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Phi Delta Theta 



Eugene Henry Lewis Randolph Frank Dugan Swope 

New York Oamma, '85 Indiana Epsilon, '85 

Eic ^v^pt ovSeli aviifi 


New York 
1894 -^ 



^ 1024 X. 


• * • 

• z • • • 

• ••• •• .• 

• t 
•• • 

••• ' 

, • • •••••• 

• • •• •!• •• 

• • • « • 




Alphabetical Arrangement 399 

Alumni Chapters 384 

Chapter Lists: 

Alabama Alpha 261 

Alabama Beta 284 

Alabama Gamma 368 

California Alpha 201 

California Beta 383 

Georgia Alpha 155 

Georgia Alpha Prime 153 

Georgia Beta 163 

Georgia Gamma 178 

Illinois Alpha 76 

Illinois Beta 115 

Illinois Delta 147 

Illinois Epsilon 270 

Illinois Gamma 144 

Illinois Zeta 276 

Indiana Alpha 21 

Indiana Beta , 49 

Indiana Delta 97 

Indiana Epsilon 105 

Indiana Eta 135 

Indiana Gamma 79 

Indiana Zeta fi8 

Iowa Alpha 172 

Iowa Beta 311 

Kansas Alpha 317 

Kentucky Alpha 35 

Kentucky Beta 63 

Kentucky Delta 355 

Kentucky Gamma 66 

Louisiana Alpha 379 

Massachusetts Alpha 358 

Massachusetts Beta 373 

Maine Alpha 344 

Michigan Alpha iii 

Michigan Beta 206 

Michigan Gamma 320 

Minnesota Alpha 309 

Mississippi Alpha 256 

Missouri Alpha 136 

Missouri Beta » 305 

Missouri Beta Prime 255 

Missouri Gamma 381 

Nebraska Alpha 226 

Chapter Lists, Continued. 

New Hampshire Alpha 349 

New York Alpha 190 

New York Beta 338 

New York Delta 347 

New York Epsilon 363 

New York Gamma 341 

North Carolina Alpha 274 

North Carolina Beta 353 

Ohio Alpha 9 

Ohio Beta 90 

Ohio Delta 184 

Ohio Epsilon 222 

Ohio Gamma 124 

Ohio Gamma Prime 61 

Ohio Zet& 328 

Pennsylvania Alpha 195 

Pennsylvania Beta 233 

Pennsylvania Delta 292 

Pennsylvania Epsilon 302 

Pennsylvania Eta 371 

Pennsylvania Gamma. 238 

Pennsylvania Zeta 334 

Rhwle Island Alpha 376 

South Carolina Alpha 290 

South Carolina Beta 315 

Tennessee Alpha 243 

Tennessee Beta 324 

TeVas Alpha 268 

Texa.<% Alpha Prime 62 

Texas Gamma 361 

Texas Beta 331 

Vermont Alpha 297 

Virginia Alpha 130 

Virginia Beta aia 

Virginia Delta 229 

Virginia Epsilon 266 

Virginia Gamma 219 

Virginia Zeta 366 

Wisconsin Alpha 68 

Wisconsin Beta 74 

College Chapters . 4 

Explanation 8 

Residence Directory 430 

Table of Consanguinity 391 




ff}ll<) AI^I'HA. Miami U'nivrksiiv, Oxford, Ohio. Founded Dec. 26, 1848. Members, living, 

J23: 'l*:ii/\. 'i't: Ufi^], if, I. 

INDIANA AI>PHA. Indiana Univkkshy. Bloominjjton, Ind. Chartered Oct 11, 1849. Mem- 
V^rfrrs, Vwiri'^, ifjh; dead, 38; total, 236. 

KKNTI.'CKV' AIJMIA. Cr.vikk Coij.f/;k, Danville, Ky. Chartered Apr. 9, 1850. Members, 
livinj^. 217; d*-ad, 34; total, 251. 

INDIANA BKTA, Wabash CoLLEfiR, Crawfordsville, Ind. Chartered Fall of 1850. Members, 
living. 161; dead, 34; total, 195. 

OHIO OAMMA PRIMK, WirrESBERG University, Springfield, Ohio. Chartered between 
April and July, 1852. Members, living, 5; dead, 3; total, 8. 

TKXAS ALPHA PRIMK, Austin Coixk^;e. Huntsville, Texas. Chartered June. 1853. Mem- 
IjcrK, living. ^ ; dead, 3; U>tal. 8. 

KBNTUCKY BKTA, Kentucky Miutarv Institute, Farmdale, Ky. Chartered Oct 17, i854- 
Mcmlx^rs, living, 35; dead, 7; total, 42. 

KKNTUCKY OAMMA, Ok^>rgktown Colle<;e, Georgetown, Ky. Chartered Jan. 20, 1857. 
Menil><:rs, living, 13; dead, 3; trjtal, 16. 

WISCONSIN ALPHA, University op Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Chartered June 27, 1857. 
Members, living, 119; dead, 8; total, 127. 

WISCONSIN HKTA, Lawrence University, Appleton. Wis. Chartered Feb. 3, 1859. Mem- 
l>erH, living, 9; dead, i; total, 10. 

ILLINOIS ALPHA, Norihwkstern University, Evanston, 111. Chartered Feb. 12, 1859. 
Members, living, 42; dead, 3; total, 45. 

INDIANA (JAMMA, Hutler University, Irvington, Ind. Chartered Oct 22, 1859. Members, 
living, 151; dead, 24; total, 175. 

OHIO HKTA, Oiiui Wesi.eyan University, Delaware, Ohio. Chartered March 10, i860. 
MernlKTs, living, in; dead, 10; total, 121. 

INDIANA DKLTA, Franklin College, Franklin, Ind. Chartered Apr. 28, i860. Members, 
living, 142; dead, 14; total, 156. 

INDIANA KPSILON, Hanover Collec.r, Hanover, Ind. Chartered, i86oori86i. Members, 
living. 107; dead, 5; total, 112. 

MICHKiAN ALPHA, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Chartered Nov. 28, 1864. 
Meml>erH, living, 63; dead, 3; total, 66. 

ILLINOIS BKTA. University of Chicago, Chicago, 111. Chartered Oct. 14, 1865. Members, 
living, 26; dead, 6; total, 32. 

INDIANA ZKTA, De Pauw University, Greencastle, Ind. Chartered Feb. 25, 1S68. Mem- 
l>ers, living, 135; dead, 8; total, 143. 

OHIO OAMMA, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. Chartered Mar. 28, 1868. Members, living, 
109; dead, 7; total, 116. 

College Chapters, 5 

VIRGINIA ALPHA, Roanoke College, Salem, Va. Chartered Mar. 31, 186^ Members, 
living, 114; dead, 2; total, 116. 

INDIANA ETA, Indiana State Normal School, Terre Haute, Ind. Chartered Apr. 15, 1869. 
Members, living, 11; dead, 2; total, 13. 

MISSOURI ALPHA, Missouri University, Columbia, Mo. Chartered Nov. 21, 1870. Mem- 
bers, living, 170; dead, 14; total, 184. 

ILLINOIS GAMMA, Monmouth College, Monmouth, 111. Chartered Jan., 1871. Members, 
living, 5*1 ; dead. 5; total, 59. 

ILLINOIS DELTA, Knox College, Galesburg, 111. Chartered Mar. 16, 1871. Members, liv- 
i'^g. '13; dead, 5; total, it8. 

GEORGIA ALPHA PRIME, Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, Ga. Chartered Apr. 4, 1871. 
Members, living, 11; dead, 2; total, 13. 

GEORGIA ALPHA, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. Chartered June 5, 1871. Mem- 
bers, living, 195; dead, 14; total, 209. 

GEORGIA BETA, Emory College, Oxford, Ga. Chartered June 15, 1871. Members, living, 
184; dead, 11; total, 195. 

IOWA ALPHA, Iowa Wesleyan University, Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Chartered Sept. 27, 1871. 
Members, living, 114; dead, 6; total, 120. 

GEORGIA GAMMA, Mercer University, Macon, Ga, Chartered Jan. 2, 1872. Members, 
living, 142; dead, 5; total, 147. 

OHIO DELTA, University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. Chartered Feb. 24, 1872. Members, 
living, 126; dead, 10; total, 136. 

NEW YORK ALPHA, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. Chartered Feb. 29, 1872. Mem- 
bers, living. 107; dead, i; total, 108. 

PENNSYLVANIA ALPHA, Lafayette College. Easton, Pa. Chartered June 5. 1873. Mem- 
bers, living, 122; dead, 5; total, 127. 

CALIFORNIA ALPHA, University of California, Berkeley, Calif. Chartered June 7, 1873. 
Members, living, 76; dead, 8; total, 84. 

MICHIGAN BETA, State Agricultural College of Michigan, Lansing, Mich. Chartered 
Nov. 8, 1873. Members, living, 137; dead, 7; total, 144. 

VIRGINIA BETA, University of Virginia, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. 
Chartered Nov. 18, 1873. Members, living, 124; dead, 14; total, 138. 

VIRGINIA GAMMA, Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va. Chartered Feb. i, 1874. 
Members, living, 52; dead, 3; total, 55. 

OHIO EPSILON, Buchtel College, Akron, Ohio. Chartered Jan. 19, 1875. Members, liv- 
ing, 82 ; dead, 4 ; total, 86. 

NEBRASKA ALPHA, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. Chartered Mar. 16, 1875. 
Members, living, 46 ; dead, i ; total, 47. 

VIRGINIA DELTA, Richmond College, Richmond, Va, Chartered Sept 30, 1875. Mem- 
bers, living, 65; dead, 3; total, 68. 

PENNSYLVANIA BETA. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. Chartered Nov. i, 1875. 
Members, living, 92 ; dead, 2 ; total, 94. 

PENNSYLVANIA GAMMA, Washington and Jefferson College, Washington, Pa. Char- 
tered, Dec. 4, 1875. Members, living. 96; dead, 3; total, 99. 

'^ ColU^i Chapters. 

MfH-//"/': /5?^:TA ??.:ifE Cf.>7«A:. CVl:.!.^ rAvttifc M: Cr-SLriercc Miv 2>, i5:t. Mem- 

HiHhlh-/,yi'l A'A'H.K. Us: t*-,::-, o- M;«:5t:??:. Oiforl. Mijs. Ch-inered J:inc 9, 1577. 
M*r.'.'.^r^ '.%.7.Vi 12-'' 'iea.'!. '^^ . total, rz-l. 

AJ^ABAMA Ai^FHA. UmveitTtv of^ T-"ical>-SA, Ala- Ch-irtcred Oct. 17, 1577. 
Mer/.'^irri ..r.z.y^ ixi 'ica/^i. '^ . total, i f i . 

Vtk^flJilA Ky^.ll/}^. V;if ,:.s;a Mi:.:TAiy Inst:: te, Lexirigt-.n, Va. Chartered Feb. 9, 1S78. 
M«::Tr. '^fr % . 1 ; v; r. ^ j t . '^ '* a^* - '* • total ,35. 

TKXAH ALPHA Ti-.Mrv Tehuacana. Tex. Charterer June 2i:«. iSyS. Members, 
',iy;7ty^, ^,. 'iea/^J, f : total. 41. 

UAAWtVy, KF'SILO**. Im.inois Wlsi-evan Un:. ersitv. B". »:r.:i:^o". 111. Chartered June 20, 
f'^;*,< M«r^r.'•/*:^^. \:r.r;'^. y, . 'lend. 2: total. 92. 

SOklU CAROLINA ALPHA, TkiMTV Coileoe, Durham. X. C. Chartered June 20, 1S7S. 
M^rfr/r^rrsi, liyiTt^^, 22; 'it-ad, 2; total. 24. 

ILLIN'^'iJS ZKTA, LowhAkO CsivER-nv. Galesburg. 11:. Chartered Nov. 4. 1S75. Members, 
\\-/my^, if/,, 'Icnfl, 7; total, 173. 

ALABAMA HKTA, State AokiorLji ral and Mechanical College uf Alabama. Auburn, 
Ala. CharUtrd Jan. 30, 1^79. MemVjers. living, 155; deal, 9: total, 164. 

H()V7fi CAKOLLNA ALPHA, Wofford CoLLEr;E, Spartanburg Court House. S. C. Chartered 
Jan, 31, ri7'y. Mcmlxrrs, living, 22: dead, 3; total, 25. 

PKNNSYLVANIA I^KLTA, Allegheny College, Meadv-ille, Pa. Chartered May S, 1879. 
Mcrnl;*;rs, living. 85; dead, 4; total, 89. 

VKKMONT ALI'HA, Univeksitv of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. Chartered Oct. 30. 1879. 
McmUjrs, living, 105; dead, 5: Ujtal, no. 

PKNNSYLVANIA KPSILON, Uicklnson Collec;e, Carlisle, Pa. Chartered Oct. 27, 1880. 
M<rnilx!rH, living, 72; dead, 3; total, 75. 

MISSOURI BKTA. Westmlnster College, Fulton, Mo. Chartered Oct. 27, 1880. Members, 
living, ;«;; dead, i; total, 70. 

MINNKSOTA ALPHA, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Chartered Oct 12, 
18H1. MenilHjrH, living, 38; dead, o; total, 38. 

IOWA HKTA, State University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. Chartered Mar. 27, 1882. Mem- 
iHrrM. living, 87; dead, 2; total, 89. 

SOUTH C:AR()LINA BKTA, South Carolina College, Columbia, S. C. Chartered. Oct 26, 
1882. Members, living, 37; dead, i; total, 38. 

KANSAS ALPHA, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kan. Chartered Nov. 5, 1882. Mem- 
bern, living, ^)7; dead, 2; total, 69. 

MICHKtAN (JAMMA, Hii.i^sdalk Collecie, Hillsdale, Mich. Chartered Dec. 23, 1882. Mem- 
iHjrH, living, 74; dead, 3; total, 77. 

TKNNKSSKK BKTA, University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. Chartered Mar. 21, 1883. 
Memlwrs, living, 70; dead, 4; total, 74. 

• t • • • - "^ 

« • • ». ». ► 

• •• • • ♦• - 

College Chapters, 

OHIO ZETA, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Chartered Oct. 6, 1883. Members, 
living, 57; dead, o; total, 57. 

TEXAS BETA, University of Texas, Austin, Texas. Chartered Oct. 8, 1883. Members, 
living, 65 ; dead, i ; total, 66. 

PENNSYLVANIA ZETA, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Chartered Nov. 
22, 1883. Members, living, 90; dead, 3; total, 93. 

NEW YORK BETA, Union University, Schenectady, N. Y. Chartered Nov. 27, 1883. Mem- 
bers, living, 50; dead, o; total, 50. 

NEW YORK GAMMA, College of the City of New York, New York, N. Y. Chartered 
Feb. 19, 1884. Members, living, 54; dead, o; total, 54. 

MAINE ALPHA, Colby University, Waterville, Maine. Chartered Mar. 22, 1884. Members, 
living, 74; dead, 2; total, 76. 

NEW YORK DELTA, Columbia College, New York, N. Y. Chartered May 12, 1884. Mem- 
bers, living, 29 ; dead, 1 ; total, 30. 

NEW HAMPSHIRE ALPHA, Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H. Chartered Oct. 31. 
1884. Members, living, 88; dead, 2; total, 90. 

NORTH CAROLINA BETA, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. Chartered 
Mar. 28, 1885. Members, living, 26: dead, i; total, 27. 

KENTUCKY DELTA, Central University, Richmond, Ky. Chartered Nov. 18, 1885. Mem- 
bers, living, 51; dead, 2; total, 53. 

MASSACHUSETTS ALPHA, Williams College, Williamstown, Mass. Chartered Feb. i, 

1886. Members, living, 54; dead, i; total, 55. 

TEXAS GAMMA, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas. Chartered Mar. i, 1886. 
Members, living, 43; dead, o; total, 43. 

NEW YORK EPSILON, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. Chartered Feb. 7, 1887. 
Members, living, 79 ; dead, o ; total, 79. 

VIRGINIA ZETA, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va. Chartered Feb. 21, 

1887. Members, living, 19; dead, o; total, 19. 

ALABAMA GAMMA, Southern University, Greensboro, Ala. Chartered Mar. 12, 1887. 
Members, living, 76; dead, 3; total, 79. 

PENNSYLVANIA ETA, Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa. Chartered April 15, 
1887. Members, living, 42; dead, i ; total, 43. 

MASSACHUSETTS BETA, Amherst College, Amherst. Mass. Chartered April 23, 1888. 
Members, living, 68 ; dead, 2 ; total, 70. 

RHODE ISLAND ALPHA, Brown University, Providence, R. I. Chartered Jan. 18, 1889. 
Members, living, 55 ; dead, i ; total, 56. 

LOUISIANA ALPHA, Tulane University of Louisiana, New Orleans, La. Chartered 
Nov. 19, 1889. Members, living, 30; dead, o; total, 30. 

MISSOURI GAMMA, Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. Chartered Mar. 28, 1891. 
Members, living, 27; dead, o; total, 27. 

CALIFORNIA BETA, Leland Stanford, Junior, University, Menlo Park, Calif. Chartered 
Oct 22, 1891. Members, living, 17; dead, o; total, 17. 

Number of College Chapters, 83 ; Whole Number of Members Living, 6,818 ; Dead 468; 
Total, 7,286. 


The degrees immediately following the names are those which have been conferred on the 
members during the years which designate their classes, and by the Colleges at which their 
Chapters are located. All other degrees are given in the notes beneath the names. 

Members who pursued elective courses are assigned to the classes with which they were 
most closely identified. 

In the lists of Chapters located at Colleges having professional departments, those members 
who took both collegiate and professional courses are entered A^nth their College classes ; but 
those who attended professional departments only are enrolled according to graduation in their 
professional classes. 

At University of Virginia, Randolph-Macon College, Richmond College, Washington and 
Lee University, and University of the South, the class system does not obtain, and, therefore, 
the names in Virginia Beta. Virginia Gamma, Virginia Delta and Virginia Zeta are not arranged 
by classes but with reference to the last years that the members attended those Institutions as 
students. As it is uncertain when the attendant members of those Chapters will retire from 
College, their names are, for convenience, placed under '• Class of 1892-3." 

The names under Tennessee Beta are arranged according to year of initiation into the Fra- 

All persons into whose hands this book may fall, whether they are members of the Fraternity 
or not, are requested to supply corrections and additions. The Editors, whose addresses are to 
be found herein, will very gratefully receive even the slightest amendments of the kind, and will 
carefully preser\ ■. '.he same for use in the next edition. 




Founded December 26, 1843, by Robert Morrison, '49 ; John McMillan Wilson, '49 ; Robert Thomp- 
son Drake, '50; John Wolfe Lindley, '50: Ardivan Walker Rodgers. '51, and Andrew Watts 
Rogers. '51. Suspended Fall of 1857. Reorganized Fall of 1865. Suspended Spring of 
1873. Reorganized October 2, 1885. 

Class of 1824. 

♦WiLUAM Caldwell Anderson. ^ g2j 

A.B., Washington Coll., '24; A. M., Miami, 
•35: D.D., do., '46. Trustee Wash. Coll., 
'32-52; Prof. Hanover, '43; Pres and Prof. 
Mor. Phil., Miami, '49-54. Commis. 
Presb. Gen. Assem., '51. '6g: Floor leader 
Union men, do., '61. Mem. Presb. Bd. Dom. 
Miss., '66-70. Presb. Min., San Francisco, 
Cal., '57-66; Cincinnati, O., '66; New Albany, 
Ind., '67-9; Junction City, '70. Died, Junc- 
tion City, Aug. 28, '70. Junction City, Kan. 

Class of 1825. 

•Jonathan Huntingdon. $ f28 

CI. estimated. Commis. Presb. Gen. 
Assem.. '51, '67. *68. Pastor 2d. Presb. Ch., 
Nashville, '50-69. Chap, to Tenn. Pcniten- 
t'ary. '68-g. Died, Nashville, Sept. 22, '6g. 
Na^ville, Tenn. 

Class of 1827. 

•Nathan Lewis Rice. * ^24 

A.B., Centre, '27; D.D., Jefferson Coll.. '4a. 
Grad. Princeton Theo. Sem., '31. Prin. Prep. 
Dept. Centre, '25-9. Prof. Theo. Sem., Cincin- 
nati. O., '44-53. Prof. Did. et Pol., Chicacjo 
Theo. Sem.. '59-61. Pres. and Potts Prof. 
Met. et Sac. Lit, Westminster. '68-74. Laird 
Prof. did. et Pol. , Danville Theo. Sem., '74-7. 
Director Princeton Theo. Sem., '51, '61-6. 
Curator Centre, '39-48. Mem. Presb. Bd. 
Dom. Miss., '53-9, '66-73; do., For. Miss., 
67-70. Stated Clk. Presby., Cincinnati, O., 

'51-2. Moderator, Presb. Gen. Assem., '55; 
do., pro /^N., '59: Commis., do., '5 5,' 59. Ed. 

Wcsfcrft Protest ant which became Protest- 
ant ami Her a id, '34-40 ; Presbyterian of the 

West, '51-2; St. Louis Presbyterian, 57-8; 
Presbyterian Expositor, '58-61. Author 
"Romanism not Christianity," " God Sov- 
ereign and Man Free." " Phrenology and 
Mesmerism," *'The Old and New Theology," 
*' Baptism." ♦• Signs of the Times," "Immor- 
tality of the Soul, "and "Spiritualism." Presb. 
Min., Bardstown, Ky., '33-41; Paris, Ky., 
'41-4; Cincinnati, O., '44-53; St. Louis. Mo.. 
'53-7; Chicago, 111.. '57-61^ New York. N. Y., 
'61-7: Fult<m. Mo., •6(>-74. Died, Chatham, 
Ky., June 11/77. Danville, Ky. 

Class of 1828. 

♦Edward Porter Humphrev ft if (-24 

A.B., Amherst, '28; A.M.. do., '31; LL.D., 
do., '71. Andover Theo. Sem., '33; D.D., 
Hanover, '47. Prin. Sch., Plainficld, Conn,, 
'31. Commis. Presb. Gen. Assem, ,'51, '52, '59, 
'66. '68, '80; Moderator, do.. '51. Trustee 
Danville Theo. Sem., '57-^13, and '74-87; 
Director do., '72-8 1 ; Prof. Bib. et Ecc. Hist, 
do., '53-66, and '75-S7. Ass. Ed. Danville 
Review, '61-5. Declined Prof. Pas. and Ch. 
Gov., Princeton Theo. Sem., '52. Mem. 
Presb. Bd. Dom. Mis.s., '66-73; do., Presb. 
Bd. Pub., '51-07. Hresb. Min., Jeffcrsonville, 
Ind., '34; Louisville, '35-53, and '66-80. Died. 
Louisville, Dec. 10, '87. Louisville, Ky. 


Ohio Alpha, 

I 829-48 

Class of 1829. 

Godwin Volney Dorsey. ]J f2i 

At Miami U., to end Junior year. M. D., 
Med. Coll.. Ohio,'36. Elector, Ohio,'48. Del. 
Nat. Dem. Conv.. Cincinnati.' 56. Senatorial 
Del. Nat Rep. Conv., Baltimore, '64; do., 
Ohio Rep. Ticket, '68. Del. to all Dioce.san 
Convs. Prot. Epis. Ch. since '60. Mem. Ohio 
St. Med. Soc. Pres. Med. Soc, Miami Co., 
O., '40-52. Hon. Mem. N. W. Ohio Med. 
Asso. Del. Ohio. Const. Con v., '50, and author 
of Art of Const, for self-regulating apporti(m- 
ment, now in force. Mem. Ohio Const. Conv. , 
*73. and Ch. Com. on Apportionment. Ohio, 
St. Treas., '62-5. Trustee Miami, '46-72. 
Pros. Citz. Nat. Bank, Piqua, since '67. 
Contrib. to Med. Journals of Ohio, since '40. 
Physician, banker and farmer, Piqua, Ohio. 

Class of 1831. 

♦Robert Hamilton Bishop, A. B. ^21 

A.M., Miami, '37. LL.D., Farmers' Coll., 
'77; do., Miami, *88. Ad interim Prof. Math., 
Hanover, '32. Tutor, Miami, '38-45 ; Pnn. 
Gram. Sch., do., '40-52; Prof. Latin, do.,'52- 
73. Sec. do., '54; Finan. Agt, do., '73-90. 
Printer,'34-8; Orator Presb. Syn., Cincinnati, 
'79. Prin. Miami Classical Sch, '74-9. Sec. 
Board of Trustees Miami U. for 45 yrs Sec. 
Soc. Alumni. Died, Oxford, July 5, '90. 
Oxford, Ohio. 

Class of 1832. 

John Thilman Hkndrick. i^ ci8 

At Centre tiir3i:DD., do., '54. Prof. Stuart 
Coll., Tenn., now S. W. Presb. U., '51-8. O. 
S. Presb. Min., Millersburg and Stoner Mouth, 
Ky.,'33-5; Flemingsburg. Ky., '35-45; Clarks- 
ville, Tenn., '51-8. Commis. O. S. Presb. 
Gen. Assem. 8 times. Author, ** Letters on 
Baptism," "Letters to the Reformers," ''His- 
torical Contrast," "Miscellaneous Sermons," 
(2 vols.), and " Course of Lectures on Re- 
ligion and Geology." Since '58, Paducah, Ky. 

Class of 1834. 

Orange Nash Stoddard. If CJ17 

A.B., Union, '34; A.M.. do., '37; LL.D., 
Monmouth, '65. Pres. Miami, pro tem.^ '54; 
Prof. Nat. Phil, and Chem., do., '45-70. Since 
'70 Kauke Prof. Nat. Sci., Wooster. Wooster, 

Class of 1836. 

♦Henry Maltby. "f^ ii7 

A.B., Hamilton. '36. Prof. Oxford (().) Fern. 

Inst., '53. Agt. New Albany Theo. vSem., '52. 

Presb. Min., Oxford, till '55; St. Paul, '55-60. 

Died, St. Paul. '60. St. Paul, Minn. 

Class of 1839. 

*Thomas Vrrner Moore. % 1715 

A.B., Dickinson, '39; do., Jefferson Coll., '44. 
Attended Hanover, '35-6. DD. , Princeton. '42. 
Commis. Presb. Gen. As.sem.,'57. Ed. Central 
Presbyterian, '57-9. Author theo. works. 
Presb. Min. . Richmond, Va. , ' 5 1-9. Memorial 
tablet for him placed in Vestibule ist Presb. 
Ch., Nashville, of which he was pastor, '60-71. 
••Moore Memorial Church," on Broad St., 
Nashville, was erected, '73, in his memory. 
Died, Nashville, Aug. 5, '71. Nashville, 

Class of 1840. 

Charles Elliott. ipft$ wii 

A.B., Lafayette. '40; A.M., do., '43. DD., 
Ohio U., '61. Attended Princeton Theo. 
Sem. ; do.. U. of Berlin. Ger. Prof. Western 
U. to '49 ; do. , Greek and Log. , Miami, '49-63 ; 
do. Bib. Lit. and Exeg., Chicago Theo. Sem., 
'63-81. Asst. Ed. "Lange's Commenta- 
ries," '74. Author, ♦* Treatise on the Sab- 
bath." '63; "Inspiration of the Holy Scrip- 
tures" '77; "Hermencutics." '81; "Mosaic 
Authorship of the Pentateuch." '82; "Old 
Testament Prophecy," '89; "Christus Medi- 
ator," *()i, and a number of addresses and 
poems. Del. Syn. of Waldensian Ch. at 
Waldensian Valley. Italy. Mem. Am. Orien. 
Soc. ; do.. Victoria Inst., London, Eng. ; do., 
Soc. Bib. Lit. and P^xcg. Since, '82, Prof, of 
Heb. Lafayette Coll., Easton, Pa. 

Class of 1842. 

Axexander Peter Stewart. % en 

Grad. U. S. Mil. Acad., '42; Asst. Prof. 
Math., do., '43-5; Prof. Math., Cumberland, 
U. , '4 5-9. ' 50-4 and ' 56-69. Prof. U. of Nashville, 
a year or two before the war. Chan, and 
Prof. Hist, and Pol. Econ., U. of Miss., 
to '89. C. S. A., Maj., Hood's Corps, Army 
of Tenn. ; in chg. of Artil. under Polk; served 
under A. S. Johnson; assumed command 
Polk's Corps after his death ; 2d in com'd to 
Hood after Johnson had been relieved; at- 
tained rank of Lt. Gen. St. Louis, Mo. 

Class of 1848. 

Columbus Stronc. Doolitell. ]jf If A2 

A. B., Kenyon, '48: A.M., do., '51 ; DD.,do., 
'72; Tutor, do., '49-52. GambierTheo. Sem., 
'50-3. Prin. Granville (Ohio) Fern. Sem., '55- 
61. Prin. Mansfield Fern. Sem., '61-8. 
Asso. Ed. Ohio Liberal, '76-7; do., Mansfield 
III raid, since '77. Pr(»t. Epis. Min., St. 
Stephen's Ch., Cantield, Ohio, '52-6; St. 
Luke's Ch., Granville, Ohio, '56-61. Editor, 
'84-9. 140 Park Ave., W., Mansfield, Ohio. 


Ohio Alpha. 


•Joseph Lindley. ft f* $ f 5 

A.B. Kenyon, '48; A.M., do., '51. Prin. New 
Hagerstown (Ohio) Acad. , '49-54. Pres. Rich- 
mond (Ohio) Coll., '54-7. Prin. Steubenville 
(Ohio) Union Sch., '57-9; do., Granville (Ohio) 
Fem. Sem., '59-64; do., Mansfield (Ohio) Fern. 
Coll., '64-71; do., Charleston (Ind.) Fem. 
Sem., '71-3; do., Jane Gray Sem., Mt. Morris, 
N. Y., '73-9; oran«^e grower, near De Land, 
Fla., •82-86. Died, De Land, Dec. 8, '86. 
De Land, Fla. 

Class of 1849. 

Samuel Coulter Baldridge. apftj /'4 

A.B., Hanover,'49; A. M., do., 52. At New 
Albany (McCormick) Theo. Sem., '49-53. 
Commis. Presb. Gen. Assem., '64, '74, '80. 
Stated Clk. Saline Presby., "68-9. U. S. A., 
Chap, nth Mo. Inf.. '62-3. Author, " Life and 
Times of Rev. Stephen Bliss. A.M." and other 
works and poems. Prm. Friendsville Sem., 
'60-82. Presb. Min., Wabash and Friends- 
ville. 111., '53-82. Since "82, Cobden, 111. 

♦Richard Pleasant Deciierd. % f3 

A. B. , Cumberland U. , '49 ; 2d Tutor do. , '46- 
7; Tutor do., '49-50; Supt. Prep. Dept., do., 
'50-4. Prin. ^eguin Coll , Tex., '55-7; do., 
Ewing Coll.. La Grange, Tex., '58-67. Asst. 
Pres. Waco Fem. Coll., Tex., '67-8; Pros, do., 
'68-72. Prof. Trinity U., Tex., '72-9. Teacher, 
Woosung. 111.. '79-So; Pnn. Fayette High 
Sch., La Grange, "Tex., '8a-i. Prin. Wiemar 
Inst., 'I ex., '81-7. Died, Wiemar, June 12, 
'87. Wiemar, Tex. 

Robert MoRKiso.N, A.B. ^ft cjt 

A.M., Miami, '52. At New Albany (Mc- 
Cormick) Theo. Sem., '52; Princeton Theo. 
Sem., '54. Prin. Poplar Grove (Tenn.) Acad., 
'50-2; do., Westminster (O.) Acad., '69-75. 
Finan. Agt. Westminster Col., '79-81. Ed. 
Louisville Preshytet tan Hera/d^'sA-^- ^Vith 
S. Robinson (Ky. Alpha. '34), Ed., '62-3, 
Ix)uisville True Presbyterian which was 
suppressed by mil. authority, '63. Rep. 
Presb. Gen. Assem.. '55, '57, '59, '62. Com- 
mis. S. Presb. Gen. Assem., '65, '69. '73, '75, 
'79, '86. Del. Conf. Assem., '65; do., 
(ionv. of Churches. (»6. Presb. Min., Penn 
Run, Pa.. '55-60; Waterford, O., '68-77; 
Potosi, Md., '77-80; Aurora Spgs., Mo.. 'So- 
91. Since '91, Fulton, Mo. 

♦John McMilla.n Wilson, A.B. ft 
A.M., Miami, '52. At Theo. Sem., 


O., '52. Prin. Morning Sun (O ) Acad.. '56- 
60. Mang. Ed. Banner of the Covenant, 
*6o-i. U. S. A.. Ohio Nat. Guards. Ref. 
Presb. Min., College Corner, O., after '56. 

Loan Agt. Mt Vernon, 111., '71-4. Died, 
Benton, July 19, '74. Benton. 111. 

John Milton WoRRALL. 5pft'«?'$ f4 

A.B., Anderson Coll.. New Albany, Ind., 
'49; A.M., do., '51 and Miami, '51; D.D., 
Westminster, '60; Grad. New Albany (now 
McCormick) Theo. Sem., '51. Ann. Address 
before Lit. Soc, Miami, '53; do.. Centre, '57; 
do.. Marietta, '57; do.. Wash. and 
Jeff. '58; do., Wooster, '73. U. S. A. 
Chaplain, during part of war. 41st Reg. 
Ky. Vol. Tutor Anderson Coll., '49-51; do., 
Miami, '51-4. Trustee Centre Coll., '74-7; 
declined Pres. do., '71 and '86. Director 
Danville (Ky.) Theo. Sem., '74-80; declined 
Prof. Bib. and Ecc. Hist. do.. '54. Stated 
Clerk Pilbenezer Presby. , '58. Moderator Syn. , 
Ky., '71. Commis. Presb. Gen. Assem., '68, 
•72. '86, '88 and '80. P. G. C. of Knights 
Templar of Ky. Presb. Min., Oxford, O., 
'51-4; Covington, Ky., '55-77; 8th Presb. Ch., 
Chicago, '77-82; 13th St. Presb. Ch., New 
York. '82-90; since '9(3. Prof., Ecc. Hist, and 
Ch. Gov., Danville Theol. Sem., and Prof. 
Metaphysics, Centre College, Danville, Ky. 

Class of 1850. 

♦Robert Thompson Drake. A.B. ft wX 

A.M.. Miami, 54. At New Albany (Mc- 
Cormick) Theo. Sem., '51-3. Grad. Princeton 
Theo Sem., '54. Presb. Min.. Des Moines, la., 
'55-(K>; Troy, O., '60-6; Winchester, '67-8; 
Newport, Ky., '69-70; Dayton. O., '70-2; New 
Castle. '73. Commis. Presb. Gen. Assem., '58. 
Died, New Castle, Mar. 19, '73. New CasUe, 

Thomas McKeen Gray. % f3 

A.B., Lafayette, '50. Grad. Princeton 
Theo. Sem., '53. Commis. Presb. Gen. Assem.. 
•76. Presb. Min., Bridgehampton, N.Y.,' 57-67; 
Huntingdon Valley, Pa., '67; Derby, Ct., 
'68-70. '72; S. Salem, '71, '73-7, and since '79; 
New Lebanon, N. Y., '78. South Salem, 
N. Y. 

John Wolfe Lindley, A.B. ftf' wX 

A.M., Miami, '53. Prof. New Hagerstown 
(Ohio) Acad., '50-2. Prin. Poplar Grove (Tenn.) 
Acad. ,'52-3. Prof. Richmond (Ohio) Coll.. '53- 
5. Prin. Chariestown(Ind.)Fem. Inst., '55-61 ; 
do., Paducah (Ky) Fem. Sem., '61-3. Since 
'()3, justice of peace and farmer, Frederick- 
town, Ohio. 

Claudius Buchanan Henry Martin, ft f //3 
A.B., Hanover, '50; A.M., do.. '53; D.D., 
Monmouth. 72. At New Albany (now Mc- 
Cormick) Theo. Sem. . ' 53-4. Commis. Presb. 


Ohio Alpha. 


Gen. Assem., '58, '73. Since '85. Prof. Theol., 
Danville Theo. Sem. Presb. Min., Con'don, 
Ind., '55-9; Greenville, Ohio, '60-6; Evans- 
ville, Ind., '6(>-8i, Danville. Ky. 

Class OF 1851. 

Allen Augustus Barrett, A.B. ft ^?X 

A.M., Miami, '54. Physician, Jersey ville, 

Joseph M inter Gregory. ^^i 

Mem. Ky. Leg., '53-4. Atty.-at-law, 43 >^ 
Madison St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Andrew Jackson Reynolds. $ ra 

A. B., Woodward Coll., '51; A.M., Miami, 
'60. At New Albany (now McCormick) Theo. 
Sem.. '52-3. Grad. Princeton Theo. Sem , 
'55. Commis. Presb. Gen. Assem., '62, '67 and 
'86. Presb. Min., Pleasant Run, O., '56-61; 
Cumminsville, Ohio, '61-70; Lithopolis, Ohio, 
'70-3; Cumminsville, Ohio, '74; Eaton, Ohio, 
'75-81; Kendallville, Ind., '81-2; Decatur, 
Ind., '82-6; Albion, Ind., '86-9. Since '89, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

*Ardivan Walker Rodgers, A.B. # (j* 

A.M., Miami, '54. Prin. High. Sen , Piqua, 

O., '51-4; do., Union Sch., St. Mary's, O., 

'54-6. Died, Brighton, Dec. 11, '56. 

Brighton, Iowa. 

Andrew Watts Rogers, A.B. * w* 

A.M., Miami, '54. U. S. A., Maj., 8ist. 111. 
Inf., '62-4; Col., do., '64-5. Pros. Atty., 
Johnson Co., Mo., '73-4- Memb. Bd. Rgnts., 
St. Norm. Sch., 2d. Dist. Mo.. '80-90; since 
'90, President same. Memb. Mo. Legislature* 
'83. Since '90, Ed. Warrensburg Journal 
Democrat., Warreiisburg, Mo. 

Class of 1852. 

John Knox Boude, A.B. ft M» 

A M., Miami, '56. At Med. Dept.St. U. of 
la., '55-6. M.D., U. of Pa., '57. U. S. A. 
II 8th 111. Inf., '62; Asst. Surg.. '62-5. 
Physician. Carthage. 111., '57-81. U. S. Exam. 
Sugn. for pensions, '66-81 ; Med. Examiner in 
Pension Office, '81-9. Since '89, Asst., Med. 
Referee. 905 R. St., N. W., Washington, 
D. C. 

Benjamin Harrison, A.B. * ^ 

A.M., Miami, '55; LL.D., Hanover. '84; 
do. Princeton, '89. Dy. Clk. Dist. Ct. U. S. for 
Ind., '54. U. S. A., 2d Lt.. Co. A., 70th Ind. 
Inf., '62; Capt., do., '62; Col., do., '62-5. Brev. 
Brig-Gen., i Brig., 20 A. C, '65. Reporter 
Supr. Ct. Ind., '60-r, '64-S; Author Reports 
do., vols. 15-17 and 23-29; "Digest Ind. 
Rep.," 3 vols. Rep. Cand.Gov. Ind., '76. U. 
S. Sen., from Ind., '81-7. Commis. Presb. 

Gen. Assem.. '74. President of the United 
States, '89-93. Atty.-at-law, 694 N. Dela- 
ware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

♦Isaac Stanley Lane. A.B. ^X 

A.M., Miami, '55. At Farmer'sColl., Cincin- 
nati, '49-50. Aity.-at-law. Died, Xenia, Jan., 
'59. Xenia, Ohio. 

Lewis Williams Ross, A.B. ^X 

A.M., Miami, '55. Attended Farmer's Coll . 
Cincinnati, '48-50. Memb. Senate, la., '4-4-8. 
Trustee. '64-9. and Regent, St. U. of la.. 
'7J-80; Res Prof. Law, do., '80-1; Chan. 
Law Dept, do., '81-87. Since '90, Master in 
Chan., Circ. Ct. U. S., So. Dist. of Iowa. 
Atty.-at-law, Council Bluffs, la. 

David Swing, A.B. jjfg <^ 

A.M., Miami, *6o. Cincinnati Theo. Sem.. 

'52-4. Prin Miami Gram. Sch., '54-66. Pastor. 

Independent Church. 66 Lake Shore Drive, 

Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1853. 

John Alexander Anderson, A.B. jj^ V'T 
A.M., Miami, '56. At New Albany (McCor- 
mick) Theo. Sem., '55-7. U. S. A, Chap., 
3d Cal. Inf., '62-3. U. S. Sanitary Commis.. 
'63-6, as Relief Agt. ; Supt. Trans. Supplies 
on waters of Chesapeake during Wilderness 

I Camp. ; Ass't Supt. canvass and supply 
Dept.; do.. Hist. Dept. Ed. Sanitary Com- 

I mission Bui let in Ciyix'\x\%\iQx\ Industrialist. 
Pres. Kan. Agl. Coll., '73-9. Regent LT. of 

I Kan. Presb. Min., Stockton, Cal., '57-62; 
Junction City, Kan., '68-73. Commis., Presb. 
(Jen. Assem., '69, '72. '76. Mem. U. S. House 
of Rep., since '79. Manhattan, Kan. 

1 * J AMES Carson, A.B. ^X 

A.M., Miami, '56. Prin. Chillicothe (Ohio) 

Acad., '48-51. Atty.-at-law, Des Moines, la., 

'55-7; Omaha, '57-9. Died, Omaha, Aug. 

25. '59. Omaha, Neb. 

PiERSON Cory Conklin. A.B. ft cX 

' A.M., Miami, '52. At Cincinnati Law Sch., 

'56. Since '56, Atty.-at-law, Hamilton, Ohio. 

♦Samuel HiBBEN, A.B. jj (^ 

I A.M., Miami, '56. Grad. Danville Theo. 

Sem., '58. Prin. Bardstown (Ky.) Acad.. 

'53-5- U. S. A. Chap., 4th 111. Cav., '61-2. 

Presb. Min., Eckmansville, Ohio, '59; Peoria. 
I *()0-2. Died, Peoria, June 10, '62. Peoria, 111. 

* J AMES Holmes, A.B. if v* 

' A.M., Miami, '56. At Oxford Theo. Sem., 

'55. Pastor 2d Presb. Ch., Allegheny, '55-8. 
! Died, Allegheny, Jan., '58. Allegheny, Pa, 


Ohio Alpha. 


♦John Hancock McRab. $ ^ 

Died, Hanover, Dec. 8,. '52, in Sr. cl. Han- 
over, Ind. 

Class of 1854. 

Theophilu** Cannon, A.B. ft cX 

A.M., Miami, '57. B.L , CumberGnd, '57. 

Atty.-at-law, '57-61. C. S. A., Capt. and 

Provo. Mar., Bate's Div., Army of Tenn., 

'61-5. Civil Engineer, Smyrna, Tenn. 

♦William Owens, A.B. jj u* 

A.M.,Miami.'57. Atty.-at-law. Died, Pitts- 
burg, Dec. 25, '75. Pittsburg, Pa. 

Edward Patrick Shields, A.B. J^ rk 

A.M., Miami,'57. D.D.,Miami,'87. At New 
Albany (McCormick)Theo. Sem.,'54-7. Grad. 
Princeton Sem., '58. Commis. Presb. Gen. 
Assem.,'63,'73and*90. Stated Clk., Pre<by., 
W. J., '72-84. Author, "The Century and the 
Book." Supt Pub. Instruc, Cape May Co., 
N. J., '81-4. Presb. Min., Pitts Grove, N.J., 
'58-70. Cape May City, N. J., '71-84; since 
•84, Bristol, Pa. 

Henry Stoddard, A.B. ftf' >0 

A.M.. Miami, '57. U. S. A., ist Lt. and Q. 

M., 131st Ohio Nat. Guards. Manf., Dayton, 

'62-8. Since '77, Post-master, Santa Barbara, 


Thomas Williams, A.B. "f x^ 

A.M., Miami, '57. U S. A., ist Lt., 5th U. 

S. Artil., 61-6. Brev. Col. Oil Manf ,'06-72. 

Since '72, Atty.-at-law, 147 Fourth Ave., 

Pittsburg, Pa. 

Class of 1855. 

James Edward Bruce, A.B. y^ 

A.M., Miami, '58. M.D., Eclec. Med. 
Inst., Cin., O., '67-8. Under Huxley (Royal 
Sch. of Mines, London) and Martineau 
(Manchester New Coll., London), '68-71. 
Cambridge Univ., Eng. Del. from Me., 
Amer. Christian Conv.,*90. Med. Prac. nine 
years. Min. twenty years, Walpole, N. H., 
Milbridge and Eastport, Me. 15 Grove St., 
Portland, Me. 

Byron Kosciusko Elliott. J^ fT 

A.M., N. W. Christian (now Butler), '71. 
City Atty., Indianapolis, '59-61. '65-70, '72-5. 
JudgeCrim. Ct., Marion Co., Ind., '70-2; do., 
Supe. Ct., Marion Co., '76-80; do., Supr. Ct, 
Ind.. since '81. Chief-justice Ind., since 'S2. 
Prof. Law Dept. N. W. Christian, '71-3; do., 
Central Law School of Ind , '7(^-82; do., 
De Pauw School of Law, since 'yo. U. S. 
A., Capt. i32d Ind. Inf., and A. D. C. to 
Maj.-Gen. Milroy. Centennial Ora., Indian- 

apolis, July 4, '76. Ora. at laying comer- 
stone of Ct. -house, Indianapolis, and at 
dedica. do. Atty.-at-law, Indianapolis, Ind. 

*Erskine Ebenezer Hutcheson. 5 f* 

Reporter Ohio Leg., '51; Mem., do., from 
Madison Co., '55. Pros. Atty., Hamilton Co., 
Ohio. 'f)o. Del. to Dem. Nat. Conv.. Chicago, 
'64. Died, Cincinnati, summer of '64. Atty.- 
at-law. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Ransford Smith, A.B. J^J^ 0+ 

A.M., Miami, '58. Prin. Gram. Sch., Ham- 
ilton, O.,' 5 5-6. Mayor, Hamilton, '59-6 1. U. 
S. A., Capt., 35th Ohio Inf., '61-3. Del. 
from Utah to Dem. Nat. Conv. at Chicago, 
'84. Com., G. A. R., Dept. of Utah, '83-4. 
Asst. U. S. Atty. for Utah, '85-6. Atty.-at- 
law, Cincinnati, till '80; since '80, Ogden 
City, Utah. 

