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Full text of "Catalogue of the relics and curiosities in Memorial hall, Deerfield, Mass., U. S. A."

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Deerfield, Mass., U. S. A. 

Collected by the 


Deerfield : 










Deerfield, Mass., U. S. A. 

Collected by the 





Printed by 



By a vote passed at the last Annual Meeting, your 
Curator was authorized to Prepare and Print a Catalogue of 
the Collection in Memorial Hall, and to employ all needful 

In the execution of this work, something More than a mere 
Directory to the Visitors, has been Attempted. The Descripti ve 
and Historical notes have been made with reference to a 
wider circulation. It is also thought that Public Acknowl- 
edgment is due to those whose Contributions of Articles to oiar 
Collection have made our Scheme a Success. 

In securing the efficient services of Lutheb J. B. Lincoln 
as an Assistant, the Curator was fortunate, for, as it Fell Out, 
by reason of Sickness, he was able to do but little mor^e than 
give Direction to the Work. , 

That Mr. Lincoln came Equipped with the Essential Qual- 
ifications for the perplexing Task is shown by the Work of his 
Hand, in the volume herewith Submitted for your Accep- 

Geo. Sheldon, Curator. 

Deerfield, May 24, 1886. 


Article 1. — The objects of this Association sliall be the 
collecting and preserving such memorials, books, papers and 
curiosities, as may tend to illustrate and perpetuate the history 
of the early settlers of this region, and of the race which van- 
ished before them ; and the erection of a memorial hall in 
which such collections can be securely deposited. 

Art. 2. — The officers of this Association shall be a Presi- 
dent, two Yice Presidents, Kecording and Corresponding Sec- 
retaries and a Treasurer, who, with iifteen others to be elected, 
shall constitute a Council of twenty one. The President, and 
in his absence one of the Vice Presidents, shall preside at all 
meetings of the Association and the Council. The Record- 
ing Secretary shall keep a true record of the doings of the 
Association and the Council, and a list of all the members of 
the Association with date of admission. The Corresponding 
Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the xVssociation, 
and keep on file all letters received and copies of all letters 
sent. The Treasurer shall give such surety for the faithful 
performance of his duties as the Council shall require ; he shall 
collect all dues, and receive and pay out all money belonging 
to the Association under the direction of the Finance Com- 
mittee, without whose order no money shall be invested or paid 
from the treasury. He shall report at the annual meeting 
in detail, the receipts and expenditures of the preceding year; 
and shall keep the books always open to the inspection of any 
member. He shall keep a list of the members of the Asso- 
ciation, with date of all payments made as fees for membership. 

The Council, seven members of which shall constitute a 
quorum, shall have the general management of the affairs of 
the Association ; shall appoint annually a Finance Committee 
of three, who shall be members of their own body, a Curator, 
and such sub-committees as may be necessary. 

Art. 3. — The annual meeting of tlie Association shall ho on 
the last Tuesday of February, when all officers shall be chosen 
by ballot, and a majority of ballots shall be necessary to elect. 
The annual meeting of the Council shall be on the same day. 

Art. 4. — Any person may become and continue a member 
of this Association by the payment of three dollars, and an 
annual tax of one dollar. Any person may become a life 
member, and be entitled to a certificate of membership, on 
the payment of tweny-five dollars. Any person may become 
a life Councillor by a N^ote of the Association, on the payment 
of one hundred dollars, and shall be entitled to a certificate of 
membership. The iirst annual tax shall be due March 1, 1871. 
Any member may withdraw from the Association by paying 
all dues, and giving a written notice to the Secretary. 

Art. 5. — The Association shall incur no debts beyond the 
amount of money in the treasury ; nor shall any member be 
subject to any taxation by the Association beyond the dues as 
before mentioned. 

Art. 6. — The Curator shall have charge of all books, papers 
and curiosities of the Association, and shall record in a book 
kept for that purpose a full list of the articles in his possession, 
with the name of the donor when such articles are presented. 

Art. 7 — The stated meetings of the Association and Coun- 
cil shall be called by the President, who shall give notice 
through some newspaper published in the county, of the time 
and place of holding the same, seven days before the time ap- 
pointed. Articles shall be inserted in said call on the written 
application of three members. He shall in like manner, call 
occasional meetings of the Council upon the application of 
three members, and of the Association, upon the application 
of seven members, said application being in writing, stating 
the object for which such meeting is called. 

Art. 8. — This Constitution may be altered or amended by 
the Association at any annual meeting, upon a vote of two- 
thirds of the members present and voting, notice of said pro- 
posed change having been given in the call of said meeting. 




Chosen at its Organization, May 26, 1870. 

HON. GEORGE SHELDON of Deerfield, President. 

JOSIAH D. CANNING of Gill, ist Vice President. 

JAMES M. CRAFTS of Whately, 2d Vice President. 

DEA. NATHANIEL HITCHCOCK of Deerfield, Recording Secretary. 

REV. ROBERT CRAWFORD, D.D. of Deerfield, Corresponding Sec. 

DEA. NATHANIEL HITCHCOCK of Deerfield, Treasurer. 

Rev. P. V. Finch, Greenfield, *Moses Stebbins, South Deerfield, 

*D. Orlando Fisk, Shelburne, 
Jonathan Johnson, Montague, 

*Roswell Field, Gill, 

Rev. Edgar Buckingham, Deerfield, 

L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 
* Deceased. 

Chosen at the Annual Meeting, February 23, 1886. 

HON. GEORGE SHELDON of Deerfield, President. 

JAMES S. REED of Marion, O., ist Vice President. 

FRANCIS M. THOMPSON of Greenfield, 2d Vice President. 

DEA. NATHANIEL HITCHCOCK, of Deerfield, Recording Secretary. 

REV. E. BUCKINGHAM of Deerfield, Corresponding Secretary. 

DEA. NATHANIEL HITCHCOCK, of Deerfield, Treasurer. 


Rev. Allen Hazen, D.D., Deerfield, 
Charles Jones, Deerfield, 
Zeri Smith, " 

Dexter Childs, " 

Robert Childs, " 

Philo Munn, " 

George B. Bartlett, Concord, 
Chester G. Crafts, Whately, 

Rev. W. S. Hawks, 

South Hadley Falls, 
Maj. Putnam Field, Greenfield, 
Hon. Frank J. Pratt, 
Hon. E. A. Hall, 'I 

George A. Arms, " 

Silas G. Hubbard, Hatfield, 
W. L. Warner, Sunderland. 

Persons who have become Life Councilors of the Association. 

*Henry Childs, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Mrs. E. W. Stebbins, Deerfield, 
Miss C. Alice Baker, Cambridge, 
Jonathan Johnson, Greenfield, 

George A. Arms, Greenfield, 
Mrs.Mary A. Sawyer, St. Albans, Vt. 
Hon. George Sheldon, Deerfield, 
Mrs. Mary Hemenway, Boston. 

* Deceased. 

Persons who have become Life Members. 

*Mrs. Susan S. Sheldon, Deerfield, 
*Henry Hoyt, Boston, 
Robert Childs, Deerfield, 
George B. Bartlett, Concord, 
Walter T. Avery, New York City, 
*Seneca Arms, Troy, N. Y., 
*Smith R. Phillips, Springfield, 
Prof. Jas. K. Hosmer, St. Louis, Mo- 
*Gen. James S. Whitney, Brookline 
Mrs. James S. Whitney, Brookline, 
George Newell Doggett, Chicago, II. 
Mrs. C. Catlin Baker, Cambridge, 
Miss Martha G. Pratt, Deerfield, 
*Henry Hitchcock, Galesburg, 111. 
Henry W. Taft, Pittsfield, 
Mrs. Catherine E. B. Allen, Dfd., 
Nathaniel Hitchcock, Deerfield, 
Dr. Noah Cress)', Amherst, 
Mrs. Catherine W. Hoyt, Deerfield, 
Alfred H. (P. V. M. A.) Childs, 

Mrs. Delano C. Kimball, Leverett, 
*James Smith, Whately, 
J. Wells Champney, Deerfield, 
Newell Snow, Greenfield, 
Luther J. B. Lincoln, Deerfield, 

Mrs. Mary F. Lincoln, Deerfield, 
*J. J. Richardson, Greenfield, 
William H. Hawks, Greenfield, 
Frank J. Pratt, Greenfield, 
Henry Wells, Shelburne, 
John Sheldon, Greenfield, 
Mrs. Ellen L. Sheldon, Greenfield, 
Mrs. S. Belle Hawks, Deerfield, 
Hon. Samuel O. Lamb, Greenfield, 
Hon. W. W. Wright, Geneva, N. Y. 
Hon. Joseph White, Williamstown, 
Frederick Hawks, Greenfield, 
James S. Reed, Marion, O. 
Otis Arms, Bellows Falls, Vt. 
Hon. HenryM. Phillips, Springfield 
Hon. Francis M. Thompson, Gfd. 
*Mrs. Eliza B. Fithian, St. Louis, Mo 
Hon. William Hyde, Ware, 
B. N. Farren, Montague, 
Mrs. C. Carter Comstock, 

New Canaan, Conn. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Reed Delano, 

New Bedford, 
Mrs. Sophronia Reed Williams, 

Chicago, 111. 

* Deceased. 

Corresponding Members. 

Hon. R. R. Bishop, Newton, 
Charles Dudley Warner, 

Hartford, Conn. 
Hon. J. Hammond Trumbull, 

Hartford, Conn. 
Hon. George W. Curtis, New York. 
Dr. D. D. Slade, Chestnut Hill, 

Prof. Charles E. Norton, 

Hon. Samuel A. Green, Boston, 
Hon. Clark Jillson, Worcester, 
Col. Edward F. Jones, 

Binghampton, N. Y. 


April 18, 1870, this Association was incorporated bj the 
Mass. Legislature, and * " George Sheldon, Robert CraM'ford, 
Nathaniel Hitchcock, Luke Wright and Samuel F. Wells, 
their associates and successors, were made a corporation, for 
the purpose of collecting and preserving such memorials, books, 
records, papers and curiosities, as may tend to illustrate and 
perjjetuate the history of the early settlers of this region, and 
of the race which vanished before them." 

In the touching language of the President in giving notice 
to the public of the passage of this act, "a plan entertained 
for many years and considered almost hopeless of execution," 
now became a settled and active purpose, chartered by the 
State, and worthy of public conlidence. 

Plow well the spirit and the letter of the charter have been 
carried out, this extensive and interesting collection of anti- 
quities, best tells. During its few years of corporate existence, 
the Association has held, in addition to its regular annual 
meetings, Field Meetings at Charlemont, Northiield, Sunder- 
land, Leverett, Bloody Brook, Turners Falls and Greeniield. 

It has erected mural tablets to the memory of the sufferers 
of Feb. 29, 1704, and has placed an indestructible monument 
over the spot where Eunice Williams sank under the savage 
l)low. It has created a dignified and sympathetic public sen- 
timent ; formed a nucleus for the constantly growing antiqua- 
rian spirit of the Valley ; and established itself firmly in the 
hearts of the people. 

Will not some one of the many who visit this Memorial 
Hall, complete the work so thoroughly begun, and, by dona- 
ting a suitable fund to the Association, place it upon the firm 
financial basis which it richly deserves ? , 

■""Trustees of the Old Indian House Door. 

Memorial Hall. 

This solid and well preserved building was erected in lYOT-S, 
hy the Corporation of Deerfield Academy, chartered by the 
Legislature by an Act apjoroved by Gov. Samuel Adams, 
March 21, 1797. 

It was formally opened and dedicated Jan. 1st, 1799, Rev. 
Joseph Lyman of Hadley preaching the sermon, and Rev. 
Roger Newton of Greenfield delivering the keys and charge 
of the institution to Mr. Enos Bronson, the first preceptor. 

The academy was conducted with success for three-quarters 
of a century, spreading its influence far and wide, and num- 
bering among its preceptors many men of learning and talent. 

In 1875 it was merged, with the munificent legacy of Mrs. 
Esther Dickinson, into the Deerfield Academy and Dickinson 
High School. 

In 1878 this building was secured by the Pocomtuck Val- 
ley Memorial Association, and after some repairs, in which 
the unity of the old building was preserved with care, it was 
re-dedicated as Memorial Hall, September 8, 1880. The most 
interesting exercises being conducted by Hon. George Sheldon, 
assisted by Rev. P. Y. Finch, remarks and addresses being 
made by eminent men, including Charles Dudley "Warner, 
Hon. George William Curtis, Charles Eliot Norton, Hon. 
Robert R. Bishop and others. 

It is peculiarly fitting that this old structure, whose halls 
have been the alma inater of so many of past and present 
generations, should finally shelter these hallowed memorials of 
our forefathers ; for it is, in itself, a monument of their far- 
seeing and conscientious regard for the education of posterity. 

Long may it stand as a beacon of historic light for gener- 
ations yet to come ! 

LuTHEE J. B. Lincoln. 

In arranging these articles it was found expedient to identi- 
fy them with the rooms in which they are deposited, using an 
initial letter before the number attached to the article, thus : 
No. 50, an article in the Kitchen, - is labelled K50. 

" " " Vestibule, - " Y50. 

" " " Indian Boom, " 150. 

" " " Memorial Koom. " MR50. 

" " " Domestic Room, '^ DR50. 

« « " Main Hall, - " H50. 

" " " Library, - - " L50. 

Again, in the Indian' Room and the Main Hall, numerous 
articles are in cases designated by letters, therefore in those 
rooms, No. 50 in case A, is marked A50, &c., &c. 

Articles marked * are from the Deeriield Academy Muse- 
um, established in June, 1797, and came with the building. 

The utmost pains have been taken to giv^e the correct names 
and residences of donors, but if mistakes have been made it is 
hoped they will be excused, in view of the magnitude of the 
collection, and the fact of its having been more than fifteen 
years in existence, as well as the fading quality of modern 

Where no residence is given with donor's name Deerfield is 

Note to Visitors. 

In viewing the collection of the P. Y. M. A. the fact should 
be borne in mind that it is not a scientiiic exhibition, nor an 
ordinary museum, but the direct memorial of the inhabitants 
both Indian and Puritan of this valley. No iixed system of 
carefully graded classification is practicable, nor is it desirable. 
Many articles may seem trivial in themselves, but as a part of 
the whole broad scheme of the projectors the most humble be- 
long here as much as the most valuable. All have been the 
free donation of the people themselves, and it is a tribute to 
them, as well as to the guardian spirit of the Association. The 
simple descriptive lines refer to persons who have lived and 
died, mostly in private life, in this vicinity, and they should 
be inspected reverently, and not in a spirit of criticism. Tlie 
P. V. M. Association is essentially " of the people, by the peo" 
pie, and/w" the people." 



No. DoxoR. 

I. Leather Chair J. N. Fuller. 

From the house at the Bars occupied by Samuel Allen who was 
killed by the Indians Aug. 25, 1746, in the Bars fight, recently the 
studio of the late George Fuller. 

3. Map of Greenfield Alfred Cobb. 

1852. New York. 

4. Moose Horns Ruf us Rowland, Greenfield. 

5. Iron Handle Warming Pan James Crosby, Greenfield. 

Brought from Ireland by his ancestors. 

6. Map of Greenfield Alfred Cobb. 

Philadelphia. 1855. 

7. Red Sandstone Grind Stone F. H. Andrews. 

From the old Hoyt Quarry in West Deerfield. In use from 1779 to 
9. Halberd Wm. H. Fuller, Whately. 

Found at Indian Lake, near Lake George, in the track of the French 
and Indian Wars. 

10. Spontoon. . . . Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

Carried in the militia by Capt. Joel Nims, Shelburne. 

11. Spontoon Charles R. Graves, Whately. 

Carried by Ensign Lucius Graves in 1S04. 

12. Knapsack. 

13. Officer's Hat, 1812 W. O. Taylor, Shelburne Falls. 

14* Spanish Rapier . . . E. L. Horton, Northfield. 

15. Powder Horn Simeon A. Field, Northfield. 

Made by Oliver Corbin, a Maine Indian, at Northfield in 1826. 

16. Canteen Henry Shepherd, Montague. 

Of the style of 1812. 

17. Cavalry Carbine F. M. Thompson, Greenfield. 

Found by donor on the plains of Montana. 

i3. Flint Lock Musket Miss Emily C. Graves, Greenfield. 

Belonged to her father. Adj. J. J. Graves. 

19. Drum, Mrs. Eunice Hartley and Miss Frances Temple. 

Philo Temple's historic drum, used by him at the first meeting of 
the Franklin Cadets, in 1S24, and at their final meeting, in 1873, having 
never missed a roll call. 

20. Drumsticks Same. 

21. Drag or Harrow. Dickinson Estate. 

22. Spontoon Mrs. Derixa Nims. 

23. Pistols Miss Emily C. Graves, Greenfield. 

Carried by Capt. John J. Graves, Adjutant of the th Regt. Mass. 
Militia. Presented by his daughter at his request. 


24. Holsters James R. Long, Greenfield. 

25. Holsters David Bryant. 

Containing cartridge Boxes. 

26. Sword Blade * 

27. Cartridge Box. 
23. Powder Horn. 

29. Flint Lock Musket J. S. Pickard, Northfield. 

30. Flint Lock Musket Prof. Jas. D. Crawford, Champaign 111. 

Used in Revolutionary war. 

31. Door Dickinson Estate, Miss Fanny H. Wilson. 

From the House built for the Rev. John Williams, by the town, in 

32. The " Old Pocomtuck " Cannon Town of Deerfield. 

See Sheldon's article, in the Library, for its very interesting story. 
Deerfield History, Case 8, Alcove L Shelf 5. It was one of a pair, in 
all probability brought to Deerfield in 1735, when Gov. Jona. Belcher 
and Council held a conference with Indian tribes here. 

33. Map of United States. 

34. Map of Franklin County. 1S53. 

35. Small Franklin Stove M. J. Powers, Whately. 

36. Andirons Col. T. W. Ripley, Greenfield. 

37. Two Cannon Balls Frank W. Stebbins. 

38. Stove from old Meeting House Mi=s Mary Hawks. 

39. Map of Maine, (when a District,) Jona. Johnson, Greenfield. 

40. Franklin Stove L. W. Bigelow, Simsbur}% Conn. 

41. Cannon Ball Dea. Phinehas Field, Charlemont. 

42. Andirons Miss Fanny H. Wilson. 

43. Hall Clock Mrs. R. E. Brown. 

Belonged to Nims family. 

44. Grape Shot from Champney house Albert Ball. 

45. Chair Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

46. Painting or ^gis Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

47. Lance * 

48. Indian Moccasins Henry Shepherd, Montague. 

49. Lance Handle * 

50. Pair Antlers ..... ■»•• 

51. Origin of American Flag W. O. Taylor, Shelburne Falls. 

52. Cannon Ball Jas. A. Hawks. 

Brought home from Boston, in the war of 1812, by Eph. Lanfair, 
in his knapsack. 

53. Small Gooseneck Andirons Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

The Kitchen. 

In tlie arrangement of articles in this room, tlie intention 
lias been, to group together, in an easily accessible manner, 
the contents of an old time kitchen. It should be remember- 
ed, in this connection, that in " ye olden time " the kitchen 
was the home room for the entire family. Here was the 
social centre as well as the cooking and eating room. It con- 
sequently contained a great variety of articles which to-day 
might seem out of place. 

x\ny one interested in learning more of this old fashioned 
family life is referred to Mr. Sheldon's monograph " Forty 
Years of Frontier life," in the Library, {vide Deerfield Histo- 
ry, Alcove I, Shelf 5, Case 6.) 

1. Mantle Tree Geo. Sheldon. 

Taken from his house in 1876, having done service 130 years over 
the parlor fireplace. 

2. Hearth Stone ... Dr. W. S. Severance, Greenfield. 

From the house where Judge Daniel Wells was born and grew up. 

3. Iron Crane Dickinson Estate. 

From the house built by the town for Rev. John Williams, in 1707. 
Last occupied by Esther Dickinson. Now standing west of the 

4. Iron Trammels Same. 

For hanging heavy pots and kettles on the crane. 

5. Long Trammel.- Same. 

Used before cranes, hanging from lug-pole in the chimney. 

6. Pot Hooks Same. 

7. Moses Rice's Dinner Pot The Misses Maxwell, Charlemont. 

M. R. was one of Charlemont's first settlers. Spent the first night 
there under the large button-ball tree now standing by the road north 
of the railroad depot, on opposite bank of the river. Was shot by In- 
dians a short distance east, while hoeing corn, June n, 1755. 

8. Aaron Denio's Dinner Pot O. W. Sage, Casenovia, N. Y. 

See newpaper slip for particulars. Aaron Denio was son of James 
and Abigail (Stebbins) Denio, who were captured Feb. 29, 1704. He 
was born in Canada, and came home to his Grandfather Stebbins in 
1716. He was a noted tavern-keeper in Greenfield. 

9. Iron Tea Kettle Henry Wells, Shelburne. 

10. Copper Tea Kettle ... Mrs. E. K. Brown. 



11. Iron Basin with Bail M. J. & L. Ward. 

12. Small Dish Kettle Mrs. Leantha C. Boyden, Conway. 

13. Back Log, Fore Log and Top Stick . . J. B. Saxton. 

14. Iron Goose Neck Andirons Dickinson Estate. 

15. Iron Goose Neck Andirons Col. T. W. Ripley, Greenfield. 

16. Iron Facet Head Andirons Jonathan Ashley. 

Belonged to Dr. Elihu Ashley, his grandfather, with Supports for 
roasting spit. 

17. Small Dish Kettle Mrs. Julia B. Wright, Montague. 

Made at the foundry of Samuel Billings of Hardwick, uncle of the 

18. Dripping Pan J. Ashley. 

Dr. Elihu Ashley's. 

19. Old Dripping Pan . . Dickinson Estate. 

20. Iron Spider Henry Wells, Shelburne. 

21. Long Iron Tongs Mrs. Oscar Hawks, Greenfield. 

22. Iron Slice or Shovel ...... Orra Russell. 

23. Iron Bread Peel Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

Used in taking bread from brick oven. 

24. Brass Skimmer S. T. Grout. 

25. Iron Shovel The Misses Hinsdale, Bernardston. 

26. Tongs Cephas G. Clapp. 

27. Revolving Gridiron Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

28. Iron Bread Peel Mrs. Oscar Hawks, Greenfield. 

29. Loggerhead. 

Used in the old " Boatmen's " Tavern, at Montague City, to make 

30. Large Iron Spoon. 

31. Loggerhead Charles Lee, Mill River. 

Belonged to Dea. Baker of Conway. 

32. Branding Iron Geo. Sheldon. 

Used by Seth Sheldon. 
32^. Loggerhead. 

33. Wooden Indigo or Dye Tub Dea. Phinehas Field, Charlemont. 

Stood in the corner of the fireplace in old times. 

34. Bake Kettle or Dutch Oven Dickinson Estate. 

Coals put on the lid. 

35. Bake Kettle Miss Harriet Hitchcock. 

36. Tin Bird Roaster Judge Samuel Williams. 

36}4- Tin Bird Roaster Elisha Stratton, Northfield. 

37. Tin Pie Heater Same. 

38. Three Pronged Meat Hook Geo. Sheldon, 

39. Pot Lifter Same. 

40. Bellows .. .H. D. Graves, Sunderland. 

41. Tobacco and Pipe Box Albert Childs. 

Belonged to his grandmother. 

42. Pipe Tongs Asahel Root. 

Used to take up coals to light pipe. 


43. Holders Mrs. Amelia Saxton. 

44. Candle Holder and Reflector, Mrs. Susan S. Sheldon. 

44 5-^. Pocket Tinder Box with Tinder Geo. A. Kimball, Greenfield. 

45. Tinder Box and Candlestick H. D. Graves, Sunderland. 

Used with flint and matches. 

46. Oil Lamp, very old Geo. Sheldon. 

47. Crude Lamp, Oil Cephas G. Clapp. 

In which the wick simpl}' floated in the oil. Found in Conway. 
4S. :Model of " Nabby Marshall's " Kial Lamp, 

Mrs. Nancy Harding, So. Wellfleet. 

49. Meat Hook and Skewers David C. Marsh, Montague. 

Found in the old Dr. Wells' house. 

50. Roasting Hooks Mrs. Amelia Saxton. 

51. Candle Reflector Geo. Sheldon. 

52. Mould for Pewter Spoons Levi Stiles, Greenfield. 

Owned by Martindale, one of the first settlers of Greenfield. 

He built his cabin near where Mrs. O. A. Hawks' house now stands 
on Silver Street. In this mould all the spoons of the neighborhood 
were cast, each his own. 

53. Handmade Padlock .... Geo. Sheldon. 

54. Candle Box Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

55. Candle Reflector Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

From Landlord Hall's Dance Hall, in East Charlemont. 

56. Pair Bellows Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

57. Candle Snuffers and Tray Same. 

58. Candle Snuffers and Tray. Same. 

59. Old Candle Stick Mrs. Elvira Richards, Northfield. 

60. Pair Candle Sticks Miss Fanny H. Wilson. 

61. Tall Japanned Candle Stick W. O. Taylor, Shelburne Falls. 

62. Candlestick Mrs. E. K, Brown. 

63. Gun Flints Chauncey Bryant, Greenfield. 

64. Tinder Box with Revolving Steel Geo. Sheldon. 

65. Flint Lock Musket Nathaniel Hitchcock. 

Used in training by Deacon Henry Hitchcock. 

66. Iron Skillet Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Used in Dr. George Bull's family. 

67. Small Brass Kettle Same. 

Used in Dr. George Bull's family. 

68. Long Handled Frying Pan A. W. Snow, Colrain. 

Used by Maj. John Bolton, in the Revolutionary Army. 

69. Large Wooden Mortar and Pestle Dickinson Estate. 

70. Large Wooden Mortar and Pestle Sylvester Wilcox, Whatel3\ 

71. Large Wooden Mortar Lyman Gilbert, Greenfield. 

Traced in the Slate family, of Gill, for 114 years. 

72. Mortar and Pestle Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

73. Mortar and Pestle James Smith, Whately. 

735^. Wooden Tray Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne. 


74. Bread Trough and Paddle. 

75. Chopping Knife and Tra}^ S. T. Grout. 

76. Squeezers Same. 

77. Trivet Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

78. Iron Basin. 

7g. Trivet Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

So. Gridiron Same. 

81. Tall Trivet Same. 

82. Iron Skillet Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

83. Iron Skillet Mrs. E. M. Potter, Greenfield, 

84. Flat Iron Rest Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

85. Circular Gridiron Same. 

86. Skillet Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Dr. George Bull's. 

87. Spider S. T. Grout. 

88. Flat Iron Rest Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

89. Small Candlestick Same. 

90. Earthern Bean Pot Geo. Sheldon. 

91. Stoneware Flask Mrs. E. M. Potter, Greenfield. 

92. Knife Basket Dickinson Estate. 

93. Knives Same. 

94. Forks Same. 

95. Knife Basket Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

96. Small Tin Baker Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

97. Small Stone Jar Mrs. J. E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Used by Dr. Bull. 

98. Brass Ladle Mrs. Mary R. Nims. 

Given to Susan Nims by her Aunt Esther Wells. 

99. Pair of Glass Bottles or Jars Mrs. J. E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Used by Dr. Bull. 

loor Brass Skimmer N. Hitchcock. 

loi. Old Brass Skimmer Same. 

102. Pipe Tongs Henry Shepherd, Montague, 

103. Frying Pan Moses and Misses Ward. 

104. Gridiron, round Geo. Sheldon. 

105. Gridiron, Square Same. 

106. Tin Roasting Kitchen Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

107. Tin Roasting Kitchen N. Hitchcock. 

108. Tin Roasting Kitchen Geo. Sheldon. 

109. Tin Roasting Kitchen Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

no. Tin Biscuit Baker Geo. Sheldon. 

111. Candlesticks N. Hitchcock, 

112. Wooden Spoon Same. 

ii2}i. Wooden Spoon Mrs. H. C. Rice, Leverett. 

113. Candle Box Mrs. Geo. Sheldon. 

114. Pair Pewter Spoons Mrs. J. R, Long, Greenfield. 

Belonged to Jonathan Flagg, 1796. Cast in a Wooden Mould. 


