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delta theta 


Southern Branch 
of the 

University of California 

Los Angeles 

Form L-1 






This book is DUE on last dale stamped teiovi 

FEB :; 19% 

FEB 1 1 1950 

. ■■■' LWF* ■ 

MAY 061996 






Ets dvijp ovSeis dvrjp 



BY W. J. Maxwell 


Fred. J. Coxe, Thomas A. Davis 
AND Walter B. Palmer. 

Corrections of inaccurate addresses or of uncertain addresses (indicated by 
parentheses) that appear in this book are urgently requested, for use in The Scroll 
and in the Ninth Edition of the Catalogue. Corrections of any other errors, full 
names instead of initials, and more complete biographical details that may be furnished 
will be preserved for the Ninth Edition. Address : 

Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Catalogue Department, Oxford, Ohio. 

The price of this book, delivered in the United States or Canada, is six dollars per copy. 
Remit to : 

R. L. Polk & Company, 91 Third Avenue, New York, N. Y. 
General Sales Agents. 


The second chapter at Miami was never revived. Its life v^'as short, extending over 
a period of only seven months, during which time there was the usual summer vacation. 
After commencement in 1852, when the Society made its existence known, there was 
no longer any reason for a second chapter in the university, and, accordingly, Ohio 
Beta surrendered its charter. 

Following the example of the parent chapter, Kentucky Alpha granted a charter 
for a second chapter at Centre College. This was done in February, 1855, when the 
membership of Kentucky Alpha was nineteen. In the following July the existence of 
two chapters in the same institution was deemed to be no longer necessary, and the 
charter of the second chapter was then surrendered. In no other Fraternity has there 
been an instance of bicameral chapters in the same institution. 

Later History of Ohio Alpha. 

The graduation of members of Phi Delta Theta in 1857, and the failure of others 
to return weakened Ohio Alpha, and it suspended in the autumn of that year. It was 
revived in the autumn of 1865, and flourished until June, 1873, when the university 
closed. On the reopening of Miami in the autumn of 1885, Phi Delta Theta was 
reorganized there, and the parent chapter has been prosperous ever since. 

In 1899 Ohio Alpha had a large reunion of its alumni who celebrated its Golden 
Jubilee. A week before the celebration a large granite tablet, commemorating the 
founding of Phi Delta Theta, was placed on the outer wall of the room where the 
first meeting was held in 1848. 

Ohio Alpha, during the first period of its existence, from 1848 to 1857, had no 
permanent place of meeting. It occupied several halls during its second period, from 
1865 to 1873, and from its reorganization in 1885 until 1900. It rented a house from 
1900 to 1905, and in the latter year purchased a frame house, the first house owned by 
any fraternity at Miami. This house was sold in 1907, and a brick and stone house was 
completed in 1908. This house was built, on ground furnished free by the university, 
at a cost of $23,000 contributed partly by the chapter and partly by the Fraternity. It 
is called the Phi Delta Theta Memorial Chapter House. It contains a fire-proof annex, 
in which is kept the Library of the Fraternity. 

The National Convention .of 1910 adopted a resolution which provides that, if 
possible, the Fraternity shall secure the custody of the room in the North Dormitory 
of Miami University in which Phi Delta Theta was founded, and in which shall be 
preserved souvenirs of the Founders and other historic relics. 

Development After the Civil War. 

For several years after the war all of the institutions in the South and many of 
those in the North were in a very depressed condition. Phi Delta Theta made no 
further extension until 1868, when it established chapters at Indiana Asbury (now 
DePauw) University and Ohio University. 

Of the chapters that suspended on account of the Civil War, the chapter at 
Franklin was revived in 1869, suspended in 1872, and was revived in the same year; 
the chapter at Ohio Wesleyan was revived in 1871, suspended in 1877, and was finally 
revived in 1879; the chapter at Wisconsin was revived in 1880, and the chapter at 
Northwestern in 1886; tlie chapter at Lawrence is still inactive. The Hanover chapter, 
chartered in 1861, was not organized until 1868. 

In 1869 a chapter was organized at Roanoke College in Virginia; and from that 
State the Fraternity was introduced into Georgia, and thence it spread throughout the 
South. Phi Delta Theta first entered the East in 1872, when a chapter was established 
at Cornell. Another eastern institution, Lafayette, was entered in 1873, and in the 

16 HISU'KV Ol' rill DELTA TllETA 

same year the baniuT of tlic Fraternity was carried across llie continent and planted 
in California. During the next twenty years Phi Delta Theta made remarkable 
advancement in the East, West and South. It became firmly entrenched in all sections. 

Phi Delta Thcta now- has eighty-five active college chapters m thirty-five States 
of the United States and two Provinces of Canada. Any one who is informed as to 
the higher institutions of learning in North America can see that Phi Delta Theta 
has a well balanced distribution of chapters. It is not a sectional Fraternity, but in 
a true sense a National Fraternity, and the Canadian chapters make it international. 

Of the eightj--five active chapters, twenty-nine are in State universities — 
Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Ken- 
tucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio 
(3 universities), Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Ver- 
mont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin. 

Seven other chapters are in institutions that receive State support— Dartmouth 
College, Cornell University. Pennsylvania State College, University of Pittsburgh, 
Georgia School of Technology, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Purdue University, Iowa 
State College, Oregon Agricultural College, State College of Washington. 

Eighteen institutions in which there are chapters receive Federal support — Cornell, 
Purdue, Alabama Polytechnic, Pennsylvania State, Iowa State, Washington State, 
Oregon Agricultural, Ohio State Universitj', and the Universities of California, Georgia, 
Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Alinnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Vermont, Wisconsin. 

The University of Toronto receives support from the Province of Ontario, and 
the University of Cincinnati from the City of Cincinnati. 

Phi Delta Theta has chapters in all of the larger universities in the United States, 
except in Princeton, w-here secret fraternities are prohibited, and in Harvard and 
Yale, where class societies and local customs interfere with the success of four-year 
fraternities. Phi Delta Theta, like every other fraternity, has some chapters in the 
smaller colleges, but all of them are historic institutions, and are attended by students 
of the best class in their respective sections. 

The very strict requirements of the Fraternity with regard to the standing of 
the institutions which it has entered, and with regard to the character of the men to 
whom charters have been granted, have caused the rejection of many applications for 
charters from institutions in which other fraternities are established. 

Fr.\terxities Absorbed by Phi Delta Theta. 

Phi Delta Theta has absorbed several small fraternities. In 1878 it absorbed the 
parent chapter of the Phi Sigma League at Lombard, which was the only surviving 
chapter of that organization. Alumni of Phi Sigma were accepted as members of 
Phi Delta Theta. In 1879 Phi Delta Theta absorbed the Centre chapter of the Delta 
Kappa Fraternity, which was the last surviving chapter of that organization except 
one at Dartmouth which died in 1882. Phi Delta Theta absorbed the Texas and South- 
western chapters of the Rainbow or W. W. W. Fraternity in 1885-86, when the other 
two chapters, at Mississippi and Vanderbilt, united with Delta Tau Delta. Phi Delta 
Theta, in 1886-87, absorbed the chapters of Kappa Sigma Kappa at Randolph-Macon, 
Richmond, Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee, which were the last 
surviving chapters of that organization. 

Many local organizations have been chartered as chapters of Phi Delta Theta — 
Sigma Phi, at Syracuse; Sigma Rho, at Brown; Alpha Nu, at Illinois; Phi Lambda 
Omicron, at Case; Gamma Nu Sigma, at Cincinnati; Delta Phi, at University of 
Washington; Phi Tau, at Kentucky; Lambda Gamma, at University of Colorado; 
Beta Phi, at Georgia Tech. ; Delta Chi, at Pennsylvania State ; Zeta Sigma Nu, at 
Toronto ; Kappa Phi Alpha, at Idaho ; Delta Phi, at Washburn ; Delta Sigma, at 


Oregon; Alpha Tau Delta, at Colorado College; Alpha Nu Epsilon, at Denison; 
Delta Theta, at Oklahoma; Sigma Alpha, at Colgate; Kappa Sigma Nu, at Oregon 
Agricnltural ; Delta Sigma Pi, at Pittsburgh ; Delta, at Washington State ; Tau Alpha 
Omicron, at Swarthmore; Incognito Society, at Tulane; Texta Club, at Washington 
University; Tridentia Society, at South Dakota; Varsity Bachelor Club, at North 
Dakota ; Caducia Club, at Iowa State ; and Amici Fidissimi, at Utah. 

Alumni members of these organizations have, on initiation, been received into the 
Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. 

Careers of Chapters Suspended and Re-established. 

Phi Delta Theta was the first Fraternity to enter the States of Texas (1853), 
Wisconsin (1857), Nebraska (1875), and South Dakota (1906). In entering Texas, 
it was the first Fraternity to cross the Mississippi River. 

Phi Delta Theta was the pioneer Fraternity at Wittenberg, Wisconsin, North- 
western, Butler, Franklin, Nebraska, Vanderbilt, Texas, Stanford, South Dakota, 
Whitman. It was the second Fraternity established at Indiana and Centre. Chapters 
which Beta Theta Pi had established in those institutions had suspended, and there 
was no other Fraternity in either of them or in any other institution in Indiana or 
Kentucky. Phi Delta Theta was the second Fraternity established also at Iowa Wes- 
leyan, California, Vermont, Westminster, Minnesota, Southwestern, Case, Idaho, Wash- 

During the first thirty-five years of the Fraternity, anti-fraternity laws caused a 
number of chapters to be sub rosa for years, others to suspend temporarily and some 
to suspend permanently. 

On account of faculty opposition to secret societies, the fourth chapter, Indiana 
Beta, established at Wabash in 1850, remained sub rosa until 1862-63. In 1874 anti- 
fraternity laws were enacted at Ohio Wesleyan, and their enforcement was attempted 
for a year or two. The Nebraska chapter, chartered in 1875, found neither faculty 
nor students favorable to fraternities, and suspended in 1876; it was revived in 1883. 
The Vanderbilt chapter, chartered in 1876, was not fairly organized until 1877, on 
account of anti-fraternity laws, which rendered sub rosa existence necessary until 
1883. In 1877, shortly after the organization of the chapter at Alabama, it was forced 
by adverse legislation to suspend; it was revived in 1883, and the anti-fraternity laws 
were repealed two years later. Because of faculty opposition, the Georgia chapter was 
sub rosa from 1875 to 1878; the Missouri chapter from 1881 to 1884 and the Auburn 
chapter from 1881 to 1883. The Knox chapter suspended in 1878, on account of anti- 
fraternity laws; these having been repealed, the chapter was revived in 1880; it sus- 
pended again in 1882, and was finally revived in 1884. The chapters at North Carolina 
and Illinois were chartered soon after the repeal of anti-fraternity laws. 

The charter of the chapter at Georgetown, granted in 1857, was withdrawn during 
the same year because of the faculty's hostility; the chapter was re-established in 
1875, but died the next year for the same reason. The chapters at Wittenberg, Mon- 
mouth, Central (Missouri), Trinity (Texas), Trinity (North Carolina), K. M. I. 
and \'. M. I. were killed by anti-fraternity regulations. These regulations have been 
repealed at Wittenberg and Trinity (North Carolina). The chapter at Wooster was 
inactive 1880-81, and surrendered its charter in 1897; the trustees of the institution 
prohibited fraternities there in 1913. The chapter at Wofford died in 1884, and in 
1907 fraternities were prohibited from initiating students there, but this regulation 
was repealed in 1916. The chapter at South Carolina died in 1893, and, by an act of 
liie Legislature in 1897. fraternities were excluded from State institutions. Similar 
legislation in Mississippi in 1912 caused the chapter there to suspend. 

The isolated chapter at Austin College suspended in 1854, was revived in 1858, and 


died the same year. The Ogletliorpc chapter died on account of the closing of the 
institution. The charters of the cliapters at Richmond. Buchtel and lUinois Wesleyan 
were surrendered because of the decrease in the attendance of students. The charters 
of the Terre Haute, Roanoke. Hillsdale, Lansing, C. C. N. "Y. and Southern chapters 
were withdrawn because the Fraternity did not desire to continue at those institutions. 

The Miami chapter suspended in 1857, was revived in 1865, suspended on account 
of the closing of the university in 1873, and was revived in 1885, when the university 
was re-opened. The Chicago chapter suspended in 1871, and was re-established in 
the new University of Chicago in 1897. For various reasons, several chapters have 
been temporarily inactive — the Michigan chapter, 1869-80 and 1880-87; the DePauw 
chapter, 1870-71, 1872-75 and 1876-80; the Cornell chapter, 1876-86; the California 
chapter, 1877-86; the Lehigh chapter, 1877-87; the Columbia chapter, 1890-93. 

Kentucky Alpha, established at Centre College, Danville, Ky., in 1850, and Ken- 
tucky Delta, at Central University, Richmond, Ky., in 1885, were combined as Ken- 
tucky Alpha-Delta, in 1901, when the two institutions were consolidated under the 
name of Central L^niversity, which is located at Danville. 

All chapters have had a continuous existence except where their suspension, 
temporary or permanent, has been mentioned. 

The six chapters for which the National Convention granted charters on January 
2, 1918 — at Colgate. Swarthmore. Pittsburgh. Oklahoma, and the State Colleges of 
Oregon and Washington — had not been installed when this book went to press, hence 
their membership lists are not included in this edition of the Catalogue. 

Of the eighty-five active chapters, fifty-nine own the houses in which they 
live. The values of these houses are as follows : Alabama, $10,000 ; Alabama Poly- 
technic, $10,000; California, $43,000; Stanford, $9,000; Colorado College, $16,000 
Emory, $2,000; Idaho, $6,000; Northwestern, $10,000; Lombard, $6,000; Illinois, $16,000 
Indiana, $15,000; Wabash, $12,000; Butler, $10,000; Franklin, $5,000; Hanover, $5,000 
DePauw, $8,000; Purdue. $30,000; Iowa Wesleyan, $8,000; Iowa State, $25,000;' Kansas 
$18,000; Washburn, $12,000; Tulane, $15,000; Williams, $70,000; Amherst, $45,000 
Michigan, $26,000; Minnesota, $20,000; Missouri, $35,000; Westminster, $6,500; Dart- 
mouth, $20,000 ; Cornell, $36,000 ; Union, $30,000 ; Columbia, $45,000 ; Syracuse, $37,000 ; 
Colgate, $15,000; North Carolina, $6,000; North Dakota, $25,000; Miami, $22,000; Ohio 
Wesleyan, $12,500: Ohio, $15,000; Ohio State, $12,000; Case, $23,000; Denison, $15,000; 
Toronto, $20,000 ; Lafayette, $30,000; Gettysburg. $4,500; Allegheny, $16,000: Dickinson, 
$8,000; Pennsylvania, $45,000; Lehigh, $25,000; Pennsylvania State, $20,000; McGill, 
$15,000; South Dakota. $12,000: Vanderbilt, $25,000; Sewanee, $15,000; Texas, $13,500; 
Vermont, $12,000; Whitman. $14,000: Washington State (Pullman), $10,000; Wis- 
consin, $35,000. The total value is $1,127,000, not including $37,400, the value of building 
sites owned by the chapters at Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Westminster, Ohio Wesleyan, 
Virginia, Washington and Utah. The value of chapter house furnishings is $109,100. 

Ax ExTEXDED Society the Origixal Object. 

On December 30, 1848, the parent chapter adopted a name for the Society, a 
motto, a Bond, Articles of Union and a Constitution. 

The Articles of Union specified that such persons as were contemplated in the 
Bond should be elected to membership, and no others; they prescribed the form of a 
preliminary pledge of secrecy, and they included an initiation ceremony. 

The Founders of Phi Delta Theta intended that it should be not a local but an 
inter-collegiate Society. The Articles of Union provided for the establishment of 
chapters, directed how they should be chartered and organized, specified how they 
should be entitled, defined the relations which should exist between them, required 


that they should annually make reports of their membership, and provided the means 
whereby their charters might be withdrawn. Provisions were made for appeals from 
the decisions of chapters, for a system of membership reports, to be made annually 
by the chapters, and for amending the Articles of the Union. 

The Founders, before they had added to their number, before the Society was one 
week old, had formulated and adopted these far-reaching plans. They thought of 
everything important; they did their work well. For a Society just launched on its 
career, the Articles of Union were wonderfully complete; they contained all essential 
features. In fact, they were so complete that they were not amended for nearly a 
quarter of a century. The 'faith of the Founders in the fundamental principles on 
which Phi Delta Theta was based was justified by the wonderful growth and pros- 
perity of the Fraternity in succeeding years, and the machinery of organization which 
they devised proved to be strongly and skillfully constructed. 

In the Articles of Union Phi Delta Theta was called not a "Fraternity," but "this 
Society," and "the Order of the Phi Delta Theta"; while a local branch of it was 
called, not a chapter, but a "college." No other Greek-letter association ever used the 
word "college" in tliis sense. In the Articles of Union the parent "college" at Miami 
University was called "the Ohio Alpha" and "the Ohio Alpha College of the Phi 
Delta Theta." 

The Articles of Union provided for entitling colleges by the names of the States 
in which they were to be established and the Greek letters in alphabetical order. It 
is fortunate that this system was adopted, as it is the best system for a large fraternity, 
because it is easier to remember the names of chapters thus entitled than the Greek 
letters unaccompanied with the names of States. 

A footnote to the Constitution of 1898 authorized chapters to be designated in 
common parlance by the names of the institutions or towns in which they are located. 
Thus, New York Alpha is frequently called the Cornell chapter and Tennessee Beta 
the Sewanee chapter. 

The Constitution, adopted by the Phi Delta Theta Society on December 30, 1848, 
provided for the government of the parent chapter, which was therein called "The 
Society," "this Society," "this Association," and "the Ohio Alpha College of the Phi 
Delta Theta." On April 25, 1849, the Society adopted By-laws for the Ohio Alpha 

The first Convention of Phi Delta Theta was held in 1851, when the Fraternity 
was just three years old. The first five conventions, including the one held in 1864, 
were called General Conventions. The sixth, held in 1868, and all held since then 
have been called National Conventions. 

In 1865 an Indiana State Phi Delta Theta Convention was held at Indianapolis. 
It was the first State Convention held by any college fraternity. In subsequent years 
State Conventions were held in Indiana and other States. Since the province system 
was established, in 1880, Province Conventions and joint Province Conventions have 
been held between the meetings of the National Convention. 

Until 1871 all the colleges of Phi Delta Theta were governed by the Articles of 
Union which had been adopted in 1848. Each college also had for its own government 
a Constitution, wiiich was similar to the Constitution of Ohio Alpha, but which each 
college could change at will. The National Convention of 1871 adopted a Constitu- 
tion for all chapters, to take the place of the Articles of Union, but it contained, 
practically unchanged, all of the material features and most of the language of the 

In the new instrument Phi Delta Theta was called "the Organization," "the 
Association," "the Order," and once "the Fraternity." For "college" the word "chapter" 

20 iiisrokv oi' rill nia/rA riiKTA 

was substituted, the words "society" and "association" also being used synonoqiously. 
The National Convention of 1874 amended the Constitution so as to substitute "Fra- 
ternity" for "Society" wherever it occurred in the Constitution. 

The Constitution was amended by various National Conventions, and new revisions 
were adopted by the Conventions of 1878, 1880, 1886 and 1898. In making the revision 
in 1898. a Code and other General Statutes were adopted, and only organic laws were 
retained in the Constitution. The Constitution, Code and other General Statutes were 
revised in 1906 and in 1918. 

In 1880 the Ritual, which had been embodied in the Constitution, was separated 
from it and amplified. The Ritual has been further amplified in 1891, 1896, 1906 and 

Gr.and Chapters axd the Executive Committee. 

The Articles of Union provided that the college at Miami University should be 
the presiding chapter. The presiding chapter was the Miami chapter from 1848 to 
1858, the Indiana chapter from 1858 to 1860, the Centre (now Central) chapter from 
1860 to 1868, the Chicago chapter from 1868 to 1869, the Miami chapter from 1869 
to 1873, the Wooster chapter from 1873 to 1878 and the Lafayette chapter from 1878 
to 1880. In conversation and correspondence the Ohio Alpha college at Miami Univer- 
sity was called "the Grand Alpha" and "the Grand Chapter," as also were the Central 
and Chicago chapters while each of them was the presiding chapter. In the Consti- 
tution of 1871 the presiding chapter was termed "the Grand Alpha Chapter," and in 
the Constitution of 1874 "the National Grand Chapter." 

The Articles of Union provided that the first college chartered in each State should 
receive reports from the other colleges in the State, and should forward the same to 
the presiding college at Miami. In conversation and correspondence the Alpha college, 
or first chapter in each State, was called "the State Grand Chapter." 

The National Convention of 1868 directed that the President of each Convention 
should appoint an Executive Committee. Each Executive Committee thus appointed 
until 1872 selected a President and a Secretary from its members. Beginning with 
1872, the President and Secretary of each National Convention became, ex officio, the 
President and Secretary of the Executive Committee. From 1868 to 1872, the prin- 
cipal duties of the Executive Committee were to make arrangements for the next 
Convention and to apportion the assessment necessary to pay the expenses of the next 
Convention. Beginning with 1872. the Executive Committee became an executive body 
in fact as well as in name, though its powers were yet not well defined. 

An amendment to the Constitution, adopted in 1873, provided that a Grand Banker 
should be added to the general officers of the Fraternity. This Convention ordered 
that the Grand Banker should apportion the assessment necessary to pay the expenses 
of the next Convention. From the time the office was created, the Grand Banker 
became, ex officio, a member of the Executive Committee. 

Until 1876 the Executive Committee numbered from five to seven members. By 
an act of the National Convention of 1876, it was then reduced to four members. The 
President and Secretary of the National Convention continued to be the President 
and Secretary of the Executive Committee. The other two members were the Grand 
Banker, elected by the Convention, and a member of the National Grand Chapter, 
elected by that chapter. For the first time, the functions of the Executive Committee 
were clearly defined by the Convention of 1876. Besides specified powers, the Com- 
mittee was given the power of acting at its discretion between National Conventions, 
its actions being subject to review by the Convention. 

By the Constitution adopted in 1878, State Grand Chapters were abolished and the 
powers of the Executive Committee were enlarged. 


The General Council, Province Presidents and Trustees. 

Under the revision of the Constitution in 1880, the National Grand Chapter was 
abolished and the Executive Committee was changed to a General Council, composed 
of four members — a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Historian. The revision 
provided also that the Fraternity should be divided into provinces, and that each 
province should have a President, who should be chosen by the General Council. 

From the time the first members of Phi Delta Theta were graduated, the alumni 
members have shown great interest in the Fraternity. Most of the members of the 
Executive Committee were alumni. When the General Council and the province system 
were established, a few undergraduates were chosen as members of the Council and 
as Province Presidents, but after a few years all the officers of the Fraternity were 
elected from the alumni. 

The "Phi Delta Theta Fraternity" was incorporated under the State laws of Ohio 
on March 12, 1881. At a meeting of the incorporators, held immediately after incor- 
poration, they selected a Board of Trustees, which consisted of the four members of 
the General Council as officers and five other members. This Board of Trustees was 
not changed until 1898. 

An amendment to the Constitution, adopted in 1896, provided that the General 
Council should have a fifth member — a Reporter, who sliould be, ex officio, Editor 
and Manager of The Scroll and The PaUadhim. Another amendment, then adopted, 
provided that there should be a Fraternity Librarian. 

The Constitution of 1898 provided that the Board of Trustees should consist of 
the five members of the General Council, who should be its officers, and of two Alumni 
Commissioners and two Chapter House Commissioners. These nine trustees were 
constituted the legal representatives of the Fraternity; and while the General Council 
was charged with the business administration, the four Commissioners, besides having 
special duties relating to the alumni and to the chapter houses, were empowered to 
act with the General Council in all matters relating to the membership. In this respect 
the nine Trustees were made a court of appeals. 

By provisions of the Constitution of 1898, the office of the Editor of the Catalogue 
and the office of the Editor of the History were made permanent, each to be filled by 
each National Convention. 

An amendment to the Constitution, adopted in 1908, provided that there should be 
only one Alumni Commissioner and one Chapter House Commissioner; and further 
provided that the Editor of the Catalogue and the Fraternity Librarian should be 
members of the Board or Trustees, the number of members of the Board still remain- 
ing nine. 

An amendment to the Code, adopted in 1910, provided for life subscriptions for 
The Scroll and The Palladium, and for the investment of the funds received from 
such subscriptions by three Endowment Trustees. 

The General Council, in 1916, and the National Convention, in 1918, provided for 
the appointment of an Alumnus Adviser for each chapter, to be nominated by the 
chapter and confirmed by the General Council. 

An Historical Constitutional Parallel. 

The Bond of the Phi Delta Theta, adopted on December 30, 1848, is the funda- 
mental law of the Fraternity. Its style is stately, its dignified diction beyond criticism. 
No one has ever suggested wherein it could be improved- It expresses the ideals that 
should inspire every member. Unquestionably it has exercised a beneficial influence 


on the lives of tlio thousaiuls wlio liavc accepted it. In his initiation vows, every. person 
who joins Phi Delta Theta pledges himself to uphold it. The same pledge has been 
taken by every person initiated since the organization of the Fraternity. So far as is 
shown by the literature of the various fraternities, no other fraternity has an instrument 
which embodies its principles and fundamental laws, which has been unaltered since it 
was founded and which is unalterable. 

There is a parallel between the organic laws of the United States and those of 
Phi D<;lta Theta. 

In the Declaration of Independence our revolutionary forefathers set forth the 
reasons which impelled them to establish their separate political existence. In the 
Bond of the Phi Delta Theta the Founders declared the principles upon which the 
Fraternity is based. 

The Fathers of the Republic adopted Articles of Confederation and Perpetual 
Union to govern, in their federal relations, the States Vvhich had been colonies. The 
Founders of the Phi Delta Theta adopted Articles of Union to govern the relations 
between the colleges, as chapters were then called. 

The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union having been found to give 
the Federal Government insufficient powers, a Constitution for the United States was 
adopted, and each State adopted its own Constitution. So in Phi Delta Theta, the 
Articles of Union were supplanted by the Constitution of the Order and the Consti- 
tution of Chapters, each chapter having its own Bj'-laws. 

If the analogy were carried further, it could be shown that, as the United States 
Government became more centralized and the powers of the States more restricted, 
by amendments to the Constitution, so the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity w'as changed, 
by combining the Constitution of the Order and the Constitution of Chapters into one 
Constitution, which provided for a more centralized government than that which had 
before existed. 

Phi Delta Theta Alumni Clubs. 

The first Convention of the Society, held in 1851, authorized the organization of 
a higher Order to be known as "The Order of the Phi Delta Theta," in distinction 
from "The Phi Delta Theta Society." The former, composed of alumni chosen from 
the latter, should meet annually with public literary exercises, and should have the 
power of granting charters and of general supervision. A meeting of the higher 
Order was held at Oxford, Ohio, in 1852, and another in 1853. In 1853 the reunion 
extended over two days. In addition to private meetings on both days, the alumni 
and active members present marched, on the first day, to the grove on the Miami 
campus, where public exercises were held and a literary address was delivered ; and, 
'in the evening of the second day, public exercises were held and a poem read in the 
university chapel. The plan for a "Senior Order," as it was sometimes called, was 
abandoned after 1853, because there were then so few^ alumni. This higher Order was 
a unique organization; it preceded any attempt by any other college secret society to 
vest in experienced alumni the management of general society affairs. 

A Phi Delta Theta alumni chapter w^as organized at Indianapolis in the fall of 
1871. The National Convention of 1872 decided that alumni chapters were impracti- 
cable. The Convention of 1874, however, declared that such chapters would be bene- 
ficial for the Fraternity, and urged alumni in the larger cities to establish them. In 
1876 an alumni chapter was established at Franklin, Ind. In revising the Constitution 
in 1898, the designation alumni chapters was changed to alumni clubs. There are now 
over a hundred clubs. They observe Founders' Day, March 15, and Alumni Day, 
October 15, and many of them in the larger cities meet at luncheon weekly. 


Illinois Delta, Knox College, Galesburg, 111. ; chartered March 16, 1871 ; suspended 
1878; rechartered 1880; suspended 1882; revived 1884. 

Georgia Alpha Prime, Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, Ga. ; chartered May 8, 
1871 ; suspended 1872. 

Georgia Alpha, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. ; chartered June 5, 1871. 

Georgia Beta, Emory College, Oxford, Ga. ; chartered June 15, 1871. 

Iowa Alpha, Iowa Wesleyan College, Mount Pleasant, Iowa; chartered September 
27, 1871. 

Georgia Gamma, Mercer University, Macon, Ga. ; chartered January 2, 1872. 

Ohio Delta, College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio; chartered February 24, 1872; 
suspended 1880; revived 1881; suspended 1897. 

New York Alpha, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. ; chartered February 29, 1872 ; 
suspended 1876; rechartered 1886. 

Pennsylvania Alpha, Lafayette College, Easton, Pa.; chartered June 5, 1873. 

California Alpha, University of California, Berkeley, Cal. ; chartered June 16, 
1873; suspended 1877; rechartered 1886. 

Michigan Beta, Michigan Agricultural College, Lansing, Mich. ; chartered Novem- 
ber 8, 1873 ; suspended 1898. 

Virginia Beta, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. ; chartered November 
18, 1873. 

Virginia Gamma, Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va. ; chartered February 2, 

Ohio Epsilon, University of Akron, Akron, Ohio ; chartered January 19, 1875 ; 
suspended 1896. 

Nebraska Alpha, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. ; chartered March 16, 
1875; suspended 1876; rechartered 1883. 

Virginia Delta, Richmond College, Richmond, Va. ; chartered September 30, 1875; 
suspended 1895. 

Pennsylvania Beta, Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa.; chartered November 
1, 1875. 

Pennsylvania Gamma, Washington and Jefiferson College, Washington, Pa. ; char- 
tered December 4, 1875. 

Tennessee Alpha, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. ; chartered January 20, 
1876; suspended 1876; revived 1877. 

Pennsylvania Eta, Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa. ; chartered April 19, 
1876; suspended 1877; rechartered 1887. 

Missouri Beta Prime, Central College, Fayette, Mo.; chartered May 29, 1876; 
suspended 1878. 

Mississippi Alpha, University of Mississippi, Oxford, Miss.; chartered June 9, 
1877; suspended 1912. 

Alabama Alpha, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. ; chartered October 17, 
1877; suspended 1877; revived 1883. 

Virginia Epsilon, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Va. ; chartered February 
9, 1878; suspended 1889. 

Illinois Epsilon, Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, 111.; chartered May 
23, 1878; suspended 1897. 

Texas Alpha, Trinity University, Waxahachie, Texas; chartered May 23, 1878; 
suspended 1883. 

North Carolina Alpha, Trinity College, Durham, N. C. ; chartered May 23, 1878; 
suspended 1879. 

Illinois Zeta, Lombard College, Galesburg, 111.; cliartcred November 4, 1878. 


Alabama Beta, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. ; chartered January 
JO. 1879. 

South Carolina Alpha, Wofford College, Spartanburg, S. C. ; chartered January 
31, 1879; suspended 1885. 

Pennsylvania Delta, Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa. ; chartered May 8, 1879. 

Vermont Alpha, University of Vermofit, Burlington, Vt. ; chartered October 30, 

Pennsylvania Epsilon, Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa. ; chartered October 27, 1880. 

Missouri Beta, Westminster College, Fulton, Mo.; chartered October 27, 1880. 

Minnesota Alpha, University of Minneswjta, Minneapolis, Minn. ; chartered October 
12, 1881. 

Iowa Beta, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa ; chartered March 27, 1882. 

South Carolina Beta, University of S«^uth Carolina, Columbia, S. C. ; chartered 
O'tober 26, 1S82; suspended 1893. 

Kansas Alpha, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kan.; charterevl November 5, 

Michigan Gamma, Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich.; chartered December 23, 
1882; suspended 1898. 

Tennessee Beta, University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn.; chartered March 21, 

Ohio Zeta, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio; chartered October 6, 1883. 

Texas Beta, University of Texas, Austin, Texas; chartered October 15, 1883. 

Pennsylvania Zeta, University of Prnnsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. ; chartered 
November 22, 1883. 

New York Beta. Union University, Schenectady, N. Y. ; chartered November 27, 

New York Gamma, College of the City of New York, New York, N. Y. ; char- 
tered February 16. 1884; suspended 1891. 

Maine Alpha, Colby College, Waterville, Maine ; chartered March 22, 1884. 

New York Delta, Columbia University, New York, N. Y. ; chartered April 15, 
1884; suspended 1890; revived 1893. 

Mew Hampshire Alpha, Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H. ; chartered October 

25, um. 

North Carolina Beta, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. ; chartered 
March 29, 1885. 

Massachusetts Alpha, Williams College, Williamstown, Mass. ; chartered February 
1, 1886. 

Texas Gamma, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas ; chartered March 

20, 1886. 

>'ew York Epsilon, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. ; chartered February 7, 

Virginia Zeta. Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va. ; chartered February 

21, 1887. 

Alabama Gamma, Southern University, Greensboro, Ala. ; chartered January 31, 
1887; suspended 1896. 

Massachusetts Beta, Amherst College, Amherst, Mass.; chartered May 5, 1888. 

Phode Island Alpha, Brown University, Providence, R. I.; chartered January 18, 

Louisiana Alpha, Tulane University, New Orleans, La. ; chartered October 16, 1889. 

Missouri Gamma. Washington University, Saint Louis, Mo. ; chartered March 28, 


California Beta, Leland Stanford Junior University, Palo Alto, Cal. ; chartered 
October 23, 189L 

Indiana Theta, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind. ; chartered March 17, 

Illinois Eta, Universtiy of Illinois, Champaign, 111. ; chartered December 19, 1893. 

Ohio Eta, Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland, Ohio; chartered November 
28, 1896. 

Ohio Theta, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio; chartered June 18, 1898. 

Washington Alpha, University of Washington, Seattle, Wash.; chartered Novem- 
ber 29, 1900. 

Kentucky Epsilon, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. ; chartered May 20, 

Quebec Alpha, McGill University, Montreal, Que.; chartered March 29, 1902. 

Colorado Alpha, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo.; chartered May 31, 1902. 

Georgia Delta, Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. ; chartered June 4, 1902. 

Pennsylvania Theta, Pennsylvania State College, State College, Pa. ; chartered 
April 23, 1904. 

Ontario Alpha, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont. ; chartered May 18, 1906. 

South Dakota Alpha, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, S. Dak.; chartered 
November 30, 1906. 

Idaho Alpha, University of Idaho, Moscovv^, Idaho ; chartered November 25, 1908. 

Kansas Beta, Washburn College, Topeka, Kan.; chartered August 11, 1910. 

Oregon Alpha, University of Oregon, Eugene, Ore. ; chartered February 22, 1912. 

Colorado Beta, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colo. ; chartered January 3, 

Iowa Gamma, Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa; chartered January 3, 1913. 

North Dakota Alpha, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, N. Dak. ; char- 
tered January 3, 1913. 

Ohio Iota, Denison University, Granville, Ohio; chartered December 31, 1914. 

Washington Beta, Whitman College, Walla Walla, Wash. ; chartered December 
31, 1914. 

Utah Alpha, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah; chartered December 31, 

Oklahoma Alpha, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Okl. ; chartered January 2, 

New York Zeta, Colgate University, Hamilton, N. Y. ; chartered January 2, 1918. 

Oregon Beta, Oregon Agricultural College, Corvallis, Ore. ; chartered January 2, 

Pennsylvania Iota, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.; chartered January 2, 

Washington Gamma, State College of Washington, Pullman, Wash.; chartered 
January 2, 1918. 

Pennsylvania Kappa, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa. ; chartered January 
2, 1918. 


Franklin. Ind., November 7, 1876. 

Richmond. Va., May 18, 1878. 

Indianapolis. Ind.. September 17, 1879. 

Louisville. Ky., October 27, 1880. 

Baltimore, Md.. October 27, 1880. 

Montgomery, Ala.. October 27, 1880. 

Chicago, 111., February 1, 1881. 

Galesburg. 111., October 12, 1881. 

Nashville, Tenn., October 12, 1881. 

Cincinnati, Ohio, December 17, 1881. 

Washington, D. C. .\pril 4, 18»4. 

Columbus, Ga., June 9, 1884. 

Akron, Ohio, July 4, 1884. 

New York, N. Y.. November 13, 1884. 

Kansas City, Mo., June 29, 1885. 

Minneapolis, Minn., November 5, 1885. 

San Francisco-, Cal., May 10. 1886. 

Atlanta, Ga.. December 7, 1886. 

Pittsburg. Pa.. January 17, 1887. 

Saint Louis, Mo., April 11, 1887. 

Selma, Ala., November 21, 1887. 

Saint Paul. Minn., March 26, 1888; con- 
solidated with the Minneapolis Club, 

Philadelphia, Pa., March 26, 1888. 

Los Angeles, Cal., June 12, 1888. 

Salt Lake City, Utah, February 2, 1891. 

Cleveland, Ohio, December 20, 1892. 

Boston, Mass., February 22, 1893. 

Denver, Col., April 26, 1893. 

Spokane, Wash., September 2, 1893. 

Birmingham, Ala., April 10, 1895. 

Macon, Ga., June 21. 1895. 

Mobile, Ala., December 17, 1895. 

La Crosse, Wis., October 31, 1896. 

Detroit, Mich., April 19, 1897. 

New Orleans, La., August 2. 1897. 

Milwaukee, Wis., September 9, 1897. 

Columbus, Ohio, April 23, 1898. 

Providence, R. I., May 28, 1898. 

Athens, Ohio, October 19, 1898. 

Austin, Texas, May 19, 1899. 

Syracuse, N. Y.. August 23, 1900. 

Seattle, Wash., September 29, 1900. 

Harvard University, November 12, 1900. 

Toledo, Ohio, November 28, 1900. 

Hamilton, Ohio, January 12, 1901. 

Schenectady, N. Y., April 3, 1901. 

Meridian, Miss., November 22, 1901. 

Omaha, Neb., May 2, 1902. 
Crawfordsville, Ind., May 8, 1902. 
Menasha, Wis., September 6, 1902. 
Bloomington, 111.. November 6, 1902. 
Portland, Ore., November 22, 1902. 
Peoria, 111., November 22, 1902. 
Oklahoma City, Okla., January 24. 1903. 
Warren. Pa., November 14, 1903. 
Burlington, Vt., March 12, 1904. 
Lexington, Ky., March 18, 1904. 
Fort Smith, Ark., April 4, 1904. 
Hutchinson, Kan., April 8, 1904. 
Sioux City, Iowa, June 6, 1904. 
Mount Pleasant, Iowa, April 22, 1905. 
Elkhart and Goshen, Ind., November 16, 

Waterville, Maine, December 25, 1905. 
Madison, Ind., February 10, 1906. 
Lafayette, Ind., February 22, 1906. 
Tacoma, Wash., March 15, 1906. 
Bloomington, Ind., March 15, 1906. 
P^ort W^ayne, Ind., April 3, 1906. 
Tipton, Ind., April 18, 1906. 
Columbus, Ind., April 21, 1906. 
Oxford, Ohio, August 9, 1906. 
Frankfort, Ind.. September 14, 1906. 
Greenw^ood, Miss., October 29, 1906. 
South Bend, Ind., November 8, 1906. 
Aurora, 111., November 22, 1906. 
Fulton, Mo., December 1, 1906. 
Mexico City, Mexico, December 3, 1907. 
Carlisle, Pa., December 3, 1907. 
Dallas, Texas, January 20, 1908. 
Duluth, Minn., March 4, 1908. 
Evansville, Ind., March 11, 1908. 
Butte, Mont., March 11, 1908. 
Greencastle, Ind., March 21, 1908. 
Scranton, Pa., June 8, 1908. 
Montreal, Que., August 10, 1908. 
Des Moines, Iowa, August 15, 1908. 
Vermillion, S. D., November 6, 1908. 
Emporia, Kan., January 25, 1909. 
Norfolk, Va., July 19, 1909. 
St. Joseph, Mo., August 31, 1909. 
Moscow, Idaho, November 8, 1909. 
Houston, Texas, February 11, 1910. 
Fargo, N. D., May 19, 1910. 
Topeka, Kan., June 16, 1910. 
Boise, Idaho, July 13, 1910. 


Opelika, Ala, December 9, 1910. 
Champaign-Urbana, 111, November 28, 1911 
Chattanooga, Tenn, February 12, 1912. 
Spencer, Ind., March 9, 1912. 
Danville, 111., March 9, 1912. 
Vancouver, B. C, April 25, 1912. 
Boise, Idaho, May 4, 1912. 
Johnstown, Pa., August 6, 1912. 
El Paso, Texas, October 28, 1912. 
Calgary, Alb., December 30, 1912. 
Huntington-Wabash, Ind., December 30 

Quitman, Ga., February 17, 1913. 

Pueblo, Colo., March 24, 1913. 
.Aberdeen, S. D., April 28, 1913. 
Lawrence, Kan., January 12, 1914. 
Lansing, Mich., October 27, 1914. 
Ottumwa-Oskaloosa, Iowa, August 3, 1914. 
Lynchburg, Va., October 14, 1914. 
Tampa, Fla., February 24, 1914. 
Wadesboro, N. C, January 2, 1915. 
Roanoke, Va., September 29, 1915. 
Sioux Falls, S. D., November 28, 1915. 
.Waterloo, Iowa, January 13, 1916. 
Walla, Walla, Wash., December 4, 1916. 
Huntsville, Ala., April 16, 1917. 



I. liiMicrai CiMivcntion, Cincinnati, Ohio, December 30, 1851. 

11. Cieneral Convention, Cincinnati, Ohio, December 30-31, 1856. 

111. Cieneral Convention, Bloomington, Ind., July 13, 1858. 

I\'. General Convention. Danville, Ky., June 26, 1860. 

\". Cieneral Convention, Bloomington, Ind., June 28-29, 1864. 

\'l. National Convention, Indianapolis, Ind., June 10-11, 1868. 

\'ll. National Convention, Chicago, 111., June 9-10, 1869. 

\'I11. National Convention, Oxford, Ohio, May 11-12, 1870. 

IX. National Convention, Indianapolis, Ind., May 10-12, 1871. 

X. National Convention. Danville, Ky., May 8-10, 1872. 

XI. National Convention, (the Quarto-Centennial Convention), Athens, Ohio, 

May 14-16. 1873. 

XII. National Convention, Crawfordsville, Ind., May 20-22, 1874. 

XIII. National Convention, Danville, Ky., May 19-21, 1875. 

Xn'. National Convention, Philadelphia, Pa., July 11-13, 1878. 

X\". National Convention, Wooster, Ohio, May 22-24, 1878. 

XVI. National Convention, Indianapolis, Ind., October 26-29, 1880. 

XVII. National Convention, Richmond. Va., October 24-27, 1882. 

XVIII. National Convention, Nashville, Tenn., November 11-14, 1884. 

XIX. National Convention, New York, N. Y., October 18-22, 1886. 

XX. National Convention, Bloomington, 111., October 14-18, 1889. 

XXI. National Convention, Atlanta, Ga., October 19-23, 1891. 

XXII. National Convention, Indianapolis, Ind., May 7-11, 1894. 

XXIII. National Convention, Philadelphia, Pa., November 24-28, 1896. 

XXIV. National Convention, (the Semi-Centennial Convention), Columbus, Ohio, 

November 21-25, 1898. 

XX\'. National Convention, Louisville, Ky., November 26-30. 1900. 

XXVI. National Convention, New York, N. Y., November 24-29, 1902. 

XXVII. National Convention, Indianapolis, Ind., November 21-25, 1904. 

XXVIII. National Convention, Washington, D. C, November 26-December 1, 1906. 

XXIX. National Convention, Pittsburgh, Pa., November 23-27, 1908. 

XXX. National Convention, Niagara Falls, N. Y., August 8-12, 1910. 

XXXI. National Convention, Chicago, 111., December 30, 1912-January 4, 1913. 

XXXII. National Convention, Birmingham, Ala., December 28, 1914-January 1, 1915. 

XXXIII. National Convention, Indianapolis, Ind., December 31, 1917-January 2, 1918. 



George Banta, Franklin, 76; Indiana, 76— P. G. €., 1880-82. 
♦Harry Lewis Van Nostrand, Vermont, '81— S. G. C., 1880-82. 
♦Clarence Jacob Reddig, Gettysburg, 77— T. G. C., 1880-82. 

Walter Benjamin Palmer, Emory, 77; Vanderbilt, '80— H. G. C., 1880-82; P. G. C, 

Hilton Ultimus Brown, Butler, '80— P. G. C., 1882-86. 

William Elliott Knight, Centre, '84— S. G. C, 1882-84. 

Charles Albert Foster, Wisconsin, '81— T. G. C, 1882-86. 

Arthur Adelbert Stearns, Buchtel, '79— H. G. C, 1882-86. 

Carroll Phillips Bassett, Lafayette, '83— S. G. C, 1884-86 ; P. G. C, 1886-89. 

John Edwin Brown, Ohio Wesleyan, '84— S. G. C, 1886-89; P. G. C, 1902-04. 

Sterling Price Gilbert, Vanderbilt, '83— T. G. C, 1886-89. 
♦Eugene Henry Lewis Randolph, C. C. N. Y., '85— H. G. C, 1886-89; P. G. C, 1889-91. 

Hugh Thomas Miller, Butler, '88— S. G. C, 1889-94; P. G. C, 1894-96; R. G. C, 1896- 

Henry Whitley Clark, Missouri, '87— T. G. C, 1889-91. 

William Washington Quarles, Alabama, '87— H. G. C, 1889-91 ; P. G. C, 1891-94. 

Isaac Reynolds Hitt, Northwestern, '88— T. G. C, 1891-94. 
*Dwight Newcomb Marl)le, Centre, '82— H. G. C, 1891-96. 

Walter Reynolds Brown, Minnesota, '89— S. G. C, 1894-98. 

Fred Samuel Ball, Ohio State, '88— T. G. C, 1894-98. 

MrCluney Radcliffe, Lafayette, 11; Pennsylvania, '82— H. G. C, 1896-1900. 

James Clark Moore, Jr., Pennsylvania, '93— P. G. C, 1898-1900. 
♦Frank Dugan Swope, Hanover, '85—1898-1900. 

Francis Joseph Ross Mitchell, Northwestern, '96— S. G. C, 1900-04 ; P. G. C, 1904-06 ; 
R. G. C, 1906-11. 

Hubert Herrick Ward, Ohio State, '90— T. G. C, 1898-1900 ; P. G. C, 1900-02. 

John Hibbett DeWitt, Vanderbilt, '94— T. G. C, 1900-04; R. G. C, 1904-06; P. G. C, 

Royall Hill Switzler, Missouri, '97— H. G. C, 1900-02; R. G. C, 1902-04. 

Arthur Milton McCrillis, Brown, '97— H. G. C, 1902-06. 

John Benjamin Ballou, Wooster, '97; Ohio State, '98— T. G. C, 1904-10. 

Samuel Kenley Ruick, DePauw, '97— S. G. C, 1904-08 ; P. G. C, 1908-10. 

Charles Fackler Lamkin, Westminster, '99— H. G. C, 1906-10; P. G. C, 1910-12. 

Frederick Jackson Coxe, North Carolina, '99— S. G. C. 1908-14; P. G. C, 1915-17. 

Alexander Pope, Texas, '07— T. G. C, 1910-19. 

Thomas Alexander Davis, Wabash, '96—11. G. C, 1910-11; R. G. C, 1911-19. 

George Millar Sabin, Vermont, '96— H. G. C, 1911-12. 
■ Guy Potter Benton, Ohio Wesleyan, '88— P. G. C, 1913-14. 

Elmer Charless Henderson, Westminster, '93— H. G. C, 1913-17; P. G C, 1918-19. 

George Dudley Kierulff, California, '96— S. G. C, 1918-19. 
John Elmer Meisenheldcr, Gettysburg, '97— H. G. C, 1918-19. 




Following are the names of some of the more prominent members of Phi Delta 
Theta. with the positions which tlicy liold or have held: 

Federal Officers: Benjamin Harrison, President; A. E. Stevenson, Vice-President; 
J. W. Foster. Secretary of State; W. F. Vilas, Postmaster-General and Secretary of 
the Interior; D. F. Houston, Secretary of Agriculture; J. C. McReynolds, Assistant 
Attorney-General and Attorney-General ; E. AI. Underwood, Assistant Attorney-Gen- 
eral; A. E. Stevenson, First Assistant Postmaster-General; G. M. Lambertson, Assistant 
Secretary of the Treasury ; J. C. Black, Commissioner of Pensions and President Civil 
Service Commission; J. T. Morgan, Commissioner of Indian Affairs; R. E. Cabell, 
Commissioner of Internal Revenue; C. C. McChord, Chairman Interstate Commerce 
Commission; W. M. Howard, member Tariff Board; J. C. S. Blackburn, Governor 
Panama Canal Zone ; Chester Harding, Governor Panama Canal Zone ; Willis Sweet, 
Attorney-General, Porto Rico. 

Ministers to Foreign Countries: J. W. Foster, Mexico, Russia, Spain; J. S. Ewing, 
Belgium; E. H. Conger, Brazil, China, Mexico (Ambassador) ; A. C. Harris, Austria- 
Hungary; C. H. Lewis, Portugal. 

United States Senators. Benjamin Harrison, Indiana; J. C. S. Blackburn, Kei> 
tucky; J. B. Allen, Washington; W. F. Vilas, Wisconsin; D. U. Fletcher, Florida; 
T. W. Hardwick, Georgia. 

Representatives in Congress: C. L. Moses, J. M. Griggs, W. M. Howard, W. G. 
Brantley, T. W. Hardwick, J. G. Lee, J. W. Overstreet, J. S. Tribble, Georgia; A. E. 
Stevenson, J. C. Sherwin, E. H. Conger, J. C. Black, J. V. Gaff, G. W. Prince, L. 
Fitz Henry, Illinois; A. H. Hamilton, T. B. Ward, F. M. Griffith, M. A. Morrison, 
Indiana; J. C. S. Blackburn, J. W. Lewis, S. J. Pugh, Kentucky; T. M. Paschal, J. G. 
Russell, Rufus Hardy, Texas; W. B. Oliver, O. L. Gray, W. B. Bankhead, Alabama; 
L. J. Fenton, Emmett Tompkins, Ohio ; Willis Sweet, B. L. French, Idaho ; W. S. Hill, 
W. W. Venable, Mississippi ; J. A. Anderson, Jarrett Shouse, Kansas; J. B. Allen. L. H. 
Hadley, Washington; M. R. Patterson, Tennessee; J. L. Kennedy, Nebraska; P. D. 
Norton, North Dakota; R. C. Johnson, South Dakota. 

Federal Court Justices: J. C. McReynolds, Supreme Court ; W. A. Woods, C. C. 
Kohlsaat, Circuit Court; W. A. Woods, C. C. Kohlsaat, J. F. Philips, J. T. Dickinson, 
J. G. Russell, J. M. Mayer, W. S. Thomas, District Court. 

State Supreme Court Justices: B. K. Elliott, Chief Justice, W. A. Woods, Chief 
Justice, J. V. Hadley, Chief Justice, Indiana ; N. C. Young, Chief Justice, North Dakota ; 
O. G. Ellis, Chief Justice, F. L. Williams, Missouri ; M. W. Beck, S. P. Gilbert, Georgia ; 
A. A. Evans, W. H. Thomas, Alabama; D. F. Simpson, Oscar Hallam, Minnesota; H. 
F. Mason, Wisconsin; Norman Buck, Idaho; Wallace McCamant, Oregon; H. A. 
Melvin, California; W. B. Fleming, New iSIexico. 

Governors: A. C. Mellette, S. H. Elrod, South Dakota; W. H. Ellerbe, South 
Carolina; M. R. Patterson, Tennessee; J. T. Morrison, Idaho. 

Attorneys-General of States: Massey Wilson, A. M. Garber, W. L. Martin. 
Alabama; Monroe McClurg, R. A. Collins, Mississippi; W. J. Donahower, G. T. 
Simpson, Minnesota; J. M. Mayer, New York; W. S. Bryan, Maryland; T. S. Hogan, 
Ohio; T. M. Honan, Indiana; H. H. Boone, Texas; J. R. Webster, Nebraska; C. M. 
Idleman, Oregon. 

State Superintendents of Education or Public Instruction: F. A. Colton, C. A. 
Greathouse, Indiana; J. W. Hill, W. F. Feagin, Alabama; M. B. Stevens, Maryland; 
M. P. Shawkey, West Virginia; J. N. Powers, Mississippi; J. N. Riggs, Iowa. 



Other Officers of States: H. T. Miller, Lieutenant-Governor, Indiana; W. M. 
McFarland, Secretary of State, Iowa; E. H. Conger, Treasurer, Iowa; R. N. Ramsey, 
Treasurer, Illinois; J. C. Smith, Treasurer, Alabama; W. H. Ellerbe, Comptroller- 
General, South Carolina ; W. T. Read, Treasurer, New Jersey ; W. H. Hayward, Public 
Service Commissioner, New York. 

Presiding Officers of State Legislatures: W. T. Read, New Jersey Senate; W. H. 
Venable, Georgia Senate; J. E. Thomas, Oklahoma Senate; F. A. Musgrave, New 
Hampshire House; T. C. Cheney, Vermont House; J. B. Sanford, Colorado House; 
T. M. Honan, Indiana House. 

College Presidents: G. P. Benton, Miami, Vermont; F. W. Hinitt, Central (Ken- 
tucky), Washington and Jefferson; H. L. Smith, Davidson, Washington and Lee; 
Andrew Sledd, Florida, Southern; M. A. Brannon, Idaho, Beloit; D. F. Houston, 
Texas, Washington (St. Louis) ; P. D. Pollock, W. L. Pickard, Mercer; W. T. Stott, 
C. E. Goodell, Franklin; A. J. Roberts, Colby; Alston Ellis, Ohio; J. P. Ashley, Albion; 
Horace Ellis, Vincennes; J. V. Logan, Central (Kentucky) ; J. N. Powers, Mississippi; 
C. E. Nash, Lombard ; J. T. McFarland, Iowa Wesleyan ; F. S. Kedzie, Michigan 
Agricultural; H. C. Parmelee, Colorado Mines; T. S. Dines, Central (Missouri); W. 
A. Webb, Central (Missouri), Randolph Macon Woman's. 

C. M. Beckwith, Bishop, Alabama; M. E. Fawcett, Bishop, Quincy; W. L. Gravatt, 
Bishop Coadjutor, West Virginia; Carr V. Van Anda, Managing Editor New York 
Times; Grantland Rice, Sporting Editor New York Tribune; H. R. Johnson, Cartoonist 
Saturday Evening Post; Eugene Field, William Allen White, Ray Stannard Baker, 
John R. Spears, Frank S. Pixley, Literary Men; T. J. J. See, Astronomer; V. L. 
Kellogg, Zoologist; L. H. Bailey, Horticulturist; Frederick Funston, Major General, 
U. S. A. 

*Additions to this list will be gladly received by Walter B. Palmer, Estate Tax Division, 
Treasury Department, Washington, D. C. 




As Shown by tlie Seven Editions of the Catalogue. 

IISOO 1870 1872 18781 1883 18941 1908 

Ohio Alphn. Miami I'nivcrsity 

Indiitnii Alpha. Indiann rnivorsity 
Kentuoky Alpha-Delta. Central University 

Iiului.Ki r.rt.i. Waliasti (\.II.-;:e 

Ohio Gamma rrime, Witteuhorg College 
Texas Alpha rrinie. Austin Collejie 
Kentucky Keta, Kentucky Military Institute 
Kentucky Gamma, Gconretown Collet 
Wisconsin Alpha, University of Wisconsin 
Wisconsin Heta, Lawrence University 
Illinois Alpha, Northwestern University 

Indiana Gamma, Butler College.. 

Ohio Beta, Ohio Wesleyan University 

Indiana Delta, Franklin College. 

Indiana Epsilon, Hanover College 

Michigan Alpha, University of Michigan 
Illinois Beta, University of Chicago 

Indiana Zeta, DePauw University 

Ohio Gamma, Ohio University 

Indiana Eta, Indiana State Normal School 

Virginia Alpha, Roanoke College 

Missouri Alpha, University of Missouri 
Illinois Gamma. Monmouth College 

Illinois Delta, Knox College 

Georiria Alpha Prime. Oglethorpe University 
Georgia Alpha, University of Georgia 

Georgia Beta, Emory College 

Dwa Alpha, Iowa Wesleyan College 
Georgia Gamma, Mcrcor University 
Ohio Delta, College of Wooster. . . . 
New Tork Alpha. Cornell University 
Pennsylvania Alpha, Lafayette College 
California Alpha, University of California 
Michigan Beta, Michigan Agricultural College 
Virginia Beta. University of Virginia 
Virginia Gamma, Randolph-Macon College 

Ohio Epsilon, University of Akron 

Nebraska Alpha, University of Nebraska 
Virginia Delta, Richmond College....... 

Pennsylvania Beta, Pennsylvania College 

Pennsylvania Gamma. Washington and Jefferson College 

Tennessee Alpha, Vanderbilt University 

Pennsylvania Eta. Lehigh University 

Missouri Beta Prime, Central College 

Mississippi Alpha, University of Mississippi 

Alabama Alpha, University of Alabama 

Virginia Epsilon, Virginia Military Institute 

Illinois Epsilon, Illinois Wesleyan University 

Texas Alpha, Trinity University 

North Carolina Alpha, Trinity College 

Illinois Zeta, Lombard College 

Alabama Beta, Alabama Polytechnic Institute 
South Carolina Alpha, Wofford College 
Pennsylvania Delta, Allegheny College 
Vermont Alpha, University of Vermont 
Pennsylvania Epsilon, Dickinson College 
Missouri Beta, Westminster College 
Minnesota Alpha, University of Minnesota 

Iowa Beta, University of Iowa 

South Carolina Beta, University of South Carolina 
Kansas Alpha, University of Kansas 
Michigan Gamma. Hillsdale CoUe 
Tennessee Beta, University of the South 

Ohio Zeta, Ohio State University 

Texas Beta. University of Texas 

Pennsylvania Zeta, University of Pennsylvania 

New York Beta, Union University 

New York Gamma. College of the City of New York 

Maine Alpha, Colby College 

New York Delta, Columbia University 
New Hampshire Alpha, Dartmouth College 
North Carolina Beta, University of North Carolina 
Massachu.setts Alpha, Williams College 
Texas Gamma, Southwestern University 
New York Epsilon, Syracuse University 

*Membership of Kentucky Alpha and Kentucky Delta to 1901, when they were. consolidated, and 
of Kentucky Alpha-Delta from 1901 to 1906. 



Virginia Zeta, Washington and Lee University 

Alabama Gamma, Southern University 

Massachusetts Beta, Amherst College 

Rhode Island Alpha, Brown University 

Louisiana Alpha, Tulane University 

Missouri Gamma, Washington University 

California Beta, Leland Stanford Junior University. 

Indiana Theta, Purdue University 

Illinois Eta, University of Illinois 

Ohio Eta, Case School of Applied Science 

Ohio Theta, University of Cincinnati 

Washington Alpha, University of Washington 

Kentucky Epsilon, University of Kentucky 

Quebec Alpha, McGill University 

Colorado Alpha, University of Colorado , 

Georgia Delta, Georgia School of Technology 

Pennsylvania Theta, Pennsylvania State College.... 
Ontario Alpha, University of Toronto 

Totals 292 556| 923|1,929|3,460 7,286 14,526 

1860 1870 1872 1878 1883 1894 190* 























Tuscaloosa, Alabama 


Smith, Oliver Fleetwood 

Born Chattanooga, Tenn.; A. B. 1877; Charter 
Member; Philoniathic; Luniber Inspector. 13 
S. Hallctt St., Mobile, Ala. 


Hobbs, Thomas ]\Iaclin 

Born Lynchburg, Va., Nov. 29, 18S8; Charter 
Member; Cotton Planter; Formerly Member 
Bd. Trustees, Ala. Inst, for Deaf and Acad, for 
Blind ; Member Commissioners Court, Lime- 
stone Co., 1888-92; Affiliated Ala. Beta 1878. 
207 Jefferson St., Athens, Ala. 

Knox, Matthew Ross 

Planter. (Knoxville, Ala.) 

Spencer, Thomas Harper 

Born Knoxville, Green Co., Ala.; Charter 
Member; Mining and Real Estate; Affiliated 
Ala. Beta, 1878. 723 Jefferson County Bank; 
res. 1800, 10th Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 


McCreary, Ernest* 

Druggist, d. Evergreen, Ala. 

Mickle, John Joseph 

C. E. 1879; Insurance. (Montgomery, Ala.) 


Mooring-, John Scott 

President Nat'l. Bank of Anniston; Affiliated 
Va. Beta 1881. (Anniston, Ala.) 

Smith, James Craig 

Treasurer of Alabama; Affiliated Tenn. Alpha 
1880. (Montgomery, Ala.) 


Martin, Wolsey Randall 

Born Tuscaloosa, .Ala.; A. B. 1883; A. M. 
Chon.); LL. B. 1884; Lawyer; Pres. Pipe Line 
and Oil and Gas Co. Merchants Natl. Bank 
Bldg., Fort Smith, Ark. 

Tunstall, Alfred Moore 

A. B. 1883; LL. B.— ; Lawyer. 


Daniel, John 

Born Perrv Co., Ala.; A. B. 1884; A. M. 
1886; LL. D. 1915; Prof, of Physics; Mem- 
ber of Jury of .Awards, Tenn. Centennial Ex- 
position; Author of numerous scientific papers; 
Member Am. Assn. for Advancement of 
Science; Tenn. Acad, of Science; Tenn. Hor- 
ticultural Soc. Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, 

Eppes, William Caldwell 

Planter. Dayton, Ala. 

Gaston, Zell 

Initiated by Ala. Beta 1884. 

Gibson, Carleton Bartlett 

Born Mobile, Ala.; A. B. 1884; A. M. 1885; 
LL. D. 1914; Supt. of Schools, Savannah, Ga.; 
Columbus, Ga., 1896-1909; Pres. Mechanic* 
Inst., 1910-16; Commission of Relief Belgium, 
Dir. Namur Province, 1915. 109 Bull St.; 
res. De Sota Hotel, Savannah, Ga. 

Graham, Malcolm 

A. B. 1884; Merchant. (Austin Texas.) 

Harding, Chester 

B. E. 1884; Lieutenant Colonel Engineer Corps, 
U. S. Army.; Governor of Panama Canal Zone. 
Care War Department, Washington, D. C. 

Hawkins, Henry Gabriel 

Born Choctaw Co., Ala.; A. B. 1884; Philoma- 
thean; Tied for New Shakespeare Soc. Prize 
(3); Editor University Monthly (4); Lieut. 
Cadet Corp (4) ; Pres. Memphis Conference Fe- 
male Inst.; Taught English, Middle School, 
Matsuyama, Japan, 1893-95; Assoc. Pres. Whit- 
worth Coll., Miss. 3 years; Pres. Port Gibson 
Female Coll. 7 years; Co. Supt. of Public In- 
struction C'.arke Co., Miss., 2 years; Pastor 
M. E. Church 6 years; .Author of "Twenty 
Months in Japan"; "History of Port Gibson 
Mississippi"; A pamphlet of Mississippi His- 
torical Soc, etc.; Member Memphis Conference 
M. E. Church South. Memphis Conference 
Female Inst., Jackson, Tenn. 

Lapsley, Samuel Norvil* 

A. B. 1884; Clergyman, d. 1892, Africa. 

Le Grand, Milton Paul 

Initiated by Tenn Alpha 1893. 

Smith, Sherwood Hadley* 

A. B. 1884. 


Booth. William Joseph* 

A. B. 1885. 

Browder, William Montague 

A. B. 1885; Physician. (Key West, Fla.) 

Clarke, Louis Verdier 

A. B. 1885; Insurance. (Birmingham, Ala.) 

Dawson, Henry Rhodes* 

A. B. 1885; Planter. 

Evans, Aurelius Augustus 

Born Russell Co., Ala.; A. B. 1885; A. M. 
1888; Erosophic and Peithonian Sees.; Lawyer; 
Town Councilman, Clayton, Ala. several years; 
Mayor, 1896-98; Judge, 3d Judicial Circuit, 
1898-1909; Assoc. Justice Supreme Court of 
.Ala., 1909-11; Assoc. Member State Tax Com- 
missioners of Ala., 1911-15; Delegate to Demo- 
cratic National Convention, 1904; Member 
State Bar and Montgomery Co. Bar Assns. 
610-11 Bell Bldg.; res. 203 Park PI,, Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 




Gilbert, John Wesley* 

A. B. 1885. 

Gray, Oscar Lee 

A. B. 1885; Lawyer; Representative in Congress. 
Butler, Ala. 

Gunter, Charles Poellnitz 

Born Montgomery, Ala.; A. B. 1885; Real Es- 
tate and Insurance; Member Beauvoir Club. 
1st Natl. Bank Bldg. ; res. 608 S. Court St., 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Jones, Percy Walton 

Born Demopolis, Ala.; Clergyman; Rector, St. 
Georges' Church. Griffin, Ga. 

McLeod, Archibald Alonzo 

A. B. 1885; Lawyer. (Selma, Ala.) 

Pratt, Daniel 

Born Prattville, Ala.; B. S. 1886; Manufac- 
turer. Prattville, Ala. 

Pugh, Sidney Stuart 

Born Grove Hill, A'.a. ; A. B. 1885; A. M. 
1892; M. D. 1889, Tulane Univ.; Erosophic 
and Peithonian Sees.; Physician; Pres. Bd. of 
Pension Examiners; Major and Surgeon, U. S. 
Vols., 1898 — ; Member Ala. State and County 
Med. Assns.; Athelstan Club. 66 N. Concep- 
tion St.; res. 1055 Government St., Mobile, 

Vidmer, John Redwood 

Born Mobile, Ala., Jan. 5, 1866; A. B. 1885; 
1st Lieut. Cadet Corps; Lieut. Co. E winners 
of First Competitive Drill Prize, Cotton States 
Exposition, New Orleans, May, 1885; Manager 
McGowin Seed Co.; Regiment Adjutant 2d Ala 
Vol. Inf., 1898. McGowin Seed Co.; res. 965 
Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

Wetmore, Richmond Pearson* 

LL. B 


Booker, William Edward* 

B. E. 

Campbell, William Wrig^ht 

Born Tuskegee, Ala.; B. E. 1886; C. E. 1889; 
Capt. Co. D; Banker; Pres. Macon County 
Bank and Roanoke Guano Co.; V.-Pres. Tuske- 
gee R. R. Co.; Pres. Ala. Baptist State Conven- 
tion, 1912-15; Sec.-Treas. Macon County Oil 
Co.; V.-Chrmn. Bd. of Trustees Normal and 
Ind. Inst.; Moderator Tuskegee Baptist Assn., 
1907-16. Tuskegee, Ala. 

Cotting-ham, Elisha Baldwin* 

A. B. 1886. 

Feagin, George Wadsworth 

B. E.; C. E.; Civil Engineer. (Midway, Ala.) 

Garber, Alexander Michael 

Born Chcssland near Livingston, Ala.; A. B. 
1886; A. M. 1889; Studied Law Univ. of Va.; 
Honor Man; Sen. Capt. Corp. of Cadets; Win- 
ner Prize Medal as Capt. Best Directed Co., 
1886; Lawyer; Atty.-Genl. of Ala.. 1907-11; Su- 
■ premc Representative K of P., 1908-12; Mem- 
ber Supreme Tribunal, 1912-17; Member State 
Bar Assn. (.Ma.); .Alumni Snc, Univ. of Ala. 
(life member) ; Southern and Country Clubs. 
723 First Xatl. Bank Bldg.; res. 1109 Sycamore 
St., I'irmingham, .\la. 

Gary, Thomas Edward 

Born Cedar Lodge, Lowndes Co., Ala.; A. B. 
1886; Salesman, C. W. Hooper & Co. Bow 
and Green; res. 609 Trcmont .St., Selma, Ala. 

Gibson, Frederick Powers 

A. B. 1886; Lawyer. (Baltimore, Md.) 

Hobdv, Oliver Arthur* 

A. B. 1886. 

Horn, John Lee 

B. E. 1886; Warehouseman. (Livingston, 

Jones, Virginius Walker* 

A. B. 1886. 

Nelson, Algernon Waller 

Born Greensboro, Ala.; A. B. 1886; Honor 
Roll, 1883-86; Special Agent Provident Life 
and Trust Co.; .Member Birmingham Country 
and Birmingham Athletic Clubs. 224 Brown 
Marx Bldg.; res. 2816 Mountain Ave., Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

Pace, Albert Eugene 

A. B. 1886; Lawyer. (Dothan, Ala.) 

Pinckard, Edward Lee 

B. E. 1886; Civil Engineer. (Opelika, Ala.) 

Sayre, Herbert Armistead* 

Prof, of Mathematics, Univ. of Ala. d. Dec. 
3, 1916. 

Smith, Julien Lee 

Born CarlowviUe, Dallas Co., Ala.; B. E. 
1886; C. E. 1888; Planter; City Engineer, Sel- 
ma 22 years; County Surveyor, 15 years; Bd. 
Revenue, 10 years; Unexpired term on State 
Highwav Commission; Member Masons, Shrin- 
er; Elks, W. O. W., Am. Soc. of Civil Engrs., 
Hay Maker and Rotary Clubs. 1216 Water 
St.; res. 627 Church St., Selma, Ala. 

Wright, Ruffin Ashe 

Physician; Affiliated Va. Beta 1889. (Greens- 
boro, .Ala.) 


Agee, Alfred Pelham 

Born Claiborne, Ala.; Grad., U. S. Naval 
Acad.; Lawyer. Anniston, Ala. 

Banks, James Oliver 

A. B. 1887; Merchant. (Eutaw, Ala.) 

Burgett, James Ralston 

Born Mobile, Ala., Feb. IS, 1865; A. B. 1884; 
A. M. 1885; LL. B. 1887; Philomathic Lit. 
Soc; Capt. Co. B; Sophomore, Junior and 
Senior Speaking Lists; Lawyer; Judge of First 
Instance, Manila, Philippine Islands. P. O. 
Box 1343, :\Ianila, P. I. 

Burke. Matt Otey 

A. B. 1887; Physician. (Ilonaker, Va.) 

Carothers, Milton Washington* 

Merchant, d. March 7, 1914, Selma, Ala. 

Dedman, Joseph Marcus 

Born Selma, Ala., March 12, 1868; A. B. 1887; 
• Owner and Prop. Hotel Bethel; Mayor, Colum- 
bia, Tenn. since January, 1912; Pres. Tenn. 
League of Mayors. Garden St., Columbia, 

Ervin, Robert Tait 

Born Canulcn, .Ma., May 27, 1863; LL. B. 
1887; Judge U. S. Dist. Court, Southern Dist. 
of Ala. Custom House, Mobile; res. Spring 
Hill, Mobile Co., Ala. 

Harwood, Samuel Bernard 

LL. B. 1887; Lawyer; Circuit Judge, 5 years; 
Member Masons, K. of P., Woodmen. 411 
Queen City, Tuscaloosa, .Ala. 

Hatter, William Reuben* 

Born liutaw, Greene Co., Ala.; A. B. 1887; 
Physician, d. Oct. 26, 1901, Boligee, Ala. 

Horton, Clarence Leslie 

.Address unknown. 

Lockard, William Penn* 

A. B. 1887. 

McCord Charles Edward 

Born Lowndes Co., Ala.; Honor Roll (1), (2); 

Secretary-Treasurer Autauga Oil and Fertilizer 

Co.; .Member City School Bd.; Pres. Prattville 
Commercial Club. Prattville, Ala. 

McCoy, Sidney Johnston* 



i 1887-89 


Oliver. William Kacon 

Born Kutaw. Ala.: A. B. 1887; LL. B. 1889; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Miinber of Congress; State 
Solicitor 6th Ala. Iii.licial Circuit. 18^*8-1910; 
IVan Law School L'niv. of Ala., 1910-14; 
Member of Congress since 1914; Naval Com- 
mittee; Member Masons, Woodmen and K. of 
1*. Tuscaloosa. Ala. 

uarles. William W^ashington 

Born rieasant Hill, Dallas Co.. Ala., May 24, 
1865; A. B. and LL. B. 1887; A. M.; Peithonian 
Hcbating Soc. : Senior Capt. Cadet Corps; Car- 
nahan or Ready Writers' Prize; Gold Medal 
for best oration best delivered; Attorncy-at- 
Law; .Ma. Legislature, 1890-91; Corporation 
Counsel of Selraa 2 terms; Col. 3d Reg. Ala. 
State Troops. 1888-91; Solicitor 4th Ala. Judicial 
Circuit 2 terms, 1S9J-1904; Judge Circuit Court 
of Marengo Co.. Ala., one term by Governors' 
appointment; Historian General Council Phi 
Delta Theta. 1889-91; Pres.. 1891-94; Member 
K. of P., i:iks. Odd Fellows, Master Masons 
and Haymakers, Chamber of Commerce. IIOOJ/^ 
Water Ave. ; res. 439 Lapsley St., Selma, Ala. 

Saffold. William Burney 

A. B.; Prof, of Latin, Univ. of Ala. (Tusca- 
loosa, Ala.> 

Searcv, Reuben Martin* 

Affiliated Va. Beta 1887. d. July 16, 1892, 
Tuskaloosa, Ala. 

Smith, Emmett Lee 

Born Prattville, .-Ma.; Capt. Co. A; Treasurer 
Title Guarantee Loan and Trust Co.; Member 
Southern Club. Title Guarantee and Trust 
Co.; res. 4312, 5th Ave. S., Birmingham, Ala. 

Street, Oliver Day 

Born Warrentown, Marshall Co., Ala., Dec. 6, 
1866; Honor Roll. 1886-87; Senior Speakers 
List, 1887; Best Legal Thesis Prize, 1887; 
Lawyer; Republican Natl. Committeeman, 
since 1916; Trustee Ala. Dept. Archives and 
History since 1900; Sec. Tenn. Valley Histori- 
cal Soc; U. S. .\ttv.. Northern Dist. of Ala., 
1907-14; Spec. Asst. to Atty.-Genl. U. S., since 
1914; Writer of monographs and articles on 
Ala. State and local history; Member Birming- 
ham Newspaper and Birmingham Automobile 
Clubs; K. of P., Red Men, A. F. and A. M., 
York and Scottish Rites; Ala. Historical Soc. 
Birmingham; res. Centersville, Ala. 

Talley, Dyer Findley 

Born Woodlawn, Ala.; A. B. 1887; A. M. 
(hon.) and M. D. 1892: Philosophic Soc; 2d 
Lieut. Co. B; Surgeon; Member State Bd. and 
County Bd. of Health; Bd. of Censors and 
Med. Examiners; .\uthor of numerous surgical 
papers; Member Southern, Country, Southern 
Outing and Roebuck Springs Golf and Auto- 
mobile Clubs. 1808, 7th Ave., Birmingham, 

Thomas. William Henry 

("Point Clair, Ala.) 

Williams, Henry Petty 

Planter. (Dunbar, La.) 

Wright, James Carter 

C. E.; Manufacturer. (Roanoke, Ala.) 


Clay, James Burns* 


Compton, William Xorris 

Born Selma, Ala.; A. B. 1888; General Agent, 
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co., 
for New York; Member Lotos, New York, New 
York Athletic and Fox Hills Golf Clubs. 220 
Broadway; res. 2 W. 88th St., New York, 
N. Y. 

Dedman, James Edwin 

Born Selma, Ala.; A. B. 1888; XI. D. 1890 
Univ. of Tenn.; First Honors, 1887-88; Win- 
ner of Paul F. Eve Medal for highest aver- 
age. Univ. of Tenn,. 1890; Physician; Mem- 
ber Bd. of Dirs. Birmingham .\thletic Club, 
15 vears; Member Southern and Birmingham 
Motor Clubs. 427 The Woodward; res. 1000 
S. 28th St., Birmingham. Ala. 

Holloway, William Eugene 

Born near Union Springs, Ala.; A. B. 1888; 
LL. B.; Attorney and Banker. 55 Liberty 
St.; res. 830 St. Nicholas Ave., New York. 
N. Y. 

Hooper. Lloyd McKee 

Born Selma, Ala.; Philomathic Lit. Soc; 
First Corporal Co. "C" (3); First Lieut. (4); 
Wholesale Grocer and Cotton Commission 
Merchant; Pres. Sinking Fund Commission 
(Selma); Pres. Selma Park Commission; Mem- 
ber Bd. of Educ; member Bd. of Trustees 
Agnes Scott College ; Member Calcis Outing 
and Country Golf Clubs. Green and Bow Sts. ; 
res. 330 Lapsley St., Selma, Ala. 

Mclntyre, Erastus Stonum* 

Initiated by Ala. Beta, 1885. 

McLeod, Daniel Douglas* 

Initiated by Ala. Beta 1884. 

Purifoy. James Le Roy 

Born Furman, Ala.; Chief Clerk to Secretary 
of State. State Capitol, Montgomery; res. 
Millbrook, .Ma. 

Roach, Robert Percy 

Born Livingston, Ala.; Lawyer; Member Bd. 
of School Commissioners, Mobile Co., Ala.; 
Member St. Francis St. M. E. Church Soc 
617-619 City Bank Bldg.; res. 508 Spring Hill 
Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Smith, Charleton Green 

Born Brierfield, Ala.; Agriculturist and Coal 
Mining. Brierfield, .Ma. 

Tunstall, Wiley Croom, Jr. 

Born Greensboro, Ala.; A. B. 1888; LL. B. 
1890; .\ttorney-at-Law. Anniston City Natl. 
Bank Bldg.; res. Noble between 9th and 10th 
Sts., Anniston, Ala. 


Carnes, Charles Quintard 

Traveling Salesman. (^Memphis, Tenn.) 

Cornell, Sidney Walker* 

d. 1888, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Crook, James Flournoy 

A. B. 1889; Journalist. 

Earle, Samuel Lowndes 

Born Birmingham, Ala:; A. B. 1889; Whole- 
sale Grocer. 1801, 1st Ave.; res. 1223 Nio- 
zuma Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

Fornev, Jacob* 

A. B'. 1889; Educator, d. Dec. 24, 1902. 

Jenkins, Samuel Calhoun 

Born Allenton, Wilcox Co., Ala.; A. B. 1889; 
.^. M. 1891: Lawyer; Member Constitutional 
Convention of Ala., 1901; Legislature, 1896- 
97-10; State Senate, 1898. Bay Winette, Ala. 

Jones, Edward Carlisle 

Lawyer. (Selma, Ala.) 

McAdory, Mortimer Jordan* 

A. B. 1889; LL. B.; Lawyer, d. Dec. 10, 
1896, Bessemer, Ala. 

Martin, William Mudd 

Born Birmingham, .Ma.; A. B. 1891; B. L. 
Univ. Va.; Pres. Ala. Abstract Co.; Member 
Country, Southern and Roebuck Clubs. 2028 
First Ave.; res. Terrace Court Apartments, 
Birmingham, Ala. 




Palmer, William Bradley 

Born Furman, Ala.; A. B. 1889; LL. B. 1891; 
M. D. 1898 Tulane Univ.; Cert, from New 
Orleans Polyclinic 1899, and from Chicago and 
New York Polyc'.inics; Grad. Cert, in Geology, 
1891; Physiciai;i; Health Officer, Wilcox Coun- 
ty, 1915: Author of articles on "Democracy and 
Health Systems"; Made part of Permanent Col- 
lection of State. Furman, Ala. 

Searcy, Walter Ross 

Born Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Insurance and Farm- 
ing; City Sec.-Treas., Smithville two terms; 
Mayor two terms. Main St., Smithville, 


Banks, George Young 

Merchant; .Affiliated Va. Beta 1891; Hard- 
ware Merchant. 202 S. Market St.; res. 204 
S. 7th Ave., Columbus, Miss. 

Elmore, John Archer 

Born Montgomery, Ala.; LL. B. 1890; Major 
Judge Advocate General's Department Officers 
Reserve Corps. S3S S. McDonough St., Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

Gorgas, Richard Haynsworth 

U. S. Engineer. (Montgomery, Ala.) 

Horton, John Coleman 

A. B. 1890; Clergyman. (Talladega, Ala.) 

Miles, Pierre Francis 

A. B. 1890; Printing and Publishing. (Mont- 
gomery. Ala.) 

Murphy. Samuel Davidson 

Born Eutaw, Greene Co., Ala.; Judge, Juvenile 
Court of Jefferson Co. 2212 First Ave.; res. 
1601 S. 26th St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Murphy, Samuel Silenus 

Born "Greene Co.. Ala.; A. B. 1890; A. M. 
1893; Superintendent of Schools Mobile City 
and County; Member Masonic, Rotary and 
Athelstan Clubs; Ala. Education and National 
Education Assns. Barton Acad.; res. 1008 
Selma St., Mobile, Ala. 

Richards, William Evans 

(Washington, D. C.) 

Smith, Walter Lane 

Born Yazoo City, Miss.; A. B. 1890; 1st in 
Mathematics and Chemistry; Lieut. Cadet 
Corps; Mining and Manufacturing; Sec.-Treas. 
Memphis Stone and Gravel Co.; Treas. Colum- 
bia Steel Co.; Member Chamber of Commerce; 
Country and Tennessee Clubs. 1630 Exchange 
Bldg. ; res. 1520 Central Ave, Memphis, Tenn. 

White, Thomas Vernon 

Planter. (Epes, Ala.) 


Dunlap. George Hamilton 

Born Eufala, Ala.; A. B. 1891; LL. B. 1892 
Univ. of Va.; Sec.-Treas. Alabama Dry Dock 
and Shipbuilding Co.; Affiliated Va. Beta 
1893. 50 Chatham St., Mobile, Ala. 

Feagin, Jefferson Davis 

Born Clayton, Ala.; A. B. 1891; Tic Contrac- 
tor; V.-Prcs. Peoples State Bank; Dir. J. & E. 
Ry. Co.; Member Nathan Corlcy Lodge, A. F. 
and A. M.; Jasper Chapter R. A. M.; Beaumont 
Commandcry K. T.; Galveston Consistory A. 
and A. S. R.; Elmina Temple, Mystic Shrine; 
Elks and Hoo Hoo. Kirbyville, Texas. 

Hall, Robert Green 

Born Midway, Bul'.ock Co., Ala.; A. B 1891; 
A. M. 1914 Univ. of Wis.; Philomathic Lit. 
Soc; Senior Speaker; Capt. Co. D., Ala. 
Corps of Cadets, 1890-91; Prize Co. of that 
Year; Teacher; Pres. Texas State Teachers' 
Assn., 1912; Joint author of "Students His- 

tory of Our Country" (used exclusively in 
Texas Schools) ; Member Masons, K. of P. 
and Odd Fellows. Rose School Bldg.; res. 816 
E. Lone St., Roseburg, Ore. 

Higley, William Marshall 

Born Mobile, Ala.; Secretary Turner Terminal 
Co. Ft. Maryland St., Mobile; res. Suriug 
Hill, Ala. 

Huger, Edmund Dargan* 

Cotton Factor, d. Aug. 26, 1909, Mobile, Ala. 

Leatherwood, Timothy Miles* 

Physician, d. Oct. 5, 1913. 

Merritt, Luther Felders 

Merchant. (James, Ala.) 

Murphy, James* 

Cashier, d. March 19, 1901. 

Porter, Thomas Wacle* 
Searcy, James Thomas 

Born Tuscaloosa, Ala.; B. C. E. 1891; M E 
1893 Cornell; Manager Ice Co. and Merclian- 
dise Broker; Affiliated N. Y. Alpha 1893. 601, 
6th St. S.; res. 304 S. 4th St., Columbus, Miss. 

Smith, Giles William Lawrence 

Born Midway, Ala.; A. B. 1891; LL. B. 1893 
Georgetown Coll.; Peithonian Debating Soc; 
Class Honors; Adj. and Capt. Cadet Corps; 
Member Ala. Legislature, 1898-99; Lawyer; 
32d degree Mason Scottish Rite; Shriner; 
Member K. of P., Red Men. 25^^ St. Joseph 
Ave.; res. 611 Belleville Ave., Brewton, Ala. 

Stone, Raymond 

Grad. U. S. Naval Acad.; Commander, U. S. 
Navy; Ensign. 1896; Lieut., 1901; Lieut. - 
Commander, 1907; Commander, 1913; Contri- 
butor to service journals; Member U. S. 
Naval Acad, and Severn Boat Clubs. Navy 
Dept., Wash., D. C. ; res. 8 Murray Ave., 
Annapolis, Md. 

Thomas, Columbus Eugene 

Born Goldhill, Ala.; A. B. 1891; Banker and 
Farmer; Judge of Probate, Autauga Co.; 
IMeniber State Agricultural Bd. Prattville, 

Wilds, Walter William* 
Wright, Julius Tutwiler 

Teacher. (Mobile, A'a.) 


Burke, Francis Joseph 

Born West Port, Ireland; Asst. Genl Freight 
Agent Texas & Pacific Ry. 1428 Webster 
Ave.; res. 207 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, 

Forney, John-Cortlan 

Born Jacksonville, Ala., Nov. 23, 1873; LL. 
B. 1892; A. M. 1893; LL. B. 1894; Erosophic 
Soc. Shakespearian Club; 1st Student in Class; 
Senior Capt., Military Corps; 2d Shakespearian 
Prize; Lawyer; U. S. Title Attorney (Land); 
Special U. S. Atty.; Formerly Alderman Bir- 
mingham, Ala.; Trustee State Normal School 
Jacksonville, Ala.; I""ormer member Southern, 
Country, Commercial, Colonial and Athletic 
Clubs. Government Bldg.; res. 902 S. 29th St., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Gibson, Alexander Julius 

Clerk. (Washington, I). C.) 

Stillman, Charles Allen 

Born 'I'uscaloosa, Ala.; 2d Sergeant Co. "B"; 
1st v. -Pres. and Dir. Iroquois Iron Co.; Pres. 
and Dir. Rogers-Brown Ore Co.; Member Un- 
ion League, South Shore Country ((Chicago), 
Kitchigammi (Dululh, Minn.) and Birming- 
ham (Ala.) Athletic Clubs; Am. Iron and 
•Steel Inst.; Am. Inst, of Mining Engrs. 332 
S. Michigan Ave.; res. 4544 Greenwood Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 


Al.ARAMA Al.rilA 


Willett, ArchibaUl Wyatt 

Lawyer. (Carrollton, Ala.) 


Ball. Sumter .Mavs* 

,1. l>cc. 11. U'lO. .\ilama, f.a. 

Bankhead. William Brockman 

Born Moscow, Lamar Co., Ala., April 12, 
1S74: A. B. 1893; LL. B. 1896 Georgetown; 
A. M. 1896 Harvard; Erosophic Lit. Soc; 
Sophomore, Junior and Senior Orator; Trus- 
tee Medal for Oratory; Capt. Co. "C" Cadet 
Corps; Pres. Y. M. C. A.; Pros. Erosophic 
Soc.; Football; Baseball; Pres. Junior Class 
(Georgetown); Senior Orator; Member of Con- 
gress; Member Ala. Legislature, 1900 01; Cir- 
cuit Solicitor, 14 Circuit, 1910-14; Presiden- 
tial Elector, 1904; Author "Code of Laws City 
of Huntvil'.c;" Member Masons, Woodmen, 
and Odd Fellows. House of Representatives; 
res. 1S68 Columbia Rd. N. W., Washington, 
D. C; permanent address Jasper, Ala. 

Harkins, Edgar Maxwell 

Merchant. (Fayette, .Ma.) 

Johnston, Hardee 

Born Selma, Ala.; .\. B. 1893; M. D. 1895 
L'niv. of \'a. : Treas. Athletic Assn.; Capt. 
Gass Team; Substitute Baseball; Physician; 
Member Bd. of Control, Hillman Hospital; Sec. 
of same 4 years; 1st Lieut. Asst. Surgeon, 1st 
.Ma. \'olunteer Infantry, Spanish-.\m. War; 
Surgeon 3d Cavalry Natl. Guard; Member Ala. 
Med. Soc: .\ffiliated with Va. Beta 1895. 
Woodward Bldg. ; res. 1231 Whitaker St., 
Birmingham. Ala. 

Jordan, William Mudd 

Initiated by Tenn. Beta 1890. 

King. Hugh Miller* 
Morrow, Hugh 

Born Birmingham, Ala.; A. B. 1893; A. M. 
and LL. B. 1894; Phi Beta Kappa; Varsity 
Baseball and Football; Lawyer; State Sena- 
tor, 1900-04 and since 1911; Pres. pro tem 
Senate: Member Bd. of Trustees Univ. of Ala., 
since 1908; Member Southern, Country and 
Roebuck Golf Clubs. Empire Bldg.; res. Roe- 
buck Springs, Birmingham, Ala. 

Moseley, William Le Garde* 

Born Union Springs, Ala., Jan. 13, 1873; A. B. 
1893. d. Oct. 20, 1908, Union Springs, Ala. 

Rockett. William Richardson 

Born Birmingham, Ala.; Deputy Clerk, Cir- 
cuit Court. Court House: res. 1429 St. 
Char'.es St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Saffold, Ray Philips 

Born Sclma, Ala.; A. B. 1893; A. M. and 
LL. B. 1894; A. M. (hon.) 1895; Attorney-at- 
Law; Consul of Monaco; Former Consul Li- 
beria; Public Administrator of Ala.; Member 
of Bar and admitted to practice in all courts 
State and Federal of Alabama and California; 
Member A. F. and A. M.; Scottish Rite 14th 
degree. 1003 Phelan Bldg.; res. 447 Eddy 
St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Searcy, Battle Sorsby 

Born Tuskaloosa, Ala.; B. S. 1893; D. D. S. 
1900 Baltimore Col!. Dental Surg.; Dentist. 
1806 Broad St., Tuska'oosa, Ala. 

Walker, William Mudd 

Born Birmingham, Ala.; A. B. 1893; LL. B. 
1895; Mgr. Baseball; Football; Lawyer; Judge, 
City Court; Capt. 5th U. S. Vol. Inf (Spanish- 
Am. War); Dir. 1st Natl. Bank; Member 
Southern, Roebuck Golf and Auto and Bir- 
mingham Country Clubs; Am. Bar Assn. 
First Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 2738 Highland 
Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 


Banks, Wiley Coleman 

Born Columbus, Miss.; Planter. 122 Seventh 
Ave. S., Columbus, Miss. 

Pturgett. ] I unius] Irwin 

Born Mobile, Ala.; A. B. 1894; LL. B. 1897; 
Pres. Pliilomathic Lit. Soc; Sophomore, Jun- 
ior, Senior, Speaking Lists; Pres. ."Xthletic 
Assn. and Law Class, 1897; Football; Law- 
yer; Pres. Federation of Protestant Churches; 
Member Mobile Bar Assn. \'an .Antwerp 
Bldg.; res. 33 Montauk Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Gallion, Thomas Traves 

Initiated .'\Ia. Ganmia 1891. 

Lyons, Joseph Henry 

"Born Pollard, Ala.; A. B. 1894; LL. B. 1895; 
LL. B. 1899 Harvard Univ.; Philomathean Lit. 
Soc; Senior Speaker; Mgr. Baseball; Lawyer; 
Dir. Bank of Mobile; Member Mobile Bar 
Assn.; Athelstan Club. 517 City Bank Bldg.; 
res. 1664 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 

Mallory, Hugh 

Lawyer. (Selma, Ala.) 

Murphv, Charles Martin 

Born 'pleasant Ridge. Ala.; A. B. 1894; M. 
D. Birmingham Med. Coll.; Scholarship in His- 
tory and Philosophy; Physician. Aliceville, 

Stone, George Edward 

Born Mobile, A'a. : A. B. 1894; Baseball, 1893- 
94; Football, 1895; County Treasurer; Member 
Athelstan Lodge No. 369 A. F. and A. M. 
Court House; res. 108 Georgia Ave., Mobile. 


Chambliss, Nathaniel Rives 

U. S. Army. (Washington, D. C.) 

Cochrane, John Taylor 

Born Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Philomathic Lit. Soc; 
.•\ppointed Sergeant Major for the Highest 
Honors in Class; President and Receiver Ala., 
Tenn. and Northern Ry. and Pres. Ala. & 
Northwestern R. R. Co.;' Pres. Mobile County 
School Bd.; Trustee Girls' Technical Inst.; 
Former Pres. Mobile Chamber of Commerce; 
King of 1917 Carnival; Member Athelstan and 
Mobile Country Clubs; Mystic Soc. Order of 
Myths. 67 St. Francis St.; res. 1028 Govern- 
ment St., Mobile, Ala. 

Faith, Edward Walter 

Born Mobile, Ala.; B. S. 1895; LL. B. 1896; 
Law-yer. \^an Antwerp Bldg.; res. 70 S. 
Georgia St., Mobile, Ala. 

Hill, Wiley Croom 

Born Montgomery, .Ma.; LL. B. 1895; Law- 
yer; Member ^Montgomery Bar Assn. 107 
Washington Ave.; res. 315 Madison Ave., 
Montgomery, Ala, 

Newman, Olin Berry 

Initiated .Ma. Gamma 1895. 

Walker, Mitchell Porter 

Born Birmingham. Ala.; Football. 917 1st 
Natl. Bank Bldg., Birmingham, Ala. 

Welch, Portis Gaillard 

Born Alpine, Ala.; Cotton Buyer. Cor. Water 
and Franklin Sts. ; res. 507 Furniss Ave., 
Selma, Ala. 


Coleman, Charles Hamilton 

(Eutaw, Ala.) 

Comer, Robert Thornton 

Born Midway, Ala.; A. B. 1896; M. D. 1901 
Johns Hopkins Univ. Med. School; Physician. 
1st Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 2815 Cypress Ave., 
Birmingham, Ala. 




Furniss. John Neilson 

U. D. 1900 Univ. of Va.; M. D. 1901 
Bellevue Med. Coll.; Surgeon; Dir. Selma 
Natl. Bank; Selma Trust and Savings Bank; 
Member Masons; Roval Arch Masons; Knight 
Templar: Shriner (.\bba Temple); Affiliated 
Tenn. Beta 1896; Va. Beta 1899. 106 Lau- 
derdale; res. 602 Lauderdale, Selma, Ala. 

Goodwin, Curran Samuel 

Agent, Sycamore Cotton Mills. (Sycamore, 

Herring, James Lewis 

Born Springville, Ala.; A. B. 1896; LL. B. 

1898 Georgetown Univ.; President Ashville 
Savings Bank; Judge of Probate, St. Clair Co. 
Ashville, Ala. 

Lewis, James Leon 

Initiated by Miss. Alpha 1892. 

McLester, James Somerville 

Born Tuscaloosa, Ala.; A. B. 1896; M. D. 

1899 Univ. of Va. ; Phi Beta Kappa; Physi- 
cian; Prof, of Medicine, Graduate School of 
Medicine Univ. of Ala.; Author various medi- 
cal papers; Member A. M. A. and Am. Soc. 
Clinical Investigation; Affiliated Va. Beta 
1899. Empire Bldg.; res. Mountain Terrace, 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Moseley, Louis Marion 

Born Union Springs, Ala., June 3, 1875; A. B. 
1896; LL. B. 1897; Honors; Capt. Cadets; 
Senior Capt., 1895-96; Post-Adjutant, 1896-97; 
Lawyer; Formerly Mayor. Union Springs; Past 
Grand Commander, Knights Templar of Ala.; 
Member Masons (Scottish Rite, 32d degree) 
Shriner; Knights of Pythias. Union Springs, 

Prince, Sidney Rhodes 

Born Mt. Sterling, Ala.; A. B. 1896; LL. B. 
1898 Georgetown Univ.; Mgr. Football; Edi- 
torial Bd. of Corolla; Lawyer; Genl. Counsel, 
M. & O. R. R. Co.; Dir. Gulf Terminal Co.; 
Attorney, Ala. Land and Development Co.; 
Member Ala. and Mobile Bar Assns.j Athel- 
stan and County Clubs. Terminal St.; res. 
Government St. Loop, Mobile, Ala. 

Smith, Edward Devereux 

Born Livingston, .\la.; A. B. 1896; LL. B. 
1898 Georgetown LTniv.; Senior Speaking List; 
Lawyer; City Attorney; Democratic Natl. Com- 
mitteeman, Ala.; ]\Iember Country and Motor 
Clubs. 501 1st Nat'.. Bank Bldg.; res. 1200 
Virginia Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

Snow, Henry Adams* 

Merchant, d. July 27, 1915. 

Stilhiian, James Sidney 

Born Tuscaloosa, Ala.; A. B. 1896; Sec.-Treas. 
Empire Steel and Iron Co. 534 Walnut St.; 
res. 124 Bridge St., Catasauqua, Pa. 


Bankhead, Henry McAuley 

Capt. 17th Inf., U. S. Army. (Care War De- 
partment, Washington, D. C.) 

Bestor, Daniel Perrin, Jr. 

Borp Mobile, Ala., Aug. 24, 1876; B. S. 1897; 
White Prize in Mineralogy; Atlorney-at-Law ; 
V.-Pres. Merchants Bank; Dir. 1st Natl. Bank; 
Member Athclstan, Mobile Yacht and Mobile 
Country Clubs; Chamber of Commerce. 56 St. 
l-'rancis St.; res. 1666 (jovernmcnt St., Mobile, 

Dunlap, David Richardson 

Born Mobile, Ala.; B. S. 1897; Final Honors; 
Prcs. Ala. Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Co.; 
Member Athelstan and Country Clubs. 989 
Government St., Mobile, Ala. 

Fowlkes, Benjamin Cobb 

Dentist. (Selma, Ala.) 

Furniss, Henry Dawson 

Born Selma, Ala.; M. D. 1899 Univ. of Va.; 
Pi Mu (Univ. of Va.) ; Surgeon; Prof, of 
Gynecology N. Y. Post Graduate Hospital; 
Consulting Gynecologist and Dir. Volunteer 
Hospital; Consulting Gynecologist New Rochelle 
Hospital; Author of numerous articles on 
medical subjects; Member N. Y. Athletic 
and Am. Yacht Clubs; Southern Soc; Affi- 
liated Va. Beta 1899. 45 E. 62d St.; res. 116 
E. 63d St., New York, N. Y. 

Henley, John Woodson 

Insurance. (Birmingham, Ala.) 

Hobbie, Richard Martin 

Born Montgomery, Ala.; Wholesale Grain 
Dealer; Sec.-Treas. Hobbie Elevator Co.; Affi- 
liated Tenn. Alpha 1899. 224 Commerce St., 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Luckie, Lorenzo Foster 

Born Birmingham, Ala.; D. D. S. 1903; M. D. 
1910; Athletic Team; Football; Physician and 
Lecturer; Internal Medicine-Diagnosis; Form- 
erly House Physician Children's Hosp.; Clini- 
cal Staff Univ. Southern Cal.; Capt. Med. Offi- 
cers Reserve Corps U. S. Army; Contributor 
to various medical periodicals and newspapers; 
Member A. M. A.; County Med. Soc; K. of 
P. ; Maccabees and Alumni Assn. of Univ. of 
Ala. 404 Haas Bldg.; res. 507 Westlake Ave., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

McEachin, Archibald Bruce 

Lawyer. (Tuscaloosa, Ala.) 

Moody, Frank Maxwell 

Born Tuscaloosa, .Ala.; A. B. 1897; Assoc. Edi- 
tor Corolla, 1894; Winner Marv Fern Medal, 
1895; Speakers Lists, 1895-96 and 1897; Track, 
1897; Cashier and Dir. First Natl. Bank; 
Member Rotary and L. T. F. Clubs. 1st Natl. 
Bank Bldg.; res. 2010, 7th St., Tuscaloosa. 

Pillans, Palmer 

Born Mobile, Ala.; B. S. 1897; Erosophic Lit. 
Soc; Editor-in-Chief Corolla (4); Capt. Track, 
(4); Capt. Class Football (4); Class Poet (3), 
(4); Senior Speaking List; Lawyer; Member 
Mobile Sundry Social and jNIystic (Mardi Gras 
type) Clubs and Socs. \'an Antwerp Bldg.; 
res. 1059 Selma St., Mobile, Ala. 

Searcy, George Harris 

Born Tuscaloosa, Ala.; A. B. 1897 Univ. of 
Ala.; M. D. 1901 Univ. of Mich.; Physician. 
Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Teague, Oscar 

Born Greenville, Ala.; B. S. 1898 Vanderbilt 
Univ.; M. S. 1899 do.; M. D. 1903 Berlin; 
Founder Medal, 1898; Chief of Bd. of Health 
Laboratory, Ancon, Canal Zone; Capt. Med. 
Reserve Corps, U. S^ Army; .'\m. Delegate to 
International Plague Conference in Mukden, 
Manchuria, 1910; Affiliated Tenn. Alpha 1898. 
Board of Health Laboratnry, .\ncon. Canal 
Zone, Panama. 

Tipton, William Hogan 

Born .Selma, -Ma.; Bookkeeper. 1203-05 Water 
Ave.; res. 412 Union St., Selma, Ala. 

White, Murray Collins 

A. B. 1897; Merchant. (314 S. 20th St.; res. 
1101 N. 24th St., Birmingham, Ala.) 

Williams, Albert Svdney 

1st Lieut., 19th Inf.,'U. S. Army. (Care War 
Dept., Washington, 1). C.) 


Bestor, George Tarleton* 
Billups, Melvin Pierce 

(Seattle, Wash.) 

Black, Joseph Forsythe* 

d. .Aug. 24, 1898, Jacksonville, Fla. 




Harkins. \\ alter Clvde 

Horn Fayette, Ala.:' A. B. 1898; Football 
aiul l^ni. Teams. 18'>6-97; Assistant Superin- 
tendent Anniston Steel Co. (Electric Furnace 
Pent.); J>1 l-ie\it. 5th Inf.. U. S. Vols.; Capt. 
and Adjutant 3d Inf.. .\. N. G.; Mayor North 
Birn\inshani. Ala. IS.? Qnintard Ave., An- 
niston. .Ma. 

Hodgrson, Joseph. Jr. 

R.iilroad. "(513 Western Union Bldg.. Chicago, 
• lll,> 

Jemison. Robert, ]r. 

Initiated by Tenn. Beta 1S'17. 

Lvons, Mark 

' Born Pollard. Ala.; Treas. and Mgr. Mc- 
Gowin-I.yons Hardware & Supply Co.; Mem- 
ber .\thelstan and Manasoas Clubs. 113 N. 
Water St.; res. 31 Montauk Ave., Mobile, 

Searcy. Josepli 

Borii Tuscaloosa. Ala.; Manager, Northport 
Coal Co. 2319, 6t]i St.; res. 403 Queen City 
.•\ve., Tuscaloosa. A'a. 

White, Frank Shelley, Jr. 

Born West Point, MisL; A. B. 1898; LL. B. 
1901; 1st Honors in Law; Gold Medal 100 yd. 
Dash: Football: Capt., 1897-98 and 1900-01; 
Business Mgr. Corolla; Pres. Athletic Assn., 
1898: Lawver; Tax Commissioner of Ala., 1908- 
12: Capt. Battery "D" 1st Artillery, N. G. Ala., 
1904-07; Member Southern and Country Clubs; 
Civi'c Assn. of Birmingham. Jefferson County 
Savings Bank Bldg.; res. 1101 N. 24th St., 
Birmingham, Ala. 


Bovd, Romaine 

Born Selma, Ala.; LL. B., 1899; Circuit Court 
Judge; Capt. Co. "M" 1st Ala. U. S. Vol. 
Inf., 1898; City Attorney, Birmingham, Ala., 
1910-16; City Attorney, Ensley, Ala., 1904-08. 
County Court House; res. Terrace Court, Bir- 
mingham, A'a. 

Inzer, John Manley 

Planter. (Ashville, Ala.) 

Owen, Frank Caleb 

Born Lawrence Co., .Ma., June 10, 1877; B. A. 
1899; LL. B. 1901; Editor-in-Chief, Corolh, 
1899; Lawyer; Member Choctaw Club; Shrin- 
ers; Knights Templar. 510 N. Second Ave., 
Lawyers' Row; res. 815 Main St., Columbus, 

Burns, Jackson Clay 

Cotton Business. (Selma, Ala.) 

Catchings, Benjamin Silas 

Born Nashville, Tenn.; A. B. 1900; Ready 
Writer Prize, 1900; Cadet Corps and 
Asst. Military Instructor; Attorney-at-Law; 
Genl. Counsel, Accident Creditors' Protective 
Commission and Railway Preparedness Com- 
mission; Editor Railway Preparedness; Author 
".Master Thoughts of Jefferson." Guilford 
Manor, Ba'timorc, Md. 

Clements, Hardy 

Born Tuscaloosa, .Ma., 1881; Baseball; Foot- 
ball: Gvm. Team: Planter; Member K. of P., 
B. P. 6. Elks (P. E. R.) and Eagles. 1203, 
21st Ave. and 12th St., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Craig, Bruce Kilpatrick 

Born Selma, Ala.; Lawyer. P. O. Box 14; 
res. 803 King St., Selma, Ala. 

Holloway, John Alosely 

Initiated by Ala. Gamma 1900. 

MclMillan, Benjamin F., Jr. 

Born Stockton. .Ma.; LL. B. 1900; Lawyer. 
\an .Antwerp Bldg.; res. 1102 Elniira St., Mo- 
bile. Ala. 

Pride, James Harvey 

Born Madison, Ala.; LL. B. 1900; B. S. 1898 
South Ky. Coll.; Lawyer; Solicitor Madison 
County, 1907-11; State Senator since 1915. 
Bank Row; res. Franklin St., Iluntsville, Ala. 

Robertson, John Alonzo 

Born Iloboken. Marengo Co., Ala.; LL. B. 
1900; Honor Roll, 1899; Planter and Bank 
Cashier. Uniontown, Ala. 

Screws, Michael Hamilton 

Judge. (Montgomery, Ala.) 

Snow, Richard McLester 

Born Tuscaloosa, .Ma. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 


Brown, Carl Abercrombie 

Born Marion. Berrv Co., Ala.; Football, 1899- 
1901; Mgr. Baseball: Mill Superintendent, T. 
C. I. & R. R. Co. Fairfield; res. 1136 W. 13th 
St., Birmingham, -Ma. 

Forman, James Ross 

Lawyer. (CSadsden, Ala.) 

Garber, Alexander Christian 

Initiated by Tenn. Beta 1899. 

Garber, James Browder 

Lawyer; Affi'iated Ala. Beta 1902. (1st Natl. 
Bank Bldg., Birmingham, Ala.) 

Heflin, Marvin Rutledge 

Address unknown. 

Milhous, Franklin Lemuel 

Born Martin Station, Ala.; Real Estate and 
Insurance. P. O. Box 46, Water St.; res. 
Selma St., Selma, Ala. 

Minge, David Harrison 

Initiated by .Ma. Beta 1900. 

Robertson, Robert Bruce 

Born Fayette, Ala.; General Timekeeper, L and 
N. R. R. Co. 190954 Morris Ave.; res. 1214 N. 
32d St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Walker, Alfred Augustus 

Born Birmingham, Ala.; M. D. 1905 Cornell 
Univ. Med. Coll.; Nu Sigma Nu; Physician. 
501 Woodward Bldg.; res. Mountain Terrace, 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Wilson, Massev 

Born Grove Hifl, Ala.; B. L. 1897; Pres. In- 
ternational Life Insurance Co.; Member St. 
Louis, Mercantile. City, Normandie (3o'f and 
Sunset Hill Country Clubs. International Life 
Bldg.; res. 5532 \\aterman Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 


Brown, James Parish 

Bookkeeper. (Uniontown, Ala.) 

Conniff. William John 

Born .Montgomery, Ala., Sept. 22, 1881 ; B. S. 
1902; Football; Track; Attorney and Mining; 
Officer and director of various corporations; 
Ex-sec. to William D. Jelcks, Governor of Ala.; 
Member Sierra Madre and San Gabriel Valley 
Country Clubs and Alumni Assn. 812 Marsh 
Strong Bldg.; res. Sierra Madre Club, Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

Jordan, Mortimer Harvie 

I Born Birmingham, Ala.; M. D. 1907 Tulane 

Univ.; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Physician; Capt. 
Co. K, 4th Ala. Inf. Woodward Bldg.; res. 
1449 Mi'ner Crescent, Birmingham, Ala. 




Meade, Joseph Lyons 

Born Hazlehurst, Miss.; B. D. 1909 Univ. of 
the South; Clergyman Anglican Communion; 
Missionary to China 1909-11; Archdeacon of 
Ariz. 1911-15; Curate St. Lukes Church, Evans- 
ton, 111., 191517; Member Univ. Club of 
Chicago; Affiliated Tenn. Beta 1905. Holy 
Cross Monastery, West Park, N. Y. 

Montgomery, Francis Schroeder 

Born Concord, N. C, March 13, 1882; Capt. 
Freshman Football; Track and Football; Ad- 
vertising Manager Natl. Metal ISIoulding Co.; 
Lieut. Mo. Naval Reserve, 1904-12; Treas. 
Pittsburgh Advertising Club since 1914; Pres. 
North Carolina Soc." of Pittsburgh, 1916-17; 
Statesman Georgia Jovian Order 1913; Member 
Pittsburgh Field, Pittsburgh Advertising and 
Pittsburgh Alumni Clubs; Assoc. Advertising 
Clubs of the World; Jovians and Civic Club of 
Allegheny Co. and N. C. Soc. of Pittsburgh. 
1110 Fulton Bldg.; res. 816 Heberton Ave. 
E. E., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Stewart, Arthur Wellman 

Lawyer. (Marion, Ala.) 

Thomas, Jonathan Render 

Born Gold Hill. Ala.; B. S. 1902; Attorney-at- 
Law; U. S. Commissioner; Member Alabama 
Bar .^ssn.; Country Club and K. of P. 72Xl 
1st Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 401 Yancey Ave., 

Montgomery, Ala. 


Abercrombie, Perry Magruder 

Merchant. (Mobile, Ala.) 

Elmore, Ludlow 

Cotton Broker. (Pensacola, Fla.) 

Hughes, Miles Preston 

Born Gadsden, Ala.; B. S. 1903; M. D. 1906 
Vanderbilt Univ.; Capt. Track Team; Pres. 
Y. M. C. A. and Erosophic Lit. Soc; Physi- 
cian; Sec. Etawah Co. Med. Soc; Member 
-Alabama State and American Med. Assns. 
Hughes Bldg.; res. 1016 Forest Ave., Gadsden, 

Searcy, Harvey Brown 

Born Tuscaloosa, Ala., Sept. 15, 1884; A. B. 
1903; M. D. 1907 Univ. of Mich; Phi Rho 
Sigma (Mich.); Physician. 807 Greensboro 
Ave.; res. 1104 Greensboro Ave., Tuscaloosa, 

Taylor, Adrian Stevenson 

Medical Missionary; Affiliated Va. Beta 1905. 
(Yang Chow via Chinkiaing, China.) 

White, Walter Scott, Jr.* 

General Manager. 


Ash, George Washington 

Planter. ( I5ranchvillc, Ala.) 

Banks, Reuben Reynolds 

Merchant and Farmer. 202 S Market St.; 
res. 620 S. 3d St., Columbus, Miss. 

Coles, Thomas Lee 

Born Gushing, Ala.; Graduated U. S. Mill 
tary Acad., 1907; Delegate Phi Delta Theta 
National Convention, New York, N. Y., 1902 
2d Lieut. Coast Artillery Corps, U. S. Army 
June, 1907; 1st Litut., July, 1907; Capt., July, 
1916; Detailed for Service in the Ordnance 
Dcpt. as 1st Lieut., July, 1909; Capt. July, 
1910; Major since June, 1917. Office of Chief 
of Ordnance, War Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Davison, William Malcome 

Born Repton, Ala., Oct. 6, 1882; Lawyer. 
1425-27 JtfTcr.son Co. Bank Bldg.; res. 1521 S. 
14th St., P>irmingli.-im, Ala. 

Garth, William Willis 

Affiliated Ga. Delta 1904. (Huntsville. Ala.) 

Kirkpatrick, James Holtzclaw 

Born Opelika, Lee Co., Ala.; A. B. 1903; A. 
M. 1904; LL. B. 1909; A. B. 1907 Oxford, 
England; Erosophic Soc; Rhodes Scholar, 1904- 
07; Editor-in-Chief Crimson-White ; Attorney- 
at-Law. 405 Van Antwerp B'dg. ; res. Windsor 
Hotel, Mobile, Ala. 

McQueen, John Douglas 

Born Eutavv, .\la.; A. B. 1902; Varsity Base- 
ball; Football; Track; Sergeant, Adjutant and 
Capt. Cadet Corps.; Lawyer; Vestryman Epis- 
copal Church; Dir. Tuscaloosa Bd. of Trade; 
Member Masons; Knights of Pythias; W. O. 
W. ; Dollarhide Hunting and Moccasin Bend 
Hunting and Fishing Clubs. Alston Bldg.; 
res. 4th St., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Mabson, Marion Baldwin 

(Montgomery, Ala.) 

Robinson, Harold Benjamin 

Born Ashville, Ala.; B. S. 1904; Baseball and 
Track; General Office Manager, I\Ionro-Warrior 
Coal and Coke Co.; With Southern Ry. Co. 
9 years; Chief Clerk to Superintendent of Bir- 
mingham Division iYz years; Office Manager 
and Acting Treas. 4 years. 1908 Jefferson Co. 
Bank Bldg.; res. 7315 1st Ave., Birmingham, 

Ross, William Buck 

B. S. 1904; Clerk. (M. & O. R. R., St. 
Louis, Mo.) 

Searcy, Peter Bryce 

(Tuscaloosa, Ala.) 

Snow, Edward Cortlandt 

Born Tuscaloosa, Ala.; B. S. 1904; C. E. 1905; 
Proprietor Summer Resort; ^Iember L. T. F. ; 
Elks; Masons. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Thomas, Walton Dowdell 

B. S. 1904; Govennnent Engineer. (Tusca- 
loosa, Ala.) 


Blue, Harvey Morris 

Born Montgomery, Ala.; LL. B. 1905; County 
License Inspector. Court House; res. 116 S. 
Perry St., JNIontgomery, Ala. 

Catchings, Thomas Baird 

B. S. 1905. (New York, N. Y.) 

Clark, Francis Barnard 

Initiated Ala. Beta 1903. 

Finch, Edgar Milton 

Clerk. (Montgomery, Ala.) 

Merrill, Allen Kent 

Born Eufaula, Ala.; A. B. 1905; LL. B. 1907; 
Theta Nu Epsilon ; Lawyer; City Attorney, 
County Attorney; Dir. East Ala. Natl. Bank; 
Dir. Eufaula Country Club; Past Exalted 
Ruler Eufaula Lodge, No. 912, Elks; Member 
Eufaula Lodge, No. 912, Elks; Eufaula Coun- 
try Club. East Alabama Natl. Bank Bldg., 
Broad St.; res. 501 Randolph St., Eufaula, 
Barbour Co., Ala. 

Miller, Joseph Henry 

B. S. 1905; Engineer. (L. & N. R. R., Bir 

mingham, Ala.) 

Oates. William Calvin, Jr. 

B. S., 1905; Lawyer. (Montgomery, Ala.> 

Taylor. Julian Walters 

Merchant. (Butler, Ala.) 

Tompkins. Henry Clay 

A. B. 1905. (Montgomery, Ala.) 


Clarkson, Ldgar La Roche 

Born Birmingham, Ala.; A. B. 1904; LL. B. 
1906; Lawyer. 709-11 Alston Bldg.; res. 2025, 
6th St., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 




Miuld. William 

LL. B. 190b I'niv. of Va.; Lawyer; Affiliated 
Va. Beta 1"08. (Miuld & ConnifT, Brown- 
Marx BIdg., Birmingham, Ala.) 

Steiiier, Robert Eiiqene. Jr. 

Born C.ncnvillc. Ala.'; A. B. 1906; LL. B. 
1909 Harvar.i; Tluta Nu Kpsilon (Univ. of 
Ala.'*; Phi l>clta Phi, W'hiR, Linco'n's Inn, 
Southern, Marshall Law and Harvard I^w Re- 
view (Harvard) Clubs; Lawyer; Member 
American and Alabama Bar Assns. ; Bcauvoir 
and Country Clubs. 1st Natl. Bank Bldg. ; res. 
220 S. Hull St., Montgomery, .-\la. 


AUlridge Francis Marion 

(Greenwood, Miss.) 

r)ro\v(ler. Joseph Garber 

ricrk; .\ffiliaied Ala. Beta 1909. (Birming- 
ham. Ala.) 

Humphrey, John Dwight, Jr. 

Born Hu'ntsville. Ala.; B, S. 1907; Druggist. 
Washington and Clinton Sts.; res. 412 W. 
Clinton St., Huntsville, Ala. 

Lanier. Monro Banister 

Born Huntsville, Ala.; Alpha Kappa Kappa; 
Blue Ribbon; Freshman Football and Baseball 
Capt. Sophomore Football; Varsity Football, 
1904-05 and 1905-06; Coach Freshman Football, 
1905-06; (Toal Mining; Vice Pres. Norton Coal 
Co.; Asst. to Pres. and Mgr. Sales Monro War- 
rior Coal and Coke Co.; Asst. to Pres., Sec. and 
Treas. Riverside Coal & Coke Co.; Author of 
Paper on Locomotive Feed Water Heating; 
Member Southern and Country Clubs; Inter- 
national Railway Fuel and Travelling Engineers 
.\ssns.: Affiliated Tenn. Beta 1906. 1908 Jeffer- 
son Co. Bank Bldg.; res. 1128 Glenview Road, 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Lee, Pettus 

Born Marion, Ala.; District Manager, The 
Barrett Co. 292 Marietta St.; res. Marion 
Hotel, .\tlanta, C.a. 

Lee. Sears 

(510 The Monks Club, Seattle, Wash.) 

McCorvey, Thomas Chalmers, Jr.* 
McEachin, John Worthington 

(Houston, Texas.) 

Moody, Washing-ton 

A. B. 190"; Lawyer. (Tuscaloosa, Ala.) 

Rand, Oscar Sullivan 

Manufacturer. (Jacksonville, Fla.) 

Therrel, Stanton Catchings 

Born Yazoo City, Miss.; B. S. in Eng. 1907; 
Southern Representative Sprague Warner & 
Co., Chicago, III. 612 Chamber of Commerce 
Bldg., -Atlanta, Ga. 

Thomas, Hamilton Hawkins 

Born Waverly, Chamber Co., Ala.; Planter. 
Prattville, -Ala. 

Copeland, Seth 

(Troy, Ala.) 

Forman, William Samuel, Jr. 

(Ashville, Ala.), 

Heidt, Charles Crumley, Jr. 

Born Selma, Ala.; B. S. 1908; Asst. Editor, 
Crimson-White; Coal and Lumber; Member 
Chamber of Commerce; Board of Trade; Com- 
munity Club. Heidt Coal and Lumber Co., 
1623 Ave. E.; res. 1443 S. 18th St., Birming- 
ham, .-Ma. 

Martin, William Logan 

Born Scottsboro, Ala.; LL. B. 1908; Grad. 
U. S. Military Acad.; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Lawyer; Atfy.-Gen!. of .Ma.; Asst. Solicitor, 
MontKonury Co., .Ma.; Member Beauvoir and 
Country Clubs, Army and Navv Club (Wash., 
D. C.) State Capitol; res. 412 Adams St., 
Montgomery, -Ma. 

Merrill, William Hoadley 

Born Eufaula, Ala.; LL. B. 1911; Theta Nu 
Kpsilon; The Skulls; Law Fraternity; .Athen- 
aean Club; V-Pres. Athletic Assn.; Varsity 
Football, 1910; Coach, .Senior Academic Class 
Football, 1911; Lawyer; County Solicitor, (Bar- 
bour Co.); City Attorney; Dir. and Member 
15d. Governors, Eufaula Country Club; Mem- 
ber Bd. Education (Eufaula); Delegate Ala. 
Alpha, Genl. Conv., Pittsburgh, Pa., 1908, 
Niagara Falls, 1910; Member Commercial and 
Eufaula Country Clubs; Eufaula Lodge, No. 
912 Elks.. East Ala. Natl. Bank Bldg.. Broad 
St.; res. 501 Randolph St., Eufaula, Barbour 
Co., Ala. 

Northington, Edward 

Born Prattville, .Ma.; Cashier, 1st Natl. Bank; 
\'ice-Pres. Northington-Musgrove Hardware 
Co. and McQueen, Smith Farming Co. Pratt- 
ville, Ala. 

Pritchard, Joseph Gibson 

Born Sharon, Madisorf Co., Miss.; D. D. S., 
1906; Delta Sigma Delta; Football (Vander- 
bilt), 1903-06; Farmer; Sec. Y. M. C. A., La. 
State Univ., 1908-09; Athletic Director. 1908; 
Missionary Southern Presbyterian Church, 
Africa, 1910-11; Affiliated Tenn. Alpha 1910. 
-Amite, La. 

Seed, Walter Dudley. Jr. 

Born Tuskaloosa, Ala.^ Graduate, U. S. Naval 
Acad., 1910: Lieut., U. S. Navy. Care Navy 
Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Snow, Lester Jared 

Born Tuscaloosa, Ala., Oct. 2, 1886; LL. B. 
1909 Univ. of Ala.; LL. B. 1910 Yale; Attorney. 
at-Law; Member Rotary Club; Affiliated Tenn. 
Beta 1906. 625 Greensboro Ave.; res. 1011 
Greensboro Ave., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 


Bradley, Robert Henry* 

d. Aug. 21, 1911, Birmingham, .Ma. 

Blount, Frederick Julian 

(Pensacola, Fla.) 

Drane, Merritt Arthur 

(Corsicana, Texas.) 

Falmer, Marshall Bibb 

(Troy, -Ma.) 

Lampley, Harmon, Jr. 

Born Eufaula, Ala.; Cashier Bank of Eufaula; 
Member B. P. O. E.; Shriner. Eufaula, A'.k. 

Lampley, William 

Born Eufaula, Ala.; B. S. 1909; Theta Nu 
Epsilon; Skulls; Planter and Bookkeeper. Eu- 
faula, Ala. 

Lanier, Sterling Sidney, Jr. 

Born Birmingham, -Ma.; E. M. 1910 Lehigh; 
Coal Mine Operator; Genl. Mgr., Sec-Treas., 
Norton Coal Mining Co.; Member -Am. Inst. 
Mining Engineers and International Railway 
and Fuel Assn.; Affiliated Pa. Eta 1910. P. O. 
Box 67, Nortonville, Ky. 

McQueen. Joseph Pickens 

Born Eutaw, Greene Co., Ala.; M. D. 1911; 
Phi Chi; Physician and Surgeon, S'oss, Shef- 
field -Steel and Iron Co.: Member Southern 
Club; Affiliated with La. Alpha 1909. Maben, 

Moody, Maxwell 

(Tuscaloosa, Ala.) 




Mudd, Joseph Paul 

(Birmingham, Ala.) 

Mushat, Roland Gelston 

Born Hayneville, Ala.; Real Estate; Royal 
Arch Mason. Marbiiry, Ala. 

N'-'i-'>.n, Michael McCormack 

(Birmingham, Ala.) 

Parks, Rochford Somerville 

Real Estate. (Andalusia, Ala.) 

Smith, Harry Quincey 

Initiated by KyT'Alpha Delta 1909. 

Van DeVort, John Pledger 

Born Sunny South, Ala., Dec. 25, 1882; A. B. 
1908; LL. B. 1909; Attorney-at-Law. Tusca- 
loosa, Ala. 

Watkins, George Le Grand 

Initiated Tenn. Beta 1902. 

Welch, Gordon Thomas 

B. S. 1909; LL. B. 1912 Harvard. (Tal'.adega, 

White, Thomas Anglin 

Born Birmingham, Ala.; A. B. 1909; Varsity 
Baseball; Glee Club; Pres. Senior Class; Real 
Estate and Insurance; Sec.-Treas., McConnell- 
Anglin-White R. and I Co.; Member Chamber 
of Commerce; Country Club. 2026 3d Ave.; 
-res. 1736 S. i6th Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 


Brooks, Leon Gilmore 

Initiated by Ala. Beta 1908. 

Browder, John Morgan 

Born Montgomery, Ala. ; Wholesale Merchan- 
dise Broker; Member Montgomery Country 
and Beauvoir Clubs; Elks. Bozeman Bldg., 5 
W. Jefferson St.; res. 812 Highland Ave., 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Coles, Walter Percy 

Born Cottonville, Marshall Co., Ala.; LL. B. 
1910 Atlanta Law School; Lawyer; Member 
Atlanta Athletic Club. 1120 Hurt Bldg.; res. 
21 Cleburne Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Comer, Braxton Bragg, Jr. 

Born Anniston, Ala.; B. S. 1910; E. E. 1911; 
Vice-President and General Manager Avondale 
Mills, Sy'.aca. Silacauga, Ala. 

Cox, William Oliver 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1910. 

Goldwaite, John Randall 

Initiated by Ala. Beta 1908. 

Morrow, Frank Hugh 

Born Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 12, 1889; Skull; 
Wholesale Drugs; Member Country, Edgewood, 
Roebuck Golf and Auto and Southern Clubs. 
Dooster-Worthington Drug Co., 2108, 1st Ave.; 
res. Glen Iris Park, Birmingham, Ala. 

Pratt, Merrill Edward 

Born Prattville, .\la.; B. S. 1910. Prattville, 

Prince, Carroll Thomas 

Born Mt. Sterling, Ala.; LL. B. 1910; Thcta 
Nu lipsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Honor Roll; 
Lawyer; Attorney, Mobile and Ohio R. R. 
Co.; Member Alabama and Mobile County 
Bar Assns.; Athclstan and Country Clubs. 
Terminal Sta. ; res. 9S7 Government St., Mo- 
bile, Ala. 

Riley, John Dough 

AutomoMle Business. (Andalusia, .Ma.) 

Walker, Joseph Paul 

Born Birmingham, Ala.; B. S. in Geology 1912; 
Beta Upsilon Chi; Thcta Nu Epsilon; Sword 
and Crescent; President, The Underwood- 
Walker Co. ; Member Century and Roebuck 
Golf and Auto Clubs; Affiliated Pa. Eta 1912. 
1820 Jefferson County Bank Bldg.; res. 3840 
Crescent Road, Mountain Terrace, Birmingham, 


Miller, John 

Born Camden, Ala.; A. B. Erskine Coll.; At- 
torney; County Solicitor; Attorney, Bd. of 
Revenue. Camden, Ala. 


Charwick, Robert Auld, Jr. 

(1500 Broad St., Nashville, Tenn.) 

Goodhue, Edwin Lee 

Born Gadsden, Ala.; A. B. 1913; LL. B. 1914; 
Attorney-at-Law. 428' S Broad St.; res. 307 
Turrentine Ave., Gadsden, Ala. 

Jones, Robert Tingnal 

Initiated by Ala. Beta 1912. 

Moody, Farlev William 

Born Tuscaloosa, Ala.; B. S. 1912; LL. B. 
1914; Capt. Football Team, 1914; Lawyer. 
504-6 Alston Bldg.; res. 2007, 7th St., Tusca- 
loosa, Ala. 

Thach, Robert Gordon 

Initiated by Va. Zeta 1910. 

Van de Graaff, Adrian Van Vinceler 

Born Tuscaloosa, Ala.; B. S. 1912; LL. B. 
1915; Baseball, 1913; Football, 1909-12; 2d 
Lieut. Field Artillery, Officers Reserve Corp. 
1305 Greensboro Ave., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 


Comer, Hugh Moss 

(14th Ave. and 20th St., Birmingham, Ala.) 

Glenn, Evans Herndon, Jr. 

Born Columbus, Ga. ; LL. B. 1913; Key-Ice 
Club; Skulls; Honor Roll, 1911-12; Lawyer. 
1st Natl. Bank Bldg., Opelika, Ala. 

Guice, Lloyd Percy 

Born Eufaula. Ala.; Glee Club; Skulls; Sales- 
man, T. C. I. and B. R. Co.; Member Bir- 
mingham Athletic Club. 1207 Brown-Marx 
Bldg.; res. 1203 11th Ave. S., Birmingham, 

Heflin, Marvin Rutledge 

Initiated by Tenn. Alpha 1913. 

Vann, Bryant King 

(Gadsden, Ala.) 

White, Gilbert Green way 

Clerk. (Kansas City, Mo.)' 


Bowron, James Edgar 

Born Nashville, Tenn.; B. S. 1914; LL. B. 
1916; Skulls; Key Ice; Honor Roll, 1916; 
Prcs. Sophomore Class, 1911; Basketball, 
1915-16; Capt. Track, 1914; Glee Club, 1912- 
13; Lawyer. Care of Thach & Underwood, 
1st Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 1401 S. 20th St., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Brown, Francis Morrow 

( Hirmingliam, Ala.) 

Lanier, Russell D'Lyon 

Born I'.irmingham, Ala.; Mechanical Engineer, 
'Monroe Warrior Coal and Coke Co.; Mem- 
ber 2d Co. Coast Artillery Corps, U. S. Army; 
Affiliated 111. Eta 1914. 1908 Jefferson Co. 
Bank Bklg., Birmingham, Ala. 




Quina, Marion Albert, Jr. 

Born I'l'iisacola. l"la., 189.5; Thcta Nu Kpsilon; 
I.uruber ami Timber Kxporttr; V.-Pros. M. A. 
Quina Kxport Co.; Member Osceola and Coun- 
try Clubs, American Natl. Rank BUlg.; res. 
520 N. Palafox St., Pcns.icola, Fla. 

Snow, Aklen Hazard 

Born Tuscaloosa, .\la.; Skulls; Private 17th 
Regular Kngineers (Ry.) U. S. Expeditionary 
Force in France. McLcster Hotel; res. 2414, 
8th St. Tuscaloosa. Ala. 

Sprai^ins. Marion Beirne 

Roni Huntville. .Ma.; A. B. 1914; Skulls, Key 
Ice; 1st Lieut., U. S. Reserves. 118th Field 
Artillery. Camp Wheeler, Macon, da.; res. 
Iluntsvillc, .\la. 

Steiner, John Jefferson Flowers 

Born Montgomery, .Ma.; Graduate, U. S. Mili- 
tary Acad.; Thcta Nu Epsilon; Lieut. Engi- 
neering Corps, U. S. Army; Member Beauvoir 
and Country Clubs. 2d Regt. Engineers El 
Paso, Texas; res. 220 S. Hull St., Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

\'an de Graaft', Coleman Hargrove . 

Born Tuscaloosa. Ala., Sept. 7, 1893; A. B. 
1914; Honor Roll (4); Football, 1910-13; 
Captain, 1913; Pres. Class (4); Baseball, 1912- 
14; 2d Lieut. Field Artillery Officers Reserve 
Corp. 1305 Greensboro Ave., Tusca,loosa, 


Austin. Francis Henry 

Born Danbury, Conn.; Clerk. Hardaway Con- 
struction Co.; res. 2521, 6th St., Tuscaloosa, 

Barnes, Augustus 

Initiated by Ala. Beta 1914. 

Cobb, Robert Harvey 

(Cherokee, Ala.) 

Humphrey, Will Miller 

Born Huntsville, Ala.; A. B. 1916; Key Ice. 
Skulls, Arch., Senior German, ".\" Club, 
Tasons; Mgr. Class Football, 1911; Varsity 
Football, 1914-15; Class Pres., 1913-14; Pres. 
Senior German; Leader Senior German; 
Aurora Bd.; Executive Committee Student 
Body Organization; Honor Committee; Life 
Pres. of Class; Druggist. Washington St.; 
res. 412 W. Clinton St., Huntsville, Ala. 

Johnston, Robert Alexander 

Born Tuskegee, Ala., Aug. 15, 1895; B. S. 1915; 
A. B. 1913 Marion Inst.; B. S. 1913 do.; Phi 
Chi; Baseball; Basketball; Soccer Football; 
Scholarship Medal, Marion Inst.; Medical 
Student, Johns Hopkins, 1919. 606 N. Broad- 
way, Baltimore, Md.; res. 304 N. Main St., 
Tuskogee, Ala. 

McGiffert, David Douglas 

Born Knoxville, A'a.; A. B. 1915; Book- 
keeper. Merchants Bank and Trust Co.; res. 
Cor. 17th .\ve. and 4th St., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Pratt, Leonard Simms* 

Born Prattville, Ala. d. Feb. 2, 1915. 

Seale, William 

Born Woodville, Texas; A. B. 1915; Skulls; 
Glee Club; Member Crimson-lVhite and Corolla 
Bds.; Editor-in-Chief Corolla; Assistant Gen- 
eral Manager, Wedenburgh Saw Mill Co. 
V'redenburgh, Ala. 


Foster, John Collier 

Born Tuscaloosa. Ala.; Messenger, House Post 
Office, House of Representatives. Care House 
Post Office; res. 221 B St. N. E., Washington, 
D. C. 

Jones, Roger Alston 

Born Montgomery, .\la.; LL. B. 1915; Law- 
yer; Member Country Club. 1209.1st Natl. 
Bank BUlg.; res. 308 Sayre St., Montgomery, 

Kirkpatrick, John Alexander, Jr. 

(121 S. Court St., Montgomery, Ala.) 

Nelson, James Algerman 

Initiated by Tenn. Beta 1916. 

Saunders, Bradley Johnson, Jr. 

Horn Wilmington, N. C; Skulls and German 
Clubs; Class Football, Basketball and Track; 
N'arsity F'ootball (Ala. Polytechnic Inst.); U. 
S. Army Officer; 2d Lieut. Coast Artillery 
Corps. American Expeditionary Forces; res. 
Roebuck Springs, Ala. 

Thomas, W. Pratt 

Born Prattville, Ala.; B. S. 1916; Skulls; Ja- 
son; Bus. Mgr., Crimson-ll'hite, 1915; V.-Pres. 
Class, 1916; Steward, Fraternity House, 1916; 
Student; mem. Boston Southern Club. Pratt- 
ville, .\la. 

Van de Graaff, William Travis 

Born Tu.scaloosa, Ala., Oct. 27, 1895; A. B. 
1916; Jasons: Plii Beta Kappa; Pres. Senior 
Class; Football, 1912-15; Cadet, U. S. Military 
Acad. 1305 Greensboro Ave., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

White, Charlie William 

Steam Engineering Tenn. Coal, Iron and R. R. 
Co., Ensley; res. 1736 S. 16th Ave., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 


Bowron, Harold Alfred 

(1401 S. 20th St., Birmingham, Ala.) 

Comer, James Drewey 

Skulls; Member Pan Hellenic Council; Fresh- 
man Varsity Football; Student; Pres. of Chap- 
ter and House Mgr. Randolph St., Eufaula, 

Edson, James Steward 

(710 S. Lawrence St., Montgomery, Ala.) 

Wilkerson, William Warren 

Born Birmingham, Ala.; Stewards Club; 
Skulls; Outside Claim Agent, Tenn. Coal, Iron 
and R. R. Co.; Affiliated Ala. Beta 1918. 1324 
Brown-Marx Bldg.; res. 1925, 14th Ave. S., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Williams, Edward 

Initiated by Colo. Beta 1917. 


Ball, Fred St. Clair 

Born Montgomery, .Ala.; Skulls; Glee Club; 
Crimson-lVhite Bd. ; mem. Princeton Elm 
Club. 1504 S. Perry St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Lampley, Ira Tullis 

Born Eufau'a, Ala.; Student; mem. Prince- 
ton Elm Club. Eufaula, Ala. 

Marbury, David Hatton, Jr. 

Born Marbury, Ala.; Secretary and President, 
Marbury Lumber Co.; Chief of Vol. Fire De- 
partment; Pres. Marbury Stock Farm. Far- 
mers Savings Bank Bldg.; res. Smythe and 
Autauga Sts,, Marbury, .Ma. 

Perry, Joseph Bancroft 

Initiated Ala. Beta 1916. 


Blair, Charles William 

Student. Eufaula, Ala. 

Dent. Chauncey Rhodes 

Student. Barbour St., Eufaula, Ala. 




McNeill, James Allison 

Born Grenada, Miss.; Salesman; Corporal, 
114th Field Artillery, U. S. Army. Porter 
Bldg. ; res. 387 Boyd PL, Memphis, Tenn. 

Marbury, Ernest Leonard 

Born Marbury, Ala.; Planter. 


Foy, James Edgar, III 

Student. Eufaula, Ala. 

Marbury, Ala. 

Frierson, Gideon Blackburn, Jr. 

Born River Falls, Ala.; Franklin Soc.; Base- 
ball, 1914-15 Marion Inst.; Mgr. 1915; Student; 
Member Entre Nous Club. 1217 University 
Ave., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Ivy, Henry Curtis 

Student. West Point, Miss. 

Jennings, Legare Comer 

Student. Eufaula, Ala. 

Pitts, William Edwin, Jr. 

Student. 228 Sayre St., Montgomery, Ala. 


CiiAKTiCRED January 30, 1879 


Auburn, Alabama 

Lanier, Isaac Alexander* 

B. E. 1878 Charter Member, d. Sept. 5, 1879, 
Ihintsville, Ala. 

Thornton. Reuben Loxla 

B. E.; LL. B. Charter Member; Lawyer. 
(Tuscaloosa, Ala.) 


Crawford, lames Alexander* 

Judge, Probate Court, d. Dec. 12, 1915, Rock- 
ford, Ala. 


Callaway, Samuel 

B. E." 1880; Civil Engineer. (Memphis, 

Cantev. lohn 

Born Ft. Mitchell, Ala., March 19, i860; 
B. E. 1880, Agricultural and Mechanical Coll. 
(Auburn); Farmer; Member Alee Temple 
(Savannah) and Elks No. Ill (Columbus, 
Ga.) Ft. Mitchell, Ala. 

Cantev, Samuel Benton 

Born Ft. Mitchell, Ala.; B. E. 1880; Lawyer. 
310 Lamar St., Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Ellison, Stephen Allen 

Farmer. (Dillon, Ga.) 

Fitzpatrick, Alva 

B. E. 1880; Charter Member; Journalist and 
Manufacturer. (Montgomery, Ala.) 

Martin, Harrison Lafayette 

Born Abbevi'.le, Ala.; A. B. 1880; Lawyer. 
Ozark, Ala. 

Orum, William Joseph 

Born Bullock Co., Ala.; Wirt Lit. Soc; Cot- 
ton Warehouse; \'.-Pres. Sellers & Orum Co.; 
Member Boudoir Club; Masons; Shriners. 
110 Tallapoosa St.; res. 619 Monroe St., Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

Price, Edwin Armstrong 

Born Tuskegee, Ala.; Wirt Debating Soc; 
Lawyer: City Atty. of Nashville; Dist. Atty. 
Genl. 10th (Circuit Tenn.; Member Commercial 
and Golf and Country Clubs. -Affiliated Tenn. 
Alpha 1882. 927-29. .Stahlman Bldg.; res. 2322 
West End Ave., Nashville. Tenn. 

Samford, Crawford Alexander Lips- 

Born Tuskegee, Ala.; Wirt Lit. Soc; Charter 
Member; Lawyer; Solicitor, Lee Circuit 
Court; Member Knights of Pvthias, Masons, 
I. O. O. F. Court House; res. 512 N. 8th St., 
Opelika, Ala. 

Smith, John Vivian* 

LL. B. 1880; Lawyer. 

Stephens, George Washington 

B. E. 1880; A. >L; Merchant. (Roanoke, 

Thomas, Ross Elmore 

B. E. 1880; Real Estate. (Oklahoma City, 

Williams, Thomas Smith 

Farmer. (Society Hills, S. C.) 


Callaway, Joseph 

Born Snowdoun, Ala.; A. B. 1881; Lawyer. 
109 Washington Ave.; res. 405 S. McDonough 

St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Langhorn, John 3ililler* 

B. S. A. 1881; Druggist, d. Aug. 14, 1914. 

McGough, Thomas Dawson* 

Traveling Salesman. 

Ousley, Clarence Newdaygate 

Born Ousley, Lowndes Co., Ga., Dec. 29, 
1863; A. B. 1881; A. M. 1910 Simmons Col- 
lege; Dir. Agricultural Extension, A. & M. 
College of Texas; Regent Coll. of Industrial 
Arts and Univ. of Texas for many years; 
Newspaper Editor, 1886-1914; Delegate Natl. 
Democratic Convention, 1904; Author School 
History United States and various magazine 
articles and poems. A. & M. College, College 
Station, Texas. 

Simmons, William Henry 

A. B.; Clergyman. (Ozark, Ala.) 

Trammel!, Tefferson Davis 

B. E.; Chie'f Engineer, I. & G. N. R. R. Co. 
(Palestine, Texas.) 

Walker, William Ryan 

Born .Athens, Ala.; B. S. 1882; Lawyer; Affi- 
liated Tenn. .Alpha 1882. Athens, Ala. 


Christian, John Beverly 

Jeweler. (Mobile, Ala.) 

Daniel, James Lawrence 

Farmer. (Ft. Mitchell, Ala.) 

Dudley, Frank Judson 

Born Russell Co., Ala. near Columbus, Ga.; 
-Architect; Pres. Dudley Sash, Door and Lum- 
ber Co.; Member .Anti-Saloon League; Dixon 
Overland Highway Assn; Chamber of Com- 
merce; Ga Children's Home Soc; Columbus 
Automobile Club. 8th to 9th Aves. bet. ISth 
and 16th Sts.; res. 1244 5th Ave., Columbus, 

Eberhart, Bartow 

B S A 1882; Merchant. (Birmingham, 

Fitzpatrick, Benjamin Harrison* 

B S. A. 1882; Farmer, d. Feb. 23, 1888, 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Jones, William Henry 

B. S. 1882; Stockman. (Columbia, Tenn.) 




Ligon, Robert Fulwood 

Born Tuskegee, Ala.; B. E. 1882; Writ Lit. 
Soc; Prize in English Composition Speakers 
Place in Classes; Lawyer and Clerk Ala. Su- 
preme Court; Formerly Adjutant-General of 
Ala.; Dir. First Natl. Bank; Former Trustee 
Ala. Polytechnic Inst.; Trustee, Carnegie Li- 
brary; Former V.-Pres. A'.a. Bar Assn.; Mem- 
ber of Council for Ala.; Am. Bar Assn.; Mem- 
ber State Council for Natl. Defence for Ala.; 
Chamber of Commerce; Member Beauvoir and 
Country Clubs. 1108 S. Perry St.. Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

McLaurine, Frederick William 

Born Bullock Co., Ala.; Farmer. Fitzpatrick, 

Orum, Gustavus Adolphus* 

d. June 1, 1899, Selma, Ala. 

Parke, Julian Barton 

Manufacturer. (Selma, Ala.) 

Strom, John Eugene 

(Mt. Milliard, Ala.) 


Alexander, William Thomas 

(Georgetown, Ga.) 

Andrews. William Franklin 

A. M.; Charter Member Ala. Gamma; Pastor, 
Methodist Church. (Little Rock, Ark.) 

Ellis, Washington LaFayette* 

(Prattville, Ala.) 

Elmore, Benjamin Fitzpatrick 

Born Montgomery, Ala., July 22, 1861; LL. B. 
1883; Lawyer; Asst. Clerk and Clerk Ala. 
House of Representatives; Solicitor 1st Ala. 
Judicial Circuit. Mayer Bldg. ; res. 501 Main 
St., Demopolis, Ala. 

Gay, Charles Linn 

B. E. 1883; Merchant; General Insurance 
Agent. (26 Noble Ave., Montgomery. Ala.) 

Hankins, Louie 

Born Bacon Castle, Surry Co.; Engineer and 
Contractor. Room 501, Va. Ry. & Power 
Bldg.; res. 1826 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Hardaway, Benjamin Hurt 

(Columbus, Ga.) 

Harp, Marcellus Lafayette, Jr. 

B. S. A. 1883; Druggist. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Mangum, Daniel Baker* 

• B. S. A. 1883. 

Pace, Earnest Milton 

B. S. 1883; Broker. (Union Sq.; res. 448 St. 
Nicholas Ave., New York, N. Y.) 

Stone, Joseph Morton 

(Chattanooga, Tenn.) 


Baldwin, Benjamin James 

Farmer. (Montgomery, Ala.) 

Chisolm, William Edgar 

Farmer. (Montgomery, Ala.) 

Eraser, Edward Webb 

Farmer. (Whistler, Ala.) 

Gaston, Zell 

R. E.; LL. B.; Lawyer; Affiliated Ala. Alpha 
1884. 702 Farley Bldg.; res. 1220 S. 20th St., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Gay, John Floyd 

A. B.; General Insurance Agent. Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

McCary, James Henry 

Born Maplcsville, Ala.; Wirt Lit. Soc; Real 
Estate and Insurance; Trustee Real Estate 
Exchange; Elks Lodge; Steward Highlands 

Methodist Church; Pres. Bd. of Trade; Mem- 
ber Country Club; Real Estate Exchange. 
116 N. 21st St.; res. 1217 S. 20th St., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

McLeod, Daniel Douglas* 

A. B. 1884; LL. B. 1888 Univ. of Ala.; Affi- 
liated Ala. Alpha 1888. (Anniston, Ala.) 

Mangum, William Wightman* 

Charter JNIember Ala. Gamma; Physician; Affi- 
liated Ala. Gamma 1887. d. Nov. 19, 1914. 

Michael, George Boyd 

Born Mt. Vernon Barracks. Ala., Nov. 8, 1863; 

B. E. 1884; C. E. 1890; Land Agent M. & O. 
R. R.; Pres. Guarantee Loan, Trust and Bank- 
ing Co. 2221, 4th St.; res. 1817, 23d Ave., 
Aleridian, Miss. 

Redd, Marion Woodville* 

d. Jan. 8, 1883, Columbus. Ga. 

Robinson, John Beverly* 

B. S. 1884. d. 1885, Memphis, Tenn. 

Smith, Malcolm McNeill* 

Born Prattville, Ala.; A. B. 1884; Owner and 
Publisher Prattville Progress, 1890-92; Prin 
cipal Prattville Male and Female Acad., 1892 
1900; Sec.-Treas. Smith Mercantile Co., 1901 
10; Trustee Prattville Trade School and Acad. 
1906-10; Probate Judge Autauga County. 1910 
d. Dec. 30, 1910. 

Williams, William Zachariah 

Civil Engineer, (\icksburg, Miss.) 


Barnes, John Reynolds* 

d. Opelika, Ala. 

Collier, Robert Earl Lee 

Born Opelika, Lee Co., Ala.; B. E. in C. E. 
1885; M. E. — ; County Surveyor and Road 
Commissioner; Member A. F. and A. M.; Utah 
Soc. of Engineers. Room 256 City and Coun- 
ty Bldg.; res. 416, 10th East St., Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

Flack, R. H. 

(Birmingham, Ala.) 

Mclntyre, Erastus Stonum* 

Affiliated Ala. Alpha 1888. d. 1895, Jasper, Ala. 

Penn, Walton Thomas* 

B. S. A. 1885. d. September 15, 1885, Cusseta, 

Smith, Thomas 

Lawyer. (Birmingham, Ala.) 

Thach, Robert Henry 

Born Athens, Ala.; B. S. 1885; Attorney-at- 
Law. 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg, Room 921; res. 
lerace Court, Birmingham, Ala. 

Trammell, Thomas 

(Birmingham, Ala.) 

Williams, Daniel Bullard* 

Physician, d. September 28, 1891. Opelika 


Newman, Clifford Lewis 

Born Columbus, Ga., 1864; B. S. 1886; M S. 
1887; Wcbstcrian ; Honor Roll (3), (4); Base- 
ball; Commencement Orator 1886; Prof, of 
Agronomy in N. C. Coll. of Agric. and Mech. 
Arts; .\sst. I'rof. of .\gric. Univj of Tenn., 1887- 
89; Prin. Agric. Sch., Athens, Ala. 1905-08; 
Agric. Ark. Experimental Station, 1892-97; Prof. 
of .Agric. Univ. of Ark., 1897-1905; Prof. 
Agronomy N. C. Coll. of Agric; Author, 26 
Experiment Station Bulletins from Tenn., Ark. 
and S. C. Stations; Mem. of various scientific 
organizations. 213 S. McDowell St., Raleigh, 
N. C. 




Pitts. Sterlint:: Chambers 

Horn Sept. 22, 1865; B. S. 1886; C. E. 1888;; Pres. Lincoln Farm Loan Assn. 
Lincoln. Ark. 

Scott. Tliomas Lee* 
Spratlinq:. Leckinski Ware 

Born Chambers Co.. .M.i.: B. S. 1886: M. D. 
1S90 Univ. City of New York; Wirt Lit. Soc; 
Commencement Speaker. 1886; Medical Officer 
U. S. Navy since 1890; Medical Dir. U. S. 
Navy; Medical Officer Navy Yard (Norfolk); 
Medical .Aid 5th Naval District; Author of var- 
ious papers on medical subjects; Member Uni- 
versity (Phila.) and .Army and Navy (Wash.) 
Clubs. House C, Navy Yard, Norfolk, Va. 

Weaver. Dudley Saunders 

Born Memphis. 'Tenn.; A. B. 1886; Cotton 
Buyer; Pres. Memphis Cotton Exchange. 102 
S. Front St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Whitfield. Auq^-istus Foscue 

U. S Sigrnal Service. (Yuma, Ariz.) 

Wilkinson. Levi Washing-ton 

B. S.; M. S.; Chemist: Chief' U. S. Farm Dem- 
onstration Work. (Gretna, La.) 


Alexander. Arthur John 

B. S. 1887; Superintendent Missouri Pacific 
Railway. (Sedalia, Mo.) 

Armstrong-. Henry Clay, Jr. 

B. S. 1887; Principal Pensacola Classical School. 
(Pensacola, Fla.) 

Boykin, Burwell Lee 

B. S. 1887: Planter. (Montgomery, Ala.) 

Gordon, Elgee Kingsbury* 
Hollingsworth, Edward Tracy 

Hardware and Implements. (Aline, Okla.) 


Broun, Henrv Lee 

B. S. 1888. "(Charleston, W. Va.) 

Brown, Edmund Fontaine 

Born Richmond. Va.; B. S. 1888; Attorney-at- 
Law; Member Edgewood Country Club; B. P. 
O. E.; Affiliated Va. Beta 1892. 601 Union 
Trust Bldg.; res. 1017 Virginia St., Charleston, 
W. Va. 

Brown, George Fleming* 
Brown. John Tee 

(Dallas, Texas.) 

Cobb, Edward Hunter* 

Initiated by Ala. Gamma 1888. 

Gregory, John Thomas* 

B. s.— ; M. s.— . 
Stubbs, Jefferson Dunbar 

(New Orleans, La.) 

Weaver, Norman Rutherford* 

Affiliated Ala Gamma and N. Y. Alpha 1890. 
d. Oct. 5. 1897. Lynn, Mass. 


Armstrong. Brittain Dixon* 

Lawyer, Auditor and Assistant Sec. Southern 
Cotton Association, d. December 1908, Au- 
burn, Ala. 

Lloyd, Andrew Manley 

Born Auburn, Ala.; M. Sc. 1891; B. S. 1889; 
Post Grad. 1891; Oratory; Lloyd Laboratory. 
1054 Auburn Ave.; res. 281 Ponce de Leon 
Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Maragne, Joseph Hughes 

(Jacksonville, Ala.) 

Philips, Francis 

Born Marianna, Fla.; M. D. 1891 Tulane; 
Physician; Mom. B. P. O. E.; K. of P.; Affiliated 
Va. Beta 1889 and Ga. Beta 1890. Quincy, 

Riggs, Robertson* 

R. R. Mail Clerk. 

Ross, Thomas Alexander 

B. S., 1889; Civil Engineer. (C^pe Town, 

Spratling. Edgar Johnson* 

R. S. M. D.; Physician, d. Aug. 25, 1916, 
Camp Harris, Ga. 

Vaughan, Paul Turner 

B. S. M. D.; Physician. (Little Rock, Ark.) 

Watlington, Thomas ]\Iorgan 

Born Dayton, Ala., Nov. 22, 1869; B. S. 1889; 
LL. B. 1892 Univ. of Ala.; Websterian Lit. 
Soc; Cadet Capt. Co. "B"; Honor Grad.; Pres. 
Websterian Lit. Soc; Commencement Orator; 
Winner Prize for Best Drilled Co.; General 
Agent Bankers' Life Co. 435 Am. Nat'l Bank 
Bldg.; res. 621 W. 13th St., Oklahoma City, 


Boyd, Douglas 

Born Griffin, Ga.; Broker and Mfrs. Agent. 
430 Taylor St., Griffin, Ga. 

Burts, Edgar Duncan* 

Affiliated Va. Beta 1892. d. 1905, Columbus, 

Callaway, William 

Born Snowdoun, Ala.; B. S. 1890; Conductor 
L. & N. R. R. 422 S. Hull St., Montgomery, 

Davis, Charles White 

Born Marianna, Fla.; Merchant. Jefferson 
and Broad Sts.; res. Madison and Putnam 
Sts., Marianna, Fla. 

Drake, Joseph Emory 

(Griffin, Ga.) 

Massey, Lewis Vaughn 

B. S. 1890; Charter Member Ala. Gamma; Elec- 
trician; Affiliated Ala. Gamma 1894. f^Tuske- 
gee, Ala.) 

Noble, Robert Ernest 

Born Rome, Ga. ; B. S. 1890; M. S. 1891; 
M. D. 1899 Columbia Univ., Coll. of Physicians 
and Surgeans; Officer U. S. Army; Lieut. 
Colonel Med. Corps; Member Army and Navy 
Club. War Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Pollock, Joseph Francis 

(Selma, .Ala.) 

Tharin, Dixon Hamilton 

(Savannah, Ga.) 

Waring, George Houston 

B. S. 1890; Superintendent Omaha Gas Co. 
(1318 S. 35th St., Omaha, Neb.) 

Wilkinson, James Fielding 

B. S. 1890; M. S. — ; Chemist. (Atlanta, 


Baker, Lawrence Ernest* 

B. S. 1891. 

Dudley, Arthur Thomas* 

B. S. 1891. 

Hare, Clifford Le Roy 

Born Opelika, Ala.; M. S. 1891; M. D. — 
Univ. of Mich; Assoc. Prof, of Chemistry. 
Auburn, Ala. 

Jones, John Allen 

Born Oak Bowerv, .Ala.; Wirt Soc; Insurance 
and Real Estate: Member K. of P. and B. P. O. 
E. 209 S. 8th St.; res. 210 N. 2d Ave., 




Lyons, Leonard Le Baron 

Born Pollard, Ala.; Spring Hill Coll. 3 years; 
Baseball Team; Cotton Factor; Dir. 1st Natl. 
Bank; Factors and Traders Insurance Co.; Ala. 
Corn Mills Co.; Mobile Yacht Club Inc.; Mem- 
ber Elks, Masons, Athelstan Lodge, Chamber of 
Commerce and Cotton Exchange; Athelstan, 
Mobile Yacht, Mobile Country Clubs. 112 N. 
Commerce St.; res. 1306 Dauphin Way, Mobile, 

McDonald. James Bradford 

U. .S. Army. (Fort Grant, Ariz.) 

Reynolds, Petit T. 

Born Warrior Stand, Ala.; B. So. 1891; M. 
D. 1897; Ph. G. 1897; Physician and Sur- 
geon. 206 Pearl St., Monroe, Ga. 

Rhodes, Charles* 
Smith, Robert Clanton 

Born Cusseta, Ala.; B. Sc; LL. B. 1893 
Univ. of Ala.; Wirt Lit. Soc; 1st Lieut, and 
.Adjt. ; Lawyer; Member Ala. Legislature 1907- 
11. Farmers' Nat'l. Bank Bldg. ; res. SOS Ave. 

A, Opelika, Ala. 

Tharin, John McCullough 

(Savannah, Ga.) 


Averyt, Elbert Cathey 

B. S. 1892; Druggist. (Ensley, Ala.) 

Avervt, Thomas Lyons 

(Shelby Springs, Ala.) 

Bize, Louis Alexander 

(Tampa, Fla.) 

Bullen, Jacob Thompson 

Born Louisville, Kv. ; B. S. 1892; C. E. 
1900; Lieut. Cadet Corps; Dist. Engineer, 8th 
Dist. U. S. Office of Public Roads; Member, 
Am. Soc. Civil Engineers; Old Greys Rifle 
Club. 917 Ball Bldg.; res. 1401 S. Perry 
St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Chambers, James McCoy 

Transfer Agent; Construction Work. (Cham- 
bers Transfer Co., Macon, Ga.) 

Clark, George Samuel 

B. S.; C. E.; Teacher. (Highland Home, 

Clay, Walter Barton 

B. S. 1892; Civil Engineer. (Arcadia, Fla.) 

Dean, William Caleb 

(Lafayette, Ala.) 

De Reamer, George Mayo 

(Tampa, Fla.) 

Feagin, William Francis 

Born Midcvoy (Bullock Co.), Ala.; B. Sc. 
1892; M. E.: LL. D. 1917 Univ. of Ala.; Wirt 
Lit. Soc; Junior Oratorical Contest Medal; 
State Superintendent of Educational Inst, in 
-Ma.; Rotary Club of Unity, Ala., Chamber of 
Commerce and Country (Tlubs. Capitol; res. 
512 South Hull, Montgomery, Ala. 

Greene, Raleigh Williams 

B. S.; D. D. ; Methodist Episcopal Clergy- 
man. (Moundville, Ala.) 

Peabody, Francis 

Cotton Broker. (Montgomery, Ala.) 

Street, John Jay 

Born Alexander, Ala.; Cotton Broker. Al- 
bertville, Ala. 

Williams, Allie Walter 

Born Columbus, Ga.. Jan. 28, 1872; M. D. 
1896 Bcllevue Hospital Med. Coll.; Phi Al- 
pha Sigma (med.); 2d Honor ($100 and ap- 
pointment to resident surgical staff) Bellevuc; 
Lieut. Cf)l. Med. Corps, U. S. Army; Author of 
various articles on medicine and surgery; 

Army and Navy and Racquet (Phila.) Clubs; 
Affiliated Ga. Beta 1895. 21 M St. N. E.; 
"res. Army and Navy Club, Washington, D. C. 


Bethea, Theodore Benjamin 

Born Union Springs, Ala.; Traveling Salesman; 
JNIember Masons and Knights of Pythias; Affi- 
liated Tenn. Alpha 1893. 12 E. Jeff Davis 
Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 

Burton, Massey Robart 

Born Opelika, Ala.; B. S. 1893; C. E. 1894; 
1st Lieut. Co. "B"; Genl. Mgr. Life Insurance 
Co.; Ice Manufacturer and Planter; Dir. 1st 
Natl. Bank (Marianna); Dir. 1st Natl. Bank 
(Quincy) ; Member K. of P. and Elks. Mar- 
ianna, Jackson Co., Fla. 

Clopton, Clifford Fontaine 

(Montgomery, Ala.) 

Crawford, Joseph Johnston 

(West Point, Ga.) 

Herron, Joseph Andrew 

Capitalist. (Montgomery, Ala.) 

Johnson, Jacob Samuel 

Born Deatsville, Ala.; Lumber; V.-Pres. and 
Genl. Mgr. Lancaster, Johnson Lumber Co. 
Wetumpka, Ala. 

Jones, Amos Wesley 

Initiated by Ala. Gamma 1892. 

Kennedy, Thomas Litchfield 

Born Opelika. Ala.; B. Sc. 1893; M. Sc. 1894; 
Merchant; Pres. Tampa Grocers' Assn.; 
V.-Pres. Fla. Mutual Firei Insurance Co. 
1705 16th St.; res. 311 E. Oak Ave., Tampa, 

Kline, Charles David 

B. L. 1893 Univ. of Ga. ; Lawyer; Affiliated 
Ga. Alpha 1893. Opelika, Ala. 

Long, Nimrod Lunsford 

Born Hurtsboro, .Ma.: Websterian Lit. Soc; 
Merchant and Manufacturer; Alderman, 
Kennedy, Ala. 

Riggs, Walter Merritt 

Born Orangeburg, S. C; B. S. in E. and M. 
E. 1893; E. and M. E. 1894 Cornell; LL. D. 
1911 S. C. Univ.; Football (left end); Mgr. 
Football; Baseball (catcher); Captain; Class 
Poet; Sophomore Declamation Medal; 1st 
Honors Junior and Senior Years; Pres. Clem- 
son Coll.; Member Bd. of Directors Southern 
Conference for Education and Industry; Mem- 
ber Committee on Organization and Policy 
Am. Assn. Agricultural Colls, and Experimen- 
tal Stations; Past Pres. and V.-Pres. of same; 
Fellow Am. Inst, of Electrical Engineers. 
Clemson College, S. C. 

Smith, Henry Hamilton 

B. Sc; C. E.; Supervisor C. of Ga. Ry. Co. 
(Union Springs, Ala.) 

Spratling, Roper Colbert 

Farmer. (Gold Hill, Ala.) 


Billing, Samuel Aydelatte 

Physician. (Montgomery, Ala.) 

Glower, Albert Bedell 

(New Orleans, La.) 

Glower, Robert Park 

Fire Insurance with Louisiana Fire Preven- 
tion Bureau. (New Orleans, La.) 

Darwin, Walter Caldwell* 

d. Huntsvillc, Ala. 

Dunham, Julius Con free 

B. S. 1894; Electrical Engineer. (Port Tam- 
pa City, I'la.) 



Grant, James Perry 

(Lo\iisvilIe, Ala.) 

Greene. Charles Gordon 

Born Opclika, Ala.; B. Sc. 1894; M. Sc. 1895; 
Wcbstfrian Soc; Scholarship in Biology and 
Botany; Merchant; Member K. of P.; Elks; 
Woodmen of the World. S. Railroad Ave.; 
res. id Ave. and Stli St., Opelika, Ala. 

Hight. William Marion 

(Anniston, .Ma.) 

Jones, Henry Clay 

Born Montgomery,' Ala.; Hydro-Electric Pow- 
er Development; Pres. Appalachian Hydro 
Electric Power Co.; Pres. Southern Cities 
Realty Co.; \'.-Pres. Ala. Land and Lumber 
Co.; Member Chamber of Commerce. 609-11 
1st Nat!. Bank Bldg.; res. Tairview Ave., 
Cloverdale, Montgomery, Ala. 

Jones, Remer Young- 

(Valdosta, Ga.) 

McKeown. Paul Pratt 

Born Attapulgus, Ga.; B. S. 1894; LL. B. 
1900 Mercer Univ.; Pres. Freshman, Sopho- 
more, Junior and Senior Classes, Ala. Poly- 
tech.; First Honor, Law Class, 1900 Mercer 
Univ.; Planter; Member Fla. Legislature, 1899. 
Concord, Fla. 

Newman, Charles Carter 

Prof. Horticulture. (Clemson College, S. C.) 

Shivers Samuel James 

Sec.-Treas. Prairie Pebble Phosphate Co. (130 
Bay St. E.; res. 319 Gwinnet St. E., Savan- 
nah, Ga.) 

Siler, Joseph Franklin 

Born Orion, Pike Co., Ala., June 8, 1875; 
B. S. State Normal Coll.; M. D. 1898 Univ. 
of Va.; Major Medical Corps U. S. Army; 
Pres. Am. Assn. for the Study of Pellagra; 
Chrmn. Robert ^L Thompson Pellagra Com- 
mission: Dir. Dept. Lab. No. 1, Southern 
Dept., U. S. Army; Author "Text Book on 
Helminthology"; Member New York Athletic 
and Army and Navy (Wash., D. C. and 
Manila, P. I.) Clubs. Care of War Dept., 
Washington, D. C. 

Vaughan, Graham Golson 

E. S.; Capitalist. (Selma, Ala.) 

Williams, Rinaldo 

Born Opelika, Ala.; B. Sc. 1894; M. Sc. 
1895; Mgr. Ja-Moka Co. 508 N. 26th St.; 
res. 410 Fulton Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

Wilson, James Albert 

Born Eufaula, Ala.; DuPont Powder Co. 
Hopewell, Va., P. O. Box Y. 