Thomas Bayless Ward, A.B. * c*-/* 

A.M.,Miami,*6i. At Wabash, 52-4. Mayor, 
La Fayette, '61-5; City Atty., do., '6(;-75; 
Judge Supe. Ct, do., '75-80. Mem. U. S. 
House ot Rep., '83-7. Atty.-at-law, La 
Fayette, Ind. 

Class of 1856. 

Henry Lewis Brown, ft rfX 

Teacher, '48-64, except when in coll. Prin. 
High School, Oxford, O., '61-4. Grad. Lane 
Theo. Sem., '67. U. S. A., 167th Ohio Vol. 
Inf., '64. Memb. Gen. Assem. Presb. Ch., 
'69. '83, '85. Since '83. Stated Clk., Presb. of 
Winnebago. Presb. Min., Marion, Ind.. '67-9; 
Peru, IncL, '69-70; Omro, Wis., '70-6; Reeds- 
ville, Wis., '76-9; Lodi, Wis., '79-83; Omro, 
Wis., '83-87; since '88, Merrill, Wis. 

♦John Minick Miller, A.B. if ^ 

A M., Miami, '59. Mem. Ohio Leg., from 
Greene Co., '62-3. Atty.-at-law, '59-63. 
Died, Alpha, Jan. 9, '63. Alpha, Oh o. 

Class of 1857. 

Charles Marion Hughes. ^T 

LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., '59. U. S. A., 
ist Lt., Co. A, 20th Ohio Inf. ; Capt., Co. H, 
8 1 St Ohio Inf. Probate Judge,' 64-70. Pros. 
Atty., Allen Co., O., 74-8. Com. Pleas 
Judge, 3d Jud. Dist, O., '79-89. Atty.-at- 
law, Lima, Ohio. 

Died, Cin- 

♦Theophilus Wylie McLean, jj 
Ed. Ciiizen, Oxford. O., '31-2. 
cinnati, '58. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

George Baciieler Peck. A.B. g'*^ ;t* 

A.M., Miami, '60. Med. Dept.. Harvard U., 

'62-3; M.D., do., '63. U. S. A , Commissioned 

Asst. Surg. 2d Mass. Vol. Inf., '63. Asst. 


Ohio Alpha. 


Surg. Ft. Monroe, Yorktown and Norfolk, 
Va., '63-4. Teacher, St Paul, Minn., '57-8. 
Conja:. Min., St. Croix Falls. Wis., '59. Or- 
dained Presb. Evangelist, '75, by Presb. of 
Cincinnati. Auburn, N. Y., Thco. Sem., 
'65-8. Author, "Steps and Studies," '84; 
•*Throne Life." '88; "The Gate and The 
Cross," '90. Presb. Min.. Beverly, N. J., 
'68-9; Bond Hill, 0.,*75-6. Physician, Boston. 
'76-80 (in conn, with ministry). Minister, 
3 Hamilton PI., Boston, Mass. 

♦Edward H. Rossman. vT 

Died, Hamilton, Sept. 19, '55. Hamilton, 

John Neal Scott. uX 

U. S. A., Capt., 79th Ind. Inf., '62-4; Maj., 
do., and Pay-master, '64-5. Judge City Ct., 
Indianapolis, '67-9. Atty.-at-law, Fort Town- 
send, Washington. 

John Williams Stoddard. ^ }X 

A. B., Princeton, '5 8. LL.B , Cincinnati Law 
Sch., '60. At Miami to end Jun. yr. Atty.- 
at-law, '60-2. Since '62, Mauf. Agl. Imp., 
Dayton, Ohio. 

♦Joel Tuttle, A.B. fl trX 

A.M., Miami, '60. U. S. A., — la. Inf. 
Wounded at Shiloh and died, '62. Keosauqua, 

Alexander Reynolds Williams, A.B. ^ vT 
A.M., Miami, '60. Merchant, 615 Seventh 
St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Class of 1858. 

Samuel Telford Hanna, A.B. ft^ 

A.xM., Miami.'6i. Clk. of V. Pres. P., Ft.W. 
& C. R. R., '59-66. Councilman, Fort Wayne, 
•71-2. Pres. Ply. & Kan. R. R., 'So. Real 
Estate and Ins. Agt. , since '66. 109 W. Berry 
St., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

James Ramsey Patterson, A.B. c"f 

Retired Merchant. Glendale, Ohio. 

Lewis Daniel Watson. kX 

Master and clk. Str. "LidaNorwall," '69-70. 
Conected with Henry House, Cincinnati, '75. 
Broker, Houston, Tex. 

Edward Peet Williams, A.B. f' d^ 

In class '58, Hanover. A.M., Miami, '87; 
U. S. A., ist Lt. and Adj., looth Ind. Inf., 
'62-3; Capt. and C. S. Vols., '63-4. Lawyer, 
'61-5. Wholesale Drug. Bus., Ft. Wayne, 
Ind., and St. Louis. Mo., '65-88. Since '86, 
Director. P., Ft. W. & C. Ry. Co. Largely 
interested with Meyer Bros. Drug Co., St. 
Louis and Kansas City, Mo., and Dallas, 
Tex. Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

William Mark Williams, A.B. f' c^ 

A.M., Miami, '61. At LaneTheo. Sem.,*58~ 
61 Cong. Min. Miss., Am. Bd. For. Miss., 
since *68. Kalgan, China. 

Class of 1S59. 

Edwin Tyler Peck. ^ iSX 

U. S. A., Priv., 2d Ky. Vol. Inf. Since '76, 

Bookkeeper and Cashier, Holt Bros., 30-2 

Maine St., San Francisco, Cal. Berkeley, Cal. 

Class of i860. 

Charles E. Baker. ^T 

Atty.-at-law. Present address unknow^n. 
Cincmnati, Ohio. 

Class of 1866. 

♦Craft C. Holbrook, A.B. fU 

Atty.-at-law, Oxford, O., till '70. Died. 
Vanceburg, '74. Vanceburg, Ky. 

Alfred Mayiiew Shuey, S.B. ft 

U.S.A., Musician, 167 Ohio Inf., '63. 

Agl. Imp. to '73. Chf. Clk. to Asst. Genl. 
Supt., C, M. & St. P. Ry., '73-89. Musical 
Crit , Pioneer Press, St. Paul, Minn., '69- 
81 ; do., 7 ribiine, '81-7. Published consider- 
able music. Prest., Century Investment Co. 
Sect. Century Piano and Organ Co., cor. 4th 
St. and 1st Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

♦Otis Cyrus Smith. A.B. f rO 

Atty.-at-law. Died, London,' 73. London, 

MosEs Duncan Alexander Steen, A.B. y rfl 
A.M., Miami, '69. D.D., San Joaquin Val- 
ley Coll., '88; Ph.D., Wooster Univ.. '89. At 
Hanover,'64-5; U. P. Theo. Sem., Xenia,*66; 
Princeton Theo. Sem.,'6S. Grad. McCormick 
Theo. Sem., '69. Commis. Gen. 
Assem.,'8o and '87. Presb. Min., Worthing- 
ton, O., '69-70; Vevay, Ind., '70-2; Solon, O., 
'72-3; Conneautville. Pa., '73-4; Waterford, 
Pa., '74-5; Ludlow, Ky.,'75-l5i; Pleasant 
Ridge, O., '81-2; Gunnison and Black Hawk, 
Col., '83-^; Snohomish, Wash., '85-6; since 
•86, Woodbridge, Cal. 

Class of 1867. 

Alston Ellis, A.B. if jjr <Vf 

S.B., Miami. '65; AV^I. do., '72. Ph.D., 
Wooster. '79; do., (). S. U.. '87. LL.D., (). 
S. U., '90. Trustee Oxford Fem. Coll., since 
'71 ; do., Ohio St. U., since '78. Sch. Exam, 
of State, '75-9; andsince'87; do., Butler Co., 
Ohio, '72-9; and since '88, do.; Hamilton, 
Ohio, '71-9, and since '89. Del. Inter. Educa. 
Conv., from 3d Dist., Ohio, at Philadelphia, 
'76. Life Mem. Victoria Inst., the Phil. Soc. 
of Great Britain. Ann. Address to Lit. Soc., 


Ohio Alpha, 


William Edgar Evans. A.B. ]J^ rf 

Pros. Atty., Ross Co., Ohio, '74-5. Since 

'86 (term expires '94), J fig. Ct. Com. 

Pis., 5th Jud. Dist, Ohio. Atty.-at-law. 

Chillicothe, Ohio. 

James King Giijson. A.M. y rX 

At Lane Theo. Sem., '69-72; Trustee, do., 
since '82. U. S. A., 149th Ohio N. G. 
Commis. Presb. Gen. Asscm., '79 and '85. 
Presb. Min., Jackson, Ohio, '72-9; Troy, 
Ohio, '80-5; since '86, Hardin, Ohio. 

*Herdman Emelius Grand-Girard, A.B. 5p fX 
Druggist. Died, Circleville,'88. Circleville, 

Addison Sforrs Lewis, B.S. ^0 

C. E.. Lafayette, '70. Civ. Eng. Mass. Map 
Survey. '71. Locating Eng., N. Y., W. S. & 
B. R. R., '72; Eng. Const, and Maintenance 
of Way, P. R. R. and B. & O. R. R., '73-5. 
Since '76, Farmer, Clifton, Ohio. 

Horatio Burgoyne McBride. 7A 

A.B., Monmouth, '69; A.M., do., '72. At 
Theo. Sem. of N. W., '70-3. Commis. Presb. 
Gen. Assem., '80. Moderato-, Synod of the 
Pacific, *86. Presb. Min., Pioche, Nev., '73-4. 
lone, Calif., '74-5; Colusa, Calif.. '75-7; Te- 
hama, Calif., '77-9". Ukiah, Calif., '79-85; 
Healdsburg, Calif., 'S5-f;o; since '90, Golden 
Gate, Calif. 

Jeremiah M Oldfather, A.B. J^ f* 

••M" letter orly. A.M., Miami, '87; D.D., 
do., '90. At Danville Theo. Sem., '69-70; 
Lane, do., '70-2. U. S. A., Surg. Maj. 93d 
Ohio Inf. Presb. Min., since '72. Miss, to 
Ooroomiah, Persia, '72-83; do., Fabriz, Per., 
'84-91. In U. S., '91. Ret. to Fabriz, '91. 
Fabriz, Per., and Hanover, Ind. 

William Henry Tolbert, A.B. fX 

Was in U. S. Army. At Princeton Theo. 

Sem., '69. Presb. Min. Crawfordsville, Ind. 

William Ernkst TKirsLow. f* 

A B. Washington- Lee, '69. Banker, Charles- 
town, W. Va. 

Class of 1870. 

JosiAH Renick Bell, A.B. rX 

Formerly Merchant and for some time Pres. 

ist Nat. Bank of Lyons.' Since '87, Director, 

•'Mo. Pac. R. R. Co., in Kansas." Lyons, 


Alexander Duncan Buckingham, A.B. ^ f* 
Civ. Eng., '70-2. Since '74, Atty.-at-law, 
43 Johnson Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Frank Davis. 0* 

LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., '67. Pros. 

Atty., Clermcmt Co., Ohio, '75-9. Atty. and 

V.-Prest. ist Nat. Bk., New Richmond. Since 
'88. Judge Com. Pis. Court, ist sub. division. 
Fifth Judicial District (term expires '93), 
Batavia, Oh o. 

John Babb Elam. A.B. yj^ fX 

LL.B., U. of Mich.. '72. A.M., Miami. '86. 

U. S. A., iioth Ohio Inf., '64-5. Pros. Atty., 

Marion Co., Ind., '78-82. Atty.-at-law, 300 

Park Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Edward Nicholas Evans, A.B. c^ 

Prin. Knottsville, Ky., High Sch., '71- 
2 ; do., Uniontown Sem., '72-3; do., 
Waverlv High Sch., '76-7; do., Camden, 
Tenn., Inst, '77-8; do.. Pleasant Valley (Ky.) 
High Sch., '78-80. Dy. Gr. Die. K. of H. 
lor Tenn., '7 8. \5. S. Storekeeper and Dy. Col. 
U. S. Int. Rev., 6th Tenn. Dist., '73-6; do., 
2d Ky. Dist . '80-2. Teacher, '76-80. City 
Atty., Emporia,'86-7. Since '82, Atty.-at-law, 
EmfMjria, Kan. 

John Walker Fieghan. M.S. *3^ A* 

LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., '72. U. 
S. A., Co. K. 83d Ind. Inf., '62; ist Lt., do., 
'65. Prin. Pleasant Valley (Ky.) High Sch.. 
'70-1. City Atty., Owensboro, Ky., '74. 
Rep. Elector, '76. Rep. Cand. U. S. House 
of Rep., '78. Ed. Republican^ Rockport, 
Ind., '72. Dept. Comdr. G. A. R. of Kan., 
'87. City A ty., Owensboro, Ky., '83-4. 
Pros. Atty., Lyon Co., Kan., '82-8. City 
Atty., Spokane Falls.'Sg. Memb. and Speaker 
House of Rep., State of Wash., '89-90. Atty.- 
at-law, Spokane Falls, Wash. 

Elam Fisher, A.B. ]jfg ^ 

LL.B., U. of Mich., '72. A.M., Miami, 
'87. U. S. A., 156th Ohio. Co. D.. '64. 
Since '87 Memb. Bd. Trustees, Miami (term 
expires '96.) Since '72, Atty.-at-law, Eaton, 

*Charles Burnett Fitzpatrick. ^ f* 

Atty.-at-law\ Died, Modesto, Aug. 5, 'So. 
Modesto, Cal. 

♦Harvey Lee, A.B. ftljf a* 

LL.B., Central Law Sch., Ind., '72. At 
Law Dept., U. of Mich., *7i. U. S. A., 
Corp., — Ind. Inf. Atty.-at-law. Died, Aus- 
tin, Mar. 26, '75. Austin, Tex. 

♦John Keown Youtsey, A.B. ]y f* 

U. S. A., 3dKy. Cav., '65. Cash. Western 
Branch N. Y. Equi. Life Ass. Soc. at Cincin- 
nati. Died, Newport, Feb. 15, '74. New- 
port, Ky. 

Class of 1871. 

Charles Frederick Andress. fl f4» 

Clerk, 134 W. 7th St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Ohio Alpha. 


Albert Maldkn Mackkrlky, A. B. % 0^ 

LL.B., U. of Mich.. '7^; A.M., Miami. 
'86. P.M., Greenfield, 'Uy^yo. Atty.-at-law, 
Greenfield. Ohio. 

Daniel Edwin Platter, A.B. jjf * f* 

At Lane Theo. Sem., '71-4. Presb. Min., 
Rockawav, N. J., '74-Si; since '81, Canton, 

James Hollin(;s\vorti£ Ptntpinney, A.B. % c^ 
Piano and Organ Merchant, 81 W. 5th Ave., 
Columbus, Ohio. 

♦Daniel Webster Parker Smith, "f iX 

Died, winter 'f>9-7o, in Jr. cl. Oxford, Ohio. 

Andrew Jay Strface, A.B. % fX 

A.M., Miami, '71; LL.B., Ohio State 
and Union Law College, Cleveland, '75. 
For short time Ed. Manchester (Ohio) Gazette. 
U. S. A., Corp. 156th Ohio Vol. Inf., '63. 
Supt. Sch., Ironton, Ohio, '78-81; do., E. 
Liverpfx)l, Ohio, '81-8. Prin. Prep. Dept., 
U. of Pacific, '88-9. Since '89, Fort Bragg, 

Class ok 1872. 

Aaron Dwight Baldwin. a4> 

LL.B., U. of Mich., '73. At Mt. Union 

Coll., '67-70. Atty.-at-law, 88 Metropolitan 
Blk., Chicago, 111. 

William Mallory Fisher, A.B. %fi fX 

Atty-at-law, Greenville. Ky., '73-4. Prin. 
High Sch., Owensboro, '74-7. U.S. Int. Rev. 
Store-keeper, Owensboro, Ky.,' 77-84. Atty.- 
at-law. El Dorado, Kan. 

James Marcellus Lo(;an. k^ 

M. D., Ohio Med. Coll., '74. At Med. Dept. 
U. of Mich., '70-1. U. S. A., 93d Ohio Inf., 
'62-5. Prin. Sch., Southport, Ind., '71-2. 
Teacher, '65-73. Physician, '73-88, at Fair 
Haven, Ohio; since '88, 1303 E. 8th St., 
Katisas City, Mo. 

Edward Hamilton Miller. ^ 

Clerk, San Francisco, Calif. 

♦Charles Wrkjht Muoar. fX 

Died, Keokuk, '"69. Keokuk, Iowa. 

John Anderson Rankin, A.B. IjfJ f X * 

Atty.-at-law, Olathe, Kan. 

♦Bruce Frazer Thomas, A.B. ft r/T 

LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., '75. At Har- 
vard Law Sch. ,'73-4. Ed. Vanceburg Keti- 
tuckian, '75-6. Attv. -at-law. Died, Vance- 
burg, Jan. 2, '82. Vanceburg, Ky. 

C1.A.SS OK 1873. 

Hoi.Lv Rai'ER Blckincham. A.B. Ijfftf' ^ 
At Law Dept, U. of Mich.,' '74-5- 
Mem. 111. Leg., from 50th Dist. '80-2. Fruit 
Farmer and Atty.-at-law, Alto Pass, 111. 

(iKuRt'.E Francis O'Byrne. fX 

At Brook ville Coll., '73. U. S. A., 68th and 

44th Ind. Vol. Inf., '64-5. Teacher, '73-81. 

Pres. Bd. Trustees, Brookville. Ind., Pub. 

Sch., '90. Atty.-at-law, Brookville, Ind. 

J.AMES Erastus Reed. fT 

Merchant, Middletown, Ohio, '72-83. Mem. 
I St State Leg. , N. Dak. ,'89-90. Stock Rai.ser, 
Towner, N. Dak. 

Class uf 1S74. 

*JoHN Daviess Allen. «T 

Unintentionallv killed for another person in 

same house in Daviess Co., Ky., Aug., '73, 

by a partv of masked men. Owensboro, 


Charles Fay Baldwin. ?* 

Mem. Greenfield City Coun., '79-80. Trea.s. 
Union Agl. Soc, '78-80. Pres. Bd. of Edu- 
cation, (Greenfield, '91. Cashier, Bank of 
Greenfield, Greenfield, Ohio. 

Edward Nathan Clingman. ^ f^ 

A.B., U. of Cincinnati, '80. At Farmers' 

Coll.. '68-70, do.. Miami, '71-3. Teacher. '73- 

4. Bookkeeper. '74-6. Clerk U. S. Pens. 
Off., Cincinnati, '76-82. U. S. Ganger, Cin- 
cinnati. Ohio, '82-4. Atty.-at-law, 27 Johnston 
Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. Kennedy, Ohio. 

James Thomas McCi.ellvn. fX 

Merchant, Tallulah, La. 

Charles Massiktte Moore, f' fT 

Merchant. N. Y. City. '70-8. Since '78, U. 

5. Store-keeper, Owensl>oro, Ky. 

Class of 1S75. 

John Snyder Cox. f* 

Merchant, West Chester, Ohio. 

Zachary Taylor Jone.s. v* 

Farmer, Billingsville, Ind. 

Robert Emmet Morris. f( w*-fX 

LL.B., Columbian. *8o. At Knox, 71-2. 
Local Ed. Quincv Evening Call, '74-5- ist 
Asst. Enr. and E'ng. Clk. 111. Sen., 29th Gen. 
A.ssem. Dv. Treas.. Adams Co., 111., '76-7- 
Clk. War Dept., U. S., in Rec. and Pens. Div., 
Surg. Gen. Off., Wa.shington, '78-84. Real 
Est. and In.s. Broker, 700 14th St., N. W., 
Washington, D. C. 


Ohio Alpha. 


Frank Lawson Wilson. rX 

M.D., Ohio Me<i. Coll.. '75. Physician 
and Surjjeon, Greenfield, Ohio. 

Class of 1876. 

Edward Hknry Chadwick. t<]» 

A.B., Dartmouth, '7>i. Prin. HighSch.. 
Pitbiford, Vt.. '76-7. Since '(>(j. City Att v.. 
Shelb>'^'illc. Atty.-at-la\v, Shelby vill'e, Incl. 

Frederu Chaklks IIarvky. rT 

U. S. X.. Miss. Squad., V)3-5. Supt. 
Schs., (lermantown, ( )hi<>. '77. Atty.-at- 
law. 617 K. if)lh St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Frank Gardiner Tiiomi*m>n. 7t|» 

Chr. Rep. Conj^. Conv., '7S. Sec. Ohio 

Delej^.. Rep. Xat. Conv., Chica>jo. 'So. Since 

'84, Atty. Springfield Enj^ne and Thresher 

Co. Atty-at-la\v, Springfield, Ohio. 

Isaac Xkwton Walkkr. «f> rT 

Mayor of I^ebanon, '.S2-<k>; Muce '(/3 County 
Auditor, Warren Co., Ohio. Atty.-at-la\v. 
Lebanon, Ohio. 

Class ok 1877. 

Henry Lynn Moork. rT 

A.B., Dartmouth, '77; A.M., do.. '80. 
Supt. Schs., Lake City, Minn., '77-82; 
Asst. do., Minneapolis, ^S2-6. Real Est., 
Ix)ans and Ins.. 11 S. 4th St., Minneapolis, 

Class ok iSSo. 

Sylvants Browkk. fT 

At U. of Mich.. '7.». Attended Otterbein 

U., Westerville. ()hir>. Farmer, Corwin. 

Class ok 1882. 

Alkrkd Emkrson. <y- 1 '<> 

A. B., Sch(M)l of Arts, Athens, (ireece, '76: 
Ph. D., U. of Munich. '81. Post Grad., 
Princeton, 'S1-2. I-'ellow Jolins Hopkins Univ., 
'82-5. Prof. Latin.. Asst. in (ireek and In- 
structor in CliLssical Archieology, Miami, 
'87-8. Asst. Ed. A liter. Jounial of Arth- 
(eology. Has written extensively on classi- 
cal subjects. U. S. Bureau of Ethnology. 
Arizona Survev, Field Asst., '85. Del. 
Archajological Tnst. of America — in charge of 
Excavations in Italy, '8()-7. Since 'SS, Prof. 
Greek, Lake Forest U., Lake Forest. 111. 

Clas.s ok 1S8S. 

Kearney Prim;!!, A.B. ]jf \A> 

Prin. Pub. Sch. Eaton, Ohio, '87-8. Gratis. 

Harry Weidner, B.S. 5p ** 

Journalist, Daily Evening News. Day- 
ton, Ohio. 

-V of 1889. 

WiLLLVM ErCENK Cloumi, A.B. ft 

At V. of Ind.. '87-S. Attended Bellevue; 
do.. Med. Dept.. U. of Louisville. Oxford. 

Edwin Emerson, 'f *X 

At Harvard. *S(^;<j. Attended Cornell. 
Lake Forest, 111. 

*(iK«»R(;k Fairlamu Garrod. ft 'V 

Druggist. Kansas Citv, Mo., '86-8. Died, 
Oxford, Oct. 21, '8.^. O'xford, Ohio. 

Marc Winkii.i d Lkwls. *X 

At Ohio State, 84-5. Teacher, *7(>-84. 
Since '87. ist. Asst. City Engineer, Duluth. 

John Hart M viKKADv, A.B. y t* 

Attended ( )hio Med. Coll., Cincinnati. Mon- 
roe, Ohio. 

James Rijor Mavo. f[^ 

Atty.-at-law, Chillicothe. Ohio. 



WiLLLVM John Ri sK. A.B. ]^ft rY 

LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., '(^i. Attended 
U. of Va. Law Sch. Atty.-at-law, 227 Main 
St., Cincinnati, OhicK 

Frank Hii l Son ii(;ai k. <t* 

Attended Ohio Med. Coll., Cincinnati. 
Xewport, Ky. 

SaMI KL WllHR<»W ToWNSEND, A.B. ijft rX 

Real Est. and Ins., 311 S. Union Ave.. 
Pueblo, Col. 

Class ok 1891. 

WiLi.iwi M \i>o.N Chidlaw. 5f 
Clcvcs. ( )hio. 


Fairfield. Ind. 

WaLIKR CoN(;kK H \rris. ^'ft 
Eaton, Ohio. 


Jamk.s Ri doli'Ii Slinky. '^ "Y 

Attended Purdue. Drug Clerk, Oxford. 


Woods. Ohio. 


Class ok 1892. 


Eaton, Ohio. 


'893-4- NOTES. 

Ohio Alpha. 


Class of 1S93. 

Harvey Hiubell Hiestand. f* 
Eaton, Ohio. 

Pali. Frederick H<> 
Oxford, Ohio. 

Class <>k 1894. 

Stanton Henry Fox. 
Massillon, Ohio. 

Paul Worth Smith, f* 
Oxford, C^hio. 


CoLI.HiE NolES. 

1S29. G. V. Dorsey, Dclivd. Ann. Ad. before 
Lit. Societies, '72. 

i.'=^40. Chas. Elliott (Essayist. Washinji^ton 
Soc., Lafayette). 

1548. C. S. Doolittell (Valedictorian, Kenvon. 

1549. S. C. Baldridj^e (Orator Union Soc, 
Hanover, '47, '48, '49). R. Morrison, Vale- 
dictorian, '49: Ed. Cat. Soc. Inq., '49. J. M. 

Worrall (Valedictorian. Anderson Coll., '48; 
Ed. Coll. paper.) 

1852. David Swing, Salutatorian, '52. 

1853- James Holmes, Valedictorian, '53. 

1S55. R. Smith. Orator Alumni Day, '71. 

1856. J. ^r. Miller. Valedictorian, 'q6. 

1866. M. D. A. Steen, Spkr. Wash. Hirth- 
dav, '66. 

1S67. A.Ellis. Spkr. Wash. Birthday, '67; 
I )elivd. Diplomas to grad.s. Lit. Societies, '72. 

\\. O. Evans, Math. Hon., '67. J. Z. 

Moore, Addressed Lit. Soc., '68. 1. G. Smo- 

yer, Spkr. Wash. Birthday, '66; Pres. Jr. E.xhib.. 
'65. R- O. Strong, Spkr., Erod. Exhib.. '67. 

1868. B. P. Jones, Ed. Miami Stud ent, 'G(>- 

8; Spkr. Erod. Exhib., '67. J. Q. Spence, 

Math. H()n.,'6S. F.Walker, Poet CI. Dav,'68. 

1569. W. E. Evans, Ethical Hon., '69.^ — J. 

K.Gibson. Orator Wash. Birthday, '69. II. 

E. Grand-Girard. Orator CI. Day, '69. J. M. 

Oldfather, Poet CI. Day, '69. 

1570. J. B. Elam, 'Valedictorian, '70; 2d 
Orator Jr. Ehib.. '69. J. W. Fieghan, ist Or- 
ator Jr. Exhib., '69; Poet CI. Day, '70. E. 

Fisher, Salutatorv, '70; Orator CI. Day, '70; Ed. 
Miami Student, V)8-7o; Addressed Lit. Soc, '72. 

C. B. Fitzpatrick, Orator Erod. Exhib., '67. 

H. Lee, Ethical Hon.. '70. P. W. Smith 

(Mich. Alpha, '70) Valedictorian. '64. J. K. 

Voutsey, Math. Hon.. '70; Poet Jr. Exhib., '69. 

1871. A. M. Mackerly, Orator Erod. Exhib., 

'70. D. E. Platter. Orator Erod. Soc. '70. 

J. H. Puntennev, Orator Erod. Exhib., '70. 

A. J. Surface, Orator Miami Union Sex:., '70. 

1872. W. M. Fisher, 2d Orator Jr. Exhib., 

'70; Orator Erod. Exhib.,' 71. J. A. Rankin, 

ist Orator Jr. Exhib., '71. 

1873. H. R. Buckingham, Orattir Jr. Exhib., 
'72: do. Erod. Exhib., '72. 

1S74. E. N. Clingman (Ed. Coll. Be/atrasco, 
' 79-80). 

1S88. K. Prugh. 1st Hon. (Jraduation. H. 

Weidner. Ed. Miami Journal, *88. 

1889. J. H. Macready, Bus. Mgr. Miami 

fournai,''^i). W. J. Rusk, Pres. Miami V, 

Lit. Soc. '85, '86. '87, '88. S. W. Townsend, 

Ed. Miami fou mat, '8q. 

1 891. W.' M. Chidlaw. Assoc Ed. Miami 

Student, '90. W. C. Harris. Assoc. Ed. 

Miami Student, if . S. A. Stephenson, Bus. 

Mgr. Miami Student, '90. 



P'raiernitv XoIEn. 

1S2S. E. P. Humphrev. Orator, Meeting of 
•• The Order of O'AO," Oxford, Ohio, '53. 

1840. C. Elliott, Poet, Meeting of 
Order of *AO." Oxford. Ohio, '53; Cf 
Alpha Al. 

1849. S. C. Baldridge, Prepared poem for 
Nat. Conv., Indianapolis, Ind.. '69. R. Mor- 
rison, Founder; Author of the Bond; 2d Pres. ; 
Ed. 1st ed. Catg., "(k); Chaplain, Nat. Conv., 
Bloomington, Ind., '64; do.. Indianapolis. Ind., 
•80; Mem. Ex. Com.. '68-9. J. McM. Wil- 
son. Founder; Cf. Frat. Notes, Ind. Alpha. J. 

M. Worrall. Orator Nat. Conv., Philadelphia, 
Pa., '76; Cf. 111. Alpha Al. 

1850. R. T. Drake, Founder. J. W. 

Lindley, I'ounder. 

1851.' A. A. Barnett, Mem. 2d Miami Chap. 

A. W. Rodgers. Founder. A. W. Rogers, 

Founder. M. G. Williams. '51 (Cf. Frat. 

Notes Kv. A), first man intd. in Frat., Jan. i, '4(). 

1852. J. K. Boude, Char. Mem. 2d Miami 

Chap. B. Harrison (Cf. Ind. Beta A 1), vSect. 

ist. Nat. Con., Cincinnati,'5i. David Swing. 

Mem. 2d. Miami Chap. 

1853. J. A. Anderson, Char. Mem. 2d Miami 

Chap. P. C. Conklin, Mem. 2d Miami Chap. 

S. Hibben, Orator Nat Conv., Danville, 

Ky., '(jo. 

'1S54. T. C. Hibbett, Mem. 2d Miami Chap. 

W. Owens, Mem. 2d Miami Chap. E. P. 

Shields. Mem. 2d Miami Chap. H. Stod- 
dard, >Iem. 2d Miami Chap. 

1S55. B. K. Elliott, Orator Nat. Conv., Craw- 
fordsville. Ind., '74; do., Richmond, Va., '82. 
Ann. Address before Eps, Prov. Con., Indian- 
apolis. '91. E. E. Hutcheson, Char. Mem. 

2d. Miami Chap. R. Smith, Orator Nat. 

Conv., Athens,(^hi().'73. Master Cer. Banquet, 
Ind. St. Conv., •76.-^T. B. Ward Intd. Ind. 
Beta; Cf. Frat. Notes, do. 


Ohio Alpha, 


1856. H. L. Brown, Mem. 2d Miami 

1857. J. Tuttle, Del. Nat. Conv., Cincinnati, 

Ohio, '56; Sect. do. G. B. Peck, Del. Nat 

Conv., Cincinnati, Ohio, '56. T.W. McLean. 

Mem. 2d Miami Chap. ; Xamcsiike T. A. 
Wylie, Ind. Alpha, '30. 

1866. A. M. Shuey, Composer •' Phi Delta 
Theta March," '7c, 'and other compositions 
dedicated to Phi Delta Theta. 

1867. A. Ellis, Orator Nat. Conv., Indianajx)- 
lis, '80; one of incorporators of Frat. under 
St. laws of Ohio, and Mem. Bd. Directors. 'Si. 
J. Z. Moore, Intd. Kv. Alpha. 

1868. B. P. Jones, Del. (or Vis.) Nat. Conv., 
Indianapolis, Ind., *68; V. Pres., do. ; Mem. E.x. 

Com., '68-9. R. L. Lvons, Pre.s. Nat. Conv., 

Oxford, Ohio, '70. F. Walker, Pres. Frat., 


1869. T. C. Druly, Founder of Ohio Epsi- 

1870. I. B. Elam, Asst. Sect. Nat. Conv., 
Chicago, iyQ\\ Sect, do., Oxford, Ohio, '70; Mem. 

Ex. Com., ^70-1; Cf. Ind. Beta Al. J. W. 

Feighan, Del. Nat. Conv., Chicago, 111. ,'69; do., 

Oxford, Ohio, '70. P^. Fisher, Del. (or Vis.) 

Nat. Conv., Indianapolis. Ind., '68; V. Pres. do. ; 
Char. Mem., at reorg., 'O5. II. Lee, Pres. 

Nat. Conv., Chicago, 111.. '69; Mem. Ex. Com., 

1 87 1. C. F. Andress, Cf. Ohio Alpha Al. 

D. E. Platter, Del. Nat. Conv., Chicago. 111.. '71 ; 
Ed. 2d ed. Catg., '70. 

1872. W. M. Fisher, Asso. Ed. 3d ed. Catg., 
'72. J. A. Rankin, Del. Nat. Conv., Dan- 
ville, Ky.. '72; Asso. Ed. 3d ed. Catg., '72. 

B. F. Thomas, Asso. Ed. 3d ed. Catg., '72. 

ivS73. H. R. Buckingham, Pres. Frat., '72-3; 
Asso. Ed. 3d ed. Catg., '72. 

1875. J. H. Oilmore (Va. Beta, '75), Del. 

Nat. Conv., Athens, Ohio, '73. R. E. Morris, 

Intd. 111. Delta. 

1S89. W. E. Clough, Char. Mem. at reorg., 
Oct. 2, '85; Mem. Ind. Alpha, '87-8; retd. to 

— W. H. Foster, Char. 


Ohio Alpha, '88-9. 

Mem. at reorg., Oct. 2, '85; Cf. Ind. Alpha and 

Frat. Notes do. (t. F. Garrod, Char. Mem. 

at reorg., Oct. 2, '85. J. R. Mayo, Char. 

Mem. at reorg., Oct. 2, '85. W. J. Rusk, 

Char. Mem. at reorg., Oct. 2. '85; Del. Nat. 
Conv., New York, N. Y.,'86; do.. Delta Prov. 

Con v., '86 and '88. S. W. Townsend, Char. 

Mem. at reorg., Oct. 2, '85. 

1 89 1. W. C. Harris, Del. Nat. Conv., Bloom- 

ington. 111., '89. S. A. Stephenson, Del. Eps. 

Prov. Conv., '90. 




Charter granted October ii, 1849, to John McMillan Wilson (Ohio Alpha, '49) ; Robert Gaston 

Elliott, '50, and Samuel Steele Elliott, '50. 

Class of 1820. 

♦David McDonai.o. $ f32 

LL.D., Ind. U., '52. Attended Mclntyre's 
Acad. Prof. Law, Ind. U., '40-52. Christ. Min., 
'20-30. Pros. Atty., 7th Jud. Cir., Ind., '34-8. 
Mem. Ind. Sen., 23. Judge Cir. Ct, '38-50. 
Whig Cand. Judge Supr. Ct, Ind., '51. 
Trust. Ind. Asbury (now De Pauw),' 56-^)1 ; De- 
clined Pres. , do. , ' 56 ; Pres. Bd. , do. ,'58- 
()i. Judge U.S. Dist. (Ind.) Ct, '64-9. Author, 
"McDonald's Treatise on Practice before J. 
P." Died, Aug. 26, '69. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Class of 1824. 

*Daniel Read. yf'!f f27 

A.B., Ohio U., '24; A.M., do; LL.D., Ind. 
Asbury (now DePauw), ' 53. Prof. Mod. Lang. 
Ohio U., '25-43. Prof. Greek and Lat, Ind. 
I^-. '43-5^>; Act Pres., do., '51-2. Prof. 
Ment Philos. , Log. . Rhet, and Eng. Lit, 
U. of Wis., '55-68. Pres. Mo. U., 'f)6-78. 
Del. Const. Conv., Ind., '50. Author of many 
pamphlets of prose and poetry. Vis. U. S. 
Mil. Acad, and Sect Bd. Vis., '40. Died, 
Keokuk, Iowa, Oct. 3, '78. Madison, Wis. 

Class of 1830. 

♦Sami'rl Elliott Perkins. $ r^o 

At Yates Co. (N. Y.)Acad., '30, estima. 
Ed. Jeffersonian, Richmond, Ind., '37-40. 
Cir. Pros. Atty., '43-6. State Elector, '44. 
Judge Supr. Ct.Ind., '45-64, '76-9; Chief -jus., 
<lo-i '55. '59. '61, '63. Judge Supe. Ct, Marion 
Co., Ind., '74-6. Ed. Indianapolis Herald 

(iiow Sentinel)^ '67. Prof. Law, N. W. Christ. 
U. (now Butler), '«>7-f)o; do., Ind. U., '70-2. 
Author, "Ind. Digest," '58; "Ind. Practice," 
'59; "Eulogy upon Gov. A. P. Willard," '69. 
Died, Dec. 17, '79. Indianapolis, Ind. 

TiiEoi'HiLus Adam Wylie. ft ^ !t f24-f27 

A.B., U. of Pa., '30; A.M., do., '33; LL.D., 
do., '61; S. T. D., Princeton, '61; D.D., 
Monmouth, '61 ; do., Miami, '65. At Theo. 
Sem. Ref. Presb. Ch., Philadelphia. '30- 
4. Tutor, U. of Pa. Acad., '34-7. Prof. 
Phys. Sci., Ind. U., '37-53. '57-63- Pr«^- 
Math., Miami, '52-6. Prof. Anct. Lang., Ind. 
^^•.'63-7; Act Pres., do., '5 2, '58; Prof. Phys. 
Sci., do., '67-86; Emer. Prof. Phys., do., 
since '86. Ref. Presb. Min., Blooming^on, 

Class of 1831. 

JaCOH AmME.N. ^ f22 

Grad. at U. S. Mil. Acad., '31 ; Asst Instr. 
Math., do., '31-2; do., Nat and Exper. 
Philos., do., '34-7. ProL Math., Bacon Coll. 
(Ky.), '37-9; do., Ind. U., '40-3; do. and 
Astron., Georgetown Coll., '48-54; Prof. 
Phys. Sci., Ind. U., '54. U. S. A., 2d Lt, 
ist Art, '31 ; 1st Lt, do., '36; Capt, 12th Ohio 
V. Inf.,*6i; Lt-col., do.,*6i ; Col., 24th Ohio 
V. Inf., '61; Brig. Genl. Vols, on march 
through Ala., '62; in command of various 
districts, '63-5. Lockland, Ohio. 

♦George Augustus Bicknell. $ /?33 

A.B., U. of Pa., '31; A.M., do., '34; LL.B., 

Yale, '33; LL.D., Ind. U.. '64. Pros. Atty., 


Indiana Alpha. 


Scott Co., Ind., '48-50. Cir. Pros. Atty., 
'50-52. Judge 2d Jud. Cir., '52-76. Prof. 
Law, Ind. U., '61-70. Mem. U. S. House 
of Rep., 3d Ind. Con^. Dist, '77-Si. Mem. 
Ind. Supe. Ct. Commis., 'S1-3. Author. "Ind. 
Civil Practice," and "Ind. Criminal Prac- 
tice." Judge 52d Jud. Cir., '(/>-i. Died. New 
Albany, Apr. 11, '91. New Albany, Ind. 

Class ok 1840. 

♦RoHKRT MlI.I.ICAN. ^ fI2 

A.B., Wiishington, '40 ; A.M., do., '43. 
Declined D.I)., Ind. U. Prof. Eng. Lit., 
WiLshington, '40-52. Prof. Math, and Phys. 
Sci., Ind. U., '52-4. Prof. Math., Hcthany. 
'54-9. Pres. Ky. U.,'5(/-66. Prcs. Col. of 
the Bible, Ky. U., '6()-75. Del. to many 
Christian Conv. , of which Denom. he was 
a Min. Co-ed. Milicntu'al Iiarhhii:!^er. Au- 
thor, "Commentary on Hebrews," "Anal- 
ysis of New Testament," " Reason and Rev- 
elation," "Scheme of Redemption," " (jreat 
Commission." "Prayer." Died, Harrod.sburg. 
Ky.. Mar. 29, '75. Lexington, Ky. 

Class of 1842. 

*Jamks W(M)i)HrkN. A.H. <^ (lo 

A.M., Ind. U.,'45. Prin. Prep. Dept., Ind. 
U..' 53-65. Died, '65. Bloomington, Ind. 

Class ok 1843. 


A.B., Coll., Mass., '43; A.M., do; D.D.. 

Lawrence, '59: LL. D., E. Tcnn. Wesleyan, 
'7(». Prin. Iligh Sch., Sliddleton, Mass., '43. 
Pres. Lawrence, '53-7; do.. McKendrce, ' ^'^- 
63; do., E. Tenn. Wesleyan. '67-72. Ed. 
/Jon's Herald,ViU<,Un\,'UyU ; Methodist A dvo- 
cate, Atlanta. '72-4. Del. Meth. (len. Conf. , 
'64, '68, '72. Meth. Epis. Min., Wilbraham,, '44; Blandford, Mass., '45-6; Thorn- 
dyke, Mass., '47-8; Worcester, Alass., '4()-5o; 
Boston, Mass., '51-4; Lebanon, 111., '^)o-3; 
E. Boston, Mass.. '64. Died, Atlanta, Feb. 
I, '74. Atlanta, (xa. 

Class ok 1850. 

RoHKRT Gaston Ellioli, A. B. jj f* ^H* 

A.M., Ind. U., '53. At Miami U.. '45-7; 
at Poughkeepsie (N. Y.) Law Sch., '52-3. 
Ed. h'ansas Inee Statt\ Lawrence. Kan., 
'55-6. R. R. Commis. of Tree Culture. Atty.- 
at-law, Lawrence, Kan. 

*Samlkl Stkkle Eli lo'i T. A.B. f^f ot 

A.M., Ind. U., '53. At Miami U., '45-7. 

Prin. Knoxville (Tenn.) Acad., '50; do.. 

Morning Sun High Sch. Died, May 2, '63. 

Morning Sim, Ohio. 

*LiTTLKioN J'ULN Powp:ll, A.B. ofl 

A.M., Ind. U. Died. '51. Teacher, Spen- 
cer, Ind. 

*JaMKS SlKKAN, A.B. w* 

A.M., Ind. U. Died. Bl(K)ming^on, Sept 
7, '51. Miller, Bl<K)mington, Ind. 

Class ok 1851. 

Nki.son Kendall Crowe, A. B. 5f J x^ 

A.M., Ind. U., '54. At Western Theo. 
Sem., '54. CJrad. Ref. Presb. Theo. Sem., 
'^5. Prin. Bloomington (Ind.) Fern. High 
Sch., '52; do., Pana (111.) Sch., '66. Del. Nat. 
Reft>rm Conv., '6(^71. Mem. U. Presb. Gen. 
Assem., '72. Asst. Clk. Gen. Syn. Ref. Presb. 
Ch., '(k). Ref. Presb. Min., Marissa, 111., '57: 
Supt. Frcedman's Mission, Alexandria, Va.. 
and Washington, D. C, '62-4; Walton, N. Y., 
'64-7; Savannah, Ohio, '67-73; Radnor, Ohio, 
73-5 ; ^^ak Ridge and Irondale, (^hio. Wells- 
ville, Ohio. 

Class ok 1852. 

"JnsiAn Mil 1 Kk, A.B. ^' v'"*!* 

A.M., Ind. U., '55. At Poughkeepsie (N. 
Y.) Law Sch., and Law Dept. Ind. L^, '52-4. 
U. S. A., Paymaster with rank of Maj., St 
Louis Dist., '63. Ed. Central liiinois Thnes^ 
Kansas Frtc State, '55-6. Probate Judge. 
Kan. Tenitory, '57-(>o. Mem. Kan. Sen., '60- 
7. Postniitstcr, Lawrence, '61. Atty. -al- 
ia w. Died, Lawrence, July 7, '70. Lawrence. 

*Mai riiEW Walkkr Woodbirn, A.B. ip V4> 
Teacher. Died, Spring,*55. Bloomington, 

Class ok 1854. 

*THLn|)MKK Rk\I>. A.B. ^f oX 

A.M., Ind. U,. '57. Pros. Atty., Monroe 
Co.. Ind.. '54. Dist. Atty. for Ind., '56. 
Clk. in (icn. Land Off., Interior Dept. U. S.. 
'57-(K). U. S. A., Capt. and Act. Adj. -Gen., 
Army of James, '6t ; Maj., '64; wounded at 
(jcttysburg, Chancellorsville, and Cold Har- 
bor; Chief of Staff to (ien. Ord; recom- 
mended for Brig.-(ien. and reed, brevet for 
gallantry in the field ; volunteered to destroy 
bridge over Appomattox to prevent Lee's re- 
treat, and. being surrounded, fell in a hand- 
to-hand encounter with Conf. (Jen. Deering, 
A])l. 6, '(>5, and buried by Conf. on field. 
Madison, Wis. 

*RoHKk I LolDEN Rl'DUlCK, A.B. ]ff' rT 

A.xM., Ind. U., '57. vSect. and Trea.s. K. & 
N. W. R. R. Mem. City Coun., '71. Con- 
tractor and capitalist. Died, Sept 23, '71. 
Keokuk, Iowa. 


Indiana Alpha, 


Reform Sch. for Boys, *83-{ji. Atty.-at-law, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Class of 1858. 

*JosKPH Barrktt Atkinson. B.S. lo^ 

Attended Mt. Vcnion (la.) Coll. and Ind. 
Asbury (now l)c Pauw). U. S. A., Private, 
Co. A, 53d Ind. Inf., 7)2: ist Lt., Co. H. 
53d Ind. Inf., '62. Died, Nov. 17, '62, of 
wounds received at Ilatchie River, Miss., 
Oct. 5, Y)2. Atty.-at-law, (Greenfield, Ind. 

