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A Catalogue 




Old Colony Historical Society 

Taunton, Massachusetts, U. S. A. 

January i, igo?- 

— •iiii^ii- 

Arranged by the Librarian of the Society. 

A Catalogue 




Old Colony Historical Society 

Taunton, Massachusetts, U. S. A. 
January i, igo?'. 

— iii^iii 

Arranged by the Librarian of the Society. 




The Old Colony Historical Society was incorporated May 4, 


"The objects of the Society are to preserve and perpetuate the 
history of the Old Colony in Massachusetts, and to collect, hold 
and preserve documents, books, memoirs and other matters relat- 
ing to its history." 

The Society's stated and quarterly meetings are held in Histori- 
cal Hall, now owned by the Society, and its valuable collections of 
books and relics are contained in its recently erected library annex, 
which is a place of safe deposit. The records of its proceedings 
are already partly published in six collections. Nearly seven hun- 
dred members, life, resident, corresponding and honorary, are 
enrolled upon its register. 

The work of the Society is conducted under the management of 
a board of directors which is chosen annually. Its annual income 
is derived chiefly from its regular fees, and its future prosperity 
and material growth must largely depend upon the encouragement 
which it shall receive from the co-operation and bequests of its 

The annual membership is $f,.po per year. The life-member- 
ship is $10.00. . .'•'• 


> Society 


WASHINGTON. The portrait of Wash- 
ington was presented to the Old Colony 
Historical Society by the directors of the 
Bristol County Bank, Sept. 19, 1896. 

Some years later the society had it cleaned, 
rebacked, and the old mahogany frame guild- 
ed at an expense of about two hundred dol- 

It was painted by James Sullivan Lincoln, 
(see number 41) a native of Taunton, after 
Stuart's Washington at Newport, R. I. 

William Baylies ; born Oct. 16, 1783 ; lawyer 
and politician; practised law in Taunton; 
member of State Legislature, 1827-32-3.5; 
member of Congress, 1821-27; Register of 
Probate, 1812-20; Charge de affairs to Brazil 
in 1832. Author of Plymouth Colony Mem- 
oirs, 1828. Died Oct. 28, 18.52. 

Presented by John Ordronaux, L. L. D. 

2 EDMUND BAYLIES. Son of Hodijah 
Baylies and his wife Elizabeth (Lincoln) 
Baylies; born in Hingham Sept. 22, 1787. 
Supercargo of many vessels, with cargo for 
foreign ports, and supplied flour to the Pen- 
insular army under Wellington. Engaged 
with T. B. Curtis of Boston for trading in 
Russia, retired in 1836. A warm supporter 
of the government in the civil war; director 
Taunton National Bank, Old Colony Iron 
Co., Taunton Copper Co., and Taunton Lo- 
comotive Works. Member Massachusetts 
Society of Cincinnati. Died May 16, 1878. 

Presented by Mrs. N. E. Baylies. 

3 Gov. MARCUS MORTON. Son of 
Nathaniel Morton and his wife, Mary (Cary) 
Morton. Born in Freetown Feb. 19, 1784. 
Lawyer and politician; graduate of Brown 
University 1804; Harvard Degree 1840; clerk 
of Massachusetts Senate 1811; member of 
Congress 1817-21; member Executive. Com- 
mittee 1823; Lieutenant Governor 1824; 
Judge of the Supreme Court 1825-29; Govern- 
or of Massachusetts 1840 and 1843; Collector 
of the Port of Boston 1845-48. Died Feb. 6, 

Presented by Henry M. Lovering. 

TON CROSSMAN. Son of Captain George 
Grossman. Born in Taunton Nov. 2, 1799; 
graduate of West Point 1823; veteran of the 
Black Hawk, Florida and Civil War. Re- 
tired 1866. Died June 4, 1882. 

Presented by George Heron Crossman. 

Thomas Baylies and his wife Bethia (God- 
frey) Baylies. Born Dighton Sept. 16, 
1787; studied medicine with his uncle Wil- 
liam Baylies, commenced practice in Taun- 
ton 1813. The beloved physician for over 
fifty years; secretary of King David Lodge 
A. F. & A. M. for thirty years. His name is 
borne in many different families in tribute 
to valued ministrations in times of sickness. 
Trustee of Bristol Academy. Died July 2, 

Presented by Mrs. Frances A. Baylies. 

ER. Son of William Augustus Crocker and 
his wife Sally (Ingell) Crocker. Born in 
Taunton March 31, 1834; graduate Brown 
University 1822; president Taunton Copper 
Co., Taunton Locomotive Works, Old Col- 
ony Iron Co. ; member Executive Council 
1849; member of Congress. 1853-55; trustee 
Brown University. Died Feb. 10, 1883. 

Presented by Mrs. D. N. Couch. 

William Augustus Crocker and his wife, 
Sally (Ingell) Crocker; elder brother of Sam- 
uel L. Crocker; graduate Brown University ; 
was engaged with his brothers in the copper 
business and other enterprises in Taunton 
and Norton; president Taunton Branch Rail- 
road; removed to New York in 1852 and 
died there in 1871. 

Presented by his son, George A. Crocker. 

8 Hon. HARRISON TWEED. Son of 
Joshua Tweed and his wife Elizabeth Tweed ; 
born in South Reading Feb. 17,1806; taught 
school in Calais, Me., 1833; cashier County 
Bank, Calais, Me. ; removed to Taunton 1847; 
was clerk, agent and treasurer of Taunton 
Locomotive Works; representative 1876-79. 
Councilor 1876-78. Died Jan. 18. 1885. 

Presented by his son, Charles H. Tweed. 

Ebengzer Dawes and his wife, Elizabeth 
(Bailey) Dawes; born in Scituate March 1, 
1791. He was a highly respected physician 
of Taunton. He is described "as being very 
polite according to the best definition of 
politeness, his natural kindness and gentle- 
ness with the confidence reposed in his skill, 
made him most welcome." Died in Taunton 
April 20, 1861. 

Presented by his son, Rev. Ebenezer Dawes. 


10 Rev. MORTIMER BLAKE. Son of 
Ira Blake of Wrentham; born June 10, 1818; 
paduate of Amherst ISSl; first pastorate 
Mansfield Dec. 4, 1839; installed pastor 
WinslowChnrch, Taunton, Dec. 4, 185.5, where 
he remained thirty years. President Whea- 
ton Seminary, Norton; author of the His- 
tory of Franklin, and other works. Died 
Dec. 22, 1884. 

Presented by Mrs. Graham. 

11 DAN KING, M. D. Son of John 
King and his wife Jane (Knight) King; born 
in Mansfield, Conn., Jan. 27, 171)1. He 
practiced medicine in Taunton fi'om 1841 to 
1859; author of several medical works. 
Died in Greenfield, R. I., Nov. 18, 1864. 

Presented by his daughter, 

Mrs. Alex. H. Williams. 

Samuel Dunbar and his wife, Abigail (Ingell) 
Dunbar; born in Tilicut Aug. 9, 1800; in 
1818 in business in Boston; removed to 
Taunton 1834, and engaged in the drug 
business which he continued until his death, 
being at that time the oldest druggist in 
Bristol County. Died Nov. 19, 1883. 

Presented by Charles H. Moore. 

13 Hon. JOHN DAGGETT. Son of Eben- 
ezer Daggett and his wife, Sally (Maxcy) 
Daggett; born Feb. 10, 1805; graduate Brown 
University 182(3; lawyer, admitted to the 
bar 1829; commenced practice in 1830; editor 
of the "Dedham Patriot"; representative 
1836; senator 18.50 and 1866; Register of Pro- 
bale 1853; the second president of the Old 
Colony Historical Society. Died Dec. 13, 

Presented by his daughter, Mrs. Sheffield. 

liam Lovering and his wife, Mehitable 
(Clafin) Lovering; born in Franklin, Mass. 
Nov. 18, 1801. Early in life connected with 
the City Mills at Franklin; in charge of 
Blackstone Canal Co. of Providence, R. I. 
1833; subsequently agent Carringtou Mill at 
Woonsocket; removed to Taunton 1836; 
manager of the Whittenton Mills for over 
twenty years; purchased Whittenton Mills 
in 1858, which he conducted until 1864; rep- 
resentative 1865-66; president of Taunton 
Branch Railroad and Taunton Savings Bank, 
Died Dec. 15, 187.5. 

Presented by his sons, 

C. L., W. C. and U. M. Lovering. 

of Robert Dean and his wife, Susan Leavitt 
(Padelford) Dean; born Feb. 6, 1805; clerk 
in Field, Fobes and Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 
1821; in 1824 engaged as agent for Dean Cot- 
ton Mill, East Taunton ; manager of the Brick 
Mill; later manager and treasurer of the 
Dean Cotton and Machine Co., twenty five 
years ; treasurer of Taunton Locomotive 
Works; retired in 1873. Died Dec. 18, 1889. 

Presented by himself. 

Son of Abiather Wetherell and his wife, 
Martha (Eddy) Wetherell; born Oct. 9, 1811. 
Mr. Wetherell was a wholesale millinery and 
dry goods dealer of Boston; lived in Taun- 
ton; representative 1855; assistant quarter- 
master Second Brigade, Second Division, 
6th Army Corps in the Civil War. Died 
June 1, 1879. 

Presented by his son, W. H. Wetherell. 

Thomas Richmond and his wife, Elizabeth 
(Fales) Richmond; born in Dighton March 
11, 1809. He was the great grandson of 
Colonel Sylvester Richmond, colonel in the 
16th Massachusetts Battalion in the cam- 
paign against Louisburg in 1745, who re- 
ceived the French flag at the surrender of 
the fortress; grandson of Colonel Ezra Rich- 
mond ; aide to his father in 1745, who received 
from the hands of King George a captain's 
commission in the British line, which he 
held until he became the senior ofiicer in 
the British army. 

Charles Richmond was the junior partner 
in the fiim of "Crocker ct Richmond," 
(see number 25) and gave to this business 
firm all his energy. In the commercial 
world of New York, Baltimore and Phila- 
delphia, while their course glowed with 
prosperity, his presence was ever the signal 
for some fresh enterprise, snd the commis- 
sion houses bowed in adoration to this lord 
of cotton and iron. The financial revolution 
of 1837 involved this firm beyond recovery, 
and Mr. Richmond, hunted like a beast of 
prey by his remorseless creditors was obliged 
to leave his native state, and died in Sacra- 
mento City, California, Dec. 14, 1849. 
Presented by his son, 

Captain Henry Richmond. 

18 ALBERT FIELD. Son of Jude Field 
and his wife, Abigail (Carpenter) Field; 
born in Taunton July 4, 1795; commenced 
shoe nail business in Taunton in 1827 which 
developed into the "Field Tack Works" of 
world wide reputation. Died April 25, 1869. 

Presented by N. Bradford Bean. 