Adams, Robert Higgins 

B. S. 1895; M. S. — ; Pres. Adams Stores 
Co. rOakdale, La.) 

Chambers, Gordon Flewellen 

B. S.; M. D.; Physician. (American Bldg., 
Atlanta, Ga.) 

Chambers, William Henry 

Born Oswichee, Ala.; D. D. S. 1897; Capt. 
Dental Corps U. S. Army. Care of Surgeon 
General's Office, Washington, D. C. 

Haralson, Benjamin Browning 

Born Georgiana, Ala.; B. Sc. 1895; Sales 
Engineer. 1008 Illuminating Bldg.; res. 62 
Wadena St. E., Cleveland, Ohio. 

McEwen, William Eldridge 

Merchant. (Cartersville, Ga.) 

Peevev, Henrv Hinds 

Born Huntsviflc, Ala., April 18, 1875; B. S. 
1895; M. S. 1896; 3 years Harvard Law 
School; Cicnl. Mgr. Ptnn. Savings Fund and 
Loan Assn. and Copper Tungsten Co., Garces, 
.Vriz. 237, 4th .\ve., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Smith, Percy Hilton 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; B. Sc. 1895; A. M. 1896; 
Engineering; Member Univ. Club; Affiliated 
N. Y. Delta 1897. 908 Southwestern Life 
Bldg.; res. 3801 Stratford Ave., Highland 
Park, Dallas, Texas. 

Smythe, James Adger 

(Greenville, S. C.) 


Burton, Joseph Quarterman 

Born Opelika. Ala.; B. S. 1896; M. Sc. 1897; 
Post Grad. Scholarship; Analytical Chemist; 
Dir. Purchase Money Note Co.; Mgr. and Jr. 
Partner McCandless Laboratory; Member At- 
lanta Athletic Club; Chamber of Commerce; 
Am. Chemical Soc. Rhodes Bldg., 7 East 8th 
St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Burts, Morris Jefferson 

(Columbus, Ga.) 

Feagin. Clifton Henry 

Druggist. (Clayton, Ala.) 

Holley, Robert Campbell 

Electrical Engineer. (Columbus, Ga.) 

Jackson, Richard Sparks 

B. S.; Land Titles. (1800, 7th Avenue, Bir- 
mingham, Ala.) 

Lewis, Robert AI 

(Greenville, S. C.) 

Morrisette, Francis Strother, Jr. 

Merchant. (Newbern, Ala.) 

Nardin, Frederic William 

Born Anderson, S. C; Electrical Work and 
Auto Supplies; Mem. Lodge No. 1046 Elks 
(Fitzgerald, Ga.) Irwin Ave., Ocilla, Ga. 

Oglesbv, Julian Berry 

B. S. '(Anstell Building, Atlanta, Ga.) 

Orr, Harry Allen 

Born Anderson, S. C; Mgr. Southern Public 
Utilities Co.; Pres. Ala. Beta 1896; V.-Pres. 
Southern; Sec. Nat'l Electric Light Assn. 118 
W. Whitner; res. 725 West Market, Anderson, 
S. C. 

Sloss, Edward Baxter 

U. S. Army. 

Winship, Herring 

Born Macon, Ga.; M. D. 1903 Jeff. Med. Coll.; 
Alpha Kappa Kappa; Ciceronian Soc; Physi- 
cian; County Health Officer; Vice Chairman 
City Bd. of Health; Visiting Phys. Macon 
Hospital; Member Am. and Ga. Med. Assns.; 
6th Dist. Med. and Bibb County Med. Socs.; 
Idle Hour Club; Affiliated Ga. Gamma 1896. 
505 Grand Bldg.; res. 71 Arlington Place, 
Macon, Ga. 


Arrington, John 

(906 Tribune Building, Chicago, 111.) 

Crawford, Claude Carson 

Born Winfield, Mo.; Secretary and Treasurer 
B. Crawford & Sons Co. 1st Ave.; res. 243 
Jackson St., Albany, Ala. 




Elmore, Vincent Martin 

Born Montgomery, Ala.; Captain U. S- 
Army; First Lieut. Ala. Natl. Guard 1896-98; 
2nd Ala. Inf. Vols. 1898; Second Lieut. 3rd Ala. 
Inf. Vols. 1898-99 and 29th Inf. Vol. 1899-01; 
Commandant Univ. of Ala. 1901-02; Second 
Lieut. 5th U. S. Inf. 1901-02 and First Lieut. 
1902-11; Member Various Service Clubs. Care 
of Adjutant General, U S. Army, Washington, 
D. C. 

Hobdy, John Buford 

Born Hobdy Plantation, Macon Co., Ala.; B. S. 
1897; M. S 1898; State Dept. of Agriculture. 
State Capitol; res. 518 S. Lawrence St., Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

Nelson, Charles Johnston 

Born Selma, Ala.:"B. Sc. 1897; Glee Club 1896- 
07; Wirt Debating Soc; Football 1894-96; 
Baseball 1894-97; Winner of Gold Medal for 
Running Broad Jump 1896; 2d Place All 
Around Athlete, Field Day 1896; Captain In- 
fantry U. S. Army Detailed in Quartermasters 
Corps since 1915; Member Army and Navy Club, 
Wash., D. C. Care of Adjutant General of the 
Armv, Wash., D. C 

Paden. William Clifford 

Merchant. (Gadsden, Ala.) 

Sullivan, William Woodward 

Hardware. (Anderson, S. C.) 


Cooper, Georg-e Price 

Lawyer. (Huntsville, Ala.) 

Feag-in, Jewett Whatley 

Born Union Springs, Ala.; Advertising Solici- 
tor; San Antonio Press Club. Daily Express 
Bldg. ; res. 110 4th St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Haralson, Jonathan, Jr. 

B. S. 1898; M. E.— ; Electrical Engineer. 
(Brown-Marx Bldg., Birmingham, Ala.) 

Lay, William Earle 

(Gadsden, Ala.) 

Ming-e, Chadwick Wiley 

Minge Loan & Investment Co. (Faunsdale, 

Paden, John Sanford 

B. S. 1898; Merchant. (Gadsden, Ala.) 

Ransom, Arthur McBride* 

B. S.: M. S.; M. A.; Professor of Analytical 
Chemistry Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Au- 
burn, Ala. d. 1909 Atlanta, Ga. 

Reid, John Percy 

Lawyer. (3805 9th Avenue, E. Birmingham, 

Shivers, James Barrie 

B. S. 1898; Druggist. (Montgomery, Ala.) 

Simmons, I^icius Kelly 

Druggist. (Demopolis, Ala.) 

Williams, John Wesley 

Born Opelika, Ala.; B. S. 1898; Ph. C. 1899; 
Druggist. Woodward Bldg.; res. 410 Fulton 
Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 


Boyd, Alston Morgan 

B. S.; Real Estate. (10 S. Front St.; res. 854 
Chickasaw Place, Memphis, Tcnn.) 

Chapman, Osborne Henry* 

Initiated by Ala. Gamma 1899. 

Feagin, Arthur Henry 

Born Union Springs, Ala.; B. S. 1899; C. E. 
1900; Capt. Football 1899; Farmer; Member 
St. Johns Lodge No. 62, A. F. and A. M., 

Union Springs Commandery No. 20, Knights 
Templar, Jamora Temple Shrine. Union 

Springs, Ala. 

Hightower, Charles Thomas 

Born Hogansville, Ga.; Merchant and Farmer; 
Member Elks. Hogansville, Ga. 

Landman, Joseph 

Bookkeeper. (Huntsville, Ala.) 

McDonnell, Isham Fennell 

B. S. in E. 1899; M. E. 1900; Electrical Engi- 
neer with General Electric Co. (Empire Build- 
ing, Atlanta, Ga.) 

Matthews, William Elliott, Jr. 

Manager Cudahy Packing Co. (Huntsville, 

Minge, Jackson Chadwick 

Born Faunsdale, Ala.; B. S. 1899; Real Estate. 
25 Barnett Bldg.; res. 2044 Oak St., Jackson- 
ville, Fla. 

Smith, John Cherry 

Born Opelika, Ala; Dry Goods Merchant. 
I^Iarianna, Fla. 

Ward, James Alfred, Jr. 

Born Yankton, S. D. Sept. 8th 1879; B. S. 1899; 
Sergt. Corps of Cadets (3); First Lieut. (4); 
Football Team; V.-Pres. and Sec. Ward Furni- 
ture Manufacturing Co. Ward Furniture Mfg. 
Co.; res. Fishback Place, Ft. Smith, Ark. 

Wheeler, George Madison 

A. B. 1899; Real Estate and Bond Broker. 

(81 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.) 


Aiken, James* 

d. July 11, 1897. Gadsden, Ala. 

Baldridge, Milton Columbus 

Ph. G.^1900; Myers Drug Co. (St. Louis, Mo.; 
res. Huntsville, Ala.) 

Copeland, Henry Moss 

Credit Man. (S. S. White Dental Manufac- 
turing Co., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Finch, Rutherford Sylvanus 

B. S. 1900; Salesman. (Montgomery, Ala.) 

Flowers, John Jefferson 

B. S.; Mgr. Dothan Ice Co. (Dothan, Ala.) 

Folmar, Frank Pierce 

Born Troy, Ala., Nov. 25. 1881; D. D. S. 
1901; Cashier W. B. Fo'mar & Sons, Bankers; 
Mavor, Troy, Ala.; Maj. 1st N. G. Ala.; 
Affiliated Tenn Alpha 1901. Elm St.; res. 333 
N. Three Notch St., Troy, Ala. 

Gilbert, Swope Darrow 

General Electric Co. (Cincinnati, O.) 

Matthews, John Alexis 

(Birmingham, Ala.) 

Minge, David I-Jarrison* 

Affiliated Ala. Alpha 1901 (Faunsdale, Ala.) 

Rand, Robert Carlock 

Born Huntsville, Ala.; Secretary and Treasurer 
Huntsville Brick Co. 207 Randolph St., Hunts- 
ville, Ala. 


Burnett, William LeGrand 

(45 E. 42d St., New York, N. Y.) 

Castleman, David James 

Initiated by Ala. Gamma 1900. 

Edmonson, John Heron 

Initiated Va. Beta 1900. 




Enslen. Eu^jjene l-Ivim, Jr. 

Horn Birnunghain. Ala.; B" S. 1901; M. E. 
I90J Cornell; Mechanical and Electrical Ejigin- 
cer; Capt. L'. .S. K. Ordnance I")ept. I'rankford 
Arsenal. Jefferson County Bank Bldg.; res. 
273" Highland Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

Greene. Walter Lee 

Born Opclika, Ala.; A. R. 1901; Merchant; 
Member Elks. 101-102 8th St.; res. 500 2nd 
Ave.. Opclika. Ala. 

Moore. Louis Huntincfton 

Born Columbus. .-Via.; Pres. Empire Laundry 
Co.: Pres. L. 11. Moore Ice Co. Dothan, Ala. 
and Waycross Ice and Cold Storage Co.. Way- 
cross. Ga.; Vestryman Ch. of the Ascension; 
Pir. Capital N'atl. Bank: Mem. Country, Rotary 
and Beaiivoir Clubs. 9 S. McDonough St.; 
res. Westover, Montgomery, Ala. 

Moseley. Alexander Jackson 

Born Union Springs, Ala.; Planter; Vice-Pres. 
.American Bank. "11 Chumuggie St., Union 
Springs. Ala. 

Nisbet, Carlyle 

Born Macon, Ga. ; B. S. 1901; Baseball; Archi- 
tect. Nisbet & Dunwody: Idle Hour Country 
Club. Grand Bldg.; res. 320 First St., Macon, 

Roberts, Shepherd Harrison 

Born Montgomery, .\la.; B. S. 1901: Real Es- 
tate and Fire Insurance. 717 Bell Bldg.; res. 
11 W. Jefferson Davis Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 

Thompson. Ernest Walter 

Born Tuskegee, Ala.; Merchant; Member Ala. 
Legis.. 1907-11; Mayor of Tuskegee, 1912-16; 
Beauvoir Club, Knights of Pythias, Knights 
Templar. Washington Court, Pullman, Wash. 

Askew, William Marvin 

B. S. 1902; Merchant. (Newnan, Ga.) 

Clark, WiHis Gaylord 

B. S., 1902; Affiliated Tenn. Beta 1904; C'.ergy- 
man. (11 Moulton St., Montgomery, Ala.) 

Coles, William Cruse 

Born Huntsville, Ala.; B. S. 1902 E. and M E 
1902; Varsity Football and Capt. Cadet Corps 
1902; Mgr. Atlanta Office, Sprague Electric 
Works of Genl. Electric Co.; Member Atlanta 
Builders Exchange. 1601 Third Natl. Bank 
Bldg.; res. 21 Cleburne Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Dawson, Robert Geoghegan 

(Birmingham, Ala.) 

Feagin, Clarence Eugene 

Forest Service. Dept. of Agriculture, Wash., 

Garber, James Browder 

Initiated by Ala. Alpha 1901. 

Goddard, John Hunter 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1900. 

Park, Henry Bigham 

Born LaGrange, Ga.; B. S. 1902; D. D. S 1912 
Atlanta Dental Coll.; Psi Omega; V.-Pres fresh. 
class; Pres. soph, class; Capt. Co. B. ; Capt. 
•Varsity Football 1901-03; All Southern end 
1900-02; Dentist and Real Estate; Pres. La- 
(irange Athletic Club; Member LaGrange Athle- 
tic and LaGrange Country Clubs. LaGrange 
Banking and Trust Bldg.; res. 200 Hill St., La- 
Grange, Ga. 

Peabody, Douglass Welles 

Born Hazclwood. Pittsburgh, Pa.; B. S. in M. 
and M. E. 1902; Phi Delta Theta; Delegate Natl. 
Convention 1900; Pres. Chapter 1902; Leader 
Jr. German Club; Company (D) and Battalion 
Medals; Electrical Engineer; Full Member Am. 

Inst. Electrical Engineers; Member Capital City 
and Capital Citv Country Clubs; Genl. Elec. Co. 
3rd Nat!. Bk. Bldg.; res. 247 East Tenth St., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Clark, Frank Barnard 

Born Mobile, .Ma.; B. S. 190S; Theta Nu Epsi- 
lon; Lions Head; K. W. T. ; X'arsity Football; 
Real Estate; V.-Pres. Clark Malonc Realty 
Co.; Member Southern, Birmingham Athletic 
and Community Clubs; Mason 14°; .Affiliated 
Ala. Alpha 1905. 210 N. 21st St.; res. 2026 
Tenth Ave. S., Birmingham, Ala. 

Fagan, Isaac Ball 

(Union Springs, Ala.) 

Folmar, Martin Connor 

Supt. of Ins. Agencies. (Troy, Ala.) 

Goldthwaite, Charles Belshaw, Jr. 

Born Troy, Ala; Traveling Salesman. 300 N. 
Three Notch St., Troy, Ala. 

Halsey, William Lanier 

Born Huntsville, Ala.; Grocer; Pres. W. L. 
Halsey Gro. Co.; Jefferson. Eustis, Huntsville, 

Mathews, John Van Valkenburg 

Born Huntsville, Ala.; Cotton Broker. 7 Bank 
Row; res. Franklin St., Huntsville, Ala. 

Pierce, Laurens Walter 

(Montgomery, Ala.) 

Pratt, Albert Wellman 

(Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn, N. Y.) 

Rembert, Sam 

Planter. (Memphis, Tenn.) 

Rison, William Richard, Jr.* 
Ryan, John Van 

Salesman. (Res. 415 Madison St., Huntsville, 

Shivers, Walter Otey 

Druggist. (Marion, Ala.) 

Smith, Hunter M. 

Born Birmingham, Ala.; Coal Mine Operator; 
General Manager and Secretary and Treasurer; 
Member Country and Southern Clubs. 1008 
Brown Marx Bldg.; res. 2805 Juniper Ave. S., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Taylor, Edward 

B. S. 1903; M. D.; Physician. (Mamios, 

Thornton, Louis Earle 

Born Pensacola, Fla.; B. S. in C. E. 1903; 
City Engineer; Capt. Engineers; Officers' Re- 
serve Corps U. S. Army; Member Pensacola 
Rotary, Pensacola Country, Dixie Gun, Pensa- 
cola Rifle and Osceola Clubs; Engineers Club 
of Pensacola; Fla. Engineering Soc; Am. Soc. 
of Civil Engineers. City Hall; res. 200 W. 
Jackson St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Wilson, St. John 

Born Prairie Bluff, Wilcox Co., Ala.; Jefferson 
.Soc. (Marion Milit. Inst.); Football; P'.anter; 
Member Athelstan, Mobile Country and Gun 
Clubs. 885 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 


Boyd. Irlv, Jr.* 

d. June 16, 1908. 

Chambers, Julian Sidney 

Born Oswichee, Ala.; B. S. 1904; LL. B. 1910 
L'niv. of Va.; Theta Kappa Nu, Honorary 
Univ. of Va.; Attorney-at-Law; Member Pied- 
mont Driving, Athletic and Nine O'Clock Ger- 
man Clubs; Affiliated Va. Beta 1910. 1103 
Empire Bldg.; res. 74 West 14th St., Atlanta, 




McDonnell, Henry 

B. S. 1904; Commission Merchant. (Little 
Rock, Ark.) 

Smith, Thomas Ned 

(Smithsonia, Ala.) 

Turnley, William Micou 

B. S. 1904. (161 E. 37th St., New York, N. Y.) 


Boyd, James Seaborn 

(Montgomery, Ala.) 

Johnson, Clifford Hastings 

B. S. 1905; C. E. 1905; Assistant City Eng. 
Res. 1017, 4th Ave., Columbus, Ga. 


Bailey, James Lawrence 

(Demopolis. Ala.) 

Boyd, William Graham 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Certain, Casper Carl 

Born Huntsville, Ala.; B. S. 1906; E. E. 1907; 
Grad. Student Columbia Univ.; Theta Nu 
Epsilon; Sergt., Lieut, and Capt. Cadet Corps; 
Editorial Staff College Annual; Honor Student; 
Commencement Orator; Head of Department oiE 
English Cass Technical High School; Chrmn. 
Committee on Examinations Natl. Council of 
Teachers of English; Sec. Detroit English Club; 
Chrmn. of Committee on Library Organizations 
and Administrations; Member Library Com- 
mittee Natl. Educ. Assn.; North Central Assn. 
of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Cass Tech- 
nical High School, Detroit, Mich. 

Dillard, Charles Garrison 

Born Huntsville, Ala.; D. D. S., 1907 Vander- 
bilt Univ.; Dentist; Member Twickenham and 
Monte Sano Country Clubs; Affiliated Tenn. 
Alpha, 1907. Elk's Theatre Bldg.; res. "Monte 
Vista," Huntsville, Ala. 

Gray, Lynwood William 

Born Oxford, Ala.; B. S. in M. E. 1906; with 
Georgia Railway and Power Co. Ga. Ry and 
Power Co., Atlanta. Ga. 

Jordan, William Francis 

Born Maysville, Ala.; M. D. 1909 Jefferson 
Med. Coll.; Gold Medal in Gynecology and 
Ophthalmology; Surgeon; Fellow Am. Med. 
Assn.; Member Southern Club; Affiliated Tenn. 
Alpha 1909. Twickenham Hotel and Flint 
House Farm, Huntsville, Ala. 

Rencher, Daniel Mitchell 

Born Uniontown, Ala.; 2nd Serg. Co. A; Base- 
ball; One of 5 Representatives to St. Louis 
Worlds Fair, Agriculture Dept. ; Farmer. 
Uniontown, Ala. 

Webb, James Cox 

Born Demopolis, Ala.; Member Firm John C. 
Webb & Sons; Affiliated Va. Beta 1908. Demo- 
polis, Ala. 


Barnes, Byron Breckenridge, Jr. 

Born Eutaw, Ala.; Electrical Engineer. Myrtle 
Hill Park. Rochester, N. Y. 

Brasfield, Milton Stanhope 

Born Forkland, Ala.; Ph. G. 1907; Druggist; 
Member A. F. and A. M.; Woodmen of the 
World. Washington St.; res. Walnut St., 
Demopolis, Ala. 

Browder, James Daniel 

(Livingston, Ala.) 

Burgess, Newton Albert 

Born Edwardsville, Cleburne Co., Ala.; B. S. 
in E. E. 1907; LL. B. 1911 Natl. Univ.; 
M. P. L. 1911 Georgetown Univ.; Varsity 
Baseball (Capt.) ; All Southern Baseball Team 
1906; Lawyer. 61 Broadway, New York; res. 
1205 Elmore Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Collier, Edward Tarleton 

Born Mobile, Ala.; B. S. 1907; M. S. 1912; 
Editor Glomerata ; Rd. of Editors Orange and 
Blue; Class Historian; Class Sec. and Treas.; 
Asst. City Editor Atlanta Georgian; Member 
Atlanta Athletic and University Clubs. 20 E. 
Alabama St.; res. 231 E. 4th St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Farley, Walter Scott 

Born Opelika, Ala.; B. S. 1907; Pres. Ala. 
Beta 1907; Teller and Bookkeeper; Sec. and 
Treas. Red Cross; Knight Templar; Mason. 
Farmers Natl. Bank, Opelika, Ala. 

Greene, Julian Casey 

(Opelika, Ala.) 

Greene, Oscar Casey 

Lieutenant, U. S. Navy. (Care of Navy Dept., 
Washington, D. C.) 

Lipscomb, Guy Fleming 

B. S. 190"; Professor of Chemistry. (Clemson 
College. S. C.) 

Ripley, Charles Solomon 

Born Macon, Ga.; B. S. in E. E. 1907; Bus. 
Mgr. Coll. Annual 1907; Dist. Mgr. Roller 
Smith Co.; Am. Inst. Electrical Engineers; 
Am. Inst, and Soc. Electrical Engineers; Electric 
League; Soc. of Auto Engineers and Southern 
Club of Cleveland. 711 Williamson Bldg.; 
res. 2221 Cummington Rd., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Watson, Thomas Van Zandt 

Born Ft. Valley, Ga.; B. S. in Pharmacy, 1907; 
Lieut, and Staff Officer Cadet Corps; Druggist. 
71 East St.; res. 114 South St., Talladega, Ala. 


Allen, Henry Winfield 

Born Old Sprit^or Hill, Ala.; B. S. 1908; Asst. 
Ed. -in-Chief Glomerata; V.-Pres. Senior Class; 
Advertising Manager Orange and Blue; Travel- 
ing Auditor Southern Weighing and Inspection 
Bureau. 1509 Hurt Bldg.; res. 48 Vcdado 
Way, Atlanta, Ga. 

Brooks, Leon Gilmour 

Born Brewton, Ala 1889; B. S. 1908; LL. B. 
1910 Univ. of Ala.; Skulls (Univ. of Ala.); 
Lawyer; Mayor of Brewton, Ala. 1912-14; Affil- 
iated with Ala. .Mpha, 1910, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Buchanan, Nathan Booker 

Born Blanche. Tenn.; B. S. 1908; C. E. 1909; 
Asst. Business Mgr. College Annual; Asst. 
.State Highway Engineer of Miss, and County 
Engineer of Lee and Itawamba Counties. Ci*y 

Hall, Tupilo, I\liss. 

Burke, Warland 

(Huntsville, Ala.> 

Butt, I loward Hldridge 

Born Midway, Ala.; Sales Engineer. Rust 
I'^nginecring Co., yOl Woodward Bldg., Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

David, Evans Lide 

I'orn Epes, Ala.; Postmaster; Member A. F. 
and A. M.; Woodmen of the World. Acton, 

Dean, Charles Oscar 

(Alexander City, Ala.) 

Gibson, Carlton B. 

B. S. 1908. (Columbus, Ga.) 

(joldtluvaite, John Randall 

Born Troy, Ala.; Insurance and Loans; Affili- 
ated Ala. Alpha 1910. 312 North; res. 3 
Notch St., Troy, Ala. 




Haralson. Newton McCraw 

Born Scltua. Ala; Signal Corps Equipment 
nivision. War Pept.. Wash., V. C. 

Liddell. Roy Henderson 

Porn Canulcn, Ala.; B. S. 1908; Cox Medal in 
State Oratorical Contest 1908; Ranking Cadet 
Officer 1*^08; Ed.-inChief Orange and Blue; 
winner lun. C>ratorical Contest 1907; Merchant; 
Asst. Cashier Cam.len Xatl. Bank; Scc.-Treas. 
County Sunday School Assn. Camden, Ala. 

Mayhew. Sidney James* 

d. May 1, 1912. 

Neil. Harris Claude 

(Fort Valley, Ca.) 

Park, Thomas Wilbur 

(Macon, C.a.) 

Powell. Orman Nimmons 

Born Newnan, Ga.; B. S. in C. E. 1908; 
Cass Football and Basketball; Capt. 316th 
F.ngincers National Army; Hishway Engineer 
U. S. Office of Public Roads; Member of Albu- 
querque Country and Rotary Clubs. 316th En- 
gineers, Camp Lewis. Wash.; Permanent ad- 
dress Coweta Xatl. Bank, Newnan, Ga. 

Rodgers, Alexander Mitchell* 

d. Feb. 23, 1917, Atlanta, Ga. 

Stuart, Rufus Snow 

(Oxford, Ala.) 

Walker, Jacob Allen 

Born Akxander City. A^a.; B. S. 1908; M. 
"5 1909: Ph. B. 1912 Univ. of Chicago; Jr. D. 
cum I^Jiide, 1913 do.; Order of the Coif; 
Honor Graduate, 1908; Lawyer. Alexander 
City, Ala. 

Wilcox, Edward Cleveland 

Born Helena, Ala.; Bookkeeper. Piper, Ala. 

Winship, William Redding 

Initiated by Ga. Delta 1908. 

Browder, Joseph Garber 

Initiated by Ala. Alpha 1907. 

Clower, George Edwin 

Born Opelika, Ala.; B. S. 1909; Insurance 
and Real Estate; Shrine, Alcazar Temple 
(Montgomery); Knights of Pythias and Elks. 
Opelika, Ala. 

Legare. Walton M. 

Born Forkland. Ala.; Distributor of "Exide" 
Storage Batteries. 1314-16 Sumter St.; res. 
1717 Hampton St., Columbia, S. C. 

Mayes, James Marshall 

B. S. 1909. (Birmingham, Ala.) 

Murray, Robert Duff 

Born Anderson, S. C; Chief Clerk to Auditor 
Southern Ry. Subsidiary Lines; Southern Ry. 
Bldg. Mitchell St.; res. 50 Drewry St., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Robinson, Robert Burch 

(Chaon, Ala.) 

Stewart, George Howard 

Born Searcy, White Co., Ark; Bookkeeper 
Bank of Commerce. 221 Market St.; res. 
1st St. cor. Le Flore .-\ve., Greenwood, Miss. 

Wilson. Ernest Gordon 

Initiated by Ga. Delta 1909. 


Barnes, William Javes 

Born Eutaw, Ala.; Banking; Asst. Cashier 
1st Natl. Bank of Eutaw. Eutaw, Ala. 

Carter, Charles I'Vocman 

Born Aug. 17, 1887; Chem. and Metallurgy; 
Construction Engineer; United Gas . Improve- 
ment Co. Broad and Arch Sts., Phila., Pa. 

.Gibson, Louis Green* 

d. Aug. 13, 1916, Cliattanooga, Tcnn. 

Gordy, Schlev 

Initiated by Ga. Delta 1910. 

Jones, Robert Tingnal 

Born Marion, Ala.; Bookkeeper; .Affiliated 
with A'.a. Alpha 1912. Selma Natl. Bank; res. 
425 Lauderdale St., Selma, Ala. 

Lothrop, Milton, Jr. 

(Marshall, Texas.) 

Walker, John Edward 

Born Alexander City, Ala.; B. S. 1910; M. S. 
1911; M. D. 1915 Johns Hopkins; Surgeon 
U. S. ;\rmy. Alexander City, Ala. 

Wilhoite, Charles Bowden 

Born Wartrace, Tenn.; B. S. in M. E. 1910; 
Manufacturer. Louis & Hart Furniture Co., 
Chattanooga, Tenn.; res. 4515 Alabama Ave., 
St. Elmo, Tenn. 


Alexander, William Wrenshall* 

d. May 31, 1914, Sedalia, Mo. 

Allen, Burton Gray 

Born Demopolis, Ala.; N'arsity Football and 
Baseball; Farmer; Elks. Demopolis, Ala. 

Dew, John Cunningham 

Born Marion, Ala.; Planter. Marion, Ala. 

Foscue, Simon Errol 

Born Demopolis, Ala.; Farmer. Coatopa, Ala. 

Liddell, John Russell, Jr. 

Born Camden, Ala.; B. S. in E. E. 1912; 
Electrical Engineer with Operating Dept., Ala. 
Power Co. Ala. Power Co., Brown and Marx 
Bldg.; res. 1015 S. 16th St., Birmingham, 

Lothrop, Grafton 

Born Marshall, Texas; B. S. in E. E. 1911; 
Capt. Co. "C", 1910-11; Winner Competitive 
Sword, 1911; Merchant; Sec.-Treas. Marshall 
W^holesale Grocery Co. N. Railroad Ave.; res. 
702 S. Grove St., Marshall, Texas. 

Perry, Richard K^ennon 

Born Thompson, Ala.; Head Draftsman (Archi- 
tectural). 1003 Candler Bldg.; res. 205 Peach- 
tree St., .Atlanta, Ga. 

Rhodes, Chauncey Lewis 

Born Eufaula, Ala.; Civil Engineering; Alum- 
ni Phi Delta. Theta, Vk'ash., D. C; Lieut. Ala. 
Poly. Inst.; Draftsman Southern Ry. Co. 
Southern Ry. Co., Munsey Bldg., 1420 Rhode 
Island Ave. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Shorter, Eli Sims 

(Eufaula, Ala.) 

Stratford, Richard Anderson 

Born Fort Mitchell, Ala.; B. S. in Agr. 1911; 
Websterian Lit. Soc. ; Major Cadet Corps; 
Freshman and Sophomore Football; Pres. 
Class (2); Athl. Advisory Bd. ; Pres. Web- 
sterian Lit. Soc. (3); Pres. .Agriculture Club; 
Business Mgr. Glomerata (4) ; Dist. Super- 
visor U. S. Dept. of Agriculture and Georgia 
Agricultural College; Member Elks, K. of P., 
Modern Woodmen. Barnesville, Ga. 

Thomas, Edwin Crawford 

Born Gold Hill, Ala.; M. D. 1914 Univ. of 
Okla.; Phi Chi; Sec. Freshman Class 1907; 
V.-Pres. Class 1910; Sophomore Med. Class, 
Univ. Ala. 1910; Pres. Med. Class (Univ. of 
Okla.), 1913-14. Opelika, Ala. 




Wright, Robert Byrd 

Born Taylor Co., Ga.; Baseball; Mining and 
Coal Salesman (Wholesale) ; Member Idle 
Country Club. Ga. Casualty Bldg. ; 254 Col- 
lege St., Macon, Ga. 


Dudley, Hugh Joseph 

Born Union Springs, Ala.; Thendara Club; 
Track; Agent N. Y. Life Insurance Co. 
Seale, Ala. 

Mullen, Frank George, Jr. 

Born Talladega, Ala.; B. S. 1912; Thendara 
Club; Civil Engineer; Asst. Eng. Valuation 
Field Party C. and O. Ry. Valuation Com- 
mittee. C. & O. Ry., Richmond, Va.; res. 
Margaret St., Talladega, Ala. 

Powell, Thomas Nimmons 

Born Newnan, Ga.; LL. B. 1912; Gridiron 
Club; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc. ; Wirt Lit. Soc; 
Capt. Freshman Football; Highest Distinction 
(1); Winner Wirt Declamation Medal; Pres. 
.Sophomore Class; Mgr. Class Football; Foot- 
ball Univ. of Ga. 1911; Pres. Senior Class; 
.■\ssoc. Ed. College Annual; Lawyer; Asst. 
.Attorney, Bureau of Justice; Prosecuting At- 
torney Moro Province, 1912-13; Asst. Attorney 
Dept. of Mindanao and Sulu, 1913-16; Asst. 
Attorney in Office of Attorney-General; Bu- 
reau of Justice, Gov. Philippine Islands. Office 
of Attorney-General; res. 410 Calle Perdigon, 
Paco, Manila, P. I. 

Sauls, Charles Edward 

Born Columbus, Ga., May 8, 1890; B. S. in 
C. E. 1912; Thendara Club; Pres. of Class 
(3) and (4) ; Battalion Sergeant Major; Capt. 
Co. "F;" Editor-in-Chief Glomcrata; Engineer- 
ing vv'ith Land Dept. Tenn. Coal, Iron and 
R. R. Co.; 1st Lieut., Engineer Section, Offi- 
cers Reserve Corps, U. S. Army; Member 
Birmingham Athletic Club. 1601 Brown-Marx 
Bldg.; res. 1217 S. 20th St,, Birmingham, Ala. 

Spencer, Ralph Hughes 

Born Palestine, Texas; Thendara Club; Cor- 
poral (2); Color Sergeant (3); Lieut. -Adjutant 
2d Battalion (4); Mgr. Class Football (2); 
Advertising Mgr. Orange and Blue (3); Asst. 
Bus. Mgr. Glomerata (4) ; Field Engineer, 
Texas Power and Light Co. 1521 Commerce 
St.; res. 1910 Commerce St. (Y. M. C. A.), 
Dallas, Texas. 

Strobhar, Cecil Barron 

Born Savannah, Ga.; Clerk, Buyer and Agent, 
Duckworth Co.; 1st Lieut. Co. "D" 326th 
Inf. U. S. Army; Member Savannah Golf and 
Carolina Yacht and Charleston Country 
(Charleston) Clubs. 12 Bay St. E.; res. 1005 
Whitaker St., Savannah, Ga. 

Winchester, James Ridout 

Born Macon, Ga. ; Manager. Wholesale Candy 
Dept., C. E. Newton and Bro.; res. 635 Col- 
lege St., Macon, Ga. 


Adams, Ralph Milton 

(Mobile, Ala.) 

Baker, Homer Trusti 

Born Church Hill, Ala.; Class Historian; 
Wholesale Grocer; Dir. Huntsville Grocery 
Co.; Sec.-Treas. T. P. A., Post J., Ala.; 
Member Colonial Club. West Holmes and 
Church Sts. ; res. Gates and Green Sts., Hunts- 
ville, Ala. 

Brown, Lemar Granville 

(Birmingham, Ala.) 

Carpenter, Walker Glenn 

CNewnan, Ga.) 

Gregory, Arthur Emory 

Born Savannah, Ga.; Alapolins Club; Phi 
Kappa (Ga.); V.-Pres. Junior German Club; 
Sec.-Treas. Freshman and Sophomore German 
Clubs; Sec.-Treas. Junior Class; Pres. Alapo- 
lins Club; V.-Pres. Senior Law Class (Ga.); 
Attorney-at-Law; Univ. of Ga. Club; Savannah 
Bar Assn.; Masonic Blue Lodge; 14 degree 
Scottish Rite Mason (Alpha Lodge of Per- 
fection No. 1); Affiliated with Ga. Alpha 1916. 
Citizens Trust Co. Bldg.; res. 102 Henry St. 
E., Savannah, Ga. 

Nolan, Duncan 

Born Pratt City; Salesman Young & Vann 
Supply Co. 1241 Iroquois St., Birmingham, 


Sutton, Edward Boyd 

Initiated Ga. Beta 1914. 

Thibaut, Bronier Le Strappe 

Born Napoleonville, La., Jan. 30, 1893; Auto- 
mobile Business; Genl. Mgr. Assumption Au- 
tomobile Co. Napoleonville, La. 

Thompson, Peyton Wade 

Born Savannah, Ga.; 1st Lieut. 1st Ga. Inf. 
Quitman, Ga. 

Torbert, Charles Llewellyn 

Born Society Hill, Ala.; Graduate Massey 
Business College, Montgomery, Ala.; Sec.- 
Treas. and Asst. Mgr. La Fayette Cotton Oil 
Mills. La Fayette, Ala. 

Wills, John Howard 

Born Auburn, Ala., June 21, 1895; Graduate 
U. S. Military Acad., 1916; Asst. Editor-in- 
Chief Orange and Blue; 1st Lieut. Corps, of 
Engineers, U. S. Army. Care Adjutant-Gen- 
eral, U. S. Army, Washington, D. C. 

Worrill, James Harper 

Born Columbus, Ga.; Baseball, 1912-13; Bas- 
ketball, 1912-13; Coach Junior Class Basket- 
ball Team, 1912; Senior, 1913; Farmer; Mem- 
ber Country Club of Columbus. Fortson, Ga. 


Barnes, Augustus 

Born Opelika, Ala.; Clothing Business; Wood- 
men of the World; Affiliated with Ala. Alpha 
1915. N. Railroad Ave.; res. 610 2d Ave., 
Opelika, Ala. 

Bray. Hugh Marks 

Born Eufaula, Ala.; Inspector Southeastern 
Underwriters' Assn. (Sprinklered Risk Dept.). 
546 Trust Co. of Ga. Bldg., Box 1743, At- 
lanta, Ga.; res. 115 Summit St., Montgomery, 

Dowdell, Render Ware 

(Lafayette, Ala.) 

Greene, Rinaldo McKeene 

(Opelika, Ala.) 

Groover, Robert Lawrence 

Born Quitman, Ga.; B. S. in C. E. 1914; 
Class Treasurer (1); Color Sergeant and 2d 
Lieut. Cadet Corps; Civil Engineer, A. C. L. 
R. K. Rocky Mount; res. Y. M. C. A., Wil- 
mington, N. C. 

McCary, James Henry, Jr. 

Born Birmingham, Ala.; Track Team; Far- 
mer; Real Estate and Insurance; Member 
Roebuck Golf and Southern Clubs. 116 N. 
21st St.; res. 1217 S. 20th St., Birmingham, 

Munger, Leonidas Payntz 

Born Birmingham, Ala.; With Experimental 
Dept. Continental Gin Co.; Member Com- 
munity, Country and Roebuck Golf and Coun- 
try Clubs. 10th Ave. and 34th St.; res. Ar- 
lington P!., Birmingham, Ala. 




Thweatt. Milton Boyce 

Born Kufaula. Ala.; Specia'tv SaUsman, Ar- 
mour & Co. 2'in 1st Ave. N.; res. 6ii Ridge- 
ley Apartments, Binningliam, Ala. 

Williams. Jolin Winfiekl. Jr. 

Born Opclika. Ala.; Mgr. Charles Hotel. 
West Point. Ga. 

Willinjjliam. Benjamin Lawton 

Initiated by C.a. Bita 19U. 

Wilson, Walter Herren 

Born Opclika. .Ma.; B. S. 1914; LL. B. 1916 
Univ. of Ala.; Thendara; Beta .Mpha Beta; 
Junior Rep. on Honor Committee; V.-Pres. 
German Club (Pres. 4); Major Battalion 
Corps of Cadets; Lawyer; U. S. Navy. 
Opelika, Ala. 


Andrews. Glenn. Jr. 

Born Montcomery, Ala.; B. S. in E. E. 1917; 
Student; Member Ala. Inst. Electrical Engi- 
neers; Member Entrinecrini? Soc; Declama- 
tion (2); Class Orator (3): Cadet Sergeant; 
Cadet Electrical Engineer, Doherty Organiza- 
tion, Denver, Colo.; Employee, Engineers' 
Department Montgomery Light and Water 
Power Co. Denver Gas and Electric Light 
Co., Denver, Colo.; res. 529 S. Court St., 
Montgomery, .Ma. 

Dillard. Isaac Deloney 

fChero-Colo Co., West Point, Ga.) 

Driver, Berry Owen 

Born Roanoke, .Ma.; Distinction Honors; 
Varsity Baseball; Mgr. Football Team (3); 
Pres. Junior German Club; Glee Club; Ser- 
geant Cadet Corps; Druggist; Member Masons; 
Shriner. Main St.. Roanoke, Ala. 

Echols, Georo^e Blakev 

Born Universitv, V^., f>ec. 22, 1893; Theta 
Nu Epsilon; Class Football (3); Scrub Foot- 
ball 1914-15; Mechanical Engineer. Du Pont 
de Nemours Powder Co.; res. Broadway and 
2d St.. Carneys Point, N. J. 

Leach. Edmund Clarke 

Born Dadeville, Ala.; B. S. 1913; M. S. 
1915; Oratorical Medal (3); Inter-collegiate 
Debate Auburn vs. Tulane 1914-15; Lieut. 
Corps of Cadets: Instructor, Central High 
School. Central High School; res. 1113 N. 
24th St.. Birmingham, Ala. 

Powell, Charlie Glenn 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1914. 

Smith, William Jackson 

(Carter Hill Road, Montgomery, Ala.) 

Stratford, William Stanley 

(Montgomery, -Ma.) 

Wood, Walter Bachleder, Jr. 

Born La Fayette, Ala., June 28, 1892; Drug- 
gist. La Fayette, -Ma. 

Allen, Harry Elliott 

(Sayre St., Montgomery, Ala.) 

Andrews, James Warren 

Born Montgomery, Ala.; B. S. 1916; M. S. 
1917; Phi Delta Phi; Class Orator (4); Pan 
Hellenic Council; Basketball; Tennis; Cadet 
Corporal Sergeant; Lieutenant 81st Field Artil- 
lery, Ft Oglethorpe, Ga.; Asst. Prof, of History 
and Latin Ala. Poly. Inst. 529 S. Court St., 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Barnes, Robert Havwood 

Born Eutaw, Ala.; B. S.; Alpha Phi; Theta 
Nu Epsilon (Auburn); Officers Training 
Camp, Fort McPherson, Ga.; Affiliated Tenn. 
Beta, 1917. Citizens Training Camp Co. No. 
12, Eutaw, Ala. 

Campbell. Robert Ezekiel 

(Whitfield, Ala.) 

Goode, William Wilkinson 

Born Gastonburg. .Ma.; B. S. — Marion Insti- 
tute; State Agent The Henderson Motorcycle. 
210 N. Rampart St., New Orleans, La.; res. 
Gastonburg, Ala. 

Hairston. Leg^are 

Born Crawford, Miss.; Varsity Football; Bas- 
ketball; Capt. Football (16); Basketball (17); 
Officers Reserve Training Camp, Ft. McPher- 
son, Ga. ; res. 1520, 25th Ave., Meridian, 

Hudson. Joseph Williams 

Born Montgomery, Ala.; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Thendara; Basketball; Football; All Class 
Team ; Leader of Thendara and Freshman 
German Clubs; Wliolesale Grocer; Member 
Country Club. 124 Commerce St.; res. 232 
Sayre St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Liddell. Glen David ' 

Born Camden, Ala.; B. S. 1916; Spade; Then- 
dera; Foot Ball; Pres. Y. M. C. A.; Pres. Sen- 
ior Class; Farmer. R. F. D. No. 2, Camden, 

Perry, Joseph Bancroft 

Affiliated .\la. Alpha 1918. (Vinton .\ve., 
Memphis, Tenn.) 

Persons, Wilton Burton 

(Adams St., Montgomery, Ala.) 

Smith, Edward Ward 

Born Livingston, Ala., Oct. 23, 1895; B. Sc. 
in Agr., 1916; Gamma Sigma Delta; Plvi Kappa 
Phi; Cadet U. S. Military Academy. West 
Point, N. Y. 

Walker, James Alexander 

(State Bank Inspector's Office, Montgomery, 

Wilson. Hugh McCalla, Jr. 

Born Birmingham, Ala.; Cadet at U. S. Military 
.Academy, West Point, N. Y. Opelika, Ala. 


Agricola, Hugh Wilmer 

Born Gadsden, Ala.; Cashier Gadsden Pipe Co. 
Gadsden Pipe Co., Gadsden, Ala. 

Brooks, William Emmett 

(Brewton, Ala.) 

Dean, Lewis Battle 

Born Alexander City, Ala.; B. S. 1917. Alex- 
ander City, Ala. 

Garrett, Elledge 

(Columbus, Ga.) 

Griffin, Ellis Grey 

(Thomasville, Ala.) 

Fitzpatrick, Bert Shepherd 

Born Montgomery, Ala.; In Service of Govern- 
ment. 5 Walnut St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Mayhew, James H.* 

d. May, 1917. 

Stratford, William Stanley 

(Montgomery, Ala.) 

Terrell, Phillip Avary 

Born Cullinan, Ala.; Phi Kappa Phi; Keys; 
Corporal Cadet Corps (3); 1st Sergt. (2); Capt. 
(1); Student. Auburn, Ala. 

Wood, Thomas Warren 

Born LaFayette, Ala.; Asst. Cashier Bank of La- 
Fayette. LaFayette, Ala. 


Agricola, Frederick Theodore 

Born Gadsden, .Ma. ; Mgr. Coosa Pipe and Foun- 
dry Co. Care Coosa Pipe & Foundry Co.; reg. 
430 Turrentine Ave., Gadsden, Ala. 




Conger, William Edmond 

Born Arcadia, La.; B. S. 12 Meridian Coll., 
Meridian, Miss.; German Club; College Band; 
Student. Arcadia, La. 

Davis, Donald McCall 

Born Quitman, Ga. ; Automobiles. 418 N. Court 
St., Quitman, Ga. 

Duncan, Fred Myrick 

Born Douglasville, Ga. ; B. S. Young Harris 
Coll.; Student. Douglasville, Ga. 

Kirby, Benjamin Terrell 

Born Nevvnan, Ga. ; Lambs; German Club; 
Sergeant in corps; Student; Member Coweta 
Country Club. 41 W. Washington St., New- 
nan, Ga. 

Liddell, Will Lithgow 

Student. Camden, Ala. 

Saunders, Dudley Dunn, Jr. 

Born New York, N. Y., March, 1896; Stone 
Cutter; Student. Frayser Station, Memphis, 

Thomas, John 

Student. Renibert, Ala. 

Trimble, Robert Lee 

Initiated by Ga. Alpha 1916. 

Wilkerson, William Warren 

Initiated by Ala. Alpha 1917. 


Cutts, Fred Harder 

Born Cordele, Ga.; Student. Cordele, Ga. 

Gardner, John Xicklin 

Born Forney, Texas; Traveling Salesman. John- 
son-Gewinner Co.; res. 186 Peachtree St., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Griffin, Ivy Moore 

Student. Thomasville, Ala. 

Kilpatrick, Howard Cecil 

Born Wilsonville, Ala.; Corporal Troop A 1st 
Ala. Cavalry; Secretary to Pres. Ala. Polyte- 
chnic Inst. 1915-17. 1036 S. 31st St., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Mcintosh, James Henry, Jr. 

Born Russellville, Ala.; Student. Jackson St., 
Russellville, Ala. 

Persons, John Williams 

Born Montgomery, Ala.; Mechanical Engineer 
Sun Shipbuilding Co.. Chester, Pa.; res. 412 
.\dams Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 

Rainer, Joel Marbury 

Born Union Springs, Ala.; Student. Harda- 
way St., Union Springs, Ala. 

Sanders, William Hardin 

Student. Peabody Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 

Smith, James Thomas 

Born Monticello, Ga.; Student. Y. M C A 
Macon, Ga. 

Stubbs, Francis Seaborne 

Born Cox, Ga.; Lambs; Capt. Class Football 
1917; Scrub Football; Student; Member Douglas 
Country Club. 315 Gaskin Ave., Douglas, Ga. 


Day, Perry Christholm 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; German Club; Freshman 
Football; U. S. Navy. 305 W. Peachtree St., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Drake, John Hodges, Jr. 

Born Opelika, Ala.; German Clubs; Clerk, 
A. R. M. Co. Steel Mills. Armco Bachelor 
Club. Yankee Road, Middletown, Ohio. 

Elmore, Albert 

Born Demopolis, Ala.; Student. Demopolis, 

Jennings, Reuben Jarrell 

Student. \\'est Point, Ga. 

Jones, Patrick Burruss 

German Club; Varsity Football; Varsity Base- 
ball; 2nd Officers Training Camp, Fort Ogle- 
thorpe, Ga. Columbus, Ga. 

Pearson, William Beatty 

Student. Demopolis, Ala. 

Stallings, Edward Jacob 

Student. Cordele, Ga. 

Thornton, Robert Patrick 

Born Greensboro, Ala., Dec. 20, 1898; Class 
Football; Drug Clerk and Student. Ave. A 
and 8th St.; res. 302 W. 9th St., Opelika, Ala. 

Wright, Leonard Rudolph 

Born Macon, Ga.; Lambs; German Club; Stud- 
ent. 254 College St., Macon, Ga. 


Chartered January 31, 1887 


Greensboro. Alabama 


Mas:num. William W'ightman 

Initiated by Ala. Beta 1884. 

Otis. William Booth* 

Ph. B. 1887; Charter Member. 

Roberts. Solomon \\'ainscott 

A. M. 1887; Charter Member; Clergyman. 
(Abbeyville, Ala.) 


Cobb, Edward Hunter* 

Charter Member Ala. Beta; Affiliated Ala. Beta 
1888. d. 1887 Greensboro, Ala. 

Felton. Thaddeus Alexander 

Ph. B. 1888; Merchant. (Leighton, Ala.) 

Scott, Andrew Jenkins 

Born Braggs, Ala., Oct. 17, 1869; Ph. B. 1887; 
Sec and Treas. Tioga Sanitarium and Water 
Co.; Adjt. General of Ga.; Author ^"Regu- 
lations for the National Guard of Ga." 1908; 
Member Elks and K. P. Tioga, Tex. 

Scott, John McCotrey 

Born Braggs, Ala., Oct. 17, 1869; A. M. 1888; 
Belles Lettres; Lawyer; Member Bd. of Dirs. 
K. P. Home of Texas; Author "An Act to Put 
the Cotton Growing Industry on its Feet; 
Member Elks and Glen Garden Country Club. 
406 F. & M. Bank Bldg. ; res. 1214 Hurley 
Ave.. Fort Worth, Texas. 


Freeman, James, 

Ph. B., 1889. (Baltimore, Md.) 

Hosmer, Allious Robert* 

d. 1899, Talladega, Ala. 

Mims, Joseph C. 

Planter. (Areola, Miss.) 

Motley, Holcombe H. 

Charter Member; Insurance. (1S6 E. 54th 
Place, Chicago, 111.) 

Pierce, George W. 

Merchant. (Clolumbus, Ga.) 

Pierce, Thomas Franklin 

Merchant. (Wildwood, Fla.) 

Wescott, Edward P.* 

Ph. B. 1889; Merchant. 


Bynum, James Luther 

Born Bynum, Ala.; B. P. 1890; B. S.— ; A. 
M., U. S. Grant Univ.; LL. B.— Kent Coll. of 
Law; Belles Lettres Southern Univ.; Philo- 
mathean U. S. Grant Univ.; Oratorical Prize 
Southern Univ.; Oratorical Prize and Member 
Debating Team U. S. Grant Univ.; do. Univ. of 

Chicago; 7 Debating Scholarships and 3 Prizes 
Univ. of Chicago; Lawver; Member Southern 
Club. 140 N. Dearborn St.; res. 5481 Uni- 
versity Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Hawkins, Eugene Hargrove* 

Charter Member; Clergyman; Affiliated Tenn. 
Alpha 1893. d. Aug. 2,' 1902, East Lake, Ala. 

Havgood, Albert Sidney Johnson 

Clerk. (Tokio. Okla.) 

Haygood, Welcome Langston 

Born Montgomery, Ala.; Ph. B. 1890; Char- 
ter Member; Belles Lettres; Sophomore Medal 
Declamation 1889. Montgomery Transfer Co., 
9 Commerce St., Capital Heights, Montgomery, 

Hufstutler, John Tate 

Ph. B. 1890; Principal High School. (Fay- 
ette, Ala.) 

McRevnolds, W^illiam Isaiah 

(Millport, Ala.) 

Phares, Thomas Wesley* 

Greensboro, Ala. 

Strickland. Robert 

Bnrn Tuskegee, Ala.; B. S. 1890; Merchant; 
Mgr. Finance; Member Birmingham Motor 
Club. 1914, 4th Ave.; res. 1323 N. 25th St., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Striplin, Charles Forrest 

Ph. B. 1890. (Ashland, Ala.) 

Thomason. Jav Emmett 

B. p. 1890; Farmer. Hightower, Ala. 

Weaver, Norman Rutherford 

Initiated by Ala. Beta 1888. 


Ansley, Hubert ]\Iarion 

Born Union Springs, Ala.; A. M. 1891 
Greensboro; LL. B. 1894 Tulane Univ.; 
Orator's Medal Contestant; Lawyer and Coun- 
sel for various corporations; Affiliated La. 
Alpha 1894. 700-704 Audubon Bldg.; res. 1307 
St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Chambers, James Martin 

(Montgomery, Ala.) 

Copeland, Theodore V. 

Clergyman. (New Orleans, La.) 

Gallion, Thomas Traves 

Physician; Affiliated Ala. Alpha 1894. (Demo- 
polls, Ala.) 

Guy, Albert Lee 

Clerk. (Ensley, Ala.) 

Herring, Charles Leslie 

Planter. (Madison, Ala.) 

Noblin, Virgil Milton 

Born Scott Co., Miss; With Coats Safe and 
Lock Co. 527 Carondelet St.; res. 4520 Car- 
rol'.ton Ave., New Orleans, La. 




Powers, Joseph Neeley 

Planter. (Curl's Station, Ala.) 

Scott, John Milton 

Lawyer. 406 F. and M. Bank Bldg. ; res. 406 
Hurley Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Sheppard, John Thomas 

liorn Alberta, Ala.; Farmer, Stock Raiser and 
.Mercliant. Central Mills, Ala. 


Andrews, Juhan Leigh 

Born Mobile, Ala., Aug. 9, 1871; A. B. 1891; 
Charter Member; Editor Southern University 
Monthly; Challenge Debate between Lit. 

Socs.; Lawyer. Sheffield, Ala. 

Byard. Haden H. 
Chatfield, William Robinson 

Farmer. (Lafayette, Ala.) 

Coale, Harwell Wood roe 

B S 1892; Sugar Manufacturer. (Gasport, 

Ellisor, William Thomas 

Clergyman Methodist Episcopal Church. (Mil- 
ton, Fla.) 

Jones, Amos A\'esley 

Affiliated Ala. Beta 1893. (Huntsville, Ala.) 

Kendrick, Claude 

Merchant. (Luverne, Ala.) 

McLeod, Wesley Solomon 

Born Skipperville, Dale Co., Ala., Sept. 6, 
1862; A. B. 1892; Assoc. Ed. University 
Monthlv; Principal Sea'.e High School. Seale, 

Moodv, Riley Augustus 

Ph. 'B. 1892;'' ClergVman. (Clayton, Ala.) 

Riley, John Edward Zimmerman 

B. S. 1892; Lawyer. (Ozark, Ala.) 

Stowers, George* 

A. M. 1892. d.' April 13, 1911, Montgomery, 

Wright, Arthur D. 

Born at Comer, Ala.; D. D. S. 1896 Bir- 
mingham Dental Coll.; Dental Surgeon. En- 
teri)rise. .Ma. 


A.nderson, Hugh B. 

Cotton Broker. (New Orleans, La.) 

Bowen, Albert Crosland 

Born Lawrenceville, Ala.; A. M. 1893; B. D. 
1900 N'anderbilt Univ.; Pres. Ala. (Jamnia 

1892 93; Essayist Medal 1893; Missionary 
Southern Methodist Mission, China; Pastor-in- 
Charge X. Chang Chow Circuit. Chang 
Chow Ku, China. Bowen School, Nashville, 

DeGraffenreid, Frank McGhee 

A. M. 1893; Lawyer. (Seale, Ala.) 

3ende, Thomas \Vatts 

(Petrey, Ala.) 

Harwell, Aubrey Oliver 

(Birmingham, .\la.) 

riolloway, Joseph Lee 

Born \ft. Ililliard, .\la., Jan. 6, 1871; LL. B. 

1893 Univ. of Ala.; Clarioso|)liic Soc. ; Law- 
yer; Member City Council, 190406; Ala. and 
Moiilgoniery Bar Assns. ; Pres. Montgomery 
Rotary Club; 32d degree Mason; (jrand Chan- 
cellor, Knights of Pythias. 191 112. 822 1st 
Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 411 Finlcy Ave., Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

[ones, John Levi 

Clergym.Tn. (.Xewton, Ala.) 

Meek, Robert Oscar 

A. M. 1893; Teacher. (Ozark, Ala.) 

Merritt, Henry Paul 

Lawyer. (Tuskegec, Ala.) 

Patillo, Marvin 

Born Tuskegee, Ala ; Pharmacist; \".-Pres. 
Bank of Hartsell; Pres. Bd. Education. Main 
St., Hartsell, Ala. 

Pierce, Robert Simms 

Ph. B. 1893; Merchant. (Columbus, Ga.) 

Tvler, Robert Eugene 

' Ph. B,; :\I. E. 1893; Clergyman. (Sheffield. 


Baxley, James August 

Teacher. (Dothan, Ala.) 

Breland, Elbert Thise 

(Mobile, Ala.) 

Cousins, James Lorenzo* 

d. June 17, 1915. 

Davis, James Henry* 
Felton, Thomas Leckey* 

d. Sept. 13, 1896, Leighton, Ala. 

Knickerbocker, Hubert DeLancy 

Cotton Factor. (Dallas, Texas.) 

Massey, Lewis Vaughn 

Initiated by Ala. Beta''l890. 

Sessions, Thomas Franklin 

Born Bullock Co., Ala.; Belles Lettres, Lit. 
Soc; Sophomore Gold Medal for Oratory; 
Clergyman; Del. Gen. Conf., 1914; Member 
Bd. Trustees, Southwestern Univ.; Bd. Educ, 
W. Texas; Pres. Texas State League. Bee- 
ville, Texas. 

Shuptrine, Charles Edward 


Talley, Charles Soule 
Taylor, Henry Alba 


Bickerstaff, William Ripley 

^k' Ivpiscopal Clergyman, ((^irard, Ala.) 

Biven, William* 
Howell, Edgar Eugene 

Born Hamburg, .\la. ; Tax Assessor, Perry 
County; mem. .\. F. and A. M. Court House; 

res. Centreville .St., ^farion, Ala. 

X'ewman, Oliu Berry 

Born Mt. Pinson. .\Ia.; A. B. 1895; Clarioso- 
I)hic Lit. .Soc; Tutor (Greek) Senior Year; 
Trustees Medal (Essayist) 1895; Railway Pos- 
tal Service; Bd. of Education Ala.; Chairman 
Bd. of Stewards M. E. Church; Superin- 
tendent Sundav School; Member East Lake 
Lodge No. 49,6 A. F. and A. M.; Affiliated 
Ala. Alpha 1895. 131 N. 77th St. (East 
Lake), Birmingham, .\la. 

Xunn. William Nathan 

Born Kaufman Co., Tixas; Superintendent of 
•Schools, Ruford, Ga. ; Royal Arab Mason; 
Member Knights of Pythias, Woodmen of the 
World. Tr. Order United Am. Mechanics. 
Buford, Ga. 

Whittle, Floyd Fountain 

Merchant. (Greensboro, Ala.) 


Brown, James Valentine 

Druggist. (Pratt City, Ala.) 





Chesiuit. Klw ill Jmiaihan 

Born I'.aylcsvillc." Ala.; C. K. 1898 Cumber- 
land I'niv.; Sec.-Treas. llaylesville Mercantile 
Co.; Mi-niber F. anil A. M. Gaylesville, Ala. 

Cliisholni. William Edward 

iTiisonniM.!, Ala.) 

Jones. Rrnest Clay 

Merchant. (Clanton, Ala.) 

Lacey. Robert Lee 

Born near Birmingham. Ala.; Dentist. 109^4 
X. JOth St., Birmingham. Ala. 

Wittich. Ben Baird 

Born Pcnsacola, Fla.; Clariosophic Sec; Clerk 
Conso'iilatcd Ice Co. Garden and Taragona 
Sts.: res. 1110 N. Palafox St., Pensacola, Fla. 


Camp. Foster Keiidrick 

(Greenville, Ala.) 

Cawthorn, William Stanmore 

A. B., 1897; Planter. (Chipley, Fla.) 

Cousin. John Morris 

Clerk. (Searles, Ala.) 

Donaldson. William Henry 

City Clerk. 

Hamil, Hugh Holmes 

(Evergreen, Ala.) 

Henrv. Taylor H. 

Born Palm", Ala.; B. S. 1897; M. D. Univ. of 
Tenn.; Physician and Surgeon. 1st State 
Bank Bldg. ; res. 624, 2d Ave. N., Columbus, 

Knickerbocker, Percy Rivers 

Born Baton Rouge, La.; Belles Lettres Soc. ; 
Soph. Medal; Declamation Jr. Orator's Medal; 
Member Masons. 807 Mesa St., El Paso, 

Meaders, Arthur Newton 

(Albertville, .Ma.) 

Meigs, Stephen C. 

Born Centerville, Ala.; B. S. 1897; M. D., 1902 
Univ. of Ala.; Physician and Druggist; Mayor 
of Centerville; Surgeon M. and O. R. R. Co. 
Centerville, Ala. 

Parrish. Samuel Joseph 

(Roanoke, Ala.) 

Perry. John Calhoun 

A. M. 1897; Merchant. (Bessemer, Ala.) 

Rutherford, Jesse Rolland 

Bank Cashier. (Bessemer, Ala.) 

Smith, Alonzo Cicero 

Methodist Episcopal Clergyman. (Llano, 


Berry. Edwin Walker 

Born Keener (Formerly Greenwood), Ala.; A. 

B. 1898; Ciarisosopric Lit. Soc; Banking. 
Claiborne and Broad Sts.; res. Canton Ave., 
Camden, Ala. 

Fowlkes, Samuel Calhoun 

A. B. 1898; Merchant. (Dothan, Ala.) 

Gaines, Edmund Pendleton 

Civil Engineer. (Birmingham, Ala.) 

Hand. Hugh Thomas 

(Evergreen, Ala.) 

Harris, Robert John 

Physician. (Pennington, Ala.) 

Kendrick, Bishop Marvin 

Born Leon, Ala.; B. S. 1898; M. D. Univ. of 
Ala.; Valedictorian 1903; Univ. of Ala.; Physi- 
cian and Surgeon; Druggist. Kendrick's 
Pharmacv, Forest Ave.; res. 1st St., Luverne, 

, McLeod. Charles Johnson* 

A. B. 1898. d. 1899, Flora, Ala. 

I Martin. Charles Patrick 

I Physician. (Woodstock, Ala.) 

Tebault, William Gartley, Jr. 

B. S. 1898; Mgr. Phoenix Furniture Co. (701 
Hovv-ard .Xvenue, New Orleans, La.) 


Chapman, Osborne Henrv* 

Affiliated .\la. lU-la 1899. 

Dobbs, Hoyt McWhorter 

A. n. 1899; A. M.; Clergyman; Pastor, Five 
Points M. E. Church; Affiliated Tenn. Alpha 
1903. (Birmingham, Ala.) 

Flowers, James Henry 

B. S. 1899; Lumberman. (Jakin, Ga.) 

Holloway, John Holcombe 

A. B. 'l899; Clergyman. (Tuskegee, Ala.) 

McConnell, Ray Cladding 

B. D. ; A. M.; Asst. in Social Ethics Harvard 
University; Affiliated Tenn. Alpha 1901. (29 
Conant Hall, Cambridge, Mass.) 

Powell, Thomas Judkins 

B. S. 1899; U. S. Slail Service. (Montgomery, 
_ Ala.) 

Riley, Jasper J. 

Teacher. (Oxmoor, Ala.) 

Seay, Frank 

Born New Orleans, La.; A. M. 1899 Southern 
Univ.; 1901 Vanderbilt Univ.; 1902 Univ. of 
Chicago: 1903 Harvard; 1906 Univ. of Berlin 
Germany; Student Oxford Univ. (Eng.) 1906; 
Minister and Teacher; Prof. New Testament, 
(ireek and Interpretation; Prof, of Philosophy 
Southwestern LTniv. ; Director Univ. Club of 
Dallas; Author "An Outline for the Study of 
O'd Testament History." Southern Methodist 
University; res. Haynie Ave., Dallas, Tex. 


Castleman, David James 

Electrical Engineer, N. Y. Navy Yard; Affiliated 
Ala. Beta 1901. (1007 Hancock St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y.) 

Holloway, John Mosely 

A. B. r900''; Mgr. Wholesale and Retail Credit 
Assn.; Affiliated Ala. Alpha 1900; New York 
Delta 1900. (12 Moses Building; res. 410 
Finley Ave., Montgomery, Ala.) 

Holtzclaw, James 

Born Montgomery, Ala.; D. D. S., 1902; Balto. 
Coll. of Dental Surgery; Psi Phi; Dentist; 
Member Elks and W. O. W.; Natl. Union. 
119^2 Dexter .\ve. ; res. 711 S. Lawrence St., 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Hudson, Herbert Vaughn 

Born Selma, Ala.; A. B. 1902; A. M. 1904; 
Clergyman. Uniontown, Ala. 

Liles, Lovick Pearce 

Teacher. (Alexandria, Ala.) 

Lowrv. Dexter Marvin 

B. S. 1900. (Valley Head, Ala.) 

Malone, John Wallace 

A. B. 1900; Banker. (Dothan, Ala.) 

Morland, Marvin Erastus 

Born Perry Co., Ala.; B. S. 1900; M. D. 1903; 
Physician. 2705 29th Ave.; res. 2528 34th Ave., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

W^ard, James Hardee 

CEcho, Ala.) 

Lewis, Edward Summers 

Methodist Episcopal Clergyman. (Congress, 


Chartered June 16, 1873 

Berkeley, California 


Otis, Frank 

Born San Francisco, Cal., Nov. 18, 1852; 
A. B. 1873; A. M. 1876; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Gold Medal for Highest Scholarship from 
Univ. of Cal.; Lawyer; Pres. Alumni Assn. 
of the Univ. of Cal., 1902-04; Member Alumni 
Council, 1902-17; Pres. State League Mutual 
Bldg. and Loan Assn. for 10 years; Was 
Dir. San Francisco Olympic Club and Mercan- 
tile Librarv Assn.; Member Bd. of Education 
(Alameda); 1899-07; Pres. 1901-07; Assembly, 
man for 2 years from 47th Dist. (Alameda), 
1907-10; Member anrl Prts. V,\. of Freeholders 
of Alameda; Mayor of City of Alameda, 1913-lS; 
Councilman of Alameda 4 years; Member Legis- 
lature, 1909; Pres. Unitarian Club; Member 
Alumni Assn. L^niv. of Cal.; California Pio- 
neers, San Francisco Commercial, Sierra. Com- 
monwealth Clubs; Elks, Sons of Am. Revolu- 
tion, Golden Bear Soc. 1203 Merchants Ex- 
change Bldg., San Francisco; res. 1609 Santa 
Clara Ave., Alameda, Cal. 

Reinstein, Jacob Bert* 

d. -April 16, 1911, San Francisco, Cal. 

Scott, Ebenezer 

Born New Orleans, La.; A. B. and B. S. 1873; 
A. M.; 1st Sergeant (To. "B", Commissioned 
as 2d Lieut, on Graduation ; Corporation Sec- 
retary with California Powder Works 9 years; 
Secretary Chamber of Commerce 7 years; 
Member California Commandery No. 1, 
Knights Templar, San Francisco Stock Ex- 
change. 1210 Flood Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 


Christy, Samuel Benedict* 

Charter Member; Ph. B.; Sc. D.; Dean 
College of Mining, L^niv. Cal. d. Nov. 30, 

Collins, David Edward 

P)Orn Coupar Angus, Scotland; A. B. 1874; A. 
M. 1877; Second Scholarship Comprising $300 
for 4 years; Money Broker; Member Athenian 
Nile Club. Kohl Bldg., San Francisco; res. 
1804 Harrison St., Oakland^ Cal. 

Corella, Manuel Maria* 

d. July 8, 1882. 

Goss, John 

Born London, England, 1848; A. B. 1874; 
A. M. 1878; Oratorical Contest; Attorney-at- 
I,aw; Pres. Kent Law School; Formerly Dcp. 
Dist. Attorney of Fresno Co.. Cal.; Court 
Commissioner of Sonoma Co. 4 years; author 
of "Forensic Eloquence" (1891); Translator of 
"Magna Charta" (1900); Member .Alumni 
Assn.; ex-Member Odd Fellows, Knights of 
Pythias. 815 Phelan Bldg.; res. 190 Divisa- 
dero St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Jackson, Abraham Wendell 

Ph. B.; Charter Member; Machine Manufac- 
turer. (548-550 W. 23d St., New York; res. 
9 Woodcrest Ave., White Plains, N. Y.) 

Linforth, Frank Orson* 

d. Jan. 14, 1889. 

Scheeline, Simon Cleophis 

Born Woodbury, Bedford Co., Pa., Dec. 31, 
1853; A. B. 1874; LL. B. 1876 Columbia; 
Lawyer (retired 1913); Member Argonaut, 
Beresford Covintry and San Francisco Eco- 
nomic Clubs; San Francisco Chamber of Com- 
merce. Care of Anglo and London, Paris 
Natl. Bank, San Francisco, Cal. 

Van Arsdale, William Wilson* 

Ph. B. 1874; Lumber Dealer, d. March 29, 
1909, Ridgewood, Cal. 


Brown, Joseph Gans* 

d. Sept. 16, 1911, Oakland, Cal. 

Burchard, Leonidas Soule* 

Ph. B.; M. D. d. April 23, 1905. 

De Friese, Lafayette Hoyt 

Born Talladega, Ala.; A. B. 1876 Harvard; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Lawyer; Author of Legal 
work and Reports to Kentucky Geological 
Survey, 1877-81; Member Union League, Har 
vard Club; Am. Soc. of International Law 
Am. Bar, N. Y. State and N. Y. County Bar 
-Assns. ; Author's, Sports and Royal AutomO' 
bile (England) Clubs. Mutual Life Bldg. 
New York, N. Y. ; Broad St. House, London 

Huntley, Dwij^ht Brunei 

Born Utica, N. Y., 1850; Ph. B. 1875; Medal- 
ist of Cass; Mining Engineer (retired); Genl. 
Mgr. Gold and Silver Mines Idaho, Colorado, 
N. Mexico, Mexico, South America and Africa; 
Acting Prof. Mining and Metallurgy, Univ. 
Nevada, 1909-12. 1031 Bella Vista Ave., Oak- 
land, Cal. 

Jones, William Carey 

Born Washington, D. C. ; A. B. 1875; M. A. 
1879; Phi Delta Phi (Jones Chapter [legal]); 
Phi Beta Kappa; Golden Bear (Univ. Cal. 
Honor Soc); Class Day Orator; Mgr. Blue 
and Gold;' Dir. of School of Jurisprudence; 
.Author; Editor Jones' Blackstoiie's Commen- 
taries; Illustrated History of University of 
Ca'ifornia. University of California; res. 2625 
Benvcnue -Ave, Berkeley, Cal. 


Bradford. Abram Clark* 

Ph. B. 1878. d. May 12, 1912. 

Chamberlain, William Henry 

Ph. B". 1876; Charter Member; Lawyer. 2894 
Folsom St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Foster, Fred Lewis 

City I'-ditor and Editorial Writer The Herald. 
198 S. Crittenden St., Naglec Park, San Jose, 

Heacock, Edwin Groome* 

d. Sept. 16, 1909, Oakland, Cal. 




Morford. Nathan Albert 

r.orn (Iriiiu ilk', V.i.: lirokcr; Sic. 'ri-iritory 
Ariz., Probate .liuiKC Maricopa Co.; News- 
paper Owner aiul Kditor; K.\-officio Regent 
I'niv. of .Vriz.: Member .\rizona Cub. 152 
.\<lains St.; ris. Ijd N. 3il Ave., Phoenix, 

Reiltiekl. Horace Allen- 

Ph B. 1875. d. April 2i. 1915, San Francisco, 

Sander, Peter Francisco Charles* 

(1. Nov. 21. 1884. 

Searls. Fred 

Born Xevada City, Cal.: .\. B. 1876; Attorney- 
.u-Law; Member L'nion League Club, San 
I'rancisco, Cal. Nevada City, Cal. 

Tavlor. John Edwin* 

d. Tuly*22. 1875. 

Wallace, Ryland Burnett'^' 

d. .\ugust 12, 1911, San Francisco, Cal. 

Washburne, Charles Edward* 

Ph. B. 1876. d. Nov. 21, 1884. 

Wilson, John Nicholson Emmet 

A. B. 1876. d. May 27, 1901. 

Alexander, Walter Stone* 

Brig.-Genl. (retired.) d. Dec. 1, 1915. 

Booth, Edward* 

Born San Francisco; Ph. B. 1877; Asst. Prof. 
Chemistry, Univ. of Cal. d. Aug. 23, 1917. 

DeGolia, Georg^e Ellis 

Born I'laccrville, Cal.; Ph. D. 1877; Attorney- 
at-Law; Member Claremont Country Club. 
Room 610 Oakland Bank Bldg. ; res. 5277 
Broadway Terrace, Oakland, Cal. 

McCracken, Frank Ballentine 

(Address unknown). 

Murray, George Deucharo 

Ph. B. 1877; LL. B. ; Lawyer. 1.937 6th St., 
Eureka, Cal.) 

Woods, Robert Joy 

Born San Francisco, Cal.; Secretary Richmond 
Belt Railway; Treas. San Francisco Golf and 
Country Club since 1902; Treas. Terminal Land 
Co since 1907; Member San Francisco Golf 
and Country Club. Merchants Exchange Bldg.; 
res. 3555 Clay St., San Francisco, Cal. 


Clow. lames Bruce* 

Ph. B. 1878. d. Dec. 11, 1886. 

Soule. William Fulton 

Bom Maryville, Cal.; A. B., 1878; Grain Broker; 
709 Merchants Exchange Bldg., San Francisco; 
res. 1236 Sherman St., Alameda, Cal. 

Yager, John Gillimore 

A. B. 1878; Teacher. (Bakersfield, Cal.) 

Henderson, John Henry* 

With J. p. Tavlor, Coal Dealer, d. March 5, 

McHenry, John 

Born San Francisco; Architect and Engineer; 
L'. S. Coast Survey 9 years; Asst. Engineer 
San Francisco City Hall 6 years; Portland, Ore. 
City Water Works 2 years; In Charge Archi- 
tectural Dept. Wilmerding School (San Fran- 
cisco) 14 years; San Francisco Evening High 
School 19 years; Member Sons of the .Am. 
Revolution and .Native Sons of the Golden 
West. 2210 Ellsworth .St., Berkelev, Cal. 

Morse, I'remont 

Born Miinchester. Mass.; Ph. B. 1879; Sigma 
.\i; Phi Beta Kappa; Class Medalist; Hydrogra- 
pliic and Geodetic Engineer; U. S. Coast and 
Geodetic Survey and Dir. of Coast Surveys, 
Manila, P. L; Pres. .Astronomical Soc. of the 
Pacific 1910; Member Army and Navy Club. 
Coast and (Geodetic .Survey, P. O. Box 2512 
.San Francisco; res. 2742 Benvenue Ave., Berke- 
ley, Cal. 

Sander, Henry William* 

Ph. B. 1879. d. August 26, 1882. 

Smith, Charles Brooks 

r.orn .Stockton. San Joaimin Co., Cal.; Rancher; 
Port Warden for 4 yrs. ; Member Elks. 702 N. 
Poplar St., StocMon, Cal. 


Adams, Frank Haynes 

Clergyman. 3127, 22d -Ave.. Oakland, Cal. 

Leek, Henry Vander 

Hardware. (302 N. Main St., Los Angeles, 

Lewis, Howard Holden* 

Real Estate, d. 1916, Seattle, Wash. 


Morgan, William Owen 

Born San Lorenzo, Cal.; Neolaean Literary 
Soc; Pres. E. H. Vance Co.; Member L'nion 
League; Commercial (Oakland) Club. 1706 
Broadway, Oakland, Cal.; res. 408 B'air Ave., 
Piedmont, Cal. 

Rodolph, George Walter 

Born Knights Landing, Cal.; D. D. S. 1887; 
Pres. Pierce Rodolph Storage Co.; Member 
1007c Club. 1450 Eddv St., San Francisco; 
res. 544 E. 14th St., Oakland, Cal. 

Allardt, Charles Ferdinand 

Born San Francisco, Cal.; B. S. 1888; Mechani- 
cal Engineer. Cor. 18th and Treat Ave., San 
Francisco; res. 1221 Linden St., Oakland, Cal. 

Allardt, Frederick Adolph 

Born Oakland, Cal.; Ph. B. 1888; Capt. Foot- 
ball Team; .Asst. Cashier The Oakland Bank 
of Savings and Mgr of its Seventh St. Branch; 
Member Commercial Club. 1228 7th St.; res. 
1041 Ardmore -Ave., Oakland, Cal. 

Woodhams, Maurice Sullivan 

Born California; A B. 1888; LL. B. 1891; 
Architect and Builder. San Mateo, Cal 


Holmes, C[harles] Edw^ard 

Born San Francisco, Cal; B. S. 1889; Pres. 
The Holmes Investment Co.; Member Presidio 
Golf, Union League and Commonwealth Clubs; 
Chamber of Commerce; L'niv. of Cal. Alumni 
Assn. 500 Foxcroft Bldg.. San Francisco; res. 
Belvedere, Cal. 

Melvin. Henrv .Alexander 

Born Springfield, 111.; Ph. B. 1889; LL. B. 1892; 
Phi Delta Phi; Golden Bear; 1st Lieut. Quar- 
termaster and Insp. of Rifle Prac, Cadet Bat- 
talion; Ed-in-Chief, Blue and Gold; Associate 
Tustice. Supreme Court of California; Justice 
of the Peace 1891-93; .Asst. Dist. .Atty. and Chief 
Dep. Dist. -Atty. of Alameda Co.; Dep. Atty. 




Gen of Cal.; Judge Superior Court; Past Grand 
Exalted Ruler B. P. O. E.; Pres. Bohemian and 
Nile Clubs; Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence 
and other subjects; Member Brooklyn Lodge No. 
221 F. and A. M.; Oakland Lodge No. 117 B. 
P. O. E. ; Bohemian, Union League, Common- 
wealth .Sutter (Sacramento) and Bohemian and 
Nile (Oakland) Clubs. Wells-Fargo Bldg.; res. 
2119 Scott St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Norris, Toseph Alonzo* 

d. Dec." 18, 1887. 


Halladay, Daniel Sawyer 

Born Township of Sunfield, Eaton Co., Mich.; 
B. S. 1880; Civil Engineer; Levelman to 
Chief of Location Mex. and Central America; 
Guatemala. Northern and Honduras R. R. ; 
Chief Engineer Orange Co.; Highway Cornmis- 
sion 1910-14; Member Engineers and Architects 
.\ssn. S. Cal. 729 Central Bldg., Los Angeles; 
res. 922 Bushnell Ave., Alhambra, Cal. 

Hewitt. Leslie Randall 

Born Olympia, Wash., Sept. 12, 1867; B. L. 
1890; Phi Beta Kappa; Judge of Superior 
Court; Asst. Citv Attorney, 1898-1906; City 
Attorney, 1907-10; State Senator, 1910-13; 
Tudge of Superior Court, 1913-17;. Member 
University Club; Union League, Scottish Rite, 
32d degree Mason and Shriner; Knights of 
Pythias. Court House Dept. 9, Superior 
Court; res. 1212 S. Alvarada St., Los An- 
geles, Cal. 

Parker, Henrv Gridley* 

Civil Engineer, d. August 7, 1909, Los An- 
geles, Cal. 

Smith, William Sidney Tangier 

Born Stockton, Cal., 1869'; B. L. 1890; Ph. D. 
1896; Grad. Student, 1891 Johns Hopkins 
Univ.; Philo. Union Lit. Soc; Y. M. C. A.; 
Sigma Xi; Geologist; Prof. Math, and Natural 
Science, 1894-95, Occidental Coll. (Los An- 
geles); Fellow, Alineralogv, 1895-97; Asst. in 
Chemistrv, 1898; Asst. in Mineralogy, 1899- 
1900 Univ. of Cal.; Head Math.- Dept., 1897- 
98; State Normal School, Chico, Cal.; Asst. 
Geol. U. S. Geol. Survey, 1900-07; Prof. Geol. 
and Mineralogy, 1906-12 L^niv. of Nevada; 
Member Geological Soc. of Am.; Am. Assn. 
for the .-Advancement of Science; Natl. Geo- 
graphic Soc. 765. Channing Ave., Palo Alto, 


Benton, Joseph Augustine 

B. D. 1*900; Orchardist; Dist. School Trustee, 
1910-17; Pastor Congregational Church, Chero- 
kee, 1900-04; Ga'lup, N. M,, 1907; Asst. Prin. 
Polytechnic Inst., 1908-10. Paradise, Cal. 

Hall, Burton Luther 

Born Junction City, Kans., 1896; I'h. B. 1891; 
Class Day Dispensation; Author Junior Day 
Farce; Playwright; Teacher High School 4]/i 
years; .\utlior of play "Reincarnation." 2018 
Parker St., Berkeley, Cal. 

Morgan, Ross* 

Born San Francisco, Cal., Jan. 5, 1867; B. S. 
1891; Delegate National Convention Atlanta, 
Ga., 1891; Consulting Civil Engineer (General 
Practice, d. Oct. 29, 1917, Berkeley, Cal. 

Parcells, Frank Mershon 

Born Xewton, Jasper Co., Iowa; I'h. B. 1891; 
LL. B. 1895 Harvard; Lawyer; Trustee Oak- 
land Free Library; Member Harvard Club; 
Philosophical Union (Berkeley). 609 Balboa 
Bldg., Market St., San Francisco; res. 318 
Lee St., Oakland, Cal. 

Waste, William Harrison 

Born Chico, Cal., Oct. 31, 1868; Ph. B. 1891; 
LL. B. 1894; Judge Superior Court; Pres. 
Berkeley Y. M. C. A.; Officer and Dir. various 
"corporations; Member of State Legislature, 
1903-05; Member Alumni Assn.; Knight Tem- 
plai-; Royal Arch Mason; Free and Ac- 
cepted Mason; Mystic Shrine; Native Sons of 
Golden West; Natl. Geographic Soc; Cal. 
State Bar Assn.; Formerly member Press and 
.\thenian Clubs. Court House, Oakland; res. 
2222 Durant Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 


Edwards. Charles Henrv 

Born Chatfield, Minn.; Banker; Pres. Trinity 
Co. Bank; Chamber of Commerce and Wea- 
vervil'.e Fire Commission; Rep. on Northern 
California Counties Assn.; Member North 
Star Lodge No. 61 I. O. O. P.; Stella En- 
campment No. 12 I. O. O. F.; Rebekah Lodge 
No. 35, I. O. O. F.; Moose Club. Weaver- 
ville. Trinity Co., Cal. 

Goodyear. Everett Farnum* 

A. B. 1892. d. Dec. 13, ,1902. 

Gray. James Huntington 

Born Council Bluffs. Iowa; Engineer. 71 
Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Spurgeon, Charles Henry* 

d. June 15, 1891. 

Tompkins, Perry Thomas 

Born San Bernardino, Cal., May 13, 1866; 
B L. 1892; A. B. 1901 Harvard; A. M. 
1902 do.; Phi Beta Kappa; Real Estate. 2045 
Shattuck Ave.; res. -2526 Durant Ave., Berke- 
ley, Cal. 

Young, Clement Calhoun 

Born New Hampshire; B. L. 1892; Real Es- 
tate- V.-Pres. Mason McDuffie Co.; Member 
Cal.' Assembly since 1909; Speaker since 1913; 
Author "Principals and Progress of English 
Poetry;" Member Conimonwealtli Chib. 278 
Post St., San Francisco; res. 2729 Derby St.. 
Berkeley, Cal. 


Hincklev, Nathaniel Barnes 

Born Portland, Ore.; Ph. B. 1893; Orange 
Grower. Bryn Mawr, Cal. 

Stuart, Henry Waldgrave 

Born Oakland, Cal.; Ph. B. 1893; Ph. D. 
1900; Phi Beta Kappa; Prof, of Philosophy Le- 
land Stanford Jr. Univ.; contributor to 
"Studies in Logical Theory;" "Creative In- 
telligence" and "Harrison Commemorative 
X'olume;" Member Western Philosophical 
Assn.; Am. Assn. of University Professors. 
Stanford University; res. 8 Alvarado Row, 
Palo ,\lto, Cal. 

Titus, Louis 

Born San loaquin Co., Cal.; Lawyer; Member 
Pacific Union. McCloud Country, Claremont 
Country, Golf and Country Clubs (San Fran- 
cisco); Bankers Club (N. Y. C.) Balboa Bldg., 
San Francisco; res. 342 Sheridan .'\ve.. Pied- 
mont, Cal. 

Willis, Henry Montague 

Ph. B. 1893; Lawyer. (502 Tayo Bldg., Los 
Angeles, Cal.) 


Avery, Russ 

Born Olympia, Wash., Aug. 23, 1872; B. L. 
1894; LL. B. cum laudc 1897 Harvard; Pres. 
Associated Students, 1S91; Capt. Univ. Calcts; 
Charter Day Speake/, 1893; Attorney at-Law 
(.\vcry & French); f'rei. Southern County 
Bank, 1898; Dir. Farmers Bank; Founder Univ. 
Club of Los Angeles; Former Pres. Chamber of 


I Al.ll'ORXlA Al.niA 


Mines and Oil of I.os Angeles; Former Pres. 
X'oters League of l.i's An^cKs; One of Or- 
ganizers of I.inooinKooscvelt Leagnc. 1910 — • 
Chairman Republican C'ounty Cent. Com. of 
Los Angeles Co., 1910-14; Progressive Member 
Republican Natl. Coniiiiittoc, 1912 — ; Pres. 
Hughes Alliance of Cal., 1916 — ; Temporary 
Chairman Hughes Meeting, 1916; Member _ Re- 
publican State Central Com. of Cal.; Univer- 
sity. Los .\ngeles Athletic, Los Angeles Coun- 
try and Sierra Clubs; Scottisli Rir.-, 3Jil degree 
F. A. and A. ^L; Shrine Al Malaikah; Los 
Angeles Bar Assn. 630 Laughlin BIdg. ; res. | 
9ti Hoover St., Los .\ngeles, Cal. 

Bog-gs, Frank Shackelford 

Born Colusa Co., Ca'..; B. L. 1894; Farmer. 
306 Yoscmite Bldg.; res. 1009 N. Eldorado St., 
Stockton, Cal. 

Leecli, Claude Reznor 

Born Greenville. Pa.; M. D. 1894; Physician. 
Walnut Creek, Cal. 


Holmes, E[ugene] Clarence 

Born San Francisco; Ph. B. 1895; M. E. 1897; 
Skull and Keys* Mining Engineer; V.-Pres. 
The Holmes Investment Co.; Member Univ. 
of Cal. Alumni Assn.; University, Claremont 
Country and Commonwealth Oubs; Chamber 
of Commerce. 500 Foxcroft Bldg., San Fran- 
cisco; res. 2829 Forest Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Lathrop. Charles Newton 

Episcopal Clergyman; Dean of Episcopal Cathe- 
dral. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 

Parcells, Charles Edward 

Born Cincinnati, Ohio; B. L. 1895; Skull and 
Keys; Business Mgr. Glee Club, 1892-95; De- 
partment Manager, Berger Mfg. Co. (steel 
products). 1120 Mission St., San Francisco; 
res. 1923 Webster St., Oakland. Cal. 

Spencer. William Oscar 

Born Danville, Cal., 1866; M. D. 1897; Re- 
gent Multnomah Council, Royal Arcanum; 
Physician and Surgeon; Formerly District Sec. 
and Pres. of East Oregon Med. Soc; District 
Surgeon for O. W. R. & N. Co. and O. S. L. 
Co., 1901-10; Member Alumni Assn., A. M. A., 
Ore. State Med. and Portland City and County 
Med. Socs. ; Portland Rotary Club. Suite 
814-15 Selling Bldg., Portland; res. 4th St. 
bet. B and C Aves., Oswego (Portland) Oregon. 

Torrev. Harry Beal 

Born Boston, Mass.; B. S. 1895; M. S. 1898; 
Ph. D., 1903; Member Golden Bear; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Sigma Zeta; Professor of Biology, 
Reed College; Author of various scientific 
papers in periodicals; Member Faculty, Univ. 
(Berkeley, Cal.), Univ. (Portland, Ore.) Clubs. 
Reed College; res. 1325 East 31st St. So., 
Portland, Ore. 


Friend, William Nathaniel 

Ph. B. 1896; Mgr. Albert Brown Undertaking 
Co. (Res. 335 Chicago Ave., Oakland, Cal.) 

Gish, John Darwin 

Born Eddyville, Iowa 1876; B. L. 1896; Aluinni 
Assn.; Attorney-at-Law; Member San Francisco 
Bar Assn.; Asst. District Attorney San Mateo 
Co. ; Officer and Director of various Corpora- 
tions. 502 Flatiron Bldg., San Francisco; res. 
1815 Yosemite Ave., Thousand Oaks, Berkeley, 

Kierulfif, George Dudley 

Born Marshalltown, Iowa, 1872; Ph. F. 1896; 
M. L. 1901; Secretary-Treasurer, The Holmes 
Investment Co.; Officer and Director of Cor- 
porations: Alumni Commissioner of Phi Delta 
Theta; Pres. of Iota Province; Sec. of the 
General Council; Member Alumni Assn.; Ma- 
son F. and A. !\L, Marin 191; Royal Arcanum; 

Schoolmasters, Faculty and Claremont Country 
Clubs; San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. 
Suite 5IU) Foxcroft Bldg.. San Francisco; res. 
J95S Avalon Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Koch, Frederick William 

Born Philadelphia, I'a.; B. S. 1896; M. A. 1917; 
Member Track Team 1892-96; Class Pres. 1893; 
.\.sst. Editor Berkcleyan 1894; Capt. Track 
Team 1895; Teacher of Science; Author 
"Through Death Valley;" "California's Inland 
Sea;" "The Problem of Athletic Control;" "The 
Distributions of California's Ferns;" "Sierra 
Club Bulletin (1893):" "Bulletin Calif. Phys. 
Geog. Club" 1907 and "Sierra Educational 
News." Lowell H. S.; res. 2043 Berryman St., 
Berkeley, Cal. 

IMcChesnev, George Jewett 

Born Oakland, Cal.'; A." B. 1896; M. D. 1900; 
Nu Sigma Xu; Tennis Champion Univ. of Cal., 
1S95; Orthopedic Surgeon; Orthopedic Surgeon 
St. Luke's Hospital; .Asst. Orth. Surg. Child- 
ren's Hosp. ; Orth. Surg. San Francisco Poly- 
clinic; Director San Francisco County Med. 
.Soc; Author of Several Medical Articles; 
Member LIniv. and Lawn Tennis Clubs. 350 
Post St.; res. 2243 Green St., San Francisco, 

Warner, Albert Owen 

Ph. B. 1896; Jeweler. 1929 Mariposa St., 
Fresno, Cal. 


Bayley, Guy Lynfield 

Chief Mechanical and Electrical Engineer P. 
P. I. E. (2241 Piedmont Ave., Berkeley, Cal.) 

Blanchard, Marion Sargeant 

Ph. B.; LL. B.; Lawyer. (731 44th Ave., San 
Francisco, Cal.) 

Case, Owen Sumner 

B. L. 1897; County Commissioner. (Walden, 
North Park, Colo.) 

De Garmo, George Curtin 

Born Seattle Wash.; LL. B. 1897; Attorney-at- 
Law; Officer and Director of Corporations; Mem- 
ber Alumni Assn.; Univ. Club; L. A. Bar Assn., 
formerly member .American Bar Assn. 836 
Title Insurance Bldg.; res. 823 Catalina St., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

Hobart, Lewis Parsons 

Born St. Louis, Mo.; -Architect; Member Uni- 
versity Club. 1122 Crocker Bldg.; res. Summit 
Hill, San Francisco, Cal. 

Lewis, Percy Wharry 

Born Delphi", Ind., Jan 6, 1871; Asst. Mngr. 
Ames, Harris, Neville Co.; Trust, and Sec. Mult- 
nomah Amateur Athletic and Irvinj^ton Clubs. 
Portland Chamber Commerce, 15th and Hoyt 
Sts.; res. 380 E. 47th St. N., Portland, Ore. 

Reinhardt, George Frederick"^' 

B. S.; M. D.; Prof, of Hygiene Univ. of Cal. 
d. June 17, 1914, Berkeley, Cal. 

Rowell, Elmer Ligalls 

Born Bloomington, 111.; B. L. 1897; Real Estate; 
Sec. Mason-McDuffie Co.; Member Common- 
wealth Club. 276 Post St.; res. San Buena 
Ventura W^ay, St. Francis Wood, San Francisco, 

Stuart, Percy Rankin 

Born Oakland, Cal.; Secretary and Manager 
Canyon Gravel Co., Niles, Cal.; Member .Ameri- 
can Soc. of Mechanical Engineers. 5000 Broad- 
way; res. 702 Lerida Ave., Oakland, Cal. 

Willard, Asa Lee 

Actor (Lambs' Club, 130 W 44th St., New 
York, N. Y.) 





Creed, Wigginton Ellis 

Born Fresno, Cal.; A. B. 1898; Editor Daily 
California; Attorney-at-Law; Pres. Alumni 
Assn.; Member Univ., Faculty, Pacific Union, 
Claremont Country and Sequoyah Country 
Clubs. Balboa Bldg.; res. 128 Carrington Ave., 
Piedmont, Cal. 

King. William Baker 

Organist. (1052 Kir'kham St., Oakland, Cal.) 

Wemple, Emmet Lerov 

Born Antioch, Cal.; M. 'D. 1900; Nu Sigma 
Nu; Physician and Surgeon; .\ssociate on Surgi- 
cal Staff of St. Luke's Hospital; Chief Inspector 
of Scliools 4 years (City and County of San 
Francisco) ; Member Alumni and Am. Medical 
Assns.; State Medical Soc; Union League and 
Transportation Clubs. 511 Calen Bldg,, 391 
Sutter .St.; res. Warrin Apts., 701 Post St., 
San Francisco, Cal. 


BoiLshey, Homer Ashley 

Sec. and Mgr. (Oakland Chamber of Com- 
merce, Oakland, Cal.) 

Brown, Albert Jacob 

Ph. B. 1899; Lawver. 582 13th St., Oakland, 

Engstrum, Frederick Edgar 

Born Houston, Texas, July 11, 1874; Contrac- 
tor and Engineer; Member Los Angeles Athletic 
and Jonathan Clubs; Union League. 2050 E. 
15th St.; res. 1825 N. Wilton Place, Los An- 
geles, Cal. 

Garrison, Earl Wiswall* 

d. January 24, 1905. 

McDuffie. Duncan 

Born Jefferson, Iowa: B. S. 1899; Skull and 

Keys; Real Estate (subdiv.); Member Faculty 

Club. Mason McDuflfie Co.; res. 156 Tunnel 
Road, Berkeley, Cal. 

Seyler, Charles, Jr. 

Born Los Angeles, "l878; B. L. 1899; Insurance; 
Member Alumni Assn.; Native Sons., California, 
Los Angeles Country and Los Angeles Athletic 
Clubs: Chamber of Commerce. 265 I. W. 
Hellman Bldg.; res. 725 S. Catalina, Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

Smith, Thomas Allen 

Born Napa, Cal.; B. S. 1899; Zeta Omicron 
(Medical); Director Glee Club; Head of Science 
Dept., Lowell H. S., San Francisco. Lowell 
High School (San Francisco); res 1531 Edith 
St., Berkeley, Cal. 


Hanna, Rea 

Born Aurora, 111.; Skull and Keys; -Merchant; 
Am. Vice Consul, Amoy, China; Am. Consul 
Iqnique, Chile; Am. Consul, (leorgctown, British 
Guiana; Special Correspondent New York 
Herald; Member Club Vina del Mar Calle 
Coclirane, 569 \'ali)ar:iiso ; res. Plaza Sucre 175, 
Vina del Mar, Chile. 

Henderson, Victor Hendricks 

Born Terrc Haute, Indiana; B. L. 1899; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Golden Bear, English and Press 
Clubs; Secretary of Regents, Univ. of Cal.; 
j\Iember Faculty, Botumian and Claremont 
County Clubs; Sec. Office California Hall; res. 
2816 Derby St., Berkeley, Cal. 

Jewett, Lathrop William 

Born .Sudbury, Vermont; Real Estate; Pres. 
Jewett Land ("o. Mason-McDuffie Co., Shat- 
tuck and .\ddison Sts.; res. 260 The Tunnel 
Road, Berkeley, Cal. 


Moulthrop, John Robert 

Born Wilmington. Cal.; B. Lit. 1900; LL. B. 
1903; Skull and Keys; Golden Bear; Lawyer; 
Capt., U. S. Signal Corps. 537-541 Monadnock 
Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 

Remmel, Alva Jacob 

Born San Francisco, Cal.; B. S. 1900; M. D. 
1905; Omega Upsilon Phi (med.) ; Physician 
and Surgeon; Member B. P. O. E. and F & 
A. M. 948 Market St.; res. 1405 Seventh Ave., 
San Francisco, Cal. 

encer, M. Donald 

Born New York, N. Y. ; B. S. in Eng. 1900; 
Engineer; Dealer in Machinery; formerly 
Manager Oregon Power Co. ; Mgr. Everett Gas 
Co.; Dist. Mgr. General Electric Co., Spokane, 
Wash.; Member Alumni Assn.; Progressive 
Business Men's Club; Ex-Member Univ. Club. 
54 First St.; res. 251 Cornell Rd., Portland, 

Toland, Clarence Gaines 

Born Valley Mills, Texas, Aug. 17, 1875; M. 
D. 1901; F. A. C. S. ; Physician and Surgeon; 
Member Staff Mayo Clinic 1910-16; Member 
Alumni Assn.; Knights Templar; F. & A. M.; 
Alumni, Am. Med., Cal. State Med. and West- 
ern Surgical Assns. 1005 Merchants National 
Bank Bldg.; res. 1120 So. Hoover St., Los 
iXngeles, Cal. 


Bugbee, Franklin Underwood 

Born Covington, Ky., Oct. 11, 1877; B. A. 
1901; Episcopal Clergyman; Rector St. Matthias 
Church. 124 S Washington Ave., Whittier, 
Cal.; res. 2915 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, 

Creed, Clarence LaVallen 

Born Fresno. Cal.; Mgr. Redwood Manufactur- 
ing Co. 950 Aileen St.; res. 4219 Terrace St., 
Oakland, Cal. 

Stilson, Fielding Johnson 

Born Topeka. Kansas; Investments; Member 
Municipal Art Commission 2 yrs.; Accident 
Commission, 1 yr.; Sec, V.-Pres. and Pres. 
University Club; Member Bd. of Education Syi 
yrs.; Member Bohemian Club. 314 Herman 
W. Hellman Bldg. and 1048 Kensington Rd., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

Taft, Joshua Maxwell 

Born Oakland, Cal., 1878; Skull and Keys; 
Footbal!; Merchant; Sec. Taft & Pennoyer, Inc.; 
Member Alumni Assn.; Commercial and Athen- 
ian Clubs. Clay, 14th and ISth Sts.; res. 137 
Mnntecito .\ve., Oakland, Cal. 


Crawford, William Kay 

Born Cameron, Missouri; B. Lit. 1902; LL. B. 
1905 Columbia; Phi Delta Phi; Attorney. 620 
Ferguson Bldg.; res. 843 Catalina St., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

Faull, Ashley Richard 

Born San F'rancisco; B. L. 1902; Sales Mgr. 
of Standard Oil Company; Member Olympic 
and San Jose Country Clubs. Ilolbrook Bldg., 
San Francisco; res. Colombet Apts., San Jose, 

Gardiner. Percy 

Born Marion, Ohio; Attorney-at-Law. 325 
Stokes BIk.; res. 17 Bells Court, Everett, Wash. 

Kluegel, Harry Allardt 

Born Oakland, Cal.; Hydraulic Engineer; 
Member Engrs.' Club (San Francisco). 237 
Century Bldg., Denver, Colo, and 405 Cunard 
Bldg.. .San Francisco; res 1215 Montgomery 
St., Oroville, Cal. 


C Al.llORMA Al.l'IIA 

1 191)2-06 

Reed. Benjamin W'ciscr 

Bom Iowa. Sept. 11. 1S7S: B. .S. 190J; Golden 
Bc.Tr; Lumber (Reed Lumber Co.); 
Pres. .-Km. Stevedore Co.; Assoc, with I^w and 
Order Con\niitfee. San Francisco Clianibcr of 
Commerce; Member University and Mt. Diablo 
Park Clubs. 17ili and De Haro Sts., San 
Francisco; res. .^35 Oakland Ave.. Oakland, 

Stanshurv, Middleton Pemberton 

Born Ciiico. Cal.; B. S. 1902; M. D. 1907; 
Ph.vsician and Surgeon; Asst. Surg. Northern 
Electric R. R. and Southern Pacific R. R. 
Box .^23, V.ncaville. Cal. 


Anthony, Earle Cliarle.s 

Born Washington, III. Dec. 18. 1880; B. S. 
1Q03: C^olden Bear: Kditor, 1903, Blue and Gold; 
Founder and 1st Kditor Pelican; Pres. Earle C. 
Anthony. Inc.: .\uthor Senior Extravaganza; 
"Pearl Maiden;" Member California (Los Ange- 
les). Bohemian (San Francisco), Los Angeles 
Athletic, Los Angeles Countrv and Midwick 
Country Clubs. 1000 Hope 'St.; res. 666 
Bercndo St., Los .Xn.seles. Cal. 

McLaren. De \'er 

Born .Mgona, Iowa; Private Secretary to J. F. 
Carlston, Pres. of the Central National Bank; 
V.-Pres. Federal Drug Co. ; Treas. Federal 
Realty Co. and -Sec. and Mgr. Carrissa Syndi- 
cate; Member .Athenian Nile Club. Central 
National Bank; res. 720 Lake Shore Ave., Oak- 
land, Cal. 

Otis. Edwin Mastick 

Born San Francisco, Cal.; B. L. 1903; LL. B. 
1905: Attorney-at-Law; Member Exec. Comm. 
Pacific States Tennis Assn.; Secretary, Oakland 
Tennis Club; Member Elks and Oakland Tennis 
Clubs; N. S. G. W. Merchants Exchange 
BIdg., San Francisco and 1528 Paru St., Oak- 
land, Cal. 

Paddock, Harry Luzern 

Field Assistant Compensation Liability Dept. 
Travellers Life Ins. Co.; res. 275 Farmington 
Ave.. Hartford, Conn. 

Reid. John, Jr. 

Born San Francisco, Cal.; A. B. 1903; Diplome 
Lcole des Beaux Arts (Paris), 1909; Five 
Medailles d'Emulation, Ecole des Beaux Arts; 
Architect; Consulting Architect City and County 
of San Francisco; Architect Civic Center, Ex- 
position .Auditorium; Isolation Hospital of 
San Francisco Hospital and Central Emer- 
gency Hospital; Member L'niversity, Press, 
Bohemian and Commonwealth Clubs; San Fran- 
cisco Soc. of Architects, .\m. Inst, of Architects, 
Groupe American. Societe des Architects Di- 
plome's par le Gouvernment Francais. 1300 1st 
Natl. Bank BIdg.; res. 3448, 20th St., San 
Francisco, Cal. 


Brim, Elbert Allen 

Born Williams, Cal.; Ranching. Williams, 
Colusa Co., Ca'. 

Brown, Frederick Lawrence 

^582. 13th St., Oakland, Cal.) 

Hall, Theodore Seymour 

Born Honolulu, T. H., 1880; Member Cousini 
Soc. of Hawaii; Investments; Sec. -Treas. of 
Oakland Street Improvement Bond Co.; Form- 
erly Sec. of E. O. Hall & Son (Honolulu); 
Dir. of W. W. Hall Ltd.; Member Alumni 
Assn.; Athenian Club; Chamber of Commerce. 
Room 208 Syndicate BIdg.; res. 409 Staten Ave. 
Oakland. Cal. 

Hendrick.s, Scott 

Born Hendricks Mine near Orovillc, Butte Co., 
Cal.; B. S. 1904; Post Grad. Stanford and Har- 
vard I'nivs. ; Baseball; .\ttorncy-at-Law; Dir. 
and Officer of Several Corporations; Chamber 
(if Commerce; Sec. San Francisco Republican 
(^lub; .Sec. League of California Republican 
("lubs; Member Bohemian and Cnnimonwcalth 
Clubs; .\lumn.i .San Francisco and California 
Bar .\ssns. 1009 Mills BIdg.; res. 3650 Wash- 
ington St., San Francisco. Cal. 

Lindley, Philo Leonard 

Born' L'nion City, Mich., Oct. 9, 1879; Real 
Estate; Member Los Angeles .\thletic Cub. 
917 Investment BIdg.; res. 608 S. Wilton PI., 
Los .\ngeles, Cal. 

Lombardi. Maurice Ennis 

B. S. 1904; A. B. 1908 Yale; Alumni Assn.; 
Sigma Psi; Mining Engineer with So. Pacific 
Co.; Contributor to Engineering Journals; 
Member .\m. Institute of Mining Engineers. 
1063 I'lood BIdg., San Franci.sco; res. 2331 
Le Conte .Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

INIarkwart, Arthur Hermann 

Born Du Quoin, 111.; B. S. 1903; Sigma Xi; 
Civil Engineer; -Author occasional articles on 
engineering matters and description of con- 
struction enterprises; Member Univ. Club. 
1st Natl. Bank BIdg., 1 Montgomery St., San 
Francisco: res. 377 Palm Ave., Oakland, Cal. 

Milton. Maxwell Claypoole 

Rorn San Francisco, Cal.; B. S. 1904; Skull 
and Keys; Winged Helmet; Mining Engineer; 
-Member Am. Inst. Mining Engineers; Old 
Pueblo and Tucson Golf and Country Clubs. 
Bo.x 716, Tucson, -Ariz. 

\'ance. Walter Dana 

-Automobile .Agencv; Mgr. \"ance, Clarrage & 
Co. 819, 59th St., Oakland, Cal 

Walton. Stanley Victor 

Born Sutter Co., Ca!. ; B. S. in M. E. 1904; 
.Alumni -Assn.; Algr. Commercial Department 
Public Gas and Electric Co.; Member Engi- 
neers' and Commercial (San Francisco) and 
Sutter (Sacramento) Clubs. 628. 445 Sutter 
St., San Francisco; res. 2397 Magnolia St., 
Berkelev. Cal. 


Clarke, Charles William 

(645 Ravensview Drive, Portland, Ore.) 

Ebright, Harold Raymond 

B.^S.'l905: Civil Engineer. (1910 Washing- 
ton St., San Francisco, Cal.) 

Ellis. Alfred- Thomas, Jr. 

B. L. 1905. 

Garrettson, Earl Aquila 

Pacific Coast Syrup Co. (San Diego, Cal.) 

Hale, William Thomas 

B. L. 1905. {3221, 30lh St., San Diego, 

Hartley, Joseph Harlan 

^lining Engineer: Pres. and Genl. Mgr. Table 
Rock Mining Co. Table Rock. Sierra County; 
res. 2432 Webster St., Berkelev, Cal. 

Kierulff, Arthur Wallis 

B. L. 1905; M. A. 1906 Chicago; Episcopal 
Clergyman; Member University (Chicago) and 
City (New York) Clubs. 2628 Shattuck Ave., 
Berkeley, Cal. 

Powell, Alvin 

Born Oakland, Cal.; M. D. 1908; Physician; 
Cant Red Cross .\mbulance Co. No. 2. Thay- 
er BIdg.. 13th and Jefferson Sts., Oakland; res. 
2703 Dwight Wav, Berkeley, Cal. 


Bing-ham. Harold Woodworth 

Born ^iarysvil'.e, Yuba Co.. Ca!.. Tan. 25, 
1883; B. S. 1906; Golden Bear; Sltull and 




Keys; Winged Helmet; Track Team, 1904 
Cheer Leader, 1906; Agriculture and Stock 
Raising in conjunction with 2 Argentines 
Author Words and Music Univ. of Cal. hymn 
"All Hail Blue and Gold"; Member U. S. Uni 
versities Club of Buenos Aires. Oriz de Rozas 
F. C. Midland, Argentine Republic. 

Brownell, Marion Harold 

Born Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa; Mining Sup- 
plies and Mine Hardware (Merchant) ; V-Pres. 
of Brownell Bros. Co., Ltd.; V.-Pres., Idaho Soc. 
Sons of American Revolution; Pres. Blaine 
Co., Good Roads Assn.; Adviser State High- 
way Commission; Member Sons of Am. Revo- 
lution; Navy League of L^. S. ; Boise Univ. 
Club; 32d degree ilason; Shriners. Hailey, 

Campbell. Bert 

Born Jerseyville, 111.; B. S. 1905; Golden 
Bear; Attorney; Pres. Foster Investment Co.; 
^Member Bachelors and Los Angeles Country 
Clubs; B. P. O. Elks 99. Suite 443 Title In- 
surance Bldg. ; res. Cor. 7th and Vermont .Sts., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

Deacon. Charles Wetmore 

(2828 Kelsey St., Berkeley, Cal.) 

Hickev, John Patrice 

Born Grass Vallev, Cal. 1884; B. S. in C. E., 
1906; Track, 1902-06; Civil Engineer; Member 
B. P. O. E. 422 Montgomery St., San Fran- 
cisco; res. 2433 Durant Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Hickev. Louis Thomas* 

Born" San Rafael, Cal.; B. S. 1907. d. May 
18, 1915. 

Holden, Harold Emery 

Born Napa, Cal.; B. S. 1906; :\Ianufacturer of 
Leather and Pulled Wool. 1600 Fairfax Ave., 
San Francisco; res. 432 Bulkley Ave., Sau- 
salito, Cal. 

Jewett, Hugh Saxe 

Born Bake'rsfield. Cal.; B. S. 1906; Rancher. 
Tegeler Hotel Bldg. and 2129, 18th St., 
Bakersfield, Cal. 

Lindley, Curtis Mendenhall 

(Hotel Carlton, San Francisco, Cal.) 

McDuffie, Charles Burnap 

Born Jefferson, Iowa; B. S. 1906; General 
Merchant. Main and 2d Sts., Los Altos, Cal. 

Monett, Charles Henry 

• Born Columbus, Ohio, 1882; B. S. 1906; Civil 
Engineer; Member A. F. and A. M.; Assoc. 
Member American Society Civil Engineers. 
422 Montgomery St., San Francisco; res. 2913 
Regent St., Berkeley, Cal. 

Stuart. Charles Edward 

B. S. 1906. (Care of .\m. Smelting Co., Mex- 

Titus, Aime Baxter 

Initiated by Texas Beta 1906. 

Variel, Robert Henry Fauntleroy, Jr. 

Born Quincy, Plumas Co., Cal., May 28, 1882; 
Golden Bear;, Winged Helmet Soc; Gun Club; 
Tennis; Base Ball; Lawyer; Sec. Los Angeles 
Bar Assn. 687 I. W. Ikllman Bldj,'., 124 W. 
4th St. and 2230 Michigan Ave., Los Angeles, 


Behlow, William Wallace 

A. B. 1907 Leland Stanford. Press Club, San 
Irancisco, Cal. 

Fassett, Charles Adams 

Initiated by N. H. Alpha 1907. 

Harpham. Hubert Henry 

Born Alameda, Cal.; B. S. 1911; Mining Engi- 
neer; Member Univ. Club. 747 S Burlington 
Ave., Los Angeles, Cal 

Hartley, Zack Benson 

Mining Engineer. 
Francisco, Cal. 

2432 Webster St., San 

Hewitt. Emerick Benjamin 

Born Forreston, 111.; Mgr. Automobile Agency, 
2120 W. Pico St.; res. 1312 W. 54th St., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

Salisbury, Alfred 

B. S. '1907. (2630 Menlo St., Los Angeles, 


Ashley, Geor^^e Frederick 

B. S. 1908; Architect. Care of China Realty 
Co., 39 Nanking Road. U. S. Postal Agency, 
Shanghai, China. 

Fassett, Louis Montague* 

d. 1907, Spokane, Wash. 

Morgan, Paul Victor 

Born Winton, Pa.; V.-Pres, East San Diego 
State Bank; Treas. and Mgr. of Stephens & Co. 
Iiivestment Securities; Member Point Loma 
Golf and LTniversity Clubs. Union Bldg.; res. 
L'niversity Club, San Diego, Cal. 

Otis, Stephen Frank 

Born Alameda, Calif,; B. L. 1908; J. D. 1910; 
Phi Delta Phi; Lawyer; Deputy Dist. Atty., 
Sacramento Co. Sacremento Bank Bldg., 429 
J. St.; res. 1530 T St., Sacramento, Cal. 

Thacher, Philip Storer 

A. B. 1908. H. W. Hellman Bldg., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

Tyssowski. John 

' Born Washington, D. C. ; B. S. 1908; Skull and 
Keys; Golden Bear; Theta Beta Pi; Mgr. Crew; 
Asst. to General Mgr. Childs Co.; Member Univ. 
Club (Wash., D. C.) City Club (N. Y.); Ameri- 
can Inst. Mining Engineers. 200 5th .\vt.; res. 
122 East 82nd St., New York. 

Variel, Clarence Leroy 

Born Quincv, Plumas Co., Cal., March 5, 1884; 
B. S. 1908; Baseball; Tennis: Treas.; Lawyer; 
Phi Delta Theta Alumni Assn. of Los Angeles, 
Cal. 687 I. W. Hellman Bldg.; res. 1503 S. 
Wilton PL, Los Angeles, Cal. 


Cowles, Russell Roy 

Born Battle Creek, Mich., 1885; B. S. 1910; 
Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Big "C," Track 
1906-10; Capt. 1908-09; Electrical Engineer with 
Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (Asst. Supt.) ; 
Member Chamber of Commerce; Commercial 
and Engineers Clubs; F. & A. M. ; Alumni 
Assn.; National Electric Light Assn.; Assoc, 
member Am. Inst. Electrical Engineers. 518 
13th St.; res. 514 Fairbanks Ave., Oakland, Cal. 

Guyles, George B. 

Born Dwight, Michigan, Oct. 28, 1886- B S. 
1909; Glee Club, UeKoven Club (Musical); 
Varsity Baseball Team, 1909; Insurance, Head 
of firm of J. C. Guyles Co.; Member Commer- 
cial. University, Tacoma Countrv and Orpheus 
Clubs. 314 Tacoma Bldg.; res. 724 North K 
.St., Tacoma, Wash. 

Randall, George Archibald 

Born Oakland, Cal., 1888; B. S. 1909; Asst. 
Contract Agent, Southern Pacific Co. 872 
Southern Pacific ISldg., San Francisco; res. 2235 St., Berkeley, Cal. 

Reinhardt, William 

(Lima, Peru) 

Rumbough, Joseph Wright 

Born Fort Sam Houston; Capt. Field Artillery 
U. S. Army; Member .'\rmy and Navy Club, 
("are of .Adjutant General, War Department, 
Washington, D. C. 

Vogeler, Karl Alfred 

Initiat.-d h.v niii,, Theta 1907. 

CAl.llORMA Al.rilA 


A^^hlev. Harold Harrison 

Born Onklan.l. lal.. 1S88: R. I.. 1»1(): Phi Delta 
rhi; Swonl and Scales; Sknll and Ki-ys: Golden 
Bear; Winged Helmet; Capt. I'rew 1910; Foot- 
lall; Attoriu-vat-I-nw; With Pillshnry, Madison 
and Sutro. Attorneys for Standard Oil Co. and 
other corporations. Standard Oil Bldg., 200 
Bush St.; res. 1060 Bush St.. San Francisco, 

Barney. Lorenzo William 

Born Omaha. Nelir.; Insurance and Bonds; 
>tcml)er firm of Barney and Barnev; Member 
I'niv. Chib. 207-210 Scripps Bldg.; res. 3544 
7th St., San Diego, Cal. 

Dillin,q;liain. Georq^e R. 

tCare Goldficld Coiisolidated, Goldfield, Nev.) 

Hartigan. John Doane 

Born Crete, Nehr. ; Golden Bear; Skull and 
Keys; Broker; Member University, Bohemian, 
Faculty, Presidio Golf and Burlingame Country 
Clubs. Merchants Exchange, San Francisco, 

Ingle. Saninel Gordon. Jr. 

"(16.^0 Beech St.. San Diego". Cal.) 

Markwart. Earl Howard 

Born Eureka, Cal.; B. S. 1910; Honorary Grad- 
uation; Contractor and Civil Engineer; Member 
Union League. 954 Monadnock Bldg.; res. 
1208 Waller St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Markwart. Irving Oover 

Born Rocklyn, Caj.; B. S. 1911; Golden Bear; 
Wingtd Helmet; English Club; Big "C" Soc. ; 
Football (3 yrs.); Crew (2 yrs.); Import and 
Export Grain Broker. 20 West Jackson Blvd.; 
res. 6727 East End Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Pennoyer. Richard Edmans 

2d Sec. to Am. Embassy (4 Grosvenor Garden; 
res. 3d St. James Place, London, Eng. ) 

Schroeder. Walter Hugo 

245 Tunnel Road. Berkeley, Cal. 

Stilson. Carroll Archibald 

Born Los Angeles; Automobile Business. 1155 
S. Olive St.; res. 1048 Kensington Rd., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 


Carter, Cassius 

Banker; Asst. Trust Officer, Bank of Com- 
merce and Trust Co.; Member University Club 
of San Diego. 5th and E Sts.; res. 2266 2d St., 
San Diego, Cal. 

De Golia. George Ellis, Jr. 

Born Oakland, Cal., Sept. 12. 1886; Alumni 
Assn.: Football (1); Salesman; Pacific Port- 
land Cement Co. Cons.; Member Claremont 
Country Club. 806 Syndicate Bldg.- res 525 
Oakland Ave., Oakland, Cal. 

Montgomery, Richard Douglass 

Mining. (San Vincente, Sina, Mexico). 

Pauly, Charles Warren 

CEdison, Kern County, Cal.) 

Rascovich, Marcus Benjamin 

(32 X St. East, Tacoma. Wash.) 


Doud. Lee Leonard 

Born Pittsville, Wis.; Lumber Manufacturer. 
Defiance Lumber Co.; res. 3301 Xo. 29th St., 
Tacoma, Wash. 

Haven, Harold Eastman 

Born San Francisco. Cal.: LL. B. 1912; Law- 
yer; Member Univ. of Cal. Alumni A.ssn. 709 
Balboa Bldg., San Francisco; res. Belvedere, 
Marin Co.. Cal 

Huntington, Robert Dressier 

Born Occansidc, Cal.; Glee and De Koven 
Clubs; Bond Broker and Song Writer. Care 
S. W. Straus and Co.. Crocker Bldg., San 
Francisco; res. 45 Wildwood Ave., Piedmont. 

Phleger, Carl Albert 

.Merchant; Ensign, U. S. Navy. 18 Broadway; 
ros. 565 W. 113th St., Xew York, N. Y. 

Phleger, Herman Henry 

Born Sacramento, Cal.; B. S. 1912; Thcta 
Xu Kpsilon; Phi Beta Phi; Skull and Keys; 
Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Attorncy-at- 
Law; Mem. Univ. of Cal. Alumni Assn.; Fa- 
culty Club. 907 Crocker Bldg.; res. 21 Macon- 
dray St., San Francisco, C^l. 

Rathbone, Albert John 

( Kenwood, Cal.) 

Reinhardt, Harry 

Born San Jacinto, Cal.; Assistant Engineer 
East Bay Water Co.; Capt. Engineers' Officers 
Reserve Corps. 9th and Broadway, Oakland; 
res. 3020 Benvenue Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Titus, Horton Le Clare 

Born San Diego, Cal.; Lawyer; Member Cuya- 
maca, Coronado Country, San Diego Rowing 
and Cabrillo Clubs. Union Bldg.; res. 3565 
1st St., San Diego, Cal. 


Angelo, Alfred Heath 

Born Oakland, Cal.; Basket Manufacturer; 
V.-Pres. Angelo & Son. Bay and Mason Sts., 
San Francisco; res. 2049 Central Ave., Ala- 
meda, Cal. 

Badger, John Archibald 

(2401 Durant Ave.. Berkeley, Cal.) 

Berkley, Hugh King- 
Bom Woodbine, Iowa; Nu Sigma Nu; Beta 
Kappa Alpha; Physician. Univ. of Cal. Hosp. ; 
res. 112 Frederick St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Gardiner, William Vernon 

Born Richwood, Ohio; Journalist. Daily Wash- 
ingtonian; res. 509, 15th St., Hoquiam, Wash. 

Johnstone, Frank Edward 

Born New York, N. Y. ; Mgr. Pelican; Street 
Railways Advertising Co. Candler Bldg., New 
York, X. Y.; res. Sheffield, Mass. 

Mastick, Spencer 

Born Alameda, Cal., 1889; Alumni Assn.; 
Cattle Raising. _Middletown, Lake Co.; res. 
930 Pacific Ave., Alameda, Cal. 

Smith. Robert Tilley 

Born Las \'egas, Xew Mexico; Alumni Assn.; 
Football; Investments; Member A. B. Smith 
& Son. 424 S. Broadway, Room 404; res. 
5052 Maplewood Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Spalding, X'^olnev Ayers 

(134 N. Gate St.^ Los Angeles, Cal.) 

Westcott, Leo Burdette 

Born San Francisco, Cal.; Representative A. 
J. Jordan Cutlery Co., St. Louis, Mo. 2132 
W. 31st St., Los Angeles, Cal. 


Barnard, Everette William 

(Oakland, Cal.) 

Berkeley, Jay Lawrence 

602 Lafayette Ave., Racine, Wis. 

Brainerd, Edward Rankin, Jr. 

Born Los Angeles. Cal.. May 10, 1888; B. S. 
1914; Attorney. 1046 Title Insurance Bldg.; 
res. Alexandria Hotel, Los Angeles, Cal. 




l^nrli^e. Charles Steffens 

Born Alameda, Cal.; B. S. in M. E. 1914; 
Lumber Manufacturer; Member Claremont 
Tountrv Club (Oakland). 16 California St.. 
San Francisco; res. 2908 Channing Way, Berke- 
ley, Cal. 

Hornick, Frederick Bruner 

Rorn Sioux City, Iowa, 1891; Alumni Assn.; 
F. and A. M.; Scottish Rite 32d degree; Glee 
and Mandolin Clubs; Bonds and Insurance: 
Editor, Dailv Newspaper for English Club. 1101 
Kohl Bldg.; res. 473. 21st Ave., San Francisco, 

Jewett. Phelps Dodge 

Born San Francisco, July 1, 1890; Interior 
Decorator; Enlisted with San Francisco Base 
Hospital Unit. 260 Tunnel Road, Berkeley, 

Nachtrieb, Harold Pasmore 

Born San Francisco, Cal.; Lieut. U. S. Marine 
Corps. Marine Barracks, Quantico, Va. 

Porter, Howard 

Initiated by Nebr. Alpha 1913. 

Rathbone, Leland Serene 

Born Redwood City, Cal.; A. B. 1915; Bench 
and Bar; Big C Soc; Track; Superintendent 
Wildwood Dairv Co. R. F. D. No. 1, Box 29, 
Cden Ellen, Cal. 

Thompson, S[amnel] Halsey 

Born Pasadena, Cal.; County Agent, Califor- 
nia State Bd. of Charities and Corrections. 
411 Call Bldg., San Francisco; res. 1508 Madi- 
son St., Oakland, Cal. 


Cadman, Paul Fletcher 

Initiated by Tenn. Beta 1910. 

Christy. Robert Edward 

Born"^ San Francisco, Cal.; B. S. 1915. Union 
Iron Works Co., San Francisco, Cal.; res. 
1829 Clinton Ave., Alameda, Cal. 

Dethlefsen, Carlton Dunfield 

Rorn San Francisco, June 7, 1891; Attorney-at 
Law; Associated with Peck, Bunker & Cole; 
Member Alumni Assn.; F. and A. M.; Athenian 
Nile Club. 812 Syndicate Bldg.; res. 571 Mira 
Vista Ave., Oakland, Cal. 

Doyle, Victor Hugo 

Born Berkeley, Cal.; B. S. 1916; Eta Kappa 
Nu; Winged Helmet; Golden Bear; Pres. 
Assoc. Students, 1914-15; Engineer State 
Compensation Insurance Fund (Cal.) 525 
Market St., San Francisco; res. 1623 Scenic 
Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Dunn, Harry Lippincott 

Hospital Corps, U. S. Naval Reserve. Am. 
Hospital Corps, France. 

Hills. Reuben Wilmarth, Jr. 

Born San Francisco, March 30, 1892; Whole- 
sale Tea and Coffee; Dir. Hill Bros. Corpo- 
ration of Cal. 175 Fremont St.; res. 2201 
Brodcrick St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Kaufifman, Carrol Lvon 

Born Red Bluff, Cal.; 'Stock Raising. Wood- 
land, Yolo Co., Cal. 

McClure, Richard Alfred 

Initiated by Tcnn. .Alpha 1914. 

Maybury, Edgar Wood 

Born Winona, Minn.; Architect. 600 Cham- 
ber of Commerce Bldg.; res. 380 Deairborn St., 
Pasadena, Cal. 

Powell, Stanley 

Born Oakland, Cal., 1891; A. B. 1915; Phronis- 
terion History Soc; Importer and Exporter 
with S. L. Jones & Co., San Francisco, Cal.; 
Member Alumni Assn.; Claremont Country 
Club. 209 California St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Thomas, James Frederick 

Born Ukiah. Mendocino County, Cal,; Junior 
Ccrtiiicate, 1914; Track Team; College letter 
in athletic meet with Stanford; Farmer and 
Miner. Ukiah, Mendocino Co., Cal. 

Todd, James Hamilton, Jr. 

Born' Oakland, Cal., Oct. 22, 1892; Track 
Team (3 yrs.) ; Holder Univ. of Cal. record 
in 440 yard dash; Winged Helmet; Golden 
Bear; Big "C" Soc; Real Estate; Salesman 
for Laymance Real Estate Co.; Member Alumni 
Assn. 1432-34 Broadway, Oakland; res. 2737 
Durant Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 


Albright, Donald Zapf 

Born Freeport, 111.; Winged Helmet; Assoc. 
Editor Daily Calif ornian; Banker; Member 
University and Los Angeles Clubs. Guaranty 
Trust and Savings Bank; res. 755 N. Kenmore 
Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Butterworth. Emerson McMillin 

Born Columbus, Ohio; A. B., 1916; Theta Tau; 
Beta Kappa Alpha; Oil Geologist. 514 Stand- 
ard Oil Bldg., San Francisco; res. P. O. Box 
584. Santa Barbara. Cal. 

Dickson, Beecher James 

Initiated by Colo. Beta 1911. 

Ellis, Daniel Eric 

Born Meeker, Colo., March 17, 1893; A. B., 
1916; Winged Helmet; News Editor Daily 
Californian; Law .Student Univ. of Southern 
Cal. 502 Consolidated Realty Bldg.; res 351 
S. St. Andrews Place, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Hazlerigg, Edmond Earl 

(2670 .Vallejo St., San Diego, Cal.) 

Huntington, Cecil Stewart 

Born National City, Cal.; Manager Standard 
Oil Co.; Member Olympic Club. Standard 
Oil Co., San Francisco, Cal. 

Huntington, Thomas Waterman, Jr. 

Born Sacramento. Cal.; A. B. 1916; Nu Sigma 
Nu; MIember Assn. Premedical Students; 
Student. 2629 Pacific -Ave, San Francisco, Cal. 

Ingle, John Byron ^ 

(San Diego, Cal.) 

Jackson, Bliss 

Affiliated Cal. Beta 1916. (2401 Durant Ave., 
Berkeley^ Cal.) 

Mastick, George H., Jr. 

Born Alameda, Cal., 1891; Sales Manager West- 
ern Soil Bacteria Co.; Member Alumni Assn. 
442 Sansome St., San Francisco; res. 930 Pa- 
cific Ave, Alameda, Cal. 

Northcraft, Phillip Doddridge 

Initiated by Wash. Alpha 1916. 

O'SuIlivan, Curtis Dion 

Born Chelsea, London, Oct. 29, 1894; A. B. 
1915; A. M. 1916; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delta 
Phi; Phrontisterion Sphinx Assembly; Major 
Univ. Cadets; Grad. with Honors; (Graduate 
Student in Law; Capt., U. S. Officers' Reserve; 
Author Masters Thesis; "Volunteers of France, 
1791-1792." 2717 Hearst Ave, Berkeley, Cal.; 
res. 7 Lansdowne Rd., Holland Pk., London, W., 

Porter, John Easton 

Born Loma Pricta, Cal.; B. S. 1916; Farmer. 
19 Maple Ave., Box 357 Watsonville, Cal. 

Prosser, Robert Henry 

Initialed bv Ore. Alpha 1916. 

Shafroth, Will 

Initiated by Mich. Alpha 1914. 

Watson. Kenneth Charles 

2627 Piedmont Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 




Bishop. I'axoii Hulhcrt 

Born Lihuf. Kavai. T, H.; I'i au Epsilon, I.a. 
State I'niv.; Freshman Football; Lieut. U. S. 
Arn\y; Member Olympic Club. 11th Field Ar- 
tillerv, Douglas, Ariz.; res. 2960 Claromont 
Blv.i.". Berkeley. Cal. 

Caiidee. James Somers 

Born Omaha. Nebr.. Nov. 9. 1894; A. B. 1917; 
Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta; 
("ilec Club; Student. 2717 Hearst Ave.. Berke- 
ley. Cal. 

Delprat. Guillaiime Daniel, Jr. 

Born Cordoba, Spain. Sept. 29, 1896; Student; 
Affiliated Pa. 2827 Bancroft Way, Berkeley. 
Cal. and Melbourne, .\ustralia. 

LoiicTvear, Douglas Mackav 

Born Los .Angeles. Cal.. Nov. I'S, 1893; A. B. 
1918. 3555 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Major, Ralph Day 

Initiated by Wash. Alpha 1916. 

Maslin, Edwin Marshall 

Born Loomis. Cal., Jan. 14. 1895; Member Gol- 
den Bear; Winged Helmet; Press Club; English 
Club; Sphinx; Editor Pelican; Co-Author Sen- 
ior Extravaganza. 2717 Hearst Ave.; res. 2323 
Haste St.. Berkeley, Cal. 

Norris, John 

Born Fowler, Cal.; Employed in Broker's Office, 
San Francisco Stock and Bond Exchange; 
Member Olympic Club. 255 Montgomery St., 
San Francisco; res. 2023 Oakland Ave., Pied- 
mont, Cal. 

Pfingst. Edward Porter 

Born Munich. Bavaria, Oct. 4, 1894; A. B. 191/; 
Pres. of Cal. Alpha 191617; Member San 
Jose Country Club. Watonsville, Cal. 

Pierson, \\^arren Ludwig Lee 

Born Princeton, Minnesota, Aug. 29, 1896; A. B. 
1917 Univ. of Cal.; Ambulance Corps, France. 
428. 13th St.. San Pedro, Cal. 

Smith, John Henry, Jr. 

Born Astoria, Ore.; Winged Helmet; Big C 

Soc. ; Varsity Football 1913-15; Timber and 

.Ship building. Copeland BIdg. ; res. 714 Irving 

.Ave.. Astoria, Ore. 

Thompkins, Avery 

Born Santa Rosa, Cal., Feb. 12, 1894; Student. 
2526 Durant Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Wilson, Edgar Forbes 

L'. S. Naval Reserve, Belvedere, Cal. 


Austin, Jack \'an Alst 

Born Santa Barbara, Cal.; Attended Harvard 
Univ., 1916-17; Fox and Western (Harvard) 
Clubs; Fresh. Track; Student. 131 E. Arrellaga 
St., Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Clark, ]\lorris Richard 

Born Alameda, Cal., Aug. 16th 1897; Student. 
2833 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, Cal. 

Coulston, John Thomas 

Born Austin, Pa., Sept. 3, 1892; Member Alta- 
dena Country Club. Hotel Maryland, Pasadena, 

Dresser, Evan Cook 

Born W'atsonville, Cal., Apr. 28, 1893; Asst. 
House Manager. American Institute of Bank- 
ing (.San Francisco Chapter). 3035 Deakin St., 
Berkeley, Cal. 

Edmands, William Hammond 

Born San Francisco, Cal.; Freshman Foot- 
ball Squad; Student; Affiliated Cal. Beta 1918. 
Red Hill Ranch, Upper Lake, Lake Co.. Cal. 

Haven. Kent 

Born Belvedere, Cal.; Clerk; Member Univ. of 
Cal. Alumni Assn. 2400 Vallejo St., San 
Francisco, Cal. 

Hawks. .Mi)ntg(iinery Waddcll 

Ilorii r.uonia, W.Tsh,. Fan. 6. 189(,. 2717 Iharst 
.\vc., lUrkelcv I al. 

Littleton, Covington Henry Scott, Jr. 

Born Philadelphia. Pa.. Nov. 1895; Occide'ntal; 
Owl and Key; Hig "C" Soc; Football and 
Track Teams: Dei)ating Team; Real Estate and 
Investments, with B. O. Kendall Co.; Member 
Alumni Assn.; Pasadena Athletic Club. 67 N. 
Raymond .\ve.; res. 179 S. Orange Grove Ave., 
Pasadena, Cal. 

Martinclli. Stephen Caspar, Jr. 

Born Watsonville, Cal.; Student. "229 3rd St., 
Watsonville, Cal. 

Norris. Lucius Grinnell 

Born Fresno, Fresno Co., Cal.; Student; Treas. 
and "Rushing Capt." 2023 Oakland Ave., 

Piedmont. Cal. 

Richardson. Darrel Haoden 

1953 Tomarind Ave., Hollywood, Cal. 

\\^agner. Henry Francis 

Born San Francisco Cal.; Student. 518 Sut- 
ter .St.. San Francisco, Cal 


Boag, Robert Moulthrop 

Born Berkeley, Cal., Mar. 13, 1897. 907 Beverly 
Drive, Beverly Hills, Cal. 

Flynn, Richard Bernard 

Born McMinnville, Ore.; Student. 2717 Hearst 
Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Howard, Edward Paxson 

Born Oakland. Cal.; Signal Corps, .Aviation .Sec- 
tion, U. S. Army Reserve; Member Soc. of 
Calif. Pioneers and Pacific Aero Club. 230 
Boneta Ave., Piedmont, Cal. 

Kessler, Richard Holmes, Jr. 

Born St Joseph, Missouri, July 14, 1897; Stu- 
dent. 595 Jean St., Oakland, Cal. 

Leask, Haswell Thomson 

Born Santa Cruz, Cal., 1896. 34 Green St., 
Santa Cruz, Cal. 

Requa, Lawrence Kendall 

Born Piedmont. Cal., Feb. 6, 1898; Student; 
Chapter Historian. 321 Mountain Ave., Pied- 
mont, Cal. 

Switzer, Wellington Treat 

Born Southport. Conn., Oct. 7, 1895; Student. 
2717 Hearst Ave.; res. 2921 Forest Ave., Berke- 
ley, Cal. 

Waste. \\'illiam Ewing 

Born Berkeley, Cal., July 31, 1897; Student. 
2222 Durant Ave.. Berkeley, Cal. 

Wilcox, Harry Burton 

Student. 2717 Hearst Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 


Boucher, David 

Born Chico., Cal., Oct. 14, 1898; Freshman; 
Football Team (Gained Numerals); W'arden of 
Chapter. 2432 Webster St., Berkeley, Cal. 

Busser, Edwin McLaren 

Born Emporia, Kan., March 29, 1896. 2717 
Hearst St., Berkeley, Cal. 

Doyle, Franklin Bergson 

Born Berkeley, Cal., Dec. 15, 1897; Student. 
1623 Scenic Ave., Pasadena, (]al. 

Hillman, Loren Langmode 

Born Lima, Ohio, Dec. 5, 1897; Student. Shal- 
tuck Hotel, Berkeley, Cal. 

Miller, Thomas R. 

Born Santa Rosa, Cal., Feb. 26, 1896. 440 10th 
St., Santa Rosa, Cal. 




Owsley, Yates 

Born Syracuse, N. Y., July 4, 1899; Member 
Gymnasium Club. 297 South Orange Grove 
Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 

Pohlmann. Salem Camillo 

Born Pasadena, Cal., July 25, 1898. 1004 Men- 
docino Ave., Santa Rosa, Cal. 

Ouinn. Archibald Giles 

Born Poplar, Tulare Co., Cal., Jan. 19, 1894; 
Masonic connections. Richgrove, Tulare Co., 

Schuyler, Gerald B. 

Born Dceanside, Cal., March 16, 1897. 2452 
Martinez Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Stoops, Robert Cochran 

Born Salina, Utah, Nov. 10, 1894; Student. 
5833 Colby St., Oakland, Cal. 

Thomas, Donald Lohse 

Born Oakland, Cal.. Oct. 29, 1897. 2949 Sum- 
mit St., Oakland, Cal. 

Wag-y, Julian Redman 

Born Bakersfield, Ca., June 19, 1896. 1302 K 
St., Bakersfield, Cal. J>^^ xw 

Wieslander, Leslie Rudolph 

Born Oakland, Cal.. 1896; Director of Play- 
grounds; Member Olympic Club (San Fran- 
cisco). 4102 Gilbert St., Oakland, Cal. 


KoLNDKI) OCTOBKR 23, 18!)1 


Palo Alto, California 


Chadsev, Charles Ernest 

A. M.'l893; A. M. 1894 Columbia; Ph. D. 1897 
do.; Lit. D. 1909 Univ. of Denver; Charter 
Member; Prin. High School, Durango, 1894-97; 
Siipt. City Schools 1897-1900; North Side 
Schools 1900-03. 50 Broadway, Detroit, Mich. 

Johnson. WilHs Grant* 

Editor American Agriculturist. 

Lewis. Ernest Dorman 

Born Greenville, Ohio; A. B. 1892; A. M. 1893; 

A. M. 1897 Harvard; Charter Member; Teacher 
of Hist., H. S. of Commerce; Joint Author 
"Bibliography of American History," ''Syn- 
chronic Chart of United States History." 155 
\V. 65th St., New York, N. Y. 


Paris. Wallace Somerville* 

A B. 1893; A. M. 1896 Princeton; Presby- 
terian Missionary, d. May 13, 1907, Ichoftru, 

Greer, Medorem William 

B. S 1893; Engineer, American Railway Signal 
Co. (8270 Hough Ave., N. E., Cleveland, 


Pife. Charles Andrew 

Born Circleville, Westmoreland Co., Pa.; A. B. 
1894; M D. 1897 U. of Pa.; Charter Member; 
Xu Sigma Nu; Barton Cooke Hirst Obstetric 
Soc: Physician; Diseases of Children; Instr. 
Children's Diseases, Univ. of Pa.; Physician 
Presbyterian. St. Christopher, Mary Drexel 
Hospitals; Asst. Phys. Univ. and Phila. Hosps.; 
Pres The Babies' Hosp., Phila.; Mem. Uni- 
versitv Club; Am. Pediatric Soc; Coll. of Phy- 
sicians. 2033 Locust St., Phila., Pa. 

Moulton, William Brooks 

Born Bloomington, 111.; A. B. Harvard; Man- 
ager One Annual Football Game with Univ. of 
Cal.; Lawyer -(Corporation Law); Pres. Ill 
State Civil Service Commission, 1905-13: Mem 
ber since 1913; Member Union League; Quad 
rangle, City. Harvard and Chicago Legal Clubs 
105 La Salle St.; res. 1366 East 57th St., Chi 
cago. 111. 


Anderson. Day Luther 

Born Evansville, Ind.; Charter Member; Gen- 
eral Manager National Life Ins. Co. (Western 
X. Y.); Member Buffalo and Country Clubs 
(Buffalo). 950 Ellicott Sq.; res. 57 Clarendon 
PI., Buffalo, X. Y. 

Cary, Prederick William 

Initiated by Mass. Alpha 1893. 

Doherty. William H. 

Initiated by Mass. Alpha 1895. 

Eaton, Orison Verde 

Initiated by Ind. Alpha 1893. 

Hetherington, Clark Wilson 

A. B. 1895; Charter Member; Prof, of Physical 
Training, University of Wis.; Asst. in Gym- 
nasium Stanford tJniv. 1893-96; Psychology 
Clark Univ. 1899-1900; Prof. Physical Educ. 
and Dir. Gymnasium and Athletics Univ. of 
Mo., 190-10. 124 Breese Terrace, Madison, 

Look, Samuel Miller 

Born Prattsburgh, Steuben Co., N. Y. ; A. B. 
1895; A. M. 1903 Harvard; Teacher of English 
Morris High School. 166th St. and Boston 
Rd.; res. 3S75 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Small, Harvey Bradstreet 

E. M. 1895; Charter Member; Mining Engineer. 
(Mapimi, Estado de Durango, Mexico.) 

Stark, Herbert Spencer* 

B. A. 1895; Consulting Engineer, d. Feb. 18, 

White. Paul Helb 

Born Lamonte, Pettis Co.. Mo.; A. B. 189S; 
Consulting Engineer; Sec. Power Car Co.; 
Member Contemporary. Dramatic. Economic 
and W'oodstock Clubs. 47 Union Trust Bldg. ; 
res. 3411 N. Penna. St.. Indianapolis, Ind. 


Allen. Lewis 

Initiated by N. Y. Beta 1895. 

Batchelder. Prancis Joseph 

Born N. Y. City; A. B. 1904: C. P. A. 1910 
Univ. State of N. Y. ; Certified Public Accoun- 
tant; Affiliated N. Y. Alpha 1896. 220 Broad- 
way, New York; res. 54 Woolsey St.. Astoria, 
Long Island City, X. Y. 

Fife, Joseph Paul 

Born Sterling, W'hiteside Co., 111.; A. B. 1896; 
LL. B. Harvard: Attorney-at-Law; Member 
Univ. Club of Pittsburgh. Frick Bldg., Pitts- 
burgh; res. 441 Maple Ave., Edgewood, Pa. 

Hill, Charles Caleb 

Born Dundee, Cal.; A. B. 1896; Cattle Ranch- 
ing. Res. Semi-Tropic Ranch, Wasco, Kern 
Co., Cal. 

Hodgson, Caspar \\'istar 

Born Spiceland, Ind., April 30, 1868; A. B. in 
Law 1896; Phi Delta Phi; The Green Bag 
Publisher; Founded World Book Co., 1905; Was 
named in 1916 by Pres. Ray Lyman Wilbur and 
approved by Chancellor David .Starr Jordan in 
a list of ten alumni as having made efficient 
success since graduation; Cartographer Hodg- 
son's Map of Philippine Islands; Fellow Am. 
Geographical Soc; Member Camp Fire Club of 
Am. 333 Park Hill Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 




Lau^hlin. Homer, Jr. 

Born Wellsville, Ohio; A. B. in Clicm. E., 1896; 
Manufacturer and Landlord; V.-Pres. and 
Treas. Homer Laughlin China Co., 1896-99; 
Pres. Homer Laughlin Engineers Corporation; 
Pre?., Laughlin Fruit Refiners Inc.; Pres. 
Business Stability Assn.; Member Anjerican 
.Seismological and American Chemical Socs. ; 
California and Los Angeles Athletic Clubs. 602 
Homer Laughlin Bldg.; res. 666 W. 28th St., 
Los .A.ngtlfs. Cal. 

Matthews, William Tav 

Initiated by 111. Epsilon 1895. 


Ballard, Roy Page 

Born Lincoln, Neb., Dec. 12. 1873; A. B. 
1897; Hardware; Sec. and Mngr. Seattle Hard- 
ware Co.; Trustee Plymouth Congregational 
Cliurch (Seattle); Member Alumni Assn. Col- 
lege Club, 501, 1st Ave.; res. 2844 Cascadia Ave., 
Seattle, Wash. 

Green, Edward James 

Born Jamestown, N. Y. ; A. B. 1897; LL. B. 
1900 Harvard; Member Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Track Sigma and Pi Eta (Harvard) ; Harvard 
Track Team 1898-99; Lawyer; Dist. Atty. Cha- 
tauqua Co., N. Y. 1910-13; Member Jamestown, 
Chadokoin Boat and Sportsmen Clubs. 301 
Main St.; res. 36 Prospect St., Jamestown, 
N. Y. 

Lake, Franci.s Webster* 

A. B. 1897. d. December 16, 1897. 

Price, Wilson Clark 

A. B. 1894; LL. B. 1900; Phi Delta Phi; Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Sigma; Lawyer; Pres. 
Bd. of Educ; V.-Pres. State Bank of Marys- 
villc; Member Univ. and Jamestown Clubs. 
406 Fenton Building; res. 317 Crossman St., 
Jamestown, N. Y. 

Sniyth, Winfield Scott, ]i\ 

Initiated by 111. Alpha 1895. 


Hill, Harold Phillips 

Born Waterbury, Vt. ; A. B. 1898; M. D. 1901 
Univ. of Cal.; Nu Sigma Nu; Instr. Gym.; 
Class Base Ball; Physician; Assoc. Clin. Prof. 
of Medicine Stanford Univ.; Attg. Phys. St. 
Luke's and San Francisco Hosps.; Member 
Univ. and San Francisco Golf and Country 
Clubs. 177 Post St.; res. 2336 Stciner St., San 
Francisco, Cal. 

Taylor, Ford Newton 

Planter; Affiliated Tcnn. Alpha 1898. (White 
Haven, Tcnn.) 


Bell, Howard William* 

d. August 19, 1906. 

Burbank, Roy Everett 

Born Ionia. Mich., Sept. 10, 1876; Real Estate; 
Member Jonathan and Los Angeles Country 
Clubs. 704 Hollingworth Bldg.; res. 2902 Wil- 
shire Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Oilman, Ralph Edson 

Born Eldora, Iowa; A. B. 1899; Electrical Engi- 
neer, with Westinghouse Co.; Member Pitts- 
burgh LTniv. Club. 405 Braddock Ave., Pitts- 
burgh. Pa. 

Leppf), David Harrison 

Born Libertyvillc, Jefferson Co., Iowa; D. D. 
S. 1900 I'niv. of Cal.; Baseball;; Mem- 
ber Bd of Educ; Member Delta Epsilon Delta 
Club. Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 1055, 4th St., 
Santa Rosa, Cal. 

Page, Benjamin Edwin 

Born North Haven, Conn.; A. B. 1899; LL. B. 
1902 Columbia Univ.; Phi Delta Phi; Attorney- 
at-Law; Formerly (Chairman Board of Educa- 
tion (Pasadena, Cal.); Dir. Hellman Commer- 
cial Trust and Savings Bank; State Bank of 
San Pedro; Occidental Life Ins. Co.; Alumni 
Assn. CLos Angeles); 1st Natl. Bank (Alham- 
bra) ; Member Cal. Club; Los Angeles County 
Bar Assn. ; Midwick Country, Cerritos Gun, 
Twilight, Valley Hunt (Pasadena) and Squirrel 
Inn Clubs (San Bernardino). 718 H. W. Hell- 
man Bldg-, Los Angeles; res. 765 Pasadena 
Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 

Rice, Roy Powell 

(Lns Angeles, Cal.) 


Edwards, Arthur Jordan 

Born Galesburg. 111.', 1877; A. B. 1900; Asst. 
Sec. Wells-Dicky Co., Investment Bankers; 
Member Minneapolis Athletic and Six O'Clock 
Clubs; Minneapolis Civil and Commerce Assn.; 
Young Men's Civil League of Minneapolis. 
McKnight Bldg.; res. 4849 Dupont Ave. So., 
Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Fox, Francis St. Joseph 

Born St. Louis, Mo.." Mar. 6, 1877; A. B. 1900; 
Attorney-at-Law; Officer and Director of Var- 
ious Corporations; Member of the Bar of Cal., 
Ore and Montana; Author of Various Articles 
on Legal and other Subjects; Member Alumni 
Assn.; I. O. O. F. ; Univ. Club and Various 
Civic Improvement C"lubs. 512 Grant Building, 
San Francisco; res. 3815 Nevil St., Oakland, 

Hill, Howard Oilman 

Born Waterbury, Vt.; A. B. 1900; M. D. 19U3 
Univ. of Cal.; Class Treas.; Class Sec; Physi- 
cian. 105 Cajon St. and 460 W. Crescent Ave., 
Redlands, Cal. 

Holmes, Edward Wilson 

Born Philadelphia, Pa.; LL. B. 1901 National 
Univ. Law School; LL. M. 1902 do.; Patent 
Attorney; Was instrumental in reviving the 
Wash., D. C Alumni CMub of Phi Delta Theta. 
918 F St. N. W.; res. 2604 Mozart PL, Wash- 
ington, D. (;. 

McDowell, John Ezra 

Born Ashland, Ohio; A. B. 1900; Asst. Regis- 
trar and Alumni Secretary. Stanford Univ., 
Palo Alto, Cal. 

Maples, Edward Thompson 

Born Los Banos, Cal., 1875; A. B. 1900; Foot- 
ball; Editor and Publisher Western Hotel Re- 
porter; Sec. Cal. State Hotel Assn.; Member 
Chamber of Commerce; Contributor to various 
Newspapers and Publications; Membfr Alumni 
Assn. 1019 Monadnock Bldg.; res. 1145 Green 
.St., San I'rancisco. Cal. 

Victor, Royall 

Born Brooklyn, N. V.; A. B. 1900; LL. B. 1903; 
Lawyer. 49 Wall St. and 21 E. 82nd St.-, New 
^'ork, N. Y. 

Waite, Marion Pishon 

Born Riverside. Cal.; A. B. 1900; Investments 
Member Alumni Assn.; Univ. and Los Angeles 
Athletic Clubs; Union f-cague of .San Francisco 
627 Story 15Idg.; res. 2138 Hobart Blvd., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 


I'owman, (juy Chapin 

Horn Whittlesey, Ohio, April 7, 1879; Pres. and 
Mgr. Columbus He;iting and Ventilating Co., 
Columbus, * Ohio; Pres. .Scioto Rubber Co.; 
.Member ((jhimbus Athletic Club; Elks. 425 W. 
Town .St.; res. 1366 Eastwood Ave, Columbus, 


I \l.ll-()kXI.\ I'.KTA 


Daw William Clarence 

A. IV 1^06; Lawyer. (Santa Haibaia. CalO 

I'liner. Warren Philo 

Born Ohio; B. S. 1903 St. Louis Univ.; 
M. n. 1903 Mich.: Phi Beta Pi (Med.); Physi- 
cian; Prof, of Internal Medicine, .'^t. Louis 
I'niv • Author various articles on Medical Sub- 
jects- Mcniher Univ. and Sunset Hill Country 
Cluhs: Affiliated Mich. Alpha 1^01. 208 Hum- 
boldt Bldg.; res. 5128 Vernon .\vc., St. Louis. 

Hill. Harri.-^on Karl Wesley 

Vera Land and Development Co. f Spokane, 


Dennis, Georo^e Charles 

Born La Salle. 111.; Phi Delta Phi; Sigma 
Sigma: Attorney; Broker. 226 Security Bldg., 
5th and South Spring Sts.; res. 1227 Crenshaw 
Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Eaton. William Augustus* 

d. May 26th, 1911. 

Johnson. John Everett 

Born San Marcial, Sonora, Mex.; A. B. 1902; 
Librarian Sacramento Bee. Sacramento Bee; 
res. 2207 J St., Sacramento. Cal. 

Kellogg-, Charles Mitchell 

Born Emporia. Lyon Co.. Kansas.; Varsitv 
Baseball 1902; Abstractor of Titles; Masonic 
Connections. Sonoma Co. Abstract Bur,, Santa 
Rosa Bank Bldg. and 1006 Humboldt St., Santa 
Rosa, Cal. 

McDowell. Percy 

Born at Ashland, Ohio; A. B. 1902; Baseball 
4 years, mgr. 4th year; Sec. Stud. Body sen. 
year; Assistant to General Manager, The Fault- 
less Rubber Co.; Mem. bd. of Educ, 4 yrs.; 
Sec. and dir. Y. M. C. A. 8 yrs.; Mem. Colonial 
Club. Faultless Rubber Co.; res. 514 Cottage 
St., Ashland, Ohio. 

Schulz, Roy Edwin 

Born Tamestown, N. Y., Aug. 14, 1875; A. B. 
1902: Prof, of Spanish, Univ. of So. Cal.; 
Chairman Spanish .Section. Modern Language 
1'tachers .Assn. of Cal.; Editor-in-Chief Modern 
Language Bulletin. Univ. of Southern Cal., 
Los Angeles: res. 1212 Commonwealth Ave., 
Alhambra, Ca'.. 

Stevenson. Howard Griffith, Jr. 

Born Los Angeles, Cal.; Farmer. Winters, 
Yale County, Cal. 

Waite, Charles Edgar 

Born Riverside, Cal.; Press Club; Track; Base- 
ball ; Assistant Cashier, People's Trust and 
Savings Bank; Mem. Elks, Country and Golf 
Clubs; Masonic connections. 771, 8th St.; res. 
1556 W. 8th St., Riverside, Cal. 


Brotherton, Theodore Willard, Jr. 

Born Ohio; Capitalist. 1802 Winona Blvd., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

Frisselle, Edward Irving* 

d. May 6, 1903, Stanford University, Cal. 

Frisselle. Ralph Dennison 

Born Syracuse, N. Y. ; A. B., 1903; Freshman 
Football Team; Department Manager. 615, 4th 
St.. San Francisco; res. 59 Oakvale Ave., 
Berkeley, Cal. 

Frisselle, Samuel Parker 

A. B. 1903; In charge of Univ. of Calif. 
Property. (Kearney Park, Cal.) 

Lamb. Porter Emerson 

Born Milford, X. H.; Track 1900; Baseball 
1904; Juilge; Trustco "Three Cities' Abatement 
District;" Member Elks Club (San Mateo); 
F. and A. ^L, So. Cal. Lodge 278; B. P. O. E. 
1112; Charles Frederick Crocker Clia|>tcr No. 
106 R. A. M. P. O. Box 55; res. 315 
(Accidental Ave., Burlingamc, Cal. 

Traylor. Neal Keely* 

.\. n. 1903; Manager Real Estate Display 
Department, f.os Angeles Evening Express. 

d. Tan. 11, 1912. 


Behlow. Edgar Augustus* 

A. B. 1904. d. Oct. 9. 1914. Lordsburg, N. 

Ford, Freeman Arms 

Born Youngstown, Ohio; Banker. P. O. Box 
434; res. 215 S. Grand .\ve.. Pasadena, Cal. 

Grant, Daniel Garfield 

Born .Mbuquerque, N. M.; Assistant Sec. Grant 
Bros. Construction Co.: Treas. Journal Publish- 
ing Co., Albuquerque. N. ^L ; Member Alumni 
Assn.; Kniglits of (Tolumbus; B. P. O. E.; 
Los .Angeles Athletic. Newman, Stanford 
and California Clubs. 620 Security Bldg.; res. 
437 S. Commonwealth Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Irish. John Peck 

Born Iowa City, Iowa; Managing Director 
Stockton Chamber of Commerce; Pres. San 
Joaquin \'alley Counties Assn. Commercial 
and Savings Bank Bldg.; res. 1137 W. Willow 
St.. Stockton, Cal. 

Maples. Roscoe William 

Born Tulare, Cal., 1880; Concatenated Order 
of Hoo-Hoo; Wholesale Lumber; Member of 
firm Dwight Lumber Co.; Officer and Director 
various Corporations; Member San Francisco 
Chamber of Commerce; Alumni Assn.; Cali- 
fornia Lawn Tennis and Transportation Clubs. 
87 Newhall Bldg.; res. 335 Stockton St.. San 
Francisco, Cal. 

Noland, Daniel \'oorhees 

Initiated by Ind. Delta 1900. 

Taylor. Stuart Le Roy 

Rancher. (Edna, Cal.) 


Clark, George Herbert 

Born Stockton, England; Sigma Sigma; Phi 
Delta Phi; Football, 1901-04, Capt. 1904; 
Manager Clark and Henery Construction Com- 
pany. 512 Ochsner Bldg.; res. 1724 N St., 
Sacramento, Cal. 

Gamble, George Edwin 

Born Mi'lersburg, Ky.; A. B. 1905: Superin- 
tendent White Gulch Mining Co. Coulterville, 
Mariposa Co., Cal. 

Heinly. Webster Guv 

Initiated by 111. Delta' 1901. 

Kehrlein, Emil Valentine, Jr. 

Real Estate. (1228 Fillmore St., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal.) 

Kehrlein, Oliver Du Fresne 

Real Estate. (240 N. Van Ness Ave., Fresno, 

Kitching. Frank Amnion 

Born Toledo, Ohio; Farmer. Elizaueth and 
Fountain Ave.. Redlands, Cal. 

Taylor, William Ross 

Manager. (Deer Park Inn, Lake Tahoe, Cal.) 

Ward. Clair Wyman 

A. B. 1905; Superintendent. (H. O. Ward 
Lumber Co., Moretown, \'t.) 





Barnett, George De Forest 

A. B. 1906; A. M. 1909; Physician. (Lane 
Hospital, San Francisco, Cal.) 

Bogle, Lawrence 

Initiated by Va. Beta 1904. 

Brawlev, Lee John 

Initiated by Wash. Alpha 1906. 

Burge. Noel Swane 

A. B. 1906; Civil Engineer. (Talmage, Cal.) 

Colbert, John Hutsinpiller 

Real Estate. (The Colbert Co., 16 California 
St., San Francisco, Cal.) 

Gamble, Tames Lauder 

A. B., 1906. (7 Northfield PI., Roland Park, 

Guyer, Cloyd George* 

Born 111.. 1885. d. June 16th, 1916, Pasadena, 

Hodge, George Ashmun 

A. B. 1906. (76 Avenida Central, Rio de 
Janeiro, Brazil, South America). 

Swinerton. Alfred Bingham 

Born San Francisco, Cal.; Contracting Engi- 
neer; V.-Pres. Lindgren Company; Mem. 
University, San Francisco Golf and Country' 
and Sutter (Sacramento) Clubs. Monadnock 
Bldg. : res. 1904 Franklin St., San Francisco, 

Thompson, Hugh Leslie 

Initiated by \'t. Alpha 1906. 


Behlow, William Wallace 

Born San Francisco, Cal., 1886; A. B. 1907; 
M. D. cum laude 1912 Harvard; Grad. Boston 
City Hosp.; Post-Grad. Univ. of Cal.; Boylston 
Soc; Nu Sigma Nu; Physician; Assistant in 
Medicine Univ. of Cal.; Formerly Asst. in 
Medicine Stanford Univ.; Member Executive 
.Stanford Alumni Assn.; Delegate Boston 
.Mumni Club, Convention 1910; Alumnus 
Advisor Cal. Beta; Author of various articles 
to medical journals; Member Alumni Assn.; 
Cal. Acad, of Medicine; Medical Soc. State of 
Cal.; .■\m. Med. Assn.; Press and Univ. Clubs; 
Stanford Alumni Assn.; Formerly mem. Boston 
and Harvard Alumni Clubs. 233 Post St.; 
res. 449 Powell St., San Francisco, Cal. 

/er, Earl Edward 

A. B. 1907; Broker. (21 Harrison St., New 
York, N. Y.) 

Beyer, Forrest Baker 

Initiated by Ind. Zeta 1907. 

Chalmers, Alexander Jessiman 

Real Estate. (Oakland, Cal.) 

Durand, William Leavenworth 

Initiated by N. Y. Alpha 1907. 

Durbrow, Ross Lewis 

Born San Francisco, Cal.; Chief of Record 
Bureau, General Freight Dcpt., Southern Paci- 
fic Co. .Southern Pacific Bldg.; res. 2501 
Woolsey St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Heffron. Harold Johnson 


A. B. 

Kelley, Leigh 

(609 S. Hill St., Los Angeles, 

I'orn IJiulington, Kans.; V.-Pres. KcIley Trust 
Co. ; Mansfield Gas Co. Care Kelley Trust Co., 
817 Garrison Ave.; res. 2220 S- Z St., Park 
Hill, Fort Smitli. Ark. 

King. Preston Wallace 

Born San Luis Obispo; Skull and Snakes; Con- 
struction Engineer, Dept. of Public Works, 
nth and Bryant Sts.; res. 184 Arguello Blvd., 
San Francisco, Cal. 

Lloyd, Edwin xArthur Rowland* 

Born Mason City, Iowa. d. Dec. 25, 1915, 
Mason City, Iowa. 

Riddell, Harry Starr 

Initiated by Wash. Alpha 1906. 

Robertson, Harry Struan 

Born Tombstone, Ariz.; A. B. 1910; Robertson 
Book Store; Member Bohemian Club. 222 
Stockton St., San Francisco, Cal. 


Armstrong, James Hamilton 

Initiated by Minn. .Alpha 1905. 

Spalding, William Dennison 

Born Sierra Madre, Cal.; Attorneyat-Law; 
Deputy City Attorney (Los Angeles); Member 
University Club of Los Angeles. City Hall; 
res. 155 N. Gates St., Los Angeles, Cal. 


Bradford, Clarkson Beem 

Born Ottawa, III., 1885; Skull and Snakes; 
Sword and Sandals; Track Team; Pres. Junior 
Class; Investment Securities with Blyth, 
Witter & Co.; Author Stanford Quad. Year 
Book; JNIember Alumni Assn.; Pres. Quadrangle 
and Press Clubs; Formerly IJniversity Club of 
Spokane. 704 Merchants Exchange, San Fran- 
cisco; res. P. O. Box 376, Burlingame, Cal. 

Dennis, Horton Thompson 

(717 N. J St., Tacoma, Wash.) 

Fisk, Hiram Cornell 

Born Green Bay, Wis.; A. B. 1910; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Theta Phi (Lawrence); Hammer and 
Coffin; Skull and Snakes; Editor-in-Chief Tlie 
Chat>arral (Stanford), The Lawrentian (Law- 
rence); Staff The Widow and The Era (Cor- 
nell); Class Pres. (Lawrence) Sophomore Year; 
Newspaper Reporter (Free Lance); Member 
various clubs and committees. Res. 110 S. Ash- 
land Ave., Green Bay, Wis. 

Ford, Todd, Jr. 

(257 S. Grand Ave., Pasadena, Cal.) 

McDuffie. William Chester 

Born Jefi^crson. Iowa; .Superintendent, Oil 
Mining. Oilfields, Fresno Co., Cal. 

Pieper. James Frederick 

Born Woodstock, Ontario, Can.; A. B. 1909; 
Member Civil Engineering Soc; Automobiles; 
Member Sutter, Rotary and Del Paso Country 
Clubs. 1910 M St.; res. Sutter Club, Sacra- 
mento, Cal. 

Stowe, Herbert Arthur 

(1145 N. Hunter St., Stockton, Cal.) 


Cochran, Lex Hugh 

Born San Bernardino, Cal.; Baseball; Heating 
and Ventilating Engineer; Southern Cal. Mgr. 
of Am. Blower Co. of Detroit, Mich.; Member 
Los Angeles Athletic Club. 921 HoUingsworth 
Bldg.; res. 128 N..Gramercy PI., Los Angeles, 

Hails. Charles Hamilton 

A. B. 1910. (607, 28th St., Sacramento, Cal.) 

Halliday, Thomas Woodruff 

Born Dillon, Mont., Aug. 22, 1886; A. B. 1911 
Geology and Mining Soc. Am. Universities 
Electrical Engineer, Rupert Electric Co.. 
Member Rupert Commercial Club; Masonic 
I^odgc; .Associate Am. Inst, of Electrical 
Engineers. Rupert, Idaho. 

I Al.ll-OkXIA luriA 


Ilapi>y. *. > ni-«, jr. 

llorii KdwariKvillc, 111.; Skull ami Snakes; 
Scarab; I'hi Delta Phi; ("lUf Club; Auornoyat- 
Law; Happy v^ Happy; Ortictr aiul Dir. of 
various Corporatiotis; Miiubor .Muinni .' ; 
I'niv. and Tennis Clubs. Ill," Paulsen BIdg, ; 
res W. 1206. 6tli Ave, Spokane, Wash. 

Macomber. Lawrence 

Horn Boston. (Charlestown), Mass., 1885; 
V.-Prcs. Curtis Olive Corporation; ^[eInber 
Alumni Assn. (Pros. igiSI; Sons of Revolu- 
tion; Soc. of the Colonial Wars; Soc. of the 
>[ay flower Descendants; University (Los An- 
geles) and Valley Hunt (Pasadena) Clubs. 
I.(in< Beach. Cal. 

