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Full text of "Catalogue of standard-bred trotting stock at Highland View Farm, owned by Wm. H. Moody"

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Highland View Farm, 


Wm. H. Moody 




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Highland View Stock Farm is located in Claremoiit, N. H., 
one mile from station, and consists of six hundred acres of highly 
improved land. The buildings have been constructed with a view 
to attractiveness as well as convenience, and sanitarily are well- 
nigh perfect. With good, never failing water supply, rich pasturage 
and ample yard room, the facilities for the breeding of trotting 
stock are unexcelled. The roads are excellently constructed 
throughout the town, besides which, there is on the farm as fast a 
half-mile track as is on any farm in the country ; forty feet wide 
all the way, with fast stretches and turns, which are nicely graded. 

From the buildings may be seen from any point of the com- 
pass the most picturesque views, including mountain, valley and 
river vistas, and altogether Highland View is excellently well 
adapted for a country seat. Visitors are welcome at all times save 
Sundays, when business is suspended and the stock cannot be 
shown. Those interested in breeding, developing or examining fine 
horses will, we feel assured, see much of interest here. The stock 
is bred in well tried lines, and individually as good as the breeding 
would suggest. 

Excepting Evolutio, any animal in the collection is for sale, 
reasonably priced, on application. 

MM. H. MOODY. Propr. 

M. K. NEi^INS, Mhnhger. ^ CLHREMONT, N. H. 

January ist, 1S91. 

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• Gen. Washington 


Sire of 
Nominee 2.24% 

Myriad''"' '.'.'.'. l'.ls% 

I Gen. H 

L, ^ Lady Thorn, 2.18V 

Goldsmith iVIali 

332 heals ill 3.3. 

f Nominee . 

Own brother 1 




f Abdallah, 15 . . 

I Sire of 

] Goldsmith Maid . 2.1 

^ OldAb 

Dam of 
Goldsmith Maid. 

r Hambletonian, 10 

f Jay Gould 




Nominee . . 
Nominator . 


Lucy, 2.l8y4 

[ Lady Sanford . . . 
f Geo. M. Patchen, 30. 

J Sire of 

) Lucy 2.181/4 

^ Daughter of ... . 
Hambletonian, 10 ■ . 

f Geo.WIII<es(5l9),2.22 

Harry Wilkes 
Guy Wilkes . 
Mike Wilkes . 

Alcantara (729i, 2.23 

Empress Ut 
Miss Alice ' 

Dolly Spanker 

( Kent 
f Henr 

Mam. Patchen, 58 . . 

Sired dams of 
Guy Wilkes . . . 2.151/4 

Houri 2.17 

Baron Wilkes . . 2.1S 



MAN Black Ht 


Imp. Bellfounder. 
One Eve, by Hamb 
TONiAN (Bishop's). 

Henry Clay, 

Head 'Em, by Tr 

Lady Kmma 
Lady Hamilt 
k. M. Taylo 

Kate Jackson, 2.25% 

4-year-old record. 

f Abdallah, 15 . 

I Sire of 

i Goldsmith Maid . 

^ Sally Anderson 

Dam of Goliah, 2.33. 
Gano, by Amer. Eclipse. 

KM OF Goliah, 2.33. 
■ Pilot, Jr. 

FannyWitherspoon 2.16I4 

I Daughter of Cadmus 





EiZOLUTIO, 14250. 


Chestnut stallion ; foaled 1888 ; bred at " Highlawn," Lee, Mass. 
[Standard Bred, Rule 6.] 

Sire, NOMINEE, 4150. 

Record 2.24^. 
Brother to Nominator, 2.283^, at three years old, 3rd heat. 

First Dam, Katie Smith, 

Second Dam, Katie Jackson, 
Record, 2.25^^, as a four-year-old. 

Third Dam, Fanny, 

A noted show mare in Kentucky, 
winning many premiums. 

by Alcantara, 729. 

4-year record, 2.23. 

Sire of 21 trotters to enter the 2.30 list 
during 1890, beating the world's pro- 
ductive record. 

Also sired dams of Prince Regent, 
2.i63o, winner of the $10,000 Hart- 
ford Stake, and /Egon, 3-year record, 
3d heat, 2.1834, winner of all his 
races, and could beat 2.17. 

by Almont, 2.39I, ss, 

Sire of Fannie Witherspoon, 2.i63^, 
2 - mile record 4.463^, Piedmont, 
2.1734 (11 i'"* 2.30 list), Aldi'ne, 2.193^ 
(2.163/0 to pole), and 30 others in 
2.30 list. 

Sire of dam of Alabaster, 4-year record, 
2,15, Catchfly, record 2.183^, and 

by Cadmus. 

a strain found prominently in Nelson, 
2.10^, the present stallion king, and 
Smuggler, 2.153^, the ex-champion 
holder of that honor. 





First Dam, Sapphire, 

Dam of Nominator, 2.283^4, 
at 3 years. 

Second Dam, Lucy, 2.18:^, 
Dam of iNHERrroR, sire of Mont- 
gomery, 2.20i. 
Dam of Sapphire, dam of Nominee, 

2.24!, Nominator, 2.28|-. 
Dam of Lucia, dam of Beulah, 
2.19^, Lammermoor, 2.23, Ed 
gardo, 2.27, Zoe (dam of Trapeze 


Third Dam, Daughter of 
Dam of Lucy, 2.(8^. 

Fourth Dam, Daughter of 

Alcantara, 729, 

Sire of 

Autograph 2.18^ 

Miss Alice 2.19I 

White Sox 2.2o| 

Mink 2.22^ 

Irene 2. 23J 

I >ady Emma 2.23^^ 

Alpha 2.23^ 

Alicante 2.23^ 

Robt. M. Taylor 2.24 

Alcazar 2.24! 

Alcagetta 2.25 

Thornton 2. 26^ 

Wilkes Bee 2.27^ 

Foggy 2.27i 

Mary S 2.28 

Etta 2.28i 

Ariel 2.28I 

Fillmore 2.29 

Alcavalla 2.29 

Alcantara, Jr 2.29I 

by Stranger, 

Sire of Nominee, 2.24^, Nominator, 
2.281^, Myriad, 2.283^. 

by Jay Gould, 2.20^, 

Sire of Pixley, 2,16, Adele Gould, 2.19, 

by Geo. M. Patchen, 2.23!-, 

Sire of Lucy, 2.18^, Godfrey Patchen, 
sire of Hopeful, 2.14I, etc., etc. 

Note. — Montgomery is sire of Cleve- 
land S., 2.26^. 

May Day, 

Sire of dam of Madame Dudley. 


by George Wilkes, 519, 2.22, 
Sire of 
Guv Wilkes, 2.15J, sire of Sable 
Wilkes, 2.18, he, sire of Freedom, 
one-year-old, 2.29!, fastest to date 
at the age. 
Wm. L., sire of Axtell, 2.12, cham- 
pion three-year-old stallion record. 


Nightingale 2.i8f 

Empress Eugenie 2.19^^ 

Goldbeater 2.201^ 

Lady Hamilton 2.23^ 

Raven 2.26^ 

Bayard Wilkes 2.26J 

Zero 2.29 

Attractive 2.29I 

Montezuma 2.29I 



Alcander 2.29! Note.— Alpha, 2.23:^, produced iEgon, 

Estabrook 2.2gJ 3year record, 3d heat, 2. 18^. 

Queen Anne 2.30 Montezuma sired White Wings, 

Joe Wilkes 2 30 3-year record, 3d heat, 2.29}. 

Almont, by Abdallah, 15, 

Sire of Goldsmith Maid, 2.14. 

First Dam, Sally Anderson, by Mambrino Chief, ii. 

Sire of Lady Thorne, 2.1SJ. 

Second Dam, Pope Mare, by Pilot, Jr., 12, 

Sire of dams of Maud S., 2.o8|, Jay 
Eye See, 2.10. 

This breeding is unsurpassed in many directions. The ancestors 
were nearly all of developed speed, and were tried and found to 
be brilliant campaigners. As Stranger was by Gen. Washington, 
and out of Goldsmith Maid, record 2.14, 332 heats in or below 
2.30, and Gen. Washington by Gen. Knox, 2.3 if (public trial, 2.24), 
out of Lady Thorne, 2.18^, 106 heats in or below 2.30, and own 
sister to the phenomenal broodmare sire. Mam. Patchen. Nomi- 
nee's dam. Sapphire, out of the great mare, Lucy, 2.18^, 62 heats 
in or below 2.30. Now we get a combination of the blood-lines 
of the three Queens of the Turf during their day, a line to 
Geo. M. Patchen, Champion Stallion during his time, and another 
to Jay Gould, which was also stallion king at one time. 

Alcantara leads the world's speed-producing record, and was by 
Geo. Wilkes, ex-champion stallion king, and the leading sire to 
date among sires of trotters ; his dam. Alma Mater, by the leading 
extreme speed broodmare sire (as judged by the 2.20 list). Mam. 
Patchen, 58, is dam of Alcyone, 2.27, sire of Alcryone, 2.15^, 
lona, 2.17^, etc., Arbiter, 2 30, and AUicia, 2.30, second dam 
Estella, by Australian, third dam Fanny G. (also third dam of 
Palo Alto, 2.12^), by Imp. Margrave. This includes, it will be 
seen, four direct lines to Hambletonian 10, the greatest sire of his 
time, and sire of Electioneer, George Wilkes, Happy Medium, 
Dictator, etc.; two strains to Alexander Abdallah, 15, opportunity 
considered, Hambletonian's best son ; three strains to Mambrino 


Chief, II (once through his best daughter, and once through his 
best son) ; two Hnes to Henry Clay ; one each to Pilot, Jr., 12, sire 
of dams of fastest and second fastest trotters ever foaled, Ameri- 
can Star, 14, sire of dams of Dexter, 2.17^, Nettie, 2.18, Orange 
Girl, 2.20, Guy, 2.1 of. The famous sires, Geo. Wilkes, Almont, 
Mam. Chief, Abdallah, 15, and Mam. Patchen, are of themselves 
sufficient to form a gilt-edged pedigree, but add to this the out- 
crosses of pacing and enduring thoroughbred and it is complete. 




Dam is own sister to Abdallah Wilkes, sire of Saxon, 2.22i, 
Voleta, 2.29i, etc. 

Bay stallion ; foaled 1883 ; bred by Dr. Wm. Jarvis, Claremont, 
N. H. Owned at Highland View. 

Sire, ALMONT EAGLE, 2.27. 

Could show a 2.15 gait, and with a chance should have beaten 2.20. 

First Dam, Vesta Wilkes, by Geo. Wilkes, 519. 

Record, 2.22. 
Sister to Abdallah Wilkes, trial, 2.29. Sire of Harry Wilkes, 2.13^, Guy 

Sire of Saxon, 2.22I, trial 2.18^, etc. Wilkes, 2.1 5^, Mike Wilkes, 2.15I, 

Wilson, 2.i6i, Wilcox, 2.16, etc. 
The leading sire of trotters and Ham- 
bletonian's best son. 

Second Dam, Marie, by Wagner Abdallah, 

Son of Jupiter Abdallah, sire of 
Result, 2.25, Prince, 2.27, Tom 
Moore, 2.28. His dam by the 
4-mile racer, Wagner. 

Third Dam, Daughter of Kentucky, 

Son of the noted racer,. Lexington. 

Geo. Wilkes' best nick is with the Mambrino Chief blood ; here 
we have it reversed. The Wilkes, on dam's side : backed by 
gamest. of racing strains and crossed on sire's side to the double 
Mambrino Chief strains, with a Pilot, Jr., outcross, then direct to 
a foundation of great notoriety for stamina. 

Eagle Wilkes is not a large horse, but as handsome a horse as 
stands, of commanding appearance and absolutely perfect vi ajiatom- 
ical construction everywhere. He is fast, stylish, and will be, or should 
be, a great sire. There's no speculation about him, for on each 
side it has been shown to be of speed-producing value. There are 
few in all this broad land like him, and none handsomer, according 
to those who have the right of experience to say it. 




[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Dark bay horse ; foaled 1885 ; bred by G. D. Frost, Bellows Falls, 

Vt.; stands 16 hands full. 

Sire, ALMONT EAGLE, 2.27. 

First Dam, Psyche, 2.27I, by Bayard, 2.31^, 53, 

Sire of Bliss, 2.21^, Emma B., 2.22, 
Fanny C, 2.24^, Lily J., 2.25^, 
Eagle Plume, 2.29J, Modie H., 
2.29^, Aimee, 2.30; dams of Faust, 
3 years, 2.18^, Jane R., 2.26^, 
etc., etc. 
Son of Pilot, Jr., 12. Sire of dams of 
20 in 2.30 list. 

Second Dam, Arabian Girl, by Carnac, 

Record, 2.40. Son of Ashland (sire of dams of 

Edwin Thorne, 2.i6i, Black Cloud, 
2.17^), by Mam. Chief, 11. 

Third Dam, Dam of Spotted Jim, 2.33. 

Could trot in 2. 25. 

Here we trace direct to the great broodmare fountains, Mam- 
brino Chief, 11, three times, and to Pilot, Jr., 12, twice, with speed- 
producing dams all round. Almont Eagle and Psyche both de- 
veloped performers both capable of faster records than attained 
at the time made, as their trials indicated each could beat 2.20. 
Back of all is another speed-producer, dam of Spotted Jim, 2.33, a 
horse trotted around half-mile tracks more to obtain purses than 
record; he could trot in 2.25 and faster, but was never allowed to 
trot there. Speed-producers denied first-rate opportunities are the 
very best examples of individuality to be found, and of far more 
value in a pedigree than fashionable strains which cannot substan- 
tiate by virtue of performance the trust put in the richness of 
breeding by patrons who wonder that they never got a trotter when 
those bred in similar lines go and perform creditably. Napoleon 
was retained, as he was well fortified with a high rate of natural 
speed, to prove what he now is, a trotter. 



iAZM. H. MOODY, 9581. 

[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Brownish bay stallion; foaled, 1887; bred at Highland View; 
stands 16 hands full. 


First Dam, Mermaid, by Volunteer Boy. 

Trial, driven by J. J. Bowen, in 2.28. Trial, 2.27 ; son of Volunteer, 55. 

Second Dam, Sea Foam, by Young Columbus, 

Record 2.24^. Sire of Myron Perry, 2.24I, Sea Foam, 

Could trot in 2.20, or better, and won 2.24I, Harry Harley, 25!, Phil 

24 hotly contested heats in 2.30 and Sheridan (sire of Phylis, 2.15^), 

faster. 2.26I, Com. Vanderbilt, 2.25, Ben 

Smith, 2.27, Arthur, 2.27-^, Farmer 
Boy, 2.28, Fitzgerald, 2.30, Young 
Columbus, Jr., 2.30; dam of Ab- 
bottsford, 2.19^, and 6 others in 

Third Dam, Daughter of Hambletonian, 2, 

Sire of Green Mountain Maid, 2.28^, 
and 3 others also, dams of 6 in 2.30. 