COTT. Only daughter of Simeon Tisdale 
and his wife Abigail Tisdale, and wife of 
Samuel Trescott, a native of Dorchester. She 
lived in the "Trescott House," west corner 
of Trescott street, long known as the fire- 
proof building, having escaped three de- 
structive fires. Her home was the abode of 
hospitality and was the scene of merry mak- 
ing of kindred and friends ; from this home 
went forth often and with kindly spirit the 
"widow's mite." Her husband died in 
Taunton, July 6, 1797, and she remained 
a widow for more than a generation. Died 
May 1, 1833. 

Presented by E. Bawes Tisdale. 


20 JOSEPH DEAN. Son of Robert Dean 
and his wife Susan Leavitt (Padelford) Dean. 
Born Nov. 16, 1811). A flour and grain mer- 
chant at the Weir. This building is evidence 
of his great philanthropy, built for a Union 
Chapel, wherein those having no other place 
of worship might find here a home, and 
largely through his influence it came into 
the possession of the Old Colony Historical 
Society. Died Aug. 16, 1888. 

Presented by his wife, 

Mrs. Martha A. DeoM. 

Esq. Born at Nantucket Nov. 1, 1788. Law- 
yer. Early in life engaged in seafaring life ; 
admitted to the bar 1816. He obtained the 
foremost rank in his profession, trying his 
intellectual strength against such opponents 
as Webster and Choate. He had few equals. 
Died Sept. 19, 18.'i9, in New Bedford. 

Presented by E. L. Barney, Esq. 

Daughter of Hon. Francis Baylies and his 
wife Elizabeth Moulton (Deming) Baylies, 
and wife of Nathaniel Morton, Esq. Born 
May 4, 1823, in Taunton. Died in New York 

Presented by Mrs. L. M. S. Moulton. 

Son of Daniel Oliver Morton and his wife 
Lucretia (Parsons) Morton. Born May 16, 
1824, in Shoreham, Vt. In Boston in 18.50. 
Removed to Xew York in 18.")1. Organized 
firm of Morgan and Grinnell 18")4. In 1862 
established banking houses of L. P. Morton 
& Co. In 1869 the firm became Morton, Bliss 
Co. Member of Congress 1878-80. Envoy 
Extraordinary to Paris 188.5. Vice President 
of the United States March 4, 1889. 

Presented by himself. 

24 HODGES REED. Son of John Reed 
and his wife Mary (Godfrey) Reed. Born in 
Taunton June 3, 1790. He was for a few 
years a merchant in Boston, and for many 
years in Taunton. A member of the legis- 
lature; an author of religious books and a 
poet whose verses were esteemed of high 
order. Many of his hymns were copied and 
used in church books. Editor of the "Beacon 
of Liberty"; one of the original organizers of 
the Winsiow church. Died Dec. 19, 1856. 

Presented by his son Edgar H. Reed. 

25 Hon. SAMUEL CROCKER. Son of 
Capt. Josiah Crocker and his wife Abigail 
(Leonard) Crocker. Born Aug. 2, 1772. 
Town and County treasurer for twenty-five 
years. Representative 1809-13. Senator 
1813-17. Councilor under Gov. Brooks. 
But it was as a manufacturer that he was 
most distinguished, having been for a long 
course of years the senior partner, first in 
Crocker, Bush & Richmond and afterwards 
of Crocker & Richmond, (see number 17) 
which by the large amount of capital em- 

ployed and extensive business operations 
procured for Taunton in the earlier part of 
the last century the reputation of being one 
of the largest manufacturing towns in the 
United States. The extensive manufactur- 
ing establishment of the "Calico Print 
Works" of Taunton dates back to a period 
prior to anything of the kind in the country. 
At that date Taunton claimed the earliest 
and best herrings; the best brick; and the 
first and best iron works; and before a 
single stone had been laid in Lowell for 
a similar enterprise the firm of Crocker & 
Richmond had received for their fabrics in 
1826 a medal for promoting manufactures 
and mechanical arts. Died April 3, 18.53. 
Presented by Mrs. S. C. Cobb 

and Mrs. Curtis Guild. 

Capt. James Brown and his wife Hester 
(Sheldon) Brown. Born in Coventry, R. I. 
Dec. 27, 1783. Removed to Taunton 1800. 
Saddle and bridle manufacturer. Justice 
of the Peace. Coroner 1836-37-42. It is said 
of him that there were three places where 
he found pleasure — his home, his church, 
and King David Lodge, A. F. & A. M. Died 
Nov. 6. 186S. 

Presented by his son Robert Carver Brown. 

Captain David Vickery, and his wife Pris- 
cilla (Barnum) Vickery. Born in Taunton 
Nov. 24, 18(10. In early life an auctioneer. 
Cashier and president of the Machinists 
National Bank. Postmaster 1833. Senator 
18.54. The last male member of the family 
in Taunton. Died Jan. 16, 1883. 

Presented by 31iss Adeline S. Baylies. 

28 General DAVID COBB. Son of 
Thomas Cobb and his wife Lydia (Leonard) 
Cobb. Born in Taunton Sept. 14, 1748. 
Graduate of Harvard College 1766. A prac- 
ticing physician in Taunton for many years. 
Member of the Provincial Congress 1775. 
Aide to Washington, and member of his 
military family. In command of the troops 
in Shay's Rebellion on Taunton Green 1787; 
member of Executive Council; Lieutenant 
Governor of Mass. 1819; member of Mass. 
Society of Cincinnati. Died April 17, 1830. 
Portrait painted by Stuart. 

Presented by Mrs. S. C. Cobb 

and Mrs. Curtis Guild. 

Son of David George Washington Cobb and 
his wife Abby (Crocker) Cobb. Born iuTaun- 
ton May 22, 1826. Engaged in business in 
Boston "in 1842; and in 1847 organized firm 
of Cunningham & Cobb, and continued in 
the business for twenty years. Alderman 
of Roxbury 1860. Mayor of Boston for three 
years. President Revere National Bank. 
President Mass. Society Cincinnati. Died 
Feb. 18, 1891. 

Presented by 3frs. S. C. Cobb. 



Son of Rev. Thomas Paine. Rorn in Boston 
March 12, 1731. Graduate of Harvard Col- 
lege 1749; studied law 17.55; chaplain of Col. 
Willard's regiment at Crown Point; admitted 
to the bar 1757; removed to Taunton 176); 
representative of Taunton; delegate to Con- 
gress 1774-75. On the 4th of July 1776 he 
signed the Declaration of Independence, 
being the only signer from the Old Colony. 
He removed to Boston 1781, after a resi- 
dence in Taunton of over twenty years. 
Attorney General from 1777 to 1790. In 
1790 Judge of the Supreme Court of Mass. 
Died in Boston May 12, 1814. 

Presented by Capt. Geo. A. Washburn. 

PA APOLLOS WHITE. Son of Samuel 
White and his wife Hannah (Andrews) 
White. Horn in Raynham Feb. 8, 1771. 
Died in Raynham. 

32 Captain SILAS SHEPARD. Born in 
Wrentham in 1781 ; engaged in the manufac- 
ture of cotton goods in ISOti, in the old 
"Green Mill"' on what is now Weir street, 
Taunton; at one time was associated with 
Charles Richmond; he built the Oakland 
Mills and conveited a wild ravine on the 
banks of Three Mile river into a village of 
manufacturing industry. Died Dec. 23, 1864, 
aged S3. 

Presented by Mrs. L. R. Chesbrough. 

of Joseph Strange and his wife, Amitta 
(Briggs) Strange; born in Taunton Aug. 7, 
1811; a skilled mechanic, was early in the 
employ of Crocker & Richmond; he became 
a preacher, but subsequently resumed his 
mechanical work; removed to Bangor 1849; 
returned to Taunton 1889 and persued his 
business until his death Feb. 6, 1895. 

Presented by Mrs. A. A. Francis. 

34 SAMUEL BASS KING. Son of Philip 

King and his wife, (Bowers) King; born 

May 1, 1788. Cashier and president of the 
first Taunton Bank. Died Oct 5, 1864. 

Presented by Mrs. Samuel C. Cobb. 

Hodges Reed and his wife, Clai issa (Hodges) 
Reed; born July 3, 1814. A life-long busi- 
ness man of Taunton; representative 1869; 
alderman 186.5-8. He is remembered in the 
city of his birth as an enthusiastic antiquar- 
ian and accurate genealogist. His records 
of inscriptions on headstones in the different 
burying places of Taunton from the earliest 
to 1800, many now indecipherable, will re- 
main a monument to his memory. He held 
office of secretary, librarian and histori- 
ographer of this society. Died April 25, 

Presented by Ids daughter, 

Mrs. G. A. Washburn. 

STAPLES. Son of Sylvanus Staples and his 
wife. Sally (Phillips) Staples; born Aug 2, 
1811. He early engaged in sea-faring life; 
was master of a vessel at the age of 18. 
In 1836 a dealer in flour and groceries; re- 
sumed his sea-eoing life until 1867, when he 
engaged with William H. Phillips in general 
freight business and sale of iron, coal and 
lime; this being dissolved he became presi- 
dent of the Staples Coal Co. in which he 
continued until his death: director Bristol 
County National Bank; president Dighton 
Furnace Co.; and held positions of trust and 
responsibility in many other companies. 
Died June 10, 1893. 

Presented by his son, Herbert M. Staples. 

of Zephaniah Leonard and his wife Abigail 
(Alden) Leonard; born April 18, 1773; a 
physician of Raynham. Died Sept. 1, 1828. 

Presented by his grandson, W. A. Leonard. 

38 Hon. HORATIO LEONARD. Son of 
Zephaniah Leonard and his wife, Abigail 
(Alden) Leonard; born Dec. 28, 1780; high 
sheriff of Bristol County, having with his 
father held the office for seventy years. 
Died Dec. 7, 1858. 

Presented by Mrs. Fannie W. Dean. 

in New York, Aug. 3, 1830; graduate of 
Dartmouth College 1850, Harvard Univer- 
sity 1852; admitted to New York bar 1853; 
admitted to Plymouth bar 1853; received 
medical degi'ee, M. D. 18-59; appointed by 
Governor Seymour to examine drafted men 
1861; surgeon Board of Enrollment 1863; 
assistant surgeon 15th New York State 
troops 1863; author of many books used by 
the government; from 1865 to lis93 devoted 
to lecturing in law and medical schools at 
University of Vermont, Boston University, 
Medical College at Washington, Dartmouth, 
and Columbia, New York; State Commis- 
sioner of lunacy 1873; appointed 1874 to 
codify lunacy laws of New York state; in 
1870 Trinity College conferred honorary 
degree of doctor of laws; the first secretary 
of the Old Colony Historical Society. He 
delivered commemorative oration of the so- 
ciety. May 4, 1905. 

of John Williams and his wife, Mary (King) 
Williams; born in Taunton, removed early 
in life to New Hampshire and died there. 

of Sullivan Lincoln and his wife, Keziah 
(Weston) Lincoln; born in Taunton May 11, 
1811 ; became a student in Providence under 
tlie artist Hinckley and followed his pro- 
fession for more than fifty years. Among 
his leading portraits are eleven governors of 
Rhode Island, five mayors of Providence, 


Ex-Chief Justice Brayton and Colonel Rob- 
ert G. Shaw for his mother. The portrait 
of Washington in Historical Hall is a work 
of his earlier years. Died in Providence 
Jan. 19, 1888. 