Rol^ert.^. John Walter 

Born Pittsburgh. Pa.. Jan. 10. 1887; A. B. 
1910; Skull and Snakes; Varsity Crew, 1910; 
Assistant Cashier, San Bernnrdino Natl. Bank; 
Dir. of same bank; Member Elks Club and Ma- 
sonic Lodge (including Commandery). San 
Bernardino Natl. Bank; res. 1130 D St., San 
Bernardino. Cal. 

Taylor, Nelson 

Born Leavenworth. Kans. ; A. B. 1910; Civil 
Engineer; Appraiser, Mortgage Guarantee Co.; 
Mem. F. and A. M.; L^niversitv Club. 626 S. 
Spring St.; res. 1902 W. 6th St, Los Angeles, 

Weaver, Stuart Eldridge 

Born Cheyenne, \Vyo. ; ^ferchant. Exchange 
Bldg., San Francisco; res. Burlingame, Cal. 


arraher, Mortimer Bybee 

Born Cheney, Wash., May 13. 1888; U. S. 
Xavy. 1021 Columbia St., Seattle, Wash. 

Cline. William Henry. Jr. 

Born Los Angeles, Cal.; Skull and Snakes; 
Track Team 1909; Merchant; Sec. Cline-Cline 
Co., Sporting Goods; Pres. "Clinemiller"; 
Member University and Los Angeles Athletic 
Clubs. 214 W. 3d St.; res. 2905 Leeward Ave., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

Hawkins. Ernest INferrick 

Initiated by Ind. Beta 1909. 

Langfitt. Joseph Alonzo. Jr. 

Initiated by Pa. Gamma 1911. 

McOuiston. John Harvev 

Initiated by Pa. Gamma 1911. 

Sobey, Wilfred John 

Born San Francisco. Cal.; With the 13th Cana- 
dian Field Ambulance in France. Care of A. 
L. Sobey, R. F. D. No. 1, Los Gatos, Cal. 

Taylor, Arthur 

(624 Burlington St., Los Angeles, Cal.) 

Wade, Benjamin Franklin 

Horn Golden, Colo.; .\. B. 1911; Redwood Lum- 
ber and Products; Member Press Club. 1600 
Hobart BIdg.; res. 2402 California St., San 
Francisco, Cal. 

Winters, \'erne Williams 

Railroad Contractor. 514 Ziegler BIk., Spokane 

Woolwine, Clare Wharton 

Born Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 1, 1888; LL. B. 
1911; Lawyer; .Asst. District Attorney; Atty. 
Southern Pac. R. R. ; Pacific Electric Railway; 
National Bank of Cal.; V.-Pres. Cal. Steel Ceil- 
ing Co.; Member Masons, Los Angeles No. 42; 
Univ., Los Angeles Athletic, Sierra Madre, 
Midwick Country and Bachelors Clubs. Hall 
of Records; res. 317 So. Kingsley Drive, Los 
Angeles, Cal. 


Mail.-, I\a\ni()ii(l Kicliard 

Born .Santa Barbara. Cal.; A. B. 1913; Sigma 
Si^nia; Varsity Crew 1910-11; Tax Expert. 
(Hlue of State Coniptro'ler ; res. 9.'.>, 33rd St., 
."^acra^K•Illl^, Cal. 

Hubbard, Herbert Lincoln 

Born Redlanils, Cal.; A. B. 1912; Orange 
(Growing; Pres. First National Bank (San 
.lacinto); Director iMrst National Bank, (Ktd- 
lands); Member Univ. Club. Elizabeth and 
Halsey Sts., Kedlands, Cal. 

King, Alfred Thomas 

Born San Luis Obispo, Cal.; A. B. 1912; Ham- 
mer and Coffin Soc; Press Club; Orchardist. 
R. F. D. No. 13, Cupertino, Cal. 

Morgan, Harold Sydney 

Born Winton, Pa.; .-\. B. 1912; M. D. 1915 
Johns Hopkins; Physician; 1st Lieut. Medical 
( )t1icers Reserve Corps U. S. Army. .-\rmy 
Medical School. Washington, D. C. 

Xoble. Ralph Matthews 

Initiated by III. Delta, 1911. 

Nunan, Cyril Raymond 

Born Stockton, Cal.; A. B. 1912; Skull and 
Snakes; Quadrangle and Press Clubs; Nes- 
turia Debating Soc; Phi Beta Kappa; News- 
paper Publisher; Member Yosemite, Rotary and 
Anteros Clubs. 31 S. Sutter St.; res. 345 E. 
Rose St., Stockton, Cal. 

Sanborn, Augustus Mudg'e 

Born Redlands, Cal.; A. B. 1913; M. E. 1914; 
Skull and Snakes Soc; Varsitv Football 1911- 
1912; Ranching. Box 10, R. F. D. No. 2, 
I'orterville, Cal. 

Sanborn, Thomas 

Born Redlands, Cal.; A. B. 1912; Varsity Foot- 
ball; Orange Grower, Canon Crest Park, Red- 
lands, Cal. 

Webster, Frederick Charles 

Initiated by 111. Zeta 1911. 


Beurhaus, George Henry 

Born Watertown, Wis.; .\. B. 1913; Phi Lambda 
L^psi'on; Mini Kaph Mim; Pacific Bottling 
Works; Member Commercial and Tacoma Coun- 
try and Golf Clubs. 944 Court C; res. 29 St. 
Helen Ave., Tacoma. Wash. 

Childs, Leroy 

Born Alhambra, Cal.; A. B. 1913; Varsity Base- 
ball 1910-12; Entomologist and Plant Pathologist, 
Hood River Experiment Station; Author Mis- 
cellaneous bulletins and papers on Entomologi- 
cal and Plant Pathological problem?; Member 
Am. Assn. of Economic Entomologists; Entom- 
ologists Soc. of Am.; Am. Assn. for the Ad- 
vancement of Science; Educational Member 
L'niv. Club Portland, Ore. Hood River Ex- 
periment Station, Hood River, Ore. 

Hammon, Wendell Cooper 

Born Oakland, Cal. 1890; A. B. 1913; Mining; 
fleneral Mngr. Keystone Dredging Co.; Member 
Alumni Assn. F & .\. M.; Am. Inst, of Mining 
Engineers; Engineers Club of San Francisco, 
Olympic Club. 433 California St., Suite 901; 
res. 3650 Washington St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Price. Merton James 

Born San Francisco. Cal.; A. B. 1913; M. D. 
1916; Nu .Sigma Nu; Asst. Surgeon U. S. Navy. 
1015 Divisadcro St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Shaul, Gilbert Lafayette, Jr. 

Born Clarinda, Iowa; Tennis 1910; General 
Mgr. Torrens Title Co.; Formerly Cashier East 
San Diego State Bank; Sec University Club; 
Member University Club. Watts Bldg.; re'. 
4034 Park Blvd., San Diego, Cal. 




Spalding", Thomas Richard 

Born Los Angeles, Cal. ; Lawyer. 201 Exchange 
Bldg.; res. 134 N. (lates St., 'Los Angeles, Cal. 

Thoburn, James Harold 

Born Richmond, Va.; Skull and Snakes; Qua- 
drangle Club; Football 1910-12; Capt. Football 
1913; With Oil Supply Dept., Southern Pacific 
R. R. Co. Casmalia; res. Middlctown, Cal. 


Brawley, William Parkhurst 

Born 'Seattle, Wash., Jan. 1, 1890; Freshman 
Football; Sales Manager Winton Motor Car 
Co.; Officers' Reserve Corps; Member Arctic 
Club; Elks; Young Men's Business Club. 1107 
E. Pine St.; res. SOI 14th Ave. N., Seattle, 

Edwards, Alfred Rice 

Born Santa Barbara, Cal,, Dec. 14, 1891; A. B. 
1914; Plii Delta Phi; Track Team (3 yrs.); 
Winner Irish Marathon 1913; Salesman United 
States Steel Products Co.; Sec. 1912 or 1913; 
Pres. 1915; Member Olympic, Press and 
Menlo Country Clubs. 6th Floor Rialto Bldg., 
San Francisco; res. 1024 Ramona St., Palo 
Alto, Cal. 

Forster, Joseph Harold 

Initiated by N. Dakota Alpha 1914. 

Gamble. Laimcelot James 

Born Millersburg, Ky. ; Class Baseball Team; 
Farming: Member Mechanical Engineering 
Soc. Midd'etovvM, Lake Co., Cal. 

Glover, Herbert Field 

(313 O. T. Johnson Building. Los Angeles, Cal.) 

Hoffman, J[ohn] Roy 

Born Storm Lake, Iowa, 1887; V'ice-Pres. of 
Smith, Booth, Usher; Member Alumni Assn.; 
American Soc. of Mechanical Engineers; Engi- 
neers and Architects Assn.; Univ. Club; 
Formerly Member Sierra Madre Club of Los 
Angeles. 228 Central Ave.; res. 1121, 4th 
Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Noble, Ralph Matthews 

Initiated by 111. Delta 1911. 

Roberts, Richard Evan 

Born Pittsburgh, Pa,; A. B. 1914; J. D. 1916; 
Phi Delta Phi; Banker; Member Los Angeles 
Athletic and Redlands Country Clubs. San 
Bernardino Natl, Bank, San Bernardino; res. 
448 Brooksidc Ave., Redlands, Cal. 

Wells, Edwin Adams 

Sword and Sandals; Ram's Head; Bank Clerk; 

Member University (^lub. American National 

Bank; res. 4041 Hillcrest Drive, San Diego, 


Hails, Alan Walter 

R. F. D. No. 2, Santa Barbara, Cal. 

McClure, Richard y\lfred 

Initiated Tcnn. Alpha 1914. 

McClurg, Verner Blackinore 

A. B, 1915. (Mass. Inst, of Technology, Bos- 
ton, Mass.) 

McLaughlin, Charles Porter 

Born Ouiticy, Plumas County, Cal., .Sept. 27, 
1891; Attorneyat-l,aw; Assoc, with C. E. Mc- 
Laughlin; ,'\tty. for .Sacramento Valley Bank 
and Trust Co.; Retail ^Merchants' Assn. of 
Sacramento; Member Machine Cun Co., 2nd 
Cal. Infantry; Border Service at Nogalcs, Ariz., 
1916; Member Univ. Club (Sacranjcnto) ; Native 
Sons of (Jolden West (3d V.-Pres.). Parlor 3; 
807-811 Forum Bldg.; res. 2000 X St., .Sacra- 
mento. Cal. 

Ogden, Laurence Armstead 

Born Tulare, Cal.; Sub. on \arsity Football 
Team, 1913-14; Rancher; General Foreman, 
Carmel Cattle Co., 3-C Ranch; Student Member 
American Institute of Electrical Engineers. 
Care of 3-C Ranch, Wasco, Kern Co., Cal. 

Schnetzler, Stanley Stols 

Born Beaver Dam, W^s.; A. B. 1917; Pres. 
Nestoria Debating Soc; Sec. to Pres. Leland 
Stanford Jr. Univ.; Student; Contributor Stan- 
ford Illustrated Review. 315 Ramona Bide.. 
Palo Altto, Cal. 

Spalding, Philip Edmunds 

Born Minneapolis, JNIinn.; Track Squad; Base- 
ball Squad; General Contractor with Spalding 
Construction Co.; Member Oahu. Country and 
Univ. Clubs. 406 Kauikeolani Bldg., Kahaiua, 
Honolulu, T. H. 

Stevens, Lloyd Croasmun 

Initiated by Ore. Alpha 1915. 

Thoburn, Wilbur William 

Born Mayfield, Cal.; Fresh. Football; Glee 
Club; Farmer. IVfiddletown, Lake Co., Cal. 


Croft, Willard Cameron 

Born Hopewell, Pa.; Hotel Proprietor, Beau- 
mont Hotel; Sec and Treas. H. A. C. Tunnel 
and Mining Co. 3d St., Ouray, Colo. 

Hayes, Elystus Lyon 

Born Edenvale, Cal., 1895; A. B 1916; J. D. 
1918; Phi Delta Phi; Class Football; Class 
Baseball; Member Executive Committee of 

Students' Body Univ. Conference. Edenvale, 

Hollister, Felton Stow 

Born San Luis Obispo, Cal.; Mandolin and 
Glee Clubs; Football; Traveling Supervisor of 
Agents, Niagara Life Ins. Co. Niagara Life 
Bldg.; res. Hotel Graystone, lohnston Park, 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

Jackson, P>liss 

Initiated by Cal. Alpha 1916. 

Jordan, Charles William 

Born Ouray, Colo.; Assistant Engineer Nevada 
Consolidated Copper Co.; Member Geology and 

Mining .Soc. Ruth, Ne\ . 


Cross, Joseph Cameron 

Born Uhrichsville, Ohio. 1891; A. B. 1917; 
Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; Member 
English Club (Pres); Sword and Sandals, 
Harnmer and Coffin Soc; Press, French and 
.Sociology Clubs; Senior Farce Committee; News 
Editor Daily Palo Alto; Staff Chapparal, 1917 
Quad; Member Cast "Quality Street," Fresh- 
man Vaudeville; "Ready Moncv"; "Pillars of 
Society"; "A Good Woman;" "Stop Thief;" 
|Thc Great Divide;" "Seven Keys to Baldpate;" 
"Le Frere Aine" and 1918 Junior Opera, "A 
Pirate for . ,\ Day." 350 Spruce St., San 
Francisco, Cal. 

Griffin, Rol^ert Allen 

Itn'tiatcd by Colo. Alpha 1916. 

Mammon, Glenn 

(3650 Washington St., San Francisco, Cal.) 

Kester, Edgar Grossman 

Born Fairfield, HI., 1893; Phi Delia Phi; Var- 
sity Football 1916; Student; Pres. Cal Beta 
(Fall) 1916, (Spring) 1917. 1332 Grand Ave., 
Everett, Wash. 

Mattei, Albert Chester 

Horn Los Olivos, Cal., Marcli 26. 1894; .\. H. 
1917; Geology nad Mining Society; N'aisily 
Baseball; Student. Lo.s Olivos, Cal. 

Melvin, Bradford Morse 

(2263 Hobarl Blvd., Los Angelrs.) 


LAl.ll'OKXlA r.HTA 


Peterson. Eilwanl Burke 

Horn Tikamah, Nfbr.; Assistant to Supcrin_ 
icnilent of Coronaiio Hcach Co. U46 Rank of 
Coronado Bl.lg.. Coronado; res. 540 Hawthorne 
St.. San Diego. Cal. 

Russell, lohn Henrv 

Born Los Angeles. Cal.. 1894: A. B. 1917; 
<;vvord and Sandals: Knglish Club; l-reshman 
Crew; Class Crew; \arsity Crew ^quan: I" 
cast of "Quality Street"; "Sherwood ; btop 
Thief": "Great Divide"; "Seven Keys to 
Baldpatc"; Student. 6th and Olive Sts.; res. 
226.^ S. Hobart Blvd.. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Stanley. Herbert Mark 

Born San Francisco. Cal.; C.eology and Min- 
ing Soc.; Glee Club. -'69 Hawthorne Ave., 
Palo Alto. Cal. 


Bateman. Frederick \\'ard 

Born Salida. Cole. 1896; Hockey Team 1917. 
8J9 F St., Salida. Colo. 

Earl. Harlev T. 

Born HoUv'wood. Cal.; Class Track; Footba; 
Varsity Track Squad; Soph, Pres.; Basketball. 
Mem. firm of Earl Auto W orks, Sunset Blvd., 
Hollywood, Cal. 

Edniands. \\'illiam Hammond 

Initiated Cal. Alpha 1918. 

FersTuson. Donald Kelly 

Born Enid. Okla., Jan. 12, 1895; Dramatics, 
Stanford Unit Reserve Officers' Training Corps; 
Student; Member San Diego Rowing Club. 
2612, 5th St., San Diego, Cal. 

Greve, Frank Henry 

Born Los Angeles, Cal., Feb. 24, 1895; Class 
Football Team, 1914; Varsity Basketball Team 
1917. 1555 Poinetta PI . Los Angeles, Cal. 

Hart, Alfred 

Born Aberdeen, Wash.; Baseball Captain; 
Manager Hathwood Lumber Camp. Res. Aber- 
deen, Wash. 

Kneass. Edward Daniel. Jr. 

Born Oakland, Cal., Aug. 1. 1893; Sigma Delta 
Chi- English and Press Clubs; On staff of 
Stanford Quad., Daily Palo Alto and Stanford 
Illustrated Review; Stanford Unit, Reserve 
Officers' ' Training Corps; Dramatics: Class 
Treas. (2); Student; Reporter San Francisco 
Chronicle; Member Olympic Club. Olympic 
Club, San Francisco, Cal. 

Perrv, Samuel S. 

Born New York, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1895; Student. 
807 S. Catalina St., Los Ange'.es, Cal. 

Sears, Edward Albert, Jr. 

Born Huntsville, Mo., 1897; Student. 2553 
Front St., San Diego, Cal. 


Abbott. William Lindley 

Born San Francisco, Cal.. 1897; Student. 2105 
Vallejo St., San Francisco, Cal. 


Brt>wn. IlaroKl Austin 

r.iini Kiowa, Kaiis.. 18')5; Cicologv and Mining; 
Freshman Crew Race, 1916; Football. 2020 W. 
IJtli St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

LliaiuUer, Henry A. 

Born Spirit Lake, Iowa, 1896; Mining and 
Metalhuuv: Class Haseball (2); Student. 3929, 
4th St., San Diego. Cal. 

Cojipcs. Ward Elden 

Born Nappance, Ind.; Class Basketball; Var- 
sity Basketball Squad; Student. Palo Alto, 

Flood. Randolph Gove 

Born Yokohama, Japan, 1896; Football Squad; 
Swimming Team Squad; Student. 2865 Union 
St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Foster, Parker \'oorhees 

Born Cincinnati, Ohio, May 4, 1895; Fresh- 
man Track Team (1); Varsity Track Squad (1) 
and (2). 6928 Hawthorne Ave., Los Angeles, 

yes, Loy Bassett 

Born at Edenvale, Cal.; Student. Edenvale, 

Hudson. Robert Smith 

Born DeWitt, Neb.; Merchant; V.-Pres. and 
Mgr. The Hudson Co.; Masonic connections. 
215-217 Main St. and S. 7th St., Goshen, Ind. 


Anderson. Charles Milton 

Born Los Angeles, 1891; Student. 432 S. 
Broadway; res. 2211 Budlong Ave.. Los An- 
geles, Cal. 

Aubert, Llovd Lees 

Born San Francisco, Cal., April 25, 1898; 
Freshman Football Team (Capt.), 1916. 220 
Clark Drive, San Mateo Park. San Mateo, Cal. 

Davis, Francis Ramsdell 

Born Brookline. Mass., June 18, 1898; Football 
and Track. San Mateo, Cal. 

Duncan. Robert 

Born Treadwell, Alaska. May 14, 1897; Mining 
and Geology; Reserve Officers' Training Corps; 
Student, res. 975 Hamilton .\ve., Palo Alto, 

Heath, Ronald Wavland 

Born San Jose. Cal., Feb. 11, 1898; Freshman 
Track. 1147 Ramona St., Palo Alto, Cal. 

Shiels. William C. E. 

Born Gilmerton, Scotland, Oct. 15, 1898. 6 
Lasuen, Stanford Univ., Stanford; res. 775 
Post St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Strain, Edward James, Jr. 

Born Marysville, Yuba Co., 'Ca!.. Oct. 23, 1898; 
.Stanford Unit Reserve Officers' Training Corps; 
Student. P. O. Box 514, Marysville, Yuba Co., 

Tilden. Heber Voorman 

Born San Francisco, Cal.. 1897. 90 West 
Clay Park, San Francisco, Cal. 

Wickersham, Frederick A. 

Student. 3311 Clay St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Wyckoff. Harry Wilson 

Student. 1145 Green St., San Francisco, Cal. 


Chartered May 31, 1902 


Boulder, Colorado 


Houston, James Garfield 

Born Pittsburgh, Pa.; A. B. 1903 Univ. of 
Pittsburgh; LL. B. 1903 do.; Heart and Dag- 
ger; Track Team; Glee Club; Editor School 
Paper Univ. of Pittsburgh; Lawyer; Member 
of Faculty Law School and Pres. Alumni Assn. 
Univ. of Pittsburgh; Member University and 
Stanton Heights Golf Clubs. 1363 Frick Bldg. 
Annex; res. 338 Pacific Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Stickney, Walter Coble 

Born Pictou, Sophiasburg Co., Ontario, Canada; 
LL. B. 1903; Lawyer; Member Sons Am. Revo- 
lution; A. F. and A. M. and Am. Geographical 

Soc. Lancaster, Cal. 


Ashley, Robert Warren 

Born Ouray, Colo., April 21, 1882; A. B. 1904; 
M. D. 1907 Harvard; Physician and Health 
Commissioner; Member of Staff St. Mark's 
Hospital; Dir. Utah Public Health Assns.; 
Postmaster Acacia Lodge 19 F. and A. M.; 
Utah Consistory 1 A. A. S. R. ; Officer Elkalah 
Temple A. A. O. N. M. S.; Past Patron Radiant 
Chapter 1912, O. E. S. ; Member Bonneville 
Club; County, State and Am. Med. Assns.; 
Am. Assn. for Advancement of Science. Pub- 
lic Safety Bldg.; res. 76, 1st Ave., Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

Davis, Thomas Charles 

Born Aberdare, Wales; LL. B. 1904; Delta 
Chi; Lawyer. 316-18 McClymards Bldg.; res. 
1209 Plum St., Massillon, Ohio. 

Gerth, Albert George 

Initiated by Iowa Alpha 1904. 

Richey, Alpha Lynn 

Manager Equitable Copper Co. (Rambler, 

Ryan, Stephen William 

Born Buena Vista, Colo.; Ph. B. 1902; LL. B. 
1904; Attorney-at-Law; Officer and Dir. in 
\'arious Coriiorations; Member K. of C. ; Royal 
Arcanum. 511 E. & C. Bldg.; res. 467 S. 
Logan St., Denver, Colo. 

Vance, Walter Dana 

Born Mt. Vernon, Ohio; Football and Baseball; 
Pres. and Genl. Mgr. Magnetic Motor Car Co. 
2050 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco; res. 819, 
59th St., Oakland. Cal. 


Ashley, Raymond Thornton 

(Tonopah, Nev.) 

Chaney, Hallack Feller 

B. S. in E. E. 1905; Electrical Engineer. 
(Windsor, Can.) 

Dunshee. Jay Dee 

Born ^klilton, Iowa, Dec. 30, 1882; M. D. 1908; 
Alpha Kappa Kappa; Physician and Surgeon; 
House Physician, Mercy Hosp., Davenport, 
Iowa, 1908; Member County and State Med. 
Socs.; Am. Med. Assn. 909 Baldwin St., Har- 
lan, Iowa. 

Fulwider, Harold 

Born Denver, Colo.; B. S. in E. E. 1905; Delta 
Oniicron ; Tau Beta Pi; Commercial Engineer; 
Member ]Mohawk Club. General Electric Co.; 
res. 124 Park Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Keller, Louis George 

Initiated by Ohio Theta 1905. 

Osborne. Leroy Dennison 

(Grand Junction, Colo.) 


Alderman. Dallas Geer 

(Sioux City, Iowa.) 

Beaty, Robert Ross 

Born Pueblo, Colo; (aeneral Business; V.-Pres. 
and Dir. following Banks, First National, Ord- 
way, Colo.; J. W. Beaty and Co., Manzanola, 
Colo.; First State Bank, Swink, Colo.; First 
State Bank, Syracuse, Kans. Manzanola, Colo. 

Evits, Bradley Watson 

Born Ewing, Nebr.; Freshmaa Football; Class 
Treas.; Commercial Artist; Member Hyde Park 
Choral. Bonnet-Brown, 223 W. Jackson St.; 
res. 3721 Lake Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Parker, George Lindsay 

Initiated by Ohio Beta 1906. 

Straver, Calvin John 

Born Cambridge City, Ind., Dec. 7, 1883; B. S. 
in E. E. 1906; Runts; Order Golden Crab; 
Capt. Baseball; \'ice-Prcs. Student Body; 
Member Athletic Bd. of Control; Commercial 
Engineer General Elec. Co. 410, 3rd Ave. N., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 


Annis, Wacie Dwight 

.\. B. 1907; Agriculturist. Dover, Colo. 

Daniels, Harry Donaghe 

(1520 E. 32nd\\ve., Denver, Colo.) 

Ferguson, Claude 

B. A., 1906. (Stanford University, Cal.) 

Hubbard, Edward, Jr. 

Horn Boulder, Colo. :\\. B. 1908 Clark Coll.; 
Mining Engineer; Mem. Boulder Lodge No. 45, 
A. F. and A. M.; Elks No. 566. Pecor 
Mines Co., Inc., \'alley Ranch, N. Mex. 

Kellog, John William* 

Born Battle Creek, Mich.; Lord Mansfield 
Club; d. April 1, 1907, Battle Creek, Mich. 

Lannon, Edward Thomas 

I'.Mrn Ahxandria, Xa.; A. B. 1905; LL. B. 


lOl.ORADC) Al.rilA 


1907; Manager Senior Class Play 1907; Law- 
yer; Rcfcrtc in Hankruplcy, (San Diego Co., 
Cal.); Sec. Mission Restoration Commission; 
Xleniber I'niv. Clnb of San Diego; Elks; 
Knights of Cohnnbus. 505 Sonthern Title 
n..lg. ; res. 3536 I'ront St., San Diego, Gal. 

I.ightlnirn. Cliarles McConnell 

"n..rn Moiinilsvillc \V. Va.; Mandolin Club; 
Civil Engineer and llrauglitsnian D. & R. G. 
R. R.; Engineer D. L. & N. \V. R. R.; Member 
Alumni Assn. Colo. Society of Civil Engineers. 
SIO Eqiiitah'e Bldg.; res. 4145 Clay St., Den- 
VI r, tolo. 

.McCiitclieon. Robert Joseph (formerly 
Robert M. Rhoads) 

r.orn Denver, Colo.; Stenographer and Clerk, 
Colo. Fuel and Iron Co.; Author "The Gregg 
Writer" (New York City); Gregg Shorthand 
Magaciiie (Liverpool). 820 Bobton B'dg.: res. 
1484 Cherry St., Denver, Colo. 

^[itchel. Herbert Wilson 

Born St. Clairsvillc. Ohio; LL. B. 1908; Phi 
Delta Phi; Sphinx; Lawyer; Affiliated Ohio 
Zeta 1908. St. Clairsville, Ohio. 

Snyder. Earle Tyndall 

Born Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., Pa.; A. 
B. 1908: LL. B. 1911: Crabbers; Phi Delta 
Phi: Varsitv Baseball 1905-08; Capt. Baseball 
1908: ' Varsity Basket Ball 1907-08; Capt. 
Basket Ball 1908: Lawyer: Member Occidental 
Lodge No. 20 A. F. and A. M. Greeley Opera 
House Bldg.; res. 1730, 7th Ave., Greeley, 

TifiFany, Ralph Willard Lincoln 

(1856 Sherman St., Denver, Colo.) 


P.liss. Walter Ernest 

Born Creston, Iowa, 1881; Grad. as Special 
Student 1909 Univ. of Michigan; Lawyer. 
Room 14, 1st Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 921, 13th 
St., Greeley, Colo. 

Bonnell. Benton Lee 

Born Loveland, Colo.; Merchant; Member 
Masons: B. P. O. Elks. 129, 4th St.; res. 
605 Lincoln Ave., Loveland, Colo. 

Brown, John William 

B. A. "l908: Mining. (Cripple Creek, Colo.) 

Coultrap. Harry Mansfield 

Initiated by Ohio Gamma 1904. 

Ferris. Livingston Polk 

Born Westchester Co., N. Y.; A. B. 1908; B. 
S. in E. E. 1911 Mass. Institute of Technology 
Pres. E. E. Soc. 1910-11; Electrical Engineer 
with Am. Telephone and Telegraph Co.: En- 
gaged in engineering research for Joint Com- 
mittee on Inductive Interference (Cal. for past 
4 yrs.) ; Member Engineers' Club of San Fran- 
cisco. 195 Broadway. N. Y. C; temporary res. 
Berkeley, Cal. 

Lamb. Tames Graham 

A. B." 1908. CPueblo Smelter, Pueblo, Colo.) 

Lo.s:an. Hal Helm 

Initiated by Texas Beta 1907. 

McCanna. Edwin Thomas 

Born McCanna. \. Dak.; Farmer; Affiliated 
Minn. Alpha 1908. McCanna. N. Dak. 

McCov. Ralph Zenas 

(Billings, Mont.) 

Neece. James Reuben 

Born Mexia, Texas. Nov. 6, 1886; \'ice-Pres. 
T. R. Xeeee Lumber Co.; Member Dallas and 
Corsicana Clubs; B. P. O. E. 121 West 3d 
Ave.; res. 2101 West 5th Ave., Corsicana, 

Whittaker, Herbert 

(X'ictor, Colo.) 


Carmicluicl. Earl Keller 

Born Limestone, Pa.; M. D.; Football; Phy- 
sician; Interne Co. Hosp.. Denver, Colo.; Mem. 
Trinidad Clnb 1017 Grant .\ve., Trinidad, 

Carmichael, Paul W'ile.s 

Physician. (547 Boca St., Trinidad, Colo.) 

Castello. Charles 

Born Florissant, Colo.; Crabbers; Pres. Fresh- 
man class; .\sst. Football Mgr.; Pres. Mary Mc- 
Kinney Mining Co. (Cripple Creek, Colo.); 
Director Mine Owners' Assn.; Member Colo- 
rado Springs f^olf and Winter Night Clubs. 
306 Exchange Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. .\cacia 
Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Castellucci, Fred Adolph* 

Born New York, N. Y.; M. D. 1909; Theta Nu 
Epsilon; Omega Upsilon Phi; Mandolin and 
Glee Clubs; Delegate Pittsburgh Convention, 
d. March 9, 1912, Bangor, Pa. 

Fimple. Lorin Simmons 

Born Pncb'o, Colo.; D. D. S. 1909; Psi Omega 
(Denta'): Pres. Students' Organization Denver 
L'niv., 1916-17- Pres. H. A. Fynn Literary 
Soc; Doctor of Dental Surgery; Editor for 
Denver L^^niv. Annual Publication The Knvews- 
bok; Member Pueblo Golf Club; Pueblo D'ental 
Assn. 620 Thatcher Bldg.; res. 1325 Green- 
wood St., Pueblo, Colo. 

Gill. Arthur William 

(1316, 15th St., Greeley, Colo.) 

Hamilton, John Scott 

Born Lincoln, Neb.; Lawyer; Affiliated with 
Iowa Beta 1910. Stevenson Bldg.; res. Seventh 
and Locust Sts., Ft. Madison, Iowa. 

Hodson, Charles Mark 

LL. B. 1909. (Galesburg, 111.) 

McPheeters. James Douglas Laurance 

Born Natchez," Miss.; B. A. 1909; M. D. 1912, 
Columbia Univ.; Camp Surgeon, Reserve Offi- 
cers' Training Camp, Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga.; Mem- 
ber Mountain City Golf and Country Clubs; 
Camp Hospital R. O. T. C, Ft. Oglethorpe, 
Ga.; res. 21 Hogshead Apt., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Morrow, Henry Thomas 

Born Cincinnati, Ohio, Jan. 27, 1885; A. B. 
1909; LL. B. 1911; Phi Delta Phi; Theta Nu 
Epsilon; D. V. V.; Torch and Shield; Heart 
and Dagger; Won Oratorical Contest; Assistant 
Editor Annual; Debating Team; Lawyer; Capt. 
Commanding Co. H, First Infantry, Ohio 
National Guard; Instr. Y. M. C. A. (Law 
School) ; Associate Editor Codification of 
Franchise Ordinances, Cincinnati; Member 
City and Ouickworth Clubs: Scottish Rite 
Mason. 99"Carew Bldg.; res. 947 Chateau 
Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Sevier, Charles Dines 

Initiated by ^lo. Beta 1906. 

Smith, Ralph Carlyle 

Born Elizabeth, Colo., 1888; Glee Club and 
other Musical Societies; Composer and Playj 
wright; Owner and Producer of "A Cafe 
Romance" (Philadelphia): Played with Stew- 
art Opera Co., "The Girl Question;" Wrote 
and Produced Original Operettas "The Chap- 
eron," "The Moon Goddess" in collaboration 
with Ben Boyd: Composer of "Heart of Mine;" 
"Lost Melody;" "Dreams of a Honeymoon;" 
and other popular successes; Member Denver 
Symphony. 420 Barth Bldg.; res. 1611 Hum- 
boldt St., Denver, Colo. 

Twitchell, Goudy Ledbetter* 

Born Elizabethtown, 111. d. Sept. 3, 1906, 
Denver, Colo. 





Brandenburg, Harmon Paul 

Born Washington, D. C; M. D. 1910; Omega 
Upsilon Phi; Roentgenologist; Member Denver t 
Rotary Club. 155 Metropolitan Bldg.; res. 1560. 1 
Milwaukee St.. Denver, Colo. j 

Fairlev. Leon Stanford 

LL. "B. 1910. (P. O. Box 274. Seattle, Wash.) 

Furrow. Elmer Otis 

Initiated bv 111. Eta 1908. 

Scott, Ralph Albert 

Born Denver. Colo.; B. S. 1910; Alpha Chi 
Sigma; \'ulcan (Charter member); Order of 
Golden Crab; Pres. Colo. Alpha 1910; District 
Manager (Salt Lake City) Denver Rock Drill 
Mfg. Co.; Member University and Silver Bow, 
(Butte, Mont.) Clubs. 115 West 2nd So. St.; 
res. 27S East 1st So. St., Salt Lake City, 

Thurman. Ren L. 

Initiated by 111. Zeta 1910. 

Zimmers, Harry Milton 

(Seattle. Wash.) 


Beck, Marsal 

Initiated by 111. Alpha 1909. 

Bonnell. Herbert Forman 

Born Loveland, Colo.; LL. B. 1911; Member 
Student Bodv Commis., 1910; Athl. Bd., 1910; 
Pres. Student Body, 1911; Lawyer. 131 E. 
4th St.; res. 1312 Lincoln St., Loveland, Colo. 

Bowler. Samuel Edward 

(Student in A. & M. College, Texas). 

Haley, John Leslie 

Born Ada, Ohio; B. S. in E. E. 1914; Sigma 
Tau; Crabber; Electrical Engineering Soc. ; 
\'ulcan; Baseball, coach 1913-14; Traveling 
Auditor, H. L. Doherty & Co. 60 Wall St., 
New York. N. Y. 

Hamsher, John Leslie 

Born Hastings, Nebr.; Chief Clerk M S. T. 
and T. Co. 1421 Champa St.; res. 1409 Court 
Place, Denver, Colo. 

Hill. C. Ernest* 

Born Richwood, Ohio; Omega Upsilon Phi. 
rl. March 4. 1911, Richmond, Va. 

Knapper, Charles Merle 

(Phillipsburg, Pa.) 

Mills, Edgar Irving 

(567 Gilpin St., Denver, Colo.) 

Morris, Sidney McCogg 

Initiated by 111. Eta 1910. 

Ortner, Roy Earl 

Born Denver, Colo.; Gamma Eta Kappa; Foot- 
ball; Automobiles. 210-212 W. 7th St., Pueblo, 

Wilson, Thornton Arnold 

^Agncs Memorial Sanitarium, Denver, Colo.) 

Youtsey. Otho Elbert='= 

Born Ft. Collins, Colo., May 14, 1888; Track; 
Electrical Engineer; Meinbcr Electrical Club, 
d. Oct. 15, 1915. 


Bottum, Frank 

Born Faulkton, S. Dak.; LL. B. 1912; Phi 
Alpha Delta; Theta Nu Epsilon; Scoop Club, 
(local Newspaper writers Univ. of Colo.); 
.Attorney at-Law; City Attorney. Bonncrs 
Ferry, Idaho. 

Bradbury. Phillip Moore 

(Phoenix, Ariz.) 

Bradbury, Walter Francis 

(Phoenix, .Ariz.) 

Des Brisay, George Stephen 

Born Earned, Kans":; B. S. in C. E. 1912; Tau 
Beta Pi; Vulcan; Junior Hon. Eng. Soc; Engi- 
neer, Kansas Citv Structural Steel Co. Kan- 
sas City Structural Steel Co.; res. 1531 S. 17th 
St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Des Brisay, Lestock Peach Wilson 

Born Lamed. Kans. ; Mining. Oatman, .\riz. 

Gundrum, Richard Warren 

(2248 Lawrence Ave., Toledo, Ohio.) 

Kimbrough, George Francis 

Born Denver. Colo.; LL. B. 1912; Order of 
Golden Crab; Secretary Sharman Auto Co.; 
Member R. .\. M. 749 Broadway; res. 1350 
Grant St., Denver, Colo. 

McConlev, George Elmer, Jr. 

Born Sterling, Colo.; LL. B. 1913; Mimes, 
Comedy Club; Attorney-at-Law; Affiliated Mich. 
Alpha 1912. 201 First National Bank Bldg.;' 
res. 127 Taylor St., Sterling, Colo. 

Page, Wilfred Leroy 

Born Tribune, Kans.; B. S. (E. E.) 1912; Arch. 
Society, Vulcan; Tau Beta Pi; Track Team, 
1909-11; Asst. to Electrical Eng.; Minidoka, 
Project U. S. R. S. U. S. R. S. Minidoka, 

Pierce, George Alexander 

(136 S. Sherman St., Denver, Colo.) 

Pigg, Wilfred L. 

'See Page, Wilfred L. 


Bogue, Joseph Creswell 

Born Denver, Colo.; B. in Chem. Engr. 1914 
Univ. of Mich.; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Tau Beta 
Pi; Alchemists; Vvtlcan; Treasurer Wheelock- 
Bogue Co.; Affiliated Mich. Alpha 1914. 141 
Milk St., Boston; res. 28 Commonwealth Road, 
Watertown, Mass. 

Dwyer, Harold Edward 

(1623 Detroit St., Denver, Colo.) 

Fink, Frank Geoffrey 

Born Montrose, Colo.; Phi Alpha Delta; Trav- 
eling Salesman Underwood Typewriter Co.; 
Member B. P. O. Elks. Care The Underwood, 
41 E. Broadway, Butte, Mont. 

James, S[trawder] Marvin 

Born Kingston, Ohio; Theta Nu Epsilon; Real 
Estate; Manager Real Estate Dept., Paul B. 
Gaylord & Co.; Member Denver Civic and Com- 
mercial Assn.; Denver Real Estate Exchange; 
Alumni Assn.; Denver Athletic Club. 102 Con- 
tinental Bldg.; res. 2635 Bellaire St.. Denver. 

Leach, Wintlirop Worcester 

Born Ncwtonville, Mass,; A. B. 1913; A4pha 
Chi Sigma (Chem.); Pres. Freshman Engineers; 
Pres, Sophomore Class; Junior Prom. Commit- 
tee; 2nd Lieut, U, S, Army; Late Chief Chem- 
ist Globe Plant American Smelting and Refin- 
ing Co,; Member Minncqua Club (Pueblo, 
Colo,), 3257 St., Denver, Colo, 

Middaugh, Asa Freeman 

(Del Norte. Colo,) 

Millikin, Eugene Donald 

(611 Maple Ave, Hamilton, Ohio,) 

Moses, Raymond George 

Born Buffalo, N, Y,; Grad, U. S. Military Acad- 
emy, West Point, 1916; Member Arch.; Capt. 
Corps, of Engineers U, S. Army. Care Ad- 
jutant Gen. U. .S. Army, Washington, D. C; 
Coro/.al, Canal Zone, Panama. 




Wallace. Willarcl Wright 

Bom Denver. Colo.; LL. ». 1914; Theta Nu 
Epsilon; Lawvcr; Member Toltcc and Univer- 
sity Clubs. 303 Caples Bldg.; res. 1000 ban 
Antonio St.. El Paso Texas. 


Rimer. Albert lienrv 

(BouUlcr. CoK..) 

Bowler, lames Richard 

Horn Belle Plaine. Minn.: Bank Clerk. First 
National Bank; res. 115 Lewis St., Pendleton, 

Champion. Robert E>e Lisle 

Born L'nionvillc. Mo.; Arch. Soc; Varsity Base- 
ball. 191-»: witli Midwest Refining Co.; Mem- 
ber Denver Country Club. 914. 1st Natl. Bank 
Bldg.; res. 1396 Josephine St., Denver, Colo. 

Miller. Terry John 

(Steamboat Springs, Colo.) 

Paije. Frank Burton (formerly Pigg) 

Born Denver. Colo.; Phi Delta Phi; Track 
Team. 191J; Football, 1911-1.'; -Arch. Soc; As- 
MStant in Hardware Dept., Morey Merchant 
Co.; Member Alumni Assn. 16th and Wynkopp 
Sts.; res. 850 S. Penn. Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Reynolds. James Price 

Born Philadelphia, Pa.; Arch. Soc. Great 
Western Sugar Co.. Bayard, Nebr. 

Richie. Tames King 

Born Georgetown. 111.; B. S. 1911 Univ. of 111.; 
Eta Kappa Xu; Electrical Engr. Soc. (Univ. of 
111.); Varsity Track. 1908-09-11; Varsity Foot- 
ball. 1908; Capt. Championship Class Football, 
1910: Electrical Engineer. Care Spang & Co.; 
res. 803 Walker Ave., Butler, Pa. 

Richie. Wilson Leaverton 

Born Springfield, 111.; Member Sophomore Class; 
Champion Football Team. 1910, U. of 111.; 
Electrical Contractor; Collector for Danville 
Street Railway and Light Co., Georgetown, 111. 

Taubman, Morton McKinley 

Initiated by S. Dak. Alpha 1913. 

Wads worth, E. Lisle 

(Pueblo. Colo.) 

Wagner, Willard Burch 

Initiated by Mo. Alpha 1914. 


Atchison. Richard Bush 

Born Mexico, Mo.; Scoop Club (Univ. of 
Colo.); Dana Press Club (Univ. of Mo.); Ad- 
vertising Dept. A. W. Shaw Co. ; Publishers of 
"System Factory;" "System on The Farm." 5 
X. Wabash Ave. Care System Magasine; res. 
4526 Greenview Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Chambers, Robert Loren 

Born Colby. Kans., Jan. .24, 1892; Delta Theta 
Phi (Law) Univ. of Mich.; Pres. Freshman Law 
Class; Glee Club; Mandolin Club; Univ. Sex- 
tette (Univ. of Colo.); Young Men's Republican 
Club; Attorney-at-Law; Counsel for Colorado 
Springs Xatl. Bank; Shields Metzler Wholesale 
Grocerv Co.; Brown Commission Co.; Member 
El Paso Co. Bar Assn. 311 Bennett Bldg.; res. 
15 W. First St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

East, Henry Holland 

Born Ruby Wash.; Stockman. Tonasket, Okan- 
ogen Co., Wash. 

East, James Montgomery 

Born Whitman Co., Wash.; Arch. Soph. Soc; 
Fresh. Football; Rancher and Stockman. Ton- 
asket, Wash. 

Eaton, Rex Carr 

Born Eaton, Colo.; B. S. in Agr. 1915; Alpha 
Gamma Rho; Manager of Eaton Farms; Affili- 
ated with 111. Eta 1916. Eaton, Colo. 

I'lndlav, Rohcrl W illison 

Born' Denver, Colo.; Builder; Secretary Edward 
Secrie Company. 307 Electric Bldg.; ccs. Elks 
Club, Billings. Montana. 

Henderson. John Wallace 

Born Greelev, Colo.; LL. B. 1916; Phi Delta 

Phi; Attorney. Room 1011 First National 

Bank Bldg.; res. 1508 Ninth Ave, Greeley, 

Herrick. Myron Collins 

(Gunnison, Colo.) 

Lightburn, Martin Luther 

"(929 Pearl St., Denver, Colo.) 

Lindburg, Earl Richmond 

Initiated by Wash. Alpha 1914. 

]\IacPherson, Kenneth William 

Initiated by N. H. Alpha 1915. 

Overbey, Herchiel Reaves 

Born Lyles, Tenii. ; Sumalia; Baseball; Athletic 
Editor Silver and Gold; Sumalia Scholarship 
Society; Merchant; Sec. of Commercial Club. 
Iowa Park. Texas. 

Overbey. Joseph Franklin 

Born Beale Plantation, Tenn.; Baseball Squad; 
Civil Engineer; County Engineer (Wichita Co.). 
National Bank Commerce Bldg.; res. Kemp 
Kort, \\'ichita Falls, Texas. 

Smith, Robert James 

Born Sparta, 111.; A. B. 1915 Colorada State 
Teachers' College (Greeley); Phi Alpha Delta; 
Arch. Soc; Glee Club; Baseball; Basketball; 
Chemist American Smelting and Refining Co. 
American Smelting and Refining Co.; res. 2116 
Elizabeth St., Pueblo, Colo. 

Williams, Arthur Rheaume 

Born Denver, Colo.; Cashier Western Union 
Telegraph Co., Wilmington, Del. W. U. T. Co., 
820 Market St.; res. 826 West St., Wilmington, 


Beck, Howard Augustus 

(Aurora, Xev.) 

Blackwood, James Arnold 

Born Oakland County, Mich.; LL. B. 1916; Phi 
Delta Phi; Builder; Affiliated Mich. Alpha 1916. 
67 Melbourne Ave., Detroit. Mich. 

Childs. Richard Austin 

(2202 Hampton Ave., Columbia, S. C.) 

Dillon. Malcolm White 

Born Denver, Colo., June 9, 1896; Stud, Br. 
with Technical Staff of Great Western Sugar 
(3o.; Mem. Am. Soc. of ^Mechanical Engineers; 
K. of P. Box 624, Windsor, Colo. 

Downen, Donald Boislay 

(1632 Burlington Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.) 

Forhan, Clarence Edwin 

Born Crested Butte, Colo.; Phi Beta Pi; In- 
spector for Steel and Iron Co. 1314 Wabash 
Ave., Pueblo, Colo. 

Griffin, Robert Allen 

Born Kansas City, Mo., Sept., 1894; A B. 
1917 Leland Stanford Univ.; Sigma Delta Chi; 
Hammer- and Coffin; Press Club; Editor 1917 
Quad; Stanford Illustrated Rertcv.-; On staffs 
Chaparral and Sequoia; Major Reserve Officers 
Training Corps: Affiliated Cal. Beta 1917. Stan- 
ford University, Stanford Univ., Cal. 

Rusk, W'illard Weaver 

Born Rawlins, Wyo.; B. S. in C. E. 1916; 
Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Grad. with Honors; 
Instructor of Civil Engineering Univ. of Colo.; 
2d Lieut. Corps of Engrs., U. S. Xatl. Guard, 
Colo • Mem. Soc. for Promotion of Engineer- 
ing Education. Univ. of Colo., Boulder; res. 
ralisade, Colo. 




Stephens, Carl James 

Born Carson, Iowa. June 17, 189.'; A. B. 1916; 
Varsity Track, 1915-16; Varsity Track (Drake 
Univ.). 1913-14; Student; Historian Colo. Alplia, 
1916; Treas. Social Committee, 1917. 526, 8th 
St., Loveland, Colo. 

White, Kenneth Ingram 

Born Boulder, Colo.; Ch. E. 1916; Sigma Tau; 
, Alpha Chi Sigma; Chemist, National Chemical 
Copper Co. 1305 University Ave., Boulder, 


Eastman. Harold Lee 

Born Augusta. 111., Feb. 24, 1896; Pi Sigma; 
Pres. Colo. Alpha, 1916-17: Warden, 1914-15; 
Chorister, 1914-16; Fresh. Football Team, 191.i; 
Varsity Football Team, 1914-16; Univ. ISIadolin 
Club. 1916; Glee Club, 1917; Univ. Orchestra, 
1917; Student. 604 Maplcton Ave., Boulder, 

Hmkley. H[enry] Lawrence 

Born Sterling, Colo., 1896; Chairman House 
Committee; Warden Colo. Alpha; Member 
Colo. Union. Chapter House, 1107, 13th St., 
Boulder; res. 303 S. 3rd St.. Sterling, Colo. 

Kelly, Will Abbott 

Born Muscatine, Iowa, Nov. 12, 1895; Phi 
Delta Phi; Arch.; Scoop Club; Chapter Mgr. ; 
Student. 1107, 13th St., Boulder, Colo., and 
1022 Hinman Ave., Evanston, 111. 

McCoy. Lewis Jeffersen 

Born Sistersville, W. Va.; Student. 725 Spruce 
St., Boulder, Colo. 

]\IcLean. James AA'athen 

Born Kingston, Ohio, July 20, 1893; Theta Nu 
Epsilon: Pres. Freshman at House; Salesman 
Ford Motor Co.: iMaster Mason; Blue Lodge 
93, A. F. & A. M.; Member Denver Athletic 
Club. The Turner-Dicgel Motor Co.; res. 1535 
Grant St.. Denver, Colo. 

Mathew, Steere de Montfort 

Born Chicago. 111.; B. S. in E. E. 1917; Sigma 
Tau; Arch. Soc; Booster Club; Pres. Com- 
bined Engineers Univ. of Colo.; Senior Prophet, 
1917; Valuation Dept. Denver Gas & Electric 
Lijht Co. Denver Gas & Electric Bldg. ; res. 
535 Pennsylvania St., Denver, Colo. 

O'Keefe, Eugene 

Born Leavenworth, Kans., 1895; Cross Country 
Team; Freshman Football Squad; On staff of 
Silver and Gold; Fresliman Debating Soc; 
Banking, First National Bank. Box 305 Digh- 
ton, Kans. 

Richards. Percv John 

Born San Jose, Cal.; Electrochemical Society; 
Arch. Society; Assayer with J. W. Richards. 
1118, 19th St.; res. 657 Elizabeth St., Denver. 

Sandhouse, Raymond Mirick 

Born Monticellol Iowa, 1893; A. B. 1915. 916 
Grandview, Boulder, Colo. 


Dugan, Ashley Hall 

Born Smith Center, Kans.; Salesman, The Wil- 
liamson-Halsell-Frasicr Co. 116 S. 13th St., 
Chickasha, Okla. 

I'Lckel, Raymond Earle 

Born Buffalo, 111., 1896; Sigma Tau; Warden 
Colo. Alpha. 3375 West 37th Ave., Denver, 

Elam, Roy J 

Born Lamar, Mo., March 13, 1897; Chorister 
and Historian of Colo. .\l|)ha; Member I'inatice 
Committee; Players Club. 1107, 13th St., 
Boulder, Colo.; res. 620 N. Grand Ave., Enid, 

Evans, Edwin A an Meter 

Born Bedford, Iowa; Torch and Shield; Su 
malia; Freshman Football, 1914; Varsity Foot 
ball. 1915-16; Capt. Football, 1917; Baseball 
1915-16; Basketball, 1914-15; Track, 1915; Stu 
dent; Mem. Colorado Union; Boosters Club 
res. 508 Sumner St., Sheridan, Wyo. 

Hinkley, Tracy Luther 

Born Sterling, Colo., 1894; Reporter, 1916-17; 
Deputy Clerk Co. Assessor's Office, Logan Co., 
Colo. 1107, 13th St., Boulder; res. 303 S. 
3d St., Sterling, Colo. 

Irion. Clarence Eugene 

Bonn Abilene. Kana. ; Laboratory Assistant 
Dept. of Chemistry Univ. of Chicago (Student 
of Chemistry) ; Kent Chemical Laboratory, 
Univ. of Chicago. 10535 S. Hayne Ave., 
Chicago, HI.; res. 1151 Marion St., Denver, 

Knowles, Samuel Etnyre 

Born Texarkana, Ark.: Scribblers Club; Assoc. 
Editor Coloradoan (Junior Annual); Asst. 
Manager Sitter and Gold. Briggsdale, Colo. 

McClellan. George Russell 

_ iiZi N. Adams St., Enid. Okla.) 

Pierce, Charles Brown 

Born Denver, Colo., 1896. 1318 California St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Rymer, Donald Hugh 

Born Wilson, Kans.; Sigma Tau; Student; 
Member Co. B, Engineer. U. S. N. G. of Colo. 
Edgewater. Colo 

Scarborough, Bryan Freeman 

Born Newton. Iowa, Aug. 24, 1896; Arch. So- 
ciety; Junior Prom. Committee; Student. 1431 
Glenarm St., Denver, Colo. 

Southwell, Fred B. 

Born Hebron, Nebr.; Alpha Gamma Rho; 
Band; Student. Maitland, Mo. 

Streator, Frank Barton 

Born Denver, Colo.; With Curtiss Aeroplane & 
Motor Corp. 1738 Elmwood Ave.; res. 1019 
Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

AV'ear, Harry H 

Born Meeker, Cdio.; Univ. of Colo. Debating 
Club; Track (1) (2); Cross Country (3); Stu- 
dent of IMedicine. Meeker, Colo. 

West. Frank H. 

Born Durango, Colo. 419 W. 8th St., Pueblo, 

\\'illiams. Thomas Benjamin 

Born Hendcrsonville, N. C. ; Assistant Cashier. 
Armour & Co.; res. 123, 11th St., Miami, Fla. 


Allev. Andrew Asbury 

(Rine, Colo.) 

Ball, Wright Ovvings 

(Meeker. Colo.) 

Decker, Harold [ohnson 

Born Adams, N. V.; Wholesale Oil. 1824, 7th 
.\ve. ; res. Colonial .\pts., Greeley, Colo. 

Du]:)rec, J fames] William 

Born Baton Roukc La., Nov. 22, 1898; Arch. 
.Soc; Players Club; Tennis S(|uad, 1915-16; 
Varsity Tennis. 1916-17; Warden Colo. .^Ipha 
1917; Student. 205 Plant Ave. Tampa, Fla. 

Eastman. Leslie Klepper 

Born Augusta, III., 1898; Torch and Shield; 
Colorado Union; Varsity For)tl)all; Basketball; 
Freshman Football; Pres. Freshman Class; 
Sopliomore (iernian Committee. 604 Maplelon 
Ave, Boulder, Colo. 

Ferris, S. Hunt 

Born Carthajte, HI.. 1897; Arch. Soc; Fresh- 
man I'ootball; Student. 114 S. Fayette St., 
Carthage, HI. 




Herrick, David Hryan 

Bom Gunnison, Colo.; Student. Gunnison, 

Smith, Irvine^ Stanton 

(101 W. lOt'li St.. Pueblo, Colo.) 

Stribling-, Georg:e Epler 

U'-t.'O Colfa.x Blvd.. Denver, Colo) 

\\'orthing:ton. Riddle Wilkinson 

Born Birmingliam, Ala., 1896. Chapter 
House, 1107, 13th St., Boulder, Colo.; res. 
2 10'', 16fh Ave. S.. Birmingham, Ala. 


Deane. D. Richard 

Born Owensboro, Ky., March 27, 1896; Fresh- 
man Football; Student. 428 Allen St., Owens- 
boro, Ky. 

jeuelU John (Juincy 

Born at Clinton, Mass"., March 10, 1899; Fresh- 
man Football Mgr. ; Student. 1098 S. . Corona 
St., Dtnvtr, Colo. 

Schaper. Robert A. 

Born llavelock. Neb.; Freshman Football; De- 
bating Squad; Student. 1208 L St., Havelock, 

Sills. Carlton T. 

Born Gunnison, Colo., 1899; Univ. Band; De- 
bating Club; Student. Gunnison, Colo. 

Tanner, J. Porter 

Born Owensboro, Ky., 1897; P'i\>liman Foot- 
ball; Student. 1231 St. Ann Si , C)\vcnsboro, 

White, J. Herschel 

Born Detroit, Mich., 1897; Mgr. Football; 
Student. 110 Virginia Park, Detroit, Mich. 


Chartered January 3, 1913 


C01.0RAD0 Springs, Colorado 


Cort. William Walter 

Born State Center, Iowa; A. B. 1909; A. M. 
1911 Univ. of 111.; Ph. D. 1914 (111.); Sigma 
Xi; Pearson's Literary Soc; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Diplome cum laude; Football Team, 1906-08; 
Teacher of Zoology; Asst. Prof Zoology; Assoc. 
Biologist State Bd. of Health of Cal. ; Author of 
papers on "Animal Parasites;" "Egg Variations 
in a Trematode Species" ('Journal of Parasiteol- 
ogy Vol. 2) ; "North American Larval Trema- 
todes" (111. Biological Monographs Vol. 1); 
"North American Frog Lung Flukes;" (Trans- 
actions of American Microscopical Society Vol. 
34), etc.; Member Faculty Club, LTniv. of Cal.; 
Scientific and American Zoologists Socs. Dept. 
of Zoology, Univ. of Cal.; res. 1327 Walnut St., 
Berkeley, Cal. 

Rose, Charles Miller 

Born Mansfield, Pa.; A. B. 1909; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Lawyer. Opera House Blk., Pueblo, 


Coil, Henry Wilson 

Born Denison. Texas, Dec. 12, 1885; A. B. 
cum laude 1910; LL. B. cum laude 1912; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Phi Phi; Dele- 
gate to Natl. Convention Phi Delta Phi. 1914; 
One of the Founders of the Colo. Beta Chapter. 
Northcutt, Coil & Northcutt, Trinidad, Colo. 

Griswolcl, Lester Everett 

Born Starkville, Las Animas Co., Colo.; A. B. 
1910 Colo. Coll.; B. S. 1913 Carnegie Inst, of 
Technology; Charter Member, Alpha Tau Del- 
ta; Y. M. C. A.; Lake Geneva Delegate (1); 
Rocky Mountain Conference Delegate (2) ; 
Manager Y. M. C. A. Handbook (3); Secre- 
tary of the Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4); Apollonian 
Club (Literary and Debating) (1), (2); Treas- 
urer (3); V. -President (4); Chemistry Club 
(3), (4); Musical Clubs, Mandolin (2) (3), 
(4); Glee (3), (4); Associated Students, 
V. -President (4) ; Publications, Tiger Corres- 
pondent (2), (4); Engineering Editor (3); 
Bd. of Governors (4); Nugget (Annual) As- 
sistant Mgr. (3); Athletics Scrub Track; Social 
College "Chef" (1), (2), (3), (4); All of Colo. 
Coll.; Musical Club (3); Manager (4); "Sean- 
nachie" (Composed of the Presidents and Mana- 
gers of each student activity, and charged with 
the responsibility of directing student ac- 
tivities); Graduate Mgr. of Aiumni Bulletin 
Carnegie Inst, of Technology; Alumnus Vol. 1, 
all of Carnegie Inst, of Technology; Engineer 
and Factory Superintendent Ordinator Co. Inc., 
1913-17; Engineer Macbeth-Evans Glass Co., 
Domestic and Foreign Sales Departments, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. and New York, N. Y.. 191 31 7; 
Scout Master of Troops, 52-53 Pittsburgh Boy 
Scouts of Am.; V.-Pres. Life Saving Corps, Am. 
Red Cross Pittsburgh; Inventor, Lighting Fix- 
ture Patent No. 1224162 .\utomobile Headlight; 
Patents Pending "Macbeth Lens;" Show Case 

Lighting Fixture; Show Window Lighting 

Equipment; Member Am. Inst, of Electrical 
Engineers; The Illuminating Engineering Soc; 
The Am. Assn. for the Advancement of Science. 
101 Park Ave., New York, N. Y.; res. 915 N. 
Weber St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Perry, Hubert William 

. Bo'rn Colorado Springs, Colo., 1888; B. S. 1910; 
Civil Engineer with Dannevik & Currie; Mem- 
ber Alumni Assn. and M. W. A. Rear 21 N. 
Nevada Ave.; res. 315 E. St. Vrain St., Colorado 
Springs, Colo. 

Roe, Herbert Nelson 

Born Ohio, Colo.; Q. & Q. Club; Pearsons Soc; 
Glee Club; Football; Instr. Rice Inst., Houston, 
Texas; Coach and Dir. of Physical Elucation, 
1912; Editor of Literary Monthly and author 
of several short stories, special articles and 
educational reports; Member Houston Univer- 
sity Club. 1306 Alabama Ave., Houston, Texas. 


Dickson, Beecher James 

Born Westerville, Ohio, April 29, 1890; A. B. 
1911; Football, Kendall Coll., 1908-09; Captain, 
1909; Basketball, 1908-09, (Captain); Baseball, 
1909; Football Colo. Coll., 1911; Baseball, 1910- 
11; Attorney-at-Law; Member F. and A. M.; 
Affiliated Cal. Alpha 1916. 901 Balboa Bldg., 
San Francisco; res. 2717 Hearst Ave., Berkeley, 

Kirkpatrick, Thomas LeRoy 

Born Cozad, Neb.; A. B. 1911; Mary G. Slocum 
Scholarship, 1910-11; Theological Student. 
2330 N. Halstead St., Chicago, 111. 

Smiley. David Robinson 

Born Manitou, Colo.; Forestry Engineering; 
Chief Clerk to Dist. Freight Agent; Canadian 
Pacific Railway. 913 Majestic Bldg.; res. 1424 
State St., Milwaukee, Wis. 


Center, Gustavus Llooker 

Born Greeley, Colo.; A. B. 1912 Colo. Teachers 
Coll., Greeley, Colo.; Manual Training Super- 
visor, Pomona Schools. 683 Columbia St., 
Pomona, Cal. 

Cheley, Frank Hobart 

Born Colorado Springs, Colo.; Apollonian Lit. 
Soc; City Sec. Boys' Work, St. Louis Y. M. 
r. A,; Author "Conijiosition and Writing Activ- 
ity;" "Told by the Camp Fire"; "Buffalo 
Roost;" "The Adventure of a Prodigal Father;" 
"A I'.iff Brother Investment," etc.; Member Y. 
M. C. A. Grand Franklin; res. 4134-A DcTonty, 
St. I.otiis. Mo. 

I'Ja, Wedell Dennett 

Born Grand Junction, Colo.; A. B. 1912; Apol- 
lonian Club; Manager Kinnikinnik; Banker. 
The U. S. Bank and Trust Co.; res. 1049 White 
Ave. Grand Junction, Colo. 




Graham. \\ ilst-ui llaivcy 

(5.58 S. .'-Uh St., Omalia, Nch.) 

Rose. Rov Watson 

Stock Raiser. (Buttis. Colo.) 

Ross. George Wade 

Born Delaware. Ohio: B. S.. C. E. 1912; 2d 
on Ciratl. Thesis; High School Principal; 
Masonic Connections. I.ovclatid High School; 
res. K>1J N. Lincoln Ave, I.oveland, Colo. 

Say re, Raymond Hal ford 

Advertising Agent New York City. ("7 Sussex 
.\vc.. East Orange. N. .1.) 

Sinton. Herbert George 

Born Colorado Springs, Colo.; A. B. 1912; Theta 
Phi Theta: Pres. Freshman Class; Pres. Pear- 
son's Literary Soc.; Q. Q. Club; Pres. Student 
Body Senior Year; Junior and Senior Repre- 
sentative on .\thletic Bd. : Football "C" (4 
vears'). (end); Track "C" (4 years); (Poie 
Vault, Relay: High Jump), Baseball "C" (2 
years), (Catcher): Capt. Football (4); Secretary 
and Manager Sales Dcpt., Sinton Dairy Co.; 
Member Executive Comniitte of Alumni Assn., 
Colo. Coll.: Chamber of Commerce; Rotary and 
Winter Night Clubs: . M. C. A. 419 S. El Paso 
St.; res. "14 E .Cimarron St., Colorado Springs, 

W'arnock. W'illard Lytic 

Born Rock Island Co., 111.; Pearsons Literary 
Club; Track "C;" Local Editor Tiger; Pres. 
(ilee Club; Manager Pearson Play; Sec. Stu- 
dent Commission, 1911; Breeder of Registered 
Shorthorn Cattle and Percheron Horses; Sec. 
and Treas. of Western Shorthorn Breeders' 
.\ssn.; Owner and Exhibitor, Grand Champion 
.Shorthorn Bull, Model type at L^tah and Wyom- 
ing State Fairs and Pacific International Fair at 
Portland: also a great many other prize winners; 
Correspondent Western Dept., Shorthorn World 
Magasinc. R. F. D. Xo. 2, Loveland, Colo. 


Friend. Charles EI Xathan 

Born Englewood, Kans. ; LL. B. 1914 (Den- 
ver Univ.); Phi Delta Phi; Apollonian Club; 
Baseball 2 years Denver L'niv.; Lawyer; 
Representative 21st General Assembly Colo., 
1917: Deputy District Attorney Jefferson Co. 
903 Central Savings Bank; res. 4129 Benton 
St., Alcott Station. Denver, Colo. 

Gregg, Abel Jones 

Born San Angelo, Texas; A. B. 1913; Phi 
Delta Theta: Apollonian Lit. Soc; Secretary 
of Boys' Work, Y. M. C. A., State of Kansas. 
613 Xew England Bklg.; res. 1251 Muhane St., 
Topeka, Kan. 

Shapcott, A\'allace Gilbert 

Born Cheyenne, Wyo.; B. S. in C. E. 1913; 
Apollonian Club; Football, 1912; Civil Engineer; 
In Charge U. S. General Land Office Survey 
Party, 1913-17; Pres. Engineers' Club. 827 N. 
Cascade Ave., Colorado S])rings, Colo. 

Sinton, Joseph James 

Born Colorado Springs, Colo.; .\. B. 1913; D. 
D. S. 1916; Q. Q. Club; Psi Omega (Dental); 
Track Team, 1912-13; Capt., 1913; Freshman 
Football Team; Editor and Assistant Editor 
Kinnikinnik ; Permanent Editor 1913 Class 
Paper Lucky 13; Pres. Colo. Beta Chapter 
1912-13; Pres. Q. Q. Club, 1912-13; Dentistry; 
Dir. Sinton, Flora, McKay, Backus and Sinton; 
Member National Dental and Colo. Dental 
Assns. ; Colorado Springs Dental Society. 700 
Exchange National Bank Bldg., Colorado 
Springs, Colo. 

Cooper, Joseph Lester 

Born East Liverpool, Ohio: Distributor Over- 
land anil Willys-Knight .\utomobiles; Member 
Rotary Club. 513 W. Central Ave.; res. 902 
Roma Ave., Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

Harter. Charles A. 

Brirn Loveland, Colo.; .\. B. 1914; Farm 
Manager; Dir. Loveland Natl. Bank; Mem. 
Roval Arch Mason. 307 E. 7th St., Loveland, 

Klahr. Edward Zahner 

Born Bloomville, Ohio; Apollonian Club: Q. 
Q. Club; Asst. Manager Kinnikinnik ; Bond 
Salesman. 203 First National Bank Bldg.; 
res. 2021 Osceola St., Denver, Colo. 

Mantz, Charles Armstrong 

Rom Colorado: Ph. R. 1914: A. M. 1915; LL. 
B. 1916: Theta Nu Epsilon; Gray Friar; 
Attorney-at-Law. 1154 Clarkson St., Denver, 
Colo, and Bavard, Ncbr. 

Parker, J. L. 

(9 Shelbourne St., Greenfield, Mass.) 

Perry. Chadwick Jacob 

Born Colorado Springs, Colo., 1893; Ph. B. 1916; 
Phi Delta Phi; Apollonian Club: Winner of 
Faculty Prize. 1916; Won 1st Place in State 
Bar Exam., 1916; Lawyer; Member Denver 
Bar and Alumni Assns. 804 Equitable Bldg., 
Denver; res. 315 E. St. \'rain St., Colorado 
Springs, Colo. 

Ross, Thomas WA'nne 

Born Pueblo, Colo.'; C. C. 1910-14; Apollonian 
and Q. O. Clubs: Asst. Editor Tiger and 
Nugget: r)el. on Pan Hellenic Council; Edi- 
torial Staff Telegraph; Member Chamber of 
Commerce Publicity Bureau; Relief Committee; 
Author of Several Semi-technical Magazine 
Articles; Member El Paso Lodge 76, A. F. 
and A. M. 4 E. Pikes Peak {Evening Tele- 
graphQ; res. 419 Cheyenne Road, Colorado 
Springs, Colo. 

Winans, Byron 

Born Denver, Colo., 1892; Football (1), 1910 
Del. on Pan Hellenic Council, 1913; Asst. Mgr 
Football, 1913; .\sst. Traffic Chief. M. S. T 
and T. (To.; res. 1045 Lincoln St., Denver, Colo 


Ankeny. John Stanley 

Student. (P. O. Box 114, Fort Morgan, Colo.) 

Baker. Samuel William 

Born Erie, Pa.; Pearson Soc; Superintendent 
Ice, Light and Power Plant. Intermountain 
Ry. Light & Power Co., Box 124, Sour Lake, 

Crampton, John Heugh 

Born Colorado Springs, Colo.; B. S. in C. E. 
1915: Surveyor. 1614 N. Tejon St., Colorado 
Springs, Colo. 

Forbes, George Thomas 

Born Wathena, Kans.; With Bank of Fergus 
Co., Lewistovvn, Mont. Levvistown, Mont. 

Miller, Clinton \^an Giesen 

Born Fanwood, N. J.; B. S. in C. E. 1915: 
Engineers' Club; Baseball, 1912; Licensed 
Weigher and member of firm of El Paso Ice 
.and Coal Co.; Member El Paso Lodge No. 13, 
A. F. and A. ^L El Paso Ice and Coal Co.; 
res. V. M. C. A., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Nourse, Harry Lightner 

Salesman Anaconda, Mont, (.\naconda, Mont.) 

Thomas, Walter Dill 

Secretary V. M. C. A., Davenport, Iowa. 
(Davenport, Iowa). 




Newton Davis 

Wade. Elbert Staugliton 

liorn Winona, Minn.: A. l'>. luiii lanJc 1V15: 
I'lii Beta Kappa; Pearson's Lit. Soc; Honors, 
1914 and 1915; Student Univ. of Chicago and 

Y. M. C. A. Coll. and Asst. in Physical Dept. 

Hyde Park Y. M. C. A. Hyde Park Y. M. C. 

A., 1400 E. 53d St.. Chicago, 111.; res. care Y. 

M. C. A., Duluth, Minn. 

Wakefield, Robert Brown 

Expert Dairyman, Waukesha, Wis. (10 Pear- 
sons BIdg., Madison, W'is.) 

Wakefield, W'alster Vargrave 

Born Nelson, Nebr. ; Chief Chemist, Great 
Western Sugar Co. Box 772, Gering, Nebr. 


Baker. Sylvester Emmons 

Born Sioux City, Iowa; Sales Manager Pro- 
duce Reporter Co., Chicago, 111. 212 W. 
Washington St., Chicago; res. 315 S. Grove 
Ave., Oak Park, III. 

Christv, William Glen 

Born Curlew, Iowa; .\. B. 1916; Glee Club; 
Class Tennis; Dramatics; Junior Delegate Bir- 
mingham Convention; Pan Hellenic Council; 
Salesman Standard Underground Cable Co.; 
32d degree Mason. 914 Hibernian Bldg. ; res. 
Prince Rupert Apts., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Craise. Robert Alexander 

Born Seattle, Wash.; Chemist Great Western 
Sugar Co.; Member Battery B, Field Artillery, 
Colo. N. G. 1215 Emerson St., Denver, Colo. 

Gibson. Merle Vernon 

Born Denver, Colo.; Junto; Phi Alpha Delta; 
Footba'l, 1912-13. 2618 Douglas PI., Denver, 


Born Colorado Springs, Colo.; A. B. in Busi- 
ness and Banking 1917; Junto Society; Inter- 
Fraternity Conference; Cossitt Board of Con- 
trol; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Asst. Manager 
Baseball, 1915; Asst. :Mgr. Football, 1914; 
Manager Football, 1915: Mgr. Basketball, 1914- 
17; Mgr. Senior Play, 1916; Supply Mgr. 
Athletics, 1916-17; Pres. Colo. Beta, 1916-17; 
Student. 425 F. St. \'rain St., Colorado 
.Springs, Colo. 

Nelson, Robert Rutherford 

Born Montreal, Can.; A. B. 1916: Sigma 
Delia Psi; Track, 1915-16; Rockv .Mountain 
Conference Record, 120-yard Hurdles; Clerk 
Traffic Dept. Continental Oil Co. Continental 
Oil Co., McPhec BIdg.; res. 620 Emerson St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Ragle, William Floyd 

Born Baldwin City, Kans.; B. Ph. 1916 Kansas 
Wesleyan Univ.; Asst. Dept. Psvchoiogy; All 
Rocky Mt. Conference Tackle, i914-15; Ath- 
letic Director Kansas Wesleyan, 1915-16; Ser- 
geant Co. B, Wis. Infantry; Physical Director. 
Aurora, Minn. 

Robinson, Rojjert I^)ruce 

Born Marshalltown, Iowa; Ranchman. Keysor 
Colo. ' 

Ross, Willard Cherrington 

Born Pueblo, Colo.; A.' B. 1916; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Epsilon; Delta Psi; Football; Instructor 
Physical Education Mills School; Member 
Outrigger Canoe Club. Mills School, Monoa 
V'alliy, Honolulu, Hawaii. 

.Stocks, Joseph Wendell 

Student Univ. of Chicago. (4630 Gross .•\ve., 
Chicago, III.) 

Taylor, James Earl 

Born Walsenburg, Colo.; Freshman Football; 
Varsity Track; .Supervisor Physical Training, 
Third District, Broome Co., New York; Mem- 
ber Union-Endicott Progressive .\ssn., Endi- 
cott, .\. Y. 205 Xanticoke St., Union, .\. V.; 
res. 1526 Ilayts St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Williams. Russell \'entres 

Born Idaho Springs, Colo.; B. S. 1916; Engi- 
neers' Club; Asst. Mgr. Track, 1914-15; Power 
Estimator and Motor Salesman with Common- 
wealth Edison Co.; Member .\ni. Institute of 
Electrical Engineers. 72 W. Adams St., R Hi, 
Chicago, HI., and Idaho Springs, Colo. 


Eubank, Myron Lee 

Born Eastonville, Colo., Feb. 20, 1893; Foot- 
ball; Track; Quarter-Master Sergeant; Kansas 
State .\gr. Coll.; .Automobile Agent. 11 N. 
Cascade Ave. ; res. 1410 N. Weber St., Colorado 
Springs, Colo. 

Ewert, Earl Cranston 

Born Taylorville. III.; A. B. 1917; Delta Sigma 
Rho; Pi Kappa Delta; Philomathean Club; 
III. \\'eslevan Debating Team, 1914; L'niv. of 
111. Debating Team, 1915-16; 111. State Oratori- 
cal Contest, 1914; U. IP.-U. Minn., 1915; IlK- 
U. Iowa, 1916; Assist. Editor Illinois Wesieyan 
Argus. 1914; Philomathean Club Plav, 1915; 
Mask and Bauble Club Play, 1916; All-Univ. 
Play, 1916; Glee Club (Reader). 1917: Denver 
Univ. Debating Team, 1917; Coach of Debating, 
Urbana (HI.) H. S., 1915-16; Assistant In- 
structor Dept. Public Speaking; Member IJniv. 
of 111. Cadet Troops. 609 San Juan Ave., Los 
Junta, Colo. 

Heald, Edward Clifl^ord 

Born Chicago, 111.; Charles J. Hughes, Jr., 
Chapter Phi Alpha Delta (Law); Justice 
Hughes Chapter Phi Alpha Delta, 1917; Exec- 
utive Committee Junior Law Class, 1916-17; 
Member Denver Civic and Commercial Assn. 
727 E. and C. Bldg.; res. 1925 Holly St., Den- 
ver, Colo. 

Heimbecher, Louis William 

Colo. Tire and Leather Co. (931 Inca .\ve., 
Denver, Colo.) 

Lieberknecht. Scott Lewis 

(Letts, Iowa.) 

Madden. John Henry 

Traffic Manager Telejihone Co. (1033 S. Wash- 
ington St., Denver, Colo.) 

Merrill. Howard Glen 

Born Denver, Colo., June 2i, 1893; Forest En- 
gineer, 1917; Pearson's Dramatic Soc. ; Glee 
Club (1), (2), (3) and (4); Pres. (3); Asst. 
Editor Annual (3); Choir (1), (2), (3), (4): 
Pan Hellenic Council (3); Pres. Forestry (L'lub 
(4); Sec. Colo. Beta (2); Student. 915 Rood 
.■\ve., (Jrand Jmiction, Colo. 

Scheil). Waldo Lee 

Born .Moline, HI., lu'v 27, 1892; With Ford 
.Motor Co. (Sales). 2125 E. 12th .\ve., Denver, 

Stewart, Thomas Leidigh 

Born Spearville, Kans.; I'.anker; Member A. F. 
6v_ .\. M. First National Bank, Spearville, 

Tegtmeyer, Emerson Ralph 

-Apprentice Rock Island Shops, Moline, 111. 
(5706 Drexcl .\ve., Chic.iKo. 111.) 

Williams. Edward 

Born Canon City. Colo.; Shackleford Literary 
Soc; Junior Law Forum (Univ of .Mabama); 
Regimental Superior Sergeant Colorado In- 
fantry in Mexican Borcler .Service with Colo. 
National Guard, Jan. 19, 1917. to March 18. 
1917; Affiliated Ala. Alpha 1917. Box 84, Wal- 
sen ; res. Walsenburg, Colo. 


Bottler. Josei)h Sebastian 

lioiii Reailing, Pa.; .Mgr. hinior Class Plav. 
1917; .Mgr. Co'o. ColleRC NuRget. 1917; Re- 
porter Colo. Beta: Treasurer Cdorado Springs 




Opera House. Colorado Springs Opera House; 
res. 1319 N. Nevada Ave., Colorado Springs, 

Coldrcn. Fred ("ieorge 

Born Denver, Colo.. Nov. 8, 189r; Manager 
Sophomore Banquet, l')16; Mgr. Kootball, 1917; 
\<i-;t. Mgr., 1'515-16: K<iilorin-Chii-f Xiiggct, 
191S: C.lee Clul>. 19141 7: Mandolin Club, 1914- 
17; Treas. Phi Delta Theta; Chairman Social 
Committee. 17ol Hudson St., Denver, Colo. 

Davis, Uriah Gordon 

(Care K.ths.ts City Star, Kan^as City, Mo.) 

Davis, William jennin.s^s 

Born Powell, Mo".; Sec. Treas. Pearson's Dra- 
■ matic Club. 1916-17: V.-Pres.. 1915-16: Chaplain 
Phi Delta Theta, 1016-17. 1319 X. Nevada 
Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Ferril. Thomas Hornsby 

Born Denver, Colo.. Feb. 25, 1896; Q. Q. Club; 
Cdee Club: Sigma Delta Psi C Athletic); Nugget 
Board (Annual); Tiger Staflf; Athletic Board; 
Track Squad; Inter-Class Track; Campus 
League: Basketball; Student. Western News- 
I^aper I'nion. Rochy Mountain Herald; res. 
2123 Downing St., Denver, Colo. 

Gilliland, Harold Edward 

Born Karthaus, Pa.; Pearson's Lit. Soc; Asst. 
Mgr. Bascba'l, 1916; Asst. Mgr. Football, 1916; 
As'st. Mgr. College Newspaper. 1916-17; Hard- 
ware Salesman. 810 Carson Ave., La Junta, 

Herrmann, Joseph Valentine 

Born Louisville, Ky.; Automobile Tire Sales- 
man. 11 E. Kiowa St.; res. 15 E Del Norte, 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Holman, Harry Arthur 

Born Colorado Springs, Colo.; Football, 1915- 
17: Baseball, 1915-17; Basketball, 1915-17; 
Track, 1916-17; -Student. 425 E. St. Vrain 
St.. Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Howard, George Edward 

Born Anamosa, Iowa, Dec. 9, 1895; Student. 
805 Prospect Ave., South Pasadena, Cal. 

Johnson, Ernest P. 

Born Ourav, Colo., 1898; Pearson's Lit. Soc; 
Perkins Scholarship, 1916; Sec. Colo. Beta, 
1917; Inter-Soc. Debate, 1914; Asst. Editor 
Nttggct; Telegraph. Ouray, Colo. 

Larsen. Lloyd Carlton 

Born Las Animas. Colo., Nov. 2, 1894; Ques- 
tion Club: Inter-Fraternity Council; Glee Club, 
1914-17: Freshman Football. 1914; Football, 
1915: House Manager Phi Delta Theta. 622 
San Juan Ave., La Junta, Colo. 

Lendriim, Alexander Martin 

Born Parsons, Kans.; Football (Univ. of Den- 
ver); Student. 1018 N. Weber St., Colorado 
Springs, Colo. 

Lewis, Waldo M. 

Born Pennville, Ind.; Pearson's Literary Soc; 
V.-Pres. Pearson's Lit. Soc; Student. 1319 N. 
Nevada Ave., Colorado Springs; res. Delta, 

^Faddox, John Henry 

(1033 S. Washington Ave., Denver, Colo.) 

Robinson, George Sidney 

Born Denver, Colo., 1897; Asst. Mgr. Baseball 
(2>; Asst. Mgr. Football d); Historian (2), 
(3k Warden (3); Member Alumni Assn. 1680 
S. Clarkson St., Denver, Colo. 

Shefifer. Wilhelm Grosskreutz 

Born Colorado Springs, Colo.; Basketball and 
Tennis (Colo.), 1914-15; Basketball and Soccer 
(Chicago Y. M. C. A. Coll.) 1916-17; Musiciaii 
and Physica'. Director; Dir. Young Peoples' 
Activities Buena Presbyterian Church (Chicago, 
111.). 4301 Sheridan Rd., Chicago, 111.; res. 
411 W. Kiowa St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Shcldcii. Frank Clifton 

Born Colorado Springs, Colo.; Question Club; 
Mgr. I'reshnian I'ootball; Treas. Sophomore 
Class; C.lee Club, l'n7: Mgr. Baseball, 1917; 
Asst. Mgr. Football 1916; Sec. Colo. Beta 1916; 
Treasurer 1917-18; Student. 326 E. Bijou St.. 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Tucker. Beverley St. George 

Born Colorado Springs, Colo.; Baseball, 1917; 
Hockev, 1916-17; .Cadet Chapel Choir, 1917; 
Hop Mgr.. 1920: Cadet U. S. Military Acad- 
emy; Corporal U. S. Corps of Cadets; Member 
Colorado Springs Golf Club. West Point, 
N. Y. 


Crockett, Charles Thompson 

Born Nashville, Tenn.; Honorary Representa- 
tive Student Body; Question Club; Pearson's 
Men's Dramatic (Tlub; .\sst. House Mgr. Colo. 
Beta, 1917; Pres. Sophomore Class, 1916-17; 
Sec. -Treas. Pearson's Drainatic Club; Fresh- 
man Class Rep. Student Commission, 1915-16; 
Student: IMember Rotarv and Pikes Peak 
Rotary Clubs. 422 W. 12th St., Pueblo, Colo. 

Flegal, Walter Jennings 

Born Clearfield. Pa., Oct. 13, 1897; M. D. 
(Univ. Pa.): House Mgr. Phi Delta Theta, 
1917; Pearson's Literarv Soc; Football "C," 
1916; Baseball. 1916: Basketball, 1917; Glee 
Club, 1915-17: Student. 1319 N. Nevada Ave., 
Colorado Springs, Colo.; res. 7 Gulick Ave., 
Clearfield. Pa. 

Gambrel, Harrv Maurice 

(630 Race St.. Denver. Colo.) 

Hunt, Ralph Van Nice 

(141 S. Pearl St.. Denver. Colo.) 

McBride, Robert 

Born Denver, Colo.: Freshman Track, 1916; 
World's record 220-yard Dash (San Fran- 
cisco). 138 W. 2d Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Marston, Marion Rowland 

Born Protem. Taney Co., Mo., June 6, 1893; 
Glee Club; I'rcshman Football; Student and 
Chorister. Kirksvillc, Mo. 

Morris, Robert Watts 

Born Colorado Springs, Colo. ; Business Ad- 
ministration and Banking; Freshman Football; 
Chaplain Colo. Beta: Student. 2119 N. Nevada 
Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Newton, George E. 

Born Pueblo, Colo.; Culver Military Acad. (3 
years) ; Culver Summer School (2 years) ; 
Freshman Football; Quartermaster Sergeant 
("Culver Military Acad.) : Culver Black Horse 
Troop (3 years); Football Culver Military 
Acad. (2 years); Member Alumni Assn. 1165 
Grant Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Sabin. Gerould Avery 

Born Belvidere, 111., Tune 29, 1896; Chorister; 
Colo. Beta 1917; Student. 641 Marion St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Scheib, Howard Joseph 

Born Moline, HI.; Student. 2125 E. 12th Ave., 
Denver. Colo. 


Ainsworth. Albert Gavlord 

Born Itasca. Texas. Dec'. 20, 1897: Freshman 
Football (Tackle); Student. 1319 N. Nevada 
.Ave.. Colorado .Springs; res. 245 S. Logan St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Carter, John A., jr. 

Born Raton, N. .\fcx.. 1897; Debating Team, 
1917. 1268 Marion St., Denver, Colo. 

Glover, William H. 

Born Giltner, Neb.; Alumni Assn. Giltner, 




Jackson, John Burrington 

Born Boulder, Colo., Oct. 6, 1898; Freshman 
Football. 9 S. 8th St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

McLemore. John C. Jr. 

Born 1898, Memphis, Tenn. 1229 Vinton Ave-, 
Memphis. Tenn. 

]\Iatlock. Woodford Absalom, Jr. 

Born Denver, Colo.; Student. 2079 Albion St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Smith, Floyd John 

Born Colorado Springs, Colo.; Rancher. 219 
N. W'ahsatch St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Waugh, Jack Y. 

Born Eskidge, Kans. 1221 Wood Ave., Colo- 
rado Springs, Colo. 

Wilkin, Philip 

Born Fairplay, Colo., Jan. 3, 1899; Student. 
807 Allison Ave., Canon City, Colo. 


Imkxdki) May S. ISTI 


Atlanta. Gkorcia 

Richardson. John Anderson 

HiTn near Palmetto, Campbell Co., Ga.; A. B. 
1S61; A. M.; Phi Delta (Oxford); Phi Gamma 
(Nlercer); Kducator; Professor of Mathematics 
and Astronomy: Author of "Richardson's De- 
fense of the South" and "The Two Captains;" 
Member The Pioneer Boys' Club. 400 Court- 
land St.. Atlanta. Ga. 

Gaillard, Benjamin Palmer 

Born Greenville, S. C. ; A. B. 1872; A. M. 1875 
Honorary; Charter Member; Class Honors; 
Professor of Chemistry, Physics and Geology. 
Dahlonega, Ga. 

Gaskill. Charles Battle* 

A. n.. 1872; Charter Member; Lawver. d. Dec. 
17. 1913, Atlanta, Ga. 

Gaskill, Clinton Raburn 

Born Fayette Co., Ga.; A. B. 1872; Charter 
Member; Thalian; Soi)homore Declamation; 
Uinior and Senior Speaker; Automobile Dealer. 
Denton, Texas. 

Smith, Robert Neal* 

A. C. 1872. d. 1900, Rusk, Texas. 


Killough, Walter Wellington 

Born Concord, X. C: A. M. 1879; A. M. Ark. 
Coil.; Charter .Member. 1417 \V. Themis St., 
tape (iirardeau. Mo. 

Moyers. William Taylor* 

A. B. 1873; Charter Mernber. d. V)(M. .\tlanta, 

\>nable, William Hoyt* 

Charter Member; Granite Contractor, d. Sept. 

1, 190.1 


Graham. Alexander Hutchinson 

Charter Member; Lawyer. (Litten Bldg., 
.\ustin, Texas). 

Reid, Harry Maurrelle 

Born Blairsville, Ga. ; Debating Soc; Judge, 
City Court of .\tlanta ; }iIayor, Palmetto, Ga.; 
1875-76;So!icitor General of Coweta Circuit, 
1881 89; Member Bd. of Educ. of Carrollton, 
Ga.; Member of Capital City, Atlanta Athletic 
and Piedmont Driving Clubs. Court House; 
res. Georgian Terrace Hotel, Atlanta, Ga. 


Eraser, Chalmers* 

Born Jacksonville, Fla.; D. D. Presbyterian 
Coll of S. C. d. Oct. 8, 1912. 

Hill, Robert Pike* 

A. B. 1875. d. 1886, Atlanta, Ga. 

Jones, Bartee Wiley* 

A. B. 1875. d. 1878 I.^ke Maitland. Fla. 


Chartered June 5, 1871 


Athens, Georgia 


Brown. William Montague* 

A. B. 1843; A. M. d. 1883, Athens, Ga. 


Lumpkin, Edwin King 

A. B. 1871; Charter Member; Lawyer. (911 
Prince Ave., Athens, Ga.) 


Bruce, Robert Edwin* 

C. E. 1872. d. 1872, Lownsdale, S. C. 

Dupree, Elijah Fleming 

A. B. 1872; Lawyer; Judge, County Court. 
(Zebulon, Ga.) 

Jackson, John Francis 

A. B. 1872. Merchant. (Athens, Ga.) 

Mason, James Miles* 

Born Campbell Co., Ga.; A. B. 1872; Charter 
Member; Lawyer; Teacher; County Superin- 
tendent of Public Schools; Member of Legisla- 
ture; County Commissioner; Baptist Minister, 
d. June 11, 1914, College Park, Ga. 

Peabody, Douglas Gairnes* 

d. July 4, 1902, Decatur, 111. 

Smith, Abner Thomas 

Born Cuthbert, Randolph Co., Ga.; A. B. 1871; 

B. L. 1872; Demosthenian Soc; Lawyer; Far- 
mer and Fruit Grower. Bowie, Texas. 

Speights, Jesse Cicero 

C. E. 1872; Charter Member; City Engineer. 
(Flovilla, Ga.) 

Thompson, Berryman Thomas 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; A. B. 1872; Charter Mem- 
ber; Hanker. Newnati, Ga. 


Beasley, James Gordon 

Born Columbus, Ga.; C. E. 1873; Demosthen- 
ian; Coal Dealer and F'armer; Steward of 
Methodist Church; Member Knights of Pythias. 
Magnolia, Auburn, Ala. 

Beckwith, Charles Minnigerode 

D. D. 1873; Charter Member; Clergyman; 
Bishop of Ala. (Anniston, Ala.) 

Clayton, Clifford William* 

.'\. r.. 1873; Charter Member; Cotton Broker, 
d. 1888, Augusta, Ga. 

Gignilliat, George Warren 

r.orn Daricn, Ga., Jan. 17, 1854; C. E. 1873; 
Phi Kappa; (Capitalist; Mayor of Seneca; Mem- 
ber Board of Trustees, Seneca Graded Schools; 
Seneca, S. C. 

Martin, George Johnson 

A. B. 1873; Farmer. (Greenville, S. C.) 

Minis, Charles Thomas 

C. E. 1873; Teacher and Farmer. (Climas, Ga.) 

Slaton. William Martin 

A. B. 1873; A. M.; Supt. Atlanta, Ga. City 
Schools. (142 Jackson St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Smith, Edward Inglis 

Born Athens, Ga. ; (Charter Member; Demos- 
thenean Soc; Fire Insurance Broker; Trcas. 
Clarke County; Ex-Mayor Athens, Ga.; Mem- 
ber Chamber of Commerce; Masons; Knights of 
Pythias. 217 Holman Bldg. ; res. 146 Mell St., 
Athens, Ga. 


Boyd, Montague Lafayette 

M. D. 1874; Physician. Capt. Medical Reserve 
Corps, Paris, France. 

Cater, Edward Loomis* 

M. D. 1874; Physician, d. 1886, Perry, Ga. 

Cohen, Cornelius Henry 

Lawyer. (Augusta, Ga. ) 

Daniel, Wyatt Meflin 

A. B. 1874; Lawyer. (Franklin, Ga.) 

Jackson, Walter Mitchell* 

A. B. 1874; B. L. ; Charter Member Ga. Gamma; 
Lawyer, d. about 1887, Water Valley, Miss. 

Laing, James David 

Born Terrell County, June 13, 1850; Speakers 
Place (2); Farmer; County Treas.; Mayor of 
Dawson; Tax Collector. Dawson, Ga. 

Moreland, Asburv Turner* 

B. S. 1874. d. Fairfield, Texas 

Padgett, Benjamin Robert 

Architect. (Cartersville, Ga.) 

Parks, James Guyton 

LL. B. 1874; Lawyer. (Dawson, Ga.) 

Prophitt, Robert Lee 

l^-iwyer (Water Valley, Miss.) 

Wilcoxson, Thomas Boyd 

Lawyer. (Newnan, Ga.) 

Williams, John Cyrus* 

Lawyer, d. 1876, C^ntersville, Ga. 


Cozart, Samuel Winsted* 

C. E. 1875. d. 1884, Seville, Fla. 

George, Alfred Hudson* 

Farmer, d. Feb. 12, 1906, Carrollton, Miss. 

Godfrey, Nicholas Mason* 

Hum Madison, (Ja.; Merchant, d. about 1897 

Hardy, Dermoiit Henderson 

Born Madison, Ga.; .\. B. 1875; Lawyer. (Aus- 
tin, Texas.) 

Hardy, Rufus 

Born Monroe County, Miss.; B. L. 1875; Phi 
Kni)iia Debating Society; Junior Medal in De- 
bating; Lawyer; ("ounty Attorney, District At- 
torney, and District Judge each 2 terms; Con- 





grcssinan, 6th Dist. Texas since 1907; Member 
Knights of Pythias; AlViliatcd Texas Beta 1899. 
615 '\V. .»il Ave, Corsicana, Texas. 

Hoskinson, James llendly 

Born Rome, Kloyii Co., Ga.; A. B. 1875; B. L.; 
Phi Helta Theta; Dcmosthenian Lit. Soc; 
Winner of Champion Debate between Phi 
Kappa and Demosthenian Lit. Socs. ; Lawyer; 
Represented nianv Corporations and Ga. Loan 
and Trust Co. Care of .Mrs. J. J. Elliot, 900 
South lith St., BirniiiiRham, Ala. 

Moore, Stephen Elliott 

Civil Engineer. (Vicksburg, Miss.) 

Pou. John Tompkins* 

d. 1885, Madison, Ga. 

Tanner, George Henry* 

A. B. 1885; Insurance, d. Oct. 18, 1909, 
Atlanta. Ga. 

Worrill. William Charles 

Born Lumpkin, Ga., Dec. 20, 1854; Lawyer and 
Judge Superior Court. 815 Lumpkin St., Cuth- 
bert, Ga. 


Calhoun, William Lowndes 

Lawyer. (Palatka, Fla.) 

Howard, Robert Sherod 

Lawyer. (Athens, Ga.) 

McDonald, George 

Born Cuthbert, Ga. ; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc. ; In- 
termediate Debater for Phi Kappa; Manufac- 
turer of Fertilizers and Planter: Fire Insurance 
Agency; Lieut. Col. Gov. Terrell's StaflE; Mayor 
of Cuthbert (2 terms) ; Pres. Bank of Cuthbert; 
Cuthbert Oil Co.; Member Randolph Co. Cham- 
ber of Commerce; Bd. of Education Randolph 
County; Trustee Andrew Female Coll. Court 
St.; res. Lumpkin St., Cuthbert, Randolph Co., 

Tabor. Joseph Carl 

Teacher. (Ft. Lamar, Ga.) 

Tye, John Lewis 

Born McDonough, Ga.; A. B. 1876; LL. B. 
1879 Columbia; Lawyer; Counsel Louisville 
and Xashville R. R. Co., Western and Atlantic 
R. R. Co. and Nashville, Chattanooga and St. 
Louis Ry.; Member Capitol City and Piedmont 
Clubs. Equitable Bldg. ; res. 740 Peachtree St., 
Atlanta, Ga. 


Black, William Wirt* 

A. B. 1877; Lawyer, d. Atlanta, CJa. 

Dorsey, Edward Hill 

Born Athens, Ga. ; B E. 1877; Phi Kappa; 
Merchant; Dir. Athletic Assn.; City Y. M. C. A.; 
Bd. of Deacons Bapt. Church; Dir. Chamber of 
Commerce. 255 Clayton St.; res. 648 Milledge 
Ave., Athens, (3a. 

Eraser, Wallace Wynne 

B. L. 1877; Lawyer. (Savannah, Ga.) 

Greene, Orville Lafayette 

B. E. 1877; Merchant. (Ft. Valley, Ga.) 

Hill, Daniel Pike, Jr. 

Lawyer. (Forsyth, Ga.) 

Howard, William Marcellus 

Ph. B. 1877; Lawyer; Representative in Con- 
gress; Member U. S. Tariff Board. (Athens, 

Kelley, Benjamin Allen 

Farmer. (W^ashington, Ga.) 

McDonald, Charles Alexander* 

Lawyer, d. 18S1, Dawson, Ga. 

Mallette, Eli McGhee* 

Born Camden County, Ga.; B. S. 1877; Real 
Estate and Insurance, d. Jan. 8, 1911, Thomas- 
ville, Ga. 

Rogers, Lee Hudson* 

d. 1879. Dawson, Ga. 

Sadler, William JBailey 

(Hartwell, Ga.) 

Thompson, Howard 

Born Gainesville, Ga. ; A. B. 1877; Lawyer; U. 
S. Marshal, Northern Dist. Ga. Gainesville, 

Tison, William Scotia 

Life Insurance. (106 Bay St. E., Savannah, 

Wessalowski, Morris 

(Albany, Ga.) 

\\'ilhite, Joseph Oliver 

M D. 1877; Physician and Surgeon. (Ander- 
son, S. C.) 

Woodward, Daniel Isaac 

(Culloden, Ga.) 


Brown, William Fannin 

Born Carroll Co., Ga. ; A. M. 1878; Lawyer; 
Ex-Judge City Court, Carrollton; Ex-Postmaster, 
72 Cedar St., Carrollton, Ga. 

Chenault, Nicholas Barksdale 

A. B. 1878; Merchant. 

Childs, Walter Lowrie 

Merchant. (Athens, Ga.) 

Davis, Philip Watkins 

Born near Lexington, Ga. ; LL. B. 1878; B. S. 
1877 Mercer Univ.; Demosthenian Lit. Soc; 
Anniversarian of same, 1878; Minister and Law- 
yer; Ex -Judge City Court of Lexington; Mem- 
ber State Senate, 1882-83; House of Representa- 
tives from Elbert Co., 1888-89; Member Ga. Bar 
Assn. Lexington, Ga. 

Flisch, Henry August 

Born Richmond, Va. ; Demosthenian Lit. Soc; 
Real Estate. 437 Jackson St.; res. 341 Walker 
St., Augusta, Ga. 

Gross, Benjamin Martin 

Lawyer. (Thomson, Ga.) 

McEarland, Thomas Foster 

B. E. 1^78; Principal High School. (Chatata, 

Russell, James Gordon 

A. B. 1878; Lawyer; Representative in Con- 
gress; Justice U. S. Dist Court. (Wills Point, 

Shields, Tames Booker* 

A. B. 1878; Teacher, d. 1915. 

Trammell, Paul Barclay 

Born Ringgold, Ga., April 3, 1859; Phi Kappa; 
Pres. First National Bank; Member House of 
Representatives, Ga. ; Speaker Pro Tern State 
Senate; Collector of U. S. Internal Revenue for 
Ga.; Mayor, Dalton; Member State Railroad 
Commission; Knights of Pythias; Elks; Masons; 
Shriners. First Natl. Bank; res. 20 Selvidge 
St., Dalton, Ga. 

Walters, Benton Hair* 

A. B. 1878; Lawyer, d. July 24, 1904. Hamil- 
ton, Ga. 


Bishop, Edward Thomas, Jr.* 

A. B. 1879. d. 1881, Athens, Ga. 

Chapman, Charleton Burke 

A. B. 1879; Superintendent of Schools. (Macon, 




Du Pont, Carlton 

B. L. 1879; Lawyer. (Jacksonville, Fla.) 

Griffin, William Yancey 

A. B. 1879; Lawyer. Attapulgus, Ga. 

Oliver, John Wesley 

Teaciier. (Preston, Ga.) 

McCurdy, William James 

Born Madison County, Ga.; A. B. 1879; M. 
1). 1883; Physician. Bingliamton, Tenn. 

Smith, William Erastus 

Ph. B. 1879; Farmer. (Attapulgus, Ga.) 

Stanley, John Golaspy 

Born Houston Co., Ga., 1855; Ph. B. 1879; 
Farming; Member County Bd. of Educ; Dir. 
and V.-Pres. First Natl. Bank; Executive Comm. 
Ga. State Agricultural Soc; Jury Revising Bd. ; 
Dir. Cotton Warehouse Co. ; Member and Pres. 
Brooks Co. Agricultural Club and Brooks Co. 
Live Stock Assn. Quitman, Ga. 

Strickland, John James 

Born Danielsville, Madison County, Ga.; A. B. 
and B. L. 18/9; Pres. and Anniversarian De- 
mosthenian Lit. Soc; Scholarship from Martin 
Inst., Jefferson, Ga. ; Lawyer; Dir. Chamber of 
Commerce; Member. Am. Bar, State Bar and 
City Bar Assns. ; University Country and Clover- 
hurst Country Clubs; Club of Twelve; Odd Fel- 
lows; Masons; Shriners. 701-705 Holman Bldg.; 
res. 489 Milledge Ave., Athens, Ga. 

Trenchard, George William* 

A. B. 1879. d. 1892, Beaumont, Ga. 


Cheney, Walter Thomas 

A B. 1880; Lawyer. (220i4 Broad St., Rome, 

Collins, Noah Mahon 

A. B. 1880; Lawyer. (Griffin, Ga.) 

Cooper, Frederick Robinson 

M. D. 1880; Physician. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Fuller, Oliver Clyde 

Born Cloaksville, Ga.; Pres. Wisconsin Trust 
Co.; Milwaukee Country and Town Clubs. 585 
Marshall St., .Milwaukee, Wis. 

Houser, Anan Alelvin 

B. S. 1880; Farmer. (Fort Valley, Ga.) 

Hunnicutt, Luther Love 

A. B. 1880; Merchant. (Athens, Ga.) 

Repress, James Nathan 

(Ellavillf, Ga.) 


Beck, Marcus Wayland 

Born Harris Co., Ga.; A. B. 1881; LL. B. 1882; 
Justice Supreme Court of Ga.; State Senator, 
1890; Solicitor General and Judge Flint Cir- 
cuit; Major U. S. Vols. Spanish-Am War; Affi- 
liated Miss, .\lpha 1882. 26 Capitol Ave., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Brantley, William Gordon 

Born Blackshcar, Ga. ; Lawyer; Member Ga. 
House of Representatives and State Senate; 
Solicitor General (Prosecuting Atty.) Bruns- 
wick, Ga. Judicial Circuit; MemLcr of Congress 
11th (ia. Dist. 16 yrs.; Atlanta Capital City, 
Atlanta University, Golf and Country and 
( hevy Chase (Wash., D. C.) Clubs; K. A. M.; 
Knight Templar; Shriner; Knights of Pythias; 
Odd Fellows; I'^lks, 1116 Munsey Bldg.; res. 
2142 Wyoming Ave., Washington, D. C. 

Hardy, Walter Wesley* 

A. B. 1881; Lawyer. 

Hood, Clement Jefferson 

P.orn Commerce, Ga. ; Ph. B. 1881; Bank 
Cashier. 33 N. Elm St.; res. 102 N. Elm St., 
Commerce, Ga. 

Hull, Robert Maxey 

Born Sewanee Co., Fla.; Demosthenian Soc; 
Fire Insurance and Real Estate; Bd. of Alder- 
man City of Savannah (6 years) ; Governor's 
Staff (2 years); Member Savannah Golf and 
Savannah Yacht Clubs. Room 20 Provident 
Bldg.; res. 126 E. Taylor St., Savannah, Ga. 

Johnson, George Stovall 

Lawyer. (Cartersville, Ga.) 

Speer, Arthur Middleton 

A. B. 1881; Lawyer. (Griffin, Ga.) 

Tye, George Buchanan* 

A. B. 1881; Lawyer, d. May 1900, Denver, 


Acosta, Tracy Lucien 

Born Storke, Bradford Co., Fla.; A. B. 1882; 
Demosthenian Soc; Life Insurance;" State 
Agent, Pa. Mutual Life Insurance Co.; Semi- 
nole, Florida Yacht and Florida Country Clubs. 
402 Dyal-Upchurch Bldg.; res. Seneca Hotel, 
Jacksonville, Fla. 

Adamson. Lucius Coates 

A. B. 1882; M. D.; Physician. 

Burrus, Philip Henry* 

B. S. 1882. d. 1887, Columbus, Ga. 

Frazer, Armenius Heyward 

A. B. 1882; B. E. Real Estate Agent. (Colum- 
bus, Ga.) 

Gross, John Eldred 

A. B. 1882: Lawyer. (Tlioinson, Ga.) 

Hamilton, Harper 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1882. 

Lambkin, Ebb Thomas* 

d. Oct. 11, 1911. 

Perry, Thomas Blake 

Born Milledgeville, Ga.; B. C. S. 1882; M. D. 
1886 Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons, Balti- 
more, Md.; Physician and Surgeon; Surgeon U. 
S. Marine Hospital Service; Member (3a State 
Med., Am. Med. and Am. Public Health Assns.; 
Assn. of Military Surgeons. W. Hancock St., 
Milledgeville, Ga. 

Woodfin, William George, Jr.* 

A. B. 1882. 


Cooley, James Addis 

(Antioch, Ga.) 

McDonald, Alexander 

Mechanical Engineer. (Rome, Ga.) 

Pead, Eugene Lafayette 

(With Croton Flour Mills, Savannah, Ga.) 

Reneau, Russell Robert* 

B. E. 1883; Civil Engineer, d. 1893, Ft. Riley, 
. Macon, Ga. 

Ross, John Peterson 

Initiated by Ga. Gamms 1882. 


Blain, Arthur Clay* 

B. C. S. 1884; M. 'D.; Physician, d August 
28, 1897, Brunswick, Ga. 

Dunwoody, Harry Franklin 

A. B. 1884; Lawyer. (901 Union St., Bruns- 
wick, Ga.) 

Garrett. Cornelius I'lirt 

Born Edgefield, S. C; Member Demosthenian 
Soc.; Cotton Factor. IS Jackson St.; res. Bon 
Air Ave., The Hill, Augusta, Ga. 

Oliver, George William 

(Preston, Ga.) 





Booz. Bcnianiin Talliaferro 

^Ccdartown, Ga.) 

Cheney. Gill C. 

Fanner. (Koine, Ga.) 

Cothran, Charles llug:h 

Meri-liaiit. (Rome. Ga.) 

Feliler, Thomas r>railsford 

Horn Waynesboro, Burke Co., Ca.; A. B. 1885; 
B. L.: Lawyer: Mayor; Legislator; Judge; 
Solicitor; Pres. College; Member Social Clubs. 
Woodward Bldg. Washington, D. C. and 100 
Broadway, New York; res. 815 Park Ave., 
New York, N. Y. 

Ilinton. Edirar Ford 

Initiated by Ca. (iamma 1885. 

Jones. Xathaniel Blackstone* 

LL. B. 1885; Lawyer. 

Xeil. Samuel Thomas 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1885. 

Oliver. Geors:e Washington 

Farmer. (Preston, Ga.) 

Pollock. Pinckney Daniel 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1879. 

Potts. Frank* 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Smith, lames Henrv 

Born "Palmetto. Ga., "Nov. 28, 1864; V.-Pres. 
Savings Bank of Griffin; Mayor, 1912-16. 126 
S. Hill St.; res. 628 S. Hill St., Griffin, Ga. 

Stansell. \Vallace Kincheon 

A. B. 1885. (Treasury Depart., Washington, 
D. C.) 

Wright. Moses Rochester 

A. B. 1885; Lawyer. (Rome, Ga.) 


Briggs. James Alunro* 

Merchant, d. April 26, 1903, ValdosU, Ga. 

Brunson. Will 

(Perrv. Ga.) 

Cobb, James Basil Lamar 

Born Athens, Ga.; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; Hotel 
Clerk; Member Elks. Hotel Georgian; res. 
Mitchell Bridge Road, Athens, Ga. 

Corker, Stephen Alfrestus 

Merchant. (Waynesboro, Ga.) 

Cox, John Wright* 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; Lawyer, d. April 10, 1916. 

Evans, Barnard Bee 

Born Cokesbury, S. C; B. Ph. 1886; Lawyer. 
408 Palmetto Bldg.; res. 1734 Main St.. Colum- 
bia, S. C. 

Fl-etcher, James Monroe 

(Forsyth, Ga.) 

Gilbert, James Johnson 

Born Columbus, Ga.; A. B. 1886; Demosthen- 
ian Lit. Soc; President Gilbert Printing Co. 
15. 12th St.; res. 2d Ave., Co'umbus, Ga. 

Hawkins, Benjamin Franklin, Jr.* 

A. B. 1886; Teacher, d. March 11, 1889, 
Thomasville, Ga. 

Lane, Augustus Hardee, Jr. 

Cotton Merchant. (Valdosta, Ga.) 

McBride, Robert Bruce 

Captain Coast Artillery U. S. Army. (Care 
War Department, Washington, D. C.) 

Merritt, Thomas Moore 

(Preston, Ga.) 

Patterson, George Knapp* 

d. 1891, Waynesboro, Ga. 

Reynolds, Jose])h Jones 

(Waynesboro, Ga.) 

Ross, John Parsons 

LL. B. 1886; Lawyer. (Macon, Ga.) 

Stone, Frank Singleton, Jr. 

LL. B. 1886; Lawyer. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Twiggs, Joseph Wilkins* 

Savannah, Ga. 


Arnold, Reuben Rose 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; Lawyer; Member State, 
City and National Bar Assns. 920 Hunt Bldg.; 
res. 64 Ponce de Leon, Atlanta, Ga. 

Ashton, John Devereaux, Jr. 

(Waynesboro, Ga.) 

Clark, William Lawrence 

Draftsman C. R. R. of Ga. (Columbus, Ga.) 

Humphries, William Clayton 

Teacher. (Chamble, Ga.) 

Mclntyre, William Rogers 

(Savannah, Ga.) 

Munnerlyn, John Daniel* 

Affiliated Ga." Beta 1888j- d. Dec. 23, 1910. 

Pate, Joseph Warren 

Born Hawkinsville, Ga.; Public Accountant; 
Clerk County Commissioners; do. Superior 
Court of Brooks Co., 1910; Treas. Bd. of Educ. 
(Quitman). Court House; res. 420 N. Court 
St., Quitman, Ga. 

Powers, William Barclay* 

Ph. B. 1887. 

Speer, William Alexander 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1887. 

Tuggle, Albert James 

M. D. 1887; Physician; Affiliated Ga. Beta 1887 
(La Grange, Ga.) 

Williams, William Thomas 

(With C. R. R. of Ga.. Columbus, Ga.) 

Winston, George Henry* 

Born Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 2, 1867; M. D., 
1889 Tulane Univ. d. Jan. 23, 1892, West 
Point, Ga. 

Wynne, Hezekiah Edwards 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma, 1886. 


Cohen, Edward Benjamin 

A. B. 1888; Salesman. 787 Cobb St., Athens, 

Davis, Oscar Swift 

B. E. 1888; Merchant; Pres. Capenhill Land 
Co. 47 N. Pryor St.; res. 12 W. 11th St., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Foy, John Ellison 

Born Egypt, Effingham County, Ga.; Phi Kappa 
Soc; Farmer, Real Estate and Lumberman; V- 
Pres. and Dir. National Bank; Dir. Oglethorpe 
Savings Trust Co.; Alderman Savannah, Ga.; 
Member ('.a. State Senate, 1905-06; -Member 
Greater Savannah Commercial Club; Alee. Tem- 
ple; Scottish Rite; Knight Templar. Natl. Bank; 
res. 5 E 40th St., Savannah, Ga. 

Hardwick, Thomas Richmond 

Born Jonesboro, Ga.; A. B. and Ph. D. 1888; 
Farmer; Special E.xaminer U. S. Bureau of 
Pensions, 1894-1916; Masonic connections. R. 
F. D. No. 1, Ellijay, Ga. 

Hixon, James Augustus 

Born Ellaville, Schley County, Ga.; Lawyer. 
Byne Bldg., Forsyth St.; res. 1101 S. Lee St., 
Americus, Ga. 

Jarrell, Joseph Gilmore* 

A. 15. 1888; M. D.; Physician, d. Sept. 20, 
1911, Savannah, Ga. 




Potts, Fanning 

(Atlanta, Ga.) 

Reed, Thomas Walter 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; A. M. 1888; B. L. 1889; Phi 
Kappa Lit. Soc; 1st Honor A. M. Course; 1st 
Medalist (2); Orator (3), (4); Champion De- 
bater; Prize Debate Phi Kappa Soc.; Class 
Prophet; Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar 
University of Georgia; Sec. Athens Bd. of 
Health; Athens Chamber of Commerce; Dem. 
Committeeman (County, Sectional and Congres- 
sional); Del. State Convention; Supt. Sunday 
School: Methodist Steward; Author of Special 
Newspaper Stories and Magazine Articles; 
Member of Masons. Odd Fellows, Knights of 
Pythias, Redmen, Good Templars and Wood- 
men of the World. 197 Boulevard, Athens, Ga. 


Andrews, Harrv Hersey 

LL. B. 1889. (Parkersburg', W. Va.) 

Cobb, Lamar, Jr. 

Born Athens, Ga.; State Engineer of Arizona; 
Presidential Elector. 1916; Member Constitu- 
tional Convention. 1910; Arizona Legislature, 
1905. State House, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Harper. Donald 

B. L. 1889. (Room 1607, 20 Broad St., New 
York: res. Rome. Ga.) 

Lane, Edward Wood 

Born Valdosta, Ga.; Demosthenian Soc; Pres. 
The Atlantic National Bank of Jacksonville, 
Fla.; Dir. of Banks, Railroads and other Cor- 
porations in Florida, Georgia, Maryland and 
New York States: Member Seminole and 
Florida Country Clubs. 121 W. Forsyth St.; 
res. 833 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Mc Williams. Eugene Joel 

Ph. B. 1889; Clean Rice Salesman. (4225 Col- 
iseum St., New Orleans, La.) 

Sheppard, Walter Wade 

Rorn Liberty Co., Ga.; Phi Kappa: Editor-in- 
Chief Reporter; Champion Debater; Junior 
Speaker Univ. of Ga.: Judge Supreme Court, 
Atlantic Circuit of Ga.; Member Ga. Senate, 
1894-95; Dem. Elector Presidential Election, 
1900. Cor. Liberty and Conley Sts., Claxton, 

Ward, Frank Minott 

LL. R. 1889: Real Estate. (San Franciscff- 

Ward, Walter Ross English 

LL. B. 1889: Director San Gabriel Valley 
Hank, (San Francisco, Cal.) 


Atkins, Thomas Edgar 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1891. 

Atkisson, Horace L. Baber 

LL. B. 1890; Lawyer. (Century Bldg., Wash- 
ington, D. C.) 

Chandler, Cicero Guy 

(Athens, Ga.) 

Choate, Charles Edward 

Born Houston County. Ga.; Architect. No 11 
The Prado, Atlanta, (5a. 

Clark, Chester Morris 

(Albany, Ga.) 

Frazer, Donald 

LL. B. 1890. (Decatur, Ga.) 

Hardman, Thomas Colquit 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1891. 

Smith, William Bundy 

Born Grantville, Ga. ; Loans, City Property and 
Farm Lands; Representative U. S. Mortgage 
and Trust Co. and Equitable Life Assurance 
Soc. 706-7 Fourth Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 67 
Peachtree PI., Atlanta, Ga. 


Camak, James Wellborn 

Born Warren County, Ga.; B. E. 1891; B. L. 
1897; Demosthenian Soc; Law Class Prize; 
Lawyer; Lieut. -Col. on Staff of Gov. Allen at 
Mex. Border, 1917; Author of Short Stories 
and Poems. 151;-^ Clayton St.; res. 319 Meigs 
St., Athens, Ga. 

Johnson, Robert Ligou 

Lawyer; Affiliated witli Ga. Beta 1891. (At- 
lanta, Ga.) 

King, Walker 

Born Cave Spring, Ga.; A. B. 1891; Demos- 
thenian Lit .Soc; Debaters INIedal (2); Anni- 
versary Address for Lit. Soc: College Examiner 
for Texas State Dept. of Education; Chrmn. 
Executive Committee of Texas State Teachers' 
Assn.; Member Elkhart Fishing Club. State 
Dept. of Education, Capitol Bldg.; res. 109 W. 
18th St., Austin, Texas. 

Tribble, Samuel Joela* 

LL. B. 1891; Member of Congress 6 yrs. d. 
Dec. 8, 1916, Athens, Ga. 

Wright, Anton Pope 

Initiated by Tenn. Beta 1888. 


Cassels, Samuel Jones, Jr. 

Born Thomasville, Ga.; A. B. 1892; Demos- 
thenian Lit. Soc; District Manager Southern 
Cotton Oil Co.; Pres. Chamber of Commerce 
and Ala Cottonseed Crushers' Assn. ; Elder 
Trinity Presb. Ch.; Member Country and Ro- 
tary Clubs. First National Bank Bldg.; res. 
"IS Felder St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Crossland, Daniel Frankland 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1887. 

Dallis, Roy 

Born Troup County, Ga.; B. E. 1892; Demos- 
thenian Lit. Soc; .Secretary and Manager Elm 
City Cotton Mills; V.-Pres. Manchester Cotton 
Mills. (Manchester, Ga.) 502 Broad St., La 
Grange, Ga. 

Horsley, Joseph Stafford, Jr. 

Born Troup County, Ga.; A. B. 1892; M. D. 
1895; Physician and Surgeon. West Point, Ga. 

Park, Walter Gordon 

Lawyer. (Blakely, Ga.) 


Cabiniss, Elbridge Gerry, Jr."*' 

A B. 1893; B. L.; Lawyer. 

Govan, Frederick Gregory 

B. L. 1893; Reporter Daily Item. (336 Camp 
St.; res. 1101 Pinniston St.. New Orleans, La.) 

Hardwick, Thomas William 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1893. 

Hiles, William Walter 

(Rome, Ga.) 

Kline, Charles David 

Initiated by Ala. Beta 1893. 

Moreno, Ilalcott Cadwallader 

Born Gainesville, Ga.; A. B. 1893; A. M. 1894; 
B. L. 1896; Ph. D. 1900 Clark Univ.; Sigma 
Xi; Phi Beta Kappa; Associate Professor of 




Applied Mathematics, l.claiul Stanford fr. Uni- 
versity; Member American Matliematic Soc; 
Mathematic Assn. of America; Am. Assn. for 
Advancement of Science; .-Vftiliated Cal. Alpha 
lS9,v JS .Mvarado Row. Stanford Univ., Cal. 

Warren. Walter Preston 

Born Atlanta. Ga., Jnly 2, 1874, A. B. 1893; 
LL B. 1895; Phi Kappa: ("ommencement 
Speaker Law Class 1895; Chief Rate Clerk N. 
C. & St. L. R. R. Freight Office N. C. & St. L. 
R. R., Spring St.; res. 76 Lovcjoy St., Atlanta, 



Beckett. Georo:e Wilkes 

Born Savannah, Ga.. :March 7, 1873: B. E. 
1894; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc: Musical Dir. and 
Charter Member Thalian Dramatic Club; Dir. 
of Univ. Orchestra (2 yrs.) : Author of }yords 
and Music of Class Song; Commanding Officer 
of 3rd Division S. C. Naval Militia; Comman- 
der of U. S S. Foote (Charleston); Member 
of Landrum Lodge No. 48, F. and A. M., and 
Ga. Chapter No. 1, R. A. M. Beaufort, S. C 

Cleg:horn. Robert Cicero 

A. B. 1894. (Savannah, Ga.) 

Dorsev. Jasper Newton* 

A. B. 1894; Lawyer, d. Gainesville, Ga. 

Yow, Samuel Benjamin 

Born Goodwill. Franklin County, Ga.; A. B. 
1894; M. D 1898 Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll.; 
Phi Alpha Sigma; First Honor Man U. of Ga., 
1894- Third Honor Bellevue, 1898; Merchant; 
Pres. Bank of Lavonia and Martin Oil Mill; 
Member Capital City (Atlanta) Club. 4 Grogan 
St.; res. Hartwell Rd., Lavonia, Ga. 


Chambers, Hugh 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1892. 

Dunlap, James Thompson 

Born Gainesville, Ga.; B. S. 189S; Assoc. Ed. 
Pandora, 1895; Declamation Medal (2); Capt. 
Track Team, 1895; Capt. Co. A; Asst. Mgr. 
Varsity Football Team, 1894; Manager National 
Life Insurance Co. (Vermont); Member Country 
Club; Masonic connections; Blue Lodge, Com- 
manderv. Zaomra Temple, A. A. O. N. M. 
S. Empire Bldg., P. O. Box 466; res. 1101 
Cullom St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Gilbert, Thomas, Jr. 

(Columbus, Ga.) 

Holland, Herbert Stanford 

Born Girard, Russell Co., Ala.; Photographer. 
18^^ N. Pack Square, Asheville, N. C. 

Orr, Frederick Joseph 

Born Athens, Ga.; B. E. 1895; Phi Kappa; 
Thalian Dramatic Club; Architect. 706-7 
Southern Mutual Bldg.; res. 1196 Prince St., 
Athens, Ga. 

Rounsaville, Frederick 

Affiliated Ga. Gamma 1895. (Rome, Ga.) 

Slade, Charles Blount 

M. D. 1895; Physician. (N. Y.) 

Tuggle. William Thomas 

Born La Grange, Ga.; Lawyer; Solicitor, City 
Court, La Grange; .Solicitor, County Court, 
Troup Co. ; Member General Assembly of Ga. 
La Grange, Ga. 


Brooks, Shirley Victor 

A. B. 1896; B. L.; Journalist. The Atlanta 
Georgian; (res. 44 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, 

Myrick, Shelbv 

"Born Forsyth, Ga.. July 16, 1878; A. B. 1896 
B. L. 1897; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; 2d Honors 
1896; Editor-in-Chief Red and Black, 1896-97, 
.\nnivcrsarian Phi Kappa Soc; Lawyer; Judge, 
Police Court of Savannah, 190107; Referee in 
Uankrnptcy. U. S. C^ourt, 1898-1901; Member 
State Le;!islature, 1913-16; Member Georgia 
and Savannah Bar .\ssns. 1 0th fi. Natl. Bank 
Bldg.; res. 2807 .Xbercorn St., Ardsley Park, 
Savannah, Ga. 

Pittman, John Green 

Born Thbmasville, Ga.; A. B. 1896; M. D. 
Columbia; Physician and Surgeon; Gaffney, 
S. C. 

Smith, Eugene Clay 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1896. 

Stephens, Roswell Powell 

Born Barncsville, Ga.; A. B. 1896; Ph. D. 
1905 Johns Hopkins Univ.; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Demosthencan Soc; Pres., Y. M. C. A.; Honor 
(iraduate: Teacher, Mathematics; .\ssoc. Pro- 
fessor; Chairman Bd. Stewards, 1st Meth. 
Church; Treasurer, Y. M. C. A. Advisory Bd.; 
Instr. iNIath. Wesleyan Univ., 1905-07; Ad- 
junct Prof. Math. Ga., 1907-10; Author several 
articles mathematic magazines; Member Uni- 
versity Club. University of Georgia Campus; 
res. 230 Woodlawn Ave., Athens, Ga. 

Van De Velde, Horace Bernard* 

B. L. 1896. d. 1900, Mexico Citv, Mex. 


Bradwell, James Dowse 

A. B. 1897; Ph. M.; LL. B.; Lawyer and 
Planter. (Bishop, Ga.) 

Crittenden, Oscar Alexander 

Born Shellman, Ga. ; Planter; Stocks and 

Bonds; Dir. 1st Natl. Bank and other local 

corporations; Member Mystic Shrine and 
Knights of Pythias. Shellman, Ga. 

Dunlap, Samuel C, Jr. 

Born Gainesville, Ga. ; Bank Cashier. Gaines- 
ville Natl. Bank; res. Green St., Gainesville, 

Harris, Nathaniel Edwin, Jr. 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1897. 

Murray, John Scott, Jr. 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1894. 

Price, George Whitfield 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; A. B. 1897; Captain Base- 
ball, 1897; Varsity Football, 1895-97; Insurance; 
Member of firm, J. L. Riley & Co. 219 Empire 
Bldg.; res. 116 Highland Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Saunders. Carl Denham 

A. B. 1897. (Penfield, Ga.) 


Brightwell, Ralph Penn 

Born Maxeys, Ga.; B. S. and LL. B. 1898; 
Lawyer; Merchant and Manufacturer; Pres. 
^ilaxeys Trading and Maxeys Fertilizer Go's.; 
Alayor of Maxeys, 7 years. Maxeys, Ga. 

Davenport, Uriah Harrold 

Born Americus, Ga.; B. S. 1898; Post-Grad. 
Work at Cornell and Univ. of Wis.; Phi Beta 
Kappa: Graduated with 2d Honors; Associate 
Professor, Electrical Engineering; Member 
Cloverhurst Country Club. L^niv. of Ga. Cam- 
pus; res. 1123 Prince Ave., Athens, Ga. 

Dorsev. John Tucker 

Born Gainesville, Ga., Sept. 7, 1876; A. B. 
1898; Demosthenian Debating and Gukpale 
Socs.; Lawyer; Member House of Representa- 
tives, State of Ga. Corner Atlanta and Wash- 
ington Sts.; res. 721 Kennesaw Ave., Marietta 

Harris, Nathaniel Edwin, Jr. 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1893. 




Harrold, Charles Cotton 

B. S. 1898; M. D.; Physician. (Care Gouver- 
neur Hospital, Gouverneur Slip, New York, 
N. Y. ; res. Americus, Ga.) 

Lester, Richard Martin 

Born Savannah, Ga., Sept. 20, 1875; LL. B. 
1898; Ph. B. 1897 Yale; Lawyer; Member 
Savannah, Yale and University Clubs; Georgia 
Soc.; Sons of Revolution; Masons, York and 
Scottish Rite. 303 Savannah Bank and Trust 
Bldg.; res. 107 E. 3Sth St., Savannah, Ga. 

Mitchell, John Fondren 

Lawyer; ^Member of Congress. (Thomasville, 

Offutt, Anderson 

Born Rockville. Md.; B. S. 1895 and E. E. 1897 
Princeton; Chief of Service, Maintenance 
Dept. for New Jersey Zinc Co. of Pa.; Mem- 
ber Blue Ridge Country, Palmerton Gun, Pal- 
merton Rifle and Palmerton Tennis Clubs. 
New Jersey Zinc Co. of Pa.; res. 421 Colum- 
bia Ave., Palmerton, Pa. 

Rambo. Lawrence McCaskill 

Born Marshallville, Ga. ; Phi Kappa; Lawyer; 
Judge, City Court. Blakely, Ga. 

Smith, Parish Eugene 

B. S. 1898. 

Watkins, Benjamin Dixon 

Born Monroe, Ga.; A. B. 1898; Football; Lieut, 
of Military Co.; Real Estate, Renting and 
Loans; Pres. Piedmont Savings Co.; Member 
Capital Citv, Druid Hil's and Atlanta Athletic 
Clubs. 4th' Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 190 Juniper 
St., Atlanta, Ga. 

White, Davis Glover 

(Savannah. Ga.) 

White, Walker 

Born Fonsyth, Ga.; A. B. 1898; L. I. State 
Normal School of Ga.; Private Secretary to 
Secretary Atlanta and St. Andrews Bay Ry. 
Co.: Treasurer, Emory Univ.: Superintendent, 
Wesley Memorial Hosp.; Member Atlanta Ath- 
letic Club. Candler Bldg.. Atlanta; res. 114 Mc- 
Donough St., Decatur, Ga. 


Blun, William Stafford 

A. B. 1899; B. L.; Sec.-Treas. Georgia Supply 

Co.; Affiliated New York Delta 1903. (26-32 

Bay St. W.; res. 14 Oglethorpe Ave., Savan- 
nah, Cia.) 

Burney. George Ware 

Born Dublin, Ga. ; Agent for Metropolitan Life 
Insurance Co. 617 Southern Mutual Bldg.; 
res. 227 Du Bose Ave., Athens, Ga. 

Hopps, Daniel Valentine 

A. B. 1899; LL. B.; Lawyer. (145 Bull St., 
Savannah, Ga. ) 

Price, Joseph Edward 

Born Atlanta. Ga.; Fire Insurance. 533 Trust 
Co. of Ga. Bldg.; res. 139 N. Jackson St., At- 
lanta, Ga. 


Clav. Clifford Colonel 

Born Lcc Co., Ga., 1881; With Smith Motor 
Truck Corporation; Member Capital City Club; 
Klks. 118 Marietta St.; res. 155 Sinclair Ave., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Dudley, Nathaniel Macon 

Born Americus, Ga.; Cotton Factor. 129 Cot- 
ton Ave.; res. 135 Taylor St., Americus, Ga. 

Goff, Samuel Bishop, Jr. 

Born Eldora. N. J.; Varsity Football; V.-Pres. 
S. B. Goff & Sons. Camden, N. J.; res. 317 
N. 60th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Johnson, Graham Lee Ligon 

Capt. Sixth Infantry, U. S. Army. (Care Waj 
Department, Washington, D. C.) 

McWhorter. Robert Ligon 

Born Penfield, Ga.; A. B. 1900; Oratorical 
Soc, Demosthenian Lit. Soc; Football, 1898-99; 
Mgr., 1899; Pres. Athletic Assn., 1898; Cattle 
Raiser and Farmer; Mayor and Councilman; 
School Teacher and Member Bd. of Educ. 
Penfield, Ga. 

Oglesby, John Gideon Deadwyler 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1900. 

Shannon, Emory Power 

(Elberton, Ga.) 

Thurman, Merritt 

Born Webster County, Ga.; A. B. 1900; The 
Sphinx; Pres. Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; Business 
Mgr. The Georgian; Red and Black Staff; Jun. 
Speaker's Place; Elected Editor-in-Chief Pan- 
dora; Capt. Cadet Corps; Sec. and Treas. 
Southland Knitting Mills. Macon, Ga. 

Young, Edwin Warren 

Architect. (Care Clinton S. Russell, 32 Lib- 
erty St.; res. 307 W. 150th St., New York, 
N. Y.) 

Young, Wilbur Hubbell 

Born Dec. 28, 1874; Pres. Gasoline Engine 
Equipment Co. and Tennessee Petroleum Co.; 
V.-Pres. Standard Motor Construction Co.; 
V.-Pres College Point Boat Corp.; Member 
Colonial Yacht and N. Y. Athletic Clubs. 30 
Church St., New York, N. Y. 


Garrett, Henry Burt 

Stocks, Bonds and Real Estate. (Care Martin 
Garrett & Co.; res: 342 Broad St., Augusta. 

Green, Cliff 

(65 Forrest Ave., Atlanta, Ga.) 

McWhorter, Hamilton. ]r. 

Born Penfield, Ga.; B. L. 1901; Lawyer; Solic- 
itor City Court; Trustee Mason Acad. (Lex- 
ington): Member Masons, York Rite, Shriner. 
Lexington, Ga. 

Newsom, James Columbus 

Born Washington, Ga., March 10, 1878; Saw 
Mills and Timber; Postmaster Washington, Ga., 
since 1915; Member Washington Country Club. 
U. S. Postoffice; res. 301 Alexander Ave., 
Washington, Ga. 

Nunnally, Josiah Roy 

Born Monroe, Ga.; Merchant and Financier; 
V.-Pres. Monroe Bd. of Trade and Monroe 
Wholesale Co.; Treas. Monroe Telephone Co. 
and W. H. Nunnally Co. 109 N. Broad St.; 
res. 208 Walton St., Monroe, Ga. 

Penn, Howard Martin* 

B. S. 1901. d. March 22, 1906. 


Camp, Edwin Ruthven 

Born Powder Springs, Ga.; E<litor The Red and 
Black; News Editor The Atlanta Georgian. 20 
E. Alabama St.; res. 224 Gordon St., Atlanta, 

Claghorn, Rufus Carleton 

Real Estate; Member Greater Savannah Com- 
mercial Club. 110 K. l!ry,-in St.; res. 1220 E. 
Duffy St., Savannah, Ga. 

Lamar, Henry James 

A. B. 1902. (Macon, Ga.) 

Rucker, Albert Carroll 

B. S. 1902. (Columbia, S. C.) 





Cheatham. Walter Bichat 

Initiated Ga. Beta 1903. 

RlHs. Frainpton Erral 

(.5-17 Poachtrce St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Kino;, Eilwanl Postell. Tr. 

I^orn Atlanta, Ga.; B. L." 1903; Major Field 
.\rtillery U S. Army. Care of Adjutant Gen- 
eral U. S. Army, Washington, D. C. 

Leg-wen. Glenn Walker 

Born Crawfordvilic. Ga.; A. B. 1903; Phi 
Kapi.a: Sphinx: K,!. Red and Black and 
Georgian; .Soph. Dcc^iimcr; Rep. Univ. of Ga. 
in State Oratorical Contest; Pres. Ga. State 
Oratorical .\ssn.; Cotton Factor; Member 
Shriners. 837 Reynolds St.; res. 1439 Anthony 
Rd., Augusta, Ga. 

Rounsaville, James Royal 

(Rome, Ga. ) 

Rounsaville, Robert Battev 

Bern Riime, Ga. : Phi Kappa; Catcher Varsity 
Team: Half Back and Full Back Varsity Foot- 
ball Team: Electrical Business; Mgr. Rome 
Battery Service Co. 3, 3d Ave.; res. 404, 3d 
-Ave., Rome, Ga. 

Russell. Charles Denison 

Born Savannah, Ga.; LL. B. 1906 Mercer Univ.; 
Attorney-at-Law; .A.sst. U. S. Attorney South- 
ern Dist. of Ga.. .\ppointed Sept., 1915. Ameri- 
can Bank and Trust Bldg. ; res. 310 Anderson 
St., Savannah, Ga. 

Stevens, Owen Benjamin 

(Griffin, Ga.) 

Turner, William Randolph 

Born Monroe County, Ga.; A. B. 1903; Sphinx; 
Casque and Gauntlet; Thalians; Football, 1901- 
02; Busmess Mgr. Red and Black; Permanent 
Pres. Class of 1903; Ovi-ner Builders' Supply 
Co. and Mgr. Millen Fertilizer Co.; Chrmn Bd. 
of Commissioners Jenkins Co. Masonic St ; 
res. Cleveland Ave., Millen, Ga. 

Watson, James Durham 

B. L. 1903. (Thomson, Ga.) 

Whitfield, Charles Harris 

Born Milledgeville, Ga.; Merchant; Pres. Whit- 
field Grocery Co.; Milledgeville Milling and 
Georgia Products Cos. 115 W. Hancock St.- 
res. 210 Columbia St., Milledgeville, Ga. 


Felker, Joseph Knox 

Born Social Circle, Ga., Feb. 18, 1883; 
Speaker (2); City Salesman Dictaphone Co. 
63 N. Pryor St.; res. Majestic Hotel, Atlanta, 

Hopkins. Isaac Stiles. Jr. 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1900". 

Lott. Daniel 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1900. 

McMillin, Frederick Rag-sdale 

(93 Granby St.. Norfolk, Va.) 

MacMillan, Daniel Bliss 

Born Savannah, Ga.; ^Manufacturer of Turpen- 
tine Stills and Fixtures; V.-Pres. Mac-Millan 
Bros. Co.; Member Pensacola Country Club. 17 
East Garden St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Maddox, Cone Morg-an A. 

(438 Whitehall St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Parks, Warren Benjamin 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1904. 

Richter, Martin Luther, Jr.* 

Born Madison. Ga., Feb. 11, 1884; A. B. 1904; 
Electrical Engineer, d. Sept. 21, 1907. 

Schirni. Robert Francis 

Horn Savannah, (!a.; Bull Dogs; Note Teller 
Citizens and Southern Bank. Montgomery and 
Liberty Sts.; res. 121 Bolton St. E., Savannah, 

Turnbull, Theodore Tiffany 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1902. 

Vinson, John Clifford 

(Montezuma, Ga.) 


Allen, Victor Hugo 

Born Buford, Gwinnett County, Ga.; Class Sec; 
Declamation Medal (1); Football, Half Back; 
Manufacturer; Sec. Bona Allen Inc.; Mayor of 
Buford; Member Capital City (Atlanta) Club. 
Main St., Buford, Ga. 

Askew, Ben Hand 

Born Milford. Baker County, Ga.; A. B. 1905; 
President Wholesale Grocery and Mgr. Land 
Development Co. Arlington, Ga. 

Bell, James Austin, Jr. 

("Gainesville, Ga.) 

Bullard, Frank Leverett 

(Macon. Ga.) 

Clark. Chester Morris 

Initiated by Tenn. Beta 1890. 

Harmon, Weyman Potter 

(Savannah, Ga.) 

Marshburn. Walter Octavius 

Born Barnesville. Ga. ; A. B. 1905; LL. B. 
1907: .Sphinx: Casque and Gauntlet; Senior 
Round Table; Thalians; Phi Kappa; Mgr. Foot- 
ball, 1906; Phi Kappa Anniversarian; Pres. Phi 
Kappa; Ed-in-Chief Pandora and Re4 and 
Black; Winner Oratorical Contest (3) ; Law Ora- 
tor (4) ; Debater against Univ. of N. C. and 
Washington-Lee L^niv. ; Lawyer; Member At- 
lanta Athletic, Capital (Zity and Piedmont Driv- 
ing Clubs, (iandler Bldg. ; res. 394 N. Boule- 
vard, At'anta. Ga. 

Pierce. Cleveland Reuel 

Born Key West. Fla.; LL. B. 1905; Demosthen- 
ian; Lawver; Member Elks; Masons. Electric 
Co. Bldg!; res. 417 Elizabeth St., Key West, 

White, Davis Glover 

(12 W. Jones St., Savannah, Ga.) 

Woodward, Warren Respess 

Born Barnesville, Ga., Dec. 30, 1883; Cashier 
Birmingham Branch Georgia Casualty Co.; 
Formerly Cashr. 1st Natl. Bank (Senoia); Teller 
Commercial Natl. Bank (Macon); Received 
Ready Writers Medal Gordon Institute, 1902. 
1203 Jefferson County Bank Bldg.; res. 6 Al- 
bemarle Apts., 820 South 21st St., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 


Bell, Simeon, Jr. 

(Waynesboro, Ga.) 

Byrd, Daniel Madison 

(Lawrenceville, Ga.) 

Corey, Ezekial Oiah 

(Hawkinsville, Ga.) * 

Dozier, Cadmus Augustus, Jr. 

Born Gainesville, Ga.; B. S. in C. E. 1906; In- 
surance. 216-17 Jackson Bldg., 9 E. Washing- 
ton St.; res. 74 N. Bradford St., Gainesville, 

McWhorter, James Vason 

(529 Bass St., Atlanta. Ga.) 

Mobley, Arthur Coleman 

Born Monroe, Ga. ; Sec. Walton Cotton Mill Co 
321 S. Broad St., Monroe, Ga. 




Reppard, Aaron Henry 

Born Flemington, Ga. ; Theta Nu Epsilon; Civil 
Engineer and General Contractor; Sec. and 
Treas. W. Z. Williams Co. Inc.; Formerly in 
Geol. Survey and Army Engineers Service; 
Member Univ. of Ga. Club, Savannah. Ga. 
Casualty Bldg., Macon; res. "Isle of Hope" 
R. F. D. No. 1, Savannah. Ga. 

Weston, Jesse Davis, Jr. 

Born Albany, Ga.; Phi Kappa; Freshman and 
Sophomore Clubs; Sec. Freshman Class; Com- 
mercial Agent, A. B. and A. Ry.; Member Elks, 
Hoo-Hoo, Log Cabin and Kinchafonee Country 
Clubs. 307 Davis Exchange Bank Bldg.; res. 
527 Commerce St., Albany, Ga. 


Askew, Earle Bower 

Born Milford, Baker County, Ga.; B. L. 1908 
Phi Kappa (Pres.) ; Impromptu Debater; Cham 
pion Debater; Attorney-at-Law; City Attorney 
Arlington, 1914; Mayor of same, 1915-16; Mas 
ter Masonic Lodge, Arlington No. 249, 1912 
14; Member Masons and Knights of Pythias 
Commercial Building; res. 315 Fourth Ave 
S. E., Moultrie. Ga. 

Davis, Philip Watkins, Jr. 

Born Elberton, Ga.; A. B. 1907; Senior Round 
Table; Demosthenian Lit. and Municipal Gov- 
ernment Soc. ; Lawyer. Lexington, Ga. 

Howard, William King- 
Bom Atlanta, Ga.; A. B. 1907; Asst. Bank 
Cashier. Lexington, Ga. 

Hunnicutt, John Atkinson, Jr. 

Born Athens, Ga.; A. B. 1907; M. D. 1911 
Johns Hopkins; Pi Mu (Johns Hopkins); 
Hunterian Fellowship Surgery (Johns Hop- 
kins); Physician and Farmer; Surg. Staff, 
Lakeside Hosp., 1911-12; Instr. Surg. Johns 
Hopkins Univ., 1912-13; Author of "Hyperplasia 
of Thyroid Glands in Dogs;" "Transplantation 
of Periosteum;" "The Osteogenic Power of 
Periosteum: With a Note on Bone Trans- 
plantation;" Member Cliarles County Medical 
Soc. (Ex-Pres). 318 Southern Mutual Bldg.; 
res. 325 Milledge Ave., Athens, Ga. 

MacMillan, Thomas Hasley, Jr. 

Born Savannah, Ga.; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Castiue and- Gauntlet; Pres. MacMillan Bros. 
Co. (Southern Copper Works). 743 East Bay 
St.; res. 2712 Oak St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Middlebrooks, Grover 

Born Atlanta, Ga., Oct., 14, 1887; A. B. 
1907; B. L. 1908; Lawyer; Member of firm 
Bryan, Jordan and Middlebrooks. 1203 Cand- 
ler Bldg.; res. 210 Myrtle St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Parke, Emory Robert 

Born La Grange, Ga. ; M. D. 1909 Jefferson 
Med. Coll.; Phi Chi; Physician and Surgeon; 
Sec. Troup County Med. .Soc; Writer for Ga. 
State I'.d. of Health. 107 Broad St.; res. Broad 
and (iordon Sts., La Grange, Ga. 

Strickland, Samuel Guy 

Ensign U. .S. Navy. (Care Navy Department, 
Washington, 1). C.) 

Willingham, Julian James 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1906. 


Carter, Robeson 

Born Athens, Tenn.; I'nrnifurc and Undertak- 
ing I'usincss. Toccoa, Ga. 

Carver, Rogers 

Born Dawson, Ga.; Cashier Dawson Natl. 
Bank. 363 E. Lee St., Dawson, Ga. 

Dunson, Joe Eugene 

(LaGrange, Ga.) 

Fitts, John William Baker 

Born LaGrange, Ga., 1888; A. B. 1908; M. 
D. 1912; Physician. 701 Hurt Bldg.; res. 
Georgian Terrace Hotel, Atlanta, Ga. 

Mills, Qiarles Gardner 

Affiliated Ga. Gamma 1911. (Griffin, Ga.) 

Shipp, Edgar, Jr. 

Born Americus, Ga. ; Wholesale ISIerchant. 
Hampton St.; res. 1118 Lee St., Americus, Ga. 

Slack, Henry Richmond, Jr. 

Born LaGrange, Ga.; A. B. 1908; M. D. 1912, 
Johns Hopkins Univ.; Surgeon; Associate and 
Instructor Dept. of Laryngology and Otology, 
Johns Hopkins Hospital and Medical School; 
Surgeon American Red Cross European Relief 
Work, France, 1914-15. Johns Hopkins Hos- 
pital; res. 1100 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 

Smith, Robert Kyle 

(Greensboro, Ga.) 

Smith, Sidney Oslin 

Born Gainesville, Ga., 1908; Sphinx; Thalians; 
Casque and Gauntlet; Senior Round Table; 
Editor-in-Chief Red and Black; Pandora; 
Champion Debater; Intercoll. Debater; General 
Insurance; Member University Club. Ameri- 
can Book Co., Atlanta; res. 66 N. Green St., 
Gainesville, Ga. 

Walker, Edwin Parrott 

(White Plains, Ga.) 

Willingham, Frank Bartow 

Born Forsyth, Monroe County, Ga., May 10, 
1889; A. B. 1908; LL. B. 1909 Mercer; Senior 
Round Table; Nu Pi Beta; Demosthenian 
Literary Soc; Assoc Editor The ■ Georgian; 
Lawyer; Chrmn. Democratic Executive Com- 
mittee of Monroe County, Ga.; Member Knights 
of Pythias; Woodmen of the World; Dramatic 
Order Knights of Khorassan; Master Mason; 
Royal Arch Mason; Knight Templar; Al-Sihah 
Temple; Shriners; Affiliated Ga. Gamma 1912. 
W. Johnson St., Forsyth, Ga. 


Allen, Linton Eugene 

Born Chipley, Ga., March 22, 1889; B. S. 1909; 
Cashier Glynn Co. Bank. Gloucester St.; res. 
1221 Union St., Brunswick, Ga. 

Carter, Edgar Vernon, Jr. 

Born Athens, Tenn.; B. S. 1909; LL. B. 1911; 
Theta Lambda Phi; Sphinx; Gridiron* Club; 
Pres. Class (4); Mgr. Football and Basket Ball; 
Southern Intercollegiate Tennis Champion, 3 
years; Commencement Speaker; Lawyer; Mem- 
ber Cabinet and Atlanta Athletic Clubs. 907 
.Atlanta Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 141 Lee St., 
Atlanta, Cla. 

Dasher, Francis Wagner 

Born Savannah, Chatham County, Ga.; Phi 
Kappa; Theta Nu Epsilon; Secretary and 
Assistant Treasurer, Braid & Ilutton, Inc.; 
Jones, Parnclle, Lee & Co.; Dir. Savannah 
Morris Plan Bank and The Mercantile Bank 
and Trust Co.; Mcniher Landrum Lodge F. 
and A. M.; Knight Templar; Shriner; Rotary 
and Savannah Volunlccr Guards Clubs. 10 
Whitakcr St.; res. 104 Fast 35th St., Savannah, 

Holmes, Walter Richard, Jr. 

Born Macon, Ga.; A. B. 191)9; M. D. 1913, 
Johns Hopkins Univ.; Plii Beta Kappa; Surg- 
eon Johns Hopkins Hospital; Resident Gyne- 
cologist. Tohns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, 

McWhorter, Fonville 

Born Woodville, Ga.; The Cabinet; Varsity 
Football; Asst. Mgr. Baseball; Pres. Athletic 
Assn.; v. Pres. Junior Class; Sophomore Dc- 




claimer; Winner Junior Oratory Medal; Non- 
Com. Officer Cadet Corps; Assistant Cashier Cen- 
tral r>ank and Trust (."orporation ; Member At- 
lanta Athletic Club. Central Bank and Trust 
Corporation; res. Linden Court Apts., Atlanta, 

McWhorter, Marcus Pharr • 

Born Lexington. C.a.: B. S. 1909: Theta 
Lambda IMii; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; Baseball, 
190408: Lawyer; Member University Club of 
Atlanta. Southern Mutual Bldg. ; res. Milledge 
Ave., .\tliens. ("la. 

Pearson. Eliiathan Pratt, Jr. 

Born Lumpkin, Ga.; Banking Business. Ama- 
rillo National Bank. 4th and Polk Sts.; res. 
102 East 9th St., .\marillo, Texas. 

Smith, Young; Berryman 

Born Xewnan;, Ga., July 21, 1889; B. S. 1909; 
LL. B. 1912 Columbia L'niv.; Sphinx; Senior 
Round Table; Phi Delta Phi Legal Frat.; 
Intercollegiate Debate; Member Track Team; 
Editor Columbia Law Review; Professor Law 
School, Columbia University. Kent Hall, 
Columbia L'niv.; res. 620 West 122nd St., New 
York, X. V. 

Thurman, Allen G. 

Born Barnesville, Ga.. May 12, 1888; Grad. 
U. S. M. A., 1913; First Lieutenant, U. S. 
.\rmy. Care of Adjutant Genera!, U. S. Army, 
W'aslu'nerton. D. C. 

Troutman, Henry Battey 

Born Rome, Ga. ; Lawyer; Member Capital 
City Club. 1021 Healey Bldg.; res. 679 Spring 
St., .\tlanta, Ga. 

Wallace, Plugh Smead 

Initiated by Ga. Delta 1908. 


Allen, Fred Cook 

Born Chipley, Mo.; B. S. 1910; Editor-in-Chief 
College Weekly; Asst. Paymaster U. S. Naval 
Reserve Forces; Assistant Cashier Glynn Co. 
Bank. 1221 Union St., Brunswick, Ga. 

Brown. Thomas Walker 

(Marshallville, Ga.) 

Capers, T[homas] Stacy 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1910. 

Graves, Richard Augustus 

Born Sparta, Ga. ; Football and Baseball, 1906- 
08; Farmer and Farm Supplies. 212 E. Broad 
.St.; res. 327 Tilly Ave., Sparta, Ga. 

Griggs, Daniel Stew-art 

Affiliated Ga. Gamma 1912. (Dawson, Ga.) 

McDonald, Edward 

Born Cuthbert. Ga.; B. S. 1914; B. L. 1914; 
Lawyer. Cuthbert, Ga. 

McKenzie, Emmet 

(Athens. Ga.) 

Middlebrooks, Turner* 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; A. B. 1910. d. Sept. 8, 


Dallis, Render 

Born LaGrange, Ga., May 31, 1890; A. B. 
1911; Tha'ian Dramatic; Casque and Gauntlet; 
Junior Club; Capt. Track; Textile Manufac- 
turer. Elm City Cotton Mills; res. 59 Broad 
St., LaGrange, Ga. 

Daniel, William Brantley 

Initiated by Ga. Delta 1909. 

Gibbs, Ralph 

(Forsyth, Ga.) 

Grace, T. 

(Barnesville, Ga.) 

Holmes, William Burke 

Born Macon. Ga. : D. D. S. 1912 Atlanta 
Dental Coll.; Phi Kappa; Psi Omega (dental); 
l'"reshman i'lub; huiior Cabinet; ■^lan(lolin, 
Glee and Tennis (jlubs; Basket Ball; Dentist: 
Member Executive Committee Macon Dental 
Soc; Member Macon Racket CUib; Macon 
Dental Soc. 556 Mulberry St.; res. 411 Orange 
St., Macon, Ga. 

MacMillan, Raymond Harris 

Born Savannah, Ga.; President MacMillan 
Metal Co. 743 E. Bay St.; res. 959 Riverside 
.■\ve., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Northern, William Jonathan, jr.* 

Born Atlanta, Ga. d. Nov. 1, 1916, Atlanta, 

Slack, Searcy Bradfield 

Born LaGrange, Ga. ; B. S. in C. E. 1911; 
A. M. 1912 Harvard; Peabody Scholar (Har- 
vard); Professor in LIniv. of Ga.; Assoc, 
member .^m. Soc. of Civil Engineers. Uni- 
versity of C;a., Athens, Ga. 

Thurman, John Gordon 

Born Barnesville, Ga. : B. S. 1911; Secretary 
Food and Drug Division. Ga. Dept. of Agri- 
culture; Member Ga. Athletic Club. State 
Capitol; res. 193 Spring St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Troutman, Robert Battey 

Born Rome, Ga. ; A. B. 19'll; LL. B. 1914 
Columbia Univ.; Sphinx; Editor-in-Chief 
Columbia Law Review; Lawyer; Member Druid 
Hills Golf Club. 1021 Healey Bldg.; res. 960 
Ponce-de-Leon Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 


Adams, Horace DeGuince* 

Born Macon, Ga. d. July 19, 1914. 

Aiken, Lawrence 

(Brunswick, Ga.) 

Brown, Lloyd Davidson 

Born Sharon, Ga.; A. B. 1912; Sphinx; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Mgr. Football. 1911; Professor 
Georgia Military College. Millcdgeville; res. 
Sharon, Ga. 

Cox, John Benjamin 

Born near Newnan, Coweta County, Ga.; Pi 
Delta Pi (Natl. Prep. Fraternity), Locust Grove 
(Ga.) Inst.; Football and Baseball, Locust 
Grove Inst.; Capt. Baseball, 1906; Capt. Foot- 
ball Riverside Military .Acad. (Gainesvi'.le, Ga.) ; 
Varsity Football and Baseball (Univ. of Ga.), 
1909-11; General Agent Pcnn Mutual Life In- 
surance Co.; Member Chamber of Commerce; 
Member University and Community Clubs. 
1003 Jefferson County Bank Bldg.; res. 926 S. 
26th St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Fleetwood, Karl Milton 

Born Macon, Ga. ; Thalian Dramatic Club; 
Georgian Board; Lawyer; Member of Idle 
Hour, Country and Lethean Clubs; Phi Delta 
Theta Alumni and State Bar Assns. Georgia 
Casualty Co.; res. 232 High St., Macon, Ga. 

Hawes, Crab 

(Thompson, Ga.) 

McCrory, William Malcolm 

Born Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 24, 1891; Phi Kappa; 
General Insurance; General Agent Florida 
Aetna Life Insurance Co. and Aetna Accident 
and Liability Co.; Sec. Insurance Federation of 
Florida; Member Local Phi Delta Theta; Flor- 
ida Country and University Clubs; Business 
Men's Club of Jacksonville. 28 Julia St.; res. 
950 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Meadow, William King 

Born Danielsville, Ga., Dec. 7, 1891; A. B. 
1912; B. L. 1914; Junior Cabinet; Capt Co. C, 
1911-12; Cadet Major, 1912-13; Commencement 
Day Speaker, 1914; Lawyer. 101 Shackelford 
Bldg.; res. 194 Prince Ave., Athens, Ga. 




Northern, George Thomas 

Born Atlanta, Ga., 1892; A. B. 1912; LL. B. 
1914 Atlanta Law School; Sphinx; Junior Cab- 
inet; Senior Round Table; Delta Delta; Glee 
and Mandolin Clubs; Thalian; Ga. vs. Univ. of 
Va. Debate, 1912; Winner of Sophomore and 
Junior Debates; Junior Medal 1911; Anniver- 
sarian Phi Kappa Soc; Winner U. D. C. Prize, 
1910, Soph. Declaimer; Impromptu Debate, 
1912; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Lawyer; Member 
Atlanta Athletic Club. 410 Connally Bldg. ; res. 
650 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Richardson, Augustus Cullen 

Born Montezuma, Ga. ; B. S. 1912; Drug Busi- 
ness; Affiliated Ga. Beta 1912. 38 Dooly St., 
Montezuma, Ga. 

Willingham, Broadus 

(Macon, Ga.) 

Wood. Claude C. 

(Rome, Ga.) 

Wood, Ralph 

(Brunswick, Ga.) 


Bagley, Hugh 

(Atlanta, Ga.) 

Carter, Frank 

Born Atlanta, Ga., July 22, 1892; B. S. 1913; 
B. L. 1914; Theta Lambda Phi; Gudrian Club; 
Athl. Tennis Champion; Basketball; Speaking; 
Fresh. Debate; Soph. Declamation; Junior Ora- 
tion and Law Rep. for Commencement Speaker; 
Hon. Socs.; Spring Senior Round Table; Junior 
Cabinet; Mgr. Baseball; Lawyer; Member At- 
lanta Athletic Club. 904-08 Atlanta National 
Bank Bldg. : res. 141 Lee St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Duncan, William Calloway 

Born Douglasville, Ga. ; .\. B. 1913 Eastern 
Coll.; A. M. 1917 do.; Attended Co'umbia Coll., 
1915; Director Irving Lower School; Proprietor 
Summer School at Douglasville, Ga. Irving 
School for Boys, Tarrytown-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Freeman, Rohert Hill 

Born Newnan, Ga.; A. B. 1913; A. M. and LL. 
B. 1916 Columbia Univ.; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Honor Graduate Univ. s-f Ga. and Columbia 
Univ. School of Law; Editor Columbia Laiv 
Review; Lawyer. 6V2 Court Square; res. 92 
Greenville St., Newnan, Ga. 

Gunnells, Charles William 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1911. 

Howard, Henry Grady 

Born Lexington,' Ga.; B. S. 1913; B. L. 1915; 
Senior Round Table; Gridiron Club; Phi Kappa; 
Thalians; Honor Graduate in Law; Lawyer. 
16 Johnson Bldg.; res. 2627 Walton Way, Au- 
gusta, Ga. 

Hurst, William Herbert 

(Social Circle, Ga.) 

Knight, William Alexander 

Born Dublin, Ga.; Insurance Business; Mem- 
ber Masons; .Shriner. Dublin, Ga. 

McCoy, Frank Lee 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1913. 

Sancken, George A. 

Born Augusta, Ga.; B. S. 1913; Gridiron, Ger- 
man and Italix Clubs; Phi Kappa; Prcs Tau 
Sigma; Football, 1911-12; Georgian Bd.; Drum 
Major; Sec. and Treas. Georgia-Carolina 
Creamery. 925-927 Walker St.; res. 246 Broad 
St., Augusta, (ia. 

Smith, William Henry 

Born Gainesville, Ga., Oct. 18, 1892; A B. 
1913; Traveler. Retail Credit Co. Hcaly Bldg., 
Atlanta; res. 75 N. Green St., Gainesville, Ga. 


Holden, Frank Alexander 

Lawyer. (Milledge Ave., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Jordan, Fred Capers 

Born Monticello, Ga.; A. B. 1914; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Traveling Salesman. Monticello, Ga. 

McKenzie, Lawrence 

Born Montezuma, Ga. ; Cotton Warehousing. 
Montezuma, Ga. 

■Middlebrooks, Chauncey 

Born Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 23, 1893; B. S. in C. 
E. 1914; Sine and Tangent; Engineering and 
Legal Twelve Socs.; Insurance. 1218 Atlanta 
Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 399 Peters St., Atlanta, 

Williams, George Smith 

(Athens, Ga.) 


Allen, George Dickenson 

Born Chipley, Ga.; B. S'. 1915; Lumber and 
Crossties. Newcastle St.; res. 1221 Union St., 
Brunswick, Ga. 

Daniel, Jackson Lee 

Born Millen, Ga.; Student. Millen, Ga. 

Dobbs, Herbert Clifton, Jr. 

Born Marietta, Ga., Aug. 27, 1893; Law Stu- 
dent, Georgetown Univ., Washington, D. C. 
426 House Office Bldg., Washington, D. C; 
res. Whitlock Ave., Marietta, Ga. 

Holmes, Champneys Holt 

Born Macon, Ga.; B. S. 1915; Gridiron and 
Glee Clubs; Medical Student at Johns Hopkins. 
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md.; res. 
267 Bond St., Macon, Ga. 

Hood, Burk 

Born Cuthbert, Ga. ; Hog Raiser. Cuthbert, 

Houser, Wesley Fort 

Born Fort Valley, Ga.; B. S. 1911; LL. B. 
1915- Attorney and Counselor-at-Law. Evans 
Bldg.'; res. 396 Church St., Fort Valley, Ga. 

Lester, Louis 

Born Clarkston, Ga.; A. B. 1915; Basketball 
(3 vrs.); Captain. 1915; Assoc. Ed. School An- 
nual- Banker; Member Atlanta Athletic Club. 
Commerce Hall Bldg.; res. 305 Gordon St., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

McLain, William Kenneth 

Born Dawson, Ga.; A. B. 1915; Cashier City 
National Bank. Dawson, Ga. 

Powell, John William 

Born Newnan, Ga., April 11, 1895; A. B. 1915; 
Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; Varsity Football (4 yrs.) ; 
Law Student; Member Cloverhurst Country 
(Athens, Ga.) and Newnan Country Clubs. 
Newnan, Ga. 

Reed, Albon Williams 

Born Athens, Ga.; R. L. 1915; Phi Kappa; 2d 
Lieutenant National .\rmy. 197 Boulevard, 
Athens, Ga. 

Stuart, Joseph Carlisle 

(Athens, Ga.) 

West, Linton Burnside 

Born Cuthbert, Ga. ; A. H. 1915; Principal 
Taylor Co. High School, Perry, Fla.; Won 
County and State Medals for Composition; 
Member Glee and Gridiron Clubs; Student. 
511 College St., Cuthbert, Ga. 


Armistead, Arthur Samuel 

I'.orn Atlanta, ('<:\.; A. B. 1916; Athletics; 
Banker. Atlanta National Bank Bldg.; res. 
380 W. Pcachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 




Atkins, I.awronoe Comer 

Born Mavsvillc. lla.; A. B. 1916; Principal 
Greensboro High School. 29 Boulevard, Gaines- 
ville, Ga. 

Barnes. Paul Barnett 

Born Pecatiir. Ala.; Assistant ManaRcr, Hotel 
Majestic. Pcachtrce St., .Atlanta, Ga. 

Bussev. Donald Nicholson 

Real Fstatc. (Anirusta, Ga.) 

Clements. Horace McCall 

Born Buena Vista, Ga.; Capt. Baseball, 1916. 
Buena \ista, Ga. 

Daniel. Jackson Lee 

(Milleii. Ga.) 

Dorsev. Edward Hill., Jr. 

Boni Watkinsville, Ga.: B. S. 1916; Gridiron 
Club; Phi Kappa Lit. See; Football 4 years; 
Mgr. Baseball; Bookkeeper. 255 Clayton St.; 
res. 648 Milledge .\ve., Athens, Ga. 

Johnson. Frederick Swain 

" Initiated by X. C. Beta 1915. 

Johnson, Jack Allen 

Born Franklin. X. C; Italics Club; Basket 
Ball: Baseball; Football; Stock Raiser. Frank- 
lin, X. C. 

Jones, Nicholas Finzer 

Born Coleman, Ga., Tune 3, 1896; B. L. 1916; 
Merchant: Hobbs, Henderson Co. 110-112 
Main St.: res. 805 Xorth St., Greenville, S. C. 

Lester. Louis 

(405 Gordon St.. Atlanta, Ga.) 

Marshburn. Robert Jordan 

Born Barnesville. Ga. :" B. S. 1916; Merchant 
and Farmer. Thomaston St., Barnesvi'.le, Ga. 

Trimble, Robert Lee 

Clerk, Wholesale Grocery Business; Affiliated 
Ala. Beta 1918. (Xewnan, Ga.) 

Walker, Pierre Gautier 

Born Madison, Ga.; Farmer and Merchant. 
Madison, Ga. 

Wilson, Hugh McCalla, Jr. 

Initiated by Ala. Beta 1916. 


Baldwin, George Faigin 

Born Madison, Ga.; LL. B. 1917; Lawyer. 
Madison, Ga. 

Bondurant, Louis Palmer 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1917. 

Cox, George Robinson 

Born Monroe, Ga.; B. S. 1917; Assistant Post- 
master. Broad St.; res. Walton St., Monroe, 

Cubbedge, Beaufort Barnwell, Jr. 

Born Guyton, Ga.; Officers' Reserve Camp. 

Savannah, Ga. 

Gann, Archibald 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; Gridiron Club; Vice-Pres. 
German Club; Student. 307 Lee St., Atlanta, 

Harris, Andrew Stewart 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; A. B. 1917; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Senate; Gridiron Club; Tennis Champ- 
ion; Asst. Mgr. Football; Student. 262 Lawton 
St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Hollingsworth, Thomas Ernest 

Born Carrollton, Ga.; A. B. 1917; Phi Kappa; 
Gridiron and Senate Clubs; Ed. -in-Chief, Red 
and Black; With Officers' Training Camp. 
1085 Prince Ave., Athens, Ga. 

Stewart. John Pendleton 

Born Aflanta, (^.a.; A. B. 1917; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Sigma Upsilon; Phi Kappa; Sphinx; 
Asst. Mgr. Baseball; Junior Orator's Medal; 
Member of Staff /?crf and B/art ; Anniversarian, 
Plii Kappa: Intercollegiate Debater; Student; 
Member Fifteen and Gridiron Clubs. 777 
Ponce-de-Leon Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 


Bowden, James Richard 

(Thompson, Ga.) 

