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Full text of "Catalogue of the printed books in the library of the Middle Temple : alphabetically arranged, with an index of subjects"

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A COLLECTION of the Public General Statutes passed in the 49th 
year of the Reign of His Majesty King George the Third. 

4to. London, 1809. 

Abanus (Pet.), Abano. Conciliator Controversiarum inter Philosophos 
et Medicos. Folio. Ven., 1565, 

Abanus (Pet.) De Venenis. Folio. Ven., 1565. 

Abbeville (Claude d'). Mission des Capucins en I'lsle de Marignan. 

8vo. Paris, 16 14. 

Abbot (George). Dr. Hill Unmasked. 4to. Oxford, 1604. 

Abbot (Rt.) Holiness of Christian Churches. [Tracts, Vol. 41.] 

Svo. 1640. 

Abbott Brothers (Benjamin Vaughan and Austin). Reports of Cases 
in Admiralty, argued and determined in the District Court of the 
United States for the Southern District of New York, 1847-1850. 
Betts' Decisions. 8vo. Boston, 1857. 

Abbott (Benjamin Vaughan and Austin). Clerks' and Conveyancers' 
Assistant. A Collection of Forms of Conveyancing, Contracts, 
and Legal Proceedings. 8vo. New York, 1866. 

Abbott (Benjamin Vaughan and Austin). A General Digest of the 
Law of Corporations, presenting the American Adjudications upon 
Public and Private Corporations of every kind. With a full 
Selection of Cases. Svo. New York, 1869. 

Abbott (Benjamin Vaughan). Digest of the Report of Indiana to the 
year 187 1. With Notes presenting the General Statutes subsequent 
to 1863. 2 vols. Svo. Chicago, 1870. 

Abbott (Benjamin Vaughan). Reports of Decisions rendered in the 
Circuit and District Courts of the United States, 1865-1871. 

2 vols. Svo. New York, 1870, 187 1. 



Abbott (Benjamin Vaughan and Austin). A Digest of New York 
Statutes and Reports from the earliest period. Comprising the 
Adjudications of all the Courts of the State, presented in the 
Reports by Abbott, Anthon, Barbour, Bosworth, Bradford, Caines, 
Clarke, Coleman, Comstock, Cowen, Daly, Denis, Duer, Edmonds, 
Edwards, Hall, Hand, Hill, Hilton, Hoffman, Hopkins, Howard, 
Johnson, Kernan, Keyes, Lansing, Paige, Parker, Redfield, Sand- 
ford, Selden, Sickels, E. D. Smith, E. P. Smith, Sweeny, Tiffany, 
Tucker, and Wendell. With the Statutes complete to the year 
1873. 6 vols. 8vo. New York, 1873, 1874. 

Abbott (Benjamin Vaughan and Austin). A Digest of the United 
States' Courts, and of the Acts of Congress, from the Organization 
of the Government to the year 1867. 

Vol. I . Abandonment of Contracts. 
Vol. 2. Copyright to Imprisonment. 
Vol. 3. Income Tax Principles. 
Vol. 4. Privateers — Wrongs. 

4 vols. 8vo. New York, 1867-1869. 
Vol. 5. Digest from July 1868 to May 1872. First Sup- 
plement. 8vo. New York, 1872. 
Vol. 6. Digest from May 1872 to November 1874. Second 
Supplement. 8vo. New York, 1874. 
Vol. 7. Digest from November 1874 to July 1877. Third 
Supplement. 8vo. New York, 1877. 

Abbott (Chs.) Jurisdiction and Practice of the Court of Great Ses- 
sions of Wales upon the Chester Circuit. 8vo. 1795- 

Abbott (Charles). On the Law relative to Merchant Ships and 
Seamen. First Edition. 8vo. London, 1802. 

Second Edition. 8vo. London, 1804. 

Fifth Edition. By Jn. Hy. Abbott. 8vo. London, 1827. 
Seventh Edition. By Wm. Shee. 8vo. London, 1844. 

Ninth Edition. By Wm. Shee. With Supplement. 

8vo. London, 1854. 
Eleventh Edition. By Wm. Shee. 8vo. London, 1867. 

Abbreviature. Modus legendi Abbreviaturas passim in Jure, tam 
Civili, quam pontificio occurrentes. 8vo, Lugd., 1552. 

ABBREViATURiE. Modus legendi Abbreviaturas passim in Jure, tam 
Civili, quam pontificio occurrentes. 8vo. Colon., 1570. 

Abdias. De Certamine Apostolorum. Jul. Africanio Interp. 

i2mo. Colon., 1569. 

Abdy (J. T., LL.D.) A Historical Sketch of Civil Procedure 
among the Romans. Post 8vo. Cambridge, 1857. 


Abdy (J. T., LL,D.) Kent's Commentary on International Law. 
Revised. With Notes and Cases, brought down to the present 
Time. 8vo. Cambridge, 1866. 

Abdy (J. T., LL.D.) and Walker (Bryan, M.A., LL.D.) The Insti- 
tutes of Justinian translated. With Notes. Svo. Cambridge, 1876. 

Abel (John). Commercial Morality. With Illustrations from Frauds 
upon the Union Bank of London. 8vo. i860. 

Abel (John). Memorials of Queen Eleanor. Illustrated by Photo- 
graphy. With a short Account of their History and Present 
Condition. Folio. London, 1864. 

Aben (Tybbon). Spiritus Gratiae, sive Liber Physicorum Hebrgeorum, 
&c. Latine, a Jo. Isaaco. 8vo. Colon., 1555. 

Aberdeen University Calendar for the Year 1868- 1869. 

i2mo. Aberdeen, 1868. 

Abingdon. Chronicon Monasterii de Abingdon. Edited by Joseph 
Stevenson. See Brit. Gt., No. 2. 2 vols. 8vo. 1858. 

Abra de Racon (Ch. Fr. d'). Responce aux Ministres de Charenton. 

8vo. Paris, 161 7. 

Abraam (Judseus). De Nativitatibus. Per Jo. Dryandrum. With 
Albubater. 4to. Col., 1537. 

Abram (Wm. Jn.) Mr. Bright and his Schemes. 8vo. 1859. 

Abram (Wm. Jn.) Italy and the Napoleons. 8vo. 1859. 

Abreu y Bertodano (Felix Joseph de). Sobre Pressas de Mar, 
y Calidades que deben concurrir para hacerse legitimamente el 
Corso, Small 4to. Cadiz, 1746. 

Abreu y Bertodano (Joseph Antonio de). Coleccion de los Tratados 
de Paz de Espana. Phelipe III., 1598; Phelipe V., 1748. 

6 vols. Folio. Madrid, 1 740-1 801. 

AcACius (Geo.) Sejanus. With Andreas Invitatio. Svo. Arg., 1620. 

Accarisius (Jo.) Decisiones Rotse Florentinae. Folio. Flor., 17 13. 

AccoLTi (Piet.) Lo Inganno de gV occhi. Prospettiva practica. 

Folio. Fir., 1625. 

Accord de plusieurs Passages de I'Escriture. i2mo. Gen., 1565. 

AcHiLiNi (Alex.) Infinita naturae secreta. With Albohazen. 

Folio. Papie., 1515. 

AcHiLiNi (Alex.) Opera, cum annotationibus Pamphilii Montii. 

Folio. Yen., 1568. 
ACHMET. Oneirocritica. See Rigaltius, 

AcoNTius (Jac.) De Methodo investigandarum, &c., Scientiarum. 

8vo. Basil, 1558. 

AcoNTius (Jac.) Stratagemata Satanse. 4to. Basil, 1565. 

AcosTA (Chris.) Aromatum, &c., in India Orientali Liber. With 
Clusius. Svo. Anv., 1582. 

AcosTA (Chris.) Vida Solitaria, &c. 4to. Venet., 1592. 

AcosTA (Eman.) De rebus h Jesuitis in Oriente gestis, et de Japonicis 
rebus, 8vo. Paris, 1572. 

AcosTA (Joseph). De Natura Novi Orbis, et de Promulgatione 
Evangelii apud Indos, 8vo. Col. Ag., 1596. 

[ AcosTA (Nonius). De Quadruplici Hominis ortu. 4to. Patav., 1594. 

[ AcosTA (Nonius). De Arte Medica. 

AcosTA (Nonius). De Privilegiis Creditorum. Folio. Genev., 1739. 

AcROPOLiTA (Geo. Logothetes). See Byzantinse Historise. 

AcROPOLiTA (Geo. Logothetes). Corpus Byzantinse Historiae. 

Acton (Tho. Harman). Reports of Cases before the Lords Commis- 
sioners of Appeals in Prize Causes, 1809-18 11. 

2 vols. 8vo. 1 8 II. 

Acts (Window and Servants) passed in the 15 th year of the reign of 
George IL 2 vols. 1753, 1778. 

Acts of Council in Civil Causes, in Scotland. Record Commission. 

Folio. 1839. 

Acts of the Lords Auditors of Causes and Complaints (Acta Domi- 
norum Auditorum) in Scotland. Record Commission. 

Folio. 1839. 

Acts of ParUament. See Statutes. 

AcuTO (Giac. d'). II Mondo al Reverscio e Sossopra. 

8vo. Ven., 1602. 

Adair (Arch.) Responce a I'Apostate Cayer. [Tracts, Vol. 128.] 

8vo. 1603. 

Adair (John, A.M.) The Law of Costs, especially as administered 
in Courts of Equity. 8vo. DubHn, 1865. 

Adair (Melch.) Historia Ecclesiastica. 4to. Hafn., 1579. 

Adair (Melch.) Vitae Germanorum Medicorum. Svo. Heid., 1620. 

Adam (William). On Trial by Jury in Civil Causes. 8vo. Edin., 1836, 

Adamantius. Phisiognomonicon. Svo. Basil, 1544. 


AdaMides Ifalicus (Jo.) Antitheses de filiatione Christi. [Tracts, 
Vol. 139.] 8vo. 1560. 

Adams (F. M., B. A.) On the Law of Trade Marks. 

8vo. London, 1874. 

Adams (John). Treatise on .the Action of Ejectment and the Resulting 
Action for Mesne Profits. Fourth Edition. 8vo. 1846. 

Adams (John Milton). Reports of Cases in Law and Equity, deter- 
mined by the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine, 1856, [Vols. 41, 
42, Maine Reports.] 2 vols. 8vo. Hallowell, 1858. 

Addams (Jesse). Reports of Cases in the Ecclesiastical Courts at 
Doctors' Commons and in the High Court of Delegates, 1822- 
1826. 3 vols. 8vo. Vol. I, 1823, Vol. 2, 1825, Vol. 3, 1872. 

Addison (Alexander). Reports of Cases in the County Courts of the 
Fifth Circuit in the High Court of Errors and Appeals of the 
State of Pennsylvania, and Charges to Grand Juries of those 
County Courts, 1791-1799. 8vo. Washington, 1800. 

Addison (C. G.) Damascus and Palmyra. 2 vols. 8vo. 1838. 

Addison (Ch. Greenstreet). History of the Knights Templars, the 
Temple Church, and the Temple. 4to. 1841. 

Addison (Ch. Greenstreet). The Law of Contracts and Rights, and 
Liabilities ex Contractu. 2 vols. 8vo. 1853. 

Fourth Edition. 8vo. Lond. and Dub., 1856. 

Fifth Edition. 8vo. London, 1862. 

Sixth Edition. By Lewis W. Cave. 8vo. London, 1869. 
Seventh Edition, By Lewis W. Cave. 8vo. London, 1875. 

Addison (Ch. Greenstreet). Wrongs and their Remedies. Being a 
Treatise on the Law of Torts. 8vo. Lond. and Dub., i860. 

Second Edition. 8vo. London, 1864. 

Third Edition. By F. S. P. Wolferstan. 

8vo. London, 1870. 
Fourth Edition. By F. S. P. Wolferstan. 

8vo. London, 1873. 

Addison (Joseph). In British Poets. 

Addison (Joseph). Works. By Hurd. 6 vols. 8vo. 1811. 

Adelung (Joh. Christoph.) Worterbuck. 4 vols. 410. 181 1. 

Admiralty. Black Book of the. See Gt. Br., No. 55. 

Admiralty. Rules, Orders, and Regulations for the High Court of 
Admiralty of England. With Forms and Table of Fees. [Pub- 
lished by Authority of the High Court of Admiralty.] 

8vo. London, i860. 

Admiralty. Rules for Appeals in Ecclesiastical and Maritime Causes. 

Folio. London, 1865. 

Admiralty, Slave Trade Instructions. Being Instructions for the 
guidance of Her Majesty's Ships of War employed in the 
Suppression of the Slave Trade. With Supplement. 

8vo. London, 1865. 

Admonitio ad Orbis Terrge Principes. [Tracts, Vol. 52.] 

4to. 1537- 

Adolphus (Jn. Leycester) and Ellis (T. F.) Reports of Cases in the 
Court of King's Bench, 1 834- 1 84 1. 12 vols. 8vo. 1835-1842. 

Adolphus (J. L.) New Series. Queen's Bench Reports, 1841-1852. 

18 vols. 8vo. 1 843-1856. 
Adolphus (J. L.) See Barnewall. 

Adon. Brevia Chronica. With Gregorious Historia. 

8vo. Paris, 1561. 

Adrasder (Jo.) Explicatio Vaticiniorum Joachimi Abbatis. With 
Merlin. Vaticinia. i2mo. Franc, 1608, 

Adrianus (Romanus). Parvum Theatrum Urbium Prsecipuarum. 

4to. Franc, 1595. 

Adrichomius (Christ.) Theatrum Terrge Sanctse et Biblicarum 
Historiarum. Folio. Col. Ag., 1600. 

Adricon (Chr.) Vero Ritratto della Citta di Jerusalem. 

8vo. Fior., 1594. 
Adventurer. In British Essayists, 

Advocates. Catalogue of Printed Books in the Library of the 
Faculty of Advocates. 5 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1863-187 7. 

Adve (Step. Payne). On Courts-Martial, Military Punishments, and 
Rewards. 12 mo. 1810. 

^GiNETA (Paul). Praecepta Salubria; k Guil. Copo. With Lianno. 

4to. Paris, 1527. 

^GiNETA (Paul) Chirurgie. 8vo. Lyon, 1542. 

^Gius (Bened.) Apollodori Bibliotheces de Deorum origine, 
Interpretatio. 8vo. Lov,, 1565, 

^Elfric, Grammatica Latino-Saxonica, cum Glossario. With Somner : 
Dictionary. Folio. Oxon., 1659. 

^LiANUS (Claud.) De Animalibus, cum accessionibus ex Porphyrio, 
Heliodoro, Oppiano, &c. Per Pet. Gyllium. 4to. Lugd., 1535. 

^LiANUS (Claud,) Varia Historia, cura Vulteii et Perizonii, 

8vo. Lugd. Bal., 1701. 

-^MiLiANUS (Jo.) De Ruminantibus. [Tracts, Vol. 55.] 

4to. Ven., 1584. 

^MiLius, seu Emilius (Paul). De rebus gestis Francorum usque ad 
Henr. II. 8vo. Paris, 1548. 

iEMiLius (Paul). De rebus gestis Francorum usque ad Franc. 
Valesium I. Folio. Paris, 1550. 

.^NEAS (Silvius). Opera. Folio. Basil. 

'iENEAS (Silvius). De Bohemorum origine. With Althamerus : 
Germania. 8vo. Inff., 1520. 

.^NEAS (Silvius). De Remedio Amoris. With Mensa. 4J;o. 

^NEAS (Silvius). Historia de Euryalo et Lucretia. With WilUs's 
Mnemonica. i2mo. Urf., 1606. 

.^NEiDiA. See Henry (James). 

iERODius. Ayrault. 

yEscHiNES. See Oratores. 

iEscHYLUS. Tragedise, cum Scholiis et versione, &c. Tho. Stanleii. 

Folio. 1664. 

iEscHYLUS. See Potter. 

.^sop. Fabulae. See Auctores Octo. 

iEsopus. Fabulse, Gr. et Lat. With France-Turquie. 

8vo. Basil, 1541. 

.^voLi (Caes.) De Antipathia et Sympathia. 4to. Ven., 1580. 

-^voLi (Cses.) De Divinis Attributis. 4to. Ven., 1580. 

.^voLi (Caes.) De Aquis Lucensibus. 4to. Ven., 1580. 

Affelen (Jo. ab). Vir Politicus. i2mo. Hanov., 1599. 

Afflictis, seu Afflitto (Mat. de). Decisiones Consilii Neapolitani, 
cum Caes. Ursilli Adnotationibus, &c. Folio. Ven., 1596. 

Afflictis (Mat. de). De Jure Prothomiseos. Folio. Neap., 1696. 

Agambilionibus de Aretio (Aug.) In Institutiones Justiniani. 

Folio. Ven., 1609. 

Agapetus. Expositio Capitum admonitoriorum. With France- 
Turquie. [Tracts, Vol. 76.] 8vo. Basil, 1541. 

Agapetus. De officio Regis. 8vo. Herb., 1605. 

Agas (Rad.) Preparative for platting lands, &c., for Survey. [Tracts, 
Vol. 100.] 4to. 1596. 

Agathias (Smyrnseus). De Bello Gothorum. 8vo, Lugd., 1594, 


Agathias (Smyrnseus). De Imperio Justiniani. See Corpus Byzan- 
tinae Historiae. 

Agathias (Smyrnseus), See Muratori ; Ital. Script. 

Ageta (Nic. Cajetan). Annotationes pro Regio ^rario ad Senates 
Neapolis Decisiones, &c. 4 vols, in 2, Folio. Neap., 1692. 

Agnelli (G.) Tratto Teorico-Pratico sul Diritto di Privativa Indus- 
trial. i2mo. Milano, 1868. 

Agnew {William Fischer). The Law and Practice relating to Letters 
Patent for Inventions. With Notices of Patent Laws in force in 
the Principal Foreign States and in the Colonies. 

8vo. London, 1874 

Agnew (William Fischer). On the Statute of Frauds. 

8vo. London, 1876 

Agoneau (Le Sieur). Aretaphyle. 8vo. Par., 1606 

Agricola (Fr.) De Primatu Sancti Petri et Successoris ejus. 

8vo. Colon., 1599 

Agricola (Fr.) De Privilegiis et Signis Verse Ecclesise. 

8vo. Colon., 1606 

Agricola (Geo.) De Mensuris et Ponderibus. Folio. Basil, 1550 

Agricola (Geo.) De Re Metallica. Folio. Basil, 1561 

Agricola (Geo.) De Animantibus Subterraneis. Folio. Basil, 1561 

Agricola (Geo.) De Subterraneis. 8vo. Witteberg, 1612 

Agricola (Jo.) Grammatica Teutonica. 8vo. 1548 

Agricola (Rod.) De formando Studio. With Basil. 

8vo. Basil, 1537 

Agrippa (Corn.) Delia Vanita delle Scienze. 8vo. Ven., 1547 

Agrippa (Hen. Corn.) De Beatae Annse Monogamia, &c. 

8vo. Lugd., 1534 

Aguesseau (Hen. Frs. d'). CEuvres. 13 vols. 4to. Paris, 1759 

Aguesseau (Hen. Frs. d'). Oiuvres. 13 vols. 4to. Paris, 1787 

Aguilon (Ped. d'). Historia del Duque Carlos de Borgonna, Bisaguelo 
del Emp. Carios V. 4to. Pampe., 1586 

AiKENS (Asa.) Reports of Cases argued and determined in the 
Supreme Court of the State of Vermont, 1825-1828. 

2 vols. 8vo. Windsor, 182 7-1 828. 

Ailred. See Anglicanae Historige Scriptores. 

AiNSWORTH (Hen. and John). Trying of the Truth, &c. 4to. 1615. 

AiNSWORTH (Henry). Reply to Johnson's Plea for the Church of 
Rome. 4to. 1620. 

AiNSWORTH (H.) Censure upon the Anabaptists. [Tracts, Vol. 25.] 

4to. 1644. 

AiNSWORTH (Rt.) Latin and English Dictionary. By Thomas Morell 

and John Carey. 4to. 1823. 

Another Edition. 8vo. 1845. 

AiRD (David Mitchell). Blackstone Economized : being a Com- 
pendium of the Laws of England to the present time. 

8vo. London, 1873. 

AiRD (David Mitchell). The Civil Laws of France to the present 
time. Supplemented by Notes illustrative of the Analogy between 
the Rules of the Code Napoleon and the leading Principles of the 
Roman Law. 12 mo. London, 1875. 

AiTCHisoN (C. U., B.C.S.) A Collection of Treaties, Engagements, and 
Sunnuds, relating to India and neighbouring Countries. 

6 vols. 8vo. Calcutta and London, 1 862-1 864. 

Akenside (Mark). In British Poets. 

Akerman (Jn. Yonge). Glossary of Wiltshire Words. i2mo. 1842. 

Ala (Jo. Pet.) De Advocato et Causidico Christiano. 

4to. Crem., 1610. 

Alaba (Diego d'). El Perfeto Capitan. Folio. Mad., 1590. 

Alabama. The Code of Alabama. Prepared by John J. Ormond, 
Arthur P. Bagby, and George Goldthwaite. With Head Notes 
and Index by Henry C. Simple. 8vo. Montgomery, 1852. 

Alabama. Narrative of the Cruise of the Alabama, and List of her 
Officers and Men, by one of the Crew. [Pamphlet, 64 pages.] 

8vo. London, 1864. 

Alabama. The Revised Code of Alabama. Prepared by A. J. Walker. 

8vo. Montgomery, Alabama, 1867. 

Alabama Claims. Case of the United States to be laid before the 
Tribunal of Arbitration to be convened at Geneva under the Treaty 
of Washington, May 8th, 1871. 4to. London, 1872. 

Aland (Jn. Fortescue). See Fortescue. 

Alanus. De Insulis. See Auctores Octo. 

Alasco (Jo.) See Lasco. 

Albani (Jo. Hier.) De Potestate Papse et Concilii. 

4to. Lugd., 1558. 


Albani (Jo. Hier.) De Potestate Papse et Concilii. 4to. Ven., 1561. 

Albani (Jo. Hier.) Lucubrationes in Bartolum. 

2 vols. Folio. Ven., 1571. 

Albergonus (Fr. Eleuth.) Resolutio Doctrinse Scoticge. 

4to. Patav., 1593. 

Alberius (Claud. Triuncurianus). De Concordia Medicorum. With 
Mufettus : de jure, &c. 8vo. Lausan., 1585. 

Alberrius. De Rosate. 

Albert Arbitration. Lord Cairns' Decisions. By Frances S. Reilly. 
Three Parts. 8vo. London, 1872-1875. 

Alberti (Salom.) De partibus Humani corporis. With Planerus de 
Medendo. 8vo. Wit., 1583. 

Alberti (Salom.) Orationes de Studio doctrinae Physicae, &c. 

8vo. Witte., 1590. 

Alberti (Salom.) Scorbuti Historia. 8vo. Witte., 1594. 

Alberti (Salom.) See Esthius. 

Alberti (Leon. Bapt. de). De Pictura praestantissima. 

8vo. Bas., 1540. 

Alberti (Leon. Bapt. de). L'Architettura. 8vo. Vin., 1546. 

Alberti Pii Funus. With Phillipi IIL, Lessus, &c. 

8vo. Duac, 1623. 

Albertini (Fr.) De Angelo Custode. i2mo. C. Ar., 1613. 

Albertus (Magnus 

Albertus (Magnus 

Albertus (Magnus 

Albertus (Magnus 

Albertus (Magnus 

Albertus (Magnus 

Albertus (Magnus 

Albertus (Magnus 

Albertus (Magnus 
Albertus (Magnus 

De Herbis, Lapidibus, et Animalibus. 4to. 

De Formation e Hominis. 4to. 

Interpretatio somniorum Danielis. 4to. 

De die Epiphanise. With Inchofer : Magorum 

Folio. Mog., 1477. 

De secretis. With Quintilian. 4to. Ant., 1499. 

Postillatio in Apocalypsin. 4to. Basil, 1506, 

De veris Virtutibus. i2mo. Ingold., 1586. 

De rebus Mineralibus et Metallicis. 

8vo. Col., 1596. 

Sermones in Dominicas. 8vo. Mogu., 16 15. 

Sermones de Eucharistia. 8vo. Mogu., 161 5. 

Albertus (Magnus). De adhaerendo Deo, cum Vita ejus. With 
Jansenius. 8vo. Antw., 1621. 


Albertus (Magnus). De secretis Mulienim. With Sim. Fortius de 
Principiis, &c. 8vo. 

Albin (Jn.) D'Opuscules de la Vraye Eglise. 8vo. Pat, 1569. 

Albinianus Iretius (Pet.) De Pontificia Potestate, et de Con- 
fessione, &c. 8vo. [No Title.] 

Albizius (Ant.) Exercitationes Theologicse. 4to. Camped., 1616 

Albohazen. In Judiciis Astrorum. Folio. Ven., 1485 

Albubater. Liber Genethliacus. 4to. Nor., 1590 

Albucasis. Methodus Medendi. Folio. Basil, 1541 

Alcabitius. Ad Magisterium judiciorum astrorum Isagoge. A. Jo 
Saxonio. 4to. Par., 152 1 

Alchymi^ Tractatus {German). 4to. Strasb 

Alciati (And.) De Duello. 8vo. Ven., 1544 

Alciati (And.) Paradoxa ad Pratum, &c. Folio. Lugd., 1548 

Alciati (And.) Reliqua Opera. Folio. Lugd., 1548 

f Alciati (And.) In Quartae et Quintse Partis Pandectarum Titulos. 

Folio. Lugd., 1550 

Alciati (And.) Commentaria, Tractatus, Responsa, &c. 

9 vols, in 6. Folio. Lugd., 1560 

Alciati (And.) Emblemata. 8vo. Antw., 1581 

Alciati (Melch.) De Prsecedentia. With Goffredi Surama. 

4to. Ticini., 1601 
Alcimus (Lat. Alethius). See Maittaire. 

Alcinous. Comparatio Platonis cum Aristotele. 4to. Ven., 1573 

Alcinous. See Carpentarius. 

Alcock (Jn. Congreve). Registry Cases reserved for consideration, 
and decided by the Twelve Judges of Ireland, 1832-1841. 

3 parts. 8vo. Dublin, 183 7-1 841. 

Alcock. See Cooke. 

Alcock and Napier's Reports of Cases in the Court of King's Bench 
and Exchequer Chamber in Ireland, 1-3 Will, IV. 

8vo. Dublin, 1831. 

Alcoran. Translated into English immediately from the Original 
Arabic. With Explanatory Notes taken from the most approved 
Commentators. To which is prefixed a Preliminary Discourse. 
By George Sale. 4to. London, 1734. 

Alcorano (L'). Con la Vita di Macometto, &c. 4to. 1547. 


Alcuinus, See Gale. 

Alcuinus (Levita). De Trinitate ac Mysteriis Christi. 8vo. 1530. 

Alden (T. J. Fox). The Condensed Reports of the Supreme Court 

of Pennsylvania, from 1754 to 181 4. 

Vol. I, 1754-1806; Dallas, Vols. 1-4, 1 754- 1806 ; Yeates, Vol. i, 1791 1795. 
Vol. 2, 1795-1810; Yeates, Vols. 2-4, 1795-1807; Binney, Vols, i, 2, 1799-1810. 
Vol. 3, 1791-1814; Binney, Vols. 3-6, 1810-1814; Addison, 1791-1799. 

3 vols. Svo. Philadelphia, 1850- 1854. 

Alderisius (Albert). De Symbolicis Contractibus. Folio. Neap., 1675. 

Alderson (Sir Edwd. Hall). See Barnewall. 

Alderson (Sir Edwd. Hall). Selections from his Charges, &c. With a 
notice of his Life. By Chs. Alderson. 8vo. 1858. 

Alderton (W. S.) Commercial Almanack for 1844. i2mo. 1844. 

Aldobrandini (Silv.) De Perfecto Principe. 8vo. Franc, 1603. 

Aldrete (Bern.) Del Origen de la Lengua Castellana. 

Folio. Mad., 1606. 

Aldrete (Bern.) Varias Antiguedades de Espaiia, Africa, &c. 

4to. Amb., 1614. 

Alealmus Aurelius (Jac.) Confutatio Problematis Hen. Monantholii. 
[Tracts, Vol. 100.] 4to. Par., 1600. 

Aleander (Hier. Junr.) Refutatio conjecturse de Suburbicariis Regio- 
nibus Romae, &c. 4to. Paris, 16 19. 

Aleman (Mat.) Vida de Antonio sancto de Padua. 4to. Sev., 1605, 

Aleotti (Gio. Bat.) See Giorgi. 

Ales, or Alesius (Alex.) De Traditionibus Apostolorum, &c. 

8vo. Lips., 1556. 

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. the Supreme Court of New Brunswick. With Tables of the Names 

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^ 4to. Ven., 1592. 

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ling er. 8vo. Han., 16 19. 

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2 vols. Folio. Lugd., 1649. 



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einem Abriss von dem Consulatswesen ; mit Beriicksichtigung der 
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Third Edition. Svo. Anvers, 1558. 

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some few in other Courts. By Blunt. 2 vols. Svo. 1828. 

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sous le vent, par Moreau de Saint-Mery. 

6 vols. 4to. Par., 1703. 

America. See United States. 

American Archives. Consisting of a Collection of Authentick Records, 
State Papers, Debates, and Letters, and other Notices of Public 
Affairs. The whole forming a Documentary History of the Origin 
and Progress of the North American Colonies, of the Causes and 
Accomplishment of the American Revolution, and of the Consti- 
tution of the Government of the United States, to the Final Rati- 
fication thereof. In Six Series. [The First, Second, and Third 
Series not yet published.] Fourth Series, from the King's Message 
of March 7th, 1774, to the Declaration of Independence by the 
United States in 1776. 6 vols. Folio. Washington, 1 837-1 846. 

American Archives. Fifth Series. From the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence in 1776 to the Definite Treaty of Peace with Great 
Britain in 1783. 3 vols. FoHo. Washington, 1848-1853. 

American Catalogue of Books. 8vo. 1856. 

American Colonial Church Historical Collections. See Perry. 
American Constitutions. i2mo. Philadelphia, 1864. 

American Constitutions. Comprising the Constitution of each State 
in the Union, and of the United States, with the Declaration of 
Independence, and Articles of Confederation. With an Historical 
Introduction and Notes. By Franklin H. Hough. 

2 vols. 8vo. Albany, 1872. 

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November 1861. Editors, Asa Fish and Henry Wharton. 

9 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 185 3-1 861. 

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from November 1861 to December 1878. [In progress.] 

17 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1862-1878. 

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13 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1867-1879. 

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26 vols. 1868-1879. 



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the several States contained in the American Reports, from Vol. i 
to 24 inclusive. With an Index of Notes. By Isaac Grant 
Thompson. 1870-1879. 8vo. Albany, 1879. 

American State Papers. Documents, Legislative and Executive, of 
the Congress of the United States, from the First Session of the 
First to the Second Session of the Twenty-second Congress, 
inclusive, commencing March 3rd, 1789, and ending March 3rd, 
1833. 47 vols. Folio. Washington, 1833-1861. 

American Year Book and National Register for 1869. Astronomical, 
Historical, Political, Financial, Commercial, Agricultural, Edu- 
cational, and Religious. Edited by David Camp. 

Vol. I. 8vo. Hartford, 1869. 

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of the Origin and Progress of Printing in Great Britain and 
Ireland. Containing Memoirs of Printers, &c. 3 vols. 4to, 1785. 

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Ames (Samuel). Reports of Cases argued and determined in the 
Supreme Court of Rhode Island, 1 854-1863. [Vols. 4-7, Rhode 
Island Reports.] 4 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1 858-1 865. 

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Vol. 3. 8vo. Oxon., 1629. 

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Vita. 8vo. Lugd. Bat, 16 17. 

AMIT16 (de r) et de 1' Avarice. 8vo. Paris, 1598. 

Ammianus (MarcelUnus). See Augustse Historige Scriptores. 

Ammonius (Alexandrinus). Evangelicse Historise fragmenta. With 
Clemens Epistola. 4to. Aug. Vind., 1523. 

Ammonius (Lev.) In Parabolam Filii Minoris. 8vo. Lov., 1542. 

Amos (And.) and Ferard. A Treatise on the Law of Fixtures. 

8vo. 1827. 
Second Edition. By Joseph Ferard. 8vo. 1847. 

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Crown. 8vo. Lond. and Camb., 1856. 

Amos (And.) English Constitution in the Reign of Charles II. 

8vo. Lond. and Camb., 1857. 

Amos (And.) Observations on the Statutes of the Reformation 
Parliament of Henry VIII. 8vo. Lond. and Camb., 1859. 

Amos (Sheldon, M.A.) A Systematic View of the Science of Juris 
prudence. 8vo, London, 1872. 


Amos (Sheldon, M.A.) An English Code, its Difficulties, and the Modes 
of overcoming them. A Practical Application of the Science of 
Jurisprudence. 8vo. London, 1873. 

Amos (Sheldon, M.A.) A Primer of the English Constitution and 
Government. Bvo. London, 1873. 

Amos (Sheldon, M.A.) International Law, 8vo. London, 1874. 

Amos (Sheldon, M.A.) The Science of Law. 8vo. London, 1874. 

Amos. A Comparative Survey of Laws in Forcg for the Prohibition, 
Regulation, and Licensing of Vice in England and other 
Countries. 8vo. London, 1877. 

Amundesham (Johannes Monachus de). Ut videtur, Annales Monasterii 
Sancti Albani conscripti (a.d, 1421-1440). Quibus prgefigitur 
Chronicon rerum gestarum in monasterio Sancti Albani (a.d. 1422- 
1431), a quodam auctore ignoto compilatum. Edited by Henry 
Thomas Riley, M.A. See Brit., Gt., No. 28, VIII. IX. Vols, i, 2. 

1870, 1871. 

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Amvdenius (Theod.) De Pietate Romana. 4to. Rom., 1625. 

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Amyot (W. H.) On Statutes. See Dwarris. 

Amyraut (Moses). Traite de Religions, contre ceux qui les estiment 
indifferentes. 8vo. Saumur, 1631. 

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Anacletus. Epistolse. With Clemens : Epistola. 4to. Col., 1526. 

Anacreon. Carmina cum notis Baxteri et Fischeri. 8vo. Lips., 1793. 

Anacreon. See Fawkes. In British Poets. 

Anania (Jo. de). Consilia. Folio. 1540. 

Anania (Jo. Laur.) De Natura Dgemonum. With Fulgentius. 

8vo. Ven., 1589. 
Anarchy of a Limited Monarchy. [Tracts, Vol. 17.] 4to. 1648. 

Anarchy of a Limited Monarchy. [Tracts, Vol. 38.] 1648. 

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Anastasius. See Corpus Byzantinae Historise, 

Anatomy of the Mass. 12 mo. 1556. 

Ancharano. In Decretales Commentaria. Folio. Bon., 1581. 

Ancharano (Pet.) Consilia cum additionibus Hier. Zanchii. 

Folio. Ven., 1585. 


Ancher (Fs. Kofod). Den Tydske Laobog paa gammel Dansk. 

4to. Kiob., 1783. 

Ancre (Marquis d'). His Tyranny and Death, [Tracts, Vol. 119.] 

4to. 161 7. 

Anderson (Adam). An Historical and Chronological Deduction of 
the History of Commerce, from the earliest accounts. Containing 
an History of the great Commercial Interests of the British Empire. 

4 vols. 4to. London, 1 787-1 789. 

Anderson (Alex.) Vindicise Archimedis. [Tracts, Vol. 100.] 

4to. Par., 1616. 

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of Common Law, Conveyancing, Equity, Bankruptcy, and 
Criminal Law. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1868. 

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Anderson (Hy.) Loyal Tear dropt on the Vault of Charles IL 
[Tracts, Vol. 168.] 8vo. 1685. 

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Lords from the Courts of Scotland. 8vo. i860. 

Anderson (J. Still, F.S.A.) Decisions in the Court of Sessions from 
1800 to 1878 in Cases connected with the Agriculture of Scotland. 
Revised by Counsel. 8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1878. 

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Anderson (Rt. Hy.) Practice of County Courts. i2mo. York, 1830. 

Andocides. See Oratores. 

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[Brit, Gt., No. 10.] 8vo. 1858. 

Andre (Michel). Cour Alphabetique et M^thodique de Droit Canon 
dans ses rapports avec le Droit Civil Ecclesiastique. 

5 vols. 8vo. Par., 1852. 

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Vendramaenum, &c. With Index. 5 vols. Folio. Ven., 1581. 

Andreas (J oh.) Invitatio Fraternitatis Christi, &c. Herculis Chris- 
tiani Luctae Civis Christianus, &c. 8vo. Arg., 161 7. 

Andreas (Jo. Val.) Mythologia Christiana. i2mo. Arg., 1619. 

Andreas (Jo. Val.) Memorialia, &c. With Rosea Crux : Turris 
Babel. i2mo. Arg., 1619. 

Andreas (Jo. Val.) Jacobi Andreae Vita, Scripta, &c. With Joach. 
Mencelius. iziae. Arg., 1630. 


Andreas (Jo. Val.) Hieronimi Sancti Vita, &c. See Jerome. 

Andreas (Val.) Bibliotheca Belgica, cum Topographia. 

8vo. Lov., 1623. 

Andreas (Val.) Bibliotheca Belgica, cum Topographia. 

4to. Lov., 1643. 

Andreas (Val.) Fasti Academiae Lovaniensis. 4to. Lov., 1650. 

Andreini (Frs.) Le Bravure del Capitano Spavento. 4to. Ven,, 1615. 

Andrelinus (Pub. Faust.) Epistolse Proverbiales. With Picus. 

Andrewes (Bp.) Determination concerning Oaths. 

Andrewes (Bp.) Sermon on the Right of Calling Assemblies. 
Barlow on Bishops. 

Andrewes (Bp.) Responsio ad Bellarminum. 

Andrewes (Bp.) Tortura Torti. 

Andrewes (Bp.) Opuscula qusedam Posthuma. 

Andrewes (Bp.) 

Minor Works. With Memoir. 

Opuscula Posthuma. And Index. 

Patterns of Catechistical Doctrine. 

Preces Privatse. 

Responsio ad Card. Bellarminium. 

Sermons. 5 vols. 

Tortura Torti. 

[Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology.] 

II vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1841-1854. 

Andrews (C. C.) Official Opinions of the Attorneys-General of the 
United States, advising the President and Heads of Departments 
in relation to their Official Duties, and Expounding the Constitu- 
tion ; Treaties with Foreign Governments and with Indian Tribes, 
and the Public Laws of the Country. [Vols. 6-9 of Official 
Opinions of Attorneys-General] See Hall. 

4 vols. 8vo. Washington, 1 856-1 866. 

Andrews (George). Reports of Cases in the King's Bench, 11 and 
12 Geo. II. Folio. 1754. 

Andrews (George). Reports of Cases argued and adjudged in the 
Court of King's Bench, in the nth and 12th years of George II. 
Second Edition. By George W. Vernon. 8vo. Dublin, 1791. 

Andrews (Js. Pettit). Continuation of Henry's History of Great 
Britain. 4to. 1796. 



























Andrews (John, B.A.) Precedents of Leases. With Practical Notes. 
Second Edition. 8vo. London. 1878. 

Andrews (John, B.A.) Precedents of Mortgages. With Practical 
Notes. 8vo. London, 1879. 

Androtius (Fulvius). De frequentanda Communione. 

8vo. Mog., 1598. 

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Supreme Court of Rhode Island, 1828-1851. [Vol. i, Rhode 
Island Reports.] 8vo. Boston, 1847. 

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Corporations Aggregate. Eighth Edition. Revised, corrected, 
and enlarged. By John Lathrop. 8vo. Boston, 1866. 

Angell (Joseph K.) On the Limitations of Actions at Law, and Suits 
in Equity and Admiralty. With an Appendix containing the 
American and English Statutes of Limitations. Fifth Edition. 
By John Wilder May. 8vo. Boston, 1869. 

Angell (Joseph K.) On the Law of Watercourses. With an Appendix 
containing Statutes of Flowing, and Forms of Declaration. Fifth 

Sixth Edition. By J. C. Perkins. 

Angell (Joseph K.) On the Law of Carriers. 
Fourth Edition. By John Lathrop. 
Fifth Edition. By John Lathrop. 

Angelocrator (Dan.) Epitome Conciliorum et Academiarum, &c. 
With Albizius. 4to. Franc, 1620. 

Angelus (Christ.) De Apostasia Ecclesiae, &c. [Tracts, Vol. 77.] 

4to. 1624. 

Angelus (Jac.) Vita M. TuUii Ciceronis, cum commentatione Wolffg. 
Peristeri. 8vo. [No Title.] Berlin, 1581. 

Angelus (Jo.) Astrolabum planum in Tabulis ascendens. With 
Leopold. 4to. Ven., 1502. 

Anghiera (d'). See Peter Martyr. 

Angli/E Votiva. To persuade his Majesty to draw his sword for 
restoring the Palatinate, &c. [Tracts, Vol. 114.] 

4to. Utre., 1625. 

















Anglicans Historiae Decern Scriptores. Folio. 1652. 

Anglicarum rerum Scriptores post Bedam. Folio. Franc, 1601. 

Anglicarum, Henrico VIII., Edwardo VI., et Maria regnantibus, 
Annales. Folio. 16 16. 

Anglois (Pierre l'). Discours de Hieroglyphes Egyptiens, &c. 

4to. Par., 1584. 

Anglo-Catholic Theology. Library of. 

1. Andrewes (Bishop). Ninety-six Sermons. 

5 vols. 1 841-1843. 

2. Andrewes (Bishop). Pattern of Catechistical Doctrine. 


3. Andrewes (Bishop). Tortura Torti ; sive ad Matthaei 

Torti Librum Responsio. 185 1. 

4. Andrewes (Bishop). Responsio ad Apologiam Cardinalis 

Bellarmini. 185 1. 

5. Andrewes (Bishop). Praeces Privatse Quotidianse Gr. et 

Lat. 1853. 

6. Andrewes (Bishop). Opuscula quaedam Posthuma. 1852. 

7. Andrewes (Bishop). Minor Works, Life, and Indices to 

Sermons. 1854. 

8. Beveridge (Bishop). English Theological Works, com- 

plete. 10 vols. 1 844- 1 848. 

9. Beveridge (Bishop). Codex Canonum. 2 vols. 1848. 

10. Bramhall's (Archbishop) Works. With Life and Letters. 

5 vols. 1842-1845. 

11. Bull (Bishop). Harmonia Apostolica ; or, Two Disserta- 

tions on the Doctrine of St. James, and the Agree- 
ment of St. Paul therewith. Examen Censurse; or. 
Answer to certain Strictures on the Harmonia 
Apostolica. 2 vols. 1842, 1843. 

12. Bull (Bishop). Defence of the Nicene Creed out of the 

Extant Writings of the Catholick Doctors who flourished 
during the first three centuries of the Christian 
Church. 2 vols. 1851-1854. 

13. Bull (Bishop). Judgment of the Catholick Church, &c. 


14. Cosin (Bishop). Works. [Now first collected.] 

5 vols. 1843-1855. 

15. Crakanthorp (Richard, D.D.) Defensio Ecclesiae AngU- 

cans, 1847. 


Anglo-Catholic Theology —continued. 

16. Forbes (Bishop William). Considerationes Modestse. 

2 vols. 1850. 

17. Frank (Mark, D.D.) Sermons. 2 vols. 1849. 

18. Gunning (Bishop). On the Paschal or Lent Fast. 1845. 

19. Hammond (Henry, D.D.) Practical Catechism. 1847. 

20. Hammond (Henry, D.D.) Minor Theological Works. 


21. Hammond (Henry, D.D.) Thirty-one Sermons. 2 parts. 

22. Hickes (George, D.D.) Two Treatises of the Christian 

Priesthood, and on the Dignity of the Episcopal Order. 

3 vols. 1847, 1848. 

23. Johnson (John). Unbloody Sacrifice and Altar Unveiled. 

In which the nature of the Eucharist is explained 
according to the sentiments of the Christian Church 
in the first four centuries. 1847. 

24. Johnson (John). Collection of all the Ecclesiastical Canons 

of the Church of England. 2 vols. 1850, 1851. 

25. Laud (Archbishop). Works. Including his Letters (from 

the State Paper Office). [Never before printed.] 

7 vols. 9 parts. 1847-1853. 

26. L'Estrange (Hamon). Alliance of Divine Offices. 1846. 

27. Marshall (Nathaniel, D.D.) Penitential Discipline of the 

Primitive Church for the first four hundred years after 
Christ. 1844. 

28. Nicholson (Bishop). Exposition of the Catechism of the 

Church of England. 1849. 

29. Overall (Bishop). Convocation Book of 1606, concerning 

the Government of God's Catholick Church. [Printed 
from a Collection of several MSS.] 1844. 

30. Pearson (Bishop). Vindicse Ignatian^. Annotationibus 

et prefatione ad hodiernum controversae statum accom- 
modata. Edidit E. Churton. 2 vols. 1852. 

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Annual Register. A Review of Public Events at Home and Abroad, 
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Folio. Rom., 17 11. 

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Enquire and Report as to the Law and Practice of Petition of 
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potence of Parliament. [Juridical Society's Publications, Vol. 3, 
Part 4.] i2mo. London, 1867. 

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Act, 1867 " (30 and 31 Vict, c. 104). With Appendices concerning 
the Antient Rights, the Rights conferred by the 2 and 3 Will. IV., 
c. 45, Population, Rental, Rating, and the Operation of the Re- 
pealed Enactments as to Compound Householders. 

8vo. London, 1867. 

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Anstis (Jn.) Register of the Order of the Garter. 

2 vols. Folio. 1724. 

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Alchymia animadversiones. With Rioland pro Hippocrate. 

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Antarvetus (Jo.) In Apologiam pro Judicio Scholse Parisiensis de 
Alchymia animadversiones. With Rioland pro Hippocrate. 

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See the Grampian Club's Publications. 

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2 copies. 4to. Oxf., 1644. 

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Anti-Coton. Responce k I'Anti-Coton. Svo. Paris, 161 1. 

Anti-Coton. Refutation of Cotton (^^^//J/^). 4to. 161 1. 

Antidote (An), or Treatise of 30 Controversies, &c. By N. S. 

4to. 1623. 

Anti-Espagnol. Copie de I'Anti-Espagnol, faict k Paris. [Tracts, 
Vol. 161.] Svo. 1590. 

Anti-Gar ASSE. Svo. Paris, 1627. 

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Metamorphoses. Svo. Basil, 1568. 

Antigonus (Carystius). See Meursius. 

Antigua. The Laws of the Island of Antigua. Consisting of the 
Acts of the Leeward Islands, commencing Sth November, 1690, 
ending 21st April, 179S; and the Acts of Antigua from loth April, 
166S, to 4th April, 1S45, 4 vols. 4to. London, 1S05-1S46. 

Antigua. The Laws of Antigua. Consisting of the Acts of the 
Leeward Islands in force in Antigua, and the Acts of Antigua 
from 20 Car. II., 1668, to 28 Vict, 1864. With a Table of Acts, 
Index of Subject-Matter, and Alphabetical Index. [By Authority.] 

Folio. London, 1865 

Antigua. The Laws of Antigua, from 1S64 to 1S72, and for 1875. 

Folio. Antigua, 1865-1872, 1875 

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Anti-Hermaphrodite j ou, Advis au Roy, &c. Svo. Par., 1606 

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Antimariana. Svo. Paris, 16 10, 

Antiochus (Sanct.) Pandectas Sanctse Scrip turae. 4to. Paris, 1543 

Antiphon. See Oratores. 

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History, Biography, Customs, and Manners. Chiefly by Frs, Grose, 
Thps. Astle, &c. 4 vols. 4to. 1S07. 


Antiquaries. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of London, 
November 17th, 1859, to June 21st, 1866. 3 vols., and Vol. 4, 
Parti. Second Series. 8vo. London, 185 9- 1868. 

