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Full text of "Catalogue of the printed books in the library of the Faculty of advocates .."

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Printed Books in the Advocates' Library 






''of the 


VOL. I. 



E D I N B U 11 G H A I; D L O N 1) O N 


XI. 1 El-i4- 

Printed by R. & R. Clark, Edinburgh. 


IMVERSnV «>i CA!.iro;(MA 
SANTA I! Au:; m; A 


The preparation of this Catalogue was commenced in the year 1853, hut its progrefs was 
at firft unavoidably interrupted by various caufes, and at the beginning of 1871 only the 
firft and a portion of the fecond volume was in type. In 1872 it was refolved to re- 
commence the printing on the footing of including in the Catalogue all works acquired by 
the Library down to the end of 1871. This has now been carried out, and the Catalogue 
is therefore a complete Catalogue of the Printed Books in the Library brought down to 
the end of 1871, with the exception of thofe publifhed between i860 and 1S71 which 
fall within the alphabetical limits " A " to " Catalogue." To make the work complete, a 
Supplement containing thofe omitted entries is in preparation, and will, it is expecfted, be 
publifhed in July next. 

The work now finifhed was commenced by the late Mr. Halkett, who, when he became 
Keeper, found the Library deftitute of any alphabetical Catalogue. To fupply this 
want a Slip Catalogue was prepared, which formed the bafis of the prelent work. The 
printing began in i860, but Mr. Halkett found that the flips required fo much rev'ifion, 
comparifon, and correction, in going through the prefs, that at his death in 1871 he had 
not proceeded farther than the word "Catalogue." In 1872 the revifion of the flips was 
entrufted to Mr. Jon A. Hjaltalin, under the editorfliip of Mr. Halkett's fucceflbr, Mr. 
T. H. Jamiefon. Since the death of the latter, Mr. Hjaltalin has carried on the work as 
fole editor, with the advice and guidance of the prcfent Keeper, Mr. J. T. Clark. Whila 
thus recording the names of thofe by whom the work has been actually performed, 
mention muft be made of the lale Deaii of Faculty, Mr. Robert Horn, to whofe zeal 
and energy its completion is largely due. 


During the progrefs of the Catalogue fome (light change has been made in its plan. The Biograpliical 
Notices introduced by Mr. Halkett in the portion of the work edited by him .iddcd much to its value and iiitereft ; 
but upon his. dc ith it was reluclanlly refolved by the Faculty fuch notices ihould l>c difcontinued for the 

^ future, owing mainly to the delay involved in their preparation. 


The titles were alfo given by Mr. Halkett in full, >but the increafe of bulk thereby caufed was found likely to 
delay the completion of the work, and the entries were therefore printed in a more abbreviated form, except in 
the cafe of works of rarity or of peculiar intereft. For the fame reafon it was found neceffary to carry the 
abbreviations ftill further in the two concluding volumes. 

The titles of the books are entered under the names of their authors, arranged alphabetically ; the works of 
noblemen under the family name, with a crofs-reference from their title ; foreign, according to the well-known rule, 
that names preceded by a prcpofition are to be fought for under the letter immediately following ; but when preceded 
by an article, or a prepofition and an article, then under the initial of the article. 

In the arrangement of an author's work, his collefted works are placed firft, and his feparate works follow in 
chronological order. Initials and pfeudonyms arc treated as real names, but when the real names are known, the 
pfeudonyms are only ufed as crofs-references. 

Anonymous works are entered alphabetically among the names of authors, according to their titles, principal 
words, or fubjeft-matter. In fome cafes certain clafles of anonymous books have been grouped together under 
fingle headings, luch as Almanacs, Dire3or'ies, Encyclopedias, and New/papers. Again, Journals, Magazines, and 
Reviews have been grouped together alphabetically under thefe headings, when the words Journal, Magaaine, or 
Remiew, form a part of the title ; if not, they will be found under their own names. 

Englirti tranflations of fome anonymous works have been entered under the names of the tranflators, when the 
book is commonly known by the tranflator's name. 

Criminal trials are entered under the name of the accufed, and civil adlions under that of the purfuer, with 
crofs-references under the name ot the defender. 

Any information not contained in ' the title-page, which it has been thought neceffary to fupply, is given in 
it;ilics, witliin brackets. The mark ... indicates omiffion of certain words in the title. The afterifli * is ufed to 
diftinguifh works placed under an author's name, though not written by him, fuch as memoirs of his life. Crofs- 
references throughout the Catalogue are marked by fmall capitals, as follows: Scott (Sir Walter). * Memoirs ... 
by John Gibfon Lockhart. 1837—38. 

Advocates' Library, 
Edinburgh, December 1878. 





.Scandal : by the biographer of Anacreon. 

12° Holt, 1827. 


Diftrefs in Ireland Outlines of a plan for employing 
funds to be raifed by fubfcription in England, in fuch a 
manner, that in relieving the deftitute, their condition may 
be fo far improved as to prevent the neceffity for aid in 
fiiture years. 8° Lond. 1847. 

Thr' ftrayed reveller; 1849. — Empedocles on Etna; 
1852. [5> Matthew Arnold.] 


Review of the pad and prefent policy of the Bank of 
England, and of banking in Great Britain and Ireland, in 
conne(5Hon with the bunking afts of 1844-45. By an o\A 
banker. Second edition. 8^ Lond. 1856. 

A. B. C. 

The Chi-iftUn's A, B, C. 

A., B., and C. 

Notes for home circul.ition. 

S. Sh. n. d. 

8° Lond. .855. 

A. (A. H. D.) 

The clofing days of Chrift's niiniftiy on earth, or the 
events uf the life and death of our bleflld Lord during the 
paflion, or holy week, and from that time till the afcenfion. 
According to the chronological arrangement of Towiifend. 
Second edition. 12° Dorcheftcr, (844. 

VOL. I. 

A N (A. M.), T.C.C. 

A key to Arnold's Pradlical introduftion to Latin 
profe compofition. 8° Lond. 1846. 

A key to Arnold's Practical introduftion to Greek 
profe compofition. 8'' Lond. 1846. 

A. (A. S.) 

The bread of life ... 1849. 

[By A. S. Atcheson.] 

A. (B.) 

The heavens a witncfs for God : a fermon, fuggefted 
by the comet of 1858. \_Ps. xix. i — 4.] 

8° Lond. [1858.] 

A. (C.) 

L'irrevocabillte de I'<5dit de Nantes prouvee jiai It.s 
principes du droit et de la politique. 1688. [5y Charles 


A. (C.) 

Miriam ; or, the power of tinjth ; 1826. — The prifoners 

of Aiifti;i!i:i ; 1841. ( A)' CUailotte Anley.] 

A. (C. E.) 

Grace and glory delineated in a pillar of tiie temple of 
God. [Poems.} 12° Lond. 1855. 

A. (D. P. L.) 

Neceffidad de la gucrra, y defconfianzas de la paz. 

8° VaJencia, 1696. 

A. (D. S. F. D'.)— A. (M. D.) 

A. (D.-S. F. D'.) 

Rifpofta al Trattato delle lagioni della Regina Crifti- 
aniffima, fopra il ducato del Brabante . . . D. S. F. D'A. 
[i.e. Del Signoi- Francefco d' Andrea.] 

A. (E.) 

The fmall boy's mythological primer, in rhyme. 

8° Lend. 1858. 
A. (E.G.) 

Geraldine ; a tale of confcience. 1837. [By E. C. 

A. (E. S.) 

The fure hope of reconciliation ; 1 847. — Claims of tlie 
Church of Rome confidered ; 1848. — Principles of Pro- 
teftantifm confidered; 1848. — -Eaftern Churches ; 1850. — 
The Greek Church, a fiietch ; 1 8 5 1 .— Welih flcetches ; 
1852-3. [By E. S. Appleyard.] 

A. (E. S.) 

The world in which 1 live, and my place in it ; b«yng 
a univerfal hiftory for young perfons from the creation to 
the prefent time. Edited by the Rev. John H. Broome. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

My counuy : the hiftoiy of the Britifti Ifles. Edited 
by the Rev. .John H. Broome. 12= Lond. 1859. 

A. (F.), D.D. 

The voice of the people, no voice of God ... 1 7 i o. 
[By Francis Atterbury.] 

A. (H. H.) 

Helps for felf examination. [Reprinted from the 3d 
edition of the Churchman's Manual.] 

12= Lond. 1854. 

A. (I. T.) 

The fairy tree ; or, ftories from far and near. 

8° Lond. 1861. 

A. (J.) 

Sacro-fanfta regum Majeftas ... 1644. [By John 

A. (J.) 

Upon the laie lamentable fire in London. In an 
humble imitation of the moft incomparable Mr. Cowley his 
Pindarick ftrain. 4° Lond. 1667. 

A. (J.) _ 

A premonitor warning .. . 1702. [^y James Armour.] 

A. (J.) 

The honefl country Quaker's plea for his non-payment 
of tythesj or any foiced maintenance, in this gofpel dilpen- 
fation. 8° [Lond.] 1737. 

A. (J.) 

The Latin felf-inftmftor ;. or a new introduiflion to 
T itin gramma!, with all the rules in Englifh, &c. By a 
member of one of the univerfities. 8° Lond. 1822. 

A. (J.) 

The refcucd : a true tale. 1 2 Rochdale, i a 4 1 . 

A. (J. H.) 

Texts of Scripture, fuggefted to the ferious confideration 
of thofe who deny the neceffity and efficacy of the two 
holy faciaments, baptifm and the fupper of the Lord ; and 
who objeft to forms of praife, thankfgiving, and prayer, in 
public worfhip. 12° Lond. 1848. 

A. (J. L.) 

The river Dove ... 1847. [By J. L. Anderdon.] 

A. (J. S.) 

The Syrian noble ; or, believe and be healed. By the 
author of 'i The good Shepherd," &c. 

12= Lond. 1849. 
A. (L.) 
Traits of private life. S' Lond. 1844. 

A. (M.) 

Reflexions fomraaires fur le commerce de Paris. 1789. 
[By M. Arnaud.] 

A. (M.) 

Brief obfer\'ations on die copyright bill ; attempting to 
prove its injuftice towards authors, and its tendency to injure 
the caufe of literature : in a letter to the BiHiop of Nor- 
wich. 182 I. [Pamphleteer, xviii. 523.] 

A. (M.) 

A letter to the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Fed, Bart. M. P., 
on the prefent condition and profpefts of the Eftablifhed 
Church. 8° Lond. 1832. 

A. (M.) 

A hiftory of Ford Abbey, Dorfetfhire : late in the 
county of Devon. 1S46. [.Sy Mrs. M. Allen.] 

A. (M.) 

A plain addrefs on confirmation, and the duties to which 
it leads, in two parts ; including the order of confirmation ; 
to which are added queftions for examination. 

12° Lond. 1846. 

A. (M.) 

Are not the clergy arraying themfelves againft Church 
and Queen ? a queftion by M. A. 8" Lond. 1848. 

A. (M.) 

Dora Leighton ; or, the error of felf-dependence : a 
tale of home. 12- Lond. 1853. 

A. (M. D.) 

The laft words of an Englifti Catholic : a record of 
inner life. 8" Lond. 1857, 


A. (M. E.) 

The painted window : a poem. 

A. (P.) 

Eubulus ; or, a dialogue ... 

8° Lond. 1856. 
1627. [By Patrick 

A. (P.) 

A (hort account of the life and death of Poj)e Alex- 
ander th? VII. ... 1667. [By Philip Ayres.] 

A. (P.), Miniftre du Saint Evangile. 
Douze femions fur divers textes ... 1685. [5y Pierre 

A. (P. D. C.) 

DilTertazione fopra i martin della Chiefa" Cattolica. 
[DissERTAZiONi ijloriche, fc'ient'ifiche, erudite, life. ii. 271.] 

A. (R.) 

A treatlfe of civil bonds and obligations, (hewing the 
nature, ufe, and dangers of fuch contrafts, with cautions 
againft furetilhip. 8'" Lond. 1688. 

A. (R.) 

An elogic on the death ot the learned and honourable 
Sir George M'=Kenzie of Rofe-Haugh, Knight, &c. late 
king's advocate. S. Sh. [ 1 690.] 

A. (R.) 
Chiifl's Sermon on the Mount, in verfe ; with analyti- 
cal divifions and explanatory notes. In fix parts. 

12° Lond. 1855. 
A. (S. E.) 

Father Jo!m ; or, Cromwell in Ireland. 

8° Lond. 1842. 
A. (T.) 

The law of obligations and conditions ... 1693. [By 
Thomas Ashe.] 

A. (T.) 

The prev:ilcncy of prujtr, fet forth in a ruftic, but faith- 
ful narrative of the deplorable cafe of the children of John 
Baldwin of Sarret .. . 17 17. [5ji Thomas Aldridge.] 

A. (T.) 

Hiftory ot tlie Azores, or Weltem Idands ; containing 
an account of the government, laws, and religion, the 
manners, ceremonies, and character of the inhabitants, and 
demondrating the importance of thefe valuable iflands to 
the Britidi Empire. 4° Lond. 18 13. 

A. (T.) 

On the term " Oblations " in the communion-fervice ; 
and its imjiortancc as to the time of placing the elements 
on the Lord's tabic. 8" Lond. 1856. 

A. (T. B.) 

De poftremis motibus Gallia: varia utriufque partis fcripui 
fcitu digniffima ... 1586. [By Theophilus Banesius.] 

A. (T. H. E.) 

Remarks on Profeflbr RolTetti's " Difquifizioni fullo 
fpirito antipapale." 8° Lond. 1832. 

A. (V.), Minifter of the gofpel. 

Duty and interell united in prayer and praife for kings 
... 1695. [5y Vincent Alsop.] 

A. (W.) 

Medulla hiftoiiae Scoticae 

1685. [By William 

A. (W.), Barrifter-at-law. 

The Lord Chief Juftice Herbert's account examin'd 
... 1689. [By William Atwood.] 

A. (W. .T.) 

Poetical patchwork. 8"^ Lond. 1844. 

AA (Petrus van der). See Petrus Vanderanus. 


Efterretning om den hele Engellke Marine, om dens 
Styrke, Befstning, Stationer, og hele Foifatning paa 
nsei-vaerende Tid. Tildeels overfat af det Engellke. 

12° Kjobenhavn, 180 1. 
Bedommelfe over den imellem Danmark og den Engel- 
flce Flaade fluttede Vaabenftilftand. 

8" Kjobenhavn, 1801. 

AAGAARD (Christianus). 

B. at Viborg 27 Jan. 161 6. Profeflbr of poetry 1647. 
Reflor of the cathedral fchool at Ribe 1651. D. 5 February 
Carmina. [Rostgaard, De/idir quorundam poetarum 
Danorum, i. 339-] 


Aarhufienfis liber. [Langebek, Scriplorcs icrum Duni- 
carum, vi. 376.] 

Nomina epifcoporuni Arhufienfis ccclrfi.v. [Ibid. vii. 


Series epifcoporuni Arhufioruni . ^ ^.-riis auiftoribus. 

[Ibid. vii. 210.] 

Excerpu in libruni Jofuy. [Ugolinus, Thefaurus unt't- 
qullatiim facranim, xxii. 497-] 


Spent f'njht years in travelling thrnugli Europe, and «ji 
drowned in 1659, while palling from England to Ilulland. 

Voyage d'Efpagne, curicux, liiftorique, et politique fait 

en I'annee 1655. [Anon.] 4" Paris, ifi^'J. 

ABAELARD and ABAILARD. Set Abelardus. 


ABANO (PiETRo d'). 

* Notizie ftoriche e critiche intorno alia yjta di P. 
d'Abano dal Signor Conte Giammaria Mazzuchellu 


A celebrated Jewifli rabbi, born at Lifbon 1437. Protefted 
by Alfonfo V. he filled various important offices of ftate, which 
he was forced, on the acceffion of John II., who diHiked him, 
to refign, and ta.'ce refuge in Caftille, where he became 
Miniftcr of Finance to Ferdinand and Ifabella. At the general 
expulfion of the Jews from Spain by the In^uifition, he proceeded 
to Naples, where he again role to diftinftion j but, at the death of 
his patron Ferdinand I., was once more compelled to feek fifety 
in flight. He finally letired to Venice, where he died in 1508. 

•ni31DNn ''1?N-I1 'BHE' 13 njDN t^'X^ nSD. Liber de 
capite fidei, in quo continentur radices et capita vel principia 
leligionis. Autore Ifaaco Abravanele, et in Latinum 
fermonem tranflata per Guilielmum Vorftium. [77^^ Latin 
tran/Ialion on/y.] 4^ Amftelodami, 1638. 

Exordium commentariorum in Leviticum, quo omnis 
omnium facrificiomm ratio breviter ac dilucide difputatur. 
[ff^i. and Lat. Maimonides, De facrificiis, p. 22^.1 

De (tatu et jure regio. [Ugolinus, Thefaurus ant't- 
quitalum fiicrarum, xxiv. 825.] 

De judicum et regum differentia in V. T. ... [Ibid, 
xxiv. 883.] 

DifTertatio de ma, five excidii poena ... [Ibid. xxx. 

— [BuxTORF, De fponfalibus et divorliis, J). 1 69.] 

ABARCA (Pedro). 

.A. Spanilh Jefuit. B. at Jaca 1619. ProfeiTor of theologj- at 
Salamanca. D. at Valencia i Oft. 1693. 

Los reyes de Aragon en anales hiftoricos, diftribuidos 
en dos partes. 2 torn. 

fol. Madrid, 1682; Salamanca, 1684. 

ABA.UNZA (Petrus de). 

B. at Seville 1599. D. 1649. 

Ad titulum decimum quintum De fagittariis, libro 
quinto decretalium, jirseleflio ; ubi quidquid ad hujus tituli 
intelleclum, tam ex jure civili, quam ex bonis litteris, 
hadtenus defideratum eft, quam maxima potuit cura, nee 
minori eft brevitate coUeftum. [Meerman, No-vus thefaurus 
juris civilis et canonici, W. 725.] 

ABBADIE (Jacques), D.D. 

B. at Nay in Beam 1658. Came to England with Marlhal 
Schomberg. Minifter of the church in the Savoy, London, 
1690. D. 6 Nov. 1727. 

Defenfe de la nation Britannique, ou les droits de 
Dieu, de la nature, et de la fociete clairement etablis au 
fujet de la revolution 'd'Angleterre, contre I'auteur \^Bayle'\ 
de I'Avis important aux refugies. 12' La Have, 1693. 

Panegyrique de Marie, Reine d'Angleterre, d'Ecofle, 
de France et d'lilande, de glorieufe et immortelle niemoire, 
decedee a Kenfington le 28 Decerabre 1694. 

4° La Haye, 1695. 

Le triomphe de la providence et de la religion ; ou 
I'ouverture des fept feaux par le fils de Dieu; od' I'on trouvera 
la premiere paitie de I'Apocaljqjfe clairement expliquee 

par ce qu'il y a de plus connu dans I'hiftoire & de moins 
contefte dans la Parole. Avec une nouvelle & tr^s fenfible 
demonftration de la verite de la religion Chretienne. 4 tom. 

1 2= Amft. 17'23. 

Traite de la verite de la religion Chretienne. Septi^me 
edition. 2 tom. 12' Amft. 1729. 

Traite de la divinite de notre Seigneur Jefus Chrift. 
Septi^me edition. 12= Amft. 1729. 

ABBAT (Richard), F.R.A.S. 

The principles and praiftice of linear perfpe<ftive, diverted 
of all difficulty. 8° Lond. 1853. 

General education. Learning made eafy ; or, teaching 
by reafon and fight. 8^ Lond. 1854. 

Orthographic projeftion of the globe on the ])lane of a 
given horizon ; or, perfpedive view of the earth. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

ABBATIUS (Baldus Angelus). 

B. at Gubbio. Phyfician to the Duke of Urbino. Flourifhed 
towards the clofe of the 1 6th century. 

De adrairabili riperse natura, et de mirificis ejufdem 
facultatibus liber. 4=^ Urbini, 1589. 


A theologian of the 12th century. 
Traftatus de fraftione corporis Chrifti. [Mabillon, 
Vetera analeda, p. 5?.] 


The abbaye of the Holy Ghoft. n. d. \^By John 

Abby and other church-lands, not yet aflured to fuch 
pofleffois as are Roman Catholicks ; dedicated to the 
nobility and gentry of that religion. 1688. \^By John 


ABBISS (John), A.M. 

Reiftor of St. Bartholomew the Great, London. 
A fermon, preached in the parifh church of St. Bar- 
tholomew the Great, London, Jan. 29, 1826, being the 
day appointed to commemorate the acceffion of his moft 
gracious Majefty King George IV. [i Tim. ii. 1,2.] 

8° Lond. 1826. 
A fermon, preached in the parifh church of St. Bartho- 
lomew the Great, London. Jan. 14, 18-7, upon occafion 
of the lamented death of his Royal Highnefs Frederick, 
Duke of York, Commander-in-Chief, &c. \^.Job xiv. 2.] 

8^ Lond. 1827. 
ABBO, furnamed Cernuijs. 

A monk of St. Germain des Prcs. B. about the middle of 
the 9th century. D. about 925. 

Le fiege do Paris par les Normands en 885 et 886, 
poeme d'Abbon avec la traduction en regard, accompagne 
de notes explicatives et hiftoriques par N. R. Taranne. 
\Latin text with French tranflation.'\ 8° Paris, 1834. 

De bellis Parifiacas urbis et Odonis Comitis, polt 
Regis, adverfus Northmannos urbem ipfam obfidentes, fub 
Carolo CrafTo Imp. ac Rege Franconam, libri duo. [A. 
DucHFSNE, Htjloritt Franeorum fcriptores, ii. 499-] 


— [P. PiTHCEUS, Annallum l^ h'tjlor'tx Franconim fciip- 
tores x'li. p. 530.] 

— [A. Duchesne, H'ljlonit Normannorum fcriptores, 

— [Langebek, Scriptores reriim Dan'icarum, ii. 75.] 

— [BouijUET, Recueil ties hifloriens des Gaules et lie In 
France, viii. i.] 

— \J^French profe tranjlat'ion only) Guizot, Colledion 
des memoires, vi. I.] 

— Libri ties. [Pert?., Monumenta Germania hi/lorka, 
ii. 776.] 

Sermones V. felcifli. [d'AcHERius, Spicileglum,ix. 79.] 


B. near Orleans about the year 945. Elefted abbot of the 
monaftcry of Fleury 970. Killed in a brawl between the 
French and Gafcons 13 Aug. 1004. 

Epiftola ad Leonem Abbatem Sanfli Bonifacii. 
[Baluze, Mifcelhmea, i. 4O9.] 

* E]iiftola encyclica monachomm Floriacenfium de 
casde Abbonis abbatis. [Ibid. i. 41 i.] 

Canoncs Domni Abonis abbatis, et regis Hugonis, et 
Rotbeiti filii ejus Francorum regis ; exceqjti de aliis 
canonibus. [Mabillon, Vetera analefla, ^. 133.] 

Abbonis Abbatis Floriacenfis Apologeticus adverfus 
Arnulphum Epifcopum Aurelianenfeni, et aliquot epiftol-je. 
[F. PiTHfEUS, Cudex canonum, p. 393.] 

Epillolx. [Bouquet, Recueil ties h'ljloriens ties Gaules 
et de la France, x. 434.] 

Prsefatio in commento calculi Viftorii. [Marten e et 
Durand, Thefaiirus noinis anecdotorum, i. I iS.] 

* Vita S. Abonis ab Aimoino. See Aimoinus. 

ABBOT (Charles), D.D. 

Of New College, Oxford. Vicar of Oaicley and Goldington, 
Bedford(hire. D. at Bedford 3 Sep. 1S17. 

Flora Bcdfordienfis, comjirehending fuch plants as grow 
wild in the county ot Bedford, arranged according to the 
fyftem of Linnseus, with occafional remarks. 

8° Bedford, 1798. 

A monody on the death of the late univerfally lamented 
hero of the Nile, Copenhagen, and Trafalgar, tile Right 
Hon. Horatio Lord Vifcount Nelfon ... who fell glorioudy 
off Cadiz, Oa. 2 ill, 1805. 4° Bedford, n. d. 

ABBOT (Charles), ift Lord Colchefter. 

B. at Abingdon 14 0(X. IJ^y. Speaker of the Houfe of 
Commons 1802. Raifed to the peerage 181 7. D. at London 
8 M.iy 1829. 

.Iurifdi(5lion and pradlice of the Court of Great Scflions 
of Wales, u])on the Chefler Circuit, [y/non.] 

8 Lond. 1 795. 

S])ceches upon the Roman Catholic claims ; delivered in 
Parliament, in the Houfe of Commons when iS])eaker, and 
fubfequently in the Houfe of Peers. With preliminary 
obfervations ujion the prefent (late of the Roman Catholic 
queftion. 8° Lond. 1828. 

The diary and corref])ondence of Charles Abbot, Lord 
Colchedcr. Edited by his fon, Charles Lord Colchcller. 
In three volumes. 8° Lond. 1861. 

ABBOT (George). 

B. at Guildford 29 OG. 1562. Dean of Winchefter 1599. 
Bifhop of Lichfield and Coventry 1609. Bilhop of London 
1610. Archbilhop of Cantcrburj' i5ii. D. at Guildford 5 
Aug. 1633. 

A treatife of the peq)etuall vifibilitie, and fucceflion of 
the ti-ue Church in all ages. 4° [Lond.] 1624. 

An expofition upon the |)iophet .Jonah. A new edition 
by Grace Webfler ; to which is added, a life of the author. 
2 vols. 12° Lond. 1845. 

* The life of Dr. George Abbot, Lord Archbilhop of 
Canterbuiy, I'eprinted witli fome additions and correftions 
from the Biographia Bntannica . . . To which are added the 
lives of his two biothers. Dr. Robert Abbot, Lord Bilhop 
of Saliftury ; and Sir Morris Abbot, Knt. Lord Mayor of 
the City ot London. 8 Guildl'ord, 1777. 

ABBOT (.Iames). 
Prometheus' daughter 

a poem. 

8° Lond. 1 86 1 

ABBOT (Robert). 

Brother of George .A.bbot, Arclibifhop of Canterbury. B. 
at Guildford 1560. Profefl'or of theology at Oxford 1612. 
Bifhop of Salilbury 1615. D. 2 March 1617. 

De fuprema poteftate regia, exercitationes habit* in 
academia Oxonienfi contra Robert. Bellarminum et Francifc. 
Suarez. 8° Hanoviae, 16 19. 


Abbotsfoid and Sir Walter Scott. By the author of 
" Hawthorndale village revifited," &c. &c. 

8° Lond. 1853. 
— Another edition. 8° Lond. 1854. 


The romances of Rouland and Vernagu, and Otuel. 

Account of tlie monaftic treafures confifcatcd at the 
diflolution of the various houfes in England. By Sir John 
Williams. 1836. 

Hillorical memoirs of the leign of Mary, Queen of 
Scots, and a portion of the reign of King James the Si.\th. 
By [John Maxwell, 5th, and John Maxwell, 8tli] Lord 
Herries. 1836. 

Ecclefiaftical records. Seleilions from the minutes of 
the Prefbyteries of St. Andrews and Cupar. 1837. 

Ecclefiallical records. Seleflions from the minutes of 
the Synod of Fife. 1837. 

Mifceiiany of the Abbotsfoid Club. Vol. I. 

4 Edinb. 1837. 

Arthour and Merlin; a metrical romance. 1838. 

Letters and (late papers during the reign ot King James 
the Sixth. Chiefly from the manufcript coUciflions of Sir 
James Balfour of Denmyln. 1838. 

Inventiire chronologique des documents rclatifs a I'hidoire 
d'Ecofl'e, conferves aux arcliives du royaunie, a P.iris. Suivi 
d'une indication fommaire des manulcrits de l.i BibliothOque 
Royale (/>.-;r M. Teulet]. 1839. 

Davidis Humii de familia Huniia Wedderburnrnli lilx-r. 
1839. See Hume. 


Ecclefiaftical records. Seleftions from the regiflers of 
the Prefbytery of Lanark. i839- 

Jacobite correfpondence of the Atholl family during 
the rebellion I 7 45- 1 7 46. 1840. 

The romance of Sir Guy of Warwick and Rembmn 
his fon. 1840. 

Le roman des aventures de Fregus, par Guillaume le 
Clerc. 1 841. 

The legend of St. Katherine of Alexandria. 1841. 

Liber conventus S. Katherine Senenfis prope Edin- 
burgum. 184 1. 

The chartularies of Balmerino and Lindores. 1841. 

Extrafta e variis chronicis Scocie. 1842. fo Scotland. 

Memoirs of Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel ... [by John 
Drummond]. 1842. 

Liber officialis Sandli Andree. 1845. Siv St. Andrews. 

A garden of grave and godlie flowers by Alexander 
Gardyne ... 1845. 

The buke of the order of knyghthood, tran dated fiom 
the French, by Sir Gilbert Hay ... 1848. 

Sire Degarre, a metrical romance of the end of the 
thiiteenth centuiy. 1849. 

A penni worth of witte : Florice and Blauncheflom-, and 
other pieces of ancient Englifh poetry, selefled from the 
Auchinleck manufcript. 1857. 

Memoirs of the infurreftion in Scotland in i 7 i 5. By 
John [St. Clair] Mailer of Sinclair. 1858. 

ABBOTT (Benjamin). 

Methodift preacher in America. B. 1732 
14 Aug. 1796. 

D. at Salem 

The life and labours of the Rev. Benjamin Abbott, the 
revivalift. [Chie/ly by hhnfelf.] 8° Lond. 1844. 

ABBOTT (Charles), ift Lord Tenterden. 

B. 7 Oft. 1762. Lord Chief Juftice of the King's Bench 
181S. Raifed to the peerage 1827. D. 4 Nov. 1832. 

A treatife of the law relative to merchant-fhips and 
feamen ; in four parts. 8° Lond. 1802. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1808. 

— Fourth edition. 8° Lond. 1S12. 

— Fifth edition ; edited by John Henry Abbott. 

8° Lond. 1827. 

— Sixth edition, in five parts ; 
feijeant at law. 

— Seventh edition. 

— Eighth edition. 

— Ninth edition. 

— Tenth edition, in fi.x parts. 

by William Shee, 
8° Lond. 1840. 
S° Lond. 1844. 
8° Lond. 1847. 
8° Lond. 1854. 
8° Lond. 1856. 
of the Bnfifi 

— [G. Atkinson, The Jloipp'mg-la'ws 
Empire ... 1854.] 

ABBOTT (Edwin). 

A fecond Latin book : containing the riJes of fyntax 
with ilKiftrations, examples for conftniing, and Cxfar's 
account of his two invafions of Britain, with explanatory 
notes and a vocabulaiy. 12" Lond. 1858. 

ABBOTT (Francis George). 

Forms of writs and other proceedings on the common 

law fide of the Court of Chancery, iffuing out of, and here- 
tofore prepared in the Petty Bag Office. 

I 2= Lond. 1849. 

ABBOTT (Gervaise). 

The heirs of Cheveleigh. ' In three volumes. 

8° Lond. 1858. 

ABBOTT (Jacob). 

Stuyvefant, a Franconia ftory. 8° Lond. n. d. 

Hiftoiy of Alexander the Great. 8° Lond. 1853. 

Hiftoiy of William the Conqueror. 8° Lond. 1 853. 

The hifloiy of Pyrrhus. 8° Lond. 1853. 

The hiftoiy of Alfred the Great. 8° Lond. 1853. 

The hiftoiy of Xerxes the Great. 8 ° Lond. 1854. 

Abbott's fecond reader : a courfe of reading leflbns, 
felefted with reference to their moral influence on the 
hearts and lives of the young. Defigned for the middle 
claffes. By Jacob and John Abbott. 12° Lond. 1854. 

Bmno ; or, leflbns of patience, fidelity, and felf-denial, 
taught by a dog. Englifli edition, revifed by the author of 
"Head and heart," etc. etc. 12° Lond. 1855. 

Hiftoiy of King Richard the Second of England. 

12° Lond. 1859. 

Hiftoiy of King Richard the Third of England. 

12= Lond. 1859. 

ABBOTT (James). 

Captain, Bengal Artillery. 

The T'hakoorine ; a tale of Maandoo. 

8° Lond. 1 841. 

Narrative of a journey from Heraut to Kliiva, Mofcow, 
and St. Peterftjurgh, during the late Ruflian invafion of 
Khiva ; with fome account of the Court of Khiva and 
the kingdom of Khaurifm. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1843. 

— Second edition. 2 vols. 8" Lond. 1856. 

ABBOTT (James), M.A. 

The hand book of idiotcy : flrowing the idiot's con- 
dition, the numerous caufes of idiotcy, and the moft 
experienced methods of training and educating the idiot, as 
fuccefsfiJly adopted by the continental governments of 
Europe and America. 8*^ Lond. 1856. 

Logical arguments and metaphyfical verities, proving 
that man has free will in religious and fpiiitual things ; alfo, 
fliowing the origin of evil, as taught by the moft learned ; 
and now prefented for the candid confideration of eveiy 
feeker after troth. 12° Lond. 1856. 

ABBOTT (John Nelson), Jun. 

Sketches of Modern Athens, defcribing its manners, 
cuftoms, and laws ; with fome account of free and enflaved 
Greece, and the peculiarities of the modem Greek language. 

12° Lond. 1849. 

ABBOTT (John S. C.) 

Brother of Jacob Abbott. 
Hiftoiy of Heniy the Fourth, King of France and 
Navarre. 12' Lond. n. d. 

ABBOTT (Robert). 

Minifter of the New Church, Norwich. 
Chriftian righteoufnefs : a difcourfe in memoiy of the 


late Rev. Thomas Goyder, delivered at the French church, 
Queen Street, Nonvich, on Sunday evening, 0&. 28, 1849, 
exhibiting his religious fentiments in connexion with the 
prefent era, together with a brief review of his life, charadler, 
and writings. [Pj. xcvii. 11.] 8^ Lond. 1849. 

Defolation of the fan(5hiai-y, and time of rertitution : a 
courfe of lec'tures defigned to (liew that the firll Chriftian 
Church has come to its end, and that a new Church is 
now being efhiblilhed. 12° Lend. 185 i. 


Modus legend! [abbreviaturas] in utroque jure. 

8° Parifiis, Fehx Balligault, 1 493. 

Modus legedi abbreviaturas in utroque jure. Item 
ingeniofus traftatus de modo (tudendi in utroque jure : 
cu nominibus oTum fcribentiu. 8" n. p. 15 12. 

Modus legendi abbreviaturas pafRm in jure tam civili 
quani ])ontificio occurrentes, nunc primum integritati fuse 
rellitutus. Huic acceflere, tituli, qus & iiibricas vulgo 
nuncupantur, in univerfum jus civile, ex Haloandri recogni- 
tione adfcripti. 8° Colonias Agrippinas, 1554. 

Modus legendi abbreviaturas in utroque jure. Trac- 
tatus judicionam Baitholi, legu doftoris expeitidimi. 
Tradlatus renutiationu beneficiorii in jjublicis Tftnametis. 
ProcetTus Sathane infernalis contra genus humanum. Ars 
notariatus. Summa Johan. An. fuper fecundo decreta- 
lium. Summa Johan. An. fuper quarto decretalium. 

8^ Colonic, n. d. 

ABBT (Thomas). 

B. at Ulrti 25 Nov. 1738. Studied at the Unlvcrfity of 
Halle. Profeflor of philofophy at Frankfurt on the Oder 1760. 
Removed to the Univerfity of Rinteln as profefibr of mathe- 
matics 1761. D. at Biickeburg 3 Nov. 1766. 

Traite du mcrite. Traduit dc I'Allemand par M. 
Dubois. 8' Berlin et La Haye, 1780. 


On the Chriftian duty of the Britifli Government in 
India : addrcflcd to the Right Hon. * * * * by AbJ 
Al-Wahid. 8 Lond. 1859. 


* The liberation of Abd-el-Kadcr : an ode. Written 
for the baptifmal fete of the Prince Imperial. 

8 Cambridge, 1 8 56. 

Earnellnefs in the pulpit : a few iiints to the clergy. 
By Abdelrachma. Second edition. 12° Lond. 1857. 


The l)oatnian of the Bofjjhoms : a tale of Turkey. 3 
vols. I 2 ^ Lond. 1854. 


Lettre a Monficur Robert Covelle, citoyen de Geniive. 
( I 5 March lj()Ci.) 8" no title page. 


The debate at large, between the Houfe of Loids and 

Houfe of Commons, at the free conference, held in the 
Painted Chambei', in the feflion of the convention, anno 
l688 ; relating to the wa% Abdicated, and the vacancy of 
the throne, in the Commons' vote. 8° Lond. 1695. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1710. 


The price of the abdication. 4° n. p. [ 1 69-.] 

— [Scoil's edition of Somers' Tracts, ix. 451.] 


The abdudion ; or, the adventures of Major Sarney : 
a ftoiy of the times of Charles the Second. 3 vols. 

12° Lond. 182;. 

B. at Bagdad 1162. D. there 8 Nov. 1231. 

Hiftoria; jEgypti compendium, Arabice et Latine ; 
partim ipfe veitit, partim a Pockockio ^•erfum edendum 
curavit, notifque illuftravit J. White, S.T.P. 

4° Oxonii, 1800. 

Relation de TEgyjite ... fuivie de divers extraits d'ecri- 
vains Oricntaux, et d'un etat des provinces et des villages 
de I'Egypte dans le XIV. fi^cle : le tout traduit et enrichi 
de notes hiftoiiques et critiques par M. Silveftre dc Sacy. 

4 Paris, 18 10. 

Extraft fiom the Relation ref]iefling Egypt of Abdu-1- 
latif, tranflated into French by Mr. Sylveftre de Sacy. 
[Pinkerton's Colleclion 0/ voyages and travels, xv. 802.] 

ABDY (Edward Strutt), A.M. 

B. 1790. Fellow of Jefus College, Cambridge. D. at Bath 
12 Oa. 1846. 

.Journal of a refidence and tour in tlie United States of 
North America, from A\m\ 1833 to Odtober 1834. 3 vols. 

12° Lond. 1835. 

The water cure. Cafes of difeafe cured by cold water. 
Tranflated from the German : with remarks addreflld to 
people of common fenfe. 8^ Lond. 1842. 

ABDY (,loHN Thomas), LL.D. 

Regius profcflbr of laws, Univerfity of Cambridge. 
A hirtoiical flietch of civil procedure among the Romans. 

8° Cambridge, 1857. 

A BECKETT. See Beckett. 

ABEEL (DAvm). 

Miniftcrof the Dutch church in North America. 
Journal of a refidence in China and the neighbouring 
countries from 1830 to 1833. Revifed and reprinted 
from the American edition, with an introduc^oiy ellliy bv 
the Hon. and Rev. Baptirt Wriotheflcy Noel, M.A. 

I 2^~ Lond. 1835. 

ABEGG (Jul. Frid. Henr.) 

H. at Urlangen 1796. I'rofcfl'ot of law in the I'nivcrfity of 
Kliniglbcrg 1S24. Tranflated to. 1 fimilar chair at Urtflju 181O. 

De antiquiflimo Romanonini jure criminali comnient;itio 
prior. 8° Regionionti, 1823. 



Eflai fur nos colonies, et fur le retabliffement de Saint 
Domingue ; ou conflderations fur leur legiflation, admini- 
ftration, commerce, et agriculture. 8' Paris, 1805. 

ABEKEN (Bernard Rudolf). 

An account of the life and letters of Cicero ; tranflated 
from the German by Charles Merivale, B.D. 

8° Lond. 1854. 
ABEL (Caspar). 

B. at Hindenburg in the Altmark 14 July 1676. Studied 
at Helmftadt. Reftor of the fchool at Halberftadt 1698. 
Paftor at Weftdorf 1718. D. there 1763. 

Griindlicher Bericht von denen nach einander empor 
gekommenen, und wieder geftiiitzten vielen Monarchien ; 
fonderlich denen jenigen, die von dem erften Menfchen- 
.Tager Nimrod an bis auf den Perfer Cymm im Orient ge- 
bliihet ... mit allerhand curieufen Anmerckungen, und 
einem Anhange von dem gefahrlichen Konigs-iibel, der 
monarchifchen Heifch-fucht hoher Potentaten. [Heinec- 
Cius & Leuckfeldus, Scriptores rerum Germanicarum.] 

Diarium belli Hifpanici ; oder, voUftandiges Tag-Regif- 
ter des jetzigen Spanifchen Kriegs, wie er von 1701 bis 
1707 ... gefiihret worden. [Ibid.] 

ABEL (Clarke). 

B. about 17S0. D at Cawnpore 24 Nov. 1826. 

Narrative of a journey in the interior of China, and of a 
voyage to and from that countiy in the years 1 8 1 6 and 
1 8 1 7 ; containing an account of the moft interefting 
tranfaftions of Lord Amherft's embafly to the Court of 
Pekin, and obfeiTations on the countries which it vifited. 

4° Lond. 18 18. 

ABEL (C. D.) 

Rudimentary and clementaiy principles of the conftruc- 
tion and on the working of machinery, illuftrated by 
numerous examples of modern machineiy for different 
branches of manufafture. S' Lond. i860. 

Atlas of plates illuftrating the Treatife on the elementaiy 
principles of the conftiu(5tion and working of machinery. 

4' Lond. i860. 

ABEL (F. A.) 

Handbook of chemiftiy ; theoretical, pradlical, and 
technical. By F. A. Abel and C. L. Bloxam. With a 
preface by Dr. Hofmann. 8° Lond. 1854. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1858. 

ABEL (JoHANN Joseph). 

Hiftorifches Gemalde der Lage und des Zuftandes des 
weiblichen Gefchlechts unter alien Volkern del- Erde, von 
den alteften bis auf die neueften Zeiten. 

8" Leipzig, 1803. 

ABEL (Michael). 

B. at Frankfurt on the Oder. Flourirtied during the latter 
half of the 16th centur)-. 

Edie/ji^ara -/mi ' Hdusij.ara, hoc eft, doifta et jucunda 
carmina ... libris quatuor comprehenfa, unk cum duobus 
elegiai-um libris. 8° Francofiarti, 1598. 

ABELA (Francesco). 

B. at Malta 1582. Vice-Chancellor and Commander of 
the Knights of Malta. D. 4 May 1655. 

Defciittione di Malta, del Commendator Abcla. 

fol. Malta, 1647. 

Defcriptio Melitac atque adjacentium infularum, libris 
quatuor ... Ex Lalico fermone Latine vertit Jo. Antonius 
Seinerus, qui praefationem & indicem adjecit. Accedunt 
nunc primum Jo. Henrici Maji duo fpecimina lingus 
Punicas. [GR.tvius, Thefaurus aniiquitatum et hijioriarum 
Sicil'me, torn, xv.] 

ABEL ALLNUTT: a novel. 1837. [.S>' .lames 


ABELARDUS (Petrus). 

B. at Le Palct, near Nantes, 1079. D. at Saint Marcel, near 
Chalons-fur-Saone, 21 April 1142. 

Petri Abaslardi, filofofi et theologi, Abbatis Ruyenfis, 
et Heloifx conjugis ejus, primas Paracletenfis Abbatiflx, 
opera, nunc primum edita ex MMS. codd. v. illuft. 
Francifci Amboefii ... Cum ejufdem prxfatione apologetica 
et cenfura doftonim Parifienfium. 

4= Parifiis, N. Buon, 1 6 1 6. 

Hiftoire des amouis et infortunes d'Abelard et d' 
EloVfe, avec les lettres qu'ils f'ecrivirent I'un k I'autre. 
Quatiieme edition revue, corrigee et augmentee de deux 
lettres, qui n'ont point encore para. 

12° A la Haye, 1703. 

Letters of Abelard and Heloife. To which is prefix'd 
a particular account of their lives, amours, and misfortunes, 
by the late J. Hughes. To which is now fiift added, the 
poem of Eloifa to Abelard, by Mr. Pope. Tenth edition. 

12° Lond. 1765. 

Ouvrages inedits d'Abelard, pour femr k I'hiftoiie de 
la philofophie fcolaftique en France. Publics par M. Vidlor 
Coufin. 4= Paris, 1837. 

The genuine letters of Abelard and Heloife, from the 
colleftion of Amboife. [Appended to The hiftory of the 
lives of Abeillaril and Heloifa, by Jofeph Berington.] 

Theologia Chriftiana. [Martene et Durand, Thefaurus 
novus anecihjtorum, v. I I 39.] 

Expofitio in he.xameron. [Ibid. v. I 361.] 

Rithmus de trinitate. [Martene et Durand, Veterum 
fcriptorum life, ampl'i/fima colledio, ix. 1092.] 

Ethica, feu liber diftus : Scito teipfum. [Pez, Thefaurus 
anecdotorum noinjfimus , ill. ii. 626.] 

ABELIN (JoHANN Philip). 

B. at Stralturg about the clofe of the l6th century. D. 1646. 
Theatram Europasum ... See Europe. 

ABELL (Lucia Elizabeth). 

Recolleflions of the Emperor Napoleon duiing the firft 
three years of his captivity on the ifland of Si. Helena ; 
including the time of his refidence at her father's houfe, 
"the Briars," by Mrs. Abell, (late Mifs Elizabeth Bal- 
combe). 12= Lond. 1844. 

ABEL REMUSAT (J. P.) See Remusat. 


ABENDON (HoTRicus). 

An Engliili tlieologian who flourifhed in the beginning of 
the 15th centurj^ Warden of Merton College, Oxford, 
1421. According to Anthony a Wood, hisChriftian name was 

Panegyricus in Concilio Conftantienfi d. xxvii. Odlobr. 

ann. ciaccccxv. habitus. [Walchius, Mommenta medii 

aevi. I. ii. 1 8 I .] 

ABENDONIA. See Abingdon. 
ABEN EZRA. See Abraham Ben Meir. 
ABENHAMIN. P/eud. of Gines Perez de Hita. 


Liber S. Thome de Abei brotlioc. Regiflroi-um Abbacie 
de Aberbrothoc pars prior, Regiftrum vctus niunimentaque 
eidem coctanea compleftens. i 178-1329. [Edited by 
Cofmo Innes and Patrick Chalmers for the Bannatyne 
Club.] 4° Edinburgi, 1S48. 

— pars altera, Regiflmm nigmm necnon libros cartamm 
recentiores compledlens. i 329-1 536. [Edited by Cofmo 
Innes for the Bannatyne Club.] 4° Edinburgi, 1856. 


Gardener and nurl'ery-man near London. B. at Edinburgh 
1726. D. at Lond. 2 May 1806. 

The gardener's daily affiftant in the modern praftice of 
Englifh gardening for eveiy month in the year. 

I 2° Lond. 1786. 

— Fourteenth edition. 12= Lond. 18 15. 
The hot-houfe gardener : on the general culture of the 

pine apple, and methods of forcing early grapes, peaches, 
ncftarincs, and other choice fniits in hot-houfcs, vineries, 
finiit-houfes, hot-walls, &c. ; with diredlions for raifing melons 
and eaily ftrawberrics. 8^ Lond. 1789. 

The garden vade mecum, or compendium of genei'al 
gardening ; and defcrijjtive difplay of the plants, flowers, 
(hrubs, trees and fruits, and general culture ... 

12° Lond. 1789. 

The univcrfai gardener's kalendar, and fyftem of prafli- 
cal gardening ; difplaying the conipletell general direftions 
for performing all the various praftical works and operations 
necefTary in evejy month of the year, agreeably to the 
prefent moft improved fuccefsfol methods, with a compre- 
henfive difplay of the general fyllem of gardening in all 
its branches. 8° Lond. 1789. 

The garden mufliroom ; its moft effeiftual general cul- 
ture thoroughly difplayed. 12° Lond. 1802. 

Evei-y man his own gardener ... 1848. By Thomas 
Mawe and J. Abercronibie. 

The gardener's pocket journal, and daily affiftant in 
Englidi gardening.' Thirty-fifth edition. With a treatife 
on drawing-room gardening, Wardian cafes, aquariums, and 
fern-culture, by George Glenny, F.H.S. 

12^ Lond. 1857. 


B. at Aberdeen II Nov. 1781. D. at Edinburgh 14 Nov. 

Pathological and ])rai5lical refearches on difeafes of 

the brain and the fpinal cord. 8° Edinb. 1828. 

Pathological and practical refearches on difeafes of the 

VOL. I. 

ftomach, the inteftinal canal, the liver and other vifcera 
of the abdomen. 8° Edinb. 1828. 

Inquiries concerning the intelleftual powers and the 
inveftigation of ti-uth. 8° Edinb. 1830. 

Suggeftions fubmitted to the medical praftitioners of 
Edinburgh on the charadteis and treatment of the malig- 
nant cholera. Twelfth edition. 12° Edinb. 1832. 

Thephilofophy of the moral feelings. 8°Lond. 1833. 

Addiefs delivered in the hall of Marifchal College, Aber- 
deen, 5th November 1835, on occafion of his inftallation as 
Lord Reftor of the Univerfity. 8° Aberdeen, 1835. 

ElFays and trafts, viz. : — 

1. The harmony of Chriftian faith and Chriftian 

charafler. Nineteenth edition. 

12' Edinb. 1842. 

2. The culture and difcipline of the mind. Nine- 

teenth edition. 12^ Edinb. 1842. 

3. Think on thefe things. 12° Edinb. 1842. 

4. The conteft and the annour. \AmnA 

12° Edinb. 1 84 1. 

5. The Meffi;ih as an example. rArio/i.l 

12° Edinb. 1842. 
— Another edition, contents as above, with 

6. Elements of facred trath for the young. 

12° Edinb. 1847. 


The laft fpeech of Stewart Abercronibie on the fcaffold, 
before his execution, upon the 26th of Febmai-y 17 18. 

S. Sh. 

B. about 1620. D. 1695. 
De variatione ac varietate pulfus oblervationes : accefllt 
ejufdem authoris nova medicinse tum fpeculativas, turn 
jjradlicK clavis, five ars e.xplorantli medicas ])lantarum ac 
coqioi-um quommcumque facilitates ex folo fa])ore. 

8° Lond. 1685. 
A difcourfe of wit. 12° Lond. 1686. 

Fui' academicus, five academia ornamentis f])oliata a 
furibus, qui in ParnafTo coiam A])olline fiiluntur, ubi crimi- 
nis fui accuf mtur & convincuntur. Editio fecunda. 

I 2- Amft. 1701. 

ABERCROMBY (.Iames), ift Lord Dunfermline. 

B. 7 Nov. 1776. Called to the Bar in Lincoln's Inn 1800. 
Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer in Scotland 1S28. 
Mafter of the Mint 1 834. Speaker of the Houle of Commons 
1835; and on retiring from that office in 1839, created Baron 
Dunfermline in the peerage of the L'nited Kingdom. D. April 

* A letter to Lord Dunfermline on the Scottifli free- 
hold movement. By a political Iree-tlilnker. 

8° Edinb. 1857. 

Lieutenant-Gencral Sir Ralj))] Abercromby, K,B., 
1 793- 1 801: a memoir by his fon, James Lord Dun- 
fermline. 8° Edinb. 1861. 

ABERCROMBY (Patrick). 

A Scottiih phyfwlan who lived in the latter half of the I7lh 
.ind beginning of the 1 8th ccntur)- ; but regarding whole 
hlftor)' the accounts we have are meagre and contradidory. 

The advantages of the A<51 of Security, compai'd with 


thefe of the intended union : founded on the revolution- 
principles publifli'd by Mr. Daniel De Foe ; or, the 
prefent happy condition of Scotland, with refpefl to the 
certainty of its future honourable and advantageous eftablifli- 
ment, demonftrated. Wherein is Ihew'd, that both the 
proje(fl:ed union, and a nomination of a fucceflbr to the 
crown, tho' with limitations, cannot fail to compleat 
the miferies of this kingdom ; but that the Ai5t of Security 
alone, if adher'd to, will infallibly retrive our loft happinefs, 
and make us a rich and glorious ])eople. [^non.] 

4° n. p. 1706. 

The martial atchievements of the Scots nation. Being 
an account of the lives, charafters, and memorable adlions 
of fuch Scotfmen as have fignaliz'd themfelves by the 
fword at home and abi-oad. And a fui-vey of the military 
tranfaftions wherein Scotland or Scotfmen have been 
remarkably concei'n'd, from the fiift eftablifliment of the 
Scots monarchy to this prefent time. 2 vols. 

fol. Edinb. 17 1 1-15. 

[Introduftory preface to his tranflation]. The hijlory of 
the campagnes 1548 and 1 5 49, ^c, from the French of 
Jean de Beaugue. 


Ane breif defcriptioun of the qualiteis and effedlis of the 
well of the woman hill befyde Abiidene. 

4- n. p. 1580. 

— [G. Skeyne, Tracts, p. 47.] 

To his Grace his MajelHe's high CommifTioner and the 
high court of Parliament, the humble addrefs of the Synod 
of Abeideen \ praying for the rejloratwn of Epiifcopal go- 
vernment in the Church of Scotland ; dated iSth yipril 
1 66 1.] 4° no title page. 

Generall demands concerning the late Covenant ; pro- 
pounded by the minifters and profeflbrs of divinitie in 
Aberdene, to fome reverend brethren, who came thither to 
recommend the late Covenant to them, and to thofe who 
are committed to their charge. Together with the anfwers 
of thofe reverend brethren to the faid demands. As alfo 
the replyes of the forefaid minifters and profeflbrs to their 
anfwers. 4° Edinb. 1638. 

— Another edition. 4- Aberdene, 1663. 

— Another edition. 4' Edinb. 1683. 
The account of the Pope's proceflion at Aberdene, the 

I ith of Januai-y, 1689, which was delivered to the new 
elefted magiftrats and council thereof, by the fttidents of 
Marifhal-CoUedge. With the ftudents letter to the faids 
magiftrats thereanent. 4= [Aberdeen,] 1689. 

To his Grace her Majcfties high Commiilioner and the 
honourable eftates of Parliament. The heemble petition of 
the peer (hank workers and fingi-en fpinners of Aberdeen, 
and places thereabout. 4- [Aberdeen, 1706.] 

An addrefs to the town and county of Aberdeen, upon 
the prefent ftate of trade and manufacfhires. 

12° Aberdeen, 1755. 

Proceedings of the burgefles of Aberdeen ; in examining 
the public accounts ; in the annual head court, September 
21, 1784; and in an examination of the public records. 
With an appeal to the public ... Publifhed by the com- 
mittee of bin-geflt;s at Aberdeen. 8° [Aberdeen,] 1785. 

ObfeiTations, by Civis of Aberdeen, on a letter under 
the fignature of a cobler, in which the bill, prepared by the 
convention of the delegates of the burgefles of Scotland, 
has been attacked. To which is prefixed the letter of the 
cobler. Publilhed by the committee of burgefles at Aber- 
deen. 8° Aberdeen, 1786. 

Further proceedings of the burgefles of Aberdeen, in 
the years 1785-6-7, in an attempt to reftrain an extra 
afl'efliiient for the land tax of the borough . . . To which is 
prefixed a preface, containing obfeiTations, by the committee 
of burgefles. 8° Aberdeen, 1787. 

A complete colledlion of the papers relating to the union 
of the King's and Marifchal Colleges of Aberdeen : contain- 
ing not only thofe already publiflied by authority, but alfo 
fevei'al original pajiers, and many by anonymous writers on 
both fides of the queftion. 

I 2 ° Abei'deen, 1787. 

A fuccinft fuiTey of the famous city of Aberdeen ... 
1833. [By Alexander Skene.] 

The Black Kalendar of Aberdeen. 18 40. [By 
James Bruce.] 

Colleflions for a hiftoiy of the fliires of Aberdeen and 
Banff. [Edited for the Spalding Club by Jofeph Robeit- 
fon.] 4° Aberdeen, 1843. 

Extracts from the council regifter of the burgh of 
Aberdeen. 1 398-1 570. [Edited for the Spalding Club 
by John Stuart.] 4° Aberdeen, 1844. 

Vol. ii. I 570-1 62 5. 4° Aberdeen, 1848. 

Lift of jJoUable perfons wthin the fhire of Aberdeen. 
1696. Vols. i. and ii. [Edited for the Spalding Club by 
.Tohn Stuart.] 4° Aberdeen, 1844. 

Regiftram Epifcopatus Aberdonenfis. Ecdefie cathe- 
dralis Aberdonenfis regefta que extant in unum colleiffa. 
Vols i. and ii. [Edited for the Spalding Club by Cofmo 
Innes.] 4° Edinburgi, 1845. 

Seleiflions from the records of the Kirk Sellion, Prefby- 
teiy, and Synod of Abeideen. [Edited for the Spalding 
Club by John Stuart.] 4= Abeideen, 1846. 

Illuftrations of the topography and antiquities of the 

fliires of Abeideen and Banff. Vols. ii. and iii. [Edited 

for the Spalding Club by Jofeph Robertfon.] 

4° Aberdeen, 1847-1857. 

[The **ColIeftions for a hiftoryof the iTiires of Aberdeen and Banff,** 
entered above, form the firft volume of thefe *' Illuftrations."] 

Has Marifchal College, in New Aberdeen, the power 
of conferring degrees in divinity, laws, and medicine ? 

8° Aberdeen, 1850. 

Aberdeen Hall. Report of debate on the college 
queftion, in the General Affembly of the Free Church of 
Scotland, on Wednefday, 28th May 1853. R.evifed by 
the fpeakers. 8° Edinb. 1853. 

Fafti Aberdonenfes. Seleftions from the records of 
the Univerfity and King's College of Aberdeen. I494- 
1854. [Edited for the Spalding Club by Cofmo Innes.] 

4° Abeideen, 1854. 

Report, bv committee appointed by the county of Aber- 
deen, on tlie turnpike and commutation roads in the 
county, with a view to an entire change of the prefent 
fyftem of management, and the total abolition of turnpike 
gates. 8° Aberdeen, 1857. 


ABERDEEN, Earl of. 

See George Gordon, I ft Eai 1 of Aberdeen. 

See George Hamilton Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen. 


Abftraft of the law proceedings in the cafe of the manfe 
of Aberdour, Aberdeenfhire ; involving a decifion of the 
Houfe of Lords highly important to the clergy of the 
Church of Scotland. 8° Aberdeen, 1823. 

Remarks, by the procurator [5/r John Connelly and 
agent [J«//v; il/«rraj'] for the Church, on an Abftraifl of 
the law proceedings in the cafe of the manfe of Aber- 
dour, in Aberdeenfhire. 8° Edinb. 1823. 


Tranfactions of the Abeiffraw Royal Eiileddfod, 1849, 
including the fucccfsRil poetical com])ofitions, and the cfTay 
on the principles and laws of Welfli and Englifh fyntax. 

8° Lond. I S50. 


Abjuration of poperie by Thomas Aberncthie, fometime 
Jefuite, but now penitent finner, and an unworthie member 
of the true reformed Church of God in Scotland, at Edin- 
burgh, in the Gray-Frier church, the 24. of Auguft 1638. 
[Ps. xli. I.] 4° Edinb. 1638. 


B. at Coleraine 19 Oft. 1680. Preibyterian minifter at 
Antrim, and fublequcntly at Dublin. D. there Dec. 1740. 

Religious obedience founded on pcrfonal perfwafion : 
a fermon ])reach'd at Belfaft the 9th of Decembei' i 7 I 9. 
[Rom. xiv. 5.] 8° Belfaft, 1720. 

Scafonable advice to the Proteftant diflenters in the 
north of Ireland ; being a defence of the late general 
Synod's charitable dcclaiations. [Anon.] With a recom- 
mendatoiy preface by the Reverend Nath. Weld, J. Boyfe, 
and R. Choppin. 8° Dublin, 1722. 

A defence of the Seafonable advice in anfwer to the 
Rev. Mr, Chailes Maftertoun's Apology for the northern 
Preft)yterians in Iieland : whci'ein the differences between 
the fubfcribers and the non-fubfciibers are ftated, and the 
reafonablenefs of their continuing in communion is proved. 
To which is added a poftfcript by tlie Rev. N. Weld, 
.1. Boyfe, [and] R. Choppin. 8" Belfaft, 1724. 

A fermon preached at Antrim, Nov. 13, 1723, at a 
faft obfeiTed in the Pieftsyterian congregations in Ulfter, 
by agreement of their minifters, on the account of divifions. 
[l Cor. iii. 3.] 4' Belfaft, 1724. 

The nature and confequences of the facramental teft 
confidered ; with reafons humbly offered for the repeal of 
it. [yfnon.] S Dublin, 1731. 

Difcourfes concerning the being and natural perfections 
of God, in which that iirft principle of religion, the exift- 
cnce of the Deity, is proved, from the frame of the material 
world, from the animal and rational life, and from human 
intelligence and morality ; and the divine attiibutes of 
fpirituality, unity, eternity, imnienlity, omni])otence, omni- 
fcience, and infinite wifdom are explain'd. 2 vols. 

8° vol. i. Lond. 174O ; vol. ii. Dublin, 1742. 

— Third edition, 2 vols. 8^ Lond. 1757. 

Sermons on various fubjefts ... with a large preface 
containing the life of the author. [By Dr. Duc/ja/.] 4 vols. 

8° Lond. 1748-51. 

Scarce and valuable trails and fermons ... now firft 
collected together. 8 ' Lond. 1751. 


Grandfon of the preceding. B. at London 1765. D. at 
Enfield 20 April 1831. 

Surgical obfenations on the difeiifes refembling fyphilis ; 
and on difeafes of the urethra. Third edition. 

8" Lond. 1814. 

Surgical obfeiTations on injuries of the head, and on 
mifccllaneous fubjeifts. Second edition. 8°Lond. 1815. 

Introduftoi-y lecflures, exhibiting fome of Mr. Hunter's 
opinions refpefting life and difejifes, delivered before the 
Royal College of Surgeons, London, in 1 8 1 4 and 1 8 i 5. 

8° Lond. 1815. 
[The above contains only a portion of the introduftory lefture of 1815.] 

Phyfiological ledlures, exhibiting a general view of Mr. 
Hunter's phyfiology, and of his refearches in comjiarative 
anatomy. Delivered before the Royal College of Surgeons 
in the year 18 17. 8" Lond. 1817. 

The Hunterian oration, for the year 18 19. Delivered 
before the Royal College of Suigeons, in London. 

8° Lond. 1819. 

— [Pamphleteer, xiv. 145.] 

Retleiftions on Gall and Sj)urzheim's fyftem of phyfiog- 
nomy and phrenology. 8 Lond. I 8 2 I . 

Ledlures on the theoiy and praftice of furgei-y. 

8° Lond. 1830. 

A fecond letter to Mr. G. H. concerning breach of 
faith with heretics. 12 Edinb. 1779. 


A lift of abhorrors, or the names of fuch perfons as 
were lately under cuftody of the fergeant-at-arms, for 
abhorring and other mifdemeanours. [Scoll's edition of 
Somers' Tracts, viii. 318.] 

A letter from a perfon of quality to his friend about 
abhorrors and addrefTors, &c. [Ibid. viii. 319.] 

A letter from a friend to a perfon of qu;Jity, in anfwer 
to a letter fiom a ])erfon of quality to his friend, about 
abhorrors and addreffors. 1682. [Ibid. viii. 323.] 

The addreil'es inipoiting an abhorrence of an afl'ociation, 
pretended to have been feized in the Earl of Shaftfbui-y's 
clofet, laid ojien and deteded, in a letter to a friend. 1 682. 
[Ibid. viii. 326.] 

A fecond leturn to the letter of a noble ]ieer, concerning 
the addrefTes. 1682. [Ibid. viii. 33 I.] 

A rejjly to the fecond return. 1682. | Ibid. \iii. 



A German theologian and orienulill. B. at Kimigfcc in 
Schw.irtzburg-l<.udolrtadt II M.irch 1672. I'rofcflor in the 
I'nivcrfity of Wittenberg. D. there 5 June 1740. 
De lapfu muroium Hiericliuntinoi-um. (ITgolini's, 
'Vhefmirm antiqiiilnlum facrarum, xxxii. 839.] 



Mrs. Abigail ; or, an account of a female Hdnnifh 
between the wife of a country fquire, and the wife of a 
dodor in divinity ; with remarks thereupon, containing 
fome free thoughts on the pretended quality and dignity ot 
the clergy, [yfn account of the growth o/" Deism m England 
... 1709, p. 452.] 


B. at Flekkehord 18 Feb. 1718. Studied at Copenhagen. 
Accompanied Langebek in his antiquarian tour in Sweden, 
1753-4; and in 1755 made a fimilar journey through Den- 
marie at the public expenfe. D. 1791. 

Beflcrivelfe over Stevens Klint, og dens naturlige 
Maerkvaerdigheder, oplyft og udfordt med mineralogiflie 
og chymiflie Betragtninger, famt forfyned med fornodne 
Kobberftykker. 4- Iviobenhavn, 1759. 


Chronicon monafterii de Abingdon. Edited by the 
Rev. Jofeph Stevenfon, M.A. Publiftied under the 
direftion of the Mafter of the Rolls. 2 vols. 

8' Lond. 1858. 

Hiftoiia ccenobii AbcndonienCs a prima ejus fiindatione 
ad annum Domini 1 1 3 i , ex additamentis Chronici Flo- 
rentii Wigornienfis, authore monacho Abendonienfi. 
[Wharton, Jlnglia facra, i. 163.] 

ABINGDON, Earl of. 

See Willoughby Bertie, 4th Earl of Abingdon. 

ABINGDON (Thomas). See Habington. 


See James Scarlett, I ll Lord Abinger. 


An original financial plan for the converCon of the 
foreign debt of Spain without intereft, into active ftind 
with intereft; fubmitted by M. Abitbol to his Excellency 
Senor Mendizabal. 8" Lond. 1836. 


The cafe of an oath of abjuration confidered. 

4° Lond. I 702. 

The cafe of the abjuration oath endeavoured to be 
cleared, to the fatisfadlion of thofe who are required to take 
it. 4^ Lond. I 702. 

Principles upon which the taking the oath of abjuration 
may be grounded. 4= Lond. 1702. 

Some reafons humbly offered, why the Englifli oath of 
abjuration fhould not be impofed upon the fubjedls of North 
Britain, efpecially the minifters of the gofpel there. 

4° n. p. [1702.] 

The oath of abjuration confidered : in a letter to a friend. 
March 20, 17 12. 4° n. p. [17 I 2.] 

The oath of abjuration enquir'd into : in a letter to a 
friend. 29 April 17 12. 4- n. p. [i 71 2.] 

A letter from a gentleman in Edinburgh, to his friend in 
the countiy, concerning the way and manner in which the 
abjuration oath was fworn by the minifters, in the (hire of 
Edinburgh. S. Sh. [Edinb. 17 12.] 

Queries to thofe of the Prefbyterian minifters in Scotland 
who took the oath of abjuration with the declaration. 

fol. Edinb. I 7 12. 

A vindication of the minifters and mling elders of the 
Church of Scotland, who have taken the abjuration ; 
wherein it is made evident, that they are not thereby 
engaged in their ftations, to oblige the fucceflbr, &c. 
17 12. [5)1 Alexander Lauder.] 

The oath of abjuration fet in its true light : in a letter 
to a friend. 17 12. \^By Sir James Stuart.] 

Good news from Scotland ; or the abjuration and the 
Kirk of Scotland reconcil'd. 1712. \^By Dr. Archibald 

A letter to a friend conceraing the oath of abjuration. 
17 12. \^By George Ridpath.] 

The oath of abjuration confidered, both as to the law- 
fiilnefs and expediency of it's being taken by the minifters of 
the Chuixh of Scotland: in a letter to a friend. 17 12. 
[5y George Ridpath.] 

A dialogue betwixt a minifter of the Church of Scot- 
land, and two of the elders of his congregation, about the 
abjuration-oath. I 7 12. \^By James Smith, minifter of 

The oath of abjuration difplayed, in its finfioll nature and 
tendency, in its inconfiftency with Preftjyterian principles 
and covenants ; the fecurity it affords to the Church of 
England ... 4 n. p. 17 13. 

An anfwer to a pamphlet, intituled. The oath of 
abjuration difjilaycd ; wherein all that is therein advanced 
to prove the finfiil nature and tendency of the faid oath, in 
its alleged inconfiftency with Prefbyterian principles and 
covenants ; and fecurity it affords the Church of England, 
is ftilly obviated ; the conduft of minifters at the taking of 
the faid oath vindicated ; and the ignorance & calumnies 
of the Difplayer are detefled. 4= n. p. I 713. 

Some remarks on a pamphlet, entituled, The oath of 
abjuration difplay'd in its finfiil nature and tendency, &c. 
Wherein the queries in that pamphlet are confidered ; and 
fome counter-queries are offered to the author. 

4^ Edinb. 17 13. 

An eilliy upon the defign, the reference, the penalty and 
offence of tlie abjuration oath : in a letter to a Prefbyterian 
minifter. From whence it will appear, that fuch of the 
minifters of this Church, as have reflifed the abjuration, have 
not walked upon fuch infufficient grounds, as are reprefented 
in fome late pamphlets. 4° n. p. 17 13. 

The white fwan with black feet ; or, the nimble tricker 
unmaili'd, in a letter to a fiiend ; being a fhort difcoiufe 
of the unfair methods of minifters their taking the oath of 
abjuration. With a brief hint of fome other things relative 
thereto. 4-" n. p. 17 13. 

A vindication of the minifters and nJing eldeis, in the 
Church of Scotland, who have refiafed the oath of abjuration, 
wheiein the inexpediency and unlawfialnefs of the fiiid oath, 
are further cleared and evinced. In two parts. 

4° n- P- '7 '3- 


The oath of abjuration no ground of feparation. By a 
lover of tiTJth and peace. S"' Kirkbride, 17 13. 

The hilloiy and argument of tlie Scots Prefbyterians, 
that have fcmples in relation to fonie words contain'd in 
the oath of abjuration, as it now Itands : in a letter from 
a gentleman at Edinburgh to a member of Parliament. 

S' Lond. 17 17. 

A letter concerning the tme ftate of tlie qucftion between 
the non-jurant and jurant-minillersof the Church of Scotland. 
[1718. ^ji James Hog.] 

Some rcafons by a divine of the Kirk of Scotland, 
proving that tlieir clergy there cannot with a fafe con- 
fcience fwear the Englifii oath of abjuration. 

4 J no title page. 

Thouglits on the oath of abjuration : in a letter to the 
Earl of Aberdeen. By a member of the late Parliament. 

8° Lond. 1853. 

ABLETT (William). 

Thoughts on tlie emjiloyment and enjoyment of leifure 
time ; in which are confidered the pernicious effeifts of 
intrigue, gaming, and drankennefs ; and the beneficial 
effefls of iludy, friendfhip, company, and love : in a letter 
addrcflcd to the clerks of gentlemen at the bar. 

8" Lond. 1 8 18. 

The road to riches ; or, plain diredions for fecuring 
wealth : addrcfled to the woiking clafTes of all denomi- 
nations. By Telba. [P/Jv/r/.] 12^ Lond. 1857. 

A few eveiy-day hints addi-efled to the youths and 
young men of the drapery trade. 8° Lond. n. d. 

— Fourth edition. 8° Lond. 11. d. 
The iK'pping-ftones to fucccfs : a few every-day hints, 

add/efled to youths and young men engaged in trade. By 
Telba. [/y<.W.] i2=Lond. n. d. 

ABO. See Abbo. 


Free blacks and flaves. Would immediate abolition be 
a blefling ? a letter to the editor of the Anti-flavery 
Advocate. By a Cambridge man. 8 ° Lond. 1853. 


The abomination of defolation come ; or, revelation re- 
vealed. By a Cambridge M. A. layman. AddiefTed to the 
Jew, Papift, Moflem, and Proteftant. 8° Lond. 185;. 

ABOUT (Edmond Fran(;ois Valentin). 

B. .It Dicuzc (.Meurthe), 14 Feb. 1828. 
Greece and the Greeks of the prefent d:iy. [Co/i/liM-\- 
Mifcellany of foreign literature, vol. ix.] 

8 ' Edinb. 1855. 
Tolla : a tale of modern Rome. Tranflated by L. C. C. 
[Gumming]. yConJldhle' s Mifcellany of foreign literature, 
vol. X.] 8° Edinb. 1855. 

The Roman queftion. Tranflated from the French by 
H. C. Coapc. 8° Lond. 1859. 

— Second edition, with a new jjreface by the author'. 

8 Lond. 1 860. 

ABRABANEL (Solomon). 

Pfeiid. of William 

ABRAHALL (Bennet Hoskvns), M.A. 

Reform of the laws relating to bankruptcy and infol- 
vency : a fccond letter to Sir Richard Bethell, M.P. 

8' Lond. 1 86 1. 

m^S^ 13D id eft. Liber Jezirah qui Abrahamo Patriarchse 
adfcribitur, una cum comnientario Rabi Abraiiam F. D. 
[i3;V;/-] fuper 32 femitis fapientix, "a quibus liber Jezirah 
incipit. Tranflatus & notis illuftratus a Joanne Stephano 
Rittangelio. [I/ei. antl Lai.] 4°Amft. 1642. 

* The Chriftianity of Abraham ; " Faith which worketh 
by love;" with ])atriarchal ])rophecy. By ^'^, Efq. 

12° Lond. 1848. 

* The life of Abraham : a reading book for the elder 
clafles in Sunday or day fchools. By the author of " A 
catechifm on the map of the Holy Land." 8° Lond. n. d. 

* The cafe of Abraham and Melchizedeck, the hiftory 
of Efau and Jacob, and the ftory of Balaam, confidered 
and explained ... 1746. [By Charles Moss.] 


B. at Modena 1 542. Studied at Favia, Bologna, and other 
fchools in Italy. Obtained the degree of doftor of medicine 
at Mantua 1566, D. June 1612. 

Commentarius de templo. [Hei. and Lat. Ugolinus, 
Thefaurm anti quit at um facr arum, ix. 1.] 

Commentarius de iuffitu. \Heb. and Lat. Ibid. xi. 

Difieitatio de veftitu faceidotum Hebrsoi-um. [Hrb. 
and Lat. Ibid. xiii. i.] 


A learned Jew, frequently called Ahen-Ezra, born at Toledo 
about 1 1 19. Of the hiftoiy of his life little is known, except 
that he travelled through great part of Europe in purfuit of 
information. D. at Rhodes about 1 1 94. 

Carmina ihythmica de ludo fhah-niat. \I1eb. and Lat. 
T. Hyde, Mandragorias, feu bifloria Sbahiludii.~\ 

[Hebiew commentaiy on the Bible. S^e Bible, fol. 

Venetiis, 16 17-18.] 

ABRAHAM (Charles John), B.D. 

Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, which appointment 
he refigned in 1850. Archdeacon of Waitemata, diucelc oi 
New Zcal.ind, 1853. Birtiop of Wellington, 185S. 

The unity of hiftoiy ; or outlines of leftures on ancient 
and modern hiftory, confidered on the principles ot the 
Church of England. S Eton, 184;. 

— Another edition. 8" Eton, 1846. 

Feftival and Lenten leisures, delivered at St. George's 
chajiel, Windfor, with fpecial reference to the eccleli- 
aftical and focial queftions of the day, in 1848.9. 

8 ■ O.xford, 1849. 

Leftbns on the Ciiurch catechifm. Second edition. 

12° Eton, 1850. 

An accidence ; or, firft rudiments of the Latin language, 
in accordance with Arnold's exercife books. Second 
edition. li" Eton, 1857. 

Readings, medit.itions, and pr.iyi-'is on the Lord's fupp i, 



according to the teaching of the Church catechifm. Se- 
cond edition. S° Eton, 1858. 

Peifonal religion and catholic memberfhip, as applied to 
public fchools : a fermon preached in Eton College chapel 
on Election Sunday, July 24, 1858. [i Cor. xii. 27.] 

8° Eton, 1858. 


The Chriftianity of civilization : a leifture delivered on 
behalf of the Trinity St. Pancras fchools, Januaiy 6, 1853. 

8' Lond. [1853.] 
ABRAHAMS (George). 

Minifter of" Regent Street chapel, City Road, London. 

The Great High Piieft : two fermons preached at Weft 
Street chapel, Brighton, on Sunday, Oiftober 19, 1851. 
\_Heb. X. 12, 13.] 8" Lond. 1851. 



ABRAM (John). 

Teacher of mathematics, &c., Canterbury, 

A complete treatife on praftical arithmetic : containing, 
befides the common lules, new principles of mental, vifual, 
and expeditious calculation ... To which is added, a 
perfeft treatife on vulgar and decimal fraftions, the elements 
of firaple and compound proportion, involution and evolu- 
tion, by the moft eafy methods ; with all the higher 
branches of arithmetic. i 2 - Canterbury, 1842. 

ABRAM (William John). 
Italy and the Napoleons. 

8° Lond. 1859. 

ABRA-MULE ; or, love and empii'e : a ti'agedy. 
1704. [-ffj Jofeph Trapp, D.D.] 

ABRAMUS (Nicolas). 

B. at Xarouval in Lorraine 1589, D. 7 Sep. 1655. 
Commentarius in tertium volumen orationum M. T. Ci- 
ceronis. 2 tom. fol. Lutetix Parifioram, 163 1. 

ABRAVANEL (Isaac). See Ifaac Abarbanel. 


A French phyllcian who ftudied at Montpelier, and obtained 
the degree of M.D. in 1611. 

Mufa campeftris, caftitatem flyli poeticas juventuti propo- 
nens duobus lihris. Acceflit et Gallia; ParnafTus Monf- 
pelienfis, colonia mufaiaira, thymiamata eaiTjndem, & palma, 
navigatio peripatetica & lufus aliquot poetici. 

8~ Monfpelii, 1609. 

ABRESCH (Friedrich Ludwig). 

B. at Hnmburg an der Hohe 29 Dec. 1699. Re(llor of the 
Gymnafium at Middleburg 1725, and of the Gyninafium at 
ZwoUe 1741. D. at Zwolle 1782. 

Animadverfionum ad jEfchylum libri duo. Accedunt 
adnotationes ad quasdam loca N. Tellamenti. 

8° Medioburgi, 1743. 

Dilucidationes Thucydidese, quibus & paflim cum Novi 
Teftamenti, tum alioram fcriptonjm loca illuftrantur, aut 
emendantur. 8° Trajefti ad Rhenum, 1755. 

Animadverfionum ad ^fchylum liber tertius. Accedit 
Dilucidationum Thucydideanam auftarium. 

8° Zwollae, i 763. 

ABREU Y BERTODANO (Felix Joseph). 

SpaniJh envoy to the Englifli Court. B. 1721 or 1722. 
Tratado juridico-politico fobre ijreflas de mar y calidades 
que deben concurrir para haceife legitimamente el corfo. 

4° Cadiz, [i 746.] 

ABREU Y BERTODANO (Joseph Antonio de). 

A Spanlih lawyer. D. 1775. 

Coleccion de los tratados de jmz, alianza, neutralidad, 
gai'antia, proteccion, tregua, mediacion, acceflion, reglamento 
de limites, comercio, navegacion, &c. hechos por los pue- 
blos, reyes, y principes de Efpafia con los pueblos, reyes, 
principes, republicas y demas potencias de Europa, y otras 
partes del mundo ... defde antes del cftablecimiento de la 
monarchia Gothica, hafta el feliz reynado del Rey N. S. 
D. Phelipe V. ... 12 tom. fol. Madrid, 1740-52. 

Prontuario de los tratados de paz, alianza, comercio, &c. 
de Efpana ... 4 tom. 8° Madrid, 1749-52. 

ABRIL (Pedro Simon). 

B. at Alcoraz near Toledo 1530. ProfelTor of humanity 
and philofophy at Salamanca. 

Cartilla Griega, con correfpondencia de letras Latinas, 
para aprender por fi el leer i efciiuir en Griego facilmente. 

4° (^arag09a, i 586. 

De lingua Latina, vel de arte grammatica libri quatuor. 
Nunc denuo ab ipfomet aui5lore correfti et emendati, atque 
ad multo faciliorem dicendi ftilum revocati ; cum Hifpanx 
linguEe interpretatione, iis certe, qui in Latinse lingus ufu 
funt rtides, & tirones utiliiTmia. Adjeftus eft in fine, liber 
de arte poetica, verfuumque natura ad facile intelligendos 
poetas utilis in primis. Editio quarta. 

8° Matriti, 1769. 


Abfalom and Achitophel : a poem. [i?y John Dryden.] 
Abfalom's confpiracy ; or, the tragedy of treafon. 

S. Sh. Lond. 1680. 
— \Harklan Miscellany, vii. 499.] 

ABSENTEEISM : or, the ladies' foiree at Brandi- 
poit, with a llill and particular account of the proceedings. 
Reported by a lover of home. 12^ York, 1849. 

ABSOLOM (Edward). 

The times of the Gentiles fulfilling, and Zion's time 
.approaching. 8" Lond. i860. 


B. at Finncfto in Zealand II 28. Studied at Paris, and in 
1 1 58 became Birtiop of Roeikilde. Archbilhop of Lund 11 78. 
D. 1201. 

Teftamentum Dni. Abfolonis Archiepifcopi Lundenfis 



ex MSSis optimis erutum et notis illuftratum Otthonis 
Sperlingii, U. J. D. 8" Hafniff, 1696. 

— [Langebek, Scrip/ores rerum Danicarum, v. 422.] 

* Gcnealogia Abfalonis archiepifc. et cognatorum ejus. 
[Ibid. iv. 5 + 5.] 

* Infcriptioncs et epita])hia quaediini Sorana, et omnia ad 
genealogiam Ablalonis pcrtincntia. [Ibid. iv. 569.] 

ABSTEMIUS (Laurentius). 

A learned Italian, whole real name was Bevilaqua. B. at 
Macerata near the clofe of the 15th century. Librarian to the 
Dulce of Urbino, 

Animadverfiones vaiix. [Grutkr, Thefaurus criticusy i. 


ABUCARA (Theodorus). ^cc Theodorus Abucaia. 
ABUDACNUS (Josephus), or Barbatus. 

B. at Cairo. Taught Arabic, about the beginning of the 
17th century, at Oxford, Louvain, and Vienna. His real name, 
Abu-dh-dhakn, fignifies Father of the Beard, from which the 
Latin form Barbatus was derived. 

The tine hidoiy of the Jacobites of Aegypt, Lybia, 
Nubia, &c. their origine, religion, ceremonies, laws, and 
cuftoms. Whereby you may fee how they differ from the 
Jacobites of Great Britain. Tranflated by a perfon of 
quality \_Str E. Sadleir] from the Latin . . . 

4= Lond. 1692. 

Hiftoria Jacobitaioim feu Co])tomm, in Acgj'^rto, Lybia, 
Nubia, Aethiopia tota, et parte Cy]iri Infula; habitantium : 
libellum rariflimum lecudi curavit, ])raefatione, vita Jacob! 
Baradaei, et notis auxit Jo. Henr. a Seelen. 

8° Lubicae, 1733. 

— Cum annotationibus Joannis Nicolai, antiq. quondam 
in academia Tubingenfi Prof. 

8^Lugduni Batavomm, 17 40. 


Philofophus autodidaftus, five epiftola Abu Jaafar Ebn 
Tophail de Hai Ebn Yokdhan ; in qua oftcnditur quomodo 
ex inferioiaim coritem))latione ad fujierioram notitiam ratio 
humana afcendere jjoffit. Ex Arabica in linguam Latinam 
verfa ab Edvardo Pockockio. [^ylrab'ic and Liiliii.] 

4° Oxonii, 1671. 

— Editio fecunda, priori emendatior. 

4° Oxonii, I 700. 

An account of the oriental ])hilofophy, fliewing the 
wifdoni of fonie renowned men of the Eafl ; and jiarticularly 
the profound wifdom of Hai Ebn Yokdan, both in natural 
and divine things, which he attained without all converfe 
with men (while he lived in an ifland a foliuii-y life, remote 
from all men from' his infancy), till he arrived at fuch 
perfection. Writ originally in Arabick by Abu Jaafar Ebn 
Tophail, and out of the Arabick tranflated into Latine by 
Edward Pocok ... and now faithfiilly out of Ills Latine 
tranflated into Englifli. [liy George AJliivell.^ 

8^ Printed in the year lC)74. 

The improvement of human reafon, exhibited in the life 
of Hai Ebn Yokdhan ; written in Arabick above 5 00 
years ago, by Abu Jaafar Ebn Tophail. In which is 
demondrateii, by what methods one may, by the n)eer light 

of nature, attain the knowledg of things natural and fuper- 
natural ; more paiticularly the knowledg of God, and the 
affairs of another life ... Newly tranflated from the original 
Arabick by Simon Ockley . . . With an appendix, in which 
the j)offibility of man's attaining the true knowledg of God, 
and things neceffary to falvation, without inftjoiifrion, is 
briefly confidered. 8" Lond. 1708. 

0/" Miguel de Luna. 

ABU-L-FARAJIUS (Gregorius). 

A Chriftian pliylician, fon of Aaron, called alfo Bar-Hebneus. 
B. at Malatia in Armenia, A.D. 1226. Confecrated Bifhop 
of Guba 1246. Transferred to the fee of Aleppo, and about 
1266 elected primate of the Jacobite Chriftians in the Eaft. 
D. at Meaghali in Azcrbijan 1286. 

(_->j«Jl jiJ^i (^-e j-*l Specimen hiftoria: Arabuni, 
five Gregorii Abul Farajii Malatienfis, de origine & 
moribus Arabum fuccinfta narratio, in linguam Latinam 
converfa, notifque e probatifTimis a])ud ipfos authoribus, 
fijfius illufl:rat:i. Opera & ftudio Edvardi Pocockii, lin- 
guanrm Hcbr. & Arab, in Academia Oxonienfi Profefforis. 
\Arab. ami Lilt.] 4° Oxonisc, 1650. 

^i > ^"^ Hiftoria compendiofa dynaftia- 

nini, authore Gregorio Abul-Pharajio Malatienfi Medico, 
hiftoriam compledtens univerfalem, a mundo condito, ufque 
ad tempoia authoris, res orientalium accuratilfmiii defcribens. 
Arabice edita, et Latine verfa, ab Eduardo Pocockit), 
Lingux Hebraicx in Academia Oxonienfi Profeffore 
Regio, nee non in eadem L. Arabicx Prseledtore, et TEdis 
Chrifti prasbendario. 4'= Oxonia;, 1663. 

Gregorii Abulpharagii five Bar-Hebraei Chronicon 
Syriacum. E codicibus Bodleianis defciipfit, maximam 
partem veitit, notifque illufbavit Paulus lacobus BiTjns ... 
Edidit, ex ])aite vertit, notafque adiecit Georgius Guilielmus 
Kiifch ... [Syriac and La/.^ 2 tom. 4 Lipfix, 1789. 


B. about the middle of the i6th century. Vizier of the 
Emperor Akbar 1570. Having incurred the difplcalurc of 
Selim, the emperor's fon, that prince caufed him to be aflafii- 
nated in 1608. 

An account of the fiege and Jedudion of Chaitur, by 
the Em])eror Akbar. From the Akbar Namah of Shaikh 
Abul Fazl. Tranflated by Major David Price. [Mi/- 
Cilliiiieoiis Translations yjo;;; Oriental I.anguiiges, vol. 11. J 

Ayeen Akbei-y ; or, tlie inftitutes of the Emperor 

ABULFEDA (Ismakl). 

King of Hammah, a town of Syria. B. at Damafcus H73. 
D. 26 oa. 1331. 

Chorafiuix, et Mawaralnahi-x, hoc eft, leglonum extia 
fluviuni Oxum, deferijitio, ex tabulis Abultedx llmaelis, 
princi])is Hamah. \ylrabic, ivllh a Latin Iran/lalinn, hy J. 
GraviusJ] 4' Londini, 1650. 

— [Hudson, Ciogra/ihiir veteris fcriplorrs, torn. iii.J 
Defcriptio ]ieninfula- .Arabia.-. [Ibid. torn. iii. ) 
De vita et rebus geflis Mohammcdis, Moflemica: re- 



ligionis auftoris, et imperii Saracenici fundatoris. Ex 
codice MS. Pocockiano Bibliothecas Bodleianae textum 
Arabicum primus edidit, Latine vertit, praefatione & notis 
illuftiavit Joannes Gagnier, A.M. fol. Oxoniae, 1723. 

Annales Moflemici. Latinos ex Arabicis fecit Joannes 
Jacobus Reiflie. 4= Leipfias, 1754. 

Annales Muflemici, Aiabice et Latine. Opera et 
(ludiis lo. lacobi Reifliii . . . fumtibus atque aufinciis Petri 
Friderici Suhmii ... nunc primum edidit lacobus Georgius 
Chriitianus Adler ... 5 tom. 4° Hafnise, 1789-94. 

Defcriptio jEgypti, Arabice et Latine ; ex codice 
Parifienfi edidit, Latine vertit, notas adiecit loannes David 
Michaelis, Profeffor Philofophias Goettingenfis. 

4° Goettinga?, 1776. 

Abulfedae Africa. Curavit lo. Godofredus Eichhorn. 

8° Gottingx, 1 79 1. 

Hiftoria Saracenorura in Sicilia, excerpta ex chronologia 

univerfali Ifmaelis Alemujadad, Abulpheda, legis Amani ; 

ex Arabico codice MS. Bibliothecx Divi Laurentii Efcu- 

' rialis. [MuRATORi, Rerum ItaUcarum fcriptorcs, i. ii. 249.] 


Hiftoiie genealogique des Tatars traduite du manufcript 
Tartare d'Abulgafi-Bayadur-Chan, et enrichie d'un grand 
nombie de remarques authentiques et tres-curieufes fur le 
veritable eftat prefent de I'Alie Septentrionale avec les 
cartes geographiques neceflaires. Par D*** \i.e. M. 
Beii/tnci.^ l2°Leyde, 1726. 

Abulgafi-Bayadur-Chan's Gefchlechtbuch der Mungal- 
ifch-Mogulifchen oder Mogorifchen Chanen. Aus einer 
Tiirkilchen Handfchrift, ins Teutfche iiberfezt von D. Dan. 
Gottlieb Mefferfchmid. Aus dem 14, 15, und i6ten 
Theil des hiflorifchen Journals, zufammengedruckt. 

8' Gottingen, 1780. 


Apologeticall animadvei'fions of certaine abufes that may 
be refonned in ecclefiafticall perfons and ecclefiafticall 
courts, without the utter extirpation of either. Prefented 
to the conhderation of the high and honourable court of 
Parliament. 4- Lond. 1 641. 


The travels of Mirza Abu Taleb Khan in Afia, Africa, 
and Europe, during the years 1799, 1800, 1801, 1802, 
and 1803. Written by himfelf in the Perfian language. 
Tranflated by Charles Stewart, Efq., M. A. S., &c. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1 8 10. 


Fragments of Chaldjean hiftorj' [J. P. Cory, Ancient 


Nouveau traite fur I'arbre nomme Acacia. 

12° Bordeaux, 1762. 

The principles and praftices of the Methodifts confidered : 
in fome letters to the leaders of that fedt. 1760. \ByT)\: 
John Green.] 


Remarks on a pamphlet by Thomas Kipling, D.D., 
Dean of Peterborough, entitled, "The articles of the 
Church of England proved not to be CalvinilHc." By 
Academicus. V>° Cambridge, 1802. 


A letter to the Rev. Chriftopher Wordfworth, D.D., 
Mailer of Trinity College, Cambridge, relative to the 
propofed changes in the examination for the degree of 
Bachelor of Arts, in that univerfity. By Academicus. 

8° Cambridge, 1822. 


Auiicular confeflion : fix letters in anfwer to the attacks 
of one of the city leftuiers on the Catholic principle and 
pradlice of private confeflion to a prieli: ; in which are 
embodied fome of the principal teftimonies as well of 
the primitive fathers as of the higheft Anglican authorities in 
favour ot that praiSice. With a preface, notes, and a genera! 
poltfcript. By Academicus. 8*^ Oxford, 1842. 


Graviflimae, atque exaftiffimae illuftriffimarum totius 
Italias et Gallis Academiamm cenfura?, efficaciflimis etiam 
quoiiindam dodtiflimomm viromm argumentationibus expli- 
cata°, de veritate illius propofitionis, videlicet quod ducere 
relidam fratris mortui fine libeiis ita fit de iure divino et 
naturali prohibitum, ut nullus Pontifex fiiper huiufmodi 
matrimoniis contraftis five contrahendis difpenfare poflit. 

4= Londini, 1530. 

Recueil de memoires, ou colleflion de pieces academiques, 

concernant la medecine, I'anatomie et la chiroigie, la chymie, 

la phyfique experiraentale, la botanique et I'hiftoire natureUe, 

tirees des meilleuies fources : et mis en ordi'e par feu M. J. 

Beri-yat ... Partie Frangoife. 16 tom. 

4° Dijon [et Paris], 1754-87. 

[On the title page of the 4th and fucceeding vols, the work is called 
" CoUeSion Acadcrr.\quc^\ by which name it is generally known ; from 
vol. 6 it is edited by M. Robinet,] 

Colleftion Academique, compofee des memoires, a(5les, ou 
journaux des plus celebres academies et focietes litteraires 
etrangeres, des extraits des meilleurs ouvrages periodiques, 
des traites particuliers, et des pieces fiigitives les plus rares ; 
concernant I'hiftoire naturelle et la botanique, la phyfique 
expeiimentale et la chymie, la medecine et I'anatomie, tra- 
duits en Frangois et mis en ordre par una fociete de gens 
de lettres. 13 tom. 4^ Dijon [et Paris], 1755-79. 

Nouvelle t.ible des articles contenus dans les volumes de 
1' Academic ... depuis 1666 jufqu'en 1770, dans ceux 
des Arts et metiers publies par cette Academic, et dans la 
CoUeftion Academique. Par M. I'Abbe Rozier ... 4 
tom. 4= Paris, 1775-6. 

Parifienfis, Oxenienfis, Pragenfis, et Romanx Academi- 
arum epiftola, de audtoritate Imperatoris in fchifmate pa- 
parum tollendo etc. ad Urbanum Papam et Wenceflaum 
Imp. 1380. [Melchior Goldastus, Monarchia S. Ro- 
mani Imperil, i. 229]. 


Memoires de 1' Academic Celtique, ou recheiches fur les 



antiquites Celtiques, Gauloifes et Fran^aifes ; publics par 
I'Acadcmie Celtique. 5 torn. 8" Paris, 1807-10. 


Saggi di natural! efperienze fatte nell'Accademia del 
Cimento ... e defcrittc dal Scgretario [Lorenzo Magalotti] 
di effa Accademia. 1666. 

Tentamina experimentomm, &c. 1731. (Tranjlaihn of 

Eflayes of natural experiments, &c. Englifhed by Richard 
Waller. 1684. (Tranjlation of preced'ing.) 

— French tranflation [in tome i. of the ColleHion Aca- 
demlque ... parlie etrangere, 1755' See above.^ 

Accademia della Crusca. 

Vocabolario degli Accademici della Citifca, in qucfta 
tcrza imprclTione nuo\'amente corretto, e copiofamente ac- 
crefciuto. 3 torn. fol. Firenze, 1 69 1 . 

Atti dell'imperiale e rcale Accademia della Cnafca. 
torn. I. 4° Firenze, 18 19. 

Academie Royale des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres. 

Hiftolre de 1' Academie ... depuisfon etabliflemcntjufqu'a 
prefent ; avec les memoires de litterature, tirez des rcgif- 
tres de cettc Academie, depuis fon renouvellement jufqu'en 

I 7 10 [-1737]. Tomes 1-4, 7-20. 

12'^ Amft. 17 19-43. 

[From vol. 2 the title bears only " Memoircs^^^ &c.j 
Hiftoire de 1' Academie ... depuis 171 i jufqu'a [1737]. 
Tome second [-fixi^me]. 

12° La Haye (et Amfterdam), 1724-43. 
Hiftoire de I'Academie ... depuis fon etabliflement jufqu'a 
prefent [-1793]; avec les memoires de litterature, tirez 
des regifties de cette Academie, depuis fon renouvellement 
jufqu'en 1710 [-1793]. 50 tom. 

4° Paris, 1 7 36-1 808. 
[Vols. 8, 44, 45, 46, wanting] 
Hiftoire fuivie de I'Academie . . . depuis fon etabliflement : 
avec les eloges des academiciens morts ... 2 tom. 

12° Amft. 1743. 
Academie Royale des Sciences. 
Hiftoire de I'Academie ... Annee 1699 [-1754]; 
avec les memoires de mathematique et de pliyfique ... 
tirez des regiftres de cette Academie. 

I 2 ' Amft. i70()-f)3. 

[Impirftfl ; 1699-1714, 21 vols.; 1717-1726, 12 vols.; 1727, 
part 2,-1754, ^4 vols.] 

Hiftoire de I'Academie ... avec les memoires de mathe- 
matique et de phyfique. Annee 1699 [-1790]. 96 tom. 
4° Paris, 1719, etc. — 1797. 

Hiftoire [from the third volume, " Memoires"] de I'Aca- 
demie ... depuisfon euibliflement en 1666 jufqu'a 1^199. 

II tom. 4" Paris, 1729-33. 
Recueil des pieces quiont remporte le i)rixde I'Academie, 

depui.s leur fondatlon [1720] jufqu'a prefent [1732]. 2 
tom. 4^ Paris, 1732. 

Table alphabetique des matiires contenues dans 1' Hiftoire 
et les Memoires de I'Academie ... dreftee par Mr. Godin 
...4 tom. 1666 [-1734]. 4' Paris, 1734. 

Table generale des mati^res contenues dans I'Hiftoire et 
vol. I. 

les Memoires de I'Academie ... depuis I'annee 1699 juf- 
ques en 1734, inclufivement. 3 tom. 

12° Amft. 1 741. 

Table generale des niati^res ... depuis 1730 jufqu'a 
[1780]. Par M. P. Demours. 5 tom. [Culled tome 
5-9-] 4° Paris, I 747-86. 

Memoires de mathematique et de phyfique prefentes a 
I'Academie ... par divers fjavans, et liis dans fes aflembltk-s. 
II tom. 4° Paris, 1750-86. 

Phyfical and mathematical memoirs, extrafted from the 
rcgiftcis of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris. To 
be continued monthly. Jan. 31, 1692. Tome i. 

4° Lond. 1692. 

Royal Academy of Arts. 

A glance at the Exhibition of the Royal Academy, 
1850.' 4= Lond. 1850. 

Abftraift of the conftitution and laws of the Royal 
Academy of Aits in London. Eftabliflied December i o, 
1768. With a preface by William Coningham. 

8° Lond. 1850. 

Royal Academy of Aits in London. Laws relating to 
the fchools, the libiai-y, and the ftudents. With preface 
by William Coningham. 8° Lond. 1850. 

Royal Military Academy. 

Pradtlcal hints for the adoption of a better fyftem in the 
government of the Royal Militaiy Academy at Woolwich. 
By an artillery officer. 8° Lond. 1847. 

Records of the Royal Military Academy. 

fol. Woolwich, 1850. 

The Royal Military Academy, and the artillery and 
engineer fervices. 8° Lond. 1855. 


An account of a voyage up the river de la PlaUi, and 
thence over land to Peru: With obfei"vations on the in- 
habitants, as well Indians and Spaniards ; the cities, com- 
merce, fertility and riches of that part of America. 1698. 
[Voyiiges and difcoveries in South America.] 

ACASTER (.Iohn). 

Vicar of" St. Helen's, Stoncgate, York. 

The Church in danger from herfelf ; or, the caufes of 
her prefent declining ftate ex])Iained. 8° Lond. 1829. 

Remedies for the Church in danger ; or, hints to the 
Legiflature on Church reform. 8° Lond. 1830. 

Solitaiy inufings : a poem on tlie hiftoiy of the Hebrew 
nation, as contained in the Bible, fioni Abiam, tlieir great 
])rogenitor, down to their final fettlement in the jjioniifed 
land; with refleiflions thereon. 12° Lond. 1854. 


B. at Chatlllon, Dauphini-, 1709. D. at Vienna 1792. 

Les interets des nations de I'Europc, developes relative- 
ment au commerce. 2 tom. [y/non.] 4 Leide, I 766. 

— 4 tom. [y-hion.] 12 Leide, I 767. 

Le commerce de la Hollande ; ou tableau du com- 
merce des Ilollandais dans les quatre parties du monde. 
3 tom. [Anon.] »" Amft. 1768. 



ACCARISIO (Alberto). 

B. at Cento, in the duchy of Ferrara, towards the clofc of 
the 15th century. 

Vocabolaiio, grammatiw, et orthographia de la lingua 
volgare d' Alberto Achaiifio da Cento ; con ifpofitioni di 
molti luoghi di Dante, del Petraixa et del Boccaccio. 

4° Cento, 1543. 

Grammatica Italiana. [Aromatari, Degli autori del ben 
parlare, iffc, pt. i. torn. 2.] 

ACCEPTANTIBUS (Franciscus de). 

Francefco Accettanti, an Italian lawyer, who is only known 
as the author of the following treatile. 

De fententia diffinitiva & interlocutoria. [F. Zilettus, 
TraSatus utilveiji juris, v. 3.] 

ACCIAJOLI (Donato). 

B. at Florence 142S. D. 1478. 

Beginning : — Donati . Acciaoli . Florentini . prooemivm . 
in expofitionem . libii . ethicorvm . Ariftotelis . ad clariili- 
mvm . virem . Cofmom . Medicem . 

End: — D. A. F. expofitio fuper libros ethicorum Arif- 
totelis in novam traduftionem Johannis Argyropili Bizantii 
finit foeliciter. Impreflum Florentiae apud Sanftum laco- 
bum de Ripoli MCCCCLXXVIII. fol. 

Donati Acciaioli in Ariftotelis libros ofto Politicomm 
commentarii, nunc primClm in lucem editi. 

8° Venetiis, 1566. 

Caroli Magni, viri illuftris, vita. [Freherus, Corpus 
Francic(Z hijloricc, ii. 549.] 

— [Menckenius, Scriptores rerum Germanicaruni, i. S I 3.J 

— [Flutarchus, Vitae, isfc, edit. 1524. p. 300.] 


B. at Naples 12 Sep. 1310. Grand fenefchal of the king- 
dom of Naples. D. 1366. 

* De vita et rebus geftis Nicolai Acciajoli. [By Matt. 


The accident : a paftoral efTay. fol. Lond. i 7 46. 

ACCINCTUS (Caius Valerius). Pfeud of Jacobus 

ACCIUS (Lucius). 

A Latin tragic poet, who flourilhed about two centuries be- 
fore the Chriftian era. 

Fragmenta. [Maittaire, Opera et fragmenta veterum 
poetarum LaUnorum, p. 1 48 7. J 

— \ColleBio PiJ'aurenJls, &c., i\ . 3 I 4. See Poems.] 

— Cum caftigationibus et notis G. J. Voflii. [Scriverius, 
ColleSanea veterum tragicorum, p. 89.] 

ACCOLTI (Benedetto). 

B. at Arezzo 1415. Secretary of the republic of Florence 
1459. D. 1466. 

De bello a Chriftianis contra Barbaros gefto pro Chrifti 
fepulcro et Judea lecuperandis libri iiii. Thomas Demp- 

fteiiis ... cum aliis fcriptoribus collates, et mendis expurga- 
vit et notis non %Tjgaribus illuftravit. 

4-' Florentiae, 1623. 

— Another edition. Nunc denuo ad exemplar Floren- 
tinum MDCXxiii. ab innumeris et foediflimis mendis expurga- 
tum, emaculatius recudendos cui'avit Henricus Hofsnider. 

8 Groningae, i 7 3 i . 
Benedifli Accolti Aretini dialogus de prsftantia virorum 
fui aevi. 12= PaiTna:, 1689. 

— 8" Panmx, 1691. 
— ■ [Gr.evius, Thefaurus antiquitatum, l^c., Italite, ix. 

pt. 6.] 

ACCOLTI (Benedetto). 

Grandfon of the preceding. B. at Florence 1497. After 
holding various important ecclefiaftical offices, he became 
Archbilhop of Ravenna in 1522 and Cardinal in 1527. D. 
at Florence 1549. 

Carmen ad pacem. [Gruter, Delitiie cc. Italorum poeta- 
rum, i. I.] 

CaiTiiina. [Carmina quinque Heirufcorum poetarum.] 

— \Carmina illujlrium POETARUM Italorum, i. I.] 

ACCOLTI (Bernardo). 

Son of the elder Benedetto. B. 1465. His reputation as a 
poet was fo great, that he was called L*unico Aretino. D. 
about 1535. 

Sonetto. [RuBBi, Parnafo Italiatw, vi. 297.] 
ACCOLTI (Fabrizio). 

A natural fon of Cardinal Benedetto Accolti. 
Carmina. \Carmina illujlrium poetarum Italorum, 
'• 443-] 

ACCOLTI (Francesco). 

Brotherofthe elder Benedetto. B. at Arezzo 141 8. He was 
ftyled the prince of the laviyers of his time. D. at Siena 1483. 

Sonetto. [RuBBi, Parnafo Italiano, vi. 217.] 


Plaine Englifh ; or, a difcourfe concerning the accomo- 
dation, the army, and the affociation. 1643. [5y Edward 

A fiirther difcovery of the office of publick addiefs for 
accommodations. 1648. [.ffizc/f/an Miscellany, vi. 13.] 

ACCORDS (Le Seigneur des). Pfeud. of Eftienne 


B. at Gubbio in the duchy of Urbino J50Z. Studied at 
Padua, and taught law at Rome. U. there 1559. 

Repetitio fuper § cum ita, ex 1. hsredes mei, ff. ad Tre- 
bellia. [Limpius, Repetitiones in varias juris civilis leges, 

iv- 537-] 

Repetitio in 1. naturaliter § nihil commune, ff. de acquir. 

polfefs. [Ibid. v. 228.] 

Repetitio in 1. Qui fe pauis. C. unde liberi. [Ibid, 
viii. 185.] 



An Italian phyfician and philoiophcr, born at Gubbio, who 
flouriihed about the end of the i6th century. 

Felicis Accorombonii interpretatio obfcuriorum locorum 
et fententi;ii-um omnium opcrum Ariltotelis, et prscipuoram 
dubiorum, quae in lingulis cius libiis moveri folcnt, ex eius 
verbis, vel validis lationibus dcclaiatio . . . et omnium ferme 
controverfiarum quae verfantur inter Platonicos, Galenum, et 
Ariftotelem examinatio. Et de fluxu ct rcfluxu maris brevis 
traftatus : his additur non paucai-um fententiarara difficilium 
Theophrafti in libris de ])lantis ex])lanatio ; ct in librani 
Galeni de temperamentis annotationes ; nee non et literas mul- 
tarum dejiravationuni emcndationes, ex antiquiflimis Grxcis 
manufcriptis codicibus deprompta'. fol. Roniae, 1590. 


Carmina, \^Carmina illujlrium poetarum Ilalorum, 
i. 445.] 


The proceedings of the Right Hon. the Lords ... in 
Parliament aflemblcd, upon the Obfenations of the com- 
miflioners for taking, examining, and ftating the public 
accounts of the kingdom, delivered into the Houfe of Peers. 
1702. [Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, xii. 395.] 

A report from the commiflioners ajipointed to take, 
examine, and ftate the publick accompts of the kingdom. 

v." n. p. 1703. 

The report of the commiflioners for taking, examining, 
and ftating the publick accounts of the kingdom, with the 
depofitions at large of Sir Solomon Medina, Kt., John 
Montgomei-y, Efq., and Captain William Prefton, men- 
tioned in the faid repoit. 8° n. p. 17 i i. 

A rejjort from the commiflioners appointed to take, ex- 
amine and ftate the publick accompts of the kingdom, and 
to determine the debts due to the army, &c., with a ftate 
of the expence of the late war. 8° Lond. i 7 1 4. 

Repoits of the commiflioners apjjointed to examine, take 
and ftate the public accounts of the kingdom, prefcnted to his 
Majefty and to botli Houfes of Parliament, with the appen- 
dixes complete. [Vol. i. edited by William Mollefon, 
vols. ii. and iii. by John Lane, fecretaries to the commif- 
lioners.] 3 vols. 4" Lond. 1783-87. 


Accountants and auditors ; their duties briefly conlldered. 
Second edition. 8° Lond. 1859. 

ACCUM (Frederick). 

B. at Biickcburg 1769. Came to London in 1793. Lec- 
turer on chemiftry, and librarian of the Royal Inftitution. Re- 
tired to Berlin. D. there 1838. 

A praflical efTay on the analyfis of minerals, exem])lify- 
ing the bcft methods of analyfing ores, earths, ftones, inflam- 
mable foflils, and mineral fubftances in general. 

12° Lond. 1804. 

A practical treatife on gas-light ; exhibiting a fummary 
(iefcription of the apparatus and machinery beft calculated 
for illuminating ftrcets, houfes, and manufadlories with car- 

buretted hydiogen, or coal-gas ; with remarks on the utility, 
fafety, and general nature of this new branch of civil 
economy. Second edition. 8° Lond. 181 5. 

Dcfcription of the procefs of manufafturing coal-gas, for 
the lighting of ftreets, houfes, and public buildings ; with 
elevations, feftions, and plans of the moft improved forts 
of apparatus now employed at the gas works in London, 
and the principal provincial towns of Great Britain ; accom- 
panied with comparative eftimates, exliibiting the moft 
economical mode of procuring this fpecies of light. 

8° Lond. 1 8 19. 

A treatife on the art of brewing, exhibiting the London 
praftice of biewing porter, brown ftout, ale, table beer, and 
various other kinds of malt liquors. 12° Lond. 1820. 

A treatife on adulterations of food and culinaiy poifons, 
exhibiting the fraudulent fophiftications of bread, beer, \vine, 
fpiiituous liquors, tea, coffee, cream, confedtionai-y, vinegar, 
muftard, pepper, cheefe, olive oil, pickles, and other articles 
employed in domeftic economy, and methods of detedling 
them. 12° Lond. 1820. 

Chemical re-agents, or tefts ; and theii' application in 
analyzing waters, eartJis, foils, metalliferous ores, metallic 
alloys, &c., &c. Originally by F. Accum ; improved, and 
brought down to the prefent ftate of chemical fcience, by 
William Maugham. 12° Lond. 1828. 

ACCURSIUS (Franciscus). 

B. at Florence 1182. Studied law under Azo, whofe col- 
league he became in 1221. Aflefl'or to the Podefta in Bologna 
1252. D. there 1260. 

Inftitutionum civilium libri quatuor, una cum Accurfii 
coramentariis ... 1550. fe Jus Civile. 

ACE (Daniel). 

" Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy : " a 
fermon on the proper obfen'ance of the Lord's day, de- 
livered in St. Leonard's church. New Malton, on Sunday 
evening, March 2, 1856. [Ex. XX. viii.] 

8° Lond. 1856. 

ACERBI (Joseph). 

B. at Castcl-Goffredo, near Mantua, 3 May 1773. D. there 
25 Aug. 1846. 

Travels through Sweden, Finland, and Lapland, to the 
North Cape, in the years 1798 and 1799. 2 vols. 

4" Lond 1802. 
ACERNO (Thomas de). 

Bifliop of Nocera in the kingdom of Naples. Reprcfcnted 
Naples at the Court of Rome 1 378, and was fent by Urban VL 
as nuncio to Bohemia in 1 381. 

De creatione Urbani VL et creatione Domini Gcbcn- 
nenfis in antipapam. [Muratori, /^(vv/m Itnl'icanim fcr'tp- 
tores. III. ii. 7 i 5.] 

ACETI (Thomas). 

B. near Cofenza in Calabria 24 U(\. 16S7. D. about the 
middle of the 1 8th century. 

Thomas Aceti ... in Gabrielis Barrii, Francifcani [i.e. 
GuHclml Sir/iii] De antiquit;ite & (itu Calabria; lioros 



quinque ... prolegomena, additiones at notae. I737- See 


ACHARD (Claude Francois). 

B. at MarfeiUes 1753. Phyficiaii and librarian. D. 29 Sep. 

Cours elementaire de bibliographie, ou la fcience du 
bibliothecaire. 3 torn. 8° Marfeille, 1806-7. 


B. about the beginning of the 1 2th century j was the fecond 
Abbot of St. Vidor, Paris, fucceeding Guildin in 1 155. Ap- 
pointed Birtiop of Avranches in ii5i by Henry II. of Eng- 
land. D. 1171. 

Epiftola ad Henricum II. Anglorum regem. Epiftola ad 
A. epifcopum Lexovienfem. [Martene & Durand, Veterum 
fcriptorum iyc. ampliffima colledio, vi. 230]. 

ACHARISIO (Alberto). See AccARisio. 

ACHARYA (Bhascara;. 

Lilawati ; or a treatife on arithmetic and geometiy. 
Tranflated from the original Sanfcrit by John Taylor, M.D. 

40 Bombay, 1 8 1 6. 


Fidelis Achates ; or, an hiftorical account of die moft 
remarkable aftions in the late reigns, and the piefent revo- 
lution, in heroick verfe. 8° Lond. 1699. 

Achates to Varas : an epiftle, defcribing fome late 
wonderfiiU appearances that enfued from a touch of Ithu- 
riel's fpear. Together with a large preface, in the ftyle 
and manner of fome diftinguifh'd authors. 

8° Lond. 1746. 

ACHENWALL (Gottfried). 

B. at Elbingen in Pruffia 20 Oft. 1719. ProfelTor of the 
law of nature and nations in the Univerfity of Gbttingen. 
D. I May 1772. 

Juris gentium Europaearam pradici primae lineae ; frag- 
mentura libelli ob B. Auftoris moitem adfefti, nunc tandem 
in lucem editum. 8° Gottingx, 1775. 

Gefchichte der allgemeineren Europaifchen Staatfhandel 
des vorigen und jetzigen Jahrhundeits im Gmndriffe. Als 
der Europaifchen Gefchichte zweyter Theil. Vierte ver- 
beflerte Aufgabe. 8° Gbttingen, 1779. 

ACHERIUS (Joannes Lucas d'). 

Jean Luc d'Achery, a learned Benedictine of the congrega- 
tion of St. Maur, was born at St. Qi^entln 1609. Made his firft 
profeflion in the abbey de I'lle, St. Qi^entin, from which he 
removed, 1.632, to that of Sainte Trinitc at Vendome. Being 
attacked by illnefs, he was removed to Paris, and placed in the 
abbey of St. Germain des Pres, where he remained till his 
death, 29 April 1685. 

Veterum aliquot fcriptonim, qui in Galliae bibliothecis, 
maxime Benediftinoram latuerant, fpicilegium. 1 3 torn. 

4^ Parifiis, 1665-76. 

Afta fanftoiTim Ordinis S. Benedidi ... Collegit Dom- 
nus L. d'Achery ac cum eo edidit D. Joannes Mabillon. 

ACHERLEY (Roger). 

An Englifh lawyer, who lived in London, during the firft 
half of the 18th century. 

The Britannic conftitution ; or, the fundamental form 
of government in Britain : demonftrating the original con- 
traft entred into by king and people, according to the 
primary inftitutions thereof, in this nation. Wherein is 
proved, that the pliicing on the throne King William III. 
was the natural fruit and effefl of the original conftitution ; 
and, that the fucceflion to this crown, eftablilh'd in the 
prefent Proteftant heiis, is de jure, and juftify'd by the 
fjndamental laws of Great Britain. And many important 
original powers and privileges, of both Houfes of Pailia- 
ment, are exhibited. fol. Lond. 1727. 


Epifodes of infeft life. By Acheta Domeftica, M.E.S. 

8° Lond. 1849. 

— Second feries. 8° Lond. 1850. 

— Third feries. 8^ Lond. 185 i. 
March winds and Apiil Ihowers : being notes and 

notions on a few created things. 8° Lond. 1854. 

May flowers : being notes and notions on a few created 
things. 8° Lond. 1855. 


Lived in the latter half of the 5th or beginning of the 6th 

Narrationis amatoriae fragmentum ^ Graeco in Latinum 
converfum, L. Annibale Cruceio \JDella Croce"\ interprete. 
S'' Lugduni, apud Seb. Giyphaeum, 1544. 

Achillis Tatii de Clitophontis et Leucippes amoribus lib. 
viii. Longi Sophiftx de Daphnidis et Chloes amoribus lib. 
iv. Paithenii Nicasenfis de amatoriis affeflibus lib. i. Ite- 
ram edita Graece ac Latine. 

8° [Heidelbergae], in bibliopolio Commeliniano, 1606. 

Ayi'/.Xi'ji: Tarioj A'/.s~a.^d^£ii: E^uiTiy.'Mv, five de Clito- 
phontis et Leuci])pes amoribus libii \4ii. varietate le(5bionis 
notifque CI. Salmafii, I. B. Cai-pzovii, T. B. Beigeri ac fuis 
illuftrati a Benjani. Gottlib Laiu". Boden. [^Greei text 
and Latin ver/!ori.~\ 8° Lipfiae, 1776. 

Achillis Tatii Alexandjini de Leucippes et Clitophontis 
amoribus libri odlo. Textum ad libronam manufcriptorum 
fidem recenfuit, Latinam Hannib. Cmceii verfionem, notas 
feleiSas CI. Salmalli, ineditas Fr. Guyeti, Car. Guil. Go- 
ettlingii, C. B. Hafii et fuas adjecit Fridericus Jacobs ... 

8° Lipfiae, 182 i. 

ACHILLI (Giacisto). 

* Authentic " Brief fl<etch of the life of Dr. Giacinto 
Achilli," containing a confutation of the mif-ftatements of 
former narratives. Extrafted from the Dublin Review, 
No. 56, with additions and conedlions. 

8' Lond. [1850]. 
Dealings with the Inquilition : or, pa])al Rome, her 
priefts and her Jefuits ; with important difclofures. 

8° Lond. 1851. 

— Second edition, 8° Lond. 1851. 

* Dr. Achilli and the Malta Proteftant college. 

8° Lond. [1851]. 



ACHILLINUS (Alexander). 

B. at Bologna 19 Oft. 1463. D. 2 Aug. 1512. 

Alexandii Achillini Bononienfis philofophi celebemmi 
opera in unum collefta. De intelligcntiis. Do orbibus. 
Dc univerfalibus. De [jhyfico auditu. De elenientis. 
De fubjcfto phyfionomias et chiromantias. De fubjefto 
medicinas. De prima poteftatc fyilogifmi. De diftindioni- 
bus. De [jrojjortione motuum. Cum annotationibus ex- 
cellentinimi Docfloris Pamphili Montij Bononienfis fclioliae 
Patavinae publici profefToris. fol. Venetiis, 156S. 

ACHILLINUS (Philotheus). Pfeml. of Charles 
Jacques de Louviers. 


A feries of poems, containing the plaints, confolations, 
and delights of Achmed Ardebeili, a Perfian e.xile. With 
notes, hiltorical and explanatoiy, by Charles Fox. 

8° Bridol, 1797. 

ACHMET, Sereimi Filius. 

Oneirocritica, nunc primum Graec6 in lucem edita ex 
biblioth. regis Chriftianifs. [Edited by N. Rigaltius, 1603. 
See under Artemidorus Daldianus.] 


True cojjies of the infolent, cinicll, barbarous, and blaf- 
phemous letter, lately written by the Great Turke for de- 
nouncing of warre againft the King of Poland : and of the 
magnanimous and molt Chriihan anfwere made by the faid 
King thereunto ... 1 6 2 i . \Scutt'' s edition ofSomers' Tracts, 
ii. 462.] 

ACIDALIUS (Valens). 

Critic ami doilor of medicine. B. at Wittftock in Biandcn- 
burg 1567. D. 25 May 1595. 

Epiftolamm centuria I. Cui acceflerant I. Ejiiftola 
apologetica ad clarifT. vinani .lacobum Monavium. II. Oratio 
de vera carminis elcgiaci natura & conftitutione. Edita 
cura ChrilHani Acidalii, fratris. 8° Hanovix, 1 606. 

In Plauti Amphitruonem, [Afinariam, Aululariam, Cap- 
tivos, Curculionem, Cafinam, Ciftellariam, E])idicum, Bac- 
chides, Moftellariani, Menoechmos, Militem, Mercatorem, 
Pfeudojum, Poenulum, Perfani, Rudentem, Stichum, Tri- 
numum, Tiniculentum,] divinationes et inteiijretationcs. 
[Gruter, Thefiiurus crllkus, vi. i.] 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delilitt poelarum Germiinonim, i. i.] 

— [Lernutius, Poemata, isfc, 1603, p. 185.] 

ACKER (Vopiscus Horatius). 

Poemata. Editio fecunda, auftior et emendatior. 

8° Groningx, 1789. 

ACKERLEY (Charles Henry), Lieut. R.N. 

A plan for the better fecurity of ve(rels navigating tlic 
river Thames ; with a]ipendices on nautical fubjeiits refiilt- 
ing therefrom. H^ Lond. 1H34. 


The ChiilHan element in Plato, and the Platonic phi- 
lofo])hy unfolded and fet forth. Trandated from the 
German by Samuel Ralph Afbury, B.A., with an intro- 
duftoiy note by William G. T. Shedd, D.D. 

8' Edinb. 1861. 

ACKERMANN (Jakob Fidelis). 

B. at Riideflieim on the Rhine 23 April 1765. ProfelTor 
of anatomy at Jena 1804. Profeflbr of phyiiology, &c., at 
Heidelberg, 1805. D. 280a. 181 5. 

Infantis androgyni hiftoria et ichnograjihia. Accedunt de 
fexu & generatione difquifitiones phyfiologicac et tabuls v. 
aeri incifa;. fol. Jenae, 1805. 

Die Gall'fche Hirn-, Schedel-, und Organenlehre vom 
Gefichtfpunkte der Erfahrung aus beurtlieilt und widerlegt. 

S° Heidelberg, I 806. 

ACKERMANN (Rudolph). 

B. at Schneebiirg in Saxony 1764. D. in London 30 March 


A hiftoi-y of the Univerfity of Oxford, its colleges, halls, 
and public buildings. 2 vols. 4° Lond. 1 8 1 4. 

A hirtoiy of the Univerfity of Cambridge, its colleges, 
halls, and public buildings. 2 vols. 4° Lond. 18 15. 

The hilloi-y of the colleges of Winchefter, Eton, and 
Weftminfter, with the Chaiter Houfe, the fchools of St. 
Paul's, Merchant Taylors, Harrow, and Rugby, and the 
free fchool of Chrift's Hofpital. 4 Lond. 1816. 

ACKERS (George Holland). 

Univerfal yacht fignals. 8 Lond. 1847. 

ACKLAND (James). 

True patriotifm : a ])oem of the 19th centuiy, &c. &c. 

8° Lond. 1817. 

ACKLAND (Thomas Gilbank), D.D. 

B. 179I. Educated at St. John's College, Cambridge. Rec- 
tor of St. Mildred's, Bread Street, London, 1818. D. 20 
Feb. 1844. 

The Chriftian fcholar : a fermon, preacjied in Charter- 
houfe chapel, on Friday, December 12, 18 17 (it being 
the anniverfaiy of the Founder's day). [Ps. cxxii. 8, 9.] 
Second edition. 8° Lond. 1818. 

The nation's difeafe and cure : a difcourfe upon the 
times, delivered in the parilh churches of St. Mildred, 
Bread Street, and St. Andrew, Holborn. [2 Chron. vii. 
14.] 8° Lond. 1832. 

The olfeiing of tiie heart : .1 fermon, ])reached in the 
church of St. Botolph, Bifliopgate, on Sunday morning, 
April 14, 1833, being the day of general thankfgiving ; 
and fubfequently in the church of St. Mildred, Bread Street. 
[2 Cor. i. 9, 10.] 8' Lond. 1833. 


How to tiikc ftereofcopic pidlures, including a deUiilet! 



account of the neceflaiy apparatus, and a minute defcription 
of a modified collodio-albumen procefs. 

8° Lond. 1857. 
ACKLOM (George). 

Incumbent of Trinity Church, Svvanfea. 

What they teach in Rome : a courfe of fermons 
preached in Trinity church, Swanfea. 

12^ Swanfea, 1852. 

Mentor and Amander ; or, a vifit to Ackworth fchool. 
With defcriptive notes. By a late teacher. 

8° Lond. 1 8 14. 
The hiftory of Ackworth fchool. 

8° Ackworth, 1853. 

ACLAND (Henry Wentworth), M.D., F.R.S. 

Regius profeffor of medicine in the Univerfity of Oxford. 

Remarks on the extenfion of education at the Univerfity 
of Oxford : in a letter to the Rev. W. Jacobfon, D.D. 

8° Oxford, 1848. 

Synopfis of the phyfiological feries in the Chrift Church 
Mufeum. Arranged for the ufe of ftudents after the plan 
of the Hunterian coUeflion, and chiefly under the divifions 
of the Hunterian catalogue. 4"" Oxford, 1853. 

A letter to the Right Hon. W. E. Gladftone, M.P., 
on the formation of the initiative board in the Univerfity 
of Oxford. 8° Oxford and Lend. 1854. 

Health, work, and play. 12° Oxford, 1856. 

Memoir on the cholera at Oxford, in the year 1854, 
with confiderations fuggefted by the epidemic. 

4° Lond. 1856. 

Notes on drainage, with efpecial reference to the fewers 
and fwamps of the upper Thames. 8 Lond. 1857. 

Note on teaching phyfiology in the higher fchools. 

8° Oxford, 1858. 

Fever in agricultural diftrifts : being a i-eport of cafes of 
fever occurring in the parifh of Great Honvood, in the 
county of Buckingham. 8° Oxford and Lond. 1858. 

The Oxford Mufeum. By H. W. Acland and John 
Rufl<in, M.A. 8° Lond. 1859. 

ACLAND (Hugh Dyke). 

A brief (l<etch of the hilloiy and prefent fituation of the 
Valdenfes in Piemont, commonly called Vaudois. 

8° Lond. 1825. 

A compendious hiftory of the Vaudois. [Arnaud, The 
glorious recovery by the Vaudois of their valleys ... 1827.] 

ACLAND (Peter Leopold Dyke), M.A. 

Vicar of Broad Clylt, DevoniTiire. 
The prefence of Chrift the ftrength and fafety of his 
Church : a fermon preached at the vifitation of the Rev. 
the Archdeacon Moore Stevens, holden at Exeter, April 
30, 1850. [/fii). i. 12, 13.] 8° Exeter, 1850. 

ACLAND (Thomas Dyke). 

Late Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford. 
The farming of Somerfetfhire, by Thomas Dyke Ac- 
land and William Sturge. 8" Lond. 1851. 

Meat, milk, and wheat : an elementary introdudlion to 
the chemiftry of farming ; to which is added a review of 
queftions at ifllie between Mr. Lawes and Baron Liebig. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

The education of the farmer, viewed in connexion with 
that of the middle clafTes in general : its objefts, principles, 
and cofl:. 8° Lond. 1857. 

Middle-clafs education. Scheme of the weft of Eng- 
land examination and prizes ; to be carried into effect with 
the affiftance of the Rev. F. Temple and J. Bowftead, 
Efq., under inftniftions from H. M. Committee of Coun- 
cil on Education ; refolution of Bath and Weft of England 
Agricultural Society thereon ; Mr. Temple's fcheme of 
examination ; with introduftory remarks addreffed to mem- 
bers of the univerfities. 8'' Lond. 1857. 

— H. Weft of England examination papers; June 
1857. With the award of the examiners. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

— HI. Report on tlie refults of the weft of Eng- 
land examination. By the Rev. F. Temple, M.A. And 
correfpondence with Geoige Richmond and John Hullah, 
Efqrs., on the arts in connexion with general education. 

8' Lond. 1857. 
Some account of the origin and objefts of the new 
Oxford examinations for the title of affociate in arts, and 
certificates; for the year 1858. By Thomas Dyke 
Acknd, Efq. ... Alfo letters from J. Hullah, Efq., W. 
Dyce, Efq., J. Rufldn, Efq., and G. Richmond, Efq., 
on the connexion of the arts with general education ; and 
feledled papers relating to the weft of England examination ; 
with Mr. Temple's report. 8 Lond. 1858. 

— Second edition. To which are appended the regu- 
lations adopted by the Univerfities of Cambridge and Dur- 
ham. 8' Lond. 1858. 

Speech of Thomas Dyke Acland at the nomination of 
candidates for the reprefentation of the borough of Birming- 
ham, on Thurfday the 28th of April. 8° Lond. 1859. 

Agricultural cuftoms and covenants. Report of a 
fpecial committee appointed by the council of the Bath and 
Weft of England Society : with other documents. 

S° Lond. 1859. 

An elementary introduiSion to the principles and hiltory 
of art ; with fome account of the arts department of the 
Bath and Weft of England Society for the Encouragement 
of Agriculture, Arts, Manufaftures, and Commerce. 

8° Lond. i860. 

ACOLUTHUS (Andreas). 

A German orientalift. B. at Bernftadt 6 Mar. 1654. D. at 
Breflau 4 Nov. 1704. 

De D'TlNDn D''"10n 'D five aquis amaris malediftionem 
inferentibus, wAgo diftis zeloty])ias, et Num. V. v. ii. ufque 
ad finem cap. defcriptis, ex Anatolica antiquitate, hoc eft : 
fontibus facris, eonindemque variis turn orientalibus, turn 
occidentalibus verfionibus, ... emtum, adeoque Judsoram 
in textus feicros commentandi rationem multiplicem often- 
dens philologema. 4° Lipfias, 1682. 

ACOMINATUS (Nicetas). See Nicetas Acomi- 



ACONTIUS (Jacobus). 

B. at Trent 7 Sep. 1492. Becoming a Proteftant, he took 
refiigc in England. D. at London II May 1566. 

Stratagematum Satinae libri ofto : acceffit emditiffima 
ejjiftola de latione edendoi-um librorum, ad loannem Wol- 
fiura, Tigurinum, codem authore. 8° Bafileas, 1565. 

Dai'kncfs difco\cicd ; or, the devil's fecrct ftiatagems 
laid open. Wheicby he labors to make havock. of the 
people of God, by his wicked and damnable defigns for 
deftroying the kingdom of Chrift ... [7ran/7a//o« of the 
precedingJ^ 4^ Lond. 165 I. 

Epiftola apologetica pro Hadr. Haemftedio & pro feipfo, 
ex MSS. Londinenfi. [Gerdes, Scrimum aniiquarium, 
VII. i. 123.] 

ACONTIUS (Melchior). 

B. at Urfcrcn, in the canton of Uri, Switzerland, about the 
beginning of the 1 6th century. 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delit'ia poetarum Germanorum, i. 

ACOSTA (Christoval). 

B. at one of tiie Portuguefe pofleffions in Africa about the 
beginning of the i6th century. After a refidence of fevcral 
years in the Eaft Indies, lie came to Europe and eftablifhed him- 
felf as a phyfician at Burgos. D. there 1580. 

Tradtado de las drogas, y medicinas de las Indias Orien- 
tales, con fus plantas debuxadas al bivo por Chriftoval 
Acofta medico y cirujano que las via ocularmente. En el 
qual fe verifica mucho de lo que efcrivio el Doftor Garcia 
de Orui. y° Burgos, 1578. 

Caroli Clufii E.xoticoi"um liber nonus ; five aromatum et 
medicamcntoi-um in Orientali India nafcentium hiftoria ... 
auflore Chriftoval Acofta ... Caroli autem Clufii opera 
ex Hifpanico fermone Latina faifta, in epitomen contrafla, 
& ejus aliquot capita fcholiis illuftrata. Tenia editio. 
[Clusius, Exolicorum libri decern, p. 253.] 

Tratado en loor de las mugeres, y de la caftidad, onefti- 
dad, conftancia, filencio, y jufticia ; con otras muchas j)ar- 
ticularidades, y varias hiftorias. 4- Venefia, 1592. 

ACOSTA (Emanuel). 

A Portuguefe Jclliit of the 16th century. 

Rerum a Societate lefu in oriente geftaram ad annum 
ufquc a Deipara Virgine M.D.LXVIII., commentarius 
EmanuelisAcoftas Lufitani, recognitus, et Latinit;ite donatus. 
Accefiere de laponicis rebus epiftolarum libri 1111., item 
recogniti, et in Latinum ex Hifpanico fermone converli. 

8" Dilingae, i 57 i. 

ACOSTA (.(erome). Pfeud. 0/ Richard Simon. 

ACOSTA (.Joseph de). 

B. at Medina del Campo about 1540. Jefuit miflionary in 
Peru. D. at Salamanca I 5 Feb. I 599. 

De natura Novi Oibis libri 11. Et de promulgatione 
Evangrlii apud biubaros five de procuranda Indoruni fiiutc 
libri lex. 12' Coloniae Agri]>pinae, 151;''). 

Hiftoria natural y moral de las India.s, en que fe tratan 

las cofas notables del cielo, y elementos, nietales, plantas, y 
animales dellas : y los ritos, y ceremonias, leyos, y gouierno, 
y guerras de los Indios. 8' Madrid, 1608. 

Hiftoire naturelle et moralle des Indes, tant orientaJles 
qu'occidentalles : oil, il eft traifte des chofes rcmarquablcs 
du ciel, des elemens, mcUiux, plantes, et animaux qui font 
proprcs de ce pays. Enfenible des moeurs, ceremonies, loix, 
gouvernemens et guerres des mefmes Indiens. Compofee 
en Caftillan par lofeph Acofta, et traduite en Francois par 
Robert Regnault Cauxois. 8° Paris, 1600. 

— Another edition. 8° Paris, 1606. 

The naturall and morall hifl:orie of the Eaft and Weft 
Indies : intreating of the remarkeabie things of heaven, of 
the elements, mettalls, plants and be:ifts which are proper 
to that country ; together with the manners, ceremonies, 
lawes, governements, and warres of the Indians. Written 
in Spaniili by lofeph Acofta, and tranflated into Engliih 
by E. G. [Edivard Grime/lone.'\ 4^ Lond. 1604. 

ACOSTA (Nonius). 

An Italian lawyer, who flouriflicd about the middle of the 
17th century. 

De privilegiis creditonim traftatus abfolutiffimus, in quo 
celebriores, et in ufu forenfi fiequenliores cjuaeftiones de 
prseferentiis creditorum difcutiuntur, & folidiiTima doftrina 

fol. [Genevas], fumptibus Samuelis Chouet, 1670. 

ACQUAVIVA (Giovanni Girolamo). 

A Neapolitan nobleman, who died at a very advanced age in 

Sonetto. [RuBBi, Parnafo Italiano, xxxi. 264.] 


God's laws I'erjus corn-laws : a letter to his Grace the 
Archbifliop of Canterbury, from a dignitary of the Engliih 
Church. 8" Lond. 1846. 

ACRES (.Joseph). 

Vicar of Blewberry in Bcrkfhire. 

The title method of propagating religion and loy.dty : 
a fermon preached in the ))ari(h cliurch of St. Maiy in 
White Chapel, on Sunday the 24th of OiStober, i 7 i 4, in 
the afternoon. \J's. Ixxviii. 4.] 8° Lond. 1714. 

ACRONIUS (Joannes). 

A Proteftant theologian. Miniftcr at Eilfum in Eaft Fricl- 
land 1584, at Groningen 1601, at Wcfel 1611, and at Dcvcn- 
tcri6i4. Profcllor of theology at Franeker 1617, and miniftcr 
at Hacrlcm 1619. D. there Sep, 1627. 

Elenchus ortiiodoxus ])feudo-rcligionis Romano-Catho- 
licec. Plurimos et graviflimos errores moderni Pajiatus, de 
prascipuis Chriftianx' religionis cajiitibus, fic jK-rcenlens, ut 
inde ncccflitas ejus deferendi et abrogandi, ac refoiniandi 
ab codem Ecclefix, fat omnibus ajipaieat. Op|>ofitus Papa- 
tui in Clivia ab Joanne Acronio. 8' Daventrix, 161 5. 

ACROPOLITA (Georgius). 

B. at Conftantinopic 1210. Comptroller-general of Finance 



under Michael Palaeologus. Governor of the weftern provinces 
of the Empire. D, 1282. 

Tsoiiywu roil A'/.oo^oXitou Xoowzj] evyyoafrj- Georgii 
Acropolitx Hiftoria, Joelis Chronographia compendiaria, & 
Joannis Canani Narratio de bello C P., Leone AUatio inter- 
prete, cum ejufdem notis & Theodori Douzs obfeiTationibus. 
Accefllt Diatriba de Georgiorum fcriptis. \jjr. and Lat.^ 

fol. Parifiis, 165 I. 

— recognovit Imnianuel Bekkerus. [Gr. and Lat. 
Corpus fcr'tptorum hljlorie Byzantines, No. 29.] 

8' Bonns, 1836. 

ACROPOLITI (Constantine). 

'Eyzw/i/ov Kuturavri'vou AzjOvToX/rou xal fj.iya.y.ov XoyoSi- 
rov ilg roll aytov zui OioffTi'irrov (BaeiX'ia KunaratTlvoy riiv 
M'syav, xal ' leaTodToXor snOrihii Tjwro* ?;5?i w; i^si h %£'50- 
ygapo/j Oto yLuveratrivoM liiJ-uvihoxi ... 

8" ill Aov&'itui, AttDiy [1853.1 


A plain relation of the late aflion at fea between the 
Englilh & Dutch, and the French fleets ... 1690. \By 
Edward Stephens.] 


The law of adlions : being an exaft, brief, and mediodi- 
cal coUeftion of all adjudged cafes out of all the reports of 
the law to this day ; and likewife from Roll's Abridgment, 
correfting the method thereof: by which, any particular 
cafe may be jirefently found, and the reafon that mles it 
render'd obvious to the meanell capacity. With the fub- 
ftance of the pleadings in thofe aftions. 

8° In the Savoy, 17 10. 

A philofophical enquiry into the phyfical fpring of human 
aftions ... 1732. ^By S. Strutt.] 

ACTIUS (Thomas). 

A lawj-er of Foflbmbrone ; Hourinied about the end of the 
1 6th century. 

De ludo fcacchorum in legali methodo traftatus. Nunc 
primum in lucem editus, cum fummariis & indice. 

4° Pifauri, 1583. 

— [Fr. "Lihi-TTVijTradatus unlverfi juris, vii. 1 68.1 

ACTOLINIUS (Joannes Petrus). 

Giov. Pietro ,A.ttolini, an Italian lawyer. 

Refolutiones forenfes, feu, res in diveifis foris, et pra:- 
cipue in civitate Bononicc judicats : in quibus plures mate- 
riae ecclefiafticse, feudales, cmphyteuticce, fidei commiffaris, 
et alias ufu frequentiores refolutiva, et dilucida methodo 
pertraftantur. Cum pluribus eorundem tribunalium, et prs- 
fertim Sacras Rotae Romanas decifionibus adhuc non im- 
prellis, quae in ipfifmet emanarunt caufis, in quibus prxce- 
dentia quasque prodiere refponfa. fol. Genevas, 1686. 

ACTON (Eliza). 

Poems. 8° Ipfwich, 1826. 

Modern cookeiy, in all its branches, reduced to a 
fyftem of eafy praftice, for the ufe of private families : in 

a feries of praflical receipts, which have been ftriflly tefted, 
and are given with the moll minute exadnefs. 

8° Lond. 1845. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1845. 
Modern cookery, for private families, reduced to a fyfteni 

of eafy praftice ; in a feries of carefidly tefted receipts, in 
which the principles of Baron Licbig and other eminent 
writers have been as much as poffible applied and explained. 

8° Lond. 1855. 

The Englifli bread-book for domeftic ufe, adapted to 
families of every grade : containing the plainell: and mod 
minute inftruftions to the learner ; pradtical receipts for 
many varieties of bread ; with notices of the prefent fyftem 
of adulteiation, and its confequences ; and of the improved 
baking procefles and inftitutions eftablifhed abroad. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

ACTON (Henry). 

B. at Lewes lo'March 1797. Unitarian minifter at Exeter. 
D. there 22 Aug. 1843. 

Sermons by the late Rev. Henrj' A(5lon ; with a memoir 
of his life. Edited by the Rev. William James and the 
Rev. J. Reynell Wreford, F.S.A. 8° Lond. 1846. 

ACTON (Thomas Harman). 

Of the Middle Temple. 
Reports of cafes argued and deteiTnined before the molt 
noble and Right Honourable the Lords Commiflioners of 
Appeals in prize caufes : alfo on appeal to the King's 
mod excellent Majelly in Council. With an a])pendix 
2 vols. 8° Lond. 18 i i. 

ACTON (William). 

A praftical treatife on difeafes of the urinai-y and gene- 
rative organs (in both fexes). Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1851. 
The funi5tions and diforders of the reproductive organs 
in youth, in adult age, and in advanced life : confidered 
in their phyfiological, focial, and pfychological relations. 
Reprinted from the third edition of his Praftical treatife on 
difeafes of the urinary and generative organs. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

— Second edition. 8^ Lond. 1858. 
Prollitution, confidered in its moral, focial, and fanitary 

afpeifls, in London and other large cities, with propofals 
for the mitigation and prevention of its attendant evils. 

8° Lond. 1857. 


ACTUARIUS (Joannes). 

A Greek phyfician of the Lower Empire. The name Adlua- 
rius was applied generally to the court phyfician at Conftanti- 
nople, but the author of the following works lived towards the 
end of the 1 3th century. 

Axnuapioii Ts^l inoynuv xal -iraduv roij -vf/up^/xoi; <!rvs{j- 
/jLaroi, y.ul rri; xar aire &iairric Xoyoi jS. Adluarii de 
aftionibus et affedtibus fpiritus animalis, eiufque viftu, libri 
II. Nunc primilm in lucem prodeunt, lac. Goupyli benefi- 
cio, qui nobis eoranr e.Kemplum dedit. ^Greei text.~^ 
8° Parifiis, apud Martinum luuenem, 1557 



— [Z,a/.] Julio Alexandi'ino Tiidentino inteiprete. 
[Medic* artis pr'mcipcs, torn, ii.] 

De difFerentiis urinamm liber. De judiciis urinarum libii 
II. De caufis urinarum libri II. De prxvidentiis ex urinis 
libri II. Ab Ambrofio Leone Nolano in Latinum fer- 
monem veifi, & a Jacobo Gopylo ad fidera exemplarium 
Grxcoruni lecogniti. [Ibid. torn, ii.] 

Medicus, five de mediodo niedcndi, libri VI. Cor. Hen- 
rico Mathilio, BrugenC medico, intci^prcte. [Ibid. torn, ii.l 

ACUGNA (Christ.) 

B. at Burgos, 1597. Entered the order of Jcfuits 1612. D. 
at Lima. 

A voyage uj) the river Amazons to Q"'to '" Penj, and 
back again to Brazil. 1698. [^Voya^es and dijco'vcnes in 
South America.] 

ACUNA (Juan Vasquez de). 

Vida del Cardenal Duque de Richelieu y de Fronfac, 
Par de Francia, Conicndador de la Orden del Efpiritu 
Santo, Primer Miniftro del Rey Chriftianifimo Luis XIII. 
[Valladares de Sotomayor, Semanario erudito, xix. 3.] 


Excerjita chronici monafterii Acutiani, five Farfenfis, in 
Ducato Spoletino. [Duchesne, Hjjlona: Fnmcorum fcrip- 
tores, iii. 650.] 


Prclident of Horton College. 

The internal witncfs to Chriftianity : a difcourfe deli- 
vered before the minillers and delegates of the Yorkfliire 
Aflbciated Baptift Churches, met in Trinity Road chapel, 
Halifax, May 13, 14, and 15, 1856. 

12° Leeds, 1856. 


Ada Brenton ; or, plans for life. 

12° I^ond. [i860.] 

Adagia nonnulla Latino-Anglica, ordine aljiliabetico de- 
fcripta. 8^ Edinb. 1723. 

ADAIR (A. Shafto), F.R.S. 

The winter of 1 8 46-7 in Antrim, with remarks on out- 
door relief and colonization. Third edition. 

8° Lond. 1847. 
ADAIR (Cm. M.) 

Letter to tlie Right Hon. the Lord Advocate, prop<>(ing 
a means of procuring (by aift of Parliament) fubjetTs for the 
inftruiflion of medical (ludents, whereby tiie prefent barbarous 
fyftcm of raifing the dead will be effeftually ])revented ... 

8" Edinb. 1822. 

ADAIR (.Iames). 

" A trader with the Indians, and a rcfidcnt in tlieit country 
forty years." 

The hiftory of the American Tndi.ins; particul.irly tliofe 
nations adjoining to the Millilipjii, Eall and Well Florida, 
Georgia, South and North Carolina, and Virginia ... With 

VOL. I. 

obfervations on former hiftorians ... Alfo an appendix ... 
^V'ith a new map of the country referred to in the hiftory. 

4' Lond. 1775. 
ADAIR (John). 

The defcription of the fea coaft and iflands of Scotland, 
with large and exadt maps for tlie ufe of feamen. 

fol. Edinb. 1703. 
ADAIR (Robert). 

Surgeon-general of the army. D. 16 Mar. 1790. 

* Memoirs of the life of Robert Adair, Efq. 

4° Lond. 1 790. 
ADAIR (Sir Robert). 

B. in London, 24 May, 1763. Educated at Weftminftcr 
and at Gbttingen. AmbalTador at Vienna, 1806, and at Con- 
ftantinople, 1809. D. 3 Oct. 1855. 

Two letters from Mr. Adair to [TbmA'nc] the Bifhop of 
Winchefter, in anfwer to the charge of a high treafonablc 
mifdemeanour, bi'ought by his loidfliip againft Mr. Fox and 
himlc-lf, in his Life of the Right Hon. William Pitt. 

8° Lond. 182 I. 

* A reply to the charges of Robert Adair, Efq., againft 
the Bifhop of Wincheftei', in confequence of a paffage con- 
tained in his lordfliip's Memoirs of the Right Hon. W. Pitt. 

8" Lond. 182 I. 
Hiftorical memoir of a million to the Court of Vienna in 
1806 ; with a feleiflion from his defpatches. 

8° Lond. 1 8 44. 
The negotiations for the peace of the Dardanelles, in 
1808-9 ; with defpatches and official documents: being a 
fequel to the Memoir of his million to Vienna in i 806. In 
two volumes. 8° Lond. 1845. 

ADAIRE (Archibault). 

Narre de la conference verbale et par efcrit, tenue entre 
M" Piene du Moulin et Cayer. 8° Geneve, 1633. 

ADALAGUS. See Adelagus. 

B. about 723. Abbot of Corbcy in the valley of the Wefer. 
D. 2 Jan. 826. 

Statuta antiqua Abbati^ S. Petri Coibcicnfis a S. 
Adalardo jjiaefcripta. [d'AcHERius, Spidlegiiim, iv. I.] 

* Vita S. Adalhardi ... aucflore S. Pafchafio Radberto. 
Capitula de admonitionibus in congregatione. [Ma- 

BILLON, yltia fiiiiLhrum orditiis S. Birndidi, i\. i. 71 I.] 


Bilhop of Laon, 977. D. 19 July, 1030. 

Carmen ad Rotbertum rcgem Francorum. [Bouquet, 
Reciieil des h'ljlonens des Gaules et de la France, .\. 65.] 

— \I^French prufe Iranjlaliim) GuiZOT, Colle^lion des nie- 
moires, vi. 4 ' 5- ) 


Bilhop of Wiirzburg. D. 1090. 

* Vita S. Adalberonis, Epifcopi Heibipolenfis, aut^ore 
nionacho Lambacenfi. [Mauillon, /ISa fantiorum orJinii 
S. lunedieli, vi. ii. '>58.] 

* — [Pert/., Monumenta Genranie /jijlnrirti, xiv. 127.] 




Bilhop of Metz. 
Epiftola encyclica in gratiam cujufdam homicide poeni- 
tentis. [Mabillon, Vetera analedn, p. 434.] 


Birtiop of Metz. 

* Epkaphium. [Baluze, Mifcellanea, iv. 554.] 

* Vita, auftore Constantino Abbate. 


Son of a Chriftian Sclavonian prince, whofe territory lay on 
the eaft bank of the Upper Elbe. Educated at Magdeburg, 
whither he was fent while a mere boy in 972. Elected bilhop 
of Prague in 9S3. Killed by the pagan inhabitants of a remote 
diftriift of eaft PrulTia, while on a miilionary expedition, 21 April, 

* Vita: duK S. Adalbeiti, anonymis Polonis audtoribus. 
[DoBNER, Monumenta hijlonca Bocnuic, ii. 51.] 