115. Pewter Spoon Mrs. Sarah A. Dustin, Brattleboro, Vt. 

100 years old. 

116. Tin Colander Mrs. Julia B. Wright, Montague. 

Belonged to Patty Pomroj'- of Warwick; who married Barnabas Bil- 
lings, in 1792. Mother of donor. 

117. Sugar Tongs Mary T. Stratton, Northfield. 

Made by a frontier blacksmith, and used in the Lyman family. 

118. Drinking Gourd Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

119. Carving Knife and Fork Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

Belonged to Capt. Seth Lyman of Northfield, grandfather of donor, 

120. Wooden Trencher Geo. Sheldon. 

121. Wooden Trencher Joseph Bedortha, West Springfield. 

122. Wooden Trencher Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

123. Wooden Trencher N. Hitchcock. 

124. Wooden Trencher Jonathan Johnson, Greenfield. 

125. Drinking Gourd Mrs. Dennis Childs, Conwa)\ 

126. Blue and White Bowl Geo. Sheldon. 

126 >^. Clove Gourd Same. 

127. Earthen Milk Pan M. J. & L. Ward. 

128. Earthen Milk Pan Geo. Sheldon. 

129. Earthen Milk Pan S. T. Grout. 

130. Platter Mrs. Liberty Wright, Montague. 

131. Teapot Mrs. E. M. Potter, Greenfield. 

132. China Plate Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

133. Teapot. 

134. Blue Saucer Mrs. George A. Arms, Greenfield. 

135. Three Glass Bottles Jonathan Johnson, Greenfield. 

Made at the glass works, in Warwick, in 1812. 

136. Sugar Bowl Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

137. Earthen Teapot Mrs. Sabra F. Long, Greenfield. 

Used by Jonathan Flagg. 

13S. Small Flask Mrs. George A. Arms, Greenfield. 

139. Pewter Porringer James Smith, Whately. 

Used by an English family for five generations. 

140. Small Flask Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

141. Gravy Boat Same. 

142. China Dish Dennis Stearns, Conway. 

143. Sauce Plate Mrs. C.';W. Hoyt. 

144. Flask Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

144)^. Sugar Bowl Same. 

145. Saucer Mrs. George A. Arms, Greenfield. 

146. Sauce Boat Mrs. Susan Dike Marsh, Northfield. 

147. Teapot Geo. Sheldon. 

148. Teapot Same. 

149. Cream Pitcher Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

150. Platter Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

151. Spice Mill and Mortar combined Miss Eliz. Purple, Northfield. 





Grater Dickinson Estate. 

Nutmeg Grater Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

Tin Pepper Box Mrs. Susan Dike Marsh, Northfield. 

Dish Mrs. E. K. Brown, 

Pitcher James Smith, Whately. 

Blue and White Nappy Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

Sauce Dish Mrs. J. N. White. 

Owned by Dorothy Bigelow who married John Brown of Whately, 
in 1772. 

159. Nappy Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

160. Pepper Boxes Mrs. S. D. Marsh, Northfield. 

161. Mustard Pot Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

162. Mustard Pot Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

163. Platter Geo. Sheldon. 

164. Mustard Pot Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

165. Soap Stone Salt Cellar C. R. Whitney, Montague. 

i66. Plate Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

167. Mustard Jar Geo. Sheldon. 

168. Sauce Boat Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

169. Dish... Same. 

170. Sugar Bowl Dickinson Estate. 

171. Plate Same. 

172. Plate Same. 

173. Bowl. 

175. Dish Dickinson Estate. 

176. Jar. 

177. Oil Bottle Geo. Sheldon, 

178. Plate Dickinson Estate. 

179. Pepper Box Same. 

180. Strainer Same. 

181. Tea CaddY Mrs. E. M. Potter, Greenfield. 

182. Tea Caddy Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

183. Tea Caddy Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

184. Pair Glass Lamps Mrs. F. D. Boyden. 

185. Glass Lamp Samuel Willard. 

186. Brittania Teapot Mrs. E. M. Potter, Greenfield.- 

187. Brittania Teapot Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

18S. Brittania Castor Geo. Sheldon. 

189. Earthen Teapot, Glazed Geo. Sheldon. 

190. Earthen Teapot, Glazed Same. 

191. Pocket Flask Mrs. C. W. Hoyt.- 

192. Black Bottle Geo. Sheldon. 

Used in the Sheldon family exclusively for Jamaica Rum. 

193. Glass Bottle Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

194. Glass Bottle Same. 

195. Glass Bottle Same. 

198. Glass Bottle Same. 


200. Glass Bottle Same. 

196. Glass Bottle Jonathan Johnson, Greenfield. 

197. Glass Bottle Alfred Cobb. 

199. Glass Bottle Geo. W. Marks, Greenfield. 

201. Rushes Mrs. Wm. Pevere. 

For scouring pewter. 

202. Spice Grater Geo. Sheldon. 

203. Wooden Dipper W. O. Taylor, Shelburne Falls. 

204. Ancient Coffee Pot Israel W. Billings. 

205. Coffee Pot, Iron Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

206. Coffee Pot, Tin Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

207. Coffee Pot Miss Abby Barnard. 

20S. Candlestick Mrs. Elvira Richards, Northfield. 

209. Round Tea Tray. 

210. Tea Tray Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

211. Clock Geo. Sheldon. 

Old family kitchen. 

212. Cradle Geo. Sheldon. 

An old heir-loom. 

213. Cradle Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

In which five generations of Nims' have been reared, 

214. Rack of Knives, etc Dickinson Estate. 

Arranged by N. Hitchcock. 

215. Spice Mill. 

216. Warming Pan Mrs. Esther Crittenden, Shelburne. 

217. Frying Pan Lotta Ward. 

Used by her Mother and Grandmother Stebbens. Worn out in use 

and mended. 

218. Round Dining Table Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

From the Old Indian House. 

219. Wooden Chair Mrs. G. E. Adams, Greenfield. 

220. Kitchen Turn-up Bed Geo. Sheldon. 

Occupied by his father and mother in their early married life. 

220,'4. Bed Curtains Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

221. Goose Basket Mrs. G. E. Adams, Greenfield. 

222. Oval Keeler Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

223. Shell Shaped Basket Edwin Barrett, Belchertown. 

Known to be more than 150 years old. 

224. Chair Mrs. Elvira Richards, Northfield. 

225. Chair, Rush-bottomed Dickinson Estate. 

226. Willow Basket Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

227. Bed Wrench J. H. Smead, Greenfield. 

228. Foot Stove with Ash Pan Geo. Sheldon. 

229. Chafing Dish F. M. Thompson, Greenfield. 

230. Pepper Mill Rodney B. Field. Guilford, Vt. 

Part of the marriage outfit of Hepzibah Dickinson, who married 

Elihu Field, Dec. 30, 1774. 


231. Kneading Bowl Col. R. H. Leavitt, Charlemont. 

Used by his grandmother. 

231)^. Pepper and Spice Mill Mrs. Dr. David Rice, Leverett. 

232. Family Goose Iron Joseph Robbins. 

233. Polishing Iron with Core Miss M. M. Luey, Shelburne. 

100 years old. 

234. Dark Lantern Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

235. Tailor's Goose M. R. Pierce, Greenfield. 

236. Foot Stove Mrs. Lucy D. Shearer, Colrain. 

237. Foot Cushion Rev, R. Crawford. 

To be filled with hot water. 

238. Kitchen Table Mrs. Harriette C. Rice, Leverett. 

239. Rocking Chair Geo. Sheldon. 

240. Combined Lantern and Foot Stove Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

241. Chafing Dish A. R. Brainard, Greenfield. 

242. Apple Pie Plate Dea. P, Field, Charlemont. 

243. Wooden Bread Bowl S. T. Grout. 

244. Toasting Iron Willie D. Monnier, Greenfield. 

245. Stove S. T. Grout. 

246. Mirror. 

247. Shingle Looking Glass Mrs. F. W. Stebbins. 

247^. Wooden Soap Dish Mrs. J. E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Dr. Bull's. 

248. Scouring Board Marshall S. Stearns, Northfield. 

249. Boot Jack Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

250. Stone Jar Joseph Robbins. 

251. Earthen Jar Mrs. Calista Hitchcock. 

252. Earthen Jar Mrs. Horace A. Smead, Greenfield. 

253. Lily Chest Henry Shepherd, Montague. 

254. Split Birch Broom Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

Made by himself. 

255. Tobacco Pipe Box Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

Used in the Old Indian House, when a tavern. 

256. Mortar and Pestle Same. 

From the Old Indian House. 

2s6}4- Mortar. 

257. Spice Mortar Mrs. L. L. Boyden, Conway. 

258. Table M. J. Kenny, Bernardston. 

258>^. Spice Mortar Mrs. David Rice, Leverett. 

The link between mortar and mill. 

259. Sheep Shears Geo. Sheldon. 

259"^. SnuflFMill Mrs. Emma A. Henry, Rowe. 

Used for making snufF for generations in the Amidon family.- 
Modelled after one brought from Ireland by the McCorelis family of 

260. Bread Bowl S. T. Grout. 

261. Toasting Iron. 


257>^- Mortar and Pestle George H. Williams. 

Made by Israel Washburn of Georgia, Vt. Used by his daughter 
Susannah, grandmother of the donor. 

262. Tobacco Box Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

Used by Thomas Bardwell, 1691 — 1781, and John Bardwell, 1735 — 


263. Toasting Iron Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

264. Rolling Pin Same. 

Turned in a wooden lathe in 1804, by the husband of " Meen Cook." 

They lived partly underground, in the " Commonwealth," so called, in 

265. Gourd Dipper Elisha Stratton, Northfield. 

266. Wooden Churn Dickinson Estate. 

267. Piggin Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

Old Indian House. The primitive dipper of England. 

268. Wooden Dipper Geo. Sheldon. 

269. Dash Churn Same 

Used in Sheldon family. 

270. Gridiron Broiler Joseph Robbins. 

271. Candle Rods Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

272. Candle Moulds Geo. Sheldon. 

273. Wooden Bread Peel Mrs. L. D. Shearer, Colrain. 

Belonged to her great-grandmother, Sarah Catlin, married in 1761. 

274. Waffle Irons F. M. Thompson, Greenfield, 

275. Dash Churn Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

276. Tin Churn Mrs. Nancy Comins. North Hadley. 

277. Sausage StufTer Miss F. H. Wilson. 

278. Revolving Churn McClellan Brothers. 

The first succeeding the straight dash churns. 

279. Cheese Press Same. 

280. Toasting Iron Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

281. Toasting Iron • Joseph Robbins. 

282. Tin Toast Dish Alanson Hubbard, Sunderland. 

283. Toasting Iron. 

284. Cheese Hoops S. T. Grout. 

285. Tin Toast Dish Mrs. Julia B. Wright, Montague. 

Her mother's, see No. 116. 

286. Churn Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

291. Cheese Basket. Joseph Robbins. 

293. Four Cheese Hoops McClellan Brothers. 

294. Cheese Tub Same. 

295. Wooden Pail Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

In constant use for more than 70 years. 

297. Gin Case Sam'l Willard. 

298. Rushes Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

For cleaning pewter. 

299. Pewter Quart Basin F. D. Boyden. 


300. Pewter Pint Basin Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

301. Pewter Quart Basin Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

302. Five Pewter Plates Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

303. Pewter Plate Geo. Sheldon. 

303 >^. Pewter Plate Mrs. Alden, Wendell. 

Preserved in the Alden family, said to have come in the Mayflower. 

304. Six Quart Pewter Basin Miss A. Barnard and Mrs. H. Jenks. 

Brought from Canada in 1812, by William Barnard, their father. 

Used in the family for a milk pan. 

305. Pewter Plate Mrs. Sarah Narbonne, Salem. 

It belonged to her grandmother, Mary Gardner, daughter of Jona- 
than, born 1739, who married Jonathan Andrews. 

306. Pewter Plate. Geo. Sheldon. 

307. Pewter Plate. 

308. Pewter Plate Ward Familj'. 

309. Pewter Plate Same. 

310. Pair Pewter Plates Mrs. L. D. Shearer, Colrain. 

311. Pint Basin Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

312. Pewter Platter Mary T. Stratton, Northfield. 

Belonged to " Kiah " and "Moll" Stratton, more than 150 years ago_ 

313. Platter Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

314. Platter. 

315. Platter Mrs. Hannah Jenks. 

316. Dresser D. L. Mansfield and Myron Dutton, Dummerston, Vt. 

Belonged to Enos Cook, who settled in Dummerston in 1770. 

317. Large Platter F. D. Boyden. 

318. Large Platter . Charles Sturtevant and Geo. Sheldon. 

320. Large Stone Jar Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

321. Small Stone Jar Same. 

322. Cream Pitcher Mrs. Julia B. Wright, Montague. 

Part of the marriage outfit of Dr. George Wright, in 1825. 

323. Wooden Castor Same. 

Her mother's. See No. 17. 

324. Tin Spice Box Same. 

325. Wooden Candle Box Same. 

Used for storing her year's supply of candles. 

326. Chair Alfred Cobb. 

327. Chair Quintus Allen, Greenfield. 

328. Arm Chair Alanson Hubbard, Sunderland. 

Belonged to his great-grandfather. 

329. Settle Jasper L. Gale, Warwick. 

Owned by Jacob Rich, who settled in Warwick before 1777. Great- 
grandfather of the donor. 

330 Bracket Candlestick Dr. George Bull, Shelburne. 

Made by his great-grandfather, J. P. Bull of Deerfield. Evidently 
the ancestor of gas brackets and student lamps. 
331. Light Stand Mrs. Ashton Carter, Charlemont. 


332. Snuflfer Tray Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

333. Snuffers Same. 

334. Extinguisher Geo. Sheldon. 

335. Snuffer Tray Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

335>^- Snuffers Same. 

336. Settle Hon. Alfred R. Goodrich, Vernon, Conn. 

Known to be over 100 years old in 1880. 

337. Rocking Chair S. T. Grout. 

338. Beaver Hat Dickinson Estate. 

Uncle " Sid" Dickinson's. 

339. Water Gourd Mrs. D. C. Kimball, Leverett. 

Over 100 years old. 

340. Water Gourd : . . Mrs. Nancy A. Chapin, Gill. 

341. Tin Candle Lantern Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

342. Dried Peppers Mrs. Edward Wells. 

Old style of hanging on kitchen pole. 

343. Dried Pumpkin J. B. Saxton. 

Old style or drying. 

345. Child's Chair Misses E. & F. Hinsdale, Bemardston. 

Very old. 

346. Candlestand Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Belonged to Miss Lucy Carter, mother of the donor. 

The Indian Room, 

As its name implies, contains the exclusively Indian relics, 
warlike and peaceful, ancient and modern. 

The venerable, tangible door, which was saved from the 
Old Indian House, and such other reminders of the great con- 
flagration and the assault in 1704, as have been preserved, form 
mute but eloquent mementoes of that direful night. 

The attention of those interested in aboriginal history is 
especially called to the extensive and interesting collection of 
stone implements, weapons, ornaments, etc., of the most varied 
character, representing nearly all phases of Indian life, and 
embracing already more than five thousand specimens. 

In addition to the sj)ecimens numbered and catalogued there 
are a large number, contributed by man}" people, which it has 
been impracticable to identify. 

1. Door of Old Indian House Trustees of the Door. 

Built during the closing }^ears of the 17th Century, b}^ Ensign John 
Sheldon. This house went through the conflagration in 1704. It was 
taken down in 1849, ^^^ after some 3'ears the door was purchased by 
D. D. Slade, M. D., of Chestnut Hill, Boston. At the request of the 
citizens of Deerfield he relinquished it, and the celebration of its return 
was held here, March 2, 1868. It was placed under control of Trus- 
tees, and in its case (No. 150), stood in the hall of the Pocomtuck 
Hotel here, was saved at the burning of that building, and finall)' de- 
posited in Memorial Hall. The hole, chopped through by the Indians 
in their assault, still shows the jagged cuts, and bruises, now as then. 

2. Horse-shoe Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

Once hung as a talisman over the inner casing of the front door of 
the Old Indian House, when it was built, 1690 — 1700. 

3. Door Posts Same. 

From the Old Indian House. 

4. Extract from a Poem by J. D. Canning at the celebration of 

the return of the door. Mar. 2, 1868 S. R. Phillips, Springfield. 

5. Buffalo Horn Knife Hon. F. M. Thompson, Greenfield, 

Sioux Indians. Procured of them and brought home by the donor. 
Sj4. Picture of the Old Indian House Mrs. C. W. Hoyt, 

6. Wooden Brackets from Old Indian House Same. 

Which supported an upper projecting story, 


7, Stone Hatchet, commonly called Tomahawk, 

Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 
"8. Modern Indian Arrows. Same as No. 5, F. M. Thompson, Greenfield. 

9, Barrel of an Old Musket Chas. D. Lyons, Greenfield. 

Washed out at Smead's Island, in Connecticut river during the 
great flood of 1869, about a mile below the Turners Falls Battlefield. 

10. Dutch Trade Axe L. M. Wise. 

Made in Utrecht, Holland, for trade with the Indians, fished up 
from the bed of Deerfield river, 1879. Most of this type are found 
on or near the donor's farm in West Deerfield, where the Indians 
camped the night before the attack Feb. 29, 1704, or on the line of 
their retreat from the town. 

11. Birch Bark Powder Magazine William Guinan, Greenfield. 

Used by Col. John Hawks, 1704 — 1786. 

12. Powder Horn Geo. Sheldon. 

13. Charger Same. 

14. Powder Horn Same. 

15. Carbine Barrel Master George B. Parks. 

Dug up on Smead's Island by donor. 

16. Stone Hatchet N. Hitchcock. 

Similar to No. 7. 

17. Snake Skin Covered Bow F. M. Thompson, Greenfield. 

Sioux Indians. Same as No. 5. 

18. Wooden Latch Catch Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

From Old Indian House. 

18^. Old Pocket Book Mrs. E. L. Burke, Bernardston. 

Carried through the French and Indian War by Maj. John Burke. 

19. Powder Horn Hart Phillips, Hoosick, N. Y. 

Carved with various emblems, and inscribed " The property of Solo- 
mon Searle, may it always be kept in memory of Elisha Searle and 
the ' Deerfield Battle.' " It was carried by Eben Searle in the Mead- 
ow Fight Feb. 29, 1704, and later by Elisha Searle, the captive of 1723. 
Solomon Searle carried it at the Battle of Bennington, Aug. 16, 1777, 
and by him left with Charles White of Bennington, and later of Hoos- 
ick, from whom it was obtained by the donor. 

20. The Bullet Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

Which killed Hannah Sheldon, Feb. 29, 1704. " The Indians chop- 
ped a hole through the door and firing through it killed Mrs. Sheldon, 
just rising from her bed in an adjoining room." 

21. Oak Chest Mrs. Mary (Wright) Davis, Somers, Conn. 

This chest went through the conflagration of 1704, in the house of Da- 
vid Hoyt. It came down through Mary Hoyt, who married Judah 

22 to 29. Relics from an Indian grave dug up in home lot of George 

22. Clay Vessel of very rare type in New England Geo. Sheldon. 

24. Shell Discs Same. 


25. Shell Ornaments Same. 

26. Wampum Same. 

27. Bone Implement Same. 

28. Beads Same. 

28 j^. Large Earthen Beads Same. 

29. Amulet from an Indian Child's Grave Same. 

23. Bottom of a large Brass Kettle. ... Luke Wright. 

Melted down in the fire of Feb. 29, 1704. 

30. Bracket Mrs. C. W. Hoyt . 

Similar to No. 6. 

31. Indian Iron Axe N. Hitchcock. 

32. Mattock Birnie W. Snow, Colrain. 

Found on the site of Old Fort Lucas, Colrain, opposite residence 
of R. W. Snow. 

33. The Old Indian House Col. T. W. Ripley, Greenfield. 

An oil painting. 

34. Iron Axe John Trask. 

35. Photograph, Old Indian House, Fisher A. Foster, Washington, D. C. 

36. Print of Old Indian House Oren Wiley, Greenfield. 

37. Iron Axe. 

38. Old Knife Henry Handforth, Greenfield . 

Found where the Deerfield captives camped the night of Feb. 29, 

39. Autograph Letter Geo. Sheldon. 

John Sheldon. Dated at Quebec, April 2, 1706, when on first visit 
to redeem captives. 

40. Autogniph Orders to Constable of Deerfield Same. 

To impress men, horses and provisions on Her Majesty's service, 
Hatfield, Sept. 25, 1706; Sam'l Partridge, Lt. Col. Endorsed, Deer- 
field, Oct. loth, 1706. Pursuant to the within order John Sheldon, 
Constable, hath impressed Pork and other things by my order and di- 
rection. John Stoddard, Capt. 

41. Small Iron Hatchet Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

42. Photograph of Indian Deed Dr. Edward Hitchcock, Amherst. 

Aug. 26, 1672. From Mashalish, mother of Wuttawaluncksin of 
the land between the Pemiwachuatunk and the Quinnecticut River, 
extending from Mantahelant to Wequamps, unto John Pynchon of 

43. Iron Hatchet Franklin Arms, Conway. 

44. Autograph Order Geo. Sheldon. 

Similar tenor to No. 49. Dated Hatfield, June 2!, 1706. 

45. Summons of Witnesses Same. 

To Constable of Deerfield. Dated Hatfield, Dec. 18, 1693. Samuel 
Partridge, Justice of the Peace. 

46. Receipt to Dea. " Shelding " (John Sheldon) Geo. Sheldon. 

For public money. Samuel Partridge. Hatfield, Jan. 21, 1705. 
Reverse — Order to Constable of Deerfield or Hatfield, to impress on 


Her Majesty's service for Mr. Samuel Stebbins, 3 men, with 6 pounds 
of pork apiece for their sustenance. Scouting. Sam'l Partridge, Lt. 

48. Autograph Letter Geo. Sheldon. 

From Hannah Sheldon, June 12, 1705, from Springfield. She was 
daughter of Japhet Chapin of Springfield ; married to John Sheldon, 
Jr. When the house was attacked she jumped from a chamber win- 
dow, and was captured and carried to Canada. She was one of the 
first captives redeemed, and this letter was written from Springfield 
on her return from Canada, via. Boston. 

60. Model of Indian Birch Bark Canoe * 

Presented to the Deerfield Academy Museum in 1800, by Gov. 
James Sullivan. 

61. Snow Shoes Geo. Sheldon. 

Probably worn by Ensign John Sheldon in his journey to Canada, 
to redeem his children and other captives. 

62. Indian Moccasins* John Williams. 

65. Indian Moccasins Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

69. Dutch Trade Axe L.M.Wise. 

Ploughed up on donor's farm in 1S79, sinilar to No. 10. 

70. Photograph of Old Indian House Mrs. E. H. Huntington, 

Cleveland, O. 

71. Photograph of Old Indian House J H. Fisher, Sunderland. 

72. Iron Axe, English make Rev. L. S. Crawford, Topsfield. 

73. Painting, Old Indian House Mrs. L. W. Eels. 

74. Fragment of Iron Axe R. W. Amidon, M. D., N. Y. City. 

74>2 • Crossing the Plains Mrs. D. Kimball, Leverett. 

100. Campaign Undress Shirt W. O. Taylor, Shelburne. 

Worn by Gen. Custer on his last campaign in the Black Hills. 
Given after his death by Mrs. Custer, to an orderly, from whom it was 
procured by the donor, 
loi. Bone, from scene of Gen. Custer's Massacre, J. H. Reed, Marion, O. 

105. Map of Franklin County J. H. Sears, Charlemont. 

Showing location of Indian tribes and villages; prepared b}' the 

donor under guidance of Dea. P. Field and Jona. Johnson. 

106. Snow-Shoes Luther Dustin, Brattleboro. 

107. Birch-bark, used for Indian Canoes. 

108. Cast of Indian Pottery Dr. Edward Hitchcock, Amherst. 

109. Cast of Indian Pottery Same. 

no. Photographs of Modern Indians, 

Mrs. W. G. Chamberlain, Denver, Col. 
Frames from Dwight Holden, Greenfield. 

115. Sketch of the Old Indian House Rev. E. Buckingham. 

Drawing by the donor. 

116. Window Casing and Sash Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

From Old Indian House. 


120. Photograph of Plenry Childs of Buffalo, N. Y. 

Mrs. E. H. Childs, Buffalo, N. Y. 

121 to 124. Arrow Points, James Smith, Whately. 

Gathered and framed by donor, 

125. Arrow Points Same. 

Made by donor. 

126. Arrow and Spear Points, framed W. O. Taylor, Shelburne. 

130. Modern Indians Same donors as no. 

131. Curiously Carved Powder Horn. C. H. Tjder, Greenfield. 

132. Old Trunk for Papers Chas. D. Billings, Hatfield. 

Israel Williams', during French and Indian War. 

135. Modern Indians. Same as No. no. 

140. Powder Horn Mrs. D. C. Kimball, Leverett. 

Carved with maps of Hudson and St. Lawrence rivers, locations 

forts, etc. 

141. Powder Horn Jonathan H. Smead Greenfield. 

Made by Jonathan Smead, at Crown Point, 1760. 

145. Wooden Bottle Dennis Dickinson, Whately. 

Made by Benj. Munn, from the old Cedar stockade used in fortify- 
ing Deerfield in 1704, for Gideon Dickinson of Whately. 

146. Fire Stones 

Heated by the Indians, and plunged into the water to seethe their 
raw meat. 

150. Case made for the Indian Door, Trustees of the Door. 

151. Indian Moccasins ... N. Hitchcock. 

152. Quiver and Arrows. Same as No. 5..F. M. Thompson, Greenfield- 
From Black Hills. 

153. Moccasins W. O. Taylor. 

Sioux warrior, 1876. 

154. Knife Case, F. M. Thompson, Greenfield. 

Sioux Warrior, 1876. Same as No. 5. 

155. Ornamental Skin * 

Used by Indian Medicine men in incantations. 

156. The Shirt worn by Samuel Allen * 

When he was killed at the " Bars," Aug. 25, 1746. From his chil- 

157. Indian Tobacco Pouch. 

158. Leggins F. M. Thompson, Greenfield. 

Highly ornamented with beads. Same as No. 5. 

1 58^. Line, with Collar lined with Hedgehog Points * 

Used by Indians to lead their captives in triumph, brought from 
Canada and lost by Indians at the Bars fight, 1746. 

159. Indian Knapsack or Parflesh F. M. Thompson, Greenfield. 

160. Indian Knapsack or Parflesh. Same as No. 5 Same. 

162. Belt of Wampum * 

161. Indian Hemp Alfred Cobb. 

In the various stages of preparation. Grown on donor's farm, and 

prepared by him. 


175. Indian Skeleton Henry Day, Nortlifield. 

Buried in a sitting posture, face turned to the rising sun. 

176. Parts of Three Indian Skeletons Sanderson, Gill. 

Found on the bank of the Connecticut river, at Gill. 

Case B. 

1. Stone Indian Axe Geo. Sheldon. 

2. " " Miss Carry W. Bartlett. 

3. " " Pliny D. Martindale, Greenfield. 

4. '" " Geo. Sheldon. 

5. " '* Joseph N. Fuller. 

^ 6 " " Frank L. Nash, Greenfield. 

7. " " Hiram Upton, Charlemont. 

8. '* " CM. Moody, Greeefield. 

9. " " Henry Briggs, Greenfield. 

10. " " Lewis Brown. 

11. " " .... Edward A. Hawks. 

12. ', " Alonzo Childs. 

13. " " Geo. Sheldon. 

14. " " ....... George H. Williams. 

15. " " John Trask. 

16. " " Geo. Sheldon. 

17. " " Same. 

18. " " Stephen B. Hale. 

rg. " " R. A. Graves, Sunderland. 

20. " " Lj'man Gilbert, Northfield. 

21. " " Miss Carry W. Bartlett. 

22. Bullets and Gun Lock Dr.E. Hitchcock, Amherst. 

Found on Benoni Stebbins' lot. 

23. Bullet Hon. Joseph White, Williamstown. 

Fired by an Indian; which killed Phinehas Arms at Charle- 
mont, June II, 1755, with nails from his coffin. 

24. Indian Stone Axe James Smith, Whately. 

25. " " John Fitzgerald. 

26. " " Geo. Sheldon. 

27. " " Mrs. Nancy D. Campbell. 