Antiquodlibet ; or, an Advertisement to beware of Secular Priests. 

8vo. Mid., 1602. 

Anti-Rosarium. [Tracts, Vol. 128.] 8vo. Lugd., 1587. 

Antistius (Vincent. Justinian.) Pro Divinse Catharinse Imaginibus. 
Seejo. Nider. 8vo. Ant., 161 1. 

Antithesis. See Bedell. 

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Antoine (St. Abbe). Vie et Choses Merveilleuses. 8vo. Lyon, 1600. 

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Obicium. With Cajetan. 8vo. Van., 1631. 

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Johanne de Gradibus illustratum. 3 vols. Folio. Lugd., 1527. 

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cum notis Gul. Xylandri. 2 vols, in i. 8vo. Basil, 1568. 

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cum notis Gul. Xylandri. 8vo. Basil, 1568. 

Antoninus (Marc. Aur.) De seipso, seu Vita sua, Gr. et Lat. 

8vo. Tig., 1558. 

Antoninus (Marc. Aur.) De seipso, seu Vita sua {Spanish). 

i2mo. Mad., 1596. 

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Itinerarium. 8vo. Col. Ag., 1600. 

Antonio (Persio). Del Bever Caldo da gli Antichi Romani. 

8vo. Ven., 1593. 

' Antonius (^lius Nebrissensis). Res gestae k Ferdinando V. et 
Elizabetha Hispaniae. 8vo. Gra., 1550. 

Antonius (^Elius Nebrissensis). De Bello Navarrensi. 

8vo. Gra., 1550. 

Antonius (.^Uus Nebrissensis). Hispanicarum rerum Scriptores. 

Anvers (La Prinse d'). With Lettres. 8vo. 1567. 

Anville (Jn. Bapt. Bourguignon d'). Cartes Geographiques. 

Folio. 1754, &c. 


Apastamba. Aphorisms of the Sacred Law of the Hindus. Edited, 
with a Translation and Notes, by George (sic) BUhler, Ph.D. 
Part I, containing the Text, with Critical Notes, and an Index of 
the Sutras, 8vo. Bombay, 1868. 

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Wesenbecius : Prolegomena. 8vo. Basil, 1580. 

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Prsedestinatione. 4to. 1622. 

Apocalypse. La Clef del'. i2mo. Gen., 1640. 

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Apollodorus. See Bened. -^gius. 

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Gul. Xylandri. With Antonius. Liberalis. 8vo. Basil, 1568. 

Apollonius (Levinus). De Peruvige inventione. Svo. Antw., 1567. 

Apollonius (Rhodius). See Preston. 

Appolonius (Rhodius). Argonautica. 2 vols, in i. Svo. Lips., 18 10. 

Apology against the Defence of Schism. i2mo. Doway. 

Apology for Non-Subscribers of the New Engagement, &c. [Tracts, 
Vol. 43.] 4to. 1650. 

Apomazar, sett Apomasaris. Des Significations des Songes. 

Svo. Paris, 1581, 

Apothegmas de Reges y Principes y Philosophos. Svo. En v., 1549. 

Apparitioni. Informatione reale delle false. [Tracts, Vol. 99.] 

4to. Tig., 1566. 

Appeal Cases, Cases heard on Appeal in the House of Lords. With 
the Judgments in MS. 1725-1739. 3 vols. Folio. 

Appeal Cases. Cases heard on Appeal in the House of Lords. 
176 9- 177 6. 2 vols. Folio. 

Appeal Cases. Cases heard on Appeal in the House of Lords. 
1 784- 1 78 7. I vol. Folio. 

Appeal Cases. Cases heard on Appeal in the House of Lords. 
1 794-1 8 1 2. 9 vols. Folio. 

Appeal Cases. Cases heard on Appeal in the House of Lords. 
1818-1831. 21 vols. Folio. 


Appeal Cases. Miscellaneous Appeal Cases from 1725 to 1778. 
[Unbound.] Selected to further the completion of the above 
volumes. 121 Cases. 

Appeal Cases from 1848. Chiefly 4to. 

Appeals, Orders in Council, Letters Patent, Acts, Instructions, Src, 
relating to Appeals to the Queen in Council from certain Depen- 
dencies of the Crown and from the Consular Court (Turkey). 
[Printed by Authority.] Folio, London, 1862. 

Appellate Side of the High Court Decisions, 1862-1863. 

2 vols. 8vo. East Indies, 1862, 1863. 

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Joh. Schweighgeuseri, &c. 6 vols. 8vo. Lips., 1785. 

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Judicial Court of the State of Maine, 1841. [Vols. 19, 20, 
Maine Reports.] 2 vols. 8vo. Hallowell, 1 842-1 843. 

Appleton (W. S.) The Heraldic Journal. Recording the Armorial 
Bearings and Genealogies of American Families. Vol. 3. 

8vo. Boston, 1867. 

Apuleius (Lucius). Les Metamorphoses ; ou, I'Asne d'Or. 

8vo. Par., 1623. 

Apuleius (Lucius). Opera, cum notis Elmenhorstii, &c. 

8vo. Fran., 162 1. 
Apuleius (Lucius). See Maittaire. 

Apuleius (Lucius). See Valpy. , . 

Aqua viva, sen Aquivivus (Belisarius). De Principum Liberis 
educandis. 8vo. Bas., 1578. 

Aqua viva. De Venatione, de Aucupio, de Re Militari, et de singulari 
certamine. 8vo. Bas., 1578. 

Aquilianus (Scip.) De placitis Philosophorum, &c. With Fortu- 
natus. 4to. Ven., 1620. 

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Aquinas (Tho.) In Aristotelis Politica cum Textu. Leon. Aretino 
interp. Folio. Ven., 15 14. 

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Aquinas (Tho.) In Libros Aristotelis de Anima. Folio. Ven., 1597. 

Aragon. Fueros y Observancias del Reyno de Aragon. 

Folio. Sarag., 1623. 


Aratas. Phaenomena et Diosemea : Grgec-Lat. cura Buhle. 

2 vols. 8vo. Lips., 1793. 

Arbuthnot (A. J., M.C.I.) Select Report of Criminal Cases deter- 
mined in the Court of Foujdaree Udulat of Madras, 1826-1850. 

Svo. Madras, 1850. 

Arbuthnot (Jn.) Tables of Ancient Coins, Weights, and Measures 
Explained and Exemplified. And an Appendix by Benj. 
Langwith. 4to. 1754. 

Arc (Joanne d'). Chronique de la Pucelle; par Buchon. See France.. 

Arc (Joanne d'). Historie memorable de sa Vie. 8vo. Paris, 161 2. 

Arch^ologia. Liber quotidianus Contrarotulatoris Garderobse. Anno 
regni Regis Edwardi Primi vicesimo octavo, a.d. MCCXCIX. et 
MCCC. 4to. Londini, 1787, 

Ex codice MS. in Bibliotheca sua asservato typis edidit Soc. Antiq. 

Arch^ologia. a Collection of Ordinances and Regulations for the 
Government of the Royal Household, made in divers reigns, from 
King Edward IIL to King William and Queen Mary. Also 
Receipts in Ancient Cookery. 4to, London, 1790. 

ARCHiEOLOGiA ; or, Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquity. [Pub- 
lished by the Society of Antiquarians of London.] Third Edition. 

43 vols. 4to. London, 1 804-1 870. 

ARCHiEOLOGiA Cautiana. Being Transactions of the Kent Archseo- 
logical Society. 11 vols. 8vo. London, 1858-1877. 

Archbishops. Lively Pourtraitures of the Archbishops and Bishops. 
[Tracts, Vol. 42.] 4to. 1640. 

Archbold (John Frederick). Practice, &c., of the New County Courts. 
Third Edition, Svo. 1843. 

Archbold (John Frederick). Practice of the Crown Office of the 
Court of Queen's Bench. With Forms of Pleadings, &c. 

1 2 mo. 1844. 

Archbold (John Frederick). Landlord and Tenant. Law of. With all 
the requisite Forms. 12 mo. 1846. 

Archbold (John Frederick). Jervis' Acts (11 and 12 Vict. cc. 42, 43, 
and 44). Relating to the Duties of Justices of the Peace out of 
Sessions, &c. With Practical Notes and Forms. 

i2mo. London, 1848. 

Archbold (John Frederick). New System of Criminal Procedure, 
Pleading, and Evidence, in Indictable Cases. i2mo. 1852. 


Archbold (John Frederick). Parish Officer. Comprising the Law as 
to Church Rates, Vestries, Watching, and Lighting, &c. 

i2mo. 1852. 

Archbold (John Frederick). New Practice, Pleading, and Evidence, 

in the Courts of Common Law at Westminster. i2mo. 1853. 

Second Edition. i2mo. 1855. 

Archbold (John Frederick). Bankruptcy, Law and Practice in. 

Eighth Edition. By John Flather. 8vo. 1840. 

Tenth Edition. By John Flather. 8vo. 1844. 

Eleventh Edition. By John Flather. 8vo. 1856. 

Archbold (John Frederick). Laws relating to Notices and Grounds 
of Appeal against Poor Rates, &c. Also relative to Notices of 
Appeal and Grounds of Removal in case of Orders Removal, &c. 
Second Edition. i2mo. 1858. 

Archbold (John Frederick). Poor Law. Comprising the Whole of the 

Law of Settlement, Relief, and Removal of the Poor. With Forms. 

[Vol. 3 of The Justice of the Peace.] i2mo. 1856. 

Eleventh Edition. i2mo. London, 1863. 

Archbold (John Frederick). Parish Officer, and Shaw's Parish Law. 
Fourth Edition. By James Paterson. 12 mo. London, 1864. 

Archbold (John Frederick). Chitty's Archbold's Practice of the Court 

of Queen's Bench, in Personal Actions and Ejectments. Including 

the Common Pleas and Exchequer. Eleventh Edition. By Samuel 

Prentice. 2 vols. i2mo. London, 1862. 

Twelfth Edition. By Samuel Prentice. r2mo. 1866. 

Archbold (John Frederick). Practice of the Court of Queen's Bench 
in Personal Actions and Ejectments. 

Eighth Edition. By Chitty (Thomas). 2 vols. i2mo. 1845. 
Ninth Edition. By Chitty and Prentice. 8vo. 1855. 

Tenth Edition. By Chitty and Prentice. 2 vols. 8vo. 1858. 
Forms. Eighth Edition. 8vo. 1858. 

Eleventh Edition. By Chitty and Prentice. 

2 vols. i2mo. London, 1862. 
Twelfth Edition. By T. Prentice. 

2 vols. i2mo. London, 1866. 

Archbold (John Frederick). Snowden's Magistrate's Assistant and 
Police Officer and Constable's Guide. Fourth Edition. 

i2mo. 1859. 

Archbold (John Frederick). Practice of the Court of Quarter 
Sessions, and its Original Appellate and Criminal Jurisdiction. 
Third Edition. By C. W. Lovesy. i2mo. London, 1869. 


Archbold (John Frederick). Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer. 
With the Practice of Country Attorneys in Criminal Cases. 
With Forms and a Tabular Arrangement of Offences. 

3 vols. 8vo. 1846. 
Sixth Edition. 4 vols. i2mo. 1859. 

Seventh Edition. 2 vols. Post 8vo. 1875. 

Archbold (John Frederick). Lunacy. The Statutes relating to. 

Comprising the Law with respect to Pauper Lunatics, Hospitals, 

and Licensed Houses, Inquisitions in Lunacy, and Criminal 

Lunatics. i2mo. 1854. 

Second Edition. By William Cunningham Glen and Alexander 

Glen. 8vo. London, 1877. 

Archbold (John Frederick). Pleading and Evidence in Criminal 
Cases. By Jervis. i2mo. 1835. 

Tenth Edition. By Welsby. i2mo. 1846. 

Twelfth Edition. By Welsby. i2mo. 1853. 

Thirteenth Edition. By Welsby. i2mo. 1856. 

Fifteenth Edition. By Welsby. Royal i2mo. 1862. 

Sixteenth Edition. Including the Practice in CrHftinal Pro- 
ceedings by Indictment. By William Bruce. 

i2mo. London, 1867. 
Seventeenth Edition. By William Bruce. 

i2mo. London, 187 1. 
Nineteenth Edition. By William Bruce. 

i2mo. London, 187 1. 

Archdall (Mervyn, M.A.) Monasticon Hibernicum; or, an History 
of the Abbies, Priories, and other Religious Houses in Ireland. 

4to. Dublin, 1786. 

Archer (Chs. P.) Digest of Irish Law Reports. 8vo. Dub., 1842. 

Archer (James T.) Reports of Cases argued and determined in the 
Supreme Court of Florida, January Term 1848 to January Term 
1849. [Vol. 2, Florida Reports.] 8vo. Tallahassee, 1848. 

Archibald (E. M.) Digest of the Laws of Newfoundland. Compre- 
hending the Judicature Act and Royal Charter, and various Acts 
of the Local Legislature in Amendment of the same. With an 
Appendix. 8vo. St. John's, Newfoundland, 1847. 

Archibald (Tho. Dickson). Law Journal Digest. 

Archibald (W. F. A., M.A.) Forms of Summonses and Orders. With 
Notes. 8vo. London, 1879. 

Archilochus. See Poetse Minores. 

Archilochus. De Temporibus. In Historia Antiqua. 8vo, 1599. 

Archirota (Alex.) De Voto Paupertatis. 8vo. Flor., 1580. 



Architecture. Dictionary of Architecture. Parts i to i8. [In 
progress.] [Published by Architectural Publication Society.] 

6 vols. Imp. 4to. London, 1863-1867. 

Architecture. Raison d'. Extrait de Vitruve, &c. 4to. Paris. 

Archives Diplomatiques. Recueil de Diplomatic et d'Histoire. 
Janvier 1861— Decembre 1875. [In progress.] 

27 vols. 8vo. Paris, n.d. 

Archontologia Cosmica, &c. [Imperfect.] Folio. 

Arcudio (Pet.) De Concordia Ecclesiae Occidentalis et Orientalis in 
Sacramentorum Administratione. Folio. Paris, 1626. 

Arena (J. d'). Super Jure Civili. Folio. Lugd., 1541. 

Arethas in Apocalypsin. See Hentenius. 

Aretini (Angeli). Commentaria in IV. Libros Institutionum Im- 
perialium. Folio. Lugd., 15 13. 

Aretinus (i'Van.) Accolti. Super primS, et secunda Digesti Novi. 

ARETiNHir(Fran.) Accolti. In primam et secundam partem Codicis. 

Aretinus. Super Pandecta veteri. Folio. Venet., 1506. 

Aretinus (Leon.) De Bello Italico adversus Gothos. With Quintilian. 

4to. Bel v., 1507. 

Aretinus (Leon.) Res suo tempore in Italia gestae. 

4to. Lugd., 1539. 

Aretinus (Leon.) De Rebus Grsecis. 4to. Lugd., 1539. 

Aretius (Bened.) Examen Theologicum. 8vo. Lausannse, 1579. 

Aretius (Bened.) Loci Communes Christianse Religionis. 

Folio. 161 7. 

Aretius (CI. Marius). See Hispanicarum rerum Scriptores. 

Aretophile. Recueils d'. 4to. Lyon, 1578. 

Arfevile (Nic.) La Navigation de Jaques V. de Escosse autour de 
son Royaume. 4to. Paris, 1583. 

Argelus de Paltronibus (Caes.) De acquirenda Possessione. 

Folio. Ven., 1655. 
Argensola (Bar. Leon.) Conquista de las Islas Malucas. 

Folio. Mad., 1609. 
Argentoratenses Ecclesiastici. Non esse in Templis Christianis 
ferendas imagines, &c. (k Bedroto). 4to. Arg., 1530. 

Argentoratenses Ecclesiastici. Epistola contra Erasmum. 

8vo. Arg., 1530. 


Argentre (Bertrand d'). Commentarii in Patrias Britonum Leges. 

Folio. Paris, 1661. 

Argier. Redemption of Captives in Argier and Tunis. [Tracts, 
Vol. 14.] 4to. 1647. 

Argou (Gabriel). Institution au Droit Frangois. Par M. A. C. Bouchet 
d'Argis. 2 vols. i2mo. Par., 1787. 

Argument to prove that each Subject has a Property in his Goods. 
[Tracts, Vol. 48.] 4to. 1641. 

Argyle (Marquis), and the Estates of Scotland. Declaration con- 
cerning the King. [Tracts, Vol. 14.] 4to. 1648. 

Argyropilus (Jo.) Ethicorum Aristotelis Traductio, cum commen- 
tario Jo. Fabri. Svo. Par., 15 14. 

Aria (Fran.) De imitatione Virginis. i2mo. Ant., 1602. 

Aria (Fran.) Tractatus Spirituales. i2mo. Col. Ag., 1503. 

Ariosto (Lod.) Orlando Furioso. 5 vols. Svo. Mil., 1812. 

Ariosto (Lod.) Satires {English). 8vo. 1759. 

Aristarchi Bey (Gregoire). Legislation Ottomane, ou Recueil des 
Lois, reglements, ordonnances, traites, capitulations, et autres 
documents officiels de I'Empire Ottoman. 

2 vols. Svo. Constantinople, 1873-1874. 
Appendice. Svo. Constantinople, 1878. 

Aristarque k Nicandre. Discours d'. Svo. Rouen, 16 28. 

Aristobulus. With France-Turquie. 

Aristobulus. Svo. Bas., 1541. 

Aristophanes. Comodiae, cum Scholiis, &c. Jo. Bekkeri. 

5 vols. Svo. 1829. 

Aristophanes. The Clouds. Translated by Ch. P. Gerard. With 
Notes. Svo. 1 85 2. 

Aristoteles. Physicorum et Metaphysicorum Paraphrases. 

Folio. Par., 1501. 

Aristoteles. Historia Animalium k Tho. Gaza et Pet. Alcyonio. 

Folio. Par,, 1524. 

Aristoteles. Opera Omnia. Folio. Basil, 1550. 

Aristoteles. Opera Latinb. Folio. Basil, 1563. 

Aristoteles. Historia Animalium. a Jul. Csesare. 

Folio. Tolosae, 1619. 

Aristoteles. Omnia Opera. Gr. et Lat. 2 vols. Folio. Par., 161 9. 


Aristoteles. Secreta Secretarum. With Mensa. 4to. 

Aristoteles. Rhetorica, k Fra. Philelpho. With Quintilian. 4to. 

Aristoteles. Physionomia. See Achilini Secreta. 

Arkansas. A Digest of the Statutes of Arknasas. Embracing all Laws 
of a genc-al and permanent character in force at the close of the 
Session of the General Assembly of 1856. Together with Notes of 
the Decisions of the Supreme Court. By Josiah Gould. 

2 vols. 8vo. Little Rock, 1858. 

Arkansas Reports, 1837-1875. 

Pike [1-5 Ark ], 1837-1842. 5 vols. 
English [6-13 Ark.], 1843-1853. 8 vols. 
Barber [1424 Ark.], 1853-1867. 11 vols. 
Cox [25-27 Ark.], 1867-1872. 3 vols. 
Moore [28-32 Ark.], 1872-1877. 5 vols. 

32 vols. 8vo. Little Rock, 1840- 187 8. 

Arkley (Pet.) Reports of Cases before the High Court and Circuit 
Courts of Justiciary in Scotland, 1846-1848. 8vo. Edin., 1849. 

Arlia (Constantino). Le Convenzioni d'Estradizione tra il Regno 
d'ltalia e gli Stati Stranieri. Serie prima. 

8vo. Torino, Roma, Firenze, 187 1. 

Armada Inglesa. De la Repuesta contra las Falsedades en Bituperio. 

4to. 1589. 

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ARNiSiEus (Henningus 

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8vo. Fran., 1606. 

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Epitome Doctrinse Physicae. 

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8vo. 1845. 

Arnis^eus (Henningus 

ARNiSiEUS (Henningus 
ARNiSiEUS (Henningus 

Arnis^us (Henningus 

ARNiSiEUS (Henningus 

Arnis^us (Henningus 
Arnis^us (Henningus 

Arnold (Tho. James) 

Arnold and Hodge's Reports. New Term, Q.B 

"New Term Report," C.P., 1838-1839. 
2 vols. 8vo. 

Five Parts. 


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With Reference to the American Cases and later Continental 

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Common Pleas, Quarter Sessions, Oyer and Terminer, and 
Orphan's Court of the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, 
1 808- 1 84 1. With Notes and References. 

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[Tracts, Vol. 38.] 4to. 1648. 

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AssiSARUM Liber. See Abridgment of the Book of Assize {French). 

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AssiSARUM Liber. See Year Books. 

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Chancellor on the further Assimilation of the Jurisdiction of the 
Superior Courts of Law and Equity. [Pamphlet.] 

8vo. London, 1836. 


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With Symmactus. 4to. Ven., 1503. 

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Athanasian Creed. Authorized Report of the Meetings in Defence 
of the Athanasian Creed, which were held in St. James's Hall 
and in the Hanover Square Rooms, on January 31st, 1873. 
[Pamphlets, Vol. 16.] 8vo. London, 1873. 

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of the Library of the Athenaeum. Containing the Additions, 

Additions to the Library, 1860-187 6. 

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versae. 8vo. Basil, 1556. 

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Curio pro Ecclesia. 8vo. Col., 1567. 

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Lords and Commons of Athens. With Rehearsal. Folio. 1 705. 

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ments. 8vo. 181 3. 

Atherley (Edmond Gibson). See Sheppard's Touchstone. 

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Sheriff, Bailiff, &c. 

Fifth Edition. i2mo. London, 1869. 

Sixth Edition. By Rudolp E. Melsheimer. 

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Derivative, and Critical. 4to. London, 1868. 


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in the time of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke. 

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ment, and Antiquity of the House of Commons. Folio. 1689. 

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England. Folio. 1689, 

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Veley) in the House of Lords. 8vo. 1853. 

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4to. 1689. 

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of Scotland. 8vo. 1704 

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8vo. Lugd., 1575. 

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causis, &c. 8vo. Basil, 1579. 

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1 8th Centuries. To which are added Hearne's Journeys to Reading 
and to Whadden Hall, and Lives of Eminent Men. By John 
Aubrey. 2 vols, in 3. 8vo. 181 2. 

Aubrey (John, F.R.S.) Wiltshire. The Topographical Collections of 
John Aubrey, F.R.S., a.d. 1659-1670. With Illustrations. 
Corrected and Enlarged by John Edward Jackson, M.A., F.S.A. 
[Published by the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History 
Society.] 4to. Devizes, 1862. 

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4to. 1657. 


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AucTORES Octo. Folio. Lugd., 1596. 

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4to. Par., 1554. 

AucTORES Varii Rei Agrariae. See Finium Auctores. 

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4to. 1647. 

AuDOMARO (Pet. de Sancto). See Sancto. 

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4to. Tau., 1579. 
AuGURELLUS (Jo. Aur.) Chrysopoeia. With Ripley. 

AuGUSTi« Historiae Scriptores Latini Minores, cum notis Jan. Gruteri. 

Folio. Han., 161 1. 

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Ursini. Svo. Rom., 1583. 

AuGUSTiNUS (Ant.) De Legibus et Senatusconsultis, cum notis Fulv. 
Ursini. Folio, Paris, 1584. 

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Folio. Lugd., 1520. 

AUGUSTINUS, or Augustine (Div. Aur.) De Doctrina Christiana, &c. 
With Picus Conclusiones. Svo. Col., 1527. 

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Piscatorem. Folio. Arg. Kind., 1537. 

AUGUSTINUS, or Augustine (Div. Aur.) Opera Omnia. 

10 vols, in 5. Folio. Basil., 1569. 

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Religiones, Per Daneau. 8vo. Gen., 1575. 

AUGUSTINUS, or Augustine (Div. Aur.) Confessiones, &c. 

Svo. Wertz., 1581. 

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vationes. Svo. Arg., 1599. 

AUGUSTINUS, or Augustine (Div. Aur.) De Doctrina Christiana, 
&c. 1 2 mo. Wittel., 1604. 

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Essentia Divinitatis. i2mo. Wittel., 1604. 

AUGUSTINUS. His Religion, &c. 4to. 1625. 


AuGUSTiNus. De rOuvrage des Moines, par Camas. 8vo. Rouen, 1633. 

AuGusTiNus. De Epiphania. With Magnorum Gista. Folio. 

AuGUSTiNus. De Moribus Ecclesias, &c. 8vo 

AuGUSTiNUS. Epistolarum Liber. Folio. 

AuGUSTiNUS. Retractiones. 8vo. [No Title.] 

AuGUSTiNUS. Vita. Launcelotte. 

AUGUSTINUS. See Library of the Fathers, Nos. i, 16, 20, 22, 24, 25, 

26, 27, 30, 32, 37, 39. 
AUGUSTINUS. See Monasticse Regulge. 

AuLiCiE atque Politicse Observation es. Svo. Arg., 1599. 

AuLius Gellius. See Gellius. 
AuRELius (Corn.) Batavia. Svo. Antw., 1586. 

AuRELius, or Aurelio (Ls.) Epitome Annalium Ecclesiasticorum 
Baronii. 2 vols. i2mo. Rom., 1636. 

AuRELius (Victor). See Augustae Historise Scriptores. 

AuRELius (Victor). See Valpy. 

AuRELLio (Gio. Bat.) Philosophorum Disputationes de Resurrectione. 

8vo. Franc, 1586. 

AuRELLio (Gio. Bat.) Esamine della Dottrina e dei Fatti de Protestanti 
veri e dei Cattolici Romani. 4to. 1587. 

AusoNius (Decimus Magnus). See Mattaire. 

AusoNius (Decimus Magnus). See Valpy. 

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Second Edition. Svo. 1S61. 

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" The Province of Jurisprudence Determined." To which are 

added Notes and Fragments. [Now first published from the 

Original Manuscripts.] By Sarah Austen. Vols. 2 and 3. 

Svo. London, 1863. 
Third Edition. By J. Campbell. 2 vols. Svo. London, 1869. 

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Supreme Court on Appeals from the District Court of Candy, 
from 1833 to 1839. Svo. Colombo, 1S62. 

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in Circuit No. 45, heard and determined by Henry James Stonor, 
Esq., Judge of the said Courts. i2mo. London, 1869. 


AusTiNE (Rt.) Allegiance not impeached by the Parliament's taking 
Arms. [Tracts, Vol. 40.] 4to. 1644. 

Australia. Law List for Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, 
Queensland, New Zealand, Tasmania, Western Australia. 

8vo. Melbourne, 1870. 
Australia (South). Acts and Ordinances of the Province of South 
' Australia from 7 Will. IV. to 40 Vict. (1837-1878). [Imperfect, 
1857 and 1862-1864 wanting. Acts 39-40 Vict, unbound.] 

5 vols. 4to. Adelaide, 183 7- 1878. 

Index to the Ordinances of Western Australia, 2 Will. IV., 
No. 3, 1832, to 25 Vict., No. 19, 1862. 

4to. Fremantle, 1862. 

Australia (South). Alphabetical Catalogue of the Printed Books, 
Charts, Drawings, Maps, &c., in the Library of the Legislature of 
South Australia. Brought down to 14th June, 1868. 

8vo. Adelaide, 1868. 

Australia (Western). 2 Will. IV., 1832 to 42 Vict., 1878 [1875 wanting]. 

4 vols. 4to. Perth, 1832-1878. 

Australia (Western). Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative 
Councils during the Sessions 187 3- 1875. With Papers presented 
to the Council by Command of His Excellency the Governor, and 
Copies of the various Documents ordered by the Council to be 
printed. [By Authority.] Folio. Perth. 

Australian Colonies. See Labilliere Pamphets, Vol. 7. 

Australian Law List, 1876. Comprising the Judges and Officers 
of the different Courts of Justice in Victoria, New South Wales, 
South Australia, Queensland, New Zealand, Tasmania, Western 
Australia. By Robert Hadus Smith. i2mo. Melbourne, 1876. 

Austria. Austrise Domfts Stemma. [Tracts, Vol. 120.] 

4to. Ticini., 16 19. 

Austria. II Codice di Commercio exposto secondo le Reforme e le 
Leggi ore vigenti rel regno Lombardo-Veneto. 

i6mo. Milano, 1835. 

AusTRiACUS (Jo.) De Memoria Artificiosa. With Marafiotus. 

i2mo. Franc, 1603. 
AusTRiACUS (Jo.) De Memoria Artificiosa. With Marafiotus. 

i2mo. Franc, 1603. 

Author. Hints to Authors in preparing Copy. With Practical 
Directions for Preparing Proof Sheets for the Press. 8vo. 

AuzOLES Lapeyre (Jas. d'). Les Evangiles de Jesus Christ. 

4to. Paris, 16 10. 


AuzOLES Lapeyre (Jas. d'). L'Epiphanie. 4to. Paris, 1638. 

AvELLAR (And. d'). Chronographia conforme a Reforma^ao do Gre- 
gorio XIII. 4to. Lisb., 1594- 

AvERANius (Joseph). Interpretationes Juris. 4to. Macer., 1832. 

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AvEROULT (Ant.) Catechisme Historial. 2v0ls.ini. 8vo. Rouen, 1626. 

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AvESBURY (Robt. d'). Historia Edwardi III., per Thorn. Hearnium. 

8vo. Oxon., 1720. 

AviCENNA. Metaphysica. Folio. Ven., 1493. 

AviCENNA. Flores, &c. ■ 8vo. Lugd., 15 14. 

AviCENNA. Ars Chymica. 8vo. Basil, 1572. 

AviCENNA. Liber Canonis revisus et purgatus. [Imperfect] 4to. 

AviENUs (Rufus Festus). See Maittaire. 

AviLA, or Davila (Juan). Audi filia, &c. 8vo. Salam, 1575. 

AviLA, or Davila (Juan). Audi filia, &c. {English). 4to. 1620. 

AviTUS (Sext. Alcimus Ecditius). See Maittaire. 

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Ayala (Gab.) Carman pro vera Medicina, et de Lue pestilenta. 

4to. Antw., 1562. 

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Hubert Ayckbourn. i2mo. London and DubUn, 1856. 

Ayckbourn (Hubert). Forms of Practical Proceedings in the High 
Court of Chancery. With all existing Orders of Court, Rules, and 
Regulations. Forming the Second Volume of the Practice of the 
Court. i2mo. London, 1866. 

Ayckbourn (Hubert). The Practice of the High Court of Chancery, as 

altered by recent Statutes and Orders. With Forms of Proceedings 

and Orders of Court. Fifth Edition. By T. H. Ayckbourn and 

Hubert Ayckbourn. i2mo. London and Dublin, 1855. 

Eighth Edition. Comprising Proceedings by Bill, Special 

Case, Summons, and under the Charitable Trusts Acts, 

the Settled Estates Acts, and the Infants' Marriage Act. 

By J. Napier Higgins, B.A. i2mo. London, 1866. 

Ninth Edition. By Hubert Ayckbourn. 

i2mo. London, 1870. 


Ayckbourn (Hubert). The Jurisdiction and Practice of the Supreme 
Court of Judicature and of the Divisional Courts, under the 
Supreme Court of Judicature Act. With an Appendix of Forms, 
Rules, and Regulations. 12 mo. London, 1874. 

Ayliffe (Jn.) Pandect of Roman Civil Law. Folio. 1734. 

Ayliffe (Jn.) Parergon Juris Canonici Anglicani ; or, a Commentary 
by way of Supplement to the Canons and Constitutions of the 
Church of England. FoHo 1734. 

Ayloffe (Joseph). Calendars of Ancient Charters, and of ..the Welsh 
and Scottish Rolls remaining in the Tower of London. With an 
Introduction giving some Account of the Public Records. 

4to. 1774. 

Ayora (Ant. Ayerve d'). De Partitionibus. Folio. Lugd., 1677. 

Ayrault (Pierre), ^rodius. L'Ordre, Formality et Instruction Judi- 
ciaire, done les anciens Grecs et Romains ont use es accusations 
publiques, confere au stil et usage de France. 4to. Paris, 1610. 

4to. Paris, 1642. 

Ayrault (Pierre), ^^rodius. Pandectae. Folio. Paris, 161 5. 

Ayrault (Pierre). Plaidoyers et Arrests, Opuscula, &c. 

4to. Paris, 16 15. 

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[Tracts, Vol. 167.] 8vo. 16 16. 

Ayrer (Ch. N.) Informatio Medici. With Sim. Fortius. 

Svo. Fran., 1594, 

Ayrton (Edwd. Nugent). Suggestions for an Act to give an Indefeasible 
Title in Land. [Pamphlets, Vol. 8.] Svo. 1857. 

Ayrton (Scrope). Bankruptcy Law. See Montagu. 

Ayrton (Scrope). See Montagu. 

Ayscough (S.) a Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the British Museum, 
hitherto undescribed. Including the Collections of Sir Hans Sloane, 
Bart., the Rev. Thomas Birch, D.D., &c. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1782. 

Ayscough, F.S.A. (Rev. Samuel). An Index of the Remarkable 
Passages and Words made use of by Shakespeare. 

8vo. London, 1790. 

Ayscu (Edwd.) History of Wars, Treaties, Marriages, &c., between 
England and Scotland (Wm. I. — James I.) 4to. 1607. 

Aytoun (Wm. Edmondstoune). Life of Richard I., surnamed Coeur 
de Lion, King of England. i2mo. 1856. 


AzoN (Fortius). Summa ; Brocardica, &c. ; per Hen. Dresium. 

Folio. Venet, 1696. 
AzoTH, &c. 4to. Franc, 1613. 

AzuNi (M. D. A.) Droit Maritime de I'Europe. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1805. 


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original Arabic. Part Second, containing the Doctrines of the 
Imameea Code of Jurisprudence on the most important of the 
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and the Scotch Bye-Laws. 

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Vol. 6. J 4to. 1640. 


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Vols. 1-6. A Selection from the Papers laid before Parliament previous 

to the Reference to the Court of Admiralty. 
Vols. 7 and 8. The Order of Reference, the Pleadings, and the other 

Papers which were brought into Court during the Progress of the 

Vols, 9 and 10. The Arguments of Counsel, followed by the Judgment 

of the very learned Judge of the Court of Admiralty. 

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8vo. Dow,, 1604. 

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Kansas, 1 864-1 871. 
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4to. Bono., 1520 
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4to, Basil, 1534 

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determined in the Supreme Court of Arkansas, at the July Term 
1853 to October Term i860. [Vols. 14-21, Arkansas Reports.] 

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Troisieme Edition. [In progress.] Vols. 1-3. 

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Special Reference to the Office and Duties of a Justice of the 
Peace. Third Edition. Revised and enlarged. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1865. 
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8vo. Edinburgh, Perth, and Glasgow, 1847. 

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of the State of Missouri, contained in the first twenty-seven 
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Svo. Paris, 1620. 

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4to. Lugd., 1561. 

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Chamier : Epistola. , Svo. Ven., 1599. 

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par la Parole de Dieu. Svo. Paris, 16 10. 

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4to. Nea., 1603. 

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Babel. i2mo. Col., 1620. 

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Vol. 64.] 4to, 1578. 

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[Tracts, Vol. 9.] 4to. 1659. 

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burgius. Folio. Amst., 1635. 

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Taylor: Commmentarius. 4to, Cant., 1742. 


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4to. 1606. 

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Began (Martin), 

Began (Martin). 

Began (Martin). 

Began (Martin). 

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Super causis Generalis Consilii Convocandi Suppli- 

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See Britannicarum Rerum Scriptores. 

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17 vols. 8vo. Paris et Aix, 1854-1864. 

Beda (Venerabilis). 
Beda (Venerabilis). 

Beda (Venerabilis). 
from the Latin. 

Beda (Venerabilis). 

Bedarride (Jassuda). 


Bedarride (Jassuda) — continued. 

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Titres 3, 4. Des Societies. 2 vols. 1856. 

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et Courtiers. i vol. 1862. 

Titre 6. Des Commissionaires. i vol. 1863. 

Titre 7. Des Achats et Ventes. i vol. 1862. 

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et de la Prescription. 2 vols, 1862. 

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taire de la loi du 28 Mai, 1838. 4th Edition. Revue et 
mise au courant de la Doctrine et de la Jurisprudence. 

3 vols. 1862. 

Livre IV. De la Jurisdiction Commerciale. i vol. 1864. 

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d'Invention sur les Noms des Fabricants et des lieux de Fabrica- 
tion, sur les Marques de Fabrique et de Commerce. 

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the Royal Navy, The Mercantile Marine, and Yacht Squadrons. 
Third Edition, revised and enlarged. With Charts, Diagrams, and 
Illustrations. Small 4to. London, 1877. 

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Vol. 100.] 4to. 1 63 1. 


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Court of South Carolina, 1792-1805. 

To which is added an Appendix, containing Decisions in the 
Admiralty Court of Pennsylvania ; by the late Francis 
Hopkinson, Esq., 1779-1785; in the Admiralty Court of 
South Carolina, 1786; and in the Special District Court of 
Massachusetts, 1809. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1810. 

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4to. 1679. 

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Agents, including the Law of Cost as between Agent and Client. 
With an Appendix of Relative Statutes, Acts of Siderunt, and all 
the Tables of Fees, &c. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1873. 

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8vo. Roan., 1608. 

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Bel, or Bell (Thomas). See Doleful Knell. 

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Espana. 2 vols. Folio. Mexico, 1787. 

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1857, 1858. Folio. Dub., 1859. 

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Belgicarum Rerum Chronicon. Folio. Fran., 1564. 

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2 vols. i2mo. Brux., 1834. 

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Folio. Ven., 1598. 


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Science du Droit. Troisieme Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

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4to. Brix., 1562. 

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Belisarius. See Aquivivus. 

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and on Appeal, by the House of Lords, from 1726 to 1867. 
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Shaw; and from 1852 to 1862, by Messrs. Macpherson, Bell, and 
Lamond. 3 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, n.d. 

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Merchandise. 8vo. Edin., 1844. 

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relation to Mercantile and Maritime Law, Moveable and Heritable 
Rights, and to Bankruptcy. By Patrick Shaw. 

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Edition. By Patrick Shaw. 8vo. Edin., i860. 

Sixth Edition. By William Guthrie. 8vo. Edin., 1872. 


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in Bengal. With Act VIII., 1869, of the Bengal Council. 

8vo. 1870. 
Second Edition. By Millet and Reilly. 8vo. Calcutta, 1874. 

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Collection of Existing Statutes relating to the Revenue of Excise. 
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Third Edition. By William Bell. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1830. 

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from November 1808 to November 1833. 

2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1841, 1842. 

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8vo. London and Dublin, 1859. 

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8vo. 1859. 

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Bell (Thomas). Crown Cases. See Dearsley. 

Bell (Thomas). See Bel. 

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8vo. London and Edinburgh, 1838. 

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With Explanations of the most ordinary English Law Terms. By 
George Ross. 8vo. London and Edinburgh, 1861. 

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Folio. Ing., 1586. 

Bellarmin (Robert). Contradictiones Doctorum, &c. 

4to. Arg., 1597. 

Bellarmin (Robert). De Indulgentiis, &c. 8vo. Paris, 1599. 


Bellarmin (Robert 
Bellarmin (Robert 
Bellarmin (Robert 

Bellarmin (Robert 

Bellarmin (Robert 
Bellarmin (Robert 

Bellarmin (Robert 

Bellarmin (Robert 
gyus : Malum. 

Bellarmin (Robert 
Bellarmin (Robert 
Bellarmin (Robert 

Bellarmin (Robert 

Bellarmin (Robert 

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Belt (Robert). See Brown's Chancery Reports. 

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Insurance, Bottomry, and Respondentia, and on their Practical 

. Application in effecting those Contracts, and in the Adjustment of 

all Claims arising out of them. For the use of Underwriters, 

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Benedict (St.) See Monasticse Regulae. 

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Benedictis (Jo. Bapt.) Resolutio omnium Euclidis problematum. 

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(Civil and Criminal) in its original and Appellate Jurisdictions ; 
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Goodeve and Herbert Cowell. 1868-18 75. 

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Bengal Regulations. See Sutherland. 

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References to the American Decisions, and to the French Code and 

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Second Edition. Svo. London, 1873. 

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against Lieut. Bennett and H. Young, and Commands for their 
Acts at St. Alban's, V.T., on the 19th October, 1864. 

8vo. Montreal, 1865. 

Benloe (Gulielme, Serjeant de la Ley). Reports des divers Resolu- 
tions et judgments donnes par les reverendes judges de la Ley en 
le temps de Roys et Roignes Hen. VIIL, Edw. VI., Phil et Mar., 
et Elizab. ; avecque autres select cases adjudges en le temps de 
Roys Jaques et Charles le premier. Folio. London, 1661. 

4to. London, 1669. 

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beth {French). Folio. London, 1689. 

Benloe (Gulielme). See Keilwey. 

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Office in Chancery. With Observations illustrative of the Practice 
in the Office of the Accountant-General. 8vo. 1834. 

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Christ. 8vo. Par., 1561. 

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8vo. London, 1837. 

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Sermon. Svo. London, 1837. 

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pacy. Svo. London, 1839. 

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Prayers for the Dead, and the Lord's Supper. Svo. London, 1841. 

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England considered. Svo. London, 1845. 

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of Genesis examined. [Unbound, 39 pp.] Svo. London, 186 1. 

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Corrected by the Author. 2 vols. Svo. London, 1823. 

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Svo. London, 1S23. 

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Bentham (Jeremy). Rationale of Reward. Svo. London, 1S25. 

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applied to English Practice. By John S. Mill. 

5 vols. Svo. London, 1S27. 

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John Bowring.] 11 vols. Svo. London and Edinburgh, 1S43, 

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Svo. 1S58. 
Translated by R. Hildeth. Post Svo. London, 1S64. 

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Svo. Brussels, 1632. 


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tained in a Cartulary of the Abbey of St. Peter's, Westminster. 
[Privately printed.] 8vo. London, 1836. 

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With an Answer to the Objections of the Hon. Charles Boyle. 

8vo. London, 181 6. 

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Berchorius (Pet.) Reductorium Morale. Folio. Ven., 1583, 

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With Hearne : Rich. IL 8vo. Oxon., 1729. 

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Locher, 4to. Turin, 1589, 

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de Guipuscoa. Folio. Tolosa, 1696. 

Bergenroth (G. a.) Calendar of State Papers, Letters, and Des- 
patches relating to the Negotiations between England and Spain. 
Preserved in the Archives at Simancas and elsewhere. See Cal. 
St. Pa. Imperial 8vo. London, 1 862-1 867. 

Vol. I, Henry VII., 1485-1509. | Vol. 2, Henry VIII., 1509-1525. 
Supplement to Vols, i, 2. 

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Folio. Lips., 1726. 

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Romaine. 4to. Paris, 1622. 

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8vo. Han., 16 14. 

Berkeley Peerage Case. 

1. The Claimant's Orignal Case, 1858. 

2. The Supplemental Case, With Three Appendices. 

3. The Index to the Evidence. 

4. The Opening Speech of the Claimaint's Counsel, Mr. 


5. Mr. Fleming's Summing-up Speech. 

6. The Speech of the Attorney-General (the present Lord 

Chancellor) for the Crown. 

Berland (Mich.) See France. 


Bermuda. Acts of the Legislature of the Islands of Bermuda remain- 
ing in force at the end of the year i860. Compiled, under authority 
of the Legislature, by John Harvey Darrell. 1691-1860. 

8vo. New York, 1862. 
Acts for 1864-1879. Folio. Hamilton, 1864-1879. 

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8vo. Lyon, 1547. 
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4to. London, 1568. 
Bernard (John Peter). See Bayle. 

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of Great Britain during the American Civil War. 

8vo. London, 1870. 

Bernard (Montague, M.A.) Four Lectures on Subjects connected 
with Diplomacy. 8vo. London, 1868. 

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4to. London, 1607. 

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Apostolical. 4to. London, 16 10. 

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Question, where this our Religion was before Luther's Time. 
[Tracts, Vol. 25.] 4to. London, 1623. 

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4to. Antw., 1632. 

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Folio. Bon., 1590. 

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Platonicse, et Stoicse, 2 vols. Folio. Lugd., 1599. 

Bernardus (Jo. Bapt.) Seminarium totius Philosophise Aristotelicse, 
Platonicse, et Stoicse. 3 vols, in i. Folio. Lugd., 1605. 

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8vo. Urse., 1697. 


Bernartius (Jo.) De Utilitate legendse Historise. 

8vo. Antw,, 1593. 

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Beroalde (Frs.) See Verville. 

Beroaldo (Phil.) Declamationes. With WiUis Mnemonica. 

i2mo. 1618. 

Beroaldo (Phil.) Orationes, &c. 4to. Bano, 1520 

Beroaldo (Phil.) See Persian Monarchy. 

Beroaldus (Mat.) See Mercator. 

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4 vols. Folio. Bononise, 1567 

Berosus. Antiquitates. In Historia Antiqua. Svo. 1599 

Berotius (Jo.) Caroli V. Diariura Expeditionis Tunicese. 

Svo. Lov., 1547 

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Berriat (Saint Prix). Histoire du Droit Romain, suivie de THistoire 
de Cujas. Svo, Paris, 1S21 

Berry (Wm.) History of Guernsey, with the neighbouring Islands. 

4to. 1S15 

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Folio. Genev., 1699 

Bersanus (Barth.) De Ultimis Voluntatibus. Folio. Bonon., 1707 

Bert (Pierre). French and Vaudois St. Luke and St. John. By the 
British and Foreign Bible Society. Svo. 1832 

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Bertacchius (Dom.) De Spiritibus. 4to. Ven., 1584 

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3 vols. Folio. Venet., 1494. 

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3 vols. Folio. Franc, 1602 

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Bertius (Petrus). Tabularum Geographicarum Contractio. 

Svo. Amst., 1 6 16 

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amplexus sit. [Tracts, Vol. 49.] 4to, Herb., 1622 

Bertius (Petrus). Ad Filium suum Abrahamum Epistola. [Tracts, 
Vol. 98.] 4to. Par., 1628 


Bertius (Petrus). De Aggeribus et Pontibus hactenus ad mare 
extructis. 8vo. Par., 1629. 

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dans les autres Pays. 8vo. Paris, 1870. 

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6 vols. Folio. Franc, 1503. 

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8vo. Berlin, 1866. 

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8vo. Tub., 1622. 

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Bessarion (John). De Sacramento Eucharistse. With Huss de Unitate. 

4to. Prag., 1520. 

Bessarion (John). Turcicse Orationes. With Folieta de Turcis. 

8vo. Lips., 1595. 

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8vo. Col. Ag,, 1 6 16. 

Besse, or Bessseus (Pierre de). Conceptions Theologiques, &c. 

2nd vol. 8vo. Douay, 1629. 

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Besson (Jas.) L'Art de trouver les Eaux, 4to. Orleans, 1569. 

Besson (Jas.) Theatrum des Instruments Mathematiques et Mecha- 
niques. Folio. Lyon, 1596. 

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the Theory and Rules of Presumptive or Circumstantial Proof in 
Criminal Cases. 8vo. London, 1844, 

Best (W. M., A.M., LL.B.) The Principles of Evidence and Practice 
as to Proof in Common Law. 8vo. London, 1849. 

Third Edition. 8vo. London, i860. 

Fourth Edition. 8vo. London, 1866. 

Fifth Edition. 8vo. London, 1870. 

Sixth Edition. 8vo. London, 1875. 

Best (William Maudsley) and Smith (George James Philip). Cases 
argued and determined in the Court of Queen's Bench, and Courts 
of Exchequer Chamber, on Appeal from the Court of Queen's 
Bench, from Easter Term 1861 to Michaelmas Term and 
Vacation 1869. 10 vols. 8vo. London, 1862-187 1. 


Bestia Apocalyptica. Commentarius de. Folio. Del., 1623. 

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I and 2, 8vo. Dublin, 1826, 1827. 

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Vol. 109.] 4to. Mog., 1582. 

Betti (Fran.) Difese sopra le Colpe attribuitegli da Gir. Mutio. 

i2mo. 1574. 

