 

l-..~»-'«? a^iuj Sxi^ jj^ (UU jit TI*d<^fHvr 

[2afar-namah. In Gurmukhi character.] pp. 128, 
lith. j^j^\ [Amritsar, 1880 ?] obi. 12°. 

14773. a. 1. 

(^j^t) ^__jaUcuU <t«'J^ Tl<^d<SiHT Vrg'- 

«ivj1 lO [Zafar-namah. With Panjabi inter- 
linear translation by Narayan Singh. The whole 
in Gurmukhi character.] pp. 137, /t7/i. j^'-«! IaaI 
[Amritsar, 1889.] 8°. 14773. e. 20. 

Imperfect, wanting pp. 81-96. 

iTo(l ^(rfdAIHT [Zafar-namah. With 

Paujabi word-for-word translation and explana- 
tion, by Mangal Singh. In Gurmukhi script.] 
pp. i. 222. »M^7f3TT3" Itfotf [Amritsar, 1909.] 
8°. 14773. e. 26. 

GOBIND-RAM, Munshi. 
kushti.] See Najat. 

[Commentary on Gul 

GOBINEAU (Joseph Arthur de). [Edit.] See 
Descartes (R.). 

GOEJE (MicHiEL Johannes de) . Catalogus Codicum 
Orientalium Bibliothecae Academiae Lugduno- 
Batavae. [Vols. 3, 4] auctoribus P. de Jong et 
M. J. de G. ([Vol.5] auctore M. J. de G.). 1865-73. 

See Academies, eic Leyden. — Academia Lugduno- 

Batava. Catalogus Codicum Orientalium, etc. 
1851-77. 8°. Ac. 940/4. 

GOERRES (JoHANN Joseph von). [Paraphrase of 
Shah-namah.] See Hasan (Abc.'I-Kasim), called 


GOETTIN GEN.— ^catiemia Georgia Augusta. See 
Academies, ete.^Goettingen. 

Universitdts- Bibliothek. See Academies, 

etc. — Goettingen. 

GOLAM HOSIN. See Ghulam Husain, Jaunpuri. 

GOLIUS (Jacobus). Lexici Orientalis Heptaglotti 
pars altera . . . seu Dictionarium persico-latinum 
opera J. Golii atque E. Castelli . . . concinnatum. 
See Castell (E.). Lexicon Heptaglotton, etc. 
tom. i. 1669. Fol. 6. i. 10. 

GOPi-NATHA, Pandit. [Edit.] See 'Ai.i Kiza, 
called Tajalli. 

GORAKHPUR. ^^^/ ^ uJ^^ jUTjic, g^U 
[TaVikh i Mu'azzimabad. A short history of 
Gorakhpur from the beginning of the 11th century 
to 1797.] pp. 28, lith. i^vr [Lucknow, 1872.] 
8°. 14837. c. 3.(1.) 

GOTHA, City of.—Herzogliche Bibliothek. Die 
orientalischen Handschriften der herzoglichen 
Bibliothek zu Gotha . . . Verzeichnet von "W. 
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GOTTARDI (Vittorio). [Translation of 'Umar 
Khayyam.] See 'Umar Khayyam. — Rubd'iyyat. 

dras. See Madras. — Government Oriental MSS. 

GOVINDA SIMHA. See Gobind Singh. 

GOVINDA-RAMA. See Gobind-ram. 

GOVIND-PARSHAD, called Faza. [Hindustani 
translation and Persian notes to Biistan.] See 
MusLiH ibn'ABD Ullah (Mushareif uI-DIn), called 
Sa'di. — Bustdn. 

GOYA. See Nanda-lala. 

GRADY (Standish Grove). [Edit.] See 'Ali ibn 
Abi Bakr (Buehan u1-Din). 

GRAF (Carl Heinrich). [Abstract of Vis u Ramin 
with metrical translations.] See As'ad (Fakhr 

[Edit, and translation of Bustan.] See 

MusLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushareip uI-Din), called 
Sa dI. — Bustan. 

[Edit, with translation of selections from 

Sa'di's Divan.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah 
(MusHABRiF uI-Din), Called Sa'di. — Selectiont. 

GRAVIXTS (Johannes). See Gbbavks (J.). 





GKAY (Louis H.). [Translation of "Hundred 
Love Songs of Kamal ad-Din."] See Isma'il 
(Kamal uI-Din), lifahdni. 


GREAVES (John), Professor at Oxford. [Edit.] 
See Mahmud Shah, Khulji. 

(See Muhammad ibu Muhammad (Nasie 

uI-DIn), tusl. 

See Ulugh Beg ibn Shahrukh. 

GREENE (Herbert Wilson). [Latin version of 
Ruba'iyyat.] See 'Umae Khayyam. — Rubd'iyydt. 

GREENFIELD (William). [Edit.] See Bible.— 
Old Testamejit. 

GREIFFENHAGEN (Madeice). [Illustrations to 
'Umar Khayyam.] See 'Umar Khayyam. — Eu- 

GREY (William George), Lieut-Colonel. [Edit.] 
See Muhammad ibn As'ad (Jalal uI-Din). 

GRIBBLE (George Dunning). [Verse- translation 
of 'Umar Khayyam's Ruba'iyyat.] See 'Umae 
Khayyam. — Ruhd'iyydt. 

GRIFFITH (Ralph Thomas Hotchkin). [Transla- 
tion of Yusuf u Zulaikha.] See 'Abd u1-Rahman 
ibn Ahmad, called Jam!. — Yusuf u Zulaihhd. 

GRIGOR'EV (Vasily Vasil'evich). [Translation 
of Khvand Amir's History of the Mongols.] See 
Ghiyas u1-Din ibn Humam u1-Din. 

[Edit, with translation of Bayan i ba'z i 

havadisat i Bukhara u Khokand u Kashghar.] 
See Shams, Bukhdrl. 

GROLLEAU (Charles). [Translation of 'Umar 
Khayyjim.] See 'Umae Khayyam.— Rubd'iyydt. 

GROUSSET (Paschal). See Laurie (A.). 

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von Dr. M. Q. . . . L Theil : Texte. (II. Theil : 
Vocabular.) 2Th., lith. Prag, ]881. 4°. 757.i.41. 

GTJADAGNI (Feancesco). [Translations from Guli- 
stan.] See Mublih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushaeeip 
uI-DIn), called SA'i>l.—Gulistan. 

GTJEDEMANN (Moritz). [Edit, and translation of 
Majalis i panjaganah,iii.-iv.] See Muslih ibn'ABD 
Ullah (Musharrif uI-Din), called Sa'd!. — Majalis 
i Panjagdnah. 

GUENSBURG (C. Siegfried). Geist des Orients. 
[Aphorisms and moral saws, chiefly from Persian 
writers, translated into German prose and verse.] 
pp. Ixvi. 255. Breslau, 1830. 8°. 14003. h. 25. 

GTTFFAR A. SYED. See Ghapfar Ahmad. 

GUIDI (Ignazio). Catalogo dei codici siriaci, 
arabi, turchi e persiani della Biblioteca Vittorio 
Emanuele. 1878. See Catalogues. Cataloghi dei 
Codici Orientali di alcune Biblioteche, etc. fasc. 1. 
1878-92, 8°. 11903. g. 37. 

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traduit de I'hindoustani [i.e. from Nemchand's 
version of the Persian original, by Garcin de 
Tassy.] [Pam,] 1861. 8°. 1434. h. 6. 

From " Bevue Orientale et Am^ricaine," vol. vii. 

GUL MUHAMMAD, Alimadpurt. i-Jv<-c Uiciliyj 
'oJ.^I _<>»*j <d*Cu [Zikr ul-asfiya, or Takmilah i siyar 
ul-auliya. Notices of the lives of celebrated saints 
and Sufis. With appendices derived from Muh. 
'Akil.] pp. 238, lith. Jjt^i irir [Delhi, 1894.] 
8°. 14779. d. 26. 

GUL MUHAMMAD, called 'Ali, Jdlandharl. t_J^jis-« 

1 ) JiJiJl [Mahbiib ul-kuliib, or Ilahl-uamah. A 

religious masnavi. Followed by similar ghazals.] 
pp. 100, lith. r^j-sl 1^11 [A^nritsar, 1891.] 8°. 

14797. a, 9.(2.) 

GUL MUHAMMAD NATIK, Maltrdnl. Jit* yb^ 
[Jauhar i mu'azzam. Poems and letters.] pp. 46, 
lith. ipvv [iitcfcnou;, I860.] 8°. 14837. f. 5.(1.) 

GULBADAN, Begam. The History of Humayun, 
Humayiin-uama . . . Translated, with introduction, 
notes, illustrations and biographical appendix ; 
and reproduced in the Persian ... By Annette 
S. Beveridge. pp. xiv. 331, 96 ; 10 plates. . 1902. 
See Academies, etc. — London. — Onental Trans- 
lation Fund. Oriental Translation Fund. New 
Series, vol. 13. 1891, etc. 8°. 14003. bb. 8. 

GULISTANAH. See Abu '1-Hasan ibn Muhammad 

See Muhammad Gulistanah. 





GULZAR. 9iC-l»<il^ H^a^tH ^(^ •t^a^tct^l "tisi [Gulzar i 
nasiliat. Select moral verses from the Persian 
poets, with Gujarati translations. Fourth edition.] 
Y>p. 48. ^"i^ X(:oo [Bombay, 1900.] 8°. 757.e.50. 

GUNJAVEE (Nazamuddeen). See Ilyas ibn Yusuf. 

GUPTA(Chandka Lall). See Chandra-lIla Gupta. 

GURBAH. [For the Kissah i mush u garbah ] 
See MnsH. 

GTTRBAXANI (H. M.). See Hotchand Mulchand 


GURDEZi. See *Abd u1-Hayy ibu u1-Zahhak. 

GURG. s'oj . J • • • '—4^ ''^ <—>^'jS [Kissah i gurg 
u rubah. The fable of the wolf and the fox, in 
verse. Illustrated.] ff. 8, lith. [Persia, s.d.] 
12°. 14783. aa. 1.(5.) 

GURGANI (Fakhe al-DiN As'ad), called Fakhei. 
See As'ad. 

GUYARD (Stanislas). [Translation of Fatli 'All's 
plays.] See Fath 'Ali, Akhund-zadah. 

GWALIOR. History of the Fortress of Gwalior. 
[Translated from an anonymous Gwaliyar-namah] 
by Shrimant Balwant Row Bhayasaheb, Scindia. 
[With a continuation to the present time by the 
translator.] pp. vi. 55 ; 1 plan. Bombay, 1892. 
8". 757. c. 40. 

HABIB, li/aham. [Translation of Ghara'ib i 
'avil'id i milal.] See Depping (G. B.) . 

[Glossary to Divan of Hallaj.] See Jamal 

ul-DiN (Abu Ishak). 

(iP^ ji^'^ i—j'ui^ [Dastiir i sukhan. A 

Persian grammar.] pp. 178, lith. Jjju'jUjI ipaI 
[Constantinople, 1872.] 8°. 14820. d. 1. 

HABIB TJLLAH, Nalishbandi. <o jJixiJiJ jyJlc ijoA 
[Shajarah i 'aliyah i nalishbandiyyah. A versified 
genealogy of the Nalishbandi order of dervishes.] 
pp. 8, lith. <iobjy I AAA [Ludhiana, 1888.] 16°. 

14779. c. 21.(1.) 
HABIB TJLLAH, Shlrdzl. [Translation of writings 
of Baha Ulliih.] See Husain 'AlI ibn 'Abbas. 

HABIB ULLAH, called Ka'ani, Shirazl. [Li/e.] 
See Sakib Khueasani. 

HABIB ULLAH, called Ka'ani, Shirazl {continued). 
Begin. t^JJ^^ ^^ l-»-ou9.... ,^'yj '.-*»- ... J^'illyt 
Jl [Divan. Poems. With life of the poet, abridged 

from Tahir Isfabani's Gauj i shayagan.] ff. 276, 
lith. ^^l^irvv[Te/teran,1860.] Fol. 14797.1.1. 

J! iJT'i' *J^ . • . jjl^.J [Divan. An edition 

including the Parlshan, or anecdotes in prose and 
verse. Preceded by the life of the author, and 
marginal glosses.] pp. iv, 48, 395, 27, Zt<A. ij-^, 
\^^\ [Bombay, 1881.] 4°. 14797.1.2. 

_)'Ji' _ ^yl'i *J^^ y;'-J^J Ll^ftjJiis- ^J'^.J) 


■^\d^ - 


>^J^ - J- 

o J [Divan, 
including the Parishan. Followed by ghazals of 
Furughi and Jalal ul-DIn Mirza, and preceded by 
Vatvat's Hada'ik ul-sihr, on figures of speech.] 
pp. 23, 373, 75, lith. ^j^ ir.r [Teheran, 1885.] 
Pol. 14797. 1. 8, 

Selections from QaanI recommended for the 

Degree of Honour Examination in Persian . . . 
Edited by Muhammad Kazim Shirazi [assisted by 
Mahmud Gilani] . . . under the supervision of . . . 
D. C. Phillott. pp. 342. Calcutta, 1907. Fol. 

767. m. 3. 

Das Fruhlingsgedicht des persischen Dich- 

ters Mirsa Habib Kaani. Uebersetzt von J. von 
Hammer-Purgstall. [With text.] 1855. See 
Academies, etc. — Germany. — Deutsche Morgen- 
Idndische Gesellschaft. Zeitschrift, etc. Bd. 9, 
pp. 595-605. 1846, e<c. 8°. Ac. 8815/2. 

^J!'j *j>il». |^'a/.jL^ [Gulistan. A moral mis- 
cellany in imitation of Sa'di's Gulistan.] pp. 122, 
lith. jyj6\^ lAvr [Cawnpore, 1872.] 8°. 

14837. g. 7.(4.) 

j^T'i *j^ ^j'oJi [Gulistan.] pp. 122, lith. 

jyxi"^ lAiv [Cawnpore, 1897.] 8°. 14749. f. 21 

Short simple select passages from the Guli- 
stan of Ka-ani . . . annotated and explained. 1894. 
See JamshedjI Bejanji Kanga. Kanga's Persian 
Series. The New Persian Readers, etc. No. 2, 
pp. 1-9, 78-81. 1895. 8°. 757. cc. 25. 

[Marsiyah. An elegy on the death of 

Husain.] See Musha'aeah. Jl ns-^J^ '^.^ 
[Musha arah, eic] [1877.] 12°. 14797. b. 2.(D 





HABIB ULLAH, called Ka'ani, Shlrazl (continued). 
JI ^J;li.>,J t— j'oi" lj.!6 [Parlshan. Tales in verse 

and prose.] pp. 181, lith. ^Jji^ ' ""^ ' [Teheran, 
1855.] 8°. 14783. e. 11. 

jJTU' *-^^ uJ^^-ri [Parishan, bk. i.] 


MnsLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Musharrif uI-Din), called 
Sa'di. — Gulistan. J! ^'oLJ.^ L—j'oi" [Gulistan, eic] 

margin. [1870.] 8°. 

14783. d. 4.(5.) 

[Extracts, translated.] See Academies, 

etc. — Lahore. — Punjab University. Translation . . . 
of the New Persian B.A. Course of the Punjab 
University . . . Pt. II., etc. 1908. 8°. 14822.e.ll. 

[For select poems prescribed for the Punjab 

University Intermediate Course, translated :] See 
Academies, etc Lahore. — Punjab University. 

HABIB ULLAH (Shams uI-Din), called Jan-.tanan 
and Mazhae. [Biography.] See Ghulam Ali (Shah 
'Abd Ullah). 

yt,]^ ^ji^ J ^^U'jsrV j^ \jjJ^ J^^,d 

[Divan. Poems. Edited by Muli. 'Abd ul-Rahman. 
Followed by Kharltah i javahir, a poetical cento, 
compiled by the editor.] pp. 171, lith. jyxi^ irvi 
[Gawnpore, I8b5.] 8°. 14797. h. 4.(2.) 


^jiJsUJI ^^jiAb'Jll [Nuzhat ul-nazirin ul-mahirin. 
A defence of the author's decision on the distinc- 
tion between the letters (_^ and t.] pp. 16, lith. 
y^ irvr [Lueknow, 1856.] 8°. 14837. g. 9.(12.) 

HADI. See Muhammad Hadi 'Ali. 

HADI, Nd'im. See Muhammad Hadi, Nd'im. 

had! ibn MAHDI, called Aseae, Sabzavdrl. \^\iS 
J\jm\ J\ji<^ [Divan. Poems, principally £f^rt«a?« or 
short odes.] pp. 137, iif/i. ir.. [Te/ieraji, 1883.] 
8°- 14787. b. 12. 

HAD! 'ALI, Maulavl. [Edit.] See Tekchand, 
called Bahar. 

had! 'ALI (Muhammad). See Muhammad Hadi 

HADI 'ALI KHAN. See Ghulam Muhammad Had! 
'Ali Khan. 

HADIYYAH. JuJ^^ 'V.J*j "^y^j ^^ [Hadiyyah 
i rasiiliyyah. A polemic against the Vahhabi 

tenets of Muh. Isma'il Dihlavl. Followed by 
Tuhfah i rasiiliyyah, a wiasnavJ poem on the Prophet 
by Ghulam Muhyi ul-Din Kasux'i. With marginal 
notes.] pp. 76, /t</i. ^yt^i I a4v [La/iojv, 1847.] 8°. 

14787. c. 7.(2.) 
HAFIZ. See Muhammad Mujib Ullah Khan. 

HAFI^, Shirdzl. See Muhammad Hafiz. 

HAFIZ, Translator of Bdnat Sudd. See Muham- 
mad Nazie ('Abd u1-Hafiz). 

HAFIZ ABB,U. Sec Lutp Ullah (Nub uI-DIn). 

HAFIZ ul-DIN, Nasafl. See 'Abd Ullah ibn 

HAFIZ RAHMAT KHAN, Chief of the Rohillas. 
[Life.] See Muhammad Mustajab ibn Hafiz 
Rahmat Khan. 

HAFIZ VAZIR 'ALI. See Vazir 'AlI. 

HAFIZI. A*^ Axj 5iLy [Risalah i ba'd hamd. A 
tract in verse on the Moslem creed and rites. 
With marginal notes.] pp. 20, lith. .ysii iaaa 
[ia/tore, 1888.] 8°. 14718. d. 6.(1.) 

Title taken from wrapper. 

HAFIZ-OOL-MOOLK (Hafiz Rehmux Khan). See 
Hafiz Rahmat Khan. 

HAFT-KALAMI. See GnaLAM Muhammad Haft- 

HAGEMANN (Gottfeied Ernst). [Edit., with 
commentary, of extract from Shah-namah.] See 
Hasan (Abu '1-Kasim), called Firdausi. 

HAGGARD [Sir William Henry Doveton). [Edit., 
with translation, of VazIr i Lankuran.] See Path 
'Ali, Akhund-zddah. 

HAIDAR, Dughldt. See Muhammad Haidae. 

HAIDAR (Kamal uI-Din). [Translation of Luck- 
now Almanac] See Ephemeeides. 

HAIDAR ibn MUHAMMAD, Khvdnsdrt. ^jS !jjt> 
u_ftJ^'«>aA!l iijo ; [Zubdat ul-tasanif. A treatise on 
Moslem rites, lives of the prophets, Muhammad, 
'All, and others, moral conduct, etc.] S. 230, lith. 
irvA [re/teraw, 1862.] Fol. 14718.1.1. 

B.KlD&.^'KLl, Faizdhddi. ^KIlj_^^iUjj_y4-^ cj'Jj' 
[Muntaha ul-kalam. A treatise on law and tradi- 
tions.] pp. xii. 541, ZtiA. irAr [Lueknow, 1865.] 
Pol. 14736. f. 1. 





HAIDAR 'ALI, La'vfpuri. [Commentary on Jauhar 
ul-tarkib.J See §iva-rama, called Jauhar. 

HAIOAR 'ALi, Maulavl. [Freaching.'] See Fazl 
Hakk, Khairdhddi. 

HAIDAR 'ALi KHAN, Nawah of Mysore. [EUory.'] 
See Ghulam Mohammad Sultan ibn Tipu Sultan. 

See HusAiN 'Ali, Kirmdnl, 

See Stewart (C). 

HAIDAR KHAN (GhazI uI-DIn), afterwards Shah 
i Zaman, King of Oudh. »J)j ci..^ [Haft Iculzum.] 

The Seven Seas. A dictionary and grammar of 
the Persian language by His Majesty jjt< J>^\ ^\ 


1= s'ui j'o ,J0L5- ,.,>jJI , c'l^ 

"■ } 


^j"^ uV 

^)jjl the 

King of Oude. In seven parts [with prefatory 
notices by Kabul Muhammad.] 2 vols. Lucknow, 
1822. Fol. 767.1.1,2. 

[Another copy.] 


^ ii e:,^ [Haft Uulzum. Second edition.] 

7 pts., nth. yjC lAvi [Lucknow, 1879.] 8°. 

14815. i. 5. 

Gramraatik, Poetik und Rhetorik der Per- 

ser. Nach dem siebentcn Bande dos Heft Kolzum 
dargestellt [in translation] von F. Riiekert. Neu 
herausgegeben von W. Pertsch. pp. xx. 414. 
Gotha, 1874. 8°. 757. f. 12. 

HAIDARI. See Pasand 'Ali. 

HAIG (Thomas Wolseley). [Translation of Mun- 
takhab ul-tavarikh, vol. iii.] See 'Abd u1-Kadik 
ibn MuLUK Shah. 

HAIN (LuDWia Feiedeich Theodoe). [Edit., with 
translation, of excerpts from Nizarol.] See Ilyas 
ibn YusuF. 

HAIRAT (Isma'Il). See Isma'Il Haieat. 

HA'IBI. See 'Ali (Abu Tueab) . 

HAJA. See VajIn ibn Sabit. 

HAJI KHALFAH. See Mustafa ibn 'Abd Ullah. 

HAJi MUSTAFA, calling himself Nota Manus. See 


HAJi ZAIH ul-'ATTAE. See 'AlI ibn u1-Husain. 

HAJIB-i-SHAHI (N. A.) See Nannu-miyan Ahmad- 


HAEHAM (Simeon). See Simeon, 

HAKIKAH. L4J cL-JUia- l_>U/ [Kitab i HaUlkat- 
numa. A vindication of Christianity against 

Islam.] pp. 92. ^J^•=^j' is?"'"*- "*'''" [yiftrakhan, 
1823.] 8°. 14701. b. 1. 

HAKliAT (HusAiN Shah). See Husain Shah. 

HAKIM. See 'Abd uI-Hakim. 

See Muhammad Taki Khan. 

See Munavvae Husain. 

HAKIM (D. B.). See Dosabhai BaheamjI HakIm. 

HAKIM BASHI. See Muhammad Hashim. 

HAKIR. See Husain ibn Abi '1-Hasan. 

HAKKI. See 'Abd u1-Hakk ibn Saif u1-DIn. 

HAKKI (Isma'Il). See Isma'Il Hakki. 


HALHED (Nathaniel Brassey). [Translation of 
"A Code of GentooLaws."] SeeVivADARNAVA-SETU. 

HALL See Muhammad Iltap Husain. 

HALL(IsABEL Hawxhuest). [Illustrationsto'Umar 
Khayyam.] See 'Umae Khayyam. — Ruhaiyyiit. 

HALLAJ. See Jamal u1-DIn (Abu Ishak). 

HALLARD (James Henry}. [Translation of 'Umar 
Khayyam's Ruba'iyyat.] See 'Umae Khayyam. — 

HAMADANI. See 'AlI ibn Shihab u1-DIn Mu- 

HAMD ULLAH, Mmtavfi. See Ahmad ibn Abi 
Bake ibn Nasr. 

HAMDAM, Mirzd. j,,US> ^jr>^ ^^^^'^ [Dastan i 
Mirza Hamdam. The story of Mlrza Hanidam, 
in prose and verse.] pp. 48, lith. j^l ir.i 
[La/iore, 1889.] 8°. 14783. d. 16.(1). 

HAMEED-ULLAH (M.). See Muhammad HamId 





HAMELIN (Ernest). [PrefMce to Istori Causido 
clou Gulistan.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd Uli-ah 
(MusHAERiF u1-Din), Called Sa'dT. — Gulixtdn. 

HAMID ibn FAZL ULLAH, called Jamali, Darvish. 
^ji.UIl -f.^ [Siyar ul-'arifln. Biograpbies of 
some famous Moslem saints.] pp. 18i, Uth. 
^bJ in I [Delhi, 1893.] 8°. 14779. d. 28. 

HAMID ul-MN (Abu Bakr), Balhht. i^U'JU 
-cJiX«.»- [Miikamat i Hainidi. Narratives iu 
rhymed prose with occasional Arabic and Persian 
verses, modelled on tlie Maliainat of Hariri and 
Hamadanl.] -pp. IS2, lith. i riA [CawH^ore, 1852] 
T'ol. ' 14837. i. 1,(4.) 



j'Jii' tjjt> [Maliamat. 
Edited by Muh. Husain (Adib).] pp. iii. 21 1, h'th. 
\ru [Teheran, 187-3.] 8°. 14807. b. 1. 

Jl |^Ja-«kS^ ci^Lelito [Maliaraat.] pp. 132, 

Uth. y.£i uvi [Lucknow, 1879.] 8°. 14807. h. 8. 

HAMID HASAN, Sayi/id. [Edit.] See Muslih ibn 
'Abd Ui.lah (Mushakrip u1-DIn), called Sa'dI. — 


HAMID HUSAm, Mr.mvl, Nlsdhurl. ^lyill i^'Juc 
J.^s'i\ l»ii!l JUUl ^ ['Abakat ul-anvar. A treatise 
on the Imamate of the house of 'All.] Uth. 
yxfi^ aj'oajj! irir-iri4 [Ludhiana, Luclcnow, 1876- 
96.] Fol. 14516. d. 7. 

Only the following parts issued : Vol. 1 (in 2 pts.) ; vol. 2 
(imperfect, wanting all after p. 204) ; vols. 3, 4, 8. andpt. 1 
of vol- 12. Vol. 1, pt. 1, was published at Liidhiana ; the 
other pta. at Lucknow. 

[For reviews and recommendations of 

'Abalcat ul anvar :] See Muzafpar Husain. 

HAMID HUSAIN, Say;,!,J. ^'i^L^lj J^V, A^qU 
^'JuJ'Jl [Istiksa ul-ifliam va-istifa ul-intikam. A 
Shi'ah polemic on the traditional interpretations 
of passages of the Kur'an.] vol. ii., pt. 2. pp. 652, 
Uth. jx^ irie [Luclcnow, 1898.] 8°. 14703. c. 1. 

HAMID MIR. See 'Abd uI-Ghaki. 

HAMILTON (Charles), Captain. [Translation of 
Hidiiyah.] See 'Au ibn Abi Bakr (Burhan ul- 

An historical relation of the oricrin 

progress, and final dissolution of the government 

of the Koliilla Afgans . . . compiled from a Persian 
manuscript, and other original papers, pp. xxii. 
298. [London,] \7 87. 8°. 280. e. 3. 

HAMILTON (George William). [Preface to Jang i 
Si'al.] See NuR Muhammad, called Chela. 

HAMMEE {J. von) , Baron. jSeeHAMWER-PuRGSTALL. 

HAMMER ■ PITRGSTALL (Joseph von), Baron. 
[Translation of Vassiif's History.] See 'Abd 
Ullah ibn Fazl Ullah. 

[Persian transhition of Ta etV eavrov of 

Marcus Aurelius.] See Acrelius Antoninus 

. [Edit, with translation of ode of Ka'anl.] 

See HabIb Ullah, called Ka'ani. 

[Edit, with translation of Gulshan i raz.] 

See Mahmud ibn 'Abd uI-Karim. 

[Translation of poems of Abu '1-Ma'ani.] 

See Muhammad, called Abu 'I-Ma'anL 

[Translation of Dlviin of Hafiz.] See Mu- 

hammad Hapiz, Shircizl. 

Bericht iiber die in den . . . Jahren 18 to. 

46, 47 und 48 (-50) zu Con.stantinopel gedruckten 
nnd lithographirten Wferke. (Sitznngsberichte der 
philosophisch-historischen Classe der kaiserlichen 
Akadeinie der Wissenschaften. Bd. 3, 6.) Wien, 
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Codices arabicos, persicos, turcicos, Biblio- 

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etc. — Vienna. 620. k. 11. 

Duftkorner, aus persischen Dichtern ge- 

sammelt. pp. vi. 191. Stuttgart, 1836. 8°. 

757. d. 15. 

The volume contains translations of anonymous pieces 
extracted from the Persian-Turkish lexicon Farhang i 

Zweite verbesserte Auflage,mit einer 

Einleitung von F. Bodenstedt. pp. 208. Stuttgart, 
I860. 16°. 757. a. 12. 

Encyclopiidische Uebersicht der Wissen- 
schaften des Orients, aus sieben arabischen, per- 
sischen und tiirki.schen Werken iibersetzt, etc. 
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HAMMER- PUEQST ALL (Josevh von), Baron [con- 
tinued). Geschichte <ler scliOnen Redekiiuste 
Persiens, niit finer Bliiiheuleso aus zweyhurulerfc 
pcrsisclien Dichteru. pp. xii. 432, i.; I jilofr;. 
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Liste des ouvrages imprimis A Constan- 
tinople dans le courant de I'annee 1841 (-1844). 
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serita nel volume xxx. delle Memirie della R. 
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1825.] 4°. 14003. h. 17.(2.) 

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from Nizanil's Khusrau u Shirln.] 2 Thle. Leipzig, 
1809. 8°. 11526. b. 42. 

Sur les Origines Russes, extraits de manu- 

scrits oricntaux [in the original text] . . . dans 
nne suite de lettres. [Edited by C. M. Fraehn.] 
pp. viii. 132. St. Petersbourg, 1827. 4°. 1197.k.6. 

■ [Another copy.] 14003. h. 17.(1.) 

HAMMOND (Eric). The Splendour of God. Being 
extracts from the s:icred writings of the Bahais 
with introduction by E. n. pp.124. 1909. See 
East. Wisdom of the East Series. 1904, etc. 
8°. 14003. a. 30. 

HAMZAH, Mazandaranl. 

[Edit.] See Ilyas ibn 

HAMZAH ibn ' ABD ul-MUTTALIB. [On the versions 
of the Romance of Amir Hamzah :] Sec Ronkel 
(P. S. van). 

{^l*^ jt^j t—j'Ji/) [Rumuz i Hamzah. Au 

enlarged version of the romance of Amir Hamzah.] 
7 pts., lith. irv4-vi [Teheran, 1857-59.] Fol. 

14783. i. 2. 

K*=>~ ^>-ol jj'oujlii . . . t—j'vli' \m) [Diistan 

i Amir Hamzah. A shorter recension. With illus- 
trations.] pp. 244,W/t. ^J^ tr\ r [Bombay, 189b.] 
S". 14783. f. 14. 

■ ?/**" rf^' ^j'uL«1j [Dastan i Amir Hamzah.] 

pp. 246, Zit/t. yJS[Luchww,ldQO.] 8°. 14783.f.l6. 


HANOVER. Vevzeichniss der Handschriften iin 
prcussischen Staate. I. Hannover. 1893-94. 8*. 
See Pkussia. 2330. e. 18. 

HANSCOM (Adelaide). [Illustrations to 'Uuiar 
Khayyam.] See 'Umar Khayy i\K^^Ruba iijtjdt. 

HANUKKAH ben AGA JANI, Shammush. [Edit.] 
See Amn'on. 

See Epuraim ben Isaac, 

HAPHYZ (Muhammed Scheuseddin). See- Muham- 
mad H.\Fi_z, Shlrdzl. 

HAEA-LALA, called Rpsva, Deputy- Inspector of 
Police. («-"^l3 u--'J [Rii™^yan i farsi. A Persian 
metrical version of the Bala-kanda or bk. i. of 
the Rainayana, based upon the original of Valmiki 
and the version of Tulsi-diis. Illustrated.] pp.100, 
4,, lith. lAAO [Lticftrtow, 1885.] 8°. 14734. d. 3. 

HARI SINCJH, Sarddr. [Wars.] See Muhammad 
Abu '1-Fai7,. 

HARI-GOPALA, called Taptah, Sikandarabddl. 
£Laj' ,^U)4> [Dlviin. Poems.] pp. 593, 6, 8. ^»a"J 
lAcv Lia/'ore, 1857.] 8°. 14797. h. 39. 

j'JLJulaj [Suubulistan. Anecdotes in 

verse illustrating religious and moral precepts.] 
pp. 460, HiA. I r^r [Lucknow, 1866.] 8°. 14787.b.3. 

HARI-KARANA, son of Afathurd-ddsa, Multdnl. 
^ C k ^'-iJl [Insha.] The Forms of Herkern, 
corrected from a variety of manuscripts, supplied 
with the distinguishing marks of construction, and 
translated into English : with an index of Arabic 
words explained, and arranged under their proper 
roots. By F.Balfour, pp. 191, 64. CaZcw^d, 1781. 
4°. 757. f. 11, 

[Another copy.] 90. d.l7. 

cj/t* us'"^' '^'^® Forms of Herkern, cor- 
rected . . . translated . . . with an index of Arabic 
words ... By F. Balfour, pp. xii. 232. London, 
1804. 8°. 757. e. 14. 

j^^yi>*'-iJ! [Insha.] pp. 40, /t</i. j^'i irM 

[La/iore, 1869.] 8°. 14807. d. 2.(5.) 

HAEI-NATHA DE. [Edit.] See'Au Khan (Nusbat 
Jang) . 

SeeGHULAM'Au Kuan ibn Bhikharx 






HAEI-NATHA DE (continued). [Verse-transla- 
tions of inscriptions.] See Aulad Hasan, 

HARINGTON (John Herbert). [Edit.] SeeMvsuk 
ibn 'Abd Ullah (Musharrif uI-Din), called Sa'di. — 

HARIRI. See Kasim ibn 'AlI (Abo Muhammad). 

HARIS ibn HILLIZAH. [For Mu'allaUah of H. 
published with other Mu'allakat :] See Mu'allakat. 

HAREARN. See Hari-karana. 

HARIEY (Alexander Hamilton). [Edit.] See 
Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Moslem Institute. 

HARRACH (Erodi B.). Sec Erodi Harrach. 

HARRIS (Joseph). [Translation of Anvar i 
suhaili.] See HasAiN Yk'iz, Edshifi. 

HARTMANIT (Martin). Materialien zu einer 
Geschichte der Sprachen und Litteraturen des 
vorderen Orients. Herausgegeben von M. H. 
Heidelberg, 1900, etc. 8°. 14005. h. 3. 

In progress f 

HASAN. See Ghijlam Hasan, Multdni. 

See Jagan-kishok. 

See Muhammad Abu '1-Hasan. 

HASAN, Amir. See Amir Hasan. 

HASAN, Jkhund-zddah, Sayyid. [Notes on Si- 
kandar-namah i barrl.] See Ilyas ibn Yusup. 

HASAN, Dihlavl. See [Accessions] Amir Hasan 

HASAN, Kaggahwdld, Mulld. [Notes on Gulistan.] 
See MusLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Musharrip uI-DIn), 
called Sa'dI. — Gulistdn. 

HASAN, Kdshi. See Muhammad Hasan. 

HASAN, Mir. [Mir'at ul-mantilc, commentary on 
Isaghiiji.] See Mopazzal ibn 'Umar. 

HASAN, S/u>«z». [Edit.] SeeHusAiNVA'i7.,S'«»//77i, 

See Muhammad Hafiz, Slnrdzi. 

HASAN, Sijzi. See Hasan (Mu'in uI-Din). 

HASAN, SuWiJ. Jai^srlf [Ganjinahihunar. A 
Persian grammar.] pp.35, t>■^r [Constantinople, 
1865.] 8°. 14822. a. 4. 

HASAN (Abu '1-Kasim), called Firdausi, Tust. 
[Life Sj- Worlis.'\ See Langles (L. M.) . 

See Robinson (S.). 

See iSakib Khurasan!. 

[For lexicon to Shah-namah :] See 'Abd 

u1-Kadir ibn 'Umak. 

[For adaptations from Shah-namah :] See 

Teichert (a.). 

The Shah Namu, being a series of heroic 

poems, on the ancient history of Persia, from the 
earliest times down to the subjugation of the 
Persian Empire by its Mohummudan conquerors, 
under the reign of King Yuzdjird. By . . . Abool 
Kausira i Firdousee, of Toos. [Revised and edited 
by Ilah-dad, Mirza Mahdi, and others, super- 
intended by M. Lumsden, with English preface 
by the latter.] In eight volumes, vol. i., pp. xi. 
547, xl. Calcutta, \mi. Fol. 757.1.3. 

No ^nore published. 

The Shah Nameh : an heroic poem. Con- 
taining the History of Persia ... by Abool 
Kasim Firdousee. Carefully collated with a 
number of the oldest and best Manuscripts and 
illustrated by a copious glossary of obsolete words 
and obscure idioms : with an introduction and 
life of the author in English and Persian and an 
appendix ... By T. Macan. [Assisted by Hafiz 
Alimad Kabir.] *M-'JiJI ^! i_AjjuaJ' <u'aa'-i i—jUi") 

(Jl i^i'^M (^^^^ (^y° 4 vols. Calcutta, 1829. 
8°. 767. g. 1-4. 

Le Livre des Rois par Abou 'Ikasim Fir- 

dousi, public, traduit, et commente par M. J. Mohl. 
[Tom. 7 completed by C. A. C. Barbier de Meynard.] 
(,_j-.jjy L'oaLi. L_j'Jk/) 7 tom. 1838-78. See 
Academies, etc. — Paris. — Bihliolhi;que Rationale. 
Collection Orientale, etc. 1836, etc. Fol. 766. 1. 3. 

LS^^ *»"'>iiJl ^t fjf-^ i_sjJLaJ' <Cc'jL»'w<i t—j'Jki' 

Jl ^_^j'iy>-> j^li^ ^iidKi^i i5"=yiin . VR^a . iil^Ki , 

(i^H • l^wi . SHPlC-ll . ■HIS*IH41*hS11'(1 . ^Kt/Kldl . . . 
The Shah Nameh. An heroic poem. Containing 
the history of Persia from Kioomurs to Yesdejird, 
etc. [With appendix and glossary of Macan. 
With hand-coloured illustrations.] pp. 23, 1102, 
101, 32. JLx4J [Bombay,] 1849. Fol. 14807. h. 4. 





HASAN (Abu '1-Kasim), called FirdausI, tusi (con- 
tinued). iCo'aaiLi Jjl ji».) Jl t^jii^ l«'aftui 5U-U>0 

( Jl [Shah-namah. Lithographed from T. Macao's 

edition, with Persian preface, appendix, and gloss- 
ary. Illustrated.] 4 pts. ff. 596, lith. J\j^ 
I ne-iv ['i'e/ieran, 1819-50.] Fol. 757.1.4. 

,_j»"jJ j A.«lis>'-i [Shali-namah. An edition 

based on that of Macan,with preface and glossary.] 
pp. XV.622, mil. j^\^ lAvi [Cawujiore, 1874.] Fol. 

14807. k. 1. 
' Firdusii Liber Regum, qui inscribitur 

Schahname. Editionem Parisiensem dilisrenter 
recognitam et cmendatam lectionibu3 variis et 
additamentis editionis Calcuttensis auxit, notis . . . 
criticis illustravit J. A. Vullers. (Opus niorto 
editoris interruptum ad finem perduxit S. Lan- 
dauer.) 3 vols, Lugduni Batavorum, 1877-79. 
8°. 757. f. 13. 

[Another copy of vols. 1-2.] 

757. f. 13.* 

■ Jl ^^^dj . . . ifjf-^ (Ce'JaUi [Shah-namah. 

Edited by Nur Muh. b. 'Abd ul-Samad and Muli. 
Husain Kaslmilrl.] pp. 184, 120, 141, 181., llth. 
Ju^ ir.. [Bomhay, \mZ.'\ Fol. 14797.1.5. 

(Uos'-i SjJij^ iJoSi (Ayeene-e-Khurshid, 

or The Shah-Nameh of Firdousi as edited by 
Khurshedji Minocherji Kateli.) pts. iv-vi. i-u^) 
iaU [£omtajr, 1898.] 8°. 14787. b. 21. 

Jl ,_5^^ \S"i'^/ (U'asi'-i (Shah-name-i- 

Fardowsi Tusi. Published by Amuzanda Shir- 
mard Irani.) [With the (probably spurious) sup- 
plement. Illustrated.] pp. xvi. 180, 131, 159, 
149, 13,8, Z/M. Bumbaij,l9U. Fol. 14797. m. 1. 

The titles are from the cover, 

•?ll(4'll^ (The Shahnamah of Firdausi. Its 

full text [in Gujarati characters] and its transla- 
tion in Gujarati by Mahiar Navroji Kutar and 
Faramarz Navroji Kutar.) [With introduction 
and life of Firdausi.] Bombay, 1914, etc. 4°. 

T„ ,«.nn...> 14797. h. 50. 

In progress. 

The poems of Ferdosi translated by J. 

Champion. [With essay on the life and writings 

of Firdausi prefixed.] vol. i. pp. ix. 315. Cal- 

cutta, 1785. 4°. 787. i. 6. 

No more published. 

[Another copy, with ma. notes by 

J. Champion.] 757. i. 4. 

Das Heldenbuch von Iran aua dem Schah 

Nameh des Firdussi von J. Gorres. 2 Bde. Berlin, 
1820. 8°. 787. d. 2. 

The Sh4h Ndraoh of the Persian poet 

Firdausi, translated and abridged in prose and 
verse [from Tavakkul Beg's abridgment], with 
notes and illustrations. By J. Atkinson. (Oriental 
Translation Fund of Great Britain and Ireland.) 
pp. xxxi. 608. London, 1832. 8". 14003. d. 13. 

Le Livre des Rois par Abou'lkasira 

Firdousi, traduit et commente par J. Mohl. 
Public par Mme. Mohl. 7 torn. Taris, 1876-78. 
8°. 757. bb. 8. 

II Libro dei Re, poema epico recato dal 

persiano in versi italiani da I. Pizzi. 8 vols. 
2Wmo, 1886-88. 8°. 757. c<f. 18. 

Firdosi'sKonigsbuch (Schahname) iibersetzt 

von F. Riickert. Aus dem Nachlass herausge- 
geben von E. A. Bayer. Sage i.-xiii. (xv.-xxvi.) 
3 pts. 5eHui, 1890-95. 8°. 757. e. 37. 

Sage xiv. is not included in this edition. 
The Shahnama of Firdausi, done into 

English by A. G. Warner . . . and E. Warner. 
7 vols, ionrfow, 1905-15. 8°. 2318. f. 23. 

Tlie Siiah-namah of Fardusi. Translated 

from the original Persian by A. Rogers, pp. xv. 
551; liilate. London, X^i)! . 4°. 757. fif. 17. 

[For extracts from Shah-uamah prescribed 

for the Punjab University Intermediate Course, 
translated:] See Academies, etc. — Lahore. — 
Punjab University. 

Monumenti Persepolitani e Firdusio poeta 

Persanim heroico illustratio. Proposuit G. E. Ha- 
gemann. pp.32. GottlngoB,l%lil. 4°. B. 728.(5.) 

[Another copy.] 278. h. 42. 

Notice sur le Schdh'-Name de Ferdoussi, 

et traduction de plusieurs pieces relatives 4 co 
poeme. Ouvrage posthume de M. de Wallen- 





bourg, precede de la biographie de ce savanfc. 
Par A. de BiancLi. 1810. 8°. (S«e Wallenbourg 
(J. de). 75. c. 25. 

Soohrab, a poem : freely translated from 

the original Persian of Firdousee; being a portion 
of tbe Sliahnaniu of that celebrated poet. By J. 
Atkinson. [With Persian text.] pp. xxv. 2G7. 
Calcutta, 1814. 8°. 757. f. 8. 

[Another copy.] 

74. f. 24. 

Soohrab, a poem . . . Second edition, revised 

and enlarged. [Without Persian text.] pp. xv. 
154. Calcutta, 1828. 8°. 757. b. 22. 

Episodes from the Shah Nameh ; or Annals 

of the Persian Kings ; by Ferdoosee. Translated 
into English verse, with notes . . . index, Persian 
and English, and some account of the contents of 
the whole poem. By S.Weston, pp.125. London, 
1815. 8°. B. 692.(6.) 

Roostum Zaboolee and Soohrab, from tlie 

History of Persia, entitled Shah Namuh, or Book 
of Kings, by Firdousee. Translated into English 
verse, with the original text annexed, notes, 
plates & an appendix, by W. T. Robertson. 
pp. xxviii. 188, 86, 88, xxiv. Calcutta, 1829. 8°. 

757. h. 43. 

- • <to'a2>'./i L_>U/ jl i_5-2*J (Fragmens du Schah- 
nameh qui ont rapport a Zoroastre et a Tetablisse- 
ment desa religion.) See Zarathdstea. Fragmeus 
relatifs d la religion de Zoroastre, etc. 1829. 8°. 

757. e. 13. 
■~~~~ Chrestomathia Schahnamiana .... Edidit, 
annotationibus et glossario locuplcti iustruxit 
J. A. VuUers. pp. xiv. 267. Bonno}, 1833. 8°. 

757. d. 1. 

Ausziige aus dem Schahname, die sich 

auf Zoroaster und die Stiftung seiner Religion 
beziehen. (Nebst dem Leben des Ferdusi.) See 
Zaeathdstea. Fragmente ueber die Religion des 
Zoroaster, eic. 1831. 8°. 757. c. 23.(1.) 

Zwei kleinere Episoden aus dem Schahname 

... aus dem , . . Persischen iibersetzt. See Amthoe 
(E.). Klange aus Osten, etc. 1841. 12°. 

14576. a. 11. 

Kej-Kawus in Masenderan. Aus dem 

Schahname des Ebu'l Kasim Manssur el Firdewsi. 

Metriscli ubersetzt von V. Weiss von Starkeufels 
und T. von Schwarzhuber. pp. xxx. 177. Wien, 
1841. 8°. 757. f. 30.(1.) 

Extrait du Schah-Nameli. Histoire de 

Djemhour, Rnja de I'lude ; de son fils G >a et de 
sou neveu Thalhend, avec le recit de la decouverto 
du jeu d'echecs. See Reinaud (J. T.). Fragments 
arabes et persans, etc. pp. 54-79. 1845. 8°. 

14555. b. 3. 

Rostem und Suhrab. Eine Heldengo- 

schichte in zwolf Biiclieru [translated into German 
verse] von F. Ruckert. Zweite Auflage. pp. 260. 
Stuttgart, 1846. 8°. 757. b. 8. 

Heldensagen von Firdusi. Zum ersten 

Male metrisch aus dem Persischen ubersetzt, nebst 
einer Einleitung iiber das iranische Epos von A. 
F. von Schack. pp. vi. 537. Berlin, 1851. 8°. 

757. d. 22. 

Epische Dichtungen aus dem Persischen 

des Firdusi von A. F. von Schack, 2 BJe. Berlin, 
1853. 8°. 757. c. 9. 

Rustera, roman de chevalerie persan, du 

poete Firdousi. See Dklvau (A.). Bibliotheque 
Bleae, etc. no. 10. 1859-60. Fol. 12430. m. 2. 

itcUj/i c:j'as^Ji< [Selections from the Shah- 

namah. Edited, with a glossary explained in 

Turkish, by Ahmad Kamal.] pp. 94, lith. irM 

[Constantinople, 1864.] 12°. 14797. a. 6. 

The editor's jpresentation-copy to M. Belin. 

Persische Heldensagen des Firdusi . . . 

beai'beitet von Dr. Lauckhai-d, etc, pp. 333. 
Leipzig, Neu-Ruppin [printed], 1871. 8°. 

12431. e. 10. 

(lulJJbU. i_j'kj^t [Intikhab i Shah-namah. 

Selections.] See Muntakhabat. j_5^'j cuUkiU 
[Muntakhabat i farsL] pp. 51-142. [1872.] 8°. 

14822. c. 2. 

pp. 51-142. [1876.] 8°. 

14822. c. 4, 

pp. 51-142. [1877.] 8°. . 

14837. b. 3. 

Storia di Sohrab, episodio del Sliahnameh 

di Firdusi, recato dal persiano in versi italiani 
da I. Pizzi . . . con altre brevi traduzioni. pp.'270. 
Farma, 1872. 8°. 757. b. 17. 





HASAN (Ab0 '1-Kasim), called Firdausi, Tusl (con- 
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Heroic Tales retold from Firdusi the Persian 

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i^j . . . u-j'Ji' (^)J [Yusuf u 

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No more published. 

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\_Amrit»ar, 1887.] 8°. 14787 .d. 18. 





HASAX (Abu Muhammad), called Smni (continued). 
.Ui-^Jl iSij [Zubdat nl-aklibar. A cosmo- 
graphy.] pp. 404j lith. j^j-c\ I TAT [Amritsar, 
1865.] 8°. ■ " 

14759. b. 3. 

HASAN (A'zAM uI-DInI, BilgrSml. [Persian trans- 
lation of " Tbe Leading Principles (Rudiments) of 
English Grammar" (Kava'id i sarf u nahv i zuban 
i angrizi).] See English Grammar. 

HASAN (Mu'iN uI-Din), Sljzi, CMsldl. [Life.'] See 
Hasan Khan (Imam uI-Din). 

[Edit.] See 'TJsman, Sarum. 

(jjjjUJi Jol J [Dalil ul-'arifin. A Sufic work. 

Redacted by the author's pupil Kutb ul-Din Ushl 
Kaki Bakhtiyar.] pp. 56, hYA. jj^^ i^^l [Caivn- 
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ys^ lAi. [iMc/moto, 1890.] 8°. 14724. e. 1.(4.) 

^^ ^J^ 


i^j^-f^ . . . ^^'yJ [Divan. 
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■ ^ t^y^ ' ' ' Lf^^ U" ^i;:^*^ ^^_}^ h-'r*^ 

[An epistle of M. ul-D. to his disciple Kutb ul-Din 
Bakhtiyar Kaki. With Hindustani translation, 
and biographies of both, by Ghulam Ahmad San- 


pp. 90, lith. j'jbLo II.. 

\_Moradabacl , 
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L'ltr i bahar. A simplified adaptation by Sha'ik 
of 'Inayat Ullah's romance Bahar i danish. With 
marginal notes.] pp. 76, lUh. ^ ir.r [Luchww, 
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HASAN ibn 'ALI, Mardghl. See Muhammad Hasan 

HASAN ibn HASAN, called Fasa'i and Tabib, 
Shirazi. ^ycU i«'a--^U [Fars-namah i nasiri. A 
history and geography of Pars. With index of 
place-names.] 2 pts., lith. J J^ irir [Teheran, 
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[Another copy.] 

14773. k. 14. 

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Hasan (Abu '1-Kasim). 

HASAN ibn MUHAMMAD (Sharap uI-DIn), Rami. 

Jl Ji'uiU!! ^__/~:wl i—jliT IJJb [Anis ul-'ushshaU. An 
essay on poetical metaphors applied to female 
beauty.] See Muhammad Taki, TahrJzi. ^Jc\,^ 
^^I^J' [Khavass ul-liayavan.] [1862-6.] 8°. 

14759. b. 2. 

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relatifs a la description de la beaute par Cheref- 
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account of the miracles attributed to Muhammad 
and the Imams.] 2 pts., lith. irv4 [Persm, 1858.] 
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J! \^'^' iwsT <-j[iS (*)jj) Jjl aUs. 

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^jI^I!! ^kM-* [Muhayyij ul-ahzan. An account of the 
martyrdom of the Imam Husain. With al-Luhuf 
'an katla i tufiif, a similar Arabic work by 'All 
ibn Miisa HasanI Tavusi, on the margin.] ff. 170, 
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HASAN 'ALA, Amir, Sanjarl. See [Accessions] 
Amir Hasan 'Ala. 

HASAN 'ALI, Maulavl. [Edit.] See Husain Va'i.z, 

HASAN 'ALI, Jaunpurl. Sec Husain 'AlI, Jaun- 

HASAN BEG RUMLU. Jl g^lyil ^^^.^1 L-jliJ" ^ 

[Extracts from Ahsan ul-tavarikh, a history of 
Persia.] See Dorn (B.). Muhammedanische 
Quellen, etc. Th. IV., pp. 375-421. 1850-58, 
8°. 757. h. 26. 

HASAN KHAN, AJcd, Wirzd. [Translation of " The 
Glory of the Shia World."] See Sykes {Sir P. M.) . 

HASAN KHAN, called Badi'. See Muhammad 
Hasan Khan. 





HASAN KHAN (Imam u1-DIn), Ajmlrl. *y^/il ^^^j^ 
[Mu'ln ul-auliyu. An account of the life and 
works of Mu'iu ul-Dfn Chisliti. With notices 
of bis spiritual descendants and successors.] 
pp. 308, 4, nth. J^^ [Ajmer, 1894.] 8°. 

14779. g. 13. 

HASAN KHUDADAD, called Jalil-KuanI, Azar- 
huijanl. ^^j-j^s^J^^o [Yadgar i Hasan. A tract 
to encourage Pei'siau manufacturers in making and 
exporting their carpets] pp. 41, lith. 

[rj«/na, 1882.] 8°. 14835. b. 3. 

HASAN RAMI (Shakaf). See Hasan ibn Mu- 


HASAN EIZA KHAN, ^j^^ <j1'^^, [Risalah i jndarl. ! 
A tract on smull-pox.] See Muiiammad Hqsain 
Khan ibn Mohammad HadI. ^j'^ ^^-^j [Risalah 
ijadarl.] pp. 125-131. [1895.] 8°. 14753.d. 15.(3.) 

HASAN SHARAF RAMI. See Hasan ibn Mohammad. 

HASEIN ALL See Husain 'Ali ibn Abi* Talib 

HASHIM, ShirdzJ. ^^^^ j_ywvxJl l"c ^lyp Ijji, 
Jl [Hashimiyyah. A collection of Masidah poems. 
Followed by minor poems of MuU. Ja'far ('Akil).] 
pp. 88, Z;</i. 12°. 14787. a. 4. 

Without date or place of imprint. It was printed before 



HASHIMI. See 'Am Ullah ibn Isma'il. 

See Zain u1-'Abiuin ibn Abi '1-Husain. 

HASIR, Rizavi. See Nazie Ahmad, Hi^Jlz, and 
HAilR, Bizavl. List of Arabic and Persian MSS., 
etc. [1908,1912.] 4°. E.Ac. 8826. b/3. 

HASKAFi. See Muhammad ibn 'Au ('Ala u1-DIn). 

HASRATI. See Muhammad Mustafa Khan. 

HASTIE (William). ["The Festival of Spring," 
translation from Divan of Jaliil ul-Din Rumi, etc.'] 
See Mohammad ibn Muhammad (.Jalal u1-DIn), 

HATIF. See Ahmad, called HItjp. 

HATIFI. See 'Abd Ullah, called Hatifi. 

HATIM, Td'i. Hatim Ta,ee, a romance in the Per- 
sian language, revised and corrected [by Diyanat 

Ullah] uudcx* the superintendence of J. Atkinson. 
(^IL j»i'.a- Lai) pp. i. 99. Calcutta, 1818, Fol. 

757. k. 4. 
[Another copy.] 14112. ee. 1.(2.) 

Wanting the title-page. 

J'.*- u:,^*- '>>.«" Seven Adventures of 

Hatim. [Siyahat i Hdtim, or Sair i Hatim. A 
romance. Edited and compared with an English 
translation.] pp. 314, litli. Bombatj, 1879. 8**. 

14783. d. 7, 

The English translation is said to he that of Mr. Jones — 
possibly Sir William Jones. No such translation exists 
in his published worhs. 



:^=~\j^ [Siyfihat i Hatim.] pp. 308, 
r.r-iAAi ^Bombay, 1885-6.] 8°. 

14783, d, 9. 

The Adventures of Hatim Tai, a romance. 

Translated from the Persian by D. Forbes. 
(Oriental Ti'anslation Fund of Great Britain and 
Ireland.) pp. xi. 214. London, 1830. 4°. 

14003. f. 6. 

Tlie Adventures of Ilatim Tai. Translated 

from the Persian by D. Forbes. Third edition. 
[With by N. F. Bilimoria.] pp. x. 309. 
Bombay, 1911. 8°. 757. f. 56. 

HAYAT. See Mohammad 'Ashik. 

HAZIK KHAN. See Hosain, Ansarl. 

HAZIN (Muhammad 'Ai,i ibn Abi Talib), Gtldni. 
See Muiiammad 'Ali Hazin. 

HENDERSON (Philip Ddkham), [Translation of 
'Izzat Ullah's Travels.] See 'Izzat Ullah, 

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Jeyporo Exhibition, 1883. (Vol. iv. The Razm 
Namah.) London, [1883.] 4°, K.T.C. 29. b. 1, 

HENRY (Feunand). [Translation of 'Umar 
Khayyam, etc.] See 'Umae Khayyam. — Rubd'iyydt. 

HERKERN, son of Mutradas. See Haki-kakana, 

HERMES, Trismegistus, ^^y^' i^/^.'-^J • • • S-*'-^ 'i>a 
JI [Nafa'is ul-funiin. A work on elixirs and 

talismans (here ascribed to the prophet Idrls), 
purporting to be translated from the Arabic 
Zukhirat Iskandar usually attributed to Hermes. 






With preface by Siraj ul-DIn Yusuf Abu Ya'Kub 
Sakkakl.] pp. 72, litlu Bombay, [1892.] 8°. 

14770. b. 4. 

Jl .jJlCv! **Jll3 Hsyt^s^ [Majmu'ah i tilasm i 

Iskandar, or Risalah i Kavass i kharasah. A 
work on magic, atfcinbuted to Hermes, with preface 
ascribed to Aristotle; redacted by MuK. b. Khalid 
MarvariJdi. Translated from the Arabic Zakhirat 
Iskandar (Z°. i Zu '1-Karnain), with additional 
matter, by Muh. 'Usman Khtln (Kais).] pp. 93, 
lith. J4$3 lAvi [LmcA-how, 1874.] 8°. 14770. d. 2. 

■ [Fourth edition.] pp. 82, lith. 

_jV3 IAA4 [iMc^now, 1884.] 8°. 14770. d. 3. 

HERRMANN (Carl Heinbich) . Bibliotheca Orien- 
talis et Lingnistica. Verzeichniss der vom Jahre 
1850 bis incl. 1868 in Deutschland erschienenen 
Bucher, Schriften und Abhandlnngen oriental- 
ischer und sprachvergleichender Literatur. pp. ii. 
184. Halle a/S., Leipzig [printed], 1870. 8". 

011908. de. 14. 

HiCHMAKANI. See 'Abdu, Yazdl. 

HIDAYAT. See Riza KulI Khan, 
HIDAYAT 'ALi, Kamlar-Khol. 

[Ruk'at i.Siraji. Model letters, written for the 
author's nephew. Followed by Hikayiit bi-tarz i 
Gulistan, a tract in imitation of Sa'di's Gulistan.] 
pp. 44, lith. 4>'o!jL« \_Moradabad, 1896.] 8°. 

14807. e. 15.(2.) 
HIDAYAT HUSAIN (M.). See Mohammad Hidayat 


HIFAgAT HUSAIN, 'Azimahldl. [Ma'asir ul- 
salavat, Persian and Hindustani translations of 
Dala'il ul-kbairat.] See Mohammad ibn Sdlaiman, 

HIF2^ TJLLAH. ^^^^u^ ^^j'-iJ! [Insha i faiz-rasan. 
An elegant letter-writer. With marginal notes.] 
pp. 102, lith. j^^ lAvi ]_Cawnpore, 1879.] 8°. 

14807. g. 12.(8). 
HIKAYAH. [For grammatical guide to Hikayat 
i latif :] See Dosabhai Bahramji Hakim. 

[For glossaries to Hikayat i latif :] See 

Manekji DadabhaI Arjani. 

HIKAYAH {continued). 

:j,Uc .li 



;^*jJu- Pleasant stories in an easy style. [With 
translation.] See Gladwin (F.). The Persian 
Moonshee. 1795. 4°. 89. g, 4. 

1801. 4», 757. k. 41. 

1822. 8°. 

757. CO. 1. 

See Nauroji AdarjI Tata. 

t^^f'v '■^V.'^ [Hikayat i parsi, generally 

known as fi. i latif] . . . edidit, glossario expla- 
navit . . . G. Rosen. See Rosen (G.). Elementa 
Persica, eic. 1843. 8°. 757. b. 1. 

(_ftjJol Lij'ol^ [Hikayat i latif.] iSee Forbes 

(D.). A Grammar of the Persian Language, etc. 
1861. 8°. 2056. c. 

;_sj>y ^.i^J^i^ [Hikayat i latif.] pp. IG, 

lith. jLaj irAA [DeZ/ti, 1871.] 8°. 14837. f. 14.(2.) 

• I— aj^y eu'.^li^s- [Hikayat i latif.] pp. 16, 

lith. jLaO [I>e?A,t, 1873 ?] 8°. 14837. f. 11.(4.) 

i_8 idaS cuUl^ [Hikayat i latif.] pp. 16, 

lith. iJl.o>^ I AW iilfeerM<, 1877.] 8°. 14783.e.8.(3.) 

v_ftjJal cuUli:^ [Hikiiyat i latif.] pp. 16, 

lith. [Delhi, IBBi.l 8°. 14783.6.13.(1.) 

The Persian Self-Reader, or The first five 

stories of the Hikayat-i -Latif, on tbe Hamiltoninn 
System ; together with the conjugation, declen- 
sions, &c., designed for beginners of the Persian 
language ... by Ghulam Ahmad. pp. 16, litli. 
Bombay, 1884. 8°. 757. g. 47. 

After publication this was treated hy the puhlishen as 
no. 1 of the " Persian Teacher Series." 

The First Step in Persian on a new plan : 

contains sixty-one tales of the "Hekayet-i-Latif," 
with vocabulary, declension, conjugation, &c., in 
progressive lessons . . . By Hormasji Tehmulji 
Dadachanji . . . Second edition . . . enlarged, pp. ii. 
76, 96. [Bomhay,'] 1890. 8°. 757. d. 42. 

The text is lithographed. 

■ '"jy^ i_sj'ial «-« <XAjdai cubl^ [Hikayat i 

latifah. Short stories. Followed by Lata'if i 
'ajibah, witticisms.] .pp. 32, lith. j}^^ """" 
[Cawft^jore, 1896.] 8°. 14783.'f. 15.(3.) 

Literal translation [into Englisli] of [72 

tales of] the Hikayat Latifah [from the Hindustani 
version] of Muhammad Abdu-1-aziz of Madras. 
Bassein, 1875. 8°. 14112. c. 20; 





HIKATAH {continued). A literal translation of the 
first twenty stories of Hekayet-e-Latif ... By 
S. N. Desai. pp. 20. Sural, 1898. 12°. 757. c. 

Twenty five stories of Hakayat-i-latif, text 

. . . with a complete glossary and copious expla- 
natory notes . . . and a short Persian grammar . . . 
By Vasanmal Kishenchand Malkani. pp. 33, 20. 
Hyderabad, Sind, \9Q\. %". 757. cc. 39.(3.) 

x>jU czj'.ji^ [Hikayat i nadirah. Stories.] 

See Lata'ip. J' hm^ i_aj'JoJ [Lata'if i 'ajibah.] 

margin. [18-4(5.] 8°. 14807. g. 11.(2.) 

f^j^^ij l::.jUI^'_ |J!L*-«J1 u-s^iJ c:^.'.!^ [Hika- 
yat i nafii'is. Stories. Edited by talib 'All and 
'Abdul-Sadat.] pp. 28, ?«^i. i.xA.>fr''r\_Bomhay, 
1865.] 8°. 14783.6.5.(1.) 

LiijUKae' 'i\>j [Zubdat ul-hikayat. Facetious 

stories.] pp. 65. Uj^ uci [Vienna, 1856.] 8°. 

14783. c. 6. 

[For tales (liihhjut) contained in other 

collections :] See Bolduieev (A. V.). 

Sfe Leszcztnski (G. L.). 

See Rosen (G.). 

HILALI. See Bade uI-Din Hilali. 

HILM. See Jagat-narayana. 

HIMAK. yj^] (J-«.sr^^'.4.Jl [Al-Himar yalimil 
asfaran. " The Ass laden with books " ; a 
satirical tale in imitation of the Comtesse de 
Segur's " Memoires d'un Aue."] pp. 174, lith. 
tr,i [Persia, VJ09.] 8°. 14783. c. 12. 

HIMAYAT 'ALI, KdkHravl. [Rikaz ul-usiil, com- 
mentary on Fasiil i Akbarl.] See 'AlI Akbae 
ibn 'Ali. 

HINDI. See Kanhaiya Lal. 

HINDLEY (John H addon). [Edit.] See 'Abd 
u1-11ahman ibn Ahmad, called Jaui. — Tajnls ul- 
lAighdt. t 

[Edit, and paraphrases of odes of Hafiz.] 

See Muhammad Hapiz, Shirdzi. 

[Edit.] See Mohammad ibn Ibrahim (FaeId 


HIPPOCRATES. Ja\jL> J^ ^Jai^ [iVfulakhkhaa 
i fusil i BuUratl. The medical Aphorisms of 
Hippocrates with the commentary of Galen. 
Translated from the Arabic with additions and 
explanations by Ghulam flusain Kantiiri Nisha- 
purl.] pp. 160, lith, [Lucknow, 1872 t] 8°. 

14837. f. 5.(5.) 
Imperfect, wanting about a page at the end. 

pp. 1 1 2, ii</t. (AM [Lucftnow, 1886.] 

8°. 14763. c. 4. 

[Supposititious Works.] &> -ya <«!'»»., <iM>»-J 

[Risabih i kabriyyah. A tract on signs of 
approaching death. Translated by Muh. 'Ata 
Ullah.] See Muhammad ibn 'Abd Ullah (NjJk ul- 
DIn), Shlrazl. Jl JUjjH! li'iJI [Alfaz ul-adviyah.] 

pp.I80-191.TOar<7m. [1886.] 8°. 14753. d. 10.(2.) 

HITOPADESA. <-j^\ ^ [Mufarrih ul-kulub. 

A Persian rendering, by Taj ul-Din b. Mu'ln ul- 
Dln Maliki, of a Hindi version of the Hitopadesa, 
a Sanskrit book of fables.] pp. 78, lith. yx^ 
iah [i«cZ:now, 1869.] 8°. 14837. g. 3.(3.) 

t_j jlil! ^"j^-c [Mufarrih ul kulub.] L'fi- 

lectuaire des Cceurs, ou traduction persane du 
. . . Hitoupiidesa, par Tadj-eddin . . , [Noticed] 
par M. Silvcstre de Sacy. 1818. See Academies, 
etc. — Paris. — Academie des Inscriptions, etc. 
Notices, etc. torn, x., pt. 1, pp. 226-64. 1787, 
etc. 4°. Bar. T. 1. a-c. 

HOCEYlfE-AZAD. See Husain Azad. 

HOEY (William). [Translation of Ta'rikh farah- 
bakhsh.] See Muhammad Faiz-bakhsh. 

HOLLINGBEKY (William). A History of . . . 
Nizam Alee Khauu . . . geographical and historical 
observations on the present and former state of 
the Dekhan, etc. [Compiled and in part trans- 
lated fi'ora the Ta'ilkh i Firishtah and other 
Persian sources.] pp. iv. ix. 22, 58, 73, 38. 
Calcutta, 1805. 4°. 149. b. 2.(1.) 

HOLROYD (William Rice Morland). [Edit.] See 
PvaJkB.— Education Department. 

HOMES (Henry A.). [Translation of "The 
Alchemy of Happiness."] See Mohammad ibn 
Mohammad, Ghazzdli. 





HOOGHLY Tmdm - hdrah, [ Wall - inscriptions. '\ 

See 'Ali Naki. 

HOOSSEIN, Mullah. See HtJSAiN Vl'iz, Kdsldfi. 

Annotations on Nameb Khosrawan [a history of 
Persia by Jalal Mirza], Book I and Book II 
upto the end of the Ghaznavides. With an 
introduction and an appendix. pp. viii. 73. 
Bombay, [1904.] 8°. 757. d. 61. 

with vocabulary, etc., of 61 tales from Hikayat i 
latlf.] See Hikayah. 

[Translation, with notes, of Hafiz, Divan 

ccli.-ccc] See Muhammad Hafiz, Shirdzl. 

Gaoher-e-danesh, or Peai-ls of Knowledge, 

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[For the translation of Zafar-namah, 

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iisT (._.JiUJ!_j i^y^y^] i— ftViJl <)J'-*J1 1aS> 

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buted to Ibn SIna.] pp. 228, lith. ^jkAj irvi 
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'^! ii 


:j^^ lU*w j_jLc ^ cu'jjsr* 

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jiij \ji] ii. 

<U2sr <D 

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with many "by the compiler, Haklr.] pp. 144, lith. 
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(Publications de I'Ecole des 

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tenets, in the form of an imaginary debate before 
Harun ul-Rashld. Translated from the original 
Arabic into Persian by Ibrahim b. Vali Ullah 
Astarabadl.] ff. 62. Jiji^ \ rot [Teheran, \8i3.] 

8°. 14712. c. 1. 

Imperfect, wanting first leaf. 

HUSAIN ibn 'ALI (Mu'ayyid u1-DIn), fughrd'l. 

■^1 . . . ^':;s 

J <ui^! fsy'-^ i>y^}^^ ■ • - *^' ci^^l . . 

Jl <!u^S\ Aj'.<a« [Maffitlli ul-san'ah. A treatise 

on making charms and talismans by Tughra'I; 
abridged from his larger work Mujarrabat.] 
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al-Vl'iz al-HARAvI or al-SAFi. See Husain Va'ix. 

HUSAIN ibn HASAN, Sabzavdrl. yi J\jJ'l] yt^ 
^. ■ Uilj^ Ljy^ [Jauhar ul-asrar. A commentary 
on Riimi's Masnavl, bks. i.-ii., with an account 
of the chief Sufis and their doctrines.] pp. xiv. 
700, lith. yj^ iaU [Luclnow, 1894.] Fol. 

14787. i. 14. 





HUSAIN ibn HASAN, called Farigh, OUanl. Ij* 
^Jh^ c^'J I— j'JJJ' [Kifcab i Farigh Gilaiii. A le- 
gendary life of 'All in verse. Illustrated.] ff. 68, 
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JI ^^^Ijial! t_>'a/ Kitab al-TawS,sin par 

Aboii al-Moghith al-Hosayn ibn Mansour Al HalUj 
. . . Texte srabe . . . d'aprcs les maunscrits de 
Sfcamboul et de Londres ; avoc la version persane 
d'al Baqli, I'analyse de son commentaire persan, 
une introduction critique, des observations, des 
notes et trois indices par L. Massignon. pp. xxiv. 
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'Alavl. Account of a rare manuscript History of 
Isfahan [Ta'rikh i Isfahan, based upon the Arabic 
Risalat ul-maliasin i Isfahan of Mufazzal b. Sa'd 
b. ulHusain Mafarriikhl] . . . described by E. G. 
Browne. See Academies, etc. — London. — Royal 
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dream-interpretation, arranged alphabetically by 
subjects.] ff. 204, lith. ^Jj^ ""le [Teheran, 
i849.] 8°. 14770. d. 1. 

HUSAIN ibn MU'IN ul-DIN, Maihuzl, called Klzi 
MlE. *U- j-4-.»*^l 4->y«l! iA^li AaLs^ Jms'a« -ois^ 
Jl UJ i^^ Synopsis propositorum sapientise 
arabum philosophorum inscripta Speculum mun- 
dum reprEesentans. [An Arabic translation of 
the Persian Jam i giti-numa] . . . latini juris 
facta ab Abrahamo Ecchellensi. [With the Arabic 
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HUSAIN 'ALI, Jahraml, Mulla. [Edit.] See 

HUSAIN 'ALI, Jauii'purl. [Edit.] See HasAiN 

[Notes on Sikandar-n°.] See Iltas ibn 


HUSAIN 'ALI, Kirmdni. i—jjjt* ,_c >'!>>>»- /o^ 
^jjliaLj jjkJo gy'J y;ljMc'i [Nishan i Haidari, or 

Ta'rlkh i Tipii Sultan. A history of Haidar 'All 
of Mysore and his son Tipii Sultan.] pp. 404, 
lith. ^Jmj \r.s [Bombay, IB'dQ.'] 8°. 14773.6.19. 

The History of Hyder Naik, otherwise 

styled Shums ul Moolk, Ameer ud Dowla, Nawaub 
Hydur All Khan Bahadoor, Hydur Jung; Nawanb 
of the Karnatio Balaghaut : written by Meer 
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The History of the Reign of Tipu Sultdn, 

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written by Mir Hussein Ali Khan Kirmani. 
Translated ... by Colonel W. Miles. (Oriental 
Translation Fund of Great Britain and Ireland.) 
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14003. e. 2. 
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F.A. Course.] See Academies, etc. — Calcutta.^ 
University of Calcutta. 

HUSAIN 'ALI, Shh-azl. <u'J j.>Kx, [Mlkado- 
namah. An illustrated account of the Russo- 
Japanese war.] pp. 112, lith. itiCli irrr [Calcutta, 
1907.] 8°. 14773. c. 5. 

HUSAIN 'ALI, called Saeshae and ROh Ullah 
Shah. .li^^ uV-'^ [Divan. Poems, in 2 pts. 
(pt. 2 being chiefly chronograms, entitled 
Ta'rIkhhaM 'aja'ib).] pp. 51, 41, /('</*. ^ irtr-ti 
[Lucknow, 1895-96.] 8°. 14797. g. 31.(1.) 

HUSAIN 'ALI ibn 'ABBAS, called Baha Ullah, 
[For the Kitab ul-fara'id, in defence of the Ikan 
of H.'A. :] See Muhammad ibn Muhammad Riza. 

— Begin. J Sj^\ Ji Jm ^y ^^iJ! (_jIjJI 
^J'»J^) f^_ ^^ (Jl 'y^. [Ikan. A Persian 
exposition and defence of Bivbl doctrine.] pp. 2 14, 
lith. in. [j^owfcay? 1893.] 8°. 14728. c. 4. 

cj^i' • * • '-r'''J^ [Ikiiu. A similar work, 

in Arabic, with Persian comments and Hindustani 
version of the latter.] pp. 291, WA. ^^'J ill* 
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Le Livre de la Certitude (Kitab-el-ikan), 

un des livres sacres du Behaisme. Traduit du 
persan par H. Dreyfus et Mirza Habib-Ullah 
Chirazi. (Bibliotheque Orientale Elzevirienne, 






Ixxix.) pp. vii. 212, i. Paris, Le Tuy-cn-Yday 
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by Baha'u'Hah. Translated by Ali Kuli Khan 
assisted by Howard MacNutt. pp. viii. 190. 
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Les Preceptes du Behaisme. Le3 Orne- 

meuts. Les Paroles du Paradis. Les Splendeurs. 
Les Revelations. Precedes d'unelettre au Sultan 
de Constantinople. Traduit du jjersan par H. 
Dreyfus et Mirza Habib-Ullah Chirazi. (Biblio- 
theque Orientale Elz^vii'ieune, Ixxxii.) pp. x. 72. 
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757. b. 59. 

The Seven Valleys. Revealed by Biha'- 

u'Uah at B:ighdad, in answer to questions asked 
by Sheik Abdur Rahman . . . Translated by Ali 
Kuli Khan, Ish'te-ai, Ebn Kalanter. pp. 55. 
ChirMgo, 1906. 16°. 14728. a. 1. 

Hidden Words. Words of wisdom and 

comrnuues. From " Tlie Supreme Pen " of Baha'- 
n'llah. Translated by Mirza Ameen U. Fareed. 
[With an appendix partly by 'Abd ul-Baha and 
partly by the translator.] pp. 44. [London,'] 
1911. 8°. 4503. ccc. 60.(8.) 

Tablet of Tarazat. Tablet of the World 

Words of Paradise. Tablet of Tajalleyat. The 
Glad Tidings. Revealed by Baha'uMlah at Acca. 
Translated by Ali Kuli Khan, Ish'to al, Ebn 
Kalanter. pp.92. Chicago, \90Q. 8°. 14728. c. 1. 

Abcj Talib ibn Muhammad Khan. 

HUSAIN 'ALI MIRZA, Governor of Shiraz. Al- 
koran der Liebe. Neu-iranische Dichtungen von 
Hussein- Ali-Mirza, Statthalter von Schiras. Den 
Deutschen gewidmet [translated from the Russian 
paraphrase of B. M. Gi-idin] von J. Altmann. 
pp. xvii. 118. Franlfurt a/M., 1861. 12°. 

757. a. 11. 

HUSAIN AZAD, TabrM. [Translation of Fighani's 
poems.] See Fighani. 

Guepes et Papillons. Choix d'epigrammes 

et de madrigaux tires des auteurs persans. 
Traduits pour la premiere fois en francais ; avec 
uue introduction et des notes par Hoceyne- 

Azad. (Bibliotheque Orientale Elzevirienne, xc.) 
pp. xxvii. 263. Faris, Le Puy [printed], 1916, 
12°. 757. b. 86. 

La Roseraie du Savoir, choix de quatrains 

mystiques tires des meilleurs auteurs persans. 
Traduits pour la premiere fois en francais avec 
une introduction et des notes . . . par Hoceyne- 
Azad. [With Persian text.] (c:^^*.* i|^^ '^'^^) 
2 vols. Paris, 1906. 12°. 757. b. 58. 

■ L'Aubo de I'Esperance (ou Sobh-e Ommid). 

Choix de poesies tirees des meilleurs auteurs 
persans coordonnees et traduites pour la premiere 
fois en francais . . . avec une introduction et des 
notes par Hoceyne-Azad. Pers. 8f Fr. a^ i_j'j.$') 
{j^] pp. 208, xxxix. 283. Leyde, 1909. 8°. 

757. b. 73. 
HUSAIN BAIKARA, Sultan of Khorasan. See 
HasAiN (Abu 'I-Ghazi). 

HUSAIN HASANi. [Edit.] See SalIm I. 

HUSAIN INJtJ (Jamal uI-Djn). ^^'e- <-f^f 
[Farliang i Jahangiri. A dictionary of pure 
Persian words, preceded by au outline of Persian 
grammar. Edited by Muh, Sadik 'All (Ghalib) .] 
2 vols., lith. J.i^ I AVI iLuchiow, 187G.] 8°. 

14815. c. 5, 
HUSAIN KULI, called JadId uI-Islam. ys lis 
^^yi .-^W; |_j-«-^Jl i_>Ml [Minhaj ul-talibln. 
A polemic against Babism.] pp. 400, lith. irr. 
[Bombay, 1903.] 8°. 14724. e. 2. 

HUSAIN KURD, Shahisiarl. Brgin. J.yiA J.>,\j 'J^l 
Jl sJi] -idS <::^l!^j ■ . • J^\ vj^'-^ J [Husain Kurd 
Shabistarl. A popular romance.] ff. 99, litli. 
[Persia, 1865 ?] 8°. 14779. e. 2. 

HUSAIN SHAH, called HAiiiicAT. ^'XJ\ 'il>J>. 
[Khazinat ul-amsal. Arabic, Persian, and Hindu- 
stani proverbs. With Hindustani preface, and 
Persian translation and notes to the Arabic part.] 
pp.iv. 256, lith. j^^ I Air [Cawnpore, 1892.] 8°. 

14579. e. 9, 
HUSAIN VA'IZ, Kilshifl. [Life.] See Keishna-l.\i, 


[Lubb i lubiib, selections extracted by 

H. v. from Masnavi.] See Muhammad ibn 
Muhammad (Jalal u1-Din), RumJ. 





HUSAIN VA'Ig, KdsUfi (continued). [For com- 
mentaries, notes, notices, etc., on the Akhlak i 
mulisinl :] See 'Abd u1-Kadib, AJimadl. 

See EeachjI Rustamji Sahiak. 

See Garcin de Tassy (J. H.). 

See Kbishna-lal Mohan-lal Jhaveei. 

^^^Wsr* J 

JU-! Aklilak Mulisiny, the morals 
. Engraved from the Manu- 
14749. e. 10. 

of the Beneficent 

script, pp.108. Hcrtford,l82d. 8° 

j_wsr« J) Jli-! Akhlaki Muhsiny, the Morals 

of the Beneficent . . . Second edition. Engraved 
from the Manuscript. Revised and corrected by 
Mirza Ibraheeme. pp. 108. London, 1829. 8°. 

757. f. 6. 

Jl jJu*s-« Jjii-1 i—jU/ Ukhlaqi Muhsuuee 

by MuUah Hoossein. pp. 116. See Persian 
Writers. Classic Selections, eic. vol.1. 1828. 
4°. 757. i. 1.(1.) 

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757. d. 34. 

• ^ws-« ijli-\ [Akhlak i muKsini. Edited 

by Muh. Hadi 'All.] pp. 160, Uth. irvi [Luck- 
now, 1862.] 8°. 14749. g. 3. 
The last chronogram is dated 1289 hy mistake. 

[Second edition.] pp. 160, lilh. 

w^r [Luchiow, 1866.] 8°. 14783. f. 2. 

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Beneficent, literally translated from the Persian 
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Choice Selections from the Akhlak-i- 

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Muhsin's Ethics being a complete trans- 
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HUSAIS" VA'Ig, Kdahifl (continued). Translation 
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[For glossary to Anvar i suhaill :] See 

Muhammad Asheap 'Ali (Abu Sui.aiman). 

[Anvar i suhaill. Published by Captain 

C. Stewart and Maulavl Husain 'All JaunpiirT.] 

(^y^KIl licljll ff. 241. [Calcutta, 1804-5.] Fol. 

757. k. 3. 

Wanting the title-page, which in other cojnes reads as 
follows : " The Anvdri Suhcily of Hussein Viiez Kdshefy. 
Published by Captain C. Stewart, and Moolvy Hussein Aly, 
of the College of Fort William." 

[Second edition, revised by Nadir 

'AlT.] pp.458. Z^ i^n [Calcutta, 1816.] Fol. 

757. k. 2. 

J I (JLxi^ ,tJl t—j'.'xS' [Anvar i suhaill. 

Revised and corrected from the Calcutta edition 
of 1816, by Ghulam Ashraf, Turdb 'All, and 
Hasan 'All.] pp. 239, 4. ^_^l,Xo l^n [Madras, 
1826.] 8^ ^ 14783. g. 3. 

Anwari Sohili, a paraphrase, in Persian, 

of the Fables of Pilpay ; by Hussein Vaiz Kashify. 
[Edited by G. Jervis and MIrza Hasan Shirazl.] 
fl". 496, Uth. Bomhay, 1828. Fol. 757. k. 1. 

I — ijf-^ i/^*^ '•—ii'^ i L/"^ ^'^^ L^y**' 'V 

Jl^_^;Xilj ,'o.£j jJuJ <);UKj (Anwar Soheely.) 2 vols. 

pp. 865, lith. j^i^iJ^ ("H^ [Cawnpore, 1834.] 8°. 

757. d. 9. 

[Anvar i suhaill. Edited by Muh. Bakir 

Khvansurl.] ff.l68. ini [Teheran? 1845.] 8°. 

14783. g. 4. 

[Another copy, wanting ff. 10G/»- 

1I6&.] 14783. g. 2. 

jJ' iJ^:!^ ;'*^' I— >li^ [Anvar i suhaili.] 

pp. 373, lith. ^XAJ in I [Bombay, 1845.] 8°. 

14783. g. 5. 

Begin. (_)'Ja!wo c-j'Ji^ iJ' liUc xAj-i^ •:• jdJ] 

^J.^^AM iljjl [Anvar i suhaill. Fourth edition, 






revised and corrected by Muli. Faiz Ullah, Nur 

ul-Diu Rampuri, and VazTr 'AH.] pp. iv. 404. 

.iO^ IAF1 [Calcutta, \8iQ.] 4°. 14783. g. 1. 

By a misprint the date of imprint according to the 
Christian Era is given as 1842. 

( U^ .lyl) [Anvar i suhaili. Edited by 

Muli. MuKsin.] pp. 516. <u^ i^iv [Calcutta, 
1847.] 4°. 14783. g. 6. 

iXj^iM ,\^\ t_j'jo Anvar-i Suheli, or 



Lights of Canopus, being the Persian version of 
the fables of Bidpai . . . Edited by Lieut.-Col. 
J. W. J. Ouseley. pp. 16, 545. Hertford, 1851. 
4°. 757. i. 20. 

[Another copy.] 757. i. 20.* 

J! (Ju^ t'yl \-JjS [Anyar i suhaill.] 

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14783. h. 5. 

lsk^?*' ;V' ^-"^ ''^ [Anvar i suhaill.] 

ff. 180, lith. irAi [Ttheran? 1864.] 8'. 

14783. f. 3. 

LsW" jV [Anvar i suhaill. With mar- 
ginal notes by MuH. Mustafa Khan. An edition 
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^X^^ ,\^\ [Anvar i suhaill. A reprint of 

tbe Cawnpore edition of 1866.] pp. 534, lith. 
[Luchiow, 1867 ?] %". 14783. e. 1. 

ij^i^ ;V^ [Anvar i suhaill. With mar- 
ginal notes.] pp. 456, lith. Uvr [Lxichnow, 
1873.] 8°. 14783. f. 6. 

Anwar-i-Suhayli, or The Lights of Cano- 

pus, the Persian version of the Fables of Bidpay, 
by Husayn b. A'li al-Wai'z al-Kashifi. Edited by 
Major H. S. Jarrett. (^^jU^ .ly! l-jUj") pp. 630, 
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An Introduction to the Anvari Soohyly of 

Hussein Vaiz Kashify. [Containing chapter 7 in 
Persian and English.] By C. Stewart, pp. iii. 29, 
6, 42, 32. Lonion, 1821. 4°. 757. h. 7. 

■ Persian Fables from tlie Anwari Sooheyly 

of Hussein Vaiz Kashify. With a vocabulary , . , 
by J. Michael (the vowel points added by Meerza 
Ibraheem). pp. 50, 52. London, 1827. 4°. 

757. i. 50. 


HUSAIN VA'IZ, Kdshifl (contlnu>Tl). j\^] i 

ijk^ [Selections from Anvar i suhaill. With 
Hiudustani translation.] pp. 105, ?////. ^^s^Jiaii 
[La/iore, 1861.] 12°. 14837. b. 2.(2.) 

: — The Iqd-i Gul. Being a selection from 

the Gulistan, and Anwar-i Sohaili . . . Edited by 
W. Nassau Lees and . . . Kabir al Din Ahmud. 
(Ji jJi;) 1871. 8°. See MusLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah 
(MusHARUiP uI-DIn), called Sa'di. — Gulistan. 

14822. b. 1.(3.) 
: ^Uj*.. .1 Jl ujlicul [Anvari suhaill. Selec- 
tions. Edited by Subhan-bakhsh.] pp. 132, lith. 
^ys'J I Avc [La/-ore, 1875.] 8°. 14783.6.7. 

if'^J^ ;'-'' S-''-^^'' [Anvar i suhaill. Selec- 
tions. Edited by Subhan-bakhsh.] pp. 134, /(7/(. 
j^'l lAvv [Lahore, 1877.] 8°. 14783.0.5. 

Les Fables de Pilpay, philosophe indien ; 

ou La Conduite des Rois. [Professedly rendered 
from Abu '1-Ma'Jili Nasr Ullah's Persian version 
of the Kalilah va-Dimnah, but really a translation 
of chapters 1-4 of the Anvar i suhailT, by G. Gaul- 
min and Da'iid Sa'id Isfahan!.] pp. 352. Paris, 
1698. 12°. 637. f. 24. 

The Fables of Pilpay, a famous Indian 

phylosopher : containing many rules for the con- 
duct of humane life. Made English, etc. [Being 
Anvar i suhailT, chap. 1-4, translated by J. Harris 
from the French version of Gaulmin and Dii'ud 
Sa'id.] pp.207. London, 1699. 12^ 243. e. 8. 

The instructive and entertaining Fables 

of Pilpay, an ancient Indian philosopher. Con- 
taining a number of excellent rules for the con- 
duct of persons of all ages, and in all stations : 
under several heads. Corrected, improved, and 
enlarged ; and adorned with near seventy cuts, 
nte. [Another edition of the preceding.] pp. ix. 
ix. 231. iow(fo«, 1747. 12°. 757. a. 30. 

Contes extraits de I'Anvari Sohaili, traduc- 

tion persane des fables de Bidpai, etc. See Mu- 
hammad ibn PiR 'Ali, Birltavl. Exposition de la 
Foi Musulmane, etc. pp. 149-63. 1822. 8°. 

758. 6. 19. 

The Anv^r-i Suhaili; or. The Lights of 

Canopus ; being the Persian version of the Fables 
of Pilpay J or, the book " Kalilah and Damnah," 





rendered iuto Persian by I.lusaiu Vi'iV. u'1-Kasliifi : 
literally translated into prose and verse, by E. B. 
Eastwick. pp. xxvii. 650. Hertford, 1854. 8°. 

767. h. 29. 

[A reprint.] pp. xxiv. 650. Allah- 
abad, 1914. 8°. 14783. e. 16. 

The Anwar-i-Siihaili, or Ligbts of Canopus, 

commonly known as Kalilah and Damnah, being 
an adaptation by MiiUd Husain bin 'All Al 
Wai'z-Al-Kashifi of the Fables of Bidpai. Trans- 
lated from the Persian by A. N. WoUaston. 
pp. xviii. 504. London, 1877. 4°. 757. k. 31. 

The 'Iqd-i Gul, or The Rose-Necklace, 

being . . . selections from the Giilistan (the first 
four chapters), and the Aiiwar-i Suhaili (the first 
three chapters with the introduction) translated 
into literal English with . . . notes by Adalut 
Khan. 1883. 8^. See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah 
(MusuAEEiF u1-DIn), called Sa'di. — Gulistdn, 

767. CO. 7.(2.) 

Second edition. 1888. 8°. See 

MusLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Musharkip uI-Din), called 
SA'm.—Gulistan. 757. e. 38. 

Third edition. 1894. 8°. See 

MusLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushaeeip uI-Din), called 
Sa'di. — Gulistdn. Ibt. e. 45. 

English translation of [preface and intro- 

duction of Bk. i. of the] Anwar Sohaly. Compiled 
by Khwaja Usuf Ali. pp.72, yl^ra, [1887.] 12°. 

757. a. 41. 

— Miscellaneous from the Anvar-i-Suheili 

(rendered into English verse). See Eogees (A.). 
Persian Anthology, e<c. pp. 35-47. 1889. 12°. 

757. bb. 25.(2.) 

The Anwar-i-Suhaili, book 1 (2), translated 

from the Persian by A. N. Wollaston . . . with 
an introduction by K. M. Jhaveri. 2 pts. Bombay, 
[1895-96.] 8°. 757. cc. 35, 

• Anwar-e-Sohaili. Bk. iii. Re-printed 

from the English translation of A. N. "Wollaston. 
Thoroughly revised and corrected by Muhammad 
Jaimlur [sic] Rehraan, pp. 37. Bombay, 1917. 
8". 14783. d. 19. 

Full translation and explanation of Anwar- 

duction . . . and . . . notes ... by K. B.- Irani . . . 
and D. .T. Irani, pp. viii. 105. Bombay, 1917. 
8°. 14749. d. 13. 

e-Sohaili chapters ii. & iii. With an intro- 

[For extracts from Anvar i sahaill 

prescribed for the Punjab University Intermediate 
Course, translated :] See Academies, etc. — 
Lahore. — Punjab University. 

[For the Kur'an with the commentary 

Mavahib i 'aliyyah or Tafsir i Husaini of H. V. :] 
See Kdr'an. 

,^_yU-*js- _A;>uij' [Mavahib i 'aliyyah.] 2 vols., lith. 
iAvH= [LMcA-«oty, 1874.] Pol. 14509. d. 6. 

iju'-jjc'' 1^ c:j'.3^ t—j'oi'^-l [Notices of 

Alimad Yasavi and his spiritual successors, from 
the Rashahat 'ain ul-Kayat.] See Sulaiman Ata. 
•lereiijia npo XaKiiML-Ar4, etc. pp. 136-145. 1898. 
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some of tlio earlier prophets, Muhammad, 'All, 
Fatiraah, Hasan, Husain, etc.] pp. 396, lith. 

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lith. j^^ iAi( [Cawnpore, 1891.] 8". 

14779. d. 19. 

jy-iJU- ^'-jj; (Rissalehi Hatirayeh). [The 

Adventures of Hatim Ta'i. A romance.] See 
Schefer(C.). Chrestomathie Persaue, e<c. torn. 1. 
1883, 85. 8°. 14003. i. 15. 

^jj; jLvJ! ii\j ^_gi>^ [Zad ul-musafirln. A 

poem on the stages of the mystic life.] pp. 40, 
lith. jii^ iaac [Lucknow, 1885.] 8". 

14787. g. 29.(3.) 

[Sujjposititions Worhs.] j\j^] 

>'ar li 


A] ^^4^'Ji [Asrar i Kasiml. A treatise on alchem j 





and other occult arts, based mainly on works 
of Ahmad b. Mali. Abu '1-Kasim 'Iraki. Second 
edition.] pp. 152, lith. ^_5V^ '^^* [Bombay, 
1885.] 8°. U110. e. 4. 

i^^\ji Jy^'i) i-JjJ L_>U^ [Kashf ul-asrar i 

Kasitni. Another recension of the Asrar, differing 
materially from the preceding, but with the same 
divisions.] pp. 175, lith. j_jiyMi irir [Bombay, 
1894.] 8°. 14770. a. 2. 

|Ju.l SjCj^ i_>ljii' [Marsad i asna. A tract 

on magic by use of the letters of the alphabet.] 
pp. 60, lith. Bombay, [1893.] 8°. 14770. b. 8.(1.) 

HUSAIN-DOST, called Husaini, Amir, Sanbhali. 
,Jlw=- ti'Jo' [Tazkirah i Husaini. Notices of 
Persian poets and some other eminent men, with 
extracts from their poems.] pp. 375, lith. yM 
n^o [Luchnow, 1875.'] 8°. 14779. d. 43. 

HUSAINI. See Husain-Dost. 

See Muhammad (Ziya uI-Din). 

HUSAM ul-DATILAH, See Timue ibn Husain 'AlL 

HUSAYN b. A'LI al-WA'IZ, al-Kdshifi. See Husain 

HUSEYN, Mirzd, of Ramadan. See Husain, Eama- 

HUSH. See 'Abd Ullah, called Hush. 

HUSHA.NG (Manekji Limji). See Manekji Limji 
Hushano Hatabta. 