There is decidedly an outcross here, and includes fast performers. 
Mermaid ought to have been in the list, but has been bred in pre- 
ference to a turf career. The blood of Young Columbus breeds 
on: Adelaide, 2. 19I, a daughter of Phil Sheridan, has Nina D. 
2.26^, at 4 years, and Addie D., 2.25 1, at 3 years, in the list. Such 
an outcross, when commingled with Hambletonian and Mambrino 
Chief blood, must result favorably, as it becomes stronger as a 
speed-productive factor. 

This fellow is a royally handsome horse, excellently fashioned, 
bred and gaited for a fast performer, and knows nothing but trot. 
Good judges think him capable of a record in his four-yearold 
form inside the "circle which divides." He will be handled this 
coming season, and, barring accident, will be given a mark. 




[Standard, Rule 6.] 
Chestnut colt; foaled 1890; bred by S. W. Parlin, Phillips, Me. 

Sire, ALLECTUS, 3794. 

Own brother to lRf:NK, 2.23^. 

Dam, Hartelle, by Almont Eagle, 2.27, 

Brother to Piedmont, 2. 17 J. 
Second Dam, Heartless, by Hartford, 

Son of Rysdykjsire of Clingstone, 2.14. 
Third Dam, Dam of Jersey Lily, by Telegraph, 

2.34^ Son of Locomotive by Blucher. 

Fourth Dam, Daughter of Charlton Horse. 

Could trot fast and draw heavy weight. 


by Alcantara, Dan Tola, by Administrator, 2d dam the famous progenitor, Jessie 
Pepper, by Mambrin'o Chief. 


Alpha, 2.23J, dam of ^Egon, 3 years, 2.18^, 3d heat. lona, 2.17^, dam of 
Acman, 3 years, 2.29!, pacer. lola, dam of Irene, 2.23^. Le Grand, sire of 
Grandee, 2.23-1^ at 3 years old. Starling, dam of Estabella, she the dam of 
Prince Regent, 2.i6|, winner of $10,000 2.20 Class Stake at Hartford, 1890. 
Wenonah, dam of Montezuma, 2.29J, sire of White Wings, 2.29^ at 3 years. 


Alcantara, 33 in 2.30 list at 14 years of age, 21 of which entered in 1890, 
beating all speed-productive records. Record at 4 years, 2.23, last half, i.o6|. 
Alcyone, 2.27, sire of 15 in 2.30 list. Arbiter, record 2.30. Allicia, 2.30. 

Quintuple traces five times to Mambrino Chief, five to Ham- 
bletonian, 10. To Mambrino Chief, through his best daughter 
really (breeding-on characteristics considered), Jessie Pepper. 
Dolly Halstead (dam of Administrator, 2.29^), Sally Ander- 
son (dam of Almont), Mag Ferguson (dam of Piedmont, 2.17:^, 


Almont Eagle, 2.27, Mammont 2 in 2.30 list), and through Alma 
Mater (4 in 2.30) to Mambrino Patchen, son of Mambrino 
Chief, and his best son as well. To Hambletonian through Geo. 
Wilkes, 2.22, his best son, Administrator, 2.29^, Abdallah, 15, 
Rysdyk and Hartford's dam. In addition there are strains direct 
to Grey Eagle, Sir Archy and Diomed. He is individually one of 
the fastest gaited colts of his age to be found, look where we may, 
and extremely bloodlike^ and in every way promising. He is ultra- 
fashionably bred, possessing the best performing blood from Al- 
cantara (21 in 2.30 list in 1890), and tracing directly to the greatest 
matron of the year, Jessie Pepper. 

There is little to risk, for' with opportunity he will become a 
trotter, and his opportunities on the Highland View mares are con- 
ceded to be first-class for the production of trotters, and the rec- 
ords show that the trotters descended from Jessie Pepper are 
among the gamiest and most level-headed ever to show in public. 
Prince Regent can trot in 2.14, as can ^gon, if not indeed faster; 
2.23:!: will not stop Irene — with another season she can undoubt- 
edly enter the 2.20 list easily. 

Taken all in all, there are few colts obtainable with as promising 
a speed inheritance as has this fellow, and with excellent bone 
structure and high finish we can but anticipate a brilliant future 
career for him either here or in the event of his being disposed of. 
In his two-year old form he will be allowed a few choice fillies 
from our stud. 




Handsome rich bay ; foaled 1887 ; bred in Kentucky by W. H. 
Hill, Worcester, Mass; stands 16 hands; weighs iioq lbs. 

[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Sire, NUTWOOD, 600. 

Record 2.iSf. 
Sire of 

WooDNUT 2.j6^ Irma , 2.l8i 

Felix 2.iS| Belmont Boy 2.15 

Dawn 2. iSf (Pacers.) 

Maggie E. 2.19! Nutwood added 19 to his roll of 2.30 

Glenview Belle 2.20I performers in 1890 — a total to date 

3 years, etc., etc.; also of 49 in 2.30. 

Manager 2.16^ 

(fastest 2-year record). 

First Dam, Sister Ruth, by Jim Munroe, 

Sire of Monroe Chief, 2.18^, Kitty 
1 Bates, 2.19, and 6 others. 

Second Dam, Sister Mac, by Whirlwind, 2.30I, 

Sister to Lady Mac, 2.23, Mr. Van- Sire of dam of Maud Messenger, 2. 16^, 
derbilt's famous pole mate to and Pearl Madison, 2.27. 

Small Hopes. 

Third Dam, Madonna, by Untraced. 

Dam of Lady Mac, 2.23, held double 
team record with Small Hopes 
many years. 

Here is another pedigree rich in broodmare strains of great 
brilliancy : Nutwood being out of the famous producer, Miss 
Russell, which produced the Queen of the Turf, Maud S., 2.o8f, 
Nutwood, 2.i8f, with 49 in the list, Cora Belmont, 2.24^, Russia, 
2.28. Besides these Lord Russell has sired several, including 
Kremlin, 2.22^, trial, 2.18 at 3 years old. Nutula is dam of 
Maudlen, 2.25^, and Mambrino Russell sired several, including 


Happy Russell, 2.21^, he sire of Happy Bee, 2-year record 2.29^, 
on half-mile track. Nutbourne, trial, 2.26^, has two in the 2.30 
list. A wonderful record of speed transmittance ; and several 
others will undoubtedly be in the list, as Miss Russell is alive, and 
breeding each year. Nutwood was by Belmont, trial 2.28:^, and 
his dam, Belle, by Mambrino Chief, produced McCurdy's Hamble- 
tonian, 2.26|-, with 7 in the list, including McEwen, 2.18^, at 4 
years, Belmont, with 35 in the list, and Bicara, the dam of Pan- 
coast, 2.2 1|, famous as sire of Patron, 2.19I-, at three-years old, in 
a race; 2.14^, at 5 years, in a race. She was a daughter of the 
wonderful broodmare sire, Mambrino Chief, 11. Rex Nutwood's 
third dam produced Lady Mac, 2.23. Turn where you may this 
pedigree bristles with speed ancestry, and individually he is a great 
young horse^ and a promising candidate for turf success, possessing 
capabilities of high order as to speed. Nutwood sold at auction 
for $22,000, and has stood at the head of popular sires for six 
seasons, and as evidence of his success commands a fee of $500, 
wuth "book filled" for five years. A Nutwood weanling sold at 
private sale for $6,000, highest figure ever obtained to date. That 
Rex Nutwood will develop into a great young horse, there can 
scarcely be raised a doubt, if no unseen accident overtakes him 
previous to maturity. Horses of his individuality, by Nutwood, 
are not obtainable save at phenomenally high prices. 





Dark bay stallion ; foaled 1883 ; bred by Wm. H. Moody, Clare- 

mont, N. H. 


Son of Woodford Mambrino, 2.21^, sire of Abbottsford, 2.19I (sire of 
CoNDE, 2,20), Mambrino Dudley, 2.19! (sire of Crescendo, 2.24), and 

First Dam, Mary Curtis, by Volunteer Boy, 

Sire of dam of Fearnaught, 2.19, and 
obtained record his first heat in 
public, 2.i9f. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Black Sherman, 

Owned by Elijah Hoffman, Philadel- Son of Vt. Black Hawk, out of the 

phia, Pa. Hammill Mare by son of Bellfounder. 

Here's another pedigree built on the Mambrino Ch'ief Hamble- 
tonian cross and with a Morgan outcross. Woodford Mambrino 
started late in life, but got a record of 2.21^, and died before 
meeting the stud opportunity his breeding called for. He had 
same dam as Wedgewood, 2.19, the greatest compaigning stallion 
yet produced, and the only one to win all his races during the 
progress of a campaign through the Grand Circuit. Scutari was 
by a son of Mambrino Chief (his best son, so to speak), out of 
Sallina by Belmont, second dam, Susette by Pilot, Jf., third dam, 
Susan by American Eclipse, fourth dam by Woodpecker, fifth dam 
by Hephistion. He traces to Mambrino Chief twice, to Abdallah, 
15, Pilot, Jr., Hambletonian, 10, and has a rich thoroughbred back- 
ing. He is in appearance a remarkably handsome horse, re- 
sembling Woodford Mambrino very much, it is said, by visitors 
having seen both horses. In action, pure-gaited, level-headed, and 
a fast stallion any time developed. As a sire, his colts speak 
louder in his behalf than words. He gets a line to that sire of 
game racehorses. Volunteer, and also to three noted broodmares. 
Woodbine, Belle and Martha. 

As an outcross with blood of the Clay or Morgan families, he 
would meet his best success, and ought to produce a rare lot of 
performers. His daughters will stand inbreeding or will produce 
trotters to the cover of Wilkes horses. All in all, Scutari, Jr., is 
a first-class individual. 




HLMONT GHGLe, 1054. 

Record 2.27. 

Black stallion; foaled 1874; bred by Col. Richard West, George- 
town, Ky.; stands 15.3 hands, and weighs iioo lbs. 

[Standard, under Rule 6.] 

Sire, ALMONT, 33, 

Record, 2.39!. 
Sire of 

Fanny Witherspoon 2.16^ Westmont 2.13I 

2-inile record 4.46^. Puritan 2.16 

Piedmont 2.171- Pacers. 

Aldine 2.19^ Dams of 

Early Rose 2.20^ Alabaster (4 years) 2.15 

Atlantic 2.21 Catchfly .' 2.18^ 

First Dam, Mag Ferguson, by Mambrino Chief, ii. 
Dam of Piedmont, 2.17J (11 in 2.30), Sire of Lady Thorn, 2.18^, Woodford 
Almont Eagle, 2.27, Mammont (2 in Mambrino, 2.21 1, etc.; dams of Di- 
2.30), and the dam of J. F. Phelps' rector, 2.17, Piedmont, 2.17J, etc. 
2.27J dam. Sire also of Mambrino Patchen, the 

noted broodmare sire. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Grey Eagle, 

Son of Woodpecker, by Bertrand, 
one of' the best sons of Sir Archy, 
by Imp. Diomed. He was a credit- 
able 4-mile race-horse in his days on 
the turf. 

Almont Eagle is, in every way, a wonderfully well-bred stallion, 
and superlatively capable individually; Almont's dam being by 
Mambrino Chief, and from a Pilot, Jr., mare, and his dams are 
among Mambrino Chief's most successful producers. He is a 
much faster horse than his record indicates, and judges of expe- 
rience stated, during his training, that he surely could beat 2.20. 
Outside of Highland View his opportunities have been limited. 


We have here two which can trot in 2.25 to 2.20, and several better 
than 2.30. They will be trained and placed in the list another 
season (189 1) ; barring accidents will get fasts marks, and rank 
their sire among Almont's most productive speed-siring sons. His 
get are large, substantially fashioned, good-gaited, and handsome, 
uniformly; this, added to soundness and good dispositions, renders 
them very desirable for road use, where many have drifted after 
leaving their breeder's ownership. His sons breed a high class of 
colts, and from those among his daughters, which have been bred, 
we can show some remarkably promising speedy young animals. 
In every way Almont Eagle is desirable to head any stud in 
America. His own brother. Piedmont, 2.17:^, is fast proving his 
value at Palo Alto, though overshadowed many years by the great 
Electioneer. At the close of 189 1 Almont Eagle will be found 
among the foremost of Almont's producing sons, and whoever 
secures him will secure one of the richest bred developed sires in 
America. He can beat his record easily many seconds with a 
month's track work ; is roaded ten miles a day, and in the best 
condition for any use determined upon. 





iZOLUNTeeR BOY, 1612. 

Trial, 2.27, Half in 1.13, Quarter in 35 Seconds. 
Brother to Goldsmith's Abdallah, 2.30. 

Dark bay stallion ; foaled 1873 ; bred by Alden Goldsmith, 

Washingtonville, N. Y. 

[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Sire, VOLUNTEER, 55. 

Sire of 

St. Julten 2.11^ Sired dam of 

Gloster 2.17 Homestake 2.14^ 

Alley 2.19 Amelia C 2.19.J 

BoDiNE 2.19^ Blackwood Prince 2.23^ 

Driver 2.19-J First Love 2.22^ 

Amy 2.20^ Bon Bon 2.26 

Domestic 2.2o|- and others. 


First Dam, Martha, 

Dam of Goldsmith Abdallah, 2.30 
(4 in 2.30), John Bright (2 in 2.30 
list and got dam of Betty Jones 
2.19^), Dixon's Ethan Allen (sire 
of Sensation, 2.22), Volunteer 
Boy (sired dam of Fearnaught, 

Second Dam, Daughter of 
Third Dam, Daughter of 
Fourth Dam, Daughter of 

by Abdallah i. 

Sire of O'Blemis, 2.27, etc., the dams of 
Goldsmith Maid, 2.14, and Harold, 
sire of Maud S.; also sire of Rys- 
dyk's Hambletonian. 

Bellfounder (Conklings'), 
Son of Imp. Bellfounder. 


Son of Imp. Tranby. 


Volunteer Boy is a remarkably handsome bloodlike horse, and 
traces to the famous broodmare Lady Patriot (dam of Volunteer, 
with 31 in 2.30 list; Sentinel, 2.29I, with 8 in 2.30 list; Marksman, 




uilh 2 in 2.30 list ; Green's Hambletonian, witli i ; and Heroine, 
dam of Shawmut, 2.26 ; and Martha on dam's side. He was a very 
fast horse himself, beautifully gaited, and went a mile in 2.27 ; 
could show a 2.20 gait, but met an accident which ^retired him. 
He has several which can beat 2.30, but have trotted to save 
records, though his value as a sire is attested by Fearnaught, 2.19 
(can trot in 2.17), which won fourth money at Hartford in the 2.20 
$10,000 race in 1890, and nearly beat Prince Regent the fourth 
heat. We have several by him, very fast, and they will be brought 
out in 189 1. Hattie Proctor should be a great mare. The Volun- 
teers are noted for gameness, soundness and longevity on turf or 
road, and the get of Volunteer Boy are not exceptions to the 

high grade gone before. 




iZITTORIH, 3993. 

[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Brother in blood to Catchfly, 2.18i. 

Black stallion; foaled 188 1; bred by Robert Steel, Philadelphia; 
stands 16 hands, full, and weighs 1150 lbs. 


Record, 2.29^^. 

Sire of 

Catchfly 2.18^ Clarkia 2.27 

McMahon 2.21 Col. Stevens 2.28! 