Holden, Howard Lewis 

Born Crawfordsville, Ga. ; Mercantile Business. 
Crawfordsville, Ga. 

Hull, Richard, Macleod 

Born Savannah, Ga.; Cashier Savannah Electric 
Co.; Member Second Training Camp, Ft. 
Oglethorpe, Chattanooga, Tenn. 126 E. Taylor 
St., Savannah, Ga. 

Merritt. Charles Beverlyn 

. Initiated by Ga. Beta 1916. 

Paul. Lee Minor 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1917. 

Scott, Alfred Witherspoon 

Born Galveston, Texas; Basket Ball; Student. 
446 Spring St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Taylor, John Tomlinson, Jr. 

Born .\mericus, Ga.; Phi Kappa; Senators' 
Club; Student. 498 Frank'.in St., Athens, Ga.; 
res. Lee St., Americus, Ga. 


Adams, Prentice 

U. S. Int. Rev. Service. (Dublin, Ga.) 

Brown, Lawrence Hartwell 

Born Sharon, Ga.; Drug Business. Davidson 
Ave., Sharon, Ga. 

Carpenter, Julian Glenn 

Born Xewnan, Ga. ; Student. Xewnan, Ga. 

Groover, Vann 

Born Quitman, Ga.; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; 
Student; Member* The Senate (Social Club). 
498 Franklin St., Athens, Ga. ; res. Quitman, 

Hardeman, Robert Northington 

Born Louisville, Ga., June IS, 1897; Phi Kappa 
Lit. Soc; Pres. Freshman Club, 1915-16. 
Louisville, Ga. 

Harris, Joel Chandler 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; Phi Kappa; Mandolin Club; 
Student. 498 Franklin St., Athens; res. 262 
Lawton St., Atlanta, Ga. 

McKay, Clifford Anderson 

Born Macon, Ga.; Phi Kappa; Kappa Kappa 
Kappa; Glee and Mandolin Clubs; Student; 
Mem. Y. M. C. A. 178 Dearing St., Athens; 
res. 560 Orange St., Macon, Ga. 

McWhorter, William Pope 

Born Woodville, Ga.; Freshman Club; Candi- 
date at Officers' Reserve Training Camp, Ft. 
McPherson. Woodville, Ga. 

Nowell, John Marshall, Jr. 

Born Monroe, Ga.; Phi Kappa; Senate Club; 
Soph. Declamation; Student. 498 Franklin 
St., Athens; res. 301 N. Broad St., Monroe, 

Post, William Glenn 

Born Xewnan, Ga.; Student. Xewnan, Ga. 

Solomon, Henrv Doyle 

Born Danville, 'Ga.; Student. 198 Dearing 
St., Athens; res. Jeffersonville, Ga. 




Zachry, Wallace Preston 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; Phi Kappa Lit Soc; Junior 
Cabinet Club; Library Club; Sophomore De- 
bater; First Honor (2); Treas. University 
Y. M. C. A.; Student. University Campus, 
Athens; res. 175 Augier Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 


Anderson, Robert Lanier 

Born Macon, Ga.; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc. and 
Freshman Club; Student; Member Y. M. C. A. 
178 Dearing St., Athens; res. 568 Oranpe St., 
Macon, Ga. 

Arnold, William Glenn 

Born Newnan, Ga.; Phi Kappa; Student; Mem- 
ber Athens Y. M. C. A. and Coweta Juniors. 
124 Hancock Ave., Athens; res. 102 Green- 
ville St., Newnan, Ga. 

Beck, William Henry, Jr. 

Born Griffin, Ga. ; Phi' Kappa Lit. Soc; Mem- 

ber Cabinet; Freshman Y. M. C. A. Commit- 
tee; Official Baseball Scorer; Student. 503 W. 
Poplar St., Griffin, Ga. 

Lumpkin, Bryan Carr 

Born Athens, Ga.; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; Stu- 
dent; Member Cloverhurst Country Club. Box 
174; res. 973 Prince Ave., Athens, Ga. 

Lumpkin, John Henry 

Born Americus, Ga. ; Phi Kappa, Freshman 
Club; Student. 573 Hill St., Athens; res. Tay- 
lor St., Americus, Ga. 

McCord, Joseph 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; Student. W. Peachtree St., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Roan, Leonard Strickland 

(W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Talmadge, John Ervvin 

Born Athens, Ga. ; Phi Kappa; Student. 1237 
Prince Ave., Athens, Ga. 


CiiARTiiRKD June 15, 1871 


Oxford, Georgia 


Means. Alexander* 

A. M.; M. D.: D. D.; Late President Emory 
College; Methodist Clergyman. ■ 


Callaway. Morgan* 

A. B. ; D. D.; Late Professor of English and 
Vice-President, Emory College. 

Miller. Clayton Pierce 

Born Savannah, Ga.. Jan. 9, 1824; A. B. 1871; 
Few Lit. Soc; Real Estate Dealer; Ex-Pres., 
Y. M. C. A.; Trustee, Trinity Methodist Epis- 
copal Church South ; Trustee, Asbury Memorial 
M. E. Church South. 836 Henry St. E., Sa- 
vannah, Ga. 


Anderson, Bartow Emory* 

A. B.; M. D. ; Charter Member; Physician, d. 
Apalachee, Ga. 

Battle. Green Barlow* 

A. B.: M. n.; Charter Member, d. May 22, 
1902. Columbus, Ha. 

Marshall. John W'ade* 

A. B. 1872. 

Means. Thompson ^scubpius 

Born Houston County, Ga.; A. B. 1872; A. M. 
1875; Charter Member; Phi Gamma; Public De- 
bater; Superintendent Fulton County Ind., 
Farm; County Commissioner; Grand State 
Deputy and Regent. Royal Arcanum. 22 
Beecher St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Foote, William Robert 

Born West Point, Va.: A. B. 1873; Charter 
Member, Ga. Gamma; Clergyman (Methodist); 
Member Masons; Shriners; Knights of Pythias 
Third St., Jackson, Ga. 

HoUingshead, John Blakely* 

A. B. 1873. d. Nov. 25, 1881, KirkwooJ, Ga. 

Love joy, John* 

Born April 3, 1852. d. Oct. 4, 1916. 

Matthews, Henry Asbury 

Born Fort Valley, Ga.; A. B. 1873; Judge of 
County Court; Solicitor General; Member Ga. 
State Senate (2 terms); House of Representa- 
tives (3 terms) ; Trustee Emory Coll. Court 
House, Macon, Ga.; res. 208 Persons St., Fort 
Valley, Ga. 

Barnett, Addison Fort 

A. B. 1874; Charter Member; Accountant. 
(Chattanooga, Tenn.) 

Keener, William Albert* 

Born Augusta, Ga., March 10, 1856; LL. B. 
1877 Harvard; Asst. Prof, of Law, Harvard 
Law School, 1883-88; Prof. Law, do., 1888-90; 
Prof. Law, Columbia Law School, 1890-92; 
Dean, do., 1892-1901; Supreme Court Justice, 
New York State, 1901; Author "Treatise on 
Quasi Contracts"; Member Union League and 
Republican Clubs; New York Bar Assn. d. 
April 22, 1913, New York, N. Y. 

Ray, William Jerome* 

A. B. 1874; Lavvyei. d. Sept. 13, 1887, Mon- 
roe, Ga. 

Smith, Lloyd Carleton 

Born Columbia County, Ga., 1854; A. B. 1874; 
Farming. W'infield, Ga. 


Cody, Claude Carr 

Born Covington, Ga., Nov. 5, 1854; A. B. 1875; 
A. M. 1878; Ph. D. 1881; Dean Emeritus, 
Treas., and Acting Pres. (2) Southwestern 
Univ.; Author "Life of Dr. Mood"; "Elements 
of Plane and Solid Geometry." Georgetown, 

Hough, Alveron Sanford 

Born O.xford, Ga.; A. B. 1875; A. M. 1878; 
Few Soc. Anniversarian; Few Soc; Commence- 
ment Debater on two other Socs.; Third Honoi; 
in Class Standing; Editor; Member University 
Club. Times-Union; res. 317 Gilmore St., Jack- 
sonville, Fla. 

Keese, Elijah Alexander 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1873. 

Mathews, George William 

A. B. 1875; Clergyman. Tifton, Ga. 

Wright, Robert L. 

Address unknown. 


Barker, Thomas Noel* 

A. B. 1876. d. Oxford, Ga. 

Foote, James Gillespie 

A. B. 1876; Lumber. (Edgewood, Ga.) 

Meriweather, Thomas Martin 

A. B. 1876; Merchant. 

Saunders, Claude Adams 

A. B. 1876; A. M. 1879; ISIethodist Clergyman. 
(Geneva, Fla.) 

Stanton, Peyton Lisby 

A. B. 1876; A. M. 1879; Methodist Clergyman. 
(Atlanta, Ga.) 

Timmons, Benson Ellison Lane* 

-Methodist Clergyman, d. Sept. 25, 1907, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Walker, Thomas Lomis 

A. B. 1876; Planter. (Sparta, Ga.) 




Woodberry, Edwin Welford* 

A B. 1876; Methodist Clergyman, d. June 24, 
1878, Tallahassee, Fla. 


Culver, Lewis Edwards 

Born Culverton. Hancock County, Ga.; Mer- 
chant and Farmer; Pres. Bd. of Educ, Han- 
cock County; Member Masons. R. F. D. No. 2, 
Culverton, Ga. 

Devant. James Edward'^ 
Lacy, Thomas* 

A. B. 1877; Presbyterian Clergyman. 

Palmer, Walter Benjamin 

Borti Richmond County, Ga., July 9, 1857; 
A. B. 1877; A. M. l"S80; LL: B. 1880 Vander- 
bilt Univ.; Estate Tax Agent, Treasury Dept.; 
Historian, Genl. Council, Phi Delta Theta, 1880- 
82; Pres. Genl. Council, 1896-98; Author "The 
History of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity," 
1906; "The Manual of Phi Delta Theta," 3 
editions; Affiliated Tenn. Alpha 1880. Internal 
Revenue Bureau, Washington, D. C. 

Pierce, Charles Richardson 

Born Key West, Fla.; Sponge Merchant; Chrmn. 
Monroe County Bd. Public Instruction; Chrmn. 
City Bd. Public Works; Member Chamber of 
Commerce; Past Ex-Ruler B. P. O. Elks; Ma- 
sonic connections. Margaret cor. Caroline St., 
and 417 Elizabeth St., Key West, Fla. 


Bullard, Henry Wilson* 
Callaway, Jesse Hinton* 

A. B. 1878. d. March 31, 1894, Douglasville, 

Matthews, Samuel Moore* 

A. B. 1878; M. D. 1881. 

Munroe, Richard Irby 

A. B. 1878; Lawyer. (W^aco, Texas.) 

Nixon, Thomas James 

Methodist Clergyman. (Jasper, Fla.) 

Rogers, James Franklin 

Born Social Circle, Walton County, Ga. ; Law- 
yer; Solicitor, Newton County Court; Local 
Counsel for Georgia R. R. and Central of Geor- 
gia Ry. Co. Covington, Ga. 

Smith, Albert Walton 

A. B. 1878; A. M. 1885 (Honorary); Planter 
and Lumber Merchant; Supt. of Schools, Mc- 
Duffie County 4 years, Columbia County 10 
years, 5 years of this term as President. 208 
First Ave.; res 204 White Oak St. E., Thomson, 

Walker, Dawson Armstrong 

A. I!. 1878; Lawyer, (l)alton, "Ca.) 

Walker, Seth McKinney* 

<\. Dec. 29, 1910, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Wright, Olin Percival* 

A. R. 1878. d. White Plains. Ga. 


Anderson, Charles George 
Carter, Benjamin Franklin* 

A. B. 1879; A. M. 1881. 

Greene, James Benjamin 

Born()pclika, Ala.; A. B. 1879; Phi Gamma 
Lit. Soc; 4th Honor in Class; Banking; Vice- 
President Hank (J])clika, Opclika, Ala.; Mem- 
ber Knights of Pythias. 120 Eighth St.; res. 
500 Third Ave., Opclika, Ala. 

Hoyt, William Russell 

Born Atlanta, Ga. ; A. B. 1879; 2d Honor*; 
I'"irc Insurance. 401-403 Connolly Bldg.; res. 
96 Peachtree Circle, Atlanta, Ga. 

Kinnebrew, Richard Henry* 


Langston, Joseph* 
Munroe, Mark Welsh 

Born Quincy, Fla.; A. B. 1879; Pres. Quincy 
State Bank. Quincy, Fla. 

Norman, Joseph Saybrook 
Philips, Henry Bethune 

LL. B. 1880 Vanderbilt Univ.; Judge Criminal 
Court; Affiliated Tenn. Alpha 1880. Jackson- 
ville, Fla. 

Seals, William Wirt* 

A. B. 1879; A. M. 1882; Teacher 

Smith, Ulysses Harris 

A. B. 1879; Druggist. (Phoenix City, Ala.) 

Walker, Preston Brooks* 

A. B. 1879; A. M. 1882. 


Fulwood, Ralph Banks* 

A. B. 1880. d. March 18, 1882, Memphis, Tenn. 

Hatcher, John Franklin* 

Lumber, d. about 1906, Harlem, Ga. 

Hill, Isaac William 

Born Auburn, Ala.; A. B. 1880; A. M. 1883; 
LL. D. 1906 Univ. of Ala.; Phi Gamma; Boya' 
Agricultural Club Work, U. S. Dept. of Agricul- 
ture, State Relation Service; State Superinten- 
dent of Education of Ala., 1903-07; Superin- 
tendent Schools, Gadsden, Ala., 1896-1903 and 
Opelika, Ala., 1907-10; Principal High School, 
Mobile, Ala., 1910-11; Co-author "How We Are 
Governed in Alabama and the Nation," and 
numerous pamphlets and bulletins. 220, 14th 
St., S. W.; res. 1475 Columbia Rd., N. W., 
Washington, D. C. 

Howren, Henry Durant* 

A. B. 1880. d. Oct. 7, 1890, Charleston, S. C. 

Lee, James Gordon 

A. B. 1880; Member of Congress from Georgia. 
(LaFayette, Ga.) 

North, Edgar Means* 

A. B. 1880. d. Newnan, Ga. 

Park, William Hector 

Born Catoosa Co., Ga., Oct. 27, 1858; A. B. 
1880; M. D. 1883 Bclkvuc Hospital Med. Coll.; 
Phi Gamma Lit. Soc; Junior Speaker, 1879; 
Senior Speaker, 1880'; Medical Missionary; 
Surgeon in charge Soochow Hospital; Surgeon 
to Chinese Maritime Customs; V.-Prcs. Bd. of 
Trustees Soochow Univ.; Member Bd. of 
iVlgrs. Univ. of Nanking; Corresponding Mem- 
ber Am. Soc. of Tropical Medicine; Decorated 
by Pres. of China wiih Go'.den Harvest Honor,. 
6tli Class, 1914; Received on Honorary Scroll 
from the I'ris. u( China the .Motto "Benevolent 
Heart, Benevolent .\rt" with .Seal of State, 
Highest Honor ever besloweel on an .\incrican 
Piiysician; Affiliated Tenn. Alpha 1882. Soo- 
chow Hospital, Soochow, China. 

Pitts, Walter Auburnus 

A. B. 1880; Principal of Schools. (Oakland;. 

Smith, Jefiferson Robert* 

A. B. 1880. 

Smith, William iM-anklin 

Born Newnan, Ga., Dec. 8. 1861; A. B. 1880; 
l-'cw Lit. .Soc; Clergyman; .Sec .Southern Ga. 
/\nnual Conference and I'residing Elder, Cordele 
District; Southern Ga. Conference M. E. 
Churches. 310, 15th Ave. W., Cordele Ga. 

Thomas, William Jones , 

A. B. 1880; Teacher. (Baltimore, Md.) 





Callawav. Morgan. Jr. 

A. B. 'iSSl; Professor? (University of Texas, 
Austin. Texas.) 

Jones, Georg^e William 

Lawyer. (.Burke Co., Ga.) 

Kingf, Charles Leake 
Ming:ledorf. Ozias Georo;e 

.\.^ B. 1881; Dentist. Blackshear, Ga. 

Wight, John Bvron 

Born Decatur Co., Ga., Sept. 28, 1859; A. B. 
1881 (Emory College); English Theological 
Course, \"anderbilt Univ., 1884; Bigham Medal, 
1879: Junior Speakers Place, 1880 and 1881; 
Nurservman and Orchardist; Pres. National Nut 
Grower's" Assn., 1909-10; Trustee Emory Col- 
lege. Oxford. Ga., 1913-15; Principal Cairo 
High School (10 years); Trustee Andrew Coll., 
Cuthbert, Ga. (15 yrs.>; Chairman Rd. of Trus- 
tees (3 yrs.); Treasurer Ga. Horticultural Soc; 
Chairman Bd. Trustees, Cairo Public Schools; 
Chairman Bd. of Exiucation, Grady Co., Ga. ; 
Worshipful Master, Cairo Masonic Lodge; Sev- 
eral Minor Positions; Author "Tobacco: Its 
L'se and Abuse," Barbee & Smith, Nashville, 
1888": "Can It Be Defended?" Smith and La- 
man, Nashville, 1910; Affiliated Tenn. Alpha 
1884. Cairo, Ca. 


Carnev, Henry Clifford* 

A. b' 
Gibson. Isaac Adkins 

Born Warren Co., Ga.; A. B. 1882; A. M. 1885; 
M. D. 1885 Atlanta Medical; Phi Gamma Liter- 
ary Soc; 4th Honor in Class; Physician; Mem- 
ber Masons R. A". Provident Bldg., Suite 7; 
res. 403 K. Bolton St., Savannah, Ga. 

Griffin, William Welcome 

Born Carrollton, Ga.; A. B. 1882; Pres. Griffin 
Construction Co. ; Member Chamber of Com- 
merce. 1013 Candler Bldg.; res. 10 W. 18th 
St.. Atlanta, Ga. 

Hardeman, George Thomas Eugene 

A. B. 1882; U. S. Mail Service. (71 N. Forsyth 
St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Harwell. Richard Sterling* 

A. B. 1882. d. July 9, 1880, Oxford, Ga. 

Herrington, Lovick Pierce 

M. D. ; Physician. (Waynesboro, Ga.) 

McLarin, William Sanford 

Born Campbell Co., Ga.; A. B. 1882; Judge of 
the Court of Ordinary. Court House; res. Main 
St., Fairburn, Ga. 

Trammel, William Jasper* 

Ferguson, William Henry 

Born Campbell Co., Ga.; A. B. 1883; Phi Gam- 
ma; Banker; Pres. Bank of Gibson. Gibson, Ga. 

Harwell, Thomas Blakeley* 

d. August 21, 1888, Jonesboro, Ga. 

Merry, Edwin Camille 

Born Columbia Co., Ga., Dec. 3, 1860; A. B. 
1883; Editor and Publisher School and Hom« 
(Monthly) ; Asst. Dept. of Education of Ga., 
1908-10; County Superintendent Schools, Fulton 
Co., 1910-17. 402 Chamber of Commerce Bldg.; 
res. 10 Hammond St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Willingham, Bartow Stephens 

Born near Warrenton, Ga. ; A. B. 1883; Junior 
Speaker, 1882; Senior, 1883; Champion Debater, 
1883; Lawyer; Clerk Committee Foreign Af- 
fairs, 1891; Mayor of Forsyth, 1890; Member 

Ga. Legislature, 1894-99; Member Odd Fellows: 
Knights of Pythias: .Master Mason; Royal 
Arch Mason; Knight Templar an<i Shriner. 
\N'est Johnson St., Forsyth, Ga. 

Brown. Lawrence Ruffin 

Born Sharon, Ga.; M. D. 1888; Physician; Mem- 
ber Ga. Med. and .\ni. -Mod. .Xssns.; Affi- 
liated S. C. Beta 1885. Main and Church Sts.; 
res. Davidson Ave., Sharon, Ga. 

Davenport, Thomas Edwin 

Born Americus, Ga.; A. B. 1884; B. D. 1888 
Drew Theol. Sem., Madison, N. J.; Phi Gamma 
Lit. Soc; Minister. Railroad St., National 
Highway, Ashburn, Ga. 

Gibson, Sterling 

Born Warren Co., Ga.; M. D. 1889 Georgia 
L'niv.; Physician. 106 Jackson St., Thomson, 

Greene, Daniel Arthur 

Born Opelika. Ala.; A. B. 1884; LL. B. 1886 
(L'niv. of Ala.) ; Phi Gamma; 4th Honor; Cham- 
pion Debater; Orator's Medal, Univ.' of Ala.; 
Essayist Prize (Univ. of Ala.); Lawyer; Mem- 
ber Ala. Legislature, 1896-97; Judge, Criminal 
Court, 1900-10; ilember Southern, Roebuck 
Golf and Auto Clubs. Jefferson County Bank 
Bldg.; res. Roebuck Springs, Birmingham, Ala. 

Howard, Ralph Owens 

B. S. 1884. (296 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Huckabee, William Allen 

Born Fannin Co., Ga., July 2, 1857; A. B. 1884; 
Phi Gamma: Delivered Anniversary Address of 
the Phi Gamma (4) ; Member Methodist Con- 
ference since 1884; Founder of the South 
Georgia Coll. (McRae, Ga.), 1892 and Pierce 
Collegiate Institute (Blackshear), 1912; Agent 
for Orphans' Home of the South Ga. Conference 
(Macon), 1898-1910. 471 Court St., Cuthbert, 

Ouillian, Fletcher Arnold 

Born Leo, White County, Ga.; A. B. 1884; 
Lawyer; Councilman, 1904-05; Alderman, 1906- 
07-08; Mayor pro tern, 1907-08; Chrmn. Bd. 
Comm., Atlanta, Ga., 1911-17; Member Genl. 
Conf. M. E. Ch. and .\tlanta Bar Assn. 
903 Healey Bldg.; res. 657 Ponce de Leon Ave., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Quillian, Joseph Asbury 

Born Leo, Ga.; A. B. 1884; M. D. 1890 Atlanta 
Med. Coll.; Awarded Temperance and Allen 
Medals for Essay Writing; Clergyman; Pastor 
M. E. Church, South; Member Northern Ga. 
Conf. since 1894. Canton, Ga. 

Shields, Robert Beall* 

d. January 24, 1883, Thomson, Ga. 

Spier, John William Thomas 

(Greenville, Ga.) 

White, Charles Walter 
Winn, Courtland Simmons 

Attorney-at-Law; Member Board of Education, 
Atlanta,' Ga., 1904-12; (General Council, Atlanta, 
1902-03; Mavor, Atlanta, 1911-12. 419-21 At- 
lanta National Bank Bldg.; res. 809 W. Peach- 
tree St., Atlanta, Ga. 


Allen, Edgar Pierce 

Born Shanghai, China; A. B. ; First Honor; 
Law; Missionary; Member Shanghai and Tient- 
sin Cubs. India House, New York, N. Y.; IS 
N'ictoria Terrace; res. 12 Council Rd., Tientsin, 

Battey, Robert Smith* 

d. April 18, 1881, Oxford, Ga. 




Burns, Edward Perry 

Born Boylston, N. Y.; A. B.; Few Soc. (Lit.); 
Third Class Honor; Science Medal; Excellence 
Prize Essay; Mathematics Medal; General 
Standing in Department; Actuary; Insurance 
Law; Faculty Atlanta Law School; Member 
City Council, 1898-99; City Board of Educa- 
tion (10 years); Member A. F. & A. M., Blue 
Lodge. Care of Mason's Annjiity, Edgewood 
Ave. and Ivy St.; res. 311 Grant St., Atlanta, 

Cntts, Eldridg^e 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1885. 

Hollinsi's worth, Joshua* 

A. B" 1885. d. Aug. 11, 1889, Leesburg, Ga. 

Marchman, Charles Pinckney 

A. B. 1885; (Methodist Clergyman). 

Mobley, Eldridge Chappell* 

A. B. 1885. 

Morgan, James Dean 

Physician. (Fresno, Cal.) 

Sale, Joseph Cornelius 

(Bronson, Fla.) 

Stansell, Wallace Kincheon 

(Treasury Department, Washington, D. C.) 

Daves, Walter Weaks 

Born Bastrop, La., Oct. 10, 1864; A. B. 1886; 
Valedictorian; Manufacturer. Cartersville, Ga. 

Dean, James Chester 

A. B. 1886; Lawyer. (Mayfield, Ky.) 

Griffin, Walter Branham 

A. B. 1886. (928 James Bldg., Chattanooga, 

Hollingsworth, Thomas Enoch 

Born Lakeland, Polk County, Fla.; Few Lit. 
Soc; Sen. French Soc; Head Dept. of Mathe- 
matics .State Normal School; Supt. of Schools, 
Carrollton, Ga., 6 yrs. and Washington, Ga., 10 
yrs. ; Member Peabody Club. 1085 Prince Ave., 
Athens, Ga. 

Johnson, John Clark 
Morehouse, Augustus Ward 

Born Sylvania, Ga.; Few Soc; Manufacturer; 
President Morehouse Mfg. Co., Southern Box 
and Lumber Co. and American Automatic Ma- 
chinery Co. 1127 Henry St. E., Savannah, Ga. 

Quillian, Daniel David* 

M. A. d. April 17, 1906, Athens, Ga. 

Speight, Jesse Cicero 

A. B. 1886; A. M. 1889; Lawyer. (Mayfield, 

Thomas, Walter Pendleton 

Born Oxford, Ga., 1864; A. B. 1886; Superin- 
tendent Public Schools. West Point, Ga. 

Trimble, Robert Wilbur 

A. B. 1886; Manufacturer. (Trimble, Ga.) 

Tuggle, Albert James 

M. D.; Physician. (La Grange, Ga.) 


Etheridge, Henry Thomas 

A. B. 1887. (Auburn, Ga.) 

Fain, Robert Paine* 
Gray, Herbert Lee 

A. B. 1887. (Nashville, Tcnn.) 

Johnson, Clay 

(Dawsonville, Ga.) 

Johnson, Francis Augustus 

Born Jacksonville, Ala.; Few Lit. Soc; Declaim- 
er's Medal; Clerk, City Tax Office; Member 
Masons, P. M., P. H. P., P. T. I. M.' City 
Hall; res. 76 Beecher St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Lee, Thomas William 

A. B. 1887; Mill President; Affiliated Va. Beta 
1889. (Chickamauga, Ga.) 

McCamy, Julian 

Born Dalton, Ga.; A. B. 1887; Lawyer. Manly 
Bldg.; res. 48 S. Thornton Ave., Dalton, Ga. 

Speer, William Alexander 

Born La Grange, Ga., Nov. 3, 1865; President 
of John Silvey & Co.; Dir., Ga. R. R. and 
Banking Co., 1902-09; Dir. La Grange Banking 
and Trust (io.; Carrollton Bank; Chamber of 
Commerce; Member Capitol City, Piedmont 
Driving, Druid Hills Golf and Atlanta Athletic 
Clubs; One of the Founders of Monmouth Cave 
Alpha of P. D. T.; Affiliated Ga. Alpha 1887 and 
Tenn. Alpha 1888. John Silvey & Co., 114 
Marietta St.; res. 1345 Peachtree Rd., Atlanta, 

Thomas, William Holcombe 

Born Goldhill, Chambers County, Ala.; A. B. 
1887; Phi Gamma (Lit.); Boynton Medal; Jus- 
tice of Supreme Court of Alabama; Associate 
Judge, City Court. 1901-09; Judge, City Court, 
190912; Chrmn. Ala. Reform School; Trustee 
Women's College, .Ma.; .'\uthor, "Patriotism Is 
Doing Your Duty;" "The Negro and Crime;" 
"A Nation In the Making," and various other 
Educational and Religious Works; Member 
Country Club, Ala. Bar and Am. Bar Assns.; 
Southern Sociological Society. State Capitol; 
res. 526 S. Perry St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Watkins, Warren Byers 

A. B. 1887; M. D. ; Physician and Surgeon. 
(Opelika, Ala.) 


Ardis, Julius Harris 

Born Eldorado, Ark.; Attorney-at-Law. 812 
California Bldg., Los Angeles; res. New St., 
Downey, Cal. 

Bennett, Claude Nathaniel 

Born Thomson, Ga.; A. B. 1888; Manager Con- 
gressional Information Bureau; Member Board 
of Governors and Chairman Entertainment 
Committee, Univ. Club; Washington Corres- 
and Govt. Official, 1891-97; Author numerous 
magazine articles and newspaper syndicate 
articles; Member Nat. Speech Arts Assn.; 
Washington Soc. Fine Arts; Southern Society 
of Washington (Pres.); S. A. A. Club; Mem- 
ber Univ. (Charter Member), Natl. Press 
Readers, Phi Delta Thcta Alumni (Wash.) 
and* Reform (N. Y.) Clubs. Southern Bldg., 
Washington; res. The Brighton, Washington, 
D. C. 

Hollingsworth, Joseph Leigh 

A. B. 1888; Broker. (Tampa, Fla.) 

Kelley, Edgar Stamps 

A. n. 1888; Wholesale Grocer. (87 Peters St.; 
res. 69 Nelson St., Atlanta, Ca.) 

McRee, James Erskine 

Born Stephens, Ga.; A. B. 1888; Third Honor; 
Champion Debater, Few Lit." Soc; Editor-in- 
Chief F.mory Phoenix; Medal for Scientific 
Essay (4); Medal for Oratory (4); Represen- 
tative Am. Book Co. 2 N. Forsyth St., Atlanta- 
res. 301 (;ordon St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Merry, Arthur Holmes 

Born Augusta, (la.; A. B. 1888; Merchant and 
Brick Manufacturer. Cor. 9tli and Reynolds 
Sts.; res. 2714 W.ilton Way, Augusta, Ga. 

Munnerlyn, John Daniel 

Initiated by Ga. Alpha 1887. 



1 1889-92 

Eakes. Robert l*>aiik 

Bcvrn Cumming, Oa.. Aug. 9, 1866; A. B. ; As- 
sistant Editor ami Business Alanagcr ll'cslcyan 
i hrtstiiiii .i,i:ocatc : Pastor, North Georgia An- 
nual t'onfiTiiu-e M. K. Cliurch, South; Mtmber 
Masons; Knights Templar; Shriner. 619 For- 
syth Blilg., Atlanta; res. 3.> S. Church St., De- 
catur, Ga. 

Lee. Jason Edward* 

d. Leesburg, Fla. 

McRee. Tames Price 

A. B. U^S"; Liimherman. (Watkinsvillo, Ga.) 

Mickler. John Eihvards 

A, B. 1S89; Clergyman; Affiliated Tcnn. Alpha 
1S93. (Sarasota, Fla.) 

Roan. Charles Thurston* 

A. R. 1SS9; Lawyer, d. Feb. .S, 1911. Nicolls, 

Smith. Wric^ht Bell 

A. B. ISSO. (Downey City, Cal.) 

Snow. John Newton* 

B. S.'l8S9. d. February, 1910, Covington, Ga. 

Way. Samuel Yulee 

Born Walthourville, T.iberty Courtty, Ga. ; Fire 
Insurance; Formerly City Treasurer, Alderman 
and County Clerk; Member all Masonic Lodges 
and Orlando Country Club. 15 Orange Ave.; 
res. America St., Orlando, Fla. 


Abbott. William Loren 

A. B. 1S90; Teacher, f Laurel, Miss.) 

Bradley. Henry Stiles, Jr. 

A. B. : D. D.; Clergyman; Pastor Piedmont 
Church. (Worcester. Mass.) 

Burns. James Frederick 

A. B."l890. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Daves. Joel Thomas 

Born Bastrop, La.; A. B. 1890; D. D. 1901; 
Few Lit. Soc; Greek Medal, 1889; History 
^fedal; Ministerial FIssay and Boynton Essay 
Medal. 1890: Commencement Speaker; First 
Honor and Valedictorian. 1890; Debater, 1889; 
Real Estate; Trustee La Grange Female, Rein- 
hardt and Emory Colls.; Minister and Presiding 
Elder of M. E. Church. 21 years. Madison 
Theatre Bldg.; res. 21 Hanover St., Detroit, 

Duncan. James William 

Born Knobnoster. Mo.; A. B. 1890; B. S. 1885 
Cherokee National ^fale Seminary; Few Lit. 
Soc: Surveyor and Real Estate; Government 
Allotting .\gt. for Cherokees, 1893; Prin. and 
Teacher Cherokee Orphan Asylum, 1894-97; 1st 
Asst. Teacher Cherokee National Mal« Sem- 
inary, 2 vrs. 104 Park Ave., Tahlequah, Okla. 

Dvkes, William Franklin 

'Born Macon Co., Ga.; A. B. 1890; Few .Soc, 
Tencher; Supervising Principal High Schools; 
Member Ga. Eductional and Atlanta Teachers' 
Assn. Boys' High School; res. 650 Ponce de 
Leon Ave.. Atlanta, Ga. 

Fort, Tomlinson 

Born Cuthbert, Ga.. May 8, 1870; A. B. 1890; 

B. L. 1894; Phi Gamma; Commencement 
Speaker (2). C3), (4); Champion Debater (4); 
Lawyer; County Solicitor, .Stewart Co., Ga. ; 
Law Clerk, Supreme Court of Ga. Room 15, 
1st Natl. Bank B'dg.; res. 303 W. Tilden St., 
Roswfll, N. Mex. 

Gillespie. John Wesley 

Born Commerce, Ga.; M. D. 1902 Augusta, Ga. 
and Post. Grad. Coll. N. Y., 1907; Physician; 
Planter and Orchardist. 509 N. Jackson St., 
.Albany, Ga. 

McCrearv, Pierce Rome 

A. B. 1890. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

McK^re, Charles Daltoii, Jr. 

Merchant. (Buena \'ista, CJa.) 

Morehouse. William Henry* 

d. California, Oct., 1911. 

Phillips, Francis, Jr. 

Initiated by Ala. Beta 1889. 


Branch, I,ec Whitiiip: 

Born Macon, Ga.; A. 'b. 1891; Phi Gamma; 
.Si)iakers' Place each year; Lawyer; Member 
(■eneral Assembly of Ga., 190506; 1st Lieut. 
1st Ga. \'ol. Inf., Spanish-Am. War: Member 
Bd. of Trustees of Emory Coll.; Member A. F. 
and .\. M.: Knights of Pythias. Quitman, Ga. 

Fleming-, William Perry 

Born Johnstonville, Monroe Co., Ga. ; A. B. 
1891; Speaker 4 years; Jeff. Davis Essay Medal, 
1891-92; Essay Medal" (2); Goodrick Essay 
Medal; Debate; Editor-in-Chief Emory Phoenix; 
Ordinary, Crisp Co.; Prof. Mathematics and 
Natural Science and V.-Pres. Douglasville Coll.; 
Superintendent Congress and Cordele Public 
Schools. Cordele. Ga. 

Grififin, Edward Branham 

Born Oxford, Ga.; A. B. 1891; Salesman with 
Tennessee Chemical £o. 355 College St., Cuth- 
bert, Ga. 

Griffin. William Gaither 

A. B. 1891. (Oxford, Ga.) 

Jenkins, John Serjeant 

A. B.; Sec. Bd. Mission. N. Ga. Conference; 
C'ergyman, Methodist Episcopal Church South, 
(Atlanta, Ga.) 

Johnson, Robert Ligon 

A. B 1890; Lawyer; Affiliated Ga. Alpha 1891. 
(Atlanta, Ga.) 

Ivimbrough, James Mobley, Jr. 

Born Hamiltori, Ga.; A. B. 1891; Captain 27tb 
Inf., U. S. Army. Care War Dept., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Rounsaville. Frederick Hansel* 

A. B. 1890. d. June 5, 1916, Rome Ga. 

Rowland. Albert Sidney 

Born Bellville, Hamilton Co., Fla.; A. B. 1891; 
Phi Gamma (Lit.); Junior Speaker; Bookkeep- 
ing Callaway (Srocery Co., Athens, Ga. ; Mem- 
ber Woodmen of the World. Corner Broad and 
Foundry Sts.; res. 1125 Prince Ave., Athens, 
Clarke Co., Ga. 


Belcher, Archibald 

Born Newton Co., Ga.; A. B. 1892; A. M. 1896 
Emory and 1897 Harvard; Few Lit. Soc; Big- 
ham, Timmons, \\'. C. T. U. and Boynton Gold 
ilcdals for Essays; Rep. Few Soc. in Champion 
i Debate, 1892; Teacher Physics and Chemistry, 

I Middle Tenn. State Normal School; Translator 

Latin and (Ilreek, Winchester Normal Coll.; 
Treas. and V'.-Pres. Tenn. Acad, of Science; 
Member Apollo Club (Leadville, Colo.); Quartet 
Soc. (Houston, Tex.); Master Blue Lodge 
Commandery. Middle Tenn. State Normal 
School; res. Woodbury Pike, R. F. D. No. 5, 
Murfrcesboro, Tenn. 

Branch, Frank Garland 

i A. B. 1892. (Fort Valley Ga.) 

] Brewer, Paul Bowman 

A. B. 1892. (Elberton, Ga.) 

Cook, Osgood Francis 

Born Talbotton, Ga.: Minister; Pastor Thomas- 
ville Methodist Church; Pastor and Presiding 
Elder, South Ga. Conference of the M. E. 
Church South; Affiliated Tenn. Alpha 1893. 
429 N. Broad St., Thomasville, Ga. 




Dearing, Kennon 

A. B. 1892. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Frasuer, Alfred Carswell 

Born Irwinton, Ga.; A. B. 1892; Farmer. 415, 
12th Ave., E., Cordele, Ga. 

Hallman, Henderson 

Born Forsyth Co. Ga- B. S. 1892; Lawyer; 
Member Capital City Club; Bar Assn. Central 
Bldg.; res. 163 \V. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Merry, Percy Bradford 

A. B. 1892. (162 Sinclair Ave., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Neese, James Park* 

Rogers, William Rokenbaugh, Jr. 

Born Macon, Ga. ; A. B. 1892; Phi Gamma 
(Lit.) ; Banking; V.-Prcs. Continental Bank and 
Trust Co., Macon Ga. ; Trustee Wesleyan Fe- 
male College. 2d St.; res. 375 College St., 
Macon, Ga. 

Seafcv, William Everard Hamilton, 

B. S. 1892; Lawyer. (2021-1 Hil! St.; res. 526 
W. Poplar St., Griffin, Ga.) 

Stewart, James Henry 

A. B. 1892; Clergyman. (Dresden, Texas.) 

Thompson, Carle Ross* 

A. B. 1892; Teacher, d. Atlanta, Ga. 


Bell, Joseph Francis 

A. B. 1893; Clergyman. (St. Petersburg, Fla.) 

Hiles, William Walter* 

B. S. 1893. 

Hopkins, Hinton John 

Born Oxford, Ga.; B. S. 1896 Vanderbilt Univ.; 
Fire Insurance; Member Capital City and Druid 
Hills Golf Clubs. 801 Trust Co. of Ga. Bldg.; 
res. 56 Fairview Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 

Jarman, William Washington* 

A. B. 1893. d. June 3, 1891, Covington, Ga. 

Jenkins, Charles Rush 

Born Thomson, Ga., 1871; A. B. 1893; D. D. 
1913; Pres. of Wesleyan Coll.; Delegate Genl. 
Conference M. E. Church South, 1914; Trustee 
of Wesleyan Coll., 1910; Member Rotary Club. 
Wesleyan College, Macon, Ga. 

Kirby, Atticus Dixon 

B. S. 1893. 

McNair, Idus Lafayette 

Born Wilkinson Co., Ga. ; A. B. 1893; Few 
(Lit.); 3d Honor; Cotton Merchant; Sec.-Treas. 
Spinner Cotton Co.; Member Chamber of Com- 
merce; Knights of Pythias. Cor. 3d and Pine 
.Sts.; res. 41.i (jeorgia Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Miller, Norman Clarence 

Born Corinth, 3d County, Ga.; A. B. 1893; Ora- 
tory Medals (Junior and Senior); Pres., Few 
(Lit.); Manager Ginn & Co., Atlanta Office; Dir. 
Central Bank and Trust Corporation; Steward 
First Methodist Church; Member Chamber of 
Commerce and Knights of Pythias. 22 Edge- 
wood Ave.; res. 278 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, 

Mur])h, P'rank Baldwin 

Born Marshallville, Ga., Oct. 10, 1872; Debating; 
Speak( rs Place 2 years; Merchant and Farm- 
ing; Member Bd. of Kduc. ; Water and Light 
Bd.; Member Outing Club. Marshallville, Ga. 

Sniitli. Ernest M.* 

.\. B. 1890; Lawyer. 


Rale, John Wesley 

B. S. 1894; Lawyer. (Rome, Ga.) 

Callaway, Thomas Greene 

Born Dc Kalb Co., Ga.; A. B. 1894; Merchant. 
Stephenson ^S: Callaway, Covington, Ga. 

Dykes, James Robert 

Born Montezuma, Ga.; A. B. 1894; M D 1897 
Univ. of Va.; Class Speaker (2), (3), (4)"; Sur- 
geon U. S. Navy. Navy Dept., Washington, 

Earle, Robert Drayton* 
Freeman, Edwin Benson 

A. B. 1894. (La Grange, Ga.) 

Greer, John Wesley 

Born Dawson, Ga.; A. B. 1894; Sec.-Treas. C. L. 
Brooks Engineering Co. Commercial Bldg.; res 
5th Ave., Moultrie, Ga. 

Ivendall, Thomas Rogers, Jr. 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1894. 

Lambright, Edwin Dart 

Born Brunswick, Ga.; Few Debating Soc; 
Speakers Place, Freshman and Sophomore; 
Bigham Essay Medal, Freshman; Pljinizy Essay 
Medal, Sophomore; Impromptu Debate; Saluta- 
' torian; Editor-in-Chief Critique; Editor Tampa 
Morning Tribune; Del.-at-Large, Natl. Demo- 
cratic Convention, 1912; Tampa Public Library 
Bd.; Member Elks; Palma Cera Golf and Rotary 
Clubs. Tribune Bldg.; res. 246 Parker St., 
Tampa, Fla. 

Shankle, Arthur Grogan 

A. B. 1894. 

Wilkinson, Henry Alfred 

Born Sumpter Co., Ga.; B. S. 1894; LL. B. 
Univ. of Ala.; Lawyer. Dawson, Ga. 

Williams, Marvin 

Born Athens, Ga. ; A. B. 1894; Few Soc; Orator 
(2), (4); Champion Debater, 1894; Minister and 
Lecturer. Greensboro, Ga. 


Belcher, Arthur Clifton 

A. B. 1895; Teacher. (Starrsville, Ga.) 

Bowden, John Wightman 

Born Hogansville, Troup Co., Ga.; A. B. 1895; 
Few Lit. Soc; Assoc. Ed. Emory Phoenix; 
Anniversarian Few Soc; Impromptu Debater; 
Lawyer; Sec to Judge Price Gilbert; Member 
Ga. Legisl., 1905-06; Member Granite Club. 
State Capitol; res. 258 N. Moreland Ave., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Clark, Anderson 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1894. 

Colson, James Thomas 

Born Brunswick, Ga., Feb. 12, 1874; Ph. B. 
1895; Few Soc; Lawyer. Brunswick, Ga. 

Fincher, Edgar 

Born Gwinnett County, Ga.; A. B. 1895; M. D. 
.yianta College of Physicians and Surgeons; 
Kappa Sigma; Latin and Greek Medals and 
Fresliman Scholarship; Physician. 411 Flat 
Slioals Ave, Atlanta, Ga. 

Hiles, Gordon 

Born Summervillc, Ga. ; Few (Lit.); Chief Clerk 
Law Firm, Smith, Haminontl & Smith; Coiirt 
Reporter, Rome Circuit, 1900 08; Member Elks. 
509 Grant Bldg.; res. 794 Piedmont Ave., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Merry, Henry Homer 

Horn Augusta, Ga.; Lawyer; Banker; Mayor of 
Pelham, 1902-10; State Senator Elect., 1917-18. 
I'elham, Ga'. 

Park, William Holt 

A. B. 1895. (Maeon, Ga.) 

Poer, John McLaurin 

Born West Point, Ga. ; Physician. West Point, 




Wardlaw, Josepli Coachman 

Born Camilla. Mitclull Co.. Ga.-, A. B. 1895; 
A. M. 1S95; I'hi Ciamma; Teacher; Supt. of 
Schools, Dublin, Thoniasvillc ami Albany, Ga.; 
Prof, in Andrew Female t'oll. (.(."iithberl, Ga.); 
I'nion Female Coll. (Kiifaula, Ala.) and Ga. 
Normal and Industrial Coll. (Milledgcvillc) ; 
Dean and Prof. State Normal Sch., Athens; 
Asst. Supt. Schools. Atlanta. 402 Chamber of 
I'omnicrcc Bldg. ; res. J55 K. Tenth St., .\tlanta, 

Williams. Allie Walter 

Initiated by Ala. Beta 1892. 

■ 1896 

Baker. Arthur Marsliall 

A. B. 1896: Captain U. S. Army. (Care War 
Department, Washington. D. C.) 

Dean, Olin Sandeford 

Born Lumpkin, Stewart County, Ga.; A. B. 
1896; Few Lit.; 4 Medals in English; Professor 
of English, Davenport College, Lenoir, N. C.; 
Pres. Mansfield Female College (La.); Pres. 
Weaverville College CS. C.).; Author "The 
Quest of the Ages." Davenport College, 
Lenoir, N. C. 

Dykes, Thomas Jefferson 

Born Montezuma, Ga.; A. B. 1896; Merchant 
and Planter; Deacon and Treas. Baptist Ch.; 
Former Councilman; Sec. and ^lember Burns 
Chapter, Royal Arch Masons. 11 Dooly St., 
Montezuma. Ga. 

Garwood. Glover Bernhard 

A. B. 1896. (Monticello, Fla.) 

Hallman. Earnest George 

Born Atlanta. Ga.; A. B. 1896; Few (Debating). 
163 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Jenkins. Isaac Cheynev 

Born Talbot Co., Ga., Mar. 10, 1874; A. B. 
1896; M. A. 1901 Birmingham Coll.; A. M. 1906 
Univ. of Fla. ; Phi Gamma Lit. Soc; Sen. Ora- 
torical Medal, 1896; Presiding Elder, M. E. 
Church, South. Jacksonville Dist. 1813 Market 
St.. Jacksonville, Fla. 

Little, Rohert Cowles 

Teacher. (95 Cleburne Avenue, Atlanta, Ga.) 

Means, Frank McClellan 

A. B. 1896; With Goodall & Brown. (Birming- 
ham, Ala.) 

Scott, Thomas Goodwin , 

Born Forsvth, Ga.; A. B. 1897; Phi Gamma Lit, 
Soc; Planter. R. F. D. No. 2, Forsyth, Ga. 

Smith, Eugene Clav* 

LL. B. 1896; Lawyer;' Affiliated with Ga. Alpha 


Bloodworth, Walter Perry 

Born Monroe Countv, Ga.; A. B. 1897; L. I. 
1897 (Ga. State Normal School); Debater 
(Fall and Spring Terms); Impromptu and 
Champion Debater; Anniversarian Few Soc; 
3rd Honor; Boynton Medal; Johnston English 
Prize; Associate Ed. Zodiac; Attorney-at-Law; 
Sec. Atlantic Title Guarantee Co.; Member 
Atlanta Athletic Club; Atlanta Bar and Georgia 
Bar Assn.; Knights of Pythias; Mason; Knights 
Templar; Shriner. Court Trust Co of Ga. 
Bid?.; res. 142 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Bowdon, Paul A. 

Born Fairburn, Ga.; A. B. 1897; Banking and 
Manufacturing. Main St., Thomson, Ga. 

Christian, Joseph Cranberry 

Methodist Clergyman. (Fort Gaines, Ga.) 

Rogers, Robert Mclntyre* 

A. B. 1897. 

Sayles, Herbert P.* 

Wood, Hubert Clarence* 

M. D. 1897. d. Irviiiglon, Ga. 


Bradley, William Ambrose 

B. S. 1898. (1211 Bessemer Bldg., Pittsburg. 

Clark, William Hughes 

-\. B. 1898. (Jasper, Ga.) 

Houser, Fred 

Born Savannah, Ga. 1876; Sec. Atlanta Conven- 
tion Bureau; Member Capital City Club. 404 
Chamber of Commerce Bldg.; res. 1010 Peach- 
tree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Murray, Alexander Grantland 

Born Griffin, Ga.; A. B. 1898; Mathematics 
Medal, 1898; Assistant, U. S. Dept. of 
Agriculture; Member Masons. Bur. of Chemis- 
try, U. S. Dept. of Agri.; res. R. F. D. No. 4, 
Washington, D. C. 

Tilley, John Shipley 

B.irn Convers, C,a..\ A. B. 1898; A. M. 1905 
Harvard; B. L. 1910 Univ. of Ga. ; Delta Delta 
(L'niv. of Ga.); Few Soc; Lawyer; Member 
Bd. Directors Assoc. Charities; Member Coun- 
try Club. Bell Bldg.; res. 203 S. Perry St., 
Montgomery, Ala. 


Allen, George Davidson 

A. B. 1899. (Columbus, Ga.) 

Austin, Manning Cheatham 

Born Bethany, Ga., July 19, 1879; A. B. 1899; 
Phi Gamma; Superintendent Public Schools, 
Marshallville, Ga. 

Baldwin, Robert Edwin 

Ph. B. 1899. (Marshallville, Ga.) 

Campbell, Robert* 

A. B. 1899; Vice-President Spencer Business 

Cook, Thomas Frazer 

Born Columbus, Ga.; Few Lit. Soc; Real Es- 
tate; Member Masons; Odd Fellows. 17 Whit- 
aker St.; res. 525 Maupas Ave., Savannah, Ga. 

Fort, Arthur Godfrey 

Born Lumpkin, Ga. 1878; Ph. B. 1899; M. D. 
1904 Atlanta Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons; 
M. D. 1914 ad eundum Univ. of Ga. ; Phi 
Gamma; Speakers Place Junior and Senior 
years; Physician (Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat); 
Dir. of Field Sanitation, Ga. State Bd. of 
Health, 1910-15; Major Med. Corps N. G. Ga.; 
Dist. Commr. of Health, Irwin and Tift Cos., 
Ga. ; .\uthor of many articles on Public Health. 
Love Ave.; res. 110, 4th St., Tiftori, Ga. 

Frederick, Donald Barton 

Initiated by Va. Beta 1898. 

Griffin, Alfred Perry 

A. B.; Teacher. Gainesville, Ga. 

Jarman, Lewis Wilson 

Born Covington, Ga.; A. B. 1899; A. M, 1901; 
Junior and Senior Class Speaker; Farmer; Chair 
of Mathematics and Dean of Faculty of Gran- 
bury College, Texas. Porterdale, Ga. 

Little, Albert Johnson 

Born Eatonton' Ga.; Ph. B. 1899; LL. B. 1904 
Mercer; Class Speaker 4 years; Impromtu De- 
bater (4) ; Lawyer. Rooms 34-6 Strickland 
Bldg.; res. 507 N. Ashley St., Valdosta, Ga. 

McNeill, William Daniel 

A. B. 1899. (Macon, Ga.) 

Martin, Albert Thomas 

A. B. 1899. (Marshallville, Ga.) 

Palmer, Frank Sidney 

Born Dalton, Ga., Aug. 19, 1879; Fire and 
Life Insurance and Automobiles; Mayor, Way- 
nesboro, Ga., 1910-12; Affiliated Tenn. Alpha 
1901. Waynesboro, Ga. 




Park, Howard Pope 

Born La Grange, Ga., Feb. 25, 1879; B. S. 
1899; B. S. in M. E. 1897 Ga. Tech.; Roll of 
Honor; Pres. and Treas. Park Cotton Mills 
and Park Realty and Development Co.; Mem- 
ber Elks; Masons; Shriner. Box 192; res. 303 
Hill St., La Grange, Ga. 

Smith, Horace Stratton 

Born Alpharetta, Ga.; A. B. 1899; 3d Class 
Honors; Clergyman. McDonough, Ga. 

Wardlaw, Wilkinson C* 

A. B. 1899. 


Branham, Boiling- Sasnett 

A. B. 1900; Clergyman. (Smyrna, Ga.) 

Crittenden, Robert Flournoy* 

Born Shellman, Ga.; A. B. 1900. d. Dec. 15, 
1916, Shellman, Ga. 

Houser, Houston Parks 

Born Perry, Ga. ; Ph. B. 1900; Speakers Place, 
Junior Year; Merchant; Member F. and A. M. 
Perry, Ga. 

Jenkins, Leonard Rush 

A. B. 1900; Pastor, First M. E. Church. (Kirk- 
wood, St. Louis, Mo.) 

Lott, Dan 

A. B. 1900; Real Estate; Affiliated Ga. Alpha 
1904. (Waycross, Ga.) 

Mumford, Leonard Lewis 

Ph. B. 1900. 

Tindall, William Watts 

A. B. 1900; LL. B. Atlanta Law School; Judge, 
Juvenile Court; Member Ga. Lodge 96, F. and 
A. M.; Atlanta Lodge 20; Knights of Pythias; 
Elks, Altanta Lodge 78. Juvenile Court, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Wood, Jesse Morgan 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; A. B. 1900; Phi Gamma; 
Lawyer; Member General Council; Atlanta 
Athletic and Capital City Clubs. 1204 Atlanta 
National Bank Bldg. ; res. 853 Spring St., 
Atlanta, Ga. 


Broom, Alfred Cureton 

Born Newnan, Ga.; A. B. 1901; LL. B.; Phi 
Gamma (Lit.); Lawyer. Peter Bldg., Atlanta; 
res. 222 Wesley Ave., College Park, Ga. 

Bullard, Legare 

Ph. B. 190'r. (Machen, Ga.) 

Domingoes, Walter Dean* 

A. B. 1901; Methodist Clergyman. 

Hopkins, Isaac Stiles 

Born Oxford, Ga.; A. B. 1901 (Emory); B. L. 
1-904 Univ. of Ga.; LL. B. 1905 Yale; Few 
Soc. ; Dcmosthenian Soc. (Univ. (ja.); Sphinx 
(Univ. Ga.); Corbey Court (Yale); Phi Delta 
F'hi (Yale); Honor (Emory); Pres. Granite 
Club; Class Leader (Univ. Ga.) ; (Ja. Sewanee 
Debate, 1903; Yale-Harvard Debate, 1905; 
Impromptu and Champion Debater (Univ. 
Ga.); Ready Writers Medal (Univ. Ga.), 
1903; Editor-in-Chief Pandora, 1904; Editor 
"Zodiac," 1901; Editor Yale Law Review, 
1905; Attorney-at-Law, Firm of Rosser, Slaton, 
Phillips & Hopkins; Director Georgia Children 
Home Society (Atlanta, Ga.) ; Prof, of Law, 
(Lamar School of Law); Member Chamber of 
Commerce; Atlanta Athletic and Granite Clubs; 
Yale Club, New York. 719 Grant Bldg.; res. 
688 Highland Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Parks, James Guyton, Jr. 

Born Dawson, Ga.; Ph. B. 1901; LL. B. 1903 
Mercer; Few Lit. Soc; Phi Delta (Mercer); 
Speakers Place (2) ; Law Speaker Commence- 
ment 1903 (Mercer); Lawyer; Division Coun- 
sel Ga. Southern and Fla. Ry. Co. Hardeman 
Bldg.; res. 254 Appleton Ave., Macon, Ga. 


uinney. Gray 

Born Waynesboro, Ga. ; Farmer; Treas. and 
Sec. Burke Co. Supply Co. 7th St., W., Waynes- 
boro, Ga. 

Underwood, Alvin Harlan* 

A. B. 

Wilkins, Charles Abercrombie 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; M. D. 1902 Atlanta Coll. 
P. and S.; Dermatologist; Instructor in 
Dermatology (Polyclinic Hosp.) and Post 
Graduate College, N. Y. C, 1911-16; Member 
Ga. Medical Assn.; Fulton Medical; Atlanta 
G.-U. and Derm. Soc. 823 Hurt Bldg.; res. 
Phe'an Apts., 790 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 


Baldwin, Louis Eugehe 

Ph. B. 1902. (Dawson, Ga.) 

Bullock, Edward* 

A. B. 1902. 

Dekle, Walter LeRoy 

B. S. 1902. (Thomasville, Ga.) 

Fletcher, John Thomas, Jr.* 

Ph. B. 1902. 

Jenkins, Frank Ellerson 

A. B. 1902. (Union Point, Ga.) 

Marshall, John Wade, Jr. 

Born Hayneville. Ga.; Ph. D. 1902; Innocents; 
Soph. Essay Medal, 1900; Junior Class Speaker, 
1901; Wholesale Grocer; V.-Pres. Interstate 
Grocery Co.; Contributor to Emory Phoenix 
College Monthly; Member Masons; Knights 
Templar; Shriners; Elks. Broad St.; res. Bar- 
bour St., Eufaula, Ala. 

Mason, Cecil Mortimer 

Born Columbus, Muscogee Co., Ga. ; B. L. 1912 
Atlanta Law Sch.; Prize Atlanta Law Sch.; 
Sen Student Making Highest Average; On Win- 
ning Relay Team, Emory College, 1899; Law- 
yer. 354, 2d St.; res. 151, 2d St., Macon, Ga. 

Meyers, Guy Arthur 

A. B. 1902. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Poer, Norman Colquitt 

Born Near West P.oint, Ga.; D. D. S. 1903 
Univ. of Pa.; Delta Sigma Delta; Dentist; 
Member All National and State Dental Sees. 
West Point, Ga. 

Roberts, Warren 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1901. 

Rogers, William Jutson, Jr. 

B. S. 1902. (Augusta, Ga.) 

Turnbull. Tlieodore Tiffany 

Born Monticello, Jefferson County, Fla.; A. 
B. 1902; B. L. 1904 (Univ. Ga.) ; Innocents; 
Sphinx: Casque and Gauntlet (Ga.); Baseball 
Team, 1904 (Univ. Ga.); Edilor-in-Chief Red 
and Black (Univ. Ga.); Attorney-at-Law and 
Planter; Chairman Board of School Trustees; 
Member Florida House of Representatives, 
191315; Speaker pro tern, 1915. Monticello, 


Armistead, Thomas Macon, Jr. 

Born Conyers, Ga.; A. B. 1903; D. V. S. (Sen- 
ior Soc); Paying Teller, Atlanta National 
Bank; Member Atlanta Athletic Club. Atlanta 
National Bank; res. 380 W. Peachtree St., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Cavanaugh, Thomas Bertram 

Born Savannah, Ga. ; A. B. 1905 (Princeton); 
A. B. 1903 (Emory); D. V. S. Senior Soc. 
(Emory); Univ. Cottage Club (Princeton); 
Manager Knickerbocker Ice and Cold Storage; 
Treas. Ice Delivery Co.; Member Masonic 
Lodge; Savannah (jolf and Greater Savannah 
Commercial Clubs; Hibernian Society. 620 
Indian St.; res. 305 E. Hall St., Savannah, Ga. 




Cheatham. Walter Bichat 

Affiliatoa Ga. Alplui 190o and Va. Ucta 1906. 
(Dawson, Ga.) 

Fletcher. Ren Hill 

Born Columbus, Ga.; Sales Stable; Pres. Ben 
H. FUtohcr Co. 1227, 1st Ave.; res. VVymtoti, 
Columbus, Ga. 

Lovett. Ell ward 

(McRca, Ga.) 

Barmim, Murray Reid 

Horn Lumpkin, Ga. ; Manager Baseball, 1901; 
.*^i)cakcrs Place, 1900; Pliotographer. Lumpkin, 

Bell, Ulysses Stephens* 

I'h. R. 1904. d. Jan., 1908. 

Burton. Charles Lillard 

Born Buford, Ga. ; Manufacturer. Jasper, Ala. 

Carver. James 

Ph. B. 'l904. (Dawson, Ga.) 

Dent, Edward Rawson 

Burn Ncwnan, Ga., April 1, 1879; Assist Cash- 
ier, Ncwnan Mill. E. Washington St.; res. 9 
Buckhannon St., Newnan, Ga. 

Hancock, Frank Gustave, Jr. 

(Atlanta. Ga.) 

Lewis, Alvin Paxton 

Born Montezuma, C,a.; Monarch, Soph. Social 
Club; Mgr. Footliall; Member Winning Relay- 
Team; Merchant and Farmer. Cherry St.; res. 
Dooly St.. Montezuma, Ga. 

Meador, Walter Taylor 

Born 279 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. ; U. S. 
Officer, Reserve Corps (Training Camp) ; Mem- 
ber Atlanta Athletic Club. 766 West Peach- 
tree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Parks. Warren Bowers 

Ph. B. New Orleans, La. 

Richardson, Charles Hvatt, Jr. 

Born Byron, Ga.; Ph. B." 1904; M. D. 1909 
(Columbia); D. V. S. Senior Soc. ; Physician; 
Asst. Visiting Surgeon, Macon Hospital; Ex- 
Pres. Bibb County Med. Soc: Chrmn. Public 
Health Section, Bibb County Med. Soc; Mem- 
ber Idle Hour Country Club; Amer. Med. and 
Ga. State Med. Assns; Bibb County Med. Soc. 
416^, 2d St.; res. 104 Clisby PI., Macon, Ga. 

Willard, Josiah James 

Born Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 10, 1878; Phi Gamma 
(Lit.); Publisher and Editor; Member Amer. 
Soc of Colonial Families. Record Bldg., 6th 
St. and 4th Ave.; res. "Kenworth," Hickory, 
N. C. 

Winship, George 

Born At'.anta, Ga.; Theta Nu Epsilon; Mgr. 
Tech. Track Team; Pres. Fulton Supply Co.; 
Pres. Atlanta Y. M. C. A.; Director Cinti- 
nental Gin Co.: Director Atlanta Banking and 
Saving Co.; Member Chamber of Commerce; 
-Xtlanta Credit Men's Assn. 86 Marietta St.; 
res. 30 E. 3rd St., Atlanta, Ga. 


Allen. Victor Hug-o 

Affiliated Ga. Alpha 1905. (Buford, Ga.) 

Hill, David Benjamin 

(Bronwood, Ga.) 

Pace, Joseph Saville 

(Dawson, Ga.) 

Ravne, Oliver Ehvin 

Ph. B. 190S. (609 Columbia St., Seattle, 

Tarbutton, Benjamin James, Jr. 

Born Sandersville, Ga. ; Theta Pi Sigma; Gen- 

• eral Manager, Sandersville R. R. Co. and 

Capitalist. 324 S. Harris St., Sandersville, Ga. 

Thomas. Wales Winiberly 

A. B. 1905. (Columbus, Ga.) 


Benton, Hugh Preston 

Born Monti'cello. Ga.; A. B. 1906; TheU Nu 
I'.p.silon; Baseball; Junior Speaker; Merchant. 
MonticcUo, Ga. 

Brown, James Arthur* 

A. B. 1906. d. Nov. 27, 1908, Oxford, Miss. 

Christian, John O'Donnelly 

(Tampa, Fia.) 

Cox, Floyd Wightman 

A. B. 1906. (114 North Hull St., Montgomery, 

Cunningham, George Tracy 

A. B. 1906. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Hinton, James 

Born Milledgevillc, Ga.. July 24, 1886; A. B. 
mag)ui cum laudc. 1906; A. M. 1907 Van- 
derbilt; A. M. 1912 Harvard; Ph. D. 1915 do.; 
Commencement Speaker, 1905-06; Junior Greek 
Medal; Rcppard Greek Medal; Latin Prize; 
German Prize, 1906; Class Relay Team, 1903; 
Class Football, 1905; College Track, 1905-06; 
Professor of English. Emory College; Contribu- 
tor to "Modern Philology" and "Publications 
of the Modern Language Assn. of America" ; 
Affiliated Tenn. Alpha 1907. Oxford, Ga. 

King. Earl 

Born Brownsville, Tenn.; Ph. B. 1906; Owls; 

D. V. S.; Baseball and Football Teams; Term 
I Debaters: Honor Roll; Class Historian; Law- 

I yer; Member Chickasaw Guards, Colonial 

1 -Country, Memphis and Lawyers' Clubs. 1303- 

1312 Central Bank Bldg.; res. 1970 Union Ave., 

Memphis. Tenn. 

Poage, Tames Malcolm 

a" B."l906; Affiliated Tenn. Alpha 1907; With 
Nashville Banner. (Nashville, Tenn.) 

Quillian, Andrew Fletcher 

Born Commerce, Ga.; Ph. B. 1906; M. D. 1910 
Atlanta Coll. of Med.; Captain, Medical Corps, 
N. G. Ga. and 1st Ga. Infantry; House Surg., 
Grady Hosp., 2yrs.; Supt. Contagious Hosp., 
2yrs. 1st Ga. Infantry, Brunswick, Ga. 

Westbrook, John Coby 

(Montezuma, Ga.) 

Willingham, Julian James 

Born Forsyth, Ga.; B. L. 1908 Univ. Ga.; 
Attorney-at-Law; Affiliated Tenn Alpha 1907. 
Douglas, Ga. 


Branch, Garnett Orson* 

d. July, 1905, Decatur, Ga. 

Dozier, William Abner 

A. B. 1907; Banker. (Flovilla, Ga.) 

MacGregor. Kenneth Holroes 

Born Hamilton, Ga.; Preacher and Member of 
S. Ga. Conference of the Methodist Episcopal 
Ch. South. Paschal, Ga. 

Sawyer, Franklin 

(Crowley, La.) 


Arnold. Robert McDonnell 

Born Camilla. Ga.; A. B. 1908; LL. B. 1915 
Atlanta Law School; Delta Theta Phi (Atlanta 
Law Sch.); Lawyer. S0S-S07 Murrah Bldg.; 
res. 209 Fifteenth St., Columbus, Ga. 

Carter, Benjamin Tvler, 

Born Macon, Ga.; Ph.'B. 1908; D. D. S. 1913; 
Theta Nu Epsilon: Psi Omega; Dentist. 629 
Candler Bldg.; res. lS9 E. North Ave., Atlanta, 




Mills, Charles Gardner, Jr. 

(Griffin, Ga.) 

Monning, William Frederick 

Born Chattanooga, Tenn., Nov. 27, 1888; Pan- 
handle; General Agent, American National Ins. 
Co.; Member Shriners; Elks. Amarillo Nat- 
ional Bank Bldg.; res. 1001 Polk St., Amarillo, 

Purcell, Clare 

(Roanoke, Ala.) 

Smith, William Carlos 

Born Macon. Ga. ; A. B. 1908; D. V. S. Soc; 
Capt. Football, 2 yrs.; Mgr., 2 yrs.; Mgr. Base- 
ball, 1 yr.; Capt. Field Sports, 1908; Manager. 
Chero Cola Bottling Co., Sylvester, Ga. 

Solomon, Stephen Malone, Jr. 

Born Macon, Ga.; Thcta Nu Epsilon; Automo- 
biles; Member Idle Hour Country Club. 221 
Second St.; res. "Oak Haven," Macon, Ga. 

Stovall, Carl Theodore 

Born Vienna, Ga.; Ph. B. 1908; D. V. S. Soc. 
Class Prophet (2); Commencement Speaker (2) 
Merchant; General Merchandise. Union St. 
res. Sixth St., Vienna, Ga. 

Tilley, James Peek, Jr. 

Born Conyers, Ga. ; Class Football; Insurance 
and Live Stock Farming; Clerk and Treas. 
City of Andalusia; Clerk Board of Revenue 
I'Covington County, Ala.); Secretary Covington 
County Live Stock Assn. Milligan Bldg.; res. 
62 East Three Notch St., Andalusia, Ala. 


Baldwin, William Moses 

Born Dawson, Ga., Jan. 26. 1890; Assistant 
Cashier Georgia National Bank of Albany; 
Sec. Ga. Trust and Savings Co.; Affiliated 
Tenn. Beta 1911. 149 Pine St.; res. 109 S. 
Jefferson St., .Albany, Ga. 

Hill, Alexander Franklin, Jr. 

Born Greenville, Ga. ; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Pendragon Club: Class Capt. Football Team 
(1), (2), (3); Athletic Editor, Emory Phoenix; 
Freshman and Sophomore Speakers' Medal; 
Speakers' Place 1), (2); Lee's Birthday Orator; 
Valedictorian; Phi Gamma Lit.; Member Pan 
Hellenic Council; Insurance; ^Member Shriners. 
Denison Hotel, Dcnison, Texas. 

Hinton, Charles Crawford 

Born Milledgevil'e, Ga.; Ph. B. 1909; M. D. 
1913 Johns Hopkins Univ.; Class Poet, 1909; 
Football, 1908; Physician and Teacher of 
Medicine; Chief of Disp., Med. School; Asst. 
N^isiting Phys. to Grady Hosp. ; Member 
Southern Med., State of Ga. Med. and Fulton 
Co. .Vied Assns.; Soc. of Clinical and Labora- 
tory Medicine, .Atlanta Med. Coll.; Johns Hop- 
kins Univ. Alumni Assn. of Ga. 1027 Candler 
Bldg.; res. 80 E. .Sth St., Atlanta, Ga. 

McCord, Harry Youn^, Jr. 

Born Conyers, Rockdale Co., Ga.; A. B. 1909; 
Secretary and Treasurer McCord-Stewart Co. 
Haynes and W. Hunter .Sts.; res. 272 Juniper 
St., Atlanta. Ga. 

Pitts, John Hilary 

Born Newborn, Ga., Feb. 7, 1888; Football, All- 
Emory ICnd, 1906; 3d Base Ga. Tech.; Automo- 
bile Business; AfTiliated Ga. Delta 1911. East 
and Thomaston Sts., Barnesville, Ga. 

Reagan, Fdward Lyon 

Horn McDonougli, Ga.; Lawyer. McDonough, 

Winship, Joseph 

(614 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga.) 


Adams, Frank Witt 

(Mayfield, Ky.) 

Armistead, Earnest Stowers 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; Cashier, A. G. Rhodes & 
Son, Capitalists; Member Piedmont Driving 
Club; Alfiliated Ga. Delta 1910. 202 Rhodes 
Bklg.; res. 380 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Christion, Paul Hopkins' 

(215 Park Ave., West, Savannah, Ga.) 

Clay, Grady Edward 

Born Walnut Grove, Ga.; B. S. 1910; M. D. 

1914 Univ. of Mich.; Phi Rho Sigma; Sigma 
Xi; Physician; Instructor in Ophthalmology, 
Univ. of Mich. Hosp.; Affiliated Mich. Alpha 
1914. Candler Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 

Greene, Edgar Hill 

Born Shellman, Ga.; M. D. 1915 f Atlanta 
Med. College); Kappa Psi (Med.); "All Emory" 
Baseball team, 1908; Art Editor; Aesculapian 
1913-14 A. M. C; Historian Class, 1915 A. 
M. C; Practice of Aledicine; Assistant to Dr. 
E. C. Davis; Surgeon, Atlanta, Ga. ; Anesthetist 
to Surgical Clinic, Atlanta JNIed. Coll., Dept. 
Emory Univ.; Member Fulton County Med. 
Soc; Med. Assn. of Ga. ; Am. Med. Assn.; 
Mason. 719-721 Atlanta National Bank Bldg.; 
res. 159 E. North Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Hammond, George Pierce 

(Alonroe, Ga.) 

Harrell, Samuel Thomas 

Born Quitman, Ga.; A. B. 1910; Lawyer. Lee 
St.; res. Scriven St., Quitman, Ga. 

Rawlings, Frederick Bangs 

Born Sandersville, Ga.; B. S. 1910; M. D. 

1915 Univ. of Pa.; Member Southern Club, 
U. of Pa.; House Surgeon in Rawlings Sani- 
tarium. Sandersville, Ga. 

Stiles, Samuel Vernon 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; Ph. B.; Phi Gamma; 
Business Mgr. Phoenix, 1909-10; Class Football 
and Basketball Teams (3 yrs.); Impromptu 
Debater of Phi Gamma, 1908; Night Manager 
Associated Press Office. Constitution Building; 
res. 279 Bedford PI., Atlanta, Ga. 

Wight, George Ward 

Born Snow, Ga. ; Ph. B. 1910; Senior Speakers 
Place; Capt. Track and Basketball; Baseball; 
All-Emory Basketball and Football Teams; 
Rea' Estate; Member Athletic Club. 314 
Candler Bldg.; res. 17 Brookwood Drive, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Wood, Hewitt Clinton 

(Washington, Ga.) 


Arnold,Willaim Powell 

(Talbotton, Ga.) 

Benton, James Frederick 

Horn f'alalto, Ga.; Ph. B. 1911; Gamma 
Omega Lambda; D. V. S.; Honor Roll, 1909; 
l-"ootl)all; liasketball; Baseball; Merchant. 
Monticcllo, Ga. 

Christian, Thomas Bachlbtt 

(Vandcrbilt University, Nashville, Tenn.) 

Gunnels, Charles William 

Affiliated Ga. Alpha 1913. (Bronwood, Ga.) 

Wight, James Slater 

Born Cairo, Ga. ; Ph. B. 1911; B. S. 1913 
Cornell; Nurseryman. Cairo, Ga. 

Wright, William Mathews 

Pharmacist. (Fort Valley, Ga.) 


Carhart, Lewis Hawks 

(11 W. Baker St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Frederick, Julian Victor 

Born Marshall ville, Ga.; Druggist. 101 N. 
Hill St.; res. W. Taylor St.. Griffin, Ga. 




Grav, Lawrence Candler 

rtorn Fort Valley, C.a.; I'll. D. 1912; A. M. 
l'JI.>; MinistiT. Damascus, Ga. 

Griffin, Norwood 

Rom Atlanta, Ga.; Track Team; Engineer and 
Contractor; Sec. Griffin Construction Co.; 
Member Atlanta Athletic Club. 1013 Candler 
Bids.: res. 10 W. 18th St., .■\tlanta, Ga. 

Holt. Ben Wall 

Born Sandcrsvillc. Ga.. Julv 29 1893; Owls 
Social Club; Pres. Atlanta Cadilb" Co.; 
I>ir. First National .'^andtrsville, Ga. ; 
Member Piedmont Driving, Capital City and 
Atlanta Athletic Clubs. Care of .\tlanta Cadil- 
lac Co.; res. Druid .Vpartments, Atlanta, Ga. 

Kelly, Thomas Jefferson 

Born Co'umbus, (ia.; Manager Xew Kelly Co., 
Wholesale Grocers; Member T. P. A. and 
V. C. T. 901 Broad St.; res. 1214, 3d Ave., 
Columbus, Ga. 

Kimbrou^h, Edward Ernest, Jr. 

Born Gainesville, Ga.; Assistant Cashier. 
Gainesvil'e Xatl. Bank; res. 89 Green St., 
Gainesville. Ga. 

McDavid, Richmond Cameron 

Born Ennola, Ala. ; Hardware Merchant. 
Tallahassee. Fla. 

Middlebrooks, Charles Levin 

Bom Elamville, Ala.; Diploma; Capt. Football, 
1908-10; Mgr., 1913; Southern Track Meet, 
190"; Relay Race, 1907-13; Debate, 1913; 
Minister M. E. Church. Aragon, Ga. 

Powell, Edward Fenn 

Born Hawkiiisville, Ga., 1889; Commencement 
Speaker (1); Welcome Address Anniversary 
Day; Drug Store and Fire Insurance. Third 
St., \"ienna, Ga. 

Richardson, Augustus Cullen 

Initiate'd by Ga. Alpha 1912. 

Robinson, Gilbert Carmichael 

Born near Montezuma, Ga.; LL. B. 1915; Law- 
yer; Affiliated Ga. Gamma 1915. Montezuma, 
Ga. . 


Blackburn, Walter Palmer 

Born Chicago, 111., Dec. 13, 1893; Phi Alpha 
Delta; Football; Basketball; Lawyer; Affiliated 
Va. Beta 1915 825 Empire Bldg.; res. 15 
Russell Apts., Atlanta, Ga. 

Branham, Joseph Singleton 

Born Oxford. Ga.: Manufacturer. 221 G St. 
N. W.; res. 401 The Windsor, 1425 T St. N. W., 
Washington, D. C. 

Christian, James Morton 

Born Valdosta, Ga.; Banker; Paying Teller 
Chatham Bank and Trust Co. Bull and Con- 
gress Sts.; res. .1122 East Park Ave., Savannah, 

Cox, Harold Cleanis 

Born Monroe, Ga.; Sigma Sigma Social Club; 
Lawyer; Treas. Walker-Roy-Cox Co. Inc.; Mem- 
ber W'alton Co. Bar Assn. 3 Nunnally Bldg.; 
res. 114 Walton St., Monroe, Ga. 

Culver, Emory Corbin 

Ph. B.; Teacher. Culverton, Ga. 

Foote, Walter Whitaker 

Born West Point, Ga.; B. S. 1913; Member 
Owls; 2d Lieut. N. G. Ga. Foote and Davies 
Co.; res. 43 N. Mayson Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

McCoy, Frank Lee, Jr. 

Born Rochelle, Ga.; A. B. 1914 Wash, and 
Lee Univ; Freight Traffic Dept., Southern 
Railway; Affiliated Ga. Alpha 1913. Atlanta; 
res. College Park, Ga. 

Pearce, Havwood Jefferson, Jr. 

Born Columbus, Ga.; A. B. 1913; A. M. 1915; 
D. v. S., Honorary Senior Soc; Owls; Honor- 
ary Social Soc; Intercollegiate Debater; Editor- 
in-Chief Emory Phoenix; Assistant Principal, 
Emory Univ. Acad. Gainesville, Ga. 

Spencer, David Van Buren 

Born Jackson, Ga.; A. B. 1913; Phi Gamma 
(Lit.); Baseball Team; Principal Hawkinsville 
(Ga.) and Marietta High Schools. High School 
Bldg.; res. 404 Merritt St., Hawkinsville, Ga. ; 
Permanent address Covington St., Jackson, Ga. 

Tanner, George Henry 

(Atlanta, Ga.) 

Terrell, Edward Roswell 

Born Greenville, Ga. ; Clerk Agricultural De- 
parinitnt. State Capitol; res. 8 Claremont 
.^ve., Decatur, Ga. 

Walton, Simpson Booker 

Born Danburg, Ga.; B. S. 1913; Sigma Rho; 
Owls; Baseball 3 years; Dealer in Automobiles; 
Member Washington Country Club. Washing- 
ton, Ga. 

Wight, Robert Pratt 

Born Cairo. Ga. ; Bank Clerk; Affiliated with 
Ga. Delta 1915. Barnett National Bank, Jack- 
sonville, Fla. 

Willingham, Benjamin Lawton, Jr. 

(Macon, Ga.) 


Crittenden, Joashley Cincinnatus 

Born Shellman. Ga. ; Owl Social Club; Baseball 
and Basketball Teams. 1912-14; Attending 
Eastman Business College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Shellman, Ga. 

Holt, Lake Curtis* 

d. January 27, 1912, Sandersville, Ga. 

Pearce, Thomas 

Born Gainesville, Ga. ; A. B. 1914; Sigma Up- 
silon; Phi Gamma; Owls Club; With Savannah 
Morning -News. Savannah Morning News, 
Savannah; res. Gainesville, Ga. 

Pope, William Merritt 

Born Milner, Ga. ; Pres. Freshman Club; Foot- 
ball; Baseball; Manager St. Andrews Ship 
Chandlery Co. P. O. Box 206, St. Andrews, 

Powell, Charles Glenn 

Born Oglethorpe, Ga., Dec. 6, 1894; Freshman 
Social Club (Emory and Auburn); Enlisted 
Army April 10, 1917. 13th Co., Fort Thomas, 
Kv.; Affiliated Ala. Beta 1915. Fort Thomas, 

Rogers, Thomas Cater 

Born Perry, Ga. ; Ph. B. 1914; B. E. 1917 
Union; D. V. S. Soc; Phi Gamma; Honor 
Roll; Junior Speaker; Senior Orator; Sec. of 
Phi Gamma, 1912; Treas., 1913-14; Pres., 1914; 
Class Baseball; Basketball; Relay Teams; All 
Emory Baseball, 1912; Student; Affiliated with 
the N. Y. Beta 1914. Perry, Ga. 

Sutton, Edward Boyd 

(Decatur, Ga.) 

Wright, George Osgood 

Born Fort Vallev, Ga.; Ph. B. 1914; D. V. S. 
Senior Soc; Owl Social Club; Intercollegiate 
Debater; Champion Debater; Won Junior De- 
bater Medal; Farmer. Fort Valley, Ga. 


Blackshear, Robert Henry 

Born Dublin, Ga.; A. B. 1915'; Teacher Emory 
Univ Academy : Member North Ga. Conference 
M. E. Church South. Dublin, Ga. 

Cater, Robert Lee, Jr. 

(Perry, Ga.) 




1915; Tobacco 

Gray, Charles Gustavus, Jr. 

Born Fort Valley, Ga.; Ph. B. 1915; Agent for 
Standard Oil Co. 115 Anderson Ave., Fort 
Valley, Ga. 

McCord, Jefferson Davis 

Born Conyers, Ga.; Ph. B. 1917; Sigma Up- 
silon (Lit.); Gamma Omega Lambda (Owls); 
Upper Classman Social Club; Football; Base- 
ball; Basketball; Mgr. Basketball; Editor- in- 
Chief Emory Weekly; Art Editor Annual; Lit. 
Editor Phoenix (Mo.); Textile Engineer, Mil- 
stead Mfg. Co.; Author of several magazine ar- 
ticles, stories and poems. Milstead, Ga. 

Mathews, George William, Jr. 

Born Waycross, Ga., Dec. 2, 1893; Ph. B. 1915; 
I>. V. S. Senior Soc; Champion Debate, 1915; 
All Emory Football, 1913-15; Capt., 1915; Owls; 
Superintendent Public Schools;* Member AJ 
Sihah Temple Mystic Shrine. Eatonton, Ga. 

Mize, Dudley Johnson 

Born Dawson, Ga.; Owls Social Club; L. V. T. 
Social Clu'"- Mercantile Business. 206 E. Lee 
St.; res. 306 N. Stonewall St., Dawson, Ga. 

Miinroe, George William 

Born Ouincy, Fla.; A. D. 
Business. Ouincy, Fla. 

Richardson, Lever 

(College Park, Ga.) 


Bondurant, Louis Palmer 

Affiliated Ga. Alpha 1917. (Valdosta, Ga.) 

King, Edward Lewis 

Born Cedartown, Ga. ; A. B. 1916; Sigma Up- 
silon; Phi Gamma; Tennis Championship (sin- 
gles and doubles); V.-Pres. Student Body; In- 
tercollegiate Debate, 2 years; Champion Debate; 
Impromptu Debate; Short Story Medal; Bas- 
ketball; Football; Student. 306, 3d Ave., 
Rome, Ga. 

Merritt, Charles Beverlyn 

Born Siloam, Ga.; Ph. B. 1916; 
Affiliated Ga. Alpha 1918. 3d 
res. 282 Rawson St., Atlanta, Ga, 

Thomas, George Neal 

Born Bairdstown, Ga.; Ph. B. 1913; Few Lit. 
Soc; Educational Club; Few Respondent to 
Phi Gamma \^'elcome, 1915; Editor-in-Chief 
Annual, 1916; Capt. Basketball, 1^14; All- 
Emory Gym., 1913-16; Principal " 
High School. Benevolence; res, 
Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

Thomas, John Frank 

Born Americus, Sumter Co., Ga. ; Agriculturist; 
Mem. Masonic Lodge 95. 140 Taylor St., 
.Americus, Ga. 

Walker, Edward Valentine 

Born Sparta, Ga. ; Phi Delta Phi; Student, 
Univ. of Virginia; Affiliated Va. Beta 1917. 
Box 352 Univ. Va.; res. Phi Delta Theta 
House, University, Va. 

Williams, Garland Harmon 

Born Ilagan, Tatnall Co., Ga.; Sigma Theta 
Social Club; Principal, Willie High School. 
Lyons, Ga. 


Middlebrooks, Marvin Conyours 

Born Elanivillc, Ala.; Phi (iainina Lit Soc; 
Clerk; Assistant Postmaster. Elamvillc, Ala. 

Paul, Lee Minor, Jr. 

Born Perry, Ga.; Phi Gamma; Freshman- 
Sophomore Debater and Mid-Term Debater; 
Asst. Business Mgr. Emory Weekly, 1914; 
Prophet of Class, 1917; Student; Affiliated Ga. 
Alpha 1918. Washington Ave., Perry, Ga. 

Bank Clerk; 
Natl. Bank; 

1101 Fifth 

Roberts, Forrest Adair 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; B. L. 1916; Phi Gamma; 
Glee Club; Senators; Winner of 3 Gold Medals 
in Declamation and 1 in Debate; Lawyer; 
Lieut. U. S. Army. 186 Peachtree Circle, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Smith, Howard Kingman 

Born Savannah. Ga.; Phi Gamma Lit.; Foot- 
ball, 1914-16; Baseball, 1915-16; Student. 310, 
iSth Ave., Cordele, Ga. 

Smith, Thomas Cook 

Born Dublin, Ga.; B. S. 1917; Beta Omicron 
Phi; Owls; Susie Dahms Social Club; Pres. 
Phi Gamma Literary Debating Soc; Honor 
Roll. 1915-16; Junior Speakers Place; Football; 
Impromptu Debater; Mid-Term Debater; Sec. 
Student Body; Vice-President Pan Hellenic 
Council. Believue Ave., Dublin, Ga. 

Turner, Wiley Baldwin 

Born Dawson, Ga.; Crane Co. 31 Garnett St.; 
res. 21 Cascade P!., Atlanta, Ga. 

Warwick. James Paul 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1917. 

Williamson, Augustus Rupert 

Born Jefferson, Ga.; Beta Omicron Phi, 
Freshman Social Club; Chi Sigma Chi, Sopho- 
more Social Club; Glee Club (mgr. 1913-14); 
Freshman Football, 1913; Sophomore Football, 
1910; Freshman Baseball, 1914; Mgr. Freshman 
Basketball, 1914. Jefferson, Ga. 


Burr, Robert Matthews 

Born Barnesville, Pike Co., Ga.; Student. 
Decatur. Ala. 

Crittenden, Beverly Malcolm 

Born Shellman, Ga.; Football; Student. Shell- 
man, Ga. 

De Jarnette, Henry Reid, Jr. 

Born 'Eatonton, Ga.; Student. Eatonton, Ga 

Hamilton, Wilbur Howell 

Born Woodville, Tenn.; D. V. S.; Oval; Susie 
Dohm: Phi Gamma; Pan-Hellenic Council; 
Football, 1915-17; Baseball, 1916-18; Basketball, 
1917-18; All Emory Tennis, 1917; Sophomore 
and Junior Speakers Place; Junior Oration 
Medal; Honor Roll, 1916-17; Pres. and Warden 
of Chapter: Prfs. Phi Gamma. 1104 Jefferson 
St., Paducah, Ky. 

Le Conte, William Louis 

Born Adairsville, Ga. ; Beta Omicron Phi; 
I'Vcshman-Sophomorc Debate; Freshman Speak- 
ers' Medal; With General Electric Co. 1502 
Third Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 155 Cleburne 
Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Smith, William Eldridge 

Born Dublin, Ga. ; Student. Dublin, Ga. 

Spears, Francis 

Born Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 6, 1897; Freshman 
Commencement Dcclaimer; Freshman Basket 
ball; Sophomore Dcclaimer. 565 Washington 
St., At'anta, Ga. 

Spencer, Claude Jeptha 

Born Jackson, (ia.; Manager Polk County 
Lumber Co. Ware St.; res. College St., Cedar- 
town, fla. 

vStc'iihenson, Walter Callaway 

d. Dec. 20, 1916. 

Tuten, James Greene, Jr. 

Born Jesup, Wayne Co., Ga.; With Southern 
I'.xprcss Co. Southern Express Co., St. Augus- 
tine, Fla.; res. Jesup, Ga. 




\\'alker. Morris Joel 

Born t*uitman, Ga.; Hota Oniicron Phi Social 
Club; Football. 3 yrs. ; Capt., 1 vr. ; Baseball, 
2 yrs.; Track; Medal for Best Athlete in Coll.; 
Pres. Soplioniorc Class; Bookkeeper Citizens' 
Bank: Member Quiiman Country Club. 506 
Scrivcn St., Quitman, Ca. 

Warlick. Harold Jesse 

Born Chiplcy, Ga.; Chi Sigma Chi (Soph. 
Social C!ub'); All-Emory Quarter-back 'Varsity 
Football (.Capt.); Special Agent Louisiana 
State Life Ins. Co. Louisiana State Life Ins. 
Co., Shrevcport; res. Hotel Rapides, Alexandria, 


Felton. Jule Wimberly 

Born 5lontezuma. Ga.; .\. B. 1919; Freshman 
Baseball: Debating Honors; Honor Roll, 1915- 
17. Oxford: res. Montezuma, fSa. 

Girardeau. Charles Howard 

Initiated by Va. Zeta 1919. 

Greene. Thaddeus Gilmore 

Born Eatonton, Ga.; Student. Eatonton, Ga. 

Holt, Floy Louis 

Born Sandersville, Ga. ; Beta Omicron Phi; 
Freshman Social Cub; Banking. Sandersville, 

Mathews, Samuel Moore 

Born Fort Valley, Ga.; Phi Gamma; Alpha 
Gamma Beta; Owls; Speakers Place, 1916-17; 
Anniversity Speaker Phi Gamma; Washington's 
Birthday Orator; Intercollegiate Debate Council, 
1917-19; Assoc. Editor, Emory Weekly; Pan- 
Hellenic Council, 1917-18; Historian of Chap- 
ter; 4 "H" Club; Student. 208 Persons St., 
Fort Valley, Ga. 

McCord, Turner Ashley 

(Atlanta, Ga.) 

Passmore, Lytton Le Roy 

(Sylvester, Ga.) 

Pearce, John Matthew^s 

Born Gainesville, Ga. ; Student. 70 Academy 
St., Gainesville, Ga. 

Prentiss, Robert Jenkins, Jr. 

(Fitzgerald, Ga.) 

Smith, Haygood 

Born \\'aynesboro, Ga.; Officer U. S. Navy. 
U. S. Navy, Norfolk, Va.; res. 310. 15th Ave., 
Cordele, Ga. 

Spears Francis 

(.•\tlanta, Ga.) 

Weddington, James Lester, Jr. 

Born Dublin, Ga.; Student. 19 Monroe St., 
Dublin, (ia. 


Bell, Wilbur Fisk 

Born -Apalachicola, Fla. ; Phi Gamma; Phi 
(iamnia Btta; Delta Kappa; 4 "H" Club; Base- 
ball, Basketball and Football, 1917; Mgr. Bas- 
ketball, 1918; Teller, Citizens' State Bank, 
Marianna, Fla.; Teller, Bank of Monticello, 
Fla. 213 E. 6th St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Chappelle, Dan 

Student. Americus, Ga. 

Hicks, Guy Morgan 

Student. Sylvester, Ga. 

Maker, Donald McCullum 

Student. Trinity, Ala. 

Poer, David Henry 

Born Jesup, Ga. ; Alpha Gamma Beta; Phi 
Gamma: Delta Kappa; 4 "H" Club; Honor 
Roll, 1917; Freshman Debater; Football, 1917; 
Baggage Agent, Maycross, Ga. 231 Cherry St., 
Jesup, Ga. 

Powell, John Harrell 

Student. Quitman, Ga. 

Wright, Alvin Butler 

Born Cairo, Ga.; Fevi' Literary Soc; Special 
Censor; Student; Drug and Hardware Clerk. 
301 Wright St., Cairo, Ga. 

Weight, Edward Allen 

Born Cairo, Ga. ; Delta Kappa; Freshman Com- 
mencement Speaker; Few. Lit. Soc. 300 Wal- 
nut St., Cairo, Ga. 


Chartered January 2, 1872 


Macon, Georgia 


Callaway, Enoch* 

Charter Member; Physician, d. Sept. 22, 1901, 
La Grange, Ga. 

Harvey, Albert Jackson* 

d. Buena \'ista, Ga. 

Render, Lewis Joshua 

Banker. (La Grange, Ga.) 


Hinton, James Camillus 

Born Americus, Ga.; A. B. 1874; A. M. 1877 
Univ. of Ga.; Phi Beta Kappa First Honor; 
Highest Rank in Each Course at Univ. of Ga.; 
Teacher; Dean of Faculty of Wesleyan College, 
Macon; Prof, of Mathematics and Astronomy 
since 1891; Author of a number of articles 
contributed to Quarterly Review. Meth. E. 
Church, South, 105 Lamar St., Macon, Ga. 

Marshall, Alexis Abraham* 

Charter Member, d. Raleigh, N. C. 

Wilburn, Oscar Marshall 

Charter Member. (Crystal Springs, Ga.) 


Butts, Joel Wilson 
Cheves, James Byron* 

d. April, 1911, Montezuma, Ga. 

Dykes, John Bascom 

Born Macon Co., Ga.; .\. B. 1875; Agriculture. 
Montezuma, Ga. 

Jones, Amaziah Samuel 
Keese, Elijah Alexander 

Born Benevolence, Ga., April 24, 1853; A. B. 
1875; D. D. 1875; Field Agent Market Bureau 
of Ga.; Pastor of number of Churches; Princi- 
pal John Gibson Inst.; Prcs. Bethel Coll.; Affil- 
iated C.u. Beta 1875. State Capitol; res. 226 
Wavciicy Way, .Atlanta, (ia. 

Stevens, Seaborn Ralf 

Lawyer. (Preston, Ga.) 

Woolsey, Charles Ransom 

Faust, Georg-e Marcus 

Farmer. (Point Peter, Ga.) 

Moses, Charles Leavell* 

Georgia Lcgi.slator. d. Oct. 10, 1913. 

Shropshire, Auj^^ustus Wright 
Thornton, Charles Jenkins 

Born Union Point, Ga.; Cashier, Bank of 
Union Point. Union Point, (la. 

Wise, Samuel Porter* 

d. Magnolia Springs, (la. 

Wright, Nicholas Thomas 

Teacher. (Newnan, Ga.) 



Barfield, James Septimus* 

d. Macon, Ga. 

Clarke, Wellborn Fort* 

Born Lumpkin, Ga., April 24 1858; A. B. 
1877- A M. 1882; Lawyer; Judge City Court. 
Cuthbert, Ga., 1879-81; Judge Court of Ordi- 
nary, Stewart Co.; Trust. Mercer Univ. d. 
Dec. 21, 1901. 

Ham. Victor Augustus 

Born Griffin, Ga., Dec. 2, 1852; A. B. 1877; 
A M 1882; Agriculturist; Formerly Supt. ot 
Educ, of Coweta County (for 20 yrs.); Pastor 
of Georgia Baptist Churches. 711 Felder St., 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Johnson, John Hamilton 
Roberts, George Monroe 

Born Morgan, ualhoun Co., Ga. 
Grocer. Main St., Dawson, Ga. 

Seals, Millard* 

d. Atlanta, Ga. 

Seals, William Florizel* 

d. Atlanta, Ga. 

Thompson, James Clark 

Bagley, Henry Clay 

Born near Americus, Ga.; B. S. 1878; Phi 
Delta; General Agent, Penn Mutual Life In- 
surance Co.; Planter and Fruit Grower; Trustee 
Banker's Trust Co.; Director Fulton Natl. Bank, 
Atlanta and Macon Natl. Bank, Macon; Pres. 
Oglethorpe Plantation Co., Macon County 
Pecan Co., Sawtell Farms Co. and Flint Side 
Plantation Co.; Mem. Capital City and Pied- 
mont Driving Clubs. 4th Natl. Bank Bldg.; 
res. 663 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Carson, Nathan Bryan 

Bank Cashier. (Kissimmee, Fla.) 

Poyner, James Buchanan* 

d. Crawford, Ga. 

Willet, Hugh Miller 

Born Penfiel.l. Crcene County, Ca.; A. B. 1878; 
Phi Delta; Valedictorian; Medal in English 
Comp.; General Agent Penn Mutual Life Ins. 
Co.; Pres. State .\ssn. of Life Underwriters 
and Ala. Anti-Tuberculosis A.ssn.; Chrmn. 
Bd. of Deacons Isl Bapt. Church; Director 
Atlanta Chamber of Commerce; V.-Prcs. Penn 
Mutual Agency .Assn.; Author "Blue Sky; 
Member Capital City Club. 4th Natl. Bank 
Hldg.; res. 1185 Peachtrcc St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Willingham, Benjamin Lawton 

Born Smyrna, S. C; A. B. 1878; Wholesale 
and Retail Lumber; President Willingham-Tift 
lAiniber Co. 200 Murphy Ave.; res. 703 Pied- 
mont Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 




Willingliaiii. \\ illiam Baynard 

Born Smyrna, near Allendale, S. C. ; A. B. 
1878: A. M.; Phi Oilta cOebatinn); Sec. and 
Treas. Willingham-Tilt Lumber Co.; Director 
Chamber of Commerce; Member Druid Hills 
Golf Club. 200 Murphy Ave.; res. Georgia 
Terrace, .\tlantn, Ga. 


Gotieka, Lucius C. 

M. D.; Physician. (Springvale, Ga.) 

Xunnally. Alonzo Harris 

Professor, Southern Female College. (La 
Grange, Ga.) 

Pollock. Pincknev Daniel* 

LL. B. 1879; Pres.,' Mercer Univ.; Affiliated Ga. 
Alpha 1885. d. 1905, Monroe, Ga. 

Smith, Stephen David 

A. ^L; M. D.; Physician. (R. F. IX, Byron, 

Spaldiniif. William Turpin 

Born Aiken, S. C, Jan. 16, 1860; Retired; Chief 
Clerk Green Line; Superintendent, General 
>ranager and President Southern Iron Car 
Line: Member Capital City Club; Eiks. 29 
Rosedale Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 


Battle, Julius Kincaid* 

Born Eufaula, Ala.; M. D. 1883 Tulane Univ., 
La. d. Sept. 28. 1909, Eufaula, Ala. 

Carson, Charles Avarette 

Born Reynolds, Ga.; A. B. 1880; A. M. 1883; 
First Honors; Banker; Pres. Baptist Conven- 
tion; State Senator. Kissimmee, Fla. 

Cheney, Franklin Washington* 

d. Oct. 6, 1892, Athens, Ga. 

Johnson, James Stuart 

Teacher. (Brunswick, Ga.) 

Richardson. Chovine Clegp- 

Born Sumter, S. C, Nov. 16, 1857; A. B. 1880 
Uiiiv. of Ga.; Ph. B. 1880 do.; Phi Kappa 
(Univ. of Ga.); Sophomore and Junior Speakers 
Places; Attorney-at-Law; Mayor of Byron; 
Member Ga. Legislature, 1900-06 and 1917-18. 
Byron, Ga. 

Tillman, Benjamin Franklin 

Banks. George Foster 

(Forsyth, Ga.) 

Callaway, Emory Winship 

(Macon, Ga.) 

Ford, George Johnson 
Jones, Donald Bruce 

Broker. (Columbus, Ga.) 

Jones, Julius Peck 
Xunnally, Wilham Josiah 

Born Monroe, Ga., Aug. 8, 1862: Phi Delta Lit.; 
Anniversarian; Sophomore Medal Declamation; 
1879; Judge City Court, Floyd Co., Ga.; Mayor, 
Social Circle, Ga'., 1882; Attorney, City of Rome, 
Ga., 1888-90; Solicitor-General, Rome Circuit, 
1890-97; Attorney, City of Rome, 1908-11; Mem- 
ber House of Representatives of Ga., 1913-14; 
Elected Judge City Court, 1914; Compiler Code 
of City of Rome, 1909; Member Masons; York 
Rite Mystic Shrine; Odd Fellows; Knights of 
Pythias; Red Men; Woodmen of the World; 
Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks; 
Eagles; Junior Order United Am. Mechanics. 
304 E. 1st St., Rome, Ga. 

W'illingliani, Etlward Jones 

F'urniturc Manufacturer and Fruit Grower. 
(Macon, Ga.) 

Wood, Clarence Julian 

(Cedartown, Ga.) 


Hamilton, Charles Harper 

Lawyer; Affiliated Ga. Alpha 1882. (Rome, 

Hill, David Winn 

Broker. (Macon, Ga. ) 

Ross, James Thweatt 

M. D.; Physician. (Macon, Ga.) 

Ross, John Peterson 

Born Taylor Co., Ga.; A. B. 1882; B. L. Univ. 
Ga., 1883; A. M. 1887; Phi Delta (Lit.); Phi 
Kappa (Univ. Ga.); First Prize Sophomore De- 
clamation; Junior and Senior Speaker's Place; 
Asst. Editor College Paper; Speaker in Debate 
Phi Delta vs. Ciceronian Societies and Inter- 
collegiate Debate Mercer Univ. I's. Univ. of 
Ga. (Univ. Ga.): Speaker in Debate Phi Kappa 
vs. Domosthenian Socs.; Lawyer; Judge, (iity 
Court, Macon, 1891-98; Solicitor Gen., Macon 
Judicial Circuit, 1912 to date; Member Ga. 
and Macon Bar Assns. , Affiliated Ga. Alpha 
1883. County Court House; res. 250 Harde- 
man Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Walker, Jed Daniel 

M. D. 1881. (Granville, Ga.) 

Willingham, Broadus Estes 

Born Allendale, S. C; Cotton Manufacturing. 
210 Vineville Ave., Macon, Ga. 


Blair, William Roscoe 

Affiliated Ind. Gamma 1883. Fredericktown, 

Brown, Joseph Emerson 

(Canton, Ga.) 

Davis, John T. 

Born Marianna, Fla.; Speaker's place; Cotton 
Factor; Dir. Muscogee Manufacturing Co.; 
Pres. Davis Warehouse Co.; Pres. Chamber 
Commerce, 1915-16; Member Rotary and Coun- 
try Clubs; Masons; Shriner. 13th and Broad 
Sts. ; res. 1526, 3d Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

Gregg, Benjamin Gause 

Born Marion, S. C; M. D. 1892 (Univ. of 
N. Y. C); Physician and Surgeon; 1st V.-Pres. 
1st Natl. Bank of Florence, S. C. ; 1st V.-Pres. 
People's Savings Bank and Trust Co.; Pres. 
People's Building and Loan Assn; Surgeon, 
Atlantic Coast Line; Past Master Hampton 
Lodge A. F. M. Cor. Evans and Irby Sts.; 
res. 213 S. Coit St., Florence, S. C. 

Mallary, Edgar Young 

Born Cuthbert, Ga.; Mining; Trustee, Mercer 
Univ., 21 years; Sec. of Board; Pres. Commer- 
cial Natl. Bank, 6 years. 609 Casualty Bldg. ; 
res. 634 Vineville .'Xve., Macon, Ga. 

Northern, Thomas "Henry* 

d. March 23, 1904, Atlanta, Ga. 

Smith, Sim Alexander* 

M. D. 1881. d. .March 8, 1904. 

Watson, Jackson Lee 

(Macon, Ga.) 

White, William Ross 

Born Macon, Ga.; Phi Delta; Treasurer Point 
Loma Homestead ; Formerly Treas. Bibb Mfg. 
Co., Macon, Ga. ; Past Master Mabel Lodge, 
F. and A. M. (Macon, Ga.) Charles St.; re». 
Silver Gate Ave., Point Loma, Cal. 





Bassetl, Elisha Gordon, Jr.* 
Fletcher, Thomas Edgar 

A. I?. 1881; Ordinary, Monroe Co. (Forsyth, 

Niles, George McCalkim 

Born Marshallville, Ga.; M. D. 1886 Bellevue 
Hosp. Med. Coll. (N. Y.) ; Physician; Gastro- 
intestinal Diseases; Author "Pellagra: An 
"American Problem"; "Diagnosis and Treatment 
of Digestive Diseases"; Member Georgia Med., 
Fulton County Med. and American Med. Assns. 
922 Candler Bldg. ; res. 595 N. Boulevard, 
Atlaiita, Ga. 

Pickard, William Lowndes [Yancey] 

Born Upson Co., Ga.; A. B. 1884; A. M. 1885; 
LL., D. 1912; D. D. 1888 Univ. of Ala.; Grad. 
of Southern Baptist Theological Sem., Louisville, 
Ky., 1887; Phi Delta Literary; Anniversarian, 
Class Orator and Intercollegiate Debater; Presi- 
dent Mercer Univ. since 1914; Pastor First 
Baptist Church, Eufaula, Ala., 1887-88; First 
Church Birmingham, Ala., 1889-92; Broadway 
Church, Louisvil'e, Kv., 1893-97; First Church, 
Cleveland, Ohio, 1898-1902; First Church, 
Lynchburg, \&., 1902-07; First Church, Savan- 
nah, Ga., 1907-14; Trustee Southern Baptist 
Theological Sem., Mercer Univ. and Bessie 
Tift Coll. (for women), Forsyth, Ga. : Author 
"Under the War Flags of 1861" and various 
tracts and magazine articles; Member of several 
Social, Religious gnd Literary Clubs. Mercer 
University, Macon, Ga. 

Smith, Redden 

Lawyer. (Thomasville, Ga.) 

Williamson, Julian Berner 

Born Macon, Ga. ; Ciceronian Debating Soc; 
Second Prize Sophomore Declamation; Lawyer; 
Judge City Court, Forsyth, Ga.; Judge City 
Court, Sylvester; Solicitor City Court, Forsyth; 
Member Woodmen of the World and Knights of 
Pythias. Sylvester, Ga. 


Cutts, Eldridge 

Born Americus, Ga., Jan. 11, 1867; Sophomore 
Mercer Univ., 1882-83; Junior Emory Coll., 
1883-84; Lawyer and Farmer; Affiliated Ga. 
Beta 1885. Fitzgerald, Ga. 

Hinton, Edgar Ford* 

LL. B. 1885; Lawyer; Affiliated Ga. Alpha 
1885. d. 1900, Americus, Ga. 

Hodges, John Robert 

B. P>. 1882; Judge, Court of Appeals. (Atlanta 

Hooper, Frank Arthur 

Born Rome. Ga., Oct. iu. 1866; A. B. 1885; 
A. M. 1888; Lawyer; Grand Chancellor K. of P., 
1900-01; .Solicitor-General, Southwest* rn Circuit, 
1896-1908; Member "Old Guard." Third Natl. 
Bank Bldg. and 779 Piedmont Ave., .Xtianta, Ga. 

Jones, Charles Linton 

Postman. (Atlanta. Ga.) 

McKee, William T. 

I!nrn Up.-itoic, .\I uscoycc Cn., Ca.; B. S. 1885; 
I'aniicr and .St'ickinan. Miillaiiil, Ga. 

Neil, Samuel Tiiomas* 

Affiliated Ga. Alpha 1885. d. June 12, 1912. 

Rhodes, Alexander Stej)hens 

Superintendent, Athens Fouiidrv and Machine 
Works. (Athens, Ga.) 


Durham, Sanders Walker 

Born Taylor Co., Ga.; .\. B.; Dry Goods 
Merchant. 105 South College St.; res. 503 N. 
Rogers St., Waxahachie, Texas. 

Hardman, William Benjamin 

Born Commerce, Ga.; A. B. 1886; A. M. 1899; 
M. D. 1889 Columbia Univ.; Second Honor in 
Class; Physician and Surgeon; Pres. 1st Natl. 
Bank; Pres. Bd. Trustees, Mercer Univ. and 
Med. Assn. of Ga.; Author of various Medical 
and Surgical Papers. 17 Pine St., Commerce, 

Manson, Herbert Lee 

Born Macon, Ga.; LL. B. 1888; Speaker's 
Place; Adjuster of Fire Losses, Southern Ad- 
justment Bureau; Member Capital City and 
Piedmont Driving Clubs; Affiliated Tenn. Alpha 
1888. 715 Trust Co. of Ga. Bldg.; res. 173 
Juniper St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Nottingham, Severn Parker 

(Eastvine, Ga.) 

Ragsdale, Bartow Davis 

Born Lithonia, Ga.; A. B. 1886; D. D. 1895; 
First Honor in Class; Business Mgr. Mercer 
University, Prof, in same, 1897-1905; Secretary 
Ga. Baptist Convention, formerly Pastor in 
several Baptist Churches. Mercer University, 
Macon, Ga. 


Battle, Archibald John, Jr. 

Born Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Manufacturer; Member 
Westmoreland and Country Clubs. Cary St. 
Rd.; res. Westmoreland PI., Richmond, Va. 

Brown, Joseph Emerson 

(Canton, Ga.) 

Callaway, Edgar Allen 

Born Wilkes County, Ga.; Farmer: Member 
Bd. Educ; Trustee Mercer Univ. Rayle, Ga. 

Cook, Charles Ellison 

Born Cuthbert, Ga.; A. B. 1887; Minister, M. 
E. Church; Member K. of P.; Odd Fellows; 
Masons; Woodmen of World. Leslie, Ga. 

Cook, C. C. 

(Macon, Ga.) 

Crossland, Daniel Frankland* 

A. B. 1887; LL. B. — , Univ. of Va.; Post- 
Grad. Univ. of Ga. and Mercer Univ.; Formerly 
Lawyer and Judge City Court, Albany, Ga.; 
.Affiliated Ga. Alpha 1892. d. Oct. 14, 1892. 

Harper, Donald 

Rome, Ga. 

Harper, Ploustoun Richardson 

Born Roue, Ga.; A. B. — ; Ciceronian Lit. Soc; 
Manager Hotel Patten, Chattanooga, Tenn.; 
Pres. Chattanooga Hotel Co.; Member Chatta- 
nooga Golf and Country Clubs. Hotel Patten, 
Chattanooga, T-enn. 

Hazelhurst, Robert Crockford 

Born Macon, Ga.; .\. B. 1887; Cotton Merchant. 
3r(l and Pine Sts. ; res. 629 Orange St., 
Macon, Ga. 

Plelvenston, Brantly Walker 

Born Lee County, M'iss. ; A. B. 1887; A. M. 
— ; 2nd Honor Man in Class; Insurance; 
.Member Blue Lodge, F. and A. M.; R. A. M; 
Knights Temp'ar and Shriner; Life Member 
Elks. 214 TIelvenston Ave., Live Oak, Fla. 

Jennings, William Roberi 

(("r.-uvfordsville, Ga.) 

Nunnally, Lucius Mell 

Mercantile Agency, (.\tlanta, Ga.) 

VVillingham, William Jennings 

.Saw Mill. (Tifton, Ga ) 

Wynne, Hezekiah Edwards 

Railroad Business; .Affiliated Ga. Alpha 1887. 
(Columbus, Ga.) 


Campbell, Maranda Bennett* 

d. Americus, Ga. 




Hamilton, Joseph Jefferson* 

d. Etna, Cia. 

Helvenston, Joseph Frederick 

Born l.ce Co". Miss.; Member Signal Corps, 
U. S. Army. Lakey, Texas. 

Jones. Albert 

T.ix (."olleolor. (Macon, Ga.) 

Jones, Daniel Bartow 

Cotton Buyer. O'^con, Ga.) 

Jones. George Salley 

" Born Rockdale Co., Ga.; LL. B. 1893; Lawyer; 
director and Trustee for several Charitable 
and Business Organizations. Citizens' and 
Southern Bank Bldg.. Macon, Ga. 

Ledbetter, John Whatley 

Born Alexandria, Ala.; Phi Delta Lit. See.; 
Baseball (catcher) ; District Manager Light 
Products. 14 Cherokee Bldg.; res. 406 E. 3rd 
St., Rome, Ga. 

Lonsf, J. Reagon 

(Albany, Ga.) 

Murray. Charles Warren 

Civil' Engineer; Affiliated Tenn. Alpha 1889. 
(Fort Valley, Ga.) 

Overstreet, George Mills 

Born Svlvania. Ga.; A. B. 1885; M. D. 1892 
Univ. of Va.; Physician. Sylvania, Ga. 

OveYstreet, James Whitestone 

Born Screven County, Ga.; Second Honors 
1888; Lawver; Member General Assembly Ga., 
1898-99; Judge City Court, Sylvania, 1902-06; 
Del. to Democratic Natl. Conv., Baltimore, 
Md., 1912; Member of Congress filling short 
term, 190607; Congressman. Sylvania, Ga. 

Owens. J. H. 

(Ocala, Fla.) 

Ross. \\'illiam Mangham 

Railroad Employe. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Thomas. Harry Wyche 

(Valdosta, Ga.) ' 


Long, James Regan 

Lawyer. (Leesburg, Ga.) 

Long, Walter Percy* 
Long. William Preston* 

d. March 31, 1886, Macon, Ga. 


Anderson, Robert Lanier 

Born Macon. Ga.; A. B. 1890; Phi Delta 
(Lit.); Lawyer, Ryals & Anderson; County 
Administrator and Guardian; Elder First' 
Presbyterian Ch. of Macon. Citizens and 
Southern Bank Bldg.; res. 568 Orange St., 
Macon, Ga. 

Collier, Bryan Wells 

B. S. 1890"; Clergyman. (Marianna, Fla.) 

Jordan, Edwin Hopkins 

Merchant. (Fernandina, Fla.) 

Palmer, Samuel Barfield 

Born Macon, Ga. ; A. B. 1890; M. D. 1893 
Columbia; Phvsician; Mem. Macon Med. Soc, 
Bibb Co.: Affiliated N. Y. Delta 1893. Ga. 
Casualty Bldg.; res. 141 High St., Macon, Ga. 

Pearson, Perry Spencer 

Born near Lumpkin, Stewart Co., Ga., Aug. 22, 
1876; A. B. 1890; M. A. 1900; LL. B. 1902. 
Euqua Bldg., Amarillo, Texas. 

Willingham, Baynard Ephraim 

Born' Macon, (ja.; Cotton Mfg. Egan; res 
College Park, Ga. 

Wvnn, Howard H. 


Atkins, Thomas Edgar 

Born IctTerson, Ga., Ai>ril 21, 1870; President 
State "Banking Co.; Affiliated Ga. Alpha 1891. 
22 Spring St.; res. 29 Boulevard, Gainesville, 

Cabaniss, Isaac Winship 

Affiliated Va. Zeta 1890. (Macon, Ga.) 

Callaway, William Robert* 

Born Wilkes County, Ga.; A. B. 1888; Lawyer; 
City Court Solicitor, (8 yrs.) d. 1916, Clarkes- 
ville, Ga. 

Carter, William Wesley 

Born Wilmington. N. C; A. B. 1891; A. M. 
1895; M. D. 1895; F. A. C. S. 1894; 3rd 
Honor and 1st Appointment to Bellevue Hosp. ; 
Physician Nose, Throat and Ear; Laryngol. 
and Otol. Bellevue and Gouverneur Hosps.; 
Formerly Chrmn. Nose and Throat Section, 
N. Y. Acad, of Med.; Author of Numerous 
Articles Throat; Mem. Alumni Bellevue Hosp.; 
Am. Med. .\ssn.; Am. Laryngological, Rhino- 
logical and Otological Socs. 69 W. 50th St., 
New York, N. Y. 

Clark, Osgood 

Born Augusta, Ga. ; A. B. 1891; Salesman 
Burroughs Adding Machine Co. 61 N. Pryor 
St.; res. 108 Juniper St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Colcord, Aaron Reppard 

Born Pierce County, Ga.; M. E. 1892 Ga. 
Tech.; President Colcord Lumber Co.; Member 
Capita! City and Rotary Clubs. Humphries & 
Glenn; res. 97 Gordon St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Hardman, Thomas Colquitt 

Born Commerce, Ga.; A. B. 1890; Hardware 
Merchant; Affiliated Ga. Alpha 1891. 10 S. 
Broad St.; res. 113 S. Elm St., Commerce, Ga. 

Jordan, Edwin Hopkins 

(Fernandina, Fla.) 

Stewart, James 

(Round Oak, Ga.) 

Tillman, Charles Thomas 

Born Quitman, Ga.; A. B. 1891; Phi Delta; 
1st Sophomore Medal. 1889; Speakers Place 
(each yr.); Champion Debate (2); Treas. 
Southern Ga. Ry. Co.; V.-Pres. 1st Natl. Bank; 
Pres. Ga. Assn. of Tax Equalizers; Dir. Quit- 
man Mfg. Co.; Member United Sons of Con- 
federacy. 1st Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 606 N. 
Court St., Quitman, Ga. 


Chambers, Hugh 

Born Irwinton. Ga.; A. B. 1892; B. L 1895 
Univ. of Ga.; Phi Delta Lit. Soc; Judge Muni- 
cipal Court; Solicitor Wash. County Court, 1896- 
98; Member I. O. O. F. and W. O. W.; Affi- 
liated Ga. Alpha 1895. 2S9i/4, 2d Ave.; res. 223 
(Toleman Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Conner, William Moore 

Born Macon, Ga.; A. B. 1892; B. L. 1895; 
General Insurance and Real Estate; Pres. Bd. 
of Educ; Chrmn. Mil'town Chapter Red Cross; 
Sec. Bd. of Health; Member Chamber of Com- 
merce. 5 Lee Bldg.; res. Main St., Milltown, 

Hall, Thomas Hartley 

Born Macon, Ga., 1872; M. D. 1903 (Atlanta 
College Phvsicians and Surgeons); Physician, 
Visiting Staff Macon Hospital; Consultant, 
Williams Private Sanitarium; Surgeon Oculist, 
Southern Railway, G?. Railway, Macon, 
Dublin and Savannah Railroad (Savannah, 
Ga.); Oculist, Ga. Academy for the Blind. 
207-9 Grand Bldg.; res. 117 Oak Haven Ave., 
Macon, Ga. 




Hardwick, Thomas William 

Born Thomasville, Ga. ; A. B. 1892; B. L. 1893 
Univ. of Ga.; Phi Delta Lit.; Phi Gamma Lit.; 
Champion Debater for Phi Delta Lit. and Phi 
Gamma Lit.; Lawyer; Member U. S. Congress, 
1893-1914; U. S. Senate since 1914; Affiliated 
Ga. Alpha 1893. Care U. S. Senate, Washing- 
ton, D. C; res. Sandersville, Ga. 
dersville, Ga. 

Massee, Jasper Cortenus 

Clergyman. (Raleigh, N. C.) 

Rogers, Edwin Saulsbury* 

d. Savannah, Ga. 


Brown, John Lawrence 

Born P'ort Valley, Ga.; Real Estate. College 
St., Fort N'aHey, Ga. 

Cheves, Marshall Davis* 

d. Montezuma, Ga. 

Conner, Granville Cowper* 

Born Aug. 31, 1872, Macon, Ga. d. Nov. 4, 
1917, Macon, Ga. 

Davis, Edwin Summers 

Born Macon, Ga.; A. B. 1893; Ciceronian 
(Lit.); Class Team; Pres., Planters Fertilizer 
Co. and Farming; Supt. First Baptist S. S.; 
Deacon, First Baptist Church; Director Y. M. 
C. A.; Member Chautauqua Council; Member 
Arts Club; Chamber of Commerce. 413 Poplar 
St.; res. Bonnie Crest, Macon, Ga. 

Denmark, Charles Groover 

(Quitman, Ga 

Harper, Charles Campbell 

Fire Insurance. (Rome, Ga.) 

Huff, Prentiss 

Cotton Business. (Macon, Ga.) 

Johnston, Richard Wilson 

Cotton Factor; Affiliated Va. Beta 1893. 
(Macon, Ga.) 

Lester, John William 
Murphy, George Stewart 

Merchant (Retired). Sherman, Texas. 

Sparks, Robert Love 

Born Macon, (^a.; Ciceronian; Secretary and 
Treasurer Kinnett Coal and Ice Co.; Member 
Idle Hour Country Club. Kinnett Coal and 
Ice Co.; res. 450 Washington Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Stetson, John Pate 

Born Hawkinsville, Ga. ; Phi Delta; With Macon 
Sewer Pipe Works; Member Idle Hour Country- 
Club. 601 Ga. Casualty Bldg.; res. 208 Chero- 
kee Heights, Macon, Ga. 

Willingham, P)enjamin Brooks 

Born Macon, Ga.; Travelling Salesman. 324 
Forsyth St., Macon, Ga. 

Willis, John Joseph 

Wholesale Grocer. (Cnrdele, Ga.) 


Anderson. Custus Nottingham 

Macon, Ca. 

Bannon, Charles Powers 

Born Macon, (^a.; Pres. and Dir. Bannon & 
Co., Inc., Investment Securities. 11 S. La 
.Sa!]e St.; res. 7636 N. Marshfield Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Berry, Henry Rawlins 

(Rome, Ga.) 

Clark, Anderson 

Life Insurance; Affiliatfd Ga. Beta 1895. 
(Macon, Ga.) 

Coates, Howard Elliott 

A. B. 1890; Lawyer. (Hawkinsville, Ga.) 

Culver, Lester Cla^'ton 

(Culverton, Ga.) 

Forsyth, Arthur Reese 
Gambrell, Erie Corbell* 

d. Fort Worth, Tex. 

Hazelhurst, William 

Electrical Engineer. (Macon, Ga.) 

Keese, William Shelton 

Born Randolph Co., Ga.; A. B. 1894; Junior 
Speaker, Honor Grad.; Minister; Pastor High- 
'and Park Baptist Church; Pres. City Mission 
Board; Identified in Local and State Religious 
Work; Teacher Public and High Schools of Ga., 
1894-1904. Orchard Knot and Union Aves. ; res. 
605 Union Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Kendall. Thomas Rogers 

Born Thomaston, Ga.; A. B. 1894; Clerfrvman; 
Affiliated Ga. Beta 1894. 500 Monticello St., 
Covington, Ga. 

McWilliams, Mirabeau B. 

Born Wetumpka, Ala.; Chamber of Commerce; 
Wholesale Grocer; Pres. McWilliai"* Feed and 
Grocery Co.; Member Shriners., Ga. 

McWilliams, Oscar Howe 

Grocer. (Rome, Ga.) 

Pearson, Preston Benoni 

Born Lumpkin, Ga.; Merchant. Lumpkin, Ga. 

Smith, Henry 

(Rome, Ga.) 

Tinsley, William Bowe,* 

Conner, Thomas Benton 

(Cartersville, Ga.) 

Hatcher, Marshall Felton 

Born Marshallville, Ga.; LL. B. 1895; Yale 
Ciceronian; Book and Gavel (Yale); 3d 
Honor; Orator Founders Day; Freshman De- 
clamation Medal; Capt. Football; Varsity Base- 
ball, 1894-95; Yale Diploma, Kent Club; Lawyer 
and Farmer; General Council Central Ga. 
Power and Mercer Gas Co.; Director Macon 
Y. M. C. A.; Board of Educ. and numerous in- 
dustrial co's.; Member Idle Hour Country Club; 
Elks. 4th Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 319 Hardeman 
Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Madden. James Morris 

Born Brunswick, Ga. ; Sophomore Speaker; 
Quarterback, Football Team; Druggist. Mc- 
Neil Drug Co. Inc.; res. Atlantic Beach, 
Tacksonvillc, I'la. 

Patrick, Claudius Hill* 

d. 1905, Montezuma, Ga. 

Rounsaville, Frederick 

Initiated by Ga. .Mpha 1895. 


Bashinski, Lsadore 

Born Tcnnille, Ga.; F'crtilizer Manufacturer and 
Cotton Exporter; Pres. Consolidated Phosphate 
Co. and Oconee Fertilizer Co.; V.-Pres. Ga. 
Warehouse and Compress Co. Box 340; res. 
707 Bellcvue Ave., Dublin, Ga. 

Culver, Lester Clayton 

Horn Culvertorn, Ga.; LL. B. 1897 Univ. of 
Ga.; Lawyer. Sparta, Ga. 

Davis, Ernest Matthews 
Harris, J^obert b>verett 
Huff, Eddison Mtzgerald 

Armour Pacific Co. (Davenport, Iowa.) 

Osborne, Edward Reid 

(.Atlanta, Ga.) 




Sanford. Jordan Howell 

Born rciitU-ld, Ga.; A. B. 1896; Toachcr; Princi- 
pal, Davis Grammar School. 1114 Telfair St.; 
res. 22i0 Central Ave, Augusta, Ga. 

W'iiiship. Herring; 

Initiated by Ala. Beta 1896. 

Wvnn. William Jefferson 

'Born Katonton. cfa.; A. B. 1897; LL. B. 1904 
Vale: Book and Gavel (Yale); Anniversarian; 
Phi Delta Soc; Honors; Winner, Jewel and 
Townsend Oration Prizes (Yale); Lawyer. 1st 
Natl. Bank Bldi;.: les. Ki-'l, 14th Ave. S., Bir- 
mingham. Ala. 


Harris. Nathaniel Edwin, ]\'^' 

Altiliatcd Ga. Alpha 1897. d. Dec. 17, 19—, 
Macon, Ga. 

Hughes, Hugh Lawson Dennard 

Born Perrv, Ga., Sept. 16. 1874; Manager Foot- 
ball, 1896; Banking and Farming; Member 
Count V Bd. of Educ.; Trustee 3d Dist. Agric. 
Coll. Danville, Ga. 

Rogers, Richard Morrison 

(54 \V. 52d St., New York, N. Y.) 

Sanford, William Daniel 

Born Penfield. Greene Co., Ga.; Teacher; Prin- 
cipal, Central Grammar School. 639 Telfair St.; 
res. 2147 Richmond Ave., Augusta, Ga. 

Spratlin. Herbert Clifford 

Farmer. (Rayle, Ga.) 

Steed. Hal Alexis 

Atlanta Journal. (.Atlanta. Ga.) 


Burney. Frank Swanson 

Born Madison, Ga.; A. B. 1898; LL. B. 1902; 
Attorney-at-Law. Corker Bldg. ; res. 853 Acad- 
emy St., Waynesboro, Ga. 

Callaway, Brantley Mercer, Jr. 

(Atlanta, Ga.) 

Callaway, Merrel Price 

Born Mitchell County. Ga.; B. L. 1898; Lawyer; 
Member Chevy Chase, University and Capital 
City (Atlanta. Ga.) Clubs. 811 Colorado Bldg.; 
res. 2114 Le Roy Place, Washington, D. C. 

Clements, Charles McCall 

Born Buena Vista, Ga.; Merchant and Planter. 
Buena Vista, Ga, 

Collins, Ernest Clyde 

Born Liberty Co., Ga., July 20, 1880; LL. H. 
1899; Attorney-at-Law; Ex-Mayor, Reidsville; 
Judge, City Court of Reidsville 6 years; Mem- 
ber Committee of Five (Control) Ga. Baptist 
Convention; Moderator of Tattnall Baptist 
Assn.; .Shriner; Knights Templar; 32d degree 
Scottish Rite; Knights of Pythias; Odd Fellows. 
Tattnall Bank Bldg.; res. McGee Place, Reids- 
ville, Ga. 

De Vaughn, Carl Linton 

Born Montezuma, Ga.; Hardware Merchant; 
Member Ga. Legisl., 1913-14. Montezuma, Ga. 

Lawton, Furman Dargan 

Insurance. (Macon, Ga.) 

Mallary, Eugene Pennington 

Born Rome, Ga.; LL. B. 1898; B. L. Univ. of 
Va. ; Phi Delta (Lit.); Mercer Univ. Preparatory 
School Scholarship; Lawyer; Law Faculty Mer- 
ctr Law School; Director Ga. Koalin Co. 610 
Ga. Casualty Bldg.; res. Log Cabin Heights, 
Macon, Ga.» 

Massee, Jack 

Redman-Massee Fuel Co. (Macon, Ga.) 

Murray, John Scott* 

Pearson, Perry Spencer 

(Lumpkin, Ga.) 

Phillips, Percy Howard 
Price, (icorge Clarence 
Stanford. James William 



Breese, Allen Hayden 
Conner, Thomas Urial, Jr. 

Born Macon, Ga.; .\. B. 1899; With Haskins & 
Sells, Certified Public Accountants. Calvert 
Bldg.; res. 2323 Callow Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Cooper, Newsom 

(Columbus, Ga.) 

Jelks, Needham Polhill 

Druggist. (Hawkinsville, Ga.) 

Mitchell, Felton Cleveland 

Born Rome, Ga.; Baseball; Mechanics; Member 
Elks Club. 223 E. First St.; res. 203 E. Third 
St., Rome, Ga. 

Pate, Lucius McClendon 

Merchant. (Hawkinsville, Ga.) 

Taylor, Eden, Jr. 

Born Macon, Ga.; B. S. 1899; LL. B. 1901 
Capt. Baseball, 1900-01; Real Estate and Insur 
ance; Chrmn., City Board of Tax Assessors 
Pres. Idle Hour Country Club. 617 Cherry St. 
res. 800 Orange St., Macon, Ga. 

L^nderwood, John Launcelot 

Born Camilla, Ga. ; Farmer. Blakely, Ga. 

Whitney, George \Vright* 

d. March 4, 1904. 


Callaway, Thomas Merrill 

(Atlanta, Ga.) 

Coates, Richard Julian 

Born Irwinton, Ga., Aug. 25, 1879; A. B. 1900; 
Assistant ^lanager Baseball, 1900; Lit. Soc. An- 
niversarian, 1900; Principal, Lanier High 
School. 360 Urange St., Macon, Ga. 

Feagin, Robert R. 

Born Welston, Ga. ; Farmer and Automobile 
Dealer. 512 Third St. and Navarro Apts., 
Orange St., Macon, Ga. 

Hunter, Fred Eugene 


Hurst, Roger Coutteau 

Merchant. (Augusta, Ga.) 

Kirven, Joseph Albert, Jr. 

Born Columbus, Ga.; General Agent Insurance 
and Surety Bonds. 317-320 First National 
Bank Bldg.; res. 320 Adams St., Montgomery, 

Mason, Richard Holmes 

Born Columbus, Ga., Aug. 5, 1880; D. D. S 1903 
Atlanta Dental Coll.; Phi Delta Soc; Football; 
Baseball; Tennis; Speakers Places; Dentist; 
Chairmens' Membership Council. Chamber of 
Commerce; V.-Pres. Macon Rotary Club; 
V.-Pres. CJa. State Fair Assn.; Pres. Alumni 
Assn., Phi Delta Theta (Macon); Member Bd. 
of Health; Ex-Pres. Ga. State Dental Assn.; 
Member Rotary, Idle Hour, Country and Macon 
Tennis Clubs; Y. M. C. A. 354, 2d St.; res. 
727 Orange St., Macon, Ga. 

Murphy, Charles Edwin, Jr. 

(Hamilton, Ga.) 

Oglesbv, John Gideon 

Affilia'ted Ga. Alpha 1900. (Elberton, Ga.) 

Pate, Oscar Willis 
Reed, Harry Denmore 




Turner, Clyde Templeton 

Rome, Ga. 

Williams, George Edgar 

Chief Train Dispatcher, Ga. R. R. (Macon, Ga.) 


Bell, Frank Howard 

(Atlanta, Ga.) 

Clark, John Mulford 

Born Augusta, Ga.; Phi Delta; Class Historian, 
1897-99; Secretary and Treasurer Georgia Vit- 
rified Brick and Clay Co.; Member Country 
Club. Lamar Bldg.; res. Henry St., Augusta, 

Fale, Reginald James 

Merchant. (High Point, N. C.) 

Gunn, William 

Born La Villa, Houston County, Ga. ; LL. B. 
1902; Baseball; Lawyer; Solicitor, City Court of 
Macon; IMembcr Elks; Idle Hour Country Club. 
Fourth National Bank Bldg. and Court House; 

res. 304 Orange St., Macon, Ga. 

Lane, Wilfred Cary 

LL. B.; Clerk, U. S. Court and U. S. Commis- 
sioner; Affiliated R. I. Alpha 1901. (Augusta, 

Ledbetter, William Taylor 

Born Rome, Ga. ; Delco Salesman; Member Ma- 
sons. 406 E. Third St.; res, 14 Cherokee 
Hotel, Rome, Ga. 

Pearson, Terrell Brooks 

Lawyer. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Pollock, Walter Eugene 
Roberts, Warren 

Born Oxford, Ga.; A. B. 1902; Lawyer; Affili- 
ated Ga. Beta 1902. Fourth National Bank 
Bldg.; res. 632 College St., Macon, Ga. 

Stetson," Eugene William 

Born Hawkinsville, Ga. ; Vice-President Guar- 
anty Trust Co. 140 Broadway; res. 929 Park 
Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Turner, C[harles] Ganier 

Born Barnesville, Ga. ; Druggist. 1 McLendon 
St., Atlanta, Ga. 


Callaway, Leon 

Haiikiii!,'. (.Millcdgeville, Ga.) 

Callaway, Timothy Furlow 

Lawyer. (Americus, Ga.) 

Hatcher, Sidney William 

Born Knoxville, Ga.; A. B. 1902; LL. B. 1904; 
Ciceronian (Lit.); Freshman Declamation; 
Medal for Extemporaneous Speaking; Kerr- 
Boyce-Tupper Medal; Second Prize Intercolle- 
giate Oratorical Contest; Lawyer; Member Ma- 
con Bar Assn. 38-39 Fourth National Bank 
Bldg.; res. 302 Katlierine Court, Macon, Ga. 

Lamar, Frank Lawson 

^Atlanta, Ga.) 

Long, William Henry 

Horn Lecsburg. {;a.; A. B. 1902; LL. B. 1903; 
Lawyer; Judge of City Court since 1912. Quit- 
man, Ga. 

Massee, Thomas Dana 

Merchant. (Macon, Ga.) 

Xisbet, McDougald 

Born Macon, Ga.; Baseball Team; Cotton Busi- 
ness; Member Masons, Knights of Pythias and 
Klks. Court House; res. 126 Buford PI., Ma- 
con, Ga. 

Wall, Joseph Benjamin 

Born Locust Grove, Henry County, Ga. ; A. B., 
B. L. 1902; Champion Debate, Rep. (Ciceronian 
Soc. vs. Phi Delta (3); Commencement 
Speaker; Treas. Athletic Assn.; Bus. Mgr. Mer- 
cerian, 1902; Lawyer; Solicitor General Cor- 
dele Judicial Circuit; Member Masons; Elks; 
I. O. O. F. Garbutt-Donovan Bldg.; res 301 
S. Lee St., Fitzgerald, Ga. 


Anthony, Scott Wimbush* 

d. March 30, 1908, Griffin, Ga. 

Carson, William Wooclfin 

Born Reynolds, Ga.; D. D. S. 1908 Phila. Med. 
Coll.; Psi Omega; Dentist. Broadway; rei. 
Vine' St., Kissimmee, Fla. 

Clarke, George Herbert 

Born Gravesend, Kent, England; A. B. 1895 
McMaster Univ.; A. M. 1896 do.; Prof, of 
English, Univ. of Tenn.; do. Mercer Univ., 
1901-05; Prof, of English Literature, Peabody, 
Coll. for Teachers, 1908-11; Lecturer, Summer 
School, 1908-11; Member Staff, War Trade In- 
telligence Dept., London, 1916-17; Guest of 
British Govt, in France and Flanders, 1917; 
Pres. Univ. Club, 1915-16; Editor "Bacon's 
Essays" and "Shelley's Selected Poems"; Au- 
thor "At the Shrine"; Member Cherokee Coun- 
try Club. Univ. of Tennessee; res. 918 Temple 
Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. 

Clements, Felton L. 

Cotton Factor. (Buena Vista, Ga.) 

Erminger, Llowell Brantley, Jr. 

Born Macon, Ga.; President Lumber and Sup- 
ply Co. ; Member Idle Hour Country Club. 6th 
and Cherry Sts.; res. 284 College St., Macon, 

Gay, William Erasmus* 

d. Cuthbert, Ga. 

Goddard, John Hunter 

Furniture Dealer; Affiliated Ala. Beta 1902. 
(116 W. Solomon St., Griffin, Ga.) 

Little, Archie Wilson 

(Atlanta, Ga.) 

Nunnally, Harry Bell ^ 

Born Monroe, Ga.; M. 1"). 1906; Surgeon. Eu- 
lalia Bldg., 48 Broad St., Monroe, Ga. 

Pate, Brantley Miller 

B. S.; Naval Stores. (W'ool Market, Miss.) 

Peek, John Hope 

(Fulton Bag and Burlap Co.; ues. 1538 Wash- 
ington Ave., Spriiigfield, Mo.) 

Stakely, Davis bonville 

Born Augusta, Ga.; A. B. 1903; LL. B. 1904; 
Junior Greek Medal; Baseball Team; Captain, 
Class Football Team; Basketball Team; Tennis 
Championship; Track Team; Glee Club; Law- 
yer (Weil, Stakely & Vardaman); Member 
Faculty Harvard College, 1904-08; Member 
Country Club; IMontgomcry Bar and Alabama 
Bar Assns. First National Bank Bid,.;.; res. 20 
Galena Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 

Wilson, Seth Homer 

Born Griffin, Ga., Feb. II, 1883; A. B. 1903: 
Manufacturer and Miller; Member Board of 
Education. Griffin, Ga. 

Wim1)erly. Chandler Wilson 

Born Waynesboro. Ga. ; Merchant and I'arnicr. 
Libel I y St., W.iyncsboro, fla. 


Long, Frank Taylor 

Teacher. ((Juitman, Ga.) 

Quinn, John I Icnry 

Born Sandersville. Ga. ; A. B. 1904 Spring Hill 
Coll., Mobile, Ala.; Farmer; County Commis- 
sioner. Sandcrsville, Ga. 





Roberts, Charles hchvard 

Born Oxford. G.i., Aug. 15, 1882; Manufac- 
turer. Bibbs Mfg. Co.; res. 610 College St., 
A[acon, Ga. 

Turner. Henry Haywood 

Born Dawson. Via. ; LL. B. 1905; Lawyer. lOlO 
Third National Bank Bldg. ; res. 533 Bceclier 
St., Atlanta, Ga. 


Anthony. T[oseph] Render 

Born Griffin, Ga.; M. D. 1914 Univ of Louis- 
ville, Ky.; Physician and Surgeon. Griftin 
Banking Co. Bldg.; res. 406 N. Taylor St., 
Griffin, Ga. 

Conner, Sidney Lanier 

(Macon, Ga.) 

Cumnock, Chester Morton 

Born Shirley, Mass.; Accountant. Altavista, 

Flournov, Tom Fleming 

Born Twiggs County, Ga.; B. S. 1905; Secre- 
tary, The Fort Valley Cotton Mills; Mason; 
Shriner. Fort Valley, Ga. 

Nichols. Henry Bass* 

A. B. 1905. d. Dec. 27, 1912, Griffin, Ga. 

Roberts, Erastus Winn 

Born Monroe, Ga. ; B. L. 1905; Solicitor, City 
Court (Monroe); Lawyer; Mayor, City of Mon- 
roe, 8 yrs. 201 Court House; res. 305 Highland 
Ave., Monroe, Ga. 

Solomon. Gabriel Roberts 

Born Macon, Ga.: LL. B. 1904; C. E. 1902 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.; Consulting En- 
gineer; Assoc. Member U. S. Naval Consulting 
Bd.; Member Am. See. Civ. Engrs. ; Am. Soc. 
Mech. Engrs. 1625 Candler Bldg.; res. 80 E. 
Fifth St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Terrell, Joel Edward Greene 

Lawyer. (Atlanta, Ga.) 


Chapman. Carleton George 

Born Macon, Ga., 1886; Captain in Aviation 
Service (Regular), U. S. Army since 1916 in 
England as Military Observer'to British Armies. 
Care Adjutant General of the Army, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Hodge, Thomas Coleman 

(Atlanta Medical College, Henderson, Ga.) 

Lewis, Elijah Nathaniel 

Born Hawkinsville, Ga.; B. S. 1905; Phi Delta; 
Mgr. Varsity Football Team, 1903; Farmer. 
531 Vinevi'.le Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Martin, John Truitt 

Fertilizer Manufacturer. Shellman, Ga. 

Murray, Edwards Bobo 

Born "Anderson, S. C; A. B. 1905; Post Grad. 
Univ. of Berlin, Univ. of Heidelberg and Univ. 
of Grenoble; Cotton Merchant; Prof, of Mod- 
ern Languages Mercer Univ., 1911-16. 616 
Third St.; res. 409 College St., Macon, Ga. 

Tift, Henry Harding 

Born Washington, D. C; B. S. 1906; Farming; 
Real Estate. College Ave., Tifton, Ga. 


Cunningham, Colbert Alexander 

Born Richmond, Va.; B. L. 1907; Lawyer; 
Judge of Recorder's Court; Justice Police 
Court, 1915-17; Member Idle Hour Country 
Club. 419-420 Georgia Casualty Bldg.; res. 
Biltmore Apts., Macon, Ga. 

Horton, McDavid 

Journalist. (Anderson, S. C.) 

Neil, Harris Claude 

Born Ft. Valley, Ga.; Agriculturist and Peach 
Grower; Mayor pro tern and Alderman. 119 
Anderson Ave., Fort Valley, Ga. 

Newkirk, Fred Henry 

Born Shellman, Ga. ; Clerk, Agricultural Dept. 
State Capitol; res. 99 Capitol Square, Atlanta, 

Parker, Homer Cling 

r.orn Baxlcv, Ga., Sept. 25, 1885; LL. B. 1908; 
Phi Delta; xMgr. Baseball, 1908; Football, 1904- 
05-07; Lawyer; Solicitor, City Court of States- 
boro, 1915-16; Member Ogeechee Lodge, F. & 
A. M. North Main St., Statcsboro, Ga. 

Sheats, Clifford Wagner* 

d. Feb. 1, 1914. 

West, John Quinn 

Born Thomson, Ga.; Postmaster; Affiliated with 
Va. Beta 1909. Thomson, Ga. 

Williams, Thomas Vernon 

Traveling Salesman. (Ty Ty, Ga.) 


Capers, Frank Withers 

Born Augusta, Ga. ; Lawyer; ^Member Country 
and Augusta Builders' Clubs. County Court 
House; res. 1016 Milledge Rd., Augusta, Ga. 

Gates, Robert Boyd 

(Waynesboro, Ga.) 

Gray, Alvin Howell 

Lawyer. (Bainbridge, Ga.) 

Johnson, William Lloyd 

Born Washington, Ga.; Merchant; City Alder- 
man; Vice-President Washington Mfg. Co. and 
W. T. Johnson Co. Main and Water Sts., 
Washington, Ga. 

Lawton, Osgood Pierce 

(Albany, Ga.) 

McCathern, Sidney Johnson - 

Born Waynesboro, Ga.; B. L. 1908; A. E. 
(Alpha Chapter, Univ. School for Boys) ; Hon- 
orary Member Alpha Chapter, Alpha Delta Phi, 
Wesleyan College, Macon, Ga. ; Baseball (U. S. 
B.), 1904; Pres. Phi Kappa Lit. Soc, (U. S. 
B.), 1904; Varsity Baseball, 1905-08; Varsity 
Football, 1907; Lawver; Member Co. E, First 
Regt., Natl. Guard Ga. (6 yrs.); Officers' Re- 
serve Corps, Ft. McPherson, Ga., 1917; Waynes- 
boro Bar Assn. 211 SLxth St. W., Waynes- 
boro, Ga. 

Sutton, Clement Evans 

Born Danburg, Wilkes County, Ga.; A. B. 1908; 
LL. B. 1910; Capt. Class Baseball, 1906-07; 
Member Varsity Football, 1907-08; Assoc. Ed. 
Merccrian, 1907-08; Athletic Historian, Senior 
Class, 1908; Athletic Graduate Address, 1908; 
Lawyer; Member Masons and K. of P.; Coun- 
try Club, (Washington, Ga.) Main St.; res. 
East Main St., Washington, Ga. 

Williams; Penbroke Christian 

(Lyons, Ga.) 


Anthony, Edwin Raphael 

Born Griffin, Ga., July 9, 1890; M. D. 1915 
Atlanta Med. Coll.: Physician. Staff House, 
Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Cox, William Oliver 

Born Albany, Ga.; Secretary Rotary 'Club; 
Affiliated Ala. Alpha 1910. 219 First National 
Bank Bldg.; res. 1439 S. 18th St., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Cumnock, John 

Anderson, S. C. 

Harris, Asher Ayres 

Shoe Business. (Macon, Ga.) 




Jelks, Edward 

Born Hawkinsville, Ga.; A. B. 1905; Surgeon; 
Author Surgical Papers; Member Florida Coun- 
try Club, Florida Yacht Club (Jacksonville). 
1433 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Mallary, Nelson Dagg 

Born Macon, Ga.; A. B. 1909; All Southern 
Baseball; With Continental Bank and Trust Co. 
Cotton Ave. and 2nd St.; res. 279 College St., 
Macon, Ga. 

Nichols. Jonathan Proths 

Born Griffin, Ga., June 6, 1887; Assistant Bank 
Cashier and District !NIanager Northwestern 
Mutual Life Insurance Co. Hill St.; res. 224, 
13th St., Griffin, Ga. 

Waters, Frederick 

CMacon, Ga.) 

Wimberly, James Lowry 

Born Daws"on, Ga.; B. L. 1910; Phi Delta 
(Lit.); Assoc. Editor Mercerian; Attorney-at- 
Law. Hardeman Bldg.; res. 1309 Tattnall Sq., 
Macon, Ga. 

Woodward, Dudley Hammond 

Jewelry; Member Idle Hour Country (Macon) 
and Capital City Clubs. 31 Whitehall St., At- 
lanta, (5a. 


Burdette, Patrick Mell 

(\\'ashington, Ga.) 

Capers, Thomas Stacy 

.\ffiliated Ga. Alpha 1910. (Newnan, Ga.) 

Dargan, Henry McCune 

(Berkeley, Cal.) 

Etheridge, William Lamar 

Born, Jackson, Ga.; Cotton Merchant and Man- 
ufacturer; Director, Jackson Banking Co.; Gen- 
eral Manager, Smith & Etheridge Corporation. 
Jackson, Ga. 

Gighilliat, William Robert 

Born Pineora, Ga. ; B. L. 1910; B. L. 1911 
Univ. of Ga.; I'hi Kappa (Lit.) Univ. of Ga. ; 
Theta Lambda Phi (Legal); Attorney-at-Law; 
Captain 2nd Co. Ga. Coast Artilley, National 
Guard; Member Masons; Savannah Yacht 
Club; Savannah Bar Assn. 304 Savannah Bank 
& Trust Bldg.; res. 518 E. 40th St., Savannah, 

Hogg, Carter Bradley 

P.orn Buena V'ista, Ga. ; LL. B. 1911; Pro- 
fessional Baseball Player. 218 W. Washington 
St., Los .Angeles, Cal.; res. Americus, Ga. 

HolHday, Peter Osborne 

Born Washington, Ga.; LL. B. 1912; Nu Pi 
Beta; Scholarship Prize in Law School, 1911-12; 
Specr Prize in Constitutional Law, 1911; 
Lawyer. Georgia Casualty Bldg.; res. 375 Col- 
lege St., Macon, Ga. 

Rogers, Dwight Laing 

Lawyer. (Reidsville. Ga.; 

Tift, Thomas Willingham 

Born Albany, Ga., Dec. 15, 1889; A. B. 1910; 
A B. (Yale) 1912; Agriculturist; Manager 
litt l-arms; Director Tifton Packing Co.; Mem- 
ber Executive Comm. Ga. Land (Jwners' Assn.; , 
Mem n.l. of Govs. 'Jifton Bd. of Trade. Tif- 
ton, Ga. 

Williams, Walter Barron 

Born Haddock, Ga.; Baseball and Football, 
1907; Farmer and Cattle Raiser. Haddock, Ga. 

Willingham, Edward Jones, Jr. 

Born Macon, Ga.; Autfimobilc Business; Presi- 
dent Macon Automobile Co. 521 Poplar St.; 
res. 109 Courtland Ave., Macon, Ga. 


Binion, Clay 

Born Benevolence, Ga. ; A. B. 1911; Football 
4 yrs., Capt., 1909; Basketball; With Atlanta 
and St. Andrews Bay R. R. 210 N. Gates St., 
Dothan, Ala. 

Conger, Abraham Benjamin 

Born Ty Ty, Tift County, Ga.; A. B. 1911; 
LL. B. 1912; Pres. Ciceronian Lit. Soc; Athl. 
Assn.; Champion and Blueridge Debater- Pres 
Class, 1911; Football, 1910-11-12; Nu Pi Beta- 
Kappa Kappa Kappa; Won Law Class Medal; 
Lawyer; Ga. Legislature, 1914-16; Member 
Elks; Masons. 210 Broad St.; res. 320 West 
St., Bainbridge, Ga. 

Griffith, Robert Cleo 

Born Danielsville, Ga.; Football, 1909-10; Capt 
1910; Cashier; Mayor, 1912-14. Bank of Dan- 
ielsville, Danielsville, Ga. 

Gross, Ben Harrison 

(Ga. School of Technology, Atlanta; res. 
Ihomson, Ga.) 

Jelks, James Exum 

Born Hawkinsville, Ga.; A. B.; Automobile 
Salesman. 330 Peachtree St.; res. 23 W. North 
Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Mills, Charles Gardner 

Initiated by Ga. .Alpha 1908. 

Roberts, James Archie 

Born Nicholls, Coffee County, Ga. ; \. B. 1911; 
Nu Pi Beta; Lawyer; Solicitor, City Court of 
Douglas; Member Kraker Country Club; Elks; 
K. of P. Douglas, Ga. 

Tift, Amos Chapman 

Born .Atlanta, Ga.; A. B. 1911; Lit. Soc.; 
Manager Cauldron. 1911: Baseball, 1912; Presi- 
dent and Owner of Tift's Garage. Tifton, Ga. 

Williamson, Norman Francis 

Born Rome, Ga.; A. B. 1911; Won General 
Excellence Medal at Grad.; Student; Member 
Shakespeare Club, Southern Baptist Theol. Seni. 
(Louisville, Ky.) 330 New York Hall, Louis- 
ville, Ky.; res. 1413 Broad St., Rome, Ga. 

W^ood, Will Lee 

Born Camilla, Ga.; M. D. 1914 Atlanta Med. 
Coll.; Kappa Psi; Physician; U. S. Public 
Health Service. U. S. Public Health Service, 
Washington, D. C; res. 27 Highland Ave., 
Atlanta. Ga. 

Wright, Robert Byrd 

(Macon, Ga.) 


Carson, Dave Hollye 

Born Commerce, Ga. ; Ciceronian; Varsity 
Baseball (Left Field); Salesman, Haverly Fur- 
niture Co. 1315 Auburn Ave.; res. 51 W. 5th 
St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Griggs, Dfaniel] Stewart 

Initiated by Ga. Alpha 1910. 

Moore, Atlas Kingman 

(Macon, CJa.) 

Murphey, William 

Born Jesup, Ga.; Nu Pi Beta; Ciceronian Soc; 
.Assistant to Pres.. Citizens' and SnutlK-rn 
Bank; Member Savannah Yacht and Savannah 
Go'f Clubs. 22 Bull St.; res. Hicks Hotel, 
Savannah, Ga. 

Turner, James Baxter 

(Wake Forest, N. C.) 

Willingham, Frank Bartow 

Initiated by Ga. Alpha 1908. 




Wills, Charles Edward 

Born Daniclsville. Ga.; A. B. 1912; M. D. 
1912 Columbia; \arsity Hascball, 1912; Phy- 
sician; On House Staff Post-Grad. Hosp., N. 
Y.; Sleinber Alembic Club. Post-Graduatc 
Hospital, JOth St. ami 2n<l .\ve., New York, 
N. Y.; res. Washington, Ga. 

Bloom. Frederic Hayes 

Born Rochester, N. Y. ; Chamber of Commerce; 
Football, Basketball. Bast-ball (Mercer); 
Basketball, Baseball (Colgate); Todd Protecto- 
graph Co.; General Sales Agent, having com- 
plete supervision of 14 counties, Western and 
Southern N. Y. ; Member Kiwanis Club. 1050 
Univ. Ave.; res. 126 La Burnan Crescent, 
Rochester, N. Y. 

Callaway, Holt Llewellyn 

Commercial Salesman. (Macon, Ga.) 

Coates, John Thomas 

(Macon, Ga.) 

Cobb, John Boswell 

Chair, of Ancient Languages, W. Va. Wesleyan. 

Davis, Weslev Kimbrough 

Initiated by Ga. Delta 1912. 

Hand, William Isaac 

Born Facevir.e, Ga.; Class Pres.; Baseball 
Second Team; Insurance Agent; Organizer and 
Scoutmaster, U. S. Bov Scouts of Pelham; 
Member Lodge No. 312', A. F. and A. M.; 
Pelham Chapter Roval Arch Masons. Pelham, 

Jelks, Albert Augustus 

Born Hawkinsville, Ga. ; D. O. 1914 Am. 
School Osteopathy, Kirksville, Mo.; Alpha 
Kappa Kappa; Phi Omicron Gamma; Letter 
"O;" Baseball and Basketball, 1912-14; Pres. 
Athl. Bd. of Control at Am. School Osteopathy, 
1913-14; Osteopathic Physician; Member Odd 
Fel'.ows and Union Club. 4077 Georgia Casual- 
ty Bldg. ; res. 375 College St., ]Macon, Ga. 

McMullin, Charles Munroe 

(Macon, Ga.) 

Mallary, Edgar Young, Jr. 

Born Macon, Ga.; A. B. 1913; Pi Delta Pi, 
Locust Grove Inst.; Permanent Sec. of Class; 
Asst. Business Mgr. Annual; Athletic Dir. of 
Class; 2 yrs. on Baseball Squad; Assistant 
Superintendent Ga. Kaolin Co. Dry Branch, 

Norman, Earle Van Ness 

Born Washington, Ga. ; Lawyer. Millen, Ga. 

Norman, James Franklin 

Born Norman Park, Ga.; Baseball; Football 
- (Capt., 1912); Lawyer. 520, 1st- St. N. W., 
Moultrie, Ga. 

Roddenbery, Julien Bostwick 

Born Cairo, Ga.: .\. B. 1913; Ciceronian (Lit.); 
Varsitv Basketball, 1911-12 (Capt.); Varsity 
Baseball, 1911-13; Varsity Track, 1912-13; 
Hardware Business. Cairo, Ga. 

Wimberly, Olin John 

Born Macon, Ga.; Attorney-at-Law. Harde- 
man Bldg.; res. 1309 Oglethorpe St., Macon, 


Brown, John Emmett 

Born Barnesville, Ga., 1891; Football, 1911-12; 
Baseball, 1912; Pharmacist. Moore Drug Co.; 
res. 963 Church St., Cuthbert, Ga. 

Chappell, William Allen 

Born Americus, Ga.; Ciceronian (Lit.); Asst. 
Mgr. Baseball Club; Wholesale Grocer; Director 
Cox & Chappell Co.; Member Lethian, Idle- 
Hour Country and Union Clubs. Mulberry St.; 
res. 734 Forsyth St., Macon, Ga. 

Cook, Robert Edmund Charles 

(Rochester, N. Y.) 

Irwin, Harry Stretton • 

Born Rochester, N. Y. ; Pres. Freshman Class; 
Baseball; Football; Basketball; Clerk with 
Kastman Kodak Co. 343 State St.; res. 32 
Harris St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Jacobson, Arthur John 
Jelks, Oliver Robinson 

Born Hawkinsville, Ga. ; Automobile Dealer. 
330 Peachtree St.; res. 23 W. North Ave., 
.Atlanta, Ga. 

Jones, Charles Baxter 

(.Macon, Ga.) 

Jones, Isaac Hardeman 

(Macon, Ga.) 

Morris, Marshall Ford, Jr. 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; M. D. 1916; Kappa Psi 
(Med.); Sec. and Treas. Freshman Class, 1910; 
Varsity Baseball, 1913; Pres. Coll. Y. M. C. 
A., 1915-16; Pres. Mercer Club; Pres. War 
Club; Pres. "Obstetrical Cascarets;" Senior 
Class Poet; Medical Staff of Associated Chari- 
ties, 1915 (.Atlanta Med. Coll.); Physican ; res. 
phys. Soldiers' Home Hosp., Chelsea, ISIass.; 
Author "The Ultima Thule of Medical Learn- 
• ing;" "Platonic Medicine;" "Bronchial Asth- 
ma;" "The Treatment of Lobar Pneumonia;" 
"A Life of Service;" "Laughing Sue;" "To 
My Love;" "Little Eyes of Blue," etc.; 
525 Atlanta'Natl. Bank Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 

Vincent, Frank Brooks 

Born Blue Rapids, Kans. ; Cashier, Chatham 
Real Estate and Improvement Co. 10 E. 
Bryan St.; reh. 31st and Drayton Sts., 
Savannah, Ga. 

Wills, Thomas Jackson 

Born Washington, Ga. ; Baseball, 1913-15; 
Capt., 1915; Football, 1914-15; Mentioned for 
All-Southern Baseball; Farming. Washington, 
■ Ga., R. F. D. No. 5. 

. 1915 

Askew, David Harum 

Born Milford, Ga. ; Class Football; Merchant. 
Arlington, Ga. 

Henderson, Samuel James 

Born Hillsboro, Ga.; Banking; Cashier 1st 
Natl. Bank, Lyons, Ga. Lyons, Ga. 

Landrum, Crawford Burgess 

Born Carnesville, Ga. ; A. B. 1915; Nu Pi Beta; 
Latin Club; Manager Baseball; Sec. Y. M. C. 
.'\.; Assoc. Editor Cauldron; Principal Central 
High School (Elberton) and Lavonia High 
Schoo'. ; Member Masonic Fraternity and Elks. 
212 Church St., Elberton, Ga. 

Lewis, John Chapman 

Born Sparta, Ga. ; A. B. 1915; LL. B. 1916; 
Nu Pi Beta; Lawyer. Sparta, Ga. 

Norman, Marion David* 

d. Nov. 4, 1916, Norman Park, Ga. 

Ratliff, William Thomas 

Born Birmingham, Ala.; Solicitor Penn Mutual 
Life Ins. Co. 1001 Jeff. Co. Bank Bldg.; res. 
2600 Madison Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

Robinson, Gilbert Carmichael 

Initialed by Ga. Beta 1912. 

Sanders, Walter Cooper 

Born Cedartown, Ga.; Nu Pi Beta (Law); 
Second Lieut, U. S. Army; Mechanical Drafts- 
man, Atlantic Coast Line R. R., Wilmington, 
N. C; Attorney-at-Law. Res. 229 Gibson St., 
Cedartown, Ga. 


Cantrell, Robert Headden 

Born Rome, Ga.; B. S. 1916; Chemist. Care of 
Tenn. Coal, Iron and R. R. Co., Fairfield, Ala. 




Capers, Richard Le Grand 

Born Arcadia, La.; D. O. — from Am. School 
of Osteopathy; Phi Sigma Gamma; Nu Tau 
Chi; Asst. in Chemical Laboratory; Physician 
and Surgeon. Arcadia, La. 

Carlisle, James Douglas 

Student U. of Va. (Charlottesville, Va.) 

Jacobs, Thomas Arnold, Jr. 

Born Macon, Ga. ; LL. B.; Lawyer, Harris, 
Harris & Witman. Ga. Casualty Bldg. ; res. 
343 Carling Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Merritt, Roswell Augustus 

Born Macon, Ga.; A. B. 1916; LL. B. 1916; Phi 
Delta Lit. Soc; Lawyer. Orange St., Macon, 

Norman, Joe Kiser 

(Norman Park, Ga.) 

Pate, Clinton Duncan 

Born Hawkinsville, Ga. ; Cotton. Commerce 
St. and McCormick Ave., Hawkinsville, Ga. 

Robbins, William Cail 

Born Sylvania, Ga.; A. B. 1916; Ciceronian 
(Lit); Capt. Fresh. Baseball Team; 2d Asst. Mgr. 
Baseball Team; Debating Team; Pres. Ciceron- 
ian; V.-Pres. History Club; Insurance (Life). 
204 Citizens and Southern Bank Bldg.; res. 108 
Rogers Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Schofield, Floyd Owen 

Born Macon, Ga.; A. B. 1916; Phi Delta (Lit.), 

Business Mgr. Cauldron (Annual), 1916; Mana- 
ger Baseball, 1916; Basketball; Real Estate and 
Insurance. 420 Cherry St.; res. 108 Rogers 
Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Sosebee, Rex 

Born Demorest, Ga. ; Ph. G. 1917 Mercer 
Univ.; Captain Baseball, 1917; Pharmacist. 
Demorest, Ga. 

Stevens, William Parks, Jr. 

Initiated by Ga. Delta 1914. 

Stubbs, Joseph Bartow 

Born Macon, Ga., Sept. 24, 1895; B. S. 1916; 
Asst. Mgr. Basketball team, 1912-13; Mana- 
ger, 1913-16; Captain, 1914-16; Member, 1912- 
16; Hotel Proprietor and Member Ga. Coast Ar- 
tillery National Guard, Savannah, Ga., 6th 
Co. Ga. C. A. C, Fort Screven, Ga.; Member 
Savannah Vol. Guard, Savannah, Ga. and Idle 
Hour Country Club, Macon, Ga. Hotel Tybee, 
Tybee Island, Ga. 

Wimberly, Robert William 

Born Fort Gaines, Ga.; M. D. 1917 Emory 
Univ. (Request U. S. Government); Phi Chi 
(Med.) : Assistant Surgeon, Medical Reserve 
Corps, U. S. Navy; Assistant Surgeon, rank of 
Lieut., Med. Reserve Corps, U. S. Navy. 
Fort Gaines, Ga. 


Callaway, William Turner 

Bank of Benevolence. Benevolence, Ga. 
Born Washington, Ga.; A. B. 1917; Phi Delta 
Lit. Soc; Manager Baseball, 1916-17; Scrub 
Football; Class Basketball and Football; Far- 
mer; Member K. K. K. Dancing Club. Wash- 
ington, Ga. 

Crump, Armond Butts 

(Macon, Ga.) 

Curtis, Ernest Jackson 

Born Macon, Ga.; A. B. 1917; K. K. K. Dancing 
Club; Phi Delta Lit. Soc; Varsity Baseball; 
With U. S. Army. Orange St., Macon, Ga. 

Groover, Willie Lee* 

Born Quitman, Ga. d. May 11, 1915. 

Harris, Rufus Carrollton 

Born Monroe, Ga., Jan. 2, 1896; A. B. 1917; 
Phi Delta Lit. Soc; Mercer Round Table; 
Sophomore debater; U. S. Army. Monroe, 

Hearn, Francis Howell 

Born Ashburn, Ga.; Band; Glee Club; Scrub 
Football; Class Basketball; Superintendent Fac- 
tory, Purity Ice Cream Co. 520 W. 5th St.; 
res. 608 N. Poplar St., Charlotte, N. C. 

Holmes, -John Lewis 

Born Macon, Ga.; State Agency Fire Insurance; 
V.-Pres. J. F. Lewis & Co.; Member Idle Hour 
Country (Macon), Atlanta Athletic and Bell 
House Clubs. 912 Empire Bldg.; res. 272 
Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Hotchkiss, Hazel Bryan 

Born Savannah, Ga.; Phar. G. 1917; Alembic 
and K. K. K. Dancing Clubs; V.-Pres. Class, 
1916; Historian, 1916-17. Blackshear, Ga. 

Jelks, Howard Coates 

Born at Macon, Ga.; Macon Club; V.-Pres. 

Freshman Class; Automobile Salesman. Cherry 
and Rivoli Sts., Macon, Ga. 

Ward, Fred Reid 

Born Benevolence, Ga. ; A. B. 1916; Cashier at 
Bank of Benevolence. Benevolence, Ga. 

Warwick, James Paul 

(Macon, Ga.) 

Williams, Ben Barron 

Born Round Oak, Ga. ; Emerson Chemical Soc; 
Student; Member Gordon Club; Affiliated Ga. 
Delta 1900. Round Oak, Ga. 


Binns, Walter Pope 

Born Washington, Ga.; Sec. Mercer Round 
Table; Pres. Phi Delta Lit. Soc; Sophomore 
Impromptu and Champion Debate; V.-Pres. 
Classical Club; Pres. History Club; Sec. Prohi- 
bition Assn.; Student; Pastor Cherokee Heights 
Church. 48 Gordon St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Duncan, Charles Gilbert 

(Macon, Ga.) 

Jackson, Lamar J. 

