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Full text of "Catalogue of the Verity Plow Co., Ltd. : walking plows, riding plows & garden horse hoes & scufflers, suited to all territories, and sold all over the world. --"

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VERITY Plow Co.,lxs. 
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ f ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ^^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^^^^4 


\/2i\\\W% Plow?, Riding Plow? & Garden H^rje Hoe? &- Scuffler? 
suited to 2i\\ Territorie?, z^nd sold zvll over tb^ World. 


and no other, enters into the constriiction 
of Verity Plows. The Verity Soft Centre 
Steel Mouldboards, Steel Beams and 
Chilled Points are positively unexcelled. 


•?!«• -^i^ •?i^ •?i«' •?»«• •?!«• tif 



verity Flow Co., LirpitcJ, Brzvntforcl, C2vn2v<Ja. 

♦ ♦ 


^ Fitted with Patent Adjustable ^ 

♦ Handles see p. 17) and Patent ♦ 
T Clevis see p, 31 \ T 


♦ ♦ 

Mo. 1 PLOW. 

An excellent Sod Plow, having long handles and long mould-board, with a very easy turn. 
Built after the Grey Pattern, and in plowing matches has carried off many valuable prizes in 
the .Sod class. We supply this Plow with false cut Share and Coulter for plowing matches 
when so ordered. 

Verity plow Co., Liniite^, Brantfor^, Capa^Izi. 


^ Fitted with Patent Adjustable ^ 


No. A 1 PLOW. 

Tliis j;; a light general purpose Plow — easj^ to hold, light draft, and works well in all 
kinds of soil. 

Verity Flow Co., Lirr)itc<J, Braptford, Czvnz^^Ja. 

♦ ♦ 


^ Fitted with Patent Adjustable ^ 

♦ Handles (see p. 17) and Patent ♦ 
J Clevis (see p. si). T 


♦ ♦ 

No. 2 PLOW. 

Our light rnnninK Stubble Plow, cutting about same width as No. 30. Can be supjilicJ with 
Skimmer and Wheel when desired. Wherever introduced it has large sales. 

verity Plow Co., LlrnitccI, Br2^ntfor«J, Cz^n^^^^. 

♦ ♦ 


♦ . ♦ 

^ Fitted with Patent Adjustable ^ 

♦ Handles (see p- 17) and Patent ♦ 
T Clevis (see p. 31). J 


♦ ♦ 

No. 3 IX L PLOW. 

A leader for sod and general purpose work, being longer and heavier than our No. 5, but 
much like it in construction. Steit Shares and extra deep Points supplied when ordered. 

V?rity Plow Co., Lirpitc^, Brz^ntfor^I, Czvoa^Ja. 

♦ ♦ 

^ Fitted with Patent Adjustable ^ 

♦ Handles see p. 17) and Patent ♦ 
J Clevis See p. 31 ': j 

♦ ♦ 

No. 4 A PLOW. 

This Plow is suitable for all kinds of lairl, and beinp: woll adapted to p:eneral purpose work 
makfs It a universal favorite. It is easj- in draft and will clean in any soil. Wo also make the 
yo. I 1 low, similar to the above, which is a little lower in the beam, and preferred by some to 
the 4 A . 

verity Plow Co., L-irnite^l, Brentford, C^^n^^^^^. 

♦ ♦ 


^ Fitted with Patent Adjustable ^ 

♦ Handles (see p- 17) and Patent ♦ 
^ Clevis (see p. 31). J 


♦ ♦ 

No. 5 PLOW. 

A light general purpose Plow, having a nicel}- curved mould-board, that draws easy and 
will clean in any soil. The steel Landside is wide, reaching to the bottom of furrow.- This 
model is specially adapted to the requirements 01 Quebec and Maritime Province tradu. 

Verity Plow Co., L-irpitcJ, Brentford, Cai72v<Ja. 

♦ ♦ 


^ Fitted with Patent Adjustable ^ 


Mo. 6 PLOW. 

Our lightest two-horse Plow, answering to the description given our No. 5, being of a similar 
pattern, only smaller. Used largely in the Lower Provinces. 