Presented by his wife and daughter. 

42 Captain WILLIAM COBB. Son of 
Charles Cobb and his wife, Rhoda (Dean) 
Cobb; grandson of Jonathan, brother of 
General David Cobb; born in Taunton 1811; 
removed to Dio;hton 1887; as master of a 
vessel he sailed in 1849, cai'rying the first 
gold seekers to California; returning he be- 
came agent for the Old Colony Iron Co. 
president LTnion Manufacturing Co., Digh- 
ton, 1857; president of the Dighton and 
Somerset Railroad, when it was sold to the 
Old Colony Railroad; built the bridge at 
Somerset over the Taunton river. Died 
July 31, 1875. 

Presented by his son, M. L. Cobb. 

of Gov. Marcus Morton and his wife Char- 
lotte (Hodges) Morton. Born in Taunton 
Apr. 8, 1819; graduate of Brown University 
1838; admitted to Suffolk bar 1840; removed 
to Andover in 1850; representative 1858; 
Justice of the Superior Court 18.59; Justice 
of the Supreme Court 1869; Chief Justice 
1882. Died in Andover Feb. 10, 1891. 

Presented by Mrs. Kimball. 

of Nehemiah Leonard and his wife Hannah 
Tinkham (Clark) Leonard. Born in Roches- 
ter Sept. 30, 1819; engaged in whale-oil busi- 
ness in New Bedford and Springfield. Mem- 
ber council, New Bedford, 1857; in U. S. 
Internal Revenue service in civil war and 
later. Mr. Leonard accumulated a large 
amount of genealogical data pertaining not 
only to his own but, other Old Colony fami- 
lies. Director of the Old Colony Historical 
Society. Died in New Bedford Sept. 7, 1894. 

Presented by Hon. Marquis F. King. 

of Robert Dean and his wife Susan Leavitt 
(Padelford) Dean. Born Aug. 29, 1810. Mr. 
Dean was a practical farmer and for many 
years cultivated the ancestral acres which 
had descended to him. He was known 
throughout Massachusetts as "Farmer 
Dean," having devoted himself untiringly 
when in the legislature and subsequently 
for a law to \ be enacted requiring broad 
wheel tires to be used upon the highways 
of Massachusetts. Died Oct. 28, 1903. 

Presented by his wife and daughter. 

46 Captain DAVID LEO.VARD. Son of 
Joseph Leonard and his wife Mary (Packard) 
Leonard. Born July 29, 1734. He lived 
and died on his farm in Bridgewater, near 
Nippenicket Pond. Was with Gen. John 
Winslow in Nova Scotia in 1756 French and 
Indian war. Had command of a company 

in the Plymouth County Reg't during the 
war of the Revolution. Great grandfather 
of Hon. John Hay, Sec'y of State. Died 
Nov. 24, 1813. 

Presented by Bernard Leonard. 

Daughter of Joseph Hall and his wife Mary 
(Andrews) Hall, and wife of Captain David 
Leonard. Born Aug. 21, 1750. Died Dec. 4, 

Presented by Bernard Leonard. 

48 CHARLES BABBITT. Son of Ziba 
Babbitt and his wife Bathsheba (Luscomb) 
Babbitt. Born Dec. 3, 1786. Goldsmith and 
jeweler of Taunton. Died Aug. 13, 1854. 

49 THOMAS CORAM. Born at Lyme- 
Regis in Dorsetshire, England, in 1668; came 
to Boston in 1693. In l(i99 the subject of 
this portrait (by Hogarth,) came to Taunton 
and purchased in the south purchase the 
site for a ship yard, and there he com- 
menced ship building. In 1700 his yard 
and two vessels were seized in execution for 
debt, and judgment pronounced against 
him. He related his inflictions to Captain 
Thomas Leonard, and through him the case 
was retried, and the property and land of 
the deputy sheriff who had in the former 
case unjustly seized the ship yard were 
levied upon, and fifty nine acres were 
allowed Mr. Coram for damages. This fifty 
nine acres of land he conveyed by deed to 
Kings Cha()el in Boston with the proviso 
that if ever hereafter the inhabitants of 
Taunton should be more civilized than they 
now are and if any should incline to have a 
Church of England built among them, the 
vestry men of Kings Chapel have authoiity 
to grant any part or parcel of this land to 
them. This was never done, but in 1742 
Coram forwarded to St. Thomas Church 
several books, among which a bible and 
book of common prayer are now in posses- 
sion of that society. Two copies of liis 
books are in the archives of this society. 
Coram remained in Taunton and Boston ten 
years, and in the ten succeeding years by 
unwearied solicitation he obtained a charter 
for a foundling hospital for exposed and 
neglected chihlren. His name is immortal- 
ized by Dickens, in his "Little Dorrit" in 
the person of the warm tempered and 
equally warm hearted Tatty-Coram. He 
died March 29, 1751, aged 84 years. 

Presented by Mrs. H. B. Wheelwright. 
Son of Joseph Brighani and his wife Sally 
(Woods) Brigham; born Dec. 20, 1800, in 
Marlboro; removed to Taunton and com- 
menced business on "Knotty W.alk" which 
he continued for several years; removed to 
Lawrence and became wool buyer for Law- 
rence Brothers, at home and abroad. In 1810 
removed to Northfield, Mass., Avhere he re- 
sided until his death, Jan. 22, 1879. 

Presented by W. J. Brigham. 



BRIGHAM. Daughter of General Thomas 
Lincoln and his wife, Esther (Newland) 
Lincoln, and wife of Joseph Clarendon 
Brigham; born March 1, 1807, in Taunton. 
Died Oct. 4, 185.5, in Northfield. 

.52 SAUL WHITE EDDY. Son of Bar- 
zillai Eddy and his wife Nancy Hawes 
(White) Eddy; born in Taunton Feb. 16, 
1817; was in the employ of Silas Shepard in 
18o2, with Crocker & Richmond in 1844, 
with Mason Machine Works as superintend- 
ent for thirty five years, superintendent of 
the Fall River Machine Works 1880-84; 
member common council, Taunton; trustee 
of Taunton Savings Bank; directorof Cohan- 
net Mills and Taunton Brick Co. Died Feb. 
23, 1895. 

Presented by his daughter, 

Mrs. O. A. Barker. 

Son of Robert Grossman and his wife, Sarah 
Williams (Ware) Grossman; born Sept. 19, 
1794; merchant tailor; county commissioner 
6 years; trustee Bristol Academy; director 
Bristol County Bank; president old Cohan- 
net Bank. Died March 13, 1879. 

Presented by his daughter, Mrs. Newbury. 

HAM. Son of Dennis Brigham; merchant 
of Boston; born July 27, 1820; graduate of 
Harvard College 1839; ordained pastor of 
the First Congregational Church, Taunton, 
March 27, 1844, and remained until 1866: 
became minister of the Unitarian Church, 
Ann Arbor, Mich., resigned in 1877. Mr. 
Brigham was for sixteen years a member of 
the school committee of Taunton. He con- 
tributed for many years to the North 
American Review, The Atlantic, Christian 
Examiner, Appleton's and other magazines. 
His life was a rare example of single minded 
devotion to learning and conscientious per- 
formance of duty. Died 19, 1879. 

Presented by Mrs. S. B. C. Dean.. 

55 THEODORE DEAN. Son of Eliab 
Byram Dean and his wife, Charlotte (Wil- 
liams) Dean; born in Raynham Dec. 31, 
1809. A manufacturer of anchors for many 
years at the "Old Bloomery;" representative 
1866; president of the Bristol County Nation- 
al Bank 18.53 and continued in that office 
until his death, Jan. 19, 188.5. 

Presented by J. Kinnecut. 

56 BARNEY SMITH. Son of Captain 
John Smith and his wife, Hannah (Barney) 
Smith; born in Taunton. The subject of 
this portrait (after the original by Stuart) re- 
moved early to Boston and became a wealthy 
merchant, his store being on State street. 
He devised an endowment fund for the 
study of the Hebrew language in Harvard 
College. He owned and lived in the Gover- 
nor Hutchinson mansion in Milton. Died in 
Boston. 1816. 

presented by Miss Mary Bivers. 

of Rev. Thomas Crafts and his wife, Mary 
(Porter) Crafts; born in North Bridgewater, 
June 5, 1797; graduate of Brown University 
1820; admitted to Plymouth County bar 1822; 
lawyer; preceptor of the Bristol Academy 
from June 23, 1828, to June 7, 1837; first 
principal Taunton High School; master of 
Hawes and Bigelow Schools, South Boston; 
principal of Bridgewater Academy 18-55-61 ; 
assistant provost marshal civil war. Died 
in Milton, Nov. 20, 1874. 

Presented by 3Irs. H. W. Crafts. 

Son of Governor Marcus Morton and his 
wife Charlotte (Hodges) Morton; born in 
Taunton Dec. 21, 1821; graduate of Brown 
University 1840, Harvard Law School 1843; 
practiced law about 10 years. In this time 
gained a prominence in his profession 
reached by few if any of his brethren at so 
early an age; the first president of the Old 
Colony Historical Society. Died Feb. 12, 

Presented by Mrs. L. M. S. Moulton^ 
BAYLIES. Daughter of Howard Moulton of 
New York; widow of David Dagget Dening 
of Troy, New York; wife of Hon. Francis 
Baylies. (See number 1.) 

60 SAMUEL CASWELL. Son of Eben- 
ezer Caswell and his wife, Zebiah (White) 
Caswell; born Aug. 24, 1760. A farmer, 
who resided at the home of his ancestors 
and cultivated their land. Died Jan. 3, 1851. 

Presented by Mrs. W. Billings. 

61 SAMUEL CASWELL, Jr. Son of 
Samuel Caswell and his wife, Molly (Seaver) 
Caswell; born Feb. 13, 1795. A dignified 
and unassuming man, a typical New Eng- 
land gentleman. Died Sept. 14, 1875. 

Presented by Mrs. W. Billings- 

62 ALEXIS CASWELL, L.L. D. Son of 
Samuel Caswell and his wife Molly (Seaver) 
Caswell; born in Taunton Jan. 29, 1799; 
graduate of Brown University 1822; j^rofes- 
sor of languages in Columbia College, Wash- 
ington, D. C; professor of mathematics and 
natural philosophy of Brown University 
1828; president pro tem 1840-41; in 1868 Dr. 
Caswell was elected president of Brown 
University, filling the position until 1872; 
ordained Baptist minister 1827. Died Jan. 
8, 1877. 

Presented by Mrs. W. Billings. 