Betts (Samuel R.) A Summary of Practice in Instance, Revenue, 
and Prize Causes in the Admiralty Courts of the United States, 
for the Southern District of New York, and also on Appeal to the 
Supreme Court. Together with the Rules of the District Court. 

Svo. New York, 1838. 

Betts (Samuel R.) Decisions in Admiralty Cases. See Blatchford 
and Rowland, District of New York, 1827-1837; Olcot, do., 
1843-1847 ; Abbot, do., 1847-1850 ; Blatchford's Prize Cases, 
1861-1863. 4 vols. New York, 1855-1866. 

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8vo. Ven., 1562. 

Betussi (Giuseppi). Ragionamento sopra il Palazzo del Cathaio. 

4to. Pad., 1573. 

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Beuther (Mich.) In Taciturn de Moribus Germanorum. 

Svo. Arg., 1594. 

Bever (Tho.) History of the Roman Law. 4to. 17S1. 

Beveregius. See Beveridge. 

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Canonum Apostolorum et Conciliorum. 

2 vols. Folio. Oxon., 1672. 

Beveridge (William, Bishop of St. Asaph). Codex Canonum Ecclesise 
Primitivae, vindicatus ac illustratus. 4to. 1678. 

Beveridge (William, Bishop of St. Asaph). Theological Works. 
[Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology.] 

12 vols. Svo. Oxford, 1842-1848. 

Beverley (Alured). Annales, per Thom. Heamium. 

Svo. Oxon., 1 7 16. 
Beverovicius (Jo.) Quaestio de vitse Termino, fatali, an mobili, &c. 

4to. Lugd. Bat., 1639. 



Bewick (Thomas). A General History of Quadrupeds. The figures 
engraved on wood. Eighth Edition. 

8vo. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1824. 

Bewley (Edmund T.) The Taxation of Costs in Common Law 
Business. i2mo. Dublin, 1867. 

Bewley (Edmund T.) and Naish (John). The Common Law 
Procedure Acts, 1853, 1856, 1870. i2mo. Dublin, 187 1. 

Beyerlinck (Laur.) Apophthegmata Christianorum. 

8vo. Antw., 1608. 

Beyerlinck (Laur.) Opus Chronographicum. See Opmeerus. 

Beyerlinck (Laur.) Profectionis Marc. Antonii de Dominis Examen. 

8vo. Antw., 161 7. 

Beyerlinck (Laur.) Tractatus Synodicus ad Synodum Dordracenum. 
[Tracts, Vol. 129.] 8vo. Ant., 161 9. 

Tractatus Synodicus ad Synodum Dordracenum. [Tracts, VoL 16.] 

Beza (Theodore). Confessio Fidei Christianse 

Beza (Theodore). Epistolae Theologica. 

Be2A (Theodore). Psaumes mis en Rime Frangoise. 

Beza (Theodore). Lex Dei, &c. 

8vo. Heid., 


8vo. Geneva, 


8vo. Geneva, 


Folio. Geneva, 


Responsio ad Andream, &e. 8vo. Geneva, 1578. 

De Corporis Christi ubiquitate, &c. 8vo. 1578. 

Vindiciae contra tyrannos a Steph. Junio Bruto. 

i2mo. Edin., 1579. 

Beza (Theodore). Vindiciae contra tyrannos a Steph. Junio Bruto 

Beza (Theodore). 
Beza (Theodore). 
Beza (Theodore), 

Beza (Theodore). 

Beza (Theodore). 
Beza (Theodore). 

8vo. 1581. 

Pourtraicts des Hommes illustres en Piete, &c. 

4to. Geneva, 1581. 

De Hereticis, &c. With Celsus. 8vo. Lugd., 1584. 

De Polygama. De Repudiis et Divortiis. 

8vo. Geneva, 16 10. 

Bianchi (Vine.) Parere, &c. With Buccellius. 4to. Ven., 1620. 

Bibb (Geo. M.) Reports of Cases in Common Law and in Chancery, 
argued and decided in the Court of Appeals of the Commonwealth 
of Kentucky, from Fall Term 1808 to Spring Term 18 17, 
inclusive. [Vols. 2-5, Kentucky Reports.] Third Edition. 

4 vols. 8vo. Cincinatti, 1857. 

Bible (The Holy). Cum Notis Marginalibus. 4to, Lugd., 15 12. 


Bible (The Holy), Cum concordantiis Veteris et Novi Testament!; 
variis lectionibus marginalibus, &c. Folio. Lugd., 151 6. 

Bible (The Holy) {Italian). 4to. 1562. 

Bible (The Holy) {Spanish). Folio. 1569. 

Bible (The Holy) {German). Cum Registro Chronologico. 

8vo. Witt., 1 60 1. 

Bible (The Holy). Polyglot Edition in Nine Languages. By Bishop 
Walton. With the Lexicon Heptaglotton of Castellus. 

8 vols. Folio. London, 1657. 

Bible (The Holy) {English). 
Bible (The Holy) {English). 
Bible (The Holy) {English). 
Bible (The Holy) {English). 
Bible (The Holy) {English). 

With the Book of Common Prayer. 

Folio. Camb., 1660, 

With Notes. By J. Reeves. 

9 vols. 8vo. London, 1802. 

With Notes. By J. Reeves. 

9 vols. Small 8vo. London, 1802. 

With Notes. By J. Reeves. 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1802. 

With Notes, &c. Prepared and arranged 
by the Rev. George D'Oyly, D.D., and the Rev. Richard Mant, 
Bishop of Down and Connor. 3 vols. 8vo. 1839. 

Bible (The Holy) {Latin). Vulgate Edition. [Imperfect] 8vo. 

Bible (The Holy). Published by British and Foreign Bible Society : — 
Arabic. Bvo. 

Canarese. 4 vols. Svo. 

Danish. Bvo. Christ., 1835. 


French (Ostervald). 

German and Hebrew. 
Modern Greek. 
Irish {Roman). 
Irish ( Vernacular). 
Italian (da Gio. Diodati) 





, 183S. 







2 vols. 














1 2 mo. 













. Bor., 






, 1839. 




>. LI., 

, 1839. 





Bible (The Holy) — continued. 

Portuguese (d' Almeida). 







Bible (The Holy). Register of. (Dutch.) 

Bible (The Holy). See Testament. 

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Reformatione. Svo. Basil, 1552. 

Biblical Works {Hebrew). A Conspectus and Specimens of. 

4to. 1847. 

BiBLioTHECA Oxonio-Cantabrigicnsis, sive Catalogus Manuscriptorum 
Academiarum, &c. 4to. 1600. 

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2 vols. Folio. Rom., 167 1. 

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Cases determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Nevada, 
during the years 1874-1S76. [Vols. 10, 11, Nevada Reports.] 

2 vols. Svo. San Francisco, 1876, 1877. 

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Acts. Arranged in the Alphabetical Order of their Short or Popular 
Titles. Svo. London, 1S64. 

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of America, England, and Ireland. 

Svo. London and Boston, 1873. 

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taining to the Redress thereof. Svo. Boston, 1S77. 

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Students. 8vo. Boston, 1878. 


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from William I, to Richard I. Preserved in Historical Records. 

8vo. London, 1879. 

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relating to the Law of Bankruptcy and Insolvency passed in the 
Session 32 and 33 Vict. Svo. London, s.a. 

Bigg (James). Clauses Consolidation Acts, 1845- 1864. Collection of 
Public General Statutes, consolidating Provisions usually intro- 
duced into Acts relating to Cemeteries, Commissioners, Companies, 
Harbours, Docks and Piers. Lands, Markets and Fairs, Railways, 
Telegraphs, Towns Improvement, Towns Police, and Water Works. 
With a General Index. i2mo. Westminster, 1866. 

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lections relative to the County of Gloucester. 

2 vols, in I. Folio. 1791, 1792. 

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8vo. Paris, 16 10. 

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scription of Repton, in the County of Derby. Comprising an 
Incidental View of Objects of Note in its Vicinity. 

4to. London, 1854. 

Bilbao. Ordenanzas de la ilustre universidad y casa de Contratacion 
de la M. N. y M. L. villa de Bilbao (insertos sus Reales privildgios), 
approbadas y confirmadas por el Rey nuestro Senor Don Phelipe 
Quinto uno de 1737. Folio. Madrid, 1787. 

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Billing (Sidney). The Laws relating to Pews, &c. 8vo. 1845. 

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Etrangers, et des Conventions d' Extradition conclues par la France, 
et actuellement en vigueur. 8vo. Paris, 1874. 

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tian Rebellion. Svo. 1588. 


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Binder (Udalr.) Epiphanie Medicorum. With Peronneus. 

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8vo. St. Omer, 1621. 

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Extents on the Suit of the Crown. 8vo. 181 5. 

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other Courts, 1822-1834. 10 vols. 8vo. 1824-1834. 

Bingham (Peregrine). New Cases, 1 384-1 840. 

6 vols. 8vo. 1 835-1841. 

Bingham (Peregrine). See Broderip. 

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Latina omnia. 9 vols. Folio. Par., 1636. 

BiNi, or Binius (Severin). Epistola ad Binium. [Tracts, Vol. 7.] 

4to. 1624. 

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of Pennsylvania, 1 799-1814. 

6 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1809- 18 15. 

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With Vairus. 8vo. Aug. Trev., 1589. 

BiNSFELDius (Pet.) De Confessionibus Maleficorum et Sagarum. 
With Vairus. 8vo. Aug. Trev., 1591. 

BiNSFELDius (Pet.) Enchiridion Theologise Pastoralis. 

8vo. Aug. Trev., 1591. 

BiNSFELDius (Pet.) Liber Receptarum Sententiarum. 

8vo. Aug. Trev., 1595. 

BiNSFELDius (Pet.) Enchiridion Theologise Pastoralis. 

i2mo. Duaci.) 161 1. 

BiOGRAPHiA Britannica ; or, Lives of the Most Eminent Persons who 
have flourished in Great Britain and Ireland from the Earliest 
Ages. 6 vols, in 7. Folio. 1747. 


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2 vols. 8vo. London, 1823. 

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Knowledge. 4 vols, in 7. [Incomplete.] Svo. 1842-1844. 

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BiOGRAPHiE Universelle, Ancienne et Moderne. With Supplement. 

85 vols, in 44. 8vo. Paris, 1811-1857. 
BioN. See Polwhele. 

BiON. See Poetae Minores. 

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Britain. With Heads engraven by Houbraken and Vertue. 

2 vols, in I. Folio. 1747. 

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(31 and 32 Vict, c. 125), and General Rules of Michaelmas 1868. 

i2mo. London, 1869. 

Bishop (Joel Prentiss). Commentaries on the Law of Marriage and 

Divorce ; of Separations without Divorce ; and of the Evidence 

of Marriage in all Issues. Embracing also Pleading, Practice, 

and Evidence in Divorce Cases. With Forms. 

Third Edition. Svo. Boston, 1859. 

Fourth Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1864. 

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Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1865. 

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Procedure ; or, Pleading, Evidence, and Practice in Criminal 

Cases. 2 vols, 8vo. Boston, 1866. 

Second Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1872. 

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Nature, Sources, Books, and Practical Applications of Legal 
Science, Methods of Study and Practice. Svo. Boston, 1868. 

Bishop (Joel Prentiss). On the Law of Marriage and Divorce. With 
the Evidence, Practice, Pleading, and Forms. Also of Separations 
without Divorce, and of the Evidence of Marriage in all Issues. 
Fifth Edition. 2 vols. Svo. Boston, 1873. 

Bishop (Joel Prentiss). On the Law of Married Women under the 

Statutes of the Several States, and at Common Law and in Equity. 

2 vols. Svo. Philadelphia, 1871-1875. 

Bishop (Joel Prentiss). The Doctrines of the Law of Contracts, in 
their Principal Outlines. Svo. St. Louis, 1878. 

Bishops' Canons (The). England's Complaint against. [Tracts, 
Vol. 71.] 4to. 1640. 

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District Courts of the United States for the Seventh Judicial 
Circuit, 1851-1875. 6 vols. Chicago, 187 3- 1876. 

BisSET (Andrew). History of the Commonwealth of England, from the 
death of Charles I. to the Expulsion of the Long Parliament by 
Cromwell. Being omitted Chapters of the History of England. 

In 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1867. 

BissET (Andrew). Jarman on Wills. See Sweet. 

BissET (Andrew). The Law of Partnership. Including the Law relating 
to Railway and Joint Stock Companies. 8vo. 1847. 

BiZARUS (Pet.) Historia della Guerra in Ungheria, 15 64- 15 68. 

8vo. Lyon, 1569. 

BiZARUS (Pet.) Persicarum Rerum Historia. Folio. Antw., 1683. 

Black (J. S., LL.D.) Reports of Cases argued and determined in the 
Supreme Court of the United States, at December Term 1861 to 
December Term 1862. [66-67, U.S. Supr. Ct.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Washington, D.C, 1862, 1863. 

Black (William Henry). A Descriptive Analytical and Critical Cata- 
logue of the Manuscript bequeathed to the University of Oxford, 
by Elias Ashmole, Esq., M.D., F.S.A., Windsor Herald. Also of 
some additional MSS. contributed by Kingsley, Shuyd, Borlase, 
and others. [For Index, see Macray.] 4to. Oxford, 1866. 

Black (William Henry, F.S.A.) History and Antiquities of the 
Worshipful Company of Leathersellers of the City of London. 
With Fac-similes of Charters, and other Illustrations. 

Folio. London, 1871. 

Blackburn (Sir Colin). On the Effect of the Contract of Sale on the 
Legal Right of Property and Possession in Goods, Wares, and 
Merchandise. 8vo. 1845. 

Blackburn (Sir Colin). Q. B. Reports. See Ellis. 

Blackburn (John), Dundas (William J.), and Osborne (Robert W.) 
Reports of Practice, and Nisi Prius Cases (including Registry and 
Civil Bill Appeals) decided in the Superior Courts of Law in 
Ireland, and in the after Sittings, from Easter Term 1846 to 
Trinity Term 1848. 8vo. Dublin, 1849. 

Blackmore (Richard). In British Poets. 

Blackstone (Henry)! Reports of Cases in the Courts of Common 
Pleas and Exchequer Chamber, 1 788-1 796. 2 vols. 8vo. 1827. 


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Forest. With other Authentic Instruments. With an Introductory 
Discourse, containing the History of the Charter. 

Folio. Oxford, 1759. 

Blackstone (Sir William). Tracts. Comprising Law of Descents, &c. 

2 Vols. 8vo. London, 1772. 

Blackstone (Sir William). Tracts. Chiefly relating to the Antiquities 
and Laws of England. 

L An Analysis of the Laws of England. 
IL An Essay on Collateral Consanguinity, 
in. Considerations on Copy Holders. 
IV. Observations on the Oxford Press. 
V. Introduction to the Great Charter. 

VI. Magna Carta, Carta de Foresta, &c. With Introductory 

Discourse. 4to. Oxford, 1771. 

Third Edition, 4to. Oxford, 1776. 

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Westminster Hall, 1 746-1 779. With Memoirs of his Life. By Jas. 
Clitheroe. 2 vols. Folio. Oxford, 1781. 

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First Edition. 4 vols. 4to. Oxf, 1 765-1 769. 

Sixteenth Edition. With Notes. By Sir John Taylor Cole- 
ridge. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1825. 
Twentieth Edition. By James Stewart. 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1841. 

Blackstone (Sir William, Knt.) Commentaries on the Laws of 
England. Adapted to the present state of the Law. By Robert 
Malcolm Kerr, LL.D. 

Second Edition. By Charles Heneage Elsley. 

2 vols, in I. 8vo. London, 1828. 
Third Edition. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1862. 

Fourth Edition. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1876. 

Blackstone. Economized. See Aird. 

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4to. 1607. 

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4to. Pictav., 1581. 

Blaignan (Geo.) Le Cabinet Royal. 8vo. Paris, 1605. 

Blaine (D. Roberton). The Laws of Artistic Copyright and their 
Defects. 8vo. 1853. 

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to A.D. 1753. Folio. 1754. 


Blair (Robert). In British Poets. 

Blair (William). Scottish Justices' Manual. 8vo. Edin., 1834. 

Blakeway (The late John Brickdale, M.A., F.A.S.) The Sheriffs of 
Shropshire, with their Armorial Bearings, and Notices, Genealogical 
and Biographical, of their Families. Folio. Shrewsbury, 1831. 

Blakman (John). De Virtutibus Henrici VI. Per Thomam Hearne. 
With Otterbourne. 8vo. Oxon., 1732. 

Blancanus (Joseph). Aristotelis Loca Mathematica collecta, &c. 

4to. Bon., 16 1 5. 

Blancanus (Joseph). Sphsera Mundi. • Folio. Mut, 1635. 

Blancford (Henr. de). Chronicon per Thomam Hearne. With 
Trokelowe. 8vo. Oxon., 1729. 

Blanchard (W. J.) Short Hand. 4to. 1787. 

Blanche (William Harnett). Ye Parish of Camerwell. A Brief 
Account of the Parish of Camberwell ; its History and Antiquities. 

8vo. London, 1875. 

Bland (Theodoric). Reports of Cases decided in the High Court of 
Chancery of Maryland, 1811-1832. 

3 vols. 8vo. Baltimore, 183 6-1 841. 

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[Tracts, Vol. 40.] 4to. 1643. 

Blaneforde (Henricus de). Chronica et Annales, 1259-1296; 1307- 
1324; 1392-1406. Edited by Henry Thomas Riley. See Brit., 
Gt, No. 28. 

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Romanos. 4to. Gret, 181 2. 

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argued and determined in the District Courts of the United States 
for the Southern District of New York. [Betts' Decisions.] Vol. i, 
1827-1837. 8vo. New York, 1855. 

Blatchford (Samuel). Reports of Cases in Prize, argued and deter- 
mined in the Circuit and District Courts of the United States for 
the Southern District of New York, 1861 to 1865. 

8vo, New York, 1866. 

Blatchford (Samuel). Reports of Cases argued and determined in 
the Circuit Court of the United States for the Second Circuit, 
September Term 1845 to September 1876. 

13 vols. 8vo. Auburn and New York, 1852-1877. 

Blewitt (Octavius). Italy. See Murray. 


Bligh (Richard). Reports of Cases heard in the House of Lords, on 
Appeals and Writs of Error, from 1819 to 1821. 

3 vols, and Vol. 4, Part i. 8vo. LoHdon, 1823-182 7. 

Bligh (Richard). Reports from 1827 to 1837. New Series. 

10 vols, and vol. 11, Parts i and 2. 8vo. London, 1829-1837. 

Bligh (Richard), See Montagu. 

Bliss (George, Junior). Life Insurance. With Chapters upon Accident 

and Guarantee Insurance. 8vo. New York, 1872. 

Second Edition. 8vo. New York, 1874. 

Bliss (Philip). See Wood's Athenae. 

BLocHWiTius (Mart.) Blochwich. Anatomia Sambuci. i2mo. Lip. 

Blocius (Jo.) Historiae per Saturam ex Novi Orbis Scriptoribus. 

i2mo. Rost. 

Blomefield (Frs.) History of Norfolk, continued. By Chas. Parkin. 

II vols, 4to. 

Blondeau (Claude) et Gueret. Journal du Palais, ou recueil des 
principales Decisions de tous les Parlemens et Cours Souveraines 
de France, 1 660-1 700. 2 vols. Folio. Paris. 

Blondel (Robert). De Reductione Normannige, 1449, 1450, Le 
Recouvrement de Normandie, par Berry, Herault du Roy, Con- 
ferences between the Ambassadors of France and England, 
Edited, from Manuscripts in the Imperial Library at Paris, by the 
Rev. Joseph Stevenson, M.A. See Brit., Gt,, No, 32, 

8vo, London, 1863. 

Blondell (Moyse), Jerusalem et Rome au Secours de Geneve, 

8vo, Sedan, 162 1. 

Blondus (Mich. Angelus). De Arte Medendi, deque Diebus De- 
cretoriis. 8vo. Romae, 1545. 

Blondus (Mich. Angelus). De Memoria. 8vo. Ven., 1545. 

Blondus (Mich. Angelus). De partibus ictu sectis, et de Morbo 
Gallico. 8vo. Ven., 1542. 

Blore (Thomas, F.S.A.) The History and Antiquities of the County 
of Rutland. Compiled from the Works of the most approved 
Historians, National Records, and other Authentic Documents, 
Public and Priy ate. Royal folio. Stanford, 181 1. 

Blosius, err de Blois (Lud.) Enchiridion Parvulorum. With 
Theologia Mystica. i2mo. Lugd., 1580. 

Blosius, or de Blois (Lud.) Psychagogia. i2mo. Rom., 1585. 

Blount (Thomas). Ancient Tenures, and Jocular Customs of Land 
and Manors. 8vo. 1679. 


Blount (Thomas). Law Dictionary. By W. Nelson. Folio. 1717. 
Third Edition. 4to. London, 181 7. 

Blount (Thomas). Tenures of Land. See Hazlitt. 

Bluett (J. C.) The Advocate's Note Book. Being Notes and 
Minutes of Cases heard and determined before the Judicial 
Tribunals of the Isle of Man. 8vo. Douglas, 1847. 

Bluhme (Fredericus). Edictus cseterseque Langobardorum Leges. 
Cum Constitutionibus et pactis Principum Beneventanorum ex 
majore editione Monumentis Germanise inserta. 

8vo. Hanoverae, 1870. 

Blundell (Bezer, F.S.A.) County Court Christmas Carol ; or, Wolver- 
hampton Warbler. [Pamphlets, Vol. 4.] 8vo. 1852. 

Blundell (Bezer, F.S.A.) County Court of Wolverhampton Abuses, 
&c. [Pamphlets, Vol. 5.] 8vo. 1853. 

Blundell (Bezer, F.S.A.) County Court Reform, Letters on. By 
Legalis. [Pamphlets, Vol. 8.] 8vo. 1856. 

Blundell (Bezer, F.S.A.) Reason. ^^^ Routine ; or, the Advantages 
and Disadvantages of permitting Defendants in Criminal Cases to 
offer Testimony on Oath, considered in a Letter to the Right Hon. 
Lord Brougham^. 24 Pages. [Vol. 14, Pamphlets.] 

i2mo. London, 1863. 

Blundell (Bezer, F.S.A.) The Contributions of John Lewis Peyton 
to the History of Virginia and of the Civil War in America, 186 1- 
1865. [Pamphlet, 46 pages.] i2mo. London, 1868. 

Blundell (J. Wagstaffe). Telegraph Companies considered as Invest- 
ments. With Remarks on the Superior Advantages of Submarine 
Cables. [Pamphlet, 22 pages.] i2mo. London, 1869. 

Blunt (Rev. John Henry, M.A., F.S.A.) The Book of Church Law. 

Revised by Walter G. F. Phillimore. i2mo. London, 1873. 

Blunt (Rev. John Henry, M.A., F.S.A.) Dictionary of Sects, 

Heresies, Ecclesiastical Parties, and Schools of Religious Thought. 

8vo. London, 1874. 
Blunt (Rev. John James, M.A.) Sketch of the Reformation in 

England. i2mo. 1847. 

Blunt (Rev. John James, M.A.) Undesigned Coincidences in the 

Old and New Testaments. 8vo. 18150. 

Bluntschli (Dr. J. C.) Das Moderne Volkerr^cht der Civilisirten 

Staten als Rechtsluch dargestellt. 8vo. Nordsingen, 1868. 

Bluntschli (M.) De Droit International Codifid. Traduit de 

I'AUemand par M. C. Lordy; precede d'une Preface de la premiere 

Edition par M. Edouard Laboulage, et d'une nouvelle Preface par 

M. de Molinari. 8vo. Paris, 1874. 


Bluntschli's AUgemeines Statsrect. Vierte Auflage. 

2 vols. 8vo. Munchen, 1868. 

BoARDE (Andrew). Peregrination in England. By Thos. Hearne. 
With Hearne : Henry H. 8vo. Oxon., 1735. 

BoBOvius (Abb.) De Turcarum Liturgia, &c., k Tho. Hyde. 

Boccaccio (Giovanni). Philocolo. 4to. Milan, 1520. 

Boccaccio (Giovanni). L'Urbano e Opera. 8vo. Fiorenze, 1598. 

Boccaccio (Giovanni). II Decamerone. 4 vols. 8vo. Milan, 1803. 

Boccaccio (Giovanni). Origine, Vita, et Costumi di Dante Alighieri. 
[Imperfect.] Svo. 

Boccaccio (Giovanni). See Lydgate. 

BoccALiNi (Traiano). New-found Politicke {England). 4to. 1626. 

BoccATius (Hen.) Dissertationes Meteorologicae. 4to. Wit., 1608. 

BocHAR (Sam.) Geographia Sacra. Folio. Cadom., 1651. 

BocHELLus (Laur.) Decreta Ecclesise Gallicange. Folio. Par., 1609. 

Booking (Eduard). Pandekten Grundriz eines Lehrbuches des 
gemeinen auf da.s romische Recht gegriindeten Civilrechts. Fiinfte 
umgearbeitete Auflage. 8vo. Bonn, 186 1. 

BocKiNG (Eduard). Romisches Privatretcht. Institutionen des Romis- 
chen Civilrecht. Zweite verbesserte Ausgabe. 

i2mo. Bonn, 1862. 

BoDEL Nyenhius (Joh. Tib.) De Juribus Typographorum, &c., 
Belgicorum. 8vo. Lugd. Bat., 18 19. 

BoDERius (Tho.) De Ratione, &c., Dierum Criticorum. 

4to. Paris, 1555. 
BoDiN (Joan). De Magorum Dsemonomania. 4to. Bas., 1581. 

BoDiN (Joan). Universse Naturae Theatrum. 8vo. Lugd., 1596. 

BoDiN (Joan). De Republica. 4to. Franc, 1622. 

Bodleian Library. Calendar of Charters and Rolls. Edited by 
William H. Turner, under the direction of the Rev. H. O. 
Coxe, M.A. Svo. Oxford, 1878. 

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Version, by Wm. Stewart, with Glossary. Edited by Wm. B. 
Turnbull. 3 vols. 8vo. 1858. 

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juris quod per Germaniam obtinet. 8vo. Gott., 1762. 

BoEHMERUS (Joh, Sam. Frid.) Carpzovii Practica Saxonica, &c. 

3 vols, in 2. Folio. Franc, ad Msen., 1758. 


BoEHMERUS (Joh. Sam. Frid.) Observationes in Carpzovium, &c. 

Folio. Franc, ad Mgen., 1759. 

BoEHMERUS (Joh. Sam. Frid.) Meditationes in Constitutionem 
Criminalem Carolinam, 4to. Hal. Magd., 1770, 

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2 vols, in I, 4to. Hal. Magd., 1747. 

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8vo. Gottingae, 1767. 

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4to. Franc, et Lips., 1736. 

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Edw. Aston. [Tracts, Vol. 19.] 4to. 161 1. 

BoERESCO (Basile). Traite comparitif des Delits et des Peines. 

8vo. Par., 1857. 
BoERius (Nic.) See Dynus. 

BoERius (Nic.) Consuetudines Bituricenses, Prsesidatuum, cum 
Glossemate. A Jo. Sainson, &c. 4to. Paris, 1 543. 

BoERius (Nic.) Decisiones Burdegalenses. Folio. Lugd., 1567. 

BoETHius, sen Boetius. De Consolatione Philosophise. Cum Com- 
mentatione k B. Thoma. 4to. Col., 1496. 

BoETHius, seu Boetius (Nic.) De Consolatione Philosophise cum 
Commentatione k B. Thoma. Svo. Basil, 1522. 

BoETHius (Anicius Man. Torq. Severinus). See Maittaire and Valpy. 

BoETHius (Hen.) De Resurrectione Impiorum. With Goclenius : de 
Magnete, &c. Svo. Mag., 1612. 

BoETHius, seu Boetius. De Boodt (Anselm). Gemmarum et Lapidum 
Historia. 4to. Han., 1609. 

BoGUETT (Hen.) Discours des Sorciers. Svo. Lyon, 1610. 

Bohemia. Answer to a Question on the Bohemian Controversey. 
[Tracts, Vol. 113.] 4to. 1620. 

Bohemia. Bohemica Jura adversus Informatorem defensa. [Tracts, 
Vol. 113.] 4to. 1620. 

Bohemia. Ban against the King of Bohemia of No Value. 

4to. Hag., 162 1, 

Bohemia. Les Estats de Boheme. Contraints de proceder k 
Nouvelle Election. 4to. 

Bohemia. Proceedings in Germany and Hungary. 4to. Dort, 1620, 

Bohemia. See Deingarten. 


BoHL (Sam.) Divisio Decalogi, &c. 4to. Rost., 1637. 

BoHN (Henry G.) Antiquarian Library. 36 vols. 8vo. 1849-1855. 

BoHN (Henry G.) Hand-book of Proverbs. 8vo. 1855. 

BoHUN (William). Institutio Legalis; or, an Introduction to the 
Study and Practice of the Laws of England. 8vo. 17 13. 

BoHUN (William). Cursus Cancellarise j or, a Course of Proceedings 
in Chancery. 8vo. 17 15. 

BoHUN (William). Privilegia Londini ; or, Rights, Liberties, Privileges, 
Laws, and Customs of the City of London. 8vo. 1723 

BoHUN (WiUiam). Collection of Debates, Reports, Orders, &c., of the 
Commons, touching the right of electing Members to serve in 
Parliament. Folio. 

BoiLEAU Despreaux (Nic.) (Euvres. 3 vols. 8vo. Par., 18 10. 

BoissAT (Pierre de). Le Brillant de la Royne; ou, les Vies des 
Medicis. 8vo. Lyon, 1613. 

BoiTEL (Pierre). Histoire des Choses qui sont pass^es en France 
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cdderent le Traite de Westphalie, sous le Regne de Louis XHI,, 
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See Gospel. 

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quinque in varies tractatus distincti, ad diversorum et vetustissi- 
morum Codicum collationem ingenti cura nunc primum typis 
vulgati, quorum quid cuique insit, proxima pagina demonstrabit. 

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Court Procedure Act, and the Sections of the several Acts of 
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Vol. 2, 1575-1588. 
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Being an Investigation of the Principles which limit the Capacities, 

Powers, and LiabiHties of Corporations, and more especially of 

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Second Edition. 8vo. London, 1877. 

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securing the due Observance thereof. 8vo. London, 1875. 

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the County and Local Histories, the Herald's Visitations, and in 
the more important Genealogical Collections. 8vo. London, 1866. 

Bridgewater Treatises. 

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Court of Equity and of the High Court of Parliament from the 
Earliest Period. To which are added the Decisions of the 
Courts of Equity and Parliament in Ireland. 

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Philadelphia, and also in the Supreme Court. With Notes and 
References to Recent Decisions, 1809-1851. 

8vo. Philadelphia, 185 1. 

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Courts from the Organization of the Government to the Present 
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the State of New York, from the Earliest Period to September 
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2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1875. 

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Revelation. [Tracts, Vol. 74.] 4to. 161 2. 

Brightman (Thomas). See Lucius. 

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Fontanus de Bello Rhodio. 4to. Par., 1540. 

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4to. 16 16. 

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Folio. Paris, 161 5. 

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verbis. 4to. Mog., 1649. 

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Brissonius (Barn.) Selectse ex Jure Civili Antiquitates ; de Adulteriis. 

i2mo. Lugd. Bat., 1679. 

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Bristo (Richard). Defence of Allen's Scroll of Articles. 

4to. Lov., 1580. 

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[Tracts, Vol. 7.] " 4to. 1660. 

Bristol (Earl of). Negociations. See Camden Society, No. 104. 

Bristol (Jn. Digby, Earl of). Speech at Oxford. [Tracts, Vol. 4.] 

4to. Oxford, 1642. 

Bristowe (Sam. Boteler). Private Bill Legislation. With Standing 
Orders of Parliament. i2mo. 1859. 

Britain (Great). Maps of the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain. 
[Continued.] . 26 Cases. 

Britain's (Great). Just Complaint. With Allegiance Oath. 

4to. Oxf., 1542. 

Britain (Great) and Ireland. The Chronicles and Memorials of 
Great Britain during the Middle Ages. Royal Svo. 

1. The Chronicle of England. By John Capgrave. Edited by 

the Rev. F. C. Hingeston, M.A., of Exeter College, 
Oxford. Svo. 1858. 

2. Chronicon Monasterii de Abingdon. Vols. i. and 11. Edited 

by the Rev. Joseph Stevenson, M.A., of University 
College, Durham, and Vicar of Leighton Buzzard. 

Svo. 1858. 


Britain (Great) and Ireland — continued. 

3. Lives of Edward the Confessor. i. La Estoire de Seint 
Aedward le Rei. 2. Vita Beati Eduardi Regis et 
Confessoris. 3. Vitse ^duuardi Regis qui apud 
Westmonasterium requiescit. Edited by Henry Richard 
Luard, M.A., Fellow and Assistant Tutor of Trinity 
College, Cambridge. 8vo. 1858. 

4. MonumentaFranciscana; Scilicet, i. Thomas deEccleston 

de Adventu Fratrum Minorum in Angliam. 2. Adse 
de Marisco Epistolse. 3. Registrum Fratrum Minorum 
Londonige. Edited by J. S. Brewer, M.A., Professor 
of English Literature, King's College, London. 

8vo. 1858. 

5. Fasciculi Ziganiorum Magistri Johannis Wycliff cum Tritico. 

Ascribed to Thomas Netter, of Walden, Provincial of 
the Carmelite Order in England, and Confessor to 
King Henry the Fifth. Edited by the Rev. W. W. 
Shirley, M.A., Tutor and late Fellow of Wadham 
College, Oxford. 8vo. 1858. 

6. The Buik of the Chronicles of Scotland; or, a Metrical 

Version of the History of Hector Boece. By William 
Stewart. Vols, i., 11., and in. Edited by W. B. Turn- 
bull, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law. 

8vo. 1858. 

7. Johannis Capgrave, Liber de Illustribus Henricis. Edited 

by the Rev. F. C. Hingeston, M. A., of Exeter College, 
Oxford. 8vo. 1858. 

8. Historia Monasterii S. Augustini Cantuariensis. By Thomas 

of Elmham, formerly Monk and Treasurer of that 
Foundation. Edited by Charles Hardwick, M.A., 
Fellow of St. Catherine's Hall, and Christian Advocate 
in the University of Cambridge. 8vo. 1858. 

9. Eulogium (Historiarum sive Temporis). Chronicon ab 

Orbe condito usque ad Annum Domini 1366; a 
Monacho quodam Malmesbiriensi exaratum. Vols, i., 
II., and in. Edited by F. S. Haydon, Esq., B.A. 


10. Memorials of Henry the Seventh. Bernardi Andrse 
Tholosatis Vita Regis Henrici Septimi : necnon alia 
quaedam ad eundem Regem spectantia. Edited by 
James Gairdner, Esq. 8vo. 1858. 



Britain (Great) and Ireland — continued. 

11. Memorials of Henry the Fifth, i. Vita Henrici Quinti, 

Roberto Redmanno auctore. 2. Versus Rythmici in 
laudem Regis Henrici Quinti. 3. Elmhami Liber 
Metricus de Henrico V. Edited by Charies A. Cole, 
Esq. 8vo. 1858. 

12. Munimenta Gildhallse Londoniensis. Liber Albus, Liber 

custumarum et Liber Horn, in Archivis Gildhallse 
Asservati. Vol. i. Liber Albus. Vol. 11. (in two parts) 
Liber Custumarum. Vol. 111. Translations of the 
Anglo-Norman Passages in Liber Albus, Glossaries, 
Appendices, and Index. Edited by Henry Thomas 
Riley, Esq., M.A., Barrister-at-Law. 8vo. 1859-1862. 

13. Chronica Johannis de Oxenedes. Edited by Sir Henry 

Ellis, K.H. 8vo. 1859. 

14. A Collection of Political Poems and Songs relating to 

English History, from the Accession of Edward III. to 
the Reign of Henry VIII. Vols. i. and 11. Edited by 
Thomas Wright, Esq., M.A. 8vo. 1859-1861. 

15. The " Opus Tertium," " Opus Minus," &c., of Roger Bacon. 

Edited by J. S. Brewer, M.A., Professor of EngHsh 
Literature, King's College, London. 8vo. 1859. 

16. Bartholomsei de Cotton, Monachi Norwiciensis, Historia 

Anglicana; 449-1298 : necnon ejusdem Liber de 
Archiepiscopis et Episcopis Anglise. Edited by Henry 
Richard Luard, M.A., Fellow and Assistant Tutor of 
Trinity College, Cambridge. 8vo. 1859. 

17. Bruty Tywysogion; or, the Chronicle of the Princes of 

Wales. Edited by the Rev. John Williams ab Ithel. 

8vo. i860. 

18. A Collection of Royal and Historical Letters during the 

Reign of Henry IV., 1399-1404. Edited by the Rev. 
F. C. Arngieston, M.A., of Exeter College, Oxford. 

8vo. i860. 

19. The Repressor of overmuch Blaming of the Clergy. By 

Reginald Pecock, some time Bishop of Chichester. 
Vols. I. and 11. Edited by Churchill Babington, B.D., 
Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. 8vo. i860. 

20. Annales Cambrise. Edited by the Rev. John Williams ab 

Ithel, M.A. 8vo. i860. 


Britain (Great) and Ireland — continued. 

21. The Works of Giraldus Cambrensis. Vols, i,, ii., in., and 

IV. Edited by J. S. Brewer, M.A , Professor of 
English Literature, King's College, London. Vols. 

V. VI. and vii. Edited by the Rev. James F. Dimock, 
M.A., Rector of Bainburgh, Yorkshire. 

7 vols. 8vo. 1861-1877. 

22. Letters and Papers illustrative of the Wars of the English 

in France during the Reign of Henry the Sixth, King 
of England. Vol. i. and 11. (in two parts). Edited by 
the Rev. Joseph Stevenson, M.A., of University Col- 
lege, Durham, and Vicar of Leighton Buzzard. 

2 vols. 1 861-1864. 

23. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, according to the several 

Original Authorities. Vol. i., Original Texts ; Vol. 11., 
Translation. Edited and translated by Benjamin 
Thorpe, Esq., Member of the Royal Academy of 
Sciences at Munich, and of the Society of Netherlandish 
Literature at Leyden. 2 vols. 1861. 

24. Letters and Papers illustrative of the Reigns of Richard 

in. and Henry VII. Vols i. and 11. Edited by James 
Gairdner, Esq. 1 861-1863. 

25. Letters of Bishop Grosseteste, illustrative of the Social 

Condition of his Time. Edited by Henry Richards 
Luard, M.A., Fellow and Assistant Tutor of Trinity 
College, Cambridge. 1861. 

26. Descriptive Catalogue of Manuscripts relating to the 

History of Great Britain and Ireland. Vol. i. (in two 
parts), anterior to the Norman Invasion. Vol. 11., 
1066-1200. Vol. III., 1 200-1327. By Sir Thomas 
Duffus Hardy, D.C.L., Deputy Keeper of the Public 
Records. 4 vols. 1 862-1 871. 

27. Royal and other Historical Letters, illustrative of the 

Reign of Henry III. From the originals in the 
Public Record Office. Vol, i., 1216-1235; Vol. 11., 
1 236-1 272. Selected and Edited by the Rev. W. W, 
Shirley, D.D., Regius Professor in Ecclesiastical 
History, and Canon of Christ Church, Oxford. 

2 vols. 1862-1866. 

28. Chronica Monasterii S. Albani. — i. Thomge Walsingham 

Historia Anglicana ; Vol. i., 1272-1381 ; Vol. 11., 
1381-1422. 2. Wellelmi Rishanger Chronica et Annales, 
1 259-1 307. 3. Johannis de Trokelowe et Henrici de 


Britain (Great) and Ireland — continued. 

Blaneforde Chronica etAnnales, 1259-1296, 1307-1324, 
1 392-1406. 4. Gesta Abbatum Monasterii S. Albani, 
a Thoma Walsingham, regnante Ricardo Secundo, 
ejus dem Ecclesiae Praecentore, compilata ; Vol. i., 
793-1290; Vol. II., 1290-1349; Vol. III., 1349-1411. 
5. Johannis Amundesham, Monachi Monasterii S. 
Albani, ut Videtur, Annales ; Vols. i. and 11. 6. 
Registra quorundam Abbatum Monasterii S. Albani, 
qui sseculo XVmo. Floruere ; Vol. i., Registrum 
Abbatiae Johannis Whethamstede, Abbatis Monasterii 
Sancti Albani, iterum susceptae ; Roberto Blankeney, 
Capellano, quodam adscriptum ; Vol. i., Registra 
Johannis Whethamstede, Willelmi Albon, et Wellelmi 
Walingforde, Abbatum Monasterii Sancti Albani, cum 
Appendice, continente quasdam Epistolas, a Johanne 
Whethamstede conscriptas. 7. Ypodigma Neustrise, 
a Thoma Walsingham, quandam Monacho Monasterii 
S. Albani. conscriptum. Edited by Henry Thomas 
Riley, Esq., M.A., Cambridge and Oxford, and of the 
Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law. 1863-1876. 

29. Chronicon Abbatise Eveshamensis, Auctoribus Dominico 

Priore Eveshamise et Thoma de Marleberge Abbate, 
a Fundatione ad Annum 1 2 1 3, una cum continuatione 
ad Annum 14 18. Edited by the Rev. W. D. Macray, 
M.A., Bodleian Library, Oxford. 1863. 

30. Ricardi de Cirencestria Speculum Historiale de Gestis 

Regum Anglige. Vol. i., 447-871 ; Vol. 11., 872-1066. 
Edited by John E. B. Mayor, M.A., Fellow of St. 
John's College, Cambridge. 1863- 1869. 

31. Year Books of the Reign of Edward the First. Years 

20-21, 21-22, 30-31, and 32-33. Edited and translated 
by Alfred John Horwood, Esq., of the Middle Temple, 
Barrister-at-Law. 4 vols. 1 863-1873. 

32. Narratives of the Expulsion of the English from Normandy, 

1449, 1450. Robertus BlondelU de Reductione Nor- 
manniae ; Le Recouvrement de Normandie, par Berry, 
Herault du Roy : Conferences between the Ambas- 
sadors of France and England. Edited, from MSS., 
in the Imperial Library at Paris, by the Rev. Joseph 
Stevenson, M.A., of University College, Durham. 


33. Historia et Cartularium Monasterii S. Petri Gloucestriae. 

Vols. I., II., and in. Edited by W. H. Hart, Esq., 


Britain (Great) and Ireland — continued. 

F.S.A., Membre Correspondent de la Soci^td des 
Antiquaries de Normandie. 3 vols. 1863-1867. 

34. Alexandri Neckam de Naturis Rerum libro duo. With 

Neckam's Poem, De Laudibus Divinse Sapientiae. 
Edited by Thomas Wright, Esq,, M.A. 1863. 

35. Leechdoms, Wortcunning, and Starcraft of Early England. 

Being a Collection of Documents illustrating the 
History of Science in this Country before the Norman 
Conquest. Vols, i., 11., and in. Collected and Edited 
by the Rev. T. Oswald Cockayne, M.A., of St. John's 
College, Cambridge. 1 864-1 866. 

36. Annales Monastici, Vol. i. : — Annales de Margan, 1066- 

1232; Annales de Theokesberia, 1066-1263; Annales 
de Burton, 1004-1263. Vol. 11. : — Annales Monasterii 
de Wintonia, 519-1277 ; Annales Monasterii de 
Waverleia, 1-1291. Vol. in.: — Annales Prioratus de 
Dunstaplia, 1-1297 ; Annales Monasterii de Ber- 
mundeseia, 1042-1432. Vol. iv. :— Annales Monasterii 
de Oseneia, 1016-1347 ; Chronicon vulgo dictum 
Chronicon Thomse Wykes, 1066-1289 ; Annales 
Prioratus de Wigornia, 1-1377 ; Vol. v. : — Index and 
Glossary. Edited by Henry Richards Luard, M.A., 
Fellow and Assistant Tutor of Trinity College, and 
Registrary of the University, Cambridge. 1864-1869. 

37. Magna Vita S. Hugonis Episcopi Lincolniensis. From 

Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, and the 
Imperial Library, Paris. Edited by the Rev. James 
F. Dimock, M.A., Rector of Barnburgh, Yorkshire. 


38. Chronicals and Memorials of the Reign of Richard the 

First. Vol. I. : — Itinerarium Peregrinorum et Gesta 
Regis Ricardi. Vol. n. : — Epistola Cantuarienses ; the 
Letters of the Prior and Convent of Christ Church, 
Canterbury, 1187-1199. Edited by William Stubbs, 
M.A., Vicar of Navestock, Essex, and Lambeth 
Librarian. 2 vols. 1864, 1865. 

39. Recueil des Croniques et Anchiennes Istories de la Grant 

Bretaigne a present nomme Engleterre, par Jehan de 
Waurin. Vol. i., Abina to 688; Vol. 11., 1399-1422. 
Edited by William Hardy, Esq., F.S.A. 

2 vols. 1 864- 1 868. 


Britain (Great) and Ireland — continued. 

40. A Collection of the Chronicles and Ancient Histories of 

Great Britain, now called England, by John de Wavrin. 
Abina to 688. [Translation of the preceding Vol. i.] 
Edited and Translated by William Hardy, Esq., F.S.A. 


4 1 . Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden, with Trevisa's Translation. 

Vols. I. and 11. Edited by Churchill Babington, B.D., 
Senior Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. 
Vols. III., IV., v., and vi. Edited by the Rev. Joseph 
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bridge, Fellow of St. Catherine's College, and late 
Fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge. 

6 vols. 1865-1876. 

42. Le Livere de Reis de Britannie e Le Livere de Reis de 

Engleterre. Edited by John Glover, M.A., Vicar of 
Brading, Isle of Wight, formerly Librarian of Trinity 
College, Cambridge. 1865. 

43. Chronica Monasterii de Melsa, ab Anno 11 50 usque ad 

Annum 1406. Vols, i., 11., and 111. Edited by Edward 
Augustus Bond, Esq., Assistant Keeper of the Manu- 
scripts and Egerton Librarian, British Museum. 

3 vols. 1866-1868. 

44. Matthgei Parisiensis Historia Anglorum, sive, ut vulgo 

dicitur, Historia Minor. Vols, i., 11., and iii. 1067- 
1253. Edited by Sir Frederic Madden, K.H., Keeper 
of the Department of Manuscripts, British Museum. 

3 vols. 1 866-1 869. 

45. Liber Monasterii de Hyda. A Chronicle and Chartulary of 

Hyde Abbey, Winchester, 455-1023. Edited, from a 
Manuscript in the Library of the Earl of Macclesfield, 
by Edward Edwards, Esq. 1866. 

46. Chronicon Scotorum. A Chronicle of Irish Affairs, from 

the Earliest Times to 1135. With a Supplement, con- 
taining the Events from 1141 to 115 o. Edited, with 
a Translation, by William Maunsell Hennessy, Esq., 
M.R.LA. 1866. 

47. The Chronicle of Pierre de Langtoft, in French Verse, from 

the Earliest Period to the death of Edward I. Vols i. 
and II, Edited by Thomas Wright, Esq., M.A. 

2 vols, 1 866-1 868. 


Britain (Great) and Ireland — continued. 

48. The War of the Gaedhil with the Gaill ; or, the Invasions 

of Ireland by the Danes and other Norsemen. Edited, 
with a Translation, by James Henthorn Todd, D.D., 
Senior Fellow of Trinity College, and Regius Professor 
of Hebrew in the University, Dublin. 1867. 

49. Gesta Regis Henrici Secundi Benedicti Abbatis. The 

Chronicle of the Reigns of Henry II. and Richard I., 
1169-1192; known under the name of Benedict of 
Peterborough. Vols i. and 11. Edited by William 
Stubbs, M.A., Regius Professor of Modern History, 
Oxford, and Lambeth Librarian. 2 vols. 1867. 

50. Munimenta Academica; or, Documents illustrative of 

Academical Life and Studies at Oxford. In Two 
Parts. Edited by the Rev. Henry Anstey, M.A., Vicar 
of St. Wendron, Cornwall, and lately Vice-Principal of 
St. Mary Hall, Oxford. 1868. 