HUSHGXTY, Eallm. [Zardusht-afshar. A Zoro- 
astrian work on man, with special reference to 
Zoroaster, ti'anslated from Pahlavi.] See Manekji 
LiMji HusHANa Hataeya. u_^yti (^T [A^In i 
Hushang.] pp. 32-76. [1879.] 8°. 14724. d. 7. 

HUSSEIN ALI KHAN, Kirmani. See Husain 'AlI. 

HUSSEIN-ALI-MIRZA. See Husain 'Ali Mieza. 

HUSSEIN ALY, Moolvy. See Husain 'Ali, Jaun- 

HUSSEIN VAEZ, Kdshefy. See Husain Va'iz. 

HUSSUN (Auzumoodeen), Belgramee. See Hasan 
(A'zam uI-Din). 

HUSUN ULEE. See Hasan 'Ali. 

HUVAIZi, See Muhammad, Huvaizt, 

HYDE (Thomas). [Latin translation of Persian 
Pentateuch :] See Bible. — Complete Bibles. 

[Edit, of Ulugh Peg's Tables, with trans- 

lation and notes.] See Ulugh Beg ibn Shaheukh. 
Syntagma Dissertationum quas olim auctor 

doctissimus T. H. separatim edidit. Accesserunt 
nonnulla ejusdem opuscula hactenus iuedita . . . 
Omnia diligenter recognita a G. Sharpe. 2 vols. 
Oxonii, 1767. 4°. 14003. h. 15. 

'Ali Khan. 

HYDER BELGRAMY, Ameer. See Amie Haidae. 

HYDER NAIK, Nawaub of the Karnatic Balaghaut. 
See Haidae 'Ali Khan. 

IBN 'ABD ul-KARIM 'ALI RIZA. See 'Ali Riza 
ibn 'Abd uI-Kaeim. 

IBN A'SAM. See Muhammad ibn 'Ali, called 
A'sAM Kupi. 


IBN ABI ZARR. See Ahmad ibn Muhammad Mahdi 
ibn Abi Zaee. 

IBN 'AKIL. See Mustafa ibn 'AkIl. 

IBN ul-'ARABI. See Muhammad ibn 'Ali (Muhyi 

IBN BABAVAIH. See Muhammad ibn 'AlI, called 
Ibn Babavaih. 

IBN ul-BALKHI. Description of the province of 
Fars ... at the beginning of the twelfth century 
A.D. [Fars-uamah.] Translated . . . by G. Le 
Strange. See Academies, etc. — London, — Royal 
Asiatic Society, etc. The Journal, etc. 1912, 
pp. 1-30, 311-40, 865 90. 1834, etc. 8°. 

R.Ac. 8820/3. 

1912. See Academies, etc. — Lon- 
don. — Boyal Asiatic Society, etc. Asiatic Society 
Monographs, no. 14. 1902, eic. 8°. 14005.1). 14. 

IBN BAZZAZ. See Tavakkul ibn Isma'Il. 

IBN ul-BIBI. See Yahya (Nasie u1-DIn). 

IBN GABIROL. See Solomon ben Judah. 

IBN GHULAM HUSAIN. [Edit, and supplement 
of Dastdr ul-insha.] See Muhammad Fa'ik. 

IBN HAJAR, See Ahmad ibn 'AlI. 

See Ahmad ibn Muhammad. 





IBN ul-HAJIB. See 'CT^man ibn 'Umar. 

IBN HASAN. See Saytid ibn Hasan. 

IBN HUSAM. See Muhammad ibn Husam u1-DIm. 

IBN 'IRAKI. See Ahmad ibn Muhammad (Abu 

IBN ISFANDIYAR. See Muhammad ibn u1-Ha8AN 
ibn Ispandiyae. 

IBN ul-JAZARI. See Muhammad ibn Muhammad, 

IBN JAZLAH. See Yahya ibn 'Isa. 

IBN' JEMIN. See Mahmud (Fakhr u1-Din). 

IBN KAMAL PASHA. Sec Ahmad ibn Sulaiman. 

IBN ul-KHASHSHAB. See Muhammad ibn Ahmad. 

IBN MISKAVAIH. See Ahmad ibn Muhammad 
(Abu 'AlI). 

istcinah. See Aou '1-Hasan ibn Muhammad Amin. 

IBN nl-NAFIS. See 'AlI ibn Abi '1-Hazm. 

IBN NIZAM. See Ahmad ibn HamId. 

IBN SA'D. See Muhammad ibn Sa'd, Kdtih ul- 

IBN ul-SAVAJI. See Muhammad ibn Sa'd, called 
Ibn u1-SavajI. 

IBN ul-SHIHAB. See 'Au ibn Shihab uI-Din 

IBN SINA. See Husain ibn 'Abd Ullah (Abu 

IBN TAIMIYYAH. See Ahmad ibn 'Abd uI-Halim. 

IBN TAVUS. See 'Al! ibn MiJsA. 

IBN VAHSHIYYAH. See Ahmad ibn 'Ali (Abu 

IBN YAMIN. See Mahmud (Fakhr u1-DIn), 

IBN ZUFAR. See Muhammad ibn Zufae. 

'IBRAH. ^i I-— ''^ it <-2-M£ ['Ibrat i arbab i basar. 
A history of Bengal from the death of Sarfaraz 
Khan, A.H. 1151, to the death of Siraj ul-Daulah, 
A.H. 1170.] pp. 49, lith. ^^Jm lArt [Benares, 
1824.] 8°. ^ 14762. b. 4. 

IBRAHEEME, Mirza. See Muhammad IduahIm. 

IBRAHIM, Grammarian. [SharH i kafiyah i 
mansjura, paraphrase of Kafiyah.] See 'UgMAN 
ibn 'Umar, called Ibn u1-Hajib. 

IBRAHIM, Efendi, Turkish Military Surgeon at 
Beirut. ^^, /^ f-j-^ [Ta'rikh i Kaisar i Bum. 
A history of the Sultans of Turkey, from their 
origin to the accession of 'Abd nl-'AzIz Khiin, 
A.H. 1277 (A.D. 1801). Translated by Mufi. 
'Abbas Shirvaui, from the original Arabic Misbali 
ul-sarl.] pp. 61, lith. i}^^ "'"' [.Cawnpore, 
1864.] 8°. 14773. f 

IBRAHIM, Mlrzd, Munshl. hssr*iSsi [Tazkirah 
i raajdiyyah. An antliology of poems composed 
by members of the Court and high officials, with 
notices of the authors and portraits.] ff. 52, lith. 
\r,r [Teheran, 1880.1 8°. 14779. b. 3. 

IBRAHIM (Muhammad), Mlrzd. See Muhammad 

IBRAHIM ibn 'ALL [Translation and commentary 
to al-Shurut ul-arba'un.] See Zakariyya (Bah a 

IBRAHIM ibn 'ALI NAJJAR (Afzal uI-Din), called 
Khakani. i^jAJ'LJI jiarc [Intikhab i tuhfat ul- 
'Irakain. An abridgment of T°. ul-'I°., a descrip- 
tion in verso of the author's pilgrimage to the Holy 
Places. With marginal commentary compiled 
from that of 'Abd ul-Salam, by 'Abd ul-Hasan.] 
^^1^ irAi [Oawnpore, 1867.] 8°. 14797. h. 31. 

• ^^'IjJI iis" . . . (__>lsiul [Intikhab i tuhfat 

ul-'Irakain. With commentary compiled from 
that of 'Abd ul-Salam by Karira ul-Din, and life 
of Khalcaui.] pp. 330, lith. .^''i iaiv [Lahore, 
1867.] 8°. 14787., c. 6. 


;'>j>K [Kulliyat. Poems. With 

marginal and interlinear notes from Muh. Sadik 
'Ali(GhaHb),e<c.] pp. 1582, Z/<A. iava [Lwcfcnou', 
1878.] 8°. 14797. h. 7. 

ic''^'-»- jJLm (Jsi- [Halli kasa'idi Khakani. 

Odes. With Urdu interlinear translation and 
commentary by Ahmad Hasan Shaukat.] pts. 1, 2. 
^^ M.I [i/eer«<, 1906.] 8°. 14797. d. 23. 

Memoire sur Kli4cani . . . par N. de Khani- 

kof. [With text and tran.slation of 5 odes.] 1865, 





See Academies, etc. — Paris. — Societe Aniatique. 
Journal Asiatique, etc. vi" serie, torn, v., pp. '296- 
367. 1822, etc. 8°. K.Ac. 8808. 

HeTBepocTnmia XaKaHii. (i^j'j 

Hajajit H nepeseit K. SajiejiaRi.. [Quatrains. With 
extracts from Daulat Shah's Tazkirat ul-shu'ara 
and Lutf 'Ali Beg's Atash-kadah.] pp. 87, 92. 
CanKmnemepCi/pn, 1875. 8°. 757. g. 41. 

IBRAHIM ibn ZHITDA'i DADAH, called Shahidi. 
jo^y liA^ [Gulshan i taulild. Mystic poems. 
Edited by Ahmad Niyazi.] pp.181. <rU [Con- 
stantinople, 1881.] 8°. ' 14787. d. 22. 

IBRAHIM ibn MUHAMMAD (Abu Ishak), FdrisJ, 
Istakhri. (Jj\=>- ^^jI i—fljJuai' l^'>^»^^ lLULi^ iwj'ai" 
The Oriental Geography of Ebn Haukal, an 
Arabian traveller of the tenth century [or rather, 
of Istakhri]. Translated [from the Persian version 
of the original Arabic] ... by Sir W. Ouseley. 
pp. xxxvi. 327. London, 1800. 4°. 983. g. 12. 

[Another copy, wanting the second 

index, pp. 309-327.] 152. h. 20. 

[Another copy.] ffi. 1785. 

i^'-«^j v^'s..^ L-sliT ^ [Extract from 

the Persian version of Istakhri's geography Kitab 
masalik va-mamalik.] See Doen (B.). Muham- 
medanische Quellen, e<c. 1850-58. 8°. 767. h. 26. 

IBRAHIM ibn MUHAMMAD ('Isam uI-DIn), Is- 

furd'inl. [Commentary ou Sarf i Baha'i.] See 
Muhammad ibn Husain (Baha u1-Din). 

IBRAHIM ibn NUR ul-DIN TAUFIK (Rafi' u1-D!n), 
Shirdzi. Tazkarat-ul-Muluk. [A history of the 
'Adilsbahis of Bijapur, from their rise to A.H. 
1020, and of contemporary dynasties in Hindu- 
stan and Persia. An abridged translation.] See 
King (J. S.). The history of the Bahmani 
Dynasty, etc. 1900. 8°. 09057. d. 9. 

IBRAHiM ibn NUR MUHAMMAD, Pulbandarl. 
[Edit.] See Baeetto (J.). 

See MusLiH ibn 'Abd TJllah (Mu- 

SHAERiP uI-Din), called SADl.—GuUstSn. 

IBRAHIM ibn SHAHRIYAR (Fakhu ul- Din), called 
MuLLA 'IkakI. j;]y, ^^)^ [KuUiyat. Poems.] 
pp. 244, lith. ^,^\i M.I [Cawnpore, 1909.] 8°. 

14797. dd. 3. 

IBRAHIM ibn VALI ULLAH, AstardbdiJL [Trans- 
lation of Risalah i Hasaniyyah.] See Husain ibn 
'Ali (Abu '1-Futuh). 

IBRAHIM AHMAD, Musavl, Husaini. ^U, tj>a 
Jl ^^l;J^i!l i/~lku»Ji [Kustas ul-auzan. A tract on 

coins, weights, and measures prescribed in the 
Kur'an and TraditionSj with their equivalents in 
the systems of Moslem lauds.] pp. 19, lith. ir.A 
[Bombay, 1891.] 8°. 14703. a. 2. 

IBRAHIM BEG. [For the " Travels " of I. B. :] 
See Zain u1-'AbidTn, Marugha'i. 

■ See Jalal u1-DIn, Hasani. 

[Okii yaz, Turkish translation of Nisab ul-subyan.] 

See Abu Nasr, Fardhi. 

IBRAHIM KHAN (Pin). See PIb IbeahIm Khan. 

ICBAL-OGD DOWLAH. See Iicbal u1-Daulah. 

IDRIS, the rrophet. [For the Nafa'is ul-fuuun 
ascribed to I. :] See Hkemes. 

IHSAN 'ALi,Haldm. ^^.^^^\ cul^' [Nukat i IKsani. 
A collection of Sufic and othei' subtle points, in 
Persian (pt. 1), and Hindustani (pt. 2).] pp. 54, 
nth. lAvr [iwc/fflojy, 1873.] 8°. 14837. g. 8.(7.) 

IHSAN ULLAH. See Muhammad Ihsan TJllah. 
IHSAN ULLAH, called Mumtaz. jKLt^ Ai j ]^ jsr 
[Bahr i mavvaj. Notices in verse of the prophets 
down to Muhammad and of Fatimah and 'LTmar. 
With Nasr i Mumtaz, letters and other prose 
works, on the margin.] pp. 152, lith. inr 
[Luchnoiv ? 18bQ.] 8°. 14787. g. 22. 

I'JAZ AHMAD, Mfiulavl. [Edit, of Kafiyah with 
commentary.] See 'Usman ibn 'LTmae, called Ibn 

I'JAZ HUSAIN, Maulavl. iiU^ ^ ^_J'.kJI ^'i* 
|lc [Mafatili ul-matalib. A Shi'ali treatise on 
the Khalifate.] pt.i., lith. \rn [Amroha, 1902.] 
8°. 14712. g. 9. 

hJ jj'-o [MuraUlia' i Karbala. History 

and topography of Kerbela, illustrated.] pp. 124, 
lith. ^.j^] \^.i [Amroh a, 1904.] 8°. 14773. e. 28. 
IKBAL 'ALi, Hdjl Shdh. J'JiJI. J'J'^ J'JUJ) saac 
['Uindat ul-rnakal. An essay on some aspects of 
Sufism.] pp. 44, lit/t. [Luclniow, 1879.] 8\ 

14718. f. 4.(6.) 





IKBAL ul-DATTlAH, Nawab. Icbal-c-Furung or 
British Prosperity : being a short description of 
the iTiiinucrs, ciistoius, arts, and science of the 
enlightened British, by Nuwwab Icbal-ood Uowlah 
Buhadoor, accompanied by a literal translation 
into the English. (l_^ J J'jw!) pp.197; 2 }>htt<s. 
Calcutta, 1834. 12°. 757. bb. 2. 

[Another copy.] 14773. b. 1. 

[Another copy, with illuminated 

borders and headings of chapters.] 757. bb. 3. 

IKEN (Cakl Jacob Ludwiq). [Translation' of 
Tuti-uaniah.] See Muhammad Krvvavatut), Kddirl. 

IIAH-BAKHSH GANJ. i^J^liJl ^jJy^ [Mu'nis 
ul-7,akirln. A manual of devotion. With Arabic 
citations from the Kur'Sn, etc., and Hindustani 
interlinear translations of them.] pp. 396, lith. 
Jo_^ lAA* [BareilUj, 1888.] 8°. 14718. f. 7. 

ILAH-DAD, 3/a«Zayj. [Edit.] /See 'AbduI- Rahman 
ibn Ai'iMAD, called Jami. — RuU'at. 

See 'Abd uI-Rashid ibn 'Abd ul- 


See Hasan (Abu '1-Kastm), called 


■ See MusLiH ibn *Abd TJllah (Mu- 

SHARKiF u1-DIn), called Sa'dL — Buddn 8f Gulistdn. 

IIAH-DIYAH, Chishtl, 'UsmSm. i_>'^H y.-. 
[Siyar ul-alitab. Lives of holy men of the Chisbti 
Order who attained the rank of Kutb ul-Aktab 
and were the author's spiritual ancestors.] 
pp. 256, lith. yJS I AW [Luclnoiv, 1877.] 8°. " 

14779. d. 6. 

ILAHI BAKHSH, Faizdhddi. See Muhammad 
Ilaui Bakhsh Khan. 

ILAHI BAKHSH, Siyalkoti. [Edit.] See Muham- 
mad Ghiyas u1-Din ibn Jalal u1-DIn. 

' "'■■■ 

J-^ ^ 

'.-fli b ij21-i-' 5 


[Nasa'ih i liukama i salaf. Maxims and sayings 
of philosophers, kings, eic] Tpp. 152, lith. »y3U«- 
lAii [Sm/A-o<, 1896.] 12°. 14749. b. 4. 

hah! bakhsh Iba 'All BAKHSH, Sayyul, 
Musainl, Angrez(ibddl. The Khiirshid Jahan Numa 
of Sayyad Ilahi Bakhsh . . . [Analysis, with 

translation of extracts on the history and 
antiquities of Malda,] by H. Bevcridgc. 1895. 
See AcADKMiKS, etc. — Calcutta. — Axiatie Society of 
Dfugal. Journal, itc. vol. Ixiv., pt. 1, pp. 194- 
236. 1832, etc. 8°. Ac. 8826/11. 

Masnavi] See Muhammad ibn Muhammad (Jalal 
u1-Din), Jiuml. 

ILAH-YAR. See Murtaza Husain. 

^jMXAi\ [Maslak ul-muttakin. A Hanafi treatise 
in verse on the Moslem creed and rites.] pp. 630, 
lith. ^iri. [i?icA-noM;, 1873.] 8°. 14787. c. 16. 

1^;:*^"^' v.LJJu^ [Maslak ul - muttakin.] 

pp. 630, lith. ^jjJK [Cawnpore, 1881.] 8°. 

14787. d. 15. 

^^^jJjjuJl tlAl*^ [Maslak ul-muttakln. With 

marginal notes.] pp. 632, lith. ij'^ '^'"' 
[Bombay, 1882.] 8°. 14787. e. 25. 

i^^jJiliJ! tlAL^ [Maslak ul- niuttaUIn.] 

pp. 528, hth. j^'l I All [Lahore, 1899.] 8°. 

14787. d. 25. 

iLCHi 1 NIZAM-SHAH. See Khvurshah ibn Kubad. 

'ILM. ij^j"^^ iJu^-lAs At ['Ilm i tabakiit ul-arz. A 
manual of geology. Translated by Yusuf Kiian 
Mustashar ul-Daulah, with the aid of 'All-bakhsb 
Kajar, from the Osmanli Turkish.] pp. v. vii. 
271, lith. I m [re/teran, 1882.] 8°. 14766. a. 1. 

ILTAF HUSAID'. See Muhammad IlIap Husain, 

ILYAS ibn YUSTTF (Abu Muhammad), calledNiZAMl, 
Ganjavl. [Life, etc.} See Backer (W.). 

(ic*-^ <Ju,-«>i-) [Khamsah i Ni7,ami, or Panj 

ganj. The five romantic masnavi poems of 
NizamT, viz. Haft paikar, Iskandar-namah, Laila 
Majniin, Makhzan i asrar, and Shirin Khusrau.] 
ff. 296, lith. J\j^ in I [Teheran, 1845.] 8°. 

14787. e. 2. 

i<«'-^ • • • 'I'-***- [Khamsah. Edited by 

Maulana 'Abd ul-Valiid.] 5 pts. lith. ^_Jlu^ 
\ru [Bombay, 1881.] 8°. 14787. h. 16. 

NizamiPoetseNarrationes etFabulaepersice 

. . nunc primum editse subjuncta versione latina 





et indice verborum. [By L. H., i.e. Ludwig Hain.] 
pp. viii. 15. Li^sice, 1802. 4°. 757. g. 8. 

[Selections from the Khamsah, with German 

translation.] See Backer (W.). Nizami's Lebeu 
und Werke, etc. 1871. 8°. 757. d. 3. 

■ • [English translation of the above.] See 

Bachee (W.). Memoir of . . . Nizami, etc. 1873. 
16°. 757. a. 8.(1.) 

Specimens of Nizami. See Robinson (S.). 

Persian Poetry for English Readers, etc. 1883. 
8°. 757. b. 33. 

[Selections.] See La'ali. La'ali'-i-man- 

zuma.etc. 1910. 8°. 14797. e. 46. 

if«^ T^^. ^-^^-^ [Haft paikar. With 

appendix of the additional verses contained in 
the Bombay edition.] pp. 119, lith. yu$3 lAvr 
[Luclmow, 1873.] 8°. 14837. g. 8.(9.) 

Jl Xxj e:,^ [Hikayat i Bahram Giir u dakhtar 

i padshah i Rfis.] (Behram-Gur und die Russische 
Fuerstentochter. Muhammed Niszamiu-d-Din. . . 
nachgebildet und durch . . . Anmerkungen erlaeu- 
tert von F. von Erdmaun.) [With Daulat Shah's 
life of Nizami.] 2te Auflage. pp. xxvii. 271. 
Kasan, 1844. 8°. 757. g. 12. 

J I ^j~j^ s'wiii'b JL=-t> ci^jl^ [Hikayat i 

dukhtar i padshah i Rus.] (Die Schone vom 
Schlosse Muhammed Nisameddiu dcm Gendscher 
nachgebildet von F. von Erdmaun.) pp. xiii. 145. 
Kasan, 1832. 4°. 757. i. 45. 

[For critical studies of the Sikandar- 

namah :] See Bachee (W.). 

[For glossaries and couiraentaries to the 
Sikandar-namah :] 

See Muhammad, Gilavt. 

See Mohammad Ghiyas u1-DIn ibn Jalal 


See Muhammad Nasir ibn Sultan. 

See Muhammad Salim ibn Muhammad Ka-im. 

See Sayyid ibn Hasan, 

{iu'\j jSiL^) [Sikandar-namah, or Iskan- 
dar-n°. An epic poem oa Alexander the Great's 

career as world-conqueror (part i.), and as a 
philosopher in search of the fountain of life 
(part ii.). Edited by Farid ul-Din and Athar 
'AIL] pp. 418. iJ^ inl iOalcutta, 1852.] 8°. 

14787. c. 15. 

(i_sr^ • • • lSt^^ ^U .i\iCu [Sikandar-namah. 

With marginal notes on pfc. i., chiefly from the 
commentary of Siraj ul-Dlu 'Ali Khan (Arzu).] 
pp. 374, 78, nth. j^^ (AVA [Cawnpore, 1878.] 8°. 

14787. g, 15. 

(^7*-* ^^ lAiCij [Sikandar-namah. With 

Hindustani interlinear tran.slation and marginal 
notes by Fatli Muhammad.] pp. 648, lith. yi^ 
irir [Luclmow, 1905.] 8°. 14797. h. 47. 

Begin. U I - ui^^'y ^^J^d[j> ^J'i=^ ^}'^^ 

e:.,s>j.!.i' (Jlj^i- J^I L::^N.\jJ^i^ [Sikandar-namah i 
barri, i.e. pt. i. of the Iskandar-namah.] pp. 146. 
[Calcutta, 1810.] 4°. 757. k. 23. 

Only about one third of the work, ending with the section 
entitled Jl ^\j>\ ^^ji \ijJ^ ,ji~) .i^t. 

[Another copy.] 757. i. 32.(2.) 

iUU ,JaC^ —jylll (.—-osvu [Sikandar-namah 

i barri. With selections from the commentaries 
by Badr 'Ali 'Azimabadi and Husain 'AH Jaun- 
puri.] pp. 638. uir [Calcutta, 1812.] 4". 

757. i. 18 

End. Jl X«'J .JsiC; _ Ji ^ J^ aI«J [Si- 
kandar-namah i barri. A reprint, omitting the 
title-page and editorial colophon.] pp. 667 
\^vc [Calcutta, I82b.] 4°. 14787.1.6. 

'aj* Secunder Nama [i.e. 


Xoo jSji>^M 

Sikaudar-n°. i barri] by Moollah Nazamuddeen 
Gunjavee. pp. 88. See Persian Writers. Classic 
Selections, e^c. vol. ii. 1828. 4°. 757.1.1.(10.) 

<ul) iJoCj [Sikandar-namah i barri. With 

marginal notes, mainly from the Sharli of Siraj 
ul-Dln 'Ali (Arzu). Edited by talib 'All.] 
pp. 308, Zii/t. I rvv ^_^ [Bomla]/, 1860-61.] 8°. 

14787. i. 8. 

<uU .AJiC^ [Sikandar-namah i barri. With 

marginal notes.] pp. 311,ZiYA. lAir [Caivnpore? 
1862.] 8°. 14787. g. 12. 

ijj jSjLm^ [Sikandar-namah i barri. With 

notes from Arzu's Sharh, etc.] pp. 311, lith. 

irAr [Iwc/moit), 1865.] 8°. 14787. e. 8. 

The annotations are substantially the same as those in 
the Bombay edition of 1860-61. 





ILYAS ibn YUSUF(Abu Muhammad), called Nizami, 
Ganjavi (continued). <Ui'J ^jJi-~ —j^ [Sikandar- 
namali i barri. With coimneiitary by Badr All 
'Agiraabadi and Husaiu 'Ali Jaunpurl. Revised 
edition.] pp. 488, /i7.^. i Nvt [Lueknow, 1874.] 
8°. 14787. g. 7. 

, .; a;^'j .aaC- [Sikandar-namah i barri. 

With marginal notes.] pp. 374. ,^^ij^ '^"O 
[Bombay, 1875.] 8°. 14787. d. 14. 

(<t«U .jo^ i__^j) io'J .jJiC*, [Sikandar- 
namah i barri. Edited with marginal notes by 
Mufi. Hadi 'Ali. Followed by a glossary called 
Farhang i Sikandar-namah, compiled by Sayyid 
b. Hasan b. Kasim 'AlT.] pp. 646, 50, litk. 
yi3 iAVA-1 [iwcfoww, 1878-9.]. 8°. 14787. h. 8. 

Ai^ ^'-^ <u'o .iXiCu _ -i [Sikandar-namah 

i barri. With selections from the commentaries 
of Badr 'Ali 'Azimabadi and Sayyid Husain 'Ali 
Jaunpuri. A reprint of the Calcutta edition of 
1812.] pp. 488, Zif/i. y^ lAAi [Luckuow, 1889.] 
8". 14787, d. 19. 

i*^r*^ ^^ ;JJkC~ ^s3i^ i^-^ [Sikandar- 
namah i barri. With Hindustani interlinear 
translation and marginal notes by Balak Ram.] 
pp. 648, nth. jyxi^ irii [Gawnpoi-e, 1896.] 8°. 

14797. h. 43. 

[Another copy.] 

14787. g. 31. 

i_?y '*^'~' j'^^'^ [Sikandar-namah i barri. 

With notes by Mali. Khattab.] pp. 324, lith. 

j^'l [Lahore, 1906.] 8°. 14797. h. 48. 

i_jj <Cc'J .jJiC*, jj'o j1»- [Sikandar-namah 

i barri. The latter part of the work, commencing 

with the section entitled 



Jl ^J^. With notes by Hasan Akhund-zadah.] 

pt. 11. 

pp. 436, lith. j_jlaiJ 

irrr [Belki , 1906.] 
14797. h. 49. 

The Sikandar Nama.e Bara, or Book of 

Alexander the Great, written A.D. 1200, by Abii 
Muhammad bin Yusuf bin Mu,ayyid-i-Nizamu-M- 
Din, translated for the first time out of the Per- 
sian into prose, with . . . remarks . . . preface, 
and . . . life of the author ... by Captain H. W. 
Clarke, pp. xxxi. 831. London, 1881. 8°. 

757. f. 17. 

ILYAS ibn YUSUF (Abo Muhammad), called Nizami, 
Ganjavi (continued). ^a.^^.^ ^.jJiC*,! <Cc'J Jj»- 
,^ x«'J .JoCwj Khirad-ndmahe Iskandary, also 
called the Sikandai'-ndmahe Ba^ry, by Nitzdmy 
[being pt. ii. of the Sikandar-namah. Fasc. 1] 
edited by A. Sprenger, and Aga Mohammed 
Shooshteree. (Fasc. 2 edited by Maulawi Agha 
Ahmad 'Ali.) 2 fasc. 1852-69. See Academies^ 
etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. Biblio- 
theca ludica, etc. vol. 12. 1848, etc. 8°. 

14002. a. (vol. 12.) 

icf^. ^J iJJiC- [Sikandar-namah i bahri. 

With marginal notes.] pp. 78, lith. jy^^ i^'"* 
[Cawnpore, 1892.] 8°. 14787. g.'29.aO.> 

De Expeditione Russorum Berdaam versus 

auctore inprimis Nisamio disseruit F. Erdmann. 
[Containing text of six chapters of the Sikandar- 
namah, notes, the life of Nizami from Daulat 
Shah's Tazkirat ul-shu'ara, etc.] 3 pts. Gasani, 
1826-32. 8°. 757.0.11,12. 

iL^^ tJJ6./M 

>lkij! [lutikhab i Sikandar- 
namah. Selections.] See Muntakhabat. cL.>'jkatu« 
i-«j,li [Muntakhabat i farsi.] pp. 1-50. [1872.] 
8°. 14822. 0. 2. 

pp. 1-50. [1876.] 8°. 

14822. c. 4. 

pp. 2-50. [1877.] 8°. 

14837. b. 3. 

[For extracts prescribed for the Allahabad 

University Entrance Course, translated with 
notes :] See Academies, etc. — Allahabad. — Univer- 
sity of Allahabad. 

[For extracts from Sikandar-namah pre- 
scribed for the Punjab University Intermediate 
Course, translated :] See Academies, etc. — Lahore. 
— Punjab University. 

[For Hammer-Purgstall's Schirin, based 

chiefly on Khusrau u Shirin :] See Hammer- 


i<«'-^ .5/"^ i {j^-ri*" [Khusrau u Shirin. 

Edited by Hamzah Mazandarani. Illustrated.] 
pp. 275, ii., lith. ir4i [Bombay, 1833.] 8°. 

14797. 0. 9. 





IIYAS ibn YUSUF (Abd Muhammad), called Nizami, 

Ganjavl (continued). i^.rJ^ if*^ [Khusrau u 

Sbirin. With marginal notes.] pp. 142, lith. 

j^l ii-AA [La/i ore, 1847.] 8°. 14797. h. 1. 

^^^ ^.jJ^ J/**^ [Khusrau u Shirin.] 

pp. 182, lith. Sjl irAA [Luehnoiv, 1871.] 8°. 

14797. g. 1. 

Lc*'^ 1^.7^ ir^ [Khusrau u Shirin.] 

pp. 182, lith. ,yJo^ I AM [Cawnpore, 1881.] 8°. 

14797. h. 27. 

.ys-^ j^-U [Khusrau u Shirin. Edited 

with marginal notes by Muh. Yar and Ahmad. 
Second edition.] pp. 142, //</*. ^yfc'Jin. [Lahore, 
1892-93.] 8°. 14797. g. 25.(6.) 

Carmen Persicum Nisami Kendschewi in 

laudem altissimi Dei. [Prom the exordium of 
Khusrau u Shirin.] Pers. ^ Lat. See Kose- 
garten (J. Gr. L.). Carminum Orientalium Triga, 
etc. pp. 87-107. 1815. 8°. 74. a. 16. 

■ ,_y«^ (jy^ LS^ [Laila Majniin.] pp. 1 1 2, 

lith. Jii3 lAv. [iMclcnoiv, 1870.] 8°. 

14797. h. 4.(9.) 

^iij ^yis-« ,JjJ [Laila Majnun.] pp.112, 

lith. j^'i ir.v [Lahorp, 1890.'] 8°. 14797. g. 24.(10.) 

Laili and Majnun; a Poem [translated in 

verse] from the original Persian of Nazanii by 
J. Atkinson. (Oriental Translation Fund of Great 
Britain and Ireland.) pp. viii. 127. Londo7i, 1836. 

8°. 14003. d. 22. 

Imperfect, wanting pp. 99-110. 

The Loves of Laili and Majnun. A poem 

from the original Persian ... by J. Atkinson . . . 
Edited by ... J. A. Atkinson. pp. xiii. 122. 
London, 1894. 8°. 757. b. 43. 

The Love Stories of the East. Laili and 

Majnun. From the Persian of Nizami, by James 
Atkinson. Re-edited, with an introduction, by 
L. Cranmer Byng. pp. xxii. 162. London, 1905. 
8°. 757. bb. 29. 

,ly*jl jo 3:-« [Makhzan i asrar. With mar- 
ginal notes.] pp. 212, Zi%. ,ia;1^iaii [Cawnpore, 
1869.] 8°. 14837, g. 2. 

^^ J^ ^'^f. j'^ tj*^v!r' ci^ x:r 

,^«U ,!^^J1 .^ [Makhzan i asrar. With the 

commentary Zuhiir ul-asrar by Zuhur ul-Hasan 
Banhiiri.] pp. 286, lith. y>J\ iaai [Lucknow, 
1881.] 8°. 14787. g. 38.(3.) 

}jJ'l\ ^jj=^, Makhzan ul Asrar, the Treasury 

of Secrets: being the first of the Five Poems, or 

Khamsah of . . . Nizami of Ganjah. Edited . . . 

with various readings and a selected commentary 

by N. Bland, pt. i. pp.118. London, )8U. 4°. 

14003. h. 6. 

The following notice appears on the fly-leaf: " The Pre- 
face, with the English life of Nizami, the variants and 
commentary, will form a second part." No more published. 

[Another copy, with ms. notes.] 

14787. d. 7. 

For extracts prescribed for the Allahabad 

University Entrance Course, translated with 
notes :] See Academies, etc. — Allahabad. — Uni- 
versity of Allahabad. 

'IMAD ul-SALTANAH (Navab Mir). See Salae 

IMAM ul-DIN, Husaim, Chishtl. [For the Ta'rikh 
i Alimad, based mainly on I. ul-D.'s Husain- 
shiihi :] See 'Abd uI-Karim, 'Alavl. 

IMAM ul-DIN, Lahauri. f-f^ rf" ^s* fiJ^ 
[Tasrih. An Arabic commentary on Baha ul- 
Din 'Amili's astronomy Tashrih. With Persian 
appendix by Rashid ul-Dln Khan.] pp. 30, lith. 
irit' [I>e?/M, 1877.] 8°. 14544. d. 22. 

IMAM ul-DIN, Maulavl, of Gujarat. [Notes on 
Karistan.] See Munir uI-Din (Abu '1-Barakat). 

[Hindustani life of 'Umar Khayyam.] See 

'Umar Khayyam. 

IMAM ul-DIN, called ImamI. [Edit.] See Mu- 
hammad Hasan, called Katil. 

IMAM ul-DIN ibn MUHAMMAD, Hakim, Pakpatani. 
jj^'i] ^ofi^ [Makhzan ul-iksir. A Materia 
Medica. Edited by Muh. Khair ul-Din b. Rashid.] 
6pts. y^r<^\ I All UmW^A'ar, 1891.] 4°. 14753. g. 7. 

IMAM nl-DIN HASAN KHAN. See Hasan Khan. 

IMAM RABBANI. See Ahmad, called Mujaddid i 
Alp i Sani. 



IMAM-BAKHSH, called Sahba'i, Dihlavl. u:jUK 
^'oi^ [KuUiyat. Collected works in prose and 
verse, comprising (vol. i.) Rlzah i javahir (eulogy 





of Sirfij ul-Din Bahadur Shah, in imitation 
of JJuhuri's Sih na§r, with glossary); Baya? i 
shauk payam (prefaces, letters, eulogies, etc.) ; 
Risillah i uahv i farsi (on some points of grammar); 
Divan ; Kafi dar 'ilm i kawafi (on rhyme) ; Vafi 
(comment, on Kafi); Ganjinah i rumuz (ou riddles, 
etc.); Javiihir i manzum (quatrains incorporating 
99 names of God) ; Kit'ah i mu'amma'i (eliciting 
the name of Allah from that of 'All) ; Makhzan 
i asrar and Risalah i nadirah (both on literary 
conceits) ; Nata'ij ul-afkar and Ghavamiz i 
sukhan (comment, on passages of earlier poets) ; 
I'la ul-hakk (reply to 'Ali Khan Arzu's tract 
Ihkak ul-hakk on Shaikh MuH. 'All Hazin) ; 
(vol. ii.) commentaries [shuruH) on Zuhuri's Sih 
nasi" and Miua bazar, on Iradat Khan's Panj 
ruk'ah, and on Zahira'i's Shabnam u shadab ; 
(vol. iii.) commentaries on Ni'mat Khan 'All's 
Husn u 'ishk, on Nasira's Mn'amma or riddles, 
and on Jami's Mu'ammayat ; Hall i makamat (on 
'Abd ul-Vasi' Hansavi's Makamat); Munakashat 
i sukhan (on some literary terms) ; Kaul i faisal, 
a reply to 'All Khan Arzii's Tanbih ul-ghafilin ; 
Kava'id i sarf n nahv i urdii (on Urdu grammar) ; 
Urdu translation of Shams nl-DIn Fakir's Hada'ik 
ul-balaghah i urdu (on prosody and rhetoric) ; 
Mukhammas on a ghazal of Kudsi.] 3 vols., lith. 
^.j^"^ [Cawnpore 8,- Lucknow, 1878-1880.] 8°. 

14807. d. 7. 

^^j^^ jyoj <UA:^ (Si'j*!, [Ganjinah i rumuz. 

An essay on riddles.] pp. 132, lith. yu$3 iaav 
[Lucknow, 1887.] 8°. 14807. e. 12.(2.) 

i<^'-i4^ 1*}^^ j*'^ isl'-^. [Javahir i manziim. 

Quatrains into which are woven in turn the 99 
names of God. With marginal notes.] iaai 
[Lucknow, 1886.] 8°. 14797. g. 29.(1.) 

J"-^ Jy' '^'■^i [Kaul i faisal. A separate 

copy, from the Cawnpore- Lucknow edition of S.'s 
collected works.] pp.202. [Lucknow, 1880.] 8°. 

14807. d. 10.(4.) 

;'/"' o!>r^ [Makhzan i asrar. An essay 

on riddles and similar literary artifices.] pp. 72, 
nth. jX^ t^-.« [Lucknow, 1885.] 8°: 14807.6.12.(1.) 

IMAM-BAKHSH, called Sahua''! ,Dihlavt (continued). 
[Sharll (commentary) on Mina bazar and Sih 
nasr.] See Muhammad (Nur uI-DIn), Turahizl. 

[Sharh i mu'amma'i, commentary on 

[For the Panj ruk'ah sometimes ascribed 

to Imam-bakhsh :] See Iradat Khan. 

Nasira's riddles.] See Nasira. 

[Sharli (commentary), on Husn u 'ishk.] 

See Ni'mat Khan, called 'AlI. 

[Sharh (commentary) on Shabnam i 

shadab.] See ZahIr uI-Din, Tafrishi. 

IMAMI, Khvdjah. See Imam uI-Din. 

IMDAD TJLLAH, FdruRi. JuOl^l ul^'oK [Kulliyat i 
imdadiyyah. Collected Hindustani and Persian 
works, including 2 in Persian, viz. Ziya ul-kuliib, 
on the Kadiri, Nakshbandi, and Chishti orders of 
dervishes (pp. 127-81), and Risalah i vahdat ul- 
vujud, on the unity of God (pp. 204-10).] pp.210, 
lith. jyxi)^ irie [Cawnpore, 1898.] 8°. 14114. aa. 9. 

i—jysi] Ixi [Ziya ul-kulub.] pp. 64, lith. 

J^J> [Delhi, 1877 ?] 8°. 14837. f. 12.(4.) 


See Academies, etc. — Petrograd. 

VERSITET. ^V'^ Academies, etc —Petrograd. 

'IMRANI, Slnrfh:J. [Poemn.] See Bacher (W.). 

IMRU '1-KAIS ibn HITJR. [For Mu'allakah of 
Imru '1-Kais published with other Mu'allakat :] 
See Md'allakat. 

INATULA, of Delhi. See 'Inayat Ullah, Kanhu. 

'INAYAT 'ALI, Kadiri. See Muhammad 'Inayat 

'INAYAT ul-DIN 'ALI, See 'AlI ibn 'Ali ('Inayat 


[Silsilah i 'aliyah. An account of the Shaikhs 
of Kanbuh. With supplements by Fai? Ahmad 
b. Dildar Ahmad,] pp. 196, lith. ^jJyt i"'! 
[Meerut, 1889.] 8°. 14779. d. 22.(1.) 

'INAYAT KHAN and WESTBR00K( Jessie Duncan). 
Songs of India. Rendered from the Urdu, Hindi 
and Persian by Inayat Khan and J. D. Westbrook. 
pp.46. London, \^\b. 12°. 14114. e. 14. 





'INAYAT ULLAH, Kanbu. f^^\<i J-^ [Bahar i 
danish. A series of tales. With marginal notes.] 
pp. 410, Zitt. ^J^ I r-^'^ [Bombay, I860.] 8". 

14783. e. 2. 

^J^\^J[ii [Bahar i danish. With marginal 

notes. Edited by Najm ul-Din and Khvajah Muh. 
Ashraf.] j)-p. 288, lith. y^ i ai i [I>Mcfoiow,1861.] 
8°. 14783. f. 12. 

j^Il) ,1^ [Bahar i danish. A reprint of 

the Bombay edition of 1860. With a preface by 
Muli. Salih.] -p-p. 4^9, lith. ^^\^ iavI [Caivripore, 
1879.] 8°. 14783. f. 8. 

Begin. iX«o- ij'^^ 
^^»aio- [Bahar i danish 


Pt. i., to the end 

of the story of " The young thief and the king 
with the jewelled fish."] pp. 172. [Calcutta, 
1809.] 4°. 757. k. 20. 


U^^^ J 


>[jS Bahari Daunish by 

Moonshee Aniatullah. [The same portion.] 
pp. 115. See Persian Wbitess. Classic Selec- 
tions, ete. vol. i. 1828. 4°. 757.1.1.(3.) 

■ Tales (the Baar Danesh) translated from 

present time by Lieut. A. C. Talbot. 8 vols. 
Calcutta, 1876-78. 8°. 8023. k. 8. 

Revised and continued up to the 

present time. 11 vols. Calcutta, 1892. 8° 


Revised and continued up to the 

1st June, 1906. 13 vols. Calcutta, 1909. 8°. 


Archasological Survey. Epigraphia Indo- 

Moslemica. (Published as a supplementary part 
of the " Epigraphia Indica.") Edited by Dr. B. 
Denison-Ross (1907-08; by J. Horowitz, 1909-12; 
by G. Yazdani, 1913, etc.). Calcutta, 1908, etc. 4°. 
In progress. 1710. D. 14. 

East India Company. [For papers relating 

to the ancestors of Raghu-natha Tondaiman :] See 
Raghu-natha Tondaiman. 

[For treaties of the East India 

the Persian of Inatulla of Delhi [by A. Dow]. 
2 vols. London, 1768. 12°. 635. a. 38. 

Persian Tales of Inatulla of Delhi (trans- 
lated by Colonel A. Dow). See Weber (W. H.). 
Tales of the East, e/c. vol.2. 1812. 8°. 87. f. 6. 

Contes Persans, par Inatula de Delhi ; 

traduits de I'Anglois [of A. Dow]. 2 pts. 
Amsterdam, 1769. 12°. 757. bb. 4. 

Bahar-Danush or Garden of Knowledge. 

An oriental romance translated from the Persic of 
Eiuaiut Oollah, by Jonathan Scott ... In three 
volumes. Shrewsbury, 1799. 8°. 88. b. 25-27. 

INDIA. [For the Act of 1784 :] See England. 

A Collection of Treaties, Engagements, 

Company :] See Thomas (R. H.). 

Abstract of the Articles of War; 

in English, Persian, and the Hindostan dialect, 

etc. [Translated into Persian by W. Kirkpatrick,] 

pp. 40. Calcutta, 1782. 8°. 6875. ee. 7, 

There is no Hindustani translation. 

Abstract of the Articles of War ; 

in English, Persian, and Hiudoostanee . . . ^_j^ 

^y. ^ ^''fj i^'j' c*^' 

■iS^, etc. [Selected by Sir R. Abercromby. 
Translated by W. Scott.] pp. 49. Calcutta, 1796. 
4°. 14106. e. 47. 

and Sunnuds relating to India and neighbouring 
countries. (Compiled by Sir C. U. Aitchison.) 
7 vols. Calcutta, 1862-63. 4°. 8023. h. 4, 

A Collection of Treaties, Eugugements, 

and Sunnuds relating to India and neighbouring 
•countries . . . Revised and continued up to the 

— ■ An authentic Copy of the Corre- 
spondence in India between the Country Powers 
and the . . . East India Company's servants . . . 
together with the minutes of the Supreme Council 
at Calcutta, etc. 6 vols. London, 1787. 8°. 

280. h. 7-12. 

Letters to and from the East-India 

Company's servants at Bengal, Fort St. George, 
and Bombay ; relative to treaties and grants from 
the Country Powers, from the year 1756 to 1766 
. . . Also a letter from the Nabob of Arcot, etc. 
London, 1772. 4°. 583. h. 25.(3.) 

Treaties and Engagements between 

the . . . East India Company and the Native 





Powers in Asia, etc. vol. i. pp. viii. 764. Gal- 
c««(i, 1845. 4». 8023.1.4. 

Imperial Record Department. Calendar of 

Persian Correspondence. Being letters, referring 
mainly to affairs in Bengal, which passed between 
some of the Company's servants and Indian rulers 
and notables. Vol.1. 1759-1767. [Compiled by 
Zarif Muhammad, with preface by E. Denison 
Ross.] pp. xxviii. 509. Calcutta, 1911. 4°. 

757. h. 66. 
— - — [Another copy.] 757. h. 66.* 

Legifilative Council. The Persian Civil 

Guide, containing all the Regulations, Acts, 
Govei-nment Orders, and Circular Orders, Con- 
structions, Select Reports of the Regular and 
Summary Cases of the Calcutta Sudder Dewanny 
Adawlut, and Rules and Circular Orders of the 
Sudder Board of Revenue : together with all 
other Rules connected with the Civil Administra- 
tion of Justice. Commencing, from 1793 to 1849 
both inclusive. Translated from the original 
English by Moulvie Abdool Sumud, etc. a1^) 
(J' i^j^ ^i!^ J^ ^^ ^jii [The Persian text 
edited by Rahim ul-Din Ahmad.] pp. 974, 212. 
Calcutta, 1850. 4°. . 14749. h. 2. 

North- West Provinces and Oudh. The 

Middle Persian Course for 1897-98, consisting 
of Iqd-i-Grul, chapters vii. & viii. ; Auwarsaheli, 
chapter v. ; Iqd-i-Manzum, chapters v. & vi. 
Prescribed by the Director of Public Instruction, 
N.-W. Provinces and Oudh for the use of 3rd & 
4th classes, pp. 96, lith. Luchiow, 1890. 8°. 

14822. b. 7. 
INDIA OFFICE LIBRARY. See England, -fncf /a 

INDIAN MUSEUM, Calcutta. See Academies, etc.— 


INDRAMANI. [Commentary on Jauhar ul-tarkib.] 
See SiVA-RAMA, called Jadhar. 

INSAF. See Irich Mikza. 

INSHA. ^,^Jj ^'JJ! [Insha i farsi. A letter- 
writer.] pp. 24, lith. ^Jj>a iDelhi, 1873.] 8°. 

14837. f. 14.(1.) 
Different from another work of the same name jiresumably 
by Hukm Chand, 


Academies, etc. — Petrograd. 

INTIBAHIYYAH. aJaUo! ^sJL, [Risalah i intiba- 
hiyyah. A warning against foreign and native 
enemies of the Persian Constitution, by " a friend 
of Persia," resident at Shanghai.] pp. 24, lith. 
^_jiuj iri^ [Bombay, 1911.] 8°. 14749. d. 14. 

IRADAT KHAN (Mubarak Ullah), called Vazib. 
A translation of the Memoirs of Eradut Khan, a 
nobleman of Hindostan, containing interesting 
anecdotes of the Emperor Aulumgeer Aurungzebe, 
and of his successors, Shaw Aulum and Jehaun- 
dar Shaw ; in which are displayed the causes of 
the very precipitate decline of the Mogul Empire 
in India. By J. Scott. pp. xii. 96. London, 
1786. 4°. 757. h. 17. 

583. h. 11.(3.) 

T. 8.(3.) 

T. 671.(7.) 

*148. b. 3. 

History of Aurungzebe's successors by 

Eradut Khan. [Translated by J. Scott.] See 
Muhammad Kasim ibn Hindu Shah. Ferishta's 
History of Dekkan, etc. vol. ii., pt. 4. 1 794. 4°. 

9056. h. 7. 

[For separately published commentaries 

on Iradat Khan's Panj ruk'ah:] See Imam-bakhsh, 
called Sahba'!. 

• See Muhammad Vtlatat 'Al! Khan. 

■ [Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 


[Piiuj ruk'ah, or Tabassum i 
shuhada. Five model love-letters in ornate style, 
sometimes ascribed to Zuhiirl. With marginal 
commentaries by 'Abd ul-Razzak (Yaraini) and 
'Abd ul-Ahad.] pp. 48, lith. irci [Luchiow, 
1843.] 8°. 

itiijSpj [Panj ruk'ah. 

commentaries.] pp. 48, lith. 
pore, 1864.] 8°. 

<Usy^ [Panj ruk'ah. 

commentaries.] pp. 48, lith. 
l.oi-e, 1878.] 8°. 

14837. g. 4.(2.) 

With the same 
■vjJl^ irA. [Cawn- 
" 14807. g. 2.(6.) 


With the same 

4jjl^ lAVA [Cawn- 

14807. g. 13.(3.) 

■ iaij Aj [Panj ruk'ah. With the same com- 
mentaries. Edited by Muh. 'Aziz Hasan.] pp.48. 
lith. iru [iMcfcnow, 1881.] 8°. 14807. g. 10.(3 ) 





IRAKI, Mulld. See IbeahIm ibn Shahriyar. 

IBANI (D. J.) See Dinshah JijiBHli Irani. 

IRANI (K. B.) See Khtoa-bakhsh Bahram Irani. 

IRAN-SHAH ibn MALIK-SHAH. Magorum liber 
Sad-der, Zoroastris praeeepta et canones con- 
tinens. [Translated into Latin, from the Persian 
metrical paraphrase by I. of the original Pahlavi 
Sad dar.] See [Accessions] Hyde (T.). Historia 
religiouis veterum Persarum, etc. 1700. 4°. 

703. d. 4. 

1760. 4°. 

677. f. 14. 

'IRFAN. See Muhammad Salih. 

IRICH MIRZA, called Insaf. [euba'iyyat. 
Quatrains.] See 'Umar Khayyam. — Bubaiyyat. 
JJ^ ^ ^'-.^^'-^^ [Ruba'iyyat.] ff. 68''-71*. 
[1857.] 8°. 14797. b.l. 

IRTIZA, Gopdmu'i. See Muhammad Irtiza 'Ali 

IRVINE (William). [Index of place-names in 
A'in i Akbari.] See Abu '1-Fazl ibn Mubarak. 

'ISAM ul-DIN, Isfara'ini. See Ibrahim ibn Mu- 

ISFAHAN. [History.] See Husain ibn Muham- 
mad ibn Abi 'I-Riza. 

ISHAK (Safi uI-Di'n), Shaikh. iLife.] See 
Tavakkul ibn Isma'il. 

iSHARI-PARSHAD, called Shu'a'I. ^^yls J;!'^^ 
djlt>^A<i [Risalah i Kaniin i mufradat. An essay 
in verse on Persian calligi-aphy.] pp. 16, lith. 
■^ \^^v [Luchnow, 1872.'] 8°. 14837. g. 9.(7.) 

'ISHKI. See Barakat Ullah. 

'ISHRAT See Ahmad (Sieaj uI-Dik). 

ISHTI'AL ibn KALANDAR. See 'Ali Kul! Khan. 

ISHTIHA, Mirzd. {Biography.] See 'Abd Ullah, 
called Sargashtah. 

ISKANDAR. See Sikandae. 

<uU .joiLi! t__>'Ji ( JLiJt) — ^ij^) Jj! jj^ 

the legend of Alexander. With illustrations.] 
S.-i71,litk. I rvi [Persia, 1858.] Fol. 14787. k. 8. 

[Iskandar-namah.] ff. 316, lith. i rAj [Persia, 
1867.] Fol. 14783. h, 4. 

ISKANDAR, Efendi. [Translation of Fables of 
Lukman.] See Lukman. 


LS^^ ^'J 


X *?. ,'o 


[Iskandar-namah. A prose folk-tale, based upon 

Jl [Extracts- from the Ta'rikh i 'alam-ara'i 

'Abbasi, a history of the reign of Shah 'Abbas I.] 
See DoRN (B.). Muhammedauische Quellen, etc. 
Th. iv., pp. 238-421, 510-514. 1850-58. 8°. 

757. h. 26. 
ISLAMABAD. See Chittagong. 

ISM. JacI |»*wl [Ism i a'zam. A collection of 
religious and biographical tracts by or relating 
to 'Abd ul-Kadir Gilani, viz. : — (1) his names, 
with forms of praise and value of their utterance 
on various occasions ; (2) Tulifat ul-Kadiriyyah, a 
life of him by Muh. Shah Abu Ma'ali ; (3) SharK 
i risalah i ghausiyyah, by Vali ibn Muluk Shah 
Sidtliki, a Persian commentary on a mystic Arabic 
tract of Ibn ul-'Arabl, here attributed to Abd 
ul-Kadir ; (4) Risalah i nuriyyah, an Arabic 
religious tract by 'Abd ul-Kadir with Per.sian 
paraphrase ; (5) Usiil i Sufiyyah, principles of 
Sufism, and (6) Rauzat ul-aurad, litanies, both 
compiled by Abu Ma'ali; (7) the 99 names of 
'Abd ul-Kadir and a prayer in Arabic] pp.207, 
lith. cl;/1'ow. iriv [Sialkot, 1899.] 8''. 

14779. c. 28. 

[A tract on the asma i liusn or 99 names 

of God.] See Plato. [Supposititious Works.] 

^1^1 lyi L_jUi' lift [Alvah i javahir.] pp. 21-24. 

[1894.] 8°. 14544. c. 17. 

ISMA'IL, Ankirahvi. [Fatih ul-abyat, Turkish 
translation and exposition of Masnavl i ma'navJ.] 
See Muhammad ibn Muhammad (Jalal uI-Din), 

ISMA'IL, Burdi, Ufahdni. ^\j^ ^ i^ '^y^ ^J'^ 
Jl ^^ ii^ My own Experinces [sic] and my own 

Opinions by Aga Mirza Ismail Dordi Ispahanee. 
Juue 1884. [A tract on the political relations of 
England, Russia, and Persia. With extracts from 





Englisli authors in English, aud in some cases 
rendered into Persian.] pp. 66, lith. ir. r [Hyder- 
abad? 1884.] 8°. 14779. e. 6. 


ISMA'IL, fii/ahdm, Stiyi/id. ^ ^^,jjJjUll 
^,.;jJ! *l^! [Anis ul-iuukallidin. A catechism on 
Shi'ah rites.] pp. 55, lith. i<i*-*J i'"''^ [Bombay, 
1912.] 8°. 14718. g. 15. 

ISMA'IL, Mlrza, of Elphinstone High School. [Edit.] 
See 'Abd u1-Pattah, called Ashrap 'AlT. 

ISMA'IL, Mlrza, called Hairat. See Isma'il Hairat. 


Jti &s>-^Mii 

ISMA'IL, called Madhush, Tihrani. 

^~ytx<i [Divan. Poems.] pp. 239, lith. iri. 

[Teheran, 1874.] 4°. 14787. b. 16. 

ISMA'IL (Kaiial uI-Din), Isfahdm, called Khallak 
u1-Ma'anI. Tlie Hundred Love Songs of Kamal 
ad-Din of Isfahan. Now first translated from 
the Persian by L. H. Gray and done into English 
verso by Ethel W. Mumford. pp. 75. London, 
Edinburgh [printed], 1903. 8°. 757. bb. 27. 

ISMA'IL ibn AHMAD, ' Alavt. JuliS ^'jS Ijjt 
i^Jc»-v«Jl [Kifayat ul-muvahbidin. A treatise on 
Shi'ah doctrine.] 3 vols., lith. ir..-i [Teheran, 
1883-86.] 8° & Fol. 14712. i. 7. 

ISMA'IL ibn 'ALI ('Imad uI-Din Abu '1-Fida), 
Prince of Hamdt. Chorasniiffi et Mawaralnahrse . . . 
Descriptio Abulfedae, etc. (Binee tabulae geo- 
graphicae una Nassir Eddini . . . altera Ulug 
Beigi . . . Opera et studio J. Gravii.) Pers. Sj- Led. 
3 pts. MS. NOTES. Oa-'omV, 1711. 8°. 14565. b. 1. 

Afi'TTovX^eSa 'Icr/j,dr)\, /SaatXeo)? 'A7rafieia<;, 

eK TU)v y€coypa<f>iKoi)v wivdicwv Trepiy pa<f>r) Xopaa-fiiaii, 
MaovapuXva'XpT]'} . . . 'Apa,8ia<; . . . fxeTa^paadelaa . . . 
inri) ArjfirjTpiov 'AXe^avSpiSov. i^Avo irivaKe^ yeoyypa- 
(f)iKoi, 6 fiev Nil a alp 'ESStPOv Ilepaov 6 Se OvXovy 
Mirei Tardpov . . . Kara rrjv eKSoaiv toO ao^ov Tpaviov. 
2 pts. Bievvr, [Vienna], IQOI. 8°. 14566. b. 9. 

Pt. 2 has a distinct title-page. 

ISMA'IL ibn HAMMAD, Jauharl. [For the Za- 
mlmah i latifah, supplementing .the Surali :] See 
'Abd uI-MajId Khan, Hak'/m. 

[For the Nur ul-sabali, in correction of 

the SuraK :] See Muhammad Sa*d Ullah. 

The Soorah. A dictionary of Arabic words, 

explaineil iu Persian, by Abool Fnzl Moohummud 

bin Omr bin Khalid, commonly called Jnnial, 
being a translation of . . . the Sihah [of Jauharl]. 
Revised and corrected, according to the authority 
of the Qamoos, t)ie Shums ool Ooli)om, the Deewan 

001 Udub, and other lexicons ... by Muoluvees 
Durvesh Uloe, Jan Ulee, Meer Ghoolaiii Hasun 
and Ubdoor-Ruheem. i-J^^ ^^ r!/^' ^^m) 

2 vols. Oa/cM««, 1812. 4°. 14689. c. 1. 

The pagination is continuous throughout. Vol. 2 has no 
separate title-page. 

— '■ [Another copy of vol. i.] 757. k. 14. 


The Soorah, etc. 2 vols. Calcutta, 1815. 

14589. d. 15. 

_ljA? [Surah. Followed by the Karah, a 

glossary of Persian words occurring in the Surah, 
with explanations in Persian, by 'Abd ul-Majid 
Khan.] 2 vols., Zi<A. jx^ \!■^'\ [I/ucknow, 1872.] 
8°. 14689. b. 18. 

J J>' li-i ,^_j4.---« t-^ijy ^ . . . _Lc [Surah. 

With 'Abd ul-Majid's Karah.] 2 vo\s., lith. jjji 
■ I ^^r [Lucknow, 1883.] 8°. 14590. c. 1. 

ISMA'IL iba MUHAMMAD YTSUF (Kamal u1-Din), 
Haravl. I'y^' j)ji> c_j'jI/ !ia [Hazar asrar. A 
work on therapeutics and hygiene.] pp. 56, lith. 
in. [^omfeay, 1894.] 8°. 14753. b. 8. 

ISMA'IL GHAZi, of Kanta Duar, Rangpur. [Life.] 
See PiR Muhammad ibn 'Akil Mohammad. 

ISMA'IL HAIRAT, Mlrzil. [Translation of Ta'rTkh 
i Iran.] 6'"'.' Malcolm [Sir J.). 

ISMA'IL HAKKI, Buruaavl. [Turkish commentary 
on Pand-namah.] See Muhammad ibn Ibrahim 
(Farid uI-Din), called 'Attar. 

[Riili ul-masnavl, Turkish commentary on 

Masnavi.] See Muhammad ibn Muhammad (Jalal 
uI-Uin), Rumi. 

ISMA'IL KHAN, Tusarkdnl. Jj^JJ . ■ . ^jS 
[Farazistau. Sketches from the lives of ancient 
kings of Persia, legendary and historical.] pp. iv. 
412, 4, lith. ^J^ MU [Bombay, 1894.] 8°. 

14779. f. 6. 
ISMA'IL KHAN, called Sarbaz, Burujirdl. Ijjb 
!iij'.iiJ! ,\j^] i__)'J^ [Asrar ul-shahadat. A popular 
history in mixed prose and verse of the Caliph 
'All and his family and their martyrdom, followed 





by mftr«i?/a./i poems or elegies. Illustrated.] ff. 124, 
lith. irAt= [Te/ieraw? 1867.] 4°. 14787. c. 3. 

ISMAIL ul-SADK, i/wsay?. [Notes on Majma' ul- 
masa'il.] See Muhammad Hasan, Shirdzt. 

ISMA'IL SHAH I„ Safavl. The Early Years of 
Shah Isma'il, Founder of the Safavi Dynasty. 
[Excerpts with translation] by E. Denisou Ross. 
See Academies, etc. — London. — Royal Asiatic 
Society, etc. The Journal, etc. 1896, pp. 249- 
340. 1834, etc. 8°. R.Ac. 8820/3. 

ISMA'IL VA'IZ. SahzavSH. {^j>.j^\ ^^) [Majma' 
ul-uiirain. A zoology.] fF. 335, lith. jiJi ir.r 
[Tabriz, 1885.] Fol. 14759. e. 1. 

'ISMAT, Bukhar'i. jycj Jo- [Hall i rumiiz. A 
religious ghazal. With Turkish commentary by 
Ahmad Rushdi.] pp. 129. ircr [Constantinople, 
1837.] 8°. 14787. b. 29. 





Yazdi. [Edit.] See 
See Ibrahim ibn Muhammad (Abu 

[Another copy.] 

14109. a. 40. 

I'TIZAD ul-SALTANAH. See 'Ali Kuli. 

IVANOV (v.). [Edit.] See Ahmad ibn Abi '1- 

ISTIKHARAH. njj^] i*U [Namah i istikhfirah. 
Prayers.] See Da'avat. cijl^jJ! »^V 'r-''-^ 'j^ 
[Jami' ul-da'avat.] pp. 1-279, margin. [1893.] | 
8°. 14178. b. 2. 

iSVARi-PRASADA. See Ishaei-paeshad. 

I'TIMAD ul-DAULAH. See Farhad ibn 'Abbas ibn 
Fath 'Ali Shah. 

I'TIMAd ul-SALTANAH. See Muhammad Hasan 

I'TISAM ul-DIN ibn TAJ ul-DIN, Tajiun-i. ^I^ 
c:^.^j x<i'j Shigurf namah i Velaet, or Excellent 
intelligence concerning Europe ; being the travels 
of Mirza Itesa modeen, in Great Britain and 
France. Translated from the original Persian 
manuscript into Hiudoostanee, with an English 
version and notes, by J. B. Alexander, pp. xv. 
221, vi. 197. London, 1827. 8°. 14109. a. 1. 

'IVAZ 'ALI. [Edit.] See 'Abd u1-Rahman ibn 
Ahmad, called Jami. — TuKfat ul-AUrdr. 

'IZMAT 'ALI, Maulavl. [Edit.] See Sikandar'Ali. 

'IZZAT TJLLAH, Bangiill. Gul-i-Bakawuli. [A 
romance.] Translated from . . . [Nihal Chand's] 
Urdu [version of the original Persian of 'I. U.] 
into English prose and verse, with a vocabulary 
. . . ByT. P. Manuel, pp. 136, xxxvi. Allahnbad, 
1901. 8°. 14112. aa. 10. 

Abrege du roman hindoustaui intitule La 

Rose de Bakawali [viz. Nihal Chaud^s Hindustani 
version of 'I. U.'s Qui i Bakavali.] Par M. Garcin 
de Tassy. (Extrait du nouveau Journal Asia- 
tique.) pp.83. Paris, 1835. 8°. T. 2045. (9.) 

La Doctrine de I'Amour, ou Tajulmuluk et 

Bakawali. Roman de philosophie religieuse . . . 
traduit de rhiudoustaui par M. Garcin de Tassy, 
pp. 123. Paris, 1858. 8°. 1298. 1, 2. 

An English translation of Gul-i-Bakaoli 

[from Nihal Chaud's version,] by Bawa Chajju 
Singh. Second edition. pp. iii. 130. Lahnre, 
1903. 8°. 14112. b. 50.(2.) 

The Rose of Bakawali. [Compiled from 

Garcin de Tassy's abridgment and T. P. Manuel's 
translation.] See Clouston (W. A.). A Group 
of Eastern Romances and Stories. 1889. 8°. 

14003. h. 21. 
'IZZAT ULLAH, Sayyid, Mir. Travels in Central 
Asia by Meer Izzut-oollah in the years 1812-13. 
Translated by Captain Henderson, pp. i. i. 100. 
Calcutta, 1872. 4°. 757. g. 49. 

JABBAR, Edji Mirzd. iipnuimaxi,, iipeAuiecTBO- 
BaBiniix'b saHAxiK) Fepaia. llepeBOAfc ci nepciiACKaro 
A. Bepae. [An article on the causes that led to 
the occupation of Herat, originally published by 
J. in the Persian journal Ruz-namah i vaka'i' i 
ittifakiyyah edited by him.] (nepenenaTaHO usi, 
raseiH „KaBKa3T.," no. 2 n 3, 1857 r.) pp. 10. Txifi- 
.mc%, 1857. 8'. 757.6.69.(1.) 

JABIR ibn HAYYAN, Tarasus'i 
[Nvikhab i Jabiri. 


An introduction 

to alchemy, apparently translated from Arabic] 
pp. 72, Zt</i. Bombay, \r\r[\QQb.'] 8°. 14770. b. 2. 

Jl (..^-Jiall h]'j^_ <*T"y* '--.'■^'^^ i__>','i$' 


[Muktasab, or Nihayat ul-talab. An Arabic work 






on alchemy, ascribed to Jabir. With Persian 
translation ascribed to Aidaniir Jildaki.] pp. 151, 
lith. JLu^ ir.', [Bombay, 1890.] 8". 14644. c. 11. 

JABISTARL Sec Mahmud ibn *Abd u1-Karim. 

JACKSON' (Abraham Valentine Williams) . [Edit.] 
See Academies, etc. — New York. 

Early Persian Poetry from the beginnings 

down to the time of Firdausi. With ten illus- 
trations, pp. xxii. 125. Neio York, 1920. 8°. 

14797. d. 24. 

JAC03 ben JOSEPH TA'US. [Version of Penta- 
teuch.] See Bible. 

JADId uMSLAM. See Hdsain Kdli. 

JADUNATH SARKAR. See Yadu-natha SarkIe. 

JA'FAR, Kardjnhddghl. See Mohammad Ja'far. 

JA'FAR, Mtrzd. [Translation of Genesis.] See 
Bible. — Old Testament. 

JA'FAR ibn ABI ISHAK, called Kasiifi. Xasr «_>l.i^ 
Jl CJ^UJl [Tuhfat ul-muluk. A treatise on 

psychology, theology, and ethics.] ff. 132, lith. 
jy^xi I rvr [Tahriz, 1857.] Fol. 14712.1.5. 

JA'FAR ibn HUSAIN, ShusUarl. i^>\-a!>- t-^U^ 

(Uxwar" [Khasa'is ul-liusainiyyah. A treatise on 

the Imam Husain.] pp. 256, lith. Bombay, irir 

[1895.] 8°. 14779. c. 20. 

j'ojJI Jalail j'./i. Jl ^iLo [Manhaj ul-rashad. 

A catechism on Moslem rites. With marginal 
notes.] pp. 384, lith. j^l irir [Lahore, 1896.] 
8°. 14718. f. 11. 

JA'FAR ibn MUHAMMAD, called al Sadik, Sixth 
Imam. See Ja'fae Sadik. 

JA'FAR ibn SA'ID (Najm uI-DIn), HiUl. jus-y 
^viJl ^•?- "J^J i*y"y aLuII ■^f^ [Jami' ul-rizavi. 
A Persian translation by 'Abd ul-Ghani b. Abi 
Talib of Hilli's Arabic manual of law Shara'i' 
ul-islain. Edited by Vajid Husain of Bhikpur.] 
2 pts., lith. Jj\ lAl. [Lucknoio; 1890.] 4°. 

14736. d. 5. 

JA'FAR 'ALI, Kasmandl. i 'j/^ '-^'nM"'' t^}^ 

^Ji\Jil\ *i3J -.Ji iJ [Nazm ul-fara'iz. A metrical 

compendium of the Moslem law of inheritance ; 
paraphrased from the Arabic Sirajiyyah of Muh. 

b. Muli. Siriij ul-DIn. With commentary cntiiler] 
Fatavi ul-mira§ by Muli. Yusnf 'Ali Sandili.] 
pp. 92, lith. ^ ipvi [Lueknoip, 1862.] 8°. 

14736. d. 2.(1.) 

JA'FAR KHAN (Mu'taman u1-Mulk'Ala u1-Daulah 
Nasir Jang), Subtihdar of Bengal and Orissa. 
[Sabahddrl.] Sec 'AzTm u1-Sh.\n. 

JA'FAR SADIK, Sixth Imdm. Xa~) JjfJ j^ <$!'---; 
J! i>.::,^iJi [Risalah dar bayan i ahkam i shari'at. 

Kules for the practical guidance of Sufis.] See 
'Abd uI-Uazzak ibn Muhammad (Kamal uI-Din). 

J! "UJj-flll eijUJLkcl i-_j'jli' [Istilaliat ul-Sufiyyah.] 

pp. 15-24. [1894.] 8°. 14724. b. 8.(2.) 

J! Jl'j'-iall A4CS-* ^i] jAji»- [Vasaya. Arabic moral 

and religious precepts. With Persian paraphrase 
and commentary, styled Manhaj ul-yaliln, by 'Ala 
ul-Din MuK. Gulistanah.] pp. 268, lith. |-ix*j ir.r- 
[Bombay, lS8b.] 8°. 14522. b. 13. 

JAFFER KHAN. See Ja'far Khan. 

'1-Fazl ibn Mubarak. 

JAGAN-KISHOR, called Hasan, FiruzdbSdl. i__^^ 

Uiii^l j[^ Xi I ijf^ 1^/"*=*- [Nairang i Hasan, or 

Bahar i Ajodhya. A poem on the exploits of 
Rama.] pp. 55, W</t. sil iaai [J^ra, 1886.] 8". 

14797. g. 26.(1.) 

JAGANNATHA-SAHAYA. ^T^ Ulj>«. [Sudama- 
chaiitra. The story of Sudama, a votary of 
Krishna. Rendered into Persian verse from his 
own Hindi Krishna-sagara by J.] pp. 15, lith. 
yji] IAV1 [Lwc/Lviow, 1876.] 8°. 14837. f. 7.(2.) 

jk'iA.*!! *aL)« [Ta lliu 


ul-mubtada. Specimens of calligraphy.] pp. 60, 

lith. j^^ ^^^^[Cawnpore,\8(>8.] 8°. 14835. c.2. 

JAGAT-NARAYANA, called Hilm. [Edit.] See 
Kanji Sahai, called Matin. 



See Mahmud ibn Muhammad, Jagh- 

See Muhammad Husain, called Jah. 

JAHAN BEGAM, Suit an. Ruler of Shop al. [Pane- 
gyrics.] See Muhammad Lutp u1-Rahman. 





JAHAN-ARA, dnuglder of Shdh-jalian. Persian 
letters ... to Raja Budh Parkash of Sirmur. 
Communicated by Mr. H. A. Rose. 1911. See 
Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Bon- 
gal. Journal and Proceedings, etc. vol. vii., 
pp. 449-58. 1905, etc. 8°. R.Ac. 8826/11. 

JAHANDAR SHAH, Emperor of Hindustan. [Life.'] 
See Ieadat Khan (Mubaeak Ullah). 

JAHANGIR, Emperor of Hindustan. [Coinage.] 
See RoDGERs (C. J.)- 

• [History.] See Am '1-Hasan, Elwdjah. 

.j^^^is^ CJjy Toozuk-i- Jehangeeree. 

[The autbentic Memoirs of Jahangir, written by 
Limself down to the middle of the 17th year of 
his reign, continued under his supervision by 
Mu'tamad Khan to the beginning of his 19th 
year, and then brought down to the end of the 
reign and supplied with an introduction by Muli. 
Hadi] . . . Edited by Syud Ahmud. pp. xix. 21, 
426. Ally Gurh, 1864. 4°. 14773. f. 3. 

Memoirs of the Emperor Jahangueii', 

written by himself; and translated ... by Major 
D. Price. (Oriental Ti-anslation Fund of Great 
Britain & Ireland.) pp. i. 141. London, 1829. 
4°. 14003. f. 3, 

• Memoirs of the Emperor Jahangueir . . . 

translated ... by Major D. Price. [A reprint, 
with introduction and index.] pp. iv. iii. 247. 
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Tuzak-i-Jahaugiri, translated from the 

original Persian, by W. H. Lowe. 1889, etc. See 
Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Ben- 
gal. Bibliotheca Indica, etc. vol. 126. 1848, etc. 

8°. 14002. a. (vol. 126.) 

In progress. 

' The Tuzuk-i-Jahangirl, or Memoirs of 

Jahangir. From the first to the twelfth (from 
the thirteenth to the beginning of the nineteenth) 
year of his reign. Translated by A. Rogers . . . 
Edited by H. Beveridge, etc. 2 vols. 1 909, 1914. 
See Academies, etc. — London. — Oriental Trans- 
lation Fund. Oriental Translation Fund. New 
Series, vols, xix., xxii. 1909. 8°. 14003. bb. 14. 

■ The Iqbalnamah-i Jahangiri ; of Motamad 

Khan [being part iii. of the annals of Jahangir, 

A.H. 1014-1037] . . . Edited by Mawlawis Abd Al- 
Haii and Ahmad AH. Under the superintendence 
of W. N. Lees. (j_j^ljr- <uU JUi1) pp. iv. 308. 
1865. See Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic 
Society of Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica, etc. vol. 53. 
1848, etc. 8°. 14002. a. (vol. 53.) 

,_xXilf=>- io'J J'jks! [Ilibal-namah i Jahan- 
gir!.] 3 vols., nth. Jk^ lAv, [Luclmow, 1870.] 
4°. 14773. i. 10. 

[For extracts prescribed for the Allahabad 

University Entrance Course, translated with 
notes :] See Academies, etc. — Allahabad. — Uni- 
versity of Allahahad. 


J! lL1>Lu jjii [Kilk i durar i silk. Shi'ah religious 

and moral reflections.] pp. 16, Uth. ^J^> n~ii" 
[Bombay, 189?).] 8°. 14779.0.21.(5.) 

JAHHIA, Ommia, Ad-ullatlfi filius. See Yahya 
ibn 'Abd uI-Latif. 

JAIMLUR REHMAN (Muhammad). See Muhammad 
Jamil u1-Rauman. 

JALAL. See Muhammad Jalal Khan. 

See Zamin 'Au. 

JALAL ibn MAHMUD, Thdnesarl. ^\^ Wjs: rfl'-^.^ 
( Jla h.j <x!'^.) J>JJ6 [Risalat tahalikuk arazi Hind. 
An Arabic essay on the tenure of crown lands 
in India. With a Persian tract on observation 
of the new moon for the fast of Ramazan, by 
MuH. Ghiyas 'All Dihlavi.] pp. 16, 12, Uth. 
J&d ir.r [Delhi, 1886.] 8°. 14527. c. 26.(1.) 

JALAL ibn MU'MIN, called AsIr. J V Lfj* "^'-^^ 

^x*,! [KuUiyat. Poems.] pp. 500, ?ii/i. Jji] iaa, 

[Liichiow, 1880.] 8°. 14797. g. 12. 

JALAL ul-DIN, Ballilil, ilulla. [For the romance 
of Amir Hamzah, sometimes attributed to J. 
ul-D. :] See Hamzah ibn 'Abd uI-Muttalib. 

JALAL ul-DIN, Davtim. See Muhammad ibn 

i__kjk^ ^.-N*'jj' ^-^ ' 

JALAL ul-DIN, Has am. 

[Siyahat-namah i Ibrahim Beg. A satire on the 
political, social, and moral degradation of Persia 
in the form of fiction, based upon Zain ul- 





'Abidin Maragha'i's SiyaHat-iiamah. Second 
edition.] (Ibrfthim Beg. Part ii.) pp. 324. 
Calcutta, 1907. 8\ 14779. d. 37. 

JAIAI ul-DIN, Puhrdhl. 
Pu lira hi. 

See Nizam u1-Din, 

JALAL ul-DIN, Pumt. See Muhammad ibn Mu- 
hammad (Jalal u1-DIn). 

JALAL ul-DiN, SInrazl. The Blighted Rosebud ; 
or The story of Meiinoon and Zuleika. From the 
Persian of Jelal-Uddeen Shirazi. See Oxenden 
(G. C). Poems, eifc. 1829. 4°. 11642. h. 6. 

JALAL ul-DIN, Tabdtahd'l. [Translation of 
Tauki'at i kisravijyah.] See Khuskau, called 

JALAL ul-DIN ibn FATH 'ALI SHAH, Ilitishum ul- 
Mitlh. [Ghazals.] See HabibUllaHj called Ka'anI. 
Jl J.>,^ [Dlviln.] [1885.] Fol. 14797. 1. 8. 

ijU.s«*2>- iCc'J [Namah i Khusravan. Anec- 
dotes of Persian kings mythical and historical, 
with an account of the Parsis of India based on 
that of Manekjl Limjl Hiishang, prefaced to 
vol. ii. as an appendix to vol. i.] 3 vols., Uth. 
^l^iiAiA-vi [!ZWtera?t, 1868-71.] 12°. 14773. b. 2. 

Translation of Name- e-Khosra wan. Bk. i. 

and bk. ii. up to the end of the Gaznavides. 
With introduction and notes by Phirozeshah B. 
Vachha. pp. xii. 63, viii. Bomluy, 1906. 8". 

757. d. 63. 

[For extracts from Namah i Khusravan 

prescribed for the Allahabad University Entrance 
Course, translated with notes :] See Academies, 
etc. — Allahabad. — University of Allahabad. 

[For notes on Namah i Khusravan:] See 


JALAL ul-DIN AHMAD. See Ahmad (Jalal ul- 

JALAL ul-DIN MIRZA. See Jalal uI-DIn ibn 
Faxh 'Ali Shah. 

Hindustan. See Akbar. 

JALAL MIRZA. See Jalal uI-Din ibn Fath 'Ali 

JALALA, TabSiabd'l. See Jalal u1-DIn, Tabuiabd'l. 

JALIL, Sayyid. iiJi'Le auull* [Mukatabah i muta- 
farrikah. Chronograms.] pp. 40, /////. sj] irli 
[Arrah, 1879.] 8°. 14773. e. 13.(2.) 

JALIL-KHANI. See Hasan KhudIdad. 

JAM. [Kissah i jam u kalyiin u khauchah. A 
poetical dialogue between the cup, the Ihilydn, 
and the tray.] See Bahram. J! J^ i—j'Ji' \s3> 

[Bahram u Gulandam.] [n.d.} 4". 14783. d. 13.(3.) 

J.j}ij J J.a- lLAas- [Jang i jam u kalyau. 

The same poem.] See Chihal 'J'uil. CKa.iKU 
IIonyraH, etc. pp. 42-43. 1901. [P^danlya Fa- 
hd'teta Vosluchnuilih Yazxiikov.] 14005. f. 8. 

JAMAL (Abu "I-Fazl Muhammad), Kuraslu. See 
AIuhammad ibn 'Umar (Abu '1-Fazl). 

JAMAL ul-DIN. [Elit.] See Muslim ibn 'Abd 
Ullah (Musharrif u1-DIn), called Sa'dI. — Bdstdn. 

JAMAL ul DIN, Klivdnsdri. See Muhammad ibn 


JAMAL u1-L!n, called 'Urfi, Shlrdzl. See Muham- 
mad ibn 'Ali. 

JAMAL ul-DIN (Abu Ishak), called Hallaj, Shi- 
razi. (liliil^'' i_j',i>') [Kanz ul-ishtiha. Short 
poems on the pi-oducts of cookery. Illustrated.] 
S.AS.llth. ini [Pe/-si-o,1882.] 12°. 14797. b. 2.(2.) 

jfc" ^^ j'-=^^ y' '^V ^-^^ uV'.'^ [Divan 

i at imah. Poems (mostly the same as in Kanz 
ul-ishtiha, but fewer), with prose preface by the 
author. Edited, with biography of the author 
from Daulat Sliah and a glossary, by Habib 
Isfahanl.] pp. 184. ajojiailasji ir.r [Constanti- 
nople, 1885.] 8°. 14797. d. 8. 

JAMAL ul-DIN AHMAD. See Ahmad (Jamal, ul- 

JAMAL ul-DIN HUSAIN INJU. See Husain Injij. 

JAMAL ul-DIN VA'IZ, Hamaddni. [Edit.] See 
Muhammad ibn Sulaiman, Tanakabuni. 

JAMAL ul-HUSAINi. See 'Ata Ullah ibn Fazl 


JAMAL KURASHI. See Muhammad ibn 'Umae 
(Abu '1-Fazl). 

JAMALI, Darvish. See HImid ibn Fazl Ullah. 





JAMASF, Muhaddn Mubad. Jamaspi (or Jamasp- 
namehj i.e. the book of Jamasp), Pahlavi, Pazend 
and Persian texts . . . English and Gujarati trans- 
lations, with notes, of the Pahlavi Jamaspi, Guja- 
rati translation of the Persian Jamaspi, and English 
translation of the Pazend Jamaspi. By Jivanji 
Jamshedji Modi. pp. xlii. 129. Bombay, 1903. 
8°. 761. g. 42. 

JAMASP ibn LUHRASP. [Supposititious Worlcs.] 
I>y^y*i\ *=j^'^L^l_j CJ_jUJ! CJJuy . . . I— >'jk^ IJA 
<t«'J (_^v»*-UlrS' [Jamasp-namah, or Farhang ul- 
muliJk. A tract on the magic art. Edited by 
Muh. Malik ul-Kuttab.] pp. 32, Zt</i. ^J^ \rir 
[Bombay, 1894.] 8°. 14770. b. 9.(1.) 

Jl culsrj ; . . . Ias [Za'ijat. Astronomical 

tables. EditedbyMuH. Malik ul-Kuttab.] pp.24, 
litli. ^J^\r I r [Bombay, 1894.] 8°. 14770. b. 9,(2.) 

[Another copy.] 14770. b. 7.(2.) 

JAMASP- ASANA (Kai-khoseau Jamaspji). See 
Kai-khuseac Jamaspji Jamasp-Asana. 

JAMEE (Abdookeumak). See 'Abd ul- Rahman ibn 
Ahmad, called Jami. 

JAMES (Gilbb;ut). [Illustrations to 'Umar Khay- 
yam.] Ste 'Umar Khayyam. — Rubd'iyydt. 

Fourteen Drawings illustrating E. Fitz- 
gerald's translation of the Rubaiyat of Omar 
Khayyam. pp.Gl. Io)i(fo», 1898. 4°. 757. k. 40. 

JAMI. See 'Abd u1-Rauman ibn Ahmad. 

JAMIL, or JAMIL AHMAD. See Muhammad Jamil 
u1-DIn Ahmad. 

Fabamuez Naueozji Kotae. 

Series. The New Persian Readers, etc. 3 pts. 
Bombay, 1895. 8°. 757. cc. 25. 

KAVASJI KANGA. Gems of Persian Prose and 
Poetry : containing the Roses from the Gulistan ; 
the Flowers from the Bustan ; choice selections 
from the Akhlak-i-Muhsini ; and the episode of 
Rustam and Sohrab from the Shah-Nameh. Care- 
fully culled aud annotated, pp. ii. 169. Bombay, 
1892. 8°. 757. e. 39. 

lation of Ruk'at i 'Alamgiri.] See AueangzIb. 

JAMSHEDJI JIJIBHAi, Sir. See Jamsetjee 

JAN, Amir. [Persian verse-translation of Kaisar- 
namah i Hind.] See Ea»twick (E. B.). 

JAN, Miydn, Lakhnavi. [Edit.] ' See Duega- 
PEASADA, called Mihk. 

JAN 'ALI, Maulavi. [Edit.] See Isma'il ibn 

See Muhammad ibn Husain (Baha 


See Shams uI-Din FakIe. 

JAN DA'UD KHAN. [Translation of Description 
of the Lion and Tiger.] See Le Clerc (G. L.), 
Count do Biiffon, 

JAN ULEE. See Jan 'AlI. 


JANO. Jl c:,Jt<i jj J j'jLift (.iAxs- [Jang i haftad u 

du millat. An account of the 72 sects of Islam.] 
pp. 24. See Makalat. Jl JU Jjfcl lsj^J'JU [Ma- 
kalat i ahli 'alam.] [1894.] 8°. 14728. c. 3.(1.) 

JANI, Hctjl Mlrzd, Kdshdnl. Kitdb-i-Nuqtatu'I- 
Kaf, being the earliest history of the Babis , . . 

Edited ... by Edward G. Browne. (uJ^l LLiLJ) 
pp. scv. 78, 297 ; 2 plates. See Gibb (E. J. W.). 
"E. J. W.Gibb Memorial" Series, vol. xv. 1910, 
8°. 14005, g. 15. 

JANICKI (Ignacy). [Edit.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd 
Ullah(Mushaeeif uI-DIn), called Sa'di. — Gulistdn. 

JAN-JANAN. See Habib Ullah (Shams u1-Din), 

JANSEN (Hendrik). [French translation of Abu 
talib Khan's travels.] See Abu Taub ibn Mu- 
hammad Khan, 

JAPAN. [History.] See Husain 'AlI, Shlrazi. 

JARBAZAKANI. See Nasih ibn Zafae. 

JARRETT (Henry Sullivan). [Translation of 
A'ln i Akbari.] See Abu '1-Fazl ibn Mubarak. 

[Edit.] See Hasan (Abu 'I-Kasim), called 


See Husain Va'iz, Edshifi. 

See Muhammad Hafiz, Shlrdzl. 





JARVIS (S. C. Vincent). [Illustrations to 'Umar 
Khayyam.] See 'Umak Khayyam. — Ruhd'iyydt. 

JAUBERT (Pierre Amedee 15ijiuen Probe), Count. 
[Edit.] Sec Muhammad ibn Khavand Shah. 

JAUHAR. See Siva-eama. 

JAUHAR, Aftahji, Courtier of Humdyun. The 
Tezkereh al Vakiat, or Private memoirs of the 
Moghul Emperor Humayun, written in the Per- 
sian language by Jouher, a confidential domestic 
of His Majesty ; translated by Major C. Stewart. 
(Oriental Translation Fund of Great Britain and 
Ireland.) pp. viii. 127. London, 1832. 4°. 

14003, f. 10. 

[A reprint with introduction and 

index.] pp. viii. iv. 186, viii. Calcutta, I904i. 8°. 

757. e. 62. 

JAT7HARI. See Muhammad Ibrahim ibn Muham- 
mad Bakir. , 

JAUMEE (Abddooeraman). See *Abd u1-Rahman 
ibn Ahmad. 

JATJNPXTR, City of. [History.'] See Ml'hammad 
(Khair uI-DIn), Ildhdbddi. 

[Notables.]' See NuR uI-DIn, Zaidi. 

JAVAHIR. jju'l .aW [Javahir ul-pand. Maxims.] 
See KhalIpah Shah Muhammad. ^1^1 . ^y^^ 
Jl jijJ^ [Insha' i Khalifah, etc.] pp. 95-96. 

[1895.] 8°. 14807. f. 6.(3.) 

JAVAHIR LAL, Ahhardhddl. [Translation of 
Paud-namah i kashtkaran.] See Moti Lal. 

I -^ ^J 

li' [Ta'rikh i Hind. A brief 

history of India from the Moslem conquest to 
18-17. Translated from the original Hindustani.] 
pp. ii. 122, 8, lith. \^66 s/T [Agra, 1855.] 8°. 

14773. d. 4. 

JAVAHIR MAL KHATTAT, called Javahir-sham! 
Anakta-chandra. J! cij'wiJLo [Muusha'at. A col- 
lection of official and other letters by J. M. and 
others of his family.] pp. 748, lith. J^ill iaav 
[Luchiow, 1887.] 8°. 14807. g. 15. 

JAVAHIR SINGH, Munshl. See Muhammad Java- 
hie Singh. 

JAVANAMU'i. ^^'Jlys- ^Sij [Zubdah i java- 
namu'i. A catechism on Arabic irregular verbs.] 
See Panj Ganj. Jl jS Jo [Panj ganj, etc.] 

p. 88. [1867.] 8°. 14820. f. 9.(2.) 

p. 101. [1878.] 8°. 

14820. e. 2.(3.) 

JAWZJANI (MiNHAJ al-DiN ibn Sieaj al-DiN). 
See 'UsMAN ibn Sieaj uI-Din. 

JAYA-GOPALA, called Sabit. ^.z^^^Jt^f^ [Makhbar 
i himmat. A story of a Yemenite king in verse.] 
pp. 24, lith. y^ itav [Lueknow, 1871.] 8°. 

14837. e. 10.(3.) 

JAYA-SUKHA, Rd'i. J^ u:,^]; JJ^\ [Insha i 
rahat i jan. A letter-writer.] pp. 62, lith. 
y^ I Avi [Lite/mow, 1879.] 8°. 14807. g. 12.(7.) 

JAZARI. See Muhammad ibn Muhammad, Jazarl. 

<i(l'.M.. [Risalab i 

/>flAjl js:_ . 'r*^^ ^r'-J^ ii^j 


jazirah i khazra u balir i abyaz. A Shi'ah tract 
on the Iraamate, with special reference to Imam 
Mfihdi, and centring round a story of the author's 
visit to an island between Spain and the African 
coast, where descendants of the twelfth Imam are 
said to have been residing when the tract was 
written in the days of Shah Tahmasp. Preceded 
by an extract from the Majalis ul-mu'minln of 
Shushtari.] pp. 24, Z/</t. [iMcfe/iou;, 1884.] 8°. 

14707. b. 3. 

JAZULI. See Muhammad ibn Sulaiman. 

JEHAUNDAR SR&.W, Emperor of Hindustan. See 
Jahandae Shah. 

JEJEEBHOY (Sorabjee Jamsetjee). See Scheabji 


JELAL-UDDEEN. See Jalal u1-DIn. 

JElAlU-'D-DIN MUHAMMED, Er-Bumi. See Mu- 
hammad ibn Muhammad (Jalal uI-Din), RUmi. 

JELAL-UD-DIN-RUMI. See Muhammad ibn Mu- 
hammad (Jalal u1-DIn), Ruml. 

JEMIN (Ibn). See Mahmud (Fakhe uI-Din). 

JENGHIZ KHAN. See Chingiz Khan. 

JENISCH (Bernhard von). [Edit.] See Muhak- 
had ibn Khavand Shah. 





JERVIS (GtouGK RiTSo). [Edit.] See 'Abd nl- 

Eahman ibn Ahmad, called Jami Yusuf u Zu- 


See HusAiN Vi'lz, Kdshifi. 

See Muhammad Hafiz, Shlrdzl. 

JHAVERI (K. M.). See Krishna-lal Mohan-lal 

Hindostan. See Akbau. 

JILANI. See 'Abd u1-Kadib ibn Musa. 

jiVANJi JAMSHEDJi MODI. [Edit, witli trans- 
lation, etc. of Jamaspi.] See Jamasp, Muhadan 

[Edit, and translation of Mar-namah.] 

See Mae. 

Asiatic Papers, Papers read before the 

Bombay Branch, of the Royal Asiatic Society. 
2 pts. Bombay, \'dOh,n. 8°. 761. d. 35. 

The Bas-relief of Beharam Gourat Nakhsh- 

i-Rustam and The Horse in ancient Iran. Two 
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: The Parsees at the Court of Akbar and 

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JOHANNA DAWUD. See Yuhanna ibn Da'ud. 

JOHANSSON (Cael Ferdinand). [Edit.] See 
Periodical Publications. — Upsal, 

JOHNSON (Edward Armstrong), Pdskd. [Verse- 
translation of Gulshan i raz.] See Mahmud ibn 
'Abd uI-Karim, Shahlslarl. 

[Verse-translation of 'Umar Khayyam.] 

See 'Umar Khayyam. — Bubd'iyydt. 

JOHNSON (Francis). [Edit.] See Bible.— Old 

See MasLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mu- 

shareif u1-DIn), called Sa'dI. — Gulistdn. 

JONES [Sir William). [Edit.] See 'Abd Ullah, 
called Hatifi. 

[Translation of History of Nadir Shah.] 

See Muhammad Mahdi Khan. 

[Edit.] See Periodical Publications. — 


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JOSEPH, the Patriarch. [Legendary History.] 
See Mu'iN uI-Din, Juvainl. 

See Neumann (E.). 

JOSEPH ben Isaac, Babbi. [Translation of Me- 
gillath Antiochos.] Sec Antiochus IV. 

JOSEPH, Kohini. [Edit.] See Bible.— OW Testa- 

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JOUHER. See Jauhae. 

JOURDAIN (A.). See Brechillet Jouedain. 

JRPETEAN (Yakob Shahan). Notices sur I'Etat 
actuel de la Perse, en persan, en armepien et en 





fran9ais; par Myr-D&voud-Zadour do Melik 
Sclialinazar . . . et M. M. Langles . . . (et) Chahan 
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JXTLALUDDEEN, Jlorharee. See Muhammad ibn 
As'ai) (Jai,ai, u1-DIn). 

JUMNUZUDDY, Moolvy. See Tamiz uI-Din. 

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[Farbang i Gulistan. A glossary to Sa'di's 
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^Jj^^\i i_Xi!b;i [Farbang i Guli.stan.] pp. 20, 

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JURJANI. See 'AlI ibn Muiiammad. 

See As'ad (Fakiir uI-DIn). 

JURji ZAIDAN. Jl ^^ u>j3 [Ta'rikb i Salma. 

A romance of Salma, daughter of Hujr, and 'Abd 
nl-Raliman, embracing much of the history of 
Mn'aviyah and his son YazTd. With illustra- 
tions.] pp.^O^,lith. irrH= [Bom6(/y, 1900.] 8°. 

14783. d. 22. 
JUSUF JEH^DI. See Yusuf, Yahudi. 

JUVAINI. See 'Ata Malik ibn Muhammad. 

JtlVAINi (Mu'iN uI-Din). See Mu'in u1-DIn. 

JUZJANI. See 'Usman ibn Sieaj uI-Din. 

JVALA-PRASADA. [Key to Persian Entrance 
Course.] See Academiks, etc. — Allahabad. — Uni- 
versity of Allahabad. 