63 JAMES TISDALE. Son of Simeon 
Tisdale and his wife Abigail Tisdale; born 
in Taunton, April 26, 1753; was engaged 
with his brother in business in Taunton; 
trustee of Bristol Academy; removed to 
Boston, engaged in business in Merchants' 
Row, which he continued until death. Died 
Ott. 28, 1798. 

Presented by Miss Lucy Ellis Tisdale. 



Daughter of Edward Dean, and wife of 
James Tisdale; born Dec. 22, 1756. Died in 
1844, aged 89 years. 

Presented by Miss Lucy Ellis Tisdale. 

Son of James Tisdale and his wife, Abigail 
Trescott (Barney) Tisdale; born in Taunton, 
Nov. 7, 1802. Early in life a clerk in Boston ; 
removed to Bridgewater to enter counting 
house of Lazell Perkins & Co., remained 
until 182.5; engaged in business with Pratt 
Brothers of Wareham ; started iron business 
in New York, which he continued until 
1860; manufacturer of cut nails. Died Dec. 
3, 1869. 

Presented by his daughter, 

Miss Lucy Ellis Tisdale. 

Daughter of Benjamin Ellis of Carver, and 
wife of Samuel Trescott Tisdale; born in 
1804. Died Nov. 18, 1881. 

Presented by her daughter. 

Miss Lucy Ellis Tisdale. 

Daughter of Samuel Trescott Tisdale and 
wife Lucy (Ellis) Tisdale; born May 24, 1830. 

Presented by herself. 

Daughter of Samuel Trescott Tisdale and 
wife Lucy (Ellis) Tisdale; born Aug. 24, 
1841. Died March 20, 1867. 

Presented by her sister, 

Miss Lucy Ellis Tisdale. 

69 Rev. ERASTUS MALT BY. Son of 
Benjamin Maltby and his wife. Rebecca 
(Taintor) Maltby; born 1796; installed min- 
ister Trinitarian Conyregational Church in 
Taunton, Jan. 18, 1826, and remained in 
active service until Sept. 18, 1870, a period 
of forty five years; graduate of Yale College 
1821 ; Andover 1824. His only settlement was 
in Taunton; his character may be summed 
up as that of a man of blameless life; his 
whole ministerial life ran smoothly, tie com- 
manded universal respect. Died in Taunton 
March 28, 1883. 

Presented by 

HALL. Son of John Williams Dean and 
his wife, Mary (Dean) Hall; born Oct 10, 
1807, in Raynham. A printer and publisher 
of newspapers; he published the "Literary 
Subaltern", of Providence, R. I.; while in 
Piovidence became an officer in the Prov- 
idence Light Infantry ; removed to Taunton 
in 1835; in 1841 and after, editor of American 
Republican; associated with A. M. Ide in 
1862 in charge of Taunton Daily Gazette and 
Weekly Democrat; continued journalism 
until 1872; representative 1863; provost 
marshal in 1861; captain Cohannet Rifle 
Corps 1836; in 188-5, secretary and chairman 
Old Colony Historical Society, which office 
he retained until his death, Jan. 10, 1896. 

Presented by Rev. S. H. Emery , D. D. 

John Reed and his wife, Rebecca (Gooding) 
Reed; born July 23, 1810; engaged early in 
life in the britannia manufacturing busi- 
ness; in 1835 associated himself with Charles 
E. Barton, under firm name of "Reed & 
Barton," which gained a reputation in that 
line of business second to none in the 
country. He never held public office. 
Director of the Taunton National Bank since 
1851. Died March 1, 1901, age 90 years. 

72 PHILO WASHBURN. Born 1799. 
Mr. Washburn was a harness maker in early 
life, but for many years the undertaker of 
the town, who, in the exercise of his duties 
laid four generations in their last resting 
places. Died Oct. 28, 1869. 

Presented by his sons. 

Nathaniel Crandell and his wife, Sarah 
(Wilcox) Crandell. Mr. Crandell was born 
in Tiverton, R. I.; removed to Taunton, 
where he engaged in business as a baker. 
Died May 4, 1842. 

Presented by Mrs. Marrian Leonard 

Son of Nathaniel Crandell and his wife, 
Comfoi't (Bailey) Crandell; born in Tiverton 
April 16, 1801. I'le was one of the original 
members of the "Beethoven Society"' of 
Taunton, who, with other musical men and 
women, secured for our city the reputation 
so widely known as a music loving commun- 
ity. There are those still living who re- 
member the zeal and enthusiasm with which 
Mr. Crandell and others associated for the 
cultivation of music. Died April 22, 1872. 

Presented by his musical friends. 

75 SORANUS HALL. Son of Amos 
Hall and his wife, Susannah (King) Hall; 
born in Raynham Oct. 9, 1808; a farmer, who 
resided on the homestead formerly owned 
by Rev. Perez Fobes; town clerk and treas- 
urer of Raynham; repi'esentative 1852-3. 
Died 18.58. 

Presented by Soranus W. Hall. 

of William Reed and his wife, Elizabeth 
Dean (Dennis) Reed; born Nov. 25, 1823; 
graduate of Brown University 1845; practiced 
his profession under firm name of Bassett 
& Reed; representative 18.50; judge of the 
police court of Taunton; senator 1858 and 
1862; attorney general of Massachusetts 
1864; judge of the superior court 1867; 
resigned in 1870 to resume practice of law; 
a learned and accomplished lawyer. Died 
Sept. 2, 1873. 

77 Rev. ROBERT CARVER. Born in 
Taunton, April 20, 1810; graduate of Yale 
College, 1833; installed at Raynham on Dec. 
1, 1847; representative from that town in 
1853; resigned and removed to Norton; sub- 
sequently preached at South Franklin, Mass. ; 
chaplain 7th Massachusetts Vol. Inf. June 



15, 1861. The writer pays tribute to his 
memory for services well performed in all 
the duties of his office, from which he in- 
curred disease which proved fatal, and he 
died in Orient, New York, March 2, 1863. 

Son of William Augustus Crocker and his 
wife Sally (Ingellj Crocker. Youngest 
brother of AVilliam Allen and Samuel Leon- 
ard Crocker, and was engaged with them in 
their business enterprises. Died Feb. 18, 
1864, aged 57 years. 

79 REV. CALEB TURNER. Born in 

17.35; graduate of Yale College 1753; instal- 
led as minister in Middleboro in 1760, and 
remained until 1803, — his only settlement. 
Died Sept. 11, 1803. 

Presented by Miss Polly Turner. 

Daughter of Josiah King, and wife of Rev. 
Caleb Turner. Died Aug. 25, 1818. 

Presented by Miss Polly Turner. 

81 ARTEMAS BRIGGS. Son of Nath- 
aniel Briggs, and his wife Mary (VVinslow) 
Briggs. Born May 4, 1810.. A grain and 
flour merchant for many years at the Weir. 
Died March 23, 1876. 

Presented by Ins daughter, 

Mrs. A. H. Hathaway. 

Frederick Hathaway, and his wife Sally 
(White) Hathaway. Born Dec. 22, 1810; 
superintendent of Sproat's Mill for many 
years. Died April 22, ]888. 

Presented by Mrs. A. H. Hathaway. 

83 EDWARD WINSLOW. Son of Ed- 
ward Winslow, and his wife Magdalen Olly- 
ver. Born Oct. 19, 1595; member of Pilgrim 
church at Leyden, 1617; came in the May- 
flower 1620. He with Stephen Hopkins 
was the first white men so far as known 
who trod the soil of Taunton in 1621, on 
their way to visit Massasoit; governor of 
Plymouth Colony 1634-36-44-45. He died at 
sea, 8th of May, 1655. This portrait is a 
copy from the original in the Pilgrim So- 
ciety, and is the only portrait of a Pilgrim 

Loaned by the Pilgrim Society. 

84 JOSIAS WINSLOW. Son of Gov. 
Edward Winslow, and his wife Susanna 
(Fuller) (White) Winslow. Born in Ply- 
mouth in 1629; the first native born governor 
of Plymouth Colony; held office from 1673 
to 1680. He was the commander in chief of 
the forces of the United Colonies of New 
England in "King Philip's War," and his 
troops were in Taunton a part of the time; 
one of the most distinguished men of the 
colony. Died Dec. 18, 1680, at Marshfield, 
and was buried by the people of the old 
colony in testimony of the colony's endeared 
love and affection for him. 

Loaned by the Pilgrim Society. 

LOW. Daughter of Herbert Pelham, the 
first treasurer of Harvard College. She came 
with her father from England in 1638. 
John Fiske wrote this: Thomas West, the 
third Lord Baltimore, belonged to a family 
distinguished for public service; on his 
mother's side he was nearly connected with 
Queen Elizabeth; with New England he has 
one link of association, for his sister Pen- 
elope West married Herbert Pelham, and 
his son was the first treasurer of Harvard 
College. She married in 1657, Gov. Josias 
Winslow. She survived her husband and 
died Dec. 7, 1703. 

Loaned by the Pilgrim Society. 

86 General JOHN WINSLOW. * Son 
of Isaac Winslow 3. Josias 2, Edward 1. and 
his wife Sarah Wensley. Born in Maish- 
field May 27, 1702. He was a distinguished 
and successful military officer. He com- 
manded a company in the unfortunate Cuba 
expedition in 1740; was colonel in the expe- 
dition to Nova Scotia in 1755, and assisted 
at the Arcadian expulsion; was general and 
commander in chief at Fort William Henry 
on lake George in 17.56. In the portrait he 
wears the uniform of a British officer; he 
was a councilor of the Province. Died in 
Hingham in 1774. 

Loaned by the Pilgrim Society. 

87 Rev. ENOCH SANFORD, D. D. Son 
of Captain Joseph Sanford, and his wife 
Eleanor (Macomber) Sanford. Born Oct. 26, 
1795; graduate of Brown University; or- 
dained minister at Raynham 1823, and 
remained with the church twenty four 
years. Died Nov. 30, 1890, age 95 years. 

Presented by his son, Hon. Elliot Sanford. 

D. Son of Hon. Milo Lyman Bennett, and 
his wife Adeline (Hatch) Bennett. Born in 
Manchester, Vermont, April 6, 1824; gradu- 
ate of University of Vermont 1843, admitted 
to Vermont bar 1847; admitted to Suffolk 
bar 1848; removed to Taunton and associated 
in partnership with Nathaniel Morton; later 
with Henry Williams, subsequently with 
other lawyers; Judge of Probate and Insol- 
vency 1858 to 1883; lecturer at Harvard Law 
School 1870-72; professor at Law School of 
Boston University 1872-76; Dean of the 
Faculty 1876-98. Author of many legal books ; 
first mayor of Taunton, 1864; vice president 
Old Colonv Historical Society. Died Jan. 
2, 1898. 

Presented by Mrs. Bennett. 