Executor 2.24^ Peniston 2 28^ 

Adjustor 2.26 Marcus 2.29^ 

Arbiter 2.30. 

Also Dams of Lady Emma, 

First Dam, Victorine, 

Second Dam, Ama, 

23J, and 7 others, and of Reference's (2.18) 
sire, Referee. 

by Almont, ^^, 

Sire of 39 sons which have sired 120, 
with records ranging from 2.i2f to 
2.30, and the dams of 27 in the 2.30 

by McDonald's Mambrino Chief, 

Sire of dams of Alice West, 2.26, 
Stranger, 2.28, and bred identical 
to Clark Chief, sire of dams of 
Phallas, 2.13!, Majolica, 2.15, Wil- 
son, 2.16^; also sire of Kentucky 
Prince, sire 'of Guv, 2.iof, etc. 

Third Dam, Miss Duncan, 
Fourth Dam, Daughter of 

by Scott's Highlander. 

Son of Sir Archy. 


Fifth Dam, Daughter of Aratus, 

by Director, son of Sir Archy. 

Sixth Dam, Daughter of Timoleum, 

Son of Sir Archy. 
Sired Boston, he the sire of second 
dam of Maud S., 2.oSf, Nutwood, 
2.i8f, etc., etc. 

Here is richness for you : Administrator, by Hambletonian, to, 
out of a Mambrino Chief mare ; Almont, sire of his dam by Ab- 
dallah, 15, one of Hambletonian's best sons (opportunities con- 
sidered the best), out of a mare by Mambrino Chief and Ama, Vit- 
toria's second dam by a successful son of Mambrino Chief, the 
whole resting on a three-ply throughbred foundation, tracing each 
time through his most noted sons to Sir Archy, son of Diomed. Is 
it to be wondered at that Vittoria gets fast colts, of great courage 
and determination, fine finished, and is, as well, a fast horse him- 
self? No, it would be contrary to the laws of Nature were it 
otherwise. For an ideal broodmare sire he must be a grand suc- 
cess, and his daughters, \yhen bred to Wilkes' Mambrino Patchen 
sires, are going to produce remarkably fast performers. The 
Hambletonian Mambrino blood stands doubling, and always im- 
proves when inbred through excellent individuals. 

Vittoria is probably the best bred son of his sire standing for 
service, if, indeed, not the best in existence. Administrator never 
was afforded the opportunity, but by downright meritorious indi- 
viduality came into the front rank among sires, notwithstanding his 
obscurity. Several among Vittoria's get here are remarkably 
fast, and, when trained, will show very credi4:ably. 





GRHNITe STHTe, 6337. 

Dark bay stallion ; foaled 1885; bred at Highland View; stands 
15.2 hands, and very handsome. 


.Son of Scutari, by Woodford Mambrino, 2.21^. 

First Dam, Med Shepard, by Jack Shepard, 

Son of Hambletonian, 10, and sire of 
Minnie C, 2.25!, etc. 

Second Dam, Nashua, 

A fast road mare. 

Granite State adds to the Mambrino Hambletonian cross the 
blood of American Star through Laura Keene, dam of Jack 
Shepard. American Star mares were Hambletonian's best cross, 
and Hambletonian blood produced the Mambrino family's best 
performers, so in this blending we have intact all the proven speed 
fountains. He can show a very high rate of speed, though never 


.\V\\V\\V\Vs\V\^V^VVVVVVVVV \VV^VVVV\^^^^ 



Black stallion ; foaled 1887 ; bred at Highland View ; 16 hands 
full, and extremely handsome. 

Sire, VITTORIA, son of ADMINISTRATOR, 2.29^. 

Sire of Catchfly, 2.i8|, McMahon, 2.21 (2 in 2.30 list), and dam of Lady 

Emma, 2.23^. 

First Dam, Twistwood, by Blackwood, 2.31, 

Can beat 2.30. At 3 years, 

Sire of Proteine, 2.18, Blackwood, Jr., 
2.22I (sire of Also, 2.20}), Black- 
wood Prince, 2.23^, Rosewood, 2.27, 
and Wildwood, 2.30, 

Second Dam, Louise Kellogg, by Dial. 

Son of Geo. M. Patchen, 2.23^, sire 
of Lucy, 2.18^, etc. 

Third Dam, Hibernia, by Imp. Consternation. 

Fourth Dam, Daughter of American Eclipse. 

By Duroc, by Imp. Diomed. 
Fifth Dam, Roxanna, by Sir Archy. 

Son of Imp. Diomed, first Derby 

This is great breeding. Blackwood, 2.31, could trot a 2.10 gait, 
and was out of a Mambrino Chief dam. Geo. M. Patchen, 2.23^, 
led all the stallions of his time, and got Lucyj 2.i8;|^ (see Evolutio 
for her roll of honor), and leaving these we go through Imp. Con- 
sternation to Imp. Trustee, to American Eclipse, grandson of 
Diomed, back to Sir Archy, best son of Diomed. Vittoria adds 
Hambletonian and Mambrino Chief blood. He is the fastest 
trotter ever bred here, and a great-gaited, level-headed fellow. 
His dam is in the stud, but will be given a record before again 
being bred. She is one of Blackwood's speediest daughters, and 
a grand broodmare. New England, at any price, is a good in- 


>^^%^^-^^^^^^^^>^^>^\VSV^V^SV^V^V s<^\^^ 




Seal brown stallion; foaled 1886; bred at Highland View; stands 
15-3; weighs 1075 lbs. 


Trial 2,27. 
Got dam of Fearnaught, 2.19. 

First Dam, Collie, 

Second Dam, Carrie T., 2.34, 
Dam of Carrie Tiiomas, 3 years, 
2.31, and Bessie Wilkes, dam of 
Albrazia, 3 years, 2.31^. 

Third Dam, Sister to Maud, 

The dam ofKing Jim, 2.20^, trial 
2.16, etc., and Malaga, dam of 
Woodbrino, 2.25I, sire of 
Cromwood, 2 years, 2.46. 

Fourth Dam, Daughter of 

Fifth Dam, Daughter of 

Sixth Dam, Daughter of 
Seventh Dam, Daughter of 

by Lakeland Abdallah, 

Brother to sire of Maud S., 2.o8f 
Queen of the Turf. 

by Almont, ;^;^, 

Sire of dam of Alabaster, 2.15; ex- 
champion stallion at 4 years. 

by Abdallah, 15, 

Sired dam of Jerome Eddy, 216^; 
sold for $25,000. 

Robert Bruce, 

By Clinton, son of Sir Archy. 

Muckle John, 

By Sir Archy. 

Stamboul (Arabian). 

Highland View is bred much like New Hampshire, and the 
same treatise as to the bloodlines is applicable to each. New 
Hampshire is one of the fastest ones ever bred here, and very 
handsomely proportioned, upheaded and of speed-promise : showing 
it in his every move whilst in action. Sound and of a cheerful 
disposition, possessing a rare amount of nerve force. 





iZITTMONT. 5995. 

Bay stallion; foaled 1886; bred at Highland View; stands 16 
hands; weighs 1075 lbs. 


Son of Administrator, 2.29^. 
First Dam, Marjorie, by Almont, ^^^ 

Son of Abdallah, 15; dam by Mam- 
brino Chief, second by Pilot, Jr. 

Second Dam, Belle, by Strader's Cass. M. Clay, Jr. 

Sire of Durango, 2.23!, etc., and dams 
of 13 trotters. 

Third Dam, Daughter of Hunt's Commodore, 

Son of Mambrino, by Imp. Mes- 
Fourth Dam, Daughter of Brown Pilot, 

Son of Pilot, the sire of Pilot, Jr., the 
greatest broodmare sire as far as 
extreme speed is concerned. 

ViTTMONT traces on each side to Almont, and each time through 
him to Abdallah, 15, and Mambrino Chief ; also to Pilot, Jr. He gets 
a Clay outcross through one of the best of the descendants of Henry 
Clay, and it is well known that both Geo. Wilkes and Electioneer 
are by Hambletonian (sire of Administrator), out of Clay dams. 
He is inbred once remotely to Pilot, Jr.'s, sire, Pilot, a fast pacer, 
and of great individuality, judged by the contributions through 
his son's daughters to the 2 30, and notably the 2.20 list. Through 
Cassius M. Clay, Jr., he goes to the Imp. Diomed sire, Duroc, 
through American Eclipse, his best son, and through Commodore 
twice to the founder of trotters in America, Imp. Messenger. He 
has, all told, 27 strains to Imp. Messenger, and 7 to Diomed, 4 to 
Mambrino Chief, 11, 3 to Rysdyk's Hambletonian. A wonder- 
fully rich pedigree, as a more minute analysis will at once estab- 
lish. Every way he is a superlative young stallion, and of excellent 
finish, size, and can show a high rate of speed with great ease. 



iZOLMONT, 5950. 

Blood bay; foaled 1885 ; bred at Highland View. 


Brother to Goldsmith's Abdallah, 2.30, etc. 

First Dam, Marjorie, 

Second Dam, Belle, ■ 
Third Dam, Daughter of 
Fourth Dam, Daughter of 

by Almont, S3, 

Sire of Fanny Witherspoon, 2.i6j, 
Piedmont, 2.17J. 

by Cass M. Clay, Jr., 22. 

Commodore (Hunt's). 

Brown Pilot, 

Son of Pilot, sire of Pilot, Jr. 

As Volunteer Boy and Marjorie are each catalogued, and have 
been discussed, it is unnecessary to enlarge on the breeding of 
VoLMONT. He is handsome, rangy, and elegantly gaited ; every 
way a promising stallion. 


.^V\VV\\V\VV\\V\VV\\VV\VV\VV\V\ \V\\V\\X\^^^^ 

k\\V\\V\\VV\V\\V\\V\\VV\V\\V\\V\\VV\ V\\^^^ 




Mahogany bay stallion; foaled 1887; bred at Highland View; 
stands 16 hands, and weighs iioo lbs. 


Trial 2.27. 

First Dam, Faith Dudley, by Mambrino Dudley, 2.19!, 

Sire of Crescendo, 2.24, trial 2.20, 
Gretna, 2.25i, Rintoul, 2.28^. 

Second Dam, Collie, by Lakeland Abdallah, 

Brother to Harold, sire of Maud S., 
etc.; sire of Geo. O., 2.26, and dams 
of 2 in 2.30 list. 

Third Dam, Carrie T., 

Record 2.34, Dam of Carrie Tho- 
mas, 3-year record 2.31, also 2d 
dam of Albrazia, 2-year record 
2.32^, 3-year record 2.31-^. 

Fourth Dam, Sister to Maud, 

The dam of King Jim, 2.20^, and 
Malaga, dam of Woodbriuo, 2.25!, 
also of Attorney, sire of Attorney, 
Jr., 2.19, Mabel A., 2.23^, etc. 

Fifth Dam, Daughter of 

Sixth Dam, Daughter of 

Seventh Dam, Daughter of 
Eighth Dam, Daughter of 

by Almont, s3^ 

Sire of dams of Alabaster, 2.15, Catch- 
fly, 2.18^, McMahon, 2.21, etc., etc. 

by Abdallah, 

Sire of Goldsmith Maid, 2.14, and 
dams of Jerome Eddy, 2.16^, etc. 

Robert Bruce, 

Son of Clinton, by Sir Archy. 

MucKLE John, 

Son of Sir Archy. 
Stamboul (Arabian). 

This pedigree bristles with great broodmare strains, great sires 
as well, and has the greatest thoroughbred strains in existence to 
back it up : Martha, his maternal granddam, a producer both of 



speed and producing sons ; Volunteer, dam, Lady Patriot, another 
wonderful matron, and on dam's side the great turf stars are near 
connections ; Lakeland Abdallah, sire of his second dam, a brother 
to the sire of the fastest performer to date. Mam. Dudley never 
had a foal but that trotted or produced speed, and Sue Dudley has 
two in 2.30 list, and each have 2.30 performers already. His fourth 
dam was sister to the well-known Woodburn producer, Maud, a 
great mare. In addition to Abdallah, 15, Mambrino Chief, 11, 
and Volunteer, 55 (to Hambletonian), Highland View has a line to 
Edwin Forrest, sire of dam of Mambrino King, the sire of Prince 
Regent, 2.i6|-, Mocking Bird, 2.16J, Henrietta, 2.18^, and Jocko, 
pacer, 2.165. Every line goes into thoroughbred blood, and it will 
improve on examining into the breeders of the most famous per- 
formers bred that way, for the reason that identical strains are 
found among their direct ancestors. If breeding of this sort fails to 
produce a performer of merit, or a sire of speed, it will be a seldom 
found exception. He is one of the choicest, individually con- 
sidered, stallions in New England, and fit to be placed in any stud 
collection in America. 






Black stallion ; foaled 1886 ; bred at Highland View. 

Sire, ALMONT EAGLE, 2.27. 

Brother to Piedmont, 2.17^; trial at Palo Alto much faster. 

First Dam, Kitty Walker, by Ericcson, 2.30^, 

First to reach that mark as a 4-year old, 
and sire of 6 in 2.30, dams of J. R. 
Shedd, 2.19J, and Godelia, 2.19I; 5 

Second Dam, Daughter of Capt. Walker, 

Sire of dams of Harry Wilkes, 2.13^, 
Charley, trial 2.15!, and 3 others. 

Here is another pedigree with a triple infusion of Mambrino 
Chief blood. There are, in addition, two out-crosses to pacing 
blood of productive merit. 

On sire's side to Pilot, Jr., sire of dams of Maud S., 2.o8|, Jay 
Eye See, 2.10, Nutwood, 2.i8|, etc., and through his dam back to 
sire of Harry Wilkes' dam. He is not a large one, but very pow- 
erfully made from head to heels, and no inclination to mix or 
amble. His trotting action is beautiful and he may go very fast if 
he were trained. Nelson,|, Maud S., 2.08^, Harry Wilkes, 
2.13^, Manzanita, 2.16, and others, are in a measure indebted to 
the pacing brood for their speed. Almate's pacing strains are 
those identical ones which have best resulted when introduced into 
trotting pedigrees heretofore. He will sire speed beyond a shadow 
of doubt, and is one of the nicest roadster stallions ever foaled. 


Note. — Indian Hill Farm has a yearling out of a daughter of Kitty 
Walker's, sired by the young stallion, Indian Hill, by Princeps, which they term 
the fastest colt ever foaled there, and the list of record trotters bred there in- 
cludes Trinket, 2.14, Epaulet, 2.19, and others, consequently the compliment is a 
great credit to Kitty Walker as a speed progenitor. The dam of this colt is in 
foal to Axtel, 2.12; service fee, $1,000. 




[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Mahogany bay mare; foaled 1878; bred by H. B. Tully, Russel- 
ville, Ky. ; stands 16 hands full, and very handsome. 


Sire of Geo. O., 2.26^; dams of Fred Hampton, 2.26, Mambrino Swigert, 
2.30. Own brother to Harold, the sire of Maud S., 2.o8f, etc. 

First Dam, Carrie T., 2.34, by Almont, ;^;^, 

Dam of Maggie Thomas, 2,31 at Sire of 39 sons with 125 in 2,30; 20 

3 years, also of Bessie Wilkes, daughters with 24 in 2.30 list. 
• dam of Albrazia, 2.314^ (3). 