* Vita Adalberti auftore Johanne Canapario. 

* — auftore Brunone Aichiepifcopo. 

* Miracula S. Adalberti maitiris. [Pertz, Monumenta 
German'in hijlorkuy vi. 613.] 

ADALBERTUS, Diaconus. 

Vita Heinrici IL imperatoris. [Pertz, Monumenta Ger- 
maniic hijlorica, vi. 792.] 

ADALBERTUS, Floriacensis. See Adrevaldus. 
ADALBOLDUS. See Adelboldus. 


Miracula S. Theodorici abbatis. [Mabillon, /?<!?« _/2!«i-- 
toritm ordinis S, BenediS't, i. 6o2.] 

ADALHAIS. See Adelhais. 
ADALHARDUS. See Adalardus. 


A treatife on the fall of Adam ; proving, both from 
Scripture and reafon, that the devil had no hand in that 
event. With an attempt to explain the genealogy of Jefus 
Chrid. By a lover of tiTith. 8° Lond. 18 17. 

The dominion of the fecond Adam, and the bleffednefs 
of creation under his nile. 12° Lond. 1849. 

Scripture revelations concerning the refults of Adam's 
difobedience. 8° Lond. i860. 


Abbot of Perfeigne, in the diocefe of Mans ; flourilhed about 
the beginning of the 13th century. 

Epiftolas quinque ad Ofmundum monachum Mortuimaris 
in Normannia. [Baluze, Mifcellanea, i. 423.] 

ADAM, Bilhop of Hereford. See Adam de Orlton. 


Some pafTages in the life of Mr. Adam Blair ... 1822. 
[By J. G. Lockhart.] 

1 8 42. \_By Horace 


Adam Brown, the merchant 


Epiflols fratris Adje de Marifco de ordine Minorum. 
[J. S. Brewer, Monumenta Fnincifcana, p. 75.] 

ADAM (Alexander), LL.D. 

B. near Foires, 24 June, 1 741 . Educated at the Univerfity of 
Edinburgh. Appointed reftor of the High School, Edinburgh, 
June, 1768. D. 18 Dec. 1809. 

Roman antiquities ; or, an account of the manners and 

cuftoms of the Romans ... defigned chiefly to illuftrate the 

Latin dallies, by explaining words and phrafes, from the 

rites and cuftoms to which they refer. Second edition. 

8° Edinb. 1792. 

— Twelfth edition, correfted, improved, and enlai'ged, by 
the Rev. .J. R. Major, M.A., &c. 8° Lond. 1835. 

A compendious diiftionaiy of the Latin tongue. 

8° Edinb. 1805. 

— Second edition ; to which are added an Englifh and 
Latin dictionaiy, and an index of proper names. 

8° Edinb. 18 1 4. 
A fummai-y of geography and hiftoi-y, both ancient and 
modern ; containing an account of the political ftate and 
principal revolutions of the moft illuftrious nations in ancient 
and modem times ... defigned chiefly to conneft the ftudy 
of claflical learning with that of general knowledge ... The 
fifth edition. 8° Lond. 18 16. 

ADAM (George Ure). 

Tables to find the ftandard or fine weights of gold and 
filver ; alfo fhowing the converfion of Englilh into foreign 
affays, and foreign aflays into Englifti equivalents. 

8° Lond. 1854. 

ADAM (Guillaume). 

*' Advocat en Parlement ; Bailly de la Chaftellenie de Beu." 

Plaidoye en la Cour des aydes a Paris, avec I'arieft in- 

tervenu le troifieme Septembre 1627 ; fur I'exemption des 

advocats de la colledle des tallies, & de la derogeance a la 

dignite d' advocat. S^ Paris, 1628. 

ADAM (James). 

Praftical eflays on agriculture ... carefully collefted and 
digcfted from the most eminent authors, with experimental 
remarks. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1789. 

ADAM (James). 

Editor of the Aberdeen Herald. 
The knowledge qualification : a plan for the reciprocal ex- 
tenfion of education and the franchife. 8° Edinb. 1837. 

ADAM (John). 

B. in London, 20 May, 1803. D. at Kidderpore, 21 April, 

* Memoir of John Adam, late mifiJlonaiy at Calcutta. 

12° Lond. 1833. 

ADAM (Nicolaus). 

B. at Paris, 1716. Profellor of grammar in the College of 
Lifieux. D. at Paris, 1792. 

In pacem ... ode. 4° [Parifiis, 1749.] 



ADAM (Robert). 

A celebrated architefl. B. at Kirkcaldy, 1728. Educated at 
the Univerfity of Edinburgh, and afterwards visited Italy, where 
he remained nearly eight years (1754-62). D. at London, 3 
March, 1792. 

Ruins of the palace of the Emperor Diocletian at Sjia- 
latro in Dalmatia. fol. [Lond.] 1764. 

ADAM (Robert), B.A. 

Minifter of the Epifcopal congregation, Blackfriars' Wynd, 
Edinburgh, and iubiequently of St. John's Church, Chrillian- 
fta;dt, St. Croix. 

The religious world difplaycd ; or, a view of the four 
gi^nd fyftems of religion, Judiiifm, Paganifm, Chriftianity, 
and Mohammedifm ; and of the various e.xifting denomin.i- 
tions, fefts, and ])aities in the Chriftian world. To which 
is fubjoined a view of deifm and atheifm. In three volumes. 

8° Edinb. 1809. 

ADAM (Thomas), B.A. 

B. at Leeds, 25 Feb. 1701. Educated firft at Cambridge, and 
afterwards at Magdalen Hall, Oxford. Reflor of Wintring- 
ham, Lincolnfliire, 1724. D. 31 March, 17S4. 

An expofition of the four gofpels, of which thofc by 
St. Mark, St. Luke, and St. John, have never before been 
publiflied ... Edited by the Rev. A. Weftoby, M.A., &c. 
With a memoir of the authoi", by the editor. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1837. 

ADAM (William). 
Minifter at Humby. 

A letter from the country, containing fome remaiks con- 
cerning the national covenant and folemn league. In anfwcr 
to a late pamphlet [iy James IVebJler\, entituled. Lawful pre- 
judices againft an incorporating union with England. \ylmtiJ\ 

4° Edinb. 1707. 

A fccond letter from tlie country, in vindication of the 
former concerning the national covenant and fulemn league, 
in anfwer to a pamphlet, entituled. Lawful piejudlces, &c. 
[j4non.] 4° [Edinb.] 1707. 

ADAM (William). 

B. 2 Aug. 1751. Admitted a member of the ScottKh Bar, 
1773. Member of Parliament for various conrtitucncics, with 
a few (hort intervals of retirement, from 1774 to iSii. Ap- 
pointed one of the Barons of Exchequer in Scotland, 1814, and 
Lord Chief Commiflioncr of the Jury Court, 22 Jan. 1816. 
D. at Edinburgh, 17 Feb. 1839. 

Speech in the Houfe of Commons, March loth, 1794, 
on moving for the ])rodu6>ion of certain records, and for an 
addrefs to the king, to inteqiofe the royal juflice and clem- 
ency in behalf of Muir, Efq., and the Rev. Thomas 
Fyfhe Palmer. 8° Lond. 1794. 

The fpeech of William Adam, Efq., M.P. for Kincar- 
dincfliire, in the Houfe of Commons, on the third reading 
of the Scots Judicature Bill, on the 24111 of .(une, 1808. 

8' Edinb. 1808. 

S])ecch of William Adam on the 6th of April, 18 10, on 
Mr. Lethbridge's motion refpe<5ling Sir Francis Burdett : 
together with the fubftance of wliat Mr. Adam faid in the 
preceding debate for adjournment, and in the fubfequent 
proceedings, upon this momentous topic. 

8' Lond. I 8 10. 

Obferv.itions on certain claufes in the s&.s of the 55th 
Geo. III. ch. 42, ,nnd 59th Geo. III. ch. 35, creating 
and regulating trial by jury in civil caufcs in Scotland ; by 
the Lord Chief Commiflioner of the Jury Court. 

8° n. p. n. d, 

A praflical tre.atife and obfervations on trial by jury in civil 
caufes, as now incoqioimed with the jurifdiftion of the Court 
of Seflion. With an appendix. 8° Edinb. 1836. 

Additional obfervations on bills of exception ; being a 
fupplement to his treatife on tiial by jury. 

8° Edinb. 1836. 

ADAM (William), Architeft. 

Flans of houfes. fol. no title-page. 

ADAM (William). 

Mineralogift, Matlock, Derbyfhire. 

The gem of the Peak ; or, Matlock Bath and its vicinity ; 
an account of Derby ; a tour from Derby to Matlock . . . 
catalogue of minerals and rocks, and of the flora of the 
High and Low Peak. Third edition. 

12° Lond. 1843. 

Firft lefTons in geology ; with a fpccial aiticle on the toad- 
ftones of Derbyfliire, and a glolTaiy, exjjlanatoiy of geological 
terms and their derivations. i 2"^ Derby, 1857. 

Dales, fceneiy, filhing ftreams, and mines of Derbyfliire, 
and furrounding counties, hiftorical and geological. 

8" Lond. 1 86 1. 

ADAM (William Patrick). 

Thoughts on the policy of retaliation, and its probable 
effeft on the confumer, producer, and fliipowner. 

12° Lond. 1852. 

ADAMANNUS. See Adamnanus. 


A Jewiih pliyfician, who lived in the 4th century. 
•Puaioyiiu/iir.Sn liiZXia 13'. Ronite, 1545- [Aelianus, 
Fariie ijijiona; iyc, edit. I 5 45.] 

ADAMANTIUS. PfeuJ. of Richard Simon. 
ADAMI (Annibale). 

B. at Fcrrara, 1626. ProfelTor of rhetoric and belles lettres 
at the Jefuit College at Rome. D. about the end of the 17th 

Vita e morte gloriofi del ferenifTimo Re e maitire invit- 
tiiTimo, San Canuto Quarto, Re c protomaitire di Daniniaica. 

4° Roma, 1682. 
ADAMI (Antonio FiLirro). 

B. at Florence about 1720. D. 1761. 

Difll-rtazione critiche del ch. fenatore Anton Filippo 
Adanii in cui molti imiiortantiflimi argomenti fi trattano 
fopra le antichita Eti-ufche, Romane, e de niezzi tempi, aji- 
partenenti alia cittii di Firen/e, e fi efamina il genio, c lo 
Ijiiiito de fuoi fcrittori, e fpecialmente degli ftorici, c con 
fomnia erudizioiie, e perfettiflimo giudi/io li da' un nietodo 
ijer comiiilare una dilfuf.i, ed efatta illori.i Fiorentina. 

4= Pifa, 1766. 




An inquiry into the nature and profpefls of the Adamite 
race, as viewed in conneiSion with the fcheme of Chrifti- 
anity. 8^ Lend. 1838. 


B. 624. Abbot of the monaftery of lona, 679. D. 23 Sep. 

Vita Sanfli Columbx. [Edited for the Irifh Archxo- 
logical and Celtic Society, and for the Bannatyne Club, by 
the Rev. William Reeves, D.D.] 4° Dublinii, 1857. 

— [Canisius, Led'wnes antiquii, i. 674.] 

— [Messingham, Florilen'mm, p. 1 4 1.] 

— [PiNKERTON, Vit,i antiqiut fanctonim, p. 47.] 

De locis fandlis. [Mabillon, Acta fanBorum ord'in'u S. 
Benedilii, iv. 456.] 

ADAMO (Anthoni de). 

An anatomi, that is to friy, a parting in peeces of the 
mafs, which difcovereth the hoirible errors, and the infinit 
abufes unknowen to the people, afwel of the mafs as of the 
mafs book, veiy profitable, yea moll neceffary for al Chriftian 
people. With a fermon of the ficrament of thankefgyving 
in the end, whiche declareth whether Chrift be bodyly in the 
facrament or not. 8^ n. p. 1556. 

ADAMS (Arthur). 

A manual of natural hiftory, for the ufe of travellers ; 
being a defciiption of the families of the animal and vegetable 
kingdoms ; with remarks on the practical ftudy of geology 
and meteorology. To which are appended directions for 
collefting and preferving. By Arthur Adams, William Bal- 
four Baikie, M.D., and Charles Barron. 

8° Lend. 1854. 

ADAMS (Mrs. A.) 

How to make a diefs ; oi', a help to thofe who wifli to 
help themfelves. 12° Lond. 1853. 

— Third edition. 12° Lond. 1854. 
How to make a bonnet and a cap ; or, hints to thofe who 

think they have no tafte for millineiy. 

12° Lond. [1854.] 
Hints on drefs for ladies. 12° Lond. 1856. 

ADAMS (Charles Warren). 

A fpring in the Canterbury fettlement. 

8° Lond. 1853. 
Randal Vaughan ; or, felf in felf-faciifice : a novel. 2 
vols. 12= Lond. 1856. 

Drawing-room charades, for a(5ling. 8° Lond. 1856. 

ADAMS (Charlotte). 

Little fervant maids. 12° Lond. 1848. 

Edgar Clifton ; or, right and wrong : a ftory of fchool 
life. 12° Bath [1852.] 

Boys at home. Second edition. 8° Lond. 1854. 
Matilda Lonfdale ; or, the eldeft fiftei'. 

8° Lond. 1855. 

The errand boy ; or, your time is your employer's. 

12° Lond. [1858.] 
ADAMS (Coker), M.A. 

The infcription on the crofs as recorded by the four evan- 
gelifts : a fermon preached at St. Mary's, in Oxford, before 
the Univerfity. \Luhe xxiii. 38.] 8° Oxford, 1858. 

ADAMS (C. P.) 

Creflingham ; or, the miffionaiy. [^non.] 

12° Lond. 1846. 
ADAMS (Dudley). 

*' ProfeJTional medico-electrician." 

Eledlricity is the fountain, the great vivifying principle of 
nature ; a fource of life and health ; medicine the requifite 
accelToiy to that fcience : an addrefs ... 

8° Lond. 1820. 
God declared. Our Saviour proved to have been God. 
Mankind the fpiritual offspring of God. The creeds elu- 
cidated. The impreffive prophecy revealed. Etherealifm, 
the fcience of the elements, exemplified. 

4° Lond. 1827. 

ADAMS (Edwin). 

The geographical word-expofitor ; or, names and terms 
occurring in the fcience of geography, etymologically and 
otherwife explained. For the ufe of pupil-teachers and 
the upper claffes in fchools. 12° Lond. 1856. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1856. 

Notes on the geology, mineralogy, and fprings of England 
and Wales, to which are added a gloffarial appendix of names 
and terms ufed in the work ; queftions for examination ; and 
a few remarks on local etymology. Second edition. 

8° Lond. i860. 

ADAMS (Francis), M.D., LL.D. 

A native of Aberdeenftiire, and medical praftitioner at Ban- 
chory Ternan. D. 26 Feb. 1861, aged about 60. 

Amndines Devs ; or, poetical tranflations on a new prin- 
ciple. By a Scotch phyfician. 8° Edirb. 1853. 

ADAMS (F. C.) 

Manuel Pereira ; or, the fovereign rule of South Carolina. 
With views of fouthern laws, life, and hofpitality. 

8° Lond 1852. 

ADAMS (George). 

Mathematical inftrument maker to the king. D. 5 March, 

The defcription and ufe of the univerfal tiigonometrical 
oftant, invented and applied to Hadley's quadrant . . . 

8° Lond. 1753. 

A treatife defcribing and explaining the conilnailion and 
ufe of new celeftial and terreftrial globes. Defigned to illuf- 
trate, in the mofl eafy and natural manner, the phoenomena 
of the earth and heavens, and to fhew the correfpondence 
of the two fpheres. With a great variety of agronomical 
and geographical problems occafionally interfperfed. 

8° Lond. 1766. 



ADAMS (George). 

Son of the preceding, and his fucceiror as mathematical in- 
ftrument maker to the king. B. 1750. D. 14 Aug. 1795. 

Effays on the microfcope ; containing a pra>flical defciip- 
tion of the moft improved miciofcopes ; a general hiflory of 
infcdts, their transformations, peculiar habits, and oeconomy 
... illultrated with thirty-two folio jjlates. Second edition, 
with confiderable additions and improvements, by Frederick 
Kanmacher, F.L.S. 4° Lond. 179S. 

ADAMS (George). 

Farmer in Worcefterihire. 

A treatife on a new fyftem of agriculture, and feeding of 
ftock. 8° Kidderminfter, [ 1 8 i o.] 

ADAMS (H.^nnah). 

B. at Medfield, Martachufetts, 1755. D. 1832. 

Hiftory of the Jews, from the deftmiflion of Jerufalem to 
the prefent time. 8° Lond. 1818. 

On the ftate of the world at Chrift's appearance. 1 S 2 3. 
[Prefixed to T. Williams' D'lHiunary of all religions^ 

ADAMS (Henry). 

Adams's parliamentary handbook : a key to the Houfes 
of Lords and Commons. 8^ Lond. 1853. 

— Third edition. Edited by Edward Morton, Efq. 

8^ Lond. 1854. 

ADAMS (Henry Cadwallader), M.A. 

A new Greek deleftus, adapted to the arrangement of the 
Rev. C. Wordiworth's grammar. With a lexicon and ap- 
pendix. 12° Lond. 1 8 5 I . 

— Second edition. 12° Lond. 1853. 

— Third edition. 12° Lond. 1855. 

— Another edition. 8° Lond. 1857. 
Greek cxercifes, adapted to Adams's Greek deleftus, and 

Wordfworth's grammar. With a lexicon. 

12° Lond. 1S5C). 

— Second edition. 12= Lond. 1858. 
A new Latin deleiflus, adapted to the airangcmcnt of the 

Latin giammar. With a lexicon and notes. 

12° Lond. 1852. 

— Another edition. 8° Lond. 1857. 
Latin exercifes adapted to the arrangement of the Eton 

and Edw.'s grammars, and Adams's Latin deli.dlus. 
With a lexicon. 8^ Lond. 1858. 

The firfl: of .Tune ; or, fchoolboy rivali-y : a fecond tale 
of Charlton School. b ' Lond. 1856. 

Sivan the fleeper : a tale of all time. 

8^ Lond. I (^57. 
The twelve foundations ; and other poems. 

8° Cambridge, 1859. 
ADAMS (H. G.) 

Flowers ; their mora! language and poetry. 

I 2° Lond. 1844. 
Favorite fong-birds ; containing a jiopular defci iption of 
the feathered fongfters of Bi itain , witli an account of tlieir 

habits, haunts, and charaderiftic traits . . . Edited by H. G. 
Adams. 8° Lond. 1851. 

A cyclopredia of poetical quotations ; confiding of choice 
paflages fiom the poets of every age and country, claffified 
under diftinifl heads, and alphabetically arranged for ready 
reference. With a copious index of fubjefls and authors' 
names. Edited by H. G. Adams. 8" Lond. 1853. 

God's image in ebony : being a feries of biogi'aphical 
flcetches, fafts, anecdotes, &c., demonllrative of the mental 
])owers and intelleftual capacities of the negro race. Edited 
by H. G. Adams ; with a brief iketch of the anti-flavery 
movement in America, by F. W. Cheflbn ; and a con- 
cluding chapter of additional evidence, communicated by 
Wilfon Armiftead, Efq. 8"^ Lond. 1854. 

Nefts and eggs of familiar Britifh birds, defcribed and 
illuftrated ; with an account of the haunts and habits of the 
feathered architefts, and their times and modes of building. 

8 Lond. 1854. 

Beautiful butterflies : the Britifh fpecies defcribed and 
illuftrated. With an introdufloiy chapter containing the 
hiftory of a butterfly through all its changes and transforma- 
tions ; a dcfcription of its ftruifture in the laiTa, pupa, and 
imago ftates ; and an explanation of the fcientiflc terms ufed 
by naturalifts in reference thereto. With obfervations upon 
the poetical and other aflbciations of the infeft. 

8° Lond. 1854. 

Cage and finging birds : how to c:itch, keep, breed, and 
rear them. 8 Lond. 1854. 

Beautiful fliells : their nature, ftmfture, and ules familiar- 
ly explained ; with direiftions for colleiJting, cleaning, and 
arranging them in the cabinet ; defcriptions of the moft re- 
markable fpecies, and of the creatures which inhabit them ; 
and explan-itions of the meanings of their fcientiflc names, 
and of the terms ufed in conchology. 8° Lond. 1855. 

A ftoiy of the feafons. Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1855. 

Humming birds, defcribed and illuftrated ; with an in- 
troductory flcetch of their ftrufture, plumage, haunts, habits, 
&c. 12° Lond. 1S56. 

The fea-fide leflbn book : defigned to convey to the youth- 
fiil mind a knowledge of the nature and ufes of the common 
things of the fea-coaft. In a feries of familiar defcriptive 
chapters ; with queftions for examination, and explanations 
of the meanings of the fcientiflc terms. 8° Lond. 1856. 

A cyclopedia of female biogra])hy ; confifting of fl<etches 
of all women who have been diftinguiflied by great talents, 
ftrength of chaiadK'r, piety, benevolence, or moral viitue of 
any kind ; forming a complete record of womanly e.xcil- 
lence or ability. Edited by H. G. Adams. 

S° Lond. 1857. 

New Teftament verfes. 8° Lond. [1857.] 

The ])eace Reading-uook ... Edited by H. G. Adams. 

ADAMS (James). 

Minilkr at Kinnaird. 
Marrow-chicaning difjtlay'd : in a letter to the Rev. Mr. 
Eben-ezer Erikine ... cont^iining fl)me obfervations upon the 
jireface to liis fermon, er.tituled, God's lillle rfmminl, &c. 
I'o which are ftibjoincd, fome things concerning alfurance in 
the direet a(5l of juftifying faith, and the tendency ot the 



Marrow, and the praiftices of its favourites, to advance gof- 
pel holinefs. By a lover of peace and tmth in this Church. 

8° n. p. 1726. 

* The viper fliakcn off without hurt into the fire : being a 
fhort anfwer to a pamphlet latelypubHflied, intituled, Marrow- 
chicaning difplay'd, &c. : in a letter to the Rev. A. A n, 

minifter of the gofpel at . 8° Edinb. 1726. 

The inde])endent ghoft conjur'd : being a review of three 
letters clandcftinely fent to a minifter in the prefbytery of 
Dundee, in anfwer to his queries concerning the lawfuinefs 
of national covenanting. Together with the three letters and 
queries themfelves. 8" Edinb. 1728. 

Remarks on a late pamphlet \by Archibald Campbell, 
D.D.,'\ intituled. The apoftles no enthufiafts : in a dia- 
logue between a profeffor of hift. and divinity, a theologue, 
a ferious Chriftian, an enthufiaft, and an obfei'vator. 

8° Edinb. 173 i. 

ADAMS (James). 

A native of England. Profeffor of languages in the College of 
St. Omer, which he quitted on the breaking out of the French 
revolution, and retired to Edinburgh. The date of his death is 

The pronunciation of the Englilh language vindicated from 
imputed anomaly and caprice ; in two parts . . . with an ap- 
pendix, on the dialeds of human fpeech in all countries, and 
an analytical difcuffion and vindication of the dialeifl of Scot- 
land. 8^ Edinb. 1799. 

ADAMS (James). 

An effay to fimplify and improve the fyftem of fliort-hand 
invented by Dr. Byrom ... 8° Greenwich, n. d. 

ADAMS (.Tames J.), F.L.S., G.S. 

A new operation for the cuie of amaurofis, impaired vifion, 
and fliortfiohtednefs : in a letter addi-effed to John Richard 
Farre, M.D., &c. 8"Lond. 1841. 

ADAMS (Jane) 
Mifcellany poems. 

8° Glafgow, 1734. 

ADAMS (.Tohn). 

Of the Inner Temple. 

Index villaris : or, an exaft regifter, alphabetically digefted, 
of all the cities, market-towns, parifhes, villages ... in Eng- 
hnd and Wales ... fol. Lond. 1690. 

ADAMS (John), D.D. 

B. in London, 1662. Educated at Eton and King's College, 
Cambridge. Reftor of St. Alban's, Wood Street, London, 1 694. 
Prebendary of Canterbury, 1702, and of Windfor, 1708. Pro- 
voft of King's College, 1712. D. 29 Jan. 17L'. 

An effay concerning folf-muither. Wherein is endea- 
vour'd to prove that it is unlawful according to natuial prin- 
ciples. With fome confiderations upon what is pretended 
from the faid principles, by the author of a treatife, intituled, 
Biathanatos, and others. 8° Lond. 1 700. 

A fermon preach'd at the cathedral-church of St. Paul, be- 
fore the Right Honourable Sir Samuel Garrard, lord mayor 
of the city of London, and the court of aldermen, on Tuef- 

day, Novemb. 22, 1709, being the day appointed by her 
Majelly's royal proclamation, for a publick thankfgiving. 
\Ps. v. II.] 8" Lond. 1709. 

A fermon preach'd before the Hon. Houfe of Com- 
mons at St. Margaret's, Weftminfter, on Thurfday March 8, 
I7"j, being the day on which her Majefty began her happy 
reign, and appointed to be obferv'd with publick thankf- 
giving. \JJa''. xlix. 23.] 4° Lond. 171 1. 

ADAMS (.John), LL.D. 

Second Prefident of the United States. B. at Braintree, 
Maffachufetts, 19 Oft. 1735. D. 4th July, 1S26. 

A defence of the conftitutions of government of the United 
States of America. 2 vols. S° Lond. 1787. 

Obfen'ations on Paine's Rights of man : in a feries of 
letters by Pubiicola. \PJeud.'\ 8° Edinb. [1792.] 

ADAMS (John), A.M. 

B, at Aberdeen about 1 750. Minifter of the Scotch Church, 
Hatton Garden, London. Mafter of an academy at Putney. 
D. 1S14. 

A view of univerfal hiflory, from the creation to the pre- 
fent time. Including an account of the celebrated revolutions 
in France, Poland, Sweden, Geneva, Sec, &c. Together 
with an accurate and impartial narrative of the late military 
operations ; and other important events. 3 vols. 

8° Lond. 1795. 

ADAMS (John). 

Analyfis of horfemanfhip ; teaching the whole art of rid- 
ing, in the manege, militaiy, hunting, racing, or travelling 
fyftem. Together with the method of breaking horfes, and 
drefFmg them, to all kinds of manege. 8° Lond. 1799. 

ADAMS (John). 

Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple, 27 Nov. 1S12. Ad- 
vanced to the dignity of Serjeant-at-Law in Trinity term, 1S24. 
Chairman of the Middlefex magiftnites in 1836, and Afliftant 
Judge of the Middlefex feflions in 1S44. D. 10 January, 1856, 
in his 70th year. 

A treatife on the principles and praftice of the adlion of 
ejeftment, and the refulting adlion for mefne profits. Second 
edition. 8° Lond. 18 18. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1830. 

— Fourth edition. 8" Lond. 1846. 
A letter to Benjamin Hawes, Efq., M.P., and chairman 

of the Metropolitan Police Committee. 

8° Lond. 1838. 

A letter to the juftices of the peace of the county of 
Middlefex, on the fubjedt of licences for public mufic and 
dancing, 25th Geo. II. c. 36. 12° Lond. 1850. 

Central Criminal Court jurrfdiftion : a letter to the Right 
Hon. J. S. Wortlev, M.P., Recorder of London. 

8° Lond. 1854. 

ADAMS (John). 

Sketches taken during ten voyages to Africa, between the 
years 1786 and 1800, including obfeiTations on the country 
between Cape Palmas and the River Congo ; and curfory re- 
marks on the phyfical and moral charaifler of the inhabitants ; 
with an appendix, containing an account of the European trade 
with the weft coaft of Africa. 8" Lond. 1822. 



— Another edition, entitled, Remarks on the countiy ex- 
tending from Cape Palmas to the River Congo ... 

8° Lond. 1S23. 
ADAMS (John), Junr. 

Eldeft fon of Mr. Serjeant Adams. Called to the Bar at the 
Middle Temple, 25 Jan. 1839. D. 18 Sep. 1848. 

The doftrine of equity : being a commentary on the law 
as adminlfteied by the Court of Chancery. 

8" Lond. 1850. 
ADAMS (John). 

The anatomy and difeafes of the proftate gland. 

8^ Lond. 185 I. 

— Second edition. S" Lond. 1853. 

ADAMS (John Quincy). 

Sixth Prefident of the United States. Eldeft fon of John 
Adams, fccond Prefident. B. 11 June, 1767. Ambaffador 
fucccflively at Berlin, St. Pcterfburg, Vienna, and London. 
Succeeded Monroe as Prefident, Feb, 1825. D. at Wafliing- 
ton, 17 Feb. 184S. 

Letters on Silefia, wiitten during a tour through that 

countryin the years 1800, 1801 ... 8° Lond. 1804. 


Man-midwifery expofed ! or, what it is, and what it ought 
to be ; proving the pradlice to be injurious and difgracefiil 
to fociety, the frequent caufe of jealoufy and difguft, and of 
ferious mifchief to delicate and modeft females. With broad 
hints to new married people, and young men and women. 

8" Lond. 1830. 

ADAMS (Nehkmiah), D.D. 

Paftor of Eflex Street Church, Bofton. 
The friends of Chrift in the New Teftament : thirteen 
difcourfes. 8° Lond. 1857. 

ADAMS (Richard Leonard), M.A. 

Perpetual curate of Wimbledon, Surrey. 

The meaning of this fervice : a fermon, preached in the 
parifh church of Wimbledon, Surrey, to the candidates for 
confirmation, Sept. 21, 1845. ^Exoi/us xii. 26.] 

8° Lond. 1846. 

ADAMS (Robert). 

* The narrative of Robert Adams, a failor, who was 
wrecked on the weftera coaft of Africa, in the year 1810, 
was detained three years in flavery by the Arabs of the Great 
Oefert, and refided feveral months in the city of Tombudtoo. 
With a map, notes, and an appendix. Edited by S. Cock. 

4° Lond. 18 1 6. 

ADAMS (Robert), M.D., A.M. 

Surgeon to the Richmond Hofpital. 

An account of a cafe of fuicidal poifoning by ftrychnia : 
with fonie obfervations on the fjiecial points of fimihirity and 
dilTmiilarity between the effedls on the human body of an over- 
dofe of ftrychnia, and the fymptoms of ordinary tetanus. 

8' Dublin, 1856. 

A trcatife on rheumatic gout, or chronic rheumatic ar- 
thritis of all the joints. 8° Lond. 1857. 

Illuftrations of the effeifls of rheumatic gout, or clironic 

rheumatic aitliritis, on all the articulations ; with defcrijjtive 
and explanatory llatements. 40 Lond. 1857. 

ADAMS (Sarah Flower). 

Vivia Perpetua : a dramatic poem, in five afts. 

12° Lond. 1 84 1. 
ADAMS (Thomas). 

A clergyman of the Church of England, who dcfcribes him- 
felf in 1613 as "preacher of God's Word at Wiliington in 
Bedford/hire." Reitor of St. Benets, St. Paul's Wharf, Lon- 
don, of which he was deprived during the rebellion. Died 
before the Reftoration. 

The white devil, or the hy])0crite uncafed : in a fermon 
preached at Pauls CrofFe, March 7, 16 12. [Jo/m 12. 6.] 

4° Lond. 161 3. 

Five fermons preached upon fundiy efpeciall occafions ; 
viz. — I. The finncrs mourning habit ; in Whitehall, March 
29, being the firfl Tuefday after the departure of King James 
into bleffednefle. 2. A vifitation fermon, in Chriil Chuich, 
at the triennial vifitation of ... the Lord Bifhop of London. 
3. The holy choice ; in the chappell by Guildliall at the 
folemne eledion of . . . the Lord Maior of London. 4. The 
banen tree, at Pauls Crofle, OA. 26. 5. T'he temple, at 
Pauls Crofle, Aug. 5. 4° Lond. 1626. 

[The " Barren tree," and the " Temple," have each a feparate 
title-page and pagination, the former dated 1623, the latter (which is 
imperfect), 1624.] 

The three divine fillers, Faith, Hope, and Charity. The 
leaven ; or, a direflion to heaven. A crucifix ; or, a fer- 
mon upon the paflion. Semper Idem ; or, the immutable 
mercy of Jefus Chrift, etc., etc., etc. With introduiflion 
by the Rev. W. H. Stowell. 8= Lond. 1847. 

ADAMS (Thomas). 

Diftinguiflied for his attachment to Charles 1. Lord Mayor 
of London, 1645. Created a baronet by Charles IL, l56i. D. 

* The lord-mayor's farewell, from his office of Mayor- 
altie, whicii was fent to him in a letter by one of thofe who 
are ufually (but unjuftly) called Anabaptifts. 

4° n. p. [1646.] 

ADAMS (William), D.D. 

B. at Shrewlbury, 1707. Educated at Pembroke College, 
Oxford. Vicar of St. Chad's, Shrewlbury', I73i- Mafter of 
Pembroke College, 26 July, 1775. D. at Glouccfter, 13 Feb. 

Sermons upon feveral fubjedls. 8" Shrewfbury, i 790. 

ADAMS (Sir William). 

A praflical inquiry into the caufcs of the frequent f lilure 
of the operations of depreflion, and of the extradion of tlie 
cataraft, as ufually performed, with the defciiption of a feries 
of new and improved operations, by tlie juadice of wliich, 
mod of tliefe caufcs of failure may be avoided. Ilkiftrated 
by tables of the comparative fuccefs of the new and old modes 
of pradice. 8° Lond. 1S17. 

A letter to the ... direftors of Grcciiwicli Hofpital, con- 
taining an expofure of tlie meafures lefoited to, by the medical 
officers of tlie London Eye Infirmaiy, for tlie \mr]m(e of 
retarding the adoption, and e-xecution of plans for the cxter- 


mination of the Egyptian ophthalmia from the army, and 
from the kingdom, fubmitted for the approval of Government 
by Sir W. Adams. 8° Lond. 1 8 1 7. 

A reply by Sir W. Adams to a recent publication againft 
him, puii)orting to be the " Report of the committee of the 
London Infirraaiy, for curing difeafes of the eye." 

8° Lond. 18 18. 

ADAMS (William), M.A. 

Second fon of Mr. Serjeant Adams. Fellow of Merton Col- 
lege, Oxford. D. at Bonchurcb, Ifle of Wight, 17 Jan. 184S. 

Warnings of the holy week, &c. : being a couife of paro- 
chial leftures for the week before Eafter, and the Eafler 
feftivals. 12^ Lond. 1847. 

The old man's home. Fourth edition. 

12° Lond. 1847. 
The king's mcflengers : an allegorical tale. 

12° Lond. 1848. 
Sacred allegories. New edition. 4= Lond. 1856. 

ADAMS (Willi.^m). 

A flvetch of the principles and piaftice of fubcutaneous fur- 
gery ; being the oration delivered before the Medical Society 
of London, at tlieir eighty-fouith anniverfary, March 9, 
1857. 8° Lond. 1857. 

The reparative procefs in human tendons after fubcutaneous 
divifion for the cure of deformities ; with an account of the 
appearances prefented in fifteen poft-mortem examinations in 
the human fubjedl ; alfo a feries of experiments on rabbits, 
and a refume of the Englifli and foreign literatui'e of the 
fubjeft. 8° Lond. i860. 

ADAMS (W. H. Davenport). 

The hiftoiy, topography, and antiquities of the Ifle of 
Wight, illuftrated and defcribed. 4° Lond. 1S56. 

Neptune's heroes ; or, the fea-kings of England, from Sir 
John Hawkins to Sir John Franklin. 8° Lond. 1861. 

" Round about our coal fire : " a book of new games, ori- 
ginal and feledled, with appiopriate mufic, Chriftmas charades 
and fongs, novellettes, and diawing-room comediettas. 

8° Lond. [186 1.] 

ADAMSON (E. H.), M.A. 

Catechetical exercifcs upon the faints' days of the Englifh 
Church. 12° Lond. 1847. 

ADAMSON (Henry). 

A native of Perth. D. 1639. 

The mufes threnodie, oi' miithfull mournings, on the death 
of Mafter Gall ; containing varietie of pleafant poetlcall de- 
fcriptions, moral! inltraiftions, hiltoricall narrations, and divine 
obfervations, with the moft remarkable antiquities of Scotland, 
efpecially at Perth. 4= Edinb. 1638. 

— Another edition, with e.Kplanatoiy notes, and obfer- 
vations, &c., by James Cant. 12° Perth, I 774. 

The feventh day. 

8° Douglas, 1856. 

ADAMSON (James), D.D. 

Of Cape Town, South Africa. 

What ought England to do with refpeft to church patron- 
age in Scotland: 8° Edinb. 1840. 

Notes on Cape affaiis : a letter to C. B. Adderly, Efq., 
M. P. (July 12, 1851.) 8= Lond. 1851. 

ADAMSON (John). 

Ta T'M IMouffoiB haooia. The mufes welcome to the high 
and mightie Prince lames, by the grace of God, king of 
Great Britaine, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, 
&c., at his M. happie returne to his old and native kingdome 
of Scotland after xiiii. yeers abfence, in anno 1617. 

fol. Edinb. 1 61 8. 

Ta ruv Mouauiv i^odia,. PlanSus, & vota mufarum in 
augufliffimi monarchae lacobi Magnas Britannia?, Franciae, et 
Hibernias Regis, &c. ; recefTu e Scotia in Angliam, AugufH 
4, anno 1617. fol. Edinb. 1618. 

ADAMSON (John), D.D. 

Principal of the College of Edinburgh. 

Dioptra glorix divinas : feu enarratio Pfalmi xix. et in 
eundem meditationes. 4° Edinb. 1637. 

iToiyjiuBii eloquiomm Dei, five methodus religionis 
Chiiflianas catechetica : in ufum Academic lacobi Regis, 
et fcholarum Edinburgenfium confcripta. Secunda editio 
priore emendatior. 8° Edinb. 1637. 

ADAMSON (John). 

Some enqueries, into Mr. Anderfon's Letters, concern- 
ing his ingenuity in pleading for prefbytry. [ylnon.^ 

8° no title-page. 
ADAMSON (John). 

B. at Gatcihcad, 13 Sep. 1787. Placed when young in a 
merchant's office in Lifbon, where he acquired a knowledge of 
the Portuguefc language and literature. Returned to England, 
and became a lolicitor at Newcaftle-upon-Tyne. D. there, 27 
Sep. 1855. 

Memoirs of the life and writings of Luis de Camoens. 
2 vols. 8° Lond. 1820. 

Lufitania illuftrata : notices on the hiftory, antiquities, 
literature, &c., of Portugal. Literary department. Part I. 
Seledtion of fonnets, with biographical flvetches of the 
authors. Part II. Minlh'elfy. 

8° NewcafUe-upon-Tyne, 184.2—6. 

ADAMSON (John), M.D. 

The caufe and cure of Afiatic or malignant cholera. 

8° Lond. 1851. 
ADAMSON (John L.) 

Minifter of St. David's, Dundee. 
Jofeph and his brethren. 12° Edinb. 1844. 

ADAMSON (Patrick). 

B. at Perth, 1536. Studied in France, whence he returned 
to Scotland, married, and became Archbifhop of St. Andrews. 
D. there, 19 Feb. 1592. 

Catechifmus Latino carmine redditus et in libros quatuor 
digefhis Patricii Adamfoni Scoti, poets elegantiffimi, opera 



atque induftiia. Ad illuftiiflimuni et fummce fpei principcm 
lacoburn Sextum Scotomm legem fL-rcniflinium, etc. 

8° Edinb. 1581. 
The recantation of Maifter Patrik Adamfone, fometime 
Archbiftiop of Saint Androwes in Scotlande. 

8° n.p. 1598. 
Poemata facra, cum aliis opufculis ; ftudio ac indufliia 
Tho. Volufeni I.C. expolita ct recognita. 

4° Lond. 1 6 1 9. 
De facro paftoi'is munere tracftatus brevis, et accuratus ; 
opeia Tho. Volufeni I.C. recognitus et expoHtus. 

8" Lond. 16 1 9. 
Genethliacum feieniflimi Scotiae, Anglic, & Hibernije 
principis .Jacobi VI. Marias Reginas filil [Jonston, Dc/i- 
tia poelarum Scotorum, i. 13.] 

ADAMSON (Robert). 

The cottage garden. Second edition. 

8= Edinb. 1S56. 
ADAMSON (William). 

The difcoveiy of an univerfal principle for dividing the 
circumference of the circle, or any part of it, into a given 
number of equal parts, by a new inftrument called the cyclo- 
meter. 8° Lond. 18 15. 


" Prjemonflratenfis, Candida Cafa;, in Scotia, abbas et epifc." 
Soliloquioi"ura de inftradlione anima; libri ii. [Pez, The- 
faurus anecdotorum twv'ijjlmus, i. ii. 337.] 

ADAMUS, Bremensis. 

A native, it is thought, of Upper Germany, who came to 
Bremen in 1067, and was appointed minor canon of the cathe- 
dral, and direftor of the fchool of that city. The date of his 
death is unknown. 

Hiftoriaecclefiaftica, continens rcligionis propagatoe gefla, 
quae a temporibus Karoli Magni, ufque ad Henricum IIIL 
acciderunt, in Ecclefia Hamburgenfi quam Bremenfi, vicin- 
ifque locis Septcntrionalibus . . . Ejufdem auftoris libellus de 
fitu Daniar, & reliquarum quae trans Daniam funt rcgionum 
natura ; deque gentium iftamm iftis temporibus, moiibus re- 
ligionibusque. Nunc primum in luccm editus ... cura et 
labore Erpoldi Lindenbruch. 4° Lugd. Bat. 1598. 

— [LiNDENBROGius, Rerum Germaincarum fcriptores, 
p. ..] 

— edente Jo. M. Lappcnberg. [Pertz, Monumenia 
Germama: hijlor'ica, ix. 267.] 

Hiftorix ccclefiafticx libri primi capita xxxii. notis Ot- 
tonis Sperlingii illullrata. [Westphalen, Monumenia In- 
edlla rcriim Germanicarum, ii. 615.I 

Chorogra])hia Scandinaviae ; five defcriptio vetuftiflima 
regionum et populoram Aquilonarium, Sueciae, Danias, et 
NonvegifB, per venefabilcm viinim Adamum, Brenienfis eccle- 
liK canonicum, anno m.lxii. nempii ante d.xl. elaborata : nunc 
vero a .loiianne Mcflenio . . . fideliter revifa, atque feparatim 
... publicata. 8° Holmix, 161 5. 

ADAMUS (Clemens). 

Anglorum navigatio ad Mofcovitas. \Rcrum Musco- 
VITICARUM tiuBores vari'i, p. I 42.] 

VOL. I. 

ADAMUS (Franciscus). 

Canon ofFcrmo. Flourirtied about the middle of the i6th 

De rebus geftis in civitate Firmana fragmentorum libri 
duo. Quibus adjecit Casfar Ottinellus de Firnio, Piceni urbe 
nobilifTmia, elogium. [Gr^cvius, Thefaurus aniiquitatum el 
hijloriarum Ital'is, vii. 2.] 

ADAMUS (Johannes). 

Horatianarum parodianim liber primus ... [et fecundus.] 

8° Heidclbergae, 1611-12. 
— Odamm liber primus. 8" Heidelbergae, 161 5. 

ADAMUS (Melchior). 

B. in the diftrifl of Grotkau in Silefia. Reftor of the gym- 
nafium at Heidelberg. D. 13 March, l6z2. 

Dignorum laude viromm, quos Mufa vetat niori, immor- 

talitas ; feu vitas theologoi-um, jure-confultorum, & politi- 

corum, mcdicoi'um atque [ihilofophoram, maximam partem 

Germanoram, nonnuUam quoque exteroium ... Editio teitia. 

fol. Francofurti ad Moenum, 1706. 


Chronicon, five hiftoria fid temporis ; cui fubjicitur ejuf- 
dem Chronici continuatio. E codice Reginenfi nunc primum 
edidit Antonius Hallius. [N. Trivetus, Annalmm con- 
tinualio, life, p. 31.] 

Chronica fui temporis, nunc primum per decem annos 
audta (m.ccc.iu. — m.ccc.xlvi.) cum eorundem continuatione 
(ad M.ccc.LXxx.) a quodam anonymo, ad fidem codicum 
manufcriptonim edidit et recenfuit Thomas Hog. [Englifh 
Hiftorical Society.] 8° Lond. 1846. 

ADANSON (Michel). 

Of Scotch extraflion. B, at Aix, in Provence, 7 April, 1717. 
D. at Paris, 3 Aug. 1806. 

Hiftoire naturelle du Senegal. Coquillages. Avec la rela- 
tion abregee d'un voyage fait en ce pays, pendant les annees 

1749' S°' 5'' 5^' '•■' 53- 4° I'ai's. i757; 

A voyage to Senegal, the iflc of Goree, and the river 
Gambia. [Pinkerton's Colletlion of voyages and travels, 

xvi. 598.] 


Adaptability : an expofition of the law of all jihenomena. 
Particularly exemplified in the hidoiy and relation of fuper- 
ftition, morality, and human progrefs. 8° Lond. 1856. 


Ada Reis; a tale. [By Lady C. Lamu.] 

ADCOCK (Henry). 

Syllabus of a cou) ie of eight le(5lures on mechanical philo- 
fophy, including numerous rules, tables, and data, with illuf- 
trative remarks for praftical application. 

12° Leeds, 1832. 

Adcock's engineer's pocket-book, for the year 1853; 
containing numerous and extenfive ubies and formuix for 



ufe in fupeificial and folid menfuration ; ftrength and weight 
of materials; machineiy; railway ftatiftics ; chemifti-y ; etc. 

8' Lond. 1853. 
— for the year i860 ... 8° Lond. i860. 

ADDA (Ferdinando, Cardinal d'). 

Relazione dello ftato prefente dell' acque che infeftano le 
tre provincie di Romagna, Ferrara, e Bologna ; con il parere 
fopra li rimedi propofti. [By F. Card. d'Adda and F. 
Card. Barbei'ini. Raccolta cl'auiori che irattano del moto 
dell' acque, iii. 4 1 9.] 

ADDAMS (Francis Holland), M.A. 

An offering for the fanftuaiy : a fernion preached in St. 
John's church, Netting Hill, in aid of the fund for liqui- 
dating the debt due for building the faid church, June I 8th, 
1854. [Exod. XXXV. 5.] 12° Lond. 1854. 

ADDAMS (Jesse), LL.D. 

Reports of cafes argued and determined in the Ecclefi- 
aftical Courts at Dodlors' Commons, and in the High Court 
of Delegates, from 1823 to 1826. 3 vols. 

8° Lond. 1823-6. 


A (hoit effay upon free-thinking. 8° Lond. 

17 14. 

ADDERLEY (Charles Bowyer), M.P. 

EfTay on human happinefs. 12° Lond. 1849. 

Some reflecftions on the fpeech of the Rt. Hon. Lord 
John Ruffell on colonial policy. 8' Lond. 1850. 

Statement of the prefent Cape cafe : addrefled to the 
Society for Reform of Colonial Government. 

8° Lond. 185 I. 

Tranfportation not neceffary. 8° Lond. 185 i. 

Reflexions on Dr. Hook's feiTOon on " The Lord's 
day." 12° Lond. 1856. 

Punifliment is not education : a review of a charge on the 
fubjeft of tickets of leave, by M. D. Hill, Efq., recorder of 
Birmingham. 8° Lond. 1856. 

A traft on tickets of leave. 12° Lond. 1857. 


iftVifcount Sidmouth. B. 30 May, 1757. Speaker of the 
Houi'e of Commons, 1796. Raifed to the peerage, Jan. 1805. 
D. 15 Feb, 1844. 

* The life and correfpondence of the Rt. Hon. Heniy 
Addington. By George Pellew, D.D. 1847. 


Some account of the abbey church of St. Peter and St. 
Paul at Dorchefter, Oxfordfltire. 8° Oxford, 1845. 

ADDINGTON (Stephen), D.D. 

A diffenting clergyman. B. at Northampton, 1729. Educated 
at the academy conduiled by Dr. Doddridge. Paftor of a con- 
gregation at Spaldwiclc, whence he removed to Market Har- 
borough in 1752. Became minifter of the chapel in Miles 
Lane, Cannon Street, London, 1781. D. 6 Feb. 1796. 

Eufebes to Philetus : a feries of letters from a father to 
a fon, on a devout temper and life. 12= Lond. 1767. 

ADDINGTON (Sir William). 

For upwards of twenty-eight years a magiftrate at Bow Street. 
D. 7 April, 181 1. 

An abiidgement of penal ftatutes, which exhibits at one- 
view, the offences, and the punifhment or penalties, in con- 
fequence of thofe offences, the mode of recoveiing and ap- 
plication of the penalties, the number of witneffes, and the 
jurisdiftion necefliuy to the feveral conviftions, and the 
chapters and feftions of the enafting ftatutes, including the 
fifth feffion of the feventeenth parliament 1795. "T^^^ fourth 
edition, with large additions and annotations. 

4^ Lond. 1795. 

— Another edition \alfo called the fourtli\^, with large 
additions and annotations. To which is added, a continua- 
tion of the ftatutes to the 5 ift year of Geo. III. inclufive. 

40 Lond. 18 1 2. 

ADDIS (Alfred), B.A. 

Heaven opened, or the Word of God : being the twelve 
vifions of Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel, and St. John, explained. 

8° Lond. 1829. 

— Another edition, entitled, The theoiy of prophecy ; 
as it refpeds more particularly civil eftablifhments of Chrif- 
tianity, the Nicene herefy of antichrift, and the doftrine of 
the millennium. 8^ Lond. 1830. 

ADDISON (Alexander). 

B. 1759. Prefident of the Courts of Common Pleas of the 
Fifth Circuit of the ftate of Pennfylvania. D. at Pittlburg, Penn., 
24 Nov. 1807. 

Reports of cafes in the County Courts of the Fifth Cir- 
cuit, and in the High Court of Errors and Appeals, of the 
ftate of Pennfylvania ; and charges to grand juries of thofe 
County Coiuts. 8° Wafhington, 1800. 

ADDISON (Berkeley), M.A. 

Recftor of Collyhurft, Manchefter. 
The miffionary work ; its tnie nature and righteous claim : 

a ledhire. 

12° Lond. n. d. 

ADDISON (Charles Greenstreet). 

Damafcus and Palmyra : a journey to the Eaft ; with a 
flietch of the ftate and profpefts of Syria under Ibrahim 
Pafha. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1838. 

The hiftory of the Knights Templars, the Temple chuich, 
and the Temple. 4° Lond. 1842. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1842. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1852. 
The Temple church. 8° Lond. 1843. 
A treatife on the law of contrafts and parties to adfions 

ex contraftu. In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1845-7. 

— Second edition. In two volumes. 

8° Lond. 1849. 

— Third edition. In two volumes. 

8° Lond. 1853. 

— Fourth edition. 8° Lond. 1856. 
Wrongs and their remedies, being a treatife on the law 

of torts. 8° Lond. i860. 



ADDISON (Frederic), B.A. 

Perpetual curate of Clcator, pear Whitehaven. 

The probable fliturc of tlie great empires of the earth, 
and the natural caufes which may influence it. 

12° Lond. 1856. 

ADDISON (Henry R.) 

Traits and ftories of Anglo-Indian life. 

8° Lond. 1858. 
Diaiy of a judge ; being trials of life compiled from the 
note-book of a recently deceafed judge. 8 Lond. i860. 

ADDISON (Joseph). 

B. at Million, in Wiltftiire, I May, 1672. D. at Holland 
Houfc, 17 June, 1719. 

The works of the Rt. Hon. Jofeph Addifon, Efq. 4 vols. 

4° Lond. 1 7 2 I . 

— Another edition. 4 vols. 4° Birmingham, 1 7 6 1 . 
— Another edition. With notes by Richard Hurd,D.D., 

... with large additions, chiefly unpubliflied, collefted and 
edited by Henry G. Bohn. 6 vols. 8° Lond. 1854-6. 

The papers of Jofeph Addifon, Efq., in the Tatler, Spec- 
tator, Guardian, and Freeholder, together with his treatife on 
the Chriftian religion. To which are prefixed Tickell's life 
of the author, and extrafts from Dr. Johnfon's remarks on 
his profe wiitings. With original notes never before pub- 
liflied. 4 vols. 8° Edinb. 1790. 

The poetical works of Jofeph Addifon ; Gay's Fables ; 
and Somerville's Chafe. With memoirs and critical dif- 
fertations, by the Rev. George Gilfillan. 

8° Edinb. 1S59. 

Remarks on feveral parts of Italy, &c., in the years i 7 o i , 
1702, 1703. 8° Lond. 1705. 

The campaign : a poem, to his Grace the Duke of Marl- 
borough, fol. Lond. 1705. 

— Another edition. 4° Edinb. 1705. 
Cato : a tragedy ... 4° Lond. 17 13. 

— Fourth edition. 4° Lond. 17 13. 
The late tiyal and conviftion of Count Tariff, [yinon.] 

12° Lond. 17 13. 

The diTimmer ; or, the hauntcd-houfe : a comedy. 
[y^iion.] 4° Lond. 17 16. 

To Her Royal Highnefs the Princefs of Wales, with the 
tragedy of Cato, Nov. 1 7 1 4. To Sir Godfiey Kneller, 
on his pi(5ture of the King. ^Anon.'\ fol. Lond. 17 16. 

The Patrician. To be continued weekly. No. I. Being 
confiderations on the peerage. In anfwer to the Plebeian. 
By one who is neither a knight, nor a member of the Houfe 
of Commons. The fecond edition. 4° Lond. 1 7 1 9. 

*. Memoirs of tlie life and writings of Jofeph Addifon . . . 
1724; by G. J. 

* The life of Jofe])h Addifon, extra<fled from No. III. 
and IV. of the General d-iflionary, hiftorical and critical. 
To which is prefixed. The life of Dr. Lancelot Addifon, 
... his father. 12° Lond. 1733. 

* The life of Jofeph Addifon. 1843. \}iy Lucy 


* .Jofeph Addifon and Sir Andrew Fountaine ; or, tJie 
romance of a jmrtrait. 8° Lond. 1858. 

* A table of ;dl the accurate remarks and new difcoveries 

in the moft learned and ingenious Mr. Addifon's book of 
travels. (^Burlffque.) \_Scott's edll'ion of Somen' Tracts, 
xii. 10 1.] 

ADDISON (Joseph). 

The fure fruits of genuine Chriftianity, difplayed in two 
fermons, applicable to the prefent times, preached in St. 
Mary's church, Melcombe- Regis, on the 12th and 19th of 
Feb. 1832. 8' Weymouth, [1832.] 

ADDISON (Julia). 

The hiftory of Maiy Grove. 12° Lend. 1854. 

Evelyn Lafcellcs : an autobiography. Edited by Julia 
Addifon. 3 vols. 12° Lond. 1855. 

Crow's nelt farm : a true tale. 12° Lond. 1861. 
Sifter Kate ; or, the power of influence. 

8° Bath, n. d. 

ADDISON (Lancelot). 

B. at Mauldifmeaburne, in WeftmorclanJ, in 1632. Edu- 
c.«ed at Ouecn's College, Oxford. Chaplain of the garrilbn at 
Dunkirk, whence he removed in 1662 to a fimilar appoint- 
ment at Tangier. Reftor of Million, Wilts, 1670. Dean of 
Lichfield, 16S3. D. at Lichfield, 20 April, 1703. 

The prefent ftate of the Jews : wheiein is contained an 
exadl account of their cuftoms, fecular and religious. To 
which is annexed a funimaiy difcourfe of the Mifna, Tal- 
mud, and Gemara. Second edition, i 2° Lond. 1676. 

Xfiazog aurohog ■ or an hiftorical account of the hereCe 
denying the Godhead of Chrift. \Anon.'\ 

8° Lond. 1696. 

An account of Weft: Barbaiy. [Pinkerton's Colkaion 
of voyages and travels, xv. 4O3.] 

* The life of Dr. Lancelot Addifon ... 1733. [With 
The Lfe of Jofeph Addison.] 

ADDISON (Thomas), M.D. 

Senior phyfician and Icdurcr on the praftice of medicine, 
Guy's Holpital. 

An eflay on the operation of poifonous agents upon the 
living body. By Thomas Addilbn and John Morgan, 
F.L.S. 8° Lond. 1829. 

ObfeiTations on the diforders of females conneded with 
uterine irritation. 8° Lond. 1830. 

Elementsof the pradliccof medicine. By Richard Bright, 
M.D., and Thomas Addifon. 1839. 

ADDISON (William). 

A differtiition on the nature and properties of the Mal- 
vern water, and an enquiry into the caufes and treatment of 
fcrofulous difeafes and confumjjtion ; togetlicr with fome re- 
marks upon the influence of the terreftrial radiation of caloric 


local filubrit 

8° Lond. 182S. 

A letter to William Lawrence, Efq., F.R.S., on the 
nature and caufes of intelledu;d life and tlie mind. 

8" Lond. :830. 
On healthy and difeafed ftmftuie, and the tiiie principles 
of treatment for the cure of difcafe, ef])ecially confumption 
and fcrofiila, founded on microfcoi)ical analyfis. 

8" Lond. 1849. 
Cell therapeutics. 8° Lond. 1856. 




" Gent, near kinl'man to the Bickerftaffs." 
The Indian's petition : or, black Jack's pawawing to Don 
Pluto, lord of the dark regions. Done from his Spanifh 
notes. 4° Lond. 1 7 i o. 


A fecond return to the letter of a noble peer, concerning 
the addrefles. 1682. See Abhorrors. 

A reply to the fecond return. [Ibid.] 

The hldoi-y of addrefles. 1 709. [^By John Oldmixon.] 

The addrefs to the King ; the humble reprefentation of 
the Lords and commilfioners of {liires and bui-roughs of the 
kingdom of Scotland, underfubfcribers, and members of this 
current Parliament now adjom-ned till the eighth of October 
next. 4^ no title-page. 

The trae genuine Tory addrefs ; to which is added, an 
explanation of fome hard terms now in ufe ; for the infor- 
mation of all fuch as read or fubfciibe addreffes. I 7 i O. 
[Scott's eilition of Somers' Tracts, xii. 654.] 

The true genuine modern Whig addrefs : to which is 
added, an explanation of fome hard terms now in ufe ; for 
the information of all fuch as read or fubfciibe addreffes. 
[Ibid. xii. 658.] 

To the Worlhipfdl the Addreflers, &c. ( A faUre upon 
the addrejfes of the High-Church party. ) [Ibid. xii. 666.] 

The character of a modern addiefier. 8° Lond. 1 7 1 o. 

Tiie cafe of addreffing confider'd ; &c. 1 7 2 i . \By 
Bp. Edmund Gibson.] 

Tlie foieign addrefs : or, the bcft argument for peace : 
occafioned by the Britifli fleet, and the polbi'e of affairs when 
the Parliament met, 1 7 3 4. By a failor. 4'= Lond. I 73 5. 

An addiefs to the great, recommending better ways and 
means of raifing the neceffary fupplies than lotteries or taxes ; 
with a word or two concerning an invafion. 

8° Lond. n. d. 

Paftoral addreffes to the Britifli Parliament. By a Chiif- 
tian bifhop. No. I. i2=Lond. n. d. 

Rejefted addicfles ... 18 12. [5y Horace and James 

An affeftionate addi-efs to Church people and Diffenters. 
By a lay Churchman. 12° Lond. 1834. 

Literaiy addreffes, delivered at various popular inlHtutions. 
Second feries. Revifcd and correfted by the auriiors. 

8' Lond. 1855. 

— Third feries. 8' Lond. [1856.] 


Archbilhop of Bremen In the loth century. 
Epiftola confolatai ia ad Flodoardum. [Max. Bibliotheca 
•vetcnim Patrum, .xvii. 503.] 


Adelaide : a ftoiy of modern life. 1833. [By Mifs 


A native of Friefland. Archbi/hop of Utrecht, lOoS. D. 
I Dec. 1027. 
Ad Sylveflrum II. P. M. libellus de ratione inveniendi 

craffitudinem fphaerae. [Pez, Thefaurus anecdotorum novif- 
Jlmus, HI. ii. 85.] 

Vita Henrici Imperatoris. [Ludewig, Scriptores reriim 
Germanicarum, i. 789.] 

— edente G. Waitz. [Pertz, Monumenta Germaniiz 
hijlonca, vi. 679.] 


** Soror Rodulfi Burgundiie regis, uxor vidua Richard! Bur- 
gundia? ducis." 

Chaita qua Romanenfe monafterium fubjecit Odoni Cluni- 
acenfi Abbatis. [Bouquet, Recueil des hijloriens des Gaules 
et de la France, ix. 693.] 


* Vita, autore Odilone. See Odilo. 


BiJhop of Seez in Normandy ; flourifhed during the latter half 
of the 9th century. 

Vita Sanftas Opportunx, virginis et abbatiffe monaflerioli 
in Neuflria. [Mabillon, Ada fanBorum O.S.B. m. ii. 198.] 


A Benediftine monk. D. 964. 

Admonitio de laude charitatis, seu libei- de ftudio virtutum. 
[Pez, Thefaurus anecdotorum noviffimus, 11. ii. 17.] 


Ernald ; or, the martyr of the Alps ; and other poems. 

8° Lond. 1843. 
Miffionaiy lays; and other poems. 12° Lond. 1848. 
Stray leaves : poetry and profe. 8 Lond. 1855. 


An ecclefiaftical writer of the nth century. Educated at 
Chartres, under Fulbert, birtiop of that city. Bifliop of Brefcia, 
1048. D. about 1 06 1. 

De veritate coqjoris et fanguinis Domini in cuchariftia, ad 
Berengarium, epiftola. [Max. BlU'wtheca -veterum Patrum, 
xviii. 438.] 

Rythmi alphabetici de viris illuftribus fui temporis. [Ma- 
billon, Vetera analeda, p. 382.] 

ADELMUS, or Ademarus. 

A Benedidline monk, chaplain to the Emperor Charles III. 

Annales Francorum regum, Pipini, Karoli Magni, Hludo- 
vici Pii, per annos continuos lxxxvii. [Freherus, Corpus 
Francicte hiflons, ii. 3 8 I .] 

[Heineccius & Leuckfeldus, Scriptores rerum Ger- 


The geodefy of Britain ; or, the Ordnance fuiTey of 
England, Scotland, and Ireland ... in a letter to a Scottifh 
laird and imperial M.P. 8° Lond. 1859. 




" Traitors in our camp : 
Engli(h Churchmen. 

wiio are they ? AddrefTed to 
8= Lond. 1849. 

ADELUNG (Friedrich). 

Nephcwof J. C. Adelung. B. at Stettin, 13 Feb. 1 768. D. 
at St. Petcrfliurg, Jan. 1843. 

Ueberficht aller bekanntcn S])rachen und ihrer Dialekte. 
S° St. Peterfburg, I 820. 

An hiftorical flcetch of Sanfcrit literature ; with copious 
bibliographical notices of Sanfcrit works and tranflations : 
from the Geriuan of Adilung, with numerous additions and 
correftions [ly D. A. Talboys.'] 8° Oxford, 1832. 

ADELUNG (JoHANN Christoph). 

B. at Spantekow, in Pomeranla, 30 Aug. 1734. Educated 
at Halle, and profeiror fucceflively at Erfurc and Leipzig. Re- 
moved to Dreidcn in 1787, on receiving the appointment of 
librarian to the Eledlor of Saxony. D. 10 Sep. 1806. 

Gloflarium manuale ad fcriptores medias et infimae Lati- 
nitatis, ex magnis glofliiriis Caroli du Frefne, domini du 
Cange, et Car])cntarii in compendium rcdaiflum, multifque 
verbis et dicendi formulis, auflum. 6 tom. [y^non.] 

8' Halx, 1772-H4. 

Umftandliches Lchrgeb'dude der Deutfchen Sprache, zur 
Erlauterung der Deutfchen Sprachlehre fiir Schulen. 2 Bde. 

8° Leipzig, 1782. 

Gefchichte der menfchlichen Narrheit, oder Lebenfbc- 
fchreibungen bL'ruhmtcrSchwaitzkiinftler, Goldmacher,Teu- 
felfbanner, Zeichen- und Liviendeuter, Schw'armer, Wahr- 
fager, und anderer philofophifcher Unholden. ^A/ion.] 7 
Thlc. 8'^ Leipzig, 1785-9. 

Grammatifch-Kritifches Woiterbuch der Hochdcutfchcn 
Mimdart, mit beftandiger Vergleichung der ilbrigen Mund- 
aitcn, bcfonders aber der Oberdeutfchcn. 4 Bde. 

4'> Leipzig, I 793-1 80 1. 

Ueber den Deutfchen Styl. Vierte Aufgabe. 2 Bde. 

8° Berlin, 1800. 

Mithridates, oder allgcmeine Sprachenkundo ; mit dem Va- 
ter Unfer als Sprachprobe in bey nahc fiinfhundert Sprachen 
und Mundiirtcn. Foitgcfetzt und bearbcitet von Johann 
Severin Vater. 4 Thle. 8^ Btrlin, 1806-17. 

Aeltefte Gefchichte der Deutfchen, ihrer Sprache und 
Litteratur, bis zur Volkerwandei-ung. 8 "^ Leipzig, 1 8 06. 

Gefchichte der Philofophie fiir Liebhaber. 3 Bde. 

8° Leipzig, 18 10. 

Fortfetzung und Erganzungcn zu Chriftian Gottlieb 
Jochers allgemeinem Gelehrten - Lexico ... St-e C. G. 



B. about 988. A monk of tlic monaftery of St. Eparchius 
at Angoulcmc. D. about 1031. 

Hiftoriai-imi libri iii cdente G. Waitz. [Plrtz, Moiiu- 
mentii Germnm.r hyiorlra, vi. 1 06.] 

Fragmentum ex chronico de S. Adalbeito & de S. Bi-u- 
none ejus co-apoftolo. [Mabillon, Alia fanSorum O.S.B. 
V. 845.] _ 

Acroftichon ad Rohoncm epifcojium Ecolifmenfem. 
[Mabillon, Feteia amdetta, p. 432.] 

ADENEY (William). 

* Wearing not loifting ; or, labour for God : a brief me- 
moir of Mr. W. Adeney, who departed this life, February 
1 6th, i860 ; with a fermon preached by the Rev. H. H. 
Beamifh on the occafion. 8^ Lond. i860. 


A phyfician of Touloufe, who lived in the firft half of the 
17th century. 

Enarrationes de Kgrotis et morbis in evangelio. [Critici 
sACRi, tom. vi.] 

ADET (Pierre Auguste). 

A chemift. B. at N'evers, 18 May, 1763. 
Methode de nomenclature chimique ... 1787. Sec 

ADIBERT (Pierre). 

Avis aux Reverends Peres Jefuites d'Aix en Provence, 
fur un imprime qui a pour titre : Ballet danfe a la reception 
de Monfeigneur I'Archevcque d'Ai.x. [Anon.] 

12° Cologne, 1686. 

ADIMARI (LoDovico). 

B. at Naples, 3 Sep. 1644. D. at Florence, 22 June, 1708. 
Satire ... edizione feconda, in cul fi aggiunge un elogio 
dell' autore tratto dal chiariflimo Signor Conte Giammaria 
Mazzuchelli. ' 8 ' Amfterdam, 1764. 

ADIS (Henry). 

A fanatic's addrefs, humbly prefented to the king and his 
peers, and alfo to his people in their reprcfentative the Com- 
mons Huufe of Parliament ... difcovering unto them die 
innocency of his aiftlngs, &c. 166 I. [Scott's edition of 
Sonurs' Tracts, vii. 259.] 


Carmen. [Carmina iUuJlrium poetarum Ilalonim, i. 446.] 

ADKINS (Thomas). 

The claims of feamen advocated and the duties of fea- 
men enforced : a fermon, pi-eachcd at tlie chapel Above- 
Bar, Southampton, on the evening of the Sabbath, Jan. 1 8 th, 
1852, on the occafion of the loss of the Amazon ... [Ps. 
cvii. 23-31.] 8° Southampton, 1852. 

ADLER (.Iakou Georg Christian). 

B. at Amis in the Duchy of Slefwig, 1 755. Pafled part 
of his youth at Rome, where he ftudied the Oriental languages. 
Returning home, he was appointed, in 1 783, profcllbr of Syriac, 
and in 1788, profeflbr of theology at the Onivcrfity of Copen- 
hagen. D. 1805. 

Mufeum Cuficum Borgianum Velitris. 

4° Ronix, 1782. 

Colkiflio nova numorum Cuficomm feu Arabicorum ve- 
teran! c.wi continens numos plerofque iniditos e niufeis 
Borgiano et Adleriano. 4' Halnia-, 1792. 

ADLER (Nathan Marcus), D.D. 

Predigt beim Antiitte feines Amies, &c. Sermon dc- 



livered at the great fynagogue on the occafion of his inftalla- 
tion into office as chief Rabbi of Great Britain, on the 4th 
Tamus, 5605 (8th July, 1S45.) ... Tianflated by Barnard 
van Oven, Elq., M.D. ^German and Eng/l/h.^ 

8° Lend. (5605) 1845. 
The Jewifli faith : a fermon delivered in tlie great fyna- 
gogue, Duke's Place, Sabbath, 24 Shevat, 5608 (29 Janu- 
aiy, 1848.) 8° Lond. (5608) 1848. 

ADLERBIELCKE (Laurentius Andreas). 

Difputatio academica de Herferis hyperboreorum. 

4° Upfalix, 1734. 
ADLERFELD (Gustavus). 

B. near Stockholm, 1671. Killed at the battle of Pultava, 
8 July, 1709. 

Hifloire militalre de Charles XIL Roi de Suede, depuis 
I'an 1700 jufqu'k la bataLUe de Pultowa, en 1709 ... ou 
y a joint une relation exafte de la bataille de Pultowa, avec 
un journal de la retraite du Roi a Bender. 4 torn. 

12^ Amfterdam, 1 7 40. 

[A trandation, by the fon of the author, of the original Swedifli 
manufcript, which has never been printed.] 


Prime Minifter of Maximilian I. Elciftor of Bavaria. B. at 
Rofenheim in Bavaria, 2 Feb. 1596. D. 11 May, 1662. 

Annalium Boicx gentis partes in., quibus hiftoria 3 prima 
Bojoram origine ufque adA.MDCLi,quo Maximilianus Elecftor 
Bavarije deceffit, continetui". Acceflere Andreas Brunneri, 
e Soc. Jes. Annalium Boiconam, a primis initiis ad annum 
Mcccxi, partes in. Editio nova, ad Monachicas accurate re- 
cafa ... cum praefatione Godefridi Guilielmi Leibnitii. 
fol. Francofiirti ad Moenum, 1 7 i o. 

[The real author of the above work is faid to be P. Fervaux, a Jefuit 
of Lorraine, the materials being furnifhed by Adlzreitter.] 


A perfuafive to impartiality and candor in judging of the 
prefent Adminiftration, particularly with regard to oui" late 
difficulties and tranfadfions abroad. AddrefTed to the people. 

8° Lond. 1731. 

The falfe accufers accufed ; or the undeceived Englifh- 
man : being an impartial enquiry into the general conducfl of 
the Adminiftration ; and compared with that of their ene- 
mies, wheieby it will appear who merits impeachments, &c., 
&c., &c. In a letter to the pretended patriots ... By a 
member of the Houfe of Commons. Third edition. 

8° Lond. 1741. 

The condudl of the late Adminiftration, with regard to 
foreign affairs, from 1722 to 1742, wherein that of the Rt. 
Hon. the Earl of Orford (late Sir Robert Walpole) is par- 
ticularly vindicated : in a letter to a certain right hon. gentle- 
man, member of the prefent Parliament. 8° Lond. 1742. 

A ferious defence of fome late meafures of the Admin- 
iftration ... 1756. [By John Douglas, D.D.] 

A true hiftoiy of a late fhort Adminiftration. 1766. 
[J3y Charles Lloyd.] 

A free appeal to the people of Great Bi'itain, on the con- 
dudt of the prefent Adminiftration, fince the thirtieth of July, 
1766. Second edition. 8° Lond. 1767. 

The beauties of adminiftration ; a poem : with an heroic 
race to the palace between L — d Sh-lb — ne, and the Hon. 
C. J. F-x. 4= Lond. 1782. 

The refult of the change of Adminiftration ; or, what the 
new Miniftiy has to look to. 8° Lond. 1S30. 


The port admiral : a tale of the war. 1833. [5jiW. 
J. Neale.] 


Reafons for fettling admiralty-jurifdiftion, and giving en- 
couragement to merchants, owners, commanders, mafters of 
(hips, material-men, and mariners. 1690. [//ar/c-wn Mis- 
cellany, viii. 358.] 

The laws, ordinances, and inftitutions of the Admiralty 
of Great Britain, civil and military ... In two volumes. 

8° Lond. I 746. 

Fonnulare inftrumentorum ; or, a formulaiy of authentic 
inftruments and ftanding orders, ufed in the High Courts of 
Admiralty of Great Britain, of prize and inftance. Perufed 
and approved as correft, by Sir James Marriott, late judge 
of the faid courts. 8° Lond. 1802. 

Admiralty adminiftration, its faults and its defaults. 

8° Lond. 1861. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1 861. 


Pritmonitus, pmmumtus : or, a wholefome admonition to 
the worthy partriots of their country, the knights, gentlemen, 
and the reft of the loyall aflbciates of Kent, Sun ey, EfTex, 
&c. Tending to the obtaining of a happy and honouiable 
fucceffe unto their loyall and noble entei^prizes ; and to pre- 
fei-ve them from the blafts of the undemiining policies of 
their adverfaries. 4° Lond. 1648. 

The plain man's anfwer to his countiy parfon's admoni- 
tion ; together with the miffioner's anfwer, to the plainman's 
reply. 12° Lond. 1686. 

Strong admonitions to the fcveral citizens of London and 
Weftminfter, wherein are fuggefted means of fecurity againft 
fire, thieves, murderers, and proftitutes : by a better regulated 
fyftem of parochial police, and without one farthing addi- 
tional expence. By a refiedling ftuanger. 

8° Lond. 18 1 2. 


A town in Upper Styria, on the river Ens. 

Codex diplomaticus inclyti monafteiii Admontenfis in 
Stiina O.S. B. [Pez, Thefaurus anecdotorum iiovjjjimtis, in. 
iii. 657.] 

Annales Admuntenfes, A. I- 1 1 39. (Continuatio Ad- 
muntenfis A. 11 40- 12 50. 1425. Continuatio Garftenfis 
A. 1182-1257.) [Pertz, Monumenta German'iie hiflorica, 
xi. 569.] 


B. 799. Educated in the abbey of Ferrieres ; travelled in 
Italy, and fpent five years in Rome. On his return, was ap- 
pointed Archbiihop of Vienne in Dauphine. D. 19 Dec. 875. 

Martyrologium ... ab Heribeito Rofweido ... jam pri- 
dera ad MSS. exemplaria recenfitum, nunc ope codicum 



bibliothecse Vaticanse recognituni, et adnotationibus illuftra- 
tum, opera et Ihidio Dominici Geoigii. Accefieic martyro- 
logia et kalendaria aliquot ex Vaticana et aliis bibliothecis 
erata, nunc priniuni in lucem edita. 2 vols. 

fol. Romx, 1745. 

Maityrium S. Defidcrii, Viennenfis in Gallia epifcopi. 
[Canisius, LeSlones antlquti, 11. iii. I.] 

Vita S. Theuderii abbatis Vienna; in Gallia. [Mabillon, 
Aaa fanctorum O.S.B. i. 217.] 

Bre\'iarium ciironicomm de fex mundi tetatibus.— Mar- 
tyrologium, cum libcllo de felHvitatibus fanftoram A])ofto- 
lorum et difcipulorum Chrifti. \Max. Blbliotheca veterum 
Patrum, xvi. 76i<.] 

Ex Adonis chionico in fexta mundi sctate. [Bouquet, 
Recue'il des h'ljlor'tnis des Gaules et de la France, v. 3 1 6.] 

Ex Adonis ... chronico ( — a.d. 867.) [Pertz, Monii- 
menta Germanlit h'tjlor'tca, ii. 315.] 

* Continuatio prima, auiftore anonymo ( — a.d. 877.) 
Continuatio altera, auftore item anonymo ( — a.d. 103 i.) 
[Ibid. 324.] 

ADOLPH (William). 

The fimplicity of the creation ; or, the aftronomical monu- 
ment of the blefl'ed Virgin : a new theory of the folar fyf- 
tem, thunderllorms, waterfpouts, aurora borealis, etc., and 
the tides. 8° Lond. 1859. 


Count of Holftein. Son and fucccfforof Adolphus lil. Re- 
tired to a convent in 1238. D. 1252. 

Adolphi IV. ex Comite monachi ordinis S. Francifci me- 
moria. [Westphalen, Monumenta inedita rerum Germam- 
carum, ii. 1584.] 

ADOLPHUS (Joannes Traugott). 

B. at Hirfchberg, in Silefia, 4 Dec. 1728. I'rofelTor of sur- 
gery and anatomy in the Univerlity of Helmftadt, 1760. Re- 
moved to a fimilar chair in tlie IJniverfity of Altdorf, 1768, 
D. II April, 1771. 

Diffeitatio de infanticidii notis feflione legali detegcndis. 
Helmll. 1764. [Schlegel, Collea'w opufculorum ftUclorum, 
i. .56.] 


BarriUcr-at-law. B. in London, 1764 or 1765. D. there, 
16 July. 1845. 

The Britifli cabinet, containing portraits of illuftrious per- 

fonage3, engraved fiom original ])iftures : with biogra])hical 

memoirs. 2 vols. fol. Lond. 1799. 

Biographical memoirs of the French revolution. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1799. 

The hiftory of England, from the acceflion of King 

George the Third to the conclufion of ])eace in the year one 

thoufand feven hundred and eighty-three. 3 vols. 

8° Lond. 1802. 

The hiftoi-y of England, from the acceflion to the deceafe 

of King George the Third. Vols. 1-7. 

8 Lond. 1H40-5. 

The hifloi-y of Fiance, from the year i 790, to the peace 

concluded at Amiens in 1802. 2 vols. 

8'^ Lond. 1803. 

The political (late of the Briti(h Empire ; containing a 
general view of the domeftic and foreign jiofll-flions of the 
Crown, the laws, commerce, revenues, offices, and other 
eftablilhments, civil and military. 4 vols. 

8° Lond. 1818. 
Memoirs of Joiin Banniftcr, comedian. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1839. 

ADOLPHUS (John Leycester). 

Reports of cafes argued and determined in the Court of 
King's Bench 183 1-5. By Richard Vaughan Barsewall 
and J. L. Adolphus. 

Reports of cafes argued and determined in the Court of 
King's Bench. By J. L. Adolphus and Thomas Flower 
Ellis. In twelve volumes. 8° Lond. 1835-42. 

Queen's Bench reports. New feries. In eighteen vo- 
lumes. 8° Lond. 1843-56. 

Letters from Spain in 1856 and 1857. 

8° Lond. 1858. 

ADOLPHUS (Joseph), M.R.C.S., L.S.A. 

Remarks on the ufe of the Indian bael or bela in dyfen- 
teiy, diarrhcEa, &c. 8° Lond. 1853. 

ADOLPHUS (Otto), M.A. 

Compendium theologicum ; oi-, manual for ftudents ; con- 
taining a concife hiftoiy of the primitive and media:v;J 
Church, the Reformation, the Church of England, the Eng- 
lifli lituigy and Bible, and the xxxix articles, with Scripture 
proofs and explanations. Intended for thofe preparing for 
theological examinations, with examination papeis. By a 
clergyman. 12' Lond. 1852. 

— Second edition. 12° Cambridge, 1857. 


Adonibezek ; or, the anfwcr. 

8^ Bath, n. d. 

ADORNO (Juan Nepomuceno). 

Introduflion to the harmony of the univeife ; or, principles 
of phylico-harmonic geometiy. 8 "^ Lond. 1851. 


A French theologian. B. near Fleury about 818. D. 878. 

De coqjore et fanguine Chrifti. [d'AcHERius, Spicileg'ium, 
x'i- 30.] 

Hiftoria tranflationis S. Benedifti in Galliam. [Ma- 
billon, y/<7a fanflonim O.S.B. ii. 338.] 

Miracula S. Benediifti patrata in Gallia poll tranflationem 
ad medium ufque feculum 9. [Ibid. ii. 354. | 

Vita Sandi Aigulfi Abbatis Lerinenlis et maityris. ( Ibid, 
ii. 627.] 


Evelyn Stuart ; or, right verfus might. 3 vols. 

12^ Lond. 1 8 46. 
Adrian: a tragedy. In five aifls. 8" Lond. 1848. 



ADRIANI (Giovambatista). 

B. at Florence, 151 3- Secretary of the Florentine republic, 
and for thirty years profeflbr of rhetoric in the Univerfity of 
Florence. D. 1579. 

Iftoria de' fuoi tempi di Giovambatifta Adrian! gentil- 
huomo Fioientino : divifa in libri ventidue : di nuovo man- 
data in luce. 8° Venetia, 1587. 

Carmina. [Carmina illujlrium poetarum Italorum, i. 7.] 

ADRIANIUS (Laurentius). 

A native of Lucca. Reftor of the gymnafmm of Piia, where 
he died about 1707. 

Carmina. \Carm'ma illujlnum poetarum Italorum, i. 8.] 


Adriano ; or, the firft of June : a poem. 1790. \By 
James Hurdis.] 


A Greek writer of the 5th century. 
Ifagoge facranam literamm, & antiquiffimorum Graecorum 
in prophetas fragmenta, opera Davidis Hoefchelii, Auguf- 
tani. \Gri£ce. Critici sACRI, torn, viii.] 


B. at Rome, of a noble family. EleOed Pope on the death of 
Stephen IV., or 111. as he is ftyled by others, a.d. 772. D. 25 
Dec. 795. 

Epitome canonum, quam Adrianus Summus Pontifex, hoc 
nomine primus, Carolo Magno Romx obtulit. [Canisius, 
Lcctiones aniiqu/r, 11. i. 26 I.] 

Epiftolx. [Bouquet, Recue'il des H'ljlorlens des Giniles 
et de la France, v. 544, 593-] 

EpiftolK ad reges Francorum. [Duchesne, H'lftoria: 
Francormn scriptores, iii. 766.] 

Epiftola ad FiJradum et Maginarium. [Baluze, Mif- 
cellanea, vii. 120.] 

Bulla de concefllone fundi Apaniani. [Ibid. vii. 122.] 


Pope from S67 till his death in S72. 

Epiftolx ad reges Francorum. [Duchesne, Hifloria 
Francorum fcrlptores, iii. 853.] 

Epiftolas. [Bouquet, Reciieil des h'ljlor'icns des Gaides 
el de la France, vii. 439.] 

Epiftola ad B. Epifcopum, ut videtur, Cathalanenfem. 
[Baluze, MifcelLinea, v. 488.] 


The only Englifliman who ever occupied the papal chair. 
His original name was Nicholas Breakfpeare, and he was born 
at Langley, near St. Albans. Elevated to the pontificate on 
the death of Anaftafius IV., 1154. D. Sep. 1159. 

* Gefta Adriani IV. papje, ex chronico monafterii Foffae- 
novK feu Ceccano. [Bouquet, Recuell des Ijijloriens des 
Gaides et de la France, xv. 661.] 

Epiftolse Iv. [Ibid. xv. 666.] 

Bulla, qua confirmat ordinationem factam de ecclefiis 
San6l<eGenovefae, falvis jure et rationabilibus confuetudinibus. 

quas Epifcopus Parifienfis habebat in eifdem. [Baluze, 
Mifcellanea ii. 223.] 

Epiftola ad Berengarium Archiepifcopum Narbonenfem, 
Artaldum Epifcopum Helenenfem, et Barones per Helen- 
enfem epifcopatum conftitutos, adverfus Gaufredum Comi- 
tem Rufcinonenfem. [Ibid. ii. 224.] 


B. at I'trecht, 1459. Preceptor of Charles V. Billiop of 
Tortofa in Spain. Succeeded Leo. X. as Pope, 1521. D. 14 
Sep. 1523- 

Reverendiffimi in Chiifto patris artiii ac facrae theologi^ 
profeflbris nominatiflimi, D. Hadriani Florentii de Traiedlo 
S.R.E.TT. fandlomm loannis et Pauli, Epifcopi Cardinalis 
Dartufenfis, et praeclariffimas Academias Louanienfis Cancel- 
larii, Quosftiones quotlibeticK, rurfus accuratiffinia diligentia 
recognitse. Excellentiifmii viri, aitium itidem et faciae theo- 
logis profeflbris eraditiilimi, M. loannis Briardi Athenfis, 
eiufdem Academias vicecancellarii Qusftiones quotlibeticK, 
cum aliis nonnullis eiufdem. fol. Louanii, 15 18. 

Breve ad Huldricum Zwinglium. [Gerdes, Scrlnium 
antlquarium, vii. i. 196.] 

ADRIANUS, Castellensis. 

B. about 1458 at Corncto. Having by his talent attrafted 
the notice of Innocent VIII., he was lent as the papal nuncio 
to Scotland and England. Appointed Bifhop of Hereford by 
Henry VII. in 1502. Tranflated to Bath and Wells, 1504. 
Deprived in 1 518. Raifed to the cardinalate by Alexander III. 
Being implicated in a confpiracy againft Leo. X., he fled from 
Rome, and died in obfcurity. 

De fermone Latino, et modis Latine loquendi. Ejufdem 

Venatio ad Afcanium Cardinalem. Item, Iter Julii II. 

Pontificis Romanorura. [Verwey, 77;f/27«/-u.f cultiis Lat'ini- 

tatis, i^cJ\ 

ADRICHOMIUS (Christianus). 

B. at Delft, 14 Feb. 1533. D. at Cologne, 20 June, 1585. 
Theatrum Terrs Sandlae, et Biblicarum hiftoriarum ; cum 
tabulis geographicis sere expreflls. 

fol. Coloniae Agrippinas, i 593. 
Cronicon de Chriftiano Adricomio, Delfo ; traduzido de 
Latin en Efpaiiol por Don Lorenzo Martinez de Marzilla. 

4° Sevilla, 1649. 


The little guide of Adrighoole ; or, how to be happy. 
By the author of " Norah and her Kerry cow ;" "Johnny 
M'Kay," etc. 8° Lond. [1859.] 


Guidonis Magni de Monte, philofophi GrKci, difcipuli 
anonyml traftatulus, feu defcriptio philofo])hici Adrop ; qus- 
nam fit ejus fpecies, & quomodo debeat elaborari & pi'aeparari. 
[Zetznerus, Theatrum chemicum, vi. S43-J 

ADSHEAD (Joseph). 

Prifons and prifoners. 8 Lend. 1845. 

On juvenile criminals, reformatories, and the means of 
rendering the perifliing and dangerous clafles ferviceable to 
the State. 8° Manchefter, 1856. 



National AfTociation for the Promotion of Social Science, 
Liverpool, 1858. PunKhnient and reformation fe(5lion ... 
Reformatories and ragged fchools, their comparative eco- 
nomy : a paper read Thurfday, October 13, 1858 ... 

8° Lend. 1858. 


Abbot of Luxeuil ; or, according to others, of Deuvres, in the 
diocefc of Bourges. D. 992. The works enumerated below 
have been attributed to two contemporary authors of the fame 
name, but it is more probable that they are the reiult of the 
labours of one individual. 

Vita S. Bafoli confeflbris. [Mabillon, yllla fandorum 
O.S.B. ii. 62.] 

Vita S. Frodoberti, Abbatis primi Ccllenfis prope Trecas. 
[Ibid. ii. 598.] 

Vita S. Bercharii, Abbatis Altivillarenfis et Dervcnfis 
primi. [Ibid. ii. 797.] 

De rairaculis San(Si Waldebcrti, Abbatis Luxovicnfis 
tertii. [Ibid. ni. ii. 409.] 

Libellus de tranflatione et miraculis Sandli Bafoli, con- 
feflbris. [Ibid. iv. ii. 143.] 

Ex miraculis S. Manfueti. [Pertz, Monumcnta Ger- 
manic hjjlorka, vi. 509.] 


Wine and fpirit adulterators UDmafl<ed. 

8' Lond. 1828. 

Adulteration of food, drink, and drugs ; being the evi- 
dence taken before the parliamentary committee, airanged 
and Cmplified, with a comprehenfive index. 

8° Lond. 1855. 

How to deleft adulteration in our daily food and drink : 
a complete analyfis of the frauds and deceptions pra<flifed, 
upon articles of domeftic confuniption, by tradefmen and 
manufacturers ... 12° Lond. [1855.] 

The tricks of trade in the adulterations of food and phyfic ; 
with direftions for their deteftion and counteraftion. 

8° Lond. 1856. 

Deadly adulteration, and flow poifoning ; or, difeafe and 
death in the pot and bottle. 12° Lond. n. d. 


The Court of adultery : a vifion. Sixth edition. 

4= Lond. 1778. 
A fupplement to the Court of adultery ; addiefll'd to a 
maid of honour. 4° Lond. 1778. 


A review of Scripture, in tcftimony of tlio truth of the 
fecond Advent, the firll refurredlion, and the millennium ... 
By a layman. 8° Lond. 1818. 

The pre-millennial perfonal advent of Chrirt, with its ac- 
companying judgments and bleffings confidered : in four lec- 
tures, delivered in Advent 1830 ; with an appendix. By a 
fpiritual watchman. 12' Lond. 183 I. 

The fecond Advent introduftory to the world's jubilee : a 
letter to the Rev. Dr. Raffles on the fubjedl of his " Jubilee 
hymn." By a Proteftant nonconformift layman. 

8° Lond. 1845. 

The warnings of Advent : a courfe of fermons, preached 
in the cliurch of St. Baitliolomcw, Moor Lane, Cripplegate, 
in Advent-tide, mdccclii. 8° Lond. 1853. 

The day is at hand : a traft for Advent. By the author 
of "Words by the wayfide." 8° Lond. 1858. 

Readings for Advent, felefled from the Old and New 
Teftaments. Arranged for tlie ufe of the Collegiate Schools, 
Liveqjool. i2=> Liverpool, n. d. 


The fix days' adventure, or the new Utopia. 1671. [^By 
Edward Howard.] 

The adventurers ; or, fcenes in Ireland in the reign of 
Elizabeth. 3 vols. 12= Lond. 1S25. 

Continental adventures : a novel. 3 vols. 

8° Lond. 1826. 

Adventures of Britifh feamen in the Southern Ocean, 
difplaying the (biking contrafts which the human chaj'adler 
exhibits in an uncivilized (late. 12= Edinb. 1827. 

Twelve years' militiiiy adventure in three quarters of the 
globe ... 1829. \JSy Thomas H. Blakiston.] 

Adventures of an Irifti gentleman. 1830. [5y J. G. 


Adventures in the moon and other worlds. 

I2'> Lond. 1836. 
Tales of adventure by fea and land. 

I 2= Lond. 1847. 
Adventures of a Greek lady, the ado])ted daughter of the 
late Queen Caroline. Written by heifelf. 2 vols. 

12° Lond. 1849. 
The adventures of a baflifiil Irifliman. 1854. [7?)' Wil- 
liam F. Deacon.] 

Adventures with my rtick and caq)et-bag ; or, what I faw 
in Auftria and the Eaft. 8° Lond. 1855. 

Adventures in tlie forcrt, and other tales. 

8' Lond. 1858. 


The biother born for adverfity ; or, the fimilarity of the 
Saviour's forrows and fufFerings to thofe of his followers. 

I 2" Lond. n. d. 


A guide to adveitifers : containing hints to advertifers, 
rules for advertifing, warnings to advertiiers, and dallitied lills 
of the London and provincial journals, with tlie charafter 
and amount of their circulations, &c. By an old adveitifer. 
Third edition. I 2-' Lond. I 852. 

A. B. has returned ; or, the romance of advertifing : 
witii tracings fjom the ca])it;il of the fecond column oi the 
" Times" (compofite order.) 8° Lond. 1856. 


The countiy-parfon's advice to his parifhioncrs ; in two 
])arts. I. Containing a ])lain and ferious cxhortition to a 
religious and virtuous life. II. General diredions how to 
live accordingly. 8" Lond. 1680. 

Advice to a painter : in a poem to a friend. 

4-' Lond. 168 I. 



Advice to a painter, &c. [" Spread a large canvas, 
painter," &c.] S. Sh. [1681.] 

The fecond advice to the painter. [" Noiv, painter, try 
if thy JiiP d hand can ilra'zu."~\ S. Sh. [168 I.] 

Seafonable advice to the citizens, bui'geffes, and freeholders 
of England, concerning parliaments, and the prefent eleiftions. 
1685. [By Bp. Robert Grove.] 

Serious advice and direftions to all, efpecially to young 
people, how they may hear and read the Word of God, that 
it may be the favour of life, and not of death to them. 

8° Edinb. 1700. 

An advice to young men ; or, a dialogue betwixt youth 
and confcience. 8° Glafgow, 1701. 

Faithful advice from England. By an honeft Scotfman. 

4= Edinb. 1706. 

Advice to the eleftors of Great Britain ; occafioned by 
the intended invafion from France. 1708. [By Daniel 

Religious and Chriftian advice to a daughter. Written 
by a lady. 8° Lond. 17 14. 

Seafonable advice to the Proteftant diffenters in the north 
of Ireland ... 1722. [5y John Abernethv.] 

Serious advice to perfons who have been fick ; to be put 
into their hands as foon as they are recover'd, Sec. 1723. 
[By Bifliop Edmund Gibson.] 

A father's advice to his fon ; laying down many tilings, 
which have a tendency to direft and fix the mind in matters 
of the greateft importance : a book very ufeful for all young 
perfons. 8" Lond. 1736. 

Letters of advice from a lady of diftinftion to her niece, 
the Duchefs of * * * * *, (hortly after her marriage. 

12" Lond. 18 19. 

Ten minutes' advice to labourers. Fourth edition. 

12° Lond. 1838. 

A few words of advice to Tories, Whigs, Radicals, and 
Churchmen : being the fecond edition, much enlarged, of 
" The revolution in Fiance, a warning to the ariftocracy 
and middle claffes of England." 8° Lond. 1849. 


Bellum juridicum : ofte den oorlogh der Advocaten, be- 
ftaende in confultatien, advyfen, deduflien, adveitiflementen, 
en diergelijcke fchriftuyren van rechten, waer van d'een, d'an- 
dere, diredtelijck is contrarierende ... 4^ Amft. 1683. 

The advocats complaint, or a furvey of the uneafinefs, of 
that employment. S. Sh. [1688.] 

The female advocates ; or, the frantick ftock-jobber ; a 
comedy, 1713. [-5)' William Taverner.] 

ADVOCATIS (Thomas Ferratius de). SeeYiiAA- 

ADVOCATUS (Faustinus). Pfeud. of Giovanni 
Antonio Taglietti. 

ADVOGADRIUS (Albertus). 

A native of Vercelli, who lived in tlie fii-fthalf of the 15th 

De religione et magnificentia illuftris Cofmi Medices Flor- 
entini (libri duo.) [Lamius, Delici£ eruditorum, 1742.] 

AD YE (John). 

The defence of Cawnpore, by the troops under the orders 
of Major General Charles A. Windham, C.B., in Nov. 
1857. 8' Lond. 1858. 

* A review of Col. Adye's defence of General Wind- 
ham. By a civilian. 12° Lond. n. d. 

A review of the Crimean war, to the winter of 1854-5. 

8° Lond. i860. 

AD YE (Ralph Willett). 

The bombardier and pocket gunner ... Eighth edition, 
revifed and correfted by William Granville Eliot. 

12° Lond. 1827. 
ADYE (Stephen Payne). 

A treatife on courts martial ; alfo an eflay on military 
puniihments and rewards. Eighth edition. 

12^ Lond. 1 8 10. 
M. (L H.) 

The mirrour of worldly fame. 1603. [^ffy John Hynd.] 
^DGARDUS. See Edgar. 
^DITUUS (Valerius). 

A Latin poet, who is underftood to have lived about a cen- 
tury before the Chriftian era. 

Vita et fragmenta. [Maittaire, Opera et fragmenta ve- 
terum poetarum Latinorum, p. 152 4.] 

AEDO Y GALLART (Diego de). 

A Spanilh hiftorian of the 17th century. 

Viaje del Infante Cardenal Don Fernando de Auftria, 
defde 1 2 de Abril 1632, que falio de Madrid con fu Magef- 
tad D. Felipe IV. fu heiTnano para la Qiudad de Barcelona, 
hafta 4 de Noviembre de 1634, que entro en la de Bmfelas. 

4'^ Amberes, 1635. 

— Another edition. 4^ Madrid, 1637. 

— Another edition. 8° Barcelona, 1637. 


Acdonologie, ou traite du roffignol ... Paris, 1773. [By 
Louis Daniel Arnault de Nobleville.] 


Archbiihop of Narbonne in 1300. 

Litters de confecratione Petii de Rupeforti,Epifcopi Car- 
caflbnenfis. [Baluze, Mifcellanea, vi. 459.] 


Archbiihop of Rouen at the beginning of the 14th century. 
Epiftola ad Ludovicum Regem. [d'AcHERius, Spicile- 
gium, iv. 270.] 

^GIDIUS, Parisiensis. 

B. about 1 1 64. Canon of St. Marcel, and profelTor in the 
Univerfity of Paris. D. in the early part of the 13th century. 

Carolinus ; five de geftis Caroli Magni caiTnen hexametrum, 
ad informationem Ludovici filii Philijjpi Augufti : liber quin- 
tus. [Bouquet, Recueil des Infloriens des Gaules et de la 
France, xvii. 288.] 



Fragmcnta de Ludovico Oiflavo Rege, et de Parificnfibus 
litteratis, ex Karolino -/Egidii. [DvCHESfiE, Hi/hri<t Fran- 
corum fcriplores, v. 3 2 3 .J 


A member of the iUudrious Roman family of Columns or 
Colonna. Studied under Thomas Aquinas, and diftinguiflied 
himfelf fo much by his learning, as to become generally known 
by the title of " Doftor fundatilVimus." Archbilhop of Bourgcs, 
1294, D. 22 Dec. 1316. He is fomctimes defignated ./^igidius 
Columi^us from the name of his family, and /Egidius Bituri- 
cenfis from that of his lee. 

Qusftio in utramque paitem, pro et contra pontificiam po- 
teftatem. [Goldastus, Monorchia S. Rornam Imperii, iii. 

95-]. ... . . .. 

Libellus de re militari veterum, ad mores prsfertim medii 

SEvi. [Hahnius, ColleSio monumentorum, i. 1.] 


Dialogus inter naturam 5c filium ])hilofophix. [Zetz- 
NERUS, Thaitrum chemicum, ii. ISi.] 

jEGIDIUS, Viterbiensis. 

Epiftolae feleftas. Martene et Durand, Veterum fcrip- 
lorum, life, ampliffima coUeclio, iii. 1233.] 

^GIDIUS (Benedictus). 

B. at Beja, in Portugal. D. 6 May, 1623. 

Reledlio legis Titix.y? mm nupferil, 100 Digeft. de con- 

ditionibus Sc demonflrationibus ; tribus conftans partibus. 

4= Ulyflipone, 1680. 

iEGIDIUS (Jacobus). 

A lawyer of Viterbo, who lived chiefly at Rome, but of whom 
hardly anything is known. 

De teftibus & eorum reprobatione. [Zilettus, Tradatiis 
untvetji juris, w. 73.] 

-(EGIDIUS (Petrus). 

B. at Antwerp, i486, and educated under the eye of Erafmus. 
The particulars of his life arc not known. 

(r)^r,v!ubia, five lamentatio, qua Genius divi Maximiliani 
Cses. inter prxficas in pompa funerali, mortem ejus deplorat. 
[Freherus, Rerum Germanicarum fcriplores, ii. 76 1.] 

Hj'pothefcs f)>e(51aculoi-um Caiolo Imp. AntwerpioE ex- 
hibitoruni. [Ibid. iii. 205.] 

Poemata. [Gruter, Dclitit poetarum Belgicorum, i. i .] 

iEGINETA (Paulus). See Paulus iEgineta. 

iEGOPOLITANUS (Stephanus). 

Difputatio theologica de juftificatione ... 

4= Lugd. Bat., 1700. 

jEGYPTIUS (Matth/eus). See Matth^us. 

^GYPTUS. See Egypt. 

VELFREDUS. See Alfred. 


B. about the middle of the loth century. Archbifliop of Can- 
terbury, 995. D. 28 Aug. 1006. 

A Saxon treatife concerning the Old and New Teftament. 
Written about the time of King Edgar (700 yeares agoe) 
by jEifiic Abbas, thought to be the fame that was afterward 
Archbifliop of Canterburie. Whereby ajjpeares what was 
the canon of Holy Scripture here then received, and that the 
Church of England had it fo long agoe in her motlier-tongue. 
Now fird publillud in ])rint, with Englifh of our times, by 
W. L'ifle ... And hereunto is added, out of the homilies 
and epilHes of the fore-faid iElfricus, a fecond edition of A 
tcftimonie of antiquitie, &c., touching the facrament of the 
bodie and bloud of the Lord. 4° Lond. I 62 3. 

— Another edition, entided, Divers ancient monuments 
in the Saxon tongue : written feven hundi'ed years agoe ... 

4° Lond. 1638. 

Grammatica Latino-Saxonica, cum gloffario ejufdem gen- 
eris. [SoMNER, Didionarium Suxonico-Lalino-yliiglicum, 

The homilies of the Anglo-Saxon Church : the firft pan, 
containing the Sermones Catholici, or Homilies of jElfric, in 
the original Anglo-Saxon, with an Englifti vei fion ; by Ben- 
jamin Thorpe, F.S. A. 2 vols. [For the iElfric Society.] 

8-^ Lond. 1844-6. 

A fermon on the facrifice on Eafter day. Turned into 
Englilh from the Anglo-Saxon of iElfric. 

8° Lond. 1847. 


The homilies of the Anglo-Saxon Church. Tlie firft 
part, containing the Sermones Catholici, or Homilies of IEl- 
fric. 1844-6. 

The poetry of the Codex Vercellenfis, with an Englifli 
tranflation by J. M. Kemble. Part I. 1843. 

Anglo-Saxon dialogues of Solomon and Saturn. [Edited] 
by John M. Kemble. 1845. 

7ELIANUS (Claudius). 

B. at Prxnefte during the latter half of the 2d centuiy. Made 
himfelf a perfect maftcr of the Greek language, in which his 
works are written. D. about 260. 

Ey. Tuv AtXiavou aysoixixuiv iTieroXtin. [Epistol/e di- 
•vcrforum phihifophorum ... Apud Aldum, I 499.] 

Au.iuvou nwx/A)jc Iffroc/aj, UiZXia 10'. Ex ruv IleazXf/- 
bo\i TTiii -^oXiTiiu)/ xiToiMWifia : HoXe/xwh); (I'uff/oykw/xowxMv 
tyyjiliom : kbaiMainou ':ioSiaTou 'I'ugioynnfionxuv Jii3Xia 13 
Mf/.a/xTtiOos Till TluX/ioiv //.airn-r,. Tlisi }0.aitav rou ffu/xa- 
roi : iEliani Uarix Hilloria? libn xini. Ex Heraclide de 
rebus publicis Commenuiium. Polemonis Phylionomia. 
Adamantii Phyfionomia. Melampodis ex Palpit.itionibus 
divinatio. De Neuis. [Greei text ; eililed liy Cimillus Peruf- 
cus. Editio primeps.] 4° i» Pu/iri, afiii [1C4C.] 

jEIiani Varix Hillorix libri xim. Item, rcrunipublicanim 
defcriptiones ex Heraclide. Ex inteqirctatione lulti Wlteii 
Wetterani ... [I.ut. ordy.] 12^ n. p. 1599. 

Tl'Lliani Varix Hiftoria' libri xiiii. Rerumpublic.irum de- 
fcrijniones ex Heraclide. Cum Latin.i inteipretatione ... 
1 2 - Colonia- Allobrog. 1613. 

KXavbiou i\i>.iavoj TloixiKr, /aroj/a. Claudii iEliani Varia 
Hirtoria. Tanaquillus Fabcr emendauit. 

8" Salmurii, 1668. 



KX. AiXiavou Sop/ffrou UoixiXr] Isrooia. CI. jEliani So- 
phiftas Varia Hiftoria, ad MStos codices nunc primum recog- 
nita et caftigata, cum veifione Jufti Vulteji, fed innumeris in 
locis ad Grxcum aucSoris contextum emendata, et peqjetuo 
commentario Jacobi Peiizonii ... [Partes dus.] 

8° Lugduni in Batavis, I 70 1. 

K'/.a-jOiou AiXiavou ■ttssi l^uoiv I'oiOTrjTOi ^iZ'Kia ;^. Claudii 
iEliani, De animalium natura libii xvii. Petro Gillio, Gallo, 
et Conrado Gefnero,Helvetio,interpretibus ...[Gr.rtm/Z/a/.] 

12° [Genevse,] 161 1. 

— '\Gr. and L,alJ\ Cum animadverfionibus Conradi 
Gefneri, et Danielis Wilhelmi Trilleri : curante Abrahamo 
Gronovio, qui et fuas adnotationes adjecit. 2 tom. 

4° Lond. 1744. 

— Gisece et Latine cum priorum interpretum et fuis ani- 
madverfionibus edidit lo. Gottlob. Schneider. 

8° Lipfia?, 1784. 

^LIANUS, Tacticus. 

A Greek writer 011 military affairs, who flourished about the 
beginning of the 2d century. , . 

Tag/; 'Ta?.a/a, -/.ai oioiLaatai rtuv a^yjjtroiii ix Tov AiXia- 
nou. [Thomas Magiftei', Dii/ionum yltllcarum colleciio.^ 

De inftruendis aciebus liber unus. [Vegetius, De re mi/i- 

De I'ordre et inftruftion des battailles, ung livre. [Ve- 
getius, Dii fait de guerre, fife] 


B. at Canterbury near the clofe of the nth century. Re- 
moved to Denmark, where he lived twenty-four years. 

De vita et pafTione S. Canuti Regis Danias. Item, anony- 
mus de paflione S. Caroli, ejus F. Jo. Meurfius ex codice 
BibliothecsE Hafnienfis defcripfit, edidit, et notas addidit. 

4<= Hafnias, 1 6 3 i . 

Hidoria ortus, vits, et pafllonis S. Canuti Regis Danias. 
[Langebek, Scriptores rerum Damcarum, iii. 325.] 



Byron ; Salathiel, or the martyrs ; and other poems. 

8° Lond. 1855. 

^MILIANUS (QuiNTus), Cimbriacus. 

A native of Schlefwig, of whofe life no particulars are re- 

Encomiaftica ad divos Css. Federicum Imperatorem et 
Maximilianum Regem Roman. lib. v. [Freherus, Rerum 
Germanlcarum fcriptores, ii. 4 1 5.] 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delitidi poetarum Germanorum, i. 

^MYLIANUS (Jacobus), Ferrariensis. 

Confilia ... in quibus adfunt ea fere omnia, quas ad praxim 
funt neceffaria ... Nunc primilm in lucem exeunt accura- 
tiflime recognita, et fumma diligentia emendata. Cum fum- 
marijs, et repertorio omnium materiarum lo. Baptiftje Zil- 
etti ... fol. Venetiis, 1565. 

iEMYLIUS (Paulus). 

B. at Verona. Came to France, and was appointed hiftorio- 
grapher royal by Charles VIII. D. at Paris, 5 May, 1529. 

De rebus geftis Francorum, ad Chriftianiffimum Galliaram 
Regem Francifcum Valefium, ejus nominis primum, hbri de- 
cem, ex poftrema auiSoris recognitione. Additum efl [Joan. 
Tilii^ De regibus item Fiancoiiim chronicon, ad hasc ufque 
tempora ftudioliffime deduftum. fol. Parifiis, 1544. 

Hiftorias, iam denuo emendatae, Pauli ^mylii Veronenfis, 
de rebus geftis Francorum, a Pharamundo, primo rege, ufque 
ad Carolum 0(5t:iuum, libri x. Arnoldi Ferroni Burdigalen- 
fis, Regii Coniiliarii, de rebus geftis Gallorum libji ix. ad 
hiftoriam Pauli ^mylii additi, a Carolo oftauo ufque ad 
Henricum II. loannis Thoma Freigii Paralipomena, ad 
^mylium et Ferronum adiedta, ufque ad annum Chrifti, 
M.D.LXix. Ad huius hiftori^ lucem, in fine adiunftum eft,, 
Chronicon loan. Tilii de regibus Francorum, "a Pharamundo 
ufque ad Henricum II. a D. Thoma Freigio audlum ufque ad 
Carolum IX. Cum omnium regum imaginibus. 

fol. Bafiles, I 569. 

De I'ebus geftis Franconim, a Pharamundo, piimo rege, 
ufque ad Carolum oftauum, libri x. Arnoldi Ferroni ... 
de rebus geftis Gallorum libri ix. ... Continuatio lacobi Hen- 
ricpetri ... ufque ad annum m.dci. ... adiundlum eft Chroni- 
con loan. Tilii ... a D. lac. Henricpetri auftum ufque ad 
Henricum IIII. ... fol. Bafileas, x6oi. 


Biihop of Paris, 854. 
Liber adveifus Grscos ... [d'AcHERius, Spidleg'tum, \u 

^NEAS, Gaz;eus. 

B. at Gaza, in Paleftine, about the middle of the 5th cen- 
tury'. He was a pupil of Hierocles, and by profellion a teacher 
of rhetoric. By birth a pagan, he was afterwards converted to 

Theophiaftus : five de animaiiim immoitalitate, et cor- 
porum refurreftione dialogus, e Grxco in Latinum feinionem 
converfus. ^Max. B'lbliotheca •veterum Patrum, viii. 649.] 

Aimou Sop/ffrou irridToXai. [EnsTOLi^ diverforum phdo- 
fophorum ... Apud Aldum, 1499.] 


.^NEAS, Tacticus. 

A Greek writer, who flouriflied about 350 years B.C. 

Aiviiov TaxTiy.ou te xai croX/ojxjjr/xov uto/i.hj/, 'Ttc^i tov, 
vTwj yor) 'johiopxo'j.'j.siov amyiii. jEnes vetuftiffimi Taffici 
Commentarius de toleranda obfidione. Is. Cafaubonus primus 
vulgavit, Latinam inteipretationem ac notas adiecit. [Polv- 
Bius, H'ljlor'iiie, ifjc, edit. 1609.] 

../Enes Taiftici Commentarius de toleranda obfidione, 
Graece, ad codices MSS. Parifienfes et Mediceum rccenfuit, 
verfionem Latinam et commentarium integiTjm Is. Cafauboni, 
notas Jac. Gronovii, G. H. C. Koefii, Cafpari Orellii alio- 
rumque et fuas adjecit Jo. Coniadus Orellius. 

8° Lipfias, 18 18. 

Commentaires fur la defenfe des places, d'^neas le Tac- 
ticien, le plus ancien des auteurs militaires ; avec quelques 



notes ; le Tableau militaire des Grtcs du mefme temps, les 
ecoles militaires de I'antiquitc, et quelques autres ])icccs. Par 
M. le comte de Beaufobre ... 2 torn. 

4° Amfterdam, 1757. 

^olus. A circular invitation to contribute to the hiftoiy 
of the weather. 8° Lond. 1844. 

Random rhymes. 

8° Lond. 1845. 


A native of Pontus, who lived in the 4th century, and was 
founder of a fcdt of heretics who were called Aerians. His 
peculiar do^ines are fet forth in the following work. 

* A view of the herefy of Aerius. Confifting of the fol- 
lowing articles. I. That a prcfbyter differs not in order and 
degree from a bifhop. II. That there is no pafch remaining 
to be obferved or celebrated among Chriftians. III. That 
fafts ought not to be prefixed to certain and ftatcd annual 
days. IV. That prayers are not to be poured out or made 
to the dead. 8° Edinb. 1745. 

iERODIUS (Petrus). See Pierre Avrault. 


Report of the Aeronomic AfTociation ... with an accurate 
defcription of the architedlural finial, or terminal fmoke-vent, 
called the improved p.atent anti-condenfative air-condu(5lor ... 

8° Lond. 1852. 


Aeroftatics ; or, a hiftory of balloons. Tiiii d edition. 

12" Land. 1802. 

An Athenian orator. B. 389, B.C. D. 314, B.C. 

Opera. [Reiske, Oralons Gritci, tom. iii. Sc iv.] 

— [Bekker, Oralores ylllic'i, tom. iii.] 
Orationes. [Oratores Gneci, apud Alduni, I 5 13.] 

— [Stephanus, Oralorum vctcrum orationes, p. I.] 
\iByj\io\t zara KvrisifuvTOi xai Ar^aofOivoug rriii 'Sts- 

^anou 'Kbyiii. Interpretationem Latinam, et vocum difficili- 
orum explicationem adjecerunt P. Foulkes, J. Freind. 

8° 0.xon. 1696. 

jEfchinis in Ctcfiphontem et Demofthcnis de Corona ora- 
tiones dusE : ad fidem optimorum cditionum rccenfitx, varie- 
tate le(ftioni3 et commcntuio perpetuo in ufum fcholarum 
inftruftx- ab Jo. Hcnr. Bremi. 8° Lond. 1837. 

jEfchinis oratio in Ctefijihontem ex Bekkeri reccnfione 
repetiti. Accedit Demollhenis fujjer Corona oratio, juxt;i 
textus Dindorfiani au6lorit;ilem edita. 8° Oxon. 1852. 

Speeches of TEfchinesagainft Ctefiphon and Demoftlienes 
on the Crown : literally tranflated into Englifli by Henry 
Owgan, LL.D. 12° Dublin, 1S52. 

— literally tranflated into Englifli, by Rofcoe Mongan, 
A.B. 12' Dublin, 1859. 

Epiftolje ut circumferuntur duodecim, quas e recenflone 
.lo. Taylori, Angii, cum cjiifcleni et Woifii, Marklandi, Guil- 
lonii, Toupii, .lo. .lac. Reilkii, et fuis qualibulcunque notulis 
. . . edidit .lohann Samuel Sammet. i 2 " Lipfix, 1771. 

Ejiiftolac. [Epistol^ diverforum philofophorum ... Apud 
Aldum, 1499.] 
[For other editions of the works of JES<Mna,fee Demosthencs.] 

^SCHINES, SocRATicus. 

A dilciple of Socrates, regarding whom very little is known. 
The dialogues attributed to him are generally believed to be 


.iEfchinis Socratici Dialog! tres, Grasce et Latine, ad quos 

acccflit quarti Latinum fragmcntum. Vertit et notis iliullravit 
Joannes Clericus ; cujus et ad calcem .idditae funt Silvx philo- 
logicx ... 8° Amrtelod. 171 I. 

kmynvtiM to-j luyi^arixou oiaXoyoi r^ei;. iEfchinis Socratici 
Dialogi tres ; de novo recenfuit, vertit, et animadverfionibus 
fuis auxit Petrus Horreus ... [Gr. and La t.'^ 

8° Leovardiae, 1718. 

./Efchinis Socratici Dialogi tres, Grace ... cura Joh. 
Frider. Fifcheri. 8^ Lipfix, 1753. 

jEfcliinis Socratici Dialogi tres, Grxce ; teitium edidit 
ad fidcm codd. MSS. Vindobb. Medic. Aug. et libb. cditt. 
Platonis Stobxique veteram denuo recenfuit, emendavit, ex- 
jilicavit, indicemque verboi-um Grxconim copiofifllmum ad- 
jecit Joh. Frider. Fifchcms. 8° Lipfix, 1786. 


B. at Eleufis, in Attica, B.C. 520. D. at Gcla, in Sicily, B.C. 

AiaynjXoxi r^ayuiOiai s^. nso/xr;()fJ5 AieiJ.(iiTr,i, Enra 

scr/ 0j;£a/c. Yliosui. Ayaijuji-Muit. Eufinidi :. IxiTidig. 

jEfcliyli tragoedias fex. [Editio princeps, edited by Francefco 

d'ylfola.^ 8° Venctiis, in xdibus Aldi et Andrex foceri, 

1 5 I S, menfe Febraario. 

ki<syy\(i\> X\nu,rih\)c, ^£S!J.uTriC. Ecra £t( &r,Zai;. IIsj- 
aai. AyuiJtiiM'jiv. Ev/j-itiOi;. iKlriOi;. 

8° Parifiis, 1552 

AiBy^-j}:0{j T^aycuhiui ^ ... jEfchyli tragoedix vii. Qux 
cilm omnes multo quam antea calligatiores eduntur, turn vero 
una, qux mutila & decurtata prius erat, Integra nunc ])rofer- 
tur. Scholia in eafdem, jjlurimis in locis locupletata, & in 
pen^ infinitis emendat;i, Petri Viiflorii cura et diligentia. 
4^ Ex olhcina Hemici Stepliani, 1557. 

AmyjjXoii rgayojOiai ittu. vEfchyli tragocdix feptem : 
cum fcholiis Grxcis omnibus ; deperditoiiim dramatum frag- 
mentis, verfione et commentario Thomx Stanleii. 

fol. Lond. 1663. 

^fciiyli tragoedix fuperftites, Grxca in cas fcholia, et 
deperditarum fragment;! ; cum verfione Latina et commen- 
tai'io Thomx St;inleii : et notis F. Robortelli, A. Tuinebi, 
H. Stephani, et G. Canteri ; curante Joanne Comelio de 
Pauw, cujus notx accedunt. 2 tom. 

4^ Hagx Comitum, 1745. 

A/ TO'j Ai(iyu\o\j TsayuOiai ffw^ei,a£ia/ tTra. iEfchyli 
tragoedix qux extant feptem. Cum Icdionibus variantibus. 
[Gr. on/y.] 4' Gl.ifgux, 1 746. 

AiayuXov T^ayDiiiai iTToi.. ful. Glafgux, 1795- 

./Efchyli tragoedix qua: fuperfunt, de)KTditai-um tabularum 
fragment;!, et fcholia Grxca, ex editione Thomx Suinleii, 
cum verfione l-;itina .nb ipfo emendaui et commentario longe 
quam antea fuit iiu^tiori. Accedunt varix lecStioncs et notx 
vv. dd. quibus fuas paflim inteitexuit Samuel Butler, A.M. 
8 tom. 8' Canubrigix, 1 809- 16. 



jEfchyli tragoedife qus fuperfunt, et deperditaruni frag- 
menta. Recenfuit et conimentario illuftravit Chr. Godof. 
Schiitz. 5 torn. 8° Hals, 1809-21. 

jEfchyli tragoediae. Ad optimoiiim libioium fidem recen- 
fuit, integiam ledlionis vaiietatem notafque adjecit Auguftus 
Wellauer. 4 torn. 8" Lipfia', 1823-31. 

kicyy'Koi. ^fchylus. Recenfuit Jacobus Scholefield, 
A.M. ' 8° Cantabrigise, 1828. 

Appendix ad editioneni jEfchyli Cantabrigienfem novif- 
fimam. Confecit Jacobus Scholelield, A.M. 

8° Cantabrigia?, 1833. 

Aiey^-jXo;. jEfchyli tragcediae fuperftites et deperditamm 
fragmcnta, ex recenfione G. Dindoi-fii. 2 torn. 

8° Oxonii, 1832-41. 

Aiay^uy.og. ^fchyli tragcediae. 12° Oxonii, 185 i. 

iEfchyli tragoediae. Recenfuit Godofredus Hermannus. 
2 torn. 8° Lipfias, 1852. 

The tragedies of jEfchylus. Re-edited, with an Englifli 
commentary, by F. A. Paley. [Bil/L ClqJJ'ica, ed'iled by Geo. 
Long and J. J. Maclenne.\ 8° Lond. 1 85 5. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1 86 1. 

Tragcediae. \JJr. and Lat. I-,ectivs, Poeta Graci -veteres 
tragici, i. 598.] 

Aiffp/uXou r^ayuhiai. FDindorf, Poelanim fcenlcortim 
Grncorum fuiuU, p. I . J 

Tragoediae feledts ^fchyli, Sophoclis, Euripidis ; cum 
duplici interpretatione Latina, una ad verbura, altera carmine. 
Ennianx inteqjretationes locorum aliquot Euripidis. 

12° Excudebat H. Stephimus, 1567. 

kiffyu'/.ou O^iarsia. jEfchyli Oreftea : Agamemnon, 
Choephori, Eumenides. Recenfuit, emendavit, explanavit 
Fredericus A. Paley, M.A. 8^ Cantabrigiae, 1S45. 

The tragedies of jEfchylus : tranflated by R. Potter. 

4° Norwich, 1777. 

The tragedies of TEfchylus : tranflated into Englifli profe. 

8° Oxford, I 829. 

The tragedies of iEfchylus (complete) : tranflated into 
Englifh profe, from the texts of Blomfield and Scholefield. 
With notes. Second edition. 8° Oxford, 1829. 

Popular Englifli fpecimens of the Greek diamatic poets ; 
with introduiftory eflliys, and explanatory notes. ^Efchylus. 

8° Lond. 183 I. 

The tragedies of jEfchylus : literally tranflated, with cri- 
tical and illulhative notes, and an introduction, by Theodore 
Alois Buckley, B.A. 8° Lond. 1849. 

The new readings, contained in Hermann's pofthumous 
edition of iEfchylus, tranflated and confidered by George 
Burges, A.M. ; forming an appendix to the profe tranflation 
of ^Efchylus publiflied in Bohn's Claffical library. 

8° Lond. 1853. 

The lyrical di'amas of iEfchylus, from tlie Greek : tranf- 
lated into Englifli verfe, by John Stuart Blackie. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1850. 

The tragedies of iEfchylus : confl:rued literally and word 
for word, by the Rev. Dr. Giles. Vol. L 

8° Lond. [i860.] 

[Separate Tragedies.] 
Prometheus Vinctus. 
jEfchyli Piometheus, cum interpretatione Mathiae Garbitii 

lUyrici, Graecae linguae & Moralis philofophiae profefforis 
ordinarii in Academia Tubingenfi. 8° Bafllea-, 1559. 

Aiaynjkou r^ayuoia Ylso/j.riije-jg Aig/n-urri;. Prometeo Le- 
gato, tragedia d'Efchilo, volgarizzata e con annotazioni ful 
tefto Greco illuftrata. [By Michel Ang'wh G'iacomeU\i\ 

4° Roma, 1754. 

kiayjj'/jj-j HfC'j.ridiv; Asc;i,<uTrig, The text of Dindorf: 
with notes, compiled and abridged by John Griffiths, M.A. 

8° Oxford, 1834. 

Aiay^uXov Tl^o/j,ri9iug Aiafioirra. The Prometheus Bound 
of ^fchykis : the text newly revifed, with notes, critical and 
explanatory, by the Rev. Heniy Sylvefter Richmond, M.A. 

8° Lond. 1 846. 

A/ffp^uAoi/ Tl^o/j-rik-jg Am/J-urrig. ^fchyli Prometheus 
Vinftus. Brevi commentario inftmxit Fredericus A. Paley, 
M.A. 8° Cantabrigiae, 1846. 

The Prometheus Chained of ^fchylus ; with flioit Eng- 
lifli notes for the ufe of fchools. 12° Oxon. 1853. 

kieyyt.ijx) ngo,a>it)Ei/j lisff.awDjj. ThePrometheus Chained 
of.£fchylus: literallytranflated into Englifli profe. Fromthe 
text of Blomfield ; with the original Greek, the metres, the 
order, and Englifli accentuation. To which are fubjoined 
numerous explanatory notes, for the ufe of ftudents, by T. 
W. C. Edwards, M.A. 8° Lond. 1823. 

Prometheus Bound : a tragedy, tranflated from the Greek 
of .£fchylus into Englifli verfe, by Thomas Medwin, Efq. 

8° Lond. 1832. 

Prometheus Bound: tranflated from the Greek of .Slfchy- 
lus. And mifcellaneous poems by the tranflator, author of 
" An efl]iy on mind," with other poems. 

1 2° Lond. 1833. 

The Piometheus of jEfchylus, and the Elcdlra of So- 
])hocles : tranflated from the Greek, with notes intended to 
illuftrate the typical charafter of the former ; alfo, a few 
oiiginal poems. By Geoige Croker Fox. 

8° Lond. 1835. 

The Prometheus Chained of .lEfchylus : tranflated into 
Englifli verfe by the Rev. G. C. Swayne, M.A. 

8° Oxford, 1846. 

Prometheus Chained. ^ranjlated'\ by Charles Caven- 
difli Clifford, D.C.L. 8° Oxford, 1852. 

The Pi'ometheus and Suppliants of jEfchylus : conftmed 
literally and word for word, by the Rev. Dr. Giles. 

12° Lond. [1859.] 

Septem contra Thebas. 

kicyyy.d-^' Ecra cti Q>r,Zrj.g. ^fchyli Septem contra 
Thebas ; ad fidem manufcriptonim emendavit, notas et glof- 
fariuni adjecit Carolus Jacobus Blomfield, A.M. Editio 
fecunda. 8° Cantabrigiae, 1817. 

iEfchyli Septem contraThebas,ediditConradusSchwenck. 
8° Trajefli ad Rhenum, 1818. 

kioyjjXo'j ET!-a st; 0^/3a;. The text of Dindorf: with 
notes, compiled and abridged by John Griffiths, M.A. 

8° Oxford, 1835. 

kisyjj/.ou Ettk et; &r]Qa;. .yEfchyli Septem contra 
Thebas : cum fragmentis deperditorum dramatum. Brevi 
commentario inftmxit Fredericus A. Paley, A.M. 

8° Cantabrigiae, 1847. 


kiayj'/.ov Tltsdai. jEfchj'li Perfae : ad fidem manufcrip- 



torum emcndavit, notas et gloflarium adjecit Carolus Jacobus 
Blomfield, A.M. 8° Cantabrigia;, I 8 I 4. 

AiayjjXou Uipaai. jEfchyli PeifcE. Bicvi comraentario 
inftruxit Frcdericus A. Paley, A.M. 

8° Cantabrigia:, 1847. 

The Perfe of jEfchylus ; the Greek text, witli Englifti 
notes and a literal Englilh tranflation ; by M. Wood, B.A. 

8' Cambridge, 1855. 

The Perfians of ^fchylus, trandated on a new ])Ian from 
the text of Porfon, as coiTccled by DindorfF, Blomiield, and 
Schiitz ; with cojiious Englifli critical and explanatoiy notes, 
elucidating every difficulty of conftrudlion or allufion ; alfo 
parallels and illuftrations from the Englifli poets, and an en- 
graved plan of the battle of Salamis ... By William Palin, 
private tutor. 8° Lond. 1829. 


A;(rj;^u>.ou IxeTidig. TEfchyli Suppliccs. Recenfuit, emen- 
davit, explanavit, Fredericus A. Paley, M.A. 

8° Cantabrigite, 1844. 

— Editio emendatior. 8° Cantabrigiae, 1851. 


Aie^uXou Aya/i£,avwv. jEfchyli Agamemnon : ad fidem 
manufcriptorum emendavit, notas et gloffarium adjecit Car- 
olus Jacobus Blomfield, S.T.B. 8° Cantabrigise, 18 18. 

— Editio fecundii. 8° Cantabrigiae, 1822. 
AiayjAnu Aya/j-i/ivav r^iyXoiTTo:. Grjece : textum ad 

fidem editionum, prasfertim Blomfieldianae, recognovit, no- 
tafque Anglice confcriptas et indices adjecit. Jacobus Ken- 
nedy, S.T. P. ... Teutfch : iiberfetzt von Heinrich Vofs. 
Englifli : tranflated by James Kennedy, D.D. 

8° Dublin, 1829. 

kieyjj}.ri\i k.ya.jj,iii,y(j)<i. The Agamemnon of ^fchylus : 
a new edition of the text, with notes, critical, ex])lanatoi-y, 
and philological ; by the Rev. Thomas Williamfon Peile, 
M.A. 8° Lond. 1839. 

The Agamemnon of ^fchylus : the Greek text, with a 
tranflation into Englidi verfe, and notes, critical and explana- 
tory ; by John Conington, B.A. 8° I^ond. 1848. 

Tlie Agamemnon of jlifchylus : tranflated from the 
Greek, illurtrated by a diflertation on Greek tragedy, &c. ; 
by John S. Harford, Efq., D.C.L. 8° Lond. 1831. 

The Agamemnon of ^fchylus ; tranflated literally and 
rythmically, by W. Sewcll, B.D. ... Witii a preface and 
notes. 12' Lond. 1846. 

Agamemnon, tlie king : a tragedy. From the Greek of 
iEfchylus ; by William Blew, M.A. 8° Lond. 1855. 


kiayyXw X(ir)f:o>oi. The Choephorce of TEfchylus : a 
new edition of the text, with notes, critical, expianatoi-y, and 
philological ... by the Rev. Thomas Williamfon Peik-,M.A. 

8° Lond. 1840. 

The Choephoroe of iEfchylus: with notes, critical and ex- 
planatoi-y. 8" Lond. 1857. 


iEfchyii Eumenides : cum fchoiiis edidit Conrndus 
Schwenck. 8 ° Bonnx, [1821.] 

TEfchylos Eumeniden, Griechifch und Deutfch : mit 
crlauternden Abhandlungen iiber die auflere Darftellung, und 
iiber den Inhalt und die CompoCtion diefer Tragodie, von K. 
O. Miiller. 4° Gottingen, 1833. 

* Anhang zu dem Buche : jEfchylos Eumeniden ... 
von K. O. Miiller. 4° Gottingen, 1834. 

Diffeitations on the Eumenides of .£fchylus : with the 
Greek text and critical remarks. From the German of C. 
O. Miiller. 8= Cambridge, 1835. 

— Second edition [of the Dlffertations only.'^ 

8° Lond. 1853. 

^Efchyli Eumenides : the Greek text, with Englifli notes, 
critical and explanatoi-y, an Englifli verfe tranflation, and an 
introdu(5lion, contiining an analyfis of the diflTertations of C. 
O. Miiller. By Bernard Drake, M.A. 

8° Cambridge, 1853. 

A/ff;/i/>.ou Eii,tt£w3£;. jEfchyli Eumenides : recenfuit et il- 
luftravit Jacobus Scholefield, A.M. 8 ° Cantabrigis, 1843. 

Kioyjj'Kou 'Eii[j.ivihg. jEfchyli Eumenides ; ad codicum 
manufcriptoram fidem recognovit, et notis maximam partem 
criticis inltruxit Guliclmus Linwood, M.A. ... Accedunt 
viri funime reverendi C. J. Blomfieldii, S.T.P. notse MStx 
et alioioim felcfli. 8° Oxonii, 1844. 


The fiege of the Caftle of .ffifculapius : an heroic comedy. 

8° Lond. 1768. 

A Greek writer of fables, who appears to have flourifhed 
about 600 years before the Chriftian era. 

Habentur hoc uolumine haec, uidelicet. Vita, et fabellas 
iEfopi cum inteqiretatione Latina . . . Gabina; fabellx tres et 
quadjaginta ex trinietris iambis, prxter ultimani ex Scazonte, 
cum latina interpretatione. Phurnutus, feu, ut alii, Curnutus 
de natura deoram. Palxphatus de non credendis hilloriis. 
Heraclides Ponticus de Allegoriis apud Homerum. Ori 
ApoUinis Niliaci hieroglyphica. Colle(5lio prouerbiorum 
Tarrha:i et Didymi ... Ex Aphthonii exercitiimentis de 
fabula . . . De fabula ex imaginibus Philoflrati Grxce et Latine. 
Ex Hermogcnis exercitamentis de fabula Prifciano interprete. 
Apologus iEfopi de Caffita apud Gcllium. (iEfopi vita a 
Maximo Planude compofita.) [Gr. niul I.nt.] 

fol. Venetiis, a])ud Alduni, i 505. 

jEfopi Phiygis Fabellx, Grxce et Latine, cum aliisopuf- 
culis. [t/'z. Gabrix Gra-ci fabellx tres et quadraginta. Ex 
Aphtlionii exercitamentis de fibula, tum de formicis et cica- 
dis. De fabula ex imaginibus Philolbati. Honieri Bar^ay^a- 
ILwiho-yja. ... Mufxus poeta uetulHfs. de Ero et Leandro. 
Agapetus diaconus De officio regis ... Hippocratis iufiuran- 
dum. YaXi'jiij.u(iiJ.ayja ...] 8" Balflex, 1534. 

— Another edition. l2°Bafilex, 1551^. 
Kia'jiTcni rov <l»iiyo: Oof xai 01 fiut^oi, ay^Jii'sirtf rs >to/ 

•ZP0;ur7riXDiZoj/j,ivoi tio; auriysafov r.aXaioraTCiV to ix rr,f 
iSasiXixri; iiiZXioirixm. TEfopi Phi^gis vita et fabulx, ])liires 
et emendiitiores, ex vetuftiflimo codice bibliotliecx Regix. 

4° Lutetia-, I 546. 

jEfopi Phrygis Fabulx, clcgantiffimis iconibus illullnitx : 

cum I-atina verfione, Grxco textui adiunfla . . . Adied;r funi 

diuerforum fibulx, nee non opufcula qux in (equenti p.igina 

vidcre e(l, [wa. Gabrix Graci fabellx xliu. l\a.r^aya/i.\m- 



It'O.yjoL Homeri ... Takitiijj,voii,ayja ... Acceflerunt Auieni 
antiqui authoris fabulje.] 8' Liigduni, 1609. 

jEfopi Fabulx, Gallics, Latinx, Grxcs, cum ... facilli- 
mis in contextum Grscum fcholiis. Verfio utiaque noua et 
elaboiata per I. Meflier ... 8° Parifiis, 1629. 

Romuli Fabulae -^fopix ... edits ab Job. Frederico Nil- 
ant. 1709. 

MuSuv KiauTiituv euvayuiyri. Fabularum jEfopicarum col- 
leftio, quotquot Grasce repeiiuntur. Accedit interpretatio 
Latina. [By J. Hudfrm.^ 8° Oxonis, 1718. 

.iEfopi Fabula; qus in jEfopeamni editionibus baud le- 
guntur. 1 79 1. [Antoninus Liberalis, Transformathnum 

Aisdiirou Muhi. Fabulse ^fopicae, quales ante Planudem 
ferebantui", ex vetufto cod. Abbatix Floientinas nunc piimum 
erutjc, Latina verfione notifque exornats, cura ac ftudio Fran- 
cifci de Fuiia ... 2 torn. 8° Florentias, 1809. 

— Another edition. 8° Lipfia:, 18 10. 

Mutfai' Ai(jM~=i'jiti atisayuyrj. ii}.ori/j,!ii oarrairi roiv AdiX- 
ipuv Zuffi,'j,ad!)i«, 'xaihiiag ivixu toi^i rjji/ EX/.aOa (ftairiv didaa- 
xo/iVJtav KWrivojv. [Edited by Coray.] 

8° IV lla^isioig, Aaii [18 10.] 
Aidu-ov Mu^ou Fabuls jEfopicce Grscse, qus Maximo 
Planudi tribuuntur. Ex recenfione J. M. Heufingeri ... 
Cura G. H. Schxfer. Editio nova. 8° Lipfijc, 1818. 

FabiJarum iEfopicamm deleftus. [By A. Aljop : the 
fele3lon conjtjl'mg of fables in Gr. and Lat., In Heb. and Lat., 
in Arab, and Lat., and in Lat, only ; preceded by Tefti- 
monia de vita et fabulis .iEfopi.] 8° Oxonis, 1698. 

Fables of jEfop, and other eminent mythologifts, with 
morals and reflexions by Sir Roger L'Eftrange, Knt. Third 
edition. 2 vols. fol. Lond. 1699. 

The Fables of .Efop : with the moral refleftions of Mon- 
fieur Baudoin. Tranflated from the French. To which 
is prefix'd [tranflated'\ by another hand, the tme life of -£fop, 
by die moll: learned and noble critick Monfieur de Meziri- 
ac ... 8° Lond. 1704. 

Faulas, y vida de Ifopo, con las de otros autores : tradu- 
cidas por fu orden nuevamente de Latin en Caftellano por 
Don Juan de Lama. Con el aumento de la Perla de las 
dos lenguas, Latina y Hefpaiiola, que es el acento de ambas : 
y la oitografia modema, &c. 8° Madrid, 1738. 

^fop in rhyme ; with fome originals. 1820. [-Sy Jef- 
freys Taylor.] 

^fop's Fables : a new verfion, chiefly from original fources, 
by the Rev. Thomas James, M.A. With more than one 
hundred illuftrations, defigned by John Tenniel. 

8° Lond. 1848. 
The Fables of jEfop ; with inftiiiftive applications. 

12° Lond. 1859. 
^fop's Fables ; with preface by S. Croxall, D.D. 

I 2- Lond. 1 86 1. 
A feleftion of ^fop's Fables, verfified and fet to mufic 
with fymphonies and accompaniments for the pianoforte. 

4= Lond. n. d. 
jEfop naturaliz'd : in a collection of fables and llories from 
iEfop, Locman, Pilpay, and others. The third edition ; with 
the addition of above 50 new fables. 8° Lond. 17 I I. 

* La vita di Efopo [by Planudes] tradotta, et adornata dal 
Signer Con te Giulio Landi. 1545. 

* jEfop at Oxford : or, a few feledl fables in verfe ... 

8° Lond. 1709. 

* jEfop at the Bell-Tavern in Weftminfter : or, a prefent 
from the Odober-Club, in a few feleft fables from Sir Roger 
L'Efliange, done into Enghfli verfe. 8^ Lond. 171 1. 


A Greek hiftorian, regarding whom nothing certain is known, 
and whofe ver)' exigence has been called in queftion. The ori- 
ginal Greek of" the following work is loft. 

Jidii Valerii Res gefts Alexandri Macedonis, tranflatse ex 
jEfopo Graeco. Prodeunt nunc primum, edente notifque il- 
lullrante Angelo Maio ... 8° Mediolani, 18 17. 


The I'eform of the army in conneftion with that of our 
public fchools and univerfities: a letter addrefl'ed to the Right 
Hon. Lord Vifcount Palmerfton. 8° Lond. 1855. 


^teiTial life ; or, a future ftate the univerfal dodlrine of the 
facred Scriptures: in three fermons. 8'' Lond. 1824. 


A Roman wTiter of the 4th century ; a native of Iftria, or, 
according to Rabanus Maurus, of Scytiiia. 

jEthiciCofmographia: Antonii [Antonini] Augufti Itine- 
rarium provinciarum : ex bibliotheca P. Pithoei, cum fcholiis 
lofix Simleri. Quae his addita funt, fequenti pagina indican- 
tur. [Rutilii Itinerarium, Vib. Sequellri liber de lluminibus, 
&c. Libellus provinciarum Gallia;, &c.] 

12° Bafileae, 1575. 

— [DioNYsius ... Situs orbis defcriptio, edit. 1577.] 

— [P. Mela, Dejitu orbis, edit. 1626, Js" edit. 1696.] 

^ETHIOPIA. See Ethiopia. 

A Greek medical writer, b. at Amida, acity of Mefopotamia, 
who flouriihed about the end of the 5th or beginning of the 6th 

Aetii Amideni, medici clariffimi, libri fexdecim nunc pri- 
mum latinitate donati, in quibus cunfta quae ad artem curandi 
pertinent funt congefta ; ex omnibus qui ufque ad eius tempora 
fcripferant diligentiffime excerpta ... Totum vero opus ... 
in tres diuisum eft tomos ; quorum primus feptem libros con- 
tinet, a loanne Baptlfta Montano, medico Veronenll,eleganter 
quidem, Latinitate donates : fecundus autem, libros fex lano 
Cornario Zuiccauienfi interprete : at tertius, libros tres habet, 
ab eodem loanne Baptifta Montanofeliciffime latinos faiflos ... 

fol. Venetiis, 1534. 

Aetii, medici Grasci, Contraftas ex veteribus medicins te- 
trabiblos, hoc eft quaternio, id eft libri univerfales quatuor ; 
finguli, quatuor fermones compleftentes ; ut fint in fumma 
quatuor feimonum quaterniones, id eft fermones xvi. Per 
Janum Cornarium, medicum phyCcum, LatinS confcripti. 
[MEDic.t artis principes, torn. 11.] 

AEZEMA (Foppius ab). 

A native of Holland, who reprefented his country at leveral 



of the German Courts during the Thirty Years* War. D. at 
Vienna about 1640. 

Diflertationum ex jure civili libri 11. [Meerman, Novus 
thefaunis juris civilis et canonici, vi. 803.] 


An enquiry into the prefentftate of affairs ... 1689. [By 
Gilbert Burnet.] 

Some thoughts on the prcfent ftatc of affairs ... 1703. 
[By Sir Archibald Sinclair.] 

Confiderations on the prefent (late of affairs in Europe, and 
particularly with regard to the number of forces in the pay 
of Great-Britain. 8° Lond. I 7 30. 

An impartial review of the prefentftate of affairs in Euiope. 
To which is prefixed a letter to the authors of the Craftfman. 
Occafioncd by a paragraph in that paper of January 17, 1735. 

8° Lond. 1736. 

Mifcellaneous thoughts on the prefent pofture both of our 
foreign and domeftic affairs. 1742. [^j' John, Lord Her- 

A modeft enquiry into the prcfent flate of foicign affairs ; 
founded on fafts, and intended to open the eyes of the nation 
to their true intereft. By a lover of his countiy. 

8° Lond. [1751.] 

The fatal confequences of the want of fyflem in the con- 
duft of public affairs. 8° Lond. 1757. 

Impartial I'efleflions upon the prefent (late of affairs. With 
incidental remarks upon certain recent tianfafbions: in a letter 
to a friend. 8° Lond. 176 1. 

Confiderations upon the (late of public affairs ... 1798-9. 
[By Richard Bentley.] 

A plain man's eftimate of the (late of affairs. 

8° Lond. 1835. 

A few ferious thoughts for ferious Chridians, on the prcf- 
ent very ferious afped of public affairs. 

12° Glafgow, 1854. 


A memorial of Chriftian affedlion to young peilbns. By 
the widow of a Madras officer. 12° Lond. 1844. 

Affeftion, its flowers and fniits : a tale of the times. 
1848. [By Sydney Whiting.] 

Filial affcdlion : or, what fmall hands may do. 

12° Lond. [1855.] 


Views of defiles and mountain palTes in Affghanidan. A 
map of the routes from the Indus through U])per Scinde ; 
with intereding deUiils of the fufferings of the troops, fent to 
relieve the fort of Kaliun, in the Soliman Mountains. 

4'= Lond. n. d. 


The affianced one. By the autiior of " Gerti-ude." 3 
vols. 12^ Lond. 1832. 

AFFLECK (James). 

A tailor in Biggar, b. at Drummelzicr, Pceblcsflilrc, 8 Sep. 
1776. D. at Biggar, 8 Sep. 1835. 

The waes o' wliiflcy, in two parts : a defcriptive poem. 

I 2 !> no title-page. 

VOL. 1. 


A monaftcry near Aloft. 

Chronicon Affligemenfe. A. 1083-1 100. [Pertz, 
Monimienta Gcrmaniit hi/lorica, xi. 407.] 

— [d'AcHERius, SpkiUgium, x. 585.] 

AFFLICTIS (Matth^eus de). 

B. at Naples about 144S. Profcffor of civil law in the Uni- 
verfity of Naples. D. 1524. 

Decifiones facri regii Confilii Neapolitani, per ... Mat- 
thasum de Afflidlis ... collefls. lis Cxfaris Urfilli, I.C. 
Neapolitani, aureis adnotationibus,cafuumque novis quibufdam 
deciiionibus feparatim olim editis illuflratae, et quam diligen- 
ti(rimi; hac podrema editione recognitae ... 

fol. Venetiis, 1584. 

Traftatus de jure protimifeos clarifs. jurcconfultoitim, 
Matthasi de Afflidis, Neapolitani, et Baldi de Ubaldis, Pem- 
fini ; item, Roberti Marantx, Venufini, Difputationes eiufdem 
argumenti ; item, Commentariolus M. Mantuae Benauidij, 
Patauini, ad L. Dudum. C. de contrahend. empt. ... 

8° Francoflirti, i 588. 

— [ZiLETTUS, Tradatus unlvafi juris, xvii. 2.] 

D. Matthsi de Affliftis ... fuper iii. Feud. lib. Com- 
mentaria. Nunc primClra in Germania, accurata rccognitione, 
nee non adidua, cum Venetiani, tum Lugduncnfis exemplaris 
collatione adliibita, a mendis quamplurimis cadigatiora, atque 
charaflerum varietate dillindlis allegationibus ornatiora, in lu- 
cem prodeunt. fol. Francofurti, 1598. 

Matthsi de AfBiflis ... In utriufque Sicilian, Neapolifque 
Sanfliones et conditutiones, novidima prxlcftio. Cui adjcfta 
funt lo. Antonii Batii, et alionam aliquot I.C. emdita admo- 
dum annotamenta. Hac ])odrema editione quam diligenter 
a nicndis, quibus antea undique fcatebat, rejnirgata. 2 torn. 
, fol. Venetiis, 1606. 

AFFO (Ireneo). 

B. at Bufetto, 1742. Profcrtor of philofophy at Guaftalla : 
afterwards keeper of the library at Parma. D. about 1805. 

Mcmorie di Taddco Ugolcto, Parmigiano, Bibliotecario 
di Mattia CoiTino, Re di Ungheria. 4° Parma, i 7 8 i . 


Catalogus e])ifcoporum Augudanoi"um et abbatum S. Afiae 
ufque ad Friderici I. Imp. aetatcm. [Eccardus, Corpus 
hijlorictim medii avi, ii. 2239.] 

AFRANIUS (Lucius). 

A Roman comic poet, who lived about a century before the 
Chriftian era. 

Fragmenta. [Maittaire, Opera el fni^menla veleruni 
povlarum Liiliiirjrum, p. 151 O.] 


Recucil de divers voy.ages fails en Afrique et en TAme- 
rique, qui n'ont point ete encore publiez ... 1674. [By 
Henri Justel.] 

A treatife upon the tiade from Great Britain to Africa, 
humbly recommended to tlie attention of Government, by 
an African meichant. 4° Lond. 1772. 

Plan for a fiee community upon the coaft of Africa, under 




the proteftion of Great Britain, but intlrely independent of 
;J1 European laws and governments : with an invitation, un- 
der certain conditions, to all perfons defirous of paitaking the 
benefits thereof. 4° Lond. 1789. 

■ Proceedings of the Affociation for promoting the difcovery 
of the interior parts of Africa. 4° Lond. 1790— 8. 

A hiftorical and philofophical (Icetch of the difcoveries 
and fettlements of the Europeans in Northern and Weftern 
Africa ... 1799. [By John Leyden.] 

Areview of the Colonial flave regiftration Afts, in a report 
of a committee of the board of direflors of the African In- 
ftitution, made on the 22d of Febmary, 1820, and pub- 
lifhed by order of that board. 8'' Lond. 1820. 

Foreign (lave trade. Abftraft of the information, recently 
laid on the table of the Houfe of Commons, on the fubjeft 
of the flave trade ; being a report made by a committee fpe- 
cially appointed for the purpofe, to the direftors of the Afri- 
can Inrtitution, on the 8th of May, 182 i. 

8° Lond. 182 I. 

Report of the committee managing a fund raifed by fome 
friends, for the purpofe of promoting African inllmftion ; 
with an account of a vifit to the Gambia and Sierra Leone. 

8° Lond. 1822. 

— Second report. With an appendix. 

8° Lond. 1824. 
Continuation of the appendix to the fecond report ... 

8° Lond. 1824. 
Report of the committee of the Society for the relief of 
diftreffed fettlers in South Africa : with the refolutions palTed 
and fpeeches delivered at a general meeting, held at Cape 
Town, 17th Sept. 1823. 8° Cape Town, 1823. 

— [Pamphleteer, xxiii. 391.] 

Weft African flcetches : compiled from the reports of Sir 
G. R. Collier, Sir Charles Maccarthy, and other official 
fources. 12^ Lond. 1824. 

Sketches of fome of the various clafTes and tribes inhabit- 
ing the colony of the Cape of Good Hope, and the inteiior 
of Southern Afiica ; with a brief account, defcriptive of the 
manners and cuftoms of each. 4° Lond. i S 5 i . 