28. " " Alfred Cobb, 

29. " " Warren Bardwell, Montague. 

30. " " Henry Shepherd, Montague. 

31. " " J. N. Fuller. 

32. Stone Axe A. W. Bartlett. 

33. " Arthur J. Hawks. 

34. " Arthur Hutchings. 

35. " Charles Stebbins. 

36. " Geo. Sheldon. 

37- " Same. 

38. " Same. 





























Stone Ax« Same. 

'• John Sheldon, Greenfield, 

" John H. Stebblns. 

" ... N. Hitchcock. 

" F. L. Nash, Greenfield, 

** Geo, H. Williams, 

" Geo. Sheldon. 


John Sheldon, Greenfield, 

Geo. Sheldon. 



Stone Chisel or Celt Jos. A. Baldwin. 

J. B. Hitchcock, 

N. Hitchcock. 

J, N. Fuller. 

Rev. L. S. Crawford, Topsfield. 

R. W. Amidon. New York City. 

Geo. Sheldon, 

, Same. 

Arthur H utchins. 

Albert Smith, Gill. 

C. Temple Lyons, Greenfield. 

Edward Barney. 

Geo. Sheldon. 

Mrs. D, Rice, Leverett, 

Geo. Sheldon. 

Lyman Gilbert, Northfield, 

. Harry Wood. 

" Flotsam and Jetsam " S. L. Frey, Palatine Bridge, N. Y, 

From Indian village in Montgomery Co., N. Y. 

Fragments of Pottery Same. 

Indian Stone Gouge R. W. Amidon, New York City. 

Geo. H. Williams. 

James Smith, Whately. 

Nathan Cobb. 

from Indian grave in Brewster, Cape Cod, 

Mrs. S. S. Taylor, South Wellfleet. 

James Smith, Whately. 

from Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, 

Geo. Sheldon. 

Warren Bardwell, Montague. 

J. H. Fuller. 

C. Temple Lyons, Greenfield. 

V. M. Howard. 

Rev. E. Buckingham. 

Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 


87. Indian Stone Gouge Frank Brigham. 

88. " " James Smith, Whately. 

8g. " " . Charles Stebbins. 

go. " " Simeon A. Field, Northfield. 

gi. " " Chas. T. Nims, Greenfield. 

g2. ■' " Mrs. Nelson Purple, Northfield. 

93. Fragments from an Indian Grave Geo. Sheldon. 

On site of N. H. & N. R. R. Depot, Deerfield. 

94. Gouge Mrs. Electa Squires, Sunderland. 

g5, " E. A. Hawks. 

g6. " Eli Barrows, Sunderland. 

g6 1^. " A. W. Snow, Colrain. 

gy. " Zeri Smith. 

gS. " Horace A. Smead, Greenfield. 

gg. Unique Gouge made from Bone F. L. Nash, Greenfield. 

100. Gouge. 

loi. " ...Chas. E.Williams. 

Case C. 

1. Collection of Relics Dr. A. N. Brockway, New York, 

Implements and Weapons from various sections of the country. 

1)4. Axe Same. 

Of the " Drift " Period, found at St. Achuel, in the valley of the 
Somme, France. 

2. Rubbing Stone, Geo. Sheldon. 

Found at Matahelant. 

3. Porphyry Same. 

Found at Indian Wigwam. 

4 to 7. Implements of unknown use Same. 

8. Arrow Points, from Ohio C. H. Ward, Buckland. 

g. Hatchet Lemuel Childs. 

JO. " G. A. Sheldon, Greenfield. 

11. Axe Same. 

12. Unfinished Weapon Geo. Sheldon. 



14. " " J. N. Fuller. 


16. Skinner Mrs. H. C. Rice, Leverett. 

17. " James Smith, Whately. 

18. " Mrs. H. C. Rice, Leverett. 

ig. " Helen M. Ray. 

20. " John Sheldon, Greenfield. 

21. " Otis Ma)', Conway. 

22. " Geo. H. Williams. 


.J. N. Fuller. 

24. " Stephen Belden, Whately. 

25. " L. Severance, Shelburne- 


30 to 35. Unfinished Weapons R. W. Amidon, New York. 

36. Club Heads Geo. Sheldon. 

50. Corn Mills Mrs. Nancy D. Campbell. 

51. " Geo. H. Williams. 

52. " * 

53. ■ " Geo. Sheldon. 

54. " Same. 

55. Mill Stone. 

56. Corn Crusher W. O. Taylor, Shelburne Falls. 

Brought by donor from Fort Lincoln, Dakota. 

57. Grinding Stone Geo. Sheldon. 

58. " " F. L. Nash, Greenfield. 

lor. Unfinished Weapon Geo. Sheldon. 

102, Petrified Turtle Geo. H. Williams. 

103. Unknown Implement Geo. Sheldon. 

104 to 1 14. Unfinished Weapons Same. 

115. War Club* Thomas Dwight, Springfield. 

116. " Chas. Barber, Winchester, N. H. 

117. " Cast of a Stone found in Boston Harbor, 

N. Vicary, Lynn. 

118. " L. L. Luey, Greenfield . 

119. " A. W. Root. 

120. " Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

121. " Geo. Sheldon. 

122. " Same. 

123. " John Fitzgerald. 

124. Indian Hoe Geo.^H. Williams. 

125. Nut Cracker James Smith, Whately. 

127. Weapon Stephen B.Hale. 

126. Unfinished Weapon J. N. 'Fuller. 

128. Unknown Implement Lyman Gilbert, Northfield. 

129. " " Geo. Sheldon. 

130. " " Jonathan Johnson, Greenfield. 

131 to 134. Unknown Implements Geo. Sheldon. 

Case D. 

1. Mortar and Pestle Samuel Dumble, Marion, O. 

Taken from grave of a Cheyenne Chief's daughter, 190 miles 
north of Fort Laramie. 

2. Indian Maul Same. 

3. Indian Skull ... J. H. Reed, Marion, O. 

From a mound at Cochocton, O. Presented to Mr. Reed by 
Prof. E. E. Henr}^ 

4. a, Club Head, h. Hammer. c, Flesher. d. Totem, e. Rare 

shaped Stone Hatchet Marion, O. 

5. Weapons and Arrow Points, A. C. Concklin, M. D., Delaware, O. 

6. Axe, made of " niggerhead," . . . .Thomas Thompson, Marion, O. 


7. Gorget, Same as No. 4. 

10. Skull, Jaw Bone, Pottery Dr. R. C. Bowditch, Big- Island, O, 

From Indian grave, 12 feet below surface. 

11. Thigh Bone Geo. Crawford, Marion, O. 

From human being, at least eight feet high. Found in Marion 
Co., O. 

12. Part of a Mastodon's Rib Dr. G. F. Harding, Marion, O. 

Found three miles north of Caledonia, Marion Co., O. 

13. Bones. Same as Nos. 10 and 11. 

14. Fragments taken from Mound in Troy, Delaware Co., O. where 

they were found by James S. Reed. 

15. The Same Geo. Sheldon. 

16. Petrified Snake James H. Reed, Marion, O. 

From the " Bad Lands," Dakota. 
18. Petrified Snake Mrs Olive Clelland, Marion, O. 

From the " Bad Lands," Dakota, 
ry. Petrifaction James H. Reed, Marion, O. 

From the " Bad Lands," Dakota. 

25. Petrified Wood from the Black Hills Same. 

26. Petrifaction " " Same. 

27. " " " Same. 

27)^. " " " Same. 

23. Copper Ore, from Wj'oming Ter. Same. 

29. Silver Ore from Colorado Same. 

30. Moss Agates Mrs. J. H. Reed, Marion, O. 

From summit of Rocky Mountains. 

31. Rattlesnake's Rattle J. H. Reed, Marion, O. 

32. Arrow Points Same. 

35. Stone Axe, from Ohio Jas. M. Crafts, Whately. 

36. Pottery, from Florida T. P. Wallace, Marion, O. 

37. Spear and Arrow Points W. S. Cunningham, Marion, O. 

38. Revolving Arrow Points .Same. 

3g. Saw Edged Arrow Points Same. 

40. Flint Flake M. V. Payne, Marion, O. 

From spot where Col. William Crawford was burned by the In- 
dians, in 1782. 

41. Pipe Hatchet Samuel Dumble, Marion, O. 

Of the same pattern as that carried by Red Jacket. Found in 
1819, under a ledge of rocks, in the Rapids at Blenderhasset 
Island, by a civil engineer, who gave it to a Mr. Eliot, at 
Washington, from whom the donor had it. 

42. Pipe A. F. Wainwright, New York City. 

From a Captive Pawnee Chief, near Omaha. 

43. Photograph ... Daniel De Pue, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Tecumseh's Pipe. See Label. 

44. Pipe and Spear Head Frank H. Rice, Greenfield. 

45. Pipe, from Black Hills Same. 











Grinding Stone. 

Pipe of Soapstone Mrs. II. C. Rice, Leverett. 

Pipe, (Fragments) J. B. Hitchcock. 

Pipe, (Fragments) Brooks, Brattleboro, Vt. 

From Indian grave near Fort Dummer, 

Stone Pot Jona. Johnson, Greenfield. 

Relics from Indian Grave T. M. Stoughton, Gill. 

These relics were found in a group of graves, in a high point of 
land on the donor's farm, about half a mile north of Turners 
Falls, in 1882. The bodies, twelve in number, were buried 
with their feet resting on a circle five feet in diameter, the 
heads radiating out like the spokes of a wheel. No other in- 
stance of this mode of burial has been found in New England. 
Indian Hammers. 

" N.Hitchcock. 

" Geo. Sheldon. 

" Same. 

" James Smith, Whately. 

" Albert Stebbins. 

Turners Fall Battle Ground, Albert Smith, Gill. 

" .... Geo. Sheldon. 

" Geo. H. Williams. 

" James Smith, Whately. 

" Geo. Sheldon. 

... Same. 

" Muckcock " of Maple Sugar 

Mrs. M. A. Huntoon, Red Lake, Mich. 
Made by Squaws, Red Lake, Mich. 

Indian Awls Sundry Donors. 

Skin Rubbers Same. 

Knives Same. 

Prayer Sticks Miss C. Alice Baker, Cambridge, 

Used in their devotions by the Zuni Indians, given to the donor 
by Frank H. Gushing, in 1882. 
Indian Knives, Scrapers, &c Rev. L. S. Crawford, Topsfield. 

" Geo. H. Williams. 

" " S. N. Brooks, Chicago. 

Charles D. Billings, Hatfield. 

" " James Smith, Whately. 

" E. Graves, Ashfield. 

S. L. Pratt, Northfield. 

Geo. Sheldon, 

Case E. The Johnson Collection. 

The contents of these cases, collected by Jonathan Johnson of Green- 


field, were bought and presented to the Pocomtuck Valley Memorial 
Association by Henry Childs, Esq., of Buffalo, N, Y. They com- 
prise many rare and interesting relics of the Indians of this valley. 

Mr. Johnhon, desiring this disposition of his collection had refused 
a much larger offer from another institution, and for his sacrifice was 

made a Life Councillor of this Association, Feb. 24, 1880. It con- 
tains more than one thousand specimens of Indian handiwork. 

Case F. 

1. Indian Pestle Henry Stratton, Northfield. 

2. " " Frank Brigham. 

3. " " Pliny D. Martindale, Greenfield. 

4. " " Charles Nims, Greenfield 

5. " " Lyman Gilbert, Northfield. 

6. " " Frizzell Brothers, Bernardston. 

7. " " Mrs. E. M. Potter, Greenfield. 

8. " " P. D. Martindale, Greenfield. 

g. " " Wendell. 

10. " " J. D. Canning, Gill. 

11. " " Lyman Gilbert, Northfield. 

12. " " W. A. Horton, Hinsdale, N. H. 

13. " Alexis Jones. 

14. " " Mrs. E. M. Potter, Greenfield. 

15. " " Adams, Leverett. 



18. " " R. W. Amidon, New York. 

19. " " Geo. Sheldon. 

20. " " Chas. D. Lyons, Greenfield. 

21. *' " A. W. Root. 

22. " " Dr. Joseph Beals, Greenfield. 

23. " " N. Hitchcock. 

24. " " Lyman Gilbert, Northfield. 

25. *' " Mrs. N. D. Campbell. 

26. " " Mrs. H. C. Rice, Leverett. 

27. " " Henry Handforth, Greenfield. 

28. " " Lyman Gilbert, Northfield. 

2g. " " Geo. Sheldon. 

30. " " John Robinson, Sunderland. 

31. " " Edward Barney. 

32. " " Mrs. Nelson Purple, Northfield. 

33. " " Chas. E. Williams. 

34. " " Geo. H. Williams. 

35- " " Same. 

36. " " Mrs. Mary Taft, Sunderland. 

37. " " N. Hitchcock. 

38. " " Same. 


39. Indian Pestle Sanae. 

40. " " Lyman Gilbert, Northfield. 

43. " " N.Hitchcock. 

44. " " Henr}' Stratton, Northfield. 


46. " " David Sheldon. 


48. " " Lyman Gilbert, Northfield . 

49. " " Mrs. Electa Squires, Sunderland. 

50. " " W. O. Taylor, Shelburne Falls. 

51. " " Rev. L. S. Crawford, Topsfield. 

52. " " John Fitzgerald. 


100. Pocomtuck Potter}', fragments N. Hitchcock. 

loi. " " " Geo. Sheldon. 

102. " " " N.Hitchcock. 

103. Pottery, from Georgia Mrs. Oren Wiley, Greenfield. 

104. Pocomtuck Pottery N.Hitchcock. 

105. " " Same. 

106. " " Henry Wells, Shelburne. 

107. Bark N. Hitchcock. 

From an Indian grave, on home lot of Geo. Sheldon. 

108. Potter}', from Agawam J. Bedortha, West Springfield. 

109. Pottery. F. L. Nash, Greenfield. 

no. " J. Bedortha, West Springfield. 

111. " R. W. Amidon, New York. 

112. " Geo. Sheldon. 

113. Indian Teeth, from a grave Same. 

114. Indian Stone Beads, Grave near Chelsea N. Vicary, Lynn. 


116. Sinker Geo. Sheldon. 

For Nets, from IVlanomet Point. 

117. Sinker Same. 

Same as No. 116. 

118. Sinker Same. 

From Plymouth. 

119. Spinning Bob Same. 

From Plymouth. 

120. Amulet Geo. Sheldon. 

121. " James Smith, Whately. 

122. Indian Paint Pot N. Austin Smith, Sunderland. 

123. Gorget Mrs. H. C. Rice, Leverett. 

124. " A. M. Kingman. 

Found at Bloody Brook. 

125. Ornaments Nathan Cobb. 

126. Gorget of Amrusus Rev. Stephen Williams, Long Meadow.* 

The Indian husband of Eunice Williams, captured in 1704. 



127. Gorget Rev. L. S. Crawford, Topsfield. 

128. " James Smith, Whately. 

129. " R. W. Amidon, New York. 

130. Banner Stone or Mace James S. Bryant, Hartford. 

131. " " Moses S. Ward. 

132. *' " Mrs. Julia B. Wright, Montague. 

133. " " Warren Bardwell, Montague, 

134. " " , Chas. E, Williams. 

136. " " Lyman Gilbert, Northfield. 

137- Amulet '. Geo. Sheldon. 

Found in Conway. 

138. Indian Mace Jonathan Ashley. 

139. " unfinished Temple Lyons, Greenfield. 

140. " Same. 

141. " Geo. Sheldon. 

142. " Temple Lyons, Greenfield. 

143. Arrow Points James Smith, Whately. 

Made by himself ; and tools which he used in the process. 

145. Part contents of an Indian Grave. . . .J. H. Hollister, Greenfield. 

Petty's Plain. Copper foundation for an epaulette, pieces of 
pipe stems, buck shot and beads. 

148. Indian Paint. Geo. Sheldon. 

149. Stone worn by Dressing Bow Strings John Fitzgerald. 

150. " " " Same. 

151. " " " Geo. Sheldon. 

152. " " " .Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

153. Arrow Straightener Jona. Johnson, Greenfield. 

154. Unknown Implement John Sheldon, Greenfield. 

155. Knife A. M. Kingman. 

From ground of Bloody Brook Massacre, in 1675, dug up when 
digging a well, more than 100 years ago, about 1775. Of French 

146. Pendant Mrs. Julia B. Wright, Montague. 

156. Hand Diggers Same. 

157. " Harry Woods. 

158. Totem Geo. Sheldon. 

From Beers Battle Field. 

159. Totem Same. 

From Plymouth. 

160. Stone Scalping Knife E, Graves, Ashfield. 

161. " " Stephen S. Marvel, Leverett. 

162. " " Mrs. M. A. Williams. 

163. " " .... F. L. Nash, Greenfield. 

164. Piece of a Digger N. Hitchcock. 

165. Hand Digger Chas. D. Lyons, Greenfield. 

166. " N. Hitchcock. 

167. " H. M. Dickinson, California. 



i58. Hand Digger Geo, Sheldon. 

169. " Edward Barney. 

170. " J. B. Hitchcock. 

171. Pottery R. J. Rhome, Para, S. A. 

From Para, Brazil. Brought by J. W. Champney. 

172. Hand Digger R. W. Amidon, New York. 

173. " J. B. Hitchcock. 


175. " Chas. D. Lj'ons, Greenfield. 

176. Drinking Cup, Indian * 

177. Implement, Unknown Zeri Smith 

178. Hand Digger Nathan Cobb. 

179. Soap Stone Pottery or Aukook ... * 

Found at Rocky Mountain, in Deerfield, by John Williams. 

180. Pottery, fragments J. N. Fuller. 

I79>^- " " J.B.Hitchcock. 

183. Pendant Geo. H. Williams. 

184. Iron Camp Hook Chas. D. Lyons, Greenfield. 

Found on Smead's Island, with other implements. 

185. Connecticut Pottery James Smith, Whately. 

186. Hand Digger Mrs. Julia B. Wright, Montague. 

Case G. 

1. Indian Stone Knife Levi Boutwell, Leverett. 

2. " " Mrs. H. C. Rice, Leverett. 

5. " " James Smith, Whately. 

4. " " Edward A. Hawks. 

5. Spear Head H. C. Haskell. 

6. Knife Freeman Bowman. 

7. " Edward Barney, Jr. 

8. " John Robinson, Sunderland. 

9. ■' James Smith, Whately. 

10. " S. L. Pratt, Northfield. 

11. Spear or Arrow Points Patrick Dahill. 

12. " " Darwin T. Keyes, Conway. 

13- " " Mrs. H. C. Rice, Leverett. 

15. " " Mrs. D. C. Kimball, Leverett. 

16. " " Geo. H. Williams. 

17- " " J.B.Hitchcock. 

18. " " L.J.Smith. 

20. " " Warren Bardwell, Montague. 

21. " " Levi Boutwell, Leverett. 

22. " " E. Barney. 

23. " " Geo. Sheldon. 

24. " " Ohio Mrs. J. Y. Bergen. 

25. " " Warren Bardwell, Montague. 

26. " " Michael Whalen. 


27. Spear or Arrow Points James Smith, Whately. 

28. " " John Kane. 

30. " " Michael Whalen. 

31. " " Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

32. " " E. Barney, Jr. 

33. " " Nathan Cobb. 

34. " " Geo. Sheldon. 

35. •♦ " C. H. Ward, Buckland. 

40. " Fred. S. Wheeler, Whitehall, 111. 

41. " " E. A. Hawks. 

42. " " John Robinson, Sunderland. 

43. " '* Jonathan Ashley. 

44. " " Ohio Mrs. J. Y. Bergen. 

45. " " Rev. L. S. Crawford, Topsfield. 

46. " " D. C. Kimball, Leverett. 

47 " " F. L. Nash, Greenfield. 

50. " " Warren Bardwell, Montague. 

51. '* " James S. Bryant, Hartford, Conn. 

52. " " Chas. Stebbins. 

53. " " .Louis A. Phillips. 

54. " " E. Barney. 

55. " " Moses Ward. 

56. " " J. Fitzgerald. 

57. " " R. W. Amidon, New York. 

60. " " J. Fitzgerald. 

61. " " S. L. Pratt, Northfield. 

62. " " Chas. D. Billings, Hatfield. 

63. " " Eugene Trask. 

64. " " John Robinson, Sunderland. 

65. " " H.C.Haskell. 

66. " " Richard Costello. 

-JO. " " .Alanson Bowman. 

71. " " Henry Wells, Shelburne. 

72. " " M. B. Murray, Greenfield, 

77. Drill Geo. Sheldon. 

78. " Same. 

7Q. " E. Barney. 

80. " C. D. Lyons, Greenfield. 

81. " Temple Lyons, Greenfield. 

82. " S. L. Pratt, Northfield. 

83. " Jonathan Ashley. 

84. " Geo. Sheldon. 

90. War Points R. W. Amidon, New York. 

gi. " Geo. Sheldon. 


93,94. " E. A. Hawks. 



g6. War Point. 

97. " H.C.Haskell. 

g8. " Henry Wells, Shelburne. 


100. " Henry Wells, Shelburne. 

loi. " Hart Phillips, Hoosick, N. Y. 

102. 3 Spear Heads E. A. Hawks, 

S}i inches long. Found together, at Pine Hill, May 18, 1886. 

no. Arrow Point Dexter Childs. 

111. Drill Richard Costello. 

112. War Point Ed. S. Childs. 

113. Scraper Chas. Barber, Winchester, N. H. 

120. War Point Geo. Sheldon. 

125. Scraper Same. 

126. Arrows, Drills, &c Fred. Wright, Montague. 

127. " " " Fragments Sundry Parties. 

128. " " " .. Arthur Hutchins. 

129. Scraper S. L. Pratt, Northfield. 

130. Flints and Arrow Points John Fitzgerald. 

131. " Fragments. 

133. War Points, Texas Geo. E. Eels. 

134. " Stephen Belden, Whately. 

135. Scraper. 

136. Points. 

137. Spear Head Dexter Childs. 

138. Scraper Otis E. Field, Northfield. 

139. Relics R. W. Amidon, New York. 

140. " Marcus Newton, Greenfield. 

141. Miscellaneous Fragments. 

142. " Chunkey" Stone * 

143. Rubbing Stone. 

145. " " Geo. Sheldon. 

146. Grinding Stone L3'man Gilbert, Northfield. 

147 to 152. Grinding Stones Geo. Sheldon. 

153. Spear Head Mrs. Jralia B. Wright, Montague. 

7^ inches by 2^ inches. 

Case H. Various implements, the use of some of them unknov/n. 

1. Stone, used for Rubbing Geo. Sheldon. 

2. " " " Same. 

3. Stone used for Polishing Weapons James Smith, Whately. 

4. " " " Geo. Sheldon. 

wji Mortar and Grinder * 

12. Stone Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

Marked 1760, VIII. I. 8 H. Found under a stone wall in 
Charlemont, about 1875. 




14. Unknown Implement Mrs. D. C. Kimball, Leverett. 

15. " " Same. 

Case J. 

The use of these stones has not yet been discovered Their usual 
characteristics are one or more " pits," or depressions on each side, 
although some have them only on one side, and others have two, 
three and four on each side. They vary greatly in size and shape, 
and run from small pebbles of two inches in diameter to large 
stones 16 inches in diameter, and four feet in circumference, weigh- 
ing 60 lbs. They are not found in all localities where Indians lived, 
like other relics, but have nearly all come from within two miles of 
Memorial Hall. The)^ constitute an interesting problem, there be- 
ing nearly 300 specimens. 

The largest in this collection J.N. Fuller. 

Geo. Sheldon. 

Jonathan Johnson, Greenfield. 

Edward A. Hawks. 

: Mrs. H. C. Howe. 

Mrs. Nancy D. Campbell. 

Geo. H. Williams. 

Stephen B. Hale. 

... Edward A. Hawks. 

Moses S. Ward. 

John Sheldon, Greenfield. 

Frank Bickford, Greenfield. 

N. Hitchcock. 

Geo. A. Sheldon, Greenfield. 

John Sheldon, Greenfield. 

J. B. Hitchcock. 

The Library. 

The great expense attending the publication of a Catalogue 
of the Books and Pamphlets in the Library, approximating 
10,000 Volumes already on the shelves, renders it impossible 
at present. The only attempt in this direction being of such 
manuscripts as have been permanently framed. The list of 
Donors to the Library, wliether of Books, Pamphlets, Manu- 
scripts, or kindred articles, is given entire. 

The Library being of use as one o i reference mainly, it is 
hoped that the Written Catalogue will prove s-ufficient for the 
present requirements of visitors. 

A peculiar and destinctive feature of this Library is that 
these volumes carry an atmosphere of personality with them ; 
nearly all have been read and pondered over by s'ome one of 
the thinking men and women whose names are found on the 
fly-leaves. They represent, literally, the culture and literary 
life of the valley for two centuries. They were gathered, to a 
large degree, from the garrets and closets of old houses in this 

1. Oil Painting Mrs. C. M. Allen, Houston, Tex. 

The Seven Maccabees. Apocrypha. Mace. VII. i. Through Mrs, 
L. W. Eels. 

2. Oil Painting Same, 

Slaughter of the Innocents. 

These two paintings, undoubtedl}' of the old Spanish School, were 
brought from Mexico, by the donor whose husband was for some yea 
U. S. Consul in a Mexican port. They were taken from an ancient 
Roman Catholic Convent, near the City of Mexico. 

3. Pair Silver Plated Candlesticks Mrs. E. K. Brown, 

4. Inkstand. 

5. Pocket Ink and Pen Case Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

6. Steel Bowed Spectacles Mrs. D. C. Kimball, Leverett. 

More than 105 j'cars old. Owned by Daniel Conant. 

7. Metal Inkstand Geo. Sheldon. 

8. Inkstand and Quills Mrs. E. Purple, Northfield. 

9. Inkstand. 

10. Sand Box Mrs. S. S. Sheldon. 

11. Pocket Inkstand. 


12. Old Pocket Book Upton Family, Charletnont. 

13. Soap Stone Inkstand. 

14. Hour Glass. Alfred Cobb. 

15. Inkstand. 

16. Old Dutch Writing Stand Rev. E. Buckingham. 

See paper describing same. 

17. Copper Plate Mrs. Catherine Upham, Cambridge, 

Declaration of Independence. 

18. Inkstand Mrs. E, K. Brown. 

19. Feather Fan James Smith, Whately. 

Made by donor. 
ig}4- Water Color Miniature. 

20. Wafer Box. 

21. Taper Stand Joseph Boynton, South Wellfleet. 

From wreck of Ship " Franklin." 

22. Writing Case Sam'l Willard. 

Marked " S. B. W. to S. W." 

23. Sand Box. 

24. Inkstand Geo. Sheldon. 

25. Inkstand Miss E. Purple, Northfield. 

26. Steel Bowed Spectacles. 

27. Snuffers. Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

28. Pocket Inkstand Mrs. D. C. Kimball, Leverett. 

Belonged to Samuel Montague. 

29. Curtain Knob Rev. J. P. Watson, South Wellfieet. 

30. Pair of Bellows Geo. Sheldon. 

Belonged to Mrs. C. A. Stearns, Dummerston, Vt. 

31. Pocket Inkstand. 

32. Shovel. 

34. Tongs. 

35. Hearth Brush Mrs. Susan S. Sheldon. 

Belonged to Mrs. Catherine Knapp Alexander of Charlestown. 

36. Curtain Knob. Old Leavitt House, Hingham. 

37. Brass Jamb Hook. 

39. Shovel Geo. Sheldon. 

40. Cane Mrs. Esther Dickinson. 

Belonged to Madame Silliman, daughter of Rev. John Williams, 
b. 1708 ; d. 1787. 

41. Cane William Lawrence. 

Inscriptions, " 1732 to 1881." 

42. Cane Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

Carried by Lieut. John Bardwell, after being wounded at Bunker 

43. Cane F. M. Thompson, Greenfield. 

From Acadia, showing the work of the teredo. 

43/^- Cane Heirs of Col. John Wilson. 

During the War of 1812 Col. Wilson and Maj. George Arms were 


called to Canadaon business; owing to a misunderstanding they were 
arrested and imprisoned as spies, and nearly lost their lives. This 
cane was given J. W. by G. A. as a memento, on his death bed, it 
having been cut in Canada, at that time, and brought home by Maj. 