Son of Jonatlian Couch and his wife Betsey 
(Penny) Couch. Born July 23, 1822; gradu- 
ate West Point 1846; he served in the war 
with Mexico and the Seminole war 1847. 
Resigned at Fort Leavenworth; he became 
connected with the Taunton Copper Co. 
Before the outbreak of the Civil war tender- 
ed his services to Gov. Andrew ; colonel 7th 


Mass. Vol. Infantry June 15, 1801; Maj. Gen. 
Volunteers July 4, 1862; Commander of the 
2d Army Corps; held other important com- 
mands in the army; Collector Port of Bos- 
ton 1866-7; Quartermaster-Gen. Conn. 1877-8; 
Adjt.-Gen. of Conn. 1883-4. Died at Nor- 
waik, Conn., Feb. 12, 1897. 

Presented by Mrs. Couch. 

90 Rev. PEREZ FOBES, L.L. D. Son of 
Josiah Fobes and his wife Freelove (Ed son) 
Fobes. Born in Bridgewater, Sept. 21, 1742; 
graduate Harvard College 1762; ordained 
minister of the Congregational church in 
Raynham, Nov. 19, 1766, where he remained 
until Feb. 23, 1812, when death closed the 
scene. As a pulpit orator Dr. Fobes had but 
few equals. 

Presented by Elliot Sanford. 

91 Rev. STEPHEN HULL. Son of Ste- 
phen Hull, of Point Judith, R. I. Born at 
Stonington, Feb. 17, 1779; died in Boston, 
July 19, 1843. Rev. Stephen Hull succeeded 
Dr. Fobes, and was installed minister of the 
church at Raynham, Sept. 9, 1812, and re- 
signed his charge May 1, 1823. 

Presented by Ms great grand-daughter, 

Mrs. Grace Sampson Bartlett. 

92 DEBORAH SAMPSON. Daughter of 
Jonathan Sampson and his wife Deborah 
(Bradford) Sampson, and wife of Benjamin 
Gannet. Born Dec. 1760. Her story is one 
of the most romantic. ''At the age of twen- 
ty she assumed male attire and enlisted iu 
the Continental army, under the assumed 
name of Robert Shurtliffe. She was wound- 
ed in 17.S2, and extracted the ball herself to 
preserve her secret, but in 1783 was seized 
with a malignant fever and carried to the 
hospital where Dr. Binney discovered her 
sex; she was discharged Oct. 23, 1783. The 
General Court of Massachusetts, by a reso- 
lution declared, "by discharging the duties 
of a faithful soldier and at the same time 
preserving the virtue and chastity of her sex 
unsuspected and unblemished, was dis- 
charged the service with a fair and honor- 
able record." 

Presented by Mrs. Grace Sampson Bartlett. 

93 JESSE SMITH. Son of Jesse Smith 
and his wife Lois (Everett) Smith. Born in 
Stoughton, Jan. 7, 1777. Came to Taunton 
in 1814 and purchased from Col. Russell 
Wood his entire interest in a stage route 
from Taunton to Newport, established in 
1800. He made his headquaiters in a build- 
ing upon the site occupied by the City 
Hotel, and continued from year to year to 
add new lines for passengers, mail and 
freight. His coaches, painted red, with four 
and six horses, made upon their arrival and 
departure a scene of animation and interest. 
He was a man of generous impulses, and 
liberal in his contributions to public and 
private chai'ities. He died in Taunton, Mar. 
31, 1840. 

Presented by Mrs. Sarah J. Breed Gibbs. 


Son of Allen Hubbard and his wife Sarah 
Bradbury (Lord) Hubbard. Born at Hiram, 
Maine, Sept. 20, 1827; died at Saco, Maine, 
July 20, 1897. Graduate in medicine at 
Worcester 1850; in the Civil war, served as 
acting assistant surgeon on the battlefield, 
in the camp and in hospitals; practiced his 
profession in Taunton 18-58 to 1897. 

Presented by his soyi, Dr. F. A. Hubbard. 

95 Ma.jor JOHN WALLEY. Son of Rev. 
Thomas Walley. Born in England, 1644. 
The first commander and major of the regi- 
ment of Bristol county, in wliich the soldiers 
of Taunton were incorporated in 1690, when 
the ensign was the cross of St. George. He 
was a member of the council 1687; judge of 
the Superior Court; one of the principal 
founders of Bristol. Died in Boston, Jan. 
11, 1712. 

Presented by James Edward Seaver. 

96 Rev. EPHRAIM JUDSON. Son of 
Captain Elnathan Judson and his wife Re- 
becca (Minor) Judson. Born Dec. 5, 1737. 
Ninth minister of the First Church of Taun- 
ton; ordained 1780; graduate of Yale Col- 
lege. He resided on High street, about op- 
posite the present St. Thomas church. Re- 
signed Dec. 28, 1790. Settled in Sheffield, 
where he continued until his deatii, Feb. 23, 
1813. A learned divine, acute logician and 
evangelical preacher. 

97 Rev. CALEB BARNUM. Born June 
30, 1737. Graduate Princeton College 1757; 
settled in Franklin, Mass., 1760; installed 
minister First Church in Taunton, Feb. 2, 
1769. He was appointed chaplain of Col. 
John Gi'eaton's 24th Mass. regiment, Feb. 
10, 1776; he followed the regiment into ser- 
vice: was discharged July 24, 1776. On the 
way home he was attacked by a fatal dis- 
ease and died Aug. 23, 1776. Almost his 
last words were in answer to what he 
thought of the goodness of the American 
cause, — "Had I a thousand lives they should 
all be willingly laid down for it." 

Presented by Mrs. Jean G. Jackson. 

98 Capt. TIMOTHY GORDON. Son of 
Timothy Gordon, M. D., and his wife Helen 
(Gilchrist) Gordon. Born in Hingham, Sept. 
24, 1818. For many years engaged with the 
Crocker brothers at the Taunton Copper 
Works; trustee of Bristol Academy. He 
was captain of Company G, 4th Mass. mili- 
tia, on the 16th of April, 1861, and left Taun- 
ton on that day in command for Fort Mon- 
roe. On arriving, being on the right of the 
line, they had the honor of being the first 
Union soldiers to reach Virginia. Died July 
30, 1897, aged 78 years. 

Presented by James Edward Seaver. 

99 DANIEL LEONARD. Son of Col. 
Ephraim Leonard and his wife Judith (Per- 
kins) Leonard. Born in Norton, May 29, 
1740. Jurist and political writer. Possess- 
ing great talent and a large fortune he ac- 



quired great popularity, which he lost by 
yielding to the persuasions of Gov. Hutch- 
inson in becoming a loyalist; he left Boston 
with the British troops; was chief justice of 
Bermuda. Died in London, June 27, 1829. 
He resided in a house standing on the site 
of the present court house. 

Presented by Elisha C. Leonard. 

of Charles Porter and his wife Mary (Wash- 
burn) Porter. Born Nov. 9, 1820. A soldier 
of the Civil war, he died from disability 
incurred in the service, Sept. 8, 1863. 

101 ISAAC BABBITT. Son of Ziba Bab- 
bitt and his wife Bathsheba (Luscombe) 
Babbitt. Born July 26, 1777. A goldsmith 
and jeweler; in 1822 formed partnership 
with William Crossman, under the name of 
Babbitt & Crossman. He commenced work 
on biitannia metal and making britannia 
ware on Spring street and other places; re- 
moved to South Boston, and while there 
patented "Babbitt metal,'" used for machin- 
ery bearings throughout the world; for this 
Congress gave him a gratuity of .$20,000; 
patented in England 1844; in Russia 1847. 
Died in McLean hospital, May 26, 1862. 

102 GEORGE WILLIAMS. Son of Capt. 
George Williams and his wife Bathsheba 
(King) Williams. Sixth in descent from 
Richard Williams. Born in Taunton, Feb. 
26. 1769; married Oct. 25, 1792, Elizabeth 
Hathaway; died July 25, 1861. 

of William Baylies, M. D. Born in Dighton, 
Sept. 15, 1776. Statesman and lawyer; he 
practiced law for many years in West Bridge- 
water, and there the poet and journalist, 
William Cullen Bryant, studied law under 
his tuition. An upright statesman, a per- 
suasive lawyer, and a prudent and faithful 
counselor. Died in Taunton, Sept. 27, 18()5. 

Presented by Mrs. John E. Howard. 

of William Delano and his wife Sarah (Hartt) 
Delano. Born in Scituate, August 12, Ibll. 
United States naval engineer; in 1848 con- 
structed the naval dock at Pensacola; he 
supervised the construction of the "Merri- 
mac" and Farragut's flagship "Hartford." 
(The Frigate "Constitution" was built at 
Hartt's ship-yard, Boston, owned by the 
father of Sarah Hartt Delano.) Mr. Delano 
died at Scituate, April 9, 1859. 

Presented by his son, Edward Delano. 

Reverend George Davis Miles, M. A. Born 
in Boston, Mass., Aug. 26, A. D. 1815. Died 
in the same city, Oct. 24, 1874. First Rector 
of this Parish and its Generous Benefactor. 
A faithful Preacher of JesusiChrist and Him 
Crucified. In Memoriam." 

From Tablet, St. John''s Church, Taunton. 

Coming from Barnstable, he became the 
sixth minister of the Winthrop St. Baptist 
church, Taunton; installed Oct. 24, 1S49; he 
remained until Dec. 31, 1871, as pastor, and 
during this time was one of the school com- 
mittee of Taunton. He removed to South 
Boston, and was minister of the Fourth 
church in that city; subsequently was the 
district secretary of the Ameiican Publica- 
tion Society. Died Dec. 31. 1875. 

Presented by Mrs. L. P. Chapman. 

D. Son of Cornelius White Lothrop and his 
wife, Eleanor Lincoln Lothrop. Born in 
Taunton, Sept. 3, 1831. Graduate of Brown 
University; graduate of the University of 
the City of New York, June 30, 1858; com- 
menced practicing his profession at Lj'ons, 
Iowa; member of the Iowa and Illinois Cen- 
tral Medical Association; member of exam- 
ining committee medical dept., Iowa State 
University; examining surgeon of ]iensions. 
Gen. Burdette says of him, "No truer pat- 
riot, no kindlier man than Dr. Lothrop was 
to be found among the survivors of the great 
struggle." Surgeon of the 1st Iowa cavalry, 
was on duty in fifty-two engagements; mem- 
ber of the Loyal Legion; Charles H. Lothrop 
Camp, Sons of Veterans, of Dysart, Iowa, 
was named after him. Died Feb. 6, 1890. 

Presented by his wife, 

Mrs. Sarah J. Lothrop. 

108 EBENEZER STAPLES. Son of Noah 
Staples and his wife. Rachel Shaw. Born 
1759; died April 14, 1856, aged 96 years, A 
Revolutionary soldier; farmer; resided at 
"Bearhole," East Taunton. 

Presented by Abial B. Staples. 

of Captain Benjamin Ingell and his wife, 
Nancy Baker Ingell. Born 1822; died Feb. 
2, 1848, in his 20th year; was a partner in 
the firm of Ingell & Eddy, carrying on the 
foundry business. 