Africa redeemed : or, the means of her relief illuftrated by 
the growth and profpedls of Liberia. 8' Lond. 185 i. 

Africa's mountain valley ; or the church in Regent's 
Town, Weft Africa. By the author of " Minirtering chil- 
dren," "The cottage and its viCtor," &c. &c. 

8° Lond. 1856. 

Sketches of the African kingdoms and peoples. 

8° Lond. [i860.] 

The fettler in South Afiica ; and other tales. 

8° Lond. i860. 


An anfwer of the Company of Royal Adventurers of Eng- 
land trading into Africa, to the petition and paper of certain 
headsandparticulars thereunto relating and annexed.exhibited 
to the Hon. Houfe of Commons by Sir Paul Painter, Fer- 
dinando Gorges, Heniy Batfon, Benjamin Skutt, and Thom- 
as Knight, on behalf of themfelvcs and others concerned in 
his Majeftie's plantations in America. 

4° n. p. 1667. 

The cafe of the Royal African Company of England. 

4° Lond. 1730. 

A fupplement to the cafe, &c. 4= Lond. 1730. 

[For ** Company of Scotland trading to Africa and the Indies," yi-f 

AFRICANUS (Sextus Julius). 
KsSToi. \Greei text. Mathematici Veteres. Paris, 


The afternoon of unmarried life. By the author of 
" Morning clouds." 8° Lond. 1858. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1859. 
Afternoons with Mrs. Maitland : a book of houfehold 

inftruftion and entertainment. By the author of " Emma's 
crofs," Sec. 8° Lond. [1859.] 

AGACCIO (Giovanni Maria). 

An Italian poet, b. at Parma about the middle of the i6ch 

Poefle. [RuBBi, Parnafo Italiano^ xxxi. 279.] 

Deacon of the principal church at Conftantinople, of whofe 
perfonal hiftory no record has been preferved. 

Agapeti diaconi ad Juftinianum Imp. et Bafilii Macedo- 
nis Imp. ad Leonem philofophura fil. adhortationes de ben^ 
adminirtrando imperio. Graec^ et Latin^. Bernhardus 
Damke, Hamburgenfis, recenfuit et notas adjecit. 

8° Bafileae, 1633. 

— \Gr. and Lat. Bandurius, Imperium Orientale, i. 

jEsopus, Fabelk, edit. Bajd. I 534 & 1538.] 
Lat. Max. Bibliotheca -veterum Patrum, ix. 791.] 


Succeeded Martin III. in the Roman fee, a.d. 946, and held 
it for about ten years. 

Epiftolx. [Bouquet, Recueil des hijloriens des Gaules 

et de la France, ix. 226.] 

AGAPIDA (Fray Antonio). ^^^ Wafhington Ir- 

AGAR (William). 

Reftor of South Kelfey St. Mary's, and Bifkerthorpe, in 

Militaiy devotion: or, the foldier's duty to God, his prince, 
and his country. Containing fourteen fermons preached at 
the camps near Blandford and Dorchefter, a.d. 1756 and 
1757. With an appendix ... 8° Lond. [n. d.] 

AGAR (Mrs. ). 

The knights of the Crofs. 
From eve till morn in Europe. 

8° Lond. 1858. 
8° Lond. i860. 

AGARD (Arthur). 

B. about 1540. Appointed one of the deputy chamberlains 
in the Exchequer, 1570. D. 21 Aug. 1615. 

Of what antiquity (hires were in England. [Hearne, 
A colledion of curious difcourfes, i. 1 9.] 



Diraenfions of the land of England. [Ibid. i. 43.] 
Of the authorit)', ofEce, and privileges of heralds in Eng- 
land. [Ibid. i. 61.] 

Of the antiquity and privileges of the Houfes or Inns of 
Coun and of Chancer)'. [Ibid. i. 64.] 

Of the diverfity of names of this illand. [Ibid. i. 95.] 
Of the antiquity of arms in England. [Ibid. i. 173.] 
Of the etymology, dignity, and antiquity of dukes in 
England. [Ibid. i. 184.] 

Of the etymolog)', antiquity, and privileges of caftles in 
England. [Ibid. i. 186.] 

Of the antiquitie of ceremonies ufed at flineralls in Eng- 
land. [Ibid. i. 212.] 

Of the antiquity of epitaphs in England. [Ibid. i. 246.] 

Of the antiquit)', variety, and reafon of motts, with arms 
of noblemen and gentlemen in England. [Ibid. i. 260.I 

Of the antiquity, power, order, ftate, manner, perfons, and 
proceedings of the High Court of Parliament in England. 
[Ibid. i. 295.] 

The antiquity, authority and fucceffion of the High 
Steward of England. [Ibid. ii. 41.] 

The antiquity and office of the Conflable of England. 
[Ibid. ii. 77.] 

The antiquity and office of the Earl Marihall of England. 
[Ibid. ii. 103.] 

Of the antiquity of the Chriftian religion in this iHand. 
[Ibid. ii. 160.] 

Of the antiquity, ufe, and ceremony of lawful combats in 
England. [Ibid. ii. 2 1 5.] 

Of the antiquity of Barons. [Ibid. ii. 309.] 

Of forefts. [Ibid. ii. 312.] 

Of the antiquity of feals. [Ibid. ii. 3 i 4.] 

Of fterling money. [Ibid. ii. 3 1 6.] 

AGAR-ELLIS (George James Welbore). 

ift Baion Dover. B. 14 Jan. 1797. D. 10 July, 1833. 

The true hiftory of the State prifoner, commonly called 
the Iron Malk. Second edition. 8° Lond. 1827. 

Hiftorical inquiries refpedling the charafter of Edward 
Hyde, Ear! of Clarendon, Lord Chancellor of England. 

8° Lond. 1827. 

AGASSIZ (Louis). 

B. at Orbe, Canton de Vaud, 1807. 

The claiTification of infects from embryological data. 
1850. [Smithsonian Conlributlons to tnoiuleJge, vol. 11.] 

Outlines of comparative phyfiology, touching the ftru(5hire 
and development of the races of animals, living and extin(fl. 
By Louis Agafliz and A. A. Gould. Edited from the 
revifed edition, and greatly enlarged, by Thomas Wright, 
M.D. 8° Lond. 1857. 

An eflay on claflification. 8° Lond. 1859. 

AGATE (John), M.A. 

The plain truth : or, an anfwcr to Mr. Withers his De- 
fence, &c. Wherein the Jefuitifm and Donatifm of tlie 
diflenters is laid open ; their pretended countenance from 
the foreign churche.s tht-ir loyalty and religion is condder'd, 
and fchifm charged upon them in a letter from the Bilhoj) 
of Sarum. 3 parts. 8° Exon. 1708. 


Agatha's hufband : a novel. 


1853. [By Dinah Maria 


Agatha Beaufort ; or, family pride. By the author of 
"Pique." 3 vols. 8° Lond. 1852. 


A native of Cnidos. D. about 103 B.C. 
Ex raj» ro-j kya^aiyjhoxi msi nj; siuiia; faXaasr,; ixXt- 
yai. [Grace. Ctesias. £.\ Ctefia, Agatharchide, Mannone 
excerpt t h'ljlor'it. 1 5 5 " •] 

— Interprete Laurentio Rhodomanno. Gr. and Lat. 
[Hudson, Geographic veteris fcrlptores, torn, i.] 


Lived about tlie beginning of the 3d century, 
TToruTwffEijv yiuysa^ia; iv STiro/ir, ^i^Xia 8vii. Com- 
pendiariae geographix expofitionum, libri duo. Cura et in- 
terpretatione Samuelis Tennulio. [Gr. and Lat.] 

8° Amft. 167 I. 

— [Hudson, Geographic veteris fcr'iptores, torn, ii.] 

— [Gronovius, Geographica antiqua, p. 160.] 


B. at M\Tina, in Alia Minor, about 536. Studied law, and 
praflifed as an advocate; but his favourite Ihidy was ancient 
poetry. D. about 582. 

Agathise, hiftorici et poetae eximii, de imperio et rebus 
geftis luftrniani Imperatoris, libri quinque : Gncc^ nunquam 
antehac editi : ex bibliotheca et interpretatione Bonaventurs 
Vidcanii cum notis eiufdem. Accefferunt eiufdem Aga- 
thias epigrammata Grasca. 

4° Lugduni Batavorum, 1594. 

— Another edition. fol. Parifiis, 1660. 

— B. G. Niebuhrius, C. F., Grteca recenfuiL [Corpus 
Jcriptonim hijlorlc By^iMntlnCy^o. I.] 8° Bonnse, I 828. 

Hiftoire de I'Empereur Juftinien, traduite par Mr. Coufin. 
[Cousin, Hifloire de ConJIiinlinople, ii. 345.] 

Excerpta ex Agathicc hiftoria, Hugone Grotio interprete. 
[Muratori, Rerum Italicarum fcr'iptores, I. i. 379.] 

— [Grotius, H'ljlor'ia Cotthonim, p. 529.] 
Exceqna, ex Agathicc Scholaftici Hifloria, de Francis. 

[Bouquet, Recueil des hiftoriens dcs Gaulcs et de la France, 
ii. 47.] 


A native of Palermo. Eleftcd Pope, 679. D. I Dec. 681. 
Fragmentum epillolx ]>rimx Agathonis Pajix, a(5lione 
quarta Concilii generalis fe.xti. [Cotelerius, Ecclefne Grtcc 
monumental ii. 8 I .] 


Agathon. 1773. [By C. M. Witt.^ND.] 


Five hundred pounds prize. Seven qucftions (bearing up- 
on tlie prefent ccciefiallical crifis,) addrefled to tlie bilhojis. 



the clergy, and the people of England. The above prize 
will be awarded to any perfon who can give a fatisfaftoiy 
folution. 8^ Lond. n. d. 


Agathonia : a romance. 1 8 44. [By Catherine Frances 


The humour of the age : a comedy. 1 7 o i . [By Thomas 

The manners of the age : in thirteen moral fatirs. Writ- 
ten with a defign to expofe the vicious and irregular conduft 
of both fexes, in the various purfuits of life. 

4° Lond. 1733. 

The fpirit of the age : or, contemporary portraits. 1825. 
[By William Hazlitt.] 

The age : a poem, in eight books. 8° Lond. 1829. 

AGGENUS, Urbicus. 

A writer on agriculture, who lived probably in the latter part 
of the 4th century. 

Commentarius in Julium Frontinum de limitibus agromm. 
[RiGALTius, yludcires Jjn'ium reginulorum, pp. 58 and 131.] 
— [GoEsius, Rei agrarm au9ores, pp. 44 and 90.] 


Aggefden Vicarage ; or, Bridget Storey's firrt charge : a 
tale for the young. In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1859. 

AGIEO (Oresbio), Arcade. Pfeud. of Francefco 


AGILES (Raymond d'). 

Lived in the nth century. He accompanied, as chaplain, 
Raymond de St. Gilles, Count of Touloufe, to the Holy Land, 
during the firft crufade. On his return, he was appointed canon 
of Le Puy. 

Hiftoria Francomm qui cepemnt Iherafalem. [Bongar- 
sius, Gejlii Dei per Francos, i. 139.] 

Hiftoirc des Francs qui ont pris Jerafalera. [Guizot, 
ColhBion des memoir es, ^c. , xxi. 2 2 1.1 


* Vita S. Agili, Abbatis Relbacenfis primi, auftore anony- 
mo fubasquali. ^M.AmL\.oii, Ada fanSorum O.S.B.n. 30 1.] 


The lay of Agincourt : with other poems. 

8° Edinb. 18 19. 

AGINCOURT (J. B. L. G. Seroux d'). See Seroux 
d' Agincourt. 


Sanftge Hathumoda, primas Abbatissae Ganderlheimenfis, 
vita. [Fez, Thejaurus anecdotorum mvijfimus, i. iii. 289.] 

— [Pertz, Monument a Germanix h'ljlorlca, vi. 165.I 

— [Eccardus, Veterum monumentorum quatern'w, p. 1.1 
Dialogus, elegiaco veifu fcriptus, de obitu Sanda; Hathu- 

modjE. [Fez, Thefaurus anecdotorum novj/fimus, I. iii. 309.] 

— [Eccardus, Veterum monumentorum quatern'io, p. i 3.] 

AGLIO (Augustine). 

Antiquities of Mexico : comprifing fac-Cmiles of ancient 
Mexican paintings and hierogljq^hics ... Together witli the 
monuments of New Spain, by M. Dupaix : with their respec- 
tive fcales of meafurement and accompanying defcriptions. 
The whole iUuftrated by many valuable inedited manufcripts. 
7 vols. fol. Lond. 1830. 

AGLIONBY (William). 

Painting iUuftrated in three diallogues, containing fome 
choice obfeiTations upon the art. Together with the lives 
of the moft eminent painters, from Cimabue to the time of 
Raphael and Michael Angelo. With an explanation of the 
difficult terras. 4° Lond. 1685. 


Memorials of Agmondefliam and Chefham Leycefter. 
In two martyr ftories. 12° Lond. 1856. 


B. 483. Archbifliop of Ravenna, 553. D. i Aug. 566. 

Ad Armenium, de ratione fidei, epiftola. [Max. Biblio- 
theca veterum Patrum, viii. 666.] 


A canon of Ravenna, b. about 805. Abbot of the monaf- 
teries of St. Maria ad Blachernas, and of St. Bartholomew, 
both near Ravenna. 

Liber Pontificalis, five vitx Pontificum Ravennatum, quas 
D. Benedictus Bacchinius ... ex Bibliotheca Eftenfi eruit, 
difii;rtationibus, et obfervationibus, necnon appendice monu- 
mentomm illuftravit, et auxit ... [Muratori, Rerum Itali- 
carum fcriptores, II. i. I.J 


Agnes and Eliza ; or, humility. 12° Lond. 1846. 

Siller Agnes ; or, the captive nun : a pifture of conven- 
tual life. By a clergyman's widow, author of " The oqihan's 
friend," etc. 8° Lond. 1854. 


Oui' favourite birds. 

4^ Lond. [1859.] 


Agis : a tragedy. 

[758. [By John Home.] 


Agnes Brown ; or, " I will not offer unto the Lord my 
God of that which doth coft me nothing." 

8° Lond. 1858. 




Paflages from die life of Agnes Home. 

Another edition. 

Lond. i860. 
Lond. 1 86 1. 


Agnes Maynard ; or, day-di'eams and realities. By the 
author of " The garden in the wildernefs." 

12° Lond. 1853. 

Agnes Serle. 1835. [By EUen Pickering.] 


Agnes Valraar : a novel. 3 vols. 


S" Lond. 1854. 

Agnes Waring : an autobiography. Edited by the author 
of " Kate Vernon." 3 vols. 12° Lond. 1856. 

AGNES I (Maria Gaetana). 

B. at Milan, i6 March, 1718. At the age of nine, flie had 
ftudied the Latin language with great fuccefs, and foon after 
acquired a found knowledge of Greek, Hebrew, and various 
modern languages. Her attainments in mathematical fcience 
were fo great, that in 1 750 (he obtained the permiflion of Bene- 
dift XrV. to occupy the chair of her invalid father in the Uni- 
verfity of Bologna. D. 9 Jan. 1799. 

Inftituzioni analitiche ad ufo delia gioventil Italiana ... 
2 torn. 40 Miiano, 1748. 

AGNEW (Sir Andrew), Bart. 

A letter addreffcd to the friends of the Sabbath caufe. 

8° Lond. 1835. 
* Memoirs of his life. 1850. [By Thomas M'Crie, 

AGNEW (David C. A.) 

The working-man's week ; or, tlioughts on the Creator's 
diftribution of labour and reft. 8° Lond. 1850. 

The faved foul's work, dcfcribed in three difcourfes. 

12° Lond. 1 85 1. 
AGNEW (E. C.) 

Geraldine : a tile of confcience. [/lnonJ\ 2 vols. 

8" Lond. 1837. 
Tales explanatory of the Sacraments. [ylnonS\ 2 vols. 

12° Lond. 1846. 
Rome and the abbey ; the fequel to . . . Gcialdine : a t;ile 
of confcience. [j1non.'\ 8° Lond. 1849. 

Saint Mary and her times : a poem, in fourteen cantos. 
[Amn.} 8° Lond. 185 r. 

AGNEW (H. C.) 

Letter from Alexandria, on the evidence of the pra(fHcal 
application of the quadrature of the circle, in the configura- 
tion of the great pyramids of Gizeh. 4° Lond. 183H. 

AGNEW (.loHN Vans). 

Some important queftions in Scots entail law, briefly con- 
fidered. To which are added. Reports of tlie dccifions of 

the Houfe of Lords, 31ft July, 1822, in the appeals Vans 
Agnew againjl Stewait and others, and Vans Agnew againjl 
the Earl of Stair and others. 8° Edinb. 1826. 


B. 779. Ordained pried, 804. Archbilhop of Lyons, 813. 
D. 6 June, 840. 

Opera ; Stephanus Balufius, TutelenCs, in unum coUegit 
et emendavit. [Max. BiLliotheca •veterum Patrum, xiv. 


Traftatus de comparatione utiiufquc rcgiminis ecclcfiaftici 
et politici ... [Goldastus, Monarchia S. Romani Imperii, 

"i- 37;] 

Epiltola de monarchia imperii Francici, et diuifione reg- 
norum Italis, Gallias, Germanic, &c. inter hsredes Ludo- 
uici Pii imperatoris, fub recognitione unius monarchia, anno 
Dom. 833. [Ibid. i. i.] 

— [T)vCHEssE, HiJIorlii: Francorum fcriplores, ii. 329.] 

Chaitula ponefta Lothario Augufto in fynodo Compen- 
dicnfi, anno 833. [Bouquet, Recueil des hijioriens des 
Gaules et de la France, vi. 246.] 

Liber apologeticus pio filiis Ludovici Pii Imperatoris ad- 
verfus patrem. [Ibid. vi. 248.] 

Epiftolje. [Ibid. vi. 356.] 

AGOCCHUS (Joannes Baptista). 

B. at Bologna, 20 Nov. 1570. Secretary of State to Pope 
Gregory XV. in 1621. Nuncio from Urban Vlll. to Venice, 
with the title of Archbilhop of Amafia, 1624. D. at Venice, 

Fundatio et dominium antiquum urbis Bononix ; feu epif- 
tola refponforia ad Bartliolinum a Dulciniis, Hiftoricum Bo- 
nonienfem ; in qua difleritur de potentia et impcrio popu- 
lorum Thufcias antiqulffimonim ; atque falfae quoi"undam 
fcriptonjm opiniones vincuntur . . . Ex Italico Latine vertit, 
prcetationem atque indicem adjecit Bernardinus Morrettus. 
[GR.tvius, Thejaurus antiquitatum et hijloriarum Italia, vii. 
pt. i.] 


Agonilles ; or, philofophical ftridhires, fuggefted by opin- 
ions, chiefly, of contemporaiy writers. By the author of" A 
review of tiic principles of neccffary and contingent truth." 

12^ Lond 1856. 

AGOSTINI (Antonio). Ar Antonius Augustinus. 

AGR7ETIUS. See Agrcetius. 

AGRAZ (Antonius). 

B. at Palermo, 25 M.ny, 1640. D. at Naples, 27 M.iy, 1672. 
Donativum voiuntaiiuni politicum. ^° Romoc, 1672. 

AGRELL (Oloi). 

Difll'itatio hillorica de prifcis per Sveciam afylis. 

4 ' Londini GothoruM), [1775.] 
Yttcriigare Bref om Maroco, fmit till en del 0111 Spanjon 
och Poriug;J. 8° Stockiiolm, 1S07. 




The feudal hall : a poem. 


8° Lond. 1815. 

Mifcellaneous obfervations on planting and training tim- 
ber-trees ... 1777. [Sy James Anderson, LL.D.] 

A letter, respe(5lfully addrefled to the members of both 
Houfes of Parliament, upon the fubjeft of the game-laws, 
&c. &c. 8^ Lond. 1830. 

Suggeftions on the bed modes of employing the Irilh 
peafantiy, as an anti-famine precaution : a letter to the Right 
Hon. Sir Robert Peel, Bart. 8° Lond. 1845. 

An opprefled poor in an infolvent nation : a letter to the 
members of the new ParHament. 8° Lond. 1847. 

On the reduction of taxes, and increafe of food and re- 
venue for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. 
Second edition. 8° Lond. 1847. 

Free-trade cheapnefs not a national bleffing : an addrefs 
to the people on the subjeifl of free-trade. 

8° Lond. 1850. 

A letter to the Rt. Hon. Benjamin Difraeli, M.P., on 
the culture of the field. 8^ Lond. 1856. 

Church-rate repeal : a letter to an abolitionill. 

12° Lond. 1858. 

A letter to a member of Parliament, on the alarming 
afpedV of the prefent crifis. 8° Lond. n. d. 

Letters on free trade addrefled to the public. 

12° Lond. n. d. 

AGRICOLA (Georgius). 

A German metallurgift, whofe real name was Landmann. 
B. at Chemnitz, Saxony, 24 March, 1494. Studied medicine 
at Leipzig, and afterwards travelled in Italy, remaining two years 
in Venice. On his return, he fettled at Joachimsthal, where 
he fimiliarifed himfelf with mining operations. D. at Chem- 
nitz, 1555. 

De ortu et caufis fubterraneorum lib v. De natura eoram 
qua efBuunt ex terra lib. iiii. De natura foffiliuni lib. x. 
De veteribus et novis metallis lib. u. Bermannus; five, de re 
metallica dialogus. Interpretatio Germanica vocum rei me- 
tallicae, addito indice foecundiflimo. fol. Bafileae, 1546. 

De menfuris et ponderibus Romanorum atque Grxconim 
lib. v. De extemis menfuris et ponderibus lib. 11. Ad ea, 
qua; Andreas Alciatus dcnuo difputavit de menfuris et pon- 
deribus, brevis defenfio lib. i. De menfuris, quibus inter- 
valla metimur, lib. i. De reftituendis ponderibus atque men- 
furis lib. I. De precio metallorum et monetis lib. iii. 

fol. BafiIeK, 1550. 

De re metallica libri xii. Quibus officia, infbiimenta, 
machinae, ac omnia denique ad metallicam fpeftantia, non 
modo luculentiflime defcribuntur, fed et per effigies, fuis locis 
infertas, adiunctis Latinis Germanicifque appellationibus, ita 
ob oculos ponuntur, ut clarius tradi non poilint. Eiufdem 
de animantibus fubterraneis liber, ab audlore recognitus ... 

fol. BaCleae, 1556. 

De re metallica libri xii. ... Quibus acceflerunt hac ultima 
editione, tradatus ejufdem argumenti, ab eodem confcripti, 
fequentes. De animantibus fubterraneis, lib. i. De ortu et 
caufis fubterraneomm, lib. v. De natura eomm, quK efflu- 
unt ex terra, lib. iv. De natura foflllium, lib. x. De ve- 

teribus et novis metallis, lib. 11. Bermannus ; five, de re me- 
tallica dialogus, lib. i. fol. Bafileje, 1657. 

AGRICOLA (Ignatius). 

A German Jefuit, who died fhortly after the publication of 
the fecond part of the following work, 

Hiftoria provincial Societatis Jefu Germanias Superioris, 
quinque primas annorum complexa decades. 

fol. Auguftje Vindelicorum, 1727. 

— Pars fecunda, ab anno 1591 ad 1600. 

fol. Auguft. Vindel. I 729. 

— Pars tertia, ab anno 1 60 1 ad 1 6 1 o ; authore Adamo 
Flotto. fol. Auguft. Vindel. 1734. 

— Pars quarta, ab anno 1 6 1 1 ad annum 1 6 3 o : authore 
Francifco Xaviero Kropf. fol. Monachii, 1746. 

— Pars quinta, ab anno 163 I ad annum 1640 : authore 
Francifco Xaviero Kropf. fol. Auguft. Vindel. 1753. 

AGRICOLA (Joannes). 

German phyfician. B. about the beginning of the i6th cen- 
tury. D. at IngoUladt, 1570. 

Medicinx herbarix libri duo, quorum primus habet herbas, 
huius feculi medicis communes cum ueteribus, Diofcoride 
uidelicet, Galeno, Oribafio, Paulo, Aetio, Plinio et horam 
fimilibus. Secundus fer^ a recentibus medicis inuentas con- 
tinet herbas, atque alias quafdam praeclaras medicinas, ut quJE 
port Galenum uel inueftigats funt, uel in ufum medicum 
peruenerunt. 8° BaClex, 1539. 

AGRICOLA (Johann). 

B. at Eisleben, 20 April, 1492. Studied at Wittenberg, 
where he formed an intimate friendlhip with Luther, and became 
an ardent lupporter of the doctrines of the Reformation. D. at 
Berlin, 22 Sep. 1566. 

Der neuntzigefte Pfalmus. Wie kain Troft, Hilff oder 
Sterck fey, dem Teuffel und aller Far, gaiftlich und leyplich, 
zu widerfton, dann allain bey Got, unnd feynen hayligen 
Wort. 8° n. p. i 526. 

Ain chriftliche Kinderzucht in Gottes Wort unnd Leere. 

8° n. p. I 528. 


B. at Baffle, near Groningen, Aug. 1443. He was efteemed 
one of the moft learned men of his time, but never accepted 
any office, left it might interfere with his ftudies. D. at Heidel- 
berg, 28 Oa. 1485. 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delitln: poetarum Be/gicorum, i. 8.1 


A letter to the Right Hon. Charles Grant, Prefident of 
the Board of Trade, &c. &c., on the coin laws, wool laws, 
and rents in kind. S'' Edinb. 1828. 


A treatife concerning the manner of fallowing of ground, 
raifing of grafs-feeds, and training of lint and hemp for the 
increafe and improvement of the linnen-manufaftories in Scot- 
land. 8° Edinb. 1724. 

Difcours [j>iir Pierre Louis de Majfac\ et meraoire [/>flr 
Sclebran, I'aine] relatifs a I'agriculture. 

12° Paris, 1753. 



A difleitation on the chief obrtacles to tlie improvement of 
knd, and introducing better meiliods of agriculture through- 
out Scotland. 8° Aberdeen, J760. 

A treatife of agriculture. 1762. [^By Adam Dick- 

Letters and papers on agriculture, planting, &c. Seledled 
from the correfpondence-book of the Society, inftituted at 
Bath, for the encouragement of agriculture, arts, manufac- 
tures, and commerce . . . To wiiich is added an appendix ; 
containing a propofal for the fuither improvement of agri- 
culture, by a member of the Society ; and a tranflation of 
Mons. Hirzel's letter to Dr. Tiflbt, in anfwer to Mons. 
Linguet's treatife on bread-corn and bread ; by another mem- 
ber of the Society. 8° Bath, 1780. 

— Fourth edition. lovols. 8'' Bath, 1 792-1 805. 

Memoires d' agriculture, d'economie rurale et domeftiquc. 

7 tom. 8° Paris, 1785-8. 

ElTays on agricultui'e : occafioned by reading Mr. Stone's 
Report on the prefent ftate of that fcience in the county of 
Lincoln. By a native of the county. 8°Lond. 1796. 

Semanario de agrictdtora y artes, dirigido a los parrocos. 

8 tom. 8° Madrid, i 797-1800. 
Communications to the Board of Agriculture on fubjefts 

relative to the hufbandry and internal improvement of the 
country. 7 vols. 4° Lond. 1797-1811. 

The complete farmer : or general diflionary of agricul- 
ture and hu(bandi"y ... Fifth edition. 2 vols. 

4' Lond. 1807. 

On the advantages which have refulted from the cflabllflr- 
ment of the Board of Agriculture ... 1809. \_By Arthur 

An addrefs to the nation on the relative importance of 
agriculture and manufaftures, and the means of advancing 
them both to the highell degree of improvement of whicli 
they are capable, &c. 8° Lond. 18 I 5. 

Agricultural ftate of the kingdom, in February, March, 
and April, 1 8 1 6 ; being the fubftance of the replies to a 
circular letter, fcnt by the Board of Agriculture to eveiy part 
of the kingdom. 8' Lond. 18 16. 

Difleitiition on the ftate of the nation refpeding its agri- 
culture. 18 I 7. [Pamphleteer, xi. 33.] 

Brief thoughts on the agricultural report. By a mufing 
bee within the hive. 4° Lond. 1821. 

A letter to the Right Hon. Frederick J. Robinfon, Prefi- 
dent of the Board of Trade, on the prefent deprcfled ftate 
of agriculture. 182 i. [Pamphleteer, xviii. 459.] 

A new treatife on agriculture and grazing : clearly point- 
ing out to landowners and farmers the mod ])ro(itable plans. 
To which arc added remarks on the jioor lates, the employ- 
ment of the poor, &c., and on the deftruiftion of the black 
palmer. By an experienced farmer. Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1837. 

A letter to Britifh agriculttuifts. By a Britilh mercliant. 

8' Lond. 1 846. 

A few words addrefTed to the agricultuiifts of England. 

8^ Lond. 1850. 

A fl<etch of cheap corn ; or, the wealth of agriculture. 
By a barrifter. i 2 ' Lond. 1850. 

A word or two on the condition of our agricultural la- 
bourers. By a farmer's fon. 8° Lond. 1852. 

Prize portable agricultural ftcam engines, machines, &c., 
manufaftured by Clayton, Shuttleworth, and Co. Ullujlrated 
I'l/l.] 8° Lincoln, 1853. 

Nouveau traite d'agriculture, avec ])lanches des outils, et 
la mani^re de fen fervir ; fuivi d'un traite fur le baillage de 
terres, lu et approuve par Lord Erfliine et plufieurs des juges 
les plus eminents ; et qui montre la neceflitii de changer 
prefque tous les contrats dont on f'eft fervi jufqu'a prefent, 
et qui Ton trouvera finalement etre de la plus grande utilite 
tant au proprietaire qu'au tenancier. Deuxiemc edition. 
8^ Chefham, Bucks, 1854. 

Firfl annual report of the diredtors of the Aflbciation for 
promoting improvement in the dwellings and domeftic con- 
dition of agricultural labourers in Scotland. To which are 
added a few practical hints on cottage building ... by Wil- 
liam Fowler. 8° Edinb. 1855. 

— Third annual report. 8° Edinb. 1857. 
Agricultural cuftoms and covenants. Report of a fpccial 

committee, appointed by the council of the Bath and Weft 
of England Society ; with other documents. 

8° Lond. 1859. 
Hints on agriculture, adapted to a midland county. 

12° Lond. 1855. 
Tranfadlions of the Royal AgriciJtural Improvement So- 
ciety of Ireland, and annual report and proceedings of the 
council. For the years 1844-5. 8° Dublin, 1845-6. 

The reports, elTays, and tranfadions of the Royal Agricul- 
tural Improvement Society of Ireland for 1848 and 1849. 

8' Dublin, I 849. 
The agricultural and induftrial journal of the Royal Agil- 
cultiu-al Improvement Society of Ireland for 1 848 and 1 849. 

8° DubHn, 1849. 
The quarterly journal of agriculture. 1 3 vols. 

8^ Lond. 1829-43. 

— New feries. Vols. 1-9. 8° Lond. 1845-61. 
The agricultural review : a journal of rural economy and 

induftrial fcience. 8° Dublin, 1858. 

AGRIPPA (Henricus Cornelius). 

B. .It Cologne, 14 Sep. i486. D. at Lyons or Grenoble, 
De occulta philofophia libri ties. fol. n. p. 1533. 
De inceititudine etvanitate fcientiaram dcclamatio invec- 
tiva, denuo ab autore recognita et marginalibus annotationi- 
bus au<aa. 8° n.p. 1537. 

— Accedunt duo ejufdem auiftoris libelli ; quorum unus eft 
de nobilit:ite et prxcellentia foeminei fexus, ejuldemque fupra 
virilem eminentia ; alter de matrimonio feu conjugio ... 

8° n.p. 1622. 

Female pre-eminence ; or, the dignity and excellency of 
tliat fex, above the male. An ingenious difcoui-fe : written 
originally in Latine ... Done into Englilli, with additional 
advantiges. By Ii[enry C[are.] 8' Lond. 1670. 

Sur la noblefle, et excellence du fexe feminin, de fa pre- 
eminence fur I'autre fexe, et du facrement du mariage. Avec 
le traittii fur I'incertitude, aulTi bien que l.i vaniti! des (cienccs 
et des arts. Ouvrage joli, et d'une lecture tout a fait agicable, 
traduit par le celebre Sr. M. de Gueudevillc. 3 tom. 

12° Leiden, 1726. 

De duplici coronatione Caroli V. CaJ^aris apud Bono- 



niam, hiftoriola. [Schardius, Rerum Germankariim fcrip- 
lores, ii. 266.] 


A Roman grammarian, who lived about the middle of the 
5th century, 

De orthographia et proprietate et difFeientia fermonis. 
[PuTSCHius, Grammaticie Latlnis audores ant'iqui, p. 2265.] 

— [GoTHOFREDUS, Au9ores Lat'init Unguis, p. 1346.] 

— [PoPMA, De d'tjferentiis verborum, p. 276.] 

AGUAS (Juan de). 

Canon of the metropolitan church of Saragoffa. 
Por el origen y fucefos de los teraplos fedes-catedi%ales, 
alegacion hiftorica. 4° Zaragoga, 1668. 

AGUERO (Bartolome Hidalgo de). 

A Spanifli phyfician. B. at Seville, 1531. D. 5 Jan. 1597. 
Theforo de la verdadera cirugia, y via particular contra 
la comun. fol. SeviUa, 1604. 

AGUESSEAU (Henricus Franciscus d"). 

Chancellor of France. B. at Limoges, 27 Nov. 166S. D. 
at Paris, 9 Feb. 1751. 

Oeuvres. 13 torn. 4° Paris, 1759-89. 

— Another edition. 24 torn. 

i2°Yverdon, 1763-71. 
Meditations philofophiqucs fur I'origine de la jufHce, &c. 
4 torn. 12° Yverdon, 1780. 

Lettres inedites ; publiees fous les aufpices de Son Excel- 
lence Mgr. le Compte dc Peyronnet ... par D. B. Rives. 

4° Paris, 1823. 
* Memoirs of his life. 1830. [.Sy Charles Butler.] 

AGUILA (C. J. E. H. d'). 

D. at Paris, IVIay, 1815. 

Decouverte de I'oibite de la terre ; du point central de 
I'orbite du foleU ; leur fituation, et leur forme ; de la feiftion 
du zodiaque, par le plan de I'equateur, et du mouvement des 
deux globes. 8° Paris, 1806. 

AGUILAR (Grace). 

D. at Frankfort, 10 Sep. 1847, aged thirty-one. 

Records of Ifrael. i2°Lond. 1S44. 

The women of Ifrael ; or, charafters and flcetches from 
the holy Scriptures, and Jewifh hiftory, iUuftrative of the 
part hiftoiy, prefent duties, and future deftiny of the Hebrew 
females, as bafed on the Word of God. 2 vols. 

12° Lond. 1845. 

The Jewilh faith, its fpiritual confolation, moral guidance, 
and immortal hope. With a brief notice of the reafons for 
many of its ordinances and prohibitions. A feries of letters, 
anfwering the inquiries of youth. 12° Lond. 1846. 

Home influence : a tale for mothers and daughters. 2 
vols. 12° Lond. 1847. 

— Second edition. 12° Lond. 1850. 
The mother's recompenfe :. a fequel to Home influence. 

12° Lond. 185 I. 
Woman's friendihip. 12=' Lond. 1850. 

The vale of cedars ; or, the maityr : a ftoiy of Spain in 
the fifteenth centuiy. 12° Lond. 1850. 

The days of Bmce : a (lory from Scottifli hiftory. 

12° Lond. 1852. 
Home fcenes and heart ftudies. 8° Lond. 1853. 

Sabbath thoughts and facred communings. 

8° Lond. 1853. 

AGUILAR Y PRADO (Jacinto de). 

Compendio hiftorico de diverfos efcritos en diferentes 
afumptos. 4° Pamplona, 1629. 

AGUILAR (Juan Bautista). 

Varias hermofas flores del Parnafo, que en quatro flori- 
dos, viftofos quadros, plantaron junto a su criftalina fuente : 
D. Antonio Hurtado de Mendoza ; D. Antonio de Solis; 
D. Francifco de la Torre y SebLl ; D. Rodrigo Artes y 
Munoz ; Martin Juan Barcelo ; Juan Bautifta Aguilar, y 
otros iluftres poetas de Efpana . . . \Edited by Juan Baut'ijla 
Agu'dar.~\ 40 Valencia, 1680. 

Tercera parte de los Diofes de la gentUidad. 

4" Valencia, 1688. 
[For the firft and fecond parts, y^f Baltafar Victoria.] 

AGUILAR (Pedro de). 

A native of Antequera. Flouriihed in the i6th century. 
Tratado de la cavalleria de la gineta ... contiene diverfos 
avifos y documentos, y otras muchas reglas utiles y neceffa- 
rias, affi para lo que toca a la dotrina y enfrenamiento de los 
cavallos, como para la perfecion y deftreza que en efta facul- 
tad conviene que tengan, en cofas de paz y de guerra, los 
cavalleros. 4° Malaga, 1600. 

AGUILAR (Ynigo de la Cruz Manrique de Lara, 

CoNDE de). 

Defenforio de la religiofidad de los cavalleros militares ... 

fol. Madiid, 1731. 
AGUILON (Pedro de). 

Secretary of the Spanifli legation in France, under Philip II. 
of Spain. 

Hiftoria del Duque Carlos de Borgona, bifaguelo del Em- 
perador Carlos Quinto. 4° Pamplona, 1586. 

AGUILONIUS (Franciscus). 

A Belgian Jefuit, b. at Bruffels, 1567. Profeffor of philofo- 
phy at Douay, and of theology at Antwerp, where he was reftor 
of the college. D. 20 March, 1617. 

Opticomm libri fex. 

fol. AntverpiE, 1613. 

AGUIRRE (Manuel de). 

Indagacion y reflexiones fobre la geografia, con algunas 
noticias previas, e indifpenfables. 4° Madrid, 1782. 

AGUSELLIS (Joannes de). 

A jurift of Cefena. Profeflbr of canon law in the Univerfity 
of Padua, and afterwards, it is believed, in Bologna. D. about 

De proteftationibus. [F. Zilettus, Tractatus univerfi 
juris, xvii. 221.) 



AGUSTIN (Miguel). 

B, at Bafiolas, in Catalonia, towards the clofe of the i6th cen- 
tury. Chaplain ut" the order of St. John, and prior of the temple 
of that order in Perpignan. 

Libro de los fecretos de agricultura, cafa de campo, y paf- 
toril. 4° Barcelona, 1722. 

AGYL^US (Henricus). 

B. at Bois-le-Duc, 1533. D. 1595. 

Imp. Leonis Augufti Conftitutiones novellae, aut conec- 
toiisE legum repuigationes, Latinae nunc primvim ab Henrico 
Agylaeo fafla;. Imp. Juftiniani cdifta. Imp. Juftini con- 
ftitutiones aliquot. Imp. Tiberii conftitutio una. Imp. 
Zenonis Conftitutio una. Eodem intcrprcte. 

8° [Parifiis,] 1560. 


Ahafuerus, the wanderer: a dramatic legend ... 1823. 
[By Thomas Medwin.] 

AHLWARDT (Christian Wilhelm). 

B. at Greifswald, 23 July, 1760. Reftor of the gymnafium 
of Oldenburg, 1797. Appointed in 181 1 to a fimilar office in 
his nitive city; to which was added, in 181 8, the profeflorfhip 
of ancient literature in the Univerfity of Greifswald. U. 12 
April, 1830. 

Galifche Sprachlehre. [Vater, Verglekhungstafeln der 
Europ'dlfchen Stamm-Spracbcn, p. 221.] 


A native of Damafcus, where he died a.d. 1450. 




J' J. 


.•Uo C_:'J£= 



IX.4JS-1 Vitae et rerum gcftarum Timuri, qu 

vulgo Tamerlancs dicitur, hiftoria. [ylrah'u only, edited by 
Jacobus Go/ius.l 4' Lugduni Bativorum, 1636. 

— Latine vertit et adnotationes adjecit Samuel Henricus 
Manger, \yirab. and Lat.'\ 2 tom. 

4"= Leovardia:, 1767-72. 
AHN (F.) 

Dr. Ahn's eafy and praftical method of learning the 
French language, adapted to the ufe of Englifti learners, by 
A. A. Firftcourfc. 8°Lond. 1851. 

— Another' edition, revifed and corrected by Theophilc 
Didier. i 2^ Loud. 1855. 

— Another edition, edited from the German, with nu- 
merous additional exercifes, and a feries of eafy reading lef- 
fons on France and the French, by John Paxton Hall and 
Thomas Hall, B.A. 12° Lond. 1855. 

— Another edition. I2°Eond. 1858. 

— Another edition. Author's own. 

8^ Lond. 1861. 
A new practical and eafy method of learning the French 
language. \y1 deferent -work from the preceding^ 

8° Lond. 1852. 
Second French courfe ; intended as a fequel to tlie " Firft 
French courfe." Eilited from tlie German by .lolm Pax- 
ton Hall ... and Thomas Hall, B.A. 12° Lond. 1852. 

— Another edition. 12' Lond. 1854. 

VOL. I. 

— Another edition. 12° Lond. i860. 
The child's French book. 8° Lond. 1853. 
Firft French progreflive reading leflbns : with co])ious notes, 

vocabuiaiy, and outlines of French grammar. Edited by John 
Paxton Hall and Thomas Hall, B.A. New edition. 

12° Lond. 1852. 

— Another edition. 12° Lond. 1853. 

— Another edition. 12° Lond. 1854. 

— Another edition, arranged and edited by Thcophile 
Didier. 12° Lond. 1855. 

A choice colleftion of French poetry, feleded from the 
beft French authors, by F. Ahn. New edition, with addi- 
tions, colledled, edited, and revifed by Theophile Didier. 

12° Lond. 1855. 

A hand-book of French converfation. New edition, 
adapted to the ufe of Englifh fcholars, with confiderable ad- 
ditions and improvements ; to which is added converfations 
on the geography of France, and the manners and cuftoms 
of the French, by Chi-yfoftome Dagobert. 

12° Lond. 1857. 

French commercial letter-writer ; a complete feries of 
letters, circulars, and forms, fuited to all the requirements of 
trade and commerce ; with a French, German, and Englifli 
glofrai7 of all technical terms, and an appendix, confifting of 
fuitable and bufinefs-like beginnings and endings. 

8° Lond. 1861. 

* A new praiflical and eafy method of learning the Italian 
language. After the fyftem of F. Ahn. 

8° Lond. 1852. 

* A key to the exercifes of Ahn's new method of learn- 
ing the Italian language. 8 Lond. 1853. 

* A new pradlical and eafy method of learning the Spanifti 
language. After the fyftem of F. Ahn. 

8° Lond. 1853. 

* A new and eafy method of learning the Latin 
language, after the fyftem of F. Ahn ... From the German 
of Dr. J. H P. Seidenstuker. 1855. 

* A new praftical and eafy method of learning the Greek 
language, after the fyftem of F. Ahn. By A. H. Monteith. 

The child's German book. 8° Lond. 1852. 

* A new praftical and eafy method of learning the German 
language, after the fyftem of F. Ahn, by A. H. Monteith. 


A hand-book of German converfation. New edition, 

adapted to tlie ufe of Engiirti fcholars, with confiderable ad- 
ditions and improvements; to which is added converfations on 
the geography of Germany, by Chryfoftome Dagobert and 
W. Pfeiffer, Ph. D. 12° Lond. 1857. 

A praftical grammar of the German language, with a 
grammatical index and glofTiry of all the German words. 

8° Lond. 1861. 

A key to the exercifes in the author's own edition of Dr. 
Ahn's praftical German grammar. 8° Lond. 1861. 

German commercial letter-writer : a complete feries of 
letters, circulars, and forms, fuited to all the requirements of 
trade and commerce; with a German, French, and Englifli 
glodlir-y of all teclinical terms, and an ajipendix of iuiuble 
and bufinefs-like beginnings and endings. 

8° Lond. 1 86 1. 




Abbot of the Benediftine monaftery of Reichcnau, on tte 
Rhine, near Conftance. Bidiop of Bafel about 821. 

Capitulare. [d'AcHERius, Spkileglum, vi. 691.] 
AICHER (Otto). 

B. 1628. A monk of the Benedlftine order j appointed in 
1657 profefTor in the Univerfity of Salzburg, where he taught 
fucceltively grammar, poetry, rhetoric, ethics, and hiitory. D. 
at Salzburg, 17 Jan. 1705. 

Hortus variaram infcriptionum vetemm et novarum ... in 
certos locos, feu areolas digeftamm. 8° Salifturgi, 1676. 

Brevis inftitutio de comitiis vetemm Roraanomm, libellis 
tribus comprehenfa ; quibus acceffit lib. iv. de comitiis im- 
perii Romano-Germanici. [Polenus, Utriufque ihefaurl 
antiquitatiim . . . fiipplaneiita, i. 273.] 

AIDE (Hamilton). 

Eleonore ; and other poems. 8° Lond. 1856. 

Rita : an autobiography. In two volumes. Yj4non.'\ 

8' Lond. 1858. 
Confidences. \Anon.^ 8° Lond. 1859. 

AIDIUS (Andreas). 

B. at Aberdeen. ProfelTqr of philofophy at Dantzig. 
Paftoria, in decem diflributa eclogas. 

8° Dantifci, 16 10. 

A Benediftine monk at Fontanelle, in Normandy, who lived 
about the beginning of the 8th century. 

Vita S. Anfberti, Epifcopi Rotomagenfis. [Mabillon, 
Acta fandorum O.S.B. ii. 1002.] 

AIKEN (Peter Freeland). 

Admitted a member of the Faculty of Advocates, 23 Feb. 

A comparative view of the conftitutions of Great Britain 
and the United States of America : in fix le<5hires. 

8° Lond. 1842. 
War : religioufly, morally, and hiftorically confidered. 

8^ Lond. 1850. 

AIKIN (Anna L;etitia). 

B. at Kibworth-Harcourt, Leicefterfhire, 20 June, 1743 : 
married. May, 1774, to the Rev. Rochemont Barbauld, minifter 
at Palgrave, Suffolk. D. 9 March, 1825. 

Works : with a memoir by Lucy Aikin. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1825. 

Poems. 4^ Lond. 1773. 

Mifcellaneous pieces, in profe, by J[ohn] and A. L. 
Aikin. 1773. 

A legacy for young ladies, confifting of mifcellaneous 
pieces in profe and verfe. 12° Lond. 1826. 

Evenings at home ... By Dr. [John] Aikin, and Mrs. 
Barbauld. i860. 

Mrs. Barbauld's leflons for children, altered and arranged 
for little girls. With additions by E. Nightingale. 

12^ Lond. n. d. 

AIKIN (Arthur). 

Journal of a tour through North Wales, and part of Shrop- 
fhire ; with obfeiTations in mineralogy, and other branches 
of natural hiftory. 8° Lond. 1797- 

A diiflionary of chemiftry and mineralogy, with an ac- 
count of the proceffes employed in many of the mod im- 
portant chemical manufaflures. To which are added a de- 
fcription of chemical apparatus, and various ufeful tables of 
weights and mcafures, chemical inftniments, &c. &c. ... By 
A. and C. R. Aikin. 2 vols. 4° Lond. 1807. 

A manual of mineralogy. Second edition. 

8' Lond. 18 I 5. 

Illuftrations of arts and m.-inufa<5hires ... 

12= Lond. 1 841. 

Aikin's calendar of nature expanded and illuflrated. 
[Mary Howitt, Pidonal calendar of the feafons.^ 

AIKIN (Berkeley). 

The dean ; or, the popular preacher : a tale. In three 
volumes. 12° Lond. 1859. 

AIKIN (Charles Rochemont). 
A diftionary of chemilliy and mineralogy 
Arthur and C. R. Aikin. 

1807. By 

AIKIN (John), M.D. 

B. at Kibworth-Harcourt, Leicefterfhire, 15 January, 1747. 
Praftifed as a phyfician at Chefter, and afterwards at Warring- 
ton. His health giving way, he retired from his profeflion, and 
fettled at Stoke Newington, near London, where he refided till 
his death, 7 Dec. 1822. 

Mifcellaneous pieces, in profe. By J. and A. L. Aikin. 

8° Lond. 1773. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1775. 

An eflay on the application of natural hiifoiy to poetry. 

8° Warrington, 1777. 

Diflertatio medica inauguralis, de laftis fecretione in puer- 
peris ... 4° Lugduni Batavorum, 1784. 

Poems. 8° Lond. 1791. 

A view of the charadler and public fervices of the late 
John Howard, Efq., LL.D., F.R.S. 8° Lond. 1792. 

A defcription of the country from thirty to forty miles 
round Manchefter ; containing its geography, natural and 
civil ; principal produdlions ; river and canal navigations ; a 
particular account of its towns and chief villages ; their hif- 
toiy, population, commerce and manufadlures, buildings, go- 
vernment, &c. 4= Lond. [1795-] 

Letters from a father to his fon on vaiious topics relative 
to literature and the conduft of life. Written in the years 
1792, 1793, 1798, and 1799- Third edition. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1 796-1 800. 

General biography ; or lives, critical and hiftorical, of the 
moll eminent perfons ol all ages, countries, conditions, and 
profeffions, arranged according to alphabetical order. Chiefly 
compofed by John Aikin, M.D., and the late Rev. William 
Enfield, LL.D. [alfo Thomas Morgan, William Johnfton, 
and — Nicholfon.] 10 vols. 4= Lond. 1799-1815. 

Effays on fong-writing ; with a colle<5lion of fuch Eng- 
lifh fongs as are mod: eminent for poetical merit. A new 
edition, with additions and correftions, and a fupplement, by 
R. H. Evans. 8^ Lond. 18 10. 

The lives of John Selden, Efq., and Archbifhop Ullier ; 
with notices of the principal Englifh men of letters witli 
whom they were conne(5ted. 8° Lond. 1812. 

Annals of the reign of King George the Third, from its 



commencement in the year 1760, to the general peace in 
the year 1815. 2 vols. 8^ Lond. 1816. 

England defcribed : being a concife delineation of eveiy 
county in England and Wales ; with an account of its moll 
important produfts, notices of the principal feats, and a view 
of tranfa(flions civil and military, &c. ^Vith a maj). 

8° Lond. 1818. 

Seleft works of the Britifh poets, with biographic;il and 
critical prefaces by Dr. Aikin. 8° Lond. 1820. 

— A new edition, with a fupplement by Lucy Aikin. 

8= Lond. 1845. 

Memoir of .John Aikin, M.D., by Lucy Aikin. With 
a feleiftion of his mifcellaneous pieces, biographical, moral, 
and critical. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1823. 

The arts of life ... defcribed in a feries of letters for the 
ufe of young peiTons. A new edition, with additions and 
alterations by Lucy Aikin. 12= Lond. 1858. 

Evenings at home ; or, the juvenile budget opened : con- 
fiding of a variety of mifcellaneous pieces for the inftracflion 
and amufement of youth. By Dr. Aikin and Mrs. Barbauld. 
New edition. 8° Lond. i860. 

AIKIN (Lucy). 

B. at Warrington, 1781. 

Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth. 2 vols. 

8" Lond. 1818. 
Memoirs of the Court of King James the Firfl. Second 
edition. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1822. 

Memoirs of the Court of King Charles the Firft. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1833. 
Memoir of John Aikin, M.D. 1823. 
The life of Jofej>h Addifon. 2 vols. 

I 2' Lond. 1843. 
Holiday (lories for young readers. 12° Lond. 1858. 

AIKMAN (James). 

Poems, chiefly lyrical, partly in the Scottilh dialcft. 

12° Edinb. 18 16. 
Difappointment : and other poems. [yfnonJ] 

12^ Edinb. 1825. 
AIKMAN (James). 

The hiftory of Scotland, tranflated from the Latin of G. 
Buchanan. With notes and a continuation. 1827-9. 

An account of the tournament at Eglinton, revifed and 
correfted by feveral of the knights ; iilullrated by leprefen- 
tations of the various fcencs, from (Icetches taken on the f])ot, 
by Mr. W. Gordon ; with a biographical notice of the Eg- 
linton family ; to wliich is prefixed a fl<etch of chivalry, and 
of the mofl remarkable Scottifh tournaments. 

4" Edinb. 1839. 

Annals of the jjerfecution in Scotland, from tlie Rellora- 
tion to the Revolution. 8 Edinb. 1842. 

AIKMAN (John Logan). 

Minirtcr of the United Presbyterian congregation, Andcrfton, 

Mornings at the fepulchre ; or, the rilen Redeemer. 

8° Lond. 1858. 

Cyclopedia of Chriftian mifllons : their rife, progrefs, and 
prefent pofition. 8° Lond. 1860. 

AILBERUS (Petrus). 

A native of Oellhitz, in Saxony. Lived about the beginning 

of tlie 17th century. 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delltta poetarum Germanorum, i. 



An Iriih faint of the 7th century. 
Inteqiretatio myflica progenitorum Domini Jefu Chrilli. 
[Max. Bibliotheca •veterum Patrum, xii. 37.] 


Ailieford: a family hiflory. 1853. [i?)' W. Mitchell.] 

AILLY (Pierre d'). See Petrus de Alliaco. 

B. about 1 109. Abbot of the Ciftercian monaftery of Rie- 
vaulx, in the North Riding of Yorkfliire. D. about 1166. 

Opufcula varia, ex vetuftis MSS. codicibus a Richardo 
Gibbono in lucem edita. [Max. Bibliotheca -veterum Pa- 
trum, xxiii. I.] 

Hiftoria de bello Standardii tempore Stephani regis. De 
genealogia regum Anglorum. De vita et miraculis Edwardi 
regis ct ConfefToris, etc. Nunc primum edita ex MSS. 
fideliter collatis. [Twysden, Hijlorie Anglicanx fcriptores 
decern, p. 333.] 

Vita Niniani, Piftonam Auftralium apoftoli. [Pinkerton, 
Villi anliqii/e faridorum, etc., p. I.] 

Eulogium Davidis, regis Scotomm, ex Ailredi, Revalen- 
fis, Genealogia regum Anglomm. [Ibid. p. 437.] 

AIMARD (Gustave). 

Loyal heart ; or, the trappers. Tranflated by William 
Robfon. 8' Lond. 1858. 

The chief of die Aucas ; or, the foflei-brothers. Tranf- 
lated by William Robfon. 8 Lond. 1859. 
The tiger-flayer : a tale of the Indian defert. 

8° Lond. i860. 
The border rifles : a tale of the Texan war. 

8" Lond. 186 1. 
The freebooters : a (lory of the Texan war. 

8° Lond. 1861. 
Tlic white fcalper : a floiy of tlie Texan war. 

8° Lond. 1861. 
The gold-feekcrs : a tale of California. 

I 2' Lond. 1 86 I. 
The trail-hunter : a tale of the far weft. 

8° Lond. 1861. 
The Indian chief: the ftory of a revolution. 

8" Lond. 1861. 
Prairie-flower: adventures on the Indian border. 

8 Lond. I 86 I. 
The Indian fcout : a llory of the Aztec city. 

8" Lond. 1861. 
The tr.ijiper's daughtei : a ftory of the Rocky Mount;iins. 

8^ Lond. 1861. 



The pirates of the prairies : adventures in the Americ; 
defert. 8" Lond. 1861. 


Aimee : the ftory of a Hfe. 8° Lond. 186 1. 

AIME-MARTIN (Louis). See Louis Aime Martin. 

AIMERICHIUS (Matthaeus). 

B. at Bordil, in the diocefe of Gerona, 1715. When the 
Jefuits were expelled from Spain, he retired to Ferrara, where 
he died, 1799. 

Opufcula nonnulla hiftorica et critica de lebus ad antiques 
Romanos, ante Honorii imperium, fpeftantibus ; quibus acce- 
dunt Q. Moderati Cenfoiini adnotationes. 

8^ Baffani, 1787. 

AIMO. See Haymo. 


A Benedifline monk of the monaftcry of St. Germain des 
Pies, near Paris. Flouriftied in the latter half of the 9th cen- 

Fragmentum de Normannomm geftis circa Parifiacam ur- 
bem, et de divina in eos ultione, tempore Caroli Calvi, regis 
Francoram. [Duchesne, ////?on<« Francorum fenptores, ii. 


De miraculis Sanfli Germani hbri duo. [Mabillon, ASa 

fandorum O.S.B. in. ii. 96.] 

Hiftoria tranflationis Sanfli Vincentii, Levitae et martyris, 
ex Hifpania in Caftrenfe GalHse monafterium ; duobus libris 
profaicis fcripta ... duobus item metricis. [Ibid. iv. i. 606.] 

De tranflatione SS. Martyrum Georgii Monachi, AureHi, 
et Nathalie:, ex urbe Corduba Parifios. [Ibid. iv. ii. 45.] 


B. at Ville-Franche in Perigord. Embraced the monaftic life 
in the Benedidtlne abbey of Fleury, near Orleans, 979. D. 

Hiftoria metrica tranflationis S. Benedifli in Galliam. 
[Mabillon, Ada fanciorum O.S.B. ii. 344.] 

De miraculis San(5li Patris Benediifli hbri duo. [Ibid. 
IV. ii. 368.] 

De regno Francorum. Excerpta ex miracuHs S. Bene- 
diiSi. [Pertz, Monumenta Germanic h'ljlorica, xi. 374.] 

De geftis regum Francoram Ubri iv. [Duchesne, H'lf- 
toriie Francorum fcriptores, iii. 2.] 

— [Bouquet, Recueil des hijlorlens des Gaules et de la 
France, iii. 20.] 

— [Freherus, Corpus hlflorin Francicx, ii. 245.] 
Vita Sandti Abbonis, Abbatis Floriacenfis. [Mabillon, 

Ada fanOorum O.S.B. vi. i. 27.] 

Pars vitae S. Abbonis, Floriacenfis, abbatis et martyris, in 
qua res aliquot Hugonis et Robeiti, Regum, exponuntur. 
[Duchesne, Hijlor'tn: Francorum fcriptores, iv. 125.] 

— [Bouquet, Recueil des hijloriens des Gaules et de la 
France, X. 328.] 


Aims and ends ; and, Oonagh Lynch. 1833. [By Mrs- 
T. Sheridan.] 

Aims and ends. 12° Glafgow, 1853. 

AINGER (Dr. ) 

God's divine judgments made vifable. Or, a timely 
warning to all wicked and griping perfon that does opprefs 
the poor ... With a fermon, preached upon that occafion. 
[Ps. Ixxxii. 3.] 8° Lond. 17 10. 

AINGER (Thomas), M.A. 

Prebendary of St. Paul's. Perpetual curate of Hampftead, 

General religious education the moft effectual check to the 
increafe of crime : an aflize femion, preached in the cathedi'al 
church of Salilbury, before the Hon. Mr. Juftice Park, on 
Sunday, March 11, 1827. [i John, iv. 21.] 

8° Lond. 1827. 

Four difcourfes on repentance. 8° Lond. 1836. 

The connexion of ritual obfeiTances with the Jewifli and 
Chriftian economy : a fermon, preached in the cathedral 
church of St. Paul, London, at the vifitation of the Rt. 
Hon. and Rt. Rev. Charles James, Ld. Bp. of London, on 
Wed. Oct. 12, 1842. [i Cor. xiv. 26.] 

12° Lond. 1842. 

Sound education the fecurity for national tranquillity : a 
fermon, preached in aid of Hampftead National Schools, on 
April 30, 1848. [i Cor. xii. 14.] 12° Lond. 1848. 

A reafon of the hope that is in us : a fermon, on the ne- 
ceflity of qualifying ourfelves to defend our pofition, as mem- 
bers of the Church of England, againft the fyftems of the 
rationalift and the Romanift; preached at St. John's, Hamp- 
ftead. [i Pf/iT, iii. 15.] 8° Lond. 1 85 1. 

The fifteenth chapter of St. Paul's firft epiftle to the 
Corinthians, explained and illuftrated in a feries of fermons. 
Second edition. 8° Lond. i860. 

AINGER (William), D.D. 

B. 1785. Educated at St. John's College, Cambridge. Ap- 
pointed principal of St. Bees College, 1S16. A prebendary of 
Chefter, 1827. D. at St. Bees, 20 0&.. 1840. 

A fermon preached in the parifh chuich of St. Bees, on 
Wednefday, the 2 I of March, 1832, being the day appoint- 
ed for a general faft. [Numb. xvi. 48.] 

8° Whitehaven, 1832. 
Public peace and quietnefs, the fraits of Chriftian tnjth : a 
fermon, preached in the cathedral church of Chefter, on Sun- 
day, June 26, 1836 ; being the anniverfary of the king's 
acceflion to the throne, [i 77m. ii. i, 2, 3, 4.] 

8° Lond. 1836. 


A theologian and canon of the cathedral church of Aftorga, 
in the 17th century. 

Fundacion de la fanta y cathedral iglefia de la ciudad de 
Aftorga ... 4° Madrid, 1634. 

AINSLIE (Alexander Colvin), M.A. 

Perpetual curate of Corfe, near Taunton, Somerfet/hlre. 

A few words about India, and the Indian mutinies. 

8° Taunton, 1857. 

— Second edition. 8° Taunton, 1857. 

— Third edition. 8° Taunton, 1857. 



AINSLIE (George Robert). 

B. 1776. Entered the army as an enfign in the 19th Foot, 
9 June, 1793 i and rofe by fucceirive fteps to the rank of lieut.- 
gencral. D. at Edinburgh, 16 April, 1839. 

Illuflrations of the Anglo-French coinage : taken from 

the cabinet of a Felluw of the Antiquarian Societies of Lon- 
don and Scotland ; of the Royal Societies of France, Nor- 
mandy, and many others, Britilh as well as foreign, [ylnon.^ 

4° Lond. 1830. 
— Supplement. 4° Lond. 1847. 

AINSLIE (Henry), M.A. 

The weapons of God's warfare : a fermon, preached at 
the parifh church, Bury, on the fifth Sunday after Trinity, 
July 20th, 185 I. [l Sdm. xvii. 39.] 

8° Lond. 1851. 


B. in the parirti of Dailly, Ayrfhire, 5 April, 1792. Emigrated 
to America, 1822. 

A pilgrimage to the land of Burns : containing anecdotes 
of the bard, and of the charaders he immortalized, with 
numerous pieces of poetry, original and fclefted. [^«on.] 

8° Deptford, 1822. 

AINSLIE (John). 

Land furveyor. 

ComprehenCve treatife on land furveying, comprifing the 
theory and pra<5lice in all its branches ... illuftrated by forty 
coppeq)lates ... 4° Edinb. 18 12. 

AINSLIE (John). 

Aurungzebe ; or, a tale of Alrafchid. 3 vols. [y/«on.] 

8° Lond. 1833. 
Antipathy ; or, the confeffions of a cat-hater. Edited by 
John Ainflie, Efq. 3 vols. i2° Lond. 1836. 

AINSLIE (Robert). 

B. 1766. Admitted WritcrtothcSignet, 1789, D. 1 1 April, 

Reafons for the hope that is in us : a feries of effays on the 
evidences of natural and revealed religion, the immortality of 
the foul, and other imjjoitant fubjeds, adapted to the under- 
ftanding of young perfons. 8° Edinb. 183 i. 

AINSLIE (Robert). 

The apodolic bifliop : a charge delivered to the Rev. John 
Branch, in the Baptift chapel, Waterloo road, London, at his 
ordination, April 10, 1846. 12° Lond. 1846. 

AINSLIE (Whitelaw), M.D. 

Medical, geograpliical, and agricultural report of a com- 
mittee, appointed by the Madras Government to inquire into 
the caufes of epidemic fever, whicli prevailed in the provinces 
of Coimbatore, Madur.i, Dindlgul, and Tinniveliy, during the 
years 1809, 1810, and 181 i : of wliich. Dr. \V. Aindie 
was prefident ; Mr. A. Smitli, fecond member ; Dr. M. 
Chi illy, third member. 8° Lond. 1 8 16. 

Obfei-vations on the cholera morbus of India : a letter ad- 

dreffed to the Hon. the Court of Diredors of the Eaft India 
Company. 8° Lond. 1825. 

Materia Indica ; or, fome account of thofe articles, which 
are employed by the Hindoos, and other eaftern nations, in 
their medicine, arts, and agriculture ; comprifing alfo formu- 
las, with pradical obfen-ations, names of difeafes in various 
eaftern languages, and a copious lift of oriental books imme- 
diately connedled with general fcience, &c. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. I 826. 

Fitz- Raymond ; or, the rambler on the Rhine: a metrico- 
political (]<ctch of paft and prefent times, written during an 
excurfion in 1830. By Caledonnicus. [P/atil.l 

8° Edinb. 183 I. 

Letters on the cholera. 8° Lond. 1832. 


A treatife on the elements of algebra : for the ufe of fchools 
and private ftudents. By G. Ainfworth, B. A., and J. Yeats. 

8° Lond. 1854. 

B. about the middle of the i6th century. A confpicuous 
member of the fedt of the Brownifts, he was compelled "m 1592 
to feek. fhelter in Holland, from the perfecution to which he and 
his co-religionifts were expofed at home. Chofen one of the min- 
iftersof the congregation at Amfterdam. D. there in 1622. 

Annotations on the Pentateuch, or the five books of Mofcs; 
the Pfalms of David ; and the Song of Solomon ... with a 
memoir of the autl^or. 2 vols. S'^ Glafgow, 1843. 

AINSWORTH (Robert). 

B. at Woodyale, near Manchefter, Sept. 1660. Proprietor 
of various fchools in London and its neighbourhood. D. 4 --^pril, 
Thefaurus linguae Latinx compendarius ; or, a compen- 
dious didionary of the Latin tongue ; defigncd chiefly for the 
ufe of the Britifti nations. In two volumes ... Fourth edition. 

fol. Lond. 1752. 

AINSWORTH (Thomas), M.A. 

Vicar of Carbrookc, Norfolk, 1843. Vicar of Kimbolton, 
Huntingdonftiire, 1845. 

Paftoi al duties : a fermon, preached at the vifitation of 

the Ven. tlie Archdeacon of Norwich, in tile parifti church 

of Watton, Norfolk, on the 1 8th of April, 1844. [2 'I'im. 

iv. 5.] 8° Lond. 1844. 

AINSWORTH (William Francis). 
B. at Exeter, 9 Nov. 1807. 

Refearches in Aftyria, Babylonia, and Chaldaa ; forming 
part of tlie labours of the Euphrates ex])edltion. 

8" Lond. 1838. 

Travels and refeaichcs in Afia Minor, Mefo])Ot.imia,Cha!- 
dea, and Armenia. In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1842. 

The claims of the Chriftian aborigines of tlie Turkifli or 
Ofmanli Empire upon civilized nations. 

I 2'^ Lond. I 843. 

Travels in the track of the Ten ihouf ind Greeks ; being 
a geographical and defcrijitive account of the expedition of 
Cyi-us, and of the retreat of tlie Ten thoufand Gieeks, as re- 

lated by Xenophon. 

I 2" Lond. I 844. 



AINSWORTH (William Harrison). 

B. at Manchefter, 4 Feb. 1S05. 
Sir John Chiverton ; 

a romance. 

Rookwood : a romance. 
— Another edition. 

8° Lond. 1826. 
3 vols. 8° Lond. 1834. 
[Ilhifir. lib. ed. of works, 1.) 
8° Lond. 185 I. 
Crichton : a novel. 3 vols. 8° Lond. 1837. 

— Another edition. 8° Lond. 1854. 
Jack Sheppard : a romance. 3 vols. 

12° Lond. 1839. 

— Another edition, with iUufti-ations by George Ci-uick- 
(hank. 8° Lond. 1854. 

The Tower of London : an hiftorical romance. 

8° Lond. 1 840. 

— Another edition. 8^ Lond. 1855. 
Old St. Paul's : a tale of the plague and the fire. 3 vols. 

12° Lond. 1 84 1. 
- — Another edition. 8° Lond. 1855. 

— Another edition. 12° Lond. 1857. 
Guy Fawkes ; or, the gunpowder treafon : an hiftorical 

romance. 3 vols. 8 Lond. 1841. 

— Another edition. 8° Lond. 1857. 
The mifer's daughter : a tale. 3 vols. Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1843. 

— Another edition. 8° Lond. 1855. 
Windfor Caftle : an hiftorical romance. 3 vols. 

8° Lond. 1843. 

— Another edition. 8° Lond. 1853. 
Saint James's ; or, the Court of Queen Anne : an hiftori- 
cal romance. 3 vols. 12° Lond. 1844. 

James the Second ; or, the Revolution of 1688 : an hif- 
torical romance. Edited by William Harrifon Ainfworth. 
3 vols. 8° Lond. 1848. 

— Another edition. 8° Lond. 1854. 
The Lancaftiire witches : a romance of Pendle Foreft. 

3 vols. 8° Lond. 1849. 

— Another edition. 8° Lond. 1854. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1854. 
The Star-chamber : an hiftorical romance. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1854. 

— Another edition. 12° Lond. 186 1. 
The flitch of bacon ; or, the cuftom of Dunmow : a tale 

of Englifh home. 8° Lond. 1854. 

— Another edition. 8° Lond. 1855. 
Ballads : romantic, fantaftical, and humorous. 

8° Lond. 1855. 

The fpendthrift : a tale. 8° Lond. 1857. 

Mervyn Clitheroe. 8° Lond. 1858. 

The combat of the thirty ; from a Breton lay of the four- 
teenth centuiy. With an introduflion,comprifmg a new chap- 
ter of Froiffart. 8° Lond. 1859. 

The Conftable of the Tower : an hiftorical romance. In 
three volumes. 8° Lond. 1861. 

Ainfworth's Magazine. 1842-54. 


A general chronological hiftory of the air, weather, fea- 
fons, meteors, &c. ... 1749. [^jj Thomas Short.] 

AIRD (Andrew). 

Hope-temple ; or, unpagan'd-pantheon : a humorous po- 
etical tale. i2°Paifley, 18 15. 

AIRD (D. M.) 

Syntax made eafy ; or, how to (peak and write French 
corredtly ... 12° Lond. n. d. 

— Another edition. 12° Lond. 1846. 
How to teach, and how to learn French ; being an eafy 

guide to the French language. 12° Lond. 1856. 

The fl^dent's felf-inftru(5ting French grammar, confifting 
of twelve progrellive lefTons, wherein the parts of fpeech are 
exempHfied in converfational phrafes : alfo, fables, anecdotes, 
and bon mots, in French and Englifti, with pronunciation. 

8° Lond. n. d. 
The ftudent's felf-inftnifting Latin grammar. 

4° Lond. 1848. 
AIRD (James). 

B. in the pariih of Loudon, A\'rihire, Aug. 1772. Educated 
at the University of Glafgow. Ordained as minifter of the Secef- 
fion congregation of Rattray, 31 March, 1812. D. at Rattray, 
16 Aug. 1834. 

Letter to the Hon. George Sinclair, M.P., on the report 
of his fpeech, delivered when the Edinburgh petition, for a 
diffolution of the connexion between Church and State, was 
prefented to the Houfe of Commons. i2°Edinb. 1834. 

AIRD (Thomas). 

B. at Bowden, Roxburgh/hire, 28 Aug. 1802. Editor of the 
Dumfries Herald, 

Religious charafteriflics. 12° Edinb. 1827. 

The captive of Fez : a poem in five cantos. 

8° Edinb. 1830. 
Poetical works. 8° Edinb. 1848. 

— Another edition. 8° Edinb. 1856. 
The old bachelor in the old Scottifh village. Second edi- 
tion. 8° Edinb. 1857. 


Airdrie fair : a poem in the Scottifh dialeft. 

8° Glafgow, 1792. 

AIREY (Sir Richard). 

Opening addiefs of Major-General Sir Richard Airey, 
K.C.B., Quartermafter-General of the forces, before the 
Board of general officers affembled at the Royal Hofpital, 
Chelfea. Together with his fumming-up addrefs, and a 
written memorandum handed in to the Board of fupplies of 
camp equipage. 12° Lond. 1856. 

AIREY (Thomas), M.D. 

A hand book to the botanic praftice of medicine ; con- 
taining an outline of anatomy, the principal difeafes of the 
human body, and all the recipes ufed in the botanic pradlice 
of medicine. 12° Lond. 1854. 

AIROLDI (Alfonso). 

Archbifhop of Eraclea. 
Codice diplomatico di Sicilia fotto il governo degli Arabi : 
pubblicato per opera e ftudio di Alfonfo Airoldi. 

4° Palermo, 1789-92. 



AIRY (George Biddell), M.A. 

B. at Alnwick, Northumberland, 27 July, 1 801. Educated 
at Trinity College, Cambridge, coming out as Senior Wrangler 
in 1823. Appointed Lucaflan profeflbr in 1824, and Plumian 
profefTor in 1828. Succeeded Mr. Pond as Aftronomer Royal 
in 1835. 

Aftronomical obfervations made at the Obfcrvatoiy of 
Cambiidgc. Vol. v. ; for the year 1832. 

4° Cambridge, 1833. 

Aftionomical obfervations made at the Royal Obfei-vatorj', 
Greenwich, in the year[s] 1841-7, under the direftion of 
George Biddell Aiiy, Efq., M. A., Aftronomer Royal. 7 
vols. 4° Lond. 1843-9. 

Magnetical and meteorological obfervations made at the 
Royal Obfei-vatory, Greenwich, in the year 1847, under tlie 
direftion of George Biddell Aiiy ... 4° Lond. 1849. 

Aftronomical and Magnetical and meteorological obferva- 
tions, made at the Royal Obfei-vatory, Greenwich, in tlie 
year[s] 1848-56 : under the diredlion of George Biddell 
Airy ... 8 vols. 41= Lond. 1853-8. 

Reduction of the obfei'vations of the moon, made at the 
Royal Obferiatoi-y, Greenwich, from 1750 to 1830; com- 
puted under the fuperintendence of George Biddell Airy . . . 
2 vols. 4° Lond. 1848. 

Six le<5hires on aftronomy, delivered at the meetings of 
the friends of the Ijifwich Mufeum, at the Temperance Hall, 
Ipfwich, in the month of March, 1848. 

8" Lond. 1849. 

Catalogue of 2156 ftars, formed from the obfei-vations 
made during twelve years from 1836 to 1847, at the Royal 
Obfervatory, Greenwich. 4° Lond. 1849. 

A treatifc on trigonometry. New edition, revifed by 
Hugh Blackburn, M.A. 8" Lond. 1855. 

Ledure on the jiendulum-experiments at Haiton Pit, de- 
livered in the Central Hall, South Shields, OiSober 24, 
1854 ; together with a letter containing the refults of the 
experiments. 8 Lond. 1855. 

On the draft of propofed new ftatutcs for Trinity College, 
Cambridge. 8^ Cambridge, 1859. 

On the algebraical and numerical theory of errors of ob- 
fen'ations and the combination of obfervations. 

8° Cambridge, 1 861. 


A fpeech upon the Confolidated Bill. 

4" [Lond.] 1721. 
The f])cech of tlie Right. Hon. .lohn Aiflabie, Efq., upon 
his defence made in the Houfe of Lords, againft the bill for 
railing money upon the cflates of the South-Sea direiflors, on 
Wednefday, the 19th of July, 1721. Second edition. 

4° Lond. I 72 I. 
Second f]ieech on his defence in tlie Houfe of Lords, on 
Thurfday, July 20, I 72 I. 4' Lond. [172 I.] 

The cafe of the Right Hon. John Aiflabie, Efq. 

4" [Lond. 172 I.] 

AISLABIE (William James), A.M. 

Educated at Pembroke College, Cambridge. Rcflor ofHoly- 
well with Ncedingworth, Hants, 1804. D. at Cheltenham, 

1843, aged feventy-four. 

The Gofpel according to St. Matthew. Tranflated from 
the Greek. 1834. iVc Bible. 

A letter to Lord John Ruffell, on the Church bills. 

12° Lond. 1838. 

AISLABIE (William John), B.A. 

Reftor of Alpheton, Suffolk. 
The ticket-of-leave fyftem, in Auftralia and in England. 

12° Lond. n. d. 
AITCHISON (David), M.A. 

Archdeacon of Argyll and the Ides. 
Striftures on the Duke of Argyll's EfTay on the ecclefi- 
aftical hiftoiy of Scotland : in a letter to his Grace. 

8° Lond. 1849. 
A free inquiry into the duties of the bifliops of the Church 
of Scotland, miflionary as well as epifcopal. 

8° Edinb. 1853. 
AITCHISON (Jasper). 

A new fyftem of flioit-hand, in which legibility, lineality, 
and brevity are fecured upon the moft natural principles, with 
refped to both thefignilication and formation of the charafters, 
efpecially by the fingular property of their floping in general, 
according to the habitual motion of the hand in common 
writing. By Jafper and John Aitchifon. 

8° Lond. 1832. 
AITKEN (Alexander), M.A. 

" Preacher of the Gofpel, at Forfar." 
A ledlure on Matt. xiv. 1-12. 8° Dundee, I 790. 

AITKEN (,Tohn). 

A medical practitioner, and lefturer in Edinburgh. D. there, 
22 Sep. 1790. 

Syftematic elements of the theoiy and praftice of furgery. 

8 Edinb. 1779. 
A defcription of double-flrot fire-arms. 

8° Lond. 178 I. 

* A review of Mr. Aitken's outlines of the theoiy and cure 
of fever, on plain and rational princijiles. With a poetical 
addrefs to nonfenfc. 8° [Edinb.] n. d. 


A clafs book of elocution ; embracing princi])les and exer- 
cifes, and a cojjious feledlion of extradts in profe and ver fe. 

8° Edinb. 1853. 
AITKEN (Robert). 

Incumbent of Pcndeen, Cornwall. 
Spiritual vitality : an addrefs to the clergy ; in two parts. 

8° Lond. 1852. 

* Methodiftic catholicifm : a word of expoftulation to the 
Rev. R. Aitken, in anfwer to liis addrefs to the clergy, en- 
titled " Spiritu;J vitality." By a parifh prieft. 

8" Lond. 1852. 
A letter to one of the Leeds clergy, on the diftindion 
between filvation and Chriftianity : being an anfwer to in- 
quiries on the iubjeft of " Spiritual vitality." 

8° Lond. 1852. 
The converfion and holy life of St. Auguftine. 

I 2" Lond. 1852. 
The teaching of tlie ty])es. Trads for the clergy and the 
earneft-minded. Nos. 1-6. 8' 0.\foid, 1 8 54-5. 

Tile power of Chrift's name ; or, Church and diflcnt, and 



Chrift's expofition of both : a fermon, delivered in St. Mary's 
church, Penzance, on May 28th, 1856, at the vifitation of 
the Ven. the Archdeacon of Cornwall. [Luie ix. 48-50.] 

8° Oxford, 1856. 

A word for the truth, for the Church, and for God : an 
addrefs to the clergy on the prefent controverfy ; in which 
the points at iffue are fully Hated, and the dodtrines involved 
are theologically confidered. 8° Oxford, 1857. 

Hints, fuggeftions, and reafons for the provifional adjuft- 
ment of the church-rate, for the reformation of the Church's 
external adminiftration, and for the union of Church and dif- 
fent. 8° Lond. 1859. 

AITKEN (Thomas). 

Aitken's meafurer ; a new fet of tables, exhibiting at one 
view the fuperficial contents of any log, plank, or board, in 
feet, inches, and 1 2th parts of inches ... the value of veneers ; 
value per foot of fcantling ... alfo a complete fet of tables 
of folid meafure for fquare timber. 8° Glafgow, 1 83 7. 

Tables exhibiting fuperficial meafure in yards, feet, and 
inches ; fujierficial yards reduced to cubic yards ; the con- 
tents and value of glafs fquares. Sec. ; fuperficial meafure in 
feet, inches, and parts ; the value of boards or fcantling. 

12° Lond. 1838. 

AITKEN (William), M.D. 

Handbook of the fcience and praftice of medicine. 

8° Lond. 1858. 

AITKIN (Thomas Johnstone), M.D. 

Lecturer on anatomy, phyfiology, and materia medica in Edin- 
burgh. D. at Poole, Dorfetftiire, 19 Nov. 1843. 

Elements of phyfiology ; being an account of the laws and 
principles of the animal economy, efpecially in reference to 
the conftitution of man. 12° Lond. 1838. 

AITON (John), D.D. 

Minifter of the pari/h of Dolphington. 

The life and times of Alexander Henderfon ; giving a 
hifloiy of the fecond reformation of the Church of Scotland, 
and of the covenanters, during the reign of Charles I. 

8° Edinb. 1836. 

Clerical economics ; or, hints niral and houfehold, to min- 
ifters, and others of limited income. By a clergyman of the 
oldfchool. 8° Edinb. 1842. 

Eight weeks in Gemiany : compiifing narratives, defcrip- 
tions, and direftions for economical tourills. By the Pedef- 
trian. 12° Edinb. 1842. 

The di-ying up of the Euphrates ; or, the downfall of 
Turkey, prophetically confidered. 8° Lond. 1S53. 

St. Paul and his localities in their part and prefent condi- 
tion ... 8° Lond 1856. 


B. at Hamilton, Lanarkfhire, 1731. Superintendent of the 
Royal Gardens at Kew. D. 1793. 

Hortus Kewenfis ; or, a catalogue of the plants cultivated 
in the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew. Second edition, en- 
larged by William Townfend Alton. 5 vols. 

8° Lond. 1&10-13. 

AITON (William). 

B. at Silverrig, near Kilmarnock, 1760. Began bufinefs as 
a writer in Strathaven, 1785; and was afterwards appointed 
Sheriff-Subftitute of Lanarklhire, at Hamilton, which office he 
held from 1S17 to 1822. D. 1S48. 

A tieatife on the origin, qualities, and cultivation of mofs- 
earth, with diredlions for converting it into manure. Pub- 
lifhed at the defire, and under the patronage of the Highland 
Society. 8° Air, 18 1 1. 

General view of the agriculture of the county of Ayr ; 
with obfervations on the means of its improvement : drawn 
up for the confideration of the Board of Agriculture and In- 
ternal improvements. 8° Glafgow, 181 1. 

General view of the agrictJture of the county of Bute ; 
with obfervations on the means of its improvement : drawn 
up for the confideration of die Board of Agriculture and In- 
ternal improvements. 8° Glafgow, 18 16. 

A hiftoiy of the rencounter at Drumclog, and battle at 
Both well Bridge, in the month of June, 1679, with an ac- 
count of what is correft and what is fiftitious in the " Tales 
of my Landlord " refpedfing thefe engagements, and reflec- 
tions on political fubjefls. 8^ Hamilton, 1 82 I. 

An inquiiy into the pedigree, defcent, and public tranfac- 
tions of the chiefs of the Hamilton family, and fhowing how 
they acquired their eftates. 8° Glafgow, 1827. 

AITON (William), M.D. 

Son of the preceding. Afliilant-furgeon in the Royal Navy. 

* Report of the trial by jury of the a(EHon of damages for 
a libel in the Scotfman newfpaper : William Alton, M.D., 
againft John Ramfay M'Culloch of Auchengoul, editor of 
the Scotfman, and others. 8" Edinb. 1823. 

DifTeitations on malaria, contagion, and cholera ; explain- 
ing the principles which regulate endemic, epidemic, and con- 
tagious difeafes, with a view to their prevention : intended as a 
guide to magiftrates, clergymen, and heads of families. 

8° Lond. 1832. 

AITZEMA (LiEuwE v.w). 

B. at Dockum in Friefland, 1600. Reprefentative of the 
Hanfe towns at the Hague, where he died, 1661. 

Notable revolutions; beeing a true relationof what hap'ned 
in the United Provinces of the Netherlands, in the years mdcl 
and MDCLi. fomwhat bffore and after the death of the late 
Prince of Orange. According to the Dutch copie, colleifled 
and publifhed at the Haghe, 1652. 4° Lond. 1653. 

Hiftoria pacis, a Foederatis Belgis, ab anno mdcxxi. ad 
hoc ufque tempus, traftatas. 

4° Lugduni Batavorum, 1654. 

Saken van Staet en Oorlogh, in ende omtrent de ver- 
eenigde Nederlanden, beginnende met het jaer 162 I, ende 
eyndigende met het jaer [1669.] 7 vols. 

fol. s'Graven-Haghe, 1669-72. 

AIX (Albert d'). See Albertus, Aquenfis. 

AIX (Francois d'). 

A lawyer of MarfeiUe, in the 17th century. 

Les ftatuts municipaux et coutumes anciennes de la ville 
de Maifeille. 4° MarfeiUe, 1656. 




Fragmentum hiftoricum de Concilio Aquifgraiienfi. [Ma- 
billon, Vetera analecla, p. i 49.] 

Interets de I'Impeiatice Reinc, des Rois de France et 
d'Efpagne, et de Icurs principaux Allies, quant a la gloirc, 
aux avantages eflcntiels de leurs couronnes et a la confcience, 
negliges dans les articles preliminaiies, fignes a Aix-la-Cha- 
pelle, le 30 Avril, 1748. 8° n. p. 1748. 

Colleftion hiftorique, ou menioircs pour fen'ir a I'hiftoire 
de la guerre, tcrminee par la paix d'A:x-la-Chapelle, en 
1748. 1758. [5_y Le Chev. O'Hanlon.] 

AJALA (Petrus Pantoja de). 

A jurift of Toledo, who flourilhed in the 17th century. 

Comnientaria in tit. D. et C. de aleatoribus. [Otto, The- 
faurus juris Romani, iv. 905.] 

AJELLO (Jacobus de). 

A Neapolitan lawyer of the i6th century. 

De jure adiios, relevii atque fubfidii. [Zilettus, Trac- 
tatus univerfi juris, xii. 1 69.] 

— [-'Eg. Thomatus, Tradatus de muneribus patrimoni- 
alibus, p. 593.] 

AJOFRIN (Francisco de). 

Primores de la divina gracia, manifeftados en la admirable 
vida, y portentofos milagros del nuevo Taumaturgo de Sicilia, 
el fiervo de Dies Fr. Geronymo de Corleon, rcligiofo lego 
Capuchino. Segunda imprefion. 4° Madrid, 1775. 

Difertacion critico-apologetica a favor de los ])rivilegios de 
la Bula de la S'" Cruzada. Refpuefta a la difeitacion hif- 
torico-canonico-moral, que fobre el ilfo de los oratorios do- 
raefticos fe imprimio en Madrid el ano de 1772. La efcribe 
... Don Fernando Ricco Fijas [unttgritm of Francifco de 
AjofrinJ^ fol. Santiago, 1776. 

AKBER (.Iilaleddeen Mahommed). 

B. 1543. Succeeded his father, Humayun, as Emperor of 
Hindoftan, 15 Feb. 1556. D. Sep. 1605, 

Ayeen Akbeiy ; or, the inftitutes of the Emperor Akber. 
Tranflated from the original Perfian by Francis Gladwin. 
3 vols. 4° Calcutta, 1783-6. 

AKEHURST (George). 

Curate of Regent Square church, St. Pancras, London. 

Impofture inftanced in the life of Mahomet. 

12" Lond. 1859. 
The jjrayer book and its hiftory : a ledlure. 

I2'> Lond. 1859. 
AKENSIDE (Mark), M.D. 

B. at Ncwcaftlc, 9 Nov. 172 1. Studied at Edinburgh and 
Leyden. D. at London, 23 June, 1770. 

Poems. 8° Lond. 1772. 

— Another edition. 2 vols. 8" Lond. 1776. 
The poetical works of Mark Akenfide and John Dyer. 

Edited by the Rev. Robert Aria Willmott. 

8" Lond. 1855. 

The poetical works of Mark Akenfide. [^IViih life by 
^- Dyce.'] 8° Lond. 1857. 

The poetical works of Mark Akenfide. With memoir 
and critical difTeitation, by the Rev. George GilfiUan. 

8° Edinb. 1857. 
The pleafures of imagination : a poem. In three books. 

4° Lond. 1744. 
— To which is prefixed a critical effay on the poem, by 
Mrs. Barbauld. 8° Lond. 1795. 

I piaceri dell'immaginazione: poema Inglefe del Dr. Aken- 
fide, trafportato in verfo fciolto Italiano dall'Abate Angelo 
Mazza, con varie annotazioni. 4° Parigi, 1764. 

An epiflleto Curio [^^V.PuUeney, Earl of Bath.] [jinon.'] 

4° Lond. 1744. 
Odes on feveral fubjedls. \ylmn.'\ 4° Lond. 1745. 
An ode to the countiy gentlemen of England. 

4° Lond. 1758. 

AKERMAN (John Yonge). 

A numifmatic manual ; or, guide to the fludy of Greek, 
Roman, and Englifli coins. With plates from the originals. 

8° Lond. 1832. 

A defcrii)tive catalogue of rare and unedited Roman coins, 
from the earlieft period of the Roman coinage, to the cx- 
tindtion of the empire under Conflantinus Paleologus. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1834. 

Catalogue d'une paitie de la colledtion de medailles du Che- 
valier de Hoita, faite par fon p^ic pendant fes differentes am- 
bafTades a Vienne, La Haye, et Sjiint Peterfbourg. 

8° Lond. 1839. 

A glofTary of provincial words and phrafes in ufe in Wilt- 
rtiire. 12° Lond. 1842. 

Coins of the Romans, relating to Britain, defcribed and 
illuflrated. 8° Lond. 1844. 

Ancient coins of cities and princes, geographicallyarranged 
and defcribed. Hifpania — Gallia — Briuinnia. 

8° Lond. 1846. 

Numifmatic illuffrations of the narrative portions of the 
New Teflament. 8° Lond. 1846. 

An archxological index to remains of antiquity of the 
Celtic, Romano-Britifh, and Anglo-Saxon periods. 

8^ Lond. 1847. 

An introduftion to the fludy of ancient and modern coins. 

8° Lond. 1848. 

Tradefmcn's tokens, current in London and its vicinity, 
between the years 1648 and 1672. Defcribed from the 
originals in the Britifli Mufeum, and in feveral ])iivate col- 
letlions. 8" Lond. 1849. 

Spring-tide ; or, the angler and his friend.s. 

1 2" Lond. 1850. 

Dirciffions for the ])refervation of Englifh antiquities, el"])c- 
cially thofe of the firlf three periods. 8° Lond. 1851. 

Moneys received and paid for fecret fen'ices of Charles 
II. and James II., from 30th March, 1670, to 25th De- 
cember, 1688. Edited [for the Camden Society] from a 
MS. in the poffeflion of William Selby Lowndes, Efq., by 
John Yonge Akerman. 4° [I..ond.] 1851. 

Wlltlhire t.iles. ijo Lond. 1853. 

Legends of old London. 12° Lond. 1853, 

Remains of pagan Saxondom. 4' Lond. 1855. 




AKROYD (Edward). 

M.P. for Huddersfield, from 1857 to 1859. 

On faftoiy education, and its extenfion ; and on the prafti- 
cability of its application to other trades and occupations. 

8° Leeds, 1858. 
ALA (Joannes Petrus). 

An Italian jurift, born at Cremona, who flourifhed about the 
beginning of the 17th century. 

Tradtatus vere aureus de advocato, et caufidico Chriftiano, 
in duas partes divifiis ... 4° Cremon<e, 16 10. 

ALABA Y VIAMONT (Diego de). 

A Spanifli nobleman, who lived at the end of the i6th and 
beginning of the 17th century. 

EI perfeto capitan, inftniido en la defciplina militar, y nue- 
va ciencia de la artilleria. fol. Madrid, 1590. 

ALABASTER (Gulielmus). 

B. at Hadleigh, Suffolk, about 1567. D. April, 1640. 

Roxana : tragasdia, olim Cantabrigis adla, in Col. Trin. 
Nunc primum in lucem edita, fummaque cum diligentia ad 
caftigatiffimum exemplar comparata. [y^wo/;.] 

12° Lond. 1632. 

Spiraculum tubamm, five fons fpiritualium expoiitionum 
ex aequivocis pentaglotti fignificationibus. fol. Lond. n. d. 

ALACOQUE (Margaret). 

* Method of honouring' the facred heart of Jefus, extrafted 
from the life of the venerable feiTant of God, Margaret Ala- 
coque. Tranflated from the Italian by a father of the So- 
ciety of Jefus. 120 Lond. 1852. 


Aladdin ; oi', the wonderfiil lamp : a diama, in two aifts ; 
adapted to Hodgfon's theatrical charafters and fcenes in the 
fame. 12° Lond. n. d. 

Songs, recitatives, duets, chomfes, &c., in the faiiy opera 
of Aladdin. 8° Lond. [1826.] 


Letters on monetaiy fcience. 8° Lond. 1848. 

ALAGONA (Petrus). 

B. at Syracufe, 1549. D. at Rome, 16 Oft. 1624. 

Totius juris canonici compendium. 2 tom. 

4° Lugduni, 1623. 

ALAIN DE LILLE. See Al.inus de Infulis. 


Lex Alamannoiimi, quae temporibus Hlodhaiii Regis . . . 
conftituta eii. [Goldastus, Rerum Alamann'uarum fcr'tp- 
tores, ii. II.] 

* Chartamm et inftmmentorum vetemm Alamannicorum 
centuria una, in certos titulos digefta. [Ibid. ii. 25.] 

■^' Catalogus nominum proprionjm, quibus Alamanni quon- 
dam appellati. [Ibid. ii. 95.I 

Annales Alamannici A. 703-768. (Cum continuatio- 
nibus — A. 926.) [Pertz, Monumenta Germaniic hyiorica, 
i. 2 2.] 

ALAMANNI (Antonio). 

A Florentine poet, who lived at the end of the 15th and be- 
ginning of the i6th century. 

Sonetti. [Burchiello, I fonetti del Burchtello, <jfc., p. 

Sonetto. [RuBBi, Parnafo Italiano, vi. 3^2.] 

ALAMANNI (Luigi). 

B. at Florence, 28 0(ft. 1495. D. at Amboife, 18 April, 

Opere Tofcane. 8° Lugd. 1532. 

Gyrone il Cortefe. 4° Parigi, 1548. 

La Coltivazione di Luigi Alamanni e le Api di Giovanni 

Rucellai, con annotazioni del Dottor Giufeppe Bianchini da 

Prato fopra la Coltivazione, e di Roberto Titi fopra le Api. 

8° Milano, 1804. 
— [RuBBi, Parnafo Italiano, xxiii. I.] 
Poefie. [Ibid. x. 204; xxvii. 56; xxxi. 133.] 
Carraina. \Carm'ina lllujlnum poetarum Italorum, i. 447.] 


A cardinal, and papal nuncio in France during the pontificate 
of John XXIII. 

Litterae de celebrando fefto fanfti Jofephi. [Baluze, M'lf- 
cellanea, vii. 347.] 

ALAN (Henry), A.B. 

Conjedluras animadverfionefque criticx in M. Comelii 
Frontonis et M. Aurelii Imperatoiis reliquias, a V. C. An- 
gelo Maio, anno 1823, Romse, editas auftiores. 

8° Dublinii, 1 841. 

ALANUS DE Insulis. 

An ecclefiaftic of the 12th century, b. at Lille about 11 20. 
His reputation for learning was fo great, that he acquired the title 
of " Dodlor univerfalis." D., it is faid, at the abbey of Citeaux, 

Difta de lapide philofophico ; e Gemianico idiomate Lati- 

ne reddita per Juftum a Balbian, Aloftanum. [Zetznerus, 
Theatrum chemicum, iii. 722.] 

Anticlaudiani, fingularifeitiuitate, lepore et elegantia, poetos 
libri IX., non credibili doftrina, ordine et breuiuite compleften- 
tes rjji/ xuy.Xo'^raioiiav univerfam, et humanas diuinafque res 
omnes, in quibus quiuis homo, non omnino a/jLouaoc, occupari 
mcditarique debet; quafque quemlibet, non proifus a^Eoi-, qua- 
dantenus faltem fcire, aut certe per omnia admirari et fufpicere 
oportet. [yinoii.'] 8° Bafile^, 1536. 

Explanationum in Merlini vaticinia libri vii. [Merlin, 
Prophetla Anglic ana, iifc] 

De arte, feu articulis catholicse fidei libri v. [Pez, The- 
faiirus anecilotorum noviffimus, i. ii. 475.] 


Alarbas : a dramatic opera, written by a gentleman of qua- 
lity. 40 Lond. 1709. 



ALARCHON (Fernando). 

A Spanirti navigator of the i6tii century. 

Navigatione con I'armata di Don Antonio di Mendozza, 

quale ando per mare a fcoprire il regno delle fette citta. 
[Ramusio, Navigallonl et •viaggi, iii. 363.] 

ALARCON (Antonio Suarez de). 5fc Suarez dc 

ALARDUS, Amstelredamus. 

B. at Amfterdam towards the clofe of the 15th century. D. 
at Louvain, 1541. 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delitia: poetarum Belgicorum, i. 9.] 
ALARDUS (Lambertus). 

B. at Crempe in Holftein, 27 Jan. 1602. Studied in Germany; 
but filling to obtain a profeHor/hip at Leipzig, which was the 
objcdl ot his ambition, he returned home. Appointed paftor of 
Briinsbuttel, 1630. D. 29 May, 1672. 

Nordalbingia ; five hiftoria reinim prascipuarum in Nordal- 
binga,a temporibus Caroli Magni ad annum prxfcntem 1643, 
a principibus et populis gcrtarum, fuccinifte juxta annonim fe- 
riem comprehenfa. [Westphalen, Monumenta inedila return 
Germanicaruw, i. 1749.] 


England's alarm to war againft the bead ; by command 
from heaven ... 4° n. p. 1643. 

The city alaiiim, or the wccke of our mifcarriages, which 
have hitherto obllrufted our pioceedings, and will now retard 
them, if not fpeedily icmoved. Whcrcunto is annexed, a 
treatife of the cxcife. 4^ Lend. 1645. 

Analarm to a (Infulworld. The wonderful fignsofChrift's 
fecond coming ferioufly confidcred. Containing, I. Obfer- 
vations upon the Scripture ]irophecies, as they feem parallel to 
the figns of the prefent times. II. A fliort account of the 
moft remarkable comets, &c., which have a])peared over thefe 
nations, for above a thoufand years ; and their fatal confe- 
quences. III. A more particular account of the remarkable 
comet, expefted the beginning of the year 1758. Third 
edition. 8° Lond. 1757. 

The falfe alarm. 1770. \^By Samuel Johnson.1 

ALASTOR. P/dul. f/ .lames Orton. 


Alaftor ; or, the new Ptolemy. l2°Lond. 1852. 


Caleb Redivivus. 

8° Lund. 1S5S. 

ALAYMUS (Marcus Antonius). 

Phyfician at Palermo. B. at Rcgalbuto, i 590. D. at Pa- 
lermo, 29 Aug. 1662. 

A(aO£X7-;xu>. Diade(5licon ; feu de fucccdanei.s mcdica- 
mentis opufculum ... in quo nova, et admiranda naturx arcana 
reconduntur. 4° Panomii, 1637. 


Let well alone; or, removal of blemithes from Church'and 


b" Lond. i860. 


Alban. 185 I. [By J. V. Huntingdon.] 

ALBAN, Saint. 

The conftitutions of the guild of Saint Alban, 1854. 
12° Bimiingham, [1854.] 

— Another edition. 12° Lond. 1856. 
The canonical hours, according to the ufe of the guild of 

S. Alban. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1856-7. 

ALBAN (Ernst). 

Praftical machine maker, Plau, Saxony. 

The high-preffuie fleam engine inveftigated : an cxpofition 
of its compaiative merits, and an eflay towards an improved 
fyftem of conftrudlion, adapted efpecially to fecure fafety and 
economy in its ufe. Tranflated from the German, with 
notes, by William Pole. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1S48. 

ALBANI (.loH. Franc. ) PfeuJ. of J. P. de Ludewig. 


Albania : a poem, addrefled to the genius of Scotland. 
[Leyden, Scoti/h defcrlptive poems, p. 137.] 

ALBANIUS (Ignatius). 

B. at Mcratc, in the Milanefe, about the beginning of the 
1 6th century. Ele<^tcd canon of S. Maria dclla Scala, Milan, 
1569. The date of his death is unknown. 

Poemata. [Gruter, De/itia poetarum Italorum, i. 4.] 

— \Carmina illujirium poetarum Italorum, i. 45.] 

ALBANIUS (Joannes Baptista), 
De vidloria Naupaftiaca. \Carmina illujirium poetarum 
Italorum, i. 456.] 


* Afta S, Albani, martyris, inccito auftore, fed cfle videtur 
au(5lor Sigeardu.s, nionalK-rii S. Albani, monachus ... Item, 
Alia a(Sla ejufdem S. Albani, inceito au<5loie. [Canisius, 
L,e3iones antiifUtt, iv. 153.] 

ALBANUS (.Ioannes Hieronvmus). 

B. at Bergamo, 3 Jan. I 504. Studied law at Padua. On the 
death of his wife, made a vow of celibacy, and took holy orders. 
Elevated to the dignity of cardinal by Pius v., I4junc,1570. D, 
23 April, 1591. 

Traftatus de ])oteftate Pa])X et concilii. [F. Zilkttus, 
I'niflalus univerfi juris, xiii. i. 66.] 

Traflatus de immunitate eccUli.irum. [Ibid. xiii. ii. 18.] 
Traiflatus de cardinalatu. Ilbid. xiii. ii. 105. j 
Traiflatus dc donatione Conltantini. [Ibid. xv. ii. 666.] 

ALBANY (.Tames). 

The Englilhman's guide to Calais, and thence by tJw two 



routes of Beauvais and Amiens to Paris, including an effay 
on colloquies, and extrafts from FroifTart's Chronicles. 

12° Lend. 1829. 
ALBAREZ (Diego). 

Sorabra iluftrada con la razon,demonftracion y verdad, ad- 
mirable vida, virtudes, y milagros de el beato Benito de San 
Fradello. < 4° Alcala, 1747. 


* Vita S. Albarti, feu Alberti, Archiepifcopi Cafellenfis 
in Hybernia, audtore anonymo incertas aetatis. [Fez, The- 
faurus anecdotorum novjjfimus, 11. iii. I Si.] 

ALBAYZETA (Juan de). 

Geometria y tiazas pertenecientes al oficio de faftres ... 

4° Zaragoza, 1720. 
ALBEMARLE, Duke of. 

See George Monk, Duke of Albemaile. 

ALBEMARLE, Earl of. 
See George Thomas Keppel, 5th Earl of Albemarle. 

ALBER (Mathaus). 

B. at Blaubeyern, or at Reutlingen, 4 Dec. 1495. Educated 
at Tubingen and at Wittenberg, where he embraced the doc- 
trines of the Reformation. Paftor at Reutlingen, 1519. D. at 
Blaubeyern, or at Stuttgart, 2 Dec. 1570. 

Vom rechten brauch der ewigen fiirfehung Gottes, wider 
die hochfai'enden gaifler, flaifchliche kliighait unnd flirwitz. 

4'^ Augfpurg, 1525. 

ALBERGOTTUS (Franciscus). 

B. atArezzo, 1304. Praftifed as an advocate, firft in his native 
town, and afterwards at Florence. D. at Florence, 1376. 

Confilium. [J. B. Zilettus, Matrmonialia confirta,\. 5.] 


Alberic, conful of Rome ; or, the fchool for refoiTners : 
an hiftorical drama, in five adls. 8° Lond. 1832. 


A Bencdi(5line monk of Monte CalTino, afterwardsa cardinal. 
D. at Rome, 10S8. 

Vita S. Dominici, Abbatis Sorani, in Italia. [Mabillon, 
ASafanaorum O.S.B. vi. i. 315.] 


A monk of the Abbey of Trois-fontaines, in the diocefe of 
Chalons- fur- Marne. Lived about the beginning of the 13th 

Chronicon ... c manufcriptis editum. [Leibnitz, Accef- 
Jlones h'ljlor'icte, tom. ii.] 

I..eftiones emendatiores et aufliores Chronici Alberici, 
monachi Trium Fontium, Leodienfis dioecefis, vel ejus con- 
tinuatoris, ab anno 960 ad 1241. [Menckenius, ^nv^/wfj 
rerum Germ ante arum, i. 37"] 

ALBERMONTIUS (Federicus). 

Symmetria jmidico-Auftriaca, continens viva Themidis et 

Aullrix ofcula : feu thefes et hypothefes deduflas ex utroque 
jure ; nee non celebrioribus faftis ac fymbolis auguftiffimoiiim 
Imperatorum ex inclyta domo Auftriaca. 

8^ BambergK, 1674. 

ALBERNOTIUS (^gidius). 

Cardinal-archbilhop of Toledo. B. at Cuen;a about the be- 
ginning of the 14th century. D. at Viterbo, Aug. 1367. 

Illuflnilimi ac reverendiffimi jE. Albernotii S.R.E. Car- 
dinalis ... teftamentum. fol. Bononice, 1533. 


Archbiihop of Treves, I131. D. 18 Jan. 1152. 
*■ Gefta metrica Alberonis, A. 1132— 1145. [Pertz, 
Monumenta Germanla hiftorica, x. 236.] 

ALBERONI (Julius). 

B. at Piacenza, 1664, of humble parentage. Entered the 
Church, and by his energy and political talent raifed himfelf to 
the dignity of cardinal and prime minifter of Spain. D. 1752. 

* The hiftory of Cardinal Alberoni, chief favourite of their 
catholick Majefties, and univerfal minifter of the Spanilh 
monarchy ; from his birth to the year I 7 1 9. To which are 
added Confiderations upon the prefent ftate of the Spanifti 
monarchy. FaithfiJly tranflated from the originals. 

8° Lond. 1 7 19. 

* Moral reflexions on the miniftiy of Card. Alberoni. 
Tranflated from the Spanifli. 8^ Lond. 1735. 

* Teftament politique du Cardinal Jules Alberoni, &c. 
1753. [5)' Jos.-Mar. Durey de Morfan.] 

* Life. [Moore, Lives of the Duhe of Rlpperda, Cardi- 
nal Alberoni, and the Marquis of Pomlal ... I 8 1 9.] 

ALBERT, Prince. 

Confort of Her Majefty, Queen Vidloria. B. 26 Aug. 1819. 
Married, 10 Feb. 1840. D. at Windfor, 14 Dec. 1861. 

* Prince Albert. Second edition. 8° Lond. 1854. 
Addrefl'es delivered on different public occafions by His 

Royal Highnefs the Prince Albert, Prefident of the Society 
foi' the encouragement of arts, manufaftures, and commerce. 

4= Lond. 1857. 

ALBERT (Dominique), LL.D. 

Homonymes Frangais, or the French homonymous words 
arranged in fentences, by which the procefs of committing 
them to memory is materially facilitated ... By Dominique 
Albert, LL.D., and Egerton Smith. 12° Lond. 183 1. 

ALBERT (Jacques). 

Eft:at de I'Egypte, et des gouvernemens qui en dependent, 
defcrit par le Sieur J. Albert en 1634. [Madagascar, Re- 
lations veritables et curieufes, p. 52.] 

ALBERT (Pierre). Pfeud. o/Fred. Spanheim. 

ALBERT-EDWARD, Prince of Wales. 

* Who fliould educate the Prince of Wales ? 

8° Lond. 1843. 
ALBERTI (Agostino). 
Idea generate delle cattediali dell' Europa. 

4° Torino, 17 18. 



ALBERTI (Joannes). 

B. at AfTcn, 6 March, i6g8. Profeffor of divinity in the 
Univerfity of Haerlem. D. 13 Aug. 1762. 

Gloflarium Grscum in facios Novi Foederis libros. Ex 
MSS. primus edidit, notifque inluftravit Joannes Alberti ... 
Accedunt ejufdem Mifcellanea critica in gloffas nomicas, 
Suidani, Hefychium ; et index auftonim ex Photii Icxico 
inedito. 8^ Lugduni BaUvomni, 1735. 

ALBERTI (Leandro). 

B. at Bologna, 1 1 Dec. 1479. Entered the Dominican order, 
and became inquifitor-general of the Holy Office at Bologna. 
D. 1552. 

De viris illuftribus ordinis prsdicatomni libri fex, in unum 
congefti, autore Lcandio Albciti, Bononienfi, viro clariflimo. 
Nonienclatura autonim voluminis huius : loannes Garzo, Bo- 
nonienfis ; loannes Antonius Flaminius, Forocornelienfis ; 
M. Antonius Flaminius ; Sebaftianus Flaminius ; Francifcus 
Caftelionenfis, canonicus Florentinus; Lcander Albeitus, Bo- 
nonicnfis; lo. Caroli, Florentinus; Bartholomsus Mortarius; 
Nicolaus Brixianus ; Georgius Mediolanenfis ... 

fol. Bononiae, i 5 i 7. 

Defcrittione di tutta Itiilia ... nella quale fi contiene il fito 
di efTa, I'origine, et le fignorie dclle citta ct delle caftella, co 
i nomi antichi et moderni, i collunii de popoli, le condlcioni 
de paefi : et piil gli huomini fanioli die I'hanno illuftrata, i 
monti, i laghi, i fiumi, le fontane, i bagni, le minere, con tutte 
I'opre marauigliofe in lei dalla natura ])rodotte. 

fol. Bologna, 1550. 

Defcriptio totius Italic ; qua fitus, origincs, imperia civi- 
tatum et oppidorum cum nominibus antiquis et recentioribus 
... dicuntur, ex italica lingua nunc primiim in latinam con- 
uerfa. Interprete Guilielmo Kyriandro Hceningeno I.C. ... 

fol. Colonix, I 567. 

ALBERTI (Leon Battista). 

B. at Genoa, iS Feb. 1404. D. 1484. 

De pidlura, prasftantiflimas artis et nunquam fatis laudatte, 
libri tres abfolutifTimi ... lam primum in lucem editi. ^^Etliled 
by Thomas Vemilorhis.^^ 8° Bafileas, 154O. 

The Painting of Leon Battifta Alberti; Englifli and Italian, 
in three books ; and Of llatuary, in one book. Publifhed by 
James Leoni, Venetian, architeft. fol. Lond. 1741. 

Delia pittura e della ftatua. 8° Milano, 1804. 

Treatife of (btues. [Freart, j1 parallel of the ancient 
architecture iv'tlh the modern, iyc. | 

L'architettura di Leonbatifta Albert!. TradotUi in lingua 
Fiorentina da Cofimo Bartoli . . . Con la aggiunti de difegni. 

fol. Firenze, i 550. 

— Another edition. 4." Vcnetia, i $'''5. 

El Momo. La moral y muy graciolii hiftoria del Momo : 
compueda en Latin por ... Leon Ba])ti(la Alberto ... tra- 
duzida en CaftcUano ])or Aguflin de Alma9an ... 

8^ Madrid, 1598. 

Commentarius de conjuratione Porcaria, cui pntmittitur 
vitaejufdemfcriptoris ... [MuRAT0Ri,/?crwm I talicarumfc rip- 
tores, XXV. 293.] 

ALBERTI (Michael). 

B. atNauniburg, 1682. ProfcrTor at Hallc, and phyfician to 

the King of Pruflia. D. at Halle, 1757. 

Traflatio mcdico-forenfis de tortura: fubjcflis, aptis ctin- 

eptis, fecundum morales et phyficas caufas ventilata ... cum 

prrefatione de tortura medica ... 

4= Halae Magdeburgicas, 1730. 
Syftemajurifprudentia; medics, quo cafus forenfes, a jurif- 
confultis et medicis decidendi, explicantur ; omniumque fa- 
cult;itum fentcntiis confirmantur ... 7 torn. 

4^ Halas, &c., 1733-60. 
Commentatio in conllitutionem criminalem Carolinam me- 
dica . . . obfervationibus fcleflis illuftrata multifque teftimoniis 
juridicis et medicis probata. 4° Halx, 1739. 

ALBERTI (Valfntinus). 

B. at Lehna, in Silefia, 15 Dec. 1635. Studied at Leipzig, 
where he was appointed profelTor of theology. D. 19 Dec. 1697. 

i\i'r>.b\jv xa-ffa, quod eft,Cartefianifnius et Coccejanifmus, 
defciipti ac refutati. [Kromayer, Scrutinium religlonum, ap- 
pendix ii.] 


conipofe fur Ics diftionnaires de I'Academie de France et de 
la Cmfca ; cnrichi de tous les termes propres des fcicnccs ct 
des arts, qui forment une augmentation de plus de trente mille 
articles, fur tous les autres didlionnaires qui ont para jufqu'a- 
prefent ... 2 torn. 4° Marfeille, 1772. 

ALBERTINIUS (Philippus). 

Carmina. ^Carmina illii/lriumvoETAKvyi Italorum,\. 45 7.] 

ALBERTINUS (^gidius). 

B. at Deventcr, 1 560. Private fecrctary to the Eledlor Maxi- 
milian of Bavaria. D. at Munich, 9 March, 1620. 

Emblemata hieropolitica; vcrfibus et profa illuftrabat loan- 
nes Melitanus a C017I0. Eiufdera [Melitani] Mufse errantes. 

12° Colonix, 1647. 

ALBERTINUS (Arnaldus). 

Canon of Majorca ; afterwards, inqui(itor of Valentia and 
Sicily ; and finally, inqutdtor-general, and bilhop of Patti. D. 
Rcpctitio in Rubricam de hxreticis. [Repetitiones Juris 
Canonici, v. 690.] 

Repetitio in C. Quoniam de hxreticis. [Ibid. v. 797.] 
Traftatus de agnofcendis alTertionibus catholicis et htcre- 
ticis. [F. Zilettus, 'Iraitatus univeiji juris, xi. ii. 52.] 

ALBERTIS (Almsius de). 

Singularia [juris.] [Singularia Z)ot7oru/n, ii. 166.] 

ALBERTIUS (Henricus). 

A Danifli poet, b. at Copenhagen about the end of the 16th 
century. Travelled abroad In 1619, and died in Egypt. 

Carmina, quibus, in prima cditionc, titulusell ; Mufxa.idol- 
efcentix Venus. [RoircjiAnv, Delicit juoruathm poetarum 
Danorum, i, i.l 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delitia poetarum Germanorum, i. 



ALBERTO, Campense. 

Lettera intorno le cofe di Mofcovia. [Ramusio, Navl- 
gationi et viaggi, ii. 1 2 6.] 


Lived in the 8th century. 

* Vita Sanili Alberti, monachi Oberaltahenfis. [Fez, 
Thefaurus anecdotorum iwvijjimus, i. iii. 53 5-J 


* Vita Sandli Alberti, Abbatis Gambroneniis in Gallia. 
[Mabillon, Alta fanSorum O.S.B. in. ii. 475.] 


* Hiftoiia Alberti H. Epifcopi Halberftadenfis, nati ex 
Ducibus Brunfvicenfibus, ab anno mcccxxiv. ad mcccxlis. 
confcripta. [Leibnitz, Scnptores Brunfuicenfia illujirantes, 
ii. I4S.] 

* — [Meibomius, Rentm Germanicarum fcriptores, ii. 



Abbot of St. Mefmin, near Orleans, at the beginning of the 
I ith century. 
Epiftola ad Johannem PapamXVIL de antiquitate etfolito 
numero monachorum monalkrii Miciacenfis. [Mabillon, 
Vetera analeSa, p. 430.] 

ALBERTUS, Aquensis. 

Canon and facrift of the cathedral of Aix-cn-Provence. D. 
about 1 120. 
Hiftoria HierofolimitansE expeditionis. [Bongarsius, 
GeJIa Dei per Francos, i. 184.] 

Hiftoiie des fails et geftes dans les regions d'outre-mer, 
depuis I'annee 1095 j"fqu'a I'annee 1120 de Jefus-Chrift. 
[GuizOT, ColleSion des memoires, Iffc, torn. xx. and xxi.] 

ALBERTUS, Argentinensis. 

A pried of Strafsburg in the 14th century. 

Chronici fragmentum a Rudolpho L Habfpurgio ufque ad 
...annum... 1349. [Otto, Frifingenlis, C/iro«/Von ii. 157.] 

— [Cuspinianus, De confulihus Romunorum commentarii, 
p. 667.] 

Chronicon integnim, continens hiftoriarum feiiem, a Rud- 
olfo ... ufque ad Caroli Quarti Imperatoris obitum, id eft 
annum Dominicae incamationis 1378. Adje(5tus eft ejufdem 
(ut videtur) Alberti Commentarius de Bertoldi ... epifcopi 
Argentinenfis, rebus geftis ... [Urstisius, Germania hi/loricl 
illujires, ii. 97.] 

ALBERTUS, Magnus. 

B. at Lauingen, on the Upper Danube, about the end of the 
1 2th century. Appointed biihop of Ratilbon, by Alexander IV., 
1260. D. 14 Nov. 12S0. The epithet '* Magnus" was be- 
llowed upon him on account of his diftinguiJhed learning and 

Beginning: — Venerabilis domini Albeiti magni Ratifpon- 
efis epifcopi de facrofadlo eukariftie facrameto fermoes exqui- 
fitiflimi incipiunt feliciter. 

End, Jo!. 5 6 : — Expliciiit fermones de facrameto corporis 
et faguis domini. [_/o/. 58.] Opens huius tabula finit fe- 

Beginning : — Venerabilis domini Alberti magni Ratifpan- 

enfis epifcopi fuper officio miffe: liber nan minus quidem utilis 
quam et fumme neceflarius : incipit feliciter. 

£nd : — Venerabilis domini Alberti magni Ratifponenfis 
epifcopi fuper officio miffe liber finit feliciter. 

fol. [Colonije, John Guldenfchaf.] n. d. 

Beginning : — Superlucidiffime venerabilis domini Alberti 
magni Ratifponenfis epifcopi de facrofandlo eucariftie facra- 
mento Sume : no quide modo difputabilis verum et pridi- 
cabilis : regiftrum incipit feliciter. 

£nd : — Prefens hec fumma preclariffima de corpora crifti 
intitulata Alberti magni facre theologie profeflbris eximii 
quonda ratifpanenfis epifcopi in choro fratmni predicatorum 
colonie fepulti. Edita Ac per Johannem Guldefchaff Magii- 
tinu ciue inclit enaconis gremalce quada artificiofa adinvencoe 
dei clemencia caraiflherifata Et anno a nativitate domini 
MileCmo quadringentefio feptuagefimo feptio in profefto Phi- 
lippi et jacobi apoftolom induftriofe Dfiimata. 

Thetreatife of Albertus Magnus. "Deadhasrendo Deo:" 
Of adhering to God. A tranflation from the Latin. 

12° Lond. n. d. 

De falconibus, afturibus et accipiti ibus. [pRmERicus II. 
De arte -venandi cmn avibus, i. 175.] 

Breve compendium de mineralibus. [Zetznerus, Thea- 
trum chemicum,\\, 125.] 

De aichemia. [Ibid. ii. 423.] 

De Concordia philofophoi"um in lapidephilofophico. [Ibid. 
iv. 809.] 

Compofitum de compofitis. [Ibid. iv. 825.] 

Liber ofto capitulorum de lapide philofophorum. [Ibid, 
iv. 84 1.] 

ALBERTUS, Sarthianensis. 

A Francifcan friar, b. at Sarziano, in Tufcany ; was vicar- 
general of his order. D. 1450. 

Epiftolx feleftae. [Martene et Durand, Veterum fcrip- 
torum isfc. ampliffima colleHio, iii. 753-] 

ALBERTUS, Stadensis. 

A BenediiSine monk, the time and place of whofe birth are 
unknown. Elefted abbot of the monafter^' of St. Mary, atStade, 
1232, which office he refigned, 1240. The date of his death 
has not been afcertained. 

Chronicon a condito orbe ufque ad A.c. 1256. [Schilter, 
Scriptores rerum Germanicarum, p. 123.] 


Duke of Saxony, furnamed Animolus. B. 27 July, 1443- 
D. 12 Sep. 1500. 

Peregrinatio feu paflagium ad Terram Sanftam . . . [Menc- 
KENius, Scriptores rerum Germanicarum, ii. 2103.] 

ALBERTUS (Philippus). 

Imperator [^Leopold I.'], fummus ac optimus princeps, ora- 
tione panegyrica celebratus. fol. Argentorati, 1663. 

ALBERUS (Erasmus). 

A zealous and learned fupporter of the Reformation in Ger- 
many. Studied theology at Wittenberg with Luther. After 
officiating as preacher in many different places, he was ultimately 
appointed general-fuperintendent at Giiftrau, in Mecklenburg. 
D. 5 May, 1553. 
Das Ehbiichlin: einGefprech ZweyerWeiber, mit namen 



Agatha und Barbara, und fund manchorley vom Eheftand, 
Eheleuten, unnd jcderman niitzlich zu Icfen. 

40 n. p. 1534. 
ALBI (Henry). 

B. at Boltrne, 1590. Redlor fucceflivcly of the Colleges of 
Avignon, of Grenoble, of Lyons, and of Aries. D. at Aries, 

6 oa. 1659. 

Eloges hiftoriques des cardinaux illuftres, Frangois et 
eftrangeis mis en parall^le, avec leurs pouitraits au naturel. 

4° Paris, 1644. 
The Albigenfos : a romance ... 1824. [By C. R. Ma- 


Hiftoire de la guene des Albigeois. [GuizoT, CoUe3ion 
des mcmoires, life, torn, xv.] 

Hiftoire de la guerre des Albigeois, ecrite en Languedo- 
cien par un ancien auteur anonyme. [Bouquet, Recueil Jes 
hifloriens des Gaules et de la France, xix. 1 1 4.] 

Chronicon epifcoporum Albigenfium, et abbatum Caftren- 
fium. [d'AcHERius, Spicilegiiim, vii. 335.] 


An Italian jurift, who lived at the beginning of the i6th cen- 
tury. He was a native, it is believed, of the Milancfe, but moft 
of his life was fpent at Trino, where he taught the canon and 
the civil law. 

Traftatus aureus de Pontificia potcftate. [F. Zilettus, 
TraBntiis imlvtrfi juris, xiii. i. 130.] 

Confilium. [J. B. Zilettus, Matrimomalia confilia, i. 

ALBIIS (Thomas ex), i.e. Thomas White. 

ALBIN (Eleazar). 

An Englilh artift, wlio lived in London in the early and middle 
part of the 1 8th century. 

A natural hiftoiy of Englifh fong-birds, and fuch of the 
foreign as aie ufually brought over and efteemed foj- their fing- 
ing. To which are added, figures of the cock, hen, and egg 
of each fjiecics, exactly co])ied from nature by Mr. Eleazar 
Albin, and cuiioufly engraven on copper. Alfo, a particu- 
lar account how to order the canary-birds in breeding ; like- 
wife their difeafes and cures. Second edition. 

8 Lond 1 741. 

Thehifloiyof efculentfifli,with plates,drawn and engraved 
by Eleazar Albin ; and an elfay on tiie breeding of fifli, and 
the conftrudlionof fifh-ponds,by the Honourable Roger North. 

4° Lond. I 794. 

ALBINEUS (Nathanus). 

A phyfician of Geneva in the 17th century. 

Bibliotheca chemica contradta ex dele<5lu et enicndatione 
Nathanis Albinei ... 8° Genev.!:, 1673. 

ALBINIUS (Petrus Constantius). 

Magia aftrologica ; hoc eft : clavis fympathix feptem me- 

tallorum, [et fcptcni feleiflorum] lapldum ad ])lanetas. Pro 
majore illius illucldatione opus tarn aftrologls, cjuam chymicis 
perutile & jucundum. 8° Haniburgi, 1716. 

ALBINOVANUS (Caius Pedo). 

A Roman poet, a contemporary and friend of Ovid- 

Elegise III., et fragmenta, cum interpretatione et notis Jos. 
Scahgeri, Frid. Lindenbruchii, Nic. Heinfii, Theod. Goralli 
et aliorum. 8° Amft. 1703. 

— cum Theodori Goralli interpretatione et indice, An- 
drea Goezio curante. 8° Norimbergjc, 177 I. 

— [Epigrammata et poematia Vetera, ii. 67.] 

— [Colltclio P'lfaurenjts, i^c., iv. I I. See Poems.] 

C. Pedonis Albinovani, vel potius incej ti audloris, elcgia in 
obitum Ma?cenatis. Ejufdem alia de Mascenate. Fragmen- 
tum de navigatione Germanici per Oceanum Septentrionalem. 
[PoET/E Latini minores, Ed. JVernJdorf, iii. 155 and 179 ; 
iv. 229.] 

— [Maittaire, Opera et fragmenta •veterum poetarum 
Lat'inorum, pp. (1530) and (1589).] 

Elegia in mortem Drufi Neronis. Varietate leftionis et 
indice philologico illuftravit Jo. Chriftojjh. Bremer. 

8° Helmftadii, 1775. 

ALBINUS (Berkardus Siegfried). 

B. at Frankfort on the Oder, 24 Feb. 1696. Profeflbr of ana- 
tomy and furgery at Leyden, 1721. D. at Leyden, 9 Sep. 1770. 

Explicatio tabulamni anatomicaram Bartholomsei Eufta- 
chii. Accedit tabularum edltio nova. 

fol. Lcidae, 1744. 

Tables of the fl<eIeton and mufcles of the iiuman body. 
Tranflated from the Latin. fol. Edinb. 1777. 

ALBINUS (Flaccus). See Alcuinus. 


B. at Coburg. Educated at the Univerfity of Leipzig, where 
he was appointed profcflbr of poetry, 1585. D. 1607. 

Poematum lohnnnis Albini libri 11. Quoram alter ver- 
fus continet heroicos in Academia Lips, paitim in conuen- 
tibus publicis pronuntiatos, partim in gratiam praecijjuorum 
virorum compofitos : alter gratulationes nuptiales, epicedia, 
deque dluerfis rebus epigrammata, verfibus elcgiacisconfcripta, 
complecflitur. 8° Lipfia', 1591. 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delitia poetarum Germanorum, i. 

ALBINUS (Petrus). 

A hiftorian and poet, b. at Schnccburg, in the Erigebirge. 
Studied at Leipzig and at Fninlifort on the Oder. Profcll'or of 
poetrj' in the L'niverfity of Wittenberg. U. I Aug. 1598. 

Genealogia Comitum Leifnicenfiuni ... Notis illuftravit 
variifque accefliunibus auxit Chriftianus Gottliebius Schwart- 
zius. [Menckenius, Scrlptores rerum Germanicarum, iii. 


Poemata. [Gruter, Delitia poetarum Germanorum, i. 



Letters from Albion to a friend on the Continent, written 
in the years 18 10, 181 l, 1812, and 1813. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. I S I 4. 



ALBITES (Achilles), A.B., LL.B. 

Onefingle loile deteiminingthe French genders; illuftrated 
byfourveriified lines; the reign of Napoleon; andthehiftory 
of Elizabeth. 8° Lond. 1 8 4 1 . 

La or le ? or the gender of every French noun inftantly 
known, by one rule ; with the reign of the Emperor Napo- 
leon, an hiftorical flietch, in which none but mafculine nouns 
have been introduced ; and the life of Queen Elizabeth, an 
hiftorical (l<etch, in which none but feminine nouns have been 
introduced. Second edition. 8° Lond. 1844. 

French feminines and mafcvJines ; or, the difficulty of 
French genders conquered. 12° Lbnd. 1847. 

— Fourth edition. 8° Lond. [1855.] 
How to fpeak Fiench : a pradlical and theoretical tableau 

of the French language and France, containing converfations 
in Paris ... followed by French genders conquered, which 
comprifes a firft French delecflus. A handbook for private 
ftudents, fchools, ladies, travellers, and the army. Fourth 
edition. 8° Lond. 1855. 

— Fifth edition. 8° Lond. 1858. 

Blunders in Flench avoided : three ])feudo-letters of Wil- 
liam Cobbett to dear Richard, with an additional letter on 
French derivation, parfingjand verfification. Partly extrafled 
from How to fpeak French, or the French language and 
France ... 8° Lond. 1855. 

A ftart in French and firft fteps. From " How to fpeak 
French, or French and France ; fifth edition." 

12° Lond. 1858. 

Phafes de I'hiftoire de France, de la litterature et de la phi- 
lofophie Fran5aifes,fuivies de jalons anecdotiques de I'hiftoire 
moderne et d'une lettre d'un vieux feigent fur I'hiftoire de 
Napoleon. 8° Paris, 1855. 

ALBITES (M'"=. A. Delaye). 

Une foiree de jeunes perfonnes a Paris ; petits tableaux 
dialogues. (A young ladies' evening party in Paris.) 

8° Paris, 1845. 

ALBITIUS (Franciscus). 

B. at Cefena, 3 Oft. 1593. Raifed to the dignity of cardi- 
nal by Innocent X. 2 iVIarch, 1654. D. 5 0£t. 1684. 

De inconftantia in judiciis traftatus ... Additis decifioni- 
bus S. Rotx Romans, prsfertim recentiffimis ... et ... Re- 
fponfum R.P.D. Marcelli Severoli ... 

fol. Romse, 1698. 

ALBIZI (Lorenzo). 

Dialogo fopra i paduli, e campagna di Pifa. [Raccolta 
d'autori che trattano del moto ddl'acque, i. 23.] 

ALBO (E. J.) 

Rodrigo ; or, the Spanilh daughter: a tragedy in five aifls. 

8° Lond. n. d. 

ALBON (Claude Camille Francois, Comte d'). 
B. at Lyons, 1753. D. at Paris, 17S9. 

Difcours fur I'hiftoire, le gouvernement, les ufages, la lit- 
terature et les arts de plufieurs nations de I'Europe. 4 torn. 

8° Geneve, 1782. 

ALBOQUERQUE (Alfonso d'). 

B. at Alhandra, 1500. D. at Lifbon, 1580. He was the ion 
of the great Afonfo d'Alboquerque, whofe exploits are recorded 
in the following work. 

Commentarios. 4 torn. 8° Lilboa, 1774. 

ALBORROW (Richard). 

* An account of the proceedings againft Richard Albor- 
row, Oliver Hawley, and John Condon, for high-tieafon in 
robing the king's male, on the 12 th. day of April laft paft, 
at or near Illford in the county of Effex : who was tryed at 
the King' s-Bench-Barr, Weftminfter. fol. Lond. 1686. 


Die SteUung der Romifchen Aequitas in der Theorie des 
Civilrechts, mit Riickficht auf die zeitgemafie Frage der 
Codification. 8° Drefden und Leipzig, 1834. 


Der Neutralitats-Krieg der Danen im Jahr 1 80 1 . Frey- 
miithig und authentilch dargeftellt von J. F. E. Albrecht. 

8° n. p. 1 80 1. 
ALBRECHT (Johann Wilhelm). 

B. at Erlurt, 11 Aug. 1702. Profeflbr of anatomy, furgery, 
and botany, at Gbttingen. D. 7 Jan. 1736. 

Tradlatus phyficus de effeftibus mufices in corpus anima- 
tura. 8° LipCx, 1734. 


B. at Klofter-Neuburgh, near Vienna, 3 Feb. 1736. Ap- 
pointed organift to the Emperor Jofeph II., 1772, and Kapell- 
meifter of the cathedral of St, Stephen, 1792. D. 7 March, 

Collefted writings on thorough-bafs, harmony, and compo- 
fition, for felf-inftiuflion. With many explanatory examples, 
verbally communicated to, and fyftematically arranged, en- 
laiged, and edited by his pupil, Ignaz Chevalier von Seyfried ; 
with a (hort guide to full-lcore playing, and a defcription of 
all inftruments employed until the prefent time. In three 
volumes. Tranflated by Sabilla Novello, from the original 
German . . . The mufical portion has been revifed by Vincent 
Novello. 8° Lond. 1855. 

ALBRIZZI (Giambatista). 

Foreftiere illuminato intomo le cofe piil rare, e curiofe, 
antiche, e moderae, della citta di Venezia e dell'ifole circon- 
viciiie ... 8° Venezia, 1761. 

ALBRIZZI (Isabella). 

B. at Corfu, 1770. D. at Venice, 1836. 
Opere di fcultura e di plaftica di Antonio Canova delcritte 
da IfabeOa Albrizzi. fol. Firenze, 1809. 

— Another edition. 4° Firenze, 1809. 

ALBU (Israel). 

injJ3 121- A word in due feafon, relating to the di\'ine 
fervice. 8° Lond. 1853 (5613.) 

i'NIt;"!' pn. •'■^ ftatute unto Ifrael ; containing an ab)idged 
account of the religious duties of the Ifraelite, efpecially elu- 
cidating thofe which refer to divine feiTice. 

8° Lond. i860. 




Liber geiiethliacus, five de nativitatibus, non folum ingenti 
rerum fcitu dignarum copia, verum etiani jucundiflimo illarum 
ordine confpicuus. 4° Noiimbergje, 15 40. 


The pocket album, and literary fcrap-book- 2 vols. 

12° Lend. 1831-2. 
The world's album ; or, gift book of art. 

4= Lond. [185 I.] 
The Court album : twelve portraits of the female arifto- 
cracy, engraved from drawings by the beft artifts. 

4° Lond. T853. 

— Another feries. 4° Lond. 1854. 

— Another feries. 4° Lond. 1856. 

— Another feries. 4=" Lond. 1857. 
The child's own album, in piftures and verfe, of favour- 
ite ftories, which all may rehearfe. 4= Lond. [1859.] 

The art album : fixtecn facfimiles of water-colour draw- 
ings. 4° Lond. 1 86 1. 


Beginning : — Incipit liber introdudlorius In aflionomiam 
Albumafaris abalachi. 

End : — Opus Ttrodudlorii in aftronomia Albumafaris aba- 
lachi explicit feliciter. Venctiis : mandate et exjicnfis Mel- 
chionis Seffii: per JacobumpcntiumLeucenfem. Annodomini 
1506. die 5. Septembris ... 4° 


A native of Mitylene, and the earlicft of /Eolian lyric poets. 
Flourifhed about 600 B.C. 

Carmina. \_Gr. and Lat. L,ect\us, Poet<t Graci Vetera 
tragici, i^c. ii. 94.] 

Ad-^ana. [Anacrf.on, 0(/<f. G/iiJg. 1757.] 

Alcasi, poetae lyrici, fragmenta. \Ediled by Tbeod. Frid. 
Stange.] 8" Halx, I 8 10. 

Fragments ; tranflated into Englifh profe by T. Orger. 
[Anacreon, Odes, tranjlated, iffc. Lond. 1825.] 

ALCAFARADO (Francisco). 

A Portuguefe navigator, who lived in the latter half of the 
15th century. 

An hiftorical relation of the firft difcovery of the ifle of 
Madera. Written originally in Portugueze by Don Francifco 
Akafarado ... who was one of the firft difcovcers ; thence 
tranflated into French, and now made Englifii. 

4° Lond. 1675. 

An hiftorical account of the difcovery of the ifland of 
Madeira, abiidged from the Portugueze oiiginal. To which 
is added, an account of the prefent ftate of tiie ifland ; in a 
letter to a friend. 8" Lond. 1750. 


lufta poetica zelebrada por la Univerfidad de A Icala, colegio 
mayor de S. Ilcfonfo ; en el nacimiento del principc de las 
Efpanas ... Publicala el Dotor Francifco Ignacio de Porres. 

8° Alcala, 1658. 

Por la iglefia magiftral de S. lufto, y paftor de la villa de 

VOL. I. 

Alcala de Enares. Con la iglefia conventual de S. Maria 
de la villa de Talavera. Sobre losdercchos de precedencia 
en los fynodos diocefanos de Toledo en el articulo de manu- 
tencion. 4= Alcala, 1661. 

ALCALA (Antonio de). 

Los dos luminares mayores del cielo de la iglefia mili- 
tante, Chrifto Senor N. y fu madre y Senora nueftra, Maria 
Santillima, elogiados en fus solemnidadcs comunes, y algunas 
particulares ... 2 torn. fol. Cordova, 1705-6. 


Sobre la necefidad y jufticia de los tributos, fondos de 
donde deben facaiTe, y medios de recaudarlos. 

4° n. p. n. d. 

Difiniciones de la Orden y Cavalleria de Alcantara, con 
la hiftoria y origen della. fol. Madrid, 1663. 

ALCANTARA (Don Fernandez de). 

The miraculous efcape of Don Fernandez de Alcantara 
... 1 841. [By Richard Walker.] 


De theatro Saguntino, five de Zacanthjeo Viforio, epiftola 
ad eminentiflimum et reverendiflmium Dominum Cardinalem 
D. Philippum Antonium Gualterium ... 

4= Romaj, I 7 1 6. 


Alcaftor to Sophron : an epiftle. 4° Lond. 1755. 

ALCAZAR Y ZUNIGA (Melchor de). 

Aite de efquadronar y exercicios de la infanteria ... 

4' Madrid, 1703. 
ALCEDO (Antonio de). 

A native of Spanifh America, of uhofe perfonal hiftory little 
is known, except the fafl that, at the time when the under noted 
work was publiftied, he was a colonel in the royal guard. 

Diccionario geografico-hiftorico de las Indias Occiden- 
tales 6 America : es a faber ; de los reynos del Peri'i, Nueva 
Efpafia,Tierra-Firme, Chile, y nuevo reyno de Gran-ida ... 
5 tom. 4' Madrid, 1786-9. 

ALCEDO Y HERRERA (Dionvsio de). 

Avifo hiftorico, geographico, con las noticias mas paiticu- 
lares del Peru, Tierra-Firme, Chile, y nuevo reyno de Gran- 
ada, en la rclacion de los fuceflos de 205. afios, por la chrono- 
logia de los adelantados, prefidentes, govemadoies, y virreyes 
de aquel reyno meridional, defde el ano de 1535. hafta el de 
1 7 40, y razon de todo lo obrado por los ingleies en aqiiellos 
reynos por las coftas de los dos mares del none, y del fiV, 
fin diferencia cntre los tiem]ios de la ])a/., y de la guci ra, defde 
el aiio de 1567. hafta el de 1739. 4 M.idrid, 174O. 

Defagiavios del ])ropugnacuIo de Tudela contra ci trifauce 
Cerbeio, autor del Bodoque. 4° Anibeies, 1 667. 





The lives of alchemyftical philofophers .. . 1815. [-6)' 
Francis Barrett.] 


Spiritual alchemy ; or, trials tuiTied to gold. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1 85 I. 

ALCHUVINUS. See Alcuinus. 

ALCIATUS (Andreas). 

B. at Alzato, in the Milanefe, 8 May, 1492. Having ftudied 
law at Pavia and at Bologna, he pradliied as advocate at Milan 
till 1518. when he was appointed profeiTor of civil law in the 
Univerfit)' of Avignon. He removed to Bourges, 1528; and to 
Pavia, 1532. D. 12 June, 1550. 

Opera omnia, in quatuor tomos legitime digefta . . . 

fol. Bafileje, 1582. 
Andree Alzati, Mediolanenfis, in tres pofteriores codicis 
luftiniani annotationes; in quibus obiter quamplurima alioiiim 
authorum loca explanantur. Eiufdem opufculum, quo graecas 
difliones fere ubique in Digeftis reftituuntur. 

fol. Argentina, 1515. 
De formula Romani imperii libellus. Accertemnt non 
di/Timilis argumenti, Dantis, Florentini, De monarchia libri 
tres; Radulphi, Carnotenfis, De tranflatione imperii libellus; 
Chronica M. Jordanis, Qualiter Romanum imperium tranf- 
latum fit ad GeiTnanos. Omnia nunc primum in lucem edita. 

8° Bafileae, i 559. 
Emblemata ... cum facili et compendiofa explicatione, qua 
obfcura illuftrantur, dubiaque omnia foluuntur, per Claudium 
Minoem... Excei-pta ex eiufdem in eademAlciati Emblemata 
maiorura vigiliamm commentiiiis. Ad calcem, Alciati vita, 
nuper ab eodem Minoe confcripta. 

12^ Lugduni Batavoram, 1591. 

— [Gri;ter, Delitire poetiirum Ilalorum, i. 12.1 

— ^Carmhia tUuJlrhim poetarum Italorum, i. 53.] 
Emblemas, traducidos en rhimas Efpanolas. Anadidos 

de figuras y de nuevos emblemas en la tercera parte de la obra. 

4= Lyon, I 540. 

* DeclaracioD magiftral fobie las Emblemas de Andres 
Alciato. 1655. [By Diego Lopez.] 

Les Emblemes de Seigneur Andre Alciat, de nouveau 
tranflatez en Frangois, vers pour vers, jouxte la diftion Latine 
[By Barptolemy Aneau^ 8° Lyon, 1549. 

Rerum patrigs Andres Alciati ... libri iiii. ex MS. Biblio- 
thecz Ambrofianae. [Edited by Jo. Bapt. Bidc//ius.'\ 

8° Mediolani, 1625. 

— [GR.ivius, Thefiiurus antiquitatum et hijloriarum Itali<t, 
ii. ..] 

Tradlatus contra vitam monafticam. Syloge epiftolarum 
virorum clariffimomm, qux variara doftrinam continent. Vet- 
era aliquot teftamenta, feculo xm., et initio fequentis, fcripta. 
Primus omnia in lucem protulit, adjedtis paffim notis, Antonius 
Mitthxus ... 8° Lugd. Bat. 1708. 

De magiftratibus, civilibufque et miiitaribus officiis, differ- 
tatio. [SALLENGRE,A'i9T)KJ- thefuurus antiquitatum Roniananim, 

— [Haurisius, Scriptoret hi/loria Romanit, iii. 655.] 

— [RoBERTUS, M'tfcellanea Italica erudita, i. 527.] 

De re nummaria antiquomm ad recentiora tempora redafta 
compendiofa ratiocinatio. [Argelatus, De monetls Italic, 
cjfc, pt. iii., appendix, p. 23.] 

Traiflatus de praefumptionibus . . . cum annotationibus et 
argumentis Jo. Nicolai Arelatani. 

8° Colonias Agrippinae, 1580. 

— [F. Zilettus, Traffatus univtifi juris, iv. 303.] 
De eo quod intereft. [Ibid. v. 7.] 

De fingulari certamine, cum confilio in materia duelli. 
[Ibid. xii. 293.] 


Lettred'AlcibiadeaGlicere, bouquetiered'Athenes, fuivie 
d'une lettre de Venus a Paris, et d'une epitre a la maitrefle 
que j'aurai. 8^ Geneve, 1764. 


A Greek rhetorician, b. about the middle of the 5th century 
B.C., at Elaea, in Afia Minor. 

Orationes. [Oratores Graci, apud Aldiun, 1513.] 

— [Reiske, Oratores Gr£ci, viii. 64.] 

— [Bekker, Oratores Attici, vii.] 

ALCIMUS AVITUS. 5^^ Avitus. 

A Platonic philofopher, who probably lived under the early 
Roman emperors. Of his perfonal hiftory nothing is known. 

De dodtrina Platonis liber. Speufippi . . . liber de Platonis 
definitionibus. Xenocratis . . . liber de moite. Totius diuins 
Platonis philofophis breuiflimum iuxta ac pulcherrimum com- 
pendium. [A tranjlat'ton by M. Ficinus.^ 

8° Bafileae, 1532. 

Elementa atque initia, quibus quis imbutus, ad Platonis de- 
cretoruni penetralia facile introire,ac penienii'e poffit, k Diony- 
fio Lambino ... in Latinum fermonem conuerfa. Acceffemnt 
eiufdem Lambini fcholia ... Poftremo additus eft & contex- 
tus verbomm Graecorum ... [Or. and La t.^ 

4^ Lutetiae, i 567. 

AXxivDov si; ra rou UXarcovoc: usayiuyrj. Alcinoi in Pla- 
tonicam philofophiam introduftio. [Or. and LatJ^ 

8° Oxonias, 1667. 


A Greek fophift and epiftolographer, of whole perional hiftory 
nothing is known. He appears to have been contemporary with 

AX/£/^«OBo; V.mHToXai aXis-jTixai xai sroniixai. [Epis- 
TOLK diverforum phi/ofophorum ... Apud Aldum. 1499.] 

AXz;pgoK)j ariTogoi iTisroXai. Alciphronis rhetoris epif- 
tolas, Graece et Latine, ad editionem S. Bergleri accuiatiffime 
impreffas. 8' Trajedli ad Rhenum, 1791. 

Alciphronis Rhetoris epiftoloe ad fidem aliquot codiciun 
recenfitsE : cum Stephani Bergleri commentario integro, cui 
aliorum criticomm et fuas notationes, verfionem emendatam 
indiculumque adiecit loannes Auguftinus Wagner. [Gr. and 
Lat.] 2 torn. 8° Lipfice, 1798. 

Lettres Grecques ... ou anecdotes fur les moeurs et les 
ufages de la Gr^ce : traduites pour la premiere fois en Fran- 
cois [by the Abbe Richard], avec des notes hiftoriques et 
critiques. 3 tom. 8° Amfterdam, 1785. 




Alciphron ; or, the minute i)luluroi)ln.'r. 1732 [ByG. 


Phyfic and its phafes ; or, the lule of right and tlie reign 
of wrong. 8° Lond. 1857. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1858. 

ALCMAN, Lyricus. 

The chief lyric poet of Sparta. B. at Sardis, in Lydia. Flour- 
irtied from about 671 to about 631 B.C. 

Frngmenta. CoUegit et rccenfuit Fridericus Theophilus 
Welckei-us. 4= [GiefTen ?] 1815. 

Carmina. [Gr. nnd Lai. Lectius, PoeU Grieci veleres 
Iragici, <jfc., ii. 130.] 

ALCO(^ER (Francisco de). 

A Francifcan monk of Santiago, in the 1 6th century. 

Tratado del iuego ... en el qual fe trata copiofamente, 
quando los jugadores pecan, y fon obligados a reftituyr afli de 
derecho diuino, como de derechc comun, y del reyno, y de 
las apueftas, fuertes, torneos, juftas, juegos de canas, toros, y 
truhanes con otras cofas prouechofas y dignas de faber. 

4° Salamanca, 1559. 

ALCOCER (Pedro de). 

A Spanifh hiftorian, b. at Toledo about the beginning of the 
1 6th century. 

Hyftoria, o defcripcion de la imperial cibdad de Toledo ; 
con todas las cofas acontecidas en clla, dufde lu principio, y 
fundaclon ... fol. Toledo, 1554. 

ALCOCK (.Iames). 

Vicar of Ring. 
Fadls from the fiflieries, contained in four quarterly reports 
from the Ring diftiift, county Wateiford. 

12° Watcrford, 1848. 
ALCOCK (John). 

B. at Beverley in the early part of the 15th century. Bifhopof 
Rochefter, 1472; ofWorceller, 1476; and of Ely, i486. Foun- 
der of Jefus College, Cambridge. D. at Wi/bcach, i Odl. 1500. 

The abbaye of the holy Ghooft. Here begynneth a ma- 
terc fpekynge of a place that is named the abbay of the holy 
ghoft, y' fliall be foilded or grouded in a clene confcyence, 
in which abbaye (liall dwelle xxix ladyes ghoftly. [y/non.j 
4° Emprynted at Weltmynller by Wynken 
de worde, n. d. 
Mons perfe(!Honis, otherwyfe in EnglyfThe, the liylle of 
perft(5lyon. Exhortacio faifta Cartufientibus et aliis religiofis 
per vcnerandu in clirillo patrem et dominum dominu Johannc 
Alcok Eliens epifcopfi. 

4° Enprynted at Weftmeftre by Wynkin de worde, the 
yere of our lorde m.cccc.lxxxxvii. ;md in the yere 
of y" rcygnc of y"-' niooft vyftoryous |ii-ynce our niooft 
naturell fouerayne lorde Henry the leuenth, at the 
Indaunce of the reuerende relygyous fader Tlionias 
Pryour of the houfe of faynt Anne y"-' ordre of the 
Chartroufe. And fyiiyd'hed the xxiii daye of the 
monctli of Maye in the yere aboue fayd. 

ALCOCK (John), A.M. 

A (liock of corn fully ripe : a fermon preached in Beth- 
efda chapel, on tlie occafion of the death of Artiiur Guin- 
nefs, Efq., on Sunday, June 17th, 1855. ^M v. 26.] 

8° Dublin, 1855. 

ALCOCK (John Beresford). 

Perfonal ])roperty in the Eafb Indies ; in what cafes fubjedl 
to or exempt from legacy and refidue duty ... 

8° Lond. 1850. 

ALCOCK (Nathaniel), A.B., M.B. 