Verity Plow Co., Lin^itcd, Brantfor^, Czinz^^ia. 

♦ ♦ 

^ Fitted with Patent Adjustable ^ 

♦ Handles ^see p. 17) and Patent ♦ 
T Clevis (see p. 31). T 


♦ ^ ♦ 

No. 7 PLOW. 

This Mould-Board is especially adapted to Jointer v.-ork, and will cover stnbhle and manure 
completely. Is used largelj^ for general purpose work. 


Verity Plow Co., Lirpitcd, Brzvntfor^, Czina^a. 


♦ ♦ 

^ Fitted with Patent Adjustable ^ 

♦ Handles (see p. 17) and Patent ♦ 
T Clevis (see p. 31). T 


♦ ♦ 

No. 8 Ooe-Hor5c^ PLOW. 

A light One-Horse Plow, cutting a narrow furro\^:'. 
and small farms. Similar in shape to our No. 6. 

S])cciully adapted to market gardening 

Verity Plow Co., Lirpite^a, Brantfor«J, Canada. 


♦ ♦ 

^ Fitted with Patent Adjustable ^ 

♦ Handles (see p. 17) and Patent ♦ 
J Clevis 'see p. 31). T 


♦ ♦ 

No. 9 PLOW. 

This is our latest General Purpose PloA', easy to hold and very light draft, cuttinj? from 8-in. 
to 12-in. furrow. Sure to be popular wherever introduced, as it works well in the hardest soil. 


Verity plow Co., Lirpite<a, Bra.ntfor«l, C^^lJ^.^^^. 

♦ ♦ 


^ Fitted with Patent Adjustable ^ 

♦ Handles 'see p. 17) and Patent ♦ 
J Clevis see p. 31); T 


♦ ♦ 


A good Sod and Gonoral Purpose Plow. .Similar to the Hill Pattern, but being narrower at 
the bottom and back end of mould-board, makes it easier in draft. Especially adapted for hard 

Verity Plow Co., Lirnitc^l, Brzvntfor^J, C^na^Jz^. 


♦ ♦ 

^ Fitted with Patent Adjustable ^ 

♦ Handles (see p. 17) and Patent ♦ 
J Clevis (see p. 31). T 


♦ ♦ 

No. 13 PLOW. 

A wide Plow that has hekl its own with many of the new and improved patterns. Similar 
to the Massey No. 13, formerly hnilt at Newcastle. Skimmer and Wheel supplied when desired. 
When used with a Wing Share and Skimmer turns a furrow which completely buries all weeds 
and stubble, and never chokes. 


Verity Plow Co., Lirr7itc<J, Braptfor^, Czvpa^Ja. 

♦ ♦ 


^ Fitted with Patent Adjustable ^ 

♦ Handles (see p. 17) and Patent ♦ 
T Clevis See p. 31): T 


♦ ♦ 

No. 14 P PLOW. 

A hoavier Plow than oui- No. ;-5 I X L, aud one tliut is a favorite in Sod Plowing matches 
"Where the land is stiff it makes a good General Purpose Plow. Upper and lower cut shares 
furnished with this Plow. A })rize winner every time. 

verity Plow Co., Lirnited, BrAntfor«J, Czvnada. 


♦ ♦ 

^ Fitted with Patent Adjustable ^ 

♦ Handles (see p. 17) and Patent ♦ 
^ Clevis (see p. 31). J 

♦ ♦ 

No. 14 V Lonsi H2vncll<?cl Plow. 

This is without doubt the most popular Stubble and Breaking Plow used in Manitoba and 
the Territories. Twenty thousand in use now. It is easily handled by two horses and turns a 
furrow from 8-in. to 14.'in wide. We supply an extra Breaking Board, so that by the simple 
change of four bolts, two important Plows, the Stubble and Breaker, are embodied in one. This 
Plow with straight Coulter has been introduced into Ontario, and for wide plowing meets with 
great favor. 


Verity Plow Co., Lirnitc^f Br^ntfoH, Cz^n^dai* 

No. 15 PLOW Onc-Horse.) 