Born Washington, Ga.; Student. Washington, 

Jones, Peyton Wade 

Born Macon, Ga., 1897; Alembic Club; Claw 
Football, 1914; Basketball, 1914; Captain, 1915; 
Glee Club, 1914-16 (Pres.); Quartette, 1914-16; 
Insurance. 610 Grand Bldg.; res. 722 Napier 
Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Worsham, Lee 

Born Macon, Ga.; K. K. K. Dancing Club. 
High St., Macon, Ga. 


Binns, Carlton Wilbur 

Born Washington, Ga.; Phi Delta Lit. Soc; 
Sophomore Declamation; Scrub Baseball; Stu- 
dent. 48 Gordon St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Callaway, Brantly Mercer, Jr. 

Born Washington, Cla.; Phi Delta Lit. Soc; 
Classical and History Clubs; Football, 1916-17; 
Student. Washington, Ga. 

Dorsey, Charles Raymond 

(Fairfax, Ga.) 

Hackett, Eugene 

Born Daricn, Ga.; K. K. K. Dancing Club; Phi 
Delta Lit. Soc; Football; Student. Darien, Ga. 

Key, James Wesley 

I3orn Greenville, S. C; Phi Delta Lit. Soc; 
Banker. Monroe, Ga. 




Lane, Robert Crittenden 

Born Americus, Ga. ; Phi Delta Lit. Soc: His- 
tory, Classical and K. K. K. Dancing Clubs; 
Sophomore Declamation; Asst. Mgr. Baseball; 
Capt., Football and Basketball, 1915; Student. 
r09 Lee St., Americus, Ga. 

Passmore. Lvtton Le Roy 

Born Ashburn, Ga. ; Speakers Place, 1916; Base- 
ball, 1915-17; Class Poet, 1916-17; Football, 
1916; Chi Sigma Chi Social Club; Secretary to 
Passmore and Forehand, Attorneys. 13 Isa- 
bella St. and 101 Pinson St., Sylvester, Ga. 

Smith, Thomas Russell 

Born Bartow, Ga.; Ku Klux Klan; Sophomore 
Debater; Student. Bartow, Ga. 

Bennett, Fred R. 

Born Eastman, Ga.; K. K. K. Dancing Club; 
Varsity Baseball and Football; Student. East- 
man, Ga. 

Dennis, Allen Johnson 

Born Macon, Ga.; Member K. K. K. Dancing 
Club; Football; Student; Member Macon Club, 
Log Cabin PI., Macon, Ga. 

Smith, Christopher Columbus 

Born Jeffersonville, Ga.; K. K. K. Dancing 
Club; Student. Jeffersonville, Ga. 


Chartered June 4, 1902 


Atlanta, Georgia 


Evans, Howard Onesimus 

B. S. in T. E. 1903. (Waco, Texas.) 

Howard, Alexander Robinson 

Born Barnett, Ga. ; B. S. in T. E. 1903; Textile 
Expert, Cannon Mills. 53 Worth St., New 
York, N. Y.; Forest Hills Inn, Forest Hills, 
N. Y. 

Peteet, Percy Marshall 

Born Madison, Ga.; B. S. in E. E. 1903; With 
Southwestern Division American Telephone & 
Telegraph Co. 1422 Hurt Bldg.; res. 66 W. 
15th St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Rankin, William Scott 

Born Savannah, Ga.; B. S. in M. E. 1903; 
General Manager The Appraisal Co. of the 
South; Member Oglethorpe and Cotillion Clubs 
(Savannah); Acca Temple, Nobles of the Mys- 
tic Shrine (Richmond, Va.). Savannah Bank 
and Trust Bldg.; res. 105 E. Duffy St., Savan- 
nah, Ga. 

Roberts, John Edward 

Born Dyersburg, Tenn.; B. S. E. C. 1903; 
Pres. College Y. M. C. A.; Cotton Merchant; 
Secretary and Treasurer Roberts Cotton Oil 
Co.; Member Business Men's Club. Memphis 
Cotton Exchange, 532 Falls Bldg.; res. 187 S. 
Watkins St., Memphis, Tenn. 


Carroll, Edmund William 

Affiliated Tenn. Alpha 1907. (Monticello, Fla.) 

O'Keeffe, John Eustace 

(213 Ponce de Leon Ave., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Scales, Henry Jackson* 

A. B., M. E., E. E.; Affiliated N. Y. Alpha 
1906. d. April 20, 1915. 


Cornwell, Georg^e Hubert 

(203 W. Bolton St., Savannah, Ga.) 

Pendleton, Charles Rittenhouse, Jr. 

(Care Macon Teiegraph, Macon, Ga.) 


Cook, Hugh Dawson 

Born Montgomery, Ala., Dec. 10, 1886; Presi- 
dent Western Accident & Indemnity Co., 
Helena, Montana. Power Bldg.; res. Harri- 
son Ave., Helena, Mont. 

Garth, William Willis, Jr. 

Initiated by Ala. Alpha 1904. 

Hallman, John Fletcher 

Born Atlanta, Ga. ; Charter Member Georgia 
Delta; Fire Insurance. 801 Empire Bldg.; rea. 
1141 Pcachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Mastin, Hervey Erskine* 

d. June, 1906, Richmond, Va. 

Peters, Wimberly 

Born Atlanta, Ga. ; Cotton, E. S. Ehney & Co.; 
Member Atlanta Athletic and Piedmont Driving 
Cubs. 704 .\ustell Bldg.; res. 79 Ponce de 
Leon Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Willcox, Arthur Lyman 

Born Savannah, Ga. ; Asst. Sec. Willcox- 
Ives Co.: Mason. 128 E. Bay St.; res. 211 E. 
Gaston St., Savannah, Ga. 

Winship, George, Jr. 

With Continental Gin Co. (614 Peachtree St., 
Atlanta, Ga.) 


Arnold, Carter Alston 

Born Elberton, Ga.; C. E. 1909 Cornell Univ.; 
Pyramid Soc. ; Wholesale Grocer and Broker. 
150 N. Oliver St.; res. 125 Heard St.. Elber- 
ton, Ga. 

Blun, Walter Savage 

Born Savannah, Ga.; Treasurer Georgia Supply 
Co.; Dir. (lermania Rank, Realty Savings & 
Trust Co.; Member Oglethorpe and Savannah 
Golf Clubs. 222 Drayton St. and 32 Bay St. 
W.; res. 301 E. 31st St., Savannah, Ga. 

Davies, Frank Crossland 

Born Jackson, Jackson Co., Ohio; B. S. in M. 
E. 1907; Football, 1902-03-04-06: Sec. Athletic 
Assn., 1903-04; Pres., 1904-05; Capt. Football, 
1906; With (Coke Plant) Youngstown Sheet and 
Tube Co. Youngstown Sheet a Tube Co.; res. 
1703 Ohio Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. 

Gager, Charles Bouton 

(■618 W. Ninth St., Chattanooga, Tenn.) 

Knight, Aaron Collins 

Born Cartersville, Ga.; B. S. in C. E. 1907; 
Baseball, 1906-07; Contractor; Member Kincha- 
foonee Country Club. 318 Davis Exchange 
Bank Bldg.; res. St. Nicholas Hotel, Albany, 

Raht, Theodore Eckhart 

B. S. in T. E. 1907; Teacher. (Columbus, Ga.) 

Sanders, Sherman 

Born Chattanooga, Tenn.; Track Capt., 1905; 
Asst. Mgr. Baseball; Manager Newell Sanders 
Plow Co. 500 Boyce St.; res. 811 Chamberlain 
Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Stout, Gilbert Morris 

Born Dover, Tenn.; B. S. in E. E. 1907; Pres. 
.Sophomore Class, 1904-05; Mgr. Basketball 
Team, 1906; Cant. Class Baseball Team, 1907; 
District Sales Manager National Metal Mould- 
ing Co.; Pres. Eta Province, 1917: Meml)er 
Atlanta .Mhletic Club. 1517 Hcalcy Bldg.; res. 
17 K. Sth St., Atlanta, Ga. 


Barton, Clarence Clifford 

(Albemarle, I.a.) 




Chenev, Gemaliel Wvatt Holmes 

B. S' ill M. E. l'»OS; With C. W. Hill Engineer- 
ing Co. ^Birmingham, Ala.) 

McCord. lames Robert 

Born Conyers, Ga.; M. D. 1909 Jefferson Med. 
Coll.; Phi Chi (med.); Physician; Asst. Prof. 
Gyn. and Obst., Emory Univ.; Attending Obst. 
and Gyn., Wesley llosp. ; .\sst. Obst. and Ciyti., 
Grady Hosp. ; Asst. Surtj. Macvicar Hosp. ; 
Member Piedmont Driving Club; Am. Med. 
Assn.: Fulton County Med. Soc. 812 Hurt 
BKig.: res. .'4 W. 13th St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Matthews. Isaac 

Traveling Salesman. (Barnesville, Ga.) 

Smith. Edwin Milner 

Born Thomasville, Ga.; Assistant Cashier Bank 
of Thomasville. 104 S. Broad St., Thomas- 
ville, Ga. 

Walker. Andrew Wa.s^ner 

(Griffin, Ga.) 

Wallace. Hugh Smead 

(29 E. Georgta Ave., Atlanta, Ga.) 

White. Samuel Augustus 

(113 Waldburg St., E., Savannah. Ga.) 

Wilson. Dickinson Wilburn* 

Born Griffin, Ga.; Football, d. Jan. 5, 1911. 

Winship, William Redding 

Born Atlanta, Ga. ; Member Reserve Officers' 
Training Camp; Member Capital City Club. 
P. O. Box 1697; res. Blackstone Apts., Atlanta, 


Bell. Shadrach Inman 

Born Atlanta, Ga., April 4, 1887; Textile En- 
gineer, 1909; Jobbing and Converting Cotton 
Goods. 26 Carolina Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 1225 
Bull St., Columbia, S. C 

Brown, William Sylvanus 

(122 East Terrace Street, Chattanooga, Tenn.) 

Chapman. John Gresham 

Born Macon, Ga., Feb. 17, 1888; B. S. in 
T. E. 1909; Textile Engineer, 1915; Anak; Mgr. 
Basketball, 1905; Mgr. Football, 1906; Editor-in- 
Ctiief Blue Print. 1908; Pres. Athletic Assn., 
1908-09; Leader Mandolin and Guitar Club, 
1908-09; Superintendent Chinnabee and High- 
land City Cotton Mills. Talladega, Ala. 

Daniel, William Brantley 

Born Millen, Ga.; Secretary, Treasurer and 
General Manager Morton Oil Mills; Affiliated 
Ga. Alpha 1911. Millen, Ga. 

Murphy, William 

Born Barnesville, Ga.: Tau Nu Epsilon; 
Superintendent, Signal Knitting Mills; Mem. 
Hosiery and Underwear Assn.; Elks. Hixon 
Pike, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

O'Keeffe. Francis Arthur 

Born Atlanta, Ga. ; Special Agent, The Cotton 
Insurance Assn.; Member Atlanta Athletic 
Club. Box 405; res. 284 E. North Ave., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Plane, Edward Victor 

(275 West Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Smith, Eric Wilburn 

B. S. in E. E. 1909. (General Electric Co., 
5879 Cabanne Ave., St. Louis, Mo.) 

Wilkinson, Ral White 

Born Lavonia, Ga.; Cashier, Southern Cotton 
Oil Co. Lavonia, Ga. 

Wilson, Ernest Gordon 

Born Griffin, Ga. March 5, 1887; B. S. in 
E. E. 1909 Ala. Polytechnic Institute; Farm- 
ing; Mem. Elks: Affiliated Ala. Beta 1909. 
Griffin. Ga. (R. D.) 

Winship, Joseph 

Born Atlanta, lla.; With Continental Gin Co.; 
Member Capital City Club. 23 Foundry St.; 
res. Blackstone Apts., .Xtlanta, (,;a. 

Wright, Malvern Hill 

(122, 21st St., Nashville. Tenn.) 


Betts, Clifford Aull 

Born Chattanooga, Tenn,; B. S. in C. E, 1910; 
Tennis Champion (Doubles), 1910; Structural 
Engineer with Portland Cement Co.; Affiliated 
Ohio Eta 1910. Cuban Portland Cement Co., 
Mariel, Cuba; res. 4 W. 43d St., (Saint Elmo), 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Buchanan, Corliss 

(State Normal School, Springfield, Mo.) 

Gordy, Schley 

B. S. in C. E. 1910 Ala. Polytechnic Inst.; 
Thendara; Varsity Basketball (2), (3), (4); 
Superintendent of Public Works; Affiliated Ala. 
Beta 1910. Court House; res. 309, 11th St., 
Columbus, Ga. 

Lumpkin, Henry Cobb 

Born Adairsville, Ga. ; Sales Manager, Lumber 
Business. Quitman, Ga. 

Magruder, Thomas Vannoy 

Born Hollandale, Miss., July 6, 1886; B. S. 
1906; M. D. 1910, Tulane Univ.; Physician 
and Surgeon; Surgeon Atlanta, Birmingham 
and Atlantic and Mobile and Ohio R. R. Cos.; 
Affiliated La. Alpha 1910. 602 .^m. Trust 
Bldg.; res. 1107 S. 20th St., Birmingham, 

Mobley, Louis Robert 

Born Monroe, Ga.; With Southern Bell Tele- 
phone and Telegraph Co. 46 S. Pryor St.; 
res. 167 Sells Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Munroe, Lee Ray 

Born Quincy, Fla. ; V.-Pres. Athletic Assn.; 
Member Football and Track; Leaf Tobacco. 
Havana, Fla. 

Nightingale, Douglas 

Born Brunswick, Ga.; Flotation Work, Burro 
Mt. Copper Co.; Concentrator. Burro Mt. 
Copper Co. Box 94, Tyrone, N. Mex. 

Rogers, John Francis 

Born Rome, Ga., May 31, 1885; District Sales 
Manager The Procter & Gamble Distributing 
Co. Fifth and Hazel Sts.; res. College Hill 
Apts., No. 7, Macon, Ga. 

Stubbs, Claude 

Affiliated Pa. Zeta 1913. (Macon, Ga.) 

Underwood, John Lewis 

Affiliated Va. Beta 1910. (Woodward, Ala.) 


Bussey, Frank Carswell 

(Augusta, Ga.) 

Hutt, Albert Stephenson 

Born Augusta, Ga., Aug. 2, 1889; Sergeant 
Troop K., 2d Georgia Cavalry, Federal Service; 
Junior mem. firm of J. Henry Hutt Co.; Mem. 
Lakeside Club. 611 Broad St.; res. 1127 
Telfair St., Augusta, Ga. 

Knight, Fred Walter 

Born Cartersville, Ga., Sept. 29, 1890; Secre- 
tary and Treasurer Knight Mercantile Co. 16 
W. Main St.; res. 154 W. Main St., Carters- 
ville, Ga. 

Michael, Henry Lafayette 

Born Monroe, Ga. ; Engineering Department 

Southern Bell Telegraph and Telephone Co. 

78 S. Pryor St. and 18 Peachtree Circle, 
.^tlanta, Ga. 




Pitts, James Hilary 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1909. 

Scales, James Berry 

(Oxford, Ga.)_ 

Solomon, Maitland 

Born Macon, Ga., Oct. 18, 1887; Theta Nu 
Epsilon; Assoc. Editor College Annual; Stocks 
and Bonds; Board of Directors Bibb Trust 
Co.; Macon Cotton Co.; Member Idle Hour 
Country and Holly Bluff Country Clubs. 
Fourth Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 300 College St., 
IMacon, Ga. 

Wheeler, Robert Carroll 

Born Chattanooga, Tenn.; With Dan C. 
Wheeler & Co., 527 Market St.; res. Houston 
St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 


Armistead, Ernest Stowers 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1910. 

Baldwin, Henry Codman Potter 

Born New York, N. Y., Aug. 17, 1890; 
Delta Phi Delta; Mem. Bd. Ring Turn Phi; 
Football and Baseball, 1911; Salesman, with 
C. N. Crittenton Co. and Member Board of 
Directors since 1912; member Realty Bd., 
Portland, Ore.; IMem. Portland Ad., University 
and Multnomah Clubs; Affiliated Va. Zeta 1912. 
115 Fulton St., New York, N. Y.; res. Bond 
Retreat, Marshall Hall, Charles Co., Md. 

Davis, Wesley Kimbrough 

Affiliated Ga. Gamma 1913. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Dennis, John Cobb 

Born Macon, Ga. ; B. . S. in Arch. 1913; 
Architect. 702 Citizens' and Southern Bank 
Bldg.; res. Log Cabin Heights, Macon, Ga. 

Dulaney, Will L. 

Member of firm W. F. Dulaney & Sons. 48-56 
S. 20th St.; res. 190 S. Main St., Paris, Texas. 

Ely, Charles Cleveland, Jr. 

Born Savannah, Ga., June 5, 1891; B. S. in 
K. E. 1913; Member Mandolin, Glee (Mgr. 
1913), Dramatic, .Anak, Koseme, Savannah and 
Bull Dog Clubs; Commencement Com., Chrmn. 
Sr. Banquet Com.; Pres. Cotillion Club; 
Varsity Football Squad, 1908- 1910-11; Class 
Football, 1909; Contractor for River and Har- 
bor Improvements; V.-Pres. Ely Dredging and 
Construction Co., Inc.; Superintendent P. 
Sanford Ross, Inc.; Member Oglethorpe, 
and Savannah Golf Clubs and the Clul) of West 
Palm P>each, Fla. 511 Savannah Bank and 
Trust Bldg.; res. 201 Henry St. East, Savan- 
nah, Ga. 

Flournoy, Robert Henry 

Born Macon, Ga. ; Bull Dog; Asst. Mgr. Base- 
ball, 1911; Hosp. Comm.; Stationery. Cor. Sth 
and C Sts.; res. 1831 Spalding PI., San Diego, 

Hoii.seal, William Bradford 

Born Ccdartown, Ga.; Baseball, 1908-09; Fire 
Insurance; .Mem. Country Club. 403 Jefferson 
Co. Bank Bldg.; res. 1313 Iroriuois St., Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

Jones, George Salley 

Born Knckdalc Co., (la.; B. L. 1893 Mercer 
Univ.; Phi Delta; Lawyer, Ilardcmon, Jones, 
Park & Johnston; Trustee Orphans' Home, 
Southern (ia. Conference M. E. Church South; 
Dir. Macon Y. M. C. A.; Trustee Ga. State 
Anti Saloon League; Dir. I'ourth Nat'i. Bank; 
Cornell Young & Co.; Member Am. Bar and 
Ga. Bar Assns.; Commercial Law League. 
Citizen's and Southern Bank Bldg.; res. 339 
Hardcmon Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Michael, Russell Wayne 

Born Monroe, Ga. ; Special Agent, Firemen's 
Fund Insurance Co. 1022 Hurt Bldg.; res. 75 
Luckie St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Stout, Josiah Wilkins, Jr. 

Born Dover, Tenn.; B. L. 1910; Glee Club; 
Football and Baseball (Cumberland Univ.), 
1909-10; Sports Editor Colorado Springs 
Gazette; Lecturer School of Journalism, 1917- 
18; Contributor of various articles to news- 
papers and magazines. Gazette Bldg.; res. 
Cheyenne Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Swift, Robert Burkett 

(Atlanta, Ga.) 

Thompson, Harry Thurman 

B. S. in E. E. 1910; Salesman, Robins Electric 
Co. (11 King Edward Apts., Pittsburgh, Pa.) 

Weatherly, James 

(Birmingham, Ala.) 


Ashley, Dominic Cesario 

Born Italy; C. E. 1913; Member Sec. of Civil 
Engineers: Vice-President Kanes Falls Elec- 
tric Co.; Member Atlanta Athletic Club. 40 
Warren St., Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Bryan, Morris Marion 

Born Union Point, Ga.; B. S. in T. E. 1913; 
Koseme; Cotillion Glut); Scholarship Medal; 
Secretary and Treasurer The Jefferson Mills. 
Jefferson, Ga. 

Davis, Robert Evans 

Born Knoxville, Tenn; Textile Engineer, 1913; 
Superintendent W. B. Davis & Sons (Ft. Payne, 
Ala.); Atlanta Hosiery Mills (Attalla) ; Davis 
& Alcott Hosiery Mills (Gasden) ; Vice-Presi- 
dent Kingsport Hosiery Mills (Kingsport); 
Member Mount City, Chattanooga Golf and 
Lookout Mountain Clubs. Ft. Payne, Ala.; 
res. 601 Vine St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Harris, Lawrence Alston 

(24 W. 32nd St., New York, N. Y.) 

Holland, Harry Scott 

(Atlanta, Ga.) 

Kuhrt, Henry Gustavus 

(Atlanta, Ga.) 

Reynolds, Joseph Jones 

(Waynesboro, Ga.) 

Shingler, James Simon, Jr. 

Born Ashburn, Ga. ; Hardware. Ashburn, Ga. 

Stovall, Wallace Oliver 

Born Bartow, Fla.; Vice-President and Assist- 
ant Manager Tampa Tribune Publishing Co. 
Tampa; res. Bayshore, Ma. 

Thompson, Neal Louis 

Initiated by \'a. Zela 1912. 

Wilson, Talmadge Sebron 

Born Allendale, S. C, June 29, 1889; M. D. 
1914 Univ. of Ga.; Graduate U. S. Naval 
Med. School, 1915; Alpha Epsilon (Stone 
•Mountain, Ga.); Alpha Kappa Kappa (Univ. 
of Ga.); Football, 1908-09; Baseball, 1908; 
Honor (Jrad. Univ. of (ia. ; Officer in U. S. 
.N'avy; Coniniissinncd into U. S. Navy Med. 
Reserve Corps, 1914; Asst. Surgeon (rank of 
Lieut, jr. grade.) Med. Corps U. S. N., 1915; 
Honorary mem. China Med. Assn.; Mem. Am. 
Med. Assn. U. S. .S. Wilmington, United 
States Navy Asiatic F'leet, Navy Department, 
Washington, D. C. 


Bullock. William Scmcon, Jr. 

Born Ocola, Marion Co., Fla.; Inspector of 
Stock, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.; Mem. 
B. P. O. Elks No. 286. 39 Adolph .\ve., 
Akron, Ohio. 




Chapman. Ellioi Lovinj; 

Born Macon. C.a., Dec. _'2. 1892; B. S. in 
C. E. 1914; Koscnic; Cilce Club; Cotillion 
ciub; Soc. of Civil Engineers; Leader of 
Mandolin Club: DrauKlitsman. 564 Electric 
and Gas Kldg.; les. 309 \V. Peachtrce St., 
Atlanta. C.a. 

Daniel. Tames Hiram 

Born Milieu, C.a.; Theta Nu Epsilon; Cotillion 
Club; Midnight Sons; Service and Stock; 
Manager. C C. Bat;gs Auto Co.; Mem. Atlanta 
and Ford Efficiency Clubs; Atlanta Alumni 
Assn.; Psychological Soc; Y. M. C. A. 444 
Whitehall St.; res. 381 Ponce-de-Leon Ave., 
.\tlanta, da. 

Hurlbut. Donald Lawrence 

With Ross-Mcehan Foundry Co. (Chattanooga, 

Hutton, Munroe Bryan 

Born. Savannah, Ga.; Cotillion, Bull Dog and 
Savannah Clubs; Midnight Sons; Varsity Foot- 
ball, 1910-12; Lieutenant U. S. N. G. Cavalry; 
Member El Paso (Tex.) Country and Ga. 
Hussars Clubs. 31st Division U. S. Cavalry, 
Camp Wheeler, Macon, Ga. 

Lamar, George Black 

(North Augusta, S. C.) 

McElmurr}', Roy Hanover 

(Montezuma, Ga.) ' 

Roan, William Eldon 

Born Fairburn, Ga. ; Member ISIidnight Sons; 

,\dviser Educational Dept., Ford Motor Co. 

2120 Canal St.; res. 855 Carondolet St., New 
Orleans, La. 

Slaton, Waldo May 

Born Atlanta. Ga.; B. S. in M. E. 1914; Phi 
Kappa Phi; Koseme; Freshman Commencement. 
Speaker; Soc. of Mechanical Engineers; Cotil- 
lion; \'.-Pres. Soc. of Mechanical Engrs.; 
Honor Court, 1911-14; Sec. and Treas. of Class, 
1912-13; Class Prophet, 1913-14; Scholarship 
"T;" First Honor Man in Class, 1910-11-13-14; 
Mechanical Designing Engineer, Fairfield 
Works, Tenn. Coal, Iron & R. R. Co.; Pres. 
Ga. Delta 1913; Warden; Chaplain. 1009 
Woodward Bldg. ; res. 1016 Eula St., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Stevens, William Parks, Jr. 

Born Macon, Ga. ; .Attended Mercer Univ. 
Law School; Phi Delta Pi, Riverside Mili- 
tary -Academy; Manufacturer Hollow Tile 
and Fire Brick; Dir. Georgia Medicine Co.; 
General Manager Dixie Fireproofing Co.; 
Member State Bar of Ga.; Idle Hour Country 
Club, Ga; Affiliated Ga. Gamma 1916.. Casualty 
Bldg.; res. 727 Orange St., Macon, Ga. 

Wells, Walter Colin 

Manager J. Wells Brick Co. Riverside Drive; 
res. 224 Oak St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Wright, Douglas Berry 

B. S. ih M. E. 1914. (22 Edy St., Atlanta, 


Bnllen, Joseph Addison 

Born Pueblo, Colo.; Manager, Fountain Sand 
and Gravel Co. 408 E. 8th St.; res. 511 W. 
16th St., Pueblo, Colo. 

Holland, Sidney 

(.\tlanta, Ga.) 

Milner, Jean Shepard 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; B. S. 1914 Univ. of 
Louisville; Presbyterian Minister; Affiliated 
Ind. Theta 1915. Edinburg, Ind. 

Norman, Louis Shepherd 

(Chattanooga, Tenn.) 

Rogers. Harold Orimil 

Born Atlanta, Ga. ; Koseme; Bull-Dog; Anak; 
Prts. C,\cc Club; .\sst. Mgr. Football Team 
191314; Dramatic Club; Wholesale and Retail 
Grocer; Member Atlanta Athletic Club. 29 
Garnett St.; res. 350 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, 

Wight, Robert Pratt 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1913. 

Wood, Alfred Vincent, Jr. 

(Brunswick, Ga.) 


Hallman, Harry Hightower 

P.orn Kirkwootl, Ga.; Mgr. Tennis; Winner 
School and Southern Inter-college Champion 
ships in Tennis; With John F. Hallman In 
surance Co.; Treasurer Atlanta Alumni Assn 
of Phi Delta Theta; Mem. Atlanta -Athl. Club 
801 Empire Bldg.; res. 24 W. North Ave., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Holland, Merrill Newton 

(Atlanta, Ga.) 

Mangham, John Douglas 

(Wcstinghouse Electric Co., Atlanta, Go.) 

Patton, Jean Sloan 

Born South Pittsburg, Tenn.; Alpha Phi; Foot- 
ball (halfbacks), mentioned for All Southern 
team 2d year; Superintendent Underwriters' 
Salvage Co. of New York (Southern Dept.) 
613 Trust Co. of Ga. Bldg.; res. 794 Piedmont 
Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Reilly, William Irving, Jr. 

Born Chattanooga, Tenn.; Civil Engineer, 
Engineering Dept., Hamilton County, Tenn.; 
Member B. P. O. E. Engineering Dept., 
Hamilton County; res. 108 Chamberlain Ave., 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Sancken, Herman Henry* 

d. Augusta, Ga., April 25, 1914. 

Smith, Headden C. 

Born Palmetto, Ga. Palmetto, Ga. 

West, Elmer James, Jr. 

Born Lake George, N. Y., Nov. 30, 1891; 
Salesman. Care Oxweld Acetylene Co., New- 
ark, N. J.; res. 22 Grove Ave., Glens Falli, 

N. Y. 


Brantley, Edmund Eastbrook 

(Chattanooga, Tenn.) 

Brown, Simeon Neville 

Born Fort Valley, Ga.; Teller. Citizens' Bank; 
res. 322 Church St., Fort Valley, Ga. 

Cloud, Fayette Jeffries 

Born Decatur, Ga.; Student. Hamlet, N. C. 

Dennis, Francis Spain 

Born Macon, Ga. ; Mgr. Glee Club, 1915-16 
and Pres., 1916-17; Quartette, 1914-15; Student. 
703 Am. Natl. Bank, Macon, Ga. 

Dickey, William Cox 

(Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, Ga.) 

Figgatt, Hugh Maitland 

Born Roanoke, Va.^ Cotillion and Glee Clubs; 
Henry W. Gradv Lit. Soc; Chemist E. I. du 
Pont de Nemours & Co. (City Point, Va.); 
Member du Pont Club of Va. 1020 W. Camp- 
bell Ave., Roanoke, Va. 

Freeman, Charles Eakes 

(Superintendent, Ford Motor Co. Memphis; 

Hardy, Harry Luther 

Born Senoia, Ga. ; Sophomore Declamation; Stu- 
dent. Senoia, Ga. 






Hargraves, William Hayes 

{334 Hanover St., Chattanooga, Tenn.) 

.inson, Trimble Clarence 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; Pi Phi; Chi Zeta Chi; Stu- 
dent. Peachtree Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 

Mangham. Samuel Watson 

Born Griffin, Ga.; V.-Pres. Freshman Class; 
Class Football; Sprinkler Engineer South East- 
ern Underwriters' Assn.; Member Atlanta Ath- 
letic Club and Natl. Bd. of Fire Underwriters. 
533 Trust Co, of Ga. Bldg.; res. Apt. 55 
"Pickwick," Atlanta, Ga. 

„..j,in, Robert Harvey 

Born Richmond, Va.; B. S. in T. E. 1917; Tex- 
tile Soc; Koseme Soc; Cotillion Club; Sec- 
Treas. Freshman Class; Pres. Sophomore Class; 
Pres. Textile Soc; Honor Roll Senior Class; 
Treas. Pan-Hellenic Council; Student. 320 W. 
Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Slaton, John Marshall, Jr. 

P.orn Atlanta. Ga.; B. S. in M. E. 1917; Phi 
Kappa Phi; Honor Court; Honor Roll; Assoc. 
Editor. Blue Print; Scholarship T; Student. 
336 Courtland St., Atlanta, Ga. 

West, Archibald Burges 

(Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, Ga.) 

West, George Richard, Jr. 

Born Chattanooga, Tenn.: Cotillion Club; Tex- 
tile Soc; Football; Student. 576 Oak St., 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 


Angel, Charles Mowbray 

Born Jacksonville, Fla., Nov. 23, 1895; Scrub 
Football; Varsity Track; Sophomore Soc; Chief 
Draftsman, Seaboard Air Line Shops. Sea- 
board .\ir Line Shops; res. 1659 Forbes St., 
Jacksonville, Fla. 

Cone, Carroll Carlton 

Born Enon, Ala. ; Barristers' Club; Pres. Junior 
Class Emory Univ.; Real Estate. 522 Grant 
Bldg.; res. Boulevard DeKalb, Atlanta, Ga. 

Ferguson, William Parker 

Born Atlanta, Ga. ; Student. Gibson, Ga. 

McRae, Lamar Johnston 

Born ,\tlanta, Ga. ; Civil Engineer, M. of W. 
and S. Dept., Southern Railway System. 800 
N. Pine St., Charlotte, N. C. 

Massee, Thomas Cleveland 

Horn .M.ncon, Ga. ; Student. Ellisonian Apts., 
Macon, Ga. 

Reynolds, Edwin Le Roy 

(Greensboro, Ga.) 

Spence, Thomas Louis, Jr. 

Born Thomasville, Ga. ; Koseme, Bull Dog and 
Cotillion Clubs; Varsity Football, 1914-16; All 
Southern Full Back, 1916; .Baseball, 191416; 
Basketball, 1913-14; Elected Capt., 1914-15; Stu- 
lUnt; "J'rcs. of Junior Class; V.-Prcs. Athletic 
.\ssn. Thomasville, Ga. 

Stubbs, Sidney Johnston, Tr. 

Born Cox, Ca., May 14. 1898;*Skull and Key; 
Cotillion Club; Society of Civil Engineers; 
Student. 309 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Walker, Joseph Spencer 

I'.orn Atlanta, Ga. ; Honor Roll, 1916-17; Stu- 
dent. 520 Peters Bldg., Atlanta; res. Marietta 
Car Line, Cobb Co., Ga. 


Bradfield, John Randolph 

(McRae, Ga.) 

Cross, James David 

Born Canton, Ga.; Secretary National Monu- 
ment Co. Canton, Ga. 

Duncan, Frank G^lson 

Born Waco, Texas; Lumberman; Member Huaco 
Golf Club. South Side Lumber Co. and 1600 
Austin Ave., Waco, Texas. 

Hickman, Baylor Banks 

Born Cedartown, Ga. ; Member Princeton Univ. 
Chess Team; Student at Princeton. 137 S. 
Main St., Gainesville, Ga. 

Hiles, George Speigle 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; Student. 794 Piedmont St., 
Piedmont, Ga. 

Houser, William Douglas 

Born Perry, Ga. ; On staff Blue Print; Student; 
Reporter of Chapter. Perry, Ga.; res. 176 W. 
North Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Hubert, Robert Edgar 

Born Russell, Wyo. ; Band; Basketball; Fire 
Insurance. Queen Insurance Co.; res. Y. M. C. 
A., 71 Luckie St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Jennings, Reuben Jarrell 

Born West Point, Ga. ; Y. M. C. A.; Student. 
255 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Mangham. John Woodward, Jr. 

Born Griffin. Ga. ; Skull and Key; Sophomore 
Representative Honor Court, 1915-16; Editor 
Yellow Jacket, 1915; Pres. Afiprentice Class; 
Scrub Football, 1915-17; Class Football, 1915-17; 
All Class End, 1916; 1st Lieut. U. S. Reserve 
Corps. 645 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Patillo. Leonard Booker 

Born Buford. Ga.; Student. 45 S. Main St., 
Buford, Ga. 

Puckett, Ralph Atticus 

Born Cartcrsville, (la.; Gordon. Skull and Key 
and Cotillion Clubs; Football; Baseball. Tifton, 

Roan, Leonard 

Born Fairbvtrn, Ga.; Commerce Soc; Student. 
250 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Wayt, Beverly Dunnington 

Born Atlanta, Ga.; Student. Peachtree Rd., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Wells, Willis Stokes 

Born Stone Mountain, Ga. April 9, 1897; Glee 
Club; Student. Monroe, Ga. 

Williams, Ben Barron 

Initiated by Ga. Gamma 1917. 


Ballard, Edgar Dozier 

Born Monticello, Ga.; Student. Monticello, Ga. 

Barnes, Mackenzie 

Born Atlanta, Ga. ; Glee Club; Student. 148 
Juniper .St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Cloud, Obadiali Lewis 

Born Decatur, Ga. ; Student. Hamlet, N. C. 

C/uess, Sam Younger 

Horn Brookhaven, Miss.; Honor Roll, 1916-17; 
Student. 226 N. 2d St., Brookhavcn, Miss. 

Haynsworth, John Ander.son 

Born Uiiiontdwn, Ala.; Clerk Ga. Railway and 
Power Co. Ga. Railway and Power Co., At- 
lanta; res. Marietta Car Line, Cobb Co., Ga. 

Lusby, Emory Oscar 

Initiated by Va. Zeta 1917. 




Mathew soil, Joseph Hopkins 

Born Ashland, Ky.; Student. 761 Peachtree 
St., Atlanta, Ca. 

Mercer, Walter Gecyge 

Born Dawson, Ga. ; Student. 583 Peachtree 
St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Pittman. William Owen 

Born Coniniorce, Ga.: Student. Commerce, Ga. 

Stubbs, Francis Seaborn 

Student. Douglas, Ga. 

Wheeler, Milford Lucien 

Born Greensboro, Ga.; Student. Greensboro, 

Williams, Frank Bridges 

Born Opelika, Ala.; Skull and Key; Capt. 
Scrub Baseball; Student. West Point, Ga. 

Wright, Arthur Perry 

Born Thomasville, Ga.; Football (Scrub); 
Student. 123 Fletcher St., Thomasville, Ga. 


Chartered November 25, 1908 


Moscow, Idaho 


Armstrong, Charles Hinton 

Merchant. (Wenatchee, Wash.) 

Armstrong, E. J. 

(Seattle, Wash.) 


David. Homer 

Born Muscoda, Wis.; B. S. 1901; With F. A. 
David & Sons, Moscow, Idaho. F. A. David & 
Sons, Moscow, Idaho. 

French, Burton 

Born Delphi, Ind.; A. B. 1901; Ph. M. 1908 
Univ. of Chicago; Member Congress; Member 
5th and 6th Sessions, Idaho Legislature. Mos- 
cow, Idaho. 

Lee, WilHam E. 

Lawyer. QIoscow, Idaho.) 

Mix, Gainford 

Born Green Island, Nebr.; B. S. in Agr. 1901; 
Secretary and Manager, Idaho National Har- 
vester Co.. N. Main St., Moscow, Idaho. 

Rains. Jesse Lewis 

Born Warren, Idaho; B. S. 1901; M. D. 1905 
Jefferson Med. Coll.; Phi Chi; The Academy 
and W. W. Keen Surg. Socs., Jefferson Med. 
Coll.; Physician and Surgeon. Grangeville, 

Reed, Miles Frank 

Born Logan, Iowa; B. S. 1901; M. A. 1907 Co- 
lumbia Univ.; President Idaho Technical Insti- 
tute. 237 S. Seventh Ave., Pocatello, Idaho. 


McConnel, Fred Homer 

Civil Engineer. (Caldwell, Idaho.) 


Cornwall, Delos Edward 

Born Muscoda, Wis.; B. S. 1903; M. D. 1907; 
Physician and Surgeon. St. Maries, Idaho. 

Ghormley, Robert Lee 

Born Portland, Ore.; B. Lit. 1903; U. S. N. 
A., 1906; Kappa Phi Alpha; Football Team 
U. of I. and U. S. N. A.; Lieutenant-Com- 
mander U. S. Navy; Member Army and Navy 
Club. Navy Dcjjt., Washington, D. C; res. 
4412 X. 37th St., T;icoiiia, Wash. 

Gibb, William Napier 

Civil PInginecr. (Boise, Idaho.) 

Orland, Halsey Hutchinson 

B. S. 1903; Hardware Merchant. 305 Main 
St.; res. US N. Polk St., Mo.scow, Idaho. 


David, Earl 

Born Muscoda, Wis.; B. S. in M. E. 1904; 
With F. A. David & Sons, Moscow, Idaho. 
Moscow, Idaho. 

Fisher, Robert William 

Born Central City, Nebr.; City Editor of 
tValla Walla {Wash.) Morning Union; Author 
of a few short stories in lesser magazines. 12 
East Alder St.; res. 827 Hobson St., Walla 
Walla, Wash. 

Kirkwood, John Howard 

Born Toronto, Canada; Civil Engineering. 
825 E. Third St., Moscow, Idaho. 

Zeigler, William Leroy 

Born Plainsfield, Pa.; B. S. in C. E. 1913; 
Director of the Department of Lands and Col- 
onization, Brazil Railway Co. Caixa Postal 
No. 565, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and The Old Na- 
tional Bank, Spokane, Wash. 


Horton, George Elmer 

(With Idaho National Harvester Co., Moscow, 

McFall, John William 

Mining Engineer. (Santiago Papasquiaro, Du- 
rango, Mexico,) 

Middleton, John Robert 

Banker. (Hysham, Mont.) 

Montandon, Charles Armand 

Born Ponts de Martel, Switzerland; A. B. 
1906; Mem. Inter-collegiate Debate Teams; 
Pres. Student Body (4); Capt. Cadet Corps; 
Mgr. Argonaut (.coll. Paper); Superintendent 
Schools, Enterprise, Ore.; Mem. Blue Lodge, 
Masons. Enterprise, Ore. 

Rogers. Arthur Amzi 

Born Bloomington, 111.; B. S. 1906; Football; 
Mgr. Baseball; Mgr. Univ. Argonaut; Junior 
Class President; Winner Simpson Prize in 
Entomology, 1905; Cashier Bank of Winches- 
ter; Mayor of Winchester; Member School 
Bd.; Mem. Elks and Masonic Lodges. \Vin- 
chester, Idahi" 


Adkison, Norman Brown 

Born Grangeville, Idaho; B. S. 1907; M. A. 
1917 Columbia Univ.; Kappa Phi Alpha; Ilonor 
Student; Prcs. Soph. Class; Debate Council; 
Athenian Soc; Editor-in-Chief Gem of Moun- 
tains; Prof, of Chemistry, Idaho Technical In- 
stitute; Member Exec. Comm. Idaho Tech. 
Inst, and Chrmn. Discipline and Publicity 
Comm.; Secretary Bannock ("o. Mining Assn.; 
Pres. Southern Idaho Conference League; 
Dean of Young Men, Idaho Tech. Inst.; Oc- 
casional Contributor to Magazines and News- 
papers; Editorial Writer, Columbia Sfycctator, 
summer 1916. Idaho Technical Institute; res. 
I'aris Hall, Pocat.llo, Idaho. 

Good, John Ross* 

Real E.state. d. Oct. 1915, Montravia, Cal. 

Larson, Gustus Ludwig 

Professor of Mechanical lOngineering, Univer- 
sity of Idaho. (Moscow, Idaho.) 




Meyers, Walter Manville 

Mining Engineer. (Murray, Idaho.) 

Rowell, Ross Erastus 

l?orn Kntlivcn, Iowa, Sept. 22, 1884; 2d Lieut. 
I'. S. Marine Corps; 1st Lieut.; Captain U. S. 
Marine Corps: Served in Cuba, Pliilippine 
Islands and Nicaragua; Member Bohemian 
Club of San Francisco, Cal. Care Headquar- 
ters, U. S. Marine Corps, \\'ashington, D. C. 

W'ickstrom, Clarence Leroy 

Born Kansas, 1880; B. S. in M. E. 1907; 
Alumni Assn.; Charter Member; Phi Delta 
Theta; Winner of Culve Prize for best Thesis 
on Mining (1907); Assistant Superintendent, 
Granite-Bi ^Ietallic Consolidated Mining Co.; 
First Sergeant Signal Corps, Battalion of 
Cadets; Member Regimental Band; Special 
Agent for Government in Department of Com- 
merce and Labor (1909-10); Member Univer- 
sity Club; American Institute of Mining Engi- 
neers; Spokane Engineering and Technical 
Assn. Philipsburg, Mont. 


Armstrong, Elmer James 

Born Genesee, Idaho; B. S. in E. E. 1908; 
Electrician. City Light Dept., Seattle, Wash. 

Lewis, Howard Kirk 

Born Orange City, Iowa; B. S. in C. E. 1910; 
Graduate U. S. Naval Academy; In Command 
of U. S. S. Destroyer Bagley; Member Ger- 
mantown Cricket Club, Phila, Pa.; Army and 
Navy Club, Washington, D. C. Army and 
Navy Club, Washington, D. C. ; res. U. S. S. 
Bagley, care Postmaster, New York. 

Reeves, Harry Harold 

Mining Engineer. (Box 133, Murray, Idaho.) 

Smith, Harvey Julian 

Born Richland Center, Wis.; B. S. in C. E. 
1908; Civil Engineer; City Engineer, Moscow; 
County Engineer, Latah County. City Hall; 
res. cor. Polk and D Sts., Moscow, Idaho. 

Stein, Howard Edward 

Born Denver, Colo.; B. E. E. 1908; Football; 
All Northwest Centre, 1905; Real Estate, 
Loans and Insurance; Deputy Interna! Revenue 
Collector, State of Idaho. Room 7, Gem 
Bldg.; res. 1301 N. 13th St., Boise, Idaho. 

Swartley, Arthur Mathias 

Born Fayette, Iowa; B. S. in M. E. 1908; B. 
S. 1894 Upper Iowa Univ.; Kappa Phi Alpha; 
Honor Man (3 and 4); Mining Engineer for 
Oregon Bureau of Mines and Geology; Assist- 
ant Metallurgist, Federal Bureau of Mines; 
Assoc. Mem. Naval Consulting Board; Author, 
"Ore Deposits of Northeastern Oregon," 1914; 
"Handbook of the Mining Industry of (Dregon," 
1916; Mem. Corvallis Commercial Club; Am. 
Inst. Mining Engrs. Care Oregon Bureau of 
Mines and Geology; res. '803 Tyler St., Cor- 
vallis, Ore. 

Young, Walker Rollo 

Born Butler, Ind.; B. S. in M. E. 1908; Pres. 
Assoc. Student Body, 1908; Capt. Basketball, 
1908; Assistant Engineer, IJ. S. Reclamation 
Service. R. 509 Tramway Bldg.; res. 4631 Ba- 
tavia PI., Denver, Colo. 


Balderston, Walter 

(With Sharpies Separator Co., Portland, Ore.) 

Coffin, Carleton Gold 

Born Ketchum, Idaho; B. S. in C. E. 1909; 
Mining Engineer. Kellogg, Idaho. 


Colver, Charles William 

Born Missouri Valley, Iowa; B. S. 1909; M. 
S. 1911; First in Scholarship; Assistant Chem- 
ist, Idalio Experiment Station; Joint Author of 
several Idaho Station Bulletins. Morril Ilall, 
University of Idaho; res. 803 Deakin Ave., 
^loscow, Idaho. 

Darwin, Orlando Peyton 

Born Evensville, Rhea Co., Tenn.; LL. B. 
1910 Cumberland Univ.; Philomathean Lit. 
Soc. ; Orator Graduating Class; Pres. Class 
(1909); Member two Intercollegiate Debating 
Teams; Manager Baseball Team; Member of 
Staff Arootiant; Lawyer; Dir. Y. M. C. A.; 
Superintendent First Christian Church Sunday 
School, 1910-15; Sec. World Peace League for 
Tcnn.; Member History Club; Knights of Py- 
thias and Masons. 1324 Hamilton Bank Bldg.; 
res. 40 Clark St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

David, Howard Jamieson 

Born Muscoda, Wis.; B. S. in E. E. 1909; 
With F. A. David and Sons, Moscow, Idaho. 
Moscow, Idaho. 

Fawcett, George Gifford 

Student. (Rush Medical College, Chicago, 

Johnson, Charles Moman, Jr.* 

Born Providence, Utah. Aug. 1, 1885; Nu 
Sigma Nu. d. Aug. 15, 1914, Chicago, 111. 

jee, Frank 

(With Olson and Johnson, Contractors, Mis- 
soula. Mont.) 

Feebler, Raymond Earl 

Born Ozawkie, Kans. ; A. B. 1909; M. D. 1914 
LTniv. of Colo.; Surgeon, Mary Murphy Mine. 
Romley, Colo. 


Edgett, Clarence Mills 

Mining Engineer. (Kokone, B. C.) 

Leonard. William Vernon 

Born Glenn's Ferry, Idaho; B. S. in M. E. 
1910; Kappa Phi A'pha; Pres. Class, 1910; 
Consulting Mining Engineer; Member of Uni- 
versity, Elks and Esperanzo Clubs. Broadway 
and Woodbine Sts., Boise, Idaho. 

Lewis, Evan Gerritt 

Born Orange City, Iowa; B. S. in M. E. 1910; 
English Club; Assistant Chemist, Anaconda 
Copper Mining Co., Anaconda, Mont.; Member 
Montana Club and Arctic Club, White Horse, 
Yukon Ter., Can. 619 W. 6th St., Anaconda, 

Shields. Fred Milton 

(With Moscow Electrical Co., Moscow, Idaho.) 

Wadsworth. Herbert Alonzo 

Born Levviston. Idaho; B. S. Agriculture, 1910; 
B. S. Forestry, 1911: Kappa Phi Alpha; Pres. 
Sophomore Class, 1908: Member University 
Athletic Council, 1909; Cadet Major. Battalion 
of Cadets. 1910: First Lieut., 45th U. S. Inf. 
Care Adjutant-General, U. S. Armv, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 


Babb. Arthur Holton 

Born Portland. Ore.; B. S. in C. E. 1911; 
Teacher; Member Multnomah Club. Multno- 
mah Club, Portland, Ore. 

Brown, Loren Lewis 

(With Warren Construction Co., Victoria, 
B. C.) 

Fenn, Floyd Alfred 

Born Idaho Co., Idaho; B. S. 1911; LL. B. 
1917 Univ. Montana; Attorney. Kooskia, 

Hays. James Buchanan 

Civil Engineering. (Boise, Idaho.) 




Kettenbach, Alfred D. 

Born Lewiston, Idaho; B. S. in C. E. 1911; 
Baseball and Tennis, 4 years; Basketball, 1 
year; Manager, Basketball, 1 year; Engineer, 
Clearwater Highway District. 212 Idaho Trust 
Bldg.; res. 508, 8th St., Lewiston, Idaho. 

Montgomery, James Gordon 

Student. (Rush Medical College, Chicago, 

Small, Rodney Leo 

(With City Engineering Dept., Colfax, Wash.) 

Williams, Elmer Mathue 

Born Bellevue, Idaho; B. S. in M. E. 1911; 
Foreman, North Butte Mining Co. 1255 Far- 
rell St., Butte, Mont. 

Yancey. Birney Charles 

Born Creston, Iowa, Oct. 26, 1883; Alumni 
Assn.; Cashier, Farmers and Mechanics Bank; 
Formerly with Old Natl. Bank, Spokane; 
Member Spokane Athletic Club; Scottish Rite 
Mason and Shriner. Monroe St. and Broad- 
way; res. 1747 W. 11th Ave., Spokane, Wash. 


Armstrong, George Wallace 

Born Genesee, 'Idaho, Dec 30, 1887; Beta 
Kappa Epsilon; Capt. Baseball and Football 
Teams (U. of I. Prep. School); Right End on 
U. of I. Football Team, 1906-08-09; Mining. 
Sunset, Idaho. 

Paris, Orville Alva 

Born Pittsfield, 111.; B. S. in C. E. 1912; Civil 
Engineer. Twin Falls, Idaho. 

Kendall, Frank Clayton 

Born Ludden, N. Dak., March 2, 1888; Alumni 
Assn.; Manager Retail Yard Dept., Potlatch 
Lumber Co.; Member University, Spokane and 
Spokane Athletic Clubs; Arthur D. Jones 
Bldg.; res. 921 W. 17th Ave., Spokane, Wash. 

Marsh, Harry Webb 

Born Moscow. Idaho; Mining Engineer, Ta- 
marack and Custer Consolidated Mining Co.; 
Member Am. Inst. Mining Engineers; Am. 
Chem. and Intermountain Chemico Socs. Day 
Bldg., 5th and Cedar Sts.; res. 3 Bank St., 
Wallace, Idaho. 

Smith, Walter Ray 

Instructor, Monmouth High School. (Mon- 
mouth, 111.) 

Stein, Allan Thiirman 

Law Student, Leland Stanford University. 
(Stanford University, Cal.) 

Walker. Herbert Gibson 

Born St. Joseph, Mo.; Baseball; Mgr. Basket- 
liall; College Dramatic Club; Staff of Argonaut; 
Consulting Mining Engineer. Lovelock, Nev. 


Coffin, Mansford Howard, Jr. 

Born Hailey, Idaho, Nov. 24, 1888; United 
.States Surveyor, General Land Office; Member 
Boise Klks No. 310. Assistant Supervisor of 
Surveys; res. 1010, 13th St., Boise City, Idaho. 

Cornwall, Clyde Francis* 

d. Jan. 6, 1914, .\mes, Iowa. 

Denning, Stewart Kieffer 

Born Canyon City, Grant Co., Ore.; B. S. in 
Forestry, 1913; Phi Delta Theta; Tau Alpha; 
Athletic Council, 1909; Track Team, 1909-12 
(Captain, 1912); 1st Lieut. Cadet Battalion 
(1910); With Panhandle Lumber Co. Spirit 
Lake, Idaho. 

Fix, John Penn 

Born Lewiston, Idaho; Gamma Eta Kappa; 
ARcnt, New York Life Insurance Co.; Prcs., 
Alumni Club; Affiliated with Wash. Alpha 1913. 
312 Ilntton Bldg.; res. University Club, Spo- 
kane, Wash. 

Gray, Hawthorne Charles 

(Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.) 

Parker, Hugh Sibbett 

Born St. Anthony, Idaho; LL. B. 1912; Ranch- 
ing. Stavely, Alberta, Canada. 

Phillips. George Wendell 

Born Sprague, Wash.; English Club; Life In- 
surance; Pres. Gamma Eta Kappa (Lewiston). 
1st Natl. Bank Bldg.. Lewiston. Idaho; res. 601 
Chestnut St., Clarkston, Wash. 

Ruth. Harry Brown 

Born Topeka, Kans.; Basketball; Material En- 
gineer, Canadian Explosives, Ltd.; Member A. 
F. and A. M. Box 343, Victoria, B. C. 

Watts, Charles Edward- 

Born Teaken, Idaho; B. S. 1913; Sigma Xi; 
Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Omega Alpha; Grad. 
Honors; Editor Junior Annual; Fellow in 
Path., IJniv. of Chicago and Student, Rush 
Med. Coll. Ricketts Lab., Univ. of Chicago; 
res. 200 S. Ashland Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Watts, James George, Jr. 

Born Omaha, Neb.; Tau Afpha; Junior Honor- 
ary; Captain-elect Track Team; Townsite 
- Manager, Anchorage Townsite for Alaskan En- 
gineering Commission. Department of Interior, 
Anchorage, Alaska. 


Curtis, Raymond Earl 

Born Otter Tail County, Minn.; Tau Alpha; 
Football (1), (2); Basketball (1), (2), (3), 
Capt. (1); Baseball 1), (2), (3), (4); Athletic 
Board (1), (2); Cashier, Pacific Gas and Elec- 
tric Co.; Member Homo Zoo Club. 316 Mam 
St.; res. 742, 2d St., Chico, Cal. 

Dippel, S. Ralph 

Born Blackfoot, Idaho, Jan. 3, 1891; Baseball; 
Football; Student. North Pacific College of 
Dentistry; res. 195 Union Ave. N., Portland, 

Fawcett, Vernon Porter 

Born Astor, Iowa; Tau Alpha; Grad., High 
Honors; State Seed Analyst. State House, 
Boise, Idaho. 

Gildea, Howard Cecil 

Born Spangle, Spokane Co., Wash.; Football 
and Basketball; Gamma l'2ta Kappa; Lawyer; 
Member Masons and Knights of Pythias. 
Masonic Bldg.; res. 405 C St., McMinnville, 

Leuschel, Otto Hermann 

Born La Salle, 111.; Football Team, left end; 
Basketball forward; Lumberman; Member Pot- 
latch AmSteur Athletic Club. Potlatch, Idaho. 

Lewis, Carl Pierce 

Born Orange City, Iowa; B. S. in Agr. 1914; 
Member Agr. Club, U. of I.; A. and B. Honors; 
Assistant Superintendent Ohio Copper Co.; 
Member Montana Club, Anaconda, Mont.; 
Lark, Utah. 

Mulkey, Marvin Enoch 

Bom Nevada. Mo.; B. S. in M. E. 1914; En- 
gineer. 40U^i Clay St., Portland, Ore. 

Rogers, Palmer David 

Born La Crosse, Wis.; .Scarab; Architect, 
Boyer & Rogers; Author Univ. "Mini" Book 
Washington Univ.; Member Univ. Club; Idaho 
Soc. of .\rchitecls; .Architectural League of 
America; Affiliated Mo. Gamma 1914. 8 
.Sonnenkalb I!ldg. ; res. 426 .S. 9th Ave., 
Pocatcllo, Idaho. 

Smith, Waller Ray 

Born Monmouth, III.; A. B. Monmoulh Coll.; 
"I" Basketball and IVa.seball; Head of .Mathe- 
matics, Terrill School; Member Elks. 4217 
Swiss Ave., Dallas, Tex. 




Soulen, Harry Boone 

Born Portland, Ore.; B. S. in Agr. 1914; Tau 
Alpha: Class A, Honors 14; Varsity Basketball, 
1912-14; C-apt. Varsity Tennis, 1914; Sheep 
Business. Dillon, Mont. 

Thompson, Howard Glover 

Born Superior, Wis.: Broker. 918;-2 Eye St.; 
res. 304 McHenry Ave., Modesto, Cal. 

Whitten. Herbert Walter 

Born Chico, Butte County, Cal., July 3, 1888; 
LL. B. 1913: Prcs. Phi Delta Theta, 1913; Phi 
Alpha Delta; Track Team (1), (2), (3), Capt., 
1913; Glee Cub; Chrmn. Fresh. Glee, Soph. 
Play and Frolic Committees; Lawyer; Pres. 
Homo Zoo Club; Bd. of Directors, Butte 
County Library: Mem. Homo Zoo Club; 
Bd. of Directors, Butte County Library; Mem. 
Elks; Masons. Second St. and Broadway; res. 
742 Second St., Chico, Cal. 


Anderson. ]\Iark 

Born Teton, Idaho; Grazing Examiner in Charge 
of Range Investigations, U. S. Forest Service, 
Intermountain District. Forest Service Bldg. ; 
"The Virginia" Ogden, Utah. 

Cartee. Ross B.* 
Denning. Stephen Louis 

Born Genesee, Idaho; B. S. 1915; Instructor m 
Dairying, University Farm, Univ. of California. 
Davis, Cal. 

Jardine. Arthur Stewart 

Born Great Falls, Mont.; LL. B. 1915; Phi 
Delta Theta; Tau Alpha; Varsity Baseball, 
1912-13; Football, 1913-14; Basketball, 1912-13- 
14; Capt., 1914; Lawyer; Legal Dept. Conrad 
Banking Co. and The Nalier-Montana Land 
and Water Co. 38 Tod Block; res. 901, 2d 
Ave. N., Great Falls, Mont. 

Johnson, Willard Barron 

Born Pipestone, Minn.; Theta Phi and Mace 
Soc. (Lawrence Coll.); Junior-Senior Hon. 
Soc. (Idaho); Sec. Athletic Bd.; Member 
Student Senate; Pres. Class (2); Football Capt. 
(3); All Northwest end; Asst. Football Coach, 
one year: Stock Judging Tearn; Stock Raising. 
Trosky, Pipestone County, Minn. 

Kipp, Roscoe Conkling 

Born Elliott, Iowa; B. S. 1915; Varsity Foot- 
baT. : Baseball: "A" Honors; Assistant Cashier, 
Bank of Winchester, Winchester, Idaho. 

Lockhart, James Andrew 

Born Ellendale, N. Dak.; B. S. in Agr. 1915; 
Tau Alpha; Honors Scholastic, 1914-15; Foot- 
ball, 1913-14; All Northwest team, 1914; Track, 
1913-14; Capt., 1914; Idaho record in hurdles; 
Baseball, 1914; Asst. Coach, 1915; Dairyman; 
Mgr. of Molalla Dairv; Member Multnomah 
Club. Molalla, Ore. 

McDougall, Isaac E. 

(Amer Fall, Idaho.) 

McGregor, Robert Roy 

Born Egan, S. Dak.; Tau Alpha; Stockraiser. 
Caldwell, Idaho. 

Mitchell. Philip Charles 

Born Spokane, Wash., 1890; E. E. 1915; En- 
gineer in charge mine leases, Coeur d'Alene Dis- 
trict. 312 Military Drive, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. 

Montgomery, Edgar Morse 

CVan Wert,' Ohio). 

Morgan, John Titus 

Born Blackfoot, Idaho; Newspaper Reporter. 
Kellogg, Idaho. 

Ostroot. Paul G. 

Born Bradley, S. Dak.; Debating; Office Man- 
ager. Colfax, Wash. 

Peterson, Paul Theodore 

Born DcKalb, 111., Jan. 30, 1892; LL. B. 1915; 
Plii Alpha Delta; Lawyer. Cor. Park Ave. 

ana B St.; res. 129, 6th St., Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

Phillips. John Lloyd 

Born Cheney, Wash.; LL. B. 1915; Tau Alpha; 
Phi Alpha Delta; Capt. F"ootbalI Team; Track; 
Holder of Am. Coll. Record in Joselin Throw; 
Coach and Teacher, Castle Heights, Lebanon, 
Tenn. 223, 26th St., Lewiston, Idaho. 

Rowell, Lyle Marshall 

Born Ruthven, Iowa; Phi Delta Theta; Track 
Cross Country Run; Commercial Art; Secre- 
tary Physical Dept., V. M. C. A. at Boise. 426 
Idaho Bldg.; res. 4th and Garden Sts. on 
Bench, Boise, Idaho. 

Youngs, Homer Smith 

Born Stillman Valley, 111.; B. S. 1917; Phi 
Beta Alpha; Officers Clan; Grad. Honors, 
Class A Honors, 4 yrs.; Pres. Forestry Club; 
Rifle Club; Capt. Cadets; on Bd. Annual; Sec- 
ond Lieutenant, U. S. Army; Grazing Exam., 
U. S. Forest Service, 1914-16; Member Ecologi- 
cal Soc. of America. Army Service School, 
Leavenworth, Kans. 


Betty, Marion Patterson 

Born Crestline, Kans.; LL. B. 1916; Phi Alpha 
Delta; Football Team; Track Team; Class 
Pres., 1914; Winner of Prize for best Drafter, 
Legal Instruments (4); Stock Raising. Hailey, 

Brookhart. Ray Francis 

(Pocatello, Idaho). 

Brown, Theodore Stanley 

Born Palhouse, Wash.; B. S. 1916; Football; 
Capt. (1915-16); 'leaching. Asotin, Wash. 

David, Donald Kirk 

Born Moscow, Idaho; B. A. 1916; Pres. Med. 
Club; Commerce and Economics Assns.; High 
Honors for 4 years; Highest Honors Last year; 
Capt. Tennis; Assistant Director of Extension, 
Univ. of Idaho; Member Moscow Country Club. 
University of Idaho; res. 528, 1st St., Moscow, 

Dingle, Hadley 

(Endicott, Wash.) 

Eaves, David Austin 

Born Lewiston, Idaho; Secretary and Manager 
Investment and Trust Co.; Member Elks and 
Masons. 411 Main St.; res. 631 4th Ave., Lew- 
iston, Idaho. 

Keane, James Joseph 

Born Genesee, Idaho; B. A. 1916; Basketball; 
Baseball; Football; Post Graduate Work; Mem- 
ber Elks. 518 E. 7th St., Moscow, Idaho. 

Morrison, Thomas Samuel, Jr. 

Born Martin, Idaho; B. A. 1916; Secretary and 
Assistant Manager Steptoe Trading Co. Step- 
toe, Wash. 

Shipkey, Carl Albert 

Born Great Falls, Mont.; Salesman, Union Oil 
Co. of Cal. Union Oil Co., Santa Ana; re«. 
184 S. Cypress St., Orange, Cal. 

Sieler, Victor 

Born Scotland, S. D., 1893; Automobiles; 
With Seeler Auto Co.; Member Alumni Assn.; 
Affiliated Ore. Alpha 1916. 1017 Sprague Ave.; 
res. 232 W. C'.eveland .^ve., Spokane, Wash. 

Turnbow, Grover Dean 

Born Palouse, Wash.; B. S. Agr. 1916; M. S. 
A. 1917; Gamma Sigma Delta; Instructor, 
Amos, Iowa. Palouse, Wash. 

West. James Everett 

Born" Moscow, Idaho; LL. B. 1916; Varsity 
Football; Associate Justice of Bench and Bar 
Assn. of Univ. of Idaho Law School; Lawyer 




and Insurance; Member of Elks; Alpha Zeta 
Alpha and Phi Chi. 2d floor of Lewiston 
National Bank Bldg. ; res. 223 Prospect Ave., 
Lewiston, Idaho. 


Ankcorn, Charles Morris 

Born Palouse, Wash.; Basketball; Track Teams; 
2d Lieut. 10th U. S. Infantry; Affiliated Ohio 
Zeta 1919. 90 W. 10th Ave., Columbus, Ohio; 
res. Palouse, Wash. 

Barger, Harold Bertram 

Born Liberty Center, Iowa; Phi Delta Theta; " 
Class B Honors (2); Varsity Baseball; Capt. 
Baseball; Member Athletic Bd. ; Student. 808 
Ash St., Moscow, Idaho. 

Bedwell, Jesse Leonard 

Born Grand Junction, Colo.; B. S. (Forestry) 
1917; Phi Beta Alpha; Treas Class (2); Sec- 
Treas. Associated Foresters; Forest Ranger, 
Weiser National Forest. Care U. S. Forest 
Service, Weiser, Idaho. 

Dingle, William Bertram 

Born St. Austell, Cornwall, England; Phi 
Alpha Delta; Varsity Track and Football 
Teams; Debating Team; Student. 930, 5th St., 
Creur d'Alene, Idaho. 

Greene, Ralph Edward 

Born Superior, Wis.; Scholarship Honors, 
191314; Scholarship Award and Honors, Har- 
vard University; Student; Asst. in English 
Dept. Phi Delta Theta House, Moscow, Idaho. 

Groninger, Robert Roy 

Bnrn P*rt Royal, Pa.; B. S. in Agr. 1917; 
Sheathed Hammer Club; Football, 4 years; 
Athletic Board (3 and 4); Treas. Class (3); 
Pres. Class (4); Mgr. Gem of the Mountains, 
1917; \".-Pres. Agricultural Club (3 and 4); 
Student. 808 Ash St., Moscow, Idaho. 

Hays, Samuel Dent 

Born Boise, Idaho; LL. B. 1917; Phi Alpha 
Delta; Sheathed Hammer Club; Mandolin Club; 
Football, 4 yrs. ; Capt., 4th yrs. ; Basketball 
(4); Tennis, 4 yrs., Capt., 4th yr.; Assoc. 
Justice, Bench and Bar Assn. of tJniv. of 
Idaho; Lawyer. Boise City National Bank 
Bldg.; res. 612 Franklin St., Boise, Idaho. 

Henry, Vernon Lowell* 

Born St. Ansgar, Iowa; B. A. 1917; Bus. 
Mgr. Glee Club; Pres. Economics Club. d. 
April 8, 1917, Boise, Idaho. 

Lommasson, Thomas 

Born Colfax, Wash.; Phi Beta Alpha; Track; 
Basketball; Football; Glee Club; Student; U. 
S. Forest Service; Mem. Assoc. Foresters' Club. 
808 Ash St., Moscow, Idaho; res. 323 Mill St., 
Colfax, Wash. 

McCormick, Joe Clifford 

Born Kirbyville, Mo.; B. S. 1917; Sec. -Treas. 
Univ. of Idaho Branch A. I. M. E., 1915-17; 
Class B Honors, 1917; Varsity Football, 1915; 
Engineer. Jarbridge, Ncv. 

McDougall, Harry O. 

(Pocatcllo, Idaho). 

Owens. Charles Hayden 

Born Berry, 111.; LL. B. 1917; Phi Alpha 
Delta; Class "B" Honors; Football and Base- 
ball; 2nd Lieutenant U. S. Army. 1021 Harri- 
son .St., Boise, Idaho. 

Safiey, James Clifford 

Born Tipton, Iowa; Editor Telegraph; Editor 
Maine Daily Disfatch since 1914; .Sec. Tri- 
City Pr(S)« Club, 1915-16; Reporter Idaho Daily 
6'tatcsma)i, Boise, 1912; Promotion Work for 
State of Idaho, Idaho Bureau of Immigration, 
Labor ancl Statistics, 1912; Reporter Davenport 
Democrat (Iowa), 1911; Author of various 
magazine articles; Chapters in "The Dawn of 
Plenty" published by Idaho .State Bureau of 

Immigration, Labor and Statistics, 1912 and 
articles printed in various newspapers over a 
period of seven years; Member Tri-City Press 
Club and B. P. O. E. Moline Daily Dispatch; 
res. 2003, ISth St., Moline, 111. 


Brockman, Earl Hugo 

Born Rushville, Nebr. ; Baseball; Student. 740 
E. Commercial St., Weiser, Idaho. 

Crawford, Gray don 

(Jordan \^alley, Idaho). 

Eagleson, Donald 

(Boise, Idaho). 

Erb, Frederick Charles 

(Lewiston, Idaho). 

Everly, Ronald E. 

(Nampa, Idaho). 

Jones, Ralph 

(Nezperce, Idaho). 

Manhard, Mitchell 

(Waterloo, Iowa). 

Poe, Ernest 

(Moscow, Idaho). 

Shields, Lewis 

("Spokane, Wash.) 

Sieler, Sigmund 

(Spokane, Wash.) 

Wade, Lorentz George 

Born Oakesdale, Wash.; Honors, 1916; Athletic 
Bd., 1916; Baseball, 1915-16; On Scholarship 
Com.; Farmer. Box 285, Moscow, Idaho. 

Youngs, Francis Ogden 

Born Stillman Valley, 111.; "A" Honors in 
Scholarship; Member Co. "B" Idaho Infantry. 
253, 5th Ave. N., Twin Falls, Idaho. 


Blackmer, Lawrence 

Born Oak Park, 111.; Agricultural Club; Base- 
ball and Basketball (1), (2); Stringed Orches- 
tra; Freshman Dramatics; Orchestra; Assistant 
Cashier, Hales & Edwards Grain and Feed Co., 
Chicago; Member Oak Park (111.) Club. 327 
S. La Salle St., Chicago; res. 128 Wesley Ave., 
Oak Park. Til. 

Bohn. Wilbur Harrison Smith 

Born Edwardsville, 111.; Grad. Castle Heights 
School (Modern Language Course); Track; 
Winner Junior Natl. A. A. U. Championship 
in Discuss, St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 31, 1917; 
Member .'\tlas Club, Am. School of Osteopathy; 
Student, .\m. School of Osteopathy, Kirksville, 
Mo. 302 S. Elson St., Kirksville, Mo.; res. 
Edwardsville, 111, 

Breshares, Ralph Raymond 

Born Caldwell, Idaho; Chi Delta (Drake 
Univ.); Debate; Football and Baseball; Busi- 
ness Mgr., College Paper; Student; Pres. of 
Chapter. 808 Ash St., Moscow, Idaho. 

Clements, Verner Reed 

(Boise, Idaho). 

Fohl, Charles O. 


(Spokane. Wash.) 

ennings, Talbot Lanham 

(Nampa. Idaho). 

Keane, Francis Clayton 

(Moscow, Idaho). 

Kendall, Homer Bower 

Born Owatonna, Minn., 1895; Alumni Assn.; 
.\uditor for Pot'atch Lumber Co.; Mem. 
Amateur Athl. Club; 2d Lieut., Reserve Offi- 
cers' Corps. Arthur D. Jones JBldg. ; res. 921 
W. 17th Ave., Spokane, Wash. 




S. National 


McCarthy. Walter Taylor 

(Anaconila, Mom.) 

McEaclieni. William Cameron 

(Cociir d'Alcne, Idaho.) 

McCiirr. llorace Donald 

Born Wall Lake. Iowa; Officer U 
Army. l\2\ OTarrdl St.. Boise, 

Nusbaum, Keith Westbrook 

Born Peabody, Kans. ; Glee Club; 
Univ. of Wash. Enimett, Idaho. 

Ostroot, Conrad Lyman 

(.Moscow, Idaho). 

Parr, Ano^ust Clav 

(Colfax, Wash.) 

Strum, Odin Marcus 

(Firmwood, Idaho). 

Stubbs, Robert Kirk 

(Boise, Idaho). 

Wade. Jesse Waitman 

Born Oak-esdale, Wash.; Student. 808 Ash St 
Moscow, Idaho. 


Broxon, Paul 

Student. Boise. Idaho. 

Denecke, William 

Born Casper, Wyo.; Student. Ritchfield, Idaho. 

Fallquist, George Elmer 

Born Cokato, Minn.; Student. 937 W. 6th St., 
Moscow, Idaho. 

Hamilton, Gerard 

Student. New Plymouth, Idaho. 

Lewis, Maris Vaughn 

Born Orange City, Iowa; Attending U. S. 
Naval Academy. Moscow, Idaho. 

Thompson, Ray 

Born Washington, D. C; Varsity Football, 
1915-17; Capt., Freshman Track, 1917; Student 
Secretary of Chapter 1917. 1602 N. 14th St... 
Boise, Idaho. 


Chartered February 13, 1859 


EvANSTON, Illinois 


Goodrich, Horace Atwater 

Born Chicago, III.; Hinman Lit. Soc; Real 
Estate; Trustee, Sec. and Treas. First M. E. 
Church of Chicago; Dir. Illinois State Bank. 
25 N. Dearborn St.; res. 522 Deming Place, 
Chicago, 111. 

Kidder, Henrv Martyn 

Ph. B. 1859. (Board of Trade, 304 Rialto Bldg,. 
Chicago; res. 1705 Lincoln St., Evanston, 111.) 


Beggs, George West* 

A. M.; M. D.; Physician and Surgeon, d. 
April 10, 1906, Sioux City, Iowa. 

Lord, William Alexander 

Born Rochester, N. Y., Aug. 31, 1838; A. 

B. 1860; Charter Member; Hinman Debating 
Soc; Retired; Served in the U. S. Army as 
Officer, 1861-65; Capt. Co. H..14th 111. Cavalry 
Volunteers; Breveted to Major U. S. Vols, for 
Gallantry in Campaign from Chattanooga to 
.\tlanta; On Staff Mai. General Stoneman, 
Commanding Cavalry Corps, Army of Ohio; 
Maj. General Schofield's Staff as Aidede-Camp, 
untii close of War, July 31, 1865; Breveted to 
Rank of Brig. General; One of Paroling Officers 
of Southern Army in North Carolina; Practiced 
Law for 10 yrs. after war. 100 E. 65th St., 
Seattle, Wash. 

Plimpton, Homer Alured* 

Born North East, Erie Co., Pa.; A. B. 1860 
Hinman Lit. Soc; Private Co. G, 39th 111 
Volunteers, re-enlisted as Veteran, Jan. 1, 1861 
1st Lieut., Oct. 29, 1864; Capt. Dec. 5, 1864 
Major, May 11, 1865; Lieut. Col. June 6 
1865; Mustered out as Major, May 11, 1865 
Internal. Revenue Dcpt., Chicago, 1865-80; Sec 
Perris (Cal.) Irrigation Dist. d. Dec. 20, 1914 

Raleigh. William Henrv Harrison 

Horn Dorchester County, Md.; Ph. B. 1860; Re- 
tired; Prominent in Politics and Business; Es- 
tablished largest Law Agency in Baltimore 
which was destroyed by fire in 1904- Left Col- 
l<Ke tf> join the .Southern cause and fought 
throughout the war; Served in Carter's Batta- 
lion of Artillery under Genl. Stonewall Jack- 
son. Mt. Royal Apartments, Baltimore, Md. 

Stewart. Hart Le Luch* 

A. B. 1860; .\. M.; Charter Member, d. Feb. 
15. 186y, Kvansit.n, III. 


P.nnvn, Finley* 

d. Jan. 9, 1900, Chicago, 111. 

Cook, George Lauman* 

d. Chicago, 111. 

Haney, James William* 

. .\. M. 1861; D. D. d. 1900, Galva, III. 


Botsford, Bennet Buchman* 

Ph. B. 1862. d. 1899, Chicago, 111. 

Foster, Orrington Crews 

Born Chicago^ 111.; A. B. 1862; Alpha Nu; 
Retired. 1401 Dearborn Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Simpson, Charles Henry* 

d. March 15, 1868, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Smith, Charles Edward* 

d. 1900, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Page, John Henry* 

Retired Brigadier General, U. S. Army. d. 
June 23, 1905, Chicago, 111. 

Page, William Robertson* 

LL. B. 1863; A. M.; Lawyer, d. June 23,. 
1905, Chicago, 111. 

Parker, Fletcher Andrew 

Born Lodi, iMcdina County, Ohio; Grad. in 
Music, Boston Music School ; Emeritus Pro- 
fessor of Music, Univ. of Wisconsin; Hon- 
orary Pres. Wisconsin Music Teachers' Assn.; 
Private, Cliicago Mercantile Battery, 1862-64; 
First Senior Lieut., U. S. Heavy Artillery, 
Corps d' Afrique, 1864; Assoc. Editor IViscon- 
sin Music Teacher; Member University Club. 
Music Hall, University of Wisconsin; res. 14 
W. Oilman St., Madison, Wis, 


?Iitt, Arza Brown* 

Born Chicago, 111. d. Jan. 30th, 1916. 

Thompson, Frank G.* 

d. April 23,-1890, Denver, Colo. 

Walker, William* 

d. .Sycamore, 111. 


11 iU, Isaac Reynolds, Jr. 

Horn Chicago, I'l.; B. S. 1888 and M. S. 1894; 
1-L. B 1894 Kent College of Law; Chapter 
I'res.; Province Prcs.; Delegate to Phi Delta 
Theta National Conventions; Trcas. of Genl. 
Council 1891-94; Delegate World's Congress of 
Frats.; Prcs. ITinnian Lit. .Soc; Capt. Football; 
Ed. and Mgr. The Northwestern; One of the 
Organizers of The Press; Reorganized 111. 
Alpha Chapter; Lawyer; U. S. Commissioner 
Dist. of Columbia; Cmnpiler of Internal Rev- 
enue Laws, 1900 and Legacy Tax Laws; 
Founder University Club of Wash., D. C; 
Member .Alumni Assns. of Cliicago and Wash., 
D. C; Pres. Bd. of Trustees Calvary M. E. 
Church; Pres. Northwestern University Club; 
Member University fEvanston, 111.) Club; 
Masons; Knights Templar; Sliriners and Sons 
of Am. Revolution. Maryland Bldg., 1410 H 
St. N. W.: res. 1334 Columbia Rd. N. W., 
Washington, D. C. 





Alberton. Charles Carrol 

Pnstor Central Presbyterian Churcli. (353 
Oxford St., Rochester, N. Y.) 

Carr. Clvde Mitchell 

Born Will County, 111., July 7. 1869; Mer-; Pres. Joseph T. Rycrson & Son; Dir. 
Chicago Great Western R. R.; Corn Exchange 
Natl. Bank; Trustee Art Institute of Chicago; 
Pres. Orchestral Assn., Chicago Plan Commis- 
sion; Member Am. Iron and Steel Institute; 
Commercial (Pres., 1')12-13), Chicago, Onwent- 
sia (Pres., 1912-14), University, Cliff Dwellers, 
Princeton, Saddle and Cycle, Wayfarers and 
Racquet and Tennis (Xew York) Clubs. 2558 
W. 16th St., Chicago; res. Lake Forest, 111. 

Fawcett, M. Edward 

Born New Hartford, Iowa; A. M. 1889; Ph. D. 
1893; D. D. 1904; Capt. First Football Team; 
Bishop Diocese of Ouincy; Author Pater Noster 
and other sermons; Member of University 
(Chicago), Galesburg (111.) and Rotary Clubs. 
7th and Hampshire Sts.; res. 1661 Jersey St., 
Quincy, 111. 

Greene, EYorts Boutell 

Born Kobe, Japan; A. B. 1890 Harvard; A. M. 
1891 and Ph. D. 1893 do; Phi Beta Kappa; 
.\delphic Lit Soc. Scholarship, Harvard Col- 
lege; Professor of History, Univ. of Illinois; 
Dean College of Lit. and Arts; Pres. Bd. of 
Trustees, 111. Historical Library; Sec. of 
Council Am. Historical Assn.; Member 111. 
Centennial Commission; Author of "The Pro- 
vincial Governor in the English Colonies of 
North America;" "The Government of Illinois;" 
"Provincial Government;" Member Am. His- 
torical Assn.; Corresponding Member Chicago 
and Minnesota Historical Socs.; Colonial Soc. 
of Mass.; Fellow Royal Historical Soc. 315 
Lincoln Hall, Urbana, III.; res. 1011 South 
Wright St., Champaign, 111. 

Howell, Harold Rivers 

Born Millbrook, Canada; B. S. 1889; Football; 
Fire Insurance. 7th and Grand Sts.; res. 630, 
41st St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Parker, Grant Bement 

Initiated by Iowa Alpha 1886. 

Waugh, Frederick Coe* 

Broker, d. April 8, 1916, Washington, D. C. 


Barnes, George Oldfield 

B. S. 1890. (Washburn. 111.) 

Clark, William Anthony 

A. B. 1890; Sec. to the Commissioner of Health. 
(353 W. 17th St., New York, N. Y.) 

Hanley, Henry Lynne 

Born Paxton, 111.; Corporation Lawyer; Mem- 
ber Union League; Flossmoor Country and 
Quadrangle Clubs; Indiana Soc. of Chicago; 
Chicago Bar Assn. 10 S. LaSalle St.; res. 5810 
Blackstone Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Sherman. Frank Parmelee Granger 

(Des Plaines, 111.) 


Green, David Frisbee 

Initiated by 111. Delta 1889. 

Henson, Horace 

Born Philadelphia, Pa.; Varsity Baseball 
Scorer 1889; Auditing of Disbursements Dept. 
I. C. R. R. Room 400 Central Station, I. C. 
R. R. ; res. 1249 Winnemac Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Spalding, John Dudley 

(Oshkosh, Wis.) 

Sutton, Stanley Thompson 

Born Paxton, 111.; Attorney. Hammond, 111. 


Buxton, Benjamin Clift 

(Wood Crest Farm, Barrington, 111.) 

Clark. Mills Forrest 

M. D.; Physician. (Princeton, 111.) 

Griffith, Herbert Eugene 

Initiated by 111. Epsilon 1887. 

Harris, Ralph Asa 

Born Ottawa, Kans.; Publisher. 106-108 Main 

St.; res. 424 Kim St., Ottawa, Kans. 

Newcomb, George Edgar* 

d. Atchinson, Kans. 


Davis, Paul Tinsman 

Lawyer. (100 Griswold St., Detroit, Mich.) 

Draper, Frank Burke 

Initiated by Mich. Gamma 1902. 

Jackson, Carl De Witt 

Born Evanston, 111.; A. B. 1894 Harvard; Chair- 
man Railroad Commission of Wisconsin. Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Jarvis, Horace Harper 

Born Cortland, N. Y.; BasebaJl; Football; 
Lumberman; Sec.-Treas. Edwards and Brad- 
ford Lumber Co. 1506-4th St.; res. IIOS Jen- 
nings St., Sioux City, Iowa. 


Campbell, Charles Bishop 

Initiated by Ind. Zeta 1894. 

Canfield, Daniel Davis 

A. B. 1894; Methodist Clergyman. (530, 4th 
St., Marietta, Ohio.) 

Clarkson, Matthew Alexander 

Born Morristown, N. J.; Ph. B. 1894; Lawyer 
and Miller. Winfield, Kans. 

Kinnear, Ritchey Means 

Lawyer. Sullivan Block; (res. 120 Thomas St., 
Seattle, Wash.) 

Paine, Bayard Henry 

Born near Painesville,^Ohio; B. S. 1894; Edi- 
tor Syllabus, 1894; Lawyer, Judge, Eleventh 
Judicial District; Scottish Rite Mason 32d 
Degree; Shriner. 1^ Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 
709 W. 2d Ave., Grand Island, Nebr. 

Young, Abner Tyler 

Initiated by 111. Delta 1893. 


Daniel, Harry Randolph 

Born Fort Wayne, Ind.; Publisher Fashion 
Art Magazine. 30 N. Michigan Ave.; res. 
1360 N. Dearborn St., Chicago 111. 

Griswold, William Edson 

Initiated by Wis. Alpha 1894. 

Haven, Fred Stuart 

Born New Lenox, 111.; Ph. B. 1895; LL. B. 
1897; Euphronia Lit. Soc.; Delta Chi; Editor-in- 
Chief The Northwestern; Lawyer and Land 
Owner. 1001 W. University Ave., Champaign, 

Jones, William Kidd 

Printer. (24 E. Wheeling St., Washington, 

Lewis, Ralph Percy 

Actor; Triangle Film Corporation. New York; 
(7458 Normal Ave., Chicago, 111.) 

Smyth, Winfield Scott, Jr. 

Assistant Manager; Affiliated Cal. Beta 1897. 
(D. C. Heath and Co., 623 S. Wabash Ave.; 
res. 6807 Lakewood Ave., Chicago, 111.) 




Taft, Jesse Winslow. 

Born Whitewater, Wis.; M. D. 1897; Nu Sigma 
Nu; Physician. 509 Dunbar Ave., Waukesha, 

Warfield, Robert Henry 

(Home Telephone Co., Portland, Ore.) 

Williams, Wilbur Hersliel 

Writer. (Edison Park, 111.) 


Dixon, John Arthur* 

Land Investment Co.; Sec. New Orleans Nether- 
land Co. d. Oct. 23, 1912, Chicago, 111. 

Ellis, Frederick Charles 

Born Chicago, 111.; A. B. 1896; Lawyer; 1st 
111. Cavalry, 1898; Member City Club; Law In- 
stitute; Lawyers' Assn. 154 W. Randolph St.; 
res. 1629 Warren Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Gillette, Fred William 

Ph. B. 1896; Radiator and Heating Plant. 
(Napoleon, Ohio.) 

Kay, Wendell Palmer 

Born Watseka, 111.; B. S. 1891; LL. B. 1899 
Chicago Coll. of Law; Deru; Pres. Univ. Assn.; 
Captain Track Team; Pres. Indoor Athletic 
Assn.; Lawyer; Mayor of Watseka, 111.; Mas- 
ter in Chancery, Circuit Court 12th Judicial 
District; Member Iroquois Club; Watseka Com- 
mercial Assn. Citizens' State Bank Bldg. ; res. 
538 E. Locust St., Watseka, Iroquois Co., 111. 

Miller, Sumner Marcy 

Born Farmer City, 111.; A. B. 1896; M. D. 1899; 
Deru; Nu Sigma Nu; Surgeon; Pres. Peoria 
Assn. for Prevention of Tuberculosis; Pres. 
Peoria Chapter Am. Red Cross; Pres. Peoria 
Alumni Chapter; Phi Delta Theta; Member 
University, Peoria Automobile and Creve Coeuf 
Clubs. 516 Jefferson Bldg.; res. 123 Randolph 
Ave., Peoria, 111. 

Mitchell, Francis Joseph Ross 

Born Paris, 111.; A. B. 1896; A. M. and LL. B. 
1899; Deru; Glee Club; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Delta Chi; Mgr. Glee, Banjo and Mandolin 
Clubs 1895-97; Football and Baseball Teams; 
Treas. Pan-Hellenic Committee, 1896; Winner 
Lawyers Coop Publishing Co. Prize for Best 
Thesis, 1898; Edward Thompson Prize, 1899; 
Lawyer; Sec. Genl. Council 1904; Pres., 1904- 
06; Recorder 1906-11; .Author of Articles in 
Law Journals on Institutional and Corporation 
Law; Member R. A. M.; Evanston and Spring 
Lake (Mich.) Countrv Clubs; Chicago Bar 
Assn.; Phi Delta Theta Club of Chicago 
(Pres.) 30 N. La Salle St., Chicago, 111.; res. 
2210 Hartzell St., Evanston, III. 

Morris, Herbert 

(32 N. Traub A^ve., Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Pendleton, Edward Thompson 

Born Burlington, Kans. ; A. B. 1896; M. D. 
1899; Physician and Surgeon; Pres. Bd. of 
Educ; Asst. County Physician; Member Am., 
Kansas State and Franklin Co. Med. Assns. 
Wcllsvillc, Kans. 

Powell, Jjruce Borthwick 

(1026, 1st Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 6618 Minerva 
Ave., Chicago, III.) 

Reimers, Charles Dietrich 

Initiated by Iowa Beta 1894. 


Conner, John Wesley Kidjii^way 

Born Crisficld, Md.; A. B. 1897; Deru; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Pres. Senior Class; Treasurer H. 
T. Holtz and Co. 39 S. La Salle St.; res. 9757 
Prospect Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Fowler, Theodore Melvin* 

d, April 3, 1912, Chicago. IlL 

Hutchins, Edwin Stevens* 

Ph. B. 1897; M. D. d. Oct. 28, 1908, Spokane, 

Jones, Grant* 

d. June 19, 1903, Battle Lake, Wyo. 

McCasky, Frank Woodford 

Born Chicago, II!., June 16, 1876; A. B. 
1897; Alumni Assn.; Sec. Chicago Alumni; 
Capt. Tennis Team, 1896-97; Tennis Cham- 
pion, 1895-96; General Insurance; Pres. Frank 
W. McCasky and Co., Inc.; General Agent 
Travelers Insurance Co. of Hartford for East- 
ern Wash, and Northern Idaho; Member Uni- 
versity and Spokane Tennis Clubs. 209 Sher- 
wood Bldg.; res. 709 W. 22d Ave., Spokane, 

Moench, Georg'e Edward 

Initiated by Mich. Gamma 1897. 

Stewart, Charles Allen 

Real Estate. (1580 Sherman Ave.; res. 2129 
Central St., Evanston, 111.) 


Allen, Clay 

Born Erie, Kans., Aug. 23, 1875; B. L. 1898; 
Football, Baseball ad Tenis Teams; Lawyer; 
U. S. Attorney, 1913-17; Adjutant 22d Kans. 
Vols. Spanish-Am. War; Member Masonic Blue 
Lodge- College and Commercial Clubs. Fed- 
eral Bldg.; res. Ferry Hotel, Seattle, Wash. 

Conner, William Henry 

A. B. 1898. (Gilbert, Minn.) 

Mitchell, Mott Payton 

Ph. B.; Methodist Clergyman. (Redondo 
Beach, Cal.) 

Moore, Fred Gushing 

B. E. M. 1898; Mining. (Boise, Idaho.) 

Noble, Robert Avery 

Initiated by Ind. Beta 1898. 


Buntain, Cassius M. Clay 

Born Momence, 111., Oct. 15, 1876; A. B. 1899; 
A. M. and LL. B. 1902; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Phi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Deru; Order 
of the Coif; Trig Cremation Orator; Chrmn. 
Pan Hellenic Assn.; Leader Junior Prom.; 
Member Junior Play Committee and Cast; 
Rogers Debating Club Team; Cleveland Decla- 
mation and Lyman J. Gage Debate Contestant; 
Lawyer; Vice-Pres. Am. State and Savings 
Bank; Member Masons; Elks; Rotary Club. 
401-402 Cobb Bldg.; res. 1000 S. Wildwood 
Ave., Kankakee, 111. 

Cooke, Andrew 

Born Waukegan, HI.; A. B. 1899; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Attorney; Municipal and Corporation 
Law and Finance; Member City Mid-day (New 
York), Mid-day and University Clubs; Chicago 
Bar Assn. 39 S. La Salle St., Chicago; res. 409 
Water St., Waukcgan, 111. 


Brown, Joseph Wesley 

Born Lithopolis, Ohio; M. D. 1905; Physician; 
Affiliated Iowa Beta 1905. Room 7, Madgett 
Block; res. 307 K. 7th St., Hastings, Nebr. 

Marble, Henrv Ward 

Born Ilobart, Jnd., 1878; Farmer and Banker; 
President Bank of Whcatficld ; County Com- 
missioner, Jasper County; Member A. A. S. 
R.; Knights of Pythias: A. A. O. N. M. S. 
(Indianapolis). Wlieatfield, Ind. 

Moore, George Elmer 

(Belle Ave., 'lliKhiand Park. III.) 

Sturgeon, Rilliti .Summers 

B S. 1900; LL. B.; Lawyer. (1043, 19th St., 
Rock Island, 111.) 




Webb, Francis John 

Born Potosi, Wis.; Thcta Nu Epsilon; General 
Manager XortluTii Ore Mines, Republic Iron 
and Steel Co. ; President Lake Superior Tax 
Assn.; Member Kitchi (lanimi, Northland 
Country and nuluth P.oat Clubs. 812 Fidelity 
Bldg.; res. 20_'0 Woodland .\ve., Duluth, Minn. 


Case, Charles Center, Jr. 

Born Boone County, 111.; LL. B. 1903; Phi 
Delta Phi: Assistant State Attorney and Ex- 
Otficio County Attorney, Cook County, 111.; 
Member Lincoln Park Lodge 711, A. F. & A. 
M.; Oriental Consistory 52"; Mystic Shrine; 
Lakeside Chapter, O. E. S.; Harvard, Mystic 
Athletic and Iroquois Clubs; German Club of 
Chicago: American Bar, Illinois State Bar and 
Chicago Bar Assns. 507 Countv Bldg. and 106 
N. La Salle St.; res. 4828 Kenmore Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Hammett, Edward, Jr. 

Traveling Salesman. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 

Lloyd, Alfred Tennyson 

Born Scranton, Pa.; 'A. B. 1901; Theta Nu 
Epsilon; Deru; Tennis Champion (Singles); 
Capt. Tennis Team; Winner Harris Prize of 
$100; President and Manager Lloyd Advertis- 
ing Co.; Former President Dallas Advertising 
League; Dir. Security National Bank; Member 
Dallas Chamber of Commerce; Rotary, Har- 
vard (ex-Pres.) and Dallas Country Clubs. 
2112 Cabell St.; res. 3519 Cedar Springs Rd., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Phelps. Frank Weslev 

M. D. 1901. (Central B'ldg., Seattle, Wash.) 

Seek. Claude Harrv 

(With Rockford Watch Co.; res. 517 N. 2nd 
St., Rockford, III.) 

Skiles, Aubrey Matson* 

d. Washington, D. C. 

Tomy, Cornelius Devan - 

Born Fairfield, Iowa; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Clothier; Member Knights Templar. Kent St.; 
res. Bridge St., Portland, Mich. 

Wheat, Herbert Thomas 

Electrician, W^estern Electric Co. (Chicago, 



Allyn, Earle Kinsell 

Born Mt. Ayr, Iowa; County Treasurer, Ring- 
gold, Iowa; Affiliated Wis. Alpha 1903. Mt. 
Ayr, Iowa. 

Baird, Malcolm 

Born Evanston, III.; A. B. 1902; Deru; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Received Track "N"; Local Man- 
ager B. F. Goodrich Co. Third and Walnut 
Sts., S. E.; res. McKinley Hotel, Canton, Ohio. 

Brown, Irwin Ritchie 

Hardware. (Lebanon, Ind.) 

Crawford. Wilson Martin 

Born Columbus Grove, Ohio; Deru; Cashier 
The Exchange Bank. Columbus Grove, Ohio. 

De Montcourt, Albert Louis 

(Samuel Hastings Grain Co., Cairo, 111.) 

Ferris, Harold Gano 

Initiated by W'is. Alpha 1901. 

Grayston, Wallace Slack 

M. D. 1904; Physician. 303 E. Market St., 
Huntington, Ind. 

Keller, David H. 

D. D. S. 1902; Dentist. (320 Fifth Ave., New 
York, N. Y. ; res. 1 N. Arlington Ave., East 
Orange, N. J.) 

Xiles. Sydney Cleveland 

Initiated by Wis. Alpha 1902. 

Scheiner. Frank Harry 

Ph. B. 1902; LL. B.; Lawyer. (124 N. Fifth 
St., Oklahoma City, Okla.) 

Uhris^, Thomas John* 

Warfield, Myles Standish • 

(N. W^ Halsey & Co. Monroe St.; res. 10300 
Longwood Ave., Chicago, 111.) 

Weese, Harry Ernest 

Initiated by Ind. Zeta 1897. 


Blair, Ellwood Verne* 

d. April 12, 1909, Springfield, 111. 

Kinney, Elmer Platte 

Born Mt. Carroll, Carroll County, III.; Farm- 
ing; Member Public School Bd. ; Past Master 
Cyrus, No. 188, F. & A. M.; Past Commander 
Long Commandery, No. 60; Member A. A. O. 
N. M. S. (Rockford, 111.) ; Mt. Carroll, 111. 


Allen, Harry Irwin 

Born Summitville, HI.; B. S. 1904; LL. B.; 
Phi Delta Phi; Deru; Varsity Football, 1901- 
04; Captain 1904; Lawyer; Member Westmore- 
land Country Club. 208 S. LaSalle St., Chi- 
cago; res. 2303 Park Place, Evanston, III. 

Green, John Albert 

Born' Shullsburg, W'is.; M. D. 1906; Theta 
Nu Epsilon; Nu Epsilon Nu; Physician and 
Surgeon. WiP.iam Brown Bldg.; res. 818 N. 
Court St., Rockford, 111. 

Harker, Herbert Leonard 

Born Shullsburg, Wis.; B. S. 1904; Invest- 
ment Securities; Member firm P. W. Chapman 
& Co. ; Member University and Skokie Country 
Clubs. P. W. Chapman & Co., 126 W. Mon- 
roe St., Chicago; res. 2315 Harrison St., 
Evanston, 111. 

Hollister, Francis Hiel 

(General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y.) 

Keeley, William Mort 

Born Washington, Iowa; LL. B. 1904 Univ. of 
Chicago; Lawyer. 208 W. Washington St.; 
res. 513 S. Iowa Ave., W'ashington, Iowa. 

Miller, Charles Righter 

Born St. Joseph, 111.; Insurance and Loans. 
Room 3 Riggs Block; res. Cor. 7th and Harri- 
son Sts., Charleston, 111. 

Murphy, Edward James 

B. S. 1904; LL. B.; Lawyer. 

Stoll, James Hamilton*' 

d. Nov. 8, 1903, Rogers Park, 111. 


Baird, Robert Wilson 

A. B. 1905. (Wis. Trust Co., 706 Prospect 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.) 

Blu, Elmer Francis 

Born Mi'.ford, 111.; B. S. 1905; Theta Nu 
Epsi'.on; Deru; Lawyer; Member firm Crass- 
weller, Crassweller & Blu; Member Commercial, 
Boat and Curling Clubs. 230 W. Superior St.; 
res. 1519 E. 2d St., Duluth, Minn. 

Mattison, Robert Spencer 

Born Dixon, 111.; A. B. 1906; Salesman, United 
Agency. 1024 Wabash Ave., Chicago; res. 718 
Clark St., Evanston, 111. 

Murdock, Max 

Born Streator, 111.; A. B. 1905; LL. B. 1905; 
Delta Chi; Mathematischer Verein (Heidel- 




berg); Lawyer; Exec. Sec. of Streator Com- 
mercial Assn.; Pres. Zeta North Province of 
Phi Delta Theta; Member Hamilton Club 
CChicago); Mystic Shrine; Knights Templar; 
Elks; Streator Club. 208 E. Main St.; res. 
Ill Tenth St., Streator, 111. 

Vollmer, Winfred William 

(227 Wisconsin St., Milwaukee, Wis.) 

Wakeman. Olin A. 

B. S. 1905; Salesman. (1145 N. Main St., 
Rockford, 111.) 

Weese, Joseph Roscoe 

Real Estate. (Lewiston, Okla.) 

Willson, R[oyal] Andrew 

Born Tallula. 111.; B. S. 1905; LL. B. 1907; 
Phi Delta Phi; Bonds, Continental and Com- 
mercial Trust and Savings Bank; Member 
University and Evanston Golf Clubs; Bond 
Men's (Tlub of Chicago; Chicago Bar and III. 
State Bar Assns. 208 S. La Salle St., Chicago; 
res. 1228 Hinman Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Wolff, John Frederick 

B. S. 1905. (Western Electric Co. New York, 
N. v.; res. 5909 Cedar St., Chicago, 111.) 


Armstrong', Christopher Lawrence 

Born Preemption, 111., June 30, 1879; Hin- 
man Lit. See; Deru; University Band; Editor- 
in-Chief The Northwestern; Receiver . and 
Cieneral Manager The Wal-Rike Pony Vehicle 
Co.; Joint Author Trig Play and Song "College 
Days." Wal-Rike Block, Saint Paris, O.; res. 
155 College Ave., Springfield, O. 

Green, Walter Chester 

Wholesale Lumber. (415 Ashton Bldg. ; res. 
806 N. Court St., Rockford, 111.) 

Hart. George Bolt 

Born Paxton, 111.; LL. B. 1908 Chicago Busi- 
ness Men's Law School; Wholesale Sand, 
Gravel and Ice; Treas. Chicago Gravel Co.; 
Member Exmoor Country and Highland Park 
Clubs; Knights Templar; Mystic Shrine. 343 
S. Dearborn St., Chicago; res. 219 S. St. Johns 
Ave., Highland Park, 111. 

Hastings, Oris Bainbridge 

Born' Cairo, 111.; B. A. 1906; Deru; Phi Nu 
Epsilon; Pres. Sophomore Class; Capt. Sopho- 
more I'"ootbaIl; Member Debating Soc. ; Pres. 
and Treas. Samuel Hastings Co.; Pres. Cairo 
Bd. of Trade; Dir. Cairo Assn. of Commerce; 
Dir. First Bank and Trust Co.; Member 
National fJrain Dealers, 111. Grain Dealers and 
National Hay Assns.; Cairo Country and Cairo 
.■\utomobile- Clubs, Elks and Masons. 8th to 
10th .Sts., Jefferson Ave.; res. 3103 Washing- 
ton .\ve., Cairo, 111. 

Romans, John Brown 

Initiated by Iowa Beta 1904. 


Albritton, Elmer Sanford 

Born Toledo, Ohio, April 10, 1884; A. B. 1907; 
Assoc. Editor 'J'hc Northwestern and Syllabus; 
Composer of Trig Music (Freshman Play); 
Chrmn. Junior Play Committee; Superinten- 
dent of Agencies, Minnesota Mutual Life In- 
surance Co.; Member Minnesota, St. Paul 
Rotary, St. Paul Commercial, St. Paul Athletic 
and St. Paul University Clubs. Commerce 
Bldg.; res. 806 (Jseeola Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Barker, John Laurance 

Born Chicago, 111.; Ph. B. 1907 Yale Univ.; 
Baseball; Real Jistate; Manager, Renting Dept., 
W. L. DeWolf & Co.; Member Yale Club. 110 
S. Dearborn St., Chicago; res. 1632 Chicago 
Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Bondurant, Flint 

Born Charleston, Mo.; B. S. 1907; M. S. 1909; 
Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Rho Sigma; Surgeon; 
Member Shriners; Knights Templar; Elks. 
Cairo Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 2907 Park PI. 
West, Cairo, 111. 

Colton, Chauncey Corey 

Initiated by N. H. Alpha 1903. 

Conley, Edward James 

(Address unknown.) 

Hebblethwaite, Leon Leslie 

Born Evanston, 111.; B. S. 1907 South Dakota 
School of Mines; Funeral Director; Masonic 
Connections. 1610 Maple Ave.; res. 907 Lake 
St., Evanston, III. 

Romans, Harold Albon 

Salesman John Bollman Co. (Box 298, San 
Francisco, Cal.) 

Van Ryper, James Reynolds 

Farmer. (Rolling Prairie, Ind.) 

' 1908 

Begg, Russel Stuart 

(Thomas B. Jefifery Auto Co., Kenosha, Wis.) 

Cox, George Jonathan 

Born Peru, Ind.; Assistant Manager India- 
napolis Basket Co.; Clerk and Salesman, Peru 
Basket Co.; Member Ulississinewa Club. 
Indianapolis Basket Co., Willard and Henry 
Sts.; res. 966 E. Drive, Woodrufif Place, India- 
napolis, Ind. 

Rader, Allen*Ferguson 

Born Oskaloosa, Iowa; B. A. 1908; Deru; Won 
"N" in Baseball, Basketball, Track and 
Country; Capt. Track, 1907; Manager Sales 
Promotion Dept., Calumet Baking Powder Co.; 
Member Elmhurst Golf and Elmhurst Com- 
munity Clubs. 4100-4124 Fillmore St., Chicago; 
res. 136 Prospect St., Elmhurst, 111. 

Wilson, Leon Theodore 

Born Chili, Ind.; B. S. 1908; Phi Delta Phi; 
Lawyer. 1st National Bank Bldg.; res. Evans- 
ton, Chicago. 111. 


Barlow, George Walker 

(3342 Lexington St.. Chicago. 111.) 

Beck, Marshal 

A. B. 1909; With Oklahoma Portland Cement 
Co.; Affiliated Colo. Alpha 1911. (Ada, Okla.) 

David, Charles Wendall 

Assistant in History, Wis. Univ. (424 Pinclt- 
ney St., Madison, Wis.) 

Gustine, Clifford Clyde 

Druggist. (Canton, 111.) 

Johnson, James R. 

Born Chicago, 111.; Wholesale Coal Buslneii; 
Member Country Club of Peoria. 915 Jefferson 
Bldg.; res. 882 Moss Ave., Peoria, 111. 

Reiter, Edward Field 

Born Chicago, III.; Assistant Credit Manager, 
Consumer Co. 220 S. State St., Chicago; ret. 
2603 Lincoln St., Evanston, 111. 

Smart, Willard Crockett 

Born Sioux City, Iowa; Bank Clerk. Minne- 
qua Bank; res. 921 Lake Ave., Pueblo, Col. 

Taylor, Paul Moore 

Born Huntington Ind.; A. B. 1910 Dartmouth; 
Deru; Dragon (Dartmouth); V.-Prcs. Citizen*' 
State Bank; Affiliated N. H. Alpha 1910. Citi- 
zens' .Stale Bank; res. 715 N. JelTcrson St., 
Huntington, Ind. 





Burke. William Warren* 

d. May, 1910, Cairo. 111. 

Ericson. Chester Franklin 

Born Chicago 111.; l-\iotball, 1907; Assistant 
Cashier Peoples' Trust and Savings Bank; 
Member Evanston Country Club. 138 S. 
Jlicliigan Ave., Chicago; res. 919 Forest Ave., 
Kvanston, 111. 

Griffith. F. Randolph 

Born Huntington, Ind.; Football; Basketball; 
Manufacturer Plow Handles and Furniture. 
2019 E. Willard St.; res. 719 E. Willard St., 
Muncie, Ind. 

Hartman. Harris Vincent 

Born Fort Wayne, Ind. ; Kings Crown Soc. 
Architect; Member Columbia University Club 
Affiliated N. Y. Delta 1910. 130 E. 15th St. 
res. 1J5 W. 16th St., New York, N. Y. 

Schaeffer, William Hoyt 

Born Chicago, 111.; B. S. 1911; Deru; Under- 
grad. Bd. of Control; Pre*. Athletic Assn.; 
Track Capt., 1912; Mahin Advertising Co. 104 
S. Michigan Ave.; res. 1202 Maple Ave., Evan- 
ston, HI. 

Spilman. Harold A[ug-ustus] 

Born Ottumwa, Iowa; B. S. 1911; M. D. 1913; 
Deru; Track, 1907-09; Physician and Surgeon 
and 1st Lieut. Med. Reserve Corps, U. S. 
Army, active service on Mexican border, 
1916-17; Member Wapel'.o, Ottumwa Country 
and Ottumwa Commercial Clubs; Wapello 
Country and Iowa State Medical Socs. ; Assn. 
of Military Surgeons; Fellow Am. Med. Assn. 
Hofman Bldg., Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Stevens, David Harrison 

Born Berlin, Wis.; A. B. 1906 Lawrence; A. M. 
1910 do.; A. M. 1912 Harvard; Ph. D. 1914 
Univ. of Chicago; Theta Phi (Lawrence); 
Greek and Latin Prizes; Instructor in English, 
Univ. of Chicago; Author "Party Politics" 
"English Journalism, 1702-42"; Joint Editor 
with Ruth Davis Stevens "Our Country in 
Prose and Verse"; Member Quadrangle Club. 
Univ. of Chicago; res. 5439 University Ave., 
Chicago, HI. 

Swanson, Ernest 

Born Paxton, 111.: Capt. Freshman Football; 
Shoe Merchant. Paxton, 111. 

Turner, Gus Burton* 
Wilson. Merlin Stratton 

Born Wabash, Ind.; Insurance General Agency 
and Real Estate. Main and Court Sts. ; res. 

212 Washington Blvd., Fort Wayne, Ind. 


Blount, Rufus Frank 

Born Wabash, Ind.; B. S. 1911 Yale; Sigma 
Xi and Aurelian Honor Socs. (Yale) ; Chemist. 
Care Hampden Glazed Paper and Card Co.; 
res. 27 Harvard St., Holyoke, Mass. 

Brenner, Ivan Ernest 

Born Mt. Ayr, Ind.; A. B. 1911 Ind. Univ.; 
M. D. 1913 do.; Phi Xi Interfraternal Soc; 
Surgeons' Club; Honorable Mention from Ind. 
State Medical Bd.; Surgeon; Member Ran- 
dolph and State Medical Socs.; Mayo Club. 

213 E. Washington St., Winchester, Ind. 

Chamberlain, John Clair 

Born Yale, Iowa; A. B. 1911; Cashier Yale Savr 
ings Bank; Member Republican County Central 
Committee. Yale, Iowa. 

Moulton, Everett Crockett 

Born Stuart, Iowa; B. S. 1911; M. D. 1914; 
Sigma Xi; Alpha Omega Alpha; Track, 1909-10; 
Physician; Lye, Ear, Nose and Throat. 205 
Merchants Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 1001 N. ISth 
St., Fort Smith, Ark. 

Newhouse, Charles Russell 

Born Wabash. Ind.; Freshman Football; Trig 
Committee, 1907; With London Guarantee and 
. Accident Co.; Member Fire Ins. Club of 
Chicago; Elmhurst Golf and Elmhurst Com- 
munity Clubs; Fraternity Club of Chicago; 
Room 510, 134 S. La Salle St., Chicago; res. 
136 Prospect St., Elmhursit, 111. 

Vehe, Karl Leroy 

Born Palatine, 111.; B. S. 1912; M. D. 1915; 
Phi Rho Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha; Physi- 
cian; Assistant, Northwestern Univ. Med. 
School, Dept. of Anatomy, 1911-15; Cook Coun- 
ty Hosp., 1915-16. Cook County Hospital, 
Chicago, 111. 


Aldrich, Charles Anderson 

Born Plymouth, Mass.; B. S. 1914; M. D. 1915; 
Phi Rho Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha; Varsity 
Basketball, 1912-14; Physician; Roentgenologist, 
Evanston Hosp. Bank Bldg.; res. 792 Foxdale 
Ave., Winnetka, 111. 

Arnold, Stanley 

Born Peotone, 111.; Merchant. Peotone, 111. 

Luker, Paul Jacob 

Boin Staunton, 111., Dec. 17, 1888; LL. B. 
1912; Attorney; City Attorney. Staunton, 111. 

Pettibone, Herman Nelson 

Born Minneapolis, Minn.; B. S. in Forestry, 
1912; Pres. Sophomore Class, 1909-10; Football 
and Track; With Paepcke-Leicht Lumber Co.; 
Member Pyramid and Forestry Clubs. Ill W. 
Washington St.; res. 1411 Arthur Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Pope, William C[ooke] 

Born Waukegan, 111.; A. B. 1912; Interfra- 
ternity Council; Freshman Football, 1910; Var- 
sity Squad, 1911; Senior Class Football; Bonds, 
Continental and Commercial Trust and Sav- 
ings Bank; Dir. Pearce Motor Co. (Wau- 
kegan) ; Seec. and Treas. Muscatine, Burlington 
and Southern Securities Corp. (Davenport, 
Iowa) ; See. 111. Alpha Chapter Phi Delta Theta 
Alumni Assn. 208 S. La Salle St., Chicago; res. 
904 Lake Ave., Wilmette, HI. 

Timmermeister, Edwin B. 

Initiated by 111. Beta 1912. 

Wahl, Bert X. 

Born Chicago, III., 1888; Alumni Assn.; Chrmn. 
"Trig" Play; Capt. Freshman, Freshman-Sopho- 
Sec. -Treas. Svlvanite Mining Co., Inc.; For- 
merly Mgr. H. E. Orr Co., Inc.; B. P. O. E. 
No. 92. 200 Alaska Bldg. and 305 Epler Blk.; 
res. Washington Apts., Seattle, Wash. 

Weese, Robert Peter 

Born Huntington, Ind.; B. S. 1912. Blast 
Furnace Department, 111. Steel Co., South 
Chicago, 111.; res. Huntington, Ind. 

Yaple, George Skiles 

Born Virginia, 111.; B. S. 1912; Pres. Student 
Settlement Assn.; Swimming; Class Football; 
Director "and Teacher of Religious Education; 
Lecturer on Boy Psychology and Child Study. 
Virginia, 111. 


Armbruster, Homer B.* 
Berti, Titus Nicholas* 

d. Oct. 22, 1915. 

Dawes, Rufus Fearing* 

d. Sept. 5, 1912, Lake Geneva, Wis. 

Eaton, Jonathan Chase 

Born Devils Lake, N. Dak.; B. S. 1913; Pyra- 
mid; Aleph Teth Nun; Farm Loans and Ranch- 
ing; Member Metropolitan and Fargo Country 
Clubs; A. F. and A. M. 20 Broadway, Fargo; 
res. Eaton Ranch, Denbigh, N. Dak. 




Evans, Charles, Jr. 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Secretary King, Hoag- 
land & Co., Investment Bonds; Dir. Natl. Muni- 
cipal Recreative Assn. and Chicago Dist. Golf 
Assn.; Western Amateur Golf Championship, 
1909-12-14-15; French Amateur, 1911; National 
Open, 1916; Western Open Golf Championship, 
1910; National Amateur, 1916; Western Inter- 
collegiate Go'.f Championship, 1910; Writer on 
Golf for Hearst Newspapers and contributor to 
various magazines; Member Sons of Revolution; 
Bond Men's Club and Chicago Athletic Assn.; 
Honorary Member of golf clubs all over the 
U. S., Canada, Great Britain, Scotland and 
France. 208 S. La Salle St., Chicago; res. 
H13 Pratt Blvd., Rogers Park, 111. 

Pasewalk, Lloyd Herman 

(Norfolk, Neb.) 

Vaught, William Jennings 

Initiated by Te.xas Gamma 1913. 

Wilson, Harold Le Roy 

Born Fargo, N. Dak., 1891; A. B. 1913; Y. M. 
C. A.; Gauntlet See; Interfraternity Council; 
Member Pan Hellenic Council; Dir. Athletic 
Assn. (3 yrs.); Pres., 1913; Student; Social 
Committee; One of the Founders of Gauntlet 
Sophomore Soc; Pres. of same, 1911; Assistant 
Cashier, First National Bank; Author, "His- 
tory of Illinois Alpha, Phi Delta Theta"; Mem- 
ber Masons; Town Criers, Tennis and Com- 
mercial Clubs; A. O. U. W. First National 
Bank; res. 1326 Third Ave. S., Fargo, N. Dak. 


Armbruster, Walter Clemens 

Born Springfield, 111.; Pyramid Soc; Pres. 
Freshman Class, 1910; Salesman, R. H. Arm- 
bruster Mfg. Co. 408 S. Fourth St.; res. 1237 
S. Fifth St., Springfield, 111. 

Dick, Elmer Jewell 

Born Chicago, 111.; A. B. 1914; Aleph Teth 
Nun; Fraternity Representative Inter-frater- 
nity Council; Member Obelisks; Baseball; 
Manager A. B. Dick Co. 736 W. Jackson 
Blvd.; res. 6214 Kenmore Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Lavery, William James 

Born Chicago, 111.; Pyramid Soc; Stock 
Broker; Member Wilmette Country Club; Affil- 
iated Quebec Alpha 1914. 1519 Guardian 
Bldg., Cleveland; res. 2677 Euclid Blvd., Cleve- 
land Heights, Ohio. 

McPherson, Earle Steele 

Affdiatc-d 111. Eta 1915. (Illinois Univ., Ur- 
bana; res. Highland Park, 111.) 

Nourse. Wynn Abbott 

Born Ames, Iowa; Gauntlet Soc; Class Foot- 
ball, Swimming and Track Teams; Varsity 
Track and Swimming Teams; Agent Pacific 
Steamship Co. Cordova, Alaska. 

Voak, Floyd Stanley 

Born Wilucot, Wis.; B. S. 1914; Planter. 
Crescent Plantation, Taliulah, La. 


Cosner, John Jefferson 

Born Virginia, 111., Nov. 29, 1892; B. A 1914; 
Won "N" in Football; Planter. 706 Kirby St., 
Lake Charles, La. 

Forbes, John Ewing 

(940 Forest Ave, Evanston, III.) 

High tower, Wilbur Edward 

Born Leger, Okla.; B. S. 1915; Gauntlet; 
Ueru; Capt. Football and Baseball, 1914- AII- 
. Western and All-Conference Halfback, 1914; 
Banker. Care American Ambulance Field Ser- 
.J'!"'V^l '^""^ Raynauard, Paris, France; res. 
i21 E. Commerce St., Altus, Okla. 

Johnson, Lester Dean 

(Prophetstown, 111.) 

Kelly, Carl William* 

d. April 16, 1913, Toledo, Ohio. 

Messelheiser, Amil Le Roy 

Born Hampton, Iowa; LL. B. 1915; Attorney 
in Municipal and Corporate Finance, l^ S La 
Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

Paddock, Bruce Brydia 

Born Prophetstown, 111'.; Vice-President Atlai 
Exchange National Bank; Member Reynolds 
Club. 610 S. Halsted St.; res. 747 Brompton 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Stallsmith, Welton 

Born Chicago, 111.; Pyramids; Phi Delta Phi; 
Business Mgr. Trig Play, 1913; Freshman 
Track and Basketball Teams; Investment 
Securities, Warren Gorell & Co.; Sec. U. S. 
Commission to Australia, New Zealand and 
Far East, Panama Pacific International Exposi- 
tion, 1913-14; Member Olvmpic (San Francisco) 
Club. Room 1134, 208 La Salle St., Chicago; 
res. 2518 Hartzell St., Evanston, 111. 

Stockton, George Alva 

Born Toledo, Ohio; Deru; Pres. Sophomore 
Class; Second Lieutenant Infantry, U. S. 
.\rmy, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind. Green- 
wood Inn., Evanston, 111. 

Vehe, Walter Charles 

Born Palatine, 111.; Gauntlet; Basketball, 1913- 
14; Tariff Clerk. 6914 Olcott Ave., Chicago, 


Begg, Harry Kohli 

Born Columbus Grove, Ohio; B. S. 1916; Phi 
Rho Sigma; Student. Columbus Grove, Ohio. 

Fishback, Leland Kenneth 

Born Brookville, Ind.; A. B. 1916; Student. 
2233 Sherman Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Goodrich, Grant 

Born Chicago, 111. 522 Deming PI., Chicago, 

Groves, Urie Brenton 

Born Tungchow Fu, China; A, B. 1916; Ad- 
vertising. 1815 Mailers Bldg., Chicago, III.; 
res. 1223 Wilmette Ave., Wilmette, 111. 

Hawley, Frank Wesley 

Born' Huntington, Ind.; Deru; Hermit and 
Crow; Representative Class Athletic Assn.; 
Varsity Track; Student. 1110 N. Jefferson St., 
Huntington, Ind. 

Hester, Albert W., Jr. 
Floffman, Douglas Thomas 

Affiliated Mich. Alpha 1916. (Greenwood Ave., 
Wilmette, III.) 

Kelly, W^alter Joseph 

Affiliated Va. Beta 1918. (Shadwell, Va.) 

Pope, Llenry Kenyon 

Born Chicago, 111.; 15. .S. 1916; Advertising. 
910 Lake Ave, Wilmette, 111. 

Turnbull, John Lawrence 

Born Spcer, 111.; LL. B. 1917; Obelisk; Dra- 
matic Club; Phi Delta Phi; Assoc. Editor 
Daily N orthwcstcrn; Chief Student Editor 
Illinois Law Review; Lawyer. 31 W. Lake St., 
Chicago; res. 2233 Sherman Ave., Evanston, 

Wilcox, Edward Byers 

Born La Porte, Ind.; U. S. 1916; Obelisk; 
Campus Players' Club; Public Accountant. 
824 Monadnock Block; res. 5627 Blackstone 
Ave., Chicago, HI., and 1116 Indiana Ave., 
La Porte, ind. 




Ayars, Stewart \'owell 

Born Evanston, 111.; B. S. 19ir. 2419 Lincoln 
St.. Evanston, 111. 

Bradlev. Paul Russell 

Born 'Chicago, 111.: Pros. Coll. Y. M. C. A.; 
Noniinatinc Bil.: Asst. Mgr. Dramatic Clvib; 
C.\ec Club: Student; .\ffiliated Pa. Gamma 1918. 
517 E. Chestnut St., Washington, Pa.; res. 
1104 Forest Ave., Wilmette, 111. 

Dailev. John Eugene 

Born Terre Haute, Ind.; Student of Medicine. 
St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo.; res. 530 
N. Seventh St., Terre Haute, Ind. 

Herbert. Fred Bross 

Born Murphysboro, 111.; A. B. 1917; Inter- 
fraternity Council; Student; Pres. 111. Alpha. 
Murphysboro, 111. 

Kincaid, Joseph Herbert 

Born Wingham, Ontario, Canada; Obelisk; 
Athletic Council; Freshman and Varsity Bas- 
ketball and Baseball; Assistant Purchasing 
Agent, Central Scientific Co. 460 E. Ohio St.; 
res. 1429 Sherwin Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Rose. Charles George 

Born Chicago, 111.; Hermit and Crow; Foreign 
Correspondent, Montgomery Ward & Co. 
Chicago Ave. Bridge; res. 913 Windsor Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Smith, C[harles] Lj^sle 

Born Chicago, 111.; A. B. 1917; Phi Delta Phi; 
Deru: Obelisk: Glee Club; Ed. -in-Chief 1917 
Syllabus; Leader Junior Prom. ; Freshman 
Varsity Debate; Pres. Northwestern University 
Republican Club; Track; Campus Players. 1325 
Greenwood Ave., Wilmette, 111. 

Stevens, Merrill Emerson 

(Sioux City, Iowa) 

Whitfield, Malcolm Hubbard 

Born Chicago, 111.; Hermit and Crow; Glee 
Club; Advertising Dept., A. W. Shaw Co., 
publishers of System Magazine. 5 N. Wabash 
Ave., Chicago; res. 945 Judson Ave., Evanston, 


Baker, Chauncey Sherwood 

Born Manistee, >Iich.; Student. 491 Fourth 
St., Manistee, Mich. 

Bauer, Carl Henry 

Born Hoboken, N. J.; Student. 5337 Wayne 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Craine, Joseph Bernard 

Born IMurphysboro, 111.; Student. 312 W. 
Maine St., Carbondale, 111. 

Hansmann, Carl Sanford 

Born Bucklin, Mo.; Commerce Society; 

Student; Member Sante Fe Country Club, of 

Marceline, Mo. Phi Delta Theta House, 
Evanston, II!.; res. Bucklin, Mo. 

Hubbell, Reader Jenkins 

Born Wilmette, 111.; Alpha Chi Sigma; Hermit 
and Crow; Freshman Basketball; Class Football; 
Track, 1916; Treas. Athletic Assn.; Student. 
1025 Elmwood Ave., Wilmette, 111. 

Johnson, Marshall Peyton 

(Prophetstown, 111.) 

Knigge, Glenn Harold 

Born Libertyville, 111.; Capt. Basketball, Lake 
Forest Coll. Area, 111. 

Mastin, Julian Brumage 

(1212 BalUnger St., Fort Worth, Texas). 

Mulder, Lenard 

Born Holland, Mich.; Y. M. C. A.; Nu 
Lambda Sigma; Water Basketball, 11-1€; Foot- 

ball, 1916-17; Member Student Crew, U. S. 
Life Saving Station, 1913-16; Treas. 111. 
Alpha; Student. 2233 Sherman Ave., Evans- 
ton, in.: res. 243 W. 13th St., Holland, Mich. 

Nelson, Lincoln King 

Born Chicago, 111.; Engineering Soc; Honor 
Roll. 1914-17; Editor Engineering Dept. 
SylUibiis; Interclass Basketball 1916; Student. 
4125 Kcnniore Ave., Chicago, lU. 

Stockbarger, Donald Charles 

Born Walkcrton. Ind., Oct. 19, 1895; Engineer- 
ing and Obelisk Socs. ; Student. 7^2 Center 
St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Taylor, Leslie Carter 

Born Macomb, 111., Sept. 14, 1895; Nu Sigma 
Nu; Glee Club; Swimming; Student. 573 N. 
Cherry St., Galesburg, 111. 

Treat, Albert Wallace 

Born Gays, 111.; Obelisk; Freshman Football; 
Varsity Football; Sophomore Class Treas.; 
Solicitor and Organization W'ork for Chautau- 
qua Concern. 727 Munsey Bldg., Penn. Ave., 
Washington, D. C; res. Payne, Ohio. 


Britt. Charles Percy 

Born Frostburg, Md.; Student. 4503 N. West- 
ern Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Garrison, Forrest Cedric 

Born Grand Rapids, Mich.; Engineering Soc; 
Football; Swimming; Student. 5800 Winthrop 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Hartray, John Fleming 

Born Chicago, 111. 2320 Orrington Ave., Evans- 
ton, 111. 

Hedgcock, Marcus Whitman 

Born Plymouth, 111.; Fresh. Swimming Team; 
Student. 2233 Sherman Ave., Evanston; res. 
Plymouth, 111. 

Jones, Paul William 

Born Chicago, 111.; Glee Club; Swimming Team; 
Freshman Football; Student. 819 Foster St., 
Evanston, 111. 

Kraft, Kenneth Houston 

Born Brooklyn, Iowa; Student. 1104 Green- 
wood Blvd., Evanston, 111. 

Leigh, Kenneth Glenmore 

Born Elkader, Iowa; Student. 612 Church St., 
Evanston, 111. 

Martin, Burrows Judson 

Born Youngstown, Ohio. Oct. 28, 1898; Honor 
Roll d); Swimming Team; Debating Soc; 
Student. 2233 Sherman Ave.; res. 1205 Elm- 
wood Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Miller, Wells W[aite] 

Born Riverside, 111.; Kenilworth, 111. 

Penwell, Bruce Volney 

Born Pana, 111. Cor. of 5th and Vine Sts., 
Pana, 111. 

Pringle, Oliver Reed 

Born Chicago, 111.; In cast Hermit and Crow 
1917 Production, Honeymoon Hotel; Student. 
4314 N. Winchester Ave., Chicago, 111. 


Balch, J. Harold 

Born Missouri Valley, Iowa; Student. 2123 
Harrison St.^ Evanston, 111. 

Bauer, Justus Philip 

Born Hoboken, N. J.; Student. 5337 Wayne 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Cutler, Richard S. 

Born Pana, 111.; Student. 4076 E. Fourth St., 
Pana, 111. 




Gemmill, E. Hughes 

Born Little Rock, Ark.; Student. 964 Edge- 
comb Place, Chicago, 111. 

Kimball, Allen Howard 

Born Ravenswood, 111., 1899; Student. 127 
Dearborn St., Chicago; res. 503 Rosewood Ave., 
Winnetka, 111. 

Lundm, Milton O. 

Born Chicago, 111.; Treas. Freshman Class; 
Student. 5306 Wayne Ave., Chicago, 111. 

McCorkle, Howard 

Born Wingate, Ind. ; Student. Wingate, Ind. 

Wilcox, Robert F. 

Born Laporte, Ind. 1116 Indiana Ave., La 
porte, Indiana. 


CiiARTHKED October 14, 1865 


Chicago, Illinois 


Jacobs, Charles Pelton* 

Charter Member, d. Indianapolis, Ind. 


Fitch, William Henry, Jr.* 

Born Madison, Ind., May 7, 1844; Charter 
Member; Lawyer, d. Feb. 18, 1917, Cranmoor, 


Hammers. William Oliver* 

Born Woodford Co., III.; A. B. 1866; Real 
Estate, d. May 29, 1914, Eunice, La. 

Hull, Charles Morley* 

A. B. 1866; Charter Member, d. 1868, Chicago, 

Hunter, Howard Wallace 

Born Maysville, Ky.; Insurance; Pres. Louis- 
ville Bd. of Underwriters; Ky. Sunday School 
Assn. 3d and Main Sts., Louisville, Ky. 

Smith, Frederick Augustus 

Born Norwood Park, Cook Co., 111.; A. B. 
1866; LL. B. 1867 Northwestern Univ. Law 
School (formerly Union Coll. of Law); Charter 
Member; Athenaeum Soc; Prize in Oratory; 
Judge of Circuit Court of Cook County, 111.; 
Trustee Univ. of Chicago and Rush Med. 
College; Pres. Chicago Bar Assn., 1890; Mem- 
ber U^nion League; Hamilton and Midlothian 
Country Clubs; Am. Bar and Chicago Bar 
Assns.; The Law Club. County Bldg. ; res. 
609 Rush St., Chicago, 111. 


Bridge, Reuel William* 

Charter Member, d. Chicago, 111. 

Cassell, Henrv Clay 

LL. B. 1868 Butler Coll.; Clergyman; Affiliated 
Ind. Gamma 1868. (Boswell, Ind.) 

Garnett, Gwynn 

Born Glasgow, Ky.; LL. B. 1866 Union Coll. of 
Law; Debating Soc; Lawyer; Judge, Superior 
Court of Cook Co., 111., 1885-90; Member 
Chicago Bar Assn. 7 S. Dearborn St.; res. 
5010 Dorchester Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Kohlsaat, Christian Cecil 

Born near Albion, 111.; LL. D. 1903; LL. D. 
Shurtleff College; Charter Member; Circuit 
Judge of the U. S. 7th Judicial Circuit; Pro- 
bate Judge of Cook Co., 111., 1890-99; District 
Judge U. S., Northern Dist. of III., 1899-1905; 
West Chicago Park Commissioner, 1884-90; 
Pres. Bd. of Trustees Lewis Institute; Honor- 
ary Member Union League; University and 
Chicago Clubs; Chicago Athletic Assn.; Mem- 
ber Chicago Golf and Lake Geneva Country 
Clubs. Room 655 Federal Bldg.; res. 324 S. 
.Ashland Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Slack, Edward Archibald* 

Charter Member, d. March 23, 1907, Cheyenne, 

Thomson, William 

Born Linlithgow, Scotland, 1845; A. B. 1867; 
Charter Member; Salutatorian; Counsellor-at- 
Law; Private Co. D, 134th 111. Volunteers 
(Civil War); First Probate Judge; County 
Atty. ; District Judge; Pres. Kans. State Bar 
Assn.; Sec. Kans. State Republican Party; 
Delegate to Republican Natl. Convention, 1880; 
Author of pamphlets "The Loves of a Lawyer;" 
"Not to the Victor;" "Building of Character;" 
"The Prisoner at the Bar;" Member G. A. R.; 
Masons; Royal Arch; Am. Bar and Kans. 
State Bar Assns. Thomson & Davis, Scarrett 
Bldg.; res. 4328 Harrison St., Kansas City, 

Wilbanks, Robert Abraham Davis 

Initiated by Ind. Alpha 1867. 


Austin, Sanford Kingsbury* 

Charter Alember. d. 1871, St.' Joseph, Mo. 

Bush, Loren T. 

A. B. 1868; D. B. 1871; Baptist Clergyman. 
(977 Lawndale Ave., Chicago, 111.) 

Higginson, W. P. 

(Address unknown). 

Mabie, Henry Clay 

Born Belvidere, 111.; A. B. 1868; B. D. 1875; 
D. D. 1882; LL. D. 1912 Baylor Univ.; Lecturer 
on Christian Missions; Corresponding Sec. Am. 
Baptist Foreign ^Missions Soc; Author "Method 
in Soul Winning;" The Divine Reason of the 
Cross;" "The Task Worth While," etc. 387 
Hyde Park Ave. (Roslindale), Boston, Mass. 

Springer, James 

LL. B. 1868; Lawyer. (904, 204 Dearborn 
St., Chicago, III.) 


Culbertson, James McKemy* 

d. 1876, Chicago, 111. 

Foster, Alonzo Delos 

A. B. 1868; Merchant. (503 Dearborn St., 
Chicago, lU.) 

Stearns, Charles Arthur 

A. B. 1868; A. M. 1871. (Encinitas, Cal.) 

Stearns, Edward F. 

Born Milford, N. H.; A. B. 1869; A. M. 1871; 
Principal, Tilden High School. 645 W. 47th 
Place; res. 820 E. 45th St., Chicago, 111. 

Swift, George Bell* 

General Contractor, d. July 2, 1912, Chicago, 

Taylor, John Bromley 

(Address unknown). 





Barker, Cyrus Albertus* 

A. B. 1870; Manufacturer. 

Bodeman, Charles William* 

d. 1876, Burlington, Iowa. 

Moore, Robert Wilson* 

LL. B. 1870. d. 1872, Chicago. III. 

Springer, Richard Menter 

Fiscal Agent. (6322 Jackson Park Ave., 
Chicago, 111.) 


Brink, Charles Edwin* 

d. 1879, San Francisco, Cal. 


Camp, John Bradford 

Horticulturist. (Pomona, Cal.) 

Clark, Orrin Benner* 

A. B. 1872. d. May 14, 1894. 

Rackwell, Frank Leander 

(Address unknown). 


Bliss, Charles King- 
Born Kingston Furnace, Mo., March 8, 1873; 
A. B. 1897; A. M. 1909 Univ. of 111.; Phi 
Delta Kappa; Head History Department, Queen 
Anne High School. 10 W. Blaine St.. Seattle, 

Ickes, Harold LeClair 

Born Frankstown Township, Blair Co.. Pa.; 
A. B. 1897; J. D. 1907; Phi Delta Phi; Mechem 
Law Club; Graduated Law ctim laude ; Tennis 
Mgr., 1896-97; Track, 1897; Editor-in-Chief 
W. of C. Weekly, 1897; Pres. Republican Club, 
1897; Treas. Am. Republican College League, 
1896-97; Lawyer; Mem. firm Richberg, Ickes, 
Davies and Lord; State Chrmn. Progressive 
Party; Cook County Chrmn.; Mem. Progres- 
sive Natl. Committee, 111.; Hughes Natl. Cam- 
paign Committee; Mem. City and University 
Clubs; American, Illlinois and Chicago Bar 
Assns.; Chicago Soc. of Advocates. Room 
1817, 111 W. Monroe St., Chicago; res. Hub- 
bard Woods, 111. 

Mosser, Stacy Carroll 

Born Abington, 111.; Ph. B. 1897; Investment 
Banker; Secretary and Director, Bolger, Mosser 
and Willaman; Sec. South Shore Country 
Club; Mem. University, City and South Shore 
Country Clubs. 29 S. La Salle St.; res. 230 
E. Delaware PL, Chicago, 111. 

Peterson, Harvey Andrew 

Born St. Louis, Mo.; A. B. 1897; A. M. 19U0; 
Ph. D. 1909; Teacher, 111. State Normal Univ.; 
Member Am. Psychological Assn. 111. State 
Normal Univ.; res. 502 Normal Ave., Normal, 

Wilson, William Otis 

Born Pardee, Kan.; Ph. B. 1897; LL. B. 1899 
Chicago College of Law; Phi Delta Phi; Man- 
aging Editor University of Chicago Daily and 
Univemty of Chicago Weekly; Prts. Oratorical 
Assn.; Attorney-at-Law; City Atty. Casper, 
Wyo., since 1908; County and Prosecuting 
Attorney Natroma County, 1910-14; Member 
School Bd., Casper and Clerk of School District 
since 1909; Pres. Univ. of Chicago Alumni 
Assn. and Chicago Alumni Club; Present Grand 
Junior Warden A. V. and A. M.; Past Master 
Casper Lodge No. 15 A. F. and A. M.; Trcae. 
Wyo. Bar Assn., 1916; E^eitgate Am. Bar Assn. 
from State Bar Assn., 1917. 1-2 Townsend 
Bldg.; res. 227 E. 2d St., Casper, Wyo. 


Breed, Charles Francis 

B. S. 1898. (Freeport, 111.) 

Calhoun, Fred Harvey Hall 

Born Elbridge, N. Y.; B. S. 1898; Ph. D. 
1902; Undergraduate Scholarship; Track; (Zapt. 
(4) ; Geologist. Clemson College, Clemson, 
S. C. 

Flanders, Knight French 

A. B. 1898; Salesman. 1421 Farnham St.; res. 
6605 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Graves, Robert Elliott 

Born Marshall, 111.; S. B. 1898; M. D. 1904 
Hahnemann; Scholarship in Chemistry; Physi- 
cian; Attending Phys. Out Patient Dept., 
Children's Memorial Hosp.; Member Chicago 
City Club. 7i7 Sheridan Road; res. 4249 
Hazel Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Sawyer, Carl Howell 

Born Waukesha, Wis.; Three Quarters Club; 
Theta Nu Epsilon; Dramatic Club; Glee Club; 
Insurance; Real Estate and Mortgages; Carl H. 
Sawyer Agency; Alderman since 1915; Bd. of 
Review State Income Tax. 1914-16; Ex-Clerk 
Municipal Court; Ex-Asst. Cashr. Natl. Ex- 
change Bank; Masonic Connections; Knight 
Templar. 416 Main St.; res. 407 Center St., 
Waukesha, Wis. 


Chase, Charles Warren 

Born Milwaukee, Wis.; Ph. B. 1899; Junior and 
Senior Scholarships: Attorney-at-Law; JMember 
University (Chicago) and University and Com- 
mercial (Gary) Clubs. 583 Broadway; res. 
623 Pierce St., Gary, Ind. 

Woodruff, Harvey Trunkey 

Born Brazil, Ind.; Three Quarters Club; Debat- 
ing; Sporting Editor, Chicago Tribune; Mem- 
ber Press and Chicago Athletic Clubs. 
Chicago Tribune, 7 S. Dearborn St.; res. 2754 
Broadway- Ave., Evanston, III. 


Brayton, George Alembert 

(Gary, Ind.) 

Brown, Frank Clyde 

Born Harrisonburg, Va.; A. M. 1903; Ph. D. 
1909; Sigma Upsi!on; Professor of English, 
Trinity College; Organizer, Sec.-Treas. and 
Editor North Carolina Folk Lore; Author 
"Elhanah Settle; His Life and Words;" Mem 
bcr Durham Country Club. 410 Buchanan 
Road, Durham, N. C. 

Fulton, Lester Bond 

(450 Oakdale Ave., Chicago, 111.) 

Garry, George Henry 

B. S. 1901; M. S. 1902; Chief Geologist, Am. 
Smeltin? & Refining Co., 165 Broadway, New 
^■(.rk, N. Y. 

Ilalcs, Earl Crayton 

Born Lorain County, Ohio; Ph. B. 1900; LL. 
1?. 1903 Harvard Law .Sell.; Lawyer; Member 
Alumni Chih of Univ. of Chicago; Harvard, 
Il.iniilton and Citv Clubs. 19 LaSalle; res. 
439 W. 62d St.. Chicago, III. 

1901, Lafayette Wallace, Jr. 

Born Chicago, 111.; IIolstcin-Friesian Cattle 
liriedcr. Walerloii, Iowa. 

Feil, Frederick 

Born Creston, Iowa; Football; Western Champ- 
ions, 1899; Commercial Traveler. Market and 
Adams St., Chicajjo, 111.; res. Carson City, 




Leake, Boudinot Gage 

Born Indianapolis, Ind. ; Track; Winner of 
Intercollegiate Pole Vault (conference), 1898; 
Architect and Civil Engineer; Dir. Y. M. C. A.; 
Member Am. Soc. of Civil Engineers; Texas 
State Assn. of Architects; Glen Garden Coun- 
trv Club. Rooms 401-2 Reynolds Bldg.; res. 
1901 Fairmount Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Lubeck, Eric Martine 

Born Chicago, 111.; Dramatic and Musical 
Comedy Parts; Service Manager Louis Geyler 
Co. (Automobiles) ; Served on U. S. S. Oregon, 
1898; War Correspondent West Indies Cam- 
paign for Chicago Tribune and Eastern Papers; 
Contributor to Magazines with Stories on Au- 
tomobile Salesmansliip and Automobile Service; 
Member U. S. S. Oregon, Chicago Automobile 
and Geneva (111.) Golf Clubs. Louis Geyler 
Co., 2500 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago; res. 
Easton and Forest Aves., Geneva, 111. 

Lybrand, Walter Archibald 

' Born Noblesville, Ind.; Ph. B. 1902; J. D. 
1906; Phi Delta Phi; Honorable Mention; 
Lawyer; Affiliated Ind. Gamma 1902. 608-614 
Terminal Bldg.; res. 1440 N. Everest St.. Okla- 
homa City, Okla. 

Ramsev. \\'illiam Everton 

Born'Chicago, 111.; A. B. 1901; B. S. 1903 111. 
Wesleyan Univ.; Architectural Engineer; 
Affiliated 111. Eta 1903. 327 S. LaSalle St.; 
res. 6605 Harvard Ave., Chicago, 111. 


Hoy, Austin Young 

Born Racine, Wis.; A. B. 1902; B. S. 1904 
Mass Inst, of Tech.; London Manager Sullivan 
Machinery Co.; 2d Lieut. Royal Garrison Ar- 
tillery (Special Reserve); Member Wimbledon 
Golf; Mining and Metallurgical and University 
(Chicago) Clubs. 819 Salisbury House, E. C. 
2; res. 2 Chartfield Ave., S. W., London. Eng- 

Kinnaman, Guy Corsan* 

M. D. 1902. d. Aug. 29, 1910, Chicago, 111. 

Lapel, Charles James 

Initiated by Ind. Alpha 1900. 

MacClyment, George Richard 

Born Peoria III.; B. S. 1903; Baseball; Invest- 
ments. 801 Central Natl. Bank; res. 101 S. 
Maplewood Ave., Peoria, 111. 

Miller, Ernest Wilson 

B. S. 1902; M. D.; Physician. (389 Orchard 
St., Milwaukee, Wis.) 

Morris, David Aubrey 

(Nelson Valve Co., Philadelphia, Pa.) 

Sheldon. James Milton 

Born Campus, 111; Ph. B. 1902; J. D. 1904 
Owl and Serpent; Football; Capt. 1901-1902 
Head Marshal of the Univ., 1902; Lawyer- 
Lambs (New York), University and Skokie 
Country (Chicago) Clubs. 55 Elk Ave., New 
Rochelle, N. Y. 


Ahlswede, Herbert Frederic 

Pacific Trunk Factory, Aliso and Lyon Sts., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

Blakey, Halbert Brush 

Born Union Grove, Wis.; M. D. 1906 Rush 
Med. Coll.; Phi Rho Sigma; Physician (Special- 
ist in Internal Medicine) ; Asst. Prof, of Medi- 
cine, Ohio State Univ.; Member Business 
Men's, Columbus Country, Columbus Athletic 
and Republican Glee Clubs. 129 S. Grant Ave.; 
res. 637 E. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio. 

De W^olf, Frank Walbridge 

Born Vail, Iowa; B. S. 1903; Sigma Xi; Drama- 
tic Club; Junior and Senior Scholarships in 

Geology; Director Illinois State Geology Sur- 
vey; Author of Papers on Coal, Oil, Clay and 
Miscellaneous .Subjects; Member University 
Clubs of Chicago and Urbana, III.; Assn. Am. 
State Geologists (Pres. 1917 and Sec. 1910-16); 
111. Acad, of Science (Pres. 1913); Am. Inst, of 
Mining Engrs. ; Am. Mining Congress; Am. 
Assn. for Advancement of Science; Western 
Soc. of Engrs.; Am. Waterworks Assn.; Fellow 
Geological Soc. of America. University of 111.; 
res. 1008 S Busey St.. Urbana, 111. 

Ellsworth, Alfred Chester 

Born Boston, Mass.; B. S. 1904; M. E. Colo- 
rado School of Mines; Owl and Serpent; Foot- 
ball (Capt 1903); Baseball: Coal Miner; Pres. 
The Ellsworth Coal Co. Globe Bldg.; res. 401 
W. Quincy Ave., Pittsburg, Kans. 

Godso, William Edmund 

Born Plattsburg. N. Y.; Three Quarters Club; 
Member of firm Godso & Banghart; Advertising; 
Member Chicago Advertising Assn.; Agate and 
La Grange (111.) Country Clubs. 1813 Harris 
Trust Bldg., Chicago; res. 321 S. Spring Ave., 
LaGrange, 111. 

Green. Allen Ayrault 

Initiated by HI. Delta 1903. 

Harper. Floyd Everett 

Born Ross Grove. 111.; Ph. B. 1903; J. D. 1905; 
Baseball; Capt., 1902-03; Coach Baseball, 1904- 
05; Lawyer; County Atty.; V.-Pres. and Dir. 
Leavenworth Light, Heat and Power Co.; 
Member .\. F. and A. M. ; Knights Templar, 
Leavenworth, Kans.; .^bdallah Shrine, K. of 
P., Ivanhoe No. 14; Eagles. 504 Delaware 
-St.; res. Maple Ave. and Santa Fe St., Leaven- 
worth, Kansas. 

]\IcLeish. Bruce 

Born Chicago, 111.; A. B. 1903; Merchant; 
Member of firm Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co.; 
Member University Clubs of Chicago and Evans- 
ton; Skokie Country Club of Glencoe and City 
Club of Chicago. 1 S. State St., Chicago; res. 
484 Sheridan Road Glencoe, 111. 

Miner. Carl Shelby 

Born at State Center, Iowa; B. S. 1903; Con- 
sulting Chemist; Member City Club. 9 S. Clin- 
ton St., Chicago; res. 344 St. Palos St., Glen- 
coe, 111. 

Wvman, Herbert Bartlett, Jr.* 

'd. March 7, 1910, Chicago, 111. 


Deuerling, George Allen 

(Care Four Cabins, Butler, Ore.) 

Earle. Walter Kean 

Born Bloomington, 111.; Pres. Beltine Chemical 
and Manufacturing Co. (Chemical Specialties) ; 
V.-Pres. The Hillcrest Fruit Farms (Honor, 
Mich.); Member Hamilton Club. 401 N._ San- 
gamon St.; res. 6565 Harvard Ave., Chicago, 

Hilpert, Willis Stose 

Born at Chicago, 111.; B. S. 1903; Ph. D. 1906; 
Chemist. 9 S. Clinton St.; res. 543 E. 34th St., 
Chicago, 111. 

Meek, Thomas Jones 

Born Nashville, Tenn. ; Ph. B. 1904; J. D. 
1917; Platform Club; Delta Sigma Rho; Cole 
and Wakelv and Ferdinand W. Peck Prizes; 
Junior, 190'2; Senior Collegiate, 1903; Hamil- 
ton Club, 1904; Intercollegiate Oratorical Con- 
tests, Junior, 1903; Senior College Debates, 
1904; Lawyer; Teacher Aurora H. S., 1906; 
Prin. Metropolitan Business Coll., 1908; Orr's 
Business Coll., 1909; Genl. Sales Mgr. Spirella 
Corset Co., 1913-16; Member Englewood and 
Iroquois Country Clubs; Affiliated Pa. Epsilon 
1905. 5207 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 




Putnam, Ralph Clarence 

Born Aurora, 111.; LL. B. cum laude 1904; 
Three Quarters Club; Lawyer; Firm of Alschn- 
ler, Putnam & James; Affiliated with Wis. 
Alpha 1904. Mercantile Block; res. 490 Dow- 
ner Place, Aurora, 111. 

Smale, John Henry 

Born IngersoU, Ontario, Can.; A. B. 1904; 
B. Educ. 1904; A. M. 1908; Teacher, Lewis 
Institute. Madison and Robey Sts.; res. 2042 
Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 

Wyman, Ohver Brown 

Born Sheldon, Iowa, 1883; Ph. B. 1904; LL. 
B. 1907 Harvard Law School; Phi Delta Phi; 
Owl and Serpent; V-Pres. Senior Class; Man- 
aging Editor, College Paper, 1904; Varsity Base- 
ball Squad, 1904; Attorney-at-Law; Officer and 
Director Various Corporations; First V.-Pres. 
Reynolds Club; Member Alumni Assn.; Scottish 
Rite 32°; Shrine; University, Olympic and 
San Francisco Golf and Country Clubs. 625 
Market .St.; res. 2536 Fi'more St., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 



jemeyer, Walter Fred 

Born Richmond, Ind.; B. S. 1905; Winner of 
Peck Prize; Grocer. Main St.; res. 105 S. 17th 
St., Richmond, Ind. 

Graham, Evarts Ambrose 

M. D. IS E. Washington St., Chicago, 111. 

Groman. Herman Charles 

Born Odelbolt, Iowa; B. S. 1907; A. B. 1904 
Yale; M. D. 1907 Rush Med. Coll.; "C in 
track; Physician; Member C. A. A. Country 
Club; Yale Alumni and Masonic Connections. 
61 Rimbock Ave.; res. 59 Rimbock Ave., Ham- 
mond, Ind. 

Hook, Inghram Dickson 

Born Leavenworth, Kans. ; Ph. B. 1905; Law- 
yer; Member University, City and Kansas City 
Country Clubs. Keith & Perry Bldg. ; res. 4525 
Kenwood Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Hunter, James Alexander 

Born Odcll, 111.; Three Quarters Club; Auto- 
mobile Accessories. The Automobile Supply Co., 
1335 S. Michigan Ave.; res. 810 Lakeside Place, 
Chicago, 111. 

Linthicum, Porter Hodge 

Initiated by Ind. Alpha 1899. 

Lovell, Frinck C. 

Born Chatfield, Minn.; Lumberman; Treas. L. 
A. Page Lumber Co.; Pres. Lovell Schoeficld 
Lumber Co., Eldora, Iowa. 415 S. Federal St.; 
res. 212, 2d St. S. E., Mason City, Iowa. 

Lyman, Walter Kellog 

Initiated by Wis. Alpha 1904. 

uantrell, Ernest 

Born Union Centre, Ind.; Director, Halsey 
Stuart & Co.; Member Skokie Country, City, 
University and South Shore Country Clubs. 
209 LaSallG St., Chicago; res. 745 Greenwood 
Ave., Glcncoe, 111. 

Ryan, Lee Matthew 

Born Leavenworth, Kans.; Assoc. Sc. 1903- B. 
S. 1905; M. D. 1907; Track (1 and 2 mile run); 
Physician and Surgeon (Specializing in Tuber- 
culosis of Lungs and Throat) ; Med. Dir. South- 
ern Sierras Sanatorium; Interne Los Angeles 
County Hosp., 1907-08; Author of Desultory 
Papers; Member Comity Med. and State Med. 
Socs.; Am. Med. Assn. Banning, Cal. 

Speik, Frederick Adolph 

Born Stockton, Cal.; ]!. S. 1905; M. D. 1907 
Rush Med. Coll.; Nu Si.?ma Nu; Three Quar- 
ters Club; Owl and Serpent; P'ootball (1), (2), 
(3), (4); (Capt. 4); All Am. End (1904); 
Asst. Coach, Univ. of Chicago, 190507; Head 
Coach, Purdue, 190809; Track, 1901-03; Physi- 


cian (Specializing Internal Medicine); Prof, of 
Medicine and Head of Dept. of Medicine Univ. 
of Southern Cal.; Chief of Staff, Los Angeles 
County Hosp.; Asst. to Dr. B. W. Sippy 
(Chicago) 3 yrs. ; Interne Cook County Hosp.; 
Former Asst. Phys. Presbyterian Hosp. 
(Chicago); Author, "Typhoid Meningitis" 
Journal A. M. A.; ' 'Ulcer of Stomach." 
Northwest Medicine, 1912; Member University 
Clubs of Chicago and Los Angeles; Assn. for 
Study of the Internal Secretions; Assn. for 
Promotion Medical Research of Southern Cal. 
800 Temple Auditorium; res. 1424 Laurel St., 
S. Pasadena, Cal. 

Wolff, Franklyn J. 

Born Chicago, 111.; M. E. and B. S. ; Manu- 
facturer of All Clay Sanitary Plumbing Fix- 
tures; Treas, Monument Pottery Co.; Mem- 
ber Chicago (111.) Athletic and Trenton Coun- 
try Clubs; Alasonic connections. Monument 
Pottery Co.; res. 19 Whittier Ave., Trenton, 
N. J. 


Buckwalter, Clarence Jandt 

Born Silver Cliff, Colo; Three Quarters Club; 
Capt. Freshman Track Team; Freshman Foot- 
ball; Treas. and Genl. Mgr. Am. Bureau of 
Engineering, Inc.; Masonic Clonnections. 1018 
S. Wabash Ave.; res. 7729 N. Ashland Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Catlin, Mark 

Born Aurora, III,; Ph. B. 1905; LL. B. 1909 
Univ. of Iowa; Owl and Serpent; Three Quar- 
ters and Score Clubs; Football Capt., 1905; 
Track -3 years; Individual Champion Olympic 
Games, St. Louis, 1904; Head Coach, Univ. of 
Iowa, 1907-09; Lawrence, 1909-16; Lawyer; 
District Attorney, Outagamie Co.; Mem- 
ber F. and A. M.; Elks; K. of P.; Moose. 470 
South St., Appleton, Wis. 

Eignus, Chester Arthur 

(Forrest, 111.) 

Ellsworth, LIuber Hurd 

Born Rockford, 111.; Three Quarters Club; 
Treas. Freshman Class; Freshman Baseball and 
Football; Coal Mine (Operator; Member Ridge 
Country and Pittsburgh Country Clubs. Globe 
Bldg., Pittsburgh, Kans.; res. 10353 Seeley 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Hall, Fred Taylor 

Advertising Manager. (Care Finch, Van Slyck 
& McCorville, St. Paul, Minn.) 

Lumbard, Marcus William 

Born Des Moines, Iowa; Ph. B. 1906; Skull 
and Crescent; Wholesale Jewelry. 410 W. Lo- 
cust St.; res. 5050 Waterbury Rd., Des Moines, 

Nowels, Auburn Ray 

Born Rensselaer, Ind.'; Ph. B. 1906; Varsity 
Baseball; Manager The Nowcls-Stockton Mer- 
cantile Co. Cor. 6th and Main Sts.; res. 528 
Macon Ave., Canon City, Colo. 

Putnam, Glenn Worthy 

Born Aurora, III.. Oct. 27. 1883; M. D. 1907; 
Art (contributor Cap and Gown, 1902-04; 
Physician and Surgeon; author of various ar- 
ticles published in the American Medical Jour- 
nal. Suite 307 Terminal Traction Bldg.; res. 
25 N. Madison St., Aurora. 111. 

Solicr, Franz Emory 

Born Bryan, Ohio, No'v. 11, 1884; M. D. 1907 
Long Island Coll.; Member Scroll Club; Physi- 
cian. 134 W. High St.; res. 218 N. Main St., 
Bryan. Ohio. 

Sumner. William y\lfred 

Born Minneapolis, Minn.; Witli Discount Dept., 
Mcrrhanls Loan and Trust Co.; Member Natl. 
Security League. 112 W. Adams St.; res. 1047 
Catalpa Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Wallis, William Burton 

(Care Mason Motor Co., Waterloo, Iowa ■> 





Dunbar. Noel S. 

Born Oak Park, III.; B. S. 1908 Yale; Three 
Quarters Club; Skull and Crescent; Football 
and Baseball (Yale); Architect; Member Ad- 
visorv Council, Yale Law School. Farmers 
Trust Bldg.; res. E. Washington Ave., South 
Bend, Ind. 

Harper Jesse Clair 

Born Pawpaw. III.; Ph. B. 1906; Football, 1905; 
Baseball, 1903-06; Captain, 1905; Director of 
Athletics, Notre Dame University. Notre Dame 
University, Notre Dame; res. 1131 Woodward 
Ave.. South Bend, Ind. 

Hill, Ralph Emerson 

Born Oregon, Mo.; Manager Bargain Dept., 
Long-Bell Lumber Co.; Member Alumni Assn.; 
Odd Fellows: Mason; Formerly member \\ ood- 
men of America. 913 R. A. Long Bldg., Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

Mabrey, Frederick Dill 

Born Norwich, Conn.; B. S. 1907; Teacher; 
Author of various magazine articles; Member 
F and \ M. ; Am. Assn. for Advancement of 
Science; Math. Soc. of Am.; New England 
Math. Assn. Bennington, Vt. 

Milner, Robert Sidney 

Initiated by Iowa Beta 1907. 

Xordenholt, George Deitrich 

Superintendent Domingo Mine; Affiliated Wis. 
Alpha 1907. (Keeler, Cal.) 

Stewart, Gordon Lyttel 

Born Kalamazoo, Mich., July 12, 1S8d; Pli. B. 
1907- J D 1909; V.-Pres. 1909 Law Class; 
Attorney-at-Law ; Democratic City Chairman 
(Kalamazoo); Member Gull Lake Country 
Club; Elks and K. of P. 112 W. South St.; 
res. 206 Elm St., Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Todd, Thomas Leeman 

Born Leavenworth, Kans.; University Orches- 
tra; Wholesale Grocer; Sec.-Treas. The Bitt- 
man, Todd Grocer Co.; Member Natl, and Alo. 
Wholesale Grocers Assns.; Rotary Club; Kan- 
sas City Assn. of Credit Men. 103 S. Mam St.; 
res. 226 Pine St., Leavenworth, Kans. 


Harwood, Herbert Macy 

Born Des Moines, Iowa; A. B. 1908; LL. B. 
1910 Univ. of Iowa; Phi Delta Phi; Owl and 
Key; Waskwi and Scimitar and Fez at Univ. 
of Iowa; Three Quarters, Score and Reynolds 
Clubs, Univ. of Chicago; Editor Daily lowan; 
On staff Daily Maroon (Univ. of Chicago) ; 
Asst Athletic Editor College Annual; Chair- 
man Greater Univ. Committee and Chairman 
Junior Prom. Committee at Univ. of Iowa; 
Newspaper Publisher; Member Grant Club of 
Des Moines; Affiliated Iowa Beta 1908. Rock- 
well City or Clarion, Iowa. 

Hogenson, William Peter 

(5969 Henry St., Chicago, 111.) 

Larson, Lester Lamont 

Monarch Typewriter Co. (20 E. Randolph St., 
Chicago, 111.) 

Mosser, Lloyd Leonard 

Born Abingdon, 111.; Ph. B. 1908; Secretary 
and Treasurer Globe Shirt & Overall Co. 100 
E. Pearl St.; res. 101 S. Ohio Ave., Abingdon, 

Phelps, Elmore Waite 

B. S. 1908. (1628 W. Jackson Boulevard, 
Chicago, 111.) 

Ridlon, John Robert 

Born New York, N. Y.; Efficiency Engineer. 
42 Rhoades Ave. E., Walpole, Mass. 

Willis, Eugene Alonzo* 

Born Chicago, 111.; B. A. 1908; Reynolds Club; 
Football; Debating, d. June 17, 1915. 


Boesinger, George Edwin 

La Grange High School. (La Grange, Ind.) 

Cardon, Ariel Frederick 

Born Logan, Utah.; Drainage of Farm Lands; 
Member Timpanogos (Salt Lake City) and 
Overland (Logan) Clubs. 41^ N. Main St.; 
res. 131 W. Center St., Logan, Utah. 

Carter, Jackson 

r,orn Charlottesville, Ind.; LL. B. 1915 Ind. 
Law School; Three Quarters Club; Lawyer; 
Member Marion, Indianapolis Athletic and 
Canoe and Columbia Clubs; Independent Turn 
Verein. 622 State Life Bldg.; res. 1827 Tal- 
bott Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Eastburn, Eugene Basil 

Born Ft. Jones, Cal.; Ph. B. 1909; Central 
District Manager of Knight Tire and Rubber 
Co. of Canton. Ohio; Member Field Club. 
1528 Grand Ave.; res. Buckingham Hotel, 31st 
and Forest Sts., Kansas City, Mo. 

Edmonds. Everett White 

(Fort Smith, Ark.) 

Ellis, John Dayhuff 

B S. 1908; Interne Cook County Hospital. 
(Chicago, 111.) 

Krog, Bernard Herman 

Born Ontarioville, 111.; Phi Delta Phi; Skull 
and Crescent; Iron Mask; Student Council; 
Manager of Sales and Advertising, Ingalls Stone 
Co. and Ind. Limestone Co.; Contributor to 
various advertising magazines. Ingalls Stone 
Co.; res. 1410, 16th St., Bedford, Ind. 

Meador, John Ernest Dolan 

{New York Herald, New York, N. Y.) 

Richards, Olin Lewis 

Born Milwaukee, Wis.; Grad. Armour Inst, of 
Tech.; E E.; Track; "C" in high jump; Sales- 
man, Dodge Bros. 503 La Salle Bldg., St. Louis, 
Mo.; res. 421 Belmont Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Rohns, Paul Philip 

Born Detroit, Mich.; B. S. 1909; Scholarship 
for Proficiency in Chemistry and Physics, Jun- 
ior and Senior years; Scholarship and Honor- 
able Alention for Proficiency in Chemistry and 
Physics awarded with degree; Director of 
Sales, Clipper Belt Lacer Co.; Member York 
Lodge. 410 F. and A. M. Room 974, 1016 
Front Ave., N. W.; res. 249 Hastings St., N. 
E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Schruth, John Lewis 

(Plankington Hotel, Milwaukee, Wis.) 

Steffen, W^alter Peter 

Born Chicago; Ph. B. 1909; J. D 1912; Owl 
and Serpent; Score Club; Three Quarters Club; 
Black Friars; V.-Pres. Freshman Class; Pres. 
Freshman Law Class; Pres. Senior College 
(Council, 1908; Captain Freshman Football, 
1905; Varsity Track and Football, 1906-08; 
Captain Football, 1908; All Am. Quarter Back, 
1908; Lawyer; Member 111. Bar Assn. 29 S. 
La Salle St.; res. 3153 Hudson Ave., Chicago, 

Thomas, William Edward 

(Y. M. C. A.. Milwaukee, Wis.) 

Thompson, Firman 

Born Rensselaer, Ind.; Lecore Club: Three 
Quarters Club; Farmer and Stock Breeder; 
Member Hamilton (Chicago) Club. Rensse- 
laer, Ind. 

Todd. Henry Allen 

With Biteman, Todd Grocer Co. (4th and 
Arcli Sts., Leavenworth, Kans.) 





Berry, Earle Putnam 

Houston, Texas. 

Bettendorf, Edwin Joseph 

Born Davenport, Iowa; Manufacturer, The 
Bettendorf Co. 2d E. and Mississippi Blvd., 
Bettendorf, Iowa. 

Buhmann, George Gilbert 

Born Chicago; Real Estate Broker. 2634 N. 
Clark St. ; res. 438 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, 

Eberhard, Frederick George 

Student, School of Medicine. (Northwestern 
University, Chicago, III.) 

Mattin,son, M. Clarence 

Born Gibson City, 111.; LL. B. 1909 North- 
western Univ.; Cashier Pioneer Bank; Member 
University Club of Chicago. Pioneer Bank, 
I'orterville, Cal. 

Nibley, James Ora 

Born Logan City, Utah; M. D. 1913; Alpha 
Kappa Kappa; Physician; Surgeon to Utah- 
Idaho Sugar Co. and California-Oregon Power 
Co.; City Health Officer, Grants Pass and Jose- 
phine Co.; Mem. Portland (Ore.) Ad. Club and 
Chamber of Commerce. Lundberg Bldg. and 
614 A St., Grants Pass, Ore. 

Nibley Preston 

Born Logan, Utah; Part Owner Utah Lime and 
Stone Co. 322 Ness Bldg.; res. 1363 Butler 
Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Radford, Robert Taylor 

Born Ponce, Neb.; Ph. B. 1910; Cashier, Tonica 
State Bank. Tonica State Bank, Tonica, IIU 


Gehring, Frank Alexander 

(Wichita, Kans.) 

Gould, Lyman Keith 

Student, Rush Medical College. 
Blvd., Chicago, 111.) 

Heath, Albert Green 

Initiated by Mass. Alpha 1911. 

McLean, Edwin Philbrook 

Born Maroa, Macon County, 111 
M. D. 1913 Rush Med. Coll.; 
Surgeon. Maroa, 111. 

Maddon, Raymond Joseph 

(308 S. Weadock St., Saginaw, Mich.) 

Perrin, William Redfield 

Born Chicajjo, 111.; President William R. Per- 
rin, Ltd., Manufacturers of Machinery; Mem- 
ber National and Royal Canadian Yacht Clubs. 
530 King St. K.; res. 35 Munro Park Ave., 
Toronto, Ontario. Canada. 