44. Curious Cane Dickinson Estate. 

Made by " Uncle Sid." 

45. Cane J. B. Hitchcock. 

Made and carried by Deacon Justin Hitchcock. 

46. Cane Mrs. Mary R. Nims- 

Carried by " Uncle Bill " Russell. 

47. Cane, of Pepper Wood Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

47>^. Cane Heirs Col. John Wilson. 

From Old Indian House. 

48. Cane Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

49. Cane Dickinson Estate. 

50. Plan of Deerfield Cemetery N. Hitchcock. 

East of Town Street. And record of burials, begun by Rev. Jona. 
Taylor, in 1803. 

51. Chair Mrs. Sophia Hanson Boyden, Shelburne. 

Used by Mrs. Anna Bardwell, in the old Montague Church. 

52. Chair Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

From the old Meeting House, in Deerfield. Rev. Rodolphus Dick- 
inson, when a boy, fired a stray bullet through the Meeting House 
window, which cut off one of the knobs. 
60! Fac Simile, Boston News Letter, 1704, 

Hon. W. W. Wright, Geneva, N. Y. 
First Paper in New England. 
6r. Photograph of Judkins Garrison House. 

Miss Emma L. Coleman, Boston. 
At York, Me. Built before 1675. Standing in 1882. Framed from 
moulding on one of the doors. 

62. Astronomical Apparatus Dr. Edward Hitchcock, Amherst. 

Made and used by Edward Hitchcock, when Principal of the Deer- 
field Academy, when calculating the almanacs he published in 1814 t^ 

66. Arm Chair Col. T. W. Ripley, Greenfield. 

67. Inside Cornice Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

From Old Indian House. 

68. Photograph Miss M. F. Stratton, Northfield. 

Old Indian House. Framed from the "Meeting" Oak in N. where 
William Janes preached to the first settlers, in 1671; burned down in 

69. Autograph Commission G. Sheldon. 

Gov. Francis Bernard to Selah Barnard, as Major in Sir Richard 
Saltonstall's Regiment, 1761. 

70. Plan of Seating the Meeting House Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 


71. Family Register Rev. Josiah Leavitt. 

1731. Settled in Walpole, N. H., 1761. 

72. Account Geo. Sheldon. 

Joseph Stebbins against Madam Silliman, in 1786. 

73. Bond Miss Millicent Hawks. 

Zur Hawks to the Trustees of Deerfield Academy, in 1704, for the 
payment of his subscription to the Academ}' fund. 

73/^- Autograph Letter Mrs. E. L. Burke, Bernardston. 

Major John Burke, at Crown Point, 1756, to his wife. 

74. William Penn Geo. Sheldon. 

74>^. The Nicene Creed N. Hitchcock. 

75. Original Indian Deed of Pocomtuck, now Deerfield, in 1667. 

76. The Dedham Proprietors of Deerfield in 1671 Williams Papers. 

Many Autographs. 

77. Copy of Ezekiel Cheever's Letter Williams Papers. 

1663, to Mr. Ezekiel Rogers. Copied 1665, Feb. 26th. Cheever 
was the first schoolmaster in Boston. 

78. Military Orders Samuel D. Partridge, Milwaukie, Wis. 

Col. Samuel Partridge, in 1754 — 5. 

79. Deed Oren Wilej', Greenfield. 

Land in Deerfield Street. Peter Plympton of Hatfield, to James 
Brown of Springfield, 1681. 

80. Inventory Militar}^ Stores Williams Papers. 

In 1747, by William Williams. 

81. Autograph Letter Williams Papers. 

Esther Williams to her brother Stephen, at Roxbury, 1707. 

82. Deed Thomas J. Field Northfield. 

Johd Stoddard to Zachariah Field and Orlando Bridgeman, in 1729. 

83. Autograph Letter Chas. M. Taintor, North Manchester, Conn. 

AbigaiB Williams to her son Stephen. 1729. 

84. Appointment of Guardians F. M. Thompson, Greenfield. 

Samuel Taylor and Eleazar Hawks. 1731 — 2. 

85. Autograph Letter Chas. M. Taintor, North Manchester, Conn. 

Rev. John Williams to his son Stephen, at Roxbury. 1707. 

86. Autograph Letter Williams Papers. 

Stephen Williams to Eben Silliman. 1733. 

87. Commission Same. 

Gov. Belcher to Ebenezer Hinsdale, to be Chaplain at Fort Dum- 
mer. 1740. 

88. Original Minutes of Deerfield Town Meeting, 1729 Same. 

89. Autograph Petition Hon. S. D. Partridge, Milwaukee, Wis. 

To certain military men, praying for instructions, in 1774. 

90. Autograph Letter Chas. M. Taintor, North Manchester, Conn. 

Sarah Williams to Stephen Williams. 1714. 

91. Deed. 

Land in Hatfield. Samuel Partridge to Samuel Dickinson. 1675. 

92. Deed Geo. Sheldon. 


Land in Deerfield. Rev. John Williams to John Sheldon. 1712 — 3. 
Now called Smead's Island. 
93. Fac Simile Map of New England. 

Originally published in 1635. Reprint by U. S. War Department. 

94. Commission Geo. Sheldon. 

Gov. Sir Edmund Andros to Thomas Wells, as Lieutenant in Col. 

Pynchon's Regiment of Militia. 1686. 

95. Probate of Sam'l Partridge Williams Papers. 

Over Thomas Wells' Estate. Queen Anne. 1709. 

96. Commission Frank W. Stebbins. 

Gov. John Hancock to Joseph Stebbins, as Lieutenant Colonel in 

Col. Hugh McClellan's Regiment. 

97. Printed Elegy Mrs. Dexter Allis, Springfield. 

On Dr. Thomas Hastings of Hatfield, by Josephus Nash. 1728. 

98. Commission Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

Gov. Thos. Hutchinson to Moses Field, as Ensign in Capt. Strat- 

ton's Company, Col. Israel Williams' Regiment. 1773. 

111. Capture of H. M. S. "Java," G. W. Mark, Greenfield. 

By U. S. Frigate " Constitution." 

112. Combat between the "Constitution " and the " Guerriere," . . .Same. 

113. The Pocomtuck Hotel B. F. Popkins, Greenfield. 

Built, 1856. Burned, 1879.. Framed. 

114. Great Elm, Boston Miss Ellen Kimball, Boston. 

115. Photograph Mrs. C. C. Comstock, New York. 

Oldest House in New Canaan, Conn. Built by Samuel Carter, in 

1724 — 26. See printed description. 

118. Arm Chair Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

From Old Indian House. 

119. Will of Samuel Field, 1733 R. R. Field. 

120. Record of Bernardston Town Meeting, E. J. Carpenter, Brattleboro. 
In 1733. 

121. Cop)' of Act Mass. House of Representatives, 1733, 

Rodney B. Field, Guilford, Vt. 
Authorizing Thomas Wells to call the first meeting of the grantees 
of Falls Fight Township, now Bernardston. 

122. Boston Gazette & Country Journal, 1770, 

A. Clarence Hoyt, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Framed Copy. 

123. New York Morning Post, 1783 Same. 

Framed Copy. 

125. Piece of the Rock Caroline Childs. 

Which Roger Williams stepped on when he landed in Rhode Island 

in 1636. 

126. A Jack of Diamonds. ... .Mrs. Martha B. Day, Jacksonville, Vt. 
Reverse printed Invitation to Victory Ball, 1813. 

127. Old Trunk, with Hoyt Papers Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 


127^. Ornamented Morocco Trunk for family papers, Mrs. C.E. B.Allen. 

128. Morocco Trunk Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

With papers of Col. Elihu Hoyt. 

129. New England Weekly Journal, 172S. 

130. Ke}' to the Old Court House in Greenfield, 

F. M. Thompson, Greenfield. 
J 31. Key of Old Corner Store, 1742-1879 Geo. Sheldon. 

132. Foot Stove Col. T. W. Ripley, Greenfield. 

133. Desk Stool John R. Long, Greenfield. 

Of Rev. Roger Newton, the 2d Minister of Greenfield. 

134. Photograph of Ancient Wreck G. F. Richardson, Montague. 

At Orleans, Mass. Vessel sunk in 1626. 

135. Piece of Wood from same Same. 

136. Commission W. O. Taylor, Shelburne Falls. 

Gov. James Sullivan to Rev. Jona. Grout, Chaplain 5th Regiment. 


137. Autograph Samuel Adams ... ... Charles Jones. 

Instructions to Deerfield regarding election Representative to Con- 
gress. 1799. 

138. Autograph Paul Revere. 1765 Mrs. Hannah Jenks. 

Bill to Joseph Barnard, for silver Tankard. 

139. Sir Richard Saltonstall's House, Ipswich, in 1635. 

140. Autograph Daniel Gookin Williams Papers. 

Court Order. 1664. 

141. Photograph of Pen Sketches in 1729 Hon. S. A. Green, Boston. 

The Old Indian House. From the Journal of two Harvard Stu- 
dents, on a journey from Cambridge to Deerfield. 

142. Mone)' Standards Oren Wiley, Greenfield. 

144. Map of Northern Department North America, 

O. E. Huntington, Cleveland, O. 

145. Town of Shelburne Mrs. Hannah Jenks. 

License to Theodore Barnard to sell Tea — 1782. 

146. Fort Duquesne Geo. Sheldon. 

147. Yorktown Battleground Same. 

148. Ticonderoga Same. 

149. Fac Simile of Earliest Paper Money Oren Wiley, Greenfield. 

Bill on Massachusetts Treasury, 1690. 

150. Cover of Book Mrs. Ryland Warriner, New York. 

Binding of the 16th Century. 

151. Natural Crook Clothes Hook Job Slocum. 

Found in moving the "Uncle Josh" Williams house in 18S6. 

152. St. Botolph's Town Geo. Sheldon. 

153. Old Church at Hingham Mrs. Lucinda Alexander, Montague. 

The oldest in the United States. 

154. Hatfield Tax Levy. 1747 H.C.Haskell. 

155. Autograph Receipt for money Williams Papers 

Gov. Thos. Hutchinson to Eben. Hinsdell. 1749. 



156. Receipt for Legacy Same. 

From Madame Silliman. Bunker Gay. ^791. 

157. Receipt from U. S. Inspector Mrs. Hannali Jenks. 

To Theodore Barnard, for taxes. 1800. 

158. Mahogany Desk Mrs. Stephen Higginson, Brookline. 

Of unknown age. 

161. Allen Family Record. 1818 — 46 Oren Wiley. 

162. Poem by Thomas Shaw. 1S07 E. A. Pressons, Greenfield. 

163. Fac Simile Arnold's Pass to Maj. Andre. . . Oren Wile}^ Greenfield. 

164. President Edward Hitchcock Dr. E. Hitchcock, Amherst. 

165. Henry Childs of Buffalo, N. Y Mrs. E. Childs, Buffalo. 

167. Tithing-Man's Rod Mrs. Horace A. Smead, Greenfield. 

Used by that official to keep order in church. Had a hare's tail on 
one end, and paw on the other. 

175. Chair, Semi-circular Geo. Sheldon. 

176. Book Rests used by Rev. Roger Newton. . . . J. A. Long, Greenfield. 

177. "The Captive Shoe" Edwin Bardwell, Whately. 

Sept. 19, 1667, a party of Indians under Ashpelon attacked Hat- 
field, took a number of men, women and children prisoners and car- 
ried them to Canada. They were the first English captives taken 
there. Through the bravery of Benjamin Wait and Stephen Jen- 
nings, the party was redeemed in the following May, returning via 
Lake Champlain and Albany. This shoe was worn home by Sarah 
Coleman, then four years old, and is presented by one of her de- 

Attention is called to the Field Genealogy, (Alcove J, Shelf 5) collated 
with great labor by the late Rodney B. Field of Guilford, Vt., carefull)' 
written out by his own hand, and containing the names of more than 2,000 
of the family. It is as yet unpublished, and it is a matter of regret that 
so valuable a work should be limited to one copy. 




Of Books, Pamphlets, Manuscripts, Pictures and Kin- 
dred Articles, to the Library. 

Adams, Amos, South Hadle)% 
Adams, H. B., Baltimore, Md. 
Advertiser, Boston, 
Alexander, Mrs. Lucinda, 

Allen, Mrs. C. E. B. 
Allen, Mrs. Julia A. 
Allen, Ouintus, Greenfield, 
Amidon, Mrs. E. W. 
Amidon, R. W., M. D., New York, 
Ames, Mfs. J. M., Greenfield, 
Anagnos, M., South Boston, 
Anderson, Lafayette, Shelburne, 
Anderson, Olive W., Shelburne, 
Andrews, Mrs. Erastus, Leverett, 
Arms, Franklin, Conway, 
Arms, Mrs. Geo. A., Greenfield, 
Arms, Mrs. Hannah C. 
Arms, Rev. H. P., D. D., 

Norwich, Conn. 
Arms, Mrs. Richard C. 
Atkins, Mrs. Mary F. Buckland, 
Avery, W. T., New York, 
Baker, C. Alice, Cambridge, 
Baker, Margaret T., Tecumseh, Ne. 
Baker, Thos. K., Springfield, 
Barnard, D. A., Windsor, Vt. 
Barnard, Wm. T., M. D., 

Baltimore, Md. 
Barber, Dea. Harve}-, Warwick, 
Bard well, Sam'l S., Belle Plain, la. 
Barnum, Geo. G., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Bartlett, Mrs. Eben, Guilford, Vt. 
Bartlett, George D., Whately, 
Bassett, H., Charlemont, 
Beaman, Fred. Z., Sunderland, 
Bergen, Mrs. J. Y. 
Blake, Mrs. Nancy D., Ashfield, 
Billings, Chas. D., Hatfield, 
Blodgett, Mrs. S. N., Greenfield, 
Booth, Mrs. Huldah A., Charlemont 
Booth, Judson, Charlemont, 
Boston, City of, 
Bostonian Society, 
Boltwood, Hon. L. M., 

New Haven, Conn. 
Boutwell, Francis M., Groton, 
Boutwell, Philander, Montague, 
Boutwell Levi, Leverett, 
Bowman, Mrs. Amelia S. 
Boyden, Frank D. 


Brooks, Hon. S. N., Chicago, 111. 

Brown, Mrs. Eunice K. 
Bryant, Chauncey, Greenfield, 
Bryant, Jas. S., Hartford, Conn. 
Buckingham, Rev. Edgar, 
Bumstead, E. 

Burke, Mrs. E. L., Bernardston, 
California, University of, 
Callender, J. B. Northfield, 
Callender, Mrs. Sarah, Northfield, 
Campbell, Mrs. Nancy D. 
Catlin, Miss Carry S., Washington, 
Colburn, Jeremiah, Boston, 
Carpenter, Rev. C. C, So. Peabody 
Carpenter, E. J., Brattleboro, Vt. 
Carter, Mrs. Ashton, Charlemont, 
Carter, Samuel, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Champney, J. W. 
Champney, Mrs. L. W. 
Chamberlain, Mrs. Sarah, 

Chapin, Mrs. Nancy A., Gill, 
Chapin, Miss H. L. Bernardston, 
Chapin, Lucius P. Leyden, 
Childs, Henry, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Childs, Mrs. Eliza H., Buffalo, 
Childs, Mrs. Franklin, Conway, 
Childs, Theo. H. 
Childs, Dexter, 
Clary, Mrs. Alma A. 
Clapp, Cephas G. 
Coates, Geo. E., Bloody Brook, 
Comstock, Mrs. C. C, 

New Canaan, Conn. 
Conant, Hon. C. C, Greenfield, 
Coleman, Miss Emma S., Boston, 
Coolidge, L. F., Leyden, 
Coolidge, H. W., Greenfield, 
Connecticut, Adjutant General, 
Courtenay, W. A., Charleston, S.C. 
Crafts, James M., Whately, 
Crawford, Rev. Robert, D. D. 
Crawford, Prof. J. D. 

Champaign, 111. 
Crawford, Mrs. Lydia F., 

Champaign, 111. 
Crawford, Rev. L. S., Topsfield, 
Cushman, John C, Bernardston, 
Cutler, Chas. B., Heath, 
Cutler, Rev. B. B., Heath, 
Darling, C. W., Utica, N. Y. 
Davis, Hon. W. T., Greenfield, 
Davenport, E. J., Colrain, 
Dawes, Hon. H. L., Pittsfield, 



Day, C. L., Ashfield, 
Day, Mrs. J. P., Jacksonville, 111. 
Delano, Jesse L., Sunderland, 
Dudle)', Aaron, Leverett, 
Dutton, Mrs. Mary, Northfield, 
Eaton, C. M., Sunderland, 
Eaton, Mrs. Antis, 
Eels, Mrs. Lucretia \V. 
Elliot, William, Greenfield, 
Elwell, Capt. Chas. W., New York. 
Emerson, Mrs. Fannie C, 

Field, Dea. Phinehas, Charlemont, 
Field, Rev. A. W. Blandford, 
Field, Rodney B., Guilford, Vt. 
Field, George P., Guilford, Vt. 
Field, Timothy, Northfield, 
Field, Mrs. Abigail H., Charlemont, 
Field, Maj. Putnam, Greenfield, 
Field, Mrs. Rebecca W., Brookline, 
Field, Robert R. 
Finch, Rev. P. V., Greenfield, 
Fisk, Dr. C. L., Greenfield, 
Fisk, Mrs. Mary, Greenfield, 
Fogg, Josiah, 

Fogg, James P., Chicago, 111. 
Foster, W. W. 

Fox, Hon. James A., Cambridge, 
Frink, Lyman, Greenfield, 
Goodenough, Mrs. Hannah M., 

Goodnow, Moses C, Colrain, 
Goodrich, Hon. A. R., Vernon, Ct. 
Graves, H. D., Sunderland, 
Green, Hon. Sam'l A., Boston, 
Green, Rev. John B.,Brattleboro,Vt. 
Greenough, Mrs. J. J. 
Grinnell, Hon. Jas. S., Greenfield, 
Grisvvold, Hon. Whiting, Greenfield, 
Grout, Samuel T. 
Guinan, William, Greenfield, 
Hagar, Albert D., Chicago, 
Hale, Ezekiel C, Bernardston, 
Hall, Hon. E. A., Greenfield. 
Harriman, Gen. Walter, 

Concord, N. H. 
Hassam, John T., Boston, 
Hawks, S. D., Shelburne Falls, 
Hawks, Arthur J. 
Hawks, Dwight, 
Hawks, Miss Mar}', 
Hawks, Sereno, Buckland, 
Hawks, Mrs. Oscar A., Greenfield, 
Hawks, Miss Millicent, 
Hawks, James A. 
Hawks, Mrs. Betsy R. 
Hawks, Miss Alma, 
Hawks, H. Clifford, 
Haskell, Henry C. 
Hayden, Charles L. 

Herbert, Mrs. Theresa A., Chicago, 
Hinsdale, Misses Emily and Fanny, 
Hitchcock, Prof. Edward, Amherst, 
Hitchcock, Nathaniel, 
Hitchcock, Harriet, 
Hitchcock, Justin B. 
Hitchcock, Mrs. Maria A. 
Hitchcock, Samuel, Conway, 
Hosmer, Prof. James K., 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Houston, Joseph U., Hawley, 
Howard, Arthur S., Greenfield, 
Howe, Mrs. Harriet C. 
Howes, Mrs. W. L., Florence, 

Howes, Barnabas, Ashfield, 
Howard, Geo.-E., Nebraska, 
Hoyt, Mrs. David, 
Ho'yt, Mrs. C. W. 

Hoyt, A. Clarence, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Hunt, E., Hawley, 
Hoyt, John W., Cincinnati, O. 
Humphrey, J. Newton, Florence, 
Hubbard, Alanson, Sunderland, 
Huntington, Mrs. E. H., 

Cleveland, O. 
Huntington, Bishop F. D., 

New York, 
Huntoon, D. T. V., Canton, 
Hutchins, Osmond, 
Hyde, Hon. William, Ware, 
Ingalls, Mrs. Mary, 
James, Mrs. C. R., Greenfield, 
Jenks, Mrs. Hannah, 
Jillson, Hon. Clark, Worcester, 
Johnson, Jonathan, Greenfield, 
Johnson, Mrs. C. M., Greenfield, 
Jones, Geo. W. 
Jones, Mrs. Margaret, 
Jones, Charles, 
Kentucky, Adjutant General, 
Kimball, Mrs. D. C, Leverett, 
Kimberly, Mrs. Eliza S., Bristol, Ct. 
Lamb, Mrs. Laura S., Worcester, 
Lamb, Hon. S. O. Greenfield, 
Lamb, Thos. M., Worcester, 
Larrabee, Mrs. E. N., Greenfield, 
Lawrence, Mrs. Sarah, 
Lawrence, William, 
Leavitt, Col. Roger H., Charlemont, 
Leavitt, J. H., Waterloo, Iowa, 
Leonard, Mrs. Abigail, Charlemont, 
Lincoln, L. J. B. 
Lincoln, Miss Mary W. 
Lord, F. G., Athol, 
Long, Mrs. Julia R., Greenfield, 
Long, James A., " 

Luey, L. L., " 

Lyons, Sam'l J., " 



Lyons, Joel L., Greenfield, 

Lyons, Mary A., Jackson, Pa, 

Lyman, L. W., South Hadley, 

Lowell, Old Residents Association, 

Mann, Jonathan H., Greenfield, 

Mark, Heirs of G. W., 

Maxwell, Miss Abby, Charlemont, 

Maxwell, William M., Heath, 

McClellan, C. H., Greenfield, 

Miner, B. F., 

Mellen, J. C., Stanby, N. Y. 

Moore, Mrs. Eliz., Leverett, 

Moors, Rev. J. F., Greenfield, 

Munn, Martha C, 

Munn, Asa B., Chicago, 

Munsell, Joel, Albany, N. Y. 

Newell, C. B., Springfield, 

Newman, Mrs. A. N. 

Newton, Rev. Baxter, Leverett, 

Newton, Mrs. Roxy, Agawam, 

Newton, R. B., Greenfield, 

New Hampshire, Anjutant Gen. 

New York, Adjutant General, 

Nims, Mrs. Direxa, 

Nims, Susan, 

Nims, Mrs. Mary R. 

Nims, Mrs. W. N., Greenfield, 

Nickerson, J. H., Tamworth, N. H. 

Noble, John, Esq., Boston, 

Nourse, Hon. Henry S., Lancaster, 

Ockington, E. B. 

Ordway, H. J., Boston, 

Ott, Mrs. Nancy, Greenfield, 

Packard, R. A.. 

Packard, J. T., Charlemont, 

Packard, Emory F., Charlemont, 

Paige, Calvin, San. Francisco, Cal. 

Palmer, Geo. W., Boston, 

Parker, Hon. Augustus, Boston, 

Parker, Edwin C, Whately, 

Parsons, E. A., Bernardston, 

Partridge, Hon. Sam'l D., 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Peirce, Dr. Geo., New Salem, 
Pierce, Capt. George, Greenfield, 
Pierce, Edwin, " 

Pierce, M. R., 

Peirce, Hon. Henry B., Abingdon, 
Perry, Amos, Providence, R. L 
Phillips, S. R., Springfield, 
Phillips, Mrs. Ellen S. 
Phillips, Mrs. Moses B., Greenfield, 
Philllips, Hon. Henry W., 

Phillips, Hart, Hoosick Falls, N.Y. 
Pickett, Henry L., Greenfield, 
Popkins, B. F., 
Potter, Sam'l, Charlemont, 
Pratt, Miss Martha G. 
Prat., Mrs. Sarah A. 

Pratt, S. L., Northfield, 

Putnam, C. E. Davenport, Iowa, 

Rawson, M. A., Uxbridge, 

Reed, James A., Dummerston, Vt. 

Reed, James S., Marion, O. 

Rice, L. W., Greenfield, 

Rice, Mrs. Sarah C, Greenfield, 

Rice, Dr. David, Leverett, 

Rice, Mrs. Harriette C, Leverett, 

Rice, Miss Louisa, Charlemont, 

Rice, F. P., Worcester, 

Rice, Rev. Wm., D. D., Springfield, 

Riddell, Mrs. Wm., Greenfield, 

Ripley, Col. T. W., 

Robinson, Gov. Geo. W., 

Bennington, Vt. 

Robbins, Joseph, 

Robbins, Mrs. Julia E., Shelburne, 

Rowell, J. C, San Francisco, Cal. 

Russell, Mrs. Leonora S. 

Ryther, Geo. E., Boston, 

Ryther, Wm. E., Bernardston, 

Saxton, W. R. 

Saxton, Maj. S. Willard, 

Washington, D. C. 

Sawyer, Mrs. Mary H., 

St. Albans, Vt. 

Severance, Harvey, 

Severance, Mrs. Harvey, 

Scoby, Miss Clarissa S., Greenfield, 

Sheldon, Hon. George, 

Sheldon, Mrs. Susan S. 
Shepherd Edward, 
Shearer, Mrs. Luc)' D., Colrain, 
Slade, D. D., M. D., Chestnut Hill, 
Shores, Daniel, Pelham, 
Smead, Mrs. Horace A., Greenfield, 
Smead, Sarah J., " 

Smead, C. A., Montague, 
Smead, Jona. H., Greenfield, 
Smead, Elihu, Newton, 
Smead, Mrs. Albert, Greenfield, 
Smead, William, " 

Smith, J. M., Sunderland, 
Smith, Susan S., Pembroke, 
Smith, Rev. Preserved, Greenfield, 
Smith, Prosper, Windsor, Conn. 
Smith, Samuel D., Sunderland, 
Smith, Albert, Gill, 
Smith, Mrs. Silas, 
Smith, Alfred, Philadelphia, 
Smith, S. B., Greenfield, 
Spear, Daniel W., Greenfield, 
Sprague, Mrs. Louisa E., Colrain, 
Stevens, Humphrey, Greenfield, 
Stearns, John, Conway, 
Stearns, Mrs. Samuel, Greenfield, 
Starr, Miss Eliza A., Chicago, 111. 
Stebbins, Moses, 



Stebbins, Miss Louisa, 

Stebbins, Mrs. C. A., 

Stebbins, Joseph, South Boston, Va, 

Stone, Mary Lowell, Cambridge, 

Stratton, Mary F., Northfield, 

Stratton, S. P., Gill, 

Strong, Rev. D. A., Colrain, 

Strong, Dr. Edward, Boston, 

Sturtevant, Charles, 

Taintor, C. M., No. Manchester, Ct. 

Taintor, Mrs. Josiah, 

Taylor, Zebina, Montague, 

Taylor, R. J., Richville, N. Y. 

Taylor, W. O., Shelburne, 

Taylor, Chas. F., Providence, R. L 

Tenney, S. E., Greenfield, 

Tenney, J. T., " 

Thompson, F. M., " 

Thompson, Mrs. R. E. 

South Hadley Falls, 
Thayer, Miss Julia, Boston, 
Torrey, Hon. Geo. A., Boston, 
Trumbull, Hon. J. Hammond, 

Hartford, Conn. 
Tyler, C. H., Greenfield, 
Upham, Miss Catherine, Cambridge, 
Upham, Mrs. Anna, Shelburne, 
Upton Family, Charlemont, 
Van Seiler, Mrs. R. M., 

Ellensville, Ulster Co., N. Y. 
Wainwright, A. F., New York, 
Wager, D. E., Rome, N. Y. 
Ward, Moses S., Julia and Lotta R. 
Ward, Royal S. 