Robert Cami'Bkli. McKin.nkv. A.B. fX 

A.M., Ind. U., 'f)i ; B.I)., Princeton, '61. 

Presb. Min., Orleans, Ind., '71: Brownstown. 

Ind., '74-8; Bethel, Ind., '7(;-8o; Idaho 

Springs, Col., ^80. Fort Bragg, Calif. 

Jamks Lkwis Mitchell, A.B. ^^ fX 

A.M., Ind.U.,'()r. At LawT)ept., Ind. U., 
'58-9. U. S. A., ist Lt. and Adjt., 70th Ind. 
Inf., '62-5. Mayor. Indianapolis, '73-5. Pros. 
Atty., 19th Jud. Cir., Ind., *S(>-</3. Trustee, 
Ind. U., since '83. Atty.-at-law, 131 North 
Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Class ok 1859. 

John Alfred Conwell, B.S. % «X 

LL. B., Cincinnati Law Sch., *6i. City 
Atty., Aurora, '66-7. Clk. Cir. Ct., Deaf- 
born Co., Ind., '69-78. Ed. Staff Cincinnati 
Commercial, '79-80. V. Pres. ist Nat. Bank, 
Aurora. Atty.-at-law, 107 Fourth St., Au- 
rora, Ind. 

*JaMES WlIITCOMBE G(»RMAN, A.B. ^^ /'i' 

A.M., Ind. U.,'62. U. vS. A.,Capt. and Aide- 
de-Camp on (Jen. Corman's staff, '62-3. 
Atty.-at-law. Died, Indianapolis, Ind., Feb. 
19, 63. Saint Paul, Minn. 

Thomas Diggs Th.vri', A.B. % aX 

A.M., Ind. U., '62; S. T. B., De Pauw 
U., '87. At Ind. Asbury U. (now De Pauw), 
'55-7. U. S. A., ist Lt., 57th Ind. Inf., '61; 
Aide-de-Camp on (jcn. Wagoner's Staff, '61-2. 
Supt. Sch., Grant Co., Ind., '72-80. Prof. 
Lat. and (Jr., Marion Acad., '58-^x3. Prin. 
Marion Normal Sch., '76-80. Meth. Epis. Min., 
Silver Lake, Ind., '83-4; Russiaville, '84-5 ; 
Fort Wayne, '85; Ilyde Park, 111., '86; Bain- 
bridge, Ind., '87. Marion, Ind. 

Class of iSCkj. 

Bavh) Enoch Beem, A.B. 7/X 

B.S.. Ind. U., '58; A.M., do., '63. At Law 
Dept., Ind.U.,'5(>-6o. U. S. A., 14th Ind. Inf., 
'61-2; Capt, Co. II, do., '62-4. Del. Rep. 
Nat. Conv., Chicago, '80. Presidential Elec- 
tor, '88. Del., Meth. Epis. Gen. Conf., New 
York, *88. Atty.-at-law, Spencer, Ind. 

*Jacob S.\MrKL Broadwell, A.B. 5 e* 

A.M., Ind. U.,'63. At Law Dept., Ind. U., 
'60-1. Pros. Atty., Monroe Co., Ind. Died, 
Mar. 29, '69. Bloi^mington, Ind. 


A.M., Ind. U.,'63. At Law Dept., Ind. U.. 
'59. Pros. Atty., 2d Jud. Cir.. '72-6. Died, 
Evansvillc, Apr. 15, '83. Atty.-at-law, Evans- 
villc, Ind. 

John xMilion McCoy, A.B. jf* 
A.M., Ind. U..'63; LL.B., do.,'( 


'64. At Ind. 
Asburv (now De Pauw), '54-5. Prin. 
Frankfin (Ind.) Sch., '60-3; do., Rome (Ind.) 
Sch., '63. Citv Attv., Dallas, '70-1. Atty. 
T. & P. R. R.'. '73-4, and D. & W. R. R., 
'73-(); Director, latter, '74-6. Del. to Inter- 
nat. Conv., Louisvnlle, Kv.,'84; do., Chicago, 
111., '88. V. Pres. Amer. S. S. Union. Atty.- 
at-law, 190 N. IIarw(K)d St., Dallas, Tex. 

*Jehi: Walter Perkins, A.B. a* 

U. S. A., ist Lt., Co. I, loth Ind. Inf., '61; 

Capt., do., '61-3. Atty.-at-law. Died, Nov. 

16, '63, from wounds received at Chattanooga. 

Lebanon, Ind. 

*R()BERT Kennedy Smith, B.S. rir 

U. S. A.. 2d Lt, Co. K, 22d Ind. Inf., '61; 

ist Lt., do., '61: Capt., do., '62. Killed, 

Chaplin Hills. Ky., Oct. 8, '62. Madison, Ind. 

Class of 1861. 

IIanfori) Benedict, B.S. ctf 

M.D., U. of Mich., '64. Physician, Spring- 
port, Ind. 

Edward Chkrrh.l. ut 

At 111. Coll., '57-8. Dy. Co. Clk., Hancock 
Co., 111., 55-65. Mem. Carthage Coun., '67. 
Cash. Hancock Co. Nat. Bank, '64-73; do., 
I'nion Bank of (Juincy, '73-6. Since '76, 
mem. firm Cherrill, Sholl & Co., Bankers, 
Carthage, 111. 

James Sylvester Nctt, A.B. ^ fQ 

A.M.. Ind. U., 64; LL.B., do., '63. At Ind. 
Asbury (now De Pauw), '57-60. U. S. A.. Lt, 
2d Ind. Cav.,'61-2; Private, Co. C, 133d Ind. 
Inf.. '64. Prin. 3d Ward Sch., Terre Haute. 
Ind., '63-4; do., Ri.sing Sun, '64-5. Trustee, 
(ireencastle, since '()6. Secy. Greenca.stle 
Citv Str. Ry. Co. and Greencastle Foundry 
and Machine Co. Attv.-at-law, Greencastle, 

*J<)}L\ Chalmers Orchard, A.B. ^f* /♦ 

A.M., Ind. v., '64; LL.B., do., 65. U. S. 

A., Scrg.-Maj., 54th Ind. Inf., and 117th Ind. 

Inf., '62-3. Merchant. Died, June 26, '81. 

Bloomington, Ind. 


Indiana Alptia, 

I 867-70 

Class of 1867. 
William Creighton Ball, y 


A.B., Amherst, '68; LL.B., Washinjijton 
U., St. Louis, '71. Prof. Math, and Nat. 
Sci., St. Louis High wSch., '()S-7i. Trustee- 
City Sch., Terre Haute. Del. Liberal Rep. 
Conv., Cincinnati, '72. Attv.-at-law, '71-2. 
Ed. Terre Haute Daih- and AVeekly Gazette, 
since '72. 25 S. Fifth St., Terre Haute, Ind. 

William Wills Barr, LL.B. v* 

Mast, in Chan., Franklin Co., 111., '07-70. 
Mem. 111. House of Rep., '70-2. vState's 
Atty., Franklin Co., '72-6. County Judge, 
Jackson Co., since *SS. Atty. St. Louis Ore 
and Steel Co., and Grand Tower and Cape 
(iirardeau R. R. Co. Atty. -at -law. Carbon- 
dale, 111. 

*RoBKRT Jefkkrson Cantrell. f* <W> 

At McKendree, '()6. Merchant. Died, Oct. 
29, '67. Benton, 111. 

TnhX)DORE Joseph McMinn. (.^X 

Coml. Ed. St. Louis G/oite - Democrat, 
'79-86. Ed. Sprinjjfield (Mo.) Her aid, '8(). 
Ed. San Antonio Times, '89. Pamphlet on 
Live St(x:k of U. S. as Govt. Expert, '84; 
do., on Miss. River as Govt. Expert, '86. 
Atty.-at-law, Soledad Block, San Antonio, 

Henry Lv( iKcas Powell. (Y 

U. S. A., Private. 8th Ind. Inf., '61. Far- 
mer and stock-raiser, New Castle, Ind. 

William Bryione Robinson, LL.B. u^ 

Mayor, Vincennes, '69-73. Clk. Cir. Ct., 
Knox Co., Ind., '7f>-84. Atty.-at-law, '71-6. 
Farmer, since '84. 825 Busserou St., Vin- 
cennes, Ind. 

Class of 1868. 

Rowland Thomas Dipuy. o<I' 

U. S. A., 2d Lt. Ky. Battalion, raised by 

Col. Morris during invasion of Ky. by(ien. 

Bragg, '63. Sheep rancher, Kyack Ranch. 

Junction City, Tex. 

William Henry Moore. i/'T 

At McKendree, '63-4; 111. Wesleyan, 67- 

8. Mem. 111. House of Rep., '75. Del. 

Nat. Prohib. Conv., '84. Atty.-at-law, Eiist 

Saint Louis, 111. 

Gabriel Monroe OvERSTREEi, Jr. ft ;<!» 

LL.B., U. of Mich., '71. U. S. A., Private, 
Co. F, 7th Ind. Inf., '61-4. Ed. Neosho 
Valley Rei^ister, 71. Mayor, Franklin. '"](>- 
8, '88-00; City Atty., do., '75, '78, '79, and '82- 
5. Alt. Del. Rcp.'Xat. Conv., '80. Atty.-at- 
law, Franklin, Ind. 

Class ok 1869. 

James Edgar Kenton. o* 

LL.B., Ind. v., 67. Attv.-at-law, '67-75. 
Mem. City Council, Springfield, '85-6. Del. 
to Presb.' Svn. of Mo., Kansas City, '80. 
Since '85, Cashier, Rogers and Baldwin Hard- 
ware Co.. 1245 Summit Ave., Springfield, Mo. 

Sami'el Early Maiian, B.S. ft r* 

At Med. Dept., U. Mich., '70-1. U. S. A., 
Private, 133d Ind. Vol.. '64; ist Lt. and Adjt., 
149th Ind. Vol., '64-5. Clk. Bayfield Co.. 
Wis., '7f)-8. Agt. for Chip|>ewa Indians of 
Lake Superior, *8o-i. Merchant, Bayfield. 
Wis.. •82-<); Sect. Bayfield and Ashland Tel. 
Co.. '82. St. Paul Ice Co., St. Paul, '89-90. 
Pres. Minn. Sash and Door Co., 844 Marshal 
Ave., Saint Paul. Minn. 

*CYRrs Xewi.and Nutt, A.B. ^ rX 

A.M., Ind. U., '72; M.D.. U. of City of 
X. v.. '70. U. S. A., Private. Co. H. i42d 
Ind. Inf., '64-5. Examining Surg, for Pen- 
sions, '7(^84. Phy.sician and Surgeon. Died, 
New Albanv, Dec. 23. '84. New^ Albany, 

Willi \.m Henry Owen, f^ /.T 

Asst. Ca.shier, New Harmony Banking Co., 
New Harmony, Ind. 

Class of 1870. 

James Gallagher Bain, LL.B. oi' 

At Earlham Coll., •6r>-9. U. S. A., Private 
and 2d Lt.. Co. C, 33d Ind. Inf., '61-3. 
Postmaster, '72-85. Since '70, Ed. and Pub. 
Daily Reporter and Weekly Republican, 
Martinsville, Ind. 

Sami EL Dennison Bi'iTZ, A.B. j% rf 

A.M., Ind. U., '73. At IlT. Coll.. '65- 
7; Butler, '67-9. Trustee, Franklin Coll., 
since '85. Druggist, '70-1. Del. Natl. Cat- 
tle Growers Conv., Kansas City, '88. Far- 
mer and stock raiser, Franklin, Ind. 

*Samuel Harrison Dinn. f' //X 

At Ind. Asbury (now De Pauw), '64-6. Prin. 

Ciram. Sch., Martinsville, Ind.; do.,Winfield, 

Kan., to '79. Atty.-at-law. Died, Spencer, 

Jan. 17. '84. Spencer. Ind. 

Samikl Thompson Q irk, A.B. jj rX-ri' 

M.D., Eclectic Med. Inst., Cincinnati, '72. 
At N.W. Christian (now Butler), '66-9. Phy- 
sician, Edin])urg, Ind. 

William R Ward. ^ 

"R" letter only. At McKendree, '67-8. 
Pres. B. & E. R. R. Construction Co., '78-9. 
Merchant, '70-So. Since '80, banker. Ex- 
change Bank, Ward and Moore, Benton, 111. 

1 8; 1-4 

Indiana Alpha. 


Class of 1871. 

Joseph Havens Baker. r\ 

B.S., Stockwell Coll. Inst.. '71; M.D., Jeff- 
erson Med. Coll., '77. Select Course, Ind. U., 
'72-3. Trustee Stock w^ell Coll. Inst, since 
'88. Physician, Stockwell, Ind. 

William Scott Cantrkll. "^ C* in Chan., since '74. V. Pre.s. B. & 
E. R. R. Construction Co., '78-9. State's 
Atty., Franklin Co., III., '84-S. Del. Natl. 
Dem. Conv..St. Louis, '88. Atty. Kaskaskia, 
St. Elmo and Southern R. R. Co. Atty.-at- 
law, Benton, 111. 

SANfi'EL Dalton, LL.B. rIT 

U. S. A.. Private, Co. K, 53d Ind. Vet. 
Inf., '62-5. Judge, 13th Kan. Judl. Dist.. 
'84-5. Atty.-at-law, Winfield, Kan. 

•Albert Logan Grimes, LL.B. tck 

Atty.-at-law. Died, Flora, 111., Dec. i,'72. 
Mount Vernon, 111. 

David Archer Kochenour, LL.B. /<l> 

At Hartsville U., '64-6. Atty.-at-law, 
Browns town, Ind. 

Ct forge Robert Moon. ^T 

Dy. Coll. Internal Rev., '69-86. Secy. 
N. Pac. Hist. Co., Portland, Ore. 

John Kane Rinehart, LL.B. x^ 

Trustee, Bluffton Sch., '77-83. Atty.-at- 
law, '71-83. Local Attv., T., St. L. & K. C. R. 
R., '82-3. Dy. Clk. Wells Cir. Ct, '83-90. 
Co. Atty., Wells Co., Ind., since '90. Atty.- 
at-law, Bluffton, Ind. 

C^ilbert Rilev Stormont. % x^ 

U. S. A., Corporal, Co. B. 58th Ind. Inf., 
'61-5. Supervisor ist Dist. Ind. Census, '80. 
Alt. Del. Natl. Rep. Conv., '84. Del. (;. A. 
R. Encampment, San Francisco, '8(); do., 
Milwaukee, '89. Ed. Albion (111.) Journai, 
'73-6; do., Princeton Clarion, since '76. Com- 
mander Ind. Dept. (J. A. R.,'90. Princeton, 

Mos LoN(; Wilson. dX 

U. S. A., 2d Sergt., Co. K, 84th Ind. Inf., 
'62-5. Dy. Co. Auditor, Delaware Co., Ind., 
•7S-81; Trca.s. do., '69-73, '81-3. Dy. Trea.s. 
Osage Co., Kan. Farmer, Lyndon, Kan. 

Class of 1872. 

r^RANK Clark Donaldson, LL.B. f^ fT-ci2 
Mayor, Terre Haute, since '89. Atty.-at- 
law, 101 N. 7th St.. Terre Haute, Ind. 

ohn Robert Gent. a* 

Mem. Ind. Leg., '91-3. Merchant-miller, 
Columbus, Ind. 

Elisha AsBiRY Hamilton, A. B. V s* 

A.M., Ind. U., '75; B.D., l5rew Theo. 
Sem., '75. Meth. Epis. Min., Wapella, 111., 
•75-6; Gibson City, 111., '76-8; Rantoul, 
111., '78-80; Tolono, 111., '80-2; Monticello, 
111., '82-5; Le Roy, 111., '8^-8; since '88, White 
Hall, 111. 

John Brown Malott. B.S. &1 

U. S. A., CorfM)ral, Co. A, 67th Ind. Inf., 
'62-4. Co. Sur\'., Lawrence Co., Ind., since 
'73. Rep. nominee Aud., LawTence Co., 'c^o 
Civ. Eing. and farmer, Erie, Ind. 

Frank Parsons. 0T 

Conmion wealth's Atty., Circuit Ct., Jeffer- 
son Co., since '85. Atty.-at-law, Court Place, 
Loui.sville, Kv. 

Sami KL DrN<'AN Pueti. Ijfft fX-cii 

B.S., Ind. Asbury (now De Pauw), '70; 
M.S., do., '73. Pres. Elector, 8th Ind. Dist., 
'76, '88. Atty.-at-law, Rockville. Ind. 

WiLLiA.M Preston Stanley, LL.B. ft f*-rJ' 
Farmer, '72-86. Since *86, Mfr. drain tile, 
Arlington, Ind. 

Class of 1873. 

Herman Gleason Bradford, A.B. ft ^^ 

Book-kee|>er, New Albany, Ind., '73-88. 
Agt. Ore. Gold Min. Co., Louisville, Ky., 
.since '88. Cornucopia, Ore. 

Charles Caleb Dunn. '^ ^ 

Merchant, Stinesville, Ind. 

Eli Marshall Edwards, f' ^T 

Attended Ind. U., Law and Lit. Depts. 
Prin. Sch., Ellettsville, Ind.,*75-vSo. Teacher 
and farmer, Mitchell, Ind. 

BiRNETT MiinoN Short, B.S. ^ ^ 

LL.B., U. of Mich., '74. At. N. W. Chris- 
tian (now Butler), '6(^-70. Mayor Fredonia, 
'78-80. U. S. Commissi(j4ier for Kan., '80-9. 
Pros. Atty., Wilson Co., Kan., '85-7. Atty.-at- 
law, Ogflen, Utah. 

Class of 1874. 

John Andrew Chenoweth. f* w* 

Merchant, Shoals, Ind. 

♦William Aarpn Ellis. x^ 

Farmer. Died, June 17, '76. Hardins- 
burg, Ind. 

James Wilson French. <f • $ ;fi2 

LL.B., Union Coll. Law, Chicago, '83. 
(xrad. Ind. St. Normal Sch., '74. Supt. Sch., 
Posey Co., Ind., '77-81. Mem. Ind. House 
of Rep., '85 ; do., Senate, '87. Ed. La Fayette 
Journal y '87-{;i. Warden Ind. St. Prison 
North, Michigan City, Ind. 


Indiana Alpha, 


♦Beverly GRE(k)RY. ^* 

Post-master and merchant. Died, Oct. 31, 
'82. Brooklyn, Ind. 

Class of 1875. 

Daniel Aistin Chenoweth. '^ f* 

Dv. Shff., Marion Co.. Ind., '78-82. Prest. 

U. S. Wire Nail Wks., and Treas. V. S. 

Steel Co., of Jackson, Ohio. Cor. Merrill and 

New Jersey Sts., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Samiel Clelland Donns, B.S. ftf* >+ 

Book-dealer, '75-9. Since 79, Furniture 
Manfr., Bloomin^ton, Ind. 

Charles Wesley Roblnson. f* 

Civ. Enjc,' 72-83. Ca.*;hier rst Natl. Bank, 
Meridian, since 'S3. Secy, and Treas. Meri- 
dian Land and Industrial Co., Meridian, Miss. 

Class of 1876. 

(iF.oRc.E Banta, A.B. gf* KX-/>t 

At Franklin, '6<;-75. Atty.-at-law, Frank- 
lin, Ind., '76-80. Ed. Franklin Daiiy Her- 
ald, '78. Special Ajjt. Natl. Ins. Co., of 
Hartford, '8 1 ;do., Franklin Ins. Co., of Indian- 
apolis, '82; do.. Standard Fire (Office, (►f 
London. '83: State Aj^t. for Wis., Phenix 
Ins. Co., of Brooklyn, since '84. Menasha, 

Calkh Anderson RniER. % \'^ 

M.I)., Ind. Med. Coll., '77. Resident Phys. 
and Surjj^. to Indianapolis Hosp.,*77-(). Supt. 
City Dispensary, Indianapolis.' 79-8 1. Physi- 
cian, N. W. cor. t^th and Main Sts., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Class ok 1877. 

Eli Cllb Baker, f- CX 

Contractor, '79-87. Architect, Baker Bros., 
911 Main St.. Dallas, since '87. Worth St., 
near Wa-shington Ave., Dallas, Tex. 

Richard Dknnis Spf.c k, A.B. /* 

Clk., Genl. Pass. OlT. Union Pac. R. R. 
Co., 646 Oakland Ave., Kansas City, Kan. 

THhX)DoRK William John Wylie, A.B. ft f* /<!> 
Staff Timt's, Muncie, Ind., '77-8. R. R. 
Clk., P. O. Dept., '78-9. Ed. Dakota News, 
Watertown, S. Dak.,'79-So. In U. S. Lancl 
Off.. Watertown. '81-4. Since '^^, Chief Clk., 
U. S. Enjr. Off., Frankfort, Ky. 

Class of 1878. 

William Henry Baker, "f C* 

Contractor, '79-87. Architect, Baker Bros., 
911 Main St., Dallas, since '87. 648 N. Har- 
wood St., Dallas, Tex. 

David Hume Ellison, B.S. O" 

Prin. Leesville High Sch., '78-83. Supt. 

Sch., Lawrence Co., Ind., '83-9. Alt. Del. 
Dem. Natl. Conv.,'88. Prin. Sch., Mitchell, 
'89-90. Mem. Ind. St. Sen., since '90. Mitch- 
ell, Ind. 

Alexander Gwyn Foster, A.B. ijf ft f* rT 
LL.B.. Central Law Sch.. Ind., '82; A. M., 
Ind.U.,'83. With La. St. Bd. Engineers, '78-9. 
Clk. L^. S. Lega. to Mexico, '79-80. Mexican 
Cor. New Orleans T nnes- Democrat and Pic- 
ayune, '79-80. Dy. Dist. and Co. Clk., El 
Paso Co., '84. Dy. Assessor, El Paso, '83. 
Secretary El Fire Dept, '85. Treas. 
New Bldg. and Loan, since *88. City 
Atty., El Paso, '88-9. Atty.-at-law, 708 Mesa 
Ave., El Paso, Tex. 

Lh:oNiDAs De Witt Clinton Roc.ers, A.B. ^i' 
Ma.<it. Acct. . Eastman's Bus. Coll. ,'79. Mgr. . 
Ins. Underwriter's Union, Evansville, Ind. 

Class of 1879. 

Alhert R Anderson. vT 

" R" letter only. At Hartsville (Ind.) U., 
'74-6. Prin. Sch., Burnsville. Teacher and 
farmer, Bunisville, Ind. 

Samlkl EiiEki.E De Haven. ^X 

Teacher, Pilot Knob, Mo. 

*RonKRT Camkron Dlncan. rT 

At Monmouth, '83-4. Prin. High Sch. 
Washington. Ind., '79-81; Prin. Sch., Oak- 
land City, Ind., '81-3. Teacher, Loveland, 
Col., '84-5. Died, Princeton, Oct. 6, '86. 
I Princeton, Ind. 

Frank E( ki.kv Hi.nter, A.B. ^ ft f' kT 

LL.B., Central Law Sch., Ind., '82; A. M., 
Ind.U.,'83. Atty., El Paso Co., '84-6. Atty.- 
at-law, 706 Mesa Ave., El Paso, Tex. 

John Ed(;ak McClaskey. A.B. eV 

Pros. Atty., La (Grange and Elkhart Cos., 
Ind., 8(*>-8. Atty.-at-law, La Grange, Ind. 

Charles Rollin Pence, ft /?T-/jX 

A.B., Yale, '79. At Law Dept, U. Mich., 

'79-80. Pros. Atty., 27th Jud. Cir. of Ind., 

'84-6. Atty.-at-law, 1014 New York Life 

Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Jaspf.r New ion Shirley. V'X 

Teacher, '77-81. Farmer, Lebanon, Ind. 

Class of 1880. 

William Harry Hawley, A.B. "^ ft />X 

M.D.. Miami Med. Coll.. '85. At Miami. 
'74-6; Monmouth, '7(>-7. Physician, College 
Corner. ( )hi(>. 

Ai.i'.K.K I Wkaihkrly, B.S. v+ 

At Central Law Sch., Ind., '80-1. Com. 


Indiana Alp/uj. 


Traveler, Kansas City, Mo., •77-S4. Dnigj^ist, 
Harper, Kan. 

Class of 1881. 

CharlksBanta, A.B. ft f* ^-pt 

Ins. Agt., Franklin, Ind., 'S2-6. Inspector 
Phenix Ins. Co. of Brooklyn, '8()-7; do., Fire 
Assn. of X. Y.,'87-8; do.' Mutual Fire Ins. 
Co. of N. Y.,'88-<;: do., Middle States Inspec- 
tion Bureau, since "89. 45-49 Cedar St., New- 
York, N. Y. 21 S. 13th Ave., Mount Vernon, 
X. Y. 

Amos William Butlkr. ft iT-<i4» 

Attended Hanover. Mem. Am. Asso. Ad. 
Sci.. since "Sr. Author, •* Ornithologv, of 
Franklin Co., Ind.'" "Birds of Ind." Cont. 
Forest and Stream and Ooloj^ist. Del. 
Am. Forestry Cong., Cincinnati. '81; Mon- 
treal, '82. Secy. Ind. Acad, of Sci., since '85. 
Secy. Section Anthrop. Amer. Assn. for 
Adv. of Sci., Buffalo, '86; Secy. Section Biol., 
do., Toronto. '89. Secy, and Treas. Butler 
Ice Co., '7(>-84. Supt. Br(M)kville and Meta- 
mora Hydraulic Co. , .since '84. Brookville, 

Lkaldas Sn arl Forhks. ^T 

LL.B., De Pauw, '85. At U. of Mich., '83- 
4. Teacher, '78-82. Made abstract books 
for Greene Co., Ind., '82-3. I)y. Pros. Atty., 
Greene Co., '85-7. Atty. -at-law. Walnut 
Grove, Minn. 

*CjrARLES McCartv Gallion. «4> 

Died, Brookville, Oct. 6, '78. BrcK)kvillc, 

Oliver Hadlev Mills. 

Farmer, Mooresville, Ind. 


John C Shirk, B.L. ?? ft f 9T 

*'C" letter only. Banker and farmer, 
Br(M)kville, Ind. 

Class ok 1882. 

John Thomas Foster, f* eT 

Prin. Cloverdale (Ind.) Sch., '86-7. Prin. 

Ellettsville Sch., '89-91. Teacher, White 
Hall, Ind. 

Frank Louis Mulky, B.L. % nX 

Prin. Jasper (Ind.) Sch. , '83-4 ; do. , Leaven- 
worth, 84-6; do., Jefferson ville,' 86-7. Spec. 
Agt. ^tna Life Ins. Co., Indianapolis, Ind. 

James Robert Williams, ft f* //*-/7* 

At Franklin, '78-9; Ind. Med. Coll., '82- 

5. Secy. Bd. Health, West Indianapolis. 

Marion Co. Meat In.spector. Phvsician, Cor. 

Illinois and 13th Sts., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Class of 1883. 

*Ebkn Darwin Edson. ^ aX 

Died,Bloomington, Ind.,Nov. i5,'79. Mount 
Vernon, Ind. 

Clarence L aRi e Gcx^dwln, B. L. iSf ft '^ AT-pt 
At Butler, '78-81. Teacher, '83-4. Reporter 
IndianapoHsy<'>//r//a/and 7»//6'j. '85-6. Edi- 
torial writer and Asso. Ed. Los Angeles 
(Calif.) Evenhm^ Express, '86-90. Asst. City 
Ed. Post, Washington, D. C. 

James Proctor Nesbit. <tT 

Dy. Collector, Scotland Co., Mo., '81-3. 
City Collector, Memphis, Mo., '83-5. Enroll- 
ing' Clk. Mo. Leg., '85-7. Clk. Scotland Co., 
Mo., since '87. Memphis, Mo. 

Frederick Henry Ogle. 

Farmer, Prairietown, Ind. 


Wallace Cromwell Palmer. fxY 

Instr. Ind. Reform Sch., Plainfield, Ind., 
*8o-2. Prin. High Sch., Columbia City, '82-5; 
Supt. Schs., do., '85-91, Columbia City, Ind. 

Charles Francis Randall. //r 

M.D., Med. Coll. of Ohio, '85. At Jeffer- 
son Med. Coll., '85-6. •Physician, Dunlap, 

William Allen Wallingford. ^X 

Dealer in horses and mules. Summer add., 
Bloomington, Ind. Winter add., Newberry, 
S. C. 

Lemiel Bi'RpE White, ft trT 

Bcxjk-keeper, Merchants Natl. Bk., Cincin- 
nati, Ohio, 81-9. Mansfield, Mass. 

Class ok 1884. 

Oscar Edwin Bradfute, A.B. % g1 

Breeder of Aberdeen -Angus Cattle and 

other fine stock. Meadow Brook Stock Farm, 

Cedarville, Ohio. 


Sam TEL Walter Bradfute. V'^ 

Editor and Propr. Telephone^ Blooming- 
ton, Ind. 

*John Willi.\m Cr an dell. rT 

Asst. Prin. Kendalville High Sch., '80-7. 

Teacher, Shell Lake, Wis., '87. Killed in 

railway accident, June 25, '87. Moorefield, 


John Bi'rton Gihson. (t2 

At Louisville Med. Coll., '84-5. Prin. Sch., 

Huron, Ind., '83-4. Physician, Hartland, 

Kan., '85-9; Huron, Ind., '89-90; since '90, 

Mitchell, Ind. 


Indiana Alpha. 


Samuel GiLMORK Ramsky, B.L. % />* 

At Miami Traininj"^ Sch., Oxford, O., *7(>-Si. 
Druggist, College Corner. Ohio. 

Addist^n Lockk RoAcifK. Jr. xX 

Atty.-at-la\v. Rooms 5 and 6, TalbottBldg., 
593 X. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Jamks Andrkw Shirk. ^ ^>T 

Hardware dealer, Petoskev, Mich., *Sq-t/j. 
Bank Clk.. Delphi. Ind. 

John GoiinF. Smam.kv. ^ft //!' 

M.D., Miami Med. Coll., '84. I'rof. Anat. 
and Hygiene. Oxford Female Coll., Oxford. 
Ohio, 'S5-f.. Surg., Ft. W., C. and L. R. R. 
and W. W. R. R., since '89. Physician, Con- 
nersville, Ind. 


Manfr. grocers' sundries,8oS. Penn.sylvania 
St., Indianapolis, Ind., and Wichita, Kan. 
Irvington, Ind. 

TjIOMAS WlI.I.IAM Wll SO.N, B. L. if />T 

M.D., Miami Med. Coll., '87. Physician, 
New Harmony, Ind. 


Class of 1^85. 

Frank Gil.moke Arnott. 

Messenger Am. Ex. Co., P., D. and K. R 
W., '83-(). Agt. Landis Transfer Co., Kan- 
sas City, Mo., 'Sf)-<)0. Since '90, Depot Agt. 
Am. Ex. Co., Decatur, 111. 

Philemon Harry Cli'(;sion. ^ft «T 

Mayor Columbia City, since \yri. Atty.-at- 
law, Columbia City. Ind. 

Andrew Jidsun Dilu;n. j^ />T 

At Franklin,' 7S-i^o. Author County Man- 
uals for Pub. Schs. , 'S7-</). Supt. Schs. , 
F'ulton Co., Ind., since '87. Rochester, Ind. 

William James Dodds. f' rxY 

Chair Manfr., Bloomington, Ind. 

William Hoi.h»n Dvk. n\^ 

At Uniy. of Va., '84-q. Asst. Genl. Atty. 
C, C, C. & St. L. R. \V.. since '89. Atty.- 
at-law, 29 Morrison St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Elmer Ellsworiii Gkifki III. A.B. ^fi'^ n'^ 
Teacher, Indianapolis High Sen., '85-^). 
Supt. Pub. Schs., Frankfort, Ind., '8r>-<)<). 
Dem. Cand. St. Supt. Pub. Schs., Ind., '88. 
Since '90, Supt. Ind. Inst, for Blind, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 


Trav. Agt. Southern Kan. R.R., '84-7. 
Since 'Si<, Mich. Pass. Agt. Wabash R.R., 201 
Clark S*., Chicago, 111. Larwill, Ind. 

Milton Wayman Hutto. y* pT-oT 

At Franklin, '79-80. Merchant tailor. 
Nobles ville, Ind. 

Nelson T Smith. ''T 

•♦T" letter only. D.D.S.,Ind. DenUlColl., 
'82. Dentist, Pierceton, Ind. 

Adam Vin.mie Spivey. ^ />T 

Ins. Sol., Rushyille, Ind. 

Benjamin Franklin Thomson. t1 

Merchant, Larwill, Ind. 

Class of 1886. 

Frank William Baker. />T 

M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll.. '88. Prin. 

High Sch., Lincolnsville, Ind., '84-6. Phy- 
sician. Kokomo, Ind. 

Lewis Halderman CLEVFiNr.ER. ^*1 

Since '83, with Adams Ex. Co.. Steuben- 
yille, O. and Duluth, Minn. Larwill, Ind. 

Joseph Elias Almn Heinev. Ph.B. 5f /»T 

Prin. High Sch., Rochester, Ind., *8(>-7: 

do., Nebraska City. Neb.. '87-9. Prin. Schs., 

Papillion, Neb., "Sc^-c/^. Farmer, Andrews. 


Warren Dihkle Howe. /*T 

Wholesale upholsterer, 858 W. Monroe St., 
Chicago, 111. 

Leonard C(jles Lancjdon. ^>T 

At Vincennes C, '77-<). Teacher, ' 7(^-82. 
Trayeling salesman, J. B. Lewis, Boston. 
Mass.. '84-6; do.. Drew, Selby & Co., Ports- 
mouth. Ohio, since '80. Vincennes, Ind. 

(Jeor«;e McClelland Shirk, f* liT 

Hardware merchant, Petoskey, Mich., '83- 
7. Pres. and Treas. G. M. Shirk Mfg. Co., 
112-114 Lake St., Chicago, 111. 

Martin Van Siivey. *^ i»1 

Book-keeper. A. G. Mauzy & Co., Rush- 
yille, Ind. 

John Carr Wells. A.B. jj^ oT 

At De Pauvy. '83-4. Atty.-at-law. Sey- 
mour, Ind. 

Class of 1887. 

James William Fesler, A.B. jj^ ;i--/»X 

At Franklin, '81-4. Atty.-at-law, 170 Madi- 
son Aye.. Indianapolis, Ind. 

CJeoroe Floyd. )^^ /?T 

At Purdue. '84-f). Chief draughtsman Pull- 
man Palace Car Co., '87-9. Asst Genl. Fore- 
man St. Charles Car Co.'s Works, *89-<^i ; 
(icnl. Foreman Passgr. Dept., do.. Saint 
Charles, Mo. 


hidiana Alpha. 



William Jacob Dawson H alder man. /jS 

Coroner Stevens Co., Kan.. '85. Merchant 
tailor, since 'v^y. Columbia City, Ind. 

William Horatio Holland. //P 

Traveling salesman, Tootle, Hosea & Co., 
Saint Joseph. Mo. 

Gf.OR(.E Dow HlNTER. ^ ai) 

Book-keeper, J. Dixon Browm & Co., Louis- 
ville, Kv., '84-6. Since '86, Ticket Agt. I. & 
(J. X. R.R., M., K. & T. R.R. and T., B. & 
H. R.R., Taylor, Tex. 

William Elton Lancaster. 

Farmer and stock raiser, Larwill, Ind. 

Ernest Marsh. pT 

Teacher, '85-7. Clk., 1516 S. 9th St., Coun- 
cil Bluffs, Iowa. 

Robert Newland, A. B. JJ (tT 

Prin. High Sch., Bedford, '87-<;. Asst. Prin. 
HighSch., Frankfort, Ind.,'8(;-9o. Bedford, 

Wendell Pihllii's Wallhelser. (tT 

Traveling. salesman, *84-f). Since '87, wagon 
maker, Bedford, Ind. 

Class ok 1888. 

W\vLTER Sheridan Bradford. tT 

Farmer, Holyoke, Col. 

Geor(;e McClellan Dubois. a'X 

M.D.. Ky. School of Med., '89. Teacher, 
'85-9. Boonville, Ind. 

Frank Brown Foster, A.B. jSfft'^ ?'^-\^^ 
Grad. Allegheny Theo. Sem., '88. At 
Miami, '81-2. At Monmouth, '82-3. fienl. 
Trav. Agt.. F. B. Dickerson & Co., Detroit, 
'83-4; do., W. M. Patterson & Co., Chicago, 
'85. United Presb. Min., Mansfield, Ohio. 

Samuel Foster. % f* oV 

Baggage-master, Union Depot, El, 
Tex., '86. Supt. San Diego & Coronado 
Transfer Co.. San Diego, Calif., '88-9. Mer- 
chant and planter. Villa Vista, La. 

*WiLLL\M Harper Foster, A.B. ftf* r*-/>X 
xVt Miami, '85-6, At Allegheny Theo. 
Sem., '8(^/). Died, Morning Sun, July 
24, '90. Morning Sun, Ohio. 

Alberi' Edward H alder .man. 

Chief Inspector Western Railway Weigh 
ing A.ssn. and Inspection Bureau, since '88. 
628 N. Fifth St., Quincy, 111. 

♦Charles Allen Jarrett. rxT 

Prin. Schs., Yankeetown, Ind., '87-9; do., 
Ditney, '89-90. Died, Ditney, Oct. 23, '90. 
Pitney, Ind. 


Harry Dale Orchard. ^ eT 

At Bryant and Stratton Bus. Coll., Indian- 
apolis, '87. Book-keeper, Showers Bros., 
Bloom ington, Ind. 

Meade Mitchell Shields, f* />T 

Clk., St. Louis Bridge Co., '88-9. Inspec- 
tor, Transcontinental Assn., 'S9-90. Cont. 
Freight Agt., A., T. & S. F. R. R., Chronicle 
Bldg., San Francisco, Calif. 

! Elbert Jeter Stalker, A. B. %f^ />T-/jX 

At !• ranklin, '84-6. Prin. High Sch., Salem, 
Ind., '88-9. A.sst. Secy. Bedford Bldg., Sav- 
ings and Loan Assn., since "89. Book-keeper 
Stone City Bank, Bedford, Ind. 

Class or 18S9. 

Alfred Herhkrt Beldon, A.B. /T 

I Supt. Schs., Orleans, Ind., *89-</i. Teacher, 

I Tanipico, Ind. 



Winamac. Ind. 

Bert Fesler, A.B. f a1 

At Columbian Law Sch., Washington, D. C, 
'(>o-i. Special Agt. Census Bureau, '</3. 170 
Madison Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

William Wall.ace Holmes, A.B. ]^ V'2 

Prin. Scott Schs.. '82-3. Teacher, '7(^83. 
Lima, Ind. 

Thomas Michael Honan, A.B. % ft /»T-//X 
At Hanover, '85-7. Atty.-at-law, Seymour, 


Charles Alhertis Ireland. % 
Brown.stown, Ind. 


RrssELL Kinc., A.B. 

Law Stu., Indianaj^olis. Ind. 

RoHERT Edward Lyons, A.B. r/i' 

A.M., Ind. U.. '<)<). Chem., Ind. U.,'89-<)i; 

Asso. Prof. Chem., do., since '91. 

Greene Co. Iron Co..'85-S. Bloomington, Ind. 

James Lewis Mitchell, Jr., A.B. j^ftf' «X 
At Law Dept. Ind. U.,*8(>-(/>; U. Mich., 
'()o-i. Dv. Pros. Atty., Marion Co., since \yo. 
Attv.-at-faw, Room 22, Vance Bl(Kk, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Frederick Victor Moss, A.B. /A" 

M. S., Cornell, \yo. Asst. Electrician, Fort. 
Wayne Electric Co., 35 Douglass Ave., Fort 
Wayne, Ind. 

Henry Ashley Nichols. tT 

M.D., Ind. Med. Coll.,'8S. Physician, South 
Milford, Ind. 

William Franklin Richards. ^T 

Farmer and teacher, Ewing, Ind. 


Indiana Alpha. 

1889-94. NOTES. 


Real Est. and Loan Aj^t., Council Bluffs, 

Class ok i8(/). 

William Roiti Cravkns, A.B. % a* 

Bloom ti eld, Ind. 

Chaklks Franklin Hoi-k. ri; 

Teacher, 'SS-(/). Ins. Agt. and Law Stu.. 
Fillmore, Ind. 

Hknry \Vils(xN RroKL. A.B. <y+ 

B.S., St. Normal ScIl. Indiana, Pa., \SS. 
At Lafayette Coll., 'H4-5. Indiana, Pa. 

Frkdkrkk Bruck SiiiKi.ns. "f />T 

Buyer, Simmons Hdwe. Co., St. Louis. 

Alkxandkr Hknry Wa<kkr. /»T 

Saint Louis. Mo. 

Salkm Paris Wklman, LL.B. % U\i 

At Nat. Normal C, 'S5-6. Teacher, '83-S. 
Atty.-at-law, BcKmville, Ind. 

Class ok i8<;i. 

Ralph Bamkkr<:kr. % fi ^ 

321 N. Alabama St., Indianapolis, Ind. 


"P" letter only. At Purdue, '86. Prof. 
Sci. Ridgeville Coll., .since '91. Andrews, Ind. 

Waltkr Wilson Frkncii. % f vl 

Post-master Senate. 55th Ind. (ienl. Assem- 
bly, 'S7. Texicher, Solitude, Ind. 

Ulyssks Jackson CiRii 1 iih. jjf <^ f>l 

Vevay, Ind. 

Jamks Ei>wari) IIar(;an. (tT 

At Kenyon, '85-6. Iron merchant, Madi- 
son, Ind. 

Gkor(;k Horatio Pkndlkton. ft iT 

At Franklin, '88. Franklin, Ind. 

Ciiarlks Henry Taylor. x^ 

Wolcottville, Ind. 

Elmkr Ellsworth Tynkr. //T 

At Franklin, '84-5. Miami, Ind. 

JosKi'H William Yakky. rX 

Linton, Ind. 

Class ok 1892. 

Dayid Corey Brkkdlove 
Zionsville, Ind. 

W \LTKR De Witt Elrod. 

LTKR De Witt Elrod. ]^ 
Teacher, Coatesville, Ind. 

Dow BiRtiEss Foster. f> 

Teacher, '84-7. White Hall, Posey Jones. vT 

B(K)k-keeper, '87-8. Milton, Ind. 

HoYT Kino. aX 

Cor, Meridian and 22d Sts., Indianapolis, 

Ernest Dor man Lewis. 6X 

(/H) Up. I St Street. Evansville, Ind. 

John M(X)re Wall. <tT 

Teacher, •8f>-8. B(H)k-kecj>er, '88. Cler- 
mont, Ind. 

Eli Pkjman Wilson. ^T 

At l^ of Col., '87-8. Dunlapsville. Ind. 

Class ok 1893. 

Olio Charles Baumc.aertner. /iX 

Rockjjort, Ind. 

OkinVerta Eaton. ffX 

Trafalj^ar, Ind. 

Isidore Feiiu EMAN. a* 

iSo N. East St., IndianaiM)lis, Ind. 

William Thomas Patten. jt* 

Teacher, Sullivan. '87-8. Sullivan, Ind. 

Harry Martin Srooi's. oY 

Brookville, Ind. 


118 N. Fourteenth St., Richmond, Ind. 

( ii:()R«;e Wai is. t»T 

Knightstown. Ind. 

Class ok i8(;4. 

William Dixon Crow. 
Petersburj^h. Ind. 

Joe Thomas Giles, 
Blo<nninjj^ton, Ind. 

John Roueri Hicks. 

352 Ash St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Lem Martin. 

Bloomington, Ind. 




CoLLE(iE Notes. 

1824. D. Read (Valedictorian, Ohio U., '24). 
1851. N. K. Crowe, Anni., Athenian Soc., 
50; Alumni Orator, '80. 

1853. M. M. C. Hobbs, (Ind. Beta,' 53), Spring 
Spkr., Athenian, '50; Anni., do., '52. 

1854. T. Read, Anni., Athenian, '54. R. 

L. Ruddick, Valedictorian. '54. 

1855. I). D. Banta, Spring Spkr., Athenian, 
■55; Anni., do., '5(); Prest. Alumni Assn., '83-4. 
J. W. Foster, Valedictorian, '55; Alumni 


Indiana Alpha, 


Orator, '57, '82. J. C. Miller, Spring Spkr., 

Athenian, '';4; (Orator Wash. Birtnd., Bethany 
Coll., '58).-^^ — W. C. L. Tavlor. Spring Spkr., 
Philo., '53; Anni., do., '54; 2ci honor, Commence- 
ment. '55. 

1856. S. A. Hoover, Spring Spkr., Athen- 
ian, ^54. 

1S5S. J. L. Mitchell, Spring Spkr., Philo., 
'54; Anni., do., "ss ; deliv. address to Alumni, '61. 

1859. J. A. Con well, Spring Spkr., Philo.. 
*57; Anni., do.. '59; Spkr. Jr. CI. Ex., '58; Spkr. 
S<x\ Contest, "58. J. \V. (iorman, Valedic- 
torian, '59. T. D. Tharp, elected to deliv. 

Master's Oration, but was in arm v. 

iSfx). J. M. McCoy. Alumni Orator, '.So. 

1861. J. C. Orchard, Salutatorian, '61; Law 

Valedictorian, '65. J. C. Robinson, Alumni 

Orator, '77; do., '78; (Orator before Lit. Soc., 
Butler, "7:;). 

1S63. J. T. Mellette, Spnng Spkr., Philo., 
'60; Anni., do., '62; Salutatorian, 7)3; Delivd. 
Master's Oration. '()6: Alumni Oratr)r, '84. 

1864. S. B. Ilatlield, Valedictorian, '64. 

A. C. Mellette, Salutatorian, 7)4; Anni., Philo., 

1867. W. C. Ball (Phi Beta Kappa, 7)8; Vale- 
dictorian. 7)8; Porter Prize for Extemp. Deb., 

1S71. G. R. Stormont, C(mtest Essay, Athe- 
nian, 7kj. 