JVALA-PRASADA,called Vakar. j^iJ^ili^ [Divan. 
Poems.] pp. 207, I'dh. i^JJl^ iri'^ \_Cawnpnrc, 
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KA'ANI, See Hab!b Ullah. 

ZA'B ibn ZUHAIR, Muzanl. Sj<^ c:^J'j sju^' j'Ju-1 
[Banat Su'ad. An Arabic poem in praise of 
Muiiammad. With metrical Persian preface. 
Followed by a Persian metrical translation by 
Kamili.] See Kasa'id. Jl jj',«as <te_jA=K-< e:^^^ 

[Kasa'id.] pp. 23-38. [1870?] 8°. 14519. d. 9.(1.) 

pp. 23-38. [1873.] 8°. 

14519. 0. 9. 

Jl iiiji isx^ _ JJ .0 J Jy [Kasa'id.] pp. 34-57. 
[1872.] 8°. 14519. b. 21.(3.) 


J'j s Jo-fli' li'Ju-l cj j/i [Banat Su'ad. 

With the same translation, etc.] See Kasa'id. 

pp. 34-57. [1877.] 8«. 

14519. b. 15.(5.) 

i>'j»<*. vji-Jlj isx^ r t" '^'^^ j}f [Banat 

Su ad. With Persian verse-translation by Kamili, 
and Persian commentary styled Suriir ul-'ilad 
by 'Abd ul-Hafiz Muh. Nazir.] pp. 52, lith. i Ave 
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KABIL KHAN. See Abu '1-Fath. 

KABIR ul-DiN AHMAD. See Ahmad ibn Ahmad. 

KABUL MUHAMMAD. [Prefaces to Haft kulzum.] 
iSee Haidar Khan (GhazT u1-DIn). 

KABtJS ibn ISKANDAR. See Kai-ka'us ibn Is- 


KADERY (Mahommed). See Muhammad Khuda- 


KADIR, Slidh. See Muhyi uI-Din, known as Shah 

KADIRI. See 'Abd u1-Kadir ibn Mulijk Shah. 

KADIRI (Muhammad). See Muhammad Khdda- 

ZAFI. See Kipayat 'AlI. 

EAHF. See 'Usman ibn 'Umar, called Kahf. 

KAHRAMAN. Ji'i ^^.Uy t-j'jli' IJJb [Kitab i 
Kahraman i katil. An heroic tale. Illustrated.] 
ff. 48, lith. Jj^ irvH= [Teheran, 1857.] 8°. 

14783. d. 4.(2.) 

Jo'j ^jU^' [Kahraman i katil. Illustrated.] 

flf. 40. irAO [Per«ta, 1868.] 4°. 14783. d. 17.(3.) 

KAIDANI. See Ldtf Ullah, Nasafl, 

KAI-KA'US ibn ISKANDAR, called 'Unsur ul- 
MA'ALij^miV ofDailam. aJ'^^y ^ . . . it«U ^^y'J i-j'j/ 
Jl ^jy^ *-^y • ■ • [Kabus-namah. A work on 
practical ethics. Followed by Tuzuk i Timuri, 
the section called " Designs and Enterprises and 
Institutes" from the spurious Memoirs of Timiir, 
purporting to be translated by Abu Tfilib al- 
Husaini from the Turki. Edited by Ri?a Kull 





Khan.] pp. 228, 131, Ji<;i. \ff.6 [Teheran, 1868.] 
8°. 14749. f. 26. 

• Buch des Kabus, oderLehren des persischen 

Konigs Kjekjawus fiir seinen Sohn Ghilan Schacli 
. . . aus dem Tiirkisch-Persisch-Arabischen iiber- 
Betzt und durcli Abhandlungen und Anmerkungen 
eriautert von H. F. von Diez. pp. i. 867. 
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KAI-KHUSRAU ibn KA'US, Farsl. |«^^1 -xll-y lijo 
i^jjjbj u^ ^ [Gulshan i farhang. A life of 
Zoroaster and account of Zoroastrianism, based on 
the Dasatlr and other Parsi books.] pp. 120, lith. 
,_jijuj irv4 [Bombay, 1858.] 12°. 14724. a. 3. 

of Sad bikayat, i.-l.] See 'Abd u1-Fattah, called 
AsHKAP 'Ali. 

■ [Translation of Bustan, i.] See MusLiii ibn 

'Abd Ullah (Mushareif uI-DIn), called Sa'di. — 


[Edit.] Sep Aeda-Vikap. 

KAIS. See Muhammad 'Usman Khan. 



Bee Academies, ete. — Vienna. 

KALANDAR. See Abd 'AlI (Shaeaf u1-Din). 

KALB 'ALI KHAN. See Muhammad Kalb 'Ali 

KALiCH-BEQ FARDUN - BEG. [Translation of 
Chach-namah.] See 'Ali ibn Hamid. 

A^ ^1 lij^ [Sauda i kham. Miscellaneous 

poems in Persian, Hindustani, and Sindhi.] pp. 
103, lith. jy^ji^ iriA [Shiharimr, 1900.] 8°. 

14164. b. 43. 

KALIK. See Ghulam Maula. 

KALIKA-PRASADA, called Anvak. ^j^Ji j^\ ^^d 
[Divan. Poems.] pp. 250, 8, lith. JSJ^jJ^ i^'i* 
[Aligarh, 1895.] 8°. 14797. e. 27. 

KALI-KRISHNA DEVA, Raja. A Genealogical and 
other Accounts of Maha-Raja Kali-Krishna Ba- 
hadur . . . Extracted from the notarial papers of 
G. Collier . . . 1836, with additions by M. Sirefc, 
etc. Eng., Pers., ^ Beng. pp. 7, 14, 7 ; 1 plate. 
Calcutta, 1841. 16°. 14127. aa. 38. 

A short Account of the Raja Kali-Krishna 

Bahadui". Extracted from the notarial papers of 
G. Collier. [In English and Persian.] pp. 4, 4. 
<udi (An [Calcutta, 1836.] 8°. 757. h. 23. 

Reaz-ul-Sanaih or Garden of Arts : an 

abridgment of Persian rhetoric, with examples 
from celebrated ancient and modern authors. 
( JJuall ^U^) pp. 80. Calcutta, 1847. 12°. 

^ 14807. a. 1. 

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Poems.] pp. 148, lith. j^^ '^^^ [Cawnpore, 
1879.] 8°. ' 14797. h. 25.(2.) 

KALIM ULLAH, Shah, Jahandhddt. ^j*j^ J/^ 
[Kashkiil i Kalinii. A compendium of Sufic 
docti-ine. With notes.] pp. 52, W/t. ^jUj ir.A 
[I>eZW, 1891.] 8°. 14724,6.1.(5.) 

.l),! <Uj>-^ m ij*^ f'V* [MiraKKa i Ka- 

limi. Arabic prayers, with Persian rubrics and 
Hindustani translation of the latter.] pp. 128, 
lith. J^J iAit=[DeZW, 1894.] 8°. 14519.6.34.(5.) 

KALi-PARSHAD, called Mujid. [Edit.] See Mu- 
hammad Kasim ibn Hindu Shah. 

KALI-RAYA, called Tamiz. jj.*:i *'JiJl [Insha. 
Elegant prose writings.] pp. 38, Zi<A. jy^^ i^'"' 
[Cawnpore, 1872.] 8°. 14837. g. 5.(1.) 

KAMAL. See Kamal uI-DIn, Shah. 

KAMAL, Efendl. ^y^^l^j J^ ^j^J-i [Farsi ta- 
kallum risala-si. Persian dialogues with Turkish 
translation.] pp. 49, lith. inr [Constantinople, 
1846.] ohl. 8°. 757. b. 14. 

[Second edition.] pp. 55, W^. ine 

[Constantinople, 1849.] ohl. 8°. 14807. b. 2. 





KAMAL, Efendi (continued). Et-Teuhfet-uz 
Zehiyet fi-1 loghat-ich charqiyet, ou Guide de la 
conversation en langues orientales, turque, ^rabe 
et persane, compost et public d'abord en persan 
et en turque sous le nom de Faricy-tekellum- 
rigaleci . . . par K^mal Efendi . . . Mis en arabe 
par Kassif Mallouf. ci^'jiUl ^J iuJfc^Jl iisnj!) 
(hiM) pp. 96. Smyrne, 1853. oil. 8°. 

758. a. 9.(2.) 

KAMAL, called Khallak u1-Ma'ani, Isfahdni. See 
Isma'il (Kamal u1-Din). 

KAMAL (Ahmad). See Ahmad Kamal. 

KAMAL ul-LIN, Aghd, Irani, ijs^ ^-^j^ [Nairang 
i sukhan. Letters in verse between Muli. IsHak 
and Kamal ul-DIn Irani. Edited with Hindustani 
preface and notes by the former.] [1890.] 8°. See 
Muhammad Ishak, called 'Aeshi. 14797. g. 24.(12.) 

KAMAL ul-DIST, Damlri. See Muhammad ibn 

KAMAL ul-DIlT, Shah. Uj^ [Rafiima. A moral 
tract in verse, in imitation of Sa'di's Karlma. 
With notes.] pp. 22, WA. jj^. 'I'^l [Bangalore, 
1882.] 8°. 14837. c. 4.(5.) 

KAMAL ul-DIN ibn FAKHR ul-DIN, Jahrami. 
[Barahin i kati'ah, translation of Sava'ili i niuh- 
riUah.] See Ahmad ibn Muhammad, called Ibn 

KAMAL ul-DIN ibn MIHE nl-DIN. ^--JAjliil J^^-^ 
[Misbah ul-tahzib. Moral anecdotes.] pp.49, ?(V/i. 
Jk^ I AVA [L«cfrno«;, 1878.] 8". 14837. g. 12.(6.) 

-,^V^-o Ci.>Uii. [Ruk'at i magharl. A col- 
lection of letters.] pp.26, lith. ^M uva [Luck- 
now, 1878.] 8°. 14837. g. 12.(5.) 

KAMAL ul-DIN AHMAD. See Ahmad. 

KAMAL ul-DIN HAIDAE. See Haidar. 

KAMAL ul-DIN ISMA'IL. See Isma'il ibn Muham- 
mad Ynsup. 

See Isma'il (Kamal uI-Din). 

KAMAL KAEIM, Ndgori. ^^ ^y*^ [Majmii'ah 
i khani. Decisions on Moslem legal and cere- 
monial matters.] pp. 208, 160, lith. .ybS irio 
[Lahore, 1897.] 8°. 14736. b. 6. 

KAMAL PASHA-ZADAH. See Ahmad ibn Sulai- 


KAMAR ul-DIN, Miydn, Achlnavl. [Edit.] See 
'Abd uI-KakIm ibn Makhdum. 

KAMAR ul-DIN KHAN. [Hindustani version of 
Inshd i Khalifah.] See Khalifah Shah Muham- 

[Hindustani translations of parts of the 

Bustan and Gulistan.] See Musliu ibn 'Abd 
Ullah (MusHAREiF uI-DIn), Called Sa'di. — Bustdn. 


[Translation of tales from Hindustani.] 

See Sei-lala. 

KAMIL. <Cc'J c.\j^ [Chiragh-namah. Ghazals 
having the word " chiragh " as racllf or over- 
hanging syllable.] See Ghulam Sarvah, called 
'Asi. JliU'JuJ'j; [Kaf-namah,e<c.] [1873.] 8°. 
^ 14837. g. 8.(4.) 

KAMIL (Muhammad Khan). See Muhammad ibn 
'Inatat Ahmad Khan., 

KAMILI. [Verse-translation of Banat Su'ad.] See 
Ka'b ibn ZuHAiR. 

KAMRAN, Mtrzd. The Mirza Namah— The Book 
of the Perfect Gentleman — of Mirza Kamran with 
an English translation. By . . . M. Hidayat Husain. 
1913. See Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic 
Society of Bengal. Journal and Proceedings, etc. 
vol. ix., pp. 1-13. 1905, 6'<c. 8°. R.Ac. 8826/11. 

KAMRAN JAN, called MushtarI, Blhl. J'oi- AJ'js- 
[Khanah i khayal. A prose eulogy of the Nawab 
of Rampur. Followed by a divan entitled 
Taranah i khayal.] pp. 20, 68, lith. ^J^ (rn 
[Iwcfenow, 1882.] 8°. 14837. f. 16.(2.) 

KAMTA-PARSHAD, called Nadan. [Edit.] See 
'Abd u1-Rahman ibn Ahmad, called JamI. — Divan 

i Bi-nukdl. 

(J^ c:^%ia <o j-*«*m> . . . t^j-* J>c' Ji [Kava'id 

i farsi, or Haft gul. An elementary grammar in 
verse.] pp. 33, lith. y^ i^vi [Lticknow, 1879.] 
8°. 14816. d. 7.(2.) 

KANGA (Jamshedjeb Bejonjee). See JamshedjI 
BejanjI Kanoa. 






KANGA (NosHiEVANji Katasji). See NosHiEVANji 
KivASji Kanga. 

EANGA (Pestonjee Kavasjee). See Pestanji 
Kavasji Kanga. 

KANHAIYA LAL, called Hindi and AlakhadharT. 
<u'o ijitXu [Bandagi-namah. Religious poems.] 
pp. 24j lith. j^^ i^v"" [.Cawnpore, 1873.] 8°. 

14837. e. 4.(1.) 

Poetical Essays, in Persian, on Moral 

Subjects, entitled Goolzar-i-Hindee, by Lalla 
Kunhya Lall. (^Aia .hl^) pp. i. iv. 164, lith. 
Lahore, 1867. 8°. 14837. d. 1.(3.) 

Third edition, revised and improved. 

pp. 102, lith. Lahore, 1870. 8". 14837. e. 6.(6.) 

• .Fourthedition,revisedand improved. 

pp. 104, lith. Lahore, 1873. 8°. 14787. d. 13.(2.) 

<U'J I 

j.y^i aXJui 


[Ranjlt-namab. A versified history of Maharaja 
Ranjrt Singh.] pp.604, lith. j^l iavi \_Lahore, 
1876.] 8°. 14797. g. 4. 

Poems in Persian entitled Yadgar-i-Hindee, 

containing a brief account of the great Prophets, 
Kings, Rulers, and Philosophers of the world by 
Rai Kunhya Lall. (^jJa^l^jLi) pp. 180, lith. 
Lahore, 1873. 8°. 14787. c. 19. 

ZANHJI, Blvdn, of Patna. Khazanat ul ilm, or 
The Treasury of Science, being a course of in- 
struction in the various branches of Mathematics. 
. . . Printed up to the 492nd page under the super- 
vision of Dr. J. Tytler . . . and completed . . . 
under the . . . supervision of . . . Mansiir Ahmed 
Bardwaui. (^'^^^^ j^^ J ^JJl i;]^ L_>'i/) pp.654, 
XXV. Calcutta, 1837. 4°. 757. k. 13. 

14815. g. 1. 

[Another copy.] 

KANI'. See 'Au Shie Kani'. 

ZANji SAHAi, called Matin, Ilahdhddl. J^,^ 
^jXLc [Divan. Poems. Compiled and arranged 
by Jagat-narayana (Hilm).] pp. 73, lith. ji°T^l 
lAii {Allahahad, IB'dQ.'] 8°. 14797. g. 29!(7,) 

KAPADIA (S. A.). See Shapurji Asfandiyaeji 

KAPUR (Thakar Das). See Thakae Das. 

KARAK, Shah, Earavl. ^JJ.^^^s'*^' J^] tjiL* 
[Malfuz i asrar ul-makhdiimin. Dicta of Shah 
Karark, and anecdotes of him. Compiled by Karim 
Yar, Ra'is of Yuhan.] pp. 122, lith. .^s!\j uir 
[Fathpur, 1893.] 8°. 14724. d. 4.(3.) 

of select Persian Proverbs and familiar Sayings 
with their English and Gujarati equivalents, 
pp. 14, 12, 14. Bovihay, 1882. 8°. 757. cc. 9. 

KARAM HUSAIN, Bilgrdmi. [Edit.] See Muham- 
mad HusAiN ibn Khalaf. 

See MusLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mu- 

SHAERiF ul-DiN, called Sa'd!. — Bustdnand Gulistdn. 

KARAMAT 'ALI ibn RAHMAT 'ALI, Jnunpurl. A 
Dissertation on the Sabbath and Tidal Motions. 
. . . In English and Persian, pp. 103. Calcutta, 
1874. 8°. 757. b. 27. 

Begin. j<i»~JS> jJjljvi- jJi^'aJ . ^fij^^Xjj j] ^^^) 

^^^>J 1 ^j^V,} ^iJ'^ i ^'^iS> [Mukhtasar i kava'id 
i 'ariiz. A treatise on prosody.] pp. 124. [_Gal- 
cutta, 1830 ?] 8°. 757. g. 14. 

[Another copy.] 

14807. e. 4. 

njy^^ <d«Jl J ^.f- d-^Ju^ iJ iXl'.*u. [Risalah 

dar fazilat i 'arabiyyah bar alsinah i 'ajamiyyah. 
An essay to prove the superiority of Arabic over 
other languages, submitted for a prize given by 
Prince Muh. Kai-kubad Shah.] pp.80. <u^ ini 
[Calcutta, 1853.] 8°. 14837. e. 1.(3.) 

KARANI (E. F.). See Eeach-shah F. Karani. 

EARI. See Mahmud ibn Amir Ahmad. 

KARIM ul-DIlT, Dasht-baydzi. See Muhammad 
ibn Fasih. 

KARIM ul-DIN, Maulavi. [Commentary on Inti- 
khab i tuhfat ul-'Irakain.] See Ibrahim ibn 'Ali 

KARIM ul-DIN, Maulavi, Dsputii-Inspector of 
Schools. [Edit.] Sec Mohammad Hafiz, Shirdzl. 

tnjlilll ^>S [KarIm ul-lughat. A glossary 

of Persian and Arabic words explained in Hindu- 
stani.] pp. 215, Zi'i/t. ^jAJi^ lAA. [Cawnpore, \^80.^ 
8°. ^ 14815. f. 3. 





KAEIM ul-rilT, PdnipatJ. [Hindustani com- 
mentaries on Zuhuri's Takrim and Tashhir.] See 
Muhammad (Nhr u1-DIn), Turshizl. 

KARIM YAR, Shaikh, Ra'ia of Yuhan. [Edit.] 
See Kakak, Shiih. 

ZARTA RAMA, called Safa. <uU j_^^'o [Parsi- 
nauiah. A reading-book of pure Persian. With 
footnotes.] pp. 45, Zi</i.. .y&l ui. [ia/iore, 1890.] 
12°. 14822. a. 14.(1.) 

KHAN, afterwards JA'FAR KHAN, Subahdar of 
Bengal and Orissa. See Ja'far Khan. 

KASA'ID. J! jj'wai' &cy*^ ci^y [Kasa'id. 
Religious Tcaiidah poems and prayers in Arabic. 
With Persian interlinear translations and pre- 
faces.] pp. 64, nth. j^'i [Lahore, 1870?] 8°. 

14519. d. 9.(1.) 

' pp. 64, lith 

1873.] , 8° 

.ytU I Avr [Lahore, 
14519. c. 9.(1.) 

_ jUmv l::^J'o s ja-<aii _ iiijS iSxai . Jj aJ . jJ 

(_jii« [Kasa'id and prayers. With introductions 
and translations in Persian and Hindustani.] pp.86, 
lith. I rAi [ia/iore? 1872.] 8°. 14519. b. 21.(3.) 

pp.86, yi^ lAvv [L^tchlolv,1877.'] 

8°. 14519. b. 14.(5.) 

[Kasidah i mulamma'ah, a religious poem, 

in alternate Persian and Arabic lines; and 
Kasldat ul-arba'in, a poem on triads.] See 
Majmu'ah. (ioAlalJl icy*^^} [Al-Majmu'at ul- 
latifat.] ff. 1-4, 65-87. " [1878.] 16°. Or. 70. a. 2. 

[An anonymous Arabic Jcaiidah, with 

Persian commentary by Vall Ullah Dihlavi.] See 
Vali Ullah ibn 'Abd u1-Rahim. Jl Jul I t^ods! 

[Atyab ul-nagham, eic] [1887.] 8°. 14519.0.10. 

Jl cu lyi]! iioa-aj' jl t_^.^iuui [Extracts from 

Kasidat ul-liira'at, a poem on the reading of the 
Kur'an.] See Majmu'ah. Jj'w*y c:^-«'*J>J ^r*^ 
<jLj\jf [Majmii'ah i bist rasa'il i kira'at.] pp. 21- 
22. [1891.] 8°. 14703. b. 4. 

KASHANI. See Path Ullah ibn Shukr Ullah. 

See Maumud ibn 'Ali, 

ZASHFi. See Ja'far ibn Abi Ibhak. 

See Mohammad Salamat Ullah. 

KASHI HASAN. See Muhammad Hasan, Kdshl. 

KAsHIE. See Muhammad Shaeip ibn Shams 
uI-DIn Muhammad. 

KASHIPi. See Husain Va'iz. 

KASIM, called Divanah. |»*-U' jjIy.tJ [Divan. 
Poems.] -pp. 81, Uth. y^ iaw [Lucknow, 1877.] 
8°. 14797. c. 3.(1.) 

***,U' ^jlyii [Divan.] pp. 81, Zi<A. jia$3 iaI. 

[Lucknow, 1890.] 8°. 14797. d. 15.(8.) 

KASIM ibn 'ALI (Abu Muhammad), called Hariri. 
i_jj?.j^ t.i_!U'JU [Maliamat. The adventures of Abu 
Zaid of Saruj. Arabic text, edited, with Persian 
interlinear translation and marginal notes, by 
Maulavl Muh. Shams ul-Din.] pp. 416, lith. rrir 
[Lucknow, 1847.] 4°. 14576. c. 10. 


pp. 414, lith. lAvr [Lucknow, 1873.] 

14576. c. 11. 

KASIM ibn MUHAMMAD (Baha u1-Daulah Siraj 
uI-Din), Shah, Nurhakhshl. t_^'^! 'icli^ [Khu- 
lasat ul-tajarib. A treatise on diseases and their 
remedies. Wrongly ascribed on the title-page to 
Muh. 'Alavl Khan.] pp. 724, Zxi/i. irAr[iMc/.-- 
«ow, 1865.] Fol. 14753. g.l. 

The author completed this worh in A.H. 907, and 'Alavl 
Khan died A.H. 1162. See H. Kh. iii. 164, and " Memoirs 
of Khojah Abdulkurreem." 

KASIM 'ALI, Karbala'i. [Edit.] See Muhammad 
Hasan, Husainl. 

KASIM JAN. [For the MuKarabah i Kabul u 
Kandahar, based on K. J.'s Akbar-namah :] See 
'Abd uI-Karim, Mauldna. 

KATELI. See Khurshkdji Minuchehrji KatIli. 

KATIB CHELEBI. See Mustafa ibn 'Abd Ullah. 

KATIBI. See 'Ali ibn 'Umar (Najm uI-Din). 

KATIL. See Muhammad Hasan, called KatIl. 

KAUKAB. See Muhammad Mahdi Khan. 

KAVASJi LINSHAH KEAS. Ancient Persian 
Sculptures : or. The monuments, buildings, bas- 
reliefs, rock-inscriptions, &c., &c., belongfing to 
the Kings of the Achsemenian and Sassaniau 





dynasties . . . Containing . . . plates . . . descrip- 
tive and historical matter, and itinerary notes, in 
English, Gujarati and Persian. (hilH 'i'U (5'^K.) 
pp. 234. Bombay, 1889. 8°. 14146. h. 17. 

KAYAT (AssaadY.). See As'ab Ya'kub Khatyat. 

KAZAN. [For notice of books printed at Kazan :] 
See DoEN (B.). 

KAZI MIR. See Hosain ibn Mu'in u1-D!k. 

KAZm ibu KASIM, RasJdi. [Life.] See Ni'mat 
Ullah, Itizavi. 

KAZIM ibn MUHAMMAD, called Malik u1-Atibba, 
Bashtt. (j_j..«lJ fa^i' lii*-) [Hifzul-sihhatinasiri. 
Medical recipes and prescriptions.] pp. 321, Z(f/i. 
J^ tr,i [Teheran, 1887.] 4°. 14753. b. 7. 

KAZIMIRSKI (A. Biberstein de). See Bibebstein 

KAZVINL See Ahmad ibn Abi Bake ibn Nask. 

See Ahmad ibn Muhammad. 

■ See Muhammad ibn 'Abd u1-Vahhab. 

See Zakakiyta ibn Muhammad. 

KEENE (Henry George). [Translation of Akhlali 
i muKsini.] See Husain Va'iz, Kdshifi. 

KEGL (Sandor). Dselal ed-DIn Ruml. Negysoros 
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- Magyar Tiidomdnyos Akademia. Ertekezesek, 
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A perzsa nepdal. pp. 47. 1899. See 

Academies, etc. — Pest. — Magyar Tudomdnyos Aka- 
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Szenaji es a perzsa vallasos kolteszet. 

pp. 175. 1904. See Academies, etc. — Pest. — 
Magyar Tudomdnyos Akademia. Ertekezesek, etc. 
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KEITH (Alexander), D.D., the Elder. The Evi- 
dence of Prophecy derived from the fulfilment 
of the predictions of the Hebrew Prophets and 
Apostles. Translated . . . into . . . Persian . . . 
by J. L. Merrick. UjuI (_^,a-flj' ^ ^UlII ^.JuLi ilL,.) 
(Jjjl^l j_jJb pp. iv. 191 ; 5 plates. Edinburgh, 
1846. 8°. 757. g. 35. 

k6mAL EFENDI. See Kamal, Efendl. 
KENDSCHEWi (NIsami). See Ilyas ibn Yusuf. 

KENNEDY (Sara Mackenzie). Wishing you a 
Happy Christmas ; or. Shadow and Sunshine . . . 
Translated into Persian. ( Jl i_j'uil ^ <XjL-) pp.50. 

London, Oxford [printied, 1904.] 8°. 757. a. 40. 

KER OGLD. See KuR 'Uqhli. 

KERNEY (Michael). [Introduction to Bibliotheca 
Lindesiana.] See Lindsay (J. L.), 26th Earl of 
Crawford, etc. 

[Edit.] See 'Umae Khayyam. — Bubd'iyyat. 

KHABIR. See Muhammad Ghulam Khan. 

KHADIM. See Nizam uI-Din, called Khadim. 

KHADIM 'ALI ZAHIR, Sandllavl. A*tyJ! ijcJ^ 
[Talkhis ul-fava'id. Notes on the literary art, 
quoting from Persian and Hindustani poets. 
Followed by a chapter on talismans.] pp. 210, 
lith. jI..!^! uii [De?/u, 1846.] 8°. 14807. d. 5. 

KHADIM HUSAIN, Maulavl. [Edit.] See Muham- 
mad Kazim ibn Muhammad Amin. 

See 'Usman ibn Sieaj uI-DIn. 

KHAFA. See Basharat 'AlI. 

KHAFI KHAN. See Muhammad Hashim. 

KHAIR ul-DIN MUHAMMAD, Ildhdbddl. See Mu- 
hammad (Khaie uI-Din). 

KHAIRAT 'ALI KHAN, called Mushtaic. [Edit.] 
See Muhammad Kasim ibn Hindu Shah. 

KHAIRI, Bey. [Turkish translation of Masnavi, 
i.-ii.] See Muhammad ibn Muhammad (Jalal ul- 
DIn), RUml. 

KHAIYAM, or KHAIYAMI. See 'Umar Khayyam. 

KHAKAN. See Fath 'Ali Shah. 

KHAKANI. See Ibrahim ibn 'AlI Najjar. 

KHAKANI i HIND. See Muhammad Ahsan Ullah 

KHALAH. ^y- <);iU~ i_jlir [Khalah Suskah. A 
folk- tale in verse. Followed by a Mutayabah 





or facetious tale in prose. With illustrations.] 
ff. 8, Itth. JJb ir.r [Teheran, 1884-85.] 12°. 

14783. aa. 1 (2.) 

<«C«y« (JIU- L_>'Ji^ [Khalah Suskiih.] ff. 8, 

lUh. [Persia, 8.d.] 12°. 14783. a. 8.(3.) 

KHALID, Efendl. [Turkish commontary on 'Ishlc- 
namah.] See Sultan Valad ibn Jalal u1-DIn 

KHALID (ZiYA uI-Din) . ^) Ully* Jy^h J^,:) 

jJ'^ ^^_S!^ *'j^ |_jjJuAiu . . . [Divan. Poems.] 
pp.99. \r^.[Constantinople,\8U.'\ 8°. 757. d. 28. 

KHALIFAH. See Husain ibn Abi '1-Hasan. 

(tajJo- [Insha i Khalifah, or Jami' ul-kavanin. 
Model letters and other prose writings. With 
marginal notes. Followed by poetical extracts 
to be used by letter-writers.] pp. 56, ZsYA. jy^^ 
I r^. [Cawnpore, 1863.] 8°. 14807. g. 2.(2.) 

J! aijsli- j^'-i-il [Insha i Khallfah.] pp. 56, 

lilh. jLj lAi. [Dei/a, 1890.] 8°. 14807. g. 18. 

i^*J^j ^'-^^ • (_s'-'=^^ ''*:^J^ i^^^ • ^y*^ 

[(1) Insha i Khalif ah, with marginal notes; (2) In- 
sha i Rustami i maktubi, 48 similar letters by 
Rustam ; (3) Intikhab i ash'ar i maktubi, couplets 
from poets useful for Munshis ; (4) Javahir ul-pand, 
maxims.] pp.96, Zif/i. ^Juuj irir [Bojft&ay, 1895.] 
8°. 14807. f. 6.(3.) 

f^y^ I'^'-i^ t^^l [Insha i Khallfah. With 

Hindustani interlinear translation by 'Abd ul- 
Sa'id Ahmad.] pp. 128, lith. y^ [LiLchnow, 
1908.] 8°. 14807. e. 16. 

■ (tfljdi- VjUl uuUi^iJU [Muntakhabat i insha 

KHALIL ul-DIN (Muhammad). 
Khaul ul-DiN. 

See Muhammad 

i Khallfah. An abridgment of the above. With 
Hindustani translation by Kamar ul-Din Khan.] 
pp. 120, lith. j^^ lAi. [Lahore, I860.] 8°. 

14837. d. 1.(2.) 

i^J^^ *'-iJl tu'oiciJLo [Muntakhabat i insha 

i Khallfah. With the same translation.] pp. 83, 
lith. jj^l \^•^i [Lahore, ISQA,.] 8°. 14837. e. 3.(2.) 

KHALIL ibn ul-GHAZI, Kazvlnl. [Safi, commen- 
tary on Kafi.] See Muhammad ibn Ya'kub, Kulinl. 

KHALIL KHAN, Haji. [Travels.] See Siparah. 

KHALIL ul-RAHMAN, Jamdll, Sarsdvi. Jl J\yi>i 

[Divan. Poems, in Hindustani and Persian.] 
pp. 164, 34, lith. 4j)^ iriv [Meer>d, 1899.] 8". 

14114. bb. 22.(1.) 



Isma'Il (Kamal ul- 

KHALVATI. See Ahmad Rashid, 

KHAN AHMAD, Gildnl. S-oii'lC> [Makatib. 
Letters.] See Zahie uI-DIn ibn Nasir u1-Din. 
Jl ^\A f.j3 [Ta'rikh i Gilan u Dailamistan, etc.] 

[1912.] 8°. 14773. d. 24. 


See Ghiyas uI-Din ibn Humam 

KHAN-KHANAN. See Muhammad Sa'id. 

KHANUIKOV (Nikolai). [GoUection.] SeeDoRN(B.). 

[Edit., with translation, etc., of odes of 

Khiiliani.] See IbrahIm ibn 'Ali Najjar. 

KHAKT-ZAMAN KHAN. See Ghulam Husain Khan. 

KHATA. See Muhammad Khata. 

KHATIB, Tahrlzl. See Muhammad ibn 'Abd 
Ullah (V^'ali uI-DIn Abu 'Abd Ullah). 

Humam uI-Din. 

See Ghiyas u1-DIn ibn 

KHAVAR. ^U^j'j- i_ili^ IJJb [Khavar Bakhtar. 
A romance. With illustrations.] pp. 38. ir.. 
[Persia, 1883.] 4°. 14783. d. 17.(1.) 

KJ^J ^^ ji^ i_;li> IJJb [Khavar-namah i 

zamln. A prose folk-tale on the exploits of 'Ali 
and his companions Malik and Abu '1-Mi'jan, 
perhaps based on Ibn flusam's Khavar-namah. j 
pp. HI, Zt7/t. [ratn'z, 1860 ?] 4°. 14807.0.4. 

_>lkw« i—jU/ !jjb [Khavar- 
namah. Here attributed to Ibn Husam. With 
illustrations.] pp. 88, Zi%. ir.i [Bomftay, 1892.] 
S\ 14779. d. 21, 

KHAYALi. See Fakhr nl-Diif. 

<UU >jl: 





KHAYALI RAM, MunsU. [Edit., with notes, of 
Rasa'il nl-i'jaz.] See Khusrau, Amir, 

KHAYYAM, or KHAYYAMI. See 'Umak Khayyam. 

KHAYYAT (As'ad Ya'kub). See As'ad Ya'kub 

'Ali Khan. 

KHEYAM. See 'Umae Khayyam. 

KHOAWEND SHAH. See Ghitas uI-DIn ibn 

HUMAM ul-DlN. 

KHONDEMIE. iSee Ghiyas uI-Din ibn Humam ul- 


KHOOSRAVAY, Ameer, Duhluvvee. See Kh0SKAU, 

KHOTJR ChAh, fils de Qobad. See Khvueshah ibn 


KHUBI-NUMA. ^^O ^'^ ^_^^_ iiU^! ^L, Ijjt, 
i^^jj [Khubi-numa i din i Zartusbti. An ex- 
position of certain Zoroastrian rites, issued by the 
Dasturs and Mobeds of Persia.] pp. 48, lith. 
j^ijuj I Ai A [^om&ay, 1898.] 8°. 14724. b. 6. 


KHUDA-BAKHSH, Haldm, of Gujarat. J'oJb k^ 
[Khatt i Daniyal. A treatise on geomancy.] 
pp. 112, lith. &4ji^ '"^^ [Meerut, 1889.] 8°. 

14770. e. 5.(2.) 

KHTJDA-BAKHSH, Maulavi. ^jj^ cuUai [Nissat 
i zarijri. A metrical Persian- Panjabi vocabulary.] 
pp. 32, K<7i. ^yb^ I Avr [LaA-ore, 1873.] 8°. 

14837. f. 9.(5.) 

KHUDA-BAKHSH (S.). Maxims and Reflbxions. 
Translated from the Persian by S. KhudaBukhsh. 
pp. 86. London, 1916. 8°. 14783. b. 4. 

KHUDA-BAKHSH, called Sha'ik, Baryd'dbddi. 
^Li ^^^jUi [Masnavi. A religious poem in imita- 
tion of RQmi's Masnavi.] ipp. 146, lith. ^ji] lAvv 
[Lucknow, 1877 .] 8°. 14797. g. 10. 

Irani, Ra'ts Yazdi. See Khuda-bakhsh Baheam 

'Abd u1-Vahhab, called Nash at. 

[Translation, etc., of Anvar i Suhaili, ii.-iii.] 

See Hdsain Va'iz, Kdshifl. 

[Edit., with translation, etc., of Hafiz, 

i.-lxxT.] See Muhammad Hapiz, Shlrdzl. 

[Translation of Guldastah i chaman i a'in 

i Zartusht.] See Shahriyaeji Dadabhai. 

KHUDA-BAKHSH KHAN. [Sava'ik i ilahiyyah, 
A tract in support of Muli. Najm ul-Din's Radd 
ul-kalara ul-vahiyah.] See Muhammad Isma'il 
Khan ibn Muhammad-bakhsh Khan. Jl l-jKI! ois 

[tard ul-kilab ul-'aviyah, etc.l [1881.] 8°. 

14712. d. 7.(1.) 
KHUDA-BAKHSH KHAN, of Bankipur. ^.^<^ 

(_>'a$3l^ l-_^l ^,j^ ^ i-_)'jJi!l [Mahbub nl-albab. 
A catalogue of Arabic and Persian mss. and 
printed books in the library of Khuda-bakhsh 
Khan at Bankipore, with notices of the authors. 
By Khuda-bakhsh Khan.] pp. ii. ii. Hi. xl. 858. 
^^ 4ilj|;J>j^ irii^ [Hyderabad, 1897.] 8°. 

14598. e. 17. 

KHUDADAD, Mtrzd. Begin. u_j t_j ) [A Persian 
primer. Prepared under the direction of Rev. 
S. L. Ward.] p-p. 47, lith. ^^UL lAir [Teheran, 
1893.] 12°. 14822. a. 6. 


[Edit.] See Bahram ibn Farhad ibn Isfandiyar. 

KHUDADAD ben ELIJAH. [Transliteration of 
Pentateuch into Hebrew script.] See Bible. 

KHUDADAD KHAN, Bahadur. Lab [sic] Tarikh 
Sind, or Brief History of Sind [from A.H. 92 to 

A.H. 1318]. (sjJu. j^>j3 t-_J) pp. xvii. 284, lith. 
Amritsar, 1900. 8°. 14773. e. 9. 

KHUDAJUY ibn NAMDAR. ><il?l^l^ h^H\'{l a^siqi 
nl^i ^M^l"^! [.Jam i Kai-khusrau, or Mukasbafat i 
kaivani. A Parsi religious poem in Persian. 
With Gujarati translation and commentary by 
Sayyid 'Abd ul-Fattah.] pp. 76. '^"liJ t-^tH 
[Bombay, 1895.] 8°. 14990. a. 1. 

[Edit.] See Dabistan. 





KHUDA-YAE KHAN, also called Yar Muhammad 
Da'ud, 'Abbdsl. The Qawanin" 's-^ayyad of 
Khuda Yar Khan 'Abbasi. (Baz-nama.) [A 
treatise on falconry.] Edited in the original 
Persian with English notes by . . . D. C. Phillott. 
pp. vi. 30, 433. 1908. See Academies, etc. — 
Calcutta. — Astatic Society of Bengal. Bibliotheca 
Indica, etc. vol. 173. 1848, etc. S". 

14002. a. (vol. 173.) 
KHTIDAYDAD. Chudaid&t : ein jiidisch-buchari- 
Eches Gedicht. [Persian text edited in Hebrew 
and Persian character, with German introduction, 
translation and notes.] pp. viii. 56. 1897. See 
Salemann (C). Judaeo-persica, e<c. i. 1897. 4°. 

757. 1. 13. 
ZHUD-EAFTAH. See Bihaei Lal. , 

KHtJRMUJi. See Muhammad Ja'fab. 

ZHUREAM. [xjj .^ir_ eij'JL^ ^'JS [Khurram 
Ziba. A metrical romance.] pp. 175, lith. 
^Jmj irri [Bombaij, 1912.] 8°. 14718. g. 14. 

ZHTTREAM (Abu '1-Hasan). See Abu '1-Hasan, 
called Khurram. 

KHURRAM (Ahmad ibn Muhammad). See Ahmad 
ibn Muhammad, called Khurram. 

See Hasan (Abu '1-Kasim), called Fiedausi. 

KHURSHID. See Khvukshid. 

KHURSHID MIRZA (Mohamad NizAM-ud-Dm) . 
See Muhammad Nizam u1-DIn Khvueshid MIrza. 

KHURUS. Begin. Jl ^^=e" y6 ^^U.«U ^1 ^J^j 

[Khuriis u riibah. Fables in mixed prose and 
verse. Illustrated.] ff. 8, lith. ir. i [Persia, 
1884.] 12^ 14783. aa. 1.(1.) 

KHTJSRATI, Amir, Bihlavl. jJljiJ! J^l [Af^al ul- 
fava'id. Sayings and discourses of Nizam ul- 
Din Auliya, as recorded by Amir Khusrau.] 
pp. 196, /li/t. J^AJ I AAV [Dei/u', 1887.] 8°. 

14779. d. 11. 

[For extracts from Hasht bihisht pre- 

Bcribed for the Allahabad University Entrance 
Course, translated with notes :] See Academies, 
etc. — Allahabad. — University of Allahabad. 

U?;^ J'^^ [Khalik bari. A versified 

vocabulary of familiar Persian and Arabic words. 

explained in Hindustani, usually ascribed to 
A. Kh.] pp. 16, lith. jX^ irev [Lucknow, 1841.] 
8°. 14787. d. 11.(2.) 

<-iJ-^ J^-^ [Khalik barl.] pp. 16, lith. 

j.^\^ If ^1 [Cawnpore, 1869.] 8°. 14820. e, 2.(6.) 

u:j^ J^-^ [Khalik bari.] pp. 12, lith. 

I rM [Meerut, 1877.] 8°. 14783, e. 8.(11.) 

iSJ^ ij^'"^ [Khalik bari. With marginal 

notes.] pp. 12, lith. iSjyo iava \_Meerul, 1878.] 
8°. 14815. d. 7.(1.) 

^JkJcJ! ^ji [Kiran ul-sa'dain. A ver- 
sified account of the meeting of Sultan Mu'izz 
ul-Din Kai-kubiid and his father Nasir ul-Din 
Bughra Khan at Delhi in A.H. 688. Edited with 
marginal commentary by Kudrat Ahmad.] pp. 196, 
lith. ini [ittcfcnow, 1845.] 8°. 14797. h. 9. 

t;^.'^**^ (J-/ "-r^'-^ 'j>» [Kiran ul-sa'dain.] 

pp. 253, Z«</t. [TeAeran, 1886.] 8°. 14797. c. 10. 

[For extracts from Kiran ul-sa'dain pre- 
scribed for the Punjab University Intermediate 
Course, translated :] See Academies, etc. — Lahore. 
— Punjab University. 

The Tale of the Four Durwesh [or Bagh 

u bahar], translated from the Oordoo tongue of 
Meer Ummun [i.e. from Mir Amman's Urdu 
version of Kh.'s Kissah i chahar darvish] . . . 
by L. F. Smith . . . With notes, etc. pp. iv. xi. 
295. Calcutta, 1813. 8°. 14112. a. 48. 

pp. iv. X. 248. Madras, 1825. 8°. 
14112. bbb. 14. 

Translation of the Bagh o Bahar ... by 

L. F. Smith ... A new edition, revised ... by 
D. Forbes, pp. vii. 287. London, 1851. 8°; 

14112. bbb. 5. 

pp. xii. 169. Luchnow, 1870. 8°. 

14112. bbb. 16. 

The Chahar Darwesh translated ... by 

L.F.Smith, pp.xiii. 252, Allahal)ad,\9(iQ. 12°. 

14112. aa. 8. 

Fifth edition, pp. x. 256. Luchnow, 

1884. 16°, 14112. a. 35. 

The Bagh o Bahar, or The Garden and 

the Spring , . , literally translated , . . with . 





notes, and . . . preface, by E. B. Eastwick. 
pp. viii. 251. Eertford,l8b2. 8°. 14112. bbb. 12. 

pp. xii. 255. London, Hertford 

[printed], 1877. 8°. 14112. bbb. 7. 

Bagh o Bahar; or Tales of the four 

Darweshes, translated ... by D. Forbes. A new- 
edition. pp.315. London,1862. 8°. 14112. bbb.9. 

The Bagb o Bahar . . . Translated [with 

notes] by ... "W. Quentin. pp. 190. Calcutta, 
1901. 8°. 14112. cc. 4. 

The Bagh-o-Bahar [sic], translated ... by 

Bawa Chhajju Singh, pp.166. Lahore, 1904. 8°. 

14112. b. 50.(3.) 

Jl jtAw^ u^.j'j'^ *<slic d-jUK [KuUiyat i 

'anasir i davavin i Khusrau. 4 divans or lyrical 
poems of Khusrau woven into a single divan in 
alphabetic order, viz. — (1) Tuhfat ul-aighar, 
(2) Ghurrat nl-kamal, (3) Vasat ul-hayat, 
(4) Bakiyyah nakiyyah.] pp. 468, lith. \_Cawn- 

pore, 1874.] 8°. 14797. g. 20 

Jl jf»"i- u^.j'j'^ r*^ euUK [Kulliyat i 

'anasir.] pp. xv. 476, ?i<A. [Cawnpore, 188G.] 8° 

14797. e. 42 

Amir Khusrau-e-Dehlavi. Odes 1-60 

The text with an introduction, giving an account 
of the life and writings of the poet, literal trans- 
lation, and . . . notes. By A. 0. Koreishi. pp. iv. 
ii. XXX. 90, 28, 42, 28. Bombay,190l. 8°. 757. f. 4. 

Colophon begins : ^JJ^^ (J^ i—j'o/ J-i J^' 

Jl fC^ii J/"^ J^' • • • *— AJo'v^' ;1 [Laila u Maj- 

nun. A romantic poem.] pp. 141. Iaii [Cal- 
cutta, 1811.] 4°. 757.1.21. 

Jl ^Jy?:^ J (jijJ t-j'J^ Lyle o Mujnoon by 

Ameer Khoosravay Duhluvvee. pp. 62. See 
Persian Wbitees. Classic Selections, etc. vol. i. 
1828. 4°. 767.1.1.(2.) 

>/*^ ijy^ kJ^ [Laila u Majnuu.] pp. 1 1 2, 

Kth. yx^ isy. [Lucknow,l870.] 8°. 14797.h.4.(8.) 

J/**^ ij}^^ (.^ [Laila u Majnun.] pp. 65, 

lith. ^ [Luclcnow, 1899.] 8°. 14797. f. 3.(1.) 

^V^' cl^ [Matla' ul-anvar. A moral and 

religious poem modelled on Nizami's Makhzan 

ul-asrar. With marginal commentary by MuK. 
Akram Multani.] pp. 206, lith. tj^'^ ir^r 
[Delhi, 1876.] 8°. 14787. g. 9. 

,ly^l jili* [Matla' ul-anvar. With marginal 

commentary by Mnh. Abu ^1-Hasan.] pp. 217, 
lith. jx^ ir.r [Lucknow, 1884.] 8°. 14797. h. 40. 

i^'f*^ J^^^ [Easa'il nl-i'jaz, or I'jaz i 

Khusravi. A treatise on elegant prose-writing, 
with examples, consisting of ofEcial documents of 
the author's period, and of his own letters. Edited 
with marginal notes by Gbulam Husain.] vol. 1. 
Y>p.22Q,lith. iAie[iMc&now,1865.] 8°. 14807. h.l. 

[Another copy.] 14807. h. 2. 

kJif^ J^' [Easa'il ul-ijaz. Edited, 

with marginal notes, by Khayall Earn.] 5 vols., 

lith. jj^ \>^w^ [Lucknow, 1876.] Fol. 14807. h. 6. 

In the colophon it is stated that the notes to vol. 1 are the 
same as those in the edition of that vol. published in 1865, 
with some additions. 

[Euba'iyyat. Quatrains.] See 'Abd Ullah, 

Ansari. cula-'Jlo [Munajat, etc.] pp. 95-end. 
[1884.] 12°. 14787. a. 5.(2.) 

KHUSRAU, Blv-zdd. [The tale of Khusrau, the 
demou^s son.] See Muzafpae Shah. [Tales.] 
[1854.] 8°. 14783. c. 1. 

KHUSRAU, Shah, Samdvt. 





iS^f ^^ '^^^ J iSj^ [Easa^il i Khusrau Shah 
u hiyal u dukiik i Ibn 'Iraki. A tract on jugglery, 
compiled from a Eisalah i Khusrau Shah and a E°. 
i Ibn 'Iraki.] pp. 32, WA. irir [Bombay, 1894,^ 
8°. 14770. b. 8.(2.) 

KHUSRAU, called AnushIevan, Kincj of Persia. 
[For the Zurah, purporting to be derived from 
teachings of A. :] See AgAKPAZHUH. 

<Ujj>^ cu'otJJy [Tauki'at i kisraviyyah. 

Institutes relating to government and taxation 
usually ascribed to Khusrau Aniishirvan. Trans- 
lated by Jalal ul-Din Tabataba'I from the Arabic. 
With marginal notes.] pp. 102, lith. j^J^^ iaai 
[Cawnpore, 1886.] 8°. 14749. f. 17. 

The Wisdom of Naushirwan " the Just," 

King of Ii-an, commonly called Tauqiyat i Kisra- 
wiya. Transliterated in the Eoman character 
and translated into English, with notes and a 





preface, by W. Young . . . with the collaboration 
of Ghrtzanfar Ali, from the Persian translation by 
Muhammad Jalal-ud-diu Taba Tabayi Zauwari of 
the original [Arabic] version. pp. xxvii. 185. 
Lurknow, 1892. 4°. 767. h. 53. 

j^jijj [A fictitious dialogue of Khusrau and his 
minister Buzurg-mihr.] See Ziya u1-Din Khan, 
Maulavi. ^^^'-=11 AJ^ [Mufid ul-talibin.] pp. 9- 
13. [1871.] 8^ 14837. f. 4.(3.) 

pp. 10-13 

pp. 7-9. 

[1871.] B". 
14837. 0. 2.(5.) 

[1872.] 8°. 

14837. f. 3.(2.) 

KHVAB. x«'J J'i M iUU '-!-''>9- [(0 Khvab-namah, 
a tract on dream-interpretation ; (2) Fal-namah, 
a table of the alphabet for divination, professedly 
from works of Naslr ul-Din TusI ; (8) Bimar- 
namah, rules foi* predicting the issue of an illness 
from numerical combinations.] pp. 12, lith. 
^yoil I Av. [ia/iore, 1870.] 8°. 14837. f. 1.(3.) 

<u'J J'i 





ab-namah and 






lAAr [_Lahore, 

1882.] 8°. 

14770. e. 5.(1.) 

KHVAFI. See Majd uI-Din. 

ZHVAJAH (Muhammad). See MviiMiMAi),Khvctjah. 

KHVAJAH MIR, called Daed. See MIe Muham- 

MADi ibn Muhammad Xasie. 

KHVAN. End. ijj^v^xj JiJ>~ i—j'Ji' J-i J.^' [Khvan 

i ni'mat. Recipes for cookery.] pp. 36. [Bom- 
bay ? 1800 ?] 8°. 757. b. 11. 

c:^^*«j y;iy=^ [Khvan i ni'mat. With some 

additional recipes by 'Abd ul-'Ali Gopamu'L] 
pp. 12,K</t. [Lucknow, I8b0 ?] 8°. 14835.0.3. 

.]^ [Khvan i ni'mat. With 'Abd 

|kAMa bMM 

ul-'Ali's additions.] SeeZkvil. J! J'^^i 

[Shakaristan i khayal, etc.] [1871.] 8°. 

14837. g. 7.(3.) 

[1882.] 8°. 14797. g.l5. (10.) 

Indian Cookery, as practised and described 

by the natives of the East. [Mainly the Khvan 
i ni'mat.] Translated by S. Aruot. pp. 3G. See 

Academies, etc. — London. — Oriental Translation 
Fund of Great Britain and Ireland. Miscellaneous 
Translations, r^r. vol.1. 1831-34. 8". 14003.d.5. 

KHVAND AMIR. See Ghitas uI-Din ibn Humah 

KH VURSH AH ibn KUBAD. ^jS:) »'-i 2^ ^j^} g^'J 
[Extracts relating to the history of Northern 
Persia, from Khvurshah's Ta'rikh i ilchi i Nigam- 
shah, a general history.] 1885. See Schefee (C.) . 
Chrestomathie Persane. tom. ii. 1883, 85. 8°. 

14003. i. 15. 
KHVURSHID AHMAD, Bilgraml. See Muhammad 
'Abd Ullah, Bilgraml. 

KHVURSHID 'ALI. Epitome of the History of 
Hindoostan [from the invasion of Sultan Malimiid 
to the British conquest.] (jJLn ^. .'J') pp. 159, 

lith. Madras, 1851. 8°. 

14773. d. 5. 

KHVURSHID MIRZA (Muhammad Nizam uI-Din). 
See Muhammad Nizam u1-Din Khvukshid Mieza. 

(Khair uI-Din). 

KIASH (K. D.). See KavasjI Dinshah Keas. 
KIFAYAT 'ALI, called Kafi. Jl ^^.^ji J-^'^ 
[Khiyabfm i firdaus and Nasim i jannat. 2 Hindu- 
stani religious poems. With Kasii'id i na'tlyah, 
Persian and Hindustani poems by Ghulam Imam 
Shahld.] pp. 100, lith. jy^J^ "'■^' [Cawnpore, 
1872.] 8°. 14119. b. 5.(2.) 

KILIJ BEG. See Kalich-beg Faedun-beq. 

KINDi. See 'Abd uI-Masih ibn Ishak. 

KING (James Stewart). The History of the Bah- 
maui Dynasty. Founded on the Burhau-i Ma,dsir 
[of 'All ibn 'Aziz Ullah tabataba'I and the Taj- 
kirat ul-muluk of Rafi' ul-Din Ibrahim Shlrazi]. 
. . . With one map. [Reprinted from the "Indian 
Antiquary."] pp. xxxv. 157. London, 1900. 8°. 

09057. d. 9. 
KING (Sir Lucas White). [Edit.] See Muslih 
ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushaeeif u1-DIn), called Sa'dI. — 

KIRKPATRICK (William), Colonel. [Translation of 
Articles of War.] See India. — East India Company. 

[Translation of Select Letters of TIpii 

Sultan.] See Tipu Sultan. 





KIRMANI. See Nask Ullah ibu Muhammad ibn 
Jamal ul-DlN. 

KIEPARAM,X)^w7)i. _M-iJ .l;!^ [Gulzar i Kashmir. 
A histoiy of Kashmir.] pp. 516, 34, ii., lith. 
.^'} fAvi [Lahore, 1871.] Fol. 757.1.10. 

jjJi:^;!! ^ix* [Madlnat ul-tahliiU. A short 

polemic iu defence of certain Hindu rites impugned 
by Moslems, with some criticisms of the practices 
of the latter.] pp. 26, Uth. i^^'a*- [Sialkot, 
1877.] 8^ 14734. b. 2. 

[Another copy.] 14837. g. 11.(2.) 

ZISA'i. See Majd uI-Din (Abu Ishak) . 

KISHAN-KUMAR, called Vakae. J>..Arvcl^i>-! [Ikh- 

tira' i jadid. Poems exemplifying certain poetical 
artifices.] -pp. 12, Uth. i^^v [Luckrioiv, 1877.] 8°. 

14837. g. 12.(1.) 

S}_Sa. a]j.^\ [Ikhtira' i jadid.] pp. 12, lith. 

o'jT^l^iriA [Jforarfa6arf,1901.] 8°. 14797. f. 3,(7.) 

m5hana Gangopadhyata. 

History of the Audul Raj. (Collected . . . from 
the Sannand-patra" in Persian, granted to Rajah 
Ram Lochan Roy by the Emperor Shah Alum . . . 
from the history of Bengal and various English 
papers.) pp. 10. Uluberhi, 1900. 8°. 757. d. 55. 

ZLAPROTH (Heinrich Juuus von). [Edit.] See 
Periodical Publications. — Paris. 

[Translation, with notes, of Rashid ul-Din's 

description of China.] See RashId uI-Din Tabib. 

KNOBEL (Edward Ball). [Edit.] See Ulvou 
Beg ibn Shahrukh. 

XOHUT (Alexander). Kritische Beleuchtung der 
persischen Pentateuch-Uebersetzung des Jacob 
ben Joseph Tavus, etc. pp. xviii. 370. Heidelberg, 
Leipzig printed, 1871. 8°. 3070. oc. 10. 

XORAN. See Kur'an. 

KOREISHI (A. 0.) . See ' Abd Ullah Miyan 'U§man 

KORIANDER (E.). [Translation of Diary of Nasir 
ul-Din Shah.] See Nabie uI-DIn, Shah of Persia. 

KOSEGARTEN ( Johann Gottfried Ludwig) . [Ap- 
pendix to Tiiti-namah.] See Muhammad Khuda- 
VAND, Kddirl. 

Carminum Orientalium Triga. Arabicum 

Mohammedis ebn seid-enuas laameritffi, persicum 
Nisami Kendschewi . . . edidit, latine vertit, notas 
adjecit H. G. L. K. (Freye Nachbildung der vor- 
stehenden Gedichte in deutschen Metren.) pp.144. 
Stralesundii, 1815. 8°. 74. a. 16. 

KOTEWAL (NosHiEVAN B. R.). ' See Noshirvan 


KOYAJI (Ratanshaw) . See Ratanshah Koyaji. 

KRAEFT (Albeecht). Die arabischen, persischen 
und tiii'kischen Handschriften der k. k. oriental- 
ische Akademie zu Wien. 1842. 8°. See Acade- 
mies, etc. — Vienna. 11901. h, 2. 

KRIPA-RAMA. See Kiepaeam. 

KRiSHiSH, Nimsdvl. See Krziz (A.). 

KRISHNA. Begin. ^J ^^ ^. J^j\ ^^^ J^J 
Jl [A poem in praise of Krishna, forming no. 9 

of the series Khair-khvfih i Paujab. Followed 
by a Hindustani sketch of India under English 
rule.] pp. 16, Uth. [SiaUcot, 1876 ?] 12°. 

14837. c. 4.(8.) 

Begin. ^ j^ii ^.^ Jbj ^:i^\ lui] ^jLx>^ ^y^ 

[Hymns in praise of the Hindu god Krishna.] 
pp. 8, lith. [Multan, 1896.] 8°. 14734. a. 5. 

KRISHNA MISRA. CJo'J [sic] ^dj\jM=.. sj^ , 
[Prabodha-chandrodaya-nataka. A prose version 
of the Sanskrit allegorical drama of that name, 
rendered by BanvalT Das (Vali), with the aid of 
Bhavani Das, from Nanda Dasa's Hindi transla- 
tion.] pp. 87, lith. y«$3 I AW [Luchiow, 1877.] 
8°. 14837. e. 11.(1.) 

In the ms. Or. 2016 {Rieu, Catal. Pers. MSS., iii., p. 1043) 
tJiis version is styled Gulzar i Hal. 

Anecdotes, moral and entertaining, translated into 
Persian from the English. [With English text.] 
pp. 271, 3, iii. Calcutta, 1832. 8°. 757. c. 29, 

[Another copy.] 14783. c. 3. 

KRISHNA-DASA, Courtier of Ahbar. wrwtTrsf^ 
^f%Tr ■qiTT^^ ^^f oK ilSnni S^^rtr ^rs^T ■JITT «lff^ [PharasI- 





praku?a. A Persian-Sanskrit vocabulary in 157 
Sanskrit stanzas, purporting to be prepared by 
K. under the direction of Akbar. Edited by 
Jyotih-svariipa Paramabanis5dasi.] pp. 22, lith. 
^rxm^ l«i'^3 [Bniares, 1866.] 8°. 14093. b. 25. 

KRISHNA-KUMAEA. See Kishan-kumae. 

to Anviir i suhaill.] See Husain Va'ij, Kdshifl. 

[Translation, with notes, of Hafiz, Divan, 

cli.-cc, ccli.-ccc] See Muhammad Hafiz, Shtrdzi. 
[Translation of tayyibiit, ci.-cl.] See 

MusLiu ibn'ABD Ullah(Musharkip u1-DIn), called 
Sa'dI. — Tayyihdt. 

Explanatory Notes on Akhlak-i-Mohsiui, 

chapters i-xxxi. (Life of the author, Mavlana 

Husain bin Ali-ul-Wa'ez, surnamed Kdshefi.) 

pp. vii. 116. £o7/i6a?/, [1895.] 8°. 757. cc. 33. (2.) 

Imperfect, wanting pp. 1-16. 

Outlines of Persian Prosody, with figures 

of speech, pp. 108. Bombay, 1892. 8°. 

757. bb. 18. 


^»T^ ^Tf^P'^^nS^, etc. (Sangita Raga-kalpadruma. 

Encyclopaedia of Indian music. Comprising 

popular Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujrati, Karnatic,Telegu, 

Tamil, Bengali, Uriya, Arabic, Persian, Peguau 

and various songs of the different dialects of 

Rajputana as well as some ancient English songs 

. . . Revised edition. Edited by Nagendra Nath 

Vasu.) Calcutta, IdH, etc. Fol. 14055. eee. 1. 

In progress. Forms no. 45 of the Sahitja-parishad- 
granthavali, published by the Banglya Sfihilya Parishad. 

KRTIIMSKY (Agathangei. Epimovich). HcTopia 
Ilepciir, eH .liixepaTypu ii AepBiimecKoft Teoco(j[>iii . . . 
IIoBoe H3;iaHie, nepepaCoTaHnoo coBMtcTiio cb K. <tpeR- 
TaroMi, etc. [History of Persia, its literature and 
theosophy.] pp. iv. 62. 1909. See Academies, 
etc. — Moscow. — Lazarevshy Institut Vostochnuikh 
Yazuihov. Tpy.nH, eff. Bran. 16, no. 1. 1899, etc. 
Fol. & 8°. 761. 1. 5. 

KRZIZ (August). jju-J ^jJL^, j^'y ^j ^^'jouw.*!! ^ 
Jl Jti'ifc^J fxu jj^'j } soc'i J [Kavfl'id i mashk i 
dastah u ka'idah u kiiniin i nazm i tiipkhanah. 
Rules for battery practice, translated into Persian 

from the French of A. K. by Muli. Zaki.] pp. 71, 
32, /M. I ri^ [Teheran, 1853.] 8". 14835. a. 2. 



)'jS) [Kitab i liisiib 

bi-'ilm i handasah. A manual of geometry. Trans- 
lated into Persian from the Fi*ench of A. K. by 
Muli. Zaki. With 14 plates of diagrams,] lith. 
I rvF [Teheran, 1 858.] 4°. 14766. b. 4. 

Without pagination. 



1 , 

i 'ilin i tupkhanah 

"•'■> iJ [Kitab 

t^aiXt j\ fS-^, CdIJ»»-^ ttV f^ 

A manual of gunnery 

arranged in questions and answers, translated 

from the French of A. K, by Muh. Zaki, With 

27 plates of diagrams.] lith. [Teheran, 1857 ?] 

4°. 14766. b. 2. 

Withottt title-page or pagination. No special Persian 
title is mentioned in the prefaec. That proposed above is 
suggested by the preface to the author's Manual of Gunnery. 

[Another copy.] 

14766. b. 2.* 


c:^~«.io- [Kitab dar tashi-Ili u tau?ili i 'ilm 

"'" A course 

i jarr ul-sakll u 'ilin i hikmat i tabi'l 

of mechanics and natural philosophy. Translated 

into Persian from the French of A. K. by Muh. 

Zaki. With 7 plates of diagrams.] lith. [Teheran, 

1858.] 4°. 14766. b. 5. 

Without pagination. 

(k—j'-^j^'^j^ye) [MIzan ul-hisab, A manual 

of algebra. Translated into Persian by Muh. 
Zaki.] pp. 375, //<//. irvi^ [re/temM, 1857.] 4°. 

14766. b. 3. 

[Another copy.] 14766. b. 3* 

(ujy ^^ (^ J'^ <)!j'-".) [Risiilah dar 'ilm i 

mashk i tup. A treatise on gun-practice. Trans- 
lated into Persian from the French of A. K. by 
Muh. Zaki. With 13 plates of diagrams.] pp. 58, 
lith. (rv. [re/tera?i, 1854.] 8°. 14835. b. 5. 

KTJBAVi. See Ahmad ibu Muhammad (Abu Nasr). 

KUDRAT AHMAD, LahhnavJ. [Commentary on 
Kiran ul-sa'daiu.] See Khusrau, AmJr. 

[Notes on Insha i Madhoriiui.] Sec Ma- 






XUDRAT AHMAD, Lahhnavl (continued). [Edit, 
■with notes of 'Urfi's Kasa'id.] See JJuhammad ibn 
'Ali (Jamal u1-DIn). 

[Notes on Ruk'at u muzliikat.] See Ni'mat 

Khan, called 'AlI. 


c:^'' As^ ' [Bahj ul-liazakat. A manual of medicine, 
theoretical and practical,] pp. 48, lith. i tav 
[Luchiow, 1870.] 8°. 14837. f. 10.(2.) 

KITDRAT 'ALI, Mir, Mnnshl. [Edit.] See Abu 
Talib ibn Muhammad Khan. 

KUDRAT ULLAH KHAN. See Abu '1-Kasim, 
called KuDKAT Ullah Khan. 

KUDURT. See Ahmad ibn Muhammad, called 


KUEHEIT (Abraham) . Catalogus Codicum Orien- 
talium Bibliothecae Academiae Lugduuo-Batavae 
. . . ([vols. 3, 4] auctoribus P. de Jong et M. J. de 
Ooeje [and A. K.]), e<c. 1865,66. 8ee Academies, 
etc. — Leyden. — Academia Lugduno-Batava. Cata- 
logus Codicum Orientalium, e<e. 1851-77. 8°. 

Ac. 940/4. 

KUHN (Ernst WiLHELM Adalbert). [Edit.] See 
Periodical Publications. — Berlin, 

KUKA (Meheejibhai Nosheewanji). See MehrjI- 


KULSUM NANL Customs and Manners of the 
Women of Persia, and their domestic superstitions 
(Kitabi Kulsum Naneh), translated ... by 
J. Atkinson. (Oriental Translation Fund of 
Great Britain and Ireland.) pp. xix. 93. London, 
1832. 8°. 14003. d. 16. 

Kitabi Kulsum Naneh, ou Le Livre des 

Dames de la Perse, contenant les regies de leurs 
mcours, usages et superstitions d'interieur tra- 
duit et annote par J. Thonnelier. Nouvelle 
edition. (Bibliotheque Orientale Elzevirienne, 
xxxi.) pp. 150. Paris, Le Buy [printed], 1881. 
12°. 757. bb. 9. 

KUMAIL ibn ZIYAD. ^y^ JaaJ" ^'^j [Du'a i 
Kumail. An Arabic prayer for use on sleepless 
nights. With Persian interlinear translation 

and Hindustani preface.] pp. 36. See Prayers. 
Jl ^^ ^,jd [Shi'ah prayers.] [1871.] 8°. 
^ ^ ^ 14519. b. 15.(2.) 


KUIf (A. L.). llMiiepaTopT. Heipi) BejiiiKift I],ai)b 
Bcea Poccin. ^Itenie wa napcia na TajiaciiHCKOMi, 

asHK-fe. (l::,^^!-*^ t^-^*^ s'-it>U <^JjJi J^.^j <^)jJ^>} 'f.p 
Jl <U*^^^,j!) pp. 51, Zii/i. tio IIemcpCi/pm,l872. 8°. 
^ "^^ 14779. c. 1. 

KUNHYA LALL. See Kanhaiya Lal. 

KUNUZ. Jl .x«x^ iJi" . . . t-j'ji' IJJ!) [Kuuuz i 
sab'ah. A work on alchemy, usually attributed 
to Tankulii Shah.] pp. 62, lith. Bombay, in 1 
[1894.] 8°. 14770. b. 6. 

logue of Library.} See Constantinople. 

KUR 'UGHLI. The Adventures and Improvisations 
of Kurroglou, the Bandit-Minstrel of Northern 
Persia. Translated from the Perso-Turkish 
dialect [by A. Chodzko]. See Chodzko (A.). 
Specimens of the Popular Poetry of Persia, etc. 
1842. 8°. 14003. d. 26. 

KepL-Or.iy, BOCTO'iuHft iio3Tij-Hal;3;;iiiiKii. IIoj- 

Hoe coSpauie ero HMiipoBiisauift ci. npiicoBOKyu.icnieMi) 
ero 6iorpa(j[)iii. ]IepeBo;ii. cb aHrjiiicKaro C. C. IleHHt. 
[From A. Chodzko's " Specimens of the Popular 
Poetry of Persia."] pp. viii. 185, 4. Tu(fi.iuci,, 
1856. 8°. 757. f.l. 

KUR' AIT. [For collections of occasional texts :] 
See 'Ali Asghar, Kazvlnt. 

See 'Ali Naki, Jaunpurl. 

[Readings and Eecitaiion.} See Majmu'ah. 

Sec Mir Agha. 

See Muhammad ibn Muhammad, 


See Muhammad Ja'par, Shlrdzl. 

See Muhammad Sa'd Ullah. 

[Texts.} See Muhammad Siddik Hasan 






KUR'AIT (continued), [For separately published 
coinmontaries or glossaries on the whole or parts 
of tho Kur'an :] See 'Abd ul-'AzIz, Dililavl. 

See 'Abd u1-Hayy, Dihlavl. 

See Fath Ullah ibn Shukk Ullah. 

See HusAiN Va'iz, Kdshifl. 


• See Muhammad Mumtaz u1-Hakk. 

See Muhammad Sadik, Musavt, 


See Mu'iN u1-Din, Juvainl. 

See Shihab Shams 'Amr. 

See Ya'kub, Charkhi. 

[Mystic Virtues.!; See Muhammad ibn Ah- 

mad, called Ibn uI-Khashshab. 

[Kur'an. With anonymous Persian inter- 
linear translation and marginal notes.] if. 271, 
nth. nu [Teheran, 1844:'] 8°. 14507. cc. 2. 

Without title-page or headings to the Surahs. The inter- 
linear translation is substantially the same as that contained 
in Brit. Mus. MS. Add. 28252. 

if^P^ [Kur'an. With 'Abd ul-Kadir's interlinear 
Hindustani version and some of his notes, and 
•with Persian notes on orthography of the text. 
Preceded by Khulasat ul-navsldir, Persian rules 
by Muh. Sa'd Ullah for recitation of the Kur'an.] 
pp. 14, 548, lith. y^ i nr [Lucknow, 1847.] Fol. 

14507. d. 3. 

[Kur'an. With Persian interlinear trans- 
lation and marginal notes.] ff. 240, lith. i rv r 
[Teheran? 1856.'] 8°. 14507.b. 6. 

Without title-page, pagination, or headings to the Surahs. 
The interlinear translation closely resembles that contained 
in Brit. Mus, MS. Or. 1341, but differs considerably in places, 

Begin. J\Ji J^l . . . ^TcJ \^ [Kur'an. With 

Persian interlinear version, marginal Persian notes 
on the occult powers of certain passages, etc.] 
pp. ii. 408, Zi</i. \v^6[Bombmj,'l8b8.] Fol. 

14507. dd. 1. 

The Persian version is nearly the same as that in the 
Bombay edition of 1862. 

Jl j^jlws- _waJ aj [Kur'an. With Persian inter- 


linear translation and the Persian commentary 

Mavahib i 'aliyyah, or Tafsir i HusainI, by Husain 

Vii'iz Kashifi.] Ju^j irvi [£om/>rty, 1862.] Fol. 

"mt paged. 14607. d. 8. 

J! »j J* jjTyj] <ol [Kur'an. With marginal 

Persian notes on the orthography of the text from 
'Ala ul-Din Samarlcandl's Baiir ul-'ulfim. Edited 
by Fida 'All 'Aish.] pp. 342, lith. ^ ^r^r 
[iMcknow, 1865.] 8°. 14507. c. 4. 

pp. 602, i., Zt</t, Ju^ un [Lvxiknow, 

1866.] Fol. 14507. d. 4. 

[Revised by Muli. Zahir ul-Din 

Khan.] pp. 1112, ZtYA. yUi3 irM [iucfcjiow;, 1870.] 

Fol. 14507. d. 6. 

Lithographed on pink paper. 

■ pp. X. 942, lith. I AM [Luchnow, 

1881.] Fol. 14607. d. 18. 

[Kur'an. With Persian interlinear transla- 

tion and marginal notes.] fiF. 242, lith. ^^lr^i= lt^^r 
[Teheran, 1866.] 4°. 14507. b. 13. 

Without title-page, pagination, or headings to the Siirahs. 
The interlinear translation is substantially the same as that 
contained in Brit. Mus. MSS. Or. 1341, 1342, and Add. 7218. 

Jl jJ^'^Jij!^ _j ^^^jjL*».yJl M Joar* J\j [Kur'an. 

With the annotated Persian version, called Fatli 
ul-raliman, of Vali Ullah Dihlavl, the Hindustani 
one of Rafi' ul-DIn, a marginal Arabic commen- 
tary, Persian notes from the Balir ul-'uliim, etc.] 
pp. 848, lith. I r^r [Delhi, 1866.] Fol. 14507. d. 9. 

[Kur'an. With Persian preface and mar- 
ginal notes on orthography and Readings. Edited 
by Mahbiib 'All and others. Second edition.] 
^p. X. 942, lith. \M'^ [Lucknow, 18GG.] Fol. 

14507. d. 4. 

[Another copy, without the preface.] 

14507. d. 5. 

[Kur'an. With Hindustani preface, and 

marginal Persian notes from the Balir ul-'ulum. 

Edited by Mahbiib 'Ali and others.] pp. iv. 647, 

lith. [Lucknoio, 1868.] 4°. 14507. c. 5. 

Lithographed on leaves of red, green, and yellow paper 

■ e^lill 

With (1) the Persian interlinear translation by 
Vali Ullah ; (2) the Hindustani one of Rafi' ul- 





Din ; (3) Muzih ul-tur'an, a Hindustani version 

and notes by 'Abd ul-Kildir Dihlavi, etc.'\ pp. ii. 

664, nth. I rA6 [DelJii, 1868.] Fol. 14507. d. 13. 

TJie last shed (iip. 661-664) is of the later Delhi edition 
of 1876. 

pp. ii. GG4, Uth. [Delhi, 1876.] 

14507. d. 14. 


JI ^^^jolfca-oj &^r^ uV [Kur'iin. Witli 

(1) the Persian interlinear version, etc., of Vall 
Ullah ; (2) tlie Hindustani one of Eafi' ul-Din ; 
(3) on margin, Tafsir ul- Jalalaiu, the Arabic com- 
mentary of Jala! ul-Dln Malialli and Jalal ul-Dln 
SuyutI; (4) Hindustani notes from *Abd ul-Kadir's 
Miizih ul-liuf'au ; (5) Persian notes on the ortho- 
graphy of the text from the Bahr ul-'ulum of 'Ala 
ul-Din SamarUandi. Edited with Hindustani pre- 
face by Muh. Hashim 'All.] pp. vi. 636, 2, Uth. 
iv^i [Meerui, 1868.] Fol. 14507. d. 10. 

irii [Meerut, 1879.] Fol. 

14507. e. 1. 

— — Berjin. 'if]^ ^ ?if^^ '^ ^'^i^' • • •Jt^L»* 
jj'JjJI [Kur'an. With Persian interlinear transla- 
tion and marginal notes by Muh. SadikKhvansarl. 
Preceded by 3 Persian works, viz. (1) on rules 
for reciting the Kur'an, by Muh. b. 'All HusainI ; 
(2) on orthography of the Kur'an, by Muh. Ja'far 
Shirazi ; (3) on cabalistic matters connected with 
the Kur'an, styled Ziya ul-'uyun, by Muh. Had! 
Shah-mlrza ; and followed by Kashf ul-ayat, a con- 
cordance to the Kur'an by the editor, 'Abd ul- 
Eahlm Shirazi, and a Persian tract by Zain ul- 
'Abidin Sabzavari on rules for reciting the 
Kur'an.] pp. 20, 447, 126, 22, Uth. ^y= i tao-ai 
iTeheran, 1869.] Fol. 14507. e. 10. 

J\jsi!>\ Liij'^i^jAsc^^j,^ ja=r«yj'L» [Kur'an. 

WithRafi'ul-Diu'sHindustani version, andPersian 
marginal glosses consisting of 'Abd ul-Hayy's 
Lughat ul-kur'an.] pp. 820, Zt%. J jyo irAi 
[Meerut, 1869.] 12°. 14507. a. 7. 

PP- 816, Uth. Jj^ iriF [Meerut, 

1877.] 12°. 14507. a. 9. 

Jl J^J> j:h^ [Kur'an. With Persian and 

Panjabi interlinear translations and Panjabi me- 
trical paraphrase, styled Tafsir i Muhammadi and 
Muzih i furlian, by Hafiz MuK. b. Barak Ullah.] 

pts. 1, 3, Uth. ,y6'i irAA-iv [Lahore, 1871, 80.] 
8\ 14507. c. 3. 

7 vols., Uth. .yt!^ ir.^-ie [Lahore, 

1893-98.] 8°. ' 14507. c. 25. 

Vol. 1 is of the ifJi edition; vols. 3-7 are of the 'drd. 

LS^''^ t^y^ 'S!^ ij~/ [Kui-'an. With 

Persian interlinear translation and marginal notes 
by Vall Ullah.] pp. 570, /("^A. ^^(^irvi [Caivn- 
■pore, 1872.] 8°. 14507. c. 6. 

^S J\ji\ xji [Kur'an. With marginal 

notes in Arabic and Persian. Preceded by 7 
Arabic and Persian tracts on study, recitation, 
readings, etc., of the Kur'an, and with some Hin- 
dustani notes. Edited by Muh. Mu'azzam.] 
pp. iv. iv. 452, Uth. irir [Delhi, 1875.] Fol. 

14507. d. 15. 

Jt y;_jj^ t_>'J/ ^ ^_^ i^rJi] ajl [Kur'an. 

With Persian marginal notes from the Bahr ul- 
'ulum. Edited, with Hindustani preface and 
notes, by Muh. Ahsan Siddiki. Second edition.] 
pp. 648, Uth. I Mr- [Bareilly, 1876.] Fol. 

14507. d. 12. 

[Kur'an. With Persian interlinear translation 
by Vall Ullah and Husain Va'iz Kashifi's Mavahib 
i 'aliyyah.] pp. 9Q8,Uth. ijixLe in. [Bnmhay, 
1880.] Fol. 14507.6.2. 

1886-89.] Fol. 

pp.968,W/i. ^J.^_ 

.V [Bomhaij, 
14507. e. 8. 

f^y^ '\*^ (j'r* [Kur'an. With Hindustani 

translation and notes of 'Abd ul-Kadir, and Persian 
notes on the orthography of the text from the 
Khulasat ul-rusum.] pp. 546, Uth. sp iru 
[Agm, 1881.] Fol. 14507. d. 17. 

■ LS^^-^} U^h- u^.ji-^ ^ |*^_/-« 'V^-* u;'/ 
[Kur'an. With tlie Persian interlinear version 
of Vali UUiih, the Hindustani one of Eafi' ul-Din, 
and on the margin 2 Arabic commentaries, that 
of 'Abd Ullah b. 'Abbas and the Tafsir ul-Jahi- 
lain.] pp. 848,/*%. ini [ilfemtf, 1882.] Fol. 

14507. e. 3. 

o'^'" i^'J' oi'^ '*'*-* ^'^'^f J'^ 'V^ e;'/ 
^_gj^J^ [Kur'an. With 4 interlinear versions, 
(1) a Persian translation ascribed to Sa'di 





(2) a Persian translation by Shah Vali Ullah ; 
(3j 4) tho Hindustani renderings of Rafi' ul-Din 
and 'Abd ul-Kadir ; and with marginal notes, 
some Hindustani by 'Abd ul-Kadir, and others, 
styled Shan i nuzul, in Persian and ascribed to 
Sa'dl.] pp. 800, lith. JjtJi irn [Dellti, 1882.] 
Fol. 14507. d. 20. 

|Ju.«.<.^ n^>^ f;* (^T^ 'V?^ c;]/ [Kur'an. 

With Rafi' ul-Din's Hindustani version and on the 
margin Husain Va'iz's Persian commentary.] 
pp. 680, lith. JjtJ ir.t= [Delhi, 1887.] Fol. 

14507. e. 7. 

u^jjm] (Jo^o jJ--*iJ\ J>J-=r« ij\j [Kur'an. 

With Vali Ulliih's Persian interlinear version ; 
the Hindustani one of 'Abd ul-Kadir ; Muli. Abu 
'1-Mansur's Persian commentary Tabjil ul-tanzil 
(on tho margin) ; the Shan i uuzul ascribed to 
Sa'di ; and other notes in Persian and Hin- 
dustani.] pp. 1-54. Jjt>^ [Delhi, 1890.] Fol. 

14507. f. 2. 
The Tabjil ul-tanzil is printed; the rest is lithographed. 

JI i^jiws:'' ^J-*.Axl j^ ("^T^' ttjlr*^' [Kur'an. 

With 'Abd ul-Kadir's Hindustani version, and 
(on margin) Husain Va'iz Kashifi's Persian com- 
mentary Maviihib i 'aliyyah, etc.l pp. 1206, lith. 
ij] \r..s [Agra, 1890.] Fol. 14507. f. 1. 

^^'fj^l r^"*^' f^ '^'•^'r^f i'^ '^•:^^ iij 

y [Kur'i 


AVith tho Persian interlinear version of Vali 
Ullah ; the Hindustani one of Abu Mnli. 'Abd 
ul-Hakk; Tafslr ul-furlcan, a marginal Hindustani 
commentary, also by 'Abd ul-HaUli ; the Shan i 
uuziil ; and Hindustani notes.] pp. 1-110. ^jls-jJ! 
[Delhi, 1891.] Fol. 14507. f. 3. 

[Kur'an. Wi|,h the Persian interlinear version of 
ValT Ullah and the Hindustani one of Rafi' ul-Din, 
and on the margin 'Abd ul-'AzIz's Persian com- 
mentary Fatli ul-'Aziz and a Hindustani trans- 
lation of Husain Va'iz's Mavahib i 'aliyyah, etc.] 
pp. 1-36, Zi</t. [Delhi, 189i.] Fol. 14507. f. 4. 

) JaXw..« 




•^'y^i />y^y< r^'j^ 




Mava'id ul-raUmau, a Persian version by Aka 

Jamal ul-Din Khvansari.] pp. iv. 368, ii., lith 

[Bombai/, 1893.] 8°. 14507. cc. 3 

KTTE'AN {continued). y^-'i^lUae! Jjl^uaa-^^Vilj^Uj 

[Kur'an. With 4 translations, viz. the Persian 
one ascribed to Sa'di, the Persian one of Vali 
Ullah, and the Hindustani versions of Rafi' ul-Din 
and 'Abd ul-Kadir ; and with Muh. Rahim-bakhsh 
Dihlavi's Hindustani commentary A'zam ul-tafasir, 
including the Arabic text of Shaikh Fai^i's Savati' 
ul-ilham with Hindustani translation thereof.] 
pts. 1, 2, 10-27, 29, lith. JJtJ irii=-iv [Delhi, 
[1895-99.] Fol. 14507.6.12. 

-Sxj^ (j'ji \j^ ''i«-« 1^7*-*'*?-;^ "^ 'Nf'^^ li) Ir* 

^_l'^J^ [Kur'an. With the Persian interlinear 
translation ascribed to Sa'di and the Hindustani 
one of 'Abd ul-Kadir Dihlavi ; and (on the mar- 
gin) the Shan i nuzul and 'Abd ul-Kadir's Hindu- 
stani notes.] pp. 1274, lith. %i\ irir [Agra, 
1896.] Fol. 




14507. d. 23. 

'J ^':i^i llu j 

'1 (aT* ^f.J*^ '^'^ ^*!-^J 

^jj<^\ H! -t-^. :i [Kur'an. With 'Abd ul-Kadir's 
Hindustani interlinear translation, and (on the 
margin) the Persian version ascribed to Sa'di and 
'Abd ul-Kadir's Hindustani notes.] pp. 1273, 
lith. 5^1 in r-ir [.^i/ra, 1896.] 8°. 14507. b. 31. 
On crimson tinted paper. 

iii'wc'.J ..iljijl ^v« T-< i^'^ X«.»-jb Jjkar* 

jJl^l ^^j»**»-' [Kur'an. With 3 interlinear ti-ans- 
lations, viz. the Persian one of Vali Ullah, with 
his notes, and the Hindustani versions of Rafi' 
ul-Din and 'Abd ul-Kadir, with the latter's Hindu- 
stani commentary Mu?ili ul-kur'an. Edited with 
Hindustani preface and notes, called Alisan ul- 
f ava'id, by Sayyid Alimad Hasan Dihlavi.] pp. xii. 
viii. 800, lith. Jjt j trie [Delhi, 1898.] Fol. 

14507. e. 19. 

Tho Koran. Translated into English by 

a Muhammadan Graduate. [With the Arabic 
text, an anonymous Hindustani translation, and 
Vali Ullah's Persian rendering.] <i>t< AJ^sr* ^jl^i 
,_j-^,U -J J)' - ^Jij^^ X*r>-J pp. 1-31, lith. Sialkot, 
[1899.] 4°. 14507. cc. 1. 

^^.'irflil -waj' j^ <'^*»-y j>^ "^"d"?^ ji)]/ [Kur'an. 

With the Persian interlinear version of Vali Ullah 
and the Hindustani one of Abu Muli. 'Abd ul- 
Hakk, and with the latter's Hindustani commen- 





tary Tafsir ul-furlian.] pp. 1-622, ZiY/i. [Luchnow, 
1899-1902.] Fol. 14507. f. 7. 

JjyO!' ^\y^ Jjjdl ^l_j! [Knr'an. With 

Lavami' ul-tanzil, a Persian translation and com- 
mentary by Abu '1-Kasim b. ul-Husain Rizavi 
Kummi.] vols. 6, 8, 9, 13, lith. jCi>''l un-ii.v 
[Lahore, 1899-1907.] Fol. 14509. f. 1. 

• Jj/^' Jj^' [Kur'an. With Muli. Abu 

■"l-Mansur's Persian commentary Tabjil ul-tanzil. 
Part i. (to end of ii. 253).] pp. 208, Uth. Jji^i 
[Delhi, 1903.] Fol. 14507. f. 9. 

^1 y^ <Jo *^^! jsr^' 5.y^ r^'*^ [Siirahs Ixxvi. 

(al-Insan) and, on the margin, Ixxxix. (al-Fajr). 
With Persian commentaries respectively called 
Kashf ul-ghita and Sirr i akbar by Rajab 'All 
Khan.] Y,ip. 48, lith. ^xa.} [Bombay, 1862.] 8°. 

14703. b. 1. 

^^j^ r^/-* f ^j'' 

s,o [Sui'ahs i. and (i 


reversed order) Ixxviii.-cxiv. With Persian 
intei'linear translation.] pp. CO, lith. i tav [Luclc- 
noiv, 1870.] 8°. 14507. c.l5. (4.) 

J! i^y*^^^ hy^ rf"*^ [Siirah Iv. (al-Rali- 

man). With Panjabi interlinear version and 
metrical paraphrase, and Persian marginal notes, 
by Hafiz Muh. Anvar 'AH.] pp. 44, lith. xy'i,^ 
irAA [(;«r(jrao7i, 1871.] 8°. 14507. c. 16.(1.) 


f^ ^j-i jJ^ ^J 

[Siirahs Ixxviii.-cxiv. With Tuhfat ul-mu'minin, 
a Persian versified commentary by Muh. Farhad 
Kandaharl.] pp. 480, lith. .ysS M.e [Lahore, 
1905.] 8^ 14507. bb. 18. 

i^-*^' {_^>fli=cUvo [Mustakhlas ul-ma'ani. 

A glossary of Kuranic terms and expressions. 
With marginal notes.] pp. 71, 5, lith. Jijj i mi 
[Bareilly, 1866.] 8°. 14837. f. 6.(9.) 

D'un Traits des pauses dans la Lecture de 

I'Alcoran . . . [Noticed, with text and translation 
of preface,] par M. Silvestre de Sacy. 1813. 
See Academies, etc. — Paris. — Academie des Inscrip- 
tions, etc. Notices, etc. tom. ix., pt. i., pp. 111- 
116. 1787, f/<". 4°. BarT.l. a-c.(tom.9,) 

KURASHi ('Abd Ullah Mitan 'Usman Mitan). 
See 'Abd Ullah Miyan 'Usman Miyan. 

KURBAN ibn RAMAZAN, called Bidil, BadasMi. 

Jl saL*.^''.^! ^i^>^ ^^ ^'jJl J>i^' y> [Matam- 

kadah. A treatise on the death of Husain and 
other martyrs.] vol. ii. S. 160, lith. irv4 [Te- 
heran, 18h8.] Fol. 14779. k. 5. 

KURMIRI. See Mahmud ibn Abi Bake (Jalal ul- 



ZUSHTAH. See Siva-peasada. 

KUTAR (F. N.). See Faramukz Naueozji Kutae. 

KUTAR (M. K".). See Mahiyae Naueozji Kutab. 

KUTB ul-DIN, Bal-htii/ar-TcdM, or Uslii lulJd. See 
Bakhtiyae ibn Ahmad ibn MusA. 

KUTB ul-DIN, called Faeigh, Mulld. [Commen- 
tary on 'Urfi's Kasa'id.] See Muhammad ibn 'Ali 
(Jamal u1-DIn), called 'Uefi. 

KUTB ul-DIN AHMAD, See Ahmad (Kutb u1-Din). 

KUTB ul-DIN BAKHTIYAR. See Bakhtiyae ibn 
Ahmad ibn Musa. 

'ALL See Muhammad ibu Ghitas uI-Din 'Ali. 

KUUN (Geza), Cou7it. [Edit, with translation of 
excerpts from Gardezi.] See 'Abd uI-Hayy ibn 

LA'ALI. La'ali'-i-manzvima. ^u^lii.* ^-J *J . [An 
anthology of verse from works of Sa'dl, FirdausI, 
Nizami, Riimi, Hafiz, and Jami, with short bio- 
graphies. Edited by E. Sell.] pp.7]. Madras, 
1910. 8°. 14797. e. 46. 

LABID ibn RABI'AH. [For Mu'allakah of L. 
published with other Mu'allakat :] SeeMu'ALLAKAT. 

LABROSSE (Joseph) . See Angelus, a S. Josepho. 

LACHEVIZ (Joannes Adam). [Edit.] See Lukman. 

LACHMI NARAYAN. Sec Lakshm!-naeayana. 

LAHIJI. See Muhammad ibn Yahya. 





LAHORE. — Anjutnan i Himdyal i Islam. •/*')'* 
Jl L-j'oi" ^j^ ^^ L^arsi-ki tlsrl kitab. Third 

book of Persian, consisting of verse and prose 
extracts.] pp. 160,h7A. ^ytU ir-.y [La/ior«, 1890.] 
8°. 14822. b. 6. 

Catalogue of the Coins in the Government 

Museum, Lahore. Compiled by C. J. Rodgers. 
pp. xix. 149, 29, ii. ; 3i>ia<e«. Calcutta, \S9\. 4°. 

7756. e. 4. 

Catalogue of the Coins collected by 0. J. 

Rodgers, and purchased by the Government of 
the Panjab. [By C. J. Rodgers.] 4 pts. Calcutta, 
1894-95. 8°. 757. g. 58. 

The above title it taken from the title-pages of pt. 2-4. 
That of pt. 1 reads : The Coins of the Mogiil Emperors of 
India collected by C. J. Bodgers and purchased by the 
rauj&b Government. 

Ptmjab University College. See Academies, 

etc. — Punjab. 

LAHUli. See Mahdi ibn Musiafa. 

LA'IK 'All KHAN, 'Imad ul-Saltanah. See Salae 

hammad Khudavand, KdJiri. 

LAKSHMi-NARAYANA, Mir Munshi. ^^ ci;^ 
^1 J [RuK'at. Letters. Edited with preface and 
mai'ginal notes by Muh. Faiz-bakhsh Kakiiravi.] 
pp. 130, nth. in. [Luclcnow, 1844.] 8°. 

14807. f. 2.(4.) 

^^}y ^_^ c:_>'je; [Ruk'at.] pp. 130, lith. 

y^ \'>■1^ [Lucknow, 18Q9.] 8°. 14837. f. 1.(9.) 

t^jy ^j*^ ei^U*; [Ruk'at. With slightly 

modified notes.] pp. 130, lith. l^v^ [Cawnpore, 
1878.] 8°. 14807.6.6. 

LAKSHMi-NARAYANA, Pandit. [Hada'ik ul- 
ma'rifah, translation of Aparokshanubhuti.] See 
Samkaba Achabya. 

LAKSHMI-NARAYANA, Retired Deputy -Collector, 
of Agra. [Persian and Hindi translations and 
explanations of Bhagavad-glta.] See Maha- 


LAL DAS, Babd. See Muhammad Dara Shikuh 
ibn Shah-jahan and Lal Das. (__>!^ , J!y- <s!L. 
[Risalah i su'al u javab.] [1885.] 12°. 

14718. aa. 1. 

LALA (K. B.). See Kai-khusbau Babjobj! LalI. 

LALA-BASHI. See Rizi Kuli Khan. 

LALAH-ZAR, Mulld. See Eleazae RahamIm (?). 

Mitakshara.] See Vunanesvaka. 

LAMA' AT, Jji] ^ iii^l ci^UJ ^j\i i^JS 
iiyijL^Jl [Lama'at ul-najat. Traditions from Mu- 
hammad, in reply to questions on religion and 
morals, translated from Arabic.] pp. 22, lith. 
nj] ir.6 [Agra, ISSS.] 8^ 14707. b. 2.(4.) 

LAMBROS (K.) . [Translation of Gulistan.] See 
Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mcsharrif uI-Din), called 
Sa'di. — GuUstdn. 

LAMI'I, Jurjdni. J! ^_^'i . . . fjy>,^ **"''^.'^ 

[Divan. Poems. Followed by a Tarji'-band in 
praise of MaHmiid of Ghnzna by Farrukhi.] pp. 63, 
lith. I vi6 [Teheran, 1878.] 8°. 14797. a. 3. 

LANOKHARD ( ). [Edit.] See Hasan (Abo 
'1-Kasim), called Fibdausi. 

LANDATJER (Samuel). [Edit.] See Hasan (Abd 
'1-Kasim), called Fiedausi. 

Arabische und persische Handschriften 

(der Grossherzoglich badischen Hof- uud Laudes- 
bibliothek). 1892. See Carlsrdhe. — Grossher- 
zoglich Badische Hof- und LandesbihltothiTi. Die 
Handschriften, efc. ii. 1891, e<c. 8°. 2330. g. 4. 

Katalog der hebraischen, arabiscben, per- 

siscben und tiirkischen Handschriften der . . . 
Universitiits- und Landesbibliothek zu Strass- 
burg. pp. 75. 1881. . See Stbasburq. — Kaiser- 
liche Universitdts- und Landesbibliothelc. Katalog. 
1877-95. 4°. 11906. m. 24. 

LANOLES (Louis Mathieu). [Translation from 
Mutla' i sa'dain.] See 'Abd uI-Razzak ibn Ishak. 

Notices sur I'Etat actuel de la Perse, en 

persan, en armenien et en fran^ais ; par Myr- 
D&voud-Zadour de Melik Schahnazar . . . et 
M. M. Langles . . . (et) Chahan de Cirbied. 1818. 
8°. See Melik-Shahnazabeants (D. Ts.). 

889. a. 24. 

[Notice of history of Chingiz Khan.] See 

Muhammad ibn Khatamd Shah. 