Ward, Mrs. H. M., Northfield, 
Wait, Mrs. Henr}% 
Warner, Mrs. Parsons, Sunderland, 
Warner, L. P., Sunderland, 
Warner, A. K., Greenfield, 
Ware, Austin, 

Ware, Mrs. Austin, 

Ware, Mrs. Hannah P., Greenfield, 

Washburn, Gov. W. B., 

Wells, E. & Co., Shelburne Falls, 

Wells, Alfred, Greenfield, 

Wells, Hon. S. C, " 

Wells, Henry, Shelburne, 

Wells, George, Bernardston, 

Welch, A. D., Turners Falls, 

Wellington, Mrs. Eunice S., 

Wheildon, Hon. W. W., Concord, 
Weymouth Historical Society, 
Whiting, Hon. W. W., Holyoke, 
Wiley, Oren, Greenfield, 
Wiley, S. L., 

Whitman, C. M., Brattleboro, Vt, 
Winthrop, Hon. Robert C, Boston, 
Willard, Samuel, 
Willard, Mrs. S. J., Hingham, 
Willard, Miss Mary, Hingham, 
Williams, Rt. Rev. John, 

Middletown, Conn. 
Williams, A. C. 
Williams, Mrs. Chas. E. 
Williams, Mrs. Elizabeth A. 
Williams, Mrs. M. Ardelia, 
Williams, Mrs. Tirzah S. 
Williams, Mrs. John H., 

South Windham, Me. 
Williams, Sam'l B., Rochester, N.Y. 
Williston, J. M., Northampton, 
Wilson, Miss Fanny H. 
Wilson, Heirs of Col. John, 
Woodward, Mrs. Spencer, Buckland 
Worcester Society of Antiquity, 
Woodbury, Jason, Sunderland, 
Wright, Hon. W. W., Geneva, N.Y. 
Wright, Mrs. Mary Ann, 
Wright, Mrs. Julia B., Montague. 

Memorial Room. 

Here will be found the Mural Tablets, erected by tlie Po- 
comtuck Yalley Memorial Association, in memory of the 
destruction of Deerfield, in 1704. They amply repay study, 
for in the brief spaces is told a volume of historical facts, and 
they represent almost the entire list of sufferers by death or 

Also portraits, and articles of a memorial nature, including 
a department of Relics of the War of the Rebellion. 

1. Portrait of James A. Garfield J. W. Champney. 

Draped as on his funeral da)'. 

2. Garfield Memorial Tablet Mrs. Elizabeth Childs, Buifalo, N. Y. 

3. John C. Fremont Geo. Sheldon. 

10. Medallion, Daniel Webster Mrs. Geo. A. Arms, Greenfield. 

11. Gen. U. S. Grant J. W. Champne}-. 

12. President Lincoln and Cabinet. . .J. E. Thompson, So. Hadley Falls. 

13. Washington, Lincoln and Grant Geo, Sheldon. 

Medallion Portraits. 

14. Quill from Wisconsin War Eagle. . . .Maj. Orrin Field, Cornwall, Vt. 

" Old Abe." See printed slip attached. 

15. Photograph of Wisconsin War Eagle, Miss C. Alice Baker Cambridge. 

16. Memorial Tablet, Lincoln Same. 

17. Union Generals, 1861 J. E. Thompson, So. Hadley Falls. 

18. Abraham Lincoln , Geo. Sheldon. 

ig. Badge worn at Lincoln Obsequies .Miss C. Alice Baker, Cambridge. 

20. Playbill .R. W. Amidon, New York. 

Ford's Theatre the night of Lincoln assassination. 

21. Canteen Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

Carried by Wesley J. Rogers, Co. E, 23d No. Ca. Regiment. Kil- 
led at Fort Stedman, Mar. 25, 1865. 

22. Photograph of Phinehas Field B. F. Popkins, Greenfield. 

23. Cartridge Box Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

Same as No. 21. 

24. Gourd ... Same. 

Used for rations when at the front, as Agent of the U. S. Christian 

25. Shell Spoon Same. 

Used same as above. 

26. Orderly Jacket N. Hitchcock. 


Worn by James C. Hitchcock, Co. C, 27th Regt. M. V. Died at 
Andersonville, Ga. 1864. 

30. Fatigue Cap W. O. Taylor, Shelburne Falls. 

Worn by Maj. Ozro Miller, loth Regt. M. V. Wounded and cap- 
tured at Malvern Hill, July i, 1862. Died in Libby Prison, July 15, 

31. Canteen John Barnard. 

Owned by J. C. Peters, Co. F, 49th Ala., at Port Hudson. Bought 
of him by the donor, after the surrender. 

32. Fractional Currency Hon. W. T. Davis, Greenfield. 

Issued by a noted Boston hotel keeper, in 1862, owing to the scarci- 
ty of small change. 

33. Draft Cylinder William Guinan, Greenfield. 

Used in grh Congressional District, during the civil war, 1861-5, i" 
drafting soldiers. 

34. Photograph. W. T. Barnard, Baltimore. 

Of papers found on the assassin, Lewis H. Payne, who attempted 
Sec. Seward's life, April 20, 1865. 

35. Lincoln's Second Inauguration Rev. E. Buckingham. 

March 4th, 1865. 

51. Rifle Shell Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

52. Fragment of Shell Same. 

53. Fuse Tube of Shell Same. 

54. Hand Grenade Same. 

55. Percussion Shell Same. 

56. Percussion Shell Same. 

57. Hard Tack Same. 

Brought from Culpepper Co., Va., 1864. 

58. Clay Same. 

From tunnel under Forts at Petersburg, Va. 

59. Handmade Comb Same. 

60. Gun Barrel Mrs. L. W. Champney. 

From ruins of Fort Sumter. 

61. Confederate Company Flag Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

Taken at Petersburg. 

62. Glue Bag, from battlefield Same. 

63. Relics of the capture of Port Hudson. . . .Mrs. Adeline M. Barnard. 

Brought home by John Barnard, 52d Regt. M. V. 
65. Cartridge and Company Badge Chas. V. Lanman, 

Co. G, 38th Regt. M. V. 
56. Cartridge and Ammunition. 

Belong with No. 23. 
67. Ammunition Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

From Virginia Battlefields. 

70. Grape Shot Same . 

Picked up at the recapture of Fort Stedman. 

71. Same Same. 


72. Confederate Cartridges Mrs. E. C. Potter, Greenfield. 

73. Cartridges Albert Smith, Gill. 

From Petersburg, Va. 

74. U. S. Soldier's Belt Buckle W. O. Taylor, Shelburne Falls. 

Found in 1872, Grand Junction, Miss. 

75. Confederate Buckle James Smith. Whately. 

76. Asbestos Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

From battlefield. 

77. Piece of Shell Same. 

From battlefield. 

78. Percussion Cap Case Same. 

79. Time Fuse Shell Same. 

80. Exploded Canister Same. 

81. Exploded Canister Same. 

82. R. R. Ticket Lynchburgh to Appomattox Same. 

83. Fragment of Brick Mrs. Hannah Jenks. 

84. Piece Telegraph Wire Same. 

85. Piece of Rebel Storm Flag Same. 

86. Grain of Cannon Powder Same. 

Last four Nos. from Fort Pulaski, Savannah, April 11, 1862, by 
Miss Mary O. Jenks. 

87. Shell Same, 

Taken by Miss Mary O. Jenks, from Martello Tower, Tybee Island. 
Built by the French, in 1665. 
100. Rocking Chair Mrs. Thos. Kennedy. 

Belonged to the family of David Wells, 
loi. Pres. Edward Hitchcock, D. D., N. Hitchcock. 

Of Amherst College. Born in Deerfield, 1793. 

102. Portrait of Hon. George Sheldon J. W. Champney. 

103. Col. Elihu Hoyt Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

104. Dea. Henry Hitchcock N. Hitchcock. 

Of Deerfield. Born 1783. 

105. Carved Oak Chest James A. Reed, Dummerston, Vt. 

111. Rocking Chair Cephas G. Clapp. 

112. Arm Chair Dickinson Estate. 

113. Rev. Titus Strong of Greenfield B. F. Popkins, Greenfield. 

1 14. Hon. Jonathan E. Field Rev. R. Crawford. D. D. 

115. Rev. Hiram P. Arms, D. D Himself. 

117. Gov. John Leverett Rev. W. S. Alexander, Pomfret, Conn. 

118. Mrs. Susan H. Fowler Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

Mountain Cottage, Orange Co., N. Y. Born at Vernon, Vt., 1794. 

Daughter of Squire Howe, an Indian Captive. 

119. Gov. Geo. N. Briggs Rev. R. Crawford, D. D. 

120. Wright Family Hon. W. W. Wright, Geneva, N. Y. 

Elijah Wright, born in Deerfield, 1781 ; died, 1866. 

David " " " 1784 ; " 1861. 

Henry " " " 1786 ; " 1872. 

Stephen " " " 1789 ; " 1875. 


123. Cynthia Wright Same. 

Born in Deerfield, 1779. 

124. Mrs. Dr. Joseph Woodward Same. 

Born in Deerfield, 1793. 

120, 123, 124, All of one family. 

125. Oak Chest Moses S. Ward. 

Came down through several generations of Stebbins family, his 


126. Rocking Chair Mrs. Mary W. Fogg. 

Made for Little Mary Hawks. 

130. John Quincy Adams. 

131. Washington. 

132. Washington. 

From a portrait by Sharpless, presented by Washington to Col.- 

133. Presidents of the United States. Washington to Polk. 

134. John Adams. 

135. Abraham Lincoln. 

136. Andrew Jackson. 

137. Andrew Jackson. 

138. Thos. Jefferson. 

139. John Adams. 

140. Washington. 

141. Washington. 

142. Washington. 

143. Rev. Andrew Reed, London. 

144. Rev. Jesse Appleton. 

145. Miss Hannah More. 
^45/4- Joseph T. Buckingham. 

146. Philip Doddridge, D. D. 

147. Washington and his Family. 

148. George Whitfield. 

149" Lyman Arms L. Arms, Adams, N. Y. 

150. Samuel C. Bowles. 

151. Old Divines. 

161. Profiles Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

Reuben Smith of Northfield, 1740 — 1832. Elizabeth, daughter of 

Ebenezer Lane, 1743 — 1829. 

162. Profiles Geo. Sheldon. 

John Sheldon, Persis (Hoyt) Sheldon. 

163. Profile Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

164. Profile Same. 

165. Profile Mrs. E. K. Brown ,. 

166. Profile Mrs. Lucy G. Childs. 

167. Profile Mrs.fC. E. B. Allen. 

Mary, daughter of Reuben Smith, 1777 — 1812. 



168. Profile Mrs. Lucy G. Childs. 

Derrick Smith. 

Mrs. Derrick Smith. 

169. Profile Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

170. Profile Persis Sheldon Geo. Sheldon. 

171. Profile Polly Sheldon Same. 

172. Profile Mrs. David Hoyt Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

173. Profile David Hoyt Same. 

200. Table Same. 

From an Old Albany Family. 

201. Chair Elisha Wells. 

202. Chair Mrs. Elvira Richards, Northfield. 

203. Chair Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

204. Arm Chair J. B. Woodbury, Sunderland. 

205. Chair S. T. Grout. 

207. Triangular Arm Chair Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

208. Sofa Mrs. Helen M. Stebbins. 

209. Memorial of George Fuller. The volume prepared by the friends 
of the artist as a tribute to his genius and memory. 

Memorial Tablets. 


Erected A. D., mdccclxxxii. 



In honor of the Pioneers 

of this Valley, by whose courage 

and energy, faith and fortitude 

the savage was expelled, 

and the wilderness subdued; 

and to perpetuate the remembrance 

of the suiferings at Deerfield, 

Feb. 29TH, 1703 — 4, 

when, before the break of day, 340 French 

and Indians, under the Sieur Hertel 

de Rouville, swarming in over the 

palisades on the drifted snow, 

surprised and sacked the sleeping town, 

and killed or captured 

the greater part of its inhabitants. 

On Tablets at either hand, 

recorded in love and reverence by their kindred; 

are the 7iames and ages of those 

who lost their lives in the assault, 

or were slain in the Meadows 

in the heroic attempt to rescue the captives, 

or who died on the hurried 

retreat to Canada, victims to starvation 

or the tomahawk. 



On the retreat. Her Jnisband, 
Ebenezer, 27, with children, Sarah, 

4, Waitstill, 2, and nephew, 
Daniel Crawford, 3, were captur- 
ed. The father atid Sarah returned. 


and daughter, Mary, 2, 

Captured and redeemed, 

Mary, the wife and mother, 36. 

Martin, his father, 45, 

■with other children, 
Martin, 17, Joseph, 12, 
Joanna, 11, Rebecca, 8, 

were captured. 

All returned but Joanna, 

who married an Indian Chief. 

The others became 

noted official interp7'eters 

in the Old 

French War. 

nims family. 

Henry, 22, Mehitable, Jr., 7, 
Mary and Mercy, 5. 
Mehitable, the mother, 36, 
wife of Godfre)', on the retreat. 
Other children captured, 
Ebenezer, 17, Abigail, 2, 
Elizabeth Hull, 15. 
Taken Oct. 8, 1703, 
John, 24, Zebediah Williams, 28. 
Johti ran away June, 1704, Ebene- 
zer and Elizabeth redeemed. 


Infant. Mehuman, his father, 31, 

the first white man born in town, 

with wife, Mary, were captured and 

came home. 

with infant. Philip, 

her husband, 24, on the retreat. 

Sarah, his sister, 17, 

captured, redeemed, 

and married Zechariah Field. 


"Mr." JOHN CATLIN, 65, 

Son of John and Isabella, of 

Wethersfield, Conn. One of the founders 

of Newark, N. J., i66j. 

He came to Deerfield, i6Sj, 

at its permanent settlement. 

Noted in the annals of both towns. 

Progenitor of the Deerfield Catlins, 

h^was killed in defending their 

ancestral home. 

Children slain, 

Jonathan, with his father; 

Joseph, on the Meadows, 

Capiu7-ed and redeemed, 

John, 17, and Ruth. 

John French, infant. 

Mary (CatlinX on the retreat. 

Dea. Thomas, the father and 

husband, with other children 

Mary, 17, Thomas, 14, 

Freedom, ii, Martha, 8, 

Abigail, 6, were captured. 

Dea. French, with Mary and Thomas 

were redeemed. 

Elizabeth (Catlin), wife of James Corse, 

on the retreat. 

Elizabeth, Jr., 8, captured. 

Alive in Canada, fjib. 




about 64, " smothered in a cellar, 

with Mary (Price), 23, 

Sarah, 4, William, 2, 

Mother, wife and Children 

of Samuel Smead. 

SARAH, 50, 

Wife of Robert Price. 

Samuel, 18, 

their son, 

was cuptured and 



Of seven men and a few women 
who defended his house against the 
fierce assaults of the savages for two 
hours, he only was slain. 


about 64, a settler of 1670, 

with granddaughter, Mercy Root, 

15. Mary, his wife, 64, 

was killed on the 



Hannah, wife of John, 39, 

shot through the 

Old Indian House Door, 

Mercy, 2, 

Killed on the door stone. 

Captured and returned, 

Hannah, Jr., 23, 

Mary, 16, 

Ebenezer, 12, 

Remembrance, ii. 

hoyt family. 

David, Jr., 24, on the Meadow. 

Dea. David, 52, starved at Coos. 

Abigail, 2, on the retreat. 

The wife and mother, 

Abigail (Pomroy) Hoyt, 44, 

with children, Lydia Pomroy, 20. 

Sarah, 17, Jonathan, 15, 

and Ebenezer, 8, were captured. 

All but the latter returned. 




Persons killed, 

Hannah, wife of Samuel, 29, 

Tho mas, 4, Marah, 3, and 

Hannah, 7 mo's, //wir children 

Captured children, 

Samuel, 12, Mercy, 10, John, 8, 

and Ebcnezer, 6. 

Ebcnezer alone returned, 

he was one of ^^-.e early settlers 

of Catiaan Parish, now N^ew 

Canaan, Conn. 


John, 6, Jerusha, an infant, 

wife and children of the 

Rev. John VVillianis, 40 

First Minister of Deerfield, 

" The Redeemed Captive." 

Their children captured, 

Samuel, 15, Esther, ri, 

Stephen, id, Eunice, 7, 

Warham, 4, — all returned 

but Eunice, who married, 

June 17 1 J, Amrusus, 

an Indian. 


Alice, wife of Sergt. John; 

JoHX, Jr., 32, with wife 

Thankful (Smead), 36, 

and children, 

John, 7, Martha, 4, 

Thankful, 2, were 

" Smothered in a cellar." 

Elizabeth, 6, daughter of 

Sergt. John, on the retreat. 


Mary, her mother, 28, 

Wife of John, 

With children, 

Mary, 6, and John, 3, 

were captured. 

Mary adopted by an Indiait, 

Was named Wai.ahgwey. 

She married a savage 

(r}td becaiiie one. 



and men tvho came to the rescue 

from the towns belo7V. 

In the assault; 

Jonathan Ingersol, 28, 

Thomas Selden, 26, "^ 

Martin Smith, about 50. 

On the Meadows; 

Sgt. Benjamin Wait, about 54, 

the he7'o of the Connecticut Valley; 

Samuel Allls, 56, 

Samuel Foot, about 26, 

of Hatfield, 

Joseph Catlin, about 23, 

David Hoyt, Jr., 24, 

of Dcerfield, 

Sot. Samuel Boltwood, about 53, 

Robert, his son, 21, 

Jonathan Ingram, 27, 

Nathaniel Warner, Jr., 22, 

of Hadley. 

Jacob Hickson, 20, 

Starved on French River. 



MARY BROOKS, on the retreat. 

Nathaniel, her husband, 39, 

Mary, 7, and William, 6, 

tlieir children, captured. 
Only t/ie fat/ier caiite home. 

Mary Wells, 30, 

Daughter of Lieut. Thomas. 

Hepzibah, her mother, 54, 

wife of Daniel Belding, 

on the retreat. 


Elizabeth, his wife, 20, 

Daughter of Robert Price, 

captured. In 1716, 

she married in Canada, 

Jean Fotirneau. 

Pathena. Frank, 

her husband on 

the retreat; 

Negro servants of the 

Rev. John Williams. 

benoni hurst, 2, 

on the retreat. His mother, 

WiD. Sarah, with children, 

Sarah, 18, Elizabeth, 16, 

Thomas, 12, Hannah, 8, 

Ebenezer, 5, were captured. 

The mother with the 

two older children, 


Esther Pomroy, 27, 

on the retreat. 

Joshua, her husband, 28, 

captured and came back. 

John Allen, 44, slain by Indians 

at the Bars, May 11, 1704. 

His wife, Elizabeth, was 

captured, and killed 

in the woods near by. 

Line of Descent. 

1, Edward, of Ipswich, 1670, d. 1696. 

2, John, b. 1660. 

3, John, b. 1684. 

4, Noah, b. 1727. 

5, Apollos, b. 1756. 

6, Marsena, b. 1789. 

7, Samuel P., b. 1814. 

8, Cornelia S. Allen Smith, b. 1839, 

by whom, this Tablet 
is erected. 



List of Contributors to Memorial Taplets. 

Arms, Miss Jennie M., Greenfield, 
Baker, Miss C. Alice, Cambridge, 
Bryant, Mrs. Isabella Hoyt, 
Carter, Wm. Chauncey, 

Jacksonville, 111. 
Carter, Ann J., Fredericksburg, Va. 
Carter, Mary L., Fredericksburg, Va. 
Carter, Adolphus F., 

New Canaan, Conn. 
Carter, Cornelia Comstock, 

New Canaan, Conn. 
Carter, Samuel, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Arthur Carter Anderson, 

New York. 
Marion Carter Olmstead, " 
Annie L. Carter, Olmstead, " 
Emma Carter Munson, 

Thomas Carter, Comstock, 

Fargo, Dak. 
Harry Carter Dailev, 

Webster City, la. 
Rev. Wm. Carter Merritt, 

Honolulu, H. I. 
Catlin, Miss Carrie S., 

Washington, D. C. 
Childs, Mrs. Elizabeth H., 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
Childs, Henry, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Corse, Rev. Chas. C, Pennsylvania. 
Corse, Charles, Jr., Lockhaven, Pa. 
Corse, Frederick, M. D., 

Kingston, Pa. 
Corse, Cornelia C, Kingston, Pa. 

Corse, Alfred E., Sandy Creek, N.Y. 

Champney, Mrs. Lizzie W. 

Field, Mrs. Rebecca W., Brookline, 

Fuller, George, 

Hawks, Frederick, 

Hitchcock, Nathaniel, 

Hinsdale, Miss Emily, Bernardston, 

Hoyt, Arthur W. 

Hoyt, A. Clarence, New York, 

Huntington, Mrs. E. H., 

Cleveland, O. 
Nims, E. S., Lexington, Mich. 
Nims, W. R., Lexington, Mich. 
Nims, George R., Romeo, Mich. 
Nims, J. W., Romeo, Mich, 
Nims, Fred. A., Mushen, Mich. 
Nims, Chas. L., Sand Beach, Mich. 
Pierce, Miss Jane W., Worcester, 
Pratt, Martha G. 
Putnam, Carry W., 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Smead, Elihu, Newton, 
Smead, Miss Amelia, Newton, 
Smith, Mrs. Cornelia S. Allen, 

Stebbins, Albert, 
Sheldon, John, Greenfield, 
Sheldon, George, 
Terry, Mrs. Emily H., Amherst, 
Taylor, Wm. O., Bedford O. 
Thompson, F. M., Greenfield, 
Wells Henry, Shelburne, 
Williams, Rt. Rev. John, 

Middletown, Conn. 

The Domestic Room. 

This room contains the home implements, by which our 
feminine ancestors deftly carded, spun and wove their linen, 
and other household materials. Every stage, from raw mate- 
rial to finished product, is represented here, and every article 
has done good service in its day. 

I. Old Fashioned House Loom John Luey, Shelburne. 

Smead family loom. Brought from Cornish. N. H. 

Loom Harness Frame McCI'ellan Brothers. 

Loom Pulleys John Luey, Shelburne. 

Harness McClellan Brothers. 

Reeds for Loom John Luey, Shelburne. 

Loom Temples John Montague, Sunderland. 

Shuttle Mrs. D. C. Kimball, Leverett. 

Shuttles Mrs. D. C. Rice, Leverett. 

Shuttles Mrs. Clark D. Shearer, Colrain. 

g^z- Shuttles, Misses Emily and Fanny Hinsdale, Bernardston. 

Needle ... Henry Wells, Shelburne.. 

For knitting loom harness. 

Shuttle Henry Shepherd, Montague. 

Bobbins Elisha Stratton, Northfield. 

Netting Needle Henry Wells, Shelburne. 

Tow Cloth Geo. Sheldon. 

Linen Same. 

Worsted Combs Dea, P. Field, Charlemont, 

Quill Basket John Montague, Sunderland. 

Warping Frame Same. 

Skarne Same. 

Used in holding spools for warping. 
2lj4- Quill Boxes Marshall S. Stearns, Northfield. 

Used by Mrs. Statira P. Stearns. 

22. Harness Needle. 

23. Basket for Bobbins John Montague, Sunderland, 

25. Weaver's Pecker Pegs John Luey, Shelburne. 

26. Swifts N. Hitchcock. 

The seventh stage from flax, in the manufacture of cloth. 

27. Hand Calico Print Stamp Mrs. C. W. Hoyt, 

From the Old Indian House. 

28. Hand Calico Print Stamp Same. 

Same as No. 27. 


30. Fine Linen Hatchels William Riddell, Greenfield, 

Smuggled from Ireland. 

34. Tape Loom Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

Used by Mrs. Judith Bardwell and Mrs. Anna Williams. 

35. Tape Loom William Riddell, Greenfield, 

36. Clock Reel Frank Childs. 

37. Clock Reel- 

sS. Quill Wheel John Luey, Shelburne. 

The eighth stage. Spooling and quilling. 

39. Quill Wheel, novel pattern Mrs. Nancy A. Chapin, Gill. 

39>^. Swifts Geo. Sheldon. 

Used by his mother. 

40. Clock Reel Mrs. Julia A. Allen. 

41. Hand Cards Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

42. Tow Yarn. Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

43. Linen Thread Same. 

43 >^. Tow Yarn Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

44. Cards Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

45. Clock. Reel Cephas G. Clapp. 

46. Linen Yarn Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

47. Little Flax Spinning Wheel Henry C. Haskell. 

The fifth stage from the flax. 

48. Same as 46. 

49. Distaff Henry C.^Haskell. 

50. Combs or Cards Mrs. Susan S. Sheldon. 

51. Flyers Henry C. Haskell. 

52. Water Cup Same. 

54. Linen Yarn Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

55. Yarns Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

56. Cards Mrs. Direxa Nims. 

57. Swingling Knife Franklin Arms, Conway. 

58. Spinning Wheel N.Hitchcock. 

59. Cards Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

60. Flax, after fourth stage. 

61. Linen Weaving Yarn Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

62. Spinning Wheel Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

63. Hatchel. 

65. Cards Mrs. L. D. Shearer, Colrain. 

66. Swingling Knife Mary R. Nims. 

" Uncle Bill " Russell's. 

67. Swingling Knife Moses Ward. 

68. Swingling Board Franklin Arms, Conway. 

The second stage from the flax. 

69. Swingling Knife Geo. Sheldon. 

Owned by Ensign John Sheldon. 

70. Flax after third stage Mrs. L. D. Shearer, Colrain. 

71 to 73. Flax after third stage. Mrs. Geo. A. Arms, Greenfield. 


74. Hatchel Heirs of John Wilson. 

75. Hatchel Col. R. H. Leavitt, Charlemont. 

76. Hatchel Geo. Sheldon. 

77. Hatchel Same. 

78. Flax Brake Franklin Arms, Conway. 

Breaking raw material, first stage. Made b)' Abel DeWolf, before 

1802. Owned by Joseph Rice in 1802; his son Austin in 1837; since 
by the donor. 

79. Coarse Hatchel Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

The third stage. Owned and branded with his initials by John 

Nims. 1718 — 17S0. 

80. Hank of Flax Mrs. Susah Dike Marsh, Northfield. 

Reel Geo. Sheldon. 

Tape Loom Mrs. Sabra F. Long, Greenfield. 

Distaff (for Linen Lawn.) 

Blades or Swift Miss F. H. Wilson. 

Wheel Head Mrs. L. L. Boyden, Conway. 

Hatchel William Riddell, Greenfield. 

Old Chest N. Hitchcock. 

91^. Wool Rolls for Spinning Mrs. L. D. Shearer, Colrain. 

92 to 100. Wheel Heads Sundry Parties. 

Sundry Patterns. 
for. Hand Reel or Niddy-Noddy Mrs. Sam'l L. Taylor, So. Wellfleet. 

Marked "N. M." (Nabby Marshall), born in 1755, died in 1859, I04 
years old. 

102. Hand Calico Print Block Mrs. Silas Smith. 

103. Hand Calico Print " Same. 

104. Small Print Block, for a Corner Mrs. John Listen. 

105. Clock Reel Mrs. Edward W. Stebbins. 

106. Small Pattern Great Wheel Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

Made for " Little Mary" Hawks. 

107. Hammer Reel Mrs. Mathew Smith. 

108. Great Wheel Mrs, L. L. Boyden, Conway, 

109. Great Wheel N. Hitchcock. 

no. Great Wheel Miss F. H. Wilson. 

111. Great Wheel Same, 

112. Wheel Finger Same. 

113. Coarse Part of Flax or Tow Mrs. Dennis Stearns, Conway. 

114. Niddy-Noddy... Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

116. Double-flyer Spinning Wheel. . . Col. T. W. Ripley, Greenfield. 

Spinning two threads at once. 

115. Niddy-Noddy Miss Louisa Rice, Charlemont. 

This reel was brought from Ireland in 1733, by Hugh Maxwell, 

father of Col. Maxwell, of Revolutionary fame. Emigrants were not 
allowed to bring manufacturing implements with them, and this was 

The Main Hall. 

This includes the Revohitionarj Group of articles which 
were directly connected with that period ; the Mechanical, 
Agricultural, Scientific, Miscellaneous and* Personal Relic 
Departments ; the attempt at reproduction of primitive Bed- 
chamber and Parlor ; the collections of old fashioned Clothing ; 
of Coins and Medals ; of Curiosities ; and several cases of 
Pewter, Porcelain, Glass, and old Delft and English Blue 
Ware. Many things of great interest it is impossible to classi- 
fy, and the entire hall is worthy of close inspection. 

Revolutionary Group. 

1. Flint Lock Musket. . . .Col. R. H. Leavitt, Charlemont. 

Carried by Col. Hugh Maxwell of Heath, the maternal grandfather 
of donor, in the Revolutionary War. 