1872. E. A. Hamilton, Salutatorian, '72. 
S. D. Puett. Cf. Coll. Notes Ind. Zeta. 

1873. B. M. Short, Philo. Contest Orator, 
'73; Class. Hist., '73. 

1876. C. A. Ritter (Valedictorian, Ind. Med. 
Coll., '77). 

1878. A. G. Foster, Soph. Orator, '76; Anni., 
Philo., '77; Pres. U. Orat. Assn., "77-8; Philo- 
sophical Oration, '78; Del. Ind. St. Orat. Assn., 


1879. F. E. Hunter, Valedictorian, Philo., 

'79; Cont. Decl., do., '76; Soph. Deb., '77; CI. 
Hist. Reunion, '84. 

18S0. W. H. Hawley (Valedictorian, Miami 
MtKl. Coll., '85). 

1 88 1. J. C. Shirk, Prest. U. Orat. A.ssn., *8i. 

18S2. F. L. Mulky, Valedictorian, Athe- 
nian, '81. 

1883. C. L. Goodwin, Cf. Coll. Notes, Ind. 
Gamma; V.-Pres. Inter-vSt. Orat. Assn., '8T-2; 
Rep. Ind. St. U. in St. Orat. Cont., and Rep. 
Ind. in Inter-St. Orat. Cont, '82; Chief Ed. 
Indiana Student, '83; Orator CI. Day, '83. 

18S4. O. E. Bradfute, Spring Spkr.. Philo., 
'81 ; Orator, Wash. Birthd..'Si ; do.,'S2; CI. Ora- 
tor,'83; Anni., Philo., '84; delivered welcome ad- 
dress, CI. reunion, '89. S. (J. Ramsey, vSecy. 

St. Orat. Assn., '81-2; Anni.. Philo., '82; Cor. 
Secy. Lecture Assn., '83-4; CI. Hist., '84. 

J. G. Smalley (Valedictorian, Miami Med. 

Coll. , 


T. W. Wilson, Orator, W^ash. 

Birthd., '82; Prest. B. B. Assn., '83-4. 

1885. P. H. Clugst<m, Spring Spkr., Phikh, 

'82; V. -Prest. St. Orat. Assn., '82. A. 

DilUm. ist Del. Ind. St. Orat. Assn., '82. 


E. (;rifhth, Orator, Wash. Birthd., Philo.. '83; 
Del. Ind. St. Orat. Assn. ,'84; awarded Tem- 
])erance Prize. '84; Ed. Indiana Student, '84-5. 

M. W. Ilutto, Spring Spkr., Philo., 'S2. 

i8S(). J. E. A. Heiney, Del. Ind. St. Orat. 
A.ssn., '85 ; Valedictorian, Philo., '85 ; Cont. Deb., 

do., '84. J. C. Wells, Cobden Med., Pol. 

Econ., 'sr.; Pres. Ind. St. Orat. Assn., '85. 

1887. G. (i. Floyd (Local Ed. Purdue, 

1888. F. B. Foster (Ed. Miami Student. '82); 
Ed. Student Annual, '88; Ed.-in-Ch. and Bu.s. 
.Manr. Student/i^-j-S; CI, Orator,'88; one of the 

founders of Jaw Bone Socy., '88. S. Foster, 

Spring Spkr., Philo., '8s; Contest Declr., do., 

•85; Fresh. Ess., '85. ^*E. J. Stalker, Cf. Coll. 

Notes Ind. Delta, 

1889. W. W. Holmes, Spring Spkr., Philo., 

'84. T. M. Honan, Prest. Ath. Assn., '88-9. 

C. A. Ireland, Orator, Birthd., '88. 

J. L. Mitchell, Jr.. Orator, Jr. Special. '88. 

1890. W. R. Cravens, Cor. Secy. Lect. 
Assn., '89-<;o. S. P. Welman, Commence- 
ment Spkr. Law CI., \p. 

1 89 1. R. Bamberger, V. -Prest. C^rat. Assn., 

'(/v-i. W.W. French, Orator, Wash. Birthd., 

•88; Ed.-in-Ch. Student, 'Si)-<)0. C. J. Grif- 
fith, Orator, Wash. Birthd., 7/); 2d pRice Orat. 
Cont., '90. 

1892. W. D. Elrod, 2(1 place Temperance 
Cont., '80; Sjmng Spkr., Athenian, 'SO. 


1830. T. A. Wvlie. Intd. Ohio Alpha. 
1843. N. E. Coblcigh, Orator Nat. Conv., 
Bloomington, Ind., '64. 

1 849. J. McM. Wilson (Ohio Alpha,*49). Name 
appears as Char. Mem., but was not connected 
with Ind. Alpha. 

1850. R. G. Elliott, Char. Mem. S. S. 

Elhott, Char. Mem. 

1851. N. K. Crowe, ist Initiate Ind. Alpha. 
1 85 5. D. I). Banta. Del. (or Vis.) Nat. Conv., 

Cincinnati, '=^0; Hist. Nat. Conv., Indianapolis. 
'80; Cf. Fratl Notes Ind. Delta, and Ind. Alpha 

Al. J. W. Foster, Del. (or Vis.) Nat. Conv., 

Cincinnati, '5O; Pies., do. R. I. Morrison, 

Del. Nat. Conv.. Oxford, Ohio, '53. W. C. L. 

Taylor, wore ist Greek Badge at Ind. U. 

i860. J. S. Broadwell, l)el. Nat. Conv., 
Danville, Ky.. 7>o; Del. (or Vis.) Nat. Conv., 
Bloomington, Ind., '04; Orator Nat. Conv., In- 


Indiana Alpha, 


dianapolis, '65. J. M. McCoy, Del. (or Vis.) 

Nat. Conv., BkMmiinj^ton, In(l..'f)4; Author His- 
torical Sketch of the Frat., delivd. before ist 
St. Conv. of Tex., Waco, '82. (Dallas, pamph- 
let 14 pp.) 

1862. (). F. Baker, Del. (or Vis.) Nat. Conv., 
Incliana])olis, '6S; Pres. , do. 

1864. S. B. Hatfield, Del. (or Vis.) Nat. 
Conv., Bloomin^^ton, Ind.. '64. A. C. Mel- 
lette, Del. (or Vis.) Nat. Conv., Bl<M)niinj^ton. 

Tnd., '64. R. N. Rani.say, Del. (or Vi.s.) Nat. 

Conv., Bloominj^ton, Ind., '64. 

18W). R. A. D. \Vilbanks(Ill. Beta. 7.6), Del. 
(or Vis.) Nat. Conv., BUnmiinj^ton, Ind., '64; 
Sect., do. 

1868. (1. M. Overstreet, Jr. . 1 )el. (or Vis. ) Nat. 
Conv., Indianapolis, *f>8. 

i8(k;. S. E. Mahan, Del. (or Vi.s.) Nat. Conv.. 

Indianapolis. 7>.^ ; V.-Prest.. do. W. H. 

Owen, Del. (or Vis.) Nat. Conv.. Bl(K>niinj^ton, 
Ind., '64. 

1870. S. D. Biittz. Del. Nat. Conv.. Oxford. 

Ohio. '70. S. T. yuick. Intd. Ind. (lamma; 

Cf. Frat. Notes, do. 

1872. F. C. Donald.son. Intd. Ind. Eta; Del., 
do., Nat. Conv. .Oxford. Ohio, "70, and Mar., do. 

S. 1). Puett. Intd. Ind. Zeta. W. P. 

Stanley, Intd. Ind. (iamnia; Cf. Frat. Notes, 

1873. II. (i. Bradford, Del. Nat. Conv., 
Danville. Ky., '72; Sect. do. : Sect. Nat. Conv., 
Athens. Ohio, '73; do.. Crawfordsville, Ind.. '74; 
do., Danville, Ky., '75; Asst. Sect. Nat. Conv., 
W<H)Ster, Ohio. '78; do., Indianapolis. '80. 

1875. S. C. Dodds, Del. Nat. Conv., Dan- 
ville, Ky., '75. 

1876. (1. Banta, Intd. Ind. Delta; Bus. 
Manj^. Siroli, "78; C<>-cd. 4th ed. Catj^.,'78; 
Pres. (J. C, '80-2 ; Cf. Ind. Alpha Al. and Notes, 

1877. T. W. J. Wylic, Del. Nat. Conv.. 
Philadelphia. ■7(>. 

187S. A. G. Foster, Co-ed. 4th ed. Catg., '78; 
do., 5th ed. Catg., '83; Hist. Nat. Conv.. 
\V(H>ster, ()., '78; Poet, Nat. Conv., Indian- 
apolis, '80. and 1st Asst. Sect., do. ; Co-ed. 2d 
ed. Song-lxM>k, '82, and Contril). ist, 2d and 3d 
eds. ; Cf. Notes Ind. Beta Al. 

1879. F. E. Hunter, Del. Nat. Conv., 
\V<K>ster.Ohio, '78 ; Co-ed. 2d ed. Song-book, 'S2. 

and Contril). 2d and 3d eds. C. R. Penc^, 

Intd. Ohio Epsilon. 

1880. \V. H. Hawley, Cf. Ohio Alpha Al. 

1 88 1. C. Banta. Intd. Ind. Delta; Cor. Sect. 

Ind. St. Assn.. '79-So; I^cs., do., '80-1. A. 

\V. Butler. Intd. Ind. Epsilon; Rec. Sect. Ind. 
St. Assn., '79-8^; 2d Asst Sect. Nat. Conv., 

Indiana!>olis. '80. J. C. Shirk, Del. Nat. 

Conv.. Indianap<»lis, '8<x 

1882. J. R. Williams. Intd. Ind. Delta, 

1883. C. L. (loodwin, Intd. Ind. (xamma; 
Cf. Frat. Notes, do. ; and Ind. Alpha Al. ; 
Asso. Ed. Scroii '<->,•, Del. Epsilon lYov. Conv., 
Indianai^olis, '83; Vis. Nat. Conv., Nashville, 
Tenn., '84; Deld. response to Add. of Welcome, 
do. L. H. White. Cf. Ohio Alpha Al. 

1884. J. (i. Smalley. Cf. Ohio Alpha Al. 

1885. P. II. Clugston. Pres. Epsilon Prov., 
'82-4. E. E. (Jrirfith. Del. Nat. Conv., Nash- 
ville. 'S4. M. W. Hutto, Intd. Ind. Delta; 

Del. Nat. Conv., Richmond, Va.. '82. 

1887. J. W. Fesler. Intd. Ind. Delta; Del. 

Nat. Conv., New Vork, '86. R. Newland, 

Hist. Ep.silon Prov., '85. 

188S. F. B. Foster, Intd. 111. Gamma. 

W. II. Foster. Intd. Ohio Alpha; Cf. Frat. 
Notes, do. E. J. Stalker, Intd. Ind. Delta. 

i88<). T. M. Honan. Intd. Ind. E|>silon. 

J. L. Mitchell, Jr., Prest. Epsilon Prov., '<)o-i. 

i8<)i. R. BamlxTger, Del. Nat. 
Bl<M)mington, 111.. '89 

(i. II. Pendleton, Del. 

E]).silon Prov. C<mv.. 'ck>; Chaplain, do., '90. 

Kentucky Alpha. 

Class of 1S50. 

Class OF 1853. 

.SAL.VA1.0HL.t;S,.l.., A.B. <2 

Cii.vulksIIknrv Lrwjs. * i/* 

A.M., Centre. ■?!; Ph.D., JcnafCLT.), -(,3, 

V. S. Min, tn Portugal, '75. ftrf. E. iitli 

.\t U.-nv-rf Th""-. <..-r^ ■--%. H.'iadlx'i-K 

St., Kansas City, Mo. 

lv.,\,:.: '-. r, ,\ v;-,;-^;^: 

Ala,, ■;<■ , . M ! . ' ■•■1 
B: d.>.," La; i^ ■! ; 

M.,(l. l.;r,.. 

M<Kl,UinK 1 . ■■■, I . ., , -.,,. i '.; .,.., -,- 

CISCO, 'l^2-S. SlIlL'U '?5i CriLllhUltOI' jiLlfl iMtur- 

JoSKIH WllLLAW Lf.WCS. A.B. ]^ lil* r* 

I),I)„ Emory,'7t. Grad, Princeton Theo. 

Sc-ni,. \(.. Dol- flon. Conf. Meth. Epi>;. Ch.. 

^ , ■-^, ■-''. ■ ,.-■■ .'.. Frrmcnical Ctmt.. L.iu 
■ - [■■■ ■ ■-■ M-- M il! Epis. Ch., S., 
i' ■ ■ ■ i;..onvmo,Mo.,-5S- 

1 ' , Manc-hc!*ler, '(.5- 
I'-.- Kid., St. I.ouis 

■■ -. ■ r. I',..r..v ,.-1 Ch.,St. 

prcnir. W't-lls, i'arj,'(i It Co.. ami I'riv. Tt-lir. ..f 
LanK., ii(MiValunfiuSt..Snii Francist". Calif. 

1 -, . - 1 ■■- . :-■ L. 'IIS, •72-<,. 
'■■.■.'.■-■ 1 ..lis, ■7S- 

Class ot-iRsi. 

JwiK, DvMKi. Ri.;ai., A.B- «>♦ 

JmiNjAJiKsCKM.i. A.K. -^ 'h 

FarmiT, Hn.wnsville, Tenn, 

-TnistLt Ilanvilk- TIil-o. Si>m., ■iim-L- '74. 

Cl..ViSllF 1354. 

V.-Pres.. Ciliitas" Nati.raal Hank. l--urnior. 

I)an%-ine. Ky. 

Benjamin Fh.wkun Crookk. V'S 

WIM.IS flKKKS Cha.i;, A.B. * n 
U.D., Cunire. 'vj; LT-1)., TuBi-iiliini and 

Atty.-at-law, Rii-hmond, Ky. 

•John Jrii.i.EH Fkai/ek, A.B. <;■* 

nrMiiville.'^^. Al D^mvillfThfii. S(.'m.,'s<i- 

A.M..Centri:. '57. Author of several poems 

,„. [,j-,.,..,,^ ,,,,, |..,.. p.,| •iV-y^tws I'ur- 

under «H«/-i/c-//«wi-"Armine." Atty.-al-law. 

-"■! ' ..i| '■ -: -■ ■' ■■! 1 1' 1 ■\M Syn.. 

Died, Hurlinjjton, Jan. 3,'&i. Burlington, Kv. 

r"' ■■■ . / \" '",, ■ ■■ ; ■''p''","','' 

TiioM,\> Keuk. 9X 

>i,„ ,'\V,' -'..',;, :,:-!.-'.' . ' " L,"''. I...,.i.''-(V- 

M.n. Pliysr^, Shc-I1)y, Ohio. 

f^i. 1 livL-Lli ir, Thi.... -■ 'v -■ --i 
Pnrf. HiLi. timl ¥.■.. \ : 1 ■ ■■ ■ 1 ■ 

h ^1 ■! 1 .■. 1 1 1.....V., .\ I- ,M 

1. ■ 1 ' . !..... ,■(,,; I).D.,Hamp- 

Svm,, ■S[-(/j;(lu., '^v 1 . 

:■.'■■ .'i'l. Presb. Mill.. 

'gO' i"4«N- IIiiKu.L.. -1 . , ■ ,■,.. II 

l'-^ -:-■ K-..'... ■ va\. l-r,-e Christian 


C. S. A..Cupi..4i>lli llo. MiliU:i.V,2, Fiir- 
mcT, CiirlK.11 CfiilrL', M... 

< ommv,ti,;»Uti. L...i.^v iJi-, '(.a-*,. Ufl. S. 

PiVf-b. Cin. A.sMjin,. '(19-70. Curator. Cen- 
tral. '71-4; Prof. Ethics, do,, "74-30: siuct 'ao. 
Pri-«.."do. Richni..nd, Ky. 

•Mi.kinN(W...R,;K\ViJ.i.i.isis. ft ,/X 
Difd. LaPi.rU-.Sept. 11, '51. l.n Pone, !nd. 

•J.,v,-. Mri-..M,.,„-v, A.B. ,-<• 

■> M ' ■■'■ <■-. Clk. Cir. Ct.,'67-8. Co.- 


■ ■: V, ■ /■','iiiih, \',i--}(i. Attv.-al- 

Hii;ji MA.l!Min>. ft*. rX 
A.B,. Hun.iv<.T,-52. TtadK-r. Dunfunsvilli^. 

■ 'k Ci)., Ky., Feb. 13; '76. 


Ci.As= m- 1S55. 

*N.viiiAMi;i. McCi.i-Hi:. ,S 

Thomas Hd.vmi Dnno, A.B, I'X 

Difd. ..n a iiufkft l.i-lwoeii Mi'iiijilus :iiict 

At l.u Grange Ma.siinic Coll. .'50. Attended 

Cindnnati. '52. Mount Zh.ii. Ky. 

Anderson Coll, C.S.A., Privatu. Inde- 

OscAK FiT/.,w.i.h:N RuiiHis. A.H. cU 

At Danvilli; Thi-i.. Soni., '^3-4. Priii. ilinh 

Stli., Verona. Miss., 'ffl-i; di... Hoonvillt-. 

pendent SconU, Mil,, '(,a. Dy, Shff. Cwptr 
Co.,Mo.,'7o; do,,MeadeCo..Ky. Mem. Ky. 
House of Rep., '77-3. Farmer. Brunden- 
liurK, Ky. 

Miss., 'f.(i-7o. Co. Sunt., Prenliss Co., Mi'K,, 

■j-w. C, S. A.. Chap., —Miss, Inf. Mi-m. 

\Vn,i-i.\.M CkoKii^, A.B. »• ^T 

S. Prosli. r.i-n. Assi-m., •(•=.. Pivsli. Miii.. 

D.n.. Aii.stin.-Sij, At Danville Theo. Sem.. 

Providi-iico, Miss..'i(.-<rfi: »iH.iivilk', Miw., 

'5T>-f>i- I-'- S. A., Priv., v\ Ky. Inf. Mexieau 

■(.T-Tl. Wiico^l. Prin. C..k>in:in .Mak- and 

War, Prill. EliKh ScIl. Danville. Ky., '^5- 

Feni. ALiid., Cok'nian, Tox. Guion. Tc;x. 

<j, Del. S. I'resb. Gen. Assem., '74 and 'Sa. 


Kentucky Alpha. 


Trustee, Austin, '8i-</j. Presb. Min., Mount 
Sterling. Ky., '61-3; Midway, Ky., '63-<;: 
Bethel, Ky., '69-81; Sherman, Tex., 'Si-(/); 
since '90, Fort Worth, Tex. 

*JonN (iRACKv Hall, A.B. ' ;^t 

LL.B., Cumberland, '57. C.S.A., Lt.-col., 

51st Tenn. Inf., Army of Tenn., '62-4. Mem. 

Tenn. Sen., '79. Atty.-at-law and farmer. 

Died, Covinj^ton, Aug.,'8r. Covington, Tenn. 

Camillus Wirt Mkkalke, A.B. %f \\ 

Police Judge, Danville, Ky.,'73. Merchant, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

John Flnis Philii'.s, A.B. %fi^ </+ 

LL.D., Central Coll., Mo., '82; do.. Centre, 
'87: do.. Mo. Stiite U.,'8S. At Mo. State U., 
'52-3; Curator, do., '62-3. Mem. Const. Conv., 
Mo., '61, Dist. Del. State Conv. to determine 
relation of Mo. to U. S., '61. U. S. A., Col., 
7th Mo. Cav.,*6i-5; commissioned Brig.-gen. 
by Gov, Mo. for gallantry on the field. Del. 
Dem. Xat. Conv., New York, '68. Dem. 
Cand. U. S. House of Rep.. '68; Mem., do., 
'75-81. Del. Pan. Presb. Conn., Edinburgh, 
Scot., '77. Supm. Ct. Comr.,'83-5; Presiding 
Judge Mo. Ct. Appeals. '85-8 ; since '88, U. 
S. Dist. Judge. Atty.-at-law, Lin wood Ave., 
Kansas City, Mo. iyv 1856. 

John Jacob Cookk, A.B. ft ^Si 

A.M., Centre. '64. At Danville Theo. Sem., 

*s;f)-<;. Presb. Min., Louisville, Ky., Jefferson 

City, Mo., Lewisport, Ky., and Harbor 

Springs (formerly Little Traverse), Mich. 

Lewisport, Ky. 


♦James M. Givens. ^i' 

Atty.-at-law. Died, Colorado, about '81. 
Cynthiana, Ky. 

Charles Alfred Harihn, A.B. ^ jii 

At Columbia Law Sch., '56-7. C.S.A., un- 
der Gen. Price. '61-3. Writes under nom-dc- 
piiimc '* Frederick Mclver." Judge Ky. Cir. 
Ct., iSth Jud. Dist., 'S2-6. Since '87, Atty. 
Louisville Southern R.R. Co., and C, N. (). 
& T. P. R.R. Co. Atty.-at-law, Harrods- 
burg, Ky. 

James Pressley McMh. LAN, A.B. ^ *X 

D.D., Centre, '87. At Danville Theo. Sem., 
'5('>-9. Author, "Divine Sovereignty" and 
** Turning Back in the Day of battle." 
Commis. Presb. Gen. A.ssem.,' 63-79. Mod- 
erator Ky. Syn., '78. Pres. Alexander Coll., 
since '68. Presb. Min., Shelby Co., Ky.,'59- 
63; since '68, Burkesville, Ky. 

John MoNT(;o.MERV, A.B. r* 

At Danville Theo. Sem.,'5(>-9. Prin. Clas- 
sical Sch., Rocheport, Mo., '62-5; do., High 
Sch., Sullivan, Ind., '67-8. Trustee Prince- 
ton (Ind.) Sch., and Pres. Bd., '72-9. 
Commis. Presb. Gen. Assem.,*79. Pres. 
Caldwell Coll., Danville, Ky.,'8i-6; do., Mor- 
enic Coll., Somerset, Ky.,*86--9. Presb. Min., 
Rocheix)rt, Mo.,'5()-65; Sullivan, Ind., '65-8; 
Princetrm, Ind., '68-79; Mount Vernon, Ind., 
'79-81; Salem, Ind., '89-91; since '91. Sulli- 
van, Ind. 

Lk IAN Hi'NTER Ralston. /^* 

A.M., Centre, '64. At Jefferson, '47. U. 
S. A., Private, 3d Ky. Inf., '62; Capt, do., 
'63-5. Kd. Central keniucky Gazctte,'i^'},-A,. 
Prin. Prep. Dept., Centre, '60-80. Prin. Kng. 
and Classical Sch., Danville, Ky., '77-8. 
Merchant, (iolden, Col. 

John Orlando Scoit, A.B. %fi w+ 

M. D., U. of Louisville, '62. At Long Island 
Coll. Hosp.,'6i; do., Dublin Lying-in Hosp., 
'65. C.S.A., Surg., 7th Ky. Inf. ; Asst. Surg., 
2d do., '62-5. County and City Physician, 
Owensboro, Ky., '66-74. County Physician, 
( irayson Co. , Tex. , since '%'^. Physician, Sher- 
man, Tex. 

Class of 1857. 

Joseph Clay Styles Blackhirn. A.B. 6\1 

A.M., Centre, '57. C.S. A., Lt.-col. and Aide- 
de-Camp Gen. William Preston, Ky. Inf., '61- 
5. Mem. Ky. Leg., '70-4; do.. U. S. House of 
Rep., from 7th Cong. Dist, Ky.-, '74-84. U. 
S. Senator from Ky., '8r)-<j2. x\tty.-at-law, 
Versailles, Ky. 

*James Henry Bruce, A.B. C* 

Mem. Ky. Sen.,'77-(;. Farmer. Died, Gar- 
rod Co., Ky., July 24, '85. Lanctuster, Ky. 

AU.VLLN Mh/ion Bi rhank. c^ 

A. M. , Centre, '()4. At Danville Theo. Sem. , 
Tk). Presb. Min., Danville, Ky., '64-78; since 
'78, Springfield, Ohio. 

Wh.llvm Crow, A.B. % ;34> 

B.D.. Danville Theo. Sem., Tk). Del. wS. 
Presb. Gen. Assem., '77 and '89. Presb. Min., 
Somerset, Ky.,'61-2; West Point, Iowa, '65-7; 
since '67, Paint Lick, Stanford and Silver 
Creek, Ky. 512 High St., Richmond, Ky. 

Wh.llvm LeRoy Di;laney, A.B. ]jffl; rX 

A.M.. Centre. '75. Ed. Bowling Green 

Statuiard, '5(>-6o- C.S.A., Private, Buckner 

Guides, Morgan Bat., '61-4. City Atty., 

Bowling Green, '5<;-6o. Atty. L. & N. R.R., 


Kentucky Alpha. 


*67-<;, and since '86. Del. Nut. Dem. Conv., 
New York, '6S. Jiul^e Com. Pis. Ct., '(x^-So; 
do., 5th Jud. Dist., Ky.,'8a-(). Alty.-at-law, 
Bowling (ireen, Ky. 

Farmer. Patrick, Tex. 


JosKi'ii l)KrMM«)Ni> UrM. A.H. ijt' jt 

LL. B., Louisville Law Sch., 'hi. C.S.A., 

Private. Co. H, Sth Ky. Cav. City Atty., 

Lexington, '()S-9. Judge loth Dist. Ky. Cir. 

Ct., since '73. Atty.-at-law, Lexington. Ky. 

KvANDKR McNair, A.H. //t 

H. L)., Danville Theo. Sem., '(>o. C.S.A., 
Chap., 24th N. C. Inf., *()2-4. Del. Presb. 
Gen. Assem., '(*S-7(> Moderator Memphis 
Syn.,'7S; do., Mo. Syn., 'Si). Presb. Min., 
Jackson, Tenn., '()5-7i;; Liberty, Mo., 'S0-9; 
since 'S9, Lathrop, >Io. 

Gkorgk Mii.i.KK, A.R ]jrft^ (:T-(^» 

B. D., Danville Theo. bem.,'('K^: at Ind. U., 
■53. Prin. High Sch., Kansas City. Mo.,'()3-4; 
do., Fulton, Mo.,'()4-5. Commis. Presb. (ien. 
Assem., '79. Presb. Min., Pleasant Ilill, Mo. ; 
(yreenwood, Mo. ; Kansas City, Mo. ; Law- 
rence.Kan. ; Oregon, Mo., to'So; Saint Joseph, 
Mo.,'Si-</); since 'c/), Tarkio, Mo. 

Samikl Wii i.iamso.n' Mirc iiki.k, A.H. \\ 

H.D., Danville Theo. Sem.,'()<;. At Jeffer- 
son, '52-3. C.S.A., Chap., 3d Mo. Cav.. '02. 
Prin. Public Sch., Slount Vernon, Ind., '()7-s. Min.. Fulton, Waverly, Newport, 
(Greenfield, Washington and Salem, Mo. 
Melan, Tex. 

John Graham Simrai.i., A.H. j^j^'g wX 

LL. H., l^ouisville Law Sch.,'Oo. V.-chan., 
Louisville Chan. Ct., and Judge Louisville 
Law and Equity Ct., '8 i-G (resigned). Atty.- 
at-law, 1509 Fourth Ave., Louisville, Ky, 

JOSKI'U KiNCAII) SlMRAI-l, A.H. $' r' ^^X 

Judge Co. Ct., Mason Co., Kv..'()(>-74. ^ di- 
rector C, N. (). & T. P. R.R.'Co., since '77: 
do., Farmers' Nat. Hank, .since '78. Director 
ami Atty. Merchants' Nat. Hank, Ilarrods- 
burg, 'S4-9. Atty.-at-law, and stock farmer. 
Danville. Ky. 

Fnos Stkn kns Sw \in, A.H. v\ 

M.D.. Ky. Sch. of Med., '59. U.S.A.. 
Surg., 5th Ky. Inf., '61-4. Physician, Smith- 
lield, Ky. 

RoHKRI (il A^S V AM K, A.H. ;^ 

Ll^.H., V. of Louisville, '59. ShlV., Jeffer- 
son Co., Ky.,'()9 -73. Farmer, Shelby ville, Ky. 

KriiRAiM SriARi Wii.soN. wT 

A.M., Hobart., '71 ; S.T.D., do., "87. Grad. 

Danville Theo. Sem. Prot. Epis. Min. Since 

'77, Prof. Seabury Divinity Sch.. Faribault, 

Minn. OK 1858. 

Thomas Wai.kkr Hi i.i.itt, A.H. %\f v+ 

A.M., Centre. '61: LL.B., U. of^ I'cnn.,*6i. 
C.S.A., Private, Co. C, 2d Ky. Cav. ,'62: ist 
Lt., do.,'(>3; Prisoner, '63-5. Attorney and 
Director 2d Nat. Hank, Louisville, sinc^ 'So; 
do., Ky. Tile Co., since '85: Atty. N. N. & M. 
V. R.R. Co., since *8o; do., Short Route Ry. 
Co., since *Si. Chief Atty. Louis. So. R.R. 
Co.. since 'S7: do.. R., N' L & B. R.R. Co., 
since '88; do., K. A: 1. Hdge. Co., since '85. 
Atty.-at-law, 20() Fifth St., Louisville. Ky. 

^Joir.TT Vkknon Cosnv. ^^ qM 

Attended Hami)den-Sydney, about '37; do., 
I'nion Theo. Sem. (Va.), '41 ; do., Princeton 
'i'heo. Sem., '42-3. Evangelist, Southampton 
Co., Va.,'43-7. Presb. Min., Bardstown, Ky., 
'47-^0, and '64-77; Versailles, Ky., '60-4. 
Prin. Hardstown Fem. Acad.,'4S-fK),'and '64- 
77. Died, Hardstown, Nov. 14, '77. Bard.s- 
town, Ky. 

Jamks SrKVKNsoN EwiNc, A.B. Jt ^'X 

Attended Jubilee Coll., 111. Ed. Illinois 
Statesman, '64. C S. A., ser\xd fifteen 
days, '64. Del.-at-largc Dem. Nat. Conv.. 
'72', '76, '80, *88. Atty. Inter-state Bldg. and 
Loan A.S.SO. ; do., L. E'. & W. R.R. Co. Atty.- 
at-law, Hl<M)mington, 111. 

Wii. 1. 1 AM Ow^i.Kv Goodi.ok, A. B. 5f Ci2 

A.M. Centre. '72; D.D., Centre, '88. At 
Danville Theo. Sem., '58-61. Prin. Madison 
Male Sch.,'(»i-2; do., Lexington. Ky.. Sch.. 
'62-5. V.(\. Kentucky Statesman,' (y]--]!. Supt. 
Mines for Ky. and Tenn., '6(;-7i. Chr. Rep. 
Ky. St. Cent. Ex. Com., '68. Commis. Presb. 
(Jen. As.sem.. '76. Presb. Min., Mount Ster- 
hng, Ky.,'73-:^; Sharpsburg, Ky., '78-81 ; since 
'81, New Albany, Ind. 

*Ji.NH s Lkrov Ham., A.B. t\ 

Teacher, Jacksonport, Ark., '58-^)1. C.S.A., 
Private, gth Tenn. Inf., '61. Capt. in Bragg's 
Campaign in Ky.,'62; Adj. ,'63-4. W'ounded 
at Shiloh, Perryville and Chickamauga. 
Killed near Atlanta, Ga., July 22, '64, while 
leading his men into action. Covington. Tenn. 

J \MKs Wii.soN L1.MM0N, A.B. 

C.S.A.. Private. 9th Tenn, 
Merchant and Dv. Postmaster. Covington. 
I enn. 

Inf.. '61-t;. 


Kentucky Alpha, 


Jamks Winn Moss. ^ 7/t 

Real Estate, 958 Broadway. Oakland, Calif. 

Robert Ciiarlks Noirsk. w* 

U. S. Storekeeper, '7 5-(9; U. S. Ganger, '79- 

84. Carpenter and builder, Owensboro, Ky. 

Hknrv William Scill, A.B. A'^ 

C.S.A., Private, 15th Ark. (Cleyburne's) 
Reg., '61-5. Merchant and planter. Pine 
Bluff, Ark. 

Class ok 1859. 

WiLKiNs Geor(;k Andkrson, A.B. jj ^ ^Y-f* 
LL.B., U. of Louisville, '61 : A.M., Centre, 
'88. At Miami, '55-6. Atty.-at-law, 516 W. 
(Jrecn St., Louisville. Ky. 

C}Iari.p:s Holf Dobbs, A.B. % aX 

At Danville Theo. Sem.,'5(;-6i. Prin. Ma- 
sr)nic Fern. Coll., Kosciusko, Miss., '(/)-7. 
Pres. Round R(x:k Inst., '84-7. C.S.A., Chap., 
1 2th Miss. Reg., Hill's Corps, Army of Va., 
'02-4. Del. S. Presb. (icn. Assem., '74-8, 
and '89. Presb. Min., Bolton's Depot, Miss.; 
Washington, Ky. ; Blue Ridge, Tex. ; Robin- 
son, Tex. ; since '87, Round Rock, Tex. 

John Duff Grkkn, A.B. <it 

Atty.-at-law, 304 Olive St., Saint Louis. Mo. 

*Gk()R(;k Johns PON Lewis, A.B. fX 

Taught many years at Providence, Ky. 
Farmer. Died, \lay 16, '71. McAfee, Ky. 

John Lylk Scott, A.B. fT 

Atty.-at-law, Meridian, Tex. 

Daniel UrTHK(;RovE. f* 

Atty.-at-law, Austin, Tex. 

♦William Crawley Ward. rX 

Mem. Tenn. Leg., '73-4. Planter. Died, 
Memphis, March, '73. Kerrville, Tenn. 

♦Henry Yoln(;, A.B. rJt 

Sometime County Judge and School Direc- 
tor. Cotton Planter. Died, Swan Lake, 
Nov. 14, *8i. Swan Lake, Ark. 

Class of i860. 

Kdmind John Anderson, A.B. f' a^ 

Commercial traveler. Fort Worth, Tex. 

CJeorc.e Baber. ic\ 

Assoc. Ed. Loui'svilie Journal, 'O5-6; Ed. 
Ihnvling Green Democrat, '69-75 ; Ed. Louis- 
ville A W///>/.^ News, '7f)-So;Ed. Ky. Law 
Journal, '81-4. Since *86, Mem. Bd. Pension 
Appeals. Atty.-at-law, Washington, I). C. 

♦James Bell Bullitt, A.B. fl f' ,^X 

C.S.A., Private, 2d Ky. Cav.,'63. Killed, 
near Lebanon, Ky., while bearing a flag of 
truce, July 4, '63. Louisville, Ky. 

Fleminc; Faris />X 

Atty.-at-Law, Burlington, Ky. 

Edward OwiNfis (iiERRANT, A.B. ^JJ ;* 

M.D., Bellevue, '67; D.D., Austm, '80. At 
Danville Theo. Sem., '()o-r : Union Theo. 
Sem, Va.,'73-5. Physician, Mount Sterling, 
'<^>7-73- C.S.A., Capt. and Asst. Adj. -Gen., 
rst Brig., Ky. Cav.,'62-5. Commis. S. Presb. 
Gen. Assem., '77. Presb. Min., Salem, Ky., 
'75-6; Mount Sterling, '76-8, and '82-5; ist 
Presb. Ch., Louisville, Ky., '79-82; since '85, 
Wilmore, Ky. 

♦E/.RA McCall. A.B. wX 

Minister. Died, '62. Mt. Vernon, Ky. 

*RoBERT Miller, A.B. k-^ 

A.M., Centre, '65; M.D.. Jefferson Med. 

Coll., '64. Physician, Philadelphia Hosp., 

'64-6. Phvsician. Died, Boyle Co., Ky., Nov. 

12, '67. Louisville, Ky. 

John Xewton Rankin, A.B. x^ 

At Danville Theo. Sem., '60-4. Commis. 
Presb. Gen. Assem., '76., Edger- 
ton, Kan. 

Adlai Ewin<; Steven.son. a* 

At Illinois Wesleyan, '52-5. Mast, in Chan., 
'61-5. Del. Dem. Nat. Con v., "64. State's 
Atty., 23d Jud. Dist., 111., '64-8. Appointed 
by Pres. Hayes, Mem. Bd. Vis., \i. S. Mil. 
Acad., '77. Mem. U. S. House of Rep. from 
111., '77-81. Asst. U. S. Postmaster-Gen., 
'85-9. Atty.-at-law, Bloomington, 111. 

*James Edward Warinc, A.B. V* 

Sometime Mem. Ky. Leg. Atty.-at-law. 

Died, Greenup. April 19. '66. Greenup, Ky. 


Class of 1S61. 

James Harvey Lapslev, A.B. § r. 

A.M., Centre, '65. Farmer, McAfee, Ky. 

*James Edwin McCiriRE, A.B. i^ 

C.S.A., I. St Ark. Mounted Rifles; later, on 
detached duty with rank Adj. -Gen. Mer- 
chant. Died of consumption while in the 
service, Morgantown, N. C. March, '64. 
Batesville, Ark. 

♦Lawrence Carr Robinson, 'fft^ fQ 

A.B.. U. of Toronto, '65; A.M., do., '66. At 

Presb. U.. Louisville, '61. In book business, 

Louisville, '66-7. Died, St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 

2, 'Tm;. Louisville, Ky. 

Thomas Speed. //* 

At Hanover. '59; Law Dept. U. of Mich., 

'67. U. S. A., Private, 8th Ky. Cav.,'62; ist 

Lieut., Co. A, 12th Ky. Inf., and Adjt., do.,'63- 

5; acting Aide-de-camp and Asst. Adj. -Gen. 


Kentucky Alpha, 

1 86 1-4 

Asst Assr. U. S. Int. Rev., '06. Atty. Louis- 
ville Sav. Bank, and Louisville Cement Co. 
Attv.-at-la\v, 1521 Fourth Ave., Louisville, 

James Uorci.As Wai i.ACK, A.B. ft //X 

LL.H., Union Coll. of Law, Chicago. '07. 
Atty.-at-law, 35 Clark St., Chicago, 111. 

Class ok iS()2, 

Wii.MAM Rkvnoi.dn Brown, A.B. % H» 

D.D., Hanover. \S3. At Danville Theo. 
Sem.,'62-5. Conimis. Presb. Gen. Assem., 
'73-7, 'S2 and '90. Presb. Min., George- 
town, Ky., '()5-7o; Leavenworth, Kan., '70-3; 
Pewee Valley, Ky.,'73-7; Lake Forest, 111., 
'77-81; .Mnee '81! First Ch., Madison. 516 
West St., Madison, Ind. 

IIknrv Vowkks Ks( on. ft ^ ^t 

Attended Presb. U., Louisville. V.-Pres.. 
J. V. Escott & Sons, 521 Fourth Ave., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

Matthkw Lkandkk F«)Ksv inK, A.B. if v^ 

]VL1),, Jefferson Med. Coll..'()4. Physician, 
Ilarrodsburg, Ky. 

John Wii.i.iam Li- wis. A.B. ^ rt 

Del. Rep. Nat. C<>nv.. Chicago. 'So. Atty.- 
at-law, Springtield, Ky. 

Gkorok \Vasiiin(;h)N M( Mii.i.AN. A.B. i^ (."«l» 
C.S.A., Serg.-maj., ist Ga. Cav., '62 -5. 
Farmer, Acworth, Ga, 

Rlt'lIARI) CkIH IIMI.I.I) Warkkn. A.B. Jt 

A.M., Centre, '73; LL.B., Louisville Law 
Sch.,'r)6. Prin. Prej:). Dept. Centre, '65. Co. 
Atty., Lincoln Co., Ky. , '7f>-4. Dist. Attv.. 
8th Jud. Dist,, \n>-6. Mem. Ky. Legisla- 
ture, 'S9-<jo. Atty.-at-law, StcUiford, Ky. 

Class ok 1863. 

Charlks Stun Brkm . Jr. rX 

U.S.A., ist Lieut, 9th Ky. Cav., '62-3. Dy. 
Col., U. S. Int. Rev.. '()S-7o. Commission 
merchant, 136 N. Broadway, Lexington, Ky. 


Los Angeles. Te.xas. 

John Lkvi Clk\ kland, A.B. H» 

M.I).. Ohio, Med. C«)ll.. 'os. At Miami 
U.,*()2. Clinic Prof., Ohio Mod. Coll.. •<k,-74. 
Physician, 474 \V. 7th St., Cincinnati. O. 

Joll.N JoHN.sON. f^» 

Atty.-at-law, Lexington, Ky. 

John DrN(\N GooDLOL, A.B. '^ vX 

A.M., Centre, •()7; LL.B., Ky. U., '67. City 

Atty., Danville, '(xj. Judge Co. Ct., Boyle 

Co., Ky., '70-4. Del. Deni. Nat. Con v., '68. 
Farmer, Madison Co., Ky. Kingston, Ky. 

PiNCKNKv Frank Grkkn. ftf- fX 

LL. B., U. of Louisville, '64. Attended 
Presb. U., Louisville. Attv.-at-law, Market 
and Fifth Sts., Louisville, I^v. 

FnwARi) Stkvk.nson Shrock. i-^* 

Life In.surance, So<) S. Fifth St., Spring- 
field, 111. 

Class of 1864. 

Samikl Bryan. 

Los Angeles, Calif. 


Hknrv ^L\RSIIALI BuKoRD. A.B. ^ uir 

A.M., Centre. '()S. At Harvard Law Seh., 
'65-6. Since '8(), J. Ct. Com. Pis. Atty.-at- 
law. Lexington, Ky. 

WiLLLVM BoWVKR FlKMIMJ. 5j[ ft . rX 

A.B., U. of Toronto, Can., '64; A.M., do.. 
'()7: LL.B., Transylvania, '69. Prin. Gram. 
Sell., Oakville, Can., *(>^)-77. Trustee Louis- 
ville Med. Coll., since 'So. Mem. Ky. Leg.. 
'So-i. Elector State-at-large. Ky., and Pres. 
C(>11. Electors, 'S3. A.ssoc. Justice New Mex- 
ico Supm. Ct., '84-5. R. R. Commis. and 
Atty., since 'SS. Atty.-at-law, 353 Fifth St.. 
Louisville. Ky. 

RoiURT Lm K Irvin, A.B. <f' xj-ir 

Farmer and stock raiser, Frankfort, Ohio, 

*\Vn I lAM JoiiN>n»N Laislkv, A.B. cX 

A.M., Centre, '-jf^. At Danville Theo. Seni., 

'04-5. Presb. Min., Troy. Ky., lo '79; Shelby- 

ville, Ky., '7c;-9o. Died. Shelbyville, Aug., 

'90. Shelbyville, Ky. 

*Jamk.s Grailvm MooRK, A.B. ^ ^X 

A.M.. Centre, '68; LL.B.. Harvard, '()6. 
Attv.-at-law. Died. April. '80. Louisville, 


Farmer, Versailles, Ky. 

In>Krii M\nin w S« on, A.B. 
At Harvard Law Sch., 
merchant. Lexington, Ky. 




EdWARI* Ilr.Ml'IIRKV Sk.MI'LK, A.B. j^ r;T 

At Vale, 7)2-31 Danville Theo. Sem. '64-5. 
Pres. Semple and Birge Mfg. Co., St. Louis, 
'67-78. Since '87, Semple & Lowe, Insu- 
rance. 415 Locust St.. St. Louis. Mo. 


Mount wSterling. Ky. 



Kentucky Alpha. 


Class <jf 1865. 


LL.B., Cumberland, '67. At Shelby ville, 
'61-4. Ed. Shelbyville Gazette, '70-5. City 
Atty., Shelbyville, '75 and '79. Mem. Tenn. 
Ho. f)f Rep., '87-S. Mem. Tenn. State 
Senate, 'S(/-(/). Atty.-at-law, Shelbyville, 

Thomas Tkacv. jf iT 

A.B., Hanover, "65; B.I)., Princeton, *(>S. 

At Fresb. U.. Louisville. '61. U. S. A.. Private, 

'64. Since '7(s Miss, in India, Allahabad 

N. W. P., India. Wooster, Ohio. 

Cl.A.vS OF 1866. 

SxiNT John BovLK, A.B. ^'^ f* 

At Louisville Law Sch., 6(>-7; Harvard Law 
Sell., '67-.S. Receiver Kv. l>iv. St. L. & S. 
K. Ry., '79. V.-Pres., K. & L Bridge Co.. 'SS- 
()o; do., Louisville Street Ry. Co. Atty.-at- 
law, 305 Fifth St., Louisville, Ky. 

ArKXANDKK Poi'K Hi MI'lIRKV, A.B. %^' K* 

A.M., Centre, '69; LL.D., do., 'c/j; LL.B., 
U. of Va.,*6S. Trustee Louisville Pub. Sch,, 
'79. Chan. Louisville Chan. Ct.,'8o. Atty.- 
at-law, 920 Third St., Louisville, Ky. 

♦AsuHV MiKi-K, A.B. %'Y C"<i' 

City Atty., Lanca.ster, Ky., *7t>-i. Sect. 
Louisville ftond and Stock Bd., '71-2. Died, 
Louisville, Nov. 17, '72. Danville, Ky. 

Uriah Wilson tX 

Atty.-at-law, Memphis, Tenn. 


Wholesale Dry (TfK)ds Merchant (J. M. Rob- 
inson & Co.), Sixth and Main Sts. , Louisville, 


A.B., St. Francis Aavier's, '64; LL.B., 
Harvard, '66. At Presb. U., Louisville, '()o. 
Atty.-at-law, Pewce Valley, Ky. 

Thomas Moork Paschai., A.B. M^ 

U. S. Coin., W. Te.x.. '(k;-7o. City 
Atty., San Antonio, '68-9. Jud^e Dist. Crim. 
Ct., Bexar Co., Tex., '70-1. Atty., 24th 
Jud. Dist, Tex., '71-2: .since '76, Jud^e, 24th 
and 3Sth Jud. Dists. Castroville, Tex. 

(1okr(;e Rohkrtson Pryor, A.B. % rP 

A.M., Centre, '74. Trustee Jessamine Fem. 

Inst, since '79. Com. Sch. Commis. , 

mineCo., Ky., '67-72: Co. Atty., do., '71-4. 

Atty.-at-law, Nicholasville, Ky. 