Smith, Calvin Otis 

Born Linncus, Mo., Oct. 10, 1890; Ph. B. 1911; 
Three Quarters and Score Clubs; Black i-'riars; 
Freshman Football; Cast Black Friars Play, 
"Pseudo Suffragettes"; Keeper Class Gavel; 
Sales Manager, J. K. Sutherlin & Co.; Municipal 
Bonds and (icneral Manager, Bcnland (Jil Co. 
of Kansas City; Member llillcrest Country, 
Harvard (New York) and Hamilton (Chicago) 
(Jlubs. 818 Commerce Bldg.; res. 3616 Holmes 
St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Stone, Cecil Delbert 

Born Brookficld, Mo.; Circulation Promoter. 
Room 218-221 Reserve Hank l!l<lg.; res. 3927 
Charhittc Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Stophlct, Donald Stirling 

Born St. Paul, Minn.; B. S. 1912; Skull and 
Crescent; Track, 190910; Winner of "C"; 
Holder of Western A. A. U. 1-milc Record; 
Salesman, W. S. Dickey Manufacturing Co.; 

(311 Ashland 

.; B. S. 1912; 
Physician and 

Deputy Boy Scout Commissioner; Lieut. U. S. 
National Guard, Mexican Border Patrol, 1916. 
217 New York Life Bldg.; res. 4234 Virginia 
St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Tiedebohl, Edward Robbins 

Born Chicago, 111., Oct. 7, 1889; LL. B. 1912 
Northwestern Univ.; Member of Law Firm 
Rosenthal, Kurz & Houlihan; Member Play- 
goers, O'ympia Fields Country and Hamilton 
Clubs; Chicago Bar and Illinois State Bar 
Assns. Continental and Commercial Banlc 
Bldg.; res. 4937 Vincennes Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Wallingford, Joseph Walker 

Initiated by Ky. Alpha-Delta 1908. 


Harris. Carl Garland 

(Highland Park, Des Moines, Iowa.) 

Howard, Giesert Asbury 

(326 Bradley Park St., Peoria, 111.) 

Kayton, Harold 

Born Savannah, Ga.; Ph. B. 1912; Washington 
House; Score of Black Friars; Capt. Gym. 
Team, 1912; Swimming Team (3 yrs); Secre- 
tary and Manager, San Antonio Poster Adver- 
tising Co.; Private, Co. "A", 13th Battalion, 
Depot Brigade; Rotarian Director, Texas Pos- 
ter Advertising Assn.; Natl. Dir., Poster Ad- 
vertising Assn. of U. S. and Canada; Member 
Masons; Shriners; Rotary, Travis, Huisache 
Golf and San Antonio Auto Clubs. 404 Bowie 
St.; res. 534 W. Magnolia St., San Antonio, 

McLaughlin, William Francis 

Insurance. (Chicago, 111.) 

Miller, Walter Raleigh 

Born Golden, III.; B. S. 1912; Glee Club; In- 
structor, Francis W. Parker School. 6100 Kim- 
bark Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Moses, Arthur Chauncey 

Born Pueblo, Colo.; A. B. 1912; Score Club; 
Assistant Manager Lucky Mining Co. ; Affili- 
ated Kans. Alpha 1912. 308 Keystone Bldg., 
Joplin, Mo. 

Prather, Ivan 

Salesman, Standard Oil Co. (615 E. 62nd St., 
Chicago, HI.) 

Smith, Fred M. 

Born Yale, 111; B. S. 1913; M. D. 1915; M. D. 

1914 Rush Med. Coll.; Phi Rho Sigma. 122 

S. Michigan Blvd.; res. 3456 W. Monroe St., 
Chicago, 111. 

Timniermeister, Edwin B. 

Born Wapakoneta, Ohio; Tliree Quarters Club; 
Sec. Score Club; Fresh. Track; Northwestern 
Univ., Soph. Football; Track; Secretary, City 
Loan and Saving Co.; Affiliated 111 Alpha 
1912. 1 W. Anglaizc St.; res. 512 W. Me- 
chanic St., Wapakoneta, Oliio. 


Beck, Robert Gortncr 

Born Goshen, Ind.; LL. B. 1913 Univ. of 
Mich.; Lawyer; Affiliated Mich. Alpha 1913. 
Gortncr Bldg.; res. 303 S. 6th St., Goshen, Ind 

Brown, Charles Everett 

Born Chicago, 111., Feb. 18, 1892; Score and 
Three Quarters Clubs; Member Freshman 
.Swimming and I'-ootball Teams; Chicago Office 
American Surety Co. of New York; Member 
Troop !•'. l'"irst Illinois Cavalry, sirvicc at 
I'.rownsville, Texas, 1916; Member Business 
.Men's Prosperity C:iub. Room 1266, 208 S. La 
Salle St.; res. 1221 K. S2nd St., Chicago, HI. 

Bryce, Ellsworth 

fAshland, Ohio.) 





Evans, Joseph E. 

r.orn bgden. Utali: LL. B. 1913; Phi Alpha 
Delta; Lnwver; County Attorney, 1915-16; 
Member Weber Club; State Bar Assn. of 
Utah. Daviil Kcclcs BIdg. ; res. 2JS1 Quincey 
Ave.. Ogden, Utah. 

Gardner, Paul Harold 

Born Brookficld, Mo.; Skull and Crescent; 
Factory Representative, The Aluminum Cook- 
ing Utensil Co. (New Kensington, Pa.) Edj- 
erly Court, Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Newett, Geoi\Q:e Albert 

(Ishpeming, Mich.) 

Nichols, Frank Richard 

(Lima, Mo.) 

Plantz. Truman, Jr. 

Born Warsaw, 111.; J. D. 1917; B. S. 1914 
Knox; Phi Delta Phi; Three Quarters Club; 
Football; Baseball; Student; Affiliated 111. 
Delta 1914. Warsaw, II!. 

Robinson. Arthur Ravmond 

Born Pickerington, Ohio; B. S. 1901 Ohio 
Northern Univ.; LL. B. 1910 Indiana Law 
School: Ph. B. 1913; Ye Inne of Chancerie 
(Tnd. Law School); Cass Valedictorian, 1910; 
Honorable Mention, 1913; Lawyer; First Lieu- 
tenant Infantry, National Army, 1917; State 
Senator, 1914; Pres. pro tern Ind. Senate, 
1917; Author, "Memory and the Executive 
Mind," 1912: Member Indianapolis and In- 
diana State Bar Assns; Modern Woodmen; 
K. of P.; Elks; Columbia, Marion and Indian- 
apolis Clubs. 601 Indiana Trust Bldg.; res. 
5933 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Steinbrecher, Fritz 

Born Chicago, 1888; Ph. B. 1913; Real Estate; 
Member City and Chicago Tennis Clubs. Tri- 
bune Bldg.; res. 538 Belden Ave,, Chicago, 111. 


Francisco, Lewis fiercer 

Born Harrisonville, Mo., 1894; S. B. 1914; 
With Advertising Department, Curtis Bros. & 
Co.; Member Clinton Country Club. 1200 S. 
Second St.; res. 512 Melrose Court, Clinton, 

Heath, Benjamin Lisle 

Born Fond du Lac, Wis.; Three Quarters, 
Score and Reynolds Clubs; Interfraternity 
Council, 1911; Manager for State of Wiscon- 
sin, Chicago Bonding and Insurance Co.; 
Former Sec.-Treas. Social Service Committee, 
St. Paul's Cathedral, Fond du Lac, 1912-13; 
Delegate to Conventions of 6th Synod Epis- 
copal Church, 1916; Member B. P. O. E. 57 
(Fond du Lac). 79 W. Monroe St., Chicago, 
111.; res. Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Higgin, Eugene Colin 

(Marshalltown, Iowa.) 

James. Whitney Lapp 

(Good Hope, 111.) 

Libonati, Ellioder 

(1013 S. Halsted St., Chicago, 111.) 

McManus, Charles Burdette 

Born Ottumwa, Iowa; Score Club; Bookkeeper, 
Jellico (Grocery Co. Harriman, Tenn.; res. 
603 W. Hill Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. 

Parkinson, George Doney 

Born Franklin, Oneida County, Idaho; Ph. B. 
and J. D. 1914; Phi Alpha Delta; Owl and 
Serpent; Order of the "C"; Reynolds Club 
(Treas., 1912-13; Pres., 1913-14); Swimming 
Team (4 yrs.); CJymnastic Team (4 yrs.); Cap- 
tain, 1912-13; Western Intercollegiate Individ- 
ual All- Around Gymnastic Champion, 1912-13; 
First to receive Major "C" in Gymnastics; Was 
awarded Major "C", 1912-13 and 1913-14; Re- 
ceiver Minor "C" in Swimming; Attorney-at- 
Law; Sec. Salt Lake City Alumni Club of Phi 

Delta Theta, 1915-16; Reporter, 1917; Private 
Sec. to Congressman Joseph Howell, of Utah, 
3 yrs.; Member Am. Bar, 111. Bar, Chicago 
Bar and Utah Bar Assns. 327-28 Judge Bldg.; 
res. 623 I'irst -Vvc., Salt Lake. City, Utah. 

Ross. Arden F.rbin 

Initiated by S. Dak. Alpha 1912. 

W'haldnian. William Arthur 

(Brookfield, Mo.) 


Acker, Weslev Harrison 

Born Atlantic,' Iowa; B. S. 1915; M. D. 1917 
Rush Med. Coll.; Phi Rho Sigma; Three Quar- 
ters Club; Football, 1914-15; Wrestling, 1914; 
Winner of "C"; Physician and Surgeon. 205 
Colorado Bldg., Colorado Springs; res. Mani- 
tou, Colo. 

Gee, Arthur r^^Ialcolm 

Initiated by Ohio Alpha 1913. 

Hammond, Alva ^lerwin 

Born Elgin, Nebr. ; A. B. 1915; Office Manager, 
Montgomery, Ward & Co. 618 W. Chicago 
Ave.; res. 7 E. Oak St., Chicago, 111. 

Jordan, Edmund Joseph 

London, Lancaster Co. (136 Sycamore St., 
Milwaukee, Wis.) 

Matthews, \\^illiam S. 

(Ashland, Wis.) 

Parker. Leslie Monroe 

Initiated by N. H. Alpha 1914. 


Ellis, Tames Hervey Stewart 

Born' Rensselaer, Ind.:'Ph. B. 1917; Ellis Pos- 
ter Advertising Co. Ellis Theatre Bldg.; res. 
301 N. Front St.. Rensselaer, Ind. 

Fernow. John A. W., Jr. 

Born St. Louis, Mo.; Three Quarters Club; 
Automobile Agent for Ford Cars; Member A. 
F. and A. M., America Lodge, No. 889. 4112 
W. Madison St. and 2900 Michigan Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Hamilton. Ralph Howard 

Born Pasadena, Cal.; Three Quarters Club 
Chrmn. Y. M. C. A. Commission, 1913-14; The 
atrical Producer. 1052 People's Gas Bldg. 
res. 1443 E. 53rd St., Chicago, III. 

Hammond, AValter Willis 

Born Elgin, Nebr.; J. D. 1916; A. B. 1913 Be- 
loit Coll.; Delta Sigma Rho; Lawyer. 172 
Market St.; res. 686 Exchange St., Kenosha, 

Jeffery, Raymond L. 

Born Shell Lake, Wis.; Nu Sigma Nu, North- 
western Univ.; Three Quarters Club; Union 
Lit. Soc. (Mich. Aer. Coll.): Medical Student. 
2901 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Mather, Donald R. 

Born Chicago, III.; Dramatic Reading Soc; 
Reynolds Club; !Mail Order Business; Member 
Junior Advertising Assn. of Chicago. 5402 
Dorchester Ave., Chicago, 111. 

O'Connor, Edward John 

Born Chicago, 111.; B." S. 1916; W^ater Polo; 
Varsity Swimming Team; Member of 160-yard 
Relay (Swimming) Team, which holds National 
Intercollegiate Record; Chemist; Member 111. 
Athletic and White Lake Yacht Clubs. 4327 
Evans Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Parr, Leland W'ilbur 

Born Cooksville, 111.; B. .8.- 1916; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Teacher. Assiut College, Assiut, 




Shaffer, George K. 

Born Harrisburg, Pa., 1894; Sporting Depart- 
ment, Chicago Tribune; Member Cliicago Press 
and Chicago South Side Tennis Clubs. Chicago 
Tribune, 7 S. Dearborn St.; res. 3057 Jackson 
Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Stone, William Bradley 

(Commonwealth, Texas.) 

Stringham, Hugh Carbough 

Born Portland, Mich.; Three Quarters Club; 
With Sales and Advertising Department, North- 
ern Bank Note Co.; Member Chicago Advertis- 
ing Assn. and Knights Templar. 538 S. Clark 
St.; res. 4818 Drake x\ve., Chicago, 111. 

Weinman, Carl Leo 

Born Wilkinsburg, Pa.; Skull and Crescent; 
Member Univ. Glee Club; Class Treas.; With 
The Prest-0-Lite Co. 3575 Grant Blvd., Pitts- 
burgh; res. 916 Smith Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Wilson, Raymond 

Born Bluff Hall, near Quincy, 111.; B. S. 1916; 
Univ. Wrestling Championship, 1916 (158 lbs.); 
Chemist. Swift & Co., Union Stock Yards, 
Chemical Laboratory; res. 935 E. 60th St., 
Chicago, 111. 


Albert, John C* 

Born Dayton, Ohio. d. Dec. 11, 1914. 

Anderman, George Royal 

Born Palatine, 111.; Three Quarters Club; 
Black Friars; Treasurer Freshman Y. M. C. A. 
and Class, 1917; Assoc. Editor Cap and Gown; 
Assistant Secretary, New Mexico Cattle and 
Horse Growers' Assn. 606 S. Walter St., Al- 
buquerque, N. Mex. 

Bee, Clarence Olson 

(Belt Broker. 136 Sycamore St.. Milwaukee, 

Kautz, John Iden 

Initiated by Ind. Gamma 1917. 

Mason, August, Jr. 

(822 W. Grand Ave., Chippewa Falls, Wis.) 

Miller, Elmer Winfield 

Born Golden, 111.; Glee Club; Artist. 6 N. 
Micliigan Ave.; res. 6100 Kimbark Ave., 
C liicago, 111. 

Miller, Walter Raleigh 

(6100 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111.) 


I>rill, George Meredith 

Initiated by'N. 11. Alplia 1917. 

Fitzgerald, Edward Matthew 

(515 Bowcn Ave., Chicago, 111.) 

Gerdes, Paul William 

(120 Sylvan Terrace, Harrisburg, Pa.) 

Payne, Lloyd Arlo 

Born Hutchinson, Kans.; Salesman, Liggett & 
Myers Tol>acco Co. 524 E. First Ave., Hutch- 
inson, Kans. 

Rhoads, Freeman Jefferson 

Boi-n Plainvicw, HI.; A. B. 1916 Des Moines 
Coll.; Senior Class Play Costume Committee; 
Track; Student; Member Y. M. C. A. 1154 E. 
62d St., Chicago, III. 

St. Clair, Thomas Leon 

Born Eupora, Miss.; Decatur (Texas) High 
School Basketball, 1912; Decatur Coll., do., 
191314; Student. 935 E. 60th St.; Phi Delta 
Thcta House, Chicago, 111. 

Volini, Dominick Frank 

Born Chicago, 111.; Football (1); Reynolds 
Club; Student. 2929 Washington Blvd., Chicago, 

Wilmoth, Clifford Lee 

Born Summerfield, Kans.; Nu Sigma Nu; Medi- 
cal Student. 5739 Drexel Ave., Chicago, 111.; 
res. 1624 West St., Topeka, Kans. 

Winter. Edw^ard Thomas 

Born Ironwood, Mich.; Phi Delta Theta; Stu- 
dent. 505 E. Division St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 


Acker, Robert Shuman 

Born Atlantic, Iowa. 935 E. 60th St., Chicago, 
111.; res. 204 Colorado Bldg., Colorado Springs, 

Birks, Hammond Davies 

Born Chicago, 111.; Dramatic Club; (1) Track; 
Reynolds Club; Football and Baseball; Stu- 
dent. 935 E. 60th St.; res. 241 N. Pine Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Buyer, Benjamin Metz 

Born Columbia, Pa.; Freshman Football; Den- 
tal Student, Univ. of Pa.; During War Radio 
Operator, U. S. Coast Guard Academy, New 
London, Conn. 733 Chestnut St., Columbia, 

Goad, John Marion 

Born Springfield, Mo.; B. O. A. Debating See; 
Phi Alpha Sigma; Manager Basketball; Mana- 
ger, Mirror; Class Plav; Football; Student 
1109 N. Main St., Springfield, Mo. 

Jasper, John James 

Born Moline, III., April 13, 1895; Score Club; 
Reporter; Sergeant, U. S. Army. Battery D., 
126th Field Artillery, Camp Cody, N. Mex.; 
res. 1730 Park Ave., Davenport, Iowa. 

Jones, Archbold Redmond 

Born Ottawa, Kans.; Skull and Crescent; 
Chidcb; (1) Track; Cross Country (2); Student. 
935 E. 60th St., Chicago, 111.; res. 717 W. 15th 
St., Pueblo, Colo. 

Joseph, John James 

(Davenport, Iowa.) 

Kister, Herbert Huntington 

Born Chicago, III.; Three Quarters Club; Mem- 
ber Freshman Financial Comm.; Student; Mem- 
ber Lacona Club of Austin. 5938 Midway Park, 
Chicago, 111. 

Wagener, Charles Henry 

Born Chicago; Three Quarters Club; Student; 
Meml)er Lacona Club of Austin, Chicago. 935 
E. 60th St. and 324 N. Waller Ave., Chicago, 


Clarisey, William Albert 

Born Chicagf), HI.; Three Quarters Club; Cash- 
ier, Grain Dept. of Ware & i.clatul; Member 
Lexington .\thletic t!lub; Member Knights of 
('oluml)us. Hughes Council No. 1005. Lexington 
-Athletic Club, 160 W. Jackson Blvd.; res. 5439 
W. Adams St., Cliicago, 111 

McMackin. Albert 

Initiated by Maine Alpha 1918. 

Olson, F^rank Bristol 

Born Woodhull, III.; Student. 935 E. 60th 
St., Chicago, 111. 

Wallace, Charles T>c\'erne 

Born Dui)uquc, Iowa; Student. Univ. of 
Chicago. 4646 Polk .St., Chicago, 111, 


CiiARTF.KKD January 12, 1871 


Monmouth, Illinois 


Campbell. Thomas Hays 

(215 First National Bank Bldg., Chicago, 111.) 

Nesbit. Robert Brvson* 

A. B.; A. M. d. Oct. 14, 1881. 


Bigger, Henry Johnson 

Born Montgomery Co., Ohio, June S, 1848; 
A. B. 1872; Represented Lit. Soc. as Declaimer 
in Contest, spring 1869; Charter Member; Philo- 
math. Lit. Soc; Attorney-at-Law; Masonic Con- 
nections; Blue Lodge. Room 403 Gerlinger 
Bldg.; res. 441 E. 15th St., Portland, Ore. 

Findley, Thomas Maskell 

A. B. 1872; A. M. 1873. (153 Macalester 
Ave., St. Paul, Minn.) 

Hutchinson, Alexis Phelps 

A. B. 1872; A. M. 1873; Charter Member; 
Lawyer. (96 North Side Public Sq.; res. 318 
E. First Ave.. Monmouth, III.) 

Kyle. Joseph 

Born near Cedarville. Ohio, Nov. 20, 1849; 
A. B. 1872; A. M. 1875; LL. D. 1906; D D. 
1892 Westminster Coll.; Grad. Xenia (Ohio) 
Theol. Sem., 1876; President, Xenia Theologi- 
cal Sem. ; Clergyman; Professor Theology; 
Moderator United Presb. Genl. Assembly. 3d 
cor. Galloway Sts.; res. 252 N. King St., Xenia, 

Kyle. Samuel Tohn 

'A. B. 1872; A. M. 1873; D. D. (Biggsville, 

McKee. Samuel Henry 

Born Westmoreland Co..^ Pa.; President, The 
Title Guaranty Co.; President, Duffs College. 
Prick Bldg. Annex. Pittsburgh; res. 1204 Wood 
St.. Wilkinsburg. Pa. 


Anderson. Allen Bracken 

M. D. 1874. (Pawnee City, Neb.) 

French. Albert Collins 

Born Somonauk. DeKalb Co., 111.; Eccritean Lit. 
Soc. 514 S. Manchester Ave., Chicago, 111 

McDill. Hugh Milton 

B. S. 1874; Farmer. (Morning Sun, Ohio.) 

Mitchell, John Alexander 

Born Monmouth, 111.; B. S. 1874; Physician. 
Branson, Mo 


Buck, Samuel Alexander* 

A. B. 1875; A. M. 1878. d. Aug. 14, 1884. 

Burns, James Clinton 

Bom Graysville, Pa.; A. B. 1875; A. M. 1878; 
Educator; Head of Latin Department, Western 
111. State Normal School. 1025 W. Adams St., 
Macomb, III. 

Hanna, James Ross 

Born Henderson County, 111.; A. M. 1878; LL. 
B. 1877 Harvard; Manufacturer. 621 S. First 
res. 402 S." A St.. Monmouth, 111. 

Lansing, John Gnllian* 

A. M.; B. D. 

Lansing. Joseph McCarrell* 

A. M.; B. D. d. June 5, 1905, Cairo, Egypt. 

Mason, John Henry 

A. B. 1875; Cashier. (Omaha Box Co.; res. 
4724 W. 22d St., Omaha, Nebr.) 

Miller, William Oliver 
Patterson. David Brownlee 

(Des Moines, Iowa.) 

Pratt, Seth Franklin* 

A. B. 1875; A. M. 1878. d. March 5, 1901. 

Pratt, William Dowrick 

A. B. 1875; A. M. 1878. (Kalama, Wash.) 


Brownlee, Charles Mason 

Farmer. (Galesburg, 111.) 

Lewis, John C. 

Born Berwick, HI.; Farmer. Corvallis, Ore. 

McCulloch, James Heron 

B. S. Chula Vista, Cal. 

Thornton, Norbury Willet 

Born Millersburg, 111., Nov. 20, 1852; A. B. 
1876; A. M. 1879; Grad. Princeton Theol. 
Sem., 1879; Educator; Prin., Geneseo Collegiate 
Inst.; Pastor, West Liberty, Iowa 1879-84; 
Prin., Geneseo Acad., 1884-97, and 1913-17. At- 
kinson Hall, Main St., Geneseo, 111. 

Warden, James Logan* 

d. July 3, 1905. 


Love, John McDonald 

A. B. 1877; A. M. 1880; Lawyer. (112 W. Sth 
Ave., Arkan.'ias City, Kans.) 

McClanahan, Harry Monroe 

Born Norwood, 111.; M. D. 1878; Phi Rho 
Sigma; Physician; Professor Pediatrics, Omaha 
Medical College (now Univ. of Nebr.), since 
1892; Member A. M. A; Am. Pediatric Soc; 
Nebr. State Med. Assn. (Pres. 1900-02); 
Douglas County Med. Soc. (ex-Pres.); Omaha 
Field and Commercial Clubs. 468 Brandeis 
Bldg.; res. 1312 N. 40th St., Omaha, Nebr. 

Alonteith. Junius A[ugustus] 

Born Warren County, 111.; A. B. 1877; A. M. 
1879; Clergyman; Moderator, Iowa Synod, 
1890; Kansas Synod, 1915. 311 Loula St., 
Olathe, Kans. 

Wallace. John 

Born Fairview, Ohio; A. M. 1879; Real Estate, 
Insurance and Investments. Ill W. Sixth St.; 
res. 940 La Alameda St., San Pedro, Cal. 





Clippinger, Edward Everett 

Born Monmouth, III.; A. B. 1881; A. M. 1884; 
Abstracter; ^Member Elks. Monmouth* 111. 

Moffett. John Hemphill* 

d. 1905. 

Pardee, William Gilbert 

Born at Pardoe, Pa.; A. B. 1881; A. M. 1884; 
Lawyer. Stroud, Okla. 

Stuart, David Aliller 

A B. 1881; A. M. 1884; Lawyer. (Moscow, 


Brownlee, Ralph Paine 

Born Lexington, Ky.; A. M. 1882; Manager. 
Ill \V. Monroe St.; res. 8110 Yates Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Crawford. Joseph Reynolds 

B. S. 1882. 

Irvine, Oliver Henry* 
McClanahan, Archie Allen 

Born Norwood, Mercer County, 111.; LL. B. 
1885 Wesleyan Univ. (Bloomington, 111.); Phi 
Delta Phi; Pres. Sophomore Class; Editorial 
Staff, 1880; Baseball, 1878-82; Attorney-at-Law, 
Specializing in Negotiable Instrvnnents and 
(iuaranty and Suretyship; Member of Faculty 
of Kent Col. of Law, occupying Chairs Negoti- 
able Instruments and Guaranty and Suretyship; 
Contributor to Law Journals on above subjects; 
Masonic connections. 29 S. La Salle St.; res. 
5702 Winthrop Ave., Chicago, III. 

Patten, Thomas Beveridge* 

d. October, 1883. 

Fitzgerald, Oras Everett 

General Contractor. 1901 Ave. A; res. 1523, 
8th Ave., Kearney, Nebr. 

Glenn, John McGaw 

Born Ft. Wayne, Ind. ; A. M. 1883; Eccritcan 
Soc; Assoc. Editor The Collegian; Baseball, 
1880-83; Capt., 1882-83; Pres. Monmouth Col- 
lege Athletic Assn.; Owner and Publisher Man- 
ufacturers' News, Industry's Greatest Maga- 
zine; Sec. 111. Mfrs. Assn.; Chicago Civil Ser- 
vice Commission, 1897; Member Natl. Assn. 
of Commercial Organization Secretaries; Busi- 
ness Secretaries Forum; Ind. Soc. of Chicago; 
Union League; Mid Day, Chicago Traffic, 
Chicago Press, Evanston CIll.) Country, Glen 
View (111.) Golf and Illini and Sangamo 
f Springfield, III.) Clubs; Chicago Athletic 
.•\ssn. Room 1436, 76 W. Monroe St., Chicago; 
res. 1131 Forest Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Pollard, William Roy* 

d. 1899. 

Regnier, Earl 

Born Marietta, Ohio; A. B. 1883; A. M. 1886; 

Philodclphian Lit. Soc; 2d Honors in Class; 

Class Orator; Retired. 1640 Montreal Ave., 
St. Paul, Minn. 


Butler, William Marshall 

A. B.; A. M.; D. D.; Clergyman. (Oakmont, 

Edwards. Samuel Horace 

Rock Island, 111. 

Gillespie, James McKie* 

M. D. d. March 3, 1886. 

Hanna, Robert Claud 

Merchant (Retired). Anderson, Mo. 

Kirkpatrick, Arthur Chalmers* 

d. January 2, 1882. 

Mickey, Daniel Milton 

Initiated by 111. Delta 1884. 

Paine, John Mason* 

d. 1907. 


Johnson, Boiling Arthur 

Born near Leesburg, Ohio; Ciceronian; Phila- 
delphia Lit. Soc; President, Editor and Man- 
ager Lumber Review Co.; Founder Concaten- 
ated Order of Hoo Hoo; Sec. Lumber Press 
Club of the U. S. ; Author of Monographs, 
"The Birth of Art"; "His Dreams Came 
True"; "The Story of the Silver Bell"; 
"Thoughts Are Things"; "The Rudolph of 
Hapsburg of His House"; Member Chicago 
Trade Press Assn.; Am. Assn. of Business 
Papers: Chicago Advertising Assn.; Life Mem. 
Press Club of Chicago; Now Res. Mem. Mer- 
cantile Club of St. Louis. Suite 1740, Trans- 
portation Bldg., 608 S. Dearborn St.; res. 4630 
Kenmore Ave., Chicago, III. 

McClaughry, Charles Chase 

Initiated by 111. Delta 1884. 

McKinney, William Mark 

LL. B. 1885; Lawyer. Northport, N. Y. 

Thomas, Benjamin Franklin, Jr. 

Initiated by Hi. Delta 1885. 

Thompson, William James 

Address unknown. 


Babcock, Frederick Kilpatrick* 

d. Omaha, Nebr. 

Bridenthal, Lake 

Born Monmouth, 111.; Farmer and Capitalist. 
Wymore, Nebr. 

Brown, John Clayton Robertson 

Address unknown. 

McCoy, Clem -Dennin 

A. M.; M. D.; Physician and Surgeon. (103 W. 
Franklin St.; res. 333 W. Main St., Kenton, 

Rodgers, Charles Tlciiry 

Assistant Cashier, Monmouth Trust and Sav- 
ings Bank. (Monmouth, HI.) 


CiiARTKRKn AIarch 10. 1871 


Galesburc, Illinois 

Perrigo, George Woodruff* 

DeBar, George O'Bryant 

Born Quincy7 III.; B. S. 1S72; M. D. 1874; 
Charter Member; Physician and Lawyer; Sec, 
Ei:gene Rifle Club; Past Pres., Lane Co. Med. 
Soc.; Member State Med. Soc; Affiliated Mo. 
Alpha 1S72. 824 Williamette St.; res. 383, 11th 
Ave., Eugene, Ore. 

Field. Eugene* 

A. M. ; Charter Member; Affiliated Mo. Alpha 
. 1872. 

Gilbert, John ^^^^lliam* 

A. B.;\\. M.; Charter Member, d. Oct. 21, 

Johnson. Alfred Bainbridge* 

B. s. 

Johnson, \\^illiam Stevenson 

Born Albany, N. Y. ; Lawyer; First Assistant 
Corporation Counsel, Chicago. 38 S. Dearborn 
St., Room 657; res. 3504 Lake Park Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Lennon, Anthony* 

A. B.; A. M. 


Hamilton, John D. Miller* 

Claims Attorney, d. Sept. 20, 1914. 

Kretzinger, Joseph Thomas* 

d. 1900, Chicago, 111. 

MacLean, Samuel Patterson 


Porter, William Jay* 
Scripps. William 

Charter Member; Coal Operator. (Astoria, 

. in.) 

Smith, Willis Gorman*. 

d. Aug. 15, 1902, St. Paul, Minn. 


Francis, James Theodore 

Sec. of the Fort Madison Plow Co. (Fort Mad- 
ison. Iowa.) 

Hamilton, James ]\IcClellan 

LL. B.; Lawyer. (31-32 Latimer Block, Salt 
Lake City, Utah.) 

Hitchcock. Harry Selden* 

Charter Member. 

Lawrence, Charles Villa* 

Charter Member. 

Little, Edward Potter 

Born Brooklyn. N. Y. ; A. B. 1875; A. M. 1878; 
S.^ T. B. 1880; Clergyman; Member Colonial 
War, Colonial Governors and Old Colony His- 
torical Socs. 211 S. Broad St., Elizabeth, 
N. J. 

1120, 2nd 

(Fresno, Cal.) 

1875 Amherst; 
I Northwestern 

IMetcalf. Albert Dwight* 

d. 1912. 

Pleasants. Adair 

Lawyer and Referee in Bankruptcy 
Ave. (Rock Island, 111.) 

Risley, Eugene W' . 

Lawyer. 243 Van Ness Ave. 

Sears, Nathaniel Clinton 

Born Gallipolis, Ohio; A. B. 
A. M. 1878 do.; LL. D. 18S 
Univ.; Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Kappa Epsilon 
(Amherst); Lawyer; Judge, Supreme Court, 
Cook County; Justice, Appellate Court of III.; 
Chicago Bd. of Educ; !\Iember Union League 
and Press Clubs. 1st Natl. Bank Bldg., 
Chicago, 111.; res. Lake Geneva, Wis. 


Hamilton, William Scott 

Born Fort Madison, Iowa; Judge, District 
Court; City Atty., Lincoln, Nebr. ; Pres. School 
Bd., Fort Madison, Iowa; Judge District Court, 
1st. Judicial District of Iowa; Grand Chancellor 
K. of P. of Nebr.; Member Masons; American 
Bar Assn. 1016 Fourth St., Ft. Madison, Iowa. 

Johnson, Richard W^ashington, Jr. 

M. D.; Major Surgeon, U. S. Army. (Havana, 

Post. Alfred Schuvler* 

A. M. 

Tremper, Henry S. 


Jay. Walter ^L* 

B. S. d. 1896. 

Little. Arthur Wilde* 

A. B.; A. M.; D. D. d. Sept. 28. 1910, Evans- 
ton, 111. 


Adcock, Robert James 

A. B.; A. M.; Lawyer. (Bullard Block; res. 
Elks Club, 3d and Olive Sts., Los Angeles, 

Jelliff, Frederick Reuben 

A. B.; Editor Republican Register. (Gales- 
burg, HI.) 

A'lc^Murtry, James William 
Martin, Thomas E. 
Wood, Edward W. 


Ewart, John Yorstoun 

Born Gatehouse-of-Fleet, Kirkcudbrightshire, 
Scotland; A. B. 1881; A. M. 1884; D. D. 1909; 
D. D. College of Emporia; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Adelphi Soc; E. O. S. Lit. Soc. (Knox Acad- 




emy) ; One of Organizers of Y. M. C. A., 
Knox College; Record as Student in Knox Col- 
lege, highest up to date of graduation in 1881; 
Second in Class of 1884, Union Theological 
Seminary (New York City); Presbyterian- Min- 
ister; Pastor, Second Presbyterian Church; 
Chaplain Caledonian Soc. ; Contributor to 
Herald and Presbyter, Cincinnati; Presbyterian 
Advance, Nashville. Tenn.; Herald of Gospel 
Liberty, Dayton, Ohio; Member Knights Temp- 
lars, Caledonian Soc. and Ministerial Assn. 715 
N. First St., Nob Hill, Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Parkinson. Josiah Benson 

Born Willow, Jo Davies Co., 111.; B. S. 1881; 
Editor and Publisher; Postmaster, Savanna, 
111. Broken Arrow, Okla. 

Pierson, George Frederick* 

A. B.; A. M.""d. May 20, 1899, Fort Worth, 

Pincknev, Merritt Willis 

Born Alt. Morris, 111.; LL. D. 1914; Adelphi; 
Philosophical Oration at Graduation; Capt. 
Baseball Team. 1880-81; Judge, Circuit Court; 
Judge, Juvenile Court, Cook Co., 111. (8 yrs.) ; 
Member Chicago Athletic Assn.; City, Hamilton, 
and Flossmoor Country Clubs. 706 County 
Court House; res. Hotel Del Prado, Chicago, 

Prince, George Washington, Sr. 

Born Tazeweir County, 111.; a" B. 1881; Adelphi 
Lit. Soc; Attorney; Member of Congress. 513 
Grant Bldg. ; res. 987 Westmoreland Ave., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

Ray, Ephraim xA.lbert 

Born Ore?on, 111.; B. S. 1881; Lawyer; Justice. 
Oregon, 111. 

Sheahan, Albert Gallatin* 

A. B.; A. M. 

Taylor, Thomas, Jr. 

Born Birmingham, Ga.; B. S. 1881; LL. B. 
1885 (Harvard); American Gray Soc. (Harv- 
ard); Prcs. Gnothautii Soc; Scholarship (Harv- 
ard); Judge Appellate Court, 111.; Director 111. 
Humane Soc; Pres. Chicago Law Club 1916; 
V.-Pres. Onwentsia Country Club; Dir. Univ. 
Club; Member Chicago, University, City, 
Hamilton, Onwentsia, Indian Hill, Law and 
Harvard Clubs; Chicago Bar, .State Bar and Am. 
Bar Assns.; Master in Chancery of Circuit 
Court for 20 years. 30 N. Michigan Blvd., 
Chicago; res. Hubbard Woods, 111. 


-Anderson, Nelson Frederick* 
Carr, Edwin Stately 

Born Maquon, III.; A. B. 1882; A. M.; B. D. 
1894 (Yale); A. M. 1894 (Harvard); D. D. 
1901; Minister (Congregational). Chillicothe, 

Chambers, William Henrv 

A. B.; Ranchman. (503, 13th Ave., Greeley, 

Phillips, John Sanborn 

Born near Council Bluffs, Iowa; A. B 1882; 
L. p.; A. B. 1885 (Harvard); Editor and 
Pulilisher; Member Players, Century and Har- 
vard Clubs. 381 Fourth Ave., New York City; 
r<v 4S South St., Goshen, N. Y. 


Mason, John Mark 

Address Unknown. 


Baker, Lydell 

Born Barry, 111.; LL. B. (Univ. Cal.); Pub- 
lisher; Member Univ. Club. 309 McKay Bldg.; 
res. 239 E. 60th St., Portland, Ore. 

Knotts, Edward Clay 

Born (near) Chatham, 111.; B. S.; Honorary 
M. A. Degree (Blackburn Univ.); Lawyer; 
U. S. Attorney Southern District, 111. (Official 
res. Springfield, 111.) ; Member Sangamo Club 
(Springfield, 111.). 1 E. Main St.; res. 307, 1st 
South St., Carlinville, 111. 

McKelvey, Charles Sumner 

A. B.; Lawyer. (Citizens' National Bank Bldg.; 
res. 1913 S. Union Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.) 

Mickey. Daniel Milton 

Born Oquawka, 111.; B. S. 1884; LL. B. 1888 
(Northwestern Univ.) Eccritean Soc. (Mon- 
mouth), Gnothautii Soc; Lawyer; Justice of 
Peace, New Trier, 111.; Co-Author "American 
and English Encyclopedia of Law." 1888-93; 
Affiliated 111. Gamma 1884. 1325 Unity Bldg., 
Chicago; res. 1523 Walnut Ave, Wilmette, III. 

Mitchell, James Calvin* 

B. s. 

Morse, Robert Calfe 

Born Tremont, 111., Sept. 11, 1859; A. B. 1884; 
B. D. 1887 (Yale); LL. B. 1895 (Iowa Univ.); 
Adelphi Lit.; Oratorical Assn.; Editor, Coup 
d'Etat; Pres. Adelphi Soc; Pres. Senior Class; 
Valedictorian; Attorney-at-Law; City Atty., 
1902-05; Master in Chancery Circuit Court, 
Henry County, 111., since 1911; Member Ke- 
waneei Civic and Midland Country Clubs. 201 
N. Tremont St.; res. 109 W. Prospect St., 
Kewanee, 111. 

Perkins, Frederick Chauncey 

Born W^estfield, Mass., March 10, 1863; A. 
H. 1884; A. U. 1887; Lawyer; Register of U. 
S. Land Office, Durango, Colo., 1899-1908. 
Suite 208, Newman Bldg.; res. 1931 E. 2d 
Ave., Durango, Colo. 

Rohrer, Ur Stauffer 

Born Sterling, 111.; Abstractor of Titles. 713 
W. 2d St.; res. 812 N. Lincoln Ave., Hastings, 

Schlieniann. William Emil 

B. S.; A. M.; Ph. I).; Teacher, High School. 
Res. 1121 Wegtlake Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Sisson, Frederick William* 

B. S. d. Jan. 7, 1908, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Whitney, William Henry 

Born Monticello, Minn.; CIcncral Agent, Phoenix 
Mutual Life Ins. Co. (Hartford, Conn.); 
Trustee, Lakewood Congregational Cliurch; 
Member Chamber of Commerce, Cleveland; 
Masons. 1204 Union Natl. Bank Bldg., Cleve- 
land; res. 1504 Robinwood Ave, Lakewood, 


Broadbent, Thomas Albert 

Born Annawan. 111.; B. S. 1885; M. S. 1887; 
D. D. S. 1887; Delta Sigma Delia; Dentist; 
Ex-Mcniber and Sec, I'l. Slate 1'.<1. of Dental 
Kxaminers; Ex-Sec. Nail. Assn. of Denial Ex- 
aminers; Member Chicago and Illinois State 
Dental Socs. ; Natl. Denial and ("hicago -Xth- 
letic Assns.; Knighls Templar (Ravenswood) ; 
Park Ridge C'>unlry Club. 1905 Marshall 
Field Annex Bldg.; res. 4410 N. Hermitage 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Brown, Frederick Benjamin 

Born at Galva, 111., Feb. 13, 1861; B. S. 1885; 
Gnothnutii Soc; Capt. College Baseball, 3 yrs.; 
Lawyer; Justice of the Peace in and for San 
Jose Township; County .Supt. Schools, Grant 
Co., Kansas, 188H-93; City Attv., San Jose, 
Cal., 1902-06; Justice of Peace, 1906 19. Hall 
of Ju.stire and 520 N. 2d St., San Jos(-^, Cal. 

George, Charles Carlton 

M. S.; Investment Securities; Real Estate. 
1601 Farnum St., Omaha, Neb. 




McClaug^hrv. Lharles Chase 

Born Carthage, 111.. April 7, 1863; A. B. 1885; 
Pliiladelphian Lit. Soc. (Monmouth, 111.) 
Gnothautii Lit. Soc; Warden The Reformatory; 
2'!' yrs. Chief Engineer, 111. State Penitentiary; 
15 Months Pep. Siipt., Allegheny County (Pa.) 
Work House; 3' 2 yrs. Dep. Supt., Chicago 
House of Correction; 22 Months Dep. Warden, 
Indiana State Prison; 3 yrs. Warden. Wiscon- 
sin State Prison: 6'> yrs. dep. Warden, U. S. 
Penitentiary, .Xt'anta, Ca.; 2!< yrs. Supt., Mis- 
souri Training School for Boys; S yrs. Warden, 
Iowa Reformatory; Author Various Articles on 
Penological Matters, Prison Management, etc.; 
Afember M. O. L. L. ; Sons American Revolu- 
tion: Mason 32d degree and Shriner; Affiliated 
111. Gamma 1885. The Reformatory, Anamoosa, 
. Iowa. 

Miller, Tohn 

B. S.;" Farmer. (Galva, 111.) 

Newell. Grant 

Born Marshall County, 111.; M. S. 1888; LL. 
B. 1887 (Northwestern); Gnothautii Soc; Phi 
Delta Phi (Northwestern); Declamation 1st 
Prize; Debating 2nd Prize; Editorial Staff, 
Knox Student; Baseball; Lawyer; Instructor, 
Real Property Law, Kent College of Law ; 
Author "Elements of the Law of Property." 
154 W. Randolph St.; res. 1714 Montrose Blvd., 
Chicago, 111. 

Thomas, Benjamin Franklin, Jr. 

Lawyer and Postmaster; Affiliated 111. Gamma 
1885. (3225 Poppleton Ave., Omaha, Neb.) 


Becker, Louis 

Born Clarksville, Tenn.; M. D. 1888; Physician. 
Knoxville, 111. 

Brown, John Burrows 

Born North Stonington, Conn.; A. B. 1886; 
A. M. 1889; Illinois Zetetici Colton Debate 
Cup; Gnothautii; 1st Prize Declamation; 2d 
Prize Oratory; Lawyer; Master in Chancery, 
Circuit Court, Warren County, 111., 1895-1903; 
Member LTniversity and Hamilton (Chicago) 
Clubs; B. P. O. E., Monmouth Lodge No. 397. 
Patton Block; res. 700 E. Broadway, Mon- 
mouth, 111. 

Byrnes, \\'illiam Joseph 

A. B. 1886: Journalist. Address unknown. 

Houston, William R. 

Broker. (935 Baltimore Ave.; res. 3533 Locust 
St., Kansas City, Mo.) 

Martin. Charles Wellington 

Born Galesburg, 111.; Charter Member Knox 
Chapter 84; Asst. Instructor in Athletics; 
Member Firm of Martin Bros. & Co.; Acted 
as Consular Agent in this District for the 
French Government; Charter Member and 
Treas. of the Alliance Francaise; Member Com- 
mercial Club: Alumni Assn. Barker Blk. ; res. 
632 S. 37th St., Omaha, Neb. 

Moore, Frank Asbury Beall 

B. S.; Ph. G.; D. D. S.; Dentist. (3400 Law- 
rence Ave., Chicago, 111.) 

Porter, John Robert 

Born Galesburg, 111.; Cashier, Natl. Bank, 
Orange, Cal. 


Bressler, Frank Benjamin 

M. D. 1887; Physician. (2309 Millard Ave., 
Chicago, 111.) 

Hinkley, Walter Pease* 
Hopkins, Jacob H. 

B. S. 1887; Judge. (112 Michigan Ave., res. 
817 Dearborn Ave., Chicago, 111.) 

Jclliff, Lincoln Henry 

A. B. 1887; I.^wver. (Commercial Bldg.; res. 
1092 N. Broad St., Galesburg,. 111.) 

Lay, Corliss Wilkes 

Born Kewanee, 111.; A. B. 1887; B. D. 1890 
Chicago Theol. Scm.: Farmer: Missionary, Am. 
Bd. of Commrs. of Foreign Missions, Ahmedna- 
gar. India, 1890-93; Sec. Yankton (S. Dak.) 
Coll.. 1893-06. R. F. D. No. 4, Kewanee, 111. 

Strombergf, John Newton 

Born Galesburg, 111.; IManager Discount De- 
partment, Corn Exchange National Bank. 134 
.So. LaSalle St.; res. 722 Grace St., Chicago, 
111. . 

Wiley, George Perry 

Born Brunfield, 111., May 25, 1865; Gnothautii 
Soc; Banker; Cashier, Waterville Savings 
Bank. Waterville,. Wash. 


Andrews, Frank Lester* 
Avery, William Cuyler* 

d. Jan. 14, 1902, New 'Orleans, La. 

Blane, Frank Everett 

Born Menard County, 111., Oct. 16, 1866; .-\ttor- 
ney. Petersburg, 111. 

Colburn, William Richardson* 

d. Nov. 24, 1898, Hinsdale, 111. 

Crocker, William Henry 

B. S. 39 Borland St., Pittsburg. Pa. 

Cushing, George Pomeroy 

Born Tiskilwa. III.; B. S. 1888. R. F. D. No. 
1, Tiskilwa, 111. 

^loore, Willis 

Physician: Affiliated Mich. Alplia 1889. 32 N. 
State St., Chicago, 111. 

Murdoch, Charles Robert 

Born Galesburg, 111.; B. S. 1888; Consulting and 
Examining Mining Engineer. 396 N. Prairie 
St., Galesburg, 111. 

Phelps, William Joshua* 

A. M. d. Sept. 3, 1908, Detroit, Mich. 

W^yckoff, William Nehemiah 

B. A. 1888; Clergyman. (Gary, Ind.) 


Cassidy, Lvsander 

B. S.; A. M.; Lawyer. (No. 2 Creighton Blk., 
Phoenix, Ariz.) 

Green,. David F[risbee] 

Born Warsaw, N. Y.; B. S. 1889; Debating 
Soc. at Knox Coll. and Northwestern Univ.; 
Mgr. Western Office, Thomson and Taylor 
Spice Co.; Member Kansas City and Blue Hills 
Golf Clubs; Affiliated 111. Alpha 1891. 1321-23 
St. Louis Ave.; res. 2008 Linwood Blvd., Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

Luckey, John Eddv 

Born Carthage, 111.; "B. S. 1889; M. S. 1892; 
A. M. 1897 Hedding College; M. D. 1897 Rush 
Medical College; Gnothautii Soc; Second Year 
Prize, 1897 (Rush); Physician and Surgeon; 
Pres. Bd. of Education; Ex. U. S. Pension 
Examiner; Physician to Iowa College for Blind; 
Author of Numerous Medical Papers; Member 
Am. Med. Assn.; Iowa State Med. Soc; Iowa 
State Anti-Tuberculosis Soc. 114 W. Sixth 
St., Vinton, Iowa. 


Coleman, Harry Lovejoy 

Born Abingdon, 111.; M. D. 1891 Univ. of 
Chicago; Physician. Farragut, Iowa. 





Crandall, George Alfred 

Born Galesburg, 111.; Sales Manager Randolph 
Marketing Co.; Member A. F. & A. M.; Royal 
Arch Mason; Alumni Assn. 314 Central Bldg., 
Los Angeles; res. 640 Prospect Ave., South 
Pasadena, Cal. 

Green. Alvah Sherman 

Born Castile, N. Y.; B. S. 1890; Attorney; Mem- 
ber Univ. Club, Chicago. First Natl. Bank 
Block; res. 862 N. Prairie St., Galesburg, 111. 

Honnold, \\'illiam Lincoln 

Born Oconee, 111.; M. E. 189S Mich. Coll. of 
Mines; Director in America, The Commission 
for Relief in Belgium; Asst. Supt. Mahoning 
Ore Co. (Hibbing, Mich.); Supt. of Mines, Cal. 
Exploration Co. (San Andreas, Cal.) ; Con- 
sulting Engr. in America for the Consolidated 
Mines Selection Co., Ltd. (London), later oc- 
cupying positions of Managing Director and 
Chrmn. of its subsidiary companies in South 
Africa; Also Member of the Executive of the 
Chamber of Mines and V.-Pres., of same at 
Johannesburg, South Africa, 1902; Author of 
Sundry Articles in Technical Publications; 
Member Metropolitan and Engineers Clubs; 
Affiliated Mich. Alpha 1892. 2124, 120 Broad- 
way; res. Hotel Gotham, New York, N. Y. 

r, Charles Warner 

D. D. S. 1895 Valparaiso Univ.; Dentist. 
(Havana, 111.) 

Murdock, James Alexander* 

d. Dec. 24, 1892, Galesburg, 111. 

Parrv. Henry Edward 

B. S.; M. S.; M. D.; Physician. (Galena, 111.) 

Smith, Benner X. 

Born Galesburg, 111., May 28, 1868; A. B. 1890; 
LL. B. 1892; Delpha Soc; Prize Orator, 1889; 
Lawyer; Deputy Atty. General, Utah, 1897-98; 
1st Lieut. Cavalry, Spanish-American War, 
1898; House of Representatives, 1901-03; Dist. 
Atty., 3rd Judicial Dist., Utah; State Senate, 
1905-13; Member Am. Bar Assn.; Loyal Legion 
of U. S.; Alto Club; Univ. Club of Utah; Sons 
of Am. Revolution. 1406-10 Walker Bank 
Bldg.; res. 1061 E. South Temple St., Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 

Williams, Guy Payson* 

A. B. 1890. d. Jan. 12, 1905, Galesburg, 111. 


Bergland. Albert Eric 

Born Galva, 111., Nov. 9, 1869; B S. 1891; 
LL. B. 1894 Univ. of Md. Law School; Law- 
yer; County Jud^e, Henry County, 111, 1906-10; 
Served several terms as City Atty. of Galva. 
Main St.; res. 217 N. W. Fourth Ave., Galva, 

Hn^hes, Samuel Michael 

Born Fall Creek, Adams County, 111.; Adelphi 
'Lit.); Real Estate; Member Masons; Business 
Men's Cub. 428 S, C.dar St., Galesburg, 111. 

Johnson, Abraham Lincoln 

M. D. 1892; Physician. (Prophetstown, 111.) 

Seymour, Loren Butler 

(1311 Cbclton Way South, Pasadena, Cal.) 

Sturtz, Charles Elmer 

B. S. 1891; Slate's Attorney. (Cor. 3rd and 
1 remont Sts., Kewanec, 111.) 


Davis, Richard Harding* 

Born Philadelphia, Pa.; War Correspondent 
and Author, d. 1916. 

George, John Edward 

Born Galesburg, III.; Heal Estate. 902 City 
National Rank Bldg.; res. 212 N. S3rd Ave., 
Omaha, Nebr. 


Finley, Frank Oran 

D. D. s. 
Gale, George Candee 

A. M.; LL. D.; Farmer. (Galesburg, 111.) 

Keith, Wilfred Kennedy 

Born Muscatine, Iowa; M. D. 1894 Rush Med. 
Coll.; Physician and Surgeon; Member Am. 
Med. Assn. 213 Montgomery St.; res. 808 W. 
Montgomery St., Creston, Iowa. 

Young-, Abner Tyler 

Born Chicago, 111.; President, Tabernash Lum- 
ber Co.; General Manager, San Luis Central 
R. R. ; Consulting Engineer, Cheyenne Electric 
Ry. Co.; Director, First National Bank, Monte 
Vista, Clolo.; Officer and Director of various 
Corporations; Formerly Right-of-Way Agent, 
Union Pacific R. R.; Member Denver Athletic 
Club; Denver Civic and Commercial Assn.; B. 
P. O. E.; Affiliated 111. Alpha 1894. Hamilton 
National Bank; res. Plaza Hotel, Denver, Colo. 


Cleaveland, Louis K. 

Insurance. (Springfield, 111.) 

Copp, Herbert George 

Born Rock Island, 111.; Director of Purchases, 
Deere & Co. Moline, 111.; res. 843, 20th St., 
Rock Island, 111. 

Dexter, Ralph -Peyton 

Born Galva, 111.; Book Seller. Front St.^ 
Galva, 111. 

Humphreys, Hubert Wells 

Born Elmwood, 111.; Conservatory; Druggist. 
Main and Marble Sts.; res. Marble St., West 
Rutland, Vt. 

Marsh, Walter Kimball 
Sanderson, Fred Randolph 

B. S. 1894. 144 S. Cedar St., Galesburg, 111. 

Smetters, John Lincoln 

B. S. 1894; Farmer. (Waverly, 111.) 


Beadle, John Grant 

B. S. 1895; Architect. (Galesburg, 111.) 

Fuller, Frederick Hall 

Born Galesburg, 111.; Farmer; Sheep Breeder; 
Postmaster. Hazard, Nebr. 

Gel)hardt, George Frederic 

Born St. Lake City, Utah; A. B. 1895; M. S. 
1897; M. E. 1897 Cornell; Tau Beta Pi; Con- 
sulting Engineer; Professor of Mech. Engineer- 
ing, Armour Institute of Technology; Author, 
"Steam Power Plant Engineering"; Member 
Univ. Club; Am. Soc. of Mechanical Engi- 
neers; Natl. Soc. of Stationary Engineers; 
Western Soc. of Engineers. Armour Inst, of 
Tech.; res. 5063 Kenmorc Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Miner, Frederick \\'illiam 

(Macomb, 111.) 

Rohrer, Oscar Allen, 

Stock Dealer. (Waverly, 111.) 


Fleming, Robert West, Jr. 

Stockman. (Ansley, Nebr.) 

Holland. Hubert Ray 

Born Galesburg, 111.; A. B. 1896; Bond Broker. 
421 S. Spring St., r^os Angeles, Cal. 

Potter, Leander Irwin 

Address unknown. 




Town send, Amos 

r>orii IVocniptioii. 111.; A. B. 1896; Gnotliautii 
Soc.;. Mills Mciial; Lawyer; Member of Coun- 
cil of Kansas City; Mcnibtr Masonic Order, 
No. 299; Knife and Fork Club; Kansas City 
Har Assn. 600 605 Victor Bldg.; res. 641 
Scliacfcr St., Kansas City, Mo. 

TunnicHft", Georsi^e Duffiekl 

Born Galcsburc;, 111., Jan. 22, 1874; A. B. 1896; 
LL. B. 1899; Alumni Assn.; Mills Medal; At- 
torncy-at-Law; Member of firm George & Co.; 
Real Estate and ln%-estments; Capt. Illinois 
State Guard, U. S. Army; Member University, 
Commercial, Happy HoJlow and Carter Lake 
(."lubs; State Bar (Nebr.) and State Bar (111.) 
.•\ssns. 902 City National Bank Bldg.; res. 
5214 Chicago St., Omaha, Ncbr. 

W'ier, Arthur C. 

Born Cambridge, III., 1875; Aluinni Assn.; Ap- 
praiser, Security Trust and Savings Bank. 
Security Trust and Savinj;s Bank, Los An- 
geles, Cal. 

Williams, ^^"alter 

(Cliic.Tcn, Tll.^ 


Buchet, Frank 

Pres. Sophomore Class; Business Mgr. College 
An7nial, Junior Year; Varsity Football; Base- 
ball; Track; Salesman; Member Elks Club, 
Walla Walla, Wash. 

Clavberg. Giles MinjT^s . 

Born Avon, 111.; M. S.' 1897; Merchant ; Mem- 
ber County Commissioners; City Council, 1906- 
10; Member Avon Country Club; Elks; Eagles; 
Mason; Knights of Pythias. Avon, 111. 

Cooper, Charles Job 

Born Denver, Colo., May 9, 1875; B. S. 1897; 
Real Estate and Insurance; Member Univer- 
sity Club. Denham Bldg.; res. 2733 Gaylord 
St., Denver, Colo. 

Hipsley, William Lewis 

Born Table Grove, HI.; LL. B. 1896 Kent Coll. 
of Law; Merchant. Table Grove, 111. 

Hoyt. Charles Wilbur 

Born Chillicothe, III.; Adelphi Lit. Soc; Dry 
Goods Merchant; Pres. of Rotary Clubs of 
Galesburg, 111., and Oshkosh, Wis. 85 Main 
St.; res. 395 Washington St., Oshkosh, W^is. 

Latimer, Jonathan Guy 

Born Hopkins, Iowa; B. S. 1897; LL. B. 1900 
Northwestern L^niv.; Delta Chi; Glee and Man- 
dolin Clubs; Track, 1897; Pres. Knox Repub- 
lican Club, 1896; Chrmn. Prom. Committee, 
1897; Attorney, Hines, Bunch & Latimer; 
Member City and Flossmorc Country Clubs; 
Chicago Athletic, Chicago Bar and Illinois 
State Bar Assns. ; Sons of Am. Revolution. 
1717 Harris Trust Bldg.; res. 5457 Cornell Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Lawrence, Bernard Park 

(Prosser, Wash.) 

Lewis, James Lang- 

A. B.;"M. D.; Physician. (328 Ave D, Law- 
ton, Okla.) 

O'Leary, Richard Morris 

Born Keithsburg, 111.; Captain U. S. Army. 
City National Bank, El Paso, Texas. 

Reiley, Robert LeRoy 

Born Wapello, low^a; A. B. 1897; LL. B. 1900 
State Univ. of Iowa; Capt. Football, 1896; 
Lawyer; Auditor Louisa County; Affiliated Iowa 
Beta 1899; Wapello, Iowa. 

\\'illiams, Ralph Joseph 

Born Galesburg, 111.; A. B. 1897; B. S. in 
.\rch., 1901 Univ. of HI.; Business Mgr. Coup 
D'Etat; Writer of Specifications, War Dept.; 
Presented with Watch by the Washington Alum- 

ni Club of the Phi Delta Theta, April, 1916, af- 
ter 8 yrs. of service as Secretary, 1908-16; Mem- 
ber University Club, Washington, D. C. War 
Dcpt.; res. The Champlain, 1424 K St N. W., 
Washington, D. C. 


Adcock, Edmund David 

Born Galesburg, III.; A. B. 1898; LL. B. 1902; 
Gnothautii Soc.; Latin and Greek Phrases; 
Oratorical Contest; Football; Lawyer; Attor- 
ney, Sanitary District; Member Chicago Ath- 
letic Assn.; South Shore Country, Chicago 
Yacht and City Clubs. 910 S. Michigan Ave.; 
res. 4800 Dorchester Ave., Chicago, III. 

Day, Charles Phillip 

Born Larchland, III.; President Day-Elder Mo- 
tors Corp.; Member Glen Ridge (N. J.) Coun- 
try and Down Town (Newark, N. J.) Clubs. 
126 S. Jilunn Ave., East Orange, N. J. 

Raymond, Charles Purdy 

A. B. 1898; Merchant. (1718 Knoxville Ave., 
Peoria, III) 


Blodg-ett. Thomas Harper 

Born Bedford, Iowa, Dec. 27, 1877; B. S. 1899; 
Printer and Publisher; Members Players' Club 
of New York; L^niversity (Chicago) Club. 
1013 Grand St., Brooklyn; res. 498 West End 
Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Brown, Maurice Tenney 

Stenographer, Bighorn Sheep Co. (Lost Cabin, 

Finlev, Clvde Alexander 

Born Oneida, HI.; B. S. 1899; M. D. 1903 
Univ. and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll.; Adelphi; 
Mgr. Track, 1908: Capt. Football, 1908; Sur- 
geon; Surgeon, C. B. & Q. R. R. ; Member 
Elks; Galesburg Commercial and Svangetcha 
Country Clubs. 151 E. Main St.; res. 982 N. 
Prairie St., Galesburg. HI. 

Holland, Harold May 

Born Galesburg, HI.; A. B. 1900 Dartmouth; 
Farm Interests; Affiliated N. H. Alpha 1900. 
Galesburg, 111. 

Martin, Frank Thomas Beckett 

Born Gale.=burg, HI., Dec. 21, 1876; Alumni 
Assn.; Football; Insurance, Martin Brothers & 
Co.; Member University, Commercial and 
Omaha Auto Clubs. 312-20 Barker Bldg.; res. 
3716 Jones St., Omaha, Nebr. 

Rex, Harrv Noel 

Born Creston, Iowa; B. S. 1899; M. E. 1902 
Missouri School of Mines; Coal Merchant. 600 
W^. Jefferson St., Creston, Iowa. 

Strain, George Merrill 

.\. B. 1899; Associate Proprietor of a Laundry^. 
(1906 E. 31st St., Kansas City, Mo.) 

Wilson, Prentiss Stevenson 

Born Red Bud. HI.; A. B. 1899; Cashier, State 
Bank of Steeleville. Steeleville, 111. 


Emry. Clark 

A.'B. 1900; Superintendent of Schools. (230 
W. Locust St., Canton, HI.) 

Johnson, Guy Hallett 

Born St. Louis, Mo. 504 E. Ninth St.; res. 
Bryson Apts., Rampart and Wilshire Blvds., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

Lewis, W'^illiam Mather 

Born Howell, Mich.; A. B. 1900; A. M. 1902; 
Track Team; Mgr. Football; Editor Annual and 
Monthly Magazine; Executive See. Natl. Com- 
mittee of Patriots and Defense Socs.; Mayor, 
Lake Forest, HI.; Executive Committee, 111. 
Municipal League; Author "Heritage of a Sol- 
diers' Son"; "Twilight Talks with Boys;" 




Member Union League (Chicago), University 
(Chicago), Onwentsia (Lake Forest, 111.) and 
University (Wash., D. C.) Clubs; Sons of Am. 
Revolution; Military Order Loyal Legion. 
Southern Bldg. ; res. Connecticut Apts., Wash- 
ington. D. C. 

?^'Iead. Bernie Matthews- 

B. S. 1900; Assistant Cashier, Commercial Ger- 
man National Bank. Peoria, 111. 

Mead, Clifford Henry 

With Truitt, Mathews & Co., Bankers. Chilli- 
cothe, 111. 

Parkin, Harry Alvin 

Born Elgin, 111. 1877; A. B. 1900; Winner 
Coll. Oratorical Prize; Leader of Team in Knox- 
Beloit Debate, 1900; Commencement Orator; 
Lawyer; Asst. U. S. Dist. Atty., Chicago, 1906- 
11; Member Hamilton Club. 137 S. La Salle 
St.; res. 418 Laurel Ave., Highland Park, 
ChicagOj 111. 

Torrev. Harry Norton 

Born Creston, Iowa, Oct. 7, 1880; B. S. 1900; 
A. M. 1905 Univ. of Mich.: M. D. 1906 Johns 
Hopkins Univ.; Rockefeller Fellowship, Univ. 
of Mich.; Instructor in Bacteriology; Surgeon; 
Attending Surgeon, Children's Free Hospital 
and Detroit Tuberculosis Sanitarium; Assoc. 
Surgeon, Harper Hospital; Surgeon Dir., Manu- 
facturers' Mutual Hospital; Member Detroit, 
Country, University, Detroit Athletic and Grosse 
Pointe Hunt Clubs. 1033 David Whitney 
Bldg.; res. Lake Shore Rd., Grosse Pointe, De- 
troit, Mich. 


Heinly, Webster Guy 

Born Creston, Iowa, Sept. 19, 1879; B. S. 1901; 
LL. B. 1905 Leland Stanford Jr. Univ.; Phi 
Delta Phi; Editor College Annual; Lawyer; 
State Representative, 1915; Pres., Young Men's 
Republican Club; Sec. Pierce County Republi- 
can Central Committee; Member Commerce 
Club; Elks; Knights Templar; Odd Fellows; 
-Affiliated Cal. Beta 1905. National Realty 
Bldg.; res. 1531 N. Anderson St., Tacoma, 

McCornack, Clyde Webster 

Born Oneida, 111'; S. B. Mass. Tech.; 
Mgr. Baseball; Asst. Chemical Engineer, Phoenix 
Bridge Co.; Past Pres., University and Golf 
Clubs; On Bd. of Governors and V.-Pres., 
Phoenixville Country Club. 720 S. Main St., 
Phoenixville, Pa. 

McCornack, Walter Roy 

Born Oneida, III.; B. S. 1903 Inst, 
of Tech.; Editor Gale, 1901; Mgr. Football, 
1900; Architect; Bd. of Education; Lecturer 
■on "Architectural Lighting Problems" at Case 
School; Author "The Experimental Gallery" 
and "Planning and Construction of Art Mu- 
seums;" and a Treatise on Daylight Problems 
in Art Museums; Member LTniversity and City 
Clubs; Cleveland Chamber of Commerce. Rock- 
well and 6th Sts. ; res. 1800 Cadwell Ave., 
Cleveland. Ohio. 

Pier, Charles Sumner 

A. M. 1901; Diplonw McCormick Theol. Sem., 
Chicago; Pres. Coll., Y. M. C. A.; Varsity Foot- 
ball Team; Represented (College in State Ora- 
torical Contest, 1900; Winner Bancroft Oratori- 
cal Contest; Business Mgr., Knox Strident and 
of Annual, Tlie Gale; Pastor, First Presbyterian 
Church, Charlestown, 111.; Ordained to Minis- 
try by the Presbytery of Chicago of the Presby- 
terian Church, 1904; Member Board of Trustees 
Anti-Saloon League of III.; Chairman, Synod 
of III. Committee on General Cliureh Work; 
Member Masonic Order. 711 K. Madison St., 
Charlestown, III. 

Potter, Herman Iluhbell 

Born Galesburg, III.; A. B. 1901; Gnothautii; 
Gad Fly; Baseball; College Marshal; Pres. 
Gnothautii; Coal Dealer; Member Commercial 

and Country Clubs; Masons; Elks; Knights of 
Pythias. Foot of Peart St.; res. 218 W. 
Second St., Madison, Ind. 


Barr, Earl Eshlemon 

Born Quincy, 111.; B. S. 1902; Investments; 
Member Coll. Club. 1014 Minor Ave., Seattle, 

Barr, Russell Tuthill 

A. B. 1902; Publisher. (300 N. 27th St., 
Quincy, 111.) 

Cook, David Arthur 

Born Ottawa, 111.; Banker. 103 State St., 
Genesep, 111. 

Groves, Fred K. 

(Southwestern Security Co., Pasadena, Cal.) 

Kimball, Daniel Bradley 

Born Galesburg, 111.; Captain, U. S. Army; 
Member Masons and Elks. Care Quartermas- 
ter General, U. S. Army, Washington, D. C. 

McKenna, William James 

M. D. 1902; Physician and Surgeon. (334 N. 
Union Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.) 

Phelps, James Wiiey 

Born Elmwood, 111.; B. S. 1902; Electrical 
Manufacturing. 265 Jefferson Ave.; res. 317 
Merrick Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Porter, Robert Baird 

Born Uniontown, Pa., 1879; A. B. 1902; Capt. 
and Mgr. Baseball, 1899-1902; Lawyer. 809 
Kearns Bldg.; res. 321, 12th East St., Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

Tryon, Fred Geor^ve 

rarmer. (Knoxville, 111.) 

Williams, Frank Flenry 

Address unknown. 

Williams, Walter Wilson 

^Vssistant Cashier, Hamilton & Cavanaugh, 
Bankers. (Hoopeston, 111.) 


Brown, Curtis Flarvey 

Born Galesburg, 111.; A. B. 1903; Teller. Gales- 
burg Natl. Bank. .^04 E. Main St.; res. 952 
N. Prairie St., Galesburg, 111. 

Clayton, Ralph VV aldo'' 

a. 1902, Alpine, Texas. 

Essick, William Earl 

(Ford Apts., Grand Rapids, Mich.) 

Ewing, Fred 

Born Areola, 111.; B. S. 1903; M. D. 1907 Rush 
Med. Coll.; AX. D. cum taude, 1908 do.; Sur- 
geon; lUeniljer Aiasons. Kenniare, N. Dak. 

Green, Allen Ayrault 

B. S. 1903; Autlior; Affiliated 111. Beta 1903. 
(,243 \\ . Tompkins ijt., Calesburg, 111.) 

ilinchlitt, i!.verctt Elmer 

Born Rio, 111.; A. U. 19U3; Retail Lumber 
Dealer. 491 N. Main St.; res. 269 Marble Ave., 
Oalesburg, ill. 

Shurtiell, George Alfred 

Born Pekin, HI.;" A. B. 1903; LL. B. 1906 Har- 
vard; Lawyer; I'res. University Club. 911 Cen- 
tral Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 212 S. Glen wood 
Ave., Peoria, 111. 

Stephenson, Edward Beattic 

Born Sparta, 111.; B. S. 19U3; M. S. 1907; Ph. 
D. 1910 Univ. of 111.; Adelphi Lit. Soc; Pundit 
Club; Gamma Alpha; Sigma Xi; Tied for first 
honors Commencement; Assistant Professor of 
Physics, University of N. Dak.; Author "Mag- 
netic Properties of llcusler Alloys;" "Relation 
of Fraternities to the University;" Reprinted in 
Beta Thcta Pi, D. K. E. Quarterly, Scroll, Ban- 




tas Greek Kxch.; "The Way of the Intelligent 
Amateur" and "Why They Failed"; Member 
Am. Assn. for Advancement of Science and 
Am. Phvs. Soc. Box 1105, University of N. 
Dak.: res. 505 S. Fourth St., Grand Forks, 
N. Dak. 

Webster. Georo'e Lyman 

Born Creston, Iowa: A. B. 1903; Cashier. 
Chino Copper Co.; res. 11 Santa Rita Ave, 
Hurley, N. Mcx. 


Allison. \\'illiani Henry 

Born Areola. 111.; B. S. 1904; Broker. 142 N. 
Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Booz. Archie Charles 

B. S. 1904; Farmer. Adrian, 111. 

Gaines, Robert Homer* 

Affiliated Xeb. Alpha 1904. d. Aug. 24, 1903, 
Greenfield, Iowa. 

Heinlv. Burt Alfred 

A. B. 1904; Secretary. (645 South Olive St., 
Los Angeles, Cal.) 

Hvndman. Charles Elihn 

'Born Sparata, 111., 1881; M. D. 1906 Wash. 
Univ.; Fellow Am. Coll. of Surgeons; Adelphi; 
Glee Club; Surgeon; Assistant in Surgery, 
Washington Univ. Med. School; Visiting Sur- 
. geon St. Louis City Hospital; Asst. Surgeon, 
St. Louis Mullanphy Hosp.; Sec. and Treas. 
Surgeons Club; Member University Club. Hum- 
boldt BIdg.; res. 5724 Gates Ave., St. Louis, 

McMullan. Frank Emory 

Born Grand Ridge, 111.; Gnothautii Lit. Soc; 
Baseball, 1900-02; Capt., 1901; District Superin- 
tendent, Mutual Life Ins. Co., New York; 
Member Wichita Club; Elks; Mason. 623 Bea- 
con Bldg. ; res. 1003 Faulkner Ave., Wichita, 

Miller. Samuel 

Michigan Plant, American Radiator Co. 
(Detroit, Mich.) 

Scros^o^s, William Paxton 

M.' 'D. 1908; Marion Sims Beaumont Coll.; 
Physician. (Eden, Idaho.) 

Shippert. John Peter 

B. S. 1904. (Ft. Jones, Colo.) 

\\"illiamson, Winfield Howard 

Real Estate. (De Smet, Idaho.) 


Edgerton, Erastus Smith 

Born Galesburg, 111.; B. S. 1905; M. D. 1910; 
Mgr. Football, 1904; Baseball, 1903-05; Capt., 
1905; Inter-Collegiate Orator, 1905; Physician 
and Surgeon; Councillor, Sedgwick County 
Med. Soc; Member Am. Med. and Kansas 
State Med Assns. 910 Schweiter Bldg.; res. 928 
Faulkner Ave., Wichita, Kansas. 

Ehrhart, Harrv Eldon''"" 

d. Norwood. Colo., Aug. 29th, 1916. 
tomology, Iowa State Coll.; Fellow of the 

Ewing, Henry Ellsworth 

Born Areola, III.; A. B. 1906; M. A. 1908; Ph. 
D. 1911 Cornell; Sigma Chi; Adelphic Lit. 
Soc; Pres. Adelphic Lit.; Football (Knox 
Coll.); Class Football; Associate Prof, of En- 
Am. Assn. for Advancement of Science; Au- 
thor of many articles on Entomological and 
Zoological Subjects; Member 111. State Acad, of 
Science; Iowa Acad, of Science; Am. Assn. 
for Advancement of Science; Entomological 
Soc of America; Am. Assn. of Economic 
Entomologists; Ecological Soc. of America; 
Am. Nature Study Soc; Iowa Forestry and 
Conservation Assn.; Affiliated 111. Eta 1906. 
Iowa State Coll.; res. 1208 Third St., Ames, 

McClelland. Kellogg Day 

Born Tabor, Iowa;' A. B. 1905; Honor Roll; 
Freshman, I^ttn and Greek Prizes; Pundit 
Club; Editorial Staff The Gale; Editor Knox 
Student, 1904-05; Executive Secretary and 
Treasurer, Knox Coll.; Member Galesburg Club. 
Knox College; res. 656 N. Prairie St., Gales- 
burg, 111. 

Bishop, Harry Clayton 

Banker. (Salt Lake City). 

Chase, Phillips ]\Iaurice 

Physician; Affiliated N. H. Alpha. (939 Wash- 
ington St., Denver, Colo.) 

Howell, Franklin Clinton 

Born Ulman, Mo. 1877; A. B. 1906; LL. B. 
1909 Univ. of Mo.; Phi Delta Phi (Univ. of 
Mo.); Pundit Club (Knox); Football (Knox), 
4 years; Capt., 1904; Asst. Coach Univ. of 
Mo.; Attorney-at-Law; Officer and Director of 
Various Corps. ; Assoc, with Wilbur, Spencer 
and Beckitt; Member Multnomah Amateur 
Athletic Club; Alumni Assn.; Elks; Affiliated 
Butte Country and Silver Bow Clubs. 441 E. 
Mo. Alpha 1909. 1001 Bd. of Trade Bldg.; 
res. 105 Mirimar PL. Portland, Ore. 

Lanstrum, Claude Edgar 

Born Galesburg, 111.; Mgr. U. S. Rubber Co. of 
Colo.; Member College (Seattle, Wash.), 
Park St.; res. Finlen Hotel, Butte, Mont. 

Lass, Plenrv Wilfred 

Born Galesburg. 111.; B. S. 1906; Secretary 
and Treasurer Wagoner Printing Co. 306 E. 
Simons St.; res. 1166 N. Prairie St., Gales- 
burg, 111. 

McCIure, Don Dean 

Born Wyoming, Iowa; Editor. Fontanella, 

Palmer, Clarence Allen 

Born Vinton, 'Iowa; Traveling Salesman. 
Onawa, Iowa. 

Prince, Fred Almvran 

Born Galesburg, 111."; Football; Officer, U. S. 
Army. Fort Bliss, Texas or Care of Adjutant 
General, Washington, D. C. 

Snohr, Edward Thomas 

Born Port Oneida, Mich.; A. B. 1906; Football; 
Track; Department Manager, Library Bureau; 
Member Hinsdale Golf and Hamilton Clubs. 
6 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago; res. LaGrange, 

Terpening, Arthur Joseph 

Farmer.' (R. F. D. No. 8 Monmouth, 111.) 

Auracher, Harry Runkle 

Born Creston, Iowa; A. B. 1907; Orchestra and 
Entertainment Contractor; Composer of "Knox 
Field Song;" "The Pearl Maiden" (Comic 
Opera). 209 S. State St.; res. 1024 Lawrence 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Hilding, John W^illiam 

Born'Sweden; B. S. 1907; J. D. 1912 Univ. of 
Chicago; Pres. Senior Class; Capt. Football, 
1905 and Baseball. 1906; Mgr. Baseball, 1907; 
Member City Lodge 86, F. & A. M. 325 Natl. 
City Bank Bldg.; res. W. Leonard Road, Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

Holman, Theodore Long 

Born Liverpool, Perry County, Pa.; A. B. 1907; 
Gnothautii Soc; Pundit Club; Hamilton Club 
Orator; Publisher, Goodwin's Weekly; Member 
Utah Houee of Representatives, 1909-13; Asst. 
Sec. of State, Utah, 1912-17; Member University 
Club. Utah" Savings and Trust Bldg.; res. 
50 West North Temple St., Salt Lake City, 

1907-11 : 



ludson, Howard Monroe 

■ Affiliated N. H. Alpha 1907. 1503, 18th 
Ave., Seattle, Wash.) 

Lowrie, Selden Gale 

Born Mt Sterling, III.; A. B. 1907; A. M. 
1908 Univ. of 111.; Pli. D. 1912 Univ. of Wis.; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Adelphi Lit. Soc; Pundit and 
Glee Clubs; Y. M. C. A.; College Marshal; Edi- 
tor Knox Student; Editorial Bd. of Gale, 1907; 
Professor of Political Science and Director of 
Municipal Reference Bureau, Univ. of Cincin- 
nati; Wis. Legislative Reference Bureau; Wis. 
State Bd. of Public Affairs; Instructor of Politi- 
cal Science, Univ. of Wis.; Dir. Ohio Legisla- 
tive Reference Bureau; V.-Pres. Social Workers 
Club of Cincinnati; V.-Pres., Legal Aid Soc; 
Dir. Associated Charities, Cincinnati; Author 
"The Budget" and Contributor Political Science 
Journal; Member Cincinnati City, Cincinnati 
Tennis and Business Men's Clubs; Am. Politi- 
cal Science Assn.: Sociological Assn. Univ. of 
Cincinnati;' res. 3411 Clifton Ave., Cincinnati, 

Mariner, Charles Ward 

Born Canton, 111.; Track, 1904; Retail Dry- 
goods; Treas. 1st Baptist Church; Member Ro- 
tary, Galesburg Commercial and Elks Clubs. 
Kellogg, Drake & Co.; res. 574 N. Broad St., 
Galesburg, 111. 

Orcutt, Albert Washburn 

Farmer. Areola, 111. 

Porter, James Garfield 

Born New Salem, Pa., 1880; R. A.; Baseball, 
1905-06; Secretary to Superintendent of Trans- 
portation and Telegraph, Oregon Short Line 
R. R.; Member Salt Lake City Transportation 
Club. 414 Deseret News Bldg.; res. 921 E. 
1st South St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Snyder, Harry Owen 

Born Areola, 111.; General Manager, Germania 
Life Ins. Co. of New York. 301-2-3 Union 
Bank Bldg., Pittsburgh; res. Chestnut and Har- 
baugh Sts., Sewickley, Pa. 

.Spinner, Harold Rice 

Born Galesburg, 111.; B. S. 1907; Adelphi; 
Business Mgr. Gale, 1907; Capt. Track, 1906; 
Glee Club, 1905-07; Track, 1904-07; Manager 
Selah Heights Orchard, Co. and Richey & Gil- 
bert Co.; Member Elks, North Yakima Lodge 
318. Box 23, Selah, Wash. 

Stephenson, Carl Clifford 

Born Sparta, 111.; B. S. 1907; Sigma Pi (Illi- 
nois Coll.); Valedictorian, 1907; Lawyer; Coal 
itperator; City Atty., Sparta 111. 107 W. 
Broadway; res. E. College St., Sparta, 111. 


Ellis, John Jolly* 
Grant, Edward Phillip 

With U. S. Reclamation Service. Pathfinder, 

Lowrie, John Marshall 

Born Elkhart, Ind., June 7, 1887; A. B. 1908; 
A. B. 1909 Univ. of 111.; LL. B. 1912 Colum- 
bia; Lawyer; Member Lawyers, City and Colum- 
bia University Clubs. 165 Broadway; res 423 
W. 120th St., New York, N. Y. 

Prince, Geort^e Washington, Jr. 

Born Galesburg, 111., 1887; A. B. 1908; LL. B. 
1911 Harvard Alumni Assn.; General Honors, 
Senior Year; Attorney-at-Law; Member of 
Firm, Prince & Prince; Member University 
flub. 513 Grant Bldg.; res. 987 Westmoreland 
Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Xichardson, Jo.siah Vining ' 

Born Sidney,' Iowa; A. B. 1908; Baseball, 3 
years; Basketball, 1 yr. ; Investor. First Nat- 
ional Bank Bldg.; res. 100 N. Sumner Ave., 
Crcston, Iowa. 


Essick, Lyle Manly 

Born Grand Ridge, 111.; Baseball, 1906-08; 
Football, 1905-07; Mgr. Gale, 1909; Agricul- 
turist. Route A., Lemoore, Cal. 

Hinchliff, Ray Woodman 

Born Rio, 111.; B. S. 1909; Retail Lumber 
Dealer. 491 N. Main St.; res. 715 N. Broad 
St., Galesburg, 111. 

Jay, Fred Townsend 

'Born at Avon, 111.; B. S. 1909; With Inter- 
national Film Co. 207 S. Wabash Ave.; res. 
6426 Dante Ave., Chicago, 111. 

AlcClelland, Cochran Bruce 

Born Denmark, Iowa; B. S. 1909; Delta Sigma 
Rho; Won 111. State Oratorical Contest, 1908; 
Contestant, Inter-State Oratorical Contest, 1909; 
Farming. Barons, Alberta, Canada. 

Ohler, Louis Ezra 

Born Monmouth, 111.; A. B. 1909; Assoc. Editor 
Gale; Editor Senior Annual; Assistant Instruc- 
tor in Physics, 1906-09; Farming and Stock 
Raising; Member B. P. O. Elks, Lodge 397 and 
Monmouth Country Club. Monmouth, 111. 

Roberts, Estall Alonzo 

Born St. Paul, Ind.; A. B. 1911; Butler Sand- 
wich Club; Capt. Track Team, 1910-11; Foot- 
ball, 1910-11; V.-Pres., State Oratorical Assn. 
(Butler), 1910; Traveling Salesman, Buick 
Motor Co. Buick Motor Co., Chicago; res. 67 
E. North St., Galesburg, 111. 

Scamman, William Carl 

Born Phelps City, Mo.; A. B. 1909; Capt. Foot- 
ball, 1908; Farmer. R. F. D. No. 2, Rockport, 


Aldrich. Harry Glen 

Born Pasadena, Cal.; B. S. 1910; Adelphi; 
Football; Baseball; Basketball; Sophomore, Jun- 
ior and Senior Class Plays; Architect; Member 
Galesburg, Rotarv and Soangetaha Country 
Clubs. Mail Bldg.; res. 1255 N. Cherry St., 
Galesburg, 111. 

Lillie, Lewis Fay 

Adjuster, Fire Insurance. (Avon, 111.) 

Mcintosh, Dean Preston 

Farmer. (Stoutsville, Mo.) 

Morse, Ernest Leroy 

Born Guthrie Center, Iowa; Assistant Cashier, 
Citizens' Bank of Abilene, Kans.; Ex-County 
Treas.; Member various Masonic bodies. Sec- 
ond St. and Broadway; res. 705 West North 
Second St., Abilene, Kans. 

Murchison, Rav Angus 

Born Kewanee, HI.; With Boss Manufacturing 
Co. 406-8-10. 9th Ave. E.; res. 1717 Bever 
Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 


Aldrich, Tnhan Karl 

Born Galesburg, 111.; A. B. 1911; Baseball; 
Capt. and Mgr., Football; Business Mgr. 
Junior Annual; Pure Bred Live Stock Farming. 
l\. V. D. No. 1, Stoutsville, Mo. 

Duncan, Frederic P)elchcr 

Born San Francisco, Cai.; Baseball, 1908; En- 
gineer International Harvester Co.; V.-Pres., 
Electrical .Sales Engineers, Chicago; Member 
Electric Club; Jovian League; Chicago Sons of 
Jove (Natl. Flectrical Organ.) 2600 W. 31st 
Blvd.; res. 5718 Race Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Fuller, Jim E. 

Born Delano, HI., April 5, 1887; Traveling 

Salesman with Marshall Oil Co. 2700, 29th 

Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn.; res. 106 S. 7th 
St., Oskaloosa, Iowa. 




Grant. Field 

Madison Hotel. Denver, Colo. 

Hatch, Walter Samuel 

Born Avon. 111.; B. S. 1913 Univ. of 111.; 
Farming. Avon, 111. 

Tohiison. Robert Hiram 

Born Galesburg. 111.; E. E. 1913 Univ. of Wis, 
Eta Kappa Nu; Sales Engineer, American Car 
bon and Batterv Works. East St. Louis, 111 
res. 315 Wabash Ave., Belleville, 111. 

Noble. Ralph Matthews 

.•\. B. 1913 Stanford Univ.; Skull and Snakes; 
Basketball, 3 years; Baseball. 2 years and Foot- 
ball 1 year at Knox College; Football 2 years 
and Baseball 1 year Stanford; Farmer; Member 
Galesburg Business Men's Club; Affiliated Cal. 
Beta 1912. 143 W'. South St., Galesburg, III. 

Prince. Henrv Ferris 

Born Galesburg, III.; B. S. 1911; LL. B. 1914 
Varsity Football, Baseball and Basketball 
Lawyer. 1111 Merchants National Bank Bldg. 
res. 847 S. Berendo St., Los Angeles. Cal. 


Booth. Arch Anderson 

(817 E. 50th St., Chicago, 111.) 

Craio^, Xoel Edwin 

Born Kcwanee, 111.; B. S. 1912; Adelphi; 
Y. M. C. A.; Letter in Football, Basketball and 
Baseball; Manager, Basketball; High School In- 
structor and Coach of Athletic Teams. High 
School Bldg.; res. Y. M. C. A. Bldg., Daven- 
port, Iowa. 

Dono:las, William Edwin 

Bo'rn Elmwood, 111.; B. S. in E. E. 1912; Elec- 
trical Engineer; Member Aztec Canoe, Pitts- 
burgh Orchestra, Clover and Westinghouse 
Clubs. Westinghouse Electric and Manufac- 
turing Co., East Pittsburgh; res. 738 Hill Ave., 
Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Esden, James 

Born Sidney, Iowa; Automobile Business. Sid- 
ney, Iowa. 

Hurlburt, James 

(Fontanelle, Iowa.) 

Lang-ford, Joseph Perry 

Born Albany, 111. ; Wholesale Coal Merchant. 
72 W. Adams St., Purity Coal Co., Chicago, 
111.; res. 1708, 7th Ave. E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Meacham, Alarvin Eldred 

Born Roseville, 111., March 24, 1890; B. S. 
1912; Manager, Retail and Wholesale Lumber 
Yard; Member Bd. of Directors, Moline, Y. M. 
C. A.; Member Roseville Lodge 519 A. F. and 
• A. M. East Moline Lumber Yard, Corner 13th 
St. and 13th Ave.; res. care Y. M. C. A., Mo- 
line, 111. 

Purington. Daniel Stewart 

(Des Moines, Iowa.) 

Seeley, George Ray 

Born Prairie City, 111.; B. S. 1917; Bison Soc; 
Student Council, 1914-15; Football, 1915-1916; 
M?r. 1915; Athletic Council, 1915-16; Athletic 
Editor, Stroller, 1915-16; Mgr., Review, 1916- 
17; Pres., Lombard Assn., 1916-17; Glee Club, 
1916-17; Affiliated 111. Zeta 1916. 622 N. Lafay- 
ette St., Macomb, 111. 

Slouo^h. Howard Austin* 

Born Peoria, 111., Aug. 17, 1890; A. B. 1912; 
Football and Baseball, 3 years: Member Knox 
Champion Football Team, 1911-12; Capt. Base- 
ball, 1912; Manufacturer; Athletic Coach, Boyne 
City, Mich., 2 years; Moline, 111., 1 year; Had- 
ding College, 1 year; Member Moline, 111. Busi- 
ness Mens' and Community Clubs, d. Feb. 5, 
1917, Abingdon, 111. 

West, Byron Allen 

Born Galesburg, 111.; A. B. 1913; Dairy Farmer. 
R. F. D. No. 1, Mt. Vernon, Wash. 


Adams, Edward Richmond 

Born Galesburg, 111.; A. B. 1914 Harvard; LL. 
B. 1917 do.; Delta Sigma Rho; Basketball, 1911- 
12; Captain, 1912; Track, 1911-12; Freshman 
Debate, 1910; Harvard-Yale Debate, 1914; Har- 
vard Second Football, 1913. Officers' Training. 
• Camp, Ft. Sheridan; res. 247 W. Berrien St., 
Galesburg, 111, 

Downing^, Toliver Mac 

Born Macomb, 111.; ' B. 1913 Univ. of 111.; 
LL. B. 1915 Univ. of Mich.; Phi Delta Phi; 
Barristers; Junior Member, Switzer, Switzer & 
Downing, Macomb, 111., Lawvers; A..iliated 111. 
Eta 1915. 17'^ E. Side Sq.; res. 409 E. Carroll 
St., Macomb, HI. 

Gillis. Mack Everett 

Born Bowen, 111.; A. B. 1913; J. D. 1916; Phi 
Delta Phi; Glee and Dramatic Clubs; Track; 
Lawyer. 2013, 111 W. Monroe St.; res. 6201 
St. Lawrence Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Judson, \\^illiam Wallace 

(N. p. Depot, Centralia, Wash.) 

Lindner, Georj^e Richard 

Born Sheffield, 111.; Banking. Buda, 111. 

Miller. Douglas Clarence 

(N. Kellog St., Galesburg, 111.) 

Orcutt, Albert Washburn 

Born Areola, 111.; A. B. 1907; Baseball; Far- 
mer. R. F. D. No. 4, Box 28, Areola, 111. 

Pratt, Isaac Cleo 

Born Roseville, 111.; B. S. 1913; M. B. A. 1915 
Harvard; In charge Statistical Dept., Willys 
Overland Co.; res. 3232 Collingwood Ave., 
Toledo, Ohio. 

Roth. Ralph Frederic 

Born Batavia, N. Y.; B. S. 1913; Merchant; 
Member Masons. Russell, Kans. 

Stephens, Edwin Willard 

Initiated by Mass. Alpha 1913. 

Welsh, Vernon McCullough 

(Galesburg, 111.) 

Wilkins, Mathena Paul 

Born Niota. III.; B. A. 1913; Adelphi; Football, 
1911-12; Manager, 1912; President Class, 1913; 
Principal. Roseville High School, Roseville, 

Woods, Earnest John 

(N. Broad St., Galesburg. 111.) 


Crawford, William Kinney 

Born Pinckneyville. III.; Overseer of own 
lands; Dir. Murphy-Wall State Bank and Trust 
Co.; Dir. Solvine River Lumber Co.; Affiliated 
111. Eta 1916. Box 501, Lake Charles, La., or 
828 Wilson St., Pinckneyville, 111. 

Jacobson. Robert Ellsworth 

Born Bishop Hill, 111.; A. B. 1914; A. M. 1915 
Univ. of Mich.; Delta Sigma Rho; Gnothautii; 
Freshman Debating Team; Varsity Debating 
Team, 191314; Leader, 1914; Winner State 
Oratorical Contest, 1913; Mgr. Knox Student- 
General Honors, 1911-14; Commencement 
Speaker; College Marshal; Student, Haryard 
Law School; Author, '"Charter Amending Pow- 
ers of Cities Under Michigan Home Rule 
Legislation"; "Michigan Law Review," 1916. 
1746 Cambridge St., Cambridge, Mass.; res. 
Bishop Hill, 111. 

Perry, Eug^ene Beauharnais 

Born MelVin, 111.; B. S. 1915; M. D. 1917 
Rush Med. Coll.; Phi Rho Sigma; Student, 
Rush Med Coll. Melvin, 111. 




Petersen, Constant Beecher 

Born New York, N. Y.; A. B. 1914; Teacher 
of Science. Edwardsville High School, Ed- 
wardsville, 111.; res. 706 Second Ave., Joliet, 

Plantz, Truman, Jr. 

Initiated by 111. Beta 1913. 

Prince, Irving^ Hudson 

(987 Westmoreland Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.) 


Atkins, Edward Lawrence 

Born Rock Falls, 111.; B. S. in Agr. 1915 Univ. 
of III.; Alpha Zeta; Farm Manager. R. F. D. 
No. 1, Smithshire, 111. 

Burg-oyne, Charles Lewis 

Born Andalusia, 111.; Bookkeeper, Minneapolis 
Tribune. 57-59 S. Fourth St., Minneapolis, 

Jones, Georg-e Shafer 

Born Knoxville, III.; Varsity Basketball (2 
yrs.); Varsity Baseball (1 yr.); Editor, Knox 
Student; Insurance Salesman; District Man- 
ager Bankers' Life Co. of Des Moines, Iowa. 
249 E. Main St., Galesburg; res. Knoxville, 111. 

McWilliams, Mark D. 

Born Abingdon, 111.; B. S. 1915; Basketball, 
1912-15; Capt., 1914; Football, 1912-14; Capt., 
1914; Mgr. Baseball, 1913; Sec. "K" Council; 
Athletic Director, Cehtral College; Member A. 
F. and A. M. 806 University Ave., Pella, Iowa. 

Norman, Gerald William 

Born Kirkwood, 111.; A. B. 1915; Delta 
Sigma Rho; Adelphi Lit. Soc; Inter "K" 
Council (Pres. of Council); Interfrater- 
nity Council; Athletic Bd. of Control; 
Freshman Debating Team; Varsity Debating 
Team, 1914-15; Varsity Football (Quarter- 
back), 1912-14; Mgr. Basketball; Asst. Base- 
ball Mgr.; Student Member Bd. of Control; 
Special Honors in American History, 1915; 
Commencement Speaker; College Marshal; Fra- 
ternity Treas.; Principal of High School, Ma- 
comb, 111.; Member Macomb and Macomb 
Country Clubs. Box 255; res. 429 E. Jefferson 
St., Macomb, 111. 

Pollock. Samuel McNab 

Born Seaton, 111.; Affiliated 111. Eta 1916. Al- 
buquerque, N. Mex. 

Porter, Paul Leon 

Student, Univ. of Ark.; Affiliated 111 Eta 1915 
and 111. Zeta 1916. E. Knox St., Galesburg, 

Tomlinson, William Mahon 

Teaclier and Ranchman. (Idaho.) 


Carroll. T'inies Bernard 

Born Bradford, Stark Co., III.; B. S. in Arch., 
1917; Lambda Tau Rho; Gargoyle; Pierrot; 
Aviation Corp, U. S. Army; Affiliated 111. Eta 
1917. Bradford, 111. Glen Clifford 

Born f;alva, III.; Phi Delta Thela; Student. 
Kewanee, HI. 

C.ahrielson, John Ervin 

liorn Galesburg, HI.; B. S. 1916; Capt. Basket- 
ball, 1915-16; Teacher, High School. Machcr, 
Wash.; 1130 N. Kellogg St., Galesburg, 111. 

IlarrinjTton, Samuel McKenzie 

A. p.. 1916; Players Club; With the Frost Man- 
ufacturing Co. Frost .Mfg. Co.; res. 343 N. 
Prairie St., Galesburg, HI. 

1 larshbarj^er, Franz Stanley 

Horn Abingdon, 111.; Football, 191214; Basket- 
hall, 1912-13; Baseball, 1912-13; Salesman, H. 


W Johns-Manville Co. 408-10 Capitol Ave., 
Indianapolis, Ind.; res. 413 Market St., Logans- 
port, Ind. 

Parr, Roy Brown 

Born Astoria, HI.; B. S. 1916; Farming. As- 
toria, III. 

/lor, William Laurin 

Born New Berlin, III.; B. S. 1916; Glee Club; 

y^Q^M^T -l-'?'-^"'.''''"^''""^' Lyceum Bureau. 
519 N Le Claire Ave., Chicago; res. New Ber- 
lin, 111. 

Youn.s^, Thavne Harwood 

Born Farmer City III.; B. S. 1916; Sigma 
Delta Chi; Editor A«o.t- Student; College Mar- 
shal; Class Basketball; Glee Club; Mgr. College 
Quartette; V.-Pres. and Sec. of dass; Sc'c 
^; ^J-VS "^V^ ^"terfrat. Council; City Editor, 
-,nf<.,i"A^''li'''"''' M-^mber Commercial Club 
ton Yli " ' ''^'' ^°^ ^'- ^°"*'' ^'- ^''"■ 


Carroll, Phillip Gearold 
Crane, Fred Hayes* 

K°.r" ^^^'V-^"V H?'''^ 28, 1895; Varsity Foot- 
June^e iJlT ^'■"•■^'"* °^ tlie Chapter, d. 

Gridley, John Newton 

Born Biggsville, III.; Varsitv Track, 1914-15- 
rine,'in. ^'' ^^^^- ^"'"^- ^°""S^- Biggs 

King", Ivan Roberts 

Student. Galesburg, III. 

Lee, Howard Wesley 

Roseville, HI. 

Lord, Merritt Manny 

Born Dixon, III., Jan.'28, 1894; B. S. 1917; 
Adelphi Soc; Assistant Instructor Physical 
Training; Mgr. Basketball, 1916-17; Athletic 
Editor Gale, 1917; Student; Member Y. M. C. 
A.; Modern Woodmen of America 606 N. 
Crawford Ave., Dixon, III. 

Trevor. Everett Action 

Student. Abingdon, HI. 


Allen, Lester Richard 

Born Leigh, Nebr. ; Student. Kirkwood, HI. 

Baxter, Lewis Thomas 

Born Astoria, HI.; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Stu- 
dent. Astoria, HI. 

.Baxter, Ralph Powell 

Born Astoria, 111., Nov. 10, 1893; With C, B. 
& Q. R. R. Goodell Hotel, Bcardstown, III. 

Craft, Marcus Charles 

Born Vermont, 111.; F'armer. Vermont, III. 

Elder, Crawford Latterner 

Born Galesburg, III.; Jnterfrat. Council; On 
Staff of Knox Student, 1917-18; Gale, 1917; 
Student. 421 Monmouth Blvd., Galesburg, HI. 

Gamble, Frederic Russell 

Born Kewanee, 111.; Gnothautii; Lawrence Prize 
in Latin Com[)osition, 1915; General Honors, 
1915-16; hreshman Class Basketball; Editor 
Gale, 1918; (_)n Staff of Knox Student, 1917- 
18; Treas. Phi Delta Theta; Clark- Alills-Carr 
First Prize of $30, Sophomore Mathematics; 
Football (2d Team); Track Squad, 1915; Stu- 
dent; Member Journalists' and Midland Coun- 
try Clubs. 444 N. Academy St., Galesburg, HI. 

Loomis, John Russell 

(Red Oak, Iowa.) 




McW illianis, Luke Seymour 

Born Abiimdon, 111.; Basketball; Capt., 1917; 
On Staflf of Ktipx Student. 1916-17; Gale, 1918; 
Student. 444 N. Academy St., Galesburg, 111. 

Stow, Harold Edward 

Born Clear Lake, Iowa; "K" Council; Skilled 
Laborer, Rock Island Arsenal. 438, 18th Ave., 
Molina, 111. 


Adams, Hale Douglas 

Student. Galesburg, 111. 

Blakemore, Paul Henry 

Born Moline, 111.; Adelphi Lit. Soc; Tennis 
Champion, 1915-17; 1st Prize Clark Mills Carr 
Mathematics Prizes, 1916-17; General Honors, 
1916-17; Yell Master, 1917-18. 1021, 7th St., 
Moline, 111. 

Cronan, Robert Theodore 

Student. Kewanee, 111. 

Handley, Dean Fash 

Student. Kewanee, 111. 

Price, Temple Vere 

Born Vermont, 111.; Adelphi Lit. Soc; Capt., 
Football, 1917; Secretary, 111. Delta 1917; Stu- 
dent. 444 N. Academy St., Galesburg, 111. 

Spake, Richard William 

Born Galesburg, 111.; Editor, Gale; Stu- 
dent. 244 N. Cherry St., Galesburg, 111. 

Swope, ] lomer Joseph 

Born Quincy, III.; Adelphi Lit. Soc; Mgfr. 
Football, 1917; Treasurer of 111. Delta; Stu- 
dent. 444 N. Academy St., Galesburg, III. 


Becker, Louis Dunster 

Born Knoxville, III.; Freshman General 
Honors; Student. 444 N. Academy St., Gales- 
burg, 111. 

McBride, W. Philip 

Born Knoxville, 111.; Student. Knoxville, 111. 

McKamy, Raymond L. 

Born Galesburg, 111.; Student. 233 Court PI., 
Galesburg, 111. 

McNeal, Dan Henry 

Born Watertown, 111.; Warden; Freshman De- 
clamation Contest. Watertown, 111. 

Merrill, G. Andrew 

Born Avon, 111.; Historian; Student. Avon, 

Searle, Franklin Pryce 

Born Rock Island, 111.; Student; Affiliated 
Mass. Beta 1920. Safety Bldg.; res. 934, 20th 
St., Rock Island, 111. 

Wedge, Wilbur 

Born Kewanee, HI.; Student; House Manager, 
Chorister. 444 N. Academy St., Galesburg, 111. 


Chartered May 23, 1878 


Bloomington, Illinois 


Sill, David Martin 

Farmer. (Bloomington, 111.) 

Wakefield, James Alexander 

B. S.; M. S. ; Charter Member; Physician. 
(Heyworth, 111.) 


Mueller, George William* 

Wholesale Grocer, d. June 2, 1914 on board 
S. S. Imperator. 

Sherwood, Charles Handford 

Born Marshall County, 111., Oct. IS, 1853; D. D. 
S. 1881 Philadelphia Dental College; Charter 
Member; Dentist; Alderman, Wenona, 111., 4 
yrs.; Member Red Men; I. O. O. F. and Ma- 
sons. Wenona, 111. 


McCormick, Nelson Kinyon 

Born Boone County, III.; A. B. 1881; A. M. 
1884; M. D. 1886; Physician (retired). 502 
Broadway, Normal, 111. 

Smith, Charles Lnmsle 

Grain Dealer. (1101 N. Clinton St., Bloom- 
ington, 111.) 


Burns, Cassius Marcus Clay 

Editor. (Fargo, N. Dak.) 

Collins, James Sylvester 

Born Green County, 111.; M. D. 1880; Physi- 
cian. West Side Square; res. 223 S. Broad- 
way, Carlinville, 111. 

Fullinwider, James Allen* 

B. S.; LL. B.; Lawyer, d. Dec. 3, 1903, 
Chicago, 111. 

Goodspeed, Samuel Fremont* 

Born Wcstfield, Pa., Oct. 9, 1853. d. Aug. 
28th, 1916, Jolict, III. 

Jones, William Anwyl 

Born Wyanet, HI., Sept. 9, 1859; Adelphic; 
Advertising Manager, La Crosse Tractor Co.; 
Gcnl. Sec. Y. M. C. A., Moline, 111., 1890-91; 
Secretary Iowa Implement Dealers Assn.; Hon- 
orary Member Kansas City Implement Vehicle 
and Hardware Clubs. Front and King Sts. ; 
res. 515 S. 5th St., LaCrossc, Wis. 

Roose, Franklin Frederick 

A. M., M. S.; Supreme President, Fraternal 
Union of America. (1430 Champa St.; res. 
1532 Race St., Denver, Colo.) 

Ru1)y, William Spencer* 


Stoltz, Samuel Oscar 

Traveling Salesman. (Lawrcnccville, III.) 


Eaton, James Brig-gs 

Born Tremont, 111.; Investment Broker; Mem- 
ber Democratic Congressional Comm., 4 terms; 
Democratic Natl. Committeeman, 1900-04. 20 
Broadway; res. 374 Seventh Ave. South, Fargo, 
N. D. 

English, John Tincher 

LL. B. 1883; Grocer. (Danville, 111.) 

Hickman Calvin Wesley* 


Lli.ghee, William Emmett 

Born Detroit, Pike County, 111.; A. B. 1883; 
A. M. 1886; V.-Pres. Fred S. James & Co., 
General Insurance (Chicago and New York) ; 
Member Chicago and Midday Clubs and Union 
League. 175 West Jackson Blvd., Chicago; res. 
Kcnilworth, 111. 

Johnson, Murrey Levering- 

Born Heyworth. 111.; A. B.; M'. D. 1887; Char- 
ter Member; Physician. 17 Sierra Ave., Pied- 
mont, Cal. 

McFadden, George Chester 

Grain Merchant. (Havana, 111.) 

Muse, William Foster 

Born Milan, 111.; A. B. and B. S. 1883; A. M. 
and M. S. 1886; Editor and Publisher, Mason 
City Daily Globe-Gasette ; Postmaster, Mason 
City, 1911-16. Mason City, Iowa. 

Parmenter. Charles Svlvester 

Born at Chariton, Iowa;" A. B. 1883; A. M. 
1886; Ph. D. 1895 Allegheny Coll.; Vice-Presi- 
dent Baker University; Member State Bd. of 
Educ, Kans., 1894-96; Contributor on Scien- 
tific Subjects to various Scientific Socs. Bald- 
win, Kans. 

Ransdell, J. Walter* 


Roth, Charles Independence 

Lawyer. (Whatcom, Wash.) 

Simmons, Tiiomas Harvey* 

d. 1907. 

Teare, Charles Case 

Born McLean Co., 111.; Attended West Point 
Milit. Acad., 1879-83; Admitted to Bar. 1886; 
Lawyer; St. Louis Co. Atty., 1891-95; 2d Lieut. 
U. S. Army, 1883-88; Capt. 14th Minn. Volun- 
teer Infantry, Spanish Am. War; Member 
Kitchi Gamma and Commercial Clubs. 514 
Manhattan Bldg. and 304, 60th Ave. E., Du- 
lutli, Minn. 


A])pcrsoii, George Hanson* 


r.arr, Andrew Jackson* 

Lawyer, d. June 19, 1905, Bloomington, 111. 




Carr William Monts:onierv 

Born Lo^ansport, Ind.. 1S58; A. B. 1884; B. S. 
1884- A M. 1887 : D. D. 1910; B. D. 1888 
Drew Tiieol Sem.; Editor-in-Chief U'csleyan 
Bee. 1884; Pres. Coll. Y. M. C. A.; Pres Mun- 
<;ellian Lit Soc; Pastor, Beekman Hill M. t. 
Church (Manhattan); Aide-de-Camp, Grand 
Armv of the Republic, State of N. Y., 1911; 
Honorary Member, Ex-prisoners of War Assn., 
State of' Conn., 1900. 321 E. 50th St., New 
York, N. Y. 

Elliott, George Crawford^' 

d. Grand Crossing, 111. 

Enolish, Edward C. 

Born Danville. HI.; B. S. 1884; M. D. 1893; 
Physician and Surgeon; Member Am. Med. 
Assn. Rensselaer, Ind. 

Hadlev, Lindlev Harrison 

Born' Svlvania, Park County, Ind.; Munsellian 
Lit. Soc.; Member of Congress 2d Dist., State 
of Wash.; Attorney-at-Law; Member Elks; 
Knights Templar: 32d degree Mason. House 
Office Bldg., Washington, D. C; res. 147 For- 
rest St., Bellingham, Wash. 

Mull, Thomas Kerrick 

Born Manilla, Ind.. Sept. 20, 1860; Farmer and 
Banker; Member Ind. State Senate, 189S-97; 
Member Columbia Club of Indianapolis; In- 
dianapolis Consistory, Scottish Rite Masons. 
Manilla, Ind. 

Sheadle, James Woodward 

Initiated by Pa. Beta 1883. 

Warner, Frank Scriven 

A. B. 1884; Lawyer. (Chicago, 111.) 


Frantz, William Dou^-las 

Initiated by Va. Alpha 1879. 

Gav, John Wesley 

Book Dealer. (Mattoon, 111.) 

McDonald, Louis Arthur 

LL. B. 1884; Lawyer. (Chicago, 111.) 

Yolton. John LeRoy 

M. D.; Physician. (Bloomington, 111.) 

Yost, Berthier Sterols 

Born Somerset, Ohio; Munsellian Lit. Soc; 
Merchant: Pres. Shelbvville, 111., Free Public 
Library Bd.; Dir. Shelby County State Bank; 
Masonic Connections; Knights Templar. Main 
St. and Court House Square; res. S. Broadway, 
Shelbyville, 111. 


Burks, William Henry 

Born Salem. Va.; Banking; Pres. Am. Bankers' 
Assn., 1910-11; Member Exec. Council of Am. 
Bankers' Assn., 1914-17. 210 N. F St., Wel- 
lington, Kans. 

Connard, Milton Allen 

Grain Merchant. (Elwin, 111.) 

Frantz, Henry Edmund 

Born at Roanoke, 111., Sept. 16, 1860; Real 
Estate. 408 W. Elm St., Enid, Okla. 

Martin, Allen Birch 

Born Sullivan, III; B. S. 1897 tJ^iv. of Michi- 
gan; Educator; Principal, Union High School. 
High School; res. 247 West Ave., Sanger, Cal. 

Shaw, James Henry 

Born Clinton, 111.; A. M.; Editor College Paper, 
2 years; Chautauqua Manager an4 Lecturer; 
Author, "Boys and Girls' Life of Lincoln." 705 
S. Center St., Bloomington, 111. 

Sterling, Joseph* 

Lawyer, d. June 19, 1908, Denver, Colo. 

Tomlin, Thomas Almarine 

Grain Dealer and Farmer. (Browning, Mo.) 

\'anneman, Albert Walter 

B. S. ; M. S.; Physician. (Arizpe, Sonora. 

Williams, Robert Ebenezer 

Born Bloomington, III.; LL. B. 1886; Munsel- 
lian Soc; Casli Prize Senior Year, Law School; 
Lawyer; Member Bd. of Educ; Author of "A 
Sextette in Europe;" Member Bloomington and 
Bloomington Country Clubs; 111. Soc. S. A. R. 
People's Bank Bldg.; res. 313 N. McLean St., 
Bloomington, 111. 

1887 • 

Griffith, Herbert Eugene 

Born Titusville, Pa.; B. S. 1892 Northwestern 
Univ.; Phi Beta Kappa; Professor of Chem- 
istry, Knox College. Knox College; res. 1527 
N. Cherry St., Galesburg, 111. 

Jordan, Arthur Dunham 

Born Hudson, 111.; President State Bank of 
Chenoa, 111. Chenoa, 111. 

Kimball, Thomas Alansfield 

Fruit Grower. (Tallapoosa, Ga.) 

Manley, Edward 

A. B. 1887; Professor. (Chicago, 111.) 

Straight, Leonard Arby 

Born Bloomington, 111.; A. B. 1887; Lawyer. 
Allen & Straight; Member St. Paul Commer- 
cial Club. 714 Pioneer Bldg.; res. 634 Hague 
Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 


Dooley, Romulus W. 

Insurance. (Bloomington, 111.) 

Eaton, Robert Albert 

Born Tremont, HI.; Credit Man, Union Ma- 
chinery & Supply Co. SOU First Ave. S.; res. 
2333 Boylston Ave. N., Seattle, Wash. 

Pollock, John Alayne 

Born Bloomington, HI.; Lawyer. 30 N. La 
Salle St., Chicago.; res. 550 Courtland Ave., 
Park Ridge, III. 

Prince, Leonard Alorton* 

Initiated by Pa. Zeta 1887. 

Stillhamer. William Henry 

Born Bloomington, 111.; Silk Business; Audi- 
tor; Affiliated with Mich. Alpha 1890. 902 
Broadway, New York, N. Y.; res. Broad and 
Maples Aves., Morsemere, N. J. 

Van Pelt, I[saac] Newman 

Born Bloomington, 111.; Sales Manager. 14 W. 
South Water St.; res. 4829 Dorchester Ave.» 
Chicago, 111. 

Wilcox. Franklin Trumbull 

Born Minonk, 111.; B. S. 1888; M. D. 1899; 
M. S. 1891; Physician and Surgeon. 808 Maple 
Ave.; res. 1116 Indiana Ave., Laporte, Ind. 


Darrah, Delmar Duane 

Born Tolono, Champaign County, 111.; Ph. B. 
1890: Publisher; Grand Master F. and A. M., 
1910-11; Grand Recorder, Knights Templar, 
since 1910. 311 Eddy Bldg.; res. 702 E. Front 
St., Bloomington, 111. 

Franklin, John Herbert 

Born Lexington, 111.; M. D. 1892; Surgeon; 
First Lieutenant, M. O. R. C; Chief Surgeon. 
St Margaret's Hosp.; Fellow Am. Coll. Sur- 
geons; Mem. Bureau Valley Country and Ot- 




tawa Boat Clubs; Masons and Knights Tem- 
plar. 101 St. Paul St.; res. 407 E. Erie St., 
Spring Valley, 111. 

Schnepp, John S. 

Born Springfield, III.; LL. B. 1890; Lawyer; 
Mayor of Springfield, 6 years; Mem. 111. Coun- 
try Club; Elks; Moose; Commercial Assn.; 
Red Men. 322i/i E. Adams St.; res. 542 S. 
Second St., Springfield, 111. 

Wilson, William Lyon 

Farmer. (Bloomington, 111.) 

W'rig-ht, Frederick Cowles 

Engineer. COmaha, Nebr.) 


Burks, Charles Allen 

Born Fairmount, 111.; Bank Stock Broker; 
Mem. Decatur Club and Beaumenon Command- 
ery. No. 9. Prairie and Water Sts.; res. 531 
VV. Prairie Ave.. Decatur, 111. 

Probasco, Louis Bacon* 

d. Dec. 20, 1898, Bloomington, 111. 

Surlduth, John Wiley 

Born Normal, III.; LL. B. 15 
St., Springfield, 111. 


)l. 630 S. Fourth 

Davidson, Charles Carrol 

(Glenarm, 111.) 

Deutsch, John Frederick Aug'ust 

Physician. (Chicago, 111.) 

Funk, Deane N. 

Born McLean, 111.; Farmer. McLean, 111. 

Miller, William Lorenzo 

Chautauqua Manager. (Bloomington, 111.) 

Reesor, Henry Myron 

Lawyer. (Macomb, 111.) 

Sapper, Auo^ust Christian* 

Physician, d. November, 1903, East St. Louis, 


Cleary, John Al. 

Born f)dell, Del.; LL. B. 1893; Lawyer; Mem. 
Missouri Legislature, 1898; Reporter of Kansas 
City Court of .\ppeals; Mem. IJlue Hills, Auto- 
mobile and Elks Clubs; Kansas City Bar and 
Missouri State Bar A.ssns. 1118 Scarritt Bldg., 
9th St. and Grand Ave. and 3533 Tracy Ave., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Xo^i^-le, Perry Lewis 

Horn Holder, ill.; M. D. 1895; Physician (eye, 
ear, nose and throat); Member Illinois Club. 
216 Greishcim Bldg.; res. 618 E. Walnut St.; 
l<loomington. III. 

I'rehle, (jeoro^e Enos 

Fire Insurance. (Rocky Ford, Colo.) 

Watt, Huston Boyes 

Salesman. (Evanston, 111.) 

Wrijt^lit, David 

Lawyer; County Judge. (Kffingham, 111.) 


Denham, Jesse Alvin 

r>orn Bloomington, 111.; VV'liolesale Saddlery. 
115 E. Monroe St.; res. 1306 Fell Ave., Bloom- 
ington, ill. 

Lwin}.,^ Sijencer 

Born Blnomington, 111.; Lawyer. 501 First Na- 
tional Bank Bldg.; res. 1308 E. Washington 
St., Bloomington, III. 

Cjarrison, Henry Llovd 

(Watseka, 111.) 

Probasco, John W'illiam 

Born Bloomington, 111.; B. S. 1894; LL. B. 
1896; Grain Commission Merchant. 309 Liv- 
ingston Bldg. and 907 N. Main St., Blooming- 
ton, 111. 

\\diitmer, LeRoy Grove 

Born Bloomington, 'ill., July 15, 1871; LL. B. 
1894; B. S. 1890 Eureka Coll.; M. S. 1893 do.; 
Periclesian Lit. Soc, Eureka Coll.; 3d place in 
Law, 1894; President American Foundry and 
Furnace Co.; Director People's Bank; Vice- 
President Bloomington Canning Co.; Secretary 
Portable Elevator Mfg. Co.; Mem. Blooming- 
ton, Bloomington Country and Rotary Clubs. 
900 E. Washington St.; res. 1402 E. Washing- 
ton St., Bloomington, 111. 


Atkinson, Wilbur 

Lawyer. (Birmingham Ala.) 

Bowen Archie Leonard 

Born Bloomington, 111.; Executive Secretary, 

State Charities Commission of Illinois. State 
House; res. 411 E. South Grand Ave., Spring- 
field, 111. 

Holder, Samuel 

Born Bloomington, 111.; Hardware. Blooming- 
' ton. 111. 

Hunter, Guv Lester 

(Buflfalo, 111.) 

Ivins, Joseph Clancy 

Born Hancock County, 111.; LL. B. 1895; Real 
Estate. 321 Paul Jones Bldg.; res. Orchard 
Hill, Louisville, Ky. 

Lemon, Frank Kyle 

Born Farmer City, 111.; LL. B.; Phi Delta 
Theta; Attorneyat-Law. 114 Warner Court; 
res. 504 S. Jackson Ave, Clinton, 111. 

Little, Richard Henry 

Born LeRoy, 111.; Journalist; Member Casino, 
Cliff Dwellers and Chicago Press Clubs. Chi- 
cago Herald; res. 1421 Dearborn Ave., Chicago,. 

Marsh, Nathan Walworth* 

Physician. Bloomington, 111. 

Merrill, William Bertram* 

d. Jan. 17, 1916. 

A[illcr, Aurelius Marcus 

Born Bloomington, 111.; LL. B. 1896; Attor- 
ncy-at-Law. Unity Bldg.; res. 901 W. Wood 
St., Bloomington, 111. 

Miller, James I'.ert 

Born "Bloomington, 111.; Lawyer; Master in 
Chancery, Circuit Court of Kankakee County, 
1899-1904; State's Attorney, 1904-12. Bank 
Bldg.; res. 335 N. Harrison Ave., Kankakee, 

Miller, Wave 

Born Bloomington, 111.; A. B. 1895; LL. B. 
1897; Lawyer; Pres. of Adams County Abstract 
and " Guarantee Co.; Member Press Club 
(Chicago); Ouincv and Bloomington Country 
Clubs. 217 N. 5th St.; res. 2031 Prairie Ave., 
Quincy, 111. 

Murray, Alfred Nicholas 

M. D. 1901 Rush Med. Coll.; Attended Post- 
Graduatc, Vienna, 190506; Phi Rho Sigma; 
Phvsician, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat; Author 
"M'inor Ophthalmic and Aural Tcchnifjue;" 
Contributor to "Woods Ophthalmic Therapeii- 
tics" and ".Xmerican Encyclopedia of Ophthal- 
mology." 4654 Sheridan Rd.; res. 935 Glengyle 
PI., Chicago, 111. 

Pollock, Thomas J. 

Lawyer. New Orleans, La. 




Wright. Wilbur Henry 

Professor. Bloomington, 111. 


Bechtel. David Jackson 

Teacher. Kewance, III. 

Fullenwider. Robert Cooper 

Born VVaveland, Ind.; M. D. 1896 Rush Med. 
Coll.; Physician. La Salle. 111. 

Lancrstaflf,. Asa* 

Druggist, d. Aug. 1, 1896. Bloomington. 111. 

Matthew.^;. William Jay* 

d. Buffalo, 111. 

Fitz, Henry Louis 

Born Bloomington, 111., June 13, 1870; LL. B. 
1897; Attorney-at-Law; City Attorney, Bloom- 
ington; Member House of Representatives. 63d 
Congress; Member Bloomington. Bloomington 
Alumni and Illinois Clubs. Unity Bldg. ; res. 
706 E. Graham St., Bloomington, 111. 

Miller, Homer J. 

Born Bloomington, 111.; Farmer and Stock 
Breeder. 901 W. Wood St., Bloomington, 111. 


Chartered November 4, 1878 


Galesburg, Illinois 


Clark, Anson Luman* 

Born North Adams, Mass.; M. D. 1858. d. 
April 11, 1910, Elgin, 111. 


Hill, Eug^ene Beauharnais 

B. S. 1859. (173 Maple Ave., Ottawa. 111.) 

Kidder, Almon 

A. M. 1859; Lawyer. (410 E. Broadway, Mon- 
mouth, 111.) 


Brown, Jonathan Eden 

A. B. i860. (Hutchinson, Kans.) 

Frisbie, William Judah* 

A. B.; A. M. d. 1903, Bushnell, 111. 

Slater, Albert Sidney* 

B. S.; M. S.; M. D.; Physician, d. 1907, Wa- 
taga, 111. 


Con_2^er, Everett Lorentus* 

d." 1916, Pasadena, Cal. 


Conger, Edwin Hurd* 

A. B.; A. M.; LL. D.; U. S. Minister to China, 
1898-1905; Ambassador to Mexico, 1905. d. 
May 18, 1907, Pasadena, Cal. 

Holmes, Charles Allen 

A. B.; A. M.; Lawyer. (New London, Wis.) 

Living^ston, Frederick Warren 

B. S.: M. S. (San Diego, Cal.) 

Sherwin, John Crogker 

n. S.; M. S.; Lawyer. (24th Ave., Denver, 


Cadsey, William Harrison 

A. B.; A. M.; LL. B.; Lawyer. (1002 Opera 
Mouse, Chicago, 111.) 

Ladd, Charles Knox 

LL. B. 1863; Lawyer. (Kewanee, 111.) 

Merriman, Halsey I>ee 

Lawyer. (Scotts Bluff, Neb.) 


Chase, Elmore 

B. S.; A. B.; A. M.; Teacher. (Fair Oaki, 


Anthony, Cyrus Arndt 

Born Hackettstown, N. J.; Retired; Capt. 51st 
111.; Mo. Legislature, 2 terms; Circuit Judge, 
12 years. 212 North Ave., Maryville, Mo. 

Bruner, Arnold Truman 

(Monmouth, 111.) 


Clavcomb, Elwin Wallace 

B^orn Monmouth, 111.; A. B. 1866; A. M. 1869; 
Erosophian Debating Soc; Thesmenosian; Mock 
Court; Farmer (retired); Lower House, Kansas 
Legislature, 1893-95. Eureka, Kans. 

Harsh, James Birney 

Banker. (State Senator, Creston, Iowa.) 

McConnell, James Smith 

Born Springfield, 111.; B. S. 1866; M. S. 1876; 
Charter Member Phi Sigma; Lawyer. 4359 
Lake Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Shook, Georc^e Reynolds* 

B. S. 1866; Surveyor and Farmer, d. 1907, 
Fruita, Cal. 

Wakefield, Georoe Washino^ton* 

A. M.; Lawyer, d. March 10, 1905, Sioux City, 


Carlock, William Bryan 

Born White Oak, Woodford Co., 111.; B. S. 
1867; LL. B. 1869 Univ. of Mich.; Lawyer; 
Trustee, Unitarian Church and Order of Eastern 
Star Home, Macon; Past Grand Master, Royal 
Arch Masons of III.; Past Commander De Molan 
Commandery; Past Thrice Illustrious Master 
of Bloomington Council No. 43, R. A. M.; 
Past Grand Patron. O. E. S. 111.; Past Patron, 
O. E S.. Chapter No. 50; Past Master, Mozart 
Lodge, No. 56 A. F. and A. M.; Past High 
Priest, Bloomington Chapter, No. 26 R. A. M.; 
Treas. and Dir. McLean Co. Historical Soc.; 
Author of several historical publications. Unity 
BIdg.; res. 501 E. Front St., Bloomington, 111. 

Hannaman, George T^uthcr* 

d. 1897, Galcsburg, 111. 

Lombard, William Conqer* 

d. 1897, Galesburg, 111. 


Cf)ni?er. Frank DeLyle* 

Born Calesburg, III., Nov. 22, 1848. d. Jan. 
22, 1914. 

Crum, Amos* 

A. B.; A. M.; D. D. d. Jan. 29, 1900, Boone, 


Cong-er, Seth B.* 

d. 1910. 

Cooper, Rouselden* 

B. S. 1869. d. 1903, Oquawka. 111. 




Knappenberjier. Mii-liael Fritclinian* 

R. S. 1869. d. 190 J, Jtwel City. Kans. 

Blood. lareil Perkins 

Born "Whilcfu-ld. N. H.. Jan. IS, 18-44; A. IV 
1870; A. M. 1883; Phi Sigma, (Later Phi Delta 
Thcta); Lawyer (retired). Leeds Station, 
Sioux City, Iowa. 

Edwards. John E.* 

Real Estate", d. June 28, 1911, Chicago, 111. 

Hasbrook. Charles Electiis 

A. B.; A. M.; LL. B.; Journalist. (44 E. 23d 
St.. New York; res. 754 Palisade Ave., Yonkers, 
N. Y.) 

Tones. Otis 

B. S. 1870. (Santa Ana, Cal.) 

Richardson. Albert Nelson 

Born Clarion, Bureau Co., 111.. 1842; iM. 
D. 1872; Grad. Rush Med. Coll., Chicago; 
Phi Sigma; Phvsiciaii. with Chicago City Health 
Dcpt.. City Hail. Health Dept.; res. 6506 Yale 
Ave.. Chicago, III. 

Ring-. Henry Homer* 
Bavless. Samuel Oscar'^ 

d. October 21, 1914. 

Brown. Peter Frans 

President, Galesburg National Bank. (Gales- 
burg, 111.) 

Clavcomb. \^'illiam Otis* 

d". Aug. 1, 1912, Eureka, Kans. 

Cong-er. Charles Curtis 

Born Galesburg. 111.; Undergraduate; Theatri- 
cal Manager, Rex Theater; Railroad Agent; 
General Alerchant; First Reader, Christian 
Science Soc. ; Member Fraternal Brotherhood. 
9 E. Henderson St.; res. 214 N. Main St., Cle- 
burne, Texas. 

Fuson. Willis Hardin* 

A. B.; A. M. d. 1884, Topeka, Kans. 

Gingrich, Alvorado Albertus 

Farmer. (Derby, Kans.) 

Greenwood. Frank Tenney 

Born Marlboro, N. H.; A. M. 1871; Proprietor 
of Apartment House. 1920 University Ave., 
Berkeley, Cal. 

Knowles. Howard 

B. S. 1871. (381 N. Prairie St., Galesburg, 

McConnell. Samuel Parsons 

Born Springfield, HI.; A. B. 1871; Railroad 
Manager; Judge, Circuit Court, Cook County, 
111., 1889-1904. Carthage, N. C. 

Tyler. Christopher Columbus 

(Address unknown) 


Chase, Albert Elmore 

Born Concord, Vt., Aug. 15, 1847; B. S. 1872; 
Phi Sigma; Erosophian Debating Soc; Retired; 
Member Boulder City Council, 8 years; U. ^S. 
Deputy Mineral Surveyor, 25 years; County 
Surveyor, Boulder County, 5 years; Member 
Boulder Club. 1018 Pine St., Boulder, Colo. 

McConnell, James Happin* 

Lawyer, d. Sept. IS, 1909, Chicago, 111. 


Bruner, William Harrison 

(Gerlaw, 111.) 

Darneille. James William* 

d. 1880, Chicago, III. 

lOavis. Ezra Welcome 

(1802 N. Nevada .\\e., Colorailo Springs. Colo.) 

Wallace. George Henry 

(Salina, Kans.) 

Wertman. Charles Henrv 

Born Franklin Grove, III.; Phi Sigma; Farmer; 
Stockman; Member Legislature; County Com- 
missioner and Assessor. Mulford, Nebr. 


Clavcomb. Granville Franklin* 

d'. July 20, 1905, Seattle, Wash. 

Dav. William Edward 

B. S. 1874. (4335 Lake Ave., Chicago. 111.) 

Edwards. Elward Junius* 

Real Estate, d. June" 23, 1911, Minneapolis, 


Beals. John Charles Fremont 

(215 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111.) 

Buck. Charles Albert 

A. L.; Undertaker. (107 Eastern Ave., Joliet, 

Dinsmore, Taicien Jerome* 

B. S.; A. M.; Clergj-man; Lecturer, d. 1908. 

Nash, Cfharles] Elwood 

Born Alamuchv, Warren Co., N. J.; A. B. 
1875; B. D. 1878; A. M. 1878; S. T. D. 1891; 
Clergyman; Trustee Buchtel Coll.; Trustee, 
Universalist General Convention; Field Sec. 
Universalist Club; Pres. Lombard Coll.; Author 
"The Savior of the World" and various pamph- 
lets. ISO S. Virgil Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Pontis. Bvron* 

d. 1903, Macomb, In. , 


Conger, ^^'illard Beach* 

d. 1888, San Francisco, Cal. 

Hastings. Jav Lawrence* 

B. S." 1876". d. 1894, Galesburg, HI. 

Warner. Arthur Dodge 

Born Prophetstown, 111., June 5, 18S8; Phi 
Sigma; Pres. Forest City Life Ins. Co.; Member 
Hamilton Club, Chicago; Elks Club, Rockford, 
111. 210 N. Wvman St.; res. 825 N. Church 
St., Rockford, 111. 

Wilson, Frederick Clarence 

Address unknown. 


Arnold, Horace Lester 

Superintendent, U. S. Mail Carriers. (Gales- 
burg, III.) 


McGaan, William 

Born Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland, Oct. 1, 1853; 
Charter Member; Lawyer; State's Attorney, 
Clark County, S. D., 1886-87; County Judge, 
Clark County, 12 years; Mayor, City of Clark, 
6 years; Memlser Clark Commercial Club. Clark, 
S. Dak. 

Ransom, Shirley Clifford 

B. S. ; A. M.; Charter Member; Superintendent 
Garden and Grounds, Illinois School for Deaf. 
(1008 W. Grove St., Jacksonville, 111.) 





Claycomb, Frank Erwin 

Born Cameron, 111.; Charter Member; Farmer; 
President School Board. Sycamore, 111. 


Swigart, Otto Harvey 

B. S. 1880; Charter Member; Cattle Breeder. 
("Avondale," White Heath, 111.) 


Summers, Milo Colburn 

Born Millersburg, III.. Aug. 6, 1862; Charter 
Member; Erosophian See; Philosophic Ora- 
tion, 1881; Clerk, Surgeon General's Office, War 
Dept. ; Recorder General, Soc. of Am. Wars; 
Member Sons of Am. Revolution; Soc. of Am. 
Wars. Surgeon General's Office, War Dept.; 
res. 314, 7th St., N. E., Washington. D. C. 


Gingrich, Daniel S.'^' 

Charter Member, d. 1905, Chicago, 111. 

Parker, Harry Everett 

Traveling Salesman. (876 N, Prairie St., Gales- 
burg, 111.) 

Reynolds, Peter Gore* 

Charter Member, d. Aug. 3, 1898, Galesburg, 

Swart, Gilbert Marcus de Lafayette 

Born near Frankton, Madison Co., Ind. ; B. S. 
1882; Charter Member; Agriculturist. R. F. D. 
No. 3, Guthrie, Okla. 

1883 ■ 

Pjabbit. James Austin* 

d. 1905; St. Augustine, 111. 

Brainard, George White 

(547 E. Main St., Galesburg. 111.) 

Church, Charles Coello 

(La Fayette, III.) 

Miles. John Harrison 

Born Knox Co., 111.; B. S. 1883; M. S. 1886. 
586 Dean St., Bushnell, 111. 

Swart, John Derskine* 

d. Fremont, Neb. 


I>rovvn, Wilbert 

(Yates Center, Kans.) 

luJwards. Jav Calhoun 

Born Wyanct, Bureau County, III., Jan. 17, 
18.S8: B. S. 1884; M. S. 1887; Principal, Jacob 
Bcidlcr Public School; County Superintendent 
of Schools, Lee County, 111., 1891-96. 3151 
Walnut St.; res. 3210 Arthington St., Chicago, 

Gentry, James Massey 

((;alcsburg. 111.) 

Wheeler, Cornell J larry 

Locomotive LnRinccr. (2,? 19 N Street, Sacra- 
mento, Cal.) 


Ayres. Edward Charles 

Af. D. 1885; Physician; Affiliated Iowa Beta 
1894. (Des Moines, Iowa.) 

Carney, Eugene Francis* 

B. S. 1885. d. March 19, 1887, Galesburg, 111. 

Fell, Elmer E. 

Physician. (Lostant, 111.) 

McCarl, Lyman 

Born Barry, 111.; B. S. 1885; M. S. 1888; 
County Judge, Adams County, 111.; Master in 
Chancery, Circuit Court, Adams County, 111., 
1891-97; County Judge, since 1910. Court 
House; res. 729 N. Twelfth St., Quincy, 111. 

Ratekin. Lambert Lester 

Born Swan Creek, 111.; Orange Grower. Co- 
vina, Cal. 

Stone. William Alexander 

(246 W. Main St., Louisville, Ky.) 

Tucker, LTriah McKay* 

d. .\pril 29, 1884, Effingham, 111. 


Beacom, Daniel Fisher 

Born New Salem. 111.; M. D. 1894; Physician' 
and Surgeon; Member Military Tract Med. 
Soc, Illinois. La Harpe, 111. 

Brigham, L[eonard] Ward 

Born Dover, Vt.; M. S. 1888; M. D. 1888; 
D. D. 1909 St. Lawrence Univ.; Clergyman; 
Lecturer, Ryder Divinity School, Chicago 
LTniv. ; Minister, St. Paul's Universalist Church; 
Member City and Hamilton Clubs. Dorchester 
Ave. and the Midway; res. 2978 Prairie Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Burke, James Alonzo 

(Barry, 111.) 

Fairchild, Lee* 

Journalist and Lecturer, d. 1910. 

Fletcher, Samuel Clark 

Farmer. Viborg. S. Dak. 

Karns, Joseph Ellinger 

Born Greenbush, Warren County, 111.; B. S. 
1891; Grocer; President of Indianapolis Busi- 
ness Men's Assn. 5424 E. Washington St.; res. 
5432 Julian Ave.,. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Murdy, W'illiam Clcndenin 

(Moulton, Iowa.) 

Perry, Thomas Watson 

Born Barry, 111.; Railroad Clerk. 214 Echan- 
dia St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Snyder, McGuirc 

(La Fayette, 111.) 

Swigart, Edwin Stanton 

Born Farmer City, 111.; Mayor Champaign, 
111.; President United Charities; Member Cham- 
ber of Commerce; Elks; Country Club. City 
Hall; res. 610 W. Park Ave., Champaign, III. 

White, William Augustus 

(Galesburg, 111.) 

Babbit, David Melvin 

Born St. Augustine, Ul.; l'"anner; Tax Collec- 
tor; Assessor; .Supervisor. St. .Xugusline, 111. 

Brace, I'Viend P>urt 

HornMt. .Morris, N. Y. 1174 Pliclan Bldg., 
-San Francisco, Cal. 

I'.urnside. Marcus Tcrr\- 

(Knoxvillc, HI.) 

Carpenter, John Kandoli)]] 

B. D. ; Clergyman. (Peoria, 111.) 

Colegrove, Osgood Glordis 

Born Hanover, Mich.; B. D. 1887; Clergyman; 
Pastor Universalist Church, 12 years; State 
Superintendent of Cluirclics in Ohio for Uni- 
versalist Slate Convention. 303 Academy St., 
Owatonna, Minn. 




Crane, lav W iiitersteen 

Born Perry, N. Y.; B. S. 1886; Lawyer; Mem. 
Minneapolis Athletic Club. 842 Metropolitan 
n.nnk BIdg.: res. 3040 Humboldt Ave.. South, 
Minneapolis, Minn 

Fuller, I\"rr\ l>rette* 

Born B.irry, III: B. S. 1887; Real Estate and 
Loans; Member Elsin Country and Century 
Clubs, d. Eljrin. 111., July 24, 1912. 

Hurlev. Owen Lovejoy 

Teacher; Member I. "O. O. P.; Knights of 
Pythias. Farmer City, III. 

Lawrence. Wilbur Hunter 

Born Ottawa. 111.: Farming. 515 W. .Van 
Biircn St., Ottawa, III. 

Then. Otto 

Born Ashley. Washington Co., 111.; General 
Merchant. Thon Mercantile Co., Ashley, 111. 

Wine^. Alva Trowbridg^e 

B."S. 1887: Publisher. 301 S. Campbell St.; 
res. 225 Dallison St., Springfield, Mo. 


Lapbam. Allen Waverlv* 

M. S.; M. D. d. 1894, Victoria, 111. 

Ratekin. Sylvester 

Born Swan Creek. W^arren County, 111.; 
Orange Grower. Lordsburg, Cal. 

Sly. Cliarles \\'^illiani 

Address unknown. 

Swi.c:art, Herscbel* 

d. Farmer City, 111. 

Yero^in. Horace Greeley 

Born New Castle, Ind.; Attorney-at-Law. 423 
S. nth St., New Castle, Ind. 

Con.s:er, Carl Sberwood 

(Morgan Park, 111.) 

Button, Georg^e Everell 

Born Sycamore, 111.; B. S. 1889; M. S. 1892; 
Banker and Farmer; President Pierce Trust 
and Savings Bank; President Citizens' State 
Bank, Tracy, Minn.; Member Loyal Legion; 
Kishwaukee Country Club. Sycamore, 111. 

Eberhart, Xoble Murray 

Born Benton Harbor, Mich., April 21, 1870; 
B. S. 1888 Racine College; M. S. 1891 Hedding 
Coll.; M D. 1894 Bennett Med. Coll.; M. D. 
1901 Univ. of 111.; A. M. 1909 Valparaiso 
Univ.; Ph. D. 1911 do.; D C. L. 1915 Hamil- 
ton Coll. of Law; Physician, Specializing in 
Medical Electricity and X-rays; Member Bd. 
of Directors, Chicago Assn. of Commerce; Au- 
thor of 3 Books on Entomology; 1 on Zoology; 
3 on Medical Electricity. 25 E. Washington 
St.; res. 617 Cornelia Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Harrison, William Henry 

Lawyer. (Hutsonville, JU.) 

•McConnell, Edwin Pike"^' 

B. S.; M. S. d. 1902, Chicago, 111. 

Mills, Frank Junius 

(Monmouth, III.) 

Moore, Allen Francis 

Born St. Charles, 111.; B. S. 1889; Manufac- 
turer and Banker; Trustee, Univ. of 111., 1900- 
14; Trustee, Lombard Coll., 1912-14; Mayor; 
Member Union League, Chicago. 415 W. 
Washington St.; res. 412 N. State St., Monti- 
cello. 111. 

Williams, Edwin Congfer 

Clerk, Iowa State Dairy Commiision. (Dei 
Moines, Iowa.) 


Allen. Daniel Ei)liraim 

Born St. Clair, Mich.; Erosophiap; Athletic 
Assn.; Alumni and Oratorical Socs.; Treasurer 
of Class, 1890; Secretary of Chapter; Third 
Honors in Swan Oratorical Contest; First Prize 
in Standing and Running Broad Jumps; Real 
Estate; Reported for Gnlcsburg Gazette; Mem- 
ber Finance Committee First Methodist (Zhurch; 
Administrator of Estate of \. II. Allen, de- 
ceased; Author, "Sketch of Marquis de LaFay- 
etti": .Mcnihir Y. M. C. A.; Court of Honor; 
Knights of Khorassan. 43 S. Cherry St.; res. 
76 Allen Ave., Galcsburg, 111. 

Anderson, Claude Nortb 

Born Yates City, III.; B. S. 1890; Erosophian; 
Head of Department of History and Civics, 
Nebraska State Normal School; Author several 
Pamphlets on History; Mem. Am. Historical, 
Miss. Valley Historical and Nebraska State 
Historical Teachers' Assns. State Normal 
School; res. R. D. No. 3, Kearney, Nebr. 

Brig^ham, Bret Hugfh 

B. S. 1890. 21 Mack Block. (Milwaukee, 

Farlow, Fred 

B. S. 1890; Stockman. (Camp Point, 111.) 

Harsh, Samuel Davis* 

B. S. 1890. d. 1893, Creston, Iowa. 

Jaques, David Alva 

Born Elmore, Peoria County, 111.; Retired. 
Elmwood, 111. 

Mackey, John, Jr. 

(Truro, 111.) 

jNIiles, Eddy Halsey 

Born near (jalesburg. 111.; Philomathean; Bridge 
Builder; Tax Collector for Kelly Township, 
Warren County, 111., 1 year; School Trustee, 3 
years. General Delivery, Randall. East Gales 
burg. 111. 

Mortimer, Charles John 

Born Glencoe, 111.; B. S. 1890; Manager of 
Estates; Member Chicago Athletic Assn.; 
Skokie Country Club; Mason. Room 701-19 S. 
La Salle St., Chicago; res. 219 South Ave., Glen- 
coe, 111. 

Slater, Richard Lee* 

B. S. 1890. d. 1894, Wataga, 111. 

Trott, Loringf 

B. S.; M. S'. (Junction City, Kans.) 

Tuthill, Frank Scott 

Physician. (Concord, Mich.) 


Case, Milo McClelland 

Born Oneida, 111.; B. S. 1891; M. S. 1894; 
Asst. Editor Lombard Review; Pres. Athletic 
Assn.; Consulting Mechanical Engineer; Head 
of Mechanical Department, Chicago Tech. Coll.; 
Masonic Connections; Member Knights of 
Pythias; Am. Soc. of Mechanical Engineers; 
Chicago Phi Delta Theta Club. 116 S. Michi- 
gan Ave.; res. 6347 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, 

Chamberlain. Hus:h 

(Greenview, 111.) 

Donohoe, Samuel Taylor 

B. S.; M. S. (Minneapolis, Minn.) 

Hale, Percy Isham 

Born Alton, 111.; Merchant. 112-114 Main St.; 
res. 215 N. Fourth St., Staughton, Wis. 

Smith, Vernon Audley 

Trainmaster. Erie R. R. (707, 8th St., Jersey 
City, N. J.) 





Allen, Frank Nathaniel 

Born Crown Point, Ind.; B. S. 1892; Adver- 
tising Manager. 1161 Monadnock BIdg. ; res. 
7315 Princeton Ave., Cliicago, 111. 

Blount. Harry Asher 

Born Macomb, 111.- B. S. 1892; Pres. Eroso- 
phian (Lit.); Sec. Lombard Athletic Assn.; 
Winner Tennis Singles (2 yrs.) ; Twice Winner 
100 vd. Dash; Baseball (2d base and pitcher), 
1890-92: Real Estate; Farm Loans and Mer- 
chant; Director Bankers' and Merchants' Ins. 
Co.; Pres. Macomb Club and Macomb Commer- 
cial Assn 229 W. Carroll St., Macomb, III. 

Brady, Ben Francis 

Born Ophir, La Salle Co., 111., May 4, 1869; 
B. S. 1892; Erosophian; 1st Prize Swan Ora- 
torical Contest, 1892; Lawyer; Member Illinois 
Athletic Club. Room 928, 127 N. Dearborn 
St.; res. 4416 Sheridan Rd., Chicago, 111. 

Davis, Georg-e Illinski 

Farmer. (Beecher City, 111.) 

Echbohm, Henry John* 

d. Warsaw, 111. 

Grubb, Arthur David* 

d. 1895, Hamilton, 111. 

McCarl. Joseph Grant 

Born Richfield Town, Adams Co., 111.; Stock 
and Grain Farmer. Plainville, Adams Co., 111. 

Root, Erastus Coleman* 

d. about 1891, Sparland, 111. 

Shilling-, George Wilbert 

B. D. 1892; Real Estate. (2151 Center St., 
Berkeley, Cal.) 

Stillman, Lester Lee 

.'\ssistant Bank Cashier. (Chenoa, 111.) 

Suiter, Benjamin Franklin 

(Coalings, Cal.) 

Tapper, George Fred 

(Riverside, 111.) 

Wild, Daniel Pierce 

Born Sycamore, I'.l.; B. S. 1892; M. S. 1895; 
Erosophian; Lombard Athletic Assn.; Staff 
Lombard Review; Real Estate; Insurance; 
Member Bd. of Education; Member Kishwau- 
kee Country Club; Masons; Sycamore Com- 
mandery, K. T.; B. P. O. E. IS Pierce Bldg.; 
res. 464 .Somonauk St., Sycamore, 111. 


Anderson, Robert Ferguson 

A. B. 1893. (517 W. Cift Ave., Peoria, 111.) 

Bruington, Arnold Douglas 

Farmer. (R. R. 7, Monmouth, 111.) 

Conger, John Newton, Jr. 

M. S. (859 N. Prairie St., Galcsburg, 111.) 

Cottrcll, Charles Henry 

Born Sycamore, 111.; General Insurance and 
Real Estate; County Chairman, Republican 
Central Committee; Director of several Corps.; 
Masonic t'onnectifins (32"). Wells BIdg.; res. 
1628 Jersey St., Quincy, III. 

Royce, Asa Mather* 

d. March 30, 1913. 

Young, Lynn Barnett 

(Leroy, III.) 

Young, Thomas Victor 

(Leroy. 111.) 


Bernard, Guy Henry ■ 

Born Greeley, la.. Dec. 7, 1870: B. S. 1894; 
Bookkeeper; Cashier, 1st Natl. Bank, Glasco, 
Kans., I899-1910. 142 Live Stock Exchange 
Bldg.; res. 3024 Harrison St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Dutton, William Paine 

Born Sycamore, 111.; A. B. 1896 Harvard 
Coll.; LL. B. 1898 do.; Pi Eta; Lumberman; 

Member Manitoba and St. Charles Country 
Clubs. 400 Quebec Bank Bldg.; res. 124 
Harrow St., Winnipeg, Can. 

Griswold, William Edson 

LL. B. 1898 Univ. of Wis.; Special Loan 
Agent, Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co.; 
AflSliated 111. Alpha 1895 and Wis. Alpha 1898. 
207 Central Bldg.; res. 1509, 16th Ave. North, 
Seattle, Wash. 

McKee. Nathaniel 

.Abstractor. (Memphis, Mo.) 

Olmstead, Rett Elmer 

Born Potsdam, N. Y. ; B. D. 1894; Farmers 
Club; Specialist at University of Minnesota; 
Unitarian Minister, 1890-1910: Lecturer on 
Bird Life, 1900; Minn. Horticultural Soc; 
Minn. Federation of Farmers Clubs and Am. 
Fern Soc. University Farm, St. Paul.; res. 
R. F. D. 2, Elmhurst, Minn. 

Smith, Albert Prentice 

Born .Sycamore, 111., B. S. 1894; Alumni Assn.; 
Coal ]\ierchant; Pres. Rugby Coal Co.; Sec. 
Denver Coal Merchants Assn.; Member Denver 
Civic and Commercial Assns.; A. F. and A. 
M.: Denver Athletic and Lakewood Country' 
Clubs. SOI, 15th St.; res. 2131 Gilpin St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Tapper, William Richard 

Born Chicago, III.; A. B. 1894; A. B. 1896 
Harvard; LL. B. 1898 do.; Coal Operator; 
Member University, Exmoor Country (High- 
land Park, 111.) and Highland Park Clubs. Ill 
W. Monroe St.. Chicago; res. Montgomery 
Road, Highland Park, Ilj. 


Chapin, William Robert* 

R. S. 1895; Affiliated Va. Beta 1897. d. Dec. 
12, 1905, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, C. A. 

Conger, Frank Lauren 

Born Galesburg, 111.; A. B. 189S; Cashier First 
Natl. Bank. 823 N. Prairie St., Galesburg, 

Olmsted, Amos Cameron 

Born Maquon, IlL; M. D. 1895; Physician. 

Wells, Nev. 

Ralston, John Chauncey 

Born McIIenry, 111.; Secretary, The Beckley- 
Ralston Co., Automobile Supplies; Member 
Chicago Athletic. South Sliore (i^ountry, Beverly 
Country and Chicago Motor Clubs; .Assn. of 
Commerce; Chamber of Commerce of U. S. 
Cor. Michigan Blvd. and 18th St.; res. Chicago 
Athletic Club, Chicago, III. 

Stanley, John Richard 

A. B". 1895. (Stronphnrsf, 111.) 

Wakefield, Albert Orin 

Born Sioux Citv. Iowa, 1875; A. B. 1895; LL. 

B. 1897; Phi Delta Phi; Valedictorian; Lawyer; 
n S. Coniniissioiur, Northern Dist. of Iowa; 
Affiliated Iowa Beta 1895. 512 Iowa Bldg.; 
res. 809 Ninth St., Sioux City, Iowa. 

Wise. Charles Henrv 

(Grand Prairie, Texas). 


Hamilton, Claude Francis 

(Augusta, Wis.) 




Harsh, Uonior Franklin 

Born Crcston. Iowa; A. B. 1899; Ranchman; 
l-owcll, Kenrnty County, Ncbr. 

Karr. Hal Lawrence, Jr. 

Born Osceola, Iowa; A. B. 1896; Philomathean 
and Erosophian Socs. ; Lawyer; Prosecuting 
Attorney, Clarke County, 1902; Member 
Country, Rotary and Prairie Clubs. Osceola, 

Moore. Arthur Livin£:^ston 

Born Monticcllo, 111., July 17, 1872; Manufac- 
turer: Member Union LcaRue; Chicago, Exnioor 
Country and Highland Park Clubs. 3934, 42 
Ravenswood .Ave., Chicago; res. 160 Ravine 
.\ve., Hiiih'and Park, III. 

Shinn. Edward Lerov 

Born Lynn. Mass.; A. B. 1896; Assistant Sales 
Manager. Ill Devonshire St., Boston; res. 33 
Linden St., Arlington Heights, Mass. 

Southwick. Eii,s:ene 

B. D. (Corfu. N. Y.) 

Anderson. Frank Pierce 

A. B. 1897. (Yates City, 111.) 

Ashworth. Georg^e Hilary 

Born Eaton. Ohio'; B. D. 1897; Post Grad. Univ. 
Chicago: Editor Lombard Review; Minister; 
Sec. Fellowship Committee of 111.; Universalist 
Convention; Member Chamber of Commerce; 
Mt. Gil&ad Lodge I. O. O. F. 169. 124 N. Cali- 
fornia St., Sycamore, 111. 

Carpenter, Barlow Green 

B. D.; Universalist Clergyman. (Peoria, 111.) 

Denman. Harrv Martin 

(1401 \V. Monroe St., Chicago, 111.) 

Rosters, Geor^-e Burr 

Born Somerset, Hillsdale County, Mich.; B. D. 
1897; Banking. Kalamazoo Natl. Bank; res. 
613 Minor Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Tapper, Elmer Joseph* 

A. B. 1897. d. Nov. IS, 1910. 

\\'arner. Claude Brvant 

A. B. 1897; A. M. 1897; D. D. S. 1894 North- 
western Univ.; Delta Sigma Delta; Dentist; 
Member Executive Council, 111. State Dental 
See; Chrmn. Law Committee, Natl. Dental 
Soc. ; Member University and Cosmopolitan 
Clubs. 129 and 301 W. Elm St., Urbana, 111. 


Allen, jMervin W'allage 

A. B. 1898; Stockman and Real Estate. 

Beale, William McCoy 

Born Yates City, III. ; Literary Socs., Lombard 
and Knox Colleges; Manager Beale Travel 
Tours; Lectures and Travelogues, European 
Countries; Occasional Contributor to Railway 
and Travel Magazines; Honorary Member 
Men's Club, St. Margaret Episcopal Church; 
Member A. F. and A. M. ; R. A. M. 412 
Marquette Bldg.; res. 4819 N. Albany Ave., 
Chicago, III. 

Brown, Charles Reid 

Born Oneida, III.; A. B. 1898; Chicago Kent 
Coll. of Law, 1901; Lawyer; Member Wood- 
lawn Park Lodge 841, F. and A. M.; South 
Shore Country and Midlothian (Country Clubs. 
29 S. La Salle St.; res. 6528 Kenwood Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Johnson, Oscar Francis 

Born CAtn Este. Ohio. .Advertising Dept., 
Cincinnati Post; res. 2811 Scioto St., Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

Treg-o, Edward Francis 

Hoopeston, 111. 

W'ashhuni, Fred Eockwood 

Born Galesburg, III.; Pres. Western Meat 
Co.; P^c^i. Nivaila Packing Co., Reno, Nev. ; 
Pres. S. San Francisco Belt Railway; Pres. S. 
San Francisco Union Stock Yards Co.; V.-Pres. 
San Francisco Cattle Loan Co.; Member San 
Francisco Commercial Club. 6th and Town- 
si nd Sts. ; res. 2506 Filbert St., San l'"rancisco. 

West. William Edwin 

(2084 Wilcox Ave., Chicago, 111.) 


Crane, Emory Saxe 

D. D. S. 1899'; Dentist. (44 Mack Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis.) 

Foster, Howard Eyerett* 

d. 1900, Galesburg, 111. 

Hill. Harry Earl 

Lumberman. (Pittsburg, Pa.) 

Lander, Ernest John 

(Knoxville, 111.) 

Perkins, Oliyer Howard 

Universalist Clergyman. (New Bedford, Mass) 

Wis well, Royal Porter* 

d. January 11, 1905, Cameron, I'l. 


Bell, Frederick Harrison 

Born Woodhull, 111.; M. D. 1903; Physician 
and Surgeon; Member DeKLalb County Med. 
and Northwestern Homeopathic Socs.; Hamilton 
Club, Chicago. Pierce Bldg.; res. 405 Somo- 
nauk St., Sycamore, 111. 

Bullock, Fay Alexander 

A. B. 1900; Assistant Advertising Manager. 
(The 14th Street Store, 14th Street and 6th 
Ave.; res. 331 \Y. 86th St., New York, N. Y.) 

Conger, Guy Parke 

Born Carroll Co., Mo.; Physician; Adjunct 
Prof. Ophthalmologv. Hahnemann Med. Coll. 
(Chicago). 120 N. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park; 
res. 108 S. Franklin Ave., River Forest, 111. 

Fletcher, Carl Joshua 

Born Galesburg, HI.; B. S. 1904; Glee Club; 
Tennis Team; Pres. Tennis Assn.; Fuel Engin- 
eer; Sec. and Treas. Knox County Coal Opera- 
tors' .\ssn.; Member Highland Golf and India- 
napolis Canoe Clubs; Affiliated 111. Eta 1904. 
1503 Merchants Bank Bldg.; res. 6176 College 
Ave., Indianapolis. Ind. 

Morris, George Pratt 

Born LaGrange, Wis.; D. D. S. 1900; Farmer. 
Elkhorn, W^is. 

Murphy, Harry Sawyer 

Born 'Erie, Pa., 1879; 'A. B. 1900; D. D. S. 

1903 Chicago Coll.; Dentist; Member Masons; 
Elks. First Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 1350 N. 
Main St., Fremont, Neb. 

\\^eeks, Harry William 

Born at Hennepin, 111.; A. B. 1900; B. S. 

1904 Univ. of I'L: Sales Engineer, Peabody 
Coal Co.; See III. Eta 1904. 332 S. Michigan 
Ave.; res. 1149 N. Shore -Ave., Chicago, 111. 


Gault, Sidney* 

D. V. S. d. Sept. 26, 1906, Knoxville, HI. 

Johnson, A\'alter Adams 

Born at Galesburg. 111.; Publisher; State Chrmn. 
Natl. Progressive Party, 1914-16; Treas. of 
Natl. Agricultural Soc„ of the Art Soc. of Am. 
and of .Agricultural Press, Inc.; Managing 
Director The Advanced Agricultural Publish- 
ing Co.; Member City, National Arts and 
Transportation Clubs; Affiliated N. Y. Delta 
1901. 2 W. 4Sth St., New York; res. Pleasant- 
ville, Westchester Co., N. Y. 




McElvaine, Warren Alanson 

Born Webster, III.; Capt. Football, 1897-98 and 
Track, 1898; Sheet Metal Worker and Heating. 
Avon, 111. 

Stratton. Ward W^atson 

Real Estate. (Danville, 111.) 


Gino^rich. Ch'de Perc}* 

Ranchman, d. April 11, 1906, Derby, Kans. 

Holroyd, Major Clifford 

Born Waltham, Iowa; Grain Broker. 3827 W. 
Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Lothian, Whittier Kerle 

(Hillside, Colo.) 

Smith, Edward Milton 

Born Edinburg, 111.; A. B. 1902; Clerk, Income 
Tax Division, Treasury Department; Member 
Masons, Treasury Dept. ; res. 1407 W. St. 
N. W., Washington, D. C. 


Bellot. John Edward 

Born Odell, 111.; Commission Merchant; V.- 
Pres. and Director Chicago Motor Car Co.; 
Member Chicago Bd. of Trade; Member South 
Shore Country and West Morcland Country 
Clubs; Chicago Athletic Assn. 140 W. Van 
Buren St.; res. 714 Sheridan Rd., Chicago, III. 

Brown, Athol Ray 

Born Rio, 111.; A. B. 1903; Farmer. Rio, 111. 

Tinkham, Ralph Darrell 

(Kirkwood, HI.) 


Andreen, Frank Godfrey 

Born Woodhull, 111.; A. B. 1904; M. D. 1907 
Univ. 111., Chicago; Nu Sigma Nu; Physician 
and .Surgeon. Univ. of 111. Med. Dept., Arion, 

Ayar.s, Frank Cope 

Born Philadelphia. Pa.; A. B. 1904; Alumni 
Assn.; Football; President, Southwest Publish- 
ing Co.; Formerly Member Knights of Pythias, 
Hinsdale. HI. 304 .S. Broadway, Los Angeles; 
res. 1314 Chestnut St., C.lendale, Cal. 

Bird, Charles William 

Teacher. (Bloomington, 111.) 

Davis, Clifford Elmo 

(Longmont, Colo.) 

Gibson, Jolin Kendall 

Born Kirkwood, 111.; Baseball; Farmer and 
Stockman; Bank Director. Kirkwood, HI. 

Hurd, Jay Clinton 

A. B.'l903. (Chicago, 111.) 

Jansen, Ilarrie Albin 

Born Woodhull, 111., Oct. 3, 1881; A. B. 1904; 
Alumni A.ssn.; Football (4 years); Baseball (4 
years); Crcditman with Portland Seed Co.; 
Formerly Crcditman and Office Manager, Pa- 
cific Coast Biscuit Co.; Auditor of Disburse- 
ments, Western Electric Co., Chicago; Member 
Creditmcn's Assn. 180 Front St.; res. 405 E. 
46th St., N., Portland, Ore. 

Scott, Preston V,wwn 

B. S.; D. V. S. (McMinnvillc, Tcnn.) 

Smith, Thomas lluj:,diey 

(Berwyn, III.) 

Tanney, Claude Bernard 

Address unknown. 

Webster. Albert San.q-er 

Born Galesburg, 111.; Business Manager, Lom- 
bard Review, 1 year; President Jacob Laskin, 
Webster & Co., Fur Manufacturers; Member 
Ouilmette Country Club; Chicago Fur Manu- 
facturers Assn. 180 W. Adams St., Chicago; 
res. 502 Washington Ave., Wilmette, 111. 


Grimes, Lloyd Owen 

Born Blue Hill, Nebr.; A. B. 1905; Traveling 
Salesman. United Drug Co., Denver, Colo.; 
res. Red Cloud, Nebr. 


Starr, Fred Schumme 

Traveling Salesman. (178 W. 4th St., St. 
Paul, Minn.) 

Tipton, Fred Lincoln 

Born Girard, III.; Editor and Publisher, Girard 
Gazette; Member Commercial Club. South 
Side Sq.; res. W. Center St., Girard, 111. 


Alvord, Francis Milton 

Born Annin Creek, Pa.; Football, 1903-04; Far- 
mer. R. R. No. 3, Friendship, N. Y. 

Brown, Talent Patrick 

Born Rio. 111., March 16, 1884; Stockman; 
Member Elks Lodge 181. 130 E. Plum St.; 

res. 633 Park St., Trinidad, Colo. 

Conser, William Henry 

Born Maquon, 111., 1885; M. D. 1907 Univ. of 
111.; Nu Sigma Nu; Track; Basketball; Physi- 
cian and Surgeon; Pres., Cambridge Gun and 
Cambridge Rifle Clubs; Member Staff of 
Lutheran Hospital, Moline, 111.; Pres. Local 
Bd. of Health; Member Am. Med. Assn.; 111. 
State Med. Soc; Henry County Medical See. 
Cambridge, 111. 

Skinner, Alljert Newton 

Born Middleboro, Clinton Co., Ohio; Superin- 
tendent Community High School, Oneida, 111. 
(8 years); Taught School, 4 years; Past Master, 
Masonic Lodge, Yates City, Mo.; Pres., County 
Assn. of Teachers, Knox County, 111.; Member 
A. F. and A. M. Oneida, Knox Co., 111. 

Wertman, Albert Jesse 

Born Villisca, Iowa; Erosophian Lit. Soc.; 
Football, 1907-08; Captain, 1908; Track, 1904; 
Farmer and Stockman. Villisca, Iowa. 


Buck, Hiram Harrison 

Born Leroy, 111.; Erosophian Lit. Soc; Pres., 
Freshman Class; Member Atliktic Bd. of Con- 
trol; Pres., Phi Delta Theta and Erosophian 
Lit. Soc; Football; Foreman Plumber. 207 J4 
E. Choctaw Ave; res. 603 E. Cherokee St., 
McAlester. Okla. 

Housh, Carter Fred 

Born Maquon. 111.; A. ]!. 1908; Illustrator. 66 
W. 37th St., New York; res. I'ort Washington, 
L. I., N. Y. 

Housh, Chester Clinton 

Born Maquon, 111.; A. B. 1908; Superintendent 
Farm Lands and Agricultural Adviser Duluth 
and Iron Range R. R. and Chicago, Rock Island 
and Pacific Railway. Mtadowlands Farmi, 
Mcadowlands, Minn. 

Huq-hes, Walter Jolin 

Born Table Grove, HI.; B. S. in M. E. 1910; 
Manufacturers' Representative; Assoc. Member 
Am. Soc. of Mechanical Engrs. and Sierra 
Madre Club, Los Angeles. 509 Baker-Det- 
wiler Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal.; res. 1306 Spruce 
St., S. Pasadena, Cal. 




Law. Fred Walkc-r^ 

d. July 14, 1915, St. Paul. Minn. 

Rav, Ainlrew Wooilfonl 

(Avon. 111.) 

Titus. Murray 

(IC Washington St., Delaware. Ohio.) 


Crellin, Robert Rollin 

(Edgewater, Colo.) 

Cunningham, Edwin Bowman 

(Los Angeles, Cal.) 

Gollidav. Gail Hamilton R. 

Born'Maquon, 111.; Lieut. FJeld Artillery, 
U. S. Army. 1492 E. Knox St., Galesburg, 111. 

Grier. Theophilus Carlton 

Born Bav Citv, Mich.; Basketball; Track; Edi- 
tor, Annual. 1908; Editor, Monthly, 1908; Far- 
mer. R. F. D. No. 8, Muscatine Iowa. 

Justus. Rav Winthrop* 

Farmer, d'. Aug. 20. 1915. 

Martin, John Homer 

(602J/2 W. Chestnut St., Bloomington, 111.) 

Richard. Ward Robert 

(Maquon, 111.) 

Ross. Georg^e Lee 

A. B. 1909. Care of National Sweeper Co.; r«s. 
51 Hotchkiss PI., Torrington, Conn. 

Weigel. John C. 

(245 Bluff St., Joliet. and 5409 Jefferson Ave., 
Chicago, 111.) 


Clavcomb, Granville Richardson 

Born Farragut, Iowa; Bookkeeper, George Pal- 
mer Lumber Co. 1906, 3d St., La Grande, Ore. 

Hatch. Oral Jerome 

(Avon, 111.) 

Leonard, John Ireson 

(204 Herkimer St., Joliet, 111.) 

Thurman. Ren L. 

Born Burwell, Nebr.; A. B. 1910; Baseball, 
1908-10; Basketball. 1908-09; Lawyer; Member 
University Club; Affiliated Colo. Alpha 1910. 
803 Jefferson Bldg.; res. 624 N. Glen Oak St., 
Peoria, 111. 

Tompkins. Erwin Clayberg 

Born Avon, 111.; Ph. B. 1911 Brown Univ.; 
Provision Dept., Swift & Co.; Affiliated with 
Rhode Island Alpha 1911. Swift & Co., U. S. 
Yds.; res. 6536 Kenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 


McCracken, Joe D. 

Born Knoxville. 111.; District Agent, Equitable 
Life Ins. Co. Knoxville, Ind. 

Radclifife, Ezra Thomas 

Born Canbv, Minn.; A. B. 1911; Football (5); 
Baseball (4); Basketball (2); Capt. Football, 
191011; Capt. Baseball, 1910-11; Automobile 
Salesman and Garage Operator; Member Gales- 
burg Club. 571 E. Main St.; res. 59 -W. North 
St., Galesburg, 111. 