2. Photograph of Pay Roll C. H. McClellan, Greenfield. 

Col. Hugh McClellan's Co., in Col. David Wells' Regiment. 1777. 
Who took part in the capture of Burgoyne. 

3. Honorable Discharge. 

From Revolutionary Army. Thaddeus Brooks, N. Y., June 30, 

4. Bullet Pouch Mrs. Esther Dickinson. 

5. Sword Azariah Boyden. 

Carried by Capt. Cook of Hadley, in Revolutionary War. Proba- 
bly at Bunker Hill. Given to donor by a great-grandson, Charles 

6. English Gun John Fellows, Shelburne. 

Found by Capt. John Fellows of Shelburne, on the field of Saratoga, 
after the surrender of Burgoyne. Great-grandfather of the donor. 
Tower mark on lock, with crown and G. R. ; on the stock is pricked 
R. D., 1777. I. F. on brass plate. 

7. Cartridge Box Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

8. Washington Crossing the Delaware G. Sheldon. 

9. Sword James Stebbins. 

Carried at Bunker Hill, by Capt. Joseph Stebbins, grandfather of 

10. Certificate of Membership Mrs, C. W. Hoyt. 

Of Col. Elihu Hoyt, in the Bunker Hill Association. 


11. Commission Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

Lieut Noah Bardwell. Revolutionary Army, April, 1776. Auto- 
graphs of Massachusetts Committee of Safety, who were charged by 
the people with the direction of the Provincial Government. 

12. Commission Frank W. Stebbins. 

Capt. Joseph Stebbins, July i, 1775- Autograph John Hancock, 
President Continental Congress. 

13. Brass Candlestick Miss Louisa Rice, Charlemont. 

Taken at Burgoyne's surrender, Saratoga, Oct. 17, 1777. Brought 
home by Col. Maxwell, her grandfather. 

14. Elegy on Washington Mrs. N. D. Campbell. 

15. Burgoyne's Towel Mrs. E. B. Fithian, St. Louis. 

The tradition therewith is that at the surrender, Oct. 17, 1777, his 
linen was divided among the American officers. This towel fell to the 
share of Capt. Joseph Stebbins. 

16. Canteen Mrs. H. B. Clark, Erving. 

Used in the Revolutionary Armj^ 

17. Boston Massacre Mrs. O. E. Huntington, Cleveland, O. 

King street, now State street, March 5, 1770. Engraved by Paul 

18. Autograph Letters. 1777. 

Ebenezer Ma)'nard, William Bancroft, Joseph Rice, to their families, 
from the seat of war, near Fort Edward. 

19. Piece of Homemade Linen Miss Abby Maxwell, Charlemont. 

From the Revolutionary flag of Col. Maxwell. Also, one of the 
thirteen stars from the same. 

20. Muster Roll C. H. McClellan, Greenfield. 

Of Colrain Minute Men. Col. Hugh McClellan's, April 20, 1885. 

21. Warrant for Deerfield Town Meeting Charles Jones. 

June 20, 1776. "Would the town support Congress in the Declara- 
tion of Independence?" 

25. Bullet Pouch Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

26. Musket Jerry Baker. 

Carried at Bunker Hill, by his grandfather. 

27. Sword Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

Carried at Bunker Hill, by Lieut John Bardwell, grandfather of 

28. Scabbord of No. 9 James Stebbins. 

29. Bullet Pouch Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

30. Hessian Musket . John Stearns, Conway. 

Captured at Saratoga, and carried afterwards in the American Army 
by John Broderick. Marks, xxxvvxxxviiii. E. C. or G. on the brass 
plate. L B. (John Broderick) on the stock, with knife. — D. S. (Dari- 
us Stearns) father of the donor. 

31. Canteen Henry Shepherd, Montague. 

Carried by John Hill, a British soldier, who deserted at Boston, in 
1775. Grandfather of donor. 



32. Canteen Geo. Sheldon. 

Marked D. D., probably carried in the Revolutionary War, by Maj. 
David Dickinson. 

33. Earthen Canteen, " Monkey Jug," . . . .Mrs. Geo. L. Moore, Leverett. 

34. Old Fork Geo. Sheldon. 

From Burke Fort, at Bernardston. See tag attached. 

49. Piece of Silk Flag Dea. P. Field, Charlement. 

Captured at the surrender of Burgoyne, and brought home by Col. 
Hugh Maxwell. 

50. Orders of the Day Wm. T. Barnard, Baltimore. 

American Army, 1780. Issued at and near West Point. 

51. Fac Simile of same Same. 

52. Canteen Mrs. Ryland Warriner, Philadelphia. 

Carried in the Revolutionary Army, by Hezekiah Warriner. 

53. Fragment from Ethan Allen's Monument. 

54. Bullet Moulds Warren Albee, Charlemont. 

" Kept hot night and day for two weeks before Bunker Hill." 

55. Independence Watch James K. Stebbins, Ashtabula, O. 

The letters of " Independence " are used, instead of figures for the 

56. Bullet James Smith, Whately. 

From Bunker Hill. 

59. Sword J. B. Saxton. 

Carried at Bennington, 1777. Given to donor by David Lamson of 
Newfane, Vt., who had it from his father. 

60. Artillery Boxes David Mowry, Leyden. 

Belonged to a caisson captured from Gen. Baum at Bennington. 

61. Military Chest Col. T. W. Ripley, Greenfield. 

Carried through the Revolution, by Lieut Caleb Clapp. 

62. Cannon Hook D. Mowry, Leyden. 

Same as No. 60. For hitching drag ropes to axletree. 

63. Spectacles Mrs. Hawley, Shutesbury. 

125 years old. 

64. Pocket Book Same. 

125 years old. Carried through Revolutionary War. 

65. Grape Shot Mrs. Lydia E. Gaines, Millers Falls. 

Brought from Revolutionary War, by Isaac Kendall. 

75. Camp Kettle J. F. Hale, Bernardston. 

Used by Maj. John Burke, of the Independent Rangers, during the 
French and Indian Wars, 1744 — 1760. 

190. Blinds from Steeple of Old Church, 1729 Charles Jones. 

191. Blinds from Windows, Old Church, 1729 Philo Munn. 

192. Ornamental Work, Front Door of Old Church, 1729 . . Chas. Jones. 
195. Wicket Ball Bat, period 1825 — 30 Same. 


196. Well Pole, from Uncle Liph's Well Same, 

200. Knapsack W. O. Taylor, Shelburne Falls. 

Carried by Moses Nelson of Buckland, War of 1S12, 

201. Cartridge Box Same. 

Same as No. 200. 

202. Cartridge Box. 

203. Canteen Geo. Sheldon. 

War of 1812. 

204. Canteen Mrs. Ashton Carter, Charlemont. 

Used by Benjamin Carter of Buckland, in 1812. 

205. Supposed Saxon Battle Axe Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

206. Hands from the Old Church Clock Geo. Sheldon. 

209. Works from Old Church Clock, 1744 Same. 

210. Portmanteau Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

211. " Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

212. " Geo. Sheldon. 

213. Cane * 

214. Whip Mrs. Oscar A. Hawks, Greenfield. 

Used on old stage coach by her husband, who drove down the Val- 
ley, before railroads. 

215. Mexican " Quyrt," J. H. Reed, Marion, O. 

Bought at Fort Laramie, Wyoming Ter. 

216. Mexican Bridle George Wells, Bernardston. 

217. Cane * 

218. Mexican Spur. Chas. A. Hawks, Albuquerque, N. M. 

225. Wooden Knot Bowl Dickinson Estate. 

227. Stirrup, Patent Safety. 

228. Saddle Bags and Medicine Pouch, Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne, 
Long used by Dr. Bull. 

229. Spur. 

230. Sugar Cutter Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

231. Shaving Case of Wood, Home-made Geo. Sheldon. 

232. " " " Arthur Hutchings. 

233. " " " Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

234. " " " Same. 


236. Mining Lamp James A. Hawks. 

Used in Tunnels in Italy. 

237. Shears for Saddler's Use J. B. Hitchcock. 

239. Ice Caulks Geo. Sheldon. 

For walking on ice. 

240. Old Fashioned Shoe Pegs S. T. Grout. 

241. Ancient Nursery Heater Chauncey Bryant, Greenfield. 

242. Optical Apparatus * 

243. Woodchuck's Hide Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

Tanned by Uncle " Sid." 

243^. Leaning Board from the Old Church N.Hitchcock. 



244. Arm Rest from Old Church .Mrs. Direxa Nims. 

245. Rude Stone Work .... Moses J. Powers, Whately. 

246. Tray, Dr. David Rice, Leverett,. 

247. Portmanteau Elisha Smead, Shelburne. 

248. Curious Wood Formation * 

249. Wooden Handle Benjamin Ray. 

250. Wooden Spoon CM. Ray. 

251. Knot of Wood * 

252. Spoon Mould Lewis Taylor, Hinsdale, N. H. 

253. Iron Rings G. Sheldon. 

Found under the tread of stairs in donor's house. Presumably 

charms against witches. 

254. Loaf Sugar Cutter Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

255. Silhouette Tracer James Long, Greenfield, 

275. Army Chest Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

Carried through the Revolutionary War by Lieut. Tertius Taylor of 


276. Old Trunk S. T. Grout. 

277. Mail Bag J. L. Delano, Sunderland. 

Supposed first one used at Sunderland P. O. 

300. Cane * 

301. Skates. 

302. Turtle Shell, Back * 

303. Turtle Belly *" 

304. Basket Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

305. Top Boots ... Elihu Smead, Shelburne. 

Made by his father, in 1813. 

306. Peaked Shoes Henry Wells, Shelburne. 

307. " ... Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

308. Wooden Shoe W. O. Taylor, Shelburne Falls. 

309. Shoes, Linen and Wood * 

Worn by William Dorrell, founder of the Dorrellites, 1796, who re- 
fused to kill animals, or wear anything made from animal materials. 

312. Sword Leon Hawks, Greenfield. 

From the house of above, one of Burgoyne's soldiers, cuptured at 

310. Indian Moccasins * 






Shoes Dickinson. 

Worn by Consider Dickinson. 

Last for Child's Shoe , S. T. Grout. 

Last for " Little Mary " Hawks' Shoes Martha G. Pratt. 

Wooden Shoes from Holland * 

Shoe from the Azores Miss C. Alice Baker, Cambridge. 

Spike Albert Smith, Montague. 

From the old Montague Canal, in operation, 1800 — 1804. 

Boot, Canadian Rev. L. S. Crawford, Topsfield. 

Skates. . . Henry Wells, Shelburne. 

Worn by W. T. Wells of Troy, in 1840. 


32a States Rufus Howland, Greenfield. 

Worn by donor, wh€n a boy. 

321. Boots ...Mrs. E.Dickinson. 

322. Cane * 

323.; Palm Leaf * 

324. Fan from Pacific Islands * 

326. Large Turtle Shell Edwin B. Smtad, Baltimore. 

327. East Indian Pouch * 

328. Costume of Pacific Islander * 

329. Large Fan Handle * 

330. Bark Cloth * 

331. " * 

332. Palm Fans John Williams, Esq.* 

335- " * 

334. Tapestry * 

340. Marking Tool Marshall S. Stearns, Northfield. 

341. Moulding Tool John Stearns, Conway. 

350. Set of Cooper's Tools Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

351. Calipers L. L. Luey, Greenfield. 

For measuring rafts, at South Hadley. 

352. Board Measure Charles Lee. 

Hand made, by Capt. Eliot Field, about 1800. Figures cut with 


353. Wooden Compass, for Cooper's use Henry Wells, Shelburne. 

354. Small Wooden Compass, for Cooper's use Same. 

355. Chine Shave, for Cooper's use Same. 

356. Wimble Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

357. Old Hide Covered Trunk Miss Mary Willard. 

The kind brought by English Settlers in the early days. 

400. Scales A. B. Bartlett. 

40T. Wooden Trowel Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

For Mason's ues. 

402. Calipers Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

403. Large Draw Shave Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Dr. Bull's. 

405. Set of Corpenter's Tools Col. T. W. Ripley, Greenfield. 

More than 100 years old, which belonged to Capt. Caleb Clapp, 
grandfather of donor. 

406. Moulding Tool G. Wardwell, Winchester, N. H. 

407. Wooden Try Square J. B. Hitchcock. 

407^. Beveling Instrument Same. 

408. Marking Tool F. M. Thompson, Greenfield. 

Supposed to have been used by Godfrey Nims. 1680 — 1705. 

409. Wooden Try Square Marshall S. Stearns, Northfield. 

410. Bit Stock Mrs. H. B. Clark, Erving, 

412. Pod Auger Henry Wells, Shelburne. 

415. Bit Stock Elisha Stratton, Northfield, 


413. Plane Henry Wells, Shelbunte 

Over a century old. 

414. Wooden Bit Stock Same 

416. Three Planes Lyman Gilbert, Northfield 

More than 100 years old, 

417. Bit Stock J. D. Battles, Northfield Farms. 

Entirely of Wood, 

418. Bif Stock James S. Richardson, Montague, 

419. Gauge J. B. Hitchcock, 

420. Dividers Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne, 

Made by John Partridge Bull. 1750 — 60. 

4fi. Marking Tool. 

422. Rule Mrs- Mary R, Nims, 

William Russell's, 

423. Dividers Dea, P. Field, Charlemont. 

425. Iron Spud , N. Hitchcock, 

427. Leather Apron Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

424. Gun Barrel Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Unfinished, by John P. Bull. 

428. Uncle Sid's Saddle Dickinson Estate, 

450. Part of Old Store Scales Geo. Sheldon. 

451. Rake. 

452. Swingling Knife. 

453. Hoe. 

454. Rope made from Rushes, 

455. Bill Hook. 

456. Pitch Fork. 

451 to 456 brought from the Azores in 1879, by Miss C. Alice Baker, 
who found them in use there. 

459. Twisted Pod Auger Mrs. Julia B. Wright, Montague. 

457. Bush Scythe Moses S. Ward. 

458. Cattle Poke Charles Jones. 

460. Hatter's Scales. .• N. Hitchcock. 

461. Double Steelyards Mrs. J. E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Made by John P. Bull. 

468. Picture of famous Ox " Constitution, " belonged to John Sanderson. 

469. Key. 

470. Frower Charles Jones. 

471. Window Spring. 

472. Spring Chest Lock Emory Lee, Greenfield. 

Made by a German Locksmith, before 1733. 

473. Knife Charles Jones. 

474. Hand made Padlock Solon Wiley, Greenfield. 

475. Old Pick Axe Mrs. J. E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Dr. Bull's. 

476. Tool for Making Mouldings Cljarles Sturtevant. 

478. Mop Iron Jona. Johnson, Greenfield. 

MAIN HALL. . 77 

479. Pick Axe J. B. Hitchcock. 

480. Pick Axe Marshall S. Stearns, Dummerston, Vt. 

481. Handle from Outer Door of Old Academy. 1799. 

482. Door Lock, James M, Porter, Greenfield,, 

Dug up in Greenfield, 

483. Fish Spear N. Hitchcock. 

484. Door Locks Mrs. H. Jenks. 

485. Old Knife Blade Elihu Smead, Newton. 

486. Garden Tool Rev. John Shepardson, Greenfield. 

487. Shoemakers' Hammer Geo. H. Williams. 

488. Lock and Door Latch combined. . . .Mrs. J. E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

489. Match Splitter Austin Ware. 

490. Branding Iron Joel Saxton. 

491. Mill Saw Set Charles Lee, Mill River. 

492. Gouge for Tapping Maple Trees Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

493. Currier's Knife Henry Wells, Shelburne. 

494. Currier's Knife Nathan Cobb, 

From the old John Ball Tannery, at Great River. 

495. Pattern of Cog Wheel Dea. P. Field, Charlemont, 

For cider mill grinder. 

496. Lock Mrs. Hannah Jenks. 

497. L. Hinges Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

498. Knot Mallet. Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

499. Adze Moses Ward, 

500. Basket Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

Canadian cradle, used as a cradle in Richard Watrous' family,. 1817. 

501. Cow Bell Hon. G. Sheldon. 

502. Sleigh Bells Misses E. and F. Hinsdale, Bernardston. 

503. Sleigh Bells N. Hitchcock. 

504. Sheep Bell Quintus Allen, Greenfield. 

505. Wooden Fetters Mrs. Julia B. Wright, Montague. 

For tethering horses. 

510. Saddle Bags N. Hitchcock. 

511. " " Mrs. Julia A. Allen. 

512. *' " Dr. E. Hitchcock, Amherst. 

513. " " Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

514. " " Hon. G. Sheldon. 

515. " " N.Hitchcock. 

516. Sap Yoke Moses S. Ward. 

517. Cow Bell. J. B. Hitchcock. 

518. Calf Yoke Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

519. Hog Yoke Jona. Johnson, Greenfield. 

Found in old Wells' House, Montague. 

520. Hog Yoke Henry Wells, Shelburne. 

521. Curry Comb Rev. L. S. Crawford, Topsfield. 

From Turkej. 

522. Comb Geo. Sheldon. 

For horse's main and tail 


523. Bill Hook Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

524. Curry Comb H. D. Graves, Sunderland. 

525. Corn Sheller H. C. Haskell. 

527. Double Travelling Basket Mrs. Marion C. Stebbins. 

526. Wooden Tether Henry Wells, Shelburne. 

526^. Iron Tether Same. 

526 and 526^ for tethering horses. 

528. Old Wooden Shovel, Iron Shod Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

529. Axe Same. 

Old Style. 

530. Bill Hook Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

531. Axe N. Hitchcock. 

Old Style. 

532. Worm Eaten Tree Trunk. 

533. Fork, Manure Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

533K- Fork, Manure Charles Jones. 

Marked C. H. & Z. Hawks. 

534. Feed Basket Miss Abby Barnard. 

Used by William Barnard, when teaming between Boston and Deer- 

535. Fork. 
Same as 533. 

536. Grain Shovel. 

536^^. Manure Fork Geo. Sheldon. 

Of improved pattern, about 1825. 

537. Scythe Joseph Boynton, South Wellfleet. 

Said to have come over in the Mayflower. 

538. Wooden Shovel ... J. L. Delano, Sunderland. 

Hoe Geo. Sheldon. 

Spade J. B. Saxton. 

Rail Boy Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

Riven Clapboards and Laths N. Hitchcock. 

Used 1760. See Label. 

Pitchfork Henry Wells, Shelburne. 

" Geo. Sheldon. 

Albert Smith, Gill. 

" Hiram Bardwell, Whately. 

Used on Isaiah Brown's farm, more than 100 years ago. 

Original Corn Sheller Marshall S. Stearns, Northfield. 

Meal Chest N. Hitchcock. 

Corn Sheller H. C. Haskell. 

Hay Knife James Long, Greenfield. 

Owned by Jonathan Flagg of Wilmington. 

Parts of Old Harness William Smead, Greenfield. 

Bow for Fastening Cattle Geo. Sheldon. 

Seive Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

Flail StaflF and Swingel Charles Jones. 






MAiN HALL. 79 

355. Breast Plate Horse Collar Geo. Sheldon. 

556. Chaise Harness Saddle M. S. Stearns, Northfield. 

557. Wooden Hames Charles Jones. 

558. Old Style Pitchfork Same. 

560. Skepe, or Corn Fan J. B. Hitchcock. 

561. Hatchel for Broom Corn Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

562. Snake Hook . W. M. Smead, Greenfield. 

Used by his great-grandfather Smead to pull rattlesnakes from 

under rocks, in Leyden, 125 years ago. 

563. Bog Hoe Henry Wells, Shelburne. 

564. Mattock Mrs. Julia B. Wright, Montague. 

575. Skepe Mrs. Dickinson. 

576. Skepe. Jolin Luey, Shelburne. 

577. Sickle N. Hitchcock. 

578. " Same. 

579' " Same. 

580. Seat of One Horse Vehicle . . .Charles Jones. 

Called a " Chair." In use during the Revolution. 

581. Plough M. S. Stearns, Dummerston, Vt. 


583. " , Dickinson Estate, 

584. " Jesse L. Delano, Sunderland. 

590. Side Saddle Mrs. Sally E. Ward, Northfield. 

591. Saddle Cloth Same. 

590 and 591 used in 1783, by Polly Alexander. 

593. Skepe Edward A. Hawks. 

Cut from a solid log. 

594. Saddle Bags. 

595. Paddle Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

596. Carriage Lamps Geo. Sheldon. 

From the first buggy in Franklin County. Built about 1830, by 

Field & Long, Greenfield, for " C. Stratton, Surgeon Dentist," the 
first of his craft in Western Massachusetts. 

600. Panel from Old Burke Tavern Frizzell Bros., Bernardston. 

Boston harbor — painted about 1812 by a guest who was afterward 

arrested as a British spy. 

601. Fire Board W. R. Saxton. 

From the Rufus Saxton house, fireplace and andirons in fresco. 

602. Tavern Sign Mrs. Sanford E. Marsh, Montague. 

M. Root, Montague, 1795. 

603. Tavern Sign Elisha Stratton, Northfield Farms. 

Northfield Farms, A. Stratton, 1724 — 1820, from the old Stratton 

tavern in Northfield, kept by Hezekiah Stratton, born 1724, died 1800. 

" " 1766, " 1825. 

Arad " " 1795. 

604. Tavern Sign Richard Hoyt, Bernardston. 

1792, old Burke Fort tavern, kept by Capt. John Burke, who com- 
manded a company of Rangers in the French and Indian wars. 


605. Tavern Sign Chas. T. Nims, Greenfield. 

Greenfield Meadows tavern burned in 1816. Donor is a descendant 

of Godfrey Nims, on whose home lot, purchased in 1694, this Memo- 
rial Hall stands. 

606. Tavern Sign Mrs. Julia Long, Greenfield. 

A. Thayer, Old Meeting House square, Greenfield, i8iq. 

607. Lace Frame and Bodkin Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

608. Netted Cotton Fringe Chas. Sturtevant. 

609. Old Chintz Curtains Miss Calista Hitchcock. 

610. Washstand Mrs. H. Jenks. 

Part of the marriage outfit of Isabella Hoyt. 'L^^. 

611. Blue Wash Bowl Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

612. Four-post Bedstead (with curtains.) Henry Wells Shelburne. 

Came down in the family of his mother, Arabella G. Sheldon. 

613. Linen Sheets, Pillow Cases and Bedtick Mrs. Mary R. Nims. 

614. Cradle Wm. Riddell, Greenfield. 

In which the " Belle of Greenfield " was rocked years ago. 

615. Woolen Bed Quilt Mrs. Laura Wells. 

625. Chair Mrs. H. Jenks. 

626. Work Basket Mrs. Pomeroy and Kate Pratt, Chicopee. 

627. Button Moulds Geo. Sheldon. 

628. Lace Frames Same. 

629. Carved Oak Chest, a bequest from Aaron Arms, Bellows Falls. 

Brought from England in 1674 by William Arms, the first of the 

name in the colony, and ancestor of all the Arms in the country. 

630. Brass Warming Pan. 

631. Dimity Window Curtains Mrs. S. A. Dustin, Brattleboro. 

Belonged to Mrs. Catharine Stearns. 

632. Fan and Bag Alfred Cobb. 

633. Curtain Knobs Mrs. S. S. Sheldon. 

640. Chair j Mrs. G. A. Arms, Greenfield. 

641. Chair, Rush Bottom Mrs. H. Jenks. 

642. Warming Pan Jona. Johnson, Greenfield. 

643. Curling Tongs Dr. David Rice, Leverett. 

644. Crimping Irons Lyman Gilbert, Northfield. 

645. Curling Tongs Mrs. C. M. Johnson, Greenfield. 

646. Curling Tongs Mrs. Catharine A. Stearns, Dummerston. 

647. 50 Curtain Rings. 
Used about 1800. 

649. High Case of Drawers Misses Hinsdale, Bernardston. 

From wedding outfit of Mary Stebbins of Belchertown, married 

Sam'l Hinsdale, Jan. 8, 1772. Grandmother of donors. 

650. Washstand Mrs. Maryann G. Wright. 

651. Blue Washbowl Mrs. H. Jenks. 

652. Blue Spittoon Mrs. R. S. Brigham. 

Belonged to Mrs. Page, of Swansea, N. H., 1745. 

654. Earthen Chamber Alfred Cobb. 


655. Sampler Mrs. M. C. Stebbins. 

Made by Sidney Hawks, 8 years old, 1792. 

656. Chair. . . Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

658. Chair, Rushbottom. 

660. Mirror Mrs. L. VV. Rice, Greenfield. 

661. Dressing Table Gover Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

662. Pincushion and Basket Mrs. Mary R. Nims. 

See label. 

666. Chair Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

667. Huge Willow Circular Basket Mrs. Lucius Stone, Greenfield. 

Used by her father, Dr. Shepherd, of Montague. Given during her 

last sickness in 1880. Use unknown. 

700. Case of Drawers S. T. Grout. 

701. Butterflies... Mrs. H. Jenks. 

Brought from Cuba by Miss Sarah Barnard. 

702. Chest and Drawers, S. H Geo. Sheldon. 

An heirloom in the Wells family. 

703. Mounted Fox Skeleton James Smith, Whatel)^ 

Killed and prepared by the donor. 

704. Branching Coral * 

705. Skeleton Paw James Smith, Whately. 

706. Chair Cephas G. Clapp. 

707. " Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

708. " Same. 

709. Sandstone Tracks Geo. Sheldon. 

From Sheldon's Rocks. 

710. Sandstone Impressions Geo. Sheldon. 

From Sheldon's Rocks. 

711. Ancient Instrument for Testing Levels, 

Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne. 
Long in the Bull family. 

715. Surveyor's Compass Prof. E. Hitchcock, Amherst. 

Used by President Hitchcock, his father, about 18 15 — 20, 

716. Compass Box Prof. E. Hitchcock, Amherst. 

717. Compass Charles Lee, Mill River. 

718. Compass L. L. Luey, Shelburne. 

Used by Ouartus Judd in Illinois, in 1835. 

719. Cinder or Slag Chester G. Crafts, Whately. 

From site of old iron works, over 100 years old, in Whately. 

720. Old Trunk H.C.Haskell. 

For papers, in which the Field family of Hatfield, kept deeds, etc. 

725. Harpoon N. Hitchcock. 

739. Pewter Liquid Measures. . Mrs. Julia B. Wright.^Montague. 

See No. 745. 

740. Centennial Pie Plate H. Tyler, Greenfield. 

See inscription. 

741. Wig Block Jona. Johnson, Greenfield. 







Scales Geo. W. Mark, 

Copper Drug Scales Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Used by Dr. Bull. 

Drug Mortar and Pestle Same. 

Used by Dr. Bull, 

74510749. Pewter Liquid Measures #. .Special Subscription. 

Issued by Commonwealth of Massachusetts to towns. 

750. Brick Arthur J. Hawks. 

Brought from England, 1629; built in house of Adam Hawks, 1630 ; 

taken from chimney in 1880. 

751. Brick. 

Marked 1770. House of W. Fox, Whately. 

Brick Albert Smith. 

Very large. Taken from the old Goss house, Montague City. 

Brick Geo. Sheldon. 

Sun-dried. From a house in Salem, built 1667. 

Brick V.M.Howard. 

From the William Dickinson house. 

Brick H. W. Dickinson, Cal. 

From the old fortified Dickinson house in Northfield. 

Brick Christopher T. Arms, Pittsburg, Pa. 

From the Arms house, built about 1700. 
760 to 770, Unclassified Fossils, Messrs. James S. Reed, J. H. Reed, John 
Owen, George Christian, George Smith, William Kcllyr 

A. D. Conklin, M. D., Sam'l Dumble, Rhuermand> 

M. V. Payne, G. F. Harding, M. D., Wm. H. Schafiner, 
W. C. Cunningham, George Crawford, T. P. Wallace, 
all of Marion, O. 
All from quarries in Marion, O. 

Clay Stones, from Connecticut river Alfred Cobb. 

Deerfield river Mrs. H. Jenks. 

Connecticut J. Y. Bergen. 

Connecticut river Frank Brigham. 

Nathan Cobb. 

Alfred Cobb. 

" Same. 

Farmington river. Conn., 

J. Bedortha, West Springfield. 

" " " . . Same. 

Fossils, from Durand, 111 Duncan J. Stewart. 









Case D. 