A. A. 





LANGLES (Louis Mathieu) (continued). [Trans- 
lations from Guli Stan.] See Muslih ibn'ABDULLAH 
(MusHAEEiP uI-Din), called Sa'di. — Gidistdn. 

[Translation of Institutes of Timur.] See 

TiMUE, Amir. 

[Translation by L. M. L. of " Collection 

Portative de Voyages."] See Travels. 

Catalogue des prinoipaux Oavrages de 

M.Langles. pp.24. ParisASll. 8°. 960.1.3.(4.) 

Contes, Fables et Sentences, tires de diff^- 

rens auteurs arabes et persans, avec une analyse 
du poeme de Ferdoussy sur les Rois de Perse. 
Par le traducteur des Instituts Politiques et 
Militaires de Tamerlan [i.e. L. M. Langles]. 
pp. xliv. 179. Parts, 1788. 12°. 637. b. 28. 

• Notice sur la Vie et les Ouvrages de 

Sa'ady, d'apres les manuscrits persans de la 

Bibliotheque Nationale. (Suite de la Notice, etc.) 

pp. 14, 20. [Pans, 1808.] 8°. 817. b. 4 (6, 6). 

Extracted from the " Magazin Encyclopidique." 

lATA'IF. xu:^ cJiiy [Lata'if i 'ajibah. Face- 
tious stories. Edited by Muh. Mustafa Khan.] 
pp. 31, lith. yjfl irOA \_Luchnow, 1842.] 8°. 

14837. e. 2.(6.) 

Jl iM^ ^'iJ [Lata'if i 'ajibah. With 

Hikayati nadirah, stories, on the margin.] pp. 24, 
lith. inr [iwcA:7ioM--,1846.] 8°. 14807. g. 11.(2.) 

jbijo *5*"vc < Si'ji-*!! 1 wiy 

;Ijo' IaS) 

Jl ^Jj^\ [Lata'if ul-ma'arif, or Gbayat ul-bayan. 

An essay on the religious life.] pp. 15, lith. 
Bomfca?/, ir.i [1892.] 8°. 14718. c. 1. 

(i—ftiliij I— ft.'.'^'L^ i^A.ij.0 iJ^) [Lata'if va- 

zara'if. Witty and ingenious anecdotes. With 
illustrations.] £f. 64, h'^/t. irli [Versla, 1874.] 
4°. 14783. c. 10.(1.) 

LAURIE (Andre), pseud, [i.e. Paschal Grousset]. 
i/*j3r« ^M [Sirr i majiis. A translation of the 
French " Le Secret du Mage," a story of Ecba- 
tana or ancient Hamadan, with illustrations.] 
pp. iv, 584, W7t. ji_j^ irn [Tabriz'], 1898. 8°. 

14783. c. 13. 

ZUIKOV. See Academies, etc. — Moscow. 

LEAF (Walter). [Versions from Hafiz.] See 
Muhammad Hafiz, Shlrazi. 

LEATHAM (James). [Introduction to 'Umar 
Khayyam.] See 'Umar Khayyam. — Rubd'iyydt. 

LE CLERC (Georges Louis), Count de Buffon. 

description of the lion and the tiger. Trans- 
lated into Persian from Buffon's Natural History 
by Jan Da'ud Khan and Muh. Husain. Edited 
by H. A. Barb.] pp.57. Li^j i act [Fi'eniia, 1856.] 
8°. 14783. d, 5. 

LEE (John). Oriental Manuscripts purchased in 
Turkey. [A catalogue.] pp. 71. [London, 
1840.] 4°. 14598. e. 7.(1.) 

LEE (Samuel), B.D., Gayion of Bristol. [Edit.] 
See Bible. — Old Testament. 

[Translation of parts of the Book of 

Common Prayer.] See Liturgies. 

[Edit, and translation of Tracts.] See 

Maetyn (H.). 

LEECH (Robert), Major. [Edit., with translation, 
of Journal of Agha 'Abbas.] See 'Abbas, Aghd. 

LEES (William Nassau). [Edit.] See 'Abd ul- 
Hamid, Ldhauri. 

See 'Abd u1-Kadir ibn MulukSbah. 

See A'eas. 

See As'ad (Fakhe uI-Din). 

See JahangIk. 

See Muhammad ibn u1-Husain (Abu 


• See Muhammad Kazim ibn Muham- 
mad Amin. 

See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mu- 

SHARRIP uI-DTn), called Sa'di. — Selections. 


See 'UsMAN ibn Sieaj u1-DIn. 
See ZiYA ttl-DiN, Baranl. 

Lees's Persian Series. No. i.(-viii.). liJb) 

(i. ^'«^ ^_^JJ ^^)'j 4 vols. Calcutta, 1855-71. 

12°. & 8°. 14822. a. 1-2, b. 1.(1-4), c. 19. 

No. i., Kavii'id i Husaini, appears to have been afterwards 
withdrawn, and Zavilhit i fdrst substituted for it. Of 
noa. ii. and iii. there are editions of 1855 and 1866, and of 
no. iii. editions of 1855 and 1868. The Nafahdt ul tint 
bears no number. 





LEES (William Nassau) (conhntied). A Biographi- 
cal Sketch of the mystic Philosopher and Poet 
Jami. pp.20. Calculta,l3o9. 8°. 10606. dd.31.(3.) 

LEFEAUX (S. W.). [Decorations to 'Umar Khay- 
yam's Eubii'iyyat.] See 'Umak Khayyam. — Euhd- 

IE GAILIENNE (Richakd). [Adaptations from 
Hafig.] See Muhammad Hapi/., Shtrdzi. 

[Verse-paraphrase of 'Umar Khayyam.] 

See 'Umar Khayyam. — Ruhd'iyyat. 

LEIFZIQ. — University. See Academies, etc. — 

lESCALLIEK (Daniel), Baron. [Translation of 
Bakhtiyar-namah.] Sec Bakhtiyar. 

[Translation of Nuh manzar.] See NuH 


[Translation of Siinhasan-battisi.] See 


IE STEANGE (Guy). [Edit, and translation of 
geographical part of Nuzhat ul-kulub.] See Ahmad 
ibn Abi Bake ibn Nasr. 

[Translation of " The Alchemist."] See 

Fath 'AlIj Akhund-zddah. 

[Edit, with translation of Vazir i Lan- 

kuran.J See Fath 'Ali, Akhund-zddah. 

[Translation of " Topography of Fars."] 

See Ibn uI-BalkhI. 

[Translation of Nasir ibn Khusrau's 

Travels.] See Nasir ibn Khusead. 

LESZCZYNSKI(GeougL.). "Hikayat." Persische 
Schnurren. Aus dem Persischen iibersetzt und 
mit Anmerknngen versehen von G. L. L. [Hu- 
morous tales, ti-anslated chiefly from Hikayat i 
latlf, H". i parsi, Zubdat i liikayat, Bolduirev's 
Chrestomathy, etc.'] pp. 93. Berlin, 1918. 12°. 

14783. a. 7. 
LEWIS (Charles Bennett). [Translation of 
Gospels.] See Bible. — New Testament. 

LEYDEN. — Aeademia Regia Scientiarum. See 
Academies, etc. — Leyden. 

LINDSAY (James Ludovic), 26fh Earl of Crawford 
and 9th Earl ofBalcarres. Bibliotheca Lindesiana. 

Hand-list of Oriental manuscripts, Arabic, Persian, 
Turkish. [With introduction by M. Kerney.] 
pp. xli. 268. Aberdeen University P^ress : \_Aher- 
deen,2 1898. 4°. 14698. e. 15. 

No. 1 of 100 copiei privately printed. 

LIS AN ul-GHAIB. See Muhammad Hapiz, Shlrazi. 

LIS AN ul-HAKK. See 'Abd uI-Vahhab, called 


LISAN ul-MITLK. See Muhammad TakT, called Lisam 
uL-MuLK, etc. 

LISANi. See 'Abd Ullah (VajIh uI-DIn). 

LISTER (Henry B.). [Verse-translation of 'Umar 
Khayyam's Ruba'iyyat.] See 'Umar Khayyam. — 
Buhd iyydt. 

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J^ [The Book of Common Prayer. Translated 
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LiturgisB Ecclesisa Anglicanae partes prse- 

cipuEB, so. Preces Matutinse et Vespertinae, Ordo 
administrandi Ccenam Domini, et Ordo Baptism! 
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Jews. '131 bn-^-if' HDtt;^ [Yismah Yisra'el. 

Hebrew prayers and devotional poems for sabbaths, 
festivals, etc., some with Persian translation. 
Edited by Israel b. Abraham Yazdi.] ff. iii. 65, iii. 
D'7^y■)•T'[«"D^n][/er^wa/ew,190l.] 12°. 

"IDT Vnp -«ipD -I3D [Mikra'e k6desh. 

Hebrew and Aramaic lections for the Jewish 
festivals (Bokhara rite). Edited by Mordecai bea 
Simfiah Sa son, with Persian translation and rubrics 
by Simeon Hakham.] ff. 77. D^CnT a"D"l/1 
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[Another copy.] 

1972. ee. 17. 

[3 confessional prayers for the Day of 

Atonement, done into Persian.] See 'Abbas(J.S.). 
'01 pnr TTCpv -13D['AkedathYishak,e<c.] [1902.] 
8°. 1976. ee. 16. 

'^3^ nrsn npn [Hukkath hap-pesah. The 

Passover service (Bokhara rite). With Persian 





rubrics and translation of the Haggadah by 
Simeon Hakham.] ff. i. 68. d'^C'II'' T'Din 
[Je^-usalem, 1904.] 8". 1973. d. 27.(1.). 

. . . D-T13D 3n:oD b^nn ■>n''b nb^n -\^nv 

"01 rO'33 riNtr^D [Mas'ath Binyamln. Daily 
prayers (Spanish rite), in Hebrew. Edited with 
Persian translation by Benjamin b. Yohanan 
Kohen.] vol. i. ff.ii.213,i. aiJt'TT' [T'DIJ-l] [/er«- 
sal&m, 1906.] 8°. 1972. bb. 17. 

LOCMAIT. See Lukman. 

LOEWENBERG (Rex) . [Translations from Ruba- 
'iyyat, etc.] See 'Umar Khayyam. — Rubaiyydi. 

Armand). [Edit.] See Pantheon. 

LOKA-NATHA HALDAE. See Muhibb uI-Rahman, 
Sayyid, of Kaliganj, and Loka-natha Halpae. A 
Hand Book of Persian Translation, etc. 1913. 
12°. 14822. a. 20.(2.) 

LORD'S PRAYER. Specimen quinquaginta diver- 
sarum atque inter se differentium linguarum, & 
dialectorum ; videlicet, Oratio Dominica, et quse- 
dam alia ex sacris Uteris, totidem Unguis expressa. 
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[Another copy.] ffi. 20009. 

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LOWE (William Henry). [Translation of Munta- 
khab ul-tavarikh, vol. ii.] See 'Abd u1-Kadie ibn 
MuLUK Shah. 

[Translation of TQznk i Jahangirl.] See 


- [Translations from Hafiz.] See Muhammad 

Hafi7,, Shirdzi. 

LVCKSOVr.— Provincial Museum. Catalogue of 
the Reference Library . . . Compiled by G. D. 
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Persian, and Urdu manuscripts. Compiled by 
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LUIKOSHIIT (Nil Seeoyeevich) . [Translation of 
History of Bokhara.] See Muhammad ibn Ja'par 
(Abu Bake). 

LUKMAN, Hakim. ^^^ ^UaJ JUL.) Paroemiso 
Locmnni Sapientis ex grammatica arabica . . . 
T. Erpenii . . . Constantinopoli per literatum 
Persam persice, per literatum Turcam turcice 
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translation to each of the three texts.] pp. 193. 
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yjUJill i.-^ip ^ ^jUiUI JUU) (Fables de 

Loqman, le Sage.) [In Turkish, Persian, Arabic 
and French. Translated by Iskandar Efendl.] 
pp. 70, 16. I rl r [Constantinople, 187 B.] 12°. 

14579. b. 14. 

. [sic] jlai] aJJ! Joe <ijLj^ . JJuJyoj Joj 4W 

. <uU CiJijU-. . LLJyj! ii^" [(]) Sad pand, the 100 
maxims ascribed to Lukman ; (2) 'Abd Ullah 
Ansari's Risalah ; (3) Tulifat ul-muluk ; (4) Sa- 
'adat-namah ; (5) Minhaj ul-'arifin. With notes 
to nos. 1 and 4.] pp. 32, lith. jyJ^^ irve [Cawn- 
pore, 1859.] 8°. ' 14837. g. 1.(1.) 

nasa'ih i Lukman 





Sad pand.] 


[Intikhab i 
See Munta- 

'a=cu< [Muntakhabat i farsi.] 
[I860.] 8°. 14822. b. 2. 

J' fri^ J^ JLflJ [Nasa'ih i Lukman, 

i.e. Sad pand.] See Ziya u1-Din Khan. s^Si.■, 
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14837. f. 4.(3.) 
pp. 7-10. [1871.] 8°. 

14837. c. 2.(5.) 
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14837. f. 3.(2.) 

• pp. 9-12. [1877.] 8°. 

14783. d. 6. 

Axt 4X«? [Sad pand.] See Muhammad ibn 

IbuahIm (FakId u1-DIn). jUac &«'J jJo [Pand- 
namah, e<c.] pp. 45-46. [1870?] 8°. 

14807. d. 2.(2.) 

p. 48. [1873.] 8°. 

14797. g. 15.(4.) 
p. 48. [1873.] 8°. 

14783. e. 8.(6.) 

_ pp. 45-6. [1877.] 8°. 

14837. f. 12.(2.) 





LUKMAN, ilakim (continued). jJUOyw Joo Xo [Sad 
pand.] See Majmu'ah. JI at^Asr* [Mnjinu'ali.] 
pt. i. [1873.] 8°. ^ 14837. g. 8.(6.) 

jJo .yo [Sad pand.] See Panj Ganj. JS ^ 

Jl [Panj ganj.] pt.iv. [1873.] 8^ 14837.g.5.(4.) 

pt.iv. [1877.] 8°. 

14837. f. 13.(1.) 

^J" *J^ ij^ Ja«Jj-j jJlj Sjs [Sad pand i 

gudmand. With Hindustani translation.] See 
Muhammad Kotb u1-DIn Khan. 



[Ma'din nl-javahir.] pp. 6-7. [1880.] 8°. 

14516. CO. 8.(5.) 

jJb Xo [Sad pand,] See Majmu'ah. ^y>^ 

L_jU^ Jo [Majma'ah i panj kitab.] [1902.] 8° 
^^ 14787. b. 23. 

Jl jJloii^ JJo Jw? [Sad pand.] See Muham- 
mad Bakir ibn Muhammad Taki. ^^.^j^I . . . (__>Ui^ 
J! JyUJl ytlysr [MQsh u gurbab.] [1906.] 8°. 
" 14783. d. 21. 

LUMSDEN (Matthew). [Preface to Muntakhab 
ul-lughat.] See 'Abd uI-Rashid ibn 'Abd ul- 

[Edit.] See Hasan (Abu '1-Kasim), called 


mana Mudaliyar. 

LUTF 'All BEG, called AguR. [For account of 
the Atasb-kadah :] See Bland (N.). 

iij.CioT The Atesh Kedah, or Fire-temple 

[notices of Persian poets, with specimens of their 

works], by Hajji Lutf Ali Beg, of Isfahan, now 

first edited ... by N. Bland, pp. ii. 1-40. London, 

1844. 8°. 14779. f.l. 

No more published. Extending only as far as the end 
of the first part (shu'lah) of the first book (mijmarah). 

Jl tsS ^\ (-jUi" Ijjb [Atash-kadah.] 

pp. 452, ?i</i. ^J^ I ry'/ [Bombay, I860.] 8°. 

14779. e. 1. 

The pagiiuition only extends at far as p. 189. 

jS\ »J.CijT [Atash-kadah.] pp. 456, lith. 

^yxAj nu [Bombay, 1882.] 8". 14779. g. 18. 

Kj^l v-j'j/jl ^^^ '3^iycjj [Life of JamT, 

from the Atash-kadah.] See 'Abd u1-Rahman ibn 

Ahmad, called Jami. — TuUfat vl-AVirar. iKo-^l ia^" 
Tuhfat ul Ahrar, etc. 1848, 4°. 14003. h. 9. 

Life of Sadi, [translated] from the Atish 

Kadah. See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mubhareii' 
u1-DIn), called Sa'd!. — OuUstdn. The Gulistan 
. . . translated, elc. 1852. 8°. 757. d. 23. 

1880. 8° 

2318. g. 16. 

[Notice of Nasir ul-Din Tusi, from the 

Atash-kadah.] See Muhammad ibn Muhammad 
(NasIr u1-DIn), tusi. ^c/*U jUa-l [AkhlaK i 
Nasin.] p. 208. [1865.] 8°. 14749. f. 2. 

pp. 502-05. [1869.] 8°. 
14749. d. L 

[Extracts from the Atash-kadah.] See 

Ibrahim ibn 'Ali Najjar. lexBepocTHuiia XaKann, 
etc. 1875. 8°. 757. g. 41. 

J! )iJ>Ciijl jl ^j^\ ti^ f'^ [Life of Anvarl, 

from the Atash-kadah.] See Auhad u1-DIn, called 
Anvari. Aju AyxaASjWHH'b 9HBepH, etc. 1883. 8°, 

757. g. 44. 

LUTF ul-HAKK, kddirt. jjU^ V^ j ■^•'^ ^y=?^ 
iX-iiJuJl Jlls —jM ^J ['Ajvah i ahmad u rutab i jayyid. 

A polemic, pt. i. on the nativity of Muhammad, 
and pt. ii. on visiting the graves of famous saint.*, 
in reply to the Arabic tract Tal' ul-munazijad by 
'Umar ibn MuR. 'Arif Nahrvall.] pp. 209, 6, lith. 
^yfcU ir. A [Lahore, 1890.] 8°. 14712. g. 10. 

LUTF ULLAH, Nasnfl, called Fazil, Kaiddnl. 
i^ljoi" <Cclsr ,_y*«**-c . . . ^_g})f^ J«i'-*^ ^^j [Khn- 
lasah i Kaidanl. An Arabic essay on prayer. 
With Persian interlinear translation.] pp. 20, 
lith. j^l I f'.'^ [Lahore, 1870.] 8°. 14516. b. 18,(2.) 

Jl ^Ijo/ <U>)U. Jily [Khulasah. With 

the same Persian translation.] pp. 24, lith. .Jbt 
[Lalwre, 1872.] 8°. 14519. d, 9.(2.) 

Hi ^^.u*.* <O,._.0 (JJUu^ *L«ti hmM 


iJ\<^ <fccli- [Khulasah. With another Persian 
interlinear translation.] pp. 20, lith. ^JJt>J irli 
[DeZAi, 1873.] 8". 14519. d, 17.(1.) 

Jl *»-jU> j<Jl>>^ ^ \—>\jS IJJb [Khulasah. 

With Persian interlinear translation, and Arabic . 





commentary by MuK. Shams ul-Din Kuhustani.] 
pp. 38, ii<A. j^'i in e [Lahore, 1893.] 8°. 

14528. c. 13. 

Lf*'*''j {^J^ **?■/ C* r^* ^ 'fcs'Jli- [Khu- 

lasah. With Persian and Pushtu interlinear 
translations, a marginal Arabic commentary by 
Sayyid Sharif Jurjani, and notes.] pp. 48, lith. 
jLa>J irir [Delhi, 1895.] 8°. 14519. e. 42.(1.) 

IITTF ULLAH (Nur uI-Din), called Hafiz Abru. 
Jl f.j^yi'i 'i'^ij I— 'Ui" j^ [Extracts from the Zub- 
dat ul-tavarikh, a universal history.] See Do en 
(B.). Muhammedaniscbe Quellen, etc. Th. iv., 
pp. 426-455. 1850-58. 8°. 757. h. 26. 

LUTF ULLAH ibn AHMAD, called Lurri, Lahaurl. 
[Metrical Persian version of Kasidah i ghausiy- 
yah.] See *Abd u1-Kadie ibn Musa. 

LITTFI. See Lutp Ullah ibn Ahmad. 

M. (W.). [Verse-translations from Biistan.] See 
MusLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Musharkif uI-Din), called 
Sa'di. — Bustdn. 

MA. (^^s^ b y«A!l . (^') J-^1 j^U ^l-, 
[Risalah i ma ul-'asal, R°. i ma ul-jubn, and R°. i 
maul-sha'ir ba sikanjabin. Essays on the medicinal 
uses of honey-water, whey, and barley-water and 
oxymel respectively.] See Mansue ibn Muham- 
mad ibn Ahmad. Jl ^_gJy^^ f.^ [Tashrih i 
Mansuri, efc.] pp. 1-16, 22-29, mar^fin. [1895.] 
8°. 14753. d. 15.(4.) 

MACAN (Turner). [Edit.] See Hasan (Abu 
*1-Kasim), called Firdausi. 

MACCAETHY (Justin Huntley). [Translations 
from Divan of Hafiz.] See Muhammad Hapiz, 

• [Translation of 'TJmar Khayyam.] See 

'Umar Khayyam. — Ruhd'iyydt. 

MACFARLANE (David). [Abridgment of Travels 
of Abu Talib Khan.] See Abu Talib ibn Mu- 
hammad Khan. 

MACKENZIE (Colin), Lieut.-Col. [Collection.'] See 
Wilson (H. H.). 

MAC MANTIS (Blanche). [Illustrations and decora- 
tions to 'Umar Khayyam.] See 'Umar Khayyam. — 
Euba iyydt. 

MACNUTT (Howard). [Translation of Kitab i 
iKan.] See Husain 'Ali ibn 'Abbas. 

MADANAPALA, King of Kdshthd. ^^fi CuIjjI* 
[Mufradat i bikrami. A medical dictionary, 
describing medicinal properties of plants. Trans- 
lated into Persian by Muh. Chiragh ul-Diu from 
the Hindi version (called Nighantu) of the 
original Sanskrit Madana[pala]--vin6da.] pp. 192, 
lith. J ^"i [Lahore, 1891.] 8°. 14753. d. 8. 

MADHAVA-DASA. e:.^y.< J^i>. [Bustan i 
ma'rifat. An anthology of Persian and Hindu- 
stani poetry, mainly mystical.] pp.iv. 281. Ji4$3 
lAAi [iwc/mow, 1881.] 8°. 14787. e. 23. 

ei^^ito ^J^^. [Biistan i ma'rifat. An 

amplified edition.] pp. 344, 72, lith. i)bl<s!l uir 
[Allahahad, 1892.'] 8°. 14797.6.23. 

MADHAVA ■ RAMA, AytjU, J>liJl [Insha i 

Madhoram. A collection of official letters on 
aff'airs of the last years of the Moghul Empire. 
With mai'ginal notes by Kudrat Alimad. Edited 
by Ahmad FariikT Gopamii'i.] pp. 142, lith. 
^ \f^, [Luchiow, 1844.] 8°. 14807. f. 2.(2.) 

*KybiiU ^'-iJl [Insha i Madhoram. With 

notes of Kudrat Ahmad.] pp. 130,Z('i/t. yj^ un 
[Luclmow, 1869.] 8°. 14807. e. 1.(2.) 

^l.y!st>Lo |_jl^l [Insha i Madhoram. With 

the same notes.] pp.ll2,Ki/i. .^'I^iavi [Oawn- 
pore, 1879.] 8°. 14807. g. 12.(6.) 

MADHORAM. See Madhava-rama. 

MADHUSH. See Isma'il. 

MADIH. See 'Abd ul- Rahman ibn Ahmad, called 

See Abu '1-Kasim. 

MADRAS. — Government Oriental MSS. Library. 
Alphabetical Index of Manuscripts in the . . . 
Library, etc. 10 pts. Madras, 1893. Fol. 

14096. f. 9. 
MAFTUN. See Shams ul-DiN Fakir. 

MAGAN LAL. [Translation of Divan of Zib ul- 
Nisa.] See Zib uI-Nisa. 

MACJHRIBI. See Muhammad ShIrin. 

See Muhammad Vajih uI-Din. 





MAHABAT-JANG. See 'Au-viBoi Khan. 

MAHABHARATA. ^_^j\» ui^l^'^ [Mahabharat i 
farsJ. A translation of Mahabharata, Adi-parva 
to Drona-p"., prepared by order of Akbar and 
revised by Fai?!, with preface by Abu 'l-Fa?!.] 
5 pts., nth. y^ \_Lucknow, 1897-1900.] 8°. ' 

14734. d. 4. 

The Razm Namah, or History of the War. 

[Reproductions of the illustrations of the manu- 
script of the Razm-namah (i.e. Mahabharata in 
the version revised by Faizi) in the Royal Library 
at Jeypore, preceded by an abstract of the con- 
tents.] See Hendley (T. H.). Memorials of the 
Jeypore Exhibition, vol. iv. [1885.] 4°. 

K.T.C. 29. b. 1. 

[For the Sharilc ul-ma'rifat, adapted from 

the Bhagavad-gita and Yoga-vasishtha :] See 

gavad-gita. A religious-philosophical episode of 
the Mahabharata. Translated into Persian ver.«e 
by Abu '1-Faiz ibn Mubarak (Faizi).] pp. 152, 
lith. jbTjJl [J/Zfl/iataf?, 1895.] 16°. 14734. aa. 2. 

c4V!*i1tii<im «0m: . . . j^jy^ u^'^j'^ ,^j*J^ 

[Lakshmi-narayana-sarovara. The Bliagavad- 
gita, in Sanskrit, with translations and explana- 
tions in Persian and Hindi by Lakshmi-narayana 
of Agra.] pp. iv. 506, lith. ^rPRT "KC^C [.Agra, 
1898.] 8°. 14065. d. 39. 

Jl j_js- 'Jji 1^^ ^•^^^. ^/^ [Bhagavad- 

glta. Translated by FaizT.] pp. 159, Zi%. oUTiSlI 
[Allahabad, 1901.] 16°. 14734. aa. 3. 

1-5^^ '^ *^^>^ c?/*' [Bhagavad-gita. 

Translated by Faizl.] pp. 152, lith. yojols^ M.i 
[Jalandhar, 1901.] 16°. 14734. aa. 1. 

^TS'N'riliTT H'ImI'IMH'JI^ nx^ I The illus- 
trated Bhngwad Gita , . . containing: — Text. 
Prose order. Word-meaning. Prose & poetical 
translations in . . . Persian, etc. (Pandit Adya 
Prasada Misra, editor.) pts. 1-4. Benares, <vioM 
[1905-19]09. 8°. 14049. b. 47. 

originally translated from the Sanscrit work by 
Moulvy Fayzee Feyazee of Dehlee, now collated 
with three manuscripts by Moulvy Tumeezood- 
deen Arzanee. pp. 262, i., ZjYA. Calcutta, 1831. 
8°. 767. d. 7. 

o^^ c/**^^ ^■^^^ Daman. With marginal 

notes.] pp. 144, lith. jyxj^ uvr [Gawnpore, 1873.] 
8°. " 14837. g. 8.(8.) 

The Last Days of Krishna and the Sons of 

Pandu, from the concluding section of the Maha- 
bharat. Translated from the Persian version 
made by Nekkeib Khan, in the time of the 
Emperor Akbar, by Major D. Price, pp.75. 1831. 
See Academies, etc London. — Oriental Transla- 
tion Fund of Great Britain and Ireland. Miscel- 
laneous Translations, etc. vol. 1. 1831-34. 8°. 

14003. d. 5. 
MAHADEVA DEVA, son of Bdla-hrishna. f^^RTH- 
oITT^: I [Hikmat-prakasa. A Sanskrit exposition 
of Yiinani medicine, including explanations of 
Arabic and Persian terms. Edited byNanda-lala 
Sastri.] pp. XV. 208. Hi^m \ '\' [Bombay, 1913.] 
4°. ^ 14044. c. 12. 

MAHBUB 'ALi, Maidavl. [Edit.] See Khr'an. 

MAHBUB NAVAZVANT. See GibidharI-parshad. 

MAHBUBI. See Mahmud ibn 'Ubaid Ullah. 

See 'Ubaid Ullah ibn Mas'ud. 

MAHDI, Mirzd. [Edit.] See Hasan (Abd '1- 
Ka.sim), called Firdausi. 

MAHDI, Sayyid, Najafl, Kashmiri. V«^%j .LL« 
i^jjuks^UJI cijIjUI (_)'^I j_y ^J^iLi^] [Ma?arib 
ul-mushakkikln. Rules to determine true de- 
scent from Muhammad.] pp. 37, lith. Ji^ uu 
[Lucknoiv, 1894.] 8°. 14779. f. 7.(4.) 

MAHDI, Sayyid, Yazdi. [MulKakat, notes on 
the Nukhbah.] See Muhammad Ibrahim ibn 
Muhammad Hasan. 

cs^^'' Lr''■:^* <s^ t^^r* '^'-«y=iJ'-»ji 1^^*'^ Jj 

Jl c:,^! Nul and Dumun, a tale in Persian verse. 

MAHDI ibn MUSTAFA, called Lahut! and Bada'i'- 
NIQAB, Husaini. *iL.^l <us ^J (,K»-D1 «j1jj L-jUi" Ijjb 
[Bada'i' ul-ahkam fi fikh il-islam. A commentary 
on the author's al-Bada'i' ul-mahdaviyyah, an 
Arabic compendium of Shi'ah law. Followed by 
Ifti^ah ul-kafirin, a polemical tract against Jews 





and Christiana.] pp. 272, lith. irri [Teheran, 
1906.] 8°. 14736, a. 2. 

MAHDI HUSAIIT, Bizavl. ^J^i ^^ [Gulbnn i 
ta'rikh. A repertory of words and expressions 
for use in composing chronograms, arranged in 
order of numerical value.] pp. xxvi. 684, lith. 
j1jT;Jj^ irir [Hyderabad, 1896.] 8°. 14773. f. 13. 

KAHSi KHAN (Muhammad), Astardhadl. See Mu- 
hammad Mahdi Khan. 

MAHDI KULI ibn 'All KULI KHAN. [Edit.] See 
RizA KuLi Khan. 

I »_«Jl^li4^(__»U^ [Mizan ul-sarf. Elements 

of Arabic accidence.] pp. 177, lith. ir., [Teheran, 
1883.] 8°. 14820. e. 10. 

Different from the Mlzan ul-iarf published in India.' 

MAHFUg (A. M.). Hakim Sanai and his Work. 
1.905-06. See Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Moslevi 
Institute. Journal of the Moslem Institute, vol. i. 
1905, etc. 8°. 14005. ee. 1. 

MAHIBBAR RAHAMAN. See Mdhibb u1-Rahman. 

MAHIR. See Muhammad 'AlI, called Mahir. 

lation of Sbah-namah.] See Hasan (Aeo '1-Kasim), 
called FiBDAusf. 


MAHMUD. <uU liynr* [Mahraiid-naraah. Erotic 
yhaeah, one for every letter of the alphabet, with 
the name "Mahmiid " at the end of each.] pp. 11, 
lith. irAi [DeiW, 1872.] 8°. 14837. f. 12.(6.) 

— ■■ (toU liytcsr" [MaKmud-namah.] See Panj 

Ganj. J ^ ^ [Panj ganj.] pt. 3. [1872-4.] 
8^ ^ ' 14837. g. 5.(4.) 

<u'o liy^ssr* [Mahmiid-namah.] pp. 12, lith. 

[Delhi? 1873?] 8°. 14837. f. 14.(9.) 

<ulJ Jycs-« L_jUi' [Mahmiid-namah. With 

marginal notes.] pp.12. See Panj Ganj. J]^Aj 

[Panj ganj.] pt. 3. [1876.] 8°. 14837. f. 11.(3.) 

<IL«U liyfar* i._.v^Ji j_).s>- [Mahmud-namah. 

With grammatical analysis by Shaikh Ahmad b. 
Shams ul-DIn.] pp.68, lith. ^yt^ irlr [Lahore, 
1876.] 8°. 14837. f. 14.(4.) 

<toU t)^A=tr« [Mahmiid-namah.] pp. 12, lith. 

[ifeerwi, 1877.] 8°. 14783. e. 8.(8.) 

MAHMUD (continued). <iOoU t)^A=r« [MaKmiid- 
naraah. With marginal notes.] pp. 12. See 
Panj Ganj. J] ^ Aj [Panj ganj.] pt. 3. 
[1877.] 8°. '" 14837. f. 13.(1.) 

auU 4>v«c!r^ [Mahmiid-namah. With mar- 
ginal notes.] See Panj Ganj. {a^ Aj) [Panj 
ganj.] pp. 28-43. [1877.] 8°. ' 14787. b. 7. 

' <iuU J»As-« [Mahmiid-namah.] See Maj- 

mO'ah. Jl u_>lii^ A.J (JCj^^sr* [Majmu'ah i panj 
kitab.] pt.3. pp. 34-48. [1894.] 8°. 14797. c. 18. 

<iu'J i>y4cs^ [Mahmiid-namah.] See Maj- 

mu'ah. L-jli^ Aj icy^sr" [Majmu'ah i panj kitab.] 
pt.3. [1902.]' '8°. 14787. b. 23. 

MAHMUD, Director of Telegraph Office. [Transla- 
tion of Jughrafi i mukhtasari.] See Geography. 

MAHMUD, Burujirdi. [Preface to Imtihan nl- 
fuzala.] See Sanglakh. 

MAHMUD, Chishtl. CJ^uJI iij^ SLy [Risalah i 
ma'rifat ul-suluk. A Sufic treatise on the know- 
ledge of God.] pp. 104. yL^ u^r [Luclsnow, 
1882.] 8°. 14712. e. 5.(1.) 

CJJuJI e:^j«^ [Ma'rifat ul-suluk. Edited 

by Sayyid Ghulam Najaf Chishti.] pp. 152, lith. 
j^l [Lahore, 1891.1 8°. 14724. e. 1.(6.) 

MAHMUD, Gildnl, Shams ul-'Ulamd. [Edit.] 
See Habib Ullah, called Ka'ani. 

MAHMUD, .KwmmF. {^jAi ^fji) [Talivim i nasirl. 
Astronomical tables for the year 1866 A.D. 
Preceded by a summary of asti-onomy.] pp. vii. 
153,2,/-%. J^i [re/teraji, 1865.] 8°. 14766.C.3. 

MAHMUD, ZarUdnl. ^Lll ^\Si ^—>XJS [Bada'i' ul- 
asar. An account of the visit of 'Abd ul-Baha 


to the United States of America in 1912, followed 
by a poem in praise of him. With map, portraits, 
and illustrations.] pp. viii. 43, Zi</i. ,^J'^. '^i* 
[Bombay, 1914.] 8°. 14779. c. 27. 

MAHMUD (Fakhr uI-Din), called Ibn YamIn, Amir. 
Ibn' Jemiu's Bruchstiioke (Mokalhaat). Aus dem 
Persischen von 0. M. Freiherrn von Schlechta- 
Wssehrd. [Translated into German verse.] F.P. 
pp. 191. Wien, 1852. 8°. 757. g. 20. 





MAHMUD (NasIb u1-DIn), called Raushan i Chieagh 
iDiHu. (^y*Jli_8j'.asr^[SaUa'if ul-saluk. Letters 
on Sufism. Compiled by Ghulam Ahmad Khan.] 
pp.204,K<A. j:fi^[Jhajar, 1895.] 8°. 14724. d. 8. 

MAHMUD ibn'ABD nl-K^Bm, Shabistari. Mahmnd 
Schebisteri'sRosenflordes Geheimnisses. (j],^j^) 
Persischund Deutschlierausgegebenvon Hammer- 
Purgstall. Mit zwoy Ansichten : des Dorfes 
Schebister und der Grabstiitte von Tebris. pp. vi. 
32. Fesik und Leipzig, Wien [printed], [1836]- 
1838. 4°. 767. i, 38. 

Gulshan i Raz : The Mystic Rose Garden 

of Sa'd ud Din Mahmud Shabistari. The Persian 
text, with an English translation and notes, 
chiefly from the commentary of Muhammad bin 
Yahya Lahiji. By E. H. Whinfield. pp. xvi. 95, 
58. London, 1880. 4°. 757. k. 33. 

J' jI; ^j^ L_;Ui' IJJb [Gulshan i raz. 

Followed by HakK ul-yakln, a prose Sufic tract 
by the same.] S.51,lith. \rU [Teheran? 1882.'] 
12°. 14787. a. 7. 

jh U^ • • • '-r'^ ''i* [Gulshan i raz.] 

pp. 65, lith. JLka^ ir.. [Bomhay, 1883.] 8°. 

14787. a. 8. 

^ J^J L/*^ Tf" '-r-''^'^'*^ t-j'oS' [Gulshan 

i raz. With the commentary Mafatih ul-i jaz by 
Muh. b. Yahya Gllani.] pp. 499, lith. ^J^Jo ir. i 
\Teheran, 1884.] 8°. 14787. e. 27. 

jsj ^^^ [Gulshan i raz.] pp. 68, lith. 

,_5ii*j [Bombay, 1890.] 8°. 14787. b. 18. 

j\j^^^j^V\ ^-'i^ (__>U^ 1JJ6 [Gulshan 

i raz. With Muh. b. Yahya's commentary.] 
pp. 224, lith. ^Jj^*^ irir [Bombay, 1895.] 8°. 

14724. b. 4.(1.) 

The Gulshan Raz of Najm ud Din, other- 
wise called Sa'd ud Din Mahmud Shabistari 
Tabrizi. Translated by E. H. Whinfield. pp. xiv. 
117. Calcutta, \81^. 4°. 757. c. 30.(2.) 

The Dialogue of the Gulshan-i-Raz ; or 

Mystical Garden of Roses of Mahmoud Shabistari. 
With selections from the Rubaiyat of Omar 
Khayam. [Translated into English verse by 
E. A. Johnson.] pp. 64. London, Edinburgh 
[printed], 1887. 8°. 767. bb. 13. 

MAHMUD ibn ABI BAKB (Badr uI-DIn Abu Nase), 

Fardhi, See Abo Nase, Fardhl, 

MAHMUD ibn ABI BAKU (Jalal uI-DIn), KurmtrZ. 

[Tarjumah i mukhtasar i Kurmlrl, commonly called 
Kurmiri. A Persian commentary on 'Ubaid 
Ullah ibn Mas'iid's Nnkayah, an abridgment of 
Mahmiid ibn 'Qbaid Ullah's Vikayat ul-rivayah, 
an Arabic compendium of Hanafi law. Reprinted 
from the Constantinople edition.] pp. 614, lith. 
j)4^ lAAi [Lucknow, \88\P] 8°. 14529. d. 7. 

[For the same work as printed 

together with the Nukayah :] See 'Ubaid Ullah 
ibn Mas'Od. 

MAHMUD ibn AHMAD (Bade u1-D!n), *Ainl,. [For 
glosses on M.'s Ramz ul-Haka'ik :] See Buehan 
ul-DiN, Maulavt. 

MAHMUD ibn 'ALI, Kashdni. [Translation of 
'Avarif ul-ma'arif.] See *Umae ibn Muhammad 
(Shihae u1-DIn). 

MAHMUD ibn AMIR AHMAD (Nizam u1-DIn), Karl, 
called Shaikh BhikhaeI. [Life.] See Tueab 
'AlI, Kalandar. 

Jl ii^\ ^J_)ly.l> [Divan i albisah. Poems.] 

pp. 207. iUJudaila^' ir.i [Constantinople, 1887.] 
8°. 14797. d. 10. 

MAHMUD ibn ASAD ul-DIN HAIDAR, called Azad. 
liljl ^Jiy>,li [Divan. Poems.] pp. 5, 124, lith. 
j'oTJL ir.y [4«matad, 1889.] 8°. 14797. d. 15.(7.) 

MAHMUD ibn ISMA'IL, Mangaluri. [Edit.] See 
Mas'od ibn Mahmud ibn Yusuf. 

MAHMUD ibn MUHAMMAD, Jaghmtnl. WyU' 
i^^ji [Kanunchah. A compendium of medicine 
based upon Ibn SIna's !^aniln, translated from 
Arabic] pp. 62, Zii/j. ^ytS irir [La Ao?-e, 1894.] 
8°. 14753. d. 15.(2.) 

Terjuma Canoonche Mahmood Cheghmeny 

der Elm Tebb. Short Canons of the Art of 
Physic. Being a compendium, both of theory 
and practice, written originally in Arabic ; by 
Mahmood Cheghmeny : and now done into 
English, from a Persian translation, pp. xiii. 151. 
Calcutta, 1782. 4°. 41. d. 25. 

B B 





ul-istikhraj, explanation of al-Jafr ul-jarai'.] 
See Muhammad, the Prophet. 

MAHMUD ibn 'UBAID ULIAH (Buehan ul- 
Shari'ah), MaUhuhl. [For commentary on Mah- 
biibi's Vikayah :] See 'Abd uI-Hakk Sajaval. 

[For the NuUayah, abridged from the 

Vikayah :] See 'Dbaid Ullah ibn Mas'ud. 

MAHMUD ibn SUBUKTIGIN, Sultan of Ghaznah. 
[Memoirs.] See Muhammad 'Utb!. 

MAHMUD ibn 'UMAE, ZamaMshari. ^_^ J-aUI 
Jl (__jlx^l &OXO [Mufassal. An Arabic grammar. 

With Persian marginal notes and Arabic notice 
of the author by 'Abd Ullah 'Imadi. Followed 
by Ibn Sina's TaUasim ul-hikmah va 'l-'uliim, 
on classification of sciences, in Arabic] pp. xii. 
255, nth. p4^ irrr [Lucknow, 1906.] 8°. 

14594. c. 12. 

"^jJI |^4>«i^l <x«jJl<J «^ . . . J>^fl-«J1 t_>'jL$' 

Jl (J-aAAi! [Mufassal. With marginal commen- 
tary and interlinear translation of the preface in 
Persian, entitled al-Durr ul-mufazzal by Muh. 
Miisa.] pp, 311, lith. jj^^^ \_Gawnpore, 1909.] 
Fol. " 14594. e. 9. 

Samachscharii lexicon arabicum persicum 

. . . edidit atque indicem arabicum adjecit J. G. 
Wetzstein. (t__>i>^Jl iUjJU l-jW) [Mukaddimat 
ul-adab.] pp. 288, 269. Lipsiae, 1850. 4°. 

14589. c. 5. 

[Another copy.] 14589, c. 6. 

MAHMUD ibn YUSUF. J'iisi!! t_^jU" t_j"a^ 
[Ta'dlb ul-atfal. Tales for the instruction of 
children, mainly from an Arabic translation of a 
French original. With illustrations.] pp. 208, 
lith. ir.. [Pema, 1883.] 8°. 14783. a. 5. 

MAHMUD 'ALI, Khvdjah. ^J^4«-e ^^i [Parhang 
i Mahmiidi. A glossary of Arabic and Persian 
words used in Persian, pt. i. containing words of 
different form but the same meaning, pt. ii. words 
of the same form but different meaning, and 
pt. iii. words different both in form and meaning. 
With appendix of useful grammatical rules.] 
pp. 174, WA. j^^ irit' [Oawnpore, 1877.] 8°. 

14815. d. 11. 

MAHMUD 'ALI ibn MUHAMMAD, Jahanglrnagari. 
[Annotated translation of poems of Ibn ul-Fari?.] 
See 'Umae ibn 'Ali, called Ibn u1-Faeiz. 

MAHMUD DIHDAR. See Mahmud ibn Muhammad 


KHAN. x'JI Jc:^ ^J J^\ Ui [Ziya ul-absar. 
A treatise on sexual medicine. Edited by Ghulam 
Riza Khan.] pp. 156, lith. jy>^^ i^^p [Cawnpore, 
1872.] 8°. ' 14837. f. 6.(6.) 

Jl .Uflj^l U-i [Ziya ul-absar.] pp. 110, 

lith. jy)j^ lAAi \_Cawnpore, 1889.] 8°. 

14753. d. 15.(1.) 

xUl! So- jJ .Lflj^l U-i [Ziya ul-absar. With 

marginal notes.] pp. 122, lith. jy)^^ ^""^ [Cawn- 
pore, 1882.] 8°. 14753. d. 10.(1.) 

MAHMUD MIYAN, Mangalurl. [Edit.] See Mu- 
hammad Ghiyas ul-DiN ibn Jalal u1-Din. 

MAHMUD SHAH, Khulji. Astronomica quaedam 
extraditione Shah Cholgii Persaa : una cum 
hypothesibus Planetarum. Studio et opera 
J. Gravii nunc primum publicata. pp. 97. Pers. 
Sf Lat. Londini, 1650. 4°. 767. b. 4. 

[Another copy.] 63. b. 8. 

MAHOMED. [For names beginning with, or con- 
sisting of, this word :] See Muhammad. 

MAHOMED (Peer). See Pib Muhammad. 

MAHOMMED. [For names beginning with, or 
consisting of, this word :] See Mohammad. 

MAHOMMED AKBER (Jilaleddeen), Emperor of 
Hindostan. See Akbar. 

MAHEAM. See 'Abd u1-Vahhab. 

mad Ghaus 'Abd u1-Kadir. 

Kasim ibn Hindij Shah. 

MAIBUZi. See Husain ibn Mu'in uI-Din. 

MAIDANI. See Ahmad ibn Muhammad, called 

MAIHANI. See Muhammad ibn u1-Munavvar. 






MAIMtJN ibn KAIS, called al-A'sHA. ?JJu» yi 
ia-Luaj <«_-JlUl!j J-iXij (_jjjtJl ^J-*il ^y^l <«jiiJ-i 

[Shulshul (or Sannajat ul-'arab) by A'sha and 
Laniiyyat ul-'arab by Shanfara. Two Arabic 
poems. With Arabic commentary and Persian 
translation by AKmad Shah Rizvaui.] pp. 72, 
nth. ^^\ iAmrilsar, 1888.] 8°. 14570. d. 18. 

HAJD ul-DIN, Firuzdhddi. See Muhammad ibn 
Ya'kub (Majd ul-DiN Ab0 Tahir). 

MAJD ul-DIN, Khvafl. J^j\s>. [Kharistan. A 
moral miscellany, in imitation of Sa'di's Gulistan. 
Edited with marginal notes by Dinadayal.] pp. 211, 
lUh. yk^ I Av A [XwcA;now, 1878.] 8°. 14783. f. 5. 

^jU*«.li- [Kharistan. With marginal notes.] 

pp. 210, Z/<A. ^^1^ I Aiv [Oa«;ry)ore, 1897.] 8°. 

14749. g. 13. 

MAJD ul-DIN (Abu Ishak), called Kisa'I. Die 
Lieder des Kisa'i. [Edited, with German trans- 
latiouj by H. Ethe.] (Sitzungsberichte der philo- 
sophisch-philologischen und historischen Classe 
der k. b. Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1874. 
Bd. 2, pp. 133-154.) [Munich, 1874.] 8°. 

767. e. 65. 

See Muhammad (Majd uI-DIn). 

MAJDUD ibn ADAM, called Sana'!. [On the 
poems of S. :] See Keql (S.). 

tJ'^ l^i^-^ '"^i'J^*- [Hadlliat. A Sufic 

masnavl poem. Edited by Muhammad 'Aziz ul- 
Hasan,] pp. 249, K</t. y^ \'^'/\ [Luck noto, 1878.] 
8". 14787. g. 13. 

The first book of the Hadiqatu' l-Haqiqat 

or The Enclosed Garden of the Truth . . . Edited 
and translated by Major J. Stephenson, pp. xxxiii. 
197, 100. 1911. /See Academies, e<c. — Calcutta. — 
Aniatic Society of Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica, etc. 
vol. 211. 1848, etc. 8°. 14002. a. (vol, 211.) 

^^ f^i^ •^l!-^ ^y*^ [Kasa'id. Poems 

ia kasidah form.} pt. i. pp. 49, Z/<A. .yi^J iau 
[Lahore, 1898.] 8". 14797. a. 12. 

MAJLISi (Muhammad Bakir). See Muhammad 
Bakib ibn Muhammad Taki. 

MAJMU'AH. iiyfsL, _ Joyll Jj'J*" J^'^ - ^y*^ 
Jl ^;'^l [Majmii'ah. 4 works, 3 in Hindustani 

(viz. al-Bayan ul-jazil ul-tartil, Zfnat ul-karl, and 
'Umdat ul-kur'au), and one in Persian (Maksiid 
ul-kari, by Niir ul-Din Muh. Kari), on correct 
reading of the Kur'an.] pp. 72, ZtiA. J^$3 irl. 
[Luclmow, 1873.] 8°. 14104. e. 13. 


_ ^o'-*^' ^^ -^ ^^j - JJUi3y*p Juki J«s . SCyt^ 

^^^^i^'jJI _l^_<LolieiJjUA« .CJ^UJl ifl^" [Majmii'ah. 

Tracts on religious and moral conduct, viz. : (1) 
Sad pand or Maxims of Lukman; (2) Risalah i 
'Abd Dllah Ansari, invocations of God and ex- 
hortations to devotees ; (3) Tuhfat ul-mulfik, on 
the conduct of kings ; (4) Sa'adat-namah, 73 
maxims in verse ; (5) Minhnj ul-'arifin, rules for 
conduct ; (6) Munajat or addresses to the Deity 
by Muh. Jamil ul-Din Farrukhabadi.] pp. 32, Uth. 
J^ \ru [Luclmow, 187-3.] 8°. 14837. g. 8.(6.) 

uul J J".^.'-*") e:^>«*Jo Sc^*=c-< [Majmii'ah i 

bist rasa'il i kira'at. 20 tracts on public 
reading of the Kur'an, in verse and prose, viz. : 
(1) al-Bayan ul-jazil (Urdu), by Muh. 'Inayat 
Ahmad ; (2) Maksiid ul-kari by Muh. Nur ul Din 
Kari ; (3) Nazm i mashhur dar bayan i vukuf 
i kur'an ; (4) Nazm i khvush bayan ; (5) Da'a 
i mutabarrak ba-zari'ah i huriif i kur'an (Urdu) ; 
(6) Muntakhab az kasTdat ul-kira'at; (7) Zinat 
ul-kari (Urdu) ; (8) Risalah i muntakhab az 
'Umdat ul-bayan, by 'Ammar 'All; (9) Ta'dad i 
siirat-ha i kalain i Allah ; (10) Siraj ul-kari 
(Drdu); (11) Marghub ul-kari; (12) Ta'dad i 
sTparah u siirat-ha n ruku' u sujiid ; (13) Ma- 
kharij ul-huriif (Urdu) ; (14) Manafi' i kariyan 
(Urdu), by Muh. Hashim 'Ali; (15) Risalah 
i mufid i kariyan u Bafizan (Urdu) ; (16) 
Taravih i kabiyan (Urdu) ; (17) Tarikah i namaz 
(Urdu); (18) Khutbaha i jami' i nam i surat-ha 
i Furkani (Arabic) ; (19) Risalah i fa?a'il ul- 
kur'an, and (20) Risalah i adab nl-talavat, both 
in Urdu. With phonetic diagrams.] fp. 108, Uth. 
yw$3 tr.A [LMc/mow, 1891.] 8°. 14703. b. 4. 

(iijAsUl ^^Aar*'') [Al-Majmii'at nl-latifat. 

9 tracts, nos. 1-3 in the text, and nos. 4-9 on the 
margin, viz. : (1) Kasidah i mnlamma'ah, a 
I'eligious poem in alternate Persian and Arabic 
lines; (2) al-Bahr ul-safi fi sharh il-vafi, a 





commentary by Mali. b. Hasan Husaini Kbu- 
rasani on no. 4, botli in Arabic ; (3) Dabistan 
ul-shu'ara, on the poetic art, in Persian, by the 
same author; (4) al-Vafi fi 'ilm il-'ariiz va'i- 
Uavafl, a poem on prosody by a certain Muham- 
mad; (5) Kitab ul-shavahid, literary examples of 
the rules laid down in nos. 2 and 4 above ; (6) 
Kasldat ul-arba'inj an anonymous poem on triads ; 
(7) Lughaz, a riddle by Muh. b. Hasan Khura- 
sani; (8) Lughaz, another by Baha ul-Din 'Amili; 
(9) an answer to no. 8 by Kliurasani, nos. 5-9 
being in Arabic] S. 128, lith. i f'i 6 [Mashhad, 
1878.] 16". Or. 70. a. 2. 


J! i__)U^ Jij &cy^^ [Majmu'ah i panj ki 

5 tracts, viz. : (1) Sa'di's Pand-namah ; (2) Nam 
i hakK, versified ritual by Sharaf ul-Din Bukhari ; 
(3) Mahmvid-namah, erotic ghazals ; (4) 'Attar's 
Pand-namah ; (5) Risalah i Kazi Kutb, a cate- 
chism of Islam by Kutb ul-Din Muh.] pp. 124, 
lith. ,_jix^irir[£om6a2/,1894.] 8°, 14797.0.18. 

L-j'.'ii' Jj <)Xy4.=r« [Majmii'ah i panj kitab. 

The same 5 tracts, with the Sad pand of Lukman 

appended to no. 4.] pp. 16, 16, 16,64, 12, lith. 

Jj^^ \r\'i [Boviiay, 1902.] 8°. 14787. b. 23. 

Title taken from wrapper, 

Jj'.«j. Sc^>ksr< [Majmii'ah i rasa'il. 4 mystic 

tracts, viz. : (1) Sharik ul-ma'rifat, adapted from 
the Bhagavad-gita and Yoga-vasishtha ; (2) Risa- 
lah i atvar dar liall i asrar ; (3) Risalah i Rama- 
glta ; (4) Masnavi, by Rai Chandarbhan (Brah- 
man).] pp. 116, lith. Jx^ I AW [Luchnow, 1877.] 
8°. 14837. e. U.(4.) 

— - — (JjIajj. iSCjAs-* [Majmu'ah i rasa'il. 4 reli- 
gious tracts, viz. : (1) Salik i tarikat, a list of 
the chief men of the various orders of dervishes, 
with prayers and invocations used, and notices 
of some celebrated religious poets with extracts 
from their works; (2) Rauzat ul-'ibrat, maxims 
and traditions ; (3) Hadikat ul-masa'il, traditions, 
with anecdotes of famous Shaikhs ; (4) Sirat ul- 
jannat, a ritual.] pp. 50, Zi<A. JL^ ir.. {^Luchnow, 
1883.] 8°. 14712. e. 13.(1.) 

MAJOR (Richard Henry). India in the Fif- 
teenth Century, etc. pp. i. xc. 49, 39, 32, 10, vii. 
Balduyt Society: London, 18^1 . 8°. R.Ac. 6172/20. 

MAKALAT. Jl UJJ ei^UlUJl _, Jlc Ja.! ei>^ll< 

[Makalat i ahl i 'alam va inkilabat i dunya. 
Comprising (1) Tazkirat ul- aka'id, on the chief 
religions of the world, and (2) Jang i haftad u 
du millat, on the 72 sects of Islam.] pp. 16, 24, 
lith. ^J.x^> try vlBomhay, 18^.1 8°. 14728.0.3.(1.) 

MAKBUL. ^y'o &«'J i_Jli' [Kaf-namah. Ghazals 
having Hdf as initial letter throughout.] See 

Ghulam Sakvae, called 'Aa!. Jl x«U i jls [Kaf- 

.] 8°. ^ 

namah.] [1873. 

14837. g. 8.(4.) 

MAKBUL AHMAD, Gopdmu'i. [Notes on Abu '1- 
Fazl's Mukatabat.] See Abu '1-Pazl ibn Mu- 

[Notes on Insha i 'ajib.] See Muhammad 

Ja'fak ibn Muhammad Fazil. 

[Notes on Vaka'i'.] See Ni'mat Khan, 

called 'A LI. 

MAKBUL AHMAD, Shah. See Muhammad 'Abd 

MAKHDUM 'ALI AHMAD, called Sabir. ^U. J^id 
[Divan. Poems.] pp. 108, lith. .yxiji^M Iai. 
[Saharanpur, 1890.] 8°. 14797. g. 24.(7.) 

MAKHDUM GANJ BAKHSH. See 'Ali ibn 'Usman, 
called Data Gtanj Bakhsh. 

MAKHFI. See Z!b uI-Nisa. 

MAKKHAN LAL. joa-.UI; <Uay' ^Ai ^^Ijs^ [Ja- 
han-zafar. An allegorical poem based upon the 
Ramasvamedha, a Sanskrit legend (Padma-pu- 
rana, Patala-khanda, bk. iv.).] pp. 192, 4, lith. 
^4^3 lAvr [Licchiow, 1872.] 8°. 14837. g. 8.(1.) 

MAKSAD. ^_J'i=I! JvdiLo \—j[)S ]SA [Maksad ul- 
talib. An account of the ancestors of Muhammad 
and his uncle Abu talib.] pp. 86, lith. irii 
[Bombay, 1893.] 8°. 14712.0.5.(3.) 

MAKSUD HASAN (Muhammad). See Muhammad 
Maksud Hasan. 

MAKTABI, Shlrazi. (_^'i^ c^^^ i \J^ t-jU^ 
[Laila u Majnun. A romantic poem.] pp. 196, 
lith. \rM lBomhay,\84.8.] 12°. 14797. a. 11. 

End. ^^^ks^ J ^JoJ L-j'ji" A^ |»l-kJ' [Laila u 

Majnun. Illustrated.] ff. 33, ZiYA. irv. [Fersia, 
1854.] 8°. ■ 14837. d. 1.(4.) 





MAKTABI, Shinlzl (eontinued). ijjJ^ j ij^ &<>> 
j>j^ f^ [Laila u Majnun. Here attributed on 
the title-page to Nigainl. Illustrated.] pp. 196, 
Uih. ^J^^^-^o [Bombay, 1875.] 8°. 14797. a. 2. 

^^jKiLe ^J}j^^ J ,_^' i—j'Ji" Ijjb [Laila u 

Majuun.] flf. 64, lUh. Jj^ i rir [Teheran, 1876.] 
12°. 14787. a. 9. 

jiyi^ «^ j^yLar* J ^JuJ <Uas [Laila u Majnun, 

With illustrations.] pp. 160, lith. ijijuo (r.v 
[Bombay, 1890.] 8°. 14797. a. 7. 

MAKTUL. See Shihab uI-DIn. 

MALCOLM (Sir John), g^li' l-jJoT {^i^S) J^l jAr. 
Jl ^J\y^\ [Ta'rikh i Iran. An illustrated history 
of Persia from earliest times to the reign of Fath 
'All Shah. Translated from English into Persian 
by Isma'il Hairat.] 2 vols., Zi<A. ^liAJ\^^r-^^^r 
[Bombay, 1872-82.] Fol. 14773. i. 17. 

Malcolm's History of Persia (modern), 

edited and adapted to the Persian translation of 
Mirza Hairat, with notes and dissertations, by 
Lieut.-Colonel M. H. Court, pp. xi. 290 ; 1 map. 
Lahore, 1888. Fol. 757. 1. 16. 

J'tj|;jjg^^' ie-iH=i_jbi_^y FuUglossary 

on chapters xiv. and xv. of Professor Mirza 
Hairat's Persian text of Sir John Malcolm's 
History of Persia . . . Written by an under- 
graduate Mawlawi, etc. pp. 34. Bombay, 1892. 
8°. 757. d. 46.(3.) 

[For extracts from the History of Persia 

prescribed for the Punjab University Intermediate 
Course, translated :] See Academies, etc. — Lahore. 
— Ficnjab University. 

MALSA. [History and Antiquities.] See Ilahi 
Bakhsh ibn 'Ali Bakhsh. 

MALET (George Gkenville). [Translation of 
History of Sind.] See Muhammad Ma'sum. 

MALIK ibn ANAS, ^cr^ • • • ^y^a^ [Muwatta. 
Traditions of Muhammad. With a Persian trans- 
lation and commentary called Musaffa by Shah 
Vali Ullah Dihlavl, and on the margin an Arabic 
commentary called Musavva by the latter.] 
vol. i. pp. 420, WA. ^lifcJ ipir [DeZ/it, 1876.] 8°. 

14707, c. 1. 

MALIK ul-ATIBBA. See Kazim ibn Muhammad. 

MALIK uI-KUTTAB. See Muhammad ibn Muham- 
mad Rafi'. 

MALIK MUHAMMAD, Jdyaal. [For Persian adap- 
tation of M. M.'s Padmavat :] See 'Abd ul- 
Shakub ibn Monavvae. 

MALKAXI (V. K.). See Vasanmal Kishanchand 

MALLOUF (Nassip). See NasTp Ma'lup. 

Words occurring in Hikayat-e-Latif [explained in 
English and Gujarati]. With the cori'ect pro- 
nunciation of each word in Guzerati [characters], 
pp. 46, lith. Bombay, 1888, 8°. 757. f. 29.(2.) 

DarvTsh Fani. [Edit.] See Ahmad ibn Muham- 
mad (Alu 'Ali). 


[Preface to Kulliyat i chahar chaman.] 

See Baheam ibn Farhad ibn Isfandiyar. 

[For the part of the Namah i Khusravan 

based on M, L. H.'s history of the Parsis :] See 
Jalal u1-D!n ibn Fath 'Ali Shah. 

i_^yt i^\ [A'ln i Hushang. Four 

Zoroastrian works translated from the Pahlavi, 

viz. : (1) Khvishtab, on the nature of God, by 

Bistab; (2) Zardusht-afshar, on man, with special 

reference to the Prophet Zoroaster, by HQshguy ; 

(3) Ziiyandah-riid, on immortality, by Zindali 

Azaram ; (4) Zurah, on ethics, purporting to bo 

derived from the words of Anushlrvan, by Azar- 

pazhiih. Edited with an introduction, appendix 

and marginal notes by M. L. H.] pp. 21, 205, 

lith. irli [re/ieran, 1879.] 8°. 14724. d". 7, 

A Gujarati version of nog. 1-3 of these texts (Bombaij, 
1904) states that the Pahlavi originals were entitled respec- 
tively Garzan i ddnish, Azar-gushasp, and Cliashmah i 
zindag't (sic), and that no. 1 was rendered into Persian by 
Mobed Sariish b. Kaivdn and nos. 2-3 by Diidpuy b. Hush. Tin. 

MANGAL SINGH, Munshl. [Panjabi intei-preta- 
tion of ^afar-mlmah.] See Gobind Singh, 

MA'NI, See Ajodhya-ram. 

MANJHU AKBAR. See Sikandar ibn Muhammad.. 

MANN (Oskar), [Edit,] See Abu 'I-Hasan ibn 
Muhammad AmIm. 





MANNU lAL. Jl l='-iJ &j^s\^ [Guldastah i 

nashat. Selections from Persian and Hindustani 
poets, arranged bj subjects.] pp. viii. 463. 
xi^ I Art [Calcutta, 1836.] 4°. 14807. h. 6. 

MANSUR ibn AHMAD (Abu '1-Kasim), tmt. See 
Hasan (Abu '1-Kasim). 


Jut=^ '-r-'y=^ ^^j J i_j; r"^ [Kifayab i Mansurl, or 
Kifayab i mujabidiyyah. A manual of medicine. 
Followed by Risalah i cbiib i cblni, an anonymous 
tract on China root and its uses.] pp. 254, lith. 
y^ IA11 [LMc/cnou', 1869.] 8°. 14736. d. 2.(3.) 

,J^^ '^r^yf- ^^1 i ^jy"^ ^^ [Kifayab 

i Mansiiri. Followed by the tract called Risalah 
i chub i chfni.] pp. 255, Kf/t. ^i^ \^•^r[Lucknow, 
1873.] 8°. 14753.6.11. 

'LaLs- Sj^ [Kilid i hikmat. The Kifayab i 

Mansuri with Hindustani translation and commen- 
tary by Ghulam Gilaui b. Muli. Ibrahim.] pp. 60, 
lith. j^^\[Amritsar,\m.] 8°. 14753. b. 10. 

isii' ^'^f f' f^ [Tashrih i Mansurl. An 

anatomy.] pp. 90; 6 plates, lith. jIj I jjlgac*'-i 
in i [Delhi, 18i8.] 8°. 14753, f. 1. 

Jl ,,yaJL« f- f^ [Tashrih i Mansuri. 

With diagrams called Tashrihat i zaruri.] pp. 44, 
lith. jj&'i if^^t [Lahore, 1889.] 8°. 14753. d. 10.(3.) 

Jl ,,}-ai.« f. f^ [Tashrih i Mansuri. With 

(on the margin) 4 tracts on medicinal drinks, viz. 
(1) Risalah i nia' ul-jubn, on whey ; (2) R°. i ma 
ul-'asal, on honey-water ; (3) R°. i 'usbbah, on 
sarsaparilla ; (4) R°. i ma ul-sha'ir ba-sikanjabin, 
on barley-water and oxymel ; and (5) R°. i su'al 
n javab or R°. i ma bal, a medical catechism 
ascribed to Aristotle, translated from Arabic by 
flusain ibn Ghulam Ghaus.] pp. 40, lith. .ytill 
r Ale [La/iore, 1895.] 8°. 14753. d. 15.(4.) 

VLATSSVn AHXAD, Bardwdni. [Edit.] SeeKANHJi, 
I) Ivan. 

MANSUR HALLAJ. See Husain ibn Mansur. 

MANTIK. jkLc icy^ar* [Majmu'ah i mantilt. 8 
works on logic, viz. (1,2) Sayyid Sharif Jurjani's 
Risalah i kubra and R°. i sughraj (3) Abhari's 
isaghiijT, in Arabic, wilh Mir Hasan's Persian 

commentary Mir'at ul-mantik; (4) Kal akul, an 
Arabic commentary on the Isaghuji by Kati ; 
(5) Mukhtasar ul-mizan, etc., in Arabic; (6) Mizan 
ul-mantik, with commentary, in Arabic; (7) al- 
Javahir ul-muziyyah, by Makbiil Ahmad, in Arabic, 
etc.; (8) pt. 1 of Taftazani's Tahzib, in Arabic, 
with Persian commentary.] 8 pts., lith. .jaJI^ 
(rvA-vi [Cawmpore, 1862.] 8°. 14540. c. 29. 

it^^^ '"^j-S^ [Majmu'ah i mantik. The 

same works, omitting Kati's commentai-y, and 
reversing the order of nos. 1 and 2.] pp. 141, 
lith. Jj^ UT^ [Luchiow,l8(i9.] 8°. 14540. c. 8. 

pp. 142, /i</t. .jxil^iAAi [CaWTijiore, 

1881.] 8°. 

MANUEL (Thomas Philip). [Translation of Khirad 
afruz.] iSee Abo 'I-Fazl ibn Modaeak. 

[Translation of Gul i Bakavali.] See 

'IzzAT Ullah, Bangdli. 

MANZUR AHMAD. ^^« SU [Nalah i Mangur. 
A mystic mamavi p^om. With marginal notes.] 
pp. 28, lith. iTAr [Luclinow, 1867.] 8°. 

14837. e. 10.(4.) 
MAR. The Persian Mar-nameh ; or The Book 
for taking Omens from Snakes (read before the 
Anthropological Society of Bombay). [Edited 
and translated] by Jivanji Jamshedji Modi. 
pp.10. Bombay, 1893. 8°. 757. e. 68. 

MARAGHA'I. See Zain uI-'AbidIn, Mardgha'i. 

MARATHAS. Translation of an Account, of the 
Morattas, from the Reign of Shaw Jehan, to the 
Beginning of that of Shaw AUum, from a Persian 
Ms. obtained at Allahabad, January 1769. 1793. 
See Dalrymple (A.). Oriental Repertory, vol. i., 
pp. 403-18. 1793-1808. 4°. 148. f. 3. 

Fhilonoi-iher, Emperor of Rome. See Aukelius 

MARDIN, Timotheus, Archbishop of. See Aqnel- 
LINI (T.). 

MARGHINANi. See 'Au ibn Abi Bake (Buehan 

MARGHUB. ^jJ^\ "^fj* ^ cy^r° ^^J [Marghub 
ul-tari. A poem on recitation of the Kur'an.] 





See Majmo'ah. ti^Li JJ'w*, i^^.i.u ^yAs^ [M^j- 
mu'ahi bistrasa'ilikira'at.] pp. 67-76. [1891.] 
8°. 14703. b. 4. 

cij^I L_jiy:_« [Margljub nl-Kulub. A 

mystic maxnavl poem, sometimes ascribed to 
Sbams nl-DIn Tabrizl.] See GanjInah. ^-J^J^^^ 
J^j. [Ganjinah i 'irfan.] pp. 21-29. [1877.] 
8°. 14797. h. 51.(1.) 

Jl <^^^ '^f'T* [Marghub ul-liuliib. With 

the Kuranic and traditionist authority of each line.] 
iSee Muhammad Zabdak Khan. Jl i». s!. ^, 

[Rahbar i rah i haUli.] pp. 159-67. [1877.] 
8°. 14119. e. 28. 

L-.>y.iii1 c_>^^ <iJ'o,«, [Marghub nl-Uulub.] 

See Muhammad (ynAMs uI-DIn), called Fakhei. 
Shams i Fachrii . . . lexicon, etc. fasc.i., pp. 144-53. 
1885,87. 4°. 757.1.47. 

cM'^' •^f • • • ^^ ij^j^ w^ • • • t^^ 

.Uac [Marghub ul-kulub. Followed by the 

mystic Masi]avl of 'Attar.] pp. 20, K<A. y^ ia1v 
{Luchnow, 1897.] 8°. 14797. g. 31.(3.) 

\sic\ &) i_jj^«.« jijU ^^*>4-i ^:uj,a=- ^jj^ 

j\lac ^^.jJl S)ji Ci.)-<a»- ^)^ [Marghub ul-kulub. 
Followed by 'Attar's Masnavi. With Hindustani 
interlinear translations of both.] pp. 31, lith. 

y^$3 un [LMc&now, 1899.] 8". 14797.6.36.(3.) 

MARGOLIOUTH (David Samuel). [Edit, with 
translation of the Book of the Apple.] See 
Aristotle. \_Supposititious Works.^ 

Catalogue of the Oriental Manuscripts in 

the Library of Eton College. 1904. 8°. See 
Eton Colleqe. 15000. b. 

An early Jndaeo-Persian Document from 

Khotan, in the Stein Collection, with other early 
Persian Documents. See Academies, etc. — London, 
— Eoyal Asiatic Society, etc. The Journal, etc. 
1903, pp. 735-70. 1834, eic. 8°. R.Ac. 8820/3. 

MA'RIFAT. ^jjw e:^*^ t-j'Oi" Ijjn [Ma'rifat 
i takvim. A tract on the Persian calendar, with 
astrological notes.] pp. 25, lith. [Persia, 1860 ?] 
8°. 14770. b. 1.(1.) 

MAR8DEN (William). Bibliotheca Marsdeniana 
philologica et oriontalis. A Catalogue of Books 

and Manuscripts collected . . 
pp. 309. London, 1827. 4°, 

[Another copy,] 

[Another copy.] 

by W. Marsden. 
16000. 0. 

823. i. 6. 

ffi. 474. 

Numismata Orientalia Illustrata. Tlie 

oriental coins , . , of his collection, described . . , 
by W. Marsden, etc. 2 pts. London, 1823-25. 
4°. 602. h. 16, 17. 

[Another copy.] 

<IK. 2690, 91. 

MARTEAU (Georges). [Preface and notes to 
Persian miniatures.] See Paris. — Louvre. 

MARTTN (Henry). [Translation of New Testament 
and Psalms.] .See Biblk, 

Controversial Tracts on Christianity and 

Mohammedanism, by the late Rev. Henry Martyn 
. . . and some of the most eminent writers of Persia, 
translated and explained : to which is appended 
an additional tract on the same question ; and, 
in a preface, some account given of a former con- 
troversy on this subject, with extracts from it . . . 
By the Rev. S. Lee. pp. cxxxi. 584; 1 plate. 
Cambridge, 1824. 8°. 757. d. 40. 

MARZBAN KAVASJi MASTER. [Translation of 
Ta'rikh i ahval.] See Muhammad 'Ali Hazin. 

MARZUBAN ibnRXISTAM, Aspahbadof Mazandaran. 
The Marzub4n-ndma, a book of fables originally 
compiled in tbe dialect of Tabaristdn and trans- 
lated into Persian by Sa'du 'd-Din-i-Wardwini. 
The Persian text edited by Mirzd Muhammad ibn 
'Abdu '1-Wahhab of Qazwin (<uU ^j'ljj^ <— ''>^)- 
[With English preface by E. G. Browne.] pp. xvi, 
xxiv. 309. 1909. See Gibb (E. J. W.). "E. J. W. 
Gibb Memoi-ial" Series, vol. viii. 1905, etc. 8°. 

14005. g. 8. 

<uU ^^^jr« [Extracts from Marzuban-namah 

in the recension of Sa'd Varavlni.] See Scheper 
(C). Chrestomathie Persane. torn. ii. 1883,85. 
8°: 14003, i. 15. 

Eine unbekannte Bearbeitnng des Marz- 

ban-nameh [i.e. Rau?at ul-'ukul, by MuH. Qhazi 
Malati. Noticed, with excerpt,] von M. Th. 
Houtsma. 1898. See Academies, e<c. — Germany. 





— Deutsche Morgenldndische Gesellschaft. Zeit- 
schrift, etc. Bd. 52, pp. 359-92. 1846, etc. 8°. 

Ac. 8815/2. 

MASA'IL. (jJU^l iobJ>s- [Hadikat ul-masa'il. 
Traditions, followed by anecdotes of famous 
Shaikhs.] See Majmu'ah. JJU, icy*=F^ [Maj- 
mu'ah i rasa'il.] 1883. 8°. 14712. e. 13.(1.) 

MASHKUL. J_jiLi^l b ^^^^1 u_>lkL^l ujU^I l^a 
J^il^ e:.,s=^l lyfc SajIJ' ^y ^ [Mashkul. Traditions, 
stories and moral precepts in prose and verse, 
compiled from Arabic and Persian authors, after 
the method of the Kashkul of Baha ul-Din 'Amill.] 
pp. 332, litk. ir.. [Teheran, 1883.] 8°. 

14783. f. 11. 

MASIH. i<s^*«^ u^!'*\l [Ramayan i Masihi. The 
story of Rama and Sita in masnavl rhyme.] 
pp. 329, lith. y^ uil [Luclcnow, 1899.] 8°. 

14734. b. 6. 

MASBUB. See Bukkah Kak. 

MASSE (Henri). Essai sur le poete Saadi. Suivi 
d'une bibliographie. pp. 268, Ixii. Paris, Saint- 
JJmer [printed], 1919. 8". 14807. e. 14. 

MASSIGNON (Lotus). [Edit.] See Husain ibn 
Mansur, called Hallaj. 

MAST. See Dhannu Lal. 

MASTAN SHAH.BrafcMZ*. eijJ^j sj^^^/iT [Atash- 
kadah i vahdat. Religious and mystic poems, 
including a talchmis on 'AH Hamadani's Chihil 
asrar. With Hindustani preface by Muharram 
'All Chishtl Lahaurl.] pp. 36, 11, 472, ii. j^'l 
irie [Z^a/iore, 1897.] 8°. 14787. g. 30. 

MASTEB (M. C). See Maezban Kavasji Master. 

MASTEB (Ardeshir Soeabji). 
SoHRABji Master. 


MAS'UD ibn ABI BAKB ibn HUSAIN (Abu Nasr), 
Faraht. See Abu Nasr, Fardhl. 

MAS'UD ibn HASAN ibn HUSAIN (Abu Nase), 
Adahl. See Abu Nase, Fardhl. 

MAS'UD ibn MAHMUD, Sultan of Ghaznah. [Lifg.'] 
See Muhammad ibn u1-Husain (Abu '1-Fazl). 

MAS'UD ibn MAHMUD ibn YUSUF, Samarliandl. 

,ii»«*i^ Sjio [Salat i Mas'udi. A treatise on 

prayer and religious x'ites. Edited by Malimiid 

ibn Isma'il Mangaluvi.] pp. 288, 222, 152, lith. 
JLaj [Bombay, 1887.] 8°. 14718. g. 9. 

Jl ^OyiMj^ ii)Lo [Salat i Mas'iidi. Edited 

with marginal notes by Muh. Yar.] pp. 268, 228, 
186, lith. j^'l I Air [Lahore, 1892.] 8°. 14712. g. 7. 

MAS'UD ibn SA'D ibn SALMAN. [Critique.] See 
Muhammad ibn 'Abd uI-Vahhab. 

^J^aSm Ajuw (^ Oyojij^ jy*] jjl^P Ij^ [Divan. 

Poems. Edited by Abu '1-Kasim Akhvani.] 
ff. 156, lith. I rl r [Teheran, 1879.] 8°. 14797. h. 12. 

MAS'UD ibn 'DMAB (Sa'd uI-DIn), Taftdzdm. 

I ^j^jji [Tahzib ul-mantili va'1-kalam, pt. i. An 

Arabic manual of logic. With anonymous Persian 
marginal commentary.] pp. 20. See Mantik. 
^kLo ^yksr* [Majmii'ah i mantik.] [1862.] 8°. 

14540. c. 29. 

pp. 121-141. [1869.] 8°. 

14540. c. 8. 

pp. 121-141. [1881.] 8°. 

14540. c. 19. 

is^j'"^ '' "■■'^ 7" t*' [Tahzib ul-mantik, 

pt. i. Arabic text, with Persian commentary by 
Shahrastani.] pp. 124, lith. jj.^ iaw [Luckiiow, 
1877.] 8°. 14540. c. 18. 

^-j.U (.-.^ j>jj' —j^ [Tahzib ul-mantik, pt. i. 

With Shahrastani's commentary.] pp. 128, 2. 

jl^ iaah= [Luchnow, 1884.] 8°. 14540. c. 40. 

^^.U l._^j j.ji' _yi [Tahzib ul-mantik, pt. i. 

With Shahrastani's commentary.] pp. 126, lith. 
^^K M 10 [CajOTipore, 1915.] 8°. 14540. cc. 7. 

MATAN LAL, called Afein. l::,u*„I ^1^ [Kashi- 
astut. A poem in praise of the sacred city of 
Benares.] pp. 44, iJ</i. y^ uvr [ittc/fnow, 1873.] 
8°. 14837. g. 8.(5) 

MATHU LAL, called Mueshid, Iluhdhddl. ^j^]^ 
<uU [Kushayish-namah. A poem on the names 
of God.] pp. 89, lith. jIjT-):!! uir [Allahabad, 
1893.] 16°, 14712. a. 3. 

MATHUBA-NATHA, Mdlavi. [Kuuh i zat i majma' 
ul-sifat. A treatise on Hindu castes and creeds, 
abridged from M.'s Riyaz ul-mazahib. With hand- 
coloured illustrations.] pp.40. [Bena7-es? 1812?] 
8°. 14734. a. 1. 





MATIN. See Kanj! SahaI. 

See MuuAMMAD Muhsin. 

MAUJUD. See 'Abd uI-Jalil. 

MAULA-BAKHSH, Biharl. iji^'i) S]j [Zad ul- 
akhirat. A work on funeral rites in 16 chapters.] 
pp. 368, Zj<A. IA11 [LwcifenoM;, 1869.] 8". 14718. e.l. 

MAULA-BAKHSH, Kh<7n Bahadur. [Edit.] See 
*Abd Ullah ibn Nur u1-D!n. 

MATTLAVi. See Muhammad ibn 'Abd u1-Rahman. 

MAUZUN. See Rama-narayana. 

MAYNARD (Felix) . 



J! ci.JuJ.yb [Sarguzasht i Mistress Hortestet 

[«ic ! read " Hornsteet"]. A Persian translation 
of the French novel "De Delhi & Cawnpore, journal 
d'une dame anglaise," made for I'timad i Daulah 
Hasan b. 'All. Illustrated.] pp. 244, liih. ^j^f^ 
ir.t [Teheran, 1887.] 8°. 14779. c. 6. 

J! c>JuJ,yb ,^^J«j^ c:^jjiy*, (__>U^ [Sar- 

gugasht i Mistress Hortestet.] A history of an 
English lady named Mistress Hortestet [«/c] in the 
Indian Mutiny 1857 A.D. [Illustrated.] pp.192, 
lith. [Bombay, 1894.] 8°. 14779. b. 6. 

ci^Juij.yb ^j~_w<i \jj^SSy^ k-j'vi^ [Sargu- 
zasht i Mistress Hortestet. Illustrated.] pp.176, 
lith. Jcy^, irrc [Bombay, 1907.] 8°. 14783. c. 14. 

MAZHAR. See HabIb Ullah (Shams uI-Din). 

See Muhammad Mazhar u1-Hakk. 

MAZHAR 'ALi, called SapI, 'Aldvi. ejKj ic^ytar* 
(_j'l^' 5 yii [Majmu'ah i nukat i fakr u tasavvuf. 
4poem8, viz. (1) Ma§navf i Mazhar 'AH, (2) Tarji'- 
band, (3) Munilzarah i gul i khvurshid ba shabnam, 
(4) Kasidah dar madh i 'All; nos. 1-3 being Sufic, 
no. 4 in praise of 'AlT. Followed by ghazals by 
Munir ul-Din Ahmad Sandilavi.] pp. 74, lith. 
y^ |A^6 [Liicfcnou;, 1885.] 8°. 14797. d. 16.(1.) 

MAZHAR 'ALi KHAK, called Vala. [Hindustani 
verse-translation of Pand-namah.] See Muslih 
ibn 'Abd Ullah (Musharrif uI-DIn), called 
Sa'dI. — Pand,-ndmah. 

MAZHAR ul-HAKK, Barrister- at- Law. [Urdu life 
of Muh. 'Aziz Ullah.] See Muhammad Vilatat 

'Ali Khan. J 
abadi.] [1896.] 8°. 

i_jjj| <ul»- ^ [Kbum-khanah i 
14797. 0. 19.(4.) 

MEDHORA (Dhunjeebhot Jamsktjkk). See Dhak- 
jIbhai JamshbdjT Medhoba. 

MEDU LAL, called Zar. JIaJ! -.1^ [Siraj ul- 
sayyak. A manual of book-keeping, in verse.] 
pp. 48, K<A. ^ lAA. [Lucknow, 1880.] 8°. 

14835. e. 3. 

MEGHA-RAJA, called Gharib, of Multan. [Pan- 
jabi metrical version of Goya's Divan, efc.] See 
Nanda-lala, called Goya. 

MEGISER (HiERONYMUs). [Edit.] See Lord's 

MEHABUT JUNG (Alyvirdy Khan). See 'Khl- 
vird! Khan. 

MEHEMED EADIRI. See Muhammad Khudavand, 

MEHETA (R. E.). See Rustamji EdauI Mehkta. 

MEHMED CHELEBI. See Muhammad Chelebi. 

MEHREN (August Ferdinand Michael). Codices 
Persici, Turcici, Hindustanici variique alii Biblio- 
thecsB Regise Hafniensis . . . enumerati et descripti 
ab A. F. Mehren. 1857. 4°. See Copenhagen. 

11902. h. 3L 

MEHRJI RANA. [Life.^ See Jivanji Jamshedji 

and Humour of the 'Persians. [Selections from 
Persian literature, translated.] pp. ix. 255, 1. 
Bombay, 1894. 8°. 767. e. 43. 

[Another copy.] 

767. e. 43.* 

MEIER (Ernst), Professor of Oriental Languages 
at Tubingen. Morgenlandische Anthologie. Klass- 
ische Dichtungen aus der sinesischen, indischen, 
persischen und hebraischen Literatur. Uebersetzt 
vonE.M. pp.256. Letymgr, [1886.] 8°. 11092.a.3. 

MELIZ-SHAHNAZAREANTS (Dauith Tsatourkan). 
Notices sur I'Etat actuel de la Perse, en persan, en 
arm^nien et en f i'an9ai3 ; par Myr-D&vond-Zadour 
de Melik Schahnazar . . . et M. M. Langlds . . . 
(et) Chahan de Cirbied. pp. 360. Paris, 1818. 
8°. 889. a. 24. 

c c 





MENOUTCHEHEI. See Ahmad (Abu 'I-Najm). 

MEEA KAVAS SETT. [Illustrations to 'Umar 
Khayyam.] See 'Umar Khayyam. — Ruba'iyydt. 

HERBICK (James Lyman) j Rev., of Amherst, U.S. 
[Translation of "The Evidence of Prophecy."] 
See Keith (A.). 

[Translation of the life of Muhammad fi-om 

Hayat ul-kuliib.] See Muhammad Bajcir ibn 
Muhammad TakI. 

MEBZBAN, fils de Eustem. See Mabzuban ibn 


MEYNABD (C. Baebier de). See Baebier de 

MICHAEL (James). [Vocabulary to Anvar i 
suhailr.] See Husain Va'iz, Kdshifi 

MIDHAT. See Muhammad ibn Zahir u1-D!n Ahmad. 

MIDBASH. pjn pHN JTI-J33 • . . HttTO m-'JOH) "13D 
'131 [Petirath Mosheh. A Hebrew homily on the 
pericope Deut. xxxiii.-xxxiv. Followed by P°. 
Aharon, a homily on the death of Aaron. With 
Persian paraphrases by Simeon Hakham. Edited 
by Zechariah b. Isaac of Bokhara.] ff. ii. 42. D^lflT 
-\"nV2. [Jerusalem, 1902.] 12°. 1954. b. 31. 

MIHR. See Duega-pbasada. 

HIHB SINGH, of Oujranwala. ^ u^.^]; ij^^ 
jt>j>ju»-«-! ^jjUcK [Valmlki-ramayana. A metrical 
adaptation of the Sanskrit epic, with special 
reference to the Ramasvamedha in the Uttara- 
kanda. Illustrated.] pp. 188, lith, .yt^J ui. 
[Lahore, 1890.] 8°. 14734. d. 2. 

MIHB-CHAND DAS. [Pushpopavana, Hindi trans- 
lation of Gulistan.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah 
(Mushaeeif uI-Din), called Sa'di. — Gulistan. 

MIHRI. See Muhammad Mihei. 

MILAN. — Collegium Ambrosiamim. See Academies, 
etc. — Milan. 

MILES (William), Colonel. [Translation of Nishan 
i Haidarl and its continuation.] See Husain 'Ali, 

[Abridged translation of Shajarat ul- 

atrak.] See Turks. 

MINA, Shaikh. See Muhammad ibn Kutb. 

MINHAJ. (^RW;W1 J^) [Minhaj ul-'arifin. 

Rules of conduct.] See Lukman. Jl sXj iW [Sad 

pand, etc. (4.)] pp. 25-30. [1859.] 8°. 

14837. g. 1.(1.) 

^jjki,[ti] -.^f*^ [Minhaj ul-'arifin.] See 

Majmu'ah. Jl icyAs* [Majmii'ah. (5.)] [1873.] 
8^ 14837. g. 8.(6.) 

al-DIN (Aboo 'Omar 'Othman), al-Jawzjani. See 
'U§MAN ibn SlRAJ ul-DiN. 

MINUCHIHBI. See Ahmad (Abu '1-Najm). 

MIB AGHA. Jjcj J i_ASj .J (J-flj Jy [Kaul i fa?l 
dar vakf u vasl. A tract on the proper reading 
of the Kur'an.] pp. 49, 1, lith. J^ tf-'\r[Lucknow, 
1893.] 8°. 14703. b. 3.(1.) 

MIB 'ALAM. See Abu 'I-Kasim ibn Razi ul-DiN. 

MIB JUMLAH. See Muhammad Sa'id. 

MIB KHVAND. See Muhammad ibn Khavand 

Dabd. Jl (j»"iU ^jl)Ji> [Divan. Poems. Edited 
by Sayyid Nur ul-Hasan Khan.] pp. 148, lith. 
JjtJ, ir.s [Delhi, 1892.] 8°. 14797. g. 23. 

i_->Ui3l At ['Ilm ul-kitab. A theological 

and ethical treatise, principally expounding the 
Kur'an and Traditions.] pp. 648, 6, lith. ^Jjt>J 
rr.A [Delhi, 1891.] Fol. 14712. i. 9. 

MIB NAJAT. See Najat. 

MIB ZAHID. See Muhammad Zahid. 

MI'BAJ. Jl <u'J ^lr«^ i—j'oi' ]ss> [Mi'raj-namah. 

An elegy on the deaths of Fatimah and the martyrs 
of Kerbela.] S. 24, lith. ir. i [Persia? 1884.] 
12°. 14837. a. 2.(3.) 

MIBAK, Mauldna. ^^^ j ^/*"^ i^i*^ [Masnavi 
i husn u 'ishk. A romance in mamavi rhyme.] 
pp. 61, lith. ))^j»- i^'A [Jaunpur, 1898.] 8°. 

14797. g. 31.(8.) 

MIB'AT. An Epitome of Mohammedan Law. 
Translated from the original Persian [of the 
Mir'at ul-masa'il], by F. Gladwin, pp. viii, 82. 
Calcutta, 1786. 8°. 767. b. 39. 

MIBCHOND. See Muhammad ibn Khavand Shah. 





MIR-HUQAINI. See Bahadub 'Ali. 
MIEEHON'D. See Muhaiimad ibn Khavand Shah. 

MIRZA (K. F.). [Tnmslation of Kimiya i sa'adat.] 
See Muhammad ibn Muhammad, Qhazzdli. 

HIRZA AKA. See Muhammad NasIb. 

MIRZA JAN, Dihlavi. [Hindustani translation 
etc. of Divan of fiafiz.] See Muhammad Hafiz, 


MIRZA SAFi. See Saif Khan. 

MISBAH. ^IJ^!^L,!jj.^l^i.x^...ujU;iijb 

[Misbah ul-tarik v«-islah ul-'amal. A tract on 
the conditions and benefits of prayer.] pp. 31, lith. 
^yMJ irir [Bombay, 1894.] 8°. 14718. d. 6.(3.) 

MISCHEL (Franz). [Translation of Oupnek'hat.] 

See Upanishads. 

MISHNAH. ma« nODD [Masseklieth aboth. 
Ethical dicta of the early Rabbis. Hebrew text, 
with Persian translation. Edited by Israel, 
Nethaneel, and Benjamin Shaulov of Bokhara.] 
fif. 44. ch^l' 2"Dir\ [Jerusalem, 1902.] 12°. 

1960. a. 20. 
MISEIIT. See Muhyi uI-DIn (Abu Muhammad). 

MITSCHERLICH (Eilhardt). [Edit., with trans- 
lation, of Mir Khvand's History of the tahiris.] 
See Muhammad ibn Khavand Shah. 


MIYAN JAN. See Jan. 

MIYAN KHAN. See Budhan ibn Rukn. 

MODI (JivANJi Jamshedji). See JivANji JamshedjI 

MOFAZZAL HOSAIN. See Mufazzal Husain. 

names consisting of, or beginning with, this 
word :] See Muhammad. 



MOHAMMED HADI, Mirza. SeeJ^'vAR Khan. 
MOHAMMUD PAD8HA. See Muhammad Padshah. 

MOHL (Jules). [Edit, and translation of Shah- 
namah.] See Hasan (Abu 'I-Kasim), called 


[Edit.] See Zarathustba. 

MOHOMED, or MOHUMMUD. [For names begin- 
ning with, or consisting of, these words :] See 


AmIu Khan. 

See Muhammad 

M0ISE8 (Edward). The Persian Interpreter : in 
three parts. A grammar of the Persian langaage. 
Persian extracts in prose and verse, A vocabu- 
lary : Persian and English. 3 pts. Newcastle, 
1792. 4°. 12906. g. 9. 

MONEVER, Khanum. See Munavvar. 

MONEY -COUTTS (F. B.). See Coutts (F. B. M.). 

MOOHUMMUD. [For names beginning with this 
word :] See Muhammad. 


MOOST'UJAB KHAN. See Muhammad Mustajab 
ibn Hafiz Rahmat Khan. 


MORIER (James Justinian). The Adventures of 
Haji Baba of Ispahan. Translated from English 
into Persian by Haji Shaikh Ahmad-iKirmani and 
edited with notes by Major D. C. Phillott. 1«^) 
(^[^] ^Wo ^_ja>-l»- ij:^ii^ pp. XX. xviii. 474; 

767. g. 64. 

787. g. 64.* 

1 plate. Calcutta, 1905. 8° 
[Another copy.] 

*ac*'^^ [Mazhar ul-'ajara. " The Adven- 
tures of Haji Baba," translated into Persian by 
Asad Ullah Khan Shirazi.] pp. 346, lith. ^Jjaj 
irrr [Bombay, 1905.] 8°. 14783. f. 19. 

v^ k**' • • • V-^ (.5?"'-*- (_y/*^ ^'r" [Savanih i 

'umri i Hajji Baba. " The Adventures of Haji 
Baba," translated by Asad Ullah.] pp. 316, lith. 
,Ju4j irri [Bombay, 1911.] 8°. 14783. f. 20. 

MORLEY (William Hook). [Edit.] See Muhammad 
ibn ul-HusAiN (Abu M-Fazl). 

See Muhammad ibn Khavand Shah. 

' A descriptive Catalogue of the Historical 

Manuscripts in the Arabic and Persian languages, 
preserved in the Library of the Royal Asiatic 





Society of Great Britain and Ireland. 1854. 8°. 
See AcADEUiESj etc. — London. — Royal Asiatic 
Society, etc. . 824. f. 48. 

MOSES. ijj^j> ^ is^j-* '-r^'^ *^ [Kissah i Musa 
ba Fir aun. Tales of Moses and Pharaoh, pro- 
fessedly by Muh. Bakir Majlisi.] See Solomon. 
Jl y^UoLj cu-^s- A^' jjlju jii [Kissah i Sulaiman 

ibn Da'ud, etc.] S. \lh-21. [1857.] 8°. 

14787. c. 10.(3.) 
MOSLEM INSTITUTE. See Academies, etc.— Cal- 

MOSLICHEDDIN SADI. See Muslih ibn 'Abd 

MOTAMAD KhIn. See Muhammad Sharif. 


Khan (Md'taman uI-Mulk Shuja' uI-Din Bahadur 
A sad- Jang). 

MOTI LAL. JJ^^ JuU JoL. [Pand-namah i 
kashtkaran. A catechism of advice to Indian 
farmers, compiled with the aid of Raushan 'All. 
Translated by Javahir Lai Akbarabadi from the 
Urdu original.] pp. 24, lith. s^I lAci [Agra, 
1854.] 8°. 14837. b. 2. 

ibn Khvajah Baka. 



MOWAFIK ben ALI (Abu Mansdr). See Muvafpik 
ibn 'AlL 

MOZAFFER-ED-DIN, Shah of Persia. See Muzaf- 

PAR ul-DlN. 

MU'ALLAKAT. Jl ^y^ tflj^ |,uu, [The Seven 
Mu'allakat, or " Suspended Poems." Arabic text, 
with Arabic preface and notes and Persian and 
Hindustani translations by 'Abd ul-Avval Jaun- 
piiri.] pp. 24,, lith. jyi^jys^ iru [Jaunpur, 1900.] 
4°. 14570. f. 20. 