The best One-Horse Plow out, with wide cut Share and very easy draft Mould-Board. Jusi 
the thing for a market gardener. This cut represents the plow witli the new patent clevis and 
the position of handles as they may be adjusted by our Patent as shown on pages 17 and 31, used 
onlj' on Verity Plows. 

Verity Plow Coy Lirnited, Bi^ntfor^I, Cziija^a. 


This cut represents our adjustable patented 
fandle device. The bolts securing the mal- 
leable brace to mouldboard are not taken out 
when putting in the handles, thus leaving a 
clean even surface on face of Board. Either 
handle can be raised or lowered indepen- 
dently or both together, as desired, so that 
the handles can be arranged in height to 
suit either boy or man. In setting these 
up, the handles should be 
kept about ^ in. lower than 
wanted, and firmly bolted 
into the ratchets on the 
mouldboard and head, then 
with the use of the buckles 
the desired height and ten- 
sion on the rods is secured. 
All the parts are held per- 
fectly rigid and are not lia- 
ble to shake loose. This 
valuable improvement will 
be used on all of our Plows 


Verity plow Co., Lirpitcd, Brz^ptfor^J, C^^I}^.<^^. 



^ Fitted with Patent Adjustable 4 
♦ Handles 'see p. \7I and Patent ♦ 
J Clevis See p. 3 i . ^ 


Mo. 21 PLOW. 

Light draft wide cut Plow, suitable for Jointer work, and plowing in manure and stubble. 
A very popular General Purpose Plow. 

verity Plow Co., Linjited, Braintfor«J, C^nzv^Ja. 



^ Fitted with Patent Adjustable ^ 
♦ Handles (see p. 17; and Patent ♦ 

Clevis (see p. 31 


♦ ♦ 

No. 30 PLOW. 

.^Z.l?:^±[':]^%':'±^.?'^'''\f^^^ Skimmer, is an acknowledged leader 

iJratt very light, and has good covering capacity. 

among wide plows. Easy to handle. 


Verity Plow Co., L-irnitc<J, Brzintford, Cz^nz^^ia. 

♦ ♦ 


^ Fitted with Patent Adjustable ^ 

♦ Handles see p. i?) and Patent ♦ 
Clevis See p. 3i). ^ 


♦ ♦ 


Hill'' Lon5 H^ncll<?cl Plow. 

Tlie Hill pattern has been for many years, and is still, a very popular Plow. For Ontario 
we supply nan-ow Share and straicrht Coulter makinc a <rood General Purpose Plow. 

verity plow Co., L-irpitcd, Brz^ptforcl, CeiDa^cI^* 


New A\ocl<5l 5bort Hzvodkcl Stubbly Plow. 

We make this Plow in 10-in., 12-in., U-hi.. 16-in. andl8-in. cut. With our Improved Malle- 
able Head we have a Plow that will not spring out of shape, and the graceful curve ot the 
Mould-board, combined with the excellent quality and temper of the Steel, makes it clean in the 
most sticky soil. We have thousands of this pattern now in actual use. Swivel iioilmg 
Coulters supplied when so ordered. 


Verity Plow Co., Lirpitcd, Brantforcl, Cz^n^^da. 

Two-Horse 5icle Hill Plow. 

Perfect Working Plow on side hills. Bf ing reversible, the earth can he thro\vn all one way. 
Has strong solid Standard. Mouldboard is of Steeled Metal. The Mouldboard is quickly 
changed from one side to the other by a self-lockinp: attachment and lifting the Plow up, the 
weight throwing it under the Beam to the opposite side, when it automatically re-hooks and is 
readv for work. Very easily operated 

Verity Plow Co., Lin^ited, Brantford, Caoa^«ia. 


Ope-Horsc 5icl^ Hill Plow. 

Same as the " Canuck " Plow, but for one horse. Easilj^ handled and light draft. The self- 
locking foot trip and adjustable land lever are both excellent features on these Plows. 


Verity Plow Co., Lirnitc^, Brai7tfor<a, C2^02^<l2u 

Belle City Brez^Kin^ Plow. 