Presented by Mrs. George E. Francis. 

D. D. Son of Joshua Emery and his wife, 
Elizabeth (Welch) Emeiy. Born August 22, 
1815. Graduate Phillips Academy, Andover, 
1834; installed pastor of Winslow church, 
Taunton, Nov. 23, 1837: removed to Bedford, 
then returned to Taunton; settled in Quin- 
cy. 111., and remained 14 years; preached in 
Chicago, Providence, Bridgeport, and .Xorth 
Middleboro; minister at large in Taunton 10 
years. Author of the Ministry of Taunton, 
History of North Middleboro Church, and 
History of Taunton. Chaplain, and identi- 
fied with the sanitary commission in the 
Civil war; representative 1890; member Old 
Colony commission for marking historic 
sites in the Old Colony; third president of 
the Old Colony Historical Society. Died 
Oct. 3, 1901. 

Presented by his friends. 



111 SALMON WASHBURN. Son of Isaac 
Washburn and his wife, Betsey (Richmond) 
Washburn. A life-long business man of 
Taunton. Born April 7, 1812; died Sept. 25, 

Presented by his sons, 

F. E. and C. H. Washburn. 


of William Stoddard Phillips and his wife, 
Hannah (Burt) Phillips. Born March 29. 
1826. Removed earlj' in life to Taunton, and 
engaged in sea-faring life, which he contin- 
ued until 1857; entered into partnership with 
S. N. Staples, under the firm name of Sta- 
ples & Phillips, coal, iron and lime; when 
this firm dissolved he continued business in 
various lines until his death, April 28, 1893. 
Presented by his wife and daughter. 

113 Commodore SILAS TALBOT. Son 
of Benjamin and his wife, Rebecca (Allen) 
Talbot. Born in Dighton, Jan. 11, 1751. 
A captain in a Rhode Island regiment in 
the Revolutionary war, at the siege of 
Boston; wounded 1777. In 1778 captured a 
British vessel; in 1779 the British sloops 
"Argo," "King George,"' and others; com- 
missioned captain in the navy 1779; made 
prisoner 1780, and confined in Jersey prison 
ship; carried to England, where the original 
of this portrait was painted by the celebrat- 
ed artist, Benjamin West; exchanged in 
1781. He was the second commander of the 
"Constitution," having for his first mate 
Isaac Hull, who succeeded him in command. 
He resigned in 1801. Member of Congress 
from New York. Died in New York, June 
30, 1813; buried in Trinity church-yard ; car- 
ried to the grave seven bullets in his body. 

Presented by James Edward Seaver. 

114 JAMES SPROAT, Esq. Son of James 
Sproat, Esq., and his wife, Ann (Dennis) 
Sproat. Born in Taunton. Lawyer; clerk 
of the courts of Bristol county from 1822 to 
1856, succeeding his father. Died 

Presented by Mrs. Clinton Sproat. 

Son of Hon. Samuel Leonard Crocker and 
his wife, Caroline (Thomas) Crocker. Born 
1835. Graduate Brown University 1856; ad- 
mitted to the Suffolk bar 1859. Died in Italy 
June 27, 1896, aged .59 years. 

Presented by Mrs. S. L. Crocker. 

Son of Levi Hale and his wife, Meliuda 
(Pratt) Hale. Born in Taunton, June 26, 
1820. For many years engaged with his 
father as contractor and builder; many of 
the largest and best churches, mills and 
other buildings were constructed by them ; 
captain of Co. D, 7th Mass. Vol. Inf. in the 
Civil war; representative 1888-9. Died July 
2, 1894. 

Presented by James Edward Seaver. 

117 ISAAC WASHBURN. Born Feb. 1. 
1755. Revolutionary soldier. A manufac- 
turer and merchant of Taunton. He was 
married three times, and had seventeen chil- 
dren by his three wives. Died Nov. 2. 1832. 

Presented by Miss H. B. Monroe. 

BURN. Daughter of Judge William Rich- 
mond and his wife, Lois (Gray) Washburn, 
and wife of Isaac Washburn, above. Born 
Feb. 16, 1770; died Nov. 2, 1832. 

Presented by Miss H. B. Monroe. 

119 Hon. LABAN WHEATON. Son of 
George Wheaton and his wife, Elizabeth 
(Morey) Wheaton. Born in Norton, March 
13,1754. Lawyer and politician; represent- 
ative; member of Congress eight years; chief 
justice Court of Common Pleas. He found- 
ed Wheaton Seminary. Died Mar. 23, 1846. 

Presented by trustees of estate. 

120 ELKANAH HALL. Son of Nehe- 
miah Hall and his wife, Aseneth (Crowley) 
Hall. Born in Mansfield, July 5, 1819. For 
many years a teacher in the public schools; 
town clerk of Mansfield. He presented the 
silver loving-cup to the Old Colony Histori- 
cal Society, brought over in the "Fortune" 
in 1621 by his ancestor George Watson, of 
Plymouth and Taunton, after whom "Wat- 
son's pond" derived its name. Died Feb. 
1906. Presented by his wife, 

Mrs. H. S. (Danforth) Hall. 

BURN. Son of George Washburn. Born 
Feb. 25, 1835. Early in life engaged in the 
hardware business under the firm name of 
Hunt & Washburn. April 16, 1861, he was 
1st sergeant of Co. G, 4th Mass. militia, and 
departed with his company en route for 
Fort Monroe, for three months' service; cap- 
tain 18th Mass. Vol. Infantry; wounded and 
prisoner in Libby prison. This picture is 
taken in the uniform of the 4th Mass. militia 
1861. Town and city treasurer 1863 to 1891. 
President Taunton National Bank 1891 to 
date of death. 

Presented by his wife. 

122 Gen. THOMAS LINCOLN. Son of 
Ambrose Lincoln and his wife, Hannah 
(Clapp) Lincoln. Born in Taunton, Sept. 4, 
1759. Commander of the Bristol county bri- 
gade in the war of 1812. Died Aug. 15, 1836. 

Presented by 3/ Harriet A. Newcomb. 

Son of Allen Danforth and his wife, Lydia 
(Seaver) Danforth Born Jan. 28, 1832. En- 
tered Plymoutli Savings Bank under his 
father, 1860; register of deeds, Plymouth 
county, 1862, and held the office until his 
death; president Plymouth Savings Bank; 
secretarj- of Pilgrim Society thirty-six years; 
vice president Old Colony Historical Society. 
Died June 19, 1891. 

Presented by James Edward Seaver. 



L.L. D. Son of Israel Brayton and his wife, 
Kesia (Anthony) Brayton. Born in Swanzey 
Uec. -i, 1826. Graduate of Brown University 
ISol ; admitted to Suffolk bar 18.58; admitted 
to Bristol bar; began practice of his profes- 
sion in Fall River; city solicitor of Fall River 
18.54-7; representative 1856; from 1857 to 1864 
clerk of the courts; in 1864 entered into 
partnership with James M. Morton, Esq. ; 
president First National Bank; president 
Durfee mills; became financial manager of 
estate of his sister, Mrs. Young; director of 
many business enterprises; councilor 1866- 
68; trustee of Amherst College; trustee of 
Brown University; the fourth president of 
the Old Colony Historical Society. Died 
Oct. 30, 1904. in Fall River. 

Presented by John S. and 

Miss Harriet Brayton. 

V2b Mrs. JULIA REED EMERY. Daugh- 
tes of William Reed and his wife, Elizabeth 
(Dennis) Reed, and wife of Rev. Samuel 
Hopkins Emery, D.D. Born Sept. 11, 1810; 
died Feb. 2, 11)01. 

Presented by her son, Joseph Welch Emery. 

Son of Isaac Richmond and his wife, Lucin- 
da (Pierce) Richmond. Born June 19, 1831. 
Town clerk and selectman of Freetown; 
deputy sheriff. He was with John Brown 
in Kansas in 18.58-9, and was wounded in 
the battle near Lawrence; captain and adju- 
tant Mass. militia, and served as such at the 
battle of Big Bethel June 10, 1861; lieuten- 
ant-colonel with the army of the Potomac 
1862; recruited Sd regiment under oiders 
from Gov. Andrew 1862; colonel 3d regiment 
186:.^; colonel of the 58th Mass. volunteer in- 
fantry; assistant provost marshal dep't of 
the South. 

Presented by himself. 

of Samuel Seaver and his wife, Lepha Miran- 
da (Hodges) Seaver. Horn July 14, 1840. 
Secietary and librarian Old Colony Histori- 
cal Society. 

Presented by the artist, Ralph Davol. 

128 JOHN WEST. Son of David West 
and his wife, Sarah (Presbrey) West. Born 
in Boston. Oct. 8, 1770. He engaged in busi- 
ness in that city as a publisher and book- 
seller in the firm of West, Richardson and 
Lord, on Cornhill. Removed to Taunton in 
1809, and soon after built a mill for the man- 
ufacture of paper at Westville, from whom 
the name of the village was derived, and 
later bnilt the stone mill for the same pur- 
pose, which is now (1907) incoi'porated in 
the present cotton factory. In 1810 he erect- 
ed the mansion which stood on the site of 
the present post office, last occupied as a 
residence by Samuel L. Crocker. Esq. He 
died in Taunton, Dec. 1, 1827. 

Presented by his grand-daughter, 

Mrs. Elizabeth Angell West Gould. 

Son of Samuel Reed and his wife, Caroline 
(Nash) Reed. Born in Weymouth, June 16, 
1836. Graduate of Amherst College 1856; 
principal Hanover Academy 18-58; practiced 
his profession as a lawyer in Taunton; city 
solicitor of Taunton for many years: mayor 
city of Taunton 1895; representative 1881-2; 
senator 1886; corresponding secretary and 
director Old Colony Historical Society. Died 
in Taunton, June, 1900. 

Presented by Mrs. Frances Eeed Clark 

and Hon. Silas D. Eeed. 

Unnumbered. Portrait of ABRAHAM 
LINCOLN and portrait of DANIEL WEBS- 

Presented by W. P. Witherell. 

Unmimbered. Engraving of ABRAHAM 

Presented by James M. Cushman. 


Salisbury, N. H., Jan. 18, 1782. Graduate 
of Dartmouth College; admitted to the bar 
1805; congress 1813-17; senator 1827-39; sec- 
retary of state 1840; senator 1845; secretary 
of state 1850. Died at Marshfield, Oct. 24, 

Presented by Elisha C. Leonard. 

Born in Taunton, Feb. 5, 1771. Graduate of 
Dartmouth College; admitted to the bar 
1792; married Eunice, daughter of General 
David Cobb; justice supreme court of Mass. 
1815, in which office he continued for over 
thirty-five years. His daughter married 
Hon. Caleb Gushing. Died in Boston, June 
22, 1855. 

Presented by Mrs. S. C. Cobb. 