Contains only the 1st and 8rd poems, viz. those of Imru 
'iSais and Zuhair. 

jJLoaJ! sjjb .jds i.^^.aL*j| ji . . . <)d]! Sa.^ 

Jl ctjULMJI jaJI, Um ^ ^jy^\ [The Seven 

Mu'allakat. With Arabic, Persian, and Hindu- 
stani notes compiled by Muh. IsHak Nahturl.] 
pp. 60, lith. Jj6j [JDelhi, 1905.] 8°. 

14573. cc. 25.(2.) 
MU'AYYID ul-DIN, Tughral. See Husain ibn 
'Ali (Md'aytid uI-Din). 

MU'AZZAM KHAN. See Muhammad Sa'id, called 
MiK Jumlah, etc. 

Khan, called Vazih. See Iradat Khan. 

MUBARIZ ul-DAULAH, Nawab of Bahawalpur. 
^Jjmij^ [Sairistan. A history of the author's 
journey to England and his negotiations with the 
British G-overnment, with an account of the 
customs of Bahawalpur.] pp. 2d7, lith. lAOi 
iBahawalpur, 1854.] 8°. 14779. h. 5. 

MUELLER (Andreas), of Oreiffenhagen. [Edit, 
and translation of pt. viii. of Rau?at uli il-albab.] 
See Da'ud ibn Abi '1-Fazl Mohammad. 

MUELLER (August). [Edit.] See Periodical 
Publications. — Berlin. 

MUELLER (QuoDvuLTDEUs Abraham). [Edit.] 
See Da'ijd ibn Abi '1-Fazl Muhammad. 

MUFAZZAL ibn SA'D ibn ul-HUSAIN, Mdfarruhhi. 
[For the Ta'rikh i Isfahan, based on Mufa?zal's 
Risalat ul-mahasin i Isfahan :] See Husain ibn 
Muhammad ibn Abi '1-Riza. 

MUFAZZAL ibn 'UMAR (Asir uI-Din), Abhari. 
^»-jcL*j! [Isaghiiji. An Arabic introduction to 
logic. With the marginal Persian commentary 
Mir'at ul-mantik of Mir Hasan.] pp. 16. See 
Mantik. ijiaJU ^cyt^sf [Majmii'ah i mantik.] 
[1862.] 8°. 14540. c. 29. 

[1869.] 8°. 14540. c. 8. 

[1881.] 8°. 14540. c. 19. 

MUFAZ?AL HUSAIN, Maulavt, of Dacca Collegiate 

School. A Hand Book of Persian Grammar . . . 

by Moulvi Mofazzal Hosain . . . Second edition, 

etc. pp. xiii. 218, 7. Dacca, 1913. 12°. 

14822. a. 20. 

MUFI?. ,jaju3l f^/sM.* [Mufiz ul-mubtadi. An 

elementary reading-book, in 3 parts.] pp. 47, lith. 

^yt,^ I Av r-vr [Lahore, 1872-3.] 8°. 14822. a. 3. 

Part i. is of the second edition, printed in 1873 ; parts ii. 
and iii. are of the first edition, printed in 1872. 





MIIH^MMiED Q^'FAK, Qara^adagi. See Mu- 
hammad Ja'pab, Kardjahddghi. 

UUHAMED BACHIB. See Muhammad Bakib ibn 
Muhammad TakI. 

MUHAMMAD, the Prophet. [Character.] See Mu- 
hammad ibu 'IsA ibo Saubah. 

See Muhammad 'Abd u1-Mun'im, 

called ZaukI. 

[Life.] See Brdmann (F. von). 

See Muhammad ibn Khavand Shah. 

See Muhammad Bakib ibn Muhammad 


[Panegyric.] See Muhammad Husain Khan, 

called Tahsin. 

Jl j^Jlit^yilj t*M/^ ^^ [Al-Jafr ul- 

jami'. Arabic divinatory tables, with a key 
alleged to have been dictated by Muhammad to 
'All. . With Miftah ul-istikhraj, a Persian ex- 
planation by Mabmiid b. Muh. Dihdar.] pp. iv. 
36, 31, im. |Ju*j ir.A [Bombay, 1890.] 4°. 

14544. e. 12. 
j:^oo <xcy»ar« [Majmii'ah i na't. Persian 

and Hindustani poems in praise of Muhammad 
by various authors.] pp. 32, lith. |Jla>i> if^r 
[Delhi, 1876.] 8°. 14837. f. 13.(4.) 

Jl J*As-< Jy") ^^-^ L_-v*J [Nasab-namah. 

A geuealogy of the Prophet.] pp. 16, lith. .^ 
trM [Lo/iore, 1872.] 8°. 14837. f. 6.(12.) 

Tuqviuti-din-i-Mazdiasna, or A Mehzur 

or Certificate, given by Huzrut Mahomed, the 
Prophet, of the Moosulmans, on behalf of Mehdi- 
Furrookh bin-Shukhsan (. . .otherwise called Dinyar 
Dustoor), and another Mehzur given by Huzrut 
Ally to a Parsee named Behramshad-bin-Khera- 
droos, and to the whole Parseo nation. Trans- 
lated into Goozrathee from the Persian version 
of the original Arabic to which is added col- 
lateral evidences . . . from other Persian authori- 
ties. By Sorabjee Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy. [With 
Arabic text of both documents, and Persian ver- 
sion of the second.] pp. viii. 78, 46. Bombay, 
1851. 8°. 14144.1.3. 

MUHAMMAD, 'Ahbdsi. [Translation, etc., of Su- 
lalah i sarf.] See Ahmad 'Ali, Ohiriakotl. 

MUHAMMAD, ' Amill. See Muhammad ibn Husain 
(Baha uI-DIm). 

MUHAMMAD, 'Aruzl. ^y'yiilj ,>j,yi ^ ^ ^'jil 
[Al-Vafi. A poem on prosody. With commentary 
styled al-Bahr ul-safi by Muh. b. Hasan HusainI 
KhurusSni.] See Majmu'ah. (iajLUI h-y^x*^^) 
[Al"-Majmu'at ul-latifat.] ff. 4-63. [1878.] 16'. 

Or. 70. a. 2. 

[For corroborations of rules given in al- 

Vafl and al-Bahr ul-safi :] See Shavahid. 

MUHAMMAD, Arzanl. See Muhammad Akbab. 

MUHAMMAD, Badd'Unl. See Muhammad Nizam 


MUHAMMAD, Ohaznavi, Khvdjah. <>^^^ u'^-*^ 
^_.^^^lc [Divan. Poems. Edited by Muh. A'zam 
Ghaznavi.] pp. 115, WA. .Jbl n.r [Lahore, \903.] 
8°. 14797. c. 41. 

MUHAMMAD, Gilavl. Jl i^'J^jJtC*- ^y: [Sharh i 

Sikaudar-namah. A commentary on part. i. of 
Nizami's Iskandar-naraah.] 2 pts., lith. jy*^^ 
iAvi-iAA( [Cftwnpore, 1874-81.] 8°. 14787. d. 9. 

MUHAMMAD, Huvaizl, Shaikh, and others. c-j'Ji/ 1 JJb 
'jjjill ijo^ [Kisas ul-anbiya va-siyar ul-muluk. 
Stories of the prophets and kings recognized 
by Islam from Adam to Muhammad. Adapted in 
A.H. 352 f. from an unknown Arabic original, 
by command of Sultan Ghiyas ul-Din Muzaffar.] 
pp. 283, lith. [Persia, 1864.] 4°. 14783. d. 8. 

y^^l w^ i-_;'a^ IJA [Kisas ul-anbiya.] 

^.12Q, lith. I rAi [TeAeran, 1867.] 8°. 14779. c. 3. 

'uuwill(_^(a.fl> i_>'jk^ [Kisas ul-anbiya.] pp.245, 

lith. I ri. [Persia, 1873] 4°. 14779. c. 14. 

MUHAMMAD, Kddiri. See Muhammad Khudavand. 

MUHAMMAD, Kazvinl, Mlrzd. See Muhammad ibn 
'Abd uI-Vahhab. 

MUHAMMAD, Khurdsdnl, Mulld. [Edit.] See 
Yaiiya ibn 'IsA, called Ibn Jazlah. 

MUHAMMAD, Kirmdnshdhi. [Risalah i mukarabat. 
A treatise on therapeutics.] pp. vii. 469, lith. 
iriv [Teheran, 1880.] 4°. 14763. b. 4. 

MUHAMMAD, Mavlavi. See Muhammad 'Ali, called 





MUHAMMAD, Mirzd. [Translation of Valih u 
Sultan.] See Shams uI-Din Fakir. 

MUHAMMAD, Mtrza, Munshi. JL: ^jLl jju.jj [Dust- 
darau i bashar. Notices of eminent European 
philanthropists, reformers, etc. Hlustrated.] 
pp. 138, lith. ^JxAJ \rr\ {Bombay, 1914.] 8°. 

14779. c. 26. 
MUHAMMAD, Fir. See Pie Muhammad ibn 'Akil 

MUHAMMAD, Pir, Avadlv. See Pir Muhammad, 

MUHAMMAD, Fir, Munshi. See Pir Muhammad, 


MUHAMMAD, Shdh, Kanungo'i. See Muhammad, 
called 'Ata'i. 

MUHAMMAD, Shushtari, Aghd. [Edit.] See Iltas 
ibn YusuF. 

See Muhammad ibn Husain (Baha 


MUHAMMAD, called Abu 'I-Ma'ani, Baghdddl. 
Juwelenschniii-e Abul-Maani's . . . das ist Bruch- 
stiicke eines unbekannten persischen Dichters. 
Gesammelt und Ubersetzt durch J. von Hammer, 
pp. xix. 196. Men, 1822. 12°. 757. a. 5. 

MUHAMMAD, called 'AlI. See Ni'mat Khan. 

MUHAMMAD, called 'Ata'i, Kanungo'i. x«'J ^'Jac 
['Ata'i-namah. Ghazals rhyming in Idm, for 
children. With marginal notes.] pp. 18, lith. 
[Luchww, 1865 ?] 8°. 14797. h. 4.(5.) 

<uU j_j5Uac ['Ata'i-namah. With marginal 

notes.] pp. 20, lith. uai [iMcfenoM) ? 1886.] 8°. 

14787. g. 29.(4.) 
MUHAMMAD, called Dard. See Mir Muhammad! 
ibn Muhammad Nasir. 

MUHAMMAD, called Malik u1-Kuttab, Shirdzi. 
See Muhammad ibn Muhammad Rapi'. 

MUHAMMAD, called Ziya, Sayyid. gLaJ Ui) 
[Alf nasa'ih. An ethical compilation in verse.] 
pp. 248, lith. jJOuj ir.i [Bombay, 1892.] 

14749. d. 10. 
MUHAMMAD (Abu 'Abd Ullah), called Abu '1- 
Jaish, Andalusi. ([sic] ^iJ' (j^j/^) ,_j-Jjoill (je^x. 
['Aruz ul- Andalusi. An Arabic tract on metres. 

Followed by another in Persian by Jami, en- 
titled 'Ariiz i Jami.] pp. 14, 45, lith. ini 
[Constantinople, 1845.] 8°. 14597. c. 7. 

(j_j.«V' i^jjc . j_j>JjJ^l i^j,y^) ^jI^ ['Aruz 

ul- Andalusi. With commentary by Hafiz Ibrahim 
Hakki Shumnavi. Followed by the 'Aruz i Jami.] 
pp. 154, lith. ii-vr [Constantinople, 1857.] 8°. 

14597. c. 12. 
MUHAMMAD (Abu '1-Fazl), called Jamal Kurashi. 
See MuiiAMMAD ibn 'Umar (Abu '1-Fazl). 

MUHAMMAD (Abu '1-Hasan), known as Muhammad 
ul-DiN, Kddiri, Ldhauri. Jl it j^I Lc.. [Rau?at 
ul-abrar. Lives of eminent saints of Kashmir.] 
pp. 80, lith. JU:>. ir.i- [Jhelum, 1885.] 8°. 

14779. e. 16.(1.) 
MUHAMMAD (Abu 'I-Ma'ali), Shdh. <o,^'Jill iia^" 
{S\j^'i\ Lijj - <ui^ i}y^^) [Tuhfat ul-Kadiriyyah, a 
life of 'Abd ul-Kadir Gilani ; Usui i sufiyyah, 
principles of Sufismj and Rau?at ul-aurad, 
litanies.] See Ism. Ja;! *,*,! [Ism i a'zam.] 
pp. 13-97, 183-202. [1899.] 8°. 14779. c. 28. 

MUHAMMAD (Abu 'I-Ma-Smud), Tihdnavi. ^yuU 

[Shurish i ishlt. A masnavi poem based on 
Riimi's Masnavi. Edited with marginal notes 
by Muli. 'Umar.] pp. iv. 220, lith. .fV^* i".v 
[ilfeerMf, 1892.] 8°. 14787. g. 27. 

MUHAMMAD (Badr uI-Din Abu Nasr), Fardhl. 
See Abu Nasr, Fardhi. 

MUHAMMAD (Jalal uI-Din Abu '1-Fath), sur- 
naraed Akbar, Emperor of Hindustan. See Akbar. 

MUHAMMAD (Khair uI-Din), Ildhdbddi. J^^Jfi~ 
<u'j [JaunpQr-naraah, or Shahristan i 'akl. A 
history of the city of Jaunpur, with some account 
of its kings and governors from the time of Firuz 
Shah.] pp. 109. jy'^fi- "^'^ [Jaunpur, 1899.] 
8°. ' 14762. d. 3. 

A ti-anslation of the History of Jounpoor^ 

from the Persian of Fuqeer Khyr odd deen M66- 
hummud. By an officer of the Bengal Army 
[i.e. W. R. Pogson]. pp. vi. 75. Calcutta, 1814. 
8°. 757. g. 28. 

[Another copy.] 

757. g. 38. 





MUHAMMAD (Majp uI-DIn), called MAJDi,fl«»aini. 
[Ziniit ul-ranjalis. Stories and anecdotes^ with 
historiin 1, geographical, and other notices.] ff. 3 1 2, 
lith. \ rir [Tehtrati, \84b.] Fol. 14783. g. 7. 

MUHAMMAD (Mu'in uI-Din), Zamajl, Asfizdrl. 
Extraits do la Chronique Persane d'Herat [viz. 
the Rau?rtt ul-jannfit of Z.]. Traduits et annot^s 
par M. Barbier de Meynard. 1860-62. See 
AcADKMiKS,e<c. — Parif!. — Societe Asiatique. Journal 
Asiatique, etc. 5° serie, torn. 16, pp. 461-520 ; 
torn. 17, pp. 473-522; torn. 20, pp. 268-319. 
1822, etc. 8°. E.Ac. 8808. 

MUHAMMAD (Najm uI-Din). 

HA HOT (J. L.). 

[Edit.] See Burck- 

MUHAMMAD (Nck uI-Dik), Kan. ^JJai) J^-aiU, 
[Maksud ul-kfiri. A tract on the correct mode of 
reading the Kur'an.] See Majmu'ah. Jl <tc^4^ 

[Majmii'ah.] pp. 18-31, [1873.] 8°. 14104.6.13. 

MUHAMMAD {Nuk uI-Din), 2'Mr«A?a«,calledZnH0Bi. 
Begin. ^^'JL-jL- \j^j^. ^ Jl» i^SijuyU. ^JJ}y^ Oj^ 
J' J'-*- [(1) A preface to the Nanras, a treatise 
on Indian music by Ibrahim 'Adil Shah ; (2) 
Miuiv bazar, a description of the MIna Biizar built 
by 'Adil Shah j (3) Panj ruk'ah, letters of a lover 
to his mistress.] pp.161, trf^ [Calcutta? 18S0.] 
8°. 14807. c. 7. 

[Sih nasr. 3 panegyrics 

MUHAMMAD (NueuI-Din), Turskizl. called Zuhubi 
{continued), ^jjy^ X i^ —^ [Sih na^r. With 
commentary bylmam-bakhsh(Sahba'i).] pp.327. 
y^i3 I A A. [Luc/mow, 1880.] 8°. 14807. d. 10.(2.) 

i^jy^ /^ "^ rf" ^^^^ nagr. With Hinda- 

stani commentary by 'Abd ul-'Aziz Daryabadl.] 
pp. 170, lith. ^ [Tjueknow, 1883.] 8°. 

14787. e. 11.(3.) 

^^j^yu ^1^ [Sih na§r. A reprint of the 

edition of 1873.] pp. 82. jyxi^ iaH [Cawnpore, 
1896.] 8°. ' 14807. g. 19.(2.) 

lJJ)^ rf" [y^^ preface to the Nauras. . 

With commentary by Muh.Sa'd Ullah (Ashuftah).] 
pp. 66, lith. jM^ lAvi [Cawnpore, 1879.] 8°. 

14807. d. 11.(2.) 

Sih-Nasr-i-Zahuri . . . Translated literally 

from the Persian of Mull4 Nuruddin Zahuri of 
Tarshiz, in Khurasdn, by Moulvi Abdus Salam. 
pp. ii. 39. Calcutta, 1881. 8°. .767. cc. 6.(2.) 

[For extracts from Sih nasr prescribed for 

the Punjab University Intermediate Course, trans- 
lated :] See Academies, etc. — Lahore. — Punjab 

[For separately printed introductions and 

^j:^ j^ 


commentaries to Sih nasr:] See 'Abd u1-Razzak 
ibn Muhammad Ishaic. 

upon Adil Shiih, prefixed to the Nauras, Gulzar 
i Ibrahim, and Khvan i khalll respectively. With 
notes.] pp. 64, WA. ^^\^ irii [Cawnpore, l8bZ.^ 
8°. ' 14807. g. 4. 

' — 1^)^ P^ ""^ ^^'^ na§r. With notes.] pp.82, 

lith. j^^\sxr[Cawnp(yre,\81Z:\ 8°. 14837. g. 6.(6.) 

• i^Ji^ A" '''^ [^^^ na^r. With marginal 

notes.] pp. 82, Zt<A. ^^1^ iava [Cawnpore, 1818.^ 

^°- ^^^^'^' ^- ^^•^^•^ j the Mina Bazar built by Ibrahim 'Adil Shah in 

^'Ij cijUjJU ju« , fi^jij <u, [Sih nasr. ] Bijapnr. Edited with notes based chiefly upon 

the commentaries of *Abd ul-Razzak Siivati and 
Fa?l 'All Munasib i Makam, by Shams ul-Din 
Muhammad Lakhnavi.] pp. 44, lith. irei[?] 
[Lucfcnow, 1843?] 8°. 14837. g. 4.(4.) 

See Imam-bakhsh, called Sahba'i. 

^^ lirf'^'v^y ^ cj'y.'^ [Divan. Poems.] 

pp. 664, lith. lAvi [Luchnow, 1879.] 8°. 

14797. g. 6. 
Paget 557-60 are wanting in thit edition, 

mjyi^ • ■ cj'y*^ [Divan.] pp. 664, lith. 

jy*i^ iaW [Cavmpore. 1897.] 8°. 14787. e. 30. 

j]Jj 'Ja.< [Mina bazar. A description of 

Preceded by Mukaddimat i gala^ah, an introduc- 
tion by 'Abd ul-Razzak ibn Muh. Ishak Siirati. 
With marginal notes.] pp. 110, lith. j^^ "*'* 
[Cawnpore, 1878.] 8'. 14807. d. 11.(1.) 

LjJi^ CijLcJJU [Mukaddimat, i.e. Sih nasr. 

With marginal notes.] pp. 31, lith. [Lucknoio? 
1878.] 8°. 14807. g. 13.(1.) 

j\j\i lix« [Mina bazar. With marginal 

notes.] pp. 44, lith. irvt [Luekru>w, 1867.] 8°. 

14820. f. 3.(7.) 





MUHAMMAD(NuE u\-'Dit(),Turshizi, called ZuhurI 
(continued). j\h\Xj.^ Jj [Mina bazar. With com- 
mentary by Imam-bakhsh (Sahba'i).] pp. 142, 
lith. yx^ u^, [Lucknow, 1880.] 8°. 14807. d. 9. 

j]j[) [xx< —J^ [Mina bazar. With com- 
mentary by Imam-bakhsh.] pp. 130, Uth. j^% 
lAVA [Cawnpore, 1878.] 8°. 14807. d. 10.(3.) 

[For separately printed commentary on 

Mina bazar :] /See Imam-bakhsh, called Sahba'i. 

^_jj^ if-*^ ij*'-^ [Saki-namah. A poem in 

praise of Burhan Nizam Shah and the court of 
Ahmadnagar. With marginal notes.] pp. 226, 
Uth. j^^ I Ai . \_Gawnpore, 1890.] 8°. 14797. h. 18. 

^Ji^ r^-P t'i'akrim. No. 2 of the Sih 

nasr, usually prefixed to the Gulzar i Ibrahimi. 
With Urdu commentary by Karim ul-DTn Pani- 
patl.] pp. 90, Uth. [Lahore, 1865.] 8°. 

14807. e. 2. 

^j^ jj,^ [Tashhir. No. 1 of the Sih 

nasr, usually prefixed to the Nauras. With Urdu 
commentary by Karim ul-Din Panipati.] pp. 114, 
lith. j^^ (All [La/tore, 1861.] 8°. 14807. c. 1. 

■ [Vaki'at. An elegy on Hasan and Husain, 

etc.} See Muhammad Taki 'Ali Khan. Jl luj'jisIj 

[Vaki'at.] [1870.] 8°. 14787. g. 23. 

MUHAMMAD (Rafi' uI-Din). ^^_ Jj^ [Suhail i 
Yaman. A tale of Yemen.] pp. 48, lith. ^j^ 
lAvi [iwc/cnoiy, 1876.] 8°. 14837. f. 7.(3.) 

MUHAMMAD (Rafi' uI-Din), called Va'iz, Kazvint. 
See Mohammad ibn Fath Ullah. 

MUHAMMAD (Rdkn uI-Din), called Tueab 'Ali. 
L—jLasJi (JJL^ |_jS i^\yA) JyiJl [Al-Kaul ul-savab 
fi masa'il il-kbizab, or Shash ranga. A tract on 
the practice of tinging the hair and finger-tips 
with henna.] pp. 28, toA. ini [Oawnpore, IS'i^.] 
8». 14820. f. 3.(3.) 

MUHAMMAD (Shams uI-Din), Lakhnavi. [Notes 
on Mina bazar.] See Mohammad (Nuk uI-Din), 

MUHAMMAD (Shams uI-Din), called 'Assar. 
See Mohammad 'Assar. 

''!?yEAiliMAD tSHAMs ul-DiS), ^calTed Fakhri, 
Isfahdnt. Shams i Fachrii Ispah&nensis lexicon 

persicum, id est libri Mi'jftr i (aamall pars quarta, 
quam . . . annotatione critica adhibitis ceterorum 
lexicographorum testimoniis instructam, indicibus 
locupletissimis auctam, addito eiusdem ut videtur 
auctoris carmine Marghub al Qulub inscripto, 
edidit C. Salemann. (^JUa. .Ijjt, ;l *il^^ «j ■) 
fasc.i. pp. 195,i. C'asam, 1885,87. 4°. 757.1.47. 

MUHAMMAD (Shams uI-Din), called Hafiz. 
Muhammad Hafiz. 


MUHAMMAD ('Umk uI-DIn), called Talib, Ohlshti. 

j^ ^ti [Dalk i fakir. Sufic poems.] pp. 24, 

i lith. j^j^] [Amritsar, 1900.] 8°. 14797. f. 3.(5.) 

u*~*?" (»— -Jlis yj'yp [Divan. Poems, chiefly 

ghazcds.] pp. 62, lith. c:j>ji]U*« in a [Siyalkot, 
1900.] 8°. 14797. f. 3.(2.) 

<)yjL«c>y t_gy^ [Masnavi i rahraaniyyah. 

Sufic poems.] pp. 28, lith. y^-J [Amritsar, 
1900.] 8°. 14797. f 3.(4.) 


MUHAMMAD (Ziya uI-Din), Husaini. J^^-aJ^ 
jili'jJl jjS _y: [Mi'yar ul-Haka'ik. A Persian 
commentary on Nasafi's Kanz ul-daka'ik, an Arabic 
compendium of Hanafi law.] vol. i., pp. 364, 
lith. j^l lAvr [La//.ore, 1872.] 8°. 14527. b. 7. 

MUHAMMAD (Ziya uI-DIn), Kadirl. [Edit, with 
translation of Karima.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd 
Ullah (Mosharkif u1-DIn), called Sa'di. — Pand- 

MUHAMMAD ibn 'ABD ul-JALIL (RashId u1-DIn), 
called Vatvat. [Paraphrase of the Hundred Say- 
ings of 'All.] See 'Ali ibn Abi Talib. 

_»Ji ^1 Jo- [Hada'ik ul-sihr. A work on 

figures of speech.] See Habib Ullah, called 
Ka'ani. ( Jl JyiJ) [Divan, etc.] [1885.] Fol. 

^ 14797. 1. 8. 

Jl js^' ij^'j'^ Lj—Niu.* [An abridgment 

of Hada'ik ul-siKr.] See 'Abd uI-Rashid ibn 'Abd 
u1-Ghapur. Jl ^^jC *«U1 t_«^=ciJLc <-J'jS [Munta- 
khab ul-lughat.] [1874.] 16°. 14689. a. 8. 

MUH*i:3[AD ibn 'ABD ul-KHALIK ibn MA'RUF. 

■.>:u'j<i]l jjS [Kanz ul-lughiit. A dictionary of 
Arabic words.] pp. 330, lith. i r^r [Persia, 1866.] 
Fol. 14816. i. 3. 





MUHAMMAD ibn 'ABD ul-RAHMAN, called Mau- 
i.AvI, Auz't. ^^Jf^\ J'^'j ij:!-«y^' ^^' [Isla^i "1" 
linumaiu vn-ibtal ul-kaulain. A71 exposition and 
rofutfttiou of Babism and Baliaism. Followed by 
Bishiirat ul-mu'ininJu, a defence of Islam against 
an attack made by a Christian priest from Madras. 
Edited by Muli. Hashim ibn 'Abd ul-Raliim AuzJ.] 
pp. 102, 23. (Jixv irM [Bombay, 1902.] 8°. 

14728. c. 5. 

MUHAMMAD ibn 'ABD ULLAH (Vali u1-DIn Abu 
'Abd Ullaii), Khailb. [For commentary on Mish- 
kat ul-masabili:] See 'Abd u1-Hakk ibn SaipuI-DIn. 

MUHAMMAD ibn 'ABD ul-VAHHAB, Kazvlni. 
[Edit.] See 'Abd u1-Rahman ibn Ahmad, called 
Jami. — Lavd'iH. 

See Ahmad ibn 'Umak, Nizumi. 

See 'Ata Malik ibn Muhammad. 

See Marzuban ibn Rustam. 

See Muhammad ibn Ibrahim (FarId 

u1-DIn), called 'Attar. 

See Muhammad ibn Kais (Shams 


See Muhammad 'AupT. 

Mas'nd-i-Sa'd-i-Salman [a critical study] 

. . . Translated by E. G. Browne. Sec Academies, 
etc. — London". — Eoyal Asiatic Societi/, ctr. The 
Journal, etc. 1905, pp. 693-740; 1906, pp. 11- 
51. 1834, etc. 8°. R.Ac. 8820/3. 

MUHAMMAD ibn ABI BAKR, Eiizl. CJ1^\ Jw^" 
s_»ki, ,Jy^ ls~''v^- ls'*'^^^ [Tuhfat ul-muluk. Au 
Arabic compendium of Hanafi law. With Persian 
interlinear translation.] pp. 100, litli. .ybil irrA 
[LaAore, 1910.] 8°. 14528.0.25. 

Jl CJ^l 'iMs: [Tuhfat ul-muluk. With 

Persian translation.] pp. 144, lHh. .ytS [Lahore, 
1914.] 8°. 14530. c. 1. 

MUHAMMAD ibn AHMAD, Munshl. , Jxii cJis 

j,j^ cij'xlJki-l [Tulu' i tamaddun u ikhtira'at i 

'azim. A brief illustrated history of civilization, 
with some account of modern inventions, compiled 

from English works.] pp. 121, lith. ^1*/*? "*r* 
[Bombay, 1911.] 8°. 14773. f. 11. 

MUHAMMAD ibn AHMAD, called Ibn uI-Khashshab. 

*jvlaii! "jd L_jl'i/ IJJS [Durr ul-nazlm. A treatise 
on the mystic virtues of the Kuran, here wrongly 
ascribed to 'Abd Ullah b. As'ad Yafi'i; translated 
by the author from the original Arabic] pp. 139, 
lith. ^^ in I [SomJ-ay, 1894.] 8°. 14703. a. 1. 

MUHAMMAD ibn AHMAD (Shams u1-DIn), called 
'AssAR, Tabrizl. See Muhammad 'Assab. 

MUHAMMAD ibn 'ALI, Husaini. [A tract on rales 
for reciting the Kur'an.] See Kur'an. Begin. 
J\jiJ>i\ yfc [Kur'iin, etc.] [1869.] Fol. 
^ 14607. b. 10. 

MUHAMMAD ibn 'All, called A'sam Kufi. )sst 
A] _»iaJl i__>'a^ S-**?-/ [Kitab ul-futiih. A history 

of the conquests of Islam under the Caliphs. 

Translated by Ahmad ibn Muli. MustaufI from 

the Arabic] pp. 274, lith. ^^J^> •!"•« [Bombay, 

1887.] Fol. 14773. i. 18. 

In several MSS. the translator's name appears as Mu- 
llammad ibn Muhammad. 

MUHAMMAD ibn 'ALI, called Ibn Babavaih, sni-- 

named al-SADuk. Jl X^'l\ JU ^^3S Ij^ ['Hal 

ul-ahkam. A treatise on Shi'ah theology. Trans- 
lated by MuU. Talii b. MuK.Bakir from the original 
Arabic 'Hal ul-shara'i'.] ff. 109, lith. irlv [Te- 
heran, 1879.] Fol. 14712. h. 4. 

j^^\ ivi*:f^ r!^"**^ IS* >-7-''-AJ^l ;_a-i.l^ t-jliT )jjfc 

Jl 'wi J! [Kashif ul-nikab. The life and sayings t)f 

Imilm Riza. Translated from the Arabic 'Uyun 

akhbiir il-Riza, with a commentary, by MuH. Tali; 

1 ibn Muh. Bakir.] pp. 281, litli. iriv [Persia, 

1880.] Fol. 14779. k. 16. 

MUHAMMAD ibn 'ALI ('Ala uI-Din), Haika/t. 
i Jl CLjly >i x*o-i [Bab ul-ta'zir (i.e. al-Dnrr ul- 

] mukhtar, xi. 5). The law of punishments of un- 

j defined extent. Translated into Persian by Muh. 

j Khalil ul-Din.] See Muhammad Najm u1-Din 

Khan. Jl Cubase' t-j'jii' .u^' *s'^ no. 2. 

i [1813.] 8°. 

757. h. 9. 

MUHAMMAD ibn 'ALI (Jamal u1-Din), called 'Urw, 
Shlrdzi. ^_Jf cjUJi [KuUiyat. Collected works. 

D D 





With marginal notes on the Kasa'id.] pp. 148, 
177, nth. jyjo^ lAA. [Gawnpore, 1880.] 8°. 

14797. h. 23. 

cS^'r!"-^ ^Jr iJ}^.'^ [Divan. Poems.] pp. 178, 

lull. ,^1^ lAA. [Offljwpore, 1880.] 8°. 14797. h. 5. 

End. ^Jx Lo JJUs' ^j^ [Kasa'id. Odes. 

With commentary by Ahmad ibu 'Abd ul-RahIm 
Safrp&ri.] pp. 278. iroi [Calcutta, 1838.] 4°. 

14797. k. 1. 

ir jj'^' [Kasa'id. Edited with marginal 

notes, chiefly from Ahmad Safipiiri'a commentary, 
by Kudrat Ahmad.] pp. 150, lith. in. [Luch- 
now, 1844.] 8°. 14837. g. 4.(3.) 

[lMchioiv,18Q3?] 8°. 14736. d. 2.(2.) 

^jC- Jj'Laii' [Kasa'id. With marginal notes.] 

pp. 148, lith. jyxi\i lAVA [Gawnpore, 1878.] 8°. 

14797. h. 10. 

^j£. jJ'-^' ^yi [Kasa'id. With com- 
mentary by Kutb ul-Din (Parigh).] pp. 12G, lith. 
J^ us. [Luchnow, 1880.] 8°. 14787. g. 38.(2.) 

ix Jj'..<2j ^yi [Kasa'id. With com- 
mentary of Parigh.] pp. 126, lith. y^ iaac 
[Luchiow, 1885.] 8°. 14797. h. 30. 

^.c jj'-^' [Kasa'id. With marginal notes.] 

pp. 164, lith. jjxj^ ir.A [Gawnpore, 1891.] 8°. 

14797. g. 25.(2.) 

Selections from Urfi's Qisidahs . . . trans- 
lated literally into English, with notes, by Abdus 
Salam. pp. v. 45. Galeutta, 1879. 8°. 

757. cc. 6.(1.) 

[For select poems prescribed for the 

Punjab University Intermediate Course, trans- 
lated:] S'-e Academies, etc. — Lahore. — Punjab 

MUHAMMAD ibn 'ALI (Muhyi uI-Din), called Ibn 
hI-'Ababi. J.^" u^y^ ^Kj'vijLc ^ *^=c^' J-.'.;'^' 
{Pusus ul-hikam. Mystic sayings of Patriarchs 
and Prophets, in Arabic. With al-Ta'vil ul- 
mulikam, a Persian commentary by Muh. Hasan 
Amrohavl.] pp. 547, lith. Jijfl lAir [Lucknow, 
1893.] 8°. 14521. d. 19. 

[For commentary on Pusus ul-hikam :] 

See SiTAL Singh, called Bikhvud. 

MUHAMMAD ibn 'ALI (Najm uI-Din Abu Bake), 
Bavandi. Account of a rare . . . manuscript 
History of the Seljuqs [styled Rabat ul-sudur or 
I'lfimul-muliik] contained in the Schefer Collection 
. . . described by E. G. Browne. See Academies, 
etc. — London. — Boyal Asiatic Society, etc. The 
.lournal, e<c. 1902, pp. 567-610, 849-87. 1834, 
etc. 8°. R.Ac. 8820/3. 

Tableau du rSgne de Mouizz eddin Aboul 

Harith, Sultan Sindjar (extrait de I'ouvrage 
intitule " le Repos des cceurs et la manifestation 
de la joie .j^l a;jiTj .^J^l Jir^l, [Rabat ul-sudur]) 
. . . Texte persan public . . . avec la traduction 
francaise, par C. Schefer. See Academies, etc. — 
Paris. — Ecole Speciale, etc. Nouveaux Melanges 
Orientaux. 1886. 8°. 14003. i. 18. 

u1-Din), Tabrizi. [For the Marghub ul-kulub 
ascribed to Shams ul-Din :] See Maeghitb. 

MUHAMMAD ibn AS' AD (Jalal uI-DIn), Davi'nv. 

(jj"2U-i!! j,JL^ ^ Jjlr/i^Jl j^iy) [Lavami' ul-ishrak, 

or Akhlak i Jiilali. A treatise on ethics and 
philosophy.] pp.223. iO^ \'^\, [Galeutta, \8\Q.'] 
4°. 757. k. 28. 

■ Jl J V jJU^l L_>li; Ukhiaqi Julalee by 

Julaluddeen Bocharee. pp. 149. See Peesian 
Weitees. Classic Selections, etc. vol. ii. 1828. 
4°. 757. i. 1.(7.) 

&) i_j.jt.«. (jij^iill f.^ii)' ^> is*-" 

^2U- J)}U-1 [Lavami' ul-ishrak. Edited, with 
marginal notes, by Muh. Hadi'AlI and Muh. 'Abd 
ul-Ghafur.] pp. 348, lith. i r^-r [Lucknow, 1 866.] 
8°. 14749. g. 2. 

[Another copy, printed on pink 

paper.] 14749. f. 1, 

[For commentary on Risalah i ghausiyyah 

of M. b. 'A. :] See Vai/I ibn MulOk. 

[A reprint of the preceding on pink 

paper, with table of contents.] iaa« [Luchnoiv, 
1885.] 8°. 14749. f. 4. 

[Lavami' ul-ishrak. With commentary A'gam i 
savati' il-afak by Muh. Yiisuf 'All Khan.] pp. 304, 
X^ I ru [Madras, 1881.] 8°. 14749.f.l3. 



Akhlaq-i-Jalali ... in Persian . . . Edited 

under the supervision of Major W. G. Grey ... by 





Muhammad Kazini Shirazi (^ts- Jil»-1) pp. 168, 
3. Calcutta, 1911. 4°. 757. i. 64. 

J)U jU-\ i_>l^! [Intikhab i akhlak i 

'. ,1 

Jalfill. Selections.] Sec Muntakhabat. uu'jwcu* 
^J [Muntakhabat i farsl.] pp. 243-270. [1872.] 
8°. 14822. c. 2. 

pp. 243-270. [1876.] 8°. 

14822. c. 4. 
. pp_ 243-270. [1877.] 8°. 

14837. b. 3. 

Practical Philosophy of the Muhammadan 

People . . . being a translation of the Akhlak-i- 
Jaloly . . . with references and notes by W. F. 
Thompson. (Oriental Translation Fund of Great 
Britain and Ireland.) pp. xliv. 496. London, I8ii9. 
8°. 14003. d. 23. 

Reprinted, e<c. Lahore, 

1895. 8°. 767. g. 57. 

J! ijjj^l .J L-jUi" Ijjfc [Nur ul-hidayat. A 

tract on the canons of authority and the Imamate.] 
See Yahya ibn Hasan, called Ibn al-BATEiK. lijfc 
Jl (jJJ^l ij»-j ^jai\as- i^'Ji^ [Khasa'is wahy il- 
mubin, etc.] pp. 149-167. [1894.] 8°. 

14514. ccc. 18. 

i Muliammadi or Miizih i furkan, Persian and 
Panjabi translation of Kur'an.] See Kub'an. 

■ Jl Aj^I] c:^j ; [Zinat ul-islam. Arabic 

Traditions, with Panjabi verse-paraphrase and 
Persian marginal notes.] 2 pts., W/t. ^yt^J irAi-i. 
iLahore, 1873.] 8°. 14521. c. 2.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD ibn FASIh (Kakim u1-DIn), DasU- 
baydzi. [Sharh i Dasht-bayazI, commentary on 
Nilab ul-subyan.] See Abu Nasr, Fardhi. 

MUHAMMAD ibn FATH 'ALI, Livdsdnl. See Mo- 
hammad Khan ibn Fath 'Ali. 

MUHAMMAD ibn FATH ULIAH (Rafi' uI-Din), 

called Va'j/, Kazvlnt. Begin, y*- a;/ ^lji.« ^ ^_ 

lij) Si\y t.:i;y«-« ^jyi jj'^l^ iJ^ [Abvab ul-jinan. 

Atreatise on Shi'ah ethics.] bk.i. ff.l99. [Tabriz, 

1820 ?] Fol. 767. k. 6. 

The worle was originally intended to consist of 8 abvab 
or books. Bk. ii. is entered in the list of books registered in 
the N.W.P. for 1883, and a MS. of that part exists in the 
Bodleian Library. The author of the Nujum ul-samii states 
that he saw a copy of bk. iii., but it is now lost ; of the re- 
maining books he knows not whether they were ever tvritten. 

called Vl'iz, Kazvlnl {continued). t_j'.i3jLj-« i__>'a^ 
Jl JjJl i_>ly 1 [Abvab ul-jinan.] bk. i. pp. 283, 
^^<A. ^^yjl irv^[2W/eraw,1858.] Fol. 14749.1.1. 

^Jj^^ '^\^\ [Abvab ul-jinan.] bk. i. 

pp. 327, W7t. [Lmc/.viow, 1865?] 4°. 14749.g.l. 

tj'>W '-7^'^' [Abvab ul-jinan.] bk. i. 

pp. 400, lith. lAAO \_Lucknow, 1885.] 4'. 

14718. g. 10. 

ij'j^ '-r''y' L—i'jii' IJJt [Abvab ul-jinan.] 

bk.i. pp. 287, hV/i.. ir~[.. ?] [Teheran 1 im^^] 
Fol. 14749. i. 4. 

The last ttvo figures of the date of imprint have been 

MUHAMMAD ibn GHIYAS ul-DiN 'All (Kuiu ul-. 
Din). L^-Uaii ,<-i'J' A^^, [Risalah i Kazi Kutb, or 
Fara'iz i namaz. A catechism of Islam.] pp. 8, 
lith. ^liJ ir-M [De//)i, 1869.] 8°. 14797.h.3.(6.) 

• i_J3» ic-^lJ' A^^j [Risalah i Kazi Kutb.] 

pp. 12, lith. j^i [Lahore, 1870 ?] 8°. 14837. f. 1.(8.) 

L_-^' ,<-i'J' i!^^j [Risalah i KazI Kutb.] See 

PANj(3rANJ. Jl J^ Jo [Panj ganj.] pt. v. [1873.] 
8°. CCC 14837. g. 5.(4.) 

pt. v. [1870.] 8°. 

14837. f. 11.(3.) 

■ pt. V. [1877.] 8°. 

14837. f. 13.(1.) 

■■ pt. V. [1877.] 8°. 14787. b. 7. 

L_^' ig^^'i Sl^; [Risalah i Kazi Kutb.] 

See Majmu'ah. Jl l-jU/ Jj i£.y*:s^ [Majmu'ah i 

panj kitab.] pt. v. [1894.] 8°. 14797. c. 18. 

pt. V. [1902.] 8°. 

14787. b. 23. 

[For commentary on the Risalah i Kazi 

Kutb:] Sec Muhammad Yahya (Nub Muhammad). 

[Sharli i Muliammadlyyah, coramentai'y on Pand- 
namah.] See Muhammad ibn Ibeahim (Farid ul- 
Din), called 'Attar. 

MUHAMMAD ibn HASA^I. Husainl, Khurdsdni. 
[Al-Bahr ul-safi, commentary on al-Vafi.] See 
Muhammad, 'Aruzt. 





MUHAMMAD ibn 'H.h&k'S , Husaini,Kliumsam (con- 
tinued). [Dabistan ul-shu'ara. A tract on the 
poetic art.] Sec ]\Iajmu'ah. (iajiall! ic^As^') [Al- 
MajiTiu'at ul-Uitlfat.] ff. 65-127. [1878.] 16°. 

Or. 70. a. 2. 

An abridged translation of the History of Tabar- 
istan, compiled about A.H. 613 ... by Muhammad 
b. al-Hasan b. Isfandiyar . . . by E. G. Browne. 
pp. xiv. 356. 1905. 8°. See Gibb (E. J. W.). 
"B. J. W. Gibb Memorial" Series, vol. ii. 1905, 
etc. 8^ 14005. g. 2. 

MUHAMMAD iba HAUKAL (Abu '1-Kasim). [For 
Istakhri's Oriental Geography, formerly ascribed 
tt M. b. H. :] Sec IbeahIm ibn Muiiammad (Abu 

MUHAMMAD ibn ul-HUSAIN (Abu 'I-Fazl), Bai- 
haVci. The Tarikh-i Bailiaki, containing the life 
of Masaud, son of Sultan Mahmiid of Ghaznin. 
Being the 7th, 8th, 9th, and part of the 6th and 
10th vols, of the Tarikh-i Al-i Saboktakeen . . . 
Edited by . . . W. H. Morley, and printed under the 
supervision of W. N. Lees [and Kabir ul-Din 
Alimad]. (J! Ji^_ g^li) pp. 868. 1862 [1861]. 

See Acadkmies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of 
Bengal. Bibliotheca ludica, efc. vol.37. 1848, 
etc. 8°. 14002. a. (vol. 37.) 

Jl ^jjSjL^ J I i.:. .U !_« [Extracts from 

Baihaki's Ta'rikh i al i Subuktigin.] See Doen 
(B.). Muhammedanische Quellen, etc. Th. iv., 
pp. 101-130. 1850-58. 8°. 757. h. 26, 

MUHAMMAD ibn HUSAIN (Baha uI-Din), ' Amill, 
called Baha'!. i.>SA.A\ Jol^l [Al-Fava'id ul- 
saraadiyyah. An Arabic syntax. With marginal 
Persian notes. Edited by Muh. Gliulam Jabbar.] 
pp. 94, lith. ji^ ir.c \_Luchnow, 1887.] 8°. 

14594. a. 33.(1.) 

i_S*"^ 7-^-^ L-jiW lijtj [Jami' i 'Abbasl. A 

work on Shi'ah law, in 5 chapters.] pp. 134, lUh. 
I r^o [Persia, 1868.] 8°. 14736. a 1. 

iiy-flll '^'♦^y <U^'v5^ .J ^ . . . ,<--U; f-<^ [Jami' 

i 'Abbasl. With supplement (ch. 6-20) by Nizam 
ibn Hasain Savaji. With 3 tracts on the margin 
of ch. 1-5: — (1) Tarjumat ul-salat, on formal 
prayer, by Muh. Bakir MajlisT; (2) Risalah i 

ikhtiyarat, on astrology, by the same ; (3) Bayau 

i ziyarat, on visitation of shrines. Edited by 

'Abd ul-Husain.] pp. iv. 440, lith. yu^ iMv 

[Lwc/mou;, 1881.] 8°. 14736. d. 3. 

!t- - J.^ [Jami' i 'Abbasl. With Savaji's 

supplement. Edited by Muli. Slmshtarl.] pp.440, 
lith. ^^cir. I [Bombay, 1884.] 8°. 14736. d. 4. 

—>\jS \sS) [Jami' i 'Abbasi, 

ch. 1-5.] ff. 56, lith. ir.i iBersia, 1887.] 4°. 

14718. d. 3. 

Jl 15^'-^ f-*'"?- "S-ciU- [Khulasah i jami' i 

'Abbasi. An abridgment of ch. 1-5 of the Jami' 
i 'Abbasl, by Muh. Bakir ibn Abi '1-Hasan.] 
pp. ii. 146, lith. ^ lAiA [Lucknow, 1898.] 8°. 

14718. b. 4. 

Jl J%^^ (_j'ji/ IJJt [Kashkiil. Extracts 

from Persian poems, and translations from Arabic 
histoi'ical and theological works.] ff. 237, lith. 
Jj^ I <■^^ [Teheran, 1850.] 8°. 14807. g. 6. 

- — [Another copy.] 14576. c. 18. 

— — - Jl JXil!! ^-''iS [Kashkul.] pp. 435. 
irAA [Btdal; 1872.] 4°. 14576.0.19. 

The Khoolasut-ool-hisab : a compendium 

of arithmetic and geometry ; in the Arabic 
language, by Buha^e-ood-deen, of Amool . . . with 
a translation into Persian and commentary by . . . 
Muoluwee Ruoshun Ulee, of Juonpoor ; to which 
is added a treatise on algebra, by Nujm-ood-deen 
Ulee Khan . . . Revised and edited by Tarinee 
Ghurun Mitr, Muoluwee Jan Ulee and Ghoolam 
Ukbur, etc. {^^^^ loh>- As^) pp. 477. 
CaZcM<to, 1812. 8°. 14544. d. 2. 

■ [Another copy, wanting pp. 470- 

477.] 14544. d. 3. 

^' '^ J 

^^ . . . i—j'jLT ^^jI [Nan u halva. 

A 7)ia.iriavt poem on the ascetic life. Followed by 
(2) Shir u shakar, another Sufic masnavt, and a 
few quatrains, also by Baha ul-Din, and (3) some 
quatrains of Baba Tabir.] ff. 24, lith. irvi 
[Teheran, 1862.] 12°. 14807. a. 3.(1.) 

IJo- J ^J'•j [Nan u Kalva. With marginal 

notes and I'ersiau interlinear translation of the 





Arabic poem at the end.] pp. 16, lith. j^'i 
[Lahore, ^889.] 8°. 14797. g. 26.(2.) 

Jl ly*- J J-^ • ■ ■ S-"'-^ '-^ [T^an u lialva.] 

pp. 23, Mh. J^yAJ [Bomhaij, 1891.] 8°. 

14797. b. 4.(3.) 

1»U- J y;'j [Nan u lialva.] pp. 24, Z('<A. 

yui3 lAii [7y«c/aio«;, 1896.] 8°. 14797. g. 28.(6.) 

^~-,'j 7- T^ f-* LJ^'"- ' ir^ '*':' l^^^'^ ' Baha'i. A 

tract on Arabic accidence. With marginal com- 
mentary b}' Ibrahim b. Muli. 'Isam ul-Din Isfa- 
ra'inl. Edited by Muh.Imam b. Nur Muhammad.] 
pp. 32, lith. jjS^'l ivvv [Lahore, 1888.] 8°. 

14820. e. 6.(2.) 

i^i-i'^^ LS^'.?*" '^* • ■ • Ly'"*? ' — 'r*' t^^^^ i 

Baha'i. With different marginal notes.] pp. 24, 
nth. J Jt'l [Lahore, IS91.] 8°. 14820.6.6.(3.) 

i_s~y'"^ ""/" t* O^'"- ' — 'f [Sarf i Baha'T. 

With the same commentary as in the 1888 edition.] 
pp. 32, Zi<A. j^'i lAii [Lahore, 1891.] 8°. 

14820, e. 9.(2.) 
MUHAMMAD ibn HUSAIN (Jam.\l uI-Din), called 
MuiiAfCKiic, KhvdnsdrJ.. [Mava'id ul-rahman, Per- 
sian version of Kur'au.] See Kur'an. 

MUHAMMAD ibn HUSAM ul-DIN. [For the Kha- 
var-namah sometimes ascribed to M. b. H. ul-D. :] 
See Khavar. 



See Muhammad 

MUHAMMAD ibn IBRAHIM (FarId uI-DIn), called 
'Attar, .'dac ^^>jJ! s>jS ^■^ [Kulliyat. Nine 
mystic maxnavl poems, viz. Jauhar ul-zat, Hailaj- 
namah, Ilahi-namah, Mukhtar-namah, Mantik ul- 
tair, Bulbul-namah, Nuzhat ul-ahbab, Miftah ul- 
futuh, and Bisar-namah, followed by the Pand- 
namah, moral precepts in viasnavi rhyme.] 
pp. 1260, lith. ivvr [Lwfcnow, 1872.] 8'. 

14787. h. 25. 
<Cc'J j,*jjo _ .'iac jcyji^ [Masnavi and Bisar- 
namah. Two mystic poems.] See GanjInah. 
JjjC oJ^:s^ [Ganjinah i 'irfan.] pp. 3-12. 

[1877.] 8°. 14797. h. 51.(1.) 


<iUiu w*jj — J^ lJ^^ [Ma.snavT and Bisar- 

uamah.l See Muhammad Zardar Khan. sU ^, 

Jl i^ [Rahbar 
[1877.] 8°. 

i rah i haUk.] 

pp. 141-150. 
14119. e. 28. 

Sufisk Mystik. Farid-ed-Din Attar. See 

Christensen (A.). Muhammedanske Digtero, e<c. 
pp. 117-153. 1906. 8°. 757. f. 40. 

(<t«'o y**J^) [Bisar-namah.] pp. 0, lith. 

^^l^ iM I [Gawnpore, 1891.] 8''. 14787. g. 29.(7.) 

.liac iiOoU y^> [Blsar-nilmah.] pp. 12, lith. 

j^'i |^1v [Cawn^ore, 1897.] 8°. 14797. g. 31.(2.) 

• j'iac (^JjJ! J^nJ . 

mystic religious poem.] 
[iMcknow, 1895.] 8°. 



. sjo-aii [Kasidah. A 

pp. 12, lith. Jj^ Ia16 

8°. 14797. g. 28.(3.) 

[Khusrau u gul, or Kh.°-niimah. 

An abridgment of the Khusrau-niimah. Edited 
with marginal glosses by Muh. 'Aziz Hasan Lakh- 
uavi.] pp. 60I-, /i7/i. yuio iav.\-i [//Wct/iow, 1878-9.] 
8°. 14797. h. 22. 

Mantic Utta'ir, ouLeLangage dos Oiseaux, 

poeme de philosophie religieuse par Farid-Uddin 
Attar, publie en persan par M. Garcin do Tassy. 
{jAk\ jlai« L_;'a^) pp. 184. Varis, 1857. 8°. 

757. k. 27. 

Jl -aUI daio twj'JS" Ija [Mantik ul-tair.] 

pp. 183, lith. J^_ irA. [Bombay, 1863.] 8°. 

14787. b. 4. 

,jJbS! dal* [Mantik ul-tair.] pp. 112, Zi'</i. 

lAv I [Lite/mow, 1871.] 8°. 14837. g. 5.(12.) 

jjUl ikLo [Mantik ul-tair.] pp. 112, ZiYA. 

14787. g. 19. 

lAA. [Gawnpore, 1880.] 

P^Jal! ^laJus [Mantik ul-tair.] pp. 325, lith. 

iriv [Bombay, 1880.] 8°. 14787. b. 6. 

Mantic Uttair, ou Le Langage des Oiseaux, 

poeme de philosophie religieuse, traduit du persan 
de Farid Uddin Attar, par M. Garcin de Tassy. 
pp. X. 264. PaWs, 1863. 8°. 757. k. 26. 

[Another copy.] 757. g. 37.(1.) 

Translation of Mantik-ut-tair, lines 1-1170, 

with . . . notes, allusions, life of the poet and 
an outline of the book. Published by Ghulam 
Mohammad Abid Shaikh, pp. iv. 104, 20. Ahnied- 
abad, [1911.] 8°. 757. gg. 18. 

[On the Mantik ul-tair :] See Gabcin dk 

Tassy (J. H.). 





MUHAMMAD ibn IBEAHIM (FaeId uI-Din), called 

'AiTAVt, (continued). Jl ^Ik: . . . ^y^ [Masuavi 
(dififerentfrom that printed together with theBlsar- 
namah, and here wrongly styled on the title-page 
Asrar-namah). A- mystic poem.] See Marghub. 
Jl jj jo' ^j,v>k^ . . . ^)J^ [Marghiib ul-kuliib, etc.] 
pp. 13-20. [1897.] 8°. 14797. g. 31.(3.) 

[The same Masnavi. With Hindustani 

translation.] See Makghcb. (,_/*.^ • • • ^}^ 
Jl j)^ [Margbub ul-kulubj etc.] pp. 19-.31. 

[1899.] 8°. 14797.8.36.(3.) 

Pendeh-i-Attar. The Counsels of Attar. 

[Pand-namah. A moral masnavi poem.] Edited 
from a Persian manuscript by the Rev. J.H.Hindley. 
(^liac tjjj t_>Ui') pp. X. 110. London,l809. 16°. 

757. b. 2. 

Pend-nameh, ou Le Livre des Conseils de 

Perid-eddin Attar, traduit et public par M. le B"" 

Silvestre de Sacy. (^'>iac . . . i^^^J JJo i—jli/) 
(Vie de Ferid-eddiu Attar, extraite de I'Histoire 
des Poetes de Dauletschah Gazi de Samarcande.) 
Pers. Sf French, pp. Ixiv. 320, 134. Parts, 1819. 
8°. 31. h. 26. 

[Another copy of the Persian text.] 

757. d. 6. 

LS*^ Jjjt*/^l ijJJJ j}ac Job — Ji [Pand- 
namah. With Isma'il Hakki's Turkish paraphrase 
and commentary. Edited, with Turkish biographies 
of author and commentator, by Muh. As'ad Safvat.] 
pp. vii. 689. ire." [Constantinople, 1834.] 8°. 

757. d. 30. 

.[Another copy.] 14787. d. 2. 

j-fl»- U [Pand-namah. With Turkish com- 
mentary entitled Ma hazar by Muh. Murad Naksh- 
bandl, and life of the latter.] pp. 267. irer 
[Constantinople, IS^Q.'] 8°. 14787. b. 16. 

-fls>- Lc [Pand-namah 

commentary Ma hazar of Muh. Murad.] 

With the Turkish 
pp. 267. 

iOJuJl iiSaUl^b in. [Constantinople, 1844.] 8°. 

767. d. 29. 

^Uac j^jJI SiJ ^ .ulijjb . . . i_jl!ii' Ijjb 

[Pand-namah.] pp. 60, Zt</i. irw [Bomfca^/, I860.] 
8". 14787. b. 2.(1.) 

■ ^Uac jJLi [Pand-namah.] pp. 54. j«a« J(51»j 

yfcUJI irA. [fiwioA;, 1863.] 8°. ' 14787. b. 1. 

MUHAMMAD ibn IBRAHIM (Farid uI-Din), called 

'Ai'i'AR ifiontinued) . (Ji^ (_]j^1.kuj i ziJ^ J'iac Aij _ «i 

[Pand-namah. With Isma'il Hakki's commen- 
tary, and Muh. As'ad's biographies of 'Attar 
and Hakki.] pp. vii. 6.51. ir^v [Constantinople, 
1870.] 8°. 14787. d. 3. 

.'Jac X«U jJij [Pand-namah. Followed by 

(2) Sad pand, (3) a notice of 'Attfir and his Pand- 
namah, (4) a short masnavi poem by Nigam ul-DIn 
Puhrahi in refutation of polytheism, here ascribed 
to Jalalul-Din Puhrahi.] jDp. 48, lith. j^'i [Lahore, 
1870?] 8°. 14807. d. 2.(2.) 

• j^'l iru [Lahore, 1877.] 8°. 

14837. f. 12.(2.) 

The 'Iqd-i-marjan. Containing the Pand- 

nameh of . . . ^Attar and the Qiccah-i-Yoosf, being 
an extract from Jami's . . . Yoosof and Zolaikha 
etc. (jjU-^l JJij:) 2nd edition, pp.62. 1871. 
See Lees (W. N.). Lees's Persian Series, no. v. 
1855-71. 8°. 14822. b. 1.(1.) 

Jl ijify ^^*w,U lUac [sic] jJu L_> W I JJb [Pand- 
namah. With Arabic interlinear translation by 
Ahmad Rashid Khalvati.] pp. 72. h.siL^ ipaI 
[Alexandria, 1872.] 8°. 14787. d. 1. 

. . <C«L) JJ.) [Pand-namah. 


,'iac ,.JjJ! 

J-^ U^.^^ <^>./ 

With biography of 'Attar from Daulat Shah's 
Tazkirat ul-shu'ara. Reprinted from De Sacy's 
Paris edition, under the direction of Dr. J. D. 
Tholozan.] pp. 76, lith. uvr [Teheran, 1873.] 
8°. 14787. b. 5. 

J! <t«'J jJkj [Pand-namah. With marginal 

notes. Followed by Sad pand.] pp. 48, lith. ivwl^ 
\^^. [Cawnpore, Un.l 8°. 14797. g. 15.(4.) 

[Another copy.] 14783. e. 8.(6.) 

<u'J Job [Pand-nJimah.] See Panj Ganj. 

Jl J^ Uj [Panj ganj.] pt. iv. [1873.] 8°. 

^ ^ '^' 14837. g. 5.(4.) 

■ pt. iv. [1876.] 8°. 

14837. f. 11.(3.) 
pt. iv. [1877.] 8°. 

14837. f. 13.(1.) 

pt.iv. pp. 43-101. [1877.] 

8°. 14787. b, 7. 

HjSajs:* -^f" ^ ^^.».^u-< .liar <CeU jJij _ yi 

[Pand-namah. With commentary (Sharh i Mu- 





liaininadiyyah) by Muli. b. Ghulam Muli. Gulhavl.] 
pp. 128, nth. jjSb'i I Air [Lahore, 1892.] 8°, 

14797. g. 26.(4.) 

J^ <Ce'J oJLj [Pand-namah.] See Majmu'ah. 

Jl v__>U5' A) JiCytar* [Majmu'ah i panj kitab.] 
pp. 50-108. [1894.] 8°. 14797. c. 18. 

pt. iv. pp.64. [1902.] 8°. 

14787. b. 23. 

Cousilia selecta ex Libro Pendi ^ttar dicto. 

[With Latin translation.] See Persian Anthology. 
Autbologia Persica, etc. pp. 53-60. 1778. 4°. 

737. k. 35. 

Pendnameh, das ist. Das Bucb des guten 

Rathes, von Ferid-eddin 'Attftr, aus dem Persi- 
schen iibersetzt von G. H. F. Nesselmann. pp. 80. 
Konigsbcrg, 1871. 8°. 757. b. 16. 

Pund Nameh Fariddodin Attar. Trans- 
lated into English, by Erachsha F. Karani, and 
Mahnmed Gows Abdul Kadiv Aga. pp. 78. Bom- 
hay, 1912. 12°. 14787. b. 31. 

,Uac vjui eu'jir 

[jj [Ruba'iyyat. Quatrains.] 
Sec 'Umar Khayyam. — Ruba'iyyat. *j^ cijIjx'j , 
^IX^ [Ruba'iyyat.] ff. 62-68. [1857.] 8°. 

14797. b. 1. 

■ 'oljill ijisi [Tazkirat ul-auliya. Notices of 

70 saints and Siifis, mainly of the first three 
centuries of the Hijrah.] pp. 422, lith. Ji«$3 iai i 
iLtichww, 1891.] 8°. 14779. d. 18. 

Part I (II) of the Tadhkiratu '1-Awliya — 

" Memoirs of the Saints" — of Muhammad ibn 
Ibrahim Faridu'ddiu 'Attar. Edited . . . with 
preface, indices and variants (and a comparative 
table showing the parallel passages which occur 
in the Risiilatu '1-Qushayriyya of Abu 'I-Qasim al 
Qushayri) by Reynold A. Nicholson . . . With 
n critical introduction by Mirza Muhammad B. 
'Abdu'1-Wahhab-i Qazwini. 2 pts. 1905-7. 8°. 
See Persian Historical Texts. Persian Historical 
Texts, vols, iii., V. 1901, e<c. 8°. 757. gg. 9. 

^yii^] J^jJS [Asrar ul-shuhud. Versified 

anecdotes from lives of eminent saints and Sufis, 
attributed to 'Attar.] pp. 151, lith. .ytil \sm 
[Lahore, 1894.] 8". 14787. c. 32. 

MUHAMMAD ibn IDRIS, Shdfi'i. ^UHJ 
i^yxiLiJI [Musnad. Arabic traditions. Edited by 
'Abd ul- Rahman A'zamgarhi. Preceded by al- 
Risalat ul-mnjannad fi ahval il- musnad, a Persian 
introduction by MuK. 'All Akram, etc.'] pp. xvi. 
220, 4, lith. X;T I AAi [^rra/t, 1889.] 8°. 

14522. d. 10. 

Kamil, Bihlavi. <tj\^ 'Jol Sa^ i_jli^ [Nuzhah i 
isna 'ashariyyah. An exposition and defence of 
the Shi'ah creed. Followed by a short life of the 
author.] pp. 508, lith. ^ [Jjucknow, 1886.] 
8°. 14712. e. 6. 

MUHAMMAD ibn 'ISA ibn SAUEAH (Abu Tsa), 
Tirmizl. JJU.i &> jyiJu^^j^J^^ <);«^|_ji«i JJUJ; 
^^ [Shama'il i nabi. Arabic Traditions on the 
character of Muhammad. With Shama'il i nabavi, 
a Persian commentary by Muh. Muslih ul-Dln 
Larl. Edited by Muh. Hu sain Hazaravi.] pp.120, 
lith. j^'i ir.i [irt/tore,1892.] 8°. 14521.0.31.(7.) 

■ ■ [For commentary on Shama'il i nabi :] 

See SiRAJ Ahmau, Sirhindt. 

MUHAMMAD ibn ISMA'IL, Buhhari. is^ t^b^iC* 
"U^' ^\ e:^U-fljj |_g;'w^il . . . (-_^'LLe [Maktubat 
raa'ah manakib ul-Bukhari u fazilat i Ibn Tai- 
miyyah. Letters of Bukharl and notices of his 
lifp, with biographical notices of Ibn Taimiyyah. 
Edited by Vali Ullah Dihlavi.] pp. 32. Uj 
[Bdhi, 1890.] 8°. 14779. f. 7.(2.) 

i_y^lsnJl gs^ '^yj uS;'^' '^ [Tuhfat ul- 

kari. Traditions relating principally to 'Umar and 
'A'ishah, from Bukharl's SahiK.] pp. 235, lith. 
ajbj^ irAC [Ludhiana, 1868.] 8°. 14707. a. 1. 

MUHAMMAD ibn JA'FAR (Abu Bakr), Narshalthi. 
Description topographique et historique de Bou- 
khara par Mohammed Nerchakhy, suivio de textes 
relatifs a la Transoxiane. Texte persan public 
par C. Schefer. (];Uf, 'f.j^) (Publications de 
I'Ecole des Langues Orientales Vivantes, iii* s^rie, 
vol. xiii.) pp. iv. 292. Paris, Angers [printed], 
1892. 8°. 14003.1.30. 

1^'visr zi^'o [Extracts from the Ta'rfkh i 

Bukhara as abridged by Muh. ibn Zufar from 
Ahmad ibn Muh. Kubavl's Persian vei'sion of the 





original Arabic] 1883. See Schefer (C). Chres- 
totnathie Persane. torn. i. 1883, 85. 8°. 

14003. i. 15. 

HcTopiH ByxapLi. [History of Bokhara.] 

nepesejif. ci. neiiCH;;cKaro II. .Ihkouihhi. no;;i. peiiaK- 
^ieR B. B. Bapmiwa, e<c. pp. 123,2, 2. TauiKcnrm, 
1897. 8°. 757. ff. 6. 

MUHAMMAD ibn JAEIR (Abd Ja'pae), Tahari. 
[For D. Price's " Essay," based partly on the 
Ta'rikh i Tabarl :] See Price (D.). 

^^ ^J:ij\ Jjl aL=- [Ta'rikh i Tabarl. An 

abridgment of tabari's general history. Trans- 
lated into Persian by Abu 'AH Muli. Barami.] 
vol. i. pp. 799, Zi</t. I Avi [L«cA;noM;, 1874.] 8°. 

14773. g. 3. 

^Jta -^j^ } J^l jV [Ta'rikh i tabarl. 

In Bal'ami's version.] vol. i. pp. 800, liih. 

^^\^ lAii {Gawn^ore, 1896.] 8°. 14773. h. 10. 

Extract from [Bal'ami's translation of] the 

Tarikh Tebry, containing a relation of the seventy 
years captivity of the Jews. [With English 
translation.] See Oriental Miscellany. The 
Oriental Miscellany, etc. vol. i., pp. 1-13. 1798. 
8°. 757. c. 13. 

Tarikh-e-Tabari. Translated into Persian 

by All Mohammad al Bal'ami . . . The portion 
appointed for the Intermediate Arts Examination 
for 1903 A.D. . . . with ... a short account of the 
historian . . . notes . . . By Shaikh Abdul-Kadir, 
S. Surfraz. (J! ^J^ ^j\i f;^) pp. 14, 80, 119; 

d folding tables. Bombaij, 1902. 8". 757. e. 59. 
Chronique d'Abou- Djafar Mohammed 

Tabari ... traduite sur la version persane d'Abou- 
Ali Mohammed Belami . . . par L. Dubeux. 
(Oriental Translation Fund of Great Britain and 
Ireland.) torn. i. Pans, 1836. 4°. 14003. f. 18. 
No more published. Imperfect ; wanting all after p. 280. 

Chronique de Abou-Djafar-Mo'hammed- 

ben-Djarir-benYezid Tabari, traduite sur la version 
persane d'Abou-'Ali-Mo'hammed Bel'ami . . . par 
H. Zotenberg. (Oriental Translation Fund of 
Great Britain and Ireland.) 4 torn. Paris, 1867- 
1874. 8°. 14003. e. 7. 

Bal'amy's translation of the History of 

Tabary, and Ghazzaly's History of the Prophets 

[Kisas ul-anbiya]. — [Compared, with extracts,] 
by A. Sprenger. 1848. See Academies, etc. — 
Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. Journal, etc. 
vol. xvii., pp. 437-71. 1832, etc. 8°. 

R.Ac. 8826/11. 

MUHAMMAD ibn KAIS (Shams uI-Din), Ruzt. 
Al-Mu'jaiii fi Ma'ayiri Ash'ari 'l-'Ajam, a treatise 
on the prosody and poetic art of the Persians 
by Shamsu 'd-Din Muhammad ibn Qays ar-Razi, 
edited ... by Mirza Muhammad ibn 'Abdu 
'1-Wahhab of Qazwiu. [With English abstract 
by E. G. Browne of the editor's preface.] i_.>Vi^) 
(*=^'^'^1^.'*« ^ ^^^ pp. XX. 19, 12, 464. 

1909. See Gibb (E. J. W.). " E. J. W. Gibb 
Memorial " Series, vol. x. 1905, etc. 8°. 

14005. g. 10. 

MUHAMMAD ibn KARIM, Musavi, ShusMarJ. 
[Edit.] Sec 'Abbas, called Shabab, Shushtari. 

MUHAMMAD ibn KHALID, IfaruarMi^j. [Edit.] See 
H E E M ES , Tris m eg is tus . 


Khvand. 'JlJI 'Lc^j -f^j'-i (|^J — ) Jjl aU- [Ta'rikh 
i rauzat ul-safa. A general history from the 
Creation, by Mir Khvand, in 7 books. Edited 
and brought down to his own time, in 3 additional 
books, by Riza Kuli Khan (Hidayat).] 2 vols., 
litli. ^A:: !rv.-v« \;Peheran, 1853-56.] Fol. 

14773. k. 5. 

[Another copy of books 6-10.] 

14773. k. 12. 



'V 'tJ 


iKsS [Ta'rikh i rauzat ul- 
safa.] 7 pts., liih. ^J^i '"VI [Bombay, 1855.] 


14773. 1. 1. 

'aJ! ii., [Rauzat ul-safa. Edited by Muli. 

Sadik Jaunpiirl.] pp. 1514, /«</;. »i^ uvi [Lwc/r- 
now, 1874.] Fol. 14773. k. 4. 

UJj'_5 lD^JIj '^:^J1 y-- J li-all 


[Rauzat ul-safa.] Le Jardin de la Purete, con- 
tenant I'Histoire des Proph^tes, des Rois et des 
Khalifes . . . [Notices, with extracts, etc.,] par 
M. Am. Jourdain. 1813. See Academies, etc. — 
Paris. — Academie des Inscriptions, etc. Notices, 
etc. torn. ix.,pt.i., pp. 117-260. 1787, e<c. 4°. 

Bar. T. 1. a-c.(tom. 9.) 





Khvand {continued). Notice de I'Histoire Univcr- 
selle de Miikhond, intitnl^e le Jardiu de la Purete, 
suivie de I'Histoire de la Dynastie des Ismaeliens 
de Perse, extraite da mfime ouvrage, en Persan et 
en Fran9ois, par M. Am. Jourdain. (Extrait du 
Tome ix. des Notices et Extraits des Manuscrits 
de la Bibliotheque Imperiale, etc.) pp. 164. 
Taris, 1812. 4°. 125. e. 3. 

Historia priorum Regum Persarum post 

firraatum in regno Islamismum. Ex Mohammede 
Mirchond persice et latine cum notis geographico 
literariis [by B. von Jenisch]. pp. 178, 38. 
VienncE, 1782. A". 757. h. 42. 

[Another copy, wanting Persian 

test.] 148. 0. 11. 

Mohammedis filii Chavendschahi vulgo 

Mirchondi Historia Samanidarum persice . . . 
edidit, interpretatione latina, aunotationibus 
iistoricis et indicibus illustravit F. Wilken. 
pp. vi. 222. Goettingae, 1808. 4°. 757. e. 4. 

[Another copy.] 

767. e. 5. 

Mirchondi Historia Thaheridarum . . . 

Persiae principum. Persice et latine edidit 
E. Mitscberlich. pp. 44. [Berlin, 1819.] 8°. 

757. e. 33. 

Mohammedi Filii Chondschahi vulgo Mir- 

chondi Historia Gasnevidarum persice , . . nunc 
primum edidit, lectionis varietate instruxit, latine 
vertit, annotationibusque historicis illustravit 
F. Wilken. pp. xvi. 280. Berolini, 1832. 4°. 

757. k. 5. 

Mirchond's Geschichte der Sultane aus 

dem Geschlechte Bujeh. Persisch und deutsch. 
Von F. Wilken. [Reprinted from the Abhand- 
lungen der K. Akademie der Wissenschaften.] 
pp. 120. Berlin, 1835. 4°. 757. i. 33. 

Mirchondi Historia Seldschukidarum per- 

sice . . . edidit . . . aunotationibus criticis et philo- 
logicis illustravit J. A. VuUers. pp. viii. 288. 
Gissae, 1837. 8°. 757. c. 18. 

Vie de Djenghiz-Khan, par Mirkhond 

(texte persan). [Edited by P. A. E. P, Jaubert.] 
1841. See Academies, e<c — Paris. — Ecole Speeiale, 

etc. Chrestomathies Orientales, etc. 1841-43. 
8°. 14003. i. 9.(5.) 

See Academies, etc. — Paris. — Ecole 

Speeiale, etc. Chrestomathie Persane, etc. torn. ii. 
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■ See Academies, etc. — Paris. — Ecole 

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The History of the Atabeks of Syria and Persia 
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[Another copy.] 

14003. h. 10.* 

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In progress. 

R £ 





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d'el origen descendencia y succession de los Reyes 
de Persia, y de Harmuz, [translated, or rather 
compiled, from the Persian histories of M. Kh. and 
of Turan Shah] y de un viage hecho por el mismo 
autor dende la India Oriental hasta Italia por 
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[Another copy.] 

280. f. 23. 

The History of Persia ... to which is added 

an abridgment of the lives of the Kings of Harmuz 
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MUHAMMAD ibn KUTB ul-DIN (Nizam uI-DIn), 
Suhdli (?). ^\jj '-—^'^ [ManaUib i Razzakiyyah. 
Life and teaching of 'Abd ul-Razzak Bansavl. 
Edited by Ghulam Gilanl.] pp. 20, Zi7/i.. Jui3 un 
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[Mu'ayyid ul-fuzala. A Persian dictionary, con- 
taining also the Turkish and Arabic words in 
general use in the language, arranged throughout 
in separate groups. With an appendix of numerals, 
arithmetical notation, and elementary grammar.] 
pp. 302, lith. y^ lAAi [Lucknow, 1884.] 8°. 

14815. e. 4. 

Vol. i. missing. 

MUHAMMAD ibn MAHMUD (Jamal uI-Din), Sliah- 
rastiinl. [Commentary on Tahzib ul-mantik.] See 
Mas'ud ibn 'Umar (Sa'd uI-Din). 


called Amir Khvubd, ' Alavi, Kirmdni. ^'jJjill ^j.*u 
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liyLsH' i_jli^ [Kitab ul-hukuk. An extract 

arabes et persans in^dits, relatifs aux anciens 
peuples da Caucase et de la Russia meridionale. 
Traduits et accompagn^s de notes critiques, par 

from the Ihya 'uliim il-din, on moral duties. 
Translated by Sayyid Ahmad Khan.] pp. 15, lith. 
^f\ ir.6 [Agra, 1888.] 8°. 14718. f. 12.(2.) 

Jfii-flll L_>lii^ [Kitab ul-sidk. An extract 

from the Iliya 'ulum il-din, on the ethics of words, 





purposes, and deeds. Translated by Sayyid Alimad 
Khun.] pp. 12, lilh. s/T \r.6 [Agra, 1888.] 
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757. cc. 82. 

Bal'amy's translation of the History of 

Tabary, and Ghazzaly's History of the Prophets 
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Letters. Compiled by the author's brother Alimad.] 
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14807. d. 17. 

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Title taken from wrapper. 

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i^jwoJl [sic] [Al-Hisn ul-Kasiu. An Arabic prayer- 
book. With two marginal commentaries, one in 
Arabic by 'All Karl, the other in Persian, entitled 
al-Hirz ul-rasin, by Fakhr ul-Diu Muhibb Ullah.] 
pp. 481, lith. ^ I AW [Lucliv.ow, 1877.] Fol. 

14519. f. 1. 

Jl L^jJ' i«AiU]'j V.A.^\ . . . <js-*^' [Al- 

Mukaddimat nl-jazariyyah. An Arabic work on the 

I recitation of the Kur'an. With a Persian com- 
mentary by Mufti Muli. AKsan and an Arabic 
one by Zakariyyii Ansarl. Edited by Fasjl Ilahl.] 
pp.40,Zt</i. Jj6j[l?eZAt,1888.] 8°. 14614. b. 36.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD ibn MUHAMMAD, Rabhdmi ? J>\j 
^jj^ar^'JjI [Riyaz nl-nasiHln. An encyclopaedia of 
Moslem theology, ethics, law, and sciences. Edited 
by MuH. 'Usman and Muli. Ibrahim Ghulam 
Kadiri.] pp. 402, lith. iJ^ """" [Bombay, 
1896.] 4°. 14815. f. 6. 

MUHAMMAD ibn MUHAMMAD (Abu 'Ali), Bal'aml. 
[Persian version of Tabari's Chronicle.] See 
Muhammad ibn Jarir. 

MUHAMMAD ibn MUHAMMAD (Abu '1-Fath Path 
uI-DIn), called Ibn Sayyid H-Nas, Ya'mari. 
^JJJ.Js^' jjj>^ [Suriir ul-mahziin, or Mukhtasar i 
ta'rikh i MuhammadT. An abridgment of Vall 
Ullah Dihlavi's Persian translation of M. b. M.'s 
Nur ul-'uyiin, an Arabic life of Muhammad.] 
pp. 24, Z/</t. jjS>'i lAii [La/tore, 1891.] 8°. 

14779. d. 22.(3.) 

MUHAMMAD ibn MUHAMMAD (Jalal uI-Din), 

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jijii ^j>.^ '-^'•^ [Kulliyat. Collected 

poems.] pp. 1036, lith. J^ iaac [Luchnow, 
1885.] Fol. 14787. k. 10. 

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i Tabriz. Ohazal odes.] pp. 278, ZiV/t. ji^ iava 
[Luchnow, 1878.] 8°. 14787. g. 10. 

ji_Ji {^j-^ iJUyos- jjly.ii [Divan i Shams 

i Tabriz.] pp. 278, lith. yui3 iaat [Lucknow, 
1882.] 8°. 14787. h. 11. 

Jir^' O"*^ t-i-Si-fls- yj'y.'i [Diviin i Shams 

i Tabriz.] pp. 436, lith. .yu^ m.a [Cawnpore, 
1908.] 8°. ' 14787. e. 31. 

Ji'.rf' L/-*^ ci'.?^-'^ '■^'t!^ Acli- [Khulasah i 

divan i Shams i Tabriz. An abridgment of the 
above.] pp. 58, lith. ^i^ [Luchnoiv, 1895.] 8°. 

14797. g. 28.(7.) 

Auswahl aus den Diwanen des grossten 

mystischen Dichters Persiens Mewlana Dsche- 
laleddin Rumi. Aus dem Persischen mit bei- 





gefiigtem Original-Texte und erliiuternden An- 
merkungen von V. von Rosenzweig. pp. 236. 
Wien, 1838. 4°. 757. k. 30. 

Selected poems from the Divani Sbamsi 

Tabriz (the lyrical poetry of Jalalu'ddin Rumi). 
Edited and translated, with an introduction, notes, 
and appendices, by R. A. Nicholson, pp. Iv. 367. 
Cambridge, 1898. 8°. 757. cc. 30. 

The Festival of Spring from the Divdn of 

Jelaleddin. Rendered in English Gazels after 
Riickert's versions. With an introduction and a 
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W. Hastie. pp. xxxviii. ii. 63. Glasgow, 1903. 
tj". 757. cc. 34. 

[For commentaries, glossaries, etc., upon 

the Masnavi i ma'navi :] See 'Abd u1-Kadie, 
called 'Andalib i Gulshan i Raz. 

See 'Abd uI-Latip ibn 'Abd Ullah. 

See 'Abd u1-Rahman ibn Ahmad, 

called Jami. — SharJi i Masnavi. 

See HusAiN ibn Hasan, Sabzavdri. 

See Kegl (S.). 

See Muhammad Riza, Maulavl. 

See Muhammad Asheap 'Ali, Thd- 


by Ahmad ibn Muh. (Khurram).] 6 pts., Uth. 
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[Another copy, wanting last 3 pp. 

of bk. V. and p. 1 of bk. vi.] 14787. i. 11. 

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life of the author in verse by Vakar. Edited 
from the Bombay edition of 1270 by Muh. Bakir 
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1863.] 8^ 14787. g. 3. 

See Vali Muhammad, Akbardbddl. 

(_5y^ (^^^oL- — ) Jjl aUi- [Masnavi i 

ma'navi. A mystic poem. With a Turkish para- 
phrase and commentary called Fatili ul-abyat by 
Isma'il Ankiravi. Edited by Ahmad Efendi.] 
6 vols. [Bulalt, 1835.] Fol. 14787. k. 12. 

(_yy^' (_?y^' ^jUi* IJJt) [Masnavi i 

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spurious 7th book, and a Turkish translation by 
Sulaiman Efendi (Nahifl).] 3 vols., litli. J^^ 
iriA [ifu/afc, 1852.] Pol. 14787. k. 3. 

Begin. ^y>^ ujlii' j\ J^! Al=r« i=-'-o..i 




,Jj^ ^JiX« LMasnavi. 
epilogue by Muh. Ilahi Bakhsh Khan Faizabadi.] 
6pts.,W7i. irAr[LMc7cnou;,1866.] 8°. 14787. h. 23. 

Jl ^^jvaII (_?^r*^' (_?y^' i—'ViJ' lis [Mas- 

With preface of Zain ul-'Abidin Shirvanl.] 
^J.^AJ irM [Bombay, 1870.] 8°. 
14787. g. 26. 

^,,wJi ^^\ ^/ ^ (^;u) jj_iii aU' 

, JJuJ! _, .; [Masnavi. With Isma'il Hakki's 
Turkish commentary Ruh ul-masnavi.] 2 vols. 
\rs^ [Constantinople, \B1 1.1 8°. 14787. d. 21. 


pp. 609, Uth. 

^jJLil i^A *— ^._/*' (_?y^ [Masnavi. 


the Turkish translation and commentary of Isma il 
Ankiravi.] 6 vols, ipai [Constantinople? 1872.] 
8°. 14787. h. 7. 

Imperfect, wanting pp. 9-128 of vol. 1 and 537-44 of vol. 5. 

^^] ^/L ^ (^^Ul - ) J,^! ^jJ^ 

,JiJ! ^:«Ju]'j i^-*^/*^! [Masnavi. With Arabic com- 
mentary styled al-Manhaj ul-kavi by Yiisuf ibn 
Ahmad.] 6 vols. irAi [OaiVo, 1872.] 8°. 

14787. d. 28. 

J! ;;jix-« ^^yo i«y^ [Masnavi. With the 

epilogue of Muh. Ilahl Bakhsh. With marginal 
commentary by Muh. 'Abdul-' Ali (Bahr ul-'Ulum), 
notes from other sources, and life of Riimi in verse 
by Vakar.] 7 pts., Uth. ,J^_ i rU [Bombay, 1877.] 
Fol. 14787. k. 5. 

Jl ^J*J1 ^cy^^ L-jUi" IJA [Masnavi. 

Edited, with marginal notes and with index of lines 
in alphabetical order of their first letters, by Muh. 
Tahir Kashani, assisted by Faraj Ullah Kashani.] 
pp. ii. 673, 16, 146, 4. i m [Teheran, 1882.] Fol. 

14787. k. 7. 
Jl ^yjUJI i—j'Jii' 1 JJb [Masnavi. With notices 

Jl ^y*^ [Masnavi. Edited with marginal notes | of the author by Haji Zaiu ul-'Abidin Shirvanl 





iind Vakar, and the epilogue of Muli. llfihi 
Bakhsh. Edited with marginal notes by Nur Muli. 
ibn 'Abd ul-Bamad and Muh. Husain Kashmiri.] 
pp. 631, Hth. ^Jmj ir.. [Bombay, 1883.] 8°. 

14787. h. 17. 

>— *^_/*' i_jy^ 7"^ i '"*?:/ [Masnavi. With 

Abidin Pasha's Turkish paraphrase and commen- 
tary.] 6 vols. c:jJI*»m .J ir.e \_Gonstantinople , 
1888.] 8°. 14787. d. 17. 

Lf*Ji; ''^^^ i^y^ ■?-/*' f*^' 1— ft^ [Masnavi. 

With Hindustani translation and commentary 
called Kashf ul-'ulum by Muh. Hidayat ul-'Ali 

Lakhnavi.] bks. 1-3. iJblolj^ uu [Moradabad, 

1894.] Fol. 14787. k. 15. 

Apparently only three parts published. 

■ JI ,_ji»"y. (j/>' fJ^ [Masnavi. With the metri- 
cal Hindustani translation Pairahan i Yiisufi and 
marginal notes by Muh. Yusuf 'All Shah.] 6pts., 
nth. jyxi^[Cawnpore,1897.] Fol, 14787. k. 17. 

^^l> • ■ • <.Ji^ ■^J^ LS* (♦y^' ■— *^ I^^^^?" 

navi. With Hindustani commentary called Kashf 
ul-maktum by Muh. Isma'il Khan. Edited by Muh. 
Intizar Husain Muradabadi.] 4yo\s., lith. j'oljL* 
irr\-\rrr [Moradabad, 190S-05.] Fol. 14787.1,1. 

i_sy*-* i_?yr° u^y^ [Magnavl. With the 

epilogue of Muh. Ilahi Bakhsh.] pp. xiii. 636, lith. 
j^'i n.i [Lahore, 1906.] 8". 14787.1.16. 

(*ij t^'-'^r" LJi^ '~r^^ '-:-^^ [Lubb i lubab. 

An abridgment, by Husain Va'iss Kashifi, of Lubab 
ul-ma'navi, a larger selection made by him froin 
the Masnavi.] pp. 456, lith. ,^^^ [Bombay, 
1885?] 8°.. ■ 14787. d. 16. 

^_jii* (^ — ) Jjl yjo ju^y i^y. u^'^j^i 

^y^*-c [Mafnavl I. -VI. With the metrical Hindu- 
stani translation Pairahan i Yusufi and marginal 
notes by Muh. Yusuf 'All Shah. Second edition.] 
6 pts., lith. y^ uai [iMchnow, 1889.] Fol. 

14787. k. 9. 

J' u?y*^ i^^y t-jLii . . . L-j'Ji" Ijjti [Nisiib. 

Selections from the Masnavi, treating of the several 
stages in the Sufic life.] pp. 88, ij</t. \r,^ [Bom- 
bay, 1892.] 8°. 14724. b. 2. 

J' i_?y*^ i_fy^j' (•^^^'> [Masnavi. The 
spurious Daftar VII., found in some copies. 

Edited by Muh. Mahdl Shlrazi.] pp. 109, lith. 
JLxAj ir. I [Bow 6ay, 1884.] 8°. 14787. b. 14, 

i_ftj^ j^ylc _yi ^ <u»y; [Masnavi I. With 

Abidin Pasha's Turkish paraphrase and commen- 
tary.] vol. i. {daftar 1). pp. 719, 14. ^y:^ 
lAAi [5f^W», 1886.] 8°. 14787. c. 24. 

j_jA^iU»-J '—a.>j^ ^}^ [Ma§navi I.-II. 

With Turkish version by Khairi Bey.] pp. 64, 
lith. Jyxi[L,] ir.A [CoTtstantinople, 1891.] 8°. 

14787. d. 23. 

i^y^ i^^-^^V [l^ii'iuma i masnavi. The 

preface of Ma.snavi I., with metrical Hindustani 
commentary by Muh. Ashraf 'All.] pp. 8, lith. 
Jjt>^ irn [Delhi, 1902.] 8°. 14797. f. 3.(10.) 

[Selections.] See La'ali. La'ali'-i-man- 

zuma, etc. 1910. 8°. 14797. e. 46, 

Mesnewi oder Doppelverse des Scheich 

Mewlan^ Dschelal-ed-din Rumi. Aus dem Per- 
sischen iibertragen von G. Rosen, pp. xxvi. 216. 
Leipzig, 1849. 8°. 757. d. 24. 

The Mesnevi (usually known as the Mes- 

neviyi Sherif or Holy Mesnevi) of Mevlana . . , 
Jelalu-'D-Din Muhammed er-Riimi, Book the 
First . . . with some account ... of the author . . . 
illustrated by . . . characteristic anecdotes, as 
collected by . . . Mevlana Shemsu-'D-Din Ahmed, 
el Eflaki, el 'Arifi. Translated, and the poetry 
versified by J. W.Redhouse. (Triibner's Oriental 
Series.) 2 pts. London, 1881. 8°. 2318. f. 8. 

Masnavi i Ma'navi, the spiritual couplets 

of Maulana Jalalu-'d-Din Muhammad i Rumi. 
Translated and abridged by E. H. Whinfield, 
(Triibner's Oriental Series.) pp. xxxii. 330. Lon- 
don, 1887. 8°. 757. d. 49. 

[Another copy.] 

2318. g. 9. 

Extract from the Mesnawi of Jelal-ud-Din- 

Rumi. See MnsLiH ibn 'Abd Uli.ah (Musharrip 
uI-Din), called Sa'dJ. — Bustdn Sj- G-ulistan. Flowers 
culled from the Gulistan, e<c. pp. 163-171. 1876. 
16°. 757. ft. 8.(5.) 

Specimens of Jelal-ad-din Rumi. See 

Robinson (S.). Persian Poetry for English 
Readers, efc. pp. 367-381. 1883. 8°. 767. b, 33. 





MUHAMMAD ibn MUHAMMAD (Jalal uI-Din), 
Ruml (continued). The Persian Mystics : Jalalu'd- 
Din Rum). [Selections in English with intro- 
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iSeeEAST. The Wisdom of the East Series. 1904, 
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Mesnevi oder Doppelverse des Scheich 

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sischen iibertragen von Georg Rosen mit einer 
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1913. See Staden (H. von). Meisterwerke orien- 
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14005. ff. 1. 

iJJ^T^ i_/~^ '^^^j-* T^f [T^'arji'. A refrain- 
poem.] See'UMAE Khayyam. — Rubaiyydt. cuUc'u, 
^Ur- l»j^ [Ruba'iyyat.] fi". 716-766. [1857.] 
8°. • 14797. b. 1. 

[For the 'Ishk-namah, wrongly ascribed 

to Riiml:] See Sultan Valad ibn Jalal uI-Din 

— [For the Marghiib ul-kulub, sometimes 

ascribed to Riimi :] See Maeghub. 

Riizi. [For commentary on M. b. M.'s Risalah fi 
'1-tasavvur va'1-tasdik :] See Muhammad Zahid. 

TUsl. j_j^U jil^l [Akhlak i nasiri. A treatise 
on ethics. Edited, with marginal notes, by MuK. 
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from Lutf 'All's Atash-kadah.] pp. 208, lith. .yt>^ 
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pp. iv. 510, W/t. jX^ I Ml [Lucknow, 

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Oriental Miscellany. The Oriental Miscellany, 

Plato's Instructions to Aristotle. From the 

Uklack Nassery. [With English translation.] See 

etc. vol. i. 1798. 8° 

Reader, etc. 

See Persian Reader. 
vol. ii. 1824. 8°. 

757. c. 13. 

The Persian 
757. d. 36. 

Das Kapitel von der Liebe. See Peipee 

(C. R. S.). Stimmen aus dem Morgenlande, etc. 
1880. 8°. 14003. h. 20. 




>'aj^ [Ausaf ul- 

ashraf. An essay on the spiritual life.] pp. 56, 
lith. J^ \r. I [Bombay,188i.] 12°. 14787.a.5.(l.) 

[Bist bab. A treatise 


on the astrolabe. With (2) an introduction and 
commentary by Mulla Mujiaffar, founded on Nizam 
ul-Din 'Abd ul-'Ali b. MuK. Barjandi's commentary, 
and (3) on the margin, Madkhal i manziim, a 
manual of astrology in masnavi rhyme, also 
attributed to Tusi.] ff. 95, lith. irvi [Persia, 
1859 ?] 8°. 14770. b. l.(2.)~ 

Binae Tabulae Geographicae una Nassir 

Eddini Persae altera Ulug Beigi Tatari. Opera 
et studio J. Gravii . . . publicatae. pp. 64. Pers. 
8f Lat. Londini, 1652. 4°. 530. d. 19.(1.) 

See Hudson (J.). Geographiae 

Veteris Scriptores Graeci Minores, etc. vol. 3. 
1698-1712. 8°. 304. i. 8. 

• See Isma'Il ibn 'Ali ('Imad uI-Din 

Abu '1-Fida). Chorasmiae et Mawaralnahrae . . . 
Descriptio, e<c. 1711. 8°. 14565. b.l. 

Avo TTiVawe? jewypacfitKoi, 6 fiiv Naaalp '£8St- 

vov . .. oBe Oi/Xovy Miret. Pers. ^ Gr. See Isma'il 
ibn 'Ali ('Imad uI-Din Abu '1-Fida). 'Afj,irov\(f>eBa 
'lafidijX . . . ■7r€piypa(j>r) Xopaafiiai;, ic.t.X. 1807. 8°. 

14565. b. 9. 

See Sylloge. ^vKXayrj^ t&v iv iiri- 

TOjxfi Toi? irdXai. yetdypa^rjdevronv, k.t.X. torn. ii. 
1807-08. 8°. 10007. c. 15. 

<tc'J JU [Fal-namah. A tract on augury, 

ascribed to Tusi.] See Khvab. Jl ^U »-^1^ 
[Khvab-namah, ei!c.] [1870.] 8^ 14837. f. 1.(3.) 

[1882.] 8°. 14770.6.5.(1.) 

[For commentary on the Mi'yar ul-ash'ar 

sometimes ascribed to N. ul-D. Tiisi :] See Mu- 
hammad Sa'd Ullah, Mufti, of Rampur. 





called Vatvat. See Muhammad ibn *Abd uI-Jalil. 

Sajdvandi. J! <iu*-'^ c^^^-V [Fnra'i? i Sirajiyyah. 
A treatise on the Hannfi law of inheritance. 
Translated by MuH. Rasliid from the original 
Anibic.] pp. 248. iJ^ un [C al cutf.a, 18U.] 
8°. 14736, b. 8. 

For Nazm ul-farfi'iz, paraphrased from 

M. b. M.'s Arabic Sirajiyyah:] See Ja'far 'Ali. 

MUHAMMAD ibn MUHAMMAD 'All (Abu Maksur), 
Sai/yitf. [Tabjil ul-tauzil, commentary on Kur'an.] 
See Kur'an. 