801 to 820 


Unclassified Fossils, from quarries in Durand, 111., from 

Job Smith, Duncan James Stewart, Bristol, 

William W. Starr, Mrs. Susan S. Starr, Caleb A. Starr. 

Fossil taken from quarry of Job Smith, Durand, 111.. Oct. 17th, 

1884 Geo. Sheldon. 


Length of body, 2"]% inches. 
Width of body, 9 inches. 
Thickness of body, 5 inches. 
Length of tail, 51 inches. 
Width of tail, 2% to 4>^ inches. 
Thickness of tail, 1% to 2>^ inches. 
Believed to be an Etidoceras. 

Case A. 

1. Beaver Hat Geo. Sheldon. 

2. Tall Soft Hat Mrs. G. A. Arms, Greenfield. 

3. Beaver Hat Samuel Willard. 


ID. Home-made Socks, Linen Geo. Sheldon, 

11. White Marseilles Vest Same. 

12. Buff Knee Breeches Mrs. E. Dickinson, 

13. Buckskin Knee Breeches Edward Shepherd. 

14. Velveteen Waistcoat Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

15. Scarf or Tippet Dea. P. Field, Charlemout. 

16. Long White Kid Glove. 

17. Knee Breeches Geo. Sheldon. 

18. Velveteen Breeches Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

ig. White Woolen Breeches Same. 

2i. Long Woolen Stockings Edward Shepherd. 

To wear with breeches. 

22. Wedding Vest Geo. Sheldon. 

Seth Sheldon, married, 1811. 

23. Velveteen Knee Breeches Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

25. Neck Stock Dea. P. Field, Charlemont, 

26. Ladies' Pocket. 

35. Corsets. 

36. " Mrs. Dr. Rice, Leverett. 

Brought from Germany before the Revolution. 

37. Corsets John Forbes, Leverett, 

38. " Same- 
Child's, over 150 years old. 

39. Corsets N. Hitchcock. 

40. " Same. 

Case B. 

1. Military Cloak Col. R. H. Leavitt, Charlemont. 

Worn by him when colonel of militia. 

2. Checked Apron Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

Spun by Miss Rhoda Smith. 

3. Sash, with Bead Work John M. Smith, Sunderland. 

4. Checked Handkerchief Mrs. Meorra Payne, Montague. 

Made by her grandmother, 100 years ago. 









Shawl Mrs. Ellen Hawks Stebbins . 

Child's Suit Dennis Stearns, Conway.. 

Worn by William Raker of Conway, in 1784. 
Linen Kerchief Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

Mrs. Eunice Lyman's. 
Crepe Dress Geo. Sheldon. 

Mrs. Timothy Rogers' of Bernardston. 
. Neck Kerchief Mrs. Ellen H. Stebbins. 

Belonged to Mrs. Helkiah Hawks. 
Linen Work Bag Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

E. L. 
Red Cloak Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

Belonged to Mrs. Philena Dickinson. 
Christening Robe Mrs. Calvin Bridgman, Belchertown. 

Home made- Worn by Mrs. Elizabeth Dwight, over 100 
years ago. 
Cloak Julia R. Long, Greenfield. 

Worn by Mrs. Patience Flagg, in 1766. Great-grandmother 
of the donor. 

Bonnet J. R. Long, Greenfield. 

Black Bonnet Same. 

Neck Cape. 

Silk Kerchief Mrs. F. W. Stebbins. 

Brocade Gown Dea. P. Field, Charlemont, 

Worn at wedding, Jan. i, 1785. 

Wedding Shawl Mrs. Susan S. Sheldon. 

Worked Pocket. 

Bed Curtain Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

Made by Miss Lucy Lane, Littleton, about 1760 — 5, part of 
set of tent bed curtains and counterpane. The flax was 
carded, spun, woven and bleached for the cloth — the floss 
carded, spun and colored with her own hands, the whole em- 
broidered by hand, no two patterns being alike. 

Case C. 



Saw from the Saw Fish J. Williams, Jr., Boston.* 

Sword from the Sword Fish Mrs. Eliz. Williams, Roxbury.* 

Grass Work * 

Cloth Made from Bark Mrs. Elizabeth Newhall* 

Feather Work John Williams, Jr.* 

" Same.* 

War Club Hon. Thomas Dwight, Springfield.* 

Pacific Island, 

Curious Wood * 

Money Pouch Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

Col. E. Hoyt, 1800. 
Money Pouch Erastus Barnard.* 

Indian. Fro Florida. 

MAIN HALt. '85 

X2, Star Fish John Scott, New Haven.* 

JI3. Plaster Fruit * 

14. Wood, Showing Actiom of Borer * 

15. Boiled Rice Pagoda. . ; Maraaduke Wait, Windsor, Vt.* 

16. Head Cushion * 

17. Image in Alabaster Dr. Long, Shelburne.* 

18. Coral * 

ig. Shell . . .Rufus Howland, Greenfield.* 

120. Idol. ... J. H. Hollister, Greenfields 

From Asia. 

40. Grass Drinking Cup * 

41. Snake Skin Pouch Daniel and John Hawks.* 

42. iGrass Water Cup * 

43. Shells , * 

44. Nautilus Shell Thos. Williams, |r.* 

45. Fish Hook * 

N. W. Coast America. 

46. Ornament , * 

47. Shell with Barnacles Geo. Sheldon. 

48 . Shell , * 

49- " * 

50. " * 

51. " ■' 

52. Cup made from a Nut * 

53. Money Pouch Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

54. Money Pouch Same, 

56. Shells Joseph Bedortha, West Springfield, 

From Southern Florida. 

57. Mica A. C. Hartwell, 

58. Ring and Charm. 

59. Whale's Tooth J. Bedortha, West Springfield. 

60. Horn Implement . . . .* 

61. Indian Shell Gorget * 

62. Horn Implement * 

63. Fossils. 

64. Shells Rev. J. P. Watson, South Wellfleet, 

65. Shells and Sea Urchins Mrs. J. Y. Bergen, 

66. Stone R. Crawford, D. D. 

From Turrets of York Minster, England. 

67. Bear's Tooth F. M. Thompson, Greenfield. 

68. Shell * 

69. Star Fish * 

70. Acorns. 

71. BuflFalo Tooth F. M. Thompson, Greenfield. 

72. Jawbones * 

73. Snail Shell * 

74. Shell * 


75. Spider in Amber Lyman Frink, Greenfields 

76. Indian Birch Basket of Fossils Luthera Wright, 

77. Shells Mrs. E. H. Huntington, Cleveland, 0„ 

7S. Pod of * 

79. Indian Scoop *" 

81. Shells Mrs. E. H. Huntington, Cleveland, O. 

82. Tanned Skin R. Crawford, D. D, 

83. Indian Box , *" 

84. Pipe Case. 

85. Pipe. 

86. Piece of First Atlantic Cable. .Miss C. Alice Baker, Cambridge. 
TOO. Petroski Agate E. W. Harris, Charlemont.. 

From Michigan. 

loi. Minerals * 

102. Ore from Mines in Heath Sam'I C. Da)', Rovve„ 

103. Fossils , * 

104. Colorado Minerals. 

105. Tarantula's Nest Mrs. H. C. Rice, Leverett, 

From Nevada. 

106. Minerals and Fossils. 

107. , Fossil Fish Dwight C. Whitmore, Sunderland, 

From his own quarry. 

108. Same as 107. 

109. Copper Slag Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

no. Slate Pencils Rev. L. S. Crawford, Topsfield. 

Were in the great Chicago fire. 

111. Fern Impressions * 

112. Minerals. 

113. Minerals, from Hoosac Tunnel Geo. Sheldon. 

114. Minerals Same. 

115. Petrifaction * 

140. Horned Toad. ... Arthur J. Hawks. 

141. Centipede Same. 

142. Scorpions Same. 

143. Tarantula Same. 

144. Whale's Tooth Mrs. Silas Smith. 

145. Gun Flints Geo. Sheldon. 

146. Horn * 

147. Horn * 

148. Pocket Book Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

149. Relic of Father McKenna's death, Rufus K. Caldwell, Northfield. 

160. Section of Cocoanut Husk and Shell Erastus Barnard*. 

161. Minerals. 

162. Tropical Dried Fruit * 

163. Horn * 

164. Marine Horse-shoe Mrs. J. Y. Bergen. 

170. Lead Ore, Hervey Barber, Warwick. 

From Minersville, Mo. 90 per cent. Lead. 


171. Boar's Tusk Dr. Bowditch, Marion, O. 

172,173. Ivory Nut.... * 

174. Skull , * 

J74^. Bones * 

175. Ball From Cow's Stomach * 

176. Cinder Mrs. J. Y. Bergen, 

From Ancient Fort near Bourneville, O. 

180. Cocoa in the Pod J. WilHams, Jr.* 

181. Piece of Gypsum H. Barber, Warwick. 

From Grand Rapids. 

185. Skull and Upper Jaw. * 

190. Minerals H. Barber, Warwick^ 

From Ozark Mts., Missouri, 1600 ft. above River, 
iqr. Minerals Same. 

From Top of Monadnock , Same, 

192. Minerals Mrs. Josiah Taintor. 

201. Shark's Jaws , Samuel Turrall, Boston* 

202. Hand-Made Tacks ....... .^ F. M. Thompson, Greenfield. 

205. Quartz Crystals Joseph Bedortha, W. Springfield. 

210. Stuffed Shark ., . , '■'' 

215. Gun Lock ... Capt. Eliakim Arms* 

2>j6. " Chas. D. Lyons, Greenfield. 

Dug up on Smead's Island. 
217. Gun Lock. .... Seth Howland, Gill. 

Dug up in Ball's Swamp. 

220. Pistol Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

222. " .W. N. Nims. 

225. Bullet Mould and Bullets. 

230. Minerals J. Bedortha, W. Springfield. 

231. Gunflints ^ Same. 

232. Flints, Ores, etc James Smith, Whately. 

250. Birds' Nests Rev. L. S. Crawford, T<?psfield. 

251. Minerals Same^ 

252. Beginning of a " Pot Hole," Geo. Sheldon. 

From river bed, at Sheldon's Rock. 

255. 255)^. Whalebone * 

256. Birds' Eggs ... Rev. L. S. Crawford, Topsfield, 

257. Black Snake Skin Louis Agassiz Phillips. 

Found on East Mountain, i886. 

Case D. 

I. Wooden Tankard Jas. 8. Richardson, Montague. 

Found in the house of Rev. Eli Moody. Made with staves 
and hoops. 
2 to 8. Coins, Medals and Badges, collected and donated by 

Miss C. Alice Baker, Cambridge. 
ID. European Copper Coins. 


IT. Foreign Coins C. W. Leffier, Marion, O. 

12. Foreign Coins, Copper. 

13. Japanese Coins Rev. R. Crawford, D. D. 

1 5. Japanese Coins, Silver Same, 

16. Canada Coins, Copper. 

17. Copper Coins James S. Brj'ant, Hartford, Conn, 

18. Eastern Coins Rev. L. S. Crawford, Topsfield. 

19. Miscellaneous Coins Mrs. J. Y. Bergen, 

25. Roman Coins James S. Bryant, Hartford, Conn, 

2Sl4. " " Mrs. Ellen Palmer, Boston, 

26. " '" J. S. Bryant, Hartford, Conn. 

27. " " Same. 

28. Greek and Roman Coins Samuel Carter, Brooklyn, N. Y, 

29. English Rose Penny. George I. 

30. English Half Penny Jas. A. Reed, Dummerston, Vt. 

Dug up at Dummerston. 

31. Marriage Medal. Prince of Wales. 

32. Miscellaneous Coins Samuel Carter, Brooklyn, N. Y, 

33- " " Same. 

34. Engiish Copper Coins. 

35. Canada and Nova Scotia Coins. 

36. United States Cents, since 1857. 

37. " " beTore 1857. 

38. United States Cent Rev. P. V. Finch, Greenfield. 

Struck from the original die, at New Haven. Given to donor 
on battlefield at Antietam. 
38^. Colonial Cents. 

39. U. S. Coins. 

40. Tradesmen's Tokens Rodney B. Field, Guilford, Vt. 

41. Jackson and other Medals. 

42. Medal J. U. Houston, Hawley. 

From the Flag Ship " Lawrence," at Lake Erie. 
Other contributors of Coins : Mrs. D. C. Kimball, Leverett; Miss 
Martha G. Pratt; Geo. A. Arms, Greenfield; S. R. Phillips, 
Springfield; Jeremiah Egan, Greenfield; Thomas Merchant, 
Mrs. C. W. Hoyt, L. L. Luey, Greenfield; John Sheldon, Green- 
field; J. Dustin Reed, Dummerston, Vt. ; Mrs. E. H. Hunting- 
ton, Cleveland, O. 

43. 250th Anniversary Medal, Springfield. 18S6. . . .A. VV. Chapin. 

100. Pitcher John Stearns, Conway. 

loi. Pitcher Mrs. John Stearns, Conway. 

02. Old English Pitcher Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

104. American Liberty Pitcher Mrs. Susan S. Sheldon. 

106. Bacchus Pitcher J. H. Reed, Dummerston, Vt. 

107. Old English Pitcher J. L. Delano, Sunderland. 

Made in StafTordshire. 1800. 

no. Glass Punch Tumbler J. D. Maynard, Rockville, Conn. 

Belonged to Barzelial Maynard in 1734. Holds four quarts. 


111. English Ewer Mrs. N. Hitchcock. 

112. English Mug, with Mottoes Josiah Rice, Leverett. 

115. Mug Mrs. Susan S. Sheldon. 

113. Pitcher Mrs. Ardelia Williams. 

116. Pitcher Joseph Robbins. 

117. Tea Pot Josiah Rice, Leverett. 

126. Water Pot James Smith, Whatel)\ 

127. Sugar Bowl Geo. Sheldon. 

128. Covered Dish Mrs. Julia A. Allen. 

129. Flowered Teapot . . . Jas. A. Reed, Dummerston, Vt. 

130. Teapot J.N.White. 

13X. Pitcher Mrs. Horace A. Smead, Greenfield. 

132. Dish Mrs. L. A. Lyman, Charlemont. 

From outfit of Mary Wells, who married Lucius Allis, April 
14, 1765- 

133. Blue Pitcher. 

134. Colonial Pitcher. . . Alfred Cobb. 

135. Covered Dish. Mrs. Leantha L. Bo3'den, Conway. 

136. Bowl. ^ 

137. Soup Tureen Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

Belonged to Rev. Roger Newton, 2d minister of Greenfield. 

138. Teapot ?. . . .Jas. A. Reed, Dummerston, Vt. 

139. Sugar Bowl Mrs. Julia B. Wright, Montague. 

Part of her marriage outfit with Dr. Geo. Wright, in 1825. 

140. Sugar Bowl Mrs. Geo. A. Arms, Greenfield, 

141. Teapot Edwin Barrett, Belchertown. 

142. Covered Dish Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

143. Bowl, Blue Delft Same. 

144. Dish Same. 

145. Sauce Plate Mrs. Sarah C. Rice, Greenfield. 

Owned by Mrs. Fred. Barnes of Brookfield, over 100 years 
ago. Grandmother of the donor. 

146. Teapot. 

147. Teapot , Mrs. Alpheus Cobb. 

148. Covered Dish Dr. C. C. Field, Leominster. 

149. Saucer Mrs. L. L. Boyden, Conway. 

150. Teapot Mrs. H. C. Howe. 

151. Dish Mrs. Nancy A. Chapin, Gill. 

Brought from Mendon to Gill in 1800. 

152. Punch Bowl . . Mrs. Cephas H. Morgan, Orange. 

Owned by Chas. Lyman of Northfield. Used by Revolution- 
ary soldiers to mix their punches in. 

153. Plate Mrs. John Stearns, Conway. 

154. Teapot Mrs. Julia A. Allen, 

155. Dish Mrs. Sarah A, Pratt. 

156. Nappy Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne, 

Belonged to outfit Miss Lucy E. Carter of Warwick, who 
married Dr. Geo. Bull, in 1838. 



157. Soup Tureen Mrs. Julia B. Wright, Montague. 

Belonged to Patty Pomroy of Warwick, mother of donor. 
Married in 1792. 

158. Brown and White Pitcher Mrs. Julia B. Wright, Montague. 

Her mother's. See 157. 

200. Straw Bonnet. 

201. Silk Bonnet Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

Mrs. J. Severance's Wedding. 

202. Calash Hood Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

203. Silk Hood Same. 

205. Pumpkin Hood Mrs. Mary W. Bates. 

206. Mitts. 

207. Bonnet. 

208. Silk Work Bag. 

209. Silk Work Bag. 

2X0. Reticule Mrs. F. W. Stebbins. 

211. Reticule Geo. Sheldon. 

Belonged to Mrs. Caroline Sheldon. 

212. Copperplate — Washington. 

215. Bundle Handkerchief Mrs. Robert Sandy. 

216. Embroidery. 

225. Thread and Needle Case." Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

226. Towel. 

227. Work Bag. 

228. Hat— style 1876. 

229. Bonnet — st)'le 1875, 

230. " " 1874. 

231. " " 1867. 

232. " " 1869. 

234. " " Coal Scuttle. 

235. Straw Bonnet. 

236. Old Silk Bonnet. 

238. Black Silk Bonnet. 

239. Straw Bonnet. 

240. " " 
242. " " 

250. Worked Pocket Dea. P. Field, Charlemont, 

Made by Mrs. Eunice, wife of Capt. Seth Lyman of North- 
field. 1770. 

251. Patch Work Pocket Mrs. A. R. Rankin, Greenfield. 

Made by her husband's grandmother. 

252. Fossil Geo. Sheldon, 

78 inches in length. Believed to be a remarkable specimen 
of Endoceras Annidattini. Taken by the donor from a quarry 
in Durand, 111., in Oct. 1884. [See page 25.] 


Case E. 

1. Wine Glass Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

2. Tumbler Mrs. Mary Ann Wright. 

3. Tumbler Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

4. Glass Drinking Mug Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

5. " " Same. 

6. " " Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

7. " " James Smith, Whately. 

8. Large Glass Drinking Mug. 

g. Tumbler Mrs. L. D. Shearer, Colrain. 

Sarah Catlin's. 1761. 

10. Glass Bowl Martha G. Pratt. 

11. Vinegar Cruet Miss Sarah Callender, Northfield. 

12. Castor Cruet Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

13. Saltcellars N. Hitchcock. 

14. Cruet Misses E. & F. Hinsdale, Bernardston. 

15. Cruet .' .Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

25. Sauce Plates James Smith, Whately. 

26. Mustard Pot Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

27. Painted Glass Tumbler ... Same. 

28. Small Glass Jars Mrs. Julia B. Wright, Montague. 

30. Earthen Cream Pitcher I Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

31. Earthen Sugar Bowl Mrs. Lovilla Munn. 

32. Cream Pitcher Mrs. Pomeroy and K. Clapp, Chicopee. 

33. Sugar Bowl Mrs. S. A. Pratt. 

34. Sauce Boat, Shell Pattern Mrs. Sarah Narbonne, Salem. 

35. Teacup Lucy F. Hill. 

36. Cream Pitcher Miss F. H. Wilson. 

37. Pepper Box. 

50. Bowl Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

51. Teacup und Saucer Mrs. H. Jenks. 

52. Small Cup Same. 

53. Teacup Mrs. Lovilla Munn. 

54. Teacup and Saucer Mrs. Nancy A. Chapin, Gill. 

55. Teacup and Saucer Martha G. Pratt. 

56. Iron Teaspoon Moses, Julia and L. Ward. 

57. Small Cup Mrs. Anna Bickford, Greenfield. 

58. Small Cup Same. 

59. Silver Sugar Tongs Mrs. E. B. Fithian, St. Louis, Mo. 

A present to Mrs. Tirzah (Stebbins) Barnard, mother of the 

60. Gold Bead Same. 

Worn by Mrs. Lucy (Frary) Stebbins, grandmother of donor. 

62. Miniature and Gold Locket Same. 

Daughter of Joseph and Tirzah Barnard, born 1801. Painted 
at Philadelphia, 1831. 

63. Sleeve Buttons Same. 

Given to Derick Barnard, in 1795, by his grandmother. 


65. Small Cup Mrs. Ira Glazier, Leverett. 

66. Small Cup Martha G. Pratt. 

67. Teacup. ... Jas. A. Reed, Dummerston, Vt. 

68. Teacup and Saucer Mrs. Ira Glazier, Leverett. 

69. Teacup Mrs. F. A. Loveland, Montague. 

70. Pocket Nutmeg Grater Mrs. Mary R. Nims, 

71. Teacup and Saucer Mrs. Glazier, Leverett. 

72. Pewter Teaspoon Moses L. Ward. 

73. Teacup Mrs. Lovilla Munn. 

80. Mahogany Castor Miss Mehitable Stratton, Gill. 

81. Gravy Boat Mrs. S. A. Pratt. 

82. Sauce Plate Mrs. G. A. Arms, Greenfield. 

83. Sauce Plate Same. 

84. Bowl Mrs. Sarah A. Dustin, Brattleboro, Vt. 

85. Teacup and Saucer Mrs. G. A. Arms, Greenfield. 

86. China Bowl .... Mrs. Ira Glazier, Leverett. 

87. Butter Dish Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

89. Teapot Cover. 

88. Pickle Dish Mrs. G. A. Arms, Greenfield. 

go. Scriptural Plate Same. 

91. Flask Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

92. " Peace on Earth " Plate . . .Mrs. Eber N. Larrabee, Greenfield. 
100. Linen Towel Mrs. L. D. Shearer, Colrain. 

Jemima Catlin. 1761. 
loi. Wedding Glove Frank S. Weston, Windsor, Vt. 

John Harrod Cumming. 1765. 
102. Piece of Baptismal Robe. . . .Mrs. Mary F. Atkins, Buckland. 

Used in 1776. In 1790 brought to Buckland, by Mrs. Zebu- 
Ion White of Taunton. Old " Liberty " Chintz. 
105. Napkin Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

105. Napkin Same. 

104. Linen Mrs. Susan S. Sheldon. 

Spun and woven in 1754, by Mrs. Anna (Stuart) Stearns of 
Brattleboro, Vt. 

106. Silver Shoe Buckles ... .Geo. Sheldon. 

107. Silver Tea Spoons Same. 

108. Sleeve Buttons Same. 

109. Shirt Buttons Same. 

112. Wedding Ring, Sleeve Buttons and Needle Book, 

Mrs. Calvin Bridgman, Belchertown. 
Diana Hinsdale, married Sept. 27, 1774, to Elijah Dwight of 

113. Wheat Miss Helen M. Messinger, Roxbury. 

Taken from a Mumm)'. 

114. Earrings of Nubian Dancing Girl Same. 

115. Seeds of California " Big Trees," Same. 

Ii6, Ornaments from a Mummy Case Same. 


r2o. Pieces of Dresses Mrs. E. L. Purple, Northfield. 

From Essex County Engiand, 1836. 
321. Needle Book Mrs. C, E. B. Allen, 

122. Plume. . ., Same. 

Worn by Rhoda W. Smith, her naother, before 1807. 

123. Needle Case Same. 

Her grandmother's, 

124. Old Sampler Same. 

325. Fan Same, 

Owned by Rhoda W. Smith. 

126. Knot Linen and Cotton Floss Same. 

Spun by her Aunt Hutchinson. 

127. Silver Teaspoons Geo. Sheldon. 

128. Silver Teaspoons Mrs. Lucy D. Shearer, Colrain. 

Made for Sarah Catlin, who married Moses Smith, 1761; 
daughter of John Catlin, born in Deerfield, 1738. 
229. Silver and Ebony Bonnet Pins Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

Used by Katherine, daughter of Col. Phinehas Wright of 
Northfield, born 1740 ; married Reuben Smith, 1761. 

130. Bead Work Bag Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

131. Towel Mrs. S. S. Sheldon. 

Made from tow, by Mrs. John F. Stearns, Dummerston, Vt. 
333. Napkin Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

134. Old Print. 

135. Shoes worn bj"- " Little Miss Mary" Hawks. . . .Martha G. Pratt. 

136. Shoes Frank S. Weston, Windsor, Vt. 

Worn by Amos Cumming, born in Deerfield, 1767. 

137. Daguerreot3'pe of Amos Cumming Same. 

138. Napkin, 

139. Handkerchief Martha G. Pratt. 

" Little Mary " Hawks'. 

140. Bobbins and Silk Cord Mrs. C. E. B. Allen, 

As left by Mrs. Anna McCartha Howard, when she died, July 
18, 1822. Her last work. 

141. Linen Lawn Mrs. Mary F. Atkins, Buckland. 

142. Linen Pillow Case Miss Judith Allen. 

Spun and Woven about 1820, by Mrs. Eliel Allen, mother of 

143. Lantern Miss C. Alice Baker, Cambridge. 

From illumination Old South Church, Boston, during a war 
demonstration, in 1862. 

145. Hair Miss Judith Allen. 

From head of Eunice Allen, born in Deerfield, 1733. Toma- 
hawked at " Bars " fight, Aug. 25, 1746. See label. 

146. Stocking Same. 

Knitted by the above, when bed-ridden. 

147. Linen Hankerchief Same. 

Mrs. Eliel Allen's. 


148. Thread Mrs. M. A. Williams. 

Spun by Hannah Barnard, daughter of Samuel, born May 28, 
1773; married Elijah Williams, 1803. 

149. Weaving Quills Mrs. Pomeroy and K. Pratt, Chicopee. 

1 50. Tow Cloth Same. 

Woven by donors. See label. 

151. Silk Mrs. H. Jenks. 

Spun by Miss Sarah Barnard, from silk worms raised in 
Deerfield, in 1828. 

152. Linen Yarn. 

Spun more than 100 years ago. 

153. Sampler Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

Mrs. Judith Bardwell's, n^e Allen, when a child. 
155. Needle and Thread Case, Mrs. Eunice Starr Wellington, Boston. 
Long in the Wellington family. 

160. Home Spun Woolen. 

161. Old Irish Calico Mrs. J. Y. Bergen. 

162. Muslin Shawl Mrs. Robert Childs. 

163. Holder Miss Eliza D. Williams. 

Made from Miss Hannah Hoyt's apron, by Aunt Betsey 

164. Bonnet Braid 

Worn in 1810. Braided by Miss Sukey Eames, 82 years old, 
of South Framingham. 

165. Neck Stock Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

Capt. Seth Lyman's. 

166. Pair Drawers Geo. Sheldon. 

The first worn by donor. 

167. Linen Pillow Case and Baby Cap Mrs. Susan S. Sheldon. 

Worn by G. S., when a baby. 

168. Silk Shawl Mrs. Ellen (Hawks) Stebbins. 

169. Bonnet Ribbon Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

From Wedding Bonnet of Mrs. Alice Lawrence. 

175. Tortoise Shell Comb Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

176. " " Mrs. H. Jenks. 

Miss Sarah Barnard's. 

177. " " Miss Anna M. Stebbins. 

Mrs. Maria Stebbins, grandmother of donor. 

178. " " Mrs. E. M. Potter, Greenfield. 

179 to 183. Tortoise Shell Combs Geo. Sheldon. 

185. Tortoise Shell Comb. 

184. Wedding Wreath Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

From Bridal Bonnet of Mrs. Helkiah Hawks. 

187. Masonic Apron Mrs. Ellen H. Stebbins. 

Helkiah Hawks'. 

188. Worked Bag. 

189. Worked Bag Mrs. E. K. Brown. 



igo. Apron. Geo. Sheldon, 

Worn by Mrs. Timothy Rogers, Bernardston. 

191. Apron Mrs. Robert Childs, 

192. Checked Linen Handkerchief. 

193. Cloth, 

Case F. 

















Metal Sugar Bowl Mrs. G. A. Arms, Greenfield, 

Cream Pitcher Same, 


Pewter Cup Geo. Sheldon. 

Pewter Tankard Mrs. Mary R. Nims. 

Pewter Mug Mrs. Mehitable H. Stratton, Gill, 

Pottery . . Mrs. E. H. Huntington, Cleveland, O. 

Zuni Indians. 
Whistle Aaron Arms, Bellows Falls, Vt, 

Dug in Callao, Peru, by Thomas Redfield Proctor, Paymas- 
ter, U. S. N., in 1862; from grave of a Peruvian warrior. 
Copper Gill Measure Mrs. J. E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Very old. Made by J. P. Bull, about 1760, 

Stone Jar Geo. Sheldon, 

" " , Same, 

" " Same. 