145 The Panel Picture of Taunton 
Green. The origin of this representation, 
according to tradition, is this: A painter 
boarding at the "Porter Inn," then situated 
on the site of the Mason building, south 
side of t'ity square, transferred this view of 
the ''Green" to the panel over the old-fash- 
ioned fire-place. When this building was 
removed in 1851 the panel was carefully re- 
moved and remained for years in the oflice 
of S. Willian)s, Esq., whose son S. A. Wil- 
liams donated it to this society. This pic- 
ture represents the last of the ancient train- 
ing field of the first settlers of Taunton, 
surrounded by buildings none of which re- 
main to-day. 

A native of Taunton many years ago wrote 
the following upon Taunton Green: 

"In former as in recent times it has been 
the principal arena of chivalric riiilitary dis- 
play in the town, the amphitheatre whereon 
the athlete and gladiator have shown their 
prowess in the peaceful and sportive exer- 
cise of their skill, — the rostrum upon which 
have been elevated to the public gaze pat- 
riots, sages, orators, and reformers; and 



where even poets with frenzied eye have 
pierced the sky and hearts of listening mul- 
titudes with the outpourings of their souls; 
the warm battle-ground of opposing and 
nearly equal political foes; where the great 
interests of peace or war, embargo or no em- 
bargo, federalism or republicanism, "Adams 
and liberty," were openly and ardently dis- 
cussed; where flashing eye, the lip of scorn, 
the heated breast and angry blow often fol- 
lowed the tumult of the bosom. The well 
remembered scene of rejoicing where stood 
the herald of peace in February 181.5 as pure 
as untrodden snow beneath her feet, hold- 
ing the olive branch aloft in the undimmed 
lunar effulgence. The quick hurrah as rapid 
and moving as the wild cry of the Cossack, 
"three times three," and again as parties 
fraternized or separated under leafy bowers 
and on the bright lawn, year after year a 
generation since made glorious the com- 
memoration of Independence on Taunton 

146 Landing of the Norsemen. From 
the easel of George Anthony Shove, Digh- 
ton, son of Capt. Anthony Shove and his 
wife, Abby (Bowen) Shove. Born at New- 
port, Nov. 8, 1826; died at Dighton, Sept. 
28, 1890. 

Presented by David B. Shove. 

147 Cromwell Refusing the Crown — 
with chart. This historic picture repre- 
sents a distinguished body of Englishmen, 
whose likenesses were taken from original 
portraits, and includes the likeness of Gen. 
Walley, designated on the chart, the brother 
of the wife of Rev. William Hooke, the first 
minister of Taunton. 

Presented by Governor 

Joseph Hartwell Williams, Maine. 

148 St. Mary Magdelen Church, Taun- 
ton, England. Built prior to 1308. It is 
one of the most magnificent and largest of 
parish churches, having a nave, a chancel, 
and fine lofty tower at the west end. The 
tower was erected by King Henry VII; the 
height 120 feet; the pinnacles 32 feet; total 
153 feet. It has six deep-toned bells with 
chimes. Organ built 1709. 

Presented by His Worship, 

Hon. Williain W. Wrenn, 

Mayor of Taunton, England. 

149 The Birth-place of Elizabeth Pole, 

Chard, England, in 1589. In 1637 a planta- 
tion was made by her at Tetequet, now a 
pa\"t of Taunton. Dux femini facti upon our 
city seal renders recognition of her settle- 

Presented by James Edward Seaver. 

St. Thomas Church, Taunton. Designed 
by Upjohn of New York, who designed St. 
Thomas on Fifth ave., New York. Stood 

upon site of present church, consecrated 
1829; enlarged 1840-41; removed for present 
church J 856. 

Presented by Miss Muencher. 

New Bedford Fifty Years Ago. 

Presented by Elisha Clark Leonard. 

Headquarters Jesse Smith's Stage- 
coach Lines, Trinitarian church and ad- 
joining Ijuildings in 1835. His office as de- 
picted in the picture stood upon the site of 
the present City hotel. 

Presented by Mrs. N. E. Baylies. 

Cohannet Tavern and Porter Inn. 

Two ancient places of entertainment of 
Taunton, formerly standing on site now oc- 
cupied by Mason block, west corner of Weir 
street. The former became the "Middling 
Interest" tavern at the beginning of the last 
century. The panel painting of Taunton 
Green in Historical Hall came from over the 
fire-place in the Porter inn. 

Presented by 

Middling Interest Tavern. (See fore- 
going.) ' 

Presented by Bowers TUoocZ. 

Knotty Walk. Early lesidences of Gov. 
Marcus Morton and Judge Samuel Fales. 
This locality derived the name of Knotty 
Walk from a row of cedar posts, bristling 
with short limbs, on a platform supporting 
a roof, in front of these buildings, placed 
there by Joseph C. Brigham. when he com- 
menced business in 1832, and from which he 
displayed his small wares. 

Presented by 

Hellon — Leonard loyalist — Padelford 
patriot House. Built in 1757 by Radcliffe 
Hellon. Occupied by Daniel Leonard, loyal- 
ist, in 1775; by Judge Seth Padelford in 
1815; demolished in 1889 for site of present 
court house; the door frame is in the base- 
ment of Histoi'ical Hall. 

Presented by Hon. Samuel Crocker Cobb. 

Crocker-Cobb Mansion. Built in 1820. 

Demolished for site of present court house. 

Presented by G. Arthur Hilton. 

Taunton Green. Two views of the Green 

from the south and southwest, about 1840. 

Published by Tappen and Bradford, Boston. 

Presented by Miss Caroline W. Crandell. 

Craddock House. Located in Medfoid ; 
built 1634; oldest house in America. 

Presented by Parley I. Perrin. 

The First Congregational (Unitarian) 
Church, Taunton. Built 1836. 

Presented by 

Bristol County Bank Building, before 
recent alterations. 

Presented by the Directors. 



Photographs of Home of John and 
Walter Deane, Chard, Eiifrland, first set- 
tlers of Taunton, 1638; of the church and 
school house which they attended. 

Presented by Mrs. Elizabeth B. Ramsey. 

The Perils of Our Forefathers. This 
scene depicts the appearance of the reo;icide 
Golf at Hadleyand the defeat of the Indians 
in 1675. Goft" was son-in-law of Walley, 
another regicide, and Walley was the broth- 
er of the wife of Rev. William Hooke, first 
minister of Taunton. 

Presented by W. P. Wetherell. 

Gen. Marion in the S^vamp Encamp- 
ment, invitinff the British officer to dinner. 
Presented by W. P. Wetherell. 

Myles Standish on the March. The 

first military company of the Old Colony, 

Presented by J. E. Collett. 

Yankee Doodle. From the historic 
painting by Willard, at Salem. 


Silver Loving Cup. Brought from Eng- 
land in the '-Fortune," by George Watson 
of Plymouth and Taunton, from whom Wat- 
son's pond derived its name. 

Presented by Elkanah Hall, a descendant. 

Gold "Watch. Once owned by Mrs. Brig- 
ham (No. 51), daughter of Gen. Thomas 

Presented by Mrs. Augusta A. Preist. 

Medals. Fac-slmiles in metal of medals 
presented by Congress to the officers of the 
war of the JRevolution and war of 1812-14; 
once the property of Jared Sparks, author 
of the Life of Washington. 

Presented by Mrs. Harriet M. Clemson. 

"Watch Key. Nathaniel Morton's watch 
key, with date, Dec. 5, 1776, (a graduate of 
Brown University and a member of Phi Beta 
Kajipa society,) and P. B. K. engraved 
upon it. He was the father of Gov. Marcus 

Presented by Mrs. Kimball. 

Coins. Collected by M. D. Kimball, 

Presented by Mrs. Kimball. 

Medallion Portrait of Mrs. Experience 
Leonard, daughter of Col. George Leonard, 
and wife of Lieut -Gov. Perez Bowen of 
Rhode Island. She was known as "Peddy 
Bowen." Died 1850, aged 89 years. 

Presented by 

Medallion Portrait of Mrs. Rebecca 
(Dennis) Padelford, wife of Judge Seth 

Presented by Miss Anna D. Heed. 

Confederate Money, 1861-65. Three- 
dollar bill and two one-dollar bills. 
Presented by Mrs. G. H. (Daggett) Sheffield. 

One thousand dollar bond. 

Presented by E. Henry Hall. 
Five-dollar bill. 

Presented by Frederick Eayers. 
State Bills — One three-dollar bill and one- 
dollar counterfeit. 

Presented by George A. King. 

Mahogany Tabourette, carved with 
tiger's head and fieur-de-lis. Le(mard coat 
of arms. 

Presented by Miss Caroline A. Sherman. 

Ancient Mirror. This mirror hung up- 
on the wall of the Hancock House in Lex- 
ington, April 19, 1775, where Adams and 
Hancock were sleeping when awakened by 
Paul Revere. It was the property of Mary 
Hawkes, widow of Samuel Thaxter, and the 
wife of Rev. John Hancock, minister of 
Lexington from Nov. 2, 1698, to his death, 
Dec. 6. 1752. They were the parents of Gov. 
John Hancock. 

Presented by Mrs. Job M. Godfrey. 

Mahogany Desk. Once owned by Lieut. 
Col. Henry Jackson, commanding 16th regi- 
ment Massachusetts line in the war of the 
Revolution; was presented by him to Gen. 
David Cobb, formerly an officer in his regi- 
ment; descended to his grandson, Hon. 
Samuel Crocker Cobb, who in his will de- 
vised it to the Old Colony Historical Society. 

Maple Desk. Of the household effects 
of Rev. Samuel Hopkins, D. D. Born Sept. 
17, 1721; died at Newport, Dec. 20, 1808. He 
was the hero of Mrs. H. B. Stowe's "Minis- 
ter's Wooing." 
Presented by 

Bev. Samuel Hopkins Emery, D. I). 

Ancient Chest of Dra-wers. 

Presented by 

Mrs. Betsey Harvey (Eeed) Briggs. 



Ancient Maple Writing Desk. 

P}-esented by Harmon Pierce. 

Chair Table. 

Presented by 

Bev. Samuel Hopkins Emery, D. D. 

Altar Railing and Pulpit Ornaments. 

Formerly a part of St. Mary Macrdalen 
church, Taunton. England (No. 141). 
Presented by Edward Lebault, 

Taunton, England. 

Hexagon Table. Used by Nathaniel 
Morton, first president of the Old Colony 
Historical Society, in his profession, 1850. 
Presented by Marcus M. Rhodes. 

Draft-Box. Used by the provost-maishal 
of Taunton in the Civil war, from which the 
numbers were taken indicatinoj the person 
to serve as a soldier in the quota demanded 
of the town. 

Presented by Ezra Davol. 

Sign of Hodijah Baylies, Collector of 
the port of Diohton, 1784-180.5. 

Presented by Mrs. N. E. Baylies. 

Ancient Tavern Sign. Hung in front 
of the Burt tavern, Berkley. 

Presented by William Babbitt. 