Second Dam, Sister to Maud, by Abdallah, 15, 

Dam of King Jim, 2.20^, trial 2.16 Sire of Almont, Belmont, Thornedale, 

Jim Munroe, etc., all with perform- 
ers in the 2.30 list. 

Third Dam, Daughter of Robert Bruce, 

Son of Clinton, by Sir Archy. 
Fourth Dam, Daughter of Muckle John, 

By Sir Archy. 

Fifth Dam, Daughter of Trumpeter. 

Sixth Dam, Daughter of Stamboul (Arabian). 

Collie is a magnificent rangy bloodlike mare, an excellent pro- 
ducer, and her foals inherit her fine size and elegant appearance. 
They show speed and testify in every department as to the dam's 
qualifications for broodmare use. She is one of the finest bred 
mares in the land, as a careful analysis of her pedigree will show. 
Lakeland Abdallah with proper opportunities afforded him would 
have been a wonderfully successful sire. He was early taken to 
a locality more interested in breeding draught than trotting lines. 



[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Dark bay; foaled 1874; bred by Dr. Samuel H, Chew, Lexington, 
Ky.; stands 16 hands; very handsome. 

Sire, ALMONT, 33. 

Sire of 

Fanny Witherspoon, 2.16^; Piedmont, 2.17I; Aldine, 2 19J; Westmont, 
2.13!; Puritan, 2.16, and others; and dam of Alabaster, record at 
4 years 2.15, 3d heat. 

First Dam, Belle, by Strader's Cass. M. Clay, Jr. 

Sire of 8 sons with 18 in 2.30 list; 12 
daughters with 13 in 2.30 list; 
record 2.35^. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Commodore (Hunt's). 

Third Dam, Daughter of Brown Pilot, 

IW Pilot, founder of the Pilot, Jr., 

Marjorie is one of Almont's best bred daughters, and highly 
prized at Highland View ; Volmont, out of her, is a fast young 
horse. Dr. Chew, her breeder, considered her one of the most 
finished and elegant mares in Kentucky, as was her dam, the Com- 
modore mare. She produces invariably a fine type of beauty ; from 
suckling form to maturity they never lose their marked symmetry 
of proportion. Marjorie will produce speed at Highland View, 
and we expect a rare foal when we mate her with Evolutio. 




[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Brown mare, almost black; foaled 1879 5 t>red by G. W. Homer, 

West Newton, Mass; stands 15.2 hands, and extra rangy. 


3-year record 2.31. 
Sire of 
Proteine, 2.18; Blackwood, Jr., 2.22^; Blackwood Prince, 2,23^; Rose- 
wood, 2.27, etc.; and dam of Merry Thought, 2.22I, etc. ; one of the 
speediest stallions ever foaled. 

First Dam, Louise Kellogg, by Dial, 

Son of Geo. M. Patchen, 2.23^, sire 
of the noted producer and per- 
former, Lucy, 2.18^, and Godfrey's 
Patchen, he sire of Hopeful, 2.i4f. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Imp. Consternation. 

Third Dam, Daughter of American Eclipse. 

Famous racehorse. 

Fourth Dam, Roxanna, by Sir Archy. 

TwiSTWOOD traces twice to Imp. Trustee, the great 20-mile trotter, 
and is a mare remarkable for her beautiful finish, intelligence and 
high nerve force. She can trot in or near 2.30, and is very nervy 
but well behaved. At twenty she will be as graceful as she is now. 
Her sire, Blackwood, could go quarters in 32 seconds as a three- 
year old, and sold for $25,000. He yet lives at an advanced 
age, sound as a dollar and rugged. The Blackwoods are a speedy, 
dead game, long-lived lot of trotters, and campaign successfully. 
They are so highly organized that it becomes necessary to be very 
gentle in training them, though not "rattle-headed" necessarily. 
When bred they are a grand lot of producers. That the blood 
breeds on Blackwood, Jr., 2.22^, has shown in his table of per- 
formers, having 5 in 2.30 and dam of another already. Daughters 
of Blackwood have produced Merry Thought, 2.22^, and several 
others. Twistwood's foals here will bear very critical exam- 
ination, and all show her elegance, and show speed as well of a 
high order. 



[Standard, Rule 6] 
Black without white; foaled 1886; bred at Highland View. 

Sire, ALMONT EAGLE, 2.27. 

First Dam, Twistwood, by Blackwood, 2.31, 

Out of ^ Mambrino Chief dam. 

Second Dam, Louise Kellogg, by Dl-xl, 

Son of Geo. M. Patchen, 2.23^. 

Third Dam, Daughter of Lmp. Consternation. 

Fourth Dam, Roxanna, by American Eclipse, 

by Duroc, son of Diomed, noted 3- and 
4-mile racehorse. 

Fifth Dam, Roxanna, by Sir Archy, 

Best son of Diomed. 

Here we have a richly constructed pedigree, replete in its Mam- 
brino Chief dams, and with a line each to the famous 4-mile race- 
horses, Grey Eagle and American Eclipse. Her Abdallah, 15, blood 
never met better crosses than this combination furnish. Not a 
strain to a faint-hearted family, and with a Clay outcross as well as 
one to Alexander's Norman, a family which claims Lula, 2.15, May 
Queen, 2.20, dams of Norman Medium, 2.20, Norval, 2.17^ (sire 
of Norlain, i-year record 2.3 if), and nine more. Almawood is 
well qualified to pass down to her produce a high rate of. speed. 
She inherits it, and better still possesses it individually, is a beau- 
tiful, sound, stylish young mare. We shall probably train her pre-" 
vious to permanently retiring her from the stud. She has no '' slack 
places " and those who have looked her over are loifd in her 
praises. What a colt she will produce bred to Evolutio. 



[Standard Bred.] 
Dark chestnut; foaled 1883 ; bred by Highland View. 


Son of WiNTHRor Morrill, dam Highland Queen, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 


First Dam, Fanny Lambert, by Daniel Lambert, 102, 

Sire of Comee, 2.19J, Nancy, 2.23^, 
Ella Doe, 2.23^, and 32 others; also 
dams of Pamlico, 2.i6f, Dandy Jim, 
2.19I, Revenue, 2.22^, and 16 others. 

Second Dam, Grey Mare, 

Claimed to be a Messenger. 

Crystal is in conformation a beautiful mare, strongly imbued 
with the Lambert characteristics ; can trot very fast, and with op- 
portunity should very nearly trot in 2.20 to prophecy within 


Bay mare ; foaled 1885 ; bred by Highland View. 

Sire, Scutari, jr. 

First Dam, Twistwood, by Blackwood, 2.31. 

Second Dam, Louise Kellogg, by Dial, 

Son of Geo. M. Patchen, 2.23^. 

Third Dam, Hibernia, by Imp. Consternation. 

Fourth Dam, Roxanna, by American Eclipse. 

Fifth Dam, Roxanna, by Sir Archy. 

Examine Scutari, Jr.'s bloodlines, then turn to Twistwood and 
weigh well the breeding values of this pedigree for broodmare's use. 
Individually she comes up to the standard of excellence it calls 
for, is nicely gaited, and should she be handled would undoubtedly 
trot fast. Her every movement is grace itself. 



[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Brownish chestnut; foaled 1887; bred by John F. Mills, Boston, 



Son of Mambrino Dudley, 2.19!, he by Woodford Mambrino, 2.2ii. 
First Dam, Crystal, by Robert Burns, 

Son of Winthrop Morrill. 
Second Dam, Daughter of Daniel Lambert, 102, 

Sire of Comee, 2.19^, Ella Doe, 2.23I, 

Abbottonian's dam. Muse, was by Winthrop Morrill, out of the 
well known trotting mare Lady Thornton, 2.26^ (dam of Virginia 
Evans, 2.24, trial 2.18), and has sired some very promising foals. 
Robert Burns' dam was by Old Hambletonian, 2d dam by Thos. 
Jefferson, son of Mambrino Paymaster, Jr., 3d dam, a daughter of 
Mambrino Paymaster. Thos. Jefferson's dam was also by Mam. 
Paymaster, giving three direct strains to Mambrino Paymaster, 
sire of Mambrino Chief, 11, the great sire of Lady Thorne, 2.i8|. 


[Standard, Rule 6.] 
Black filly; no white; foaled 1888; bred at Highland View. 
Sire, ALMONT EAGLE, 2.27. 
First Dam, Crystal, by Robert Burns. 

Second Dam, Fanny Lambert, by Daniel Lambert. 

The Mambrino Chief blood, technically speaking, is the back- 
ground for this pedigree. Robert Burns traces three times to 
Mambrino Chief's sire, and Almont Eagle twice to Mambrino 
Chief himself. Daniel Lambert throws in a strong dash of the 
best Morgan, backed by Abdallah and American Star strains. 
She is a very excellently well-bred filly, and can trot quite a bit, 
though it is, of course, all natural speed, for she has not had a 
moment's handling. 



[Standard, Registered.] 
Bay mare ; foaled 1885 ; bred by R. S. Bent, Natick, Mass. 


Record 2. 21 4^. 

Sire of 

Virginia Evans (4).- 2.24 Astoria (4) 2.27^ 

First Dam, Duette, by Princeps, 536, 

Son of Woodford Mambrino, out of 
daughter of Abdallah, 15, sire of 
Trinket, 2.14, Princeton, 2.19^, 
Greenlander, 2.15, Geneva, 2.19^, 
Granby, 2.19^, Femme Sole, 2.20, 
and 15 others in 2.20, dams of 
Epaulet, 2.19, and 7 others in 2.30. 

Second Dam, Belle Dudley, by Belmont, 64, 
Dam of Prince Dudley, 2.29!, at 2 Trial 2.28^, 

years; public trial 2.22f, at 3 years; Sire of Fred Arthur, 2.13!, Nutwood, 
also of Dodd Peet, pacing record, 2.i8f, Wedgewood, 2.19, Viking, 
3 years, 2.194-. 2.19^, etc., etc. 

Third Dam, Madame Dudley, Breeding not established. 

By a Bashaw Jiorse. 
Dam of 

Sue Dudley, which produced Mam- 
brino Dudley, 2,19! (3 in 2.30 list), 
Grosjean, 2.30 (i in 2.30 list), Sa- 
cramento (sire of Nellie Rose, 2.2 5^). 

Dahlia, dam of Daireen, 2.2 1^, trial 
2.18, Dacia, 2.29^^ (dam of Daciana, 
2.274^), Davenant, 2.29!, Dalphine, 
2.29 (dam of So-Long, 2.20^). 

Tulip, dam of Ulva, 2.27 (public trial 


Belle Dudley, dam of Dodd Peet, 

2.19I, Belford, 2.26f, Prince Dud- 

le}^ 2.29I. 
Dalce, dam of Greenhorn, 2.28^. 


No mare living has a greater array of producing ancestors than 
Early Dawn. Her sire, by Geo. Wilkes, out of Minna, by Red 
Jacket, which produced the dam of Lizzie Wilkes, 2.22I; her dam 
by Princeps ; he by the great sire Woodford Mambrino, 2.21-^, 
which was out of dam of Wedgewood, 2.19 ; Princeps, dam by 
Abdallah, 15; second dam, Black Rose, byTomTeemer; Prim- 
rose, dam of Redwald, 2.28^, etc.; Black Rose, dam of Hermosa, 
2.33 (dam of Hermes, 2.27^; 6 in 2.30 list), of Roscoe (sire of 
Black Pilot, 2.30; he the sire of Pilot Knox,^2.i9|; he, in turn, 
sire of Pilot Bird, 2.22!). Black Rose is dam of the dams of 
Hermes, Heptagon, Abdalbrino, Maxion, Parmenus, Princeps, Pluto, 
which have totally produced 40 in 2.30 list. Primrose produced 
Ichi Ban, 2.29^, Redwald, 2.28J, and the dam of Chichester, 2.25^- 
(sire of Stornaway, 2.30). Belmont brings in a producing dam as 
well. Every line to a producing dam, and, as endeavored to illus- 
trate the best and most positive " breeding on blood " in all the 
stud-book., She is a beautifully-gaited, fast, and handsome young 
mare, and worth, in these days of advanced breeding, $10,000, to 
be mated with any sire of prominence. How can she miss being a 
great producer herself. 


[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Bay mare ; no white ; bred by Cornelius O'Neill, Mystic Park, 
Medford, Mass; foaled 1886. 

Sire JERSEY WILKES, 5916. 

Sire of Hussar, 2.26^, Alice Black, 2.29^. 

First Dam, Lady Messenger, by Messenger Chief, 1825, 

Sire of Maud Messenger, 2.16^, 
Katharine S., 2.2o4^, Abel, 2.24^^, 
etc.; dam of Messenger Wilkes, 


Second Dam, Daughter of Whalebone, 

Son of Mambrino Chief, 11. 
Third Dam, Daughter of Frank, 

Son of Sir Archy. 


Jersey Wilkes, sired by Geo. Wilkes, dam Lady Patchen (dam 
of Jimmie Temple, 2 23^), by Mambrino Patchen, traces to the 
best thoroughbred blood : Messenger Chief, sired by Abdallah 
Pilot, he out of Blandina (the dam of five sires), by Mambrino 
Chief; second dam, Burch mare, dam of Rosalind, 2.2 if ; his dam 
was by Mambrino Messenger, by Mambrino Chief, and second dam 
by Mambrino Chief is dam of Gen. Geo. H. Thomas, 2.30, sire of 
Annie H., 2.20, Scott's Thomas, 2.21, etc., a famous Tennessee 
- sire. We have Wilkes Mambrino Patchen, the golden strains 
backed with several direct lines to Mambrino Chief, twice to the 
blood of the greatest son of Imp. Diomed, Sir Archy. 

LoREEN is in foal to Rex Nutwood, a commingling of the Abdal- 
lah, 15, Pilot, Jr., Mam. Chief and thoroughbred; all to strictly 
hisfh-class sires and dams as well. 


[Standard, Rule 6.] 
Bay mare ; foaled 1884; bred by Wm. Abbott, Boston, Mass. 

Sire, WEDGEWOOD, 2.19, 692. 

Sire of 

Favonia 2.15 Dams 01 

CoxNWAY 2.i8f Crescendo 2.24 

CoNNAUGHT 2.24 HoLMDEL, 3 years 2.2gi 

Myrtlewood 2.25^ Clenmore 2.294^ 

Nugget 2.26I Braxdoline 2.30-^ 

Ulva 2.27 

First Dam, Muse, by Winthrop Morrill. 

Second Dam, Lady Thornton, by Mapes Horse. 

Third Dam, Daughter of Edsall's Jupiter. 

Son of Jupiter, 46. 
Fourth Dam, Wildair Mare. 

Here we get performers and producers closely related. Wedge- 
wood won all his races through the Grand Circuit in 1880, a feat 
never before or since accomplished by any horse, mare or gelding. 
He is breeding on in every direction, and Nugget, besides having a 
list to his credit, has already a son which is credited with 2.30 per- 



[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Bay mare; foaled 1888 ; bred at Highland View. 

Sire VITTORIA, 3993. 