The easiest runiiiuK Breaker on the market ; long, tapering Mouldboard and flat Share, 
making it turn a sod entirelj- over, leaving tlie surface smooth for easy and thorough cultivation. 
Rigged with extra Share, Gauge Wheel and Rolling Coulter. 12 and 14 inch cut. 

Verity Plow Co., L.irpite«J, Brz^ptforcl, C^02^<j^ 


Verity Nortb-wcst Brush Br^evK^r. 

Made with Solid Bar Share, and extra long beam. Solid Steel Mouldboard and Coulter, 
timber used in these Plows is made entirely of best Indiana white oak. 14-in. or 16-in. 
Por 1897 we are building these Plows with shorter and lighter Beams when so ordered. 




I2-if7.» 14-in. z^pcl 
16-in Cut. 

Masscy-Harris (Yodtyz Caoadiai}^ Siosic SOlky Plow. 

With Mallea])lp Hcii.l. Wheels. Levers aiid Frame throughout are made of Steel. Used largely 
in the North-West and Australia. Supplied with Pole, 15-in. Rolling Coulter and 3-horse Evener. 


M^w Masscy-Harris (YoOos Caoadiai}) SOlky 6aog Plow. 

A Riding Gang that has met with the highest praise in Australia and the North-West. 
Malleable Heads and Solid Steel Frame. Easily adjusted. The Shares, Mouldboards and 
Coulters are made from the best American Soft Centre Steel, and guaranteed to clean in any soil 
With or without Pole, as desired. 


Verity Plow Co., Lirnitc«a» Brentford, C^n^clzi. 

patter^ofi Jlodel 2-fdrroW Steel ff^lne Gan^ pIoW (jlo. 1.) 

Soft Centre Steel Mouldboards, Chilled Landsides, Steel Frame. Steel Axles, Stofl Handles — 
light, strong and long-lived. This Plow needs no recommendafon. It is too widely known and 
too universally appreciated in Canada to require any description whatever. It is covered with 
valuable patents, which we control. All our Gang Flows lift out of the ground by pulling the 
Lever towards you. 

•Verity Z-J'drrow Steel 
f ffiitae d^afi^ plow (jlo. 2.) 


Extra high Stand- 
ards, giving plenty 
of room under the 
Frame. The Mould- 
hoards are large and 
arranged far enough 
apart to prevent chok- 
ing. Wheels have 
Long Chilled Bear- 
ings, and the Axle, 
with the entire Frame 
are made of Steel. The 
many excellent points 
about this Plow makes 
"it a ready seller. Our 
Patent Lever raises 

the Plovv^ out of the ground with a backward movement. This Plow we now make w^ith two 
widths of frame, being alike in every other particular except in width of cut, the widest being 
10 inches on each head. When ordering please state whether wide or narrow cut is wanted. 


Verity Plow Co., L-irpited, Br2ii)tfor<a, Cana^Ja. 

3-Furrov Gevpsi Plow. 

Built after the model of our No. 2 Gang, having extra high Standards, large Mouldhoards. 
Frame entirely' of Steel, Axles with long Chilled Bearings. Turns three 9-inch furrows. Used 
largely in Manitoba, but adapted to any section in Ontario. Made with one or two levers as 

Verity Plow Co., Lirnit^^J, BraijtfoH, Carja^Ja. 


Our N^v Pevtentecl Clevis 

Is simple and strong, and is capable of many adjustments to suit any line of draught desired 
May be used either rigid or loose. When used as a rigid Clevis, a great nicety of ad^ustme 1 1 
obtained, so that the depth at which the Plow works maybe varied to suit the class of"o in 
which It is being used. Will be used on all our Plows. 

No. 3 Austrzvlian G2vn$. 

Cuts thi-f-e lOin. furro\v.s. Hissed with Steeling Gear or not, as desired. The Levers are 
all within easv reach of the operator. Furrow Wheel is v shaped and runs at 60 degrees anp:le, 
anil can be moved in or out to suit anv width qf furrow. The Land Wheel can be chanpotl 
qui<;kly from the inside to outside of Frame. ]\rouldboard hard as glass, and guaranteed to 
clean. Tlie Frame is stiff steel and will not spring out of shape. 