A treatife on cholera. 8° Lond. 1849. 

ALCOCK (Rutherford), C.B. 

Deputy inlpt-dtor-gcneral of hofpitals in the Britifli auxiliary 
legion ferving in Spain, 1835-7. Appointed conliil-gcneral in 
Japan, 21 Dec. i8;8,and minifter plenipotentiary there, 30 Nov. 

Notes on the medical hiftoi-y and ftatiftics of the Britifh 
Legion of Spain ; comprifing the refults of gun-fhot wounds, 
in relation to important queflions in furgery. 

8° Lond. 1838. 
ALCOCK (Thomas St. Leger). 
Lt. -colonel ift Middlefex militia. 

Obfervations on tlie Poor relief bill for Ireland, and its 

bearing on the imjiortant fubjcift: of emigration ; with fome 
remarks on the great public works projcdcd in the Biitifh 
North American colonies. 8° Lond. 1847. 

ALCORAN. S^e Mohammed. 

ALCORN (John). 

The great quelHon anfwercd. 

ALCUINUS (Flaccus). 

I 2 ' Lond. n. d. 

B. at York about 735. Educated at the cloifter fchool of 
York, of which he became luperintendcnt. Having attra^ed, 
by his learning, the attention of Charlemagne, he was induced, 
in 782, to take up his abode at the Court of that monarch, with 
whom he lived on terms of intimate fricndfhip during the re- 
mainder of his life. D. at the abbey of St. Martin, at Tours, 
19 May, 804. 

Opera quae haftenus leperiri potuerunt : nonnulla audius 
et emeiidatiiis, pleraque nunc primum ex Codd. MSS. edita. 
AcceflereB. Paulini, Aquileieiids patriarch,v,contra Felicem, 
Urgel. epilc, libri in. qui etiam nunc prodeunt. Omniafludio 
et diligentia Andrea; Quercetani, Turonenfis. 

fol. Lutetia; Parifiorum, 16 17. 

Opera, poft primam editionem a viro clai ilTimo D. Andrea 
Quercetano curatam, de novo colleiila, multis locis emendata, 
et o]Hifculis primum repertis ])lurinium aui^ta, variilque modis 
illulfrata, cura ac lludio Frobrnii S.R.I. princii)is et abbalis 
ad S. Emmeramum Ratifbona". 2 torn. 

fol. R.itifbonx, 1777. 

Annaies, ut videtur, Alcuini, A. 782-797. [Pkrtz, 
Moniiiiiinlii Girmiinif /.lijloriai, vi. 2.] 

De pontilicibus et fanc'lis ecclefix- Eboracenfis pocma ; e,\ 
MSS. codd. Renienfi, et San«!li Tlieodorici ]irope Remos. 
[Thomas Gale, ll'ijlmi/t BiiUmmc,t,clc.,f<iiplures qiiiiulecim, 
p. 703-] 



Opufculum de coniparatione Veteris et Novi Teftamenti, 

a denario nuraeio ufque ad unum, deque myftico fingulonjm 

(igniticatu. Acceflerunt epiflolx fepteni ad Arnonem, Antif- 

titem Salzburgenfem. [Pez, Thefaunis anecdotorum novif- 

Jimus, 11. i. I.] 

Vita S. Richarii, abbatis Centulenfis primi. [Mabillon, 
A8a fanaorum O.S.B. ii. 176.] 

Vita Sandi Willibroidi, epifcopi Trajeftenfis ad Rhenum. 
fcripta duobus libris. [Ibid. iii. i. 559-] 

* Vita B. Alcuini ... audtore anonyrao, ejus fere aquali. 
[Ibid. IV. i. 138.] 

De Carolo Magno Rege, et Leonis Papx ad eundera ad- 
ventu, poema ; quod videtur effe majoris opens fragmentum, 
et forfitan ipfius Caroli M. vitK, quam ab Alcuino fcriptam 
nonnulli vetC'iTim adnotarunt. [Duchesne, Hifiorite Fran- 
corum fcriptores, ii. 188.] 

— [Canisius, Lediones anilqurc, 11. i. 474.] 
Epiflols hiftoricae. [Duchesne, Hi/Ioriti Francorum fcrip- 
tores, ii. 668.] 

Epitaphia Fulardi et Maginarii, abbatum S. Dionyfii, ac 
alii veifus hiftorici. [Ibid. ii. 690.] 

Epiftola ad Karolum Magnum, de pretio redemptionis 
humancE. [Baluze, Mifcellanea, i. 365.] 

Capitulare admonitionis ad eundeni Karolum. [Ibid. i. 


Epiftola ad abbates et monachos Gothias, in caufa Felicis, 

epifcopi Urgellenfis, [Ibid. i. 377-] 

Sermo, in hypapanti diftus, coram Karolo Magno. [Ibid, 
i. 382.] 

Epiflola ad Karolum M. quum ad eum mitteret libros vii. 
adverfus Felicem, Urgellenfem. [Ibid. iv. 413-] 

Prasfatio in libros vii. adverfus Felicem. [Ibid. iv. 416.] 

Carmen. [Ibid. iv. 550.] 

Epiftolas novoB xxvi. [Mabillon, Vetera analeSa, p. 398.] 

Verfus de Aquila, epifcopo Saltzburgenfi. [Ibid. p. 3 49.] 

Verfus de cuculo. [Ibid. p. 4O9.] 

Alii verfus de gallo. [Ibid. p. 409.] 

Epiftolas. [Canisius, Lediones antiqua, 11. i. 379.] 

Epiftola ad Eanbaldum, archiepifcopum. [Ibid. 11. i. 

Epiftola de confeffione peccatorum facienda. [Ibid. 11. 

i- 453-] . 

Homilia in natalem S. Willibrordi, archiepifcopi. Ejuf- 
dem Alcuini Liber de vita et rebus geftis S. Willibrordi, 
carmine confcriptus ; et elegia in S. Wilgifum, parentem S. 
Willibrordi. [Ibid. 11. i. 457.] 

Epiftola de illo Canticomm loco : Sexaginta funt reginas 
et odloginta concubinas. — Epiftola ejufdem, ut videtui', Al- 
cuini de cxremoniis baptifmi. [Ibid. 11. i. 539.] 

Dialeflica, dialogo confcripta. [Ibid. 11. i. 488.] 

Grammatica. [Ibid. 11. i. 509.] 

— [PuTSCHius, Grammatica Latitue auSores antiqui, p. 

De barbarifmo. [Arom atari, Degli autori del ben parlare, 
'd'c, ii. 1 5.] 

Dialogus de rhetorica. [Ibid. iv. 2.] 

Carmina. [Bouquet, Recueil des hi/loriens des Gaules et 
de la France, v. 410.] 

Epiftolte XXV. [Ibid. v. 604.] 

Epiftolas III. [d'AcHERius, Spicilegium, vi. 391.] 

In expofitionem feptem Pfalmorum pcenitentialium, Pfalmi 
cxviii. et Pfalmomm xv. gradualium, praflilio. [Ibid. ix. 

* The life of Alcuin ... 1838. [By F. Lorenz.] 

ALCYONIUS (Petrus). 

B. at Venice between 1490 and 1 500. Profeffbr of Greek 
at Florence. D. at Rome about 1527. 

Medices legatus, five de exilio libri duo : acceflere Jo. 
Pierius Valerianus et Cornelius ToUius De infelicitate littera- 
torum ; ut & Jofephus Barberius De miferia poetamm Grx- 
comm, cum prasfatione Jo. Burchardi Menckenii. 

12° Lipfise, 1 707. 

— [Cardanus, De fapientia, Ifjc^ 

ALDANA (CosiMo). 

A native of Spain, who pafied the greater part of his life in 
Florence, in the fervice of Francefco de Medici, Grand Duke of 

Difcorfo contro il volgo, in cui con buone ragioni fi repro- 
vano molte fue falfe opinioni. 8" Fiorenza, 1578. 



* Vita S. Aldegundis, abbatiffias Melbodienfis primse, auc- 
tore anonymo aequali. [Mabillon, Ada fanaorum O.S.B. ii. 



* Vita, auftore Petro, diacono et monacho Cafinenfi. 
[Mabillon, ASa fandorum O.S.B. vi. ii. 625.] 

ALDER (Elisabeth). 

* An account of the holy life, and joyful death of one Eli- 
fabeth Alder, daughter to a holy and reverend minifter in Kent. 

8 ° n. p. 1 7 1 9. 

ALDER (Robert). 

A fermon, on the death of the late Rev. Richard Watfon, 
delivered in Ebenezer chapel, King Street, Briftol, on Sun- 
day, Jan. 20, 1833. [Nei. xiii. 8.] 8° Briftol, 1833. 

ALDERETE (Bernardo Jose de). 

B. at Malaga about the middle of the i6th century. 
Del origen y principio de la lengua Caftellana 6 Romace, 
que oi fe ufa en Efpana. 4° Roma, 1 606. 

— Another edition. fol. Madrid, 1674. 

— Another edition. fol. Madiid, [1682.] 
Varias antiguedades de Efpana, Afiica y otras provincias. 

4 ' Amberes, 1 6 1 4. 

— Another edition. 4° BrufFelas, 1724. 

ALDERISIUS (Albertus). 

."^n Italian lawyer. B. at Morcone in the kingdom of Naples ; 
lived in the I'econd half of the 17th century. 

Traftatus de fymbolicis contraftibus ... Cura et ftudio 
Philippi Andrex Oldenburgi . . . cujus praefatio ad leftorem 
acceffit, in qua etiam de reformatione Coi-poris juris agitur. 

fol. Genevs, 1678. 




Aldei fhotuna : or, chinks in my hut ; and touch-and-go 
fketches from court to camp. 12= Lond. 1856. 

— Second edition. 12° Lond. 1859. 

ALDERSON (Sir Edward Hall). 

B. at Great Yarmouth, 1787. Educated at the Univerfity 
of Cambridge, where he greatly diftinguilhed himfclf, gaining, 
in 1809, the triple honour of being Senior Wrangler, Senior 
Medallift, and Firft Smith's Prizeman. Called to the Bar, 181 1. 
Appointed to a judgefliip in the Court of Common Pleas, 1830, 
but transferred to the Court of Exchequer, 1834. D. 27 Jan. 

Chefter winter affizes, 1848. The charge to the Grand 
Jury, delivered . . . December 6th, 1848, at the County Hall, 
Chefter Caftle, together with the fentences of the prifoners 
charged with confpiracy. 8° Chefter, [1848.] 

On the refoiTn of youthful criminals by means of reforma- 
tor)' fchools, under 1 7 and 1 8 Vift. c. 86, being part of the 
charge ... to the Grand Jury of Yorkihire, at the winter aflize, 
1854. 8° Lond. 1855. 

Seleiflions from the charges and other detached papers of 
Baron Aldei-fon : ' with an introduftoiy notice of his life, by 
Charles Aldcrfon, M.A. 8° Lond. 1858. 

Reports of cafes argued and determined in the Court of 
King's Bench, 1818-22, by R. V. Barnewall and E. H. 

ALDERSON (James), M.D. 

A brief outline of the hiftory and progrefs of cholera at 
Hull ; with fome remarks on the pathology and treatment of 
the difcafe. 8° Lond. 1832. 

Pradlical obfervations on fome of the difeafes of the ftom- 
ach and alimenfciry canal. 8" Lond. 1847. 

On the pathology and treatment of acute rheumatifm ; 
being the Lumleian lefturcs, delivered before the Royal Col- 
lege of Phyficians, in 1853. 8° Lond. 1853. 

ALDERSON (John), M.D. 

B. at Loweftoft, 1758. Pradtifed as a phylicianat Hull, where 
he died, 16 Sep. 1829. 

On the improvement of poor foils : read in the Holder- 
nefs Agricultural Society, in anfwer to the following queftion, 
" What is the beft method of cultivating and improving poor 
foils, where lime and manure cannot be had •"' With an ap- 
pendix and notes. Second edition. 8^ Lond. 1807. 

An effjiy on apparitions, in which their appearance is ac- 
counted for by caufes wliolly independent of ]>reternatural 
agency. New edition. 8° Lond. 1823. 


Reitor of Hcvingham, and of Uxwiclc, Norfolk. 
The pre-exiftence of our Lord and Saviour Jefus Chiift, 
as declared in the Scriptures of the Old and New Teftament. 
With occafional references to the opinions of both Jews and 
heathens upon this fubjedl. 8° Lond. 1832. 


The firft biftop of Sherborne. I). 25 M.iy, 709. 
Opera, quoe extant omnia, c codicibus MSS. emendavit, 
nonnulla nunc primum edidit J. A. Giles, LL.D. ... 

8° Oxonii, 1844. 

0])era. [Max. Bibliotheca veterum Patrum, xiii. I.] 
Liber de virginitate. [Beda, Opera qutdam tbeologtca, i^c. 


Libri duo, carmine defcripti ; primus, de laude virginum ; 

alter, de oiflo principalibus vitiis. [Canisius, LeQ'wnes anli- 

qU(t, i. 709.] 

* Vita, a WiLLELMO Malmeft)urienfi monacho fcripta. 

[Mabillon, ABafanaorum O.S.B. iv. i. 683.] 

ALDINI (John). 

Account of the late improvements in galvanifm, with a 
feries of curious and ititeiefting experiments performed before 
the commiflioners of the French National Inftitute, and re- 
peated lately in the anatomical theatres of London. To which 
is added an appendix, containing the author's experiments on 
the body of a malefactor executed at Newgate, &c. &c. 

4= Lond. 1803. 

General views on the application of galvanifm to medical 
purpofes ; principally in cafes of fufpended animation. 

8° Lond. 1 8 1 9. 

ALDINUS (Tobias). 

Botanift to the Pope, and phyfician to Cardinal Odoardo Far- 
nefe; lived about the beginning of the 17th century. Accord- 
ing to Mazzuchelli (Scritt. d' Italia, i. 387), the real author of 
the following work was Pietro Caftelli. 

Exaftiffima defcriptio rariomm quarundam plantarum, qusc 
continentur Romas in hoito Farnefiano. 

fol. Romae, 162 5. 

ALDIS (Charles .Tames Berridge), M.A., M.D. 

An introdudlion to hofpital practice, in various complaints : 
being a clinical report of fever, gout, rheumatifm, cholera, 
jaundice, cryfipclas, infanity, &c., and difeafes of the cheft and 
heart. With remarks on their treatment and pathology. 

8° Lond. 1835. 

Minutes of evidence given by C. J. B. Aldis ... Extraifled 
from the Firft report of the CommilFioners for inquiring into 
the ftate of large towns and poi)uIous diftriifls, on the caufes 
of difeafe, and means of prevention. 12° Lond. 1844. 

The power of individuals to prevent melancholy in them- 
felves : a ledure delivered at the Literaiy and Scientific In- 
ftitution, Pimlico, May 4th, i860. 12° Lond. i860. 

ALDLS (.Tohn). 

Minifter of the Baptill chapel, Mazepond, Southwark. 

Six le(5lures on the importance and prai^licability of Chrif- 
tian union ; chiefly in relation to tlie movements of the Evan- 
gelical Alliance. 12° Lond. 1846. 

The excellent glory ; or, the internal evidences of Chril- 
tianity illuftiated. 12' Lond. 1849. 


A new arrangement of the Church catecliifm, in fragmen- 
tary ])ortions, witli Scri]nurc proofs tlirouglioui. 

8'' Lond. i860. 

B. .It Florence about 1 510. Filled fcveral important legal 
offices at Rome. 0. there .ibout the end of 1 5S6 or beginning 
of 1587. 

De interpretationc CI. J<ft. Ludovici Cati ad !. 1. C. de 



Edendo ; adverfus Marium Arcadem Narnienfem. [Otto, 
Thefuurus juris Romani, v. 71.] 

ALDRICH (Charles), D.D. 

A fermon preach'd befoi e the Hon. Houfe of Commons, 
at St. Maigaret's, Wellminfter, on Thuifday, April the 2 5th, 
1723, being the day appointed by His Majefty for a publick 
thankfgiving to Almighty God, for preferving His Majefty 
and his fubjeds from that dreadful plague with which the 
kingdom of France was lately vifited ; and for putting an end 
to the fame. [Exod. xxxiii. 19.] 8° Lond. 1723. 

ALDRICH (Henry), D.D. 

B. at Weftminfter, 1647. Educated at Weftminfter-fchool, 
and at Chrill-church, Oxford, of which he was made dean at 
the Revolution. D. at Oxford, 14 Dec. 1710. 

A reply to two difcourfes [iy ^br. lVoodhead~^ lately 
printed at Oxford, concerning the adoration of our blefled 
Savior, in the holy eucharift. ^AnonJ^ 

4° Oxfoid, 1687. 

Artis logicae ludimenta, from the text of Aldrich, with 
notes and marginal references, by the Rev. H. L. Manfel, 
M.A. 8° Oxford, 1849. 

— vSecond edition. 8° Oxford, 1852. 

— Third edition. ?>" Oxford, 1856. 

ALDRICH (John Cobbold), M.A. 

Incumbent of St. Lawrence church, Ipfwich. 

" Church decoration not Popery, but piety : " a fermon, 
preached at St. Lawrence church, Ipfwich, on Sunday, the 
27 of Auguft, I 843, on the re-opening of the church, with 
an appendix on the choral fervice and the offertory, &c. 
[l 77m. vi. 17, 18, 19.] 8" Ipfwich, 1843. 

Church rates and the parochial fyftem : a pamphlet, dedi- 
cated to his Grace tlie Duke of Marlborough. With ap- 
pendix. 8^ Lond. 1859. 


B. 775. Archbifliop of Sens, 828. D. 10 Oft. 836. 

* Vita Sanfli Aidrici ... audtore anonymo. [Mabillon, 
ASa fanSorum O.S.B. iv. i. 537.] 


* Gefta Domini Aidrici, epifcopl Cenomanenfis, a dif- 
cipulis ejus fcripta. [Baluze, Mijcellanea, iii. i.] 

ALDRIDGE (John), M.D. 

Ledlures on the urine, and on the pathology, diagnofis, 
and treatment of urinary difeafes. 8° Dublin, 1846. 

A fiift trip to the German fpas and to Vichy : with an 
eflliy on the nature and ufes of natural fpas, and a tabular 
view of the compofition of feveral natural waters. 

8° Dublin, 1856. 

ALDRIDGE (Robert). 

A fermon, addrefled to tliofe who are feeking troth amidft 
conflifting claims, preached at Lewes, on the 13 th Sunday 
after Trinity, 1850. \Eph. iv. 4, 5, 6.] 

8° Brighton, 1850. 

ALDRIDGE (Thom.w). 

The prevalency of prayer, fet foi th in a ruftic but faithful 

narrative of the deplorable cafe of the childien of John Bald- 
win of Sarret, in the county of Hertford ; with the manner 
of their recovery : and a brief account of fome other re- 
markable inftances added in an appendix. \AiwnA 

8° Lond. 17 17. 
ALDRIDGE (William). 

Of the Bank of England. 

Natural Ihorthand ...[1769?] By William Holdsworth 
and William Aldiidge. 


An Italian naturalilt, b, at Bologna, 11 Sep. 1522. D. there, 
10 Nov. 1607. 

Delle ftatue antiche, che per tutta Roma, in diuerfi luoghi, 
& cafe fi ueggono. [Mauro, Le aiit'tchita ddla citta di Roma. 
Venet. 1558 and 1562, p. I15.] 

Ornithologis, hoc eft de avibus hiftorioe, libri [xx] ... 3 
tom. fol. Bononias, i 599-1637. 

Ulyffis Aldrovandi ... De reliquis animalibus exanguibus 
libri quatuor, port mortem cius editi : nempe de mollibus, cruf- 
taceis, teftaceis, et zoophytis ... fol. Bononias, 1606. 

De quadrupedibus digitatis viviparis libri tres, et de quadro- 
pedibus digitatis oviparis libri duo. Bartholomaus Ambro- 
finus ... collegit ... fol. Bonouije, 1637. 

De pifcibus hbri v. et de cetis lib. unus. loannes Cornelius 
Uterverius ... collegit. Marc. Antonius Bernia in lucem 
reftituit ... fol. Bononias, 1637. 

De animalibus infeftis libri feptem, cum fingulorara iconi- 
bus, ad viuum expreffis ... fol. Bononiae, 1638. 

De quadrupedibus folidipedibus volumen integrum, loannes 
Cornelius UteiTerius . . . collegit, et recenfuit ; Marcus An- 
tonius Bernia in lucem reftituit ... fol. Bononias, 1639. 

Seq^entum et draconum hiftorix libri duo. Bartholomasus 
Ambrofinus ... opus concinnauit ... fol. Bononix, 164O. 

Quadropedum omnium bifulcomm hiftoria. loannes Cor- 
nelius Uterverius, Belga, coUigere incapit ; Tiiomas Demp- 
ftems, Baro a Mureflv, Scotus I.C. perfecte abfoluit ; Marcus 
Antonius Bernia denuo in lucem edidit ... 

fol. Bononias, 1642. 

Monftronjm hiftoria cum paralipomenis hiftorias omnium 
animalium. Bartholomaus Ambrofinus . . . uolumen compo- 
fuit. Marcus Antonius Bernia in lucem edidit . . . 

fol. Bononise, 1642. 

Mufaeum metallicum in libros iiii. diftributum Baitholo- 
masus Ambrofinus ... compofuit ... Marcus Antonius Bernia 
propriis impenfis in lucem edidit ... 

fol. [Bononiae, 1648.] 

Dendrologis naturalis, fcillcet arborum hiftorii, libri duo 
... Ovidius Montalbanus ... collegit, digeffit, concinnavit ... 

fol. Bononix, 1668. 

ALDUS. See Aldus Manutius. 

Reftor of Youghal. 

The eftatica of Youghal, compared with the wonders of 
the Tyrol : in a letter to the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Shrewf- 
buiy. 12° Lond. 1843. 



ALEALMUS (Ludovicus). 

A jurift and poet. B. at Verneuil, near Paris, about 1520 
Pradtiied as a lawyer in Paris, with great reputation, and after- 
wards officiated as a judge at Orleans tor twenty years. D. 1591. 

Poemata. [Gkvter, Delitia poetarum Gallorum,\. i.] 
ALEANDER (Hieronymus). 

B. at Motta, 13 Feb. 1480. Raifed to the cardinalate by 
Leo X., by whom he was lent as nuncio to Germany, 1519, in 
which capacity he took part in the proceedings of the Diet of 
Worms. D. 1 Feb. 1542. 

Tabulae utiliflimae \of Greet grammar. Ehmentale inlro- 
duBor'tum in nom'mum et verborum decUnaliones GRitCAS. 


Poemata. [Gruter, Del'a'm poetarum Italorum,\. 56.] 

— \Carmma iUiiJlr'ium poetarum Italorum, i. 10 1.] 

ALEANDER (Hieronymus), Junior. 

B. at Motta, 29 July, 1574. D. at Rome, 9 March, 1629. 

Antiqua: tabulx marmores Solis effigie, fynibolifquc ex- 
culptx, accurataexplicatio, qua prifcoc quidam mythologix, ac 
nonnulla praeterea vetera monumenta marmorum, gemniamm, 
nomifmatum illuftrantur ... Acceflit, non abfimilis argumcnti, 
expofitio figillorum zonce, veteinim ftatuam marmoreani cin- 
gentis. 4° RoniK, 1 6 1 6. 

— [Grjevius, Thefaurus antiqu'itatum Romaiiarum, v. 

Rcfutatio conjefturcE anonymi fciiptoris \yac. Gothofred'i\ 
de fuburbicariis rcgionibus et dicecefi Epifcopi Romani. 
4" Lutetias Parifiorum, 1619. 

ALEARDUS (Franciscus). 

B. ac Verona about the beginning of the 15th century. 

Oratio in laudem Francifci Sfoi tix, Vicecomitis, habita 
Veronx, anno 1449 ... [Muratori, /ffram Italicarum fcrip- 
tores, XXV. 371.] 


Thoughts on the great circumfpedlion necertary in licenf- 
ing public ale-houfes. By a juftice of the peace. 

8° Lond. 1776. 

ALEMAMUS. See Ibrahim Alzengiani. 

ALEMAN (Mateo). 

B. at Seville about the middle of the 1 6th century. PalTcd 
many years in the fervice of Philip II. The date of his death 
is unknown. 

S. Antonio de Padua. 4^ Lifboa, 1605, 

Ortografia Cartellana. 4» Mexico, 1609. 

Primcra y fegunda parte de Guzman de Alfarache. 

4" Burgos, I (1 1 9. 

— Another edition. 4" Madrid, 1641. 
Leven van Gufman d'Alfiirache t' Afbeelfcl van't Mcnf- 

chclijck Leven : onder de gedaente van een Spacnfchen 
Gaudief ... 2 dccl. 12° Haerlem, n. d. 

The life of Guzman d' Alfarache ; or, the Spanilli rogue. 
To which is added, the celebrated tragi-comedy, Celedina. 
In two volumes. Written in Spanifli by Mateo Aleman. 

Done into Englifli from the new French verfion, and com- 
par'd with the original. By feveral hands ... 

8° Lond. 1708. 
ALEMAND (Louis Augustin). 

B. at Grenoble, 1653. Studied medicine, and took the degree 
of M.D. Lived some time in Paris, but returned to Grenoble, 
where he died, 1728. 

Hiftoire monaftique d'Irlande . . . 
ALEMANNUS (Nicolaus). 

12" Paris, 1690. 

B. at Ancona, 12 Jan. 1583. Educated at Rome, where he 
taught rhetoric and the Greek language. Secretary to Cardinal 
Borghefe, and fubfequently librarian of the Vatican. D. at 
Rome, 24 July, 1626. 

De Lateranenfibus parietinis . . . diflertatio hiftorica, figuris 
xneis illuftrata ; ubi de aedificio, ejufque loco, de Mufivi em- 
bleraate, atque ejus hiftoria difleritur, & infcripti imaginibus 
tituli expenduntur. [Grsvius, Thefaurus anliquitatum et 
h'ljlur'iarum llal'iit, viii. pt. iv.] 

ALEMBERT (Jean le Rond d'). 

B. at Paris, 16 Nov. 1717. D. 29 Oft. 1783. 
CEuvres philofophiques, hiftoriques et litteraires. 1 8 torn. 

8° Paris, 1 805-9. 
Traite de dynamique, dans lequel Ics loix de I'equilibre 
et du mouvement dcs coqxs font reduitcs au jjIus petit nombre 
poflible, et demontrees d'une manieie nouvelle, et oil I'on 
donne un principe general pour trouver le mouvement de 
plufieurs coi-ps qui agiflent les uns fur les autres d'une maniere 
quelconquc ... Nouvelle edition, revue et fort augmentec 
par I'auteur. 4° Paris, 1758. 

Traite de I'equilibre et du mouvement des fluides : pour 
feri'ir de fuite au Traite de dynamique. 4° Paris, 1744. 

Reflexions fur la caufe generale des vents. Pi^ce qui a 
remporte le prix propofe par I'Academie Royale des Sciences 
de Berlin, pour I'annee 1746. 4° Paris, 1747. 

Recherches fur la preceflion des equinoxes et fur la nuta- 
tion de I'axe de la terre, dans le fyllemc Newtonien. 

4° Paris, I 7 49. 
Eflai d'une nouvelle theorie de la refiflancc des fluides. 

4° Paris, 1752. 
Recherches fur differens points importans du fyfteme du 
monde. 3 parties. 4=' Paris, 1754-6. 

Opufcules mathcmatiques, ou memoires fur diflxirens fujets 
de geometrie, de mechanique, d'optique, d'allronomie, etc. 
8 tom. 4° Paris, 1761-80. 

IClemens de mufique, theorique et pratique, fuivant les prin- 
cipes de M. Rameau, eclaircis, devcloi)])es et fimplifies. Nou- 
velle edition. 8° Lyon, 1762. 

Hiltoire des membres de I'Academie Fran^oife morts 
depuis I700jufqu'en 1771 ; pour fervirde fuite au.\ I'^loges 
imprimes et lus dans les fcinces publiques de cette comjiagnie. 
6 tom. 12° Paris, 1787. 

Seleft eulogies of members of tlie French Ac.idemy, with 
notes by thelate M. d'AIembert. Tianflated from the French, 
widi a preface and additional notes, by J. Aikin, M.D. In 
two volumes. 8° Lond. I 799. 

lOloge de M. de Montcfquieu, avec une analyfe fur I'Ef- 
prit des loix. ^Pieers coneenuinl les ouvrages et Itl vie de 
Montesquieu, p. 1.] 


ALENUS (Andreas). 

Sacramm heroidum libri tres : in quibus, praster alia plu- 
lima, qu£E ad intelligendas Ueteiis et Novi Teftamenti hif- 
toiias, et pietatis incrementum confenmt, ftudiofse iuventuti 
utilia, fcituque digniffima continentur ... 

8° Lovanli, 1574. 

ALENUS (NicoLAus). 

Jupiter Pheretrius ; Bucolica. [Aratus, Phenomena. Paris, 

ALEOTTI (Giovanni Battista). 

B. at Argenta, near Ferrara, about the middle of the l6th 
century. Originally a mafon's apprentice, he railed himi'elf by 
his own talent and exertions to a diftinguiflied pofition as an 
architect and mathematician. D. 1636. 

Quatuor theoiemata adjunfta Spiritalibus Heionis ... ex 
Italico in Latinum converfa. [Mathematici Feteres. Paris, 

ALERS (Henricus). 

Orationes duas : una de viro nobili ; altera de notis incor- 
ruptJE reipub. habits in incluta Academia Ultrajedlina. 

fol. Ultrajefti, 1638. 
ALESIUS (Alexander). 

B. at Edinburgh, 25 April, 1500. Educated at St. Andrews, 
and obtained a canonry in the collegiate church there. Influ- 
enced by the arguments of Patrick Hamilton, he betrayed fuch 
a leaning to the doiftrines of the Reformation, as to draw upon 
himfelf an accufation of herefy, from the confequences of which 
he only efcaped by flying to Germany, 1530. Came to Eng- 
land 1535, where he was kindly received by Henry VIII. and 
Archbiiliop Cranmer. Returned to Germany, and about 1541 
was appointed profefTor of divinity at Leipzig. D. there, 17 
March, 1565-6. 
De aigumento Epiftoli ad Romanes difputatio prim;!, 
publice propofita in celebri Academia Lipfenfi, et in ordi- 
naria difputatione defenfa, praeGdente Alexandre Alefio . . . 

8° Lipfix, 1547. 

On the caufes of the defefts exifting in our army, and in 
our militaiy arrangements. 8° Lond. 1855. 

ALETHEUS (Theophilus). Pfcud. 0/ Ly- 

ALEXANDER, the Great. 

B. in the autumn of 356 B.C. Succeeded his father, Philip, 
as King of Macedonia, 336 B.C. D. at Babylon, in Mayor June, 
313 B.C. 

* Beginning : — Hienach volget die hiftori von den groflen 
Alexand' wie die Eufebius befchriben hat Zu den eiften 
doctor haitliebs von mitnchen vorred. 

End: — Hie endet fich die Hyftori Eufebij von den Grof- 
fen Kiinig Alexander ... Getmckt und volenndet durch 
Johanne Bamlerin der Keyfevliche flat Augfpurg... [l4]73. 

* Hilloria Alexadri magni regis raacedonie de prelijs. 

fol. Argentine, I 494. 

* Itinerarium Alexandri ad Conll:antium Auguftum, Con- 
ftantini M. filium : edente nunc pi'imum cum notis Angelo 
Maio. 8° Mediolani, 1S17. 

— Another edition. 8° Francof. ad Mcenum, 18 18. 

* The buik of the moft noble and vailzeand conquerour 
Alexander the Great. [For the Bannatyne Club.] 

4° Edinb. 183 I. 

* The alliterative romance of Alexandei-, from the unique 
manufci'ipt in the Alhmolean Mufeum. Edited [for the Rox- 
burgh Club] by the Reverend Jofeph Stevenfon, M.A. ... 

4° Lond. 1849. 

Anfelmo Badagio, b. of a noble family at Milan, in the early 
part of the nth century. Elefted Pope, 1061. D. at Rome, 

April, 1073. 

Epiftolx hiftoiica;. [Duchesne, Hijloriis Francorum fcrip- 
tores, iv. 200.] 

"■ Gefta Alexandri II. Papae, ex variis chronicis et aliis 
documentis adornata. [Bouquet, Recueil des hijloriens des 
Gaules et de la France, xiv. 526.] 

Epiftolas XXIV. [Ibid. xiv. 532.] 


Rolando di Ranuccio Bandinelli, b. about the beginning of 
the 1 2th century. After being profeflbr of theology in the Uni- 
verfity of Bologna, he was made a cardinal by Eugenius III., and 
chancellor of the Roman fee by Adrian IV. Succeeded Adrian 
in the Papal chair, 1159. D. Aug. 1181. 

* Gefta Alexandii III. Papas, ex chionico Foffas-novas 
feu Ceccano, et aliis documentis. [Bouquet, Recueil des 
hijloriens des Gaules et de la France, xv. 720.] 

Epiftolas ccccxix. [Ibid. xv. 744.] 
Epiftola ad Arthaudum, Priorem Alverias, de fchifmate 
illius temporis. ^Max. Bihliotheca veterum Patrum, xxiv. 

I 5 '9-] 

Epiltola; duae pro Guinardo, Comite Rufcinonenfi. 
[Baluze, Mifcellanea, ii. 227.] 

Epiftola ad Henricum, ArchiepifcopumRemenfem. [Ibid. 

Epiftola ad decanum et capitulum ecclefix Parifienfis, de 
refidentia Canonicoinam forinfecoiTini. [Ibid. ii. 233.] 
Epiftolae duse pro ecclefia Albienfi. [Ibid. iv. 466.] 
Epiftola ... ad Henricum II. regem, de Thoma Becket, 
Archiep. Cantuar. [Wharton, Anglia Sacra, i. 171.] 


Pletro Filargo, fa'id to have been a native of Candia, was 
elected Pope in June, 1409, by the cardinals alTembled in the 
Council of Pifa, after the depofition, by that Council, of the two 
rival popes, Gregory XII. and Benedift XII. D. 3 May, 1410. 

Epiftolas. [Duchesne, Hijlor'nt Francorum fcriptoreSy v. 



Rodrigo Lenzoli Borgia, b. about 1430, at Valencia, in Spain. 
Took orders at an early age, and was made a cardinal in 1456, 
by his uncle, Calixtus III. Succeeded Innocent VIII. as Pope, 
1492. D. Aug. 1503. 

" Cromwell's complaint of injuftice ; or, his difpute with 
Pope Alexander the Sixth for precedency in hell. [Narleian 
Miscellany, vii. 355.] 

* The lives of Pope Alexander VI. and his fon Csefar 
Borgia ... 1729. By Alexander Gordon. 


Fabio Chigi, b. at Siena about I 595. Obtained a cardinal's 
hat from Innocent X., whom he fucceeded as Pope, 1655. D. 
22 May, 1667. 

* II findicato di Alexandro VII. con il fuo viaggio nell' 
akro mondo. 1668. [By Gregorio Leti.] 



* A (hort account of the life and death of Pope Alex- 
ander the VII. ... 1667. [By Philip Ayres.] 


Pietro Ottoboni, b. at Venice, 1610. Raifed to the ponti- 
ficate on the death of Innocent XI , 1689. D. Feb. 1691. 

* Relation de I'etat prefent de la cour de Rome ; ou, Mc- 
moires di--s intiigucs da Conclave de I'annee 1689, pour 
I'elecftion du Pape Alexandre VIII. 12= n. p. 11. d. 

* The manner of the coronation of the prefent Pope . . . 
in a letter from a gentleman then refiding at Rome, to his 
friend at London. 1689. [Scott's edition of Somers' TnhCTi, 
xii. 104.] 

ALEXANDER, Aphrodisiensis. 

A native of Aphrodifus, in Caria, and a profefTor of the Arif- 
totelian philofophy, who flourished at the end of the 2d and be- 
ginning of the 3d century of the Chriftian era. 

E/j ra TcTTixa A^isrcirO.oui i/5ro/x»»j,aara. In Topica Arif- 
totelis commentarii. [Gr. o«/y.] fol. Venetiis, in sdibus 
Aldi et Andrea foceri, menfe Septembri, 15 13. 

In ofto libros Topicorum Ariftotelis explicatio. Incasteris 
quidem libris ufitatam intei-pretationem fecuti fumus, fed 
miJtis partibus, quam antea, emendatiorem : fcptimum uero 
M. Antonius Muretus nunc primtlm latin^ et eleganter inter- 
pretatus e(l:. [Lat. on/y.~^ fol. Venetiis, 1554. 

TTo/xvjj/ia £/; to. Miriu^oXoyma. Ilsg/ /j,i^iui. f Aris 
TOTELES, Joannes Grammaticus, in libros de generatione, i^c, 
Apud Aldum, 1527.] 

T'To,'ji,vri,'J,aTa iig to [A^itSTorO.oxii /Sz/SXion] fffo/ aiadrjdiug 
xai aisSriTou. [Aristoteles, Simplicii Commentaria. Apud 
Aldum, 1527.] 

Il8g( -^uyrii ^ilSXic/. O'jo- xai iv wioi ii//,a^/j,t\irjs. [Themis- 
Tius, Opera. Apud Aldum, 1534-] 

Commentaria in duodecim Ariftotelis libros de ]mma 
philofophia, interprete loane Gcnefio Sepulueda, Cordubenfi 
... Quibus accefleriit, primilm index alphubeticus ... deinde 
ad margine paflim fcholia breuiflima. fol. Parifiis, I 536. 

n^olS'Ari/jjarm iSi^Aia duo. [T Hf.o?HKASTUS, De /^ijloria 
plantarum. Apud Aldum, 1497.] 

Problematum libri duo. [Aristoteles, Problemalum fec- 
tiones duiedequadraginta. Bafil. 1537-] 

— [Ibid. Parifiis, 1624.] 

ITsos Toi/s a.xjrox.ooi.TO^ai rsiii ei/ia^/Mivrig xai rou if)' Ji/-"'- 
Ad imperatores de fato et de eo quod noftra; ])Oteftatis eft. 
Cui acceffit, A/j-/j,u»iou tou E»/i£/oii sig to tou A^igroTO.oug tej/ 
i^/iriviiug T/iri/ia diuri^ot uTo.anjj/xa. Ammonii Hcrmise in 
libri Ariftotelis de interpretatione fedionem fecundam com- 
mentarius. Cum latina utriufque verfione. 

8° Lond. 1658. 

ALEXANDER, Celesinus, or Telesinus. 

A hiftorian of Sicily, abbot of the monaftery of St. Saviour, 
at Ceglio. Flourished about 1 1 60. 

Rogerii, regis Sicilix, rerum gcftarum libri quatuor. [Gr*- 
vius, 'rbcfaurus antirjuilatum et btQorianim Sicilia, torn, v.] 

— [CuRiTA, Indices rtriim ah Aragonitc regibus gejlarum, 

— [ScHOTTUS, Hifpania iUuJlrata, iii. 344.] 

— [Carusius, Bibliothcca bylorica regni Sicdit, i. 255.J 

— [Muratori, Rerum Italicarum fcriptorei, v. 607.] 

VOL. I. 

De rebus a Caroio VIII., Galliae rcge, in Italia geftis, 
libri duo. [Eccardus, Corpus hifloricum medii avi, ii. 1 5 7 7'] 

ALEXANDER, Lycopolita. 

Lived probably about the middle of the 4th ccntuiy. He feems 
to have been biihop of Lycopolis, in Upper Egypt. 

Tradlatus contra ManichjEOS. \Gr. and Lat. Combefis, 
Bibliothecit Gracorum Palrum auilarium, ii. 9.] 

— [Lat. Max. Bibliotheca iJi^/iTum PATRUM.xxvii. 459.] 


[An addrefs to the Town-Council on the meannefs of the 
ceremony ufed in laying the foundation ftone of Nelfon's 
monument. Edinb. I Ith Nov. I 807.] 

4° no title page. 

ALEXANDER, Sophista. 

De figuris fententiarum ; Natale de Comitibus, Veneto, 
interprete. [Arom atari, Degli autori del ben parlare, i^c., 
ii. 309.] 

ALEXANDER, Trallianus. 

B. at Tralles, a city in Lydia, from which he derives his name. 
He appears to have flouriihed in the 6th century. 

KXi^av&^ou TgaXXjamu largou jBi^Xioi. duoKaidsxa. Pa^r, 
Xoyog Ts^i Aoi/juixrjg arro Tr,g ^u^oiv 0/a?.£xroii i^iXXrineOii;. 
Alexandri Tralliani, Medici, lib. xii. Rhazx de peftilentia 
libellus, ex Syrorum lingua in Graecam tranflatus. Jacobi 
Goupyli in eofdem caftigationes. [Greet text.] 

fol. Lutctiae, i 548. 

Alc.xandri Tralliani, Medici, libii duodecim, Grsci et 
Latini, multo quam antea auftiores et integriores : Joanne 
Guinterio, Andernaco, interprete et emendatore. Adjeiflae 
funt per eundem variae cxemplarium leftionis obfervationes, 
cum Jacobi Goujiyli caftigationibus. 8° Bafilcjc, 1556. 

De arte midica libri duodecim, loanne Guinterio, Ander- 
naco, inteqjrete. [MiiD\cx. artis priricipes, i. I 29.] 


A Minorite of Dole, in Bretagnc, who lived at the beginning 
of the I 3th century. 

Doftrinale Magiftri alexadri de villa dei cii egregia glofi- 
uncula magiftri focandi admodumque infigni huiufce Tterpre- 
tatione. Et etia annouitionibus adiunilis. 

4° Parifiis, 1511. 


Merchant in Edinburgh. 
Cafe of the late ele(5tion for the boroughs of Anftruther 
Eafter, Anftruther Wefter, Kilrenny,Craill and Pittenweem. 

fol. [Edinb. 1766.] 

ALEXANDER (Alexander). 

The life of Alexander Alexander, written by himfelf, and 
edited by John Howrll. 1830. 

ALEXANDER (Alexander). 

Optician, Exeter. 
A treatife on the nature of vifion, fornialion of the eye, 
and the caufcs of im])erfe<a vifion, with rules for the appli- 
cation of aitificial affiftance ... 8° Lond. 1835. 




ALEXANDER (Alexander Humphrys, or). St-e 
Alexander Humphrys. 

ALEXANDER (Andrew), A.M. 

Profeffor of Greek in the Univeifity of St. Andrews. D. 5 
June, 1859. 

Elements of Greek grammar. 8° Edinb. 1828. 

Church and State ; or, the civil eftablifliment of the Gof- 
pel vindicated, and the duty of fupporting it inculcated. 

8 Edinb. 1837. 

ALEXANDER (Archibald), D.D. 

B. in Rockbridge county, Virginia, 1772. Prefident of Hamp- 
den Sydney College, 1796.' Paftorofthe 3d Prelbyterian church, 
Philadelphia, 1807. ProfeiTor of theology at Princeton, New 
Jerfey, 1812, which office he retained till his death, 1851. 

The canon of the Old and New Teflaments afcertained ; 

or, the Bible complete without the Apocrypha and unwritten 

traditions. «° Edinb. 1855. 


An earneft appeal to the faithful of the Church of Eng- 
land. 12° Lend. 1857. 

ALEXANDER (Cecil Frances). 
The legend of tlic golden prayers ; and other poems. 

8° Lond. 1859. 

ALEXANDER (Daniel Tnangam). 

A call to the Jews, by Daniel Tnangam Alexander, an 
eminent Je\y, who embrac'd the ChrifHan faith, and was lately 
baptiz'd : fetting foith, in what furprifing manner he was con- 
verted to Chriftianity ; with his quotations from the Old and 
New Teftament to prove it ... 8° Lond. n. d. 

ALEXANDER (Disney), M.D. 
A lefture on phrenology, as illuftrative of the moral and 
intelleftual capacities of man. 8 Lond. 1826. 

ALEXANDER (Edward). 

Amember of the Society of Friends. B. at Limerick, 5 April, 
1788. D. there, 9 Oa. 1836. 

* A memoii- of Edward Alexander, with a teftimony from 
the monthly meeting of Limerick, and extrafts from his diary. 

I 2° Lond. 1 849. 

ALEXANDER (George William). 

Letters on the flave-trade, flavery, and emancipation, with 
a reply to obje<ftions made to the liberation of the flaves in 
the Spanifh colonies : addrefled to friends on the continent 
of Europe, during a vifit to Spain and Portugal. 

8° Lond. 1842. 


Eaft Suffolk Agricultural Aflbciation prize effay. The 
foils of Eart Suffolk, confidered geologically. For which 
the premium offered by W. Long, Efq., was awarded, the 
I 2th of September, 1840. 8° Woodbridge, [1840.] 


A letter to Sir R. A. Fergufon, Bait., M.P., on the 

relative rights of landlord and tenant, propofing an adjuftment 
of their interefts, on the bafis of certain principles already 
recognifed in India, and held to be applicable to the piefent 
condition of Ireland. By an Iriffi landholder, and member 
of the Bengal civil fervice. 8° Lond. 1848. 


The nature, fubjeft s and defign of believers' baptifm : with 
a few remarks on communion. 8° Lond. 1852. 


Wine merchant, Edinburgh. 
Suggeftions for a fimple fyftem of decimal notation and 
currency, after the Portuguefe model. 8° Edinb. 1854. 

ALEXANDER (James), M.D. 

Rheumatifm : its nature, caufes, and cure. Gout : its na- 
ture, caufes, cure, and prevention. 8° Lond. 1858. 

ALEXANDER (Sir James Edward). 

Travels from India to England ; comprehending a vifit to 
the Burman Empire, and journey through Perfia, Alia Minor, 
European Turkey, Sec. ; in the years 1825—6 ... 

4° Lond. 1827. 

Travels to the feat of war in the Eaft, through Ruffia 
and the Crimea, in 1 8 2 9 : with flietches of the imperial fleet 
and arniy, perfonal adventures, and charadteriftic anecdotes. 
2 vols. 8^ Lond. 1830. 

Tranfatlantic fl<etches : comprifing vifits to the moft in- 
terefting fcenes in North and South America, and the Weft 
Indies ; with notes on negro flaveiy and Cansdiim emigra- 
tion. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1833. 

Narrative of a voyage of obfervation among the colonies 
of Weftern Africa, in the flag-fhip Thalia ; and of a cam- 
paign in Kaffir-land, on the Itaff of the commander-in-chief, 
in 1835 ... Illuftrated with maps and plates by Major 
Michell, K.H. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1837. 

An expedition of difcoveiy into the interior of Africa, 
through the hitherto undefcribed countries of the great Na- 
maquas, Bofchmans, and Hill Damaras ... 2 vols. 

12° Lond. 1838. 

Life of Field- Mai Ihal, His Grace the Duke of Welling- 
ton. Embracing his civil, military, and political career to 
the prefent time. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1840. 

L'Acadie ; or, feven years' explorations in Britifh Ame- 
rica. 2 vols. 12° Lond. 1849. 

Temperance in the camp : a lefture delivered on the 
heights of Sebaftopol, Chriftmas, 1855. 

12° Lond. 1856. 

Paffages in the life of a foldier ; or, militaiy fervice in 
the Eaft and Weft. In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1857. 

Salmon-fiftiing in Canada, by a reCdent. Edited by 
Colonel Sir James Edward Alexander. 8° Lond. 1 860. 

ALEXANDER (James Waddell), D.D. 

A Prelbyterian clergyman in New York. B. 13 March, 1S04. 
D. 31 July, 1859. 

Thoughts on family worfhip. [H. A. Boardman, The 
Bible in tie fami/y. 1853.] 

— Another edidon. [Ibid. 1858.] 



Good, better, beft ; or, the three ways of making a happy 
world. With introdudory notice by Rev. R. S. CandHih, 
D.D. 8= Lond. 1856. 


Preacher of the Gofpel. 

Jefuitico-Quakeiifm examined ; or a confutation of the 
blafphemous and unreafonable principles of the Quakers ... 

40 Lond. 1680. 

A vindication from calumnie ; or, a calumniat huftand 
vindicat. S. sh. n. p. [1707.] 


Minifter of Prince's Street chapel, Norwich. 

A letter addrefied to a member of Parliament, on the edu- 
cational claafes in Sir James Graham's altered Factory Bill. 
By John Alexander, William Brock, and Andrew Reed. 

12° Lond. 1843. 
The Chriftian ferving his own generation : a fermon occa- 
fioned by the lamented death of Jofeph John Gurney, Efq., 
and preached in Prince's Street chapel, Nonvich, on Sunday 
evening, Jan. 17th, 1847. [y^tV^ xiii. 36.] 

8° Norwich, 1847. 
Brief memoir of Jofeph John Gurney, Efq. 

8° Norwich, 1847. 
Thirty years' hiftory of the church and congregation in 
Prince's Street chapel, Norwich. 8° Norwich, 1847. 
Memoirs of the Rev. William Alexander, by his fon . . , 

8" Norwich, 1856. 


Incumbent of St. Columba's Epifcopal chapel, Edinburgh. 

The Church againft the world : fermon preached at the 
confecration of the church of St. Mary, Dunblane, on 28th 
May, 1845. [Rom. xii. I, 2.] 8° Edinb. 1845. 

Diocefe of Edinburgh. The Church in danger, in con- 
fequence of the recent uncanonical introdu<ftion of the Scot- 
ti(h Communion Office, and of other innovations, into St. 
Paul's chapel, Carnabber's Clofe, Edinburgh ; as developed 
in the following corrcfpondence between the Rev. John 
Alexander, a member of his congregation, and the Right 
Rev. the Bilhop of Edinbuigh. With an ajjpendix . . . 

8° Lond. 1845. 

Letter to the Rt. Rev. William Skinner, D.D., Bp. of 
Aberdeen, and Primus of the Churcii in Scotland, on the 
euchariftic do<flrine, exhibited in the Scottifli Communion 
Office, as it ftands afTcfted to the fchool of Arclideacon 
Wilbcrforce, and the teaching of the great Anglican divines. 

8^ Edinb. 1857. 

ALEXANDER (John Henry), LL.D. 

Civil engineer, and profclTor of phyfics in the Univerfity of 

International coinage for Britain and the United 
States. ■ 8° Oxford, 1857. 

An inquiry into the Englifli fyllem of weights and niea- 
fures. 8° Oxford, 1857. 

ALEXANDER (.Joseph Addison), D.D. 

Profeffor of ecclefiaftical hiftory, Piinceton, New Jerfey. 
The Afts of the A])o(lles explained. 2 vols. 

8" Lond. I 857. 
The Gofpel according to St. Mark explained. 

8° Lond. 1859. 
The Gofpel according to Matthew explained. 

8° Lond. 1 86 1. 
The Gofpel of Jefus Chrift : difcourfes. 

8° Lond. I 86 1. 

The young lady and gentleman's guide to the grammar of 
the Englilh language, in verfe ... 12° Lond. 1835. 

ALEXANDER (Natalis). 

B. at Rouen, 19 Jan. 1639. Entered the Dominican order, 
1655 J and after ftudying in the great convent at Paris, was ap- 
pointed profefTor of philofophy and theology in that ellablifh- 
ment. D. 21 Aug. 1724. 

Selefta hiftorias ecclefiafticae capita, et in loca ejufdem in- 
fignia difTertationes hiftoricac, chronologies, criticse, dogma- 
tics;. [Sd'cul. i.-xiv.] 22 tom. 8' Parifiis, 1679-84. 

Diflertatio polemica de confeffione facramentali, adverfus 
libros quatuor Joannis Dallxi, Calvinifta-, divinam ejus infti- 
tutionem & ufum in Ecclcfia pei-petuum impugnantcs. 

8^ Parifiis, 1679. 

Diflertationum ecclefiafticarum trias. Diflertatio L De 
divina epifcoporum fupra jirefbyteros eminentia, adverfus 
Blondellum ; accedit quxftio de chorepifcopis. Difleitatio II. 
De facrorum miniftrorum ccelibatu. Diflertatio III. De 
vulgata Scripturas Sacrse verfione. 8° Paris, 1679. 

Difleitationes hiftoricx ct criticx, quibus officium vene- 
rabilis facramenti Sando Thoma; vindicatur contra RR. PP. 
Henfchenii & Papebrochii conjefturas : deinde titulus pra;- 
ceptoris S. Thomi, ex elogio Alexandri Hidenfis expungitur, 
contra po])ulaieni opinioncm. Accedit jjanegyricus Angelico 
Do<aori didlus. 8MVifiis, 1680. 


Fate of the colonies : a letter to tlie proprietors and planters 
of the Weft Indies, refident in the colonies. 

8° Lond. I 830. 

A letter to Sir James Scarlett, Knt., in reply to his f])eech, 
alleged to have been delivered to his conftituents, the elcdors 
ofMaltori. 8° Lend. 183 I. 

ALEXANDER (Robert). 

Major-general, Madras army. 

The rife and progrefs of Britifli opium fmuggling, and its 
effeifls upon India, Cliina,and tlie conimerceof Great Britain: 
four letters, addrefled to tlie Right Hon. tlie Earl of Shaftef- 
bury. 8'' Lond. 1S56. 

0])ium revenue of India. The queftion anfwered, that it 
is not right to break the laws of England and of China, and 
injure the commerce of botii countries, for the fake of tem- 
porarily obtaining L.3,000,000 (lerling, by dellroying the 
lives, morality, and commercial recijirocity, of 300,000,000 
of our fellow-men. 8 Lond. 1857. 



Contraband opium traffic, the difturbing element in all our 
policy and diplomatic intercourfe with China. 

S° Lond. 1857. 
ALEXANDER (Samuel). 

A member of the Society of Friends. D. at Needham Market, 
Suffolk, 15 Dec. 1824, in his feventy-fixth year. 

Brief remarks on the difcipline amongft Friends, particu- 
larly as it relates to tithes, and to thofe who pay them. 

12° York, 1818. 
ALEXANDER (Samuel). 

A praftical and logical grammar of the Englilh language. 
Fourth edition. 12° Lond. 1832. 

ALEXANDER (Stuart). 

Saul, King of Ifrael : a facred drama ; in five afts. 

12° Lond. 1843. 
Life's phantoms, and other poems ; chiefly devotional and 
paraphraftical. 8° Glafgow, 1855. 

ALEXANDER (Thomas), M.A. 

Mlnirter of Ranelagh Prelbyterian church, Chelfea. 

Without Chrift : a woid to the children of his congrega- 
tion and Sabbath fchools. 12° Lond. n. d. 

In Chrift Jefus : a word to the children of his congrega- 
tion and Sabbath fchools. 12=' Lond. n. d. 

Chriflians, the fait of the eaith, the light of the woi Id. 
[Matt. V. 13-16.] 12° Lond. n. d. 

The Great High Prieft within the veil : being an expofi- 
tion, doftrinal and praftical, of chapter xvii. of John's Gofpel. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

Tlie penitent's prayer ; a praftical expofition of the fifty- 
firft Pfalm. 8° Lond. 1861. 


The chronometer's affiftant ... Being part i of Modern 
navigation. 8° Lond. 1855. 

Great circular navigation ; with its tlieory, great circle fail- 
ing: including the Aullralian tracks, and prefenting a fcientific 
view of ocean-fail-ways. Being part 2 of Modern navigation. 

8° Lond. 1855. 
A (hip's pofition, by one altitude, two aflumed latitudes, 
and the chronometer. Being pait 3 of Modern navigation. 

8° Lond. 1855. . 

ALEXANDER (Wilu.^m), Earl of Stirling. 

B. about 1 5S0. In return for fervices in connedlion with the 
colony of Nov.i Scotia, he was created a peer of Scotland by 
Charles I., 1630, with the title of Vifcount Stirling; and, 1633, 
was advanced to the dignity of Earl of Stirling on the occanon of 
His Majelty's coronation. D. 12 Feb. 1640. 

The tragedie of Darius. 4° Edinb. 1603. 

Aurora : containing the firft fancies of the author's youth. 

4° Lond. 1 604. 
A parxnefis to the prince. 4° Lond. 1604. 

The monarchicke tragedies : Croefus, Darius, the Alex- 
andrian, Julius Cxfar. 4° Lond. 1607. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 16 1 6. 
An elegie on the death of Prince Henrie. 

4" Edinb. 16 I 2. 

— Another edition. 4° Edinb. 161 3. 

Doomes-day, or the great day of the Lords ludgement. 

4° [Edinb.] 1 6 1 4. 
An encouragement to colonies. 4° Lond. 1624. 

Recreations with the Mufes. [Foure monarchicke trage- 
dies. Doomes-day ... A parjenefis to Prince Henry. Jona- 
than ; an heroicke poeme intended : the firft booke.] 

fol. Lond. 1637. 
ALEXANDER (William). 

Medulla hiftorire Scotics ; being a comprehenfive hiftory 
of the lives and reigns of the kings of Scotland, from Fergus 
the Fiift to ... Charles the Second ... [y4non.~\ 

12° Lond. 1685. 

ALEXANDER (William), M.D. 

A fhoit furvey of the lineal defcentof the fovereign princes, 
that are raoft confiderable in Europe. In iii. books ... 

8° Edinb. 1704. 

ALEXANDER (William), M.D. 

Educated in Edinburgh, and pradlifed as a furgeon in that city. 
Having taken the degree of dodlor of medicine, he removed to 
London, 1769. Returned to Edinburgh, and died there, 1783. 

Experimental eflays on the following fubjefts : — I. On 
the external application of antifeptics in putrid difeafes ; II. 
On the dofes and effects of medicines ; III. On diuredcs 
and fudorifics. 8° Lond. 1768. 

The hiftory of women, from the earlieft antiquity to the 
prefent time ; giving feme account of almoft eveiy interefting 
particular concerning that fex, among all nations, ancient and 
modern. 2 vols. Third edition. 8° Lond. 1782. 

ALEXANDER (William). 

B. at Maidilone, 10 April, 1767. Accompanied Lord Mac- 
artney to China, in the capacity of draughtfman to the embafly, 
1792. Appointed profeffor of drawing at the Royal Military 
College, Great Marlow, 1802; which he reCgned, 1808, on 
being appointed aliiftant-keeper of antiquities in the Britifli Mu- 
feum. D. 23 July, 1816. 

The cofttmie of China, illuftrated in forty-eight coloured 
engravings. 4= Lond. 1805. 

ALEXANDER (William). 

Obfervations on the conftruftion and fitting up of meeting- 
houfes, &c., for public worfhip ; illuftrated by plans, feftions, 
and defcription, including one lately erefted in the city of 
York ; embracing, in particular, the method of warming and 
ventilating. 4= York, 1820. 

ALEXANDER (William). 

The eight beatitudes, St. Matthew, chap. v. Written and 
engraved by William Alexander. 4° Lond. [1821.] 

ALEXANDER (William). 

Writer to the Signet, and commiflary clerk of the county of 
Edinburgh. D. 21 Dec. 1859. 

A letter to the mafter and members of the Merchant Com- 
pany of Edinburgh, containing an expofition of the defefts 
of the prefent fyftem of bankiupt law in Scotland, and re- 
marks on ProfL'flbr Bell's new Bankmpt Bill. With an ap- 
pendix. 8° Edinb. 1833. 



Abridgement of the A£ts of Sederunt of the Loids of 
Council and Seflion, from the inftitution of the College of 
Juftice in May, 1532, to tlie prefent time, including the 
whole adls now in force and ufe. With notes and references .. . 

8° Edinb. 1838. 

Supplement to Abridgement of the Afts of Sederunt, &c., 
containing the afls from 1 2th July,'l 837, when the Abridge- 
ment ends, to 24th December, 1842. With notes and re- 
ferences. 8° Edinb. 1843. 

Second fupplement to Abridgement of the Adls of Sede- 
runt, &c., containing the adts from 24th December, 1842, 
when the Supplement to the Abridgement ends, to December, 
1851. 8° Edinb. 1852. 

Digeft of the Banknjpt Aft for Scotland, 2d and 3d Vic- 
toria, cap. xli., intituled, " an Adl for regulating the fequef- 
tration of the eftates of bankrupts in Scotland," i 7th Auguft, 
1839. With an appendix ... 120 Edinb. 1839. 

— Second edition. 8° Edinb. 1842. 

An abridgement of the A<5ts of the Parliaments of Scot- 
land, from the reign of James the Firft, in 1424, to the 
union with England, in 1707 ... 8' Edinb. 184 1. 

Analyfis of Heritable fecurities Adl and Infeftmcnt A<ft. 
With an appendix ... 8° Edinb. 1845. 

Rules and forms for drawing, negotiating, and recovering 
payment of bills of exchange and promiffoiy notes. 

8° Edinb. 1846. 

Analyfis of Sen-ice of heirs. Transference of lands, Bur- 
gage tenure. Heritable fecurities, and Crown chaiters A<5ls, 
1847. With an appendix ... 8° Edinb. 1847. 

— Second edition. 8° Edinb. 1848. 
Report to the Chamber of Commerce and Manufactures 

of Edinburgh, relative to the amendment of the Bankrupt 
AflofScodand. 8" Edinb. 1853. 

Chart of the proceedings in a fequtdiation under the afts 
2 and 3 Viftori.i, cap. 4 1 , and I 6 and I 7 Viiftoiia, cap. 53. 
With fupplement ... Second edition. 8° Edinb. 1853. 

Digefl of the Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act, 1856, 19 and 
20 Viftoria, cap. 79, intituled, " an A& to confolidate and 
amend the laws relating to bankruptcy in Scotland," 29th 
July, 1856. With an appendix... S° Edinb. 1856. 

The praiflice of the CommifTary Courts in Scotland. With 
an appendix ... 8° Edinb. 1859. 

Plan and dcfcription of the original eleftro-magnetic tele- 
graph, with prefatoiy note to the Royal Commiflioners of the 
Exhibition of the works of induftry of all nations, and rela- 
tive documents. 8° Lond. 1851. 

ALEXANDER (William), S.C.L. 

The divinity of our bli-flld Lord and Saviour .lefus Chrift: 
a prize effiiy, read in the Divinity School, Oxford, Friday, 
June 7, 1850 ; being one of the difTertations to whicli Mrs. 
Denycr's theological prize was awarded. 

8° Oxford, 1850. 

ALEXANDER (William), M.D. 

The adulteration of food and drinks. 8' Loud. 1856. 

ALEXANDER (William Hknrv). 
The chronology of the ancient world: a leisure, delivered 
at the Mechanics' Inftitution, Ipfwich 8° Lond. 1838. 

ALEXANDER (William Lindsay), D.D. 

Miniftcr of Auguftine church (Independent), Edinburgh. 

National and voluntary Churches brought to the left of 
Scripture : the fifth of a feries of leftures delivered in Edin- 
burgh, at the requeft of the Voluntary Church Aflbciation, 
March 18, 1835. 120 Edinb. 1835. 

Refutiition of the charges brought by Mr. A. Cuthbert, 
A.M., againft the Inde])cndi'nt churches of Scotland, in a 
pamphlet recently publilhed by him. 8° Edinb. 1841. 

The connexion and harmony of the Old and New Tefta- 
ments : being an inquiry into the relation, literary and doc- 
trinal, in whicii thefe two parts of the facred volume itand 
to each other. 8° Lond. 1841. 

Anglo-catholicifm not apoftolical : being an inquiry into 
the fcriptural authority of the leading dodlrines advocated in 
the " Trafls for the Times," and other publications of the 
.Anglo-catholic fchool. 8° Edinb. 1843. 

Memoir of the Rev. John Watfon, late pallor of the Con- 
gregational church in Muflelburgh, and fecretaiy of the Con- 
gregational Union for Scotland. 12° Edinb. 1845. 

Switzerland and the Swifs Churches: b-ing notes of a 
fhort tour, and notices of the principal religious bodies in 
that counti-y. 12° Glafgow, 1846. 

The good man's grave : a difcourfe, occafioned by thu 
lamented death of David Ruffell, D.D. [Joi v. 26.] 

8° Glafgow, 1848. 

Chrift and Chriftianity ; a vindication of the divine au- 
thority of the Chriftian religion, grounded on the hiftorical 
verity of the life of Chrift. 8^ Edinb. 1854. 

Memoirs of the life and writings of Raljih Wardlaw,D.D. 
Second edition. 8° Edinb. 1856. 

The idolatry of genius : a difcourfe, delivered in Queen 
Street Hall, on Sunday the 6th of Februai^, 1859. [Jo/'n 
V. 44.] Fourth edition. 8° Edinb. 1859. 

The univerfity ; its nature, functions, and requirements : 
an addrefs, delivered at the annual meeting of the Afibciation 
of graduates of the Univerfity of St. Andrews. 

8° Edinb. 1859. 

Chriftian thought and work : a feries of morning medi- 
tations on paffages of Scri]iture. 8° Edinb. 1862. 

The ancient Britifh Church : being an inquiiy into the 
hiftory of Chrillianity in Britain previous to the eftablilhment 
of the heptarchy. 8° Lond. n. d. 


Chronicon Alexandrinum ... ex Gr.rco manufcripto La- 
tine redditum, o])era et ftudlo Matthai Raderi. ^ALix. Bib- 
liol/jfca vetiriim Patrum, xii. 867.] 


The Alexandrians : an Egyjrtian file of the fourth ci n- 
tuiy. 2 vols. 12° Lond. 1830. 

ALEXANDRO (Alexander ab). 

B. at Naples about 1461. Studied for the Bar, and prathled 
both at Naples and Rome. D. at Rome, i Oft. 1513. 

Genialium dieruni libii fex ; cum annotationibus Andr. 
Tiraquelli. fol. Lugduni, 1651. 

— cum intcgris commentariia Andrea: Tiraquelli, Diony- 



fii Gothofiedi, J. C. Chriftophori Coleri et Nic. Merceri. 
2 torn. 8" Lugduni Batavorum, 1673. 


A general expofition of the prefent ftate of the medical 
profeffion, in the metropolis efpecially ; with a plan for its 
amelioration... 8° Lond. 1829. 


The prefent ftate of poetry : a fatire addreff'd to a friend, 
and dedicated to Mr. Welfted. 8° Lond. 1726. 


Alexis ; or, the young adventurer : a novel. 

8° Lond. 1746. 

The burgoraafter of Berlin. Tranfiated from the Ger- 
man ... by W. A. G. 3 vols. 12° Lond. 1843. 


* Ex miraculis S. Alexii. [Pertz, Monumenta Ger- 
maniic hijlonca, vi. 619.] 

ALEXIUS, Pedemontanus. 

A phyfician of Piedmont, who lived in the former half of the 
1 6th century. It is underftood that he died at Milan, 1550. 
Some authorities deny the exiftence of fuch a perfon as Alexius, 
and aflert that the work publiihed under his name was written 
by Girolamo Rufcelli. 

De fecretis libri fex, mira quadam rerum varietate refeiti ; 
ex Italico in latinum fermonem nunc primum tranflati, per 
loannem lacobum weckemm, medicum. 

8° BafilesE, 1 559. 

ALEYN (Charles). 

B. about the end of the 16th century. Educated at Cam- 
bridge, D. in London about 1643. 

The hiftorie of that wife and fortunate prince, Henrie, 
of that name the feventh, king of England : with that famed 
battaile, fought betweene the fayd King Henry and Richard 
the Third, named Crookbacke, upon Redmoore neere Bof- 
worth. In a poem. 8° Lond. 1638. 

ALEYN (John). 

A barrifter of Gray's Inn, in the reign of Charles I. 

Selefl: cafes in B. R. 22, 23, & 24. Car. I. regis ... 
with tables of the names of the cafes and of the matters 
therein contained ; alfo of the names of the learned councel 
who argued the fame. fol. Lond. 1688. 

ALFANUS (Joannes Baptista). See Joannes Baptifta 

ALFANUS (Tyndarus). See Tyndarus. 

ALFERGANUS (Muhammedes). See A-lvkag&uvs. 


* Vita S. Alferii, abbatis Cavenfis primi ; auftore abbate 

Venufino anonymo fubgequali. [Mabillon, A3a JanSorum 
O.S.B. VI. i. 638.] 

* VitK quatuor priorum abbatum CavenCum, Alpherii, 
Leonis, Petri, atque Conftabilis, auftore anonymofere scquali, 
nunc primum editx. [Muratori, Rerum Italkarum fcrip- 
tores, vi. 199-] 

ALFERIUS (Ogerius). 

A native of Afti, who lived in the latter half of the 13th cen- 
tury. As his portion of the following work concludes with the 
year 1 294, it is probable that his death occurred about that time. 

Chronica Aftenfia, ab origine urbis, feu potius ab anno 
MLXX. ufque ad annum circiter Mcccxxv., auftoribus Ogerio 
Alferio et Guilielmo V^entura. [Muratori, Rerum Itati- 
carum fcrip tores, xi. 133.] 

ALFIERI (Vittorio). 

B. at Afti, in Piedmont, January, 1749. ^- ^' Florence, 8 
Oa. 1803. 

Tragedie. Volume di fcarto. 8° Parigi, 1787. 

— Seconda edizione, riveduta, e accrefciuta dall' autore. 
3 volumi. 8° Parigi, 1788. 

— Volume quarto [e quinto.] Inedite. 

8° Parigi, 1788-9. 
Tragedies . . . Tranfiated fiom the Italian by Charles Lloyd. 
3 vols. 12° Lond. 18 I 5. 

Saul, a tragedy ; tranfiated fjom the Italian of Count 
Victorio Alfieri ; and Jephtha's daughter, a fcriptural drama. 
By a lady. 8° Lond. 182 i. 

Philip, a tragedy. Tranfiated by Chailes Orlando Childe. 

I 2° Lond. 1844. 
Rofamunda : a tragedy, in five afts. Tranflated into 
Englifh by Thomas Williams. ^Italian and E!ig/i/h.'\ 

12° Lond. 1856. 
Memoirs of the life and writings of Vidlor Alfieri, written 
by himfelf. Tranflated from the Italian. In two volumes. 

8° Lond. 18 10. 
ALFONSO I., King of Portugal. 

B. 1094. D. 1 185, in the ninety-firft year of his age, and 
leventy-third of his reign. 

Epiftola ad Lucium II. Papam, qua regnum fuum Ro- 
mans Ecclefiae tributarium conftituit. [Baluze, Mifcellanea, 
ii. 220.] 

ALFONSO IX. [VIII.] King of CaftUe. 

Afcended the throne, 11 58, when only three years of age. 
D. 1214. According to another computation, he is fometimes 
ftyled Alfonfo VIII. 

Epiftola ad Philippum Auguftum, Francoiiim regem, qua 
ab eo petit auxilium adverfus Sarracenos. [Baluze, Mif- 
cellanea, ii. 251 .] 

* Memorias hiftoricas de la vida y acciones del Rey D. 
Alonfo el Noble, Oiflavo del nombre, recogidas por el Mar- 
quez de Mondexar. 

ALFONSO X. [IX.] King of Caftile. 

Alfo ftyled Alfonfo IX. B. 1221. Succeeded to the throne, 
1252. D. 1284. 

Las fiete partidas. 2 torn. 

fol. Imprimidas fon eftas fiete pallidas en la muy noble 
& muy leal gibdad de SeuQla, por Meynardo Un- 



gut Alamano, & Lan^alao Polono companeros. En 
el ano del nafgimicnto de nuellro faluador Jhcfu 
crifto de mill & quatrogientos & nouenta & uno 
anos. & fe acabaion a veynte & ^inco dias del mes 
de otubre del dicho ano. 
Las ficte paitidas del fabio Rey do Alfonfo Nono : por 
las quales fon dciemidas & deterniinadas las queftiones & 
pleytos que en Efpana occurre ... Co la glofa del egrcgio 
dodtor Alfonfo diez de motaluo, que da razon de cada ley 
3 torn. fol. Alcala de Henares, 1542. 

Las fiete partidas del fabio Rey don Alonfo el nono, 
nuevamente glofadas por el Licenciado Grcgorio Lopez ... 
Con fu repoitorio muy copiofo, iifli del terto conio de la 
glofa. 8 torn. fol. Salamanca, 1555-76. 

— Another edition. 8 tom. 

fol. Valladolid, 1857-8. 
Las fiete partidas del Rey Don Alfonfo el Sabio, cote- 
jadas con varies codices antiguos por la Real Academia de 
la hiftoria. 3 tom. 4=> Madrid, 1807. 

Fuero real de Efpana : diligentemente hecho ])or el noble 
Rey do Alonfo IX. Glofada por el cgregio doftor Alofo 
diaz de motaluo. Afli mefmo por un fabio doiSor de la 
univerfidad de Salamanca addicionado y concordado con las 
ficte partidas y leyes del Reyno ; dando a cada ley la addi- 
cion que convenia. Nuevamente corregido y emedado de 
muchos vicios y errores que en el auia. 

fol. Medina del Campo, i 5 44. 
'' Chronica del muy efclarecido principe y rey Don Alon- 
fo, el qual fue par de eraperador, y hizo el libro de las fiete 
partidiis. Y anfi mifmo al fin defte libro, va encor])orada la 
chronica del rey Don Sacho el Bravo, hijo de efte rey Don 
Alonfo el Sabio. fol. Valladolid, 1554. 

Aljjhonfi, regis Caftellae, fapientiffimi Arabum philofophi, 
liber philofophias occultioris, (prxcipufi metallorum) profun- 
difliraus. [Zetznerus, Theatruin chemiciwi, v. 766.] 

ALFONSO XL, King of Caftilc. 

B. 1310. Succeeded his ftither, Ferdinand IV., 1312. D. 
26 March, 1350. 

* Cronica del efclarefcido rey Don Alonfo, Onzeno defte 
nobre ... 1563. [^By .luan Nunez de Villasan.] 

ALFORD (Charles Richard), M.A. 

Principal of the Cliurch of England Metropolitan Training 

Wellington's viftories divine deliverances : a fermon occa- 
fioned by the death of tlic late Duke of Wellington. [Ps. 
cxlvi. 3, 4, 5.] 8° Lond. 1852. 

Firfl principles of the oracles of God, vindicated from the 
af]x.'rfions of Profefibr Jowett and authors of the ratiunalidic 
fchool. 8° Lond. 1856. 

Chrifl: the teacher's pattern : an addrcfs, delivered at the 
annual meeting of the fcliool-mafters and fchool-miftrefles of 
the Chew Deanery Union, at Clevedon, on Tuefday, 2d 
.luly, 1857. 8° Lond. 1857. 

ALFORD (Henry). 

B. at Curry Rivell, Somcrfet, 3 Dec. 1782. Educated at 
Wadham College, Oxford, of which he became Fellow. Studied 
for the Bar, to which he was called, Nov. 181 1, but left, 1813, 

and entered the Church. Reftor of Ampton, Sufiblk, 1826, 
and of Afton Sandford, Bucks, 1842. D. at Tunbridge, 23 
Sep. 1852. 

Memorial of the Rev. Henry Alford, A.M. : confiding 
of extiafts from his correfpondence, fix felefted fcrmons, 
and a memoir by his eldeft fon, Henry Alford, B.D. 

8° Lond. 1855. 

ALFORD (Henry), D.D. 

Son of the preceding. Dean of Canterbury. 

The clergy, watchmen unto the people : a fermon, 
preached in the parifh church of Melton Mowbiay, on 
Thurfday, .July 30, 1 840, at the primaiy vifitation of the 
Ld. B]). of Peterborough. \^Ezek. xxxiii. 7.] 

8° Lond. 1840. 

The confiftency of the divine conduft in revealing the 
dodrines of redemption : being the Hulfean leftures for the 
year 1841. To which are added, two fermons preached 
before the Univcrfity of Cambridge. 

8° Cambridge, 1842. 

— Part 2 : being the Hulfean leftures for the year 1 842. 

8° Cambridge, 1843. 

The reftoration of churches the bounden duty of a Chrif- 
tian people : a fermon, preached in the reftored parifii church 
of Beefton, Nottinghamfhiie, on the firft Sunday after its 
confecration, Sep. 8, 1844. \_Ps. c. 3, 4.] 

I 2° Lond. 1844. 

njoj'D/itaff.aara. PafTages in profe and vcrfe from Erg- 
lifh authors, for iranflution into Greek and Latin. 

8° Cambridge, 1845. 

Plain village fermons on the Lord's Prayer and the beati- 
tudes. J 2^ Lond. 1846. 

Four leflures on the influence of the fifth commandment, 
as the great moral jjrinciple of love of country and obedience 
to conllituted authorities. Delivered in tlie theatie of the 
City of London fcjiool, having gained the prize offered by a 
benefa<5lor to that inftitution. 8° Lond. 1849. 

Ad Ephefios revcra dabatur epiftola ilia canonica, Paulo, 
non Pfeudo-Paulo auiflore : prxledlio theologica in fcholis 
Cantabrigienfibus habita, ante diem xvi. Kal. Mart. a.d. 
1850. \Eph. i. I, 2.] 4= Cantibrigix, 1850. 

Sermons. 8° Lond. 1850. 

The kingdom of God not in word, but in power : a fer- 
mon, ])reached at the re-opening of St. Martin's church, Lei- 
cefter, Wednefday, Febraary 4th, 1852. [i Cor. iv. 20.] 

8"" Lond. 185Z. 

Quebec chapel fermons. 7 vols. 8° Lond. 1854-7. 

The claims of our country and of God : a fermon, 
preached in Quebec chapel, London, on Sunday, Nov. 1 9, 
1854. [./T/o//. xxii. 21.] 8^ Lond. 1854. 

The peril of unlawful venture : a fermon, preached in 
Quebec chajjel, on Sunday, .lune l, l 856. [1 John iii. I 5.) 

12= Lond. I 8 56. 

The leflons of war, the duties of peace : a fermon, preached 
in Quebec cha])el, on the day of tliankfgiving for |)eace, Sun- 
day, May 4, 1856. [/tw. xxvi. I 2. J 

8" Lond. 1856. 

Se])aration for the Spirit's work : a fermon, ])rcached in 
St. Paul's cathedral, on Trinity Sunday, i 857, al the ordi- 
nation by the Lord Bilhop of London. \^lds xiii. 2.] 

8° Lond. 1857. 



The great multitude which no man can number: a fermon, 
preached in the cathedral church of Chrift, Canterbury, on 
All Saints' Day, Sunday, Nov. I, 1^57. [Rev. vii. 14.] 

8° Lond. 1857. 

Homilies on the former part of the A(f1:s of the Apoftles, 
chap. i.-x. 8° Lond. 1858. 

The parable of the fower : four fermons, preached before 
the Univerfity of Cambridge, in Feb. 1858. To which is 
added a fermon, preached at Great Saint Maiy's on the even- 
ing of Aft- Wednefday. 8"' Cambridge, 1858. 

ChrilVs crown for his faithful hereafter: afermon,prcachtd 
in the church of St. Mary-the-Virgin, Oxfoid, on Friday, 
March 30, i860. [Mutt. xx. 8.] 8° Oxford, i860. 

An eameft difluafive from joining the communion of the 
Church of Rome : addreffed to the younger members of the 
Church of England, and efpecially to (Indents in the uni- 
verfities. 8° Lond. 1846. 

The Greek Teftament : with a critically revifed text ... 
1849-61. 5cf Bible. 

Audi alteram partem : a reply to a recent article in the 
" Chriftian Remembrancer," [on the Jirjl volume of his Greek 
Tejlament.~\ 8° Lond. 185 I. 

Poetical works. In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1845. 

Seleft poetical works. 8° Lond. 1 851. 

The abbot of Muchelnaye ; fonnets, &c. 

8° Lond. 1 841. 

Chapters on poetry and poets. Vol. i. 

8° Lond. 184 1. 

ALFORD (Michael). 

An Englilh Jefult, b. in London, 1587. Studied at Seville 
and at Louvain. Reftor of the College of Jefuits at Ghent. D. 
at St. Omer, 165 1. Befides his real name, he fometimes made 
uie of thofe of Flood and Griffith. 

Fides regia Britannica, Saxonica, Anglica,una ilia, cadem- 
que fanfta, catholica, Romana ; five, annales ecclefiaftici, in 
quibus Britannorum, Saxonum, Anglonim, oithodoxa fides, 
a Chrifto nato, ad annos 1 189, hiftorica demonftratione de- 
ducitur atque probatur. 4 tom. fol. Leodii, 1663. 

Britannia illuftrata; five, Lucii, Helens, Conftantini patria 
et fides. 4° Antveqjiae, 1641. 

ALFORD (Walter), M.A. 

Perpetual curate of Drayton, Somerfet. 

The Old and New Teftament difpenfations compared : 
(hewing in what refpecls they differ ; what things are peculiar 
to the former ; and what are common to both. 

8° Lond. 1858. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1862. 

ALFRAGANUS (Muhammedes). 

An Arabian aftronomer, who flourifhed in the 9th century. 
B. at Ferghanah, a town in Sogdiana. 

,J»iU!' iA*<iJl ^-.»*JL\J *Mij.>.n jX^ »_<'»^; i>i^; «u>»Ji 

^jw)J ji L—JtSM Muhammedis, fil. Ketiri, Ferganenfis, qui 

vulgo Alfraganus dicitur, Elementa aftronomica, Arabice et 
Latin^ ; cum notis ad res exoticas five Orientales, quK in iis 
occumint : opera Jacob: Golii. 4° Amftelodami, 1669. 


B. at Wantage, in Berkfhire, 849. D. 28 0£l. 901. 

The whole works of King Alfi'ed the Great : with pre^ 
liminary e(rays illuftrative of the hiftory, arts, and manners, 
of the ninth century. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1858. 

Teftamentum JElfredi regis : prsefatio ad Paftorale Sanfti 
Gregorii. [Asser, Annales rerum gejl. JElfredi Magnl 
i^c. recens. F. Wife. 1722.] 

The will of King Alfred, reprinted from the Oxford edi' 
tion of I 7 88 ; with a pre{;ice, and additional notes. 

8° Lond. 1828. 

Periplus Ohtheri . . . ut et Wulfftani, Angli, fecundum nar- 
rationes eorundem de fuis, unius in ultimam plagam fepten- 
trionalem ; utriufque autem in mari Balthico, navigationibus, 
juffu ^Ifredi Magni, Anglorum legis . . . ab ipfo rege Anglo- 
Saxonica lingua defcriptus ... brevibus notis adaudus ab 
Andiea Bu(Fxo. [Arius Polyhiftor, ScheiU, feu libellus de 
Iflamlia, l^c. 1733.] 

A defcription of Europe, Africa, etc. A defcription of 
Europe, and the voyages of Ohthere and Wulfftan, written 
in Anglo-Saxon by King Alfred the Great ; with his ac- 
count of the Mediterranean Iflands, of Africa, and of the 
hiftory of the world to the year B.C. mccccxiii. chiefly taken 
from Orofius ; containing, a facfimile copy of the whole 
Anglo-Saxon text from the Cotton manufcript,and also, from 
the firft part of the Lauderdale manufcripts, a printed Anglo- 
Saxon text, bafed upon thefe manufcripts, and a literal Eng- 
lidi tranflation and notes : by the Rev. Jofeph Bofworth, 
D.D. fol. Lond. 1855. 

A literal Engli(h tranfiation of King Alfred's Anglo- 
Saxon vei'fion of the compendious hiftory of the world, by 
Orosius. 1855. 

King Alfred's poems : now firft turned into Englifh metres 
by Maitin F. Tupper. 12° Lond. 1850. 

* Annales rerum geftamm jElfridi Magni, auftoreAssERio. 

* The life and times of Alfred the Great. 1 848. By 
J. A. Giles. 

* The life of King Alfred. 1852. By Reinhold Pauli. 

* Alfred : a mafque ... 1 740. [By James Thomson and 
David Mallet.] 

* Alfred: a tragedy. 17 78. [^j" John Home.] 

* Alfred the Great : a drama. 1829. [By Sarah Hamil- 


Strike or die ! Alfred's firft letter to the good people of 
England. 12° Lond. 1803. 


A letter to the hon. the fecret committee of the Houfe 
of Commons, upon joint-ftock banks. Second edition . . . 

8° Lond. 1837. 


The hiftory of the fiftoiy movement from the year 1802, 
to the enadlment of the Ten hours' bill in 1847. In two 
volumes. 8° Lond. 1857. 


Alfred Dudley ; or, the Auftralian fettlers. 

8° Lond. 1830 




Alfred Leflie : a ftoiy of Glafgow life. 

8° Glafgow, 1856. 


Alfred Morcland, the would-be traveller ; being an enter- 
taining and infliiiiftive account of the habits and hilloiy of the 
larger and more interefting quadrupeds. By the author of 
" The moral budget of my Aunt Newbury." 

8° Lond. 1839. 

ALGAR (Joseph), M.A. 

Educated at Wadham College, Oxford. Re^or of Orchard- 
leigh, incumbent of Chrift church, Frome, and rural dean of 
the deanery of Frome. D. at Wells, 23 Dec. 1S38, in the fifty- 
fecond year of his age. 

Tile claims of the Society for piomoting Cliriftlan know- 
ledge fet forth and enforced : a fermon, picached in the pariih 
church of Frome, Somerfet, before the members of "the Bath 
and Wells diocefan affociation" of that Society, at their 
annual general meeting, holden in Frome, July II, 1822. 
[Gal. vi. 9.] 8° Lond. 1822. 

ALGAROTTI (Francesco). 

B. at Venice, 11 Dec. 1712. D. at Pifa, 3 May, 1764. 
Saggio fopra I'accademia di Francia che 6 in Roma. 

8° Livorno, 1763. 
Saggio fopra il commercio ; con alcuni fiammenti econo- 
mici dcllo fteflb autore. [Custodi, Scnttorl clajftci Italtani 
di econonua polilica, parte modcrtui, i. 285.] 


A key and companion to the Rudimentaiy algebra : form- 
ing an extenfive repofitory of folved examples and jiroblems, 
in illuftration of the various expedients neceflary in algebraical 
operations. Efpecially adapted for felf-inftruftion. 

I 2° Lond. 1 856. 


B. at Liege towards the clofe of the i ith century. Held an 
appointment in the cathedral of St. Lambert in tiiat city. Re- 
tired to the Benedi^inc monaftery of Cluny, 1121, where he 
died about 1151 or 1152, a.d. 

De facramento coqjoris ct fanguinis Domini libri tres. 
[Max. B'lUiolheca vclerum Patrum, xxi. 251.] 

Prx'fatio in libram de mifericordia et juftitia. [Maeillon, 
Vetera analeda, p. 1 30.] 

Liber de mifericordia et juftitia. [Martene et Durand, 
Thefaurui noviis anecdotorum, v. 1019.] 

Libellus de libeio arbitrio. [Pt/, Tbefaurus anecdotorum 
novijpmus, iv. ii. I I l.l 

■" Algeii fcliolaftici elogium, auftore Nicolao, Leodienfi 
canonico, ejus xquaii. 

ALGHISI (Galasso). 

A native of Carpi, archltedl to the Dulcc of Ferrara ; flaurilhcd 
in the i6th century. 

Delle fortificationi ... libri tre. fol. [Venetia,] i 570. 

An Arabian geometrician, b. at Rafl'ura. D. at Cairo, 1038. 

Opticae tbefaurus Alhazcni, Arabia, libri feptera, nunc 

VOL. I. 

primilm cditi. Eiufdcm liber de crepufculis et nubium afcen- 
(ionibus ; item Vitellonis, Thuringopoloni, libri x. ; omnes in- 
ftaurati, figuris illuftrati ct aufti, adjeftis etiam in Alhazenum 
commentariis a Fcderico Rifnero. fol. Bafileas, 1572. 

ALI Pacha, of Jannina. 

B. about 1741. D. 5 Feb. 1S22. 

* The life of Ali Pacha, of Jannina, late vizier of Epirus, 
furnamed Aflan, or the Lion. Including a compendious hif- 
tory of modern Greece. Second edition . . . 

8° Lond. 1823. 

* The life of Ali Padia . . . 1837. By R. A. Daven port. 

ALI (Cherefeddin). 

Hiftoire de Timur-Bec, connu fous le nom du Grand 
Tamerlan, Empeieur des Moguls et Tartares. En forme de 
journal hiftonque de fes vidloires ct conquetes dans I'Afie et 
dans I'Europe. Ecrite en Perfan par Cherefeddin Ali, natif 
d' Yezd, autcur contem])orain. Traduite en Frangois par feu 
Monfieur Petis de la Croix ... Avec des notes hiftoriques, 
et des cartes geographiques. 4 torn. 12° Pans, 1822. 

— Another edition. 12° Delf, 1823. 

The hillory of Timur-Bec ... Written in Perfian by 
Cherefeddin Ali ... Tranflated into French by the late Mon- 
fieur Petis de la Croix ... Now faithfully render'd into Eng- 
lilh. In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1723. 

ALI, Ibn Abi Tales. 

B. at Mecca, 598. Succeeded to the Khalifate, 15 June, 656. 
Adaflinated at Kufah, 21 Jan. 661. 

Sentences of Ali, fon-in-law of Mahomet, and his fourth 
fucceffor. Tranflated from an autiientick Arabick manu- 
fcript in the Bodleian Library at Oxford, by Simon Ockley, 
B.D. 8° Lond. 1717. 

^IL- , j\ .J li ^i^\ Ali Ben Abi T;Jeb 

carmina Arabice ct Latino. Edidit et notis illuftravit Ger- 
ardus Kuypcrs. 8° Lugduni Batavorum, 1745. 


Revenue minifter of Gujarat in the middle of the 1 8th century. 
The political and ftatiftical hiftory of Gujarat ; tranflated 
from the Perfian of Ali Mohammed Khan ... to which are 
added copious annotations, and an liiflorical introduction, 
by James Bird, Efq. Publiflied under the fu])erintendence 
of the Oriental Tranflation Fund of Great Britain and Ire- 
land. 8° Lond. 1835. 

ALI AG A (El Conde Duoue de). 
Exercicio publico de logic;!, ontologia, pfycologia, y teo- 
logia natural ... 4° Madiid, 1787. 

ALIARES (Petrus). 

Navigationis, etepiflolarum quorandam merc.itoruni o]iuf- 
culuni. [, Novus orlh, tfc, p. 94.] 


Ali Baba ; or, the forty thieves : a drama, in two aels, 
adapted to Hodgfon's theatrical characters and fcenes in the 
fame. i 2 ° Lond. n. d. 



All Baba and the forty thieves, with the ingenious devices 
of the good flave Morgiana. 8° Lond. [1855.] 

ALI BEY. Pfeud. 0/ Domingo Badia y Leblich. 


Alice Barlow ; or, principle in everything : a country vil- 
lage hiftoi^. 8° Lond. [1861.] 


Alice Beresford ; a tale of home life. 1853. [5y Hen- 
rietta Louifa Farrer.] 


Wild fpring flowers. By Alice Georgina, aged eight 
years. 12° Lond. 1852. 

Alice Goldburg. 

12° Lond. 1 86 1. 


Alice Gray ; or, the miniftiations of a child. 

8° Lond. n. d. 

Alice Learmont : a fairy tale ... 1852. [5y Dinah 
Maria MuLOCH.] 


Alice Nugent ; or, feed for coming days. 

S"" Lond. 1855. 

Alice Offley ; or, the peiTert and tlie foldier. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1852. 

Alice of Fobbing ; or, the times of Jack Straw and Wat 
Tyler. 8° Lond. [i860.] 


Alice Paulet : a fequel to Sydenham. 1831. \By W. 



Alice Seymour; a tale. 183 I. \_By Mrs. Grey.] 


Alice Wentwoi th. 1854. \_By Noell Radecliffe.] 


Alice Wcftern ; or, the d mgei s of coquetry : a drama, in 
four ails. 8° Lond. 1855. 

ALIGHIERI (Dante). See Dante. 

ALIONE (Jean George). 

A native of Afti, b. about 1460. 
Poefies Frangoifes ... compofeesde 1494 a 1520 ; pub- 

liees pour la premiere fois en France, avec une notice blo- 
graphique et bibliographique par J. C. Bmnet. 

8° Paris, 1836. 
ALIPRANDI (Bonamente). 

A native of Mantua, who lived at the end of the 14th and be- 
ginning of the 15th century. 

Aliprandina, five chronicon Mantuanum: pocma... Italica 
rudi lingua compofituni ab origine urbis ufque ad ann. Chrifti 
1 4 1 4 . . . [MuRATORi, ^ntiqu'itates Italic£ med'ii ievi,\. 1 06 1 .] 


The anti-Apociy]5hal beauties of the Edinburgh Chriftian 
Inftruftor, with a dedicatory letter to the Rev. Andrew 
Thomfon, D.D., accompanied by notes critical and explana- 
toiyr. 8° Edinb. 1828. 


Developement of the Apocalyptic types of the red dragon 
and beafls. 8° Lond. 1853'. 


The rationale of poetiy: an elTay. 8" Kirkwall, 1855. 


Coffee-planting in Ceylon, [yi poem.] 

8° Lond. 1861. 
ALISON (Alexander). 

The fecond Reformation ; or, Chriflianity developed. Se- 
cond edition. 12° Lond. 185 i. 
The future ; or, the fcience of politics. 

12° Lond. 1852. 
To the eleiftors. Univerfal free trade. 

8° Lond. 1852. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1852. 
Second addiefs to the eleftors : our fiiture policy. 

8° Lond. 1852. 
The philofophy and hiftory of civilifation. 

8^ Lond. i860. 
ALISON (Archibald), LL.B. 

B. at Edinburgh, 1757. Educated at Glafgow, and at Balliol 
College, Oxford. Perpetual curate of Renley, in Shroplhire, 
1790J vicar of Ercall, in Shropihire, 17945 and reftor of 
Roddington, in the fame county, 1797. Appointed feniorminif- 
terof the Epilcopal chapel, Cowgate, Edinburgh, 1800, the con- 
gregation of which afterwards removed with him to St. Paul's 
chapel, York Place. D. at Edinburgh, 17 May, 1839. 

Effays on the nature and principles of tafte. 

4° Edinb. 1790. 

— Another edition. 2 vols. 8^ Edinb. 18 11. 

— Another edition. 8' Lond. 1S53. 
A feimon preached in the Epifcopal chapel, Cowgate, 

Edinburgh, November 16, 1806, the day after the funeral 
of Sir William Forbes, of Pitfligo, Bart. [Rev. xiv. 13.] 

8° Edinb. 1808. 
A difcourfe preached in the Epifcopal chapel, Cowgate, 
Edinburgh, Feb. 9, 1809 ; being the day appointed by His 
Majefly for a general fall. [Matt. xvi. 3.] 

8° Edinb. 1809. 
Sermons, chiefly on particular occafions. 2 vols. Second 
edition. 8° Edinb. 1814-15. 



A difcourfc preached in the Epifcopal chapel, Cowgate, 
Edinburgh, Jan. 18, 1816 ; being the day appointed by the 
Prince Regent for a thankfgiving for peace. [Prov. xix. 
21.] 8° Edinb. 1816. 

ALISON (Sir Archibald), Bart. 

Son of the preceding. Sheriff of Lanarkfhire. 

Hiftory of Europe duiing the French Revolution. Em- 
bracing the period from the AfTembly of the notables in 
M.DCC.Lxxxix., to the cftablifhmcnt of the Direftory, in 
M.DCc.xcv. 10 vols. 8' Edinb. 1833-42. 

Hiflory of Europe from the commencement of the French 
Revolution in m.dcc.lxxxix. to the relloration of the Bour- 
bons in M.DCcc.xv. 20 vols. Seventh edition. 

8° Edinb. 1847-8. 

— Another edition, with portraits. 14 vols. 

8° Edinb. 1849-50. 
* Atlas to Alifon's Hiftory of Europe. [By Alex. Keith 

Hiftory of Europe from tiie fall of Napoleon, in mdcccxv., 
to the acceflion of Louis Napoleon, in mdccclii. (With 
index.) 8 vols. 8° Edinb. 1852-9. 

The military life of John Duke of Marlborough. 

8° Edinb. 1848. 

— Second edition. 2 vols. 8° Edinb. 1852. 
Lives of Lord Caftlereagh and Sir Charles Stewart, the 

fecond and third Marquefles of Londonderry, with annals 
of contemporary events in which they bore a part. From 
the original papers of the family. In three volumes. 

8° Edinb. 1 86 1. 
Effays, political, hiftorical, and mifcellaneous. 3 vols. 

8' Lond. 1850. 
Principles of the criminal law of Scotland. 

8° Edinb. 1832. 
Practice of the criminal law of Scotland. 

8" Edinb. 1833. 
The principles of population, and their conncdlion with 
human happinefs. 2 vols. 8° Edinb. 184O. 

Free trade and a fettered currency. 8° Edinb. 1847. 
England in 18 i 5 and 1845 ; and the monetary famine 
of 1 847 ; or, a fufTicient and a contracted currency. Fourth 
edition. 8~^ Edinb. 1847. 

ALISON (Charles). 

The Church of England and its Convocation : a letter to 
Hemy Hoare, Efq. 8° Lond. 1859. 

ALISON (Robert Edward). 

Local managing dire£lor of the Mexican and South American 

To the fhareholders of the Mexican and South Ameri- 
can Company : letter ... on receiving a copy of the petition 
of the direftors for winding up the company. 

8° Lond. 1858. 


An addrefs to the working clafTes of Tranent, and its 
neighbourhood, on the prefent prevalence of fever, &c. &c. 

12'' Edinb. 1838. 

An inquiry into the propagation of contagious poifons, by 
the atmofphere ; as alfo into the nature and effe(5ts of vitiated 
air, its forms and fources, and other caufes of peftilence ; with 
direiflions for avoiding the aftion of contagion, and obferva- 
tions on feme means for promoting public healtli. 

12° Edinb. 1839. 

Some obfervations on organic alterations of the heart ; 
and particularly on the beneficial employment of iron in the 
treatment of fuch cafes. 8° Lond. 1845. 

A praflical analyfis of feventy cafes of inflammatory, ftinc- 
tional, and ftraftural difeafe of the heart ; with obfervations 
on the treatment and prevention. 8 Lond. 1851. 

The medication of the larynx and trachea. 

8° Lond. 1853. 

The phyfical examination of the chert in pulmonary con- 
fumption and its intercurrent difeafes. 8° Lond. 1861. 

ALISON (William Pulteney), M.D. 

B. 1790. Educated at Edinburgh. Appointed profcflbr of 
medical jurifprudence in the Univerfity of Edinburgh, 1820. 
Transferred to the chair of the inftitutcs of medicine, 1821 j and 
thence to that of the practice of phyfic, 1 842. D. at Edinburgh, 
22 Sep. 1859. 

Outlines of phyfiology. With an appendix, containing 
heads of leiftures on pathology and tiierajieutics. 

8° Edinb. 1 83 1. 

Outlines of pathology. 8° Edinb. 1833. 

— - Another edition. 8° Edinb. 1843. 

Obfei-vations on the management of the poor in Scotland, 
and its effefts on the health of the great towns. 

8° Edinb. 1840. 

Obfervations on the famine of 1846-7, in the Highlands 
of Scotland and in Ireland, as illuflrating the connciflion of 
the principle of population with the management of the poor. 

8" Edinb. 1847. 

Obfen'ations on the reclamation of warte lands ; and their 
cultivation by croft hufbandry confidered, with a view to the 
produ<5live employment of deftitute labouiers, jiaujiers, and 
criminals. 8'^ Edinb. 1850. 

Letter to Sir John M'Neill, G.C.B., on Highland defti- 
tution, and the adequacy or inadequacy of emigration as a 
remedy. 8" Edinb. 1851. 

ALISTER (R.) PfeuJ. 0/ Alexander Robertson. 

ALIVA (Rene). 

The French language its own teacher ; or, the ftudy of 
French diverted of all its difficulties. . . . Part I. 

12° Lond. 1835. 

The young ladies' fiirt French book ; with a vocabulaiy 
of the French and Englilh, and tlie Englilh and French, of 
all the words ufed in the book. 8° Lond. 1854. 

ALKEN (HrsRv). 

The art and praflice of etching ; with direftions forotlier 
methods of light and entertaining engr.iving. 

8° Lond. 1849. 


All about it ; or, tlie hiftory and niyftei-y of common 
things. ■ 8° Lond. 1858. 




" Alia Giornata ;" or, to the day. 1826. [By Lady 
Charlotte Bury.] 

ALLAINVAL (Le'onor Soulas d'). 

B. at Chartres aboutthe beginning of the iSth century. D. 
at Paris, 2 May, 1753. 

L'ecole des bouigeois ; comedie en trois adles et en profe. 
[Petitot, Repertoire dii theatre Francois, XX. 269.] 


Ludovico XV. viftori pacifico ... hendecafyllabi. 

4^ [Paiifiis, 1739.] 

Profeiror of mathematics at the fchool of St. Cyr. 

Cours de mathematiques, a I'ufage des ecoles imperiales 
militaires ... \By M.M. Allai-ze, Billy, Puijfottt, and Boud- 
rol.] 8^ Paris, 1S09. 


Allan Breck. 1834. [By G. R. Gleig.] 


Allan M'Dougal ; or, fcenes in the Peninfida : a tale by 
a military officer. 3 vols. 12= Lond. 1S31. 


A iatyre upon F- 


-s of D- 

-r [Fories of Di/ihir,] 
by way of retuin for his Effay on marriage. [.^«o«.] 

S. Sh. [1704.] 
ALLAN (James). 

Minirter at Rothes. 

* A letter to the moderator of the next General Aflem- 
bly ; offering fome confiderations againft the impofing of the 
Weftminfter Conteflion of Faith, as terms of miniilerial com- 
munion ; and giving an account of the procefs carried on by 
the Synod of Morray, againil Mr. .lames Allan, miniller at 
Rothes, for alleged Bourignonifm, and his not fubfcribing 
the forefaid Confeffion, as the confeflion of his faith in eveiy 
article. ... By a Prefbyterian minifter of the Church of Scot- 
land. 4° n. p. I 707. 

A difcourfe concerning the gi'eat and wonderful events 
which (hall come to pafs in the \rII days. \Anon.\ 

4^ n. p. 1 708. 
ALLAN (James). 

* The life of James Allan, the celebrated Northumber- 
land piper, and other branches of his extraordinaiy family 

A new edition. 8° Blylh, I 8 18. 

ALLAN (James). 

The botanifts' word book. 
DONALD and James Allan.] 

1853. [5y George Mac- 

allan (James M'Grigor). 

Erneft Bafil : a novel. In three volumes. 

I 2° Lond. 1857. 

The intelleftual feverance of men and women. 

»" Lond. i860. 
The cofl: of a coronet : a romance of modern life. In 
three volumes. 12° Lond. 1862. 

ALLAN (John Hay). 

The bridal of Cacilchairn ; and other poems. 

8^ Lond. 1822. 
ALLAN (John H.) 

A pidforial tour in the Mediterranean : including Malta, 
Dalmatia, Turkey, AfiaMinor,Grecian Archipelago, Egypt, 
Nubia, Greece, Ionian Iflands, Sicily, Italy, and Spain. 

fol. Lond. 1843. 

ALLAN (Peter John). 

B. at York, 6 June, 1S25. D. at Frederidton, New Brunt- 
wicic, 1848. 

Poetical remains ... With a fhort biographical memoir 
[ly his brother, J. M^Grigor jlllan.^ Edited by the Rev. 
Henry Chriftmas, M.A. 12= Lond. 1853. 

ALLAN (Robert). 

Surgeon. B. at Edinburgh, 1778. D. 1826. 

Number firft of adittionaiyof the ancient language of Scot- 
land, with the etymons, containing the cognate words in the 
Anglo-Saxon, Gothic, Danifli, Swediili, Iflandic, Belgic, 
Irifh, Britifh, Gaelic, Latin, and French languages. 

4° Edinb. 1807. 

A treatife on the operation of lithotomy ; in which are 
demonftrated, the dangers of operating with the goi'get, and 
the fuperiority of the moi'e fimple operation with the knife 
andftafF. 4- Edinb. 1808. 

ALLAN (Robert). 

Review of the Calvinift ic creed ; or, truth againft prevail- 
ing error. 8° Glafgow, 1846. 

ALLAN (Thomas). 

A banlcer in Edinburgh. B. there, I 7 July, 1777. D. 12 
Sep. 1833. 

Mineralogical nomenclature alphabetically arranged : with 
iynoptic tables of the chemical analyfes of minerals. 

8° Edinb. 1814. 
ALLARD (Guy). 

B. near Grenoble, 1645. D. 1716. 
Hiftoire genealogique des families de Bonne, de Crequy, 
de Blanchefort, d'Agout, de Vefc, de Montlor, de Maubec, 
et de Montauban. 4'^ Gienoble, 1672. 


Farmer, Tayport, Fifefhire. 
A reply to the queftion. What is to be done with our con- 
vifts ? Being an expofition of a new fylfem for the employ- 
ment and management of convidt prifoners under fentence of 
tranfportation, or of imprifonment for periods of two years 
and upwards. 8° Dundee, 1854. 

ALLARTON (George). 

Lithotomy fimplified ; or, a new method of operating for 



ftone in the bladder, to which is appended, an interefting and 
unique cafe of Cxfarean ie(Sion. 8' Lend. 1854. 

Myfteries of medical life, or, doflors and their doings. 
Being a flictch of medical men geneially ; their manners, 
habits, virtues, vices, loves, hatreds, jealoufies, eccentiicities, 
fucceffes, failures, vexations, and difappointmcnts; with a de- 
fcription of their treatment and ill-treatment of the pill-Uiking 
public. 8' Lond. 1856. 

ALLASON (Thomas). 

Pidlurefque views of the antiquities of Pola, in Iftria. 

fol. Lond. 1 8 1 9. 


Librarian of the Vatican. B. in the idand of Scio, i 586. D. 
19 Jan. 1669. 

De Symeonum fcriptis diatriba. See F. Combefis. 

De Pfellis et eoram fcriptis diatriba. 8° Ronix-, 1634. 

Animadverhoncs in Antiquitatum Etrufcarum fragmenta 
ab Inghiraniio edita. 4= Pariliis, 164O. 

De menfura tempoi'umantiquoi-um,et])ra;cipuc Grxcorum, 
exercitjitio. 8° Colonia- Agrippinae, 1645. 

De templis Grascorum recentioribus ad loanncm Mori- 
num ; de narthece ecelefiae veteris, ad Gaf])arum dc Simconi- 
bus ; nee non de Grjecorum hodie quorundam opinationibus, 
ad Paullum Zacchiam. 8° Colonix Agrippins-, 1645. 

1i>[j.ij.iJiTa, five opufculorum Grsecorum et Latinorum, 
vetuftiorum ac recentiomm, libri duo. Edente, iionnullis ad- 
ditis, Bartoldo Nihufio. 8° Colonic Agrippinas, 1^)53. 

— Another edition. fol. Venetiis, 1733. 

De odhava fynodo Photiana. Annexa eft Jo. Henrici Hot- 
tingcri Difputationis apologetics de Ecclefii Orientalis atque 
Occidcntalis, t:im in dogmate, quam in ritibus difTenfu, et 
Juvenis Ulmenfis Exercitationis hiftorico-theologicae de Ec- 
clefia Grascanica hodierna, refutatio. Romx, 1662. 

4° Francofuiti, 1666. 

Leonis Allatii, in Roberti Crcygtoni Apparatum, verfi- 
onem & notas ad hiltoriam Concilii Florentini, fcriptam a Sil- 
veftro Syropulo, de unione inter Gracco.s, & Latinos, exerci- 
tationes ... 4= Rome, 1674. 

Apes urbanx, five dc viris illuftribus qui abanno mdcxxx. 
per totum mdcxxxii. Romx adfuerunt, ac ty])is aliquid cvul- 
garunt. Et .loannis Ini])eriali.<, ]>hil. et medici Vicentini, 
Mufeum hiftoricum, viroitim litteris illudrium elogia vitas 
eorundem et mores notantia com])lexum ; prxmiila pra;fa- 
tione Jo. Albeiti Fabricii. 8° Hamburgi, 171 i. 

Dc patria Homeri liber. [Gronovii;s, Thrfauru! Gra- 
carum anlif/uihitum, x. 1697.] 

Homeri natales, Grasce, cum interpretatione Latina An- 
drew Ikjani. .[Ibid. x. 1853.] 

Epiftolaad Johannem Morinum. [Baluze, Mi/ceUtineti, 

i. 4«7-] 

Confutatio fabulx deJoannaPapiflliexmonumentisGnccis. 
[ScHELHORN, jlmanilales lilerant, ix. 779.] 

De engaftrimytho fyntagma. [Critici Sacri, ii. 105 I.] 


All-bedevil'd ; or, tlie houfe in a hurry : a farce. 
\By Moses Brown.] 


ALLBUT (Mrs. William). 

Much in little : a compendium of fa<5ts and information. 
For the ufe of girls' fchools. 8° Lond. 1859. 

ALLBUTT (Thomas), M.A. 

Rural dean, and vicar of Dewibury. 

Feeding the lambs : a fernion, preached in the cathedral 
church of Ripon, at the ordination held by the Ld. Bp. of 
Ripon, on the 3d Sunday in Advent, Dec. 17, 1 848. \^Jobn 
xxi. 15.] 12° Lond. 1848. 

The Sund.iy fcholar's Chriftian year : a fcheme of Chrif- 
tian inftru(5Hon, arranged in accordance with the annual courfe 
of the fei-vices of the Church of England, for the ufe of 
fchools. Sixth edition. 12° Lond. [i860.] 

ALLDAY (.Joseph). 

" Tmth is ftranger than fi<Sion." Tme account of the 
proceedings leading to, and a full and authentic report of, the 
fearching inquiiy by Her Majefty's Conimilfioners, into the 
horrible fyilem of difcipline pradlifcd at the borough gaol of 
Birmingham. Edited by Jofeph AUday, churchwarden. 

8' Birmingham, 1853. 


The goldfmith's repofitoiy, confciining a concife elemen- 
tary trcatife on the art of aflaying metals ... Alfo an ap])en- 
dix. 8° Lond. 1 789. 


Suite des Charadti^res de Theophrafte et des Penfees de 
M. Pafcal. [yliiori.] 12° Paris, 1697. 


A difcourfe concerning the fignification of allegiance, as 
it is to be underilood in tlie new oath of allegiance. 

4° n. p. [1689.] 

Confiderations humbly offered for taking tlie oath of al- 
legiance to King William and Queen Mary. 

12° Lond. 1689. 

A difcourfe, fliewing that it is lawfull, and our duty to 
fwear obedience to King William, notwithftanding the oath 
of allegiance taken to the late king. By a divine in the 
north. 4° Lond. 1689. 

The prefent cafe ftatcd : or, tlie oatlis of allegiance and 
fupremacy no badges of flavery. 4" Lond. 1689. 

— [Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, x. 301.] 

Allegiance and prerogative conlideied : in a letter from a 
gentleman in the country to his friend upon his being choleii 
a member of the meeting of States in Scotland. 

4" n. p. 1689. 

The cafe of the peoi>le of England in their ])refent cir- 
cumdances confidered ; fliewing, how far tliey are 01 are not 
obliged by the oath of allegiance. 4" Lond. 1689. 

The cafe of allegiance in our prefent circunillances con- 
fider'd : in a letter from a minifter in the city, to a minifter 
in the counti-y. 4" Lond. 1689. 

An examination of the fcruples of thofe who refufe to take 
the oath of allegiance. 1689. | //)• Piene Allix. | 

A gener;J claim to alligiince, whether Deill, pagan, Jew, 



Turk, Quaker, Prefbytcrian, or Church of England, atheifts 
and tories only excepted, proving neither of them can be 
good fubjefts. With refleftions on the cafe of James Shep- 
heard ... 8° Lond. 17 i8. 


De I'allegorie, ou traites fui- cette mati^re, par Winckel- 
mann, Addifon, Sulzer, etc. ... 1799. \Tranflated by H. J. 

ALLEGRACUORIUS (Galvanus). See Galvanus. 

ALLEGRETTI (Allegretto). 

A native of Siena In the Grand Duchy of Tufcany, who lived 
in the middle of the 1 5th century, and took part in many of the 
events recorded in the following work. 

Diarj . . . delle cofe Sanefi del fuo tempo, ( 1 4 5 o- 1 496. ) 
[MuEiATORi, Rerum Italicarum fcrlptores, xxiii. 763.] 

ALLEGRETTI (Antonio). 

A Florentine poet of the i6th century. 
Poefie. [RuBBi, Parnafo Ital'tano, xxxi.] 

ALLEGRI (Alessandro). 

B. at Florence, where he d. about 1597. 

La prima parte delle Rime piacevoli d'Aleffiindro AUegri. 
Raccolte dal M. Rev. D. Orazio Morandi, e da Francefco 
Allegri date in luce. 4° Verona, 1605. 

Seconda parte ... Raccolte dal S. commendator Era la- 
copo Gucci, cavalier Gerofolimitano ; e da Francefco Allegri 
date in luce. 4° Verona, 1607. 

La terza parte . . . Raccolte dal S. commendator Agnol 
Minerbetti, e dal Cavalier Lorenzo Mattioli date in luce. 

4° Fiorenza, 160S. 

La quarta parte ... Dal Sig. Fiancefco Caliari raccolte, 
e date in luce. 4° Verona, 16 13. 

Rime, e profe. 4° Amfterdamo, 1754. 

Poemata. \J2arm'tna Uhijlrium poetarum Itahrmn, i. 


ALLEINE (Joseph). 

B. at Devizes, and educated at the Univerfity of Oxford. 
Curate at Taunton, 1655, but ejefted for nonconformity, 1662. 
Having been fubje(5led to long and fevere imprifonment on 
feveral occafions, his health gave way, and he d. 1668, when 
about thirty-five years of age. 

A call to Archippus ; or, an humble and earneft motion 
to fome eje(5led minifters (by way of letter) to take heed to 
their miniftry, that they fulfil it. [y/no«.] 

4° n. p. 1664. 

*^ Jofeph Alleine : his companions and times ... 1861. 
By Charles Stanford. 


Epigrams on fubjecfls divine and moral, for the entertain- 
ment of youth : chiefly intended as an exercife for children 
that learn to write. With a recommendatory poem by N. 
Tate, Efq., poet-laureat to Her Majefty. 

4° Lond. 1706. 

ALLEINE (Richard). 

B. at Dicheat, Somerfetihire, 161 1. Educated at St. Alban 
Hall, Oxford. Reftor of Batcombe, 1641. Ejefted at the 
Reftoration. D. 22 Dec. 1681. 

The Chiiftian's dally praftice of piety ; or, holy walking 
with God ; as alfo. Scripture rules to be obfen-ed in buying 
and felling ... 8° Edinb. 1703. 

Inftmftions about heait-work ; and a companion for prayer 
. . . Revifed and corrected, with a biographical fl<;etch of the 
author, by the Rev. John S. Stamp.* 8° Lond. 1846. 

ALLEMAGNE. See Germany. 


Traite du manage et de fes effets. 2 tom. 

8" Paris, 1853. 
ALLEN (Alexander). 

B. at Hackney, London, 21 Sep. 1814. Received his early 
education from his frther, John Allen, author of *' Modern 
Judaifm," and completed his ftudies at Univerfity College, Lon- 
don. Succeeded his father in his fchool at Hackney. D. 6 
Nov. 1S42. 

Conftmftive Greek exercLfes, for teaching Greek from the 
beginning by writing. 12° Lond. 1839. 

A new Latin deleftus : being fentences for ti'anflation from 
Latin into Englilh and Englifh into Latin ; arranged in a 
fyftematic progrellion. 12° Lond. 18 40. 

ALLEN (Alfred), M.A. 

Curate of Burton-Coggles, Lincolnfhire. 
The fupreraacy of the Scriptures as the rule of faith : a 
fermon. \Ifa'iah Vm. 20.] 8° Lond. 185 i. 


A few words anent the " red" pamphlet. By one who 
has fenced under the Marquis of Dalhoufie. Third edition. 

8° Lond. 1S58. 
ALLEN (Charles), A.M. 

A new and improved Roman hiftory, from the foundation 
of the city of Rome, to its final diflblution as the feat of em- 
igre, in the year of Chrift 476, and including a period of 
about 1228 years from its commencement under Romulus... 
Defigned for tlie ufe of fchools. 8" Lond. n. d. 

ALLEN (Charles Bruce). 

Cottage building : or, hints for improving the dwellings of 
the labouring clafles. 12° Lond. 1849. 

ALLEN (Francis Thomas). 

The law and praftice of fummoning trader-debtors to the 
courts of bankmptcy, under the ftatute I and 2 Vift. cap. 
1 10, fee. 8, and under the ftatute 5 and 6 Vift. cap. 122. 
To which is added, the Small debts Aft (8 and 9 Vift. 
cap. 127), with notes, obfervations, and foiTns, and a copious 
index. 8° Lond. 1845. 

ALLEN (George). 

Of the Navigation Office, Stone, Staffordshire. 
New and corredt tables, for calculating the amount of the 



tolls on goods, carried on navigable canals and rivers, alfo for 
calculating the amount of freight on goods fo carried. 

fol. NewcalUc, StafFordlhire, 1800. 

ALLEN (Henricus E.), A.B. 

Do<ftrina copularum lingux Latinas ; five de vi atque ufu 
elegantiori paiticulamm, Ac, Atque, Et, -Que, deque earum 
formulis commentarius. I2° Lond. 1830. 

ALLEN (Henry), M.A. 

Vicar of St. Mary-lc-Wigford, Lincoln, 1837. Vicar of Pate- 
ham, Suflex, 1843. 

Prayers for private and family worfliip, founded upon tiie 
piivate lituigles. 12" Lond. 1839. 

ALLEN (Isaac Nicholson), B.A. 

Chaplain in the Eaft India Company's fervlce. 
Diary of a march through Sinde and Affghaniftan, with 
the troops under the command of General Sir William Nott, 
K.C.B., &c. ; and fermons delivered on various occafions 
during the campaign of 1842. 12= Lond. 1843. 

ALLEN (James). 

B. 1733. Educated at Cambridge for the Church ofEngland, 
but became a dillenting minifter, without any fixed charge. D. 

The danger of philofophy, to the faith and order of the 
Churches of Chrill: : an effay. Second edition. 

8° Beverley, 1852. > 
ALLEN (John), M.D. 

A phyfician at Bridgewater, Somerfetlhire. D. there, 16 Sep. 
1 741. 

S])ecimina ichnographica : or, a brief narrative of feveral 
new inventions and experiments ; particularly, the navigating 
a fhip in a calm, the improvement of the engine to raife water 
by fire, a new method of drying malt, &c. 

4" Lond. 1730. 

ALLEN (John), M.D. 

B. at Redford, near Edinburgh, Jan. 1770. Educated at the 
Unlverfity of Edinburgh, where he took the degree of M.D. 
Removed to London, and was appointed mafter of Dulwich Col- 
lege. D. 3 April, 1843. 

Illuftrations of Mr. Hume's EfTiy concerning liberty and 
ncceflity, in anfwcr to Dr. Gregory of Edinburglu By a 
necefiiuirian. 8° Lond. 1795. 

Rejjly to Dr. Lingard's Vindication : in a letter to Francis 
JefFray, Efq. Second edition. 8° Lond- 1827. 

• iquij'y into the rife and growth of the royal prerogative 
in England. 8' Lond. 1830. 

— Another edition, with the author's latell correftions, 
biogra])hical notices, &c. To which is added an inquiry into 
the life and charafter of King Eadwig. 8° Lond. I 849. 

Vindication of the ancient independence of Scotland. 

8" Lend. 1833. 

ALLEN (John). 

B. at Truro, in Cornwall, 1 77 1. Removed to London, and 
for upwards of thirty years conduced a private academy at Hack- 
ney, where he d. 17 June, 1839. 

Modern Judaifm ; or, a brief account of the opinions, tra- 
ditions, rites, and ceremonies of the Jews in modern times. 

8" Lond. I N 1 A. 

ALLEN (.John). 

Bibliotheca Herefordienfis ; or, a defcriptive catalogue of 
books, pamphlets, maps, prints, &c. &c., relating to the county 
of Hereford. 8° Hereford, 1821. 

ALLEN (,Iohn), M.A. 

Archdeacon of Salop, diocefe of Lichfield, late one of H.M. 
infpeftors of fchools. 

The humiliation and exaltation of our Redeemer, in 3 2 
piints, reprefenting the original wood-blocks of Albert Durer. 
Edited by John Allen. 8° Lond. 1856. 

The penny hymn book ; containing one hundred and 
twenty-two hymns, feledled for public and private ufe. Large 
type edition. 8° Lond. n. d. 

ALLEN (John). 

* A little hiftory of John Allen, of S. Saviour's, Leeds. 

8° Lond. n. d. 
ALLEN (John). 

State Churches and the kingdom of Chrift : an eflay on 
the eftablifhment of minifters, forms and fervices of religion 
by fecular power ; and on its inconfillency with the free, 
humbling, fpiritual nature of the Chriftian difpenfation. 

S' Lond. 1853. 
Hiftoiy of the borough of Lifkeard and its vicinity. 

8° Lond. 1856. 
ALLEN (John Taylor), M.A. 

Vicar of Stradbrook, Suffolk. 
A fermon, preached in the cathedral church of Cheller, 
Aug. 2lft, 1823, at the fummer affizes ... [Deut. iv. 6.] 

4° Mancheller, 1823. 
ALLEN (Joseph), D.D. 

Educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, of which he held a 
fellow (hip. Vicar of Battcrfea, 1S08, which he rcfigned, 1829, 
on his appointment to the living of St. Bride's in Fleet Street. 
Confecrated Bhhop of Briftol, 1834, and tranflated. Oft. 1836, 
to Ely, where he d. 2o March, 1845, aged (eventy-five. 

The dangers to which the Chuich of Chrill is expofed 
both from without and within : a fermon, preached at the 
primaiy vifitation of the Rt. Rev. Ld. Bp. of Wincheller, 
on Wednefday, June 12, 1822 ; in the parifli church of 
Kingfton-upon-Thames. [2 77m. i. 1 3.] 

4° Lond. 1822. 
A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocefe of Brif- 
tol, at the primary vifitition of tliat diocefe in OiH:. 1835. 

4° Lond. 1835. 
Briflol didrift focieties : a fermon, preached at the anni- 
vetfary of thefc focieties, in the cathedral church of Brillol, 
on Tuefday, Sep. 15, 1835. [Hi. ii. 10.] 

4 J Lond. 1835. 
The necefiiiry ])reparation for holy ordei s : a fermon, 
preached at his primary ordination, on Sunday, Nov. 27, 
1836, in the catliedral church of Ely. [2 'i'iin. iii. i;.] 

40 Lond. 1836. 
A charge, delivered to the clergy of the Ifle of Ely, and 
the county of Cambridge, at the primaiy vifit.ition of that 
part of the diocefe of Ely, in September, 1837. 

4^ Lond. 1837. 
A charge delivered to the clergy of tiie diocefe of Ely, 
at the fecond quadrennial vifitation of tliat part of tiic diocefe 



comprifing the Ifle of Ely and the county of Cambridge ; and 
the primai-y vifitation of the other part of the diocefe ; held 
in June, July, and Auguft, 184I. S' Lond. 184I. 

A fermon, preached at tlie confecration of the church of 
St. Andrew-the-Great, Cambridge, on Thurfday, Oft. 19, 
1843. [Jer.V\. \6.] 8° Land. 1843. 

Sermons on various fubjefls, and a charge to the clergy of 
the diocefe of Ely. 8° Lond. 1858. 

* The correfpondence between the Ecclefiaftical Commif- 
fioners and the Bilhop of Ely. 8" Lond. 1B37. 

ALLEN (Joseph). 

Battles of the Britifli navy ; from a.d. iooo to 18 40. 2 
vols. 8° Lond. 1842. 

— Another edition. 8° Lond. 1852. 

Catalogue of the portraits of diftinguiflied naval command- 
ers, and reprefentations of their warlike achievements, ex- 
hibited in the naval gallery of Greenwich Hofpital. Revifed 
and illuftrated with notes. 12° Lond. 1844. 

The navigation laws of Great Britain hiftorically and prac- 
tically confidered, with reference to commerce and national 
defence. 8° Lond. 1849. 

Life of Lord Vifcount Nclfon, K.B., Duke of Bronte, 
&c. 8° Lond. 1853. 

Life of the Earl of Dundonald, G.C.B. 

8° Lond. 1861. 

ALLEN (Lake). 

The hiftoiy of Poitfmouth ; containing a full and enlarged 
account of its ancient and prefent (late . . . To which is added 
an appendix ... 12° Lond. 1817. 

ALLEN (Lucas Benjamin). 

One of the maglftrates of Union Hall, Southwark. 

Brief confiderations on the prefent ftate of the police of 
the metropolis : with a few fuggeftions towards its impiove- 
ment. 8° Lond. 182 i. 

ALLEN (Mrs. M.) 

A hiftory of Ford Abbey, Dorfetfhire: late in the county 
of Devon, [^non.] 12° Lond. 1846. 

ALLEN (Matthew), M.D. 

Cafes of infanity, with medical, moral, and philofophical 
obfervations and eflays upon them. Part L Vol. i. 

8° Lond. 183 I. 
Eflays on the claflification of the infane. 

8° Lond. [1837.] 

ALLEN (Nathan), A.M., M.D. 

Editor of the American Phrenological Journal and Mifcel- 

An eflay on the connexion of mental philofophy with 
medicine. 8 Philadelphia, 1841. 

ALLEN (Peter), M.D. 

A few pradtical obfei-vations on deafnefs and difeafes of 
the ear, arifing from fmall pox, fcarlet fever, and meafles. 

8° Lond. 1853. 

ALLEN (Robert). 

The great importance of the Havannah, fet forth in an 
eflliy on the nature and methods of cariying on a trade to the 
South Sea, and the Spanifti Weft Indies. 

8° Lond. I 762. 

ALLEN (Robert). 


The whole town and country pradlice of the court for 
relief of infolvent debtors, with full inftroftions to creditors, 
and all forms, lules, and orders of the court, under I and 2 
Vi(5t. c. I to. 12° Lond. 1839. 

The pradlice of common law courts, and practical lawyer's 
pocket book ; containing full forms and direftions in every 
ftage of proceedings in the conduft of an aftion at law. 

8° Lond. 1841. 

Wills : a digeft of the whole law relating to their con- 
ftrtiflion ; with forms, adapted to every fituation in life. 

8^ Lond. 1842. 

ALLEN (Robert Austen), M.D. 

The diagnofis and treatment of venereal difeafes. 

8° Lond. 1855. 
ALLEN (Robert James), B.A. 

Suggeftions on the organifation of the Britifh army : in a 
letter to the Right Hon. Earl Grey. 8° Lond. 1855. 

ALLEN (Rose). 

The autobiography of Rofe Allen. Edited by a lady. 

8° Lond. 1847. 
ALLEN (Samuel James), M.A. 

B. in London, 1798. Educated at Merchant Taylors' School 
and at Pembroke College, Cambridge. Vicar of Eafingwold, 
Yorkniire. D. 29 April, 1856. 

Leftures in defence of the Church of England, as a nation- 
al and fpiritual inftitution, delivered at St. Peter's church, 
Blackburn, during Lent, 1833, and before the Univerfity of 
Cambridge, in January, 1834. 8° Lond. 1834. 

What does the Church for the people ? a fermon, preached 
at the vifitation of the Rt. Rev. John Bird [Sumner,] Ld. 
Bp. of Chefter, in the parifh church of Blackburn, on Tuef- 
day, July 7, 1835. [P^r. cxxii. 8, 9.] 8°Lond. 1835. 

A fermon, preached at Bumley church, on Sunday, July I, 
1838, on occafion of the coronation of Her Moft Gracious 
Majefty, Oueen Yiftoria. [2 Chron. ix. 3-6.] 

8° Lond. 1838. 

Our Lord's piayer for unity : a fermon, preached at the 
vifitation of the Yen. H. J. Todd, M.A., in St. Mary's 
church, Thirfli, on Thuifday, July 29, l 8 4 1 . [John xvii. 
1 1.] 4° Lond. 1842. 

ALLEN (Sir Thomas). 

A native of Loweftoft, and Admiral of the White in the reign 
of Charles II. The dates of his birth and death are unknown. 

Articles of peace between ... Charles the Second ... and 
the city and kingdom of Algiers ; concluded by Thomas 
Allen ... 1664. [Scott's edition of Somers' Tracts, vii. 




ALLEN (Thomas). ] 

* Another out-ci-y of the innocent and opprefled. Being a 
true account of the unjuft and illegal proceedings of Richard 
Rainsford and Roger Norwich, and others, againft Thomas 
Allen, Francis Child, Richard Coe, and William Line, being 
fuch as are called Quakers, at the general Quarter Seflions 
holden at the caftle in Northampton on the 12. and i 3 days 
of the loth moneth 1665, where Rich. Rainsford fat in 
judgment ... 4' n. p. 1665. 

ALLEN (Thomas). 

B. at Oxford, 16S2. Educated at Wadham College. Reftor 
of Kettering, 1715. U. there, 31 May, 1755.- 

The praftice of a holy life ; or, the Chiiftian's daily exer- 
cife, in meditations, prayers, and iiJes of holy living. Fitted 
to the capacity of the meaneft devout reader ... neceffary for 
all families. 8° Lend. 17 16. 

ALLEN (Thomas). 

A topographical writer, draughtfman, and engineer. B. about 
1S03. D. fuddenly of cholera, 20 July, 1833. 

" The hiftory and antiquities of the pajilh of Lambeth, and 
the archiepifcopal palace, in the county of Surrey. Includ- 
ing biographical fl-cetches of the moft eminent and remarkable 
perfons, who have been born, or have redded there from the 
earliefl: period ... 8° Lond. 1827. 

•^ The hiftoiy and antiquities of London, Weftminfter, 
Southwark, and parts adjacent. 4 vols. 

8° Lond. 1827-9. 
A new and complete hiftory of the county of York . . . 
illuftrated by a feries of views, engraved on flecl from original 
drawings by Nathaniel Whittock. 6 vols. 

8° Lond. 1828-31. 
Hiftory of the counties of Surrey and SufTex ... illuf- 
trated by a feries of views, engraved on fteel from original 
drawings by Nathaniel Whittock. 2 vols. 

8^ Lond. 1829-30. 
ALLEN (Thomas). 

New Seflions cafes ... 1845-7. By .1. M. Carrow, 
J. Hamerton, and T. Allen. 

ALLEN (UDNtY John Thomas), B.A. 

Vicar of Leyldown, Kent, 
Work of the miniftry : a fermon, preached in the parifli 
church of Sittingbourne, Kent, at the vifitation of the Ven. 
the Archdeacon of Maidftone (diocefe of Cant.-rbury,) on 
Friday, May 5, i^!54. \Prijv. xi. 30.] 

8" Lond. 1854. 

ALLEN (William). PJiud. 0/ Silas Titus. 

ALLEN (William). 

B. at RoflTall, Lancartiire, I 532. Educated at Oriel College, 
Oxford. Principal of St. Mary's Hall during the reign of yuccn 
Mary. On the accclTion of Elizabeth, retired to Louvain, and 
was one of the founders of the Englifh College at Douai. Pro- 
moted to the rank of cardinal by Gregory XIII., 7th Aug, I 587, 
D, at Rome, 6th Oft, 1594. The following work was intended 
for diHribution in England, in the event of the fuccefs of the 
Spanilh armada. 

Cardinal Allen's admonition to the nobility and people of 

VOL. I. 

England and Ireland, &c., a.d. 1558. Reprinted, with a 
preface by .Eupator \Rev. Jofeph Mendham.'\ 

8° Lond. 1842. 
ALLEN (William). 

Some baptifmal abufes briefly difcovered : or, a cordial 
endeavour to reduce the adminiftration and ufe of baptifm to 
its primitive purity ; in two parts : tlie firft part tending to 
difpiove the lawfulnefs of infant baptifm ; the fecond part 
tending to prove it necefl"ary for perfons to be baptized after 
they believe, their infant baptifm or any pre-profefllon of the 
Gofpel notwithftanding, &c. 4° Lond. 1653. 

ALLEN (William). 

Late adjutant-general of the army in Ireland. 

A faithful memorial of that remarkable meeting of many 
officers of tlie army in England, at Windfor Caftle, in the 
year 1648. 1659. \Scoii's edition of Sonurs' Tracts, 
vi. 498.] 

ALLEN (William). 

B, in London, 29 Aug, 1770. Diftinguiflied for his great 
attainments in chemiftry. D. 30 Dec. 1843. 

Companion to the tranfit inftrument, containing the right 
afcenfion and declination of ftars from the firft to the fourth 
magnitude, with die places of fome of the moft interefting 
double ftars. [Priori.] 8° Lond. 18 15. 

The fubftance of an addrefs to the ftudcnts at Guy's 
Hofpiuil, at the clofe of the ledturcs upon experimental philo- 
fophy. 8° Lond. 1826. 

Colonies at home : or, the means for rendering the induf- 
trious labourer independent of parifli relief ; and for providing 
for the poor jjopulation of Iieland, by the cultivation of the 
foil. Second edition. 8° Lindfield, 1827. 

— Another edition. 8° Lindfield, 1832. 

A plan for diminifliing the poor's rates in agricultural dif- 
trifts. Being a brief account of the objefts and jilans pur- 
fued upon " Gravely eftatc," in the jiarifli of Lindfield, in 
Suflex, by .lohn Smith, M.P., and William Allen, for better- 
ing the condition of the agricultural poor. 

8' Lond. I S33. 

* Life of William Allen : with fcleftions from his cor- 
refpondence. 3 vols. 8° Lond. 1846-7. 

* Memoir of W. Allen, F.R.S. 1851. [By James 

ALLEN (William), D.D. 

B. at Pittsfield, MalTachulctts, 2 Jan. 17S4, PrcfiJent of 
Bowdoin College, 1820-39. 

An American biographical and hiftorical dii5lionary ; con- 
taining an account of the lives, charac'ters, and writings of the 
moft eminent pei-fons in North America from its fiill fettle- 
mcnt, and a fummaiy of the hiftory of die feveral colonies and 
of the United States. Second edition. 

8" Bofton, 1832. 

ALLEN (William), M.A. 

Perpetual curate of Peel, Lancalhirr. O. 8 March, 1834. 
Sermons. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1835. 




ALLEN (William). 

A narrative of the expedition fent by Her Majefty's Go- 
vernment to the River Niger, in 1 841, under the command 
of Captain H. D. Trotter, R.N. By Captain William 
Allen and T. R. H. Thomfon. In two volumes. 

8" Lond. 1848. 

A plan for the immediate extin<5lion of the flave trade, for 
the relief of the Weft India colonies, and for the difRifion of 
civilization and Chriftianity in Africa, by the co-operation of 
mammon with philanthropy. 8' Lond. 1849. 

The Dead Sea, a new route to India : with other frag- 
ments and gleanings in the Eaft. 2 vols. 

8' Lond. 1855. 

ALLEN (William Ely). 

A treatife on an entirely original fyftem of cultivating 
cucumbers, melons, and fea kale, forcing broccoli, potatoes, 
&c. &c. With an addrefs to the gardeners of Suffolk, and 
a practical critique on Smith's treatife. 

8^ Ipfwich, n. d. 

ALLEN (William G.) 

The American prejudice againft colour. An authentic 
narrative, fhowing how eafily the nation got into an uproar. 

123 Lond. 1853. 

ALLENT (Pierre Alexandre Joseph). 

B. at St. Omer, 2 Aug. 1772. D. 3 July, 1837. 

Hiftoire du Coqis Imperial du Genie ; des fieges et des 
travaux qu'il a diriges, et des chargemens que I'attaque, la 
defenfe, la conftrudlion et I'adminiftration des forterefTes ont 
regus, en France, depuis I'origine de la fortification moderne 
jufqu'a nos jours. Premiere paitie, depuis I'origine de la 
fortification moderne jufqu'a la fin du r^gne de Louis XIV. 

8° Paris, 1805. 


AUerton and Dreux ; or, the war of opinion. By the 
author of " A rhyming chronicle." 2 vols. 

a" Lond. 1851. 
ALLESTER (David). 

Writer to the Signet. D. 1 851. 
A chapter for conveyancers ; or, notes explanatory of the 
technical words and expreffions conftituting deftinations of 
land, and other heritable eftate, in Scotland. 

8° Edinb. 1847. 
Decimal dividend tables. 12° Lond. 1847. 

ALLESTREE (Richard), D.D. 

B. at Uppington, Shropfliire, 1619. Educated at Chrift 
church, Oxford, and in 1642 took up arms in the caufe of the 
king. Shortly afterwards he took holy orders, and officiated as 
chaplain in'various Royalift families. At the Reftoration he was 
made canon of Chrili church, and in 1665, provoft of Eton. 
D. at Eton, 28 Jan. 1680. 

* The life of R. Alleftree, D.D. ...[By John Fell.] 
ALLETZ (Pons-Augustin). 

B. at Montpellier, 1703. D. at Paris, 7 March, 17S5. 
Hiftoire des Cnges, et autres animaux curieux, dont I'in- 
ftinft et I'induftrie excitent I'admiration des hommes, comme 
les elephans, les caftors, etc. [y^non.'j 12° Paris, 1752. 

L'efprit des journaliftes de Trevoux ; ou, morceaux pre- 
cieux de litterature, repandus dans les Memoiies pour I'hif- 
toiie des fciences et des beaux-aits, depuis leur origine en 
1701, jufqu'en 1762. 4 torn. [.<^non.] 

12° Paris, 1771. 

Abrege de I'hiftoire Grecque, depuis les terns heioiques 
jufqu'a la reduction de la Gr^ce en province Romaine ... 
Nouvelle edition. \jlnon.^ 12° Paris, 1774. 

ALLETZ (P. Jullien). 

B. at Paris, 6 Feb. 1754. Commiflaire de police. 

Didtionnaire de police moderne pour toute la France, con- 
tenant, par ordie alphabetique de mati^res et dans la forme 
reglementaire, I'analyfe et le rapprochement des difpofitions, 
tant anciennes non abrogees, que modernes, des lois, ordon- 
nances, reglemens, arretes et decifions, concemant la police 
adminiftrative, judiciaire, militaire et maritime ; les regies et 
les principes confacres pai' un ufage conftant ayant force de 
loi ; les difpofitions de droit civil relatives aux interets ordi- 
naires et journaliers des citoyens, etc. Sui\4 de modeles 
d'aftes en matieres de la police. 4 tom. 

8° Pains, 1820. 

ALLEXANDRE (Jacques). 

A Benediftine of the congregation of Saint-Maur, b. at 
Orleans, 24 Jan. 1653. D. 23 June, 1734. 

Traite general des horloges. 8" Paris, 1734. 

ALLEY (Jerome), B.A. 

Reftor of the parilhes of Beaulieu and Drumcarr, in the dio- 
cefe of Armagh. 

A femion preached at the parifh church of Saint Maiy, 
Iflington ... on Sunday morning, November 16, i8i7,occa- 
fioned by the death of Her Royal Highnefs the Princefs 
Charlotte of Wales and Saxe Cobourg, &c. Second edition. 
[Job xxxiv. 18-20.] 8° Lond. 18 1 8. 

Vindiciffi Chriftianas: a comparative eftimate of the genius 
and temper of the Greek, the Roman, the Hindu, the Ma- 
hometan, and the Chriftian religions. 8^ Lond. 1826. 

ALLEYN (Edward). 

B. in London, i Sep. 1566. Founder of DuKvich College. 
D. 25 Nov. 1626. 

* The Alleyn papers. A colleftion of original docu- 
ments tlluftrative of tlie life and times of Edwaid Alleyn, 
and of the early Engiilli ftage and di'ama. With an intro- 
duiftion by J. Payne Collier, F.S.A. [For the Shakefpeare 
Society.] 8^ Lond. 1843. 

* Memoirs of Edward Alleyn ... 1841. By J. Payne 

ALLEYNE (John). 

The legal degrees of marriage ftated and confidered, in a 
feries of letters to a friend. With an appendix, containing 
letters from feveral divines and others. The third edition. 

8^ Lond. 18 ic. 

All for the bcft : a ftory of quiet life. In three volumes. 

8^ Lond. 1 86 1. 



ALLIACO (Petrus de). 

B. at Compii-gne, 1350. Grand-mafter of the College of 
Navarre, 1384. Raifed to the cardinalate by John XXlll. D. 

De emendatione Ecclefis libellus . . . patribus olim oblatus 
in Concilio Conftantienfi congregatis, quod ChiilHaniflimus 
pririceps Sigiimundus Augustus conuocarat, non tim ob Ec- 
clefis concoidiam, quam communis morum emcndationis fpe. 
Quas quo minus procclTerit per hunc non f^L-tit, fed per eccle- 
fiafticos, Germanicx fimplicitati imponente Romana aftutia. 

4° n. p. n. d. 

De falfis prophetis. [Gersonius, Opera, i. 489, 511.] 

Recommendatio Sacra.- Scripturx. [Ibid. i. 603.] 

Principium in curfum Bibliae, praefeitim in Evangclium 
Marci. [Ibid. i. 610.] 

Quxftio : utrum Trinitas perfonaram in una natura, crca- 
turae fit incommunicabilis. [Ibid. i. 617, 625.] 

De libertate cieaturx rationalis ante ct pod lapfum. [Ibid. 
i. 630.] 

Quxrtio : utnim confcientia erronea excufet a culpa. [Ibid, 
i. 636.] 

De legitime dominio. [Ibid. i. 641.] 

Utiiim indodtus in jure divino poflit jufte pi'xefTe. [Ibid, 
i. 646.] 

Quxftio : utinim Petri Ecclefia lege reguletur. [Ibid. i. 

— [RiCHERius, Vind'tciii Jo9nn£ majorum Schola Par'ift- 
enfis, iii. 5.] 

Quxftio : utrum Petri Ecclefia rege gubernetur ; lege 
reguletur ; fide confirmetur ; jure dominetur. [Ibid. iii. 1 9.] 

— [Gersonius, Opera, i. 672.] 

Sermo coram Papa Clemcnte VII., Avenione habitus, 
circa negotium Univcrdtatis Parilicnfis advcrfijs Joanncm de 
Montefono. [Ibid. i. 697.] 

Propofitio fadlain confiftorio contra M. Joann. de Monte- 
fono. [Ibid. i. 702.] 

Apologia Facultiitis Theologia- Parificnfis, circa damna- 
tioncm .loannis de Montefono. [Ibid. i. 709.] 

Traftatus duo adverfus Cancellarium Parifienfem, quod 
nihil liceat cxigere pro gradu licentia;. [Ibid. i. 723.] 

Tradtatus contra aftronomos. [Ibid. i. 778.] 

De difficultate reformationis in concilio univerfali. [Ibid. 
ii. 867.] 

Epiftolx dux ad funimum Pontificem Joannem XXIII. 
[Ibid. ii. 876.] 

Fragmentum epifioix ad Joannem XXIII. | Ibid. ii. 883.] 

Monita de necefiitate reformationis Ecclefix in capitc et 
in membris. [Ibid. ii. 885.] 

Tradtatus de reformationc, feu canones reformandi Eccle- 
fiam. [Ibid. ii. 903.] 

— [Ort. Gratius, Fafc'tculus, isfi:. i. 406.] 

De officio Pa])X, Iniperatoris, reliquoiiimque mcmbrorum 
Concilii Conftanlienfis. [Gersonius, Optra, ii. 917.] 

De Ecclefix, Concilii Generalis, Romani Pontificis, et 
Cardinalium aufloritate traflatus. [Ibid. ii. 925.] 

— [RiCHFRius, Vintl'ici(t doilrlnit majorum Schola Parifi- 
en/is, iii. 52.] 

Errores fe(ftx hominum inti-lligcntix, ct proccdus fidtus 
contra Willelmum de Hildenifll-m. [Baluz.k, Mijcellanca, 
ii. 277.] 


Memoirs concerning the ancient alliance between the 
French and Scots, and the privileges of tlie Scots in France ; 
together with the original French, faithfully cxtrafled from 
the feveral records of tliat kingdom. 8° Edinb. 1751. 

Evangelical Protcltantifm. Report of a meeting convened 
by the Evangelical Alliance, but open to all Chrillians hold- 
ing the docftrines of tlie Protcftant Reformation ; held in the 
large room, Exeter Hall, onThurfday, February 27, 185 i. 

8" Lond. [1851.] 

Diplomatic myftifications and popular credulity ; or, the 
Anglo-French alliance. 8° Lond. 1855. 

The new Anglo-French alliance andprefent political fitua- 
tion confidered. Third edition. 8° Lond. i860. 


B. in Buckinghamfliire. Educated at Magdalen College, Oit- 
ford. Reaor of Brad well, Gloucefterfliire. D. 1658. 

Ruftica Academix Oxonienfis nujx^r reformatx defcriptio, 
in vifitatione fanatica Oftobris fexto, &c. a.d. 1648 ; cum 
comitiis ibidem anno fequcnte : et aliis notatu non indignis. 
\Scoit' s edition of Somers' Tracts, v. 503.] 

A ruftical defcription of the Univerfity of Oxford, lately 
reformed, &c. \jranJlalion of ihe preceding by Edmund ll^ard.^ 
I 7 17. [Ibid. V. 506.] 

ALLIBONE (S. Austin). 

A critical di<5lionai-y of Englifli literature, and Britifh and 
American authors, living and deceafed, from the earlieft ac- 
counts to the middle of the nineteenth century. Containing 
thirty thoufand biographies and literary notices, with forty 
indexes of fubjefls. Vol. I. 8° Philadelphia, 1859. 


The allies and the late miniftry defended againft France, 
and the prefent friends of France ... 1 7 1 1 . ^By Francis 

The condudl of the allies, and of the late minillry, in be- 
ginning and can-ying on the prefent war. 1712. [By 
Jonathan Swift.] 

Refledlions on tlie condudl of the allies. [Pamphleteer, 
xviii. 41.] 

ALLIES (Jabez). 

B. at Alfrick-in-Lulfley, Worccftcrftiire, iz Oft. 17S7. Prac- 
tifcd for fomc years as a foliciiur in London. D, at Chelten- 
ham, 29 Jan. 1856. 

On the caufes of planetary motion. 8° Lond. 1838. 

On the jovi;J hunter of Bronifgrove, Home the hunter, 
and Robin Hood. 8° Lond. 1845. 

The ancient Britifli, Roman, and Saxon antiquities and 
folk-lore of Worcefterfhire. Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1S52. 

ALLIES (Thomas William), M.A. 

Reftor of Launton, Oxfordftiirc, 1841. Joined the Church 
of Rome, 1850. 

Sermons on tlie Epiftlc to tlie Romans, and other*. 

8° Oxford, 1844. 



The Church of England cleared from thecharge of fchifm, 
upon teftimonies of councils and fathers of the firft fix cen- 
turies. 8° Lond. 1846. 

— Second edition, enlarged. 8° Oxford, 1848. 

Journal in France in 1 845 and 1848, with letters from 
Italy in 1 847, of things and perfons concerning the Church 
and education. la^Lond. 1849. 

The royal fupremacy viewed in reference to the two 
fpiritual powers of order and jurifdiftion. 

8° Lond. 1850. 

The fee of St. Peter, the rock of the Church, the fource 
of jurifdiiftion, and the centre of unity. 8° Lond. 1850. 

St. Peter : his name and his office, as fet forth in Holy 
Scriptui"e. 8° Lond. 1852. 

ALLIN (James). 

Old Teftament prophecies, relative to the return and 
reftoration of the twelve tribes to the land of Pjdeftine ; to- 
gether with the fetting up of Meffiah's kingdom on Mount 
Zion, during a period of one thoufand prophetic years. 

8° Lond. 1855. 

God as revealed in his works, and God as revealed in his 
Word ; or, geology in agreement with revelation. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

ALLINGHAM (William). 

Poems. 8° Lond. 1850. 

Day and night fongs. 8° Lond. 1854. 

The mufic mafter : a love (lory. And two feries of day 
and night fongs. 8° Lond. 1855. 


Rector of Wardley-cum-Belton, Rutlandrtiire. Sequeftered 
by the parliamentary commilTioner, 5 May, 1646, but not adtu- 
ally deprived of his living till 28 Nov. 1655. Re-inftated at 
the Reftoration, 1660. 

The grand confpiracy of the members againft the mind ; 
of Jews againft their king. As it hath been delivered in the 
four following femions. The fourth edition. 

8° Lond. 1655. 
The regal proto-martyi' ; or the memorial of the martyr- 
dom of Charles the Firft. In a fermon \yi3s viii. i,] 
preached upon the firft fall of publick appointment for it. 