First Dam, Marjory, by Almont, ^;^. 

Son of Abdallah, 15. 

Second Dam, Belle, by C. M. Clay, 22 


Third Dam, Daughter of Hunt's Commodore. 

Fourth Dam, Daughter of Brown Pilot, 

by Pilot, sire of Pilot, Jr., 12. 

Marguerite is full sister to Vittmont, and same remarks as to 
breeding qualifications, of excellence, etc., is equally applicable to 
each. She will be bred to *' Evolutio " in 1891. 



Black mare; foaled 1886; bred at Highland View. 

Sire ALMONT EAGLE, 2.2 7. 

Brother to Piedmont, sire of dam of Lizziemont, 2.25^, and Fanny Wiixox, 
2.29^; first among Jerome Eddy's get to beat 2.30. 

First Dam, Mary Curtis, by Volunteer B6y. 

Trial, 2.27. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Black Sherman, 2 40. 

Elijah Hoffman mare. Traces direct to Hill's Black Hawk 

and Bellfounder. 

This breeding is elegant so far as it extends, and composed of 
animals excellent indiYidually. She is a fine young mare and half 
sister to Scutari, Jr., one of our best young stallions ; a trotter of 
promise and will be a good producer. Individually she compares 
with any on the farm. 



[Standard Bred.] 

Dark bay; foaled 1885 ; bred by us at Highland View. 


Trial 2.27. 

First Dam, Fanny, by Florida, 482, 

Sire of Faust, 2.iS|- (3), Walnut, 2. 19^, 
Fanny Swope, 2.2 j, Fortuna (3), 
2.23, Hambleton, 2.26^, Lotta, 2.24^, 
Frenzy (2), 2.27:^. (Florida's dam 
by Volunteer, 55.) 

Second Dam, Daughter of Dad, 2.40, 

By Ethan Allen (43), 2.25I, sire of 
Daniel Lambert, 102, etc., etc. 

Elfin calls for more than passing notice. She is inbred to the 
great Volunteer, the founder of the gamest, nerviest family of 
campaigners ever started, and she goes back to the sire of the 
greatest Morgan (Daniel Lambert) ever foaled, which had few 
opportunities but overcame all obstacles, and contributed 39 trotters 
and dams of 24 more to the list. 


[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Chestnut mare, 15.2 ; foaled 188 1 ; bred by John F. Merrow, Esq., 
Revere House, Boston, Mass. 


Son of Woodford Mambrino, 2.21^. 

First Dam, Nettie Burlew, by Champion, 807 (King's), 

Record, 2.24. Sire of Nettie Burlew, 2.24, Geo. 

Much faster than her mark, and could B. Daniels, 2.24, Charley B., 

go halves in 1.06. A very speedy 2.25, Myrtle, 2. 25J, Golden Girl, 

mare. 2.25^, Col. Barnes, 2.28^, News- 

boy, 2.27, Sorrell Dapper, 2.28^; 
dams of Frank Middleton, 2.2of, 
and 5 others in 2.30. 


Second Dam, Nipper, by Geo. M. Patchen, 30, 2.231^, 

Great road mare, fast for her Sire of Lucy, 2.16^, and 3 others, 

draught; was never trained. and dams of 6 others in the 2.30 


Nettie Goodwood is a grand mare, and her yearling by Vittoria, 
good judges say, could show better than a three-minute gait, loose 
in the paddock, and strong, pure gait. He at once makes a reputa- 
tion for Nettie, for, bar all accident, it will be a very easy task for 
him to trot in 2.30 at 3-years'-old form. The mare is very nicely 
bred in true and tried lines, traces direct to the famous Geo. M. 
Patchen, king of the turf during his years, and gets through the 
Champion's the blood of Almack. Nettie 'iBurlew was a terribly 
speedy mare, and could doubtess trot a quarter at a 2.08 gait. She 
frequently went halves at a 2.12 gait in her work. She inherits 
speed and can trot quite fast untrained, but is needed at Highland 
View for broodmare use. That she will be very valuable as a 
producer, we think none who ever saw her or her produce will for 
a moment question. 


Brown mare ; foaled 1887 ; bred by Geo. A. Weston, Bellows 

Falls, Vt. 

Sire, VITTORIA, 3993. 

First Dam, Rosa, by Carnac, 

Great road mare. Son of Ashland, he sire of dams of 

Edw. Thorne, 2.i6i, Black Cloud, 

2.i7i, etc. 
Second Dam, The Ransom Bur- 

DiTT Mare, by Churchill Horse, 

Owned at Pittsford, Vt., passed to Son of Black Hawk, 5. 

Ransom Davis of Saxton's River, 
Vt. Produced Arabian Girl, 2.40 
(dam of Psyche, 2.27^), also the 
dam of Spotted Jim, 2.33. Six 
of her produce could beat 2.30 
had they been handled. 

There is marked individuality combined with breeding in the 
case of Mlss Weston. She will be a good producer we firmly be- 




[Standard, Rulp: 6.] 

Bay mare ; foaled 1882 ; bred by Col. H. S. Russell, Milton, Mass. 

Sire, SMUGGLER, 2.15i. 

Champion Stallion from 1875 to 1883. 

Sire of 

Mt. Morris 2.194^ Milton (European record, of 2.20) 2.30 

Revenue 2.22^ Dams of Gossiper 2.22:^ 

, Smuggle 2.24 " Lady Maxim 2.27^: 

Smuggler's Daughter ^... 2.24! " May W 2.29! 

Young Smuggler. 

First Dam, Sea Foam, 2.24I, by Young Columbus, 

Sire dam of Abbottsford, 2.19^^, etc. 
Second Dam, The Jos. H. Bil- 
lings Mare. 
A great reader and quite fast. 

This is breeding which has already trotted and acquired fast 
records. Smuggler mares are producing speed very uniformly. 
Naiad is bred to Evolutio, adding another fastest on record to the 


[Standard, Rule 6.] 
Bay mare ; foaled 1885 ; bred by S. W. Parlin, Phillips, Me. 
Sire, ALMONT EAGLE, 2.27. 
First Dam, Heartless, by Hartford, 

Son of Rysdyk, sire of Clingstone, 
Second Dam, Dam of Jersey 

Lily, by Telegraph, 

(Record, 2.34I; trials much faster.) Son of Locomotive, by Blucher. 

Third Dam, Daughter of Charlton Horse. 

Could trot very fast, and drew weight 
as well. 

^\v\vv^\x^^x^^ x^\v^^v\x^vv^^v ^^v\^x\^x^\x^^%^^^ 


This is a great young mare. Her foal here by Allectus (son of 
Alcantara), Quintuple, can show, loose, as much speed as any we 
ever saw at same age, and individually is a beauty. She is bred in 
well-tried lines. Hartford was out of Belle, said to be by Hamble- 
tonian, lo, but registered once as by that horse himself, again as by 
''a Hambletonian horse." Rysdyk was out of Lady Duke, by Lex- 
ington, granddam by Medoc. Jersey Lily could trot in 2.25, but 
was bred before entering the list. 

Hartelle is herself beautifully gaited, a nice finished mare and 
finely coated winter or summer. She must produce a fine line of 
foals judged by the first one, Quintuple. 


Trial, 2.28. 
[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Dark bay mare ; foaled 1882; bred by John F. Merrow, Revere 
House, Boston, Mass. 


Trial, 2.27. 

First Dam, Sea Foam, by Young Columbus, 2.35^^, 

Record, 2.24^, could beat 2.20 easily, Son of Columbus, sire of Confidence, 
and won 24 hotly contested heats. 2.28, and dams of Louise N., 2.20:J-, 

and Ben Morrill, 2.27. Young Co- 
lumbus' dam, Black Maria, 2.32I, by 
Harris Hambletonian. 
Second Dam, Daughter of 

The Billings Mare, owned by Col. 
H. S. Russell. 

Mermaid is one of the big broodmares, standing 16 hands 
and over. A magnificent, roomy, high finished one all over, 
and by a successful son of Volunteer, sire of the gamest family of 
trotting horses extant, and out of a fast daughter of the nervy, 
game, Columbus, a similar, though improved (through her sire) 
strain to that which produced Phyllis, 2.15-^, one of the greatest 


performers ; a mare which began as a two-year old and trained 
many years, going into a faster class each season, and could beat 


Mermaid can enter the list still. She is so well fortified with 
speed-producers that it is preferable to breed her each season. 
She will be mated with Evolutio, and we hope for something great. 
It will be an outcross, and a good one as well. 


[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Brown mare; foaled 1884; bred by Joshua Wilkins, Braintree, 


Sire, ARBITER 2.30, 991. 

By Administrator, 2.29^, Dam Alma Mater, by Mambrino Patchen, 58, 
dam of Alcantara, Alcyone and Allicl\. 

First Dam, Media, by Garrard Chief, 2253 

(Son of Mambrino Chief). Was sire 
of Basil Duke, 2.28^, and dams of 
Don Pizarro (3), 2,14!, Mistake, 


Second Dam, Daughter of Abdallah Messenger, 801, 

(Son of Abdallah, 15,) sire of Abdal- 
lah Boy, 2.24J. 

Third Dam, Daughter of St. Lawrence Horse. 

Said to be. 

Claremont Maid traces direct to Mambrino Chief three times, 
and once indirectly to Abdallah, 15, and Administrator, both suc- 
cessful sons of " The Old Hero of Chester," and must make a 
grand broodmare. Mares by sons of Alma Mater are now com- 
manding high prices, and not obtainable at that, as well bred on 
dam's side as is Claremont Maid. She is just what we are using 
at Highland View in our stud for broodmare use, and intend to 
retain her fillies to add also to our collection. 




[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Brown mare; foaled 1886 ; bred at Highland View. 


First Dam, Daughter of Almont Eagle, 2.27. 

Sire of Ruby Almont, trial, 2.28^. 
Second Dam, Sired by Son of Vt. Black Hawk, 

Which was inbred to the Morgan 

This filly we have kept for broodmare use. She has plenty of 
rich bloodlines through her sire, her grandsire and the sire of her 
dam, and it is backed by an inbred Morgan foundation of great 
value even in these days of advanced breeding, as Bell Hamlin,2.i2f, 
Guy,|, Pamlico, 2.i6|, and others going back to Black Hawk 
testified in public. The Morgan element produces finish, substance 
and courage, together with road-horse qualities of high order. 



Grey mare ; foaled 1879 5 t)red by Geo. W. Gould, Newtonville, 


Sire, REX PATCHEN, 2.30. 

Sire of Rex, 2,2SL 

First Dam, Fanny Lambert, by Daniel Lambert, 102, 

Sire of Comee, 2.19^, Nancy, 2.23I, 
Ella Doe, 2.23I, Lady Foxie, 2.24I, 
and many others. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Young Engineer. 

Said to be. 

Rexie Lambert is a nice daughter of a fast daughter of the 
great sire, Daniel Lambert, by far the greatest native New Eng- 
land sire. Her foal, Clay Patchen, stamps her a grand producer. 
She has a brother which would have beaten 2.30 had he had train- 




[Standard, Rule 6.] 
Brown mare ; foaled 1885 ; bred at Highland View. 

Son of Scutari, by Woodford Mambrino, 2.21^. 

First Dam, Fernleaf, by Idol, 177, 

Son of Mambrino Chief, 11, dam by 
American Eclipse, by Duroc, son 
of Diomed. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Vt. Black Hawk, 5, 

Sire of Ethan Allen, 2.25^. 

We get here a great blending of Mambrino Chief blood with 
that of Abdallah, 15, then Belmont and to Hambletonian, 10, 
through Volunteer, together with the ever-valued Morgan element, 
through the great old-time sire, Black Hawk. She gets a stout 
dash of best thoroughbred blood right close up. 


[Standard, Rule 6.] 
Bay; no marks ; 15.2 hands; foaledi885; bred at Highland View. 


Got dam of Fearnauc;ht, 2.19. 

First Dam, Ferndell, by Idol, 177, 

Son of Mambrino Chief, 11, and sire 
of Don, 2.224^, John R., 2.23, 3 
others ; dams of Misty Morning, 
2.21, etc. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Black Hawk, 5, 

Sire of Ethan Allen, 2.25^. 

Peck's Idol was by Mambrino Chief, dam by American Eclipse, 
the great racehorse ; American Eclipse, by Duroc, son of Diomed, 
out of Miller's Damsel, by Imp. Messenger. Red Fern is well 
qualified for broodmare use. 







[Standard, Rule 6.] 
Grey mare ; foaled 1885 ; bred by Dr. F. L. Gerald, Laconia, N. H. 

Sire, MAMBRINO WILKES, 3880, 2. 28f. 

Sire of 

i R. M. Wilkes 2.251 

by Administrator, 357, 2.29^, 

Sire of Catchfly, 2.18^, McMahon, 
2.21:^, etc., etc. 

by Peck's Idol, 177, 

Son of Mambrino Chief. 

by Sir Wallace. 

by Sir Archy. 

Blackburn's Whip. 

Arthur Wilkes 2. 

Dam Viola, 

Second Dam, Valley Rose, 

Third Dam, Target, 
Fourth Dam, Daughter of 

Fifth Dam, Daughter of 


Mambrino Wilkes, 

First Dam, Hattie Fitch, 

Second Dam, Lady Turner, 
Dam of Ned, dam of Clemmie G., 
2.15I, Post Boy, 2.23, Alice 
Stoner, 2.24J, Forrest Wilkes, 
2.24!^, Mystery, 2.25^, and Stein- 
ette, dam of Bourbon Russell, 

Third Dam, Daughter of 

Fourth Dam, Daughter of 

Fifth Dam, Daughter of 

Sixth Dam, Daughter of 

by Geo. Wilkes, 2.22, 519, 
Sire of 70 in 2.30 list. 

by William's Mambrino, 

Son of Ericcson by Mambrino Chief, 
by Mambrino Chief. 

Grey Eagle. 
Sir Wm. Wallace. 
Blackburn's Whip. 

Peck's Idol by Mambrino Chief, dam by American Eclipse, son of Duroc, by 
Diomed. American Eclipse, dam Miller's Damsel by Imp. Messenger. 
Kosciusko, by Sir Archy. 
Sir Archy, by Diomed, first English Derby Winner, dam by Rockingham. 



Viola Wilkes is exceptionally well bred, and inheriting, as she 
does, the blood of the famous Mrs. Caudle, dam of Ericcson, and 
of Lady Turner, dam of the grand producer, Ned, with five in the 
list, and a sixth, a producer of one, we think her well qualified to 
transmit her speed inheritance. She can show quite a deal of nat- 
ural speed with a splendid way of handling herself loose in the 
lot. She strains four times to Mambrino Chief and twice to Ham- 
bletonian, 10, once through his very best son, Geo. Wilkes, once 
through a most excellent son, opportunity considered, Administra- 
tor, whose daughters are passing 2.30 speed into the list each 
season. With her breeding excellence and individual excellence 
we look for good results from her union with the Highland View 


Bay mare; foaled 1886; bred at Highland View. 


First Dam, Med Shepard, by Jack Shepard, 183, 

Son of Hambletonian, lo, out of an 
American Star Dam. 
Second Dam, Nashua. 
Great roadmare. 

A great individual ; very promising. 