Window Shutter. The window shutter 
of a window in the house of the loyalist 
Daniel Leonai'd, through which the passage 
of the bullets may be seen fired by some of 
the patriots excited by his recreancy. 

Presented by Hon. Samtiel Crocker Cobb. 

Military Equipments : — 

Sword and Uniform Coat worn by Gen. 
David Cobb. 

Presented by Hon. Samuel Crocker Cobb. 

Sword, Sash, Belt and Shoulder Straps 
worn by Gen. Ebenezer W. Pierce in the 
Civil war. Presented by himself. 

Sword, Chapeau and Epaulets worn by 
Lieut.-Col. Philip Hathaway. 

Presented by Mrs. C. M. Hathaioay. 

Sword, Belt, Uniform Coat and Cap worn 
by Ensign Hosea E. Tinkham, Freetown, in 
liie Civil war. Bequest in will. 

Sword wornbyCapt. William M. Hale, 7th 
and 37th Mass. Vol. Infantry. 

Loaned by Miss Lillian B. Pizer. 

Sword, Belt and Sash worn by Capt. 0th- 
niel Gilmore, 7th Mass. Vol. Infantry. 
Presented by his mother, 

Mrs. Mary H. Gilmore. 

Sword worn by 1st Lieutenant Augustus 
Crocker, adjutant 4th reg't Mass. militia. 

Sword of Brigade Major William Seaver, 
Bristol County brigade, war of Revolution. 

Presented by James Edward Seaver. 

Sword, Shoulder Straps and Cap worn by 
James Edward Seaver at the charge of 
Marye's Heights, May 3, 1863; Co. F, 7th 
Mass. Vol. Infantry. Presented by himself. 

Sword worn by Captain Joseph Davis at 
Bunker Hill, under Putnam. 

Presented by his grandson, William Davis. 

Ancient Hunting Sword. 

Presented by Mrs. Charles H. Lincoln. 

Pepper-box, Pistol. 

Pistol of the Mexican War. 

Stack of Arms, comprising flint-lock mus- 
kets used in the French and Indian and 
Revolutionary wars. 
Presented by 

JV. A. Cushman and Herman Pierce. 

Drum used by Allen K. Bassett, 4th 
Mass. regiment, in the Civil war; The fife 
of Stephen Austin. 

Presented by Mrs. Rand. 

Uniform Coat of the British army, worn 
by a drummer boy in 1777, at Newport, R.I. ; 
found after the evacuation by the British. 
Presented by Capt. George A. Washburn. 

Liberty Cap and Coat worn by Tobias Gil- 
more (see "Old Toby,'' following). 

Sioux Indian's Hood. Found after the 
massacre in Minnesota in 18(51. 

Presented by Mrs. Peckham. 

Uniform, Chapeau, Epaulets and Spurs 
worn by Governor Marcus Morton at his in- 
auguration, 1840. 

Presented by his daughter, Mrs. Kimball. 

Sword Knot, of sword of Brig.-General 
George Godfrey, commanding Bristol Coun- 
ty brigade in the war of the Revolution. 

Presented by Edgar H. Reed. 

Buttons from uniform coat worn by Bri- 
gade-Major William Seaver in the war of the 

Presented by James Edward Seaver. 

Stone Jug carried by Lemuel Morton at 
the seige of Quebec, holding soldier's allow- 
ance of rum. 

Presented by James M. Cushman. 

Pistol carried by James M. Cushman, Co. 

G., 4th Mass. militia, at battle of Big Bethel. 

Presented by himself. 

Plate from Flag-staff, 33d regiment Mass. 
Vol. Infantry. 

Presented by Col. Elisha Boane. 

French Cockade worn in the French Revo- 
lution by Claude Musee, also his corres- 
pondence in French, when at Belle Isle, 
France. Found at Richmond, Va., in the 
Civil war. 

Presented by Dr. L. Vernon Briggs. 



Badfje woi-n by John Ordronaux, in Lon- 
don, July 4th, 1861, at a gathering of loyal 
Union men. Presented by himself. 

Cartridge Box and Cartridges, with pow- 
der, from the war of the Eevolution. 

Cutlass and Cannon Balls taken from Taun- 
ton river by Staples & Phillips while diedg- 
iiig the river near the bridge, Oct. 3, 1881. 

Presented by Staples & Phillips. 

Union Jack of England. 

Presented by George H. Kite, 

Town Clerk, Taunton, England. 

Flag of Co. G, 4th Mass. militia, presented 
to the company by Mrs. Amelia S. (Baylies) 
Southgate, May 28, 18.56. , The flag was jjre- 
sented to the society by members of the 
company; the case by Captain George A. 

A piece of "Old Glory" and of the Massa- 
chusetts state flag, carried by the 7th Mass. 
Vol. Infantry when mustered out, and now 
deposited at the State House, Boston. Taken 
from the original. 

Presented by James Edward Seaver. 

Old Toby. The cannon in front of 'His- 
torical Hall was owned by Tobias Gilmore, 
whose native name was Sliilbodee Turry- 
^Verry, the son of an African chief. Sold 
at auction on the slave-block at Newport, 
by Capt. John Gilmore, he was brought to 
the home of his master. During the war of 
the Revolution he offered to go into the ser- 
vice in place of his master in exchange for 
his freedom. His service is recorded in the 
Mass. state archives. Under General David 
Cobb he entered the military family of 
Washington as a servant, and on his dis- 
charge this cannon was given him for his 
faithful services. In after years, on the 4th 
of July, he would bring this cannon to 
Taunton Green and fire it, once for each of 
the thirteen states, and once more for "Marsa 

Indian Tomahawks, Arrow Heads and 
Stone Implements. This collection of In- 
dian implements of war and peace were all 
gathered from the ground in the Old Colony, 
and were made and used by the Wampanoag 

Presented by Capt. Giles L. Leach, Joseph 
Dunbar, Henry S. Hart, Marshall B. 
Baker and John H. Eddy. 

Stone Mortar. The stone mortar in front 
of Historical Hall was used by the Indians 
for beating corn into meal by a stone pestle. 
It was brought from Tiverton, and found 
near the wigwam of Weetamoe, the squaw- 
sachem of the Pocasset Indians, whose head 
in 1676, being severed from her body, was 
placed on a pike-staff on Taunton Green. 

Head-stone of Grave. This head-stone 
marked the grave of Edward Babbitt, who 
was killed by the Indians June, 1675, when 
on his way from his home near the present 
Berkley bridge to the garrison house in 

Head-stone of Indian Grave. This 
head-stone marked the grave of a praying 
Indian, so called, having been converted to 
Christianity. The inscription is believed to 
have been written by Rev. Samuel Danforth 
in 1688. 

Dighton Writing Rock. Situated in 
Berkley, Mass., on the east bank of Taunton 
Great river, is, next to Plymouth rock, one 
of the best known landmarks in America. 
Its inscriptions up to within a few years 
have always been thought to have been 
made by Norsemen, but on the authority of 
John Fiske of Harvard University, and oth- 
ers, it is now believed the characters were 
drawn by Algonquin Indians. 

Presented to the Old Colony Historical 
Society by deed by the Royal Society 
Northern Antiquarians of Copenha- 
gen, January 30, 1889. 

Stone Cherub. The stone cherub in His- 
torical Hall was once a part of the ancient 
tower of St. Mary Magdelen church, Taun- 
ton, England. This church was endowed 
and built in 1308. It has received since sev- 
eral additions as well as a new tower. An 
early description of the church states, "that 
the middle aisle of the church had on each 
side seven pillars, the capitals, if they may 
be so called, ai-e formed of cherubs. In one 
of the modern additions this cherub was re- 
moved from its ancient place." 
Presented by 

Edward Tebault, Taunton, England. 

Canes : — 

Rev. John Pipon's cane. 

Presented by John Seaver Sampson. 

Gen. David Cobb's cane. 

Presented by Hon. Samuel C. Cobb. 

Rev. S. H. Emery's cane, made from wood 
of the old Spring street meeting house. 

Presented by Dr. Emery . 

Jesse B. Smith's cane. 

Pocket-books : 

Nathaniel Morton's pocket-book, and Gov- 
ernor Marcus Morton's pocket-book. 

Presented by Mrs. Kimball. 

William Baylies' pocket-book. 

Presented by John Ordronaux. 

Miscellaneous : — 
Brick from Libby prison. 

Presented by R. Henry Hall. 


Presented by 3L-s. Babbitt. 



Piece of Iron Cable from the battleship 
"Maine," destroyed in Havana harbor. 

Presented by Charles F. Johnson. 

Piece of the Bi'itish frigate "Somerset," 
wrecked off Cape Cod 1776. 

Presented by Miss Mary Eldridge. 

Piece of same. 

Presented by N. A, Cushman. 

Ancient Pitch-pipe. 

Presented by J. F. Montyomery. 

Spoon, moulded from mould once owned 
by Pereg;rine White. 

Presented by L. A. Littlefield. 

Ink-horn, used l)y Rev. Simeon Doo;<jett, 
first preceptor of Biistol Academy. 

Presented by Mrs. L. A. Sanford. 

Scales for weighing gold and silver. 

Presented by N. A. Cushman. 

Scales for weighing gold and silver, used 
by Brig.-Gen. James Williams. 

Presented by Mrs H. H. Crafts. 

Hand-bell, owned by James Otis. 

Presented by Br. L. Vernon Briggs. 

A piece of the wedding dress of the wife 
of Gov. Hradfoi'd. 

Presented by Mrs. Charles Baylies. 

Ancient Pitcher. 

Presented by Mrs. W. B. Crandell. 

Shaving-cup, made in Taunton by Isaac 
Babbitt (see No. 101), one of the first arti- 
cles made of britannia. 

Foot Warmer, used by Mrs. Amelia (Bay- 
lies) Wood in Dighton. 

Presented by Mrs. N. E. Baylies. 

Runlets, for water; war of the Revolution. 

Iron Mortar and Pestle. 

Presented by J. M. Foster. 

Type made for Taunton post office by 
Charles Babbitt, 1836. 

Presented by Mr. Whiteley. 

Calico Patterns, made at the calico print 

works by Crocker & Richmond (see No. 25). 

Presented by James Edvmrd Seaver. 

Crucibles, made at the first pottery in 
Bristol county in 1800 by Major William 

Worked Sampler, by needle. 

Presented by Elkanah Hall. 

An Object Lesson in household lighting 
in the old colony — iron lamp (Roman style) 
fiint and steel, tinder box. candle moulds, 
candle sticks, oil lamps, sticks to be dipped 
in brimstone for lighting fires, camphene 
lamps, kerosene oil lamps. 

Curios, from India and China. 

Presented by Dr. L. V. Briggs. 

Case of Shells and Curios. 

Presented by Mrs. Borden. 

29 1907 

Form for a Bequest of Money. 

"I hereby give and bcqtieath to the Old Colony Historical 
Society in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the sum of 

* # # * * :j^ :j^ dollars in fee^ 


I llilll mil mil mil li Hill mil mil mil mil mil nil III! 

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