Cuts four 10-in. furrows. Rigged with Steering 
Gear which enables the Plow to turn sharp cor- 
ners, and is also of great service in keeping a 
straight furrow. Width and depth of furrows 
are eomplptely under the oijorator'si control from 
the seat. The Land Wheel can be changed to the 
inside of frame for Mneyard work Ijy removing 
two bolts. This Plow, as well as our No. 3, em- 
liodies many of our valuable and patented im- 

No. 4 Australian Gang. 


No. 1 Horse Hoc 

zvpcl Cultivzitor. 

Rigged with Seven Different Styles of 

Furnishod \vith 1 Lever, 5 Standards, 5 Diamond or Oval Points, 2 Short Hillers, and 1 Shove 
Blade. Loiitf Hillers furnished, if desired. Made of best nualitv Steel. Stroiic: enough to stanc 

quality iSteel. iStroiiff enough to stand 
immense strain. Light and easy to handle. Bv use of Lever "the width can be instantly and 
easily changed while in motion. Standards are hollow Steel, pressed to a shape that will stand 
the greatest strain, and are guaranteed not to bend. All blades are of the highest quality 
tempered steel. 

No. 2 Horse Hoe -:- 
-:- 2ii7cl CuItivEvtor 

Rigged with seven different styles of 
Attach nnents- 

Same as our No. 1, but with two Levers, one for chanp:ing the width and one to change the 
depth, as well as to turn easily at the end of the row. Both levers operated easily and while in 
motion. Standards are hollow Steel and adjustable to any desired pitch. Diamond or Oval 
Points furnished as ordered. Both are reversible The Short Hillers are reversible, and can be 
set to tlirow the soil inwards or outwa rds, as desired. A complete tool. Handles are adjustable 
in height and can be moved sidewise to clear berry bushes when passing between the rows. 


Verity Plow Co.t Lirrjltc^, Brantfordi Cana«Ja. 

No. 10 5tr2^wberry Cultiv2vtor. 

Diamond Steel Teeth and expuudiug Lever, ^anie us ou our No. 2 Cultivator. Made with 
one or two Levers. 

This Cultivatoi- is 
trimmed with 1 Expand- 
ing Lever, 2 Long Kil- 
lers, 5 Steel Standards, 
5 Oval Points, 1 Shovel 

This drawing shows 
the Verity Cultivator 
trimmed with Long Kil- 
lers for Potato work. 
This is a light, strong 
tool, which we offer to 
our friends as the very- 
best for its intended pur- 
pose. By the Lever Ex- 
pander the width can be 
changed instantly from 
5 to 24 inches without 
even stopping the Ma- 
chine. Standards are 
hollow steel and adjtist- 

No. II 

Horse Hoe 





Verity Flow Co., Limited. Br;^^tford. C^n^^^. 

No. 14 :- 

This represents our 
9-Tooth Extension 
Cultivator with Run- 
ners and double-brace 
side bars. Frame en- 
tirely of Steel, with 
hollow Steel Legs, 
warranted not to 

Oval Points. 

^onoa Shovel Point. 

cj Mm t, 




All our Cultivators are furnished with 3-in. Oval Points, fi-in. Hillers, and 7-in. Shovel, 
unless ordered otherwise. Any of the above parts furnished when desired. We also make a 
half furrower (similar to the 26-in.) right and left, Avith or without wings as desired. 

Verity Plow 

Co.. L-iiDit^^. Brantfor4, CAO^cla. 

^ ^■,r,r,.^v used from one end of 

rnd\~U U>ced7n'i::tralnsia, Sou.. Africa, Sout. 
America an;l other foreipn countries. 

AtA, •4i«* •»'«• 


j*'^ "^t? •^''?' '>i'^ :^'^ 
■Sj;? vM<. ^/|f ^'{i -Jt^ 



The Verity Plow Worlcs at Brantford are specially 
fiJJ^l with aU the latest tools a,.d devices for making 
J^ws The fud oil plant and facilities for manipulating 
81 -el are capable of producing the finest results.