J^JJ^' (J^^ [Tabjil ul-tanzil.] pt. i. 

pp. 208, nth. JjbJ [Delhi,l90d.] Fol. 14507. f. 9. 

Malik uI-Kuttab, Shlrdzi. [Edit.] See 
Shah 'Ala'I. 

See Jamasp ibn Luhrasp. 

See Shams u1-DIn Fakir. 

\Sj J\j^'i\ .Jo »y^y< J^ t_aJl . . . t_j'jk/ 

J! ^iJjJI [Alf nahar, or Durr ul-asrar. Anecdotes 
and reflections on various subjects.] vol. i. pp.279, 
lith. Bomtay, irir [1896.] 8°. 14718. c. 3. 

Jl ijijjJl uj'^J^^ ^'V ^'^J ■■•^^ [Ayat 

ul-vilayat va-burhan ul-hidayat. A defence of the 
Caliphate of 'Ali and the 12 Imams as the true 
successors of Muhammad. Followed by two Siirahs 
of the Kur'an.] pp. 112, lith. Bombay, [1898.] 
8°. 14712. c. 6. 

[Life of Muhammad.] See 'Ali ibn 'Isa. 

Jl ^j\^\ ji^\ [Iksir ul-tavarlkh.] [1891.] 8°. 
^ ' 14779. f. 3. 

Jl ^3^^t ^'^w-w \j:„^jy^ . . . ^JJ^>] [Miftah 

ul-rizk, or 'llaj i muflisi. A work on the mutual 
relations and obligations of employers and em- 
ployed.] pp. 208, lith. Bombay, ine [1898.] 
8". 14749. g. 12. 

Jl jj'-«;Jl UjT^ i_jW IJJb [Mir'at ul-zaman. 

A brief history of China and Japan.] pp. Ill, lith. 
Bombay, [1893.] 8°. 14773. d. 15. 

<0 ^*-**!! it'-ajJ! ^Jjsr* j ic'Jua!! (_A.*,.C i_jUi" 

j^4.s^ CL^'okicu* [Muntakhabixt i Muhammadl. 

An account of various arts, with glossary.] pp. 194, 
lith. j_jjuuj in I [i?om6ay, 1894.] 8°. 14815. c.3. 

Jl kliUll ^L«t S'— ^ IJA [Risalah i asrar 

il-nikat. A tract on astrology, professedly from 
Greek sources.] pp. 16, lith. in i [Bombay, 1893.] 
8°. 14770. b. 7.(1.) 

^L*,^l f^'^j '-Tf^j^l Jx-JL*! [Salasil al-auliya 

va-jami' ul-asi'ar. An account of Sufic sects and 
orders of dervishes.] pp. S2,lith. Bombay, [1895.] 
8". 14728. c. 3.(2.) 

— Jl ^U-Xl 

^j\j &) »yMy< U 4ii'>4»- i—jlji^ IJJb 

[Ta'rikh i Inglistan. A short history of England, 
prefaced by an outline history of the rest of Europe. 
Compiled from works of Jonathan Scott, etc. Illus- 
trated.] pp. 112, lith. Bombay, ir.i [1889.] 
8°. 14773. e. 17. 

Jl jj'jy_ iA^h *L^»- ^J^ 3 cl''^^. H.'^ ^J^ 

[Ta'rikh i kadim Yunan u ta'rikh i hukama i fala- 
sifah i Yiinan. A short history of ancient Greece 
and Greek philosophers. Compiled and translated 
from English authors.] pp. 64. ir.i \_Bombay, 
1887.] 8°. 14773. e. 16. 

i^lji^' sJ'jo' t-j'oi' [Tazkirat ul-khavatin. 

Notices of famous Arabian, Persian, Indian, and 
Turkish poetesses, from the rise of Islam, arranged 
alphabetically, with extracts from their works.] 
pp. 178,K</t. ir.i [Bombay, 1889.] 8°. 14779. d. 44. 

^^'1^' jiftaf t-j'sii^ [Tuhfat ul-khavatin. A 

manual of hygiene for married women.] pp.iii. 192, 
lith. Jo^ trre [Bombay, 1907.] 8°. 14753. b. 9. 

Jl jJliJI ^3S [Kitab ul-fara'id. An exposition of 

Baha'i doctrine, mainly in reply to the strictures 
of 'Abd ul-Salam of Tiflis on the Ikan.] pp. 731, 
25. syb'Jiil in* [Cairo, 1898.] 8°. 14724. c. 1. 

MUHAMMAD ibn nl-MUNAVVAR, Maihant. TaiinH 
e;iiiHeHi« ci> BoroMT. at ucxBurax'b crapua A6y-Ca'iiAa. 
To.iKOBaiiie na leTBepocTiiiuie A6y-Ca'iiAa. IlepcnjtCKie 
TCKCTH. [Asrar ul-tauHid. An account of the life 
and teachings of the mystic Abu Sa'id b. Abi 
'1-Khair, by Maihani. Followed by Risalah i 
haura'iyyah, a tract by 'Ubaid Ullah Shashi on 
some quatrains of Abu Sa'id. Edited by V. A. 
Zhukovsky.] (4^1;^ S'--, . Jo^^yll ^J^') pp. 13, 





516. 1899. See Academies, etc .—Vetvogvad.— 
Imperatoraky Sanhpeterburgsky Universitet. H3,TaHiH 
^aKyjieia BocTOinHXT. flsHKOBi, etc. no. 1. 1899, 
etc. 4°. 14005. f.l. 

[Another copy.] 

14724. g. 2. 

hammad Mdhsin ibn Mdrtaza. 

MUHAMMAD ibn MUSA, Bamlrl. [For Khavass 
ul-hayavan, based on Damiri's Hay at ul-Hayavan :] 
See Muhammad Taki, Tahrlzl. 

^'jiJI ysr [Balir ul-ma'ani. Sufic letters to Malik 
Malimiid (Sliaikhan).] pp.i. 242, ii</(. j'ubl^ iaaI 
[Moradabad, 1889.] 8°. 14724, e. 1.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD ibn PIR 'ALI, Birhavi. jJ'y y^\ 

jsj^jAs- uU'y^ • • • ^'^j i^j^-"^ iiLk*^\ s->Lc^1 
[Fava'id ul-i'rab. A Persian verse paraphrase, 
by MuK. Ra'fat, of Birkavi^s 'Avamil i jadldat, 
an Arabic tract on the syntax of regents.] pp. 14. 
\rsr [Constantinople, imto-^ 8°. 14837.0.1.(1.) 

JDA^is-* (tajjis [Tarikat i Muhammadiyyah. 

An Arabic work on ethics. With Persian inter- 
linear translation, and Arabic marginal notes. 
Edited by Muh. 'Abd Ullah and Muh. 'Abd ul- 
Rahman.] 2 vols., lith. ^Jjbii ir.e, .i [Delhi, 
1888, 89.] 8°. 14619. e. 37. 



.j\ ^^j^ f^P^ '^.'^'••=^^ '^.r^ [TariUat i 
Muhammadiyyah. With the same Persian trans- 
lation and notes, and some additional matter.] 
2 vols., W/t. jf>'i in I [Lahore, 1894.] 8°. 

14519. e. 38. 

Exposition de la Foi Musulmane [i.e. Bir- 

kavi'sVasiyyah] traduite du tare . . . par M.Garcin 
de Tassy. Suivie du Pend-Nameh, poeme de Saadi, 
traduit du persan, par le meme, etc. (Contes ex- 
traits de I'Anvari Sobeili, traduction persane des 
Fables de Bidpai, par Hossein Vaez Kaschefi.) 
pp. X. 166. Paris, 1822. 8°. 758. e. 19. 

MUHAMMAD ibn SA'D, Zuhrl, Kdtib ul-VCifcidl. 
J! S>M ^} J>/K3r* cu'Jula ;1 »,U ly^i'j ''-♦^ji' [An 
extract from Ibn Sa'd's Arabic TabaUat on Mu- 
hammad's political activities. Translated by 
Muh. 'Abd ul-Hamld.] pp. 106, lith. ij] iaii 
[Agra, 1891.] 8°. 14773. e. 6. 

MUHAMMAD ibn SA'D, called Ibn ul-SivAji. 
[Preface to Asatir ul-avvalln.] See Asap ibn 

[Translation of Hall ul-mushkilat.] See 


MUHAMMAD ibn SA'ID, BUsln. Die Burda, ein 
Lobgedicht auf Muhammad von Al-Busiri, neu 
herausgegeben im arabischen Text mit metrischer 
persischerundti5rki8cherUbersetzung,ins Deutsche 
iibertragen uud mit Anmerkungen versehen, von 
C. A.Ralfs, bevorwortet von W.Behrnauer. pp.26, 
34. Wien, 1860. 8°. 14573. cc. 6. 

Jiiij xjo^' [Burdab. With Persian inter- 

linear translation and preface.] See Kasa'id. 
Jl jJ'-flj <xc^A=r« ei^^^ji [Kasa'id.] pp. 1-23. 

[1870 ?] 8°. 14519. d. 9.(1.) 

pp. 1-23. [1873.] 8°. 

14519. c. 9.(1.) 

(ly*. ,ii J6 jjy^ [Burdah. With a short prefatory 
poem. With Persian interlinear translation and 
preface.] See Kasa'id. Jl sJj xJa-aj' _ ^U xi^ Jy 

[Kasa'id.] pp. 2, 3, 8-34. [1872.] 8°. 

14519. b. 21.(3.) 

■ pp. 2, 3, 8-34. [1877.] 8°. 

14519. b. 14.(5.) 

Jl 5J^ sjsj.^' _yi [Burdah. With Arabic 

commentary by Muh. Jamal, and marginal Persian 
super-commentary.] pp. 104, lith. irAi [Delhi, 
1872.] 8°. 14573.0.11.(1.) 

c iJl *ia> [Nazm ul-vara'. The Burdah, with 

Arabic takhmis by Muh. 'Aziz ul-Dln. With four 
translations, two in Persian (the one literal, the 
other metrical), the others in Urdu and Panjabi, 
allby Muh. 'Aziz ul-Dln.] pp. 116, Zi</t. |_jij^j ir. i 
[Bombay, 1884.] 8°. 14573. c. 20. 

MUHAMMAD ibn SARMADI (Baha uI-Din). <iuujl; 
^li'jil! [Tanbih ul-ghafilln. A manual of devo- 
tions.] S. 22, lith. [Persia, n.d.] 8°. 14718. d. 1. 

Ulugh Beg. See Ulugh Beg ibn Shaheukh. 





MUHAMMAD ibn SULAIMAN./aawZi. ejl^' Jiil J 
<:u]A^\ y"Lo l«»-^ f« [Dala'il ul-khairat. Au 
Araliic prayer-book. With interlinear Persian and 
Hindustani translations, styled Ma'asir nl-salavat, 
by Hifa^at Husain.] pp. 292, lith. jyJ^^ ir.r-.F 
[Gawnpore, 1886-7.] 8°. 14619. e. 22. 

,^1^ CLJ)]j^^ Jjllj [Dala'il ul-khairat. 

With Hindustani and Persian interlinear transla- 
tions and Hindustani notes by Hafiz Muh. 'Abd 
ul-Hakk.] pp. 300, lith. j}^^ """" [Cawnporc, 
1895.] 8°. '^ 14619. e. 34.(6.) 

MUHAMMAD ibn SULAIMAN, TanaMhunl. ^jo^ 
ULrI! [Kisas ul-'ulama. Notices of saints and dis- 
tinguished Moslems.] ff. 171, lith. im [Peraia'i 
1879] 8°. 14779. e. 18. 

Jl '..JaII ,ja<ai i—j'ai^ Ijjfc [(I) Kisas ul-'ulama; 

(2) Rit^alah i sabll ul-najat, a tract giving the 
substance of a disputation of M. b. S. with a 
Christian ; (3) Tabsirat ul-'avamm, a treatise on 
religious sects by 'All b. ul-Husain b. Musa. 
Edited by Jainal ul-DlnVa iz Hamadaul.] pp. 350, 
104, lith. ir.4 [Teheran, 1886.] 8°. 14779. g. 23. 

(j^jJijuJI licL< i_}'ji^) [Mava iz ul-muttakln. 

A treatise on theology.] ff. 146, lith. i riv [Te/feran, 
1880.] Fol. 14712. i. 6. 

MUHAMMAD ibn SULAIMAN, called FuziJLi, Bagh- 
dddi. Begin. Jl ;'.-«J lH^'j ^j'j^li <^i=^ y j> ^_s^ 
[Rind u zahid. "The Rake and the Ascetic. '^ 
A folk-tale. With illustrations.] ff. 32, Z/</i. irvo 
[Teheran, 1859.] 12°. 14807. a. 3.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD ibn 'UBAID ULLAH (Abd 'I-Ma'ali). 
jjjIji)1!1 ^Ju<i i^'^S (Kitab Beiau il Edian, expose 
des religions.) See Schefee (C). Chrastomathie 
Persane, etc. tom. i. 1883, 85. 8°. 14003. i. 16. 

Fremstilling af Religionerne. Oversat af 

Arthur Christensen [from the Kitab i bayan ul- 
adyan]. iSVe Academies, etc. — Copenhagen. — Fhilo- 
logish-Historisk Samfund. Studier fra Sprog- og 
Oldtidsforskning, etc. Nr. 101. 1891, etc. 8°. 

Ac. 9877/2. 
MUHAMMAD ibn 'UMAR (Abu '1-Fazl), called Ja- 
MAI, KurashI. [For the Surah, M. b. 'U.'s version 
of the Sihah,and supplements thereto:] See Isma'ii, 
ibn Hammad. 

MUHAMMAD ibn 'UMAE (Fakhe u1-DIn), R<izi. 


j^"^. cyy 

;W [Jami' ul-'ulum. An 

encyclopajdia of Moslem sciences.] pp. 224, lith. 
,_jjLuj (rrr [Com^-ay, 1906.] 8°. 14816. b. 4. 

Jl ^yCfJl -*, yi .. . k_>UJ^ [Sirr ul-maktfira 

A treatise on magic] pp. 174, lith. ,J^*^ "'"' 
[Bombai/, 18H.] 8°. 14770. f. 2. 

MUHAMMAD ibn 'USMAN, Balkhl. Jl *U' ^^ 
['Ain ul-'ilm. An Arabic work on asceticism. 
With Persian iuterliuear translation, and marginal 
notes.] pp. 710, 2, lith. ij^f^' "■'^^ [Bombay, 
1875.] 8°. 14516. b. 28. 


*1j«]| ^jJS £j ^_^^k.«^ 

)^jS ['Ain ul-'ilm. 

With the same translation, and notes from thecom- 
mentary of 'All b. Sultan MuH. Karl.] pp. 351, 
l,Uth. jji^'l ir.t [Lahore,\8n.] 8°. 14516.0.26. 

MUHAMMAD ibn YAHYA (Shams uI-Din), called 

AsiRi, Liihiji, Nfirhakhshi, Gtliinl. [Mafatili ul- 
i'jaz, commentary on Gulshau i raz.] See Mahmud 
ibn 'Abd uI-Karim. 

MUHAMMAD ibn YA'KUB, Kulinl. 

x:r ^ 


jJKJl J»*?! [Kafi. Arabic Shi'ah traditions. 
Bks. 1-7, with Persian commentary styled Safi by 
Khalll b. ul-GhiizI Kazviul. Edited by Vajid 
Husain.] 7 pts., lith. y.^ u^.-li [Luchnow, 
1890-91.] 8°. 14621. d. 16. 

MUHAMMAD ibn YA'KUB (Majd uI-Din Abd 
Tahir), FirHzdbddt. [For commentary on the 
Sufar ul-sa'adat of M. b. Y. :] See 'Abd u1-Hakk 
ibn Saip uI-Din. 

&s^j^ ^Iz 'HUj.^ [Al-Kamus ul-muhit. A lexicon 
of the Arabic language explained in Arabic. 
With a marginal Persian translation, called Tar- 
juman ul-lughat, by Muh. Yahya b. Muh. Shafi* 
Kazviul.] S. 477, lith. irw [re/teran ? I860.] 
Fol. 14689. 6. 6. 

(iilll ^^'v4o-jj) [Tarjuman ul-lughat. MuK. 

Yahya's translation of the Kamus, with many 
additions from other works. Edited by 'Abd 
Ullilh MunshI tabari.] «. 591, lith. juia^'^lj irvr 
[Teheran, 1857.] Fol. 14589. e. 5. 

MUHAMMAD ibn YUSUF, Haravi. yt\^^ j^- • • ' 
The Buhr-ool juwJihir : a medical dictionary [in 

7 F 





Arabic and Persian] . . . Edited by Hukeem Abd-ool 
Mujeed. pp. ii. 302. Calcutta, 1830. Fol. 

14535. e. 5. 

uI-Din), called Midhat, of Phulbari. .ji'Jb iu^^ii 
[Guldastah i 'aka'id. A compendium of the 
Moslem creed for children.] pp. 16, lith. jx£i 
fr'ic [Luchioiv, 1878.] 8°. 14718. f. 4,(7.) 

.JJI (_/5bi [Rijaz ul-nur. Chronograms 

relating to eminent personages, including some 
older poets.] pp. 42. jy^^ ""'' [Oawnpore, 
1882.] 8°. 14779. d. 7.(3.) 

MFHAMMAD ibn ZAKARIYYA, Rdzi. i;'.J! y 
[Bur' ul-sa at. A tract on instantaneous cures, 
from the Arabic] See Ahmad ibn Muhammad 


HuSAiN, Tanakdlmm . u^ji ci^v^JjU- • . . i 'li^ 

Jl Jl^l ^.Jda* [Matlab ul-su'al.] pp. 198-231. 

[1880.] 4°. 14753. b. 3. 

MUHAMMAD ibn ZUFAR. [Abridgment of Ta'rikh 
i Bukhara.] See Muhammad ibn Ja'par (Abu 
Bake), NarshaMi. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABEAS, ShusUarl. ^^ j ^ ^^ 

[Masuavi i mann u salva. A religious poem.] 

pp. 172, lith. I nr [Delhi ? 1847.] 8°. 14787. g. 4. 

Imperfect, wanting probably one leaf at end. 

iJ!^ } e/* i-^y^ [Masnavi i mann u salva.] 

pp. 151, lith. aa^_«l lAli [Ainroha, 1894.] 8°. 

14797. g. 28.(2.) 

(^'>sr^' ^aJ^ [Sham' ul-majalis. An Arabic 

elegy on Husain. With Hindustani translation, 
and other religions poems, some Arabic-Hindu- 
stani, some Persian. Second edition.] pp. 64, 
lith. [Luchiow, 1892.] 8°. 14583. c. 20.(2.) 

[Translation of Ta'rikh i kaisar i Rum.] See 
Ibrahim, Efendi. 

uj'^ii^ 1— j'ji* [Kitab i sultan. Au account 

of the Sultans of Turkey from 'Usman Khan 
Ertoghrul down to 'Abd ul-Majid b. MaKmud II., 
and of the Russo-Turkish war of 1877. With 
illustrations.] pp. 89, /t</i. ir.j [Som&ai/, 1887.] 
8°. 14773. e. 15. 

S^ JT o_^'J [Ta'rikh i al i amjad. An 

account of Muhammad and some of his illustrious 

descendants and successors. Illustrated.] pp.110, 
lith. ^IaJ in I- [Delhi, 1895.] 8°. 14779. d. 25. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-AHAD, Maulavl, Ra'ls of 
Namur. [Edit.] See 'Aed ul-'Aziz, Dihlavi. 

[Notes on Makamat i Mazhari.] See 

Ghulam 'Ai.i. 

[Commentary on Iradat Khan's Pauj 

ruk'ah.] See Ieadat Khan. 

[Edit.] See Mohammad Hafiz, Shlrdzt. 

Sec Mohammad §ana Ullah, Pdni- 


[Nahr i iffizab, glosses on the Hada'ik 

ul-balaghah.] See Shams uI-Din FakIk. 

— [Edit., with notes, of Kurrat ul-'ainain.] 

See Vali Ullah ibn 'Abd u1-Rahman. 

i.'--'''^ jj'-^'^ tiT*^ ' [Anjumau i nigaristau 

i danish. Letters exemplifying literary artifices.] 
pp. 261, lith. y^ I AW [Luchiow, 1877.] 8°. 

14807. g. 14. 

[Another copy.] 

14807. f. 3. 


.:£Uw sj-^- 

j>£>-jAil 3'.»«, [Risalat ul-taulild i 
subhanl. An essay in verse on the divine Unity.] 
pp. 84, lith. yi^ I AW [Luelcnow, 1877.] 8°. 

14837. g. 12.(4.> 

Jl ui^j'oi'o . <toj/«csr* [Majmu'ah i ruba'iyyat. 

Quatrains from works of Sa'di, Hafiz, JamI, 'Dmar 
Khayyam, Sarmad, and Bidil. With short 
Hindustani lives of the poets.] pp. 38, lith. 
JutJ irii [De//H, 1901.] 8°. 14797. d. 19.(5.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-AHAD, Shdh, of Zafarabad. 

ii;jj*»-ill Ja« [Mazhar ul-Ahadiyyah. An account 

of Zaidi saints and Sayyids.] pp. 283, lith. 

j^^ in-r [Jaunpur, 1914.] 8°. 14779. g. 22. 


Mirzapur. c:.,o-'.-flaJl ^JJ■^* [Makhzan ul-fasahat. 
Poems.] pp. 79, lith, jUTix!! ir.v [Allahabad, 
1890.] 8°. 14797. e. 32.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-'ALI, Hanafi. X«U g^ly 
[Tavarikh-namah. Persian, Hindustani, and 
Arabic chronogrammatic poems on the death of 





Shah Fa?l Rahman.] pp. 120, Uth. ^ inr [Luck- 
now, 1895.] 8°. 14779. c. 22, 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD uI-'ALI, called Asi, Madrdsl. 
[Edit.] See Muhammad Sa'id u1-DIn, Khairdhddi. 

See 'U§man ibn 'Umar, called Ibn 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-GHAFUR, Maulavi. [Edit., 
with notes, of Lavuini' ul-ishrak.] See Muhammad 
ibn As'ad (Jalal uI-DIn). 



MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-'ALI, called Bahr u1-'Ulum. 
[Commentary on Masnavi.] See Muhammad ibn 
Muhammad (Jalal nl-DIn), Rumt. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-'AZIZ, Aravi. ^j'-<aJ!jjjc 
['Aziz ul-masadii'. Paradigms of Persian verbs.] 
pp. 24. ^4^ I AW [Luchnow, 1877.] 8°. 

14787. g. 11.(2.) 

JoSi .U^ [Bahar i Hind. Specimens of 

elegant letter-writing. With marginal notes.] 
pp. 24, Uth. yji lAv. [Lucknow, 1870.] 8°. 

14807. g. 3.(4.) 

c:^^a!1»- yjVwl^ iM. [Gulistan i liikmat. 

Model letters. Edited with mai-ginal notes by 
Siiraj-kumar Aravi.] pp. 40, Uth. Jlj$3 iav4 
[iMc/mow, 1874.] 8°. 14837. g. 5.(9.) 

Jij'i'i ^'■^' [Insha i dilaviz. Model 

letters.] pp. 40, Uth. i»JJl^ i^^v [Caivnjwre, 
1877.] 8°. '' 14807. g. 12.(1.) 

dLMjJjo' &s:'^ [Nuskhah i ta'limiyyah. An 

elementary manual of Persian conversation.] 
pp. 24, Uth. jx^ irAA [Lucknow, 1871.] 8°. 

14837. g. 7.(5.) 

iJi.'tJi^ As"^ [Nuskhah i ta'limiyyah.] 

pp. 24, Uth. jjM^ 1^^. [Cawnpore, 1880.] 8°. 

14815. f. 2.(6.) 

ljJ'J^ cu'o**; [Ruk'at i 'Azizi. A letter- 
writer. Edited by Muh, 'Abd ul-Samad. Fourth 
edition.] pp. 32, /I'Wi. jjm^ \r\r[Cawnpure, 1895.} 
8°. 14807. e. 16.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-'AZIZ, MuUdnl. ^i ^j^j 
[Zumurrud i farsi. A medical treatise. Trans- 
lated by Muh. Hashim from the Arabic] pp. 316, 
Uth. ^ybll I Air [laAoj-e, 1893.] 8°. 147.53. d. 12. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-'AZiZ, called MAiisuL Ahmad, 
Shah. [Teachings and rraciicen.} See Muham- 
mad 'Umar, called Sieaj uI-Haick. 


[Armaglian. A dictionary of poetical quotations 
illustrating some usages of grammar and syntax. 
Edited by Muh. 'Abd ul-HamId Khan.] 4 pts. 
s/T 11.1-1 [Agra, 1904-06.] 8°. 14815. c. 4. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-HAKIM, Ra'lg of Meertd. 

^MjjU ;'xl [Aghaz i farsi. An elementary treatise 
on the Persian verb, with Persian and Hindustani 
exercises.] pt. i. pp. 32, Zt<^. ^'jJ^^ t^vr [Meerut, 
1872.] 8°. 14837. f. 10.(1.) 

i^j^ SjS [Farrah i farsi. An alphabetical 

list of Persian verbs, analysed, and explained in 
Hindustani.] pp. 58, Uth. ^jJyc [Meerut, 1876 ?] 
8°. 14837. f. 10.(6.) 

MAD. [Edit, of Dala'il ul-khairat with Hindustani 
and Persian translations, etc.] See Muhammad ibn 
Sui,aiman, Jazult. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-HAMID, A'zamgarhi. [Trans- 
lation of Tabakat.] See Muhammad ibn Sa'd. 

Muhammad 'Abd uI-Ghani Khan. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-HAYY, Lakhnavi. [Tibyan 
ul-sarf, commentary on Mizan ul-sarf.] See Saep. 

^.'Ji .xcjAs-* [Majmu'ah i fatavi. A collec- 
tion of legal decisions on ritual and other matters. 
Followed by flasi'at ul-fuhiil, an Arabic account 
of the author's life and works, by 'Abd ul-Baki.] 
pp. 154, 26, Uth. y4^ [Lucknow, 1888.] 8°. 

14718. g. 11. 

t^j'"^ iXi^Asr* [Majmu'ah i fatavi.] 3 vols., 

Uth. ir. 1- 1. [LttcA;«ow, 1891-92.] 8°. 14736. b. 5. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul- JALIL, Maulavi. The Indian 
Series of Persian Readers . . . First (Second, 
Middle) Reader. 3 pts. Lucknow, 1897. 8°. 

14822. a. 12. 

Benares, 1898. 12'. 

14822. a. 13. 

First (Middle) Reader. Revised and 

enlarged edition. 2 pts. pp. 50, 142, /i<A. Benares, 
1903. 8°. 14822. b. 10.(1.) 





MUHAMMAD .'ABD ul-JALIL, Maulavl (continued). 
The Indian Series of Persian Eeaders . . . First 
Reader (revised and enlarged). ■p]).42,lith. Allah- 
abad, 1902. 8°. 14822. b. 11.(1.) 

Middle Reader. Third edition. 

pp. 98, lith. Benares, 1900. 8°. 14822. b, 11.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-KADIR. [Bengali transla- 
tion of Gulistan v.-vii.] See Mdslih ibn 'Abd 
Ullah (Musharrif uI-DIn), called Sa di. — Gulistan. 

Muhammad Agha Khan. (Jjt« Jf'>Ajij' [Uimali i 
mughul. A history of the Mongols, with special 
reference to the Mughals of India.] pp. xx. 832, 
lith. ^j^] lur [Amritsar, 1902.] 8°. 14773. e. 25. 

SIDDIK, called MunFe. JJ'^ ^^ [Gulshaii i 
faza'il. A biography of Sa'di.] See McsLiik ibn 
'Abd Ullah (Mushaeeip uI-Din), called Sa'di. — 
Gulistan. Jl jOuM . . . <Xs-J [Gulistan.] [1903.] 
8°. 14787. g. 34. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-MAJID (Riza uI-Din Abu 
^1-Khair). cblii jy —Kill 'j^^ c:^Ij11 c'^jJI jU 

[Madd ul-ba'. A treatise on the prohibition of 
more than four wives.] pp. 138, /vY/(. obljk^l lA^r 
[Delhi, 1882.] 8°. 14712. d. 7.(3.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-MUN'IM, called 2auki. 
[Tasvib ul-bayan, translation and exposition of 
Mutanabbi's Divan.] Sec Ahmad ibn Husain (Abu 


i_jJw.«.=^! J)ls.-1 [Akhlak i aliiuadi. An estimate 

of the character of Muhammad, with Hindustani 
preface. Second edition.] pp. vii. 128, lith. xlT 
[Agra, 1898.] 12°. 14779. a. 4. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-RAHIM. [Edit., with notes, 
of Knnz ul-daka^ik, vol. 4.] See 'Abd Ullah ibn 
Ahmad (Hafiz u1-D!n). 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul- RAHMAN, Faizdbddl. 
[Edit.] See Muhammad Ghitas uI-Din ibn Jalal 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-RAHMAN, of Kotwaris. 
[Edit.] See Muhammad ibn Pie 'AlI. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD vI-RAIeMAN, called Dil. 
Jo <Ujw [Naghmahi dil. A congratulatory poem 

to the Deputy Commissioner 'Abd ul-Kadir upon 
his promotion. Followed by Ziyafat i Mihuiau, 
a similar poem to Muh. 'Ali (Mihmau).] pp. 24, 
lith. j^> irn [Bangalore, 1879.] 8°. 

14797. g. 15.(2.) 

RAUSHAN khan. [Edit.] See Aueangzib. 


r*'}^ ''^' r=^ [Kharitah i javahir. A cen 

of verse.] See HabIb Ullah (Shams uI-Din). 
J! y^ hjj^ ^^lyJ [Divan, etc.l pp. 90-170. 

[1855.] 8°. 14797. h. 4.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-RASHID, Mauldnd. [Pane- 
gyric] See Muhammad Kalb 'Ali Khan. 

J^i '-^^'■:i>^ [KuUiyat. Prose and verso 

works.] pp. 112, ZiU. [Moradabad,\909.] 8°. 

14807. e. 11. 

Jj liiii [Dard i dil. A mystic poem, out- 
lining a larger projected work. Edited with 
marginal notes by 'Abd ul-HamId b. Muh. 'Abd 
ul-Majid.] pp. 16, Ziifi.. S^\ii]^ \f'\r [Moradabad, 
1876.] 8°. ^ 14837. f. 10.(4.) 

tJ--*^' is* '^ Lji^ [Ma.snavi i ma fi '1 zamir. 

A religious poem. Edited with marginal notes 
by 'Abd ul-Hamid.] pp. 8, lith. j'.Jo]^ irlr 
[Moradabad, 1876.] 8°. 14837. f. 10.(7.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD iil-RA'UF, Maulavt. [Trans- 
lations of exercises.] See Stapley (L. A.). 

[Edit.] See Vahshi, Bdfilil. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD iil-RAUF, called Vahid. 

Jm ^^*-m^ . • ■ I— 'jjl J^ <X«.=sr< . . . J\^d L_j'.aajl 
Lj^^k^Jle yt>lj?- . ■ . [Javahir i inuntakhab. Poetical 
works of Valild. "With portrait.] pp. 20, 178, 
130, 87,82, lith. <x'i^ fr.v-.A [Calcutta, 1890-91.] 
8°. 14797. e. 24. 

The Nuhv-i-Waheedee, a treatise on the 

syntax of the Persian language, illustrated by 
copious examples, etc. (^Ja=-. ^) pp. 7, 377, 
24. Calcutta, 1862. 8°. 14820. b. 3. 

IjO/i- [Pand-namah i shaida. Moral maxims in 
verse, on the model of Sa'di's Pand-namah.] 
pp. ll,ZiWi. ^^'iaU 11.1 [SM/Za«^;'Mr, 1901.] 8°. 

14797. f. 2.(5.) 





MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-RAZZAK, KihUrl. s*». Sll*, 
,^y~'J t-jbl d'^j . Jjly aI'w.^ . ^j~2C J [Risalah i 
sa'd u nahs, a tract on proper performance of 
certain rites, by MuH. 'Abd ul-Razzak; (2) Risalali 
i fava'id, an introduction to religion and science, 
by the same ; (3) Risalah i fidab i libas, a tract 
on dress, by 'Abd ul-Haklt Dihlavi.] pp. 56, lith. 
irr. [Luchiow, 1902.] 8°. 14718. f. 15. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-SALAM, Maulavt. ijsi 
<t»A=?'' [Tazkirat ul-jum'ah. A tract on religious 
observance of Friday, based upon Km-'an Ixii. 9, 
with some traditions.] pp. 21, llth. Jx£i irAO 
[Lucknmv, \8G9.] 8°. 14807, g. 3.(5.) 

'ABB ul-KALlK, Kashnun. [Al-Kavakib ul-dur- 
riyyah, commentary on al-Kasidat ul-kutbiyyah.] 
See 'Abd u1-Kadib ibn Mijsa. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ul-SAMAD. [Edit.] See 
ifuHAMMAD 'Abd ul-'Aziz, Jravl. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ULLAH. [Edit.] St-e 'Ahl 
Akbar ibn 'AlI. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ULLAH, Bilgnhnl. [Notes on 
Dastur ul-mubtada.] See Safi ibn Nasir. 

■ Jl iioU^l ^j^ ['Ain ul-ifadat. An essay 

on the syntax of the genitive.] See Nauv. LIajj 
^s^I [Hiduyat ul-naKv.] pp. 153-170. [1886.] 
8°. 14594. aa. 1.(1.) 

i_s**';''* u^i^ [Mufiz i farsl. A manual of 

Persian gr.immar.] pp. 67, lith. Jk4$3 tAv4 \_Lucl(- 
now, 1874.] 8°. 14837. g. 5.(11.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ULLAH, Bdjiz, of Dacca Ma- 
drasah. [Edit , with notes, of Divan of 'All.] See 
'Ali ibn Abi Talib. 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ULLAH, Buml, 'Amhl. ^^^ 
<D 1^ [I'jiiz i Ghafiiriyyah. An account in verse 
of the author's visit to 'Abd ul-Ghafur Akhund 
of Surat at the instance of Sliiih 'Abd ul-'AzIz.] 
pp. 30, lith. lAAr [Moradabad, 1883.] 12°. 

14837. a. 1.(1.) 
MUHAMMAD 'ABD ULLAH, called Gulshan. Jj^ 
^J^}i ^_^y [Bustan farhangi Bustan. A Persian- 
Hindustani glossary to Sa'di's Biistan.] pp. 20, 
lith. jx^ iri\[Lucknow,\89'i.] 8\ 14815, f. 10.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ULLAH, called Ma8H8hak, 
Kddirl. [Malibiib-sliahi karima, musaddae by 
Mashshak on Karima.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd 
Ullah (Mushakkip uI-Din), called Sa'dI. — Pand- 

MUHAMMAD 'ABD ULLAH (NuR uI-Djn), Shirdzl. 
Jl J:/j»il t'iJI Ulf^z udwiyeh, or The Materia 

Medica, in the Arabic, Persian, and Hindevy 
languages. Compiled by Noureddeen Mohammed 
Abdullah Shirazy . . . With an English translation 
by F.Gladwin. MS. notes. flF. 68. Calcutla,n9Z. 
4°. 757. k. 29. 

[Another copy, bearing an auto- 

graph of the translator presenting the book to 
Warren Hastings.] 767. k. 29.* 

.&>^xasj> k_^y _ <xj^ Jill jj|;jL« _ <oj j*jl t'ii) 

j^jeai^U/tJl (j-wjJl [Alfaz ul-adviyah. Followed by 
(1) Mizan ul-adviyah, a similar woi'k by Tabi' 
Muhammad; (2) Farhang i Naslriyyah, or Hall 
i makhzan ul-adviyah, a materia medica, with a 
glossary of Indian and Moslem medical terms in 
parallel columns, by Muh. Na.sir b. Ahmad 'All; 
(3) Auis ul-mu'alijTn, a pharmacopoeia by M. 
'A.U.] pp. 308, 76, 20, 102, lith. y^ iam [Luelc- 
now. 1881.] 8'. 14753.6.15.(1-4.) 

xLj _ <xj . t>'J I , >jl) , ijJi '. 

ii.M t'iH 

iuJjA»- [Alfaz ul-adviyah. With 5 other works 
on the margin, viz. (1) Riyaz ul-adviyah, a dic- 
tionary of simple and compound medicaments ; 

(2) Sittah i zaruriyyah, a tract on hygiene; 

(3) Risalah i kabriyyah, on signs of approaching 
death, usually attributed to Hippocrates, trans- 
lated into Persian by Muh. 'AtS Ullah ibn Muli. 
Yiisuf Khan; (4) 'Alamat i jaliyyah, an appendix 
to no. 1, purporting to be based upon Hippocrates, 
translated into Persian by Ahmad b. Imam 'Ali ; 
(5) Mu'alajat i jadvaliyyah, a tabulated list of 
diseases, their causes, symptoms and remedies, 
compiled by Muh. Husain Khan Dihlavi. Edited 
by Karlm-bakhsh.] pp.216,Zt7/i. .^j jj_w [J'/roz/ntr, 
1886.] 8°. 14753. d. 10.(2.) 

[Excerpts from Alfaz ul-adviyah.] See 

MnvAPFiic ibn 'Ali. hjii'i] sj'JLs-^^ ""y^-" SJ'Jii 
Liber fundamentorum pharmacologiae, etc. pt. 2. 
1830-33. 8°. 757. c. 10. 






[Edit.] See Muhammad ibn PIr 'Ali. 

VARDI. [Edit.] See Ghulam 'AlJ Khan ibn 
Bhikhaki Khan. 

See Nazib Ahmad, Hajiz. 


[Nadir ul-ramal. A tract on geomancy, in verse 
and prose.] pp. 52. See Ramal. JJLj^ <'^y>^ 
(_U, [MajmQ'ah i rasa'il i ramal.] [1881.] 8°. 

14770. e. 2. 
MUHAMMAD ABU '1-FAIZ. ^j> ^'^ u~^^ 
t—jyi 1 [Mukhammas i sagliar i bazm i ashiib. A 
poem on the war between Dost Muliammnd Khan 
of Afghanistan and Sardar Hari Singh.] pp. 16, 
lith. ^lyU-/ tt-f [Gujramvala, 1902.] 8°. 

14797. d. 19.(6.) 
MUHAMMAD ABU '1-HASAN, Farulaha^'i. ijsi 
^iUl [TazkiratiAllahi. Alife of Muzaffar'AlI Sliah 
AUahl of Agra.] pp. 122, lith. JM uav [Luchiow, 
1887.] Fol. ^ 14779.1.6. 

MUHAMMAD ABU '1-HASAN, Maulavz. [Com- 
mentary on Matla nl-anvar.] See Khuseau, Amir. 

MUHAMMAD ABU '1-HASAN, Munsin, ex-Tahsildar, 
of Govt. College. tjU^ "S^^^ ij)^ [Tuhf ah i 
Tihran. Poetical addresses in mamavl rhyme.] 
pp. vi. 80, 3, lith. Jki^ uir [Lucknow, 1893.] 
8°, ^ 14797. d. 15.(13.) 

MUHAMMAD ABU '1-HAYAT. Jijl\ s/jj [Taz- 
kirat ul-kiram. Lives and sayings of some saints 
and other famous men.] pp. 672, ?/i/i. ^x^ [Luck- 
now, 1880.] 8°. 14779.8.4. 

MUHAMMAD ABU 'l-MA'ANI. See Muhammad, 
called Abu 'I-Ma'ani. 

MUHAMMAD ABU MANSUR. See Muhammad ibn 
Muhammad 'AlL 

MUHAMMAD AGHA KHAN. See Muhammad 'Abd 
u1-Kadir Khan. 

RAHIM. i-_>U J.^ [Chahilr bab. A manual of 
Sunni doctrine. Followed by a tract on names 
of God, based upon traditions, with Persian ex- 
planations. With notes.] ])p. 40, lith. ,^1 itaa 
[Lafeore, 1871.] 8°. ' 14837. f. 1.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD AHSAN, BUgrdml. L_^»i i_^;l 
[Artang i farhang. Letters. Collected by Muh. 
Hakiin ul-Diu Lakhnavl.] pp. 72, 2, /j7/i. yi3uvr 
[Lucknoto, \S12.] 8°. 14837.6.6.(2.) 

^i^^JI^ Ji) ^ ^'i^U y^ %:.y^^ [Maj- 

mii'ah i nasr i Shahjahani. Letters addressed to 
Shahjahan Begam, Nawab of Bhopal. Followed 
by Nazm i valajahi, a short (livdn?^ pp. 68, 80, 
lith. 5^T ir.. [^(/ra, 1883.] 8°. 14837. f, 16.(4.) 

MUHAMMAD AHSAN, Mufti. [Commentary on 
Mukaddimah.] See Muhammad ibn Muhammad, 

MUHAMMAD AHSAN, SiddiUi, Ndnautavl. [Edit.] 
See Kuk'an. 

O.JOJ . -^'T [Atash i bidud. A history of the 
English conquest of Multan and the Panjab. With 
notes by Muh. Fazl i Rabb ('Arshi).] pp. 64, lith. 
siT irlv [Agra, 1880.] 8°. 14773.6.14.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD AKBAR, Arzdn'i. [For commentary 
on M. A.'s Hudiid ul-amraz :] Sec Abu '1-Kasim, 
called KuDRAT Ullah Khan. 

^j'^-' ^>.'^-rf-> 

)^3S [Kara- 

badln i Kadirl. A work on compound medica- 
ments.] pp. iv. 364, lith. irvv [Bomhay, I860.] 
Fol. 14753. f. 2. 

li'i ...jJ'.jIj [Karabadin i Kadiri.] 


pp. 468, lith. JjsJ li-Ai [Delhi, 1869.] 8°. 

14753. 6. 7. 

• Ls^i'J oV'^'"' u'-'^^'^^/ [Karabadin i Kadirl.] 

pp. 568, lith. lAAi [Lucknow, 1886.] 8°. 

14753. d. 6. 

1,^ iail ^jlp^ [Mizau ul-tibb. A handbook 

of medicine. Followed by (I) Risalah i dala'il 
ul-nabz, on the pulse, (2) R°. i dala'il ul-bau), on 
the urine, both by Yusufi, and (3) R°. i buliran, on 
crises of diseases, by Muh. Badr ul-Din ibn Jaiiial 
ul-Din. With marginal notes.] pp. viii. 208, lith. 
^^^ lAvi [Gawnpore, 1874.] 8°. 14753.6.10. 

(^.^vUl ^JlU^< [Mizan ul-tibb. With mar- 

ginal notes.] pp. viii. 208, lith. Jkifl in a [TjucIc- 
now, 1900.] 8°. 14753. e. 20, 





MUHAMMAD AKBAR, Arxdni (continued). — i^ 

u_)jLJjJI [MufuiTiliul-Uulub. A treatisoon medicine.] 
pi)^458, W/i. [Luc/,tnoiu,1865 ?] 8°. 14753. e. 9. 

L_;^! _^ [Mufarrih ul-Uulub.] pp.623, 

////(. y^ lAvr [L«cA;now, 1882.] 8°. 14753. e. 16. 

J^4.=:-« . . . cub JC*J ^-A«*-»JI . . . l-jVii" !jjb 

s'ji .Jki^l [Mujarrabat i Akbari. A work on com- 
pound inedicameuts.] pp. 170, \'d]\. ^J^; if^i 
[Bombay, I860.] 8°. 14753. d. 2. 

jjA^I ci^Jjar* [Mujarrabat i Akbari. Wi 


marginal Botes.] pp. 126, lith. h-a. [Luchnow, 
1863.] 4°. 14753. e. 8. 


Tibeh Ukbar. A medical 

work in the Persian language. [Translated, with 
additions, by M. A. from the Arabic Sharh ul-asbivb 
va'l-'alamat of Nafi.s ibn 'Ivaz Kirmani.] pp. 579, 
mil. [Calcutta, 1830.] 8°. 757. e. 15. 

(^Jl L_^) [tibb i Akbari. Edited by 

Muli. Yusuf 'All Khan.] pp. 582, lith. iru 
[Madras, 184,8.] Fol. 14753. g. 2. 

^^1 L^ [tibb i Akbari. Collated with 

an earlier Bombay edition.] 2 pts. pp. 101, 90, 
IHh. I rvc [Persm, 1858.] Fol. 14753.1.2. 

■ lJt^^ i_^ [tibb i Akbari. With some 

marginal glosses.] 2 pts. pp. 210, 202, ?t7/i. irvi 
[Bombay, ISQ-i.] Fol. 14753. h. 1. 

is^j'-* r*^' ^-r^ [tibb i Akbari.] 2 vols. 

pp. 459, lith. yu^ i^vr [Lucl-now, 1872.] 4°. 

14753. g. 3. 

(_f*:;''* ri^' S-^ [tibb i Akbari.] 2 vols., 

nth. j^t [La/iore, 1911.] 8°. 14763. e. 21. 

MUHAMMAD AKBAR, IWulhddi. [For the Fusul 
i Akbari, sometimes ascribed to M. A. :] See 'Atl 
Akbar ibn 'AlI. 

MUHAMMAD AKBAR, Pashdvarl. [Translation of 
Nukayah.] See 'Ubaid Ullah ibu Mas'Od. 

MUHAMMAD AKBAR 'ALI SHAH, Dthlavl. <te^A=r« 
^'v^ Jjly [Majmii'ali i fava'id i 'Usmani. Life, 
letters, and memorable sayings of Muli. 'Usman 
Damani.] pp. 168, iiY/i. Jji J in i [DcZ/ii, 1899.] 
8°. 14779. e. 14. 

MUHAMMAD 'AKIL, Khvdjah. [Notes on gikr 
ul-asfiyil.] See Gul Muhammad. 

A'/am Khan ibn Shah A'zam Khan and Muhammad 
Akmal Khan. J.^i'l . Joi) i^.Mj> [Karabadin i 
AVm u Akmal.] [1898.] Fol. 14753. g. 8. 

MUHAMMAD AKRAM, called Faiz. ^_^ ,^'o^ 
[Riya? i Faiz. Poems.] pp. 220, Wt. il', ii.i 
[Ayra, 1901.] 8°. 14797. dd. 1. 

<u'J j-^Jjj [Riizgiir-namah. A poem on 

the human lot.] pp. 22, lith. s^T [Agra, 1900.] 
8°. 14797. e. 36.(9.) 

MUHAMMAD AKRAM, called Ghanimat, Panjdbl. 

e:.,v«aic ^y>^ ^ ' 'if^ ^j^ ^— ^rJ-* [Nairang i 

'ishk. A mamavi poem on the loves of Sbahid 
and 'Aziz.] pp. 92, lith. jyJ^^ '"'"' [Cawnpore, 
1878.] 8°. 14797. h. 14. 

^.S^.^AM£. i_jy^ 


[Nairang i 'ishk. With marginal notes.] pp. 92, 
lith. jyi^^ iaa. [Cawnpore, 1880.] 8°. 

14787. g. 29.(2.) 

Midtdni. [Commentary on Matla' ul-anvur.] See 
Khusrau, Amir. 

i_5'^«^ yj'-wl^ _yi. [Sharh i Gulistan. A 

grammatical commentary on Sa'di's Gulistan.] 
pp. 320, Zi%. ^ in. [Lucknow, 181^.] 8°. 

14787. d. 8. 

^Sx^ ^jj'«-wK _ ^ [Sharh i Gulistan.] 

pp. 320, //</». j^t I All [La/iore, 1899.] 8°. 

14749. f. 22. 
^•i'X^ jj'-wl^ —Ji [Sharh i Gulistan.] 

pp. 320, Zt%. ^ lrl^ [Lucknow, 1900.] 8°. 

14749. f. 23. 

[For the same, printed together with the 

Gulistan :] See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mu- 
SHAREiP uI-Din), called Sa'dI. — Gulistan. 




iiysi ^j-^ 

'aJul [Iktibas ul-anvar. An 

account of famous Moslem saints and Shaikhs 
from Muhammad down to the author's father, 
especially those of the Chishti and Kadiri orders. 
Edited by Muh. Ishfak Hasan.] pp. i. 319, lith. 
jjS>'l [La/iore, 1 895.] Fol. 14779.1.8. 





MUHAMMAD AKRAM KHAN. aj-J! ^^yu [Funun 
ul-said. The science and art of hunting.] pp. 80, 
nth. J-^ [Jhdum, 1900.] 8°. 14835. c. 6. 

MUHAMMAD AL HASAN, Maududl. ^j^^\ aast 
[Nukhbat ul-tavarikh. A history of Amroha, its 
ancient kings and celebrated men.] pp. 146, Uth. 
<Ubj^l I riv Umro/ia, 1880.] 8°. 14773.6.14.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD A'LAM. {y^^\ 'i\j^) [Mir'at ul- 
zama'ir. A commentary on daftars i.-ii. of Abu 
'l-FazPs Epistles.] pp. viii. 70, 149. <uLK i m-j 
[Calcutta, 1834.] 4°. 14807. h. 9. 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI. Begin. ^]ji tsS e:,^! ^y'i 
J! j^x« JuLiJ ^yl-i *lii [Kanun i nazm. A 
treatise on the organization of the Persian army. 
With supplement by Dr. Tliolozan on military 
hospitals and care for the wounded.] pp. 107, 
mil. ipvv [^TeAeran, 1861.] 8°. 14749. g. 9. 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI, Teacher at Imam College. 
[Edit.] See Muhammad Bakir ibn Muhammad 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI, Jahalrudl. (JjjU.:;)! j^U) 
[Jami' ul-tanisil. Proverbs in alphabetical order, 
dating from the time of 'Abd UUah Kutb-shah 
(1035-1083 A. D.), with illustrative stories.] pp.312, 
Uth. J^ \r^6 [Teheran, IQm.l 8°. 14783. f, 4. 

i__>'iiuj.« L-j'o^ [Jami ul- 

ir.i- [Teheran, 1885.] 8°. 
14749. f. 15. 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI, Kazim'i, Kanturi. [Edit.] See 
Muhammad Bakir ibn Muhammad Taki. 


tamsil.] pp. 300, Uth. 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI, Khairahadl. [L(/e.] 
Ghulam Muhammad Had! 'AlI Khan. 


MUHAMMAD 'ALI, Ldhaurl, Maulavi. [Farhang 
i muntakhabat i farsi, glossary to Muntakhabat 
i farsi.] See Muntakhabat. 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI, Mtrzd. ^ *'.wl! ^^ L-sUi" 
^'.-♦Ijtl! |»*-ltJ [Nujiim ul-sama fi tarajim il-'ulama. 
Biographies of saints and learned men in Islam.] 
pp. 424, K</(. yi;$3 ir.r [lucfcuow, 1886.] 8°. 

14779. h. 10. 
MUHAMMAD 'ALI, Rdmpurl. [Edit.] See Mu- 
hammad Isma'il, DiMavl. 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI, Shah of Persia. [Charter.] 
See Persia. 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI, tihrani. [Notes to 'Ali b. Abi 
Talib's Divau, with metrical translations.] See 
'AlI ibn Abi Talib. 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI, Yazdi. ^J.-f.^r* jJU-l [AkhlaK 
i Muhammadi. Moral rules, illustrated by anec- 
dotes and poetical extracts.] pp. iv. 376, 2. iAv<5 
[Luclmow,\81b.'] 8°. 14749. f. 3. 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI, called 'AlI. ^A.«^1 ^j^k^ 
[Makhzan i Alimadl. A life of Sayyid Ahmad 
ofBareilly.] pp. ll^Jith. ^f\ \r\\ [Agra, 1882.] 
8°. 14779. d. 7.(4.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI, called Mahir. [Edit.] See 
Muhammad Tahir, called Ghani. 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI, called Muhammad, Maulavz. 
i^yiJi ^J.>'^^ [Khiyaban i gulshan. A metrical 
Persian vocabulary, with Persian and Hindustani 
marginal notes.] pp. 71, Uth. Iaiv [Caicnpore, 
1867.] 8°. 14797. h. 3.(1.) 

pp. 71, Uth. j^^ 1^*''^ [Cawnpore, 
14820. f. 1.(2.) 

1878.] 8° 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI, called Sa'ib, Tabrlzl. e^'uJi 

; ^Ic [Kulliyat. Poems.] pp. 716, Uth. lAve 

[Luclcnoxv, 1875.] 8°. 14797. h. 34. 

— (. ^'vc ^Jl»>^i [Divan. Minor poems, selected 

by 'Amila of Balkh. With preface and bio- 
graphical notice of 'Amila by 'Abd ul-Rahman 
Khan b. Muli. Raushan Khan.] pp. iv. 152, ZiV/i. 
jy^^ lAvi [Gawn^jore, 1871.] 8^ 14797.0.2. 

[Selections from Divan, with Panjabi 

metrical versions.] See Amara-natha. Jl l^^l 

[Amara-gutikn.] [1899.] 12°. 14749. b. 5. 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI, called Ulfat. J! ^^J-^^ s^ 
[Shajarat ul-'jirifiu. A brief versified account of 
the family of Shah Muh. Rafi' ul-Zaman of Allah- 
abad. Followed by selections from the Divan of 
Shah Muh. Hasan (Ashraf) of Allahabad.] pp. 34, 
Uth. S'j'A] ipiv [Allahabad, 1880.] 8°. 

14797. g. 15.(5.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI ibn ABI TALIB, called Bahar. 
(ayJ'jE^'.. L—jUi) [Yakhchaliyyah. Facetious tales. 





Edited with preface by Muli. Husain (Adib). 
With illustrations.] ff. 64, IHh. iri. [Persia, 
1873.] 12°. 14783. a. 4. 

[Yakhchfiliyyab.] ft".56, W/j. iri v [Pers/a, 

1881.] 12°. 14783. a. 8.(2.) 

Anjum. ^»laJL« jb,^ [Gauhar i manznra. A versified 
logic] pp. 16, Uth. Jk«$3 irM \_T,uehnow , 1864.] 
8=". 14820, f. 3.(4.) 


, ,j -oUll iks^' i >'.JO [Tulifat ul-basirln. A diarv 

of a pilgrimage to the Holy Places.] ff. 122, 
Uth.; \map. ^J>■^/ i^*^ [Karachi, ISbQ.I Fol. 

14762. f. 1. 

j,^ , [Zfid u bQiii. A geography of Persia.] 

Y>-p. 1^8, lilh. irM [ya6nz, 190 L] 8°. 14762. a. 2. 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI AKRAM, Aravl. [Al-Risalat 
ul-iuujanuad, iutroduction to Musnad.] See Mn- 
IIAMMAD ibn Idris. 

li ^'rr^ '-« [Divan i lugliat. Poems in praise of 
Muhammad. Followed by Mil jara i ghamm, 
chronograms and elegies on the death of M. 'A. 
H.N.] pp.84,/i/A. Ji3irii[LucA:noM;, 1879.] 8°. 

14787. e. 17.(1.) 

^j'_u J^s^* jj'yp [Divan i mu'jiz i bayan. 

Poems.] pp. 360, Uth. yjl iriv [Lucknow, 1880.] 
8°. 14797. g. 7. 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI HAZIN. The Life of Sheikh 
Mohammed Ali Hazin, written by himself: edited 
from two Persian manuscripts, ... with ... 
various readings. By F. C. Belfonr. Jlj^l f-j^) 
{i^,J=~ ^ iX«.=r* ^ ,_5'-'^j-<i J'<^ t^Joj (Oriental 
Translation Fund of Great Britain and Ireland.) 
pp.289. Lont^on, 1831. 8°. 14003. d. 2.(2.) 

■ liT^J^ L5^ ■ • ■ 1-?/*^ ^^^^ [Savanih i 'umri. 

The autobiography of Hazln.] pp. 84, Uth. ^Jjiii 
\rn [Delhi, 190\.] 8°. 14779. d. 41. 

The Life of Sheikh Mohammed Ali Hazin, 

written by himself; translated . . . and illustrated 
with notes explanatory of the history, poetry, 
geography, etc., which therein occur. By F. C. 

Belfonr. (Oriental Translation Fund of Great 
Britain and Ireland.) pp. xl. 320. London, 1830. 
8°. 14003. d. 2.(1.) 

The translation of the Tarikh-i-Ahwal of 

Mowlana Muliammad Shaykh Ali Hazin with an 
introduction and appendix by M. C. Master, 
pp. vii.07. Bombaij,l9U. 8°. 14779. b. 9. 

^j^>- '>^^-jJ^ [Kulliyat. Collected works 

in prose and verse.] pp. 1032,Zi'</i. i^vt [Lueknow, 
1876.] 8°. 14797.6.7. 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI HUSAIN (Abu Ahmad), called 
AshrafI. |J J:!^j!»jJ [Divan. Persian and Hindu- 
stani ghaiinh.'\ pp. 35, Uth. ,J^t) i~f^ [Delhi, 
1907.] 8°. 14797.6.50.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI KHAN, Navdh, Kizilbash. jJLT 
ij.'ol! [Kanz ul-ta'rikh. Chronograms on the 
birth of Nisivr 'All Khan, son of Fath 'All Khiin, 
by poets of his time,] pp. 108, ?i<A. ^jall i.~ri 
[Lahore, 1903.] 8°. 14779. d. 40. 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI KHAN, Sayyid. :Si\ 'is\ 
[La/,z,'it ul-afhani. Letters and other writings 
in Hindustani and Persian prose and verse.] 
pp. 104, W/).. Ji$3 lAvr [Lwc&now, 1872.] 8°. 

14119. c. 30.(11.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI KHAN, called N avab i Daplah. 
jujos sysT"' [Shajarah i tayyibah. A tract on 
Imam Miisa Kazim and his descendants, with 
special reference to the Safavl kings of Persia.] 
pp. 20, Uth. -^'jT^/ ii-i* [Farrukhahad, 1896.] 
8°. 14779. f. 7.(6.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ALI KHAN, called Tarbiyat, of 
Tahrlx. The Press and Poetry of modern Persia. 
Partly based on the manuscript work of Mirza 
Muhammad 'AH Khiin "Tarbiyat" of Tabriz. By 
E. G. Browne. 1914. 8°. See Browne (E. G.). 

14797. d. 21- 
jjIj! i.: .'o jxaisr* 5,jL> [Daurah i mukhtasar i ta'rikh 
i Iran. A compendious illustrated history of 
Persi.n from the earliest times to the present day.] 
pp. 275, /(7/t. ^_jL^' irrl [Bombay, 1911.] 8°. 

14773. b. 5. 

IlI'af Husain. 

G G 






d/ji-T isis: lO ^;f^ iji^^A^j [Ganjinali i raKmat, 
or Tulifah i akhirat. Ghazal odes iu pi-aiso of 
Muhammad and some saints.] pp. 32, lith. y-s^l 
,.u [Ajmcr, 1897.'] 8°. 14797. g. 28.(9.) 

MUHAMMAD AMIR 'ALI ('Abd uI-Razzak). J=- 

[Favhaug i Kalyubi. A glossary to Kalyfibi's 
Navadir.] pp. 76, Z(%. ^i^ M.. [Luclmow, IQOQ.'] 
8°. 14676. d. 14.(2.) 

Rais of Tonli. [Memoir.i.] See Basavan La'l. 

MUHAMMAD AMJAD 'ALI, Sayyid, Shams ul- 
'UJamu. [Edit.] ,8ee Academies, eic. — Allahabad. 

- University of Allahabad. 

See TuEAB 'AlI, Kalandar. 

A Key to the Pei-sinii Entrance Course 

for 1891. Poetry, pp.112. . I Ilahabad, 1889. 8°. 

757. d. 38.(3.) 
MUHAMMAD AMJAD 'ALI, called AshharI. J-^-c;^ 
[Armaghan. 3 tracts, viz. : — (1) Tashrih ul- alphabetical Persian-Hindustani classified 
glossary ; (2) Abjad i Autjad, rules for Nasta'lili 
writing ; (3) Mulakhkhas ul-akhlak, moral 
maxims.] pp. 105, lith. J^ iava [Lucknow, 
18.78.] 8°. " 14837. g. 12.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD ANVAR 'ALf, Hdfiz. [Panjabi trans- 
lation and metrical paraphrase of Kur'an, with 
Persian notes.] See Kue^\n. 

MUHAMMAD ANVAR 'ALI, Maulavi. [Notes on 
Gnlistan.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mu- 
SHAERIP uI-Din), called Sa'di. — Gulistdn. 

MUHAMMAD ANVAR 'ALI, called 'Ajiz. ^J:M 

,\yj\ [Gulslian i asrfir. A guide to the religious 

life.] pp. 42, lith. iavi [Lwlnioiu, 1871.] 8". 

14837. e. 4.(4.) 
Sahisvihu. *J>i»»*Ji ^^=^ [Mulakhkhas i Taslim. 
Solutions of chronograms.] pp. 118, /i7/t. i>L>It>l_« 

(^i•; [MovadahaJ, 189G.] 8°. 

14835. d. 1. 

JIaJI -^'o [Taj ul-mada'ih. A handbook 

of the literary art. With marginal notes and 
appendix.] pp. 104, lith. lAvr [Lucknow, 1872.] 
8'. 14837. g. 7.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD ANVAR SHAH. ^,Jl ^^^ [Manziim 

i Anvar. Poems in praise of Kalb'AlI KhaD,Nawnb 
ofRampur.] pp. 220, Zi</i. j>Jijv\ irh-' [Amritsar, 
1876.] 8°. 14837. e. 8.(3.) 

MUHAMMAD 'ARIF, Mult<7ii7. i-A^j^ Jj]^[Maulud 
i sharif. A poem on the nativity of Muliaminad.] 
pp. 16, lith. ^ytU lAvr [Lahore, 1872.] 8°. 

14787. 0. 22.(2.) 
MUHAMMAD 'ARIF, called San' at, ShikarpfirJ.. 
J! ci^iJic yj'y.i> [Divan. Poems. With a few 

letters. Edited by the author's son 'Abd ul- 
Klialik.] pp. 147, /i</(. ^yts 'J l^^^ [La/tore, 189G.] 
8°. 14797.6.28.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD ASAAD, Fakir Jdny. See Muhammad 
ibu As'ad. 

MUHAMMAD AS'AD, Efendi, Shaikh nl-Isldm. 
ci.)'jil]I £s4 i—j'jii^ [Lahjat ul-lughat. A Turkish- 
Arabic-Persian dictionary, giving Arabic and Per- 
sian equivalents for Turkish words with Turkisli 
explanations. Edited, with preface, by 'Abd ul- 
Rahman Mudarris.] pp. xi. 851. iuakJii>j*; irii 
[Constantinople, 1801.] Fol. 757. k. 17. 

MUHAMMAD ASAD ULLAH, Tilhart. 4ii:=^ cu"J 
[Kuvvat i iianafiyyah. Au essay on the tenets 
of the school of Abu Hanifah.] pp. 80, lith. 
^ Jjo irrr [Badaon, 1905.] 8". 14736. b. 10. 

S-jvi J &jjJLs~ J [Shajarha i salasil i kadiriyyah u 
chishtiyyah. Versified tables of famous dervishes 
of the various orders.] pp. 28, Zi</t. ^sr?- [Jhajjar, 
1897.] 8°. 14779. f 8. 

MUHAMMAD ASGHAR 'ALI, called Abru. jJ'..^' 
^'iaj Ja^-* [Kasa'idimu'jiz i ni/.am. Poemsin praise 
of Muhammad, the Caliphs, and other famous 
Moslems.] pp. 36, lith. ^d irn [Delhi, 1899.] 
8°. 14797. e. 40. 

MUHAMMAD ASGHAR HUSAIN, of Fathgarh. j\j[i 
^j,\jL^ [Bazar i Sikaudarl. A eulogy of the fairs 
held under the patronage of Sikaudar Begam of 
Bhopal for exhibiting articles mauufactared by 
the orphans supported and educated by her.] 
pp. 16, lith. ijXsni I AW [Fathgarh. 1877.] 8°. 

14783. e. 8.(4.) 





MUHAMMAD 'ASHIK (Sa'id uI-DIn), called Hayat. 
jsJ^ htl^ [Kalinmt ul-liakk. A Sufic tract on 
prayer. Followed by Asrar ul-vahdat, a tract on 
tho nature of God, by Sharaf ul-Din Abu 'Ali 
Kalandar.] pp.26,lUh. jTii Lo ia1 i [AforadafcacZ, 
1891.] 8°. 14712. c. 5.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD ASHKAF, Khvdjah. [Edit.] See 
'Inayat Ullah, Kanbu. 

HAMMAD. [Translation of Takvim ul-abdan.] 
See Yahya ibn 'Isa, called Ibn Jazlah. 

IxaIsI! Jij^'l] JJ^' ^_y i:^^' [Al-Favfi'id ul-kut- 
biyyat. Names of weights used in medicine with 
Persian explanations.] See Sadid uI-Din, Kd- 
zamnl. ^J^jj^ [Mnghni.] appendix. [1890.] 
Fol. 14538. e. 8. 

JI ^uolaiil! jJl^l [Al-Fava'id ul-kutbiyyat.] 

pp. 20, lith. jX^ I Air [Luchnow, 1892.] 8°. 

14753. d. 9. 

MUHAMMAD ASHRAF 'ALI, Thunavl. [Hindu- 
stani commentary on Masnavi.] See Muuammad 
ibn Muhammad (Jalal uI-DIn), Rumi. 

MUHAMMAD ASHRAF 'ALI (Abu Sulaiman Zahir 
ul-DiN Ahmad), Lakhnavl. [Farhang i divan i 
GhanI, glossary to Ghani's Divan.] See Muhammad 
T.\HiR, called GhanI. 

lasU- yj'^.t) i__^ ji [Fai-hang i divan i Hafiz. 

'Abd u1-Raiiman ibu Auuad, called Jami. — Tajnis 

See Abu Nasr, Farahl. 

A glossary to Hafi//s Divan. Third edition.] 
pp. 32, Wi. y^ I An [Jyitc/mow;, 1899.] 8°. 

14815. f. 10.(3.) 

[For the same glossary as printed with the 

Divan of Hafiz :] See Mohammad Hafiz, Shirazl. 

^Josj~- i!«Jl i_^j [Farhang i Anvar i 

MUHAMMAD 'ASSAR (Shams uI-DIn), Tabrlzl. 
[On the Mihr u Mushtari of M. 'A.:] See Peipkb 
(C. R. S.). 

YUSUF KHAN. [Persian translation of Risalah i 
kabriyyah.] See HiPi'OcnATES. 

MUHAMMAD 'ATA'I, Ldhaurl. Jw*^! jlj«a« 
[Misdak ul-ramal. A work on geomancy, derived 
from teachings of Badi' ul-Din Lahaurl and 
Raushan 'All Dihlavl.] pp. 136, Jith. iavi 
[iMchnow, 1876.] 8°. 14770. e. 3.(1.) 

(Jw<iJl ^J\l\.A^, [Misdak ul-ramal.] pp. 136, 

Huhaili. A glossary to the Anvar i Suhaili. 
Second edition.] pp.48, ///A. J^ iaV\ [XtjcZinow, 
1898.] 8°. . 14815. f. 10.(2.) 


^«'J«yil [Ashraf-namah. Memoirs of tho Rohilla 
chief Dundi Khan, the author's father.] pp. 131, 
litli. J/ I Aei [Zfoi, 1854.] 8°. 14779. g. 15. 

MUHAMMAD 'ASKARi, called FiKEAT. [Edit.] See 

lith. j^^ \^.'^'iiCawnpore,\8m.'\ 8°. 14770. f. 1. 

MUHAMMAD 'AUFI (Jamal uI-Din). [For account 
of Lnbab ul-albab :] See Bland (N.). 

Part I (Part II) of the Lubabu '1-Albab 

of Muhammad 'Awfi. Edited . . . with indices, 
Persian and English prefaces, and notes ... in 
Persian, by E. G. Browne . . . and Mirza Muham- 
mad ibn 'Abdu '1-W.ahliab-i-Qazwini. s-''"*') 
(t_;'jJ^J! pp. xi. XXV. 433, 78, 472. 1903, 1906. 
See Persian Historical Texts. Persian Historical 
Texts, vols, ii., iv. 1901, e<c. 8°. 757. gg. 8, 

Extrait du "Djawami' el-Hikayat " de 

Djemal-Ooddin Mohammad 'Awfi. [With French 
translation.] SeeHDARTCC). Documents Persans, 
etc. 1905. 8°. \_Becueil dc Memoires Orientaiix.] 

14003. i. 56. 

SHARIF KHAN. <)^jJo,,] ^' [Tuhfah i Aurang- 
zibiyyah. A polemic against the doctrines of 
Ghulam Ahmad Kadiyani. Followed by a sum- 
mary in Pushtu.] ])p. 188,/t7/i. jj3>^ {t~ri [Lahore, 
1913.] 8°. 14718. g. 16. 


'Add Ullah, Gha::navl. [Edit.] See Muhammad, 
Qhaznav'i, Khvdjah . 

[Letters.] See 'Abd u1-Jabbar, Ghaznavl, 

and Ghulam Rasul. Jl is-y^ss^ [Savanih i 'umii.] 
[1895.] 8". 14779. f. 7.(5.> 





KHAN, liiimpuy', Mustafa' ahddl. {■^j — ) Jjl ji=» 
Jacl j^i\ [Iksli- i A'zam. A treatise on thera- 
peutics.] 4 vols., Z('<ft. j-^^ irsv-i. [Cawnpore, 
1870-73.] 8°. 14753. g. 5. 

^lacl l=J.s^ [Muliit i A'zam. A treatise ou 

Materia Medica.] 4 vols., lith. jyS^^^ inr-n 
[Cawn/^oce, 1896-98.] Fol. 14753.11.8. 

^iatl _>J [Nayyir i A'zam. Rules for 

diagnosis by the pulse.] pp. 88, lith. jy^^ 
(ri A [Cawnpore, 1881.] 8°. 14753. f. 3.(2.) 

Jat]jy^j (*ji>) Jj' a'^s- [Rumuz i A'sjam. A 

treatise on therapeutics.] 2 vols., lith. ^j'^>^ 
ir. i-.e [PeZ/n", 1884-88.] Fol. 14753. h. 6. 


<J./«i^l J JicI [Karabadiii i A'/.ain u Akmal. A 
dictionary of Materia Medica by Muli. A'zam, 
with additional recipes by the author's gi'audsou 
Muh. Akmal.] pp. 720, lith. ^^Ji in* [Delhi, 
1898.] Fol. 14753. g. 8. 

MUHAMMAD ' AZIM, Tattavl. A History of Sind . . . 
translated from Persian books, by Mirza Kalichbeg 
Fredunbeg. [The history of the Tfilpuv dynasty, 
down to the British Conquest, extracted from the 
Fath-uamah, a metrical chronicle by JMuli. 'Azim, 
and the Frere-uamah of Mir Yar Muh. Khan.] 
1902. See'ALi\hn'RAMiv,Kufi. The Chacliuamah, 
etc. vol. ii. 1900,02. 8°. 757. g. 61. 

MUHAMMAD 'AglM ULLAH, Mauldnd. [Edit.] 
See ilcHAMMAD HUSAIN ibu Khalai'. 

MUHAMMAD 'AZIZ ul-DIN, Mumhi. [Edit., with 
notes, of Akhlak i Nasiri.] See Muhammad ibn 
Muhammad (Nasie uI-Din), TUsi. 

MUHAMMAD 'AZIZ ul-DIN (Abu '1- Raj a). [Arabic 
takhmis and polyglot translations of Burdah.] 
See Muhammad ibn Sa'id, Jlustrt. 

MUHAMMAD 'AZIZ ul-HAKK. [Edit.] See 

Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Modem Institute. 

MUHAMMAD 'AZIZ HASAN, J^alchnavl [Notes 
on Nisab ul-subyan.] See Abu 'Naihi, Furdhl. 

[Edit.] See Ikadat Khan. 

[Edit, of Khusrau u gul, with glosses.] See 

Muhammad ibn Ibuahim (Faiud u1-DIn), called 

[Edit.] See Majdud ibu 'Adam. 

MUHAMMAD "AZIZ ULLAH, also called Muhammad 
ViLAYAT 'AlI. ^'ee Muhammad Vit-ayat 'Au Khan. 

[Mukhtasar ul-bayan fi zariiriyyat il-bulii-an, or 
TahUik ul-buhrau. A tract ou crises of diseases, 
based on 'All Husaiu's Ghixyat ul-bayan.] See 
'Abd Ullah ibn Muhammad Ashuap. ^j^jj^^^ iji^"^' 

26-28^ [1848.] 

14815. f. 5. 


1 [Tahkik ul-auzan, etc.] pp, 

u'r*-'. '^''^1 [Risalah i buhrau, i.e. Mukhtasar 

ul-bayan.] See Muhammad Hashim, called 'Alavi 
Khan. ,.'J^ , ^^ t._.-^k, [Mutibb, etc.] pp. 92-90. 

14753. e. 12.(2.) 

[1872.] 8°. 


<x!'w., [Risalah i buhrau.] Sec Mu- 

hammad Akbak, Arzdnl. i«_^l J^}Jyc [Mizan ul- 
tibb, e<c.] pp. 204-08. [1874.] 8°. 14753. e. 10. 

■ Jl ^^'.Jokll ^'iir* [Mukhtasar ul-bayiin.] See 

Yusup ibn Muhammad, called Yusupi. ^_J^^. S-~^ 
Jl [Jami' ul-fava'id, etc.'] pp. 90-94. [1874.] 
8°. 14837. f. 5.(4.) 

MUHAMMAD BAKHSH. See Muhammad-bakhsh. 

ci^'aji= uu'.^ «.«... <OJ'j [Hayat i Bakiyyah. Au 
Urdu life of Muh. Baki Bi'Uah. With some Persian 
sermons preached by him from 1009 to 1012 A.H., 
with Urdu translations.] pp. 34, 102, lith. ^Jjtiii 
[Delhi, WOb.] 8°. 14106. bb. 33.(2.) 

cuUliUjl 5Jj ; [Zubdat ul-makamat. Ai 

account of M. B. B., his sons and his successors 
in the Nakshbandl order of Dervishes.] pp. 400, 
lith. jyjo^ ui . [Cawnpore,lSdO.] 8°. 14779. d. 15. 

i^.jaj.£'.jJl —yi ^_5i ^-<ji!' i—juui [2 religious 

quatrains by M. B. B. With commentary called 
Kashf ul-ghain by Vali Uliah.] pp. 23, lith. Jjt J 
in. [DeZ/i/, 1893.] 8°. 14797. g. 26.(8.) 

MUHAMMAD BAKIR,.4HJay^,S/<7/v7a7. [Edit.] See 
MuHAMsiAij ibn JIuhammad (Jalal uI-Din), Buvu. 

MUHAMMAD BAitlR, Imdm. [Life.] See 'Abbas 
KuLi Khan. 





MUHAMMAD BAKIR, Ufahdnl. [Edit.] -See 
Niisii ApuIn. 

MUHAMMAD BAKIR, Tahrlzl. [Edit.] See 'Abd 
ul-lvAZ/AK il)u Najaf KulI. 


6't(. Mui'lAMMAU ilui IICSAIN (]?AHA uI-Din). 

MUHAMMAD B^KIR ibn 'ALI RIZA, Shanf. lift 
jjt!^! ».<'.:=^ <—>'^'iS [Jtimi' ul-sliavahid. A diction- 
ary of Arabic poetical quotations^ giving authoi's' 
names and context, brief Arabic commentaries, 
nud Persian paraphrases.] pp. 360, iiife. jij^ ini 
{Tahrk, 1890.] 8°. 14807. i. 1. 


iJUHBAT. ^^}.!jdJI _'j'.. .v_>l.o lift [Taj ul-davavln. 
Poems. Edited by the poet's grand.'ion 'All 
Akbar ibn Abi '1-Fai?.] pp. 237, /i</t. WAjirir 
[Bomhay, 1895.] 8°. 14797. d. 18. 

Khvunsdft, Khushnavls. [Edit.] See Husain 
V.\'iz, KtlshifL 


Majliis/. Jiy-srjl' *A;v.J' 1^ ... .lyUl i_A.iJ i__>'.x^ lift 
[Kashf ul-anvar and Kashf ul-ghara'ib. Two 
seiies of traditions, translated by MuK. TakI b. 
Muli. Bakir from the Arabic Bihar ul-anvar, the 
forlner chicHy concerning Muhammad, 'All, and 
the Imams, and the latter cosmology.] pp. 328, 
llth. rr^e [Pemrt, 1878.] Fol. 14707. f. 1. 

iy^] x»o.^j [Tarjumat ul-salat, a manual 

of formal prayer, and Risiilah i ikhtiyarat, a work 
on astrology.] See Muhammad ibn Husain (Baha 
u1-DIn). J! (_^'ji-i ^'j5- [Jami' i 'Abbasl.] 
pp. 2-109, marg. [1881.] 8^ 14736. d. 3. 

^jj^ ['Ain ul-hayat. A Shi'ah 

J^ iri.-in. [ZWteran, 1824-44.] Fol, & 8°. 

14779. h. 4. 
Vol, 8, lithographed in 8°, m%y have been /nihlisli'il at 
Tabriz ; vols. X and 2 are printed, and in folio. 

—Jy^y euUs*- 

[Hayat ul-kulub. Edited 
by Tasadduk Husain Kazirai.] 3 vols., llth. 
ykl iAVA-1 \jAichww, 1878-79.] . 8". 14779. g. 3. 

The Life and Religion of Mohammed, as 

contained in the Shecali traditions of the Hy^t- 
ul-Kuloob. Translated ... by Rev. J. L. Merrick. 
pp.xv.483. Boston [Mass.], \%h(i. 8°. 767. e. 26. 

Die Mythen des Lebeus Jesu. Ausziige 

aus „Haiat ul Kulub, oder Geschichte Muhameds, 
beschrieben uach der Schiitischou Tradition von 
Muhamed Bachir." Nebst einem das „ Leben 
Jesu von Dr. Strauss " bcti-effcnden Anhang 
herausgegeben von M. Ciir. G. Barth. pj). 44. 
Stuttgart, 1837. 12°. 757. bb. 6. 

^^AAJuJl c:.^j.U- [Hilyat ul-muttakln. A 

Shi'ah treatise on ethics and religious observances, 
based upon the precepts and example of the 
Imams. Edited by Muh. 'All. Second edition.] 
pp. vi.375, 4, Zi7/(. a^ iaa4 [//Mc/mow, 1884.] 8^. 

14712. f. 1. 

iJ.i'iJ! ^Jij^ ^ ci^youii^ill i_>'jo !i» 

^^.Jkar^' [Ikhtiyiirat. A tract on astrological 
prediction.] ff. 40, Uth. [Persia, 1850 ?] 4°. 

14770. c. 1. 

l—>'jS lift [Ikhti- 

yarat.] ff. oO, Uth. [Pema, 1800 ?] 4°. 

14770. c. 3. 

'.JO [Ikhtiyarat.] 


flf. 48, Uth 

.*>jU^C (J». 

[Persia, 1800 ?] 4°. 14783. d. 1. 


treatise on theology and etiiics.] ])p. 402, Uth. 
jx^ \r.i [LikIoww, 1887.] 8°. 14712. g. 4. 

jo) [HaUk ul-yakin, A 

summary of Shi'ah theology.] ff. 278. J'lJis 
irii [Teheran, 1825.] Fol. 14712. h. 1. 

(^Jy^] *^) [Jala ul-'uyiin. Biographies of 

Muhammad, Fatimah, and the Imams.] ff. 291. 
Jj>] i^.j^ I ri . [Teheran, 1 825.] Fol. 14779. h. 2. 


Jj>) ^if^' 

(^^^jj«I! *1U-) [Jala ul-'nyuu.] pp. 

rir [re/ieran, 1840.] Fol. 14779. h. 3. 


[Hayat ul-kulub. Lives of 

the Prophets, Muhammad, 'All, Fatimah, and the 
Imams, witli a treatise on the Imamate.] 3 vols. 

is-j\^. Jl^ i-_;'.Ai) [Kitab i su'al u javab. 

Legal decisions. Edited by 'Abd ul-Razzak 
Isfahanl.] ff. 102. iriv [Teheran, 1831.] 8°. 

14736. e. 1. 

^^ji^ .^i^ ji Jyi«Ji T*'^'. ^c*-**!' ... k—» 'jo lift 

au.i . [Mush u gnrbah, or Javahir ul-'ukui. A 





version of the fables of the Cat and the Mouse, 
attributed to M. B. Followed by the Sad pand of 
Lukintin. Illustrated.] pp. 160, Kf/i. ^_jiw iri-i 
[Bovihay, ] 906.] 8°. 14783. d. 21. 

ija}Jo 5 jjj>~ J fSi jJLm [Risalah i bad'. A 

defence of the Shi'ah use of the theological term 
bad' (literally " beginning ")• With Risalah i jabr 
u tafviz, comments on a saying of Imam Riza 
on free-will and predestination, on the margin.] 
pp. 16, nth. I no [Benares ? 1849.] 8°. 

14837. c. 3.(2.) 

iS'^*W=^ '^«^ ^ ^^^j [Risalah i filch. A 

treatise on Shi'ah law.] pp. 292, lith. y^ i^ir 
[Lnclmow, 1893.] 8°. 14736. b. 4. 

iiImj [Risalah i raj'at. Shi'ah tra- 

ditions.] Y>Y).Q7,lith. yj] [Luchiow, ISS-i.] 8°. 

14707. b. 2.(1.) 

islcfl!! ialj.« [Sirat ul-najat. Shi'ah traditions. 

Compiled and translated from Arabic] pp. 116, 
itf/i. y^ iAAv[L«c/(;nou), 1887.] 8^ 14707. b. 2.(2.) 

[Another copy.] 14707. b. 2.(3.) 

■ [sic] isLLfl!! i-ks-y [Tarjumat ul-salat. A 

ti'eatise on prayer.] pp.36, i/f/i. Jkaiiiri-i [Lucli- 
now, 1879.] 8°. ' 14519. b. 16.(6.) 

Jl <Uj^I syiJo j^4.«j.Jl iiiUJ! IJJb [Tazkii-at 

ul-a'immah. Proofs of the mission of Muhammad 
uud the holiness of the Imams from the testimony 
of the sacred books of other religions. Edited by 
Agha MuK. Husain and his brother MuH. Sadik 
MashhadJ. Second edition.] pp. 212, lith. ^;U«i= 
ir.. [Te/ieraji, 1883.J 8°. 14779.0.9. 

End. j'ji..Jl S\j k-jliii" J-i ^UJ' [Zad ul-ma'ad. 

A Shi ah manual of devotions.] ff. 179. ir»=H= 
[Tehm-an, 1828.] Fol. 14718. h. 1. 

Imperfect, wanting ff. 2-3, which have been supplied in ms. 

(j'^1 Jl;) [Zad ul-ma'ad.] ff. 213, lith. 

lr^r■ [rrtfcriz, 1865.] 8°. 14718. f. 1. 

• ^Li^Jl iar=^ ^V-^ C i**-T*-« '^'■*^' '^l; [Zad 

ul-ma'ad. With two other works on the margin, 
viz. (1) Arabic prayers for various occasions, with 
Persian rubrics, and (2) a collection of Persian 
legal decisions by Murtaza Najafi, with notes by 
JlnVi. Hasan Sliirazi Najafi. Edited by Tnsadduk 

Husain Kazimi Kantiiri.] pp. 832, K</i. y^i^vij 
[Luehnow, 1879.] 4°. 14718. g. 6. 

^V.V, 'is=^ ^lyju ^ ^Xo i>'o<J! oh [Zad 

ul-ma'ad. With the same works on the margin. 
Edited by Muh. 'AH Kazimi Kanturi.] pp. 832, 
lith. "Uoi] lAAC [JvMcA-now, 1885.] 4°. 14712. g. 5. 

[For the'Kis.sah i Musa bii Fir'aun, ascribed 

to M. B.;] See MosES. 

BAKIR KHAN, BeglerbegJ. [Edit.] See Ahmat> 
ibn 'Umar, Nizdmt. 

on al-Mabadi'.] See 'Abd u1-Vahhab ibn Ibrahim, 

MUHAMMAD BASHIR, LaMnavJ ? ... JJis>^ j^ t/jj 
'wkj cUjJ^s- SjbJI ^ i_S/"^ ^'-J ^^'^ ^ CT"T° [^ahifah 
i Vala-kadri, or A'lnah i liairat-numa. A history 
of the Indian Mutiny.] pp. 80, W(. itap [Luck- 
now, 1865.] 8°. 14837. f. 2.(2.) 

[Notes on Makamat i Mazhari.] See Ghulam *Ali 
(Shah 'Abd Uixah). 

MUHAMMAD BULAK, Sayyid. t__>'iii;l 'i^,j 
[Rau/.at i aktfib. The life and teachings of Kutb 
ul-Din Bakhtiyilr Kaki, with notices of eminent 
saints buried near his shrine.] pp. 101, lHh. |^bn> 
ir.i [Delhi, 1887.] 8°. 14779. e. 16.(2.) 

Bieit (Per. Cat., p. 974) (/ivcs the author's mime as Muh. 


[Fuyiizrit i vajid. Mystic poems.] pp. 128, lith. 

iii^ \ri^ [Calcutta, \90l.] 8°. 14797. f, 3.(8.) 

MUHAMMAD CHELEBI. Ein urspriinglich tiirkisch 
verfaszter Schwank [on a svcindle by the druggist 
Muh. Chelebi] in neupersischer tibersetzung . . . 
herausgegebcn und ins Deutsche iibertragon von 
L. Pekotsch . . . Nach dor tiirkischen Vorlage uud 
einer arabischen Version untcrsucht und mit text- 
kritischen Aumerkungen versehen von Dr. M. 
Bittner. Mit einer . . . Reproduktiou des . . . 
Originalmanuskriptes. pp. viii. 20, 23, 35. IVien, 
1905. 4°. 757. i. 61. 

[Mufradiit i bikraml, ti-anslation of Madannpnla- 
vinoda.] Sec Madanapala. 







[Trauslatiou of Upanishads.] See UrANisHADS. 

^j^j-^^ cu'jUjs- [Hasanfit ul-'Ariflu. fSay- 

ings and maxims of famoussaiuts and kings.] pp.30, 
]ith. Jut J ir.i [Delhi, 1892.] 8°. 14749. f. 20. 

UJ^^^p^aJLy [Risalah i liakk-uuinii. A Siifio 

tract.] pp. 20, litli. J^ iam [Jjucknoio, 1881.] 
8°. ^ 14712. g. 2.(3.) 

Tho Compass of Truth, or Risala-i-Laq- 

mima . . . Rendered into English by . . . Sris'a 
Chandra Vasu. [Followed by a translation of an 
extract from the Safinat ul-auHya, also by Darii 
Shikuh.] pp. i. 28, vii. Allahabad, 1912. 8°. 

767. h. 68. 

'aJjUl AJUAw* [Safinat ul-auliya. Lives of holy 

men and eminent Shaikhs from the rise of Islam 
to the author's time.] pp. 216, lith. jJu^ lAvr 
[Lucknoiv, 1872.] 8°. 14837. g. 5.(7.) 

■ y^^' iiuki^ [Safinat ul-auliyii.] })p. 212, 

mil. j^^ in ^lCawnpo)■c, 1900.] 8°. 14779. g. 16. 

i^l^JijJissJ' ^.::^hjis [Tarikat ul-liakikat. A 

tract iu prose and verse on the Vedanta philosophy. 
Edited by Ratan Singh.] pp. 3(5, lith. A\y]jS>~J 
[Gujranwala, 1895.] 8°. 14734. a. 3. 

and LAL DAS, Bdbd. i_jl^^ J!,.*^ A'^, [Risalah 
i su'al u javab. A dialogue ou asceticism between 
D. Sh. and L. D. Arranged and edited by Chiranji 
Lai.] pp. 30, litk. JiA,i lAA* [Delhi, 1885.] 12°. 

14718. aa. 1. 
MUHAMMAD DILIR. ^;j'-^ J^ J<>. [Pauj ganj 
i Khu.sravi. Au artificial composition arranged 
in oparallel columns, each giving a humorous story, 
4 of them being iu different metres with maxnavl 
rhymes and one in prose.] pp. 28, lith. Jui3 iaa. 
[/-?«<;7mOTv, 1880.] 8°. 14783. e. 10.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD ul-DIN. See Muhammad (Abo '1- 
Hasan) . 


ij j ^J^\ 'wiJj! [Dastur ul-iusha, or Inshii i Pii'ik. 

Modellctters.] pp. 30, iti/i. ,>j^^ '^'.■^[Cawnpore, 

1852.] 8°. ^" 14837. e. 7.(3.) 

jj'i f'JL>\ ij 

1 \ .: ■><\ 

■jd [Dastiir 
ul-iusha.] pp. SO, Uth. \r\. [Luchiow, 1863.] 
8°. 14807. g. 2.(3.) 


tinned). *'-iJ! jJU *'JiJl hj »— Jjyt* . . . *'-iJ'JI ,yL, J 
,^_jXwo s'vijl J ya'i^sr* [Dastiir ul-insha. Edited, with 
glossary, indexes, and supplement called Insha i 
mukhtasar, by Ibn Ghulam Husain. Followed 
by a similar tract by Ni'mat Ullah Ban! IsnVil.] 
pp. 76, 12, lith. irvr [Bombay, 1866.] 8'. 

14837. e. 2.(1.) 

J^'i ^'-i^I 't^ 1 'i/^ '-iJjl .yujJ [Dastiir 

ul-insha. With marginal notes.] pp. 40, lith. 
j^^ ^^•^l [Cawnpore,\81l.'\ 8°. 14807. g. 3.(1.) 

jjj ^'-iJl [Insha i Fil'ik.] pp. 32, lith. 

j^^ I AAV [Oawnpore, 1887.] 8°. 14807. f. 6.(1.) 

jJl^l ^^jir* [Makhzan ul-fava'id, or Kha- 

ziuat ul-usiil. A grammar.] pp. 172, Zt<A. [Luck- 
now, 1844?] 8°. 14807. e.. 5.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD FAIZ ULLAH. [Edit.] Sec Hctsain 
Va'iz, Kdshifl. 

and Faizabdd, being a translation of the " Tarikh 
Farahbakhsh "... from the original Persian, by 
W. Hoey. 2 vols. Allahabad, 1888, 89. 8°. 

757. e. 41. 
MUHAMMAD FAIZ-BAKHSH, Kakuravl. [Edit., 
with notes, of Ruk'at.] See Lakshmi-naeatana, 
Mir Munslil. 

MUHAMMAD FAKHR ul-DIN, LakhnavJ. [Edit.] 
Sec 'Abd u1-Rahman ibn Aumar, called Jami. — 
Yusuf u Zulaikhd. 

ul-ashbah. Chronological tables of the Timurids 
of India, with portraits and pictures of their 
tombs. Compiled by M. F. ul-D. H., with the 
aid of Muh. Ahsan Ulhlh Khan, Ghulam 'AH 
Khan, and Babar 'All Khan.] ff. 67, lith. inv 
[India, 1851.] 8°. Or. 182. 


MUHAMMAD FARHAD, KandaUrl. [Tulifat ul- 
mu'minlu, commentary on KurMn Ixxviii-cxiv.] 
See Kur'an. 

MUHAMMAD FAUZ ul-KABIR, Hanufi, SiddlkJ. 
jijSi: ij'j^louLu [Suubulistau i tahrir. A letter- 
writer.] pp. 82, lith. jy^^ '1-1 i [Oawnpore, 1897.] 
8°. 14807.6.15.(3.), 





MUHAMMAD FA?IL, Maulavl, of BarimL J^d 
Jwi'j [Divan. Poems.] pp. 63, lith. jJi^ [Luck- 
now, 1900?] 8°. 14797. f. 3.(3.) 

criticisms on M. F. H.'s Hadiyyali i sa'idiyyah :] 
See Amir Ahmad, Sayyid. 

^^^' c'Jk'jul [Imtina' ul-nazir. A defence 

of Muliauimad's spiritual uniqueness against the 
views of Haidar 'Ali. Edited -with glosses by 
Sayyid Sulaiman Asbraf.] pp. 336, Nth. j^^ 
M.s [/n«»/-'Mr, 1908.] 8°. 14712. e. 16. 

MUHAMMAD FAZL ul-IMAM, Khairuhddl. [For 
commentary on ^I. F. ul-I.''s al-Mirkat ul-miza- 
niyyah:] See 'Ai.i Hasan, Bhupdll. 

MUHAMMAD FAZL i RABB, called 'Arshi. [Notes 
on Atash i bidud.] See Muhammad Ahsan Ullah 
Khan, called Sakib. 


MUHAMMAD FIRUZ ul-DIN, Bashavl. [Mazali 
nl-'arifln i kalan, Persian and Panjabi verse- 
renderiugs of Kasidah i ghausiyyah with Hindu- 
stani commentary.] See 'Abd u1-Kadir ibn MusA. 

MUHAMMAD FIRUZ ul-DIN, Bahhn. [Edit.] 
See 'Ali ibn Abi '1-Hazm, called Ibn uI-Napis. 

MUHAMMAD FIRUZ ul-DIN, Munslu Fazil. [Trans- 
lation of Namiiz.] See Namaz. 

MUHAMMAD GHIYAS 'ALI, BlhlavJ. hjj ili^^j 
JJU [Risalah i ru'yat i hilal. A tract on the 
o"bserviition of the new moon for the fast of 
Ramazan.] pp.12. Sue Jalal ibn Mahmud. A^^j- 
J! jJcb ,^U L^*^' [Risalat talialckuR arazi Hind.] 
[1886.] 8°. 14527. c. 26.(1.> 


Rdmpuri. [Commentary on Abu '1-Fazl's lettei's,. 
bks. i.-ii.] See Abu '1-Fazl ibn Mubarak. 

[Kashif ul-asrar, commentary on Badr i 

Chach's Kasa'id.] See Badr uI-Din, ChdcJiL 

yjliwi^ ^f" [Bahar i baran. A com- 


[Na't i Firuzi. Hindustani, 

Persian and Panjabi religious poems by divers 
authors. Second edition.] pp. 188, K//t. cL>y3'a/j^ 
iA?i= [6V((/A-o<, 1894.] 16°. 14104. dd. 4. 

MUHAMMAD FIRUZ ul-DIN, Munshi Fdzil, and 
'ALI MUHAMMAD, Maulavl. Lughat-i-Ferozi. 
A Persian dictionary, containing the meanings 
of words from the Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and 

other languages used in Urdu, etc. ^JJ:J'S 
(^Jj^ ei.j'jiJ V. pp. iii. 1054, /.if/t. 



Lahore, 1890. 
8°. 14117. d. 51. 

MUHAMMAD FITRAT, Mirzd. [Translation of 
Matthew.] See Bible. — New Testament. 

[Translation of Pand-namah.] See Muhammad 
ibn Ibrahim (Farid u1-D!n), called 'Attar. 