51. Chronica Magistri Rogeri de Houedene. Vols, i., 11., in., 

and IV. Edited by William Stubbs, M.A., Regius 
Professor of Modern History, and Fellow of Oriel 
College, Oxford. 1868-1871. 

52. Willelmi Malmesbiriensis, Monachi de Gestis Pontificum 

Anglorum Libri Quinque. Edited, from William of 
Malmesbury's Autograph MS., by N. E. S. A, Hamilton j 
Esq., of the Department of Manuscripts, British 
Museum. 1870. 

53. Historic and Municipal Documents of Ireland, from the 

Archives of the City of DubUn, &c., 1 172-1320. Edited 
by John T. Gilbert, Esq., F.S.A., Secretary of the 
Public Record Office of Ireland. 1870. 

54. The Annals of Loch C^. A Chronicle of Irish Affairs, from 

1014 to 1590. Vols. I. and 11. Edited, with Trans- 
lations, by William Maunsell Hennessy, Esq., M.R.I.A. 

2 vols. 187 1. 

55. Monumenta Juridica. The Black Book of the Admiralty. 

With Appendices. Vols, i., 11., in., and iv. Edited by 
Sir Travers Twiss, Q.C., D.C.L. 4 vols. 1871-1876. 

56. Memorials of the Reign of Henry VI. Official Corre- 

spondence of Thomas Bekynton, Secretary to Henry VI., 
and Bishop of Bath and Wells. Edited, from a MS. 
in the Archiepiscopal Library of Lambeth, with an 
Appendix of Illustrative Documents, by the Rev. 
George Williams, B.D., Vicar of Ringwood, late Fellow 
of King's College, Cambridge. Vols. i. and n. 1872. 


Britain (Great) and Ireland — continued. 

57. Matthsei Parisiensis, Monachi Sancti Albani, Chronica 

Majora. Vol. i., The Creation to a.d. 1066. Vol. 11., 

A.D. 1067 to A.D. 1216. Vol. III., A.D. I2l6 tO A.D. 

1239. Vol. IV., A.D. 1240 to A.D. 1247. Edited by 
Henry Richards Luard, M.A., Fellow of Trinity 
College, Registrary of the University, and Vicar of 
Great St. Mary's, Cambridge. 4 vols. 1872-1877. 

58. Memoriale Fratris Walteri de Coventria. The Historical 

Collections of Walter of Coventry. Vols. i. and 11. 
Edited, from the MS. in the Library of Corpus Christi 
College, Cambridge, by William Stubbs, M.A., Regius 
Professor of Modern History, and Fellow of Oriel 
College. 2 vols. 1872, 1873. 

59. The Anglo-Latin Satirical Poets and Epigrammatists of 

the Twelfth Century. Vols. i. and 11. Now first 
collected and edited by Thomas Wright, Esq., M.A., 
Corresponding Member of the National Institute of 
France (Academic des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres). 

2 vols. 1872. 

60. Materials for a History of the Reign of Henry VII., from 

original documents preserved in the Public Record 
Office. Vol. I. Edited by the Rev. William Campbell, 
M.A., one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools. 


61. Historical Papers and Letters from the Northern Registers. 

Edited by James Raine, M.A., Canon of York, and 
Secretary of the Surtees Society. 1873. 

62. Registrum Palatinum Dunelmense. The Register of 

Richard de Kellawe, Lord Palatine and Bishop of 
Durham, 1311-1316. Vols, i., 11., and in. Edited by 
Sir Thomas Dufifus Hardy, D.C.L., Deputy Keeper of 
the Public Records. 1 873-1878. 

63. Memorials of St. Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Edited, from various MSS., by William Stubbs, M.A., 
Regius Professor of Modern History, and Fellow of 
Oriel College, Oxford. 1874. 

64. Chronicon Anglise, ab Anno Domini 1328 usque ad 

Annum 1388, auctore Monacho quodam Sancti Albani. 
Edited by Edward Maunde Thompson, Esq., Barrister- 
at-Law, and Assistant Keeper of the Manuscripts in 
the British Museum. 1874. 

I 121 

* Britain (Great) and Ireland — continued. 

^ 65. Thomas Saga Erkibyskups. A Life of Archbishop Thomas 

i Becket, in Icelandic. Vol. i. Edited, with English 

Z Translation, Notes, and Glossary, by M. Eirikr 

% Magnusson, Sub-Librarian of the University Library, 

^ Cambridge. 1875, 

66. Radulphi de Coggeshall Chronicon Anglicanum. Edited 
" by the Rev. Joseph Stevenson, M.A. 1875. 

67. Materials for the History of Thomas Becket, Archbishop 

of Canterbury. Vols. i. and 11. Edited by the Rev. 
James Craigie Robertson, M.A., Canon of Canterbury. 


68. Radulfi de Diceto Decani Lundoniensis Opera Historica. 

The Historical Works of Master Ralph de Diceto, 
Dean of London. Vols. i. and 11. Edited, from the 
Original Manuscripts, by William Stubbs, M.A., 
M.R.I. A., Regius Professor of Modem History in the 
University of Oxford, Fellow of Oriel College, and 
Rector of Choi derton. 1876. 

69. Roll of the Proceedings of the King's Council in Ireland for 

a portion of the i6th year of the Reign of Richard II., 
1392-1393. Edited by the Rev. James Graves, A.B., 
M.R.LA. 1877. 

70. Henrici de Bracton de Legibus et Consuetudinibus Anglise. 

Libri quinque in varios Tractatus distincti. Ad diver- 
sorum et vetustissimorum Codicum Collationem typis 
Vulgati. Edited by Sir Travers Twiss, Q.C., D.C.L. 
Vols. I., II. 1878, 1879. 

71. The Historians of the Church of York, and its Archbishops. 

Edited by James Raine, M.A. 1879. 

72. Registrum Malmsburiense. The Register of Malmesbury 

Abbey. Preserved in the Public Record Office. 
Edited by J. S. Brewer, M.A. 1879. 

Britanie, Great. History of, to King Egbert. 4to. 1606. 

Britannia Magna et Hibemia, Antiqua et Nova. 6 vols. 4to. 1720. 

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Britannicarum Rerum Medii QEvi Scriptores; or. Chronicles and 
Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the Middle Ages. 
[Published under the direction of the Master of the Rolls.] See 
Brit., Gt. [In progress.] vols, 8vo. 1858, &c. 


Britannicarum Rerum Scriptores Vetustiores. Folio. Lugd., 1587. 

British Columbia. Acts, Ordinances, and Proclamations of the 
formerly separate Colonies of Vancouver Island and British 
Columbia, and of the United Colony of British Columbia. [By 
Authority.] Folio. Victoria, B.C., 187 1. 

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March to ist May, 1868. Folio. New Westminster, 1868. 

British Columbia. List of Proclamations for 1858-1864. 

4to. Victoria, n.d. 

British Columbia. Ordinances passed by the Legislative Council 
during the Session from March 1868 to 1871. 

British Columbia. The Consolidated Statutes. Consisting of the Acts, 
Ordinances, and Proclamations of the formerly separate Colonies 
of Vancouver Island and British Columbia, of the United Colony 
of British Columbia, and of the Provinces since the Union with 
Canada. With Table of Acts and Alphabetical Index. [Published 
by Authority.] 8vo. Victoria, 1877. 

British Columbia. Statutes passed in 1879. 8vo. Victoria, 1879. 

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British Compendium. Vols, i and 2. Seventh Edition. 

1 2 mo. London, 1731. 

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i2mo. London, 1729. 
Irish Compendium. Irish Peerage. Vol 4. Fourth Edition. 

i2mo. London, 1745. 
Irish Compendium. Irish Peerage. Vol. 4. Fourth Edition. 

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of Dort. 4to. 1629. 

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wholly or in part) on ist April, 1864. By David Arrott. 

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Folio. Georgetown, 1866. 

British Guiana. Ordinances, 1868-1874, 1876-1878. [1875 missing.] 

Folio. Georgetown, 1869- 1879. 


British Honduras. A Collection of the Acts passed in the Thirty- 
second and Thirty-third years of H.M. Queen Victoria, during the 
Sixth Session of the Fourth General Assembly. Folio. Belize, 1869. 

British Honduras. A Collection of Ordinances passed by the Legis- 
lative Council of British Honduras, a.d. 1869-1878. 

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into the Constitution and Management of the British Museum. 

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Britton (John, F.S.A.) The Architectural Antiquities of Great 
Britain. Represented and Illustrated in a Series of Views, Plans, 
Elevations, Sections, and Details of Ancient English Edifices. 
With Historical and Descriptive Accounts of each. 

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Vol. 4, Wells, Exeter, Worcester. 
Vol. 5, Peterborough, Gloucester, 

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Words, with their Etymology, and affinity to other Languages ; and 
occasional Notices of Local Customs and Popular Superstitions. 

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Of Writs Judicial. 

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A Collection of Forms of 

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Brownlow (Richard). 

Brownlow (Richard). 

Brownlow (Richard). 
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Vol, 15, 1639-1640, 

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the Condition of Parochial 
Svo. 1850, 

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Brucherius (Jn,) 

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Edition. 8vo. London, 1836. 

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Svo. Lips., 1595. 
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the Duties of a Justice of Peace, 1776-1785- 4to. 1786. 

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Gio. Botero. 8vo. Mil., 1597. 

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Luoghi murati e non murati. With Botero : Aggiante. 

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4 vols. Folio. 1806, &c. 

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Calendars of State Papers. 

Calendarium Genealogicum. For the Reigns of Henry III, 
and Edward I. Edited by Charles Roberts, Esq., Secretary 
of the Public Record Office. 2 vols. 1865. 

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Ehzabeth and James I., preserved in Her Majesty's Public 
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Vol. I, 1547-1580. Vol. 7, Addenda, 1566-1579. 

Vol. 8, 1603-1610. 
Vol. 9, 1611-1618. 
Vol. II, 1619-1623. 
Vol. II, 1623-1625, with 

Addenda, 1603-1625. 
Vol. 12, Addenda, 1580-1625. 


Vol. 2, 1581-1590. 
Vol. 3, 1 591 -1 594. 
Vol. 4, 1595-1597- 
Vol. 5, 1598-1601. 
Vol. 6, 1601-1603, with 
Addenda, 1547- 1565. 


Calendars of State Papers — continued. 

Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the Reign of 
Charles I., preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record 
Office. Edited by John Bruce, Esq., F.S.A. (Vols. 1-12). 
By John Bruce, Esq., F.S.A., and William Douglas 
Hamilton, Esq., F.S.A. (Vol. 13). And by William Douglas 
Hamilton, Esq., F.S.A. (Vols. 14, 15). 1858-1877. 

Vol.. 9, 1635, 1636. 
Vol. 10, 1636, 1637. 
Vol. II, 1637. 
Vol. 12, 1637, 1638. 
Vol. 13, 1638, 1639. 
Vol. 14, 1639. 
Vol. 15, 1639, 1640. 

Vol. I, 1625, 1626. 
Vol. 2, 1627, 1628. 
Vol. 3, 1628, 1629. 
Vol. 4, 1 629- 1 63 1. 
Vol. 5, 1 631- 1633. 
Vol. 6, 1633, 1634. 
Vol. 7, 1634, 1635. 
Vol. 8, 1635. 

Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, during the Com- 
monwealth, preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record 
Office. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Greene. 1875-1877. 
Vol. I, 1649, 1650. I Vol. 2, 1650. I Vol. 3, 165 1. 

Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the Reign of 
Charles H., preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record 
Office. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Greene. 1860-1866. 

Vol. I, 1660, 1661. 
Vol. 2, 1661, 1662. 
Vol. 3, 1663, 1664. 
Vol. 4, 1664, 1665. 

Vol. 5, 1665, 1666. 
Vol. 6, 1666, 1667. 
Vol. 7, 1667. 

Calendar of State Papers relating to Scotland, preserved in 
Her Majesty's Public Record Office. Edited by Markham 
John Thorpe, Esq., of St. Edmund Hall, Oxford. 

2 vols. 1858. 
Vol. I. The Scottish Series of the Reigns of Henry 
Vin., Edward VI., Mary, and EHzabeth, 1509- 
Vol. 2. The Scottish Series of the Reign of Eliza- 
beth, 1 589-1 603 ; an Appendix to the Scottish 
Series, 1543-1592 ; and the State Papers relating 
to Mary, Queen of Scots, during her detention in 
England, 1568-1587. 
Calendar of Documents relating to Ireland, preserved in Her 
Majesty's Public Record Office. Edited by Henry Savage 
Sweetman, Esq., B.A., Trinity College, Dublin, Barrister-at- 
Law, Ireland. London, 1875-1877. 

Vol. I, 1171-1251. I Vol. 2, 1252-1284. 

Calendar of State Papers relating to Ireland, of the Reign of 
Elizabeth, preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office. 
Edited by Hans Claude Hamilton, Esq., F.S.A. 

3 vols. 1860-1877. 
Vol. I, 1509-1573. I Vol. 2, 1574-1585. 

Vol. 3, 1586-1588. 


Calendars of State Papers — continued. 

Calendar of State Papers relating to Ireland, of the Reign of 
James I., preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office, 
and elsewhere. Edited by the Rev. C. W. Russell, D.D., 
and John P. Prendergast, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. 


Vol. I, 1603-1606. I Vol. 3, 1608-1610. 

Vol. 2, 1606-1608. I Vol. 4, 1611-1614. 

Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, preserved in Her 

Majesty's Public Record Office, and elsewhere. Edited by' 

W. Noel Sainsbury, Esq. 1860-1870. 

Vol. I, America and West Indies, 1574-1660. 
Vol. 2, East Indies, China, and Japan, 1513-1516. 
Vol. 3, East Indies, China, and Japan, 1617-1621. 

Calendar of Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of 
the Reign of Henry VHL, preserved in Her Majesty's 
Public Record Office, the British Museum, &c. Edited by 
J. S. Brewer, M.A. 1 862-1876. 

Vol. I, 1509-1514. I Vol. 4, Part I, 1524-1526. 

Vol. 2, in 2 parts, 1515-1518. | Vol. 4, Part 2, 1526-1528. 

Vol. 3, in 2 parts, 1519-1523. Vol. 4, Part 3, 1529-1530. 

Vol. 4, Introduction. | 

Calendar of State Papers, Foreign Series, of the Reign of 
Edward VI., preserved in Her Majesty's PubUc Record 
Office, 1 547- 1 5 53. Edited by W. B. Turnbull, Esq., of 
Lincoln's Inn. 1861. 

Calendar of State Papers, Foreign Series, of the Reign of 
Mary, preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office, 
1553-1558. Edited by W. B. Turnbull, Esq., of Lincoln's 
Inn. 1861. 

Calendar of State Papers, Foreign Series, of the Reign of 
Elizabeth, preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record 
Office, &c. Edited by the Rev. Joseph Stevenson, M.A., 
of University College, Durham (Vols. 1-7), and Allan James 
Crosby, Esq., M.A., Barrister-at-Law (Vols. 8 and 10). 


Vol. I, 1558-1559. I Vol. 6, 1563. 

Vol. 2, 1 559- 1 560. I Vol. 7, 1 564- 1 565. 

Vol. 3, 1560-1561. 1 Vol. 8, 1566-1568. 

Vol. 4, 1 56 1-1562. Vol. 9, 1 569- 1 57 1. 

Vol. 5, 1562. I Vol. 10. 1 572- 1 574. 

Calendar of Home Office Papers of the Reign of George IIL, 
1760 (Oct. 25)-! 765, preserved in Her Majesty's Public 
Record Office. Edited by Joseph Redington, Esq. 

Vol. I, 1760 (Oct. 25)-i76s. I Vol. 2, 1766-1769. 

Calendars of State Papers — continued. 

Calendar of Treasury Papers, preserved in Her Majesty's 

Public Record Office. Edited by Joseph Redington, Esq. 

Vol. I, 1557-1696. I Vol. 2, 1697-1702. 

Vol. 3, 1 702- 1 707. 

Calendar of the Carew Papers, preserved in the I^ambeth 
Library, Edited by J. S. Brewer, M.A., and William 
Bullen, Esq. 1867-1873. 

Vol, I, 1515-1574. Vol. 4, 1601-1603. 

Vol. 2, 1575-1588. Vol. 5, BookofHowth. Miscellaneous. 

Vol. 3, 1589-1600. Vol. 6, 1603-1624. 

Calendar of Letters, Despatches, and State Papers, relating 

to the Negotiations between England and Spain, preserved 

in the Archives of Simancas, and elsewhere. Edited by 

G. A. Bergenroth. 1 862-1 868. 

Vol. I, Hen. VII., 1485-1509. 
Vol. 2, Hen. VIII., 1509-1525. 
Supplement to Vol. i and Vol. 2. 

Calendar of Letters, Despatches, and State Papers, relating 
to the Negotiations between England and Spain, preserved 
in the Archives of Simancas and elsewhere. Edited by 
Don Pascual de Gayangos. 187 3- 1877. 

Vol. 3, Part I, Hen. VIII., 1525-1526. 

Vol. 3, Part 2, Hen. VIII., 1527-1529. 

Calendar of State Papers and Manuscripts, relating to English 

Affairs, preserved in the Archives of Venice, &c. Edited 

by Rawdon Brown, Esq. 1H64-1877. 

Vol. I, 1202-1509. j Vol. 4, 1527-1533. 

Vol. 2, 1 509- 1 5 19. Vol. 5, 1 534- 1 554. 

Vol. 3, 1520-1526. I Vol. 6, Part i, 1555-1556. 

Syllabus in English of Rymer's Foedera. By Sir Thomas 
Duffus Hardy, D.C.L., Deputy-Keeper of the Public 
Records. 1869-1873. 

Vol. I, Will. I„ Edw. III., 1066-1377. 
Vol. 2, Ric. II., Charles IL, 1377-1654. 

Report of the Deputy-Keeper of the Public Records, and the 
Rev. J. S. Brewer, to the Master of the Rolls, upon the 
Carte and Carew Papers in the Bodleian and Lambeth 
Libraries. 1864. 

Report of the Deputy-Keeper of the Public Records to the 
Master of the Rolls upon the Documents in the Archives 
and Public Libraries of Venice. 1866. 

Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, 165 1, preserved 
in the State Paper Department of Her Majesty's Public 
Record Office. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Greene. 1877. 


Calendars of State Fsipers— continued. 

Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, 1651, 1652, 
preserved in the State Paper Department of Her Majesty's 
Public Record Office. Edited by Mary Anne Everett 
Greene. 1877. 

Calepinus (Amb.) Calepin. Dictionarium Octolingue. 

Folio. Lugd., 1647. 

Calestani (Girolamo). Osservationi nel comporre gli Antidoti et 
Medicament!. 4to. Ven., 1570. 

Calid. Liber Secretorum de Lapide Philosophorum. [Tracts, Vol. 
155.] 8vo. Franc, 1615. 

California. Civil Code of, 1876. See Hart (Albert). 

California. Compiled Laws of the State of California. Containing 
all the Acts of the Legislature of a Public and General Nature 
now in force passed at the Sessions of 1850, 185 1, 1852, 1853, 
1854, 1855. 3 vols. Vol. I, Benicia. Vols. 2, 3, Sacramento. 

8vo. 1845-1855. 

California. Digest of California Reports and Statutes, from the 
Organization of the State to the present Time By Charles H. 
Parker. 2 vols. 8vo. San Francisco, 1869 

California. Reports. 

Bennett (i Cal.), 1850, 1851. i vol. 

Hepburn (24 Cal.), 1852-1854. 3 vols. 

Morris (5 Cal.), 1855. i vol. 

Boeraem (6-8 Cal.), 1856, 1857, 3 vols. 

Lee (9-12 Cal.), 1858, 1859. 4 vols. 

Harmon (13-15 Cal.), 1859, i860. 3 vols. 

Bagley and Harmon (16-19 Cal.), 1860-1862. 4 vols. 

Hillyer (20-22 Cal.), 1862, 1863. 3 vols. 

Tuttle (23-32 Cal.), 1863-1867. 10 vols. 

Hale (33-37 Cal.), 1867-1869. 5 vols. 

Robinson (38 Cal.), 1869. i vol. 

Thompson (39, 40 Cal.), 1870, 187 1. 2 vols. 

Tuttle (41-51 Cal.), 1871-1877. 11 vols. 

51 vols. 8vo. San Francisco, 1850-187 7. 

California. Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Circuit 
Court of the United States for the Districts of California, March 
2nd, 1855— January Term, 1859. By Cutler Macallister. 

8vo. New York, 1859. 
California. The Statutes of California, 1 849-1 866. 

16 vols. 8vo. San Jose and San Francisco, 1 850-1 866. 


Callimachus. Opera Graece. 4to. Basil, 1532. 

Callimitius (Geo.) Canones Astronomici, With Symphonia. 

8vo. Arg., 1531. 

Callinus. See Poetse Mimores. 

Callio (Jul. Caes. Lutius de). Tractatus Diversorum de Spoliis 
Ecclesiasticis. Folio. Rom., 1650. 

Callis (Robert). The Reading of the Famous and Learned Robert 
Callis upon the Statute of 23 H. 8, cap. 5, of Sewers, as it was 
delivered by him at Gray's Inn, in August 1622. 

Svo. London, 1685. 

Second Edition. - 4to. London, 1686. 

Fourth Edition. With Additions and Corrections. By W. J. 

Broderip. 8vo. London, 1824. 

Calmet (Aug.) Dictionnaire Historique, Critique, Chronologique, 
Geographique, et Litteral de la Bible. 2 vols. Folio. Par., 1722. 

Calphurnius (Titus). See Maittaire. 

Calthrop (Chs.) Copyholder. With Coke. 4to. 1650. 

Calthrop (Charles). The Relation between the Lord of a Manor and 
the Copyholder, his Tenant. 4to. 1650. 

Calthrop (Sir Hy.) Reports of Special Cases touching Customs and 
Liberties of the City of London. 12 mo. 1670. 

Calvert (Fred.) On Parties to Suits in Equity. 8vo. 1837. 

Calvin (John). Contre la Secte de Libertins. 8vo. Geneva, 1545. 

Calvin (John). Instruction contre les Anabaptistes. Svo. Geneva, 1544. 

Calvin (John). Advertissement du Grand Profit, qui reviendroit k la 
Chrestiente s'il se faisoit Inventoire de tons les Corps Saintz et 
Reliques qui sont tant en Italic qu'en autres Pais, With Marcourt. 

8vo. Geneva, 1545. 

Calvin (John). Psychopannychia. With Lasco. 8vo. Arg., 1545. 

Calvin (John). Acta Tridentini Synodi. Svo. Geneva, 1547. 

Calvin (John). Admonitio adversus Astrologiam Judiciariam, &c. 

4to. Geneva, 1549. 

Calvin (John). De C«na Domini, Baptismo, &c. Svo. Geneva, 1545. 

Calvin (John). Epistolse duae. Svo. Geneva, 1550. 

Calvin (John). Traicte des Scandales, qui empeschent beaucoup de 
gens de venir a la pure Doctrine de I'Evangile. 

4to. Geneva, 1550. 

Calvin (John). De Dei Prsedestinatione. Svo. Geneva, 1552. 


Calvin (John). Del fuggir le Superstitioni, che ripugnano a la vera 
fede. i2mo. Geneva, 1553. 

Calvin (John). Institutio Christianse Religionis. 8vo. Geneva, 1592. 

Calvin (John). See Hunnius. 

Calvinisme. Ruin of. [Tracts, Vol. 131.] 8vo. Doway, 1623. 

Calvinius (Just.) Pro Romae Ecclesia Apologia, &c. 

8vo. Mog., 1 60 1. 
Calvin us (John Wett.) See Kahl. 

Calvisius (Seth ) Chronologia. 2 vols. 4to. Lips., 1605. 

Calvisius (Seth.) Elenchus Calendarii (iregoriani. 

4to. Franc, 161 2. 

Calvo (Carlos). Derecho Internacional teorico y practico de Europa 
y America. 2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1868. 

Calvo (M. Charles). Le Droit International theorique et pratique 
pre'cede d'un expose historique des progres de la Science du Droit 
dcs Gens. Deuxieme Edition. 2 vols Svo. Paris, 1870-1872. 

Cambria. See Wales. 

Cambuidge. Documents relating to the University and Colleges of 
Cambridge. [PubUshed by direction of the Commissioners appointed 
by the Queen.] 3 vols. 1852. 

Cambridge. Graduati Cantabrigiensis, cura Josephi Romilly. 

Svo. Cant., 1846. 

Cambridge. Toll Cause. Svo. Cambridge, 1S29. 

Cambridge. University Calendar from 1S46. Svo. Cambridge, 1846. 

Cambridge. See Dyer. 

Camden Society's Papers. 

1. Edward IV. Historie of Arrivall in England, 147 1. Edited 

by J. Bruce. 4to. 1838. 

2. Kynge Johan. A Play. (Bp. J. Bale.) Edited by J. P. 

Collier. 1838. 

3. Alliterative Poem on Deposition of Richard II. (R. May- 

dicton.) Edited by T. Wright. 1838. 

4. Plumpton Correspondence. Series of Letters written temp. 

Edward IV., Richard III, Henry VIL, VIIL, and 
Edward VI., 1460-155 1. Edited by T. Stapleton. 


5. Anecdotes and Traditions of Early English History, 1838. 

Edited by W. J. Thorns. 1838. 


Camden Society's Papers — continued. 

6. Political Songs of England, from John to Edward II., 

1 199-1327. Edited by T. Wright. 1839. 

7. Annals of the First Four Years of Queen Elizabeth, 1558- 

1562. (Sir J. Hay ward.) Edited by J. Bruce. 1840. 

8. Ecclesiastical Documents. Edited by the Rev. J. Hunter. 


9. Norden (J.) Speculi Britannise pars. Description of 

Essex, 1594. Edited by Sir H. Ellis. 1840. 

10. Edward IV. Chronicle of First Thirteen Years of, 

1461-T474. (Dr. J. Warkworth.) Edited by J. O. 
Halliwell. 1839. 

11. W. Kemp's Nine Daies' Wonder, 1600. Edited by the 

Rev. A. Dyce. 1840. 

12. The Egerton Papers, 1558-1625. Edited by J. P. Collier. 


13. Chronica Jocelini de Brakelonda, 1173-1202. Edited by 

J. G. Rokewode. 1840. 

14. Irish Narratives, 1 641- 1690. Edited by T. C. Croker. 


15. Rishanger's Chronicle. Edited by J. O. Halliwell. 1840. 

16. Poems of Walter Mapes. Edited by T. Wright. 1841. 

17. Travels of Nicander Nucius. Book II. Edited by the 

Rev. J. A. Cramer. 1841. 

18. Three Metrical Romances. Edited by J. Robson. 1842. 

19. Diary of Dr. John Dee, 1554-1601. Edited by J. O. 

Halliwell. 1 842. 

20. Apology for Lollard Doctrines. (Wycliffe.) Edited 6y 

J. H. Todd. 1842. 

21. Rutland Papers, 1485-1522. Edited by W. Jerdan. 1842. 

22. Diary of Bishop Cartwright, 1 686-1687. Edited by the 

Rev. J. Hunter. 1843. 

23. Letters of Eminent Literary Men, 1549-1799, Edited by 

Sir H. Ellis. 1843. 

24. Proceedings against Alice Kyteler, 1324. Edited by T. 

Wright. 1843. 

25. Promptorium Parvulorum, sive Clericorum, circa a.d. 1440. 

Edited by A. Way. Vol. i, A— L. 1843. 


Camden Society's Papers — continued. 

26. Suppression of the Monasteries, 1528-1555. Edited by 

T. Wright. 1843. 

27. Leycester Correspondence, 1585-1 586. Edited by J. Bruce. 


28. French Chronicle of London, 1260-1343. Edited by 

G. J. Aungier. 1844. 

29. Polydore Vergil, 142 2-1 485. Edited by Sir H. Ellis, 1844. 

30. The Thornton Romances. Edited by J. O. Hallinsell. 


31. Verney's Notes of Long Parliament, temp. Car. L (Sir R. 

Verney.) Edited by J. Bruce. 1845. 

32. Autobiography of Sir J. Bramston, temp. Car. L and 

James IL Edited by T. W. Bramston. 1845. 

33. Correspondence of Earl of Perth, 1688- 1696. Edited by 

W. Jerdan. 1845. 

34. Liber de Antiquis Legibus, 11 78-1 274. Edited by T. 

Stapleton. 1846. 

35. The Chronicle of Calais, 1485-1540. Edited by J. G. 

Nichols. 1846. 

36. Polydore Vergil's History. Vol. i, prior to Conquest, 

1066. Edited by Sir H. Ellis. 1846. 

37. Italian Relation of England, 1500. Edited by C. A. Sneyd. 


38. Middleham Church, Yorkshire. Edited by the Rev. W. 

Atthill. 1847. 

39. The Camden Miscellany. Vol. i. 4to. 1846, 1847. 

Register and Chronicle of the Abbey of Aber- 
conway, from the Harleian MSS. Edited by Sir 
H. Ellis. 1846. 

Chronicles of the Rebellion in Lincolnshire in 1470. 
Edited by J. G. Nichols. 1847. 

Bull of Pope Innocent VIII. on the Marriage of 
Henry VI I. with Elizabeth of York. Edited by 
J. P. Collier. 1847. 

Journal of the Siege of Rouen in 1591. (Sir Thomas 
Coningsby.) Edited by J. G. Nichols. 1847. 


Camden Society's Papers — continued. 

Letter of George Fleetwood, describing the Battle of 
Liitzen and Death of Gustavus Adolphus. Edited 
by Sir P. de M. Grey Egerton. 1847. 

Diary of Dr. Edward Lake, Chaplain and Tutor to 
the Princesses Mary and Anne, 1677, 1678. 
Edited by G. P. Elliott. 1846. 

40. Life of Lord Grey of Wilton, 1530-1547. Edited by Sir 

P. G. Egerton. 1847. 

41. Diary of Walter Yonge, Esq., 1604-1628. Edited by G. 

Roberts. 1848. 

42. Diary of Henry Mackyn, 1550-1563. Edited by J. G. 

Nichols. 1848. 

43. Visitation of Huntingdonshire, 16 13. Edited by Sir H. 

Ellis. 1849. 

44. Obituary of Richard Smyth, 1627-1674. Edited by Sir H. 

Ellis. 1849. 

45. Sir R. Twysden on Government of England. Edited by 

J. M. Kemble. 1849. 

46. Letters of Elizabeth and James VI., 1582-1590. Edited 

by J. Bruce. 1849. 

47. Chronicon Petroburgense, 11 22-1 295. Edited by T. 

Stapleton. With Introduction by J. Bruce. 1849. 

48. Chronicle of Queen Jane and Queen Mary, 1553, 1554. 

Edited by J. G. Nichols. 1850. 

49. Bury Wills and Inventories, 1 370-1 650. Edited by S. 

Tymms. 1850. 

50. Mapes de Nugis Curialium, 11 60-1 182. Edited by T. 

Wright. 1850. 

51. Pilgrimage of Sir R. Guylforde, 1506. Edited by Sir H. 

Ellis. 1 85 1. 

52. Secret Services of Car. II. and James II., 1679-1688. 

Edited by J. Y. Akerman. 185 1. 

53. Chronicle of Grey Friars of London, 1 189-1556. Edited 

by J. G. Nichols. 1852. 

54. Promptorium Parvulorum, sive Clericorum, circa a.d. 1440. 

Edited by A Wray. [Vol. 2, M— R.] 1853. 

55. The Camden Miscellany. Vol. 2. 1853. 


Camden Society's Papers — contintud. 

Account of the Expenses of John of Brabant and 
Thomas and Henry of Lancaster, 1292, 1293. 
Edited by J. Burtt. 1853. 

Household Account of the Princess Elizabeth, 
1551, 1552. Edited by Viscount Strangford. 


The Request and Suite of a Truehearted English- 
man. Written by William Cholmeley, 1553. 
Edited by W. J. Thorns. 1853. 

Discovery of the Jesuits' College at Clerkenwell in 
March 1627, 1628. Edited by J. G. Nichols. 


Trelawny Papers, temp. Car. I. Edited by W. D. 
Cooper. 1853. 

Autobiography of William Taswell, D.D., 1651-1682. 
Edited by G. P. Elliott. 1852. 

56. Verney Papers down to 1639, Edward I. to Charles I. 

Edited by J. Bruce. 1853. 

57. The Aucren Riwle (Duties, &c., of Monastic Life). Edited 

by J. Morton. 1853. 

58. Letters of Lady B. Harley in 1625-1643. Edited by T. T. 

Lewis. 1853. 

59. Roll of Bishop Swinfield. Vol. i. 1 289-1 290. Edited by 

the Rev. J. Webb. 1854. 

60. Grants, temp. Edward V., 1483. Edited by J. G. Nichols. 


61. The Camden Miscellany. Vol. 3. 1855. 

Papers relating to Proceedings in the County of 
Kent, 1 642-1 646. Edited by R. Almack. 1854, 

Ancient Biographical Poems of the Sixteenth Cen- 
tury, from the Norfolk MSS. in the Bodleian 
Library. Edited by J. P. Collier. 1855. 

A Relation of Abuses committed against the Com- 
monwealth, 1629. Edited by Sir F. Madden. 


Inventory of the Wardrobe, Plate, &c., of Henry 
Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond, and of the Ward- 
robe, &c., of Catherine of Arragon at Baynard's 
Castle. Edited by J. G. Nichols. 1855. 


Camden Society's Papers — continued. 

62. Roll of Bishop Swinfield. Vol. 2. Edited by the Rev. J. 

Webb. 1855. 

63. Letters of Car. I. (1646) to Queen Henrietta Maria. Edited 

by J. Bruce. 1856. 

64. English Chronicle of Reigns of Richard II., Henry IV., V., 

and VI., 1377-1461. Edited by the Rev. J, S. Davies. 


65. The Knights Hospitallers in England, 1338. Edited by 

the Rev. L. B. Larking and J. M. Kemble. 1857. 

66. Diary of John Rous, 1625-1642. Edited by M. A. E. 

Green. 1856. 

67. The Trevelyan Papers, prior to 1558. Part I. Edited by 

J. P. Collier. 1857. 

68. Journal of Dr. Davies, 1 689-1 690. Edited by R. Caul- 

field. 1857. 

69. The Domesday of St. Paul's, 1222. Edited by Archdeacon 

Hale. 1858. 

70. Liber Farmlicus of Sir James Whitelock, 1609-1631. 

Edited by J. Bruce. 1858. 

71. Savile Correspondence. Edited by W. D. Cooper. 1858. 

72. Blonde of Oxford. (P. de Reimes.) Edited by M. Le 

Roux de Lincy. 1858. 

73. Camden Miscellany. Vol. 4. 1859. 

London Chronicle during the Reigns of Henry VII. 
and VIII. Edited by C. Hooper. 1859. 

Expenses of Judges of Assize riding Western and 
Oxford Circuits, 15 96-1 601. Edited by W. D. 
Cooper. 1858. 

f The Incredulity of St. Thomas. [The Skryveners' 

Play at York.] Edited by J. P. Collier. 1859. 

The Child of Bristow, a Poem, by John Lydgate. 
Edited by C. Hopper. 1859. 

Sir Edward Lake's Interviews with Charles I. 
Edited by T. P. Langmead. 1858. 

Letters of Pope to Atterbury, when in the Tower of 
London. Edited by J. G. Nichols. 1859. 

Supplementary Note to the Discovery of the Jesuits' 
College at Clerkenwell, in March 1627, 1628. 
Edited by J. G. Nichols. 1859. 


Camden Society's Papers — continued. 

74. Diary of Rd. Symonds, 1644-1645. Edited by C. E. Long. 


75. Papers relating to Milton. Edited by W. D. Hamilton. 


76. Letters of George, Lord Carew, 1615-1617. Edited by 

J. Maclean. 1870. 

77. Narratives of the Reformation. (John Foxe.) Edited by 

J. G. Nichols. 1859. 

78. Correspondence of James VL with Sir Robert Cecil. 

Edited by J. Bruce. 1861. 

79. John Chamberlain's Letters, temp. Elizabeth, 1597-1602, 

Edited by S. Williams. 1861. 

80. Proceedings in Kent in 1640. Edited by the Rev. L. B. 

Larking and J. Bruce. 1862. 

81. Parliamentary Debates, 1610. S. R. Gardiner. 1862. 

82. Foreigners resident in England, 16 18-1688. Edited by 

W. D. Cooper. 1862. 

83. Wills from Doctors' Commons, 1495-1695. Edited by 

J. G. Nichols and J. Bruce. 1863. 

84. Trevelyan Papers. Part 2. 1446-1643. Edited by J. P. 

Collier. 1863. 

85. Life of Marmaduke Rawdon, of York. Edited by R. 

Davies. 1863. 

86. Letters of Margaret of Anjou, &c. Edited by C. Munro. 


87. Camden Miscellany. Vol. 5. 1864. 

Five Letters of King Charles II., communicated by 
the Marquis of Bristol. 1864. 

I. Letter of the Council to Sir Thomas Lake, 
relating to Sir Edward Coke's Proceedings 
at Oatlands. 

II. Documents relative to Sir Walter Raleigh's 
last Voyage. Edited by S. R. Gardiner. 


III. Catalogue of Early English Miscellanies, 
formerly in the Harleian Library. Edited 
by W. C. Hazlitt. 1862. 


Camden Society's Papers — continued. 

IV. Letters collected from the Collection of 

Autographs in the possession of William 
Tite, Esq., M.P. 1864. 

V. Sir Francis Drake's Memorable Service done 

against the Spaniards in 1587. Written 
by Robert Long, Gentleman, one of his 
Co-Adventurers and Fellow-Soldiers. Edited 
by C, Hopper. 1863. 

VI. Inquiry into the Genuineness of a Letter 
dated February 3rd, 16 13, and signed 
Mary Magdalene Davers (J.B.) 1864. 

88. Letters of Sir Robert Cecil to Sir George Carew, 1600- 

1602. Edited by J. Maclean. 1864. 

89. Promptorium Parvalorum, sive Clericorum, circa a.d. 1440. 

Edited by A. Way. Vols. 3, R— Z. 1865. 

90. Relations between England and Germany, 16 18, 1619. 

Edited by S. R. Gardiner. 1865. 

91. Registrum Prioratus Wigorniensis, 1240. Edited by W. 

H. Hale. 1865. 

92. Alexander VIL, and his Cardinals. By John Hargrave. 

1 662- 1 680. Edited by J. C. Robinson. 1867. 

93. Mary, Queen of Scots. Edited by A. J. Crosby and J. 

Bruce. 4to. 1866. 

94. Dingley (Thomas). History from Marble. Compiled 

temp. Charles U. Part i. Edited by J. G. Nichols. 
4to. 1867. 

95. Manipulus Vocabulorum. By Peter Levins, a.d. 1570. 

Edited by H. B. Wheatley. 4to. 1867. 

96. Sir KeneUn Digby's Voyage, 1628. Edited by J. Bruce. 

4to. 1868. 

97. Dingley (Thomas). History from Marble Compiled 

temp. Charles II. Part 2. Edited by J. G. Nichols. 


98. Relations between England and Germany. Edited by 

Gardiner. 4to. 1868. 

99. Diary of John Massingham, 4to. 1868. 

100. Notes of the Treaty at Ripon, a.d. 1640. Edited from 
the original MS. by John Bruce, Esq., F.S.A. 1869. 


Camden Society's Va.^txs— continued. 

loi. The Spanish Marriage Treaty. Edited and translated by 
Samuel Rawson Gardiner. 1869. 

102. Ludlow Churchwarden's Accounts. Edited from the 

Original MS. by Thomas Wright, M.A., F.S.A., Hon. 
M.R.S.L. 1869. 

103. Debates in the House of Lords, 162 1. Edited by Samuel 

Rawson Gardiner, Esq. i860. 

104. The Camden Miscellany. Vol. 6. 1871. 

Life of Mr. William Whittenham, Dean of Durham, 
from a MS. in Anthony Wood's Collection, 
Bodleian Library. Edited by Mary Anne Everett 
Greene. 1878. 

The Earl of Bristol's Defence of his Negotiations in 
Spain. From MSS. in the Bodleian Library and 
the Public Record Office. Edited by Samuel 
Rawson Gardiner. 187 1. 

Journal of Sir Francis Walsingham, from December 
1570 to April 1583. From the original MSS. in 
the possession of Lieut. -Colonel Carew. Edited 
by Charles Trice Martin, B.A. 1870. 

105. Trevelyan Papers, Part IIL, with Introduction to Parts L, 

H., and IIL Edited by Sir Walter Calverley Trevelyan, 
Bart., and Sir Charles Edward Trevelyan, K.C.B. 1872. 

1 N.s. The Fortescue Papers. Edited by Samuel Rawson 

Gardiner. 187 1. 

2 N.s. Shillingford's Letters, Mayor of Exeter, 1447-1450. 

Edited by Stuart A. Moore, F.S.A. 187 1. 

3 N.s. Old Cheque Book of the Chapel Royal, from 1561 to 

1744. Edited by Edward F. Rimbault, LL.D. 1872. 

4 N.s. The Life of Bishop Bedell. From original MS. in the 

Bodleian. Edited by Thomas Wharton Jones, F.R.S. 


5 N.s. Ricart's Kalendar. Edited by Lucy Toulmin Smith. 


6 N.s. Debates in the House of Commons in 1625. Edited by 

Samuel Rawson Gardiner. 1873. 

7 N.s. Military Memoir of Colonel John Birch, by Roe, his 

Secretary. With a Commentary, Notes, and Appendix, 
by the late Rev. John Webb, M.A., &c. Edited by 
the Rev. T. W. Webb, M.A., F.R.A.S. 1873. 


Camden Society's Papers — continued. 

8 N.s. Letters to Sir Joseph Williamson, 1673, 1674. Vol. i. 

Edited by W. D. Christie, C.B. 1874. 

9 N.s. Letters to Sir Joseph Williamson, 1673, 1674. Vol. 2. 

Edited by W. D. Christie, C.B. 1874. 

TO N.S. Account of Executors of Richard, Bishop of London, 
1303, and Thomas, Bishop of Exeter, 13 10. Edited 
by the late Venerable W. H. Hale, M.A., and the Rev. 
H. T. Ellacombe, M.A., F.S.A. 1874. 

11 N.s. Wriothesley's Chronicle. Vol. i,from a.d. 1485 to 1559. 

Edited by William Douglas Hamilton, F.S.A. 1875. 

12 N.s. Manchester's Quarrel with Oliver Cromwell. [Collected 

from Unpublished Documents by the late John Bruce, 
F.S.A., &c.] Annotated and completed by David 
Masson. 1875. 

13 N.s. The Autobiography of Anne, Lady Halkett. Edited by 

J. G. Nichols, F.S.A., &c. 1875. 

14 N.s. The Camden Miscellany. Vol. 7. 1875. 

Two Sermons preached by the Boy Bishop at St. 
Paul's, temp. Henry VHL, and at Gloucester, 
temp. Mary. Edited by John Gough Nichols, 
F.S.A. With an Introduction, giving an Account 
of the Festival of the Boy Bishop in England. 
By Edward F. Rimbault, LL.D., &c., &c. 1875. 

Speech of Sir Robert Heath, Attorney-General, in 
the Case of Alexander Leighton, in the Star 
Chamber, June 4th, 1630. Edited by Samuel 
Rawson Gardiner. 1875. 

Notes of the Judgment delivered by Sir George 
Croke in the Case of Ship Money. Edited by 
Samuel Rawson Gardiner. From the MS, in 
possession of the Earl of Verulam. 1875. 

Letters relating to the Mission of Sir Thomas Roe 
to Gustavus Adolphus, 1629, 1630. Edited by 
Samuel Rawson Gardiner. 1875. 

Receipts and Expenses in the Building of Bodmin 
Church, A.D. 1469 to 1472. Edited by the Rev. 
John James Wilkinson, M.A. 1875. 

15 N.s. A Common-place Book of John Milton, and a Latin 

Essay and Latin Verses, presumed to be by Milton. 
Edited by Alfred J. Horwood of the Middle Temple. 




Camden Society's Papers — continued. 

1 6 N.s. A Common-place Book of John Milton. Edited by 

Alfred J. Horwood. 1876. 

17 N.s. The Historical Collections of a Citizen of London, in the 

Fifteenth Century. Containing :— 

1. John Page's Poem on the Siege of Rouen. 

2. Lydgate's Verses on the Kings of England. 

3. William Gregory's Chronicle of London. 

Edited by James Gairdner. 1876. 

18 N.s. Documents relating to the Proceedings against William 

Pryme in 1634 and 1637. Edited by Samuel Rawson 
Gardiner, 1877. 

Camden (William). Anglica, Normanica, Hibernica, k Veteribus 
Scripta. Folio. Franc, 1603. 

Camden (William). Britannia. Translated into English by Philemon 
Holland. Folio. London, 16 10. 

Camden (William). Annales rerum Anglicarum et Hibernicarum 
Cambrica, regnante Elizabetha. 2 vols. Folio. 1615. 

Camden (WiUiam). Annals of Elizabeth and James L {English). 
In Kennett. 

Camden (William). Answer to Ralph Brooke. With Brooke. 

Camden (William). Britannia sive Regnorum, Angliae, Scotise, Hiber- 
nise, et Insularum Adjacentium Chorographica Descriptio. 

Latin. 8vo. Fran., 16 16. 

Camden (William). Remaines concerning Britain. 4to. London, 1629. 

Camden (William). Britannia. Translated into English. With 
Additions. By Edmund Gibson. Folio. London, 1695. 

Camden (William). Britannia; or, a Chronographical Description of 
the Flourishing Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and 
the Islands adjacent. Translated and enlarged by Richard 
Gough. 3 vols. Folio. London, 1789. 

Camerarius (David). De Scotorum Fortitudine, Doctrina, et Pietate, 
ac de ortu Hseresis, &c. 4to. Par., 1631. 

Camerarius (Ewen Hy.) Analytical Digest of Reports. See Streeten. 

Camerarius (Joach.) Norica, sive de Ostensis. With Obsequens. 

i2mo. Lugd., 1553. 

Camerarius (Joachim). De Graecis, Latinis, Saracenisque Numerorum 
Notis. 8vo. Lips., 1569. 


Camerarius (Joachim). De Re Rustica. With Ex Polybio, Liber. 

4to. Nor., 1577. 

Camerarius (Joachim). De Natura, Moribus, &c., Qusestiones. 

8vo. Nor., 1594. 

Camerarius (Joachim). De Sermone, &c., Qusestiones. 

8vo. Nor., 1594. 

Camerarius (Joachim). De Bello Tureico. With Folieta de Turcis. 

8vo. Lips., 1595. 

Camerarius (Jo. Rud.) Horarum Natalium Centuria. With Pezelius. 

4to. 1607. 

Camerarius (Phil.) Meditationes Historicae. 4to. Franc, 1624. 

Cameron (John). Prejugez de I'Eglise Romaine, &c. Svo. Roch., 1 6 1 7. 

Cameron (John). Traict^ des Controversies. [Tracts, Vol. 131.] 

Svo. Sed., 1628. 

Cameron (P. H.) Summary of the Law of Intestate Succession in 
Scotland. Embracing Tables showing Distribution of Intestate 
Succession in Moveables, and Descent in Heritage. 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1S70. 

Cameron (P. H.) On the Law of Joint Stock Companies, under 
" The Companies' Acts," 1862-1867. Svo. Edinburgh, 1S74. 

Camillus. Gloriosus. 

Camilton ( ). Discovery of the Designs of the Jesuites in 

Germany, &c. [Tracts, Vol. 93.] 4to. 1641. 

Camoeus (Luiz de). Os Lusiadas. Svo. Par., 1847. 

C amor ano (Rod). Compendio de la Arte de Navegar. 4to. Sev., 1581. 

Camp (David N.) The American Year Book and National Register 
for 1869. Vol. I. Svo. Hartford, 1869. 

Campanella (Fr.) De Belgio sub Hispani Potestatem redigendo. 