William LovF.i.L Ykrkks, A.B. ^ w<l> 

A.M., Centre; LL.B., Lexington Law Sch., 

•69. AtGcittingen U., Ger., '78. Studying 

Anct and Mod. Lang., Heidellxjrg U., Ger., 
since '79. Prin. Prep. Dept Centre, '67-8; 
do., Paris Sch., '68-7S. Paris, Ky. 

Class of 1867. 

William Irvin, A.B. 'f- V'^ 

D.D., Central, '90. At Union Theo. Sem., 
Va., '70-2. C<>mmis. S. Presb. Gen. Assera., 
'76 and '84. Presb. Min., Anchorage, Ky. 

Charlks William Moore. fX 

Agent Vacuum Oil Co., 6th and Brecken- 
ridge Sts., Loui.sville, Ky. 

Hknrv Nkill. ii^ 

A.B., Princeton, '68; A.M., do., '71. At 
Princeton Theo. Sem., '71-2. Del. to Presb. 
Gen. Assem., '77. Presb. Min., Schaghticoke, 
X. v., '72-<;; Westfield, N. J., '80-6; since 
'86, Highland Park, 111. 

Class of 1868. 

William Wall.vck Evans, A.B. f* 

I At Danville Theo. vSem., '68; Columbia 

' Theo. Sem., S. C, '6H-70. Commis. S. Presb. 
(icn. Assem., '79. Min., Catlettsburg, 
Ky..'73-6; CHnton, Ky.,'7f>-85; Fulton, Ky., 
'85-S; Scottville, Ky., '88-<^; since '90, Car- 
roll ton, Ky. 

Gklon Hann. c* 

Prof., Chamberlain Hunt Acad., Port Gib- 
son, Miss. 

*Lo(;an McKkk, A.B. jK' 'f^- fQ 

A.M., Centre, '71. Judge Danville Police 
Ct, '70-1. Sect. Louisville Stock and Bond 
Bd., '72-6. Dy. Clk. Cir. Ct, Boyle Co., Ky., 
'6S-70. Del. Rep. Nat. Ccmv., Chicago, 80 
and '88. Ed. Kentucky Tribune, '78-89. 
City Atty., Danville, '85-9. Master Commr., 
Boyle Cir. Ct.. '8(>-<;. U. S. Storekeeper and 
(J auger. Died, Danville, Oct. 3, '89. Dan- 
ville, Ky. 

Class of i8(>9. 

David Andrew Planck, A.B. % ^T 

At Union Theo. Sem., '70-2. Grad. l^ince- 
ton Theo. Sem., '73. Trustee C. & H. Acad., 
Port Gibson, '79-85. Prof. Bib., do.,'82-9. 
Del. S. Presb. (xen. A.s.sem., '79 and *86. 
Presb. Min., Port Gibson, Miss., '73-89; San 
Angelo, Tex., '8(^-90; since '90, Mobile, Ala. 


M.D., Louisville Med. Coll., '70. At U. of 
Pa., •68-<> C.S.A., 6th Ky. Cav.,'62-5. Phy- 
sician, Oakland, Tex. 


Kentucky Alpha. 


Class <>k 1870. 

William McKkk Dinc an, A.B. f^ iX 

Jiul>(c Co. Ct., (Jarrard Co.. Ky., '74-S2. 
Atty.-at-law, 341 Fifth St., Louisville, Ky. 

Loris Samikl M< Ml KiRY, A.B. %f^ c-^l' — mo 
A.M.. Centre, '74; M.D.. U. of La., '73. At 
U. Citv of X. v.. '77-8. Prof. Anat.. Ky. 
Sch. of Med.. '82-3. Pres. Ky. St. Med. Soc.. 
'89. Fellow Anier. Assoc*. ( )l)stet. and (lynoc. ; 
do., Edinburgh Obstet. Soc. Physician, 
231 Chestnut St.. Louisville, Ky. 

William TikNKK, A. H. % o^> 

A.M., Centre, '73. Asst. Prin. Prep. I)e])t. 
Centre, '71-3: do., Henry Male and Fern. 
Coll., '73-4. I)ruj.(j^ist, '73-v'^<). Since 'S<;. 
Sect, and Treas., Turner-Alexander Cide.* 
and Bottling Co., Bowling (Jreen. Ky. 

Class ok 1872. 

Adam Wkir Rincland, A.B. %f\^ A\ 

A.M., Centre, '75; I ).!>., Otterbein, 'S7. 
At Theo. Sem. of N. W.,'72-5. Trustee (Ger- 
man Theo. Sem. of X. W., Dulnique. Iowa, 
'75-82; Sect. Bd. and Fiscal Agt, do., '76-80; 
Pres., do., \fy. Since '75. Director McCor- 
mvjk Theo. Sem. Commis. Presb. (Jen. 
Asscm., '87. Mem. Judicial Com., do., '87. 
Moderator Minn. Syn., '89-(^(). Add. before 
Alumni Assoc, McCormick Theo. Sem., '91. 
Presb. Min.. Dubuque, Iowa, '75-6; Tuscola, 
111., '77-8; Bement, 111., '78-84: since 'S4, 221 
E. Third St.. Duluth Minn. 

William (^wslkv Rodks, A.B. i^ <■* 

Dy. Col. U. S. Int. Rev., '72-5. Atty.-at- 
law, Bowling (ireen, Ky. 

Ja.mks Bkkath A.B. j^ ft f ^8 

Real Instate and Investments, S. W. Cor. 

Sixth and Wyandotte Sts.. Kansas City, M(k 

David Smilkv Winn., A.B. rX 

Atty.-at-law, Reidsburg, Wis. 

Class ok 1S73. 

()\ KRTo.N Harris Chknai it. ^«I» 

A.B. , (leorgctown, '73. Sect. Madison Co., 
Ky., Agl. and Mech. Assn., since '73. Banker, 
VVhite Hall, Ky. 

Samuel Johnson Picni. 9+ 

Ed. Vanceburg AVv////< XvV;;/.'74. City Atty. , 
Vanceburg, '71-2. Mast. Com. in Chan. , '74- 
So. Co. Atty., Lewis Co., Ky. ,'78-S(). Pres. 
Bd. Trustees Riverside Sem.. Vanceburg, 
since '80. Countv Judge, since '86. Attv.. 
C. & O. R. R. Co., since '8(). Atty.-at-law, 
Vanceburg, Ky. 

M vrniKw Thompson S( orr, A.B. r-* 

A.M., Centre, '76; M.D., U. of City of X. 
v., '77. l\ S. F2xam. Pen. Surg., *8i-2. 
Physician, Lexington, Ky. 

Class ok 1874. 

(ii:oR<;K Crishk CoiiKN, A.B. ft n'X 

A.M., Centre, '83. Ed. Anderson Xeics, 
Lawrenceburg, '77-8. City Atty., LawTence- 
burg. '77-8. Co. Atty., Anderson Co., Ky.. 
'78-86. Asst. Dem. Elector. 8th Ky. Cong. 
Dist., '80. Atty.-at-law, Lawrenceburg, Ky. 

William Wilson IIai.k. <jX 

LL.B.. Iowa St. U..'73: M.D., Coll. Phys. 

and Surg., Keokuk, '77. At St. Louis Med. 

Coll. '77-8. Post-Grad. Med. Coll., X. Y.. '89. 

! Prof.. Mat. Med. and Therap., Coll. Phys. 

and Surg.. Des Moines. '82-7. Prof. Obstetrics 

and Diseases of Children, Iowa Coll. Phys. 

i and Surg.,' S7-()<). Physician, 519 Walnut St., 

' Des Moines, Iowa. 

Class ok 1875. 

Clikton Rodks Andkrson, A.B. ijf ^)T 

Prin. High Sch., Lilxirty, Ky.,'75-6. Mill- 
ing (Funk and Andersrm), Danville, Ky. 

John (Clinton) Barrkt, A.B. )$ jT 

LL.B., U. of Louisville, '77. Postmaster, 
Louisville, since '89, Del. Xat. Rep. Conv., 
Chicago, '84. Director Indust. Sch. of Re- 
form. Louisville. Atty.-at-law, 414 Center 
St., Louisville, Ky. 

Jt.HN Crittkndkn Finnkil, A.B. f^T 

LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch. Since '82, Clk. 
U. S. Circ. and Dist. Cts. and U. S. Commr. 
Covington, Ky. 

John Donaldson Flkminv;, A. B. jjfft a^ 

LL.B., Louisville Law Sch., '79. Prin. 
I'rep. Dept. Centre, '75-6. Teacher Louis- 
ville High Sch., '77. Gen. Mang., R. E. Lee 
Mine, Leadville, Col., 'S0-3. Mayor, Lead- 
ville, '83-4; City Solic, do., 'S7-8. U. S. Atty. for Col., since '79. Denver, Col. 

'"'William Howard, Jr. ft /jT-rl 

Atty.-at-law. Died, Aug. 31, '75. Batavia, 

*WiLLL\.M McDowKLL M( Clire, A.B. \t^ 

Sometime IMn. High Sch., WiUiamstown, 

Pa. (Jen. Fire Ins. Agt., and Atty.-at-law. 

Died, Dry Ridge, Ky., May 19, '87. La 

Favette, Ind. 

Edward Bas(<>m Pi(;h. 

LL.B., '82. Oklahoma, Ind Ter. 



Kentucky Alpha, 


LksI.IK MoVnioMKKY Rl K. % rt* 

Insurance. IIarr(Klsl)iir^, Ky. 

John Thomas V'ansant, A.B. \^ 

A.M., Centre'. 'So; M.l).. N. Y. Homeo- 
pathic Med. Coll.,'7(). Pnn. Harmony Sem., 
'75-6. Physician, Paris, Ky. 

CiEoRc.K Dknnf.y Will IK. }* 

At V'a. Mil. Inst., '77. Farmer, White's 
Station, Kv. 

Class of 1876. 

Sami'ki. Hakkr Ai.dkkson. ^ ^T 

A.B., Blackburn U., '70; A.M., Blackburn, 
'S5: do., Centre, '86. At Westminster, '67-S; 
McCormick Theo. Sem., '71-3. Commis. 
Presb. Gen. Assem., '79. Presb. Min., Dan- 
ville, Ky.,'72-3; Maysville, Ky., '73-84; .since 
'85, Washington C. H., Ohio. 

*JosKi'ii Smith Moork, A.B. ^ /^5 

A.M., Centre, 'So. Ed. Danville TribKttt' 
and Danville Olive Hranch prior to '88. Ed. 
Kentucky Aiivocati\ "88-90. Nom-iie-Plniiu\ 
"Laertes." Died, Danville, Oct. 15, '90. 
Journalist and Atty.-at-law. Danville, Ky. 

Cl.vs.s of 1S77. 

Jamks Burnam. A.B. % 6T 

Atty.-at-law, Richmond, Ky. 

Wii.i.iam Oldh.vm Chenaui.t. % 9T 

At Princeton, '75-6. Atty.-at-law and Mas- 
ter Commis. Com. Pis. Ct. Mount Sterling, 

Heaton Owsi.ev. ft /.3 

At Chicago LfT, '73-4; Monmouth, '74-5. 
Manf., and part. St. Nicholas Mfg. Co., 790- 
794 W. Madison St., Chicago, 111. 

Emmet Everett Pnii.irs, A.B. iSfftf' ?*-<* 
LL.B., Columbia, '80. Atty.-at-law, Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

Class of 1878. 

JoH.N Cochran, ft />T 

Sc»c. and Trcas.. Todd-Donigan Iron Co., 
910 Fourth Ave., Louisville, Ky. ♦ 

William Matthews Fin lev. tT 

A.B., Monmouth, '78; A.M., do., '81. Re- 
porter Louisville Courier Journal, '79-80. 
Since *8o, managing Ed. Louisville Post. 
Broadway and Preston Sts., Louisville, Ky. 

W1LLIA.M McCrearv Kennev, A.B. %f^ />Y 
Farmer and stock raiser, Versailles, Ky. 

Charles Eiston Kin<'aii), A.B. 11 

A.M., Centre, '81. Ed. Anderson Xcws, 

Lawrenceburg,' 79-80. City J udge, Lawrence- 

burg, '79-80. Ky. R.R. Comr., '80-3. City 
Va\. Louisville Courier Journal, '83. Priv. 
Sec. (iov. Knott, '83-4. Washington corres. 
Louisville Times, San Francisco Kxa miner 
and New York Morniui^ Journal, '85-7. 
Consular Agt., St. Helens, Eng., '87. Jour- 
nalist, Washington, D. C, and Lawrence- 
burg, Ky. 

Class of 1879. 

Thomas Boi is Andrews, A.B. ^ ^T 

Supt. and Sect. Memphis (irain Elevator 
and Mfg. Co., Memphis, Tenn. 

Set 11 Bo ITS, A.B. oA 

Sect, and Trcas., Dixie Mill Co., Memphis, 

John Henry Cla(;eit, A.B. 5f >* 

LL.B., Ky. U.,'8i ; A.M., Centre, '82. Ex- 
prin. Select Sch., Lancaster, Ky., '80-3. Prof. 
Union Coll., Barboursville, Ky.,'83-5. Prin. 
High Sch., London, Ky.,'85-<;. Prof. Potter 
Female Coll., BowHng CIreen, Ky. 

*Henrv Palmer Didlev, A.B. vX 

Atty.-at-law. Died, Lamed, Feb. 21, '83. 
Larned, Kan. 

William SiMi'soN Ei.KiN, A.B. ^'ft Ci 

M.I).. U. of Pa., '81. Demonst. Anat. and 
Lect. Clim. Surg. Southern Med. Coll. 
Physician, Atlanta, Ga. 

James Brown KiNNAiRi), A.B. ^ft Ci 

M.D., Bellevue, '82. At Coll. Phys. and 

Surg., New York,' 80-1 ; do.. New York Poly- 

clynic, '86. Trcas. State Med. Soc., '89-90. 

Physician and Surgeon, Lancaster, Ky. 

*Ja('oh GiEST Owsley, A.B. ft /iSi 

Died, Stanford, Ky.., Sept. 17, '82. Crab 
Orchard, Ky. 

William Cfx il Read. jT 

Real estate (Johnson & Read), 96 E. 4th 
St., Saint Paul, Minn. 

Walter L. Thomlson. $ ^ 

Bagdad, Ky. 

WiLLiA.M Raymond WoRRALL, A.B. ijcftf* ^T 
A.M., Centre, '82; LL.B., Union Coll. of 
Law, Chicago, '81. Del. Rep. Nat. Conv., 
Chicago, '80. Atty.-at-law, Chicago, '80-2. 
Asst. Ed. ^ I merit an Grocer and New York 
Observer, New York, N. Y.,'82-8: since '88, 
Assoc. E(l. New York Mail and E.xpress, 23 
Park Row. New York, N. Y. 

Class of 1880. 

Fran!-. J^'' mil an, A.B. i^ ft /it 

M.D. U. of Pa., '84. Physician, Paris, Ky. 


Kentucky Alpha. 


George Hai.hert Gaki-and. /^'l' 

At Ky. Wesleyan, '7^>-<;. Atty.-at-la\v, 
Vanceburg, Ky. 

RiciiAKi) King, f* 1 + 

Cattle dealer. Corpus Christi, Tex. 

Charles Caldwei.i, M( Ch<»ri). % »'t 

Siiice'8(), Co. Atty.. Washington Co. Atty.- 
at-law, Springfield, Ky. 

William Dinn Powell. rX 

Farmer, Harrodsburg, Ky. 

William Thomas St. Clair. A.B. ^ft /»t 

Sometime Asst. Prof. Prep. Dept., Centre. 
Asst. Prof. Math.. Boys' High Sch., Louis- 
ville, '84-5; since '86, Prof. Latin, do., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

James Stillman. ^^"^ 

Farmer and stock raiser, Brviintsville, Kv. 

William LE(;(;ErrE Welsh, f' »U2 

At V. M. L. '7S-<> Merchant, Danville, Ky. 

Class oe 1S81. 

Benjamin Franklin Beheord. A.B. ft rrX 

Farmer and stock raiser, Paris, Ky. 

Ge()R(;e (Jess Berry, B.S. rii 

Civil Kng., Fayette Co., Ky. Lexingtor.Ky. 

John Milton Cowherd. % ^t 

Merchant, Shelbyville, Ky., until'Ss. Since 
'8e;, Trav. Salesman, £,14 Broadway, New- 
York, N. Y. Shelbyville, Ky. 

George Welsh Mek'Alee, A.B. <y a\ 

Dry goods merchant, Kansius City, Mo., 
until '3i. Since '81, Druggist, c}o-92 Peach- 
tree St., Atlanta. Ga. 

John Mali hew Newman, A.B. ^ i-X 

Real estate and mining broker (Vincent ^: 
Newman), Butte, Mont. 

Isaac Pearson. ^X 

LL.B., U. of Mich.. '83. At Central, '77-8. 
Del., Dak. Terr. Conv., '86 and '88; do., ist 
St. Conv^ So. Dak., '89; Del., do., '(/j. Dy. 
Co. A.ssessor, Walworth Co., Dak.. '84-7; Dv. 
Clk., Dist. Ct , do.. '84-7. Dem. Cand. Dak. 
Legislature, *86. Mem. Dem. St. Com., S. 
Dak., '8()-</j; do., S. Dak. Dem. Ex. Com., 
'(;o-2. Ed. Aberdeen S/tj/r Democrat, '91. 
Atty.-at-law, Aberdeen, S. Dak. 

William McDonald Shaw, A.B. % ail 

A.B.. Coll. of N. J.. "82; LL.B., Cincinnati 
Law Sch., '84. At Central, '81. Co. Atty., 
Kenton Co., Ky.,'8()-90. Rep. Elector State- 
at-large, Ky., '88. Atty.-at-law (Shaw & 
Davidson), 59 Mitchell Bldg., Cincinnati. 

Benjamin Vin( ent Tyler, A.B. ijr <f^ 

A.>L, Centre, '84; LL.B., Cincinnati Law 

vSch., '84. At Harvard Law Sch., '82-3; 

Georgetown, '77-80. Atty.-at-law, 5 W. 4th 

St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

William Nicholas Yakihan, Jr., B.S. Sf rrt 
Police Judge, (ireensburg, '81-90. Atty.- 
at-law, (J reensburg, Ky. 

Class oe 1882. 

Aluert Gallatin Crak; Collins, A.B. % erX 
Attv.-at-law (Craig & Collins), Marysville, 

Walter Hari Finley. ffX 

Banking, Covington, Ky. 

Harte(»rd Preston C^rider, A.B. % }T 

A.M.. Centre, '86. Prin. Riverside Sem., 
Vanceburg, Ky., '83-4; do.. Union Coll., 
Barboursville. Ky., '84-7. Book-keeper, K. 
C, Ft. S. and G. Ry. Co., 301 1 E. 20th St., City, Mo. 

DwiGHT Newcomk Mariu e, A.B. j^ \)^ 

A.M., Centre, '85; Ph. G. Louisville Sch. 
of Pharm., '86. Prof. Pharm., Louisville 
Sch. of Pharm., '8(>-9i. Druggist. Sect. 
Dawson Salts Co.; do., J. P. Barnum Co., 
543 Fourth Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

LiTHER Calvin Moore. V'^ 

Attended Homeop. Med. Coll., Cleveland, 
Ohio. Eli/.aville, Ky. 

William Thomas Oversireet, A.B. ]Jft />* 

At Princeton Theo. Sem., '82-5. Assoc. 

Prin., Taylor Acad., Campbellsville. Kv.,'S6- 

7. Pastor Stuart Robinson Memorial Cfiurch, 

616 Weissingcr St., Louisville, Ky. 

♦Walter Williams Owsley, Jr. %fi />* 

Died. Stanford, Oct. 9, '84. Stanford, Ky. 

Edward Lee RcxiERs. $ ri2 

A.B., St. Coll. of Ky.,'82. Lexington, Ky. 


A.B., St. Coll. of Ky.,'82. Attended Cin- 
ciimati Law Sch. Tacoma, Wash. 

Richard Charles Thompson. ^ tr^ 

At St. Coll. of Kv.,'81-2; Belleviye, '82-3. 
Pine Bluff, Ark. 

Winston Welsh Wiseman. <^ li^ 

Dry goods merchant, Danville. Ky. 

Class oe 1883. 

RoiJER r I'^ARRIS AlDERSoN. S^- ffX 

Receiving Teller, Merchants' Nat. Bank, 
Kansas City, Mo. 


Kentucky Alpha, 

1888-94. NOTES. 

Class ok 1888. 

Clarence Rokinson Jri>Y. }* 

Merchant, Mount Sterlinj;, Ky. 

Edward Bkierley Xklson, A.B. % v\ 

Teller, Exchange State Bank, La Crosse, 

Henrv Warren Wiseman. %• 
Merchant, Danville, Ky. 

Class of i8Sg. 

William Roiunson Cook. 
Lancaster, Ky. 



Willis (iRKKN, B.S. % ft />* 

At Ky. Mil. Inst., 'S3-4. Merchant and 
farmer. Falls of Rough, Ky. 

RoHERT Scott III i>son. rT 

Farmer, Bryantsville, Ky. 

Alexander McKee Kinnaird. A^ 

At (larrard Coll., '88. Ins. Agt., Middles- 
borough, Ky. 

Class (,:■ 1890. 

Eik;ar Baim. 

Atty.-at-law. Mount Sterling, Ky. 

John Rice Cowan, A.B. ^ 
Physician, Danville, Ky. 

Jesse Edward (Iriuus. '^' 

Farmer, Mount Sterling, Ky. 

(iEor(;e Andrew McRor.i.RTs. A.B. y n\ 

With Farmers' National Bank. Danville, 


John Roisert McRoiu-.rts. '-^^ ^ 

Farmer, Danville. Kv. 

John Ar(;rsirs Mills. 

Atty.-at-law, Winchester, Ky. 

RoHERT Uinkr Winn, A.B. '^ n^b 

With Exchange liank. Mount Sterling, Ky. 

Class ok iS(ji. 

Henry Camiiskll. nX 

Mount Sterling, Ky. 

Edwin Rce Ci rrv. Jf f ml 

Ilarrodshurg, Ky. 

Class ok 1892. 

William Skillman Bowmer. ,iT 


J \MKs Reed Ci rry. <f' /W* 

Shawnee vSprings, Ilarrodshurg. Ky. 

John Simrall Fisher. ^ 
Georgetown, Col. 

(tEor<;e Howe CiREEN. 
Danville, Ky. 

William Woolkolk Johnson. 
Danville, Ky. 

John Edward Wiseman. ^ 
Danville, Ky. 

Class ok 1893. 

Wellinoton Harlan. 
Harrodsburg. Ky. 

James Collins Holmes. 
Danville. Ky. 

William Th<»mas McC^innls. 
Eminence, Ky. 

John William Scott. 
Lexington, Ky. 

Class ok 1S94. 

Ma.x Wilson Barmoir. 
Falmouth, Ky. 

Frank Curry. 
Harrodsburg, Ky. 

RoRERi Pollock Dow, Jr. 
Paris, Ky. 

James Thomas Wilson. 
Falmouth, Ky. 

*Alkert Warren T^ee. 

Drowned in Dix River, Boyle Co., Ky., 
July I, '89. Danville, Ky. 




Colle(;e Noies. 

1835. A. Ryors (Deb. hon., Frankhn Soc., 
Jefferson Coll.. '34). 

1853. J. W. Lewis, Commencement Spkr., 

1855. W. (Jeorge, Spkr., Chaml)erlain Feb. 

22, '55. C. W. Metcalfe. Spkr., Athenean 

Soc, Feb. 22, '55. J. F. Philips, Spkr., 

Athenean, Feb. 22, 'e;4 (Addres.sed Lit. Soc,, 
Wm. Jewell Coll.. '73; do.. Mo. U.,'78). 

1856. C. A. Hardin, Spkr., Deinologian, July 
4. '5^»- J- ^^- Scott, wS])kr., Chaml>erlain, 
Jiily 4. '55- 

1857. W. Crow, Spkr., Athenean, July 4," 56. 
W. L. Dulaney, S])kr., Deinologian, Feb. 

J. D. Hunt. Valedictorian, '57. 


^ / 

(1. Miller, Spkr., Chamberlain, Feb. 22, '57. 

J. (j. Simrall, (ireek Salutatorian, '57. — ^J. K. 

Sum rail, Salutatorian, '57. 


Kentucky Alpha, 


1S58. T. W. Bullitt. Salutatorian, "58. W. 

(). Goodloe (ist hon., Chem., and 2d Hon., 

Mental Phil., Hampden-Sidney, '56). J. W. 

Moss, elected Spkr., Deinologian, Feb. 22, '58, 
but left coll. on acct. of ill-health before date. 

1859. C. H. Dobbs, Spkr., Chaml>erlain, 
Feb. 22, '58; Salutatorian, '59. 

i8()0. E. O. Guerrant, Ed. Ctntre Coi/fi^e 
Maj^azinc^ '59-60; Spkr., Chamberlain, Feb. 
22, '60; Salutatorian, '6^:). 

1862. \V. R. Brown, Spkr., T^it. Soc., Feb. 

22, '62. M. L. Forsythe, Salutatorian, '62. 

-J. W. Lewis, Spkr., Deinolojjian, Feb. 22, 


i8()3. J. D. Goodloe, Valedictorian, '63; Spkr.. 
Chaml^erlain, Feb. 22, '63: addressed do.. 'O;. 

1864. H. M. Buford, Spkr., Deinblojjian, 
Feb. 22, '63; Valedictorian, '64: (Prize Essay, 

Harvard Law Sch.,'67). W. B. Fleming. 

Spkr., Lit. Soc, Feb. 22, '63; (Honors in Loj^ic, 

Deb., and Reading, U. of Toronto). -J. (i. 

Moore, Spkr., Lit. Soc., Feb. 22, '64. E. H. 

Semple, Spkr., Lit. Soc., Feb. 22, '64; Saluta- 
torian, '64. 

1865. C. J. Moody, Spkr., Deinolojj^ian, Feb. 
22, '65. 

1866. J. St. J. Boyle, Spkr., Lit. Soc, Feb. 
22, '66. A. r. Humphrey, Shared Valedic- 
tory, '66; Spkr., Deinologian, Feb. 22, '66; 

^ Jefferson Soc, U. of Va.,'67). A. 

McKee, Spkr.. Lit. Soc, Feb. 22, '65 ; (Ora., 

Eastman's Nat Bu.s. Coll., '67). (i. R. Pryor, 

Spkr., Chamberlain, Feb. 22, '66. \V. L. 

Yerkes, Shared Valedictory, '66; Spkr.. Lit. 
Soc, Feb. 22. 'f)6. 

1S68. L. McKee, Spkr., Deinologian, Feb. 
22, '67; Hist. Address, do., at Dedication of 
New College Building; Ed. Cvntrc Collet^c 
Magazine, '65-8. 

1869. D. A. Planck, Salutatorian, '69. 

1870. L. S. McMurtry, Spkr., Deinologian, 
Feb. 22, '(k;; Farewell Add., do., '69. 

1871. W. Turner, Spkr., Lit. S'xi., June, '70, 
and F^eb. 22, '71. 

1872. A. W. Ringland, Spkr., Deinologian, 

'71. J. B., Fresh. Decl.,'(M;; Farewell 

Add., '71; Spkr., Lit. Sc/c., P'eb. 22, '72. VV. 

O. R(Kles, Spkr., Lit. Soc, Feb. 22. '72. 

1S75. C. R. Anderson, Fresh. Decl.,'72; ist 

Ora., Deinologian, '73. J. C. Barrett, CUuss 

Spkr. '75. J. D. Fleming, Harlan Prize, 

'75. L. M. Rue, Decl. Chamberlain, 'S2; 

Ora., do., '83. 

1877. J. R. Burnham, Spkr., Lit. S<k., Feb. 

22, '77. W. O. Chenault, 2d Fresh. Decl., 

•74. E. E. Philips, Ed. Centre Collei^e Stu- 
dent, '7(>-7. 

1878. W. M. Kenney, June Ora., '7(>; Spkr., 
Chamberlain, Feb. 22, '77. J. B. Reed(Tenn. 

Alpha, '78), June Ora., '72; Spkr., Deinologian, 
Feb. 22, '75. 

1879. T. B. Andrews, Farewell Add., '77; 
Spkr., Chamlx;rlain, Feb. 22, '79; Ivy Ora., CI. 

Day, '79. J. H. Clagett, Shared Fresh. Prize, 

76 ;'Soph. Prize, '77 ; (xreek Prize,' 78 ; Shared Nat. 

Sci. Prize; Valedictorian, '79. W. S. Elkin, 

Spkr., Lit. Soc, Feb. 22. '79. J. B. Kinnaird, 

Spkr., Lit. Soc. Feb. 22. '79. W. R. Wor- 

rall, Spkr., Chamberlain, Feb. .22, '79; Hist. 
CI. Day, '79. 

1880.' F. Fithian, Spkr., Beattian, Feb. 

22, '80. R. \V. Knox, Spkr., Deinologian, 

Feb. 22, '80; Proph.. CI. Day, '80. C. C. Mc- 

Chord, Farewell Add., '78. AV. T. St. Clair. 

Spkr., Deinologian, Feb. 22, '80; Sr. (Jreek 
Prize, '80. 

1881. J. M. Cowherd, June Ora., '78; Fare- 
well Add., '79. J. M. Newman, Mast, of Cer., 

CI. Day, 'Si. \V. M. vShaw. Eth. Hon., '81; 

Ivy Ora., CI. Day, 'Si. B. V. Tyler, Phre- 
nologist, CI. I )ay,'Si. W.N.Vaughan, Grumb- 
ler, CI. Day, 'Si. 

1S82. A. (7. C. Collins, Spkr., Deinologian. 
Feb. 22,'S2; (Jrumbler, CI. Day, '82; Phil, hon., 

'82. H. P. (Irider. Fare well' Add., '82. 1). 

N. Marble, vSj)kr., Chamberlaiji, Feb. 22, '82 ; Ex- 

planatorian, CI. Day, '82; Eth. hon. .'82. \V. 

T. Overstreet. Shared Fresh. Prize, '79; June 
Ora., '79; BovleSoph. Prize, '80; Farewell Add., 
'80: Ivy Ora'.. CI. Day, '82; Valedictorian, '82. 

W. \V. Owsley, J^hared Fresh. Prize, '79. 

J. A. Shackleford (Spkr., Lit. Soc, Feb. 

22, '82; Valedictorian, St. Coll. of Ky.,'S2). 

1883. W. E. King, Salutatorian, St. Coll. 
Ky.. '83. 

1S84. W. E. Knight, June Ora., '82. W. 

P. Sandidge, Boyle Soph. Prize, '82. ; Vale- 
dictorian, '84. 

1885. W. R. Clay, (ist Prize, Sen. Law, 
Georgetown U., '88; do.. Post-grad., '89; Rep. 
Law Dept., (ieorgetown U.. Centennial Cel., 

Feb. 22, '89). M. R. Hubbard, Boyle Latin 

Medal, '83; Ky. .-/<^/7v>r/?/*f Shakespeare Medal, 
•83; Ormond B'eatty Medal, '85. 

1887. R. S. Dawson, ()raU)rical Medal, and 

Spkr., CI. Day. '87. C. D. Grubbs. one-third 

Ormond Beatty Prize. F. N. Lee. Ora., Lit. 

SfK\, Feb. 22, '87; Pres. CI. Day, '87. \V. L. 

Sumrall, Fresh. Decl., '83: one-third Ormond 
Beatty Prize; Valedictorian, '87. 

1888. E. B. Nelson, Fresh. (Jreek Prize, '84. 
iSvS9. VV. (Jreen, Ora., Feb. 22, '87; Chm. 

Jun. Lit. Ex. ,'87; Sj)kr., do., '88. 

i8(>(). J. R. Cowan, Bus. Mgr. Oracte, '()o. 

1 89 1. E. R. Curry, Ed. Oracte, 'tp. 

1892. J. S. Fisher, Ed. Oracle, '91. 

Kentucky Alpha. 


1835. A. Rmrs, Intd.. < (hiii Alpha. 

1851. M. li. Williams, liittl. Oiiiii Alpha. 
Jan. I, ' \'i. lieitift lirst initiate in Phi iJelta 
Theta; Char. Mem. 

1853. H. MacHalton. l-robaWy Inld. (Ihi'i 
Alpha; L'har. Mem. 

1855. W. r.eiirKe, Char. Mem. J. K. 

Philips. Ora-.Xat Cimv.. .\ashviUe.Ti;mi./S4, 

ifls6. I. J. CcHilie, Cf. Kv. Alpha Al^J. ( I. 
Bcott. 1)l1. Xat. C«.nv.. Cinciiioiiti, < Ihin, "■;(.. 

1857. W. L. llulaiiev. Del. N'at, Conv.. Cin- 

dnnati, 1 1.. '5(1 H, Miller. Affil. Iml. 

Alpha. J. (5. Sinirall, Cf. Kv.. Alpha Al. 

185S. T. W. Bullitt, Oru. N'at. Conv., ilan- 
villc, Ky.,'7;: Cf. Ky. Alpha Al. — I. S. Kw- 
ing, Add. <if Wekonic, Xut, Conv,, BlixmiiiiK- 

- 1. 111.. >, 

i85>j. W. C;. Anderson, AfRl. fmn 

i86<i. J. R. Bullitt. I*res. Nat. Ci.nv. 

ville. Kv., 'f'l.^ ^E. O. CiKTranl, I lul 

Conv.. fianville, Ky,, ■(--. C I,; \,..,. 

ville. - 



. Ill 

Alpha Al. 

1861, H. V, Esecitt, InlO- ut J'rc^lj. U.. 

1S63, P. l". Green, Intii. at Presb. U., 

i9fH, W, H, Kleniint;. Cf. Kv. Alpha Al. 

18W1. SL J- Bovle. Cf. Ky: Alpha Al, 

<;, n. MoumiiiK. Of. Ky. Aljiha Al. R. K. 

Niick. Intil. at Presb. V-. Lnuisville. 

iS;c.. W. M. liunnin, V-Pr.'S, Xat, Ci»iv.. 

Danville. Ky., ■71. L. S. MuMurtry, Aftil. 

from Delta kapjia. 

1S72. A. W. Rinjjland, Del. Xat. Cunv.. Dan- 
ville. Ky,,'72. aiMlMar. do. Add. ZetaPn)v. 

Conv.. Mt. Pleasant, 1,1. J. B, Welsh, Affil. 

fnim Delia Kappa. 

1K74. O, C, Cohen, Del. N'at. Cum-., Craw- 
fordsville, Ind., '74. 

1S75. J. D. FleniinK, Del. N'at, Cimv., Dan- 
ville, Kv.. '7s, and Mar, do, W, Ilou-ard, 

Affil. from Ohio I'.ainina. 

J, S, Mmiru, Affil. from Delta Kappa. 
,, H, I )«slev. Affil- from Dtlta Kainra: 
Cf. III. Alpha AI.^I!. E. Philips, Affil. /n.m 
M.i. Alpha. 

1S7S, J, C'lihran. Cf. Kv. Alpha Al. W. 

MeC. Kennev.Del. N'aLC.inv. Philadelphia. Pa.. 

■7'>- C. K.' Kim-aid, Affil, fn.m Delta Kappa. 

l7y. W. S. Elkin. Affil. from Delta Kappa. 
■J. B, Kinnaird. Affil. friim Delta Kappa, 
■W, R. Worrall, Prcs, 111, St, Asso.,'Ay.-i; 
Cf. 111. Alpha Al. 

\i^a. F. Fithian. Affil. from Delta, Kappa. 
W. T. St. Clair, Affil. from Delta Kappa. 

iSSi. B. F. Bedf<.rd.AffiI. from HulIa Kappa, 
^— H. Reid \\'a. Beta, "ai), Affil. from Delta 

Kappa. (',. U. Thomas (Va. Beta, "Si). Affil. 

from Delta Kappa. 

iSSi. W. T. Overstrcet. Affil. from Delta 

Kappa. W. W. Ow.slcv, Affil. from Delia 

Kappa; Del. Nat. Conv,, Indianapolis, Ind.. '.^i. 

iSr.4. W. E- Kni^hl. Del. Nat. Conv., Rich- 
mond. Va.. '82: Sect. G, C, ■S3-4. 
.E.Wiseman. Jr.. 

N'ashville, Ter 

K. S. De 

Vorlt, N. v., 

1S89. W. I 
Oxford, Ohio, 

i-son, Del. Nat. C 
, Del. Delta J'r. 

1. Conv., 
■v.. New 




Charter granted, fall of 1S50, to Edward Carlton Johnston, '52, and Marmaduke Mendcnhall 

Coffin Hobbs, '53. 

Class ok 1846. 

Christian Weaver Eltzroth. $ C12 

Class estima. Merchant and general land 
dealer, Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Class of 1852. 

♦Edward Carlton Johnston, A. B. g li'-iii 
Commis. Presb. Gen. Assem., '75. Presb. 
Min.. New Washington, Ind., to '70; Peters- 
burg, '71-8. Died, Petersburg, Aug. 14. '78. 
Petersburg, Ind. 

Class of 1853. 
Marmaduke Mendknhall Coffin Hokhs, A.B. 

A.M., Ind. Asbury (now De Pauw), '58. 
At Ind. U., '49-52. Supt. High Sch., wSalem, 
Ind., '53-6. U. S. A., Chap., 80th Ind. Inf., 
'62-4. Meth. Epis. Min.; itinerant, '56-S; 
Evansville, Ind., *5g-6o; Vincennes, Ind., '61 ; 
Petersburg, Ind., '74-5; Mt. Vernon, Ind., 
•75-8; Princeton, Ind., '78-83; retired from 
active ministry. Hitchcock, Ind. 

Class of 1854. 

Henry Daniel Wilson, A.B. ^ /i' 

A.M., Wabash, '57. At Ind. U., '50-3. 
Prin. Fem. Coll. and High Sch., Salem, Ind., 
'55-7; do., Cascade (Iowa) Acad., '57-9. 
Mayor, Goshen, '68-70. Atty.-at-law, Goshen, 

Class of 1855. 

GKORr.E Washington Bassett, A.B. fi2 

A. M.. Wabash, '65 ; LL.B., Cincinnati Law 
Sch. , ' 58. Prin. Bell ville Acad. , ' 5 5-6. Tutor, 
Wabash, '55-6. U. S. A., ist Lieut, Co. A, 
nth Pa. Cav., '61-3; wounded in battle. 
Mem. Iowa Sen., '64-8. Finan. Agt, Iowa 
Agl. Coll., '65-S6. Residence, Santa Bar- 
bara, Calif. Atty.-at-law, Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

*Jamks MrKiNNKY Defrees, A.B. ^f> /X 

A.M., Wabash, '58. At Miami, '53-4;. Har- 
vard Law Sch., '56-7. Founder and Ed. 
(xoshen Times, '56. Pros. Atty., '58-9. 
Atty.-at-law. Died, Goshen, May i, '59. 
Goshen. Ind. 

Andrew Holman Hamilton, A.B. ^ fX 

A.M., Wabash, '58. At U. of Gottingen, 
Ger., '56-7; Harvard Law Sch., '59. Grd. 
Comdr. of Knights Templar for Ind., '74. 
Mem. U. S. House of Rep. from 12th Dist. 
Ind., '75-9. Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Sam I EL Vance Morris, A.B. ^ 

A.M., Wabash, '70. City Attv., Indian- 
apolis, '58. Atty.-at-law and editor, '55-79. 
Registry Clk., Indianapolis P. O., since '81. 
413 Park Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Class of 1856. 

John Edward Chai'in, A.B. % fi 

A.M., Wabash, '5(). At Lane Theo. Sem., 

'57-61. U. S. A., Mis.s. in Sherman's Army, 

'64. Presb. Min., Wortliington, Ind., 59-60; 


Indiana Beta, 


Allenville, Ind., 61-2; Plymouth, Ind., 62-70; 
since '70, Neenah, Wis. 


Prin. Pub. Sch., Toledo. •5f)-8. Druggist, 
'58-66. Died, Toledo, Mar. 17, '67. Toledo, 

Levi Parsons Spelman, A. B. ftf* rX 

A.M., Wabash, '87. At Lane Theo. Sem., 
'56-9. Cong. Min., Rochester, '60-3; St. 
Clair, '63-7; Portland, '67-75; Covert, '75-Si; 
Big Rapids, '81-2; Howard City, '82-3; 
Leroy, '83-8; since '88, Pine Creek, Mich. 

Class ok 1857. 

♦William James EssicK, A. B. jjf c* 

A.M., Wabash, '(^. At Lane Theo. Sem., 
'57-60. Tutor, Wabash, '5f>-7. Commis. Presb. 
Gen. Assem., at Philadelphia, Brooklyn, 
Pittsburg and St. Louis. Presb. Min., New 
Richmond, Ohio, '60-4; Wabash, Ind., '64-{;; 
Elkhart, Ind., '6(;-72, and '77-S; Williams- 
port, Ind., '73-<); Marion, Ind.,* 7(^-80. Died, 
Marion, Jan. 15, '80. Crawfordsville, Ind. 

♦William Eluriix-.e Si'iLMAN, A. B. f* iX 

A.M., Wabash, '61; M.l)., Rush Med. 
Coll., '65. Prof. Math., Ind. Coll., Marion, 
Ind., '5(>-6o. Prin. High Sch., Wabash, Ind., 
*6i-2. Physician. Died, June 14, '68. Neoga, 

Class <>k 1858. 

John yi'iNCY Adams Blackwkll. A. B. i^f* »■* 
A.M., Wabash, 'S7; M.I)., Jefferson Med. 
Coll., '61. r.S.A.. ist Lieut., Co. 1). 12th Ind. 
Inf., '62-3; Surg., 115th Ind. Inf., '63; do., 
E. Tenn. Div., '64. Physician, '(k)-78. Mail 
Agt, Mo. Pacific R.R', '7S-83. Physician, 
Wells ville. Mo. 

♦JosEi'ii Mackkv, A. B. ^ ^'X 

A.M., Wabash, '87. At hul. r.,'57. Prin. 
High Sch., WabiLsh, 'scH'o: Supt. Schs.,do., 
*()0. Sch. Examiner, Wabash Co., Ind., '(x)- 
4. Trustee Schs., Wabash, '74-H3. Died, 
Wabash, Nov. 2, '87. Atty.-at-law, Wabash, 

Martin Post, A. B. i^" f ^X 

A.M., Wabash, '<)i. At Lane Theo. vSem., 

'58-61. Cong. Min., Schoolcraft, Mich., '()2- 

6; Sterling, III., '6(^>-72; Stockton, Calif, '72-<);, Calif., '80-4; since '84, StcrHng, III. 

♦John Adams Spelman, A. B. "^^f ^^ 

C S. A., Private, 3d Minn. Inf., "oi-j; re- 
fused commissions. Ed. Owatonna I'tiitttc. 
Asso. Ed. Owatonna Journal, \){)--y Co. 
Supt. Sch. Co. Trcas. and Assessor, St. 
Louis Co., Minn., to '()i. Dealer in books 

and stationery, Owatonna, Minn. Died, 
EUendale, Jan. 2, '85. EUendale, N. Dak. 

Class of 1859. 

♦James Gi'thrie. fX 

A.B., Antioch, '61 ; A.M., Union Christian, 
'64. Prof. Greek, Union Christian, '63-5. 
Asst. Prof. Greek, Washington U., '65-6. 
Prin. Le (Jrand Christian Acad., *6(>-7. 
Died, Le Grand, March 9, '67. Le Grand, 

♦William Wesley Hill. ]Jf^ f2 

Died, Pittsboro, July 20, '57. Pittsboro, 

Aaron Ale.xander McDonald. ]Jf ;t* 

U. S. A., Private, Co. D, 125th III. Inf., 
'62-3. Grower of small fruits, Danville, 111. 

David Newton Morcian, A.B. 9* 

A.M.,, '62. Druggist, 604 E. Main 
St., Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Aurelian Hokart Post, A.B. Jf ^ fX 

A.M., Wabash, '87 ; B.D., Lane Theo. Sem., 
'62. U. S. A., Christ. Com.; Serv., Hunts- 
ville, Ala,, and Nashville, Tenn., '65. Au- 
thor, "TheWisdcmi of God and other Ser- 
mons," '86. Cong. Min., Lake Forest, III., 
'62-3; Peru, 111., '63-7; Geneva, 111., Milton, 
Wis., and Boonsboro, Iowa, '67-72; Twins- 
burg, Ohio, '72-82; Berea, Ohio, '82-5; since 
'85, Pukiski, N. Y. 

♦John Willi a.m Rakij, A.B. wX 

A.M., Wabash, '62. At Miami, '53; Han- 
over, '54. U. S. A., Capt, Co. I, 7*th Ind. 
Inf., '()i ; ist Lieut., 2d Ind. Bat. Light Art., 
'(n ; Capt., do., '62; Maj., 2d Mo. Art., '64. 
Ed. I ltd ill n a IWtkiy I'isitor, '60-2. Biog. 
pub. in •• Eminent Men of Indiana." Atty.- 
at-law. Died. Ri.sing Sun, Jan. 19. '68. Ris- 
ing Sun, Ind. 

William Allan Woods, A.B. 5^ ^X 

A.M.,, '69; LL.D., DePauw, '83; 
do., Hanover, 'S7;do.. Wabash, '86. Tutor, 
Wabash, '59-tK); Trustee, do., since 'So. 
Trustee, Indianapolis Class. Sch., since '83. 
Dy. Pros. Atty. at Manon, Ind., '61. Atty.- 
at-law, (ioshen, Ind., '62-73. Mem. Ind. 
House of Rep.. '07. Judge 34th Jud. Cir., 
Ind., '73-80; do.. Ind. Supreme Ct., 'S1-3; 
since '83, l\ S. Dist. Judge for Ind. Dist. 
604 N. Alabama St.. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Class ok i8(k;. 

(iKok«;i- WAKki-.N Hams, A.B. ^ ^i/+ 

A.M., Wabash, '()3. U.S.A., 2d Lieut., Co. 

A, 53d Ind. Inf., '62; do., Co. H, 50th Ind. 