Webster, Frederick Charles 

Born Galesburg, 111.; Real Estate and Insur- 
ance; Affiliated Cal. Beta 1912. 318 Holmes 
Bldg.; res 529 N. Kellogg St., Galesburg, 111. 


Brumfiel, Daniel Milton 

Born Connersville, Ind., Jan. 20, 1890; A. B. 
1912; A. M. 1913 Univ. of 111.; Ph. D. 1917 

State Univ. Iowa; Editor-in-Chief Lombard Re- 
view, 1910-11; Intercollegiate Debating Team, 
191011; Football, 1911; Instructor in Animal 
Biology, State Univ. of Iowa; Author of va- 
rious Scientific Papers; Member of various 
Scientific Socs. and Clubs. State Univ. of 
Iowa; res. 118 N. Johnson St., Iowa City, Iowa. 

Chajiman. James Hamill 

Born Dubuque, Iowa; With C. W. Chapman 
Lumber Co. Sioux City, Iowa. 

Claycomb. Georqe Francis 

(Boise, Idaho.) 

Cropper, Clarence 

(Eureka, Cal.) 

McLeish. Lloyd 

(Sparland, 111.) 

Ross, Lester 

(W'aterloo, Iowa.) 


Bass, Glenn Wallace 

Born Walnut, Bureau County, 111.; B. S. in 
Municipal and Sanitary Engineering, 1914; 
Sigma Tau; Civil Engineering Club; Prelimi- 
nary Honors; Assistant Engineer with W. S. 
Shields. 1201 Hartford Bldg., Chicago, 111.; 
res. 6727, 34th St., Berwyn, 111. 

Brandon. Kenneth Lyman 

Born Waterloo, Iowa; B. S. 1913; Football, 3 
years; Basketball, 3 years; Baseball, 2 years; 
Capt. Football and Baseball, 1 year; Debating 
Team, 1912; With Waterloo Savings Bank. 
W^aterloo Savings Bank; res. 717 Third Ave., 
W^aterloo, Iowa. 

Briorham, Warren Ballon 

(2112 Beverly Road, Flatbush, N. Y.)) 

Buck, Charles Claycomb 

Born Leroy, 111., Aug. 13, 1889; Football; 
Farmer. Box 214, San Benito, Texas. 

Hale, Harry Og^den 

Born Stouehton, W'is.; B. S. 1913; Business 
Mgr. Lombard Review, 1910; Editor, 1912-13; 
Debating Team; Mgr. Baseball, 1912; Student 
Council, 1912-13; Senior Class Pres., 1912-13; 
Pres. Athletic Assn., 1910-11; Merchant; Mem- 
ber Y. M. C. A. (local) Bd. of Executors. 112 
\V. Main St.; res. 305 N. Forrest St., Stough- 
ton. Wis. 

Leeper, Iceland Clark 

Born Pender, Nebr.; Football, 2 yrs. ; Mgr. 
Year Book, 1913; Building Material. 1126 E. 
Fourth St.; res. 327 E. Second St., Waterloo, 

Voiding-, Myron Joseph 

(Lincoln, Nebr.) 

Webster. George Marsh 

Born Galesburg, 111.; B. S. 1914; Dragon 
Senior Soc, Dartmouth; Football, 1911; Bas- 
ketball, 1910-12; Baseball, 1911-12; Broker, 
Andrews & Co., Investment Bankers. R. 425, 
108 S. La Salle St.; res. 1234 North Shore 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Webster. Pierce 

B. S. 1913; Dartmouth Coll.; Dragon Senior 
Soc; First Lieutenant 333rd Field Artillery; 
Affiliated N. H. Alpha 1913. Camp Grant, 
Rockford; res. 663 N. Prairie St., Galesburg, 


Crissev. Sumner Ellis 

Born Avon, I'l.; Soldier, U. S. Army. 1039 N. 
Prairie St., Galesburg, 111. 

Felt. Ward \^oris 

Born Galesburg, 111.; Farmer. Estlin, Sas- 
katchewan, Canada. 

Munson, Leo Gibson 

(Galesburg, 111.) 




Shinn, Forrest Streator 

Born Lee, Nebr.; A. B.; Football, 1910-13; Tie 
Treating Inspector, Timber Preservation Plant. 
C, B. & Q. R. R-; res. Phi Delta Theta, Lom- 
bard Coll., GaIesburg,'*III. 

Simmons, Dale Gralco 

Born Greenbush, 111.; B. S. 1914- Capt. Foot- 
ball, 1910; Mgr. Baseball, 1911; Capt. Basket- 
ball, 1911-12; Second Lieutenant Officers' Re- 
serve Corps. 3^4 N. Cherry St., Galesburg, 111. 


Chain, Georg-e Lewis 

Born Bushnell, 111.; B. S. 1915; Bison Soc; 
Baseball, 3 years; Basketball, 4 years; Capt. 
Basketball, 1914; Editor Stroller, 1915; Editor. 
797 Crafford Blvd., Bushnell, III. 

Harvey, Clemens Leroy 

Born Galesburg, III.; Stationary Engineer; 
Member Galesburg Commercial and Soange- 
taha Country Clubs. 7 E. Main St.; res. 572 

N. Kellogg St., Galesburg, 111. 

Unmack. Frank Liidwi.s: 

Born Joliet, III.; B. S. 1915; Bison; Nu Sigma 
Nu; Varsity Basketball, 1912-13; Football, 
1913-15; Honors in Biology; Student, North- 
western Med. School. 2901 Prairie Ave., Chi- 
cago; res. Joliet, 111. 


Brewer, D. C. 

Druggist. (Woodstock, Iowa.) 

Buck, William York 

Born Le Roy, 111.; Merchant; Postmaster, Los 
Indios, Texas, 1916; Deputy Sheriff, Cameron 
County, Texas, 1916. Military Rd. No. 1; res. 
Fifth Ave. and Heywood St., Los Indios, 

Dunham, James Edgar 

(31 E. Atlantic Ave., Pittsfield, Mass.) 

Leonard, Philip Charles 

Born Joliet, I!'., 1892; B. S. 1916; Bison; Var- 
sity Football (3); Varsity Basketball, (1); Base- 
ball (3); Class Pres., (3 years); Editor Review 
(I year); Mgr. Review (1 year); Student Coun- 
cil (3 years); Director of Athletics, St. Alban's 
School Knoxville, 111. 210 Iowa Ave., Joliet, 

Porter, Paul Leon 

Initiated by 111. Delta 1915. 

Seeley, George Ray 

Initiated by 111. Delta 1912. 

Smith, G. 

(Lockport, 111.) 


Ball, George 

Auto Salesman, Radcliffe Motor Co. (Gales- 
burg, 111.) 

Greer, Gailerd William 

Salesman. (N. Broad St., Galesburg, 111.) 

Hart, John Vernon 

Born Chillicothe, 111.; Bison. Lombard Phi 
Delta Theta House. Galesburg, 111. 

Lotts, Delos Milton 

Born Knoxville, 111.; Football (2); Member 
Galesburg Club. Kirksville, Mo. 

McCarl, Richard Berrian 

Born Quincy, 111.; B. S. 1917; Bison Soc; Jun- 
ior and Senior Class President and Salutatorian; 
Manager, Football, 1916; Student and Athletic 
Councils; Editor Year Book, 1916; Bookkeeper, 
111. State Bank. 729 N. 12th St., Quincy, 111. 

Miller, Charles Daniel 

(Hoopeston, 111.) 

Pugh, Wesley Mills 

Born Peoria, 111.; A. B. 1917; Football; Avia- 
tion Section of U. S. Army. 620 N. Glen Oak 
Ave., Peoria, 111. 

Stream, Harry 

Student. (Creston, Iowa.) 


Boydsten, Charles Smith 

(1133 Broad St., Galesburg, 111.) 

Kerr, Frank William 

Student, Y. C. A. Coll. (57 W. 111th PI., 
. Chicago, 111.) 

Phillips, Frederick Wisner 

Born Galesburg, 111.; Class Pres., 1914-15; Var- 
sity Football, 1914-15; Student Council, 1914-15. 
Office, Purington Paving Brick Co.; res. 518 N. 
Kellogg St., Galesburg, 111. 

Stream, Frank Edgar 

(Creston, Iowa.) 

Trusler, Harold Milton 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; 2d Place in Oratory, 
1915; 1st Place, 1916; 2d Place, Northern 111. 
Interscholastic Oratory, 1916; Assistant Chem- 
ist, Indianapolis Citizens' Gas Co. 519 E. 22d 
St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Webster, James Edwin, Jr. 

Born Galesburg, 111.; Football; Farming. Bush- 
nell, 111.; res. 325 N. Prairie St., Galesburg, 111. 


Bragdon, Douglas 

Born Waterloo, Iowa; Student. Lombard Phi 
Delta Theta House, Galesburg, 111.; res. 717 
W. 3d St., Waterloo, Iowa. 

Carman, Edmund Ralph 

Student. (New Lenox, 111.) 

Giegerich, Clarence William 

Student. 517 N. 14th St., Quincy, 111. 

Jacksen, Raymond Lawrence 

Student. 319 Longwood Ave., Rockford, III. 

Recknor, William Loren 

.Student. Creston, Iowa. 

Riggs, James Turner 

.Student. LInionville, Mo. 






Bruner, James Dowden 

A. B. 18S8; Ph. D. 1904 Johns Hopkins; Prof, 
of Roman Languages, Univ. of Chicago, 1895- 
99; Head of Dept. of Roman Languages, 1901- 
06; Professor, 1906-09; Pres. Chowan Coll., 
since 1909. (Murfrccsboro, N. C.) 


Piatt. Herman S. 

A. B. 1892; A. M. 1894; Ph. D. 1897 Kaiser 
Wilhelm- Educator; Principal Public School, 
No. 46. (32 W. 123d St., New York, N. Y.) 


Swenson, Bernard \'ictor 

Born Chicago, 111., May 3, 1872; B. S. in E. E. 
1893; B. S. in M. E. 1901; E. E. 1901 Univ. of 
Wis.; Philomathean Lit. Soc; Tau Beta Pi; 
Honorary Engineer with Barron G. Collier, 
Inc.; As'st. Prof. Electrical Engineering, Univ. 
of 111. and Univ. of Wis.; Sec.-Treas. Am. Elec- 
trical Ry. Assn.; Author "Testing of Electro- 
Magnetic Machinery;" "Report of Electric Rail- 
way Test Commission"; Fellow Am. Inst, of 
Electrical Engineers; Member Am. Soc. of Me- 
chanical Engineers; New York Engineers Club; 
New York Electrical Soc; Mecca Shrine and 
Palestine Commandery Masons. Candler BIdg., 
New York, N. Y.; res.- 185 Munn Ave., East 
Orange. N. J. 

Thompson, Almon Daniel 

Born Oilman, 111.; B. S. in C. E. 1893; Muni- 
cipal Contractor. 1005 Jefferson Bldg. ; res. 527 
Moss Ave., Peoria, III. 


Ferris, Hiram Burns 

Born Carthage, HI., Jan. 25, 1872; A. B. 1894; 
Alumni Assn.; Philomathean Soc; Sec.-Treas., 
Spokane Htat, Light and Power Co.; Dir. Han- 
cock County Natl. Bank, Carthage, 111.; Ex- 
Comptroller, Spokane and Inland Empire R. R. 
Co.; Member Bd. of Governors, Washington 
State Soc' of Colonial Wars; Ex-Pres., Spokane 
Chapter Sons of Am. Revolution and University 
Club; Sec.-Treas., Spokane Country Club; 
Treas., University Club; Member University, 
Spokane and Spokane Country Clubs; R. A. M. 
Chapter 33; Jovian Order. 158 S. Post St.; res. 
515 E. 16th Ave., .Spokane, Wash. 

Slater. William Frederick 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; B. S. 1894; D. O. 
1905 Chicago Coll. of Osteopathy; Adelphic 
Soc; Football, '1890-92; Osteopathic Physician; 
Member Illini Club. 159 N. State St.; res. 449 
Belmont -Ave.. Chicago, 111. 

Tackett. William Custer* 

B. L. 1894. d. Feb. 5, 1897, Chicago. 

Wiedman, Frederick John 

Born Farmer City, 111.; LL. B. 1894; Claim In- 
vestigator, I. C. R. R. Co. Room 305 Park 
Row; res 2542 E, 7.^d .«;<■ . ry,\raeo. 111. 

Williams, Scott 

Born Bloomington, 111.; Adelphic; Class Poet 
and Artist; Capt., Varsity Football; Capt., Var- 
sity Track Team; Advertising and Commercial 
Artist; Pres. of Brotherhood of 1st Presbyter- 
ian Church; Member Chamber of Commerce; 
Sterling Club; Y. M. C. A. Academy of Music 
Bldg.; res. 810 W. 4th St., Sterlintr 111. 


Chester. Henrv Ezra 

(Box 37, Wendell, Idaho.) 

Duffv, Sherman Reilly 

Bo'rn Lib.son, 111.; B. S. 1895; Sporting Editor 
Chicago Daily Journal, Chicago Daily Journal, 
17 S. Market St.; res. 5047 Winthrop Ave., 
Chicago, III. 

Ferris, Joel Edward 

Born Carthage, 111.; A. B. 1895; Investment 
Banker; Member University, Spokane and Ro- 
tary Clubs. Paulsen Bldg.; res. 319 Sumner 
Ave. W., Spokane, Wash. 

Hamilton, Frank Henry 

Born Springfield, 111.; Shield and Trident; 
Pres. Athletic Assn.; Commissioner of Public 
Works; Licensed Architect of 111.; Member Am. 
Soc. of Civil Engineers; Director, Structural 
Engineers Assn. of 111. Citv Hall; res. 700 
S. 7th St., Springfield, III. 

Harms, Armin 

B. S. 1895; Chemist. (3033 Indiana Ave., 
Chicago, 111.) 

Hobbs, Reuben Merrill 

Born Yorkville, 111.; Glee Club; Students Or- 
chestra; V.-Pres. Athletic Assn.; Cashier, Butte 
District, Montana Power Co.; Member Silver 
Bow Club; Butte Pan Hellenic Soc. 40 E. 
Broadway; res. 514 N. Emmet St., Butte, Mont. 

Alaxon, Robbins Yale 

Born Danville, 111.; B. S. in C. E. 1895; Glee 
Club; Philomathean Lit. Soc; Rural Letter 
Carrier. Taylor, Texas. . 

Melluish, James George 

Born Bloomington, 111.; B. S. 1896 Mass. Inst, 
of Technology; Assoc. Editor Illini; Member 
Advisory Athletic Bd., U. of 111.; Musical Clubs; 
Consulting Civil Engineer, Melluish & Broyhill; 
V.-Pres. 111. Soc. of Engrs.; V.-Pres. Rotary 
Club; Consulting Engineer to many cities, 
towns, etc. in Central 111.; Member Am. Assn. 
of Engineers; Am. Soc. of Engineers; 111. En- 
gineers; Am. Water Works Assn.; Boston Soc. 
of Arts; Franklin Inst.; Rotary Club; Assn. of 
Commerce. 222-223 Unity Bldg.; res. 1116 E. 
Jefferson St., Bloomington, 111. 


Manley, Earl Chester 

B. S. 1897; Manufacturer. (Whitney Blake 
Co., New Haven, Conn.) 




Noble, William 

Born Massillon, Ohio, Oct. 7, 1872; A. B. 

1896; Wholesale Grain and Seed Merchant; 

Member University Club of Chicago. Gibson 
City, 111. 

Perry, Joseph Albert 

Born Cornell, 111.; Gas Engineering and Man- 
agement of Gas Properties. Broad and Arch 
Sts., Philadelphia; res. 104 Princeton Ave, 
Swarthmore, Pa. 

Phillips, W[illiam] Oliver 

Born Scotland; Banjo and Glee Club; Students 
Dancing Club (Sec); Assoc. Editor Illini; 
Varsity Tennis Team; Varsity Singles; Tennis 
Champion; Advertising Manager, Eugene Diet 
zgen Co., Manufacturers of Drawing Instru- 
ments. 166 W. Monroe St., Chicago; res. 
Blackstone nr. Elm Ave., La Grange, 111. 

Thompson, Fred Lawrence 

Born Grand View, 111.; B. S. in C. E. 1896; 

Shield and Trident; TVeas., Athletic Assn., U. 
of III.; Baseball, 1893-96; Assistant Chief En- 
gineer, 111. Central R. R. and Yazoo and Miss. 
Valley R. R. ; Member Am. Assn. of Engi- 
neers; Western Soc. of Engineers; Calumet 
Country and Chicago Engineers Clubs; Am. 
Railway Engineers Assn. 706 111. Central Sta- 
tion; res. 6421 Kenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Wright, Wilbur Hoyt 

Born Watseka. 111.; A. B. 1896; Asst. Principal, 
McKinley High School. McKinley High 
School, Hoyne and Adams Sts., Chicago; res. 
267 Edgewood PI., River Forest, 111. 


Barr, George Andrew 

Born Maniiattan, 111.; A. B. 1897; Shield and 
Trident; Philomathean ; Editor Illio; Assoc. 
Editor Illini; Baseball Manager, 1896; Lawyer; 
States Attorney, Will County. 111., 1908-12; 
Chairman, Will County Republican Central 
Committee, 1914; Member Hamilton (Chicago) 
and Joliet Country Clubs. Woodruff Bldg.; 
res. 206, 3d Ave., Joliet. 111. 

Beebe, Charles David 

Born Chicago, 111.; B. S. 1897; Glee Club 
'Pres.); Football (Caiit.) ; Advisory Board of 
Athletics; Track; Superintendent of Produc- 
tion, Montgomery-Ward & Co.; Member Hamil- 
ton Club; Masons; Shriners. Chicago Ave. 
and River St.; res. 2156 W. Adams St., 
Chicago, 'TI!. 

Beem, Fred Clarkson 

Born Ottawa, 111.; A. B. 1898; Glee Club; 
Orchestra; Mgr. 111. Athletic Assn.; Manager 
Unite'l Telephone Co.; Member Knights Temp- 
lar; Elks; Boat Club, 230 W. Main St.; res. 
609 Illinois Ave., Ottawa, 111. 

Bo wen, John 

(Kewancc, III.) 

Chester, Dick Hubert 

P.. S. 1891; Chemist. (1405 Farmers Bank 
Bldg., Pitt.sburgh, Pa.) 

Chester, Manlcy Earlc 

B. S. 1897; Manufacturer; Secretary and 
Manager, The Whitncy-Blake Co. Nivv Ilavcn, 

Dunaway, Arthur Newton 

Born Ottawa, I'.l.; Civil and Hydraulic ICngi- 
ncer; Illini Club. Elbow Lake, Minn. 

Dunlap, Elmer Edgar 

Initialed by Ind. Delta 1896. 

Eichberg, William Nathan 

Engineer. (3644 Grand Blvd., Chicago, III.) 

Frees, Herman Edward 

Analytical Chemist. (60S S. Dearborn St.; 
res. 6826 Perry Ave., Chicago, 111.) 

Gilchrist, Frank Foster* 

d. May 1, 1897. 

Holden, James Allen 

Born Aurora, 111.; Proprietor James A. Holden 
Co. ; Member Evanston Golf, Chicago Auto 
and Birchwood Country Clubs. 53 W. Jackson 
Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Kruse, Conrad Frederick 

Farmer. (R. R. No 1 Jersey Ridge Road, 
Davenport, Iowa). 

Meyer, Harry Herman 

Born Denver, Colo.; Chief Draughtsman, 
French & Hecht. Res. 31 GlSnwood Ave., 
Davenport, Iowa. 

Noble, Henry Charles 

Born Canton, Ohio; B. S. 1896; Pres. Senior 
Class; Seed Merchant. Gibson City, 111. 

Shepardson, Ralph Steele 

Born Paw Paw, DeKalb Co., 111., March 2, 
1873; B. S. 1897; A. M. 1910; Architect, 
Worst & Shepardson; Member B. P. O. E. ; 
Masons; Shriners; Sons of Revolution. 344 
Coulter Block; res." 305 Garfield Ave., Aurora, 

Whittemore, Floyd 

Born Sycamore, I'll.; B. S. 1897; Shield and 
Trident; Farmer. Lanesville, IH. 

Willett, William Marble 

Born Yorkville, 111.; Engineer. 36 Fox St.; 
res. 341 Spruce .St., Aurora, 111. 


Fulton, William John 

Born Lynedoch, Ontario, Can.; A. B. 1898; 
B. L. 1900; Theta Nu Epsilon; Shield and 
Trident; Capt. Baseball; Editor-in-Chief IlJio; 
Prps. Class Senior year; Lawyer; City Atty. ; 
Master in Chancery; Member Illinois Club. 
Pierce Bldg.; res. 103 Alma St., Sycamore, 111. 

Goodridge, Henry Anthony 

Born Chicago, II!.; B. S. 1898; Consulting 
Electrical Engineer. 3317 E. Colfax Ave.; reS. 
1305 Cook St., Denver, Colo. 

Hatch, Thomas Milford 

B. S. 1898; Contractor. (Goshen, Ind.) 

Hazlitt, Albert Nichols 

Architect. (Ottawa, HI.) 

Jackson, William John 

Born Chicago, III.; C. E. 1898; Division 
Engineer, C. & N. W. R. R. 56 W. Howard 

St., Winona, Minn. 

McLennan, Alexander Richard 

Born Urbana, 111., Feb. 13, 1875; Banker; Oil 
Producer. 811 Ave. B, Lawton, Okla. 

Nevins, John Richard 

Born Camp Point, 111.; B. S. 1898. P. O. Box 
46, Seattle, Wash. 

Smith, Joseph Clay, Jr. 

Horn Cairo, 111.; Railroad Cashier, I. C. R. R. 
16th and 1st Avcs.; res. 912 St. Charles St., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Walker, Rufus, Jr. 

Born Rock Island, 111.; A. B. 1898; Shield and 
Trident; Theta Nu Delia; Class Pres.; ll'.ini 
Staff; Llliu I5(i.; Tennis Mgr. ; I'oolball Mgr. ; 
.Secretary and Treasurer, Root & Van Dervoort 
Engineering Co. and Moline Automobile Co.; 
v. -Pres. Manufacturers Stale Bank; Member 
Chamber of Commerce, Rock Island, University 
(Chicago) and Rock Island .Arsenal Golf Clubs. 
K. .\l-.line; r.s. 2212, 6th Ave., Moline, 111. 


Bayard, Samuel Michael* 

d. Sept. 19, 1901. 




Griffiths, Juliii, Jr. 

Architect.' (3S06 Michigan .\ve., Chicago, 111.) 

Hart, Sterlino: Perry, 

M. n. I'JOO Rvish Med. Coll.; Physicfan and 
Siir.itcon. (..\iiburn. 111.) 

Hill, Irwvn Horatio 

Born Tol'iot, 111., Feb. 19, 1875; B. A. in Arch. 
1899: ".\rohittct; Member firm BuUard & Hill; 
Member Rotarv Club: Taconia Lodge No. 174, 
B. P. O. E. '622 Provident Bldg.; res. 2816 
X. .lOtli St., Taoonia, Wash. 

Mills, Ralph Walter 

Born Webster (".roves. Mo.; B. S. 1899; M. D. 
1902 Marion Sims .Med. Coll.; Mandolin Club, 
1896-99; Track, 1897-99; Physician; Assoc, in 
Medicine Washington Univ., Med. Dept.; 
Roentgenologist, Barnes Hosp.; Author .Articles 
on Gastro-Intestinal Roentgenology; Member 
University Club. \\'a]\ Bldg.; res. 6682 Oak- 
land Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Sheean, Frank Thomas 

A. B. 1899; Lawyer. (Galena, 111.) 

Sheean, Henry David 

Born Galena, 111.; A. B. 1899; General At- 
torney, Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal 
Railroad Co.; Member University, South Shore 
Country, Glen Oak Country, Illini and Law 
and Legal Clubs; Illinois Bar and Chicago 
Bar Assns. 315 Grand Central Station; res. 
4626 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 



d, Hobart Shearman 

Born Lewistown, 111., Oct. 17. 1876; LL. B. 
1900; Attorney-at-Law; County Judge, Fulton 
Co., 111.; City Atty.; Master in Chancery of Cir- 
cuit Court, Fulton Co., 111.; 2d term County 
Judge; Member Knights of Pythias; A. F. & A. 
M. Lewistown, Fulton Co., 111. 

Dart. \\'orthy Leigh 

Born Rock Island, 111.; Farmer; Mem. Elks. 
1750 Grand .\ve., Davenport, Iowa. 

Gillett, Walter Noble 

Born Chicago, II'..; V.-Pres Chicago Paper Co.; 
Member City Club. 801 S. Fifth Ave., 
Kenilworth, 111. 

Harker, George Mifflin 

Born \'ienna, 111.; A. B. 1900; LL. B. 1901; 
Phi Delta Phi; University Band; Debating 
Soc. ; Glee and Mandolin Clubs; Attorney-at- 
Law; Officer and Director of various Corps.; 
Member B. P. O. E.; Knights of Pythias; 
Modern Woodmen of America; University and 
Press Clubs; Alumni Assn.; Los Angeles Bar 
Assn. 525 Byrne Bldg.; res. 201 S. Benton 
Way, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Harker, OHver Albert, Jr. 

A. B. 1866 McKendree Col'..; A. M. 1869 do.; 
LL. D. 1911 Knox Coll.; Trustee Univ. of I'.l., 
1890-91; Dean and Prof., Coll. of Law since 
1903; Legal Counsel since 1909. 907 S. 
Wright St., Champaign, 111. 

Huffman, Carl* 

d. July 11, 1913, San Gabriel, Cal. 

Johnston, Arthur Russell 

Born Troy, N. Y.; B. S. 1900; Theta Nu Ep- 
silon; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Shield and Tri- 
dent; Capt., Baseball. 1898 and Football, 1899; 
Asst. Treas., Victor Chemical Works; Member 
La Grange Country, Traffic and Illini (Chicago) 
Clubs; A. F. and A. M. Room 1810, 343 S. 
Dearnborn St., Chicago; res. 337 S. Kensington 
Ave., La Grange, 111. 

uisenberry, Arthur Clifford* 

A. B. 1900; Farmer, d. Aug. 28, 1916. 

Stanton, Burt Tompkins 

Born Old Mission, Mich.; Naval Architecture, 
Univ. of Glasgow (Scotland) ; Theta Nu Ep- 


silon; Shield and Trident; Salesman. 234 S. 
5th Ave.; res. 4434 Lake Park Ave., Chicago, 

Zilley, Fred McKinley 

Manufacturer. 115 N. 15th St., Portland, Ore. 


Bayard, Maurice Francis 

Banker; Affiliated N. Y. Alpha 1902. (Indian* 
Trust Co., Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Bernhardi, Carl Oscar* 

Born Rock Island, 111., Jan. 3. 1880; M. D. 
1902 Rush Med. Coll.; Theta Nu Epsilon; Nu 
Sigma Nu; Physician, d. Oct. 8, 1917. 

Fulton, Robert Bruce 

Born Lynedock, Ontario, (Canada; B. S. 1902; 
Varsity Baseball (3); (iivil Engineer, Pacific 
Coast Pipe Co. Ballard Station; res. 1431 
Minor Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

Huntoon, George Edward 

Purchasing Agent, Moline Plow W'orks. (Mo- 
line, 111.) 

Jack, Robert Douglas 

Born Salem Township. Car oil Co., 111.; Theta 
Nu Epsilon; Varsity F'ootball, 1896-97; Fanner. 
Mount Carroll, 111. 

Kemp, John Edward 

Born Chicago, 111.; A. B. 1899 Lake Forest 
Coll.; B. S. 1901; C. E. 1908; Tau Beta Pi; 
Shield and Trident Theta Nu Epsilon; Old 
Junior Class Fraternity; Class Football; Base- 
ball and Basketball; Capt. Regiment; Assoc, 
Editor Technograph; Pres. Phi Delta TheU 
Chapter; Civil Engineer, National Tube Co., 
Kewanee Works; Pres. School Bd.; Supt., 
Presbyterian Sunday Schools; Member Library 
Bd.; Y. M. C. A. Bd.; Church Trustee; Pres. 
County School Assn.; Author of Poems and 
Songs; Member Am. Iron and Steel Inst.; Am. 
Soc. of Civil Engineers; Masonic Blue Lodge, 
Chapter and Commandery (Ex-Commander of 
latter) ; Midland Country and Kewanee Busi- 
ness Men's Clubs; Kewanee Civic Assn. Ke- 
wanee Works, National Tube Co.; res. 701 E. 
Prospect St., Kewanee, 111. 

Kirkpatrick, Harlow Barton 

B. S. 1901; Sales Engineer; Instr. Civil Engi- 
neering, Syracuse Univ., 1904-05. (H. Koppers 
Co., 5 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago; res. 1906 Lin- 
coln St., Evanston. III.) 

Parkins, Charles Raymond 

Transportation. (720 N. Main St., Aberdeen, 
S. Dak.) 

Scott, Troy Alexander 

Born Bethany, 111.; Banking. Bethany, 111. 

Tunnicliff", John James 

LL. B. 1901; Lawyer. (663 W. North St., 
Galesburg, 111.) 


Draper, Edwin Lyon 

Born Albany, N. Y.; A. B. 1902; M. D. 1907 
Harvard; Alpha Delta Sigma; Theta Nu Ep- 
silon; Shield and Trident; Col. University Regi- 
ment; Class Football; Capt. Gym.; Surgeon; 
Instructor in Surgery, Albany Med. Coll.; Trus- 
tee, Natl. Savings Bank; Attending Surgeon, Al- 
Ijany Hosp. and South End Dispensary; Author 
of various surgical articles in professional 
periodicals; Member University Club; Am. Med. 
Assn.; Albany Country Med. and N. Y. State 
Med. Socs. 289 State St., Albany, N. Y. 

Duffy, Guy Oliver 

Born Oswego, Kendall Co., 111.; Surveyor. 813 
Douglas St., Ottawa, 111. 

Hatch, Walter Raymond 

Born Kankakee, 111., July 24, 1878; Civil Engi- 
neer and Contractor. Goshen, Ind. 




Linderen, Tusta Morris 

Born Moline, 111.; A. B. 1912; A. M. 1907; 
Phi Lambda Upsilon; Shield and Trident; Foot- 
ball, 1898-1901; Capt., 1901; Chemist, 111. En- 
gineering Station; Asst. Football Coach; Joint 
Author "Determination of Nickel;" "Deter- 
mination of Baron;" "Methods of Sam- 
pling Coal"; "Problems in Water Softening;" 
Member Am. Chemical Soc. 105 Chemistry 
Bldg., Univ. of 111.; res. 608 W. Oregon St., 
Urbana, 111. 


Arnold, Forest Jackson 

Born luka, Marion Co., 111.; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Alpha Delta Sigma; Engineer in Charge of 
Inspection of Apparatus and Equipment at Fac- 
tories, Commonwealth Edison Co.; Pres. Com- 
monwealth Edison Section, Natl. Electric Light 
Assn.; Chrmn. Committee on Company Sec- 
tions of same; Member Natl. Electric Light 
Assn.; Am. Inst, of Electrical Engineers; Jo- 
vian Order. Room 620 Edison Bldg., 72 W. 
Adams St.; res. 817 Waveland Ave., Chicago, 

Chamberlain, IMartin Tuttle 

Born at Muskegon, Mich.; B. S. 1903. King 
George Hotel, San Francisco, Cal. 

Cook, James Fitchie 

Born Dundee, 111.; B. S. 1903; Theta Nu Ep- 
silon; Alpha Delta Sigma; Pres. 1903 Class (2)_; 
Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engi- 
neering Soc- Varsity Football, 1898-1900-01 and 
02; Varsity Baseball, 1900-02; Capt., 1903; In- 
structor, Soldon High School, St. Louis; Mem- 
ber Masons. Soldan High School; res. 5055 
Kensington Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Harring-ton, Theodore G.* 

d. Delevan, 111. 

Ramsey, William Everton 

Initiated by 111. Beta 1901. 

Rutt, Roy Weaver 

Born Prairieville, 111.; B. S. in M. E. 1903; 
Mechanical Engineer. Niagara Electro-Chemi- 
cal Co.; res. 714 Augustus PI., Niagara Falls, 
N. Y. 

Settlemire, David Pierson 

Born Litchfield, 111; Secretary and Treasurer, 
Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Co. Mt. Ver- 
non, III. 

Siler, Roderick William 

B. S. 1903; Teacher. (Central High School, 
St. Louis, Mo.) 

Ward, Robert Russell 

Born Benton, 111., Aug. 9, 1879; LL. B. 1903; 
Phi Delta Phi; Tau Nu Epsilon; Alpha Delta 
Sigma; Shield and Trident; Manager, Football; 
Mgr. Interscholastic; Chrmn. Senior Ball Com- 
mittee; V.-Pres. Benton State Bank; Trustee 
Univ. of 111.; V.-Pres. 111. Bankers Assn.; 
Member Chicago Athletic Club. Benton, 111. 


Ahlswede, Arthur Charles 

Born Chicago, III.; Manufacturer. 128 N. Los 
Angeles St., Los Angeles; res. 836 Stratford 
Ave., S. Pasadena, Cal. 

Clark, Clinton Oliver 

Born Coffey Co., Kans.; LL. B. 1904; Phi Delta 
Phi; Theta Nu Epsilon; Alpha Delta Epsilon; 
Mgr. lllio; Football; Abstractor, Comanche 
County Abstract Co. 1700 Gore Ave., Lawton. 

Fletcher, Carl Joshua 

Initiated by III. Zcta 1900. 

Franklin, Dean 

Born Macomb, III.; Judge, City Court. Ma- 
comb, 111. 

Goodrich, Charles Eugene 

District Manager. (American Powder Mills, 
Box 553, Atlanta, Ga.) 

Hill, Arthur Howard 

Landscape Gardener. (Dundee, 111.) 

McKinley, George Harvey, Jr.* 

LL. B. 1904; Lawver. d. Nov. 19, 1911. 

Polk, John Luther, Jr.* 

A. B. 1904. d. Aug 9, 1916. 

Pope, Karl Dean 

Born Du Quoin, 111,; Merchant. 12-16 E. 
Main St.; res. 610 N. Washington St., Du 
Quoin, 111. 

Tripp, Harold Frank 

Born Quincy, 111., June 28, 1880; LL. B. 1904; 
Member Glee and Mandolin Clubs, 1900-04; 
Mgr. Dramatic Club, 1904; Lawyer; City Atty., 
Walter, Okla., 1905-12; County Atty., Cotton 
County, Okla., 1914-16; .Asst. Prosecuting Atty., 
Okla. County; Member Elks and Lodge No. 228 

A. F. and A. M. Court House; res. 802^ W. 
8th_ St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Tuthill, Lewis Butler 

Born Anna, 111.; A. B. 1904; B. L. ; Phi Delt* 
Phi; Theta Nu Epsilon; Mgr. Football, 1903; 
Lawyer; Insurance; Master in Chancery. Anna, 

•Weeks, Harrv William 

Initiated by 111. Zeta 1900. 


Caton, Charles Hull 

Born Ottawa, 111.; Theta Nu Epsilon; Yoxan; 
With Sears, Roebuck & Co. Sears Roebuck & 
Co.; res. 3817 Stratford Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Caton, William Hull 

Contracting Engineer. (Ottawa, 111.) 

Cutler, Frank Woodbury 

Born Rockford, 111.; B. S. 1905; Manufacturer 
of Fruit Handling Machinery. Hood River, 

Kenyon, Eugene Crouse 

B. S. 1905; Superintending Engineer. (244 
Kearney St., San Francisco, Cal.) 

Parker, Walter Harriman 

Born Peoria, 111., 1881; A. B. 1905; Architect; 
Former Director Am. Institute of Architects; 
Member Alumni Assn.; Am. Institute of Archi- 
tects; University Club. R. 805, 12 Geary St.; 
res. Leesmont Apts., California and Stockton 
Sts., San Francisco, Cal. 

Rothgeb, Claude James 

Born Milford, 111.; Football, 1900-02; Captain, 
1903-04; Baseball, 1904-05; Track, 1902-05; All 
Western Football End, 1904-05; Athletic Direc- 
tor, Colorado College. Cossitt Memorial and 
1211 N. Weber St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 


Brearley, Walter Edward 

Rancher. (Alder, Mont.) 

Cutler, Asa Bryant 

Born Rockford, 111.; B. .S. in Mining Engineer- 
ing 1906; Sanitary Engineer; Fruit Grower 
and Manufacturer of Fruit Graders R. 1, Hood 
River, Ore. 

Eiker, William Llenry 

Born Sjiarta, III.; B. S. 1906; Capt. Univ. 
Regt.; District Engineer, C. B. & Q. R. R. 
Room 14 Burlington Depot; res. 2012 S. 2StK 
.St., Lincoln, Ntbr. 

Ewing, Henry Ellsworth 

Init'iatcd by III. Delta 1905. 

Hertz, Henry Louis, Jr. 

('ontractor. (4438 Magnolia Ave., Chicago^ 






Hertz, Martin Power 

Born Chicago, 111.; Carpenter. 30 N. Dear- 
born St.; res. 6Sm) Ilobart Ave, Chicago, III. 

Hess, Harry Charles 

Horn l^ttaw'a. 111.; .\luinni Assn.; Credit Man. 
IS22 Clrand Ave.; res. 529 Olive St., Kansas 
City. Mo. 

Kininiel. Howanl Elihu 

Born Oil 0">''". I"-: Theta Nu Epsilon; Phi 
Helta I'lii; .\uorneyat-La\v ; Real Estate and 
Loans; City Atty.; Master in Chancery.; 
Public .\dniinistrator. Perry Co., 111. Cor. 
Main and Mulberry Sts. ; res. S. Laurel Ave., 
Dii Oiioiii, ri. 

Smith, Bai^ton Leslie* 

Merchant, d. Feb. 1, 1916, Rockford. III. 

Stelle. William Harrison* 

LL. B. 1<506. d. Sept. IS, 1907. 

Stocker, Edward Le Roy 

Horn Macomb, 111.; Jeweler and Optometrist. 
ii6 S. Lafayette St., Macomb, 111. 

Williams. Andrew Price 

Rancher. (Ader, Mont.) 


Dodd. Roy Rufus 

Educator. (Jones Academy, Hartshorne, Okla.) 

Erie, Storm Charles 

Civil Engineer. (4052 West End Ave., Chicago, 

Green, Harry Leslie 

Born Shullsburs;, Wis.; Manufacturer. 121 
Glen Road, Rockford, 111. 

Greenleaf, Moses 

Born Jacksonville, I'.l., March 24, 1883; B. S. 
1887; Theta Nu Epsilon; Yoxan; Phoenix; 
.Alpha (lanima Rho; Chairman Junior Prom., 
1905 and Senior Breakfast; Mgr. Football, 
1906; Farmer and Stockman; Treas. School 
Bd.; Director. Kansas Packing Co. R. F. D. 
2, Murdoch, Kans. 

Haselwood, John Marion 

(1002 E. Grove St.. Bloomington, 111.) 

Hester, Herbert Henry 

Born Ashley, 111.; Theta Nu Epsilon; Baseball; 
Manager Great Falls Baseball Cub, North- 
western League; Member Masons. Park Hotel, 
Great l-'alls, Mont. 

McKelvey, Frank Hotchkiss 

Born Sparta, 111.; B. S. 1907; Alpha Gamma 
Rho; Egyptian Club; Shield and Trident; 
Phoenix; Mgr. High School Annual Inter- 
scholastics, 1907; Class Football; Varsity, 1905; 
Farmer; Breeder of Aberdeen Angus Cattle; 
Pres. Rand County Farm Improvement Assn. 
Sparta; res. R. F. D. 3, Sparta, 111. 

Morrison, John 

Civil Engineer. (802 E. Front St., Bloom- 
ington, 111.) 

Pope, Henry Patterson 

Born St. Louis, Mo.; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
President, Hepburn & Pope Motor Sales Co.; 
Member .Moline Commercial Club. 1204, 4th 
Ave.; res. 3221, 15th St., Moline, III. 

Pope, Jean Andrew 

Born St. Louis, Mo., March 6, 1885; Theta 
Nu Epsilon; Capt. Scrub Baseball (1); \'arsity 
Baseball, 1905-06; Freshman Football Team; 
Varsity Football, 1904; Real Estate and In- 
surance. State Bank Bldg.; res. 2036, 9th 
St., East Moline, 111. 

Reynolds, Frank Howard 

Born Port Byron, 111.; B. S. in C. E. 1907; 
Theta Nu Epsilon; Shield and Trident; Capt. 
Univ. Regiment; Cheer Leader; Civil Engi- 
neer; Member, Investigation of Mountain 

Water Supply for Sacramento; Member Sutter, 
University and Sacramento Country Clubs; 
Chamber of Conunerec. 928 Forum Bldg ; res. 
2015 T St.. Sacramento. Cal. 

Trees, Merle Jay 

Born .May view, 11!.; B. S. 1907; C. E. 1911; 
Phoenix Soc; General Sales Manager, Chicago 
Bridge and Iron Works; Member Illini, Uni- 
versity, Chicago Engineers' and Windsor Golf 
Clubs; Western Soc. of Engineers. 37 W. Van 
Buren St.; res. 5637 Dorchester Ave., Chicago, 

Ward, Henry Ben Pope 

Born Mt. Vernon, 111.; .\. B. 1907; Egyptian 
Club; Univ. Band, 1903-07; Mgr., 1907; Assoc. 
Editor lllio, 1906; Merchant. 901 Broadway; 
res. 700 North St., Mt. \ernon. 111. 

Yant, Raymond Cliff 

Born Canton, Ohio; B. S. 1907; Civil Engineer- 
ing Club; Tau Nu Theta; Junior I'rom. Com- 
mittee; Class Bascba!'. 1904-07; Class Football. 
1904-07; Superintendent, Quarry Operation and 
Paving Contractor, Omaha. 206 Carbah Bldg.; 
res. 3 Vine St., Louisville, Nebr. 


Busey, Charles Bowen 

Born Urbana, III.; A. B. 1908; Bank Clerk. 
Busey's State Bank; res. 604 W. Green St., 
Urbana, 111. 

Ewing, Charles Raymond 

Born Littleton, III., Aug. 6. 1885; Glee and 
Mandolin Club; Business Mgr. of same, 1906; 
With Standard Oil Co. of Ind.; Member 
Masons and Elks. Standard Oil Co.; res 543 
Fischemph Ave., Whiting, Ind. 

Furrow. Elmer Otis 

Born Potomac, II!.; .\.. B. 1909; LL. B. 1910; 
Phi Delta Phi; Attornev; Affiliated Colo. Alpha 
1910. 608 Baum Bldg.; res. 6 Pine St.. Dan- 
ville, 111. 

Latta, Smith Harrison 

B. S. 1908; Moving Picture Promoter. 1530 
Hudson Ave., Hollywood, Cal. 

Nebeker, Mark Edmond 

Born Clinton, Ind.; LL. B. 1908; Phi Delta 
Phi; Lawyer; Member Columbia Club, Indian- 
apolis. Clinton, Ind. 

Needles, Elmer H. 

Salesman. (Los Angeles, Cal.) 

Rockwell, Calvin Albert 

(Sheridan, Wyo.) 

Seay, Rufus Floyd 

(Anna, II!.) 


Beardsley, George Davis 

Born Kansas Citv, Mo., April 11, 1887; LL. B. 
1909; Phi Delta Phi; Ku Klux; Shield and 
Trident; Chrmn. Inter-scholastic Entertainment 
Committee, 1907-09; Junior .Smoker Committee, 
1908; Sophomore Cotillion Committee, 1907; 
Pres. Athletic Assn., 1908-09; Lawver; Sec. 
Phi Delta Theta Alumni, 1912; Pres.. 1913; 
Pres. Univ. of III. Southwestern .Alumni Assn., 
1914; Member V. M. C. A., City and Kansas 
City Athletic Clubs; Kansas City Bar Assn. 
410 Commerce Bldg.; res. 3918 Tracy Ave.. 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Burch, William Harrison 

Born Morrison, III., Feb. 24, 1881; B. S. 1909; 
Mechanical Engineering. Morrison, I!l. 

Clay comb, Amos Townsend 

Born Cameron, 111.; A. B. 1909; Farmer; 
Member Masons, Blue Lodge 134, Chapter No. 
49 and Knights Templar No. 50, all at Sycamore, 
III.; Shriner (Chicago. 111.). Wayne, Nebr. 




Cunnin,2:ham, Gene S[amuel] 

Born Pekin, 111.: Phi Delta Phi; Lawyer; 
1st Asst. Dist. Atty., Maricopa Co., Ariz.; 
Member K. of P.; Masons, Blue Lodge; Com- 
mandcrv; Ktughts Templar and Shriner; Elks. 
213 Fleming Bldg.; res. 2420 La Bel'.e PI., 
Phoeni.x, .Ariz. 

Cunningham, James B. 

(Phoeni.K, Ariz.) 

Ing^old, Ernest 

"Born Oak Park, 111.; B. S. in M. E. 1909; 
Phoeni.x; Member Bd. Teclniograpli, 1908 and 
Pres., 1909; Chrmn. Senior Memorial Com- 
mittee, 1909; Sec. Athletic Bd. of Control, 
1908 09; Asst. :Mgr., 1909; Asst. Mgr. Athletics, 
1908-09; Graduate Mgr. Athletics, 1909; Athletic 
Editor Ahdiiiii Quarterly, 1909; Manager 
Electric Equipment Co., Los Angeles and San 
Francisco; Asst. to Ptes. Los Angeles Invest- 
ment Co.; \'.-Pres. Jenner, Ingold Co.; Pres. 
Advertising Club, 1913; ^Member Advisory Bd. 
and Lecturer Los Ange'es Business Coll.; Sec. 
Univ. of 111. Alumni Assn., 1913-15 and Real 
Estate Advertisers' Assn., 1912; Member City 
Beautiful Committee, 1911; Member Jonathan, 
Gamut, Rotary and Advertising Clubs; Jovian 
Order; Western Star Lodge No. 240 A. F. and 
A. M., Champaign, 111. 1152 Grand .\ve., Los 
Argeles and 1452 Bvish St., San Francisco; res. 
828 Burlington St., Los Angeles, Cal. . 

King, Harrison \\^illiam 

Born Jacksonville, 111.; General Insurance; 
Member Masons and Elks. 305 Ayros National 
Bank Bldg.; res. 1136 W. State St., Jackson- 
ville, 111. 

Love. Lewis Ray 

Born DeKalb, IlL; Manager Yates Estate. 335 
Yates Bldg.; res. 1102 N. 19th St., Boise, 

-AIcKelvey, Arthur Wilson 

Born Sparta, 111.; A. B.; Wholesale Shoe 

Dealer; Member Missouri Athletic Club. 126 

W. Broadway; res. 1821 S. St. Louis Ave., 
Sparta, 111. 

Manspeaker. Lewis Vinton 

Born Champaign, III.; B. S. in C. E. 1909; 
Preliminary Honors; Assistant Engineer, Chi- 
cago & Alton R. R. ; Member Am. Railway En- 
gineers' Assn. Madison St.; res. 417 E. Canedy 
St., Springfield, 111. and 201 W. University 
Ave., Champaign, 111. 

Mathews, George Bonney 

Born Potsdam, N. Y. ; Omicron Pi Omicron; 
Franks Soc; Automobile Dealer and Garage 
Owner. Syi Elm St.; res. 57 Elm St., Pots- 
dam, N. Y. 

-May, WilHam Wyman 

Born St. Paul, Minn.; .A. B. 1909; Helmet; 
Phoenix; Yoxan; Track. 1906-08; Capt., 1908; 
Businesse Mgr., Illio. 1908; Montgomery Ward 
& Co.; Member Illini Club. Chicago Ave., 
Bridge; res. 820 Edgecomb PL, Chicago, 111. 

Orear, George JnUus 

Born Jacksonville, 111.; Varsity 'J'rack; Farmer. 
Box 126, Jacksonville, 111. 

pe, Charles Samuel 

Born St. Louis. Mc. Jan. 19, 1887; P.. S. 1909; 
Tau Beta Pi; E;a Kappa Nu; Electrical Engrs. 
Soc; Pres. Electrical Kngrs. Soc; Water Polo; 
Gymnastic; Manager, Dodge Bros.; Menjber 
Soc. Auto Engrs.; Illini C:iub; B. P. O. Elks. 
Dodge Bros.; res. 616 Delaware Ave, Detroit, 

Sparks, Ray Carlisle 

Born Bushnell, III.; A. B. 1909; LL. H. 1911; 
Phi Delta Phi; Helmet; President and Treas- 
urer Herrick Auto Supply Co., Inc. 113 W. 
lark St.; res. Eldredgc Apts., Champaign, 111. 

Toundrow. Arthur P>arnard 

Molinc, III. 


Watson, \\'illiam Carl 

Born Chicago; C. E. 1909; Surveyor, in Charge 
Board of Underwriters. 2158 Insurance Ex- 
change Bldg.; res. 4055 Sheridan Rd., Chicago, 


Brown, Samuel Monroe 

Born IMilford, 111.; Helmet; Vice-President 
First National Bank. Newton, Kans. 

Hughes, Walter John 

Initiated by 111. Zeta 1908. 

Kimbell, Rov Spencer* 

d. Jan. 25, 19*1 1. 

Kirkpatrick, Cornwall Edwin 

Farmer. (Anna, 111.) 

McKelvey, Willard Frederick 

Born Sparta, 111.; Freshman Baseball, 1910; 
Manager of a Garage; Member Masons 
(Shrine); Knights of Pythias. 301 S. St. Louis 
St.; res. 2i2 W. Broadway, Sparta, 111. 

Meek, Alva Brace 

Born Carrollton, HI.; B. S. 1910; Alpha 
Gamma Rho; Agriculturist. Carrollton, 111. 

Morris. Sidnev AlcCagg 

Born Harlan, 'Iowa; LL. "b. 1905; Phi Delta 
Phi; Lawyer. 4 Williams Block; res. 309 N. 
Ninth St., Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

Swanson, Ernest 

Merchant. (Paxton, 111.) 

Ward, George Snvder 

Born Benton, I11.;'A. B. 1910; LL. B. 1913 
Columbia Univ.; Delta Kappa Chi; (Hon (Com- 
mercial); Attorney-at-Law; Member LTniv. and 
Illini Clubs; A. F. & A. M.; R. A. M.; Knights 
Templar; Shriner; Elks. Room 2010, 208 S. 
La Salle St.; res. Hotel Del Prado, Chicago, 

Watson, Carl Page 

(Madison, Wis.) 


.\leshire. Merlin Clay 

Born Buchanan, Mich."; C. E. 1911; Buyer, 
Roberts & Schacfer Co. Room 2064, 332 S. 
Michigan Ave.; res. 6519 Woodlawn Ave., 
Chicago, III, 

.'\lexander, James Greenleaf 

Born Jacksonville, 111.; Phi Delta Phi; Ku 
Klux; Assistant Manager, Bond Department, 
Central Trust Co. of Illinois; Member Illini 
Club. 125 W. Monroe St.; res. 7233 Bennett 
Ave, Chicago, 111. 

Benitz, William Edgar 

Born Buenos .Aires, Argentine Republic, S. 
Am.; Rancher; Member Strangers and U. S. 
Universities Clubs. La California, F. C. C. A., 
Argentine Republic, S. Am. 

Dazey, Alba William 

Rea'l Estate. (Beloit, Wis.) 

Estep, Josiah Morgan 

Initiated by Wash. Alpha 1911. 

Hardman, h'rank Finley 

Initiated by Ind. Beta 191o'. 

Harms. Arthur Henry 

Born Rock Island, III., Feb. 2. 1887; Hotel 
Business; Member Rotary and Commercial 
Clubs; Elks; Masons. Ilnicl Il.irms; res. 526, 
18tli St., Rock Island. 111. 

Huffakcr, Welliiigton liirther 

Born New Berlin, 111.; .Mplia Gamma Rho; 
(Jtncral Farmins; Member ^iasons. Knob Hill 
Farm, New Berlin, HI. 




Lyman, Henry Pratt 

Born Fort Smith, Ark.; Secretary Lyman Real 
Estate, Home Mutual Biiildins and Loan Assn. 
and Lyman Abstract Co.; Secretary Greater 
Arkansas Assn.; Secretary State Abstractor 
and Title Assn.; Bond Amendment Campaign; 
Reporter, Phi Delta Theta Alumni Chapter, Ft. 
Smith, Ark.; Correspondent for National Publi- 
cations (Financial); Member Noon Civics and 
Countrv Clubs. 1.=; N. Sixth St.; res. 316 N. 
Sixth St.. Ft. Smith. .\rk. 

Porter, Albert Renfrew 

Born Chicago, 111.; Canadian Representative, 
Addressograph Co. of Chicago, III.; Assistant 
Manager, .\ddressograph Sales Co. of Canada, 
Ltd.; Member Rotary and Weston Golf Clubs. 
70 Bay St.; res. 139 Farnham Ave., Toronto, 
Ont., Canada. 

Trees, Charles Emmett 

Born Mayview, 111.; Ph. C. 1910 Purdue; 
Pharmaceutical Chemist; Traveling Salesman. 
2044 College Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Wav, Clvde Lvman 

B'orn Lena, 111"; Phoenix; Helmet; IHini Staff; 
Illio Staff; Freshman and Varsity Football and 
Track; Chief Inspector. Belden Alfg. Co., Elec- 
trical Wire; Member Costs Assn. of 111. Mfrs. 
Assn. 2300 S. Western Ave.; res. 6212 S. Rock- 
well St., Chicago. 111. 

Weeks. Lyman .S. 

Born Bradford, 111.; Appraisal Engineer, Hage- 
nah & Erickson (Appraisals, Cost Analysis, 
Rate Studies, Financial Investigations). 38 S. 
Dearborn St.; res. 5605 Wayne Ave., Chicago, 



Clemmons. John Gregory 

Born Virden, III.; Track and Field; Farmer 
and Stock Raiser. Virden, HI. 

Conrad. Cassius Bannister 

Born Chicago, 111.; A. B. 1913; Secretary De 
Kalb County Abstract Co. 206 W. State St.; 
res. 341 W. Exchange St., Sycamore, III. 

Davis, Chester Watson 

Born Kansas City, Mo.; B. S. 1912; Alpha 
Gamma Rho; Phoenix; Ma-Wan-Da; Varsity 
Foottiall and Water Polo; Farming. Holton, 

De Leuw, Charles Edmund 

Born Jacksonville, 111.; B. S. in C. E. 1912; 
C. E. 1916; Civil Engineer. Monadnock Bldg.; 
res. 4814 Lake Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Green, Lonsdale, Jr. 

Born Anniston, Ala.; B. S. in M. E. 1912; 
Acoustical Engineer for H. W. Johns-Manville 
Co. 296 Madison Ave.; res. 565 W. 113th St., 
New York, N. Y. 

Hansel, John Washington, Jr. 

Helmet Club; Ku Klux Klan; Freshman Var- 
sity Football, 1908; Western Advertising Man- 
ager, Good Housekeeping Magazine. 712 Hearst 
Bldg., Chicago; res. 1118 Maple Ave., Evans- 
ton, 111. 

Koontz, Alpheus George 

Born Albia, Iowa, Feb. 27, 1888; Tennis; Base- 
ball; Track; Automobile Tire Department, 
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.; Member 
Country Club (Des Moines, Iowa); Royal Arch 
Mason; Knights Templar; Shriner. Goodyear 
Tire and Rubber Co., Akron, Ohio. 

Lamborn, Brown 

Farmer. (Remington, Ind.) 

Lamson, Leon 

Born Rensse'aer, Ind.; Manager Fontana Land 
Co. Fontana, Cal. 

Long, George Archibald 

Initiated by Ind. Beta 1912. 

Mohr, Herman 

Born Oberstein, Germany; LL. B. 1912; Phi 
Delta Phi; Lawyer. Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

Morris, Arthur Marvin 

Born Oskaloosa. Iowa; LL. B. 1913; Yoxan; 
Phi Delta Plii; Prcs. Athletic Assn., 1912-13; 
Clothing Merchant. 104 S. Main St.; res. 16, 
8th Ave. N. E., Aberdeen, S. Dak. 

Murphy, Frank Dwyer 

Born Chicago, 111.; Phoenix; Conference 
Champion Pole N'ault, 191012; Track Capt., 
1912; Am. Olympic Team, Stockholm, 1912; 
Tie for 3d place ()lympic Games, Stockholm, 
1912; Assistant Sales Manager Certain-teed 
Products Co. Leader News Bldg.; res. Phi 
Delta Theta House, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Overstreet, Robert Harris 

Born Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 16, 1889; Fresh- 
man Varsity Football; .\uditor, San Francisco 
and Portland Steainship Co.; Valuation Engi- 
neer, W. J. Hagenah of Chicago; Purchasing 
Agent and Accountant, Columbia and Nehalem 
River R. R. Co.; Member Alumni Assn.; Trans- 
portation Club. 1003 Wells-Fargo Bldg., Port- 
land, Ore. 

Woolston, William Henry 

Initiated by N. Y. Alpha 1912. 

Yeager, Oswald Karl 

Initiated by Ind. Zeta 1910. 


Cortis, Frederic Boyden 

Born Chicago, 111., May 29, 1891; A. B. 1913; 
Alpha Kappa Psi; Ma-wan-da; Varsity Track, 
1911-13; Member 2d Officers' Camp, Ft. Sheri- 
dan, 111. Hinsda'e, 111. 

Green, Donald Wilder 

Born Anniston, Ala.; Varsity Football (1); 
Manufacturing Accountant, Liquid Carbonic 
Co.; Member Illini Club of Chicago. 31st St 
and Kedzie Ave.; res. 1356 E. 56th St., Chicago, 

Gridley, Carl Rezner* 

d. Sept. 12, 1916, Biggsville, 111. 

Haldeman, Paul Johnson 

Initiated by Mo. Gamma 1913. 

Kimball, Lorenzo Amos 

Born Lake Geneva, Wis.; Scarab Soc; Sales- 
man; Masonic Connections. 828 University 
St. S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Kimbell, Arthur Willis 

Born Chicago, III.; B. S. 1913; Theta Nu 
Epsilon; Helmet Club; Sigma Xi; Mgr. Inter- 
Scholastic; .Member Board of C^overnors; Phi 
Delta Theta Alumni Club, Chicago; Sec, 
Kimbell-Hill Brick Co.; Director Chicago Archi- 
tecture Club; Member Illini, Chicago, Chicago 
Architecture, Park Ridge Countrv and Roger* 
Park Tennis Clubs. Room 319, 133 W. Wash- 
ington St.; res. 7626 N. .\shland Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Meek, Charles Thaddeus 

(Carrollton, 111.) 

Parker. Jacob Weaver 

Born Carrollton, 111.; Phi Delta Phi; R. P. A.: 
^Farmer; Member Masons (all degrees); Elks; 
Missouri Athletic Assn. Carrollton, 111. 

Rathbun, Acors Earl 

Born River Forest, 111.; A. B. 1913; Yoxan; 
Alpha Gamma Rho; Mgr. Football; Buyer 
Drug Sundries, Sears, Roebuck & Co.; Member 
Mystic Athletic and Illini Clubs. 925 S. 
Homan Ave., Chicago; res. Glen Ellyn, 111. 

Rockwood, Roscoe 

Coal Dealer. (Gibson City, 111.) 




Stephens, Raymond William 

Born Sadorus, 111.; Theta Nu Epsilon; Varsity 
r'reshman Track and Football; Efficiency Engi- 
neer with Arthur Young & Co. ; Contributor 
of papers on efficiency to the Manufacturing 
Clothier (trade paper); Member Illini Club; 
Western Efficiency Soc. 1301 Lake View 
Bldg.; res. 6924 Greenview Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Stephens, Warren Russell 

Born Mayvievv. 111.; Farmer. R. R. No. 1, 
Oconee, 111. 


Amsbary, Harlow Aydelott 

Born Little Rock, Ark.- B. S. in M. E. 1914; 
Engineer on Construction Work. 21 Rowena 
St., Detroit, Mich. 

Butler, Paul 

Born Chicago, 111.; Wholesale Paper Dealer; 

Member Hinsdale Golf Club. 223 W. Monroe 

St., Chicago, 111.: res. Rue et Place, Edward 
VII. Paris. 

Downing, Toliver Mac 

Initiated by 111 Delta 1913. 

Holbrook, Albion Paris, Jr. 

Born Oak Park, HI.; Capt. Freshman Varsity 
Football, 1910; Assistant Manager Cash Grain 
Dept., Ilulburd, Warren & Chandler; Member 
Chicago Bd. of Trade; Member Oak Park 
Club. 208 S. La Salle St., Room 988, Chicago; 
res. 245 Home Ave., Oak Park, 111. 

Knowlton, Philetus Clarke, Jr. 

Born Memphis, Tenn.; B. S. 1914; M. D. 1917 
Harvard; Julia Appleton Traveling Fellowship, 
1917 Harvard; Architect; With American Field 
Service in France. 1174 Poplar Ave., Memphis, 

Lanier, Russell D'Lyon 

Initiated by Ala. Alpha 1914. 

3e, Lawrence Arthur 

*Born Moline, 111., Tulv 27, 1891; B. S. in 
E. E. 191S; Helmet; Ku Klux Klan; Junior 
Councilman and V.-Pres. Students' Union" 
Pres. Pan Hellenic Council; Manager Produc 
tion, "Follow-up" Cadillac Motor Car Co., De 
troit, Mich.; Pres. Detroit Alumni Club, Ph 
Delta Theta, 1917-18; Member Detroit Club, 
Detroit Alumni Club of Phi Delta Theta; Detroit 
Section Soc. of Automobile Engineers. Cadillac 
Motor Car Co.; res. 21 Rowena St., Detroit, 

Ranch, Paul Vincent 

Born Wichita, Kans.; Scarab; Sales Manager, 
Cioodjohn Sash and Door Co.; Member City 
Club. 1201 Scarritt Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Schlotman, Robert Louis 

Born Sheldon, 111.; Purchasing Agent, Norton 
Coal .Mining Co. Nortonville, Ky.; res. 318 
N. Main St., Madisonvillc, Ky. 

Speck, Cyrus Quincy 

Born EvansvilleT Ind., Dec. 31, 1892; Gym- 
nastics; Saksman; Member I. C. M. A. 
Faultless Caster Co. ; res. Sunset Ave., Evans- 

ville, Ind. 

Speck, Roy Henry 

(312 W. Columbia St., Evansville, Ind.) 

Yeager, Ralph Oscar 

Born Danville, 111.; B. S. in Arch. 1915; 
Helmet and Scarab; Architectural Soc; Glee 
Club (Univ. of HI. and Univ. of Pa.); Mask 
and Wig; Building Contractor; Member 
Masons, 32" and Shrine; Affiliated Pa. Zeta 
1915. 615 Baum Bldg.; res. 1517 Vermilion 
St., Danville, 111. 


Benitz, Frank Allyn 

Born Gualiguychu, Argentine, 


S. A.; Alpha 

Gamma Rho; Royal Flying Corps (Cadet); 
Member Royal Flying Corps Club; Royal Aero 
Corps Club (London); F. A. I. Buenos Aires. 
Care Agar Cross & Co., 11 Regent St., London, 
Eng. ; res. La California, Argentine Republic. 

Broadbent, Earl Robert 

Born Chicago, 111.; Sigma Tau; With Engineer- 
ing Dept., Chicago Telephone Co. 212 W. 
Washington St.; res. 25 E. Washington St., 
Chicago, 111. 

Claycomb, Edward Denman 

Born Sycamore, 111.; Helmet; Ku Klux Klan; 
Alpha Gamma Rho; Junior Council; Asst. Mgr. 
Track, 1915; Junior Smoker Committee; Peak 
Tire Service Co.; Sec. Kansas City Phi Delta 
Theta Alumni; Member Rockhill Tennis Club; 
Masons. 1701 Grand Ave.; res. 4118 Warwick 
Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 

Green, Ralph 

Born Chicago, 111.; B. S. 1915; Tau Beta Pi; 
Sigma Xi; Sigma Tau; Preliminary, Final and 
Special Scholastic Honors; Varsity Swimming, 
1913-15; Sales Engineer; Member Illini Club. 
Chicago Bridge and Iron Works; res. 1356 E. 
56th St., Chicago, 111. 

Holbrook, Howard Crounse 

Born Oak Park, 111.; Helmet; Farmer; Mem- 
ber Oak Park Club. R. F. D., Barrington, 111. 

Kimmel, Maurice Edward 

Born Du Quoin, 111.; Hardware Business. Cor. 
Main and Mulberry Sts. ; res. 203 E. South St., 
Du Quoin, 111. 

McPherson, Earle Steele 

Initiated by 111. Alpha 1914. 

Moss, Robert Allyn 

Born Mt. Vernon, 111.; Egyptian Club; Sales- 
man, Central 111. Public Service Co. Lawrence- 
ville; res. 814 North St., Mt. Vernon, 111. 

Porter, Paul Leon 

Initiated by 111. Delta 1915. 

Reininga, Jacob 

Born'^Oak Park, 111.; Helmet; Contractor. 320 
Home Ave., Oak Park, 111. 

Spalding, Burleigh Mason 

Born Fargo, N. Dak.; Varsity Football; Farmer. 
Buxton, N. Dak. 

ling, Roscoe Conkling 

Botn Fargo, N. Dak.; Alpha Phi Alpha; Syra- 
cuse Archtectural Soc; Baseball and Football; 
Architect; Affiliated with N. Y. Epsilon 1915. 
1319 Third Ave. South, Fargo, N. Dak. 


Almond, Harry Havens 

Born Anderson, Ind.; Student. 1521 Noble 
St., Anderson, Ind. 

Andrews, Mark 

Born Pierre, S. Dak.; Phi Nu Theta (Wesleyan 
Univ.); Phi Sigma Chi (Univ. Military School, 
Mobile, Ala.); Baseball and Football (Wes- 
leyan), 1910-11; Union Central Life Insurance 
Co.; Member Community and Coimtry Clubs; 
Birmingham Assn. of Life Underwriters. 414 
Woodward Bldg.; res. 1628 S. 13th St., Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

Bowen, Llarry vStephenson 

Born Seattle, Wash., 1892; Alumni Assn.; 
Metal Manufacturer; Member of firm, Puget 
Sound Sheet Metal Works; Member Seattle 
Athletic Club. Wall and Elliott Sts.; res. 1709, 
37th Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

Brewer, Donald Carl 

(Webster City, Iowa). 

Conner, Richard Henry 

Born Muskegon, Mich.; Lumberman. Harper, 





Cotter. Ross Sherman 

Born Oak Park, III.; Fresh. Football; Advertis- 
ing Agency (magazine advertising); V.-Pres., 
Chicago Auto Fquiiinient Co.; Member Oak 
Park Country and Chicago .\utomobilc Clubs; 
Assoc. Advertising Club of Am.; Audit Bureau 
of Circulation. Koom IbOJ, 14 F.. Jackson 
Blvd., Chicago; res. i\7 Home .\ve.. Oak l^rk, 

Crawford. William Kinney 

Initiated 111. Delta 1914. 

Degen. Albert Gustav 

Born Kansas City, Mo.; Junior Structural En- 
gineer. Interstate BUlg., 13th and Locust Sts. ; 
res. 3533 Flora Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Dunqian. Cornelius Peter, Jr. 

Born Chicago, 111.; Salesman. .S N. Wabash 
Ave., Chicago; res. 518 Belleforte Ave., Oak 
Park. 111. 

Eaton. Rex Carr 

Initiated by Colo. Alpha 1915. 

Hart. William Ward 

Born Benton, 111.; LL. B. 1916; Phi Delta Phi; 
Varsitv Track, 191416; Lawyer; Member Ma- 
sons and Elks. S. Main St., Benton, 111. 

Lainer, Russel 

(2934 Pawnee Ave.. Birmington, III.) 

Leonarcl, Philip Charles 

210 Iowa St., Joliet, 111. 

Meek. Wilbur 

(CarroUton, 111.) 

Mills, Fred Leon 

Born Austin, 111.; Phi Delta Phi; Helmet; 
Sachem; Tombkins; 111. Union Dramatic Club; 
Manager Mills Novelty Co.; Coin Operated 
Machines; Member 111. Athletic, Illini and Su- 
burban (Oak Park) Clubs. 227 S. Green St., 
Chicago; res. 217 Home Ave., Oak Park, HI. 

Pollock. Samuel McNab 

Initiated by 111. Delta 1915. 

Quilling. Erw^in Albert 

Born Menomonie, Wis.; Banker.; Member 
Commercial Club. 63G Broadway; res. 609, 
12th St., Menomonie, Wis. 

Smith, Grover Adam 

(Lockport, 111.) 

Thomas, Maurice Lloyd » 

Born Pleasant Hill, 111.; Wagner Electric 
Manufacturing Co., taking course in factory 
work. 6400 Plymouth Ave.; res. 25 Winder- 
mere PI., St. Louis, Mo. 

Thomas, Ralph Raymond 

Born Pleasant Hill, HI.; B. S. in E. E. 1916; 
Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau; Scabbard and 
Blade; Preliminary Honors; Salesman, William 
R. Compton Investment Co ; Member of Officers' 
Training Camp, Ft. Riley, Kans. 408 Olive St.; 
res. 25 Windermere PI., St. Louis, Mo. 


Beardsley, Henry Scovell 

Born Kansas City,' Mo.; Sigma Delta Chi; Ma- 
Wan-da; Sachem; Preliminary Honors; United 
States Army Ambulance Corps: Author "I'm 
Neutral;" "Keep to the Right;" U. S. Army 
Aviation Corp (.Section III). .Mlentown, Pa.; 
res. 3643 Walnut St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Birch. Stephen Meserve 

Born Robinson. 111., June 19, 1894; Penn. 
Swimming Team, 191617; Dramatic Produc- 
tions, Univs. 111. and Penn.; Affiliated Pa. 
Zeta 1918. 102 Logan Ave., Danville, 111. 

Carroll, James Bernard 

Initiated by 111. Delta 1916. 

Carter. Walter McKinley 

(245 Woodlawn Ave., Ft. Wayne, Ind.) 

Darby, L Harry, Jr. 

Born Kansas City, Kans.; B. S. in Mech. Eng., 
1917; Theta Tau; Ma- Wan-Da; Sachem; Pres. 
Students, I'nion and Junior Honor Socs.; 
.Miniber Senior Honor Society; Foreman, 
Missouri limler Works Co.; 2d Lieut., U. S. 
R. 3d St. and Minnesota Ave.; res. 1318 
Quindaro Blvd., Kansas City, Kans. 

Hall. Lmorv George 

(222 N. 4th St., Rockford, 111.) 

Grantz, Raymond Lorimer 

Born Rockford, 111.; LL. B. 1917; Phi Delta 
Phi; Athletic Editor Illini; Pres. Class (3); 
Helmet; Sachem; Ma-Wan-Da. 512 College 
Ave., Rockford, 111. 

Gridlev, John Newton 

Initiated by 111. Delta 1916. 

Kimmel. Clarence Eugene 

Born Du Quoin, 111.; A. B.' 1917; Phi Delta Phi; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Lumber Dealer. 1 W. Frank- 
lin St.; res. 129 S. Division St., Du Quoin, 111. 

Moody. Granville, Jr. 

Born Rensselaer, Ind. ; Stockman and Farmer. 
Rensselaer, Ind. 

Parker, George Thomas 

Born Kane Township, Greene County, HI.; 
Freshman and Varsity Track; Husbandry (Cat- 
tle and Hogs) ; Member Masons. 609 W. 8th 
St., CarroUton, HI. 

Smith, Lucius S. Jr. 

Born at Du Quoin, HI.; Banker; Operates a 
Wheat Ranch at North Platte, Nebr. ; Affiliated 
Pa. Zeta 1918. First Bank and Trust Co., Du 
Quoin, HI.; res. Box 665, North Platte, Nebr. 

V'an Meter, James Craig 

Born Charleston, 111.; LL. B. 1917; Phi Delta 
Phi; Order of Coif; Lawyer, with Craig & 
Craig, Attorneysat-Law. 2821 W^estern St., 
Mattoon, III. 

Wagstaff, Charles Dudley 

Initiated by Ind. Alpha 1917. 


Andrews. Leonard E. 

(726 N. East Ave., Oak Park, HI.) 

Bingham, Charles Lathrop 

Born Chicago, HI; Member Sack Rush Com- 
mittee, 1914; Smoker Committee, 1914; Man- 
ager, Secretary and Treasurer, Peterson Motor 
Car and Garage Co.; Member Battery "F" 111. 
Field Artillery, 1915; Member Automobile Club 
and Garage Owners' Assn. 5536 Harper Ave.; 
res. 5423 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Branch, Le Roy Parker 

Born Evanston, HI.; B. F. Goodrich Rubber 
Co.; 1925 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago; res. 2101 
Harrison St., Evanston, HI. 

Col son. Robert 

(St. Charles, 111.) 

Eaton, Rea Lincoln 

Born Eaton, Colo.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Stu- 
dent. Eaton, Colo. 

Frost, Walter Kilborn 

Born Rockford, 111.; Shipping Department, Mail 
Order House. B Z. B. Bldg.; res. 712 N. 
Court St., Rockford, HI. 

Hart, Marion Murphy 

Born Benton, HI. Benton, 111. 

Miller, Max Frederick 

Born Reinbeck, Iowa; District Manager, Ger- 
mania Life Ins. Co.; Member Waterloo Cham- 
ber of Commerce; Commercial and Waterloo 
Clubs. 203 Syndicate Bldg.; res. 927 W. 4tli 
St., W'aterloo, Iowa. 

Mills, Niles Easton 

(San Luis Obispo, Colo.) 


1918-191 ILLINOIS ETA 

Straight, Merton Tanner 

(Fonda, Iowa.) 

Thies, Walter Frederick 

Born St. Louis, Mo.; Stocks and Bonds. 
N. Broadway; res. 5020 Raymond Ave. 
Louis, Mo. 


Ackert, Harris LeRoy 

Student. 212 E. Boyd St., Dixon, 111. 

Baillet, Lowell Wilson 

Student. 125 Guard St., Rockford, 111. 


Beavers, Harrison Bruce 

Student. 1752 Columbia Rd., Washington, 
D. C. 

Conrad, Charles Smedley 

Student. Sycamore, 111. 

Penny, James Leonard 

Student. 1325 Rosalie St., Evanston, 111. 

Rathburn, Harry Rowland 

Student. Glen Ellyn, 111. 

Thomas, Nelson Reno 

Student. 5216 Vernon Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Waters, George Gerald 

Student. 1273 Amherst PL, St. Louis, M'l. 


Chartered October 11, 1849 


Bloomington, Indiana 


McDonald. David* 

LL. D. (Honorary); U. S. District Judge, d. 
August 26, 1869, Indianapolis, Ind. 


Read, Daniel* 

A. B. (Honorary); President University of 
Missouri, Columbia, Mo. d. Oct. 3, 1878, Keo- 
kuk, Iowa. 


Perkins. Samuel Elliott* 

(Honorary); Judge, Indiana Supreme Court, 
d. December 17, 1879, Indianapolis, Ind. 

W'ylie. Theophilus Adam* 

A. B.; A. M.; LL. D.; D. D. (Honorary); Pro- 
fessor Emeritus of Physics, Indiana University, 
d. June 12, 1895, Bloomington, Ind. 


Ammen. Jacob* 

(Honorary); Brig. Gen., U. S. Army, d Feb. 
6, 1894, Lockland, Ohio. 

Bicknell, George Augustus* 

A. B.; A. M.; LL. B. ; LL. D. (Honorary); 
Lawyer, d. April 11, 1891, New Albany, Ind. 


Milligan, Robert* 

A. B.; A. M.; LL. B.; LL. D. (Honorary); 

■ President Kentucky University, d. March 29, 
1875, Lexington, Ky. 


Woodburn, James* 

A. B.; A. M. (Honorary); Principal, Prepara- 
tory Department, Indiana University, d. Sep. 
8, 1865, Bloomington, Ind. 


Cobleigh, Nelson Ebenezer* 

A. B.; A. M.; D. D.; LL. D. (Honorary); 
Methodist Episcopal Clergyman. d Feb 1, 
1874, Atlanta, Ga 


Elliott, Robert Gaston* 

A. B.; A. M.; Charter Member; Literary Work, 
d. July 16, 1917, Lawrence, Kans. 

Elliott, Samuel Steele* 

A. B.; A. M. ; Charter Member; Teacher, d. 
May 2, 1863, Morning Sun, Ohio. 

Powell, Littleton John* 

A. B.; Teacher, d. 1851, Spencer, Ind. 

Strean, James* 

A. P..; A. M. d. 

Sept. 5, 1851, Bloomington, 


Crowe, Nelson Kendall 

A. B.; A. M. ; Presbyterian Clergyman. (New 
Hagerstown, Ohio.) 


Miller, Josiah* 

A. B.; A. M.; Lawyer, d. July 7, 1870, Law- 
• rence, Kans. 

Woodburn, Matthew Walker* 

A. B.; Teacher, d. 1855, Bloomington, Ind. 


Hobbs, Marmaduke Mendenhall Coffin* 

Methodist Clergyman; Affiliated Ind. Beta 1853. 
d. January 5, 1907, Salem, Ind. 


Mason, James Lamb* 

d. 1894, Greenfield, Ind. 

Read, Theodore* 

A. B.; A. M.; Brig.-Gen., U. S. Army; Killed 
in battle, April 6, 1865. 

Ruddick, Robert Louden* 

A. B.; A. M.; Contractor, d. September 23, 
1871, Keokuk, Iowa. 

Wilson, Henry Daniel* 

Affiliated Ind. Beta 1854; Ex-Judge of Circuit 
Court, d. Dec. 14, 1909. 


Banta, David Demaree* 

B. S.; LL. B.; LL. D.; Charter Member Ind. 
Delta, 1855; Dean, Law School, Indiana Uni- 
versity, d. April 9, 1896, Bloomington, Ind. 

Foster, John Watson* 

Born Petersburg, Pike County, Ind., March 2, 
1836; A. B. 1855; A. M. 1858; LL. D. 1895 
Princeton; 1895 Wabash Coll.; 1896 Yale, and 
1907 Univ. of Pa.; Lawyer; Entered U. S. 
Army, 1861, as Major 25th Ind. Volunteers; 
Promoted Lieut. -Col. at Fort Donaldson; Col. 
at Shiloh; Minister to Mexico, 1873-80; Russia, 
1880-81; Special Plenipotentiary to Negotiate 
Treaties with Brazil, Spain, Germany, British 
West Indies, etc.; Sec. of State, 1892-93; Agent 
U. S. in Bering Sea Arbitration, Paris, 1893; 
Ambassador on Special Mission to Great Britain 
and Russia, 1897; Member Anglo-CZanadian 
Commission, 1898; Agent U. S. Alaskan Boun- 
dary Tribunal, London, 1903; Representative to 
China, 2d Hague Conference, 1907; Author of 
"A Century of American Diplomacy"; "Ameri- 
can Diplomacy In the Orient"; "Arbitration In 
the Hague Court"; "The Practice of Diplo- 
macy," and "Diplomatic Memoirs"; Member 
Cosmos Club. d. Nov. 15, 1917. 




Long-, Eh^" 

A B • C. E. (Honorary); Maj.-Gen., U. S. 
Army. d. Jan. 5, 1903, Plainfield, N. J. 

Miller, John Chapman* 

A. B.; A. M.; Christian Clergyman, d. Sept. 
17, 1901, Nineveh, Ind. 

Morrison, Robert Irwin 

A. B.; A. M.; LL. B.; Civil Engineer. 
(Knightstown, Ind.) 

Taylor, William Calvin Linton* 

A. B.; A. M.; Lawyer, d. Feb. 17. 1901, La- 
fayette, Ind. 


Edson, William Paley* 

(Honorary); Lawyer, d. Aug., 1896, Mt. Ver- 
non, Ind. 

Hoover, Samuel Atwood 

Ph. G. (Greensboro, N. C.) 

Tenckes, Josiah Sherburne* 

A. B.; A. M.; LL. B.; LL. D. d. 1910. 

Jenckes, William Greene* 

A. B.; Farmer; Affiliated Wis. Alpha 1857. d. 
1900, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Jordan, Lewis* 

Clerk, Treasury Department, d. April 30, 1908, 
Washington, D. C. 


Miller, George* 

A B.; B. D.; Ky. Alpha 1857; Presbyterian 

Clergyman, d. 1900, Tarkio, Mo. 


Atkinson, Joseph Barrett* 

B S.; Lawyer, d. Oct. 5, 1862, Greenfield, 

McKinney, Robert Campbell 

A B.; A. M.; B. D.; Presbyterian Clergyman. 
(Ft. Bragg, Cal.) 

MitcheU, James Lewis* 

A. B.; A. M.; Lawyer, d. Feb. 21, 1894, In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 


Conwell, John Alfred* 

B. S.; LL. B.; Real Estate, d. May 29, 1905, 
Aurora, Ind. 

Gorman, James Whitcombe* 

A. B.; A. M.; Lawyer, d. Feb. 19, 1863, Si. 
Paul, Minn. 

Tharp, Thomas Diggs 

Born Marion, Ind.; A. M. 1859; S. T. B. 1887 
De Pauw Univ.; Literary; Philomathcan; Law- 
yer and Real Estate; Minister (retired); Su- 
perintendent of Schools, Grant County, 7 yrs.; 
Marion County, 3 yrs.; Newcastle, 3 yrs.; Pro- 
fessor of Greek and Latin, Marion Academy, 
3 yrs.; First Graduate, Grant County; Author, 
"The Grading of Public Schools in Indiana"; 
"An Aide-de-Camp in Civil War"; "A Lawyer 
of the Bar of Grant County." 410 S. Branson 
St., Marion, Ind. 

Beem, David Enoch 

Born Siif-ncer, Owen Co., Ind., June 24, 1837; 
A. B. 1860; .'\ttorneyat-Law (retired); First 
Volunteer for Civil War from CJwcn County; 
Capt. in 14th Ind. Regiment, 3 yrs.; Delegate 
Republican Nat!. Convention from Ind., 18bO; 
Prts. Elector, 1888 and 1908; Commander Dept. 
of Ind. Grand Army of Republic, 1900; Trustee 

of Purdue Univ., 1891-1909; Author of "His- 
tory of Owen County, Indiana;" Member M. 
E. Church, Grand Army of Requblic and F. 
and A. M. Spencer, Ind. 

Broadwell, Jacob Samuel* 

A. B.; A. M.; Lawyer, d. March 29. 1869, 
Bloomington, Ind. 

Hatfield, Edwin Ruthven* 

A. B.: A. M.; Lawyer, Evansville, Ind. d. 
April 15, 1883. 

McCoy, John Milton 

Born Clark Co., Ind., Aug. 29, 1835; A. B. 
1860; LL. B. 1864; A. M. 1868; Attorney-at- 
Law (retired); Justice of Peace; City At- 
torney; Vice-Pres. Am. Sunday School Union; 
Pres., Sec. and Treas., Texas Univ. R. D. Box 
387, Dallas, Texas. 

Perkins, Jehu Walter* 

A. B.; Lawver. d. Nov. 16, 1863, Lebanon, 

Smith, Robert Kennedy* 

B. S. Killed in battle, Oct. 8, 1862. 


Benedict, Hanford* 

B. S.; M. D.; Physician, d. Nov. 5, 1910, 
Springport, Ind. 

Cherrill, Edwin 

Born London, Eng.; Banker; Pres. Exchange 
Bank. Carthage, 111. 

Nutt, James Sylvester* 

A. B.; A. M.; LL. B.; Lawyer, d. Sept. 7, 
1891, Grecncastle, Ind. 

Orchard, John Chalmers* 

A. B.; A. M.; LL. B. d. June 26, 1881, 
Bloomington, Ind. 

Robinson, John Crudeii* 

Born New Salem, Ind.; A. M. 1861; Lawyer; 
Judge, d. April 5, 1914, Spencer. Ind. 


Craft, Israel Loring* 

d. Oct. 19, 1864, Rising Sun, Ind. 


Barter, Richard Fulton* 

Farmer, d. May 25, 1901, Mt. Vernon. Ind. 

Bates, Cyrus Buckman* 

B. S. d. June 13, 1865, Pekin, 111. 

Johnson, Newton Alexander* 

Manufacturer, d. Easton, Pa. 

Mellette, James Thomas* 

Born near Springport, Ind.; A. M. 1863; Latin 
Salutatorian; Lawyer, d. Aug. 29, 1916. 


Baker, Orlan Franklin* 

LL. B.; Lawyer, d. Sept. 9, 1889, N'incenncs. 


Goodwin, Willis Beverly* 

Teacher, d. ]-\h. 12, 1888, JelTcrsonvillc. Ind. 

Hatfield. Sidney Basil 

Born Mend Co., Kv., Jan. 30. 1842; LL. B. 
1866; A. M. 1867; Lawyer; Clerk Circuit Court; 
ProsecutinR Atty.; Member Masons and Odd 
Fellows. S. E. Cor. Opera House.; res. 1011 
E. Main St.. Boonvillc, Ind. 

Hurll)crt, Lewis Gordon* 

Ltnnber. d. Dec. 23, 1913. 

Mellette, Arthur Calvin* 

A B. ; A. M.: LL. B.; Governor South Dakota, 
d. May 25, 1896, Watertown, S. Dak. 




Parks. Milton Hite* 

LL. B.; Lawyer. Martiiisvilk-, Ind. 

Ranisev. Rufus Xewton* 

A. B.: A. M.: Banker, d. Nov. 11, 1894, 
Carlisle, III. 

Easley, George \\'Oodson, 

LL.B.; I.awver. 87 Laclede Bldg., St. Louis, 

Gorman, Ellis Stone* 

n. S.; Lawyer, d. May 15. 1892, St. Paul, 

Hamilton. Eli Iloise* 

A. B. Care \V. K. Hamilton, Terre Haute, 


Robinson. Seth* 

Lawyer, d. Sept. 16, 1878, San Francisco, Gal. 

Ball, ^^'illiam Creighton 

Born Terre Haute, Ind.; A. B. 1868 Amherst 
Coll.: Alpha Delta Phi and Phi Beta Kappa 
(Amherst); Journalist (retired); Trustee Ind. 
Boys' School and Ind. State Farm; Pres. Bd. 
of Polytechnic Inst.; Pres. Soc. for Organizing 
Charity; Pres. Terre Haute Chapter, Am. Red 
Cross; Author of many editorials in Terre 
Haute Dailv Evening Gasette. Room 14, Beach 
Block: res. 1138 S. 5th St., Terre Haute, Ind. 

Barr. William Wills 

Born Centre Co., Pa.; LL. B. 1867; Lawyer; 
Master in Chancery: States Atty.; Member 
Legislature; Tudge County Court; Dist. Atty. 
for Illinois Central R. R. Co. (for 25 yrs.); 
Member Masons; Knights of Honor; Am. Order 
L'nited Workmen. 100'^ Illinois St.; res. 608 
S. Normal Ave , Carbondale, 111. 

Cantrell, Robert Jefferson* 

Merchant, d. Oct. 29, 1867, Benton, lU. 

Harbert, William Soesbe 

Initiated by 111. Beta 1864. 

Kenton, James Edgar* 

LL. B.;'Lawyer. d.^Dec. 3, 1897, Springfield, 

McMinn, Theodore Joseph 

Lawyer. (San Antonio, Texas). 

Powell. Henry Lycurgus 

Farmer. 'Newcastle, Ind.) 

Robinson, William Brytone 

LL. B. 1867; Farmer. 825 Busseron St., 
\'incennes, Ind. 

Wilbanks. Robert Abraham Davis* 

Charter Member 111. Beta; Affiliated 111. Beta 
1867. d. 1903, Washington, D. C. 


Dupuv, Rowland Thomas* 

Ranchman, d. Sept. 26, 1913. 

Moore, William Henry 

Lawyer. (264 Arcade, East St. Louis, 111.) 

Overstreet, Gabriel Monroe* 

LL. B.; Lawyer, d. Nov. 2, 1897, Franklin, 


Mahan, Samuel Early 

B. S. 1869; Assistant Claim Agent, Twin City 
Rapid Transit Co. (Res. 603 Fuller St., St. 
Paul, Minn.) 

Nutt, Cyrus Newland* 

A. B.;'a. M.; M. D.; Physician, d. Dec. 23, 
1884, New Albany, Ind. 

Owen, William Henry 

Banker (New Ilarniciny, Ind.) 


Bain. James Gallagher 

LL. B. 1870; Insurance. (Martinsville, Ind.) 

Buttz, Samuel Dennison 

Born Liberty, Adams Co., 111.; A. B. 1870; 
A. M. 1873; Farmer. R. F. D. No. 2, Colum- 
bus, Ind. 

Dunn, Samuel Harrison* 

Lawyer, d. Jan. 17, 1884, Spencer, Ind. 

Quick, Samuel Thompson 

'"' Born Columbus, Ind.; A. B. 1870; M. D. 
1879 Eclectic Med. College (Cincinnati, Ohio); 
Physician; Affiliated Ind. Gamma 1870. Rhol- 
ing Blk., Linden St.; res. 329 S. College Ave., 
Fort Collins, Colo. 

Ward, William Riley* 

Banker, d. March 10, 1905, Benton, 111. 


Baker, Joseph Havens* 

M. D.; Physician, d. Dec. 16, 1893, Lafayette, 

Cantrell, William Scott* 

Born Benton, 111.; Lawyer; Chrmn. R. R. and 
Warehouse Commis., 111.; States Attorney, d. 
July 16, 1914. 

Dalton, Samuel 

LL. B.; Lawyer. (Winfield, Kans.) 

Grimes, Albert Logan* 

LL. B.; Lawyer, d. Dec. 1, 1872, Mt. Vernon, 

Hicks, William T. 

Born Orange Co., Ind., Sept. 1, 1850; Retired; 
Clerk Circuit Court; Financial Agent, Ind. 
Univ. 625 N. Walnut St., Bloomington, Ind. 

Kochenour, David Archer 

Born Harrison, Co., Ind.; A. B. 1871; Phi 
Delta Phi; Athenian Soc; Lawyer; Judge, 
Jackson Circuit Court. 114 Main St.; res. 131 
Walnut St., Brownstown, Ind. 

Moon, George Robert 

(Address unknown). 

Rinehart, John Kane 

LL. B.; Lawyer. (Bluffton, Ind.) 

Stormont, Gilbert Reiley 

Born Gibson Co., Ind.; Contest Essayist Athen- 
ian Soc; Editor, Literary Work and History 
W'riter; 58th Ind. Regiment, 1861-65; U. S. 
Supervisor of Census, 1880: U. S. Internal 
Revenue Service, 1906-14; Dept. Commander 
Ind. Grand Army of the Republic, 1890-91; 
Commandant Ind. State Soldiers' Home, 1900- 
03: Newspaper Editor, 1873-1901; Compiler and 
Publisher of "Centennial" History of United 
States Presbyterian Church; Member Soc. of 
the Army of the Cumberland. 403 E. Broad- 
way, Princeton, Ind. 

Wilson, Amos Long* 

d. Aug. 1907. 


Donaldson, Frank Clark* 

LL. B.; Charter Member Ind. Eta; Lawyer, d. 
Aug. 7, 1916, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Gent, John Robert 

Merchant and Miller. (Columbus, Ind.) 




Gifford, George Henry 

Born Falmouth, Ind.; A. B. 1872; Lawyer; State 
Senator, 1893-95; Delegate Democratic Natl. 
Convention at Baltimore, 1912; Affiliated with 
Ind. Gamma 1872. 2i/i E. Jefferson St.; res. 
210 N. Main St., Tipton, Ind. 

Hamilton, Elisha Asbury 

Methodist Episcopal Clergyman. (Rosaville, 

JMalott, John Brown 

Born Bedford, Ind., Nov. 28, 1842; B. S. 1872; 
Farmer; Surveyor and Engineer, 14 yrs. ; County 
Auditor, Lawrence Co., Ind., two terms; Au- 
thor of Treatise on Surveying and Engineering; 
Member G. A. R. 1819 H St., Bedford, Ind. 

Parsons, Frank 

Lawyer. (Louisville, Ky.) 

Puett, Samuel Duncan* 

B. S. 18/2; Lawyer, d. May, 1906, Rockville, 

Stanley, William Preston 

Initiated by Ind. Gamma 1869. 


Bradford, Herman Gleason 

Born Westerly, R. I.; Bookkeeper and Man- 
ager. 212 Central Ave.; res. 330 Park Ave., 
Dunkirk, N. Y. 

Dunn. Charles Caleb 

Born Spencer, Owen Co., Ind.; Speculator and 
Farmer. Main St., Stinesville, Ind. 

Edwards, Eli Marshall* 

Farmer, Mitchell, Ind. d. April 20, 1899. 

Fullerton, Alfred Wyatt 

Address unknown. 

Short, Burnett Milton 

Born Springfield, (Lawrence County), Ind.; 

B. S. 1873; LL. B. 1874 Univ. of Mich. (Ann 
Arbor); Class Historian, 1873; Insurance, Gen- 
eral Agent; Mayor of Fredonia; Kans., 1878-79; 
Prosecuting Attorney, Wilson Co., Kans., 1885- 
86; U. S. Commissioner for Kansas, 1880-90. 
Fredonia, Kans. 


Chenoweth, John Andrew* 

Merchant, d. 1906, Shoals, Ind. 

Ellis, William Aaron* 

Farmer, d. June 17, 1876, Hardinsburg, Ind. 

French, James Wilson* 

LL. B. (Honorary). 

Gregory, Beverly* 

Merchant, d. Oct. 30, 1882, Brooklyn, Ind. 


Chenoweth. Daniel Austin 

Born Orange Co., Ind.; Mining; Pres. Bedrock 
Gold Dredging Co. (Colo.). 1115 E. 35th St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Dodds, Samuel Clelland* 

Born at Bloomington, Monroe Co., Ind., Jan. 
28, 1854; Banker; Member Fortnightly and 
Commercial Clubs, d. April 23, 1913, Bloom- 
ington, Ind. 

Robinson, Charles Wesley 

C. E.; Lumber Business, Equitable Bldg. (New 
Orleans, La.) 


Banta. George 

Initiated by 'ind. Delta 1876. 

Ritter, Caleb Anderson 

Born Mooresville, Ind.; M. D. 1877; Honorary 

member Phi Beta Pi Med. Frat.; Class Valedic- 
torian; Physician; Specialty Obstetrics; Exam- 
iner for the following Life Insurance Cos.; 
Franklin Life of Springfield, 111.; The Na- 
tional Life Ins. Co. of U. S. A., Chicago, 111.; 
Security Mutual Life Ins. Co., Binghamton, 
N. Y.; Resident Phys. Ind. General Hospital, 
1877-78; Superintendent, Indianapolis City Dis- 
pensary, 1878-81; Surgeon, Marmaduke Guards, 
Independent Military Co., Kansas City, 1885-86; 
Prof., Obstetrics; Trustee and Treas., University 
Med. College, 1897-1911; Pres. Kansas City 
Acad, of Med., 1905; Attending Obstetrician 
General, German and Christian Church Hospi- 
tals; Author of various papers pertaining to 
Obstetrics; Member Knife and Fork, Comedy, 
and-James Whitcomb Riley Clubs; Mason, 32d 
degree; Member Westminster Cong. Church; 
Fellow Am. Coll. of Surgeons; Member Jackson 
County Medical .See; Kansas City Academy of 
Medicine; Missouri State Medical, Southwest 
Medical, Southern Medical and American Medi- 
cal Assns. 702 Bryant Bldg.; res. Lucerne 
Hotel, Linwood and Harrison Blvds., Kansas 
City, Mo. 


Baker, Eli Club 

Architect. (Worth St., Dallas, Texas.) 

Speck, Richard Dennis 

Born Kansas City, Kans.; A. B. 1877; City 
Ticket Agent. Union Pacific R. R., Kansas 
City, Mo.; Mason. 901 Walnut St., Kansas 
City, Mo.; res. 718 Washington Blvd., Kansas 
City, Kans. 

Wvlie, Theodore William John 

A. B.; Clerk. (Frankfort, Ky.) 


Baker. William Henry 

.'\rchitect. (648 N. Harwood St., Dallas, 

Ellison, David Hume* 

B. S. ; Superintendent of Schools, d. Nov. 25, 
1898, Mitchell, Ind. 

Foster, Alexander Gwyn* 

Born Evansville, Ind.; A. B. 1878; M. A. 1878; 
LL. B. 1878. d. Evansville, Ind., Dec. 22, 

Rogers, Leonidas De Wit Clinton - 

Born Bloomington, Ind.; B. S. 1878; Philo- 
mathcan; Insurance; Clerk Monroe Circuit 
Court; Member Knights of Pythias; Masons; 
Odd Fellows; Red Men; Historical Soc. of 
Monroe Co. W. Kirkwood Ave.; res. 5li E. 
Smith Ave., Bloomington, Ind. 


Anderson, Albert R. 

Born Elizabethtown, Ind.; Shipper. Elizabeth- 
town, Ind. 

Dehaven (Samuel Eberle) 
Duncan, Robert Cameron* 

Teacher, d. Oct. 6, 1886, Princeton, Ind. 

Hunter, Frank Eckley 

A. B. 1879; A. M. 1883; LL. B. 1882 Central 
Law School; Lawyer; County Judge, El Paso 
Co., Texas, 1892-96. 201 City Natl. Bank 
Bldg.; res. 706 Mesa Ave., El Paso, Texas. 

McClaskey, John Edgar* 

A. B.; Lawyer, d. April 24, 1905, La Grangre, 

Pence, Charles R[ollin] 

Born Miami Co., Ind.; .\. 15. 1879 Yale; Com- 
mencement .\i)pointment. Vale, 1879; Attorncy- 
at-Law; \'.-Pres. Mo. Valley Historical Soc; 
Prosecuting .\tty. 27tli Judicial Dist. of Ind., 
1884-86; Republican Candidate for Circuit 




Tvuige, 5th Circuit of Mo., 1902; Progressive 
Cnn'diiiate, 191J; Contributor to American Law 
Rt~:-iitf and Central Law Journal; Member 
City Club; Mo. State Bar and Kansas City Bar 
Assns. ; Master Mason Southampton Lodge No. 
547. 1117 Commerce Bldg. ; res. 210 Linewood 
Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Shirlev, Jasper Xewton 

Alfalfa a"nJ Life Insurance. (R. F. D. No. 1, 
West Newton, Iml.) 

Hawlev. William Harry 

Born'College Corner. Ohio; A. B. 1880; M. D. 
1SS5; Physician. College Corner. Ohio. 

W'eatlierlv. Albert* 

B. S. 1880; Merchant, d. Oct. 5, 1911, Emporia, 

Banta. Charles* 

A. B.; Initiated by Ind. Delta 1881. 

Forbes. Lealdas Stuart 

LL. B.; Dcputv County Auditor; Affiliated Ind. 
Zeta 1895. (Blooniington, Ind.) 

Gallion. Charles McCarty* 

d. Oct. 6, 1878, Brookville, Ind. 

Mills. Oliver Hadley 

Born Mooresville. Ind.; Farmer and Breeder 
of Guernsey Cattle; Member Ind. Guernsey 
Breeders' and Ind. State Dairymen's Assn. 
R. F. D. No. 2, Mooresville, Ind. 

Shirk. John C. 

Born 'Brookville, Ind. March 14, 18S8; A. B. 
1881; Athenian Lit. Soc; Banker and Manu- 
facturer; Pres. Brookville Public Library; Pres. 
Brookville Business MenV .Assn.; Member- 
Brookville Historical Soc; Treas., Ind. Bankers 
Assn.; Member Centennial Committee; Member 
Brooki,'ille Saturday Club; Masons (Shrtner and 
Scottish Rite). 500 Main St.; res. 1100 N. 
Main St., Brookville, Ind. 


Foster, John T. 

Born Monroe Co., Ind. ; Insurance. Rogers- 
Mefford Bldg.; res. 116 S. Washington St., 
Bloomington, Ind. 

Miilky, Frank Lewis 

Born Bloomington. Ind.; B. Lit. 1882; Oil 
Producer and Refiner; Member Oklahoma City 
Golf and Country Clubs. Colcord Bldg.; res. 
201 W. 14th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Williams, James Robert 

^L D.; Physician and Surgeon. (Box 43, Dan- 
ville, 111.) 


Edson, Eben Darwin* 

d. Nov. 15, 1897, Mt. Vernon, Ind. 

Goodwin, Clarence La Rue 

Initiated by Ind. Gamma 1882. 

Xesbit, James Proctor 

Abstracts and Loans. Box 219, Jackson, Miss. 

Ogle, Frederick Henry 

Farmer. Prairieton, Ind. 

Palmer, Wallace Cromwell 

Born Stark Co., Ohio; Superintendent of 
Schools. 402 N. College Ave., Bloomington, 

Randall, Charles Francis* 

M. D.; Physician, d. Oct. 6, 1886, Princeton, 

Wallingford, William Allen* 

Stockman, d. Bloomington, Ind. 

White, Lemuel Burpe 

(Cincinnati, Ohio). 


P.radfute, Oscar Edwin 

Born near Cedarvil'e, Ohio; A. B. 1884; Philo- 
mathcan; Orator, Feb. 22, 188.^; Farmer and 
Fine Stock Breeder; Trustee, Ohio Agricultural 
F.xperinunt Station, 1902-05; Ohio State Uni- 
versity since 1912; Greene County Children's 
Home since 1912; Member Executive Committee 
and Dir. International Live Stock Exposition 
since 1900; Contributor of numerous articles in 
Live Stock Journals and Magazines; Member 
Cedarville Community Club. R. F. D. No. 5, 
*Xcnia, Ohio. 

Bradfute, Samuel Walter 

Editor. (Bloomington. Ind.) 

Crandall, John William* 

d. June 25, 1887, Mooresville, Ind. 

Gibson, Joha Burton 

Physician. (Mitchell, Ind.) 

Ramsey, Samuel Gilmore* 

B. L.; Druggist, d. Jan. 29, 1894, College 
Corner, Ohio. 

Roache, Addison Locke 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Retired; Member Na- 
tional GeograpTiic Red Cross and Audubon 
Socs. 308 S. 3d St., Alhambra, Cal. 

Shirk, James Andrew 

Born Brookville, Ind.; Banker: Pres. Citizens* 

Natl. Bank of Delphi. Delphi, Ind. 

Smalley, John Goudie* 

M. D. d. Oct. 12, 1896, Brookville, Ind. 

Soliday, Horace Foster 

(Address unknown). 

Spivey, Adam Vinage* 

State -Agent for A. Buchs Sons Co. of Eliza- 
bethtown, Pa. d. Dec. 21, 1912, Rushville, Ind. 

Wilson, Thomas 'William 

Born New Harmony, Ind., Oct. 18, 1860; B. L. 
1884: M. D. 1887 Miami Med. Coll.; Capt. 
Baseball .Assn., 1884; Physician and Surgeon; 
Member Ind. State and Am. Medical Assns. 
23 E. Church St.; res. 84 E. Granery St., New 
Harmony, Ind. 


Arnott, Frank Gilmore 

With American Express Co. (Decatur, 111.) 

Clugston, Philemon Harry* 

Lawyer, d. Columbia City, Ind. 

Dillon, Andrew Judson 

Born Indiana; Insurance; V.-Pres. Trust Natl. 
Bank; Member Co'.umbus Club; Rochester Golf 
Club; Fire Underwriters Assn. of the North- 
west. 1104 S. Main St., Rochester, Ind. 

Dodds, William James 

Clerk. (Bloomington, Ind.) 

Dye, William Holton 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Attorney-at-Law; 
Farmer; Prominent in Ind. politics as one 
of the leading Progressives; Natl. Committee- 
man, Ind. for Progressive Party, 1915-16 
Organized Hughes Alliance in Ind., 1916; 
Member Ind. State Bar Assn.; Nat. Conserva- 
tion Assn.; Ind. Soc. of Chicago; Art. Assn. 
of Indianapolis; Columbia Commercial, Drama- 
tic and Das Deutsche Haus Clubs. 706 Newton 
Claypool Bldg.. Indianapolis; res. Riverwood 
Farm, Noblesville, Ind. 

Goodwin, John M. 

Initiated by Ind. Gamma 1884. 

Griffith, Elmer Ellsworth* 

A. B.; Associate Professor of English. Univer- 
sity of Indiana, d. Feb. 15, 1900, Blooming- 
ton, Ind. 




Haklerman, Jacob 

Born Eaton, Ohio; Traveling Passenger Agent, 
Wabash Ry. Co.; Affiliated Kans. Alpha 1885. 
68 W. Adams St.; res. Ontario Hotel, 620 N. 
State St., Chicago, 111. 

Holland, William Horatio 

Born Leesville, Ind.. JNIarch 27, 1864; Com- 
mercial Traveler and Stockholder, Smith-Wal- 
lace Shoe Co. of Chicago, 111. 537 E. 32d St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Hiitto, Milton Waymon* 
Northcott, Robert S.* 

Insurance, Bloomington, Ind. d. April 11, 

Smith, Nelson T. 

D. D. S.; Dentist. (Pierceton, Ind.) 

Thomson, Benjamin Franklin 

Merchant. (Larwill, Ind.) 


Baker, Frank William 

M. D.; Physician. (4304 Grand Boulevard, 
Chicago, 111.) 

Gant, Henry Newton* 

Initiated by Ind. Delta 1886. 

Heiney, Joseph Elias Alvin 

Born Andrews, Ind.; Ph. B. 1886; Philomath- 
ean Lit. Soc; Contest Debate, 1883; Valedictor- 
ian, 1885; Philomathean Delegate to State 
Oratorical Assn., 1884; Farmer. Monrovia, 

Howe, Warren Dibble 

Born Patriot, Ind.; M. D. 1895 Chicago Homeo- 
pathic Med. Coll.; Philomathean Soc; Treas- 
urer, William D. Gibson Co. 500 W. Huron 
St.; res. 6020 Kenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Langdon, Leonard Coles 

Born Vincennes, Ind.; Traveling Salesman, 
Sclby Shoe Co. Portsmouth, Ohio; res. Vin- 
cennes, Ind. 

Shirk, George McClelland 

Born Franklin, Ind.; Manufacturer; Pres. 
Shirk Refrigerator Co.; Member 111. Athletic 
Club; Indiana Soc. (Chicago); Cork County 
Real Estate Bd. 116 S. Michigan Blvd.; res. 
4628 Lake Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Spivey, Martin Van 

Born Orange, Fayette Co., Ind.;. Secretary Co- 
operative Telephone Co.; Rushville City Treas. 
6 yrs. 321 N. Main St.; res. 715 N. Jackson 
St., Rushville, Ind. 

Wells, John Carr 

Born Indiana; A. B. 1886; Real Estate. 431 
E. 4lh St., Bloomington, Ind. 


Fesler, James William 

Initiated by Ind. Delta 1887. 

Floyd, George Gregg 

(Address unknown). 

Hunter, George Dow 

Assistant General Passenger and Ticket Agent, 
T. 6t f;. N. Ry. (Palestine, Texas). 

Lancaster, William Elton 

Born South Whitley; Stock Raising and Farm- 
ing. R. K. No. 3, S. Whitley, Ind. 

Marsh, Ernest 

Traveling Salesman. (Chadron, Nebr.) 

Newland, Robert C. 

Born New Albany, Ind., 1866; A. B. 1887; 
Literary Snc.; Teacher of French, East Side 
High School; Member Denver Athletic Club. 
East Side High School; res. 701 E. 14th Ave., 
Denver, Colo. 

Wallheiser, Wendell Phillips* 

Manufacturer, d. March- 12, 1897. Bedford, 


Bradford, Walter Sheridan 

Farmer. (Holyoke, Colo.) 

DuBois, George McClellan 

(Boonville, Ind.) 

Foster, Frank Brown 

Clergyman. (Omaha, Nebr.) 

Foster, Samuel* 

Farmer, d. Sept. 10, 1895, Villa Vista, La. 

Foster, William Harper* 

United Presbyterian Clergyman, d. July 24, 
1890, Morning Sun, Ohio. 

Halderman, Albert Edward 

District Superintendent Western Weighing and 
Inspection Bureau. 510 Mitchell Bldg., Mil- 
waukee. Wis. 

Jarett, Charles Allen* 

Teacher, d. October 23, 1890, Ditney, Ind. 

Orchard, Harry Dale 

Accountant. (Bloomington, Ind.) 

Shields, Meede Mitchell 

Born Sevmour, Ind., March 6, 1868; Merchant 
Tailor; Member B. P. O. E. Lodge No. 906 
(Santa Monica). 414 W. 6th St.; res. 1464 
Bellevue Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Stalker, Elbert Jeter 

Initiated by Ind. Delta 1887. 


Beldon, Alfred Herbert 

Born Brownstown, Ind.; A. B. 1889; Real Es- 
tate and Insurance. 100^ W. 6th St.; res. 
121 E. 7th St., Blooomington, Ind. 

Burson, George Lowry 

Lawyer. (Winamac, Ind.) 

Fesler, Bert 

Born Franklin; Ind.; .\. B. 1889; Philomathean 
Lit. Soc; Judge District Court, 11th Judicial 
District of Minnesota: City Attorney of Du- 
luth, 1904-08, 1910-12. Court House; res. 6019 
Tioga St., Duluth, Minn. 

Holmes, William Wallace 

Born Howe. Ind.; A. B. 1889; LL. B. 1895; 
Baseball; Football; Lawyer. 511 Phoenix St.; 
res. 315 Pearl St., South Haven, Mich. 

Honan, Thomas Michael 

Initiated by Ind. Epsilon 1889. 

Ireland, Charles Albertus 

Born Brownstown, Ind.; Teacher. Browns- 
town, Ind. 

King, Russell 

Born Des Moines, Iowa; A. B. 1889; Secretary- 
Treasurer, King Koffee Ko. ; V.-Prcs. Creeksidc 
Realty Co.; Sec. to Charles W. Fairbanks, 
Vice-Pres. of the United States, 1905-09; Mem- 
ber Marion, Rotary and Indianapolis Canoe 
Clubs; Mystic 'lie Lod^e; Member Cliamber of 
Commerce. 339 E. Market St.; res. 3512 Ever- 
green Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Lyons, Robert Edward 

Born Bloomfuld, Ind.; A. B. 1889; A. M. 1890; 
Ph. D. 1894 Heidelberg; Professor of Chemistry 
and Head of Dept., Ind. Univ.; Author "Qualita- 
tive Analysis"; Joint Author "Toxicological 
Analysis." Indiana University; res. 630 E. 3d 
St., Bloomington, Ind. 




Mitchell. James Lewis 

Horn Imiianapolis. Ind.; A. B. 1889; LL. B. 
1S91 I'niv. of Mich.: Lit. Soc; 
Glee Club (I'niv. of Mich.); lawyer; Member 
Indiana Democratic and Indianapolis Whist 
Clubs. 21618 Ind. Trust BIdg.; res. 558 Mid- 
dle Drive. Woodruff PI.. Indianapolis. Ind. 

Moss. Frederick X'ictor 

Born Xoblesville. Ind.; A. B. 1889; M. S. 
IS'JO Cornell Univ.; Farmer. R. F. D. No. 1, 
Washougal. Wash. 

Nichols. Henry Ashley 

Physician. (South Milford, Ind.) 

Richards. William Franklin 

Farmer. (Ewing. Ind.) 

\\'ilsev. Robert Flmer 

With Rudolph, Kleybolte & Co. (27 Pine St., 
New York, N. Y.; res. Montclair, N. J.) 


Cravans. William Routt 

Physician. (Bloomington, Ind.) 

Hope. Charles Frankhn 

Born Coatesville, Ind.; M. D. 1896; Physician. 
Coatesville, Ind. 

Rouff, Henry Woldmar 

B. A.; D.'C. L..; Journalist. (Nashville, 

Shields, Frederick Bruce 

Born Seymour, Ind.; R. R. Conductor. 3400 
Michigan Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

\\'acker. Alexander Henry 

Cashier, Mo. Pac. Ry. 4353 Belle PI., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Welman, Salem Paris 

Lawyer. (Endicott Bldg., St. Paul, Minn.) 


Bamberger, Ralph 

Born Indianapolis; A. B. 1891; LL. B. Indiana 
Law School; Lawyer; Member Ind. House of 
Representatives, 1903; Member Indianapolis and 
Marion Clubs; German House; Chamber of 
Commerce. 806 Merchants Bank Bldg.; res. 
2937 Washington Blvd., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Cubberley Ellwood P. 

Born Andrews, Ind.; A. B. 1891; A. M. 1902 
Columbia Univ.; Ph. D. 1905 do.; Professor of 
Education, Leiand Stanford Jr. Univ.; Pres, 
Vincennes Univ. (Ind.), 1893-96; Superinten- 
dent of San Diego City Schools, 1896-98; With 
Stanford Univ. since 1898; Author "Changing 
Conceptions of Education;" "Certification of 
Teachers"; "Rural Life and Education, " etc. 
Stanford Univ.; res. 12 Cabrillo Ave., Palo 
Alto, Cal. 

Elrod, Walter De Witt 

Born near Coatesville. Ind.; Lawyer. 109i/^ W. 
6th St.; res. 400 North Grand Ave., Okmulgee, 

French, Walter Wilson 

Lawyer. (3005 Cass St., St. Louis, Mo.) 

Hargan. James Edward 

Merchant. (Madison, Ind.) 

Pendleton, George Horatio 

Born Nineveh, Ind.; A. B. 1891; M. D. 1897 
Physician and Surgeon; Prof, of Physiology 
Central Colkge of Physicians and Surgeons 
1899-1902. 217 W. 18th St. and 1003 Hume 
Mansur Bldg.; res. 19 W. 22d St., Indianapolis, 

Tavlor, Charles Henry* 

'm. D.; Physician, d. Jan. 8, 1908, South 
Bend, Ind. 

Tyner, Elmer Ellsworth* 

Initiated by Ind. Delta 1891. 

Yakey, Joseph William 

County Clerk. (Bloomfield, Ind.) 


Breedlove. David Corey 

Stockman. (Newton Claypool Bldg., Zioni- 
villc, Ind.) 

Foster, Dow Burgess 

Born Bloomington, Monroe Co., Ind.; Philo- 
mathcan; Pres. Class, 1892; Farmer; Chrmn. 
Monroe County Farmers Inst.; Dir. Chamber 
of Commerce; Member Horticultural Soc. 
R. F. D. No. 1, Bloomington, Ind. 

Garshwiler, William Province 

Initiattd by Ind. Delta 1892. 

Jones, Edgar Posey 

Born Milton, Ind.; Salesman; Pres. Wayne 
County Sunday School Assn.; Member Travel- 
lers' Protective Assn. Milton, Ind. 

King, Hoyt 

Born Danville, Ind., April 12, 1870; LL. B. 
1892; Lawyer; Sec. Municipal V'oters League, 
1895-98 Sec. Citizens' Assn.. 1900-01; Sec. 
Legislative Voters League, 1901-03; Township 
Collector, New Trier Township; Member City, 
Union League, Ouilmette Country and Law 
Clubs; Chicago Bar Assn. 69 W. Washington 
St., Chicago, 111.; res. 711 Forest Ave., Wil- 
mette. 111. 

Lewis, Ernest Dorman 

Teacher. (87 Austin St., Newtonville, Mass.) 

Province, Clarence 

Initiated by Ind. Delta 1891. 

Wall, John Moore 

Born Clermont, Ind.; A. B. 1892; Lawyer; 
Member Marion Club; Mason. 408 Fidelity 
Trust Bldg.; res. 3353 Kenwood Ave., Indianap- 
olis, Ind. 

Wilson, Eli Pigman 

Born Dunlapsville, Union Co., Ind.; Salesman, 
J. D. Adams and Co. ; Superintendent College 
Corner Union School, 1893-07; County Superin- 
tendent of Schools, 1907-11. 217 S. Belmont 
Ave.; res. Ill E. High St., Liberty, Ind. 


Baumgartner, Otto Charles 

Born Tell City, Ind.; A. B. 1893; M. D. 1897; 
Physician. Walnut St., Rockport, Ind. 

Borders, Warren William* 

Lawyer, d. Winamac, Ind. 

Eaton, Orison Vert 

A. B. 1895 Leiand Stanford Univ.; LL. B. 
1897 Hastings Law School; Lawyer; General 
Attorney for Laughlin's Interests, Los Angeles 
since 1909; Affiliated Cal. Beta 1895. (602 
Laughlin Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal.) 

Feibleman, Isidore 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; A. B. 1893; LL. B. 
1895; Pres. Ind. State Oratorical Assn.; Law- 
yer; Pres. Indianapolis Masonic Temple Assn., 
1911-16; Member German House; Chamber of 
Commerce; Indianapolis Bar and Indiana 
Bar Assns. ; Marion and Indianapolis Clubs. 
806 Merchants Bank Bldg.; res. 2315 N. Penn 
Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

F'itzgerald, Frank Northrop 

Lawyer. (Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Miller, Robert Grant 

Born Tippecanoe Co., Ind.; LL. B. 1893; Foot- 
ball, 1891; Lawyer; Prosecuting Attorney; 
Delegate Republican National Convention, 1916. 
509 W. Kirkwood Ave., Bloomington, Ind. 




Patten, William Thomas 

Born Sullivan, Ind.; A. B. 1893; Real Estate; 
Deputy County Auditor, Marion Co., 1908-11, 
1912-15; Member Chamber of Commerce. 1459 
Lexington Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Stoops, Harry Martin 

Born Brookville, Franklin County," Ind. ; A. B. 
1893; Farmer. Brookville, Ind. 

Taylor, Isham 

Born Yankeetown, Ind.; A. B. 1893; LL. B. 
1895; Pres. Indiana Athletic Assn.; Farmer; 
Member 63d General Assembly; Trustee, An- 
derson, Warwick Co., 6 years; Delegate In- 
diana Democratic State Convention; Affiliated 
Ind. Zeta 1893. R. F. D., No. 15, Newburgh, 

Watts, George 

Born Knightstown, Ind.; Manager Knightstown 
Telephone Co.; Member firm Watts & Marks, 
Gas Well Contractors; Member Columbia Club; 
Masons, Indianapolis Commandery; Knights 
Templar. W. Main St.; res. N. Jefferson St., 
Knightstown, Ind. 


Brown, Walter Townsend 

Born Owen County, Ind.; A. B. 1894; A. M. 
1900; Abstracter of Titles; Journalist; Clerk 
and Treasurer Town of Bloomfield; Treasurer, 
School Board; Secretary, Carnegie Public Li- 
brary Board. Bloomfield, Ind. 

Butler, Amos William 

Born Brookville, Ind., Oct. 1, 1860; A. B. 
1894; A. M. 1900; LL. D. 1915 Hanover; Phi 
Beta Kappa and Sigma Psi; Owen Scientific 
Club; Secretary Indiana Board of State Chari 
ties since 1897; Zoologist; Pres. National Con 
ference of Charities and Corrections, 1896-97 
Pres. Am. Prison Assn., 1909-10; Chrmn. Am 
Committee on International Prison Congress 
1910; V.-Pres. International Prison Congress 
1910; Fellow Am. Assn. for the Advancemen* 
of Science; Sec. Section of Anthropology, 1886 
V.-Pres., 1900; Section Biology, 1889; Council 
1890; Genl. Sec, 1891; Founder of Indiana 
Academy of Science, 1885 (Sec. until 1893, v.- 
pres., 1894; pres., 1895); Author of "Birds 
of Indiana," and over 100 Papers on Natural 
History and Sociological Subjects; Member 
Ind. Univ. Alumni; Indianapolis Literary, 
and Century Clubs; Member Chamber of Com- 
merce. Room 93, State House, Indianapolis; 
res. 52 Downey Ave., Irvington, Ind. 

Crow, William Dixon 

Lawyer. (Petersburg, Ind.) 

Davis, Georg-e Burgess 

Initiated by Ind. Gamma 1890. 

Fortune, James William 

Born Lexington, Scott County, Ind., 1864; LL. 
B. 1894; Lawyer; Judge, Clark Circuit Court. 
524 W. Front St., Jeffersonville, Ind. 

Giles, Joe Thomas 

Born Monroe County, Ind.; A. B. 1894; A. M. 
1902; Phi Beta Kappa; Superintendent of City 
Schools, Richmond, Ind. High School Bldg.; 
res. 301 S. Fifteenth St., Richmond, Ind. 

Griffith, Ulysses Jackson 

Superintendent of Schools. (Shawnee, Okla.) 

ITieronymus, Arthur 

Born Franklin, Ind.; A. B. 1894; Physician; 
Health Officer, Alameda; Member Apollo 
Lodge, F. and A. M., No. 396; Oakland Con- 
sistory, No. 2; Scottish Rite; Alameda Lodge, 
No. 1015; B. P. O. E. 1361 Park St.; res. 831 
Laurel St., Alameda, Cal. 

Lemon, Clement Charles 

Bacteriologist. (Clinton, Miss.) 

Martin, Joseph Lemmon 

Special Agent Am. Telephone and Telegraph 
Co. (805 Fourth National Bank Bldg., Cincin- 
nati, Oliio.) 

Rhodes. Jeremiah Milton 

Born Point Pleasant, Ohio; A B. 1894; A. M. 
1898 Harvard; Ph. D. 1913 Milton; Phi Delta 
Theta Lit. Soc; Mathematics; Business Mgr., 
Arbutus, 1894; Prizes in Essay and Debate; Su- 
perintendent City Schools; Author numerous 
Articles on Education; Member Masonic Blue 
Lodge and Commandery; Twilight Board of 
Trade. 524 Chamber of Commerce Bldg.; res. 
195 S. Hill St., Pasadena, Cal. 

Robinson, Lee Lamar 

Born Chestnut Hill, Washington County, Ind., 
May 16, 1872; Newspaper Correspondent; Au- 
thor of "The Reporter's Primer"; Member Na- 
tional Press Club. 402 Riggs Bldg.; res. 1311 
K St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Taylor, Lewis 

Initiated by Ind. Zeta 1891. 


Carlton, Joseph Michael* 

Insurance, d. July 22, 1898, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Compton, Charles Emmet 

Born Elkhart, Ind., Jan. 15, 1871; A B. 1895; 
LL. B. 1896; Phi Delta Phi; Football Team, 
1893; 2d place in Oratorical Contest, 1894; 
Asst. Instructor in Athletics, 1893; Attorney-at- 
Law; Deputy District Attorney, City and County 
of Denver; Corporation Counsel in Secretary 
of State's Office; Deputy District Attorney, 4th 
Judicial District, Teller County; Member Dem- 
ocratic Club; Alumni Assn.; A. F. and A M. 
602 E. and C. Bldg.; res. 65 W. Cedar St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Greathouse, Charles Ashford 

Born Posey County, Ind.; Mgr. Baseball, 1893; 
Football; Indiana State Superintendent Public 
Instruction; Secretary and Treasurer Bookwal- 
ter-Ball Co.; Trustee First National Bank, Mt. 
Vernon; Pres. People's Bank and Trust Co.; 
County Superintendent Posey County; Member 
Country, University and Democratic Clubs; 
Shriner; Board of Trade. Bookwalter-Ball 
Printing Co.; res. 3160 N. Penn St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind, 

Harbison, William Raymond* 

Teacher. Bloomington, Ind. d. Oct. 8, 1896. 

Leach, Robert William 

Physician. (Portland, Ind.) 

Mason, Elias Ranard 

Born Bloomington. Ind.; A. B. 1895; M. D. 
1905; Physician; President Board of Education 
(Bloomfield) since 1910. Bloomfield, Ind. 

Olin, Nelson Cropsey 

(General Delivery, Station A, Boston, Mass.) 

Vance, Dudley Noble* 

Teacher, d. May 14, 1909. Richmond, Ind. 


Boesinger, John Franklin 

Born La Grange, Ind.; A. B. 1896; LL B. 
1897; Sec. State Oratorical Assn.; Business 
Mgr. Arbutus. 1896; Attorney; Deputy Prose- 
cuting Attorney, La Grange County, Ind., 1899- 
1906. 806 Merchants' Bank Bldg.; res 3036 
Central Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Ellis, Horace 

Initiated Ind. Gamma 1887. 

Funk, Austin 

Born Corydon, Ind.: A. B. 1896; M. D. 1900 
Univ. of Louisville; I'hi Chi; Physician, Eye, 
Ear, Nose and Throat; Affiliated Ind. Zeta 
1896. 404 Spring St.. Tcfrersonville. Ind, 




Gifford, Allen William 

Rom Tipton. Iiul., luly ol. 1873; A. B. 1896; 
M. D. 1901; rhvsici;in, eye, ear, nose and 
throat. 610 Landers BIdg.; res. 920 Concord 
St., Springfield, Mo. 

Kahl, Edwin 

Initiated by Ind. Zcta 1896. 

Krenipp, Conrad Lewis 

Lawyer. (690 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.) 

McGinnis, Homer Levi 

Born ClovcrJale. Ind.; LL. B. 1892 De Pauw 
Univ.; Lawyer; Prosecuting Attorney; Member 
Indiana Legislature, 1909-11: County Attorney; 
Member Indiana Democratic Club; Masonic 
connections. N. Main St.; res. 649 E. Wash- 
ington St., Martinsville, Ind. 

Deere, John Harvey 

Born Waveland, Ind.; A. B. 1897; D. D. 1911; 
Clergyman; Pastor First Baptist Church; Mem- 
ber Executive Commission, Northern Cal. Bap- 
tist State Convention Bd. ; Member Bd. Univ. 
of Redlands; Author, "Short Life of Joel Gar- 
rett Deere"; Member Rotary Club. 1725 Jay 
St., Fresno, Cal. 

Edmunds, Charles Wallis 

Born Bridport, Dorset, England; M. D. 1901; 

A. B 1904 Univ. of Mich.; Nu Sigma Nu; 
Sigma Xi; Hon. Scientific Soc. ; Alpha Omega 
Alpha; Professor Materia Medica and Thera- 
peutics. Univ. of Mich.; Secretary Univ. of 
Mich. Med. School-: Member Committee of Re- 
vision of U. S. Pliarmacopoeia, Edition IX; 
joint Author, "Edmunds and Cushing Labora- 
torv Guide in Pharmacol."; Member Soc. for 
Pharmacolosv and Experimental Therapeutics; 
Am Physiological Soc; Assoc. Member Soc. of 
Am! Physicians; Soc. of Experimental Biology 
and Medicine. Univ. of Mich.; res. 1619 Cam-, 
bridge Rd.. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Hudson, Charles Rollin 

Christian Clergyman. (Frankfort, Ky.) 

Mendenhall, Edgar 

Initiated Ind. Delta 1895. 

Rodecker, Thaddeus Wilson 

Born Tremont, 111., June 8, 1872; LL. B. 1897; 

B. S. 1895 Eureka Coll.; LL. M. 1898 Chicago 
Law School; Periclesian Lit. Soc. (Eureka 
Coll.) ; Circus General Agent and Traffic Mana- 
ger; Receiver Pekin and Petersburg Tnterurban 
Ry., 1913-14; Member Elks Club; Showman's 
League of America (Chicago). 343 S. 4th St., 
Pekin, 111. 

Ruby, Edward Ernest 

Born Cambridge, Ind.; A. B. 1897; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Professor of Latin and Dean of Lan- 
guage Group, W^hitman College. Walla Walla, 

Woods, Charles A. 

Born Svracuse, Ind.; A. B. 1897; President 
Mobile Beach and Land Co.; Member F. and A. 
M. Lodge, No. 454, Syracuse, Ind.; Royal Arch 
Lodge, No. 5, Indianapolis. 103-104 Occidental 
Bldg.; res. 2526 N. New Jersey St., Indianap- 
olis, Ind. 

Woolery, Homer 

Born Harrodsburg, Ind.; A. B. 1897; M. D. 
1907; Physician. Gentry Block; res. 515 S. 
Fess Ave., Bloomington, Ind. 


Cauble, William Commodore 

Born Campbellsbur^, Ind.; A. B. 1898; M. D. 
1901; Physician; Visiting Physician, Samaritan 
Hospital and Brooklyn Baptist Orphanage. 
1664 E. 14th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Fear, Carl 

Born Tipton, Ind.; A. B. 1898; Sec.-Treas., 

Fear-Cain|il)eil Co. Bunnell and Ohio Sts., 
I'rankfort, Ind. 

Hammond, Frank- 
Deputy Revenue Collector. (Hammond, Ind.) 

Hughes, Louis William 

Born Bloomington, Ind., May 13, 1876; A. B. 
1898; D. D. S. 1901 Central Dental Coll.; Man- 
ager, Hughes Bros. Lumber Co.; V.-Pres. Mu- 
tual Bldg. and Loan .Xssn.; Dir. Retail Lumber 
Dealers Assn.; See. and Treas Hughes Bros. 
Co.; Member Masons, 32d degree; Shriner; 
Knights of Pythias and Commercial Club. 703 
E. 7th St., Bloomington, Ind. 

Hunter, Paul Foskett 

Born Bloomington, Ind.; Glee Club, 1896-97; 
Associate Editor, The Sheboygan Press; 1st 
V.-Pres. Natl. City Editors' Assn.; 1st Pres. 
* Wisconsin City Editors' Assn. ; Member Sheboy- 
gan, Rotary and Fraternity Clubs; Elks; K. of 
P. 725 Center Ave.; res. 922 N. 4th St., She- 
boygan, Wis. 

Kennedy, William Harrison 

Born Shelbyville, Ind.; M. D. 1903; Physician. 
10 S. West St.; res. 169 W. Washington St., 
Shelbyville, Ind. 

Province, Oran Arnold 

Initiated by Ind. Delta 1898. 

Rhodes, Noble Gregory* 

Dentist, d. June, 1899, St. Louis, Mo. 

Scholl, Joseph Hiram 

Born Lyons Station, Ind.; A. B. 1898; Pres. 
Y. M. C. A. (State. Normal); Delegate, Student 
Conference at Lake Geneva 1892; Superinten- 
dent of City Schools; Pres. of Library Bd.; Sec. 
Chautauqua Assn.; Member Natl. Educational 
Assn.; Natl. Soc. for Study of Educ; English 
Lutheran Church; F. and A. M. and Odd Fel- 
lows. 635 N. Jackson St., Rushville, Ind. 

Smith, Henry Lester 

Born Bloomington, Ind.; A. B. 1898; A. M. 
1899; A. M. 1910 Columbia: Ph. D. 1916 do.; 
Dean School of Education, Indiana Univ.; Au- 
thor "Survey of the Public School System of 
Bloomington, Ind." Science Hall, Indiana 
Univ.; res. 215 E. 9th St., Bloomington, Ind. 

Trook, Everett Walter 

Born Marion, Ind.; A. B. 1908; LL. B. Ind. 
Law School; Mgr. Glee Club; Depauw Debating 
Team; Sec, Ind. State Oratorical Assn.; Attor- 
ney-at-Law; Town Attorney (Mathews, Ind.); 
Deputy Prosecuting Atty. (Grant County); 
Member Marion Club. Penn and Market Sts.; 
res. Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Wvlie, Redick Andrew* 

Born Bloomington, Ind.; A. B. 1899; LL. B. 
1900. d. Sept. 30, 1916, Bloomington, Ind. 


Burbank, Glenn Canary 

Born Bloomfield, Ind.; A. B. 1903; D. D. S. 
1903 Northwestern Univ.; Xi Psi Phi; Den- 
tist; V.-Pres. Southern Cal. Dental Assn. and 
Los' Angeles Dental Soc; Sec.-Treas., Long 
Beach Dental Soc; Member B. P. O. E. 221 
Long Beach Bank Bldg.; res. 2111 E. Ocean 
Ave., Long Beach, Cal. 

Edwards, Frank Elder 

Initiated by Ind. Beta 1899. 

Gifford, Glen Jefferson 

Born Tipton, Ind., Sept. 17, 1877; A. B. 1899; 
Lawyer. 2^ E. Jefferson St., Tipton, Ind. 

Karsell, Thomas Galloway 

Born Bloomington, Ind.; Univ. Glee Club; Sec.- 
Treas., Bloomington Milling Co. Bloomington 
Milling Co.; res. 1013 N. College Ave, Bloom- 
ington. Ind. 




Laughlin, Harry Edmond 

Born Scotland, Ind., Aug. 23, 1876; A. B. 1899; 
LL. B. 1901; Phi Delta Phi; Speaker of Univ. 
Congress; Chief of Field Division, General 
Land Office Dept. of Interior, U. S. Army; 
Chief of Administration Division, Executive Bu- 
reau, Philippine Islands: Member Univ. Club of 
Manila, P. 'I.; Former Member Commercial 
Club and Multnomah Amateur Athletic Assn. 
310 Custom House; res. 34i/^, 16th St., Port- 
land, Ore. 

Linthicum, Porter Hodo;e 

Born Evansville, Ind.; A. B. 1901 Yale; B. S. 
1904 Univ. of Chicago; M. D. 1908 Rush Medi- 
cal College; Nu Sigma Nu; Ind. Univ. Glee 
Club (Solo Violinist); Apollo Glee Club at 
Yale; Honors in all Studies and Anatomy at 
Univ. of Chicago; First Place in Competitive 
Exam, for Interneship at St. Luke's Hospital, 
Chicago; Physician and Surgeon; Sec. and 
Head of Bd. of Health at Evansville; Former 
Pres. of Vanderburg County (Ind.) Medical 
Soc; Former V.-Pres. Ind. State Medical Soc. ; 
Member staff Deaconess and Tuberculosis 
Hospitals; Author of papers in Medical Journals 
on Meningitis and Sarcoma, etc.; Member 
Country, Town and Local Clubs; Affiliated 111. 
Beta 1905. 407 Upper 2d St., Evansville, Ind. 

Miller, Benjamin Franklin* 

d. Dec. 8, 1897. Vermont, Ind. 

Morton, Dwight Frame 

Born Jacksonville, 111.; A. B. 1899 Austin 
Coll.; M. D. 1902 Northwestern Univ.; Phy- 
sician and Surgeon. 218-A W. Market St.; 
res. 401 S. Clay St., Taylorville, 111. 

Newman, Karl Menelans ' 

Born La Grange, Ind.; Baseball, 1896-97; Sales- 
man. Owosso, Mich. 

Shafer, William John 

(350 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind.) 


Alsop, William McClellan 

Born Freelandville, Knox Co., Ind.; A. B. 1900; 
Baseball; Lawyer; Ex-County Supt. of Schools; 
Delegate Democratic Natl. Convention, 1916; 
Pres. Knox County Bar Assn., 1916-17. 314^4 
Main St.; res. 804 Perry St., Vincennes, Ind. 

Beardsley, Rnfus Ray 

Lawyer. (Elkhart, Ind.) 

Book, William Frederick 

Born Princeton, Ind.; A. B. 1900; Ph. D. 1906 
Clark Univ.; Sigma Xi; Teaching; Dir. Psycho- 
logical Laboratory; Prof. Educ. Psychology, 
Ind. Univ.; Fellow Am. Soc. for Advancement 
of Science; State Dir. Vocational Education, 
1913-16; Principal, Princeton High School, 
1900-03; Lecturer in Psychology Columbia 
Univ., 1911-12; Author "Psychology of Skill;" 
Numerous Scientific and Educational Publica- 
tions; Member Am. Science, Arn^ Psychological, 
International School Hygiene and Natl. Educ. 
Assns.; Natl. Soc. for Promotion of Vocational 
Educ, Ind. Univ. Res. University Courts, 
Bloomington. Ind. 

Dodge, James Sayre, Jr. 

Lawyer. (Elkhart, Ind.) 

Fol.som, Lenpha Alfred 

Born Boonville, Ind.; A. B. 1900; LL. B. 1901; 
Lawyer. Boonville, Ind. 

Ilonneus, Frederick 

Born Clark Co., Ind.; A. B. 1900; Real Estate 
and Farming. 1208 E. Market St., New Al- 
bany, Ind. 

Laughlin, Zach 

M. D.; Physician; Indian Service. (Shiphock, 
N. Mex.) 

Laval, Charles James 

Affiliated Ind. Beta 1900 and 111. Beta 1902; 
Mining. (Address unknown.) 

Patten, James Clarence 

Born Sullivan, Ind.; B. A. 1900; Track; Foot- 
ball; Manufacturer. Citizens' Natl. Bank 
Bldg.; res. 535 W. Walnut St., Kokomo, Ind. 


Boyer, Clyde Edward 

Born Elkhart, Ind.; LL. B. 1901; B. A. 1907; 
M. A. 1909; Minister; Masonic Connections. 
1905 Crescent Ave., Fort Wayne; res. 800 S. 
Main St., Elkhart, Ind. 

Dickey, Harry Spence 

Born Tipton, Ind.; Member Lecture Bd.; 
Business Mgr., Arbutus and Student; Iron and 
Steel Mfg.; Member Elks Club. Highland Iron 
and Steel Co.; res. Riley and Van Buren Sts., 
Terre Haute, Ind. 

Klein, Otto Case 

Born Evansville, Ind.; Merchant; Sec. and 
Treas., Klein & Wasem Grocer Co.; Member 
Elks and Masons. 403-407 Main St.; res. 531 
Walnut St., Mt. Vernon, Ind. 

Macginnis, John Richard* 


Morris, Ralph Waldo 

A. B.; Dai Ichi Ko To Kakko Hong Ku. 
(Tokio, Japan.) 


Gifford, Frank Howard 

Born Tipton, Ind., Dec. 1876; Lawyer. 2J4 
E. Jefferson St.; res. 410 N. Indianapolis St., 
Tipton, Ind. 

Graham, Louis Samuel 

Born Owensburg, Ind. The Colonnade, In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Hutton, Herbert Ernest 

Born near Kentland, Ind.; A. B. 1902; ^ t,. B. 
1904; Independent Lit. Soc; Goethe Gesell- 
schaft; Pres. Senior Class; Peace Pipe Orator, 
Junior Class; Sec Ind. State Oratorical Assn.; 
Capt. Ind. Debating Team; In Ind. -111. Inter- 
collegiate Debate; Student Representative, 
Foundation Day Exercises, 1900; Member Ind.- 
Earlham Debating Team and Annual Senior 
Discussion; Lawyer; Public Administrator 6 
years; Asst. States Attorney, 6 years; Member 
Caribou; Elks and Knights of Pythias. 401-03 
Baum Bldg.; res. 1430 N. Walnut St., Dan- 
ville, 111. 

Johnson, Edward Morton 

Born Oxford, Ind.; Ph. B. 1902; Periclesian 
Lit Soc; Sec. Y. M. C. A., 1899-1900; V.-Prcs. 
Athletic Assn., 1899; Football, 1898-1901; 
Track; Merchant, Hardware. 125 N. Wash- 
ington St.; res. 108 Central Ave., Crawfords- 
ville, Ind. 

Karsell, William Anderson 

Born Bloomington, Ind.; Secretary and Treas- 
urer Bloomington Milling Co. Bloomington 
Milling Co.; res. 639 N. Walnut St., Blooming- 
ton, Ind. 

Kennedy, Clarence Hamilton 

Born Rockport, Ind.; A. R. 1902; A. M. 1903; 
A. M. 1915 Leland Stanford, Jr., Univ.; In- 
structor in Entomology, Cornell Univ.; Author, 
.Articles on OrnilholoKy and iCntoniology ; Mem- 
ber Cooper Ornithological Club; Am. Entomo- 
logical Soc; Am. Assn. for the Advancement 
of Science. Entomological Dept., Cornell Univ., 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

Masters, Frank Harris 

Born Rossvillc, Ind.; A. B. 1902; C. E. 1904 
Cornell Univ.; Sigma Xi; Division Engineer, 
Elgin, Jolict & Eastern Ry.; Member Western 


1X1)1. \X.\ ALPHA 


Soc. of Engineers and Am. Ry. Engineering 
Assn. Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Ry.; res. 217 
Chase St., Gary, Ind. 

Overman, Frederick \'aile 

Born Tipton, Ind.; M. D. 1906; Physician; 
Assoc, in Scliool of Medicine, Ind. Univ.; Lec- 
turer on Ear, Nose and Tliroat, Metcher Hosp.; 
Alternate in Nose, Throat and Ear, Indianap- 
olis I'ity Hosp. and Indianapolis Colored Or- 
phans' Home. 508 HumeMansur BIdg., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Riddle, Oscar 

(Bloomfield, Ind.) 

Rog-ers. William Griggs 

Initiated by Ind. Epsilon 1902. 


Griffith, Ernest Francis 

Clerk, U. S. Irrigation and Drainage Investiga- 
tion. (Berkeley, Cal.) 

Hesler. Charles Darwin 

Born Zanesville, Ind.; Newspaper man. Care 
Chicago Evening Post; res. 2719 N. Albany 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Hoover, J. Guy 

Born Piice County, Ind.; Physician. Boon- 
ville, Ind. 

Martin, Frank ^lonroe 

LL. B. Indianapolis & Eastern Traction Co., 
Filbeck Hotel. (Terre Haute, Ind.) 

Mellette. Arthur Calvin 

Born Muncie, Ind.; Claim Agent. St. Louis- 
San Francisco Railway. Sapulpa, Okla. 

Miller. Clarence Walroff 

(Frankfort, Ind.) 

Mitchell. Guy Winters 

Weisgerber Block. (Lewiston, Idaho.) 

Shaw, George Edward 

Lawyer. (Elkhart, Ind.) 

Strange, Ernest Erwin* 

Student, d. June 29, 1901, Arcana. Ind. 

Treher, John Alonzo 

Attorney. (Los Angeles, Cal.) 

Tuley, Lawrence Knepfley 

Born New Albany, Ind.; A. B. 1904; Staff, 
Arbutus Student; V.-Pres. Athletic Assn.; 
Univ. Band; Vice-President, Pickrell & Craig 
Co., Merchandise Brokers; Pres. Ind. Univ.; 
Alumni Club; Jutiior Warden Jefferson Lodge, 
No. 104, F. and A. M., New Albany, Ind.; 
Member Rotary, Athletic and Automobile Clubs 
(Louisville. Ky.); Director Carlton Club (New 
Albany, Ind.); Mystic Shriner; Knights Temp- 
lar. 209 E. Main St., Louisville, Ky.; res. 
908 E. Spring St., New Albany, Ind. 


Ayres, Harry Edgar 

^Born Hartford City, Ind.; Zeta Delta Chi; 
Alpha Delta Sigma; "I" Man Track, Football 
and Baseball; Wholesale and Retail Grocer. 
1330 Twelfth St.; res. 1401 Eleventh St., Mo- 
desto, Cal. 

Behymer, Lawrence Owen 

Born Tipton, Ind.; Newspaper Business; Mein- 
ber Elks and Masons. Court St.; res. S. Main 
St., Tipton, Ind. 

Dickey, Jasper Herbert 

Born Tipton, Ind.; Tracer and Credit Man, 
People's Gas Co.; Member K. of P.; Masonic 
connections. 122 S. Michigan Ave.; res. 8155 
Dorchester Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Doll, George, Jr. 

Business. (Elkhart, Ind.) 

Ehrmann, Lawrence Sidney 

Born Rockport, Ind.; Draughtsman. 66 Marvin 
Ave., Akron, Ohio. 

French, Lewis Clark 

(Mt. Vernon, Ind.) 

Hatfield, William Sidney 

Born Boonville, Ind.; Lawyer; City Attorney; 
School Trustee; Director and Attorney, War- 
wick Loan & Savings Co.; Attorney, People's 
Trust & Savings Bank. Matthewson Opera 
House Block; res. 606 E. Main St., Boonville, 

Matthews, Schuyler Alonzo 

Born Brookston, Ind.; Track Team, 1901-02; 
Middle Distance Events and Hurdles; Rancher; 
Member F. and A. M. Maza, N. Dak. 

Shirk, John Homer 

Born Harper Countv, 111.; LL. B. 1904; Foot- 
ball, 1901-03; Attorney. 605-10 Security Bldg. ; 
res. 210 East Park Place, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Strickland, Leonard Frederick 

(Rockport, Ind.) 

Todd, John Picken 

Born Tuscola, 111.; With Breed, Elliott & Har- 
rison, Bonds and Stocks; Member Marion, In- 
dianapolis and Turnverein Clubs. 222 Fletcher 
American National Bank Bldg. ; res. 3860 N. 
Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Van Cleve, Joseph Perry* 

d. Sept. 10, 1907, El Paso, Te.xas. 

Wells, Kay Maurice 

Born Elkhart, Ind.; Phi Delta Phi; Manager 
and Treasurer, N. Manchester Lumber Co. 
Washington and Second Sts.; res. 315 Wayne 
St., N. Manchester, Ind. 


Cisco, Clinton Theodore 

Born Madison, Ind.; B. S. 1905; Tau Nu 
Epsilon; Political Appointment, House Office 
Bldg. Box 20, H. O. Bldg.; res. 721 W. Main 
St., Madison, Ind. 

Cronin, William B. 

Born Hartford Citv, Ind.; Druggist. 109 N. 
High St.; res. 521 N. Jefferson St., Hartford 
City, Ind. 

Gifford, Hanson Smiley 

Born Tipton, Ind.; A. B. 1904; M. D. 1907; 
Phi Rho Sigma; Physician; Member Masons; 
Elks; Odd Fellows. 9J/^ Court St.; res. 20 W. 
Walnut St., Tipton, Ind. 

Gotschall, Charles 

(6117 Ellis Ave., Chicago, III.) 

Hutchinson, Ralph Murray 

Born Hartford City, Ind., Aug. 4, 1882; LL. 
B. 1905; District Manager, Mutual Life In- 
surance Co. of N. Y.; Member Portage Lodge 
No. 675 A. F. and A. M.; Round Table, 
University,* Kirwanis, South Bend Country 
and Press Clubs; Affiliated with Ohio Beta 
1905. 204 Citizens Bank Bldg.; res. 1121 Har- 
vey St., South Bend, Ind. 

Jones, Oscar Wilbourne 

Clothing. (331 W. 10th St., .Anderson, Ind.) 

Kent, ]\Iiller Crawford 

Born Brookston, Ind.; LL. B. 1912; Sphinx 
Club; Football; With Public Service Commis- 
sion of Ind.; ^lember Indiana Democratic 
Club. Brookston, Ind. 

Long, Harry 

Born Eaton, Ind.; LL. B. 1905; Skulls; Jaw 
Bone; Mgr. Baseball Team; Bd. Business Mgrs. 
of Arbutus; Lawyer; Prosecuting Atty. Dela- 
ware County, 1909-12. 201 Western Reserve 
Life Bldg.; res. 508 W. Jackson St., Muncie, 




Naylor, Roger Welty 

Commission Merchant. (361 VV. 117th St., 

New York, N. Y.) 

Reed, Claude Wilson 

Born Boonville, Ind.; Merchant. 217 S. 4th 
St., Boonville, Ind. 

Sentney, Louis* 

Bloomington, Ind. 

Smith, John Harvey 

Born Union City, Ind.; Lawyer. Berry Hill 
Bldg.; res. 302 S. Walnut St., Sapulpa, Okla. 


Edwards, Oscar Wesley 

Born Bedford, Ind.; General Manager, Tulsa 
Locating Syndicate. Tulsa Locating Syndicate, 
Tulsa, (3kla.; res. Bedford, Ind. 

Kemp, Charles 

Born Tipton, Ind.; LL. B. 1906; Lawyer. 20^ 
E. Jefferson St.; res. 121 N. Main St., Tipton, 

Kenney, Joseph William 

A. B. 1906; Attorney. (403 Commercial Club 
Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Levi, Walter Dean 

Born New Albany, Ind.; A. B. 1906; M. D. 
1909; Oculist. 924 Starks Bldg.; res. 1259 
Bassett St., Louisville, Ky. 

Markel, Orrin Hardin 

Born Elkhart, Ind., Nov. 30, 1879; A. B. 1903; 
LL. B. 1906; A. M. 1904 Swarthmore Coll.; 
Football Team, 1901-02; Attorney-at-Law. 124 
W. Franklin St.; res. Oakland Ave. S., Elk- 
hart, Ind. 

Walker, Norman Maurice 

Born Bloomington, Ind.; A. B. 1906; Corres- 
pondent, Associated Press; Dir., Univ. Club; 
Sec. Phi Delta Theta; Alumni Cub; Pres. 
Presbyterian Men's Club. Herald Bldg.; res. 
514 Corto St., EI Paso, Texas. 


Beech, Frederick Emerson 

(Standard Oil Co.. Pittsburgh. Pa.) 

Gilchrist, James Miller 

Manager Indiana Supply Co. (41-49 N. Cap. 
A.; res. 2250 N. Penn St., Indianapolis, Ind.) 

iiutton, Harry Clause 

(Danville, III.) 

Kirker, George Hickins 

(Moweaqua, III.) 

Morrison, Robert Bruce 

Born \'oungstown. Ohio, April 21. 1883; Brick 
Manufacturing; Asst. Sui)t. Alto Brick Co.; 
res. Summerville Park, Rome, Ga. 

.Sears, William Henry 

Born Bloomington, Ind.; Baseball; Superin- 
tendent Veneer Mill; Member Elks, Mason 32°; 
.Shriner. Showers Bros.; res. 319 N. Dunn St., 
liloomiiigton, Ind. 

.Shirk, Earl Wright 

Born Petosky, Mich.; Salesman for Shirk 
Refrigerator Co.; Mieml.»er Second Officers' 
Kfcserve (amp, I'ort .Sheridan. 116 S. Michi- 
(jaii Ave. Chicago. 111. 

Stone, William Hershel 

Born .Spencer, Ind.; Clerk. Indiana State 
Teacher's Retirement Fund Board. 29 State 
House; res. 2619 N. Alabama St., Indianapolis, 

Williamson, Arthur Butler 

Teacher. CKnightstown, Ind.) 


Aronson. Albert Y. 

Born Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Press Club; Assoc. 
Editor Daily Student; Newspaper Man; Sec. 
Louisville Vice Commission; Member Bd. of 
Trustees, Ky. Children's Home Soc. Louisville 
Times; res. 11 Walden Place, Louisville, Ky. 

Christian, Paul Derbin 

Initiated by Ind. Gamma 1908. 

Cleveland, Clyde 

Born Carlisle, Ind.; A. B. 1906; Attorney. 410 
Hammond Bldg.; res. 1198 Harrison St., Ham- 
mond, Ind. 

Free, James Albert 

Born Mineral City, Ind.; County Supt. of 
Schools. Spencer, Ind. 

Gamble, Cecil Otis 

Born Wabash, Ind.; A. B. 1908; A. M. 1909; 
Sigma Xi; Alpha Chi Sigma; Teaching; Fellow 
in Chemical Dept., 1909-10; Farmer; Chemist 
for Aluminum Ore Co., East St. Louis, 111., 
1911-12. Wabash, Ind. 

Huron, Glen Osborne 

Born Howard Co., Ind.; Investments. Care 
Tillotson & Wolcott Co., Guardian Bldg., 
Cleveland, Ohio; res. 513 E. Rich St., Colum- 
bus, Ohio. 

Irwin, John Curtis 

Born Frankfort, Ind., Oct. 10, 1886; A. B. 
1908; M. D. 1910; Phi Rho Sigma; Surgeon 
(Obstetrics and Gynecology); Asst. Prof, of 
Obstetrics, Univ. of Southern Cal. ; Attending 
Obstetrician to Los Angeles County Hospital; 
Formerly Interne City Hospital, Indianapolis; 
House Surgeon, New York Lying-in Hospital; 
1911-12; Woman's Hospital, New York, 1912-13; 
Instructor in Obstetrics, Univ. of Pittsburgh, 
1913-16; Chief Obstetrician to South Side Hos- 
pital and Pittsburgh Maternity Dispensary, 
1913-16; Fellow of Am. Med. Assn. and Los 
Angeles Obstetrical Soc. 1019 Hollingworth 
Bldg.; res. 106 E. Washington St., Los Angeles, 

Kemp, Walter John 

Affiliated Wis. Alpha 1908. (Tipton, Ind.) 

Miller, Henry Lynn 

Born Tippecanoe Co., Ind.; A. B. 1909; .Mpha 
Chi Sigma; Tau Epsilon Pi; Track. 1905-09; 
Assistant Cashier, Tippecanoe Loan and Trust 
Co. Lafayette, Ind. 

Rees, Benjamin Clifford 

Born New Albany, Ind.; LL. B. 1908; Lawyer. 
501 First Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. U20 Indiana 
Ave., Laporte, Ind. 

Seward. Fred Allen 

Born Bloomington, Ind.; "I" in Track; Holder 
of Univ. Low Hurdle Record; Manufacturer. 
408 W. 8th St.; res. 309 N. Rogers St., Bloom- 
ington, Ind. 

Sharp, Cecil James 

Born Charlestown, Ind.; LL. B. 1908; Sales- 
man. Charlestown, Ind. 

.Shook, Ralph Kirkpatrick 

(Tipton, Ind.) 

Simmons, Thomas Wyatt 

Born Bloomington, Ind., 1886; Importing and 
Exporting. Orient Bldg.; res. 2865 Bush St., 
San Francisco, Cal. 

Tighe, Charles Philip 

Born New Albany, Ind.; LL. B. 1908; Capt. 
Football, 1907; Attorney; Special Agent for 
Dept. of Justice, 1913-16. Room 662, Lcmcke 
Annex; res. 1635 Central Ave., Indianapolis, 




Zinsmeister, Carl Frank 

Born New Albany. Ind.; Wholesale Grocer; 
V -Pres J Zinsmeister & Sons. 14th and 
Jefferson Sts.; res. 1st and Caldwell Sts., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

Allison. Wilbur Sadler 

Born Spencer. Ind.; Economics Club; Member 
of firm. C. F. Allison & Son Department Store. 
6 Market St.; res. Hillside Ave., Spencer, Ind. 

Cassadv, William llaxton 

Born 'Freedom, Ind.; Lumber Business. 227 
N. Main St.. Spencer, Ind. 

Donnellv, Thomas Weir 

Born Kansas City, Kans.; Clothier. 30 N. 
Section St., Sullivan, Ind. 

Doster, Orland Leslie 

Initiated by Ind. Beta 1907. 

Halderman, Lurton Kirk 

(Chicago, 111.) 

Irions, Don Griffith 

Born Bloomfield. Ind.; A. B. 1909; Alpha Chi 
Sigma; Assistant Metallurgist. U. S. Metals 
Refining Co., Chrome, N. J. 

Jones, Robert Benjamin 

- Born Fairmount, Ind.; M. D. 1909; Ph, Rho 
Sigma- Phvsician and Surgeon; Member La 
Porte County Med. and Ind. State Med. Socs.; 
Am. Med. Assn. 1107 JefTerson Ave., La 
Porte,, Ind. 

La Rue, F[rank] Wade 

Born Rensselaer, Ind.; A. B 1909; D.D. S. 
1913; Delta Sigma Delta; Alpha Chi Sigr^a, 
Doctor of Dental Surgery; Professor of Ap- 
plied Dental Chemistry, Ind. Dental College; 
State Sec. Delta Sigma Delta; Member Phi 
Delta Theta Alumni Club of Indianapolis; Na- 
tional Indiana and Indianapolis Dental Socs. 
Pythian Bldg.; res. 914 N. Meridian St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Lawrie, Graham Wister 

Real Estate. (Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Stoudt, Clarence Dee 

Born Hazleton, Pa.; With Goodyear Tire and 
Rubber Co. 41 Cambridge St., Akron, Ohio; 
res. S. Bend, Ind. 

Williamson, Jesse Buckman 

Born Palmyra, Ind.; Theta Nu Epsilon; Zeta 
Delta Chi; Baseball; Track; Bookkeeper, Nat- 
ional Bank. 234 Pearl St.; res. 216 E. 12th 
St., New Albany, Ind. 

Beeler, Raymond Cole 

Born Charlestown, Ind.; A. B. 1910; M. D. 1912 
Univ. School of Medicine; Phi Rho Sigma; 
Physician; Interne Indianapolis City Hosp., 
1910-12; Attending Roentgenologist, Indianapo- 
lis City, Methodist Episcopal, St. Vincent's and 
Deaconess' Hospitals; Member Am., Marion 
County and Indiana State Medical Assns. 712 
Hume-Mansur Bldg.; res. 3120 College Ave., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Cronk, Arnett Bedford 

Born Veedersburg, Ind.; LL. B. 1910; Valedic- 
torian; Attorney; Member Knights of Pythias 
and Masons. 515 Occidental Bldg.; res. 2S4S 
N. Talbott Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Curdes, Arnold G. W. 

Born Fort Wayne, Ind.; LL. B. 1908; Home 
Builder; Sec.-Mgr. Electric Realty Co.; Genl. 
Mgr., L. A. Curdes Realty Co.; Member Friars 
and Commercial Clubs; Scottish Rite; Shrine. 
125 E. Berry St.; res. 1835 Forest Park Blvd., 
Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Donnelson, Edward Grantley 

(Warsaw, Ind.) 

Goff. William Jefferson 

Born Kushville,"lnd.; LL. B. 1910; Phi Delta 
Phi; Lawyer. Danville, Ind. 

Sexton, Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Born Fountaintovvn, Ind.; M. S. 1911 Purdue; 
Farm Manager; Prcs. Indian River Fruit and 
Vegetable Co. Vero, Fla. 

Sloan. Herbert Arthur 

Born Syracuse, Kans.; Circulation Mgr. Farm 
Life. Epitomist Bldg.; res. Hillside Ave., 
Spencer, Ind. 


Burtt. Amos Henry 

(Jeffersonville, Ind.) 

Poland, Earl F. 

(Ellwood. Ind.) 

Garner, Clarence Lewis 

(Ellwood, Ind.) - 

Hipskind, W[illiam] Homer 

Born Wabash, Ind.; A. B. 1911; Zeta Delta 
Chi; Tau Epsilon Pi; Basketball Team; Pres., 
Junior Class; Dir., Indiana Union; Hardware 
Merchant. 18 E. Canal St.; res. 171 E. Wal- 
nut St., Wabash, Ind. 

Hoover. Dane H. 

Born Wheeling. Ind.; LL. B. 1911; Banker; 
Asst. Cashier; Farmers State Bank. Eaton, 

Marshall, Gerald 

Initiated by Ind. Delta 1910. 

Neff, Robert E. 

Born Eaton, Ind.; A. B. 1911; Registrar, In- 
diania University School of Medicine. Market 
and Senate Aves; res. 40 W. 21st St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Osborn, Byrle Jacob 

Initiated by Minn. Alpha 1911. 

Sharp, Russell Alger 

Born Charlestown, Ind.; A. B. 1911; A. M. 
1913; English and Press Clubs; Le Cercle Fran- 
cais; Skulls; Teacher in Northeast High School. 
Van Brunt Blvd. and Smart Ave.; res. 528 
Spruce Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Steele, Clifton Burton 

Born Kansas, 111.; Salesman. 442 S. Walnut 
St., Bloomington, 111. 

Thorn, Robert Maurice 

(New Albany, Ind.) 


Beck, Frederick William 

Born New Albany, Ind.; LL. B. 1912; Phi 
Delta Phi; Sphinx Club; Attorney-at-Law; Law 
Agent for Louisville and Nashville R. R. Co.; 
Member Beauvoir and Montgomery Country 
Clubs. 1217 First Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. May 
Apartments, Montgomery, Ala. 

Clark, Cecil Louis 

Born Rushville, Ind.; Ph. B. 1911; Advertising; 
Asst. Mgr., Adv. Dept., News Herald; Member 
Advertising and Young Men's Business Clubs. 
News Herald; res. 504 Wall St., Joplin, Mo. 

Hawlev, Paul Ramsey 

Born^Vest College Corner, Ind.; M. D. 1912; 
M. D. 1914 Univ. Cincinnati; Phi Sigma RhoJ 
Soc. of Skeletons. Care Adjutant-General, U. 
S. A., Washington, D. C; res. College Corner, 

Kent, Millard Crane 

(Anderson, Ind.) 

La Rue, Emmett Morris 

Born Rensselaer, Ind.; LL. B. 1912; Lawyer. 
Williams- Stockton Bldg.; res. 120 S. Weston 
St., Rensselaer, Ind. 




MacGriff, Floyd 

Born Argos, Ind.; A. B. 1912; Tau Epsilon 
Pi; Press, Economic and English Clubs; Busi- 
ness Mgr. Indiana Daily Student; Editor Junior 
Annual; Assistant City Editor Cincinnati Post. 
Post Bldg., Post Sq.; res. 2500 Sheridan Drive, 
Norwood, Ohio. 

Motsenbocker, Merlin Bliss 

Born Eaton, Ind.; Farmer; AfiUialted Ind. 
Theta 1913. Eaton, Ind. 

Ro,2:ers. Allen Cookerley 

Born Bloomington, Ind.; Collector. Foot of 
S. Water St.; res. 4167 Lake Park Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Rosters, Leon Barnhill 

Born Bloomington, Ind.; A. B. 1912; Deputy 
Clerk, Circuit Court. Court House; res. 511 E. 
Smith Ave., Bloomington, Ind. 


Edwards, Scott Roberts 

Initiated by Ind. Gamma 1911. 

Freeland. Haynes Jordan 

(Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Kent, Ronald Wilson 

Born New Albany, Ind.; A. B. 1913; Head of 
Industrial Science Dept., Dunwoody Institute; 
Chief Electrician, U. S. Naval Reserve Force; 
Author, ''Short Unit Course for Electricians"; 
"Dunwoody Institute Series." 818 Superior 
Blvd.; res. 3106 Emerson Ave S., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 

Morrison, Wick Clyde 

(Greenfield, Ind.) 

Ramsay, Floyd Nicholson 

Born Tipton, Ind.; A. B. 1913; Newspaper 

Business. 36 N. Main St.; res. 346 N. West 
St., Tipton, Ind. 

Scott, Merle Luther 

Born Fairmount, Ind.; A. B. 1913; Vice-Pres- 
ident, T. R. Woodburn Printing Co. ; Member 
Rotary and Ft. Harrison Country Clubs. 25 S. 
Sixth St.; res. 504 S. 18th St., Terre Haute, 


Beal, Charles Archibald 

Born La Porte, Ind.; Advertising Manager, 
The Herald; Member La Porte Lodge 396, B. 
P. O. E.. and Y. M. C. A. The Herald; res. 
70914 Clay St., La Porte, Ind. 

Christie, Clem Studebaker 

Born Butler, Ind.; B. S. in E. E. 1917 Purdue; 
Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; With Western 
Union Telegraph Co.; Affiliated with Ind. Theta 
1917. 195 Broadway, New York, N. Y.; res. 
503 State St. W., Lafayette, Ind. 

Gohman, Maurice Arthur 

(New Albany, Ind.) 

Heazlitt, Walter Sherman 

Born Louisville, Ky.; Glee Club; Traveling 
Salesman; Member Carlton Club. Showers 
Brothers Co., Bloomington, Ind.; res. 716 Vin- 
cenncs St., New Albany, Ind. 

Hutchings, John Willard 

Initiated Ind. Gamma 1914. 

Jones, Eli S. [Jack] 

Born Fairmount, Ind.; B. S. 1914; M. D. 1916; 
Phi Rho Sigma; Sphinx Club; Football, 1911; 
Pres. Junior Class, 1913; Physician and Surg- 
eon; Examiner for Northern States Life Ins. 
Co. and Security Life Ins. Co of Acmrica. 203 
Ruff Bldg.; res. 1239 Harrison St., Hammond, 

Reynolds, Archibald Newton 

(North and West Sts., Indianapolis, Ind.) 


Corya, Lester Amick 

Born Queensville, Ind.; A. B. 1915; Sphinx 
Club; Director Indiana Union; Boosters' Club; 
Real Estate; Member Marion Club; Masons. 
611-617 Occidental Bldg.; res. 51 Eldridge St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Cravens, Landry Duskins 

Born Scottsburg, Ind.; Clerk, Louisville Gas 
and Electric Co. 311 W. Chestnut St., Louis- 
ville, Ky.; res. 532 E. Maple St., Jeffersonville, 

Galvin, William Michael 

Born Ft. Worth, Texas; A. M. 1915; Ph. B. 
1914 Notre Dame Univ.; LL. B. 1917 Univ. of 
Texas; Players Club (Notre Dame), 1912-14; 
Writers Club (Ind. Univ.), 1915; Sigma Delta 
Chi; Editor, The Scholastic, 1912-14; Crew, 
1914 (Junior year); Editor-in-Chief, The Dome, 
1914; Bachelor Orator, Class 1914 (Notre 
Dame); V.-Pres. Graduate Club, Ind., 1915; 
Pres. Newman Club, 1915 (two terms); Second 
Lieutenant of Infantry, Officers' Reserve Corps, 
with 40th Division, U. S. Army; Affiliated 
Texas Beta 1917. 1002 N. Border St., Cle- 
burne, Texas. 