Campanella (R. P.) Astrologia. With Ambosius. 4to. Lugd., 1630. 

Campanella (Thomas). Realis Philosophia Epilogistica. 

4to. Sevil, 1581. 

Campanella (Tho.) De Sensu rerum et Magia. With Rulandus de 
Dente. 4to. Fran., 1620. 

Campanella (Thomas). Realis Philosophia Epilogistica. 

4to. Fran., 1623. 

Campanella (Tho.) De Reformatione Scientiarum. With Gualdus. 

4to. Ven., 1633. 


Campanella (Thomas). Atheismus Triumphatus. De Prsedestina- 
tione, &c. 4to. Paris, 1636. 

Campanella (Thomas). 4to. Sevil, 1581. 

Campanus (Fab.) De la Vie Civile. 8vo. Paris, 1608. 

Campbell (James Mason). Reports of Cases at Law and Equity, and 
in Admiralty for the United States, Fourth Circuit, the District 
of Maryland, 1 836- 1 86 1. 5<?^ also Taney. 8vo. Philadelphia, 187 1. 

Campbell (Lord John). Lives of the Chief Justices of England till 
the Death of Lord Tenterden. 3 vols. 8vo. 1849- 185 7. 

Campbell (Lord John). Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers 
of the Great Seal of England, to the Reign of George IV. 

9 vols. 8vo. 1845-1869. 

Campbell (Lord John). Reports of Cases at Nisi Prius, King's Bench, 
and Common Pleas, 1807-1816. 4 vols. 8vo. 1818. 

Campbell (Robert, M.A.) The Law of Negligence. 

8vo. London, 187 1. 

Campbell (Thomas). Poetical Works. i2mo. 1840. 

Campbell (Thomas). Pilgrims of Glencoe, &c. 8vo. 1842. 

Campbell (William, M.A.) See Henry VIL 

Campian (Edmund), or Campion. De Divortiis Henrici VIIL ab 
uxore Catherina. With Harpsfeld. Folio. Duac, 1622. 

Campianus ( ). Orationes, Epistolae, &c. With Rob. Turner. 

8vo. Ing., 1602. 

Campion (Edward) and Hanmer. Two Histories of Ireland. 

Folio. Dub., 1633. 

Campkin (F. S. a.) Sussex Archaeological Collections relating to the 
History and Antiquities of the County. Published by the Kentish 
Archaeological Society. General Index to Vols. 1-25. 

8vo. Lewes, 1874. 

Campo (Floriando). Cronica General de Espana. Folio. Med., 1553. 

Campolongus (.4imil.) De Arthritide. 8vo. Spin, 1592. 

Campos (Hier.) Sylva de Varias Questiones, Naturales y Morales. 

8vo. Anv., 1575. 
Camuncula (Marc. Ant.) Decisiones Rotge Bononiensis. 

Folio. Bonon., 1645. 
Camus (Jean Pierre, Eveque de Belley). Des Desordres de la Mon- 
archic de France. Svo. Paris, 16 15. 


Camus (Jean Pierre). 

Camus (Jean Pierre 
Camus (Jean Pierre 

Camus (Jean Pierre 
Camus (Jean Pierre 
Camus (Jean Pierre 

Camus (Jean Pierre 

Camus (Jean Pierre 

Camus (Jean Pierre 

Camus (Jean Pierre 

Camus (Jean Pierre 

Camus (Jean Pierre 

Camus (Jean Pierre 

Camus (Jean Pierre 

Camus (Jean Pierre 

Camus (Jean Pierre 
Camus (Jean Pierre 
Camus (Jean Pierre 

Premieres Homilies Dominicales. 


Homilies Eucharistiques. 8vo. 

Paris, 1617. 

Paris, 161 5. 

Acheminement k la Devotion Civile. 

8vo. Polo., 1624. 

Regulae. Svo. Lyon, 1627. 

Hellemin ensemble Calitrope. Svo. Lyon, 1628. 

De la Primaute de S. Pierre, &c. 

Svo. Paris, 1630. 

Traits du Chef de I'Eglise. Svo. Paris, 1630. 

De la Reformation Interieure. Svo. Paris, 163 1. 

La Tour des Miroirs. Svo. Paris, 1631. 

Relations Morales. Svo. Paris, 1631. 

Petronille, &c. Svo. Paris, 1632. 

Augustin de I'Ouvrage des Moines. With Au- 

8vo, Rouen, 1633. 

De la Desapropriation. 

De la Pauvretd Evang^lique. 

2 vols. Svo. Besa., 1634. 

De la Mendicitd des Pauvres Seculiers. 

1 2 mo. Douay, 1634. 

Esprit de Fr. de Sales. Svo. Paris, 1639. 

Le Voyageur Inconnu. Svo. Rou., 1639. 

Casilde. 1 2mo. Paris. 

Canada. Edits, Ordonnances Royaux, Declarations, et Arrets du 
Conseil d'Etat du Roi, concernant le Canada mis par ordre Chro- 
nologique, et publics par ordre de Son Excellence Sir Robert 
Shore Milnes. 2 vols. 4to. Quebec, 1808. 

Canada. History of. See Bell (Andrew). 

Canada. The Standard Atlas of the Dominion of Canada. 

Imp. 4to. London, 187S. 

Canada. La Review Critique de Legislation et de Jurisprudence, 
1871. 3 vols. Svo. Montreal, 1871-1875. 

Canada. The Supreme and Exchequer Practice. See Cassells. 

Canada. Statutes of the Province of Canada, 1 793-1860. 

iS vols. 4to and Svo. Quebec, Montreal, and Toronto, 1 795-1860. 

1 66 

Canada. Statutes of the Province of Canada, 25 and 26 Vict., 1862, 
to 39 Vict., 1877. 18 vols. 8vo. Quebec and Ottawa, 1 862-1 877. 

Canada. Statutes of, to 187 1. Index to. By John S. Ewart. 

8vo. Toronto, 1872. 

Canada. Supreme and Exchequer Practice. See Cassels. 

Canada. The Common Law Procedure Act, and the Acts relating to 
the Practice of the Superior Courts of Common Law, and Rules. 
With Notes. By Robert A. Harrison, D.C.L. Second Edition. 

8vo. Toronto, 1870. 

Canada. The Statutes and Orders relating to the Practice and 
Jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery, and of the Court of Error 
and Appeal. With Notes. By Thomas Wardlaw Taylor. 

Third Edition. 8vo. Toronto, 1868. 

Canada, Lower. Civil Code of Lower Canada. Code Civil du Bas 
Canada. 8vo. 

Canada, Lower. Civil Code of Lower Canada. First to Seventh 
Reports. 3 vols. FoHo. Quebec, 1865. 

Canada, Lower. Code de Procedure Civile du Bas Canada d'apres 
le Role depose dans le Bureau du Grefher du Conseil Legislatif, 
tel que prescrit par I'Acte 29-30 Vict, chap. 25, 1866. 

8vo. Ottawa, 1867. 

Canada, Lower. Consolidated Statutes. 8vo. Toronto, 1859. 

Canada, Lower. Decisions des Tribunaux Seigniorial Questions. A 
Compilation containing the Seigniorial Act of 1854, the Questions 
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1 67 

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Equity Digest, and Digest of Cases decided in the Court of 

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and in Chancery Chambers, from the Establishment of the 

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1 68 

Canada, Upper — continued. 

Digest of all the Courts — i.*?., of the Cases decided in the 
several Courts of Error and Appeal, Queen's Bench, 
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Disgrazie de gU Huomini, e Guerrieri. 8vo. Anve., 1612. 

Canonherius (Pet. And.) Dell' Introduzzione alia Politica, alia 
Ragion di Stato, &c. 4to. Anv., 1614. 


Canonherius (Pet. And.) Flores lUustrium Axiomatum, &c., 
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Canonherius (Pet. And.) Flores lUustrium Axiomatum, &c., 
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Colleges. By Richard Parkes. 

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Cape of Good Hope. Cases decided in the Supreme Court of the 
Cape of Good Hope, 1868. By James Buchanan. [In progress.] 

8vo. Cape Town, 1862, 

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1714-1853. [Printed by Authority.] 8vo. Cape Town, 1868. 

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1858; by the Second Parliament 1859-1863; by the Third Par- 
liament 1864-1868; by the Fourth Parliament 1869-1877. [In 
progress.] 3 vols. 8vo. Cape Town, 1 863-1 878. 

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Capella (Martian Mineus Felix). See Maittaire. 

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8vo. Troy, 1595. 


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Episcopi Romse, &c. [No Title.] 4to 

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&c., Epitome; de Virginis Laudibus, &c. 8vo. Paris, 1586 

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i2mo. 1555 

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Magistratus in Religionem. 8vo. Arg., 1537 

Capito (Wolfg. Fab.) Responsio de Missa, Matrimonio, et Jure 
Magistrates in Religionem. 8vo. Arg., 1537 

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i2mo. Fran., 1594 

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Capo-Bianco (Aless.) Corona e Palma d'Artiglieria. With BeUcci. 

Folio. Ven,, 1598, 

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Reformdes. 8vo. Sed., 1611 

Cappel, Cappellus, or Capellus (James). Trophees de Gonteri. 

8vo. Sed., 1613 

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With Eadamen Joannes. 4to. Col. Ag., 161 7 

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de Sihge Romain. 2 vols. 8vo. Sedan, 1616. 

Cappel, Cappellus, or Capellus (James). Assertio Borige Fidei. 

8vo. Sedan, 1619. 

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Folio. Paris, 1650. 

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i2mo. Const, 1598. 

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Capsius (M. Lib.) Sapientia Idealis. Svo. Erf., 1627. 

Capycius, sive Capece (Ant.) Decisiones Neapolitanse. 

Folio. Franc, 1600. 

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Svo. Col. Ag., 1639. 

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Caranta (Jac.) Decades Medico-Physicae. 4to. Sovi., 1627. 

Caranta (Jac.) De Natura Visionis. With Castellus. 

4to. Sovi., 1623. 

Caravita (Prosper.) Commentaria. Folio. Ven., 1572. 

Carben (Vict. de). Propugnaculum Fidei Christianae. 

Svo. Colon., 1509. 

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Bragaccia. 4to. Fab., 1628. 

Carcanus (Arch.) In Hippocraten Lucubrationes. 

Svo. Ticini., 1581. 

Carcanus (Arch.) De Methodo Medendi. Svo. Ticini., 15S1. 

I Cardan (Hier.) De Supplemento Almanachj de Restitutione Tem- 
porum, &c. j de Revolutionibus, &c. 4to. Nor., 1547. 

Cardan (Hier.) Aphorismata Astronomica. 4to. Nor., 1547. 

( Cardan (Hier.) In Ptolemseum de Astrorum Judiciis. 

I Folio. Basil, 1554. 

Cardan (Hier. 
Cardan (Hier. 
Cardan (Hier. 
Cardan (Hier. 
Cardan (Hier. 

Geniturarum Exempla. FoHo. Basil, 1554. 

De Venenis. Folio. Basil, 1554. 

Opuscula Medica. Folio. Basil, 1559. 

De Rerum Varietate. Folio. Basil, 1557. 

De Utilitate ex Adversis Capienda. 

Svo. Basil, 1561, 


Cardan (Hier. 
Cardan (Hier. 
Cardan (Hier. 
Cardan (Hier. 
Cardan (Hier. 
Cardan (Hier. 

Cardan (Hier. 
Cardan (Hier. 
Cardan (Hier, 

De Methedo Medendi. 8vo. Paris, 1565. 

Ars Amandi Parva, &c. 2 vols in i. 8vo. Basil, 1566. 

De Proportionibus. Folio. Bas., 1570. 

De Regulis Algebraicis. Folio. Bas,, 1570. 

De Aliza Regull Folio. Bas., 1570. 

In Hippocratem de Aere, Aquis, et Locis, 

Folio, Basil, 1570. 

In Hippocratem de Alimento. 8vo. Basil, 1582, 
De Sanitate Tuenda. Folio. Basil, 1582. 

De Sanitate Tuenda. [Tracts, Vol. 78.] 

4to. Romge, 161 7. 

Cardan (Hier.) Opuscula Medica Senilia. 8vo. Lugd., 1638. 

Cardan (Jo. Bapt.) De non Edendis Cibis Foetidis. With Hier. 
Cardan de Utilitate. 

Cardinals. College of. See Camden Society, No. 92. 

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Cardwell (Edward). Synodolia. A Collection of Articles on Religion, 
Canons, and Proceedings of Convocation. 

2 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1842. 

Cardwell (Edward). A History of Conferences and other Proceedings 
connected with the Revision of the Book of Common Prayer, 
1 558-1 690, 8vo. Oxf., 1849. 

Cardwell (E., D.D.) The Two Books of Common Prayer, set forth 
by the Authority of Parliament, in the Reign of Edward the Sixth, 
compared with each other. Third Edition. 8vo. Oxford, 1852. 

C arena, seu Carenus (Caes.) Resolutiones Practicse : Forenses, 
Civiles, et Canonicae. Fol. Lugd., 1661. 

Carerius (Alex.) De Potestate Romani Pontificis. With Zecchius, 

8vo. Col. Ag., 1 60 1. 

Carerius (Lud,) Practica Causarum Criminalium. 4to. Lugd., 1579. 

Carew Papers. Calendar of the Carew Papers, preserved in the 
Lambeth Library. Edited by J. S. Brewer and William BuUen. 
See Calendar of State Papers. 

Vol. I, 1515-1574. I Vol. 3, 1589-1600. 

Vol. 2, 1575-1588. I Vol. 4, 1601-1603. 

Imperial 8vo. London, 1867-1868. 
Carew (George). Pacata Hibernia. See Stafford. 
Carew (Richard). Survey of Cornwall. 4to. London, 1602, 


Carew (Richard). Survey of Cornwall. To which are added Notes 
illustrative of its History and Antiquities, by the late Thomas 
Tonkin, Esq., and now first published from the Original Manu- 
scripts by Francis Lord de Dunstanvill. 4to. London, 1811. 

Carew (Thomas). Historical Account of the Rights of Elections to 
Counties, Cities, and Boroughs of Great Britain, to the year 1754. 

Folio. 1755. 

Carey (Henry). Irish Reports. See Jones. 

Carey (Thomas). A Dictionary of the Bengalee Language. In which 
the Words are traced to their Origin, and their various Meanings 
given. Second Edition. 2 vols. 4to. Serampore, 1825. 

Carion (John). Chronicon auctum a Phil. Melancthone et Casp. 
Peucero. 2 vols. Svo. 1581. 

Carion (John). Cum Electione Caroli V. Fol. Witt, 1580. 

Carleton (Dudley). Speech before the States of Holland, concerning 
Arminius. [Tracts, Vol. 48.] 4to. 16 15. 

Carleton (Dudley). Speech before the States of Holland, concerning 
Arminius {French). [Tracts, Vol. 50.] 4to. 1618. 

Carleton (Geo., Bishop of Chichester). Tithes Examined. [Tracts, 
Vol. n.] 4to. 1606. 

Carleton (George, Bishop of Chichester). Jurisdiction, Regal, Epis- 
copal, Papal. [Tracts, Vol. 2.] 4to. 16 10. 

Carleton (George, Bishop of Chichester). Remembrance of God's 
Mercy. [Tracts, Vol. 18.] 4to. 1625. 

Carleton (George, Bishop of Chichester). Examination of the 
Doctrines of Pelagius, &c., &c. 4to. 1626. 

Carleton (George, Bishop of Chichester). Bern. Gilpini Vita. 
[Tracts, Vol. 99.] 4to. 1628. 

Carlisle (Nich.) Historical Account of the Origin of the Commis- 
sion appointed to Inquire concerning Charities in England and 
Wales. And an Illustration of several Old Customs and Words 
which occur in the Reports. Svo. 1828. 

Carlyle (Thomas). Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Speeches. With 
Elucidations. Second Edition. 3 vols. Svo. London, 1S46. 

Carlyle (Thomas). The French Revolution. A History. Library 
Edition. 3 vol. Svo. London, 1869. 

Carlyle (Thomas). Collected Works. 34 vols. Svo. London, n.d. 

Carmelitas Descalgos Regla Primitiva, y Constituciones. 

Svo. Salam., 1582. 


Carmignani (Giov.) Teoria delle Leggi della Sicurezza Sociale. 

4 vols. 8vo. Pisa, 1831. 

Carmignani (Giov.) Sulla Pena di Morte. 8vo. Pisa, 1836. 

Carmo. Compendio das Chronicas da Orden de Nossa Senhora. 

[Imperfect.] Folio. 1572. 

Carnegy (Patrick). Notes on the Land Tenures and Revenue 

Assessments of Upper India. 8vo. London, 1874. 

Carnin (Claud, de). Oppugnatio Turris Babel, seu Propugnatio 
utriusque Politise, Ecclesiasticse et Civilis, adversus Filios Belial. 

8vo. Antw., 1620. 

Carocius (Vine.) De Pensionibus, Fructibus, &c. 4to. Venet, 1584. 
Caroline. Trial of Queen. 3 vols. 8vo. Edin., 1820. 

Carolus Magnus. Contra Synodum quae in Graecia pro adorandis 
Imaginibus gesta est. 8vo. 1549- 

Caron (Loys le). Dialogues. 8vo. Paris, 1556. 

Caron (Raym.) Loyalty Asserted, and the late Remonstrance of the 
Irish Confirmed. [Tracts, Vol. 37.] 4to. 1666. 

Carpentarius (Jac) Carpenter. In Alcinoi Institutiones Platonis 
cum Aristotele Comparatio. 4to. Par., 1573. 

Carpentarius (Nic.) Philosophia Libera. 8vo. Oxon., 1622. 

Carpenter (John). Preparative to Contentation. 4to. 1597- 

Carpenter (Nat.) Geography DeHneated. 4to. Oxon., 1625. 

Carpenterius (Pet.) Epistola ad Fr. Portum. [Tracts, Vol. 149.] 

8vo. 1572. 

Carpentier (D. Peter). Supplementum ad Glossarium Cangiani. 
&^ Du Fresne. 4 vols. Folio, 1746. 

Carpzovius (Bened.) Definitiones Forenses. Folio. Franc, 1650. 

Carpzovius (Bened.) Processus Juris. Folio. Jena, 1657. 

Carpzovius (Bened.) Decisiones Saxonicse. Folio. Lipsise, 1660. 

Carpzovius (Bened.) In Legem Regiam Germanorum. 

Folio. Franc, et Lipsiae, 1677. 

Carpzovius (Bened.) Definitionum Forensium Synopsis. 

i2mo. Jen., 1699. 
Carpzovius (Bened.) Disputationes. Folio. Lip., 17 10. 

Carpzovius (Bened.) Res Criminales Saxonicae. A Boehmer. 

3 vols, in 2. Folio. Franc, ad Maen., 1758. 

Carr (W.) Craven Dialect. With Jennings. i2mo. 1824. 


Carranza (Alph. a). De Partu Natural! et Legitime. Super Prima 
Temporum Doctrina. 4to. Gen., 1629. 

Carranza (Barth.) Summa Conciliorum et Pontificum ac Statuta 
qusedam Synodalia cum aliis Canonibus Concilii Nicseni nuper 
repertis, 12 mo. Lugd., 1600. 

Carraw (J.) Index to the Decisions of the Sudder Dewanny Adawlut, 
from 1790 to 1855. Including the first seven volumes of the 
Select Reports. In three parts. Part i, General ; Part 2, Hindoo 
Law ; Part 3, Mahommedan Law. [Published by Authority.] 

8vo. Calcutta, 1856. 

Carraw (J.) Reports of Summary Cases determined in the Presidency 
Sudder Court, 1834-1852. [By Authority.] 8vo. Calcutta, 1853. 

Carrichters (Barth.) Fascinatorum Cura {German). 8vo. 1551. 

Carrington (F. a.) Supplement to all the Treatises on the Criminal 
Law. i2mo. Lond. and Birmingh., 1828. 

Carrington (F, A.) and Payne. Reports of Cases at Nisi Prius, in the 
Courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer. With 
Cases tried on the Circuits, and in the Central Criminal Court, 
4 Geo. IV. to 4 Vict. 9 vols. 8vo. 1825-1841. 

Carrington (F. A.) and Marshman (J. C.) Nisi Prius Reports, 4 Vict, 
to 6 Vict. • 8vo. 1842. 

Carrington (F. A.) and Kirwan(A.V.) Nisi Prius Reports, 6-16 Vict. 

3 vols. 8vo. 1844. 
C ARROW (John Monson). Railway Cases. See NichoU and Railway. 
Carrow (John Monson). »S^^ New Sessions Cases. 2. vols. 

Carta Feodi. Continens Formas Multarum Rerum. With Articuli. 

i2mo. 1539. 

Carte (Thomas). History of England to 1654. 

4 vols. Folio. 1747, &c. 

Carte (Thomas). Life of James, Duke of Ormond. 

3 vols. Folio. 1736. 

Carte and Carew Papers. Report to the Right Honourable the 
Master of the Rolls upon the Carte and Carew Papers, in the 
Bodleian and Lambeth Libraries. By J. S. Brewer and T. Duffus 
Hardy. 8vo. London, 1864. 

Carter (John). Jus Divinum of Tithes. With Pagitt. 4to. 1640. 

Carter (Samuel). Reports of Special Cases in the Court of Common 
Pleas, 16-19 Car. IL, with some Cases temp. Vaughan. 

Folio. 1688. ^>' 


Carthagena (John de). De Jure Belli Romani Pontificis. With 
Archirota. 8vo. Rom., 1609. 

Carthagena (John de). De Antiquitate Ordinis Marige de Monte 
Carmelo. 8vo. Antw., 1620. 

Carthew (Thomas). Reports of Cases adjudged in the Court of 
King's Bench, from 3 James II. to 12 William III. 

4to. London, 1728. 
Second Edition. Folio. London, 1741. 

Cartwright (Edmund, M.A., F.A.S.) The Parochial Topography of 
the Rape of Bramber, in the Western Division of the County of 
Sussex. Vol. 2, Part 2. 4to. London, 1830. 

Cartwright (Thomas). Reply to Whitgift, and Second Reply. 

2 parts. 4to. 1575. 

Cartwright (Thomas). Second Reply. 4to. 1577. 

Cartwright (Thomas). On the Discipline of the Church of England. 
[Imperfect.] 4to. 

Cartwright (Thomas). Admonition to the People of England. 

4to. 1589. 

Cartwright (Captain Walter). Criminal Management. [Vol. 14, 
Pamphlets.] izmo. London, 1865. 

Carusius (Jo. Bapt.) Historia Saracenico Sicula. See Muratori : 
Italic : Script. 

Carve (Tho.) Itinerarium in Legione Colonelli Devereux. 

8vo. Mog., 1639. 

Carvinus (Jo.) De Sanguine. 8vo. Lugd., 1562. 

Carvinus (Jo.) De Sanguine. 8vo, Han., 1605. 

Cary (Sir George). Reports in Chancery. 8vo. 1650. 

Cary (Sir George). Reports or Causes in Chancery out of the Labours 
of Mr. William Lambert ; whereunto is annexed the King's Order 
of Decree in Chancery, for a Rule to be observed by the Chan- 
cellor in that Court; exemplified and enrolled for a Perpetual 
Record there. 12 mo. London, 1820. 

Cary (Henry). Commentary upon the Tenures of Littleton. 

8vo. London, 1829. 

Cary (John). A New and Correct EngUsh Atlas. 

Folio. London, 1823. 

Cary (Richard). Use and Fruit of Pleading (7^r^«<:/^). 8vo. 1601. 

Caryon (A. C.) Apologie pour S. Gregoire. 8vo. 1603. 

Casa (Gio. della). Rime et Prose. Svo. Ven., 1619. 


Casa (Jo.) Galateus. De Moribus. 8vo. Franc, 1588. 

Casa (Jo.) Galateus. De Moribus. 8vo. Lyon, 1597. 

Casander (Frid.) Natura Loquax. 8vo. Fran., 1630. 

Casaregis (Gius. Laur. Mar.) Elucubrationes de Decretis, &c. 

Folio. Genua., 1697. 

Casaregis (Gius. Laur. Mar.) II Consolato del Mare. 

4to. Livor., 1788. 

Casaregis (Josephi Laurentii Marise de). Discursus Legales de Com- 
mercio. 3 vols. Folio. Venetiis, 1 740. 

Casarubios (Alph. de). Compendium Privilegiorum Fratrum Minorum. 
Per Hier. A. Sorbo. 4to. Ven., 1603. 

Casas (Bart, de las). Del Imperio Soberano que los Reyes de Castilla 
tienen sobre las Indias. 4to. Sevil., 1552. 

Casaubon (Isaac). De Rebus Sacris et Ecclesiasticis. 

4to. Fran., 16 15. 

Casaubon (Isaac). Ad Polybii Librum Primum Commentarii. 

8vo. Paris, 1617. 

Casaubon (Isaac). Origin of Idolatry ; or, Birth of Heresies. 

4to. 1624. 

Casaubon (Isaac). Origin of Idolatry ; or. Birth of Heresies. 

4to. 1624. 

Casaubon (James). De Morbo Ejus, Mortisque Causa. [Tracts, 
Vol. 58.] 4to. Lugd. Bat., 1619. 

Casaubon (Meric.) Vindiciae Patris sui Adversus Impostores. [Tracts, 
Vol. 78.] 4to. 1624. 

Case (Thos.) Jehosophat's Caveat, &c. [Tracts, Vol. 27.] 

4to. 1644. 

Caselius (Jo.) De Ludo Literario Recth Aperiendo. With Bonnaeus. 

8vo. Hel, 16 1 9. 

Cases and Opinions. See Forsyth. 

Cases and Resolutions of Cases adjudged in the King's Bench con- 
cerning Settlements and Removals, from the ist of Geo. I. to 
1742. 8vo. 1742. 

Cases from Brooke's Abridgment. See March. 

Cases of Practice in the King's Bench, Eliz. to 14 Geo. III. Selected 
and arranged by a Gentleman of the Middle Temple. 4to. 177s. 



Cases in Equity, in Lord Chancellor Talbot's Time. By Forrester. 

Folio. 1 741. 
Third Edition. By John Griffith Williams. 

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Cases in Law and Equity, King's Bench and Chancery, 12th and 13th 
Anne, before Parker. With Treatises on Debt, and the Constitu- 
tion of England. By Gilbert. 8vo. 1760. 

Cases. Modern, &c. See Modern Reports. Vols. 8 and 9. 

Folio. 1730. 
8vo. 1793. 

Cases. Select. In Chancery, &c. [No Title.] Folio. 1740. 

Cases. Select. In Chancery. See M'Naghten. 

Cases. Temp. Hardwicke. See Annaly and Lee. 

Cases. With Opinions of Eminent Counsel in Matters of Law, Equity, 
and Conveyancing. Arranged by Phil. Burton. 

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Gasman (Ot.) Marinse questiones. 8vo. Fran., 1596. 

Gasman (Ot.) Angelographia. 8vo. Fran., 1597. 

Gasman (Ot.) Astrologia, Chronographia et Astromanteia. 

8vo. Fran., 1599. 

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Gasman (Ot.) Biographia sive de Vita Hominis. Item de EthicH 
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Gasman (Ot.) Doctrinse et Vitae Politicge Systema. 8vo. Fra., 1603. 

Gasman (Ot.) Nucleus Mysteriorum Enucleatus. 8vo. Ham., 1605. 

Gasman (Ot.) Vade Mecum, &c. 8vo. Fran., 1605. 

Gasman (Ot.) Gnorismata Electionis Fidelium Dei. 8vo. Fran., 1607. 


Gasman (Ot.) Turpitude Omnium Turpissima. 8vo. Franc, 1609. 

Gasman (Ot.) Psychologia Anthropologica. With Peucer : de Garcere. 

8vo. Fran., 1624. 

Casparus (Bemh.) Inquisitio Religionis Ghristianae. 4to. Gro., 1621. 

Gassander (Geo.) De Articulis Religionis Gontroversis Gonsultatio, 
et de Officio Pii in hoc Dissidio. 8vo. Lugd., 161 2. 

Gassandre, Fran9oise. [Tracts, Vol. 164.] Svo. 

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Exchequer Gourts of Ganada. i6mo. Toronto, 1877. 

Gassian (Jn.) Opera : cum Notis, Alard. Gazaei. 

2 vols, in 3. 8vo. Dua., 1616. 

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Gassiodonis (Marc Aur.) Opera. Svo. Au. All, 1622. 

Gastalio, or Gastellio (Seb.) De Prgedestinatione, &c. 

i2mo. Ares., 1578. 

Gastalio,- or Gastellio (Seb.) De Prsedestinatione, &c. {German). 

Svo. Ares., 1581. 

Gastalio, or Gastellio (Seb. ) Dialogi Sacri. With Accord. 

Svo. Geneva, 1543. 

Gastelli, seu Gastellus (Pet.) In Usu Olei Vitrioli, et Defensio 
Antiquorum in Arsenic atque Sandarachae potu, 4to. Rom., 161 9. 

Gastellinus (Luc.) Delnquisitione Miraculorum, &c. With Vandini. 

4to. Rom., 1629. 

Gastellinus (Luc.) De Dilatione Ganonizationis Sanctorum. With 
Ugonius. 4to. Neap., 1630. 

Gastellus (Edm.) Lexicon in Bibliam Polyglottam. 

2 vols. Folio. 1669. 

Gastellus (Edm.) Lexicon in Bibliam Polyglottam, 1669. 

Gastelneau (Mich. de). Mdmoires sur les Rois Frangois IL et 
Gharles IX. 4to. Paris, 162 1. 

Gastilio (Balth.) Gastiglione. De Guriali sive Aulico. i2mo. 1577. 

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tionibus Jo. Pauli Melii. 9 vols. Folio. Lugd., 1667, 

Gastle (Edward James). On the Law of Rating. Svo. London, 1879. 

Gastle (Henry James). On the Principles of Rating, as applied to the 
Proper and Uniform Assessment of Railways, Gasworks, Water- 
works, Mines, Gemeteries, &c. Svo. London, 1869. 


Castle (Henry James). On the Union Assessment Committee Act, 
J 35 2. 8vo. London, 1863. 

Castrensis (Paul), De Castro. Commentaria, Repertorium, &c., cum 
Adnotationibus Fr. Curtii, &c. 8 vols. Folio. Ven., 1682, &c. 

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Castro (Christoph. de). Historia Virginis Mariae. 8vo. Mog., 16 10, 

Castro (Fern. Alvia). Observationes de Estado, &c. 

i2mo. Lisb., 1521. 

Casus (Jn.) Case. Sph^ra Civitatis. 4to. Oxon, 1588. 

Casus (Jn.) In ^conomica AristoteUs. 8vo. Han., 1598. 

Catalago (Joseph). An English and Arabic Dictionary. In two parts. 
Arabic and English, and EngUsh and Arabic. Second Edition. 

8vo. London, 1873. 

Catalogues. Legal and Miscellaneous. Various. 

Catalogues of Libraries. 

Admiralty Court. Catalogue of the Admiralty Court Library. 

8vo. London, i86r. 

Advocates. Catalogue of the Printed Books in the Library 
of the Faculty of Advocates. 

5 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1863-187 7. 

America. A Catalogue of Public Libraries in the United 
States of America, their History, Condition, and Manage- 
ment. Edited by S. R. Warren, and S. N. Clark. 

8vo. Washington, 1876. 

America. Bibliotheca Americana vetustissima. A Descrip- 
tion of Books relating to America, published between the 
years 1492 and 1551. 4to. New York, 1866. 

America. Catalogue of Books (original and reprints) pub- 
lished in the United States, from January 1861 to January 
1866; with date of publication, size, price, and pubHsher's 
name. With Supplement and Appendix, by James Kelly. 

8vo. New York, 1866. 

Arundel Manuscripts in the College of Arms. [Not published.] 

8vo. 1829. 

Ashmolean Manuscripts. Catalogued by W. H. Black. 9 v. 
See also Macray. 

Athenaeum Club. Catalogue of the Library of the Athenaeum, 
London. 8vo. London, 1845. 


Catalogues of Libraries — continued. 

Supplement to the Library. 8vo. London, 1851. 

Second Supplement to the Catalogue of the Library of 
the Athenaeum. Containing the Additions, 1851- 
1859. 8vo. London, 1859. 

Additions to the Library, i860- 18 76. 

8vo. London, 1860-187 7. 

Brunet (Jacques Charles). Manuel du Libraire et de I'Amateur 
de Livres. Contenant, i", Un Nouveau Dictionnaire Biblio- 
graphique ; 2", Une Table en Forme de Catalogue Raisonne 
Cinquibme Edition originale, entibrement refondive et 
Augmentde d'un tiers par I'Auteur. 

6 tomes. 8vo. Paris, i860- 1865. 

Burn (Jacob Henry). Catalogue of a Collection of Early 
Newspapers, and Essayists, formed by the late John Thomas 
Hope, Esq., and presented to the Bodleian Library by the 
late Rev. Frederick William Hope, M.A,, D.C.L. 

8vo. Oxford, 1865. 

Catalogi Librorum MSS. Anglae at Hibernise. 

Folio. Oxon, 1697. 

Catalogue of a Portion of the Library of Charles Purton 
Cooper. 8vo. London, 1856. 

Catalogue of Ancient Manuscripts belonging to the Honourable 
Society of Gray's Inn. By Alfred J. Horwood. 

8vo. London, 1869. 

Catalogue of Books in the Library of the Honourable Society 
of Gray's Inn. With an Index of Subjects. Compiled, 
under the direction of John A. Russell, Esq., Q.C., Master 
of the Library, by W. Douthwaite, Librarian. 

8vo, London, 1872. 
Supplement, 1872 — March 1878, 8vo. London, 1878. 

Catalogue of Early Printed Books. By W. R. Collett. 

8vo. Cambridge, London, and Oxford, 1850. 

Catalogue of the Ashmolean Museum. 8vo. Oxford, 1836. 

Catalogue of the College of Advocates' Library in Doctors' 
Commons. 8vo. London, 1818. 

8vo. London, 1848. 

Catalogue of the Cottonian Manuscripts in the British 
Museum. By Joseph Planta. Folio. London, 1802. 

Catalogue of the Hargrave Collection in the British Museum. 

4to. London, 181 8. 


Catalogues of lAhxdines— continued. 

Catalogue of the Harleian Manuscripts in the British Museum. 
By H. Wanley, D. Casley, and W. Hocker. 

2 vols. FoHo. London, 1759. 

Catalogue of the Harleian Manuscripts in the British Museum. 
With Index of persons, places, and matters. 

4 vols. Folio. London, 1 808-1 8 1 2. 

Catalogue of the Lansdown Collection. 

Folio. London, 181 2. 

Catalogue of the Library in Lambeth Palace. 

Folio. London, 181 2. 

Catalogue of the Library in Red Cross Street, Cripplegate. 

Founded pursuant to the Will of the Rev. Daniel Williams, 

j)D_ 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1841. 

An Appendix to the Catalogue. 8vo. London, 1854. 

Catalogue of the Library of the Athenaeum, Liverpool. 

8vo. Liverpool, 1820. 

Catalogue of the Library of the British and Foreign Bible 
Society. 8vo. London, 1857. 

Catalogue of the Library of the College of Surgeons. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1 831-1840. . 

Catalogue of the Library of the Corporation of London 
(Guildhall). 8vo. London, 1859. 

Catalogue of the Library of the Great Seal Patent Office. 

2 vols. Folio. London, 1858. 

Catalogue of the Library of the Law Society of the United 
Kingdom. Incorporated by Charters 2 Will. IV. and 9 Vict. 

8vo. London, 1869. 

Catalogue of the Library of the London Institution. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1835-1843. 

Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Dublin Society. 

8vo. Dublin, 1839. 

Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Institution. By Charles 
Burney and William Harris. 8vo. London, 1821. 

Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Caius College, 
Cambridge. By the Rev. J. J. Smith. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1849. 


Catalogues of lAhtanes—conftnued. 

Catalogue of the Mendham Collection. Being a Collection 
of Books and Pamphlets from the Library of the late Rev. 
Joseph Mendham, M.A., subsequently the property of the 
late Rev. John Mendham. Compiled by John Nicholson. 

8vo. London, 187 1. 

Catalogue of the Printed Books in the Library of the Society 
of Writers to H.M. Signet in Scotland. Part i, A — L. 

4to. Edinburgh, 187 1. 

Catalogue of the Radcliffe Library. By John Kidd. 

8vo. Oxford, 1835. 

Catalogue of the Scientific and Miscellaneous Books in the 
Library of the Royal Society. 

2 vols. Sto. London, 1839-1841. 

Catalogue of the Works printed under the direction of the 
Commissioners on the Public Records of the Kingdom. 

8vo. London, 1847. 

Catalogus Bibliothecae Musei Britannici. 

7 vols, in 8. 8vo. London, 18 13, &c. 

Catalogus Librorum impressorum qui in Museo Britannico 
adservantur. 2 vols. Folio. London, 1787. 

Catalogus Librorum Manuscriptorum in Bibliotheca Collegii 
Corporis Christi in Cantabrigia quos legavit Matthoeus 
Parkerus, Archiepiscopus Cantuariensis. 

Folio. London, 1722. 

Christ's Hospital. Catalogue of Books in the Library. 

8vo. London, 1874. 

Clockmakers. Catalogue of Books, MSS., Specimens of 
Clocks, Watches, Prints, &c., in the Library of the Wor- 
shipful Company of Clockmakers. 8vo. London, 1875. 

Clockmakers. A Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts, Speci- 
mens of Clocks, Watches, and Watchwork, Paintings, 
Prints, &c., in the Library and Museum of the Worshipful 
Company of Clockmakers, deposited in the Free Library 
of the Corporation of the City of London. 

8vo. London, 1875. 

Commons. House of. Catalogue of the Books in the Library 
of the House of Commons. With an Index of Subjects and 
an Appendix. Folio. London, 1864. 

Congress. Catalogue of the Library of Congress. Index of 
Subjects. 2 vols. Imp. 4to. Washington, 1869. 


Catalogues of Libraries — continued. 

Corporation of London. A Catalogue of Engraved Portraits, 
Topographical Drawings and Prints, Coins, Gems, Auto- 
graphs, Antiquities, and Works of Art, exhibited at the 
Opening of the New Library and Museum of the Corpora- 
tion of London, November 1872. Edited by W, H. 
Overall, F.S.A., Librarian. With an Historical Account of 
the Ancient and Modern Library at Guildhall. By William 
Sedgwick Saunders, M.D., F.S.A., Chairman of the Com- 
mittee. Large paper 4to. London, 1872. 

Corporation of London. Catalogue of Sculpture, Paintings, 
Engravings, and other Works of Art belonging to the Corpo- 
ration. Together with Books not included in the Catalogue 
of the Guildhall Library. Parts i, 2. 8vo. 1867,1868. 

Corporation of London. Catalogue of the Library of the 
Corporation of London. 

First Supplement. 8vo. i860. 

Second to Ninth Supplements. 8vo. 1861-1869. 

Dutch Church. Catalogue of the Library of Books, Manu- 
scripts, Letters, &c., belonging to the Dutch Church, 
Austin Friars, London. Deposited in the Library of the 
Corporation of the City of London. 8vo. London, 1879. 

Early Newspapers. See Burn. [Catalogues.] 

English Catalogue of Books, published from January 1835 
to January 1863, comprising the Contents of the " London " 
and the British Catalogues, and the principal Works pub- 
lished in the United States of America and Continental 
Europe, with the dates of publication, in addition to the 
size, price, edition, and pubHsher's name. Compiled by 
Sampson Low. 8vo. London, 1864. 

English Catalogues of Books for 1863 to 1874. 

8vo. London, 1864- 1874. 

Foreign Office. Catalogue of Printed Books in the Library 
of the Foreign Office, 31 December, 1864. 

Folio. London, 1864. 

French Catalogue. Catalogue G^n^ral de la Libraire Frangaise 
pendant 25 Ans (1840-1865); ou, Dictionnaire Bibliogra- 
phique de tous les Ouvrages publics en France ou en Langue 
Fran9aise \ I'etranger depuis 1840 jusqu'au 31 Decembre, 
1865. Par Otto Lorenz. Vols, i, 2, 3, 4. [In progress.] 
Aage-Hyver. 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1867, 1868. 


Catalogues of Libraries — continued. 

Gresham College. Catalogue of Books, Pictures, Prints, &c., 
presented by Mrs. Laetitia Hollier to, and also of Books 
and Music in, the Library of Gresham College. 

8vo. London, 1872. 

Hartwell House. A Catalogue of the LaAv Library at 
Hartwell House, Buckinghamshire. By William Henry 
MacAlpine, Esq. Bvo. London, 1865. 

Inner Temple. Catalogue of the Library of the Inner Temple. 

8vo. London, 1806. 

Inner Temple. Catalogue of the Library of the Inner Temple. 

8vo. London, 1833. 

Inner Temple. Alphabetical Catalogue of the Printed Books 
in the Library of the Inner Temple. With an Index to the 
Law Treatises and Reports. 8vo. London, 1843. 

Lincoln's Inn. Catalogue of the Library of Lincoln's Inn. 

8vo. London, 1835. 

Lincoln's Inn. Supplement to the Catalogue of Lincoln's Inn 
Library, April 1859 to April 1862. 8vo. London, 1862. 

Lincoln's Inn. A Second Supplement to the Catalogue of 
Lincoln's Inn Library, May 1862 to May 1867. 

8vo. London, 1867. 

Lincoln's Inn. A Third Supplement to the Catalogue of 
Lincoln's Inn Library, May 1867 to May 1872. 

8vo. London, 1872. 

Lincoln's Inn. A Fourth Supplement to the Catalogue of 
Lincoln's Inn Library, May 1872 to May 1877. 

8vo. London, 1877. 

London University. Catalogue of the Library of the 
University of London. Including the Libraries of George 
Grote and Augustus de Morgan. Printed by order of the 
Senate. 8vo. London, 1876. 

Lowndes (William Thomas). The Biographer's Manual of 
English Literature. Containing an account of Rare, 
Curious, and Useful Books, published in or relating to 
Great Britain and Ireland, from the Invention of Printing. 
With Bibliographical and Critical Notices, Collations of the 
Rarer Articles, and the prices at which they have been 
sold. By Henry G. Bohn. 6 vols. 8vo. London, 1864. 

1 86 

Catalogues of Libraries — continued. 

Melbourne. Catalogue of Books recently added to the 
Library of the Supreme Court, Melbourne, Victoria. 

i2mo. London, 1864. 

Melbourne. The Catalogue of Melbourne Public Library for 
1 86 1. 8vo. Melbourne, 1861. 

Middle Temple. Catalogus Librorum Bibliothecse Honorabilis 
Societatis Medii Templi. 8vo. Londini, 1734. 

Middle Temple. Catalogue of the Library of the Middle 
Temple. Part i. Arranged in Classes. Part 2. Arranged 
alphabetically. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1845. 

Middle Temple. Catalogue of the printed Books and Manu- 
scripts in the Library of the Middle Temple, alphabetically 
arranged. With an Index of Subjects. 8vo. London, 1863. 

Supplement to the Catalogue of the Library of the 
Middle Temple, 1862-1868. 8vo. London, 1868. 

Supplement to the Catalogue of the Library of the 
Middle Temple, 1 868-1 87 7. 8vo. London, 1877. 

Middle Temple. Catalogue of the Printed Books and Manu- 
scripts in the Library of the Middle Temple. Alphabetically 
arranged. With an Index of Subjects. 8vo. London. 

New York. Catalogue of the New York State Library, 1855. 
General Library. 8vo. Albany, 1857. 

Catalogue of the New York State Library, 1855. Law 
Library. 8vo. Albany, 1856. 

Catalogue of the New York State Library, 1856. Maps, 
Manuscripts, Engravings, Coins, &c. 

8vo. Albany, 1857. 

Catalogue of the New York State Library, 1861. 
General Library. FirstgSupplement. i. Titles. 2. 
Index of Subjects. 8vo. Albany, 1 861. 

New York State Library. Fifty-third and Fifty-fourth 
Report of the Trustees. Svo. Albany, 187 1-1872. 

Privately Printed Books. A Bibliographical Catalogue of 
Books privately printed. Including those of the Bannatyne, 
Maitland, and Roxburgh Clubs, and of the private presses 
at Darlington, Auchinloch, Lee Priory, Newcastle, Middle 
Hill, and Strawberry Hill. By John Martin, F.L.S. 

8vo. London, 1834, 


Catalogues of Libraries — continiud. 

South Australia. Alphabetical Catalogue of the -Printed 
Books, Charts, Drawings, Maps, &c., in the Library of 
the Legislature, brought down to June 14th, 1868. Edwin 
Gordon Blackburn, Librarian. 8vo. Adelaide, 1868. 

First Supplementary Catalogue from 15th, 1868, to 

March i8th, 1869. Edwin Gordon Blackmore. 

8vo. Adelaide, 1869. 

Specimen of a Catalogue of Books on Foreign Law, presented 
by Ch. Purton Cooper, to Lincoln's Inn. Laws of Spain. 

8vo. London, 1847. 

Catherine, or Catharina (St.) De Perfectione. With Vincentius de 
Vita. i2rao. Lov., 1554. 

Catherine (St.) Dialogoi. 2 copies. 8vo. Col. Ag., 1601. 

Catherine, or Catharina, &c. (St.) Epistole et Orationi. 

4to. Ven., 1548. 

Catherine IL (The Empress). Memoirs. Written by Herself With 
a Preface by A. Hersen. From the French. 12 mo. 1859. 

Cathius (Am.) Paraphrosis in Canticum Canticorum. 

8vo. Antw., 1625. 

Catholicorum Laicorum Anglise Declaratio. [Tracts, Vol. 77.] 

4to. Ant., 1 63 1. 

Catholique Priesthood. Application of the Laws of England for. 

4to. Cullen., 1623. 

Catholiques. Epistle of Comfort to the, &c. 8vo. 1605. 

Catholiques (EngUsh). Admonition to. 4to. 16 10. 

Catholiques. Sincere and Modest Defence of the English, &c. 8vo. 

Catholiques (Roman). Letter in Behalf of [Tracts, Vol. 52.] 

4to. 1 66 1. 

Cathcart (E.) The History of the Roman Law during the Middle 
Ages. Translated from the original German of Carl von Savigny. 
Vol. I. [All published.] 8vo. Edinburgh, 1829. 

Cato (Marcus Portius). Fragmenta. Historia Antiqua. 8vo. 1599. 

Cato (Marcus Portius). See Rei Rusticse Auctores. 

Cato (Valerius). See Maittaire. 

Cato, or Catto. See Auctores. 

Caton (Fran9oise le). With Bonyvert. 8vo. 16 14. 

Cattan (Christof: de). Geomance, avec la Roiie de Pythagoras. 

4to. Par., 1577. 

Catullus (Caius Valerius). See Maittaire and Valpy. 

Cauliaco (Guid. de). Chirurgia. 8vo. Lugd., 1537. 

Caumont (Aldrick). Institution du Credit sur Marchandises ou le 
Commerce du Monde. 8vo. Paris, 1859. 

Caumont (Aldrick). Dictionnaire Universel de Droit Maritime au 
point de vue commercial, administratif et penal, ou Repertoire 
M^thodique et Alphabetique de Legislation, Doctrine et Juris- 
prudence nautiques. 8vo. Paris, 1867. 

Caundishe (Richard). Image of Nature and Grace. 8vo. Lond. 

Caurres (Jean des). Vray forme et Manibre de Vivre des Chrestiens. 
Ensemble la Remonstrance de Jacob k ses Enfans. 

8vo. Paris, 1577. 

Caurres (Jean des). CEuvres Morales, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1584. 

Causes Cdlbbres et Interessantes. Par Gayot du Pitaval. 

20 vols. i2mo. Paris, 1739, &c. 

Causes Cel^bres et Interessantes. Continuation. Par J. C. de la 
Ville. 4 vols. i2mo. Par., 1769, &c. 

Caussin (Nic.) La Cour Sainte. Vol. i. 8vo. Paris, 1629. 