Gray mare; foaled 1877; bred by Estate of B. E. Bates, Cream 
Hill Farm, Shoreham, Vt. 

Sire, ABRAHAM, 353. 

Sire of 
Frank, 2.o8f (running mate), 2.19+ ; Brightwood, 2.19I; and dam of 

Ketch, 2.i8f. 

Dam, Hartshorne Mare, Messenger Descent. 

Said to be. 



Dark bay; 15.3 hands ; foaled, 1887; bred by Jas. Piper, Clare- 

mont, N. H. 
Sire, VITTORIA, 3993. 

First Dam, Daughter of Almont Eagle, 2.27. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Metcalf Horse. 

By Black Hawk, 5. 


Bay mare ; foaled, 1885 ; bred by N. C. Carroll, Warner, N. H. 
Sire, VOLUNTEER BOY, 2.27. 

First Dam, Daughter of Abdallah, 16, 

Sire of Minnie C, 2.25!, etc. 

Bay mare; foaled 1887 ; bred by Pjert Chellis, Claremont, N. H. 


Trial 2.27. 

First Dam, Daughter of Robert Burns, 

Son of Winthrop Morill,out of High- 
land Queen, by Hambletonian, 10. 

In foal to Easfle Wilkes. 




Bay; no white; foaled 1887 ; bred at Highland View. 

Sire, ALMONT EAGLE, 2.27. 

First Dam, Mary Curtis, by Volunteer Boy. 

Trial 2.27. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Black Sherman, 2.40, 

Elijah Hoffman Mare. Out of a Bellfounder mare. 



Brown mare; foaled 1882 ; bred by Mr. Fitch, Claremont, N. H. 

Sire, ALMONT EAGLE, 2.27. 

Brother to Piedmont, 2.17^, etc. 

Dam, Daughter of 

Young Draco, 

Son of Draco, 2.284^, sire of Draco 
Prince, 2.24I, Blanche, 2.25^, Out- 
law, 2.28^; also dam of Young 
Rolfe, sire of Nelson, 2.iof. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Cole Horse, 

Third Dam, Daughter of 

By the Perry Horse, son of Vermont 
Black Hawk. 

Bell Morgan, 61, 

Sire of Lady Turpin, 2.23 (by Cottrell 
Morgan, son of Black Hawk). 

EuDORA is a grand roadmare ; can trot right round 2.40, and is 
speedy, handsome, nice-gaited, and "able to give one a good stiff 
cross-country ride of forty miles, and return, without being at all 
fatigued, yet doesn't pull a pound. Her breeding is very good — 
a double Morgan foundation and the Abdallah Mambrino Chief 
top-cross. Statistics show that the old-time Morgan blood mingles 
with the more fashionable strains in the veins of Nelson, 2.iof, 
Axtell, 2.12, and a number of others among the bright stars either 
before the public, on the turf, or in the stud. 

.X\\V\\V\\V\\V\\V\\V\V\\V\ V\\^\\V\\V\^^^^ 




[Standard, Rule 6.] 
Bay filly; foaled Easter Sunday, 1889 ; bred by A. Cunio, Boston. 

Sire, NELSON, 2.10f. 

The Stallion King, holder of the three best records possessed by any stallion, 
living or dead: — 

2. 15^, fastest one-half mile track record by any horse, mare or gelding. 
2.1 if, fastest stallion record over a kite-shaped track. 

2.iof, fastest stallion record on any track made on regulation-shaped track. 
2. 1 5^-2. 1 5^, fastest consecutive heats over half-mile track. 

First Dam, Norma, 

Second Dam, Alnorma, 

Third Dam, Daughter of 

by Happy Medium, 400, 

Sire of Maxey Cobb, 2.13^:, ex-cham- 
pion stallion record ; Maxey Cobb 
and Neta Medium, 2.15!, till 1890 
fastest double team record ; Nancy 
Hanks, 4 years old, 2.14^, fastest 
race record at the age, fastest third 
heat at 4 years old ; and 50 others in 
2 30 ; also dams of 1 2 others. 

by Almont, S3, 
Sire of dams of Alabaster, 2.15, sec- 
ond fastest 4-year stallion record 
made as well in a race, Catchfiy. 
2.i8i, etc. 

Norman, 25, 

Sire of Lula, 2.ijf, May Queen, 2.20, 
dam of Norval, 2.17^, Norman Afe- 
dium, 2.20, etc. 


Tom Rolfe, 2.33 

Nelson, 2 

■lO'A ■ 

Champion Stallion 
co.d, ..,5%, . 
half mile track. 

Fastest on Record 


^oung Rolfe, 


Sire of 









I Aratus, by ■ • • 


I Pocohontas, 2.17Vi 

Sleepy Tom . . . 2. 12^2 
Young Rolfe . . . 2.2 1V4 
Lady Rolfe. . . . 2.21% 

Draco, 116, 2 28\!. . . 

Sire of 

Draco Prince . . . 2.24V4 

Hambletonian, 10 

Sire of 



/ Young Mo 
' Daughter 

Boston Girl . 

Daughter of 

Nettie 2, 

Daughter of . . 
Vt. Black Hawk. 
Abdallah 1 . . . 

Aubine . , 
Medora . . 
Westland . 

Hambletonian, 10 


Happy Medium, 400. . 

Maxey Cobb . . . 2.13V4 

Norman Medium 2.20 

Buzz Medium . . 2.2014 

Brigadier 2.21V4 

Breeze Medium . 2.221/4 

Ernest Maltravers 2.22I/2 

Happy Thought . 2.221^ 

Merry Thought . 2.22I/2 

Neta Medium . . 2.221,2 

Princess, 2.30 

Almont, 33 

Westmont 2. ,3% 

FannyWitherspoou 2.16I/4 

Piedmont =..71/4 

Aldine 2.19I/4 

Early I^iose .... 2.20I/4 



Wilcox Mare. 

Abdallah, 15 . . 

Sire of 
Goldsmith Maid . 2 

SaUy Anderson 

( Katy Daklin 

Daughter of 

Slocum Mare, by 

-( Lulu . . . 
May Queen 

I Untraced. 


T Horse. 

Engineer Engineer, 2D, 

By Imp. Messenger. 


/ Imp. Messenger. 

Mambrino ) 

j Daughter of Sour Crout 

Amazonia, by son of , . Imp. Messenger. 

i Bishop's Hambletonian. 

By Imp. Messenger. 

Hambletonian, by . . Abdallah, 1. 

By Imp. Messenger. 

By Hambleto 
Magnum Bonu 



Easter is designed as a broodmare ; was purchased especially to 
mate at reaching her third year with my young stallion, " Evolu- 
tio," getting in the prospective foal the blood of all the great sires, 
Nutwood, Alcantara, Geo. Wilkes, Young Rolfe, Happy Medium, 
Almont, Alexander, Norman, and the famous broodmares, Miss 
Russell, Lucy, Gretchen, Alma Mater, and the great performers. 
Nelson,|, Goldsmith Maid, 2.14, Lady Thorne, 2.18^, Lucy, 
2.18^, Geo. Wilkes, 2.22, Alcantara, 2.23, Jay Gould, 2.2o|-, Young 
Rolfe, 2.2 1^, Geo. M. Patchen, 2.23^, Katie Jackson, 2.25!. There 
will be no greater bred one to have been foaled than the issue of 
Easter by Evolutio. She is not for sale, money won't buy her, 
and individually she is a perfect young mare, which we value only 
second as a breeding requisite to sound ancestry. 


Sire, VITTORIA, 3993. 

Bay colt; foaled 1889; bred at Highland View. 

Dam, Nettie Goodwood, by Goodwood, 

Son of Woodford Mambrino, 2.2i4^. 

Second Dam, Nettie Burlew, by Champion, 807 (King's). 

Third Dam, Nipper, by Geo. M. Patchen, 3.23:!-, 30. 

Oakwood is the fastest colt of his age we ever had here. He can 
show more speed and more stride in the yards than termed 
average speed limit for unbroken yearling form, and must, with no 
accident or set back, become a very fast horse. His action is per- 
fect and he is a very large colt for the age. Horsemen who have 
seen him, all pronounce him a wonderfully-gaited colt, and -a very 
promising one for turf honors at maturity. 

54 yp:arlings. 


Black colt; foaled 1889; bred by Highland View. 

Sire, VITTORIA, 3993. 

Dam, Daughter of Almont Eagle, 2.27. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Abe Rogers, 

By Vt. Black Hawk, 5. 

This colt is fine and handsome ; an own brother to Bellrice, 
our gelding of 1888. 


Cherry bay gelding; foaled 1889 ; bred by Mr. Piper, Claremont. 

Dam, Piper Mare, by Scutari, Jr. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Son of Black Hawk, 5. 

This is a nice, pretty colt, beautifully colored, and wears a coat 
like silk ; he is stylishly gaited. 


Roan colt; foaled 1889 ; bred at Highland View. 

Sire, VITTORIA, 3993. 

Dam, Lady Bates, by Abraham, 

Son of Daniel Lambert. 


[Standard, Rule 6.] 
Brownish bay; foaled 1889; bred at Highland View. 


Sire of Scltari by Woodford Mambrino, 2.21A. 
Dam, Almawood, by Almont Eagle, 2.27, 

Sire of Ruby Almont; trial 2.28^^. 


Second Dam, Twistwood, by Blackwood, 2.31, 

Sire of Protein, 2.18. 

Third Dam, Louise Kellogg, by Dial, 

Son of Geo. M. Patchen, 30, sire of 
Lucy, 2.18:^. 

Fourth Dam, Hibernia, by Imp. Consternation. 

Fifth Dam, Roxanna, by American Eclipse. 

]^y Duroc, by Diomed. 

Sixth Dam, Roxanna, by Sir Archv, 

Best Son of Imp. Diomed. 

This is grand breeding, and better even than good breeding ; 
Silk Boy is absokitely perfect at every point. Evenly balanced 
in his every movement, and a trotter from heels up. He is unusu- 
ally handsome, of good size, and beautifully coated. We have 
determined to keep him a stallion, thinking he will be quite up 
to our standard of excellence. 


[Standard, Rule 6.] 
Chestnut filly; foaled 1889 ; bred at Highland View. 

Sire, GRANITE STATE, 6337. 

Dam, Rexie Lambert, by Rex Patchen, 2.30. 912. 

Sire of Rex, 2.28^. 

Second Dam, Fanny Lambert, by Daniel Lambert, 102, 

Sire of Comee, 2.19:]:, etc. 

Third Dam, Daughter of Young Engineer. 

Claimed to be. 





[Standard, Rule 6.] 
Bay filly ; foaled 1889 ; bred at Highland View. 
Sire, VITTORIA, 3993. 
Dam, Redfern, by Volunteer Boy. 

Second Dam, Fernleaf, by Peck's Idol, 

Sire of Don, 2.224^, John R., 2.23, 
Barbara Patchen, 2.24I, Idol Gift, 
2.29^, Iodine, 2.29^, dams of 6 in 
2.30 list. 


[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Bay filly; foaled 1889 ; bred by Edward Cogswell, Hyde Park, 



Son of Mambrino Russell, he by Woodford Mamhrino out of Miss 


First Dam, Jennie PatchExV, by Tom Patchen, 3996, 

Dam of Airago, 2.33^, Sire of Captain, 2.21^, Jack Spratt, 

2.23, Gladiator, Jr., 2.27^^, and grand- 
sire of Forrest Patchen, 2.19!^. 

Second Dam, Jennie, 
Third Dam, Daughter of 

by Gen. Knox, 140, 2.31 J, 
Sire of Lady Maud, 2.18^, etc. 

Drew Horse, 114, 

Sire of dams of Midnight, 2.18J, Iron 
Age, 2.19^, and others. 

This breeding is excellent. Mam. Russell's dam, by Volunteer, 
is a sister to Stephen G., 2.20^, second dam being by Knicker- 
bocker, and produced Stephen G. Mambrino Russell sired Hal- 



dane, Happy Russell, AUie Russell and others, and was out of 
Miss Russell, dam of Maud S., 2.o8f, Nutwood, 2.i8f (19 
in 1890 in the list), Cora Belmont, 2.24^, Russia, 2.28, and Nutula, 
dam of Maudlin, Lord Russell, sire of Kremlin, 2.22f, at 3 years 
old. We get the great broodmares. Miss Russell, Lady Patriot, 
Woodbine, a mighty triOj and of invaluable speed productive influ- 
ence. Everything which was produced by each has either trotted 
or produced performers, and their performers are great campaign- 
ers and hold the low down records. Gen. Knox, with limited op- 
portunities, did wonderful service to the trotting interests of Maine, 
and established a family which, whether possessed of 2.30 speed 
or slower, " all trot some." No one ever saw a Knox which 
couldn't show some sort of speedy inclination. The Patchen 
blood and Drew are valued outcrosses. Louella C. is a very 
promising filly and will be a great broodmare. Will be bred to 
Rex Nutwood, doubling the Miss Russell blood in the produce. 


Bay filly; foaled 1889; bred at Highland View. 
Sire, VITTORIA, 3993. 

Dam Miss Carroll, by Volunteer Boy. 

Trial, 2.27. 
Second Dam, Daughter of Abdallah, 16 (Taggart's). 


Bay filly : foaled 1889 ; bred by Burt Chellis, Claremont, N. H. 


Trial, 2.27. 
Dam Jenny, by Gen. Lyon, 

Son of Young Morrill. 

Second dam. Daughter of Pathfinder. 

Morrill Horse. 



[Standard, Rule 6.] 
Bay filly; foaled 1889 ; bred at Highland View. 


Trial, 2.27. 

First Dam, Maud A., by Wedgewood, 2.19, 600. 

Second Dam, Muse, by Winthrop Morrill, 373. 

Third Dam, Lady Thornton, by Mapes Horse, 2063. 
Dam of Virginia Evans. 

Fourth Dam, Daughter of Edsall's Jupiter. 

Fifth Dam, Wildair Mare. 

Comment on this breeding would seem well nigh superfluous. 
It is replete with strains directly to successful sires, and the dams 
all round were all producers of attested value. She is a smart- 
gaited miss, and we expect her to show well when thoroughly 
broken. In conformation she is about perfect, and much admired 
by those who have seen her. 


[Standard, Rule 7.] 
Black brown filly ; foaled 1889 ; bred at Highland View. 


Dam, Mary Curtis, by Volunteer Boy. 

Trial 2.27. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Black Sherman, 

By Vermont Black Hawk, 5. 



Bay filly; foaled 1889 ; bred by Highland View. 


Dam, Marjory, by Almont, ^t„ 

Sire of dam of Alabaster, 2, 1 5, at 
4 years. 

Second Dam, Belle, by Cass. M. Clay, Jr., 22 

Record 2.35^. 

Third Dam, Daughter of Hunt's Commodore. 

Fourth Dam, Daughter of . Brown Pilot, 

He by Pilot, sire of Pilot, Jr., 12. 

We have here an indirectly inbred Clay, with a Hambletonian 
outcross, and it makes quite an interesting pedigree. A reference 
to the breeding of Clay Abdallah will be of interest. 


[Stani^ard, Rulf, 6.] 

Black filly ; foaled 1889 ; bred at Highland View. 