Graessle, Harold Peter 

Born Seymour, Ind.; B. S. 1916; Phi Rho 
Sigma; Sphinx; Skeleton Club; Student. 422 
N. Delaware St., Indianapolis.; res. Seymour, 

McGriff, Everett Carver 

Affiliated Mich. Alpha 1915. (Portland, Ind.) 

Minton, Sherman 

Born Georgetown, Ind., Oct. 20, 1890; LL. B. 
1915; LL. M. 1916 Yale; Phi Delta Phi; Delta 
Sigma Rho; Varsity Football, 1912-13; Varsity 
Baseball, 1913; Pres. Indiana Union, 1913-14; 
Member Bd. Dirs., 1914-15; Bryan Prize, 1914; 
Peace Pipe Orator, 1914: Senior Law Prize, 
1915; Varsity Debating Team, 1912-14.; First 
Wayland Prize (Yale); Lawyer. 212 Hedden 
Bldg.; res. 716 Vincennes St., New Albany, 

Naus, James Harold 

Born Ossian, Ind.; D. D. S. 1916; Delta Sigma 
Delta; Dentist; Member National Dental and 
Indiana State Dental Assns. ; Knights of 
Pythias. 315 Union Trust Bldg.; res. 329 S. 
Franklin St., South Bend, Ind. 

Reniy, William Henderson 

Initiated by Ind. Zeta 1914. 

Schlemmer, Norman Conrad 

Lawyer. (Grcensburg, Ind.) 

Shirk, Samuel Sparks 

Born Brookvillc, Ind.; Assistant Superintend- 
ent for Clarke C^onstruction Co.; Member Ma- 
sons. 306 Temple St., Danville, 111. 

Wagstaff, Verne Epperson 

(Tipton, Ind.) 

Wilson, Charles Benjamin 

Born Worthinglon, Ind.; Advertising Man- 
ager. Cor. Union and Walnut Sts.; res. 1018 
S. Buckeye St., Kokomo, Ind. 


Bailey, Paul Preston 

Born Southport, Ind. Southport, Ind. 

Barkley, Harry Millikin 

Born College Corner. Phi Delta Theta House, 
Oxford, Ohio. 

Brunner, John Philip* 

A. B. 1911; A. M. 1912; Born Earlham, Ind. 
d. Jan. 12, 1914, Greenfield, Ind. 

Carll, George Simpson, Jr. 

(Indianapolis, Ind.) 




Corcles. Louis Richanl 

Born Sevmour, Iiul.; Merchant, Hardware. 13 
W. Second St.; res. 511 N. Chestnut St., Sey- 
mour, Ind. I 

Foster, Louis Pliares 

Born Tipton. Ind.; Optometrist; Sec. Omega I 
Delta. Main and Jefferson Sts. ; res. 222 N. 
Main St., Tipton, Ind. I 

Hare. Albert Stephenson j 

Initiated Wis. Alpha 1915. 

Hovey, Harding Weed { 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Wrestling Squad; ' 
Lawver; Sec. Sigma Delta Kappa. 901 Law 
Bldg.; res. 2238 College .Ave., Indianapolis, 

Hutchings, John Willard 

Born Huntsvil'.e. -Ma. 126 K. Pratt St., India- 
napolis, Ind. 

Jones. Harry Lerov 

(527 Roscoe" St., Ch'icago, 111.) 

McFadden. CHffton Earl 

Initiated by Ohio Alpha 1916. 

Miller, Fred Paul* 

d. Nov. 26, 1916, Bloomington, Ind. 

Murchie, Louis Keith 

Initiated by Maine Alpha 1916. 

Patrick. Edwin Daviess 

Born Tell City, Ind.; 2d Lieutenant U. S. 
Army. Care Adjutant General U. S. Army, 
Washington, D. C 

Shenk. George Byron 

Born Kokomo, Ind.; Sphinx Club; Student. 
511 E. Walnut St., Kokomo, Ind. 

Swope, Joseph Allen 

Initiated by Ind. Beta 1914. 

Voss, C[harles] F[rederick] Walter 

Born Sevmour, Ind.; Football; N'arsity Track; 
Merchant; Member Masons. 101 S. Chestnut 
St.; res. 215 W. Second St., Seymour, Ind. 


Burns, John \'ernon 

Born Lafayette, Ind., Nov. 21, 1892; Aviation 
Section, Signal Officers' Reserve Corps, U. S. 
Army. Ft. Benjamin Harrison; res. 602 N. 
Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Carroll, Louis Aaron 

Born Knightstown, Ind.; Salesman. 103 E. 
Clay St.; res. 26 N. Harrison St., Knightstown, 

Coerper, Carl Frey 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Gamma Eta Gamma; 
Lieutenant U. S. Reserve Army. 2130 N. 
Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Corya, Harold Williamson 

B'orn North Vernon, Ind.; A. B. 1917; Phi 
Rho Sigma; Medical Student. 5908 University 
Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Erni, Chester Pralle 

Born New Albany, Ind.; Football; Member 
Carlton Club. 807 E. Spring St., New Albany, 

Hanson, Samuel Carleton 

Initiated by Ind. Gamma 1917. 

Horn, Bert David 

Born Evansville, Ind. ; Freshman Track Team, 
1914; Fraternity repr. to Freshman Pan-Hel- 
lenic; Secretary and Treasurer, A. F. Horn & 
Co.; Member Boosters and Jackson Clubs. 
Cor. Garfield and Penn Sts.; res. 1307 Chandler 
Ave., Evansville, Ind. 

Hutton, William Samuel 

Born Coninurcc. Mo. ; I'rcshnian and Varsity 
Baseball; Student. Care of Kahn Clothing 
Co.; res. Phi Delta Theta House, Bloomington, 

Lampus. John George 

(Seymour, Ind.) 

Leckner, Max, Jr. 

Born Indianaitolis, Ind.; Assistant Advertising 
Manager E. C. Atkins & Co., Saws. 402 S. 
Illinois St.; res. 709 N. Pennslyvania St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Lukenbill, Emery Don 

Born Newberry, Ind.; B. S. 1917; Phi Rho 
Sigma; Skeleton Club; X'arsity Track, 1915-16; 
Student. 1902 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, 

Nelson, ]\Iendenhall Edgar 

Born Decatur Co., Ind.; Ph. B. 1917; Phi Delta 
Kappa; Student; County Supt. of Schools 
Decatur Co., Ind. Eight Years; Prin., High 
School, Greensburg, Ind., Six Years; City 
Supt., Schools, Goshen, Ind. Five Years; Mem- 
ber Masons and Knights of Pythias. 5813 
Dorchester Ave., Chicago, 111. and Franklin, 

O'Banion, Clayton Lyons 

Born Tipton, Ind.; A. B. and B. S. 1917; 
Publisher; Member Masons. Tipton Daily 
Tribune; res. 27 W. Adams St. Tipton, Ind. 

Roberts, Floyd Newby 

Initiated by Ind. Zeta 1917. 

Seward, William Austin 

Born Bloomington, Ind.; A. B. 1917; Phi Beta 

Kappa; Bd. Editors Arbutus Annual, 1917; 

150th Field Artillery, France. 526 N. Morton 
St., Bloomington, Ind. 

Thomas, Floyd 

(Fairmount. Ind.) 

Wagstaff, Charles Dudley. 

Affiliated 111. Eta 1917. (Tipton, Ind.) 


Barnes, CuUen Bryant 

Initiated by Ind. Epsilon 1917. 

Bennett, W' infried Clarence 

Born Scotland, Ind.; Fruit and Stock Farming. 
West Mechanic St., Bloomfie'.d. Ind. 

Blakely, Charles Russell 

Born Bloomington, Ind.; Alpha Chi Sigma; 
Deputy County Auditor, Monroe County. 
Court House; res. 209 E. Kirkwood Ave., 
Bloomington, Ind. 

Briggs, Ray H. 

Born Clinton, Ind.; Economics, History and 
Political Science Clubs; Track; Cross Country 
Team; On Staff, Arbutus; Chaplain; Student. 
437 Blackman St., Clinton, Ind. 

Christie, Donald Cameron 

Born Laporte, Ind. ; Freshman Football ; Assist- 
ant General .Accountant, Studebaker Corp. 
Studebaker Corporation; res. 745 Lincoln Way, 
East South Bend, Ind. 

Miller, Henry Hughes 

Born Bloomington, Ind., May 17, 1896; Sphinx 
Club; Basketball; Bd. Dirs. Indiana Un.ion ; 
Chrmn. Junior Prom. Committee; Y. M. C. A. 
Cabinet. 509 W. Kirkwod Ave., Bloomington, 

Sugg, Lloyd Samuel 

Born Mt. N'ernon, Ind.; English Club; Sales- 
man. Emporium; res. Main and Wall Sts., 
Spokane, Wash. 




Wells, Francis 

Born Seymour, Ind., April 18, 1896; Concert- 
master, Univ. Orchestra; History Club; Indiana 
Union; French CUib; Corporal Battery F, 150th 
U. S. A. Field Artillery. 431 K. 4th St.. 
Blooniington, Ind. 


Billman, Max W. 

Born Sullivan, Ind.; On Staff, Arbutus; Pres. 
of Chapter;' Student. Sullivan, Ind. 

Bower, Verne Joe 

Student. Tipton, Ind. 

Couter, Louis France 

Born Decatur, Ind., June 3, 189S; Sphinx, 
Spanish and Marquette Clubs; Baseball; Vice- 
Pres., Junior Class; Reporter of Chapter; 
Vice-Pres., ^Booster's Clubs; Student. Hunt- 
ington, Ind. 

Cravens, Bernard K. 

Born Bloomfield, Ind.; Sphinx Club; Football; 
Treas. of Chapter; Student. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Eng-lish, Harry Edward 

Born Rensselaer, Ind.; Student. Rensselaer, 

Foster, Dale Thomas 

Student. Bloomington, Ind. 

Galbraith, Thomas Joseph 

Born Norman, Okla. 323 Boyd St., Norman, 

Goodwin, John Kuhns 

Student. Greensburg, Penn. 

Ingles, James William 

Born Scotland, Ind.; Tau Kappa Alpha; Sphinx 
Club; "I" Man; Varsity Football, 1916; Bas- 
ketball; Baseball; Tennis; Intercollegiate De- 
bate (2); Student. 2864 Boulevard Place, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Knox, Prentice Charles 

Student. Terre Haute, Ind. 

Meredyth, Winfrey Francis 

Student. Sherwood Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

Newman, Alvin Edward 

Student. Tell City, Ind. 

Rog-ers, Marion Clinton 

Student. Bloomington, Ind. 

Wells. Francis 

Student. Bloomington, Ind. 

Wilson, Paul Hobart 

Born Logansport, Ind.; Student. 2127 North 
St., Logansport, Ind. 


Armstrong, Robert James 

Born LaPorte, Ind.; Student. 105 Patton St., 
LaPorte, Ind. 

Aspy, Bon Olaf 

Born Eaton, Ind.; Student. Eaton, Ind. 

Goodwin, John A. 

Born Johnstown, Pa.; Student. Underwood 
Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Lane, William Baxter, Jr. 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Student. 1646 N. 
New Jersey St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Minton, Roscoe E. 

. Born New Albany, Ind.; Football; Baseball; 
Student. Ft. Wortli, Texas. 

Phillips. John Robert 

Born Bolivar, N. Y. ; Basketball; Sec. of Chap- 
ter; Student Sullivan, Ind. 

Pierce, James Hubert 

Born Freedom, Ind.; Football; Student. Free, 
dom, Ind. 

Scott, Walter C. 

Born Belief ontaine, Ohio; Spanish Club; His- 
torian of Chapter; Student. Eaton, Ind. 

Sherwood, George Cook 

Born Linton, Ind.; Football; Chorister of Chap- 
ter; Student. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Shirk, Chafee W. 

Born Brookville, Ind.; \\'arden of Chapter; 
Student. Brookville, Ind. 

Wilson, W'illiam Alexander 

Born Mt. Vernon, Ind.; Student. Mt. Vernon, 


CiiAKTERi-D November 16, 1850 


Craweordsville, Indiana 


Elzroth. Christian Weaver* 

Retired Merchant, d. May 3, 1914, Indianapo- 
lis. Ind. 


Johnston, Edward Carlton* 

A. B. 1846: Charter Member, d. 1878, Peters- 
burg, Ind. 


Hobbs, Marmaduke Mendenhall Cof- 

Initiated by Ind. Alpha 18S3. 


W^ilson, Henry Daniel 

Initiated by Ind. Alpha 1854. 


Bassett, George Washington* 

A. B.: A. M.; LL. B. d. 1896, Los Angeles, 

Defrees, James McKinney* 

A. B.; A. M. d. 1859. Goshen, Ind. 

Hamilton, Andrew Holman* 

A. B.; A. M.; Lawyer, d. 1895. 

Morris, Samuel Vance* 

A. B.; A. M.; Lawyer, d. Dec. 11. 1913, 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Ward, Thomas Bayless 

Initiated by Ohio Alpha 1855. 


Chapin, John Edward* 

A. B.; A. M.; D. D. d. Feb. 4, 1911, Nee- 
nah. Wis. 

Shanklin, John !\Ioreland* 

d. 1867, Toledo, Iowa. 

Spelman, Levi Parsons* 

A. B.; A. M.; Clergyman, d. May 25, 1908. 
Covert, Mich. 


Essick, William James* 

A. B.; A. M. d. 1880. Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Spilman, William Eldredge* 

A. B.; A. M.: M. D. d. 1868, Neoga, 111. 


Blackwell, John Quincy Adams* 

A. B. 1858; A. M. 1860; M. D. 1859 Jefferson 
Med. Coll. d. Jan. 28, 1914, Wellsville, Mo. 

Mackey, Joseph* 

A. B.; A. M.; Lawyer, d. 1887, Wabash, Ind. 

Post, Martin 

A. B.; A. M.; D. D. ; Congregational Clergy- 
man. (Chapin, III.) 

Spelman, John Adams* 

A. B. 1858. d. 1885, Ellendale, N. Dak. 


Guthrie, James* 

A. B.; A. M. d. 1867, Le Grand, Iowa. 

Hill, William Wesley* 

d. 1857, Pittsboro, Ind. 

McDonald, Aaron Alexander 

(790, 9th St., San Diego, Cal.) 

Morgan, David Newton* 

A. B.; A. M.; Druggist, d. Nov. 2, 1909. 

Post, Aurelian Hobart* 

A. B. ; A. M. ; B. D.; Congregational Clergyman, 
d. July, 1910, Clinton, N. Y. 

Rabb, John William* 

A. B.; A. M. d. 1868, Rising Sun, Ind. 

Woods, William Allan* 

A. B.; A. M.; LL. D. d. 1901, Indianapolis, 


Hayes, George Warren* 

A. B.; A. M. d. 1910, Seattle, Wash. 

McKee, Melvin* 

A. B. d. 1868, Indianola, 111. 


Hart, William Taylor 

Born near Columbus, Ind.; A. B. 1861; A. M. 
1864; D. D. 1908; Clergyman; Moderator of 
Synod of Ohio, 1907. Monroe St., Monroeville, 

Higgins, William Reyburn* 

A. B.; A. M. d. 1895, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Mitchell. Robert Chalmers* 

A. B. d July 26, 1908, Duluth, Minn. 

Ristine, Harley Greenwood* 

A. B.; A. M.; M. D.; Physician, d. Jan. 30, 
1917, Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

Spilman, Robert Bruce* 

A. B.; A. M. d. 1898, Manhattan, Kans. 


Black, John Charles* 

A. B.; A. M.; LL. D.; Lawyer; Pres., United 
States Civil Service Commission, Washington, 
D. C. d. Aug. 17, 1915, Chicago, 111. 

Kingsbury, Edward Beecher* 

aT B. d. 1864, Crawfordsville, Ind. 




Pratt, James Pepper* 

Killed in battle, 1864, Hanover Town, Va. 

Railsback, Lycurgus* 

A. B.; A. M. d. 1^897, Kansas City, Mo. 

Webster, Joseph Rawson* 

Born Ahmednagar Hills, India; A. B. 1862; A. 
M. 1865; English Prose Composition Prize; 
Lawyer; County Judge, Lancaster County, 
Nebr., 1881-82; Attorney-General of Nebr., 1871- 
72; Member Grand Army of the Republic; 
Afilitary Order Loyal Legion, d. Jan. 9, 1917, 
Washington, D. C. 


Barlow, George Wilson* 

A. B.; A. M.V D. D. d. January, 1907, De- 
troit, Mich. 

Blinn, John James Perry 

d. from wounds, 1863, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Boudinot, Henry Harrison 

A. B.; A. M. d.' 1900, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Little. Henry Smith* 

A. B.; A. M.; D. D. d. Dec. 1906, Denison, 

Wilson, Alexander Lafayette 

A. B. d. 1866, Madisonville, Ind. 


Black, William Perkins 

A. B.; A. M.; Lawyer. (404 Ashland Block, 
Chicago, 111.) 

Gookins, James Farrington* 

A. B.; A. M. d. 1904, Chicago, 111. 

Harbert, William Soesbe , 

Born Terre Haute, Ind.; LL. B. 1872 Univ. of 
Mich.; Attorney-at-Law (retired); Affiliated 
Mich. Alpha and Ind. Alpha 1867. 1671 N. 
Raymond Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 

Hill, Daniel Franklin* 

Lawyer, d. 1895, Danville, Ind. 

Miller, Martin James* 

Killed in battle, April 2, 1865, Selma, Ala. 

Sidener, Hugh Ewing* 

d. 1889, Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Thomson, Everett Burbridge* 

A. B.; A. M.; D. D. ; Presbyterian Clergyman, 
d. 1899. 


Mitchell, Joshua Robinson 

Born Logansport, Ind.; D. D. 1865; Pastor, 
Presbyterian Church; Member Masons; Knights 
Templar; Scottisli Rite Consistory; Shrincr; 
Eastern Star; Knights of Pythias. 110 E. Main 
St., Manistique, Mich. 

Ristine, Theodore Harmon 

Born Crawfordsville, Ind., Jan. 8, 1845; A. B. 
1865; A. M. 1868; Calliopean; Attorney-at-Law; 
Member Indiana Senate, 1881-85; Trustee of 
VVabash College, since 1883; Treas., 1891-1911; 
Secretary at present time; Member Oniatenon 
Literary Soc. 131 ^-^ E. Main St.; res. 602 W. 
Wabash Ave., Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Taylor, Alvah 

Born Fayette County, Ind., June 30, 1839; A. 
B. 1865; A. M. 1894; Attorney-at-Law. 131 S. 
Miami St.; res. 642 W. Main St., Wabash, Ind. 


Boudinot, Elias Eliot* 

A. B.; A. M. d. 1902, Danville, 111. 

Hamlin, Cyrus 

B. D.; D. D.; Congregational Clergyman; Dean, 
Tougaloo University, Tougaloo, Miss. (Lud- 
low, Vt.) 

Ketcham, John Lewis* 

A. B.; Insurance, d. 1915, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Post, Alfred Breed* 

A. B. ; A. M.; Presbyterian Clergyman. d. 
1872, Santa Clara, Cal. 

Post, Edmund Hubbard* 

A. B.; A. M. d. 1890, St. Andrews, Fla. 


Allen, John Beard* 

Lawyer, d. 1903, Seattle, Wash. 

Rice, James Edward* 

d. 1867, St. Paul, Minn. 

Roderick, Daniel Galileo* 

A. B. d. 1874, Parsons, Kans. 

Whiteford, Matthew Mackie 

A. B.; A. M.; B. D.; Presbyterian Clergyman 
(retired). 2252 Franklin Ave., Toledo, Ohio. 


Ballantine, William Gay 

Born Washington, D. C; A. B. 1868 Marietta 
Coll.; A. M. 1874 and D. D. 1885 do.; LL. D. 
1891 Western Reserve Univ.; Phi Beta Kappa; 
2d Honor at Graduation; College Professor; 
Pres. Oberlin College, 1891-96; Member Fac- 
ulty International Y. M. C. A. College; Au- 
thor "Inductive Logic"; Member Century 
Club; The Club. 321 St. James Ave., Spring- 
field, Mass. 

Mills, Benjamin Marshall* 

A. B. 1868. d. 1869, Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Ristine, John McMaster 

Born Marion, Iowa, Oct, 17, 1847; A. M. 1908; 
M. D. 1876 Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll.; Phy- 
sician and Surgeon; Member Cedar Rapids 
Country Club; Mason, 32d degfree. Masonic 
Temple; res. 1026 Second Ave., Cedar Rapids. 

Thomson, Henry Rosman* 

A. B. 1868; A. M. 1871. d. 1884, Crawfords- 
ville, Ind. 


Groendyke, Charles 

A. B.; A. M. ; Clerk, District Court. (San 
Luis, Colo.) 

Hanna, Henry Flugh 

LL. D.; Manufacturer. (Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Rice, Charles Wilfred* 

A. B. 1869. d. 1869, Lafayette, Ind. 

Warwick, George Willard 

Born La Fayette, Ind.; Accountant. 209 Massa- 
chusetts Ave., Cambridge; res. 399 Belmont St., 
Belmont, Mass. 


Defrecs, Rollin Ebenezer* 

Mechanical Engineer, d. Aug. 11, 1916, Re- 
liance, Va. 

.Seward, Frederick Dwight 

Born Pleasant Township, Wabash County, Ind.; 
Clergyman. 3871 S. Arlington Ave., Loq An- 
geles, Cal. 

Stimson, Robert Brown 

A. B.; A. M.; Lawyer. (Res. 1003 S. Third 
St., Terre Haute, Ind.) 




Butner, Andrew Lewis 

A. B.; Clergyman. (Long Creek, Tenn.) 

McPliersoii. lohn Erastus* 

A. B. 1871. d. lS,7i, Tusculuni, Tenn. 

Pence. George 

E.xpert Accountant. (Columbus, Ind.) 

Post, Roswell Olcott 

Born Logansport, Ind.; A. B. 1871; A. M. 
1887; B. D. 1874 Yale; D. D. 1887 Illinois; 
Prize Essayist; Congregational Clergyman; 
Chaplain Illinois Senate, 4 years; Chaplain 
Illinois National Guard, 5th Regt., 10 years; 
Contributor to various Periodicals and Relig- 
ious Papers; Member Country and Authors 
Clubs. 202 Kosciusko St., Jacksonville, 111. 

Ristine. Warren Henry 

Born Crawfordsville, Ind.; A. M. 1881; M. D. 
1877 Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll.; Physician; 
Member U. S. Board of Pension E.xaminers; 
Former Member Crawfordsville School Board; 
Medical Director Central States Life Ins. Co.; 
Member Crawfordsville Country and Ford 
Owners', for Advancement of Peace Clubs. 
212 Ben-Hur Bldg.; res. 418 Wabash Ave., 
Crawfordsville, Ind. 


A. B. 1871. 

Wickliffe Condit* 

d. 1900, Pataskala, Ohio. 


Batchelder, Charles Stillman"^ 

d. Oct. 19, 1873, Carrollton, 111. 

Robinson. James* 

A. B.; A. M. ; B. D.; D. D. d. Carrollton, 111. 

Stimson, Samuel Cary 

Born Noblesville, Ind., May 9, 1846; A. M. 
1872; LL. B. 1872; Lawyer; Judge Seymour 
Court. Coll. Trustee. Star Office Bldg.; res. 
721 Maple Ave., Terre Haute, Ind. 

Talbot, Jesse Newton* 

Physician, d. Crawfordsville, Ind. 


McConnell, Ira 

A. B.; Civil Engineer, (lllyi N. Washington 
St., Crawfordsville, Ind.) 

McDonald, John William* 

d. May 27, 1912, New York, N. Y. 

Ripley, Warwick Hawley 

Born Livonia, Livingston County, New York; 
A. B. 1873; A. M. 1876; Lawyer; Compiler, 
"Indiana Digest, Decisions Supreme Court." 
509-10 Lemcke Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Simpson, Robert Glenn 

M. D.; Physician. (Exeter, Cal.) 

Stanley, Frederick Jonte 

Born Nashvile, Tenn., Dec 2, 1848; A. B. 
1873; L. H. D. 1890 Waseda Univ., Tokyo, 
Japan; D. D. 1895; Grad. Union Theol. Sem., 
1876; Member Lit. Soc, Wabash Coll.; First 
Lieutenant, Co. B., College Cadets; Shakes- 
pearean Prize Essay; Honor Debater in Lit. 
Soc. 1873; Clergyman; Lecturer; Fruit Grower; 
Prof, of English History and Latin Waseda 
Univ., Tokyo, Japan, several years; Formerly 
Gen. Sec. Am. Sabbath Union; Eastern Repre- 
sentative Idaho Industrial Institute, Weiser, 
Idaho; Author of many Sermons, etc. R. F. D. 
_No. 3, Newburgh, N. Y. 

Stevens. John Shaw 

Born Kenton, Ohio; Commercial Agent, C. & O. 
Ry. Co.; Member Jonathan Club. 723 Grosse 
Bldg.; res. Jonathan Club, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Stuart, Thomas Arthur* 

A. R. 1873. d. 1892, Lafayette, Ind. 

Whitehead. Columbus Delano 

A. B. 1873; A. M.; Lawyer. (715 N. Main St., 
Wichita, Kans.) 

Wilson. George Washington 

Born Crawfordsville, Ind.; A. B. 1873; LL. B. 
1880 Univ. of Mich; Real Estate and Rancher. 
Morristown, S. Dak. 


Beck, Larrey Gaston* 

A. B. 1873. d. 1892, Delphi, Ind. 

Collins, John W. 

(Crawfordsville, Ind.) 

Gilbert. Henry Curtis 

Manufacturer. (Sheffield, Ala.) 

Jones, Henry Willard 

d. 1875, Columbus, Ind. 

Sharpe, Joseph Kinney Jr. 

Manufacturer. (Central U. Tel. Bldf., In- 
dianapolis, Ind.) 


Roth, James Peter* 

A. B. 1875; A. M.; D. D.; Presbyterian Clergy- 
man, d. 1902. 

Todd. Levi Luther 

A. B.; A. M.; Lawyer. (Lumber Exchange 
Bldg., Seattle, \yash.) 


Ellis, Charles Daniel 

Born Bridgeport, Mich.; A. B. 1876; A. M. 
1879; Baldwin Prize Essayist; Clergyman; 
Commissioner to General Assembly Presbyterian 
Church. Gregory, Mich. 

Graff, Joseph Verdillette 

Lawyer; Member of Congress. (911 Central 
Bank Bldg., Peoria, 111.) 

Haines. James Brooks* 

A. B. 1876. d. 1877, New Albany, Ind. 

Hulbert, Palmer Stevens* 

A. B.; A. M.; B. D.; D. D. d. 1897, Oak 
Park, 111. 

IMcBroom, Joseph Warren* 

A. B. 1876. d. 1887, Crawfordsville, Ind. 

AlcCulloch, George Daniel 

Born Center Square, Ind.; A. M. 1879; D. D.; 
1st Junior Essay, 1875; Ba'.dwin Prize Essay, 
1876; Clergyman; Pastor Wilson Memorial 
Presbyterian Church; Twice Delegate to Gen- 
eral Assembly; Moderator of Synod of Tenn.; 
Member Junior Order United Am. Mechanics. 
4345 Sullivan Ave. (St. Bernard), Cincinnati, 

Morey, William Lee 

Born Clinton, Ind.; A. B. 1876; A. M. 1885; 
Farming and Real Estate; Pres. Citizens' Bank. 
235 S. Main St.; res. 453 S. 5th St., Clinton, 

Whetzel, Charles Martin 

Born Beaver Co., Pa.; Presbyterian Minister- 
and Physician. Plover, Iowa. 

Whitehead, John Meek 

Born Hillsboro, 111., July 29, 1852; A. B. 1877 
Yale; Attorney-at-Law; State Senator, 1896- 
1912; Commr. Perry Victory Centennial-Com- 
mission 6 yrs; Chrmn. Bd. of Trustees, Janes- 
ville Public Library. 203 Jackman Bldg.; res. 
646 S. Garfield Ave., Janesville, Wis. 





Allison, John Andrew 

Dealer in Sunday School Supplies. ("India- 
napolis, Ind.) 

Booe, Elvis Scott 

Initiated by Ind. Gamma 1877. 

Hastings, Charles Oscar 

(\'evey, Ind.) 

Ringland, William Franklin* 

A. B.; A. M.; D. D.; Superintendent of Home 
Missions, Presbyterian Church of Ohio. d. 
Oct. 18. 1910, Wooster, Ohio. 

Steed, Henry Harvey 

Freight Agent R. R. (735 Jefferson St., St. 
Charles, Mo.) 

Strano^e, John Tedrick 

B. S,; A. M.; M. S. ; Lawyer. (203 S. Adams 
, St., Marion, Ind.) 


Prefer. Cbarle<5 Howard 

(JoLKh;_;..-t, Ind ) 

Fullenwider, Harvey Piatt 

Born Waveland, Ind.; Fire Insurance and Real 
Estate. 853 Phoenix St., South Haven, Mich. 

Hunt, Samuel Barnett* 

.•\. B.; A. M. d. 1890, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Mitchell, John Samuel* 

d. 1873, State Line, Ind. 

Savage, Hardy* 

d. 1886, Covington, Ind. 

Watson, John Samuel 

Born Covington, Ind.. Feb. 20, 1857; A. M. 
1883; Calliopean; Baldwin Prize Essayist; 
Lawyer; Division Counsel, Northern Pacific 
Ry. (To.; County Attorney, 2 yrs.; Member 
Fargo Country, Fargo Commercial and Minnea- 
polis (Minn.) Clubs. 51 Broadway; res. 505, 
8th St. South, Fargo, N. Dak. 

Wilson, William Patton 

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) 


Applegate, Charles Carroll* 

A. B.; A. M.; LL. B. d. 1900, Island, 111. 

Penniman, Andrew Ogden 

Born Circleville, Ohio; Minister; Pastor, Con- 
gregational Church. 146 W. Fourth Ave., 

Carnett, Kans. 

Spencer, Guilford Lawson 

B. S.; A. C; M. S.; D. Sc; Chemist, Cuban 
American Sugar Co. (The Kenesaw, Washing- 
ton. D. C.) 


Baugh, Walter Henry 

A. M.; ("Icrgyman. (San Jose, Cal.) 

Deam, Henry David 

Presbyterian Clergyman. (Chicago, III.) 

Johnson, Neill Davies 

Born Lcroy, 111.; A. B. 1880; A. M. 1884; 

B. I). 1883; M. D. 1903; Physician and 
SurgLon. Hamilton, Mo. 

Lingeman, John Franklin 

Miller. M'rownsburg, Ind.) 

McCullocli, John Franklin 

Born New Albany. Ind.; A. 15. 1880; A. M. 
1880; Farmer and Hank President. Natl. Bank, 
New Albany; res. Charlestown, Ind. 

Magill, Alfred Hugh* 

A. B. 1880. d. 1887, Clinton. III. 

Minturn, Frank Leazenby* 

d. 1916, West Allis, Wis. 

Ott, Lyman Edwards 

Born Rockville, Ind.; A. B. 1880; A. M. 1880; 
M. D. 1882 Jefferson Med. Coll.; Retired. 49 
N. Water St., Franklin, Ind. 


Cambern, Leon Sexton 

Born Rushville, Ind.; Cashier, Bank of Erie, 
Erie, Kans.; Pres. Stark County and State Bank; 
County Treas., Neosho County; State Senator, 
4 yrs.; Regent Kansas University, 3 yrs. Erie, 

Coyle, John 

Machinist. (608 Commercial St., Danville, 111.) 

Dickey, Solomon Cravens 

Born Columbus, Ind.; A. B. 1881; A. M. 1885; 
D. D. 1901; Lyceum Debating Society; 2d 
Prize College Oratorical Contest; Baseball; 
General Secretary Winona Assembly and Bible 
Conference; Presbyterian Minister, 1881-94; 
State Supt. Home Missions, 1894-96. Winona 
Lake, Ind. 

Eccles, Samuel Burton 

Born Greenwood, Ind., Nov. 15, 1858; B. S. 
1881; A. M. 1883; Citrus Industry. Oak Knoll, 

Hood, Thomas Corwiii 

Born Vermillion Co.. Ind.; A. B. 1881; A. M. 
1885; M. D. 1884 Jefferson Med. College; 
Calliopean Lit. Soc; Freshman Declamation; 
Editor Lariat; Oculist; City Hospital Staff; 
Member Columbia and Country Clubs; Marion 
County, State and American Medical Socs. 
226 Newton Claypool Bldg.; res. 124 E. 32^ 
St., Indianapolis, Ind. 


Holtzman, Morris Jacob* 

Born Rehrersburg, Pa., May 19, 1853; Farmer; 
Trust. Prairie Township. White County; Audi- 
tor, White County; Trustee, Presbyterian 
Church; Member Masons, d. March 24, 1915, 
Brookston, Ind. 


Baker, Orwan* 

Civil Engineer, d. Fort Scott, Kans. 

Rogers, Lewis Hopkins 

Bookkeeper. (Kansas City, Mo.) 

Sivver, Walter Chalmers 

Born Milwaukee, Wis.; B. S. 1883; President, 
Walter C. Sivyer and Son Co. and Enter- 
prise Electric Co.; V.-Pres.. Deschutes Power 
Co.; Treas., Grangevillc Electric Light and 
Power Co. and Okanogan Valley Light and 
Power Co.; Member Spokane and Athletic 
Clubs. 521 First Ave.; res. 809 Sixth Ave., 
Spokane, Wash. 

Stuart, George Thomson 

(Chicago, Til.) 

Wilkins, Thomas 

Born Linden, Ind., Tan. 10. 1861; A. B. 1883; 
^ Lyceum Lit. Soc; Prize Declaimer, 3 times; 
Prize Essayist; I'"armer and Live Stock Dealer; 
Formerly Pres. now .Sec. and I')ir. Bd. of Dirs., 
Bank of I^indcn. Linden, Ind. 


•Blackwell, Matthew Henry 

Born Wingalc, Ind.; Assistant Superintendent 
Ry. Mail Service. 205 I'edcral Bldg.; res. 
507 S. 27th St., Omaha, Nebr. 

Cooter, James Thomas 

Born Monticello, Mo.; A. B. 1884; A. M. 1888; 
D. D. 1903; Lyceum Club; 1st Sophomore 
Declamation; 1st Tunior Essayist; I^ducator; 
Pres. Washington (Zoll., 1891-1908 and 1912-17. 
Washington College, Washington College, Tcnn. 




Sharpe, William Findley 

B. S. 18S4; A. M.; Architect; Superintendent 
of Construction of D. C. Reformatory. 
(Occoquan, Va.: res. Crawfordsvillc, Ind.) 

Dukes. Elbert James'*' 

A. B.; A. M.; B. S.; Music Dealer, d. Oct. 
16, 1909, Peru. Ind. 

McDauiel, Charles May 

Born near Crawfordsvillc, Ind.: B. S. 1885; A. 
M. 1892; Superintendent of Schools; Trustee, 
Wabash Coll.; Member Knights of Pythias; 
Odd Fellows; Country Club; Chamber of Com- 
merce; Masons. 627 Hohman St.; res. 44 
Detroit St., Hammond, Ind. 

Scofield, William Henry 

A. B.; A. M.; Presbvterian Clergyman. (Firth, 

Stewart. Xewell Herbert 

Born Peoria, 111.; Salesman; Chemist. 14S 
Front St., New York City; res. Summit, N. J. 


Brown, Winfield Scott* 

B. S. d. 1891, Danville, Ind. * 

Coyle, Campbell Francis 

A. B.; A. M.; Clergyman, Pastor. Bellefield 
Presbyterian Church. (230 Leithridge St., Pitts- 
burg, Pa.) 

Fink, John William 

Bookkeeper. (St. Louis, Mo.) 

Lovell, John Goodman 

Born Elm, Cambridgeshire, England; B. A. 
1886; Pastor Presbyterian Church. 215 Chelsea 
Ave., Long Branch, N. J. 

Miles, Albert Raymond 

Born Southport, Marion Co., Ind.; A. B. 1888; 
M. A. 1890; Presbyterian Minister; Director del 
Colegio Americano Para Varones, Bogota, Col- 
ombia S. Am., 1890-95; Author "Conferencias 
Biblicas," 1895; "Introduccian Biblica," 1902. 
448 N. Xorwood St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Perrin, John William 

A. M.; Librarian. Case Library. (2078 E. 90th 
St., Cleveland, Ohio.) 

Sharpe, Frank Granville 

A. B.; A. M. (Staflfords European Hotel, 
Chicago, 111.) 

Snyder. Frank Lovelace 

A. B.; A. M.; Missionary. (1441 E. 116th St., 
Cleveland, Ohio.) 

Stockbars^er, Charles Ulysses 

Born Mishawaka, Ind., Oct. 18, 1865; B. S. 
1886; A. M. 1888; M. E. Minister; Treasurer, 
Northwestern Indiana Conference. 238 S. 
Main St., Crown Point, Ind. 

Washburn, William Winter 

Born New Richmond, Ind.; Banker and Cattle 
Breeder. 301 Ben Hur Bldg.; res. 605 E. 
Wabash Ave., Crawfordsvillc, Ind. 


Auten, Frank Edwin 

Born Cerro Gordo, 111.; B. S. 1884 National 
Normal Univ.; M. D. 1895 Univ. of Pa.; Oculist 
and Aurist; Author of Papers on Med. Subjects. 
First National Bank Bldg.; res. 207 E. D St., 
Belleville, 111. 

Cooter, John Harvey* 

A. B. d. 1893, Delphos, Kans. 

Cooter, William Hamilton* 

A. B. d. 1893, Joplin, Mo. 

Harding, William Christie 

A. B.; Real Estate. (Roseburg, Ore.) 

Martin, Georg^e Washinq-ton 

Born La Gro, Ind.; B. S. 1887; Ph. D. 1892; 
Lyceum Club; Sophomore Declaimer; 2d Prize, 
Junior Essayist; Prof, of Biology, Monmouth 
Coll.; Prcs. and Sec, Tenn. Horticultural Soc; 
State Entomologist, 1901-05; Member Ento- 
mological Soc. of Washington; Am. Assn. for 
the Advancement of Science. Monmouth Col- 
lege, Monmouth, 111. 


Crebs, Berrv Stewart 

A. B.; M. b. (Carmi, 111.) 

Earl, William Howard 

A. B. 1888; Civil Engineer. (Susanville, Cal.) 

Jones, Frank Collett 

Born Newport, Ind., Sept. 17, 1863; M. D. 

1889 Northwestern Univ. of Chicago, 111.; 

Physician, lyi N. Jackson St.; res. 360 W. 
Walnut St., Frankfort, Ind. 

Robinson, Enos ]\lcPhail 

(Lumber Exchange Bldg., Seattle, Wash.) 

Tillett, Joseph Newton 

Born Peru, Ind.; B. S. 1888; LL. B. Univ. of 
Mich.; Lawyer; Prosecuting Atty., Slst Judicial 
District, Ind., 4 yrs.; Judge, Miami Circuit 
Court, Ind., 12 yrs. Peru, Ind. 

Wilson, Merrill Elwood 

B. S. 1887; Lawyer;Chief Deputy United States 
Marshal, Dist. of Ind. (Federal Bldg.; res. 
127 E. Pratt St., Indianapolis, Ind.) 


Henderson, John Thomas 

Born Franklin, Ind., 1864; A. M. 1889; D. D. 
1912; Clergyman. 1764 Portland Ave., St. 
Paul, Minn. 

Hoffman, Otto Sickel 

Born Chicago, 111.; A. B. 1889; Lyceum Lit. 
Soc; Baldwin Greek Prize, 1889; Commercial 
Artist; Author "Optimistic Voices." Sanitar- 
ium; res. 8 University Ave., Battle Creek, 

Spencer, Schuyler Colfax 

Born Rensselaer, Ind., 1864; Winner of Several 
Prizes; Attorney-at-Law; Judge Advocate Gen- 
eral of Ore. with rank of Colonel; Sec. Republi- 
can State Central Committee; Officer and 
Chamber of Commerce; Member JIultnomah, 
Athletic, State and County Bar and Alumni 
Assns. ; Mason, Royal Arch, Scottish Rite and 
Shrine; B. P. O. E. ; Affiliated Vt. Alpha 
1890. 1001 Board of Trade Bldg.; res. 1126 
Thurman St., Portland, Ore. 

Willis, William Elmer 

Born Enfield, 111.; A. B. 1889; A. M. 1892; 
Lyceum Lit. Soc. ; Mgr. Pacific , Newspaper 
Exchange, Los Angeles, Cal., Court and Coun- 
ty Clerk, 1892-95 , Spokane, Wash.; Member San 
(jabriel Valley Royal Arch Masons. 320 Story 
Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal.; res. 601 W^ashing- 
ton St., Alhambra, Cal. 


Ashby, Edgar Clayton 

Born Ladaga. Ind.; Secretary and Treasurer, 
Ladoga Canning Co. Ladoga, Ind. 

Crebs, John Montgomery, Jr. 

Born Carmi, 111.; Pres.ident National Bank of 
Carmi. Carmi, 111. 

Gait, George McFarlane 

Born Aurora, 111.; A. B. 1890 Princeton Coll.; 
Tutor. Princeton, N. J. 

Noble. Thomas Benjamin 

Initiated by Ind. Delta 1887. 

1 890-95 J- 



Whiteford, Robert Naylor 

Born Crawfordsville, Ind. ; A. B. 1890; A. M. 
1892; Ph. D. 1893; Phi Beta Kappa; Lyceum 
Lit. Soc; Winner of Junior Prize Essay, 1889 
and Indianapolis Nezvs Prize ($100) Essay on, 
"King Lear," 1890; Prof, of English Literature 
and Director of Graduate Study, Toledo Univ.; 
Dir. Am. Drama League Centre of Toledo; 
Pres. Toledo Shakespeare Assn., 1914-15; Au- 
thor "Anthology of English Poetry, Beowulf to 
Kipling;" Member Modern Language Assn. of 
America; A. F. and A. M. Toledo University, 
corner 11th and Illinois Sts.; res. 2252 Frank- 
lin Ave., Toledo, Ohio. 


Bowman, William Ellery 

Born Greene Co., 111.; Insurance. 318 Ditmar 
Bldg. ; res. 6024 Maple Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Little, Henry 

B. S. ; A. M.; Presbyterian Clergyman. (618 
E. Walnut St., Springfield, Mo.) 

McNiitt, Frank Porter 

Born Charleston, 111.; B. S. 1891; A. M. 1896; 
Lumber and Coal Dealer. 220 E. Market St.; 
res. 402 W. Wabash Ave., Crawfordsville, Ind. 

O'Rear, Earl Dick 

Initiated by Ind. Zeta 1889. 


Abbott, Wilbur Cortez 

Born Kokomo, Ind.; A. B. 1892; A. M. 1902; 

A. M. 1908 Yale; B. Litt. 1897 Oxford Univ., 
England; Berzelius and Aurelian Socs., Yale; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Prof, of History, Yale Uni- 
versity; Author, "Colonel Blood; Crown 
Stealer" and Contributor to the Nation, 
American and English Historical Review, Yale 
Review and Atlantic Monthly; Member Eliza- 
bethan, Lawn and Graduates' Clubs; Affiliated 
N. Y. Alpha 1893. Sheffield Scientific School, 
Yale Univ.; res. 219 Livingston St., New 
Haven, Conn. 

Ball, Thomas Zopher 

Born Waveland, Ind.; M. D. 1895 Rush Med. 
Coll. ; Physician ; Contract Surgeon, U. S. A. 
(served in Philippines), 1900-02; 1st Lieut. 
Med. Reserve Corps, U. S. Army, 1911-17; Capt. 
Officers' Reserve Med. Corps, May 15, 1917. 
Waveland, Ind. 

Hurley, Frank Wallace 

B. S. 1892. (Crawfordsville, Ind.) 

McNutt, John Edwin* 

A. B.; A. M.; Presbyterian Clergyman, d. 
1906, San Antonio, Texas. 

Martin, Alvah Taylor 

Born La Gro, Ind.; B. S. 1892; A. M. 1909; 
Lawyer. 64 W. Randolph St.; res. 3845 Jack- 
- son Blvd., Chicago, III. 

Thomson, Herbert 

A. B.; A. M.; Presbvterian Clergyman. (1227 
Chestnut St., Alameda, Cal.) 


Gavins, Alexander Garwin 

Born Sullivan, Ind.; Lawyer; State Senator, 
1905-07; Mf-mber First Tuberculosis Commis- 
sion, 1905-06; Assistant Attorney-CJeneral, 
1907-11; Member Marion CJub. 1125 Law 
Bldg.; res. 1232 N. Alabama St., Indianapolis, 

Crozicr, Robert Hepburn 

Born North Sangamon near I'ctersburg, 111., 
Nov. 6, 1871; A. I!. 1893 Lake Forest Univ.; 
Athenaean Lit. Soc; Albino Musical and Car- 
nation Clubs; Mgr., Football. 1892; Prcs. Senior 
Class, 1893; Prcs. Alumni Assn., 1902-03; Pres. 

Chicago Club of Lake Forest and Pres. and 
Sec, Athenaean Lit. Soc. all of Lake Forest 
Univ.; Assistant General Passenger Agent, 
Spokane, Portland and Seattle Ry Co.; Asst. to 
Prcs. Lake Forest Univ., 1906-09; Member 
University, Transportation, Advertising, Phi 
Delta Phi and Rotary Clubs; Chamber of 
Commerce. 841 Pittock Bldg.; res. 243 W. Park 
St., Portland, Ore. 

Davis, Edgar Harrison 

M. S.; M. D. (425 E. New York St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind.) 

Garner, James Bert 

Born Lebanon, Ind., Sept. 2, 1870; B. S. 1893; 
M. S. 1895; Ph. D. magna cum laude. 1897 
Univ. of Chicago; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Chi 
Sigtna; Prof, of Organic Chemistry, Mellon 
Institute, Univ. of Pittsburgh; Dir. of Chemical 
and Engineering Research, Hope Natural Gas 
Co.; Contributor to American Chemical Journal 
and Journal of American Chemical Society. 
424 Sixth Ave.; res. 5624 Woodmont St., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Guthrie, William S. 

Born Thornton, Ind., 1869; V.-Pres. Farmers 
Natl. Bank; Past Pres. Okla. Bankers Assn.; 
Past Sec. Am. Bankers' Assn.; Past Potentate 
and Recorder India Temple Shrine; Past Pres. 
Okla. City Golf and Country Club; Member 
Executive Council Am. Bankers' Assn.; Member 
Dinner, Rotary and Okla. City and Country 
Clubs; State Civic Assn. 200 W. Grand Ave.; 
res. 1309 Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Olive, Edg-ar, William 

Born Lebanon, Ind.; B. S. 1893; M. S. 1895; 
A. M. 1895 Harvard; Ph. D. 1902 do.; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi (Wis.); Baldwin Essay- 
ist, 1892; Curator, Brooklyn Botanic Garden; 
Member Bd. of Editors American Journal of 
Botany; V.-Pres. Botanical Soc. of Am.; Au- 
thor of numerous scientific articles. Washing- 
ton Ave. cor. Montgomery St.; res. 895 E. 19th 
St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Rhoades, Paul Mofifat* 

d. 1897, Newport, Ind. 

Thomas, Harry Corwin 

rSth St., Dayton, Ohio). 

Wilson, William Wilmer 

Born Montezuma, Ind.; B. S. 1893; U. S. 
Government Service, Post Office Department. 
2424 College .'^vc, Indianapolis, Ind. 


Little, Charles Sumner* 

A. B.; A. M.; M. D.; Coal Operator, d. Dec. 
13, 1913, Petersburg, Ind. 

Snyder, Walter Irving- 
Bom Chalmers, Ind.; B. S. 1894; Cashier, 
First Natl. Bank of Oak Harbor, Ohio; Member 
Masons; Elks. Oak Harbor, Ohio. 

Wishard, Fred Gallaher 

A. B.; D. D. S,; Dentist. (518 Prince St., 
Knoxville, Tenn.) 


Ball, Howard Noble 

B. A. 1895; Commercial Traveler. (Craw- 
fordsville, Ind.) 

Curtis, Walter Milton 

Born Crawfordsville, Ind.; A. B. 1895; Sta- 
tistician. Ben Hur Bldg.; res. 3 Mills Place. 
Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Gerard, Royal Hart 

A. B.; A. M.; M. D.; Supreme Chief, Tribe 
of I3en Hur. (Crawfordsville, Ind.) 




Haniiiioml, James Lloyd 

Born Lebanon. Ind.; B. S. 18^5; M. D. 1899 
Univ. of 111.; Fellow in Enplish; Specialist 
Kyc. Ear, Nose and Throat; Member Gucago 
Athletic .\ssn.; Oiiilmettc Country Club; 
Chicago Medical and American Medical Socs. 
29 E. Madison St.. Chicago; res. 833 Green- 
wood Ave., Wilnutte. II'.. 

Travis, C[harles] Claud 

Rorn Parn. Brazil. S. A.; B. S. 1895; A. M. 
IS'JS- D D 1916; Represented College in State 
Oratorical Contest, 1893; Pastor M. E. Church 
Fort Wavne. 711 W. Wavne St., Fort Wayne, 

Wvnekoop. Ira Charles 

'B S -M B : M. D.; Phvsician and Surgeon. 
(737 'siieridan Rd.; res. '4901 Sheridan Rd., 
Chicago, 111.) 

Appleg^ate, Harry Revere 

M. D.; Manufacturing Chemist. ( 6i22 Ellis 
Ave., Chicago, 111.) 

Clark. Harrv Chevis 

Born Chark^^ton, 111.: Representative North- 
western Lite Insurance Co. 226 .\rnote Bldg.; 
res. 307 E. Comanche Ave., McAlester, Okla. 

Davis. Thomas Alexander 

Born B'uffton, Ind , July 31, 1874; Ph B. 
1896- -A.. M. 1902; LL. B. 1899 Indiana Law 
School; Chapter House Commissioner, 1906-09; 
Historian General Council, 1910-11; Reporter, 
1910-17; Editor Scroll and Palladium since 
1911; Lawyer. 102104 N. Main St.; res. 312 
E Washington St., Goshen, Elkhart County, 

Little, Harrv Wilson 

Born Evans'ville, Ind.; B. S. 1896; A. M. 
1901; M D. 1900 Johns Hopkins; Baseball; 
Coal' Operator; Pres., V.-Pres. and Genl. Mgr. 
S W. Little Coal Co. 404 Upper 8th St.; res. 
916 Washington Ave., Evansville, Ind. 

Parry, Percy Arthur 

■ Born England, May 22, 1876; V.-Pres. Y. M. 
C A.; Pres. Freshman Class; College Senate; 
Dramatic Club; Track; Football; Winner Fresh- 
man-Sophomore Declamatory Contest; Deputy 
State Oil Inspector; Delegate, Republican 
National Convention, 1912; Editor Author's 
Bureau; Author of Short Stories; Member 
University, Country, Dramatic, Columbia and 
Commercial Clubs; Elks; K. of T. M.; Masons. 
Hammond Bldg.; res. 44 Warren St., Ham- 
mond, Ind. 

Richardson. Nathan Henry 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; College Orchestra; 
Insurance; Sec. Ins. Dept., Bankers' Trust Co.; 
Member Executive Committe, Fire Ins. Agents 
A^sn • Pres. Indianapolis Alumni Assn. of Phi 
Delta Theta, 1916-17. 10 E. Market St.; res. 
333 West 31st St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Willis, Ravmond Eugene 

Born Waterloo, Ind.: A. B. 1896; A. M. 

■ 1900; Publisher and Printer; Postmaster, 
1910-14. Angola, Ind. 


Allen, William Mack 

Born Terre Haute, Ind.; American Express 
Co., Claim Dept. 23 W. Monroe St.; res. 2023 
Indiana Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Banks, Karl Courtland 

Steel Inspector. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 

Ireland, Lloyd Robert 

Born Chanute, Kans.; Traveling Salesman. 
616 Ferry St., Lafayette, Ind. 

Malone, Frank Morris 

Born Eugene, Ind., July 4, 1875; B. S. 1897; 
Football; State Standing Broad Jump; Capt. 
Track Athletics; Superintendent, Central Lake 
Canning Co. Central Lake, Mich. 


Ball, Alan Cornelius 

Born Waveland, Ind.; D. D. S. 1903 Central 
College; Dentist. 507 Newton C'.aypool Bldg.; 
res. 4105 Carrollton Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Byers, Russell Trail 

Born Jolietville, Hamilton Co., Ind.; Ph. B. 
1898; A. M. and LL. B. 1901 Columbia Univ.; 
Calliopean Lit. Soc; Mgr. Baseball, 1897-98; 
Mgr. Glee and Mandolin Clubs, 1898; Business 
Mgr. The Wabash, 1897-98; Delegate Phi Delta 
Theta Natl. Convention, 1896; Pres., 1897; 
\'.-Pres., 1898; Ind. Oratorica'. Assn.; Attorney- 
at-Law; Member Bd. of Dirs. Am. Central Life 
Ins. Co. and Atty. for its Loan Dept.; Ind. 
Member Natl. Council of Ins. Federations; 
Member Contemporary, Dramatic, Ind. Uni- 
versity, Marion, Lawyers, Civic and Business 
Clubs. American Central Life Bldg., India- 
napolis, Ind. 

Evans, Frank C. 

Mortgage Banker. (406 S. Water St., Craw- 
fordsvilie, Ind.) 

Little, Thomas Walker 

(Danville, 111.) 

]\IacGregor, Charles !\Ionroe 

Born Cairo, W. Va.; Electrical Engineer; 
Manager Home Telephone Co. ; Agt. B. Mac- 
Gregor Estate; Member Masons; Elks; W. O. 
W.; Commercial Club; Affiliated Ind. Theta 
1901. 113 W. 4th St.; res. 628 Locust St., 
Mt. \'ernon, Ind. 

Mitchell, John Miles* 

A. B. 1898. d. 1899, Beirut, Syria. 

Xoble, Robert Avery 

Born McLean. 111.; M. D. 1901; Surgeon; 
Fellow Am. Coll. of Surgeons; Member Chicago 
Automobile, Bloomington and Bloomington 
Country Clubs; Affiliated III. Alpha 1898. 312- 
316 Unity Bldg.; res. 1406 E. Washington St., 
Bloomington, 111. 

Spilman, Robert Bruce, Jr. 

Born Manhattan, Kans.; Clerk, District Court, 
Riley County, Kans.; Abstractor of Titles; 
Member Manhattan Country Club. Court 
House; res. 421 N. 5th St., iSIanhattan, Kans. 

Stilhvell, Thomas Abner, Jr.* 

d. 1897, Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Wedding, Charles Sterling 

Traveling Salesman, J. C. Grant Chemical Co. 
(1001 Riverside Ave.", Evansville, Ind.) 


Edwards, Frank Elder 

Born Knightstown, Ind.; A. B. 1899; Glee 
Club; Agency Manager, American Life Insur- 
ance Co.; Affiliated Ind. Alpha 1899. Box 75, 
Knightstown, Ind. 

Foley, Michael Emmet 

Born Crawfordsville, Ind., Sept. 14, 1872; A. 

B. 1899; A. M. 1905; Attorney, Indianapolis 
Traction Co.; Member Bd. of Trustees Ind. 
State Prisons. 807 Traction Bldg.; res. 2715 
Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Griesel, Edward Charles 

Born Crown Point, Ind., Jan. 15, 1877; Ph. B. 
1899; A. M. 1902; LL. B. 1902 Univ. of Wis.; 
Phi Delta Phi; Baldwin Orator; Mgr. Wabash 
Pentathlon Team; Lawyer; Genl. Atty., Title 
Guaranty & Surety Co. for Okla.; ^lember Bar 
Assn.; Commercial and University Clubs; 
Affiliated Wis. Alpha 1902. 313 Iowa Bldg.; 
res. 546 Baltimore St., Muskogee, Okla. 




McGaug-hey, Oliver Wendell 

Born near Greencastle, Putnam Co., Ind.; A. 
B. 1899; Minister, Disciples' Church. Veeders- 
burg, Ind. 

Mull, Arthur Allen 

Initiated by Ind. Theta 1899. 


Ensminger, Leonard Austin 

Physician. (614 Hume-Mansur Bldg., India- 
napolis, Ind.) 

Gilbert, Samuel Healy 

'nsi'r.ince. (Alaska Commercial Bldg., San 
Francisco, Cal.; res. 1049, 48th St., Oakland, 



,'s, William Harrison 

Born Sullivan, Ind.; A. B. 1900; A. M. 1904; 
Winner Baldwin Senior Oratorical Contest; 
Lawyer; Member University, Columbia, Coun- 
ty and Marion Clubs, Indianapolis; Country 
(Tlub, Terra Haute, Ind.; Chicago Automobile 
and Illinois Athletic Clubs, Chicago, III. Sulli- 
van, Ind. 

Loval, Charles James 

Initiated by Ind. Alpha 1900. 

Robb, Marshal Van Meter 

Born Bainbridge, Ohio; Treasurer, Wabash Val- 
ley Electric Co. 310 S. Main St.; res. 257 S. 
5th St., Clinton, Ind. 

Todd, Walter Glenn 

Born Lagro, Ind., Oct. 20, 1878; A. B. 1900 
Attorney-at-Law; County Attorney, 1905-08 
Member B. P. O. E. No. 471. Bradley Block 
res. 307 East Main St., Wabash, Ind. 

Wilson, William Wilbur 

(La Ville, Ky.) 


Alfrey, Harry David 

Manufacturer. (Hope, Ark.) 

Bartholomew, Joseph Spencer 

Lawyer. (Valparaiso, 111.) 

Meisenhelder, Horace 

(Palestine, 111.) 


Day, Bertram Cebes 

Born Clinton, Mich.; B. S. 1916 Purdue Univ.; 
Mgr., Football; 1st Place in Singles, Tennis 
Championship; 2d in Doubles; Junior Prize 
Essay, Oratorical Contest, 1900; Educator and 
Lecturer; Author "Copyrighted Bond Contract" 
and "Life Service Bond;" Pres., Life Insurance 
Co.; Member Univ. Club and Masons, Scottish 
Rite. 18 Campbell Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Evans, Harry Graham 

Borti Russellville, Ind.; Assistant to Publisher 
Louisinlle Courier-Jouriml and Louisville Times; 
Formerly News Editor of The Times; Member 
Louisville Press and Cherokee Golf Clubs. 
Cnurier-Journal Bldg., Third and Green Sts.; 
res. 1609 Beechwood Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

Hug^hes, Byron Euj:^ene 

Born Sullivan, Ind.; Piano Business. 433, Sth 
Ave.; res. 434 W. 120th St., New York, N. Y. 

Peter, Carl Henry 

Train Dispatcher. (1219 Marengo .St., New 
Orleans, La.) 

Reynolds, Charles Allen 

Garage Business. (5035 Cottage Grove Ave., 
Chicago, 111.) 

Romine, Rufus Wilmer 

(141, 5th Ave., New York, N. Y.) 

Runyan, Walter Leroy 

Bo'rn Hallowell, Maine; A. B. 1902; D. B. 
1907; Phi Beta Kappa; Editor of Alumni and 
Exchanges on College Magazine; Fellowship in 
English Dept.; Librarian; Sec.-Treas. Divinity 
Alumni of Univ. of Chicago Library Work for 
U. S. Army. 5742 Maryland Ave., Chicago, 

Rusk. Joseph Byron 

(517 E. 31st St., Indianapolis; res. Crawfords- 
ville, Ind.) 

Shields, Kester Bruce 

Born Seymour, Ind.; Farmer; Member B. P. 
O. E. and Knights of Pythias. R. F. D. No. 

4, Seymour, Ind. 

Welty, Paul Wilson 

Newspaper Work. Valparaiso Ind. 

Whetzel, Herbert Hice 

Born Avilla, Ind.; A. B. 1902; A. M. 1906; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Gamma Alpha; Honorary Mem- 
ber Alpha Theta Sigma Xi; Eastman Prize in 
Biology; Professor of Plant Pathology, Cornell 
Univ.; Pres. American Phytopathological Soc; 
Author of numerous scientific papers; Member 
University Club of Cornell. Ithaca College of 
Agriculture; res. Forest Home, R. D., Ithaca, 
N. Y. 


Bartholomew, John Byron 

With Bethlehem Steel Co. (People's Gas Bldg., 
Chicago, 111.) 

Burk, Frank Edward 

Born Valparaiso, Ind.; Pres., Sophomore Class; 
Football; Baseball; Sales Manager, Central Steel 
Wire Co. 119 N. Peoria St.; res. 4835 N. 
Winchester Ave., Chicago, III. 

Goss, Ira David 

Born Rochester, Ind.; A. B. 1903; Lyceum Lit.; 
Editor Wabash Magazine ; Special Agent, Con- 
tinental Fire Insurance Co.; Member State Ora- 
torical Bd.; Member Rochester Golf Club; 
Pres. State Assn. of College Prohibition Clubs. 
1503 S. Main St., Rochester, Ind. 

Hasbrouck, Frank Flinn 

Born Peoria, 111.; A. B. 1903; A. M. 1904; Base- 
ball; Asst. in Chemistry, Chemist; Member Uni- 
versity Club, .\merican Milling Co.; res. 325 
Ellis St., Peoria, 111. 

Howard, Thomas Carroll 

Born Logansport, Ind.; Manufacturer. Val- 
paraiso, Ind. 

Jones, Homer Mark 

Furniture Dealer. (14 E. Market St., Wabash, 

Jones, Porter Garfield 

Born Wabash, Ind.; M. E. 1904; Varsity Base- 
ball (pitcher), 1902-04; District Manager, Dear- 
born Chemical Co.; Member Rotary Club; Natl. 
Assn. of Stationary Engineers; Am. Order of 
Steam Engineers; Masons, Pliiladelphia Con- 
sistory; Affiliated Ind. Theta 1904. 574 The 
Bourse; res. 921 S. 60th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lauanstine, Mandel 

Steel Merchant. Central Steel and Wire Co., 
112 S. Clinton St.; res. 837 Windsor Ave., 
Chicago HI.) 

McClamrock, Charles Newton 

Born Crawfordsville, Ind.; Shoe Merchant. 
105 N. Washington St.; res. 1009 W. Wabash 
Ave., Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Wells, Guy Morrison 

A. B. 1903; Sales Manager. (208 American 
Hank Bldg.; res. 2112 N. 41st St.. Seattle, 

White, William Marshall 

Born Kokomo, Ind.; A. B. 1903; Manufacturer; 
County Auditor. 8 years; State .Senator, 4 ses- 
sions. 300 S. Green St., Crawfordsville, Ind. 





Bower, Albert Scott 

Proprietor of Picture Show. (Covington, 

Bryant. Ross LeRoy 

Born Valparaiso, Ind.; Civil and Mechanical 
Engineer. 60S Washington St., Valparaiso, Ind. 

Hess. Fjiiory Earl 

Born Plymouth. Marshall Co., Ind.; A. B. 1904; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Attorney-at-Law; Member 
Alumni .Vssn.; Knights of Pythias. 458 Empire 
Bldg. ; res. 4525 Bagley Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

King, Albert Henry* 

Born Rochester, Ind.; Manager, Winnipeg 
Lumber Co., Winnipeg, Can. d. Rochester, 
Ind., 1914. 

Linn, Otis Leroy 

Born Mace, Intl.; A. B. 1904; Grad. McCormick 
Theol. Sem., 1907. Pure Stock Breeding, Mo- 
desto, Cal. 

Loop. Ernest Andrew 

Born near Crawfordsvil'.e, Ind.; A. B. 1904; 
Capt. Basketball, 3 yrs. ; Football, 2 yrs.; State 
Agent for Indiana, of Ohio Farmers Insurance 
Co. 1009 E. Center St., Warsaw, Ind. 

McDaniel, Alonzo Simpson 

A. B. 1904; A. M.; Chemist, Bureau of Stand- 
ards. (Washington, D. C.) 

McNaughton, David 

Superintendent, Electric Meter Department, 
Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Light Co. (Public 
Service Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis.) 

O'Rear, Fred Lucas 

Druggist. (Frankfort, Ind.) 

Voris, Alerritt Whittaker 

Born Crawfordsviile, Ind.; Insurance. 762 
Penobscot Bldg.; res. 684 E. Jefferson Ave., 
Detroit, Mich. 


Beale. William L A.* 

A. B.; Rector,^ Church of the Redeemer, d. 
1909, Elgin, III. 

Beatty, Clive Ross 

Born Walnut, Ind.; Track Team; Mandolin 
and Glee Cubs; Cost Accountant. Oliver 
Chilled Plow Works, South Bend, Ind.; res. 
130 E. Broadway, Mishawaka, Ind. 

Bouslog, Samuel Allen 

Born Peru, Ind. ; With Ford Motor Co. ; Mem- 
ber Elks. 143 Geneva Ave., Highland Park, 

Courtney, Edward Carrington 

Editorial Staff, Commercial Appeal. (Care 
Central Police Station, Memphis, Tenn.) 

Deniston, Arthur LeRoy 

Born Rochester, Ind.; President, Rochester 
Bridge Co.; Member City Council, 1910-14; 
Ind.- House of Representatives, 1915; Sec. 
Rochester Commercial Club, 1910; Member 111. 
-Athletic, Ind. Democratic, Pine Golf and 
Rochester Golf (Pres.) Cubs. 1310 S. Main 
St., Rochester, Ind. 

Linder, William V. 

Born Crawfordsviile, Ind.; Chemist, Bureau of 
Internal Revenue; Member Masons; B. P. O. 
E. Treasury Dept.; res. 1717 Q St., N. W., 
Washington, D. C. 

McClanahan, Roy Heap 

Business. (Sullivan, Ind.) 

Martin, Frederick Sherman 

Steward. (Palmer House, Chicago, 111.) 

Reed, Walter Stephen 

A. B. 1905; Artist. (Box 144, Springfield. III.) 

Schrock, Robert D. 

A. B. 1905. (201 E. 30th St., New York City, 

N. V.) 


Andersen, Martin 

Artist, with Indiana Electrotype Co. (India- 
napolis, Ind.) 

Ashby, Fred Fordice 

A. B. (With Wabash Veneer Co., Indianapolis, 
Ind ) 

Boulton, Franklin Arthur 

Born Silver Lake, Ind., Dec. 25, 1881; A. B. 
1906; Lyceum Lit. Soc; V. M. C. A.; Business 
Mgr. Wabash Magazine ; Varsity Baseball 
(Pitcher); Department Head. Timken Detroit 
Axle Co.; Chrmn. LaPorte County Progressive 
Party, 1912. 136 Clark Ave.; res. SO Park 
Ave., Clark Park, Detroit, Mich. 

Crawford, Rush Pohr 

Born Sullivan, Ind.; D. D. S. 1903 Univ. of 
Mich.; Salesman, with Globe Stove and Range 
Co. Res. 1226 W. Walnut St., Kokomo, Ind. 

Edwards, Roy Seidel 

Born Madison, Ind.; A. B. 1906; Winner, Day 
Oratorical Contest, 1906; Represented Wabash 
in State Oratorical Contest, 1906; Varsity Foot- 
ball, 1904; Member Wabash Glee Club and 
Quartet; Grain Broker; Mgr. Lamson Bros. 
& Co., Des Moines Office; Member Des Moines 
Chamber of Commerce; Blue Lodge Mason; 
Affiliated Ind. Epsilon, 1906. Room 704 Hub- 
bell Bldg., 900 Walnut St.; res. 1519, 8th St., 
Des Moines, Iowa. 

Ruth, Warner Albert 

Born St. Joseph Co., Ind.; A. B. 1906; A. M. 
1909; Alpha Chi Sigma; Associate Chemist in 
Horticulture, University of Illinois; Author of 
several publications on spraying and fertilizing 
fruit trees. 413 University Hall; res. 613 
Michigan Ave., Urbana, III. 

Schmaltz, Hugh Monroe 

Born Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Glove Manufacturer; 
Sales Manager. U. S. Glove Co.; res. Spencer 
Ave., Marion, Ind. 

Smith, William Henry 

Born Boone Co., Ind.; A. B. 1906; A. M. 19D7 
Univ. of in.; Phi Beta Kappa; Attorney. 212 
Farmers State Bank B'dg. ; res. 716 E. Main 
St., Lebanon, Ind. 

Zimmerman, James 

A. B. 1906, Professor of Chemistry. (Uni- 
versity of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn.; res. 
1201, Sth St. S. E., Vandalia, 111.) 


Beaty, Bruce Franklin 

Born La Grange, Ind.; Bank Cashier; Member 
Masons. Oak and Columbia Sts. ; res. 217 

Hickory St., Union City, Ind. 

Doster, Orland Leslie 

Affiliated Ind. Alpha 1909. (With Bradstreet 
Commercial Agency; Y. M. C. A., South Bend, 

Fleming, Samuel Edgar 

Born Jamestown, Pa., Dec. 25, 1885; A. B. 
1907; Glee Club; Quartet; College Debater; 
Pres. Chapter, 1907; Reporter of Chapter 1906; 
Senior Oratorical Honors; Teacher of History, 
Civics and Economics, Head of History Dept., 
Franklin High School; Principal, Broadway 
Evening High School; .Author "History Course" 
State . High School Manual; Member Seattle 
Teachers' and Washington Educational Assns. 
Franklin High School; res. 3324 37th Ave. S., 
Seattle, Wash. 





Glenwood, Henry 

Born Jamestown, Ind.; A. B. 1907; A. M. 1913 
Univ. of Ind.; Phi Alpha Omega; Athletic 
Assn.; Y. M. C. A.; Sophomore Oratorical 
Contest; Freshman Debating Team; Basketball, 
1904-05; Track Team 1905-06; Football, 1904- 
05; Teacher; Dir. Bd. of Playgrounds; Member 
Home Gardening. Los Angeles Co., Cal.; 
Author "Plankton;" Member Knights of Pythias; 
Masonic Lodge. 2690 Er.endale PI., Los 
Angeles, Cal.; res. Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Learning-, Marion Spitler 

Born 'Rensselaer, Ind.; A. B. 1907; Claim 
Agent, C. I. and L. Ry. Co. (Monon Route). 
501 Salem St.; res. 614 Brown St., Lafayette, 

Miller, Charles George, Jr. 

Born Hammond, Ind.; A. B. 1907; LL. B. 1910 
Univ. of Mich.; Member Debating Team, 1906- 
07; Football, 1903-06; Track, 1904-07; Baseball, 
1904; Baldwin Orator, 1907; Lawyer. 3417 
Michigan Ave.; res. 3420 Fir St., Indiana 
Harbor, Ind. . 

Rankin, John Richard 

Born Madison, Ind.; A. B. 1907; Machinery; 
.Affiliated Ind. Epsilon 1908. Mine and Smelter 
Supply Co.; res. 522 Jensen Ave., Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

Amines, Frank Aaron 

Born Crawfordsville, Ind., Jan. 6, 1885; LL. 
B. 1910 Indiana Law School; Lawyer; Supt. 
Sutherland Presbyterian S. S.; Sec. Bd. of 
Trustees, Sutherland Presbyterian Church; 
Mem. Capital City Lodge 312, F. and A. M.; 
Scottish Rite; Murat Temple A. A. O. N. M. S.; 
Knights of Pythias, Arion Lodge, 254; Sons 
of Veterans; P. O. S. of A.; Marion Club. 603 
Indiana Trust Bldg.; res. 2830 Ashland Ave., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 


Freeman, L. J. Clifford 

Born Waynetown, Ind.; A. B. 1908; Asst. 
Zool. Lab., 1907; Pres. Athletic Assn., 1907-08; 
Instructor, High School; Member Y. M. C. A. 
Central Schools, Crawfordsville; res. Wayne- 
town, Ind. 

Gleiser, WilHam Henry 

Born Germantown, Pa.; A. B. 1908; Presbyter- 
ian Minister. Decatur, Ind. 

Gwynn, Clarence Boyce 

Born Terre Haute, Ind.; A. B. 1908; Calliopean 
Lit. Soc; Glee Club, 1908; Art Editor, 1906-07; 
.Supervisor of Manual Training. Olympia High 
.School; res. 1504 Main St., Olympia, Wash. 

Morris, Bert Link* 

d. July 29, 1910, Denver, Colo. 


Buff, Harry Cushman 

Born Sullivan, Ind.; A. B. 1909; Farming; 
Member Brotherhood Protective Carder Elks. 
Sullivan, Ind. 

Burkett, Clifford Wahl 

Born Plymouth, Ind.; D. D. S. 1910 North- 
western Univ. Dental School; Dentist. 217 
N. Michigan St.; res. 108 W. Jefferson St., 
Plymouth, Ind. 

(leLorenzi, Joseph Higgins 

Born Mishawaka, Ind.; A. B.; Purchasing 
Agent, George Cutter Co.; Member University 
Club; Affiliated N. Y. Alpha 1910. Notre 
Dame and Division Sts.; res. 812 E. Jeflerson 
St., South Bend, Ind. 

Gipe, Walter William 

A. B.; M. D.; Physician. (Greentown, Ind.) 

Hawkins, Ernest Merrick 

Born Benton Co., Ind.; A. B. 1909; Tau Kappa 
Alpha; Member Intercollegiate Debating Team; 
Attorney-at-Law; Affiliated Cal. Beta 1911. 
Fowler, Ind. 

Knott, Harry Clark 

Born Burr Oak, Ind.; M. D. 1912 Univ. of 
111.; Alpha Kappa Kappa, Pres., 1 year; Phy- 
sician and Surgeon; Member Knights of Py- 
thias; Foresters; Masons. 110 E. Garro St.; 
res. 419 N. Michigan St., Plymouth, Ind. 

Learning, Harry Holmes 

Born Rensselaer, Ind.; Glee Club; Baseball, 
1906; Salesman, Burwell Smitti Supply Co.; 
Sec, Phi Delta Theta Alumni Assn., Okla. 
City; Member Elks. 412 N. Broadway; res. 
911 N. Walnut St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Linn, Walter Harrison 

Born Crawfordsville, Ind.; A. B. 1909; Lawyer. 
100^ N. Washington St.; res. 504 S. Grant 
Ave., Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Lowe, Sylvan Russell 

Stock and Grain. (Maidstone PI., Clarks Hill, 


Masters, Will Groub 

Born Seymour, Ind.; A. B. 1909; Paving Con- 
tractor. 122 W. 7th St., Seymour, Ind. 

Merrell, Clarence Fuson 

Born Waynetown, Ind.; A. B. 1909; LL. B. 
and A. M. 1912 Columbia Univ.- Lyceum; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Editor-in-Chief, The Wabash; 
Pres., Y. M. C. A.; Lawyer; Member Chamber 
of Commerce; Indiana Democratic Club; Ma- 
sonic (Mystic Tie). 500 Am. Central Life 
Bldg.; res. 2151 Broadway, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Sohl, Walter Wood 

(City Fuel Co., Hammond, Ind.) 


Allison, Charles Wilton 

With W. D. Allison Co.; Chair Manufacturers. 
(905 N. Alabama St., Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Blair, Thomas Harvey, Jr. 

Traveling Salesman. (1514 E. 66th PI., 
Chicago, 111.) 

Fair^ce. Howard Clinton 

Mannal Training Instructor, Public Schools. 
■ (906 E. 42d St., Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Fitz Gibbon, John LaDew 

Born Milwaukee, Wis.; Broker; Member Mis- 
souri Athletic Club, St. Louis, Mo. 100 Broad- 
way; res. 135 W. St., New York, N. Y. 

Hardman, Frank Finley 

Born Rensselaer, Ind.; Yoxan; II. H. II. Club, 
Univ. of 111.; Lieutenant, U. S. Army. Rens- 
selaer, Ind. 

Holloway, Cornelius Ethelbert 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Investment Broker; 
V.-Prcs., Charles E. Holloway and Sons, Inc. 
108 Monument Pi.; res. 29 E. 37th St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Knapp, Herman John 

Born Rochelle, 111.; A. B. 1910; LL. B. 1916 
Northwestern Univ.; Phi Delta Phi; Lawyer, 
with Natl. Citv Co.; Member City Club of 
Chicago. 55 Wall St., New York; res. 133 St. 
Johns PL, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

McCulloch, Harold 

Born Charlcstown, Ind.; A. B. 1910; Farming. 
Charlestown, Ind. 

Stiers, James Earl 

Born Rushville, Ind.; Football;; Mechanist. 915 
W. Indiana St., Newcastle, Ind. 

West, Philij) I^)rown 

Local Editor P<inama City Pilot. (Panama 
City, Bay Co.. Fla.) 






Bosson, William, Jr. 

Dairvnian; Affiliated Mich. Alpha 1912. (4316 
\V. Illinois iM.. liulianapolis, Ind.) 

Cochran, Morris Earl 

Born Crawfordsville. Ind.; B. S. 1913; Lyceum 
Lit Soc; Agricultural Club; Saddle and bir- 
loiii Clubs; Asst. Track Mgr.; Basketball; 
Greek and Sophomore Plays; Olce Club; Auto- 
mobile Agency; Dir. Y. M.C. A.; Member 
CrawfordsviUe Dramatic and Crawfordsville 
Choral Clubs. 202 E. Market St.; res. 616 W. 
Pike St., Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Davis, Llovd Hayes 

Born Cra%C£ordsville, Ind.; A. B. 1911; A. M. 
1013 Univ. of 111.; Chemist. Union Stock 
Yards; res. 5404 Kenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

DemiiiQ-, Slierlie Addison 

Bnn/New Albany, Ind.; Capt., Track 1909-10; 
P irchasmg Agent, Guarantee Tire and Rubber 
Co.; Member Marion, Masonic and Hoosier 
Motor Clubs. 211 S. Illinois St.; res. 3829 
Graceland Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

De\'ore, Lawrence Evans 

Born Greencastle, Ind.; A. B. 1911; Farm 
Loans. Ben Hur Bldg.; res. 1105 S. Grant 
Ave., Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Dobbins, Homer Lewis 

Farmer. (Fresno, Cal.) 

Hio-ffins. William Robert 

Born Clinton, Ind.; A. B 1911; LLB. 1914 
Harvard Univ.; Mgr. Track: Member Glee Club, 
Staff of Bachelor; Attorney-at-Law; Member 
Columbia. Marion and Country Clubs; Sons ot 
American Revolution. 1311 Fletcher Savings 
and Trust Bldg.; res. 946 N. Meridian St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Tohnson. Harold McCorkel 

A B 1911; Manager, Ladder Dept., Vaughan 
and Bushnell Mfg. Co. (2130 Carroll Ave., 
Chicago, 111.) 

McCullocli, Thad Spindle 

Born Charlestown. Ind.; B. A. 1911; Asst. Mgr., 
Football, 1909; Manager, 1910; County Agri- 
" cultural Agent. Posey County Court House; 
res. 600 E. 6th St., Mt. Vernon, Ind. 

Romine, Otis Sylvan 

Lawver. (801 J. M. S. Bldg., South Bend, 


Elliott, Charles Elston Hill 

With McDougall Kitchen Cabinet Co. (Frank- 
fort, Ind.; res. Hammond, Ind.) 

Hart, Harold Herbert 

Druggist. (Marion, Ind.) 

Hays, Hinkle Cain 

Born Sullivan, Ind.; A. B. 1912; Tau Kappa 
Alpha Oratorical Soc; Represented College in 
State Oratorical Contests, 1910-12; Attorney-at- 
Law. Sherman Bldg.; res. W. Washington St., 
Sullivan, Ind. 

Kingerv, Robert 

Born Emporia, Kans., 1890; A. B. 1912; "W" 
Club; Track (4 years); Capt., 1912; Represent- 
ing O. C. Simonds and Co. (Chicago, 111.), 
Landscape Gardeners. Woodward Ave. at 
Seven Mile Rd., Detroit; res. Woodward Ave. 
at Eleven Mile Rd., Royal Oak, Mich. 

Long, George Archibald 

Born Rensselaer, Ind.; Ph. G. 1913; Pharmacist; 
Member Masonic Lodge No. 125, F. and A. M.; 
Affiliated 111. Eta 1912. A. M. Long & Sons; 
res. Grove and Home Aves., Rensselaer, Ind. 

Marshall, Walker Robert 

Initiated by Ind. Delta 1912. 

Price, Byron 

Born Topeka, Ind. March 25, 1891; A. B. 
1912; Lyceum Lit. Soc; Press Club; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Tau Kappa Alpha; Editor Bachelor; 
Pres. Class, 1909-10; 1st Place in State Ora- 
torical Contest, 1911; Pres., Press Club; Pres., 
Lyceum Lit. Soc; Newspaperman; Member 
National Press Club. The Associated Press, 
Star Bldg.; res. "The Balfour," Washington, 
D. C. 

Roberts, Louis Long Aloysius 

Born Carlisle, Ind.; A. B. 1912; A. M. 1915 
Catholic Univ.; LL. B. 1917; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Tau Kappa .Alpha; Instructor in American Con- 
stitutional History, Catholic Univ. of America; 
1st Pres., Fellows of the Knights of Columbus; 
Catholic Univ. Endowment; Member Fellows 
of K. of C. ; Phi Beta Kappa Assn. Graduate 
Hall, Catholic Univ., Washington, D. C. 

Schmaltz, John Raymond 

Born Fort Wayne, Ind.; Beta Phi Sigma; 
General Manager and Vice-President, Union 
Glove Co.; ilember Masons; Marion Country 
and Mecca Clubs. Marion Natl. Bank Bldg.; 
res. Spencer Apartments, Marion, Ind. 

Stark, Henry Kentwood 

Born Seymour, Texas; Assi.stant Superinten- 
dent (Clinton, Ind.) for Wabash Valley Electric 
Co. 310 S. Main St.; res. 124 S. 4th St., Clin- 
ton, Ind. 

W^hite, Charles Morey 

Born Clinton, Ind.; A. B. 1912; Proprietor Drug 
Stores. 355 Main St.; res. S. Main St., Clin- 
ton, Ind. 


Campbell, Hugh Wheatley 

Merchant. (Hume-Mansur Bldg., Indianapolis, 

Carrithers, Robert Taylor 

Born Sullivan, Ind.; A. B. 1913; Tau Kappa 
Alpha; Varsity Debate, 3 years; Mgr., Football, 
1912; Day Oratorical Contest, 1912; State Ora- 
torical, 1913; Business Mgr. The Wabash; Press 
Club; Advertising. 231 W. 39th St.; res. 118 
W. 71st St., New York, N. Y. 

Cochran, H. Merle 

Born Crawfordsville, Ind.; Pres., Agriculture 
Club, 1911; Baseball, 2 years; Student Honors; 
Cattleman; Am. Vice-Consul, Mannheim, Ger- 
many, 1914 and Nogales, Mex., 1915-16. San 
Rafael Ranch, Patagonia, Ariz. 

Cravens, J[ames] Frank 

Born Bloomfield, Ind.; A. B. 1913; Real Es- 
tate, Farm Loans and Insurance; Member F. 
and A. M. 307 Main St.; res. 602 S. Seminary 
St., Bloomfield, Ind. 

Federman, William Largent 

Born Brookville, Ind.; A. "^B. 1913; Alumni 
Assn.; Mgr., Glee Club; Secretary Federman 
Drug Co. 706 Delaware St.; res. 3811 Wyan- 
dotte St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Gamble, Ulric A. 

Farmer. (Ashmore, 111.) 

Kennedy, Campbell 

Orchardist. (Lewistown, Idaho.) 

Sowers, Lytle Edgar 

Born Portland, Ind.; D. O. Am. School of 
Osteopathy; Phi Sigma Gamma; Osteopath. 
9^ N. Park Ave., Warren, Ohio. 

Spohn, Carlysle Bonham 

Born Goshen, Ind.; A. B. 1913; Glee Club, 
1910-13- Manager, Spohn Medical Co. 202 N. 
Main St.; res. 112 N. 6th St., Goshen, Ind. 

Stanton, Paul L. 

Purchasing Agent. (J. T. Polk Co., Green- 
wood, Ind.) 




Stutzman, Ralph Waldo 

Born Goshen, Ind.; Advertising Manager, New 
York Cloak and Suit House; Paris Cloak and 
Suit House, Palais de Modes and Fashion Cloak 
and Suit House; Member Advertising Club; 
Alumni Assn. 609 S. Broadway; res. 2923J4 
Kenwood Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Tracewell, Charles Edward 

Born Corydon, Ind.; A. B. 1913; Glee and 
Dramatic Clubs; Editor The Wabash, Vol. 37; 
V.-Pres. of Class, 1912-13; Newspaper Reporter 
The Evening Star, Evening Star Office, 11th 
and Pennsylvania Ave., N. W.; res. 1729 Q 
St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

True, Brice 

Manager. (Washburn-Crosby Co., Ft. Wayne, 

1914 - 

Banta, George, Jr. 

Born Menasha Wis.; Press and Dramatic 
Clubs; Editorial Staff TIte Bachelor; Member 
of Cast "The Three Hats"; V.-Pres., George 
Banta Publishing Co.; Business Mgr., Banta's 
Greek Exchange; Member Riverview Country 
and Menafha Clubs. 450 Ahnaip St.; res. 350 
Park St., Menasha, Wis. 

Craig, Lynn 

Born Scottsburg, Ind.; Tau Kappa Alpha; 
Calliopean Lit. Soc; Dramatic Club; Capt., De- 
bating Team, 1913; English Ttacher and Far- 
mer; Member Royal Arch Masons. Scotts- 
burg, Ind. 

Craig, William Lee 

Born Scottsburg, Ind.; A. B. 1914; Tau Kappa 
Alpha; Assoc. Editor Bachelor; Represented 
College in State Peace Contest at Indianapolis, 
1914; Principal, High School; Member Masons; 
Scottsburg, Ind. 

Davidson, Frank Gerard 

Born Yountsville, Ind.; A. B. 1914; Tau Kappa 
Alpha; Student, Harvard Law School. Craw- 

fordsville, Ind. 

Ellis, Luther Edward 

Born Peach Grove, Ky.; A. B. 1914; Basket- 
ball; Track; 1st Lieutenant, U. S. Army. 
Montpelier, Ind. 

Johnson, John Boyd 

(With Baker-Vawter Co., Tribune Bldg., 
Chicago, 111.) 

Rayner, Harry 

Insurance. (Crawfordsville, Ind.) 

Steinhaugh, Garland H. 

Born Wattcrman, Ind.; Clothing Merchant; 
Mason. Attica, Ind. 

Swope, Joseph Allen 

Born Seymour, Ind., Jan. 1, 1893; Football; 
Basketball; Baseball; J. A. Swope and Co.; 
Member "I" Men's Club of Ind.; Affiliated Ind. 
Alpha 1916. 1416 Broad St.; res. 5 Stratford 
Court, New Castle, Ind. 

Wakeley, John Everett 

Born Danville, 111.; A. B. 1914; Varsity Foot- 
ball and Basiball; Teacher, High School. High 
School; res. 311 Harmon Ave., Danville, 111. 


Bailey, Ralph Hunter 

Born Southport, Ind.; A. B. 191S; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Austin Teaching Fellow and Organic 
Research Student, Harvard; Member Boyles- 
ton Chemical Club; Am. Chemical Soc. 52 
Grays Hall, Cambridge, Mass.; res. Southport, 

Duncan, Mark Lindsey 

Born Franklin, Ind.; Ph. B. 1915 Univ. of 
Notre Dame; "The Players;" Editorial Staff 
of the Scholastic and Dome; V.-Pres., Junior 

and Senior Class; Pres., Day Students' Assn.; 
Executive Sec. of South Bend Federation for 
Social Service; Member University Club. Cham- 
ber of Commerce Bldg.; res. 624 Portage Ave., 
South Bend, Ind. 

Federman, Charles Russell 

Born Brookville, Ind.; B. S. 1917 Univ. of 
111.; Tau Beta Pi; Architectural Draftsman with 
Elmer E. Dunlap Co. 909 State Life Bldg.; 
res. Y. M. C. A., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Gavit, Bernard Camphell 

Born Saginaw, Mich.; A. B. 1915- Varsity 
Track; Editor-in-Chief The Wabash; Law Stu- 
dent, Univ. of Chicago. 1019 Hyslop PL, Ham- 
mond, Ind. 

Halgren, Ross M. 

Born Lochicl, Ind., April 18, 1892; A. B. 1914; 
Assistant Cashier and Stockholder, " Bank of 
Oxford; Assistant Sec, Oxford Bldg. and 
Loan Assn. Oxford, Ind. 

Morey, Lee Bogart 

Born Clinton, Ind.; A. B. 1915; Student, Har- 
vard Law School. 302 Craigie Hall, Cambridge, 
Mass.; Permanent address, Clinton, Ind. 

Mummert, Maurice Merrill 

Born Goshen, Ind.; Tennis; Tennis Champion, 
1911-12 Wabash Coll.; Sales Department, Mis- 
hawaka Woolen Manufacturing Co.; Member 
Masons; Knife and Fork Club, South Bend, 
Ind.; Affiliated Wis. Alpha 1916. Mishawaka 
res. 209, 6th St., Goshen, Ind. 

Roberts, Charles Elliott 

Born Carlisle, Ind.; B. S. in E. 1915 Univ. of 
Pa.; Standard Oil Co., Ind. 429 N. 7th St., 
Quincy, III. 

Russell, Floyd Kymes 

Corn Grand Rapids, Mich.; A. B. 1915; 
Teacher of English and Director of Music; 
Musical Composer; Member Baylor Military 
Band. Waco High School; res. Pennsylvania 
Apts., Waco, Texas. 

Smith, Gerald Percy 

Born Rochester, Ind., Sept. 28, 1892; B. S. in 
Economics 1915 Univ. of Pa.; .Assistant Cashier, 
First Nat!. Bank. 726 Main St.; res. 729 
Pontiac St., Rochester, Ind. 

Steinbaugh, James Gordon 

Clothing Merchant. (x\ttica, Ind.) 



stick. Pierce Titen 

Born Frankfort, Ind.; A. B. 1916; Pres. 
Historical Soc; Pres. Calliopean Lit. Soc; 
Dramatic Club; Law Student, Harvard Univ.; 
Member Marshall Law Club. 65 Harvard St., 
C'aiiibridge, Mass.; res. Frankfort, Ind. 

Cravens, Thomas Carl 

Born Bloomlield, Ind.; B. S. 1916; Alpha 
(lamma Rho; X'arsity Football (3); County 
.Agricultural Agent, Morgan County. Martins- 
vilie, Ind. 

Fishback, Frank Curtis 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Tau Kappa Alpha; 
Lyceum Lit. Soc; Debating Team, 1914; 
Manager, Geiger, Fishback Co.; Captain 
Quartermasters' Dcpt., U. S. Reserve; U. S. 
Army on active duly, 1917; Member Rockhill 
Tennis, Alumni, Old Colony (New York, N. Y.) 
and Alumni (Indianapolis, Ind.) Clubs. 102- 
US S. Pcniia. St., Indianapolis, Ind.; 1321-23 
St. Louis Ave., Kansas City, Mo.; res. 1639 
Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Higgins, Edward VVilliam 

Horn Minneapolis, Minn.; A. B. 1916; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Editor-in-Chief, Bachelor; Student; 
Mgr. Football; University Scholar in Chemistry; 
Graduate School of Arts anci .Sciences, Harvard 
University; Member Am. Chem. Soc; Boylston 




Cliemical and Harvard Alumni Clubs; Asso- 
ciated Harvard Chemists. Boylston Hall; res. 
5J Grays Hall, Cambridge, Mass. 

Luccock. Eniorv Wvlie 

Rorn Hloominjjton, I'nd.; A. R. 1916; Tait 
Kapp.T Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Pres. Y. M. 
C. A.; Mi;r. Tr.Tck; Business Mgr. Bachelor; 
Student Represrntativc, Faculty Athletic Com- 
mittee: Student; Mason. 1245 Beall Ave., 
Wooster, tHiio. 

Maxwell. Frank Ostrom 

Born Crawfordsville, Ind.; A. B. 1916; Ac- 
countant, Bureau of Audits. Philippine Islands 
Government; res. Y. M. C. A., Manila, P. I. 

Nichols, Fred Clifford 

Born Little York, Ind.; A. B. 1916; Y. M. 
C. A.; Varsitv Football (1) and (2) and Base- 
ball (1), (2), (3), (4); Instr. in Math. (4); As- 
sistant in Physics, Univ. of Wis. Science Hall; 
res. 936 W. Johnson St., Madison, Wis. 

Noble. Thomas Benjamin, Jr. 

B. S. 1916; Student, (Med.) University of 
Wis.; Affiliated Wis. Alpha 1916. (248 Lang- 
don St., Madison, Wis.; res. R. R. No. 13, 
Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Parker, Clifford Dennis 

Born Hillsboro, Ind.; A. B. 1916; Secretary 
Y. M. C. A. Y. M. C. A.; res. 218 E. Taylor 
St., Kokomo, Ind. 

Watson, Harold Samuel 

Born Knightstown, Ind.; A. B. 1916; Pres. 
Dramatic Club; Editor-in-Chief, Tlie Wabash; 
Member Am. Electric Railway Assn. 8 W. 
40th St.; res. 38 W. 68th St., N. Y. C. 


Cook, \\^avne Morrison 


Gilmour, John Houston 

Born Cardonia, Clay Co., Ind.; Basketball, 
1913-14; Special Agent of American Mutual 
Insurance Co.; Member Columbia Club. 238- 
39 Indiana Pythian Bldg., Indianapolis; res. 
658 Blackman St., Clinton, Ind. 

Jenkinson, Robert Edwin 

Born Chicago, 111.; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Medi- 
cal Student, ^^'ashington University, St. Louis, 

Overstreet, Harry Mann 

Sales Correspondent. (Stewart- Warner Speed- 
ometer Co., Chicago, III.; res. 1123 Ontario 
St., Oak Park, 111.) 

Sharp, Walter Rice 

Born Greenwood, Ind.; .\. B. 1917; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Glee and Hegira Clubs: Editorial Board 
The Wabash; Student. Phi Delta Theta House, 
Crawfordsville; res. Greenwood, Ind. 

Stout, Emmett Carl 

Born Kendallville, Ind.; Calliopean Lit. See; 
Botanical and Historical Socs.; Dramatic Club; 
Sec. and Treas. Athletic Assn.; Business Mgr. 
The Wabash; Track; Baseball; Basketball; Pan 
Hellenic Representative; Student. 114 W. Col- 
lege St.; res. 621 W. Cherry St., Bluffton, Ind. 

Titus, John Benson 

Born Indianapo'is, Ind.. Nov. 25, 1893; 2d 
Lieutenant, Officers' Reserve Corps, U. S. 
Army. 1629 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, 


Baldwin, Harry Cuyler 

Born Knoxville, Tenn.; Calliopean Lit. and 
Historical Socs.; Pres. Sophomore Class; Foot- 
ball; Baseball; Basketball; Selesman, Lawrence 
Mills and Co. 39 S La Salle St., Chicago; 
res. 308 S. Kenilworth Ave., Oak Park, lU. 

Carll, Charles Taylor 

Born Sioux City, Iowa, April 17, 1896; With 
.\meriean .\mbulancc Field Service in France. 
2602 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Gavit, Donald Edj^ar 

Born Saginaw, Mich.; Pres. Press Club; Track; 
Honor Scholarship Holder; Student. 114 W. 
College St., Crawfordsville; res. 1019 Hyslop 
Pi., Hammond, Ind. 

Mansfield, Wilson Oral 

Born RutTalo, N. Y.; Capt. Class and Varsity 
Football Teams; 2d Lieutenant U. S. Army; 
Affiliated Wis. Alpha 1918. 2339 N. Meridian 
St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Pirtle, James Julian 

Born Carlisle, Ind.; Mgr. Track; Editor-in- 
Chief, The Wabash; Member The Egoist; 
Soldier. Carlisle, Ind. 

Sims, Don Colman 

Born Bloomfield, Ind.; Botanical Soc; Foot- 
ball; Capt. Track; \'.-Pres. Athletic Assn.; 
Business Mgr., The Wabash; Student. 114 W. 
College St.; res. 710 S. Green St., Crawfords- 
ville, Ind. 

Wild, Forry Neil 

(1639 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Wilson, James Howard 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Asst. Mgr. Baseball; 
Sec. and Treas. Junior Class; Editorial Staff, 
The Wabash; Student. 114 W. Col'ege St., 
Crawfordsville; res. 1620 N. Alabama St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Wright, William Cole 

Born Clinton, Ind.; Chemical Soc; Asst. Mgr. 
Basketball; Member Glee Club; The Wabash 
Bd.; Chrmn. F.mplovment Bureau of College 
Y. M. C. A.; Sec. arid Treas. Wabash Players: 
Bus. Mgr. Y. M. C. A.; Student. 114 W. 
College St., Crawfordsville; res. Terre Haute, 
R. R. No. E., Ind. 


Beek, Robert Joseph 

Born Lafavette, Ind.; Wabash Players; Student. 
114 W. Co'lege St., Crawfordsville, Ind.; res. 
301 Perrin Ave., Lafayette, Ind. 

Billman, Dale Campbell 

Born Sullivan, Ind.; Calliopean Lit. Soc; Glee 
Club; Wabash Plavers; Member Track and 
Tennis Teams, 1915-16; Student. 114 W. Col- 
lege St., Crawfordsville, Ind.; res. Sullivan, 

Burns. Leo Ammerman 

Born Crawfordsville, Ind.; Y. M. C. A.: Glee 
Club; Varsitv Track "W" man of Track Team; 
Student. 114 W. College St., Crawfordsville, 
Ind.; res. 297 Lake Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. 

Clements, John Adam 

Born Crawfordsville, Ind.; Student. 2*7 E. 
Wabash Ave., Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Cravens, Fred Williams 

Born Bloomfield. Ind.; Relav Team, 1917; Foot- 
ball, 1915-16; Student. 114 W. College St., 
Crawfordsville, Ind.; res. Bloomfield, Ind. 

Evans, Benjamin Crabbs 

Born Crawfordsville, Ind.; Member Y. M. C. 
A.; Asst. in Chemistry; Student. 406 S. 
Water St., Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Green, Hug-h Hartwell 

Born Unioti City, Ind.; Y. M. C. A.; Basket- 
ball; Student. 114 W. College St., Crawfords- 
ville, Ind.; res. 2225 Broadway, Indianapolis, 




Harding', Jack 

Born Manchester, England; Dramatic Club; 
Shakespeare Tercentenary; Mgr., Freshman 
Baseball; Pres., Sophomore Class; Wabash 
Player; Student. 114 W. College St., Craw- 
fordsville; res. 4141 Carrollton Ave., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Howard, Claude Adlai Stevenson 

(Carlisle, Ind.) 

Stout, Harold Elrod 

Born New Albany, Ind.; Dramatic (1) and De- 
bating (2), Clubs; Y. M. C. A.; Calliopean Lit. 
Soc. (1); Press Club (1), (2); Student. 114 W. 
College St., Crawfordsville; res. 90 Detroit St., 
Hammond, Ind. 

Watts, Harry Wright 

Born Knightstown, Ind.; Wabash Players; Mgr. 
Class Basketball (1); Shakespeare Tercenten- 
ary (1); Stage and Wabash Players (2); Stu- 
dent. 114 W. College St., Crawfordsville; res. 
Knightstown, Ind. 


•Coapstick, Orpheus P. 

Born Frankfort; Ind.; Sec. Calliopean Lit. Soc; 
Student. Frankfort, Ind. 

Fisher, John D. 

Born Waveland. Ind.; Student. 114 W. Col- 
lege St.; res. 206 E. Wabash St., Crawfords- 
ville, Ind. 

Haigis, Fred J. 

Born Lafayette, Ind.; Varsity Football "W"; 
Glee Club; Student. 114 W. College St., Craw- 
fordsville, Ind. 

Tones. Claude M. 

Born Wakecnev, Kans.; Historical Soc; Basket- 
ball; Student. 114 W. College St., Crawfords- 
ville; Home address Sullivan, Ind. 

LaFollette, Charles Marion 

Born New Albany, Ind.; Wabash Players; Stu- 
dent; Phi Delta Theta House, Crawfordsville; 
res. 721 N. 1st St., Evansville, Ind. 

McGinley Andy 

Born Centerville, Miss. Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Overstreet, Edward V. K, 

Born Oak Park, 111.; Y. M. C. A.; Football; 
Glee Club; Student. 114 W College St., Craw- 
fordsville, Ind.; res. 1123 Ontario St., Oak 
Park, 111. 

Porter, Whitney C. 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Student. 114 W. 
College St., Crawfordsville; res. 2445 Park Ave., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Rosebaum, Dwight A. 

Born Waveland, Ind.; Student. 114 W. Col- 
lege St., Crawfordsville; res. Waveland, Ind. 

Walker, Donald G. 

Born Sherborn, Minn; "W" Club; Football; 
Basketball Squad; Track Team; Student. 407 
E. Wabash Ave., Crawfordsville, Ind.; ret. 
709. 12th St., Rapid City, S. Dak. 




Irvington, Indiana 


Blount, C3'Tus Nerva* 

A. B. 1858; A. M. 1861. d. 1887, Kokomo, 


Hall, Perry* 

A. B. 1859; A. M. 1862. d. 1862, Indianapolis, 


Dixon, William Andrew* 

M. D. 1860; Charter Member, d. 1900, Ripley, 

Goodwin, Friend Carroll* 

A. B. 1860. d. 1861, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Guffin, Ross* 

A. B.; A. M.; LL. D. d. 1903, Sac and Fox 
Agency, Okla. 

Kern. David Simeon Rice* 

Charter Member, d. 1860, Bedford, Ind. 

Pickerill. William Nimon 

Born Byrd Township, Ohio; A. B. 1860; A. 
M. 1863; Lawyer (retired); Circuit Atty. 22d 
Judicial District of Mo.; Special Examiner 
Pension Bureau (8 yrs.); Participated in 
Battle of Gettysburg; Author "History Third 
Ind. Cavalry at Antietam;" "Indiana at Gettys- 
burg;" Member Phi Delta Theta Alumni Assn.; 
George H. Thomas Post 17, G. A. R.; A. F. 
and A. M. 1728 Ashland Ave., Indianapolis, 

Robbins, Irvin* 

A. M.; Carriage Manufacturer. d. 1910, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 


Davidson, Preston Archer 

(Pewee Valley, Ky.) 

Lock wood. Charles Frederic 

A. B. 1861; A. M. 1865; Supt. Mich. Free 
Employment Bureau; Formerly Taught School 
(2 yrs.); Prof. Preparatory Dept., Butler 
Coll. (1 yr.); Practiced Med. (S yrs.). 
Lyon St. and Campau Ave.; res. 1411 Sigsbee 
St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Squier, Piatt J.* 

A. B. 1861. d. 1862, Battle of Shiloh. 


Brevoort, William Henry 

Born New Haven, Ohio," Feb. 13, 1838; 
Charter Member; Farmer. 522 Busseron St., 
Vincennes, Ind. 

Harris, Addison Clay* 

B. S.; LL. B.; Lawyer, d. Sept. 2, 1916. 

Hobbs, Alvin Ingals* 

A. B.; A. M.; LL. B.; LL, D. d. Des 
Moines, Iowa. 

Jackson, John Tyler* 

A. B.; A. M. d. 1879, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Parker, Robert Parish* 

LL. B. d. 1879. Indianapolis, Ind. 


Guffin, Henry Clay* 

A. B.; A. M. d. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Hadley, John Vestal* 

A. B.; Ex-Judge, Indiana Supreme Court, d. 

Holbrook. Henry Clay* 

d. 1867, Indianapolis, Ind. 

McLau.ghlin, Caspar Wistar 

Horiculturist. (Healdsburg, Cal.) 


Coiton, Wickliffe Albert 

A. B.; A. M.; Lawyer. (De Witt, Iowa.) 

Hillis, David Marquis* 

A. B.; A. M.; Lawyer, d. Sept. 15, 1914. 

Wiley, William Horatio 

Born Rush Co., Ind., Dec. 28, 1842; A. B. 
1864; A. i\L 1867; Charter Member Ind. Eta; 
Pythonian; Thrcskomathean; ^Memorial Ad- 
dress of Class-Mate Killed in Civil AVar; 
Salutation for Class; Educational Writer; 
Pres. Ind. State Teachers' Assn.; Principal 
Wiley Hi^h School (4 yrs.); Supt. Terre 
Haute Public School (37 yrs.); Member Bd. of 
Educ, 4 yrs.; Pres., 3 yrs.; Chamber of Com- 
merce; .\uthor "Reports of Terre Haute 
Schools;" "100 Years of Public School Edu- 
cation in Terre Haute;" "History Terre Haute 
Literary Club;" Member Ind. Teachers' and 
Xatl. Educational Assns.; Terre Haute Literary 
Club. 451 N. 7th St., Terre Haute, Ind. 


Brevoort, Edwin Lovel* 

A. B. 1865. d. March 12, 1882, Walesboro, 

Duncan, John Sanders* 

M. S.; LL. B.; Lawyer, d. 1914. 

Elstun, William J.* 

M. D.; Affiliated Mich. Alpha 1866. d. 1900, 
Washington, D. C. 


Black. Henry Harrison 

A. "B.; A. M.; M. D. (Oklahoma City, Okla.) 

Blount, Jacob Benton* 

A. B.; A. M. d. Tipton, Ind. 

Britton, William Jesse 

(5648 Madison Ave., Chicago, 111.) 




Butterfiekl, William Webster 

Address unknown. 

Elston, John W. 

(5063 Fletcher Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.) 


Cassell, Franklin Columbus 

Born near Attica, Ind.; Banker (retired); Bank 
Cashier; Superintendent of County and Town 
Schools; Member G. A. R. (Rossville, Ind.) 

Lewis. John Humboldt* 

B. S. 1867. 

Utter, David 

Born Jennings Co., Ind., March 21, 1844; B. S. 
1867 Univ. of Indianapolis; S. T. D. 1906 Har- 
vard; Pastor Emeritus Unity Church, Denver; 
Editor and Publisher The Unitarian Advocate, 
Olympia, Wash., 1877-80. 2337 Dexter St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Wiley, Marion Warner* 

M. D. d. 1875, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Winfield. Samuel* 

B. S. 1867. d. Chanute, Kans. 


Ayres. Alexander Craigmile 

'Born Mt. Carmel, Franklin Co., Ind.; A. M.; 
Chamber of Commerce; Mathesian; Lawyer; 
Judge, Circuit Court. 500 Indiana Trust Bldg. ; 

res. 769 W. Drive, Woodruff PI., Indianapolis, 

Cassell. Henry Clay 

Initiated by 111. Beta 1867. 

Chapman, John Milton* 

d. 1894, South Bend, Ind. 

Florea, Lewis A'Vashing;ton 

Lawyer. fSabinal, Texas). 


Florea, George Cleveland 

Affiliated Ohio Beta 1873. (Harrisburg, Ind.) 

Stanley, William Preston* 

Born Arlington, Ind.; Farmer; Affiliated Ind. 
Alpha 1872. d. Arlington, Ind 


Alcott, Alonzo George* 

A. B.; a; M. d. 1880, St. Paul, Minn. 

Council, Austin* 

A. B. d. 1871, Mankato, Minn. 

Guffin, Lewis Hawkins 

Born Kushville, Ind.; Horticulturist. 201, 1st 
St., Riverside, Cal. 

Lockhart. Thomas AVilson* 

A. B.; A. M. d. Lebanon, Ind. 

Quick, Samuel Thompson 

Initiated by Ind. Alpha 1870. 

Richard, J. Fraise 

Born Ashland. Ohio, Jan. 18, 1844; B. S. 1869; 
A. M. 1876; Educator; Secretary and Historian 
of the Soc. lif the Army of the Ohio; Wrote 
articles in the H asliinglun Post, which started 
the agitation to extend the open hours of the 
Congressional Library from 4 P. M. to 10 P. 
M., later passed by Congress; Mcml>cr (Irand 
.'\rmy of the Republic; .Sons of Temperance; 
(Jooil Templars. Corner 4th and E. Capitol 
Sts., Washington, I). C. 

Stewart, Jonas 

Initiated Ijy Mich. Alpha 1870. 

Williams, Daniel Boone* 

A. B.; A. M.; M. D. d. 1876, Los Angeles, 


Elliott, Byron Kosciusko 

Initiated by Ohio Alpha 1855. 

Franklin, Benjamin 

Born Cincinnati, Ohio; Methesian Soc; Vault 
Keeper, Indiana Trust Co.: Pres. Bd. of Trus- 
tees Odd Fellow Bldg. ; Deputy Recorder, Manin 
County (27 yrs.) ; Patriarch Militant, Odd Fel- 
lows. Indiana Trust Co.; res. 1315 Bellefon- 
taine St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Kelsey, Isaac IVLadison 

Lawyer. (Lebanon, Ind.) 

Lowber, James William 

Born Chaplin, Ky., Aug. 30, 1847; A. B. 1871; 
A. M. 18/4; Ph. D. 1880 Svracuse Univ.; Sc. 
D. 1897 Univ. of Wooster, Ohio; Litt. D.; LL. 
D.; D. C. L. elsewhere; Philalathean Soc.; 
Philokurian Soc; Highest Undergraduate 
Standing in All Depts.; Honorary Tutor in 
Greek; Author, Educator, Minister and Lec- 
turer; Ex-Pres., Columbia Coll., Ky.; Ex- 
Chancellor, Texas Christian Univ.; Or- 
dained Disciples of Christ Ministry, 1868; Pas- 
tor Pittsburg, Pa., 1872-73; Scranton, 1874-77; 
Principal, Quaker St., Literary Inst., New 
York, 1877-80; Pastor Lancaster, Ky., 1882-84; 
Louisville, 1884-86; Peducah, 1886-88; Ft. 
Worth, Texas, 1888-93; Galveston, 1893-97; 
Austin, 1897; Ex-Prelate, Knights Templars; 
Noble, Mvstic Shrine; Kx-Chancel!or, Knights 
of Pythias; Past Chief Patriarch, Odd Fellows; 
Editor Apostolic Church, 1883-87; Lecturer at 
Colleges and Univs. ; Author "Struggles and 
Triumphs of The Truth," 1909; "Macrocosmus, 
World Wide Problems," 1902; "Devil in Modern 
Society" 1914; "Thought and Religion," 1910; 
"Culture," 1915; Life Member Elks; Member 
Authors' and Royal Societies (London) Clubs; 
Assn. for Advancement of Science; Am. Acad. 
Political and Social Science; Am. Anthropo- 
logical, Am. Historical and Am. Political Assns.; 
Royal Geographical, French Astronomical 
(Paris), Am. Social and Royal Asiatic Sees.; 
Royal Soc. of Arts; Masons (all degrees, York 
and Scottish Rite). 1706 Brazos St., Austin, 

Monroe, James Madison 

A. M. 1871; Christian Clergyman. (Oklahoma 
City, Okla.) 

Roberts, John Alexander 

Born Rush Co., Ind., July 22, 1839; M. S. 1871; 
Minister (Retired). 269 Burgess Ave In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Thomas, John Quincy 

A B.; A. M.; LL. B.- Lawyer. (Rushville, 

Young-, Samuel Evans 

Lawyer. (Salem, Ohio.) 


Clifford, John I'dlis* 

d. 1903, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Couch, Walter Raleigh 

Christian Clergyman. (Greenwood, Ind.) 

Gifford, George Henry 

Initiated by Ind. Alpha 1872. 

Irelan, William* 

A. B.; A. M.; Christian Clergyman, d. 1911. 

Norris, James Cheslcy* 

Traveling .Salesman, d. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Remv, Curtis Hcnrv* 

A. B. 1872; Lawyer, d. 1911, Evatiston, III. 



Spears. John Randolph 

Born Van Wert, Ohio- Farnur; Author "The 
Cold Diggings of Cape Horn;"' •'History of Our 
Navy;" "Life of Anthony Wayne;" "Master 
Mariners" and othirs. Little Falls, N. Y. 


Dill. Josiah Byron 

Manufacturer. (40 E. South St., Indianapolis. 

AIcGrew, Gifford Horace Greeley* 

A. B. 1874 Hark'ard; A. M. 1900 Univ. of CaL 
d. Dec. S, 1915, Berkeley, Cal. 

Peterson, Taylor 

Lawyer. .-Xddress unknown. 

Thrasher. Allen Benton 

A. B.; A. M.; M. D.; Physician. (7th and 
Race Sts., Cincinnati, Ohio.) 

Tinglov, Walter Scott'^ 

a" B.'; A. M.; M. D.; Physician, d. 1910, 
Evansville, Ind. 

Barbour. Linens Lowell* 

A. B. 1874. d. 1875, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Edwards, James Harrison 

Christian Clergyman. (New Castle, Ind.) 

Graves. Thomas Smith 

A. B. 1874; Broker. (West Newton, Ind.) 

Martz. Charles Wiley 

Clergyman. Address unknown. 

Rohrer, John Henry 

Farmer. (Logansport, Ind.) 

Swinford. John Xewton 

Born Ford' Co., 111.; Saw Mill and Lumber. 
Higden, Ark. 

Tomlinson, John Robert 

Farmer. (Fairland, Ind.) 

White, Roy Cluke* 

d. Oct. 24, 1916, Richmond, Ky. 


Bates, William Oscar 

Born Harrisburg, Fayette Co., Ind., Sept. 17. 
1852; Ph. B. 1875 Cornell; Phi Delta Kappa; 
One of Founders, New York Alpha; Class Poet, 
18/5; Thesis on Commencement Programme; 
Editor (retired); Editor and Author; Bd. of 
Governors, Soc. of Colonial Wars, State of Ind., 
1913-17; Secretary, Little Theatre Soc, Ind., 
1910-16; Founder and First Editor, Phi Delta 
Iheta Scroll; Author "Recitations and How to 
Recite," 1896; "Jacob Leisler, A Play of Old 
New York," 1913; "Polly of Rogue's Run," 
1917; "Our Foreign Correspondent," 1888; 
\h^'^Kr^°'^^^y'" 1^96: "The Black Bokhara," 
1907; Member Contemporary and The Players 
(New York) Clubs; Affiliated N. Y. Alpha 1875 
764 Middle Drive, Woodruff PL, Indianapolis! 

Breeze, John Milton 

Lawyer. (747 E. 9th St., Salt Lake City, 

Everts, Edwards* 

M. D. d. 1901, Alameda, Cal. 

Fry, James Madison 

Lawyer. (Knightstown, Ind.) 

Royce, George Alason 

Christian Clergyman. (Chicago, 111.) 

Sellers, William Taylor 

B. S. 1874; Christian Clergyman. (3649 N. 
Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Tomlinson, Samuel Joseph 

Born Fairland, Ind.; A. B. 1876; Delegate 
Convention Chicago, 1876, which organized 
Oratorical /\ssn.; Coll. Represenlative, State 
Oratorical Contest, liirmington, Ind., 1876; 
Won Jd honors; First Editor Scroll; Farmer; 
Member Bds., Ind. Christian Missionary Soc; 
State Sunday School Assn. and Bethany Park 
Assembly. Fairland, Ind. 


Blount. Robert Silas* 

A. B.; A. M. d. 1883. Irvington, Ind. 

Lyster, Alonzo Marion* 

A. B. d. 1876. Thorntown, Ind. 

Mofifett, Winfield Scott* 

Born Scott's Prairie, Fountain Co., Ind.; A. 

B. 1876; Philokurian; Member Bd. of Directors 
and Treasurer. Butler Coll.; Pres. East Side 
State Bank; Supt. Public Instruction, Mont- 
gomery County; Prosecuting .\tty., Probate 
Court, Marion County, d. March 25, 1915. 

Parsons, James Lamon* 

Clergyman, d. 1902, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Ta3dor, Elias Fenelon 

Superintendent of Schools; Affiliated Ind. 
Epsilon, 1876. (Rutledge, Tenn.) 

W^oodward, John Rea* 

A. B.; A. M.; LL. D. d. 1879, New Castle, 

Barr, Henry Clay 

Farmer. (Bruceville, Ind.) 

Booe, Elvis Scott 

Born Fountain County, Ind.; B. S.; Banker; 
Indiana Legislature, 1885; Member State Bd. of 
Accounts, 1910-11; Affiliated Ind. Beta 1877. 
Kingman, Ind. 

Burton, John Thomas* 

Born Milroy, Ind.; B. S. 1877. d. Dec. 10, 
1913, Emporia, Kans. 

Eward, Samuel Bums 

Lawyer. (212 N. Franklin St., Greensburg, 

Landers, Hicklin Jackson 

Born Landersdale, Morgan Co., Ind., May 28, 
1855; A. B. 1877; Purchasing Agent, Acadia 
Iron Works; Also Cashier; V.-Pres. and 
Director of same; Pres. Star Pelican Oil Co.; 
Member Home Lodge No. 67 and Home 
f^ncampment I^odsje No. 17, I. O. O. F. 
110124 E. 4th St.; res. 115 E. 3d St., Crowley, 

Lemen, William David 

Born Bruceville, Ind.; Retired. 530 Eighth 
Ave. S., St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Mason, William Thomas 

Lumberman. (Asheville, N. C.) 

Revnolds, Lafayette Harlan* 

A. B.; A. M.; LL. B. d. 1891, Greenfield, 

Warner, Eug-ene Harland* 

d. 1879, Bridgeport, 111. 


Croan, William Melville 

(Anderson, Ind.) 

Frazee, Edward Austin 

Farmer. (R. R. 29, Glenwood, Ind.) 




Kirkpatrick, Albert Bayard 

Born Hendricks Co., Ind.. March 17, 1855; 
B. S. 1878; Lawyer; Prosecuting Attorney; 
Mayor; Member Ind. General Assembly. 110 
S. Main St.; res. 1119 \V. Mulberry St., 
Kokomo, Ind. 

Patterson, Daniel Henry 

Born Raleigh, Rush Co., Ind.; Minister. 
Brewerton, N. Y. 


Armstrono-, Albert Frederick 

A. B. 1879; A. M. 1882. (Dallas, Texas). 

Brown, Demarchus Clariton 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; A. B. 1879; A. M. 
1880; Studied, Tuebingen, Germany, 1882-83; 
British Museum, 1883; Berlin, 1896; Am. 
School of Classical Studies, Athens, 1892-93 
and 1897; State Librarian of Indiana since 
1906; Tutor and Prof, of Greek, Butler Coll., 
1879-1906; Acting Pres., 1905-06; Member Bd. 
State Charities, Ind. since 1893; Bd. Children's 
Guardians, IMarion County; Pres. East Side 
State Bank, Irvington, Ind.; Author "Trans- 
lations of Selections from Lucian and 
Freudenthal's Criminology;" "Government of 
Indiana;" Articles in Am. Library Assoc. 
Reports, etc.; Member Am. Archaeological 
Inst.; Am. Philological Soc; Am. School in 
Athens, Greece; Indianapolis Library Club; 
Am. Library Assn.; Natl. Assn. of State 
Libraries. 47 State House; res. South Audu- 
bon Rd., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Cromer, Martin Lnther 

Born New Castle, Ind., March 9, 1914; Assist- 
ant Postmaster, Anderson, Ind. 221 E. 10th 
St., Anderson, Ind. 

Granger, Calvin William 

Born Noblesville, Ind.; Secretary and Attorney, 
Indiana Loan Assn. 20 S. 9th St.; res. 170 
E. Maple Ave., Noblesville, Ind. 

Lewis, Albert Bryant 

Born Chauncey, Lawrence Co., 111.; A. B. 
1879; A. M. 1882; M. D. 1882; Physician. 
Hamilton, Greenwood Co., Kans. 

Lycan, Riley Sylvester* 

M. D.; Physician, d. Paris, 111. 

Black, William Alexander 

Born Brownsburg, Ind., Nov. 8, 1857; Execu- 
tive Secretary, Single Tax League of Texas; 
Contributor on Social and Economic Questions 
to various Newspapers. 4 and 5 "F" Bldg. ; 
res. 1416 San Pedro Ave., San Antonio, 

Brown. Hilton Ultimus 

Born Indianapolis, Jnd.; A. B. 1880; A. M. 
1882; Pythonian Soc; Sec. of Class; Coll. 
Representative; State Oratorical Contest, 1879; 
Inter-Collcgiatc Oratorical Contest, 1880; Dele- 
gate to Natl. Convention Phi Delta Thcta, 
Wooster, Ohio; Baseball (Pitcher and Right 
1-ielder); Silver Medal in Track; General Man- 
ager, /iidiaiiul'olis News: Pres. i'.d. of Directors, 
iititkr Coll.; National Pres., (2 terms) General 
Council Plii Delta Theta; Director Am News, 
paper Publishers Assn., 1904-17; Christian 
Jioard of Publication; Member Bd of Trade; 
Chamber of Commerce; Author "Fifty-Four 
Forty or Fight;" Member University Club of 
Ind.; Indianapolis Lit. and Irvington Dramatic 
Uubs. 30-32 K. Washington St.; res. 5087 E. 
Washuigtorv St., Indianaiiolis, Ind. 

Campbell, Wilbur Dudley 

Retired. (810 Alvarado St., Los Angeles, Gal.) 

Montgomery, Henry Close 

Born Seymour, Ind.; A. B. 1880; A. M. 1886; 
A. M. 1891 Univ. of Mich.; Instructor, Han- 
over College; Supt. Pub. Schools, Seymour, 
Ind.; Affiliated Ind. Epsilon 1880. Hanover, 


Campbell, Lucien Daniel 

Born Shelby, Ind.; M, D. 1886 Univ. of 
Vermont; Physician. Steamboat Springs, Colo. 

Christian, Ira Washington 

Born Clay Center, Hamilton Co., Ind., Oct. 
25, 1855; B. L. 1881; LL. B. 1882; Lawyer; 
Corporation Counsel ; Stock Raising and 
Farming; Clerk, Hamilton Circuit Court, 1887- 
91; Judge, 24th Judicial Circuit of Ind., 1903- 
09. Cor. 9th and Logan Sts.; res. 66 E. 
Conner St., Noblesville, Ind. 

Floyd. Walter Maynard* 

A'. B.; LL. B. d. 1882, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Hoss, Lora Corydon 

Born Millersville, Marion Co., Ind.; A. B. 1881; 
Pythonian; Secretary and Treasurer, Kokomo 

Opalescent Glass Co. Market and State Sts.; 
res. 802 E. Sycamore St., Kokomo, Ind. 

Lockwood, Edward Augustus* 

Born Madison, Ind., Jan. 19, 1855. d. Dec. 
19, 1914. 

Powell, Samuel Knox* 

d. Bentonville, Ind. 

Sulgrove. Leland* 

d. 1885, Indianapolis, Ind. 


Anderson, Arthur Eyman 

Born Harristown, 111., Sept. 20, 1861; A. B. 1888 
Lhiiv of Nebr. ; Delegate Natl. Convention, Phi 
Delta Theta, New York; Capt. Univ. Cadets; 
Stockman and Farmer; Member Knights of 
Pvthias: Modern Woodmen; Affiliated Nebr. 
Alpha 1888. R. F. D. No. 2, Genoa, Nebr. 

Bowles, Charles David 

Farmer. (Delphos, Iowa.) 

Conklin, Isaac Joel 

(Belle Center, Ohio.) 

Cosper, Charles Shcpard 

A. B.; LL. B.; Stockman. (Springdale, Kans.) 

Goodwin, Clarence LaRue 

Born Warren Co., Ky.; B. L. 1883; Philomath- 
ean (Ind. Univ.); Pytlionian Lit. Soc; Repre- 
sented Itul. Univ. in State Oratorical Contest, 
1882; Winner of 1st Place; Represented the 
State of Ind. in Interstate Oratorical Con- 
test, Indianapolis, 1882; Winner of 3d Pi.; 
Manufacturer of Lumber and Coal Operator; 
Pres. Blue Jay Lumber Co. fBlue Jay, W. Va.); 
Boswell Liunber Co. ((M-eensburg, Pa.) ; Lynwin 
C'>al Co. (Winding Gulf, W. Va.); Ind. Veneer 
and Lumber Co. (Indianapolis, Ind.) and Del 
Rio Lumber Co. (Hartford, Tenn); Formerly 
Assoc. Ed. Los Angeles, Cal. Rvcitiitiy Express, 
1887-1890; Assistant City Editor JVashmgton 
Post, 1891; Author of "An ITnanswered Ques- 
tion" published by the Serolt. 1884; Reprinted 
twice since that time; Member Grecnburg Coun- 
trv Club; Ma'^ons- Affiliated Ind. Alpha 1882. 
Underwood Ave., Grcensliurg. Pa. 


l^)lair, William Roscoe 

Initiated by Ga. Gamina 1883. 

Breeden, Lewis Clark* 

d. Oct. 1, 1914, Lewiston, 111. 




Iden. lliomas IMedary 

Born Clermont Co., Ohio;' A. B. 1883; A. M. 
1886; Teaching; Ann Arbor Bible Chair. 444 
S. State St.; res. 1018 E. University Ave., Ann 
Arbor, Mich. 

Landers, John Branson* 

d. 1886, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Longr. John Baldwin 

Born Clermont. Marion Co., Ind.; M. D. 1882; 
Pliy.'iician and Surgeon. 744 \V. New York St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Marshall. Clarence Wickliffe 

Salesman, L. S. McKallips & Co. (Pittsburgh, 

Moore, Charles* 

M. D. 1883; Physician, d. March 3, 1890, 
Thomasville, Ga. 

Morrison. Martin Andrew 

Born Frankfort, Ind.; A. B. 1883; A. M. 1887; 
LL. B. 1886 Univ. of Virginia; Pythonian; 
Member of Congress. 9th Ind. District; Grand 
Master. F. and A. M. of Ind. 206 W. Green 
St., Frankfort, Ind. 


Bnreess. Sherman Town 

Born Sun Prairie, Wis.; A. M. 1884; Philocur- 
ion Lit. Soc; Pres. Literary Soc; Real Estate; 
Clerk of Circuit Court, 5 years; Registrar 
Deeds and Mortgages, 4 Years; Justice of the 
Peace, 8 years. 346 Washington Bldg. ; res. 
526 State St., Madison, Wis. 

Goodwin, John M. 

Born Bowling, Ky.; Ph. B. 1885 De Pauw; 
A. M. 1895 do.: Chosen bv Faculty as one of 
five to deliver Graduation Address. 1885; Class 
Reunion Oration. 1895: Retired: Pres.. Epsilon 
Province of Phi Delta Theta, 1884-85; Affiliated 
Ind. Zeta 1885. 219 N. Broadvirav, Redondo 
Beach, Cal. 

Guffin, Lot Dickson 

Born Rushville. Ind.; A. B. 1884; Treasurer, 
Parry Manufacturing Co.; Member Columbia 
Club, Indianapolis; Ind. Soc. of Chicago. Holly 
Ave.; res. Columbia Club, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Hubbard, Oliver Perry Morton 

-Attorney. (\'aldez, Alaska). 

Kuhns. John Biig;her* 

A. B.; Lumber Manufacturer, d. January 2, 
1906, Greensburg, Pa. 

Maines, Thompson Keever 

Farmer. (Traders Point, Ind.) 

Sellers, Robert 

Born Franklin, Ind.; A, B. 1884: Minister; 
Member Elwood Chamber of Commerce; Affil- 
iated Ind. Delta 1884. 1647 E. Main St., El- 
wood, Ind. 

Harriman, Job 

Lawyer. (619 Citizens' National Bank Bldg., 
Los Angeles, Cal,) 

Kautz, John Arthur 

Born bora, Wabash Co., Ind.; A. B. 1885; A. 
M. 1886; Owner and Editor Kokomo Daily Tri- 
bune; Member School Bd. of Kokomo 10 years. 
Corner Union and Walnut Sts. ; res. 718 W. 
Mulberry St., Kokomo, Ind, 

Xorris, Oliver Clarence 

Born Rushville, Ind., 1862; Farmer; Past Great 
Sachem, Ind. New Improved Order Red Men; 
Member State Legislature, 1913; Member 32d 
degree Masons: Knights Templar; Shrincr. 717 
N. Main St„ Rushville, Ind, 

Pruitt, Oran Meonidas 

Born V^anderburg Co., Ind.; A. B. 1885; A. M. 
1886; Delegate Oratorical Assn, 1885; Presi- 
dent Indiana Air Pump Co. Indiana Pythian 
Bldg.; res. 1435 N, New Jersey St,, Indiana- 
polis, Ind, 

Vawter, Charles Bright 

Born Minneapolis, Minn.; Hardware Merchant; 
Director, Franklin Natl. Bank; Member Frank- 
lin Commercial, Franklin Country, Columbia 
(Indianapolis) Clubs; Knights of Pythias; 
Elks. 62-68 W. Jefferson St.; res. Hotel Frank- 
lin, Franklin, Ind, 


Bracken, Robert 

Born Marion Co., Ind.; Banker; Ind. State 
Senator. Frankfort, Ind. 

Darrach. Charles Sadler 

Born Napoleon, Ind., Feb. 17, 1863; General 
Passenger Agent, East St. Louis Suburban Ry. 
7 CoUinsville Ave., East St. Louis; res. 22 
Granvue Drive, Belleville, 111. 

Donnell, Clifton Luther* 

M. D.; Physician, d. 1913. 

Riley. Charles Callahan* 

M. D.; Assistant General Manager, B. & O. 
R. R. d. Jan. 1914, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Todd, Earle Marion 

Born Vernon. Ind., Sept. 17, 1865; A, B, 1888; 
D. D. 1916; Pres., Christian Univ. Canton, Mo. 

Wri.s^ht, William McVei,s:h* 

M. D. d. 1911, Indianapolis, Ind. 


Ellis, Horace 

Born Martinsville, Ind.; A. B. 1896 Ind. Univ.; 
A. M. 1897; Ph. D. 1898 Am. Univ.; State 
Superintendent, Public Instruction of Ind.; 
Superintendent various School Systems; Pres. 
Idaho State Normal Schoo^ ; Pres, ^'incennes 
Univ.; .Author numerous contributions to lead- 
ing school journals of the country and various 
Educational Literature; Member Columbia Club; 
Knight Templar; Affiliated Ind. Alpha 1896. 
State House; res. 49, The Rink, Indianapolis, 

Kautz, Frederick Rollin 

A. B. 1887; A. M. 1889; Pvthonian Lit, Soc; 
Stationer. 116 N, Penn St.; res. 56 Downey 
Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 


Buchanan. \\'illiam Wilson 

Born Attica, Ind.; A. B. 1888; Pythonian Soc; 
V.-Pres., Baker- Vawter Co.; Dir., City Natl. 
Bank, Evanston; Farmers and Merchants Natl. 
Bank, Benton Harbor and Wilmette Exchange 
Bank, \\'ilmette; Aiember Chicago Athletic 
Assn.'; Evanston, Glen View and Evanston 
Country Clubs. 20 S. Clark St., Chicago; res. 
1426 Chicago Ave,, Evanston, 111, 

Eleason, Oliver Morton*- 

d. 1895, Centerville, Ind. 

Fall, John Deem 

_ (Flagler PI., Washington, D. C.) 

Gong-\ver, Elton Andrew 

A. B. 1888. (Barcroft, Va.) 

Kerlin, John Franklin 

Born Kokomo, Ind.; Sales Maaager, National 
Carbon Co., Inc. W. 117th St, and West Madi- 
son Ave,; res. 1533 Clarence Ave., Cleveland, 




Aliller, Ilut^h Thomas 

Born Nineveh, Ind.; A. B. 1888; A. M. 1895; 
First Prize, Junior Class Contest in Oratory, 
1887; First Prize, College Contest in Oratory, 
1888; Represented Butler in State Contest in 
Oratory, 1888; Highest Rank of Class, 1888; 
V.-Pres., Irwins Bank; V.-Pres. and Treas., 
Union Starch and Refining Co. (Edinburg); 
Member Bd. of Directors, Butler Coll.; Bd. of 
'I'rustecs, Central Ind. Hosp. for Insane, 1910- 
14; Republican Nominee, U. S. Senator, Ind., 
1914; Member House of Representatives, Ind., 
1902-04; Licut.-Gov. of Ind., 1905-09; Prof, of ' 
History, Butler Coll., 1893-99; Prof, of 
Romance Languages do., 1889-99; Sec, Genl. 
Council. 1889-94; Pres., 1894-96; Reporter, 
1896-1902; Member Columbia, Marion, Univer- 
sity, Century, Indianapolis Literary, Portfolio 
and Dramatic (Indianapolis) Clubs. 301 
Washington St.; res. 608, 5th St., Columbus, 

Morrison. John Campbell* 

Born Frankfort, Ind., Feb. 1916, 1868; A. B. 
1888. d. April 10, 1916. 


Baldridge, William Howe 

Born Hamilton, Ohio; Vice-President Phillips 
Sheet and Tin Plate Co.; Member Carteret 
(Jersey City) Club. 50 Church St., New 
York, N. Y. ; res. 122 Fairview Ave., Jersey 
City, N. J. 

Gilchrist, Franklin McLean* 

d. Marysville, Ohio. 

Graffis, William Herbert 

Born Star City, Ind.; Ph. B. 1889; President 
Gas. Pub. Co., Chicago; Member 111. Athletic 
and Chicago Press Clubs. 53 W. Jackson 
Blvd.; res. 815 Lafayette Parkway, Chicago, 111. 

Taylor, John Washington* 

Christian Clergyman, d. Louisville, Ky. 


Davis, Benjamin Marshall 

Born North Salem, Ind.; B. S. 1890; M. S. 
1892; Ph. D. 1906 Univ. of Cal.; Sigma Xi; 
Professor of Agricultural Education, Illinois 
University; Librarian of Phi Delta Theta; 
Past Pres. Am. Nature Study Soc. and Science 
and Rural Sections, Natl. Education Assn.; 
Acting Dean Teachers' Coll., Miami Univ., 
1913-14 etc.; Author of "Agriculture in the 
Public Schools;" "Home and School Exercises 
in Elementary Agriculture" and about 40 
Contributions to Science and Education. Ox- 
ford, Ohio. 

Davis, George Burgess 

Born North Salem, Ind.; B. L. 1894; Cashier, 
North Salem Bank; Dir. Butler Coll.; Affiili- 
ated Ind. Alpha 1894. North Salem, Ind. 

Green, Otis Websier 

]!orn Wabash, Ind.; Sc. B. 1890; Sophomore 
l:)nglish Prize; Junior English Prize; Manager 
(Jlaim Dept., McPike Drug Co.; Member 
Masons. 7th and Central Sts. ; res. 12 E. 57th 
Terrace, Kansas City, Mo. 

Noble, Laz 

Born Vincennes, Ind., 1870; A. B. 1890; 
I'anner. Brandon Lodge, Warrcnton, Va. 


Del lass, Charles Lee 

I'.orn llillsboro, Ohio; A. B. 1891; Attorney- Lcinckc Bldg. ; res. 40 Whitticr PI., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Dillon, Otto Parvin 

M. D. 1891; Physician. (Rushville, Ind.) 

Fuhvider, John William 

Born Acton, Ind.; Civil Engineer and General 
Contractor; County Surveyor, Boone Co., Ind., 
1894-96; City Engineer, Lebanon 1900-07 and 
1910-12; INIember Indiana Engineering Soc. 
904 Jameson St., Lebanon, Ind. 

McCollev. \\'illiam Grant 

Initiated by Ind. Delta 1891. 

Alatthews, Emerson Waldo 

Born New Holland, Ohio; A. B. 1891; A. M. 
1902 Harvard; Pythonian Lit. Soc; Teacher 
(Washington, D. C.) High School. 1658 
Irving St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Mavity, Jesse Hawley 

A. B.; B. S.; Clergyman. (Farmersburg, Ind.) 

Sellers, Luther Elmer 

Initiated by Ind. Delta 1891. 


Bowell, Bowen Carr 

Born Rolling Prairie, Ind.; A. B. 1892; M. D. 
1895; Nu Sigma Nu; Physician and Surgeon; 
Fellow Am. Coll. of Surgeons. 806 Maple 
Ave.; res. 1103 Michigan Ave., La Porte, Ind. 

Carr, Reed* 

d. 1899, Leipsic, Ind. 

Conner, Victor Walter 

Born Noblesville, Ind.; Abstractor. 809, 9th 
St.; res. 1528 Twelfth Ave., Greeley, Colo. 

Davidson, Robert Franklin 

Born Montgomery Co., Ind.; B. S. 1892; A. B. 
1893; A. M. 1893; LL. B. 1896; Attorney. 
1300 Fletcher Trust Bldg.; res. 5428 Lowell 
Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Huddleston, Louis Franklin* 

d. Jan. 4, 1913. 

Lacy, William Franklin 

Born Noblesville, Ind.; 'A. B. 1892; Merchant; 
Member Commercial Club.. 157 E. Logan St., 
Notilesville, Ind. 

Lauter. Alfred 

Born New York City; President and Manager, 
H. Lauter Co. W. Washington and Harding 
Sts.; res. 3046 Washington Blvd., Indianapolis, 

Williams, Avery Anderson* 

d. 1894, Wabash, Ind. 


Minnick, John D. 

Teacher. (172 W. 89th St., New York. N. Y.) 

Williams, Frank Ford 

Born Wabash, Ind.; A. B. 1893; Cashier, 
Citizens' Savings and Trust Co. Cor. Wabash 
and Market Sts.; res. 444 N. Cass St., Wabash, 


Baker. Charles Ellsv^^orth 

A. B. 1894; City Clerk. (1107 S. limine 
Ave., Scdalia, Mo.) 

Fall. Charles Deem 

Mail Clerk. (, Ind.) 

Lucas, James Atwell 

Born Hi'lsboro, Ind., March 10, 1872; Vice- 
President, Clinton County Bank. I'rankfort, 

Robinson, Fred Paddock 

Manufacturer. (2518 Bellcfontainc St., India- 
najKilis, Ind.) 

vSchmuck, Adolph 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Editor Indianapolis 
News. 95 N. Hawthorne Lane, Indianapolis, 





Hoke. Georg^e Wilson 

Born Kokonio. Inil.; Kinployincnt Manager, 
Toledo Scale Co. Res. 2027 Ashland Ave.. 
Toledo. Ohio. 


Carpenter. Arthur Bliss 

A. B. 1896; Photographer. (Wabash, Ind.) 

Moorehead, Robert Lowry 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.. Sept. 15, 1875; Pub- 
lisher (retired); Member of firm Bobbs, 
Merrill Co.; Colonel, 4th Ind. Infantry; Mem- 
ber Century, Marion and Turn Vercin Clubs. 
5356 Ohmes Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Williams, Jesse Benton 

M. n.; Government Meat Inspector. Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Wright, George Gould 

Bo'rn Monroe. Wis.; B. S. 1896; Fire Insurance 
Adjuster. 1224, 1st Natl Bank Bldg.; res. 
1079 Frederick Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 


Blount. Willis Marvin* 

A. B.; A. M. d. 1904, Ontario, Cal. 

Brown, Frank Thurman 

Born Wanamaker, Marion Co., Ind.; A. B. 1897; 
LL. B. Ind. Law School; Philokur. Lit. Soc; 
Butler Representative, State Oratorical Contest, 
1897; Athletic Editor Butler Collegian, 1897; 
Lawyer; Member Masons; Ind. Democratic and 
Irvington Dramatic Clubs. 203 Ind. Trust 
Bldg.; res. 5855 Lowell Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Bull. Robert Alexander 

Born New Albany, Ind.; A. B. 1897; A. M. 
1914 St. Louis Univ.; Pres. of Class (4); Mem- 
ber Basketball Team; Substitute, Football Team; 
Manager, Track Team; V.-Pres. and General 
Manager, Chicag6 Steel Foundry Co.; Director 
and Past Pres. Am. Foundry Men's Assn.; Ex- 
Pres., Bd. of Education, Granite City. 111.; 
Major, Ordnance Section, Officers' Reserve 
Corps, U. S. Army; Author numerous papers 
on Iron and Steel Metallurgy, published in 
Technical Journals; Honorary Member Am. 
Foundry Men's Assn.; Am. Soc. for Testing 
Materials: Am. Inst, for Mining Engineers; Am. 
Inst, for Metals; Am. Assn. for Advancement 
of Science: Natl. Geographic Soc; British Iron 
and Steel Inst. ; International Assn. for Testing 
Materials; Sons of Revolution. Care of 
Chicago Steel and Foundrv Co., Kedzie Ave. 
and 37th St.; res. 1361 Hyde Park Blvd., 
Chicago, 111. 

Canaday. Harry Berton 

Born Anderson, Ind.; Baseball; Merchant; Pres., 
Read-Canadav Co. 1016-1018 Main St.; res. 
321 W. 12th St., Anderson, Ind. 

Clarke. Armstrong Brandon 

Born Vincennes, Ind.; A. B. 1897; Real Estate. 
508 N. 7th St., Vincennes, Ind. 

Foster, Robert Sanford 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; President R. S. Foster 
Lumber Co.; Member Columbia Club; Chamber 
of Commerce. 343 W. Pratt St.; res. 4171 Car- 
rollton Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Goe, Herbert Edwin* 

d. 1903, Sault Sainte Marie, Ont. 

Hudson, Charles Rollin 

Born Paris, Jennings Co., Ind.; A. B. 1907; 
Clergyman; Pastor 1st Christian Church, Po- 
mona, Cal. 553 N. Garey Ave., Pomona, Cal. 

Lister, John Thomas 

Born Brookston, Ind.; A. B. 1897; Ph. B. 1913 
Univ. of Chicago; A. M. 1916; Football and 
Weight Throwing; Teaching; Member M. W. A.; 
Masons. Creston, Ohio. 

(Hive. Frank Clift 

Born Lebanon, Ind.; A. B. 1897; LL. B. 1899 
Ind. Law School; Lawyer; Member Marion, 
Indianapolis Canoe and Athletic and Columbia 
Clubs; Independent Turn Verein. 620 State 
Life Bldg.: res. 3110 N. Capitol Ave., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Shi])p. Thomas Roerty 

Horn Morristown, Ind.;" A. B. 1897; Publicity 
Counsel to Large Organization; Reporter and 
Staff Correspondent, Indianapolis News, 1897- 
1902; Clerk, Committee on Territories, U. S. 
Senate, 1902-07; Editor, U. S. Forest Service, 
1907-08; Exec. Sec, U. S. Inland Waterways 
Commission, 1908; General Secretary, White 
House Conference of Governors, May, 1908; 
Secretary, Joint Committee on Conservation 
between State and Nation, 1909; Secretary, 
Natl. Conservation Commission since 1908; 
Natl. Conservation Congress since 1909; Mem- 
ber of the Bar of Ind.; Chamber of Commerce 
(Wash.); Member Assoc. Advertising Clubs of 
the World: ^Modern Woodmen of America and 
Keystone (Chapter No. 6, R. A. M. of Indi'ana- 
polis, Ind.; Concatenated Order of Hoo Hoo; 
Players', Columbia Country, National Press 
and Marion (Indianapolis) Clubs. 610-11 
Riggs Bldg.; res. 202 Wardman Courts W., 
Washington, D. C. 


Dalrymple, Virgil Sydney 

Teacher. (Covington, Ky.) 

Rioch, David 

A. B. 1898; Presbyterian Missionary. (Damoh, 
Central Province, India.) 

Vinton. Stallo 

Born Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. IS, 1876; A. B. 
1898 Columbia; A. M. 1899 and LL. B. 1900 do.; 
Lawver; Affiliated N. Y. Delta 1900. 41 Park 
Row; res. 202 W. 102d St., New York, N. Y. 

Ward. Albert Luther 

A. B. 1898; Clergyman. (Pueblo, Colo.) 


Hobbs, Robert W^ilson 

A. B.; LL. B.; Journalist. (Oklahoma City, 

Loop, Aubrey Leighton 

Born New Ross. Ind.; M. D. 1899 Ind. Med. 
Coll.; Class President, 1898-99 (Ind. Med. 
Coll.); Physician; Pres., Wayne County Med. 
Soc; U. S. Pension Examiner (Richmond). 
Economy, Ind. 

Davis, Lawrence Bowen 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; LL. P.. Ind. Law 
School; Lawyer, Newberger, Simon & Davis; 
Member Chaniber of Commerce; German House; 
Independent Turn Verein: Marion and Canoe 
Clubs. Washington and Meridan Sts. ; res. W. 
Riverside Drive and 38th St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

?rs, Vern George* 

d. 1905, Hillsdale, Mich. 


Cunningham, John "Milton 

Born Indiana; A. B. 1901; Physician; Member 
of Faculty, Ind. Univ. School of Medicine; 
Visiting Physician, Indianapolis City Hosp. 508 
Hume-Mansur Bldg.; res. 2327 N. Missouri St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Hadley, Harvey Joseph 

M. D.; Physician, Pa. R. R. Relief Corps. 
(Terre Haute, Ind.) 





McGaughey, Carl Williamson 

A. B.; ^I. D.; Physician. (Greenfield, Ind.) 

Mace, Almon Albert Galeton 

B. S. 1901; Affiliated Ind. Theta 1901. (Mace 
Stock Farm,, Lexington, Ind.) 

Van Sickle, Pierre Askren 

A. B. 1901; Farmer. (Julietta, Ind.) 

Wiley, Herbert Keaton 

Manufacturer. (1108 Troost Ave., Kansas City, 


Adkinson, Wesley Harry 

LL. B.; Manufacturer. (321 Drexel Ave., In- 
dianapolis, Ind.) 

Cotton, Fassett Allen 

Born Nineveh, Ind.; A. B. 1902; Ph. B. 1903 
Univ. of Chicago; LL. D. 190S Franklin Coll.; 
Pres. State Normal, La Crosse, Wis.; State 
Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ind., 
1903-09; Author "Agriculture for Common 
Schools;" "Manual Training for Common 
Schools;" "Education in Indiana." 18th and 
.State Sts. ; res. 1327 Main St., La Crosse, Wis. 

Longley, William Raymond 

Born NoblesviUe, Ind.;' A. B. 1902; B. S. 
1903 Chicago; M. S. 1905 and Ph. D. 1906 do.; 
Basketball, 1901-02; Teacher; Pres. Yale Chap- 
ter Sigma Xi, 1917-18; Assoc. Editor "Trans- 
actions of .American Mnthematics ,Soc.," 1913; 
Joint Author^ "Theoretical Mechanics," 1910; 
Author "Tables and Formulas," 1913; Member 
Graduates' Club of New Haven; Am. Mathe- 
matic Soc; Mathematic Assn. of America. 
Sheffield Scientific School; res. 266 Willow St., 
New Haven, Conn. 

Lybrand, Walter Archibald 

Initiated by 111. Beta 1901. 

Wheatcraft, Bradford Todd 

Teacher. (Greenwood, Ind.) 


Baldwin, James Lauer 

Born Lexington, Ky.; Philokurian ; Editor 
Butler Collegian; Author "The Last Word." 
536 Newton Clay Pool Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Heinrichs, Harry Howard 

Born Cumberland, Ind.; M. D. 1904; Physician, 
Staff City Hosp. ; Mason; German House. 740 
Newton Clay Pool Bldg.; res. 83 Argyle St. 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Moore, Samnel Wallace 

Brick Manufacturer. (Board of Trade Bldg., 
Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Parker, Wayne Dee* 

A. B. ; Ph. B.; Affiliated N. Y. Delta 1906. d. 
Feb. 27, 1906, New York, N. Y. 


Anthony, James Leslie 

Business. (Nashville, Tcnn.) 

limit, Cleo Lcij.(h 

Born Brownsburg, Ind.; A. B.; Cashier, Hunter 
Bank. Brownsburg, Ind. 

McElroy, Charles Foster 

A. B.; A. M.; Printer. (6613 Clinton Ave., 
N. W.. Cleveland, Ohio.) 

Murray, Gny 

Student. (Peru, Ind.) 

vSeatf)!!, Albert 

Horn Indianapolis, hid,; M. D.; Sydenham Soc; 
1st Class Honors; V.-Prcs. and Medical Direc- 
tor, Century Life Insurance Co.; Major and 
Surgeon Ind. Inf.; Member Marion Club. 601- 
607 Law Bldg.; res. 502 Sutherland Ave., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 


Hacker, William Dillon 

D. D. S.; Salesman Eli Lilly Co. (Los Angeles, 

Murray, Paul 

Lumber Business. (Little Rock, Ark.) 

Tomlinson, Robert 

Farmer. (Fairland, Ind.) 


Brown, Edwin Stanton 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; B. S. in C E. 
1906; Publisher; Affiliated Wis. Alpha 1908. 
702 Wulsin Bldg.; res. 2535 N. Pennsylvania 
St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Cook, Homer Livingston 

Born Wabash, Ind.; Football; Baseball; 
Teachers Agency; County Supt. of Schools, 
Manon County, 1903-07; Member Ind. House 
of Representatives, 1911-13; Speaker of House, 
68th Genl. Assembly, 1913; Sec. of State of 
Ind., 1914-16: Member Masons; Odd Fellows; 
Knights of Pythias; Elks; Canoe and Ind. 
Democratic Clubs. 712 State Life Bldg.; res. 
3346 Washington Blvd., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Davis, George Ade 

Initiated by Ind. Theta 1906. 

Edwards, Oscar Wesley 

Traveling Salesman. (Bedford, Ind.) 

Egbert, Robert Hite 

M. D.; Physician. (Martinsville, Ind.) 

Guffin, George Paul 

Born Rushville, Ind.; LL. B. 1906 Univ. of 
Mich.; Real Estate, Insurance and Loans. 607 
Broadway; res. 521 Adams St., Gary, Ind. 

Kingsbury, John Lehman 

M. D.; Physician. (5551 E. Washington St., 
Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Owens, George Franklin 

Address unknown. 


Brown. Demarchus Hannah 

Lumber. (Memphis, Tcnn.) 

Emrich, Charles Henry Harvey 

(Art Students' League, 215 W. S7th St., New 
York, N. Y.) 

Hockman, Herbert Meade 

(Muskogee, Okla.) 

Sanderson, Zach Chandler 

Born White Pigeon, Mich.; A. B. 1900; 
Acolyte Soc. (Univ. of Mich.); Western 
Manager ICducational Department, (i. P. Put- 
nam's Sons, Publishers (New York); Member 
Masons. 208 Glass I51k., Marion, Ind. and 
2-6 W. 45th St., New York, N. Y.; res. 2201 
S. Washington St., Marion, Ind. 

Wheaton, William Edgar 

Born Putnam, Conn.; Baseball; Bookkeeper; 
Sec. and Treas., Wheaton Bldg. & Lumber Co. 
126 School St.; res. 55 (jrove Terrace, Putnam, 

W'illiams, John Sherman 

1 Pittsburgh". Pa.) 


l>ohnstadt, Louis Jackson 

Vaudeville; Marion Club. (Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Christian, Paul Derbin 

l'"armcr; Affiliated hid. Alpha 1908. (Kdin- 
burg, Ind.) 


IXniAXA c;.\MM.\ 


Cochrum, Oatley B. 

Tax ArciU. L. S.'& M. S. R. R. (Chicago, 

Cotton. Irwin \\'riQlit 

Born Crccnsboro. I'nd.; B. S. 1908 John B. 
Stetson Univ DcLand. Fla.; B. S. 1908 Univ. 
of Chicago; Stetson Glee Club; Secretary and 
Treasurer. Standard Heating and Plumbing 
Co.; Past High Priest, Greenfield Chapter 96. 
Royal Arch Mason; Past Master, Hancock 
Lodge 10, F. and A. M.; Member Greenfield 
Business Men's Assn. 15 W. Main St.; res. 
"07 N. Spring St.. Greenfield. Ind. 

Krauss, Albert Frederick 

Born Indianapolis. Ind.; Contractor; Member 
Indianapolis Athletic and Canoe and Marion 
Clubs: Independent Turn Verein. 402 W. 
Pratt St.; res. 733 N. Pennsylvania St., 
Indianapolis. Ind. 

Phillips. Garfield J. 

(Selinsgrove. Pa.) 

Riddle, Earl Frank 

Born Loraine. 111.; Basketball. 1905; Baseball. 
1905; Tennis. 1905; Central Engineering 
Department, Bell Telephone Co. 212 W. 
Washington St.; res. 1515 W. Monroe St., 
Chicago. 111. 

Tracy. Julius Ross 

>r.'D.: Physician. (Anderson. Ind.) 

Traub, Morton Jacob 

Born Indianapolis. Ind., 1878; President, Atlas 
Floor Co. and Acme Metal Screen Co.; 
Member Indiana Soc; Builders' and Colonial 
Clubs. 2401 Normal Ave.; res. 5322 Kimbark 
Ave., Chicago. 111. 

Weber, Georg^e Earl 

Born Hancock Co., Ind.; Deputy County 
Clerk; Clerk, Census Bureau. W'ashington. D. 
C; Member Masons; Knights Templar; 
Scottish Rite; Shrine; Marion Club. Court 
House; res. Y. i\I. C. A., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Weer. Paul Wiley 

Born Bluffton, Ind.; A. B. 1908. 1808 N. 
Delaware St.. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Witt, Joshua Chitwood 

Chemist. (804 Pennsylvania Ave., Pittsburgh, 


Elliott. Chester Dwinnell 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Superintendent Frank- 
lin MacVeagh & Co. Lake and Market Sts.; 
res. 1353 Bryn Mawr Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Freeman, Lawrence- E. 

Born New Palestine. Ind.; Basketball; Com- 
mercial Agent. Central Telephone Co.; Member 
Indianapolis Canoe Club; Indianapolis Bell 
Telephone Soc. Telephone Bldg. ; res. 3705 E. 
Washington St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Hendricks, Thomas Anderson 

Prop. Home Lawn Sanitarium. (Martinsville, 

Murray, James Lee 

Born Palestine. 111.; A. B. 1909; LL. B. 1913 
Ind. Law School; Press Club; Inn of Chancery 
(Ind. Law Schoo'); Basketball, 3 yrs.; Baseball 
]NIgr.. 1909; Lawyer; Asst. Prof, in Biology; 
Deputy Prosecutor of Marion County; Member 
Masons. 608 Fidelity Trust Bldg.; res. 5452 
Lowell Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 


Davenport, Frank Bynner 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; A. B. 1910; Business 
Mgr., Butler Collegian (2 yrs.); Baseball; 
Basketball; Football; Track; Tennis; Asst. in 
Biology Dept. (2 yrs.); Fire Insurance; Special 

Airint. Louisiana Home Ins. Co., New York. 
307 Camp St., New Orleans (P. O. Box 34); 
res. 3613 Chestnut St., New Orleans, La. 

Davenport, Fred Thomas 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Reporter. Bradstreets; 
res. 76 N. Ritter Ave., Indianapolis. Ind. 

Fitzgerald, William Edward 

BoVn Greenville. Ohio., Jan. 4, 1888; A. B. 
1910; Special Agent. Queen Ins. Co.; Member 
Knights Templar, Indianapolis Commandary; 
B. P. O. E.; Columbus Athletic Club; Alumni 
Assn.; Affiliated Ohio Alpha 1910. 204 Hart- 
man Bldg.; res. 94 N. 20th St., Columbus, 

Hartley, Alonzo Albert 

Western Union Tel. Co. (New York, N. Y.) 

Kingsbury, Layman Dwight 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; A. B. 1911; Mgr. 
Butler Collegian, 1908-09; Varsity Baseball; 
Basketball; Track; Secretary and Treasurer, 
Indiana Farmer Co.; Member Indianapolis 
Advertisers' and Irvington Golf Clubs. 450 
Century Bldg.; res. 348 Layman Ave., Indian- 
.npolij, Ind. 

Schwartz, Wetzel 

Born Lancaster. Ohio; Tau Kappa Alpha; Law- 
yer; Member Marion Club. 412-18 Ind. Trust 
Bldg.; res. 114 E. 44th St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Spray, Theodore Rudolph 

Born Frankfort, Ind.; A. B. 1910 Wabash 
Coll.; Merchant: Member Masons (32"); 
Knights Templar; Shriner. Souts Side Square; 
res. 259 Main Ave., Frankfort, Ind. 


Adams, George Claris 

Born Mt. Carmel, 111.; Tau Kappa Alpha; 
Dramatic and Press Clubs; Baseball; Football; 
Basketball; Debating Team; Chief Deputy 
Prosecuting Attorney; Past Pres. Phi Delta 
Theta Alumni Assn.; Member Elks; Masons; 
Marion and Century Clubs. 60 Court House; 
res. 75 Layman Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Edwards. Scott Robert 

Affiliated Ind. Alpha 1913. (Greenfield, Ind.) 

Kingsbury, Theodore M. 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Football; Basketball; 
Editor Indiana Farmer; Member Marion and 
Irvington Golf Clubs; Masons (Blue Lodge). 
Century Bldg.; res. 69 Layman Ave., Indianapo- 
lis, Ind. 

Ryan, Oswald 

(Anderson, Ind.) 

Stein, Waldo Emerson 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Optometrist; Member 
Masons; Am. Optical and Ind. State Optical 
Socs. 201 Odd Fellows Bldg.; res. 109 Dickson 
St., Indianapolis, Ind. 


Cullen, John 

Government Service Chemist. (Washington. 
D. C.) 

Eldridge. Luther Osgood 

Ranchman. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 

Grier, Albert Philip 

Born Mercer, Pa.; Rice Grower. Dryden, Ark. 

Hamp, Robert Johannis 

Born Lawrenceburg, Ind.; A. B. 1914; Leader 
of Glee Clubs; Director of Music in College; 
Dramatics; Staged and Directed College Pro- 
ductions of DeKoven's "Robin Hood;" Foot- 
ball; Capt. Track Team, 1912; Building Special- 
ties, Tile Roofing; Pres. R. J. Hamp Sales Co.; 
Author "A German Village;" Mason. 5th floor, 
Chamber of Commerce; res. 2025 E. 34th St,, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 




Leukhardt, Heinrich Reinhold 

Born Indianapolis, Ind. ; Varsity Football; 
Class Baseball and Track Teams; Special In- 
spector Am. Rolling Mills Co. 923 N. Beville 
Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Logan, Leon Buckles 

Born Alton, 111.; A. B. 1912; Chemist, Sears, 
Roebuck and Co., Paint Works; Affiliated Mo. 
Alpha 1914. 1013 S. Homan Ave.; res. 3831 
Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Moft'ett, Thomas Lee 

Born Crawfordsville, Ind.; A. B. 1912; Man- 
ager, Football, 1909-10; Business Manager and 
Assistant Editor Drift, 1911; Collegian Staff, 
1910-12; Lawyer. 719 Lemcke BIdg.; res. 5421 
E. Washington St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Noland, David Fulton 

(Anderson, Ind.) 

Stewart, Henry 

(Shelbyville, Ind.) 

Stiffler, Ralph Stewart 

(Rushville, Ind.) 

Thomas, George Cullen 

Born Parke Co., Ind.; A. B. 1912; Dramatic 
Club; Y. M. C. A.; Football, 1908; Capt., 1909- 
11; Baseball, 1909-12; Track, 1909-11; Capt., 
1910; Inter-Coll., Tennis Champion, 1909-11; 
Pres. Sophomore and Senior Classes; Athletic 
Director, Butler College; Member Indianapolis 
Tennis Assn.; Masons; Knights Templar. 23 
Eldridge Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 


Boston, Floyd Howard 

(Bloomington, Ind.) 

Conway, William Oakley 

(Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Goe, Percy Farnsworth 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Salesman; Member In- 
dependent Turn Verein. 307 Hume Mansur 
Bldg.; res. 128 S. Ritter Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Johns, Charles Everts 

(Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Leech, Garland Dell 

Clerk, John Deere Plow Co. (Indianapolis, 

Parker, Mayne 

(Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Sparks, Ben 

Born Rushville, Ind.; Football; Basketball; 

Quarterback and Utility Halfback, 1909; City 

Letter Carrier. 933 N. Main St., Rushville, 

Staley, Joseph Harrison 

Born Charlottesville, Ind.; General Manager, 
Continental Auto Parts Co. Knightstown, Ind. 

Stewart, George Oliver 

OllOA Vewsttad Ave., St. Louis, Md.) 


Baker, Enos H. 

Born Washington, 1). C; M. K. 1916; Tau Beta 
Pi; Specification Department, Goodyear Tire and 
Rubber Co.; MemlK-r Akron University Club. 
(Joodycar Tire and Rubber Co.; res. University 
Club, Akron, Ohio. 

Dietz, llarry Frederic 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; A. B. 1914; Sigma Xi; 
Graduate* Student, Ohio State Univ., 1916; 
I'.ntoiiioloKical Inspector, l-'cdcral II nrticultural 
Board; res. 707, 20th St., N. W., Washngton, 
D. C. . 

Hardcy, James Worth 

Born Scottsburg, Ind.; Salesman. 1417 South- 
»vcstcin St.; res. 1161 N. Gcrmania Ave., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Hunt, Ernest Martin 

Born Andersonville, Ind., Oct. 18, 1890; A. B. 
1915 Whittier Coll., Whittier, Cal.; Salesman. 
Kokomo Rubber Co., Kokomo; res. 215 Eldridge 
St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Hutchings, John Willard 

Affiliated Ind. Alpha 1914. (Indianapolis, 

Lewis, Joseph Edwin 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Baseball, 3 yrs.; Foot- 
bal', 3 yrs.; Captain; Mgr., Baseball, 1913-14; 
Treasurer, Sophomore Class; Pres. Junior Class 
Officers' Reserve Training Camp; Member 
_ Masons. 2427 Talboft Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Lingeman, Leslie Roberts 

Born Brownsburg, Ind.; B. S 1915; M D. 
1917; Nu Sigma Nu; Med. Corps, U. S. Navy, 
Brownsburg, Ind. 

Little, Grover John 

Born Cumberland, Ind,; A. B. 1914; State 
Student; Secretary, Ind. Young Men's Chris- 
tian Assn.; Member Knights Templar. 615 
Majestic Bldg., Indianapolis; res. Cumberland, 

Pittman, George William 

Born Indianapolis, Ind. 102 S. Pennsylvania 
,'\ve.; res. 2838 N. Talbott Ave., Indianapolis, 

Potter, Samuel Raymond 

(106 S. Potter Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Ward. Paul William 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; A. B. 1914; A. M. 1916 
Columbia; Graduate, Union Theological Sem., 
1917; Tau Kappa Alpha; Track "C"; Univ of 
Colo., 1911; Butler Coll. Debating Team, 1913- 
14; Capt., 1914; Editor Collegian, 191314; Pres 
Class, 1914. 600 W. 122n St., New York, N. Y. 


Bailey, Maxwell, Vorhis 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Football; Baseball; 
Basketball; Milling; Russell-Miller Milling Co.; 
Member Elks. 310 Normal Ave., Valley City, 
N. Dak. 

Brayton, Humbert Winthrop, Jr. 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; Football; Landscape 
Architict; Pres. State Forestry Co., Inc.; 
Mmiber Architectural Club. Newton C'aypooj 
Bldg.; res. 671 E. 21st St, Indianapolis," Ind. 

Clarke. Elton Russell 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; A. B. 1915; Philokur- 
ian Lit. Soc; Biology and Chemistry Clubs,; 
Y. M. C. A.; Student; Assistant in Biology, 
1912-15; Pres.. Biology Club, 1914; Member 1st 
Sluilents' lliiniir C(nnniitl>.c, 1914; .Xss.iciate in 
, Pharmacology, Ind. Univ. School of Medicine; 
Member Indianapolis Alumni Club of Phi Delta 
Thcta, Indiana .\cad. of Science; Ind. Section, 
Am. Chemical Soc. 102 N. Senate St.; res. 
626 Davlan Apts., Massachusetts Ave., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Kennington, Robert Edward 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; LL. B. 1915; Football;. 
Basketball; Attorncy-at-Law; Pres. of Bureau. 
of .^ccounts; Member Marion and Columbia, 
Clubs. 514 Law Bldg.; res. 2344 College Ave.» 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Kirkhoff, Louis Na])olcon 

Born Indianapolis, Ind.; A. B. 1915; Business 
Manager CoUcgian; Football, 191415; Fellow- 
ship HI Ind. Univ., 1914; Wholesale and Re- 
tail Tobacco. 323 E. Merrill St., Indianapoli