4= Lond. 1672. 

ALLIO (Joannes Franciscus Corradinus de). 

B. at Venice, :6 Sep. 1708. Studied at Padua, Florence, 
and other Italian univerfities. Returning to Venice, devoted 
himfelf to a literary career, in which he was not very fuccelsfiil. 
D. 19 May, 1 743. 

Satyrs et epigrammatia. 4° Venetiis, 1741. 

ALLIOT (Richard), LL.D. 

Profeflbr of theology and mental philofophy, Weftem Col- 
lege, Plymouth. 

Ledtures on the hiftory of the children of Ifrael, delivered 
in York Road chapel, Lambeth. 8° Lambeth, [1849.] 

The paftor's farewell : being a memorial of the valedic- 
tory fervices connefted with the removal of the Rev. Richard 
Alliott, LL.D., from the paftorate of York Road chapel, 
Lambeth, London, to the prefidency of the Weftern Col- 
lege, Pljrmouth. 12° Lond. [1849.] 

Pfychology and theology : or, pfychology applied to the 
inveftigation of queftions relating to religion, natural theology, 
and revelation. 8° Lond. 1855. 

ALLIS (John). 

The poor and doubting Chriftian's guide to everlafting 
life ... ^a fermon on Pfalm Ixxxix. 48, and Romans v. 12, 
15.] 8° n.p. 1702. 

ALLISON (Edward D.) 

Obfervations on the expediency of inftituting a friendly 
affociation of the medical profeffion throughout Scotland, for 
infuring a provifion during ficknefs and old age, widows' 
annuities, endowments to children, &c. 8° Edinb. 1826. 


Mefmerifm : its pretenfions as a fcience phyfiologically 
confidered. 8° Lond. 1844. 

A defcription, anatomical and phyfiological, of the fec- 
tional model of the human body, the Parifian Venus ; com- 
priCng a popular account of the parts difplayed : their func- 
tions and ufes. \AnonJ^ 8° Manchefter, 1844. 


Guide to Englilh hiftory and biography, containing a full 
account of the inventions, difcoveries, laws, cuftoms, fove- 
reigns, domeftic habits, coftume, and buildings of Great 
Britain, from the invafion of Julius Csfar to the year 1847. 
Together with a biographic fketch of the moft celebrated 
perfons living under each reign. The whole re-written and 
enlarged by the Rev. Dr. Brewer. Sixth edition. 

12° Lond. n. d. 

La petite Fran^aife ; or, vocabulary, exercifes, and eafy 
reading leflbns : intended as a companion to the " Child's 
French friend." Third edition. i2'^Lond. 1851. 

ALLISON (Thomas). 

An account of a voyage from Archangel in Ruflia, in the 
year 1697 ; of the (hip and company wintering near the 
North Cape in the latitude of 7 i ; their manner of liv4ng, 
and what they fufFered by the extreme cold. Alfo, re- 
markable obfervations of the climate, country, and inhabi- 
tants. 8° Lond. 1699. 

— [PiNKERTON, ColleHion of voyages and travels, i. 491.] 

ALLIUS (Peregrinus). 

A Florentine poet. D. about the year 1458. 
Poemata. ^Carmina illujirium poetarum Italorum, i. 

ALLIX (Pierre), D.D. 

A Proteftant divine. B. at Alenjon, 1 641. Minifter at 
Rouen, and fubfequently at Charenton. Retired to England 
on the revocation of the Edi£l of Nantes, 1 685. D. at London, 
3 March, 1717. 

Preparation a la Sainte Cene. \Anon^ 

12^ Paris, 1682. 
Douze fermons ... fur divers textes. Seconde edition. 

12^ Rotterdam, 1685. 



Reflexions fur les cinq livres de Moyfe, pour etablir la 
verite de la religion Chreticnnc. 8" Lond. 16S7. 

Reflexions upon the books of the Holy Scripture, to efta- 
blifh the truth of the ChrilVian religion. In two volumes. 

8° Lond. 1688. 

— Another edition. 8° Oxford, 1822. 
An hiftorica! difcourfc concerning tlie neceffity of the 

minifters intention in adminiflring the facraments. [y4non.^ 

4° Lond. 1688. 

— [Gibson, yl prefervalive againj} popery, viii. 168.] 
A difcourfe concerning penance. Shewing how the doc- 
trine of it, in the Church of Rome, makes void tnie repen- 
tance, [yinon.] 4° Lond. 1688. 

— [Gibson, j4 prefirvative againjl popery, x. 225.] 

A difcourfe concerning the merit of good works. \Anon^ 

4= Lond. 1688. 

— [Gibson, A prefervat'tve aga'mjl popery, x. 35O.] 
An examination of the fcruples of thofe who refufe to 

take the oath of allegiance. By a divine of the Church of 
England. 4^ Lond. 1689. 

Some remarks upon the ecclefiaftical hiftory of the ancient 
churches of Piedmont. 4° Lond. 1 690. 

— Another edition. 8° Oxford, 182 i. 
Remarks upon the ecclefiaftical hiftory of the ancient 

churches of the Albigenfes. A new edition. 

8° Oxford, 182 I. 
Remarks upon fome places of Mr. Whifton's books, eitlier 
printed or in manufcript. 8° Lond. i 7 1 1. 

The judgment of the ancient Jewifh Church againft the 
Unitarians in the controverfy upon the Holy Trinity and 
the divinity of our blefled Saviour. Second edition. 

8° Oxford, 1821. 

ALLMAN (George James), M.D. 

Profcflbr of natural hiftory in the Univcrlity of Edinburgh. 
IntroduiSory lefture, delivered to the ftudents of the na- 
tural hiftory clafs in the Univerfity of Edinburgh on the open- 
ing of the winter fcflion, 1855. 8' Edinb. 1855. 

ALLNATT (Charles Blake). 

Conveyancer, Shrewlbuty. 
A praftical treatife on the law of partition ; with an ap- 
pendix, containing the ftatutes and a feledion of precedents. 

8° Lond. 1820. 

ALLNATT (Richard Hopkins), M.D. 

Phyfician at Frant, Sulfcx. 
Tic douloureux, or neuralgia facialis, and other nervous 
affe(5lions ; their feat, nature, and caufe : with cafes illuf- 
trating fuccefsful methods of treatment. 

I 2" Lond. 1841. 
ALLNUTT (Mrs. ). 

Obfervations on the Gofpel of St. Matthew [and St. 
Mark.] 12° Lond. 1855. 

ALLNUTT (George S.). 

The praiSice of wills and adminiftrations. 

12° Lond. 1848. 

— Second edition. 120 Lond. 1850. 

— Third edition. 12° Lond. 1852. 

— Fourth edition. 12° Lond. i860. 

The Wills aft amendment Aft, 1852 (15 Vift. c. 24,) 
with introduftion and forms of atteftation claufes. 

8^ Lond. 1852. 
ALLNUTT (Henry). 

The auftioneers', land agents', valuers', and eftate agents' 
direftory ... 8° Lond. i860. 

ALLNUTT (Zachariah). 

Superintendent and receiver, &c. on the Thames navigation, 

Ufefiil and correft accounts of the navigation of the rivers 
and canals well of London . . . The fecond edition. 

8" Henley, n. d. 
ALLOM (Thomas). 

Durham and Northumberland : their lake and mountain 
fcenery, etc. etc. Illuftrated from drawings on the fpot by 
Thomas AUom. With defcriptions by Thomas Rose. 

Cumberland : its lake and mountain fcenery, etc. etc. 
Illuftrated from drawings on the fpot by Thomas Allom. 
With defcriptions by Thomas Rose. 

Weftmoreland : its lake and mountain fcenery. Illuf- 
trated from drawings on the fpot by Thomas Allom. With 
defcriptions by Thomas Rose. 

France illuftrated ... Drawings by T. Allom, Efq. De- 
fcriptions by the Rev. G. N. Wright, M.A. 

Conftantinople, and the fcenery of the feven churches of 
Afia Minor illuftrated. In a feries of drawings from nature 
by Thomas Allom. With defcriptions of the plates, by 
the Rev. Robert Welsh, LL.D. 

ALLON (Henry). 

Minifter of Union chapel, Iflington. 

The fympathy of Jefus. 1 2 ° Lond. n. d. 

The miniftry of tile dead : a funeral femion, preached in 
Union chajK'l, on Sabbath evening, March 7, 1852. \Heb. 
xi. 4.] ^Funeral fervkes for the Rev. Thomas Lewis. 

Young men, in their relation to the Church : the fub- 
ftance of a paper read at tlie autumnal afTenibly of tlie Con- 
gregational Union, in Manchcfter, Oftober the 27th, 1853. 

I 2° Lond 1854. 

Indian nile and refponfibility : a fermon, delivered in 
Union chapel, Idington, on Wednefday, Oftober 7, 1857 ; 
being the day fet apart for humiliation and prayer on account 
of the Indian mutiny. \^ylmos ii. 10-16.] 

8" Lond. 1857. 

Chrift's confeciation and ours: a fermon, preached at Sur- 
rey chapel, befoie the direftors and friends of the London 
Miflionary Society, May 9th, i860, [./o/v; xvii. 19.] 

12° Lend. i860. 


Probable effefts of the allotment fyftem upon the .igricul- 
tural labourers. 8° Lend. 1830. 


All right : an old maid's ule. 

8° Lond. i860. 




Three All-faints' fummers, and other teachings of nature 
to a bufy man. 12° Lond. [1861.] 

ALLSTON (Washington). 

Aflociate of the Royal Academy. D. at Cambridge, in 
America, 1S43, in his Iixty-fourth year. 

Monaldi : a tale. 12° Lond. 1S42. 


A letter on cock-fighting, preceded by an addrefs to all 
whom it may concern. 8° Glafgow, 1808. 

Letter to Torquil M'Tonailgte, Efq., introducing fome- 
thing new. 8° Glafgow, 1808. 

Suggeftions and memorandums for book firft of the 
Stranger at Home. After the manner of Jeremy Cockloft, 
the younger, and adorned with elegant extrafls from the 

writings of a celebrated recent hiftorian. By Myfelf. 

8° Glafgow, 1808. 

The third letter to Torquil M'Tonaifgte, Efq., including 
a brief review of a late publication, by James Jackfon, Glaf- 
gow. Preceded by a momentous adveitifement, and intro- 
ducing a few more chapters of the Stianger at Home, &c. 

8° Glafgow, 1808. 

Fourth letter to Torquil M'Tonaifgte, Efq., introducing 
letter firft from Ignoramus, being a criticifm on the " Temjjle 
of Apollo," and a letter to the nieces of T. M'T., Efq., 
followed by a few apropos lines. 8° Glafgow, 1808. 

Fifth letter to Torquil M'Tonaifgte, Efq., introducing 
the fecond letter of Ignoramus, being Dr. R.'s criticifm on 
Clutha's two produdtions in the ift No. of the Temple of 
Apollo, followed by the Stranger at Home, and notes to 
correfpondents. 8° Glafgow, 1808. 

Sixth letter to Toiquil M'Tonaifgte, Efq., introducing 
fundries. 8° Glafgow, 1808. 

ALLWOERDEN (Henricus ab). 
Hiftoria Michaelis Sei-veti ... 

4° Helmftadii, [1727.] 

ALLWOOD (Philip), B.D. 

B. 176S. Educated at Cambridge, where he graduated 
B.A. I79i,M.A. 1794, and B.D. 1801. Fellow of Magdalen 
College, Cambridge, which appointment he held till his death 
at Wandfworth, Surrey, 14 March, 183S. 

Literaiy antiquities of Greece ; as developed in an at- 
tempt to afcertain principles for a new analyfis of the Greek 
tongue, and to exhibit thofe principles as applied to the eluci- 
dation of many paflages in the ancient hiftoiy of that countiy ; 
to which are added obfei"vations concerning the origin of 
feveral of the literal charaiflers in ufe among the Greeks. 

4° Lond. 1799. 

Twelve ledhires on the prophecies relating to the Chiif- 
tian Church, and efpecially to the apoftacy of papal Rome, 
preached in the chapel of Lincoln's Inn, from the year 1 8 1 1 
to 1815; being the ninth portion of thofe founded by the 
Right Reverend William Warbuiton, Lord Biftiop of Glou- 
cefter. In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1815. 

Brief remarks on " The declaration of the Catholic 
bifhops, the vicars apoftolic, and their coadjutors in Great 
Britain." 8° Lond. 1826. 

A key to the Revelation of St. John, the divine ... In 
two volumes. 8° Lond. 1829. 

A diflertation concerning the chronological numbers re- 
corded in the prophecies of Daniel, as compared with thofe 
in the Revelation of St. John ; and with reference efpecially 
to the critical nature of the prefent time. Being the poft- 
fcript to a letter addreffed to the Right Rev. the Lord 
Biihop of Limerick. 8° Lond. 1833. 


England's new ally, who ? 

8° Lond. 1845. 


Alma and Brione, a poem ; cantos I. and II. The 
Return of Thefeus, a dramatic fcene. 

8° Lond. 1827. 

The battle of Alma, and its incidents. By an officer. 

8° Lond. 1854. 
The battle of the Alma ; from the official defpatches. 
By an enemy to defpotifm. 8° Lond. 1854. 

Alma. Balaldava. Lines on Ruffian policy. Stanzas 
on the death of the Emperor Nicholas. 

12° Lond. 1855. 
ALMA (EiLARnus). 

A native of Frielland, of whom very little is known. D. at 
Heidelberg, 1 1 061. 1 586, in the twenty-fecond year of his age. 

Bellum giganteum. [Gruter, Delitia poetarum Belg't- 
corum, i. II.] 

ALMACK (Barugh). 

Hints to landowners. On tenure, prices, rents, &c. 

8° Lond. 1846. 
ALMACK (Henry), D.D. 

ReGor of Fawley, Bucks. 
The concern of the clergy in the prefent ftate of the na- 
tion : a fermon, preached at the vifitatlon of the Ven. the 
Archdeacon of Buckingham, in the paiiffi church of Chip- 
ping Wycombe, June 16, 1846. \_Matt. v. 13.] 

8° Cambridge, 1846. 
ALMACK (John), Jun, 

Charader, motives, and proceedings of the anti-corn law 
leaguers, with a few general remarks on the confequences 
that would lefult from a free trade in corn. 

8° Lond. 1843. 
Cheap bread and low wages. Extrafted from a pamphlet, 
by John Almack, Jun. 8° Lond. 1844. 


Almack's : a novel. Third edition. 3 vols. 

12° Lond. 1827. 
— Another edition. 8° Lond. 1859. 

Almack's revifited. 1828. \By Charles White.] 

ALMAIN (Jacobus). 

B. at Sens about the middle of the 13th century. Profeflbr 
in the College of Navarre, 15 12. D. 1515. 

Quasftio de dominio naturali, civili et ecclefiaftico. [Ri- 

CHERius, Vindic'iii doBrlna mqjorum Scholn Parifienfis^'vt. I.] 



— [Gersonius, opera, i. 961.] 

Traftatus de audloritate Ecclefis et conciliorum genera- 
lium, adverfus Thomas de Vio. [Ibid. ii. 976.] 

Expofitio circa decifiones Magiftri Guillielmi Occam, fuper 
poteftate Summi Pondficis. [Ibid. ii. 1013.] 

— [RiCHERius, Vindidit, Isfc, iv. 78.] 

— [GoLDASTUS, Monarchia S. Romani Imperii, i. 558.] 

AL-MAKKARI (Ahmed Ibn Mohammed). 

A native of Telemfan. 

The hiftory of the Mohammedan dynafties in Spain ; ex- 
trafbed from the Nafhu-t-Tib Min Ghofni-1-Andalufi-r- 
Rattib Wa Tdri'kh Lifanu-d-DIn Ibni-l-Khattila ... Tranf- 
lated from the copies in the hbrary of the Britilh Mufeum, 
and illuftrated with critical notes on the hiftory, geography, 
and antiquities of Spain, by Pafcual de Gayangos. In two 
volumes. 4' Lond. 1 840-3. 

AL-MAKRIZI (Takieddin Ahmed Ben Ali). 

B. at Cairo, 1364. D. there, 1441. 

Hiftoria monetae Arabics e codice Efcorialenfi cum variis 
duorum codd. Leidenfium leiSionibus et excerptis anecdotis 
nunc primum edita, verfa et illuftrata ab Olao Geihardo 
Tychfen. 8^ Roftochii, 1797. 


A defence of the Eftablifhed Church from the categories 
in the tail of the new comet, called the " Council of ten," 
that has arifen upon t!ie land ; from the ignis fatuus of a 
" Northern Incumbent ;" from the aurora borealis called 
the " Edinburgh Review ;" and from a pamphlet entitled 
" Epifcopal innovation," &c. ; all againfl the Bifhop of 
Peterborough : and alfo from the rays of criticifm darted 
upon tlie Bifhop of London by one of the fame great lights, 
which rcHeft upon itfelf with perfe(fb elaflicity. 

8° Lond. 1823. 


An almanack but for one day; orthe Son of Man reckon- 
ing with man, upon an high account-day. 

12= Glafgow, 167 I. 

Almanac for the year 1 386. Tranfcribcd, verbatim, from 
the original antique illuminated manufcript, in the black letter 
... Containing many cuiious particulars, illullrative of the 
a(lronomy,a(lrology, chronology, hillory, religious tenets, and 
theory and praiftice of medicine of that age. 

I 2° Lond. 1812. 

Prognoftication 1639 ... Moll curiouflie calculated, for 
all North Britanc ; but moft efpecallie, and even according 
unto Raban's bound duetie, for the latitude and merdiane of 
the honourable citie of Aberdene ; where the Pole Articke 
is elevated 57 degr. 30 min. according to Argolus and 
Tychon. 12° Aberdene. 

The Catholic almanack for the year 1687 ... [Scott's edi- 
tion of Somers' Tracts, ix. 89.] 

Edinburgh's tiMC almanack, or a new prognoftication for 
the year of our Lord, i'')98 ... Ex.iiflly calculated for the 
good of the whole kingdom of ancient Scotland, but more 
efpecially for the city of Edinburgh, tlie metropolitan of the 

kingdom, whofe latitude is 5 5 d. 54 m. i, longitude is I I d. 
37 m. from Pico Tenereff. By John Man, Pliilomat. 

12° Edinb. 1698. 

A prognoftication for the year 1 699, after a new fafhion 
... Calculated for the meridian of Scotland, and may ferve, 
without fenlible error, for any other country befidcs, where 
they underftand the Englifh tongue. By Merry Andrew, 
a well-wiflier to the mathematicks. 12" Edinb. 1699. 

An almanack, and new prognoftication, for the year of 
our Lord, 1701 ... Exadlly calculated for the famous city 
of Edinburgh, the metropolitan of Scotland, whofe latitude 
is 55 d. 54 m. -J-, longitude is i i d. 37 m. By G. C, 
Mathemat. 12° Edinb. 170 1. 

The Oxfoi d almanack of 1712 explain'd : or, the em- 
blems of it uniiddl'd. Together with fome prefatory ac- 
count of the emblems of the two preceding years. In a 
letter to a friend. 8° Lond. 1 7 1 1 . 

The Aberdeen almanac, and northern regifter, for 
1849-61. 8° Aberdeen. 

The American almanac and repofitory of ufeful know- 
ledge for ... 1835, 1837, 1843, 1846-60. 

8' Bofton. 

Waugh and Cox's Auftralian almanac for ... 1856, 
1858, i860, 1861. 12° Sydney. 

The Britilh almanac of the Society for the diffufion of 
ufefiJ knowledge for ... 1838, 1839, 1841-60. 

12° Lond. 

— Companion to the almanac : or year-book of general 
information for ... 1838, 1839, 1841-60. 12= Lond. 

The Cape of Good Hope almanac and annual regifter for 
1853-7. Compiled from the moft authentic fources by B. J. 
Van de Sandt de Villiers. 12° Cape Town, 1852-6. 

The Catholic diredloiy, ecclefiaftical regifter, and almanac 
for ... 1856-62. 12° Lond. 

The comic almanac ... for 1838, 1841, 1846. 

12° Lond. 

Annuaire et almanach du commerce, de I'induftrie, de la 
magiftrature et de I'adminiftration ... 1857. 8° Paris. 

The Edinburgh almanack for ... 1779. 

12= Edinb. 

The town and countiy almanack for 1793. 

12= Edinb. 

The univerfal Scots almanack for ... 1795, '79^' 
1798, 1803. 12° Edinb. 

The Edinburgli almanack and Scots legiller for . . . 
1790-1, 1794, 1802-5, 1807-10, 1812-39. 

I 2° Edinb. 

Oliver and Boyd's new Edinburgh almanac and national 
repofitory for ... 1838-62. 12° Edinb. 

The gardener's almanack, and calendar and regifter of 
the kitchen, fruit, flowei', and forcing departments, for ... 
1853, 1856-62. 12^ Lond. 

The heir-at-law and next-of-kin almanac, for the year 
1858-9 ... Edited by A. Morris. 12° Lond. 

Thom's Iiilh and official dirciffory for ... 
1846-62. 8° Dublin. 

Quiggin'slfleof Manalman.ickfor ... 1853-55, 1857- 
60, 1862. 8° Douglas. 

Mcrlinus libcratus : an almanack ... 1858-62. 

12'^ Lond. 



The nautical almanac and aftronomical ephemeris for . . . 
1834-65. 8° Lond. 

Companion to the nautical almanac, or tables of prepara- 
tion, by which the elements from that volume may be cor- 
rected at fight, and the altitude coireftions of all the heavenly 
bodies ufed in navigation taken out in one term. By the 
author of "The mate and his duties." 

8° Liverpool, 1858. 

Orion's prophetic guide, and weather almanac for 1856— 
62. 12° Lond. 

The Unitarian almanac for 1859-62. 12° Lond. 

ArXas Ou^aviog, White's coeleflial atlas ; or, an im- 
proved ephemeris for ... 1852-6. 12° Lond. 

Zadkiel's almanac for 1859-62. 12° Lond. 


A monk of Hautvilliers, in the diocefe of Rheims. D. about 
the end of the 9th century. 

Refcriptum ad Theudoinum, praspofitum Catalaunenfem. 
[Mabillon, Vetera analet!a,f. 424.] 

Vita S. Sindulfi, confefforis. [Mabillon, A3a fanSorum 
O.S.B.l 3 5 I.J 


Almegro ; a poem, in five cantos. 8° Lond. 1 8 1 9. 

ALMELA (Joan Alonso de). 

B. at Murcia, and praftifed as a phyfician there at the end of 
the 16th and beginning of the 17th century. 

Las reales exequias y dolorofa fentimiento que la muy 
noble y muy leal ciudad de Murcia hizo en la muerte del 
muy catliolico Rey y feiior Don Philippe de Auftria IL 

8° Valencia, 1600. 

ALMELOVEEN (Theodorus Janssonius ab). 

B. at Mydregt, near Utrecht, 24 July, 1657. Educated at 
Utrecht, where he ftudied theology for fome time, but after- 
wards applied himfelf to the ftudy of medicine. Having taken 
his degree, he eftabliihed himfelf as a phyfician at Gouda in 
16S7. Appointed profelfor of Greek and hilloryat Harderwyk, 
1697, and profeffor of medicine, 1702. D. at Harderwyk, zS 
July, J712. 

De vitis Stephanorum, celebrium typographorum, dilTer- 
tatio epiftolica ... Subjefta eft H. Stephani Qu^i'monia aitis 
typographicae. Ejufdem Epiftola de ftatu fuas typographic. 

8° Amft. 1683. 

Inventa nov-antiqua ; id eft bievis enarratio ortus et pro- 
grefliis artis medicoe ; ac pixcipue de inventis vulgo novis, aut 
nuperrime in earepeitis. Subjicitur ... Rerum inventarum 
onomafticon. 8° Amft. 1684. 

Bibliotheca promiflii et latens. Huic ftibjunguntur Geor- 
gii Hieronymi Velfchii De fcriptis fuis ineditis epiftolse. 

8° Gauds, 1688. 

Amoenitates theologico-philologicas ; in quibus varia S. 
Scripturas loca, ritus prifci, et inedita qujedam Erafmi, Bo- 
chaiti, Baudii, Scriverii, J. de Laet, &c., eruuntur. Subji- 
ciuntur Epigrammata et poemata vetera, ut et Plagiariorum 
fyllabus, altero tanto auftior. 8° Amft. 1694. 

Faftorum Romanorum Confularium libri duo, quorum 
prior juxta feriem annomm, pofterior fecundum ordinera al- 
phabeticum digeftus, continet plurimas veterum fcriptorum, 

maxinie hiftoricorum, legum, atque infcriptionum emenda- 
tiones. Accedunt Prcefefti urbis Roma et Conftantinopolis. 

8° Amft. 1705. 
ALMERS (Sebastianus). 

A jurift of BerUn in the 17th century. 

Manuale juris, in quo rerum, verborum,terminorumquejuri- 
diconam fignificationes,difFerentiKetambiguitates, ufui cupidas 
LL. juventutis ex jure civili, canonico, feudali ac Saxonico, 
nee non ex exquifitis acutorum neotericomm interpretum 
commentariis, compendiofe et fummatim, fecundClm ordinem 
alphabeticum, funt concinnatae et coUedtae ... in fine aiinexa 
funt principia five generalia utriufque juris axiomata. Editio 
tertia prioribus audtior. 8° Francofurti et Lipfiae, 1680. 

ALMEYDA (Feliciano de). 

A Portuguefe furgeon, who lived in the former half of the 
18th century. 

Cirurgia reformada, dividida em dous tomos : o primeyro 
fe divide em tres partes, fegundo a ordem das tres regi5es do 
corpo humano ; o fegundo vay dividido em tres livros, em os 
quaes fe trata em geral de todas as feridas, apofteraas, chagas, 
&c. fol. Liftjoa, 1738. 


Almida : a tragedy. 

I 77 I. [^y Mrs. Celisia.] 

ALMON (John). 

A bookfeller in London. B. at Liverpool about 1738, D. 
at Boxmoor, near Hemel Hempftead, Herts, 12 Dec. 1805. 

The hiftoiy of the minority : during the years 1762,1763, 
1764, and 1765. Exhibiting the conduift, principles, and 
views of that body. The fourth imprefllon. \Anon.^ 

8° Lond. 1766. 
Biographical, literary, and political anecdotes of feveral of 
the moft eminent perfons of the prefent age, never before 
printed. With an appendix, confifting of original, explana- 
toiy, and fcarce papers. [^Anon.'j 3 vols. 

8^ Lond. 1797. 
Anecdotes of the life of the Right Hon. William Pitt, 
Earl of Chatham, and of the principal events of his time ; 
with his fpeeches in Parliament from the year 1736 to the 
year 1778. Seventh edition, [yinon.^ 3 vols. 

8° Lond. 1 8 10. 

The almoner ; or, fl<etches of the Scottifh poor. 

12° Edinb. 1825. 

Common fenfe a common delufion ; or, the generally re- 
ceived notions of natural caufes, deity, religion, virtue, &c., 
as exhibited in Mr. Pope's Eflay on man, proved ridicu- 
lous, impious, and the efFc<5l of infatuation, and the chief 
caufe of the prefent formidable growth of vice among Chrif- 
tians, and the great ftumbling-block in the way of infidels ... 
By Almonides, a believing heathen. 8° Lond. 1 751. 


" Almoft perfuaded : " a tale of village life. By a clergy- 
man's wife. 12° Lond. 1856. 




Almyra ; or, the Arabian vow : a tragedy. 1707. [5_y 
Mrs. de la Riviere Manley.] 

ALNANDER (Joannes O). 

B. at Norrk'oping about the end of the 17th century. 

Hiftoriola artis typographicae in Suecia. 

8° Roilochi et Lipfios, 1725. 
Aloadin, prince of the aflaflins ; and other poems. 

8° Lend. 1838. 
ALONSO. See Alfonso. 

ALONSUS (Petrus). 

Navigatio. [Gryn/Eus, Novus orbh, iffc. p. 84.] 


Alonzo : a tragedy in five adls. 

1773. [-^y •^°'^" 

ALOS (Joannes). 

A Spanifti phyfician, and profefTor of medicine in the Uni- 
verfity of Barcelona, in the latter half of the 17th century. 

Pharmaco-niedica diiTertdtio de vipereis trochifcis ad mag- 
nam fenioris Andromachi theriacam rit^ cum pane parandis 
per quartam, iuxta mentcm Galeni lib. i. de Antidotis cap. 8. 

4° Barcinone, 1664. 


A monk of the monaftery of S. Symphorianus at Metz, who 
lived at the beginning of the nth century. 

Libellus de divciTitatc temporum. [Eccardus, Corpus 
hifloricum mcilii irvi, i. 92.] 

De epifcopis Mettenfibus libellus. De diverfitate tem- 
porum libri II. [Pertz, Alonumenta Germanlii hjjlorica, vi. 


A letter addrefled to C. C. Curwen, Efq., M.P., on the 
poor laws, containing a fafe, eafy, and economical fubftitute 
for the prcfent fyftem. 8^ Warwick, 18 17. 


Queftions and anfwers on confirmation. 

12° Lond. 1839. 

Alpha. 'iA poem.'] 8° Lond. 1 841. 


Letters from Wanganui, New Zealand. 

8" Lond. 1845. 

Death's waiting-room ; or, the Girondifts' laft fupper : a 
dramatic flcetch. 8° Lond. 185 i. 


The alpha ; or, lirft principle of the human mind ... 
185 I. [By Edward N. Dennys.] 


Remarks on jiromotion by merit, as the fyftem is at prc- 
fent worked in public ollices. Second edition. 

8" Lond. i860. 

VOL. I. 


The « outrages" at St. George's in the Eaft : a letter to 
Sir George Cornewall Lewis. 8° Lond. i860. 


The alphabet annotated for youth and adults in doggerel 
vcrfe, by an old Etonian. Illuftratcd and etched by G. W. 
Terry. 4- Lond. n. d. 

The young Churchman's alphabet. By the author of "The 
grandfather's Chriftmas uile," &c. 12^ Lond. n. d. 

Ancient and ornamental alphabets. Collefted from the 
beft authorities. 8° Lond n. d. 

Grammatography ... b.ifedon the German compilation of 
F. Ballhorn. 1 86 1. 


B. 9 May, 1700. Profeflbr of theology at Utrecht. D. at 

Amftcrdam, 20 April, 1758. 

De terra Chadrach ct Damafco ejus quietc ad locum 
Zach. ix. I . difTertatio. \\3G0i.\'HVS,Thcfaurus antiquitatum 
facrarum, vii. 787.] 


Grandfon of the preceding. B. at Gouda, 8th Aug. 1746. 
Studied law at the Univerfity of Leyden, and ultimately became 
counfellorand treafurer-general of the United Provinces. When 
the French invaded Holland in 1795, he refigned his appoint* 
ments and retired to the Hague, where he d. z Aug. 1S03. 

DifTertatio juridica inauguralis, continens Spicilcgia de Ja- 
voleno Prifco JCto, et fpecimen obfervationum ad quxdam 
ejufdcm fragmenta in Pandedis obvia. Trajedt. ad Rhen. 
1768. [Oelrichs, Thefaurus novus dijjertationum juriJica- 
rum. III. i. I.] 

ALPHERIUS. See Alferius. 

ALPHEUS, Mitylen;eus. 

A Greek poet, who is fuppofed to have lived in the reign of 

Phalxcii verfus. [Gr. and Lat. Lectius, PoeU Graci 
veteres tragtc't., ijfc. ii. 136.] 

ALPHEUS (Q. Lucius). P/euJ. 0/ Guido Grandi. 



ALPHONSUS (Petrus). 

A converted Jew, whofe original name was Rabbi Mofcs 
Sephardi. B. at Huefca, in Amgon, 1062. Baptiled, 1106. D. 
a few years afterwards. 

Difci])lina clericalis. Difcipiine de clergie ; traduiflion de 
I'ouvrage de Pierre Alphonfe. [/.<//. iinJ /•>.] Le clialloic- 
ment d'un piire a fon fils ; tiadudion en vers Fran^ais [du 
meme ou^»\li;e.] 2 jiartie.s. 8' Paris, 1 824. 

Dialogi ledu digniilinii. [Max. Blbl'wthcca velrrum Pa- 
TRUM, xxi. 172.] 



ALPINUS (Marcus Tatius). 

ProfeHbr of law at Ingolftadt, in the former half of the i6th 

Ad Wolphgangum Hungerum epiftola, in qua fui turn per 
lancem et liciuni conceptum quid (It, aliter quam haftenus, 
explicatur, et juris et literamra (ludiis cognitu utilis futura. 
Accedit Viti Amerpachii ad Andream Alciatum epiftola 
de furto per lancem et liciura concepto, fub cujus initium 
etiam oftenditur quidfignificarevideatur Juftinianus per aquam 
profluentem in Tit. de rerum divifione. [Meerman, Novus 
thefaurus juris civUts et canonici, vii. 799-] 

ALPINUS (Prosper). 

B. at Maroftica, in the Venetian territory, 23 Nov. 1553. 
Studied medicine at Padua, and having taken the degree of 
M.D. 28 Aug. 1578, began to pra<Sife at Campo San Pietro, 
near Padua. With a view to profecute the ftudy of botany, he 
accepted, in 15S0, the appointment of phyfician to the Venetian 
conful at Cairo, which he held for about fix years. Shortly after 
his return from Egypt, he was nominated profeiTor of botany in 
the Univerlity of I'adua. D. there, 6 Feb. 1617. 

De plantis ^gypti liber. ... Acceffit etiam Liber de 
famo. 4° Venetiis, 1592. 

— Editio altera, cum obfervationibus et notis Joannis 
Veflingii ... Acceffit Alpini De balfamo liber. 

4^ Patavii, 1640. 

De plantis exoticis libri duo ... opus completum, cditum 
ftudio ac opera Alpini Alpini . . . auftoris filii. 

4° Venetiis, 1656. 

De plantis M,gj^li liber auftus et emendatus. Accedunt 
tabellae xneas lxxvii. plantis fummo artificio incifis ; ut et 
diflertatio ejufdem de laiei-pitio, et loto jEgyptia : cum ob- 
fei-vationibus et notis .loannis Veflingii ... Accedunt ejufdem 
.loannis Veflingii Parxiiefes ad rem herbariam et vindicii 
opobalfami. fol. Lugd. Bat. 1735. 

Renam ^gyptiaium libri quatuor. Opus poftumum, nunc 
primum ex auftoris autographo, diligentiffime recognito, edi- 
tum ... 4° Lugd. Bat. 1735. 

De balfamo diaiogus. [Ugolinus, Thefaurus antiqui- 
tatum facrarum, xi. 677.] 


Alpine fl<etchcs, comprifed in a fliort tour througli parts 
of Holland, Flanders, France, Savoy, Switzerland, and Ger- 
many, during the fummer of 1 8 l 4, by a member of the Uni- 
verlity of Oxford. 8° Lond. 1 8 14. 

Alpine byways; or light leaves gathered in 1859 and 
i860. By a lady. 8°Lond. 1861. 


* Sanflae Alrans, Marchionifla; Chambenfis, vita, audlore 
anonymo Benediflino Nideraltahenfi in Bojaria. [Pez, The- 
faurus anecdotorum novijjlmus, 11. iii. 251.] 

ALSARIUS (ViNCENTius). See Vincentius Alfarius 


Fonnulas antiquae Alfaticx. [F. Pithceus, Codex canon- 
urn, p. 431.] 

ALSING (Joachim Georgius). 

Diflertatio hiftorica de territorio Jerreftad ... 

4^ Londini Goihonmi, 1760. 


Mr. Alfop's fpeech [for the Prefljyterians.] The fpeech 
of William Penn [for the Quakers, thanking the King for the 
Declaration of the 1 8 th March.] 1686. [Scott's edition 
of Sowers' Tracts, ix. 32.] 

ALSOP (James Richard), B.A. 

Perpetual curate of Weft Houghton, Bolton-le-Moors. 
Sermons on faith and praftice. 8° Lond. 1S58. 

ALSOP (Vincent), M.A. 

B. in Northamptonihlre, and educated at St. John's College, 
Cambridge. Embraced Preibyterianifm, and became minifter 
of Wilby in Northamptonlhire. Eje(5led for nonconformity, 
1662. Succeeded Mr. Cawton as minifter of the Englilh Prelby- 
terian church in Princes Street, Weftminfter, 1677. D. at an 
advanced age, 28 May, 1703. 

Anti-Sozzo, five Sherlocifmus enervatus : in vindication 
of fome great truths oppofed, and oppofition to fome great 
errors maintained, by Mr. William Sherlock. \jlnonJ\ 

8° Lond. 1675. 

Melius inquiiendum ; or, A fober inquirie into the I'eafon- 
ings of the Serious inquiiie [by John Goodman, D.D.,^ where- 
in the inquirer's cavils againft the principles, his calumnies 
againft the preachings and praflifes of the non-conformifts, 
are examined and refelled, and St. Auguftine, the Synod of 
Dort, and the articles of the Church of England in the quin- 
quarticular points vindicated. [y/no«.] 8°n. p. 1678. 

The mifchief of impolitions : or, an antidote againft a 
late difcourfe \by StilUngJleet^ partly preached at Guild- 
Hail chappel, May 2, 1680, called, The mifchief of fepa- 
ration. [Dedication JignedT. P.] 4° Lond. 1 680. 

* A reply to a pamphlet called The mifchief of impofi- 
tions ... 168 I. \By Dr. William Clagett.] 

Duty and intereil united in prayer and praife for kings, 
and all that are in autliority ; from i Tim. ii. 1,2: being 
a fermon preach'd at Weftminfter, upon the late day of 
thankfgiving, Sept. 8. 1695. 4° Lond. 1695. 

ALSTEDIUS (Joannes Henricus). 

A divine of the Reformed Church. B. at Herborn, in Naf- 
fau, 1588. ProfeiTor of philofophy and theology, firft at Her- 
born, and afterwards at WeilTenburg, in Tranlylvania. Attended 
the Synod of Dort. D. at Weiflenburg, 8 Nov. .1638. 

Confiliarius academicus ; id eft, methodus formandorum 
ftudiorum ... Acceflit Confilium de copia rerum et verbo- 
rum. Editio fecunda. 4' Argentorati, 1627. 

Scientiarum omnium encyclopa^diae tomus primus [et fe- 
cundus.] fol. Lugduni, 1649. 

Clavis artis Lullianae, et verse logices duos in libellos 
tributa. Id eft, folida dilucitatio artis magnas, generalis, et 
ultimas, quam Raymundus Luliius invenit, ut eflet quaruni- 
cunque artium et fcientianim clavigera et fei-peraftra ... ac- 
ceffit novum fpeculuni logices minime vulgaris. 

8° Argentorati, 1652. 

ALSTENUS (Augustinus). 

Singularis liber de nobilis et ftudiofae juventutis inftitutione. 

12^ Anift. 1653. 



ALSTON (Alfred Henry). 

Lieutenant, royal navy. 

Seamanfhip, and its aflbciated duties in the royal navy : 
together with a treatife on nautical furveying, for the ufe of 
officers on general fervice. 8" Lond. i860. 

ALSTON (Charles), M.D. 

B. 1683. Studied at Glafgow and at Leyden. Profeflbr of 
botany and materia medica at Edinburgh. D. 22 Nov. 1760. 

Index plantarum, prascipue officinalium, quae, in horto 
medico Edinburgenfi a Carolo AJfton, medicinae ftudiofis 
demonftrantur. 8^ Edinb. 1740. 

Index medicamentomm fimplicium triplex. 

8° Edinb. 1752. 
A diflertation on quick-lime and lime-water. 

8° Edinb. 1752. 
— Second edition, with additions. 8° Edinb. 1754. 
A fecond diflertation on quick-lime and lime-water. 

8° Edinb. 1755. 
A third diflertation on quick-lime and lime-water. 

8° Edinb. 1757. 
Tirocinium botanicum Edinburgenfe. 

S' Edinb. 1753. 
Leftures on the materia medica ; containing the natural 
hiftory of drugs, their virtues and dofes : alfo direflions for 
the ftudy of the materia medica ; and an appendix on the 
method of pj'efcribing. Publiflied from the manufcript of 
the late Dr. Charles Alllon by John Hope, M.D. In two 
volumes. 4" Lond. 1770. 

ALSTON (George), B.A. 

Incumbent of St. Philip's, Bethnal Green. 

The developement of divine inftruftion, as exemplified in 
the fcveral revelations made to man, briefly confidered. 

8° Lond. 1846. 
ALSTON (John). 

Treafurcr of the Glaf^iow Afylum for the Blind. D. about 
the end of 1846. 

Statements of the education, employment, and internal 
arrangements adopted at the Afyluni foi- the Blind, Glafgow 
... Thiid edition. 8° Glafgow, 1836. 

ALSTON (Rowland Gardiner). 

An ex])oftulatory letter addreflcd to the churchwardens of 
Ware, on the fubjeft of their recent memoiial to the Biflio]) 
of London. 8° Lond. 1843. 


A monaftcry in Bavaria. 

Excerpta Altahenfia A. 5 1 4-998. [Pertz, Monumenhi 
German'tic hijlorica, vi. 35.] 


A Spanifh jurift, and profelTor in the Univerfity of Salamanca, 
In the former half of the 17th century. 

In priores xiii. libros ex xx. quxfl. Q. Cervidii Scx- 
volas Commenuirius. [Melrman, Novus thejaurus juris 
civi/is ci canomci, ii. 369.] 


A coale from the altar ... 1636. \By Peter Heylin.] 

The altar ; or, meditations in verfe on the great Chriftian 
facrifice. 1847. \By Ifaac Williams.] 

The family altar ; or, a guide to devotion. By various 
minifters. 12° Edinb. 1850. 

Altar ftones. 1853. [.5)' John Rofs M'Duff.] 

A companion to the altar : being prayers, thankfgivings, 
and medititions to aflift the devout Chriftian in his ])repara- 
tion for and attendance at the Lord's Supper. Edited by 
Walter Farquhar Hook, D.D. Second edition. 

12° Lond. 1857. 

The jjoiition of the prieft at the altar. 

8° Lond. 1858 

ALTARIUS (Gulielmus). 

B. at Charolles, 1529. Studied law at the Univerfity of 
Valence, but lubfequently direfted his whole attention to poeti- 
cal compofltion. The date of his death is unknown. 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delitix poetarum Gall(jrum,\. 53.] 


Confilia Altdorfina [torn, i.] a Conrado Rittershusio 
edita. 1702. 

— [torn, ii.] ab Henrico Lincken. 


ALTER (Fran/. Carl). 

B. atEngellbcrg, in Silefia,27 Jan. 1749. Profeflbr of Greek 
at the gymnafium of St. .•\nna, Vienna. D. 29 March, 1804. 

Bibliographifche Nachrichten von verfchiedenen Auf- 
gaben orientalifcher Bibeltexte, und der Kirchenvatcr. 

8° Wien, 1779. 

ALTESERRA (Antonius Dadinus). 

The Latinifed form of the name of Antoine Dadin de Hautc- 
Serre. B. in the diocefe of Cahors about the beginning of the 
17th century. Profeflbr of jurifprudcnce in the Univerfity of 
Touloufe. D. 1682. 

De ducibus et comitibus provincialibus Gallix libri ties, 
in quibus eorum origines, incremcnta, et cum his rcg;Jium 
ufurpatio, et cafus illuftrantur. Acceflit De origine et ftatu 
feudorum, pro moribus Galliae, liber fingularis. 

4" Tolofx, 1643. 
Rerum Aquitaiiicanam libi i quinque, in quibus vetus Aqui- 
t;inia illuftratur. 4" Tolofx, 1648. 

De fiflionibus juris traiftatus quinque ; quibus acccfllt folem- 
nis jjrsleflio ad 1. Cum focietas ff. pro focio. 

4° Parifiis, 1659. 
— Pars fecunda compledlens vi. et vii. traftatum. 

4'^ Parifiis, 1679. 
Brevis et enucleata expofitio in Inftitutionum Juftiniani 
libros quatuor. 4° Tolokr, 1665. 

Innocentius III., Pontifex Maximus; feu, Commentarius 
perpetuus in fingulas decretales huiufce jiontificis, qux per 
libios V. Decretalium fparfx funt. 

fol. I.,utetix Parifioruni, 1666. 
Afceticun ; live, originuni rci monaftica- libri decern. 

4 Paris, 1674. 
Notxct obfervationes in x. libros Hiftorii Francoium B. 



Gregorii, Turonenfis epifcopi, et fupplementum Fiedegarii. 

4° Tolofe, 1679. 
Recitationes quotidianas in Claudii Tiyphonini libros xxi. 
difputationum, & varias partes Digeftoram & Codicis, tomis v. 
diftindtK. Tom. i & 2. 4° Tolofas, 1679-84. 

[Tom. 3-5 have not been publilhed, but remain in manuicript at 


The third bifliop of Miinfter, in Weftphalia. D. 22 April, 

Vita San6li Liudgeri. [Pertz, Monumenta Germanic 
hyioricii, ii. 4O3.] 

— [Mabillon, Ada fandorum O.S.B. iv. i. 14.] 

— Leibnitz, Scriptores return BrunJ-xiicenfmm, i. 85.] 

ALTHAM (Michael). 
Vicar of Latton, in Effex. 

Some queries to Proteftants anfwered, and an explanation 
of the Roman Catholick's belief in four great points con- 
fidered ... \ylnon.'\ 4° Lond. 16S6. 

A vindication of the Church of England from the foul 
afperfions of fchifm and herefie unjufUy cad upon her by the 
Church of Rome. \_Anon^ 2 parts. 4° Lond. 1687. 

— [Gibson, A preferniative againjl popery, i. 333.] 
The creed of Pope Pius the IV., or a profpeft of popery 

taken from that authentick record. With (hoit notes. 
[Anon.] 4° Lond. 1687. 

— [Gibson, A prefervatlve againjl popery, xiv. 234.] 
The additional articles in Pope Pius's creed, no articles 

of the ChrilHan faith. Being an anfwer to a late pamphlet, 
intituled. Pope Pius his profeffion of faith vindicated from 
novelty in additional articles. And the Profpedl of popery, 
taken from that authentick record, with (hort notes there- 
upon, defended. [Anon.] 4° Lond. 1688. 

ALTHAM (Roger), D.D. 

Archdeacon of Middleiex. D. about 1731. 

A fermon preach'd before the Honourable Houfe of 
Commons at the church of St. Margaret, VVc-ftminfter, on 
Wednefday, Jan. 16. 17JJ, being the faft-day for a general 
peace, [i Pet. iii. 10, 11.] 4° Lond. 17 12. 

A charge deliver'd to the clergy of the aich-deaconry of 
Middlefex, at his primary vifitation. 8° Lond. 1 7 17. 

The Church a body, or fpiritual incorporation : a fecond 
charge deliver'd to the clergy of the arch-deaconry of 
Middlefex. 8" Lond. 17 18. 

The harmony of the facred and civil polity ; or, the fove- 
reignty of Jefus Chrilt no injuiy to the civil power : a third 
charge delivered to the clergy of the arch-deaconry of 
Middlefex. 8° Lond. 1 7 19. 

Church authority not an univerfal fupiemacy : a fourtli 
charge deliver'd to the clergy of the arch-deaconi-y of 
Middlefex. With a preface concerning private judgement 
of difcretion. 8" Lond. 1720. 

Univerfal and infallible condudt the property of the Deity : 
a fifth charge deliver'd to the clergy of the arch-deaconi-y 
of Middlefex. 8° Lond. 1 7 2 i . 

ALTHAMERUS (Andreas). 

B. at Brenz,in Wiirtemberg, about the beginning of the 1 6th 
century. Educated at Tubingen and at Leipzig. Lutheran 
minifter at Niirnberg, and fublequently at Anlpach. D. about 

In hbellum P. Cornelii Taciti de fitu, moribus et populis 

GeiTnanis, fcholia. [Schardius, Rerum Germanicarum 

fcr'tptores, i. I .] 

ALTHELMUS. See Aldhelm. 


The Althorp pifture gallery, and other poetical ll<etches. 
By a lady. 8° Edinb. 1836. 

ALTHUSIUS (Joannes). 

B. at Emden, 1556. Studied at Bafil, and was appointed 
profelTor of law in the Academy of Herborn, 1590. Obtained 
the office of Syndic of Bremen, 1600. The date of his death 
is unknown, but he was alive in 1617. 

Jui"ifpi"udentice Romans methodice digefo libriduo ; editio 
tertia correfta, et epitome ac brevi anacephalasofi dicseologics 
aufta. Acceffit Cynofura Reidaniana juris civilis : qua turn 
prima juris principia titt. propria, generaliora, notabiliora, ne- 
ceflariora ; tum frequentioia, raiiora, obfoletiora, perpetuis 
numeris monftrantur. 8° Herbomse Naffoviorum, 1599. 

Civilis converfationis libri duo recogniti, et aufti, me- 
thodice digefti et exemplis facris et profanis paflim illuftrati. 
Editi a Philippo Althufio. 8° Hanovis, 161 1. 

DicJEologicas libri tres, totum et univerfum jus, quo utimur, 
methodice compleftentes ... 4° Francofurti, 16 18. 

Politica, methodice digefta atque exemplisfacris et profanis 
illuftrata ; cui in fine adjunfta eft oratio panegyrica de ne- 
ceffitate et antiquitate fcholai"um. Editio quarta. 

8° HerbornEE, 1625. 

ALTIERI (Ferdinando). 

A new grammar, Italian-Englilh, and Englifh-Italian : 
which contains a trae and eafy method for acquiring thefe 
two languages. With many ufeful remarks, which are not 
to be found in any other grammar of this kind. 

8° Lond. 1728. 

ALTILIUS (Gabriel). 

An Italian ecdefiaftic. B. probably at Mantua, about 1440. 
D. about 1501. 

Poemata. [Grvter, De/iti^ poetarum Italonmi, i. 57.] 

— [Carmina tllujlrium poetarum Italorum, i. I 29.] 

— [Sannazarius, O^cra, crAV. 1 -j 28, i^ etfit. 1752.] 

ALTIMARUS (Blasius). 

A Neapolitan jurift, b. 31 Jan. 1639. Pradlifed as an advo- 
cate at Naples, and held various important legal appointments. 

D. oa. 1713. 

Tradlatus de nullitatibus fententiamm, decretorum, laudo- 
nim, arbitramentoram, et quonimcunque actuum judicialium. 
... 8 tom. 5 vol. fol. Colonise Agrippins, 1720. 

ALTING (Henricus). 

B. at Emden, 17 Feb. 1583. Deputy from the Palatinate to 
the Synod of Dort. ProfelTor of divinity at Gtoningen. D. 
there, 25 Aug. 1644. 

Narratio hiftorica de vita et morte Abeli Coenders, Cos. 
Groningani. [Gerdes, Scrlmum antlquarium. Mil. ii. 649.] 



ALTING (Jacobus). 

B. at Heidelberg, 27 Sep, 1618. Profeflor of Hebrew, and 
afterwards of theology, in the Univerfity of Grbningen. D. 20 
Aug. 1679. 

Hebraeorum refpublica fcholaftica : five, hiftoria acade- 
miarum et promotionum academicaiiim in populo Hebrx- 
orum ... 12^ Aniftclodami, 1652. 

ALTING (Menso). 

B. 1636. Burgomafter of Groningen. D. 1713. 

Defcriptio, fccundum antiques, agri Batiivi & Frifii, una 
cum conterminis ; five, notitia Germanise inferioris, cis ct 
ultra Rhenum ; qua hodie eft in dicione vii. Foederatorum. 
ReprxfcnUita tabulis geographicis v. et commentario in loca 
omnia hoc tiacftu, Romanis fcriptoribus et monumentis, qua 
Latinis, qua Gricis, memorata ; a C. Julio Cxfare, ad 
Juftinianum Aug. fol. Amftelsdami, 1697. 


Bifliop of PalTau. D. 1091. 

* Vita Altmanni ... edidit W. Wattenbach. [Pertz, 
Monumenta German'm h'ljlorica, xiv. 226.] 

ALTMANNUS (Johannes Georgius). 

B. 1697. Profeflor of moral philolophy and of the Greek 
language at Bern, 1734. D. 1758. 

Obfei"vatio philologica de Gallicinio Hierofolymis in xdi- 
bus pontificis audito. [Ugolinus, Thefaurus antiquitatum 
facrarum, xxvii. 17.] 

Ad loc. Aft. xvi. 1 4. de Lydia Thyatirenfi obferva- 
tiones. [Ibid. xxix. 453*-] 


* Vita Sanfti Altonis, abbatis in Bajoaria Superiore, auc- 
tore monacho Altomonafterienfi anonymo. [Mabillon, Ada 
fandorum O.S.B. 111. ii. 195.] 

ALTOGRADUS (Josephus). 

Ajuriftand fenator of Lucca, who flouriihed about the middle 
of the 17th century. His death occurred about 1676, or a little 

Controverfiae forenfes, una cum duabus ejufdem dccifioni- 
bus ; quas fublcquuntur Confilia D. Joannis Baptilla; Sami- 
niati ... in quibus plures ardus quoefliones, tani circa feudalia 
quam ultimas voluntates, judicia et contradtus, aliaque in ufu 
forenfi frequcntioia, juxta veras ct rcceptas dofloi-um Icnten- 
tias rcfolvuntur. Lditio noviflima ... 2 torn. 

fol. Geneva:, 1701. 

ALTON (John d'). 

The hiftoi-y of Droghcda, with its environs ; and an in- 
trodudlory memoir of the Dublin and Didghida railway. 
In two volumes. « Dublin, 1844. 

The hiftory of Ireland, fjoni the carlieft jieiiod to the yeai' 
1245, when the annals of Boyle, which are adopted and em- 
bodied as the running text authority, terminate ; with a brief 
eflay on the native ann:ili(ls, :ind other fources for ilhilliating 
Ireland, and full Ihitillical and hilhirical notices of the barony 
of Boyle. In two volumes. 8° Dublin, 1S45. 


Alton Locke, tailor and poet. 1850. [5)' Charles Kings- 


Alton Park ; or, converfations on religious and mora! fub- 
jc(5ls ; chiefly defigned for the amufement and inrtruftion of 
young ladies. In two volumes. 12^ Lond. 1830. 


Catalogue of the magnificent contents of Alton Towers, 
the princely feat of the Earls of Shrewfbuiy ... fold by 
auftion, by Meflrs. Chriftie and Manfon, at the Towers, on 
Monday, July 6, 1857, and ... following days. 

8° Lond. 1857. 


A Benediftine monk of the abbey of S. Martin of Toumay, 
in Flanders, who lived in the latter half of the nth century. 

Prologus in librum qui dicitur Gregorialis. [Mabillon, 
Vetera analeHa, p. 131.] 

ALUMNUS (Themis). Pfeud. of Adrianus Bever- 

ALUNNO (Francesco). 

An Italian grammarian of Ferrara, who lived about the middle 
of the 16th century. The date of his death is unknown, but 
it is believed to have happened about 1556. 

Le ricchezze della lingua volgare fopra il Boccaccio. 

fol. Vinegia, 1555. 
La fabiica del mondo ; nella quale fi contengono le voci 
di Dante, del Petrarca, del Boccaccio, e d'altri buoni autori, 
mediante lequali fi poflono fciivendo ifjirimeie tutti i concetti 
dell'huomo di quidunque cofa creata. 

fol. Vinegia, 1557. 
Regolette particolari della volgar lingua. [Aromatari, 
Degli autori del ben parlare, iSjc. I. ii. 393.] 


The Kitab-i-Yamini, hilloiical memoirs of the Amir 
Sabaktagin, and the Sultan Mahmud of Ghazna, eaily 
conquerors of Hinduftan, and founders of the Ghaznavide 
dynafty. Tranflated from the Perfian verfion of the con- 
temporary Arabic chronicle of Al Utbi, by the Rev. James 
Reynolds, B.A. 8° Lond. 1858. 

ALVARADO (Pedro de). 

Dos relaciones hechas a Hernan Cortes por Pedio de 
Alvarado refiriendole fus exjjcdiciones y conquillas en v.irias 
provincias de aquel reyno [la Nueva Elpana.] [Barcia, HiJ- 
loriiidores, 'isfr. torn, i.] 

Lettere due a Fernando Cortefe, del difcoprimento, et 
acquifto da lui fatto, di Vilatan & altie terre, & monugnc di 
alume, vitriolo, & zolfo nella Nuova Spagna. [Ramusio, 
Navlgation'i et vlnggi, iii. 296.] 

ALVAREZ (Antonio). 

A Francil<;an monk, born at Bcnavente about the middle sf 
the 1 6th century. 

Sylva cfpiritual de varias confideraciones para entretcni- 



miento del alma Chriftiana en los tiempos fanftos de Ad- 
viento, Septuagefima, y Quarefma. 4° Salamanca, 1587. 

ALVAREZ (Christoval). 

A Francifcan, of Benavente, in the 17th century. 
Padie tiene : affi fe interpreta efta voz Joab, fue capitan 
general de David. Su vida y hazanas en hiftoria apologe- 
tica, en que fe da fatisfacion a algunas calumnias que le im- 
ponen ; y panegeiica en que fe haze relacion de fus prendas ; 
y tragica de fu fin defgraciado. 4° Leon, 1678. 

ALVAREZ (Francisco). 

B. at Coimbra. Chaplain to Dom Manuel, King of Portugal, 
about 1515. Member of the Porrugiieie embalTy to Abyflinia 
from I516 to 1526. D. before 1540. 

Hiftoria de las cofas de Ethiopia, en la qual fe cuenta muy 
copiofamente el eftado y potencia del emperador della (que 
es el que muchos han penfado fer el prefte Juan,) con otras 
infinitas particularidades, affi de la religion de aquella gete, 
como de fus cei'emonias, fegun que de todo ello fue teftigo 
de vifta Francifco Alvarez ... traduzida por Miguel de 
Selves. 8° Toledo, 1588. 

— Another edition. fol. [Saragoffa, 1561 ?] 

Viaggio nella Ethiopia al Re Prete Janni. [Ramusio, 
Namgationi et •viaggi, i. 208.] 

Obbedienza data al Santifs. Papa Clemente VH. tro- 
vandofi in Bologna, dal Signer Don Francefco Alvarez, in 
nome & come ambafciador del ferenilfmio David, Re della 
Ethiopia. [Ibid. i. 279.] 

ALVAREZ (Francisco). 

Noticia del eftablecimiento y poblacion de las colonias 
Inglefas en la America feptentrional ... facado de varios 
autores. 4° Madiid, 1778. 

ALVAREZ (Pedro). 

Navigatione da Lift)ona in Calicut. [Ramusio, Naviga- 
t'wni et •viaggi, i. 133.] 


B. at Goa, I May, 1626. D. at Lifbon, 26 May, 1690. 
Obelifco Portugues, cronologico,geneologica,e penagirico. 

4° Lilboa, 1669. 


There is reafon to believe that this is merely a name afiumed 
by Piene MalTuet, who is underftood to be the compiler of the 
following work. 

Annales d'Efpagne et de Portugal, contenant tout ce qui 
f 'eft palfe de plus important dans ces deux royaumes, et dans 
les autres parties de I'Europe, de meme que dans les Indes 
Orientales et Occidentales, depuis I'etabliflement de ces deux 
monarchies, jufqu'a prefent ... 4 torn. 

4° Amft. 1 74 1. 

Diario hiftorico, politico-canonico y moral. i 2 tom. 

8" Madiid, 1732-3. 
Indice general del Diario hiftorico ... 

8° Madrid, 1734. 

Succeffion real de Efpana : vidas, y hechos de fus efclareci- 
dos reyes de Leon, y de Caftilla defde D. Pelayo . . . hafta 
nueftro GloriofilTimo Monarca, el Senor Fernando VI. ... 
3 tom. 8° Madrid, 1748. 


A native of Seville, fecretary and principal librarian to the 
King of Spain. 

Hiftoria de la Iglefia, y del mundo, que contiene los fucef- 
fos defde fu creacion hafta el diluvio. 

fol. Madrid, 17 13. 
Obras pofthumas poeticas, con la burramaquia. Sacalas a 
luz el Doftor Don Diego de Torres VUlarroel, el que efcrive 
al principio un refumen de la vida, y virtudes de efte author. 

4° Madiid, 1744. 

Varias poefias facras, y morales, y una apologia, o difcurfos 
en profa,fobre la milicia angelica, y cingulo de Santo Thomas. 

4= Burgos, I 703. 


A Spanirti jurift of the 17th century. 
Judex perfeflus feu de iudice perfedlo ... 

fol. Lugd. 1662. 
De privilegiis pauperum et miferabilium perfonarum ad 
legerp unicam ; Cod. Quando imperator inter pupillos etviduas 
aliafque miferabiles perfonas cognofcat: traflatusinduas partes 
diftributus ... Editio fecunda. fol. Lugd. 1663. 


" Abogado de los Reales Confejos.'' 
Commentarios a las leyes de Toro, fegun fu efpiritu y el 
de la legiflacion de Efpana, en que fe traLan las queftiones 
pradticas, arreglando fus deciCones a las leyes y refoluciones 
mas modernas que en el dia rigen ... 4° Madiid, 1 796. 

ALVAREZ Y BAENA (Josef Antonio). 

B. at Madrid about the middle of the 1 8th century. D. about 

Compendio hiftorico de las grandezas de la coronada villa 

de Madrid. 8'' Madrid, 1786. 

ALVAROTTUS (Jacobus). 

B. at Padua, 1385. Studied at the univerfity of his native 
city, and afterwards ledhired on feudal law for fixteen years, 
probably at Padua, though the fcene of his labours has not been 
poiitively alcertained. He fubfequently filled the office of judge 
in the cities of Florence and Siena. D. 18 June, 1453. 

lacobi Alvarotti ... Feudorum inteqMe'is eminentiffimi, 
ledlura in ufus eomndera eiiiditiffima, difficillimas et ob- 
fcuriffimas quafque quasftiones ab alijs motas mira dexteritate 
explicans . . . Per ftudiofum quendam [Erafmum Mufculum] 
jurifprudentiae, a multis ac variis mendis repurgata ... 

fol. Francof. ad Mcenum, 1587. 

ALVAROTUS (Petrus). 

ProfelTor of law in Padua and Bologna, who lived at the end 
of the 14th and beginning of the 15th century. 

Repetitio in §. Si pa<fto ex lege refcriptum ff. de pa<5lis. 
[L.IMPIUS, Repetltlones In varias juris civ'dis leges, i. 468.] 




Vita vel paflio beatilTimi martyris Eulogii, prefbyteri et 
dodloris, qui paffus elt Era Dcccxcvii, anno incarnationis 
Domini dccclix. fub rege Mahomad, die quinto Idus Martii. 
[ScHOTTUS, Hifptinia lUuJlrata, iv. 223.] 

Epiftolas ad Eulogium. \J\1ax. Bihliotheca •veterum Pa- 

TRUM, XV. 303.] 

ALVARUS (Emmanuel). 

A Portuguefe Jefuit, b. in the ifland of Madeira, 1 526. Pro- 
fefibr of the Latin language and literature at Coimbra and at 
Lifbon. D. 30 Dec. 1583. 

De inftitutione giammatica libri tics, integii, ut ab audor 
funt editi, nunc emendatius excufi. 

4= Colonix Agrippinx, 1 596. 

ALVARUS (LuDovicus). 

In rubrica dc legatis primo, repetita commentatio. [Lim- 
Pius, Repet'itiones in varias juris civi/is leges, iv. 9.] 

ALVERNUS (GuiLiELMus). See Guilielmus. 

ALVES (James). 

The banks of Efli ; or, a faunter from Roflin to Smeaton : 
a poem, defcriptive, hiftorical, and moral ; witli an introduc- 
tory canto, by way of retaliation upon fome Englifh authors, 
who have wantonly abufed the people and country of Scot- 
land. To which is added, Drummond CaiUe ; a poem of 
the fame kind. With an addrefs to Impudence. 

12° Edinb. 1800. 

ALVES (Robert), A.M. 

B. at Elgin, ii Dec. 1745. Educated at Marifchal College, 
Aberdeen. Parochial fchoolmafter of Deflcford in Banfffhire, 
and, after 1773, mafter of the grammar fchool of Banff. Re- 
moved to Edinburgh, 1779, where he died, 1 Jan. 1794. 

Poems. 8"^ Edinb. 1782. 

Ode to Britannia. (For the year 1780.) Occafioncd 
by our late fuccefles. 4~ Edinb. 1780. 

ALVETANUS (Cornelius). 

A native of Arendfrode, who lived in the i6th century. 
De conficiendo divino elixirc five lapide philofophico. 
[Zetznerus, Thealrum chemicum, v. Hi 5.] 

ALVIN (Juan). 
Memorial regular, y veridico. 

4=' n. p. n. d. 

ALVORD (Benjamin). 

The tangencies of circles and of fpheres. 1855. [Smith- 
sonian Contributions to Icnoiuledge, vol. viii.] 


A Greek writer on mufic, of whofe life no particulars arc 
known, the time even when he lived being uncertain. 

Introdu(fHo niufica. \Gr. and Lat. M. Meibomius, y/w- 

//VyKj- mujicx iiuSores, torn, i.] 


Le premier livre d'Aniadis de Gaule, mis en Fran^oys 
par le Seigneur des Efllins, Nicolas de Herberay ... 

8° Lyon, 1575. 

Le fecond livre ... 

Le troifiefme livre ... 

Le quatrieme livre ... 

Le cinquiefme livre ... 

Le fixieme [feptieme] livre ... 

Le huitiefme livre ... 

8° Paris, 1548. 
8' Lyon, 1577. 
8° Lyon, 1577. 

8° Paris, 1557. 
8° Lyon, 1577. 

8° Paris, 1557. 

Le neufieme livre . . . rendu en meilleur Fian9ois que par 
cy devant par C. Colet Champenois. 8° Lyon, 1557. 

Le dixiefme livre ... traduit nouuellement d' Hefpagnol 
en Fran5ois. [By I. G. P., i.e. Jacques Gohorry, Pari- 
Jien.] 8° Lyon, [1576.] 

L'onzieme livre ... 8° Lyon, 1577. 

Le douziefme livre ... Traduit d'Ef])aignol en Fran9ois 
par G. Aubeit de Poitiers. 8° Lyon, 1576. 

Le trezieme [quatorzieme] livre ... Traduit nouuelle- 
ment d'Efpagnol en Frangois par I.G.P. ... [Jacques 
Gohorry, Parifien.'^ 8° Lyon, 1577. 

Le quinziefme livre ... nouuellement mis en Frangois 
par Antoine Tyron. 8° Paris, 1577. 

Le feiziefme livre . . . mis en langue Fiangoyfe par Nicolas 
de Moutreu.x gentil-homme du Mans. 

8° [Paris, 1577.] 

Le dixfeptieme livre ... [tran dated, probably from the 
Italian, by Gabriel Chappuys.] 8° Lyon, 1578. 

Le dixhuiftiefme livre ... traduift d'Efpagnol en Fran- 
cois. [By Gabriel Chappuis.] S" Lyon, 1579. 

Le dixneufiefme livre ... traduit d'Hefpagnol en langue 
Frangoife par lacques Chariot, Champenois. 

8° Lyon, 1581. 

Le vingtiefme et penultime livre ... mis d'Hefpagnol en 
Frangois par Gabriel Chappuys, Tourangeau. 

8° Lyon, 1581. 

Le vingt uniefme et dernier livre ... traduift d'Hefpagnol 
en Francois. [By Gabriel Chappuys.] 8^ Lyon, 1581. 

Le vingt et dcuxiefmc [vingt et troifiefme, vingt quatri- 
eme et dernier] livre ... fai(El d'Efpagnol Fiangois. 

8° Paris, 161 5. 

Threfor des livres d'Amadis de Gaule : aflauoir les ha- 
rengues, concions, epiftres, complaindles, et autres chofes les 
plus exccllentes. 8° Paris, 1573. 

Traduction libre d'Amadis de Gaule par M. le Comte 
de Trefs* * [7>(^/«.] Nouvelle edition. 2 torn. 

12° Amfterdam, 1780. 

Amadis de Gaul, a poem in three books, freely trandated 
from the firlt part of the French verfion of Nicholas de 
Heiberay, Sieur des Eflliis, witli notes, by William Stewart 
Rofe. 8° Lond. 1803. 

AMADODDINUS, Ispahanensis. 
S])ecimen ex hilloria Saladini. [Bohadinus, Vita et m 
gejlif Salailini.^ 


Beflirivelfe over Amager og Saltholm. 1758. [liy 
Laurids de Thurah.] 


An writer, and one of the clergy of the cathedral 
at Mctz, in the 9th century. D. about 837. 

De ecclefiaftico officio libelli quatuor. De ordine anti- 



phonaiii liber. \_Max. Bibliotheca vetcrum Patrum, xiv. 


Supplementum ad libi"um iv. Araalarii de officiis divinis, 

five ejus libii caput xlviii. de eo quod S. Benediftus non- 

nulla in officio divino aliter coniHtuit, quam folerent a clericis 

fieri. [Mabillon, Vetera anakda, p. 93.] 

Epilloli. [d'AcHERius, Spicihgium, vii. 164.] 


* De S. Amalberga, virgine, et de Rodino ejus fratre 
monacho CafinenC. VpAh^i-Lho^, A3a fan8oru7n O.S.B. iii. 
ii. 217.] 

AMALIE, Princess of Saxony. 

Daughter of Prince Maximilian, the younger brother of 
Frederick Auguftus, King of Saxony. B. loth Aug. 1794. 

Six dramas illuftiative of German life : from the original 
of the Princefs Amalie of Saxony. 12° Lond. 1848. 


AMALTHEUS (Cornelius). 

Third fon of Francifcus Amaltheus. E. at Oderzo, 1530. D. 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delit'ne poetarum Italonim, i. 75.] 

— \Carmhia ilhijlrhun poetarum Italorum, i. 178.] 

AMALTHEUS (Hieronymus). 

The eldeft fon of Francifcus Amaltheus. B. at Oderzo, 1 506. 
ProfelTor of medicine and afterwards of philofophy at Padua, 
which he quitted to pradtife as a phyfician in his native diftrift. 
D. 24 Od. 1574. 

Trium fratrum Amaltheorum, Hieronymi, lo. Baptiftae, 
Cornelii, carraina. Editio fecunda, plurimis in locis cafli- 
gata. 1 2 ° Amftelasdami, 1689. 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delit'ne poetarum Italorum, i. 65.] 

— \JJarmma illujlr'iwn poetarum Italorum, i. I 36.] 

AMALTHEUS (Joannes Baptista). 

Poemata. [Gruter, Del'it'ie poetarum Italorum, i. 79.] 

— \Carm\na illujlrium poetarum Italorum, i. 1 48.] 
Canzone. [Rubbi, Parnafo Italiano, xxxi. I I 8.] 

AMAMA (Nicolaus ab). 

B. at Franeicer, 161S. D. 1656. 
Diffeitationum marinaram decas ; in qua, prater marina 
problemata, varia paffim fundamentalia e folidioris philofophias 
principiis, dedufta, dogmata difcutiuntur. 

8" Franekerx, 165 i. 
AMAMA (Sixtinus). 

B. at Franeker, 16 Oft. 1593. Studied at the univerfity of 
his native town, and, in 1 61 3, went to Oxford, where he refided 
in Exeter College, engaged in the ftudy of theology, and giving 
private inftruftion in Hebrew. Succeeded Drufius as profelFor 
of Hebrew in the Univerfity of Franeker, 1618. D. 9 Nov. 

Cenfura vulgatas verfionis quinque librorum Mofis. [Cri- 
Tici sacri, tom. i. and ii.] 

De decimis. [Ibid. i. ii. 21 I.] ! 

Notas in libros hiftoricos, Pfalmos, Proverbia, et EccleC- j 
aften. [Ibid. tom. iii. and iv.] 

AMANATUS (Jacobus). 5'ff Jacobus Piccolomineus. 


* Vita S. Amandi, epifcopi Trajeftenfis, auftore Baude- 


Annales S. Amandi breves annorum 742-855. [Pertz, 
Monumenta Germaniit hijlorica, ii. 184.] 

AMANELLUS, de Claris-aquis. 
SingiJaria [juris ;] multis in locis a Domin. Gabriele Sa- 
rayna ... additionibus audla. [Singularia DoSorum, ii. 70.] 

AMANIO (NiccoLo). 

An Italian poet, a native of Cremona, who lived in the former 
part of the i6th century. 

Sonetto. [Rubbi, Parnafo Italiano, xxxi. 91.] 

AMANIUS (Paulus). 

In effigiem Afcanii Maria; Cardinalis Sfortiae. [Carmina 
illujlrium poetarum Italorum, i. 185.I 

AMANTIUS (Barptholomeus). 

B. at Landiberg, in Bavaria, about the beginning of the i6th 
century. Profeflbr of law at Tiibingen, and afterwards at Greifs- 
wald. The date of his death is not known. 

Infcriptiones facrofandlae vetuftatis non iUas quidem Ro- 
mans, fed totius fere orbis ... Petrus Apianus ... & Barp- 
tholomeus Amantius ... ded. 1534- 

AMARASINHA. See Paulinus a S. Bartholomaeo. 

AMARI (Michele). 

B. at Palermo, 7 July, 1S06. 
The Anglo-French mediation in Sicily ; or, poftfcriptum 
to " Sicily and the Boiubons." Tranflated from the French. 

8° Lond. 1849. 
Hiftory of the war of the Sicilian Vefpers ... Edited, 
with introdudlion and notes, by the Earl of Ellefmere. In 
three volumes. 12° Lond. 1850. 


King of Egypt. Succeeded Apries. 569 B.C. D. 525 B.C. 
'EmoToXrt rriog Xloy^uy.oaTr,t aiyjiiru. 2a,uou. [Epistol* 
di-uerforum philofophorum ... Apud Aldum. 1499.] 

AMATIS (Marcus Antonius de). 

An Italian lawyer, a native of Rome, who lived at the end 
of the 1 6th and beginning of the 17th century. 

Vincentii Caroccii ... et Marc. Amatis ... De- 
cifionum libri 11. 1602. 

DeciCones alms Rota: Ferrarienfis ... 

4° Leodii, 1625. 
AMATO (Antoninus de). 

A jurift of Palermo, who was held in great efteem for his 
learning and eloquence. D. 31 July, 1653. 

Varias refolutiones juris, forenfes et prafticabiles : in quibus 
quxftiones, in dies fere occurrentes controuerfoe, dilucide con- 
tinentur, qui juris proprii Siculi interpret.atione, et decifioni- 
bus tribunalium exornantiu" ... Pars prima [et fecunda.] 

fol. Lugd. 166s. 



AMATO (Elias de). 

A Carmelite monk. B. at Montalto, 1666. D. 1747. 
Mufeum literarium in quo peni^ omnium fcii])ton]m dubia, 
fuppofitia, maledica, falfa, fabulofa, fatyrica, proicrii)ta, anony- 
ma, fufFurata, infulfa, putidaque monumenta, eruditomni cii- 
terio ftri(5lim cxpcnduntur. 4° Ncapoli, 1730. 

AMAYA (Franciscus de). 

B. at Antequera, province of Grenada. Profeflor at Sala- 
manca. Flourished during the former half of the 17th century. 

Obfei"vationum juris libri ties. 

4° Coloniae Allobrogum, 1656. 

Opera juridica, feu commcntarii in tres pofteriores libros 
Codicis Imp. luftiniani, necnon obfcn^ationes iuris nunc 
nouiter additx ; quibus accedunt apologia eiufdem audtoris 
pro ftatuto Collegii Maioris Conchcnfis, contra calumniam 
D. loan, de Efcobar ... fol. Lugd. 1667. 


Narrative of the lofs of the Amazon fteam-veflel, on Sun- 
day morning, Jan. 4, 1852. 8° Lond. 1852. 

Sorrow on the fea ; being an account of the lofs of the 
fteam-fliip "Amazon," by fire. 12° Lond. 1852. 

The lofs of the Amazon. Papers for young men. No. 
II. 12° Lond. 1852. 


Beware of the Bloomers 1 A warning ciy to tlie long 
robe. 8° Lond. 185 i. 


L'Ambigu, ou varietes litteraires et politiques : recueil 
periodique public par M. Peltier. Tom. 4—50. 

8" Lond. 1804-15. 

Ambition. 1&25. [7?)' Mifs M. G. Lewis.] 
AMBLER (Charles). 

Pradtifcd for nearly forty year? as a barrifter in the Court of 
Chancery. Created a king's counfel in 1761, and for feveral 
years held the office of attorney-general to the Qi^een. D. 1 794. 

Reports of cafes argued and determined in the High Court 
of Chanceiy, with fome few in other courts. 

fol. Lond. 1790. 

— The fecond edition, with corrections from the regif- 
trar's books, &c., references to fubfequent cafes, a new index, 
and a lift of the c;ifes cited or referred to in the text. By 
John Elijah Blunt. 8° Lend. 1828. 

AMBOISE (Adrian d'). 
Devifes royales. 

AMBOISE (Francois d'). 

8° Pa 

162 I. Paris about the middle of the i6th century. D. about 

Difcours ou traidle des devifes ; oil eft mife la raifon et 
difference des emblemes enigmes, fentcnces ct autres : pris et 
compile des cahiers de feu Meflire Francois d'Aniboife ... 
pajr Adrian d'Amboife fon fils. 8° Paiis, 1620. 

VOL. I. 

AMBRES (Baron d'). 

Memoires des guerres de la ligue en Langucdoc. [Pieces 
fugitives pour ferv'ir a I'hijloire de France, torn, ii.] 

AMBROSE (Isaac). 

B. in Lancafhirc, 1 592. Educated at Brafcnofc College, Ox- 
ford. Having joined the Preibytcrian party, he was minifter 
fuccefTively at Garftang and at Prefton. D. 1674. 

The Chriftian warrior wreftling with fin, Satan, the world 
and the flefh : abridged, methodized, and improved, by the 
Rev. Thomas Jones. 8° Lond. 1837. 


Ambrofe Maclandreth ; or, the religious enthufiaft. 


12° Lond. 1851. 

Ambrofe Ward ; or, the diffenter reclaimed : a tale for 
the times. 12° Lond. 1844. 

AMBROSINUS (Bartholom^us). 

B. 1588. ProfelTor of botany at the Univerfity of Bologna. 
D, 1657. 

Panacea ex herbis quae a fanftis denominantur cocinnata 
... cui acceffit capficomm cii fuis iconibus breuis hiftoria. 

8" Bononis, 1630. 

AMBROSINUS (Hyacinthus). 

B. 1605. Succeeded his brother Bartholompfus in the chair 
of botany at Bologna. D. 1672. 

Hortus ftudioforum, five catalogus aiborum, fmticurti, fuf- 
fruticum, ftirpium et plantaram omnium quse hoc anno 1 657, 
in ftudioforum horto publico Bonon. coluntur. 

4° Bononioe, 1657. 


B. at Treves, 340. Bifliop of Milan, 374. D. at Milan, 397. 

Omnia quotquot extant opera, primum per Des. Erafmum 
Rotcrodamum, mox per Sig. Gelenium, deinde per alios eni- 
ditos uiros diligenter caftigata : nunc uero poftremilm per 
loannem Cofterium, ad plurium antiquorum codicum colla- 
tione ... emendata ... 5 tom. fol. Balilea', 1555—67. 

Opera, ad manufcriptos codices Vaticanos,Gallicanos, Bel- 
gicos, &c., nec-non ad editiones veteres emendata, ftudio et 
labore monachorum ordinis S. BenediifH, i: congregatione S. 
Mauri. 2 tom. fol. Parifiis, 1686—90. 

Btginninir : — Incipit liber fanifti Ambrolii de obitu fratris 
fui Satyri farnffi. 

End: — Sandli Ambrofi archiepifcopi medlolanenfis opuf- 
culum de obitu Satyri fiatris fui : una cum libello de refuj- 
reftioe Et cruce domini. Et de bono mortis Felicitcr cx- 
])licit. Mli [A/jv/wA/n/] Imprefllim per magiftru Vldericu 
fcinzenzeler teutonicfi Opera & imiienfi domini Philippi 
Lauagnia; ciuis mediolanefis Anno dfii. M.cccc.lxxxviii. 
Die uero xvii Januarii. 4° 

Bcg'mniiig : — Vita fanc^i Ambrofii Mediolanefis cpifcopi 
fecudum paulinum epifcopum nolanum ad beatum uuguftinum 

F.riil : — Vita excelletiffmii ccclefii dodloris Diui Am- 
brofii archiepifcopi Mediolanefis per Paulinu cpifcopu Nol- 



lanum : Ipfiufque Sanfti Ambrofii perutile opufculum de 
officiis : ac Gloriofx Virginis Agnetis uita Paflloque Sanc- 
torum Vitalis & agricolae : nee non beatifllmonim martyrum 
Protafii & Geruafii ab eodem Diuo Ambrofio xdita in hoc 
codice continentur. 4° [Mediolani, 1488.] 

Epiftola: de poteftate impeiiali et epifcopali. [Goldastus, 
Monarchia S. Ronuini Imperil, iii. I.] 

Hymni. [Maittaire, Opera et fragmenta veterum poet- 
arum Lat'inorum, p. 1563.I 

— [Colhaio Pifauretifis, izjc. v. 153. See Poems.] 


See Ansbertus. 

AMBROSIUS, Camaldulensis. 

B, at Portico, near Forli, 24 Sep. 1378. Became a Camal- 
dolefe monk at an early age, and rofe in 143 1 to be general of 
the order. D. at Florence, 21 0(3. 1439. 

Epiftolai-um libri xx. [Martene & Durand, Veterum 
fcrlptorum, isfc, amp/i^ma col/eclio, iii. I.] 

AMBROSSE (Bertie.) 

Opoleyta ; or, a tale of Ind : a poem in four cantos. 

8° Lond. 1815. 

AMBRUN (Pierre). P/euJ. 0/ Richard Simon. 

AME. See Soul. 


A native of Dauphine. Bifiiop of Laufanne, 1145. D. I158. 

De Maria, Virginea matre, homilias ofto. \Max. Blbl'w- 
theca "Veterum Patrum, xx. 1262.] 

— [Raynaudus, Heptas prafulum Chr'tjliana, p. S03.] 

AMELANG (Johann Gottfried). 

B. at Zerbft, 29 Odl. 1735. Secretary of the poft-office at 
Berlin. D. 14 Feb. 1801. 

Von dem Alterthum der Schreibekunft in der Welt, 
befondeis zu Brieten, und infbefondere von der Correfpond- 
enz im Homer. 8° Leipzig, 1800. 

AMELIUS (Petrus). 

A French Auguftine monk. Birtiopof Sinigaglia, 1365, and 
afterwards archbilhop of Taranto. The date of his death is un- 
known, but he was alive in 1397. 

Itinerarinm Domini Gregorii Papas XL inceptum xiii. 
Septembris, anno Domini mccclxxvi., Pontificatus fui anno 
fexto. [Muratori, Rerum Ilalicarum fcriptorei, in. ii. 690.] 

Liber de csremoniis S.R.E. [Mabillon, Mufeum 
Italicum, ii. 443.] 


B. at Orleans, Feb. 1634. Secretary to the French embalTy 
to Venice. D. at Paris, 8 Dec. 1706. 

Hiftoire du gouverriement de Venife, avec des notes hif- 
toriques et politiqies. Nouvelle edition. 3 tom. 

12° Lyon, 1768. 

La morale de Tacite. De la flaterie. 

12° La Haye, n. d. 
La vie du Cardinal d'Oflat. [Ossat, Letres du Cardi- 
nal eTOJat. Paris, 1698.] 

AMENO (LuDovicus Maria Sinistrari de). 

B. 26 Feb. 1632. A monk of the Francifcan order. Held 
feveral important ecclefiaftical offices in various parts of Italy. 
D. 6 March, 1701. 

Opera omnia in tres partes diftributa : — Praftica criminalis 
iUuftrata hoc eft commentarii pei'petui, et abfoluti in prac- 
ticam crirainalem Fratrum Minorum ... operum pars prima. 

fol. Romx, 1753. 
Formulaiium criminale nee non tradtatus de incorrigibilium 
expulflone ab ordinibus legularibus ... operum pars fecunda. 

fol. Roma, 1754. 
De deliftis, et pcenis tra(5latus abfolutiffimus ... openim 
pars tertia. fol. Romae, 1754. 

AMERBACHIUS. See Amerpachius. 


Voyages and difcoveries in South America ; the firft up 
the river of Amazons to Quito in Peru, and back again to 
Brafil, perform'd at the command of the King of Spain, by 
Chriftopher d'Acugna ; the fecond up the river of Plata, 
and thence by land to the mines of Potofi, by M. Acarete ; 
the third from Cayenne into Guiana, in fearch of the lake of 
Parima, reputed the richeft place in the world, by M. Grillet 
and Bechamel ; done into Englifh from the originals, being 
the only accounts of thofe pans hitherto extant. 

8° Lond. 1698. 

An efTay upon the government of the Englifh plantations 
on the continent of America ... by an American. 

8° Lond. 1701. 

Propofals for cariying on an effeftual war in America 
againft the Fiench and Spaniards. 1702. \Harleian Mis- 
cellany, i. 379.] 

An abridgement of the laws in force and ufe in Virginia, 
Jamaica, Barbadoes, Maiyland, New-England, New-York, 
Carolina, &c., digefted under proper heads. 

8° Lond. 1 704. 

The importance of the Britifh plantations in America to 
this kingdom ; with the ftate of their tr.ide, and methods for 
improving it ; as alfo a defcription of the feveral colonies there. 

8° Lond. 173 I. 

Menioires des Comiflaires de fa Majefte tres-Chretienne, 
et de ceux de fa Majefte Britannique, fur les pofTeffions et 
les droits refpedlifs des deux couronnes en Ameiique ; avec 
les afles publics et pieces juftificatives. 3 tom. 

8° Amfteidam et Leipzig, 1755. 

An account of the European fetdenients in America . . . 
1760. [By Edmund Burke.] 

The late occurrences in North America, and policy ot 
Great Britain confidered. 8° Lond. 1766. 

The hiftoiy of the Britifti dominions in North America, 
from the firft difcoveiy of that vaft continent by Sebaftian 
Cabot in 1 497, to its prefent glorious eftablifliment, as con- 
firmed by the late treaty of peace in 1763. In fourteen 
books. 40 Lond. 1773. 



An appeal to the juftice and interefts of die jieople of 
Great Britain, in the piefent difputes with America ... 1774. 
[By Arthur Lee.] 

The North American pilot for Newfoundland, Labradore, 
the gulf and river St. Laurence ; being a coileiftion of fixty 
accurate charts and plans, drawn from original furveys ; taken 
by James Cook and Michael Lane, furveyors, and Jofeph 
Gilbejt, &c. ... Chiefly engraved by the late Mr. Thomas 
JefFeiys, geographer to the king. fol. Lond. 1775. 

The rights of Great Britain aflerted againft the claims of 
America... 1776. [^j James Macpherson.] 

Recueil des loix conftitutives des colonies Angloifes, con- 
federees fous la denomination d'Etats-Unis de I'Amerique- 
Septentrionalc. Auquel on a joint les Adtes d'independance, 
de confederation et autres aftes du Congies general, traduit 
de I'Anglois. 12° Philadelphia, 1778. 

The American war ; a poem, in fix books : in which the 
names of the oflScers who have diftinguirtied thenifelves during 
the war are introduced. iS'' Lond. 178 I. 

Bibliotheca .\mericana ; or, a chronological catalogue of 
the moft curious and interefting books, pamphlets, ftate papers, 
&C., upon the fubje^ft of North and South America, from the 
earlieft period to the prefent, in print and manufcript ... with 
an introduiflory difcourfe on the prefent ftate of literature in 
thofe countries. • 4° Lond. 1789. 

The American calendar, or United States regifter, for the 
year 1794. 12= Philadelphia, 1794. 

A view of the ftate of parties in the United States of 
America ; being an attempt to account for the prefent af- 
cendancy of the French, or democratic party, in that country : 
in two letters to a friend. By a gentleman who has recently 
vifited the United States. 8° Edinb. 18 12. 

The emigrant's guide ; or, a pifture of America : ex- 
hibiting a view of the United States, divefted of democratic 
colouring, taken from the original now in the poffeffion of 
James Madifon, and his twenty-one governments. Alfo, a 
fl<etch of the Britirti jirovinces ; delineating their native beau- 
ties and fuperior attraftions. By an old fcene painter. 

8° Lond. I iS 16. 
The colonial policy of Great Britain confidered with re- 
lation to her North American provinces, and Weft India 
poflefTions ... By a Britifli traveller. 8° Lond. 18 16. 

Hiftory of the late war between the United Stitcs and 
Great Britain ; containing a minute account of the various 
military and naval operations. By an American. 

I 2° Baltimore, 18 16. 
Outline of the revolution in Spanifli America, or an ac- 
count of the origin, progrefs, and aftual ftate of the war 
carried on between Spain and Spanifh America ; containing 
the principal fails which have marked the ftiiiggle. By a 
South American. 8° Lond. 1817. 

The reports on the ])refent ftate of the United piovinces 
of South America ; drawn up by MefTrs. Rodney and 
Graham ... and laid before the Congrefs of the United 
States ; with their accompanying documents ; occafional 
notes by the editor ; and an introdu6lory difcouife, intended 
to prefent, with the reports and documents, a view of the 
])refent ftate of the country, and of the progrefs of the inde- 
pendents. With a map. 8° Lond. 1S19. 
Import and navigation laws of the United States, pafled 

April 20, 18 18, and Treafui-y inftrtidions, of 25th May, 
18 1 8. 8° Lond. 18 19. 

A complete hiftorical, chronological, and geographical 
American atlas ; being a guide to the Hiftory of North and 
South America, and the Weft Indies ... 

fol. Philadelphia, 1822. 

Refleftions on the ftate of the late Spanilli Americas ; and 
on the expediency of the recognition ot their indejiendence 
by Great Britain. 8 Lond. 1823. 

The American mariners ; or, the Atlantic voyage : a 
moral poem. Prefixed is a vindication of the American 
charadlcr from the afperfions of the Quarterly Reviewers. 
To which are added. Naval annals ; or an impaitial fummary 
of the aftions fought during the late war, at fea, and on the 
lakes, between the fliips of Great Britain and thofe of the 
United States of America. 8° Saliftsury, [1824.] 

An excurfion through the United States and Canada 
during the years 1822-23. ■'^y '*" Englifh gentleman. 

8" Lond. 1824. 

A fummaiy view of America ... 1824. [By 


Confideration of the claims and conduct of the United 
States refpeifting their north eaftern boundary, and of the 
value of the Britifli colonies in North Amcinca. 

8° Lond. 1826. 

The Americans as they aie : defcribed in a tour through 
the valley of the MiflilTippi. By the author of " Auftria as 
it is." 12° Lond. 1)528, 

Tour through parts of the United States and Canada ... 
1828. [By Beaufoy.] 

Notions of the Americans ; picked up by a travelhng 
bachelor. 1828. [By J. Fenimore Cooper.] 

America : or, a general fui-vey of the political fituation of 
the feveral powers of the weftern continent, with conje«5lures 
on their future profpefls. 1828. [By Alexander H. 

Obfer\ations on the importance of die North American 
colonies to Great Britain. By an old inhabitmt of Britifli 
America. 8° Lond. I 83 I. 

American ftate papers. Documents, legiflative and 
executive, of the Congrefs of the United States, from the 
firft fefllon of the fiift to the third feflion of the thirteenth 
Congrefs, inclufivc : commencing March 3, 1789, and end- 
ing March 3, 181 5. Seleifted and edited, under the autho- 
rity of Congiefs, by Walter Lowrie, fecretaiy ot the Senate, 
Matthew St. Clair Clarke, and Walter S. Fianklin, clerks 
of the Houfe of Reprefentatives. 2 3 vols. 

fol. Wafliington, 1832-4. 

America and the Americans. By a citizen of the world. 

8° Lond. 1 833. 

The Americans ... 1833. [By C. Colton.] 

Men and manners in America ... 1833. [/Vj' 

An anfwer to thereprcfentations of the diflentcrs rcfpeifling 
the ftate of religion in America. From the accounts given 
on this fubjeift by American writers. 8° I-ond. 1834. 

The ftranger's guide dirough die United States and 
Canada. 12" Edinb. 1S3S. 

A voice from America to England. By an American 
gentleman. 8" Lond. 1839. 



Slavery and the internal flave trade in the United States 
of America ; being replies to queftions tranfmitted by the 
committee of the Biitifli and Foreign Anti-flavery fociety for 
the abolition of flavery and the flave ti'ade throughout the 
world. S° Lond. 1 84 1. 

America and her flave-fyftem. 8° Lond. 1845. 

The conquei'ors of the New World and their bondimen : 
being a narrative of the principal events which led to negro 
flaveiy in the Weft Indies and America. 1848. [By 
Arthur Helps.] 

Biitifh colonies in Nortli America : the maiitime pro- 
vinces. 12° Lond. 1848. 

America compared with England. The refpeftive focial 
effefts of the American and Englilh fyftems of government 
and legiflation : and the miffion of democracy. 

I 2° Lond. 1848. 

A praftical guide for emigrants to N. America, includ- 
ing the United States, Lower and Upper Canada, and New- 
foundland. By a feven years' relldent in North America. 

12° Lond. 1850. 

Tranfatlantic rambles ; or, a record of twelve months 
travel in the United States, Cuba, and the Brazils. By a 
Rugbsan. 12^ Lond. 185 i. 

A young traveller's journal of a tour in North and South 
America, during the year 1850. 12° Lond. 1852. 

America as I found it. 1852. [By Mrs. M. G. L. 

Traits of American-Indian life and character. By a fur 
trader. 8° Lond. 1853. 

Our relations with America. Coi refpondence between 
the Englilli and American Governments upon the enliftment 
queftion, as prefented to the Congrefs of the United States, 
Fcbmary 28, 1856. 8° Lond. 1856. 

No war with America ! an addrefs to his countiymen, by 
an Engliflinian. 8° Lond. 1856. 

The Englilliwoman in America. 1856. [By Mifs 

Might not right ; or, ftories of the difcoveries and con- 
queft of America. By the author of " Our Eaftern empire," 
" The martyr land," " Sunlight through the mift," etc. 

8° Lond. 1858. 

A letter to Americans in Euiope. By a countryman. 

8° Lond. 1859. 

The afpedts of religion in the United States of America 
... 1859. [By Mifs Bird.] 

Recent recolledlions of the Anglo-American Church in 
the United States. By an Englifh layman five yeais refident 
in that republic. In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1861. 

The difcoveries and fettlements made by the Englifh in 
different parts of America, from the reign of Heni-y VII. to 
the clofe of that of Queen Elizabeth. [Pinkerton's Col- 
leSion of voyages and travels, xii. 156.] 

Memoirs of North America. [Ibid. xiii. 336.] 

Narrative of an expedition of five Americans, into a 
country of wild animals, without any aid of Government, and 
folely on their own refourccs. 8° Lond. n. d. 

AMERPACHIUS (Georgius). 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delitia: poetarum Germanorum, i. 


B. at Wendingen, in Bavaria, at the end of the 15th, or be- 
ginning of the 1 6th century. Studied at Wittenberg, where, it 
is faid, he adopted the opinions of Luther. If fo, he abandoned 
them foon after, and was appointed profeflor of philofophy at 
Ingolftad. D. there, 1557. 

Poemata. [Gruter, Del'itm poetarum Germanorumy i. 


Ad Andieam Alciatum Epiftola de furto per lancem 
et licium concepto, fub cujus initium etiam oftenditur, quid 
fignificare videatur Jullinianus per aquam profluentem in Tit. 
de renam divifione. Meerman, Novus thefaurus juris civilis 
et canonici, vii. 805. 

AMES (Fisher). 

B. at Dedham, Maflachufetts, 9th April, 1758. Educated 
at Harvard College. After much difficulty, arifing from ftrait- 
ened circumftances, he entered on the praftice of the law, 1 78 1 . 
Elected member of the ftate legiflature ; and afterwards repre- 
fented the dillrift of Suffolk in the firft Congrefs of the United 
States. D. 4 July, 1 80S. 

Works: compiled by a number of his friends. To which 
are prefixed notices of his life and charaftei'. 

8° Bofton, 1809. 
AMES (I.) 

The tragical hiftoiy of Walwyn and Aureola ; contain- 
ing in it a rare example of true conftancy. 

8° Lond. 1839. 
AMES (.Ioseph). 

B. at Yarmouth, 23 January, 16S8. Secretary to the Anti- 
quarian Society. D. 1758. 

A catalogue of Englifh heads ; or, an account of about 
two thoufand prints, defcribing what is peculiar on each ; as, 
the name, title, or office of the perfon ; the habit, pofture, 
age, or time when done ; the name of the painter, graver, 
fcraper. Sec, and fome remarkable particulars relating to 
their lives. 8° Lond. 1748. 

Typographical antiquities : being an hiftorical account of 
printing in England : with fome memoirs of oiu" antient 
printers, and a regiller of the books printed by them, from 
the year mcccclxxi to the year mdc. With an appendix 
concerning printing in Scotland and Ireland to the fame time. 

4° Lond. 1749. 

— Another edition. Confiderably augmented, both in 
the memoirs and number of books, by William Heibert. 3 
vols. 4° Lond. 1785-90. 

— Another edition, greatly enlarged, with copious notes, 
and illuftrated with appropriate engravings ; comprehending 
the hiftory of Englifh literature, and a view of the progrefs 
of the art of engraving, in Great Britain ; by the Rev. Tho- 
mas Frognall Dibdin. 4 vols. 4° Lond. 18 10-19. 

AMES (Lilia). 

Are you cheerlefs ? 8° Lond. 1859. 

The Welfh valley : a tale. 8° Lond. 1859. 

AMES (Richard). 

*' Originally a coat-feller; but had always fome yammerings 
upon him after learning and the mufes. He has almoft written 
as many pretty little pleafant poems as Taylor the Water Poet." 
— Duntons Life and errors, edit. l8l8, \. 1 86. 

The female fire-fhips ; a fatyr againfl: whoiing : in a letter 
to afnend juft come to town. \_jinon,~\ 4° Lond. 1691. 



Iflington-wells ; or the threepenny academy : a poem. 

4° Lond. 1691. 

Lawyei-us bootatus & fjiurratus : or, tlie long vacation : a 
poem. By a lludent of Lincolns-Inn. 4° Lond. 1691. 

The pleafures of love and marriage ; a poem in praife of 
the fair fex : in requital for The folly of love, and fome 
other late fatyrs on women, ^y/noii.^ 4= Lond. 1691. 

The Jacobite conventicle : a poem. 4° Lond. 1692. 

The bacchanalian feflions : or the contention of liquors : 
with a farewel to wine. By the author of the Search after 
claret, &c. To which is added, a fatyrical poem on one 
who had injur'd his memory. By a friend. 

4° Lond. 1693. 

AMES (William), D.D. 

B. in the county of Norfolk, 1576. ProfelTor of theology in 
tJie Univerfity of Franelcer. D. at Rotterdam, 1633. 

Medulla S. S. theologiae, ex facris literis, earumque inter- 
pretibus, extrafta, et methodice difpofita. In fine adjundta 
eft difputatio de fidei divinx veritate. Editio quaita. 

12° Lond. 1630. 

A frefh fuitagainft human ceremonies in God's woilhi]) ; 
or, a trljilication unto D. Burgefle his Rejoinder for D. 
Morton. In two parts. 4=" n. p. 1633. 

Englifh puritanifnie . . . 164I. [Afcribed on the title-page 
to Ames, but really written by William Bradshaw.] 

Leftiones in omnes Pfalnios Davidis : in quibus per an- 
alyfim, et, ubi opus eft, per quxftiones fenfus dilucid^ ac 
fuccinfti enodatur, nee non documenta ubivis eliciuntur, et 
ad ufus fuos dextr^ applicantur ... 8° Lond. 1647. 

Refcriptio fcholaftica ct brevis ad Nic. Grevinchovii Re- 
fponfum illud prolixum, quod oppofuit Differtationi de re- 
demptione generali, et eleftione ex fide praevifa. Acccf- 
ferunt ejufdem Difceptatio fcholaftica de circulo pontificio, 
aliique theologici tradlatus. Editio ultima. 

12° Amfteledami, 1658. 

AMESBURY (Joseph). 

Surgeon, Brighton. 

Obfen'ations on the nature and treatment of fiaftures of 
the upper third of the thigh-bone, and of fradures of long 
ftanding ... illuftiated by cafes obtained from public and 
private prafticc. 8' Lond. 1828. 

Praftical remarks on the nature and treatment of fi-a<ftures 
of the trunk and extremities ; being the fubftance of that 
portion of his leisures which relates to this fubjcft. Illuf- 
trated by plates, woodcuts, and cafes. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 183 I. 

Notice of patents, granted to Jofeph Ameft)ury, furgeon, 
for certain apparatus ufed in the treatment of ftiffnefs, weak- 
nefs, or deformity of the fpine, cheft, or limbs ; accom- 
panied with praiflical remarks and illuftrations. 

8° Lond. 1837. 

Praftical remarks on the caufes, nature, and treatment of 
deformities of the fj)ine, cheft, and limbs, mufcular weak- 
nefs, weak joints, mufcular contracflions, and ftitf joints ... 
with illuftrative plates and cafes. 4° Lond. 1840. 

The prevention and removal of lateral curvature and other 
deformities of the fpine and chcft ; alfo, weaknefs, ftiffnefs, 
contrartions, and deformity of the limbs, by a new fyftem of 
treatment, with illuftrations, ihowing its elfedts and impor- 
tance. 8° Lond. 1847. 

AMEUNEY (Antomus). 

Notes from the life of a Syrian. Being extradls from the 
MS. biography now preparing for publication, with an appeal 
on behalf of 8o,00O,000 of the human family. 

8° Lond. i860. 


L'ami du pccheur. Cinquante-neuvieme edition. 

12° Lond. n. d. 

The calling and refponfibilities of a governefs. 

8° Lond. 1852. 

A Neapolitan jurift, b. at Caftelvecchio about the end of the 
1 6th century. 

Quxftiones feudales . . . quibus adiicitur traftatus De regali- 
bus ofticiis ... fol. Neapoli, 1653. 

AMICI (Carlo). 

Lettere di Guftavo, colle rifpofte d'Emilia fua amante. 

12° Lond. 1 782. 
AMICO (Antoninus de). 

A Sicilian prieft, and hiftoriographer to Philip IV. of Spain. 
D. 1 641. 

De uibis Syracufarum antiquo arcliiepifcoji.atu, ac de ejuf- 
dem in Univerfa Sicilia metropoliticojure, hiftoricaet chrono- 
logica di/Tertatio. [Gr;evius, Thefaurus antiquitatum el hif- 
torlarum Sicili^e, torn, ii.] 


B. at Catania, in Sicily, 1693. D. 1762. 

Lexicon topographicum Siculum, in quo Sicilix urbes> 
opida, cum vetufta, tum extantia, montes, flumina, poitus, ad- 
jacentes infulx, ac lingula loca defcribuntur ac illuftrantur ... 
3 tom. 40 Panormi, 1757-60. 


* Vita S. Amici, monachi Cafinenfis, auflore Bernardo, 
ejufdem loci monacho. See Bernardus. 


Eight letters on the fubjeft of the Earl of Selkirk's pamph- 
let on Highland emigration : as they lately appeared under 
the fignature of Amicus in one of the Ediriburgh newfpapers. 

8° Edinb. 1806. 


An appeal to magiftrates, church wardens, overfeers, and 

the jiublic in general on various imjjortant fubjeifbs. 

8^' Lond. I 8 19. 

Quakerifm unma(l<ed ; comprifing a glance at J. Wilkin- 
fon's " Quakerifm examined." 12^ York, 1839. 


'I'he Government plan of education. The queftion whether 
it is bafed on found principles confidered ; in a letter to J. S. 
Reynolds, Efq., fecietaiy of the Home and Colonial Ichool 
fociety. Being an endeavour to prove that the committee 



of that fociety, and of other kindred inftiiutions, cannot con- 
fiftently and fafely, as Chriftian men oppofed to a mere 
fecular education, and to popery, conneft themfelves with the 
Board of national education. 8° Lend. 1848. 


Church organization : a letter to the Rt. Hon. Loid 
AfHey. 8° Lend. 1850. 


The friendfhips of the Bible. 8° Lond. 1853. 


" This do:" a letter to a member of the Society of 
Friends. 8° Briftol, 1858. 


Food for the million. Maize againft potato. A cafe for 
the times : comprifmg the hiftory, ufes, and culture of Indian 
corn, and efpecially ihowing the praifbicability and neceffity 
of cultivating the dwarf varieties, in England and Ireland. 

1 2° Lond. 1847. 


Appeal in the caufe " Gorham •verfus the Bilhop of Ex- 
eter," to the judicial committee of the Privy council againft 
the judgement of the Court of Arches. Anfwer to a pamphlet 
by the Rev. T. Vores, M. A., entitled " The judgement of 
charity." 8° Lond. 1849. 


Thoughts on a revifion of the liturgy of the Church of 
England, and a more equitable adjuftment of her revenues 
recommended. 8° Lond. 1831. 


A defcriptive analyfis of " Jemfalem," a facred oratorio, 
by Heniy Hugh Pierfon, and fii ft performed at the Norwich 
mufical feftival, September 23d, 1852. 

12° Norwich, [1852.] 


Roman Catholic claims, as involved in the recent aggref- 
fion, impartially confidered ; and (hown to imply a fupremacy 
over the realm of England that is neither juftified by the 
Emancipation Aft, nor excufed by any liberal meafures of 
Government, nor confiftent witli the free adtion of the State. 

8° Lond. 185 I. 

AMICUS (C. B. C.) 

Hints on life ; and how to rife in fociety. 

8° Lond. 1845. 


The Amidei : a tragedy, in five adls. 1 845. \^By Mrs. 


Aminadab : or, the Quaker's vifion. 8° Lond. 1 7 i o. 


Aminadab's letter to the author of a paper called. The 
Independent Whig : wherein is made appear that his taking 
upon himfelf the name of Independent, ferves only to (hew, 
who he does depend upon. 8° Lond. 1721. 


B. at Schafthaufcn, 1669. Phyfician at Amfterdam. D. at 
Warmond, near Leyden, about 1730. 

Surdus loquens ; feu raethodus qua, qui furdus natus eft, 
loqui difcere poflit. 8° Amftelasdami, 1692. 

Difleitatio de loquela, qua non folum vox humana et 
loquendi artificium ex originibus fuis eruuntur ; fed et trad- 
untur media, quibus ii, qui ab incunabilis furdi et muti fiie- 
runt, loquelam adipifci, quique difficulter loquuntur, vitia fua 
cmendare poflint. 8° Amft. 17 00. 

— Another edition. 8° Lugd. Bat. 1727. 

AMMAN (Mir), ofDlhli. 

Bagh o Bahar ... See Amir Khusru. 

AMMAN (Paulus). 

B. at Breflau, 31 Aug. 1634. Profeffor fucceflively of medi- 
cine, of botany, and of phyfiology in the Univerfity of Leipzig. 
D. at Leipzig, 4 Feb. 1691. 

SupeHex botanica : hoc eft enumeratio plantarum, quae non 
folum in horto medico Academic Lipfienfis, fed etiani in aliis 
circa urbem viridariis,pratis ac fylvis, &c. progerminare folent: 
cui brevis acceffit ad materiam medicam in ufum philiatrorum 
manuduftio. 8° Lipfise, 1675. 

Chai afler plantanjm naturalis, "a fine ultimo videlicet frudli- 
ficatione defumtus, ac prasmiflb fundamento methodi genuinje 
cognofcendi plantas, per canones et exempla digeftus. 

12° Francofurti et Lipfia:, 1685. 

AMMANATI (Laura Battiferri). 

B. at Urbino, 1522. Wife of Bartolommeo Ammanati, a 
celebrated fculptor and architeft at Florence. D. 1589. 

Sonetto. [RuBBi, Parnafo ItaTiano^ xxx. 243.] 
AMMANUS (Joannes). 

B. at Sciiaffhaufen, 1707. Profeffor of botany and natural 
hiftoiy at St. PeterJburg. D. there, 1741. 

Stiq^ium rariorum, in imperio Rutheno fponte provenien- 
tiura, icones et defcriptiones. 4° Petropoli, 1739. 



See Marcel- 

AMMIRATO (Scipione). 

B, at Lecce, in the kingdom of Naples, 27 Sep. 1531. D. 
at Florence, 30 Jan. 1601. 

Opufcoli. 8° Fiorenza, 1583. 

Dell' Iftorie Fiorentine libri venti, dal principio della citta 
infino all'anno mccccxxxiiii. nel quale Cofimo de Medici 
il vecchio fu reftituito alia patria. 2 tom. 

fol. Firenze, 1600— 41. 

Differtationes politicae, fire difcurfus in C. Cornelium 
Tacitum, politicam doftrinam apprime illuftrantes, nuper ex 
Italico in Latinura verfi ... Adjunfts funt Digreffiones 



politico; a Chriftophoro Pflugio ... Acceflere ob argument! 
(Imilitudinem, fummamque opens elegantiam, De regis ac 
regni inftitutione libri iii. 8" Francofurti, 161^. 

Difcorfi fopra Cornelio Tacito, nei quali fi conticne il 
fiore di tutto quello, che fi trova fparfo ne libri delle attioni 
de principi, e del buono o cattivo loro governo. 

4° Padova, 1642. 

Sonetto. [RuBBi, Parnafo Italiano, xxxi. 127.] 

AMMON (Christoph Friedrich). 

B. at Baireuth, 16 Jan. 1766. ProfefTor of theology at 
Erlangen and at Gottingen. D. 21 May, 1820. 

Gefchichte der Homiletik. Erfter Theil. Ei (le Periode 
von Hufs bis auf Luther : mit einer hiftorifchen Einleitung 
in die Gefchichte der Homiletik von der Entftehung des 
Chriftenthums an bis auf den Anfang des funfzehnten Jahr- 
hunderts. 8° Gottingen, 1804. 

Summa theologise Cliriftianas . . , Editio tenia, caftigata et 
aufla. 8" Lipfia:, 1816. 


Teutfche Alterthi.imer der Mythologie und Sjjiache, oder 
mythologifch-etymologifcher Commentar zu Tacitus Schrift : 
De fitu, moribus et popuHs Germaniae. Von J. Amnion und 
W. Biiumlein. 8° Tubingen, 18 17. 

AMMONIUS, Grammaticus. 

ProfefTor of grammar ac Alexandria, about the clofe of the 
4th century, 

A/i.awH&u Tli^i oij,oi(iiv xai ftionpo^uv Xs^iuv. Ammonius 
De adfinium vocabulorum differentia. Accedunt opufcula 
nondum edita, Eranius Philo De differentia fignificationis : 
Lefbonax De figuris grammaticis : incerti fcriptores De 
foloecifmo & barbarifmo : Lexicon de fpiritibus diftionum 
... Ammonium, ope MS. primas cditionis Aldiux, & aliunde, 
emaculavit & notis illuftravit, reliqua ex. codd. MS8. Biblio- 
thecoE Lugduno-Batavs nunc primum vulgavit Ludovicus 
Cafparus Valckenaer. 4° Lugd. Bat. 1739. 

A/J,/j,om'jv rifo; oiioiuii xai Siapa^av Ki^ioiv. Ammonius 
De adfinium vocabulorum differentia. Cum felc(ffis L. C. 
Valckenarii notis atque animadverfionibus cdidit fuafque ob- 
fei-vationes adjecit C. F. Amnion. 8° Erlanga-, 1787. 

— [Greei only. Craston, Didlonarium Grtvcum, clc. 
Venet. Aid. 1497-] 


Son of Hcrmeas. Studied at Athens under Proclus (who died 
A. D. 484), and was the mafter of Simplicius, Aftlcplus Tralli- 
anus, John Pliiluponus, and Damafcius. 

A/i//.wwiiu TOM Kififiou (i; rag YlivTi (puvag tw IIoopus/oi; 
MTd/j.vtjij.a. Ammonii Hermix in Quinque voces Poiphyrii 
commentaria. [Gr. only.'\ 8° Venctiis, 1545. 

A/j,,'j.tii\iiou TOM K§,'j,!iou Hi Tag tom A^iaTOTiy.oui KaTrjyooia; 
u5ro,avr,//.a. Ammonii Hermix in Ariflotelis PrxdicamenUi 
commentaria. [Gr. oii/y.] 8' Vcnetiis, 1545. 

\/J,/J,(imOU TOM V.^IMK.M !i; TO TOM XcilSTOTlXoMi Uiil £»/i?;>£;aj 

MToij-Mrnia. Ammonii Hermix in libi-um Ariftotelis De in- 
terpretatione commentaiia. \Gr. oiily.^ 

8° Venetiis, 1 545. 

E;5 TO TOM A^iSTOTiXoMi ffe»( ioij.r,\iiag Tiir,ii.a ituTtiov 
Mrro/Mti/Mu : cum Latina verfionc. [Alexander, Aplirodi- 
fienfis, De fato. Lond. 1658.] 

AMMONIUS, Saccas. 

A Chriftian philofopher, who lived at Alexandria in the 3d 

century, D. 243, 

Sandlonam quatuor cvangeliorum harmonia. [Afa,v. Biblio- 
theca veterum Patrum, iii. 266.] 

AMMONIUS (Andreas). 

B. at Lucca, 1477. Vifited England, and obtained the ap- 
pointment of fecretary for Latin correfpondence to Henry VIIL 
At the time of his death, which happened at London in 151 7, 
he filled the office of nuncio from Leo X, to the Englifli court, 

Ecloga I. [J. Oporinus, Bucolicorum autores xxxviii. 

P- 725-] 


An Italian jurift, b, at Bologna, Appointed profeflbr of the 
Panders in the univerfity of that city, 1595, which office he 
held for five years. The date of his death is not known. 

In Pandedf. lib. quintum fcholafticae interpretationes. 

fol. Bononix, 1620. 
In titulos de padl. et de tranfafl. fcholafticx interpreta- 
tiones. 4° Bononix, 1 6 2 i . 


Hints for radical leform, on principles of equity. 

8° Lond. 1S21. 


Induftry, education, and public Witue ; or meafures for a 
new parliament to complete under a liberal and enlightened 
Government ; fuggefted by iVnior Patrix, in tliree letters to 
Lord John Ruifell. 8° Lond. [1846.] 

AMORT (EusEBius). 

B.atBibcrmilhle, nearTolz, in Upper Bavaria, 15 Nov. 1692. 
Chaplain to the bilhop of .'Vuglburg, and dean of the church of 
Pollingcn, D, 5 Feb. 1775. 

De origine, progreffu, valore, ac fru(5lu indulgentiarum, nee 
non de difpofitionibus ad eas lucrandas requifitis, accurata 
notitia hiftorica, dogmatica, polemica, critica. 

fol. Augultx Vindel. et Grxcii, 1735. 

Supplcmentum ; in quo continentur quxlHones praiflicx, in 
materia indulgentiarum jjixcipux ; cum ref])onfis ac decretis 
S. Congregationis indulgentiarum, ab anno 1710 ufque ad 
annum 1735 recentilliniis. 

fol. Augurtx Vindel. et Grxcii, 1736. 

Deduftio ciitica, qua, juxta fanioris criticx leges, moralitei- 
certum redditur Vcn. Thomani Kemi)enfeni librorum de imi- 
tationeChiilH au(5foiem efle. Cum refponfiiine ad op])()fitiones 
Geifenillx Schyrends frivolas eo modo fcrii)ta, ut ])ro general! 
formula circa controvorlias hilloiicas de Icrijitis, documentis 
monumentis vel acflis publicis veterani haberi poflit. 

40 Auguftx Vindel. I 76 I. 

AMORY (Thomas). 

B. about 1691, D, 25 Nov, 17S8, 
An antiquarian dodor's fermon, on an antiquated fubjc<5* ; 
lately found among the fweepings of his ftudy ; compofcd 



with a view to reftore an excellent old cuftom once prevalent 
in this ifland, but now through long difufe and the prevalency 
of modern manners, almoft entirely banifhed from Court and 
Senate, Church and State, Law and Phyfic, Prieft and 
People. Publiftied as a fmall appendix to the Confeffiona]. 
[y4/jo/i.~\ 8° Lond. 1768. 

The life of John Buncle, Efq., containing various obfer- 
vations and refleflions made in feveral parts of the world, 
and many extraordinaiy relations. A new edition, [jlnon.^ 
4 vols. 12° Lond. 1770. 

— Another edition. 3 vols. 8° Lond. 1S25. 

AMORY (Thomas), D.D. 

B. at Taunton, 28 Jan. 1700-1. Minifter of a congregation 
of diilenters in that town, from which he removed to London 
in 1759, ^^ ^'^ appointment to the paftorate of a chapel in the 
Old Jewry. D. 24 June, 1774. 

A dialogue on devotion after the manner of Xcnophon . . . 
to which is prefixed a converfation of Socrates on the being 
and providence of God. Tranflated from the Greek. The 
fecond edition. 8° Lond. 1746. 

AMOS. See Bible. 

AMOS (Andrew). 

B. 1794. Educated at Eton, and at Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, of which fociety he became a Fellow. Called to the 
Bar at Lincoln's-Inn, 181S. Succeeded Lord Macaulay as legal 
member of the Supreme Council of India. Soon after his return 
to England, he became profeflbr of law in the L'niverfity of 
London, and in 1849 was appointed Downing profelTor of the 
laws of England in the Univerfity of Cambridge. D. at Cam- 
bridge, 8 May, 1S60. 

Report of trials in the courts of Canada, relative to the 
delliudion of the Earl of Selkirk's fettlement on the Red 
River; with obfervations. 8° Lond. 1820. 

A treatife on the law of fixtures, and other property, par- 
taking both of a real and perfonal natui'e ... with an appen- 
dix, containing praftical rules and direftions refpeiSing the 
removal, purchafe, valuation, etc., of fixtures, between land- 
lord and tenant, and outgoing and incoming tenants. By A. 
Amos, Efq., and J. Ferard, Efq. 8° Lond. 1827. 

— The fecond edition, edited by Jofeph Ferard. 

8° Lond. 1847. 

An introdudlory le<5lure upon the ftudy of Englifh law, 
delivered in the Univeifity of London on Monday, Novem- 
ber 2, 1829. 8° Lond. 1829. 

The great oyer of poifoning : the trial of the Earl of 
Somerfet for the poifoning of Sir Thomas Overbury, in the 
Tower of London. 8° Lond. 1846. 

An introdu<51oiy lefture on the laws of England, delivered 
in Downing College, Cambridge, on Oft. 23, a.d. 1850. 

8° Cambridge, 1850. 

On the expediency of admitting the teftimony of parties 
to fuits in the new county courts, and in the courts of Weft- 
minfter Hall, to which are appended general remarks relative 
to the new county courts. 8° Cambridge, 1850. 

Ruins of time, exemplified in Sir Matthew Hale's Hillory 
of the pleas of the crown. 8° Lond. 1856. 

The Englilh conftitution in the reign of King Charles the 
Second. 8° Lond. 1857. 

Obfervations on the ftatutes of the Reformation Parlia- 
ment in the reign of King Henry the Eighth. 

8^ Lond. 1859. 

Four leftures on the advantages of a claflical education, 
as an auxiliaiy to a commercial education, with a letter to 
Dr. Whewell upon the fubjedt of his traft " On liberal edu- 
cation." 8° Lond. 1846. 

Gems of Latin poetiy, with tranflations by various authors. 
To which are added notes and illuftrations. 

8 ° Cambridge, 1 8 5 1 . 

Martial and the modems. 8° Cambridge, 1858. 

AMOUR (Louis GoRiN de Saint). 5^^ Saint Amour. 
AMPELIUS (Lucius). 

A Roman author, concerning whom nothing certain is 
known. It is commonly alTerted that he lived in the latter 
part of the 4th centui-y, in the reign of Theodofius the Great ; 
but from certain ftatements in his works, it feems more probable 
that he flourilhed at leaft a century earlier. 

Liber memorialis in ufum fcholaium emendatus et fubiedlis 
notis inluftratus. 12° Lipfiae, 1793. 

— [L. A. Florus, Epitome rerum Romanarum.^ 
Delle cofe mirabili del mondo, e pardcolarmente de' Ro- 
mani. [Astolfi, OJJicina h'ljlorica. 1659.] 


Tabular view of the orders and leading families of Rep- 

TiLiA and amphibia. [1861.] 


A native of Cappadocia. Succeeded Fauftinus, as bifhop of 
Iconium, about a.d. 371. D. about 399. 

Orationes et homilise. ^Max. Bibliotheca veterum Pa- 

TRUM, V. 1058.] 

Epiftola fynodica. [^Gr. and Lat. Cotelerius, Ecclejtx 
Grceas monumenia, ii. 99.] 


Manuel des Amphitryons ... Par I'auteur de I'Almanach 
des gourmans. 1808. \^By A. B. L. Grimod de la Rey- 


A key to the meafuring and knowledge of fcripture eras 
and generations, with their times. To which are added, a 
defcripuve introdudion, and fifteen tables, by way of ex- 
amples. 8° Lond. 1855. 

AMPHLETT (William). 

The emigrant's direffoiy to the weflem ftates of North 
America ... 8° Lond. 1819. 


Lines written at AmpthiU Park 


18 19. [By Henry 

AMSDORF (Nicolas von). 

B. at Zfchepe, in Saxony, 3 Dec. 1483. Studied at the 
Univerfity of Wittenberg, where he was appointed profeflor of 



divinity, 1511. Became a zealous fupporter of Luther, whom 
he accompanied, in 1 52 1 , to the Diet of Worms. Confecratcd 
bifhop of Naumburg, 20 Jan. 1542. D. 14 May, 1565. 

Die Haubt-aitickel durch wclche genicyne Chriftenheyt 
byffhere vcrfuret wordcn ift. Daneben auch Grand unnd 
Antzeygen eyns gantzen rechtcn chriftclicheti weflens. 

4° Wittembcrg, 1522. 

Ein Kurtzer aufTzug aufs der Cronica Naucleri, wie 
untrewlich, aigenwillig, iind betiiiglich die Bapfte zu Rom 
mit den Rhoniifchen Kayfern beuoiab Teutfchcs namens 
und bluts gehandelt haben. 4° n. p. 1545- 

Unterricht und Vcrmanung auffs newe Jar, fo ich den 
groflen Herrn diefcr Welt gefchanckt habe. 

4° Regcnfpurg, I 561. 

Ein gut newe Jar, den groflen Herrn in diefer Welt 
gefchanckt. 4° Regenfpurg, 1561. 


Le guide d'Arafterdam, ou defcription de cc qu'il y a 
de plus intereffant. 8" Amfterdam, 1802. 

AMTHOR (Christoph Heinrich). 

B. at Stolberg about 167S. ProfelTor of law in the Univer- 
fity of Kiel, 1705. Hiftoriographer of Denmark, 171 3. D. 
21 Feb. 1 72 1. 

Hiftorifche und vernunfFt - ni affige Unterfuchung der 
Urfachen, durch welche die zwifchen Dennemarck und 
Schweden von etwa hundert Jahien heiTorgefallenc Streitig- 
keiten und Befehdungen fich entfponnen. Sonderlich aber 
der bey dem letzt enllandenen und annoch fortwahienden 
Kriege von einem Theil gefiihrter Bewegungs-Griinde ... 
Von einem Dennemarcker der unpartheyifchcn Welt zur 
Priifung iibergeben. [Anon.'\ 4" n. p. 1715. 


Archbifliop of Lyons, 16 Jan. 841. D. about 852. 
Epiftolx et opufcula. [Max. Bibliolhaa •vetcnim Pa- 

TRUM, xiv. 329.] 


Poetic amufements at a villa near Bath. '775. \^By 
Chri(lo])her Anstey.] 

Fafliionablc amufements. 8° Lend. 1827. 

Amufement in high life. 12° Lond. I 8 40. 

Every family's book of amufements : comprifing an ample 
collc(51ion of games of Ikill and chance, as alfo of intelleiftual 
and athletic amufements ... By the author of "Every family's 
book of health and domedic economy." 

12° Lond. n. d. 


Amy's kitchen. i860. [By Mrs. Mackarness.] 


Amy's trials ; or, a charafler mifunderflood. By the 
author of " Alice Gray." 8° Lond. n. d. 


Amy Carlton ; or, fnfl days at Ichool : a tale for tiie 
young. 8° Lond. 1856. 


Amygdala Briumnica: .ilmonds for parrets... 1647. \ By 
George Wither.] 


Amy Grant ; or, the one motive : a tale defigncd princi- 
pally for the teacheis of the children of the jioor. 

8" Oxford, 1854. 

Amy Herbert ... 1S44. [By Mifs E. Sewell.] 


Amy Paul. 1852. [By Arthur Stanley Jackson.] 


Amyntor and Theodora ; or, the hermit : a poem in three 
cantos. 1747. [5y Da\'id Mallet.] 

AMYOT (Joseph). 

B. atTouIon, 1718, Jefuit miflionary in China. D. at Pekin, 

Di(5lionnaire T.irtare-Mantchou Fran5ois,compofe d'apris 
un Didlionnaire Mantchou-Chinois ; ledige ct public avec des 
additions et I'Alphabet de cctte langue, par L. Langl^s. 3 
tom. 4° Paris, 1789-90. 


The Amyotts' home ; or, life in childliood. 

12^ Lond. 1850. 
AMYRAULT (Moyse). 

B. at Bourgueil, prov. of Anjou, Sep. 1596. Educated at Sau- 
mur under Cameron. D. July, 1664. 

Confiderations fur les droits par lefqucls la nature a reiglc 
les mariages. 8° Saumur, 1648. 

Traitte des religions contre ccux qui les elHment toutes 
indiffercntes. Divife en trois parties. Seconde edition, 
reveuc, corrigee, et augmentee. 4° Saumur, 1652. 

Thefes theologica; de peccato in Spiritimi Sandlum. 

4- Salmurii, 1653. 

Thefes theologicte de vi boni nior.ilis: utrum natura lit im- 
mutabile, an non. 4° Salmurii, 1654. 

Tliefes theological de excommunicatione. 

4° Salmurii, 1655. 

La vie de Frangois, Seigneur de la Noue, dit Bras-de- 
Fer. 4" Leide, 1 661. 


Amy Wilfon ; a ftory of the feafons. By tlie author of 
" Lizzie Martin," " Tiie pearl ring," &c. &c. 

8' Lond. [1861.] 

A warning for England, efpeci;iliy lor London ; in the 
fuiious liillory of the IVantick Anabaptills, their wild preach- 
ings and prac'lices in Germany. 1642. [Hdilr'uin Mis- 
cellany, vii. 361.] 

A Ihort liilloiy of tlie Anabaptills of High and Low Ger- 
many. 4' Lond. 1647. 

A confeflion of f.iith, of the feveral! congregations or 




churches of Chrift in London, which are commonly (though 
unjuftly) called Anabaptifts ... Unto which is added Heart- 
bleedings for profeflbrs abominations : or a faithfull generall 
epiftle (from the fame churches) prefented to all who have 
known the way of truth ... Fourth impreflion. 

4° Leith, 1653. 

Forgeiy detefled, and innocency vindicated : being a 
faithful account of an horrid and deteftable (lander raifed on 
the Anabaptifts of New-England, in that diabolical pamph- 
let, entituled Mr. Baxter baptiz'd in blood : deligning fo 
malicioufly the reproach and expofure of all under that de- 
nomination. 4° Lond. 1673. 

Hiftoire des Anabaptiftes ... 1699. [By Frangois Ca- 


A caveat againft the new feft of Anabaptifts, lately fprung 
up at Exon ... I 7 14. [By John Withers.] 


A Stvthian philofopher, of princely rank, whovifited Athens 
in purluit of" knowledge, at the time that Solon was occupied 
with his legiflative meafures. His reputation for wifdom was 
fuch, that he has been placed by fome among the feven fages. 
Shortly after his return to his native country, Thrace, he was 
killed by his brother, Saulius j whether by accident or defign is 
not well afcertained. 

E-/(TroXa/ AvayjxoGihog AOr,vQ.iotg. [Epistolje ^her/orum 

phtIofophorn?7i ... Apud Aldum, 1499.] 


A poem : addrelTed to Bailie Thomas Smith. [Tn two 
cantos.] By AnachaiTis. 8° Edinb. 1799. 


Pietro di Leone, a native of Rome, was eledted Pope, by a 
majority of the cardinals, after the death of Honorius II. in 
1130. Sixteen other cardinals, however, elected Innocent II., 
and Anacletus is ufually conlidered an anti-pope. D. 21 Jan. 

Anacleti antipapge epiftolx ix. [Bouquet, Recue'ildes hif- 
toriens des Gaules et de la France, xv. 360.] 


B. at Teos, in Ionia, about B.C. 560. . D, B.C. 475. 

AvaxosoiTog, xai aXXav tivuv Xu^ithiiii toitjtojv /j,iXr,. 
Anacreontis et aliorum lyricoram aliquot poctarum ods : in 
eafdem Henr. Stephani obfeniationes : eaedem Latina:. 

8' Parifiis, 1556. 

Les poefies d'Anacreon et de Sapho, traduites de Giec en 
Francois, avec des remarques par Mademoifelle Le Fevre. 
[Gr. and Fr.'] 12° Paris, 168 I. 

Le poefie d'Anacreonte, tradotte in verfo Tofcano, e 
d'annotazioni illuftrate. [By Regnier Dcfmarais.] \Gr. 
and ItaL'\ 8° Parigi, 1693. 

Les odes d'Anacreon et de Sapho en vers Fran9ois par 
le poete Sans Faid [i.e. Frant]ois Gacon.^ [Gr. and Fr.^ 

12° Rotterdam, 17 12. 

Anacreontis, Teii, ods et fragmenta, Grsce et Latine, 
cum notis Joannis Cornelii de Pauw. 

4° Trajcfti ad Rhenum, 1732. 

Anacreon, Teius, poeta lyricus, fumma cura et diligentia, 
ad fidem etiam vet. MS. Vatican, emendatus, priftino nitori, 
numerifque fuis reftitutus, dimidia fere parte auftus : aliquot 
nempe juftis poematiis, et fragmentis plurimis, ab undiquaque 

conquifitis ; item Anacreontis vita, tradtatus de lyrica poefi, 
&c. ... opera et ftudio Jofux Barnes ... Editio tertia ... 
[Gr. and La/.^ 8° Lond. 1734. 

Avax^iovTog T'/jiov /j,£}.r}. Anacreontis, Teii, carmina: ac- 
curate edita; cum notis perjjetuis; et verfione Latina, numeris 
elegiacis paraphraftice exprelTa. Accedunt ejufdem, ut peihi- 
bentur, fragmenta, et poetrix Sapphus, quae fuperfunt. Editio 
fecunda. 8° Lond. 1742. 

A/ rci-j AvaxPiotiro; uioai, ra rr^c SaTpou;, xai ra. tom 
AXxaiD-j Aii-^ava. 8 Glafguas, 1757. 

AiazoEOKTOs Triiou ihiXri. Anacreontis, Teii, odaria ; prae- 
fi.xo commentario quo poetas genus tiaditur et bibliotheca 
Anacreonteia adumbratur. Additis var. leilionibus. [Greek 
only^ 4° Parmas, [1784.I 

— Another edition. 8° Parmae, 1791. 
Anacreontis, Teii, carmina Graece e recenfione Guilielmi 

Baxteri cum eiufdem notis, teitium edidit varietatemque lec- 
tionis atque fragmenta cum fuis animadverfionibus adiecit 
loan. Fnder. Fifchems. 8° Lipfii, I 793. 

A/ Tw Avaxgioi/TOi u8ai. The odes of Anacreon : lite- 
rally tranflated into Englifh profe. [Gr. and £ng.^ 

8° York, 1796. 

Anacreontica Grxce ... Recenfuit notifque criticis in- 
ftruxit Fiidericus Henricus Bothe. 12° Lipfiae, 1805. 

Anacreontis et Sapphus carmina. Graece edidit notifque 
illuftravit pei-petuis ex optimis inteqiretibus, quibus et fuas 
adiecit Fredericus Gottlob Boin ... Editio altera ... 

S° Lipfiae, 1809. 

Anacreontis nomine qux feruntur carmina. Textum re- 
cenfuit et animadverfionibus criticis illuftravit Ern. Antonius 
Moebius. 12° Hals, 1 8 i o. 

Anacreontis carmina qus exftant, cum clavi ad eorum 
intelligentiam annexa, et vocum fingularum explanatione ... 
Studio et opera Antonii Brumek. t2° Lond. 1820. 

Anacreontis carmina Giaece cum fcleftis obfervationibus 
edidit Guflavus Guil. Gumaslius. 8^ Upfalis, 1824. 

A/ rov AvaxgtovTog udai, xai ra rr,g ^arripoug, xai to. tou 
AX-xaiou Xii-^ava. The odes of Anacreon ; with the frag- 
ments of Sappho and Alcasus : literally tranflated into Eng- 
lifh profe, by Thomas Orger, LL.D. [Gr. and Eng.'\ 

8° Lond. 1825. 

— [Gr. and Lat. Lectius, Poeta Graci -veleres tragic!, 
i^c., ii. 100.] 

Anacreontis, Teii, antiquiffimi poetae lyrici, ods; ab Helia 
Andiea Latinae faftae ... 8° Lutetiae, 1556. 

Anacreonte, poeta Greco, tradotto in verfo Tofcano, da 
Baitolomeo Corfini. i2°Parigi, 1672. 

The works of Anacreon, Sappho, Bion, Mofchus and 
Mufasus : tranflated from the original Greek, by Francis 
Fawkes, M.A. 12° Lond. 1760. 

The odes of Anacreon : tranflated from the Greek, by the 
Rev. D. H. Urquhart, M.A. 8° Lond. 1787. 

Anacreonti,quastribuuntur,carminum paraphraCs elegiaca; 
aucftore J. H. Hoeufft. 8° Dordraci, 1795. 

Tentamen Anacreonteum alteram ; five, Anacjeontis, quae 
dicuntur, odaria, totidem verfibus et eodem metro Latine 
reddita a J. H. HoeufFt. 8° Dordiaci, 1797. 

Odes of Anacreon : tranflated into Englilh veife, with 
notes, by Thomas Moore, Efq. of the Middle Temple. 

4° Lond. 1800. 



The odes of Anacreon : rendered into Englifh metre, with 
explanatory notes and parallel piiffages, by F. J. Manning. 

12° Lond. 1837. 


Anadol, the lad home of the faithful. 1853- [Sy 
James Henry Skene.] 


Gog and Magog ; or, the doom of Ruffia, as pouitrayed 
in the prophetic Scriptures : with remarks on the prefent 
crifis and the battle of Armageddon ; together with ftrictures 
on the pamphlet " The coming (haggle." 

8° Lond. 1854. 

ANAGNOSTES (Joannes). 

A native of TheiTalonica, who was an eye-witnefs of the 
ftorming of that city, defcribed in the undermentioned worlc. 

De extremo Theflalonicenfiexcidio narratio. — Pro viribus 
adta monodia de excidio urbis ThefTalonicenlis. [Gr, ami 
LatJ\ Leone Allatio inteqirete. [Phrantzes, Xjowzok, 
edit. Bonn. p. 48 1.] 

— [Allatius, 2ufj,fi.r/.Ta, edit. Colon, p. 318; edit. 
Vmet. p. 96.] 


Things divine and fupernatural conceived by analogy with 
things natural and human. 1733- \By Peter Browne.] 

Introdudtion to various eflays on the univerfal analogy be- 
tween the vifible and invifible worlds, particularly between 
the Word and the works of God, as proved by the figurative 
language of the Holy Scriptures : being a brief profpedlus of 
the matter produced and examined in the eflays, and of the 
manner in which it is treated. By a ftranger. 

8° Lond. 18 16. 


The analyft : a montlily journal of faience, literature, and 
the fine arts. Vols. i-io. 8° Lond. 1834-40. 


Traditionum Emmerammenfium farculo ix. faftanam libri 
II. [Pez, L'hejaurus anecdolorum novtjfimus, 1. iii. 19 5. J 

ANANIA (Joannes de). 

ProfclTor of the canon law at Bologna. D. according to 
fomc, 1455, but more probably, 17 Jan. 1457. 

Difputatio de alienatione feudi. \{^uiiJliones juris varia 
ac fele3a, p. 460.] 


Anaftafia. 1858. [.fl> Digby P. Starkey.] 


A difciple ofS. Maximus. D. 24 July, 662. 
Epiftola ad monachos Caralit;inos. \piax. Bibliotheca 
■ueterum Patrum, xii. 85 I.] 


A cardinal and librarian under Pope Stephen IJ. Lived in 
the latter half of the 8th century. 

Epitome chronicoium Caflinenfiuni, auflore, ut fertur, An- 
altafio. [MuRATORi, Rcnim Ilalicarum fcriptorcs,n. 345.] 


A Chriftian writer of the 9th century. 

Liber contra Judaeos ; inteq)rete Francifco Turriano. 
[Canisius, Antiquic leSiones, 11. iii. 9.] 

— \^Max. Bibliotheca veterum Patrum, xiii. 353.] 


B. about the beginning of the nth century. D. 16 Ott. 
* Vita S. Anaftafii, monachi et ercmitae, audlore Gal- 


Eloriphonia : an expreffive bouquet, gathered and arranged 
for the ChrilHan ladies of Great Britain and Ireland. 

12° Lond. 1850. 

Eleiled Pope, 1153. D. 1154. 
Epiftola xii. [Bouquet, Recueil des hi/loriens des Gaules 
et de la France, xv. 655.] 

ANASTASIUS, Apocrisiarius S.R.E. 
D. II Oa. 666. 

Epiftola ad Theodofium, prelbytemm Gangrenfem, de 
obitu S. Maximi abbatis. \Max. Bibliotheca veterum Patrum, 
xii. 858.] 

ANASTASIUS, Bibliothecarius. 

A native of Greece. Librarian of the Vatican. Flouriflied in 
the 9th century, 

Hiftoria ecclefiaftica, five chronographia tripertita ; ex 
■MS. codice Bibliothecff Vaticance . . . Nunc denuo ad fidem 
veterum libromm emendata. Accedunt notae Caroli Anni- 
balis Fabroti, J. C. quibus obfcura quasque Anallafii illuf- 
tiantur ... \Corpus Hijl. Byz.] fol. Parifiis, 1649. 

Hiftoria de vitis Romanorum Pontificum, a B. Petro 
Apoft. ad Nicolaum I. numquam hacScnus typis excufa : 
deinde vita Hadriani II. et Stephani VI., audtore Guillelmo 
Bibliothecario. AccclTere varia; lecftiones ... opera Caroli 
Annibalis Fabroti. fol. Parifiis, 1649. 

— Editio tertia ; opera et ftudio Francifci Blanchini, 
Veronenfis. Tom. I and 2. fol. Romae, 1718-23. 

— [MuRATORi, Rerum Italicarum fcriptores, iii. 93.] 
Colle(?lanea ... in lucem edita ftudio et opera Jacobi 

Sirmondi. \^Max. Bibliotheca veterum Patrum, xii. 831.] 
Paffio Sandli Demetiii martyris. [Madillon, Vetera 
analeSla, p. 172.] 

— Epiftolx vans. [Mabillon, Mufeum Ilalicum, 1. ii. 

ANASTASIUS, C^esariensis. 

Archbirtuip of C.Tfvrea, about the end of the nth century. 
De jejunio gloriofiflimx- Deiparx, quodque fervandum fit 
ut legitimum. [Or. and Lat. Cotelerius, Ecclefm Grtct 
monumenta, iii. 432.] 


Biflioporpatriarchof Antioch, 561. D. 21 April, 599. Some 
of the works enumerated below have been afcribed to another 
writer of the lame name, who flouri/hcd in the 7th century. 

Obriya, feu dux via;, advcrfus Acephalos ; intcrprete 



Jacobo Gretfero. [71/a.v. Bihliolheca veterum Patrum, ix. 

Anagogicarum contemplationum divini opificii hexae- 
meron, ad Theophilum, libri xi. [Ibid. ix. 857.I 

Oiationes quinque : De SS. Trinitate. II. De incircuni- 
fcripto. III. De incarnatione Chrifti. IV. De paffione 
et impaffibilitate Chrifti. V. De refurreftione. Interprete 
Francifco Turriano. [Ibid. ix. 923.] 

— [Canisius, LeB'wnes antiquiC, i. 429.] 

In annunciationem beatas virginis fermones duo. [Afa.v. 

Bibliotheca veterum Patrum, ix. 939.] 

Sermo in transfigurationem. [Ibid. ix. 941.] 

Oratio de facra fynaxi ; et de non judicando, deque ob- 

livione injurianim. [Ibid. ix. 943-] 

— [Canisius, LeSliones anliqu<e, i. 465.] 

Oratio five explicatio in fextum Davidis Pfalmum. [Ibid, 
i. 480.] 

- — ■ [Max. Bibliotheca vetenim Patrum, ix. 947.] 

QuaslHones et refponfiones de variis argumentis cliv. cum 
infigni auftario publicats, cuia Jacobi Gretferi. [Ibid. ix. 

De tribus quadragefimis. [Gr. ant! Lat. Cotelerius, 
Ecclefne Grace monumenta, iii. 425.] 


SuccefTor of the preceding in the patriarchate of Antioch. 
Killed by the Jews, in a revolt, 608. 

Compendiaria orthodoxas fidei explicatio. \_Max. Biblio- 
theca veterum Patrum, xi. 1045.I 


B. at Alexandria about the middle of the 3d century. Became 
birtiop of Laodicea. 

Fragmentura epiftolae ad Leonem Pontificem Romanum. 

\Gr. and Lat. Cotelerius, Eccle/its Gnece monumenta, i. 



An explanation of the figure of anatomy, wherein the 
circulation of the blood is made vifible, through glafs veins 
and arteries, with the aiftions of the heart and lungs ... 

4= Lond. 1737. 

The anatomical remembrancer ; or, complete pocket 
anatomift : containing a concife defcription of the bones, 
ligaments, mufcles, and vifcera ; the diftribution of the nerves, 
blood-veflels, and abforbents ; the arrangement of the feveral 
fafcia; ; the organs of generation in the male and female ; and 
the organs of the fenfes. Fourth edition. 

8° Lond. 1 8 50. 

— Fifth edition. 8° Lond. 1857. 

ANAVIA (Damielj. 

Comedia famofa : la hiitoria del mejor rey. 

4° n. p. n. d. 

Lemons de langue Italienne, ou grammaire complete ; 
precedee d'un difcours far la maniere d'etudier les lan<nies 
vivantes, particulierement I'ltalienne, et fuivie d'un fupple- 
ment, qui contient un lifte de verbes avec leur regime et des 
remarques fur la prononciation de I'E et de I'O. 

8° Lond. 18 16. 

Difcours fur la maniere d'apprendre les langues vivantes, 
et particulierement I'ltalienne et I'Efpagnole ; fuivi d'un 
traite fiu- les dillicultes de la leflure des poetes de ces deux 
nations. 12° Lond. 1818. 

An eflay on Spanifii literature, containing its hiftoiy, from 
the commencement of the twelfth century to the prefent 
time ; with an account of the beft writers in their feveial 
departments, and fome critical remaiks ; followed by a hiftory 
of the Spanifii drama, and fpecimens of fome of the writers 
of the different ages. 12° Lond. 1818. 

ANBUREY (Thomas). 

Travels through the interior parts of America ; in a feries 
of letters. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 17S9. 

— traduit de I'Anglois et enrichi de notes par M. Noel. 
2 tom. 8° Paris, 1793. 

ANCELL (Henry). 

A treatife on tuberculofis, the conftitutional origin of con- 
fumption and fcrofiila. 8° Lond. 1852. 

ANCELL (Samuel). 

Cleric to the 5Sth regiment. Afterwards military agent at 
Dublin. D. 19 oa. 1802. 

A circumftantial journal of the long and tedious blockade 
and fiege of Gibraltar from the 12th September, 1779 ... 
to the 23d day of Februaiy, 1783. 

8° Livei'pool, 1784. 


A warning voice to the legiflators and landowneis of the 
United Kingdom. 8° Lond. 1S21. 


Our anceftors as wife as we ... 1712. \_By Sir Thomas 

ANCHARANO (Jacobus de). 

Bilhop of Monopoli, and fubfequently archbifhop of Taranto. 
Lived about the end of the 14th century. He is alTo known 
by the name of Jacobus de Teramo. 

Procefius Luciferi contra Jefum coram judice Salomone ; 
nuper luculentis commeritariis illuftratus Jacobi Ayereri, J. C. 
et advocati Noribergenfis. [M. G. H., Proceffus juris joco- 
ferius, p. 37.] 

ANCHARANO (Petrus de). 

B. about 1330. Studied law under the celebrated Baldus. 
Profeffor of civil law at Padua, and fublequently at Bologna. 
D. s Aug. 1416. 

Repetrtio aurea in cap. canonum ftatuta, De conftitutioni- 
bus. \Repetitiones Juris Canonici, ii. 84.] 

ANCHARANUS (Petrus Joannes). 

B. at Reggio, in Lombardy. Flourilhed about the middle of 
the 16th century. 

Familiarium juris quasftionura pars prima. Cum ... ea- 
nmdem parte fecunda nunc primum cxcufa. 

8° Venetiis, i 569. 



Quaeftiones auieae ac feleftifllmx omnium pra-ftantiflimo- 
rum, nee non excellentilTimomm, tarn votemm quam rcccn- 
tium, turn poiitificii, turn Casfarei juris dodtoram, fumnio ftu- 
dio, fummoquc labore coUedta:, ac in in. libros dilHniStx. 
fol. Fiancof. ad Mcenum, i 5 y 1 . 

ANCHER (Peder Kofod). 

B. at Oeftcr Larfkier, in the ifland of Bornholm, 14 June, 
1710. Profeflor of law in the L'niverfity of Copenhagen. D. 

En Danfl': Lov-Hiftoi ic fra Kong Haiald Blaatands Tid 
til Kong Chriftian dem Femtes. 2 Bind. 

4° Kiobenhavn, 1769-76. 

Danfl< Lehns Ret. 8° Kiobenhavn, 1777. 

L.ex Cimbrica antiqua lingua Danica, variis leftionibus, 
verfione Latina, animadveiTionibus et intcqjretamentis illuf- 
trata. 4° Hafniae, 1783. 

ANCHERSEN (Johannes Petrus). 

B. 4 Odl. 1700, at Borch, in Jutland, Keeper of the royal 
library at Copenhagen, 1733. Profeflor of philofophy, 1736, 
and profeflor of eloquence, 1737, in the Univerfity of Copen- 
hagen. D. 22 April, 1765. 

Vallis HeithsE Deae et origines Dania; ex Gracis et La- 
tinis autoribus defcriptse et illuftratae a J. P. Ancherfen. 
Pars prima. 4° Hafnias, 1747. 

De tributo coriomm NoiTcgico, e Taciti An. 1. iv. cap. 
72. 4° Hafnioe, [1748.] 

Commentatio juridico-hiftorica de hofpitibus NoiTcgiK 
veteris ... 4° Hafnije, [1762.] 

Opufcula minora ... Edita a Gerhardo Oelrichs. 

4° Brema-, 1775. 


B. at Teneriffe, 1533. Jefuit mifiionary in Brazil. D. 9 
June, 1597. 

* Elogio del P. GiofefFo Anchieta della Corapagnia di 
Giefu, il quale, con grido univcrfale di fantita e di mira- 
coli, mori nel Brafile a' 9 di Giugno del 1597, dopo haver 
fpefo 44 anni in predicar la fiinta fede ... 

12° Vienna, 1636. 


The gate of tongues unlocked and opened ; or elfe, a fc- 
minai-y or feed-plot of all tongues and fcicnces. That is, a 
fhort way of teaching and thorowly learning within a yeare 
and a halfe, at the farthell, the Latinc, Englidi, French, and 
any other tongue; with the ground and foundation of arts and 
fciences, comprized under an hundred titles, and 1058 
periods. In Latine firft ; and now, as a token of thankful- 
nefle, brought to light in Latine, Englifli, and Frencli, in the 
behalfe of the mod illudrious Prince Charles, and of Bi ittilh, 
French, and Irilh youth. The fourtii edition, mucii en- 
larged. 8° Lond. 1639. 