Indiana Beta, 


Inf., '62. Prin. Pub. Sch., Terre Haute, Ind. ; 
do., Montezuma Acad.; do., Waverly (111.) 
Acad. St. Agt. -^tna Ins. Co., for 111., '65- 
74. Sp)ecial Agt. Franklin Fire Ins. Co., 
Philadelphia, '74-9. Since '79, Genl. Agt., 
Western Assurance Co., Toronto, Can. 453 
Cass St. , Milwaukee, Wis. 

*Melvi.n McKek, A.B. nil 

Supt. Sch., Vermillion Co., 111., '61. Bap. 
Min., Indianola. Died, Indianola, June 12, 
'68. Indianola, 111. 

Class ok 1861. 

William Taylor Hart, A.B. % tX 

A.M., '64. At Lane Theo. Sem., 

'62-5. Commis. Gen. Assem., '69, '85. 

Presb. Min., Lynn, Ohio, '65-Si; Bloomville, 

Ohio, 'Si-6; since '86, Huron, Ohio. 

William Rkybirn Higcjins, A.B. % k* 

A.M., Wabash, '64. At Lane Theo. Sem., 
'61-4. Commis. Presb. Gen. Assem., '70, '7^ 
Editorial writer, Superior (Wis.) Twit's, '70- 
3. Elected Supt. Schs., Douglas Co., Wis., 
'73, but refused to qualify. Presb. Min., 
Marion, Ind., '63, *73-<p, 'S3-6; Leavenworth, 
Ind., '64-5; Superior, Wis., '65-73; Duluth. 
Minn, '69-70; Bowling Green, Ohio, '7()-83; 
since '86, Moffat St. Ch., Terre Haute. Lect- 
urer, Coates Coll. for Women, '89. 1238 S. 
Third St.. Terre Haute, Ind. 

RoHKRT Chalmers MiTciiKLL, A.B. ^ trt 

Tutor, Ind. Coll., Marion, Ind., 'sS-c;. Prin. 
Schs., Rensselaer, Ind., '61-2. Co. Atty., 
Anoka Co., Minn., '64-«^. Register V. S. 
Land Off., Duluth, •7()-'8o. Kd. Gazttte, 
Rensselaer, '61-2; do., Dai/y Uiu'on, St. 
Joseph, Mo., '67-9; do., Daiiy Tribune, Du- 
luth, •6<>-89. Real Est. Agt.^ 1231 E. Third 
St., Duluth, Minn. 

Harley Green W(.)oi) RibXiNE, A.B. «^ //t 

A.M., Wabash, '68; M.D., Rush Med. Coll. 
■6(;. U. S. A., Serg., Co. K, SOth Ind. InL, 
'62-3; Clk., Q. M. Dept., '63-5. U. S. Exam. 
Surg., '77-<>. Del. Am. Med. Assn., '78. 
Physician, Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

RoBERr Bruce Spilman, A.B. ^ f * fF 

A.M.,, '86. U. S. A.. Private, 
8()th Ind. Inf., '62-3; Reg. g. M. Dept, '()3-4; 
Capt., Co. K, '64-5. Commis. Presb. (rcn. 
Assem., '74. Co. Atty.. Riley Co., Kan.. '6S- 
76, 'S0-4. Mayor, Manhattan, '76-(). MeuL 
Kan. Leg., '7()-8i. Judge 21 si Jud. Dist., 
Kan., since '85. Alty.-at-law, ilanhattau, 

Class of 1862. 

John Charles Black, A.B. 5?ftf' ^* 

A.M., Wabash. '62. U. ST A., Private, 
Serg. -Major, nth Ind. Inf.; Col., 37th 111. 
Inf.; Brev. Brig. -Gen., '61-5. Dem. Cand. 
Lieut. -Gov., 111., '72. Dem. Nom. U. S. Sen., 
'79. U. S. Commis. of Pensions, '85-9. Gen. 
Atty., I., B. and W. Ry. Atty.-at-law, loS 
Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

*EinvARi) Beecher Kingsbury, A.B. /3i2 

U. S. A., Capt., 125th 111. Inf., '63-4. Died, 
July 5, '64, from wound received in engage- 
ment near Marietta, Ga. Crawfordsville, Ind. 

*James Pepper Pratt. C* 

At Yale, '60. U. S. A., ist Lieut., Capt., 

Adjt., nth Ind. Inf., '61-4. Killed in battle 

near Hanover Town, Va., May 29, '64. 

Logansport, Ind. 

LvccRcas Railsback, A.B. jjf /?X 

A.M., Wabash, '65. At Lane Theo. Sem., 
'62-3 and '66-7. U. S. A., Missionary, 63-4; 
Chap., 44th U. S. Col. Inf., '64-5. Supt. 
Children's Home, Cincinnati, '66-8. Miss, 
for Five Points House of Industry, N. Y. 
City, '()9-7o. Presb. Min., Juneau, Wis., '71- 
5 ; since '75, 1624 Broadway, Kansas City, Mo. 

Joseph Rawson Webster, A.B. % r^ 

A.M., Wab:ish, '65. At Iowa Coll. of Law, 
'69. U. S. A., Private, Co. I, nth Ind. Inf., 
'61; Capt., Co. Ct, 88th Ind. Inf., '62; later, 
Maj., ao. ; Lieut.-Col., 44th U. S. Col. Inf., 
'64-7. Clerk Neb. of Rep., '68. Atty.- 
(ten.. Neb., '73-4. Judge Lancaster Co., 
Neb., '78-<> Author, Prize E.ssay for St. Bd. 
Immigra., " Nebraska As It Is," '70. Atty.- 
at-law, 1345 N St., Lincoln, Neb. 

Class of 1863. 

Geokc.e Wilson. Barlow, A.B. a^ 

A.M., Wabash, '66. At Lane Theo. Sem., 
'65-S. U. S. A.. 14th Ind. Bat. Art., i Yr. ; 
detailed as Clk. in Gen. Hovev's Off., In- 
dianapolis. Presb. Min., Mason, Mich., '68- 
80; since '80, Calvar>^ Ch., 88 Maybury Ave., 
Detroit, Mich. 

^JoiiN James Perry Blinn. ^ a* 

l^ S. A., ist Adjt., 14th Ind. Inf., '61-2; 
Asst. Adjt. -Gen., ist Brig., 2d Div., 2d 
Corps, Army of Potomac and Chief of Gen. 
Harrow's vStat!', '()2-3. Died, July 13, '63, 
from wound received July 3, '63, in battle of 
(Jeltysburg. Terre Haute, Ind. 

Hknky Harrison Hoi DiNor, A.B. $'^' '/t 

A.M., Wabash. '67. Dist. Ally., '64-5. 

U. S. Commis., since '79. Rep. Cand. hid. 


Indiana Beta, 


Leg., *7o. Atty.-at-law, 672 Eagle St, Terre 
Haute, Ind. 

Henry Smith LiiiiK, A. B. ^ vX 

A.M., Wabash, '69; D.D., do., '84. At 
Lane Theo. Sem., '63-6. Commis. Presb. 
Gen. Assem., '68, '70, '82, '84. Supt. Home 
Missions for Tex., since '79. Presb. Min., 
Terre Haute, Ind, '66-8; Brazil, Ind., '68-9; 
Marquette, Mich., '69-72; Menominee, Mich., 
'72-4; St. Louis, Mo., '74-9; since '79, 705 
Chestnut St., Denison, Tex. 

% fX 
'65-6. Died, 

*Ale.\ander Lafayette Wilson, A.B. 
At Princeton Thco. Scm., '63-5. 
Min., Madi.sonville, Tenn 
Madison ville, Nov. 24, '66. 

Class of 1864. 

William Perkins Bl.vck, A.B. %fi^^ '"^ 

A.M., Wabash, '74. U. S. A., Private and 
Corp., nth Ind. Zouaves, *6r. Capt., Co. K, 
37th 111. Inf., '61-5. Atty.-at-law, 115 Dear- 
born St., Chicago, III. 

James Farrington Gookins, A.B. ]jf g rT 

A.M., Wabash, '74. U. S. A., Private, Co. I, 
nth Ind. Inf., '61; Vol. Aid-dc-Camp, Staff 
Gen. Lew Wallace, '62-3; Aud. R. R. Accts., 
Q. M. Dept., Indianapolis, '64-5. Spec. War 
AxWsX Harper' s //V^'X'/v, '64-5. Apptd. Asst. 
Commis. Vienna Expo, for Ind. by Gov. 
Hendricks, '73. Elected by Amer. Commis. 
in Vienna a Mem. of Art Jury of Vienna 
Expo., but declined. Charter Mem. Chicago 
Acad, of Design, '67; Director, do., '75-8, '81- 
3. Director Ind. Sch. of Art, '78-So. Sec. 
Marion Land and Improvement Co., Indian- 
apolis, since '89. Sec. and (Jen. Mgr. Internat. 
and Metropol. Elect. Light and Power Co., 
Chicago, since '90. Sec. U. S. Mosaic and 
Decoration Co., 406 Rookery Bldg., Chicago, 
since '89. Artist, 488 N. Tennessee St., In- 
dianapolis, Ind; Hotel Crrace, Chicago, 111. 

Daniel Franklin Hill. Jj^f* gT 

U. S. A., Serg., nth Ind. Inf., '61-2; Adjt., 

i32d Ind. Inf., '64; Capt.^ Co. G, 148th Ind. 

Inf., '65. Postmaster, Pittsboro, Ind., '6S-80. 

Atty.-at-law, Danville, Ind. 

♦Martin J. Miller. ),|, 

U. S. A., 2d Lieut., iSth Bat. Ind. Lgt. Art., 

'67-8; ist Lieut., do., '64-5. Killed in action 

near Selma, Ala. , Apr. 2, '65. Greencastlc, 


♦HUC.II EwiNt; SiDKNER. 7«I> 

Shff., Montgomery Co., Ind. ,'69-73. Died, 
Crawfordsville, Mar. 13, '89. Farmer, Craw- 
fordsville, Ind. 

Everett Burbridge Thomson, A.B. if^ c* 
A.M., W^abash, '67. At Lane Theo. Sem., 
•64-7; Union Theo. Sem., '67-8; Tutor, Wa- 
bash, '64-5. Presb. Min., Wabash, Ind., '68-9; 
Peru, Ind., '69-70; Piqua, Ohio, '70-80; since 
'81, Crawfordsville. Ind. 

Class of 1865. 

William Alexander Ketcham. jjf^ rT 

A.B., Dartmouth, '67. U. S. A., Private, 

Co. A, 13th Ind. Inf., '64; 2d Lieut, Co. E,do., 

'64-5 ; Capt. , Co. I, do. , '65. Atty.-at-law, i\% 

E. Washington St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Joshua Rouinson Mitchell, A.B. ^ pX 

At Lane Theo. Sem., '65-S. U. S. A., 
135th Ind. Inf., '62. Commis. Presb. Gen. 
Assem., '72-6. Presb. Min., Lawrenceburg, 
Ind.. '68-72; Indianapolis, Ind., '72-85; since 
'85, Findlay, Ohio. 

Theodore Harmon Ristine, A.B. ^"^ x^ 
A. M. , Wabash, '68. Trustee, Wabash, since 
'83; Treas., do., since '91. U. S. A., Private. 
Co. II, 135th Ind. Inf. Mem. City Coun., 
Crawfordsville, '74-5; Atty., do., '76-7. 
Mem. Ind. Sen., '81-4. Atty.-at-law, Craw- 
fordsville, Ind. 

Alvaii Taylor, A.B. ]^ v* 

U. S. A., rst Serg., Co. G, i3Sth Ind. Inf., 

'64. Sch. Exam., Wabash, Ind., '6S-73; Sch. 

Trustee, do., "73-6. Atty.-at-law, Wabash, 


Class of 1866. 

Elias Eliot Boldinot, A.B. f* /?T 

x\.M., Wabash, '75. Druggist, Danville, 
'67-85. Manufacturer, Danville, 111. 

Cyrus Hamlin. % ^<i» 

B.D., Union Theo. Sem., '68. Del. Cong. 

Nat. Conv., '80. Cong. Min., Bellows Falls, 

Vt., '68-74 ; Brooklyn, X. Y., '74-7; Council 

Bluffs, Iowa, '77-84; since '85, Beloit, Wis. 

John Lewis Kehtiam. ^"^ vT 

A.B., Williams, '69. U. S. A., Private to 
ist Lieut., 70th Ind. Inf., '62-5. Asst. Cash., 
Ind. Banking Co., '70-80. Receiver, Udell 
Ladder Wks., '81. Since '80, member Haugh, 
Ketcham & Co., Architectural Iron Mfrs.] 
Haughville, Ind. 216 N. Delaware St.*, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

♦Alfred Breed Post, A.B. 5jf ^ ^t 

A.M., Wabash, '69. Attended Lane Theo. 

Sem. Presb. Min., Santa Clara, '70-2. Died, 

Santa Clara, Aug. 22, '72. Santa Clara. 


♦Edmund Huluukd Post, A.B. ^jf^ rT 

A.M., Wabash, '69. At Lane and Unioa 

I 866-70 

Indiana Beta. 


Theo. Sems. /67-70. Prin. Sch., Brazil, Ind., 
•66-7. Author, "Hist. Danville Presb, Ch., 
*32-79.** Presb. Min., Ivockport, 111., '71-2; 
Santa Clara, Calif., '73-*^; Danville, Incl.,'7C)- 
8; State Line City, Ind., '78-81; Goodland, 
Ind., '81-3: Oneida, 111., '83-5; St. Andrews, 
'86-90. Died, St. Andrews, Jan. 5, '90. 
Saint Andrews, Fla. 

Class of 1867. 

John Beard Allen. fT 

At Law Dept., U. of Mich., '67-8. U. S. 
A., Private, 138th Ind. Inf. U. S. Atty., 
Wash. Ter., '7«;-8i;. Supreme Ct. Reporter, 
Wash. Ter., Vols. I and II, N. S. Del. 
Elect in Congress from Wash. Ter., '88. 
Since '90, Mem. U. S. Sen. for Washmgton. 
Atty.-at-law, Walla Walla, Wash. 

*Jamks Edward Rice. ^ />T 

U. S. A., Private, 135th Ind. Inf., '64. 

Died, St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 21, '67. La 
Fayette, Ind. 

*Daniel Galileo Roderick, A.B. fX 

U. S. A., Private, 135th Ind. Inf., '64. 
Prin. Pub. Sch., Crawfordsville, Ind., '69- 
70. Tutor, Wabash, '70-1. Died, near Par- 
sons, Mar. 28, '74. Parsons, Kan. 

Matthew Mackie Whiteford, A.B. %f!i V^ 
A.M., Wabash, '70; B.D., Princeton Theo. 
Sem., '76. Tutor, Wabash, '70-2; Asso. Prin. 
Prep. Dept, do., '72-5. U. S. A., Private, 
135th Ind. Inf., '63. Sch. Trustee, Craw- 
fordsville, Ind., '08-9. Commis. Presb. Gen. 
As.sem., '81. Prin. High Sch., Crawfords- 
ville, Ind., '84-7. Presb. Min., Peru, Ind., 
'77-82; Glasgow, Scotland, '82-4; since '87, 
Wintersville, Ohio. 

Class of 1868. 

"•Benjamin Marshall Mills, A.B. ^* /?n 
U. S. A., Capt, 49th U. S. Col. Inf.. '64- 
5. Med. Stu., '68-9. Died, Jan. 9, '69. 
Crawfordsville, Ind. 

John McMaster Ristine. c^ 

M.D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., '77. 
Physician, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

*Henry Rosman Thomson, A.B. f* vT 

A.M., Wabash, '71. Stu. Chem. in Ger., 
'82-3. Prof. Chem., Wabash, '74-84. Died, 
Crawfordsville, Sept. 29, '84. Crawfords- 
ville, Ind. 

Class of 1869. 

William Gay Ballantine. ^'X 

A.B., Marietta, '68; A.M., do., '73; D. 

D., do., '85. At Union Theo. Sem., '69-72; 

U. of Leipsic, Ger., '72. Mem. Geol. Surv. 
of Ohio, '69-70. Traveled in Eurof>e and Holy 
Land, '72-3. Vvoi. pro fern. Eng. Lit, Ind. 
U., '73. Prof. Chem. and Nat. Sci., Ripon, 
'73-6. Asst Prof. Greek, Ind. U., '76-8. 
Prof. Heb. and New Test. Greek, Oberlin 
Theo. Sem., '78-80; do.. Old Lang, and 
Lit, '80-91. Pres. Oberlin U., since '91. 
Oberlin, Ohio. ' 

Charles Groenendvke, A.B. if 5 erT 

A.M., Wabash, '73. U. S. A., 135th Ind. 
Inf., '64. Prin. Sch., Newport, Ind., '69-71; 
Homer, 111., '7 1-2. Atty. -at-law. La Fayette, 
Ind., '73-81. Map Publisher, Fargo, N. 
Dak., '82-4. Actuary Pythian Life Assn., 
Omaha, Neb., '88-90. Salida, Col, 42 New 
York St., La Fayette, Ind. 

Henry Huc;h Hanna. vT 

V.-Pres. Atlas Engine Wks., 786 N. Penn- 
sylvania St, Indianapolis, Ind. 

♦Charles Wilfred Rice, A.B. ^ k* 

Student. Died, Crawfordsville, June 6, '69. 
La Fayette, Ind. 

George Willard Warwick. rX 

Sec. Belt Rv- Land & Imp'v't Co., 159 
South St., La Payette, Ind. 

Class of 1870. 

RoLi.iN Defreks. f* r* 

Engine Inspector, Atlas Engine Wks., 245 
College Ave., Intlianapolis, Ind. 

Frederick Seward. ^ vT 

A.B., Western Reserve, 70. At Lane 
Theo. Sem., '70-1; Auburn Theo. Sem., '71- 
3. U. S. A., Private and Corp., Co. E, 9th 
Minn. Inf., '62; ist Lieut, 72d U. S. Col. Inf., 
•64; Capt., 117th U. S. Col. Inf., '64-5. 
Commis. Presb. Gen. Assem., '75. Presb. 
Min., Hannibal, N. Y., '73-7; Prattsburg, N. 
Y., '77-9; Fowlerville, N. Y., '79-81; Ven- 
tura, Cahf., '81-7. Synod. Miss, for So. 
Calif., since '87. 723 Vallejo St., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

RobERT Brown Stimson. ^jf^ tj* 

A.B., Yale, '74; B.D., do., '73. Prin. Acad., 
Alamo, Ind., '69; do., Sem., Green Hill, Ind., 
'70. Presb. Min., Logansport, Ind., '74-6. Dy. 
Pros. Attv., 29th Jud. Cir., Ind., '76-8. U. 
S. Commis. Asst Atty. -Gen., Ind., '81-3. 
City Atty., Terre Haute, '90-1. Atty. -at- 
law, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Samuel Cary Stimson. f' cJT 

LL.B., U. of Mich., '72; A.M., Wabash, 

'87. Trustee, Coates Coll., Terre Haute, 

Ind. Atty. -at-law, 915 S. Seventh St, Terre 

Haute, Ind. 


Indiana Beta. 

1 87 1-4 

Class of 1871. 

Am»re\v Lkwis Bi inek. A.B. <.'Y 

Grad. Vale Div. Sch.. '75. Cong. Min.. 
Lr>ng Creek. Tenn. 

♦John Ekastis McPhkron, A.B. ^ rrT 

AtTusciilum Coll., '67-8. Died, Aug. 21/73, 
when about to enter Theo. Sem. Tuseulum, 

Gf.or<;e Pence, ft vX-/)* 

At Ind. U., '(Ki-70. Civ. Eng., '70-7. Surv. 
Bartholomew Co., Ind., '"^y-",. Asst. Cash, 
ist Nat. Bank, Columbus, Ind., "77-81 ; Cash., 
do.. '81-3. Treas. Cincinnati Coffin Co., Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio, '83-5. Paymaster The Cereal- 
inc Co., Columbus, '85-91. Auditor Bar- 
tholomew Co., Ind., '91-5. Columbus, Ind. 

RoswELL Olcoit Post, A.B. i^'f* rT 

B.D.,Yale, '74: A.M., Wabash, '87; D.D., 
Illinois Coll., '88. Del. Trien. Coun., New 
Haven, Conn., '74. Ed. Coni^regational 
News. Chaplain St. Sen., Ill,, '84-S. Cong. 
Min., Willsboro, N. Y., '74-6; Logansport, 
Ind., '7f>-Si ; Springfield, 111., '81-91 ; since '91, 
Conneaut, Ohio. 

Warren Henry Ristine. ^ rT 

A.M.. Wabash, '81; M.I)., Bellevue Hosp. 
Med. Coll., '77. At Med. Dept., U. of Mich., 
'74-5. Physician, Crawfordsville, Ind. 

WirKMFFE CoNDlT WllITEHEAI), A.B. jg ^ X^ 

Teacher, Ind. St. Reform Sch., '72. BcK^k- 
keeper, Yountsville, Inc., '74-80. Farmer, 
Pataskala, Ohio. 

Class of 1872. 

♦Charles Stillman Batchelder. rrT 

Theo. Stu. Died, near Carrollton, Oct. 
19. '73- Carrollton, 111. 

James Rohinson, A.B. ft /fT 

A.M., Wabash, '75; B.D., Princeton, '75; 
M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., '77. Commis. 
Presb. Gen. Assem., '78. Chief Asst. Clini- 
cal Med. Dept., Polyclinic Coll., '78-83. 
Physician, 1321 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Jesse Newton Talhoi. g'X 

Physician, '73-86. Merchant, Alamo, Ind. 

Class of 1873. 

Ira McConnell, A. B. i^ 

A.M., Wabash, '76. U. S. A., 2d Serg., 
Co. G, 124th Ind. Inf. Civ. Eng., Crawfords- 
ville. Ind., '74-6. Surv'. Montgomery Co., 
Ind., '73-85. Manager Crawfordsville Water 
Wks., '85-S: Receiver, do., since '88. 219 
W. College St., Crawfordsville, Ind. 

John M< Donald. rS 

(xrocer, Ivf)gansport, Ind. 


\ Warwk'k Hawlev Riim.ev, A.B. jjfft vT 

A.M., Wabash, '76. Del. Internat. S. S. 
Conv., Toronto. Can., '81. Author, Vols. II 
and III, Ind. Rejx)rts, Rev. Ed., '82; do., 
"Ripley's Digest Ind. Laws," 2 Vols., '82. 
Statistician, Ind. S. S. Union. Atty.-at-law, 
21 Thorpe Block, Indianapolis. Ind. 

RoKERT Glenn Simtson. % ^'2 

M.I).. Med. Coll. of Ohio, '76. U. S. A., Pri- 

vate. ()th Ind. Inf., '62; do., Co. E, 62d III. 

Inf., '63-4. Physician, East Enterprise, Ind. 

P'REhERKK Jonte Stanley, A.B. X x^ 

A. M., Wabash, '76. At Union Theo. Sem., 
'73-(). Prof. Young Ladies* Sch., N. Y., '75- 
6. Commis. Presb. Gen. Assem., '83. Presb. 
Min., Golden, Col., '7()-Si ; Leadville, Col., 
'81-5; New York, N. Y., '85-7. Since '88, 
Missionary, Tokio, Japan. 

John Siluv Stevens. rT 

Train Dispatcher, W., S. L. & P. Ry.. Ft. 

Wavne, '77-83. Attv.-at-law, Fort Wayne, 

I mi: 

Thomas Arthir Stuart. % d^ 

A.B., Amherst, '74. At Columbia Law 
Sch., '75-^). Atty.-at-law, La Fayette, Ind. 

CoLiMHis Delano Whitehead, A.B. Sfft^ oT 

A. M. . Wabash, 87. Greenback CancT^ Supe. 

Ct. Judge, Ind., '76. Judge Criminal Cir. 

Ct., Marion Co., Ind., '78. Attv.-at-Iaw, 834 

N. Y. Life Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Geor(.e Washington Wilson, B.S. fiir 

LL.B., U. of Mich., *8o. Atty.-at-law, La 
Fayette, Ind. 

Class of 1874. 

Larrev Gaston Bfck. ]jf ^'T 

A.B., Amherst, '76. At Law Sch. Boston 
U., '78-<;. Prin. High Sch., Windsor, Conn., 
'7()-7. Reporter Boston Transcript^ '78. 
Receiver ist Nat. Bank, Delphi, '88. Q,\\.y 
Atty., Delphi, '85-91. Atty.-at-law, Delphi, 

John W Collin.s. ^-T 

* ' W " letter only. Teacher, Crawfordsville, 

Henry Cirtis (iIlhert. rT 

Pres. Sheffield Iron Works, Sheffield, Ala. 

Joseph Kinney Sharpe, Jr. 

Supt. Tannery, Indianapolis, Ind. 



Indiana Tictd. 


Class of 1875. 

*Hfnry Willari) Jonks. »'2 

At Earlham, '67-8. Died, Columbus, Nov. 
22, '75. Columbus, Ind. 

Jamks Peter Roth, A. B. ^ft ;r- 

A. M., Wabash, '88. At Lane Theo. Sem., 

*75-6; McCormick Theo. Sem., '7f)-7. Presb. 

Min., Seaton, 111., '77-85; Viola, 111., '85-90; 

since '90, Rochester, Ind. 

Levi Luther Todd, A.B. % ft 

A.M., Wabash, '88. Prin. Sch., Rogers- 
ville, Tenn., '78-9. Agl. Imp. Dealer, Galva, 
111.. '79-83. Prin. Sch., Galva, '83-7. Asst. 
Supt. Sch., Austin. Tex., '87-8. Del. Nat. 
Prohib. Conv., Indianaix)lis, Ind., '88. Since 
•88, Prin. High Sch., Taylor, Tex. 

Class of 1876. 

Charles Daniel Ellis, A.B. ^ ?* 

A.M., Wabash, '79. Attended N. W. (now 
McCormick) Theo. Sem., '76-9. Commis. 
Presb. Gen. Assem., '83. Presb. Min., Mor- 
rice, Mich., '79-83; Mason, '83-6; Marlette, 
'86-8; since '88, 721 State St., Saginaw, 

Joseph Verdelette Graff. oT 

Staff Gazeitc\ Terre Haute, Ind., '72. 

CityAtty., Delavan, 111., '81-2. Atty.-at- 
law, Pekin, 111. 

*James Brooks Hains, A.B. rT 

At Harvard Law Sch., '76-7. Died, New 
Albany, Mar. 24, '77. New Albany, Ind. 

Palmer Steven Hilhert, A.B. ^ ^<I» 

A.M., Wabash, '79; B. D., Auburn Theo. 
Sem., '76-9. At Highland U., '71-2. Presb. 
Min., Waverly, N. Y., '79-83; Fremont, Neb., 
'83-4. Cong. Min., Newburyixirt, Mass., '84- 
9; since '89, Providence, R. I. 

•Joseph Warren McBroom, A.B. ]^ ft f* 

Prin. Acad., Newtown, Ind., '77-8. Supt. 
Sch., Covington, Ind., '78-82. Miller and 
grain merchant, Crawfordsville, '82-7. Died, 
Crawfordsville, Feb. 19, '87. Crawfordsville, 

Geor(;e D McCulloch, A.B. Sf ft 0T 

•• D " letter only. A.M., W'abash. '79. At 
McCormick Theo. Sem., '76-8. Presb. Min., 
Paw Paw Grove, 111., '78-81 ; Effingham, 111., 
'81-2; Hillsborough, 111., '82-(;o; since '90, 
Carrollton, 111. 

William Lee Morev, A.B. V'^ 

A.M., Wabash, '88. Mayor, Clinton, '86-91. 
Druggist, Clinton, Ind. 

Charles Martin Whktzel. jf (xT 

At Ind. Med. Coll., '73-4; Union Park 
Theo. Sem. , '81-3. Prin. Sch. , Wolcottsville. 
Ind., '73. Physician, '74-80. Presb. Min., 
Bowmanville, 111., '82-3; Cisco, Tex., '83-(); 
Ncola, Iowa, '8C)-8; Avoca, Iowa, '88-91; 
since '91, Utica, Ohio. 

John Meek Whitehead. ]Jf vT 

A.B., Yale, '77. Prin. (rram. Sch., Ravens- 
w<K)d, 111., '77-8. Atty.-at-law, Janesville, 

Class of 1877. 

John Andrew Allison. rT 

Teacher, Carpentersville, Ind., '72-6. Del. 

Internat. S. S. Ccmv., Louisville. Ky., '80. 

Song evangelist and dealer in S. S. supplies, 

58 E. Market St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Elvis Scott Booe, B.S. jjf jj X^-o^ 

At Butler, '72-3. Mem. Ind. Leg., '85-6. 
Farmer, Veeder.sburg, Ind. 

Charles Oscar Hastings. CT 

Merchant, Vevay, Ind. 

William Franklin Rincland, A.B. ^5 gX 

A.M., Wabash, '83; D.D., Wooster, '90. 

At N. W. (now McCormick) Theo. Sem., '77- 

80. Del. Internat. Conv. Y. M. C. A., Louis- 

• ville, Ky., '77. Train Dispatcher, I. & St. 
L. R.R., '60. Presb. Min., Pana, 111., '80-2; 
Hastings, Neb., '82-5. Since '83, Pres. Hast- 
ings Coll.. Hastings, Neb. 

Henry Harvev Steed. yX 

At Highland U., '72-4. Freight Agt, Wa- 
bash R.R., St. Charles, '77-90. Dealer in 
fuel. St. Charles, Mo. 

John Tedrick Strange, B.S. % vT 

M.S., Wabash, * 89. Pres. Leader Pub. Co. , 
Marion. Dem. Cand. Pros. Atty., 28th Jud. 
Dist, Ind., '80. Atty.-at-law, Marion, Ind. 

Class of 1878. 

Charles Howard Brewer. rT 

Farmer and stock raiser, Southport, Ind. 

Harvey Plait Fullinwider. f* W> 

At N. W. (now McCormick) Theo. Sem., 
'78-80. Presb. Min., Taylorsville, 111., '80-1; 
Minneapolis, Mmn., '81-2; Gibson City, 111., 
82-</d; since '90, 218 La Salle St., Chicago, 

*Samuel Barnett Hint, A.B. % at 

A.M., Wabash, '81. Teacher, Pasadena, 
Calif., '78-80. Bank Teller. '82-3. Mang. 
Savings Bank, 'S3-8. Mang. State Loan and 
Trust Co., Los Angeles, '88-90. Died, Los 
Angeles, Dec. 12, '90. Los Angeles, Cahf. 


Indiana Beta, 


*JoHN Samuel Mitciikll. r2 

Died, Nov. 14, '73. State Line, Ind. 

♦Hardy Savac.k. rl 

Loan and Ins. Agt. Died, Covington, June 
16, '86. Covington, Ind. 

John Samuel Watson, A. B. ^fi "- 

A.M., Wabash. '86. Tutor, Wabash, '78- 
80. Co. Atty., Stutsman Co., X. Dak., '83- 
4. Atty.-at-'law, Jamestown, N. Dak. 

William Patton Wilson. x^ 

Stock farmer, Colorado Springs, Col. 

Class of 1879. 

Charles Carrol ArrLEc.ATE. rT 

LL.B., Columbia Law Sch., '85. At Dart- 
mouth, '7(}-8i. Asst. Prof., Dartmouth, '81-2. 
Farmer, Bridgeport, 111. 

Andrew 0(.den Pknmman, A.B. ^ a1 

A.M., Wabash, '87. At Union Theo. Sem.. 
'79-82. Siafi /our// a/, Crawfordsville, Ind., 
'77-9. Presb. Min., East St. Louis, 111., '82-4; 
Iron ton. Mo., '84-6; Garnctt, '86-8. Since 
'88, Cong. Min., Garnett, Kan. 

Guilford Lawson Spencer. ^ tfil 

B.S., Purdue, '79; A.C., do., '79; M.S., 

U. of Mich., '82; D. Sc, Purdue, 91. Asst. 

Chem., Purdue, '81-3. Author three Bulle* 

tins, Div. Chem., U. S. Dept. Agri. Since 

'84, Asst. Chem., U. S. Dept. Agri., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Class of 1880. 

Walter Henry Baugh. aX 

A.M., Lincoln U., '85. Attended Waynes- 
burg Coll. At Western Theo. U., '79-82. 
Cumb. Presb. Min., Harrodsburgh, Ind. 

Henry David Deam. rT 

At N. W. (now McCormick) Theo. Sem., 

•79-82. Civ. Eng., L. E. & W. Ry., '75, and 

'77-9. Presb. Min., 1060 N. Halstead St, 

Chicago, 111. 

Neill Davies Johnson, A.B. ]^ fX 

A.M., Wabash, '88; B.D., Western Theo. 

Sem., '83. Cumb. Presb. Min., Pittsburgh, 

Pa., '81-3; Salem, 111., '85-7; 1237 Polk vSt, 

Topeka, Kan. 

John Franklin Lingeman. . 0<I» 

Prin. High Sch., Plainfield, Ind., '78-g; 

do., Brownsburg, '79-80. Township Trustee, 

•84-6. Trustee Schs., Brownsburg, '89-92. 

Miller, Brownsburg, Ind. 

♦Alfred Hugh Magill, A.B. ^ vT 

Bank Clk., Clinton, 111., '80-3. Adminis- 
trator of his father's estate, "83-7. Died, 
Clinton, April 12, '87. Clinton, 111. 

John Franklin MrCuLLo<:H, A.B. P^ 

Farmer, Charlestown, Ind. 

Frank Leazenhy Minti rn. ^2-rT 

Machinist, 629 N. Meridian St, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Lyman Edwards OiT, B.S.* ]^ft ^T 

A.M., Wabash. '87; M. D., Jefferson Metl. 
Coll., '82. Physician, Franklin, Ind. 

Class of 1801. 

Leon Sexton Cambern. yT 

Atty.-at-law, Parsons, Kan. 

John Coyle. f* ot 

Machinist, Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Solomon Cravens I)ick?:y, A.B. af jj V'^' 

A.M., Wabash, '87. Asso. Kd! Jndiatia 
Church at li'or^,'$S. YA. Church Gleaner 
'8(>-9. Presb. Min., Hillsborough. 111.. '81-2 
Auburn, Neb., '82-6; Monticello, Ind.. '8C-9 
since '89, Peru, Ind. 

Samuel Burton Eccles, B. S. 5? ft 9^-f^ 

A.M., Wabash, '88. At Franklin, '77-S. 
Druggist, Franklin, Ind. 

Thomas CoRwiN Hood, B.S. % ^T 

A.M., Wabash, '87; M. D., Jefferson Med. 
Coll., '84. Physician, Dana, Ind. 

Class of 1882. 

Morris Jacoh Holtzman. af t»T 

Teacher, Brookston, '78-80. Township 
Trustee, '80-4. Provision dealer, Brookston, 

Class of 1883. 

Orwan Baker. fT 

Civ. Eng. and Gen. R. R. and Levee Con- 
tractor, Memphis and Fort Scott, Kan. 

Lewis Hopkins Rogers, jf ^X 

Book-keeper, Kansas City, Mo. 

W^alter Chalmers Sivyer, B.S. if vT 

Ins. Agt., Spokane Falls, Wash. 

George Thomson Stuart. fT 

Clk.. Marshal Field & Co., Chicago, 111. 

Thomas WiLKiNS, A.B. Jfft ^T 

Farmer, Linden, Ind. 

Class of 1884. 

James Thomas CooTER, A.B. ^^ pX 

A.M., Wabash, '88. At Princeton Theo. 
Sem., '84-6, and '90-1; McCormick Theo. 
Sem., '86-7. Presb. Min., Baxter Springs 


Indiana Beta, 


William Findley Siiarpk, B.S. f* «?* 

A.M., Wabash, '88. Asst. Prin. Sch., 
Monticello, Ind., '78-80. Prin. Sch.. Oxford. 
Ind., '84-5. City Enj^^., Crawfordsvillc, since 
'87. Architect and Civ. Enjjf., Crawfords- 
villc, Ind. 

Class of 1885. 

Matthew Henry Blackwell. '^ .VT 

Chief clerk U. S. Ry. Mail Serv., Room 
411, Custom House, Saint Louis, Mo. 

Elbert James Dukes, B.S. ^ rT 

Merchant, Peru, Ind. 

Charles May McDaniel, B.S. V'T 

Prin. Sch., Newtown, Ind., '8r>-7: do., 
Portland, Ind., '87-9. Crawfordsvillc, Ind. 

Willlam Henry Scofield, A.B. % <tY 

A.M., Wabash, '88. At Union Theo. Sem., 
'85-8. Presb. Min., Culbertson, Neb., '8S-90; 
since '90, Hamilton, 111. 

Newell Herbert Stewart. erS 

At Cincinnati Coll. Phar., '81-2. Pharma- 
cist, Neoga, 111. 

William Winter Washburn. % erT 

Merchant, Crawfordsvillc, Ind. 

Class of 1886. 

♦WiNFiELD Scott Brown, B.S. ft <x\ 

At De Pauw, '81-5. Supt. Sch., Gray- 
ville. 111., '86-(}. Died, Danville, Jan. 3, '91. 
Danville, Ind. 

Campbell Coyle, A.B. f* erT 

A.M., Wabash, '91. At McCormick Ther). 
Sem., '87-90. Nevada, Iowa. 

John William Fink. rS 

Book-keeper, St. Louis Wire Mill Co., 4242 
Evans Ave., Saint Louis, Mo. 

John Goodman Lovell, A.B. % V'T 

At Union Theo. Sem., '87-90. Presb. Min., 
Northampton, N. Y. 

Albert Raymond Miles, A.B. ^ C* 

At Union Theo. Sem., '87-90. Missionary, 
Bogota, U. S. Columbia, So. Amer. 

John William Perrin. tT 

A.M., Wabash. '89. Teacher, Danville, 

111., '8(>-7. Asst. Supt. Sch., Cook Co., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Frank Granville Sharpe, A.B. f'jf crT 

Supt Sch., Colfax, Ind., '86-9. Att\'.-at- 
law, 334 E. Indiana St., Chicago, 111. 

Frank Loveless Snider, A.B. y r4» 

At Union Theo. Sem., '87-00.!onary, 
Siam, India. Southport, Ind. 

Charles Ulysses ST()rKBAK(;KR. B.S. ^ aT 
A.M., Wabash, '88. At (Barrett Bib. Inst., 
'88. Asst. I^rof. Biol, and Ger.,, '86- 
7; Asst. Prof. (Jer.. do., '87-S. Meth. Epis. 
Min., Darhngton, Ind., '88; Royal Centre, 
Ind., '8H-9; since '89, Haughvillel Ind. 

Class of 1887. 

Frank Kdwin Aiten. tT 

B.S., Normal U., Lebanon, Ohio, * 86. Prin. 
Sch., Monticello, '86-(> Lumber dealer, Mon- 
ticello, 111. 

John Harvey Cootkr, A.B. 5f '^ i-T 

At McCormick Theo. Sem., '87-90. Presb. 
Min., Delphos, Kan. 

William Hamilton Cootkr, A.B. ^f vT 

Prin. vSch., Galena, Kan., '88. Atty. -at- 
law, Joplin, Mo. 

William Christie Hari>in(;, A.B. rxT 

Supt. Sch., (lalva. 111., '87-9. Med. Stu., 
Frankfort, Ind. 

George Washin(;ton Martin, B.S. ^^ r^ 
Prin. High Sch., Bluff ton, Ind., '87-8; do.. 
Monticello, '88-90. Monticello, Ind. 

Class of 1888. 

Berry Stewart Crehs, A.B. j^f* rT 

M.D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., N.Y., '91. 
3d House Surg., Mo. Pac. R. R., St. Louis, 
Mo. Carmi, 111. 

William Howard Earl, A.B. ]^f( eT 

Civ. Eng., 1022 j^* Twenty-Second St., San 
Francisco, Calif. Attica, Ind. 

Frank Collktt Jones. ^ 

M.I)., Chicago Med. Coll., '88. At Rose 
Polytechnic, '82-4. Physician, 293 Spring- 
field Ave, Chicago, 111. 

Enos McPiiAii. Robinson. ^T 

1448 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Joseph Nkwton Tillktt, B.S. jj /?♦ 

LL.B., U. of Mich., '90. Atty.-at-law, Peru, 

Merrill Elwood Wilson, B.S. jfjj aT 

Atty.-at-law, Goshen, Ind. 

Class of 1889. 

John Thomas Henderson, A.B. ^ vX 

Stu. McCormick Theo. Sem. Franklin, Ind. 

Otto Sickel Hoffman, A.B. y ffY 

Stu. McCormick Theo. Sem., Chicago, 111. 

Schuyler Colfax Spencer, jjf 0T 

Atty.-at-law, Vali)araiso, Ind. 

William Elmer Willis, A.B. y * aT 

Dy. Co. Auditor, Spokane Fafls, Wash. 


Indiana Beta, 

1890-4. NOTES. 

Class ok 1890. 

Edgar Clayton Asiiky. ^ ^T 

Merchant, Ladojjja, Ind. 

John Montc.omkry Crkhs. ^ «* 

Farmer, Carmi, 111. 

George McFarlank (talt. % />T 

A.B., Princeton, '90. Teacher, Shady Side, 
Pittsburgh, Pa. Aurora, 111. 

Class of 1891. 

William Ellerv Bowman. o* 

At Franklin. '86-7. Asst. Cash. Van Buren 
Co. Bank, Farmington, Iowa. 

Henry Little. jSc ft f* X^ 

Time-keeper, M., K. & T. R. R., Denison, 

'86-7. 705 \V. Chestnut St., Denison, Tex. 

Frank Portkr McNutt. 6* 

With Amer. Commercial & Rebate Co., 326 
W. Fifty-Ninth St., New York, N. Y. Spring- 
field, 111. 

Earl Dick O'Rkar. wT 

At Law Dept. De Pauw, '87-8. Ed. Foun- 
tain Heratd, Veedersburgh, since '90. Drug- 
gist, Veedersburgh, Ind. 

Class ok 1892. 

Wilbur Cortes Akhott. % i»X 

Noblesville, Ind. 

Thomas ZornER Ball. 6T 

Druggist, Waveland, Ind. 

Frank Wallace Hurley. tY 

Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Alv AH Taylor Martin. ^Jftf" V'^ 

At De Pauw, '87-8. La Gro, Ind. 

John Edwin McNirrr. rP 

Charleston, 111. 

Herbert Thomson, jgrf* rT 

Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Class ok 1893. 

Ale.xander Gunn Cavins. rT 

Clk., Gen. Mangs Off., I. & I. S. R.R., 
Sullivan, Ind. 

Robert Hepburn Crozier. % />T 

Tolono, III. 

James Bert Garner. tT 

Lebanon, Ind. William Olivk.. rT 

Teacher, '88-9. Lebanon, Ind. 

Paul Mokkatt Rhoads. /4> 

Newport, Ind. 

Harry Corwin Thomas. 

2413 E. Fifth St., Dayton, Ohio. 

William Wilmer Wilson. ^ 
Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Class ok 1894. 

Charles Sumner Little. 
Evansville. Ind. 

Charles Claud Travis. % 
Crawfordsville, Ind. 



College Notes. 

1853. M. M. C. Hobbs, Cf. Coll. Notes. Ind. 

1854. H. D. Wilson, Ora., Lyceum Soc.,'54. 

1855. J. M. Defrees, Salutatorian, '55. 

A. H. Hamilton, Master's Ora., '58 {Conknei- 
pant of the l>runsviga Corps, Gottingen. 

1856. J. E. Chapin, 2d Prize Decl., '55. 

1857. W. I. Es.sick, Prize Eng. Comp. ; Prize 
Decl. ; Ed. \y abash Afai^asine. 

1858. J. Q. A. Blackwell, Prize Decl., '55. 

J. Mackey, 2d Prize Decl., '56; Ed. IVadash 

Magazine, '56. M. Post, rst Prize Essay, 

'55. J. A. Spelman, Prize Decl. ; Prize Eng. 

Comp. ; Deb. and Ora. Public Ex. Calliopean 

1859. W. W. Hill. Ed. IVabash Magazine, 

'55-^>; Ora., Lyceum, '56. A. A. McDonald, 

Soph. Prize Decl., '57. A. H. Post, ist Prize 

Eng. Comp., '57; ist Prize Decl., '58. W. A. 

Woods, 2d Prize Essay, '58. , 

i860. G. W. Hayes, Prize Decl. 

1861. W. T. Hart, CI. Hist., '6r ; Ed. Wabash 

Magazine, '60-1. W. R. Higgins, Ed. Wa- 

bas7t Magazine/ ^()-bi\ Lectured before stu- 
dents on *• Finding our Mis.sion," '89; Judge of 

Baldwin Essay Cont., '90. R. B. Spilman, 

2d Prize Decl., '58; rst Prize Essay, '59; Ed. 
IVabas/i Magazine, '59-61. 

1862. I. C. Black, A.B., and A.M. conferred 

*73 as of '62. L. Railsback, 3d Prize Eng. 

Comp., *6o: 2d Prize Decl., '61. J. R. Web- 
ster, ist Prize Essay, *6i ; Master's Ora., '65. 

1863. J. J. P. Blmn, Capt. Coll. Cadets, '60- 

i. H. H. Boudinot, Soph. Prize Decl., '60; 

Ed. Wabash Magazine, '62-3. A. L. Wil- 
son, Soph. Prize Decl., '61. 

1864. W. P. Black, A.B., and A.M. con- 
ferred '74 as of '64. J. F. Gookins, Ed. Wa- 
bash Magazine, '61-2. D. F. Hill, CI. Ora., 

Yxj. E. B. Thomson, ist Prize Essay, '62; 3d 

Prize Decl., '62; Ed. Wabash Magazine, '63-4; 
Valedictorian, '74. 


Indiana Beta, 


Rep. Wabash at Inter-Coll. Prohib. Cent, In- 
dianapolis, '88. W. E. Willis, 2d Prize Sr. 

Prep. Essav, '84: ist Prize Jr. Kssay, '88; Bald- 
win Prize P^ssay, 'Ky. 