Dam, Collie, by Lakeland Abdallah, 

Brother to Sire of Maud S. 

Second Dam, Carrie T., 2.34, by Almont, ^;^, 

Dam of Maggie Thomas, 2.31 ; second Sire of dam of Alabaster, 4 years, 2.15. 
dam of Albrazia, 2.314^ (3 yeats). 


Third Dam, Maud's Sister, by Abdallah, 15, 

Sire of The Maid, 2.14. 

Fourth Dam, Daughter of Robert Bruce, 

Son of Clinton, by Sir Archy. 

Fifth Dam, Daughter of Muckle John, 

By Sir Archy. 

Sixth Dam, Daughter of Trumpeter. 

Seventh Dam, Daughter of Stamboul (Arabian). 

Eagle Wilkes is considered as handsome as the great show 
horse, Mambrino King, by some, and is certainly a very handsome 
horse under any judging. Kathleen compares in point of breed- 
ing favorably with almost any her age. She has the Wilkes, Al- 
mont, Abdallah, 15, and best of thoroughbred backing, tracing 
three times direct to Sir Archy ; and on the sire's side three great 
4-mile runners are represented : Grey Eagle, Wagner, and Lexing- 
ington. Individually we are confident she will meet the approval 
of those her rare breeding may attract. From any standpoint she 
is a superior young filly, and after we trial her at maturity she will 
go into the stud, where she must needs be a grand producer. 


Seal brown colt ; foaled 1889 ; bred at Highland View. 
Sire, VOLMOWT, 5950. 

First Dam, Claremont Maid, by Arbiter, 2.30, 

By Administrator, out of Alma Mater, 
dam of Alcantara, 2.23, Alcyone, 
2,27, Allicia, 2.30, Arbiter, 2.30. 

by Garrard Chief, 2253 

(Son of Mambrino Chief). Was sire 
of Basil Duke, 2.28^, and dams of 
Don Pi;?arro (3), 2.14!, Mistake, 

Second Dam, Media, 

^^v.^xk^%^^v\v\vv^%^^vv^v\^^ ^\v^^v\v^^^^^ 


Third Dam, Daughter of Abdallah Messenger, 8or. 

Fourth Dam, Daughter of St. Lawrence Horse. 

Said to be. 

Here we get Vokinteer, Almont, Mambrino Chief, Mambrino 
Patchen, and thoroughbred foundation, a grandly bred (grandly 
constructed as well) individual. 


[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Black filly; foaled 1889 ; bred at Highland View. 

Sire, VITTMONT, 5998. 

Dam, Rosewood, by Scutari, Jr. 

Second Dam, Twisiwood, by Blackwood, 2.31. 

Third Dam, Louise Kellogg, by Dial, 

Son of Geo. M. Patchen, 2.234-. 

Fourth Dam, Hibernia, By Imp. Consternation. 

Fifth Dam, Roxanna, by American Eclipse. 

Sixth Dam, Roxanna, by Sir Archy, 

Son of Imp. Diomed. 

This filly is one of the finest bred ones to be found, look where 
one may. No better trotting strains exist, and the broodmares in 
existence with such influential strains as Consternation, Eclipse, 
and Sir Archy, together with the Trustee blood, render it almost 
beyond comparison, unless one be bred in identical lines. Very 
clean cut, and a pretty gaited little miss already. 


COLT FOALS, 1890. 


Bay ; foaled 1890 ; bred at Highland View. 

Dam, Nettie Goodwood, by Goodwood, 

Dam of Oakwood. Son of Woodford Mambrino, 2.2i|. 

Second Dam, Nettie Burlew, by Champion, 807, 

2.24. Sire of Myrtle, 2.25^, dam of Myrtle- 

wood, 2.25^. 

Third Dam, Nipper, by Geo. M. Patchen, 2.23^, 

Sire of Lucy, 2. 18 J. 

This colt is half brother to Oakwood, the fastest yearling ever 
raised here, and is a grand gaited youngster already. He may be 
almost as fast same age as his half brother was. 



Brownish bay ; foaled 1890 ; bred at Highland View. 

Sire, VITTMONT, 5950. 

First Dam, Mary Curtis, by Volunteer Boy. 

Dam of Scutari, Jr. 
Second Dam, Elijah Hoffman 

Mare. by Black Sherman, 

Son of Vt. Black Hawk: 

Black Sherman's Dam, The Hammill Mare, 

By Imp. Bellfounder. 

Victor Curtis is a grand colt as to breeding, viewed in the 
light of an oiitcross, as he has the valued Morgan outcross for a 
foundation, improved by the infusion of the blood of Volunteer, 
Almont and Administrator. 



[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Bay colt ; foaled 1890 ; bred at Highland View 


First Dam, Rosewood, 
Second Dam, Twistwood, 
Third Dam, Louise Kellogg, 
Fourth Dam, Hibernia, 
Fifth Dam, Roxanna, 
Sixth Dam, Roxanna, 

by Scutari, Jr. 
by Blackwood, 231. 
by Dial. 

, by Imp. Consternation. 
by American Eclipse. 
by Sir Archy. 

He is a grandly bred colt, replete with producing strains of 
rare merit and great brilliancy. He is as fine in form and finish 
as one could imagine and a very pleasing colt. He at once stamps 
his sire a good producer, and his dam is one of our highly prized 
young broodmares. Satinwood is good sized for his age, and 
will be a fine yearling. 


[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Dark bay ; foaled 1890; bred at Highland View. 


Dam Medora, by Volunteer Boy. 

Trial, 2.27. 

Second Dam, Med Shepard, by Jack Shepard, 183, 

Sire of four with records, 2.25^ to 


Third Dam, Nashua. 

A noted long distance roadmare, 
with considerable local reputation 
for speed possession. 

Medina is a large, well made, good-looking colt, elegantly col- 
ored, and will, without any unforseen accident, become a very 
promising young horse. He is very nervy, stylish as a young 
peacock, and comes naturally by it all ; his sire and his dam's sire 
both are elegantly finished stallions. 


[Standard, Rule 6.] 
Bay colt ; foaled 1890 ; bred at Highland View. 
Sire, VOLMONT, 5950. 

First Dam, Early Dawn, by Kentucky Wilkes, 2.21^, 

Sire of Virginia Evans, 2.24 (trial, 

Second Dam, Duette, by Princeps, 

Sire of Trinkett, 2.14. 

Third Dam, Belle Dudley, by Belmont, 64, 

Dam of Dodd Peet, 2.19^, Prince Sire of Nutwood, 2.i8|. 

Dudley, 2.29! (2), Belford, 2.26f. 

Fourth Dam, Madam Dudley, A Bashaw. 
Dam of four producing daughters. Said to be. 

When we interweave the blood of Almont, Geo. Wilkes, Wood- 
ford Mambrino, Abdallah, 15, Mambrino Chief, Belmont, Volun- 
teer, Cass. M. Clay, Jr., and the best background of thoroughbred 
sires in the Stud Book near at hand, it ought to be termed gilt- 
edged. When the strains were begotten by the highest representa- 
tive sires in these families it is advancing, as they are many times 



much better bred than are their sires. Add to all this the great 
producers, Belle Dudley, Mme. Dudley, Primrose, Woodbine, 
Belle, Martha, Lady Patriot, and there is hereditary excellence on 
every limb of the tree. Peerless ought to be a successful sire, a 
fast trotter, and yet is but a yearling as yet. Few colts are as 
well qualified for the stud as he, and whatever families may be 
fashionable a few years away, we think the " boom " will still be 
" on " in his families. 


[Standard, Rule 6.] 
Black colt; foaled 1890; bred at Highland View. 


First Dam, Elfin, by Volunteer Boy, 

Trial, 2.27:^, brother to Goldsmith's 
Abdallah, 2.30, and sire of dam of 
Fearnaught, 2.19. 

Second Dam, Fanny, by Florida, 482, 

Sire of Faust, 2.18I (3), Walnut 
2.19^, Fanny Swope, 2.21, Fortuna, 
2.23, Hambletonian, 2.26^, Lotta, 
2.24-i-, Frenzy (2), 2.27:^. 

Third. Dam, Daughter of Dad, 2.40, 

Son of Ethan Allen (43), 2.254-, sire of 
Daniel Lambert, 102, etc., etc. 

This breeding is essentially gilt-edged, the individuality is there, 
and in every respect he is first class on examination. 



Black colt ; foaled 1890 ; bred at Highland View. 

Dam, Rexie Lambert, by Rex Patchen, 2.30. 

Second Dam, Fanny Lambert, by Daniel Lambert, 102, 

Sire of dams of Pamlico, 2.i6f, Dandy 
Jim, 2.19^, etc. 

Third Dam, Daughter of Young Engineer. 

This is a ^ery handsome colt and well bred as well. Clay Ab- 
dallah's breeding will at once impress the reader as exceptionally 
valued for an outcross. He can step quite a lively gait for a year- 
ling unbroken. 






[Standard, Rule 6.] 
Bay filly; foaled 1890; bred at Highland View. 


Son of Nutwood, 2.i8|. Put 19 in 2.30 list during 1890. 
Dam, Maud A., by Wedgewood, 2.19, 

Sire of Favonia, 2.15, and 5 others. 
Second Dam, Muse, by Winthrop Morrill, 

Sire of Honest Harry, 2.22I-. 

Third Dam, Lady Thornton, by Mapes Horse, 

2.26-2, Son of Hambletonian, 10. 

Dam of Virginia Evans, 2.24 ; trial, 

Fourth Dam, Daughter of, Edsall's Jupiter. 

Fifth Dam, Wildair Mare, by Wildair. 


[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Bay filly ; foaled 1890; bred at Highland View. 

Sire, WM. H. MOODY. 

Dam, Collie, by Lakeland Abdallah, 

Brother to sire of Maud S., 2.o8f. 

Second Dam, Carrie T., 2.34, by Almont, ^^. 

Dam of Maggie Thomas, 3 years, "The great sire of trotters." 

2.31 ; Bessie Wilkes, dam of Al- 
brazia, 2.31+. 


Third Dam, Sister to Maud, by Abdallah, 15, 

Dam of King Jim, 2.2o4-, Attorney, Sire of Goldsmith Maid, 2.14, etc. 

sire of Attorney, Jr., 2.13, Mabel 
A., 2.23, Malaga, dam of Wood- 
brino, 2.25!. 

Fourth Dam, Daughter of Robt. Brown, 

By Clinton, son of Sir Archy. 

Fifth Dam, Daughter of Muckle John, 

By Sir Archy. 

Sixth Dam, Daughter of Trumpeter. 

Seventh Dam, Daughter of Stamboul (Arabian). 

Wm. H. Moody, by Vittoria, son of Administrator, dam Mer- 
maid, trial, 2.28, by Volunteer Boy, second dam, Sea Foam, 2.24^, 
introduces a double cross of Mambrino Chief blood, the valued 
Abdallah, 15, blood, and that of the great sire of campaigners. 
Volunteer, 55. On dam's side Solitaire gets more Mambrino 
Chief- Abdallah, 15 (twice), with a phenomenal thoroughbred back- 
ing. She is the first of her young sire's get, and is a very credita- 
ble tribute. It would be hard to. exact a more perfect head and 
neck than she carries, and from end to end there seems no flaw in 
her make-up. Every one who has seen her has commented on her 
rare finish and beautifully colored, sleekly-laid coat. She knows 
nothing but trot, and for a weanling is extra attractive in action, 
and shows quite a deal of juvenile speed, loose in the yards. 



Bay filly; foaled 1890; bred at Highland View. 


Dam, Red Fern, by Volunteer BoV. 

Second Dam, Ferndell, by Peck's Idol, 

Sire of Don, 2.22^, John R., 2.23,; 
3 others. 


Third Dam, Daughter of Vt. Black Hawk, 5, 

Sire of Ethan Allen, 2.254^. 

This filly combines the blood-lines sired to Geo. Wilkes, Almont, 
Alexander's Abdallah, Mambrino Chief, Pilot, Jr., and thorough- 
bred, backed by the Black Hawk strain, famous for constitutional 
vigor, beauty of finish, and a very valuable outcross for any animal 
to possess. 


Brown lilly ; foaled 1890; bred by Highland View. 

Sire, EASTERN BOY, 2.29^. 

First Dam, Naiad, by Smuggler, 2.15^. 

Stallion King, 1 875-1883. 

Second Dam, Sea Foam. 2.24I, by Young Columbus. 

Third Dam, BiLLiN(is Mare. 

Wonderful road-mare, very fast, and 
a great long distance animal. 
Owned by Col. Russell. 

Eastern Boy, 2.29^, by Gen. Knox. It will be seen there is a 
line everywhere to some developed speed ancestor. Sea Foam 
was a much faster mare than her record indicates. Gen. Knox, 
2.31^, made a great reputation under extremely adverse circum- 



[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Dark bay filly; foaled 1890; bred at Highland View. 


Dam, Miss Carroll, by VolUxNteer Boy. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Abdallah, 16 (Taggart's). 


Bay filly; foaled 1890; bred by C. A. Haven, Claremont, N. H. 


Trial, 2.27. 

Dam, Daughter of Robert Burns, 

By Winthrop Morrill, out of High- 
land Queen, by Hambletonian, 10. 

\v\v\v\\v\\ v\v\\v\v\vv\v \vvvv^vxv^^^^ 



[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Bay filly ; foaled 1890 ; bred at Highland View. 


Dam, Altari, by Scutari, Jr. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Almont Eagle, 2.27. 
Third Dam, Daughter of Son of Black Hawk, 5. 

This filly proclaims her young sire a getter of juvenile promise, 
and is a very elegant, pretty filly, lots of bone, lots of finish. She 
is also excellently well bred, as a glance through her parent's pedi- 
grees will show. Suffice it to say, that every way she is up to her 





Dark bay mare ; foaled 1884 ; bred by Mr. Proctor, Claremont, 

N. H. 


Trial, 2.27. 

Dam, Proctor Mare, by Goldthwait Horse, 

(Morgan Hunter Jr.) 
Son of Morgan Hunter, by Gifford, 
he by Gifford Morgan; Morgan 
Hunter Jr.'s dam by Colby Horse, 
a son of the Barker Horse. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Flying Morgan. 

Hattie Proctor is a typically finished Morgan, fine, yet com- 
pactly made, and of grand substance on every hand. She is a nervy, 
resolute mare, possessed of indomitable courage and rare intelli- 
gence. With her high temperament, she is level-headed, and can 
undoubtedly with a season's handling, trot in 2.25. 


Gray mare ; foaled 1882 ; bred by John Jones, Claremont, N. H. 
Sire, ALMONT EAGLE, 2.27. 

Dam, Jones Mare, by Metcalf Horse, 

Son of Vt. Black Hawk. 

This mare could be trained a season with prospects of entering 
the 2.30 list, for she is speedy, well behaved and good gaited, very 
reliable, and a very nice mare. 



Black mare ; foaled 1885 ; bred by A. W. Fairbanks, So. Cornish, 

N. H. 

Sire, ALMONT EAGLE, 2.27. 

Dam Kitty, Own Sister to Dam of Dandy. 