Caussin (Nic.) Le Triomphe de la Pi^td 8vo. Paris, 1629. 

Caussin (Nic.) Regnum Dei, &c. Folio. Paris, 1650. 

Cauvigny (F. de). Refutation de I'Astrologie Judiciaire. 

8vo. Par., 16 14. 

Cavalcanti (M. Bart.) La Rectorica. 4to. Ven., 1585. 

Cavalcanus (Hort.) De Brachio Regis. 4to. Mant., 1604. 

Cavalier (True). Examined and found neither Guilty of Schism or 
Sedition. [Tracts, Vol. 2.] 4to. 1656. 

CAViCiEO (Jacomo). Libro del Peregrine. 8vo. Med., 15 15. 

Cavour. II Conte di Cavour in Parlamento discorsi raccolti et pub- 
blicati per cura di T Artom e A Blanc. Volume unico. 

i2mo. Firenze, 1868. 
Cawthorne (James), In British Poets. 

Cay (Hy. Boult). Abridgment of the Statutes. Being a Supplement to 
Jn. Cay's Abridgment. FoHo. 1766. 

Cay (John). Abridgment of the Publick Statutes from Magna Carta 
to II George IL 2 vols. Folio. 1739. 

1 89 

Cay (John). General Index to the Statutes. Folio. 1759. 

Cay (John, of the Scotch Bar). Analysis of the Scottish Reform Act. 

8vo. Edin., 183 7- 1840. 

Cayer, Caiet, ou Cahier (Victor Pierre Palma). Adois sur son 
Apostasie. With Car Femandus. 8vo. 1596. 

Cayer, Caiet, ou Cahier (Victor Pierre Palma). Response k I'Adver- 
tissement aux Fidelles. 8vo. Paris, 1595. 

Cayer, Caiet, ou Cahier (Victor Pierre Palma). Le Vray Orthodoxe 
de la Foy Catholique du Sainct Sacrament de I'Autel. 

8vo. Paris, 1596. 

Cayer, Caiet, ou Cahier (Victor Pierre Palma). Responce au Vray 
Orthodoxe de Cayer. [Tracts, Vol. 130.] 8vo. Paris, n.d. 

Cebes. Tabula, Latin b. Folio. Asc, 15 14. 

Cechi (Gio. Mar.) La Dote. With Saganli. 8vo. Vin., 1556. 

Cecil (Edwd. Lond.) Journal of H. M. Forces on the Coast of Spain. 
[Tracts, Vol. 115.] 4to. 1626. 

Cedrenus (Geor.) See Corpus Byzantine Historiae. 

Celestina. Segunda Comedia de. Svo. Anvers. 

Cellini (Benvenuto). Vita. 3 vols. Svo. Mil., 1806-1811. 

Cellius (Erhard). Oratio Funebris de Vita et Morte Heerbrandi. 

4to. Tub., 1602. 

Cellius (Erhard). Eques Auratus Anglo-Wirtembergicus sive Fride- 
ricus Dux Wirtemb. in Ordinem Equitum Anglian admissus. 

4to. Tub., 1605. 

Celso (Hugo de). Las Leyes de Castilla : Derecho Divino Natural 
Canonico, y Civil y Leyes de Castilla. Folio. Val., 1538. 

Celsus (Corn.) De Re Medica, Svo. Lugd., 1587. 

Celsus (Min.) In Hsereticis Coercendis. Svo. Chris., 1577. 

Celsus (Min.) De Hsereticis Capitali Supplicio non Afficiendis. 

Svo. Lugd., 1 5 84. 

Cenalis (Rob.) De Ver^ Mensurarum Ponderumque Ratione. 

Svo. Par., 1547. 

Censorinus. De Die Natali. With Car. Femandus. 

Folio. Asc, 1 5 14. 

Censure d'un Livret en Forme de Dialogue soubs les Noms du Manant 
et du Maheutre. [Tracts, Vol. 161.] Svo. Par, 1594. 

Censure of a Puritan Pamphlet. [Tracts, Vol. 131.] Svo. 1604. 


Centellas (Joach.) Les Voiages et Conquestes des Roys de Por- 
tugal es Indes d'Orient. With Hay : France. 8vo. Par., 1578. 

Cepari (Virg.) De Viti Al. Gonzagae. 8vo. Mog., 1600, 

8vo. Col. Ag., 1608. 

Cepari (Virg.) De Vita Jo. Berchmanni, k P. Herm. Hugone. 
[Tracts, Vol. 147.] 8vo. Antw., 1630. 

Cepola, sive Caepolla (Earth.) Consilia. Folio. 1541. 

Cepola, sive Caepolla (Earth.) Tractatus Cautelarum ; k Fichardo. 

4to. Lausana et Geneva, 1742. 

Cepparellius (Thom.) Resolutiones Fiscales. Folio. Flor., 1609. 

Cerboni (Th. Mer.) De Jure et Legum Disciplina. 

4 vols. 4to. Kon., 1766. 

Cerdan de Tallida (Tho.) Veriloquium en Reglas de Estado Segun. 

4to. Val., 1604. 

Ceremonies (The Three). Defence of; viz., Surplice, Cross, and 
KneeUng. [Tracts, Vol. 68.] 4to. 1618. 

Cermenat (Jo. Pet.), Cermenatus. De 1' Administration des Royaumes, 
&c. 4to. Lyon, 1561. 

Certamen Oratorium de Militari Gloria inter Septem Milites Septem 
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ment, from 1796, distinguishing those now in Force. Vol. i 
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Council, from 1796 to 1833. 4to. Colombo, 1853. 

Vol. 2 containing Ordinances, Orders in Council, and Letters 
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Austin, 1833- 1839. 

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Felony, &c., at the Special Commission, Dublin. 

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Champier. See Champerius. 

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4to. Paris, 1613. 



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Chancery Practice. With the Nature of the Office belonging 
to that Court, and the Reports of many Cases wherein 
Relief hath been there had, and when denied. 

Reports on Chancery Practice, 1815, 1826, and 1856. [Par- 
liamentary Papers, Vols. 59 and 5 9 a.] 

3 vols. Folio. London, 1815-1826. 

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the Supreme Judicial Court of New Hampshire, January Term 
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right in Engraving, Sculpture, and Works of Art. 

i2mo. London, 1863. 

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tique des Trois en un Corps, &c. Svo. Par., 1587. 

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4to. Bas., 1574. 
Charibee, Leeward Islands, Acts of Assembly. With Jamaica Laws. 

Folio. 1734. 

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in England and Wales. 34 vols. Folio. 18 19, &c. 

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1854. Folio. 1854. 

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charged. i2mo. Lyon, 1630. 

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Svo. Camb., 1586. 
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4to. 1649. 

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Parliament. 4to. 1640. 

Charles L Questions and Propositions for Accommodation between 
Charles L and Parliament. 4to. 

Charles I. Discourse on Questions between Charles L and Parlia- 
ment. [Tracts, Vol. 40.] 4to. 


' Charles I. His Declaration concerning Scotland, &c. 4to. 1640. 

Charles I. Manifestation concerning the Palatinate. [Tracts, Vol. 48. J 

4to. 1 64 1. 

Charles I. His various Speeches, 1641-1642. [Tracts, Vol. 4.] 

4to. 1641-1642. 

Charles I. Animadversions upon Notes which the late Observator 
has published upon the Seven Positions which the King, by way of 
Recapitulation (he saith), lays open so offensive. [Tracts, Vol. 40.] 

4to. 1642. 

Charles I. On his Answer to the London Petition. [Tracts, Vol. 40.] 

4to. 1642. 

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4to. York, 1642. 

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[Tracts, Vol. 41.] 4to. 

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Vol. 23.] 4to. Oxf., 1645. 

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, Charles I. Letters to Ormond. [Tracts, Vol. 28.] 4to. 1646. 

Charles L No Man of Blood, but a Martyr. [Tracts, Vol. 22.] 

4to. 1649. 

Charles I. The Subject's Sorrow on his Death. [Tracts, Vol. 36.] 

4to. 1649, 

Charles I. Caroli L Innocentia lUustrata. 4to. Ant., 1649. 

Charles I. His Negotiations at Rome against the Commonwealth. 
[Tracts, Vol. 34.] 4to. 1650. 

Charles I. Speeches and Prayers of some of the late King's Judges. 

4to. 1660. 

Charles L The Martyr. Sermon vindicating. [Tracts, Vol. 171.] 

8vo. 1700. 

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Folio. 1660. 

Charles II. His Escape after the Battle of Worcester. [Tracts, 
Vol. 5.] 4I0. 1660. 

Charles VI. (de France). CEuvre Royalle. Svo. 


Charles V. See Karles. 

Charles Louis (Comte Palatine du Rhine, &c.) Protestation. 

4to. 1637. 

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With Explanatory Notes, i2mo, London, 1874. 

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determined in the Supreme Court of Judicature, illustrative of the 
New System of Practice and Pleading. i2mo. London, 1876. 

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Madras, 1872, 

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the Danes. iS^if Jones. Folio. 1725. 

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firmees par les arrests des Cours Souverains de la France Rap- 
portees aux Lois Romaines. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1595. 

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Charpentier (Pierre). Advertissement touchant le Port des Armes. 
With Rossellet. 8vo. Par., 1575. 

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Gaulois. Folio, Par., 162 1, 

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Juifs, Mahumetans, Heretiques, et Schismatiques. 8vo. Par., 1595. 

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' Charron (Pierre). De la Sagesse, 8vo. Lyon, i6o6. 

Charron (Pierre), De la Sagesse. Translated by Sams. Lennard. 

Charron (Pierre). Replique \ la Response Faite a sa Troisieme 

Chartarius (Flam.) De Executione Sententiae Contumacialis Capto 
Bennito. 4to. Ven., 1587. 

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Charter of the Duchy of Lancaster. See Hardy. 

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8vo. 1586. 


Chassanion (Jean). Histoire des Albigeois. 8vo. 1595. 

Chassant (L. Alph.) Dictionnaire des Abreviations Latines et Fran- 
9aises usitees dans les Inscriptions Lapidaires et Metalliques, 
les Manuscrits et les Chartes du Moyen Age. Troisieme Edition. 

i6mo. Paris, 1866. 

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XP- au XVI P- sibcle. Sixibme Edition. 

2 vols, in I. i6mo. Paris, 1867. 

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dines Burgundiae et Galliae. Folio. Lugd., 1552. 

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Poitiers. 8vo. Antw., 16 15. 

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Belgiques, &c. 8vo. Lie., 1619. 

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Chaucer (Geoffry). Canterbury Tales. By Thos. Tyrrwhitt. 

5 vols. 8vo. 1830. 

Chaucer. In British Poets. 

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2 vols. 8vo. Lond. and Bishops Stortford. 

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Chavassius (Balth). De Perfecta Prudentia. 

2 vols. 8vo. Lugd., 1622. 

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4to. Sevi., 1548. 

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Cheast (Tho.) Way to Life. [Tracts, Vol. 89.] 

Cheeke (Jn.) The True Subject to the Rebel. [Tracts, Vol. 36.] 

4ta 1641. 

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tiens. 8vo. Lyon, 1585. 

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4to. Lips., 1578. 


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Folio. Genev., 1614. 

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8vo. Paris, 1609. 

Chesne (And. du), Historise Normannorum Scriptores. 

Folio. Lut. Par., 16 19. 

Chesne (And. du.) Antiquitez des Villes de France. 

8vo. Paris, 1637. 

Chesne (And. du). Francorum Scriptores. 

5 vols. Folio. Paris, 1636-1649. 

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d'Espagne. 8vo. S. Mar., 1558. 

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Chesne (Sim. du). Quadrature du Cercle. 4to. Delf., 16 14. 

Chesne (Sim. du). Quadrature du Cercle. [Tracts, Vol. 10 1.] 161 7. 

Chester Petition concerning Episcopacy, 4to. 1641. 

Chester Plays. A Collection of Mysteries. By Thomas Wright. (SS.) 

2 vols. 8vo. 1843. 

Chester (Joseph). The Marriage, Baptismal, and Burial Registers of 
the Collegiate Church, or Abbey, of St. Peter, Westminster. 
[No. 10, Harleian Society's Publications.] 8vo. London, 1876. 

Chetham Society's Publications. 4to. 

1. Travels in Holland, the United Provinces, England, Scot- 

land, and Ireland, 1634-1635. By Sir William Brereton, 
Bart. Edited by E. Hawkins, F.R.S., F.S.A., F.L.S. 


2. Tracts relating to Military Proceedings during the Great 

Civil War. Edited, with Biographical Notices, by 
George Ormerod, D.C.L. 1844. 

3. Chester's Triumph in Honour of Her Princes, as it was 

performed upon St. George's Day, 1610, in the afore- 
said Citie. Edited by the Rev. T. Corser, M.A. 1844. 

4. Life of Adam Martindale, a Nonconformist Minister, 1633 

to 1680. Written by Himself, and now first printed from 
the original MS. in the British Museum. Edited by 
the Rev. R. Parkinson, B.D. 1845. 

5. Memorials of Lancashire during the Rebellion of 17 15. 

With Notes. Edited by Samuel Hibbert Ware, M.D., 
F.R.S.E. 1845. 


Chetham Society's Publications — continued, 

6. Wonderful Discoverie of Witches in the County of Lan- 

caster. With their Trial. By Thomas Potts, 1613. 
Edited by James Crossley. 1845. 

7. Iter Lancastrense. By the Rev. Richard Jamas. A Poem 

in English verse, written in 1636. Edited by the Rev. 
Thomas Corser. 1845. 

8. Notitia Cestrensis ; or, Historical Notices of the Diocese 

of Chester. By Bishop Gastrell. [Now first printed.] 

Vol. I (Cheshire). Edited by the Rev. F. R. Raines, 

M.A., F.R.S. 1845. 

For the three other Parts, see Nos. 19, 21, and 22. 

9. The Norris Papers. Relating to the Foundation of the Port 

of Liverpool. Edited by Thomas Hey wood, F.S.A. 


10 and II. The Coucher Book; or, Chartulary of Whalley 
Abbey. Edited by W. A. Hulton. 1847. 

For Vols. 3 and 4, see Nos. 16 and 20. 

12. Rental Book of Edward Moore, of More Hall. Edited 

by Thomas Heywood. Map. 1847. 

1 3. Diary and Correspondence of Dr. John Worthington. Vol i. 

Edited by James Crossley. Vols, i, 2. 1847. 

For Vol. 2, Part i, see No. 36. 

14. Journal of Nicholas Assheton, of Downham Co., Lancaster, 

for Part of the Years 161 7- 16 18. With Notes by the 
Rev. F. R. Raines. 1848. 

15. Holy Lyfe and History of Saint Werburge, very fruteful 

for all Christen People to rede. Reprinted from the 
Edition of 1521. Edited by E. Hawkins. 1848. 

16. Coucher Book; or, Chartulary of Whalley Abbey. Vol. 3. 


17. Warrington in 1465, as described in a Contemporary Rent 

Roll of the Legh Family. Edited by W. Beamont. 


18. Diary of the Rev. Henry Newcombe, from Sept. 30, 1661, 

to Sept. 29, 1663. Edited by Thomas Heywood. 1849. 

19. Notitia Cestrensis. Vol. 2, Part i (Lancashire). 1849. 

20. Coucher Book ; or, Chartulary of Whalley Abbey. Vol. 4. 



Chetham Society's Publications — continued. 

21 and 22. Notitia Cestrensis. Vol. 2, Parts 2 and 3 (Lanca- 
shire). 1850. 

23. A Goulden Mirrour. Conteininge certaine Pithie and 

Figurative Visions prognosticating Good Fortune to 
England, &c. By Richard Robinson, of Alton. 1589. 
With Introduction and Notes by the Rev. Thomas 
Corser. 185 1. 

24. Chetham Miscellanies. Vol. i. Edited by William Langton. 

Containing Papers on the Affairs with Milton and his 
Family. By J. F. Marsh. Epistolary Reliques of 
Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquaries, 1653-1673, com- 
municated by George Ormerod, D.C.L. Heraldic 
Visitations of the County Palatine of Lancaster. By 
the same. A Fragment illustrative of Sir William 
Dugdale's Visitation of Lancaster. By the Rev. F. R. 
Raines. Autobiographical Tracts of Dr. John Dee. 
By James Crossley. 185 1. 

For Vols. 2 and 3, ^^<f Nos. 37 and 57. 

25. Cardinal Allen's Defence of Sir William Stanley's Sur- 

render of Deventer. Edited by Thomas Heywood. 


26 and 27. Autobiography of the Rev. Henry Newcombe. 

Edited by R. Parkinson, D.D. Vols, i and 2. 1852. 

28. The Jacobite Trials at Manchester in 1694. Edited by 

W. Beamont. 1853. 

29. The Stanley Papers. Part i. The Earls of Derby and 

the Verse Writers and Poets of the i6th and 17 th 
Centuries. By Thomas Heywood. 1853. 

30. Documents relating to the Priory of Pentwortham, and 

other Possessions in Lancashire of the Abbey of 
Evesham. Edited by W. A. Hulton. 1853. 

31. The Stanley Papers. Part 2. The Derby Household Books. 

Together with a Diary of William Farrington, Esq., the 
Comptroller. Edited by the Rev. F. R. Raines. 1853. 

32. Private Journal and Literary Remains of John Byrom 

(the last of the English non-juring Bishops). Edited 

by Richard Parkinson, D.D. Vol. i. Part i. 1854. 

For the other Parts, see Nos. 34, 40, and 44. 

33. Lancashire and Cheshire Wills and Inventories, from the 

Ecclesiastical Court, Chester. The First Portion. 
Edited by the Rev. G. J. Piccope. 1854. 

For Parts 2 and 3, see Nos. 5 1 and 54. 


Chetham Society's Publications — continued. 

34. Private Journal and Literary Remains of John Byrom. 

Vol. I, Part 2. 1855. 

35. House and Farm Accounts of the Shuttleworths of 

Gawthorpe Hall. Part i. Edited by John Harland. 

For Parts 2 and 3, see Nos. 41, 43. 

36. Diary and Correspondence of Dr. John Worthington. 

Vol. 2, Part I. 1855 

37. Chetham Miscellanies. Vol. 2. Edited by William Lang- 

ton. Containing : The Rights and Jurisdiction of the 
County Palatine of Chester, the Earls Palatine, &c. 
By J. B. Yates. The Scottish Field (a Poem on the 
Battle of Flodden). By John Robson. Examynatyons 
towcheynge Cockeye More, Temp. Henry VHI., in a 
dispute between the Lords of the Manors of Middleton 
and Radclyffe. By the Rev. F. R. Raines. A History 
of the Chapelry of Denton. By the Rev. Thomas 
Booker. Letter from John Bradshawe, of Gray's Inn, 
to Sir Peter Legh, of Lyme. 1856. 

38. Bibliographical Notices of the Church Libraries of Turton 

and Gorton. Bequeathed by Humphrey Chetham. 
Edited by Gilbert French. 1855. 

39. The Farington Papers. Edited by Miss Ffarington. 1856. 

40. Private Diary and Literary Remains of John Byrom. Vol. 

2, Part I. 1856. 

41. House and Farm Accounts of the Shuttleworths of Gaw- 

thorpe Hall. Part 2. 1856. 

42. History of the Ancient Chapel of Didsbury and Chorlton, 

&c., in Manchester Parish. By the Rev. John Booker. 


43. House and Farm Accounts of the Shuttleworths of Gaw- 

thorpe Hall. Part 3. 1857. 

44. Private Diary and Literary Remains of John Byrom. 

Vol. 2, Part 2. Containing an Account of Prince 
Charles Edward Stuart's Arrival and Stay in Manchester 
in 1745- 1857. 

45. Miscellanies. Being a Selection of the Poems and Cor- 

respondence of the Rev. Thomas Wilson, B.D., of 
Clitheroe. With Memoir of his Life. By the Rev. 
F. R. Raines. 1858. 


Chetham Society's Publications — continued. 

46. The House and Farm Accounts of the Shuttleworths of 

Gawthorpe Hall, Part 4. [Conclusion.] 1858. 

47. A History of the Ancient Chapel of Birch, in Manchester 

Parish. Including a Sketch of the Township of Rusholm. 
Together with Notices of the more Ancient Local 
Families, and Particulars relating to the Descent of 
their Estate. By the Rev. John Booker. 1859. 

48. A Catalogue of the Collection of Tracts for and against 

Popery (published in or about the Reign of James II.) 
in the Manchester Library founded by Humphrey 
Chetham. In which is incorporated, with large 
Additions and Biographical Notes, the whole of Peck's 
List of the Tracts in that Controversy, with his Refer- 
ences. Edited by Thomas Jones. Part i. 1859. 

49. The Lancashire Lieutenancy under the Tudors and Stuarts. 

The Civil and Military Government of the County, as 
illustrated by a Series of Royal and other Letters, 
Orders of the Privy Council, the Lord Lieutenant, and 
other Authorities, &c., &c. Chiefly derived from the 
Shuttleworth MSS. at Gawthorpe Hall, Lancashire. 
Edited by John Harland. Part i. 1859. 

50. The Lancashire Lieutenancy under the Tudors and Stuarts. 

Part 2. [Conclusion.] 1859. 

51. Lancashire and Cheshire Wills and Inventories. From the 

Ecclesiastical Court, Chester. The Second Portion. 

For Part i, sec No. 33. 

52. Collectanea Anglo-Poetica ; or, a Bibliographical and 

Descriptive Catalogue of a Portion of a Collection of 
Early English Poetry. With occasional Extracts and 
Remarks Biographical and Critical. By the Rev. 
Thomas Corser. Part i. i860. 

For Part 2, see No. 55. 

53. Mamecestre. Being Chapters from the early recorded 

History of the Barony, the Lordship or Manor, the 
Vill, Borough, or Town of Manchester. Edited by 
John Harland. Vol. i. 1861. 

For Vol. 2, see No. 56; and Vol. 3, No. 58. 

54. Lancashire and Cheshire Wills and Inventories. From the 

Ecclesiastical Court, Chester. The Third Portion. 
[Conclusion.] 1861. 


Chetham Society's Publications — continued. 

55. Collectanea Anglo-Poetica. Part 2. 1861. 

56. Mamecestre. Vol. 2. i86i. 

For Vol. I, see No. 53 ; and Vol. 3, No. 58. 

57. Chetham Miscellanies. Vol. 3. Edited by William 

Langton. Containing : — 

On the South Lancashire Dialect. With Biographical 
Notices of John Collier, the Author of "Tim 
Bobbin." By Thomas Hey wood. 

Rentale de Cokersand. Being the Bursar's Rent 
Roll of the Abbey of Cokersand, in the County 
Palatine of Lancaster, for the Year 1501. Printed 
from the Original. Edited by the Rev. F. R. 

The Names of all the Gentlemen of the best callinge 
w^^in the County of Lancastre, whereof choyse ys 
to be made of a c'ten number to lend unto her 
Ma'y^ monye upon privie seals in Januarye 1588. 
From a Manuscript in the possession of the Rev. 
F. R. Raines. 

Some Instruction given by William Booth, Esquire, 
to his Stewards, John Carington and William 
Rowcrofte, upon the purchase of Warrington. By 
Sir George Booth, Baronet, and William Booth, 
his Son. A.D. MDCXVIII. [Communicated by 
William Beaumont.] 

Letter from Sir John Seton, Manchester, ye 25 M'ch, 
1643. Edited by Thomas Heywood. 

The Names of Eight Hundred Inhabitants of Man- 
chester who took the Oath of Allegiance to 
Charles II. in April 1679. [Communicated by 
John Harland.] 

The Pole Booke of Manchester, May ye 22 nd, 
1690. Edited by William Langton. 1862. 

58. Mamecestre. Vol. 3. [Conclusion.] 1862. 

59. A History of the Chantries within the County Palatine 

of Lancaster. Being the Reports of the Royal Com- 
missioners of Henry VIII., Edward VI., and Queen 
Mary. Edited by the Rev. F. R. Raines. Vol. i. 1862. 


Chetham Society's Publications — continued. 

60. A History of the Chantries within the County Palatine of 

Lancaster, &c. Vol. 2. [Conclusion.] With a General 
Index to the Remains, Historical and Literary, pub- 
lished by the Chetham Society. Vols. 1-30. 1862. 

61. I. Abbott's Journal. 2. An Account of the Tryalls, &c., 

in Manchester in 1694. Edited by the Right Rev. 
Alexander Goss, D.D. 1864. 

62. Discourse of the Warr in Lancashire. Edited by William 

Beamont, Esq. 1864. 

63. A Volume of Court Leet Records of the Manor of Man- 

chester in the Sixteenth Century. Compiled and 
Edited by John Harland, F.S.A. 1864. 

64. A Catalogue of the Collection of Tracts for and against 

Popery. Part 2. To which are added an Index to 
the Tracts in both Editions of Gibson's Preservative, 
and a Reprint of Dodd's Certamen, Utriusque Ecclesise. 
Edited by Thomas Jones, Esq., B.A. 1865. 

65. Continuation of the Court Leet Records of the Manor of 

Manchester, a.d. i 586-1602. By John Harland, Esq. 


66. The Stanley Papers. Part 3. Private Devotions and 

Miscellanies- of James, seventh Earl of Derby, K.G., 
with a Prefatory Memoir and Appendix of Documents. 
Edited by the Rev. Canon Raines, M.A., F.S.A. 
Vol. I. 1867. 

67. The Stanley Papers. Part 3, Vol. 2. 1867. 

68. Collectanea relating to Manchester and its Neighbourhood, 

at various Periods. Compiled, arranged, and edited 
by John Harland, F.S.A. Vol. i. 1866. 

69. The Admission Register of the Manchester School. With 

some Notices of the more distinguished Scholars. 
Edited by the Rev. Jeremiah Finch Smith, M.A., 
Rector of Aldridge, Staffordshire, and Rural Dean. 
Vol. I. From a.d. 1730 to a.d. 1775. 1866. 

70. The Stanley Papers. Part 3, Vol. 3. [Conclusion.] 1867. 

71. Collectanea Anglo-Poetica. Part 3. 1867. 

72. Collectanea relating to Manchester and its Neighbourhood. 

Vol. 2. 1867. 


Chetham Society's Publications — continued. 

73. The Admission Register of the Manchester School. With 

some Notices of the more distinguished Scholars. 
Vol. 2. From A. D. 1776 to a.d. 1807. 1868. 

74. Three Lancashire Documents of the Fourteenth and 

Fifteenth Centuries, namely : i. The Great De Lacy 
Inquisition, Feb. 16, 1311. 2. Survey of 1320-1346. 
3. Custom Roll and Rental of the Manor of Ashton- 
under-Lyne, 142 1. Edited by John Harland, Esq., 
F.S.A. 1868. 

75. Lancashire Funeral Certificates. Edited by Thomas 

William King, Esq., F.S.A., York Herald. With Ad- 
ditions by the Rev. F. R. Raines, M.A., F.S.A., Vice- 
President of the Chetham Society. 1869. 

76. Observations and Instructions, Divine and Morall. In 

Verse. By Robert Heywood, of Heywood, Lancashire. 
Edited by James Crossley, Esq., F.S.A. 1869. 

77. Collectanea Anglo-Poetica. Part 4. 1869. 

78. Tracts written in the Controversy respecting the Legitimacy 

of Amicia, daughter of Hugh Cyveliok, Earl of Chester. 
A.D. 1 67 3-1 679. By Sir Peter Leycester, Bart., and 
Sir Thomas Mainwaring, Bart. Reprinted from the 
Collection at Peover. Edited, with an Introduction, 
by William Beamont, Esq. Part i. 1869. 

79. Tracts written in the Controversy respecting the Legitimacy 

of Amicia. Part 2. 1869. 

80. Tracts written in the Controversy respecting the Legitimacy 

of Amicia. Part 3. [Conclusion.] 1869. 

81. The Visitation of the County Palatine of Lancaster, made 

in the year 1567, by William Flower, Esq., Norroy 
King of Arms. Edited by the Rev. F. R. Raines, 
M.A., F.S.A., Vicar of Milnrow, and Hon. Canon of 
Manchester. 1870. 

82. The Visitation of the County Palatine of Lancaster, made 

in the year 16 13, by Richard St. George, Esq., Norroy 
King of Arms. Edited by the Rev. F. R. Raines, 
M.A., F.S.A., Vicar of Milnrow, Hon. Canon of 
Manchester, and Rural Dean. 1871. 


Chetham Society's Publications — continued. 

83. Chetham Miscellanies. Vol 4. Containing Some Account 
of General Robert Venables, of Antrobus and Wincham, 
Cheshire. With an Engraving from his Portrait at 
Wincham. Together with the Autobiogrophical Memo- 
randa or Diary of his Widow, Elizabeth Venables. 
From the original Manuscript in the possession of 
Lee P. Townshend, Esq. 

A Forme of Confession grounded upon the Ancient 
Catholique and Apostolique Faith. Made and 
composed by the honorable ladie The Lady 
Bridget Egerton, a.d. 1636. From the original 
MS. in the possession of Sir Philip de Malpas 
Grey Egerton, Bart., M.P. 

A Kalender conteyning the Names of all such Gent, 
and others as upon Her Maty's Pryvye Seales 
have paid there money to the handes of Sir Hugh 
Cholmondley Knyghte Collect""- of Her Hyghness 
Loane with'" the Countie of Chester, together 
w"* the severall Somes and Daies of Receipt, 
A.D. 1597. From the original MS. in the pos- 
session of R. H. Wood, Esq., F.S.A. 

History of Warrington Friary. Edited by William 
Beamont, Esq. 1872. 

84. The Visitation of the County Palatine of Lancaster, made 

in the year 1664- 1665, by Sir William Dugdale, Knight, 
Norroy King of Arms. Edited by the Rev. F. R. 
Raines, M.A., F.S.A., Vicar of MilnroAV, Hon. Canon 
of Manchester, and Rural Dean. Part i. 1872. 

85. The Visitation of the County Palatine of Lancaster, made 

in the year 1664-1665, by Sir William Dugdale, Knight. 
Part 2. 1872. 

86. Annals of the Lords of Warrington for the First Five Centu- 

ries after the Conquest. With Historical N otices of the 
Place and Neighbourhood. Edited by William Beamont, 
Esq. Part i. 1872. 

87. Annals of the Lords of Warrington for the First Five Centu- 

ries after the Conquest. Part 2. [Conclusion.] 1873. 

88. The Visitation of the County Palatine of Lancaster, made 

in the year 1664, 1665, by Sir William Dugdale, Knight. 
Part 3. [Conclusion.] 1873. 


Chetham Society's Publications — continued. 

89. The Dr. Farmer Chetham MS. Being a commonplace 

book in the Chetham Library, temp. Elizabeth, 
James I., and Charles I., consisting of prose and verse, 
mostly hitherto unpublished. Edited, with Intro- 
duction and Notes, by the Rev. Alexander B. Grosart. 
Part I. 1873. 

90. The Dr. Farmer Chetham MS. Being a commonplace 

book in the Chetham Library, temp. Elizabeth, 
James I., and Charles I. Part 2. [Conclusion.] 1873. 

91. Collectanea Anglo-Poetica. Part 5. 1873. 

92. The History of the Parish of Kirkham, in the County of 

Lancaster. By Henry Fishwick, F.R.H.S. 1874. 

93. The Admission Register of the Manchester School. With 

some Notices of the more distinguished Scholars, from 
A.D. 1807 to A.D. 1830. Vol. 3, Part I. 1874. 

94. The Admission Register of the Manchester School. With 

some Notices of the more distinguished Scholars, from 
A.D. 1807 to A.D. 1830. Vol. 3, Part 2. 1874. 

95. Abstracts of Inquisitions post Mortem, made by Chris- 

topher Towneley and Roger Dodsworth. Extracted 
from Manuscripts at Towneley. Edited by William 
Langton. 1875. 

96. Chetham Miscellanies. Vol. 5. Edited by the Rev. Canon 

Raines, M.A., F.S.A., Vice-President of the Society. 
Containing : — 

A Description of the State, Civil and Ecclesiastical, 
of the County of Lancaster, about the year 1590. 
By some of the Clergy of the Diocese of Chester. 
From the original MS. in the Bodleian. 

A Visitation of the Diocese of Chester, by John, 
Archbishop of York, held in the Chapter House 
of the Collegiate and Parish Church of Man- 
chester, 1590. With the Archbishop's Correspon- 
dence with the Clergy. From the MS. in the 

Letters on the Claims of the College of Arms in 
Lancashire, in the time of James the First. By 
Leonard Smethley and Randle Holme, Deputy 

The Easter Rolls of Whalley in the years 1552, 1553. 
From the Originals at Stonyhurst. 1875. 


Chetham Society's Publications — continued. 

97. Contributions towards a History of the Ancient Parish of 

Prestbury, in Cheshire. By Frank Renard, M.D. 


98. The Visitation of Lancashire and a part of Cheshire, made 

in the twenty-fourth year of the Reign of King Henry 
the Eighth, a.d. 1533, by Special Commission of 
Thomas Benatt, Clarencieux. Edited by WilHam 
Langton, Esq. 1876. 

99. Abstracts of Inquisitions post Mortem, made by Christopher 

Towneley and Roger Dodsworth, Extracted from 
Manuscripts at Towneley. Edited by William Langton. 
Vol. 2. 1876. 

Chettle (Hy.) See Dekker. 

Chevalier (Le Sieur de). Discours de la Vaillance, &c. 

8vo. Paris, 1599. 

Cheves (Langdon, Junr.) Cases at Law argued and determined in 
the Court of Appeals of South Carolina, from November 1839 to 
May 1840. [Vol. 23, South Carolina Law Reports.] Second 
Edition. 8vo. Charleston, i860. 

Cheves (Langdon, Junr.) Cases in Chancery argued and determined 
in the Court of Appeals of South Carolina, November 1839 to 
May 1840. [Vol. 15, South Carolina Equity Reports.] Second 
Edition. 8vo. Charleston, i860. 

Chiaramonte (Girol.) Elixir Vitse. Raccolta da Ant. Bianchi. 

4to. Firen., 1620. 

Chiaramonte (Scip.) Claramontius ; della Cometa di 16 18. 

4to. Ven., 16 19. 

Chiaramonte (Scip.) Anti-Tycho, &c. 4to. Ven., 1621. 

Chiaramonte (Scip.) De Conjectandis cujusque Moribus, et Latitan- 
tibus Animi Affectionibus. 4to. Ven., 1625. 

Chiaramonte (Scip.) De Tribus Novis SteUis. 4to. Caes., 1628. 

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4to. Lugd., 1 6 18. 

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Chimere (La); ou, Phantosme de la Mendicity. [Tracts, Vol. 16.] 

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Svo. Par., 1606. 



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Supreme Court of the State of Vermont, 1 789-1825, Vol. i. 
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Chitty (Edward). Commercial and General Lawyer, By Weston. 

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Chitty (Edward). An Index to all reported Cases in the Courts of 
Equity in England and Ireland, the Privy Council, and the House 
of Lords; and to the Statutes on or relating to Equity and 

Second Edition, 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1837. 

Third Edition, By James Macaulay. 

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Chitty (Joseph, Junior) — continued. 

Ninth Edition. By John Archibald Russell, LL.B. 

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Tenth Edition. By John Archibald Russell, LI^.B. 

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> 214 

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4to. 1 66 1. 


Church — continued. 

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of the Church of England. [Tracts, Vol. 68.] 4to. 1694. 

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Church of England. Proceedings of Divines touching Inno- 
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Church of Scotland. Reasons for refusing the Service Book. 
[Tracts, Vol. 23.] 4to. 1643. 

Church of England. Prelatical. Short View of it. [Tracts, 
Vol. 71.] 4to. 

/ Church and Poor. Humble Address for Redress, &c. With 
I the Form, &c., of the Kirk. 4to. 1641. 

I Church. Letter of a French Protestant defending the Church 
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j Church. Petition to Elizabeth about Dissentions in the Church 
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Policy. See Dyson. 

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4to. 1 64 1. 
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V 4to. 1 641. 


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[Tracts, Vol. 33.] 

Common Prayer Book. 
[Tracts, Vol. 5.] 

Common Prayer Book. 

Common Prayer Book. 

Subjects' Resolution to maintain it Biblical. 
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Brief Narrative of the Common Prayer Book. 

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Folio. 1 70 1. 
Commons. House of. Votes and Proceedings, 186 1. [Continued.] 

Folio. 1 86 1. 
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Folio. 1862-1872. 

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[Tracts, Vols, i, 14, 23, 34, and 41, &c.] 4to. and Folio. 

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Delegates, in the Reigns of William, Anne, George I. and H. 
With Notes and References. By Samuel Rose. 

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With a Digest of the Cases at Nisi Prius. By Anthony Hammond. 

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4to. Rom., 1628. 

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tried in the Court of King's Bench, Westminster, Michaelmas 
Term, 9 Geo. IV., as to the right to Minerals in the Assessional 
Lands of the Duchy of Cornwall. With Explanatory Notes and 
Appendix, containing the Records and Documents given in 
Evidence. 8vo. T^ondon, 1830. 

Concentration of the Courts and Offices of Law in London. 
Statement issued by Order of the Council of the Association for 
the Promotion of Social Science. [Vol. 14, Pamphlets.] 

i2mo. London, 1864. 

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Vol. 119.] 4to. Par., 1614. 

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8vo. Era., 1602. 

Conestaggius (Hier.) De Portugalliae Conjunctione cum CasteM 
{Italian). 8vo. Ven., 1592. 

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Conference a Fontainebleau. Discours sur. 8vo. Antw., 1600. 

Conference entre les Sieurs Duchat et Veron. [Tracts, Vol. 130.] 

8vo. Charan., 161 9. 


Conference of Librarians. See Librarians. 

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8vo. Gen., 1626. 

Conference. Tenue h. Chasteleraud, Juillet, &c., 1618. 

8vo. Sau., 16 18. 

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Mendicantium. 4to. Co. Ag., 1619. 

Confirmation. Its Ancient Ecclesiastical Practice. [Tracts, Vol. 88.] 

[No Title.] 4to. 

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Filesac. Folio. 1703. 

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the Courts of the United States. Second Edition. 

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Hammond Trurabrill and Charles J. Hoadley. [In progress.] 

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Connecticut. Reports. 

Kirby, 1 785-1 788. i vol. 

Root, 178 9- 179 8. 2 vols. 

Day, 1802-1813. 5 vols. 

Day (1-2 1 Conn.), 1814-1852. 21 vols. 

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Baldwin's Digest. i vol. 
54 vols. 8vo. Newhaven, 1 785-1878. 

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To which are prefixed the Declaration of Independence, the Con- 
stitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of 
Connecticut. [Published by Authority of the General Assembly.] 

8vo. Newhaven, 1866. 


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A Practical Guide for Magistrates, Clerks of Petty Sessions, 
Attornies, Constables, and others. 8vo. Sydney, 1866. 

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Svo. Edinburgh, 18 18. 
Supplement. Svo. Edinburgh, 1823. 

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Clergy. 2 vols. 8vo. Edin., 1830. 

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Appeals of the State of South Carolina, June 1835 to December 
1854. 8vo. Charleston, 1855. 

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4to. Hel., 1649. 
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Svo. Dub., 1795. 
Conseiller Fidele. [Tracts, Vol. 161.] Svo, 

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Apologeticus, &c. Svo. Lugd., 16 18. 

CoNSET (Hy.) Practice of Spiritual or Ecclesiastical Courts, &c. 

Svo. 16S5. 

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[Imperfect.] 4to. 

CoNSOLATO del Mare. 4to. Ven., 1576. 

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some Account of the Author, by Wm. Carew Hazlitt. To which 
are added Notes by Thomas Park. Svo. 1859 

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Constantino (Doctor). Doctrina Christiana. Svo. Anv., 1555 

Constantinus Aphricanus. Operum Reliqua. Folio. Basil, 1539, 

CoNSTANTiNUS APHRICANUS. De Humana Natura. Folio. Basil, 1541 

Constantinus Aphricanus. De Elephantia. Folio. Basil, 1541 

CoNSTANTiNUS Aphricanus. De Animalibus. Folio. Basil, 1541 



CoNSTANTiNUS PoRPHYROGENiTUS. Imperialum Constitutionum Libri. 
Gent. Herveto. Interp. Folio. Han., 1606. 

CoNSTANTiNUS PoRPHYROGENiTUS. See Corpus Byzantinse Historise. 

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Urbis. 2 vols. Folio. Rom., 1701. 

CONSTANTINUS (Fran. Mar.) Decisiones Rotse Romanse. 

Folio. Rom., 1701. 

CONSTANTINUS (Fran. Mar.) Vota Decisiva. A Cosm. Mat. Con- 
stantino Edita. 5 vols. Folio. Urb., 1741. 

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8vo. Basil, 1544. 
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8vo. Flor., 1553. 

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CoNTARENUS (Tho.) Dc Humana TranquiUtatc. 4to. Ven., 1572. 

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[Tracts, Vol. 159.] 8vo. Ven., 1543. 

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Huomini Illustri, &c. 4to. Vice., 16 16. 

CoNTARiNi (Pie. Mar.) Compendio di Republica. 8vo. Ven., 1602. 

CoNTELMANNUS (Fred.) Thesaurus Juris Civilis. 

4to. Lausannse, 1763. 
CoNTius (Ant.) Justiniani Institutiones. i2mo. Paris, 1560. 

CoNTOS e Historias de Proveito, b Examplo. 4to. Lisb., 1608. 

Contra-Repli cant's Complaint to His Majesty. [Tracts, Vol. 40.] 4to. 

CoNTRALESiNA (La). Cou Una Comedia Intitolata le Nozze d'Auti- 
lesina, 8vo. Ven., 1604, 

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Contreras (Geron. de). Selva de Aventuras. 8vo. Cuen., 16 15. 

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Contzen (Adam.) De Unione et Synodo Generali Evangelicorum. 

8vo. Mog., 161 5. 
Contzen (Adam). Jubilum Jubilorum Jubilseum, &c. 

8vo. Mog., 1618. 
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8vo. Col. Ag., 1630. 

CoNTZEN (Adam). His Plot to Cheat a Church, &c. [Tracts, Vol. 96.] 

4to. 1 641. 

Conventicles. Queries on the Act against. [Tracts, Vol. 32.] 

4to. 1670. 

Conventius (Steph.) De Corporum Cselestium Principiis. 

8vo. Bon., 1562. 

Conversation Ordinaire. [No Title-page.] 8vo. 

Convert. The Loyal. [Tracts, Vol. 16.] 4to. Oxon., 1644. 

Conveyancing. A Complete System of. 3 vols. 4to. Edin., 1826. 

Conybeare (William D.) Address. Introductory to Theological 
Lectures. 12 mo. 1831. 

Conybeare (William D.) Elementary Lectures on the Bible. . 

i2mo. 1834. 

Conybeare (William John) and Howson. Life and Epistles of St. 
Paul. 2 vols. 8vo. 1858. 

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1774, 1775. With Maps, &c. 2 vols. 4to. 1777. 

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4to. 1625. 

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[Pamphlets, Vol. i.] 8vo. 1829. 

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sells collected out of the Declaration and Speech of the King, 
Lord Chancellor, and Speaker of the House of Commons, 
1660-1680. [Tracts, Case 32.] Folio. 1681. 

Cooke (Edward). Rights and Privileges of London. Folio. 1687. 

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Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors. With the Acts of 
Parliament, Rules of Court, Forms, and Tables of Costs. 

8vo. London, 1827. 
Second Edition. 8vo. London, 1839. 

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Common Pleas in the Reigns of Anne, Geo. I., and Geo. II. 

Svo. 1747. 


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lets, Vol. I.] 8vo. 1834. 

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The House of Lords as a Court of 

Svo. 1850. 
Appellate Jurisdiction of the House of 

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Parliamentary and Political Miscellanies. 

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Chancery Miscellanies. 

13 numbers. Svo. 1S50. 
Appellate Jurisdiction of the Privy Council, 

Svo. 1S50. 

Svo. 1850. 

On the Government, and Irish Roman 

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Address to Roman Catholics of England. 

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The Common Law, and the Pope's Apostolic 

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Proposals to Analyse, Compress, and 

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Cooper (Charles Purton). 

Cooper (Charles Purton). 

Lords, &c. 
I Cooper (Charles Purton). 

I Cooper (Charles Purton). 

(Cooper (Charles Purton). 
Cooper (Charles Purton). 

^ Cooper (Charles Purton). 

Court of Chancery, &c. [Pamphlets, Vol. 6.] 
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Cooper (Charles Purton). 

Catholic Members. 
Cooper (Charles Purton). 

Cooper (Charles Purton). 

Cooper (Charles Purton). 
Letters of 1S50. 

Second Edition- 
Fifth Edition. 

Cooper (Charles Purton). 

Cooper (Charles Purton). 

Cooper (Charles Purton). 

Cooper (Charles Purton), 
Classify our Statutes. 


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Lords of Manors, &c. Also the Tenures, Customs, Usages of 
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4to. Basil. 
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ing the Courts of Chancery, King's Bench, Common Pleas, and 
Exchequer, at Westminster. From a MS. of the time of King 
Henry VI. Communicated to the Society of Antiquaries in a 
Letter to Frederick Ouvry, the Treasurer. 4to. Westminster, 1865. 

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of Queen's Bench. With the New Rules of Practice, Forms, 
Tables of Costs, &c. 8vo. 1844. 

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Parish of St. Michael, Cornhill, in the City of London, from 1456 
to 1608. With Miscellaneous Memoranda contained in the Great 
Book of Accounts, and Extracts from the Proceedings of the 
Vestry, 1563 to 1607. Edited by William Henry Overall, F.S.A. 

4to. London, n.d. 

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End. i2mo. 1824. 


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wall and Devon, [Tracts, Vol. 9.] 4to. 1659. 

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Presidents of Pleadings, &c. Folio. 1705- 

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Corpus Juris Civilis. See Gothofredus. 

Corpus Poetarum. See Maittaire. 

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8vo. Paris, 161 3. 
8vo. Paris, 1622. 

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ship, Solicitors, &c. With a Plan for the Amendment of the Law 
of Partnership. 8vo. London, 1839. 

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Statutes, Rules, and Forms. Svo. London, 1855. 

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Court of Judicature at Fort William, in Bengal, 1864, 1865. Vol. i, 
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others, who refused to take the Oaths to his late Majesty King 
George. Reprinted from the Original Copy. Printed for J. 
Robinson, 1745. 8vo. London, 1862. 

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4to. 1593. 

CosiN (Richard). Apology of Proceedings in the Courts Ecclesiastical. 

4to. 1593. 

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des Hommes Illustres dans le Seizieme Si^cle. 

Folio. Paris, 1625. 

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i2mo. Mad., 1600. 


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Folio. Lugd., 1539. 

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4to. 1622. 

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8vo. Avig., 1600. 

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de ce Temps. 2 vols. 410. Par., 16 10. 

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Christi, &c. Svo. Col. Ag., 161 7. 

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Svo. Vin., 1573. 

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4to. 1 61 3. 

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4to. Oxon., 1623. 

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4to. Gen., 1636. 

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See Brit, Gt. Svo. 1S59. 

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4 vols. Svo. Dublin, 1S51. 

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Edward III. to Richard III. By Wm. Prynne. Folio. 1657. 

Cotton (Sir Robert). Abridgment of Records in the Tower of London, 
Edward III. to Richard III. By Wm. Prynne. Folio. 1657. 

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Vol. 70.] 4to. 1 64 1. 

Counter Votes ; or, an Arraignment of the Votes at Oxford. [Tracts, 
Vol. 41.] 4to. 

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Barrister. [Pamphlets, Vol. 4.] Svo. 1851. 


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of Jurisprudence and Amendment of the Law. [Vol. 14, Pam- 
phlets.] i2mo. London, 1865. 

County Courts Equitable Jurisdiction Bill. Report of Standing 
Committee of Jurisprudence and Amendment of the Law. [Vol. 
14, Pamphlets.] i2mo. London, 1865. 

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and Circuit Courts of Justiciary in Scotland. In continuation of 
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Bank Directors. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1879. 