The anchoret : a poem. 1776. [.fly Nathaniel Tucker. ] 


Anchor w.itch : the art of tending fliip in a tideway, witii 
remarks on mooring, dredging, backing and filling, and colli- 
fions at fca. By a maftcr mariner. 12° Lond. 1852. 

ANCILLON (Charles). 

B. at Mctz, 28 July, 1659. Hiftoriographer to the King of 
Pruflia. D. at Berlin, 5 July, 171 5. 

L'iirevocabilite de I'edit de Nantes, prouvee par les prin- 
cipes du dioit & de la politique ... 

12° Amfterdam, 1688. 
Traite des eunuques, dans lequel on explique toutes les 
differentes fortes d'eunuques, quel rang ils ont tenu, & quel 
cas on en a fait, &c. ... Par M * * *. D * * * 

1 2° n. p. 1707. 

[The dedication, to Bayle, is figned C. d'OUincan, an anagram of 
the real name of the author.] 

Eunuchifm difplay'd ... Written by a pcrfon of honour. 

12° Lond. 17 18. 

[An anonymous tranflation of the preceding, publi/hed by Curll as 
an original work.] 

Memoires concernant les vies et les ouvrages de plufieurs 
modernes celebres dans la republique des lettrcs. 

12° Amll. 1709. 
ANCILLON (Frederic). 

Son of Louis Frederick AnciUon. B. at Berlin, 30 April, 
1766. D. 19 April, 1S37. 

Tableau des revolutions du fyftiime politique de I'Europe 
depuis la (in du quinzi^me fi^cle. 4 tom. 

8° Beriin, 1803-5. 

Eloge hiftorique de J[ean] B[ernard] Merian, Secretaiie 
peqietuel de I'Academie des Sciences de Prufle lu dans 
rAfTemblce publique du 24 Janr. 18 18. Et precis de fes 
memoires. 8° Berlin, 1810. 

ANCILLON (LuDov. Fridericus). 

B. 1744. D. 1814. 
Judicium de judiciis circa argumentum Cartefianum pro 
cxiftentia Dei ad noftra ufque tempora latis, quatuor in Aca- 
demia Berolinenfi habitis prteleiftionibus expofitum. 

8° Bcrolini, 1792. 

ANCKELMANN (Jo. Julr's). See Mascovius. 

ANCONA (.1. S.) 

Hints for the valuation of ecclefiaftical and other pro- 
perty : whether held in fee, on life or other limited intcrell, 
or in rcveiCon. To which aic added a few ufeful obferva- 
tions and diredlions for partiescontemplating either a purchafe 
orfale. 8° Lond. [1850.J 


B. at Ancona about 1 391. D. at Cremona. 
Itinerariuni, nunc prinium c.K MS. Cod. in lucem erutuni 
ex Bibl. lUus. Clariflimique Baronis Piiilippi Stofch. Editi- 
onem rccenfuit, animadverfionibus ac pi-acfitionc illulhavit, 
nonnullifque ejufdcm Kyriaci epillolis, partim ediiis, partini 
incditis, locuplctavit I.,aurentius Mehus. 

8" Florentix, 174;. 


A monaftcry near Liege. 
ChroniconSanaiHuberti AndagincnfisufqucndA. 1 1 06 
odd. L. C. Bethmann ct W. Wattcnbach. [Pi rt/., Afomi- 
maila German'idc hijlorica, x. 5^) 5- 1 




A fummcr in Andalucia. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1839. 

ANDEGAVUM. See Angers. 


The river Dove ; with fome quiet thoughts on the happy 
pra(Elice of angling. [^non.~\ 8° Lond. 1 847. 

The Hfe of Thomas Ken, Bifhop of Bath and Wells. 
By a layman. 8° Lond. I 851. 

— Second edition. 2 parts. 8° Lond. 1854. 


A praftical treatife on the duties of churchwardens. 

8° Lond. 1824. 

ANDERDON (William Henry), M.A. 
The end of the year, and of all things : fix fermons. 

12° Lond. 1847. 

— Second edition, revifed. 
The words from the Crofs ; 

Second edition. 

12° Lond. 1850. 
a feries of Lent fermons. 
8° Lond. 1848. 
8° Lond. 1850. 

Contending for the f lith ; a feraion on a late decifion. 
[Jut/e 3.] 8° Lond. 1850. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1850. 
A letter to tlie parifhioners of St. Margaret's, Leiceflei'. 

8° Lond. 1851. 
Two ledtures on the catacombs of Rome. 

12° Lond. 1852. 
Is there a Church, and what is it ? Two leftures. Ledt. 
I. There is fuch a thing as a Church upon earth. Lecft. 
TL It is not a Proteftant body. 12° Lond. 1854. 

ANDERSEN (Hans Christian). 

B. 2 April, 1805, at Odenfe, in Fiinen. 

The improvifatore ; or, life in Italy. Tranflated by Maiy 
Howitt. 2 vols. 12° Lond. 1845. 

— Another edition. 8° Lond. 1857. 
Only a fiddler ; and O. T. Tranflated by Mary Howitt. 

3 vols. 8° Lond. 1S45. 

Danifti faiiy legends and tales. 12' Lond. 1846. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1852. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1861. 
A poet's bazaar. From the Danifh ... by Charles Beck- 

with. 3 vols. 8° Lond. 1846. 

The tnie ftory of my life : a flcetch. Tranflated by 
Mary Howitt. 12° Lond. 1847. 

The dream of Little Tuk, and other tales. Tranflated by 
Charles Boner. 12° Lond. 1848. 

The two baronefl^es : a romance. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1848. 
Rambles in the romantic regions of the Hartz Mountains, 
Saxon Switzerland, &c. Fiom the original Danifli, with 
the author's fancftion, by Charles Beckwith. 

12° Lond. 1848. 
Pidures of Sweden. 12° Lond. 185 i. 

The ftory of my life ; and, In Sweden. 

8° Lond. 1852. 

Tales and fairy fl:ories. Tranflated by Madame de Cha- 
telain. 8° Lond. 1852. 

A poet's day-dreams. 8° Lond. 1853. 

To be, or not to be ? a novel. Tranflated from the 
Danifh, by Mrs. Bufliby. 8° Lond. 1857. 

The fand-hills of Jutland. Tranflated by Mrs. Bufhby 

t>° Lond. i860. 

Tales for chLldien. Tranflated by Alfred Wehneit. 

8° Lond. 1861. 

ANDERSEN (J. Andreas). 

A Dane's excuriions in Britain. 2 vols. 

12° Lond. 1S09. 

Manufadhiring chemift, Glafgow and Manchefter. 

The recent commercial diltrefs ; or, the panic analyfed : 
ftiowing the caufe and cure. 8" Lond. 1847. 


B. in Scotland about 1792. Chief clerk of the ftock and 
annuities in the South Sea Houfe. D. in London, 10 Jan. 

An hifl:orical and chronological dedudlion of the origin 
of commerce from the earlieft accounts to the piefent time ; 
containing an hiftoi-y of the great commercial interefts of the 
Britifh Empire ... With an appendix, containing the modem 
politico-commercial geography of the feveral countries of 
Europe. 2 vols. fol. Lond. 1764. 

— Another edition. 4 vols. 4° Lond. 1787-9. 

ANDERSON (^neas). 

A narrative of the Britifli embafly to China, in the years 
1792, 1793, and 1794 ... with accounts of the cuftoms 
and manners of the Chinefe ; and a defcription of the 
counti-y, towns, cities, &c. 4° Lond. 1795. 

A journal of the forces which failed from the Downs, in 
April 1800, on a fecret expedition under the command of 
Lieut.-Gen. Pigot, till their amval in Minoica, and con- 
tinued through all the fubfequent tranfaflions of the army 
under the command of the Right Hon. General Sir Ralph 
Abercromby, K.B., in the Mediterranean and Egypt ; and 
the latter operations under the commandof Lieut.-Gen. Lord 
Hutchinfon, K.B., to the furrender of Alexandria ; with a 
particular account of Malta, during the time it was fubjeft to 
the Britifh Government. 4° Lond. 1802. 

ANDERSON (Alexander). 

B. at Aberdeen about 1582, Profeflbr of mathematics at 

Supplementum Apollonii Redivivi ; five analyfis proble- 
matis hadlenus defiderati ad Apollonii, Pergaei, doctrinam 
■j-sg; \nuasuv, a Marino Ghetaldo, patritio Ragufino, hucufque 
non ita pridem reflitutam ... Huic fubnexa eft variorum pro- 
blematum praftice. 8° Parifiis, 1612. 

AiTioXoyia pro Zetetico Apolloniani problematis a fe [jr. 
^lexam!er Anderf(jri\ jam piidem edito in fupplementum 
Apollonii Redivivi. 8° Parifiis, 161 5. 

Ad angularum fedionum analyticen theoremata r.a^aXi- 
xcuTi^a- A Francifco Vieta, Fontenaenfi, primum excogi- 



lata, at abfque ulla demonftratione ad nos tranfmifTa, iam tan- 
dem demonftrationibus confiimata. 4° Parifiis, 1615. 

VindicisB Archimedis : five elenchus cyclometrix novaj, 
a Philippo Lanfbergio nuper editoe. 4° Paris, 1616. 

ANDERSON (Alexander), A.M. 

The Scottifh univeifity fyltem : ])roblem of reconciling 
the elevation of its rtandard with the maintenance of its public 
utility ; with a refeience to tlie qiieftion of college fufion in 
Aberdeen. 8° Edinb. 1859. 

ANDERSON (Andrew), M.D. 

LeiSurer on the pra£lice of medicine in Anderfon's Univer- 
ilty, Glalgow. 

Ten ledtures introdu<5lor)' to the ftudy of fevci'. 

8° Lond. 1 86 1. 
ANDERSON (Arthur). 

Steam communication with India : a letter to the direc- 
tors of the projedted Eaft Indian Steam Navigation Com- 
pany ; containing a praftical expofition of the profpedts of 
that propofed undertaking, and of the real ftate of the quef- 
tion of ftcam communication with India. 

8° Lond. 1840. 

Communications with India, China, &c. : obfervations on 
the prafticability and utility of opening a communication be- 
tween the Red Sea and the Mediterranean by a fhip canal, 
through the ifthmus of Suez ; with an outline map of the 
ifthmus and Lower Egypt, fhowing the track of the ancient 
as well as of the propofed canal. 8° Lond. 1843. 

ANDERSON (Caroline D.) 

Practical religion exemplified by letters and paflages from 
the life of the late Robert Anderson, peqjetual curate of 
Trinity Chapel, Brighton. 

ANDERSON (Charles). 

Ancient models ; or, hints on church-building. A new 
edition. 12° Lond. 1841. 

ANDERSON (Sir Charles), Bart. 

An eight weeks' journal in Norway, &c., in 1852. 

12° Lond. 1853. 

ANDERSON (Christopher). 

B at Edinburgh, 19 February, 1782. Baptift minifterin Edin- 
burgh, 1806. D. 5 Sep. 1851. 

The genius and defign of the domeftic conllitution, with 
its untransferable obligations and peculiar advant;iges. 

8" Edinb. 1826. 
— Another edition, entitled. The domertic conllitution ; 
or, the family circle the fource and teft of national (tability. 

8° Edinb. 1847. 
Hiftorical fltetches of the ancient native Iridi and their 
dcfcendants ; illuftrativc of their part and prcfent ftate witii 
regard to literature, education, and oral inftru(5tion. 

12' Edinb. 1828. 
The Englifli Scriptures : their fiift reception and effe(5ts ; 
including memorials of Tyndale, Fiyth, Coverdale and 

Rogers, afligning to each his refpective place in the produdlion 
of the Enghfli Bible. 8^ Edinb. 1835. 

The annals of the Englifh Bible. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1845. 

— Another edition, edited by Hugh Anderfon. 

8° Lond. 1862. 

The fingular introdudlion of the Englifh Bible into Bri- 
tain and its confequences : illuftrative of the paramount duty 
and imperative obligation of Britifli Chriftians to other na- 
tions in the prefent eventful period. 8° Lond. 1849. 

* Life and letters. 1^54- By Hugh Anderson. 


A fermon preached at St. Mai'y's Church, Swanfea, at 
the autumnal meeting of the clergy of the deanery of Gower, 
on Wed., Oft. 27, 1 8 19. [Col. ii. 8.] 

4° Swanfea, [18 19.] 

ANDERSON (David). 

The martial achievements of Sir William Wallace : an 
hiftoiical i>lay, in five adls. 8 Aberdeen, 1 8 2 i . 

ANDERSON (David), M.A. 

Two fermons preached at St. Paul's chapel, ICilbum, in 
December, 1 8 47, on occafion of the death of Ellen, wife of 
the Rev. David Anderfon ; by David Anderfon and Ed- 
ward Rhys Jones, M.A. 12° Lond. 1848. 

ANDERSON (David), D.D. 

Confccrated biihop of Rupert's Land, 1S49. 

A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocefe of Ru- 
pert's Land, at his primaiy vifitation. 

8° Lond. 185 I. 

The feal of apoftlelhip : an ordination femion, pi-eached 
at St. Andrew's church. Red River, on Sunday, December 
22, 1850. [l Cor. ix. 2.] 8° Lond. 1851. 

Children inftead of fathers : a Chriftmas ordination fer- 
mon, preached at St. John's church. Red River, on Sunday, 
December 25, 1853. [P.r. xlv. 16.] 

8° Lond. 1854. 

A charge delivered to the clergy of tlie diocefe of Ru- 
pert's Land, at his triennial vifitation, in July and December, 
1853. 8° Lond. 1854. 

A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocefe of Ru- 
pert's Land, at his triennial vifitation, May 29, 1856. 

8° Lond. 1 856. 

The winner of fouls : a new-year ordination femion, 
preached at Saint John's church. Red River, on Tuefd.iy, 
January I, 1856. [Prov. k\. 30.] 8° Lond. 1856. 

The heart given to God and the work : an ordination 
fermon, preached in tlie cathedral of Chrift church, Oxford, 
on Sunday, December 21, 1S56. [Prov. xxiii. 26.] 

S' Lond. 1857. 

Britain's anfwer to the nations : a miflionaiy fermon, 
])reached in St. Paul's cathedral, on Sunday, May 3, 1857. 
[/fiiiah xiv. 327.] 8° Lond. 1857. 

A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocele o( Ru- 
pert's Land, in St. John's church, Red River, at his trien- 
nial vifitation, January 6, i860. 8° Lend. i860. 



Notes of the flood at the Red River, 1S52. 

8° Lend. [1852.] 
The net in the bay ; or, journal of a vifit to Moofe and 
Albany. 8° Lond. 1854. 

ANDERSON (David John). 

" For Mordecai was a Jew." Jewifli emancipation : a 
voice from Ifrael. 8° Lond. 1857. 

ANDERSON (Duncan). 

Hiftoiy of the abbey and palace of Holvrood. 

8° Edinb. n. d. 
ANDERSON (Sir Edmund). 

B. at Flixborough, Lincolnfhire, about 1531. Lord Chief- 
Juftice of the Common Pleas, 15S2. D. 1 Aug. 1605. 

Les reports du trefeinidite Edmund Anderfon, chivaliej', 
nadgairs feigniour Chief- Juflice del Common-Bank, des 
mults principals cafes argues et adjuges en le temps del jadis 
Roign Elizabeth cibien en le Common-Bank come devant 
touts les juges de ceft roialme, colligees et efcris per luy 
mefme ... 2 parties. fol. Lond. 1664-5. 

ANDERSON (Edward), B.D. 

Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge. Reftor of HIckling, 
Nottinghamrtiire, 1S21. D. 5 Jan. 1843, aged fifty-eight. 

The Chriftian miniftry ; a fermon preached at St. Mary's 
church, Nottingham, at the vifitation of the Van. the Arch- 
deacon, AprU 22, 1823. [yJc/s XX. 28.] 

8° Lond. 1S23. 

ANDERSON (Eustace). 

Chamouni and Mont Blanc : a vifit to the valley and an 
afcent of the mountain in the autumn of 1855. 

8° Lond. 1856. 
ANDERSON (George). 

B. 1676 or 1677. An army chaplain, fubfequently chaplain 
to Geo. Watfon's Hofpital, Edinburgh. D. at Edinburgh, 19 
Dec. 1756. 

The ufe and abufe of diverfions : a fermon on Luke xix. 
1 3. Witli an appendix fliewing that the ftage in particular 
is an unchriftian diverfion. 8° Edinb. 1733. 

*■ Some remarks upon the Rev. Mr. Anderfon's pofitions 
concerning the unlawfulnefs of ftage-plays. In a letter to 
the author. 8° Edinb. 1733. 

A reinforcement of the reafons proving that the ftage is 
an unchriftian diverfion ; or a vindication of the appendix 
to the Ufe and abufe of diverfions ... in anfwer to the Re- 
marks of an anonymous author. 8° Edinb. 1733. 

An analyfis of the moral and religious fentiments con- 
tained in the wiitings of Sojjho \Hcni-y Home, Lord Karnes] 
and David Hume, Efq. \^jlnon.^ 8° Edinb. 1755. 

A remonftrance againft Lord Vifcount Bolingbrokes phi- 
lofophicjl religion. Addreffed to David Mallet, Efq., the 
publilber. 8° Edinb. 1756. 

ANDERSON (George). 

Guide to the Highlands and Iflands of Scotland, includ- 
ing Orkney and Zetland, defcriptive of tlieir fceneiy, ftatif- 
tics, antiquities, and natural hiftoiy ; with numerous hiftorical 

notices ... with a veiy complete map of Scotland. By 
George Anderfon and Peter Anderfon. 

8 Lond. 1834. 
ANDERSON (George). 

The Buins centenaiy poems : a colledllon of fifty of the 
beft of many hundreds wiitten on occafion of the centenaiy 
celebration, including the fix recommended for publication 
by the judges of the Cryftal Palace competition, many of the 
highly commended, and feveral prize poems. Seledted and 
edited by Geoige Anderfon and John Einlay. 

8° Glafgow, 1859. 

ANDERSON (Hugh), M.D. 

A true and hiftorical nairative of the colony of Georgia 
. . . By Pat. Tailfer, Hugh Anderfon, Da. Douglas, and 
others ... 174I. 


The life and letters of Chriftopher Anderfon. 

8= Edinb. 1854. 
ANDERSON (James). 

B. 5 Aug. 1662. Studied at Edinburgh; took the degree 
of M.A. 1680: Writer to the Signet, 1691 : removed to Lon- 
don after the Union: Poftmafter-General for Scotland, 1715. 
D. 172S. 

An hiftorical eflliy fliewing that the crown and kingdom 
of Scotland is imperial and independent ; wherein the grofs 
miftakes of a late book ^by W. ylfwooil^ entitled. The fupe- 
riority and direft dominion of the imperial crown and king- 
dom of England over the crown and kingdom of Scotland, 
and of fome other books to that purpofe are expofed. With 
an appendix containing the copies of fome writs and feals, 
which illuftrate this fubjeft. 8° Edinb. 1 705. 

Piopofals for publifliing a book, intitled Diplomata Scotije, 
&c. ... [Febi-uaiy 22 d. I 7 18.] S. Sh. 

Colleiftions relating to the hiftoiy of Mary Queen of 
Scotland ; containing a great number of original papers never 
before printed ; alfo a few fcarce pieces reprinted, taken from 
the beft copies. Renfed and publiflied by James Anderfon. 
With an explanatory index of the obfolete words, and pre- 
faces fliewing the impoitance of thefe colledtions. 4 vols. 

4° Edinb. 1727-8. 

Seleftus diplomatum et numifmatum Scotis thefaurus, in 
duas partes diftiibutus : Prior fyllogen compleftitur veteioim 
diplomatum five chartarum Regum et Proceram Scotix, una 
cum eorum figillis a Duncanq H. ad Jacobum I. id eft, ab 
anno I094adi4i2. Adjundla funt reliquorum Scotia; et 
Magnse Britannias regum figilla, a prsedidVo Jacobo L ad nu- 
peram duonjm regnorum in unum, anno I 707, coalitionem ; 
item chaiafteres et abbreviaturas in antiquis codicibus MSS. 
inftmmentifque ufitatas. Pofterior continet numifmata tam 
aurea quam argentea fingulorum Scotis Regum, ab Alex- 
andre L ad fupradiflam regnorum coalitionem pei^petua ferie 
deduifta ; fubnexis qu£e reperiri poterant eomndem Regum 
fymbolis heroicis. Omnia fummo artificio ad prototypomm 
iimilltudinem tabulis teneis exprefla ; adjeflis fingulorum di- 
plomatum, recentiore fcripturae forma, ari itidem incifis ex- 
emplis. Ex mandato Parliamenti Scotici collegit, digeflit, 
et tantum non perficienda curavit egregius ac patriarum anti- 
quitatum callentillimus vir Jacobus Anderfonus Scriba regius. 



Quae open confummando deerant fupplevit, ct prcefatione, ta- 
bularum explicatione, aliifque appendicibus,rem Scotice diplo- 
maticam, nummariam et gcncalogicam baud parum illuftran- 
tibus, auxit ct locuplcUivit Thomas Ruddimannus, AM. 

fol. Edinb. 1739. 
Libri de rebus Britannicis, fcilicet, Anglicis, Scoticis ct 
Hibcrnicis. [yliiori.] fol. n. p. n. d. 

ANDERSON (James), D.D. 

B. at Aberdeen, where he was educated. Went to London, 
and in 1710 became minifter of the Prelbyterian chapel in 
Swallow Street. Removed in 1734 to another mecting-houfe 
in Lifle Street, Leicefter-fields. D. 23 May, 1739. 

A fermon preach'd in Swallow-ftreet, St. James's, on 
Wednefday, Jan. 16. 17}-^^. being the national faft-day. 
[Jerem. viii. 15.] 8° Lend. 1712. 

No king-killers : a fermon preach'd in Swallow-ftreet, St. 
James's, on January 30, 17} ;!. [Ezra iv. 15.] 

8° Lend. 1715. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. i 7 i 5. 

Royal genealogies ; or, the genealogical tables of empe- 
rors, kings, and princes from Adam to thefe times. In two 
parts. fol. Lond. 1732. 

ANDERSON (.Tames). 

Minlfter at CoUace. 

The winter night, fhowing plainly the blindnefs wherein 
were milled of in popeiy, and the clear light of the Gofjjel 
now manifcftcd in our days to the glory of God, and the 
comfort of all tlieni that hope for falvation. \ji poemJ\ 

12° Glafgow, 1713. 

ANDERSON (James), LL.D. 

B. at Hermifton, near Edinburgh, 1739. Engaged in farm- 
ing: at Hcrmifton, and fubfequently at Monkihill, Aberdecn- 
(hire ; removed to Edinburgh, 1783 j employed by Government 
to report on the Weftern llles, 17S45 removed to Ifleworth, 
near London, 1797 ; d. at Weft Ham, Effex, 15 Oft. 1S08. 

A pradtical treatife on chimneys ; containing full direc- 
tions for preventing or removing fmoke in houfes. [ytnon.'] 

1 2= Edinb. I 776. 

— Third edition. 12° Edinb. 1783. 
Eflays relating to agriculture and rural affairs. Second 

edition. 2 vols. 8° Edinb. 1777. 

— Fifth edition. 3 vols. 8° Lond. 1800. 
Mifcellaneous obfervations on planting and training timbcr- 

trees ; particularly calculated for the climate of Scotland. 
In a feries of letters by Agricola. [PfitulJ\ 

8'^ Edinb. 1777. 

Obfervations on the means of exciting a fpirit of national 
indudry ; chiefly intended to promote the agriculture, com- 
merce, manufaftures, and fiflicrics of Scotland : in a feries of 
letters to a friend, written in the year one thoufand feven 
hundred and feventy-five. ^° Edinb. 1777. 

An account of the prefent ftate of the Hebrides and 
weftern coafts of Scotland ; in which an attempt is made to 
ex])lain tiie circuniftanccs that have hitherto rcpreffed tiie 
induftry of the natives ; and fome hints are fuggeded for en- 
couraging the fiflicries, and promoting other improvements in 
thofe countries. 8^ Edinb. 1785. 

VOL. I. 

The Bee, or literaiy weekly intelligencer. 18 vols. 

8° Edinb. 179 1-3. 

A pradlical treatife on peat mofs, confidered as in its 
natural ftate fitted for affording fuel, or as fufceptible of being 
converted into mold cajiable of yielding abundant crops of 
ufeful produce. 8° Edinb. 1794. 

General view of the agriculture and loiral economy of the 
county of Aberdeen, with obfervations on the means of its 
improvement. 4° Edinb. 1794. 

Two letters to Sir John Sinclair, Baronet, Prefident of 
the Board of Agriculture, on the fubjeft of diaining wet and 
boggy lands, &c. 8^ Edinb. 1796. 

A praftical treatife on draining bogs and fwampy grounds. 

8° Lond. 1 797. 

Recreations in agriculture, natural hiftory, arts, and mif- 
cellaneous literature. Vols. 1-4. 

8° Lond. 1 799- 1 801. 

ANDERSON (.James). 

Member of the Faculty of Advocates, 1828. Barrifter-at- 
law, 1839. QX;. 1851. 

Cafes decided in the Court of Seffion, Jury Court, and 
High Court of Jufticiary ... by George Deas and James 
Anderfon. 1829-33. 

ANDERSON (James). 

Sermons. To which is added a fermon preached on oc- 
cafion of the death of the Rev. James Aitken, by the Rev. 
Thomas Eafton, D.D., Kirriemuir. 12° Edinb. 1841. 

Biographical notices of the correfpondents of Samuel 
Rutherford. [Rutherford's Z-c/Z^rj-, 1848.] 

The martyrs of the Bafs. 1848. [7"/if Bass Rock, /// 
civil and ecchJiaJVic hiflory, Cifc] 

The ladies of the Covenant : memoirs of diftinguiftied 
Scottifh female charafters, embracing the ])eriod of the Cove- 
nant and the perfecution. I 2^ Glafgow, 1851. 

Ladies of the Reformation : memoirs of diftinguiflied fe- 
male characters, belonging to the period of the Reformation 
in the fixteenth century. England, Scotland, and the Nether- 
lands. 8° Lond. 1855. 

— Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Spain. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

ANDERSON (James). 

Minifter of the parirti of Cults. 

Light in darknefs ; or, comfort to the fick and afflidled : 
being a feries of meditations, prayers, and portions of Scrip- 
ture, for thofe vilited with bereavement and diftrefs. 

8^ F.dinb. 1858. 

ANDERSON (.Iames Stuart Murray), M A. 

Rcftor of Tormarton, Glouccfterfliirt, 

A fermon, in aid of the funds of tlie Suffex county hof- 
pital, and general fea-bathing infirmary, pi cached at St. 
George's cha])el, Brighton, on Sunday, 27 Sep. 1829. 
[John V. 2, 3.1 8° Brighton, [18:9.) 

The Chiiftlan patiiot: a fermon preached on Trinity 
Monday, June 3, 1833, bfforc the corporation of the Trinity 
Houfe, in the pariili church of St. Kichi.las, Deptford. 
[/•/. cxxii. 6-9.] 4 Lond. 1S33. 




Difcourfes on Elijah, and John the Baptift. 

8° Lond. 1835. 

Chriftian philanthropy : a fpital fermon, preached before 
the Lord Mayor and coi^poration of the city of London, at 
Chiift church, Newgate Street, on Eafter Tuefday, April 
21, 1835. [Ga/. vi. 2.] 8° Lond. 1835. 

The duty of fuppoiting the weak : a fermon, pleached at 
St. George's chapel, Brighton, Dec. 20, 1835, in ^''^ °^ 
the Suflex county hofpital. [Jds xx. 3 5.] 

8° Lond. 1S36. 

The people of God called upon to build His houfe of 
prayer : a fermon, preached at St. Peter's church, Colchef- 
ter, May 1 1, 1836, on the occafion of laying the founda- 
tion ftone of the new church to be ere<5led in the parifh of 
St. Botolph, Colchefter. \_Haggai, i. 2-4.] 

8° Lond. 1836. 

The Chriflian watching againft the fuddennefs of death : 
a fermon, preached in aid of the Royal Humane Society, on 
Sunday, July 17, 1836, at St. Peter's, Eaton Square, 
Pimhco. [Afrt«. XXV. 13.] 8° Lond. 1836. 

On the importance of an eftablilhed miniftiy : a fermon, 
preached at the confecration of Trinity chapel, Dane Hill, 
in the parifh of Fletching, SulTex, on Wed. Oft. 26, 1836. 
^Rom. X. 14, anil part of 15.] 8'^ Lond. 1836. 

Sermons on various fubjefts. 8° Lond. 1837. 

The cloud of witneffes : a feries of difcourfes on the 
eleventh and part of the twelfth chapters of the Epiftle to the 
Hebrews. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1839-43. 

Redemption in Chrift, the true jubilee: a feiTnon, preached 
at the parifh church of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondfey, on 
Thurs. June 23, 1842, on the occafion of the fiftieth anni- 
verfary of the inflitution of the Afylum for the deaf and dumb. 
\Lulie\y. 17, 18, 19.] 8° Lond. 1S42. 

Chriftian fubmiffion : a fermon, preached in Trinity chapel, 
Brighton, on the 5th Sunday in Lent, 1843, being the Sun- 
day after the funeral of the late Rev. Robert Anderfon. 
\Ps. xxxix. 10.] 8° Lond. 1843. 

" Giving no offence in anything, that the miniftiy be not 
blamed :" a fermon preached at St. Anne's church, Lewes, 
July 26, 1849, at the vifitation of the Archdeacon of Lewes. 
[2 Cor. vi. 3, 4.] 8° Lond. 1849. 

Chrift, the refurreftion and the life : a fermon, preached 
in St. George's, Brighton, on the 2d Sunday in Advent, 

1 8 49, being the Sunday after the death of Adelaide, the 
Queen Dowager. [Jo/v; xi. 25, 26.] 8° Lond. 1S50. 

The trials of the Church a quickening of her zeal and love : 
two fermons upon the confequences of the recent judgment 
of the judicial committee of Her Majefty's Privy Council, 
preached at St. George's, Brighton, on the ill and 2d Sun- 
days after Eafter, 1850. [2 Tim. i. 6.] 

8° Lond. 1850. 

The dead yet fpeaking : a fermon, preached in St. 
George's, Brighton, on the 6th Sunday after Trinity, 1850, 
being the Sunday after the death of Sir Robert Peel. \Heb. 
xi. 4.] 8° Lond. 1850. 

The prefent crifis : four fermons preached before the 
Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn, in Michaelmas term, 

1850. With notes and appendix. 8° Lond. 1851. 
Every man the bearer of his own burden : a fermon, 

preached before the Hon. Society of Lincoln's Inn, on the 

Sunday next before Advent, 1852; being the Sunday after 
the funeral of the Duke of Wellington. [Ga/. vi. 5.] 

8° Lond. 1852. 

A minifter's faiewell to his people: two fermons, preached 
in St. George's chapel, Brighton, on the fifth Sunday in 
Lent, 1 85 I. \Phil. i. 27.] 8° Lond. 1851. 

Comfort in tribulation : a fermon, preached in Trinity 
chapel, Brighton, on the fouiteenth Sunday after T'rinity, 
1853, being the Sunday after the fiineral of the Rev. 
Frederick W. Robeitfon. [2 Cor. i. 3- 5.] 

8° Lond. 1853. 

The fruits of divine love : a fermon, preached in Brilfol 
cathedral, Auguft 27, 1856, at the feftival of the clergy 
and fons of the clergy, in the city and neighbourhood of 
Briftol. [ I /o/jn iv. II.] 8^ Lond. 1856. 

Memoir of the Chifholm, late M.P. for Invernefs-fhire. 

8° Lond. 1842. 

The hiftory of the Church of England in the colonies and 
foreign dependencies of the Britifh Empire. 3 vols. 

8° Lond. 1845-56. 

— Second edition. 3 vols. 8° Lond. 1856. 

The profitable employment of hours gained from bufinefs : 
an inaugural addrefs, March 11, 1846 ... to the members 
and friends of the Brighton Athenceum, and Young Men's 
Literary Union. 8° Lond. 1846. 

AddrcfTes on mifcelianeous fubjefts ... 

8° Lond 1849. 

Second edition. 

Lond. 1858. 

ANDERSON (Johann). 

B. at Hamburg, 14 March, 1674. D. 3 May, 1745. 

Hiftoire naturelle de I'lfiande, du Greenland, du Detroit 
de Davis, et d'autres pays fitues fous le Nord ; traduite de 
1' Allemand de M. Anderfon ... par M * * ... 2 torn. 

12° Paris, I 750. 

ANDERSON (John), M.A. 

B, 1671. Educated at St. Andrews. Minifter of Dumbar- 
ton, 1704. Removed to the North Weft church, Glafgow, 
1720. D. 1720 or 1721. 

A dialogue between a curat and a countreyraan concern- 
ing the Englifh-fervice, or common-prayer-book of England. 
[^non.'j 4° n. p. n. d. 

The fecond dialogue between a curat and a countreyman, 
concerning the Englifh-fervice. [jlnon.~\ 4° n. p. 1 7 1 1 . 

The countrey-nian's letter to the curat ; wherein, befides 
a hiftorical view of the Englifh liturgie, the afTertions of the 
author [•Sfl^f] of the Fundamental charter of prefbytery con- 
cerning its univerfal ufage in Scotland at the time of the 
RefoiTnation, &c., are examined, and pioved to be falfe. 
[Jnon.] 4= n. p. 1 7 1 1 . 

A letter to a friend concerning Mr. Calder's late paper 
entitled, A return. Sec, and the Continuation thereof. [j4non.] 

4° Glafgow, 17 12. 

The anfwei' [liy R. Colder'^ to the Dialogue between the 
curat and the countrey-man, concerning the Englifh-fervice, 
or common-prayer-book of England, examined: in a familiar 
letter to the author of the anfwer. [/lmn.'\ 

4° n. p. 17 12. 

Curat Calder whipt. \Jmti.\ 4°n. p. 1712. 



A fermon preach'd in the church of Air, at the opening 
of the Synod, on Tuefday the firft of April 1712. [^& 
XX. 2 8.] 4° Glafgow, [ 1 7 1 2.] 

The declaration of the free-holders of Great Britain, in 
anfwer to that of the Pretender. \j1non.'\ 

S. Sh. [17 16.] 

A letter from Mr. Anderfon, minifter of Dumb uton, to 
Walter Stewart of Pardovan. 4^ n. p. 17 17. 

— Second edition. 4° Glafgow, 17 17. 

In luftuofum et nunquani fatis dcflendum obitum reveren- 
diffimi, dofliflimi, dileflilTimi, digniffimi, piiffimique Dom. 
Henrici, epifcopi Londincnfis, qui, Fulham, fcptimo Julij die, 
anno falutis humanx 17 13, Matis fux 81, fatis fuccubuit, 
epitaphium. S. Sh. n. p. n. d. 

A fermon, preacli'd in the Trone church of Glafgow, on 
Thurfday the 28th of May I 7 19, being the anniverfary of 
the birth of his Majefty King George. 

8° Glafgow, 17 19. 

Letters upon the overtui"es concerning kirk-feflions and 
prefbyteries. 8' reprinted Edinb. 1720. 

* Some enqueries, intoMr. Anderfon's Letters, concerning 
his ingenuity in pleading for prefbytry. \_By John Adam- 

* To the memory of the late Rev. Mr. John Anderfon, 
minifter of the Gofpel at Glafgow. By a ftudent of philo- 
fophy in the univerfity. fol. Glaigow, 172 i. 


B. at Rofeneath, Dumbartonfliire, 1726. Profefibr of natural 
philofophy in the Univerfity of Glafgow, 1760. D. 13 Jan. 

ObfeiTations upon Roman antiquities difcovercd between 
the Forth and Clyde. 4" Edinb. 1800. 


PalTed a confiderablc portion of his early life in diplomatic 
miffions of fome importance in the Eaftern Archipelago. For 
fomc time previous to his death, he held the appointment of 
fecretary to the Church of England alTurance company. D. 
15 Jan, 1846, aged fcventy-five. 

MilTion to the Eaft Coaft of Sumatra in m.dccc.xxiii. 
under the direftion of the Government of Prince of Wales 
Ifland : including hiftorical and defcriptive lltetchcs of the 
country, an account of the commerce, population, and man- 
ners and cuftoms of the inhabitants, and a vifit to the Batta 
cannibal ftates in the interior. 8° Edinb. 1826. 

Achecn and the ports on the north and eaft coafts of 
Sumatra ; with incidental notices of the trade in the eaftern 
(eas, and the aggreflion.s of the Dutch. 8° Lond. 1840. 


The faithful minifter of Chrift : a fermon on the death of 
the Rev. Adam Clarice, LL.D., &c., preached at Bmnf- 
wick chapel, Leeds, on Wed. evening, Sep. 12, 1832. 
\Col. i. 25-29.] 8° Leeds, 1832. 

The fpirit of a great people : a fermon, delivered in the 
Brunfwick and the Great Homer-ftreet ciia])e!s, Liveqwol, 
on Friday, Oi\. 2 5, I 839, on occafion of tlie religious cele- 
bration of tile centenary of Wefteyan Methodifm. \j,UiJhua 
xvii. 14-18.] 8^ Liverpool, [1839.] 


B. at Gilmcrton Houfe, Mid-Lothian, 6 June, 1789. D. at 
Hamilton, 24 Dec. 1832. 

Hiftorical and genealogical memoirs of the houfe of 
Hamilton, with genealogical memoirs of the (everal branches 
of the family. 4° Edinb. 1825. 

ANDERSON (John), W.S. 

Hiftorical account of the f imily of Frifel or Frafer, par- 
ticularly Frafer of Lovat ; embracing various notices, illuf- 
trative of national cuftoms and manners, with original corref- 
pondence of Simon, Lord Lovat, &c. 4° Edinb. 1825. 

Prize efTay on the ftate of fociety and knowledge in the 
Highlands of Scotland, particularly in the northern counties, 
at the period of the rebellion in 1745, and of tlieir progrefs 
up to the ellablifhment of the Northern IniHtution for the 
promotion of fcience and literature, in 1825. 

8° Edinb. 1827. 


Minifter of the Free church, Helenfburgh. 
Chronicles of the Kirk ; or, fcenes and ftories from the 
hiftoiy of the Church of Scotland, fiora the earlieft period to 
the fecond Reformation : for the young. 

8° Edinb. 1849. 
The footfteps of the flock ; or the contendings of our 
fathei s for the headihip of Chrift, with the difnaption of the 
Church of Scotland, and the duty of feparation from the 
refiduary cftablifhment. Second edition. 

I 2^" Glafgow, 1843. 
Pencilliiigs in Paleftine : being fcenes defcriptive of the 
Holy Land, and other countries in the EalL 

12' Lond. 1851. 
Bible light from Bible lands. 8° Glafgow, [1855.] 
The life of Chrift, from the cradle to the crofs ; in which 
the words and works of our Lord are confidered in connec- 
tion with time and place. 8° Glafgow, 1862. 


A hiftory of Edinburgh from the earlieft period to the 
completion of the half centuiy 1850, with brief notices of 
eminent or remarkable individuals. 8 Edinb. 1856. 


Minifter of KinnouU. 
A legend of Glencoc ; and other poems. 

8" Lond. 1857. 
The ])leafurcs of home : a poem. 12° Lond. n. d. 
Bible incidents ; and their leflons. 12^ Lond. 1861. 

ANDERSON (John), D.D. 

Minifter of Newburgh, Fifcfliirc. 

The geologic age of man in its pi efent afpeifls. Delivered 
before the Britilh Adociation at Abci deen on the i 6th Sep- 
tember, 1859. S' Edinb. 1859. 

Dura Den : a monograph of the yellow (andftone and its 
remarkable foflil remains. 8° Edinb. 1859. 

ANDERSON (Lionel). 

* The tryals and condemnation of Lionel Anderfon, alias 



Munfon, William Ruffel, alias Napper, Charles Parris, alias 
Pany, Henry Starkey, James Corker, and William Mailhal, 
for high treafon, as Romifh priefts, upon the ftatute of 27 
Eliz. cap. 2 ; together with the tryal of Alexander Lumf- 
den, a Scotchman, and the arraignment of David Jofeph 
Kemlfli for the fame offence. At the feffions of Oyer and 
Terminer in the Old-Baily, on Saturday Januaiy I 7th. 1679. 

8° Lend. 1680. 

ANDERSON (Matthew), M.A. 

Perpetual curate of St. Paul's, Heme Hill. 

Ten difcourfes on the principal events in the life and 
charadler of Mofes. 12° Lond. 1834. 

On the perils and refources of the youthful Chriftian : a 
fermon, preached to the candidates for confirmation, in the 
diftria church of St. Paul, Heme Hill, on Sunday, May 4, 
1845. [John x\-'n. 15.] 8° Lond. 1845. 

The purpofes of affliction : a fermon, preached in the dif- 
tria church of St. Paul, Heme Hill, on Wednefday, March 
24, 1847, being the day appointed for a general faft. [Job 
V. 6.] 8° Lond. 1S47. 

Redeeming the time : a fermon on the new year, preached 
in St. Paul's church. Heme Hill, Sunday, Jan. 3, 1858. 
[EpL V. 16.] 8° Lond. 1858. 

ANDERSON (Patrick). 

A phyfician in Edinburgh, in the formerhalf of the 17th cen- 

The colde fpring of Kinghorne Craig, his admirable and 
new tryed properties, fo far foorth as yet are found true by 
experience. 4° Edinb. 16 I 8. 

The copie of a baion's court : newly tranflated by Whats- 
you-call-him, clerk to the fame. 

4^ Printed at Helicon, befide Parnaffus, and are to 
be fold in Caledonia. 
The picture of a Scottilh baron court : a diamatic poem. 
With original notes. 12° Edinb. 1821. 

ANDERSON (Patrick). 
Of the Society of Jefus. 

The ground of the Catholike and Roman religion in tiie 
Word of God. With the antiquity and continuance thereof 
throughout all kingdomes and ages. Colle<5ted out of divers 
conferences, difcourfes, and difputes, which M. Patricke 
Anderfon had at feverall tymes, with fundry bifhops and 
minifters of Scotland, at his laft imprifonment in Edenburgh, 
for the Catholike faith, in the yeares of our Lord 1620 and 
162 I. In three parts. 4° n. p. 1623. 

ANDERSON (Patrick). 

Provoft of Dundee. 
* Report of the trial by jury, Anderfon againft Rintoul and 
others, for libels fpoken at public meetings in Dundee, and 
publiflied in tlie Dundee, Perth, and Cupar Advertifer newf- 
paper. By William Bennet, Writer to the Signet. 

8° Edinb. 1824. 
ANDERSON (Peter). 

Guide to the Highlands and Iflands of Scotland ... By 
George Anderson and Peter Anderfon. 1834. 

ANDERSON (Philip), B.A. 

Chaplain at Bombay, H.E.I.C.S. 

St. PaiJ's valedidtoiy charge to the prefbyteis of Ephefus, 
at his vifitation held at Miletus about the year of our Lord 
60 : a farewell fermon, delivered in the church of St. Peter, 
Afhton-under-Lyne, on Sunday, 0&. 31, 1841. \y^3s 
XX. 25-27.] 8° Lond. [1841.] 

The Englifh in Weftern India ; being the hiftoiy of the 
facftoiy at Surat, of Bombay, and the fubordinate fadtories 
on the weflern coaft. From the earlieft period until the 
commencement of the eighteenth century. Drawn from 
authentic works and original documents. Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1856. 

ANDERSON (Ralph). Pfeud. of Robert Heron. 

ANDERSON (Robert), M.D. 

B. at Carnwath, in Lanarkftiire, 7 Jan. 1750. D. at Edin- 
burgh, 20 Feb. 1830. 

The works of the Britifh poets. With prefaces, bio- 
graphical and critical. 13 vols. 8° Lond. 1795. 

The life of Tobias Smollett, M.D., with critical obferva- 
tions on his works. The fourth edition. 

8° Edinb. 1803. 

The life of Samuel Johnfon, LL.D., with critical obfer- 
vations on his works. Third edition. 8° Edinb. 18 15. 

ANDERSON (Robert). 

B. at Carlifle, ift Feb. 1770. D. 27 Sep. 1S33. 

The poetical works of Robert Anderfon. To which is 
prefixed the life of the autlior, written by himfelf ; an effay 
on the character, manners, and cuftoms of the peafantiy of 
Cumberland ; and obfenrations on the ftyle and genius of the 
author, by Thomas Sanderfon. 2 vols. 

8° Carlifle, 1820. 

ANDERSON (Robert). 

B. 3 April, 1792. Perpetual curate of Trinity chapel, Brigh- 
ton, 1826. D. in London, 22 March, 1843. 

A fermon preached at the confecration of Trinity chapel, 
Brighton, on Friday, April 2 1, 1826. [Le-v. xix. 30.] 

8° Lond. 1826. 

Of eating the bread, and drinking the cup of the Lord 
unworthily : a fermon preached at Trinity chapel, Brighton, 
on Sunday, Sep. 2, 1827. [l Cor. xi. 26-28.] 

8° Lond. 1827. 

A praiftical expofuion of St. Paul's Epiftle to the Ro- 
mans. 12° Lond. 1833. 

To look on the things of others ; a fermon preached at 
Trinity chapel, Brigiiton, on the Sunday after the flmeral of 
Lord Teignmouth. [P/ji/. ii. 4.] 8° Lond. 1834. 

Ten difcourfes on the Communion Office of the Church of 
England. With an appendix. 12° Lond. 1835. 

Difcourfes on the beatitudes. Second edition. 

12° Lond. 1837. 

The book of common prayer ; a manual of Chrlflian fel- 
lowfhip. Second edition. With a paftoral letter, written 
in 1832. 12° Lond. 1840. 

A praiftical expofition of the Gofpel according to St. 
John. 2 vols. 12° Lond. 1841. 



Regeneration: a paftoral addicfs. i2°LonJ. 184Z. 

* Pradlical religion exemplified by letters and paflages from 
the life of the late Rev. Robert Anderfon. By the Hon. 
Mrs. [CaroHne D.~\ Anderfon. 12° Lond. 1845. 

ANDERSON (Robert). 

Queflions and exercifes in geography : adapted to " An- 
derfon's Modem geography" in Nelfon's fchool feries. 

12° Lond. 1856. 
Modern geography : for the ufe of fchools. Fifth edition. 

8° Lond. 1 8 57. 
Geography for junior clafTes. 8° Lond. 1858. 

ANDERSON (T. M'Call), M.D. 

On the parafitic afFeftions of the fl<in. 

8° Lond. 1861. 
ANDERSON (Thomas), M.D. 

ProfelTor of chemiftry, Univcrfity of Glafgow. 

Elements of agricultural chemifli-y. 

8° Edinb. i860. 

The blue pamphlet. By an officer once in the Bengal 
Artillery. 8° Lond. 1858. 

ANDERSON (Walter), D.D. 

For fift)jyearsminifterof theparifli of Chirnfide. D. 31 Aug. 

The hiftoi-y of Crcefus King of Lydia, in IV. parts ... 
[Priori.] 1 2 ° Edinb. 1755. 

The philofophy of ancient Greece inveftigated in its origin 
and progrcfs to the xras of its greatefl celebrity in the Ionian, 
Italic, and Athenian fchools ; with remarks on the delineated 
fyftems of their founders ; and fome account of their lives 
and charadlers, and thofe of their mod eminent difciples. 

40 Edinb. 179 I. 
ANDERSON (William). 

Schoolmaftcr, Kirriemuir. 
The piper of Peebles : a tale. By the lamb-leader. 

12° Dundee, 1794. 
— Another edition. 12° Forfar, 1823. 

ANDERSON (William). 

Sketches of the hiftoiy and prefent (late of the Ruffian 
Empire ; of the progrefs of civili/.ation from the foundation 
of the monarchy to the acceffion of tlie houfe of Ronianof 
(the prefent reigning family), and particularly under tlie 
fovereigns of tliat houfe ; connected with ])olitical and pcr- 
fonal memoirs of the imperial court. 8° Lond. 181 5. 

ANDERSON (William). 

B. at Edinburgh, 10 Dec. 1S05. 
Poetical afpi rations. i 2° Edinb. 1830. 

— Second edition, with additional poems. 

8° Lond. 1833. 

Poems. 8° Edinb. 1845. 

Landfcape lyrics, and other poems. 8° Edinb. 1854. 

The little voyager j or, Harry's vifit to foreign lands. 

f/n verfe.] 4° Lond. I 855. 

The gift for all feafons. 8° Lond. 1839. 

The popular Scotifh biography : being lives of eminent 
natives of Scotland. Brought down to the prefent time, 
from the mofl; authentic fources. 8° Edinb. 1842. 

Tieafury of nature, fcience, and art : for the young. 

8° Edinb. [1853.] 
Treafury of the animal world : for the young. 

8° Edinb. [1854.] 
Treafury of manners, cuftoms, and ceremonies : for the 
young. 8° Edinb. 1855. 

Treafury of hiftory and biograpliy : for the young. 

8° Edinb. n. d. 
The pocket manual of manners. Fourth edition. 

12° Edinb. n. d. 
The Scottifh nation ; or the furnames, families, literature, 
honours, and biographical hilbry of the people of Scotland. 
3 vols. 8° Edinb. 1860-2. 

ANDERSON (William). 

Praftical mercantile correfpondence ; a coUeftion of 
modern letters of bufinefs, with notes critical and explana- 
toiy, an analytical index, and an appendix, containing pro 
forma invoices, account-fales, bills of lading, and bills of ex- 
change ; alfo an explanation of the German chain i-ule as 
applicable to the calculation of exchanges. 

12° Lond. 1836. 

ANDERSON (William), LL.D. 

Difcourfes. 8° Glafgow, 1844. 

— Second feries. Second edition. 

8° Edinb. i860. 
Regeneration. 8° Glafgow, 1850. 

— Second edition. 8° Edinb. 1861. 
Themafs. 8° Glafgow, 1851. 

ANDERSON (William). 

Blanche the Huguenot : a tale. 8° Lond. 1853. 

ANDERSON (William). 

Self-made men. 8° Lond. 1861. 

ANDERSON (William John), F.R.C.S. 
The caufes, fymptoms, and treatment of eccentric nervous 
affeaions. 8° Lond. 1850. 

The fymptoms and treatment of the difeafes of pregnancy. 

12° Lond. 1852. 

ANDERSON (William Wemyss). 

.lamaica and tlic Americans. 8° New York, 1851. 

A defcription and hiftory of the ifland of Jamaica ... by 
John Ogilbv, with preliminary chapter .wd notes by W. W. 
Anderfon. 1851. 

ANDERSSON (Charles John). 

Lake Ngami ; or, cxjilorations and difcovcries, during 
four years' wanderings in the wilds of South Weftern Africa. 

8° Lond. 1856. 

Tiie Okavango river : a narrative of travel, exploration, 
and adventure. 8° Lond. 1861. 



ANDERTON (James). 

A controverfial writer. B. at Loftock, in Lancafliire. 
The Proteftantes apologie for the Roman Church. By 
John Brerely. [PfeuJ.] 4° n. p. 1608. 

ANDERTON (William). 

* An appeal of murther. Sec, containing a relation of the 
tryal, behaviour, and death of Mr. William Andeiton, exe- 
cuted June 16. 1693, at Tyburn, for pretended high trea- 
fon. [By Samuel Grascome.] 

ANDLAU, Baron von. 

A key to the German language ; being an eafy and com- 
plete fyftem of acquiring this ufefiil tongue, with German 
fpelling, vocabulary, exercifes, reading leffons, and a moft 
ufeful catechifm, forming an entire treatifc of itfelf. Second 
edition. To which are added progreffive praftical exercifes 
according to Dr. Ahn's method. 12° Lond. 1855. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1858. 
Allgemeines Deutfches Lefebuch. Univerfal German 

reading book, containing fentences, defcriptions, tales and 
poetiy, and the neceflai-y explanations in Englifh for tlie ufe 
of fchools, private and felf-inftruftion. Firrt courfe. 

8° Lond. 1858. 

ANDLER (Franciscus Fridericus, L. B. ab). 

Juiifpmdentia, qua publica, qua privata, variis tarn de im- 
perialis majellatis fuprema auiloritate, prae-eminentia, refer- 
vatis et regalibus, quam etiam celfiffimi judicii Aulici prsc- 
rogativa et proceffu, nee non ftatuura imperii excelfis emin- 
entiis et juribus, decifionibus noviffimis et celebribus adornata. 

fol. Francofurti, 1737. 


B. at Athens, B.C. 467. 
Orationes. [Gr. on/y. Oratores Gmcl, apud Aldura, 


— \Gr. only. StephANUS, Oratorum veterum orationes.^ 

— [Gr. and Lat. Reiske, Oratores Graci, torn. iv. and 

— [Or. only. Bekker, Oratores ylttiei, i. 97.] 

— Grasce et Latine, interprete Alphonfo Miniato, Bon- 
onienli. [Antiphon, Oratorum Gnscia praejlant'ijfiniorum 
orationes xxx. p. 164.] 

* Leftiones Andocideas. 1804. \By J. O. Sluiter.] 


A digeft of the evidence taken before the feledt committee 
of the Houfe of Commons on Andover Union ; with fome 
introdudlory remarks. By a barrifter. 8° Lond. 1846. 

Extrafts from the report of the feledl committee of the 
Houfe of Commons ; and an epitome of the evidence on the 
cafes of Mr. Parker and Mr. Day, late affiftant poor law 
commiffioners. 8° Lond. 1847. 

ANDRADA (Francisco d'). 

Hiftoriographer-royal. D. 1616. 

Cronico do muyto alto e muito ])oderofo rey defies reynos 
de Portugal, Dora Joao o III. defte nome. 

fol. Lifboa, 1613. 

ANDRADA (Jacinto Freyre de). 

B. at Beja, in Alemtejo, 1597. D. at Lifbon, 13 May, 1657. 
Vida de Dom Joao de Caftro, quarto vifo-rey da India. 

fol. Lifboa, 1 6 5 I . 

— Nova edi9ao, acrefcentada da vida do autor. 

12° Paris, 1759. 

— Nova edi^ao emendada ... 8° Lifboa, 179 8. 

ANDRADE (Alonso de). 

B. at Toledo, 1590. D. at Madrid, 165S. 
Milicia efpiritual. 4° Madrid, 1662. 

ANDRADE, or ANDRADA (Antonio de). 

B. at Olecros, prov. of Alemtejo, about 1580. D. at Goa, 

Le grand Cathayo, ou royaumes de Tibet, n'aguerres 
decouveits par le P. Antoine d' Andiade ... Le tout tire des 
lettres dudid P. Andiade ... Traduid fidelement de I'Ef- 
pagnol en Francois. 8° Gand, 1627. 

ANDRAL (Gabriel). 

B. at Paris, 6 Nov. 1797. 

The clinique medicale ; or reports of medical cafes. Con- 
denfed and tranflated, with obfei-vations extrafted from the 
writings of the mofl diflinguiihed medical authors, by D. 
Spillan, M.D. 8° Lond. 1836. 

ANDRE (Yves Marie). 

B. at Chateaulin, in Brittany, 22 May, 1675. ProfeiTor of 
mathematics at Caen, 1726. D. there, 26 Feb. 1764. 

The art of converfing. Tranflated from the French. 

4° Lond. 1777. 

ANDREA (Francesco). 

Rifpofla al trattato delle ragioni della ReginaCriflianiiTima, 
fopra il ducato del Brabante, et altri flati della Fiandra. 
Nella quale 11 dimoftra I'ingiuftizia della guerra moffa dal re 
di Francia, per la conquiila di quelle provincie ; non oftanti 
le ragioni, che fi fon pubblicate in fuo nome, per la pretefa 
fucceffione a favor della Regina Criftianiflima. D.S.F.D. A. 
\t.e. Del Signor Francefco d'Andrea.] 

4° Napoli, 1667, e 1676. 

ANDREADE (Bartholom^us). 

Sacrum Salvatoris noflri cenotaphium, prout illud a 
Georgio Emerico, confule quondam Gorlicenfe,Hierofolymis 
luftratum, ad prototypon Ifudiofiflime effigiatum, atque Gor- 
licii cjirfdem cura & impenfls excitatum. [Hoffmannus, 
Scriptores rerum Lufaticarum, i. ii. 1 1 4.] 

ANDREW (Gudmundus). 

Lexicon Iflandicuni, five Gothicae runx, vel lingua Sep- 
tentrionalis diftionarium . . . nunc tandem in lucem produc- 
tum per Petmm Johan. Refenium. 4° Havniaf, 1683. 

ANDREW (Jacob). 

B atWalblingen,in Wii'rtemberg, 25 March, 1528. Studied 
at the Univerfity of Tiibingen, of which he became chancellor. 
D. 7 Jan. 1750. 

Gratulation das die Prediger und Lehrer im Heitzog- 
thumb Bayern Lutherifch worden. 4° Tiibingen, 1568. 



Griindtliche Widerk'gung der nichtigcn unnd lofterlichen 
kiiitzcn Verzeichnus, des Jefuiters Gregoiii de Valentia, 
wider die kurtz Erinnerung und Wainung vor der Calvini- 
aner Betrug und ihrer Einigkeit mit den Jefuitern ... 

4= Tubingen, 1583. 

ANDREiE (.Joannes). 

* Nonnulla de Johanne Andrex, penultimo Romana: ic- 
ligionis epifcopo Ottonicnfi. [Langebek, Scriptores rcrum 
Danicarum, viii. 525.] 

ANDREW (JoHANN Valentin). 

B. at Herrenberg, in Wurtemberg, 1586. He is faid to be 
the founder of the order of the Rodcrucians, but it is more 
probable that he only reorganifed that fociety. D. 1654. 

Chriftianifmus genuinus, ex S.S. Scriptura, unici noftri 
Salvatoris vita, inteino confcientia;, extemoqtie natuia tefti- 
monio reprxfentatus. Johannis Arndt, de eadeni materia 
aureolorum libellonim fummariam exhibens recenfionem. 
[Anon. ] 12° Argentorati, 1615. 

Mennippus ; five dialogomm fatyricorum centuria inani- 
tatum nortratium fpcculum ; cum quibufdam aliis liberioribus. 
[Anon.^ 8° Helicone juxta Parnaffum, [yZ/yc/;- 

toratl,'] 161 7. 

Peregrin! in patria errores. [^non.] 

12° Utopiae, [Argentorati^ 16 I 8. 

Civis Chriftianus five peregrin! quondam errantis reftitu- 
tiones. [To •which is appended, ivith continuous pagination"'^ 
De Chrifliani cofmoxeni genitura judicium. 

12° Argentorati, 1619. 

Mythclogis Chriftiana? ; five virtutum & vitioram vita- 
humanas imaginum libr! tres. 12° Argentorati, 16 19. 

Rcipublicac Chriftianopolitanas dtfcriptio. 

12° Argentorati, 16 19. 

Similia ex Chriftianifmo genuino .loh. Arndii ... colledta; 
fequuntur Typi ex iifdem libris defumpti. 

12° Argentorati, 162 i. 

Threni Calvenfes, quibus urbis Calvae Wirtembergicas 
buftam, fiDrs prasfens lamentabilis et innoccntia exprefla. Ac- 
ceflit amicorum condolentia. 12° Argentina;, 163;. 

Dichtungcn zur Beiicrzigung unferes Zeitalters. Mit einer 
Vorrede von J. G. Herder. 8° Leipzig, 1786. 

ANDREjE (Samuel). 

B. at Dantzig, 1640. Educated at Heidelberg and Griiningen. 
ProfclTor of Greek and of hiftoryat Herborn, 1670. Removed 
in 1673 to Marburg, where he occupied the chairs of rhetoric 
and hiftory. D. 6 Jan. 1699. 

Difleitatio de falute Adami, ad Genefin iii. 1 9. [Men- 
THENius, Thefaurus theologico-philologicus, i. 96.] 

Diflertatio de prxfidio Ecclefix militantis, ad Pfiil. xlvi. 
1-8. [Ibid. i. 640.] 

Diflertatio de nativitate Immanuelis, ad Es. vii. i 4. [Ibid, 
i. 697.] 

ANDREW (Valerius), Deflllius. 

B. at DclTchel, in Brabant, 27 Nov. 1588. Librarian of the 
Univerfity of Louvain, where he d. 1656. 

Bibliotheca Bclgica: de Belgia vita fcriptifqueclaris: pra- 
mifTa topographlca Belgii totius feu Germanix Inferioris de- 
fcriptione. Editio renovatji, et tertia parte auiJlior. 

40 Lovanii, 1643. 


Third abbot of the Benediftine monaftery of Palazziolo, in 
Tufcany. B. at Lucca, and lived in the 8th century. 

Vita Sanfti Walfiidi, abbatis Palatioli in Tufiiia prinii. 
[Mabillon, Ada fanclorum O.S.B. 111. ii. 177.1 


Archbilhop of Caefarca, in Cappadocia, about the end of the 
5th century. 

In D. Joannis ... Apocalypfin commentarius. [Max. 
Bibliotheca vet er urn Patrum, v. 589.] 

ANDREAS, Cretensis. 

Archbilhop of Candia. D, 14 June, 724. 
Orationes, feledlique canones, et triodia, Francifci Com- 
befis ... opera et ftudio Latine rcddita. [Max. Bibliotheca 
veterum Patrum, x. 618.] 

ANDREAS, Presbyter. 

A writer who lived in the 9th century. 
Chronicon breve, hadlenus ineditum, ab anno dlxviii. feu 
ab adventu Longobardoium in Italiam, ufi:]ue ad mortem 
Ludovici II. Imperatoris, hoc eft ad annum dccclxxiv. et 
paullo ultra. [Muratori, Antiquitates Ilalicx medii itvi, i. 

— [Menckenius, Scriptores rerum Germanicarum, i. 90.] 

— [Pertz, Monuinetita Germaniise hijlorica, v. 232.] 

ANDREAS, Ratisbonensis. 

Entered the Auguftine monaftery of St. Auguftine, at Ratif- 
bon, 1410. The date of his death is unknown. 

Chronicon de ducibus Bavarlx ante CC. paulo minus annos 
fcriptum ... cum Paralipomenis Leonhardi Bauholtz, prefljy- 
teri, ad annum ufquc mcccclxxxvi. Item ejufdem Andrex, 
Hiftorix fundationum nonnullorum monnfteriorum per partes 
Bavarix. Omnia nunc primilm et quam integerrim^ edita 
ex bibliotheca Marquardi Freheri ... cum ejufidem'notis. 

4° Ambergx, 1 602. 

Chronicon generale a Chrifto n.ito ufque ad annum 
M.ccccxxii. [Pez, Thefaurus anecdotorum novijjimus, iv. iii. 


Ciironicon, a Jo. Chraft, praedicatore Cambenfi, inteqio- 
latum, et ufque ad .in. 1 490 continuatum. [Eccardus, 
Corpus hijloricum medii avi, i. 193 I.] 

Diariuni fcxcnnale annum Chrilli mccccxxii. cum quinque 
fequentibus, compleftens. [Qlfelius, Rerum Boicarum 
fcriptores, i. 15.] 

Chronicon epifcoporum Ratifponcnfium ab origine ad 
annum Chrifti mccccxxviii. [Ibid. i. 31.] 

* Andrex Felicis CEfelii Commentatio de viui et fcripti;- 
Andrex Ratifponenfis. [Ibid. i. I.] 

Hiftorix fundationum nonnullorum monafterionmi infig- 
nium pel' partes Bajoarix. [Kuen, Colteclio fcripturum return 
hyiorico-monajlico-ecclifiajlicaniw, ton), ii.] 

ANDREAS (Bernardus). 

B. at Touloufc about the middle of the 1 5th century. Be- 
came a friar of the order of St. Augulline. C.ime to England, 
and was appointed poet laureate by Henry VI 1. loon after hii 
acceflion. Was tutor to Prince Arthur. The date of his death 



is not known, but it probably nccuvred fliortly after 1511, "the 
laft date at which he is known to have been alive. He was 
blind, but whether from his birth or not is uncertain. 

Hiftoria regis Henrici Septimi ... necnon alia quxdam ad 
eundem regem fpeiflantia. Edited by James Gaiidner. 

8° Lond. 1858. 
ANDREAS (Elias). 

A native of Bordeaux, who lived about the middle of the i6th 

Poemata. [Gruter, Del'ttm poetarum Gallorum, i. 66.] 
ANDREAS (Joannes). 

B. about 1275. Educated at Bologna. Profeffor of the 
canon law at Padua, at Pifa, and at Bologna. D. 17 July, 

Commentarii infignes (vulgo Novella) in Sextum Decre- 
talium ... AccefTenint ftimmaria et adnotationes in omnes 
corporis parteis. fol. Lugduni, 15 50. 

Traftatus compendiofus per modum breviirimaE fumms de 
fponfalibus & matrimoniis. [F. Zilettus, TraSatus univerfi 
juris, ix. 2.] 

Traftatus folennis de arbore confanguinitatis & affinitatis. 
[Ibid. ix. 136.] 

Qusrtiones in materia feudorum. [Ibid. x. ii. 42.] 

Traftatus .. de interdidtis civitatis, calbi, vel alternis loci ; 
& de his quas fervari debent tempore interdicti. [Ibid. xiv. 

ANDREINI (Gio. Battista). 

B. at Florence, 1578. D. at Paris about 1652. 
L'Adamo: facra raprefentatione. 4° Milano, 1617. 

ANDREINI (Isabella). 

Mother of the preceding. B. 1562. D. at Lyons, 10 June, 
1604. She was a comic aflrefs of great reputation. 

Sonetto. [RuBBi, Parnafo Ital'iano, xxx. 243.] 
ANDRELINUS (Publius Faustus). 

B. at Forli about the middle of the 1 5th century. Appointed 
by Charles VIII. profeflbr of clafTical literature at Paris, 1489. 
D. at Paris, 25 Feb. 1518. 

Eclogas XII. [J. Oporinus, Bucollcorum atitores xxxviil. 
p. 281.] 

Poemata. [Grvt^r, Delill<e poetarum Itaiorum,'i. 1 07.] 
— ^Curmina illujlrium poetarum Italorum, i. 186.] 

ANDREOLIUS (Antonius Felix). 

A native of Perugia, date unknown. 
Caniien. [Carm'ma IHuJlrlum poetarum Italorum, i. 478.] 

ANDREOLUS (Joh. Franciscus). 

Controverfiaiiim forenfium pars piima in quibus varix juris 
quasftiones excitats acutiflime enucleantur ... Adjeftis in 
fine operis colledtaneis de pignoiibus & hypothecis ejufdem 
authoris, Huic noviilimi editioni . . . acceilk . . . index novus 
generalis ... opera et fhidio Jofephi de Perofinis. 

fol. Genevas, 1668. 

[The work confifts of fix parts, though the firft only is mentioned 
on the title page.] 

ANDREOSSY (Antoine Francois). 

B. at Caftelnaudary, 6 March, 1761. Infpeflor-general of 
artillery. D. at Montauban, 10 Sep. 1828. 

Hiftoire du canal du Midi, connu precedement fous le 
nom de canal de Languedoc. 

8° Paris, An. viii. (1800.) 

ANDRES (Antonio.) 

Septenario dolorofo de Maria SS"'^ con un fermon (al 
fin) de gracias por el hallazgo de la imagen de N. S''-'- de la 
Afumpcion. 4° Valencia, 1785. 

ANDRES (Juan). 

B. at Planes, in Valencia, 15 Feb. 1740. Retired to Italy 
on the expulfion of the Jefuits from Spain, in 1766. Keeper 
of the Royal Library at Naples. D. at Rome, 13 Jan. 1817. 

Dell'origine, de' progreffi e dello ftato attuale d'ogni let- 
teratura. 22 torn. 8° Venezia, 1783 — 1800. 

Origen, progrefos y eftado aftual de toda la literatura. 
Obra efcrita en Italiano por D. Juan Andres, y traducida 
al Caflellano por D. Carlos Andres. 6 tom. 

4= Madrid, 1784-93. 
Hidoire generale des faiences et de la Jitteratwe . . . Tra- 
duite de 1' Italien, avec des additions, des fupplemens et des 
notes, par J. E. Ortolani. Tom. I. [A'o more pubiyi^ecL^ 

8° Paris, 1805. 
Cartes familiares a fu hermano D. Carlos Andres, dandole 
noticia del viage que hizo a varias ciudades de Italia en el 
aiio 1785, publicados por el mifmo D. Carlos. 3 tom. 

S° Madiid, 1786-90. 

ANDRiSS Y SOBINAS (Augustin de). 

Refumen hiftorial de la primera filla Romana ... con las 
noticias puntuales de quanto k eUa le pertenece en los dos re- 
fpeftos, como fon las ceremonias del conclave, de las de elec- 
cion de fummo Pontifice ... con el nacimiento, eftudios, y 
empleos de Nueftro Sant™°' Padre Clemente XIII. 

4° Madrid, 1759. 

Malta invadida, y fitiada por el formidable poder de Soli- 
man Segundo el afio de 1565. quien el de 1522. havia to- 
rnado "a Rhodas : generofa, y obftinada defenfa de los caval- 
leros, animados, y dirigidos del valor y fabia condufta de D. 
Fr. Juan de la Valeta fu gran maefhe : fundacion de una 
nueva ciudad, que la intitulo de la Valeta, donde refide el con- 
vento : enfermedad, muerte, y exequias, que hicieron a elle 
iluftre capitan. 4° Madiid, i 7 6 1 . 

ANDRES DE UZTARROS (Juan Francisco). 

B. at Saragoffa, 1606. Fliftoriographer of Spain, 9 Jan. 
1647. D. at Madrid, 18 Aug. 1647. 

Hiftoria de Santo Domingo de Val, martyr Cefar-Au- 
guftano. 4= Zaragoga, 1643. 

Progreflos de la hiftoria en el reyno de Aragon, y elogios 
de Geronimo Zurita, fu primer coronifta. 

fol. Zarago^a, 1680. 

Luther revived ; or, a fhoit account of Johannes Ronge, 
the bold reformer of the Catholic Church in Germany. 

8° Lond. 1845. 



ANDREW (Agnes). 

* The triumph of fliith in humble life ; or, a memoir of 
Mrs. Andrew of Paifley. i 2" Lond. n. d. 

ANDREW (James), LL.D. 

Educated at Aberdeen. Frincipal of the H. E. I. C.'s military 
college at Addifcombe. D. at Edinburgh, 13 June, 1833, in 
the fixtieth year of liis age. 

Inflitutes of grammar, as applicable to the Englifh lan- 
guage, or as introduftory to tlie ftudy of other languages, 
fyftematically arranged, and briefly explained. To which 
are added fome chronological tables. 8° Lond. 18 17. 

Key to Scripture chronology, made by comparing facred 
hiftory with prophecy, and rendering the Bible confiftent 
with itfelf ; illuftrated with new tables of chrono ogy and 
various notes. 8' Lond. 1822. 

ANDREW (Samuel). 

Curate of St. Michael's, Lichfield. 
Plan of buildings for a new parifh (parirti work fyftema- 
tized.) A book of nrles for the government and direftion 
of all perfons bearing office in this religious foundation, with 
forms for engaging fome of them, and direflions for the 
proper ufe of the feveral rooms and places belonging thereto. 

8° Derby, 1859. 
ANDREW (Thomas), M.D. 

A cyclopedia of domeftic medicine and fuigery ; being 
an alphabetical account of the various difeafes incident to the 
human frame ; with dire<5lions for their treatment, and for 
performing the more fimple operations of furgeiy. Alfo, 
inftru<5lions for adminiftering the various fubftances ufed in 
medicine, for the regulation of diet and regimen, and the 
management of the difeafes of women and children. 

8° Glafgow, 1 8 44. 

ANDREW (William Patrick). 

Chairman of the Scinde and Punjaub railways. 

The Scinde railway and its relations to the Euphrates 
Valley, and other routes to India. 8° Lond. 1856. 

Memoir on tlie Euphrates Valley route to India ; with 
official correfpondencc and maps. 8° Lond. 1857. 

Letter to Vifcount Palmerfton, K.G., on the political im- 
portance of the Euphrates Valley railway, and the ncccfllty 
of the financial fupport of her Majefty's Government. With 
repoits by Major-Gencral Chefney and Sir .1. Macneill, and 
memorandum by Sir.IulHn Slu-il, K.C.B., and map. Alfo 
minutes of evidence before the Houfe of Commons . . . 

8° Lond. 1857. 

The Punjaub railway : a feleftion from official correfpon- 
dence regarding the introduflion of railways into the Pun- 
jaub ; with map ot Scinde and the Punjaub. 

8' Lond. 1857. 

Port of Kurrachee, depth of water, and commerce, for 
the official year 1856-57, with map of comparative dif- 
tances. 8" Lond. 1857. 

The Indus and its provinces, their political and commer- 
cial importance confidcred in connexion witli ini])roved 
means of communication. Illulliated by (latilHcal tibles 
and maps. 8° Lond. [1859.] 

VOL. I. 

ANDREW (William Wayte), M.A. 

Vicar of Kctteringham, Norfolk, 1835. 
Sermon preached in the parifh church of Ketteringham, 
Norfolk, after tiie execution of .1. B. Rulh, for the murder 
of Ifaac Jeimy, Efq., and of his fon Jermy Jermy, Efq. 
[ffofea iv, 17.] i2°Nonvich, 1S49. 

ANDREWES (Lancelot). 

B. in London, 1 555. Educated at Merchant Taylor's School 
and at Pembroke College, Cambridge, of which he was elected 
Fellow, 1576. Confecrated Bi/hop of Chichefter, 3 Nov. 1605. 
Tranflated to Ely, 1609, and thence to Winchefter, 1618. D. 
25 Sep. 1626. 

A fermon preached before the Kings Maieftie, at Hamj)- 
ton Couit, concerning the right and power of calling aflcm- 
blies, on Sunday the 2 8. of September, anno 1 606. [Niiml). 
X. I, 2.] 4° Lond. 1606. 

Tortura Toiti ; five ad Matthasi Torti [;'. e. Card. Bel- 
liinnin't] libmrn refponfio, qui nuper editus contra Apolngiam 
... Jacobi ... M.ignx Britannice ... Regis, pro juramento 
fidelitatis. 4° Lond. 1609. 

— ^Library of Anolo-Catholic theology J\ 

8° Oxon. 1851. 
Refponfio ad Apologiam Cardinalis Bcllarmini, quam nuper 
edidit contra Prxfationem monitoriam ... .lacobi ... Magna; 
Britannia ... Regis ... 4" Lond. 16 10. 

— ^Library of Anglo-Catholic theology.^ 

8° Oxon. 185 I. 
A fermon preached at White-hall, on Eafter-day the 1 6. 
of April 1620. [Jo/jn XX. 11 — 17.] 4° Lond. 1620. 

A fummarie view of the government both of the Old and 
New Teftament : whereby the Epifcopall government of 
Chrifts Church is vindicated : out of the rade draughts of 
Lancelot Andrewes,late Billiop of Winchellcr. Whercunto 
is prefixed (as a preamble to the whole) a difcovery of the 
caufesof the continuance of thefe contentions touching church- 
government : out of tlic fragments of Richard Hooker. 

4° Oxford, 1 641. 
Seventeen fermons ... modernized, for die ufe of general 
leaders, by the Rev. Charles Daubeny. 

8° Lond. I 82 I. 
Anti-radicalifm ; grounded on a fermon of ... Biffiop 
Andrews ; modernized, and addrefled to the people, by the 
Rev. Charles Daubeny. [Ps. Ixxvii. 20.] 

8° Lond. 182 I. 
A woid in feafon from tlie ])ious and learned Biffiop An- 
drews, to the governors of this counti"y in Ciiurch and State. 

8" Lond. 1823. 
Seven feinions on our Lord's temptation, grounded upon 
thofe of the learned Biffiop Andrews ... 1829. By W. 


Sixteen fermons, ciiicfly on the principal falls and felHvals 
of the Church ... modernized for the uie of general re.iders 
... by the editor of " Helps to devotion in the language of 
Scripture " and " The divine economy ot human lile." [A/, 
yl. Davis.'] 8" Lond. 183 i. 

Ninety-fix fermons. [Library of /Inglo-Calholic lheology.\ 
5 vols. 8' Oxford, 184I-3. 

A differtation upon tithes, by Lancelot Andrews : an old 
trad for new limes. Edited by a layman. 

8"' Lond. 1842. 



A pattern of catechiftical doftrine, and other minor works. 

8° Oxford, 1846. 

A manual of private devotion. ^Edited by the Hon. and 
Rev. John Grey, rcclor of Hoiightou-le-Spnng.^ 

8° Newcaftle-upon-Tyne, 1 8 50. 

Opufcula quxdam pofthvmia. Accedlt in opera ejus La- 
tina index copiofiflimus. \Library of Anglo-Catholic lheoIogy.~\ 

8° Oxon. 1852. 

Preces privatas quotidians. [Gr. and Lat. Library of 
Angh-CathoUc theology7\ 8° Oxon. 1853. 

— [-E",?'] tranflated from the Greek, with additions by 
George Stanhope, D.D. 8° Lond. I 730. 

A manual of private devotions. 12° Lond. 1855. 

Two anfwers to Cardinal Perron, and other mifcellaneous 
works. [Library of Anglo-Catholic theology.^ 

8° Oxford, 1854. 

The duty of a nation and its members in time of war : a 
fermon preached before Queen Elizabeth, at Richmond, on 
the 2 I ft of Febraaiy, a.d. 1 599, being Afh-Wednefday, at 
what time the Earl of Eflex was going forth upon the expe- 
dition for Ireland ... [Deut. xxiii. 9.] With an introduc- 
tion, by a curate in the diocefe of Canterbury. 

8° Lond. 1854. 

* An exaft narration of the life and death of Lancelot 
Andrewes. 1650 and 1829. By Henry Isaacson. 

ANDREWES (Thomas). 

OfH.M. Cuftoms, Briftol. 
Rates and tables, compiled and calculated for the ufe of 
merchants, revenue officers, and the public in general ; in 
which the feveral articles of merchandize, fubjeft to duty, or 
exempt therefrom, are alphabetically arranged, in a plain and 
eafy manner ... fol. Briftol, 1787. 


Andrews' illufti ations of the Weft Indies. 2 vols. 

4" Sidmouth, i860. 

ANDREWS (Alexander). 

The eighteenth century ; or, illuftrations of the manners 
and cuftoms of our grandfathers. 8 Lond. 1856. 

The hiftory of Britifh journalifni, from the foundation of 
the newfpaper prefs in England to the repeal of the Stamp 
AS. in 1855, with flcetches of prefs celebrities. In two 
volumes. 8° Lond. 1859. 

ANDREWS (Edward), LL.D. 

Sermons delivered at Bercsford chapel, Walworth. 

8° Lond. 1827. 
ANDREWS (Ethan Allen). 

B. at New Britain, Connefticut, 17S7. Educated at Yale 
College. ProfelTor of ancient languages in the Univerfity of 
North Carolina, 1822-8. D. 1858. 

A copious and critical Latin-Englifh lexicon, founded on 
the larger Latin-German lexicon of Dr. William Freund ; 
with additions and correflions from the lexicons of Gefner, 
Facciolati, Scheller, Georges, etc. New edition. 

8° Lond. 1852. 

A grammar of the Latin language, for the ufe of fchools 
and colleges. By Profeffors E. A. Andrews and S. Stod- 
dard. 8° Lond. n. d. 

ANDREWS (George). 

B. 1666. Minifter fucceflively at Tarbolton, Preftonpans, 
1694, and the New North church at Edinburgh, 1700. D. 
15 May, 1705. 

Sermons upon the twelfth chapter of the EpifHe of Paid, 
the Apoftle, to the Hebrews ... [Edited by R. Sandilands.] 

4° Edinb. 171 I. 
ANDREWS (George). 

Reports of cafes, argued and adjudged in the Court of 
King's Bench, in the eleventh and twelfth years of the reign 
of King George the Second ... The fecond edition ; with 
notes and references down to Michaelmas term, 3 i Geo. 
III., and an appendix containing fome additional cafes not 
before publiihed, by George William Vernon. 

8" Dublin, 1791. 

ANDREWS (G. H.), C.E. 

Rudimentary treatife on agricultural engineering ; with 
illuftrations. 2 vols. 12° Lond. 1852. 

Modern huftiandry ; a praftical and fcientific treatife on 
agriculture ... 8° Lond. 1853. 

ANDREWS (Henry Bartlett). 

Criminal law ; being a commentary on Bentham on death 
punilhment. With an appendix. 8° Lond. 1833. 

ANDREWS (Henry C.) 

The botanift's repofitory, comprifing colour'd engravings 
of new and rare plants only, with botanical defcriptions, &c. 
in Latin and Englifti, after the Linnacan fyftem. 7 vols. 

4= Lond. [i 799.] 


An addrefs to the fiirmers of Great Britain, on the prefent 
ftate of the corn laws, and tlie neceflity of agricultural pro- 
teftion. 8" Lond. 1845. 

ANDREWS (James). 

Minifter of the Independent chapel, Woburn, Bedfordfliire. 

The " hope of righteoufnefs :" a fermon, preached in the 
Independent chapel, Woburn, Beds, on Lord's-day, Sep. 
i8th, 1853. [Gal.v.s-] 8° Lond. 1853. 

ANDREWS (James Pettit), F.A.S. 

B. at Newbury, in Berklhlre, 1737. D. at London, 6 Aug. 

Anecdotes, &c. antient and modern. With obfervations. 

8^ Lond. 1789. 
Addenda to Anecdotes, &c. 8° Lond. 1790. 

The hiftory of Great Britain, connefted witli the chro- 
nology of Europe ; with notes, &c. containing anecdotes of 
the times, lives of the learned, and fpecimens of their works. 
[From Cxfar's invafion ., . to the acceffion of Edward VI.] 

4' Lond. 1794—5. 
Hiftory of Great Britain from the death of Henry VIII. 
to the accelTion of James VI. of Scotland to the crown of 
England ; being a continuation of Dr. Heniy's Hiftoiy of 
Great Britain, and written on the fame plan. 2 vols. 

8 Lond. 1796. 



ANDREWS (John), D.D. 

The Panilk-l. fol. n. p. n. d. 

An anfwer to a late jianiphlet, [l>j Sir M. FoJ}ei-\ entitled 
An examination ot" the fcheme of church power laid down 
in the Codex juris ecclefiaftici Anglicani, &c. \f>yBp. Gli/on.] 
Shewing the unfair re])refentations and groundlefs refleflions 
made by the author ot that pamjihlet : and that the fcheme 
of church power laid down in tlie Codex ... is in fuppoit 
and maintenance of the ]oyal fupremacy, and agieeable to 
our laws and conftitution. By the author of the Parallel. 

8° Lond. 1735. 

— The fecond edition. 8° Lond. 1735. 

ANDREWS (John). 

Hiftorical atlas of England ; phyfical, political, agrono- 
mical, civil and eccleliaftical, biographical, naval, pailiamen- 
tary, and geographical ; ancient and modern ... to which are 
added a map of the terreftrial globe ... and a political chart 
ofEurojie... fol. Lond. 1797. 

ANDREWS (Joseph). 

Journey from Buenos Ayres, through the provinces of 
Cordova, Tucuman, and Salta, to Potofi, thence by the de- 
fcrts of Caranja to Arica, and fubfequently, to Santiago de 
Chili and Coquimbo, undertaken on behalf of the Chilian and 
Penivian mining aflbciation in the years 1825—26. In 
two volumes. . 8° Lond. 1827. 


A four months' tour in the Eafl. 

12° Dublin, I 853. 

ANDREWS (Lancelot). See Andrewes. 

ANDREWS (William Eusebius). 

A critical and hiftorical review of Fox's Book of mar- 
tyrs, fliewing the inaccuracies, falfehoods, and mifrepiefcnt:i- 
tions in that work of deception. 8' Lond. 1824. 

ANDRIA (Nicola). 

B. at MafTafra, 10 Sep. 1748. Profeffor of agriculture in the 
Univcrfity of Naples, 1775. Transferred to the chair of phyfi- 
ology, 1801. D. 9 Dec. 1814. 

Trattato delle acque minerali. Secondacdi/.ione. 2 parti. 

8° Napoli, 1783. 

ANDRIACUS (Dasmon). 
della Croce. 

Pfiud. of Ignazio Cianci 

ANDRIN (Petrus). 

Difleitatio critico-hiftorica Jofephum Chriftianifmi teftem 
fiftens ... 4° Londini Gothorum, 1751. 

Difleitatio hiftorica de fitu Atlanticx- Platonis ... 

4° Londini CJothoruni, 1752. 


Aurea bulla, data Henrico, Henrici Mirabilis F., Albeiti 
MagniN., Duci Brunfvicenfi ... Cum notisad bullani, deque 
principis ejuidem pofteris narratione exquifita Heniici Mei- 
bomii. [Meibomius, Rerum Germanicarumfcriplorci, i. 467.] 


A pcripatL-tic philofopher, who flouriflieJ about half a centur)' 
before the Chiiftian era. Of his perfonal hilloty fcarccly any- 
thing is known. 

Ariftotelis Ethiconim Nicomachiorum paraphrafis, inccito 
aufbore, antiquo et eximio pcripatetico : ex Bibliothcca Lug- 
dunobatava nunc primum Graece edita, cmendata, et Latine 
reddita a Danicle Heinfio. [Gr. and Lat. Ed'it'to prmceps.~\ 

4° Lugd. Batav. 1607. 

Avooowxou Vooiuxi Tl!gicTa.Tr}rixciu pi7.oeofou rra^afsaai; run 
HODiCuv 'Sixo,Ujayniu'j. Andronici Rhodii Ethicorum Nicho- 
macheorum paraphrafis. Cum intei-pretatione Danielis Hein- 
Ci, cui fubjungitur ejufdem libellus tej/ rraSciiv, id eft, de 
animi affedlionibus. 8° Cantabrigis, 1679. 

The paraphrafe of an anonymous Greek writer (hitherto 
publiflied under the name of Andronicus Rhodius,) on the 
Nicomachean Ethics of Ariftotle; tranflated from the Greek 
by William Bridgman, F.L.S. 4° Lond. 1807. 


The earlieft Roman poet of whofe works any fragments have 
been prelcrved. B. probably at Tarentum, of Greek parentage, 
he was taken prifoner by the Romans during the wars of South- 
ern Italy, and became the Have of M. Livius Salinator. Was 
tutor to the children of his maftcr, who rellored him to freedom. 
D. about 220 B.C. 

Fragmenta. [Maittaire, Opera et fragmenta velerum 
poetarum Lat'inorum, p. 1456.] 

— \Colle9io Pifaureiifis, l^c, iv. 261. See PoEMS.] 

— Cum caftigationibus et notis G. J. Voflii. [Scriverius, 
Collellanea •veterum iragicorum, p. i.] 


Pen and pencil (Icctches of a holiday fcampcr in Sjiain. 

8° Lond. i860. 

ANDRY (Nicolas), furnamed Bois- Regard. 

B. at Lyon, 165S. Being intended for the Church, he at 
firft Hudied theology, but afterwards devoted himfelf to the pro- 
feflion of medicine. U. at Paris, 13 May, 1742. 

Reflexions fur I'ufage prefent de la langije Frangoife, ou 
remarques nouvelles & critiques touchant la politefle du Ian- 
gage, [y/wsn.] 8° fuivant la copie imprimee a Paris 
chez Laurent d'Houry, 1692. 

ANDRYANE (Alexander). 

Memoirs of a prifoner of State in the fortrefs of Spiel- 
berg ... with an appendix by Maroncelli, the companion of 
Silvio Pellico. Tranflated by Foitunato Piandi. In two 
volumes. 12° Lond. 18 40. 

— Second edition. 12° Lond. 1S48. 


Anecdota litteraria ex MSS. codicibus eiiita. 4 toni. 

8° Romx, n. d. 

Anecdotes Germaniques ... 1769. [By A. G. Contant 

Anecdotes oricntalcs ... 1 773. [By Edmc Mentelle.J 
Nouveau dicitionnaire d'anecdotes, ou I'ait de fc dcfcn- 



nuyer ... Pour fen'ir de fuite a I'ancien Dicflionnaire d'anec- 
dotes de M. Lacombe. 2 torn. 12° Liege, 1783. 

Anecdotes of feme diflinguifhed perfons ... 1796. [By 
William Seward.] 

Biographical, literary, and political anecdotes of feveral of 
the mod eminent perfons of the prefent age ... 1797. [By 
John Almon.] 

Akademifche Anekdoten. Vom Verfafler der jurift. 
theolog. medizin. niufikal. und militarifchen Anekdoten. 

8° Altenburg, 1820. 

Private anecdotes of foreign courts ... 1827. [By 
Catherine Hyde.] 

The railway anecdote book. 8° Lond. n. d. 

The book of pidures, anecdotes, and tales : for the young. 

12° Lond. [1859.] 

ANELLI ( ). 

Singing academy : profpeftus. 8 ° Briftol, n. d. 

ANGAS (George French). 

A ramble in Malta and Sicily, in the autumn of 1841. 

4° Lond. 1842. 

Savage life and fcenes in Auftralia and New Zealand : 
being an artift's impreffions of countries and people at the 
antipodes. In two volumes. 12° Lond. 1847. 

The New Zealanders illuftrated. fol. Lond. 1847. 


The firft angel : a novel. In two volumes. 

8° Lond. 1851. 

Ledhires on the Scripture revelations refpedling good and 
evil angels. I 851. [By Richard Whately, D.D.] 

The angel in the houfe. 1854. [By Coventry Pat- 

Angels, cherubim, and gods ; or, an inquiry into the fig- 
nification and application of thefe and other kindi'ed expref- 
fions ufed in the Holy Scriptures : with additional remarks 
on fome of the paflages in which thefe words occur. 

8° Lond. 1 86 1. 

An angel's vifit. 1 2° Lond. n. d. 

The angel's vifit : a poem. 8° Lond. 1857. 

An angel's meffage. Being a feries of angelic and holy 
communications received by a lady. 8° Lond. 1S58. 

The guardian angel. [Poems.^ 4° Lond. 1858. 

ANGEL (MosEs). 

Head-mafter of the Jews' Free-fchool, London. 
The law of Sinai, and its appointed times. 

12° Lond. 1858. 

Angela: a novel ... 1848. [^y Anne Marsh.] 


Confilium. [J. B. Zilettus, Matrimonialia confdia, i. 7.] 

ANGELERIUS (Hippolytus). 

An Italian phyfician, b. at Efte ; flourifhed about the begin- 
ning of the 17th century. 

De antiquitate urbis Ateftinae liber, ubi ejus origo, fitus, 

magnitudo, dignitas, ac viri clariflimi, qui ex hoc nobiliflimo 

loco extitere, et patriam non mcdiociiter illuftrarunt, aliaque 
ad earn peitinentia, ex vetuftis marmoribus & numifmatibus, 
nee non ex antiquis, & probatis audloribus collefta exhiben- 
tur ; cum animadverfionibus & emendationibus F. Alexandri 
Burgos. [Gr/Evius, Thefaurus anliquitatum et h'ljhriarum 
Ital'idi, tom. vii. pt. i.] 

ANGELES (Juan de los). 

** Predicador de la provincia de Sant Jofeph de los Defcaljos." 

Triumphos del amor de Dios. 

40 Medina del Campo, 1590. 

ANGELI (Stephanus). 

An Italian mathematician, and a member of the order of the 
Jefuits. After the fuppreflion of his order, in i658, he taught 
mathematics at Padua, where he was living at the end of the 
17th century. 

Problemata geometrica fexaginta circa conos, fphsras' 
fuperficies conicas, fphxricafque prtecipue verfantiai 

4° Venetiis, 1658. 

Mifcellaneum hyperbolicum, et parabolicum ; in quo prx- 
cipue agitur de centris gravitatis hyperbola, partium ejufdem, 
atque nonnulloram folidoi-um, de quibus nunquam gcometria 
locuta eft ... 4° Venetiis, 1659. 

De infinitis parabolis, de infinitifque folidis ex variis rota- 
tionibus ipfarum, paitiumque eamndem genitis. Una cum 
nonnullis ad pi'asdiftarum magnitudinum, aliammque centra 
gravitatis attinentibus. 4° Venetiis, 1659. 

De infinitorum fpiralium fpatioram menfura : opufciJum 
geometricum. 4° Venetiis, 1660. 

Mifcellaneum geometricum ; in quatuor partes divifum. 

4° Venetiis, 1660. 

De infinitamm cochlearum menfuris, ac centris gravitatis. 
Quibus acceffit conftruftio quorundara problematum geo- 
metricorum. 4° Venetiis, 1661. 

Acceffionis ad fteriometriam, et mecanicam, pars prima ; 
In qua traduntur menfuras, et centra gravitatis quamplurium 
folidorum. 4° Venetiis, 1662. 


B. 1387, near Caftello di Vicchio, in Tufcany. Entered the 
Dominican convent of Sta- Maria Novella at Fielole, 1407. 
D. at Rome, 1455. 

• * Life ... By the Rev. T. Goodwin. 1861. 

ANGELIN (Henric). 

Diflertatio gradualis, exhibens cautelas de pmdenter infti- 
tuenda hiftoria ... 4° Londini Gothoiaim, 1763. 

ANGELIS (Baldaxar de). 

A Neapolitan jurift and criminal judge, who lived in the 
former half of the 17th century. 

Pratum ; five utiliffimus apparatus ad omnes titulos, leges 
et paragraphos primi & fecundi libri Codicis facratiflimi JulH- 
niani Imperatoris. fol. Neapoli, 1635. 

ANGELIS (Franciscus Josephus de). 

Trailatus criminally de deliftis ; in tres partes divifus. 

fol. Neapoli, 1 741. 



ANGELIS (Paulus de). 

B. at Syracufe. Canon of Sanu-Maria-Maggiore at Rome. 
D. 1647. 

BafilicE S. Marias Majoris de urbe,a Liberio Papa I. ufque 
ad Paulum V. Pont. Max. defcriptio et delineatio, lib. xii. 

fol. Roma;, 162 i. 

ANGELITA (Joannes Franciscus). 

A nobleman of Recanati, who flouriihed about the beginning 
of the 17th century. 

Uibis Recineti origines, hiftoria, et defcriptio ; qua non 
modo reiTjiii, qux liuic uibi, veruni etiam qux aliis Marchix 
urbibus evenerunt, niemoria continetur. Ex Italico Latine 
vertit, recenfuit, notifque nonnullis & pracfatione inftruxit 
Joannes Laurentius Mofheim. [Gr.cvius, Thefaurus anti- 
quilatum et bijlonarum Italite, torn. vii. pt. 2.] 


B. at Barga, near Lucca. Entered the Church, and was fuc- 

ceflively pariih pried at Mugello, tutor to Francis and Ferdinand 

de' Medici, and, in 1570, biihop of MafTa and Populonia. D. 


Poemata. [Gruter, Delklit poetarum Italorum, i. 1 5o.] 

— \j2arm\na illujlrium poetarum Italorum, i. 2 3 8.] 

ANGELIUS (Jacobus). 

Poemata. \Carmina illujlrium poetarum Italorum, i. 479.] 

ANGELIUS (Petrus), Barg^eus. 

Brother of Antonius Angelius. B. at Barga, 1517. In his 
youth he led a rcftlefs and wandering life, till, in I 549, he was 
appointed by the Grand Duke Cofmo, of Tufcany, to a profedbr- 
fiiip in Pifa, which he held for about twenty-five years. In 1575 
he was called to Rome by the Cardinal Ferdinand de' Medici, 
afterwards Grand Dulce, who beftowed upon him a handlome 
penfion. D. at Pila, 29 Feb, 1596. 

Cynegetica. Item Carniinum libri 11. Eclogx in. 

4° Lugduni, I 5 6 1 . 
Poemata omnia, diligcnter ab ipfo recognita. 

4= Romx, 1585. 
Poemata. [Gruter, Delitlee poetarum Italorum, i. i i i .] 

— [^Cartnhm illujlrium poetarum Italorum, i. 191.] 
Hierofolyma: hoc eft expcditio ilia celebeirinia Ciiriftian- 

omm principum, qua, GofFredo Bulione ducc, a Turcarum 
tyrannide Hienafalem liberatur Petri Angelii. Ejufdem 
votivum carmen in D. Catharinum. Acceflerunt luculcntif- 
(ima Roberti Titii fcholia. 4° Florentix, 1616. 

Quo ordlne fciiptoram hiftorix Romanx monumenta fint 
legenda. [Grotius, De Jludiis iijlilunulis, ]). 609.] 

De privatoiiim publicorumque xdificiorum urbis Romx 
everforibus epiftola. [Gr-«vius, Thejaurus aiiliquitatem Ro- 
manarum, iv. 1867.] 

Commentarius de obelifco. [Ibid. iv. ii*93.] 

ANGELL (Joseph K.) 

A treatife on the right of property in tide waters, and in 
the foil and (hores thereof. Second edition. 

8° Bofton, 1H47. 

A treatife on the law of carriers of goods and paflengers 
by land and by w.iter. 8° Ixmd. 1849. 

A treatife on the law of watercourfes. \^'ith an appen- 

di.x, containing ftatutes of flowing, and forms of declarations, 
Fourth edition ... 8° Bofton, 1S50. 


Angelo ; a romance of modem Rome. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1854. 
ANGELO (E. a.) 

Brevet-Major, 21ft regiment of foot. 
A letter to the Hon. H. G. Bennett, M.P., upon his 
prefenting a petition to Parliament, complaining of the ad- 
miniftration of government in the Ionian Iflands, while under 
the command of Lieut.-Gen. Campbel. 8*^' Lond. 18 18. 

ANGELO (Henry). 

Reminifcences of Henry Angelo : with memoirs of his 

late father and friends, including numerous original anecdotes 
and curious traits of the moft celebrated chara(5ters that have 
flourifhed during the laft eighty years. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1828-30. 
Angelo's pic-nic, or table-talk, including numerous rccol- 
leftions of public charadlers, who have figured in fome part 
or another of the ftage of life for the laft fifty years ... Writ- 
ten by himfclf. 8° Lond. 1834. 

ANGELO (Michael). 

A curious and exaft account of a voyage to Congo, in the 
years 1666 and 1667. By the R.R.F.F. Michael Angelo 
and Denis de Carli. [Pinkerton's Colleilion oj voyages and 
travels, xvi. 148.] 


A monk of the Benediftine abbey of Luxeuil in Franche- 
Comte, who lived in the former half of the 9th century. 

Commentarius in Genefin. [Pez, Thejaurus anecdotorum 
novijfimus, I. i. 43.] 

Enarrationes in quatuor libros Regum. In Cantlca Can- 
ticoiTim ftromata. \Max. Bibliotheca veterum Patrum, 
XV. 307.] 

ANGELONI (Francesco). 

B. at Terni. D. at Rome, 29 Nov. 1652. 
Hiftoria di Terni. 4° Roma, 1646. 

L'hiftoria Augulhi da Giulio Ccfare a Coftantino il Mag- 
no, iiluftrata con la vei ita dell' antiche medaglie da Francefco 
Angeloni. Seconda imprcflione, con I'emendationi poitume 
del medefmio autore, e col fupplimento de' rouefci, che man- 
cauano nelle loro tauole, tratti dal teforo delie medaglie della 
Rcgina Ciiriftina Augufta e defcritti da Gio. Pietro Bellori. 

fol. Roma, ifiSj. 
Angelo Sanmartino ; a tale of Lombardy in 1859. 

8° Edinb. i860. 
ANGELOTTUS (Pompeius). 

B. at Rieti. Lived in the former half of the 17th century. 
Defcriptio et antiquitates urbis Reate Sabinoium antiquif- 
fimx, Saturni & Rhex quondam Regiae. Ex Italo Latine 
vertit, notulis, indicibus atque cajiitum argumentis auxit Si- 
gebertus Havcrcamjius. [Gr*vius, I hjaurus aniiquitatum 
et hi/loriarum Italic, tom. viii. pt. 3.] 




D. 1045. 

* Vita V. Angelranni, abbcitis Centulenfis in Pontivo. 
[Mabillon, A3a fanQorum O.S.B. vi. i. 435.] 


* De felici obitu Angclucice, Virginis fanftimonialis Fonte- 
bi'aldenfis. [Martene et Durand, Thefaurus iwvus anec- 
dotorum, iii. 1 7 03.] 

ANGELUS, Aretinus. 

An Italian jurift of the 5th century. B. at Arezzo, of the 
family of Gambiglioni, and hence occafionally called Angelus 
de Gambellionibus. Being accufed of crimes of which it is faid 
he was innocent, he was imprifoned for a year j and would have 
been more feverely punithed, but for powerful interceflion in 
his favour. He afterwards retired to Ferrara, where he taught 
the civil law. The date of his deatli is not known. 

Angelus aretinus necnon Albertus de Gandino J. U. claiini. 
in maleficiomm materia, una cum additionibus excellentiffi. 
iurifcofuiti d. Auguftini de Arimino . . . et cum appoftillis d. 
Bernadini de landiianoMediolanenfisaliifquequamplurimis... 

4° Lugd. 1 52 1. 

Ange. Areti. fuper Inftitu. Opus preclarum ... fuper 
quatuoi' llbris Inftitutionum ; cum cafibus longis egregii viri 
dominiFrancifci deAretio Cefarei Pontificiique iuvis dodt. ... 

4° Lugd. 1536. 

Tra(5latus non minus prafticus quani theoricus in materiam 
teftamentorum. [F. Zilettus, TraSatus univerjl juris, viii. 

'• 31-] 

Commentarius, feu repetitio in 1. Ventre, ff. de acquir. vel 

omitt. haered. [Limpii;s, Repetit'iones in varias juris civi/is 

leges, iii. 454.] 

Confilium. [J. B. Zilettus, Matrimonialia confdia, i. 29.] 


A native of Aquila, who lived in the i6th century. 

Belli Bracciani Aquilx gefti fidelis narratio ; inquaquidem 
narratione non folum Aquilanoram et Braccinnomm plurimi 
continentur congrefTus, verum etiam & Braccii miferrimus 
exitus recenfetur. [Gr.'evius, Thefaurus antiquitatum et hif- 
toriarum Italidi, torn. ix. pt. 3.] 

ANGELUS (Chrjstophorus). 

A Greek Chriftian, who, having been fabjedted to (evere 
perfecution on account of his religion, fled from his native 
country in 1608, and took refuge in England. Taught Greek 
in the Univerfity of Oxford, where he d. 14 Feb. 1638. 

noK)c X^iaTOiposou rou AyyiXou iXXrivog- ttso/ r>;g acroff- 
rasiag rr,c sxxXrjdias, xai tes/ rou aviou-TTOu rr}g a/iaariai 
BriXaor) to-j AvTiy^^iaro-j- -/.ai Tsg/ tu\i a^iSfLuv rov AawjjX, 
xai rrjg ATroxaXu-^iug, oug oudoig [ovSiig] o^0oig f/,£dii/J,7iv£ua!\i 
■~, 0" 'TooiipriTiuSrisav : [Gr. and Lat.^ 

4° v/.bo6ri St Xovrivui. a.'/j(.b. 1624. 

'Ey)(ii^ibiov ■Xi^i T-/\g xurasrasiug rciv ffjj.aE^oi/ siij/ffy.o.ati'wi/ 
Ky.Xr,iiuiv. Enchiridium de (tatu hodiemorum Graecorum ... 
Graece confcriptum ; jam cum verlione Latina e regione 
pofita, et annotationibus ... cura Georgii Fehlavii ... ador- 
natum. 4= Liplix, [1676.I 

— [Gr. and LatJ\ 4° Franequeras, 1678. 

ANGELUS (DoMiNicus). 

A native of Caftro, where he was b. about 1 534. Of his 
perional hiftory there is no record. 

De depra-datione Caftrenfium, et fuas patriae hiftoria. 
[GrjEvius, Thefaurus antiquitatum et hifloriarum Italix, torn. 
viii. pt. 3.] 

ANGERIANUS (Hieronymus). 

B. at Naples. Lived in the former half of the 1 6th century. 

'E^CtiTO-raiyiiioi/. Spiras, 1595- See M. T. Marullus. 

— [Gruter, Delitid: poetarum Italorum, i. 1 7 4.] 

— \Carmina illujlrium poetarum Italorum, i. 252.] 


Charta de controverfia et de bello quod fuit inter monaf- 
terium fanfti Albini, Andegavenfis, et Girandum de Blanco- 
furno pro terra Croiaci prope Peregrinam. [Baluze, Mif- 
cellanea, ii. 175.] 

Ex Annalibus Sandli Albini, Andegavenfis, A. 976— 
1099. [Pertz, Monumenta Germanin hijlorica, v. 1 68.] 

Didlatl feu veteres foraiuls Andegavenfes. [Mabillon, 
Vetera analeBa, p. 388.] 

Gefta confulum Andegavenfium, auftore monacho Bene- 
diftino Majoris-raonafterii. [d'AcHERius, SpicUegium, x. 


Breve chionicon Andegavenfe. [Martene et Durand, 
Thefaurus novus anecdotorum, iii. I 3 "9.] 

ANGERVILLE (Mouffle d'). See Mouffle. 


Abbot of the Benedidline monaftery of Centulum, now St. 
Riquier, in France. D. 814. 

Carmen de Karolo Magno. [Pertz, Monumenta Ger- 
manics hijlorica, ii. 393-] 

Verfus de Pippino, Italias rege. [Bouquet, Recueildes 
hijloriens des Gaules et de la France, v. 408.] 

* Sandli Angilberti ... elogium hiftoricum. [Mabillon, 
Aaa fandorum O.S.B. iv. i. 87.] 

* Ejus vita, auftore Hariulfo. [Ibid. iv. i. 103.] 

* Alia vita, audlore (ut videtur) Anfchero abbate Centu- 
lenfi anno I I 10. [Ibid. iv. i. i 17.] 


Abbot of Corbie. D. 890. 
Verlus ad Ludovicum regem Francorum, Carolomani 
fratrem, in librum S. Auguftini de doftrina Chriftiani eidem 
regi done miffuni. [Mabillon, Vetera analeda, p. 425.] 

ANGIOLELLO (Giovanni Maria). 

A native of Vicenza, who lived in the former half of the 
1 6th century. 

Delia vita et fatti d' UlFumcafran Re di Perfia, che altri- 
menti era chiamato Affambei ... [Ramusio, Navigationi et 
viaggi, ii. 66.] 

ANGLEBERMEUS (Joannes Pyrrhus). 

B. at Orleans about 1470. Profeflbr of law in the Univerfity 
of Orleans. D. 1521. 

De magiftiatibus Romanis llbri tres. [F. Zilettus, Trac- 

tatus univerfi juris, i. 135, and xvi. 202.] 



Traftatus fingularis de fuitate ct haereditate per fidlioncm 
tranfmittenda. [Ibid. viii. ii. 154.] 

Tradtatus de donatione mutua inter virum et uxorem. 
[Ibid. ix. 474.] 


Maxims and hints for an angler. i*>33. [By Richard 

The angler in Ireland ... 11^34. [By — Belton.] 

Pifcatorial reniinifcenccs and gleanings by an old angler . . . 
1835. [By Thomas Boosey.] 

A bibliographical catalogue of Englith writers on angling 
and ichthyology. i2°Lond. 1856. 

The border angler : a guide-book to the Tweed and its 
tributaries, and the other ilrcams commanded by the North 
Britifli railway. 8° Edinb. 1858. 

The young angler, naturalift, and pigeon and rabbit fancier, 
with hints as to the management of filk worms, the aquarium, 
etc. 8° Lond. j86o. 

ANGLERIUS (Petrus Martyr). 5f^ Petrus Mar- 


General view of the agriculture of Anglefey. 

4° Lond. n. d. 
A hiftory of the ifland of Anglefey ... 1775. [By J. 

ANGLESEY, Earl of. See Anhur Annesley, Earl 
of Anglefey. 

ANGLETERRE. See England. 

ANGLEY (John Godfrey), M.A. 

Formerly curate of Great Munden, Herts, and fubfequently 
head mafter, and divinity ledturer of King's College, London. 

Faith, hope, and charity ; an elucidation of 1 Cor. xiii. 
13. With notes critical and illuftrative. 

8° Lond. 1845. 

De Clifford the philofophcr : with notes hiftorical and 
illuftrative, and perfonal obfenations in the kingdom of na- 
ture. 12° Lond. 1847. 

Hezekiah and Sennacherib : a parallel ; or, God's pro- 
mifes and power His people's delight and fecurity. With 
an examination of the Angel of the Lord ; contemporane- 
ous .lewidi and Affyrian hiftory ; and the Millennium. 

8° Lond. 1858. 

ANGLIA. See England. 


The development of Anglicanifm the hope of the Church 
of England : a letter to Lord John Rufllll, M.P. By a 
Churchman. Second edition. 8° Lund. 1846. 

England, Greece, or Rome ? a letter to a friend. By a 
convert from Anglicanifm. 8° York, 1853. 


View of the charaflcr, pofition, and profpcfls, of the Edin- 
burgh Bible fociety. In feven letters. 8° Edinb. 1827. 

The Millennium and the firft refurredtion. 

12° Lond. 1839. 
Suggeftions for a reformation in the Church of England, 
and for the education of the people of the empire. 

8° Lond. 1848. 
The peiil of jjapal aggreflion : or the cafe as it ftands be- 
tween the Queen and the Pope. 12° Lond. 1851. 
Notes on the Book of common prayer. 

I 2= Lond. 1852. 
Phafes of traiftarianifm : a feries of letters, originally pub- 
lifhcd in the " Church and State Gazette," now carefully 
revifed and greatly extended ; with an appendix, authentic 
documents, &c. 8° Lond. 1853. 

ANGLICUS (Joannes). See Joannes. 


To the Rt. Hon. Lord John Ruffell, &c. &c. &c. On 

money, morals, and progrefs. 8" Lond. 1855. 


A letter, addrcfled to Richard Shell, Efq., chairman of 
the meeting of the Roman Catholics, holden in Liverpool 
on April the 2Sth, to confider the education grant. 

8° Lond. 1847. 

A Proteftant plea in fuppoit of Cardinal Wifemrm's " Aji- 
peal." 8° Lond. 1851. 


The Anglo-Hebrews ; tlieir ])aft wrongs, and prefent 
grievances : two epiftles (with a poftfcript,) written for all 
clafTes of the Biitifli public. By a cleigyman of the Church 
of England. 8° Lond. 1856. 


A letter to tlie Right Hon. Lord John RufTell, on the 
future profpefts of Ireland. 8" Lond. 1847. 


The Anglo-Irifh of the nineteenth century ... 1828. [By 
John Banim.] 


A letter to the I^d. Bp. of London on the fubjefl of 
foreign chaplaincies and milfion for the cure of fouls ; with 
fl)ecial reference to the prefent pofition of the Englilh Church 
in Madeira. 8° Taunton, 1853. 


The Anglo-Saxon. 8 parts. 8° Lond. 1849-50. 


Proper names and church fa(5lions. 8° Lond. n. d. 

ANGLUS (Thomas), i.e. Thomas White. 




Annales Engolifmenfes, A. 815-993. [Pertz, Moiiii- 
menta German'ue hyiorlca, vi. 5.] 

Les privileges, fianchifes, libertcz, inimunitez, at ftatutz 
de la ville, fauxbourgs & banlieiie d'Angoulefme. 

4° Angoulefme, 1627. 


Les coutumes du pais et duche d'Angoumois . . . avec les 
commentaires de Jean Vigier. 


A complete ueatife on French grammar, illuflrated by- 
numerous exercifes. 2 vols. 12° Southampton, 1841. 
— Third edition. i2°Lond. 1858. 

ANGUILLARA (Giovanni Andrea dell'). 

B. at Sutri about 1 5 1 7. The date of his death is not known. 

Satira, al Cardinal di Trento. [Rubbi, Paniafo Italiano, 
xxvii. 73.] 

Sonetto. [Ibid. xxxi. 102.] 

Le metamorfofi di Ovidio ridotte in ottava rima ... 


B. at Anguillara. Superintendent of the botanic garden at 
Padua. D. at Ferrara, 0(ft. 1570. 

Simplici . . . Liquali in piu pareri a diverfi nobili huomini 
fcritti appaiono, et nuovamente da M. Giovanni Marinello 
mandati in luce. 8° Vinegia, 1561. 


Queries to the Scots innovators in divine fei-vice, and par- 
ticularly to the liturgical party in the fliire of Angus, and 
places adjacent thereto : being a compendious colleftion of 
the choiceft arguments againft the prefent innovations. By 
a lover of the Church of Scotland. 4° n. p. 17 12. 

ANGUS (Charles). 

* The trial of Charles Angus, Efq. on an indi(ftment for 
the wilful murder of Margaret Burns ... Second edition. 

8° Liverpool, 1808. 
ANGUS (Henry). 

B, at Inveriteithing, 18 0(S. 1794. Educated at the Uni- 
verfities of Glafgow and Edinburgh. Minifter of the United 
Preftyterian church, St. Nicholas Lane, Aberdeen, 1S16. D. 
27 June, i860. 

Works of fiftion ; their ufe and abufe. 

8° Aberdeen, 1853. 
Sermons . . . Edited, with a memoir of his life, by his fon, 
the Rev. Robert Angus, M.A. : to which are added, recol- 
ledtions of the author, by the Rev. Andrew Thomfon, D.D. 

8° Aberdeen, 1861. 

ANGUS (Joseph), M.A., D.D. 

A Baptift minifter. Examiner on the Englifli language, litera- 
ture, and hiftory in the Univerfity of London. 

The voluntaiy fyftem : a prize efTay, in reply to the lec- 
tures of Dr. Chalmers on Church eftablifhments. 

12° Lond. 1839. 

Chrift our life ; in its origin, law, and end. 

8° Lond. 1853. 
The Bible hand-book : an introduflion to the lludy ot 
Sacred Scripture. 12° Lond. 1854. 

— Another edition. 8° Lond. i860. 
Queftions on the Bible hand-book ... \Annn.\ 

12° Lond. n. d. 
Hand-book of the Englifh tongue : for the ufe of ftudents 
and others. 12° Lond. 1862. 

ANGUS (William), A.M. 

Englifh grammar . . . with numerous exercifes, a large col- 
ledlion of Anglicifms, Scotticifms, Iricifms, &c., and a key. 
Fifth edition. 8" Glafgow, 1&39. 

An abridgement of Angus's grammar ; for the ufe of be- 
ginners. Si.xth edition. 12= Glafgow, 1839. 


The natural hiftory of animals ; containing the anatomical 
defciiption of feveral creatures dilfefled by the Royal 
Academy of Sciences at Paris ... Done into Englifh by a 
Fellow of the Royal Society \Ahxander Pitfield.'\ To 
which is added an account of the meafure of a degree of a 
great circle of the earth ... Englifli'd by R. W. ^Richard 
Waller.'] foi. Lond. 1702. 

A philofophical furvey of the animal creation ... 1768. 
VTranJlated from the French o/John Bruckner.] 

EfTais philofophiques fur les moeurs de divers animaux 
etrangers, &c. 1783. \^By FoucherD'Obsonville.] 

A fhoit effay on the propagation and difperfion of animals 
and vegetables ... 1786. [By Elford.] 

An eafy introdu(5lion to the fhidy of the animal kingdom, 
according to the natural method of Cuvier. 

8° Lond. n. d. 

Curiofities of animal life : with the recent difcoveries of 
the microfcope. 8^ Lond. [1848.] 

Kind tieatment of domeftic animals. 

12° Dublin, n. d. 

Obfervations on the animal oeconomv. 

8° Lond. 18 I 5. 

Converfations on the animal economy. By a phyfician. 
2 vols. 12° Lond. 1827. 

A converfation on abftinence from the flefh of animals as 
food ; introduftory to a confideration of the fubjeft in relation 
to the habitual reafoning of men, popular opinion, domeftic 
economy, and the fails of chemiftiy, anatomy, phyfiology, 
hiftory, morality, and religion. 12° Lond. 1846. 

The produfls of the vegetable kingdom verfus the flefh of 
animals as food : being a confideration of the fubjeifl in re- 
lation to the habitual reafoning of men ... 

12° Lond. 1847. 

Wonders of the animal kingdom. Mammalia. 

8° Lond. 1847. 

— Birds. 8° Lond. 1848. 
Domeftic animals. 4° [Edinb. 1855.] 
Wild animals. 4° [Edinb. 1855.] 
Domefticated and wild animals. A book for young chil- 
dren. 8° Lond. 1856. 



The faculties of the lower animals and their claims on 
man : a lefture delivered before the Durham Athenxum. 

8° Lond. ia58. 
Interefting ftories and anecdotes of animals. 

8° Dublin, [1858.] 
Traits and anecdotes of animals. 8 '^ Lond. 1861. 
The children's pi(flure-book of the figacity of anim;Js. 

8° Lond. 1S62. 
ANINYON (Michael de). 

A SpanJrti jurift, b. in the Kingdom of Aragon, who flour- 
iflied in the i6th century. 

Tradtatus de unitate ovilis et paftoris. [F. Zilettus, 
TraHatus un'iverfi juris, xiii. ii. 23.I 

ANJEMA (Henri). 

ProfclTor of mathematics in the Univerfity of Franeker. D. 
ihortly before the publication of the following work. 

Table dcs divifeurs dc tous les nombres naturels, depuis i 
jufqu'a lOOOO. 4° Leyde, 1767. 

ANJOU, Duke of. See Philip V., King of Spain. 


Theeffefls of abfenteeifm briefly confidered in the follow- 
ing pages, which are refpeftfully dedicated to the refident 
proprietors of Ireland, as a trifling but fincere tribute of re- 
fpeft, and addrefled to the abfentees, as a fhort expoftulation. 

8° Lond. 1843. 

The conduft of the refident landlords of Ireland contralled 
with that of the abfentees, and taxation, as a remedy foj- 
abfenteeifm, demonllrated to be ncceflary, juft, and conllitu- 
tional. 8° Lond. 1844. 

ANLEY (Charlotte). 

Miiiam ; or, the power of truth : a Jewifh tale. By the 
author of " Influence." \Anon.'\ 8° Lond. 1826. 

— Tentli edition. 8° Lond. 1855. 

The prifoncrs of Auftralia : a narrative. \Anon.'\ 

8° Lond. I 841. 
Earlfwood ; or, lights and (hadows of the Anglican 
Church : a tale for the times, and all time. 

12° Lond. 1852. 
ANN, Saint. 

* An abridgment of the prerogatives of St. Ann, mother 
of the mother of God. 1688. [Zfy Dr. William Clagett.] 

* Motivos piadofos para adelantar la devocion tierna dcs los 
dolores de la SS. Virgen, cfmerandose en el cordial afedlo, 
culto, y verdadero obfequio k N. Senora efclarecida pati'ona, 
y querida ama Senora Santa Ana. 8° Mexico, n. d. 

ANN OF SWANSEA. PJeud. 0/ Ann Kemble. 


Ann A(h ; or, the foundling. By the author of " Charlie 
Burton," "The broken arm," etc. 12° Lond. n. d. 


Ann Cowman : a flictch from memory. By a clergy- 
man. 12= Lond. 1853. 

VOL. I. 


Anna ; or, paflages from the life of a daughter at home. 

8° Lond. 1859. 

ANNA COMNENA. See Comsesa. 


Anna Lee : the maiden ; the wife ; the mother : a tale. 

8° Lond. 1853. 

Clarence houfe ; or, the Mifles Camroux's eftablirtiment. 

S° Lond. 1S53. 
ANNAND (Alexander). 

A brief outline of the exifting fyftem for the government 
of India : to which is annexed a tabular ftatement of Icgif- 
lative enadtments from 1773 to 1826. 4° Lond. 1832. 

ANNAND (William), D.D. 

B. at Ayr, 1633. Educated at Univerfity College, Oxford, 
and taking orders, was appointed vicar of Leighton Buzzard, in 
Bedfordfliire. Chaplain to the Eail of Middleton, the King's 
commiflioner to the Scottifli Parliament, 1662. Minifter of the 
Tolbooth church, Edinburgh, 1663, and dean of Edinburgh, 
1676. D. there, i6 June, 1689. 

Paler riof/er, our Father : or the Loi d's Prayer explained ; 
the fenfe thereof, and duties therein, from Scripture, hiflorj', 
and Fathers, methodically cleared, and fuccinftly opened, at 
Edinburgh. 8° Lond. 1670. 

Dualitas : or a twofold fubjedl difplaycd and opened, con- 
ducible to godlincfs and peace. In order, I. Lex loquens ; 
the honour and dignity of magiftracy, with the duties there- 
upon dejiending, and reverence thereunto due. II. Duorum 
unitas ; the agreement of magiftracy and miniftjy, at the elec- 
tion of the honourable magiftrates of Edinburgh, and the 
opening of diocefian fynod of the reverend clergy there. 

4° Edinb. 1674. 

ANNAT (Fran(;ois). 

B. 5 Feb. 1590. Admitted a member of the Society of 
Jefuits, 1607. ProfelTor of philoibphy for fix, and of theology 
for leven years, at the College of Touloule. Refided for a year 
and a half at Rome, but returned to France, and was appointed 
confeflbr to Louis XIV. D. 14 June, 1670. 

Eugenii Philadclphi Romani [Pfeiit/.] Exercitatio fclio- 
laftica tripartita contra novam rationem tuendi phylicas prac- 
motiones libei'omin agcntium, eorumque liberuitem expon- 
cr.di, quam audtor opcris De libertate Dei ct creaturx nuper 
invexit ... Cum appendicead Guillelnium Camerarium Scot- 
um. 8° Cadurci, 1633. 

ANNE, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland. 

B. 6 Feb. 1664. Married Prince George, brother of Chrif- 
tian v., King of Denmark, 28 July, 16S3. Succeeded to the 
throne on the death of William 111., 8 March, 1702. D. i 
Aug. 1714. 

The Princefs Anne of Denmark's letter to the Qui-en. 

S. Sh. n. p. [1688.] 
* The night-bell-nian of Pickadilly to the Princefs of 
Denmark. S. Sh. n. ]>. n. d. 

Her Majefties moll gracious letter to the Privy Council 
[of Scolhiml.] [Daleil at St. James' j, St/' Mareh, 170J.] 
S. Sh. Edinb. it-printed Glafgow, 1702. 



Her Majefties moft gracious fpeech to both Houfes of 
Pai'liament [on Monday, March ()th, 1 702.] 

S. Sh. reprinted Edinb. 1702. 

* A true and perfedl account of all the ceremonies tliat 
were us'd and done at the royal coronation of her moft 
excellent Majefty Queen Anne, that was perform'd at Weft- 
minfter-Abbey on St. George's day. With the great folem- 
nity us'd by the nobility and gentry there. With her Ma- 
jefty's magnificentproceedingat the feaft in Weftminfler Hall, 
the fame day. Alfo, the champion's fpeech that he made 
before the Queen and the nobility. 8° Lond. [1702.] 

Her Majefties moft gracious fpeech to both Houfes of 
Parliament on Saturday the 27 day of FebiTjaiy, 1703. 
S. Sh. reprinted Edinb. I 703. 

Her Majefties moft gracious fpeech to both Houfes of 
Parliament, on Tuefday the ninth day of November, 1703. 
S. Sh. reprinted Edinb. 1703. 

Her Majefties moft gracious fpeech to both Houfes of 
Parliament, on Friday the feventeenth day of December, 
1703. S. Sh. reprinted Edinb. I 703. 

The humble addrefs of the Right Honorable the Lords 
fpiritual and temporal in Parliament aflembled, prefented to 
her Majefty on Monday the fifth day of Februaiy, 17O4, 
and her Majefties moft gracious anfwei' thereunto. 

fol. Lond. I 704. 

Her Majefties moft gracious letter to the Parliament of 
Scotland [18//; June, 1705.] Together with his Grace the 
lord high commiffioner [Duke of ylrgyle\ and the lord high 
chancellor [Earl of Saijieh/] their fpeeches [3^/ July, i 705.] 

fol. Edinb. 1705. 

Her Majefty's moft gracious fpeech to both Houfes of 
Parliament, on Tuefday the 3d day of December, 1706. 
S. Sh. reprinted Edinb. 1706. 

Her Majefty's moft gracious letter to the Parliament of 
Scotland together with liis Grace the lord high commiffioner, 
and the lord high chancelloi' their fpeeches. 

fol. Edinb. I 706. 

Her Majefty's moft gracious letter to the Parliament of 
Scotland [31/? July, 1 706.] [IVM the fpeeches of the lord 
high chancellor, SeaJielJ, and the high commiffioner , Qtiecnfberry, 
^d Oa. 1706.] fol. no title page. 

* A fpeech f])oken to Her Majefty at her going to the 
thankfgiving at St. Paul's church, Dec. 3 i. i 706. Spoken 
by a child of I 2 years old, being one of the blew-coat-boys 
of Chrift's-Hofpital, London. S. Sh. no title page. 

Her Majefties moft gracious fpeech to both Houfes of 
Parliament, on Thurfday the 6th day of November, 1 707. 
S. Sh. reprinted Edinb. 1707. 

Her Majefties moft gracious fpeech to both Houfes of 
Parliament [March 6, l 705- ; concerning the treaty of Union.'\ 

S. Sh. Edinb. 1707. 

Her Majefties moft gracious fpeech to both Houfes of 
Parliament, on Tuefday the 28 th day of January, 170^- 
[on the treaty of Union.^ S. Sh. reprinted Edinb. 1 707. 

Her Majefties moft gracious fpeech to both Houfes of 
Parliament, on Tuefday the twenty eight day of January 
1707, concerning the Union. S. Sh. n. p. n. d. 

A proclamation [appointing circuit courts, i^c, in Scotland, 
11th July, 1708.] S. Sh. Lond. 1708. 

The humble addrefs of the Right Hon. the Lords fpiritual 

and temporal in Parliament aflembled. 28 Nov. 1 7 10. 
[lVitl}\ her Majefty's moft gracious anfwer. 

S. Sh. reprinted Edinb. i 7 i o. 
A proclamation requiring quarantain to be perfoimed by 
fliips coming from the Baltick fea. [c/th Nov. I 7 I o.] 
S. Sh. Lond. reprinted Edinb. i 7 i o. 

* Addi-efl!es and fpeeches [to her MajeJlyJ^ 

4° Edinb. 1 7 I o. 

Her Majefty's mefl'age to the Houfe of Commons, by Mr. 
Secretary St. Johns, concerning the death of the emperor, 
and the election of a new one. April 20th, 17 I I. 

S. Sh. Edinb. 17 I 1. 

A coUedion of all her Majefty's fpeeches, meflages, &c., 
from her happy acceflion to the throne, to the twenty-firft of 
June, 1712. 8° Lond. 17 12. 

A modelt enquiry into the r-eafons of the joy exprefled by 
a certain fett of people upon the fpreadrng of a report of her 
Majefty's death. I 7 1 4. [By Jonathan Swift.] 

* Epitaphium Annx, MagnE Britannia, Francis et Hiber- 
niae Regina?, tumrJo infcribendum. 

Bi-oadfide, Edinb. 1 7 1 4. 

* Memoirs of the conduft of her late Majefty and her laft 
miniftry relating to the fepar-ate peace with France. By the 
Right Hon. the Countefs of . 8° Lond. 1715. 

* Memoirs of Queen Anne : being a compleat fupplement 
to the hiftory of her reigir, wherein the tranfadtions of the 
four laft years are fully related. To which is prefixed ... 
a fuccinifl account of afl^airs fr'om the Reformation ... with 
the iflue ther'eof ... and the fucceffion of the prefent royal 
family to the crown of Great Britain, wherein the many 
artifices fet on foot at that time to defeat the faid fucceffion 
are now fair'ly laid open, and the whole hiftory of that affair 
put in a clear light ; from original papers, and other fufficient 
vouchers. 8° Lond. 1729. 


Anne Dyfart : a tale. 1850. [5y C. J. Douglas.] 


Anne Grey : a novel. 1834. [By Mifs LrsxER.J 


Anne Sher'wood : or, the focial inftitutions of England. 
In thr-ee volumes. 8° Lond. 1857. 


Obfer-vationum philologicarnim in liiiguam Suiogothicam, 
ex occalione vocum difficiliorTam libri hymnonam Suecani, 
fpecimen primum. 4° Upfalia, I 7 5 I .] 

— fpecimen fecundum. 4= Upfaliae, 1752.] 

ANNESLEY (Alexander). 

A folicitor in London. D. at Hyde Hall, Herts, 6 Dec- 

Strii5lur-es on the true caufe of the prefent alar'ming fcarcity 
of gi-ain and other pr'ovifions ; and a plan for permanent re- 
lief ... With an hiftorical dedu(flion of the prices of pr'ovi- 
fions. Interfper fed with various matters connedted with the 
commerce and navigation of Gr-eat Britain . . . 

8° Lond. 1800. 



A compendium of the law of marine infuiances, bottomry, 
infui'ance on lives, and of infurance againll: fiie. 

8= Lond. 1808. 

ANNESLEY (Arthur), Earl of Anglefey. 

B. at Dublin, 10 July, 1614. D. 6 April, 1686. 
The truth unvail'd, &c., in behalf of the Church of Eng- 
land, and at the importunity of one that calls loudly on Mr. 
Standiih for particular inftances of fuch (amongll her pro- 
feff'd fons) as have ventured upon innovations in her doc- 
trine... By a perfon of quality. 4° n. p. 1667 [1676.] 

* Faifehood unmaflit, in anfwer to a book, called Truth 
unveil'd ... 1676. [By Robert Grove.] 

Reflexions on that difcourfe which a mafter of arts, (once) 
of the Univerfity of Cambiidg, calls rational, prefented in 
print to a perfon of honour, 1676, concerning tranfubftan- 
tiation. By one of no arts, but downright honefty. 

4° Lond. 1676. 

A letter ... in anfwer to his Grace the Duke of Ormond's 
letter of Nov. the 12th. 1681, about his lordfhip's obferva- 
tions and refledlions upon the Earl of Caille-Haven's Me- 
moires, Sec. [James Butler, ^ letter from Ins Grace, James 
Duke of Ormoml. 1682.] 

The king's right of indulgence in fpiritual matters, with 
the equity thereof, aflerted. By a perfon of honour, and 
eminent minifter of ftate, lately deceafed. [Edited by Henry 
Care.] 4° Lond. 168S. 

The privileges of the Houfe of Lords and Commons 
argued and ftated, in two conferences between both houfes, 
April 19 and 22, 1671 ; to which is added a difcourfe, 
wherein the rights of the Houfe of Lords are truly aflerted. 
With learned remarks on the feeming arguments, and pre- 
tended precedents, offered at that time againft their lord- 
ftiips. 8° Lond. 1702. 

Memoirs of the Right Honourable Arthur, Earl of Angle- 
fey ... intermixt with moral, political, and hiftorical obfer- 
vations, by way of difcourfe in a letter. To which is pre- 
fixt a letter written by his lordfliip during his retirement from 
court in the year 1683. Publiflied by Sir Peter Pett. 

8^ Lond. 1693. 

The Earl of Anglefey's (late of the goveinment and king- 
dom ; prepared and intended for his Majefty King Charles II., 
in the year 1682, but the ftorm impending growing fo high 
prevented it then : with a fliort vindication of his lordfliip 
from feveral afperfions caft upon him, in a pretended letter 
that carries the title of his Memoirs ; by Sir John Thom])fon, 
Bart., afterwards Lord Havei'fliani. [Scolt's edition ofSoniers' 
Tracts, viii. 343.] 

ANNESLEY (Sir Francis), ift Baron Mountnorris. 

Having filled many important offices of State in Ireland, was 
raifed to the peerage, 8 Feb. 1628. D. 1660. 

* A tiiie copy of the fentence of warre pronounced againft 
Sir Francis Anncfley, knight, and Baron Mountnorris in the 
realme of Ireland, in the caftle chamber at Dublin in Ireland, 
tlie 12. of December 1635. Together with his lordfliip's 
petition againft Thomas Earlc of Strafford, exhibited into the 
lionourable aflembly of the Commons houfe of Parliament 
the 7th of Nov. 164O. 4° Lond. 1 64 1. 

— [Scott's edition of Somen' Tracts, iv. 202.] 

ANNESLEY (George), Vifcount Valentia. 

B. 1769. Succeeded as 2d Earl of Mountnorris, 4 July, 1S16. 
D. 23 July, 1S44. 

Voyages and travels to India, Ceylon, the Red Sea, Abyf- 
finia, and Egypt, in the years 1802, 1803, 1804, 1805, 
and 1806. 3 vols. 4° Lond. 1809. 

ANNESLEY (Sir James). 

B. in the county Down, about 1780. Educated at Dublin 
and London. Received a medical appointment to India, upon 
which he left England, and reached Madras Dec. 1800. After 
filling many important offices, he returned to England, May, 
1S38. Knighted, 13 May, 1844. D. at Florence, 15 Dec. 1847. 

Sketches of the moft prevalent difeafes of India . . . and 
pradlical obfervations on the effedls of calomel on the alimcn- 
taiy canal, and on the difeafes moft prevalent in India. II- 
luftrated by tables and plates. 8° Lond. 1825. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1829. 
Refearchcs into tlie caufes, nature, and treatment of the 

more prevalent difeafes of India, and of warm climates gene- 
rally ... In two volumes. 4° Lond. 1828. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1841. 
— - Third edition, to which is prefixed a memoir of the 

author by Thomas J. Pettigrew. 8° Lond. 1855. 

ANNESLEY (William). 

A defcription of W. Anncfley's new fyftcm of naval ar- 
chitefture, as fecured to him, for the three kingdoms and 
colonies, by His Majefty's royal letters patent. 

8° Lond. 1 8 18. 
A new fyftem of naval architedlure. 

4" Lond. 1 82 2. 

ANNE-SON (James). Pfend. of James Maxwell. 

ANNET (Peter). 
Annet's fliort-hand. 

8° Lond. n. d. 


Annette ; or, ears to hear. By the author of " Gleanings 
from Gofpel ftory," " Kenneth Forbes," etc. 

8° Lond. n. d. 
ANNIBAL. See Hannibal. 


Annie's book-mark ; or, the advantages of Sabbath-fchool 
inftrudion. By the author of " The broken lily," " The 
empty neft," &c. 12° Lond. n. d. 


Annie Elton ; or, the cottage and the firm. 

8°Edinb. 1862. 

Annie Fofter ; a ftory for fchool girls : an American talc. 

12° Lond. n. d. 

Annie Leflic ; or, the little o^jhan. 

12° Lond. 1856. 



ANNIUS (Joannes). 

B. at Viterbo, about 1432. Became a member of the order 
of Dominican or preaching friars. Appointed mafter of the 
papal houfehold at Rome, 1498. D. 13 Nov. 1502. Tlie 
following works, though at firrt received as genuine, are now 
generally regarded as forgeries ; though it is doubtful whether 
Annius was himfelf the forger, or merely the dupe of fome one 

Beg'ttming : — Fratris Joannis Annii Viterbenfis ... de co- 
mentariis antiquitatu ad Chrillianifllmos Hifpaniarum Reges 
Ferdinandu & confoitem ejus Elifabetham Epiftola incipit. 

End : — Comentaria fratris Joannis Annii Vitei befis . . . 
fuper opera diveifomm aufloram de antiquitatibus loquentiii 
confefla finiunt. Romas in Campo Floras Anno Domini 
M.cccc.xcviii. ... iniprefTa per Euchariu Silber al's Fnmck 
... fol. 

Antiquitatu variarii volumina xvii., a ... Jo. Annio hac 
feria declarata. Contentorum in aliis voluminibus liber pri- 
mus. Inftltutionum Anniarum de squivocis lib. 11. Ver- 
tumniana Propertii, lib. 111. Xenophontis icquivoca, lib. iiii. 
Fabii Piftoris de aureo feculo, lib. v. Myrdli, lib. vi. Ca- 
tonis fragmentum, lib. vii. Itinerarii Antonini fragmentu, 
lib. VIII. Sempi'onii de Italia, lib. ix. Archilochi de tem- 
poribus, lib. X. Metafthenis, lib. xi. De Hifpaniis, lib. 
XII. De chionogiaphia Etmfca, lib. xiii. Philonis, lib. 
xiiii. Berofi, lib. xv. Manethonis, lib. xvi. Anniarum 
XL. quceftionum, lib. xvii. 

fol. [Paris] opera Afcenfiana, 1512. 

— Another edition. 2 torn. 12° Lugd. 1554. 


The anniverfaiy : a Chriftmas ftoiy. 

8° Lond. 1856. 

Archbilhop of Cologne. D. 1075. 

* Vita Annonis ... edente R. Kcepke. [Pertz, Monu- 
menta Germaniit h'ljlor'ica, xiii. 462.] 

* Poetje anonymi Teutonici Rhythmus de S. Annone. 
[ScHiLTER, Thefaurus antiquitatum Teutonicarum, tom. i.] 


Annuaire hiftorique, ou hiftoire politique et litteraire de 
I'annee 18 18— 58. ... Par C. L. Lefur. 40 vols. 

8° Paris, 1819-62. 

Annuaire des deux mondes, hiftoire generale des divers 
etats. Tomes i-io. 8° Paris, 185 1-6 1. 


The battle of the " Annuals :" a fragment, [/n verfi:] 

12° Lond. 1835. 
The midfummer annual for youth. 1856. 

12° Lond. [1856.] 


The right honourable annuitant vindicated. With a word 
or two in favour of the other great man, in cafe of his refi"- 
nation : in a letter to a friend in the countiy. 

8° Lond. 1761. 

A propofal for eftablifhing life-annuities in parilhes for 
the benefit of the induftrious poor. 8° Lond. 1772. 

Confiderations on the bill now depending in the Houfe of 
Commons, for enabling parifties to grant life-annuities to poor 
perfons, upon purchafe, in certain circumftances, and under 
certain reftriflion.s. Being an appendix to the pamphlet, in- 
titled, " A propofal for eftablifhing life-annuities in parilhes 
for the benefit of the induftrious poor." 

8" Lond. 1773. 


Annus ; or, a memoir of the year mdcccxxxii. ; written by 
itfelf. With an introduftoiy preface by the year mdcccxxxiv. 
Alfo, a teftimonial by mdcccxxxiii. 12° Edinb. 1834. 

Annus infamis, 1848: a fatire of the day ; or thoughts 
on the events of the paft year. In verfe ; with notes. 

8° Lond. 1849. 


An anodyne to foothe catholic intemperance ... 18 12. 
[By W. P. RUSSEL.] 


Animadveifions upon the conduft of the Rev. Dr. Ruth- 
erforth, in the controverfy which has followed the publi- 
cation of the Confefllonal. 1768. \By Dr. Benjamin 


The miffionarie's arts difcovered ; or, an account of their 
ways of infinuation, their artifices and feveral methods of 
which they fene themfelves in making converts. With a 
letter to Mr. Pulton, challenging I'.im to make good his 
charge of diftoyalty againft Proteiimts. And an hiftorical 
preface, containing an account of their introducing the heathen 
gods in their proceflions, and other particulars relating to the 
feveral chapters of this treatife. 4° Lond. 1688. 


A letter to Dr. Calaniy : in vindication of Mr. Arch- 
d.;acon Echard's Hiftory of England. Wherein 'tis prov'd, 
that the doftor's grand-father was an incendiary, as appears 
from thofe three fermons he quotes in his vindication ; and 
that the doftor is notorioufly guilty of the fame faults with 
which he charges the rev. hiftorian. 8° Lond. 17 19. 

Earbery. . 

ANQUETIL (Louis Pierre). 

Brother of Anquetil Duperron. B. at Paris, 21 Feb. 1723. 
D. 6 Sep. 1806. 

Hiftoire civile ct politique de la ville de Reims. 3 tom. 

12° Reims, 1756. 

L'intrigue du cabinet, fous Henri IV. et Louis XIII., ter- 
minee par la Fronde. 4 tom. 12° Maeftricht, 1782. 

L'efprit de la Ligue, ou hiftoire politique des troubles de 
France, pendant les xvi'= et xvii"= fiecles. Troifieme edition. 
3 tom. 12° Paris, 1783. 

Louis XIV. ; fa cour et le Regent. 4 tom. 

I 2° Paris, 1789. 

Motifs des guerres et des traites de paix de la France, pen- 
dant les regnes de Louis XIV., Louis XV. et Louis XVI., 



depuis la paix de Weftphalie en 1648 jufqu'a celle de Ver- 
faijles, en 1783. 8° Paris, 1798. 

Precis de I'liiftoire univerfellc, ou tableau hilloriqiic pre- 
fentant les viciffitudes des nations, Icur agrandifTement, leur 
decadence et leurs cataftrophes, depuis le temps oil clles ont 
commence a etre connucs, jufqu'au moment ailuel. Qua- 
tri^me edition. i 2 torn. 12° Paris, 181 1. 

A fummai-y of univei-fal hiftory. In nine volumes ... 
Tranflated from the French. S° Lond. 1800. 

ANQUETIL DUPERRON(Abraham Hyacinthe). 

B. at Paris, 7 Dec. 1731. Vifited India for the purpofe of col- 
lefting Oriental manulcripts, and efpccially of obtaining copies 
of the religious books of the I'arlees. Returned to France, 1 762. 
Elefted a member of the Academy, 1763. D. at Paris, 17 
Jan. 1805. 

Legiflation orientale, ouvrage dans lequel, en montrant 
quels font en Turquie, en Perfe et dans I'lndouftan, les prin- 
cipes fondamentaux du gouvernement, on prouve, I. Que la 
maniere dont jufqu'ici on a reprefente le defpotifme, qui pa/Te 
pour etre abfolu dans ces trois etats, ne pcut qu'en donner 
une idee abfolnment faufle. II. Qu'en Turquie, en Perfe 
et dans I'lndouftan, il y a un code de loix ecrites, qui obli- 
gent le prince ainfi que les fujets. III. Que dans ces trois 
^tats, les paiticuiiers ont des proprietes en biens meubles et 
immeubles, dont ils jouiflent librement. 

4° Amfterdam, 1778. 

Recherches hiftoriques et geographiques fur I'Inde ... 
1786. [Bernoulli, Dffcription hi/lorique et geograph'ique 
de I'Inde, tom. ii.] 

L'Inde en rapport avec I'Europe ... 2 tom. 

8° Paris, 1798. 

Oupnek'hat (id eft, fccrctum tegenduni) : opus ipfa in 
India rariflimum, contincns antiquam ct arcanam, feu thcolo- 
gicam etphilofophicam, dodrinam, e quatuor facris Indonjm 
libris, Rak Beid, Djedjr Beid, Sam Beid, Athrban Beid, ex- 
cerptam ; ad verbum h Perfico idiomate, Samfl<reticis voca- 
bulis intermixto, in Latinum converfum ; difTertationibiis et 
annotationibus, dirfkiliora e.xplanantibus, illuftratum : ftudio 
et opera Anquetil Duperron. 2 tom. 

4° Argentorati, 1801-2. 

ANSALDIS (Ansaldus de). 

B. at Florence, 7 0(\. 1651. Studied at Pifi, but removed 
to Rome, where he pradtifcd as an advocate with great luccels. 
D. 7 Dec. 1719. 

Difcurfus legales de commercio ct mcrcatura ; in quibus 
univerfa fere coniniercii et mercaturae materia refolutive con- 
tinetur. fol. Geneva;, 1698. 

— Another edition. 

fol. Coloniic Allobrogum, 1751- 

ANSALDIUS (Franciscus). 

A jurift of San Mini.ito, in 'I'ufcany. 

De jurifdiflione tradlatus, in quinque partes divifus ... 

fol. Lugduni, 1643. 
Confilia five refponfi ... fol. Lugduni, 1^145. 

ANSALDUS (Castus Insocens). 

R. at I'iaccnza, 7 May, 1 7 10. Entered the order of the Do- 
minicans when fixtccn years of age. Profcflbr of philofophy at 

Naples, 1735. Profeflbr of theology at Brcfcia, 1745. P'O" 
fcflbr of philofophy at Turin, about 1760. D. 1779. 

De principioiimi legis naturalis traditione ... libri in. 

4° Mediolani, 1742. 
De forenfi Judaeorum buccina commentarius. [Ugolinus, 
Thefaurus antiquilatum facrartim, xxvii. 35.] 


Abbot of Fontenelle, 678. Biihop of Rouen, 683. D. 9 
Feb. 695. 

* Vita 8. Anftjerti, aucftore Aigrado. 
ANSBERTUS (Ambrosius). 

Abbot of the Benediftine monaftery of St. Vincent, on the 
banks of the Voltorno, in Naples. D. 19 July, 77S. 

In fan(Sli Joannis Apoftoli et Evangeliftx Apocalypfim 
libri decem. [Max. Bibliolheca 'veterum Patrum, xiii. 403.] 

Liber de cupiditate. [Martene ct Durand, Filerum 
fcriplonim, Iffc, ampYiffmia colleilio, ix. 219.] 


B. in Picardy, about 800. Went on a miflion to Denmark 
and Sweden, in both of which countries he preached the Gofpel 
with much iuccefs. Hamburg being made an archiepifcopal lee, 
Anlcharius was appointed the firll archbifliop. D. 3 Feb. 865. 

Vita Sanfti Willehadi, epifcopi Bremenfis prinii. [Ma- 
billon, A&a fandorum O.S.B. III. ii. 364.] 

— [Langebek, Scriptores rcriim Damcarum, i. 342.] 

— [Pertz, Monumenta Germaniit hiflorica, ii. 378.] 

'•' Chronologia rerum feptentrionalium jevi Anfchariani. 
[Langebek, Scriptores rerum Danicnrum, i. 496.] 

* Lcgendae vetemm de Sandlo Anfchario. [Ibid. i. 62 i .] 

* Vita S. Anfcharii ... auftore S. Remberto, ejus fuc- 
ceflbre ac difcipulo. 

* GuALDONis Poema de vita S. Anfcharii. 


Abbot of the Benediftine monaftery of Centulum, now St. 
Riquier, in France, at the beginning of the 12th century. 

Vita S. Angilbcrti abbatis. [MAmiAXfn, /Ida fanfiorum 
O.S.B. IV. i. I 1 7.] 


Abbot of the Benedifline monaftery of Fontenelle. D. 833. 

* Vita S. Anfegifi ... auflore chronographo Fontanellenfi 
anonymo ejus ccquali. [Mabillon, Ada fum'Jonim O.S.B. 

'^'- '■ 593-] 

- — [d'AcHERius, Splcileg'mm, iii. 232.] 

ANSELL (Charles). 

Adluary to the infurancc company. 

A treatife on friendly focieties, in which the doftrine of 
intcreft of money, and tlie do(5trine of ])r()bability, arc pra^i- 
callv applied to the affairs of fuch focieties ... and an .ipjjen- 
dix... 8° Lond. I S3 5. 

The trials of f lith. 

12° Lond. ( 1859.J 




B. at Paris, 1625. His original name was Pierre de Gui- 
bours, which he changed co that of Anfelme when he entered 
the order of Auguftins Dechauffes. D. 17 Jan. 1694. 

Hiftoire genealogique et chronologique de la maifon royale 
de France, des pairs, giands officiers de la couionne et de la 
maifon du roy : et des anciens barons du royaume . . . con- 
tinuee par M. Du Fourny. Troifieme edition, revue, cor- 
rigee et augmentee par les foins du P. Ange et du P. Sim- 
plicien. 9 torn. fol. Paris, 1726-33. 


Anfelmo : a tale of modern Italy. In two volumes. 

8° Lond. 1S60. 
ANSELMO (Antonius). 

B. at Antwerp about the end of the i6th century. D. 1668. 

Confultationes ; feu, refolutiones et advifamenta diurna ad 
quxftionesk confultoribus, et litigantibus propofitas ... quibus 
addita funt varia documenta concernentia curiam eccledafti- 
cam per eumdem congefta. fol. Antvei'piae, 167 i. 


AFrancifcan monk, who lived at the beginning of the i6th 

Defcriptio Terrs Sanftse. [Canisius, Lediones antiques, 
iv. 776.] 