MUHAMMAD GHAZI, Malali. [Rauzat ul-'nkul, 
recension of Marzuban-niimah.] Sec Marzuban 
ibn RusTAM. 

meutary on Sa'di's Gulistan. Edited by Uahi 
Bakhsh Siyalkoti.] 2 pts., Jitlt. cL>^U,.^ i^ii-r 
[Sialhot, \8m-2.'\ 12°. 14749. b. 3. 

[For commentary on^ Gulistan printed 

together with Gulistan :] See Muslih ibn 'Abd- 
Ullak (MusHAERir uI-Din), called Sa'dL — GuUstdti. 

cu'jtll! cl;'<J^ [Ghiyas ul-lughat. A dic- 

I tionary of standard Persian.] 2 vols. pp. 258, 
iv. 260, mil. irA. [Lucknow, 1863-4.] Fol. 

14815. i. 2. 

The map, which usually accompanies, is wanting. 

e->UU! e_>'-^i [Ghiyas ul-lughat. With 

i Chiragh i hidayat, a glossary of modern poetiy 

1 by SinTj ul-Din 'All Khiin (Arzu), on the margin.] 

pip. 518, lith.; ] I'late. j^'\^ f ^^i [Gawnpore, \87-l.] 

Fol. 14815. g. 3. 

Cij'jkUl cL;'oi [Ghiyas ul-lughat. With the 

Chiragh i hidayat.] pp. 518, Zj</i. ; \ plate. .^^ 
lAVA [Gaionpme, 1878.] Fol. ' 14815. 'h.' 9. 

e:_>Ul!! (jL)'^ [Ghiyas ul-lughat. With the 

Chiragh i hidayat.] pp. 518, lith. ; 1 plate. Ju^ 
ifU [Luchlo^v, I87d.] Fol. 14815. hi'lO. 



ul-lughat. With the Chiragh i hidayat. Edited 
I by Mahmiid Miyan Mangaluri and Muli. 'Abd 
ul-Rahman Faizabadi.] pp. 519, lith. ; 1 j^lnte. 
^J^x^ lAA.-Ai [Bombay, 1880-81.] Fol. 

14815. h. 8. 

y.iUi t .ko* 


j^ i-:iji*iji cu-J^ [Ghiya.s 
nl-lughat. With Muntakhab ul-lughat, a dictionary 
of Arabic words in common use, by 'Abd ul-Rashid 





Husaini, in parallel columns.] pp. xi. 760, lith. 
jyxi^ lUr [Oawnpore, 1912.] Fol. 14815. i. 8. 

cu'villl clj'ai; jj,! .Us-J' LH^'dil]) _x-aj [Nasir 

ul-lughat. An Urdu translation by Muli. NasIr 
ul-DIn Afimad Khan of the GhiyiTs ul-lnghat.] 
pp. 240, lith. y^ >^u [Lucknow, 1890.] 8°. 

14117. e. 23. 

i^y ^^"^ j-^-^^ rf^ [Commentary on 

Nisaml's Sikandar-namah i barrl.] pp. 182, /(7A. 
^ f-^u [Lucknow, 1891.] 8°. 14787. g. 28. 

^Ji> j [Isharat i Faridi, or Makabis ul-majalis. 
Discourses on mysticism. Compiled by MuK. 
Rukn ul-Din Purharsuuki. With a notice of the 
author on the wrapper.] pp. 96, lith. .ybi! irM 
[La/»ore, 1901.] 8°. 14724. b. 7. 

See MaHAMMAi) iba Husain (Baha uI-Din). 

[Edit, of Char sharbat with notes.] See 

MnHAMMAD Hasan, called Katil. 

*~r'r- c:^^ [Shaukat i 'arab. A masnavt on the 
Arab conquest of Persia. With preface in prose 
and verse by MuK. Khairat 'All Klian (Uashid).] 
pp. 12, 52, lith. y^ lAvc [Lucknow, 1875.] 8°. 

14837. g. 9.(4.) 
MUHAMMAD, Ldhaurl. Jl ^j^y^ &Jarc\^ [Gan- 
jinah i Sarvarl, or Ganj i ta'rikli. Chronograms 
for the dates of birth and death of Muhammad, 
the Khallfahs, the Imams, sovereigns, pious and 
learned Moslems, etc.] pp. 220, lith. J^J] uw 
[Lucknotv, 1877.] 8°. 14797. h. 6. 

(*j'i) Jtl jJsSi- 'oAcill JmJ^ [Khazinat ul- 

asfiya. Lives of eminent members of the chief 
religious orders of Islam.] 2 vols., lith. .vvjl^ n.r 
[Gawnpore, 1902.] 8°. 14779. e. 16. 

cAv/" ''^'^ '''■ *— 'Jj*^' '■^'•*^' *>^J [Zubdat 

ul-lughat, or Lughiit i Sarvarl. A dictionary of 
Arabic, Persian, and other foreign words explained 
in Hindustani.] pp. 594, iv. y4$3 iaw [Lucknow, 
1877.] 8°. 14117.6.10. 

A complete glossary of Sad Hikayat, first ten 
stories, with Sindhi [and English] equivalents. 

Arabic singulars and plurals, e<c. pp.41. Sukkur, 
1903. 8°. 767. cc. 38. 

MUHAMMAD GULANDAM. [Preface to Divan of 
Hafii5.] ,bVe Muhammad Hapiz, Shtrdzt. 

MUHAMMAD GULHAVi, Mauland. [Commentary 
on Yusuf u Zulaikha.] See *Abd u1-Rahman ibn 
Ahmad, called Jami. — Yusuf u Zulaikha. 

haj ul-yakin, paraphrase and commentary to 

Vasaya.] See Ja'far Sadik. 

jinah i dfinish of M. H. U. :] See Muhammad 
Shuja'at 'Ali Khan. 

MUHAMMAD HADI, Mlrza. [Preface to Tiizuk i 

•Jahanglri.] See Jahanoir. 

MUHAMMAD HADI, Nd'ini. Jl 4^^^. L-j'Ji" Ijjb 

[Kitab i Yusufiyyah. The story of Joseph in 

16 ■majdlis, interwoven with an account of the 

martyrdom of Husain. Illustrated.] ff. 40,- lith. 
[Persia, 1870?] 8°. 14783. d. 4.(4.) 

^1 ^/!iJI J^ 

. (wj'oi" [Lisan ul- 
zakirin.^ Lives of the Imams, with some account 
of events in the life of Muhammad, a list of his 
12 sayings, etc.] pp. 320, 156, lith. tj^j^ i^'i 
[Teheran, 1879.] Fol. 14779. k. 17. 

MUHAMMAD HADI, Shdh-mlrza. [Ziya ul-'uyun. 
A tract on cabalistic matters connected with the 
Kur'an.] See Kde'an. Begin. 3 yjS\ ^ [Kur'an, 
eic] [1869.] Fol. ^ 14507. e. 10. 

MUHAMMAD HADI 'ALI, Maulavi. [Edit.] See 
Abu '1-Fazl ibn Mubarak. 

[Edit.] See Aurangzib. 

See Husain Va'iz, Kdshifi. 

[Notes on Sikandar-namah.] See Iltas ibn 


[Edit.] See Muhammad ibn As'ad ( 

u1-Din), Davdni. 

[Notes on Char sharbat.] See Muhammad 

Hasan, called Katil. 

[Notes on Bustiin and Gulistan.] See 

MusLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushabrip u1-DIn), called 
Sa'di. — Bmtdn. 


a H 





MUHAMMAD HADI 'ALI, called Ashk, Lakhnav'i. 
[Glossary to Badr i Chach's Kasa'id.] See Bade 
ul-DiN, Chdchi. 

i^yoLo jS [Guhar i manzum. A metrical 

work on Arabic verbs.] pp. 14. See 'Ali Akbar 
ibn 'Ali. J! ij^% <siL. [Fusiil i Akbari, eic] 

[1864 ?] 8°. 14797. h. 3.(7.) 

j]^"!) [Kanz ul-asrar. A catechism of medicine, 
based upon Arabic works.] pp. 80, lith. i av i 
[i«c/mow, 1871.] 8°. 14753. e. 12.a.) 

MUHAMMAD HAFIZ, Shlrdzi, known as Hafiz. 
[Life.] See Daulat Shah 'Ala^i. 

See Muhammad Hamid Ullah. 

See NosHiRVANji Kavasji Kanqa. 

See SliiB Khueasani. 

[For separate commentaries, efc.j on the 

Divan of H. :] See Muhammad Amjad 'AlI. 

See Muhammad Asheaf 'AlL 

The Works of Hafez ; with an account of his life 
and writings. [Witli the preface of MuH. Gulan- 
dam. Edited by Mirza Abu talib Khan.] ff. 157. 
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Begin. i^ljJijJ(^ljy- j Jooj ^Iju'j Asu A^a^ 

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J o,^uas ^ . . . ^_gj\j^ lii'o.- &=J\^ ej'j^.'^ 

^jt^i "-^^'j; [Divau and other works.] 
pp. 310, lith. j^^ I An [Gawnpore, 1831.] 8°. 

757. d. 5. 

(1»U ^yi. ^ cJU fj:^) [Divan. With 

the Turkish commentary of .SudL] 3 vols, jiljj 

I re. [PuZa*, 1834.] 4^ 757.1.29-31. 

No general title-page, only vol. iii. bearing the above 
tnscnption on the first page. 

i^Jj/^ ^'-^ cj'^.'^ [Divan.] pp. 259. 
I roe [Gonstantinople, 1839.] 4°. 14787,0.29. 

liiU Jy,,i [Divau.] pp. 284. ^ jil^ 

yt'JiJl irei iBulah, 18i0.] 8°' 757. g. 16. 

MUHAMMAD HAFIZ, Shirazi, known as Hafiz 

(continued). Begin. J^xJj|_yUjj iXrsu iX.»>». [Divan. 
With preface by Muh. Gulandam.] pp. 221, lith. 
J^ iroA-i [Teheran, 1842-43.] 8°. 14787. c. 9. 

■ Begin. ,^^LwUj i^^'J^ j J>«J^ ^lii' j j^scu Jw«>=- 

Jl tjjJjiAi- [Divan. With preface of Muli. 

Gulandam.] pp. 32, 534, lith. ^J^> [Bombay, 
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Begin. t/-^^ j ^^^^ i^'"*^ } '^^^^ Sa.=- 

J! ^^'>ji ^ [Divan. With preface of Muh. 

Gulandam.] ff. 222, lith. inr [Teheran, 1846.] 
8°. 14787. b. 10. 

Die Lieder des Hafis. Persisch mit dem 

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[Another copy.] 757. i. 35. 

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^Jm.} irvv [Bomfca?/, I860.] 8°. 14787.1.3. 

lasU- ^jl^ti [Divan.] pp. 284. JJ^v ir\r 

[Bulak, 1864.] 4°. 14787. e. 3. 

[Another copy.] 14787. e. 4. 

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some ghazals and Uasidahs not found in all mss. 
With marginal notes.] pp. 404, lith. irAr-iPAe 
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Issued by order of A. R. Colvin Browning.] 
pp. 404, lith. y^ (Avr [Luclcnow, 1872.] 8°. 


i^j^ji^ liiU- lij'^.'J [Divan.] ms. notes. 

pp.259, in. [Constantinople, 1873.] 8°. 

14787. 0. 30. 

Jl lii'>=^ . . . Jy:J) [Divau.] pp. 228, lith. 

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Jl yjl^p [Divan. With preface of Muh. 

Gulandam.] pp. 412, lith. j_^ijuj irU [Bombay, 
1877.] 8°. " 14787. e. 18. 





MUHAMMAD HAFI?}, Shlrdzl, known as Hapiz 
■(continued). Diwau-i Hafiz for the degree of Houor 
Examination in Persian for officers in the military 
and civil services, edited by Major H. S. Jarrett. 
(liiU Jiyij) pp. 232, 14. Calcutta, 1881. 4°. 

14787. h. 20. 
(laj'*^ <t».l^ ^lyj) [Divan. Witii preface 

.. [Tabriz? 

of Mull. Gulandam.] pp. 440, lith. 

1883.] 4°. 

14787. 0. 28. 

Begin. ^^Jm^ ^j 

, J J>»XJ |_j'jU 

J>:£U kX«»- 


Jl K^jJjIjo- cu-i^ [Divan. With preface of 

Muh. Gulandam. Followed by Kasidahs of Sa'dl. 
Edited by MuH. Sadili ShikurpiirT.] ff. 140, lith. 
jijxi i.-.i [Tabriz, 1886.] 4°. 14787. b. 17. 

t_£A» j Ml la»'ws>- yjlyJ [Divan. With mar- 
ginal notes, and a glossary by MuK. Ashraf 'All 
Lakbnavl (Abu Sulaiman).] pp. 376, 32, lith. 
Jii3 (All [Luchnow, 1891.] 8°. 

^Ja'j>- '*?-'_j»- jj'y.'^ [Divan. 

tions.] pp. 395, lith. .iSil \r,\ 

ft-^P^ lasl*- yj'y.t> [Diviln. 

stani interlinear translation aud marginal notes, 
by Mirza Jan Dihlavi.] pp. 620, lith. ^X/l [Luck- 
now, 1900.] 8°. 14787. h. 22. 

>j>^ ^^^ [Diviin. With MuH. Isma'il 

14787. h. 21. 

With illustra- 

[Lahore, 1891.] 

14787. c. 27. 

With Hindu- 

Khan's Gulbun i raa'rifat, an Urdu translation 
and commentary.] pts. 1-2. j'jIjI./c il.r[Mora(i- 
uhad, 1903.] 8°. 14787. g. 33. 

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commentary Badrul-shurvih by Badrul-Din Akbar- 
abadl. Edited by Muh. 'Abd ul-Ahad.] pp. ii. 754, 
lith. Jl!i J (1.4 [Z>e/Ai, 1904.] 8^ 14787.6.32. 

Ivan. With Hindustani 

uV.'^ [D 

interlinear translation and notes by MIrzii Jan.] 
pp.612,W/(. Jj^O [Delhi, \^01.'] 8°. 14787. h. 26. 

Specimen Poeseos PersicBB, sive Muham- 

medis Schems-Eddini . . . Haphyzi Ghazelae, sive 
Odas sexdecim ex initio Divani depromptse, nunc 
priinum latinitate donataB cum metaphrasi ligata 
& soluta, paraphrasi item ac notis. [By Count 
C. E. A. de Rewiczki.] Pers. 8)' Lat. pp. xlviii. 
162. Vindobonce,n7l. 8°. 757. d. 4. 

[Another copy.] 767. b. 3. 

[Anotlier copy.] 74. b. 23. 

MUHAMMAD HAFI?, Shlrdzl, known as Hapiz 
{continued). A Specimen of Persian Poetry ; or 
Odes of Hafez, with an Euglisli translation and 
paraphrase. Chiefly from the Specimen Poeseos 
Persicas of Baron Revizky . . . With historical and 
grammatical illustrations, and . . . analysis . . . 
By J. Richardson, pp. xv. 68. London, 1 774. 4". 

74. f. 22. 

A new edition, revised, corrected. 

and enlarged, by S. Rousseau. [With notes by 
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— lasls- ^jly.'i j' ij^^J (—j'Jo Select odes from 

the Persian poet Hafez, translated into English 
verse ; with notes critical, and explanatory ; by 
J. Nott. pp. xii. 131. London, 1787. 4°. 

757. h. 21. 

Persian Lyrics, or Scattered poems, from 

the Diwan-i -Hafiz : with paraphrases in verse and 
prose, a catalogue of the Gazels as arranged in 
a manuscript of the works of Hafiz in the Chetham 
Library at Manchester, and other illustrations. 
[By J. H. Hindley.] pp. 54. London, 1800. 4°. 

757. g. 5. 

[Another copy.] 757. g. 7. 

— [Another copy.] 757. g. 6. 

[Another copy.] 74. g. 26. 

Der Diwan des grossen lyrischen Dichters 

Hafiz im persiachen Original herausgegeben, ins 
Deutsche metrisch iibersetzt und mit Anmerk- 
ungen versehen von V. von Rosenzweig-Schwan- 
nan. 3 Bde. Me«, 1858-64. 8°. 767. f. 21. 

[Another copy.] 

757. f. 21.* 

laj'o- jjI«JJ t_>'.:^! [Intikhab i divan i 

Hafii?. Selections from the Divan, for the use of 
schools. Edited by Karim ul-Diu.] pp. 96, lith. 
j^'i (Air [Lahore, 1863.] 8°. 14787.0.10.(1.) 

(^j'JbLJI t_^.ocu«) [Muntakhab ul-sultan. 

Selections from the poems of Sa'dl and Hafiz.] 
[1872.] 8°. See Uvkuk ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mr- 
SHARRip u1-DIn), called Sa'dI. 14797. c. 11. 

laj'.^ cj'y.'^ rf" [Select odes of Hafiz. 

With commentary by Muh. Sadik 'All Lakhnavi.] 
pp. 348. J4^ lAvr [Lucknoiu, 1872.] 8°. 

14787. e. 11.(1.) 





MUHAMMAD HAFIZ, Sh'irdzl, known as Hapiz 

(continued). ^jiJ<t.3»-^ iji^j'^' tt'^ ^.^_ff*' 




.Isi, 1»' 

iLjj |Jl*^^ i^^jjjLi 'jJ! j)iiX« ^ |^_j>fcA.^ 


Kazaruni(Drira).] pp.48,it</t. ^J^i trri [Bombay, 
1906.] 8°. 14749. c. 4.(2). 

[Selections from Divan.] Set; La'alL 

lij'j^ L::j'.s^lLlac] [Khulasah i divan. Selections, 
with a Punjabi verse-para phrase, in 3 parts : pt. i., 
or Minhaj ul-'arifin, being by 'Abd Ullali 'Ubaidi ; 
pt. ii., or Maziik ul-'asliiKiu, by Pazl Husaiii 
Aliniadabadi ; and pt. iii., or Siraj ul-'arifin, by 
Paris 'All Laliauri. Followed by a glossary ex- 
plained in Panjabi, by 'Abd ul-'AzTz b. Muli. 'Abd 
ul-Rashid.] ^p. 92, lith. ^yb^I ir. a [La/iore, 1891.] 
8°. 14787. c. 1 

<)LoJU- <u ( — >jy^^ ■ ■ • ^J:^^^ Jf''^ Jj' ''-^ 

^'osu l3»'.ii- c'V-'^ [Khulasah i divan. Another 
larger selection, containing the whole of Mazak 
ul-'ashikin except 4 poems. With Panjabi 
verse- translation by Muli. Husain Alimadabadi. 
Followed by a few poems by Amir Khusrau, Sa'di, 
and others.] pp. 80, /»</*. .j&^l \r.^ [Lahore, 1 89 1.] 
8°. 14797. g. 21. 

La^Tli'-i-manzuma, eic. 1910. 8°. 14797. e. 46. 

las'o- ^^'y,'i i^j^. C>Jyt.x> <^\ [A^inah i 

ma'rifat.] (Selectionsfrom Diwan-i-Hafiz.) [With 
Hindustani and Panjabi verse-translations by 
Shaikh Ghulam Haidar.] pp. 84, litli. Lahore, 
1911. 8°. 14797. d. 25. 


Jys- I W_ii, J 

Radif-e-Dal. [Edited with 

(Hafiz Odes 1-75. 
English introduction and translation by] K. B. 
Irani [and] D. J. Irani.) pp. 42, xvii. 54. Bombay, 
irr-c [1917.] 8°. 14797. c. 23. 

The Persian text i> lithographed. 

Der Diwan von Mohammed Scbems ed-din 

Hafis. Aus dem Persischen zum erstenmal ganz 
iibersetzt von Joseph v. Hammer. 2 Thle. Stutt- 
gart ^ Tubingen, 1812. 8°. 757. b. 28. 

■^j^ las'^ J\yi^>i A^li- ^y^^ j:^'^J '"^ The Divau, written in the fourteenth cea- 

^SJJb Joi [TuHfah i bi-nazir. Selections from 
the Diviin, with Panjabi metrical paraphrase by 
Q-hulam Haidar.] pp. 88, Zi7/i. .ytl iaIi [Lahore, 
1891.] 12°. 14797. a. 8. 

[Fourth edition.] pp. 65, lith. . ys^J 

iAi« [Lrt/iore, 1895.] 8°. 14787. c. 31. 


c;'^.'^ (_ja-y ^j^ 

i. [Selections from the 

Divan. With Urdu translation and commentary, 
entitled Sharli i Yiisufi, by Muh. Yiisuf 'All Shah 
Chishtl.] pp. v. 145, lith. J^>3 lAir [Lucknow, 
1893.] 8°. 14797. h. 45. 

'-r'r*' ' ji^ cu'>«*5.3r* [Mukhammasat i shahr 

ashub. A takhmts by Muh. Siddik Bangaliiri 
upon a ghazal of Hafiz deploring the world's un- 
sympathetic attitude, and upon a similar Uasidah 
by Ni'mat Khan 'Ali.] pp. 15, lith. ^iao in r 
[Delhi, 1894.] 8°. 14797. e. 40.(2.) 

[Selections from Divan.] See Muhammad 

'Abd uI-Ahad, Maulavl. Jl u->'o.r'o, acy^isr* [Maj- 

mu'ah i ruba'iyyat.] [1901.] 8°. 14797. d. 19.(5.) 

^J^^ i^ [Kuh i binish. Verses from the 

Divan, with comments by Alimad b. Muh. Husain 

tury, by ^j'rJ^ las'.=-« ^^.'.jJ' ^y~^ &s^\^ 
^l^'Jl J-^^J} S--:!^' J-^ ^ ^tM^' Khwaja 
Shamsu-d-DIn Muhammad-i-Hafisi-i-Shlrazi other- 
wise known as Lisauu-l-6haib and Tarjuinanu-l- 
Asrar. Translated for the first time out of the 
Persian into English prose, with critical and ex- 
planatory remarks . . . preface, with a note on 
Siifl.ism, and with a life of the author, by H. 
Wilberforce Clarke. (The 'Awarifu-l-Ma'iirif . . . 
by Shaikh Shahabu-d-Din 'Umar bin Muhainmad- 
i-Sahrwardi, translated out of the Arabic into 
Persian by Mahmud bin 'Ali al KashanT . . . Trans- 
lated ... out of the Persian into English, by 
H. W. Clarke.) 3 vols. Calcutta, 1891. 4°. 

767. i. 37. 

Des Divan Haphyz sammtliche Ghazelen 

oder Oden, welche mit dem Buchstaben Elif 
geschlossen werdeu. [Translated into Latin by 
G. E. A. de Rewiczki and thence into German by 
J . Friedel.] See Rewiczki (C, E. A. dk) , Count. 
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Hafiz . . . Divanjabol Ghazelak 's Toredekek. 

Forditotta Fabian Gabor. pp. 164. Pcsten, 1824. 
12°. 757. a. 22. 





MUHAMMAD HAFI?, Shirdzl, known as Hafiz 
(continued). Hafis : eine Sammlung persischer 
Gedichte. Nebst poetischcii Zugabeuaus verscliie- 
deuen Volkeru und Liindorn ; von G. F. Dauraer. 
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Twelve Odes of Hafiz done literally into 

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Part of a series issued by the " Allgemciner Verein fur 
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757. d. 38.(2.) 

Translation, with explanation, of the 

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No. 15 of 18 copies on Japanese vellum. 

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One of 35 copies on Japan paper. 

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MUHAMMAD HAFIZ, Shirdzi, known as Hafiz 
{continued). Hafiz, the prince of Persian lyric 
poets. [Select translations.] (The Persian Poets 
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Selections from the Ilubaiyat & Odes of 

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Persia Society of London, together with an 
account of Sufi mysticism, pp. 147. London, 
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[For extracts prescribed for the Allahabad 

University Entrance Course, translated with 
notes:] See Academies, etc. — Allahabad. — Uni- 
versity of Allahabad. 

[For selections prescribed for the Punjab 

University Intermediate Course, translated :] 
See Academies, etc. — Lahoi-e. — Punjab University. 

(i^i-^ MJ^) [Latifah i ghaibiyyah. A 

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SjACj <iy.i«i^ J ^.j'^^-^ J.««JL ^'vAys^ [Sh ajar ha i 
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A History of the Moghuls of Central Asia, 

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757. g. 65. 
ejUljjJ' ^~^\/ ^ L:i;'i^' 1-^'-=^ ['Aja'ib ul- 
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8°. 14759. a. 1. 

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Muhammad ibn 'Ali (Muhti uI-DIn), called Ibn 

MUHAMMAD HASAN, Husainl, Shirdzi . [Edit. 
of Nukhbah with notes.] See Muhammad Ibrahim 
ibn Muhammad Hasan, Isfahdm. 

MUHAMMAD HASAN, Kdshi. ^J^s/^^ .^-^ 
[Shams ul-mushrikin. The Haft-band of M. H., 
7 verses in praise of the Prophet and 'All (here 
wrongly attributed on the title-page to Muh. 
Muhsin Kashi), with a tazmln, or metrical ampli- 
fication, by Salamat 'Ali (Dabir).] pp. 40, lith. 
JjbJ ir.i [Delhi, 1892.] 8°. 14797. d. 16.(12.) 

^J^^ JU Joj c:.^a& , y..Asr< [Haft-band. 

With anonymous inserted verses, making a mu- 
khammas of each half-verse of the original.] 
pp. 20, ii</i. y^ lAiA [Lueknow, ISQS.] 8°. 

14797. h. 81.(4.) 

Jl jju ^s,Jis> [Haft-band. With rules for 

reading.] pp. 22, /t</t. u«$3 iriv [Lv^know, 1899.] 
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[Haft-band. With Hindustani interlinear trans- 
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stani poems in praise of 'All by various authors.] 
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14114, a. 61. 

i^^ju<j..««iJl jlla« [Matla' ul-shamsain. Being U 

the Haft-band with a talchmis by Amir Hasan.] 
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14797. e. 36.(5.) 

i<^^ iXij c::,,sia ^^rM^ [Haft-band. With 

a tazmln, or additional verses inserted after 





every half-verse, by 'All Dihlavi.] pp. 47, liih. 
Jj>J n.i [Delhi, 1906.] 8°. 14797.6.50.(2.) 

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[Tashrili ul-liikuiat. A vocabulary of Arabic, 
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MUHAMMAD HASAN, SSbirl, Hanafl. J\jJi 
c:^.A»-!. [Asrar i valiidiyyat. A tract on the 

unity of God, expounding the text ^1 <dn ^1 j>^) 

^1. Followed by the " throne verse " (here called 
Dastar khvan i kadiri), with list of its uses by 
*Abd ul-Kadir Gilani, and an isndd and the 
Shaikh's 11 names.] pp. 16, lith. i^Vcl. ir.r 
[Rampur, 1886.] 8°. 14712.' c^5.(l.) 

MUHAMMAD HASAN, Sanbhall. [Ilgha nl-kaid 
and Ifii ul-faid. Two tracts on Arabic syntax.] 
See BuRHAN uI-DIn ibn Shihab uI-Din. (Js- 
HM^ '^-r^f [Hall i tarklb i Kafiyah.] [1884.] 
8°. 14594. a. 28. 

MUHAMMAD HASAN, Shirdzl. ^^ . . . ujlii 
J! JJL..4JI [Majma' ul-masa'il. Shi'ah religious 
precepts and legal decisions, compiled and anno- 
tated by M. H. Rearranged and edited by Muh. 
fiusain b. Muh. Ibrahim Isfahanl. With marginal 
notes by Sayyid Isma'il ul-Sadr MusavT.] pp.271, 
lith. jjcuj irii [Bom6a2/, 1897.] 8°. 14736. d. 7. 

[Majma* ul-masa'il. With marginal notes by 
Sayyid Muh. Kiizim Tabatabfi'i.] pp. 394, lith. 
,JiX4j in i [Bombay, 1897.] 8°. 14736. d. 8. 

Jj'..**^! j>^=r* tisi:'^ [Majma' ul-masa'il. 

With notes by Muh. Tabataba'i and Isma'il 
ul-Sadr Miisavi. Edited by Kiisim 'All Karbala'i.] 
pp. iv. 396, lith. J,^ in A [Lucknow, 1900.] Fol. 

14736. e. 2. 
MUHAMMAD HASAN, called Ashkap, of Allahabad. 
vl j^;«>*»- A*3r« . . . fj^y^ii '<•. — .3iU« [Muntakhab i 
divan. Select poems of Ashraf.] See Muhammad 
'AlI, called Ulpat. JI ^^J'^\ iys^ [Shajarat ul- 

'arifiu.] pp. 10-3k [1880.] 8°. 14797. g. 15.(5.) 


MUHAMMAD HASAN, called KatIi,, Mlrzd 
iJi [Char sharbat. A treatise on 


composition, with short vocabulary and grammar 
of Turki explained in Persian. Edited, with 
marginal notes (mainly from Kasfl Gliulam Ha^frat 
and Muh. Hiidl 'Ali) by Muh. Ghulam Jabbar.] 
pp. 112, lith. ^ (AAV [Lucknow, 1887.] 8°. 

14807. e. 8.(4.) 


-'h^'v^j' Ll^Jjfc [Haft tamasha. 


account of the creeds, traditions, and sects of the 
Hindus and Moslems of India.] pp. 164, lith. 
J^ lAvo [Lucknow, \81h^, 8°. 14712. e. 8. 

[Another copy.] 14837. e. 6.(9.) 



[Mazhar ul-'aja'ib. 

collection of phrases and epithets from poets and 
prose-writers, with their meanings.] pp. 254, lith. 
y4$3 lAvi [Lttcfenow, 1874.] 8°. 14815.6.3. 

Cl-^s-'-^l j^ [Nahr ul-fasahat. An essay 

•on correct and elegant diction. With marginal 
notes.] pp. 68, ii<A. .^1^ iaac [(7awnpore, 1885.] 
8°. 14807. e. 8.(3.) 

JjLW \jj^ CL;Ujiy <0 1— >j t«-« Jo!^! jjJjc* i^kf^ 

[Ruk'at. The larger and later collection of 
Katil's letters, with a preface partly in Arabic 
with Persian interlinear rendering, partly in 
Turki with Urdu version, and partly in Persian. 
Compiled by the author's pupil Imam ul-Dln 
(Khvajah Imami).] pp. 90, lith. »iji3 irei-i. 
[Lucknow, 1843-44.] 8°. 14807. e. 6.(4.) 

Jj^' hj^ cuUj/ [Ruk'at. Followed by 

Zabitah i hilaliyyah, rules for fixing the day of 
new moon, by 'Abd ul-Rahman b. Muh. Raushan 
Khan.] pp. 98, lith. jj^^ [Cawnpore, 1865 ?] 
8". 14797. h. 3.(8.) 

i^jlo^l St=^ [Shajarat nl-amani. A tract 

on niceties of grammar and idiom . With marginal 
notes.] pp. 20, /a/i. [Luchioiv, 186b ?] 8°. 

14820. f. 3.(1.) 

(^^^' ir^ [Shiijarat ul-amani. With 

marginal notes.] pp. 24, lith. lAvr [Lucknow, 
1872.] 8°. 14807. e. 8.(1.) 

[For commentary on Shajarat ul-amani :] 

See Amrit Lal. 





MUHAUMAD HASAN, called Zahgae, Isfahdni. 
Jl jKi) j^] [Afkar i abkar. Ghazah.'] See 'Abd 
Ullah, called Sargashtah. Jl liLil ]j rS< h-j'-i^ '•W) 
[Kitab i Mii-za Ishtiha.] pp. 82-94. [1894.] 
8». * 14797. c. 17. 


NASiR KHAN. ^^^1 hjj [Raziyyat ul-kubra. 

4 elegies on Hasan and Husain.] pp. 24, lith. 

j^'l lAii [Lahore, 1899.] 8°. 14787. g. 37. 

MUHAMMAD HASAN KHAN, Sadr ul-8udur of 

Cawnpore. Jv<2fl]l_. ^s^! ^-s'^l ^^ J,}^*" iJ^' \_A.&\ 
ul-usul. A compendium of Arabic syntax, witli 
marginal notes.] pp. 7],?/</t. j^^ "'''• [Gawn- 
/)ore, 1863.] 8°. ^ 14820. f. 1.(1.) 

pp.70, lith. ,J6^ [Cawnpore, 1877.] 

8°. ^ 14820. e. 4.(2.) 


■Sj^ [Ta'rikh i Basrah. A history of Basra, 
ancient and modern. Illustrated.] pp. iii. 121,4. 
[Calcutto, 1914.] 4°. 14762. f. 2. 

MUHAMMAD HASAN KHAN (1'timaduI-Saltanah, 
Sani' uI-Davlah), Mariigltt. i__)'Ji^ (i*?^ — ) Jj' J^ 
Jl jj'^ill .^ji) [Durar ul-tijfin. A liistory of the 

Parthians.] 'i woh., lith. ir.A-i. [Pers/a. 1890- 
1892.] Fol. 14773. k. 9. 

[Another copy.] 14773. i. 19. 

iio'j^l A=5r=" j_jj iS.xJi] hs=^ l-jVjI^ [Hujjat 

ul-sa'adat fi hujjat il-shahadat. An account of 
the martyrs of Kerbela. Followed by a summary 
of the events of A.H. 61 throughout the world.] 
pp. 44, 78. ir.4 [Teheran, 1887.] 4°. 

14773. d. 8. 

'iS^\ 'isr^ ^ iij'joJl hs-- t—j'-ji" [Hujjat 

ul-sa'fidat, f<c.] pp. 197, Zj%. jjjJ in, [Tabriz, 
1893.] 8=. "■ 14779. c. 15. 

Nasir ul-Din Shah.] pp. 294, 61, lith. i.-.v 
[Teheran, 1889.] Fol. 14773. i. 21. 

■ Jl [^..^.A^JI «lia.« i__>'a^ [Matla' ul-shams. A 

geographical, historical, and biographical gazet- 
teer of Khorasan and some other districts.] 
3 vols. it~.i-r [Teheran? 1884-86.] Fol. 

14762. g. 2. 

^-C'J yjljiJI Ul^Ij* U_>'.'ii (AJ-iS- 

-) j;i Ji 


eijlyi- L-j'ji" ( JL — ) Jjl jj..=^ 

[Khairat i hassan. Lives of eminent Moslem 
women.] 3 vols., //</(. \r. i-. -^ [Teheraii, \887-89.] 
Fol. 14779. k. 19. 

[Another copy of vol. i.] 

14779. k. 9. 

^'ollj y'.Jl t_>'j; [Kitiib ul-maVisir va'l- 

asar. A history and statistics of Persia under 

Jl [Mif'at i buldan i Nasirl. An historical and 

geographical dictionary, with .special reference 
to Persia, but completed only to ^ _.] 4 vols., 

lith. irU-iMv [Teheran, 1877-80.] 8° & Fol. 

14773. i. 11. 

Jl ^j^'j J lyyo ' J-^'.; i:ij^ t—jlji" 1 JJt) [Ta'rikh 

i Bahil u Ntnava. An account of Babylon ;iud 
Nineveh, from the Mir'at ul-buldan.] pp. 40, lith. 
Bombay, \rf, [\89-3.] 8°. 14773. d. 14. 

'X'l) ^Jok^. I J'Jlio! o^'J [Ta'rikh i inkishaf 

i Yauki-dunya. The history of the discovery of 
America.] pp. 124, lith. icaa [Tehernn, 1871.] 
8°. 14773. c. 2. 

Jl t^/"'-' (<^2^ Je..J^ i_>'.A3 {»yX^ — ) J_jl aU- 

[Ta'rikh i muntai^ain i Nasirl. Moslem annals 
from A.H. 1 to A.D. 1882.] 3 Yo\s.,lith. lr^^- 
ir.. [2Wteran, 1881-83.] Fol. 14773.1.16. 

MUHAMMAD HASHIM, Hdjl. [Preaching.] See 
Wilson (J.). 

MUHAMMAD HASHIM, Hakim. [Translation of 
Zuiiiurrud i farsi.] See Muhammad 'Abd ul-'Aztz, 

MUHAMMAD HASHIM, UfaUnu. [For reply to 
M.H.'s Shavahid ul-nafisah:] See Firuz ibn 

MUHAMMAD HASHIM, called 'Alavi Khan and 
Hakim Bashi. ^_; ,'.snil acJU- [Khulasat ul-tajarib. 
A system of medicine.] pp. 724, lith. |^•;^ 
[Luchnoii;\8QQ.] 8°. 14753. g. 1. 

^.s: Sz L_^^li« [Mutibb. A manual of 

medicine. Followed by Risalah i bulirau, on 
crises of diseases, by Muli. Badr ul-DIn ibn Jamal- 
ul-Diu.] pp. 96, lith. ••Jyl^ i''^'' [Cawnpore, 
1872.] 8°. ^^' 14753. e. 12.(2.) 





MUHAMMAD HASHIM, called Hashim 'Ali Khak 
and KhakI Khan. The Munfcakhab al-lubab of 
Klidfi Khan. [A' general history of India from 
the Moslem conquest to the reign of Muliammad 
Shah, A.H. 901-1135.] Edited by Maulavi Kabir 
al-Din Ahmad (by Ghulam Qadir, pt. ii., fasc. 11- 
18, by Major T. W. Haig, pt. iii., fasc. 1, etc.) 
( Jl i-jIjOJI i«;,.s2sia«) I860, e<c. 8°. See Acadkmies, 

etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. Biblio- 

theca Indica, c<c. vol. 60. 1848, etc. 8° & Fol. 

14002. a.(vol. 60.) 
In progress. 

Sindlii. i^yiss*>\ '•^J-^J iJ i-_J^l uuU»- [Hayat 
iil-kulub. A treatise on pilirrimage.] pp. 240, 
nth. ^_jLuu. lAAr [;?owt6«y, 1882.] 8°. 14718.6.3. 

[Edit.] See Muhammad ibu 'Abd u1-Rahman, 
called Maulavi. 

MUHAMMAD HASHIM 'ALI. [Edit.] See Kur'an. 

dustani translation anil exposition of Masnavl.] 
See Muhammad ibn Muhammad (Jalal uI-Din), 

See 'Abd uI-Baki ibu Baba Kurd. 

See Ghulam Muhammad Hapt- 


[Edit, with translation of Mirza-namah.] 

See Kamran. 

[Edit, with translation of autobiography 

of Vail Ullah.] See ValI Ullau ibn 'Abd ul- 

List of Arabic and Persian MSS. acquired 

on behalf of the Government of India by the 
Asiatic Society of Bengal during 1903-1907 
(1908-1910). [Prepared by H. H.(pt. i.)] [1908, 
1912.] 4°. See Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — 
Asiatic Society of Bengal. R.Ac. 8826. b/3. 


j^ ^y^ ^ 

jJuuJI iij'il 



Taleelat of Mow- 

luvee Hubban. [Ifadat ul-mubtada. A primer 
of Arabic inflexion, with special rt ference to the 

permutations of weak letters.] pp.25. Calcultn, 
1820. 8°. 14837. d. 1.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD RVSAmt, Ahmaddbadt. [Mazalc ul- 
'ashiliin, Panjubi vcrso-translatioa of odes of 
Hafi/..] See Muhammad Hapiz, SIdrazl. 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN, Hazdravi. [TasliiK ul- 
nazar, supercommentary on Nukhbat ul-fikar.] 
See Ahmad ibn 'Ali, called Ibn Hajar. 

[Edit.] See Muhammad ibn 'Isa ibn Saurah. 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN, Irdm. [Translation, etc., 
of Hidayah.] See 'Ali ibn Abi Bakr (Burhan 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN, Kashmiri. [Edit,] See 
Hasan (Abu '1-Kasiu), called Fibdausi. 

[Notes on Masnavi.] See Muhammad ibn 

Muhammad (Jalal uI-Din), Ruml. 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN, of Lahore College. [For 
grammatical Guide to First Book of the Punjab 
Series :] See Dosabhai Baheamji HakIm. 

(_j'Ji' ^_^ ^ LS^^ [Farsl-kl pahill kitab. 

First book of Persian, with Hindustani explana- 
tory notes. Second edition.] pp. 44, liih. .,s*J 
I Av. [Lo/iore, 1870.] 8°. 14822. d^ 1. 

[Seventeenth edition.] ]^p. 38, lith. 

^yt3 lAvi* [La7/ore, 1874.] 8°. 14822. b. 3.(1.) 

: [Another copy.] 14837. b.4.(l.) 

[Twenty-second edition.] pp. 38, 

lith. J jS>i u^ 6 [Lahore, 187 5.] 8°. 14822,0.5.(1.) 

[Twenty-eighth edition.] pp. 38,' 

lith. j^l \^^^ [Lahore, 1877.] 8°. 14822. b. 5. 

A Key to First Book, Panjaub Series, being 

the Persian text, with pronunciation of every word 
in Gujarati [characters], and meanings of separate 
words iu English, and a free translation of sen- 
tences in English ... by E. R. Sahiar. pp. 122. 
Bombay, 1888. 16°. 757. a. 26.(1.) 

<Ua>..V [A key to the First Book of Persian, in 
Hindustaui.] pp. 32, lith. ^>^'*^}\ [Rawalpindi, 
1896.] 8°. ' 14117. f. 21. 

i__>'ji/ ^_ff"i'^ ^ L5*^'"* [^*'*si-^' dusri kitab. 

Second Book of Persian, with Hindustani notes. 

I I 





Second edition.] pp. 55, iit/i. j^'i i^^* [Lahore, 
1870.] 8°. 14822. d. 2. 

[Twelfth edition.] pp. 56, lith. 

J j,'i ,^.fi [Lahore, 1874..] 8°. 14822. b. 3.(2.) 

[Sixteenth edition.] pp. 56, lith. 

^yoU lAvi [Lahore, 1876.] 8°. 14822. c. 5.(2.) 

A literal translation into English of the 

Second Book, Panjaub Series (the first sixty-two 
stories) by E. R. Sahiar. pp. 24. Bombay, 1888. 
16°. 757. a. 26.(2.) 

[For glossary to Second Book :] See 

Erachji Rustamji Sahiar. 

f- / • .. 

i__>u»-l lO"*^;' ^ i*T"y° r!^ "'**-* sJjo 



ghan i ahbab, or Tazkirah i mashahir. Short 
biographies of famous poets, kings, e/c] pp. 68, 
lith. J jso'i i'^u [Lahore, 1890.] 8°. 14779.0.21.(3.) 

I )Lto-l ^JJ^^ <0 fty^yc jAAi'-i.^ xi'Jo' [Arma- 

ghan i aKbab.] pp. 64, lith. x^ybiU uir [Sa- 
dhaura, 1893.] 8°. 14822. a. 8. 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIIT, Mazandardnt. [Edit.] See 
Zain u1-'AbidIn, Hd'irl. 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN, Mzrzd. [Translation of 
Description of the Lion and Tiger.] See Le 
Cleec (G. L.), Count de Biiffon. 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN, S/(«>(7z<. [Legal Decisions.'] 
See Muhammad Ibrahim ibn Muhammad Hasan. 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN, Tulibpurl, Murshidctbddl. 
J.) J J»J-?|<« [Mi-bayad did. A tract on Moslem 
duties.] pp. 34, it//i. y^ uvi [Lttcfenow, 1879.] 
8°. 14837. c. 4.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN, of Tibet. [For the tract 
Risalah i izhar ul-halal va'1-haram by M. H. 
appended to editions of the Ma la budd minhu :] 
See Muhammad Sana Ullah, Fdnlputl. 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN, called Adib. See Muham- 
mad HnsAiK ibn Muhammad 'Ali. 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN, called Jah. [Edit.] See 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN, called Nakhuda, Shlrazi. 
i^^'jJ! {^j^^ <>y ,^^*»*i-« \ss~\j i^y^ [Anis ul- 
'arifin, or Masnavi i Nakhuda. A romance in 
verse.] pp. 147, Z/f/t. y^jilirlc [Luclcnow, 1878.] 
8°. 14797. 1. 3. 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN, called Nami, Sandtlavl. 
XjCUi jJuLi-JLi [Haft-band i na'tiyyah. 7 stanzas 
in praise of Muhammad.] pp. 8, lHh. ■ij>\ ii.. 
[Agra, 1-900.] 8°. 14797. e. 36 (7.) 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN, called Naziri, NishJpurL 
^jjiuuij'oJ^ [Kulliyat. Poems. With marginal 
notes.] pp. 415, /i7/i. y*^ uvi [Luck noiv, ] 87 4.] 
8°. 14797. h. 38. 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN, called Shifa, BtdandshahrJ. 
lli iUjc:,^ [Haft-band. A poem in praise of 
the Caliph 'All.] pp. 10, lith. w^Jol- M.r 
[Bulandshahr, 1902.] 8°. 14797. f. 2.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN, called Tamanna, Mttrdd- 
abddi. Uc, ij^ [Gul i ra'na. Persian and Hindu- 
stani verses frnni the third Divan of M. H.] 
pp. 42, lith. \rU [Moradabud, 1880.] 8°. 

14114. c. 30.(1.) 

'juJ J>j'-flJ [Kasa'id. Poems.] pp. 110, 

lith. [Moradabad, 1878.] 8°. 14787. e. 17.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN (Abu Sa'Id). jp iO^ 
j'.^' (Jj'wj^ ^ ^'..^a'ij'^Jl d^^j [Al-lUtisad fl masa'il 
il-jihad. An essay on the doctrine of holy wars 
(jihad), for the instruction of Moslems and their 
rulers.] pt. i. pp. 66, lith. ^ytil ir.i [Lahore, 
1888.] 8°. 14712. d. 4.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN (Shams uI-DIn)- [Trans- 
lation of Javidan khirad.] See Ahmad ibn 
Muhammad (Abu 'Ali). 

[Edit.] See Muhammad Baicie ibn Muhammad Taki. 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN ibn KHALAF, called Burhan, 
Tuhrizl. jis'Ji ^J^j> *-fc»-y jj'j (j'^ (-—j'o/ [Burhan 
i kati'. A Persian dictionary, with introduction 
on Persian grammar. Translated into Turkish 
under the title Tibyan i nafi' by Ahmad 'Asim 
'Aintabl. Revised and edited by 'Abd ul- 
Rahman.] pp. 863. <)jJikila«Ji iri4 [Constanti- 
nople, 1799.] Fol. 757. k. 16. 

jl:'j ^J^Ji S-*^/ )t> «jU ^J'■7^JU [Burhan i 

kati'. Translated into Turkish by Ahmad 'Asim.] 
2 vols. I rAv [Constantinople, 1870.] 8°. 

14815. c. 2. 

^'i ..,1 

^J■&J> Boorhani Qajin, a Dictionary of 
the Persian language explained in Persian ; alpha- 





bctically arranged according to tlie system of 
European lexicons : comprising the whole of the 
words, plirases, and metaphors, in the Furhungi 
Juhangeeree, the Miijmuool Foors . . . the Soormu.e 
Sooluemanee, and the Suhah ool Udwiyu . . . 
with a short grammar prefixed, by Moohummud 
Hoosuon Ibni Khuluf Oot-Tubreezee ... to which 
is added an Appendix, consisting of the Mo)lhuqat 
of the Boorhaui Qafciu, the Khatimu or Appendix 
to the Furhungi Juhangeeree, together with a 
collection of words, phrases, metaphorfs, and 
proper names extracted from the Buhari Ujura, 
and . . . otlier authorities. Tlio whole arranged 
. . . corrected, revised, and . . . illustrated with 
Persian notes by T. Roebuck [assisted by Karam 
Husaiu Bilgraml, the author of the Persian pre- 
face to the book, and Tarini-charana Mitra, etc.] 
pp. xvi. 1090. Calcutta, 1818. Fol. 757. 1. 8. 

[Another copy.] 767. k. 16. 

[Second edition.] 2 vols. [Calcutta, 

1822.] Fol. 14815. g. 5. 

Third edition by Hukeem Moulvee 

Abdo'ol Mujeed. pp. 797, 80. Calcutta, 1834. 
Fol. 14815. h. 1. 

(U-'.U LuUi J i_5y^ f^'-' u'"*;:' ^'^ [jl'^-^ 

Jl HjSJj] i^ri j [Burhan i Uati'.] 2 vols., lith. 
^J.MJ\r^^-^'^iBomhay,UbQ.] Fol. 14815. h. 2. 

Lu'jJ j) ^_sf=^ ^'j ^J■^y. ^-r'''^ i^.'.'^V ''^ 


II ijSjj] tg^ji } ^'^j^ [Burhau i kati'.] 2 vols., 
hth. ir.M-Av [Teheran? 1869, 70.] Fol. 

14815. i. 1. 

jls'i ^ii^rt [Burhan i Uati'. Edited by 

MuH. 'Azlm Ullah.] 2 vols., WA. iavi [LucTcnow, 
1871.] 4°. 14815. i. 4. 

(fia'j ^J■^r^ (w.^2tu<i) [Muntakhab i burhan 

i kati'. An abridgment of the above.] pp. 182, 
lith. in I [Teheran? 1874.] 16°. 14815. a. 1. 

[For criticism of Burhan i kati' :] See 

AsAD Ullah Khan, called Giialib. 

Tihranl. j^^ji— -Jl ^Ja<is i__>lii^ Jjl .si'^ Ijjt [Kisas 
ul-tnursalin. Lives of the prophets, MuUammad 
and the Imams, and a compendium of the funda- 

mentals of Isliim. Vol. i., containing lives of 
prophets from Adam to Jirjis.] pp. 209, lith. 
ir.i [Te/zmtH, 1884.] Fol. 14779. k. 16. 


called FukOgiiI and Adib i Ispahani. [Edit.] 
See Ahmad (Abu ']-Najm). 


See Ahmad ibn Hauid (Apzal ul- 

See HamId u1-DIm (Abu Bakk). 

See McHAMMAD 'Ali ibn Abi Talib. 

Jl c:j'jih£ ^^IjJJ [Divan. Ghazals.] See 

Habib Ullah, called Ka'ani. { Jl ^JT'i . . . ^j\>,'i) 
[Divan.] [1885.] Fol. ^ 14797.1.8. 

^_yj'-xjU. ^^jjLlLi i.-?. .'J u_)l'ii' [Ta'nkh i salatin 

i Sasani. A history of the Sasanian dynasty.] 
2vo]s.,;///i. irir-irn [Pema, 1895-1898.] Fol. 

14773. k. 18. 

[Selection from Ta'rikh i salatin i Sasani.] 

See Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — University of 
Calcutta. Hadiqa-i-Fasahat, e/c. 1910. 8°. 

14773. d. 19. 

Hadiqa-i-Fasahat. Tiie text book for 

Higher Standard Examination in Persian. A 
literal English translation of Tarikh-i-Sasaniyan 
by Muhammad Kazim Shirazi. 1911. 8°. See 
Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — University of Calcutta. 

14773. d. 23. 

[Tarkib-band.] See Hasan (Abu '1-Kasim), 

called FiBDADSi. J' liJj j ^—^yt • • • >-r-''-^ ^J>} 
[Yiisuf u Zulaikha.] [1882.] 4°. 14787. b. 11. 

[Tarkib-band on Musha'arah.] See Mu- 

sha'aeah. Jl sy:'-!.^ (Xai'/oi [Musha'arah, etc.] 

[1877.] 12°. 14797. b. 2(1.) 

See MuiiAMMAD Husain Khan ibu Muhammad 


Isfahdnl. [Edit.] See Muhammad Hasan, Shi- 

Murddabddl. (jjj.Ull^lyl [Anvar ul-'ariftn. Lives 
of saints and learned men from Muhammad to 





the author's time, with special reference to those 
belonging to Moradabad, in chronological order 
according to their families.] pp. 668, lith. JM 
lAvi [iwc/.-now, 1876.] 8°. 14779. d. 4. 


(ci^ls^l iU^-j) [Vasilat ul-najat. The circum- 
.stances of the death of Husain and other martyrs 
of the family of 'All. With illustrations.] ff". 152, 
nth. nM [Teheran, 'iSQl.] Fol. 14779. k. 10. 

liusAiN Khan ibn Muhammad Hadi. 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN KHAN, Maulavl. ^'^.^j^ 
[Chiragh i kalam. Versified dialogues.] pp. 32, 
lith. j^^ ini [Cawnpore, 1882.] 8°. 

14797. g. 15.(12 ) 

t-..J.2il ijo'^>j [Riyaz ul-firdaus. A miscellany 
in prose and verse on diverse subjects, in Arabic 
(pt. i), Persian (pt. ii), and Hindustani (pt. iii).] 
3 pts. irAP [L«c/mow, 1867.] 8°. 14582. e. 15. 

MUHAMMAD HUSAIN KHAN, called 'Andalib, 
Kilslulni. Diwan-i 'Andalib. Recommended for 
the High Proficiency Examination in Persian . . . 
Edited under the supervision of . . . D. C. Phillott 
... by Muhammad Kazim Shirazi. C^jU-'.'^ 
^^jos) pp.160. Calcutta,l908. 4^ 757. h. 60. 

Li^xj liLuj^'^ [Guldastah i na't. Persian and 
Hindustani poems in praise of Muhammad. Com- 
piled by M. H. Kh.] pp. 32, lith. J^d [Delhi, 
1873.] 8°. 14837. f. 11.(8.) 

H&DI, 'Alavl, KInirdsdni. ^tJ^ 'Si'-^i [Risalah i 
jadarT. A work on smallpox. Followed by (2) 
another R°. i jadari, on the same subject, by Hasan 
Rizii Khan, (3) R°. i dabbah, on disease of the 
spleen, (4) R°. i umm ul-subyan, on epilepsy, 

(5) R°. i 'irk i madani, on the guinea-worm, 

(6) R°. i khitan, on circumcision, — nos. 3-6 by 
Muh. Husain, — and (7) R°. i mu'alajah i zakhm i 
sumum i hayyah, on remedies for snake-poison, 
by Muh. Muhsin.] pp. xiv. 176, 4, lith. ij^d 
irir [Delhi, 189b.] 8°. 14753. d. 15.(3.) 

Jl ^'jsi' j*sr«j . . . &)_jM ^JJsr^ i_>W 

[Makhzan ul-adviyah. A Materia Medica. 

Followed by Majma' ul-javami', or Karabadin i 
kabir, a dictionary of medicine, by the same 
author.] 2 vols. irvi-w [Teheran, 1859-60.] 
Fol. 14753. i. 3. 


JU^Jj C°W C^ sjl'-ii" 

Jl ^ ^^^oUIyb [Majma' ul-javami'. Edited by 
Ahmad Kabir.] 2 vols. url-i^. [Calcutta, 
1839-40.] Fol. 14753. h. 4. 

.^] ,^i ^ AA.J 


1 I » .. lAl 


— Begin. L>^ w i>j,ijj iji .^1 |_jt 
h <j:jb^^l [Makhzan ul-adviyah.] 2 vols. 

pp.1585. ^_/y6 irt=. [Hoo^A?!/, 1824.] 4°. 

757. i. 27, 28. 

Jl iO.j^l ^^y^ ^>./' ^^ . . . jUT 

[Makhzan ul-adviyah. Followed by a list of 
medicaments with their names in various lan- 
guages. Edited by 'Abd ul-Ghani Shirazi.] 
pp. 582, 70, lith. Bombay, irvr [1857.] Fol. 

14753. h. 2. 

pp. 582, 70, liih. 

[Bombay, 1867.] Fol. 

^JU,*^ lrAH= 
14753. h. 3. 

ia-sr M <KJji^i!l dJ^^ [Makhzan 
ul-adviyah. With Muh. Mu'min's Tuhfat ul- 
mu'minin on the margin.] pp. 768, lith. y^ 
lAvi [Liic/fftow;, 1874.] 4°. 14753. g. 4. 

{(^U«l ci^lJ'wx-o) [Mu'alajat i amraz. A 

treatise on pathology and therapeutics.] pp. 686, 
187, lith. <u$lK irvo [Galmtta, 1859.] Fol. 

14753. i. 5. 

iju'^iXi^ SLy [Risalah i gashtahjat. A 

tract on drugs.] See Sadik 'Ali Khan ibn 
Mohammad ShaeIp Khan. ^-r^lf- '^|; ['^°-'^ i 
gharib.] pp.112-114. [1874.] 8°. 14837. f. 5.(3.) 


MUHAMMAD HUSAM, Isfahdnl. [For reply to 
M. H.'s Shavahid ul-nafisah :] See FiKUZ ibn 

MUHAMMAD IBEAHIM. ^_j^'J ^IjT [Adab i 
Nasiri. Maxims and precepts for conduct, with 
a preface on the superiority of man over the 
lower animals.] pp. 118, ii</i. [Te/teraw? 1886 ?] 
8°. 14749. d. 6. 

MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM, Historian. Histoire des 
Seljoucides du Kerm^a . . . Texte persan, accom- 
pagne d'index alphab^tiques et de notes, etc. 





(vj'V J^J^'^ ^J^^ 'See HocTSMA (M. T.). 
llecueil de Textes, etc. vol. i. 1886-1902. 8". 

14003. 1. 2. 

MUHAMMAD IBKAHIM, Hhzti, of East India 
College, Haileybunj. [Translation of Isaiah.] See 
■Bible. — Old Testament. 

[Translation of parts of the Book of 

Common Prayer.] See Litoroiks. 

[Edit.] See Husain Va'iz, Kdshifi. 

A Grammar of the Persian Language. To 

which are subjoined several dialogues, etc. pp. vi. 
iii. 268. London, IS-il. 8°. 622. i. 28. 

[Another copy.] 

12906. i. 24. 

Grammatik der lebenden Persischen 

Sprache . . . Aus dem Englischen iibersetzt, zum 
Theil nmgearbeitet . . . vori H. L. Fleischer, 
pp. xviii. 276, i. Leipzig, 1847. 8°. 12903. dd. 6. 

Zweite Auflage. 

Leipzig, 1875. 8°. 

pp. XX. 262. 
12906. b. 39. 

*jAas^I cu^ J^'^ <ojL*sr« Ajjjt [Al-Dalil 'ala 
isbat nabuvvat nabiyyina Muhammad. Proofs of 
the prophetic mission of Muhammad, in Arabic. 
Edited by Najaf 'All Khan, with Persian and 
Hindustani translations, the former, entitled 
Hadiyyah i Muhammadiyyah, by the editor, the 
latter anonymous.] pp. 96, lith. liU j^^l \_Agra, 

1882.] 8°. 

14516. c. 3.(5.) 


called JauhakI. (I^jJI ^J-a^) [Tiifan ul-buka. . A 
life of Muhammad, Fatimah, 'Ali, and the Imams.] 
flf. 222. Jj^ I r^r [Teheran, 1847.] Fol. 

14779. h. 6. 


lifahuni. iUir [Nukhbah. A compendium of 

Shi'ah rites. With further elucidations entitled 

Mulhakafc i nukhbah, by Sayyid Mabdl Yazdi. 

The whole compared with Responsa of MuH. 

Husain ShiriizI inserted in the margins. Edited 

by Tasadduk Husain Nishapuri.] pp. 243, lith. 

^ irii [Lucknow, 1882.] 8°. 14712. e. 1.(2.) 

Apparently intended as an abridged and rearranged 
recension of the Irahad ul-muatarshidin, See Rieu, Pert. 
Cat., vol. i., pp. 26-27. 


Isfahdnl (continued). J! <iuac • . . ^[m, [Nukhbah. 

Without the Mulhakat.J pp. 151, lith. 'u^in. 
iBombay, 1892.] 8°. 14718, c. 2. 

Jl aussr <wj^ <dl«, [Nukhbah. With addi- 
tional marginal notes.] pp. lH, lith. iJ'^ "~<' 
[Bombaij, 1894.] 8°, 14718. d. 4. 

<uku f>j^yo . . . .sl'-^ [Nukhbah. With 

further marginal notes by Muh. TakI Shirazl.] 
pp. 152, lith.' ,Juo«j irn [Bombay, 1898.] 8°. 

14718. d. 7. 

ULLAH. [MuhabbT, commentary on Divan of 
Mutanabbi.] See Ahmad ibn Husain (Abo '1- 


Joaij^ l/^ [Chaman i bi-na/ilr. An anthology 
of poetry, pt. i. being in Persian and called Mir'at 
ul-'ashikin, and pt. ii. being a collection of Hindu- 
stani panegyrics styled Naghmah i dil-pazir by 
Tajammul Jalalpijri.] pp. S58, lith. iaa. [(7awn- 
pore, 1880.] 8°. 14797. e. 16. 

^'iSsi rf^iijJ lT*^ [Chaman i bl-nazlr. 

Second edition.] pp. 64, 300, 22, lith. Jij.^> irrr 
[Bombay, 1906.] 8°. 14114. aa. 20. 

See Muhammad ibn Muhammad, RabUdml. 

Akbae ibn 'AlL 

MUHAMMAD IKBAL, Ldhauri. The Secrets of 
the Self — Asrar-i Khndi — a philosophical poem . . . 
Translated from the original Persian with intro- 
duction and notes by R, A. Nicholson, pp. xxxi. 
147. London, Edinburgh printed, 1920. 8°. 

14746. a. 1. 

MUHAMMAD ILAHDAD, Manlavi. [Edit.] See 
'Ali (Shabaf uI-Din). 

[Edit, of Sharh mi'at 'arail with notes.] See 
'Abd u1-Kahib ibn 'Abd u1-Raumak. 

[Sana'i'j commentary on Bada'i'i mansiira.] 

See 'Ali Riza, Hindi. 





(continued). [Epilogue to Masnavi.] See Mu- 
hammad iLn Muhammad (Jalal uI-Din), Rumi. 

[Edit, of Kafiyali with translation.] See 

'Usman ibn 'Umar, called Ibn u1-Hajib. 

^L«J1 »A*c ii'^j ['Umdat ul-maram. A 

manual of Arabic syntax. With the author's 
marginal notes.] pp. 13, Z/f/t. irel [Luchnow, 
1843.] 8°. 14837. g. 4.(9.) 

.1^1 sj^ ['Umdat ul-maram.] See Nahv. 

'I^j^^^' [Nalivimlr,e<c.] pp. 38-48. [I860?] 
8=_ "^ 14820. f. 4.(1.) 

^1^1 sj^ ['Umdat ul-maram.] See Naiiv. 

'lfc^*=r« [Majmu'ah.] pp. 48-60. [1878.] 8°. 

^ 14820. e. 2.(4.) 

MUHAMMAD ILTAF HUSAIN, called Hali. [Edit.] 
See Nasir ibn Khusbau. 

L_r«2j'-' irJ^ [Musaddas i Fa'izT. Sextains 

on the rise and fall of Islam. Translated from 
the Hindustani Madd u jazr i islam into Persian 
and edited with introduction and footnotes by 
Firuz ul-Din Ahmad Shabrmiri (Fa'izi).] pp. 75, 
lilh. [AmrUsar, 1891.] 8°. 14797. d. 16.(10.) 


[Edit.] See Muhammad ibn Hdsain (Baha ul- 

['Ain ul-hayat. Decisions on some bodily postures 
in religious rites.] pp. 154, lith. ^J^'i if"*'" 
[Delhi, 1886.] 8°. 14718. f. 8. 

[Edit.] See Muhammad ibn Muhammad (Jalal 
uI-Din), Rumi. 

Gopdmu'i. iJSfu^ Joly [Fava'id i sa'diyyah. Lives 
of famous saints and Sufis.] pp. 250, lith. Jii$3 

l^^e [Litchnow, 1885.] 8°. 


'allakiit.] See Mu'allakat. 

MUHAMMAD ISHAK, called 'ArshT. ^^ i— ^VV 
[Nairang i sukhan. Letters in verse between 

14779. d. 13, 

[Edit.] See 

[Notes on Mu- 

Muh. IsliaU and Kamal ul-Din Irani. Edited 
with Hindustani preface and notes by the former.] 
pp. 28, lith. ^0 [Delhi, 1890.] 8\ 

14797. g. 24.(12.) 

See 'Abd u1-Kadir, called Bidil. 

Muhammad Akram ibn Muhammad 'Ali. 


1 M • ■* 

>^3S [Kitab 

i fa'iz ul-maram. Regulations, Constructions, 
Circular Orders, Reports, and other papers of tlie 
Civil and Revenue Departments in A.D. 1793- 
1850,, compiled for the guidance of candidates for 
the Pleaders and Munsif Examination.] pp. 341, 
116, 140, 54. jOO^ [Calcutta, 1852?] 4°. 

14749. h. 1. 

MUHAMMAD ISMA'IL, Dihlavl. [Doctrines.} See 

*jJLw^l \s\yo [Sirat ul-mustaklm. An 

account of the tenets of Sayyid Alimad of Bareilly, 
incorporating almost verbatim in chap. 2-3 some 
papers by 'Abd ul-Hayy Dililavi, containing 
sayings of Sayyid Ahmad. Edited by 'Abd ul- 
Rrtliim Saflpuri and Mnh.'Ali Rampurl.] pp.40<). 
&i^ \rrs[Galcutta,\82i.'] 8°. 14724. d. 2. 

MUHAMMAD ISMA'IL, Hajl. [Edit.] See Abu 
'1-Hasan, calif d Yaghma. 

MUHAMMAD ISMA'IL, Maulavi. c:.^Ul ^_,« 
[Mansab i imamat. A treatise on the nature of 
tlie Imaraate and the qualifications for the ofiBce,] 
pp. 114, lith. JjbJ [Delhi, 1877.] 8°. 

14837. f. 12.(7.) 
MUHAMMAD ISMA'IL KHAN. [Kashf ul-maktum, 
Urdu interpretation of Masnavi.] See Muhammad 
ibn Muhammad (Jalal uI-Din), Rumi. 

[Gulbun i ma'rifat, Urdu interpretation of 

Divan of Hafiz.] See Muhammad Hafk, Shlrdzi. 

BAKHSH KHAN. ^J ^fjc jc X^:^\ s^KJl J^ 
Jl iJj'^1 J^ [tard ul-kilab il-'aviyah, or Tigh i 
du dam. A defence of the claims of Mu'aviyah. 
Followed by 3 tracts: (1) Radd ul-kalam ul- 
vahiyah, or Shamshir i ab-dar, in refutation of 
the preceding, by Muh. Najm ul-Din, (2) Savii'ik 





i iluhiyyah, iu support of the latter, by Kliuda- 
bnkhsh Khan, (3) Chaud shaviihid dar iganfi i jala'il 
i ashfib i 'y/.iim, uotiees of celebrated followers 
of Muhammad. With marginal Hindustani 
translations of Arabic passages in the first work.] 
pp. 16,20, lith. jjJ^ iriA [Lucknow, 1881.] 8°. 

14712. d. 7.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD JA'FAR. .—lii^i ^^UJICAU t-j'a/ 
Jl ^o'y^l c:_>Hd.< [Silk ul-bayan. A list of 
passages in the Kur'an of which the reading is 
easily mistaken. With Persian preface and 
notes.] pp. 23, i/^/i. ir.i [Bombay, \892.] 8°. 

14514. b. 38.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD JA'FAE, Ja'farl. lu^ d\j^) j^ 

(i>l..lil icJli-) [A commentary on Aurad i fat- 
hiyynh, 'Ali Hamadani's Arabic prayer-book. 
Followed by another, styled Khulasat ul-aurad, 
by Vajih Ullah.] pp. 38-1, Uth. y^ uvr [Luck- 
noio, 1872.] 8°. 14519. d. 23. 

MUHAMMAD JA'FAR, EarajaJidaghi. [Trans- 
lations of Fath 'All's plays.] See Fath 'Au, 

MUHAMMAD JA'FAR, Klturmujl. i^f*^ j^\) 
[Asar i Ja'fari. The topography and history of 
Fars, with a compendium of the history and 
geography of the world.] ff. 198, Uth. irvi 
[Tehtran 1 imO.] 8°. 14762. b. 1. 

^J^-" J 




(-5^^**^ 6^"^ '^' 


[Haka'ik ul-akhbar i Nasiri. A history of the 
Kajar dynasty.] S.\70,lith. ^^]J^ iv^i [Teheran, 
18G7.] 8°. 14773. e. 10. 

Not paged. The author states, near the end of the book, 
that only the first volume, extending to 1277, w<is completed. 
Of the second volume he wrote only the events of the next 
two years, and concludes the work with brief biographical 
and historical notes reaching down to 128i A.H. 

MUHAMMAD JA'FAR, Maulavl. [Edit, with notes 
of Bustan.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mu- 
SHARRiP uI-DIn), called ^k'm. — Bustan. 

MUHAMMAD JA'FAR, NardB. i=r^ ^j^ SL^ 
iijljjl [Hujjat ul-balighat. Sufic invocations and 
addresses to God. Followed by a glossary of 
terms used in the work.] pp. 174, litk. ^J^^ 
irvr [^as/ian, 1857.] 12°. . 14724. a. 1. 

MUHAMMAD JA'FAR, Shlrdzl. [A tract on the 
orthography of the Kur'an,] See Kur'an. 

Begin. J! Jj >J! yb [Kui''an, eic] margin. [1809.] 

Fol. ^ 14507. e. 10. 

MUHAMMAD JA'FAR, called 'AitiL. [Minor 

poems.] Sec Hashim, Shlrdzl. Jl <)LM»i,'jt . . . IJJb 

[Hashimiyyah, etc.] 12°. 14787. a. 4. 

MUHAMMAD JA'FAR, called Shu'lah, Nirlzl. 
Jl ^J>.yJ^ } Sj"^. ,_5-«>*^' V.*^' SJ '-W Ij* [Khusrau 
u Shirin. A romance in verse, in imitation of 
Niz.ami's poem. Illustrated.] pp. 283, ii., lilh. 
^_^ \r.^ [Bomhaij, 1801.] 8°. 14797. c. 14. 

MUHAMMAD JA'FAR, called ZamharI. e^sAAiJ^j 
Jt Aia j-iajJ> c:,^' £j\i .iJ ^j-i.>- [Dar tahni'at i 

jashn i nazr i payah i takht i Kaisar i Hind. A 
congratulatory poem to King Edward VII. on his 
accession.] pp. 8, /<'f/i. J^ irr. [Liicknow, \Q02.] 
8°. '' 14797. f. 2,(3.) 


1»_ojs^ ^'uiJl [Insha i 'ajib. Model letters. Edited 
with marginal notes by Makbiil Ahmad Gopamii'i.] 
pp. 48, Uth. in. [Lucknow, 1844.] 8°. 

14807. e. 5.(1.) 

^-^^j^ ^'-*»j' [Insha i 'ajib.] pp. 28, Vdh, 

j^"^ lAVA [Gaivn^ore, 1878.] 8°. 14807. g. 12.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD JA'FAR 'All, Nqjlnavi. [Edit., with 
notes, of Ta'rikh ul-khulafa.] See 'Abi>u1-Raiiman 
ibn Abi Bakr (Jalal uI-DJn). 

[Glosses on Navadir.] See Ahmad ibn 

Ahmad (KabIr uI-DIn), KaUjUhi. 

MUHAMMAD JALAL ul-DIK", Tabdiabd'l. 
Jalal uI-Din. 


ulr==^:.' J^ uV'*^ 


[Divan i bahar i bi-khizan. Poems.] pp. 16, Uth. 

irri [Agra, 190S.] 8°. 14797. f. 2.C9.) 



[Kasidah.] See Mthammad Vahid 'Ali 

Khan. li^sxJ ,t!L.»xK [Guldastah i na'c] pp. 3-15. 
[1873 ?] 8°. 14837. f. 11.(8.) 

HusAiN Va'iz, Kdshifi. 

hala. A Book of Persian Manuscripts for the 
L. S. and H. S. Persian as well as elevcu 





specimen exercises ; with notes etc.; also English 
Persian coUoquials . . . Edited by Lala Churanji 
Lall. pp.i. 87. Benares, 1904. 8°. 14822. d. 9. 

[Another copy.] 757. h. 58. 

MUHAMMAD KADIRI. See Muhammad KhudIvand. 

MUHAMMAD KA'IM 'ALI, Jaunpur't,. j_j^'j ejliUo 
[MiUat iKa'iml. A Moslem almanack, giving times 
forritesthroughout the year.] [1893.] 16°. See 
Ephemeeidks. 14837. a. 3. 

MUHAMMAD KALB 'ALI KHAN, Nawab of Rampur. 
^ j5^ Jj jJls' [Kandil i Karam. An account in rhymed 
prose of the author's pilgrimage to the Holy Places 
in 1872. Edited with marginal notes by Ahmad, 
called Amir.] pp. 24, lith. jyiJij in. [Eampicr, 
1873.] Fol. ' 14779.1.10. 

^^'f^ nif^ [Shigiifah i Khusravi. 

Addresses, prefaces, introductions and other 
elegant compositions. Edited with marginal notes 
by Amir Ahmad.] pp. 160, lith. j^\ itav-i. 
{Rampur, 1870-73.] 8°. 14807. h. 10. 

J: aol y [Taranah i ghamm. A panegyric, 

in rhymed prose, on Maulana Muh. 'Abd ul-Rashid, 
with marginal glosses.] pp. 76, lith. j^^j '''■^1 
[Rampur, 1872.] Fol. 14779. h. 1. 

Kddirl. fji . -^ [Shir u shakar. Notes on 
difficult passages in Sa'di's Pand-namah.] pp. 24, 
lith. x^ybjU irn [Sadhaura, 1902.] 8°. 

14822. 6. 6. 
(mLs- m'vAjj) [Burhan i jami', or Parbang i 
Muhammad-shahi. A dictionary based on the 
Burhan i kati' and Farhang i Jahangirl. Com- 
piled for Muh. Shah at the instance of his brother 
Bahman Mirza.] ff. 224, lith. j^jilUl in. [Tabriz, 
1844.] 8°. 14815.6.1. 

Thi» edition has a fuller preface than the recension re- 
presented by Brit. Mils. Or. 4680, and was collated and 
revised by the author in 1260 A.H. 


HUSAIN. [Edit.] See Ahmad Husain, called 

MUHAMMAD EASIM. [Takhmis on Karlma.] 
See MusLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushaeeif uI-Din), 
called Sa'di. — Pand-ndmah. 

FiRiSHTAH, Astardbiidl. Tarikh-i-Ferishta, or 
History of the Rise of the Mahomedan Power in 
India, till the year A.D. 1612, by Mahomed Kasim 
Ferishta . . . edited and collated from various 
manuscript copies . . . and examined with the best 
maps by Major-General J. Briggs . . . assisted by 
. . . Mir Kheirat Ali Khan Mushtak. (<)LLi.y ^J-'^ 
2 vols. Bombay, ISn. Fol. 757.1.6. 

iU/i J f.,^ [Ta'rikh i Firishtah.] 2 vols., 

lith. Jjj^ >^ri[Bombay,\8-3l.] Fol. 14773. k. 11. 

iSli, j f.yS [Ta'rikh i Firishtah. Edited, 

with preface, by Kali-parshad.] 2 vols., lith. 
ir-M [Lmc/otow, 1864.] Fol. 14773.1.2. 



1 (Jj'jill [Risalah i ikaz ul-ghafil. An account 
of Babism.] pp. 24, lith. ^J^, [Bombay, 1896.] 


14724. b. 1. 


MUHAMMAD KARIM KHAN, Kirmdnl. [Life.] 
See Ni'mat Ullah, Rizavl. 

(U^j r. .'j L_;'Js\i! [Intikhab i ta'rikh i 
Firishtah. Selections.] See Muntakhabat. 
^*,.ij cijUsaJLc [Muntakhabat i ftirsl.] pp. 143- 
242. [1872.] 8°. 14822. c. 2. 

pp. 143-242. [1876.] 8°. 

14822. c. 4. 

pp. 143-242. [1877.] 8^ 

14837. b. 3. 

Ferishta's History of Dekkan, from the 

first Mahummedan conquests : (with) a continua- 
tion from other native writers [principally Iradat 
Khan Vazili] of the events in that part of India 
to the reduction of its last monarchs by the 
Emperor Aulumgeer Aurungzebe ; also the reigus 
of his successors ... to. the present day : and the 
history of Bengal, from the accession of Aliverdee 
Khan to the year 1780 [chiefly from the Persitiu 
of Ghulam Husain Khan]. In six parts. [Trans- 
lated] by J. Scott. Shrewsbury, 1794. 4°. 

147. 0. 12, 13. 

[Another copy.] G. 4294. 

The History of Hindostan, from the earliest 

account of time to the death of Akbar; translated 
from the Persian of Mahummud Casim Ferishta 






. . . togetber with a dissertation concerning the 
religion and philosophy of the Brahmins. With 
an appendix containing the history of the Mogul 
Empii'e from its decline in the reign of Mahum- 
mud Shau to the present time. By A. Dow. 
2 vols. London, 1768. 4°. 148. e. 7, 8. 

The History of Hindostan, translated from 

the Persian. The second edition. . . enlarged. By 
A. Dow. Vols. 1, 2. (Vol. 3. The History of 
Hindostan from the death of Akbar to the . . . 
settlement of the Empire, under Aurungzebe 
[compiled from various writers] ... A dissertation 
on the origin and nature of despotism in Hindo- 
stan . . . An enquiry into the state of Bengal . . . 
By A. Dow.) [Second edition.] 3 vols. London, 
1770-72. 4°. 581. h. 13-15. 

The work is said on the title-pages of vol. 1, 2, to be in 
2 vols. A third was added to which are prefixed the disser- 
tations shown above. The words "second edition" do not 
occur on the title-page of vol. 8. 

[Another copy of vol. 3.] 148. e. 9. 

■ History of the Rise of the Mahomedan 

Power in India, till the year A.D. 1612. Trans- 
lated from the . . . Persian of Mahomed Kasim 
Ferishta, by J. Briggs ... To which is added, an 
account of the conquest, by the Kings of Hydrabad, 
of . . . the Ceded Districts and Northern Circars. 
With copious notes. 4 vols. Loudon, 1829. 8°. 

757. e. 6, 7. 

[A reissue of the 1829 edition.] 4 vols. 

Calcutta, 1908. 8°. 14773. d. 20. 

xLiy ii^'o i_jlisnjl [Intikhab i ta'rikh i 

Firishtah. Selections from Firishtah's History.] 

See MuNTAKHABAT. ^_J^.'J cuUsnJu, [Muntakhabat 
ifarsi.] pp. 143-242. Il872.] 8°. 14822. c. 2. 

[Excerpts, etc., from Firishtah's History.] 

See HoLLiNGBEBY (W.). A History of . . . Nizam 
Alee Khaun, etc. 1805. 4°. 149. b. 2.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD KAZIM. The Loves of Camarupa 
and Caraalata [i.e. Kissah i Kamrup u Kamlata], 
an ancient Indian tale, elucidating the customs 
... of the orientals . . . translated from the Persian 
[version ascribed to the poet M. K.] by W. 
Franklin, pp. viii. 289. London, 1793. 12°. 

757. b. 10. 

Geschichte des Prinzen Kamarupa nnd der 

schonen Kamalata. [Translated from Franklin's 

English version.] (Die Blauo Bibliothek allor 
Nationon. Bd. 12, pt. 1.) pp. 138. Weimar, 
1800, 8°. 12410. b. 2.(Bd. 12.) 

MUHAMMAD KAglM, Shlrazl. [Ganjinah i mnfia- 
varat, English translation of Vazir i Lankuran 
and selections from the Shah's Diary.] See Fatii 
A LI, Akhund-zadah. 

[Edit.] See Ghuiam 'Ali Khan ibn 

BhikhauI Khan. 

See Habib Ullah, called Ka'ani. 
See Mohammad ibn As'ad (Jalal 

u1-Din), Davdm. 

[Translation of Ta'rikh i Sasaniyan.] See 

Muhammad Husain ibn Muhammad 'Ali. 

■ [Edit.] See Muhammad Hosain Khan. 

See Zaik uI-'Abidin, Marugha'l. 

See ZiTA ul-DiN, Nakhshabi. 

MUHAMMAD KA?IM, Tahd'tahu'l, Sayyid. [Notes 
on Majma' ul-masa'il.] See Muhammad Hasan, 


The Alamgir Namah [being the history of the first 
ten years of the reign of Aurangzlb, A.H. 1068- 
1078] . . .Edited by MawlawisKhadim Husain and 
Abd al-Hai, under the superintendence of Major 
W. N. Lees. (Index of names of persons and 
geographical names ... by Maulawi 'Abdulhay.) 
(<u'J^^'x) 2pts. 1868 [186o]-73. See Acade- 
mies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. 
Bibliotheca Indica, etc. vols. 55 & 55a. 1848, 
etc. 8°. 14002. a. (vols. 55, 55a.) 

The history of the first ten years of the 

reign of Alemgeer [an abridgment of the Alamgir- 
namah]. Written in the Persian language by 
Mohammed Sakee. [Edited and] translated by 
H. Vansittart. (Translation of a passage in 
Mohammed Cazim's Alerageernameh ... in which 
the author describes the country of Assam.) 
(<t<'J^,jX«J'j; ^^-ooLo) pp. ix. 34, 43. Calcutta, 
1785. 4°. 757. 1. 39.(1.) 

[Another copy, wanting English 

and Persian title-pages and end of translator's 
preface.] 14773. g. 1. 

K K 





See Imam ul-Diu ibn Muhammad. 

Rashid. [Preface to Shaukat i 'arab.] See 
Muhammad Ghulam Khan, called KhabIr. 

MUHAMMAD KHALIL ul-DIN. [Translation of 
Bab ul-ta'zlr.] See Muhammad ibn 'Ali ('Ala 
uI-Din), Haskafi. 

MUHAMMAD KHAN, Hdjz Mlrzd. Jn>^ Oj^ h-^^l-^ 
[Vird i mu'azzam. An Arabic prayer. With 
Arabic preface and Persian marginal notes.] 
pp. iv. 36, lilh. irvi \_Lucl(now, 1862.] 8°. 

14519. d. 49. 

MUHAMMAD KHAN, Kirmdnl. *)yu . . . i—j'Ji' 1 JJb 
Jl _y<ll [Takvim ul-'avaj. A polemic against the 

BabTs.] pp. 211,/i<L ^-u*; in i [Z?o?n?)«(/, 1894.] 
8°. 14724. d. 5. 

MUHAMMAD KHAN, BazzdHi. Ji]jj li^^ [Malf Qz 
i RazzakT. Life and teachings of 'Abd ul-Razzak 
Bansavi. Edited by Shah Ghulam Gilani.] 
pp. 244, nth. y^ iaIi [Lucknow, 1896.] 8°. 

14779. e. 12.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD KHAN, called DashtF. . . . J,>d 
Jl J^ J>a:s^ [Divan. Poems.] pp. 446, lith. 

J^i frn [Bombay, 1902.] 8°. 14797.8.38. 

MUHAMMAD KHAN (Mu'tamin uI-Mulk Shuja' 
u1-D!n Bahadur Asad-Jang), Naib Subahdar of 
Bengal, Orinsa and Bihar. [Subahdari.] See 
'Azim u1-Shan. 

[Edit.] See 'Abb.\s, called NashatI Khan. 

MUHAMMAD KHAN NASIBI, Mitlla. [Vaki'at. 
An elegy on Hasan and Husain. With a takhmis 
on a, duuazdah-band oi Muhtashim.] See Muham- 
mad TAJii 'Ali Khan. J! cu'jJIj Sr^*sr< [Vaki'at.] 
[1890.] 8°. ^ 14787. g. 23. 

MUHAMMAD KH ATA, S;tas^/a«. [Vaki'at. Elegies 
on the Imams.] See Muhammad Taki 'Ali Khan. 
Jl ejUlj [Vaki'at.] [1890.] 8°. 14797. h. 33. 

MUHAMMAD KHATTAB, Mulld. [Notes on 
Sikandar-namali i barri.] See Ilyas ibn Ydsup. 

The Tooti Nameh, or Tales of a Parrot, in the 
Persian language [according to M. Kh.'s abridged 
version of the original work of Ziya ul-DIu 
Nakhshabi] with an English translation [by F. 
Gladwin]. pp. 170, 170. Calcutta printed, 
iomfo/i reprinted, 1801. 8°. 757. h. 4, 

[Another copy.] 757. h. 5. 

jv^.'j iU'j u^^ [Tuti-namah.] pp. 60, 

lith. j^'i irii [Lahore, 1898.] 8°. 

14783. e. 13.(3.) 

Touti Nameh. Eine Sammlung persischer 

Mahrchen von Nechschebi. Deutsche Uebersetz- 
uug [according to M. Kh.'s version] von 0. J. L. 
Ikeu . . . Mit einem Anhange von demselben, und 
von J. G. L. Kosegarten. pp. 323. Stuttgardt, 
1822. 8°. 757. d. 16. 

The Tooti-Nameh, or Tales of a Parrot : 

translated by a late author [i.e. P. Gladwin,] from 
the Persian language. Revised and occasionally 
corrected ... by C. Lutchoomaua Moodelliar, etc. 
pp. iv. 179. Madras, \8-Z2. 8°. 757. b. 13. 

The Tota Kahani ; or Tales of a Parrot, 

translated [into English] from Saiyid Haidar 
Baklish's Hindustani version of...Triti Nama, 
by G. Small. pp. xv. iii. 240. London, 1875. 
8°. 14112. bbb. 10. 

Fairy Tales of a Parrot. Adapted from 



See Muhammad 

the Persian (text of Meheraed Kadiri's abridged 
version of the Tooti -Name by Ziya ed Deen 
Nakhshebi). By A. C. Stephen. Illustrated by 
Tristram Ellis, ff. 49. London, [1892.] 4°. 

757. h. 52. 

Das persischePapageienbuch — Tuti Nameh 

. . . Deutsche Ubersetzung von C. J. L. Iken. 
Neudruck mit einer Einleitung von R. Schmidt. 
(Kulturhistorische Liebhaberbibliothek. Baud 
21.) pp. xiv. 224. Berlin ^ Leipzig, [1905.] 
8°. 757. b. 54. 

MUHAMMAD KUTB ul-DIN, called Tarzi. j>U 

^^•U d^'oJijI ^jj [Kulliyat. Poems.] vol. 2. 
pp. ii. 144, lith. Jjs,J M.I [Delhi, 1901.] 8°. 

14797. e. 39. 

MUHAMMAD KUTB ul-DIN KHAN, yt.!^' ^^s*^ 
[Ma' din ul-javahir. A collection of Arabic and 





nindnsfcimi works on religion and morals, with 
LuUman's Maxims in Persian.] pp. 64, lith. 
jyij^ \ru [Cawnpore, 1880.] 8°. 14516. cc. 8.(5.) 

MUHAMMAD LAD, Dlhlavl. JUill a"^ [Mu'ayyid 
ul-fuzala. A Persian dictionary, containing also 
the Turkish and Arabic words in general use in 
the language, arranged throughout in separate 
groups. With an appendix of numerals, arith- 
meticcTl notation, and elementary grammar.] 
pp. 302, llth. yj] lAAi [Lucknow, 1884.] 8°. 

,, , . . . 14815. e. 4. 

Vol. 1. missing. 

hail] S>j^ [Mu'ayyid ul-fuzala.] 2 vols. 

^^1^ I All [Oawwpore, 1899.] 8°, 14815. f. 8. 

MUHAMMAD lATIF (Abu 'I-MunIp). Reyaz-i- 
Latif, or Biographical sketches of tlie Persian 
authors for the use of . . . candidates of the 
Universities, Calcutta, Bombay, Madras, Panjab 
and Allahabad. (i—ft^y ^'j;) pp. 61, Jith. 
Calcutta, 1904. 12°. 14779. a. 5. 

[Sultan ul-kasa'id. Odes iu honour of Sultan 
Jahan Begam of Bhopal.] pp. 22, lith. [jUii 
irn [De//u, 1901.] Fol. 14797. k. 5. 


biography in verse.] pp. 263, lith. j'jTjJ! i 
[Allahabad, 1888.] 8°. 14797. e. 20 


;'.::C\J1 iljuu, 

[Vasilat ul-najat. A commentary on the 201 
names of Muhammad.] tJ^ if"'^ [Bomhay, 
1890.] 8°. 14718. d. 6.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD MAHDI, Shirdzl. [Edit.] See 
MuuAMMAD ibu Muhammad (Jalal u1-Din), Bumi. 

MUHAMMAD MAHDI, called Vasip. See GhulIm 


MUHAMMAD MAHDI (Abd 'I-'Ala'i). Ci-^J^^J^ 
[Ta'rikhha i jumal. Chronograms.] pp. 16, lith. 
\r,, {Allahahadl \88Z.] 8°. 14797. g. 24.(2.) 


i^j J'w*Jl S\j t^^jS Ijjt [Zad ul-musafirln. Hygiene 
for travellers.] ff. 149, lith. i r^r ? [Persia, 1866.] 
8°. 14749. b. 2. 

^LfJl jTS" dj (.__.viiUJ! [BalJr ul-marilm. An auto- 

A A A 

[Some scriptural texts, with rules for their reading 
and vocalisation.] See Aiimad ibn Muhammad 

Mahdi ibn Abi Zarr. 


iUUl ■ _° t— i_> 



[Saif ul-ummat.] [1851.] 8° 

14712. b. 1. 


MuKHLis. [Edit.] See 'Ali ibn KuLu'. 

MUHAMMAD MAHDI KHAN, called Kaukab, 
Astardbddl. [Mabani ul-lughah, introduction to 
Al tamgha . i nasiri.] See Muhammad Salih, 

x^Jo s^J 

. . i_)'.'i^! Iajj [Durrah i Nad! rah, 
or D°. i Nadiri. A history of Nadir Shah, in 
very artificial style. With notes.] pp. 302, lith. 
I rA. [jBombay, 1863.] 8°. 14773. e. 3. 

^jlk-A^ Ijj^ . ■ • ^_j'-ijl <—)'jS [Insha. 

Official letters and other documents. Followed by 
a versified glossary of important but less familiar 
Persian words, apparently also by M. M. Kh.J 
pp. 72, lith. j>^ irAO. [Tabriz, 1868.] 4°. 

14807. c. 5. 

(^^j'Jg.^'o) [Ta'rikhiNadiii. The history 

of Nadir Shah, with a brief account of his 
immediate successors. Edited by Ghulain Akbar 
and H. Torrens. With Euglish preface by H. 
Torrens and glossary of special terms compiled 
by Ghulain Akbar, aided by Shah Ulfat Husain.] 
pp. i. vi. 332, 48. ufo [Calcutta, 181-5.] 4°. 

14773 i. 13. 

[Ta'rikh i Nadiri.] pp. 463, lith inr 

[Teheran 7 1847.] 8°. - 14773. d. 3. 


''•^'^ (^ uA''^'"' us'-^ W F •''^ 




- t^-^J-" [Ta'rikh i Nadiri.] pp. 270, 
,_jlx«j I no [Bombay, 1849.] Fol. 

14773. i. 3. 

Jl ^jSS ^j'G jJ«:^l Ijjb [Ta'rikh i Nadiri.] 

pp. 150, lith. jjjM iriA [Tabriz, 1852.] Fol. 

14773. k. 2. 

(^jSJ g^'J) [Ta'rikh i Nadiri.] pp. 285, 

lith. j)^ irAv [Tabriz, 1870.] 8°. 14773. d. 2. 

lJJ'^^ t^'-^'*?- f-J'^ [Ta'rikh i Nadiri. 

Edited from older Indian editions, collated with 
Persian lithographs.] pp. 320, lith. iJ^ 'avo 
[Bombay, 187 b.] 8°. 14773. e. 11. 





MUHAMMAD MAHDI KHAN, called Kaukab, 
Astardhddl {continued). [Ta'rikli i Nadiri.] 
pp. 324, nth. irn [Teheran, 1879.] 8°. 

14773. e. 22. 

• Histoire de Nader Chah, connu sous le nom 

do Thahmas Kuli Khan, Empereur de Perse. 
Traduite d'un raanuscrit persan . . . avec des 
notes cbronologiques, historiques, geographiques, 
et un traite sur la poesie orientale, par M''. Jones. 
2 pts. Londres, 1770. 4°. 148. c. 2. 

Geschiclite des Nadir Scbali Kaysers von 

Persien . . . Aus dem Persischen ins Franzosische 
iibersetzt vom Herrn W. Jones . . . Nacli der 
franzosischen Ausgabe ins Deutsche iibersetzet [by 
T. H. Gadebusch]. pp. 504. Greifswald, 1773. 
4°. 757. f. 22. 

Translation of 'Jehan Kushai Nadri' [i.e. 

Ta'rikh i Nadiri, from the beginning to 1 139 A.H.] 
Portion prescribed for 1908. [Translated] by . . . 
Guffar A. Syed. pp. iv. 104. Ahmedabad, [1908.] 
8°. 757. f. 50. 

— Begin. lfjX« As\yo (UotAjdal! jaIjJ i 
^'.sTAi* [Zavahir ul-tabi'iyyah. 



Jl ^'.sTAi* [Zavahir ul-tabi'iyyah. A ti-eatise 

on physics.] lith. [Hyderabad, 1888.] 8''. 

14766. d. 2. 
Imperfect, wanting pp. 5-8, 13-16, 21-24 and all after 24. 

[Notes on Bustan.] See Muslih ibu 'Abd Ullah 
(MusHAERiF uI-DIn), Called Sa'di. — Bustiin. 



[Majmii'ah i kasa'id. A collection of Arabic 
religious poems, with Persian and Hindustani 
translations and notes.] pt. i., Zif/i. ^la>ii [Delhi, 
1892.] 16°. 14519. a. 5 

Jiaj (Ub»-Xc Aj'woi' [Kasa'id i madliiyyah. Panegyric 
poems. Edited by Ghulam Muh. Khan.] pp.388, 
'd,lith. .x£i irAA [Luclcnoiu, 1871.] 8°. 14797. e. 3. 

MUHAMMAD MAS'UD, Multdnl. [Naghzak, com- 
mentary on Zarradi.] See Fakhk uI-DIn, Zarrddl. 

MUHAMMAD MA'SUM, called Nami, Bhalcarl. A 
history of Sind, embracing the period from A. D. 710 
to A.D. 1590; written in Persian ... by Mahomed 
Masoom ; and translated into English ... by 

G. G. Malet . . . assisted by Peer Mahomed, 
Residency Moonshee. Edited by R. H. Thomas. 
[Ta'rikh i Sind.] (Selections from the Records of 
the Bombay Government. New Series. No. 13.) 
pp. viii. 156. Bombay, 1855. 8°. 757. g. 53. 

A history of Sind . . . Translated from 

Persian books by Mirza Kalichbeg Fredunbeg. 
[The Muhammadan period down to the beginning 
of the Kalhorah dynasty, extracted from the 
Ta'rikh i Ma'siimi of M. M. and the Tuhfat ul- 
kiram of 'All Shir Kani'.] 1902. See 'Au ibn 
Hamid, Kaft. The Chachnamah . . . translated, 
etc. vol. ii. 1900, 02. 8°. 757. g. 61. 