28 to 30 from Prehistoric stone graves of Tennessee. 
Money Scales Mrs. Julia B. Wright, Montague. 

Used by Barnabas Billings, father of donor. 

Pewter Tankard N. Hitchcock. 

Pewter Tumbler James Smith, Whately. 

Pewter Mug N. Hitchcock, 

Pewter Mug Mrs. David Ashcroft, Whately. 

Used by Landlord Benjamin Henry of So, Halifax, Vt. 

Pewter Saltcellar W. O. Taylor, Shelburne Falls. 

Pewter Porringer Same. 

Pewter Porringer Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

Pewter Cup Charles Sturtevant. 

" " Moses, Julia and Lotta Ward. 

" Mrs. Wm. H. Fuller, Whately. 

Used in 1786 — 7, by Lieut. John Brown. 

Indian Grass Drinking Cup J. H. Hollister, Greenfield. 

Flag Basket Mrs. Sam'l S. Taylor, So. Wellfleet. 

Pitch Pipe N. Hitchcock. 

Used to set the key for church hymns, for years, by Dea. 
Justin Hitchcock. 1774. 

Drinking Mug A. W. Deming, Brattleboro, Vt. 

Stone Jar James Smith, Whately. 

Indian Prehistoric stone graves in Tennessee. 
English Ale Mug Alpheus Cobb. 


66. Glass Plate Mrs. J. E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Made in Warwick, brought by Lucy Carter, who married Dr. 
Bull, in 1838. 

67. Glass Jar Same. 

Same as 66. 

70. Chemical Box Dr. E. Hitchcock, Amherst. 

Used by President Hitchcock during the geological survey of 
Massachusetts, in 1838. 

gg. Hand made Pins Geo. Sheldon. 

100. Silk Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

loi. Linen Pillow Case Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

102. Linen Pillow Case Same. 

103. Wooden Spectacle Case Mrs. Statira Hannum. 

103)^. Pewter Button and Mould Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

104. Silk Bodice Mrs. Mary R. Nims. 

105. Linen Dickey, style 1840 Geo. Sheldon. 

106. Sun Fan Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

107. Wood Stamping ' Mrs. H. Jenks. 

From U. S. Centennial, 1876. 

108. Sun Fan, 

log. Earrings , Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

Mrs. Rhoda W. Smith's before 1807. 

1 10. Hat Buckles Same. 

Henry Bardwell's. 

111. Raw Cotton and Seeds Mrs. H. C. Jenks. 

From South Carolina. 

112. Relics of Great Boston Fire. 1872 Geo. Sheldon. 

113. Burning Glass Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

113^- Lancet for Army Surgeon's use. ... Same. 

114. Scales for Specie Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

114^. Scales for Specie Henry Johnson, Greenfield. 

Before 1752. 

115. Button Mould Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

116. Relics J. Bedortha, West Springfield. 

From Wisconsin Mounds. 

117. Cloth, from Boston Fire Miss C. Alice Baker, Cambridge. 

1173^. Iron Relic Geo. Sheldon. 

From Dea. French's blacksmith shop. 1704. 

118. Relics Same. 

From Beer's Plain. 
Relics Same. 

From Long Island battle field. 
Relics Same. 

From Niagara Falls. 
Relics Same. 

From Chew House, Germantown. 
Paper Cutter Miss C. Alice Baker, Cambridge. 



S23. Vase Mrs. Ellen J. Palmer, Boston* 

Made from Old Hancock house, Boston. 
224. Small Earthen Bean Pol Miss C, Alice Baker, Cambridge. 

From Fair at Old South Church in war time. 

125. Box Miss Julia Hoyt» 

Made from wood of Old Indian House. 

126. Bark and Cones from California Big Trees, 

Mrs. Theo. Judah, Greenfield. 

127. Piece of Door > .Austin J. Billings^ 

Brought from Hadley, in 1770. 

128. Forceps R. W. Ransome, Buffalo, N. Y, 

Whittled from lath from Shanty built by Thoreau, Lake Wal» 
den. Concord. 

129. Bullet Geo. Sheldon. 

From site of Wells Fort. Successfull}^ defended Feb. 29, 

130. Bullets David Sheldon. 

Found at Fort Hill. 

121. Bullets Geo. Sheldon. 

From Fort Dummer. 

132. Action of Wood Borers ■*■ 

133. Nails Geo. Sheldon. 

From Jenkins' Garrison house, York, Me. Built before 1675. 

134. Piece from California Big Tree, 

Hon. W. B. Washburn, Greenfield. 

135. Piece from California Big Tree Arthur J. Hawks. 

136. Relic Mrs. J. Y. Bergen^ 

From Brick Fort of mound builders, Foster's Crossing, O. 

140. Section of great Boston elm Boston City Council. 

141. Relic. 

From Fort William Henry. 

142. Relic S. D. Monnier, Greenfield. 

From Charter Oak. 

143. Wood Mrs. Charlotte D. Goodrich, Vernon, Ct. 

From Capt. Cook's ship, in which he sailed around the 

144. Paper Folder Miss C. Alice Baker, Cambridge. 

From the Washington Elm, in Cambridge. Under which 
Washington took command of the American Army, July 3, 1775. 

145. Relic . . Mrs. Geo. B. Hale, Gill. 

From Washington's Tomb, Mt. Vernon. 

146. Relic Mrs. C. D. Goodrich, Vernon, Ct. 

Frqm flagstaff on the Hall of the Montezumas, Mexico. 

147. Relic G. P. Farrington, Salem. 

From Old Witch House, Salem. 

148. Relic Mrs. Lucretia W. Eels. 

Cut from Frigate " Constitution," " Old Ironsides," by'Col. 
13 John Wilson. 


149. Goblet. . , Mrs. E. H. Huntington', Cleveland. O'.. 

Made from Cedar of Lebanon. 

150. Leaf. . . Alfred Smith, Philadelphia, 

From magnolia tree, Mt. Vernon. The only tree known tO' 
have been planted by Washington. 

151. Wood , Mrs. Fannie A. Russell, Trenton, N. J. 

From Triumphal Arch, Trenton, N. J., under which Wash- 
ington passed at the reception, in 1789. 

152. Leaves. Rev. G. H. Hosmer.. 

From a tree planted by Lincoln, at Springfield, 111. 

153. Box Elmer Graves, Leverett, 

Made fforri a panel in the pulpit of the First Baptist Churchy 
in North Leverett. Erected in 1794. 

154. Wood Dr. C. L, Fisk, Greenfield, 

From stairs in Ex-President Tyler's house, in Hampton, Va, 

155. Twig CliflFord R. Field, Guilford, Vt, 

From Dubuque's grave. 

156. Relic Mrs. Wm. Jenks, Worcester. 

From Naval Museum, Washington. Piece of the " Alabama."" 

157. Relic Aella Green, Springfield. 

From Independence Hall, Philadelphia 

158. Buttons Martha G. Pratt, 

Made from Independence Hall, Philadelphia. 

159. Wood .The Holland Club, Springfield, 

From the Holland elm. 

160. Wood Orzemus Maxwell, Heath. 

From the wall of Fort Shirley. 

t6i. End of Dowel Pin Same, 

From Fort Shirley, in Heath. Built in 1744. 

162. Relic .. Geo. Sheldon. 

From the Judkin's Garrison House, at York, Me. Built 
before 1675. 

163. Relic T. H. Leavitt, Omaha, Neb. 

From Washington's hitching post, Boston and Roxbury line. 


164. Relic. . - Geo. Sheldon. 

From old Meeting House, in Hingham, " The Old Ship." 

165. Relics S. D. Smith, Sunderland, 

From an old house in Sunderland. Found about the chim- 
when torn down. Object or use unknown. 

199. Spectacles E. A. Bressons, Bernardston, 

200. Cocked Hat N.Hitchcock. 

201. Cocoons of Silk Worm Mrs. H. Jenks. 

202. Neck Stock John Stearns, Conway. 

203. Slave Whip Chas. O. Phillips. 

804 to 206. Money Pouches. Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

MAllSr HALL. '9'9 

207. PocTjet Book, Turkish Mose s S. Ward. 

208. Spectacles .,, .Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

Horn rimmed, 
■.2og. Spectacles Miss Alma Hawks. 

Paul Hawks'. 1742 — 1814. 
J2IO. Spectacles Mrs. S, N. Fox, Whately, 

Gilbert's, 1759. 

211. Barlow Jackknife, 

212. Barlow Jackknife. 

215. Snuflf Box , .Mrs. Olivia S. Wardv 

214. Snuff Box. Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

217. Tin Snuff Box Mrs. Susan D. Marsh, Northfield. 

Belonged to her grandmother Bass. 

218. Tin Snuff Box Henr)^ Wells, Shelburne. 

219. Tan Snuff Box Same. 

220. French Snuff Box , .Same* 

221. Silver Inlaid Snuff Box Geo. Sheldon, 

222. Lafayette Snuff Box Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

223. Moccasins Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

224. Old Pocket Book Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

225. Persian Slippers Willie D. Monnier, Greenfields 

226. Wedding Shoes Mrs. E. H. Stebbins. 

Miss Ellen S. Hawks, ti/e Fisk. 

227. Wedding Shoes Rodney B. Field, Guilford, Vt. 

Miss Hepzibah Dickinson married Elihu Field, Dec. 30, 1774. 

228. Turkish Ladies' Shoes * 

229. Wedding Shoes Geo. Sheldon. 

Miss Susan Sheldon, n/e Stearns. 

230. Ladies' Shoes Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

231. Wedding Shoes Mrs. C. E. B. Allen, 

Miss Rhoda W. Smith married Henry Bardwell, in 1807. 

232. Chinese Baby Shoes * 

233. 234. Old Fashioned High Heel Shoes, Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 
235. Snuff Box Mrs. J. E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Polly Burnet of Warwick, grandmother of donor. 

240. Ladies' Shoe Buckle Geo. Sheldon. 

241. Spur Same. 

242. Spectacles Mrs. Susan D. Marsh, Northfield. 

Her grandmother Bass' of Warwick. 

243. Spur Geo. Sheldon. 

244. Shoe Buckles Osmon Hutchins. 


, Hollis D. Graves, Sunderland. 
Geo. Sheldon. 

David Sheldon. 

Geo. Sheldon. 



250. Brass Spoon Miss Mary Belcher, Northfield, 

Round bowl. Found on Parson Doolittle's lot, when the 
V. & M. railroad was graded. 
251 to 258. Shoe Buckles Geo. Sheldon, 

898. Britania Teapots Mrs. Sarah W. Cowles. 

Belonged to Mrs. Maria Stowell Stebbins. Married 1824. 

899. Pew Door Miss Mary W. Lincoln. 

From the old church in Hingham. One of the original pews 
built in 1681. The seats were changed in 1873. This is the oldest 
church which has been in constant use in the United States. 

900. Relics Rev. L. S. Crawford, Topsfield. 

From Asia Minor and Turkey, 

901. Old Bell. 

On Deerfield Academy, built in 1799. (Now Memorial Hall.) 

902. Chair Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

903. Sun Dial Geo. Sheldon, 

904. Chair Mrs. E. K. Brown, 

905. High Case of Drawers Mrs. Philena D. Trask. 

Ma]. David Dickinson's, and later owned by Dr. Elihu Ashley, 
who married in 1775. 

906. Panel of Rare Prints Heirs of W. T. Davis, Greenfield. 

Engraved by Wenceslaus Hollar, born in Prague, 1607; died in 
England, 1660. Much sought for by collectors. 

907. Carved Oak Chest Mrs, C. W. Hoyt, 

A Bridal Chest, from Old Indian House. 

Chair Miss Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne, 

Muff Box Mrs. C. E. B. Allen, 

Band Box Same. 

Mrs. Sarah C. Pratt. 

Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

" Birch Bark Jonathan Johnson, Greenfield. 

From an old house in Warwick. 
Band Box. 

Baby's Cap Miss Mary H. Sawyer, St. Albans, Vt. 

See label. 

Needle Case - Mrs. Ashton Carter, Charlemont. 

Old Bank Bills Frank J. Pratt, Greenfield. 

" " Hon. Silas N. Brooks, Chicago, 111. 

" " J. A. Baldwin. 

931. Old Scrip Same. 

" Miss C. Alice Baker, Cambridge. 

<» R. A. Packard, Greenfield, 

932. Rag Doll Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

933. United States 3 Cent Currency Oren Wiley, Greenfield, 

" Bangwell Put." Belonged to Clarissa Field of Northfield; born 
blind, 1765; who kept it through her life, 80 years. 






gso. Silk Umbrella Mrs. Mary R. Nims. 

951. Family Umbrella Mrs. E. H, Huntington, Cleveland, O. 

652. Parasol Henry Wells, Shelburne. 

Carried by Mrs. Persis (Hoyt) Sheldon, his great-grandmother. 

953. Parasol Mrs. Mary R. Nims. 

954. Candle Stand Hon. R. R. Bishop, Newton. 

955. Salver and Bowls of Turkish Pipe * 

975. Organ Mrs. Preserved Smith, Greenfield, 

Built in 1820, by Daniel Pratt of Winchester, for Rev. Preserved 
Smith of Warwick, in whose house it stood for more than sixty 

976. Bass Viol N, Hatchcock. 

Made and played in Old Church, 1770 to 1778, by Dea. Justin 
980. Board, 12 feet by 26 inches. 

From the garret floor of the old house which was standing in 1698, 
on the Frary lot. Kept as a tavern by Major Salah Barnard, in the 
Revolution, and at which Benedict Arnold stopped, April 6, 1775, 
on his way to Ticonderoga, 

Case G. 

1. Dimity Work Bag Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

2. Fine Home made Linen Lawn Miss Eliza A, Starr, Chicago. 

3. Napkin Mrs. Eunice C. Rankin, Greenfield. 

4. Stuffed Work Toilet Cover... Mrs. Caroline A. Watson, Boston. 

5. Wedding Dress Mrs. George Sheldon. 

Mrs. Caroline Knapp Alexander. 1818. 

7. Handkerchief Robert Childs. 

Marked " D. Kimberly." 

8. Bead Bag Mrs. H. Jenks. 

Knitted by Miss S. J. Barnard. 

9. Work Bag Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

10. Fine Kerchief Mrs. S. A. Dustin, Brattleboro. 

11. Fine Kerchief Mrs. C. E. B.Allen. 

1 2. Thread Case Same. 

13. Handkerchief Geo. Sheldon. 

14. Handkerchief C. H. 

I4>^. Baby's Waist Mrs. A. P. Whitman, Bolton. 

Made in 1797, for a baby still living, in 1886. 

15. Embroidery Mrs. H. Jenks. 

16. Baby's Cap Mrs. C. A. Watson, Boston. 

17. Embroidery Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

18. Night Cap. 

x^Yz. Neckerchief Mrs. A. P. Whitman, Bolton. 

Made by her mother and grandmother. 

20. Thread Case Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

21. Valance ...Same. 

Embroidered by Miss Lucy Lamb. 1765. See Case B, 30. 


Case H. 

1. Pewter Platter '. James Allen, Northfield, 

Brought from England, handed down through Allen family, 
*' Traditionally " 500 years old. 

2. Pewter Tankard First Parish, I>eerfield. 

3. Pewter Tankard Same. 

4. Salver and^Plates Orthodox Church, Deerfield. 

5. Plates. 
9. Teapot. 

10. China Teapot. 

21. Tea Plate Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

22. Teacup Mrs. Julia A. Allen. 

23. Sauce Plate Same. 

24. Teacup Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

25. Tea Plate Mrs. Lois B. Merriman, Northfield. 

26. Saucer Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

27. Teacup and Saucer Same. 

30. Plate Abby H. Reed, Dummerston, Vt. 

31. Rate Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

32. Sauce Tureen Martha G. Pratt. 

34. Platter Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

35. Platter Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Delft Ware. Part of Molly Bull's "setting out," in 1785. 

36. Gravy Boat Mrs. William Sheldon. 

37. Plate. 

38. Sugar Bowl. 

39. Dining Plate Abby H. Reed, Dummerston, Vt. 

40. Platter, Willow Pattern Mrs. G. A. Arms, Greenfield. 

41. Gravy Boat Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Part of Molly Bull's " setting out." 

42. Nappy Same. 

Same as 41. 

50. Blue Dish Elisha Stratton, Northfield. 

51. Platter Mrs. G. A. Arms, Greenfield. 

52. Gravy Boat Mrs. Mary R. Nims. 

53. Cream Pitcher Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

54. Platter Same. 

55. Blue Dish Geo. Sheldon. 

From a set bought in 1832, by his mother. 

60. Teacup Mrs. J. A. Allen. 

61. Pepper Box Mrs. H. C. Rice, Leverett. 

62. China Saucer Jas. A. Reed, Dummerston, Vt. 

64. Teacup and Saucer Mrs. J. A. Allen. 

65. Nappy Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Molly Bull's. 1785. See No. 35. 

70. Platter Mrs. H. Jenks. 

71. Sauce Plate Mrs. E. K. Brown. 








MAIN HAL1-, 103 

Plate .Same, 

Plate Mrs. J. L. Stearns, Conway. 

Stoneware Plate, 

Gravy Boat ,,,..... Mrs. Wm. Sheldon. 

Plate Mrs. J. A. Allen. 


Hate > ,.... .Mrs. J. L. Stearns, Conway. 

Platter , Caleb Classon Field, M, D., Leominster. 

" ...,...., Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

" Mrs, Anna Bickford, Greenfield. 

DecanJier Lucy F. Hill. 

Decanter ...>.... , Same. 

Large PlaMer, , Mrs. David Rice, Leverett, 

Large Platter ,. ...... .Quintus Allen, Greenfield. 

1000. Wooden Bowl ,, , .,,,,.. .Miss Alma Hawks, 

Made from an ash " burl." 

1001. Set of U. S. Fractional Currenc)', 

Hon. Wendell T. Davis, Greenfield. 

T002 — 3. Nut Shell Dishes. ., , > Mrs. H. Jenks, 

From Cuba. 

1004. Profiles Geo. Sheldon. 

1005. Profiles. , Same. 

1006. Portrait S. B. Williams, Rochester, N. Y. 

1007. Piano Samuel Willard. 

Made by Clementi, London. The first in Franklin County, 
brought to Deerfield in 1808, by Mrs. Susan Barker Willard, 
whose father, Dr. Joshua Barker of Hingham, (H. U. 1772), sold 
a house to give this to her. The mother of the donor. 

.T008. Silver Candlesticks. 

1009, Chair , Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

Toio. Covered Arm Chair S. T. Grout. 

ion. Print, Lady Helen Mar Geo. W. Mark, Greenfield. 

1012. " Memorial Tablet Same. 

1013. " Queen Adelaide Same. 

1014. " Paul and Virginia . . Same. 

1015. Round Tripod Table . . .8. A. Alexander, Northfield. 

10151^, Lamp Mat. 

1016. Brass Candlestick Charles Sturtevant. 

1017. Brass Candlestick Same. 

1018. Pair of Brass Candlesticks Mrs. David Kimball, Leverett. 

1019. Brass Swinging Hand Lamp Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

1020. Chair Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

1021. Spinnet Samuel Willard. 

Ante-dating pianos. Made by Stephanus & Keene, London, 
about 1750. Belonged to Mrs. Sukey Barker of Hingham. 

1025. Green Bed Curtain Miss Jane Merrill. 

Her grandmother's. 


J026. Lace Shawl Mrs. E. B. Fithian, St. Louis, Mo. 

Made in 1839 b)' donor. 
1027. Print Mrs. David Hoyt. 

Battle of Eylaw. 
1828. Steel Snuffers Mrs. J. E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

Molly Bull's. 17S5. 

1030. Brass Handled Shovel Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield, 

1031. Brass Tongs Same 

1032. Bellows Mrs. L. D. Shearer, Colrain. 

Belonged to Sarah Catlin, in 1761. 

1035. Jamb Hooks. 

1036. Grate N. Hitchcock. 

Removed from the Parson Williams house, when it was set back 
to its present site in 1876. 

1037. Brass Andirons Mrs. Ansel Collar, Northfield. 

1038. Brass Andirons Mrs. Elizabeth H. Childs, Buffalo, N. Y. 

1039. Brass Fender Mrs. R. N. Porter. 

1040. Hearth Rug. ... N. Hitchcock. 

1041. Hearth Brush Mrs. Susan S. Sheldon. 

1050. Small Mirror Julia R. Long, Greenfield. 

1052. Dining Plate Mrs. Charlotte D. Goodrich, Vernon, Ct. 

1053. Mirror Mrs. Statira Hannum. 

Belonged to Philena Field when she was married to Consider 
Dickinson. 1783. 

1054. Curtain Knobs Mrs. Susan S. Sheldon. 

In use by her mother. 1809. 

1055. Tea Tray..., Mrs. Mary R. Nims. 

Given to Elizabeth Nims, in 1754, before her marriage with 
Maj. Salah Barnard. 

1056. Print Mrs. Susan S. Sheldon. 

1057. Centennial Glass Dish Mrs. H. Jenks. 

1058. Wood Scoop Miss C. Alice Baker, Cambridge. 

1053. Decanter Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

Belonged to Rev. Roger Newton. 

1060. Decanter Mrs. Lois B. Merriraan, Northfield. 

1061. Bureau Cover Mrs. H. Jenks. 

1062. Brass Candlesticks Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield, 

1063. Mats Mrs. Belle S. Hawks. 

Made by Mrs. Caroline Sheldon. 

1064. Chair Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

1065. Chest and Drawers M. R. Kenny, Gill. 

Brought from Scotland, about 1675. 

1065 >^. Mourning Piece Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

Worked by her mother. 

1066. Painting - Geo. Sheldon. 

1067. Needle Work ... Mrs. Caroline S. Watson, Boston. 

Worked by her mother, at Deerfield Academy, about 1808. 


106S. Round Table James R. Long, Greenfield. 

io6g. Tall Brass Canklesticks Dickinson Estate. 

1070. Brass Candlestick Charles Sturtevant. 

1071. Brass Candlestick Geo. Sheldon. 

1076. Brass Snuffers Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

1077. Tra)' Same. 

1078. Brass Candlestick M rs. R. Wyart, Gill. 

1079. Square Three Legged Light Stand . . .Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

1080. Brass Candlestick Charles Sturtevant. 

1072. Brass Candlestick. 


Case I. 

Corner Cupboard or Buffet P. V. M. Association. 

Taken from house built b}' the town for Rev. John Williams, 
on his return from captivity, in 1707. T/iis is the on/y article in 
the Memorial Hall for which any monej' has been paid by the 

1. Yellow Beer Mug Miss Abby Barnard. 

Mrs. Nancy Williams. 

2. Coffee Pot Mrs. H. Jenks. 

3. Coffee Pot .. Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

4- Mug Mrs. S. A. Pratt. 

10. Coffee Pot ... Mrs, L. W. Rice, Greenfield, 

11. Egg Cup Mrs. H. Jenks. 

12. Plate Mrs. E. K. Brown, 

13. 6 Custard Cups Mrs. C. W. Hoyt, 

14. 2 Custard Cups Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

15. Plates Mrs. S. S. Sheldon. 

Set of Caroline Sheldon. 

16. Plates Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

From a set of Gov. Levi Lincoln's. 

17- Plate Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

i8- " Mrs. Theodore Judah, Greenfield. 

19- " Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

Rev. Roger Newton's. 1761. 

25. Saltcellar Mrs. S. D. Marsh, Northfield. 

26. Egg Cup Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

27. Castor, Earthen Ware Mrs. Jeannette A. Greenough. 

28. Pickle Leaf Mrs. Susan S. Sheldon. 

29. Saltceller Mrs. Mary Ann Wright. 

30. Plate. 

Same as 15. 

31. Old Delft Plate Mrs. Z. A. Lyman, Charlemont. 

From Holland. Belonged to Mary Wells, who married Lu- 
cius Allis, April 14, 1765. 















Tea Plate Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

Gov. Levi Lincoln's. 
Plate Mrs. Z. A. Lyman, Charlemont. 

See No. 31. 

Willow Plate Mrs. Charlotte D. Goodrich, Vernon, Ct. 

Teacup Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

China Tea Bowl C. C. Field, M. D., Leominster. 

China Cream Pitcher Same. 

Teacup and Saucer Same. 

Independence Plate Mrs. Elisha Stratton, Northfield. 

Plate Mrs. E. K. Brown, 

"McDonough's Victory," 
Plate Mrs. C. W. Hoyt, 

Breakfast Plate Misses E. & F. Hinsdale, Bernardston. 


Same as 46. 

Same as 44. 
Dish Mrs. M. A. Wright. 

Once owned by a daughter of Joseph Warren. 
Custard Cup Mrs. S. S. Sheldon. 

Caroline Sheldon's. 

Plate Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

Dish Mrs. Anna Bickford, Greenfield. 

Plated Teaspoon Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

Sauce Dish Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

Gravy Boat, Ladle and Dish Same. 

Rev. Roger Newton's. 

Strainer for Fish Platter Same. 

Dinner Plate Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

Plate Elisha Stratton, Northfield. 

Platter Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

Brought from England before T780, by Mrs. Clark of Green- 

Plate Mrs. Geo. F. Alexander, Northfield. 

Dining Plate Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 


Waiter James Smith, Whately. 

Valance ... Mrs. Geo. Sheldon. 

Made from India Cotton. Owned by Mrs. Caroline Knapp 
Alexander of Charlestown, in 1799. 


Case J. 

1. Cream Pitcher Miss Alma Hawks. 

2. China Teapot Sarah Callender, Northfield. 

Her great-grandmother's. 

3. Beer Mug Mrs. Lois Merriman, Northfield. 

4. Mug Mrs. S. S. Sheldon. 

5. Teapot Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

6. Pitcher Josiah Rice, Leverett. 

7. Mug Geo. Sheldon. 

8. Sugar Bowl Mrs. Lucy G. Childs. 

10. Teapot Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

11. Teapot Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

12. Plate Same. 

13. Soup Plate Same. 

14. Cream Pitcher Mrs. Direxa Nims. 

15. Saucer Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

16. Sugar Bowl Mrs. Dire-xa Nims. 

17. Tea Plate . . Mrs. Lois B. Merriman, Northfield. 

18. Sugar Tongs .Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

19. Bowl Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

20. Plate Same. 

Used in the old Nims tavern. 1824. 

21. Cream Pitcher Mrs. S. A. Pratt. 


22. Plate Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

23. Bowl Mrs. C. W. Hoyt. 

24. Tea Plate Same. 

25. Sugar Bowl Miss Abby Barnard. 

26. Bowl Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

20^. Teapot Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

About 1750. 

21 >^. Cake Plate Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

22>^. Teapot Mrs. Julia A. Allen. 

22,%. Cake Plate Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

24>^. Small Plate Mrs. Lois B. Merriman, Northfield. 

25 y^. Teapot Mrs. E. Dickinson. 

About 1750. 
2bl^. Blue Bowl Mrs. Nancy A. Chapin, Gill. 

27. Glass Goblet Mrs. Caroline Arms Guiles, Bellows Falls, Vt. 

28. Large Tumbler. 

29. Large Tumbler Mrs. Susan S. Sheldon. 

Reuben Stearns'. 1763. 
32. Sugar Cutters. 

30. Tumbler Charles Sturtevant. 

31. Bowl ....Geo. Sheldon. 

Lucy F. Stebbins'. 1754. 
40. Bowl. 


42. Teapot, Lustre Ware Mrs. Sarah Callander, Northfield. 

41. Sugar Bowl, Lustre Ware Same. 

43. Teapot Geo. Sheldon. 

English. 1780 — 1800. 

45. Mustard Pot Mrs. Julia E. Robbins, Shelburne. 

46. Carving Knife and Fork Dea. P. Field, Charlemont. 

Capt. Seth Lyman's. 
47 — 49. Decanters. 

48—50. Toddy Sticks Mrs. C. E. B. Allen. 

55. Teapot. 


Sugar Bowl Mrs. E. K. Brown. 

Teapot Mrs. L. W. Rice, Greenfield. 

Large Teapot. 

Teapot Mrs. Wm. Sheldon. 

" Mrs. F. W. Stebbins. 

" Mrs. Lois B. Merriman, Northfield. 


014 076 792 A