B, at Aofta, in Piedmont, about 1034. Educated chiefly by 
Lanfranc, prior of the abbey of Bee, where he became a monk, 
1060. Succeeded Lanfranc as prior, 1063. Confecrated arch- 
bifhop of Canterbury, 4 Dec. 1093. D. there, 11 April, 1109^ 

Opera omnia, extraneis in facros libros commentariis ex- 
onerata. Theophilus Raynaudus ... opufcula bene multa, 
nunc primum ex Vaticana bibliotheca, aliifque, luce donavit; 
pleraque, incerto hadlenus autore vagata, Anfelmo parenti 
aflerait ; qux fuppofititii et notha a legitimis fepofuit ; omnia 
pro argumenti qualitate, novo ordine, accurate digefEt, in di- 
daftica, afcetica, parasnetica, et notha. 

fol. Lugduni, 1630. 

Opera: nee non Eadmeri, monachi Cantuarienfis, Hiftoria 
novonim et alia opufcula : labore ac fl:udio D. Gabrielis 
Gerberon ... Secunda editio ... 

fol. Lutetiae Parifiorum, i 7 2 i . 

Oratio, dicenda ante pei'ceptionem coi^jjoris et fanguinis 
Domini, edita ab Anfelmo archiepifcopo. [Mabillon, Ve- 
tera analeda, p. 448.I 

Paffio faniftoioim Guigneri, Fingaiis, Pialae, et fociomm. 
[Messingham, Florih'g'tiim, p. 211.] 

Traiftatus afceticus. [d'AcHERius, Splcilegium, iii. 24.] 

EpiftoliE 0(51:0. [Ibid. ix. i 1 6.] 

Epiilola ad Pafcalem Papam. [Wharton, AngUa facra, 
ii. 178.] 

Epiftolas quasdam. [Martene ^^'Q\xx3x\A.,Thefaurxis no- 
vus anecdotorum, i. Z73"] 

Epiftolje XV. \^OVov^T, Recueil ilcs hyioriens des Gaules 
et de la France, xv. 63.] 

Epiftolas feptem. [Baluze, Mijcellanea, iv. 471.] 

* Carmen in laudem Sanfti Anfelrai, archiepifcopi Can- 
tuarenfis. [Ibid. iv. 557.] 

* Epicedion in obitum ejufdem. [Ibid. iv. 560.] 

* Miracula S. Anfelmi [/« verfe^ et de verbis ejufdem. 
[Martene et Durand, Veterum Jcriptorum, l^c, ampiyjima 
coUetlio, vi. 983.] 

Meditations and prayers to the Holy Trinity and our Lord 
Jefus Chrift. 8° Oxford, 1856. 

Cur Deus Homo; or, why God was made man ... a trea- 
tife fhewing the redemption of mankind, through the atone- 
ment made by the incarnate Son of God, to be confiftent 
both with divine juftice and mercy, and alfo with the reafon 
of man. Tranflated, with an introdu(5tion containing fome 
account of the author, and an analyfis of the work, by a 
clergyman. 12° Oxford, 1858. 

*■ Joannis Sarifburienfis . . . liber de vita S. Anfelmi. See 

* Life ... by F. Rudolph Hasse. Tranflated from the 
German, and abridged by William Turner. 1850. 

ANSELMUS, Beccensis. 

A monk of the abbey of Bee. The following is alfo afcribcd 
to Anfelm, archbilhop of Canterbury. 

Vita S. Berengarii, confeflbris in monafterio Sandli Papuli 
in Septimania. [Mabillon, Acla JanSorum O.S.B., vi. ii. 

ANSELMUS, Gemblacensis. 

Abbot of Gemblon, in Brabant, 1113. D. 1136. 
Sigeberti Chronicomm continuatio, (A. 1112— 1135.) 
[Pertz, Monumenta Gennania: /.^i/lorica, viii. 375.] 

ANSELMUS, Havelbergensis. 

Bifliop of Havelberg, in Saxony. Twice vifited Conftanti- 
nople in a diplomatic capacity, and on his return from his fecond 
milfion, in 1155, w-as appomted archbilhop of Ravenna. D. 

Liber de ordine canonicorum regularium. [Pez, The- 
faurus anecdotorum novi^imus, iv. ii. 73.] 

Dialogorum adverfus Grjecos libri tres. [D'Acherius, 
Spldlegium, xiii. 88.] 

ANSELMUS, Leodiensis. 

Canon of the cathedral of Liege in the nth century. 
Liber fecundus geftorum pontificum Tungrenfis, Trajec- 
tenfis five Leodiends scclefias. [Pertz, Monumenta Ger- 
mania h'ljlorica, ix. 189.] 

— [Martene et Durand, Veterum Jcriptorum, iSjc, am- 
pljjjima coHeSlo, iv. 838.] 


B. either at Mantua or Milan, about 1036. Bifliop of Lucca, 
1073. D. at Mantua, 18 March, 1086. 

Libri duo contra Guibeitum antipapam, pro defenfione 
Gregorii Septimi, legitimi Pontificis Romani. — CoUeftanea 
quibus demonftrare ftudet Ecclefise facultates non effe in 
poteftate Regis aut Casfaris. [Canisius, LeSiones antique, 
III. i. 369.] 

— [71f(7.v. Bibliotheca veterum Patrum, xviii. 602.] 
Ex epiftola ad Wibertum. E.x libro contra eos qui dicunt 

regali poteftati Chrifti Ecclefiam fubiacere. [Pertz, Monu- 
menta Germanite hiflorica, xiv. 3.] 

* Vita S. Anfelmi, epifcopi Lucenfis, in Italia ; auftore 



B., ejus difcipulo & pcenitentiario. [Mabillon, ylda fanc- 
torum O.S.B. VI. ii. 471.] 

ANSELMUS, Remensis. 

A monk of the abbey of St. Remi, at Rheims, in the nth 

Hirtoria dedicationis ccclcfis Sanfti Remigii apud Re- 
mos. [Mabillon, ABa fanSorum O.S.B. vi. i. 624.] 

ANSELMUS (Georgius). 

A native of Parma, who lived at the beginning of the i6th 

Poemata. [Gkhter, DelilU poetanim Italorum, i. 230.] 
— \Carmina ilhijlrium poet arum Italorum, i. 299.] 

ANSKARIUS. See Anscharius. 

Abbot of Lobies, near Liege, 776. D. Soo. 

Vita S. UiTman, epifcopi et abbatis Laubienfis, in Belgio. 
[Mabillon, Ada fanclorum O.S.B. 111. i. 2 41.] 

Vita Sanfti Erminonis, epifcopi et abbatis. [Ibid. in. i. 


ANSON (George), Vifcount Anfon. 

B. 23 April, 1697. Went early to fea, and rofe by fucceHive 
fteps to the rank of admiral and commander-in-chief of the 
fleet. Railed to the peerage, 13 June, 1747. D. 6 June, 1762. 

* A voyage round the world ... by George Anfon, Efq. 
... By Richard Walter. 1748. 

* The life of George, Lord Anfon. 1839. ^By Sir 
John Barrow.] 

ANSON Y MAYCAS (Juan de). 

Auto al nacimiento de Chrifto Senor nueftro, intitulado : 
EI Mefias verdadero. 4= n. p. n. d. 

ANSON (Thomas). 
Affghaniftan. [A poem.^ 

8° Lond. 1852. 

ANSPACH, Margravine of. See Elizabeth Fitz- 

ANSPACH (Lewis Amadeus). 

A hiftoiy of the ifland of Newfoundland, containing a 
defcription of the ifland, the bank.s, the fiflieries, and trade of 
Newfoundland, and the coall of l,abrador. 

H' Lond. 1819. 

ANSTED (David Thomas). 

Geology, introdudlory, defcriptive, and praflical. In two 
volumes. 8° Lond. 1844. 

The geologifl's text-book : chiefly intended as a book of 
reference for the geological ftudent. 8° Lond. 1845. 

Geology as a branch of education. 8° Lond. 1845. 

The ancient world : or piAurtfque fla-tches of creation. 

12° Loud. 1847. 

— New edition. l2°I^ond. 184N. 

The gold-feeker's manual. 8° Lond. 1849. 

An elementary courfe of geology, mineralogy, and phyfical 
geography. 8° Lond. 1850. 

Non-metallic mineral manufidhires. 8° Lond. 1853. 
Scenery, fcience, and art ; being extrafts from the note- 
book of a geologift and mining engineer. 

8° Lond. 1854. 
Geological goflip : oi', fl:iay chapters on eaith and ocean. 

8° Lond. i860. 
ANSTER (John), LL.D. 

Regius profeflbr of civil law in the Univerfity of Dublin. 
Poems : with fome tranflations from the German. 

12= Edinb. 1819. 
Xeniola : poems, including tranflations from Schiller and 
De la Motte Fouque. 8° Dublin, 1837. 

Introdudlory ledture on the ftudy of the Roman civil law, 
delivered in the theatie of Tiinity College, Dublin, in 
Michaelmas term, 1850. 8° Dublin, 1850. 

ANSTEY (Christopher). 

B. 31 Oil. 1724. Educated at Eton, and at King's College, 
Cambridge. D. at Chippenham, 1805. 

Poetical works ... with fome account of the life and 
writings of the authoi', by his fon, John Anlley, Efq. 

4^ Lond. 1808. 
The new Bath guide ; or, memoirs of the B — r — d family. 
In a feries of poetical epiftles. Third edition. [Anon.l 

8° Lond. I 766. 
Poetical amiifcments at a villa near Bath. [Arion.^ 

8° Bath, 1775. 
Ad C. W. Bampfylde, Arm : Epifl:ola poetica familiaris, 
in qua continentur tabula; quinque ab eo excogitntae, qua per- 
fonas leprxfentant poematis cujufdam Anglicani, cui titulus 
An eleftion ball. 4° Bathoniae, 1776. 

— Another edition. Tranflated and addrefled to the 
ladies. 4° Lond. 1777. 

Envy : a poem, addrefled to Mrs. Miller, at Batheafton 
villa. [Ano>i.'\ 4° Lond. 1778. 

'■ Madge's addrefles to Chriftophcr Twift-wit, Efquire, 
Bath-laureat, and Miller's Plumian profeflbr. 

4° Lond. 1777. 

— Second edition. 4° Lond. 1777. 

ANSTEY (Thomas Chisholme). 

A guide to the laws of England affeifling Roman Catho- 
lics. 8° Lond. 1842. 

The Queen's fupremacy conlidered in its relations with 
the Roman Catholic Church in England, being a fupplcmen- 
tal chapter to " A guide to the laws of England affeding 
Roman Catholics." 8° Lond. 1850. 

Guide to the hiftoiy of the laws and conftitutions of Eng- 
land, confiding of fix Icc'lures ... 12° Lond. 1845. 

A letter to the Right Hon. the Lord Cottenham upon 
his lordfliip's intended motion for a committee to enquire 
and report as to the law and praiflicc of ])etition of right. 

8° Lond. 1845. 

Crime and government at Hong Kong : a letter to tlie 
editor of the "Times" ncwfpaper, offering leafons for an 
enquiry into the dilgraces brought on the Briiilh name in 
China, by the prcfent Hong Kong Government. 

8° Lond. 1859. 



ANSTICE (Joseph), M.A. 

Educated at Weftminfter fchool, whence he was elected to 
Chrift church, Oxford. Appointed firft clalTical profeilbr of 
King's College, London. D. at Torquay, 29 Feb. 1836, aged 

Seledtions from the choice poetiy of the Greek dramatic 
writers: tranflated into Engliili verfe. 8° Lond. 1S32. 

ANSTICE (Robert). 

An enquiry into the laws of falling bodies, &c. 

8^ Lond. 179+. 
ANSTIE (John). 

Obfervations on the importance and neceffity of introduc- 
ing improved machineiy into the woollen nianufadtory ; more 
particularly as it refpeifts the interelts of the counties of 
Wilts, Gloucefter, and Somcrfet ; with general remarks on 
the prefent application to Pailiament, by the manufafturers, 
for the repeal of feveral of the exilling laws : in a letter, 
addi'effed to the Right Hon. Lord Henry Pettey. 

8° Lond. 1803. 

ANSTIS (John). 

B. at St. Neot, Cornwall, 2S Sep. 1669. Appointed Garter- 
king -of-arms, 1 71 8. D. 4 March, 1744. 

The regifter of the mod noble Order of the Gaiter, from 
its cover in black velvet, ufually called the Black book ; 
with notes placed at the bottom of the pages, and an intro- 
dudlion prefixed by the editor. In two volumes. \ylnon.^ 

fol. Lond. 1724. 


* Vita S. Anftrudis, abbatiflse Laudunenfis. [Mabillon, 
ABa fanclorum O.S.B. ii. 936.] 

ANSTRUTHER (Sir Alexander). 

Second fon of Sir Robert Anftruther of Balca/kie, Bart. 
Member of the Society of Lincoln's Inn, 1783. Called to the 
bar, 1792. Appointed advocate-general at Madras, 1798, 
Recorder of Bombay, 1812, when lie received the honour of 
knighthood. D. at the Mauritius, July, 1819. 

Reports of cafes argued and determined in the court of 
Exchequer, from Eafter term, 32 Geo. III. to Trinity term, 
37 Geo. III. inclufive. 3 vols. 8° Lond. 1796-7. 

ANSTRUTHER (Sir James). 

™ On the deplorable death of the moft accomplifhed, ver- 
tuous, and oblidging gentelman, S'. James Anftruther, of 
Airdiie, K'., advocat, and clerk to the bills. 

S. Sh. Edinb. 1682. 


The cafe of Sir John Anftrather, Baronet, fitting member 
for the boroughs of Anftinther-Eafter, Anfti-uthei'-Weller, 
Craill, Pittenweem, and Kilrenny. fol. [Edinb. 1766.] 


The examination of Maj. Gen. Anftruther, Lieut"'. Go- 
vernor of Minorca, before the H of L , Jan. 28, 

1 7 4 1 : together with the refolution of the houfe on the 
fame. To which is added the proteft tliereupon. 

8° Lond. 1742. 


La vraie cronicque d'Efcoce. Pretenfions des Anglois 
a la couronne de France. Diplome de Jacques VI. Roi 
de la Grande Bretagne. Drawn from the Burgundian Li- 
brary, by Major Robert Anfti-uther. [For the Roxburghe 
Club.] 40 Lond. 1847. 

ANSTRUTHER (Sir William), Bart. 

Appointed one of the judges of the Court of Seffion, with the 
title of Lord Anftruther, i Nov. 1689. D. at Edinburgh, 24 
Jan. 171 1. 

Effays, moral and divine, in five difcourfes : viz., I. 
Againft atheifm. II. Of Providence. III. Of learning 
and religion. IV. Of trifling ftudies, ftage-playes, and ro- 
mances. V. Upon the incaination of Jefus Chi ift, and re- 
demption of mankind. 4° Edinb. I 70 I. 


* Afta Sanifti Anftieri, abb.itis Ratzeburgenfis. [Lange- 
BEK, Scriptorei rerum Danicarum, iii. 5 So.] 


Antar: a Bedoueen romance ; tranflated from the Arabick 
by Terrick Hamilton. i 8 1 9-20. 


Letter to the prefident of the Royal geographical fociety 
of London, op Antarflic difcoveiy. 8° Lond. 1837. 

ANTECOUR (J. B. d'). 

Chancellor of the Univerfity of Paris, and of the church of 
St. Genevieve. 

Reponfe des Chanoines Reguliers de la province de Bour- 
gogne a un ecrit des Religieux Benedi<?tins de la meme pro- 
vince, touchant la prefeance dans les Etats. [Anon.'\ 

4° n. p. [1687.] 


Vita Sanifti Silvini, epifcopi apud Morinos in Gallia. [Ma- 
billon, ylcJa fandorum O.S.B. in. i. 284.] 

ANTES (John). 

B. 1740. A member of the Church of the United Brethren, 
and miflionary in Egypt. D. at Briftol, 17 Dec. 181 1. 

Obfervations on the manners and cuftoms of the Egyp- 
tians, the overflowing of the Nile and its effefts ; with re- 
marks on the plague, and other fubjefts ... 

4° Lond. 1800. 


Divine harmony ; or a new colleftion of feleft anthems, 
uf'd at her Majefty's chappels Royal, Weftminfter Abby, 
St. Pauls, Windfor, both univerfities, Eaton, and moft ca- 
thedrals in her Majefty's dominions. 8° Lond. 17 12. 

A feleftion of anthems, etc., for the ufe of cathedral and 
parochial churches. 12° Lond. 1842. 

Anthems performed in the cathedral church of Durham. 

8° Durham, 1848. 

Anthems. 12'- Lond. 1856. 



ANTHOINE (Antoine Ignace), Baron de St. Jofeph. 

B. at Embrun, 21 Sep. 1749. Educated as a merchant at 
Marl'eille, whence he proceeded to Conftantlnople as the head 
of a commercial eftabliJhment. Engaged during the years 1 78 1, 
1782, and 1783, on a million from the French Government to 
Kullia and Poland, with a view to the extenfion of the com- 
merce of France in the Black Sea, in which he was highly fuc- 
cefsful. D. at Marfeille, 22 July, 1826. 

Eflai hiftorique fur le commerce et h navigation de la 
Mer-Noire, ou voyage ct cntrej)rifcs pour etablir des rappoits 
commcrciaux et maritimes cntie les ports de la Mer-Noire et 
ceux de la Mediterranee ... Seconde edition. 

8° Paris, 1820. 

ANTHOINE (Nicholas). 

B. at Briey, in Lorraine, about the end of the 1 6th century. 
Burnt for his religious opinions, 20 April, 1632. 

'" An hiftorical account of the life and tryal of Nicholas 
Anthoine, burnt for Judaifm at Geneva, in the year 1632. 
[Har/eian Miscellany, iii. 204.] 


Ai/^Aoyia, oia^o^'jiv i'7r/oa,'x,ij,aTU\i rra'/.ai'jiv 11; t'zru l3ij3- 
X;afl;j)j)],as>?). Florilcgiumdiuerforumepigrammatumvetei-um, 
in feptem libros diuiium, magno epigrammatum numero & 
duobus indicibus aui5tum. \_Edited by Henry Stephens.^ 

8° [Parifiis,] 1566. 

Av^oXoyia ; five, epigrammatum Grascorum ex AvdoXoyia 
edita MS. Bodleiana, aliifque autoribus delecftus in ufum 
fcholas Weftmonafterienfis. 8° Oxon. 1724. 

AvOo'/.oyia os-jTi^a ; five, poematum Grascorum minorum 
deledlus in ufum fchols regias Weftmonafterienfis. 

8° Oxon. 1725. 

Anthologia Grajca ; five, poetarum Grascomm lufus, ex 
recenfione Bmnckii. Indices et commentarium adjecit Fne- 
dcricus .lacobs. 3 tom. 8° Lipfias, 1794—5. 

Frederici Jacobs animadvcrfiones in cpigrammata Antho- 
logix Graicac fecundum ordinem Analeftoram Bnanckii. 3 
tom. (8 parts.) 8° Lipfiae, 1798-18 14. 

Emendationcs in epigrammata Anthologix Graecac. Auc- 
tore Fridcrico .Iacobsio. I793- 

Anthologia Gnxa cum verfione Latina Hugonis Grotii, 
edita ab Hieronymo de Bofch. 5 tom. 

4'J Ultrajefli, 1795-1822. 

Anthologia minor ; five, ilorilegium epigrammatum Grx- 
corum, ex Anthologia Planudea et Brunckii Analedlis felec- 
toiTim, adjcftis verfionibus Latinis Hugonis Grotii, auflore 
Joli. Arnold. Kannc. 8° Halis Saxonum, 1799. 

Epigrammata e purioribusGra:cas Anthologiae fontibushau- 
fit ... Joannes Edwards. 1825. 

Colleiflions from the Greek Antliology, by the late Rev. 
Robert Bland, and others. A new edition, comprifing the 
fragments of early lyric poetry, with fjiecimens of all the 
jwets included in Meleager's Garland, by J. H. Merivale. 

12° Lond. 1833. 

Anthologia jiolyglotta : a felecTion of verfions in various 
languages, chiefly f om the Greek Anthology. By Henry 
Wellesley, D.D. 1849. 

The Greek Anthology, as fele(ftcd for the ufc of We(l- 
minfler, Eton, and other ])ublic fchools. Literally trandatid 
into EnglKh profe, chiclly by George Burges, A.M. To 
vol. I. 

which are added metrical verfions by Bland, Merivale, and 
others, and an index of reference to the originals. 

8° Lond. 1852. 
Anthologia Graeca, in ufum fcholae Rugbienfis. 

8° Lond. 1856. 
AvdoXoyici ; feu, felefla quaedam poemata Italoruni, qui 
Latine fcripferunt. 12° Lond. 1684. 

Anthologia Latina; hoc eft, ejiigrammata, partim e prifcis, 
paitim junioribus e poetis, non tam colleifta, quam feleda ... 
a Chnftoj)horo Augufto Heumanno. 

8° Hanoverx, 1721. 
Anthologia poetica, in ufum Gymnafii Amftelodamenfis. 

12° Amftelodami, 1793. 
Anthologia Latina poetica ; peqietua cum adnotiitione in 
ufum leftionum edidit D. Fridericus Aftius. 

8° Monachii, 18 12. 
Anthologia Latina ... [ColIeSio Pijaureiifis, iv. 43 i. See 

Seleftions from the Latin Anthology: tranflated into Eng- 
lifli vei-fe by John Dunlop. 8° Edinb. 1838. 

Anthologia Oxonienfis. Decerpfit Gulielmus Linwood. 

The Englifli Anthology. 3 vols. 8° Lond. i 793-4. 

ANTHON (Charles), LL.D. 

B. in New York, 1797. Profeflbr of languages in Columbia 
College in that city. 

A grammar of the Greek language, for the ufe of fchools 
and colleges ; revifed and corredled by the Rev. J. R. Major, 
D.D. 12° Lond. 184O. 

A fyftem of Greek profody and metre, for the ufe of 
fchools and colleges ; together with the choral fcanning of 
the Prometheus Vinftus of .£fchylus, and the Ajax and 
Qidipus Tyrannus of Sophocles. Revifed and corrected by 
the Rev. J. R. Major, D.D. 12= Lond. 1840. 

ANTHON (John). 

Brother of the preceding. B. at Detroit, 1784. 

The law of Nifi Prius ; being rejiorts of cafes determined 
at Nifi Prius, in the fu])reme court of the ftate of New York ; 
with notes and commentaries on each cafe. To which is 
prefixed an introdudVoi'y effay, on the ftudies preparatoiy to 
the adive duties of the bar. 8° New York, 1820. 

American precedents of declarations, colleded chiefly 
from manufcripts of Chief JulHce Parfons and other accom- 
plilhed pleaders in the ftate of MafTichufetts ... Third edi- 
tion. 8' Biookfield, 182 I. 

ANTHONY (Laac). 

B. at Bcdtord, 10 Dec. 1802. Educated at Homerton Col- 
lege. Miniftcr of L'owbridgc Independent chapel, Hertford, 
1825. D. at Torquay, 28 Jan. 1848. 

* Memoir ... by John Hayden. 1848. 

ANTHONY (Louisa). 

Footfteps to hiiloiy : being an epitome of the hiftorics of 
England and France, embracing the cotcmpoiaiieous periods 
from the fiftli to the nineteenth centuries ... 

8° Lond. 1852. 

— Second edition. 8° Land. 1H53. 




No. I. The uninternapted fuc- 
12° Melkiham, 1843. 

Rhymes for the limes. 

ANTIAS (FuRius). 

A Roman poet, who lived about a century b.c. 
Vita et fragmenta. [Maittaire, Opera et fragmcnta ve- 
terum poetarum Lat'morum, p. (1526).] 

ANTIBOLUS (Petrus). 

A native of Piedmont. D. about 1493- 
De muneribus. [F. Zilettus, Tradatus un'merfi juris, 
xii. 19.] 


A morning vifit to the Rev. E. Inring's, and an inquiry 
into the alleged return to the Church of the gift of tongues ; 
with remarks, inferences, and fuggeftions ; alfo, an appendix, 
containing fadts and notices illuftrative of the whole fubjedl:. 

8° Lond. 1832. 


Voices from England, Auftialia, and America : a letter 
to the Rt. Hon. Lord John Ruflell, M.P. [on flavery of 
tlie foul and flaveiy of the body.] 8° Lond. 1850. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1S50. 

India 11. America : a letter to the chairman of the Hon. 
Eaft India Company, on cotton. 8° Lond. 1850. 


Chriftian government and Chriftian education in India. 

8^ Lond. 1859. 

Ludus pafchalis, de adventu et interitu Antichrifli, in 
fcena fxculo duodecimo exhibltus. [Pez, Thefaurus anec- 
Hotorum novyjimiis, 11. iii. 186.] 

Four marks of Antichrift ... 178S. [5_)i Gilbert Wake- 

The deftruftion of Antichrift by the Lord's coming. 

12° Lond. 1849. 


Anticipation ; containing the fubftance of his M— — y's 
moft gracious fpeech, &c. 1778. [5_y Richard Tickell.] 


Anti-Coningiby ; or, the new generation grown old. By 
an embryo M.P. 2 vols. 12° Lond. 1844. 


The Anti-Corfican ; a poem, in three cantos ... 

4° Exeter, 1805. 


The anti-counter-querift counter-queried. \By Robert 


Three contending brethren, Mr. Williams, Mr. Lob, Mr. 

Alfop, reconcil'd, and made friends ; by an occafional con- 
feience with tliree notorious hereticks, Mr. Humphi'eys, Mr. 
Clark, Dr. Crifp. 8° Lond. 1698. 


An antidote againft the prefent fears and jealoufies of the 
nation. By an impartial hand. 4° Lond. 1679. 

The antidote ; or, memoirs of a modern freethinker, in- 
cluding letters and converfations on fcepticifm and the evi- 
dences of Chriftianity. 2 vols. 12° Lond. 1827. 


The Anti-Gallican ; or, ftandard of Britilh loyalty, reli- 
gion, and liberty ; including a colledlion of the principal 
papers, trafts, declarations, fpeeches, poems and fongs, that 
have been publiflred on the threatened invafion : together 
with many original pieces on the fame fubjedl ... VoL I. 

8° Lond. 1803. 

ANTIGONUS, Carvstius. 

A native of Caryftus, in the ifland of Eubita, of whofe hiftoty 
nothing certain is known. 

Antigoni, Caiyftii, Hiftoriarum mirabilium colle(5lanea- 
loannes Meurfius recenfuit et notas addldit. \Greel: text 
and hatin verfion by Xylaii(lcr.'\ 

4° Lugduni Batavorum, 16 19. 

AvTiyovosj Igtooiuv Tasa&o^av avvayjiyri. Antigoni, Ca- 
i-yftii, Hiftoriarum mirabilium colleftanea, explicata a Joanne 
Beckmann ; additis annotationibus G. Xylandri, J. Meurfii, 
R. Bentleii, J. G. Schneider!, J. N. Niclas, aliorumque cum 
inteqjretatione G. Xylandri. Subjedtis fub finem annota- 
tionibus ad Ariftotelis Aufcultationes mirabiles. [Gr. ami 
Lat.~\ 4° LipCae, 1791. 


Antigua and the Antiguans : a full account of the colony 
and its inhabitants from the time of the Caribs to the prefent 
day, interfperfed with anecdotes and legends ; alfo, an im- 
partial view of flaveiy and the free labour fyftems ; the fta- 
tiftics of the ifland, and biographical notices of the principal 
families. 2 vols. 12° Lond. 1844. 


The Anti-Jacobin: a Hudibraftic poem. 1794. \_By 
Alexander Watson.] 

The Anti-Jacobin ; or, weekly examiner. In two volumes. 
Fourth edition. 8° Lond. 1799- 

Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin : comprifing the celebrated 
political and fatirical poems, parodies, and jeux-d'efprit of 
the Rt. Hon. George Canning, the Earl of Liverpool, Mar- 
quis Wellefley, the Rt. Hon. J. H. Frere, G. Ellis, Efq., 
W. Gifford, Efq., and others. New and revlfed edition, 
with explanatoiy notes, by Charles Edmonds. 

8° Lond. 1852. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 1854. 


A letter to Sir Andrew Agnew, Bart., on tlie obfervance 
of Sunday. 8° Lond. 1849. 



ANTILLA (Alexander de). 

An Italian lawyer, member of a noble Florentine family, who 
lived about the middle of the 14th century. 

Re])etitio in cap. Tibi qui, de rcfcript. \_Repetitiones Juris 
CANONici, V. 182.] 


Hiftoire naturelle ct morale des lies Antilles. 
^By Louis de Poincy.] 



Antimacliiavel, oder iiber die Grenzen des biirgerlichen 
Gehorfams ; auf VeranlafTung zweyer Aufsatze in der Berl. 
Monatsfchrift (Sept. und Dec. 1793) von den Herren Kant 
und Genz. 8° Halle, 1794. 

ANTIMACHUS, Colophonius. 

A native of Claros, a fmall town in the territory of Colophon. 
Lived at the conclufion of the Peloponnelian war, 404 b.c. 

Reliquix. Nunc piinium conquirere et explicare inllituit 
Car. Add. Gottl. Schellenberg. Acceffit epiftola Fjid. 
Aug. Wolfii. 8° HaJK Saxon., 1786. 

Fragmenta. [Gr. on/j". Ste?hakvs, Poeta: Graci heroici, 
ii. 480.] 

— [Gr. iirid Lat. Lectius, Poetic Gnecl vcleres heroin, 
'• 734-] 


A chara(5ler of an antimalignant, or right parliamentier ; 
expreffing plainly his opinion concerning king and parlia- 
ment. 4° Lond. 1645. 


Anti-Mammon ; or an expofure of the unfcriptural ftate- 
ments of "Mammon" Vhy John Harris^ with a flatcment 
of tnje doflrine, as maintained by found divines, and derived 
from Holy Scripture. By two clergymen. 

I 2° Lond. 1837. 
Anti-Maud. By a poet of the people. 

12^ Lond. 1855. 

— Second edition. 12° Lond. 1856. 


Remarks on the ])refent flate of the coal trade, with a rc- 
trofpeflive glance at its hidory : addrefl'ed to tlie M.irquis of 
Londonderry, K.C.B. 8° Lond. 1843. 

ANTINE (M. F. n'). Sa- Dantine. 


A fliort ftory of the rife, reign, and niin of the Antino- 
mians, Familifts and Libertines, that infeded the churches 
of New-England : and how they were confuted by the af- 
fembly of minifters there : as alfo of the magiftrates proceed- 
ings in court againft them. Together with Gods (Irange and 
remarkable judgements from heaven U])on fome of the cliief 
fomenters of thefe opinions ; and the lamentable death of 
Mrs. Hutchifon. 4° Lond. 1644. 

ANTINORIUS (Antonius). 

B. about 1720, at Aquila, in the Abruzzi. Entered the 
Church, and became archbilhop of Lanciano. D. at Aquila, 

Aquilanarum reram fcriptores aliquot rudes, e variis manu- 
fcriptis cura ... Antonii Antinorii, civis Aquilani, e tenebris 
erepti ; nunc primum prodeunt, una cum ejus notis, atque 
additamentis. [Muratori, Ant'iquUates Italkx med'ti avi, 
vi. 484.] 

Colledtio monumentomm Furconii, et Amiterni comiui- 
tuumafaiculi v. fine ad annum ufque 1265 ... [Ibid. vi. 487.] 


Tlie cripple of Antioch, and other fcenes from Chriftian 
life in early times. By the author of " Tales and fl<etches 
of Chriflian life." 8° Lond. 1856. 


A Greek monk of Sta. Saba, in the neighbourhood of Jeru- 
falem, who lived in the beginning of the 7th century. 

Epiftola ad Euftaciiium, prsepofitum monafterio Datalenjc 
Ancyrae, civitatis Galitis. [Max. Bibliotheca velerum Pa- 
TRUM, xii. 2 I 6.] 

Piologus, five verius, fragmentum prologi. [Ibid. xii. 

2 I 7-] 

Pandedfes fcripturas divinitus infpiratac ... Godefrido Til- 
manno ... interprete. [Ibid. xii. 217.] 

Exomologefis. [Ibid. xii. 292.] 

Ad Euflathium, de cogitationibus. [Ibid. xii. 293.] 

ANTl-OSIANDER (Phiuppus). 

A friendly letter, addrefl'ed to the Rev. Mr. Bulteel, in 
confideration of his late univerfity fermon on i Cor. ii. 12. 

8° Oxford, I S3 1. 

The fcriptural deftiny of Britain. 1 2 " Lond. n. d. 

A Greek orator, b. about 479 B.C. 

Oratoium Grxcix prxftantifllmorum, Antiphontis, An- 
docidis et Ifxi orationes xxx. ... Inteqiretc Alphonfo 
Miniato, Bononienfi ; nunc primum Grxci et Latini^ cdita. 

8° Hanovix, 16 19. 

Orationes. [Oratores G/-<jr/, apud Aldum, 15 13.] 

— [Stephanus, Oratorum vcterum orationes, p. 1 i i . ) 
- — [RicisKE, Oratores Gr<tci, vii. 60 1 ; viii. 199.] 

— [Bekker, Oratores Attici, i. I.] 


Antijiiumarium monafticum, ad iituni breviarii Benedic- 
tini, et ad nomiam cantus a S. Gregorio Magno inftituti. 
Secundum exemplaria antiquiflima Roma allata ... 

fol. Jn monafterio Einfidlenfi, 1681. 


Les antipodes pour et contre, en j'afTemblee tenuc parpcr- 
niifllon du Roy a Londun cs annces 1619 et 1620. 

8" n. p. 1620. 



Antipodes; or, the new exiftence : a tale of real life. By 
a clergyman. 3 vols. 12° Lond. 1855. 


Anti-pugilifm ; or, the fcience of defence, exemplified in 
fhort and eafy leflbns for the prafllce of the broad fword, and 
fingle flick. By a Highland officer. 8° Lond. 1790. 


A city of Spain, now called Antequera. 

Inceiti fcriptoris interpretatio infcriptionum et epitaphi- 

omm, qux Antiquai'ias . . . reperiuntur. Opufculum fcriptum 

anno Chrifti mdlxxxv. fed antea nufquam editum. [Sal- 

LENGRE, Novus thefaurus antiqii'itatum Romanarum, ili. 845.] 


EfFays upon feveral fubjefts concerning Britifti antiquities 
... 1747. [Sy Henry Home.] 

Tranfaftions of the Society of the antiquaries of Scot- 
land. 3 vols. 4° Edinb. I 792-1 83 I. 

Proceedings of the Society of antiquaries of Scotland. 
Seffions 1851-60. Vols. I.-III. 8° Edinb. 1855-62. 

L'antiquite devoilee ... 1807. \By Ch. Rob GossE- 


Antiquities of Great Britain, illuftrated in views of monaf- 
teries, caftles, and churches, now exifting. Engraved by 
W. Byrne, E.S. A., from drawings made by Thomas Hearne, 
F.S. A., with defcriptions in Engliffi and in French. 2 vols. 

4° Lond. 1807. 

The antiquarian repeitoiy : a mifcellaneous affemblage of 
topography, hillory, biography, culloms and manners ... 
chiefly compiled by, or under the dire(5lion of Francis Grofe, 
Efq., Thomas Aftle, Efq., and other eminent antiquarians. 
Adorned with numerous views, portraits, and monuments. A 
new edition, in four volumes. 4° Lond. 1807-9. 

Uluftrations of northern antiquities, from the earlier Teu- 
tonic and Scandinavian romances ; being an abftradl of the 
Book of Heroes, and Nibelungen Lay ; with tranflations of 
metrical tales from the old German, Danifli, Swedifli, and 
Icelandic languages ; \vith notes and diflertations. 

4° Edinb. 1 8 1 4. 

Tales of an antiquaiy. 1828. [By Richard Thomson.] 

The antiquarian and architeftural year book for mdcccxliv. 

8° Lond. 1845. 

Memoires de la Societe Royale des antiquaires du Nord. 
1845-1849. 8' Copenhague, 1847-52. 

Antiquarifl'C Tidsflvrift, udgivet af det Kongelige Nordifl<e 
OldHcrift-Sel&ab. 1 8 46-5 4. 

8° Kjobenhavn, 1847-54. 

Defcriptive catalogue of the colleflion of antiquities, and 
other objefts, illuftrative of Irilh hiftoiy, exhibited in the 
mufeum, Belfaft, on the occafion of the twenty-fecond meet- 
ing of the Britifh AfTociation for the advancement of fcience, 
September, 1852. With appendix of antiquarian notes. 

8° Belfaft, 1852. 

Lift of the Society of antiquaries of London, on the 
23d April, 1856. 8° Lond. 1856. 

— April, 1857. 8° Lond. 1857. 

[See alfo Arch-xology ] 

ANTIQUIS (RicciARDus de). Pfeud. of H. C. de 



Look before you leap ; or, caution recommended in de- 
ciding on the claims of the Roman Catholics. 

8° Lond. 1825. 

The tables turned; or, the "wandering fpirit" of the 
Chuiches. 8° Lond. [n. d.] 

ANTISELL (Thomas). 

Lefturer on botany in tht Dublin School of medicine, Peter 

A manual of agricultural chemiftry, with its application 
to the foils of Ireland. 12° Dublin, 1845. 

Irifh geology, in a feries of chapters, containing an out- 
line of the fcience of geology, and a defcription of the various 
rocks difti ibuted on the farface of the ifland, with fome re- 
marks on the climate. 12° Dublin, [846. 


Britifh Anti-ftate-church afTociation for the liberation of 
religion from all State interference. Minutes of the meeting 
of the council held on Tuefday, May 2, 1 848, at the offices 
of the affociation. 12° Lond. [1848.] 


A native of Athens, and founder of the fedl of the Cynics. 
He was contemporary with, and a pupil of Socrates. 

Orationes. [Oratores Graci, apud Aldum, 1513.I 

— [Stephakus, Oratorum veterum orationes, p. 181.] 

— [Reiske, Oratores Gneci, viii. 52.] 

• — [Bekker, Oratores Jlttici, torn. viii. appendix.] 


A letter to the Reverend Mr. James Adams at Kinnaii d ; 
occafion'd by his Survey of ProfefTor Campbel's oration. 

12° Edinb. 1734. 

Pufeyifm unmaflced ; or, the Jefuit abroad. 

8° Lond. 1850. 
ANTLIFF (William). 

A fiineral fermon, occafioned by the death of Mr. Hugh 
Bourne ; the fubftance of which was preaclied in the Sea- 
men's church, Rathbone Street, Liverpool, and elfewhere. 
\ylas -xm. 36.] 12° Lond. 1852. 

The Proteftant reformers and the RefoiTnation : a lefhire, 
delivered before the Huddersfield young men's Chriftian af- 
fociation, in the Philofophical Hall of that town, on Tuef- 
day evening, Januaiy 4th, 1853. 12° Lond. 1853. 

Woman ; her pofition and miflion : a lefture, delivered 
in the Town Hall, Haflingden, on Thurfday evening, March 
1 7th, 1 856, on behalf of the Young men's inftitute. 

12° Lond. 1856. 


Antoine and Marie ; or, Have love in America : and an 
ode to fpring. 8° Lond. 1853. 




Antoine de Bonneval : a ftoi-y of the Fronde. 

8° Lend. [1858.] 

ANTOMMARCHI (Francesco). 

B. in Corfica. Studied medicine at Pifa, and in 1818 was 
appointed furgeon to the 'Emperor Napoleon, an office whicli 
he retained till the death of the latter. D. at San Antonio de 
Cuba, 3 April, 1838. 

Dernicis niomcns de Napoleon. 2 torn. 

8' Pai-is, 1825. 
The laft days of the Emperor Napoleon. In two volumes. 

8° Lond. 1825. 
ANTON (Conrad Gottlob). 

B at Lauban, in Upper Lulatia, 21 Nov. 1745. Profeflor of 
Oriental languages in the Univerfity of Wittenberg. D. 4 July, 

Verfuch das zuverlaiTigde Untei fcheidungszeichen der 
orientallfchen und occidentalifchen Sj)rachen zu entdccken, 
nebft einigen Refultaten fiir die Grammatik und fiir die Ge- 
fchichte der alten Sprachen und Volker. 

8° Leipzig, 1792. 
ANTON (James). 

Quartermafter-fergeant, Forty-fecond Highlanders. 
Retrofpedl of a military life, during the mod eventful 
periods of the laft war. i2°Edinb. 1841, 

ANTON (Karl Gottlob). 

B. at Lauban, 23 July, 1752. Studied law at the Univerfity 
of Leipzig. Pradtifed as a lawyer at Gorlltz. D. there, 17 
Nov. 1818. 

Verfuch einer Gefchichte des Tempelherrenordens. 

8° Leipzig, 1 78 1. 
Unterfuchung iiber das Geheimnis und die Gcbrauche der 
Tempelherren. 8° Deflau, 1782. 

ANTONELLUS (Joannes Carolus). 

B. at Velletri about the beginning of the 17th century. 
Entered the Church, and after holding feveral important ofllces 
was appointed biftiop of Ferentino by Pope Innocent XI. 1677. 
D. at Ferentino, 1694. 

Traftatus noviffimus, et abfolutiflimus, de tempore legali, 
in quo difficiliores, rariores, et nobiliores juris quxftiones, de 
tcm])ore in genere, de annis, menfibiis, diebus, lioris et mo- 
mentis, fummo ftudio cnucleantur et deciduntur ... 

fol. Jcnx, 1672. 

ANTONI (Alessandro ViTToRio Papacino d'). 

B. at Villafranca, near Nice, 17 May, 1714. Director of the 
Royal fchool of artillery at Turin, 1755. D. at Turin, 7 Dec. 

Inftitutions phyilco-mechaniques, "a I'ufage des ecoles 
Royales de I'artillerie et du genie de Turin ; traduites de 
ritalien par Mr. * * * 2 torn. 8° Strafbourg, 1777. 

A treatife on gun-powder ; a treatife on fije-arnis ; and 
a treatife on tiie fervice of ai tillery in time of war : tranf- 
lated from the Italian by Captain Thomfon. 

8° Lond. 1789. 
ANTONI ANO (Silvio). 

B. 31 Dec. 1540. Entered the Church, and was ultimately 
raifcd to the dii;nity of cardinal by Clement VIII. D. 15 Aug. 

Sonetto. [RuDBi, Parnafo Italiano, xxxi. 75.] 

ANTONINI (Annibale). 

B. near Salerno, 1702. D. near Naples, 1755. 
Dizionario Italiano, Latino e Francefe . . . Nuova edizione 
... [Didlionnaire Francois, Latin et Italicn ... Nouvelle edi- 
tion.] 2 tom. 4° Lione, [Lyon,] 177O. 


Archbifhop of Florence, 1446. D. in his fixty-ninth or 
feventieth year, 2 or 10 May, 1459. 

De ufuris. [F. Zilettus, Traclatus umvcrfi juris, vii. 


Tradatus peinitilis de interdiflo. [Ibid. xiv. 338.] 
Tradlatus folennis de fufpenfione. [ibid. xiv. 342.] 
Tradatus utilis et neceffarius de excommunicatione. [Ibid. 

xiv. 366.] 

Traftatus folennis et quotidianus de irregularitate. [Ibid. 

xiv. 403.] 

ANTONINUS, Augustus. 

The authorihip of the following work, commonly known as 
the " Itinerary of Antoninus," is involved in much obfcurity. 
It has been varioufly afcribed to Julius Caefar, Antonius Augui- 
tus, Antonius Auguftalis, and Antoninus Auguftus. 

Itinerariimi provinciarum Antonini Augufti. Vibius 
Sequefter do fluminum et aliamm renani nominibus in ordincm 
elemcntorum digeftis. P. Vi(ftor de regionibus urbis Romse. 
Dionyfius Afer de fitu orbis, Prifciano intcqirete ... 

8° Lugduni, n. d. 

Itinerarium Antonini Augufti, et Buidigalenfe. Quorum 
hoc nunc primum eft editum : illud ad diuerfos manufc. 
codices et imprcflos comparatum, emendatum, et Hicronymi 
Surita; Cxfarauguftani doiSiffimo commentario explicatum. 
yEiliteil by And. Scholt/\ 8^ Colonix Agrippinx, 1 600. 

Antonini Itci' Britanniarum, commentariis illuftratum 
Thomx Gale ... Opus pofthumum reviiit,auxit, edidit R. G. 
YRoger Giile.^ Acceflit Anonymi Ravennatis Britannia; 
chorographia, cum autographo Regis Galliae Mfs. & codice 
Vaticano collata ; adjiciuntur conjofturx plurimx, cum no- 
minibus locorum Anglicis, quotquot iis aflignari potuerint. 

4° Lond. 1709. 

Vetera Romanomm Itineraria, five Antonini Augufti Itin- 
erarium, cum integris Jos. Simleri, Hieron. Suritx, et And. 
Schotti notis : Itinerarium Hierofolymitanum ; ct Hieroclis 
Grammatici Synecdemus : curante Petro Wefl'elingio, qui et 
fuas addidit adnotationes. 4° Amftclxdami, 1735- 

Itinerarium. [Pomponius Mela. Vaiet. 15 18.] 

— [ilirHicus, Cufmograph'ta, Biijil, 1575.] 

— [Bertius, Thcalrum gcographiit veteris, ii. I.] 

Iter Britanniai-um ... Accedunt Robeiti Talbot annota- 
tiones ... [J. Leland, Itineniry, iii. 123.] 

Ex itinerario Antonini Aug. e.xceqita. [T. Gale, Hif- 
toriic Bnliiiinicir, l:^r., fcriplnns qiiiniltcnn, ]). 74^*] 

An efliiy on Antoninc's Itinerary fo far as it relates to 
Britiin ; containing . . . the Latin text. [Horsley, Britaimin 
Romiiiiii, p. 379.] 

A commentiry on Antoninus his Itineraiy ... fo far as it 
concernelii Britain ... By William Burton. 16S5. [//'(//■ 
ihe l,\t.] 

Itinerarii Antonini fragmentum. '^SpuriousJ\ [Annius, 
/Inliquhaluin vuriiirum volt, .vi'//.] 



ANTONINUS, HoNORATus. See Honoratus. 

A Greek grammarian, who lived probably under the Anto- 
nines, about the middle of the 2d century. 

Msra/j.ojpwiTswi' auvayuyr}. Transformationum congeries, 
interprete Gulielmo Xylandro. Thomas Munckerus recen- 
fuit, et notas adjecit. [Gr. anil Lal.'j 

1 2° Amftelodami, 1676. 

Msra.aofpwirswv auvayuyri. Transforraationum congeiies, 
inteqirete Gulielmo Xylandro ; cum Tliomx Munckeri notis, 
quibus fuas adjecit Henricus Verheyk. [Gr. and Lat.'\ 
8° Lugduni Batavomm, 1774. 

Mira/io^ipojeiin a-jiayuyr!. Transformationum congeiies, 
cum notis Gulielmi Xylandri, Abrahami Beikelii, Thorax 
Munckeri, et Henrici Verheykii ; accelFerunt ^fopi fabula 
aliquot qux in ^lopearum editionibus baud leguntur et 
Babrii nonnullx cuiavit Ludovicus Henricus Teuchems. 
[Or. only.'] ii° Lipfia;, I 79 I. 

— [Gr. and Lat. Thomas Gale, H'ljlor'iee poetiae Jcr'ip- 
tores antiqui, ii. 403.] 

ANTONINUS, Placentinus. 

Lived in the 6th century, and performed a pilgrimage to the 
holy places, of which he wrote the following itinerary. 

Itinerarium. [Ugolinus, Thejaurus ant'iqmtatum Jacrariim, 

vii. 1207.] 

— [BoLLANDUs, A^a fanSorum, Mail torn. ii. />/•<?/. p. 

ANTONINUS (Marcus Annius Verus Aurelius). 

B. at Rome, 20 April, a.d. 121. Alcended the imperial 
throne, 161. D. in Pannonia, 17 March, iSo. 

Mapzou Avrwwvou, rt>y avroxoaro^oz, roiv 11; icivrov ^iZkia 
//3'. Marci Antonini, imperatoris, de rebus fuis, five de eis 
qcE ad fe pertinere cenfebat, libri xii., locis baud paucis re- 
purgati, fuppleti, reftituti : verfione infuper Latina nova ; 
ledtionibus item variis locifqe parallelis ad marginem adjeiftis, 
ac commentario peqjetuo, explicati atqe illuftrati ; Ihidio 
operaqe Thoma; Gatakeri. 4° Cantabrigise, 1652. 

— Adduntur etiam Merici Cafaubonis ... notas ... 

fol. Trajefti ad Rhenum, 1697. 

Magzou hvrciivDiov riiv E/g iuurov (iiZ'Kia, ii3'. Marci An- 
tonini, imperatoris ac philofophi, libri xii. eomm, quae de 
feipfo ad feipfum fcripfit, ad exemplar Oxonienfe 1704 
recufi. Introdudionem ad philofophiam Stoicam, ex mente 
M. Antonini, praemifit loan. Francifcus Buddeus ... Vitam 
recenfuit criticifque obfervationlbus illuftravit Chriftophoius 
Wolle, A.M. [Gr. and Lat.] 8° Lipfix, 1 729. 

Maozou AvT'jjvitou, avrox^aro^og, ron iig laxiTiiV jSiZXia /p. 
Marci "Antonini, imperatoris, commentarionim, quos ipfe fibi 
fcripfit, libri duodecim. Graeca ad codicum manufcriptorum 
fidem emendavit, notationem varietatis leftionum et interpre- 
tationem Latinam caftigatam adjunxit, Gatakeri aliorumque 
notas cum fuis animadverfionibus indicibufque locvipletiflimis 
adjecit Joannes Matthias Schuitz. Volumen primum An- 
tonini textum Graecum, intei-pretationem Latinam et ledion- 
um varietatera continens. 8° Slefvici, I 802. 

[Vol. 2 was never publifiied.] 

Reflexions morales de I'empereur Marc Antonin : avec 

des remarques de Mr. et de Mad. Dacier. Seconde edition 
... 2 tom. 8° Amfterdam, 1691. 

The Meditations of the emperor Marcus Aurelius Anto- 
ninus ; newly tranflated from the Greek : with notes, and 
an account of his life. [Tlje Jirjl iivo books tranjlated by 
'James Moor, the rejl by Francis Hiitchefon.] 

8° Glafgow, 1742. 

The Commentaries of the emperor Marcus Antoninus : 
containing his maxims of fcience, and rules of life : wrote 
for his own ufe, and addrefT'd to himfelf. Tranflated from 
the original in Greek, by James Thomfon, gent. With a 
fliort preface by the tranflator, which may fen'e for an intro- 
ducftion to the author's fentiments, concerning the harmony 
and progrefs of univerfal nature, and the proper virtues of 
human nature. 8 Lond. 1747. 

The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, with the 
Manual of Epi(5letus, and a Summary of Chriflian morality : 
freely tranflated from the original Greek, by Heniy M'Cor- 
mac, M.D. 12° Lond. 1844. 

The Thoughts of the emperor M. Aurelius Antoninus, 
tranflated by George Long. 8° Lond. 1862. 

* Marc Aurele ; ou, hiftoire philofophique de I'empereur 
Marc-Antonin ... 1820. [By Louis-Madeleine Ripault.] 

'■'Libro aureo de Marco Aurelio, 1529. The golden boke 
of Marcus Aurelius. 1542. [5)1 Antonio Guevara.] 

ANTONINUS (Philifpus). 

An ccclefiaftjc of the Church of Rome, b. at Sarljna, in 
Umbria. Lived in the beginning of the 17th century. 

Saflina antiqua, feu defcriptio antiquiflimacurbis Umbrorum 
vetemm, Saflina olim, nunc Sarfina difl^ ; cujus cum vetus- 
tas & fata, tum marmora antiqua, atque alia monumenta, 
publica & privata, eruuntur. Latinitate donavit Sigebertus 
Havercampus. [Gr/evius, Thejaurus antiqu'itatum et hijlori- 
arum Italix, tom. vii. pt. 2.] 


Poemi due ... delle cofe dell' Aquila dall' anno 1363 al 
1382. [MuRATORi, Antiquitatcs ItalictE medii levi, vu 7 I I .] 


B. at Liihon, 1195. Became a Francifcan monk, 1221. 
Taught theology at Verceil, Bologna, Montpellier, Limoges, and 
at Padua, where he d. 13 June, 1231. Canonifed, I232. 

The moral concordances of St. Anthony of Padua, tranf- 
lated, verified, and adapted to modern ufe, by the Rev, J. M. 
Neale, M.A. 12° Lond. n. d. 

* Epitome de la vida ... de San Antonio ... de Padua. 
1647. [.^y Miguel Pacheco.] 

ANTONIO (Francisco). 

B. at Lifton. Entered the Jefuit order, 1558. ProfefTor of 
law at Coimbra, fubfequently of moral theology at Madrid. D. 
15 Feb. 1610, in his feventy-fifth year. 

Confideraciones fobre los myfterios del altiflimo facrificio 
de la miflli ; repartidos en quatro libros, en los quales tara- 
bien fe ponen niuchos fiiitos, y milagros de la miflli, y del 
fantifllmo facramento, y del agua bendita, y de las imagenes 
y reliquias de los fantos, y de la fenal de la cruz, y del Agnus 
Dei. 4° Madrid, 159S. 



ANTONIO (Nicolas). 

B. at Seville, 28 July, 1617. D. at Madrid, 13 Apr. 16S4. 
De exiJio ; five, de exilii poena antiqua et nova, cxuluni- 
que conditione et juribus : libii tres. 

fol. Antveqiix, 1659. 

— [Meerman, Nomis thefauni! juris civilis et ccmonlc'i, 
iii. I.] 

Bibliotheca Hifpana ; five, Hifpanonam, qui ufquam, un- 
quanive, five Latina, five ])opulaii, five alia quavis lingua 
fcripto, aliquid confignaverunt, notitia ; his quae piascefleiunt 
locupletior et ccitior ; brcvia elogia, editorum atque inedi- 
tonim operum catalogum duabus partibus continens ; quainini 
haec ordinc quidem lei poflerior, conceptu veio prior, iluobus 
Unnis de his agit, qui poll annum fi^cularem Mi). ufi:jue ad 
praEfi;ntem diem floruere ... fol. Roma", 1672. 

Bibliotheca Hifpana nova ; five, Hifpanonim fcriptorum, 
qui ab anno md. ad mdclxxxiv. floruere, notitia ... Nunc 
primum prodit recognita, emendata, audla ab ipfo auftore. 
2 torn. 4^ Matriti, 1783-8. 

Bibliotheca Hifpana Vetus ; five, Hifpanoium, qui uf- 
quam, unquamve fcripto aliquid configiiavenint, notitia. Com- 
pledlens fcriptores omnes, qui, ab OiSaviani Augufli imperio, 
ufque ad annum m. floruerunt. Tomus primus [ ... ab anno 
M. ufque ad md. ... Tomus fecundus.] Opus pofthumum : 
nunc primilm prodit juflu et expenfis D. Jofephi Saenz, 
Cardinalis de Aguirre. fol. Romx, 1696. 

— Curante Francifco Perezio Bayerio, qui et prologum, 
et auftoris vita; epitomen, et notulas adjecit. 2 tom. 

fol. Matriti, 1788. 
Repertorium generale rerum notabiliorum feu mateiiamm 
omnium, qui in libris ofto quotidianarum controverfiamm 
juris D. .loannis del Caftillo Sotomayor ... continentur ... 

fol. Lugd. 1686. 
Cenfura de hiftorias fabulofas. Obra pofthuma ... Van 
anadidas algunas cartiis del mifmo autor i de otros erudites. 
Pubiica cftas obras Don Gregorio Mayans i Sifcar. 

fol. Valencia, 1742. 

ANTONIUS, Magnus, Abbas. 

B. at Coma, near Heracleia, in Middle Egypt, A. D. 251. The 
reputed founder of tlic monaftic life among the early Chriffians. 
D. 17 Jan. 356. 

Epiftolx VII. yMux. Bibliotheca •veterum Patrum, iv. 77.] 
Sermo de vanitati- niundi, ct de refurredlione mortuonim, 
))er D. Gerard. Voffium editus. [Ibid. iv. 85.] 

ANTONIUS, Melissa. 

A Greek monk, of whole hiftory nothing is known. His 
work has been afcribcd to S- Antony the Great, but it is of 
much later date. 

Ell TTi !Taooi;(r)j (SiiBkoi iSidTi raoi. A.ToiMrnionvfi.aLrtin ix. 
Oiafio^ut, Ttui re y.alf »i/ia;, nai ruv du^aDsv Siii'Kiinv, ro/zo/ 
Tce;;. Ma'^ificiu yA^cOMioiv msi riXiias ayuTri; xai aXXtuv 
aftriuv iKwrovra&ig 0. WeojJ/Xou, tjoj AutoXuxov, tew i-)iou 
xai mBriuii Xj/ffr;avw>, /3;/3>.;a y. Tariavou Aaffw/ou Xoyoi 
xara lOtui/. Hoc iiolumine continentur : Sententiarum five 
capitum, thcologicoium prscipuc, ex facris ct piofanis libri.s, 
tomi tres, per Antonium et Maximum monachosolim colle(51i 
... Abba; Maximi ... A]ihorifiiioiuni feu ca])itum de])erfei^hi 
charitatc et aliis uirtutibusChrillianisad El]ildium pivfliyteniin 
centuria; iiu. TheophiJi ... de Deo ct fide Chrillianorum 

contra gentes inftitutionum libri tres ad Autolycum. Tatiani 
Aflyrii ... Oratio contra Graecos. [Gr. on/y.'l 

fol. Tiguri, I 5 46. 

ANTONIUS (^Lius), Nebrissensis. 

B. 1444, at Nebrixa, or Lebrixa, in Andalufia. Studied at 
Salamanca and Bologna. ProfelTor of grammar and poetry at 
Salamanca ; promoted by Ximenez, 1513, to a profcflbrihip in 
his newly founded Univerfity of Alcala de Henares. D. 2 July, 

Introduftionum latinam ultima recognitio. 

4° In alma Parifiorum Achademia, i 500. 

— Another edition. Cum ipfifmet autoris longioribus 
glofiematis. 8' Lugduni, 1510. 

— Another edition. 

fol. apud inclytam Granatam, 1552- 
Habes in hoc volumine, amice ledlor, JEMi Antonii Neb- 
riffenfis rerum a Fernando & Elifabe Hifpaniarum foeliciiTimis 
regibus geftarum dec:ides duas : necnon belli Nauarienfis 
libros duos: annexa infuper Archiepifco[)i Roderici chronica, 
aliifque hiltoriis antchac non excuflis : [viz. Genealogia regum 
Hifpanorum . . . Alphonfi de Carthagena epifcopi Burgenfis. 
Epifcopi Gerundenfis (Joannis Moles a Margaritis) Parali- 
pomenon Hifpanis libri decern.] ^Edited by Sancho, fon of 
the author.^ fol. apud inclytam Granatam, 1545. 

Rerum a Ferdinando et Elifabe . . . geftarum decades dux. 
[ScHOTTUS, Hifpania: illuJJratte, i. 786.] 

— [Robert Bell, Rerum Hifpuntcarum fcriptores, [). 


[The above is a tranflation of the Spanilh chronicle of Hernando del 
Pulgar, left unfinilhed by Antonius, and, after his death, publifhcd by 
his fon, Sancho, who fuppofed it to be an original work.] 

De bello Navarienfi libri duo. [Schottus, Hifpanite illuf 
tratie, i. 906.] 

— [Robert Bell, Rerum Hifpimicarum fcriptores, p. 
12 12.] 

Vocabularium utiiufque juris . . . Cum tradlatu admodum 
utili de ratione lludii. Accellit prxterea Lexicon juris civilis, 
in quo varii et infignes errores Accurfii notantur ... 

8° Venet. 1575. 
A la mui aita e afli efclarccida jirincefa dona Ifabel la ter- 
cera dcfte nombre ... Comienza la gramatica que nuevamente 
hizo cl niaedro Antonio de lebrixa fobre la lengua Caftellana. 
4° Em])reflb en la mui noble ciudad de 
Salamanca, 1492. 
[The above, though dated 1492, is tiie fpurious edition publiihed about 

Quinquagena, feu, quinquaginta S. Scri]itui-a; locorum ex. 
))Ianatio, ordine alphabetico. [Critici sacri, viii. iii. 91.] 


Prior of the monaftcry of St. James at Mcntz, in the begin- 
ning of the I7tli century. 

Catalogus ... abbatum pcrcclebris monafterii D. Jacobi in 
monte fpeciofo prope Moguntiam, ordinis D. Benediifli ... 
necnon abbatum ... ad alias abbatias afluminomni, venera- 
bilium itidem P.P. prioruni alioi-umq\te patrum ac fratnim 
in])i;ifato monafierio profefliii um ... G. C. .loannis ivccn- 
fuit, nolulis p ifiim inf|)eifis lllullrauit, necnon ad pnufens ufque 
tempus produxit. |G. C. Joannes, Res Moguntitictt, iii. 





Antony, the deaf and dumb boy. 

2 vols. 
8° Lend. 


ANTRAIGUES, Comte d'. See Emanuel Louis- 
Hemi de Launey. 

ANTRAMONIA (Ambertus de). 

A jurift of Bologna, who is known only as the author of the 
undermentioned work. 

Tradlatus fuper materia qucfftionum, feu toiturx. [F. 
ZiLETTUS, TraSatus univerfi juris, xi. i. 306.] 


A letter from the prefbytery of Antrim to the congrega- 
tions under their care ; occafion'd by the uncharitable breach 
of lynodical communion, made by the general fynod of Dun- 
gannon, June 25th, 1726. 8° Belfaft, 1726. 

A brief review of a paper intituled, A letter fiom the 
prefbytery of Antrim ... 1730. [.Sy Alexander Hutche- 


A narrative of the proceedings of feven general fynods of 
the northern Prefbyterians in Ireland, with relation to tlieir 
differences in judgment and practice from the year 1720 to 
the year 1726, in which they iffu'd in a fy nodical breach ... 
By the minifters of the prefbytery of Antrim, in the north 
of Ireland. 8° Belfaft, 1727. 

ANTROBUS (Edmund Edward), F.S.A. 

Anarchy and order : fafts for the confideration of all 
claffes of the community, more efpecially for the mechanic, 
artifan, &c. 8° Lend. 1848. 

The prifon and the fchool : the chief afceitained caufes 
of crime confidered, with fuggeftions for the care, relief, and 
reformation of the negledled, deftitute, and ciiminal children 
of the metropolis. 8° Lond. 1853. 


Clifton ; or, thoughts and fcenes : in two cantos. 

8° Lond. 1834. 
The wrongs of Poland : a poem, in three cantos, com- 
priCng the fiege of Vienna, with hift:orical notes. \Anon.'\ 

8° Lond. 1849. 
The Czar and the Turk : a lay of the Eaft. [AnonS^ 

8° Lond. 1854. 
ANTROBUS (John), Jun. 
The pilgrim's dream, and other poems. 

8° Birmingham, 1850. 

L'antropophile ; ou le fecret et les mifteres de I'ordre de 
la Felicite, devoiles ... 1746. [By Jean Pierre Moet.] 


The emperor's claims : being a defcription of the city of 
Antwerp and the river Schelde ; with a concife hiftory of 
the Auftrian Netherlands. Together with extrads from the 
articles of the treaty of Munfter, and thofe of the Barrier 
tieaty, wheieby the Dutch found their right to the blocking 
up of die Schelde ... 8° Lond. 1785. 

Antwerp : a journal kept there, including alfo notices of 
BiTjlTels, and of the monaftery of St. Bernard, near Weft- 
malle. 8° Lond. 1847. 

ANULUS (Bartholom^us). 

A poet, hiftorian, lawyer and orator, b. at Bourges about the 
beginning of the l6ch century. Profeflor of rhetoric in the 
College of the Trinity, at Lyon, about 1530, and principal, 1542. 
On the 21 June, 1565, a Itone having been thrown Irom one 
of the windows of his college, while the ptocellion of the hoft 
was palling, lulpicion fell upon Aneau, as being a Proteftant, 
and the mob, in a frenzy, put him to death. 

Poeniata. [Gruter, Delitis poetarum Gallorum, i. 58.] 

ANUNCIACION (Juan de la). 

La inocencia vindicada : refpuefta ... a un papel anony- 
mo contra el libro de la vida interior, que de fi efcribio D. 
Juan de Palafox y Mendoza. 4° Madrid, n. d. 

ANVERS (Caleb d'). See D' An vers. 

ANVERS (Henry d'). See D'Anvers. 

ANVERS (Knightly d'). See D'Anvers. 

ANVILLE (Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'). 

B. at Paris, 11 July, 1697. Appointed geographer to the king, 
when Icarcely twenty-two years of age. D. 28 Jan. 17S2. 

Nouvel atlas de la Chine, de la Tartaric Chinoife, et du 
Thibet ; contenant les cartes generales et particulieres de ces 
pays, ainfi que la carte du royaume de Coree ... Precede 
d'une defci iption de la Bouchai ie par un officier Suedois, qui 
a fait quelque fejour dans ce pays. fol. La Haye, 1737. 

Lettre au R. P. Caftel, Jefuite, au fujet des pays de Kam- 
tchatka & de Jego ; et reponfe du R. P. Caftcl. 

12° Paris, 1737. 
Reponfe au memoire envoye a I'Academie Royale des 
Sciences, contre la mcfure conjefturale des degrez de I'equa- 
teur, en confequence de I'ctenduc de la mer du Sud. 

12° [Paris,] 1738. 
Analyfe geographique de I'ltalie. 4° Paris, 1744. 
EclaircifTemens geographiques fur la carte de I'lnde. 

4° Paris, 1753. 
Notice de I'ancienne Gaule, tii-ee des monumens Romains. 

4° Paris, I 760. 
Memoires fur I'Egypte ancienne et moderae, iuivis d'une 
defcription du golfe Arabique ou de la Mer Rouge. 

4° Paris, I 766. 
Geographic ancienne abregee. 3 torn. 

12° Paris, 1768. 
— Nouvelle edition, revue par I'auteur. 

fol. Paris, I 769. 
Traite des mefures itineraires anciennes et modernes. 

8° Paris, 1769. 
Etats formes en Europe, apres la chute de I'empire Ro- 
maiu en Occident. 4° Paris, 1771. 

L'empire de Ruffie, fon origine et fes accroiffemens. 

12° Paris, 1772. 
A complete body of ancient geography ... To which are 
added, Britannia Romana, by Mr. Horfley, &c. Graecix 
pars feptentrionalis, Graccis pars meridionalis, by Mens. 



Charles de I'lfle. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the 
Biitifh Ifles, in an intermediate (late between ancient and 
modern geography, by Mons. d'Anville. And the whole 
improved by inferting the modern names of places under the 
ancient. fol. Lond. 1775. 

Antiquite geographique de I'lnde et de plufieurs autres 
contrees de la haute Aiie. 4° Paris, 1775. 

Memoire ... fur la Chine. 

8° A Pe-kin, et fe trouve a Paris, 1776. 

Memoire fm- la mer Cafpienne ; lii a I'Academie Royale 
des Sciences en Mai 1777. 4° Paris, J "J "J J. 

Confiderations gcnerales, fur I'etude et les connoiflances 
que demande la compoCtion des ouvragcs de geogj'aphie. 

8° Paris, 1777. 

L'Euphrate et le Tigre. 4" Paris, 1779. 

Handbuch der alten Erdbefchreibung zum Gebrauch 
feines Atlas Antiquus in zwolf Landkarcen verfafft. Ncue 
umgearbeitete Auflage von A. H. L. Heeren. [Paul 
Jakob Bruns und H. E. G. Paulus.] 5 Thle. 

8° Niirnberg, 1800. 

ANWYL (Edward Trevor). 

Reginald Trevor ; or, the WeKh loyalifts : a tale of the 
feventeenth century. 3 vols. 12° Lond. 1829. 

ANYSIUS (Janus). 

B, at Naples about 1472. Studied law, which he foon aban- 
doned for a literary life, in the courfe of which he travelled 
through Italy, refiding feveral years in Rome. On his return 
to Naples, he became a prieft. D. about 1540. 

Eclogx VI. rj. Oporinus, Bucalicorum autores xxxviii. 

p. 409.] 


Elementos preliminares para poder formar un fyftema de 
gobierno de hofpicio general. 4° Madrid, 1778. 

APAFI (Michael). 

B. about 1633. Set up by the Turks as prince of Tranfyl- 
vania, inftead of John Kemeny, depoled by them, 1660. Af- 
filled the Turks and Hungarians on feveral occafions againft 
Auftrla, which refultcd in the fubjcftion of his principality to 
that power, 1688. D. at Fogaras, 15 April, 1690. 

The declaration of the Hungarian war, lately fet out by 
the mod iiluilrious Michael Apali ... againft the Emperour's 
S. Majcfty. According to the Tranfylvanian copy, anno 
1682 ... fol. Lond. 1682. 

APARICI (Joseph Innocencio). 
Noite fixo, y promptuario feguro, para la mas clara, y 
breve inteligencia del valor de todas las moned;is ufuales, y 
corrientes del continente dc Efpana, affi en fus projjrios rey- 
nos, como en los demhs de cUa, arreglado "a la ultima re;J 
pragmatica expedida en 16. de Mayo de 1737. 

8° Madrid, I 74 1. 
APEL (August). 

B. at Leipzig, 171 1 j ftudied there and at Wittenberg; ad- 
mitted a member of the Scnatus Acadcmicus of Leipzig, 1801. 
D. 9 Aug. 1816. 

Gefpenfterbuch, herausgegeben von A. Ape! und F. 
Laun. 12° Leipzig, 181 I. 

Metrik. 2 Thle. 8° Leipzig, 1814-16. 

VOL. I. 

APEL (Heinrich). 

Praflical introdudion to the ftudy of the German lan- 
guage, accoiding to the views of Dr. Becker. 

12° Lond. 1842. 
The formation of words of the Geinian language, practi- 
cally developed and arranged according to the views of Dr. 
Becker . . . forming a fupplement to every German grammar. 

8° Lond. 1 8 44. 

APELIUS (Henricus Fridericus Innocentius). 

* Memoriam viri illuftris, Henrici Friderici Innocentii 
Apelii ...d. xiv. Novembr. a. 1802 placide defundti, civibus 
fuis et grata: polleritati commendat Reilor Univerfitatis lit- 
terai-um Lipfienfis. 4° LipCse, 1803. 


A poet and grammarian, who lived at Amfterdam during the 
latter half of the i6th century. 

Poemata. ^GKVTZS.,Deliliiepoeiarum Be/gicorum,\. 165.] 


High-church aphorifms, written by thofe twin-brothers in 
fcandal, the author of the E.xaminer, and modell Abel [yliel 
Roper, editor of the Pojl-boy.'] 8° n. p. I 7 I I. 


A Greek rhetorician, b. at Antioch. It is fuppofed that he 
lived in the early part of the 4th century, but of his pcrlonal 
hiftory nothing is known. 

A^Soviov 'S.ofiSTou Tlooyu/j.vaa/j.aToi, /j-vOoi. Aphthonii 
Sophifts Progymnafmata. Francifco Scobario intej-prete : 
cum notis ex commentiuiis Hadamarii. Eiufdem Aphthonii 
Fabuia; nunc primilm in lucem prolatae. Editio nova audla 
et recognita. [Gr. ami Lat.] 8° Parifiis, 162 I. 

O/ ill rri i>riTOPr/.ri Tsp^vi) y.ooufaioi, Afhviog, Kf^'jioynrj;, 
A. Aoy/ivo;. Aphthonius, Hermogenes, et Dionyfius Lon- 
ginus, prartantiiTinii aitis rhetorices magilhi, Fiancifci Porti, 
Cretenfis, opera induftriaque illuftrati atque expoliti. [Gr. 
on/y.] 8° [Lugduni,] 1570. 

A^()onoii 2o^;ffroD Tl^oyu/j,vagf/.aTa. Aphthonii Sophifta: 
Progymnafmata. Accedit ejufdcm intcq)rctatio, ita emen- 
dati, ut nova videri poflit. [F.i/itc</ ly Dniiitl Neinjius.] 
8° Lugduni Batavoiiim, 1626. 

Progymn:ifmata, jjartim a Rodoljiho Agricola partim a 
Johanne Maria Catanso, Latinitate donata, cum fcholiis R. 
Lorichii .,. [Lcit on/y.] 12° Anifterodami, 1645. 

— [Aromatari, Degli autorl del ben purlare, IsSe. pt. iv. 
toni. v.] 

[IMulJo/ k<pOoyio\) ^nro^oi. Aphthonii Soph, fabulx. Ja- 
cobus Kimedoncius, filius, interpretatus eft. {Gr. and 
rajS'io-j /J.ut}(ji. Gabrix fabulx. [Gr. and Lat.) Pha-dri 
Aug. libciti fabularum iEfopiaiuni, lib. v. Avian! jEfopi- 
carum fibularum liber.] 120 no title page. 

Ex .;\phthonli exercitamctis de fabuia. [Gr. and Lai. 
ylisopus, FabelU, apud Aldum, 1505; B.ijd. 1534 & 

API (Francesco Bracciolini dell'). See Francefco 




APIANUS (Petrus). 

A mathematician and aftronomer, b. at Leifinig, in Saxony, 
1495. Taught mathematics during the latter part of his life at 
Ingolftadt, where he d. 21 Apr. 1552. He printed leveral of 
his own works. 

Infcriptiones facrofanfts vetuftatis, non ills quidem Ro- 
manx, fed totius fere orbis ... Raymuiido Fuggero ... Pe- 
tnis Apianus ... & Bai-ptholomeus Amantius ... ded. 

fol. Ingolftadii, 1534. 

La cofmographia de Pedro Apiano ; cori'egida y anadida 
por Gemma Frifio. 4° Anvers, 1575. 

APICTUS (C^Lius). 

The following work is generally believed to be the produc- 
tion of none of the three Apicii, noted for their luxury, but of 
an unknown author of a much later period, who aflumed the 
name in order to attract attention. 

Caelii Apltii, fummi adiJatricis mcdicinae aitificis, De re 
culinai'ia libri x., recens e tenebris eiuti, et a mendis uindi- 
cati, typifque fumma diligentia excufi. Pi ;eterea, P. Pla- 
tings, Cremonenfis, viri undecunque doftiffimi, De tuenda 
ualetudine, natura rerum, et popinx fcientia libi'i x. ad imita- 
tionem C. Apitii ad unguem faifti. Ad htec, Pauli ^gi- 
netx De faciJtatibus alimentonira traflatus, Albano Torino 
intei-prete. 4° Bafiles, I 541. 

De opfoniis et condimentis, five arte coquinaiia, libri de- 
cern : cum annotationibus Martini Lifter, et notis felefli- 
oribus, variifque le(5tionibus integris, Hunielbergii, Barthii, 
Reinefii, A. van der Linden, et alioi'um, ut et varianam lec- 
tionum libello. Editlo fecunda. 

8° Amflelodami, 1709. 

De opfoniis et condimentis five arte coquinaria libri x. ; 
cum leftionibus variis atque indice edidit Joannes Michael 
Bernhold. 8^ [Marcobreit. 1787.] 

APINUS (SiGisMUNDUs Jacobus). 

B. at Herlbruck, near Nuremberg, 1693. ReiSor of the 
fchool of St. Giles at Brunfwick. D. 1732. 

Vitx profeflbrum philofophiae, qui, a condita Academia 
Altoiiina, ad hunc ufque diem claraerunt, qua fieri potuit ac- 
curatione ex monumentis fide digniflimis, defcripta;. 

4= Norimb. et Altorf, 1728. 
Anleitung wie man Bildnifi^e beiiihniter und gelehiter 
Manner mit Nutzen fammlen und denen dagegen gemacht- 
en Einwendungen griindlich begegnen foil. 

8° Niirnberg, 1728. 

Difcipuli de temporibus Monitum de praejudicio herme- 
neutico accuiatiorem Apocalypfeos explicationem etiamnum 
impediente. [Schelhorn, Amanitates lilfrariie, vi. 452.] 
The Apocalypfe popularly explained. 

8° Lend. 1S52. 
A key to the Apocalyjife. Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1855. 
An original interpretation of tlie Apocalypfe. Second 
edition. 8° Lond. 1857. 

Notes on the Apocalypfe, as explained by the Hebrew 
Scriptures : the place in pi'ophecy of America and Auftraiia 
being pointed out. 8 Lond. 1859. 

The orb of light ; or, the apocalyptic vifion. By a lady. 

8° Lond. i860. 


Father and fon, refpeftively prelbyter and bllhop of Laodicea, 
in the 4th century, to both of whom the following works have 
been afcribed. 

Metaphrafis pfaimoi-um Davidis, verfibus heroicis. \Max. 
Bibl'iotheca velerum Patrum, v. 547.I 

Epiftolx dux. \Gr. and Lat. Cotelerius, Ecclefie 
Graas monumenia, ii. 84.] 


Apollo. Monatschrifi;, herausgegeben von A. G. Meifl- 
ner. 2 Bde. 8° Prag und Leipzig, 1793. 


A modeft examination of a late pamphlet, entituled, 
Apollo Mathematicus. 4° [Lond.J 1696. 


A celebrated architect of the 2d century, b. at Damafcus. 
He fuperintended moft of the great architcftural undertakings 
of the Emperor Trajan. 

Ez T'jit Ac7o?.X<iowjou Tlo'Kiosy.r^Tr/.a. Poliorcetica, excero- 
ta ex libris Apollodori. [Mathematici -veteres, p. 13.] 

APOLLODORUS, Atheniensis. 

A Greek grammarian and hiftorian. B. at Athens. Lived 
about 150 B.C. 

Bibliotheces, five de deorum origine, tam Grxc^, quam 
Latine, luculentis pariter, ac doftis annotationibus illuftrati, et 
nunc primum in lucem editi, libri tres ; Benedifto .'Egio, 
Spoletino, inteqirete. Acceflit etiam libris hifce nominum 
remmque opiJentiflimus index. Quibus demum additus eft 
Scipionis Tetti, viri apprime dodli, de ApoUodoris ... com- 
mentarius. \_EtUtio pr'inceps.'\ 8° Romx, 1555. 

B;£X/oi)>;-/!^;, ?j tj^/ 0£cuv, jSiiSXia y. Bibliotheces, five 
de deorum origine, libii iii. ; Benedi(flo ^gio, Spoletino, 
interprete. Hanc editionem Hieronymus Coramelinus recen- 
fuit ; plerifque in locis, mm.fl". ope, emendatiorem reddidit ; 
ac notis variis, ex collatione veterum exemplarium, fed prx- 
cipue Palat. illuftiavit. \Gr. and LatJ] 

8° [Heidelbergx,] 1599. 

Bibliothecx libri tres, et fragmenta ; curis fecundis illus- 
travit Chr. G. Heyne. 2 tom. 8° Gottingx, 1803. 

— [Thomas Gale, Hyioriic poet'icit fcnptores anhqu't, p. I.] 

AtoX'ao&usou, tod ASriuaiou, BiiXioSrixyj. Bibliotheque 
d'Apollodore I'Athenien. Ti'aduftion nouvelle avec le texte 
Grec revu et corrige, des notes et une table analytique par 
E. Clavier. 2 tom. 8° Paris, 1805. 


B. atVeere, in Zeeland, in the beginning of the 17th century. 
MinifteratSt. Anneter Minden, 1627; at Middleburgh, 1631. 
D. 1657. 

Confideratio quarundam controverfiarum ad regimen Ec- 
clefix Dei fpedlantium, qux in Anglix regno hodie agitant- 
ur. Ex mandate et juflu clafiis Walachrianx confcripta ... 
et ab ecclefiis Walachris, ad ecclefiamm fuarum fenfum et 
confenfuni, judicandura tranfmifia ad Synodum Londinen- 
fem, 16 Oftobris, anni 1644. 8^ Lond. 1644. 

Jus Majeftatis circa facra ; five, tradtatus theologicus, de 



jure magiftratus circa res ecclefiafticas, oppofitus ... Nicolai 
Vcdelii traiStatui De epifcopatu Conrtantini Magni ... 2 torn. 
S' Mcdioburgi Zclandomm, 1642—^. 

APOLLONIUS, Alexandrinus, Dyscolus. 

One of the moft f.imous of ancient grammarians. B. at Alex- 
andria, where he flouriftied in the reigns of Hadrian and An- 
toninus Pius. 

De fyntaxi feu conftni(Slione orationis libri iiii. A 
Francifco Porto ... e iiianufcri])to codice paflim & corredti 
& fuppleti ; turn Latine redditi, & notationibus illuftrati : 
nunc denuo a Frid. Sylburgio cum bonis exemplaribus col- 
Jati & notationibus au<5li. Addita e Procli Chreftomathia 
granimatica, Photii patriarchas C. P. eleifla ; ab Andrea 
Schotto primum edita, Latinitate donata & fcholiis illuftrata ; 
nunc iteram a Sylburgio m.s. exemplaris coUatione paflim 
emendata, fuppleta, notationibus audla. His acceflere qua- 
tuor inuentaria verbomm, renjm, auftorum ; tum anomali- 
arum grammaticanjm breuis adnotatio : opera & (ludio Fr. 
Sylburgii. [Gr. and Lat.~\ 4° Francofurti, I 590. 

De conftrudlione orationis libri quatuor ex recenfione Im- 
manuelis Bekkeri. \Gr. only.'] 8° Berolini, 1817. 

Dc conftruftione libri quatuor. [GreeL text. Gaza, /«- 
trodudiun: grammaticts IU>. quatuor, iifc. apud Aldum, i 495.] 

Hiftorirc commentitix liber. Joannes Meurdus recenfuit, 
fyntagma de eius nominis fcriptoribus, et commentarium, ad- 
didit. ]JJr. and Lat.] 4° Lugduni Batavonam, 1620. 

Hiftoiias commentititE liber, five hiftorix mirabiles, Graece 
et Latine cum notis Gulielmi Xylandri et Joannis Meurfii ; 
emendavit, fuafque notas adjecit Ludov. Henr. Teucherus. 

8° Lipfi^, 1792. 

Depronomine liber. Primum edidit Fmanuel Bekkeius. 
\Greek text. Wolff and Buttmann, Mujeum antiquhathjludi- 
orum, i. 255.] 

De conjuncftionibus et de adverbiis libri. \Grefk text. 
Bekker, ylnccdota Grtsai, p. 477.] 


An eminent geometer and aftronomer. B. at Perga, in Pam- 
phylia, in the reign of Ptolemy Euergetes, and lived at Alexan- 
dria under Ptolemy Philopator B.C. 222-205. 

Conicorum lib. iv. ; cum commentariis Claudii Richardi. 

fol. Antveipise, 1 65 5. 

Conicomm libri odlo ; ct Sereni Antiflenfis dc feflione 
cylindri et coni libri duo. (Conicorum libri iv. priores cum 
Pappi Alexandj-ini lemmatis et Eutocii Afcalonitae com- 
mentariis ... Edidit Edmundus Hallcius.) [Gr. text and 
Lat. verjion of F. Conimandinus, revifed.] (Libri tres pof- 
tcriores, fc. v""'- vi'"'- & vii""'^- ex Arabico fermone in 
Latinum convcrfi, cum Pappi Alexandrini lemmatis. I Gr. 
text and /.at. •ver/ion by Halley] Subjicitur liber conicorum 
odlavus reftitutus. [Za/.] 0])cra & ftudio Edmundi Hal- 
Icii. fol. Oxonix, 1 7 i o. 

Conica ... illuftrata ... per Ifaacum Barrow. [Archi- 
medes, Opera, life. 1675.] 

De feflione determinata libri 11. rcftifuti, duobus infuper 
libris aufli. [R. Simson, 0/iera f/ud:diim re/iqua, p. i.] 

Francifci Vietx Apollonius Gallus ; feu, cxfufcitata A])ol- 
lonii, Pergxi, ^£5; i<ra<pu>i gcometria. [Fr. Vieta, Opera 
fnathematica, p. 325.] 


B. at Alexandria, in Egypt, about B.C. 235. Taught rhetoric 
with great fucccfs at Rhodes, where he was honoured with the 
civic franchile and other diftinftions, in confequence of which 
he thenceforth called himfclf a Rhodian. Appointed chief 
manager of the libraries in the muleum at Alexandria, about 
B.C. 194. 

k^yom-orixuv ^iZXia, 0. Argonauticwn libri nil. Scholia 
vetufta in eofdem libios, qux palmam, inter alia omnia in alios 
poetas fcripta, obtinere e.xiftimantur. Cum annotationibus 
Henrici Stephani ... [Gr. only.] 4° [Parifiis,] 1574. 

Argonauticoram libri quatuor. Edidit, nova fere interprc- 
tatione illuftravit, priorum editoium notis prxcipuas felegit, 
Saniflamandi nunquam prius editis nonnullas fuas adjecit, nec- 
non indices tres addidit, Joannes Shaw, A.M. \Gr. and 
Lat.] 2 tom. 4° Oxonii, 1777. 

Argonautica, e fcri])tis odlo veteribus libris, quomm [)leri- 
que nondum collati fuerant, nunc primum emendate edidit 
Rich. Fr. Phil. Brunck ... 4° Argentorati, 1780. 

Argonauticorum libri quatuor, Grarce, cum verfione Lat. 
fcholiis Grr. commentario, indicibus edidit Chriftianus Daniel 
Beckius. Volumen primum. 8"" Lipfix, 1797. 

[Vol. 2, intended to contain the fcholia, was not publiihed.] 

Catalogus Argonautamm, commentario peqx-tuo illuftravit 
Erneftus Friedeiicus Kraufe. b° Halx, 1798. 

Argonautica. Ex recenfione et cum notis R. F. P. 
Bmnckii. Editio nova Tfeciinda'] auflior et correftior. Ac- 
ccdunt fcholia Grasca ex codice Biblioth. Imperial. Paris. 
nunc primum evulgata. 2 tom. 8° Lipfije, 1810—13. 

Argonautica. [Gr. and Lat, Lectius, Poctx Graci 
■veteres hcro'ici, ii. I.] 

L' Argonautica, tradotta cd illuftrata \l>y Cardinal Lodovico 
Flanghii ; Greek text and Ital. metrical -verfion.] 2 torn. 

4° Roma, 1 791-4. 

The Argonautics, in four books, \jranjlated into Englilh 
verfe] by Francis Fawkes ; the whole revifed, corredled, and 
completed by [Henry Meen] his coadjutor and editor ; who 
has annexed a tranflation of Coluthus's Greek poem on the 
Rape of Helen, or the oiigin of the Trojan war; witli notes. 

8° Lond. 1780. 

The Argonautic expedition, tranflated from the Greek 
into Engliih verfe, with critical, hiftorical, and explanatoiy 
remarks, and ])ref itoiy efliiys ; with a lai-ge appendix. [By 
Edward Burnaby Greene.] 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1780. 

The Argonautics, tranflated into Englifli verfe ; with 
notes, critical, hiftorical, and cxplanatoiy, and difleitations ; 
by William Prcfton. 3 vols. 12° Dublin, 1803. 

* Ueber das Lcben und Gedicht des Ajipollonius von 
Rhodes. 182 1, [.^ji Augull Weichert.] 


An eminent grammarian of Alexandria, who lived about the 
time of Auguftus. 
AcroXXmiov Xc^ixov. Apollonii Sophifta: lexicon GnECum 
Iliadis et Odyfleoe. Primus ex codice manufcripto Sangor- 
manenfi in lucem vindicavit, innumeris re])urgavit mendis, 
allegata Homeri, & alioiiim poctai-um loca diftinxit, indicavit, 
notis atque animadverflonibus peqietuis illullr.ivit, & vcrdoneni 
Latinam adjecit .lohannes Baptilla Cafparas d'Anfle dc Vil- 
loifon. Cum prolcgomenis, indicibus aufloiiim & vocum 
Homericai-um, ac novem tabulis xncis in quibus omncs codicis 



manufci ipti litteiarum fornix & comj^endia . . . reprxfentantur. 
Accedit, prxter multa, hue ufque inedita, Philemonis Gram- 
matici fragmenta, tertii Iliadis libii piofaica metaphrafis Grae- 
ca, e duobus codicibus Regiis ab eodem nunc primum eruta, 
cum notulis, & variantibus leflionibus nietaphrafifque & tertii 
Iliadis libri. 2 torn. fol. Lutetix Paiifioium, I773. 


A Pythagorean philofopher. B. at Tyana, in Cappadocia, 
about the commencement of the Chriftian era. 

Ec7/ffro?^a/ A-roXXcuviov to\j Tuaviug. [Epistol^ di-ver- 
forum philofophorum ... apud Aldum, 1499.] 

— [Gr. and Lat. Philostratorum Qiiis fuperfunt omnia, 

'• 375-] 

'" Philostrati de Apollonii Tyanenfis vita libri viii. [Ibid. 

i. I.] 


* Nanatio eomm, qua? contigenint Apollonio Tyrio. Ex 
membranis vetuftis. [M. Velserus, Opera hlftorlca, iyc. 
ii. 677.] 

* The Anglo-Saxon verfion of the ftoiy of Apollonius of 
Tyre ; upon which is founded the play of Pericles, attributed 
to Shakfpeare, from a MS. in the library of C. C. C, Cam- 
bridge ; with a literal tranflation, &c., by Benjamin Thoqie. 

12° Lond. 1834. 




Apologia Academica ; or, remarks on a recent article in 
the Edinburgh Review. 8° Oxford, 1S31. 


The regall apology ; or the declaration of the Commons, 
Feb. II, 1647, canvafled. [By George Bate.] 

The royal apology ; or, an anfwerto the Rebels plea ... 
1684. [By Sir Roger Lestrange.] 

The apology of an Englilli landowner, addrefled to the 
landed proprietors of the county of Oxford. By one of 
them. 8° Oxford, 1827. 


Flourifted, according to Bellarmine, in the 9th century; but 
according to other authorities, at the end of tlie yth. 

Commentaiiorum in Cantica Canticoram libri fex. [Max. 
Bibliotheca veterum Patrum, xiv. 98.] 


Witty apophthegms delivered at feveral times, and upon 
feveral occafions, by King James, King Charles, the Marquefs 
of Worcefter, Francis Lord Bacon, and Sii- Thomas Moore. 
CoUeifled and revifed. 12^ Lond. 1658. 

Apophthegmata patrum. [Gr. and Lat. Cotelerius, 
Ecclefis Grd:cie monumenta, i. 338.] 

The apoftate Proteftant 

1682. [By Sir Roger 

Confeffions of an apoftate .. . 1842. [5)i Anne Flinders.] 
Traiflatus incerti auc5loris de modo procedendi contra apof- 
tata^: [F. Zilettus, Tra&atus un'iverfi juris, xi. ii. 408.] 

— j^MoDius, Rerum cr'imlnallum praxes, ii. 3 01.] 


A few words on the reftoration of the miniftiy of apoftles 
in the Church catholic. 12° Lond. 1849. 

Lefluies on the charadlers of our Lord's apoftles ... 1851. 
[By Richard Whately.] 

Apoftles given, loft, and reftored. 12° Lond. 1853. 

A tribute to the memory of the apoftles, and an exhibi- 
tion of the fiift Chriftian Churches. 12° Lond. 1854. 


On apoftolic fucceffion ; with fome introdufloiy remarks 
on the fpecial and diftindtive charafler of the prefent difpen- 
fation. 12° Lond. 1839. 

Apoftolical fucceffion overthrown, and evangelical fuccef- 
fion eftabliflied, by a comparifon of the qualifications, func- 
tions, and endowments, refpe(5lively affigned by Jefus Chrift 
to the apoftles, and to their fucceflbrs in the miniftiy of the 
new covenant. By a clergyman of the Eftablifhed Chm'ch. 

8° Lond. 1854. 

What is meant by apoftolical fucceffion ? a queftion an- 
fwered by a clergyman of the Scottidi Epifcopal Church. 

8' Edinb. 1856. 

APOSTOLIUS (Joannes Franciscus). 

B, at Montemagno, a village of Monferrato, and lived in the 
latter half of the 1 6th century. He was profelfor of the hu- 
manities at Cafale. 

Poemata. [Gruter, Dd'it'ite poetarum Italorum, i. 238.] 

— [Carmina ilhijlrlum poetarum Italorum, i. 307.] 

APOSTOLIUS (Michael). 

B. at Conllantinople. On its capture in 1453, he removed 
into Italy, and thence into Crete, where he earned a livelihood 
as a copyift. D. about 14S0. 

Tla^oifjbiai. Centurix xxi. proveibioiTjra ex optimis auc- 
toribus Grxcis colleftx. Cum Petri Pantini, Tiletani, ver- 
fione & notis ipfius ac aliorum doftorum, quibus adagia iiluf- 
trantur & fuis auftoribus affignantur. [Gr. and Lat.^ ... 
Item Patriarchx Giegorii Cy]3rii proverbia. [Gr. on/y.'\ 
4° Lugduni Batavoium, 1653. 

Oratio panegyrica Grxca ad Fridericum III. Imp. 
[Freherus, Rerum German'icarum fcriptores, ii. 47.] 


A ftatement by the Society of apothecaries, on the fubjecfl 
of their admiiiiftration of the Apothecaiies' Aft, with refer- 
ence to fome fuppofcd features of Sir James Graham's pro- 
mifed meafure of medical reform. 8° Lond. 1844. 

An addrefs by the Society of apothecaries to the general 
praiflitioners of England and Wales, on the provifions of the 
bill " For the better regulation of medical pradlice through- 
out the United Kingdom," and their probable influence on 
the pofition and profpeifbs of that branch of the medical pro- 
feffion. 8° Lond. 1844. 

An addrefs by the Society of apothecaries, to the general 
praiftitioners of England and Wales, on the fecond report of 



the joint deputation of tlie Society of apothecaries, and the 
National aflociation of general pradlitioneis. 

8° Lond. 1845. 

Three reports by the joint deputation of the Society of 
apothecaries and the National aflociation of general prafti- 
doners, appointed to confer with the Secretary of State on the 
fubje(5l of the incoi'poration of the general practitioners in 
medicine, furgery, and midwifciy. 8° Lond. 1846. 

The loves of an apothecary, 8° Lond. 1854. 


A brief examination for the tyme, of a certaine declara- 
tion lately put in print in the name and defence of certaine 
minillers in London, refufyng to weare the apparell pre- 
fcribed by the lawes and orders of the realme. In the ende 
is re])orted, the judgement of two notable learned fathers, 
M. dodour Buccr, and M. dodlour Martir, fometyme in 
eyther univerfities here of England the kyngcs readers and 
profeflburs of divinitie, tranflated out of the originals written 
by theyi- owne handes, puq)ofely debating this controverfie. 

4° Lond. [1566 ?] 

Inftruftions for cutting out apparel for the poor ; princi- 
pally intended for the affiftance of the patronefles of Sunday 
fchools and other charitable inftitutions, but ufeful in all 
families ... 8° Lond. 1789. 


A true and impartial relation of a vonderful apparition 
that happen'd in the royal camp in Flanders, the beginning 
of this inflant September 1692 ... 

S. Sh. reprinted Edinb. 1692. 
The apparition ; or, the (ham-wedding : a comedy, by a 
gentleman of Chrift-church College in Oxfoid. 

4° Lond. 17 14. 

An appeale to the world in thefe times of extreame 
danger. 4° no title page [1646 ?] 

The cafe ftated concerning the judicature of the Houfe 
of Peers in the point of appeals. 8° Lond. 1^75. 

An appeal to the women of England to difcourage the 
flage. By a lady. 8° Lond. 1855. 


The vale of Apperlcy ; and other poems. 

H° Malton, 1822. 
APPERLEY (Charles James). 

B. at Plafgranow, near Wrexham, Dcnbighfliirc, 1778. D. 
at London, 19 May, 1843. 

Remarks on the condition of hunters, the choice of horfes, 
and their management : in a feries of familiar letters. By 
Nimrod. [jyatil.] With notes and a copious index. 

8° Lond. 1831. 

— Fourth edition, revifed by Cornelius Tongue. 

8" Lond. 1855. 
The cliace, tlie turf, and the road. By Nimrod. 

8° Lond. I 83 7. 

— Second edition. 12-' Lond. 1843. 
The chacc. By Nimi^ad. New edition. 

8° Lond. I 85 I. 

The tuif. By Nimrod. New edition. 

8" Lond. 1 85 1. 
Memoirs of the life of the late John Mytton, Efq., with 
notices of liis hunting, driving, racing, eccentric and extra- 
vagant exploits. By Nimrod ... Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1837. 
— Third edition, with a brief memoir of Nimrod, by tlie 
author of " Handley crofs" [R. S. Surlees.] 

8° Lond. 185 I. 
Nimrod's northern tour, defcriptive of the princip;J hunts 
in Scotland and the north of England ; with the table-talk 
of diftinguidied fporting charaflers, and anecdotes of mafters 
of hounds, crack riders and celebrated amateur dragfmen. 

8° Lond. 1838. 
Nimrod abroad. In two volumes. 

12° Lond. 1842. 
The horfe and the hound ; their various ufes and treat- 
ment, including pra<5tical inflruflions in horfemanftiip, and a 
treatife on horfe-dealing. By Nimrod. 

I 2° Edinb. 1842. 
The life of a fportfman. By Nimrod. 

8° Lond. 1842. 
Hunting rcminifcences. By Nimrod. 

8° Lond. 1843. 
APPERLEY (Charles Owen). 

Europe : a political n<etch ; and other poems. 

8' Lond. 1833. 
APPERLEY (James). 

Independent minifter at Long Buckby, Northampton. 
Revealed truth vindicated. 12° Lond. 1845. 

APPERT (Charles). 

Le livrc de tous les menages ; ou I'art de conferver, pen- 
dant plufieurs annees, toutes les fubftances animales et vege- 
tans ... Troifi^me edition ... 8° Paris, 18 13. 

APPIA (P. L.), M.D. 

The ambulance furgeon ; or, praiflical obferwitions on gun- 
fliot wounds. Edited by T. W. Nunn and A. M. Edwards. 

8° Edinb. 1862. 

A hiftorian of Alexandria, who lived in the reigns of Tra- 
jan, Hadrian, and Antoninus Pius, 

Acr-T/avou Ay.i^avSKu; Pw,aa/xwr K£>.r/z?), 2u^;ax»i, 
A/,3ux>) ») Ka;yn^idovixri, nao6ix.ri, Midfidarno;, IXaupixt,, 
E/j,fu'ki!>jv I. A])piani Alexandrini Romanartimhilloriarum ; 
Celtica, Syriaca, Lybica vel Carthaginenfis, Parthica, Mithri- 
d.itica, Illyrica, Ciuilis, quinque libris dilHnifla. [GV. on/y. 
Eililto pnncfps.^ fol. Lutetix, I J J I • 

Arr-iaioij AXEjavSsEOjj Vu/Maixa. Ap])iani Alexandrini 
Rom. hiftoriarum, Punica, liue Carthaginienfis, Syriaca, Par- 
thica, Mitiiridatica, Iberica, Annibalica, Celtica: & Illyrica' 
fragmenta qua:dam. Item De bellis ciuilibus libri v. Henr. 
Steph. annotationes in quafdam Appiani hillorias, & in con- 
ciones per tolum o])US (parfas. [G/". aiu/ /.(//.] 

fol. Genevx, 1591. 

ATT/anju AXsjavOsfw; Pai,aa/xa. A])piani Alexandrini 
Romanarum hilloriarum pars prior [etpofterior J ...Alexander 
Tollius utrumque textum niultis in locis emendavit, cora-xit, 



et Henrici Stephani,ac doftomm quorundam virorum feleiflas 
annotationes adjecit. [G/-. and Lat.~^ 2 torn. 

8° Amftelodami, 1670. 

Vi)i!\i laroiicuv ra eia^o/Liva, Romanaram hiftoriamm 
quae fuperfunt, novo ftudio conquifivit, digeffit, ad fidem co- 
dicum mfTtorum recenfuit, fupplevit, eraaculavit, varietatem 
leftionum adiecit, ladnam verfionem emendavit, adnotationi- 
bus varioram fuifque illuftravit, commodis indicibus inftmxit 
Johannes Schweighaeufer ... 3 torn. 8° Lipfix, 1785. 

A!T'';r/awiu Vu/ia'/xav AvvilSaiy.ri \Sr,^r/.ri. \Gr. only. 
Ctesias, Ex Ctefia, Agatharchide, Memnone excerpta hyiori^. 


Excei'pta ex Appiano. \Gr. and Lot. Valesius, PolylU, 

(Sfc, excerpta, p. 546.] 

Beginning : P. Candidi in libros Appiani Sophiftas Alex- 
andrini ad Nicolaum quintu fummu pontificem Prasfatio in- 
cipit feliciffime. £nd : Appiani AJexandrini fophiftje Ro- 
manoinim liber finit qui Mithridaticus infcribitur. Traduftio 
P. Candidi. [Vol. II.] Beginning : Ad diuum Alfonfum 
Aragonum & utriufque Sicilias regem in libros ciuiliu bel- 
lorQ ex Appiano Alexandrine in latinu tradudlos Prsfatio 
incipit feliciffime. End: Appiani Alexandrini fophiftse 
Romanorii liber finit qui Celticus infcribitur. Tradudio 
P. Candidi. 4° Venetiis, per Bernardu piftorem & Er- 
hardum ratdolt. m.cccc.lxxvii. 

Hiftoria de todas las guerras ciuiles que vuo entre los ro- 
manos fegu que lo efcriuio el muy eloquete hiftoriador Ap- 
piano Alexandrino : agora nueuamente traduzida de latin en 
nueftro vulgar caftellano ... [By Diego de Salazar.] 

4° Alcala de Henares, 1536. 

Appiano Aleffandrino delle guerre civili et efterne de Ro- 
mani, con diligentia corretto & con nuoua tradottione di niolti 
luoghi migliorato. [-Sy AleJJandro Braccio.] Aggiuntoui 
alia fine un libro del medeCmo, delle guerre di Hifpagna, 
non piu ueduto. 8° Vinegia, 1551. 

Appian Alexandrin, hiftorien Grec, des guerres des Ro- 
mains liures xj. traduidts en Francois par feu Maiftre Claude 
de Seyffel, premieremet euefque de Marfeille, & depuis arch- 
euefque de Thurin : reueuz & corrigez. Plus, y font ad- 
iouftez deux liures, nouuellement traduids de Grec en Fran- 
cois par le Seigneur d'Auenelles. 8° Paris, 1570. 

Hiftoria de las guerras civiles de los Romanos de Apiano 
Alexandrino, hiftoriador eloquentiffimo. Y traduzida de 
Latin en lengua Caftellana, por el Doftor Jayme Bartho- 
lome ... 4° Barcelona, 1592. 

The hiftory of Appian of Alexandria, in two parts ... 
Made Englilh by J. D. [John Davies.] 

fol. Lond. 1679. 

Romanarum hiftoriaioim de bellis Illyricis liber, Stephano 
Gradio ... intei-prete. [Schwandtnerus, Scriptores rerum 
Hungaricarum, iii. 769.] 


* Vita Sanfti Appiani, monachi Cceli-aurei apud Ticinum 
in Italia. [Mabillon, A8a JanSorum O.S.B. in. ii. 497.] 

APPLEBY (Thomas). 

The orchid manual, for the cultivation of ftove, green- 
houfe, and haidy orchids, with a calendar of monthly opera- 
tions, and claffified lifts of fpecies. 8° Lond. n. d. 


Originally a Quaker, but conformed to the Church of Eng- 
land. The date of his death is not known \ but he was alive 
in 1816, as his name appears in the Biographical didtionary of 
living authors, publiflied in that year. 

A theological funey of the human underftanding, intended 
as an antidote againft modern deifm. \Anon?\ 

8° Saliftjury, \1'if>. 

APPLEYARD (Ernest Silvanus). 

Propofals for Chriftian union. By a member of the 
Church of England. [Anon.l 8° Lond. [1846.] 

The fure hope of reconciliation. [Anon.l 

S° Lond. 1847. 

Claims of the Church of Rome, conCdercd with a view 
to unity. [Anon.'] 12° Lond. 1848. 

Principles of Proteftantifm, confidered with a view to 
unity. [Anon.] 12° Lond. 1848. 

Eaftem Churches : containing fiietches of the Neftorian, 
Armenian, Jacobite, Coptic, and Abyflinian communities. 
[Anon.] Second edition. 8° Lond. 1850. 

The Greek Church: a Iketch. [Anon.] Second edition. 

8° Lond. 185 I. 

Welfh ftetches, chiefly ecclefiaftical, to the clofe of the 
twelfth century. [Anon.] Second edition. 

12° Lond. 1852. 

— Second feries. 12° Lond. 1852. 

— Third feries. 12° Lond. 1853. 


Wefleyan miffionary in British KafFraria. 

The Kafir language : coraprifing a flvetch of its hiftory ; 
which includes a general claffification of South African dia- 
lefts, ethnographical and geographical ; remarks upon its 
nature ; and a grammar. 

8° King William's Town, 1850. 


The origin, objeft, and operation of the apprentice laws ; 
wth their application to times part, prefent, and to come. 
AddiefTed to the Committee of general purpofes of the city 
of London, by the Committee of manufafturers of London 
and its vicinity. [Pamphleteer, iii. 217.] 


The firft of April ; or, the triumphs of foUy : a poem- 
1777. [By William Combe.] 

April-day: a burletta, in three adls. 1777. [.5y Kane 

APRILE (Francesco). 

B. at Calatagirone, in Sicily, 31 Oft. 1658. Entered the 
Society of the Jefuits, 13 Feb. 1676. D. at Palermo, z Jan. 

Delia cronologia univerfale della Sicilia, libri tre. 

4° Palermo, 1725. 

A native of Gadara, in Phcenicia, who taught rhetoric at 
Athens about the middle of the 3d century. 
Apfinis et Longini Rhetorica : e codicibus MSS., ad- 
hibita fuppelledili Ruhnkeniana, recenfuit Joh. Bakius. 

8° Oxonii, 1849. 




Apflcy Houfe and WalmerCadle, illuftrated by plates and 
defcription. fol. Lond. 1853. 

Apfley Houfe, Piccadilly ; the town rcfidence of His 
Grace die Duke of Wellington. Authentic catalogue. 

8° Lond. 1853. 

APTHORP (East), D.D. 

B. at Bofton, New England, 1733. Educated at Jefus College, 
Cambridge. Prebend of Finlbury. D. at Cambridge, 1816. 

Letters on the prevalence of Chriftianity before its civil 
eftablifiiment, with obfervations on a late Hillory \by Gibbon] 
of the decline of the Roman Empire. 8° Lond. 1778. 

Difcourfes on prophecy : read in the chapel of Lincoln's 
Inn, at tlie lefture founded by the Right Rev. William War- 
burton, late Lord Bp. of Gloucefter. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1786. 


B. at Madaura, an inland town on the borders of Numidia 
and Gaetulia, in the id century of the Chriftian era. Educated 
at Carthage. Travelled in Italy, Greece, and Alia, but few 
particulars of his life are known. 

Opera, interpretatione et notis illuftravit Julianas Floridus 
[i7«;rj'] ... in ufum ferenifs. Delphini. 

4° Parifiis, 1688. 
Opera omnia, cum notis integris Petii Calvii, Joannis 
Wowerii, Godefchalchi Stewechii, Geverhafti Elmenhorftii, 
et aliorum, imprimis cum animadverfionibus hucufque ineditis 
Francifci Oudendorpii. 3 tom. 

4° Lugd. Bat. 1 786- 1 82 3. 
Comentirii a Philippo Beroaldoconditi in Afinum aureum. 
\Text of /Ipulcius and commentary. '\ fol. Bononix, 1 500. 

Metamoq^hofeos libri xi., cum notis et ampliflimo indice 
loannis Pricjei. Acceflit cjufdem index alphabeticus fcrip- 
toium qui in Hefychii Grtcco vocabulario lauduntur. 

8° Gouda", 1650. 
Apologia. Ifaacus Cafaubonus leccnfuit, Gixca lupple- 
vit, et caftigationum libellum adiecit. 

4° [Heidelbcrgs,] 1594. 
Scipionis gentilis iurifcos. in L. Apulei philos. et aduocati 
Rom. Apologiam, qua fe i])fe defendit publico de magia iudi- 
cio, commcntarius. [ of jlpuliiu! mid commen/ary.] 

8° Hanovis, 1607. 
De Deo Socratis liber fingularis ; textum ad libros fcri])tos 
impreffofque cxcgit et adnotatione inftnixit Theodoms Alois 
Guliclmus Buckley. 12° Lond. 1844. 

The works of Apuleius : comprifing the Metamorphofes, 
or golden afs ; the God of Socrates ; the Florida ; and iiis 
Defence, or a difcourfe on magic. A new tranilation. To 
which are added, a metrical verlion of Cujnd and Pfyche ; 
and Mrs. Tiglic's Pfyciie, a poem in fix cantos. 

8" Lond. 1853. 
The Metamoqihofis.orgolden afs.andphilofophical works. 
Tranflated from the original Latin, by Thomas Taylor. 

8" Lond. I 822. 
The Metamorphofes : a romance of die fecond centuiy. 
Tranflated from the Latin, by Sir George Head. 

12° Lond. 185 I. 
The fable of Cujiid and Pfyche ; tranflated from the Latin : 
to wliich are added, a poetical jiaraphiafe on the fpecch of 
Diodma, in the Banquet of Plato ; four hymns, &c. &c. 

With an introdudion, in which the meaning of the fable is 
unfolded. [^By 'I/jomas Taylor.] 8° Lond. 1795. 

Carmina. [Maittaire, Opera et fragmenta veterum poet- 
arum Latlnorum, tom. ii. ap[x.'ndix.] 

APULEIUS (Lucius), Barbaras. 

Of the life of this writer nothing is known j and even his 
date is uncertain, though it is generally fuppofed to be fo late 
as the 4th century. 

De medicaminibus herbamni liber I. 1537- [Antonius 
MusA, De herba •uetonica.'^ 

AQUjE-GRANUM. See Aix-la-Chapelle. 


Plain inftiTjdions for the management of the aquarium, or, 
tank for gold and other filh, water plants, infefls. Sec. 

12° Lond. n. d. 

AQUAVIVUS (Belisarius). 

B. about the middle of the 15th century. Entered the army, 
and, as a reward for his military fer\ices, was created Count, and 
afterwards Duke of Nardo. D. at Naples of the plague, 24 
July, .52S. 

De principum liberis educandis. De venatione, de au- 
cupio, de re militari, de fingulari certaniine. His additum 
efl: elegans poematium Michaelis Marulli De principum infti- 
tudone, nunquam haiflcnus edituni. 8° Bafilea;, 1578. 


Cataloguspondficum Aquilanonimabanno I254ad 1472 
... [MuRATORi, ^ntiquitates Itallcx medi't av't, vi. 927.] 


A Roman orator of the 4th century. 

De figuris fententiamm et clocutionis liber. [Aromatari, 
Dcgli autori del ben parlare, \Sfc. pt. ii. p. 272.] 
— [F. PiTHCEUS, ylntiqui rhetorcs Latinl, p. 13.] 

AQUILA (Caspar). 

B. at Auglburg, 7 Aug. 1488. Educated at Ulm, and entered 
the Church. Having embraced the doiftrincs of the Reforma- 
tion, he was thrown into ptifon, and iubjeftcd to feverc perfc- 
cution. Regaining his liberty, he went to Wittenberg, and 
ultimately obtained the appointment of ecclefiaftical luperintcn- 
dent at Saalfcld. D. 12 Nov. 1560. 

Eyn fehr hoch notige Ermanung, an das kleine blode 
verzagte chriftlichheufflein, das fie in diefem erfchrecklichem 
und ktzten theil der zeit, Gottcs ewig Wort frolicli beken- 
nen follen ; Widder des Teuffels Finfternus, Liigen und 
Mord gepredigct. 40 Erfurt, I 5 48. 

Ein giiadenieich und gottfeliges newes Jahr, von dem 
neugebornen Kindlein, unferm cynigcn Mitler unnd Hey- 
landt .Ihefu Chrillo ... 4 Niirmberg, 1556. 

AQUILA (Joannes). 

A German jurill, who lived at the end of the i 5th and be- 
ginning of the l6th century. Prifcllbr of law at Tiibingcn. 

De potcftate et utiliutc monetarum, traiftatus pcrutilis. 
[BuDELius, De mnnetis, p. +13.] 



AOUILA (Serafino da l'). 

B. at Aquila, in the kingdom of Naples, 1466. D. at Rome, 
10 Aug. 1500. He was a diftinguiJhed improvifatore. 

Sonetti. [Rubbi, Parnafo Jtaliano, vi. 2^5.] 
Stanze. [Ibid. x. i.] 

AQUILANUS (Bernardinus). See Bernardinus. 


Vitas epifcoporum et patriarcharum Aquilejenfium, a 
primo Chriftianas erxfeculo ufque ad annum 1 3 5 8, ab auftore 
anonymo circiter eumdem annum confcriptE ... [Muratori, 
Reriwi Italicarum fcriptores, xvi. I.] 

The fiege of Aquileia : a tragedy. 1 760. [5y John 


B. at Pifa, 22 Sep. 1577. Studied medicine and philofophy. 
ProfeiTor of logic at Pifa, 1606. D. 6 Jan. 1623. 

De placitis pliilofophorum, qui ante Ariftotelis tempora 
flomenint, ad princijiia reium naturalium et cauffas motuum 
aflignandas pertinentibus, Itudio et opera Geoigii Moralis . . . 
Ob fingularem raritatem et ufum, ex fcriniis paternis, com- 
mentarios et illultrationes adiecit, PhUippi lacobi Crophii 
traftatione de gymnafiis Htterariis Athenienfium, annotationi- 
bus emendata, auxit Carolus Fridericus Bruckerus. 

4° Lipfias, 1756. 

AQUILINIUS (C^sar). Pj/Ja^/. o/" Scipione Errico. 

AQUILONIUS (Bertel Knudsen). 

B. at Kongfted, in Seeland, Denmark, 7 March, 1588. 
Travelled abroad, and on his return home was appointed firft 
reilor at Malm'6, and fubfequently parifli prieft at lloderup. D. 
7 Jan. 1650. 

Ad poeticam Danicam dedudlio qux vcrfus in ea lingua 
fcribi ad Grscos omnes Latinofque demonftret, quK rheto- 
ricam nos ad cultas omnes gcntes,bene fi non fupra eas, habere. 
C. Aq. \_Cornelio jlquUomo\ editore. 8° Portuae, 1641. 

AQUINAS (Thomas). 

B. in Calabria about 1225 or 1226, of noble parentage. 
Educated at Naples. Entered the Dominican order at the age 
of feventeen, greatly againft the wifhes of his family. His piety 
and learning acquired for him the title of " Dodlor angehcus." 
D. 7 March, 1274. 

Opera. Editio altera Veneta ad plurima exempla compa- 
rata et emendata. Accedunt vita feu elogium ejus a Jacobo 
Echardo diligentiffmie concinnatum, et Bernardi Maris de 
Rubeis in fingula opera diifertationes prxvis. 28 torn. 

4° Venetiis, 1775-88. 

Opufcula omnia theologica et moi-alia, ac confiderationes, 
quibus adduntur, turn quaeftiones de fecreto fervando ... omnia 
magno ftudio, ac impenfo labore, ab innumeiis, quibus a du- 
centis annis fcatent, mendis repurgata... vigilantia P. F. Petri 
Pellican. fol. Parifiis, 1656. 

Beginning : Incipit libellus fanfti Thome de aquino de 
viciis et viitutibus numero quaternario procedens. [Fol. 1 6'\] 
Explicit libellus ... de viciis et virtutibus ... [Fol. I7'\l 
Libellus de venerabili facramento et valore miflamm ratione 
pretii fatisfadivi, tarn pro vivis quam pio monuis, hoc eft 

penarum debitarum, fiue hie fiue in purgatorio, exfoluendarum 
incipit feliciter. [Fol. 45''.] Et fic eft finis laus crifto nefcia 
finis. 40 

ExpoCtio in Genefim, in lob, in primum Dauidis quin- 
quagenam, in Canticum Canticorum, in Efaiam, leremiam, 
& in Threnos. Verum qui integre fint expofiti, et qui mortis 
vitio imperfedli relidi, fuis manifeftum eft locis. Editio 
nova ... per R. P. F. Cofmam Morelles. 

fol. Parifiis, 1640. 

Expofitio aurea in Danielem, libros Macchabasorum, 
fingulas Apoftolorum, Jacobi, Petri, loannis, & Judas, canoni- 
cas epiftolas, Apocalypfim B. Joannis Apoftoli, quinque libros 
Boctii De confolatione philofophias, & tradtatum eiufdem De 
fcholaiium difciplina ... fol. Parifiis, 164 1. 

Expofitio continua fuper quatuor Euangeliftas ex latinis 
& grxcis authoribus ac prEfertim ex Patrum fententiis Scgloffis 
miro artificio quafii vno tenore contextuque conflata, et Catena 
Aurea iuftiffimo titulo nuncupata. Nunc vero tandem ab 
innumeris & enormibus mendis aliarum editionum expurgata 
... per R. P. F. loannem Nicolai ... 

fol. Parifiis, 1657. 

Catena aurea. Commentary on the four Gofpels, col- 
ledted out of the works of the Fathers. 4 vols. 

S= Oxford, 1 84 1-5. 

Expofitio in fanflum lefu ChriiH Euangelium fecundum 
Matthsum, & fecundum loannem. Editio nova ... per 
R. P. F. Cofraam Morelles. fol. Parifiis, 1640. 

Commentaria in omnes epiftolas divi Pauli Apoftoli. Nunc 
primum, port omnes omnium editiones, a mendis, quibus fcate- 
bant,innumerisexpurgata,&ad leftionem antiquorum codicum 
fideliter reftituta. Acceftere eiufdem S. Thomse fermones 
aurei, pro Dominicis, & feftiuis diebus, ex Bibliotheca Vati- 
cana in lucem emiili. Additum eft etiam exiniium opufculum 
de venerabili facramento altaris. fol. Parifiis, 1654. 

Surama theologica ... in qua EccleCas Catholicae dodtiina 
univerfa,et quicquidinveterum Patmm monumentiseftdignum 
obfervatu ; quicquid etiam vel olim vocatum eft, vel hodie 
vocatur ab hsreticis in controverfiam ; id omne ut eradit^, 
folide et dilucid^, ita pie atque fideliter explicatur. In tres 
partes ab audlore fiio diftributa. fol. Parifiis, 1632. 

— Another edition. 2 torn. fol. Parifiis, 1652. 

Summa contra gentes ; Francifci de Sylveftris Ferrarienfis 
... commentariis illuftrata : in qua, libris quatuor, catholica 
fides in omnes orthodoxce Ecclefiae peiduelles acerrime pro- 
pugnatur. Ad fidem Romani codicis collata . . . 

fol. Parifiis, 1 641. 

Qusftiones difputatas : De potentia Dei, de malo, de 
fpiritualibus creaturis, de anima, de dasmonibus, de angelis, 
de veritate, et pluribus alijs quseftionibus, ut in tabiJa conti- 
netur. fol. Parifiis, 1660. 

In libros Ethicorum Ariftotelis ad Nicomacum expofitio ; 
cui triplicem textus inteipretationem adjecimus, antiquam 
videlicet, Jo. Argiropili, et Jo. Bernardi Feliciani Veneti ... 
Quae omnia ... in lucem cedita funt, labore ac opera F. 
Remigii Florentini. fol. Venetiis, I 563. 

Commentarii in decern libros Ethicoram Ariftotelis ex- 
quifitiflimi. Editio noua ... per R. P. F. Cofmam Morelles. 

fol. Parifiis, 1644. 

Commentarii in odto libros Politicorum Ariftotelis ex- 
quifitiiEmi, cum antiqua intei"pretatione eoinindem Politicorum 



adie(5la, per fedliones propriis reftituta locis, quam olim idem 
Diuus Thomas exponendo fequutus eft. Editio noua ... 
per R. P. F. Cofmam Morcllcs ... Acceflit fingulonam li- 
bronim, & leflionum epitome, cum famofioribus cuiufque libri 
propofitionibus, & copioliffimo indicc, per R. P. Carolum 
Rapineum. fol. Pariliis, 1645. 

Prasclariflima commentaria, in libros Arillotelis Peri her- 
menias, Pofleriorum analyticorum, De fenfu & fenfato, De 
memoria & reminifcentia, fomno & vigilia, De fomniis, diui- 
natione per fomnum, motu animalium, longitudine & breuitate 
vitae, iuuentute 5c feneflutc, viu & mortc, infpiratione &; 
refpiratione. Cum antiqua textus tranflatione, atque etiam 
noua loannis Argyropoli : itemque Thomoe Caietani Cardi- 
nalis fupplementum commentariorum in reliquum fecundi libri 
Peri hermenias. Nuper ex emendatiffimis exemplaribus dili- 
gentiflime recognita, logicas quoque totius fumma nunc addita 
efl, ad ftudioforum utilitatem, ex eiufdem S. Thomas opuf- 
culis exccqjta, et in traftatus & capita diuifa, iuxta ordinem 
libroiiim ab Ariftotele in logicis obferuatum. 

fol. Parifiis, 1646. 
Commentaria quae extant, in eos, qui Parva naturalia Arif- 
totelis dicuntur, libros, diligentiflime cafligata : duplici nuper 
textus tralatione, antiqua videlicet, recognita, & noua Nico- 
lai Leonici appofita. Petri item De Alvernia, ordinis Pra?- 
dicatoi-um, in quofdam huius operis a Saniflo Thoma inex- 
polltos libros lefeitiflima expofitio, ab innumeris erroribus 
denuo expurgata : libelli etiam duo Sandli Thomas ex vo- 
lumine opufculorum eiufdem excerpti, alter de motu cordis ; 
:dter vero de lumine, ad banc philofophiK partem fpedantes, 
his nuper additi funt. fol. Parifiis, 1646. 

Sanifli Thomx Aquinatis ... Expofitio in duodecim li- 
bros Mctaphyfices Ariftotelis & in librum de caufis, nec-non 
tradatum de ente, et elTentia eiufdem Sanfti Thoma;. Cum 
commentariis cminentinimi D. D. F. Thomas de Vio, Caie- 
tiini Cardinalis S. Sixti. Editio noua, quam plurimis quibus 
fcatebat mendis corredta, cum exemplar! Romano, ac aliis 
vctuftiffimis manufcriptis codicibus collata, per R. P. F. Cof- 
mam Morellcs. fol. Parifiis, 1647. 

In tres libros Ariftotelis De anima prxclariflima expofitio : 
cum duplici textus tranflatione, antiqua fcilicet, & noua Ar- 
gyroi)oli : nuper recognita, et do<5lifllnioi-um virorum cura & 
ingenio ab innumeris expurgata erroribus : nccnon curiofis & 
antehac non vifis exaftiffimis adnotationibus copiofiflimc^ re- 
ferta : cui etiam fingularum Icftionum fumnix- mira breuitate 
collc(5laE, ad ftudioforum commodum additas funt. Accedunt 
ad hxc acutiffimx Quxftiones magiflri Dominici de Flandria, 
. a quamplurimis mendis recens caftigatx ad textus & expofi- 
tionis dilucidationem perutiles. fol. Parifiis, 1649. 

In ofto Phyficoram Ariftotelis libros commentaria . . . cum 
duplici textus tranflatione, antiqua, & Argyropoli rccognitis. 
Ad hxc acceflit Roberti Linconienfis in cofdem fumma. 
Quibus etiam nuper funt additi S. Thomx infrafcripti libelli 
ad negocium phyficum fpcftantes, De principiis naturx, De 
natura materix, De loco, De tenii>ore libri duo, De xternitate 
mundi. Ac Thomx de Vio Caietani, Ouxftiones dux, altera 
de fubiedlo naturalis fcicntix, altera de Dei intenfiua infinitate. 

fol. Parifiis, 1649. 
Sanfli Thomx Aquinatis ... In quatuor libros Ariftotelis 
de CoeIo, & Mundo commentaria, qux, cilm morte prxuentus 
periicere non potuerit, abfoluit Petrus de Alvernia : cum 

VOL. I. 

duplici textus tranflatione, antiqua videlicet, & loanni ^ Argy- 
ropoli noua, dillgcnter recognitis, qux omnia nuper funt 
maxima diligentia caftigata. fol. Parifiis, 1649. 

In libros Meteorologicorum Ariftotelis pixclariflima com- 
mentaria, cum duplici textus inteqjreuitione, una Francifci 
Vatabli, antiqua altera : denuo maxima diligentia et fidelius 
quam antea a mendis & erroribus expurgata. 

fol. Parifiis, 1649. 

Prxclarifllma commentaria, in quatuor libros Scntentiaium 
Petri Lombard!, quondam epifcop! Parifienfis, ac magiftri 
fententiamm nuncupati. Ab enormibus & innumeiis mendis 
aliarum editionum expurgata, integritati fux reftituta, in meli- 
orem ftatum fimul cum ipfo primitiuo magiftri textu refor- 
mat<i, locoimm indicibus vel cmendatis vel fup])letis, ac notis 
vtrobique marginalibus illuftrata. Per R. P. Fratrem loan- 
nem Nicolai. 4 tom. fol. Parifiis, 1659. 

Tratado del govierno de los principes. Traducido en 
nueftra lengua Caftcllana por Don Alonfo Ordonez das Sey- 
jas y Tobar. 4° Madrid, 1625. 

Secreta alchemias magnalia. [Zetznerus, Theatrum che- 
micum, iii. 267.] 

ThefauiTJs alchemias fecretifllmus ad fratrem Reinaldum. 
[Ibid. iii. 278.] 

Opus excellentLflimum, Liber lillii bencdidli nuncupatum. 
[Ibid. iv. 960.] 

Tiadlatus fextus, de efle et eflentia mineralium traftans. 
[Ibid. V. 806.] 

AQUINO (Carolus de). 

B. at Naples, 1654. Profeflor of rhetoric at the Jefuit Col- 
lege, Rome. D. II May, 1737. 

Sacra exequialia in funere Jacobi II. Magnx Briumnix 
regis, exhibita ab eminentifs. et reverendifs. principe Carolo, 
fanflx Romanx Ecclefix Cardinal! Barberino, in templo fui, 
tituli Sandli Laurent!! in Lucina. fol. Romx, 1702. 

Lexicon militare. 2 vols. fol. Romx, 1724. 


Chronicon Aquitanicum A. 830-1025. [Pertz, Mo- 
numenta Germantic hijlorica, ii. 252.] 

Fragmentum Aquitanicx liiftorix, ex pervetufta fcida Le- 
movic. a morte Karol! Calvi ad Hugonem Regem. [P. 
PiTHCEUS, Annalium et hylor'uc Francorum Jcr'tptores xii.y p. 


An extract of feveral letters relating to tlie great charity 
and ufefulnefs of printing tlie New Teftament and Pfaiter in 
the Arabick language ... with a propofil for executing fo 
good an undertaking. S' Lond. 1721. 

A voyage to Arabia the Happy, by the way of the Eaftem 
Ocean, and the Streights of the Red Sea : perform'd by the 
French for the firft time A.D. 1708, 1709, 17 10. To- 
gether with a ])art!cular relation of a journey fi om the Poit 
of Moka to tiie Court of tlie King of Yemen, in the fecond 
expedition, A.D. 1711, 1712, I 7 1 3- Alfo, an account 
of the cotfee-tree, and its fiuit ... 12° Lond. 1726. 

— Another edition. Tranflated from the French. To 
which is added an account of tJie captivity of Sir Henry 
Middletori at Mokha, by tlie Tui ks, in tlie year 1 6 1 2 ; .ind 



his journey from thence to Zenan, or Sanaa, the capital of the 
kingdom of Yaman, with fome additions, particularly relat- 
ing to that country and the Red-Sea. 8° Lond. 1732. 

Anecdotes Arabes et Mufulmanes ... 1772. [By Jean 
Frangois de Lacroix.] 

Hiftoriaprsecipuoram Arabum regnonim ... ante Iflamif- 
raum ... CoUegit ... Janus LafTen Rasmussen. 18 17. 

The Arabs in Spain : an hiftorical narrative. 2 vols. 

12° Lond. 1 8 40. 


Aga/3(xov fLuSoXoyixDii -e^nyjiii oiriyTjati; xai evfilSs^ri^OTa 
■rXiisra, 'aion^ya, x,ai aipaia- ajunhv iig r?j» A^alSixriv &ia- 
Xsy.rov craga to-j 'TToKxijj.aDoug AiojSvi Af/.TOufj.TSx.r}'. Nvv 
Tgwrov IX. rrii IraXtyini E'5 ''I'' rj/MiriPav diaXr/.TOii /J-sra- 
ipgacSev, Turroig tb iKdoSev, xai /j,sra TXiiarrig sTi/J-iXnag 
dw^Suhv. 3 torn. 8° 'Eviriyiar a-4'^/3'. 1762. 

— vuv T^iTov ... /jyirafmaaSev ... 3 torn. 

8° 'EviTiTian- a-4/4/S'. I 792. 

The Arabian nights' entertainments ... Freely tranflated 
from the original tranflation. 4 vols. 8° Lond. 1792. 

The Arabian nights' entertainments, carefiJly revifed and 
occafionally correfted from the Arabic. To which is added 
a feledtion of new tales, now firft tianflated fiom the Arabic 
originals. Alfo an introduction and notes, illuftrative of the 
religion, manners and cuftoms of the Mahummedans. By 
Jonathan Scott, LL.D. In fix volumes. 

8° Lond. 18 I I. 

The Book of the thoufmd nights and one night : from 
the Arabic of the ^Egyptian M.S., as edited by Wm. Hay 
Macnaghten, Efq. ; done into Englifh by Henry Torrens. 
Vol. L 8° Calcutta, 1838. 

The thoufand and one nights, commonly called, in Eng- 
land, the Arabian nights' entertainments : a new tranflation 
from tire Arabic, with copious notes, by Edward William 
Lane. In three volumes. 8° Lond. 1838-41. 

— A new edition, from a copy annotated by the tranflator ; 
edited by his nephew, Edward Stanley Poole. In three 
volumes. 8° Lond. 1859. 

The Alif Laila ; or. Book of the thoufind nights and 
one night, commonly known as " The Arabian nights' en- 
tertainments ;" now, for the firft time, publifhed complete in 
the original Arabic, fiom an Egyptian manufcript brought to 
India by the late Major Turner Macan, editor of die Shah- 
Nameh. Edited by W. H. Macnaghten, Efq. In four 
volumes. 8"^ Calcutta, 1839-42. 

Arabian nights' entertainments. Selected and revifed for 
general ufe. To which are added other fpecimens of eaftein 
romance. 2 vols. 8^ Lond. 1847. 

The Arabian nights' entertainments. Tranflated by the 
Rev. Edward Forfter. 8° Lond. [1847.] 

ARABIN (Henry). 

A plan for extending the paper currency, on the fecurity 
of the nation. 8° Lond. 1839. 


The cultivation of arable land. 12° n. p. n. d. 

ARACHNOPHILUS. Pfeud. of Adam White. 

ARAGO (pRANgois Jean Dominique). 

B. near Perpignan, z6 Feb. 1786. Studied with a view to 
enter the army, but changed his purpole on being appointed 
fecretary to the Obfervatory at Paris, 1804. Elefted a member 
of the Academy, 17 Sep. 1809. Member of the Bureau des 
Longitudes, 1822. Perpetual fecretary to the Academy, 1830. 
D, at Paris, 2 Od. 1853. 

The comet. Scientific notices of comets in general, and 
in particular of the comet of 1832, whofe revolution is of 
fix years and three-quarters' duration ... Tranflated from 
the French, by Colonel Charles Gold, C.B. 

8° Lond. 1833. 

Hiftorical eloge of James Watt : tranflated from the 
French, with additional notes and an appendix, by James 
Patrick Muirhead, Efq., M.A. 8° Lond. 1839. 

— Another tranflation. To which are fubjoined Memoir 
on machinery, confidered in relation to the prolperity of the 
working claflcs, by M. Arago ; and hiftorical account of the 
difcovery of the compofition of water, by Loid Brougham. 

8° Edinb. 1839. 
Popular leftures on aftronomy. Tranflated, with notes, 
by Walter K. Kelly, Efq., B.A. ... Fifth edition, revifed 
to the prefent time, by the Rev. L. Tomiinfon, M.A. 

8° Lond. 1S54. 

— Another edition. Tranflated from the original and 
edited by Admiral W. H. Smyth, D.C.L., and Robert 
Grant, Efq., M.A. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1855. 

Hiftory of my youth. Tranflated by the Rev. Baden 
Powell, A.M. 8° Lond. 1855. 

Meteorological eflays. With an inti'oduflion by Baron 
Alexander von Humboldt. Tranflated under the fuperin- 
tendence of Colonel Sabine. 8° Lond. 1855. 

Biographies of diftinguiflied fcientific men. Tranflated 
by Admiral W. H. Smyth, D.C.L., &c., the Rev. Baden 
Powell, M.A., &c., and Robert Grant, M.A. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

A popular treatife on comets, reprinted from " Popular 
aftronomy." Tranflated from the original, and edited by 
Admiral W. H. Smyth and Robert Grant, M.A., F.R. A.S. 

8° Lond. 1S61. 

ARAGO (Jacques Etienne Victor). 

Narrative of a voyage round the world in the Uranie and 
Phyficienne coi"vettes, commanded by Captain Freycinet, 
during the years 1817, 1818, i 8 I 9, & 1820, on a fcien- 
tific expedition, undertaken by order of the French Govern- 
ment . . . To which is prefixed the report made to the Aca- 
demy of fciences, on the general refults of tlie expedition. 

4° Lond. 1823. 


Relacion fumaria, cierta, y verdadera, del proceflb afti- 
tado en la Coite del fenor Jufticia de Aragon ; a inftancia 
de la Mageltad del Rey don Phelipe nueftro feiior, contra 
los Diputados, y Univerfidad del Reyno de Aragon, acerca 
del poder y facultad que fu Mageftad tiene en el dicho 
Reyno de Aragon de nombrar Lugaiteniente general fuyo, 
natural, o eftrangero ... fol. (Jaragoga, 1590. 

Union y concordia general del Reyno de Aragon, hecha 
y acordada por las perfonas, por la Catholica y Real Ma- 
geftad del key Don Phelippe nueftro Seiior, y la Corte 



General, nombradas en las Cortes ultimamente celebradas en 
la ciudad de Taragona, el ano mdxcii. 

fol. Qarago^a, 1594- 

Fucros y aftos de Corte del Reyno de Aragon, licchos 
en las Coites ... celebradas en la ciudad de Tani^ona el afio 
1592. fol. ^arago?a, 1593. 

A(ftos de Cortes del Reyno de Aragon. 

fol. (^aragoga, 1608. 

— Another edition. fol. (^aragoga, 1664. 

Fueros y obfervancias del Reyno de Aragon. 

fol. [^arago^a, 1667.] 

Fueros y aftos de CoJte de el Reyno de Aragon : hechos 
... en las Cortes convocadas en la ciudad de Calatayud, y 
prorogadas a la de Zaragoga, y en ella fenecidas en los anos 
de M.DC.LXxvii. y m.dc.lxxviii. fol. Zarago^a, 1678. 

ARAGON (Petrus de). 

A Spanirti monk of the Auguftinian order. B. at Salamanca. 

Floarifhed towards the clofe of the i6th century. 

In fecundam fecunda: Divi Thomx, Dodtoris Angelici, 
Commentaiia de juftitia et jiue. fol. Lugduni, 1596. 


A Neapolitan poetefs, who flouriflied about the middle of the 
1 6th century. 

Sonetto. [RuBBi, Parnafo Italiano, XXX. 240.] 
ARAJOL (Juan Bautista). 

Canon of the cathedral church of Lerida. 

Sermon en la folemne dedicacion de la nueva iglefia ca- 
tedral de Lerida. 4° Barcelona, i 7 8 1 . 

Sermon, en las folemnes fieftas que annualmente dedican 
a fus fantas patricias, y jiatronas las infignes virgines, y mar- 
tires S-''. Juliana y S-'. Semproniana los devotos de la muy 
iluftrc ciudad de Mataro. 4° Mataro, 178 1. 

ARALDI (LoDovico). 

A native of Ferrara. 
Dialogo. [RuBBi, Parno/b //a&no, xxxi. 154.] 

ARAM (Eugene). 

* The remarkable trial and defence of Eugene Aram, of 
Knarefborough, executed for the murder of Daniel Clark ; 
committed on the 8th Feb. 1 744-5. [Pamphleteer, xxiii. 

ARAMBURU DE LA CRUZ (Manuel Vicente). 

Minerva llorofa a impulfos de la razon y la lealtad. 
Reales excquias, con que la (icmpre augulla univerfidad, y 
cftudio general de Zaragoza, lamenta la arrebatada muerte de 
nueftro difunto raonarcha el S. D. Phelipe V. 

4" Zaragoza, 1747. 

ARANAZ (Jacinto de). 

El cetro de la fe ortodoxa, Maria SantifTmia, en fu tem- 
plo angelico y apoftolico del Pilar. 

fol. Zaragoza, 1723. 

A RAND (Franciscus), M.D. 

B. at Heiligenftadt, about 1740. D. 1803. 
Obfervationcs medico-chirurgica:. 

8° Goettingx, 1770. 
ARANDA (Gabriel de). 

Immortal memoria del Senor D. Auguftin Spinola, Car- 
denal de la S. Iglefia de Roma. fol. Sevilla, 1683. 

Vida del fiervo de Dlos, exemplar de facerdotes, et vene- 
rable Padre Fernando de Conti-eras. fol. Sevilla, 1692. 

ARANDA (Joan de). 

B. at Jaen, in Andalufia, about the middle of the i6th cen- 

Lugares comunes de conceptos, dichos, y fentencias, en 
diverfas materias. 4° Sevilla, 1595. 


B. at Milan, or at Brefcia, 490. Originally a lawj'cr, he after- 
wards entered the Church, of which he became a lub-deacon 
in 544. D. about 556 or 557. 

HiftoricE apoftolicas libri duo. [Sedulius, Mlrah'tltum 

d'l'vinorum librl quatuor, Venet. Aid. I 50 1.] 

— \JJol!tilio Pifaurenfis, vi. 135. See Poems.] 

— yMax. Bihliolheca veterum Patrum, x. I 2 5.] 
Ad Parthenium epillola. [Ibid. x. 141.] 


A native of Soli, in Cilicia, who flouriflied about 270 years 
B.C. The fifth line of the Phaenomena is quoted by St. Paul in 
his addrefs to the Athenians, Afts xvii. 28. 

Arati Phenomena, Germanico Cifare intcrprete, cum 

commentariis et iraaginibus. Arati eiufdem Phrenomenon 

fragmentum, Marco T[ullio] Cpcerone] interprete. Arati 

eiufdem Phenomena, Ruffo Fefto Auienio paraphraftc. Arati 

eiufdem Phsnomena, grxce. [Julius FiRMicus, Aflronomi- 

corum, libri 080, iffc. Venet. Aid. I 499.] 

AiovTiou Mri^avixotj IIs|/ k^ania; fff aica;. 

4° Parlfiis, I 559. 

Ad illuflrem et incl)rtum principem Edvardum Semaurum, 
Hertfoidix Comitcm ... Nicolai Aleni Effentiani Angli, 
Arati Phxnomena. ([y// p. 61,] Ad illuftreni, etc. Nicolai 
Aleni ... lupiter Pheretrius. \/lt p. 100,] Nicolai Aleni 
... Bucolica.) [Za/.] 4° Parifiis, 1561. 

Agarou SoXeojs ciia/vo/ifi/a xui Aioeri/Mia,. Arati Solen- 
fis Phenomena et Diofemea Grxce et Latino ad codd. mfs. 
et optimarum edd. fidem recenfita. Accedunt Theonis 
fcholia, vulgata et eniendatiora e cod. Mofquenfi, Leontii de 
Sphxra Aratea libellus, et verfionum Arati poeticanim Cice- 
ronis, Gemianici et R. F. Avieni quae fuperfunt, curavit 
Joannes Theopliilus Buhle. 2 torn. 

8° Lipfix, 1793-1801. 

Arati Pha'nomena et Diofemea, quibus fubjiciuntur Era- 
tofthenis Cataderifmi, Dionyfii Orbis tcnai-um defcriptio, 
Rufi Fcfti Avieni utriufque jioetx metiphrafes. Curavit 
notafque adjecit F. C. Matthiiv. 

8° Francofuiti ad Mccnum, 1817. 

'I>aiiio/j.n/a, xai Aioari/jLiia.. [Gr. on/y. Stephanus, Porta 
Grtd prinripcs.'^ 

— \Gr. and Lcit. Lectius, PoeU Grsci vcleres hcroici, 
i. 619.] 



Phsenomena et Prognoftica, interpietibus M. Tdlio Cice- 
rone, Rufo Fefto Avieno et Gernianico Caefare. [Lat. 
Maittaire, Opera et fragmenta veterum poetarum Lat'tnorum, 
ii. (1546).] _ . 

Germanici Cxfaris Arati Phxnomena in Latinum con- 
veifa. [Colkaio Pifaurenfis, iv. 62. See Poems.] 

Rufi Fefti Auieni paraphrafis Phaenomenon [et Prognofti- 
corura.] \_Lat. Ibid, i v. 151-] 

KarasriPie/J-oi, Aiovriou 2f>aioa ; et Germanici Casfaris Phae- 
nomena. Les Phenomenes d'Aratus de Soles, et de Ger- 
manicus Cefar, avec les fcholies de Theon, les Catafterifmes 
d'Eratoll:hene et la Sphere de Leontius, traduits pour la pre- 
miere fois en Fran^ais, fur les raanufcrits de la Bibliotheque 
du Roi ; par M. I'Abbe Halma. [French only.] 

40 Paris, 1 8 2 I . 

The Phenomena and Diofemeia : tranflated into Englifh 
verfe, with notes, by John Lamb, D.D. 

8° Lend. 1848. 


Orange, a town of France, department of Vauclufe. 
Canones concilii alterius Arauficani, circa tempera Leonis 
papas primi. [Rainaudus, Heptas pritfuhm Chriftiana.] 


A city in Dalmatia. 
Seiies chronologica epifcoporum civitatis Arbenfis. 
[ScHWANDTNERUS, Scrlptores rerum Hungaricarum, iii. 781.] 


Arbatel de magia, feu pneumatica vetenim, tum magorum 
populi Dei, tum magoi-um gentium, pro illuftratione gloria 
et philantropias Dei. 8° Lugduni, n. d. 

ARBLAY (Madame d'). See Frances Burney. 

ARBOGAST (Louis FaANgois Antoine). 

B. at Muntzig, in Alface, 1759. D. at Stralbourg, 8 April, 

Du calcul des derivations. 4° Strasbourg, 1800. 

ARBORIUS (tEmilius Magnus). 

A rhetorician of Tolofa, in Gaul, and uncle of the poet 

Ad nympham nimis cultam (carmen elegjacum.) [PoeTjE 
Lat'inl mbwres, ed. IVernfdorf, vol. iii.] 

— [Colkalo Ptfaurenjls, iv. 235. See Poems.] 

ARBOUSSET (Thomas). 

Narrative of an exploratory tour to the north-eaft of the 
colony of the Cape of Good Hope, by the Revs. T. Ar- 
boaflet and F. Daumos, of the Paris Miffionary Society. 
Tranflated from the Fiench of the Rev. T. ArboufFet by 
John Croumbie Brown. 8° Lond. 1852. 

ARBOUVILLE (Countess d'). 

Chriftine van A mbei'g : a tale, tranflated fiom the French 
by Maunfell B. Field, M.A. Second edition. 

12° Lond. 1853. 

ARBUCKLE (James). 

B. according to Watt, at Glafgow, 1700; but by othei 
authorities laid to have been a native of Ireland. He is lap- 
poled to have kept an academy, and to have died in 1734. 

Snuff: a poem. 8° Glafgow, 17 17. 

An epiftle to the Right Honourable Thomas Earl of 
Hadington, on the death of Jofeph Addifon, Efq. [A poem.] 

8° Lond. 1719. 

Glotta : a poem. 8° Glafgow, 172 i. 

A colleflion of letters and effays on feveral fubjefls, lately 
publiftied in the Dublin Journal \imder the fignature of Hiber- 
nicus^ In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1729. 


Sir Robert Peel's adl of 1844, regulating the iflue of 
bank notes, vindicated. 8° Lond. 1857. 


An hiftorical account of Peterhead, from the earliefl: period 
to the prefent time . . . with an appendix, containing a copy 
of the original charter of ereftion ... Alfo, a natural hiftory 
of the fifties found on the coafts of Buchan. 

8' Aberdeen, 1815. 


Emigrant's guide book to Poit Natal. 

8° Aberdeen, 1862. 


B. near Montrofe, 1675. Educated at Aberdeen, where he 
took his degree of doftor of medicine. Removed to London, 
where he gradually got into pradice, and was appointed phyfi. 
cian in ordinary to Qmeen Anne, 1709. D. 27 Feb. 1735. 

The mifcellaneous works of the late Dr. Arbuthnot. 2 
vols. 8° Glafgow, 1751. 

— New edition ; with an account of the author's life. 
In two volumes. 12° Lond. 1770. 

A fermon preach'd to the people, at the mercat crofs of 
Edinburgh ; on the fubjedt of the union. Eccles. chap, i o, 
ver. 27. [Anon.] 4° n. p. 1 706. 

— Another edition. 8° Lond. 1707. 
Law is a bottomlefs-pit, exemplLfy'd in the cafe of The 

Lord Strutt, John Bull, Nicholas Frog, and Lewis Baboon : 
who fpent all they had in a law-fuit. Pi'inted from a manu- 
fcript found in the cabinet of the famous Sir Humphry 
Polefworth. [Anon?\ Second edition. 

8° Lond. 1712. 

— Sixth edition. 8° Lond. 1712. 

— Another edition. 8° Edinb. 1712. 
John Bull in his fenfes : being the fecond part of Law is 

a bottomlefs-pit. [Anon.] Second edition. 

8° Lond. 17 12. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 1 7 1 2. 

— Another edition. 8° Edinb. 17 12. 
John Bull ftill in his fenfes : being the thiid part of Law 

is a bottomlefs-pit. [Anon.] 8° Lond. 17 12. 

— Third edition. 8° Lond. 17 12. 

— Another edition. 8° Edinb. 17 1 2. 
An appendix to John Bull ftill in his fenfes : or. Law 

is a bottomlefs-pit. [Anon.] 8° Lond. 17 12. 

— Fourth edition. 8° Lond. 1712. 



Law is a bottomlefs-pit, &c. In three parts ; with the 
appendix, and a compleat key. [y/non.] 

8^ Edinb. 1712. 
* A complete key to the thiee parts of Law is a bottom- 
lefs-pit, and the Story of the St. Alban's ghoil. 17 12. 
[5y Dr. William Wagstaffe.] 

Lewis Baboon turned honed, and John Bull politician. 
Being the fourth part of Law is a bottomlefs-pit. \ylnon.^ 

8° Lond. 1712. 

— Second edition. 8° Lond. 17 12. 

— Another edition. 8^ Edinb. 1712. 
John Bull's lall will and teftament, as it was di-awn by a 

Welch attorney. With a preface to the Ar p of 

C ry. By an eminent lawyer of the Temple. [Anon.] 

8" Lond. 17 I 3. 

— Second edition. 8' Lond. 17 13. 
A review of the ilate of John Bull's family, ever fince 

the probat of his lall will and teftament. With fome account 
of the two tmmpeters, the hirelings of Roger Bold. [Anon.] 

8" Lond. 17 13. 

A poftfcript to John Bull, containing the Hiftoiy of the 
Crown-inn ; with the death of the widow, and what hap- 
pened thereon. [Anon.] 8° Lond. n. d. 

A continuation of the Hiftory of the Crown-inn : with 
charadters of fome of the late fei-vants, and the proceeding 
of the tniftecs to the coming of the new landlord. Part II. 
[Anon.] 8' Lond. n. d. 

— Part III. Containing the prefent ftate of the inn, 
and other particulars. [Anon.] 8° Lond. n. d. 

The fourth and lafl: part of the Hiftoiy of the Crown- 
inn ; with the charadcr of John Bull and other novels. 
[Anon.] 8° Lond. n. d. 

An appendix to the Hiftoiy of the Crown-inn : with a 
key to the whole. [Anon.] 8^ Lond. n. d. 