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les Dates; q. v. 3 vols. Folio. Paris, 182 1. 

Court, le Misaule, ou Halreux de Court. 8vo. Paris, 1585. 

Court, Camp, City, and Country. A Word to. [Tracts, Vol. 9.] 

4to. 1659. 

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4to. 1650. 

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England. Containing the date of the Creation, with the Suc- 
cession of Baronets, and their respective Marriages, and Time of 
Death. 8vo. London, 1835. 

Courts of Justice Commission, i. The Acts of Parliament, Com- 
mission, Minutes, and Proceedings of the Commission from July 
1865 to 13th December, 1867, and Instructions for Competing 
Architects. Folio. 2. Description of Designs by Competing 
Atchitects for the New Law Courts. Folio. 1867. 

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8vo. Par., 1548. 

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Aldrete. 2 vols, in i. Folio. Mad., 1674, 


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4to. 1 606. 

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Abominable. [Tracts, Vol. 47-] 4to. 1643. 

Covenant. The Covenant. With the manner of taking it by the 
House of Commons, &c., &c. [Tracts, Vol. 43.] 4to. 1643. 

Covenant (The). Transactions of those in Arms for the Covenant, 
&c. [Tracts, Vol. 14.] 4to. 1648. 

Covenant (The). Funeral of the Good Old Cause. [Tracts, Vol. 5.] 

4to. 1 66 1. 

Covenant (The). Reply to the Funeral of the Covenant. [Tracts, 
Vol. 5.] 4to. 1 66 1. 

Covent Garden Market. Trial C. P. respecting Tolls claimed in. 
See Lowden. 8vo. London, 181 7. 

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8vo. London, 1820. 

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to the Common Law Reports, Henry IIL to Geo. HL 

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Law Divisions. With Notes Explanatory of the different Causes 
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Treatise on the present Rules and Principles of Pleading, as 
illustrated by the various Decisions down to the Present Time. 

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1. Arrets de la Cour de Cassation. 

2. Arrets des Cours Imperiales. 

3. Decisions du Conseil d'Etat, et documens divers. 

4. Lois, Decrets, et Actes Legislatifs. 

5. Decisions d'un ordre secondaire, citations d'opinions d'auteurs, &c., 

renfermees dans la table de matieres. 
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on the Act for the Cesser of Attendant Terms. 

Seventh Edition. i2mo. London, 1867. 

Eighth Edition. i2mo. London, 187 1. 


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Vol. 2. Part 2. Third Edition. 1869, 

Vol. 3. Two Parts. Third Edition. 1873. . 

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Vol. 5. Part I. Second Edition. 1864. 

Vol. 5. Part 2. Second Edition. 1865. 

Vol. 5. Part 2. Third Edition. 1878. 

Vol. S. Part I. Third Edition. 1876. 

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Language of the Britons, &c. 8vo. 1804. 

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Opinions of the District Judge in Cases determined in the Circuit 
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Invention, and the Rights of Patentees. With Practical Observa- 
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Supplement. 1872. 

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Introduction, Rules, Orders, and Forms, Practice in Discovery, 
Attachment of Debts, Equitable Differences, &c. 

Post 8vo, London, 1868. 

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Introduction, Notes and Forms, and Table of Offences. 

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Comprising the Statutes. With Notes and Introduction. 

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Supplement to the above. 1869. 

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Cases. 8vo. London, 1872. 



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Deane (Edmund). 

Deane (Edmund). 

Deane (Edmund). 

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Division de Monde. 

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4to. Midd., 1590. 
8vo. Lyon, 1572. 

Divorce Causes. Minutes of Evidence taken before the' House of 
Lords on the Bills in the following Causes : — 5 vols. Folio. 


























Ellenborough, Lord 








Glerawley, Viscount 
























Lincoln, Earl of 








Moffatt, Mrs. 


Moore, Peter. 







Sand with. 











Turton, Mrs. 






Divorce Commissioners' First Report. 

Folio. 1853. 

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the Farm. Including the Agricultural Customs of England and 
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Bucks, Gloucestershire, Herts, Middlesex, and Oxfordshire. 
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With Index of Places and Index of Names of the following Counties, 
viz. : — 

Cornwall. 4to. London, 1861. 

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Dominica. Five Acts passed in 1867, 1868, 1869, 1870, viz. : — 

1. Excise Officers' Act, 31st January. 

2. Encumbered Estates Act, nth March. 

3. Act granting to William Knaggs exclusive property in an 

Invention for Improvements in the Manufacture of 
Sugar and Rum, nth March. 

4. General Tax Act, 21st March. 

5. Act to Supply an Omission in the Schedule H of the Rum 

Duty Act, 1866, 8th October. 
[Acts 1867-X878, in sheets.] 


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Compensation, and Farm Purchase under the Irish Land Act, 
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ruptcy under the Provisions of the Bankrupt Law Consolidation 
Act, 1849; 12 and 13 Vict, c. 106, as amended by Subsequent 
Statutes; 17 and 18 Vict, c. 119; and 24 & 25 Vict, c. 134. 
Including the General Orders and Forms of Procedure. Vol. i. 

8vo. London, 1861. 



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An Historical and Genealogical Account of the Gentry of that 
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From the MSS. of Lord Glenbervie, &c. By Mr. Serjeant Frere 
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* 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1813-1831. 

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and State. [Tracts, Vol. 68.] 4to. 1637. 

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House of Lords, 1 813-18 18, 

6 vols, 8vo. London, 18 14- 181 9. 

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1 2 mo, London, 1846. 

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With a readable Abridgment of the former Act, and an Explana- 
tion of the Law relating to it. i2mo. London, 1856. 

Dowdeswell (George Morley), See Starkie, 

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Duties, 8vo, London, 1873, 

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in the United Kingdom, With Practical Notes, Appendices, and a 
Copious Index. 8vo, London, 1874, 

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England, From the Earliest Times to the Present Day. Vol. i — 
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BowNAME (George). Reply to Geo. Bowname. 4to. 161 3. 

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Beclaration of Independence. [The Arnold Prize Essay read in 
the Theatre at Oxford, June 9, 1869.] 

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Exceeding Rare Tracts, written and published in the time of King 
Philip's War, by persons residing in the Country. With an 
Appendix and Notes. Small 4to. Boston, 1867. 

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King's Bench of Upper Canada. Michaelmas Term, 10 George IV., 
to Easter Term, i William IV. Second Edition. 

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Svo. Lips., 1 606. 

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Court of Chancery, from 1859 to 1865, by Sir R. T. Kindersley, 
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Common Pleas. 8vo. 1841. 

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8vo. Paris, 1572. 

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7 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1855. 

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de THistoire. 8vo. Paris, 1579. 

Droit de Gaillard (P.) Mdthode qu'on Doit Tenir en la Lecture 
del'Histoire. Svo. Paris, 1580. 


Drone (Eaton S.) A Treatise on the Law of Property in Intellectual 
Productions in England and the United States. Embracing Copy- 
right in Works of Literature and Art, and Playright in Dramatic 
and Musical Compositions. 8vo. Boston, 1879. 

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i2mo. Urf, 1606. 
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phical Notices of the most Distinguished Individuals in each. Illus- 
trated by their Armorial Bearings, Portraits, Monuments, Seals, Sec. 

2 vols. Folio. London, 1846. 
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termined in the High Court of Chancery in Ireland, during the 
time of Lord Chancellor Plunkett, 183 7-1 840. 

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determined in the High Court of Chancery in Ireland, during the 
time of Lord Chancellor Sugden, 1 841-1843. 

4 vols. 8vo. Dublin, 1 843-1 846. 

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High Court of Chancery in Ireland, during the time of Lord 
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during the time of Lord Chancellor Napier, in the years 1858 and 
1859. 8vo. Dublin, i860. 

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8vo. Fran., 1586. 

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8vo. Fran., 1605. 

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With Regiomontanus. 4to. Marp., 1537. 

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Dryden (John). In British Poets. 

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8vo. Par., 1557. 



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ment, &c. [Tracts, Vol. 45.] 4to. 1642. 

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1876, 1878, 1879. 8vo. Dublin, 1861-1879. 

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8vo. Paris, 1870. 

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Monachorum Ordinis S. Benedicti. With St. Benedict : Regulae. 

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Du Chesne. See Chesne. 

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[Tracts, Vol. 18.] 4to. 1659. 

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8vo. Lugd., 1584. 

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Equity Court of Appeals of South Carolina at Charleston, on 
Appeal from the Courts of Equity, December 1837 to May 1838. 
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the Court of Appeals of South CaroHna, at Columbia, December 
1837; at Charleston, February 1838; and at Columbia, May 
1838. [Vol. 21, South Carolina Law Reports.] 

8vo. Charleston, 1858. 

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Deduced from a Critical Examination of the adjudged Cases, the 
Nature and Analogies of the Subjects, and the General Usage of 
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Superior Court of the City of New York. 185 2-1 85 7. 

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Transmission, and Extinction of Feudal Rights (Scotland). 

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DuGDALE (William). History of St. Paul's Cathedral. 

DuGDALE (William). Origines Judicales. 

Large paper. [Imperfect.] 

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With a Narrative of the Treaty at Uxbridge, 1644. 

Folio. Oxon., 1681. 
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DuGDALE (William). Perfect Copy of the Summons of all the Nobility 
to Parliament, from 49 Hen. III. Folio. 1685. 












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num. By Stephens. 3 vols. Folio. 1718. 

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Folio. 1772. 

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num. By Jn. Caley, Hy. Ellis, and Bulkley Bandinel. 

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Duke (George). Law of Charitable Uses. Folio. 1676. 

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Edward Lloyd, of Drenewydd. Revised and enlarged from Private 
and other Manuscripts. 4to. Shrewsbury, 1844. 

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8vo. Urf, 1602. 

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8vo. Urf, 1602. 

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8vo. Bombay, 1870. 

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have been challenged on the ground of alleged Defects in the 
Prohibitory or Fencing Clauses. With the Clauses founded on, and 
the Judgments of the Court. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1856. 

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cations" of the Churches, &c. Third Edition. With Additions by 
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Scotiam Reditum Congratulatio. [Tracts, Vol. 108.] 

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With an Introduction on the Laws of the Bengal Presidency. 

8vo. Serampore, 1843. 

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With an Introduction on the Laws of the Bengal Presidency. 

8vo. Madras, 1865. 

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4to, 1 64 1. 

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gregation of St. Elias. 8vo. Douay, 1618. 

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and Distribution of Races of the North-Western Provinces of 
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Glossary of Indian Terms. By John Beames, M.R.A.S. 

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Adoption of the Federal Constitution, as recommended by the 
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the Law of Evidence, Issues, and Costs relating to them. 

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&c., in this Kingdom. 8vo. 1793. 

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1. The Complete Tryal of King Charles the First, by the 

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2. The Loyal Martyrology. 

3. Historical Register of the Lords, Knights, and Gentlemen 

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4. The Loyal Confessors. 

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« 312 

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1 2 mo. 










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gelicos, et Impudentes Gracculos. 

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Argent Oratensis : Ecclesia. 

Erasmus (Desiderius Roterodamus). 

Erasmus (Desiderius Roterodamus). 
Lutheri Servum Arbitrium. 

Erasmus (Desiderius Roterodamus). 

Erasmus (Desiderius Roterodamus). 

Erasmus (Desiderius Roterodamus). 

Erasmus (Desiderius Roterodamus). 

Erasmus (Desiderius Roterodamus). 

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quities of that County, collated with Manuscript Copies, and with 
Additions and Corrections by VVyrley, Chetwynd, Degge, Smith, 
Lyttelton, Buckeridge, and others. By the Rev. Thomas Harwood, 
D.D., F.S.A. 8vo. London, 1844. 

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[Tracts, Vol. 114.] 4to. Hag., 1622. 

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New Institution. By James Badenach Nicolson. 

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Hildgerde, Physicae. 

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EsPEjo de Religiosas, y de Devotas Personas. See Desseoso. 

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142.J 8vo. Gen., 1557. 

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8vo. Gen., 16 13. 

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to the Soldiers, &c., &c. 4to. 1642. 

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Vol. 4.] 4to. 1644. 

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of the Ornaments and Embellishments of the Temple Church. 

4to. 1845. 

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[Tracts, Vol. 146.] 8vo. Dil., 1630. 

Ethiopia, &c. Sonus Evangelii in, per Patres Jesu Societatis. 

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8vo. Ven., 1629. 

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24mo. Ven., 1629. 

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Responsio ad Casaubonum. 8vo. Col. Ag., 1613. 

EuD^MON-J CANNES (And.) Epistola ad Amicum Galium ; item, 
Responsio ad Casaubonum. 8vo. Col. Ag., 161 3. 


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4to, Col, Ag., 1 617. 
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See Brit., Gt. 2 vols. 8vo. 1858. 

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EuPOLis' Hymn to the Creator. Translated by Wesley. In British 

EuREUx. Censure de I'Evesque d'. [Tracts, Vol. 130.] 

8vo. 1 60 1. 
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9 vols. 8vo. Glasg., 182 1. 

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Acciolo. With Philostratus. 8vo. Col., 1532. 

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Jos. Scaligeri. Folio. Lugd., 1606. 

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2 vols, in I. Folio. Basil, 1579. 
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EuTROPius (Flavins Gentilis). See Muratori {Italic Script). 

Eutropius (Flavins Gentilis). See Valpy. 

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8vo. Brem., 1584. 
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Vol. 36.] 4to. 

Evans (Arthur B.) Leicestershire Words, &c. 

1 2 mo. London and Leicester, 1844. 

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and Tort. 8vo, London, 1878. 

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the General Administration of the Law. Arranged according to 

the Order of Subjects. With Notes. The Third Edition, brought 

down to the 10 Geo. IV., by Anthony Hammond. 

8 vols. 8vo. London, 1829. 
Supplement. From 11 Geo. IV. and i Will. IV. to 5 and 6 
Will. IV. With Notes. By T. C. Grainger. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1836. 


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2 vols. 4to. 1803. 

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EvARTS (Hon. William Maxwell). Brief on behalf of the Cargo of the 
British Barque "Springbok," as submitted, on i8th August, 1873, 
to the Mixed Commission on British and American Claims, under 
the Treaty of Washington, 187 1. [Pamphlets, 62 pp.] 

8vo. London, n.d. 

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2 vols. 4to. i8i8. 

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Evidence. Law of [Supposed by Nelson.] 8vo. 1774. 

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EwART (John S.) Index of the Statutes (Public) passed by the Legis- 
latures of the late Province of Canada, the Dominion of Canada, 
and the Province of Ontario, subsequent to the Consolidation, and 
down to and inclusive of the year 1871. 8vo. Toronto, 1872. 

Excerpta Historica ; or, Illustrations of English History. 

8vo. London, 1836. 

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Excise. A Collection of all the Statutes, now in force, relating to 
Duties of Excise in England. 4to. London, 1764. 

Exmoor Scolding and Courtship. With a Glossary. i2mo. 1839. 

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8vo. Hanov., 1620. 

ExoRCiSMORUM atquc Conjurationum Terribilium Thesaurus. 

8vo. Col., 1608. 

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Versi k Jo. Sulp. Barbierio. 4to. 1616. 

ExTON ( Jn.) Maritime Dicseologie ; or, Sea Jurisdiction of England. 

Folio. 1664. 
Second Edition. 8vo. London, 1755. 

Eye. The Eye Cleared; or, a Preservative for the Sight [Tracts, 
Vol. 40.] 4to. 1644. 

Eyre (Sir Giles, Knt.) Reports of Cases adjudged in the Court of 
King's Bench, from the I. to the VI. of King William and Mary. 

^S. 4tO. N.D. 


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12 vols. 8vo. 1 854- 1 860. 

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8vo. 1584. 

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Viventium. 8vo. Col. Ag., 1590. 

Eyzinger (Mich.) Thesaurus Principum hac -^tate in Europa 
Viventium. With Claytroeus : Sylva. 



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Folio. Geneva, 1628. 

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5 vols, in 4. Folio. Geneva, 1631. 

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4to. Gies., 1609. 

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4to. Tub., 1 6 10. 

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Polonia. 4to. 1610. 

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Farinacius, or Farinaccius (Prosper). 
Farinacius, or Farinaccius (Prosper). 

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Decisiones CXL. 

Rom., 1616. 

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of the Special Commission for the County of the City of Dubhn, 
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and others, for Treason Felony, " The Fenian Conspiracy," com- 
mencing on November 27th, 1865. 8vo. Dublin, 1866. 

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Debts, and Revenues of all Nations, Banks, Railways, Mines, and 
the Principal Joint Companies. Tenth Edition. By Robert Lucas 
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one Head, and Reconciliation to Rome. 4to. 161 7. 

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for Treason. Together with a Copy of a Letter sent by Sir John 
Fenwick to his Lady, upon his being taken in Kent. As also of 
the Paper delivered by him to the Sheriifs of London and Middle- 
sex, at the place of his Execution. i2mo. 1698. 

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i2mo. London and Carlisle, 1856. 


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the Power and Privileges of the Commons' House. [Pamphlets, 
Vol. 2.] 8vo. 1837. 

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8vo. Par., 1623. 

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8vo. Fra., 1606, 

Ferrari (Oct.) Clavis Philosophise Peripateticse Aristotelicse. 

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&c. 8vo. Lips., 1605. 


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tione. i2mo. Lugd., 1547. 

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Festorum Metropolis ; or, the Birthday of Christ. [Tracts, Vol. 25.] 

4to. 1652. 

Festorum Metropolis ; or, the Birthday of Christ. [Tracts, Vol. 25.] 
Festus (Pompeius). See Valpy. 


Feu d'Helie pour Tarir les Eaux de Siloe. [Tracts, Vol. 133.] 

8vo. Par., 1603. 

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Refelluntur. 8vo. Col. Ag., 1594. 

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trales de ce Siecle. 8vo. Paris, 1604. 

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Folio. Paris, 1578. 

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Peccatis. [Tracts, Vol, 75.] 4to. Gies., 1618. 

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8vo. Paris, 1630. 

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Folio. Fir., 1543. 

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i2mo. Fir., 1543. 

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Geo. Victorii Opera Nova. 8vo. Basil, 1569. 

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FiDO Consegliere ne gli Sposalitii. 8vo. Mod., 1628. 

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the Indian Statute Book, from the Year 1834. With a General 
Introduction to the Statute Law of India. 4to. London, 1870. 

Field (C. D.) Four Essays on Subjects of Indian Law Reform. 
I. The Specific Performance of Contracts. 2. County Courts and 
Courts of Small Causes. 3. The Law of Evidence in India and 
England. 4. Indian and English Criminal Procedure. 

i2mo. Calcutta, 1866. 
Second Edition. i2mo. Calcutta, 1873. 

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to Courts of British India, not established by Royal Charter. 

8vo. London, n.d. 

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Residence of Incumbents on their Benefices in England and 
Ireland. i2mo. London, 1870. 

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Introduction and Notes. Calcutta, 1875. 


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Second Edition. 8vo. Calcutta, 1873. 

Third Edition. Svo. Calcutta, 1878. 

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Matter of Lambkin, P. Milligan, William A. Bowles, Stephen 
Horsey, under Sentence by Military Commission. 

8vo. New York, 1866. 

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A. Cummins against the State of Missouri. Alexander J. P. 
Garesche against the State of Missouri. 8vo. New York, 1866. 

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Argument in the Matter of William H. McCardle, March 6th and 
9th, 1868. Reported by D. F. Murphy. 

8vo. New York, 1868. 
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con Prefazione del Traduttore Auguste Pierautoni. 

Svo. Napoli, 1874. 

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[Pamphlets, Vol. 2.] 8vo. 1840. 

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Act, 1872. 8vo. London, 1873. 

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&c. [Tracts, Vol. 3.] 4to. 1641. 

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Svo. Ant., i6ig. 

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du Gouvernement. Svo. Paris, 1579. 

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de Portugal, Navigacion das Indias Occidentals, &c. 

4to. Lisb., 1 60S, 1609. 
Fiji Islands. Ordinances, 1875, 1876, 1877, 1878. 

In sheets. Folio. 1875-1878. 

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5 vols. Svo. Livomo, 1826. 

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Armandi de Richelieu. Folio. Paris, 1629. 

FiLESAC (Jo.) Sorbona Instaurata, seu Actio Gratiarum Card. Jo. 
Armandi de Richelieu. [Tracts, Vol. 51.] 4to. Paris, 1629. 


FiLius (Jo.) Chronicon, cnm Am. Ferroni Supplemento. With 
-^milius de Francis. Folio. Par., 1550. 

Fin, Fur, and Feather. The Game Laws of the different States of 
the United States, and of the Provinces of Canada. 

8vo. New York, 1868. 

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Folio. Paris, 1534. 

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4to. Paris, 1538. 

FiNiEUS, or Fineus (Oront.) De Arithmetica Practica. 

4to. Paris, 1555. 

Fineus, or Fineus (Oront.) De Rebus Mathematicis. 

Folio. Paris, 1556. 

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8vo. 1682. 

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By W. Nelson. Folio. 1725. 

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By Danby Pickering. 8vo. 1759. 

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Reynolds v. Buckley et. al, Lyle v. Richards et. al. \ and of the 
Suit in Chancery, Thomas v. Richards et. al., to determine the 
Boundry between the Mines in Cornwall, known as West Basset 
and South Frances. 8vo. London, 1872. 

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Cases argued and adjudged in the High Court of Chancery, from 
the years 1689-1722. Second Edition. 8vo. London, 1786. 

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Finckius (Casp.) Vade Mecum, sive Compendium Theologize. 

i2mo. Col., 1630. 

Finckius (Casp.) Qusestionum Theologicarum Sylloge. 

1 2 mo. Col., 1631. 

Fines, sive Pedes Finium, &c. By Hunter. ist vol. 8vo. 1835. 

2nd vol. 8vo. 1844. 

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4to. Ven., 1621. 

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Foxius (Seb. Morzillus). 

Foxius (Seb. Morzillus), 

Foxius (Seb. Morzillus). 

Foxius (Seb. Morzillus). 

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De Juventute. 




De Honore. 




De Demonstrationes. 




De Usu Dialecticae. 





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mittees of the House of Commons in Controverted Election 
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8vo. Ner., 1580. 

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Svo. Brem., 16 14. 



Freitag (John). 

De Opii Natura. 




Freitag (John). 

De Morbis Substantiae. 




Freitag (John). 

De Calidi Innati Essentia. 




Freitag (John). 

De Formarum Origine. 




Freitag (Joh.) 

Noctes Medicse. 




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other Instruments relating to the Transfer of Land to Railway 
Companies. With Introductory Matter and Explanatory Notes. 

Svo. London and Dublin, 1846. 

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Edition. With a Treatise on the Lands Clauses Consolidation 
Acts. By Decimus Sturges and T. LI. Murray Browne. 

8vo. London, 1866. 


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Frontonis M. Comelii et M. Aurelii Imperatoris Epistolse et alia 
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an Introduction on the Writ of Habeas Corpus. 

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to Private Lunatics, Pauper Lunatics, Criminal Lunacy, Commis- 
sions of Lunacy, Public and Private Asylums, and Commissioners 
in Lunacy. With an Introductory Commentary, Notes to the 
■Statutes, including References to Decided Cases, and a Copious 
Index. Second Edition. 8vo. London, 1877. 

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8vo. Lond. and Dub., 1858. 



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Law of England. 4to. 1601. 

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8vo. 1580. 

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in Worse Times; Mixt Contemplations in Better Times. With 
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of Bengal. 8vo. Calc, 1845, 

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Fundamental Law. Touching the King's Negative, the Power of 
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Louisiana. With the Statutory Amendments, 1825-1866. 

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8vo. Lugd., 1555. 

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to 1811, of the Statute Law of England and Ireland. With 
Supplement to 181 7. 4 vols. Svo. Dublin, 181 2-1 8 18, 

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demeanors punishable by Indictment, and Offences cognizable 
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Nuova Codificazione Italiana. 8vo. Milano, 1862. 

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Manual. A Popular Digest of the Municipal and Sanitary Law. 

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Gaimar (Geoffrey). See Monumenta. 

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359 * 

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Gassendi (Pet. 

Gassendi (Pet. 

Gassendi (Pet. 
Gassendi (Pet. 

Gassendi (Pet. 
Gassendi (Pet. 

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Vol. 4, 1595-1597. 
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with Addenda, 


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Vol. II, 1623- 1625, with 
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[Tracts, Vol. 159.] 8vo. Ven., 1586, 

Guardian. In British Essayists. 

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. GuARGANTUS (Hor.) De Ovo Gallinarum. With Cardosus. 

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and the Practice of the Sessions ; the General Rules of Court 
from the Reign of James I., and the Statutes. With a Table of 
Fees and Bills of Costs, Forms and Precedents. 

2 vols. 8vo. 1828. 

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Guiana. See British Guiana. 


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f GuiBERT (Nic.) De Balsamo. 8vo. Argent., 1603. 

( GuiBERT (Nic.) De Interitu Alchymise. 8vo. TuU., 16 14. 

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8vo. Paris, 1614. 
^ GuiLLAUME (M.) La Remonstrance de Pierre du Puis sur Guillaume. 

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2 vols. Svo. Par., 1841. 

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4to. Norib., 16 14. 

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Authority of the High Court of Parliament ; and the History of 
Courts Baron and Courts Leet. Together with the Rights of Lords 
of Manors in Common Pastures, and the Growth of Privileges the 
Tenants now enjoy there. 2 vols. Svo. London, 1731. 

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15th, and 29th July, 181 2, in the Cases of the Snipe, the Martha, 
the Vesta. Svo. London, 181 2. 

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on a Demurrer in the Case of an Information in the Nature of a 
Quo Warranto. Svo. London, 1838. 

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toute Magonnerie. 8vo. Par., 161 9. 

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8vo. Paris, 1632. 

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civile, criminelle, canonique et beneficiale. Ouvrage de plusieurs 
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Gyllius (Pet.) De Constantinopolitana Topographia. 

24mo. Lugd. Bat, 1632. 



HABEAS Corpus. Pro Aris et Focis; or, Vindication of the 
Commons in the Writs of Habeas Corpus and Writs of 
Error in the Case of the Aylesbury Men. With Address and Pro- 
ceedings. Folio. 1705 

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With Propos. izmo. Par., 1575 

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Soulphre. 8vo. Paris, 161 7 

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Habington (Wm.) History of Edward IV. In Kennett. 

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and Ecclesiastical Documents relating to Great Britain and Ireland. 
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Supreme Judicial Court of New Hampshire, December 1863 to 
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Rheno. 8vo. Harder, 

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H^RETici Quaestiones duo. 8vo. 1607. 


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19, 3°- 
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ment to Hansard's Parliamentary Debates. 

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66 first vols. 8vo. 1803-1832. 

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sion Duties. Comprising the 36 Geo. HI., cap. 52; 45 Geo III., 
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&c., by Popish Rebels. [Tracts, Vol. 45.] 4to. 1641. 

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of International Law. Reprinted from the Times. With consider- 
able Additions. Svo. London, 1S63. 

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Court of Appeals of Kentucky, from Spring Term 1805 to Spring 
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London. To which is added an Itinerary of King John, &c., R.C. 

8vo. 1835. 

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Regnante Johanne, R.C. 8vo. 1844. 

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See Brit., Gt, No. 62. 
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of Law, with especial reference to Mercantile Law. 

2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1857. 
Fifth Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 187 1. 

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Equity. 8vo. 1836. 


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Wigram, Sir Geo. Turner, and Sir Wm. Page Wood, V.C, 1841- 
1853. With Preface and a Table of Cases, &c. 

II vols. Svo. 1842, &c. 

Hare (Thomas). Dwellings for the Working Classes, the Facilities 
which the Law may give for Small Investments in Real Property, 
and the Means they would afford of improving the Dwellings of 
the People and the Condition of the Working Classes. [Vol. 14, 
Pamphlets.] Svo. London, 1864. 

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[Vol. 14, Pamphlets.] Svo. London, 1865. 

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Justice. Adapted to the Supreme Court of Judicature Acts and 
Rules, 1873 and 1875, By Sherlock Hare. i2mo. London, 1876. 

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4to. 1787. 

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Society's Papers, No. 92. 

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Foho. Paris, 1625. 

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Lore. Illustrative of the Superstitions, Beliefs and Practices, Local 
Customs and Usages of the People of the County Palatine. 

Svo, London, 1867. 

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Duchy of Lancaster. By the late Edward Baines, Esq. The 
Biographical Department by the late W. H. Whatton, F.S.A. A 
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57» 63, 65, 68, 74. 
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Notes by Wm. Oldys and Thos. Park, &c. 10 vols. 4to. 1808. 


Harleian Society's Publications. 

1. The Visitation of London, 1568, By Robert Cooke. 

Edited by John Jackson Howard and George John 
Armytage, F.S.A. 1869. 

2. The Visitation of the County of Leicester in the year 

1619. Taken by William Camden, Clarence King of 
Arms. Edited by John Fetherston, F.S.A. X870. 

3. The Visitation of the County of Rutland in the year 1618- 

1619. Taken by William Camden, Clarence King of 
Arms. Edited by George John Armytage, F.S.A. 1870. 

4. The Visitations of the County Nottingham in the years 

1569 and 1 6 14. With many other Descents of the 
same County. Edited by George William Marshall. 


5. The Visitations of the County of Oxford, taken in the 

years 1566, by William Harvey, Clarencieux; 1574, 
by Richard Lee, Portcullis; and, in 1634, by John 
Philpott, Somerset, and William Ryley, Bluemantle. 
Together with the Gatherings of Oxfordshire, collected 
by Richard Lee, in 1574. Edited by William Henry 
Turner. 187 1. 

6. The Visitation of the County of Devon in the year 1620. 

Edited by Frederick Thomas Colby, B. D. , F. S. A. 1872. 

7. The Visitation of the County of Cumberland in the year 

1 6 15. Taken by Richard St. George, Norroy King of 
Arms. Edited by John Fetherston, F.S.A. 1872. 

8. Le Neve's Pedigrees of the Knights. Edited by George 

W. Marshall, LL.D., F.S.A. 1873. 

9. The Visitation of the County of Cornwall in the year 1620. 

Edited by Lieut. -Colonel J. L. Vivian and Henry H. 
Drake, M.A., Ph.D. 1874. 

10. The Registers of Westminster Abbey. Edited by Colonel 

Joseph Lemuel Chester. 1876. 

11. The Visitation of Somersetshire in 1623. Edited by the 

Rev. F. T. Colby, D.D., F.S.A. 

12. The Visitation of Warwickshire, 1629. Edited by John 

Fetherston, Esq., F.S.A. 

13. The Visitations of Essex by Hawley, 1552 ; Hervey, 1558 ; 

Cooke, 1570; Raven, 1612; and Avon and Lily, 
1634. To which are added miscellaneous Essex 
Pedigrees from various Harleian Manuscripts, and an 
Appendix containing Berry's Essex Pedigrees. Edited, 
with an Index of Names, by Walter C. Metcalf, F.S.A. 



Harleian Society's Publications, Register Section, 

1 . A Register of all the Christninges, Burialls, and Weddinges 

within the Parish of Saint Peter's upon Cornhill, begin- 
ning at the raigne of our Most Soueraigne Ladie Queen 
Elizabeth, 15 58- 1666. Edited by Granville W. G. 
Leveson Gower, F.S.A. 1877. 

2. The Reiester Booke of Saynte De'nis Backchurch parishe 

(City of London) for Maryages, Christenynges, and 
Buryalles, beginnynge in the yeare of Or. Lord God, 
1538. Edited by Joseph Lemuel Chester, LL.D. 

London, 1878. 

3. The Register Booke of Christinges, Marriages, and Burialls 

within the precinct of the Cathedrall and Metro- 
politicall Church of Christe of Canterburie. Edited 
by Robert Hovenden. London, 1878. 

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America. Including the Act passed 28th July, 1866. 

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Court of South Carolina, 182 3- 1827. Third Edition. From the 
Second by W. Riley in 1841. 8vo. Charleston, S.C, i860. 

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of Appeals of the State of South Carolina, 1824. Second Edition. 

8vo. Charleston, S.C, i860. 

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Folio. Duaci., 1622. 

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of Chancery in the State of Michigan, 183 8- 184 2. 

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and Analysis of the Elementary Principles of Law in its several 
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relating to the Law and Practice of Letters Patent for Inventions, 
decided from the passing of the Statute of Monopolies to the 
Present Time. Svo. London, 1S75. 

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and Obstruction of Water-courses. Together with a Brief Sum- 
mary of the various Sources of Rivers Pollution, 

Svo. London, 1S77. 


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Mandamus, Quo Warranto, and Prohibition. 

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Uses. Svo. 1809. 

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for the sole Use of Inventions ; and the Practice of obtaining 
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History (Universal). Modern. 1 7 vols, (including Atlas). Folio. 1759 

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Newhaven, 163 8- 1649. i vol. Records of the Colony or Juris- 
diction of Newhaven from May 1653 to the Union. Together 
with the Newhaven Code of 1656. i vol. 

2 vols. Svo. Hartford, 1857, 1858. 

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Edited in accordance with the Resolutions of the General 
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2 vols. Folio. iSio. 

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Fifth Edition. Revised by Edward Chilton. 

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Felony Act, 11 Vict, at the Commission Court, Dublin, 1848. 
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and the Summings-up of the Lord Chief Justice in the Queen v. 
O'Brien, and the Queen v. Meagher, Q.B., 1848, 

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Pleas, 1 835-1 837. 3 vols. 8vo. 1836, &c. 

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Fourth Edition. By C. Manley Smith. 8vo. London, 1865 

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Holy Orders and of the Parochial Clergy. 8vo. 1845. 

Eighth Edition. 8vo. London, i860. 

Ninth Edition. 8vo. London, 1871. 

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Railways, and other Undertakings extending through several 
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Vol. I, Part I, 1858. 1 Vol. 2, Part 2, 1832. 

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Hoffman (Dav. 
Hoffman (Dav. 

Hoffman (Dav. 

Lecture in the University of Maryland. 

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Legal Study. 
2 vols, in I. 8vo. London and Baltimore, 1836. 

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t 8vo. Lugd., 1587 

^ Hollerius (Jac. Stemp.) De Materia Chirurgica. 8vo. Lugd., 1587 

Hollerius (Jac. Stemp). De Materia Chirurgica. 8vo. Lugd., 1587 

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laid down by the Articles and Regulations now in force, under 
Order in Council, for preventing Collisions at Sea. 

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Holy Discipline (Pretended). Survey of. 
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HoMERUS. By Pope. 

HoMERUS. By Pope. In British Poets. 

HoMERUS. See Moyse. 

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Belize, 1868-1879. 
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to No. 18, 9th December, 1873. [By Authority.] 

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to No. 4, nth November, 1878. 8vo. London, 1865-1878. 

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in relation to the Sacrament. 4to. Zurich, 1547. 

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Chapter on Arbitration. Third Edition. 8vo. London, 1868. 

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in four Suits brought as for Maritime Hypothecations. 

Also, the case of Silas Talbot, against the Brigs " Achilles," 
" Patty," and " Hibernia," and of the Owners of the 
" Hibernia" against their Captain, John Angus. With an 
Appendix, containing the Testimony exhibited in the 
Admiralty in those Causes. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1789. 

[Bound with Van Ness.] 

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Pennsylvania, 1785, 1786. Bound with Bee's South Carolina 
District Court Reports, pages 337-432. 8vo. Philadelphia, 18 10. 

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i2mo. Franc, 1689. 

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2 vols. 4to. Franc, ad Msen., 1772. 

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and determined in the Court of Common Pleas. Vol. i., Michael- 
mas Term 1863 to Michaelmas Term 1867. 

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1868-1877. [In progress.] 8vo. London, 1 868-1 879. 

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HoRATius Flaccus (Quintus). See Maittaire. 
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HoRATius Flaccus (Quintus). By Francis. In British Poets. 

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4to. Mog,, 1605. 

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Land. With some account of Tenures. 8vo. London, 1874. 

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Cases in the Court of Exchequer and Exchequer Chamber, 1838- 
1839. 2 vols. 8vo. 1840, &c. 

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8vo. 1642. 

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5 vols. 8vo. 1846. 

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2 vols. 8vo. 1843. 

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Sussex. 2 vols. 4to. Lewes, 1835. 

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Britain, [i Plate wanting.] Folio. 1732. 

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2 vols. Folio. 1757. 

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8vo, Marp,, 1628. 

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Amelungius. 8vo. Witteberg., 1608. 

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totelem. 8vo. Gies., 162 1. 

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HoRSTius (Jac.) Vita Greg. Horstii, k Rein Reineccio. 

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4to. Lugd. Bat., 1631. 

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* 4to. Lugd. Bat, 1633. 

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HoRTUS Sanitatis. Folio. 1491. 

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belonging to the Honourable Society of Gray's Inn. 

8vo. London, 1869 

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Years 20, 21, 30, 31, 32, 33, and 33-35. See Brit., Gt, No. 31 


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15, 16 N.S. 

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2 vols. 8vo. London, 1869-1874. 

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Part I. 8vo. Lond. and Edin., 1847. 

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ab Origine Recensens. 8vo. Paris, 1559. 

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8vo. Paris, 1560. 

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[Tracts, Vol. 4.] 4to. 1642. 

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Brisson: Lexicon. Folio. Franc, 1587. 

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3 vols. Folio. Geneva et Ant., 1599. 

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With Brissonius. i2mo. Amst., 1662. 

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Folio. Lugd., 1573. 

HoTOMANi (F.) Commentarius in IV. Libros Institutionum. 

Folio. Lugd., 1588. 

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Levi Barzelonitae. 4to. Tign., 1655. 


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Coutumes Anglaises, par Edwd. Littleton. 2 vols. 4to. Rou., 1766. 

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4 vols. 4to. Paris, 1776. 

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4 vols. 4to. Rouen, 1780. 

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2 vols. 8vo. Albany, 1872. 

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Practice of Courts-Martial ; the mode of Conducting Trials ; the 
Duties of Officers at Military Courts of Inquests, Courts of Inquiry, 
Courts of Requests, «&:c. 8vo. London, 1855. 

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Meditationes. i2mo. Paris, 1504. 

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8vo. Oxon., 1602. 

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Law as administered in British India. i6mo. Dublin, 1863. 

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1868. With an Explanatory Introduction and a Full Index. 
Second Edition. i2mo. DubHn, 1869. 

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dentally of Retention and DeHvery. 8vo. London, 1866. 

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8vo. Par., 1573. 

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Courts of Equity are guided as to the Prevention or Remedial 
Correction of Fraud. 2 vols. 8vo. 1825. 

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HoYENDEN (Jn. Eyken). Supplement to Vesey Junior's Reports. 

2 vols. 8vo. 1827. 


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States, 1843-1860. 18 vols. 8vo. Phil., 1843-1864. 

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that of the Imamee-Ismailies. A Speech delivered in the Bombay 
High Court in June 1866. 8vo. Bombay, 1866. 

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of the Exchequer in Ireland. 2 vols. 8vo. Dub., 1759. 

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of the Exchequer in Ireland. 2 vols. 8vo. Dub., 1760. 

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of the Exchequer in Ireland. Supplement. With Special Cases on 
the Laws against Popery in Ireland. 8vo. Dub., 1775. 

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phecies. 4to. 1583. 

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Indies and America, concerning Real and Personal Property, and 
Manumission of Slaves. With a View of the Constitution of each 
Colony. 2 vols. 8vo. 1827. 

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The Visitation of London, 1568. [Vol. i, Harleian Society's 
Publications.] ' 8vo. London, 1869. 

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New York, 1847, 1848. 8vo. New York, 1855. 

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High Court of Errors and Appeals of the State of Mississippi, 
January Term 1834 to January Term 1843. [Vols. 2-8, Mis- 
sissippi Reports.] 

7 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia and Cincinnati, 1 83 9- 1 844. 

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4to. 1634. 

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Folio. 165 1. 

Howell (Jas.) German Diet ; or, the Balance of Europe. 

Folio. 1653. 

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Howell (Jas.) LondinopoUs; or, an Historical Discourse of London. 

Folio. 1657. 

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HowLET (Rt.) See Parsons. 

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8vo. London, 1857. 

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Personal Property and Peerages. Svo. 1844. 

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by the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine, 1858-1865. [Vols. 45-51, 
Maine Reports.] 7 vols. Svo. Hallowell, 1859-1866. 

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[Tracts, Vol. 17.] 4to. 1660. 

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a Title-page.] 4to. Hal. Sax., 1678. 

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4to. Lips., 16 1 9. 

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Svo. Col., 1612. 

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Edition, suivie d'une traduction-compl^te du Code Civil Italien, 
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imperfect.] Folio. 

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Court for the District of Kentucky, and by the Court of Appeals, 
in which Titles to Land were in dispute, 1785-1801. Second 
Edition. Edited by Harvey Myers. 8vo. Cincinnati, 1869. 

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Charles II. after the Battle of Worcester. 

8vo. Edin. and Dub., 1857. 

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Vacation Ramble of a London Clerk. 4to. Camb. and Lond., 1859. 

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With Notes and Appendix on an Extent. 8vo. 181 1. 

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English. Folio. 1659. 

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Hughes (Wm.) Grand Abridgment of the Laws. 

2nd and 3rd vols. 410. 1662. 

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2 vols. i2mo. 1848. 

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2 vols. i2mo. 1849. 

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Practical and Explanatory Notes. 3 vols. 8vo. 1855. 

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Jesuitismi Pars Prima. 




Jesuitismi Pars Prima. 





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Humphrey, or Humfredus (Laur.) 
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8vo. Par., 1608, 
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Springfield, 1872. Third volume — Second Edition, 1874. By 
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Imamee-Ismailies. See Howard (E. J.) 

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Folio. Mediol, 1502. 
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3 vols. Folio. Venet., 1575. 

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7 vols, in 4. Folio. Ven., 1578. 


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Coroner. With Precedents. By Hy. Jeremy. 8vo. 1831. 

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of Bengal. With Anecdotes of Contemporaries, in Refutation of 
the Calumnies of Macaulay. 8vo. 1846. 

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[Tracts, Vol. 45.] 4to. 1664. 

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Inchofer (Melch.) Epistolae Virginis Marise Veritas Vindicata. 

Folio. Messan., 1630. 
Inconstance. Harangue en la Defense de r. i2mo. Paris, 1598. 

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of Probate in England. 8vo. London, 1866. 

Index to the Statutes, 1801-1852. Part i — Public General Acts. 
Part 2 — Local, Personal, and Private Acts. Compiled by order of 
the Select Committee on the Library of the House of Lords. 

2 vols. Folio. London, 1854. 

Index Generalis Librorum qui ab 1593 ad 1600 in Romano Imperio 
Prodierunt. 4to. 

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Operatis. 8vo. Lovan,, 1566. 

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[Tracts, Vol. no.] 4to. 162a. 

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Notes and Appendix. 4to. London, 1840. 

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8vo. 1841. 

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East India Company, 4to. 1841. 

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and an Appendix. Fifth Edition. 4to. London, 1855. 

India. Acts of. 

India. The Code of Criminal Procedure. An Act passed by the 
Legislative Council of India on the 5th September, 186 1. 

8vo. London, 1862. 


India. Notes on the North-West Provinces of In(fia. 

Post 8vo. London, 1869. 

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Majesty's Commissioners, appointed to prepare a Body of Sub- 
stantive Law for India, &c. Folio. London, 1864-1870. 

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5 vols. 8vo. Madras, 1871-1873. 

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6 vols. 8vo. Allahabad, 1873-1875. 

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1879. 4to. Calcutta, 1863-1879. 

India. The Code of Civil Procedure. Being Act X. of 1877. With 
an Appendix, containing the Act of Parliament for establishing 
High Courts of Judicature in India, and the Amended Letters 
Patent for the High Court, Bombay, granted in pursuance thereof. 

8vo. Bombay, 1877. 

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Broughton, 8vo. Calcutta. 1878. 

India. New Civil Procedure. See Macpherson. See^ also. Index of 
Subjects at the end of the Supplement. 

India. Treaties, Engagements, Sunnuds. See Aitchison. 

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4to. Veron., 1600. 
Indian Army and Civil Service List, July 1875. 

i2mo. London, 1875. 
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5 vols, in 4. Folio. London, 1842- 1847. 

Indian Law Reports. Complete Series. Containing Cases determined 
by the High Courts at Calcutta, Madras, Bombay, and Allahabad, 
and by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council on Appeal 
from those Courts, and from all other Courts in British India. 
Reported by — 

Privy Council N. H. Thompson. 

C. V. Woodman. 
C. P. Hill. 
Ameer Ali. 
C. H. Reily. 
J. G. Apcar. 
High Court, Madras - - - - J. H. S. Branson. 
High Court, Bombay - - - - W. E. Hart. 
High Court, Allahabad - - - G. T. Spankie. 
From March 1875 to June 1879. [In Progress.] 

4 vols. 8vo. Calcutta, 1876-18 79. 

High Court, Calcutta 


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Revised Statutes of 1852. Second Editioa By James Gavin 
and Oscar B. Hord. 2 vols. 8vo. Indianopolis, 1862. 

Indiana. Statutes of. Supplement. By Edwin A, Davis. 

8vo. Indianopolis, 1870. 

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Blackford, 181 7-1847. 8 vols. 

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Carter (1-2 Ind.), 1 848-1 851. 2 vols. 

Porter (3-7 Ind.), 1851-1857. 5 vols. 

Tanner (8-14 Ind.), 1857-1861. 7 vols. 

Harrison (15-17 Ind.), 1861-1862, 3 vols. 

Kerr (18-22 Ind.), 1862-1864. 5 vols. 

Harrison (23-29 Ind.), 1864-1868. 7 vols. 

Black (30-53 Ind.), 1 868-1 876. 24 vols. 

Martin (54-61 Ind.), 1876-1878. 8 vols. 

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72 vols. 8vo. Indianopolis, New Albany. 1 834-1 879. 

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Cooper. [Pamphlets, Vol. 6.] 8vo. 1851. 

Infants' Baptism Maintained. [Tracts, Vol. 33.] 4to. 1650. 

Infortiatum. Cum Glossa. Folio. Lugd,, 1511. 

Inganni, Comedia gl'. 8vo. Ven., 1565. 

f Ingenuis (Fran. de). De Jurisdictione Reipublicae Venetge in Mare 
Adriaticum. 4to. Eleuth., 16 19. 

Ingenuis (Fran. de). De Mare Venetorum, &c. 4to. 1620. 

Ingersoll (Joseph Reed). A Manual of Maritime Law. Consisting of 
a Treatise on Ships and Freight, and a Treatise on Insurance. 
Translated from the Latin of Roccus. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1809. 

Ingleborough. a Tour to the Town of Ingleborough and Settle. 

8vo. Lond. and Kidd., 1782. 

Ingledew (Christr. Jas. Davison), History of Northallerton. 

8vo. 1858. 

Ingram (Jas.) Lectures on the Utility of Anglo-Saxon Literature and 
the Geography of Europe. By King Alfred. 4to. Oxon., 1807. 

Ingram (Jas.) Saxon Chronicle. 4to. 1823. 


Ingram (Thomas Dunbar). Compensation to Land and House 
Owners. Being a Treatise on the Law of Compensation for 
Interests in Lands, &c., payable by Railway and other Public 
Companies. With an Appendix of Forms and Statutes. 

8vo. London, 1864. 
Second Edition. By J. J. Elmes. 8vo. London, 1869. 

Ingrassia (Jo. Phil.) Informatione del Pestifero Morbo di Palermo, e 
di Sicilia, 1575, 1576. 4to. 1576. 

Ingulphus. See Anglicarum Rerum Scriptores post Bedam. 

Ingulphus. With Continuation. Translated by Hy. T. Riley. (Bohn.) 

8vo. 1854. 
Inisfalenses Annales. See O'Conor. 

Injustice Terrass^e aux Pieds du Roy (Jas. I.) Bvo. 

Inner Temple. Members admitted to the Inner Temple, 1571-1625. 

i2mo. London, 1869. 