-Sister is fast and will be a 2.30 performer, bar all accidents. 
She and Dandy would make a magnificent double hitch, are ele- 
gantly made and gaited alike. She will be trained in 1891 for a 





Bay gelding; foaled 1887 ; bred at Highland View. 
Dam, Neitie Goodwood, by Goodwood. 

Second Dam, Nettie Burlew, by Champion, 807. 

Third Dam, Nipper, by Geo. M. Patchen, 


Very promising, stands 15. i, and extra handsome. Will pay to 
develope for trotting purposes. 


Brownish bay gelding ; foaled 1887 ; bred at Highland View. 

Sire, VITTORIA, 3993. 
Dam, EuDORA, by Almont Eagle, 2.27. 

Second Dam, Volley's Dam. 

This horse stands 15.1, is handsome, and would with handling 
learn to go some. 



Bay gelding ; foaled 1888 ; bred at Highland View. 

Sire VITTORIA, 3993. 

Dam, Daughter of Almont Eagle, 2.27. 

Second Dam, Leet Mare, by Abe Rogers, 

Son of Black Hawk, 5. 

The Abe Rogers Horse made a record of 3.00 over 30 years ago. 
Bellrice will develope into a superb, fast roadster, with possibilities 
of speed. He is very handsome. 


Black gelding ; foaled 1889 ; bred at Highland A^iew. 


Dam, Fairy, by Florida. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Dad, 

By Ethan Allen, 2.254-. 


Black gelding ; foaled 1885 ; bred by Mr. Farwell. 
Sire, ALMONT EAGLE, 2.27. 

Dam, Farwell Mare, by Lexington, 

Son of Vt. Black Hawk. 



Dark bay gelding; foaled 1885 ; bred by Frank Brock, Springfield, 


Sire, ALMONT EAGLE, 2.27. 
Dam, Brock Mare, by Perkins' YoUxVG Morrill. 

These geldings would make very elegant gentlemen's driving 
horses, are handsome, bold movers, and extra stylish and nicely 
gaited. Frank B. is one of the most elegant large horses we ever 
saw harnessed. 


Black gelding; foaled 1884 ; bred by A. W. Fairbanks, So. Cor- 
nish, N. H. 

Sire, ALMONT EAGLE, 2.27. 

Dam, ToPSY, by Hannibal, 

Son of Surprise, by Vt. Black Hawk, 
sire of Ethan Allen, 2.25I. 

Second Dam, Nelly, by Rip Van Winkle, 

By Vt. Black Hawk. 

Third Dam, Farley Rosseter Mare. 

Surprise was out of a daughter of Black Hawk, 5, hence Dandy 
is highly inbred to the famous Black Hawk family. He is a very 
elegant horse, up-headed, handsome, very pure gaited, and can un- 
doubtedly trot in or very near 2.25 with regular track work. A 
Boston gentleman made a fair offer (for an undeveloped horse) last 
spring, but we preferred to bring him out or sell to one who would 
afford him a turf education. 



Bay gelding ; foaled 1885 ; bred at Highland View. 
Dam, Collie, by Lakeland Abdallah, 160. 

Second Dam, Carrie T., 234, by Almont, 33. 

Dam of Maggie Thomas, 2.31, at 4 50 in 2.30 list, 


Third Dam, Maud's Sister, by Abdallah, 15. 

Fourth Dam, Daughter of Robt. Bruce, 

By Clinton. 

Fifth Dam, Daughter of Muckle John, 

By Sir Archy. 

Sixth Dam, Daughter of Trumpeter. 

Seventh Dam, Daughter of Stanboul (Arabian). 

Morgan Clay. 

Sired by Neeley's Henry Clay, 507, son of Strader's Cass. M. Clay, Jr., he by 
C. M. Clay, 18; dam Schamyl, by son of Vermont Black Hawk ; 2d dam by The 
Warner Horse, he by Long Island Black Hawk; 3d dam by Fireman, thorough- 
bred son of Sir William. Neeley's Henry Clay was out of Sue Letcher, by 
Norman, sire of Lulu, 2.14!, Kate Crocket, 2.20, etc. Norman was by The 
Morse Horse, he by European (McNitt Horse) ; dam by Hambletonian, 2 (Har- 
ris), son of Bishop's Messenger; 2d dam, Mozza, by Peacock, he by Imp. 

Clay Abdallah is a grandly bred horse. He left some few 
colts, so we give an extension of his breeding for reference. He 
is now added to the list of geldings, and a very fine roadster, with 
promise of speed. 



Bay gelding; foaled 1880; bred by Wm. Abbott, Boston, Mass. 
Sire, MAMBRINO DUDLEY, 2.19f. 

Sire of 

Crescendo 2.24 Gretna -271 

RiNALDO 2.27 

Dam claimed to be, an^ undoubtedly was, a daughter of Blue Bull. 

Eclipse is not for sale, being Mrs. Moody's road-horse, and could 
not be replaced at any cost were we to part with him. 

vv^vvvv.^vvvv^^\\vv\v\v\v \v^^v\v\v^^^^ 

.VV^V-V^\H».x\VxV'*.x^-WxV^vv^\vV\s ' ^VVV\\V\nH.\v ' < ^VVV^'^vv^n\^v\V\V^^^^ 







Stock Turcbased since Catalogue was Issued, too 
late for classification. 


[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Brown filly; foaled 1889. Purchased of M. J. Hendricks, Union 
Springs, New York. Owned at Highland View. 

Sire, CLAY KING, 2964. 

Record 2.30. 
Sire of King Clay, by Sayres' Harry Clay, out of Modesty, 2.26, by Tom 
Wonder; 2cl dam Wells Star, by American Star (dam also of Artjl- 
LERY, 2.2i|); Clay King's dam, Amy, 2 20^, by Volunteer, 55, out of 
Belle Brandon (dam of Gov.. Sprague, 2.20^, Wilmer, 2.30), by Ham- 
bletonian, id. 

Dam, Nelly, by Wm. M. Rysdyk, 5703, 

Sire of Lady Whitefoot, 2.18^. 

Second Dam, Daughter of Long Island. 

Third Dam, Daughter of Champion, 807, 

Sire of Nettie Burlew, 2.24, and 7 

Third Dam, Daughter of Thoroughbred Tormentor. 

Estella was purchased to get the blood of Belle Brandon (dam 
of Gov. Sprague, 2.20^^, sire of 24 in 2.30 list), one of Hamble- 
tonian's best daughters, and of Amy, 2.20:^, one of Volunteer's 


producing and performing daughters ; together with the blood of the 
great broodmare, Well's Star, dam of the great stallion, Artillery, 
2.21^, and Modesty, 2.26. She is a wonderfully well-bred filly, a 
superior individual, and bred to Evolutio will produce one of the 
very highest bred animals to be procured even in these days of 
advanced breeding. Is of good size, and well adapted at maturity 
for broodmare use. 


Bay filly; foaled 1890; bred by Francis B. Mitchell, Esq., 
New York Cit3^ Purchased through M. J. Hendricks, Union 
Springs, N". Y., by Highland View Farm. 

Sire, WATERLOO, 4716, 2.23f. 

Own brother to Viking, 2.19^-, Wavelet, 2.24:^^, Naiad (dam of Stornaway, 
2.29!, Sprite (dam of Sphinx, 2.23, Egotist, 2.22^, and Spry, 2.28^), by 
Belmont, out of Waterwitch, by Pilot, Jr. 

Dam, Merelda, by Tremont, 1565, 2.28^, 

Sire of Junemont, 2.i8f, Bellerene, 
2.26$, and Maymont, 2.284. 

Second Dam, Jessie Havnes, by Don J. Robinson, 451, 

Sire of Jessie B,, 2.24^. 

• This filly is destined to become a broodmare at Highland View, 
and when mated with Rex Nutwood the produce will carry two 
strains to Pilot, Jr., through his best daughters. Miss Russell, dam 
of Maud S., 2.o8f, Nutwood, 2.184- (51 i'l 2.30 list), Cora Belmont, 
2.24^, Russia, 2.28, Nutula (dam of Maudlen, 2.25^), Maudlen, 
2.25^, Lord Russell, (sire of 3 in 2.30), Mambrino Russell (sire of 
5 in 2.30, and grandsire of 1 at 2 years), and Waterwitch, the dam 
of Viking, 2.19^, Mambrino Gift, 2 20 (7 in 2.30), Scotland, 2.22^, 
Waterloo, 2.23!, Wavelet, 2.24^, Fairy Belle (dam of Nymphia, 
2.26:|), Sprite (dam of Egotist, 2.22I-, Sphinx, 2.23, and Spry, 
2.28^), Naiad (dam of Stornaway, 2.29^) ; this will make quite a 
trotting inheritance, and that is what we are aiming to secure, 
along with individuality. She is a nice filly every way. Don J. 


Robinson was by Marshall Chief, 452, sire of Dr. Lewis, 2.24, 
dams of A. V. Pantlind, 2.20:^, and Betsy Ann, 2.22^, and four 
sons, sires of 2.30 horses. Robinson's dam. Lady Bates, by Ham- 
bletonian, 10; 2d dam. Belle of Richmond, by Bathgate's Norman. 
Marshall Chief is a grandson of Vermont Black Hawk, and out of 
a Morgan mare. 

Tremont was by Belmont, out of Virginia, by Abdallah, 15 ; 
2d dam, Grey Goose (dam of Champagne, 2.30), by Nottingham's 
Norman ; 3d dam by Brown Consul. We get the blood of Belmont 
doubled, as Waterloo was a son of that great sire. There are 
producers in every line of this filly's rich pedigree, and it will be 
very discouraging if she herself doesn't become a great speed- 
producer when she shall be bred to Rex Nutwood. The produce 
of Belmont are breeding on very commendably. 


Bay filly; foaled 1890; bred by R. M. Stone, Esq., Marcellus, 
N. Y. Purchased through M. J. Hendricks, by Highland View 

Sire, WATERLOO, 4716. 

Record 2.23!. 

Dam, Marella, by Sir Walkill, 1547, 

(Own brother to Orange Girl, 2.20), 
sire of Walkill Boy, 2.24, and 
Claudia, 2 29. 

Second Dam, Valley Belle, by Mambrino Boy, 844, 

Sire of dams of Axtell, 2.12, and 
Allerton, 2.13I, Champion Stallions 
at 3 years and 4 years old. 

Third Dam, Daughter of Sir William Wallace. 


Fourth Dam, Mambrino Belle, by Mambrino Chief, ii. 

Sire of Lady Thorne, 2.18^, and 
Woodford Mambrino, 2.21^, etc. 



In all the stud-book it is very doubtful if the superior to this filly 
in matter of great broodmare lines could be found. She has three 
lines to Mambrino Chief, 11, the great Hambletonian-x\merican 
Star cross the blood of Mambrino Boy, sire of dams of the greatest 
three-year old, Axtell, 2.12, and greatest four-3'ear-old stallion, 
Allerlon, 2.13^, both of which stand at a service fee of $1,000; 
then to the remarkable producer, Waterwitch. It is wonderful, 
but the sort of animals w^e consider best adapted to produce trot- 
ters, and what we have aimed to secure, to give opportunity to our 
young stallions, Rex Nutwood and Evolutio. Comment on Water- 
loo has already been made, so it is not necessary to lepeat it here. 


Sire, ALMONT EAGLE, 2.27. 

Dam, Leet Mare, by The Sheldon Horse, 

Son of Morgan Empire, he by Empire 
State, son of Duroc, Morgan Em- 
pire's dam, by Woodbury, son of 
' Justin Morgan, 

This pedigree is short, but a rich commingling of Abdallah-Mam- 
brino Chief blood with that of the stout, hardy Morgan, and tracing 
direct to the fountain head of the founder of the great family — 
Justin Morgan. She is a handsome, highly-finished mare, and 
speedy as well. 

^ GJ 





[Standard, Rule 6.] 

Bay filly; foaled July 13, 1890; bred by J. W. Willis, M. D., 
Wahham, Mass. 

- Sire, SIR WALTER, JR., 2.18i. 

Dam, Lady Ashley, by Kentucky Wilkes, 2.21^, 

Sire of Virginia Evans, 2.24, and 
Astoria, 2.30. 

Second Dam, Maragold, by Black Cloud, 

Own brother to Lady Stout, 2.29, and 
sire of Charmer, 2.27. 

Third Dam, Polly Farragut, by Admiral Farragut, 

Dam of Theresa, 2.304-, and Ethan Son of Young Quaker, by Harris's 

H. Drew, 2.33^, mile track. Hambletonian. 

Fourth Dam, Daughter of Young Morrill, 118. 

Sire of Fearnaught, 2.23|-, etc. 

Sir Walter, Jr., 2.18^, was much faster than the record, and 
showed a trial at five years of 2.17^ over Fleetwood track. He is 
by Sir Walter, 2.24:5^, sire of three in 2.30 list, and out of a daughter 
of the great broodmare sire, American Clay, the rest of his breed- 
ing tracing directly to the best thoroughbred sires. Sir Walter, 
2.24^, was by Aberdeen, 2.331-, sire of Modoc, 2.19, Hattie Wood- 
ward, 2.15^, and many others, and his dam by Edward Everett, 
sire of Judge Fullerton, 2.18, and many others. Aberdeen, 2.33^, 
was by Hambletonian, 10, out of the fastest daughter of American 
Star, 14, Widow Machree, 2.29, one of the gamest mares ever 
trotted; so pronounced by the late Dan Mace, and other excellent 
authorities. We not only get the greatest Hambletonian-Star 
cross, but the Hambletonian-Clay strain, from which came Elec- 
tioneer, Geo. Wilkes, and St. Julien, among the trotters. Note the 


speed progression : 2.33^, 2.24^, 2.18^, and she is gaited so to give 
the hope that these figures may yet be lowered. On the dam's 
side we get Kentucky Wilkes, 2.21^, on the best of Geo. Wilkes' 
sons, and is producing trotters, though but a short while in the 
stud. The second dam is by Black Cloud, son of the great brood- 
mare sire, Mambrino Patchen, 58, and a horse, own brother to Lady 
Stout, 2.29, the first to attain that record as a three-year-old. 
Black Cloud's dam produced Lady Stout, 2.29, Black Diamond, 
2.29I, and Jeb Stuart, sire of Kitty Patchen, 2.21^, and others, also 
Mambrino Time, sire of two in 2.30, and the dam of Silverone, 
2. 19 J, also Black Cloud, sire of Charmer, 2.27. Polly Farragut, 
her third dam, is a producer of speed, for Theresa trotted in 2.30^, 
while heavy in foal, and Ethan H. Drew has a record of 2.33!- on a 
half-mile track. We consider that in point of breeding Queen 
Wilkes is in the very front rank; few there are carrying the blood 
of the great sires, Geo. Wilkes, Hambletonian, American Star, and 
Mambrino Patchen, as well as the American Clay outcross. She 
is what w^e have tried hard to secure for the Highland View Stud. 


^VxV^s-.^xx^xv-Vxs^xn-^nx-^vx-^nvVxx'^ ^xVVv^V^xVvV Vn^^^^^ 

— ^X.-^ 



k\\V\\-v\\V\\VV\ V^\V\VV\\V\\ V\\V\V\VV\\^^^ ^ 


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