1890. E. C. Ashby, 2d Prize Fresh. Decl., 
'86. G. M. Gait (Rep. Princi'tonian at Inter- 
Coll. Press Assn. meetinjy, Philadelphia, '89; 
Ed. Prtnce/ort/afi, ■89-<)o; Treas., do., '8()-9o; 
CI. Ora., Feb. 22, '90; Treas. Princeton Coll. 
Dramatic Assn., '90). 

1891. H. Little, ist Prize Fresh. Decl., "88; 
Cont. Deb., Feb. 22, '90; Ed. Ouiatenon^ '90. 

1892. W. C. Abbott, Ed. Wabash, '91. 

A. T. Martin, Bus. Mgr. Wabash, '91 ; Cont. 

Deb., Feb. 22, '91. H. Thomson, 2d Prize 

Decl., Prep. Dcpt, '88; ist Prize Fresh. Decl., 

1893. R. H. Crozier, 2d Prize Decl., Prep. 
Dept, '89. 

1894. C. C. Travis, 2d Prize Decl., Prep. 
Dept., '90. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1852. E. C. Johnston, Intd. Ohio Alpha; 
Char. Mem. 

1853. M. M. C. Hobbs, Intd. Ohio Alpha; 
Char. Mem. 

1856. L. P. Spelman, Del. Nat. Conv., Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio, '56. 

1862. J. C. Black, Cf. 111. Beta Frat. Notes. 

1864. W. P. Black, Poet Nat. Conv., Dan- 
ville, Ky., '75; Cf. 111. Alpha Al. J. F. 

Gookins, Poet Nat. Conv., Indianapolis, '65; 
do., Chicago, '68; Cf. 111. Alpha Al. 

1867. M. M. Whiteford. Del. (or Vis.) Nat. 
Conv., Indianapolis, 'b8. 

1868. B. M. Mills, Del. (or Vis.) Nat. Conv., 
Indiana|X)lis, '68; Asst. Sec., do. 

1869. C. Groenendyke, Del. (or Vis.) Nat. 
Conv., Indianapolis, '68; Mem. Ex. Com., '68- 

9; Chorister, Nat Conv., Crawfordsville, Ind., 
'74; Contrib. ist and 2d ed. Song-b<K)k. 

1871. J. E. McPheron, Del. Nat. Conv., Ox- 
ford, Ohio, '70. (J. Pence, Intd. Ind. Alpha. 

1572. J. Robinson, Del. Nat. Conv., Dan- 
ville, Ky., '72; istV.-Pres., do.; 2d V.-Pres. 
Nat. Conv., Philadelphia, '76. 

1573. W. H. Ripley, Cf. Ind. Beta Al. 

C. I). Whitehead, Del. Nat. Conv., Athens, 
Ohio, *73; Pres. Nat. Conv., Crawfordsville, 
Ind., '74; do.; Pres. Ex. Com., 
*75; Grand Banker, do., '75-80; Cf. Ind. Beta 

1875. J. P. Roth, Del. Nat Conv., Danville, 
Ky. , '75; ist V.-Pres., do. 

1876. J. W. McBroom, Contrib. ist ed. Song- 

lx)ok. G. D. McCulkxih, Del. Nat Conv., 

Crawfordsville, Ind., '74. 

1S77. E. S. Booe, Intd. Ind. Gamma. 

W. F. Ringland, Marshal Nat Conv., Craw- 
fordsville. Ind., '74. 

1878. J. S. Watson, Del. Nat Conv., Woos- 
ter, Ohio, '78. 

1880. L. E. Ott, Pres. Ind. St. Assn., '79-80. 

1 88 1. S. C. Dickey, V.-Pres. Ind. St Assn., 

•80-1. S. B. Eccles, Intd. Ind. Delta; Del. 

Nat. Conv., IndianafK)lis, '80. 

1883. T. Wilkins, Del. Nat Conv., Rich- 
mond, Va., '82; Del. Ep.silon Prov. Conv., 
Indianapolis, '83. 

1 88s. E. J. Dukes, Del. Nat Conv., Nash- 
ville, Tenn., '84. 

1888. W. H. Earl, Del. Epsilon Prov. Conv., 

Indianapolis, '87. J. N. Tillett, Del. Nat 

Conv., New York, N. Y., '86. M. E. Wilson, 

Ora. Epsilon Prov. Conv., Indianap)olis, '88. 

1 889. W. E. Willis, Del. Epsilon Prov. Conv. , 
Indianapolis, '88. 

1 89 1. H. Little, Del. Nat. Conv., Blooming- 
ton, 111., '89; Del. Epsilon Prov. Conv., Indian- 
apolis, '89; Prophet, do., *qo; Secy., do., 'qo-i. 

1892. A. T. Martin, Del. Epsilon Prov. 
Conv., '90. 




Charter granted between April and July, 1852, to Joseph MacIIatton,'52, and others whose names 

the records do not furnish; suspended, spring of 1S54. 

Class ok 1851. 


A.M., Wittenberg, '52; Ph. D., do., '73; D. 
D., Gettysburg, '90. At Theo. Dept., Wit- 
tenberg, '51-3. Prof. Greenaway Acad., 
SpringSeld, Ohio, '53-4. Prin. Hamilton. 
Ohio, Acad., '54-60: do., Hamilton Sch., '60- 
3. Commis. Pub. Sch. , . Butler Co. , Ohio, ' 54- 
63. Pres. Mendota Coll., '63-S. I)y. vSupt. 
Pub. Inst, of Iowa, '68-70. Prof. Eng. Lit., 
and Latin, St. Coll. of Iowa, '72-87. Foun- 
der Midland Coll., Atchison, Kan.; Pres. 
do., since '87. 716 S. Fifth St., Atchison, Kas. 

Class of 1852. 

JosEi'ii MacHatton, A.B. ftf* fX 

A.M., Wittenberg, *55. At Hanover, '50-1. 
Commis. Presb. Gen. Assem., 'So. U. 
Presb. Min., Morning Sun, Ohio, till '76; 
Kentland, since ' 76. Trustee and Examiner, 
U. P. Theo. Scm., Xenia, Ohio, '66-76. Kent- 
land, Ind. 4417 Lake Ave., Chicago, 111. 

William Brown Yonck, Ph.B. f* fii 

A.M., Wittenberg, '55; Ph.D., do., '77. 
Tutor, Wittenberg, '53-4. At Theo. Dcpt., 
Wittenberg, 52-3. Asst. Prof. Anct. Lang.. 
Roanoke, '54-7; Prof. Anct. Lang, and 
Lit., do., since '57. Luth. Min., Salem, Va. 

Class of 1855. 

♦Abraham Cahill, A.B. gX. 

Pern. Cand. Ohio Sen., '64. Director C. S. 

& C. R. R. to '68. Atty.-at-law. Died, San 
Antonio, Te.x., Dec. 7, '68. Dayton, Ohio. 

Maurice Kirhy. f* 

Supt. Sch., Henderson, Ky., '78. Supt., 
Pub. Instr., Ky., '79. Lexington, Ky. 

Class of 1S56. 

Andrew Milton Geiger, A.B. gX 

A.M., Wittenberg, '57. Pres. Bd. Direc- 
tors, Wittenberg, '78. At Theo. Dept., Wit- 
tenberg. '58. Luth. Min., Des Moines, Iowa, 
'7i-<); Van Wert, Ohio, '79-81; Smithville, 
Ohio, 'Si-90; since '90, Valley Falls, Kan. 

*Geor(;e Frederick Stelllng, A.B. 5* 

D.D., Heidclberg,'89. Grad. Theo. Dept, 
Wittenberg,' 5 7. Director, Wittenberg. Luth. 
Min., Harrisburg, Pa., '71; Dayton, Ohio, 
'71-81; Omaha, Neb., '81-4. Died, Omaha, 
Mar. 3, '84. Omaha, Neb. 

Class of 1857. 

♦William Geiulart, A.B. f* 

Died, '57, while attending Theo. Dept., 
Wittenberg. Dayton, Ohio. 

Fraternity Notes. 
1852. J. McHatton, Char. Mem. 




Collej^e removed to Sherman, Texas, in 1876. 

Charter granted, June. 1853, to Honestus Hannibal Boone, '55; Alexander McKinney Rafter, '55 ; 
William Anderson Allen, '56, and Andrew Todd McKinney, '58; suspended, 

1855; revived and suspended, 1857. 

Class ok 1S54. 

•JoAB IIkrbkrt Ban ion, A.B. j^ (:ii 

LL.B., Austin, '56. For some time mem- 
ber Texas Lejj. judge Dist. Ct. at time of 
death. Atty.-at-law. Died, Waco, July 13, 
'74. Waco, Texas. 

Class of 1855. 

Hones iLS Hannibal Boonk. ft t"* 

At Huntsville Law Sch.. '54-5- Tutor 
Prep. Dept., Au.stin, '56. C. S. A., Maj., 
Wallers Bat., Green's Brigade, Tex. Cav., 
*6i-5. Wounded in battle, '63. Atty.-Cien., 
Tex.. '76-9. Atty.-al-law and planter, Nava- 
sota, Tex. 


Attended Miami. Before the war, Prin. 
Shelby Mil. Inst., (iermantown, Tenn. C. 
S. A., Capt. Sometime, Prin. Pub. Sch.. 
Cantcm. Died, Canton, May 2, '84. Canton, 


Class ok 1S56. 

•William Andkrson, A.B. ft cX 

Surv., Hardin Co., Tex., '59. l>el. Tex. 
Secession Con v., '01. Atty.-al-law. C. S. A., 
Private, ist Tex. Inf., and served in Hood's 
Brig. ; killed 2d day's battle, (laine's Mill, 
Va. Hardin, Tex. 

Class UK 1S58. 

LolIS Bl ( KNKK IIH.HIOWKK. A.B. ,// + 

Judge .>th Jud. Dist. Ct.. since *<;<;. Atly.- 
at-law, Cleveland. Texas. 

Champion Travis Hill, A.B. ^ 
C.S.A.. Private, 5th Tex. 
Planter, Old Waverly, Tex. 

Inf., '62-3. 

William Travlor Hill, A.B. ^ ^i' 

C. S. A.. Capt., Co. D, 5th Regt, Tex. Inf., 

*6i-5 ; commanding same at Appomattox when 

Lee surrendered. Mem. Tex. Leg., '78-9. 

Farmer, Maynard, Tex. 

Andrkw Toih) McKinnkv. ft vT 

A.B., Coll. of N. 1., '58. Prof. Math., 
Au.stin, '65-6. C. S. A., Private,' 62. Dist. 
Atty., 30th Jud., Tex., '71-3; do., 4th 
Jud. Dist., Tex., since '79. Mem. Const. 
Con v., Tex.. '75. Rep. of (Jr. Kncamp., Tex., 
in (Jr. Lodge U. S. of I. (). (). P., •7{>-S. 
Mem. Tex. House of Rep., '82-4. Regent, 
C of Tex. Attv.-at-law, Huntsville, Tex. 

College Notes. 
1854. J. H. Ban ton. Valedictorian, '54. 

Fraikk.miv Noiks. 

1S55. H. H. Boone, Char. Mem. A. M. 

Rafter, Intd. Ohio Alpha; Char. Mem. 
iS5<). W. A. Allen, Char. Mem. 
1858. A. T. McKinney, Char. Mem. 


Kentucky Beta. 


Class of 1884. 

John Charles Fkkmont (tordon, A.B. % (pX 
Since '85, Chief Clerk to P. O. Inspector, 
San Francisco. Atty.-at-law, 460 E. Eleventh 
St, East Oakland, Calif. 

Henry Marston Johnson. ^ »/'X 

Merchant, Coushatta, La. 

Robert Dlxon Saunders. A.B. ^ .iX 

B.M., K.M.I.,'S4: C.E., do., '84. Merchant 
and planter, Enola, Yazoo River, Mbis. Yazoo 
City, Miss. 

William Vance Thompson. ]jf fSX 

Major ist Reg., Tenn State Troops, '87. 
Farmer, Ash wood, Tenn. 

John Townsend Williams. /'?X 

Lumberman, 371 Second St., Memphis, 

Class of 1885. 

Louis Bridgforth. i-* 

At Lexington Coml. Coll. , '85. BcK)k-keeper, 
Bank of Pickens, Pickens, Miss. 

William Bradford (Jrimes, Jr. ^ (^ 

Secy. Kansas City Electric Light Co., and 
Edison Electric Light and Power Co., since 
'87. 1229 Locust St., Kansas City, Mo. 

David Thompson Haroravks. .ix 

At Eastman Bus. Coll., '84-5. Wholesale 
and retail grocer, Helena, Ark. 

Thomas Carmichael Hlndman. ]^S^ ;*-i<I» 

At U. of Miss., '82. Secy, and Treas., 

Anchor Oil Co., Helena, Ark., '80-5. Since 

'85, Gen. Agt. L) wight & Co., New York. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

•Benjamin Mortimer Lav. /i<j, 

Died, Ky. Mil. Inst., April 15, '83. Winona, 

Henry Marston. 3* 

Farmer. Gen. Mgr. eleven plantations on 
Red River. Bedford, La. 

Silas Tyson. ^ gX 

At Howard Coll., '84. Del. Const. Conv., 
4th Dist., Ala. Merchant, farmer and stock 
raiser. Fort Deposit, Ala. 

Alfred Tefferson VAroii an, A.B. ^ .^* 

Book-keeper, Z. N. Estes & Co., Memphis, 

Class of 18S6. 

Jay Cooke Allen, A.B. ^ jY 

Orlando, Fla. Since '()(.), Dy. Shff., Kings 
Co., Wash. Atty.-at-law, Allen & Powell, 
32-35 Union Bl<Kk, Seattle, Wash. 

Leviticus Benton, A.B. c* 

Attended Ky. Wesleyan Coll. Atty. -at-law, 
Cynthiana, Ky. 

Georoe Robertson Bradley, B. E. y aT 

Recorder, A.,T. & S. F. R.R. Co., Pueblo, 
Col., '87-9. Dy. Surv. Customs, Louisville, 
Ky., '89-90. City Atty., Lancaster, '90-1. 
I St Lieut, Co. G, 2d Regt., Ky. St. Guard. 
Since '91, Custodian Custom House, Louis- 
ville, Ky. Atty.-at-law, Lancaster, Ky. 

Fannin Chipley. f* t4» 

Since *86, Chief Clerk, local freight office, 
• L. & N. R.R. Co. 206 W. Gadsen St., Pen- 
sacola, Fla. 

Henry Keaits, A.B. ^f vT 

Attended U. of Ark. Merchant and planter, 
106 Main St., Little Rock, Ark. 

James Keatts, A.B. 'Sf vX 

At Leddin's ComT. Coll., *86. Merchant 

and planter, 106 Main St., Little Rock, Ark. 

William Knippenhero, B.S. ]Jf gX 

Col. Cavalry and Aide-de-Camp to Com.- 

in-Chief, Mont. Nat Guard. Treas. Hecla 

Mercantile and Banking Co., Glendale, Mont. 

I RoHERT William Lambuth, A.B. ]Jf a^ 

B.E., K. M. L, "86; B.L., do.. '86. Prof. 
Latin and Eng. Lit., and Asst Comdt 
Moreland Park Mil. Acad., Atlanta. Ga., '87- 
8, and since '90. Supt. and Inspector of 
Schools, and Supt Kobe Institute, under 
Japanese Govt, Kobe, Japan. '88-90. At- 
lanta, Ga. 

♦Harry Middleton Miller. f* 

Died, Mount Vernon, Jan. 24, '90. Mount 
Vernon, Ky. 

S AMI EL Foster Owen, B.S. y ^X 

Lumberman, Saginaw, E. S., Mich. 

Charles Andrew Southwick. J^ j* 

Louisville, Ky. 

Class of 1887. 

Georoe Neville Bi.akemore. r* 

Montgomery, Ky. 

Paul Richard Cook, j^ <t4» 

At U. S. Mil. Acad., '86-8. Since '88, 
Clerk War Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Lynn Boyd Fer(;uson. *o* 

Ed. AVi^'^ Sandy News, Louisa, Ky., '85-9. 
Asst. Sec, Ashland Improvement Co. 
Printer and stationer, Ashland, Ky. 

Alphonso William Fritot. aY 

Cigar Manfr., 145 Main St., Jacksonville, 




Charter granted, January 20, 1857. to Charles David Armstrong, '57; John Alexander Chambliss, 
'57; James Hugh Ferguson, '57; Joshua Flood Cook, '58, and Henry Ray, '58; withdrawn, 
April 7, 1857; re-established, March i, 1875; suspended, fall of 1875. 

Class of 1857. 

Charles David Armstrong, A.B. J|[ 
Atty.-at-law, Room 7, Schurman 
Louisville, Ky. JefFersonville, Ind. 



John Alexander Chambllss, A.B. I^jj 

A.B., Howard Coll., Ala., '57; A.M., do., 
•59; D.D., Bethel Coll., Kv., "75. Grad. So. 
Bap. Theo. Sem., '6t. Trustee Richmond 
Coll., '67-72; Furman Univ., '73-82; So. Bap. 
Theo. Sem., '75-83. Pres. Warrenton Inst., 
Va., '82-4. Prof. Lat and Lit., Maryland 
Ag^cultural Coll., '85-9. Bap. Min., Sumter, 
S. C, '61-4; Aiken, S. C, '66-7; Richmond, 
Va., '67-71; Charleston, S. C, '72-82; since 
'89, First Baptist Church, East Orange, N. J. 

•James Hiujh Fkrgi;son, A.B. jj ftil 

Farmer. Died, near Stamping Ground, 
July 31, '71. vStamping Ground, Ky. 

Class ok 1858. 

Joshua Flood Cook, ft • p^ 

LL.D., Baylor U., 74. Since '65, Pres. La 
Grange Coll., La Grange, Mo. 

•Henry Ray. ft /?t 

Bap. Min. Died, Bowling Green, June i, 
*66. Bowhng Green, Ky. 

Class of 1875. 

Amos Stout, A.B. ft fl2 

At So. Bap. Theo. Sem., Greenville, S. C. 
(now Louisville, Ky.), '76-7. Bap. Min., 
Harrison Co., Ky., '78-84; Alexandria, 
Ky., '84-7; Palmyra, Mo., '87-9; Lancaster, 
since '89. Since '89, Prof. Math, and Astron. , 
Garrard Coll. Lancaster, Ky. 

Class of 1876. 

George Washington Cleaveland, B.S. >^ 

Farmer, Jessamine Co. Keene, Ky. 

GiLMORE Hays Nunnelly, B.S. ^^ 

Merchant, Georgetown, Ky. 

Lee Peak Viley, A.B. ^ Of 

Teacher, Donerail, Ky., Acad., '76-7. Prin. 

High Sch., Blackburn, Mo., '89. Farmer, 

'78-90. Since '90, Real Estate, Abstracts and 

Insurance, Marshall, Mo. 

Class of 1877. 

Eu(;ene Stout Carruthers, A.B. air 

Retail clothing merchant, Butler, Mo. 

Abner Rogers, A.M. ^jLf' ^Y 

Prin. Male Sem., Stanford, Ky. Prof. 
Lang., Daughter's Coll., Harrodsburg, Ky. 
Auburn, Ky. 

1878-9. NOTES. 

Kentucky Gamma, 


Glass of 1878. 

John Rogers, A.B. 4^ yT 

Farmer, near Harrodsburg. Versailles, Ky. 

German BoirANNON Stout. /3X 

Farmer, Faywood, Ky. 

Class of 1879. 

*Lawrence Smith Caldwell, ft ^ 

Died, Louisville, Jan. 19, '80. Louisville, 

Angereau Glenn, A.B. y ft (Hf 

Proprietor, Imperial Nurseries, Columbus, 
'84-91. Atty.-at-law, Columbus, Ind. 

George Shelby Scearce, A.B. f4> 

Prin. Scearce' s Acad., Shelby ville, Ky. 

1857. J. A. 
Howard Coll., '57) 

College Notes. 

Chambliss, (Valedictorian, 

T877. A. Rogers, (Jr. Prize, Centre, '76); 
Valedictorian, '77. 

1879. A. Glenn, Anni. Deb., Tau Theta 
Kappa, '75. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1857. C. D. Armstrong, Char. Mem. J. 

A. Chambliss, Char. Mem. J. H. Ferguson, 

Char. Mem. 

1858. J. F. Cook, Char. Mem. H. Ray, 

Char. Mem. 

1875. A. Stout, Char. Mem. at reorg., '75. 

1876. L. P. Viley, Char. Mem. at reorg., '75. 

1877. A. Rogers, Char. Mem. at reorg., 
'75; Del. Nat. Conv., Danville, Ky., '75. 

187S. John Rogers, Char. Mem. at reorg., 


1879. L. L. Bristow, (\^a. Beta, '79), Char. 

Mem. at reorg., '75. L. S. Caldw^ell, Char. 

Mem. at reorg., '75. A. Glenn, Char. Mem. 

at reorg., '75. 





Charter j^ninted, June 27, 1S57, to William (ireene Jenckes, '57; William Freeman Vilas, '5S, and 
Granville Sharp Pattison Stillman, '59; suspended, 1861; reorganized, January 20, 18S0. 

Class of 1S57. 

William Grkenk Jknckks, A. B. J^ft^ ^4»-//i2 
A.M., U. of Wis., '60: LL.K, Cnicinnati 
Coll., '(h). Farmer, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Class ok 1858. 

Isaac Wapdle M( Kkevkk. ]j[ i;^ 

A.B., Mich. Union (now Adrian), '58; A.M., 
Adrian, '6t ; D.D., do., '85. Prof. Nat. Sci., 
Adrian, '60^71, and '74-81; Trustee, do., 
since '90. Prot. Epis. Min., First Ch., 
Pittsburjj, Pa., '71-4. Moderator Mich. vSt. 
Assn. Conjj^. Chs., since '90. Cong. Min., 
Allegan, Mich., '81-6; since '86, Ludington, 

John Willl\m Slalghtkr, A.B. ^"f i'i^ 

A.M., U. of Wis., '61. At Union Theo. 
Sem.,Va.,'6o-i. C.S.A., Private, 1 3th Va. Inf., 
'61-5. Cotton Merchant. New York, N. Y., 
'67-78. Sec. Mo. Glass Co., St. Louis, '79- 
88. Ins. and Finan. Agt., Rooms 45 & 47 
Laclede Bldg., Saint Louis, Mo: 

William Frekman Vilas, A.B. ]{fft^ ^''^ 

A.M., U. of Wis., '61 ; LL.B.. Albany Law 
Sch., '60; LL.IX. U. of Wls., "85. U.S.A., 
Capt, Co. A, 23d Wis. Inf., '62; Maj., '63; 
Lieut. -Col., '63. Del. Dem. Nat. Conv., St. 
Louis, '76; do., Cincinnati, '80; do., and Per- 
manent Chairman, Chicago, '84. Mem. Dem. 
Nat. Ex. Com., '7(>-87. Orator 12th Reunion 
Army of Tenn., Indianapolis, '78. Prof. 
Prac, Plead, and Evid., Law Dept., U. of 
Wis., '68-S5, and since '89. Regent U. of 
Wis., '80-5. Revi.ser, Stats, of Wis.. '78. 
Joint Author, "Vilas and Bryants' Notes," 

Wis. Supreme Ct. Reports, 18 vols. Mem. 
Wis. Assem., '85. Postmaster-(ieneral of 
U. S., '85-8; Sck:. of Interior, do., '88-<>. 
U. S. Senator for Wi.s., since '91. Atty.-at- 
law, Madison, Wis. 

Class of 1859. 

Alfred Lee Bustedo. ;(X 

Pres. Bostedo Package & Cash Carrier Co. , 
Chicago, 111., since '86. Pres. Bostedo Co- 
operative Store Co., Atlantic, Iowa. 

Leonard Stockwell Clark, A.B. ^ x^ 

A.M., U. of Wis., '62. At Albany Law 
Sch., '5(;-()0. Atty.-at-law, 325 Montgomery 
St., San Francisco, Calif. 

MouLToN De Forest. ^ x^ 

A.B., Yale, '61. U. S. A.. Private toCapt., 
1 8 til Wis. Inf., '61-5. Real Est. and Loan 
Agt., and Atty.-at-law, Wetmore, Kan. 

PiiiLir Clayton Slaughter, Ph.B. "^ ;fX 

C. S. A., Private, 13th Va. Inf., '61-2; do., 
3d Va. Cav., '63-5. Asst. Prof., Flushing 
(N. Y.) Inst., '74-3. Cotton Merchant, New 
York, ^74-88. Real Est. Agt., 54 Stone St., 
New York, N. Y. 

Granville Sharp Pattison Stillman. ft ^X 
Atty.-at-law, 120 Broadway, New York, 

N. Y. 

♦Edward Macon White. x^ 

U. S. A., Chief Clk. to Maj. Eaton, Paym. 
Dept., and Col. Easton, Q. M. Dept, '61-5; 
retained for special efficiency, '65-72. Real 
Est. and Loan Agt., '73. Died, Evan.ston, 
Nov. 12, '73. Evanston, 111. 

1 860-8 1 

Wisconsin Alpha, 


Class of i860. 

♦Edward Lewis Fitzhugh. /X 

A.B., Hobart, '60. Clk. Wis. House of 
Rep., '61. Cashier Q. M. Dept, Chatta- 
nooga, Tenn., '64-5. Some time Ed. ItiteUi- 
i::encer, Charlottesville, Va. Atty.-at-law. 
Died, Milwaukee, March 19, '70. Milwaukee, 

Nicholas Gano Iglehart. JJ 0* 

Pres. The Brighton Co., Chicago, '72-83. 
Town Trustee, Evanston, 111., '76-7. In Gen. 
Freight Dept, C. & N. W. Ry., '79-87. 
Sec. Western Classification Com., '83-7. 
Commis., Chicago Freight Bureau, 71 Board 
of Trade Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

♦Andrew John McFarlane. «dX 

U. S. A., Private, Co. H, 23d Wis. Vol., 
'62; Serg.-Maj.,.'62; ist Lieut, Co. K, '62-3. 
Died, Portage, July 4, '63, of wounds re- 
ceived May 20, '63, at Vicksburgh, Miss. 
Portage, Wis. 

Obed Alley Palmer. c\ 

Mining Eng. and U. S. Dy. Mineral Surv. 
for Utah and Idaho, 659 E. South Temple 
St, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

♦Frederick Tiffany Starkweatiier, A.B. yk 
A.M., U. of Wis., '63. U. S. A., 2d Lieut, 
Co. G, Wis. Vol. Inf., '61; Asst Q. M., 
rank of Capt, '62; detailed for Mil. R.R. 
.service, '62-5. Planter, Memphis, Tenn., 
*f)5-8. Merchant, '68-84. Died, Milwaukee, 
Feb. 4, '84. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Class of 1861. 

Ei'(;ene Arns Nash. ^ rX 

A. B., Alfred U.,'f)o; A.M., do., '63; LL.B., 
Albany Law Sch., '61. U. S. A., 2d Lieut., 
Acting Adjt and Capt., 44th N. Y. Inf.; 
Asst. Insp.-Gen., 3d Brig., ist Div., 5th 
Corps; Lieut-Col., 23d Col. Troops, '61-4. 
Clk. Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., '74-6. Mem. 
N. Y. Leg., 2 terms. Atty.-at-law, Catta- 
raugus, N. Y. 

William Ensor Spencer, A.B. 5Sf rfi 

A.M., U. of Wis., '65; LL.B., Columbian, 

'67. Clk. U. S. Treas. Dept, '62-6. Clk. 

U. S. Sen., '66-79, and since '83. Permanent 

address. Rice Lake, Wis. Washington, D. C. 

♦Henry Vilas, A.B. f* ;/^ 

A.M., U. of Wi.s., '65. U. S. A., Q. M., 
Serg., and Serg.-Maj., 12th Wis. Inf., '61 ; 2d 
Lieut, Co. E, 23d Wis. Inf., '62; Capt., Co. A, 
do., '63-5. Atty.-at-law. Died, Milwaukee, 
Nov. 21, '72. Madison, Wis. 

Class ok 1862. 

Fielding Mansfield, y ?.4» 

U. S. A., Col, 54th Ind. Inf. Pres. Alli- 
gator Match Co. , and Boilean Pat Furnace 
Co., to '86. Retired from business. 1745 
Waverly Place, Saint Louis, Mo. 

Class of 1S63. 

Phineas JosEi'HUS Clawson, A.B. f* 

A.M., U. of Wis., '67. U.S.A., ist Lieut, 
Co. A, 20th Wis. Inf., '61-4. Prin. Schs., 
Brodhead, Wis., '65. Dist. Atty., Green Co., 
•76-84. Clk. Cir. Ct, i2th Dist, Wis., '73-5. 
Mem. St Sen., 12th Dist, Wis., '89-93. Atty.- 
at-law, Monroe, Wis. 

Ge()K(;e Miles Leland. fJ4» 

U. S. A., enlisted, '62; Ord.-Serg., Co. L, 
15th 111. Cav. ; mustered out, '65. Prin. 5th 
Ward Sch.. Ottawa, '65-6. Mast in Chan., 
Cir. Ct., La Salle Co., 111., '68-81. Atty.-at- 
law, Ottawa, 111., '67-81. Farmer, Tenney, 

Joseph Tredway, Ph.B. jt* 

A.M., U. of Wis., '66. U. S. A., Private 
to ist Lieut., :3d Wis. Vol. Inf.; Aide-de- 
Camp to Gen. T. E. Ransom; Capt. and 
Asst. Q. M., Army of Tenn., '62-6. Sec. 
Greeley-Buniam Grocer Co., 1535 Lucas 
Place, Saint Louis, Mo. 

♦Levi Madison Vilas, A.B. ^ ^ 

A.M., U. of Wis., '66; LL.B., Albany Law 
Sch., '64. City Atty., Eau Claire, Wis., '72; 
Mayor, do., '76. Dist. Atty., Eau Claire Co., 
Wis., '77-81. Judge Dist. Ct, Ramsey Co., 
Minn.. '89. Died, Madison, Wi.s., Aug. 25, 
'89. Saint Paul, Minn. 

Class of 1881. 

Charles Alhflrt Foster, B.L. %ii ^"^ 

Ph.(;., U. of Wi.s.. '85. Druggist, Tren- 
ton, Mo. 

Alva Jarvis Grover, B.C.E. 7U 

C.E., U. of Wis., '83. With U. S. Coast 
Surv., '78-80. Asst Eng., Wis. Central Ry., 
'81. U. S. Asst. Eng., Mo. River Improve- 
ment, '82-3. Asst. City Eng., 1137 Park 
Ave., Omaha, Neb. 

Henry Freeman Mason. % ^t 

With U. S. Coast Survey, '78-81. Asso. 
Ed. Batfi^er Sluff JUinncr, Black River 
Falls, Wis., 'S1-5. City Atty., Garden City, 
'87-9. Co. Atty., Finney Co., Kan., since 
'89. Atty.-at-la'w, Garden City, Kan. 


Wisconsin Alpha, 


Daniel Skymour McArthur, B.L. JSTft ** 
M.D., Rush Med. Coll.. '84. At N. Y. Post 
Grad. Med. Sch./SS-g. Del. Inter-nat. Med. 
Cong., Washington, D. C, '87. V.-Pres. 
Amer. Archseological Assn., '88. Phys. and 
Surg., 205 Main St., La Crosse, Wis. 

William Nelson Merriam, B.M.E. ^ 

With U. S. Geol. Survx^y, '82-8. Expert 
Geol., Mich. Land and Iron Co., '88-90. 
Mining Eng. and Geol., Madison, Wis. 

Class of 1882. 

Charles Bamford, LL.B. ?.i2 

Atty.-at-law, Aberdeen, S. Dak., '83. Tel. 
Ed. Herald, Chicago, 111. 

Oscar James Frost, B.M.E. ^i* 

M.E., \3, of Wis., '85. At Johns Hopkins, 

'85. Assayer, Boston and Col. Smelting Co., 

Argo, Col., '82-7. Real Est. and Loan Agt., 

Boston Bldg., Denver, Col. 

Joseph W Hallam, B.L. Sff' 6* 

*' W " letter only. LL.B.. U. of Wis.. '83. 
Atty.-at-law, Haakinson Block, Sioux City, 

George Keenan, Jr. 6X 

M.D., Rush Med. Coll., '83. Phys. and 
Surg., Madison, Wis. 

Frank Dewight Larrabee. ;ti' 

Prin. High Sch., Weyauwega, Wis., '82-3. 
Co. Atty., Clay Co., Minn., '85-6. Atty.- 
at-law, 923 Guaranty Bldg., Minneapolis, 

Charles Warren Rose, B.S. c^ 

Farmer, Big Bend, Wis. 

David Ferguson Simpson, B.L. % t^^ 

LL.B., U. of Wis., '84; LL.B., Columbia, 

'84. Instr. Elocution, U. of Wis., '82-3. 

Asst. City Atty., City Hall, Minneapolis, 


John Francis Tourtellotte. 6+ 

LL.B., U. of Wis., '83. Atty.-at-law, Pat- 
terson and Thomas Block, Denver, Col. 

Class of 1883. 


Fred William Bentley, LL.B. y 

A.B., Milton, '80. Atty. A., T. & S. F. R. 
R. Co., since '83. Atty.-at-law, Wichita, 

♦Nathaniel Green Durfee. i^ 

Died, Ashland, Feb. 21, '81. Ashland, 

Leander Miller Hoskins, B.S., B.C.E. ^ <tQ 

M.S., U. of Wis., '85; C.E.,do.,'87. Instr. 

Engineering, U. of Wis., '85-9; Asst. Prof. 

Mechanics, do., '89-91; Prof. Mechanics, 
since '91. Madison, Wis. 

LoRRAiN Sherman Hulburt, A.B. % a^ 

A.M., U. of Wis.. '88. At GOttingen. Ger., 

'89-90. Prin. High Sch., Darlington, Wis., 

'85-7. Prof. Math., U. of S. Dak., since '87. 

Vermillion, S. Dak. 

Arthur Wilfred Shelton, B.S., B.C.E. % (AL 
LL.B., U. of Wis., '85. Dist Atty., Oneida 
Co., Wis., since '91. Atty.-at-law, Rhine- 
lander, Wis. 

Class of 1884. 

Harry Hamlin Beaser, A.B. rJT 

Clk., La Pointe Indian Agency, Ashland, 
'85-8. Mayor, Ashland, '89. County Treas- 
urer, since ^90. Real Est. Agt., Ashland, 

Joseph Trevarton Bennett. • x^ 

Ph.G., U. of Wis., '86. Druggist, Lan- 
caster, Wis. 

Leslie Lyel Brown, A.B. ^ x^ 

Atty.-at-law, Winona, Mmn. 

McClellan Dodge, B.C.E. *i» 

City Eng., Madison, since '87. County 
Surv., Dane Co., Wis., since '91. Civil Eng. 
and Surv., 327 W. Washington Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

John Dexter Dunwiddie. <W» 

LL.B., Columbian, '85. Clk. Cir. Ct, Green 

Co., Wis., '85-8. Atty.-at-law. Monroe, Wis. 

Herman Frederick Fehr, B.S., B.M.E. y rX 
LL.B., U. of Wis., '86. Atty.-at-law, 65 
Oneida St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Charles Marshall Hall. gX 

At Carleton, '78-80. Cashier Bank of Wal- 
lace, '87-90; do., Coeuer d'Alene Bank, '91. 
Since '91, Real Estate and Ins. Agt, Wall- 
ace, Idaho. 

Augustin Julius Hilbert, B.S. yf' ^X 

Manfg. Chemist, 335 Hanover St, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Carl Fremont Phillips. ^ 

M.D., Rush Med. CoU., '88. At U. of Ber- 
lin, Ger., '88-9. Physician, Stevens Point, 

Milton Updegraff, B.S., B.C.E. 5f rk 

M.S., U. of Wis., '86. With IL S. Coast 
and Geod. Surv. , ' 82-3. Asst Astron. , Wash- 
burn Observatory, '84-7. Second Astron., 
Observatorio Nacional, Cordoba, Argentine 
Republic, '87-00. Director of Observatory 
and Asst. Prot Math., U. of Missouri, since 
'90. Coliunbia, Mo. 


Wisconsin Alpha. 


Class of 1885. 

Charles Levi Allen, B.L. JJT^ ^ 
LL.B., U. of Wis.. '90- Sec. South Wes- 
tern Land Co., since '85. Atty.-at-law, Eau 
Claire, Wis. 

John William Blakey, B.S. vT 

LL.B., Columbia, '87. Atty.-at-law, 29 
Wall St, New York, N. Y. 

Asa Gilbert Briggs, B.S. 5fft ^^X 

LL.B., U. of Wis., '87. Atty.-at-law, 

908-9 Pioneer Press Bldg., Saint Paul, 

George Angus Buckstaff. ST 6X 

LL.B., U. of Wis., '86; LL.B., Columbia, 
*86. Manufacturer, Oshkosh, Wis. 

John Comstock Gaveney, B.S. ^ vX 

LL.B., U. of Wis., '88. Prin. High Sch., 
Arcadia, '88-9. Att>'. -at-law, Stevens Point, 
Wis., '89-90. Atty.-at-law, Arcadia, Wis. 

Charles Fremont Niles, A.B. v* 

At Harvard Divinity Sch., '89-00. Prin. 
High Sch., Monroe, Wis., '86-9. Unitarian 
Min., lanesville, Wis., '90-1. 181 8 Broad- 
way, West Superior, Wis. 

John William O'Neill. 55^ f' 7^ 

At Racine, '74-7. Physician, Milwaukee, 

Frederick Corning Rogers, f* /iX 

M.D., Chicago Med. Coll., '87. Phys. and 
Surg., 2105 Wells St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hugh Fred Shunck, B.S. ft ay,.-a^ 

At Hillsdale, "82-3. Atty.-at-law, Toledo, 

*Charles Frederick Siller. t/t 

Died, De Land, Fla., April 22, '84. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Wh.liam Henry Wasweyler, B.M.E. ^ M» 
Manufacturer, 559 National Ave, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Class of 1886. 

Louis Royal Anderson, B.L. 55^ . vX 

Book-keeper, Stevens Point, Wis. 

William Henry Hallam, A.B. yf* 7X 

LL.B., U. of Wis.,'88. Atty.-at-law, Haak- 
inson Block, Sioux City, Iowa. 

Albert Parker Hanson. \rk 

Inventor Colorograph and Gen. Mang. 
Colorograph Mfg. Co. Sec. U. S. Legation, 
59 Store Kongensgade, Copenhagen, Den- 
mark. 117 Fourth St, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Class of 1887. 

Charles Aldo Alderman. tT 

Asst. City Eng., Eau Clah-e, '85-6. Asst 

Eng., F. & M. R.R., '86-7; do., D., S., S. & 

A. R. R., '87-8; do., N. & C. R. R., '88--9. 

City Eng., 422 Niagara St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

William Arthur Allen. ^ t4» 

City Treas., De Land, '88-91. Druggist 
and jeweler, De Land, Fla, 

Frank Bamford, M.E. ft 

Electric Light Insp., C, M. & St. P. Ry.,'87- 

9. Draughtsman Union Pacific Ry., Omaha, 

Oscar Hallam, A.B. ]^f' eX 

LL.B., U. of Wis., '89. Atty.-at-law, Room 
208 Manhattan Bldg. , Saint Paul, Minn. 

Charles Lewis Hover. t* 

Wholesale Druggist, 1449 S. Thirteenth St. , 
Denver, Col. 

William Richard O'Neill, B.M.E. ^ ^ 

Vinegar Mfr., Portland, Ore. 

James Hanson Rogers. ^ «♦ 

Pres. and Treas., The Superior Brown- 
stone Co., Ashland, Wis. 

Charles Henry Schweizer, LL.B. y x^ 

A.B., Sacred Heart, '85. City Atty., La 
Crosse, '91-3. Atty.-at-law, Cor. Fourth and 
Main Sts. , La Crosse, Wis. 

David Ellsworth Spencer, B.L. ^ Rhet., U. of Wis., "88-9; Instr. Hist, 
do., since '90. Madison, Wis. 

Class of 1888. 

William Edward Black, B.L. f* 

LL.B., U. of Wis., '90. Atty.-at-law, 
Richland Centre, Wis. 

De Witt Smith Clark, B.L. pt 

Book-keeper, Eau Claire Nat. Bank, Eau 
Claire, Wis. 

Ferdinand AucJusT Geiger, B.L. x^ 

LL.B., U. of Wis., '90. Atty.-at-law, 102 
Wisconsin St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Matthew Alexander Hall, LL.B. i^ 

At Collegiate Inst., Toronto, Can., '78-80. 
Atty-at-law, N. Y. Life Ins. Bldg., Omaha, 
Neb. . 

Lucien John Pickarts. x^ 

Teller, State Bank, 429 Park St, Madison, 

Edward Daniel Swinburne, B.M.E. if //O 
Supt Construction Work, Electrical Con- 


Wisconsin Alpha. 


struction Co., 43 and 45 Franklin St, Chicago, 

Amhrosk Burnsidk Winkcar, B.L. pT 

Cont. Agt, Chicago Bridge & Iron Co., 21 
New England Bldg. , Kansas City, Mo. 

Class of 1889. 

RuHKRT Curtis Brow.n, A.B. t* 

At Coll. Phvs. and Surgs., N. Y., '89-91. 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Ai.hkrt Ellsworth Buckmaster, B.L. y f^ 
Prin. High Sch., West Salem, Wis., '89-90. 
519 Lake St., Madison, Wis. 

Harry Lincoln Butler, LL.B. ^X 

Atty.-at-law, Madison, Wis. 

Wardon Allan Curtis, A.B. ^ti^ vX 

534 State St., Madison, Wis. 

William Horace Holcomb. Jr. ^X 

Div. Eng. Ore. Ry. & Nav. Co., '88; Road 
Master, do., '89. Train Master, Utah & 
North. Ry., Pocatello, Idaho. 

Arthur Tennyson Leith. fX 

Tacoma, Wash. 

Sherman Grant Potter. kU 

Atty.-at-law, Berlin, Wis. 

Ei)wari> Holton Rogers, B.L. "f />* 

At Coll. Phys. and Surgs., N. Y., since '</>. 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Frank Lloyd ^ 

Architect, Chicago, 111. Oak Park, 111. 

Class of i8(/>. 

David Lice Fairchild, B.C.E. rX 

Civ. Eng., West Suj^rior, Wis. 

Edward Rose Maurer, B.C.E. t'T 

Civ. Eng., Lake Superior Survey, Madison, 

Georce Thomas Simpson, B.L. ^"f 
Asst. to Sec. W. & S. W. Ry.. *8 

'88-9; since 
'90, right of way agent, do. , Winona, Minn. 

Class of 1891. 

James Irwin Chrissinger. wY 

Accountant, 604 Pullman Bldg., Chicago, 
111. Oak Park, 111. 

Charles Smith Miller, A.B. 55^ <tT 

Oconomowoc, Wis. 

Lucius Garland Nash. 5? t^> 

Atty.-at-law, Spokane Falls, Wash. 

Herman Oppenheim. LL.B. ^ 

277 Summit Ave, Saint Paul, Minn. 

Charles Seymour Wasweyler. f* aT 

561 National Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Allan Arthur Wright, f' r* 

Spokane Falls, Wash. 

Class of 1892. 

William Elam Hewit. //* 

At Chicago Coll. of Dental Surgery, '8c>-9i. 
Dentist, David City, Neb. 

Ren£ Ernest Hilhert. ^ <tT 

335 Hanover St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Walter Alexander Marling. <tX 

488 Cass St. , Milwaukee, Wis. 

Warren Mitchell, f' rrT 

Civ. Eng., Pennsylvania R.R. Co., 34 North 
Lime St., Lancaster, Pa. 

James Huntington Turner. pT 

Berlin, Wis. 

Willi A.M Wesley y x^ 

At Chattanooga U., '86-7. Monroe, Wis. 

Class of 1893. 

Howard Erastus Burton, f* uX 

Lake Geneva, Wis. 

Warren Edgar Burton. ^ wY 

Lake Geneva, Wis. 

Robert Henry Hackney. rxY 

1 719 Grand Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Edward Jacob Huber. ^>y 

Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Guy Le Roy Hunner. iY 

Madison, Wis. 

Eugene Roderick MacDonald. /i2 

Madison, Wis. 

Francis Thomas McDonouihi. «X 

Eau Claire, Wis. 

John Franklin Sweet. 5f pY 

285 Farwell Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Class of 1894. 

Clarence Barker Culbertson. rY 

Augusta, Wis. 

Laurence Albert Curtis. ^ pX 

534 State St., Madison, Wis. 

George Theodore Elliott. pt 

139 Sixteenth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Percy Spencer Elwell. a* 

La Crosse, Wis. 

Ernest Lisle Heimbough. k4» 

Eau Claire, Wis. 




Charter granted, February 3, 1859, to Albert Rollo Dyer, '59; Daniel Judson Jenne, '59; James 
Philip Maxwell, '59; Jared Thompson, Jr., '59, and John Augustus Owen, '60; suspended 
about i860. 

Class of 1859. 

Samuel Boyd, A.B. * 612 

A.M., Lawrence. 62; LL.B., Albany Law 

Sch., '61. Co. Judge, Outagamie Co., Wis., 

•65-6. City Atty., Appleton, '71-6, '81-8. 

Atty.-at-law, Appleton, Wis. 

Norman Buck, A.B. yjl iQ 

LL.B., Albany Law Sch., '61. U. S. A., 
Lieut, and Capt, Co. D, 7th Minn. Inf., '62-5. 
Prin. Union Sch., Sheboygan Falls, Wis., 
'58-9. Probate Judge, Winona Co., Minn., 
'65-8; Co. Atty., do., '71-5. U. S. Atty. for 
Idaho, '78-80. Asso. Justice Supreme Ct., 
Idaho, '80-8. Ed. News, Palouse City, Wash., 
'88-90. Del. Meth. Epis. Gen. Conf., Phila- 
delphia, '84. Atty.-at-law, Spokane Falls, 

Albert Rollo Dyer, A.B. * aQ 

A.M., Lawrence, '62. Prof. Coll. Inst, 
Hazel Green, Wis., '59. Taught in Miss, and 
La., '59-60. Prof. Mod. Lang., CoUeg^o de 
San Francisco, CoUegio de Santo Tomas, 
and other colleges, Havana, Cuba, '60-3. 
Adj. Prof. Eng., Royal U. of Havana, '63-9. 
StaSf of Datiy Union, vSpringfield, Mass., 
'70-2, and joint Prop., do. St. Translator of 
laws of Col. into Spanish. In P. O. Dept., 
1312 Lawrence St., Denver, Col. 