The prefent ftate of tlie Crown-inn for the firft three 
years under the new landlord ; wherein are charadlcrs of 
fome of the chief fervants on both fides. [Anon.] Second 
edition. 8° Lond. 1717. 

An invitation to peace ; or, Toby's preliminaiies to Neftor 
Ironfidcs, fet forth in a dialogue between Toby and his kinf- 
man. [Anon.] 8° Lond. 17 13. 

Tables of the Grecian, Roman, and Jewirti meafures, 
weights and coins, reduc'd to the Englilh ftandard. 

8° Lond. [n. d.] 

Tables of ancient coins, weights, and meafures, explained 
and exemplified in feveral difll-iuitions. 4° Lond. 1727. 

Caroli Arbuthnotii Tabula; antiquorum nummoram, 

menfurarum etponderum ... ex Anglicain linguam Latinam 

converfae, opera Dan. Konigii, M.D. 

4° Lugduni Batavorum, 1764. 

[Erroneoudy afcrlbcd by Kijnig to Charles Arbuthnot, whofc figna- 
turc, as editor, is attached to the dedication to the king.] 

Praftical rules of diet in the various conftitutions and 
difeafes of human bodies. [Second part.] 

8° Lond. 1732. 
An effay concerning the effefls of air on human bodies. 

8° Lond. 1733. 
Critical remarks on Capt. Gulliver's Travels. By Do(5lor 
Bantley. Piibliflied from the author's original MSS. [Anon.] 

8 ° Cambridge, 1735. 

ARC (Jeanne d'). 

* Memoires concernant la Pucelle d'Orleans, dans lefquels 
fe tiouvent plufieurs particularites du r^gne de Charles VII., 
depuis 1422, jufques en 1 429. [Petitot, ColUaion com- 
plete des memoires, l^c, viii. I.] 

* Memoirs of Jeanne d'Arc ... 1824. [By W. H. 


A native of Antioch, who lived at the beginning of the 3d 

Ajzao/ou Tsei tovjiv. E codicibus Parifinis primum edidit 
Edmund. Henr. Baikerus. Addita eft editoris Epiftola 
critica ad Jo. Fr. Boiflbnade. 8° Lipfix, 1820. 

ARCANO (Giovanni Mauro d'). 

B. about 1490, D. at Rome, J 5 36. 
Poefie fatirichc. [Rubbi, Parnafo Italiano, xxvii. 86.] 


Tradlatus de fecretiflimo antiquorum philofophorum area- 
no, quo non folum omnes aegritudines totius corporis humani 
miiabiliter fanantur ; vertim & immunda ac Icprofa corpora 
metallortim in perfedum lunificum & folificum tranfmutantur. 
[Zetznerus, Thealrum chem'tcum, iv. 554.] 

ARCAS (Fabius). 

A Roman lawyer, who flouriflied in the latter half of the 
1 6th century. 

Decifiones aureae,'five traftatus utiliftimus cafuum quotidi- 
anortim in materia criminal!, feudali, deque jure feudi accre- 
fcendi & dotium. 8° Francof. 1597. 


Ad legem primam C. de edendo, intei'pretetio nova ; qua 
verus atque legitimus legis fenfus doftorum ad hxc ufque 
tempora, cum varia, tum multiplici difputatione confufus, in 
lucem, velut e tenebiis, perfpicue revocatur. Accedit Petnis 
Aldobrandinus de inteqjietatione cl. ]&. Ludovici Cati ad 
1. I. C. de edendo, adverfus Marium Arcadem Narnienfem. 
[Otto, Thefaurus juris Romani, v. 49.] 

ARCE (Joseph Alonso de). 

Dificultades vencidas, y curfo natural, en que fe dan reglas 
cfpeculativas y prafticas para la limpieza y afleo de las c.illes 
de efta corte, por cuyo medio fe obvie, que en el ambiente fe 
introduzca lo impuro, con que con grave jx'rjuicio nos alimen- 
tanios fus habitadores ... 4° Madrid, [1735-] 

ARCERE (Louis-Etienne). 

B. at Marfcillc, 1698. Perpetual fccrctary of the Sociiti- 
Royalc d'.igiicuUurc at Kochcllc. D. there, 7th Feb. 1781. 

De Petit de I'agriculture chez les Romains, depuis le com- 
mencement de la rqiublique jufqu'au fiecle de Jules-Cefir, 
relativcnient au gouvernemcnt, aux niocurs, ct au commerce. 
DifTertation qui a obtenu I'accefllt de prix dc {'Academic 
royalc des infcrijitions et belles-lettres, en 1776. 

8° Paris, 1777. 




Archxologia : or mifcellaneous ti'ads relating to antiquity. 
Publiflied by the Society of antiquaries of London.' 3 8 
vols. [ll^hh index to the Jlrjl 30 ijo/j.] 

4° Lond. I 7 70- 1 860. 

The archjEologift, and journal of antiquarian fcience. 2 
vols. 8° Lond. 1842. 

A report of the proceedings of the Biitiih archaological 
affociation at the firlt general meeting held at Canterbury, in 
the month of September, 1 8 44. Edited by Alfred John 
Dunkin. 8° Lond. 1845. 

— Fifth general meeting holden in . . . Worcefter ... 1848. 

8 ° Lond. 1 8 5 I . 

A verbatim report of the proceedings at a fpeclal genei'al 
meeting of the members of the Britifh archxological aflbcia- 
tion, held at the theatre of the Weftern literaiy inftitution, 
jth March, 1845. 8° Lond. 1845. 

Proceedingsof the Archsological inftitute of Great Britain 
and Ireland 1845-9, 1851-2. See Winchester, York, 
Norwich, Lincoln, Salisbury, Bristol, Newcastle. 

The archaeological journal : publifhed under the direftion 
of the central committee of the Britilh archaeological aflbcia- 
tion for the encouragement and profecution of refearches into 
the arts and monuments of the early and middle ages. Vols. 
L-XVIIL 8° Lond. 1845-61. 

The journal of the Britifh archxological aflbciation, eftab- 
li(hed 1843, for the encouragement and profecution of re- 
fearches into the arts and monuments of the early and middle 
ages. Vols. IL, IIL, XVL, XVH. 

8° Lond. 1847-8, 1S60-61. 

Catalogue of antiquities, works of art, and hiftorical Scot- 
tifh relics, exhibited in the mufeum of the Archa:ological 
inftitute of Great Britain and Ireland during their annual 
meeting, held in Edinburgh, July, 1856 ... Comprifing 
notices of the portraits of Maiy Queen of Scots, coUe(fl:ed 
on that occafion, etc. etc. 8° Edinb. 1859. 

Archxologia Eliana. See Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

Archsologia Cambi'enfis. See Wales. 

Iritli archxological fociety. See Ireland. 

Somerfetfhire archaeological and natural hiftory fociety. 
See Somersetshire. 

Suflex archxological fociety. See Sussex. 

The Myvyrian aichaiology of Wales. See Wales. 


Archaica : containing a reprint of fcarce old Englifh profe 
tradls : with prefaces, critical and biographical, by Sir E. 
Brydges, Bart., M.P. In two volumes. 

4° Lond. 18 I 5. 

ARCHBOLD (John Frederick). 

The pradtice of the Court of King's Bench in perfonal 
aftions and ejeiflment. 2 vols. 12° Land. 18 19. 

— Sixth edition ; by Thomas Chitty, Efq., including the 
pradtice of the Court of Common Pleas and Exchequer. 2 
vols. 12° Lond. 1838. 

— Seventh edition. 2 vols. 12° Lond. 1840. 

— Eighth edition. 2 vols. 12° Lond. 1845. 

— Ninth edition. By Samuel Prentice. 2 vols. 

12° Lond. 1855-6. 

— Tenth edition. 2 vols. 12° Lond. 1858. 
A collection of the forms and entries, which occur in 

praftice, in the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, 
in perfonal aftions and ejeftment. Second edition. 

12° Lond. 1828. 

The practice of the Crown Office of the Court of Queen's 
Bench, with fomis of all the pleadings, rules, notices, &c., 
which occur in practice. 12° Lond. 1844. 

A diged: of the law relative to pleading and evidence in 
aftions real, perfonal, and mixed. 12° Lond. 182 i. 

— Second edition. 12° Lond. 1837. 

A fummary of the law relative to appeals, againfl orders 
of removal, againlf rates, and againfl orders of filiation ; to- 
gether with the practice of the Court of Quarter Seffions, in 
appeals : by William Clarkfon, Efq. 8° Lond. 1826. 

The law and praClice in bankruptcy, as founded on the 
recent ftatute ; with forms. Second edition. 

12° Lond. 1827. 

— Third edition. By John Fladier, Efq. 

I 2° Lond. 1829. 

— Eighth edition ; enlarged by the ftatutes and cafes to 
3 Vift. ... 12° Lond. 1840. 

— Tenth edition ; including the ftatutes and cafes to 7 
ViCl. ... 12° Lond. 1844. 

— Eleventh edition; including the ftatutes to 19 ViCt. ... 

12° Lond. 1856. 
Peel's aCls, with the forms of indictments, &c., and the 
evidence necefTaiy to fupport them. 12° Lond. 1828. 

— Second edition ; \contahi'mg eilfi] Lord Lanfdowne's 
aCt, and the recent aCls relating to poaching, fmuggling, per- 
fonating, &c. ... 2 vols. 12° Lond. 1830. 

— Third edition ; and all the other criminal ftatutes paffed 
from the firft year of the reign of Geoige IV. to the prefent 
time, including the criminal claufes of the Reform aCl ... 
In two volumes. 12° Lond. 1835. 

A fummary of the law relative to pleading and evidence 
in criminal cafes : with precedents of indictments. Sec, and 
the evidence necefTaiy to fupport them. Third edition. 

12° Lond. 1828. 

— Fourth edition ... with the decifions and ftatutes to the 
prefent time. By John Jervis, Efq. 12° Lond. 1831. 

— Eighth edition ... 12° Lond. 1841. 

— Ninth edition ... 12° Lond. 1843. 

— Tenth edition ... [including the practice in criminal 
proceedings generally.] By W. N. Welfby, Efq. 

12° Lond. 1846. 

— Twelfth edition ... 12° Lond. 1853. 

— Thirteenth edition ... 12° Lond. 1856. 

— Fourteenth edition ... 12° Lond. 1859. 

— Fifteenth edition. 12° Lond. 1862. 
The aCt for the amendment of the poor laws ; with a prac- 
tical inti'oduCtion, notes and forms. Second edition. 

12° Lond. 1834. 
12° Lond. 1835. 
12° Lond. 1 8 36. 
12° Lond. 1839. 

— Third edition. 

— Fourth edition. 

— Fifth edition. 
The new Poor law amendment aCt, and the recent rales 

and orders of the poor law commiflioners ; with a practical 
intioduCtion, notes, and forms. 12° Lond. 1842. 

The Municipal corporation aCt (5 & 6 Wm. IV., c. 76), 



compaied with, and conedled by the roll ; with a practical 
introdudion, notes, and forms, and the cafes decided upon 
the aft. 12° Lond. 1836. 

The jurifdiflion and pradicc of the Court of Quarter 
Seflions ; with forms of indidlments, notices of appeals, &c. 

12° Lond. 1836. 

— Second edition. 12° Lond. 1857. 
The recent criminal ftatutes ( i Vidt. cc. 84 to 9 1 ) ; with 

forms of indiftments, notes, and index. 8° Lond. 1837. 

The a<5l for abolidiing imprifonment for debt ( i & 2 
Vidl. c. I 10) ; with a praftical introdudlion, notes, forms, 
and a copious index. 12° Lond. 1838. 

The juftice of the peace, and parifli officer ; with the ])rac- 
tice of country attornies in criminal cafes ; comprifing alfo all 
the neceflary fornis of commitments, convidlions, orders, &c. 
In three volumes. Second edition. 12° Lond. 1842—4. 

— Third edition. 3 vols. 12' Lond. 1845. 

— Fourth edition. 3 vols. 12' Lond. 1846. 

— Fifth edition ; with forms, and a tabular arrangement 
of offences and their punifliment, 5cc. In four volumes. 

12° Lond. 1854-5. 

— Sixth edition. Vols. L, IL 12° Lond. 1859. 
The law of Nifi Prius : comprifing the declarations and 

other pleadings in perfonal aflions, and the evidence necef- 
faiy to fuppoit them. 12° Lond. 1843. 

— Second edition ; with an introduftion, dating the whole 
of the praffice at Nifi Prius. Vol. L 12° Lond. 1845. 

The new pradlice of attornies in the courts of law at 
Weftmiriftcr, with forms, including the recent ftatute as to 
attornies, and the cafes decided thereon ; alfo an appendix, 
comprifing qucftions of pradlice, in which the errors in pro- 
ceedings may be detedled, and the proper mode of taking 
advantage of them adopted. In two volumes. 

12° Lond. 1844. 

— Third edition. 2 vols. 12" Lond. 1847. 
The poor law, comprifing all the authorities, to Oftober, 

1843, with forms. Third edition. 12° Lond. 1844. 

— Fourth edition, comprifing all the authorities, to Oc- 
tober, 1844, with forms. 12° Lond. 1845. 

— Fourth [Fifth] edition ... brought down to Septem- 
ber, 1846, in the addenda, with forms. 

12 ' Lond. 1846. 

— Sixth edition ... brought down to April i 850 ; with 
forms. 12° Lond. 1850. 

— Seventh edition ... brought down to March 1853 ; 
with forms. 12° Lond. 1853. 

— Eighth edition ... brought down to Hilary Term, 
1856; with forms. 12'^ Lond. 1856. 

— Ninth edition ... brought down to Trinity Term, 

12° Lond. 1858. 

brought down to Michaelmas Term, 
12 ' Lond. i860. 
The law of landlord and tenant ; with ail the rcquifite 
forms, including the ])!eadings in the feveral actions by and 
againft landlord and tenant, and the evidence ncccffary to 
fupport them. i 2° Lond. 1H46. 

— Second edition. 12° Lond. 1855. 
The law relative to examinations and grounds of .ipjieal 

in cafes of orders of removal ; with forms in all cafes which 
occu)- in pradlice. 12" Lond. 1847. 

1857 ; with forms. 

— Tenth edition , 
I 859 ; with forms. 

— Second edition. 12° Lond. 1858. 
The aft to amend the laws relating to the removal of the 

poor, 9 & 10 Vift. cap. 66 ; with notes and obfervations, 
&c. Fourth edition. 12= Lond. 1847. 

The praftice of the new County Couits ; with forms, and 
an appendix, containing tlie ftatute and the rules, with a full 
and elaborate index. Second edition. 12° Lond. 1847. 

— Third edition ; [w/'/A] addenda, comprifing the prac- 
tice of thofe courts under the Proteftion afts, the Infolvent 
aft, and the Judgment debtors' aft. 12^ Lond. 1848. 

— Fourth edition ... according to the extended jurif- 
diftion given ... by the recent ftatute 13 & 14 Vift. cap. 
61, and as altered by that aft ... 12= Lond. 1850. 

— Fifth edition ... according to the extended jurifdiftion 
given ... by the recent ftatutes 13 & 14 Vift. cap. 6 i, and 
15 & 16 Vift. cap. 54 ... 12° Lond. 1852. 

— Sixth edition ; including the praftice under the recent 
ftatute 19 & 20 Vift. cap. 108 ... 12° Lond. 1856. 

— Seventh edition, ^incluiling] the new rules of 1857 ... 

12° Lond. 1857. 
.lervis's afts, i i & 12 Vift. cc. 42, 43, & 44 ; relating 
to the duties of juftices of the peace out of feffions, as to in- 
diftable offences, conviftions, and orders ; and to the protec- 
tion of juftices in the execution of their duties ; witli prac- 
tical notes and forms. 12° Lond. 1S48. 

— Third edition, [containingj ftat. 1 2 & I 3 Vift. c. I 4, 
for the levying of poor rates, &c. ... 12° Lond. 185 i. 

A fummary of the laws of England. In four volumes. 
Vols. I., II. 12' Lond. 1S48-9. 

The new rules and forms regulating the jirefent praftice 
and proceedings of the County Courts ; with notes, forms, 
and fome additional forms. 12° Lond. 1851. 

The law relative to pauper lunatics ; with forms in all 
cafes required in praftice ; alfo the law and praftice in ap- 
peals againft lunatic orders. I2° Lond. 185 1. 

The new ftatutes relating to lunacy, comprifing the law 
ielating to pauper lunatics, with the praftice and ptaftical 
forms, very fully given ; alfo, the law refpecting lunatic 
afylums, public and private, with the duties of the commif- 
fioners in lunacy, and vifiting juftices. 12° Lond. 1854. 

The new fyftcm of criminal ])roccdure, pleading, and evi- 
dence in indiftable cafes, as founded on Lord Campbell's 
aft, 1 4 & I 5 Vift. c. 1 00, and other recent ftatutes ; with 
new forms of indiftments and evidence. 

12° Lond. 1852. 

Tlie parifli officer, comprifing the whole of the prcfcnt law 
relating to the feveral parifli officers in England ; coni]>rifing 
alfo the law as to church rates, veltries, watching, and light- 
ing, &c. 12° Lond. 1S52. 

— Second edition ; by William Cunningham Glen, Efq. 

12° Lond. 1855. 

— Third edition. 12° Lond. 1858. 
The new praftice, pleading, and evidence, in the courts 

of common law at Weftiiiinftei-, as regulated by tlie new 
ftatute I 5 & 16 Vift. cap. 76, with all neceffiii-y forms. 

1 2 Lond. 1853. 
Tlic new rules of praftice in the courts of law ; the new 
rules for the examination and re-admiflion of .attorneys ; the 
new t;iblc of cofts ; and " the Common law procedure aft, 
1852." With an elaborate index. 12^ Lond. 1853. 



— Second edition ... as regulated by flatutes 15 & i6 
Vift. cap. 76, and 17 & 18 Vidl. cap. 125, including the 
equitable jurifdidlion recently given to them by the latter 
ftatute ... 12° Lond. 1S55. 

A fupplement to Archbold's new pradlice of the courts 
of common law at Weftminfter, comprifing the recent Pro- 
cedure adl, with an introdudlion and index. 

12° Lond. 1855. 
The Succeffion duty adl, 1853, with praftical notes, and 
an introdudion, comprifing the fubftance of the a<5t, the alTeff- 
ment, and the appeal againll it, with forms. 

12° Lond. 1854. 
The bankrupt law, with the ftatutes and other authorities 
to the prefent time, including the new lules in banki-uptcy, 
and the new tables of cofts. Second edition. 

12° Lond. 1855. 
The law of limited liability, partnerlhip, and joint-ftock 
companies, to which are added the proceedings on the new 
flatute relating to bills of exchange and promiflbry notes. 

12° Lond. 1855. 

— Second edition. 12° Lond. 1856. 
An abridgment of cafes upon poor law, fiom 5 & 6 Vii5l. 

to 20 & 21 Vidl. (1842 to 1858,) in continuation of Mr. 
Lumley's Poor law cafes. Vol. IIL \of Lumley's work, 
which is in two volumes J\ 8° Lond. 1858. 

The confolidated and other ordeis of the poor law com- 
miffioners, and of the poor law board, with introduftion, ex- 
planatoiy notes, and index. The ftatiftical ])ortion by A. C. 
Banke. 12° Lond. 1859. 

The law of bankmptcy and infolvency as founded on the 
recent ftatute. 12° Lond. 1861. 

— Second edition. 12" Lond. 1861. 
The law and practice of arbitration and award, with forms. 

12° Lond. 1 86 1. 
The confolidated criminal flatutes of England and Ireland 
pafled in the laft feffion of Parliament, with notes, forms of 
indiftments, and evidence. 12° Lond. 186 1. 

The ftatutes 24 & 25 Vifloria, cc. 55, 76, 59, relating 
to the irremovability of paupers from unions ; to the paffing 
of paupers to Leland ; and to vaccination : with notes. 

12° Lond. 1 86 1. 

ARCHDALL (Mervyn), A.M. 

B. at Dublin, 1723. Reftor of Slane, Co. Meath. D. 6 
Aug. 1 79 1. 

Monafticon Hibernicum ; or, an hiflory of the abbies, 
priories, and other religious houfes in Leland. Interfperfed 
with memoirs of their feveral founders and benefaftors, and 
of their abbots and other fuperiours, to the time of their final 
fuppreflion ... 4° Dublin, 1786. 

ARCHENHOLTZ (Johann Wilhelm von). 

B. at Langenfurth, near Danzig, 3 Sep. 1741. Educated at 
Berlin, and entered the PrulTian army, in wiiich he rofe to the 
rank of captain. He afterwards fpent fixteen years in travelling 
through the various countries of Europe. D. near Hamburg, 28 
Feb. i8j2. 

Tableau de I'Angleterre et de I'ltalie ; traduit de I'Alle- 
mand [by L. B. de Bildeibeck.] 3 tom. 

8° Gotha, 1788. 
Udfigt over det Brittiflie Folks Hiftorie for Aaret 1788. 

Paa Danllc udgivet med Anmerkninger og en Fortale af L. 
Smith. 8° Kiobenhavn, 1790. 

Kleine hiftorifche Schriften. 2 Bande. 

8° Berlin, 1791 ; Tiibingen, 1803. 

A pifture of Italy. Tranflated from the original German 
by Jofeph Trapp, A.M. In two volumes. 

12° Lond. ] 791. 

The hiftory of the pirates, free-booters. or buccaneers of 
America. Tranflated from the German, by George Mafon, 
Efq. 12° Lond. 1807. 

ARCHER ( ). 

Brief memorials of Englifh families of the name of Archer. 

4° Edinb. 1856. 
Memorials of the families of the furname of Archer. 

4° Lond. 1 86 1. 
ARCHER (Charles). 

The Lords and the Jew : thoughts refpeilfully addrefl"ed 
to the Right Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Biflhop of Lon- 
don. 8° Lond. 1857. 

ARCHER (Charles P.), Jun. 

An analytical digefl: of all the reported cafes in the feveral 
couits of common law in Ireland, from the earlieft period to 
the prefent time, including regiftiy appeals, and numerous 
criminal cafes. 8° Dublin, 1842. 


Tours in Upper India, and in parts of the Himalaya 
Mountains ; with accounts of the courts of the native princes, 
&c. In two volumes. 8° Lond. 1833. 

ARCHER (Edmond), B.D. 

Fellow of St. John's College, Oxford. Archdeacon of Taun- 
ton, 17J2; archdeacon of Wells, 1726. D. 0€t. 1739. 

A fermon preach'd in King Henry VII.'s chapel, at 
Weftminfter, January xxxth, 1 7 i o, before the rev. clergy 
of the lower houfe of Convocation : being the anniverfary of 
the martyrdom of King Charles the Ift. ^Zech. vii. 4. 5.] 

8° Lond. 171 1. 


The Indian mutinies accounted for : being an effay on the 
fubjeft. 8° Lond. 1857. 

ARCHER (John Wykeham). 

Veftiges of old London, a feries of etchings from original 
drawings, illuftrative of the monuments and architefture of 
London, in the firft, fourth, twelfth, and fix fucceeding cen- 
turies, with defcriptions and hiftorical notices. 

fol. Lond. 1851. 

ARCHER (Joseph). 

Statiftical fuiTey of the county Dublin, with obfeiTations 
on the means of improvement ... 8° Dublin, 1801. 

ARCHER (Richard). 

The ifland home; or, the adventures of fix young Crufoes. 

8° Lond. 1854. 



ARCHER (Thomas), D.D. 

Divine blefflng effential to human falvation : a fennon 
preached on behalf of the Baptift milTionaiy fociety, at Surrey 
chapel, on Thurfday evening, April 20, 1 848. [Ps. Ixvii. 
1,2.] i2°Lond. 1848. 

The divine teftimonies ; their wonderfiil charader : a fer- 
mon jjreached in Exeter Hall, June i ft, 1 8 5 i . [Pj-. cxix. 
129.] 12° Lond. 185 I. 

"The Duke:" a fketch. [Jer. xlvii. 17.] 

12= Lond. 1852. 

ARCHER (Thomas Croxen). 

Popular economic botany ; or, defcription of the botanical 
and commercial charaftcrs of the principal articles of vegetable 
origin ufed for food, clothing, tanning, dyeing, building, medi- 
cine, perfumery, &c. S" Lond. 1853. 

Firft fteps in economic botany, for the ufe of ftudents ; 
being an abridgment of Popular economic botany. 

8 Lond. 1854. 

ARCHER (Thomas G.) 

An index to the unrepealed ftatutes connefted with the 
adminiftration of the law in England and Wales, commen- 
cing with the reign of King William the Fourth, and con- 
tinued to the clofe of the feffion 1850. 8° Lond. 1851. 

ARCHER (William). 

Rachel of Padanaram, type of the Church : a facred hif- 
tory from the Mofaic records. 12° Lond. 1843. 


A poem on the Royal company of Scottifh archers. 

S. Sh. n. p. n. d. 

Report relative to the proceedings of the Royal company 
of archers, upon the vifit of his Majefty, King George the 
Fourth, to Scotland, Auguft 1822. 8° Edinb. 1822. 

Papers relative to the Royal guard of Scottifh archers in 
France. From original docimients. [For the Maitland 
Club.] , 4° Edinb. 1835. 

ARCHIBALD (Alexander). 

Faith's viftory over unbelief : exemplified in the fpiritual 
experiences of Archibald Alexander, late fchoolmafter at 
Loanliead, near Denny. In which the divine art of ufing 
fanftified reafoning from the Word and promife of God, for 
overcoming the fuggcftions of Satan and unbelief, is largely 
difplayed. Printed from the original manufcript of the 
author, who died in January 1766. 12° Edinb. 1770. 

de Bayso. 


The carlieft of the Greek lyric poets. B. in the ifland of 
Paros, 714 B.C. D. 676 b.c. 

Archilochi, iambograjihorum principis, Rcliquix ; quas 
accuratius collegit, adnotationibus virorum doiflorum fuifque 
animadverfionibus lllullravit, et prxmidii de viui ct fcriptis 
poetx commentatione, nunc fcorfim edidit Ignatius Liebel. 
Editio fecunda. 8° Vindobonx, 18 1 8. 

VOL. I. 

Carmina lyiica et iambica. [Gr. and Lai. Lectius, 
Poela Gmci -ueteres tragici, i^c, ii. 131.] 

De temporibus. ^Spurious. Annius, Jlnliquitatum vari- 
orum 1)011. A.•^'H.] 


o/" William Kenrick. 


B. at Syracufe, 187 B.C. D. 2iz B.C. 

A^y^i/j,r,doii:, rou 'S.v^axovaion, Ta !i-iy_^i ku» eiuZonna, 
a'^a^ra. Archimedis, Syracufani philofophi ac geomcti"X 
excellentiflimi. Opera, qux quidem extant, omnia, multis iam 
feculis defiderata, atque a quam pauciffimis ha<ftenus uifa, 
nuncque primilm & Grxci & Latin^ in lucem cdita ... 
Adiedla quoque Eutocii Afcalonitx in eofdem Archimedis 
libros commentaria, item Grxce & Latine, nunquam antea 
cxcufa. ^Editio princeps , edited by T. G . Venatorius.^ 

fol. Bafilex, 1544. 

Ap'^i/j.ri&ovg -javTo, eoi'Qi,u,sva. Archimedis opera qux 
extant novis demonftrationibus commentariifque illuftrata per 
D. Rivaltum. [Gr. and Lat.^ fol. Parifiis, 161 5. 

Archimedis opera : Apollonii Pcrgxi conicorum libri iiu. 
Theodoiii fphxrica : methodo nova illuftrata, et fuccinflt! 
demonftrata. Per Is. Barrow ... 4° Londini, 1675. 

Admirandi Archimedis monumenta omnia mathematica 
ex traditione Francifci Maurolici. fol. Panormi, 1685. 

Apyi/J.r}dous ra a'ji(,iiiLiia. /uru rdjn Euroxioi/ AffzaXov/rou 
U':T0ij.>ri/j,a7Cijii. Archimedis qux fujjerfunt omnia cum Euto- 
cii Afcalonitx commentariis ex recenfione Jofephi Toiclli, 
Veronenfis, cum nova verfione Latina. Accedunt lediones 
variantes ex codd. Mediceo et Parifienfibus 

fol. Oxonii, 1792. 

Qicogri/J.a u my^^riTai e\i ria 'H'a/Jtfiirri koy^i!J.7,hr,;- airs, 'XoXKaxig, A^;ffra?j/os "Hajiioi iv rw csj; tuv /MyiScuv 
xa; avoarri/jLaroiv uto ij,iv t>,\i Eufiogou, 015 ioiXiv, i^iMSiin' 
ff£ff£o<r/i£vo> 0£ Hi fi'iai \jiii TW TlTo\siJ,aiou, ev riti, rou rr^urov 
Trii /isyaXjjj uuvra^su;, iteo/ tw\i £» 701 xvxXu tudiiuv. [O 
Tou A^yj/j.ribo\Ji Ya,tt,a;T>jc.] [Gr.] fol. [Glafgux,] n. d. 
[The title page dcfcribcs only the contents of the firft two pages.] 

Arenarius et dimcnfio circuli. Eutocii Afcalonitx in hanc 
comnientarius. Cum nova verfione & notis. [Gr. and Lot. 
J. Wallis, Opera muthanaUca, iii. 5C9.] 

Qiuvres, traduites litteralement, avec un commentaire, par 
F. Peyrard, fuivies d'un memoire du traduifleur (urun nouveau 
miroir ardent, et d'un autre memoire de M. Delambre fur 
I'arithmetique des Grecs. 2 tom. 8° Paris, 1 808. 

Guidi Ubaldi in duos Archimedis ^queponderaniium 
libros paraphrafis, fcholiis illuftrata. I 588. 

Pafchafii Humellii ... in Archimedis librum de numero 
arenx ... 1557. SJVith vcrjwn of the /c.v/.] 

Trattito delle cofe, che ftanno ful liquido. [Raccolta 
d'autori che trattano del molo deWacque, i. I.] 

ARCHINI (Francesc' Ignazio). 

Pratica Kgalc, e giudiziaria Italiana. Ofll-rvazioni tcorico- 
pratiche fullo fpirito e giurifpi-udcnza del Codice N.ipoleone, 
e del codice di procedura civile, Ipianata nella ricipioca lore 
analogia.e nel ravvicinamento colla giurifprudenza delle leggi 
civili, e dei metodi giudiziarj preccdentementc in vigorc. 
2 A 



Corredate d'efemplari di diverfi atti, fi d'inftruzione, che 
efecutivi. 3 torn. 8° Novara, 1807-9. 


Hiftoire nouvelle des anciens Dues et autres fouverains de 
I'Archipel ... 1698. [By Robert Saulger.] 


A call to Archippus ... 1664. [By Jofeph Alleine.] 


Le vite de' piil celebri architetti d'ogni nazione e d'ogni 
tempo. 1768. [5_)r Francefco MiLiziA.] 

An eflay on the qualifications and duties of an architeft, 
&c. With fome ufeful hints for the young architedl or fur- 
veyor. 8° Lond. 1773. 

Principi di architettura civile. (785. [5y Fr. Milizia.] 

Dell'architettura Egiziana diflertazione ... 1786. [By 
Jacopo Belgrado.] 

EfTays on Gothic architedlure, by the Rev. T. Warton, 
Rev. J. Bentham, Captain Grofe, and the Rev. J. Milner. 
(With a letter to the publifher. ) Illuftrated with twelve 
plates . . . The fecond edition. To which is added, a lift of 
the cathedrals of England, with their dimenfions ; alfo two 
new plates. 8^ Lond. 1802. 

Eflays of the London architeftural fociety. 

8° Lond. 1 808. 

A concife hiftory and analyfis of all the principal ftyles 
of architeftui^e ; namely, Egyptian, Grecian, Roman, that of 
the dark ages, of the Arabians, and of the Normans ; includ- 
ing a detailed defcription of the origin, progrefs, and decline 
of the Gothic. To which is added, a ftetch of the archi- 
tedure of England, down to the prefent time. By an amateur. 

8° Lond. [1828.] 

Architeftural notes on German churches ... 1830. [By 
William Whewell.] 

A gloflaiy of terms ufed in ... architedhire. 1840. [By 
John Henry Parker.] 

A companion to the fourth edition ... 1846. [By John 
Henry Parker.] 

A concife gloflary of terms ufed in . . . architeflure, abridged 
from the fourth edition of the larger work. 1846. [By 
John Henry Parker.] 

Royal inftitute of Britirti architefts. Incorporated in the 
feventh year of William IV. Report of the feleft committee 
on dilapidations, &c. 8° Lond. 1844. 

The age : being a letter to a fociety for the improvement 
of facred architefture, on the objeft, principles, and praftice 
of that department of fcience ... By a layman. 

8° Lond. 1850. 

Some account of domeftic architefture in England from 
Edward I. to Richard II. ... 1853. [By John Henry 

Architeflural mufeum. Canon Row, Parliament Street, 
Weftminfter. Catalogue: 1855. 8° Lond. 1855. 

Chara(5leriftics of old church architedure, &c., in the 
Mainland and Weftern Iflands of Scotland. 1861. [By 
T. S. MuiR.] 

New office book for architefts, engineers, contraftors, 

builders, clerks of works, &c., by an architect and building 
furveyor : containing fpecifications, taking out quantities, fire 
proof roofs, memoranda on railway works, tables, &c. &c., 
with numerous experiments, by George Rennie, Efq., C.E. 

8° Lond. [186 1.] 

Cotemporai-y architefture. fol. [Lond.] n. d. 

Naval architefture. See Navv. 

ARCHIUS (NicoLAus). 

B. in the Tyrol, 3 Dec. 1479. D. 1546. 

Numerorum libri iv. Quartus ex codice autographo nunc 
primum prodit. 8° Veronas, 1762. 

Carmina. [H. Fracastorii, jidami Fumani, et Nic/lrchlt 
carmlna, tom. ii.] 

— Gruter, Delitite poetarum Italorum, i. 257.] 

— Carmina illujlrium poetarum Italorum, i. 326.] 

ARCHONTORUS (Ferrandus). Pfeud. of Ferdi- 
nandus de Furstenburg. 


Ex 7-ou ffsj/ [La^niJ'UTr/.rii. [Aristotelis et Theophrajlt 
fcripta quadam, p. 80. '55 7-] 

ARCINIEGA (Francisco Velez de). 

B. at Cafarubios. Apothecary to the Archbiihop of Toledo. 
Flouriihed at the beginning of the 17th century. 

Hiftoria de los animales mas recebidos en el ufo de mede- 
cina ; donde fe trata para lo que cada uno entrero, 6 parte 
del aprovecha, y de la manera de fu preparacion. 

4° Madrid, 16 1 3. 


Audtoris incerti de vita et rebus geftis dominorum de 
Arkel fuccincta narratio. [Matth^cus, Veteris av't anale3a, 
V. 201.] 


B. in Finland, 1695. Keeper for twenty years of the library 
at CafTel. Returned to Stockholm, with the title of hiftorio- 
grapher to the king. D. 14 July, 1777. 

Memoires concernant Chriftine, Reine de Suede, pour 
feiTir d'eclairciffement a I'hiftoire de fon regne, et princi- 
palement de fa vie privee, et aux evenemens de I'hiftoire de 
fon tems civile et literaire, fuivis de deux ouvrages de cette 
favante princefle, qui n'ont jamais ete imprimes ... 4 tom. 
4° Amfterdam, i 7 5 1-60. 


A native of Normandy. Educated at the Univerfity of Caen. 
Held the office of premier maitre d'hotel to the Duke of Orleans. 
D. at Paris, 8 Feb. 1765, in the fixty-fecond year of his age. 

Traite des couleurs pour la peinture en email et fur la por- 
celaine ; precede de I'art de peindi^e fur I'email, et fuivi de 
plufieurs memoires fur differents fujets intereffants, tels que le 
travail de la porcelaine, I'ait du ftuccateur, la mani^je d'exe- 
cuter les camees et les autres pierres figurees, le moyen de per- 
fedlionner la compofition du verre blanc et le travail des 
glaces, &c. 12° Paris, 1765. 




B. at Arto, in the Itjlian Tyrol, 1739. Educated at Mantua, 
Parma and Verona. Appointed governor of the duchy of 
Mantua by the Emperor Joi'eph II. D. at Goito, near Mantua, 
Aug. 1791. 

Dcll'armonia politico-economica tra la citta c il fuo ter- 
ritorio. [Custodi, Scritlorl chifftci Italiani de eConomia politica, 
parte moderna, XXX. I I .] 

DcU'annona. [Ibid. xxx. 211.] 

DL-ll'inHuenza del commercio fopra i talenti e i coftumi. 
[Ibid. xxxi. 5.] 

Rifpofta al quefito : Se in uno ftato di teneno fertile 
favorir dcbbafi niaggiormente I'edrazione dclle materie prime, 
ovveio quella delle manifatture. [Ibid. xxxi. 191.] 

Del diritto ai tranfiti. [Ibid. xxxi. 245.] 

ARCONATUS (H.eronymus). 

B. in Sllefla, 1553. Secretary to the Emperor Rodolph II. 
D. 1599. 

Poemata. [Gruter, Del'tt'm poetarum Germanorum, i. 3 8 6.] 

Jaurini in Hungaria, xxlx. Maitii, ipfa Pafchatis oftava, 
anno l 598, feliciilime recuperati, defcriptio. [Reusnerus, 
Rcrummemorabiltumln Pannonla ge/larum narrationes, p. 289.] 

ARCONVILLE (Marie Genevieve Charlotte Thi- 

ROUX d'). 

B. 17 Oft. 1720. U. 23 Dec. 1805. 
EfTai pour fei-vir a I'hiftoire de la putrefafbion. Par le 
tradudteur des Lemons de chymie de M. Shaw. 

8° Paris, 1766. 
ARCOS (Francisco de los). 

Convei-faciones inftraftivas entre el Padre Frey Bertoldo, 
Capuchino, y Don Terencio ; en las qualcs fe tratan varies 
y muy diverfos afuntos. 4"= Pamplona, 1786. 


Arftic mifcellanics : a fouvenir of the late Polar fearch. 
By the officers and feamcn of the expedition. 

8° Lond. 1852. 

Arctic rewards and their claimants. 8° Lond. 1856. 

Ardlic voyages and difcovcry. The exploiing voyages 
of Dr. Kane. 12° Lond. [i860.] 


DiflerUitio hiftorica de origine ac rcligione Fennonum. 
Von dcm Urfprung und der Religion der Finnl'ander ... 

4° Upfalise, [1728.1 


Memoires de phyfique et de chimic, de la Societe d'Ar- 
cueil. 3 torn. 8" Paris, 1807-17. 


The travels of Bifliop Arcuif in the Holy Land, towards 
A.D. 700. [Thomas Wright, Early travels in Palejline, 
p. ,.] 

ARCUTIUS (.Ioannes Baptista). 

A Neapolitan poet, who flourished about the middle of the 
l6th century. 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delitit poetarum Ilalorum, i. 258.] 
— \Carm'tna illu/lrium poetarum Italorum, i. 328.] 

ARDEMANS (Theodoro). 

B. at Madrid, 1664. A painter and architeft. D. at Madrid, 

Declaracion y cxtenCon fobre las ordenanzas que efcrivio 
Juan de Toiija, Ajjarejador de obras reales, y de las que fe 
praftican en las ciudades de Toledo y Sevilla, con algunas 
adveitencias a los alarifes, y particulares, y otros ca])itulos 
anadidos a la perfedla inteligencia de la materia ; que todo 
(c cifra en el goviemo politico de las fabricas. 

4° Madrid, 1719. 

— Another edition. 4° Madrid, 1754. 

ARDEN (George), M.A. 

Redlor of Wintei bourne-Came, Dorletrtiire. 

Scripture breviates, arranged for ufe by the bed of fick- 
nefs. 8" Oxford, 1856. 

The cure of fouls. 8° Oxford, 1858. 

ARDEN (Hazlefoot). 

12° Lond. 1 8 5 I . 

ARDEN (Thomas). 

*The lamentable and true tragedieof M. Arden,of Feverf- 
ham, in Kent, who was moft wickedlye murdered, by the 
means of his difloyall and wanton wyfe, who, for the love 
fhe bare to one Mofbie, hyrcd two defperat mffins. Black- 
will and Shagbag, to kill him . . . With a preface, in which 
forae reafons are offered, in favour of its being the earlieft 
dramatic work of Shakefpear now remaining ; and a genuine 
account given of tlie murder from autlientic papers of the 
time. [Edited from the edition of 1592, by Edward 
Jacob.] 8° Lond. 1770. 


The heir of Ardennan : a Itoi-y of domefticlife. 1852. 
[By C. J. Douglas.] 

ARDERNE (James), D.D. 

Dean of Chefter, July, 1682. D. 18 Sep. 1691. 

The Dean of Chefter's fpecch to his Majefty, Augufl the 
27th. 1687. S. Sh. Lond. reprinted Edinb. 1687. 

ARDIZONE (.Iacobus de). 

B. at Verona about the middle of the 14th century. Profef- 
for of jurifprudencc at Pavia and at Perugia. 

Summa feudorum. [F. Zilettus, Tradatus unlverfi juris, 
X. i. 225.] 


Carmina. [Carmina illujlrium poetarum Ilalorum, i. 483.] 


A monk of the Bcncdiftinc abbey of St. Salvator, at Aniano. 
He is fomctimcs known by the name of Smaragdus. D. 7 
March, 863. 

Vita San(5ti Bcncdifli, abb-itis Anianenfis, in G;Jlia Nar- 
bonenfi. [Mauillon, Aaa fanaorum O.S.B. iv. i. 183.] 



ARDOINO (Antonio). 

Examen apologetico de la hiftorica narracion de los nau- 
fragios, peregrinaciones, y milagros de Alvar Nunez Cabeza 
de Baca ... [A. G. Barcia, Htjlor'iadores, iifc. torn, i.] 

ARDOINO (PiETRo), Maichefe della Roccalumera. 
Sonetti ; con la verfione in verfo Latino di Carlo Vitaii. 

8°Meffina, 1716. 
A few hints on the pronunciation of the English language. 

12° Lond. 1849. 

A native of Verona, who was profeffor of agriculture and rural 
economy at Padua about the middle of the iSth century. 

Memorie di ofleiTazioni, e di fperienze fopra la coltura, e 
gli ufi di varie piante che feiTono, o che fervir poflbno util- 
mente alia tintura, all' economia, all' agricoltura, ec. Tome 
primo. 4° Padova, 1766. 


'■* Vita S. Aredii, abbatis Lemovicenfis. [Mabillon, ^^a 
fanSorum O.S.B. i. 331.] 


ARELLANO (Juan Salvador Baptista). 

A Spanifli Francifcan monk, who lived at the beginning of 
the 17th century. 

Antiguedas y excelencias de la villa de Carmona. 

8° SeviUa, 1628. 
AREMBERG (Carolus de). 

B. at Bruffels, 1593. Became a monk of the Francifcan order, 
1616. D. 5 June, 1669. 

Flores feraphici, ex anicEnis Annalium hortis ... Zacha- 
riae Boverii, Ord. F. F. Minonim S. Francifci Capucinorum 
definitoris generalis, coUefti : five, icones, vitas et gefta vi- 
romm illuftrium (qui ab anno 1525, ufque ad annum I 580, 
in eodem Ordine, niiraculis ac vitas fandimonia claiiiere,) 
compendiof S defcripta. fol. Coloniae Agrippins, 1640. 

ARENA (Antonius). 

B. at Souliers, near Toulon. Studied law under Alciatus at 
Avignon. D. 1544. 

Meygra entreprifa Catoliqui Imperatoris, quando de anno 
Domini mdxxxvi. veniebat per Provenfam bene corroflatus 
in poftam prendere Franfam cum villis de Piovenfa ; propter 
groflas et menutas gentes rejohire. 8° Lugduni, 1 760. 


B. at Naples. Flouriflied about the middle of the i6th cen- 

Sonetto. [RuBBi, Parnafo Italiano, xxxi. 248.] 
ARENA (Jacobus de). 

B. at Parma ; or, according to other authorities, a Fleming 
by birth. Profeffor of civil law at Padua, 1300; at Bologna, 
1320; and fubfequently at Reggio, Siena and Touloufe. 

De praceptis judicum. [F. Zilettus, TraSatus univer/i 
juris. III. ii. 34.] 

De ceflione aftionum. [Ibid. 111. ii. 74.] 

— [Straccha, De mercatiira, p. 846.] 

De exculTionibus bonomm. [F. Zilettus, TraSatus 
univerfi juris, m. ii. 141.] 

— [Straccha, De mercatura, p. 824.] 

— [Tractatus de Jidejtijforibus, life. Colon, jigr. 1 607, 
P- 376.] 

De fequeftrationibus. [F. Zilettus, TraBatus univerfi 
juris. III. ii. 143.] 

— [Straccha, De mercatura, p. 684.] 

— [Tractatus de jideju^oribus, ISjc. Colon. Agr. 1 607, 

P- 55°-] 

De expenfis in judicio faftis. [F. Zilettus, Tradatus 

uni-verfi juris, iii. ii. 394.] 

De pofitionibus. [Ibid. iv. 3.] 

Tradlatus folennis de commiflariis. [Ibid. viii. i. 194.] 
Solennis tradlatus de quxlHonibus. [Ibid. xi. i. 291.] 
Traftatus de bannitis, [Ibid. xi. i. 355.] 

— [MoDius, Rerum criminalimn praxes, ii. 305.] 


Inrtnaftions for officers and non-commiflioned officers of 
cavalry, on outpoft duty. With an abridgment of them, by 
Lieut.-Col. the Hon. F. Ponfonby. 12° Lond. 1854. 

AREOSTUS (LuDovicus). See Ariosto. 

ARESIUS (Benedictus). 

B. at Berne, about 1505. Studied in his native town, and 
was appointed profeffor of logic at Marburg, 1548, which he 
held only one year, returning to Berne as re£lor of the gym- 
nafium, Profeffor of languages and theology, 1563. D. Z2 
April, 1574. 

Valentin! Gentilis, jufto capitis fupplicio Bemae affefti, 
brevis hiftoria ; & contra ejufdem blafphemias, orthodoxa 
defenfio articuli de Sandla Trinitate. Cenfura propofitionum, 
quibus nituntur Catabaptiftas in Polonia, probare baptifmum 
non fuccefllfle circuncifioni. 4° GenevE, 1567. 

ARET./EUS, Cappadox. 

A Greek phylician, b. in Cappadocia, who appears to have 
lived at the end of the ift or beginning of the 2d century. The 
hiftory of his life is not known. 

Tli^i aiTius xai ari,u,tio>v oJewv xai ^eovioiv 'zaSoiv, ,8(/3/.. d'. 
OjEWK xai ^oovidiv iio'jauv 6iea'rsvrir.a, j3ij3X. h'. De acutorum 
ac diutui^noru morborii caufis & fignis lib. iiii. De acutorum 
ac diutuiTiorum morboram curatione lib. iiii. Ex bibliotheca 
regia. \Gr. only. Editio princeps, edited by Jacobus Goupy- 
/uj-.] 8° Parifiis, 1554. 

TIeo/ aiTiuv eyi/Mi'M ogstuv xui y^ooviuv TaSuiv, jSiiSXia. 
naea^a. Jlsii hPO.'TTSiac o^iuv xa,i ^sovioiv oratJwv, I3il3\ia 
Tissa^a. De caufis et fignis acutonjra et diutumoram mor- 
borum, libri quatuor. De curatione acutorum et diutumorura 
morborum, libri quatuor. Cum commentariis integris Petri 
Petiti medici Parifienfis, atque ... Joannis Wiggani ... notis, 
& ... Mattairii opufculis in eundeni, tandemque ... Danielis 
Wilhelmi Trilleri obfeiTationibus & emendatis. Editionera 
curavit Hermannus Boerhaave. [Gr. and Lat.'\ 

fol. Lugduni Batavomm, 1735. 

De caufis et fignis acutomm morbomm liber i. De caufis 
et notis diutumorum afFefluiun libri 11. De morborum acu- 



torum curatione libri ii. De morboram diutumorum curatione 
libri II. [Z-rt/. only. MediC/E artii pr'mcipes, torn, i.] 

Eight books on the caufcs, fymptoms, and cure of acute 
and chronic difeafes, tranflated from the original Greek, by 
John Moffiit, M.D. 8° Lond. [1786.] 

Petri Petiti in tres priores Aietsei libros commentarii, 


Archbiihop of Cxfarea, in Cappadocia, about the beginning of 
tlie loth century. 

2uXXoy>) i^riyridiuv ix biaifoeuv ayiuv avS^oiv ng rrii/ Iwav- 
tou rou r)yar:riij,!vov xai ivayyiXiaToii A^rozaXu^)//^■. [^Gr. 
only. CEcuMENius, E^tiyrieiis TraXaioii xai Xiav coipeXiM'Oi ... 
edit. Verona:, p. 877.] 

— [Gr. and Lat. CEcumenius, tiroiLtr^iLaTO. ... edit. 
Lut. Paris, ii. 636.] 

— \Lat. only. Max. BlbUotheca veterum Patrum, ix. 

ARETIN (JoHANN Christoph Anton Maria, Frey- 

HERR von). 

B. at Ingolftadt, 1772. Educated there, at Heidelberg, and 
at Gottingen. Held various important judicial and fcientific ap- 
pointments under the Bavarian Government. D. 24 Dec. 1 824. 

Aelterte Sage iiberdie Geburt und Jugend Karls des Grof- 
fen. Zum erftenmale bekannt gemacht und erlauteit von 
J. C. F. V. Aretin. 8° Miinchen, 1803. 

Syftematifche Anleitung zur Theorie und Praxis der 
Mnemonik, ncbft den Grundlinien zur Gefchichte und Kritik 
diefer WilTcnfchaft. 8° Sulzbach, iSio. 


B. at Arezzo, 20 April, 1492. D. at Venice, 1556. 
Comedia intitolata il Filofofo. 12° Vinegia, 1549. 
Cortigiana : comedia, novamente rillampata. 

12° Vinegia, 1550. 
Talanta : comedia ... 12° Vinegia, 1553. 

II Marefcalco : comedia, nuovamente ... riftampata. 

12° Vinegia, 1553. 
Lo Hipochrito : comedia. 12° Vinegia, 1553. 

Quattro conicdie ; cio6 il Marefcalco, la Cortegiana, la 
Talanta, I'Hipocrito, nouellamente ritornate, per mezzo della 
ftampa, a luce, a lichiefta de conofcitori del lor valoie. 

12° n. p. 1588. 
Del prime [ — fcfto] libro de le lettere. 6 tom. 

8° Parigi, 1609. 
PoeCc. [RuBBi, Parnafo Itallano, xxvii. 250.] 
* La vie de Pierre Aretin. 1750. [5y Benigne Du- 

ARETINUS (Angelus). See Angelus. 

ARETINUS (Leonardus). See Leonardo Druni. 

ARETIO (Bonaguida de). 

A jutil> of Arezzo, who pra£ljfcd at Rome about the middle 
of the I 3tii century, 

De difpcnfationibus. [F. Zilettus, TraHatus univerfi 
juris, xiv. 173.] 

ARETIO (Franciscus de). 

Confilia duo in materia monetaria. [Budelius, Demone- 
tis, p. 674, 679.] 

ARETIO (RosELLus de). 

Super authen. ingreffi. C. de facrofan. eccles. [Limpius, 
Repetitiones in varias juris civilis leges, vii. 53.] 

ARETIUM. See Arezzo. 

ARETIUS (Claudius Marius). 

A native of Syracufe, who lived about the middle of the 1 6th 
century. He held the office of hiftoriographer to the Emperor 
Charles V. 

Hifpaniae (itus, in dialogi modum confcriptus. [Schottus, 
Hifpaniit illujlratie, i. I.] 

— [Robert Bell, Rerum Hifpanicarum fcriptores, tom. i.] 
Slcilix chorographia accuratiffima. Cui adjundla Domi- 

nici Maiii Nigri Sicilix" dcfcriptio. [GRitnus, Thefaurus 
antiqiiilattim el hijloriarum Siciliie, tom. i.] 

— [Carusius, BlbUotheca hijtorica regni Sicilia, i. 5.] 


Annales urbis Aretince ab anno 1 192 ufque ad annum 
I 343. [MuRATORi, Rerum Italicarum fcriptores, xxiv. 851.] 


An Italian poet, b. probably at Arezzo, who flouriflied during 
the latter half of the 13th century. D. 1294. 

Sonetti. [RuBBi, Parnafo Italiano, vi. 199.J 
ARFEVILLE (Nicolay d'). See Nicolas de Nicolay. 
ARGAIZ (Gregorio de). 

A Spanilh monk of tlie Benedi£Une order, who lived in the 

17th century. 

Corona real de Efpafia por Efpafia fiindada en el credito 
dc los mucrtos, y vida de San Hyeroteo, obifpo de Atenas y 
Segovia. fol. Madrid, 1668. 

ARGELATI (Filipfo). 

B. at Bologna, 1685. D. at Milan, 25 Jan. 1755. 
Dc monetis Italia; variorum illulbium virorum diflerta- 
tioncs, quorum pars nunc primilm in lucem prodit. Philippus 
Argclatus coUcgit, reccnfuit, auxit ... [Partes quatuor.] 

4'^ Mcdiolani, 1 7 50-2. 

— Appendix ; feu, dc monetis It;di;f pars quinta [et 
fexta.] 40 Mcdiolani, 1759- 

Biblioteca degli volgarizzatori, o fia notizia dcirojierc vol- 
garizzate d'autori, ciic fcrifTeio in lingue morte prima del 
fecolo XV. ; opera poftuma ; tomi iv. coll'addizioni, e cor- 
rezioni di Angelo Teodoro Villa ... comprcfe nella parte 11. 
del tomo iv. 4° Milano, 1767. 

ARGELUS (Cksajl). 

B. at Bologna, 1 577. Archbi/hop of Avignon, 1647. D. 

De acquircnda pofll'ffionc, cx remedio leg. fin. C. de edifl. 
Div. Adrian, tollen. tradatus ... Editio fecunda, & prima 
Vencta, correifla, & audta. fol. Venctiis, 165J. 



De legitimo contradiftore ad leg. fin. C. de edift. Div. 
Adrian. toUend. opus. fol. Venetiis, 1655. 

— Another edition. fol. Colonix, 1662. 

ARGENS (Jean-Baptiste de Bovbr, Marquis d'). 

B. at Aix, in Provence, 24 June, 1704. D. near Toulon, 1 1 
June, 1 77 1. 

Memoires hiftoiiques, et fecrets, concernant les amours des 
rois de France. \Jtwn.'\ iz°'Pms,[/lmJ)tTdam,'] l -]'!,(). 

Letu-es Juives, ou correfpondance philofophique, hifto- 
rique, et critique, entre un Juif voyageur en differens etats de 
r Europe, et fes correfpondans en divers endi-oits. NouveUe 
edition. [JnonJ] 6 torn. 1 2° La Haye, 1742. 

Memoires fecrets de la republique des lettres, ou le theatre 
delaverite. \j1non.'] 7 tom. 12° Amfterdam, 1744. 

Lettres cabaliftiques, ou correfpondance philofophique,hif- 
torique et critique, entre deux cabaliftes, divers efprits ele- 
mentaires, et le Seigneur Aflaroth. NouveUe edition. 
[Jnon.'] 7 tom. 12° La Haye, 1 754. 

Lettres Chinoifes, ou coirefpondance philofophique, hif- 
torique et critique, entre un Chinois voyageur et fes con-ef- 
pondans a la Chine, en Mofcovie, en Perfe et au Japon. Nou- 
veUe edition. [Jnon.'j 6 torn. 12° La Haye, 1755. 

Hiftoire de I'efprit humain ; ou, memoires fecrets et uni- 
verfels de la republique des lettres. 14 tom. 

8° Berlin, 1765-8. 

La philofophie du bon-fens, ou reflexions philofophiques 
fur I'inceititude des connoiffances humaines. NouveUe edi- 
tion corrigee et augmentee confiderablement parl'auteur. A vec 
un examen critique des remarques de M. I'Abbe d'Olivet, de 
I'Academie Frangoife. 3 tom. 12° Haye, 1768. 

Memoires du Marquis d'Argens, contenant le recit des 
aventures de fa jeunefle, des anecdotes et des obfeiTations fur 
plufieurs evenemens du regne de Louis XV., et des perfonnes 
de ce temps. NouveUe edition, precedee d'une notice hif- 
torique fur la vie de I'auteur ; fur fon fejour a la cour de 
Frederic IE ; fur fes relations avec ce prince, et fur les per- 
fonnes dont U eft parle dans I'ouvrage ; et fuivie de lettres du 
meme auteur fur differens fujets. 8° Paris, 1807. 

Man a machine. Tranflated from the French of the 
Marquifs d'Argens. 1749- [Fa/fely nfcribeJ to d'Argens. 
Tie real author -was Julien Offroy de La Mettrie.] 

ARGENS (Pierre Olivier d'). 

B. at Pont-Croix, near Quitr.per, in Brittany, 28 May, 1757. 
At the revolution, he efpouled the royalift caule, and ferved in 
the Vendean war. Killed in battle, 1796. 

Memoires d'Olivier d'Argens, et coiTefpondances des Ge- 
neraux Charette, Stofflet, Puifaye, d' Autichamp, Frotte, Cor- 
matin, Botheril ; de I'Abbe Bernier, etc., et de plufieurs 
autres chefs, officiers, agens loyaliftes ; pour feiTir a I'hiftoire 
de la guerre civile de 1793 a 1796. 8° Paris, 1824. 

ARGENSOLA (Bartolome Leonardo de). 

B. at Barbaftro, in Aragon, 1564. Appointed hiftoriographer 
of the kingdom of Aragon, 161 6. D. at SaragolTa, 26 Feb. 

Conquifta de las iflas Malucas. fol. Madrid, 1609. 

Piimera parte de los Anales de Aragon, que profigue los 
d<.'l Secretario Geionimo (^urita defde el ano m.d.xvi. del 
nacimiento de No. Redentor. fol. ^aiagoga, 1630. 

ARGENSON (Rene Louis de Voyer, Marquis d'). 
See Voyer. 

ARGENTA (Franciscus de). 

Confilium. [J. B. Zilettus, Matrimon'talia conJiUa, i. 



Argentine : an autobiography. 

12° Lond. 1839. 

ARGENTR^US (Bertrandus d'). 

B. at Vitre, 1519, 0,1590. 

Commentarii ad materias pene omnes in ufu & praxi fre- 
quentiores de donationibus, de jure connubiorum, de baftardis 
& legitimatione, de minoribus ac eorum emancipationibus ; 
item, perdodhis de laudimiis traftatus, ejufdemque confilia 
& refponfa celebriora. In quibus jus antiquum Romanum, 
cum juribus Galfiarum, confuetudinum, rebufque judicatis 
eruditiffime comparatur. 4° Parifiis, 1605. 

Couftumes generales du pays et duche de Bretagne, refor- 
mees en I'an mU cinq cents quatre-vingts. Aitiologia ; five, 
ratiocinatio de reformandis caufis. 

fol. Amftelodami, 1664. 

Commentarii in patrias Britonum leges; feu, confuetudines 
generales antiquifs. ducatus Britannix : in lucem edita cuia 
et ftudio V. C. Caroli d'Argentre ... Editio odlava ... 

fol. BruxeUes, 1664. 

ARGENTRE (Charles du Plessis d'). 

B. near Vitre, 16 May, 1673. Bifliop of Tulle, 1723. D. 
27 Oft, 1740. 

CoUeflio judiciorum de novis erroribus, qui ab initio duo- 
decimi feculipoft incamationem Verbi,ufque ad annum 1632, 
in EccleCa profcripti funt & notati. 3 tom. 

fol. Lut. Paris. 1728-36. 

ARGENVILLE (Antoine Joseph Dezallier d'). 
See A. J. Dezallier D'Argenville. 

ARGILE. See Argyle. 


Profeffor of rhetoric and poetry at Bologna in the 15th cen- 

Poemata. [Gruter, Delit'ta poetarum Italorum, i. 287.] 

— '^Carmina tllujlr'tum poetarum Italorum, i. 362.] 

ARGOLUS (Joannes). 

B, at Tagliacozzo, in the kingdom of Naples, about 1609. 
Studied law at Padua, whence he took a doiftor's degree. Held 
feveral judicial offices in the States of the Church. D. about 

Epiftola ad Jacobum Philippum Tomafinum de templo 
Dianas Nemorenfis. [Gr-KVIUS, Thefaurus antiqultatum Ro- 
manarum, xii. 752.] 





To manufadurers, decorators, defigners, and the public 
generally. A mild remonllrance againft the tafte-cenforlhip 
at Marlborough Houfe, in reference to manufacfturing orna- 
mentation and decorative defign. Parts I., II., III. 

8° Lond. 1853. 


A legend of Argyle ; or, 'tis a hundied years fince. In 
three volumes. 12° Lond. 182 i. 

The Argyle papers. 4° Edinb. 1834. 

Letters to the Argyll family, from Elizabeth Queen of 
England, Mary Queen of Scots, King James VI., King 
Charles I., Kng Charles II., and others. From originals 
preferved in the General Regifter Houfe. With an appen- 
dix. [For the Maitland Club.] 4° Edinb. 1839. 

ARGYLL, Duke of. 

See John Campbell, 2d Duke of Argyll. 

See George Douglas Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll. 

ARGYLL, Earl of. 

See Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll. 

ARGYLL, Marquis of. 

See Archibald Campbell, 8th Earl, and ift Marquis of 

ARGYLLANDER (Matth;eus). 
In fororis nuptias epithalamion bucolicum. [J. Oporinus, 
Bucoltcorum autores xxxviii. p. 7 9 2.1 


B. in Iceland, 1068. D. 9 Nov. 1 148. 

Schedas Ara Preftz Froda um Ifland. 

4° Skalhollte, 1688. 

Schedae, feu libcllus de Is-landia, Iflendinga-Bok diiftus ; 
e veteri Iflandica, vel, fi mavis, Danica antiqua, feptentrion- 
alibus olim communi lingua, in Latinam vcrfus ac prxter 
neceflarios indices, quorum unus clt Icxici inllar, brevibus 
notis et chronologia, prsmiffa quoque auftoris vita illuf- 
tratus ab Andrea Buffieo. [y// the end, Periplus Ohtheri ... 
ut et Wulfllani, Angli, fecundum narrationes eonandcm de 
fuis, unius in ultimam plagam feptentrionaleni ; utrlufque 
autem in mari Balthico navigationibus, juflu jElfredi Magni, 
Anglorum regis ... ab ipfo rege Anglo-Saxonica lingua dc- 
fcriptus ... brevibus notis adauflus ab Andrea Buflxo.] 

4° Havnii, 1733. 

— A nother edition. 4' Hafnix, i 7 44. 


She ventures and he wins : a comedy. Written by a young 
lady. 4° Lond. 1696. 

ARIADNO (Lanfrancus de). See Lanfrancus de 


Breviarium fidei adverfus Arrianos haereticos ; in quo trium 
Divinarum Perfonarum xqualitas plurimis Scripturx Sacrx 

locis et argumentis liquido comprobatur. Auftore incerto, fed 
antiquiflimo. [Max. Bibllolheca veterum Patrum, vii. 8.] 

The Scriptures and the Arians compar'd in their accounts 
of God the Father and God the Son ; by way of rejoinder 
to a pamphlet intitul'd, The Scriptures and the Athanafians 
compar'd. In two parts. 8° Lond. 1722. 

Two letters to a very eminent and learned gentleman, at- 
tempting to fubvert the docftrine of the Arians. Being ani- 
madverfions on a veiy famous Arian manufcript wrote by 
him, fome years fince, in India. By a countiy gentleman. 

8° Lond. I 726. 

ARIAS MONTANUS (Benedictus). 

B. at Frexenal de la Sierra, in Eftremadura, 1527. Educated 
at the Univerfity of Alcala. Employed by Philip II. to edit the 
Antwerp Polyglot Bible. D. at Seville, 1598. 

Communes et familiarcs Hebraicx linguae idiotifmi. — 
Liber lofeph ; five, de arcano fermone. — Liber leremiae, five, 
de adlione. — Thubal-Cain, five de menfuris facris liber. — 
Phaleg, five, de gentium fedibus primis, orbifque terrse fitu 
liber. — Orbis tabula. — Chaleb, five de Terrs Piomifiae par- 
titione, liber unicus, [cum tabula.] — Chanaan five de duo- 
decim gentibus liber.. — Exem])lar, five de facris fabricis liber. 
— Aaron, five, fandlomm veftimentorum ornamentorumque 
fumma defcriptio. — Nehemias, five de antiqua; Jerufalem 
fitu, volunien. — Daniel, five de fxciJis codex integer. — 
Inde.K biblicus. — Catalogus librorum canonicorum Veteris et 
Novi Teltamenti ... ( Intei-pretatio nomintim proprionjm.) — 
De varia in Hebraicis libris leflione, ac de Mazzoreth ratione 
atque ufu. — Varije le(ftiones et emendat. in Chaldaicam para- 
phrafin [iy F. Raphe! engius.^ — Variorum in Graecis bibliis 
leftionum libellus, a Gulielmo Cantero concinnatus. — D. 
Sirleti ... annotationes varianjm ledionum in Pfalmos. — 
Guido Fabr. Bod. tabula tituloi-um totius N. Tellani. Syriaci, 
(et) Loca reftituta in N. T. Syriaci contextu ... — Varis 
leftiones in latlnis bibliis editionis Vulgatx- ... opera et induf- 
tria aliquot theologomm \J. Harlemius and others^ in Aca- 
demia Louanienfi. fol. Antverpias, 1571-2. 

[Part of the Apparatus to the Antwerp Polyglot, edited by B. Arias 

Davitiis ... aliorumque facrorum vatum Pfilmi, ex He- 
braica veritate in Latinuni carmen obfen-antiflime converfi ... 

4° Antvei-pijE, 1574. 

Hynini et Secula. 8° Antverpix, 1593. 

Monumentos fagrados de la falud del hombre, defdela caida 
de Adan, hafta el juicio final ; que en verfo Latino canto en 
LX.xii. odas D. Benito Arias Montano, i en verfo Efpanol el 
P. Benito Feliu de San Pedro. 8° Valencia, 1774. 


B.^^at Alcantara, about the beginning of the 17th century. 

Antiguedades y fantos de la muy noble villa de Alcantara. 

4" Madrid, 1 66 1. 

ARIAS DE VALDERAS (Franciscus). 

A Spanilh jurill, who lived about the middle of the 16th 

De bello et ejus juftitia. [F. ZilEttus, TraBalut univrr/i 
juris, xvi. 325.] 

Re])etitio in cap. Porro, de fentent. excommunic. [/?<•- 
peliliones Juris canonici, iv. 924-] 




Narratio de moite Bernard!, Septimania duels. [Bouquet, 
Recueil des h'ljloriens des Gaules et de la France, vii. 286.] 


A Benediffine monk. Abbot of Schleedorf, and afterwards 
bifhop of Freifingen. D. 783. 

Vita S. Corbiniani, epifcopi Frifingenfis prirai. [Mabil- 
LON, AQa fanclorum O.S.B. iii. i. 470.] 


* Vita, auftore S. Gregorio, epifcopo Turonenfi. 
Teftamentum. [Mabillon, Vetera analeda, p. 208.] 

ARIEH (Abraham), ben-David. 

Commentarlus de templo, ex ejus libro, qui Schilthe Hag- 
gibborim infcribitui', excerptus ; nunc primum a Blafio Ugo- 
lino Latina inteqiretatione illuftratus. \Heb. and Lat. Ugo- 
LiNUs, Thefaurus antiquitatum Jacrarum, ix. 1.] 

Commentarius de fuffitu, ex Schilthe Haggibborim ex- 
cei-ptus, nunc primum a Blafio Ugolino ex Hebraico Latine 
redditus et notis illuftratus. [Ibid. xi. 257.] 

Diflertatio de veftitu facerdotum Hebraeomm, ex Schilthe 
Haggibborim exceqjta. \Hcb. and Lat. Ibid. xiii. 1 .] 


B. at Venice, 1668. The date of his death is not known. 
Nuniifmata qugedam cujufcunque fornix et metalli, mufae, 
Honorii Arigoni, Veneti ; ad ufum juventutis rei nummarii 
ftudiofe. 3 tom. fol. Tamfii, 174 1-5. 


Arimant and Tamira : an eaftern tale, in the manner of 
Diyden's fables. By a gentleman of Cambridge. 

4° Lond. I 707. 
ARIMINUM. See Rimini. 

ARINGHUS (Paulus). 

An orator and theologian of Rome. D. 1676. 

Roma fubterranea noviflima, in qua, port Antonium Bofium 

Antefignanum, Jo. Severanum Congreg. Oratorii prefbytemm, 
et celebres alios fcriptores, antiqua ChrilHanomm et prjecipue 
martyrum coemeteria, tituli, monimenta, epitaphia, infcrip- 
tiones, ac nobiliora faniftorum fepulchra fex libris diftinda 
illuftrantur. 2 torn. fol. Colonise, 1659. 

ARIOSTO (LoDovico). 

B. at Reggio, near Modena, Sep. 1474. Educated at Ferrara, 
where he rtudied law. Subiequently devoted himiclf to litera- 
ture and poetry. D. at Ferrara, 6 June, 1533. 

Orlando Furiofo ... delle annotazioni de' piil celebri autori 
che fopra eflb hanno fcritto, e di altre utili, e vaghe giunte in 
quefta impreflione adomato. [Vol. II. 1 Opere di Lodovico 
Ariofto ... fol. Venezia, 1730. 

[Vol. III. was never publifhed.] 

Orlando Furiofo ... con le annotationi, gli auuertimenti, 
et le dichiarationi di Girolamo Rufcelli, la vita dell'autore, 
defcritta dal Signor Giouan Battifta Pigna, gli fcontri de' 

luoghi mutati dall'autore doppo la fua prima impreflione, il 
vocabolorio di tutte le parole ofcure, et altre cole utili et ne- 
ceflarie. Aggiuntavi in quefta feconda impreflione la dichia- 
ratione di tutte le illorie, et fauole toccate nel piefente libro, 
fatta da M. Nicolo Eugenico. 4° Venetia, 1558. 

— Di nuovo aggiuntovi li cinque canti, del medefimo 
autore [con gli argomenti in rima, et difcorfi di M. Luigi 
Grotta d'Adria] ... 4° Venetia, 1568. 

Orlando Furiofo. 4 tom. 8° Birmingham, 1773. 

L'Oilando Furiofo ... con annotazioni. 4 tom. 

8° Firenze, 1821. 

Orlando Furiofo. [Rubbi, Parnafo Ital'mno, tom. xviii. 
xix. XX. xxi. xxii.] 

Comedie ; cioe, i Suppofiti, la Caffaria, la Lena, il Negro- 
mante & la Scolaftica. 8° Firenze, 1724. 

Li Soppofiti nouiffimamente hiftoriati & emcndati ... 

12° Vinegia, 1526. 

La Lena; comedia. 8° Vinegia, 1537. 

Rime di Lodovico Ariofto : Satire del medefimo con i fuoi 
argomenti, di nuovo riuedute & emendate, per M. Lodovico 
Dolce. 12° Vinegia, 1560. 

Rime et fatire di Lodovico Ariofto, fcritte a diuerfi fuoi 
amici, fopra varii foggetti ... 12° Venetia, 1592. 

— Another edition. 12° Lond. 17 16. 

— con le annotazioni di Paolo Rolli. 

8° Lond. 1 73 I. 
Rime. [RuBBi, Parnafo Ital'mno, xxvi. i.] 
Satire. [Ibid, xxvii. I.] 
Poemata. [Gruter, Delitiie poetanim Ilahrum, i. 273.] 

— S^Carmina lUuJlrium poetarum Ilahrum, i. 342.] 

La primera parte de Orlando Furiofo ; tradiizido en ro- 
mance Caftellano por Don leronimo de Urrea. 

4° Anvers, 1558. 

— La fegunda parte ... por Nicolas Efpinofa nuevamente 
corregida. 4° Anvers, 1556. 

Orlando Furiofo ; tradotto in verfi Latini daH'illuftriflimo 
Signor Marchefe Torquato Barbolani. \ItaL and Lat.^ 2 
tom. 4° Arezzo, 1756. 

Orlando Furiofo in Englifti heroical verfe ; by S''- lohn 
Haringto of Bathe, Knight. Now fecondly imprinted the 
yeere, 1607. fol. [Lond. 1607.] 

— Thirdly revifed and amended, with the addition of the 
author's [i/a/TO^/oH] epigrams. fol. Lond. 1634. 

Oilando Fuiiofo ; in Italian and Englifli [tranflated by 
Temple Heniy Croker.] 2 vols. 4° Lond. 1755. 

Orlando Furiofo ; tranflated from the Italian by William 
Huggins. 2 vols. 4° Lond. 1757. 

Orlando Furiofo; tranflated from the Italian ... with 
notes, by John Hoole. In five volumes. The fecond edi- 
tion. 8° Lond. 1785. 

The Orlando Furiofo ; tranflated into Englifli verfe ... 
with notes, by William Stewart Rofe. 8 vols. 

8° Lond. 1823-31. 

— Another edition. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1858. 
The ftory of Ginevra from Ariofto. [Fng. verfe.'^ 

12° Lond. 183 I. 
Suppofes : a comedy written in the Italian tongue by 
Ariofto, and Engliflied by George Gafcoygne of Grayes Inne 
Efquire, and there prefented. 4° n. p. [1566.] 

[Wants title-page.] 



ARIOSTO (Orazio). 

Nephew of the preceding. B. at Ferrara, '555' A fecular 
prieft, and canon of the cathedral of Ferrara. D. there, 19 
April, 1593. 

Madrigale. [RvhSJ, Parnafo lialiano, xxxi. 156.] 

ARIOSTUS (Franciscus). 

Profeflor of philofophy and civil law in the Univerfity of Fer- 
rara, D. 1492. 

De oleo Montis Zibinii ; feu, petioleo agri Mutinenfis, li- 
bellus ^ manufcriptis meinbranis editus ab Oligero Jacobso, 
nunc autem ad fidem codicis MS. ex Bibliotheca Eftenfi re- 
cognitus, et recufus, adjedla ejufdem argumenti cpiftola Ber- 
naidini Ramazzini. 8° MutinK, 1698. 


A Greek poet of Sicyon, of whofe hiftory nothing is known. 

Pxan, feu canticum in fanitatem. Fed. Morellus interpre- 

tum Reg. Decanus anapxfticis numeris e.Kpieffit. [Gr. ami 

Lat. Maittaire, Mijcellanea Griicorum aliquot fcriptorum 

carm'ma, p. 16.] 

ARISIUS (Franciscus). 

B. at Cremona, 3 Feb. 1657. Studied law at Rome, Bologna 
and Pavia. Returned to his native city, where he praftifed as 
an advocate till his death in 1743. 

Cremona literata ; feu, in Cremonenfes, doflrinis et literariis 
dignitatibus eminentiores, chronologicce adnotationes. 2 torn. 

fol. Parmas, 1702-6, 

ARISPE (P. Jos. Rodriguez de). 

CoIofTo eloquentc, que, en la folemne aclamacion del Au- 
gufto Monarcha de las Efpafias D. Fernando VI., erigio la 
rcconocida lealtad y fideliffima gratitud de la ... Univerfidad 
Mexicana .., 4° Mexico, 1748. 


A Greek writer, of whom nothing certain is known. 

AsiSTuiviTou EmffroXa;, Ariflxneti EpiftolcE Grascas. 
Cum Latina inteqiretatione et notis [J. Merccri,] Altera 
editio emcndatior ct audior. 8° Parifiis, 

Epillola; Grascx, cum verGone Latinaet notis Jofix Merceii, 
curante Joan. Cornelio de Pauw, cujus notx accedunt. 
8° Trajedti ad Rlienum, 1736. 

EpiftolaSjCum cmcndationibus et conjefluris Jofix Mercori, 
Johannis Cornelii de Pauw, &c. ; nee non ineditis antehac 
Jacobi Tollii, Jacobi Philippi D'Onillii, Ludovici Cafpari 
Valckenarii, aliorumque, curante Friderico Ludovico Ab- 
refch, qui fuas leftiones addidit. 8° Zwollx, 1749. 

Love epiftles, tranflated by R. Brindcy Sheridan and Mr. 
Halhed. ^PRortt-Tivs, Elegies, ijc, tranjlatnl. 1854,] 


An allronomcr of Samos, who flourilhcd about B.C. 280. 

De magnitudinibus et diftantiis folis et lunx liber, cum 
Pa]>pi Alc.xandrini cxplicationibus quibufdam : a Federico 
Commandino Urbinatc in latinum conueifus, ac coninientariis 
illuftratus. 4° Pif.iuri, 1572. 

— [Gr. and Lat. J. Wallis, Opera niathematica, iii. 


VOL, I. 


Fly leaves : a book for the Churches. By Ariftarchus, 
the wanderer. 8° Lond. 1858. 


A native of Cyprus, who occupied a high pofition at the court 
of Ptolemy Philadelphus, king of Egypt. 

De legis divinx, ex Hebraica lingua in Grxcam, tranfla- 
tione, per feptuaginta interpretes fafta, hilloria, Mathia Gar- 
bitio interprete. [Gr. and Lat. Fl. Josephus, Opera, edit. 
Colon, appendix ; edit, Amft. ii. 103.] 

— [HoDY, De Bibliunim textibus originalibus, ]). i.] 

— [A. van Dale, Dijfertatio fuper Arijlea de Lxx. inter - 
pretibus, p. 229.] 

— [iyfl/. only. Max. Bibliotheca veterum Patrum, 11, i. 

The hiftory of the feventy-two interpreters: of their jour- 
ney fiom Jerufalem to Alexandria ; their entertainment at 
the Egyptian court ; their verfion of the Septuagint ; with 
all the circumftances of that illuftrious tranfaflion, Wiitten 
in Greek by Arifteas ,.. To which is added, the hiftory of 
the angels, and their gallantry with the daughters of men. 
Written by Enoch the patiiarch, Publiflied in Greek by 
Dr. Grabe ; made Englifli by Mr. Lewis. 

I 2° Lond. I 7 I 

ARISTENUS (Alexius). 

An official in the church of Conftantinople in the I2th cen- 

Synopfis canonum omnium. [Cr. and Lat. Voellus 
et Juftellus, Bibliotheca juris canonici -veterii, ii. 673.] 

Epiftolaram, qux dicuntur canonicx, fynopfis. [Beveridge, 
Pandemia canonum, torn, ii.] 


Addrefs to the Britidi nation and Govemment, on the 
piefent ftatc of public affairs : intended to promote the union 
and defence of the country. By a friend to tiie liberties and 
happiness of mankind. H' Edinb. 1803. 

A letter to the (liareholders in the Bank of Weftern India. 
Re])rinted from a copy received from Bombay by the laft 
mail. 8° Lond. 1842. 


A Greek writer on mufic, whofe date has not been afceitained, 
but who probably lived in tile 2d century. 

De mufica libri 111. Marcus Meibomius rcftituit, ac notis 
explicavit. [Gr. and Lat. ^Ieihomivs, ylntiqu^r mti/lcir auc- 
tores feptem, toin. ii.] 

ARISTIDES (jElius). 

B. at Hadriani, or Hadrianopolis, in Bithynia, about 120 D. 
towards the cloli.' of the 2d century. 

Opera omnia, Grxce et Latine, in duo volumina diftributa 
cum notis et emendationibus Gul. Canteri, Triftani, Palmeri, 
T. Fabri, Spanhcmii, Nornianni, ct I^amb. Bofii ; adjun.ais 
infuper veterum fcholiis ; et prolegomenis Sopatri Ajiameen- 
(Is, ab crroribus ut piurimum repurgatis. Gni'ca, cum MSS. 
codicibus variis et prxftantidimis collata, recc-nfuit, et obler- 
vationes fuas adjecit Samuel ,)ebb, M.l), [Tom. I.] 

4= Oxonii, 1722. 

— 2 tom. 4° Oxonii, 1730. 



Aoyo; Aoienidou. Orationes Ariftldis. \Gi: only. Editio 
princeps, edited by E. Bommis.^ fol. FlorenticB, 1517. 

Ue kudibus Athenaram. De laudibus uibis Romas. \Gi: 
only. Oratores Grmci, apud Aldum, 1513.] 

Oratio adverfus Leptineni. L.ibarii declamatio pro So- 
crate. Ariftoxeni rhythmicoram elementoium fiagmenta. 
Ex Bibliotheca Veneta D. Marci nunc piimum edit Jacobus 
Morellius ... [Gr. and Lai.'] 8° Venetiis, 1785. 

ARISTIPPUS. P/eud. of John Gilbert Cooper. 

ARISTOBULUS. P/eud. 0/ Thomas Woqlston. 


The ariftocracy of Britain, and the laws of entail and 
primogeniture, judged by recent Fiench writers : being felec- 
tions from the works of PafTy, &c., (howing the advantage of 
the law of equal fucceffion. With explanatoiy and ftatifti- 
cal notes. 12^ L.ovd. 1844. 


Ariftomenes : a Grecian tale. 2 vols. 

8° Lond. 1838. 
ARISTON, Chius. 

A Stoic philofopher, b. in the ifland of Chios. Flourilhed 
about B.C. 260. 

Paradoxon Stoicum, ' Oij-oiov snai tuj aya^uj ii-oz^irr] rm 
aofov, apud Diogcnem Laertium, libr. vii. fegm. CLX. novis 
obfervationibus illuftratum, quibus fimul varii varionmi anti- 
quonam philofophorum, Grjecomm, Latinommque loci ex- 
plicantur philofophorum, qui a veteribus Hiftriones, Scurras, 
et Hypocrits vocati funt, Hillrionuraque generatini hiftoria 
tradltur, opera Joannis Benedicli Carpzov. 

12° Lipfias, 1742. 


B. at Athens about B.C. 444- D. probably not later than 
B.C. 380. 

Asicrofiavoui xu/Lifidiai sma. Ariftophanis comoedije no- 
vem. nXouT-o;, Ns^sXa/, Bar^a;t^o;,'I'XTH;, A'/^a^m;, 'S.fnxi;, 
O'viilsg, EigJi»»i, Ry-KXriSia^oyBai. Plutus, Nebulfe, Ranx, 
Equites, Acharnes, Vefpae, Aues, Pax,Contionante3. [Greei 
text and fchoUa. Editio princeps, edited by Marcus Mufurus.] 
fol. Venetiis, apud Aldum, 1498. 

ApiBTOipavoug euTga'^rsXaraTOu atafL'aibiai ivdixa. Arifto- 
phanis facetiffimi comoedis undecim. [Gr. on/y.] 

8° Parifiis, I 5 40. 

Aparoipaiiovi y(.!iiijjMOiai in,'. Ariftophanis comcediae un- 
decim, Grasc^ et Latin^, ut et fragmenta earum qux amiflae 
funt. Cum emendationibus vironam doiftomm, prsecipue Jo- 
fephi Scaligeri,etindiceparoemiarum felefliorum. Acceflerunt 
huic editioni notas et obfervationes ex variis authoribus col- 
leitx ; ut et nova verfio E/tzX?;(j/a^ouffw> a Tan. Fabro fada 
cum doftinimis ejufdem in eandem comoediam notis. Tomi 
duo. 12- Amftelsdami, 1670. 

Ariftophanls comoedix undecim, Grasce et Latine, ex 
codd. MSS. emendatse : cum fcholiis antiquis, inter quas 
fcholia in Lyfiftiatam ex cod. Voffiano, nunc primum inlucem 
prodeunt. Accedunt notas vironam doiSorum in omnes com- 
cedias, inter quas nunc primum eduntui- Ifaaci Cafauboni in 

Equites, illuftrifs. Ezech. Spanhemii in tres priores, et Ri- 
chard! Bentleji, in diias priores comoedias, obfervationes. Omnia 
collegit et recenfuit, notafque in novem comoedias, et quatuor 
indices in fine adjecit Ludolphus Kufterus. 

fol. Amltelodami, i 7 i o. 

Ariflophanis comoedis undecim, Graeceet Latine, ad fidem 
optimomm codicum MSS. emendatae, cum nova odlo comce- 
diarum inteqjretatione Latina, et notis ad fingulas ineditis 
Stephani Bergleri, necnon Caroli Andrex Dukeri ad quatuor 
priores. Accedunt deperditamm comoediamm fiagmenta, a 
Theod. Cantero et GiJ. Coddaso coUefta, earumque indices 
a Joh. Meui Co et Joh. Alb. Meurfio et Joh. Alb. Fabricio 
digefti. Curante Petro Burmanno fecundo ... 2 torn. 
4° Lugduni Batavoium, 1760. 

Ariflophanis comaedi3E,ex optimisexemplaribus emendatae, 
ftudio Rich. Franc. PhO. Biunck. \Gr. and Lat.] 3 torn. 

8" Argentorati, I 783. 

A^iSTopasoii; x.u/j.tij&iai. Ariflophanis comoedix, auftori- 
tate libri prxclariffimi fxculi decinii emendatx, a Philippo 
Invernizio,iurifconfulto Romano. Accedunt criticx animad- 
vcrfiones, fcholia Grxca, indices et viromm doiSorum adnota- 
tiones. [Gr. on/y.] Tom. I.-V. 

8° Lipfix, I 794-1 8 I I. 

A^idToipavri;. Ariflophanis comoedix. Accedunt perdi- 
taium fabularum fragment;i. Ex recenfione G. Dindorfii. 
[Gr. only.] 8° Oxon. 1835-8. 

A^wropavosj: -/.laiXMOiai. Ariflophanis comoedix undecim. 
Textum ad fidem optimorum libromm emendatum, notulif- 
que fubinde criticis e.xornatum, ufibus fcholamm accommo- 
dabat, indicem nominum adjunxit Hubertus Afhton Holden, 
A.M. 8° Lond. 1848. 

AiiSTofair,:. Ariflophanis comoedix. [Gr. only.] 2 
torn. 8" Oxonii, i 851. 

APiaro^ai'ovi X'jjij,-jj&ia.i. [Dindorf, Poetarum fcenicorum 
Gnecorum fabuU, edit. 1846, p. 555 ; edit. 1S5 i, p. 425.] 

— [Gr. and Lai. Lectius, Poelte Grmci -veteres tragici, 

yc i. 719.] 

APiaro(pavo-ji xw/tuiS/a/ 6k«- TiAojrog xa: NifiXai, /j,sra. 
cyjjy.idi'i TaXa.itji'i crani tiifiy.iij.uv. Ariflophanis comoedix 
dux, Plutus & Nubes : cum fcholiis Grxcis antiquis, quibus 
adjiciuntur notx quxdam, fimul cimi gemino indice. [Gr. 
and Lat. Edited by John Leng.] 8° Lond. 1695. 

Eclogx Ariflophanicx. Part I. Seleftions from the 
Clouds of Ariflophanes, with Engliih notes by C. C. Felton, 
A.M. ... Edited by the Rev. T. K. Arnold, M.A. 

12° Lond. 1852. 

— Part II. From the Birds ... 12° Lond. 1852. 
Ariflofanes von Johann Heinrich Vofs, mit erlauternden 

Anmerkungen von Heinrich Vofs. In drei Biinden. 

8° Braunfchweig, 1 82 I. 

The comedies of Ariflophanes: tranflated into correfpond- 
ing Englifli metres, by Benjamin Dann Wahh, M.A. In 
three volumes. 8° Lond. 1837. 

The comedies of Ariflophanes : tianflated into familiar 
blank verfe, with notes, pi'eliminary obfervations on each play, 
etc., by C. A. Wheelwright, M.A. ... To which is added, 
a differtation on the old Greek comedy, from the German of 
Wachfmuth. In two volumes. 8° Oxford, 1837. 

The comedies of Ariflophanes : a new and literal tranf- 
l.ition, from the revifed text of Dindoif ; with notes and 



extradls from the beft metrical verfions by William James 
Hickic. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1853. 

Comedies Grecques d' A riftophane \_Plutusandlhe Clouds ;] 
traduites en Francois, avec des notes critiques, Sc un examen 
de chaque piece felon les regies du theatre, par Madame 
Dacier. 12° Paris, 1692. 

— 12° Amfterdam, 1692. 

The comedies of Ariflophanes : by T. Mitchell, A.M. 
[Vols. I., W., containing The Acharnians, Knights, Clouds, 
and ll^afps, tranjlated into Eng/i/h verfe.lj 

8° Lond. 1820-2. 

The Acharnians, Knights, Wafps, and Birds : tranflated 
into Englifli profe, by a graduate of the Univerfity of Oxford. 

8° Oxford, 1830. 

The Clouds, and Peace : tranflated into Englilh pi ofe, by 
a graduate of the Univerfity of Oxford. 

8° Oxford, 1840. 


■E C 




The Achamenfes : with notes, ciitical and explanatory . . . 
by T. Mitchell, A.M. 8° Lond. 1835. 

Achai nenfes: recenfuit et intei"pretatus eft FredericusHen- 
ricus Blaydcs, M.A. 8° Lond. 1845. 

— Another edition. 8° Lond. 1849. 


As/arojBavouj Ojw^e;. The Birds of Ariflophanes : from 
the text of Dindorf ; with notes, partly original, partly taken 
from the fcholia, and vaiious commentators, by Heniy Parker 
Cookefley, B.A. 8° Lond. 1834. 

Aves : ad codicum fidem recenfuit et commentario brevi 
critico et exegctico inftruxit Fredericus Henricus Blaydes, 
B.A. 8° Oxonii, 1842. 

The Biids: tranflated by the Rev. Henry Francis Cary, 
A.M., with notes. 8° Lond. 1824. 


The Ecclefiazufx, or Female parliament : tranflated by 
the Rev. Rowland Smith, M.A. 8° Oxford, 1833. 


The Knights : with notes, critical and explanatory ... by 
T. Mitchell, A.M. 8° Lond. 1836. 

The Knights of Ariftojjhanes: literally tranflated fiom the 
text of Mitchell, by H. Wallace, A.B. 

8° Lond. 1854. 


Nubus: cum fcholiis. Recenfuit, et adnotationcs lo. Aug. 
Erneflii fuafque addldit Godofiedus Hernianniis. 

8" Lipfia-, 1799. 

Af/aro^avf/us NsasXa/. Le Nuvole di Arillofme ; corn- 
media ... Greco-Iialiana, in verfi con fue annotazioni, opera 
del Signore Gio. Batifta Terucci ... illuftrata e pubblicata 
dall'Abate Giufeppc Fabiani. [Gr. and /la/.] 

4'^ Firenze, I "54. 

Aeierotpatovg N6pE>.a( : a literal tranflation of the Clouds 
of Ariftophanes, with the Greek text and Englifli notes ; by 
Charles P. Gerard. 8" Lond. [priv. printed.] 


Q. Septimii Florentis Chriftiani in Ariftophanis Irenam 
vel Pacemcommentaria gloflemata : ubi aliquot veterum gram- 
maticoi-um alionjmque audtorum loci aut correfli aut animad- 
uerfi, cum Latina Grxci dramatis inteqiretatione, Latinorum 
comicomm ilylum imitata, et eodem genere verfuum cum 
GrjEcis confcripta. [Gr. and La/.] 8° Lutetix, 1589. 


Aj/iTT-oaavous svTsa'rt>.iiram xui/j-ixoii Tl'/.ouro;. Arifto- 
phanis facetiffimi comici Plutus. [IVith Latin -verfion by 
Thomas Venatorius.] 4° Norimbergae, 1531. 

A si(!To(pa>ouc TlXovro;. Ariftophanis comoedia Plutus. 
Adle(5ta funt fcholia vetufta. Recognovit ad veteres mem- 
branas, variis leflionibiis ac notis inftruxit, et fcholiaftas locu- 
plctavit Tiberius Hemfterhuis. [Gr. on/y.] 

8° Harlingse, 1744. 

Ricardi Porsoni notos in Ariftophanem, quibus Plutum 
comoediam, partim ex ejufdem recenfione, partira e manu- 
fcriptis emcndatam ... praimifit ... Petms Paulus Dobree. 

AfiCTOfavovc TIaodto;. II Pluto di Ariftof me; commcdia 
... Greco-Italiana, in verfi con fue annotazioni, opera del 
Signor Gio. Batifta Terucci ... illuftrata, e pubblicata dall' 
Abate Giufeppe Fabiani. [Gr. and Ital.] 

4° Firenze, I 7 5 1 . 

Plutus : or, the God of riches ; a comedy of Arifto- 
phanes : [tranflated] by Edmund F. J. Carrington, Efq., 
B.A., Oxon. 8° Lond. 1825. 


The Frogs of Ariftophanes ; with notes, critical and ex- 
planatoiy ... by T. Mitchell, A.M. 8° Lond. 1S39. 

The Frogs: a comedy; tranflated from tlie Greek of 
Ariftophanes by C. Dunfter, A.M. 4° Oxford, [i 785.] 

The Frogs of Aiiftophanes ; tranflated by Charles Caven- 
difli CHtford, B.C.L. 8° Oxford, 1848. 


The Wafjjs of Aiirtoi)hanes ; with notes, critical and ex- 
planatory ... by T. Mitclull, A.M. 8° Lond. 1835. 


B. at Stagir.i, B.C. 384. Repaired to Athens, B.C. 367, and 
rcfiJed thcic for twenty yciR, at fiift as a difciple of Plato, and 
afterwards as a teacher of philofophy. Appointed preceptor to 
Alexander the Great, 342. Returned to Athens, and ellablirticd 
a fchool of philofophy in the Lyceum, 335, but was compelled, 
322, to take refuge at Clialcis, in EubaM, where he d. a few- 
months afterwards. 

[Aldine Ariftotle, tom. II.] 'i'oiv iv rr.ds rri ffi^Xtf) Tst/- 
iyofj,i]iuv o\io,u,ara %ai ra^if. Aj/ffrorsXouf I3ici( tx rut Xaei- 
riou. Ten a\jT(,u liio; y.ara fnXorrotov. ©topjaffroi; fSiof ix. 
Tiuv KaioTiov. FctXjiwu Tso/ p;>.0(Jopou iffroj/af. Af/<irori>.cu; 
puff/XTj; axgoaiTEWs i3i;3Xiu oxnu. lls'i ot/favou j:)ii^>.ia rie- 
easa.. Htf/ yaiffswf xa/ (Cl'sjaf Si^Xia &u(u. Miriuso'/.oyiKm 
l3iii/.ia riasa^a. lU^i xoa/iou Tfo; aXsjavOfOJ lihiXm it. 
<l>i/.uto; loufiaio-j Ttoi xoff/xou ;3(p>.«)» h. 0tof j«ffrou T«j/ 
Tuoof iSiSXiov iv. Tou auTOU -jtoi an.awv )ii3/.ioii iv. Xligi 
er,:j.imy xjoarm n.a.i tviu/j.utuv amrjii(i\t. i^tof ^aeriiu Tt^i 



XiSoiv jSijSXiov h. Eomm quae hoc uolumine continentur no- 
mina et oido. Ariftotelis uita ex laeitio ... 

[Tom. III.] Ti/jvsv T-fihi TTi j3ij3X'ji ':rioi£y^o/J,ivuv ovo/Mara 
■/.at TU^i;. A^igranXou; rso; ^oiuv isropiag j3i3Xia 6'. Tou 
auTov 'repi '/^wm ijjO^iuv j3ij3Xia X'. Touaurou ■r=5/ ^wwv Togs/a; 
j3i3ai'iv a. Ton avrou T2^; %J/u^?); j3i3Xia /. T6U aurou 
T£s; ai(!^ri6Sii: xai airrthinu j3ij3Xiov a. Toy aurov 'Z'Spi /J.iiri/jyr,; 
xai Tou /j,'jri/j.oviV£iv l3if3Xiov a. Tou awrou ~£o/ i/TMu 
lyorjyooeioj; j3ij3Xiov a'. Tdu avroD crsw im'rviu)/ j3ij3Xiov a'. 
Tou aurou T£j; r»i; za^' uti/ov,\irr/.r,i /3;/3/./ov a. Toi/ au- 
ro\i '^rs^i ^'MCiiv -/.ivriiseui l3ij3Xiov a'. Tou aurou tej; ^uuv 
yinSiug ^ii3Xia i'. Tou avrou tsj/ fi,axPoj3iorrirog xai 
fSga^uZiOTj^rog j3ij3Xi!jv a'. Tov aurov m^i norrirog yrj^ug 
■/.at avacrvojif xa/ ^wJis Savarou l3ij3Xia y' . Tou aurou 
T£g; 'xviuijja.rog j3ij3Xiov a'. Tou aurou tso; ■^oa'j.aTUM (3;/3X/ov 
a'. Tou aurou (pudioyva/Mixuv ^ijSXiov a'. Tou aurou tso; 
dauiJiaiSiciiv ayjiuKiJ^aron l3ij3Xio\i a'. Tou a.urou 'Tspi Sivo^avou; 
xai Zri'/uvo; Vogyiou &oy/j,arciiv l3ij3Xiov d. Tou aurou rrioi 
aroijjOi'j y^aijj'jjUSM j3ii3Xiov a'. Qiof^asrou tts^i ly^^uoi^ j3if3Xioii 
a'. Tou aurou ts^i iXiyyuv j3i'3Xiov a'. Tou aurou -£»/ xo-ruv 
ISifSXiov a. Tou aurou crsg; off/xwv j3ij3Xiov a'. Tou aurou t£o/ 
id^oiroit j3ii3Xio> a. [AoiffrorO.oug '^ri^i Ztii'M iaroeiag ro y.'.] 

[Tom. IV. incomplete.] [A^iaronXoug rojvfiira ra fiueiy.a 
f3il3Xia v. 0£op»affrou rav /xira ra fudixa.'] ^Gr. only. 
Edilio prhiceps, edited by ylldus Manutiiu and A. Bondinus-^ 
fol. Venetiis, in domo Aldi Manutii, miiid. 

AoidrorsXoug 'Traaav Aoy/zjji, ' Pr,ro;iy.y,i Xloiririy.riS 
rT^ayij.aniav m^iiy^uiv rojiog a' . Ariftotelis omnem Logi- 
cam, Rhetoiicam et Poeticam difciplinam continens tomus I. 
\Gi: only. Edited by Joannes Baptifla Canwtius.^ 

8° Venetiis, apud Aldi filios, I 55 I. 

A^ierorsXoug rou Iraynoirou ra ao/Co/j-iva. Operum Arif- 
totelis, Stagiritx ... nova editio, Grace et Latin^. Grascus 
coiitextus quani emendatifTime ... eft edicus : adfcriptis ad 
Oram libii et inteipretum veteram recentiorumque et aliorum 
doftoram vlrorum emendationibus : in quibus plurimas nunc 
primum in lucem prodeunt, ex bibliotheca Ifaaci Cafauboni. 
Latinae interpretationes adieftx funt ... paitim recentiorum, 
paitim veterum interpretum ... AccelTerunt, ex libris Arif- 
totelis, qui hodie dcfiderantur, fragmenta qusdani. Adiefti 
funt etiam indices ... 2 torn. fol. Lugduni, I 590. 

Opera omnia ; Grsce et Latine, dofliffimorum virorum 
interpretatione&notis emendatiffima&nunc tandem in quatuor 
tomos diftribiita. Guillelmus Du-Vallius ... tertio recognouit, 
fynopfm analyticam adiecit, nouis difquifitionibus, notis Sc 
appendicibus illuftrauit. Cum tribus indicibus. 

fol. Parifiis, 1654. 

Opera omnia ; Gracce, ad optimorum exemplarium fidem 
recenfuit, annotationem criticam, librorum argumenta, et 
novam verfionem Latinam adjecit Jo. Theophilus Buhle. 
Tom. I. -IV. 8° Biponti, i 791-3. 

[There were 5 vols, publiflied, but the edition was never completed.] 

Ariftoteles ; Gra;ce, ex recenfione Immanuelis Bekkeri. 
Edidit Academia Regia Boruffica. 2 tom. 

4° Berolini, 1831. 
Ariftoteles ; Latine, interpretibus variis. Edidit Academia 
Regia Bonaflica. 4° Berolini, 183 I. 

Scholia in Ariftotelem. Collegit Chriftianus Auguftus 
Brandis. Edidit Academia Regia Boi-uffica. Tom. I. 

4° Berolini, I 836. 
[No more publiihed.] 

Opera : ex recenfione Immanuelis Bekkeri. Accedunt 
indices Sylburgiani. [G/-. on/y.^ 1 1 tom. 

8° Oxonii, 1837. 

Georgii Pachymerii in univerfam fere Ariftotelis philo- 
fophiam epitome ... e Gr«co in Latinu fermonem ... con- 
uerla a ... Philippo Bechio. 1560. 

Felicis AccoROMBONii interpietatio obfcuriomm loconim 
et fententiamm omnium openim Ariftotelis. IS90' 

[Separate Works.] 

Logic and Dialectics. 

Opyavov ooy avoir ?i, ij ri\g ^iXoeo^iag %£'f. Adieflis iuxta 
Latina diftinftione capitum epigraphis, quo omnia fint eui- 
dcntiora. [Edited by Simon Gryna:us.^ 

8° BafiiejE, I 559. 

Priorum analyticorum lib. 11. Pofteriomm analyticorum 
lib. II. Topicorum lib. viii., cum jiuobus Elenchomm, 
A. M. S. Boethio interprete. [Lat. A. M. S. Boethius, 
Opera, I 5 46.] 

Porphyrii inftitutio. Ariftotelis Categoriae. Eiufdem ess/ 
£5a?j>E/a:, id ell de intcrpretatione liber. AnalyticSn prioram 
eiufdem. i. [e.] partitionii piiorum lib. 11. Partitionum pof- 
teriorii fiue demonftrantis fcientiae lib. 11. lacobo Lodoico 
Strebaso interprete. 4° Parifiis, 1548. 

Topicorum liber feptimus, et in eundem Alexandri Aphro- 
difienfis commentarius, M. A. Mureto inteiprete. [Za/. 
M. A. Muretus, Opera omnia, edit. 1789, iii. 483.] 

The logic of fcience : a tranflation of the Pofterior ana- 
lytics ; with notes and an introduflion by Edward Pofte, 
A.M. 8° Oxford, 1850. 

The Organon, or logical treatifes of Ariftotle ; with the 
introduftion of Porphyry : literally tranflated, with notes, 
fyllogiftic examples, analyfis, and introdudion, by Odavius 
Freire Owen, M.A. In two volumes. 8°Lond. 1853. 

SIMn.VIKIOT '~i:-oij.\ir,;j.a ng rag bixa Karr/yo^iag. 

SiMPLicii in Pixdicamenta commentaria. \_Lat. verfwn.^ 

Alexandri Aphrodifiei in Topica commentarii. [Gr.] 


— \Lat. with Lat. ver/ion of the /f.v/.J 1554' 

Introduiftorium in Ariftotelicam Dialefticen, totamque 
Logicen M. Joannis Majoris. 152 i. 

Quxftiones logicales magiftri Joannis Majoris, cum eiuf- 
dem literali expofitione fuccindla in veterem Ariftotelis Dia- 
ledticen. 1528. 

Joannis Grammatici in Pofteriora refolutiora commen- 
tarium. Incerti authoris in eadem. Euftratii in eadem. 
[Or. ivith the text.'] I 534. 

Joannis Gram. Philoponi comentaria in Priora analytica. 
Magentini comentaria in eadem. Libellus de fyllogifmis. 
\Gr. ivith the text?^ 1536- 

Expofitiones Auguftini Niphi in libros de Sophifticis 
elenchis. \lVith Lat. -verjion of the text.] 1540. 

In decem P]a:dicamenta Joannis Murmellii ifagoge. 

15 + 1- 

Themistii paraphrafis in Ariftotelis Pofteriora. 1542. 

Ammonii Hermiae in Praedicamenta commentaria. [Gr.] 



Ammonii Hermix in librum de Interpretatione commen- 
taria. [Gr.] 1545. 

Ammonii Hermiae in libri de Inteipretatione feflionem 
fecundam commentarius. [Gr.and Lat. Alexander Aphro- 
dificnfis, Defalo. 1658.] 

Boethi in Porphyrium [Ifagogen,] a Viftorino tranflatum 
dialog!. ^li^ilh the verfwn. A. M. S. Boethius, Opera, 
ed. 1546. p. 1-] . 

Boethi in Porphyrium, a fe tranflatum, lib. v. \_lFilh the 
•verfion. Ibid. p. 46.] 

Boethi in Categorias, lib. iv. \JVith Lat. verfion of the 
text. Ibid. p. 112.] 

Boethi minoium commentariorum in librum de Interpre- 
tatione lib. II. nrith Lat. verfwn of the text. Ibid. p. 

Boethi in librum de Inteqjretatione majorum commen- 
tariorum lib. VI. \lVith Lat. verfion of the text. Ibid. p. 

PoRPHVRii in Prsedicamenta per interrogationem et refpon- 
Conem brcvis explanatio. 1548. 

Dexippi ... in detenhonem Prasdicaraentomni adveifus 
Plotinum ... qusflionum libri lii. ... 1549. 

Philippi Zaffiri in libros Analyticomm pofterioi-um ex- 
planatio. \IVith Gr. text and Lat. verfion.^ I 56 I. 

Commentaria in Ifagogen Porphyrii, et in omnes libros 
Ariftotelis de Dialoftica, olim maturo confilio et graviffiniis 
fumptibus venei'andx Facultatis Artiuni in iiiclita Acadomia 
Louanienfi, per diabfticx ac totius philofopiiix peritiflimos 
viros compofita. lam vero tertio in comodum ac utilitatem 
bonorum ingeniorum diligenter recognita, emcndata, multis in 
locis jjrudenter abbreuiata, & ad Argyropoli ac Boetii ver- 
Cones fludio fummo accoramodata. fol. Lovanii, 1568. 

Titaiyioj A/azfji/ou tw TIAXTMEPOTS i-riro/j.ri Tr,g 
A^iaroTi'/^ou; Aoyixrj;. I 58 I. 

Georgii Pachymerii in univerfam Ariflotelis diflerendi 
artem epitome : Joanne Baptilla Rafario interprete. [Z,a/.] 


— [Gr. ant! Lat.~\ 1666. 

Quxftionuni et commentarioinim in Organon Ariftotelis 
pars prima [fecunda, et tertia.] In qua et textus Graecus 
integer quaeftionibus accommodatus eft, et, tum verborum tum 
fententiae habita ratione, in I^atinam linguam converfus : prae- 
ceptoruni vero artis difTerendi Arilloteliconim ufus, exem])lis 
philofophicis, oratoriis et poeticis commonftiatus. Induftria 
et ftudio Guliclmi Hildenii. [IVith Gr. text and Lat. verfion.] 

4° Berlini, i 583. 

Jul. Pacii a Beriga in Porphyrii Ifagogen et Ariftotelis 
Organon commentarius analyticus. 1597. 

Antonii Scayni mifccllanea nonnullarum lucubrationum et 
quxftionum in I.,ogica et in philofophia Arillotelis. i 599. 

J. Zabaiellx in duos Arillotelis Polleriorcs analyticos 
commentarii : cum antiqua Arillotelis in I^atinum conuer- 
fione. 1608. [J. Zabarella, Opera logica, p. 614.] 

J. Zabarellx tabulx logicx [in Porphyrii Introduiflionem, 
Ariftotelis Prxdicamcnta, de Interpretitione, et Priora ana- 
lyticn.] [.I. Zabarella, De doclrin,r online apologia, p. 1 03.] 

Commentaria R. Balfori 1 in Oiganum. 1616. 

Antonii Ruvio commcntirii in univerfam Ariftotelis Dia- 
leflicam. 1621. 

Commentarii Collcgli Conimbriccnfis ... in univerfam Dia- 

lefticam Ariftotelis. Grxco Ariftotelis contextui adiunfla 
eft Latina verfio, & duas in partes ... divifum opus. Editio 
poftrema ... cum duplici indice. 4° Lugduni, 1622. 

Thomx Aquinatis commentaria in librosperi Hermeneias, 
Pofterioi-um analyticoium ... Cum antiqua textus tranflatione, 
atque etiani noua Joannis Argyropoli ; itemque Thomx Caie- 
tani Cardinalis fu])plemcntum commentariorum in reliquum 
fecundi libri peri Hermeneias. Logicx quoque totius fumma 
addita eft. 1646. 


Ttiiv i^ira Tu fjsixa ^i,3Xia hiy.a, rseeaea. [Theophras- 
TUS, De hi/loria plantanim, apud Aldum, 1497.] 

Bessarionis Metaphyficorum Ariftotelis xiiii. librorum 
tralatio. i 5 I 6. 

The Metaphy fics of Arillotle : tranflated from the Greek ; 
with copious notes, in which the Pythagoric and Platonic 
dogmas refpedling numbers and ideas are unfolded from antient 
fources. To which is added, a diffei tation on nullities and 
diverging feries, in which the conclufions of the greateft 
modein mathematicians on this fubjcdl are lliown to be eirone- 
ous, the nature of infinitely fmall quantities is explained, and 
the ro Iv, or the one of the Pythagorxans and Platonifts, fo 
often alluded to by Ariftotle in tliis work, is elucidated. By 
Thomas Taylor. 4° Lond. I 80 1. 

The Metaphyfics of Ariftotle: literally tranflated from the 
Greek, with notes, analyfis, queftions, and index, by the 
Rev. John H. M'Mahon, M.A. 8= Lond. 1857. 

Alexandri A])hrodillei commentaria in duodecim libros 
de Prima philofophia. \JV'ith Lat. verfion of the text.] I 536. 

M. Antonii Flaminii paraphrafis in duodecimum Arif- 
totelis librum de Prima philofophia. 1547. 

Commcntariomm Petri Fonsec^, in libros Metaphyfi- 
corum, tomi quatuor. [JVith Gr. text and Lat. verfion."^ 

Thomx Aquinatis expofitio in duodecim libros Mc^^phy- 
fices & in librum de caufis. [With Lat. verfions of the text.] 

Nic. Taurelli fyiiopfis Metaphyfices. 1734. 


(I'uaiy.rig ay.^oadittii (3i3\ia (f . Naturalis aufcultationis 
libri VIII. lul. Pacius a Beriga cum Grxcis, tani excufis 
quam fcriptis, codicibus accuratii contulit, Latina inteipreta- 
tione auxit, et commentariis analyticis illuftrauit ... 

8° Hanovix, 1629. 

BuRLEUs fuper oi5to libros Phificorum. [IIHth Lal.veifion 
of the text.] I 50 I. 

SiMPLicii commentarii in oflo Phyficx aufcubitionis libros 
cum ipfo Ariftotelis textu. \pr.] 1526. 

.Joannis Granmiatici in primos quatuor de Naturali aufcul- 
talione libros conientaria. [Gr. luith the text.] I53S- 

Thfmistii ])araphrafis in Phyfica. 1542. 

Francifci Vicomfrcati in oclo libros de Naturali aufcul- 
tatione commentai ii. [ //';//' Gr. text and Lat. v< ijion.] I 5 50. 

In oflo libios Phylicorum. [CI. Berigardu!!, Circuluj 
Pifanus, \i. I.] 1 561. 

Francifci Tolfti commentaria una cum quxllionibus in 
oiHo libros dc Phyfica aufcultatione. 1615. 



Commentarioi-um in univerfam Ariftotelis philofophiam . . . 
tomi duo ; in quorum prime, duo prlores lib. de Phyfica auf- 
cultatione ; altero, fex pofteriores libii Phyficorom explican- 
tur : auftore Didaco Masio. 16 I 8. 

Joannis Duns Scoti in viii. libros Phyficorum expofitio 
et quasftiones. 16 18. 

Commentariorum Collegii Conimbricenfis Societatis Itfu, 
in oiSto libros Phyficoram Ariftotelis ... qui nunc primum 
Grceco Ariftotelis contextu, Latino e regione refpondenti, 
aufli, ob ftudioforum philofophis ufum in Germania funt 
editi ... 2 partes. 4- Colonise, 1625. 

Thomae Aquinatis in ofto Phyficorum libros conimen- 
taria, cum duplici textus tranflatione, antiqua & Argyropoli 
recognitis. Roberti Linconienfis in eofdem fumma. 1649. 

On Generation and Corruption. 

Joannes Grammaticus in libros de Generatione et interitu. 
[Gr. ivith the text.'] 1527. 

In lib. de Ortu et interitu. [CI. Berigardus, Clrculus 
Pijamis, p. 355.] I 561. 

Commentarii J. L. Havenreuteri in libros de Generatione 
et coiTuptione. ^IVith Gr. text and Lat. verfion.\ 1 605. 

Francifci Toleti commentaria in lib. de Generatione et 
corruptione. 1615. 

On Meteors. 

Alexandri Aphrodifienfis in Meteorologica. [Gr. with 
the text. Joannes Grammaticus, In libros jiriftotelis de Gene- 
ratione, tff. apud Aldum, 1527.] 

Joannis Gramniatici Philoponi fcholia in primum Mete- 
oiTim, Joanne Baptifta Camotio, intei-prete. [TV.v/ and commen- 
tary. Gr. and Lat.^ 'SS'' 

Olympiodori in Meteora commentarii. \Text and com- 
mentary. Gr. and Lat.^ ' 5 5 ' • 

Francifci Vicomercati in quatuor libros Meteorologicoium 
commentarii ; et eomndem libromm e Grxco in Latinum 
])er eundem converlio. \lVith Gr. text and Lat. ■verfion.'\ 

In Ariftotelis libros Meteorologicos. [CI. Berigardus, 
Circulus Pi/anus, p. 539-] I 56 1. 

Petri PoMPONATii dubitationes in quartum Meteorologi- 
comm librum. 1563. 

L. Buccaferrei leifliont'S in fecundum ac tertium Meteor- 
orum libros. 1570. 

Corapendio de los Metheoros por Murcia de la Llana. 

Thomas Aquinatis in libros Meteorologicorum commen- 
taria, cum duplici textus inteii3retatione, una Francifci Va- 
tabli, antiqua altera. 1649. 

On THE Universe and the Heavens. 
De Mundo ; Gracce : cum duplici interpretatione Latina : 
priore quidem L. Apulei ; altera vero Guilielmi Budsi. 
Cum fcholiis et caftigationibus Bonaventuras Vulcanii, tam in 
A.ri(totelem, quam in utrunque eius interpretem. 

8° Lugduni Batavorum, 1591. 
ITss; Koa/MOu, tr^og AXi^avb^O]/. De Mundo liber, ad Alex- 
andmm. Cum verfione Latina Gulielmi Budsi. 

8°Glafgux, 1745. 

Yltoi xtisixm. De Mundo liber ; curavit editionem Jo. 
Chriftianus Kappius. [G/-. oh/j'.] 8° Altenburgi, 1792. 

SiMPLicii commentarii in quatuor libros de Coelo, cum 
textu eiufdem. [Gr.] 1526. 

— noviter fere de integro intei'pretata. [/,^7/.] 1584. 

In libros de CceIo. [CI. Berigardus, Circuhis Pi/anus, 
p. 204.] I 561. 

Commentarii J. L. Havenreuteri in libros de Coelo. 
\JVith Gr. text and Lat. veifion.'] 1 605. 

Thomje Aquinatis in quatuor libros de Coelo & Mundo 
commentaria . . . cnm duplici textus tranflatione, antiqua vide- 
licet, & Joannis Argyropoli noua. 1649. 

On Animals. 

risji '(^(jijiv iarosiag. Hiftoria de animahbus, J. C. Scali- 
gero intei-prete, cum ejufdem commentariis. P. J. Mauf- 
facus . . . opus . . . primus vulgavit et relHtuit, additis prolego- 
menis et animadverfionibus. Accedit fragmentum quod 
decimus hiftoriarum infcribitur ... Additi prsterea indices... 
[Gr. and Lat.] fol. Tolofx, 16 19. 

De animalibus hiftorix libri x. Groece et Latine. Tex- 
tum recenfuit, Jul. Ca:s. Scaligeri verfionem diligenter recog- 
novit, commentarium ampliffimum indicefque locupletiffimos 
adiecit Jo. Gottlob. Schneider. 4 torn. 

8° Lipfiae, 181 1. 

Naturgefchichte der Tiiiei-e ; iiberfetzt und mit Anmer- 
kungcn begleitet von Dr. Friedrich Straclc . . . 

8° Frankfurt am Main, I 8 16. 

Hiftoiy of animals : in ten books. Tranflatedby Richard 
CrefTwell, M.A. 8°Lond. 1862. 

(3ii3Xia crsvn. De animalium generatione libri quinque, cum 
Philoponi commentariis. [Gr.] fol. Venetiis, 1526. 

De natura animalium : libri noueni. De partibus ani- 
malium : libri quattuor. De generatione animalium : libii 
quinque. Interprete Theodoro Gaza. [/.«/.] 

fol. n. p. n. d. 

Ariftoteles de moUufcis cephalopodis (erf j; tuv /xaXazicut.) 
Commentatio quam ... difceptationi fubmittit Hermann. 
Joann. de Kohler. 1820. 

On the Soul. 

TTeo/ ■^■jync ;3;;3/.ia z^ia. De anima libri tres; Grxce et 
Latine, Jul. Pacio a Beriga intei-prete. AcccfTerant eiufdem 
Pacii in eofdem libros commentarius analyticus, triplex index. 

8° Hanoviae, 161 i. 

SiMPLicii commentaria in tres libros de Anima. [Gr. 
ivith the text.] 1527. 

Joannis Grammatici Philoponi comentaria in libros de 
Anima. [Gr with the text.] 1535. 

— nuper e Grasco in linguam Latinam traduftas. [IVith 
Lat. •verfwn of the text.] 1 544. 

Themistii paraphrafis in libros de Anima. 1542. 

Nicolai TiGNOSii in libros de Anima commentarii. [JVith 
Lat. •verfion of the text.] I 5 5 I . 

In tres libros de Anima. [CI. Berigardus, Circuhis 
Pifanus, p. 585.] I 561. 

Theophili Zymar^e in libros tres de Anima commentarii. 
[With Lat. verfwn of the text.] I 584. 



Paraphrafis Antonii Scayni cum adnotationibus in lib. de 
Aninia. 1599' 

Francifci Toleti cominentaria in ties libros de Anima. 

Athanash, rhctoiis Byzantini, Ariftoteles propriam de 
animx" imnioitalitate mentcni cxplicans. 164I. 

Thoma; AyuiNATis in ties libios de Aninia prxclaiifrima 
expoCtio : cum duplici textus tranflatione ; antiqua fcilicet, 
& noua Aigyropoli. 1649. 

Domiiiici de Flandriaaciitiflimas qusftionesfuper tres libros 
de Anima & Sani5H Thonix conimentaiia. [Aquinas, In 
trei libros ylrijlolelis de ylriima expofitio, ed. 1649, P* '47*] 

Parva naturalia. 

Alexandri Aphiodifiei comentaria in libruni de Senfu & 
fendbili. \Gr. <wilh the text. Simplicius, Commentaria in 
tres libros Ariftotelis de Anima, 1527.] 

Micliaclis Ephefii annotationes in librum de Memoria et 
reminifcentia, de fonino & uigilia, de fomniis, de diuinatione 
per fomnium, de motu animalium, de longitudine & breuitatc 
uitje, de iuuentute & fcneflute & uita ac morte, de refpira- 
tione, de greflu animalium. \Gr. -with the text. Simplicius, 
Commentaria in tres libros Arijlotelis de Anima, 1527.] 

Themistii paraphrafis in libios de Memoria ct reminifcen- 
tia, fomno et vigilia, infomniis et divinatione per fomnuni. 

Simonis Simonii in librum t£p; tui aiirOr,rri^ion roiv 
aiaSriT'M ... commentarius unus. Eiufdem in libmm -s*; 
IJ,w,iJ,r,i rr,; ava.atJiffscj; ... commentarius alter... Index. 
[{Vith Gr. text and Lat. verfion.^ I 566. 

Paraphrafis Antonii Scayni, cum adnotationibus, in lib. de 
Senfiteriis & fenhlibus, de memoiia et reminifcentia, de fom- 
niis, de fomno & vigilia, de vaticinationc per fomnum, de 
motione animalium, de gencratione animalium, de iuuentute 
& fenedlute, de longitudine ct bieuitate vitae, de refpiratione. 

ThomsE Aquinatis commentaria quae extant, in eos, qui 
Pan'a naturalia Ariftotelis dicuntur, libios ... duplici nupcr 
textus tralationc, antiqua videlicet recognita, noua Nicolai 
Leonici appofita. Petri item de Alvernia ... in quofdam 
huius operis, a S. Tlioma inexpofitos, libros refertiflima ex- 
pofitio ... 1646. 

Tlioma Aquinatis commentaria in libros de Senfu et 
fenfato, de memoria & reminifcentia, fomno & vigilia, de 
fomniis,diuin.itione per fomnum, motu animalium, longitudine 
& breuitate vitx, iuuentute & fenciflute, vita & morte, infpira- 
tione & refpiratione. Cum antiqua'textus tranflatione, atque 
etiam noua Joannis Argyropoli ... 1646. 

On Physiognomy. 

Phyfiognomonicon, Grxce et Latine. 1780. [.I. G. F. 
Fran/.ius, Scriplores phyfio^nomoniit veteres, ]). l .] 

Infinita nature fecietii quibuflibL-t hominibus contingentia 
pieuidenda cauenda ac perfequeda declaiat in hoc libio co- 
tenta,Phyfionomi.i fummi Arillolelis; Phyfionomia Micliaclis 
fcoti; Phyfionomia Coclitis; cliyroniatia eiufdem : cii ajipio- 
batioe Achilini. [/,a/.] fol. Papie impreflii, I 5 i 5. 

In Phyfiognomica commentarii a Camiilo Ualix) lucubrati. 
[/F;VA Lat. veifwn 0/ the text.] 1 62 I. 

On Colours. 

De coloribus libcUus, a Simone Portio, Neapolitano, La- 
tinitate donatus, & commentariis illuftratus ; una cum eiufdem 
praefatione, qua colons naturam declarat. [IVith Gr. text and 
Lat. verfion.] 8° Florentisc, I 5 48. 

On Plants. 

Jul. Cass. Scaligeri, in libros de Plantis Arifloteli in- 
fcriptos, commentarii. 1566. 

On Wonderful Stories, &c. 

IIej/ tfai///,a(r;a/v a-/jj-j(:/j,r/.T'ji</. Liber de mirabilibus auf- 
cultationibus explicatus a Joanne Bcckmann ; additis annota- 
tionibus Henr. Stcphani, Fr. Sylburgii, Is. Cafauboni, J. N. 
Nicias ; fubjeftis fub finem notulis C. G. Heynii ; inteqire- 
tationibus anonymi,Natalis de Comitibus, et Dominici Monte- 
fauri ; atque ledionibus variis e codice Csfareas Bibliothecse 
Vindobonenfis. \Gr. and Lat.] 4° Gottinga:, 1786. 

Ez ruv Aj;ffro7-£>.o-jj &ir,ZiailTij-j. Ariftotelis et Theo- 
phrafti fcripta qusdam, quas uel nunquam antea, uel minus 
emcndata quam nunc, edita fuerunt. [Gr. only.] [Contains 
AiidTOTiXiiMi 'TTi^i aro/j,iiiv y^a./i,,'j,ciiii, \Ed. princeps.] Ex row 
mil ay.n-jdT'M A^ierorsko-jc. IIsj; Sa-jij-aciiai axovf/j-arut.] 
8° Officina Henrici Stephani, Parifienfis 
typographi, 1557. 


'Mri^aviy.uv /3/;3/./ov iv. [Theophrastus, De hiftoria plan- 
tarum, apud Aldum, I 497.] 

Mcchanica ; Graeca emendata, Latina faifta, et commen- 
tariis illuftrata, ab Henrico Monantholio ... 

4° Parifiis, I 599. 
MJi;^awza 'x^ofS'kmioLTOt,. Quseftiones mechanicx. Recen- 
fuit et illuftravit Joannes Petras van Cappelle. \Gr. and Lat.^ 

8° Amftdodami, 1812. 

Hioi3'/.ri>j,aTuv r/ir^aara r^iaxovra oxru. [Theo- 
phrastus, De hifloria plantarum, apud Aldum, I 497.] 

Problematum Arillotelis fediones dux de quadraginta ; 
Theodoro Gaza inteiprcte. Problematum Alexandri Aph- 
iodifiei libri duo ; eodem Theodoro inteipietc. Index in 
utriufciue Sec'tiones et Problemata. [/,«/.] 

fol. Parifiis, 1524. 

— Another edition. fol. Bafilex, 1537. 

Ludovici StPTALii commentarionjm in Problemata tom. I. 
feptem primas feftlones continens, ab eodem Latinas fa<5las. 
[Il^ith Gr. text and Lat. verfion.] l602. 

Ludovici Septalii in Pioblcmati commentaria, abeo La- 
tine fafta. [ll^ilh Gr. text and Lat. ver/lon.] 1632. 

.lulii GuASTAviNi . . . commentarii in jjiiores decern Proble- 
matum feiSiones. [ll^ith Gr. text and Lat. ver/ion of 'Ih. 
Gaza.] 1608. 


Ihhy.tin 'Siy.o/j.nyjiuv jSiiSy^ia oiy.a. De moribus ad Nico- 
niachum libri deccm. [Gr. only.] 4° Parifiis, 1 560. 

De moribus ad Nicomachum libri decern ; in quibus La- 
tina Grxcis, Dionyfio Lambino imeil)iite, e legione refpon- 



dent. Libii per capita methodice diftiibuuntur. Capita 
fingula aigumentis fuis declarantur ... necnon annotationibus 
Lanibini, nouifque Zuinggeri fcholiis ilkiftrantur. Opera & 
ftudio Theodori Zuinggeri, Bafilienfis ... Adieifta funt frag- 
menta qusdiim Pythagoreorum uetuftiffima ex emendatione 
et uerfione Gul. Canteri. Cum indice locupletiffimo. 

4° Bf.fileae, 1566. 

Ethicorum Nicomachiomm libri decern, ex Dion. Lam- 
bini intei pretatione, GrxcoLitini ; Theod. Zuingeri argumentis 
atque fcholiis, tabulis quinetiam novis methodice illuftrati. 
Theophrafti item Ereflii Morum charafteies, interprete CI. 
Auberio Triuncuriano. Pythagoreorum uetei"um fragmenta 
ethica, a Gul. Cantero Ulti aiedenfe conuerfa et emendata. 
Index ... fol. Bafileas, 1582. 

Ethicoiimi, five de moribus ad Nicomachum, libri decem. 
Adiefta ad contextum Grxcum interpretatione Latina Dio- 
nyfii Lambini, fed interpolata innumeris in locis, ita ut Arif- 
totelis fententiam fideliter exprimat, ftudio & opera Matthias 
Bergii ... Editio altera ... 8° Hanovia?, 161 1. 

Il^ixuv N/zo/iap/sjoii ;3ii3}.ia o;xa, Ethicorum ad Nico- 
machum libri decem : cum Dionyfii Lambini verfione La- 
tina, a Matthia Bergio interpolata. Acceflerunt huic editioni, 
loca parallela, ex Magnis Moralibus, Eudemiis, Politicis, 
Rhetoricifque libris : fingulorum capitum fummaria, et in 
paragraphos fe<5tio. Cura Samuelis Rachelii ... cujus etiam 
praemiffa eft in univerfam Ariftotelis philofophiam moralem 
introduiSio. 4° Helmsftadii, 1 660. 

HSr/.MV 'S.r/.r)!i,a-/ii'ji^ jSiSXia hiv.a. Ethicorum Nico- 
macheorum libri decem : codicum MSS. coUatione recogniti, 
et notis illuftrati a Gulielmo Wilkinfon, A.M. Editio 
quarta. \Gr. and Lat?[ 8° Oxonii, 18 18. 

Ethiconim Nicomacheorum libri decem : ad codicum et 
veterum editionum fidem recognovit, commentariis illuftravit, 
Latinamque Lambini interpretationem caftigatam adjecit 
Carolus Zell. 2 tom. 8° Heidelbergje, 1820. 

Ethicorum Nicomacheonim libri decem : ad codicum et 
veteram editionum fidem recognovit, varias lediones adjecit, 
notis, nonnunquam fuis, plerumque aliomm, illuftravit, indice 
denique ubeiiore omavit Edvardus Cardwell. 2 tom. 

8° Oxonii, 1828-30. 

The Nicomachean ethics ; with Englifti notes by John 
S. Brewer, M.A. 8" Oxford, 1836. 

Yidiv.m a^iruv i-ror-j'rusi;. A fele(5lion from the Nico- 
machean ethics ; containing a delineation of the moral virtues, 
with notes and an introdudlory difcourfe by William Fitz- 
gerald, M.A. 8° Dublin, 1850. 

Htf/zca 'Hr/.o'j.ayjia. Ethica Nichomachea. \Gr. only.'] 

8° Oxonii, 1852. 

Ao/ffrorsAou; USiy.a 'Kr/.ofj.ayjia. Ariftotle's Ethics'; with 
Englifh notes, by WiUiam Edward Jelf, B.D. 

8° Oxford, 1856. 

The Ethics of Ariftotle : illuftrated with eftays and notes 
by Sir Alexander Grant, Bart., M.A. ... In two volumes. 

8° Lond. 1857. 

Aj/ffrOT-sXouj msi aoirwJ zai xa-muv. nXtiSonog c7£a; 
aoiTU'i. Recenfuit Edvardus Fawconer. [Gr. and Lai.! 

8° Oxonii, 1752. 

Decem librorum Moralium Ariftotelis tres converfiones : 
prima Argyropili Byzantii, fecunda Leonardi Aretini, teitia 
vero antiqua, per capita et numeros conciliate : communi 

familiarlque commentario [Jacobi Fabri, Stapulenfis,] ad 
Argyropilum adiefto. Ex fecunda recognitione. 

4° ... impenfis, fumptibus et diligentia Henrici Stephani, 
almo Parifientium ftudio ... 1505. 

L'Ethica d'AriftotUe ; tradotta in lingua vulgare Fioren- 
tina et commentata per Bernardo Segni. 

4° Firenze, 1550. 

Ad Nicomachum filium de moribus, quae Ethica nomi- 
nantur, libri decem ; loachimo Perionio, Benediiflino Cor- 
moeriaceno, interprete ... [Lnt. only.'] 4= Parifiis, I 55 I. 

De moribus ad Nicomachum libri decem : olim e Grteco, 
longe et Latinius & fidelius quam unquam antea, a Dion. 
Lambino Monftrolienfi exprefli : nunc de integio ab eodem 
recogniti, et multis locis corre<5li. Eiufdem Dionys. Lam- 
bini in eofdem libros annotationes ... [Z-rt/. on/y.] 

4° Lutetiae, i 565. 

EthicoiTjm ad Nicomachum liber quinctus ; M. Antonio 
Mureto interprete. [Z-rt/. M. A. Muretus, Ord/ionw xx/h'. 
apud AJdum, 1575.] 

Die Ethik des Ariftoteles in zehn Biichern. Aus dera 
Griechifchen, mit Anmerkungen und Abhandlungen, von 
Dan. Jenifch. 8° Danzig, 1791. 

Ariftotle's Ethics and Politics, comprifing his pradlical 
philofo])hy, tianftated from the Greek : illuftrated by intro- 
duftions and notes ; the critical hiftory of his life ; and a 
new analyfis of his fpeculative works. By John Gillies, 
LL.D. In two volumes. 4° Lond. 1797. 

Die Ethik des Ariftoteles ; iiberfetzt und erlautert von 
Chriftian Garve ... 2 Bde. 8° Breflau, I 7 98- 1 80 1. 

A new tranflation of the Nicomachean ethics. 

8° Oxford, 1 8 19. 

The Nicomachean ethics ; a new tranflation, mainly from 
the text of Bekker, with explanatory notes by the Rev. 
D. P. Chafe, M.A. 8° Oxford, 1847. 

— Second edition. 8° Oxford, 1861. 

The Nicomachean ethics : tranflated, with notes, original 
and feledted ; an analytical introduftion ; and queftions for 
the ufe of ftudents by R. W. Browne, M.A. 

8° Lond. 1850. 

Donati Acciaioli expofitio fuper libros Ethicomm, in 
novam tradudlionem Johannis Argyropyli. 147 8. 

Queftiones magiftri Johannis Versoris fuper libros Ethi- 
corum. [IFith Lat. 'verfwn of the text.] 1 49 I. 

Artificialis introduftio, per modii epitomatis, in dece libros 
Ethicorii. 1502. [^y Jacobus Faber.] 

EusTRATii, et alioiiim infignium Peripateticorum, cora- 
mentaria in libros decem de Moribus ad Nicomachum, una 
cum textu fuis in locis adiedlo. [G/-.] 1536. 

lacobi Lodoici Streb.i;! in tres priores libros W^ixtiiv N/zo- 
/xa^j/wv commentaria. 1549. 

Audomari Tal^ei in primum Ethicum libnam explicatio. 
\lVtth Lat. verfwn of the text.] I 5 50. 

De Ariftotelicas ethices ab hiftorica et poetica ethice dif- 
ferentia ... autore Henrico Stephano. 1590. 

D. Thomas Aquinatis in libros Ethicorum ad Nicomacum 
expofitio ; cui triplicem textus interpretationem adjecimus, 
antiquam videlicet, Jo. Argiropoli, et Jo. Bernard! Feliciani. 
1563. 1644. 

Petri VicTORii commentarii in x. libros de Moribus ad 
Nicomachum. \_li-'ith Gr. text and Lat. verfton.] 1584. 



Ethiconim Nicomach. paiaphrafis, incerto audlore, [An- 
DRONico, Rhodio,] ... edit, a D. Heinfio. 1607. 1679. 

Paraphiafe fur les dix livres de I'Ethique, ou morale d' 
Arillote, a Nicomaque. Divifee en deux parties. 16 15. 
[By Jerome de Benevent.] 

In libros EthicoiTjmad Nicomachum aliquot Conimbriccn- 
fis curfus difputationes ... 4° Lugduni, 1616. 

R. Balfourei commcntariorum, in lib. Arift. de philo- 
fophia torn, fecundus, quo, pod Organum logicum, quaecum- 
que in libris Ethicomm occurrunt difficilia, dilucide expli- 
cantur. \_IVith Gr. text and Lat. vcrfion.^ I 620. 

Joannis Magiri corona virtutum moralium, univerfam 
Ariltotelis Ethicen exa(5te enucleans. Adjefto ubique Arif- 
totelis contextu Grsco-Latino. 1628. 

J. Crellii Ethica Ariftotelica ad Sacrarum Literarum 
normam emendata. 

Tarquinii Gallutii in libros quinque priores Moralium 
ad Nicomachum nova interpretatio, commentarii, quaftiones. 
[With the text.] 1 63 2. 

Analylis Ethicorum Nicomacheomm, quam ... inilluftri ad 
Elmum Iulia,publicepropofuit Gebhardus Theodorus Meier. 

M. Antonii Mureti in Ethica ad Nicomachum commen- 
tarius. [M. A. MuRETUs, Opera omnia, edit. 1789, iii. 


Politics and CEconomics. 

Politicorum libri oflo, ex Dion. Lambini & P. Vidlorii 
intcrpretationib. purifs. Graecolatini. Theod. Zuingeri argu- 
mentis atque fcholiis, tabuiis quinetiam in trcs priores libros 
illuftrati : Viiflorii commentariis perpetuis declarati. Pytha- 
goreorum ueterum fragmenta politica, a Jo. Spondano con- 
ucrfa at emendato. Index ... fol. Bafileae, 1582. 

Xl'AiTixtiiv TO. ffw^o.asra. Politicorum libii fupcrftites. 
Editio nova ; cura Hernianni Conringli, cum ejufdem intro- 
dudtione et emendationibu5. 4° Helmeftadii, 1656. 

ll'i'/.irr/.'jii 3iS. ()'. Politicomm libri oiflo, cum perpetua 
Danielis Hcinfii ... in omncs libros paraphrafi, cmcndatius 
editi, notis illuftrati,& ad difputandum public^ propofitijautore 
et prafide Severo Chriftophoro Olpio ... [Gr. ami J. at.] 

4° Jenx, 1660. 

Ez ruv koidriiTiXiyj; llo}.iTr/.u\i. IIej; r>j; '^o7.iui: ij.a- 
xa>ia;. TIsj; to-j u.yyin ai'/jsHai. risw riiit rr,: toaew; 
aoiri/iv. n=j; tjjj ya,a/z?;: o,a/>./«;. IIew rr,; ruv rraibuiv 
ayoiyr,; ■ra/OE/a;. Cum annotatione critica [by F. IV, 
Reitz.] 8° Lipfix, 1776. 

Politicorum libri ofto fuperftitcs. Grteca reccnfuit, cmen- 
davit, illudravit, interprotationemquc Latinam addidit Jo. 
Gottlob Schneider. 2 torn. 

8° Francofurti ad Viadrum, 1809. 

.\iiuvvfJ,ou Oixf>'vo;j,r/.a. Anonynii QJcononiica, qua; vulgo 
Ariftotells falfo ferebantur ; e libris fcriptis et verlione anti- 
qua emendavit et enarravit Jo. Gottlob Schneider. 

8° Liplix, 18 I 5. 

AeidTDTiXoui ra TloXiriy.a : the Politics of Arillotle, with 
Englifli notes ; by Richard Congrevc, M.A. 

8" Lond. 1 ''^5 5. 

A^iUTOTiXm; \W.iriy.a : tlie Politics of Arillotlc, trom 
thetextof Immanuel Bekker.with Englilh notes; byJ. R.T. 
Eaton, M.A. 8° Oxford, 1855. 

VOL. I. 

Contenta. Politicorum libri odlo. Commentarii. Econo- 
micoram duo. Comnientaiii. Hecatonomiarum feptem. 
Economiarum publ. unus. Explanationis Leonardi in oecono- 
mica duo. [Lat.] fol. a])ud Parifios, i 506. 

[Politicorum libri viii. ; QEconomicorum lib. 11. ; Hecato- 
nomiarum lib. VII. ; Qiconomiaium liber unus. Lat. per 
Leon. Aretinum, cum notis Jac. Fabri.] [Lat. IVants 
title-page.] fol. [Parifiis, 1526.] 

Les Politiques d' Ariftote ; efquelles eft monftree la fcience 
de gouuerner le genre humain en toutes efpeces d'eftats pub- 
liques : traduittes de Grec en Francois, auec expofitions 
prifes des meilleurs authcurs, fpecialemet d'Ariftote mefme, 
et de Platon, conferez enfemble oil les occafions des matieres 
par eux traittees s'offroient : dont les obferuations & raifons 
font eclarcies & confirmees par innumerables exemjiles an- 
ciens & modernes recueillisdes plus illuftres empires, royaumes, 
feigneuries, & republiques qui furent oncques, & dont Ion a 
peu auoir la cognoiflance par efcrit, ou le fidele rapport d'au- 
truy. Du commencement, progrez & excellence de la poli- 
tique par Loys le Roy, didf Regius, fol. Paris. 1576. 

Qiconomica fcripta qus extant titulo Ariftotelis, in fer- 
raonem Latinum conucifa & explicata, adiunftaque eis inter- 
pretatio CEconomici libri Xenophontis, ftudio & opera Joach. 
Camerarii Pabeperg. 4° Francofurti, 1581. 

A tieatife on government : tranflated from tlie Greek by 
William Ellis, A.M. 4= Lond. 1776. 

Qiconomica ; Jacobo Ludovico Strebaso inteqjrete, cujus 
interpretationem M. A. Murctus locis aliquot emendavit, 
fcholiifque illuftravit. [Lai. M. A. Muretus, Opera 
omnia, edit. 17S9, iii. 467.] 

Ethics and Politics; tranflated by John Gillies. 1797- 
[See fill-title Ethics.] 

Politik und Fragment der Oeconomik. Aus dem Grie- 
chifchen iiberfetzt, und mit Anmei kungeii und einer Analyfe 
des Tcxtes verfchen von J. G. Schlofler. [Drei Abthel- 
lungen.] 8 Liibek und Leipzig, 1798. 

Politik : iiberfetzt von Chrlftlan Gane ; heraufgegeben, 
und mlt Anmerkungen und Abliandlungen begleltet von 
Georg Guftav Fiilleborn. 2 Bde. 

8° Breflau, I 799-1802. 

Politique d'Ariftote ; tradulte du Grec, avec des notes et 
des eclairciflemens, par Charles Millon ... on a joint a cet 
ouvrage une notice fur Arlftote et fur fes ecrits ; une lifte 
chronologique des editions de fes oeuvres ; plufieurs extraits 
de Platon, et les deux traites de Xenophon fur les repub- 
liques de Spaite et d'Athcines. 3 tom. 8° Paris, 1803. 

The Politics and Economics ; tranflated, with notes, origi- 
nal and feleiftcd, and analyfes. To which are prefixed an 
introducftory efliiy and a life of Arlftotle by Dr. Gillies. By 
Edward Walford, M.A. 8° Lond. 1853. 

QueftionesJohannis BuRiDANifuperoiflo libros Politicorum. 

'5'3- . 

Donati Acciaioli in libros ocio Politicorum commentani. 

[JVith Lat. verfion of the text.] I 566. 

Petri VicTORii commentarii in viii. libros de Optimo Statu 
Clvltatls. [IHlh Gr. text and Lat. lurfion.'] I576. 

Poll:lcor\im et CEconomlcoiiim interpretaiioneset explica- 
tioncs accuratx ; autorc Joachlnio Camerario. 1581. 

In Politica Antonii Montecatini i)iogynmafmata. [IVitb 
Gr. text and Lat. veifion.] I 587. 
2 c 



Thomae Aquinatis commentarii in 0(5to libios Politicoiiim 
exquifitifllmi ; cum antiqua interpretatione eorandem Politi- 
comm adiefla, per feftiones piopriis reftituta locis, quam olim 
idem Diuus Thomas exponendo fequutus eft ... 1645. 

Joannis a Felde Analyfis libiorum Politicoiiim. 1654. 


Tli^i 'TToiriTix.r,;. De poetica liber ; ex verfione Theodori 
Goulftoni, pei"petuis notis analyticis illuftrata. Acccdunt in- 
tegra: notae Frid. Sylburgii et Dan. Heinfii, necnon feleftas 
aliorum. [Gr. and Lat.l 8° Cantabrigis, 1696. 

riEo/ '!rriir,Tr/.ri;. De poetica. Accedunt verfio Latina 
Theodori Goulftoni et infigniores leftiones variantes. [Gr. 
and La/.] 8° GlafguK, 1745. 

De poetica Ilbcr ; Grsce et Latine, ex recenfione et cum 
animadverfionibus Theoph. Chriftoph. Harles. Accedunt 
notas Frider. Sylburgii. 8° Lipfije, 1780. 

TliPi rroiriTixri;. De poetica liber. Textum recenfuit, 
verfionem refinxit et animadverfionibus illuftravit Thomas 
Tyrwhitt. [Gr. and Lat.~\ 4° Oxonii, 1794. 

De poetica liber. Friderico Volgango Reizio interprete. 

8° n. p. n. d. 
[Imperfeft ; wanting the Latin verfion.] 

Excerptaex Poetica,Antonio Riccobono intei"prete. [Gr. 
and Lai. Aromatari, Degli autori del ben parlare, i^c. 
pt. II., p. 434.] 

Poetica d'Ariftotele ; vulgarizzata et fpofta per Lodovico 
Caftelvetro. Riueduta & ammendata fecondo I'originale & 
la mente deU'autore. Aggiuntoui nella fine un racconto delle 
cofe piu notabili, che nella fpofitione fi contengono. 

4° Bafilea, 1576. 

La Poetica de Ariftoteles ; dada a nueftra lingua Cafte- 
llana por Don Alonfij Ordonez das Seyjas y Tobar ... 

8" Madrid, 1626. 

La Poetique d' Ariftote ; contenant les regies les plusexadles 
pour juger du poeme heroi'que, et des pieces du theatre, la 
tragedie et la comedie. Traduite en Francois, avec des re- 
marques critiques fijr tout I'ouvrage, par Mi-. Dacier. 

12= Paris, 1692. 

Ariftoteles Dichtkunit ; ins Deutfche iibeiTetzt, mit An- 
merkungen und belondem Abhandlungen verfehen von 
Michael Conrad Curtius ... 8° Hannover, 1753. 

Aj/ffroj-EXoi/; irsj/ToiJjr/xjj;. Poetique d' Ariftote. 177 I. 
[Gr. and Fr. Batteaux, Les quatres PoeUques, i. I 4.] 

Ariftotle's treatifi: on poetry ; tranflated, with notes on the 
tranflation, and on the original ; and two diflertations on 
poetical and mufical imitation, by Thomas Twining. 

4° Lond. I 789. 

Ariftoteles iiber die Kunft der Poefie : aus dem Griechi- 
fi:hen iibcrfetzt und eiTauteit. Nebft Thomas Twining's 
Abhandlungen iiber die poctifche und mufikalifche Nachaii- 
niung, aus dem Englifchen. Heraufgegeben von Johann 
Gottlieb Buhle ... 8° Berlin, 1798. 

Wiii ■-'iiriTiy.r,;. Buch von der Dichtkunft ... Von neuem 
aus dem Giiechifchen iiberfi;tzt und mit Anmerkungen erlau- 
tert von M. Johann Jakob Meno Valett. [Gr. and German.'] 

8° Leipzig, 1803. 

Francifci Robortelli in librum de Arte Poetica explica- 
tiones. [Gr. text and Lat. veifton.'\ 1548. 

Vincentii Madii, et Bartholomaei Lombardi, in librum de 
Poetica, communes explanationes : Madii vero in eundem 
librum propria? annotationes ... Lombardi in Pocticam prs- 
fatio. [JVith Gr. text and Lat. verfion by Pacctus.] I 550. 

Petri VicTORii commentarii in primum librum de Arte 
Poetarum. [IVifh Gr. text and Lat. ver/ion.! I 560. 1573. 

Pauli Benii in Poeticam commentarii. [/K/V/j Gr. text 
and Lat. •ver/ions of Paecius and Riccobonus.] 1613. 

Dan. Heinsii de tragoediae conftitutione liber ; in quo, 
inter caetera, tota de hac Ariftotelis fententia dilucide expli- 
catur. Cui et Ariftotelis de Poetica libellus, cum ejufiiem 
notis et interpretatione, accedit. 1643. 

On the end of tragedy according to Ariftotle : an efTay. 
By James Moor. 1763. 

A commentaiy illuftrating the Poetic ... to which is pre- 
fixed a new and correfted edition of the tranflation of the 
Poetic. By Heniy James Pye. 1792. 

Eftratto dell' Arte Poetica d'Ariftotile, e confiderazioni 
fuUa medefima. [Metastasio, Opere, xiv. 191, edit. 18 1 1- 


' l'r,ro^r/.ri, T^oi AXsjaj^^ov. Rhetorica, ad Alexandrum. 
[Gr. only.] 4° Parifiis, 154I. 

De arte rhetorica libri tres ; Gra;ce et Latine, editi cura 
Chriftophori Schraderi. Editio fecunda. 

4° Helmaeftadii, 1661. 

— Another edition. 4° Helmxftadii, 1748. 
Ts)^]itji gjjrfj»;z>jc l3if3Xia y , ex aliquot editionum coUa- 

tione. [Edited by F. W. Reit%.] 8° Lipfiae, 1772. 

"Yiyyr^i ^riTO^ixrii jSijSXioi. rj/a. De rhetorica libii tres. 
[Gr. text edited ivith Lat. •verfion by Theodore Goidflon.~\ 

8° Oxonii, 1805. 

De rhetorica libri tres ; ad fidem manufcriptorum recog- 
niti, cum verfione Latina. Altero volumine continentur 
anirradverfiones varioiiim. 2 tom. 8° Oxonii, 1820. 

— Another edition. [Gr. text only.^ 

8° Oxonii, 1S26. 

Ariitotelis Rhetoricomm ad Theodeften, Georgio Trape- 
zuntio interprete, libri iii. Eiufdem Rhetorices ad Alexan- 
drnm, a Francifco Philelpho in latinii verfx, liber i. Nunc 
recens ad Graecam veritatem recogniti. [Lat. only.'] 

8° Parifiis, 1540. 

Rhetoricorum libri in. ; in Latinum fer