Innes (Alexander Taylor, M.A.) The Law of Creeds in Scotland. 
A Treatise on the Legal Relation of Churches in Scotland, 
Established and not Established, to their Doctrinal Confessions. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1867. 

Inns of Court and Chancery. Report of Commission on the Inns of 
Courts, &c. Folio. 1855. 

Inns of Court Volunteers. Rules. With the Names of the Committee, 
and Lists of the Enrolled Members, &c. i2mo. i860. 

Inquisitio ad quod Damnum. See Calendarium, R.C. 

Inquisition d'Espagne, Histoire de 1'. 8vo. 1568. 

Inquisitionum ad Capell. Dom. Reg. retorn. quae in Publicis Archivis 
Scotiae SerVantur Abbrev., R.C. With Supplement. 

4 vols. Folio. 181 1. 

Inquisitionum in Officio Rotulorum Cancellarise Hibemise, &c., Reper- 
torium, R.C. 2 vols. Folio. 1826- 1829. 

Institutiones Imperiales, cum Commentariis, &c. 4to. Paris, 1530. 

Institutionum Imperatoriarum Argumentum. 4to. Paris, 1509. 

Insulanus Menapius (Gul.) Oratio Suasoria ad Carolum Imperatorem. 
With Burcherus. 8vo. Bas., 1537. 

Intrationum Liber, Continens Diversas Formas Placitorum. 

Folio. 1546. 
Inventaire de I'Histoire Journalifere. 8vo. 1599. 

Invention (a New) ; or. Pair of Chrystal Spectacles, &c. [Tracts, 
Vol. 40.] 2 parts. 4to. 1644, 


Iowa. Digest of the Decisions of the Supreme Court of Iowa, from 
the Organization of the Court in 1839, to the 35th Iowa Report, 
14 Stiles, 1872, as embraced in the Reports by Morris, Greene, 
Clarke, Withrow, and Stiles. With Copious References to the 
Statutes. By Thomas F. Withrow and Edward H. Stiles. 

2 vols. 8vo. Chicago, 1874, 1875. 

Iowa Reports, 1839-1874. 

Morris. 1839- 1846. 
Greene, G. 4 vols. 1847- 185 2. 
Clarke (1-8 Iowa). 8 vols. 1855-1861. 
Withrow (9-21 Iowa). 13 vols, i860- 186 7. 
Stiles (23-37 Iowa). 16 vols. 1867-1873. 
Runnells (38-47 Iowa). 10 vols. 1873-1879. 
50 vols. 8vo. Iowa City, Ottumwa, Des Moines, &c., 1847-1879. 

Iowa Statutes. Revision of i860. Containing all the Statutes of a 
general natture of the State of Iowa. 8vo. Des Moines, i860. 

Iowa. The Code. Containing all the Statutes of the State of Iowa, of 
a general nature, passed at the adjourned Session of the Fourth 
General Assembly. 8vo. Des Moines-Iowa, 1873. 

Iranco (Jo. Hier. de). De Protestatione, cum Additionibus Joseph. 
Ant. Pilaise. FoHo. Rom., 1673. 

Ireland. Conspiracy by the Papists in Ireland. 4to. 1641. 

Ireland. Privy Council of. Letter to the Parliament of England. 

4to. 1 64 1. 

Ireland. Rebels of Letter to Lord Dillon. 4to. 1641. 

Ireland. Parliament of Remonstrance to the Lord Deputy. 

4to. 1 64 1. 

Ireland. Ministers of the Gospel in. Petition. 4to. 1642. 

Ireland. Defeat of the Rebels in Ireland. 4to. 1642. 

Ireland. Proceedings in, from April 1642. 4to. 1642. 

Ireland. State and Condition of Ireland. 4to. 1642. 

Ireland. Its Ingratitude to the Parliament of England. 4to. 1643. 

Ireland. Protestants of Propositions desiring Punishment on the 
Rebels, [Tracts, Vol. 45.] 4to. 1644. 

Ireland. Irish Massacre. The Levite's Lamentation upon. 

4to. 1 64 1. 

Ireland. Rebellion, &c. Plot and Progress of 4to. 1644. 

Ireland Rebels' Proposition to the King. [Tracts, Vol 45.] 

: 4to. 1644. 


Ireland. Irish Rebels. Letters on. [Tracts, Vol. 28.] 4to. 1645. 

Ireland. State of Irish Affairs laid before Parliament by the Com- 
mittee of Adventurers from London. [Tracts, Vol. 14] 

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Ireland. Memoirs of Ireland, from the Restoration to the Present 
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4 vols, in 2. 4to. Dublin, 1828-183 1. 
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13 vols. 8vo. Dub., 1 839-1 85 2, 

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Courts of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, Exchequer, Exchequer 
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Ireland. Ecclesiastical Courts and Registries Act (Ireland), 1864. 

(a) Preliminary Rules and Orders of October, 1864. With the 

Returns from the Registrars of the United Dioceses. 

(b) Rules and Orders of the Provincial and United Diocesan 

Courts and Registries. With Schedules of Forms, Fees, 
Charges, and Expenses annexed. 

(c) Observations upon the Rules and Orders, 1865. 

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Her Majesty's PubUc Record Office. Edited by Hans Claude 
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Vol. I, I509-IS73- I Vol. 2, i574-iS8S- 

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Senchus Mor, and Achzabail ; or, Law of Distress, as contained in 
the Harleian Manuscripts. Part 2. Law of Distress. [Completed.] 
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Tenure, and of Social Connexions. Part 3. Customary Law, and 
the Book of Aicill. 3 vols. 8vo. Dublin, 1865-1873. 

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- Second Series, 1833-1838. 6 vols. 8vo.' Dublin, 1833-1838. 
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1 1 vols. 2. The Common Law Series, 1 1 vols. Edited by George 
A. C. May. [In progress.] 

Two sets. 44 vols. 8vo. Dublin, 1867-1879. 

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Reporting. Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer 
Divisions. Vols. 2 and 4. 1878,1879. 2 vols. 8vo. Dublin, 1879. 

Irish Representative Peerage Claims. Resolutions of the House of 
Lords with respect to Petitions claiming a Right to vote at 
Elections for Representative Peers for Ireland. 2 vols. Folio. 

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Circuit Courts of Justiciary in Scotland, 1852, &c. 

2 vols. 8vo. Edin., 1855, &c. 

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Edition. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1856. 

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relating to Landlord and Tenant in the Bengal Presidency. With 
more special Reference to the North- Western Provinces. Corrected 
to March 1868. 8vo. Calcutta, 1869. 

Irving (Dav.) Introduction to the Study of the Civil Law. 8vo. 1837. 

Irving (Joseph). History of Dumbartonshire, Civil, Ecclesiastical, 
and Territorial. With Genealogical Notices of the Principal 
Families. 4to. Dumb., i860. 

Irving (Washington). Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus. 

i2mo. 1848. 

Irwin (George O'Malley). Petition of Right. A Letter to Lord 
Palmerston. [Vol. 13, Pamphlets.] i2mo. London, 1867. 

Isaac (J oh.) Defensio Veritatis Hebraicge. 8vo. Col., 1559. 

Isaac (Joh.) Aben Tybbon. 

Isaacson (Hen.) Tabula Historico-Chronologica ; or. Universal 
Chronology. Folio. 1633. 

Isaba (Marc. de). Cuerpo Enformo de la Milicia Espannola. 

4to. Mad., 1594. 

Isambert (F. a.) Recueil General des Anciennes Lois Frangaises 
depuis I'an 423 jusqu'k la Revolution de 1789, avec Notes de 
Concordance, Table Chronologique et Table General Analytique 
et Alphabetique des Matibres, par MM. Jourdan, Decrusy, 
Isambert, Armet, et Taillander. 29 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1833. 

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Is^us. See Oratores. 

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IsiDORis (Sanctus, Hispalensis). See Gothicarum Rerum Scriptores. 


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IsocRATKS. See Oratores. 

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Clemens: Epistola. 4to. Lips., 1518. 

IsocRATES. See Vives. 

Israel (Joseph Ben). Converted Jew. [Tracts, Vol. 17.] 4to. 1653. 

Israel. An Israelite's Apology for not becoming a Christian. With 
Marriage Act. 1 2mo. 1 85 1 . 

Issachar (Burden of); or, Presbyterian Government in Scotland. 
[Tracts, Vol. 38.] 4to. 1646. 

Italia. Trattato delle Nobil Cltta del Mondo, et di Tutta Italia. 
[Tracts, Vol. 164.] 8vo. 1574. 

Italia Travagliata. Por il Vescovo di Bagnarea. 4to. Ven., 1576. 

Italia. Codice Civile del Regno d'ltalia, con copioso Indice 
Alphabetico Analytico. i6mo. Milano, 1865. 

Italy. II Codice Civile Italiano. Annotato per cura del Avocato 
Vicenzo Castaneo, coll opera et consiglio del Avocato Carlo 
Borda. 8vo. Turino, 1 865-1868. 

Italy. Codice de Commercio del Regno d'ltalia. 

i6mo. Milano, 1878. 



JACCHiEUS (Gilb.) Honori ejus Odse quaedam, cum variis aliis 
Carminibus. 8vo. Lugd. Bat., 161 1- 

jACCHiEUS (Gilb.) Institutiones Physicse. 8vo. Lugd. Bat., 16 15. 

JacchjEUS (Gilb.) Institutiones Medicae. 8vo. Lugd. Bat, 1624. 

Jackson (John Edward, M.A., F.S.A.) Wiltshire. The Topographical 
Collections of John Aubrey, FiR.S., a.d. 165 9- 16 70. With 
Illustrations. [PubUshed by the Wiltshire Archaeological and 
Natural History Society.] 4to. Devizes, 1862. 

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Jackson (Randle). Substance of a Speech on East India Stock. 
[Pamphlets, Vol. i.] 8vo. 1827. 

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Chancellor Eldon, 182 1, 1822. 8vo. London, 1828. 

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1819-1821. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1821-1823. 

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Third Edition, 4to. London, 1736. 

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Jacob. Complete Court Keeper ; or. Land Steward's Assistant. 

8vo. 181 9. 

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Vol. 127.] 8vo, Leyden, 16 10, 

Jacob (Jn.) Defence of the Church of England, &c. [Tracts, Vol. 70.] 

4to. Middleb., 1599. 

Jacobsen (Frederick J.) Laws of the Sea with reference to Maritime 
Commerce during Peace and War. Translated by William Frick. 

8vo. Baltimore, 1818. 

Jacobus. Nobilis Danus. Hodoeporicon Ruthenicum, in quo de 
Moscovitarum Regione, &c., Exequitur. 4to. Franc, 1608. 

Jacophile k Limne, Discours de. With Hermaphrodites. [No Title.] 


Jago (Rd.) In British Poets. 





Acts of Assembly. Folio. 1 743. 

Laws passed, i to 24 of Victoria. [Continued.] 

25 vols. 4to. Jam., 1861. 

(N.B. No Laws were passed in 2nd Victoria.) 

The Laws of Jamaica. Comprehending all the Acts in force 
passed between the Thirty-second year of Charles IL to Thirty- 
first year of Victoria, 1867-1879. 29 vols. 4to. 1792-1879. 

Jamaica. Acts disallowed between 31st December, 1864, and ist May, 
1867. MS. Folio, 1867. 

Jamaica. Supplements to Acts, 1866-1870. See Minot. 

Jamaica. Supplements to Digest of the Laws of Jamaica, 1869-1872 

See Lee. 
Jamblicus. De Mysteriis .^gyptorum, &c. 12 mo. Lugd., 1570. 

Jamblicus. Protrepticse Orationes ad Philosophiam. 

4to. Comm., 1598. 

, Jamblicus. De Vita Pythagoras. 4to. Commel., 1598. 

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[Tracts, Vol. 134.] 8vo. 1588. 

James L of England. De Antichristo. [Tracts, Vol. 81.] 

4to. Hal, Sax., 1603. 

James I. of England. Apologia pro Juramento Fidelitatis. 8vo. 1609. 

James L of England. Considerations on Four Heads of Religion 
proposed by James I. 4to. 1609. 

James I. of England. Apologia pro Juramento Fidelitatis {English). 

4to. 1 609. 

James I. of England. Trophies, &c. 12 mo. Eleuth,, 1609. 

James L of England. La Religion Catholique soutenue contre 
Jaques Roy, &c. 8vo. Paris, 16 10. 

James L of England. Declaration concerning the Duchy of Cornwall. 

Folio. 161 2. 

Decree upon the Younger Sons of Viscounts and 

4to. 1 6 1 2. 

Edict against Private Combats. 4to. 16 13. 

Deus et Rex. 8vo. 161 5. 

James I. of England. Declaratio pro Jure Regis. [Tracts, Vol. 52,] 

4to. 1 616. 

James L of England. Declaratio pro Jure Regis. With Pagitt 

{English). 4to. 1616. 

( James L of England. 
Barons, &c. 

James I. of England. 
James L of England. 


James I. of England. Causes moving him to Proceed against the 
Ministers, &c. 4to. 1606. 

James I. of England. Instructions to the Court of Wards and Liveries. 

4to, 1 6 10. 

James I. of England. Declaration as to Matters of Bounty. [Tracts, 

Vol. 48.] 4to. 1 610. 

James I. of England. Deus et Rex; in quo Agitur de Fidelitate 
Jacobo Regi. 8vo. 16 15. 

James I. of England. Proclamation concerning Alehouses. 4to. 161 8. 

James I. of England. In Orationem Dominicam. 8vo. 1619. 

James I. of England. Deus et Rex; in quo Agitur de Fidelitate 
Jacobo Regi. i2mo. Col., 16 19. 

James I. of England. Deus et Rex ; in quo Agitur, &c. 

i2mo. Col., 16 19. 
James I. of England. Court of With Cotta : Witchcraft. 

4to. 1 6 19. 

James I. of England. Court of. [Tracts, Vol. 24.] 4to. 1620. 

James I. of England. Commission touching the Creation of Baronets. 

4to. 161 1. 

James I. of England. Declaration sur ses Actions devers les Estats 
Gendraux des Pais Bas Unis. [Tracts, Vol. 116.] 4to. 1622. 

James I. of England. Truth brought to Light; or, Narrative of his 
First Fourteen Years. [Tracts, Vol 29.] [Imperfect.] 4to. 1651. 

James I. of England. Warrants for Burning Legate, &c. for Heresies. 

4to. 1651. 

James I. of England. Petition to James I. on behalf of Ministers 
Silenced. With Advertisements for the Good of Church and 
Commonwealth. [Tracts, Vol. 117.] 4to. 

James (Alexander). Reports of Cases argued and determined in the 
Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, Trinity and Michaelmas Terms 
1859. 8vo. Halifax, i860, 

James (Charles). A Collection of the Charges, Opinions, and Sentences 
of General Courts-Martial. [As published by Authority.] From 
1795 to 1820. 8vo. London, 1820. 

James (Ch.) Military Dictionary in English and French. 8vo. 1816, 

James (Colonel Sir Henry, R.E.) Fac-similes of National Manu- 
scripts, from William the Conqueror to Queen Anne. Selected 
under the Direction of the Master of the Rolls, and Photozinco- 
graphed by Command of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. By Colonel 
Sir Henry James, R.E., Director of the Ordnance Survey. Parts 
I, 2, 3. Folio. Southampton, 1865. 


James (Geo. P. Ransford). History of the Life of Richard I. 

2 vols. i2mo. 1854. 

James (Jas. Hy.) Guide to Friendly Societies. 8vo. 185 1. 

James (Jas. Hy.) Guide to Building Societies. i2mo. 1851. 

James (Jas. Hy.) On Life and Fire Assurance. 8vo. 185 1. 

James (Jas. Hy.) Application of the Joint Stock Companies' Act, &c., 
to Assurance Societies. 8vo. 185 1. 

James (Jas. Hy.) On Redeeming Propert_y Mortgaged to Benefit 
Building Societies, &c. 1 2mo. 1 8 5 5 . 

James (Jas. Hy.) The Judgment of the Lord Chancellor in the Suit 
of Fleming t/. Self With Marriage Act. izmo. 1855. 

James (Jas. Hy.) What should be the Price of Bread? 

i2mo. 1855. 

James (Jas. Hy.) The Banks of the Wye, and other Poems. 

i2mo. 1856. 

James (Jas. Hy.) On the Duration of Life in Rural Districts. 

i2mo. 1858 

James (Jas. Hy.) Herefordia. A Poem. 4to. 1861 

James (Jn.) His Arraignment, &c., for High Treason. [Tracts, 
Vol. I.] 4to. 1 66 1. 

James (Rd.) Sermon concerning the Apostles. 4to. 1630. 

James (Rd.) Sermon concerning the Lent Fast. 4to. 1630, 

James (Rd.) Sermon concerning the Sacrament. [Tracts, Vol. 91.] 

4to. 1632. 

James (Rd.) Sermon on Righteousness, &c. 4to. 1632. 

James (Tho.) Bellum Papale, sive Concordia Discors Sixti V. et 
dementis VHI. circa, Hieronymianam Editionem. 4to. 1600 

James (Tho.) Catalogue Librorum Bibliothecae Bodleianse. 

2 vols. 4to. Oxon., 1605. 

James (Tho.) Apology for Wickliffe. [Tracts, Vol. 83.] 

4to. Oxf, 1608. 

James (William). The Military Occurrences of the late War between 
Great Britain and the United States of America. With an Appendix 
and Plates. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1818. 

James (Wm.) Naval History of Britain, from 1793 to the Accession of 
George IV. By Capt, Chamier. 6 vols. 8vo. 1847. 


Jameson (John Alexander). The Constitutional Convention. Its 
History, Powers, and Modes of Proceeding. 

8vo. New York, 1867. 
Jameson (Rt. Sympson). See Glyn. 

Jamieson (John). Dictionary of the Scottish Language. Abridged by 
John Johnstone. Svo. Edin. and Lond., 1846. 

Jamieson (John, D.D.) Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish 
Language. New Edition. By John Longmuir, A.M., LL.D,, and 
David Donaldson, F.E.I.S. Vol. i. Svo. Paisley, 1879. 

Jamot (Fred.) Traictd de la Goutte. With Mizauld : Secret. 

8vo. Par., 1573. 

Jansenius (Nic.) Vita Sancti Dorainici. Svo. Antw., 1622. 

Jansenius (Nic.) Vita Alberti Magni. Svo. Antw., 162 1. 

Jansonius (Jac.) In Sacram Missse Canonem. Svo. Lov., 1586. 

Jansonius (P. A.) Mundus Furiosus, sive Res in Europa Gestae, 1596, 
1597. Svo. Col., 1597. 

Japan. Japaniae Insulae Descriptio. Svo. Col. Ag., 1582. 

Japan. Japonensium, de Gloriosa Morte Novem Christianorum, 
[Tracts, Vol. 166.] Svo. Mog., 1612. 

Japan. Japonicae Literae Anni 1609 et 1610. [Tracts, Vol. 166.] 

Svo. Ant, 161 5. 

Japan. Japonicae Literae Anni 1624. [Tracts, Vol. 112.] 

4to. Mog., 1628. 

Jaquopolis. Le Sifege de. Lettre d'un Catholique. i2mo. 1577. 

Jaquopolis. Le Si^ge de. Lettre d'un Catholique. With Lettres. 

Jardine (Dav.) Index to State Trials. Svo. 1816. 

Jardine (Dav.) On the Use of Torture in England, previously to the 
Commonwealth. [Pamphlets, Vol. i.] Svo. 1S37. 

Jardine (Dav.) Narrative of the Gunpowder Plot. i2mo. 1857. 

Jargon (Le). [Tracts, Vol. 153.] Svo. Par. 

Jarman (Henry). The New Practice of the High Court of Chancery. 

i2mo. 1854. 

Jarman (Tho.) Powell on Devises. 

Jarman (Tho.) A Treatise on Wills. 2 vols. Svo. 1841. 

Second Edition. By E. P. Wolstenholme and S. Vincent. 

2 vols. Svo. 1S54. 
Third Edition. By E. P. Wolstenholme and S. Vincent. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1S61. 


J ARM AN (Thos.) See Sweet and Bisset. 

Jarman (Thos.) Forms of Wills. See Hayes. 

Jarricus (Pet.) Thesaurus Rerum Indicarum, in quo Ortus Progressus 
et Incrementa Fidei Christiani Recensentur. 

3 vols. 8vo. Col. Ag., 1615. 

Jauregui (John). His Assault upon the Prince of Orange. With 
Armada. [Imperfect.] 4to. 

Jauregui (John). In Somer's Tracts. 

Jay (John). See Federalist. 

Jeake (Sam.) Charters of the Cinque Ports, &c. [Translated.] 

Folio. 1727. 

Jebb (Rd.) The Act to amend the Law relating to Probates and 
Letters of Administration in England, and the Rules and Orders 
made in pursuance of the Act. i2mo. 1858. 

Jebb (Rt.) Presentment Cases, chiefly relating to the Criminal and 
Presentment Law, decided by the Twelve Judges of Ireland, 
1822-1840. 8vo. Dub., 1841. 

Jebb (Rt.) and Symes (Arthur). Reports of Cases in the Queen's 
Bench and Exchequer Chamber in Ireland, 1-4 Vict. 

2 vols. 8vo. Dub., 1840-1842. 

Jebb (Rt.) and Bourke (Richard). Reports of Cases in the Queen's 
Bench in Ireland, 5 Vict. 8vo. Dub., 1842. 

Jeffcott (John M.) Statutes of the Isle of Man since 1832. 

8vo. Douglas, 1837. 

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Jenkins (David). Eight Centuries of Reports (Exchequer). Originally 
published in French and Latin. By Judge Jenkins. 

4to. London, 1734. 

Jenkins (David). Eight Centuries of Reports; or, Eight Hundred 
Cases solemnly adjudged in the Exchequer Chamber or upon 
Writs of Error. Third Edition. Translated by Theodore Barlow. 

Folio. London, 1771. 

Jenkinson (Charles, afterwards Earl of Liverpool). A Collection of 
all the Treaties of Peace, Alliance, and Commerce, between Great 
Britain and other Powers, from the Treaty signed at Munster in 
1648 to the Treaties signed at Paris in 1783. To which is prefixed 
a Discourse on the Conduct of the Government of Great Britain 
in respect to Neutral Nations. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1785. 

Jennings (John). Somersetshire Dialect, Glossary, &c. i2mo. 1825. 


Jennison (William). Reports of Cases heard and determined in the 
Supreme Court of Michigan, from November nth, 1865, to July 
i2th, 1869. [Vols. 14-18, Michigan Reports.] 

5 vols. 8vo. Detroit, 1 867-1 869. 

Jenyns (Soame). In British Poets. 

Jerdan (W.) See Camden Society's Papers, Nos. 21, 33. 

Jeremiah, or Hieremias Constantinopolitanus, Censura Orientalis 
Ecclesiae de Hgereticorum Dogmatibus, ex Grseco et Lat. 

8vo. Paris, 1584. 

Jeremie (Peter). The Laws of Real Property in Guernsey, and Com- 
mentary on the present Laws of Inheritance and Wills. 

8vo. Guernsey, 1841. 

Jeremy (Geo.) Equity Jurisdiction of Chancery. 8vo. 1828. 

Jeremy (Hen.) Analytical Digest of Reports of Cases in Common 
Law and Equity Appeal, and Nisi Prius, and in the Ecclesiastical 
Courts, 1837-1848. 3 vols. 8vo. 1839-1849. 

Jerome, Jeronimus, or Hieronymus (St.) Epistolse; k Pet. Canisio. 

8vo, Dil., 1562. 

Jerome, Jeronimus, or Hieronymus (St.) Liber Epistolarum. Folio. 

Jerome, Jeronimus, or Hieronymus (St.) Vite de Santi Padri. 4to. 

Jerome, Jeronimus, or Hieronymus (St.) See Monasticse Regulse. 

i2mo. Lov., 1 57 1. 

Jerrold (W. Blanchard). How to See the British Museum in Four 
Visits. i2mo, 1852. 

Jersey. Lois et Reglemens des Etats de Jersey qui ont regu la 
Donation Royale, depuis 1771. 2 vols. 8vo. Jersey, 1845, 1846. 

Jerusalem. Assises de Jerusalem, ou Recueil des Ouvrages de Juris- 
prudence composes pendant le 13 Si^cle, dans les Royaumes de 
Jerusalem et de Chypre. 2 vols. Folio. Par., 1841. 

Jerusalem. Destruction de. With Vie de Christ. 

Jervis (D. B.) On the Primitive Standard of Weights and Measures. 

8vo. Calc, 1835. 

Jervis (Sir John). On Coroners. 8vo. London, 1829. 

Second Edition. By W. N. Welsby. i2mo. London, 1854. 

Third Edition. (With Forms and Precedents. By W. N. 

Welsby). By C. W. Lovesay. i2mo. London, i866, 

Jervis (Sir John). Reports. See Crompton. 


Jervis (Sir John). Archbold's Criminal Pleading. 

Jervis' Acts. By Archbold. See Archbold. 

Jervis' Acts. By Glen. See Glen. 

Jerwood (J.) A Dissertation on the Rights to the Sea Shores, and to 
the Soil and Bed of Tidal Harbours and Navigable Rivers. With 
especial reference to Mr. Serjeant Merewether's published Speech 
upon the same Subject. 8vo. London, 1850. 

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Jessenius (Jo.) De Sanguine Dimisso. With Rulandus: de Aureo 
Dente. 24mo. Fra., 16 18. 

Jesu (Thomas k). Trabalhos de Jesu. [Primeira Parte.] 

i2mo. Lisbon, 1602. 

Jesu (Thomas k). Thesaurus Sapientiae Divinse. 410. Antw., 1613. 

Jesu (Thomas k). Practica de la viva Fee. 8vo. Bruss., 1617. 

Jesu-Maria (Joh. k). Theresse Sanctse Vita. 4to. Brux., 16 10. 

Jesu-Maria (Joh. k). Instructio Magistri Novitiorum. 

i2mo. Col., 1613. 

Jesu-Maria (Joh. k). De Prudentia Justorum. 

i2mo. Col. Ag., 1614. 

Jesu-Maria (Joh. k). Ars Vivendi Spiritualiter, et Moriendi. 

i2mo. Col. Ag., 162 1. 

Jesu-Maria (Joseph de). Vida, &c., de Juan de la Cruz. 

4to. Bruss., 1628. 

Jesu-Maria (Joseph de). Historia Vitae Francisci. 

8vo. Col. Ag., 1628. 

Jesu-Maria (Nic. k). Perfectio Vitse Spiritualis. With Buccellius. 

4to. Rome, 1629. 

JeSU-Maria (Nic. k). Altare Incensi. 8vo. Duaci., 1630. 

Jesu Societas. Response k Pierre Viret. 8vo. Lyon, 1565. 

Jesu Societas. Res in Oriente Gestae. 8vo. Col., 1574. 

Jesu Societas. Jesuitarum in AngM de Nova Legatione. 8vo. 1582. 

Jesu Societas. Doctrinse Jesuitarum Capita Confutata. 

8vo. Rup., 1584. 

Jesu Societas. Lettre delle cose Giappone. 8vo. Ven., 1585. 

Jesu Societas. Awisi del Giapone, &c. 8vo. Rom., 1586. 


Jesu Societas. Remonstrance au Roy Henry IV. i2mo. 1599. 

Jesu Societas. AjJologia ad Henricum IV, Gallise. 

8vo. Ingolst, 1599. 

Jesu Societas. Discovery of our English Jesuites. [Tracts, Vol. 46.] 

8vo. 1 60 1. 

Jesu Societas. Declaratio Motuum inter Jesuitas et Sacerdotes in 
Anglia. 4to. Rouen, 1601. 

Jesu Societas. Oration de Restitutione Jesuitarum in Regno Gallige. 

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3 N.S. 

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Svo. Lugd., 1566. 

IJouBERT (Laur. 
JouBERT (Laur. 
(JouBERT (Laur. 
JouBERT (Laur, 
JouBERT (Laur. 

JouBERT (Laur. 
JouBERT (Laur. 

JouBERT (Laur. 

JouBERT (Laur. 

JouBERT (Laur. 

De Peste. 

De Quartana Febre. 
De Paralisi. 
Isagoge Therapeutices Methodi, &c 

Traits du Ris. 

Annotations sur la Chirurgie de Chauliac. 

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Svo. Lyon, 1588. 

Des Erreurs Populaires, touchant la Medicine. 

8vo. Rouen, 1601. 

Questions des Huiles. [Tracts, Vol. 156.] 



















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Journals of the Irish Commons. 
Journals of the Irish Commons. 

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of Jurors. 8vo. Dub., 1842. 

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Conjugio. 8vo. Cope., 1566. 


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Conjugio. 8vo. Cope., 1566. 

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MSS. et principalium Editionum fidem recognovit prolegomenis 
adnotatione addendis, quibus Compendia Epitomes a Boherio, 
Sennetoniis fratribus Pesnoto edita tabulae synopticse capitulorum 
omissorum et Translatorum continentur. Instruxit Gustavus 
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8vo. Arg., 1594, 



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adapted to the present Practice of Scotland and the recent 
Statutes. Comprehending the Constitution, Transmission, and 
Extinction of Heritable and Moveable Rights, and Forms of 
Letters passing Her Majesty's Signet. In 3 vols. Vol. i. 
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Law, the Admiralty and Ecclesiastical Courts. With Digests of 
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Legal Subjects, all Important Statutes, Rules, and Orders of the 
Courts, &c. 18 vols, in 31. Bvo. London, 1838-1B54. 


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(continued), 185 5- 1866. With Digest. 

12 vols, in 24. 8vo. London, 1 856-1 866. 
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Bishops. [Tracts, Vol. 71.] 4to. 1641. 

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Gregorii IX. Ab And. Val. Desselio et Geo. Ad. Struvio, 

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4to. 1644. 

Jus Regium ; or. Vindication of the Regal Power against Ecclesiastical 

Government. [Tracts, Vol. 13.] 4to. 1645. 

Jus Sigilli ; or, the Law touching the King's Four Principal Seals. 

8vo. 1673. 
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to 59, Q.] 18 vols. Folio. 1815-1834. 

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4to. Ven., 1599. 

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Reformatio. 8vo. Antw., 16 11. 

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JuvENALis (Decius Junius). See Maittaire. 

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Keckerman (Barth. 
Keckerman (Barth, 

Keckerman (Barth. 

Keckerman (Barth. 

Keckerman (Barth. 

Keckerman (Barth. 
Keckerman (Barth. 
Keckerman (Barth. 
Keckerman (Barth. 
Keckerman (Barth. 

Keckerman (Barth. 
Keckerman (Barth. 

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Forms successfully adopted in the Building Trade at Wolver- 
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on Ancient Castles. Including Remarks on the whole Progress of 
Architecture, Ecclesiastical as well as Military, in Great Britain, 
and on the corresponding Changes in Manners, Laws, and Customs. 
Tending both to illustrate Modern History, and to elucidate many 
interesting Passages in various Ancient Classic Authors. 

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Appeal, from 1709 to 1864. With a Glossary of Scotch Law Terms. 

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by the Rev. Robert O'Keefe, P.P., against Cardinal Cullen. 

8vo. London, 1874. 

















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den Gesetzen iiber Musterschutz und Waarenbezeichnungen sys- 
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the Pedigrees of Seven other considerable Families that through 
Heiresses became incorporated with the House of Coulthart. 
' ^> Derived from Family Muniments. Svo. London, 1 85 5. 

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to some recent writings of Professor Fawcett and others. 
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Church of England, from the Earliest Period to 1742. 

8vo. 1853. 

Lathbury (Rev. Thomas, M.A.) A History of the Book of Common 
Prayer and other Books of Authority. With an Attempt to ascer- 
tain how the Rubrics and Canons have been understood and 
observed from the Reformation to the Reign of George III. Also 
an Account of the State of Religion and Religious Parties in 
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Troubles and Tryal. With the Diary of his Life. Folio. 1695. 

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Laud, or Lawd (Wm., Archbishop of Canterbury). [Tracts. Vol. 40.] 

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8vo. 1599. 

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8vo. Rouen, 1620. 

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Svo. Gen., 1620. 

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Svo. Ams., 16 19. 

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Svo. Ams., 1620. 

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Svo. Amst., 1625. 

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i2mo. Rouen, 1630 

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Lauterbach (Joh.) Confusio Sectae Mahometanse. With Folieta. 

Svo. Lip., 1595 

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Wesenbecius : Prolegomena. Svo. Col. Ag., 1578 

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I and 2. Svo. Calcutta, 1S59 

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Svo. Metz, 1597 

Lavolette (Le President de). Des Affaires d'Estat, &c. 1597 

Law of England. Common and Statute. Concerning High Treason, 

and all other Offences against the Crown. Svo. 17 10. 

Law Amendment Society Journal. 

Law Amendment Society. Transactions. [Continued.] 

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Law Cases. See Special. 

Law Courts. Where shall the New Law Courts be Built ? [Pamphlets, 
Vol. 7.] 8vo. 1854. 

Law Journal. Reports of Cases in Chancery, King's Bench, Common 
Pleas, Exchequer of Pleas, Exchequer Chamber, and Cases con- 
nected with the Office of Magistrates, 1822-1831. With Statutes. 

9 vols, in 13. 4to. 1 823- 1 83 1. 

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other Reports, 1822-1875. [Continued.] 

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Law Journal (The). A Weekly Publication of Notes of Cases and 
Legal News. Vols, i and 2, Folio ; Vols. 3-14, 4to. [In progress.] 

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Notes of Cases decided in all tht; Superior Courts of Law and 

Equity, Hilary Term 1866 to July 1879. Vols. 1-14. [In 

progress.] 8vo. London, 1866-1879. 

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(Vols. 32 to 55 are also entitled N.S. Vols. 1-24,) 

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8vo. 1846. 

Law Magazine and Review, or Quarterly Journal of Jurisprudence, 

52 vols. 8vo. Lond., Edin., and Dub., 1856-187 1. 

Law Magazine and Review. A Monthly Journal of Jurisprudenee for 
both Branches of the Profession at Home and Abroad. New 
Series. 4 vols. 8vo. 187 2- 1875. 

Law Magazine and Review, and Quarterly Digest of all Reported 
Cases. Fourth Series, November 1875 to November 1879. 

5 vols. 8vo. 1876-1879. 

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1879. 4° ^*^^^- ^^°- London, 1843-1879. 

Law Reports (The). Published under the Direction of the Council 
of Law Reporting. 2 sets. 8vo. London, 1866-1875. 

English and Irish Appeal Cases and Claims of Peerage, before 
the House of Lords. Reported by Charles Clark, Q.C 
1866-1875. 7 vols. 8vo. London, 1866-1875. 


Law Reports (The) — continued. 

Scotch and Divorce Appeal Cases, before the House of Lords, 
1866-1875. Reported by J. F. MacQueen. 1866-1875. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1866-1875, 

Appeal Cases before the Judicial Committee and Lords of 
PTer Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, 1 866-1 875. 
Vols. 1-4, Reported by Edmund F. Moore, Q.C. ; Vols. 5, 6, 
by W. Macpherson. 6 vols. 8vo. London, 1866-1875, 

Chancery Appeal Cases including Bankruptcy and Lunacy 
Cases, before the Lord Chancellor and the Court of Appeal 
in Chancery, 1 865-1 875. Reported by C. Marett, H. Cad- 
man Jones, and Martin Ware. Edited by G. W. Hemming. 
10 vols. 8vo. London, 1 866-1875. 

Equity Cases, before the .Master of the Rolls and the Vice- 
Chancellors, 1865-1875. Reported by J. H, Fordham, 

E. Wingfield, J. Stirling, T. W. Gunning, J. J. Smale, J. W. 
de Longueville Giffard, T. F. Morse, J. B. Davidson, and 

F. G. A. Williams. 1865-1875. Edited by G. W. Hemming. 

20 vols. 8vo. London, 1866-1875. 
Court of Queen's Bench. Reported by WiUiam Mills and 
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and Arthur Wilson. Edited by J. Redfoord Bulwer. 1865- 
1875. 10 vols. 8vo. London, 1866-1875. 

Court of Common Pleas. Reported by John Scott, Henry 
Bompas, and Edmund Lumley. 1865-1875. Edited by 
James Redfoord Bulwer. 

10 vols, 8vo. London, 1866-18 75. 

Court of Exchequer. Reported by James Anstie, Arthur 
Charles, Arthur P. Stone, and James M. Moorsom. 1865- 
1875. Edited by James Redfoord Bulwer. 

10 vols. 8vo. London, 1872-1875. 

Court for Crown Cases Reserved. Reported by L. W. Cave, 
Hon. E. Chandos Leigh, E. A. C. Schalch, and Arthur 
Wilson. 1 865-1 875. Edited by James Redfoord Bulwer. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1 866-1 875. 
High Court of Admiralty and Ecclesiastical Cases. Reported 

by W. Ernst Browning and Gainsford Bruce. 1865-1875. 
Edited by James Redfoord Bulwer. 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1866-187 5. 
Court of Probate and Divorce. Reported by T. H. Tristram, 
D.C.L., Richard Searle, and John G. Middleton, LL.D. 
1865-1875. Edited by James Redfoord Bulwer. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1866-1875. 
Statutes 29-40 Vict,, 1866-1879. 

14 vols. 8vo. London, 1866-18 76. 


Law Reports (The). Published under the Direction of the Council 
of Law Reporting. Indian Appeals. Being Cases in the Privy 
Council, on Appeal from the East Indies. Reported by W. Mac- 
pherson and Herbert Cowell. 187 3-1 87 9. 

6 vols. 8vo. London, 1874-1879. 

Law Reports (The). Appeal Cases before the House of Lords 
(English, Irish, and Scotch) and the Judicial Committee of Her 
Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council. Reported by Charles 
Clark, Q.C., John Eraser Macqueen, Q.C., and Herbert Cowell. 
1875-1879. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1876, 1879. 

Law Reports (The). Division i. Chancery. Cases determined by 
the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice, and by the 
Chief Judge in Bankruptcy, and by the Court of Appeal, on Appeal 
from the Chancery Division and the Chief Judge, and in Lunacy. 
Edited by George Wingman Hemming. Reported by Charles 
Marett, H. Cadman Jones, Martin Ware, J. H. Fordham, James 
Stirling, T. W. Gunning, W. E. M. Tomlinson, J. B. Davidson, 
F. G. A. Williams, T. F. Morse, W. Worsley Knox, William Lloyd 
Cabell. 1875-187 9. II vols. 8vo. London, 1876, 1879. 

Law Reports (The). Queen's Bench Division. Reported by William 
Mills and Arthur P. Stone ; and, in the Court for Crown Cases 
Reserved, by Arthur Wilson and Cyril Dodd. Edited by James 
Redfoord Bulwer. 1875-1879. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1876, 1879. 

Law Reports (The). Common Pleas Division. Reported by John 
Scott and Edmund Lumley. Edited by James Redfoord Bulwer. 
1875-1879. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1876, 1879. 

Law Reports (The). Exchequer Division. Reported by James M. 
Moorsom and Alexander Mortimer ; and, in the Divisional Courts 
of Appeal from Inferior Courts, by John Edward Hall. Edited 
by James Redfoord Bulwer. 187 5-1 879. 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1876, 1879. 

Law Reports (The). Probate Division. Reported by Richard Searle 
and John G. Middleton, LL.D., in the Courts of Probate and 
Divorce ; by Gainsford Bruce, in the Admiralty and Ecclesiastical 
Courts ; and, in the Privy Council, by Herbert Cowel. Edited 
by James Redfoord Bulwer. 1 875-1 879. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1875-1879. 

Reports. A Table of all the Cases printed in Books of 
Reports, digested under proper Heads. 4to. London, 17 19. 

Court of Crown Cases Reserved. Reported by L. W. Cave 
and Hon. E. Chandos Leigh. Edited by James Redfoord 
Bulwer. 1865. vols. 8vo. London, 1866. 


Law Reports (The) — continued. 

High Court of Admiralty and Ecclesiastical Courts. Reported 
by W. Ernest Browning, Edited by James Redfoord Bulwer. 
1865. vols. Svo. London, 1866. 

Courts of Probate and Divorce. Reported by T. H. Tristram, 
D.C.L,, and Richard Searle. Edited by James Redfoord 
Bulwer. Vol. i. Svo. London, 1866. 

The Statutes, 29 Vict., 1 866-1868. Vols, i, 2, 3. 

Svo. London, 1866-1S68. 

Law Reports. Digest of Cases decided in the House of Lords, Privy 

Council, and the Superior Courts of Common Law and Equity, and 

the Admiralty and Ecclesiastical Courts, and the Courts for Probate, 

Divorce, and Matrimonial Causes, for Crown Cases reserved. 

From the commencement of Michaelmas Term 1865 to the 
end of Trinity Term 186S. In 2 vols. Compiled by 
Martin Ware. 
From the commencement of Michaelmas Term 1S65 to the 
end of Trinity Term 1875. In 2 parts. Compiled by 
Martin Ware. 
From the commencement of Michaelmas Term 1875 to the 
end of Trinity Term 1878. In i vol. Compiled by 
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1. On Fitzherbert's Natura Brevium. 

2. On the Distinction between Things annexed to and Things 

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3. On behalf of the unlimited Extention of Collateral Con- 


4. Account of the Trial of the Pix. 

5. On the Court of Claims. 

6. An Answer to Two Passages in the Catalogue of Royal and 

Noble Authors. 

7. On the Antiquity and Dignity of the Degree of Sergeant at 



Law Tracts. 5. 

1. Yorke's Considerations on the Law of Forfeiture for High 


2. West on High Treason and Bills of Attainder. 

3. West on the Manner of creating Peers. 

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See also under Minot. 

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in Derbyshire. With an Account of British, Phoenician, Armenian, 
Greek, and Roman Antiquities in those Parts. Folio. Oxf , 1700. 

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Second Edition. Containing the Cases to the present Time, and 
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Folio. Lips., 1 7 10. 
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Descriptio. Folio. Au. Vi., 1556. 

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Folio. Au. Vi., 1557. 
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I Leovitius (Cyp.), Leowitz. De Conjunctionibus Superiorum Planet- 
I arum, &c. 4to. 1573. 

[ Leovitius (Cyp.), Leowitz. Prognosticon. 4to. 1573. 


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by Leonora and Joanna B. Homer. (Bohn.) 8vo. 1853. 

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Svo. Genev., 1580. 

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8vo Paris, 1609. 

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4to. Ven., 1600. 

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8vo. Antw., 161 1. 

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4to. Antw., 1620. 

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Vol. 43.] 4to. 1 66 1. 

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Worcester. , 4to. 1662. 

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36.] 4to. 1662. 

Lestrange (Roger). Toleration Discussed. [Tracts, Vol. 39.] 

4to. 1663. 

Lestrange (Roger). Queries concerning Election for Parliament. See 

Letter (An Intercepted). Published, that the People may see those 
they have Followed, &c. [Tracts, Vol. 40.] 4to. 1643. 


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VIII., 1 509-1 5 14, Edited by J. S. Brewer. See Brewer. 

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Lettres sur le Traict^ de Paix de 1574. 8vo. 1574- 

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Folio. Franc, 1596. 

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4to. Franc, 1598. 

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Leunclavius (Jo.) See Dion Cassias. 

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• [Tracts, Vol. 124.] 8vo. Par., 16 19. 

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France with reference to the Duchy of Schleswig. By Ewing Pye 
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[Imperfect.] 4to. 

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2 vols, in 4. 4to. 
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the Economic Progress of the British Nation, 1 763-1870. 

8vo. London, 1872. 

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3 vols, in 2. 8vo. Dubhn, 1 792-1 797. 

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Levinz (Sir Cresswell). Collection of Select and Modem Entries 
relating to the Cases in his Reports. Folio. 1702. 

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2 vols. 8vo. 1855. 
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i2mo. London, 1869. 

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the Northern Circuit, 1832-1838. With a few of earlier date. 

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Third Edition. 8vo. Lond. and Dub., 1857. 

Fifth Edition. 8vo. London, 1867. 

Sixth Edition. 8vo. London, 1875. 

Seventh Edition.- 8vo. London, 1879. 

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Manuals, No. i.] Small 4to. London, 1870. 

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England. A Paper read before the Deputies of the Trades Union 
Congress, at Bristol, September 1878. [Pamphlet, 46 pp.] 

London, 1878. 

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Criminals. 8vo. London, 1859, 

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Terms. New Edition. By Sir Roland Knyvet Wilson. 

1 2 mo. Oxford, 1877, 

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illustrated by concise Precedents. With an Appendix on the Effect 
of the Transfer of Land Act in Modifying and Shortening Con- 
veyances. 8vo. London, 1863. > 

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of Forms. 8vo. London, 1865. 

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Remotences in Limitations of Estates, Real and Personal, &c. 

8vo. 1843. 

Lewis (Wm. Dav.) A Practical Treatise on the Law of Perpetuity, &c. 
Supplement. 8vo. 1849. 

Lewis (Wm. Dav.) An Address on the English Law of Real Property. 

8vo. 1848. 


Lex Parliamentarian or, a Treatise on the Laws and Customs of 
Parliament, showing their Antiquity, Names, Kinds, and Qualities 
of the Shore Estates, Election of Members, Electors' Rights of 
Return, and the Sheriffs' Duty, Election of the Speaker, Manner 
of Passing Bills, &c. With an Appendix of a Case in Parliament 
for the Knight's Place in the County of Bucks. Second Edition. 

8vo. London, n.d. 

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Courts at Westminster, Jac. and Car. I. Folio. 1659. 

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First treating in general of Great Britain and Ireland ; the Second 
containing Particular Remarks concerning Cheshire. 

Folio. London, 1673. 

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II vols, in 9. 4to. Lips, et Guelph, 171 7. 

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Traduzida. Per Lianno. 4to. Burg., 1546. 

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With Tinnulus. 4to. 1634. 

LiBAVius (Andr.) Neoparacelsica. 

LiBAVius (Andr.) Rerum Chymicarum Epistolae. 

LiBAVius (Andr.) De Medicina Veterum. 

LiBAVius (Andr.) Singularia. 

LiBAVius (Andr.) Defensio Alchymiae. 

LiBAVius (Andr.) Alchymia Triumphans. 

LiBAVius (Andr.) Exercitatio circa Theses Goclenii de Norma. With 
Syrenius : de Praedestinatione. 4to. Franc, 1606. 

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8vo. Erp,, 16 1 6. 

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Norman Passages in Liber Albus, Glossaries, Appendixes, and 
Index. 6'(?^ Brit., Gt., No. 12. 4 vols, 8vo. London, 1859-1862. 














. Ves., 






Liber Niger Scaccarii. Wilhelmique Worcestrii Annales. 

2 vols. 8vo. 1774. 

LiBERO Arbitrio. Tragedia. 4to. 1546. 

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A.M., et Petro Goldsmith Medd, A.M. Editio Altera. 

i2mo. Lond., Oxon., et Cant., 1869. 

Liberal (A). A Review of Mr. J. S. Mill's Essay, " On Liberty," and 
an Investigation of his Claim to be considered the Leading 
Philosopher and Thinker of his Age. [Pamphlet] 

i2mo. London, 1867. 

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Librarians held in London, October 1877. Edited by the Sec- 
retaries of the Conference, Edward B. Nicholson, Librarian of the 
London Institution, and Henry R. Tedder, Librarian of the 
Athenaeum Club. 4to. London, 1878. 

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Libraries. Folio. 1849-185 1. 

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1. St. Augustine's Confessions. Revised, from a former Trans- 

lation, by the Rev. E. B. Pusey, D.D. With Illustra- 
* tions from Augustine himself. 1838. 

2. St. Cyril's Catechetical Lectures. With Notes and Indexes 

Edited by Dr. J. H. Newman. 1838. 

3. St. Cyprian's Treatises. With Notes and Indexes. Edited 

by Dr. J. H. Newman. 1839. 

4. 5. St. Chrysostom's Homilies on the First Epistle to the 

Corinthians. Translated by the Rev. H. K. Cornish 
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6. St. Chrysostom's Homilies on the Epistles t