MUHAMMAD MA'SUM ibn AHMAD, Furulii, Sir- 
hindi. ijuby^ [Maktiibat. Letters.] pp. vi. 
332, lith. ,^^ I AAV [Gawnpore, 1887.] 8°. 

14807. e. 7. 

[Insha i Mazhar. A letter-writer.] pp. 28, lith. 
jyi^"^ \r\6[CawniJore, 18^1.1 8°. 14807. e. 15,(4.) 

MUHAMMAD MIHR ULLAH. [Bengali verse- 
translation of Pand-namah.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd 
Ullah (Mushaeeif uI-Din), called Sa'di. — Pand- 

MUHAMMAD MIHRI. s^h. ^S^ ^ JaU' p\ 
Joi'-fc^.! [Al-Asr ul-jalil fi madh 'ala Isma'il. 
Poems in praise of Isma'il Pasha, in Persian and 
Turkish.] pp. 88, lith. [Constantinople, 1880?] 
8°. 14797. c. 5. 

MUHAMMAD MIR 'ABBAS, Dihlavl. *t^l <iJl«, 
Jl is^l [Ahkfim ul-jafar. A tract on divination 
by the letters of the alphabet and their numerical 
values.] pp. 16, lith. JJsO Mil [Delhi, 1869.] 
8°. 14837. b. 1.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD MIRZA KHAN. [Edit, of Kanz ul- 
daka'ik with notes.] See 'Abd Ullah ibn Ahmad 
(Hafiz uI-Din). 

MUHAMMAD MU'AZZAM. [Edit.] See Kue'an. 

MUHAMMAD MU'AZZAM, surnamed Bahadur 
Shah, Emperor of Hindustan. See Bahadur Shah. 


Ansdrl. Jl cij'wS^Jl iL^j [Vasilat ul-najat. 
Lives of the 12 Imams. With marginal Hindu- 





stani translation by Muli. Hadi 'All Khan.] 
pp. ii. 474, //</». jx^ lAio [Luchww, 1895.] 8°. 

14779. e. 11. 
MUHAMMAD MUHSIN, Ilufz, Kazt. [Edit.] See 
'Abd Ullah ibn Ahmad (Hafiz u1-DIn) . 

MUHAMMAD MUHSIN, Kkush-navis. *Jlit« <jiLy 
4(X»- ^»4u« ^j [Risalah i mu'alajah i zakhiu i 
sumiim i liayyah. A tract on snake-poison and 
its remedy.] See Muhammad Hdsain Khan ibn 
Muhammad Had!. ^^J^ '•J'-m [Risalah i jadarl.] 
pp. 172-176, [1895.] 8°. 14753. d. 15.(3.) 

MUHAMMAD MUHSIN, Maulavi. [Edit.] See 
HusAiN Va'iz, Kiishifi. 

^^■sr* Jk.«csr* tg^yo l::-^ '■^^'■t^^ [KuUiyat 

i na't. Poems in Persian and Hindustani. Edited 
with biography of the author by Muli. Niir ul- 
Hasan (Nayyir).] pp. 256, lith. jyi^^ "'^ 
[Cawnpore, 1908.] 8°. 14797. g. 33. 

MUHAMMAD MUHSIN, called FanL See Muhsin 

MUHAMMAD MUHSIN, called Matin. 

,'o .ulai' 



ta'rikhat i farrukhl i ayat. Chronograms for 
Samvat 1946 (A.D. 1889-90). Followed by poems 
in Hindustani and Persian, all ending in liim, 
and Kasldah i bahariyyah i laraiyyah, complimen- 
tary verses on Rajendra Simha.] pp. 9, lith. 
j^i lAAi [ia/iore, 1889.] 8°. 14797. d. 15,(5.) 

MUHAMMAD MUHSIN, called Shabab, Kandahdrl. 
L_>'jui t.:u'.jJl^ [KuUiyat. Prose and verse works.] 
pp.384, ZiU. A'^> [Fatiala, 1911.] 8°. 

14797. g. 34. 
the Shams ul-mushriklu, wrongly ascribed to this 
author :] See Muhammad Hasan, Kashl. 

(Uyd cu'^ sJJ)) [Kalimat i makuunat. 

Mystic sayings of Sufis, in Arabic, with Persian 
couplets.] pp. 203, lith. ^J^ im [Bomhaij, 
1879.] 8°, 14516. b. 4. 

MUHAMMAD MUHYI ul-DIN, Ildhahadh ^i 

jyc\ [Farsi amiiz. A first book of Persian.] 

4 pts., Zi</i. jI;T<«J1 lAie [Allahabad, l89o.] 8° 

& 12°. 14820. aa. 1. 

L.---'''^ jLiu-j^li [Guldastah i danish. A 

reading-book, pt. i. being prose stories with 

occasional versos, modelled on the Gulistun, and 
pt. ii. entirely in verse.] pp. 170, lith. jUTail 
(AAA [^/ia/mtarf, 1888.] 8°. 14783. e. 12. 

^;^'a!! [Tashrili. A Hindustani key to 

the Allahabad University Persian Entrance Courao 
for 1898.] pp. 96, 84, 78, 154, lith. ^j'A) rAW 
[Allahabad, 1897.] 8°. 14822. c. 11. 



AjAs.- ^,f^ ^ [Tashrih i jadid. A Hindustani 

key to the Allahabad University Persian Entrance 
Examination Course for 1905. Second edition.] 
pp. 90, lith. JblaJl M.r [Allahabad, 1903.] 8°. 

14117. bb. 9.(4.) 

_}^y iD ^^*M^ . 


Aijo- [Tauzih i jadid. A Hindustani key to the 
Calcutta University Persian Entrance Examina- 
tion Coarse for 1904-8.] pp. 88, lith. ,i\i\il\ 
\ur [Allahabad, 1903.] 8". 14117. bb. 9.(3.) 

MUHAMMAD MUHYI ul-DIN, Maulavi. [Edit.] 
See MusLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushaerip uI-Din), 
called Sa'dI. — Bustdn. 


MUHAMMAD MUHYI ul-DIN, Munshl. Hulluloqud. 
A glossary [explained id Hindustani] of the 
Persian Entrance Course [i.e. of the 'lUd i gul 
(= Gnlistan i.-iv.), and 'Ikd i manziim (selections 
from Bustan)]. By Molvi Mohammed Mohiuddin. 

Hindust. pp. 208, lith. Allahabad, 1879. 8°. 

14117. b. 29.(4.) 

Muienut-tulaba [i.e. Mu'in ul-tulaba], the 

meaning of the words of the Persian Entrance 
Course [i.e. of the 'Ikd i gul and 'Ikd i manziihi]. 
By Molvi Muhammad Muhi-ud-din . . . assisted 
by some of those versed in English. Pers. S/- Engl. 
pp.90. ^Z/a// a6a(7, 1881. 8°. 757. co. 14. 

MUHAMMAD MU'IN ul-DIN (Abu '1-Khaiu), 
Mashhadl, Kdzinu. aJyl^-o i_>bT [Adab i mu'ay- 
yinah. An essay on the art of scientific debate. 
With marginal notes.] pp. 38, lith. j^i^^ \rs^ 
[Cawnpore, 1869.] 8°. 14837. g. 10.(1.) 

[Hidayat ul-inu'minin ila silsilat il-salihln. A 





manual of Sunni tenets.] pp. 36, lith. y^ uve 
[Iwc/mou;, 1875.] 8°. 14837. e. 10.(5.) 

MUHAMMAD MU'IN ul-ZAMAN, called Vahshat. 
, ;Xi!j JLa;Js:^ [HadiUaliidanish. Love-tales. Fol- 
lowed by a glossary.] pp. 194^ 20, lith. i^vv 
[Luchnow, 1877.] 8°. 14783. e. 9. 

MUHAMMAD MU'IZZ ul-DIN, surnamed Jahandar 
Shah, Emperor of Hindustan. See Jahandar Shah. 

Murdddbadi. iiilrs- l:l;'jJ, [Ruk'at i Hafiz. Letters.] 
pp. 24, lith. ^jjJK ine {Cawnpore, 1878.] 8°. 

14807. d. 8.(4.) 

MUHAMMAD MUKIM. ^_^a^ . . . ^i ^^I^J L_>li^! 

'jt-iHI t .inJL* <0 [Muutakhab ul-ash'ar. Ghazuls 

from the Divfin of Mukim.] pp. 10, lith. ini 
[Lwc/cnow, 1853.] 8°. 14820. f. 3.(6.) 

Jtc -JLiJ [Nishtar i ghamm. A 

romance in 

verse.] pp. 68, lith. un [Luclcnow, 1866.] 8°. 

14797. d. 5.(3.) 

MUHAMMAD MU'MIN, Hiisainl, Tanahabuni. 
(^^_^^! 'ii^) [Tuhfat ul-mu'minin, or T°. ul-tibb. 
A treatise on medicine.] ff.l96, h7A. i rvi [Persi'o, 
1857.] Fol. 14753. i. 1. 

[Tulifat ul-mu'minm.] pp. 391, /i7/). irAi 

[Pema, 1867.] Fol.' 14753.1.4. 

^jJuiiJl (lisr [Tulifat ul-mu'miuln.] See 

Mdhammad Husain Khan ibn Mchammad Hadi. 
Jl iX>jii^il ii)J^^ [Makhzan ui-adviyah.] margin. 
[1874.] 4°. 14753. g. 4. 

MUHAMMAD MUMTAZ ul-HAKK, Siddllil. ^^• 
jjl JjJ! ^J^^ <o i^jA.*^ kij'"*/^' |»1^' [Tashrili alikam 
il-furkan, or 'Unvan ul-kur'an. A list of the 
Siivahs of the Kur'au, with summaries of their 
subjects in Persian, and a Persian supplement 
(xfij) classifying them according to subject for 
theological purposes.] pp. 54, it%. yj^ uvi [iwcA;- 
now, 1879.] 8°. 14514. c. 3. 

Nalishhandt. [Ma hazar, Turkish commentary on 
Pand-namah.] See Muhammad ibn Ibkahim (Faeid 
ul-DiN)t called 'Attae. 

[Turkish commentary on Kasa'id of Shau- 

kat.] See Shaukat. 

MUHAMMAD MUSA. [Al-Durr ul-mufazzal, com- 
mentary on Mufassal.] See Mahmud ibn 'Dmar, 

der Bibliothek der Deutschen Morgenlandischen 
Gesellschaft. Zweiter Band. Handschriften. Tail 
B : Persische und Hindustanische Handschriften. 
Bearbeitet vou . . . Mahommed Musharraf-ul- 
Hukk. 1911. 8° jSee Academies, efc. — Germany. 

- Deutsche Morgenldndische Gesellschaft. 

011907. ee. 

MUHAMMAD MUSLIH ul-DIN, Ldri. [Shama'il i 
nabavi, commentary on Shama'il i nabi.] See 
Muhammad ibn 'Isa ibn Saurah. 

and Hasrati. ^.-^^s^^ iJAX^ ci^'oK [KuUiyat. 
Collected works, viz. (1) an Urdu Divan, written 
under the tahhallus Shiftah, (2) a Persian Divan, 
in which the poet calls himself fiasrati, (3) Per- 
sian letters. Preceded by a life of the author 
by Nizami Bada'uni.] pp. 90, 1 24, 160, 4, 66, lith. 
^yj):^ nn [Badaon, 19W.] 8°. 14114. g. 12. 

j[l^L> ^j^^ [Gulshan i bikhar. Notices of 

Rekhtah poets, with specimens of their works. 
Second edition.] pp. 401, W/i. ,_jlaj uir [Dt//n', 
1843.] 4°. 14779. c. 17. 

^Iku ^^ [Gulshan i bikhar.] pp. 272, 

lith. y^ iAv4 [LMc&now, 1874.] 8°. 14779. d. 3. 

RAUSHAN KHAN. [Notes on Anvar i suhaili.] ' 
See HusAiN Va'iz, Kdshifh 

[Edit.] See Lata'ip. 

.j'uaJl 'iJu> [Safvat ul-masadir. Para- 
digms of verbs, with notes.] pp. dO,lith. ^ys^J 
I Aii [LaAore, 1864.] 8°. 14837.0.1.(2.) 

,oLaJl iijfl-c [Safvat ul-masadir.] pp. 24, 

lith. irM [Lucknow, 1864.] 8°. 14797. h. 4.(4.) 
.iiUa>Jl 5 jio [Safvat ul-masadir.] pp. 30, 

lith. J jib'i ui 6 [Lahore, 1865.] 8°. 14762. b. 3.(2.) 

• jJ~^] iijio [Safvat ul-masadir.] pp. 20, 

lith. Jiao [Delhi, 1865 ?] 8°. 14837. g. 1.(3.) 

,j'u^l !SjA.c [Safvat ul-masadir.] pp. 24, 

lith. j^'iu^.[Lahore,\870.] 8°. 14837. f. 2.(3.) 





EAUSHAN KHAN (continued). ^jUaJ! 'iji^ [Safvat 
ul-inasadir.] pp.30, /t/A. ^ytl i we [Lahore, 1875.] 
8°. 14837. e. 8.(1.) 

.j'-ajl 'iyu> [Safvat ul-masadir.] pp. 24, 

lilh. Jjbd [Delhi, 1876.] 8°. 14837. f. 14.(6.) 

,jLa*ll iJba [Safvat ul-masadir.] pp. 30, 

nth. J Ja,'i\^.•, [Lahore, 187 6.] 8°. 14837. f. 12.(3.) 

.j'«<x«Jl S^ic [Safvat ul-masadir.] pp. 20, 

lith. [Aleerut, 1877.] 8°. 14820. e. 2.(7.) 

.j'-oJl SyS-c [Safvat ul-masadir.] pp. 2i,liih. 

jj*i)i I r'ic [Cawnpore, [878.] 8°. 14820. e. 2.(8.) 

LS**^^ ij'-a* [Masadir i farsl. Being the 

Safvat ul-masadir re-aiTanged by Bishambliar 
Nath.] pp. 31, Nth. y^ iaat [Luchnow, 1882.] 
8°. 14815. d. 7.(4.) 

KHAN. The life of Hafiz ool-moolk, Hafiz 
Rehmut Khan, written by his son, the Nuwab 
Moost'ujab Khan Buhadoor, and entitled Goolistan- 
i-Rehmut. Abridged and translated from the 
Persian by C. Elliott. (Oriental Translation Fund 
of Great Britain and Ireland.) pp. iv. 144. 
London, 1831. 8°. 14003. d. 6. 

Lf^iJ J'J t^*^^ ' raushan. Notices of poets, with 
specimens of their works.] pp. 868, 17, lith. 
J., jii \ru [Bhopal, 1880.] 8°. 14779. d. 39. 

MUHAMMAD NABI KHAN. [Travels.] See Si- 


MUHAMMAD NA'IM ul-RAHMAN, of Presidency 
College, Madras. [Edit, of Divan of Sarkhvush 
1-61, wiih translation, notes, etc.] See Yahya 
Khan, called Sarkhvosh. 

taj, metrical version of Munabbihat.] See Ahmad 
ibn 'Ali, called Ibn Hajar. 

[Edit, with translation (Hadiyyah i Mu- 

hammadiyyah) of al-Dalil.] /See' Muhammad Ibra- 
hIm ibn HusAiN. 

MUHAMMAD NAJIB, Kddirt, Nagorl. ^_^!^l <_j'JS 
[Kitab i a'ras. A Moslem "Saints' Calendar."] 
pp. 230, 2, i<%. ir..[^^ra,1883.] 8°. 14837. f. 17. 

MUHAMMAD NAJM ul-DIN, Kadirl. [Radd ul- 
kalam il-vahiyah. A tract against MuK. Isma'il'a 
Tard ul-kilfib il-'fiviyah.] See Muhammad Isma'Ii:, 
Khan ibn Muhammad-bakhsh Khan. (_;KJI Ji 
Jl fjyoJI [tard ul-kilab il-'aviyah, etc.] [1881.] 

8". 14712. d. 7.(1.) 


^j'-ii Cu'o'Jkae' L_>'a^ ''''•^y '='^ 



j^ . . . ^^ ^j>.^\ ^ 

U- ^^JiiJl |»isr 4V«.sr< ii'-iiiJl (<«l» 
<ta]/< Cijljjjo' ^'>»«, J j^^ (.fV"^ fc>jJ>^' L_>'jki' 

Jl ^jJjJl iSi^=- 'J'^Js-* ^^ye [(1) A Persian trans- 
lation by M. N. al-D. of the Kitab ul-jinayat (on 
offences against the person), i.e. vol. 6, pt. 1 of 
the Fatavi i 'Alamgiri of Shaikh Nizam ; (2) Ri- 
salah i ta'zirat (on punishments of undefined 
extent) compiled by M. N. al-D. ; (3) a Persian 
translation by M. N. al-D. of the Kitab ul-huduil 
(on punishments of defined extent), i.e. vol. 2, 
pt. 3 of the Fatavi i 'Alamgiri ; (4) a Persian 
translation by Muh. Khalil ul-Din of the Bab ul- 
ta'zir (on the same subject as 2), i.e. bk. 11, pt. 5 
of the Durr ul-mukhtar of Hiiskaff.] pp. 494, 29, 
269, <t^ I Air [CaZcwfto, 1813.] 8°. 757. h. 9. 

[Another copy.] 14736. b. 2. 

ixLLjLo . r^j'^ <)J'^, [A treatise on algebra.] 

See Muhammad ibn Husain (Baha uI-Din). The 
Khoolasut-ool-hisab, etc. pp. 446. 1812. 8°. 

14544. d. 2. 
-AjjJ , jiiiAi i£.j\Li, [Munaza'ah i takdir u tadbir. 
A tract on predestination and free-will, with 
illustrative stories.] pp. 20, lith. J^il iaat 
[Luchioio, 1882.] 8°. 14837. c. 4.(6.) 

MUHAMMAD NASIR, called Fursat and Mirza 
kk\, Husaini. *3^ .UI [Asar i 'Ajam. An illus- 
trated encyclopaedic work on the souih-eastern 
district of Persia, embracing its archaeology, 
geography, history, some account of its poets, 
and other celebrated men, with extracts from 
their works. With marginal notes.] pp. viii. 
603, 1 map 8j' portrait, lith. lA*^ ""'* [Bombay, 
1896.] 4°. 14815. f. 7. 

MUHAMMAD NASiR ibn AHMAD 'All. i_^y 
.Xjijiilll y^ar* (Jj^_ 1 h/^ ^.ji^ [Farhang i Nasiriy- 





yah, or Hall i makhzan ul-adyiyah. A materia 
medica. Followed by a glossary of Indian and 
Moslem medical terms in parallel columns.] pp. 20. 
See Muhammad 'Abd Ullah (Nue uI-DIn). t'iJl 
Jl dOjJ^I [Alfaz ul-adviyah, etc.] pt. 3. [1881.] 

Qo 14753. e. 15.(1-4.) 

J.«J! t>y«.3r* [Mahmud ul-ramal and Nasir ul- 
ramal. Tracts on geomancy.] pp. 50, 53. See 
Eamal. (j-«, (JiLy Sc^Asro [Majma'ah i rasa'il i 
ramal.] [1881.] 8°. 14770. e. 2. 

[Another copy.] 14770. e. 3.(2.) 

aui'j .JoCjj [Sharli i Sikandar-namah. A commen- 
tary on part i. of Nizam i's Iskandar-namah.] 
pp. 355, lith. jy^^ lAvr [OawHpore, 1873.] 8°. 

14787. d. 10. 


Ghiydspuri. ^jf^'^ i_j^ '—^^ ^. ' — 'jL/^ ij-^-!'^' f^^ 
[Alif ba i Nasiri. Elements of Persian writing.] 
pp. 13, ZiiA. y^ lAvv [iwc/irnow, 1877.] 8^ 

14815. f. 2.(3.) 

yoJc ^ ■! [Arba' 'anasir. A Hindustani, 

Persian, Arabic, and English vocabulary, arranged 
according to subjects.] pp. 51, lith. y^ iava 
[Luclcnaw, 1878.] 4°. 14117. e. 12. 

(-5/*'"' '"^'■"^ [Lughat i Nasiri. A Persian- 
Hindustani vocabulary. With marginal notes by 
the author's son, MuH. Ya-sin.] pp. 49, lith. J^ 
lAA. [LucTcnow, 1880.] 8°. 14815. f. 2.(5.) 

i_$.j^^ j^^'^^ ^ '—>;j'^ ejW^' r*?^ [Masadir 

i Nasiri. Paradigms of verbs.] pp. 24, lith. 
y.^ I AVI [Lucknow, 1876.] 8°. 14815. f. 2.(2.) 

.sUij ^ t^^'-J c:->ltyr< [Mufradat i Nasiri. 

A treatise on simple medicaments. Followed by 
Takmilah, an alphabetical list of remedies, in 
Arabic, Persian, and Hindustani, with their 
preparation, properties, eic, explained in Persian. 
With marginal notes. Second edition.] pp.108, 
lith. y^ in. [Lucknow, 1873.] 8°. 

14837. f. 6.(10.) 

i^y^^ ''^ ^ i_J7*''' '^'i/>-< [Mufradat i 

Nasiri. Followed by Takmilah.] pp. 104, lith. 

jjt'i ir.v [Lahore, 1890.] 8°. 14753. d. 10,(4,) 


Gkiyaspurl (continued). *jJjo' *j ; — >^f^ ij';^^'^ /'•^ 

5'ik*i« [Ta'lim i Mustafa'!. A manual of Persian 

conversation.] pp. 24, Zti/i.. y^ Uvi [Lucknow, 

1876.] 8°. 14815. f. 2.(1.) 


[Urdu translation of Ghiya§ ul-lughat.] See Mu- 
hammad Ghiyas uI-Din ibn Jalal u1-DIn. 

MUHAMMAD NASIR ZHAN. [Notes on Kishtzar.] 
See Muhammad Vaets 'Ali Khan. 

'Alim), AKmadi, Khurjavi. [Tuhfat ul-musallin, 
translation of Munyat ul-musalli.] See Sadid 
ul-DiN, Edshghari, 

[Commentary on 'Ilaj ul-amraz.] See 

YusDP ibn Muhammad. 

^li f..Xi [Ta'rikh i Dakkan. An account 

of the province of Hyderabad between 1864 and 
1868, its physical features, government, distin- 
guished men, eic] pp.iv. 305, 13, Kf/t. yi^ lAv. 
[Lucknow, 1870.] 8°. 14773. g. 4. 

^li i?. .U [Ta'i-ibh i Dakkan.] pp. ii. 305, 

lith. yu^ I Avi [Lwc/moio, 1879.] 8°. 14773. h. 6. 
<Xs^,»i- CJU J [Tiryak i khiirjah, A tract 

on venomous snakes and antidotes to their poison.] 
pp. i. 28, lith. 4jj^ irvi [Meerut, 1862.] 8°. 

14787. c. 7.(3.) 

^f^\ ijAJ [Yumn i agfarl. A grammar 

of Eastern Turkish.] pp. 60, lith. yu$3 iava 
[Lucknow, 1878.] 8°. 14837. e. 11.(6.) 

MUHAMMAD NAZIR, Sayyid., Maulavl. [Redaction 
of Tilk 'asharat kamilat.] See Amir Ahmad, 

MUHAMMAD NAZIR ('Abd u1-Hafiz), Hdfiz, 
RdinpUrl. [Suriir ul-'ibad, commentary on Banat 
Su'ad.] See Ka'b ibn Zuhair. 

[Commentary on Karlma.] See Muslih 

ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushareip uI-Din), called Sa'di. 
— Pand-ndmah. 

MUHAMMAD NIYAZ 'ALL [Edit.] See Shuja' 


MUHAMMAD NIZAM ul-DIN, Suhdli. See Mu- 
hammad ibn Kui'B ul-Dix. 





'^-^^f ^J^^ [Inslia i gliarib. Model letters.] 
pp. 30, Uth. [Agra, 1877.] 8". 14807. d. 8.(3.) 

[For discourses aud dicta of il. N. ul-D., as 
embodied iu the Af?al ul-fava"id :] See Khuseau, 

■ jljjjjl Joiji [Fava'id ul-fu'ad. Dicta on 

prayer and other religious observances. Compiled 
by Amir Hasan 'Ala Sanjari.] pp. 259, Uth. 
^£> (AAe [Luchiow, 1885.] 8°. 14718. f. 10. 

The Persian Manual, etc. pp. iii. 214. Lahore, 
1897. 12906. de. 18. 

MUHAMMAD NUR AHMAD. [Notes on Maktii- 
bat.] See Ahmad, called Mujaddid i Alp i Sani. 


j.'viJI Jk^iiiAJ [MaUsiid ul-kari. A tract on the 
reading of the Kur'an ] See Majmu'ah. &z^*^ 
UijlJi JJ'-jj. ci^^AuJo [Majmii'ah i bist rasa'il i 
kira'at.] pp. 12-17. [1891.] 8°. 14703. b. 4. 




[Tuhfat ul-'irfan. Traditions of Muhammad 
relating to horses, their breeding, training, etc. 
Translated from the Arabic by the compiler's son 
Muli. Salih ('Irfan).] pp. 12, Uth. [Luchiow, 
1867 ?] 8°. 14807. g. 2.(7.) 

MUHAMMAD NUR ul-HASAN, called Nayyie. 
[Edit.] See Muuammad Mdhsin, Maulavl, 

MUHAMMAD NUR ULLAH, Maulavl. J*.:^J\ ^lyl 
^'Jiac'' j)Ju!i [Anvar ul-Rahman li-tanvir il-jinan. 
A treatise on the Sufic life, mainly anecdotes 
from the life and expositions of the teaching of 
Shah 'Abd ul-Rahman. Edited by tufail Alimad.] 
pp. 466, Uth. yi$3 irri [Luchiow, 1903.] 8°. 

14724. d. 10. 

[Javahir i zavahir. Models of Arabic and Persian 
calligraphy.] fiF. 30, Uth. JjbJ irlr- [Delhi, 
1876.] Fol. 14117. e. 15.(1.) 

jO;*^ [Mi'yar. An Arabic polemic against 

Christianity. With a Persian translation in 
parallel columns.] pp. 64, Uth. ^J-^'i [Delhi, 
n.d.'] 8°. 14516. bb. 23. 

The Linguist, or Mualim-al-sina. [Part i., vo- 
cabularios, dialogues, forms of letters, etc., in 
English, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Persian, 
and Urdu.] (.luJUI Ax^ Part ii. A teacher for 
all who wish to speak and write the Urdu, Persian, 
Turkish, Arabic, Bhasha, Pushto, English and 
Russian languages.) Uth. Delhi, [1889.] 8". 

14117. b. 43. 

i_-jUs-1 Has: [Tuhfah i ahbiib. Models of 

Arabic and Persian calligraphy.] ff. 18, Uth. 
JjtO [Ddhi, 1875?] Fol. 14117.6.8. 

MUHAMMAD PADSHAH, Munshi. i_>lk".L^ t_>'J^ 
Jl ci.;'JjLU, H£-y*^ ^A«jw« Mujmooae Mootradafat. 

A collection of synonyms, forming an Idiomatic 
Persian Dictionary. Compiled by order of H. H. 
the Maharajah of Vizianagrara ... by Moonshee 
Mohammud Padsha. pp. iv. 381. Benares, 1877. 
8°. 14815. d. 5. 

Mujmooae Mootradafat . . . With index. 

pp. iv. 381, 85. Benares, 1878. 8°. 14815. d. 4. 

MUHAMMAD RA'FAT. [Fava'id nl-i'rab, verse- 
paraphrase of 'Avamil i jadidat.] See MnHAMMAn 
ibn Pie 'Ali. 

MUHAMMAD RAFI', called Bazil. ^^Jo^ <tU^ 
[Hamlah i haidari. An unfinished poetical history 
of Muhammad, Abu Bikr, *Umar, and 'Usman, and 
some account of 'Ali.] pp. iv. 333. inv [Luck- 
now? I8b\.] Fol. 14787. k. 6. 

This edition does not contain the continuation of Najaf. 
See Bieu, Pers. Cat., vol. ii., p. 704. 

^,SJj>- <itU»- [Hamlah i haidari.] pp. 238, 

.329,W/i. ]j^[Muttra,\89b.'] Fol. 14787, k. 16. 

[For continuations (Takmilah) of the 



Hamlah i haidari :] See Ahsan, Miydn. 

See Pasand 'Ali. 

MUHAMMAD RAFI', called Visal, ShlnJzi. 
Jl [Divan. Poems, including Vahshi's Farhad 
Shirin with Visal's continuation. Followed by 
the Divan of Taki 'Aliabadi Mazandarani (Sahib).] 
ff. 354, Uth. I rve [Teheran, 1859.] Fol. 

14797. 1. 6. 


[Al-Risalat ul-sharifah fi rasa ahl bait il-'ismat. 
Elegies on the martyrs of Kerbela, preceded by a 





few on 'All and Fatimah.] pp. 96^ lith. Bombay, 
in. [1893.] 8°. ' 14797. b. 3. 

^—^ t_^i\Ju> (JJUijoj [Safinah i muntakhab. 
Selections from Visal's Divan.] pp. 30, lith. 
yjil lAAA [Lwc/mow, 1888.] 8°, 14797. g. 24.(5.) 

MUHAMMAD EAFI' VA'Ig. See Muhammad ibn 
Fath Ullah. 

iranslation of Tulifat ul-muvaliliidln.] See ValT 
Ullah ibu 'Abd uI-Rahim. 


ul-KuDDus ibn Isma'il. 

[Edit.] See 'Abd 

mentary on Zubdat ul-iarf.] See Zahik ibn 
Mahmcd, 'Alavl. 

MUHAMMAD RASHID, Bardvanl. [Translation 
of Faril'iz i Sirajiyyah.] See Muhammad ibn 
Muhammad (Siraj uI-Din). 

-: [Edit.] See MusLiii ibn 'Abd Ullah 

(MusHAEEiP ul Din), called Sa'di. — KulUydt. 

MUHAMMAD RASHID 'ALI, called Ziya. ^j 
AJJ^i. [Bitsh i sliadid. A tract criticising 'Abd 
ul-Kadir Bada'iiui's decision against the practices 
of the ta'zii/nh or celebration of the martyrdom 
of Hasan and Husain.] pp. 16, lith. \r. , [BuJaun, 
1883.] 8°. 14712. c. 3.(2.) 



MUHAMMAD RIF'AT, of Gallipoli. J\ 

[Mir'at ul-Iughat. A vocabulary of Turkish words, 
explained in Arabic and Persian.] pp. 225. 
^}yii^o^\ ^r^r {Constantinople, \81(S.'] 8°. Turk. 55. 


[Divan. Poems.] pp. 121, lith 

[Bombay, ^n2.] 8°. 14718. d. 8. 

IYA'I. ^J^JyC Jl^sd 

l^Juu.J irr. 

MUHAMMAD RIZA, Hamzavi. [Edit.] See Mu- 
hammad Hafiz, Shlrdzl. 

MUHAMMAD RI?A, Maulavl. 


isy^^ u^y^ [Mukashafat i Rizavl. A commentary 
on obscure verses in the Masnavi, with special 
reference to those alluding to Sufic doctrines.] 
pp. 326, nth. ^A uvv {Lucknow, 1877.] 8°. 

14787. g. 6.(2.) 

. MUHAMMAD RIZA, fabd'tabcVt. ei^sjioT^ J . . . <)d '.^^ ) 

i^f^^ u^jo [An abstract, by Dr. TLolozan, of 

the Report of the Commission on the plague in 
Persia. Followed by another summary by Muh. 
Riza.] [1873.] 12°. See Tholozan (J. D.). 

14753. a. 2. 
MUHAMMAD RIZA, called Nau'i, KhabUshdnl. 
Burning and Melting : being the Suz-u-Gudaz of 
Muhammad Riza Nau'i of Khabiishan. Trans- 
lated into English by Mirza Y. Dawud of Pei-sia 
and Ananda K. Coomaraswamy of Ceylon, pp. 65 ; 
3 plates. London, 1912. 8=. 757. gg. 14. 


Sayyid. Jl iial! JjU J>_) Js'.^/*^ . . . s^J^j j^jj [Dala'il 

ul-zafar fi tazkirat il-safar. The author^s travels 
in India and thence to Mesopotamia.] pp. 48, 
lith. y.£, [Luehiow, 1893.] 8°. 14779. d. 27. 

ddni. f-i^^ Jj [Durr ul-nazim. An exposition 
of verses in the Kur'an, preceded by an epitome 
of the principles of its interpretation.] pp. 366, 
95, W^. I rvi [Persia, 1862.] Fol. 14703. d. 2. 

Tlie Rejoinder of Mohammed Ruza of 

Humadan, in answer to Mr. Martyn's tracts. 
[Translated into English.] See Martyn (H.). 
Controversial Tracts, eic. pp. 161-450. 1824. 8°. 

767. d. 40. 
[Jauufit ul-khulud. Tables of (1) names of God 
with meaning, and (2) names and some account 
of the Prophets, MuBammad, Fatimah, the Imams, 
Caliphs, rulers of various countries, eic] ff. 35, 
lith. Jj^ WM [Teheran, \M8.] Fol. 14779. i. 1. 

[Januat ul-khulud.] S.Zb,lith. ^1 .i i n \ 

[re/iera«, 1852.] Fol. 14779. k. 3. 


Tabrlzl. J'JLJI (J-i'^s- [Hida'ik ul-'uslishiik. 
A work on Sufisin.] pp. 138, lith. jy>;>^ ifv, 
iCawnpore, 1854.] 8°. 14724. f. 1. 

i'ijjtj^ [Ziirbat i haidariyyah. A Shi'ah contro- 
versial work.] pp. ii.431,h'</i. JM \r^^ [Luclmovi, 
1879.] Fol. ^' 14712.1.4. 

MUHAMMAD RUKN ul-DIN, Purharsunki. [Edit.] 
See Muhammad Ghulam Faeid. 

MUHAMMAD SABIR HUSAIN, called Saba, Saha- 
svdni. *^" ^J^ [Lisan ul-'Ajam. A vocabulary 





of foreign and unfamiliar words arranged alpha- 
betically by subjects.] pp. 70, lith. y^ irie 
iLucknow, 1878.] 8°. 14820. e. 2.(9.) 

MUHAMMAD SA'D, called Ghalib. ayj'-i _y: Jui'x 

['Afiyah. A commentary on Ibn ul-Hajib's 
Arabic grammar Shafiyah.j pp. 312, lifh. uva 
[Cawnpore, 1878.] 8°. 14594. a. 2.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD SA'D ULLAH, Mu/tl, of Eampur. 
[Edit.] See Sana Ullah, Pdnlpatl. 

• J^l ^yi ^ J^yi ^t)ly [(1) Navadir 

nl-vusul, a commentary on 'All Akbar's Arabic 
primer Fusul i Akbari ; (2) Nfir ul-sabali fl 
aghlat il-Surali, corrections of errors in Jamal 
Kurashi'a Arabic- Persian dictionary Surali (a 
translation of Jauhari's Siliali) ; (3) Vujiih i 
taraklb i tasmiyah, on grammatical combinations 
of the words of the Blsmillah formula ; (4) Khair 
ul-musahhil li-mas'alat il-tuhr il-mutakhallil 
(Arabic), on purification of women, from a com- 
mentary on Mahmud b. 'Ubaid Ullah's Viliayah ; 
(5) Risalah i 'ilm ul-vajib ta'ala, on God's self- 
existence ; (6) al-Tanvih bi'1-tashbih, on rheto- 
rical comparison.] pp. 352, ?t'</i,. jju^ in I \_Luc'k- 
now, 1893.] 8°. 14820. e. 7. 

. JJI Lljjs a;!'.-.. [Hidayat nl-niir. A tract 

on orthodox Moslem treatment of the nails and 
the hair.] pp. 48, lith. ^yt>'J [Lahore, 1894.] 8". 

14718. f. 12.(10.) 

i^^-ij i^^j ?-«••• jt^^'il (j1^ [Miziin ul- 

afkar. A commentary on the Mi'yar ul-ash'ar, 
a treatise on prosody and rhyme sometimes 
ascribed to Nasir ul-Dln Tiisi. Followed by a 
tract on ruhai metres.] pp. 222, lith. itap 
[Luchnow, 1865.] 8°. 14837. g. 3.(6.) 

ul/*^' C^ L5* ci'^' J'^'^i^ [Navadir ul- 

bayan fi 'uliim il-Kur'an. Rules for recitation 
of the Kur'an.] pp. 2^, lith. .JSslI n.. [Lahore, 
1900.] 8". ^ 14703. b. 3.(3.) 

^lilyJl Aolk* j_yA.«.« \:DAji -Ac S'wMT, [Khu- 

lasat ul-navadir. An abridgment of Navadir ul- 
bayan.] See Kub'an. Jl tijJ>li Ac S'-^ [Kur'an, 

etc.l .[1847.] Fol. 

14507. d. 3. 

J^^l ^j^ ^J Jr<='^' v'^V [Navadir ul- 

vusiil. A commentary on the Arabic grammar 

Fusul i Akbari.] pp. 284, /j7/t. y^^ ir^v[Lueknow, 
1880.] 8°. 14820. f. 6. 

Jl <u.«5 aJL-. [Risalah i lamiyyah. A 

grammatical tract on Arabic articles.] pp. 7. 
See 'Au Akbar ibn 'Ali. Jl <u.«ll is)'^ [Fusiil 
i Akbari, etc.] [1864 ?] 8". 14797. h. 3.(7.) 

MUHAMMAD SA'D ULLAH, called Ashuptah. 
[Commentary on Nauras.] See Muhammad (NOe 
uI-Din), TursMzl. 

MUHAMMAD SADIK, Javnpurl. [Edit.] See 
MuiiAMMAD ibn Khavand Shah. 

MUHAMMAD SADIK, Marvazl. [Edit.] See Fath 
'AlI Shah. 

MUHAMMAD SADIK, Mashhadi. [Edit.] See 
McHAMMAD Bakir ibn Mohammad TakI. 

MUHAMMAD SADIK, MUsavi, Khvdnsarl. [For 
Ziya ul-tafasir, commentary on Kur'an by M. S., 
published with the Kur'an :] See Kur'an. 

(_^'.Aji]| *U^) [Ziya ul-tafasir. A com- 
mentary on the Kur'an.] ff. 531, lith. irn 
[Teheran, 1882.] Fol. 14514. e. 5. 

MUHAMMAD SADIK, SMharpuru [Edit.] See 
Muhammad HIfiz, Shlrdzl. 

MUHAMMAD SADIK ibn SALIH, called Mibza 
Sadik Mina, Dfahdm, Azdddnl. The Geographical 
Works of Sadik Isfahani [viz. Talikili ul-i'rab and 
Talivim ul buldan, from his miscellany entitled 
Shahid i Sadik.] Translated by J. C. from 
original Persian MSS. in the collection of Sir W. 
Ouscley, the editor. (Oriental Translation Fund 
of Great Britain and Ireland.) pp. xiii. 152. 
London, 1832. 8°. 14003. d. 11, 

MUHAMMAD SADIK 'ALI, Lahhnavi. [Edit., with 
notes, of Akbar-namah.] See Abo 'I-Fazl ibn 

[Edit.] See Abu Nasb, Fardhl. 

[Commentary on Divan of Hafiz.] See 

Muhammad Hapiz, Shlrdzl. 

[BJit.] See Shihab Shams 'Amr. 

[Commentary on Ruba'iyyat of 'Umar 

Khayyam.] See 'Umar Khayyam. — Ruhuiyydt. 





MUHAMMAD SADIK 'ALI, called Ghalib. [Edit.] 
See 'Abd Ullah (Ab0 'Ali). 

[Edit., with notes, etc., of Zulali's Mas- 

navi.] See Adu '1-Hasan, called Zolali, 

[Edit.] See Hosaih Injo. 

[Commentary on KuUiyat of Khakanl.] 

See IbkahIm ibn 'Ali Najjar. 

SHARIF KHAN. ^jJ^l ^jj^k^ [Makliazia ul- 
ta'lim. A manual of medicine. Edited by the 
author's son, Ghulam Murtaza.] pp. 320, lith. 
jyj6^ lAAr [Gawnpore, 1882.] 8°, 14753. d. 5. 

^Loll ^^jlir* [Makhazinul-ta'llm.] pp.316, 

lith. JisoO irr," [Delhi, 1905.] 8°. 14753. d. 13. 


'ALliKamhuh. AjJo 1^^! [Arvali i salasah. 3 tracts, 
viz. (1) Risalah i manliut, or Jannat, a list of 
words each letter of which has a diacritic point ; 
(2) R°. i ghair i mankut, or Iram, words without 
diacritic points; (3) R°. i maklvib, or Kalb ul- 
lughat, words giving an intelligible meaning 
whether read backward or forward.] pp. 176, lith. 
Jo^ [J5am'Hy, 1885.] 8°. 14807. e. 10. 

MUHAMMAD SA'ID, Efendi. [Mulistan, Turkish 
version of Gulistan.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah 
(MusHAEEiP uI-Din), called Sa'di. — Gulistan. 

MUHAMMAD SA'ID, called MIb Jumlah, Md'a/.zam 
Khan, and Khan-khanan. [Campaigns.] See 
Ahmad ibn Mohammad ValI. 


J'-i.i. ^j^\S [Gulshan i khayal. Chronograms for 
all dates between 3 and 1954.] pp. 248, lith. 
I ^-> [Lucknow, 1880.] 8°. 14773. d. 22. 

MUHAMMAD SA'ID ul-DIN, Khairdhddl. sj^ Jjd 
[Fighan i Sa'Id. An elegy on the death of the 
author's sons Rashid and ShahJd. Edited by 
MuH. 'Abd ul-'AlI Madras! (Asi).] pp. 32, lith. 
y^ irio [Lucknow, 1897.] 8°. 14797. e. 36.(8.) 

MUHAMMAD SAJID, Kddiri. [Sharh i 'ajib, com- 
mentary on YusufuZulaikha.] See' Abd u1-Rahman 
ibn Ahmad, called Jam!. — Yusuf u Zulaikhd. 

MUHAMMAD SAKI, called Musta'idd Khan. 
[Muutakhabat i Alaraglr-namah, abridgment of 
Muh. Kazim's A°.] See Muhammad Kazim ibn 
Muhammad Amin. 
The Maasir i 'Alamgiri of Muhammad 

Saqi Musta'idd Khan. [A history of the reign 
of Aurangzib, A.H. 1068-1118.] Edited in the 
original Persian, by Maulawl Agha Ahmad 'AH. 
(J ^y^lc y U) pp. 550, 68. 1870-73. See 
Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of 
Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica, etc. vol. 66. 1848, 
etc. 8°. 14002. a. (vol. 66.) 

[Tahrir ul-shahadatain, commentary on Sirr 
ul-sh°.] See 'Abd ul-'Aziz, Bihlavl. 

15*^ uV-'^ [Divan. Poems.] pp. 252, lith. 

j^^ irvA [Cawnpore, 1861.] 8°. 14797. d. 1. 

MUHAMMAD SALIH, lifahdnl. i^j^^ J-i^ JT) 
[Al tamgha i Nasiri. Part i. of a Turki-Persian 
dictionary. Preceded by an abridgment of Muh. 
Mahdl Klian's grammatical introduction to the 
Sanglakh usually entitled Mabani ul-lughah. 
Edited with preface by Riza Kuli Khan.] AT. 64, 
lith. [Persia, n.d.] 4°. 14815. b. 3, 

MUHAMMAD SALIH, Kanhu, Ldhauri. [Preface 
to Bahar i dauish.] See 'Inayat Ullah. 

'Amal-i-Salih or Shah Jahan Namah. [A 

history of the Emperor Shah-jahan] . . . Edited 
by G. Yazdani. (i«U y;'.fsr»Li Ju |.y"j^l J'vc lUc) 

1912, etc. See Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — 

Asiatic Society of Bengal. Bibliotheca Indica, etc. 

vol.221. 1848, efc. 8°. 14002, a. (vol. 221.) 

In progress. 

MUHAMMAD SALIH, Mazandardni. [Commen- 
tary on Shafiyah.] See 'Usman ibn 'Umae, called 
Ibn u1-Hajib. 

MUHAMMAD SALIH, Shlruzi. Persian Dialogues 
. i . with an English translation by W. Price, 
pp. 48. Worcester, 1822. 4°. 825. i. 17. 

Dialogues Persans et Fran9ais. [Edited 

by W. Price.] pp. 189-236. [TForces to-, 1825.^] 
4°. 825. i. 16.(2.) 

Persian Dialogues. (Dialogues Persans eb 

Fran9ais.) pp. 48,48. See Peice ( W.). AGrammar 





of the three principal Oriental Languages, etc. 
1823. 4°. . 12907. e. 33. 

MUHAMMAD SALIH, called 'Irpan. [Translation 
of Traditions on horses.] See Mohammad Nur 
ul-DiN, SiddiUi. 


Siddila. yjiV ^jXfue [Mu'in ul-alfaz. A Persian- 
Hindustani glossary to the Gulistan, Bustan, 
Iskandar-namah, etc. Followed by Miftah i 
Gulistan, a Hindustani translation of the Arabic 
extracts in the Gulistan. Second edition.] 
pp. 60, 14, lith. ^Jm^ irvv [Bovibay, I860.] 8°. 

14815. d. 2. 

MUHAMMAD SALIM 'All, Murdddhadi. J^.4«r*^l^ 
[Nigar i MaKraiid. An erotic poem on the loves 
of Sultan Mahmiid of Ghazna.] pp. 96, lith. 
jIjTjL« lAAi [if orarfatacZ, 1881.] 8°. 

14797. h. 24.(1.) 

'AZIM KHAN, i^' <.JuJ;J3 [Takshif ul-hikmat. 
A treatise on Materia Medica and pharmacy.] 
pp.l89,Zi<A. iAii[iMcfc«0M;,1869.] 8°. 14753.d.l. 

MUHAMMAD SANA ULLAH, Pdnipati. iLo jo il U 
[Ma la ibudd minhu. A catechism of religious 
observances. Second edition, collated with the 
author's autograph manuscript and previous 
editions by Muhibb UUah Panipati and others. 
Followed by Risalah i izhar ul-lialal va'1-haram, a 
tract on the lawfulness of Moslems eating meat 
sold or slain by non-Moslems, compiled by Muli. 
Husain of Tibet. With marginal notes.] pp.164, 
lith. jyxi\^ I ^^r[Cawnpore, 1873.] 8°. 14718. g. 2. 

pp. 164, Zi'iA. .vul^iAA, {Gawnpore, 

1880.] 8°. ' 14718. g. 5. 

pp. 164, Zt</i. ^^1^ lAAr \_Cawnpore, 

1882.] 8°. " 14718. g. 4. 

li^j fJL>S»-jj cU-j (dJL^^ii <s!l«, [Mas'alah 

i sama' va-vahdat i vujQd. A tract on the legi- 
timacy of music for true Moslems. Edited by 
Muh. 'Abd ul-Ahad.] pp. 12, lith. ^^li iaii 
[Belhi, 1891.] 8°. 14712. e. 13.(5.) 

4>l**5l ^^d^ [Tazkirat ul-ma'ad. An essay 

on eschatology.] pp. 60, K<^. j^^ ii'a* \_Gaivn- 
pore, 1863.] 8°. ^' 14807. g. 3.(6.) 

MUHAMMAD SANA VLLhTS.,rdnlpaii (continued). 

.^juiJlj i^^^ iSsi [Tazkirat nl-mauta va'1-Uubur. 
A tract on death, burial, e<c.] pp. 36, lith. .yt'J 
I rAA [La/(ore, 1871.] 8°. 14807. d. 2.(1.) 

pp. 36, lith, jjti ir.i [Lahore, 

1889.] 8°. ^ 14712. e. 13.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD SHAFI', Edfiz. [Glosses, etc., to 
A by at i mustakhlas.] See Abd '1-Kasim ibn Abi 

MUHAMMAD SHAFI', Mdzandardm. ^*sr< (_>'J/ 
(JjJUJl! [Majma' ul-tamsll. A reading-book for 
students of Persian, lithographed in the Naskhi, 
Nasta'lik, and Shikastah hands.] 3 pts., lith. 
jy_^ \r^6 [Tabriz, ISGd.] 4". 757. cc. 19.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD SHAH, Maulavl. [Edit, of Khair 
ul-mava'iz, with translation and notes.] See 
Muhammad Zaman Khan. 

MUHAMMAD SHAKIR. [Hadiyyat ul-'irfan, 
Turkish commentary on Baharistan.] See' 'Abd 
ul- Rahman ibn Ahmad, called J aki.— Baharistan. 

MUHAMMAD SHAMS ul-DIN, Maulavl. [Edit., 
with translation, etc., of Makamat.] See Kasim 
ibn 'Au (Abo Muhammad). 

Jl j-flJl (Jj>! i^lc^-J !i'./k;^l . . . [I'lam ahl il-'asr. 
An Arabic work on morning prayer. Followed 
by (2-3) two Arabic works on Traditions, by 
Muh. b. Isma'il Bukbari and Muh. b. Ahmad 
Zahabi, and (4) al-Kaul ul-muhakkik, on the 
lawfulness of castrating eatable animals to 
improve their flesh, in Persian, by Muh. Shams 
ul-Hakk.] pp. ii. 154, 8, WA. JiftJ ir.-i [2)e/W, 
1889.] Fol. 14521.6.22. 

MUHAMMAD SHARIF, Mustafa' dbddi. [Al-Takrir 
ul-aslam, commentary on Musallim ul-subut.] See 
MuHiBB Ullah ibn 'Abd u1-Shakce. 

MUHAMMAD SHARIF, called Md'tamad Khan. 
[For the continuation of Jahangir's Memoirs by 
M. Sh. :] See JahangIr. 

HAMMAD, called Kashif. ^'^j ^ J^}^ \^^^ [Khi- 
zan u bahar. Moral tales and anecdotes in prose 
and verse.] pp. 127, lith. Jiji irvi [Tahris, 
I860.] 4°. 14783. c. 10.(2.) 





HAMMAD, called Kaship (continued). {j.%i ^ ij\j^^ 
[Khizan u baliar.] pp. 131, lith. irAi [2'a^m ? 
18G7.] 8°. 14749. d. 5. 


Sharifi, a Materia Medica, and (on margin) 
Risalah i kbavass ul-javahir, on properties of 
precious stones, by Muli. Sharif. With (on 
margin) 5 works of Ghulam Muh. Khan, viz. 
R°. i vaba, on plague, R°. i chiib-chini, on China- 
root, R°. i ma'kiil u mashrub, on diet, R°. i 
zubdat ul-akhlak, on ethics, and R°. i khunsa, on 
hermaphroditism. Edited by Ghulam Riza Khan.] 
pp. 228, lilh. ^laj irA. [Delhi, 1863.] 8°. 

14753. e. 1. 

^*w .Is iji\j^1] _ic ['Ilaj ul-amraz i farsT. 

A treatise on therapeutics. Followed by 7 
medical and hygienic tracts by Yusuf ibn Muh. 
(Yusufi).] pp. 694. ji^ lAvi [Lucknow, 1879.] 
8°. 14753. e. 14. 

L5%''"* L/''/*^^' TT^ \^^^^i ul-amraz.] pp. 530, 

\Q,llth. J^Oir.r[i>ti/a", 1886.] Fol. 14753. h.5. 

The Taleef Shereef, or Indian Materia 

Medica ; translated from the original. By 
G. Playfair. pp. viii. 189. Calcutta, IBi^. 8°. 

757. CO. 16. 

iX«'J <w'^ ['Ujalah i nafi'ah. A pharma- 
copoeia arranged in alphabetic order.] pp. 470, 
lith. y4$3 lAvr [iw/fnow, 1873.] 8°. 14753. c. 3. 

MUHAMMAD SHIBLI, Numdnl. [Edit.] See 
Academies, etc. — Allahabad. — University of Allah- 

\J^ uV-'^ [Divan. Poems.] pp. 71, lith. 

j^^ iCawnpore.l'im.'] 8°. 14797.11.(2.) 

^ i£.y*s^ [Majmu'ah i nazm. Poems on 

various subjects.] pp. bO, lith. slj lAir [Agra, 
1893.] 8°. 14797. g. 25.(5.) 

f^ J tShi'r ul-'Ajam. Urdu notices of 

Persian poets with ' extracts from their works.] 
sy Ju: HI. [Aligarh, 1910, etc.] 8°. 14109. aa. 24. 
In progress ? Forma part of the series Silsilah i Asafiyyah. 

MUHAMMAD SHiU KHAN. j!Ul ^^ ^Jiay 
[Hindustani glossary of Persian and Arabic words 

in part i. of Sada-sukha Lala's class-book Gul- 
dastah i akhlak.] pp. 32, lith. JSij^^ i aa i [Alignrh, 
1881.] 8°. 14820.8.2.(13.) 

j^r^ J r^ [Tarz i tahrir. An elementary 

letter-writer.] pp. iv. 28, lith. iava [Aligarh, 
1878.] 8°. 14807. d. 8.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD SHIRIN, called Shams i Maghriei. 

^ JLo i,.w«Ju^ jyi^ i\4cs-* jjl^^.ii [Divan. Poems.] 

^p.VoQ, lith. irA. [re/ieraft? 1863.] 8^ 

14787. a. 3. 
The first page of the Brit. Miis. MS. described in Mieu's 
Cat., vol. ii.,p. 633, is ivanting in this edition. 



. ^y^ [Divan. Followed by Jami's 

commentary on some verses of Riimi's Masnavi.] 
pp. 92, lith. ^J^i frn [Bombay, 1894..] 8°. 

14797. 0. 19.(2.) 
SahasrHml. (JXilt) 'SJy.s^^ '-/*' [Shai-h i ganjinah i 
danish.] (An Urdu key to Ganjinai danish, 
part i., by M. Shujait Ali Khan.) pp. 90, lith. 
Allahabad, 1903. 12°. 14117. aa, 55.(3.) 

MUHAMMAD SIDDIK, Bangalurl. [Mukhammasat 
i shahr ashub, takhmJs on odes of flafiz and Ni'mat 
Khan 'Ali.] See Muhammad Hafiz,, Shtrdzi. 

MUHAMMAD SIDDIK, Bey. [Hindustani transla- 
tion of Paud-namah.] See Nasir uI-Din ibn'UEAiD 

MUHAMMAD SIDDIK, Maulavl. [Edit, with notes 
of Gulistan.] See Muslih ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mu- 
SHAREiP uI-Din), called Sa'di. — Gulistan. 

Nawab of Bhopal. [For criticism of doctrines of 
M. S. H.^s Divan :] See Ahmad, called 'Ajiz. 

^yJi^\^ ^lill iIjJUj ^jJ^I 'iii^J>\. [Ifadat 

ul-shuyiikh. A treatise on the abrogating and 
the abrogated texts of the Kur'an and the tradi- 
tions of Muhammad.] pp. 124, //i/t. ,yb^J il.. 
[Lahore, 1900.] 8°. 14703. b. 3.(2.) 

Imperfect: wanting pp. WZ-XIQ. 

LsvaiJlj h^^\ jJ ii:s\«3aJl ^liUll [Al-Makalat 

ul-fasiliat. Amanualof religious advice.] pp.178, 
lith. o'jT^l iru [^^ra, 1881.] 8°. 14718. f. 5. 

J^^l Ll^ij'^1 ik«jl J! ^}yc^] ^ [Mau- 

haj ul-vusul. A treatise on the science of tradition. 





Edited by Sayyid Zu '1-FaKar Alimad Bliopall, 
aided by 'Abd ul-Saraad Pasliavari.] pp. 234, 
nth. J[,^ irulBhopal,\87o.'] 8°. 14707. d. 1. 

^1^1 c,b jJL ^J ^llJ' CJl^ [Misk ul- 

khatam. A commentary on Iba Hnjar's Buliiy;h 
ul-maram, an Arabic collection of traditions.] 
2 vols., //</(. jyjj\i irAA-1. [Cawnpore, 1871-73.] 
Fol. ' 14521. ee. 15. 

Rauz ul-khasib. An encyclopaedic work in Persian 
and Arabic, with some Hindustani poetry, cliiefly 
on the proper treatment of the soul and body.] 
-pp. 233, nth. j'ol^l iru [4^m, 1881.] 8°. 

14815. d. 8. 

nl-tib. Ghazah and other minor poems, in alpha- 
betic order.] pp. 88, lith. 4>'jI^! ini [Agra, 
1882.] 8°. ^14797. g. 16.(8.) 

(j/*^' f^ [Sham i anjuraan. Notices of 

poets, with extracts from their works.] pp. xvi. 
b84:,Uth. if\r[Bhopal,l876.] 8°. 14779. d. 47.(1.) 

The inner title-page hears date 1292. 

MUHAMMAD SIKANDAR, called Vasil, Khdlispurl. 
*'.*1jJ1 kis.' [Tuhfat ul-'ulama. An Arabic theo- 
logical essay. With commentary and notes by 
divers. Followed by Mahmiid Shah Flriizpuri^s 
Hasil ul-tuUfah, in Hindustani, on the origin of 
the Tuhfah, and Da ud Putrik's Nafi' ul-salikin, 
a Persian life of Muh. Sikandar.] pp. 132, IHh. 
^^jluj in. [Bonifcajf, 1893.] 8". 14516.0.27. 

MUHAMMAD SULAIMAH, Maulavi. [Life of Abd 
ul-HiiUk Dihlavi.] See 'Abd dI-Hakk ibn Saip 
ul-DiN. ^jjUi^l jIX [Takmilul-iman.] [1882.] 
8°. 14712. d. 1. 

MUHAMMAD SULAIMAN, called NahIpj, Efendl. 
[Turkish translation of Masiiavl.] See Muham- 
mad ibn Mohammad (Jalal uI-Din), Rumh 

Tunis. [Life.] See Najm u1-Din, Niigdrl. 

[Life and Dicta.] See Yab Muhammad 

ibn Taj Muhammad. 

Ghdlam Muhammad Sultan ibn Tipu Sultan, 

MUHAMMAD TAHIR, Kdshunl. [Notes on Mas- 
navi.] See Muhammad ibn Muhammad (Jalal uI- 
Din), Rumi. 

MUHAMMAD TAHIR, called Ghani, Kanhmirl. 

^Ja jjI^J [Divan. Poems. E.lited with preface 
by Muh. 'All (Mahir). With marginal notes.] 
pp. 143, lith. jy)S\^ lAVA [Caienpore, 1878.] 8°. 

14797. h. 21.(2.) 

L_XiaJ j^ ^_jii cjV'^ [Divan. With the 

preface of Muh, 'Ali (Mahir) and marginal notes. 
Followed by a glossary by Abu Sulaiman Ahmad 
(Muh. Ashraf 'Ali) Lakhnavl.] pp. 128, 16, lith. 
yi^ I All [LMcfenoto, 1891.] 8°. 14797. h. 29. 

[Munsha'at. OfiBcial letters written in the name 
of 'Abbas II. of Persia, with prefaces composed 
by M. T. V. for various literary works. Edited 
by Siraj ul-Din Ahmad Lakhnavl ( Ishrat).] 
pp. 244. • i:i^ lAi-i [Calcutta, 1826.] 8°. 

14807. d. 3. 

i) [Insha i Tahir Vahid, or 



\ A 

Munsha'at. With marginal notes.] pp. 18S, lith. 
yj^ IA1A [LMcftnow, 1868.] 8°. 14807. e. 1.(1.) 

J^="5 T*'"^ [Insha. With marginal notes.] 

pp. 183, lith. ^^ lAvr [Luchiow, 1873.] 8°. 

14807. e. 9. 


1 (^'-^ u-'-^ *'-^ ^J^ 

^'J/ ^^ [An 

extract from M. T. V.'s history of 'Abbas II.] 
See DoBN (B.). Muhammedanische Quellen, etc. 
Th. iv. pp. 532-533, 1850-58. 8°. 757. h. 26, 

MUHAMMAD TAJ ul-DIN, called Bahjat. [Cha- 
manistan, commentary on Gulistau.] See Muslih 
ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushakkif u1-Din), called Sa'di, 
— Gvlistdn. 

MUHAMMAD TAKI, Shlrdzl. [Edit, of Nukhbah 
with notes.] See Muhammad Ibrahim ibn Muham- 
mad Hasan. 

MUHAMMAD TAKI, Tuhrizl. J^^^ o^'y- [Kha- 
vass ul-Kayavan, A dictionary of the medicinal 
properties of animals, based upon Damlri's Hayiit 
ul-hayavan. Followed by Anis ul-'ushshak, on 
similes to express female beauty, by Hasan ibn 
Muh. Rami.] ff. 102, lith. irv1-Ar [PevMa, 
1862-66.] 8^ 14759. b. 2, 





MUHAMMAD TAKI, called LisIn u1-Mulk and 
SiPiHB, Kdshdnl, Mustaufl. Jl *=:*'' ^^1^ i_>'J5' 
[Barahin ul-'Ajam. A work on prosody, with espe- 
cial reference to rhyme in weak letters.] fF. 165. 
^^l^zL irvr [TeAeran, 1855.] 8°. 14812. b. 1. 

. . . iV'-' '*'-*' (^i'^' r*''-^' ej'-^=^' • • • ij^j^ 

(nij^j f.p) J' ^i^ri [Nasikh ul-tavarlkh. A 
general history from the Creation down to A.H. 
1267, A.D. 1851. Book i., pts. 1 &2.] 2 vols., lith. 
[Teheran, 1860 ?] Fol. 14773. k. 3. 

Jl ^. lU'-iil i^'J *jii 4-*'^ j' f*-*^ '^'^ [Nasikh 

ul-tavarikh, bk. ii., pt. 6. The history of the 
martyr Husain ibn 'All. With marginal notes.] 
pp. 24, 552, nth. \r.i [Bombmj, 1892.] Fol. 

14779. h. 9. 

F'>''y" /'^'^ t— ;lisnjl [Intikhab i nasikh ul- 

tavarlkh. Selections from Nasikh ul-tavarikh, 
for examinations for the title of Munshi.] pp. 200, 
nth. jj&'i lUi [Lahore, 19Q4:.'\ 8°. 14773. dd. 1. 

[For extracts from Nasikh ul-tavarikh 

prescribed for the Punjab University Intermediate 
Course, translated:] See Academies, e<c. — Lahore. 
— Punjab University. 

MUHAMMAD TAKI, called Sahib, 'Aluihddt, Md- 
zandardnl. J'(_jaJ \jjjyo . . •^j'y.'i [Divan. Poems.] 
See Muhammad Rafi', called Visal. Jl jjIuJ 
[Divan.] ff. 305b-354. [1859.] Fol. 14797. 1. 6. 

MUHAMMAD TAKI, called Shahid i Salis, BurMnl. 

^^jJaIuJI ;^W^ (-_>'a/ Ijjb [Majalis ul-muttakln. 
A work on Shi'ah doctrine and morals.] fF. 152, 
llth. irv. [Persia, 1854.] Fol. 14712.1.2. 

JJ' j'jis^l i^'oi" \m> [Ihkak ul-hakk. A polemic 
against the Babis and Baha'is.] pp. xviii. 474 
Uth. [Pema, 1912 ?] Fol. 14724. k. 1. 


Isfahani. ['Hal ul-alikam, translation of 'Hal ul- 
sharaM'.] See Mohammad ibn 'AlI, called Ibn 

[Translation of 'Uyun nl-akhbSr, with 

Kashf ul-nikab, commentary on same.] See 
Muhammad ibn 'Ali, called Ibn Babayaih. 


Isfahanv [contimted). [Translation of Kashf ul- 
anvar and K°. ul-ghara'ib.] See Muhammad 
Bakir ibn Muhammad Taki. 


Kdshdnl. [Translation of Sirr ul-hikmah.] See 
Schlimmee (J. L.). 


(Jl JJbuJjljt)) J! (J,jiU Lj cu'jolj i£-yt^ [Vaki'at. 

Elegies on Hasan and Husain, etc., by MuUbil, 
Muhtashim, Nasibl, Zuhiiri, and Nasim. Pre- 
ceded by two duvazdah-band elegies, on 'Ali and 
Husain respectively, by Mulitashim, the second 
including a takhmis by Nasibi.] pp. xv. 364, Vdh. 
jJL^ (Ai. [Luclcnow, 1890.] 8°. 14787. g. 23. 

The title-page incorrectly specifies Vdlii'at by Muklilis 
and Ulfatl as also included in the book. 

[s'c] (_y^y^ ^^=^ vV«.=r« Lo d;'>*3l_j [Vaki'at. 

Elegies by Muli. Khata Shush tari and others on 
the death of Husain and other saints of the 
Prophet's family and prayers for their souls.] 
pp. 246, Z/«A. yJl ui. [LikIcuow, 1890.] 8". 

14797. h. 33. 
MUHAMMAD TAKI ul-DIN, Kanaujl. ^IL^l 'iijc^ 
J! [Mitrakat ul-islam. A reply to the strictures 

of 'Abd ul-Kadir ibn Fazl Rasiil Bada'iinT upon 
Ghayat ul-kalam, an anonymous tract on points 
of creed and practice.] pp. 212, Uth. li'oljj^ 
[Moradabad, J 878.] 8°. 14712. g. 8. 

MUHAMMAD TAKI KHAN, called Hakim. ^^3S 
Jl i^j^lo ^J^ . . . [Ganj i danish. A geographical 

and historical gazetteer of Persia.] pp. 573, Uth. 
ir.o [Teheran, 1887.] Fol. 14762. g. 3. 

MUHAMMAD TARAGHA'I, Mrrzd, surnamed Ulugh 
Beg Gurgan, King of Khorasan. See Ulugh Beg 
ibn Shahrukh. 

MUHAMMAD TEGH, Bahadur. [Edit.] See 'Abd 
u1-Kadie (Nuseat ul-DiN Abu '1-Muzappae). 

[Kitab i tadbir. An essay on the need for 
improving the condition of Indian Moslems and 
the means thereto.] pp. 72, Zi</i. jUU! iavi 
[Allahabad, 1879.] 8°. 14749. e. 7. 





MUHAMMAD 'UMAR, GhiMl. j_,4-^l . . . c:-oyJfc Slili 
c:^>^ iUsAls tO ['i'autauuh i suulat, or Ghulghuliili 
i haibat. A defeuce of music, based upon the 
Kur'an and tradition.] pp. GO, lith. ^Jy^ ""•* 
[Af«m«<, 1887.] 8°. 14718. f. 12.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD 'UMAR. itaklm. [Notes on Shurish 
i 'islik.] See Mui'iammad (Abu M-Mahmud). 

MUHAMMAD 'UMAR, Schoolmaster. xL.Ali J^ 
v_^i «^ lA'l'^ [Sbarli i guldastah i danish. A 
Hindustani glossary and notes on Guldastah i 
danisli, selections from Sa'di's Gulistan and 
Bustan.] pp. 232, //</(. J^ <^u [Mcerut, 1892.] 
12°. 14822. a. 10. 

MUHAMMAD 'UMAR, called Sieaj uI-Hakk, Shah. 
^.JiJ>^^ ci^ll^^jt^ ^Jju ^ <OA*2i.iIl j]y] [Auvar ul- 
Afimadiyyah. A treatise on the teaching and 
practices of Muli. 'Abd ul-'AzIz (Shah Makbiil 
Ahmad).] pp. xvi. 573, lith. ,^\j^ it [Mcerut, 
1914.] 8°. 14728. d. 3. 

MS. notes and corrections on pp. 561-68. 

MUHAMMAD 'UMAR (Nur Ullah), Kdzl, Hakim. 
JU-e .y [Nur i zama'ir. A masnavl poem on 
the 99 names of God. Followed by Khavass i 
asnia i husna, a prose discourse on virtues and 
properties of the divine names.] pp, 418, lith. 
y4$3 (i.r [iMc7.-«ow, 1903.] 8°. 14787. dd. 1. 

MUHAMMAD 'USMAN, Damdni. [Life, Letters, 
Sf Dicta.] See Muhammad Akbak 'AlT Shah. 

MUHAMMAD 'USMAN, iCasL [Key to Persian 
Entrance Course.] See Academiks, etc. — Allah- 
abad. — University of AUahahad. 

MUHAMMAD 'USMAN, called Raunak. [Edit.] 
See Muhammad ibn Muhammad, liabhdmi. 

MUHAMMAD 'USMAN KHAN, called Kais. [Trans- 
lation of Risalah i havass i khamsah or Zakhh-ah 
i Zu 'l-Karnain.] See Hermes, Trismegistus. 

sj>fi\ jT [Azavgadah. An essay in verse on 

riddles formed from proper names.] pp. 22, lith. 
yj] ivv4 [Lucknoio, 1874.] 8°. 14837. f. 7.(1.) 

d'"*/^' uif^ [Mizan ul-furkan. An intro- 
duction to the study of the Kuc'an.] pp. \6,lith. 
yj^ lAvt [Lueknow, 1874.] 8°. 14837. f. 6.(11.) 

MUHAMMAD 'USMAN KHAN, called Kais (con- 
tinued), Jiju*i»^ [iSaut ul-nalius. An essay on 
Persian' and Inditm music.] pp. 15. y«$3 lAvt 
[Liicknow, 1874,.] 8". 14837. f. 6.(4.) 

^[i. yjUic 

Ju I — 'jy«-« ^'>»- ^430 jJLfli' 


[Sharh i kasa'id i Badr i Chach, or 'Usman-khani. 
A commentary on the Kasa'id of Badr ul-Din 
Chachi.] pp. 535,523, i«<A. i^K itai-i. [Bampur, 
1872-73.] Fol. 14797. 1. 9. 

[For the same work printed with the 

Kasa'id of Badr :] See Badb uI-DIn, Chdchl. 

MUHAMMAD 'UTBI (Abu Nase). x.o.y ... ^^3.^ 
ig'^l ^.j^ [Ta'rikh i Yamini. A history of 

Amir Subuktigin and Malimud Ghaznavi. Trans- 
lated by Abu '1-Sharaf Nasili JarbazakanI from 
the original Arabic] pp. 460, ij</i. t rv r [Te/teraw, 
1856.] 8°. 14779. c. 8. 

The Kitab-i-Yamini, historical memoirs of 

the Amir Sabaktagin, and the Sultdn Mahmud 
of Ghazna, early conquerors of Hindustan, and 
founders of the Ghaznavide Dynasty. Translated 
from the Persian version [of Nasih ibn Zafar Jar- 
bazakani] of the contemporary Arabic chronicle 
of Al Utbi by the Rev. J. Reynolds. (Oriental 
Translation Fund of Great Britain and Ireland.) 
pp. xxxvi. 511. London, I8b8. 8°. 14003. e. 6. 

i_fSf^. S-'-^ Histoire de Yemineddoula 

Mahmoud, Ills de Sebecteghin, traduit de I'Arabe 
en Persan par Albouscheref \_sic] Nassih Monschi, 
Djerbadecani . . . Par A. I. Silvestre de Sacy. 
7 [1798.] See Academies, etc. — Paris. — Academie 
des Inscriptions, etc. Notices, etc. tom. iv., 
pp. 325-41 1 . 1 787, etc 4°. Bar. T. 1. a-c. (tom. 4.) 

j_j>C ^J^ J^ c:.->»..>,^ (J-fl» ^ji) [An extfact 

on the Samauis, derived from the Ta'rikh i 
Yaminl, through Nikbi's history.] See Muham- 
mad ibn Ja'far. Description . . . de Boukhara, 
etc. pp. 111-122. 1892. 8°. 14003.1.30. 

MUHAMMAD VAHBI ibn HASAN, AsWavi, Kunyavl. 
[Turkish commentary on Divan of Hafiz.] See 
Muhammad Hafiz, Shirdzi. 

\^:,^ JiiLjjJ^ [Guldastah i na't. Poems in praise 
of Muhammad by various authors, including a 

M M 





Kasidah by Muh. Jamil ul-Din Ahmad.] pp. 32, 
nth. Jj>Ji [Delhi, 187S ?] 8°. 14837. f. 11.(8.) 

MUHAMMAD VAHID ul-DIN, Nahsavl. [Edit, of 
Ma'asim ul-ma'asim with Hindustani translation.] 
See Muhammad Zuhur u1-Hakk. 

MUHAMMAD VAHID ULLAH, Sabzavdrl. -flAi-» 
.'ouj.jJla jjjj^ [Mukhtasar i siyar i Hindustan. A 
biograpbical dictionary of distinguished men who 
were born or flourished in India.] pp. 95, lith. 
Jjfcj irv. [Delhi, 1854.] 8°. 14779. d. 46. 

MUHAMMAD VAJID 'ALI, Shah, King of Oudh, 
called Akhtar. (i^.'okJl (.:l.^^) [Saut ul-mnbarak. 
A treatise on music, from Indian and Persian 
works.] pp. 163, liih. [Luchnow, 1853.] 8°. 

14835. e. 1. 

MUHAMMAD VAJIH ul-DIN, called Maghkibi. 

i Maghribi. A Sufic 

jx^ I Ale [Luchnow, 1895.] 

14797. g. 28.(4.) 

jjv* ^yuLc [Ma.snavl 
poem.] pp. 82, lith. 

MUHAMMAD VALI ULLAH, of Tank. A-^^sr* J^_^ 
J! jJJl jj^ [Divan. Poems, one sei'ies in Persian 

and one (with preface) in Hindustani.] pp. 27, 
Uth. jUTi)1^ I All [Moradahad, 1896.] 8". 

14797. g. 28.(8.) 
[Kishtzar. A manual of medicine. Edited with 
marginal notes by Muh. Nasir Khan.] pp. 156. 
JiftJ [Delhi, 1888.] 8°. 14753. d. 4. 



liT-^ »^ 1^: 

J ^Ail 



jf/ir ''^j*?- [Khum-khanah i abadi. 3 masnavls 
on mystic love, viz., Jilvah i husn, Shu'lah i 
mahabbat, and Jazbah i 'islik. Prefaced by an 
Urdu biography of the poet by Mazhar ul-Halik.] 
pp. 83, lith. x^T \^^^ [Agra, 1896.] 8°. 

14797. c. 19.(4.) 
ji/^ (--.~i !Sw« ^^jU [Mah i shab-afruz. 
A maxnavl poem on Muhammad's miracle of 
dividing the moon. Followed by a Hindustani 
muaaddas poem in praise of the Prophet by Vahid 
'All.] pp. 16, WL jyj6^ If.. [Gawnpore, 1863.] 
8°. 14820. f. 3.(5.) 

J^]j ij^l Jy^ J'.^lj h)^] ^J^ 

[Makhzan ul-Vilayat. An account of the Shaikhs 

of the ChishtT-Nizami order of devotees. With 

preface in Ai'abic and Hindustani.] pp. 164, lith. 

jj.^ ir.. [Luchnow, ISaS.] 8°. 14779. c. 11. 

The title-page bears date 1286. 

L 5*iiy:s^J [Panj ruk'ah i Vilayat. 5 

letters in artificial style, purporting to reply to 
Iradat Khan's Panj ruk'ah.] pp. 32, /(</(. yi3(Avt- 
[Luclmow, 1872.] 8°. 14837. g. 7.(7.) 

MUHAMMAD YAHYA (Abu '\-'AhA.'i), Maulavi. 
[Life Sj- Death.'] See Fakir Ullah, called Yl'iz. 

<yj-^ lijjj [Vurud i Shahid. Poems by 

various Patna poets on the return to that city of 
Ghulam Imam Shahid, who had left it some time 
before on account of his son's death.] pp. 16. 

jyxi^ \ru [Gawnpore, 1877.] 8°. 14783.6.8.(9.) 

MUHAMMAD YAHYA (NiJE Muhammad). ^^ 
Jl yj'vkjill [Vasilat ul-iman. A commentary on 

Kutb ul-Din Muh.'s Risalah, a religious manual. 
With 'AIT Riza Baghdadi's Bada'i' i manziim, on 
prayer, etc., on the margin.] pp. 120, 2. .^'i 
[Lahore, 1891.] 8°. 14718. f. 12.(5.) 


Kazvini. [Tarjuman ul-lughat, translation of the 
Kamus.] See Muh.4mmad ibu Ya'kub (Majd ul- 
DiN Abu'Tahib). 

MUHAMMAD YAHYA SIBAK, called Fattahi, 
Nishdpurl. Jl Jj , ^^/^-^ ^">S Husn oo Dil, or 
Beauty and Heart. A pleasing allegory . . . com- 
posed by Alfettah of Nishapoor. Persian and 
English. Translated by W. Price, pp. ii. 42, 42. 
London, Worcester [printed], 1 828. 4°. 757. g. 45. 

[Anothercopy,with slightlydift'ereut 

title-page dated 1827.] 757. i. 53. 

Husn u dil . . . Herausgegeben, iibersetzt, 

erklart und mit Lami'i's tiirkischer Bearbeitung 
verglichen von R. Dvorak. (Sitzungsberichte 
der kais. Akademie der Wissenschaften. Philo- 
sophisch-historische Classe. Bd. 118.) pp. 150. 
Wien, 1889. 8"^. Ac. 810/6. 

Jii ! i^f'*^^ Husseu o dil. Beauty and the 

Heart, an allegory (by Al Fetahi of Niseapour) ; 
translated from the Persian language by A. Browne, 
pp. 34. Dublin, 1801. 4°. 757. g. 42. 

[Another copy.] 74. f. 7. 





MUHAMMAD YAHYA SIBAK, called Fattahi, 
Nlshdpurl {continued). Das Schlafgemach der 
Phautasie von Fett&hi aus Nis4bilr. Erstes 
Kapitol : Vom GlaubeD und Islam. Zum ersten 
Mai . . . [edited and] mifc Benutzung des tiiiki- 
schen Commentars von Surnri iibersetzt und mit 
Anmerkungen versehu von Dr. H. Ethe. ^j[L,jXi,) 
(J'oi^ pp.119, 12. Leipzig, 1868. 8". 757. c. 31. 

CLjUl jjU-Jl^ J 


1^ [Shabistan i 

nikat, or Shabistau i khayal. Literary devices, 
cbiefly changes effected iu words by removal or 
transposition of letters.] pp. 190, lith. yu^ iwi 
[Lucknow, 1876.] 8°. 14749. e. 3. 

^ ci^-' ^'jf- 

[Sham' i shabistan. 

A treatise on Moslem faith and practice. With 
Chiragh i iman, an Urdu translation and com- 
mentary, by 'Alid ul-Majrd Khan.] pp. 526, lith. 
jX^ \u<i [Luchwiv,l909.] 8°. 14718. f. 16. 

MUHAMMAD YAR, Khushahu [Edit.] See 'Ali 
ibn 'UsMAN, Ushl. 

/See Sarf. 

MUHAMMAD YAR, Preacher at the Masjidshdht. 
[Edit.] See 'Abd uI-Karim ibn Makhpum. 

See Gflur.AM Murtaza. 

[Notes on Shlrln Kliusrau.] See Iltas 

ibn YusTjp. 

^ [Notes on Salat i Mas'udi.] 6'ee Mas'ud 

ibn Mahmud ibn Yusuf. 


[Notes on Lughat i Nasiri.] See Muhammad 
Nasir 'Al! ibn Haipar 'Ali. 

MUHAMMAD YA-SiN GHARIK. Sxi^j^y [A tarji'- 
band poem in praise of Muhammad in Persian and 
Hindustani.] pp. 20, lith. .»ai iwte [Lahore, 
1874.] 8°. 14119.0.16.(3.) 

MUHAMMAD YUNUS KHAN, Ra'ls of Watawali. 
[Hindustani tarhl' on Pand-namah.] See Musmh 
ibn 'Abd Ullah (Musharrif .u1-DIn), called 
Sa'dL — Pand-namah. 

MUHAMMAD YUSUF, Ja'farl, Shams ul-'Ulama. 
[Edit.] See Fatii 'Ali, Ahhund-zddah. 


Munshi. J! ^j>'^ ,»J-i»-< x/Jj Histoire de la 

Grande Bukharie, par Mouhammed Youssouf el 
Mouuschi, fils de Khodja Beqa. [An abridged 
translation of the Tazkirah i Mnkim-khani.] See. 
S^KOWSKi (J. J. S.). Supplement, e<c. 1824. 4°. 

757. g. 27. 

MUHAMMAD YUSUF 'Ali, Snndill. [Fatavi ul- 
mlra.s, commentary on Nazin ul-fara'i?.] See 
Ja'far 'Ali, Kasmandi. 

Aasan Khan ibn Muhammad Siddik Hasan Khan, 
Sayyid, and Muhammad Yusuf 'Ali, Sayyid. 
^ ^ [Subh i gulshan.] [1878.] 8°. 

^ 14779. d. 48. 

savati', commentary on Lavami' ul-ishrak.] See 
Muhammad ibn As'ad (Jalal uI-Din). 

• [Edit.] See Muhammad Akbar, Arziinl. 

JALAL ul-DIN KHAN, colled Bankk Miyan. 
[Pairahan i Yusufi, Hindustani metrical trans- 
lation of Masnavi with notes.] See Muhammad 
ibn Muhammad (Jalal uI-DIn), Rumi. 

[Hindustani translation and exposition of 

Divan of flafiz.] See Muhammad Hafiz, Shirazi. 

MUHAMMAD ZAHID, Haravi. Aftlj^ ^_^J^ ^^ 
d^Mj [Arabic commentary on Razi's Risalah fi '1- 
tasavvur va'1-tnsdik. With Persian supercommen- 
tary by 'Ala ul-Din Ahmad Lakhnavi.] pp. 214, 1, 
lith. I '^'^fi [Lucknow, 1884..] 8°. 14540.0.39.(2.) 

MUHAMMAD ZAHIDI, HdnsavL <uU Joi* [Mufid- 
namah. Model letters and documents. With 
marginal notes.] pp. 64, lith. ^\s»} imi [Delhi, 
1869.] 8°. 14820. f. 4.(2.) 

JL^U iXjiu [Mufld-naraah.] pp. 64, lith. 

ji^ IAA1 [Lucknow, 1886.] 8°. 14837. g. 3.(4.) 

See Shams ul-Dix Fajjir. 

ci^otsr* .1^1 TAsrar i mahabbat. A moral essay 
on love. Second edition.] pp. 48, lith. irii 
[Li/cfcnow, 1874.] 8°. 14837. f. 6.(1.) 

jiA^sr* ,jj, '-flj [Ka?ii va-kadar 




muhkamah bi-murafa'ah. A treatise on predesti- 





nation and free will.] pp. 136, Zi</(. y«^ irvi 
[TMchiow, 1859.] 8°. 14837. f. 7.(5.) 

u_)l»»-il f.«l*- ^fo ^V^^ t-^ marsiyah or 

elegy on Hasan and Husain, in Hindustani, with 
every third stanza in Persian.] pp. 38, lith. 
J^ iMi [Lucknow, 1869.] 8°. 14119. e. 1.(9.) 

'JJ^l jjt^ [Zahir ul-insha. A letter- 
writer.] pp. l?,9, lith. jx^lLucknoiv, 1870?] 8°. 

14837. g. 1.(4.) 

'i-iJ^l _x^ [Zahir nl-insha.] pp. iv. 164, 

lith. y^ i^^i [Lucknow, 1876.] 8°. 14837.g.9.(5.) 

• JL.V jX^ ^\ ^Js:J^ |«L) j^\ ^^J;Ia11 ^ 

[Zahir ul-islani, or Zahir ul-darain. A system of 
Moslem ethics. Edited with Hindustani preface 
by Ghulam Husain Khan.] pp. 178, ZtW/. y^uvi 
[Lucknow, 1874.] 8°. 14837. f. 7.(4.) 




[Kitab ul-sim*. A treatise on making charms 
and amulets, being a translation of Razi's Arabic 
'Amal ul-tadbir.] pp.48, Zi</j. iJ-^> \<~ii[Bombay, 
1896.] 8°. 14770. c. 2.(1.) 

MUHAMMAD ZAEI, Mdzandardni. [Translations 
of works of A. Krziz.] See Krziz (A.). 

MUHAMMAD ZAKIR, Chief Interpreter to the 
Government of Madras. Furhang i Roz Namchah 
of the Travel of His Most exalted Majesty Nasur- 
uddin Shah Quajar, the Shah of Persia in Europe. 

(xLi j^iiJLc'J . . . ^fl*^ <u'ij jj. i—jMiJ) [A glossary 
to the Shah's Diary.] pp. 88, lith. ^Ji.S.^ uic 
[Madras, 1895.] 8°. 14815. d. 9. 

MUHAMMAD ZAMAN KHAN, licl^l ^ [Khair 
ul-mava'iz. Arabic sermons. Edited with Persian 
interlinear translation and marginal notes by 
Mnh. Shah.] vol.2, pp. iv. 456, /i</(,. ^^K ir.r 
[Catvnpore, 1885.] 8°. 14519. dd. 3. 

Juio- [Dastan i jahan. Travels, with geographical 
and historical accounts of the lands visited.] 
pp. viii. xvi. 392, lith. ^^^jIjj [Budaun, 1906.] 8°. 

14779. d. 45. 
^C> (J^'-*^ ''^y*^ [Rahbar i rah i hakK. An 
Urdu religious work. With 12 similar tracts, of 

which nos. 6-12 are in Persian, viz. : (6, 7) 'Attar's 
Masnavi and Bisar-namah, (8) Abu 'All Kalan- 
dar's Masnavi, (9) Marghub ul-kulub, ascribed 
to Shams i Tabriz, with tlie Kuranic or tradi- 
tional text on which each line is based, (10) 
Masnavi of Raja, (II) Rumuzat ul-hakikat, 
(12) Bahliil's Masnavi.] pp. 220, Zi«/(. ^ uw 
[Lucknow, 1877.1 8°. 14119. e. 28. 


jj'u^ ^j)\s>-\ [Akhlak i Ziya'i. An ethical treatise 
in prose and verse, modelled on the Gulistan.] 
pt. i. pp. 360, W/i. ^^ix4j [JBowifeoy, 1893.] 8°. 

14749. d. 11. 
Contains the prefatory matter of pi. ii. 

MUHAMMAD ZIYA ul-DIN, Dihlav/. ^^M J^ 
[Mufid ul-talibin. Sc4ections, chiefly moral, for 
the use of schools of the Punjab.] pp. 32, lith. 
lAvi [De//i?, 1871.] 8°. 14837. f. 11.(10.) 

MUHAMMAD ZIYA ul-DIN, Kddiri, Shah. [Ra- 
hiraa, Tamil translation of Pand-namah with notes.] 
See MusLiH ibn 'Abd Ullah (Mushaerip uI-Din), 
called Sa'di. — Pand-ndmah. 

MUHAMMAD ZUHUR ul-HAKK (Abd Sa'id), Fhtd- 
wdn. |»£liuJI J'jt.< 'Us^J <u.« jj Ull |,x^U-« [Ma'asim 
ul-ma'asim. An essay on moral conduct. Edited 
with Hindustani translation called Ma'anim ul- 
mana'im by Muh. Vahid ul-Din NahsavT.] pp. 60, 
lith. ijl irn [Arrah, 1893.] 8°. 14712.0.5.(4.) 

MUHAMMAD-BAKHSH, BafiB, Hdjiz. [Nazm ul- 
la'ali, metrical exposition of Bad' ul-amali.] See 
'Ali ibn 'UsMAN, Vshl. 

MUHAMMAD' - bn • MUHAMMAD - al - JABBAR - al - 
UTBI. See Mdhammau 'Utbi. 

MUHAMMAD- YAR. See Muhammad Yae. 

MUHAMMED. [For names consisting of, or 
beginning with, this word :] See Muhammad. 

Ilyas ibn Yusuf. 

MUHARRAM 'ALI, Chishtl, Ldhaurl. [Edit.] See 
Mastan Shah. 

Ly**^ (j'-*^;' [Armaghan i Chishti. A 

collection of poems, principally by famous Shaikhs 
of the Chishtl order.] pp. 29, lith. t:ijJ3U« 
lAii [StaZA;o«, 1891.] 8°. 14797. g. 26.(3.) 





MUHDEH. See MahdI. 

MUHIBB AHMAD. <o.x«o^ll! Jj)^) [Al-tavurilt 
ul-AKmadiyyah, or Sarim ul-dayyan. A polemic 
against the Valihabfs, in reply to Basliir ul-Din 
Kananji's Sava'ik ul-ilahiyyali, or Saif ul-ralinian, 
which was in turn directed against another anti- 
Vahhabi work called Bavarik ul-mnlianimadiyyali 
or Saut ul-raliman. With appendix in Hindu- 
stani called al-Tavarik ul-samadiyyah, by 'Abd 
ul-Samad SahisviinT.] pp. 175, 4, lith. itaa - 
[Lueknow, 1871.] 8°. 14837. g. 6.(3.) 

MUHIBB ul-RAHMAN, Sayyid, of Kaliganj, and 
LOKA-NATHA HALDAR. A Hand Book of Persian 
Translation and Composition ... By Monlavi Syed 
Mahibbar Rahaman . . . Loka Nath Haolader. [ 
pp.xii.l90. Calcutta, 1915. 12°. 14822. a. 20.(2.) 

MUHIBB ULLAH. ^.i J, [Ganj i farsT. An 

elementary Persian-Hindustani versified vocabu- 
lary.] pp. 12, /(■</(. s^^:sxs lAvv {Fathfjwrh, \?>11 ?[ 
8°. 14820. e. 2.(2.) ! 

MUHIBB ULLAH, Pdnlpatl. [Edit.] See Mu- 
hammad Sana Ullah, Pawpatl. 

MUHIBB ULLAH (Fakhr uI-DIn). [Al-Hirz ul- 

rasin, commentary on al-Hisn ul-liasln.] See 

Muhammad ibn Muhammad, Jazari. \ 


Juo-^1 fir^f iy» *i*>jlll ji_Jiu!i] [Musallim ul-subut. 

Principles of HanafI and Shafi'i law. With al- 
Takrir ul-aslam, a Persian commentary by Muli. 
Sharif Mustafa'iibadi.] pt. i. pp. ii. 127, lith. 
^M [Benares, 1912.] 8°. 14528, c. 20. 

MUHSIN. See Mui^ammad Muhsin. 

See Muhammad Muhsin ibn Murtaza. 

MUHSIN FANI. [For the Dabistan i mazahib, 
ascribed to M. F. :] See Dabistan. I 

MUHTASHIM, Kdshdnl, Mullu. [For selections ■ 
prescribed for the Allahabad University Entrance j 
Course, translated with notes :] 'See Academies, 
etc. — Allahabad. — University of Allahabad. 


[(1) Jalaliyyah, 64 ghazah descriptive of love, 
with introduction, and a few aesthetic remarks 
before each ; (2) Kasldahs ; (3) Maraiyah, an 

elegy on Imam Hus.iin, and some other panegyrics 
and elegies; (4) Ghazah in alphabetic order.] 
pp. 224, lith. ir.t [Bombay, 1887.] 8°. 

14797. g. 18. 

J' iiMiiij\jii [2 duvdzdah-band elegies on 

'All and Husain respectively, the second including 
a takhmla by Nasibl.] See Muhammad TakI 'Ali 
Khan. JI cuLoIj 5c^4«^ [Vaki'jit.] [I890.J 8°. 

14787. g. 23 
MUHYI. See 'Abd u1-Kadib ibn Musa. 

MUHYI, Ldrl. j^^jl*^' Jw [Futiih ul-haramain. 

A desci'iption in verse of the shrines of Mecca 
and Medina and of the ceremonies of the pilgrim- 
age, often attributed to 'Abd ul-Kadir Gllani.] 
■pp. 133, lith. ^ iA\e [Luchnow, 1875.] 8°. 

14837. g. 7.(8.) 

MUHYI, Sufi. Jl jjicl ci^y: s^ ^jl^J [Divan. 

Sufic poems of " Muhyi," popularly identified 

with 'Abd ul-Kadir Gilani.] pp. 56, lith. [Luclc- 

«0M.', 1865.^] 8°. 14797. h. 3.(3.) 

The best authorities attribute no poems to 'Abd ul-iadir. 
See Rieu, Pers. Cat., vol. ii., j). 696. 

|Jicl <^J: ei^j.,fl2»- ^J;ly.t> [Divan.] pp. 56, 

lith. jy^'^ (AA. [Cawnfore, 1880.] 8°. 

14797. h. 25.(1.) 
MUHYI ul-DITf. See Ghulam Muhyi uI-Din. 

MUHYI ul-DIlT, Assistant Professor at Allahabad. 
See Muhammad Muhti uI-Din, Ildhdbndl. 

MUHYI ul-DIN, Shfth. See 'Abd uI-Latip. 

MUHYI ul-DIN, known as Shah Kadir. [Edit.] 
See 'Abd u1-Kadir, called 'Andaub i Gulshan 
i Raz. 

MUHYI ul-DIN ('Abd u1-Kadir), Otldnl. See 
'Abd u1-Kadir ibn Musa. 

MUHYI ul-DIN (Abu Muhammad), called MiskIn. 

Jl ^I^'JI uJJ'jsr Ju ^y^y^\ ^j^ ^ ^J3 [Taha'if 

ul-abrar, or Ta'rJkh i kabir i Kashmir. A history 
of the saints and Sayyids of Kashmir.] pp. 370, 
22, lith. y^-a] irri [Amritsar, 1903.] 8°. 

14779. g. 21. 

The work as originally projected was to have consisted of 
ten taba'if in two volumes. This volume contains only seven. 

MUHYI ul-DIN ibn HUSAIN, Rizavl, Husaini. 
'■" . . u:j%J>Lo [Malfiissat. Incidents from the 





life of Shaikh Mina, and some of his sayings. 

Edited with preface by Mujtaba 'All b. Maghar 

'AIL] pp. iv. 236, nth. J^'if [Hardoi, 1900.] 

8°. 14779. d. 33. 

MU'IN ul-DIN, Chishtt. See Hasan (Mu'in ul- 

MU'IN ul-Dm, Haram. See Mu'In uI-Din ibn 
Hiji Muhammad. 

MU'IN ul-DIN, Juvaini. Jl ^^a^] ^J^^ ^j'i^ IJ^t 
[AKsan ul-liisas. A commentary on Kur^^n, 
Surah xii., containing the history of Joseph. 
Edited by Ghuliim Husain Gulpa'igauL] ff. 139, 
Kth. -sj^'^tj irvA [Teheran, 1862.] Fol. 

14703. d. 1. 

MU'IN ul-DIN, Kashifl. See Mu'^in uI-Din ibn 
Haji Muhammad. 

MU'IN ul-DIN, called §abat. JU! 'iLJ^ [Silsilat 
ul-la'ali. Genealogies of the Nakshbandi, Kadirl, 
Chishti, and Suhravardi orders of devotees.] 
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14779. d. 7.(5.) 
MU'IN ul-DIN ibn HAJI MUHAMMAD, called 
Mu'jNi, Fardhi. isyLal! --ilj^ ^ s^l ttJ^'^ 
[Ma'arij ul-nubuvvat fi madarij il-futuvvat. A 
history of Mu