Daniel JuusoN Jknnk, A.B. ^ftf* ai2 

A.M., Lawrence," 62. Civ. Eng. on Rail- 
roads in Wis. and N. Y., '59-67. Govt. Con- 

tractor, Rock Island Rapids, Miss. River, 
'67-70. Sec. Union Mfg. Co. and Rock Falls 
Wagon Co., Rock F^ls, 111., '75-6. Ed. 
Evening Gazette, Sterling, 111., '76-82. 
Gen. ^^ng., Brazil Block Coal Co., Brazil, 
Ind., '82-90. Sec. and Treas., Bryce Baking 
Co., 22-26 N. Lincoln St., Chicago, 111. 

James Philip Maxwell, A.B. 4 tU 

Mem. Col. House of Rep., '72-6; do., Col. 
Sen., '7(>-8o. Pres. Col. St. Rep. Con v., '78. 
Pres. St. Sen., '78. U. S. Pj'. Mineral and 
Land Surv., '75-89. Co. Treas., Boulder 
Co., Col., '80-2. State Eng., Boulder, Col. 

Jared Thompson, Jr., A.B. * ri^ 

A.M., Lawrence, '71. A^m. Wis. Leg., 

'65. Dist Atty., Milwaukee Co., '77-8. 

Atty.-at-law, 495 Jefferson St., Milwaukee, 


Class of i860. 

John Augustus Owen, A.B. 55^* ttX 

A.M., Lawrence, '63. U. ST A., Private, 
'61; ist Lieut, Co. M, Wis. Cav., '62-3. 
Trustee, Lawrence, '69-80. Regent, Agrl. 
Coll. of Dak., '81-3. Mem. Const Con v., 
vSioux FaUs, S. Dak., '85. Dist Atty., Dak. 
Ter., '87-8. Lect, Const. Law, Pomona 
Coll., since '90. Atty.-at-law, Pomona, Calif. 

♦Nathan Paine, A.B. 6i' 

A.M., Lawrence, '63. At Albany Law 

Sch., '60-1. U. S. A.. Capt, Co. G. ist Wis. 

l86o-I. NOTES. 

Wisconsin Beta. 


Cav. , *6*i ; promoted to rank of Maj. on the 
field, '64. Killed in battle, Atlanta, Ga., 
July 2S, '64. Oshkosh. Wis. 

Wilbur Fisk Yocum, A.B. aO 

A.M., Lawrence, '63; D.D., do., '81; B.D., 
Garrett Bib. Inst, '69. Prof. Math., Law- 
rence, '70-6. Pres. Ft. Wayne Coll.. '78-89. 
Prin. Summerlin Inst, Bartow, Fla. 

Class of 1861. 

William Edward De Riemer. r* 

A. B., Amherst, '62; A.M., do., '70; B.D., 
Chicago Theo. Sem., '67. Prin. High Sch., 
Waukau, Wis., '62-3. Prof. Milwaukee 
Mil. Acad., '63-4. Missionary, Ceylon, '68- 
7S. Auditor Mission. Accts., '69-78. Ar- 
ranged and published music book in Ceylon 
dialect. Missionary, Flushing, N. Y., '78-9. 
Cong. Min., Ashland, Wis., 79-80; Ripon, 

and Union Grove, Wis., *8i ; at various places 
in Iowa, '81-90; since '90, Chenoa, 111. 

College Notes. 

1859. N. Buck, Valedictorian, '59. D. J. 

Jenne, Scientific Oration, '59. 

i860. T. A. Owen, 3d Honor, '58, '59, and 
*6o, and Phil. Oration, Commencement, '60. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1859. S. Boyd, by request, name added to 

list of Char. Mem. N. Buck, by request, 

name added to list of Char. Mem. A. R. 

Dyer, Char. Mem. D. J. Jenne, Char. Mem. 

— ^J. P. Maxwell, Char. Mem. J. Thomp- 
son, Jr., Char. Mem. 

i860. J. A. Owen, Char. Mem. 




Charter ji^ranted, February 12, 1859, to William Alexander Lord, '60, and Hart Le Luch Stewart, 
'to; suspended, i8(w; reorganized, January 20, 1887. 

Class of 1859. 

Henry Martyn Kihdkr, B.S. gQ 

U. S. A., Private, 14th 111. Cav., '62; Adjt, 
ist Ark. Cav., '63; Lieut-Col., 5th Col. Cav., 
'66. Mang. Rand, McNally & Co., 'Cx)-73. 
Mem. Board of Trade, Chicago, 111., since '79. 
North Evanston, 111. 

Cl.\ss of i860. 

(xhXiRiiK Wkst Bf,(;(;s. ft 

A.M., Northwestern, '78; M.D., Rush Med. 
Coll., '61. At Coll. Phy.s. and Surgs., N. Y., 
* 79-80. U. S. A., Surg., 105th 111. Inf., '62-5. 
Coroner, Du Page Co., 111., '65-6. Dean 
Med. Dept. Northwestern Coll., Sioux City, 
since '90. Physician, 511 Fourth Street, 
Sioux City, Iowa. 

Horace At water (Goodrich. f( ft 

Gen. Mang. Joliet Mound Co. of 111., '62-8. 
Since '70, Real Est. Agt, 80 Dearborn St., 
Chicago, 111. 

William Alexander Lord, A.B. ft yir 

U. S. A., Private, 13th Mo. Cav., '61-2; 
Capt., Co. H, 14th 111. Cav., '62-3; Aid-de- 
Camp to Gen'lsT Stoneman and Schofield, 
'63-5. Del. Southern Loyal Conv., '66. 
Atty.-at-law, '66-76. Supt. Bradstreet's 
Western Agency, St. Joseph, '81-8. Since 
'89, Sec. and Treas. The James WaLsh Mer- 
cantile Co., Saint Joseph, Mo. 

Homer Allured Plimpton, A.B. ft 

U. S. A., 39th 111. Inf., Private to Lieut. - 

Col., '61-5. U. S. Int. Rev. Dept, '66-So. 
Supt. Anglo-Amer. Mining Co., Red Cliff, 
Col., '80-3. Sec. Perris Printing Co. an<l 
Perris Irrigation Dist., Perris, Calif. 

William Henry Harrison Raleigh, ft it' 
Ph.B., Northwestern, '(k>. C. S. A., Serg.- 
Maj., Brev. Lieut, and Adjt, ist Bat Art. 
of Jackson's Corps, '62-5. Judge of credits, 
with Hodge Bros., Baltimore, '73-S5. Mang. 
and Prop. Merchants* Protective Credit and 
Collection Bureau, Baltimore, Md. 

*Hart Ive Lrcii Stewart, A.B. ft }t 

A.M., Northwestern, '63; B. 1)., (rarrett 

Bib. Inst, '63. At Beloit, '55-6. Meth. Epis. 

Min., '63-4. Atty.-at-law. Died, Evanston, 

Feb. 15, '69. Evanston, 111. 

Class of 1861. 

Finlev D Brown. ft 

" D " letter only. 5531 Washington Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

G FORCE Lauman Cook. fX 

Atty.-at-law, 977 W. Taylor St., Chicago, 

James William Haney, A.B. fX 

A.M., Northwestern, '64; D.D., do., '86. 
At Garrett Bib. Inst, '63. U. S. A., Private 
to Capt, Co. I, 72d 111. Inf., '62. Meth. Epis. 
Min., Tonica, 111., '63-5; Marshall, 111., '65-8; 
Lacon, 111., '68-70; Dwight, 111., '70-3; Pekin, 
111.. •73-f>: Abingdon, 111., '76-S; Moline, 111., 
'78-80; Woodhuil, 111., '80-1; Peoria, 111., '81; 


Illinois Alpha, 


Streaton, 111., '82-3; Fairbury, III, '84; Car- 
thage, 111., '85 ; Blandinsville, 111., '86; Canton, 
III, '86-9; since '90, Kewanee, 111. 

Class of 1862. 

Bknnet Buckman Botsford, Ph. B. c* 

2ux> Calumet Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Okrincton Cr?:\vs FosTKR. ftf* r* 

U. S. A., Bat A, Chicago Lt. Art., '61-4; 

Corp. at Shiloh. Agt. Canada Southern 

Line, '75-85. Since '85, Sec. Photo Gravure 

Co., 358 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

•"Charles Hknry Simpson. c* 

Book-keeper, Meth. Book Concern, N. Y., 

'62-3. U. S. A., Paymaster with rank of 

Maj., '63-4. Died, Philadelphia, March 15, 

'68. Philadelphia, Pa. 

-TifARLEs Edward Smiti!. 
Merchant, Chicag 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

rif. ft 

ro, 111, '71, 


Class of 1863. 


A.B., Harvard, '64; LL.B., do., '60; A.M., 
do., '67. U. S. A., Private, Bat. A, Chicago 
Lt. Art., *6i ; 2d Lieut., Benton Cadets, '61. 
Atty.-at-law, 4747 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 

"• LETciiER Andrew Parker. ^T 

At Western Union, 'to- 2; Stuttgart, 
Wiirtemberg, Ger., '74-5. Grad. Boston Sch. 
of Music. '78. U. S. A., Private, Chicago 
Mercantile Bat., '62-3; ist Lieut, ist La. 
Heavy Art., '64-5. Teacher, Royal Normal 
Sch. for Blind, London, Eng., '75. Dean, 
Coll. of Music, 111. Wesleyan, '75-7. Vice 
Pres. Music Teachers' Nat. Assem., '88. 
Instr. Music. U. of Wis., '78-81; Prof. 
Music, do., since '8r. 14 W. Gilman St, 
Madison, Wis. 

Class of 1886. 

RZA Brown Iln r. ^ "f 
Stock raiser, Chnstian, Tex. 

^^ Frank G. Thomson, g 

Teacher Elocution. Died, Denver, April 
23, '90. Denver, Col. 

^YiLLiAM Walker, jf cT 

Seymour, 111. 

Cl.ass of 1888. 

Xsaac Reynolds HiTT, Jr., B.S. j^ftf* 6* 

Mem. firm of L R. Hitt & Co., Real Est, 
142 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. Evanston, 

Class of 1889. 

Charles Carroll Alhertson. /»X 

At Garrett Bib. Inst, '8(>-8. Meth. Epis. 
Min., Goshen, Ind. 

M Edward Fawceit. jjf ^»X 

" M" letter only. A.B., LTppcr Iowa, '86; 
Ph. B., do., '86; A.M., do., '89. At Garrett 
Bib., '8f>-7. Meth. Epis. Min., Dela- 
ware, Iowa, '83-5; Englewood, 111., '86; Chi- 
cago, 111., '86-7; Willmette, 111., '87-8; La 
Grange, 111., '88-9; since '89, Pecatonica, III. 

EvARTs Boi TELL Greene, jjcft ^'X 

A.B., Harvard, '90. (Jrad. Stu. and Asst. 
in U. S. History, Harvard, '90-1. Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Harold Rivers Howell, B.S. yg ^X 

Ins. Agt., 1 22 1 Locust St., Des Moines, 

Grant Bement Parker, ft fP-6X 

At Iowa Wesleyan, 82-3; Chicago U., 
'83-6. In P. O. Dept., Chicago. 493, Forty- 
four Place, Chicago, 111. 

Frederick Coe WAicai. ^f^ (>\ 

Agt. K. C. Piano Co., 2 Fountain Place, 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Class of 1890. 

Georce Oldfield Barnes, B.S. ]^f^ 
Washburn, 111. 

Clyde Mitchell Carr. ^ft 

At Lake Forest, '85-6. With People's Gt 

light and Coke Co., Chicago, 111. Evanston, 

William Anthony Clark. 5jf jj 6<i> 

At Harvard, '90-1. Meth. Epis. Min., 
Des Moines, Iowa. 

Harry LvNNE Hanlev. 3c ft * 6* 

Chief Clk., U. S. Land Off., Oklahoma, 
Oklahoma Ter. 

Frank Parmelee Sherman. 
Des Plaines, 111. 


Class of 1891. 

Horac:e Henson. 
Chicago, 111. 


John Dudley Staulding. * ^ 

At Lawrence, '87-8. Lumber dealer, Black 
River Falls, Wis. 

Stanley Tho-mi'son Sutton. iT 

Book-keeper, Ford Co. Bank, Pax ton. 111. 


Illinois Alpha. 

1892-4. NOTES. 

Class of 1892. 

Ben Clift Buxton. i/t 

Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

Mills Forrest Clark. a* 

Princeton, 111. 

Ralph A Harris. tT 

"A" letter only. Teller, People's Nat. 
Bank, Ottawa, Kan. 

George Edgar Newcomb. yX 

Atchison, Kan. 

John Arthur Rogers. yT 

Buena Park, 111. 

Class of 1893. 

Paul Tinsman Davis. at 

Detroit, Mich. 

Carl De Witt Jackson. <tY 

At Yale, '90-1. Oshkosh, Wis. 

Horace Harper Jarvis. <tY 

Joliet, 111. 

Class of 1894. 

RiTCHEY Means Kinnkar. fit 

Seattle, Wash. 

Winfieli) Scon' Smythe, Jr. tT 

Evanston, 111. 

Abner Tyler Young. 5fft ^T-^ 

At Knox, '89-90. 71 Park Ave., Chicago, 

Collkge Notes. 

1888. I. R. Hitt, Jr., Bus. Mang. North- 
western^ '87-8; Mem. Finan. Bd. of Sylla- 
bus, '88. 

1889. M E. Fawcett, (Foster Prize, Cont 
Debate, Upper Iowa, '85); Ed. Northwestern, 

•86-7; Ed. Syllabus, '87. E. B. Greene, 

Adelphic Orat Cont, '88. H. R. Howell. 

Ed. Syllabus, '88. F. C. Waugh, Ed. North- 
western, '87-8 ; Ed. Syllabus, '87-8. 

1890. G. O. Barnes, Norton Decl. Cont. '88. 

C. M. Carr, Ed. Syllabus, '86-7; Hinman 

Ess. Cont, '89. W. A. Clark, Hinman Ess. 

Cont, '87. H. L. Hanley, Norton Cont 

DecL, '89. 

1894. A. T. Young, Decl. Cont, '90. 

Fraternity Notes. 
i860. H. A. Goodrich, Cf. 111. Alpha Al. 

W. A. Lord, Char. Mem. W. H. H. Raleigh. 

Cf. Md. Alpha Al. H. L. Stewart, Char. 


1862. O. C. Foster, Cf. lU. Alpha Al. Notes. 
C. E. Smith, Mem. Ex. Com., '70-1. 

1886. A. B. Hitt, Intd. to re-establish 111. 
Alpha. F. G. Thompson, Intd. to re-estab- 
lish 111. Alpha. W. Walker, Intd. tore-estab- 
lish 111. Alpha. 

1888. I. R. Hitt, Jr., Char. Mem., '87; Pres. 
Zeta Prov., '89-91. 

1889. E. B. Greene, Char. Mem., '87. 

H. R. Howell, Char. Mem., '87. G. B. 

Parker, Intd. Iowa Alpha; Char. Mem. 111. 
Alpha, '87. F. C. Waugh, Char. Mem., '87. 

1890. G. O. Barnes, Char. Mem., '87. 

C. M. Carr, Char. Mem., '87. W. A. Clark, 

Char. Mem., '87. H. L. Hanley, Char. 

Mem., '87. 

1894. A. T. Young, Intd. 111. Delta. 




Charter granted, October 22, 1859, to William Andrew Dixon, Y)o; David Simeon Rice Kern, '60, 
and William Henry Brevoort, '62. 

Class of 1858. 

♦Cyrus Nerva Blount, A.B. ^ f8 

AM.. N. W. Christian (now Butler), '61 ; 
M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., '65. Prin. High 
Sch., Manchester, Ind., '59-60. Co. Supt, 
Tipton Co., Ind., '67-71. Trustee Ind. Med. 
ColL, 'So. Died, Kokomo, Dec. 28, '87. Phy- 
sician, Kokomo, Ind. 

Class of 1859. 

♦Perry Hall, A.B. ^ fS2 

A.M., N. W. Christian (now Butler), '62. 

U. S. A., Chap., 79th Ind. Inf., '62. Chris. 

Min., Indianapolis, '59-62. Died, Indianapo- 

Hs, Oct. 27, '62. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Class of i860. 

William Andrew Dixon, ft ri' 

M.D., Med. Coll. of Ohio, '65. At Ohio 
Wesley an, ' 56-83 ; Jefferson Med. ColL , '63. U. 
S. A., Surg, with Gen. Field Hosp., Dept of 
the Cumb., '64-5. Prin. Ripley High Sch., 
*6o-i. Pres. Bd. of Educa. of Ripley Union 
Schs., '75-85. Mem. City Council, Ripley, 
'84-5. Pres. Ripley Nat. Gas and Oil Co., 
'88. Phys. and Surg., Ripley, Ohio; 

♦Friend Carroll Goodwin, A.B. rP 

U. S. A., Chap., '61. Teacher. Died, In- 
dianapolis, April 16, '61. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Ross Guffin, A.B. f 6il 

A.M., N. W. Christian (now Butler), '63; 

LL.B., Harvard, '61. At Antioch, '57-60. 

U. S. A., ist Lieut, and Capt., Co. G, 52d 
Ind. Inf., '61-4. Asst. U. S. Dist Atty., and 
U. S. Dist. Atty., Western Dist of Mo., '82- 
5. U.S. Surveyor of Customs, '89-93. Atty.- 
at-law, 2503 Kansas Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

♦David Simkun Rice Kern, ft rf 

Died, Irvington, Ind., Feo. 15, *6o. Bed- 
ford, Ind. 

William Nimon Pickerill, A.B. <J* 

A.M., N. W. Christian (now Butler), '63. 
At Ohio Wcslcyan, '57-9. U. S. A., Corp., 
Co. F, 3d Ind. Cav.,'61-4. Co. Atty., Henry 
Co., Mo., and Cir. Atty., 22d Jud. Cir., Mo., 
'68-71. Spec. Examr., U. S. Pens. Dept, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Irvin Robbins, A.B. 3^ rir 

A.M., N. W. Christian (now Butler), '63. 
At Law Dept. , N. W. Christian (now Butler), 
'59-60. Journal Clk., Ind. Sen., *6i. U. S. 
A., Private, 7th Ind. Inf., '61 ; Adj., 76th Ind. 
Inf., '62; Capt and Maj., 123d Ind. Inf., 
'63-5. V.-Prcs. Shaw Carriage Co., '74-5; 
Treas., do., to '79. Supt. Police, Indianapo- 
lis, '83. Manufacturer, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Class of 1861. 

Preston Archer Davidson. 5? P'^ 

At Washington Coll. (now Washington 
and Lee), '60-1. C. S. A., Private, Co. A, 
4th Va. Inf., Stonewall Brigade; 2d Lieut, 
Co. A, ist Va. Bat, '61-5. Horticulturist, 
'67-72. Amateur Florist, N. End Highland 
Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 


Indiana Gamma, 

I 86 1-66 

CiiARLKs Frederic Luckwood, A.B. '% nr^ 
A.M., N. W. Christian (now Butler), '64. 
Prof., N. W. Christian (now Butler), '63-4. 
At Farmers Coll., '58; Med. Coll. of Ohio, 
'64-5. Prin. Sch., Tipton, Ind., '62-3. Phy- 
sician, '65-70. Co. Phys., Hancock Co., Ind., 
'69. Trav. Salesman, '(>9-8i. Dealer in 
school supplies, 85 Dearborn St., Chicago, 
111. Oak Park, 111. 

*Platt J. SfjiiER, A.B. f* 

U. S. A., Ind. Inf., '62. Killed at Shiloh, 
April 6, '62. Hall's Corners, Ind. 

Class of 1862. 

William Henry Brevoort, A.B. f[^^ i4» 

A.M., N. W. Christian (now Butler), '65. 

At Franklin Coll. and Moore's Hill Coll., '58- 

9. Director, Butler, '89-<>o. Farmer, Vin- 

cennes, Ind. 

Addison Clay Harris, B.S. ft ^ 

LL.B., N. W. Christian (now Butler), '64. 

Mem. Ind. Sen., '7(>-8o. Rep. Cand. for 

Cong., 7th Ind. Dist.,'86. Atty.-at-law, I3j^ 

E. Washington St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Alvin Ingals HoiMJS, A.B. % k^ 

A.M., N. W. Christian (now Butler), "65; 
LL.D., Butler, '85. Finan. Agt., N.W. Chris- 
tian (now Butler), '66; Director, do., '72-85. 
U. S. A., Chap., (xjth Ind. Inf., '62-3. Chris. 
Min., Richmond, Ind., '5('>-6o; Kokomo, Ind., 
'63-5; Detroit, Mich., '6(>-7; Des Moines, 
Iowa, "67-71 ; Cincinnati, Ohio, '70-5 and '7(;- 
81; Bloomington, 111., '75-<j; Louisville, Kv., 
'82-7; Wichita, Kan., and Dean Coll. of Bib. 
Theo., Garfield U., '87-8; Denver, Col., '88- 
90. Prof. Theo., Drake U., since '90. Des 
Moines, Iowa. 

*JoiiN Tyler Jackson, A.B. ^ 

A.M., N. W. Christian (now Butler), '65. 
Atty.-iit-law. Died, Indianapolis, '72. Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

♦Robert Parish Parker. C^ 

LL.B., N. W. Christian (now Butler), '66. 
U. S. A., Serg., 7th Ind. Inf., and ist Lieut., 
ist U. S. Col. Inf., '61-5. Pros. Atty.,Crim. 
Cir. Ct., Marion Co., Ind., '72-4. Atty.-at- 
law. Died, Indianapolis, April 9, '79. In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Class ok 1863. 

Henry Clay Gun IN, A.B. ftf- c^\ 

A.M., N. W. Christian (now Butler), '66. 
Pros. Atty., Marion Co., Ind., '7(3-1. Atty.- 
at-law, Indianapolis, Ind. 

John Vestal Hadlev. ]Sr «* 

U. S. A., Private and 2d Lieut, Co. B, 7th 
Ind. Inf., '61 ; 2d Lieut., do., '62; ist Lieut., 
do., '63; Aide-de-Camp to Gen. Rice, '63-5. 
Mem. Ind. Sen., '6S-72. Director Butler, 
'79-85. Pres. ist Nat. Bank, Danville, 
since '76. Author, •* Seven Months a Pris- 
oner." Del. Rep. Nat. Conv., Chicago, 111., 
'88. Atty.-at-law, Danville, •6f)-88. Judge 
Cir. Ct., Hendricks Co., Ind., since *88. 
Danville, Ind. 

*Hlnry Clay Holbrook. c* 

Merchant. Died, June 4, '67. Indianapo- 
Hs, Ind. 

Caspar Wistar McLaughlin. r* 

U.S.A., Serg., 17th Ind. Inf., '61: ist 
Lieut., '^Wilder Bat," 26th Ind. Art, '61-4. 
Sch. Trustee, Greensburg, Ind., '64-74. Real 
Est. and Insurance, Oakland, Calif., '74-86. 
Horticulturist and viticulturist, Heiildsburgh, 

Class of 1864. 

WicKLiKEE Albert Cotton, A.B. rX 

A. M., N. W\ Christian (now Butler), '67. 

At Law Dept, U. of Mich., '65-<^). Mayor, 

De Witt, '77-9. Mem. Iowa Sen., '87-91. 

Atty.-at-law, De Witt, Iowa. 

David Marquis Hillls, A.B. IjfjJ fT 

A.M., N. W. Christian (now Butler), '67. 
At Yale Law Sch., '64-5. Atty.-at-law, 2328 
Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

William Horatio W^iley, A.B. % aX 

A.M., N. W. Christian (now Butler), '67. 
Sec. Ind. Teachers Assn., '65-6; Pres., do., 
'75. Prin. High Sch., Terre Haute, '65-9. 
Mem. Ind. St. Bd. of Education, .since '88. 
Since '69, Supt. Pub. Schs., 451 N. Seventh 
St, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Class of 1865. 

*Edwin Lovel Brevoort, A.B. ftjp <■* 

A.M., N. W\ Christian (now Butler), '68. 
Farmer. Died, Walesboro, Mar. 12, '82. 
Walesboro, Ind. 

John Sanders Duncan, B.S. CQ 

M.S., N. W. Christian (now Butler), '68; 
LL.B., Harvard, '67. U. S. A., Private, 
i32d Ind. Inf., '61. Pros. Atty., Crim. Cir. 
Ct., Marion Co., Ind., '67-9. Director, But- 
ler, '76--91. Atty.-at-law, 672 N. Alabama 
St., IndianajKilis, Ind. 

Class of 1866. 

Henry Harrison Black, A.B. ^X 

A.M., N. W. Christian (now Butler), \x^\ 

M.D., Ind. Med. Coll., '78. U. S. A., Private, 


Indiana Gamma, 




Isaac Madi.son Kki.skv. 

Atty.-at-la\v, Lebanon, Ind. 

James William LownKu, A.B. 

A.M., Butler. '74; Ph. D., Syracuse U., 
'So; Sc. I)., South Ky. Coll., ^87; LL.l)., 
Chicago Correspondence U., '89; LL.l)., 
National L'., '90. At Ky. U., '66-9; Syra- 
cuse U., '80. Tutor Greek, Butler, '70-1. 
Prin. Acad., Eldred. Pa., '76; do., Quaker 
St. Lit. Inst., New York, '77-<> Pres. Colum- 
bia Coll., Ky., 'So-i. Chris. Min., Scranton, 
Pa., '73-6; Pittsburj.!^, Pa.,'8i-'^; Louisville, 
Ky., '83-6; Paducah, Ky.. '^l-^; since '88, 
Fort Worth, Tex. 

Jamks Madison Mo.nrok, A.B. i,M 

A.M., N. W. Christian (now Butler), '74. 
At Hiram Coll., '64-8: Oberlin, '68; Alliance 
Coll., '<)9-7i. U. S. A., Private, Co. G, 42d 
Ohio Vol. Inf., '61-2. Prof. Ancient Lang., 
Chri.stian Coll.. Santa Rosa, Calif., '74-7. 
Pres. and Prof. Metaphysics, Southern Pa- 
cific Coll., Downey City, Calif., '77-<^ Del. 
Nat. Prohib. Conv., from Ohio, '84; do., from 
Kansas, '88. Chris. Min., Courtland, Ohio. 
'67; North Eaton, Ohio, '68; Cleveland, Ohio. 
'69-70; Ligonier, Ind., '71-2, and '80-1: 
Youngstown, Ohio. '82; Bellaire, Ohio, '83-7; 
since '87, Wichita, Kan. 

John Aikxandkr Ruhkrts, B.S. x^ 

U. S. A., Private, 68th Ind. Inf.. '62-3. 
Tutor, Eng. Lit., N. W. Christian (now But- 
ler), "70-1. Del. (Jen. Chris. Mission. Conv., 
'83-7. Chris. Min., Lebanon, Ind., '71-3; 
Shelbyville, Ind.. '73-6; New Castle. Ind., 
'76-8; Dublin, Ind., '78-81; Kenton, Ohio, 
•81-4; Tallula, 111., '84-6; Pittstield. 111., 
'86-8; .since '88, Kendallville, Ind. 

John Quincy Thomas. A.B. f>M 

A.M., N. W. Christian (now Butler), '74; 
LL.B., do., '72. Tutor Math., N. W. Chris- 
tian (now Butler), '70-1. City Atty., Rush- 
ville, '75-7, and '80-6. Co. Atty., Rush Co., 
Ind., '76-8, '80, 'S2-5, '8H-92. Sec. and 
Treas, Gem Flourinj^^ Mill. Co., since '84. 
Atty.-at-law, Rushville, Ind. 

Sami;ki. Evans Yoinu. //ii 

Atty.-at-law, Alliance, Ohio. 

Class ok 1872. 

Walter Rai.kkjh Coi ch. 

Chris. Min., Friendville, 111. 



Atty.-at-law, Tipton, Ind. 

William Irelan, A.B. f^ 

A.M., X. W. Christian (now Butler), '75. 

At Alliance Coll., '69-71. U. S. A., Private 
and Serjjf., 12th Ind. Inf., '62-4. Prin. Higb 
Sch.. Monticello, Ind., '6(>-8; Burnett's Creek, 
Ind., '75-9, and '83-5; Wolcott. Ind., '81-3. 
Pres. Southern Christian Inst., Ileminj^way,, '80-1. Chris. Min., Lawrence, Kan., 
'83-9; Eureka Springs, Ark., '8(^91; since 
*9i. North Topeka, Kan. 

James Ciieslev Norris. ft V"^ 

Pres. Ind. Com. Travs. Assn., since '89. 

Com. Trav., 140 S, Meridian St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Ci RTis Henry Remv, A.B. t^ 

I At Transylvania Coll., '70-2. Atty.-at-law, 

703 Owings Bld^. , Chicago, 111. 

John Randoli'ii Si'ears. v+ 

At U. S. Naval Acad., '6f)-9. Ed. East 
.\urori} Aii'turtistf, '7()-7; S/i7U'r Cr'trk 
Local, Silver Creek, N. Y., '77-82. Reporter, 
i\('ii' York Sun. Sun Ofiice, New York, 
N. Y. 

Class of 1S73. 

*Ji)HN Ellis Clh-fokd. r* 

Merchant. Died, Indianapolis, Oct. i, '73. 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

JosiAH Byron Dill. r<t» 

At Ind. Med. Coll., '73-4. Mem. City 
Council, Indianapolis, '76-8. Druggist, 100 
E. New York vSt., Indianapolis, Ind. 

; (iiFFoRi) Horace (Greeley McGrew. ^'X 

A.B., Harvard, '74. At Alliance Coll., 
'68-71 ; Harvard Divinity Sch., '78-80. Prin. 
Sch., Milton, Ind.. '7(). Prin. High Sch., 
Dublin, Ind., '7^>-7. Prof. Mod. Lang.. 
Buclitel. '77-8. Prin. High Sch., Warehani, 
Mass., '80-9. Grand Lecturer of the (iraiul 
LrKlge of Mass., F. & A. M., Masonic Tem- 
ple, Boston, Mass. 

Taylor Peierson. c^ 

Atty.-at-law, Jamestown, Ind. 

Allen Bin KtN Thrasher, A.B. ft M* 

A.M., N. W. Christian (now Butler). '76; 
M.D., Med. Coll. of Ohio. '81. At Heidel- 
berg U.. Ger., '73-4. Prin. Acad., Fairview. 
Ind., '74-6. Supt. Sch., Tipton, Ind.. *7(>-8. 
Pres. Cincinnati Polyclinic and Prof, of 
Larvngology and Rhinology, '89. Phy.sician, 
157 W. Ninth St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Walter Scott TiNr.LEY, A.B. ]^'ft ;/X 

A.M., Butler, '86; M.D., Med. Coll. of Ind., 
'84. Prin. Sem., Flat Rock, Ind., '68-<). Prin. 
Sch., Valley Centre, Kan., '",(>-';. Chris. Min., 
Anderson, Ind., '74; Wilmington, Ohio, '75; 
Wichita, Kan., '76; Danville, Ind., '77; 

1 874-7 

Indiana Gamma. 


Charleston, 111., '78; Paris, 111., 'yg-So; In- 
dianapolis, Ind., '80-6. Since '88, Physician, 
10 W. Fifth St., Newport, Ky. 

Cl.\ss of 1874. 

*LiNEUs Lowell Barbour. f* 

A.B., Amherst, '75. Died, Indianapolis, 
April 16, '75. Indianapolis, Ind. 

James Harrlson Edwards. '«^X 

At Bible Coll., N. W. Christian (now But- 
ler), '72-4. U. S. A., Corp., 12th Ind. Inf., 
'02-5. Prin. Schs., Winamac, Ind., '69-70; 
Francesville, Ind., '77-S. Chris. Min., Ciil- 
len Creek and Francesville, Ind., '75-6; 
Kentland, Ind., '77-8; Valparaiso, Ind., '7S- 
Si; South Butler, N. Y., 'S1-2; Lij^onier, 
Ind., '82-4; Shelbyville, Ind., '84-5; Mel- 
bourne, Australia, '8^>-7; since '87, New Cas- 
tle. Ind. 

Thomas SMrni Graves, A.B. 9X 

At Ky. U., '68-70. Live stock broker, 317 
N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Charles Wilev Martz. 5f kX 

At Ky. U., '68-(>. Chris. Min., Missouri 
City. Kearney, Pleasant View and Elkhorn, 
Mo., '71-2; N(>blesville, Ind., '73-4; Charles- 
ton, 111., '74-5; Logansport, Ind., '^75-6; 
Evangelist, '77; 4th Chris. Ch., Indianapolis, 
'78-9; Evangelist, '80-1 ; Gossport and Cov- 
ington, Ind., '83; 6th Chris. Ch., Indian- 
apolis, '84-5; Evangelist, '8:^-6; Raleigh, 
X. C, '87; Julietta, Ind., 'vSS; since '8S, 
Evangelist, 368 N. Mississippi St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

John Henry Rohrer. ,V'' 

At Smithson Coll., '72. U. S. A., Serg., 
Co. E, ii8th Ind. Vol. Inf., '63-4. Prin. 
High Sch., Burnettsville, Ind., '68-<j; Ke- 
wanna, Ind., '73. Chris. Min., Saint Peter, 
Minn., '73-5; Rolling Prairie, Ind., '7()-7. 
Since '79, Farmer, Logansport. Ind. 

J<:jHN Newton Swinford. rT 

Farmer and miller, Pax ton, 111. 

J <:::3HN Robert Tomlinson. f* iX 

Prin. Acad., Morgantown, Ind., '73. Prin. 
Gram. Sch., Indianapolis, Ind-, '75. Farmer, 
Fairland, Ind. 

*^^ov Cluke White, B.S. o^ 

At Central U., Ky., '74-5. Farmer, Kings- 
ton, Ky. 

Class of 1875. 

J <->HN Mn.TON Breeze. ;* 

At 111. Agl. Coll., '71-3. Atty.-at-law, 
Commercial Block, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Edward Everts. ^ 

M.I)., Cooper Med. Coll., '80. U. S. A., 

Capt. and Asst. Surg., David's Island, N. Y. 

James Madison Fry. c"^ 

Atty.-at-law, Knightstown, Ind. 

Georce Mason Royce. J fS 

Chris. Min. Trav. in Europe since grad. 
Chicago, 111. 

WiLiiAM Taylor Sellers, B.S. ^f' fX-oX 
At Franklin Coll., '73. Chns. Min., Mil- 
ford, Ind., '75-6; Edinburg, Ind., '76-8; 
Morgantown, Ind., '78-9; Brazil, Ind., '79- 
83; Mcpherson, Kan., '83-6; Clay Centre, 
Kan., '86-7; since '87, McPherson, Kan. 

Samiel JosEi'H Tomlinson, A.B. ]^#^ ^^^ 
Chris. Min., Indianapolis, IncfT, '75-80; 
Shelbyville, Ind., '80; Wabash, Ind., '80-5; 
since '85, Acton, Ind. 

Class of 1876. 

*RoHERT Silas Blolnt, A.B. ft vL 

A.M., Butler, '79. Attended Butler Bible 
Coll. Greenback Cand. Supt. Pub. Inst., 
Ind., '76. Pres. Sch. Bd., Irvington, Ind., 
'79-80. Chris. Min., Wabash, Ind., '76-9; 
Indianapolis, Ind., '80; Morristown, Ind., 
'81-3. Died, Irvington, Oct. 28, '83. Irving- 
ton, Ind. 

*Alonzo Marion Lyster, A.B. ft ^T 

Prin. Schs., Thorntown, InaT, '76. Died, 
Sept. 26, '76. Nineveh, Ind. 


At Ind. Asburj' (now De Pauw), '69-70; 
Howard Coll., '71-2. Co. Supt. Fountain 
Co., Ind., '76-(j. Atty.-at-law, Crawfords- 
villc, Ind. 

James Lamon Parsons. e4» 

Chris. Min., Logansport, Ind., '70-3; New 
Albany, Ind., '73-7; Indianapolis, Ind., '77-8; 
New Orleans, La., '7(^-80; Richmond, Ind., 
'81-4; since '84, ist Chris. Ch., St. Louis. 
Evangelist and popular lecturer, 3124 Locust 
St., Saint Louis, Mo. 

♦John Rea Woodward, A.B. % ^'X 

A.M., Butler, '77; LL.B., U. of Va., '78. 

At Ky. U., '71. Prin. Sch., Daleville, Ind., 

'77. Atty.-at-law. Died, June 15, '79. New 

Castle, Ind. 

Class of 1877. 

Henry Clay Barr. 

Farmer, Bruceville, Ind. 



Indiana Gamma. 


John Thomas Bi?rton, B.S. % v^ 

M.S., Butler, 'So. Prin. Schs.. Irviiija^ton, 

Ind., '77-So. Sec. Board of Trade, Emporia, 

'88-<;. Real estate and loan broker, Emporia, 



Mayor, Grcensburj;. Ind., 'S4-5. Since '87, 
Director and Sec. of Milford and Greensburjjj 
Turnpike Co. Since 'S3, Director and Sec. 
(ireensburg Mfg. Co. Atty.-at-law, (ireens- 
burg, Ind. 

HicKi.i.N Jackson Landkrs, B.S. ^^X 

Dy. Treas., Marion Co., Ind., '77-S. 379 
N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

William David Lemkn. <J>* 

Lumberman, Bicknell, Ind. 

William Thomas Mason. '^^ 9T 

Chris. Min., Ft. Wavne, Ind., '79; Troy. 
N. Y., ' 79-80 ; since 'S(>,'Matt<x>n, 111. 

La Fayeitk Harlan Reynolds, A. B. ^f f'T 
A.M., Butler. '78; LL.B., Ind. Cent. Law 
Sch.,'8o. Prin. High Sch., Fortville. Ind., 
'73; Philadelphia, Ind., '77-8. U. S. Corn- 
mis., '81-2. Rep. Cand. Ind. St. Sen., 'S4. 
Pros. Atty., i8th Jud. Dist, Ind., since '89. 
Atty.-at-law, Greenfield, Ind. 

*Eh;ene Harlan Warner. fi^ 

Died, Bridgeport, Nov., '79. Bridgeport, 

Class ok 1S78. 

William Melville Croan. /^T 

Prin. Sch., Alexandria, Ind., '75-7. Ed. 
and Prop. /><•////>/ /•///, Anderson, Ind., '7r)-8i. 
Supt. Schs., Madison Co., Ind., '81-4. Since 
'84, Pres. Western Normal Coll., Shenan- 
doah, Iowa. 

Edward Ausiin Frazee. /?t 

At Ky. U., '72-3. Farmer, Orange, Ind. 

Albert Bayard Kirki'atrick, B.S. >X 

LL.B., Ind. Cent. Law Sch., '80. Spec. 
Agt., Home Ins. Co., '81-2. Asso. Ed. 
Gazettt\ Kokomo, Ind., '82-4. Pros. Attv. , 
36th Ind. Jud. Cir., '86-8. Dy. Pms. Atty., 
How^ard Co., Ind., since '89. Atty.-at-law, 
Kokomo. Ind. 

Daniel Henry PAirERsoN. aT 

Prin. Acad., Fairfield, Ind., '76. Chris. 
Min., South Butler, N. Y., 'S2-7; Tully, 
N. Y.. '87-8; since '89, Wellsville, N. Y. 

Class of 1879. 

A^.bert Frederick Armsironc. A.B. .^r 

A.M., Butler, '80. Tutor Greek, Butler, 

'78-9; Tutor Chem. and Nat. Hist, do., 
'79-Si. Prin. Sch., Tipton, Ind.. '82-3. 
Chris. Min., Kendallville, Ind.. '82-3; O.ska- 
loosa, Iowa. '83-4; Shenandoah, Iowa. '84-6; 
Pennington, Ind., '86-3; Monticello. Ind.. 
'88-9. Since '89, Evangelist, Crawfordsville, 

Demar( in s Clariion Brown, A.B. ^ ij'T 

•A.M., Butler, '80. At Tiibingen. Ger.. 
'81-2. Asst. Prof. Greek, Butler, '79-84: 
Prof, (ireek, do., since '84. Irvington, Ind. 

Martln Lither Cromer. '^T 

A.B., Wittenberg, '79. At Ind. C., '73-4. 
Postmaster. Cross Roads. Ind. 

Calvin William Granger. ^I* 

Evangelist. '85-7. Chris. Min., Warsaw, 
Ind., '87-90: since '90, Somerset, Pa. 

Alheri Bryant Lewis, A.B. ^ /T 

A.M.. Butler, 82; M.D., Ind. Med. Coll., 

'82. At Union Chris. Coll., '73-5. Res. 

Phys.. City Hosp., Indianapolis, Ind., 'S2-3. 

Physician, Hamilton, Kan. 

Riley Sylvester Lycan. j^ t** 

M.I)., Cleveland Homeop. Med. Coll., "80. 
At Ky. C, '75-6. Coroner, Edgar Co., 111. 
Physician, Paris, 111. 

Class of 1880. 

William Ai.e.xander Black, Ph. B. Jf }X 

* Supt. Sch., (;allaudet, Ind., '78; White.*;- 
town. Ind., '80-1. Real estate and loan 
broker. Wellington, Kan., '84-9. Miner and 
broker. City of Mexico. Mex. 

Hilton Uliimis Brown. A.B. ^ftf }T 

A.M., Butler. '82. Prin. W. L^ion Sem., 
Oaktown, Ind., '80-1. Director of Butler, 
since '85. Chaplain Ind. Reform Sch. for 
Bo vs. Plainfield. Ind., since '88. Reporter. 
Indianapolis AU'7i's, 'Si-8; since '89, City 
Ed., do., 361 Ma.s.sachusetts Ave., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Class of 1881. 

Lucien Daniel Camthell. CT 

M.D., U. of Vt., '86. At Ind. Med. Coll., 

'7f>-7; U. of Denver, '84-6. Coroner, Routt 

Co., Col., since '88. Physician, Steamboat 

Springs, Col. 

Wii.iMR Dldley Cami'hell. /T 

Mayor, Tavares, Fla.. '86. Dealer in curi- 
osities, Indian goods and minerals, 325 S. 
Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif. 


Indiana Gamma 


Ind., '85-6; Bluffton, Ind.,'8(>-7. Pres., Ind. 
Rep. St. Ed. Assn., '91. Ed. and Prop. 
Gazette-Tribum, Kokomo, Ind. 

Olivkr Clarence Norris. "T 

Farmer and manufacturer, Rushville, Ind. 

Or AN Meonidas Prlitt, A.B. jg rT 

A.M., Butler, '86. Prin. High Sch., Irving- 
ton, Ind., '85-7. Book-keeper, e)7 Alvord St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Charles Bright Vawter. g rT 

Prop, and Capt. steamboat, Vawter Park, 
Ind. Franklin, Ind. 

Class ok 1S86. 

Robert Bracken. ^T 

Manufacturer, Frankfort, Ind., and Brink- 
ley, Ark. 

Charles Sadler Darrach. aT 

Chief Clk., Western Union Tel. Co., Stock- 
yards, 540 Thirty-Ninth St., Chicago, 111. 

Clifion Luther Dunnell. rT 

M.D., Med. Coll. of Ohio, '88. Physician, 
479 W. Fifth St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Charles Callahan Riley. /H" 

In Transportation Dept, C, C, C. & St. 
L. Ry., 167 S. East St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Earle Marion Todd. ]jf t* 

A.B., Garfield U., '88. Chris. Min., Los 
Gatos, Calif., '86; Mount Hope, Kan., '87; 
Lincolnville, Kan., '88: McPnerson, Kan., 
'89-91: since '91, University Place, Des 
Moines, Iowa. 

William McVeigh Wright. rS 

M.D., Med. Coll. of Ind., '90. 134 N. 
Pennsylvania St. , Indianapolis, Ind. 

Class of 1887. 

Horace Ellis. v\ 

Ed. Republican, Neosha Co., Kan., '86-7. 
Prin. High Sch., Southport, Ind.. '87-8: 
Brightwood, Ind., and Supt. Suburban Schs. 
of Indianapolis, Ind., '88-90. Supt. Schs., 
North Vernon, Ind. 

Frederick Rollin Kautz, A.B. %fi r.T 

A.M., Butler, '89. Instr. Latin, Butler, '87- 
9 ; Librarian, do. , '87-9. With Bowen-Merrill 
Co., 9 and 11 W. Washington St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Class of 1888. 

William Wilson Buchanan, A.B. ^ ctY 

9 W. Washington St. , Indianapolis, Ind. 

*Oliver Morton Eliason. % oX 

Died, Centrcville, Sept. 5, '85. Centreville, 

John Deem Fall. B.vS. %f f5T 

Postal Clk.. L. S. & M. S. R. R.. Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

Ei.KtN Amurose Gongwer, A.B. % kT 

Prin. High Sch., Dora. Ind., '88-9: Ni- 

misila, Ohio. '</>-i. Law Stu., Akron, Ohio. 

John Kkrlin. % rT 

City Clk., Russell Springs, Kan.. '88. 
Rejx/rter, Da/'/y Dispatch, Kokomo, Ind. 

IIi(;h Thom.vs Mii.LF.R, A.B. l^ftf ^ 7T 

i At Sauveur Summer Coll., '90, '91. Chris. 

Min., Nineveh, Ind., '88-90. Tutor, Greek, 
Butler, '86; Asst. Prof. German and French, 
do., 'S9-91 ; Pn)f. Mod. Lang., do., since "91. 
Irvington, Ind. 

John Cami'ueli. Morrison, A.B. ^ftf* »'"i* 

Attv.-at-law, Frankfort, Ind. 


Ci ass of 1S89. 

William IIowk Baldriix.e. 

Manufacturer, 6 E. Third St., Cincinnati, 

Franklin McLean (iiL( ffT 

Book-keeper, Tacoma, Wash. 

William Herhert Graffis, Ph. B. ^ r4» 

Reporter, Logansport, Ind. 

John WASHIN(;T(.^N Taylor. rrT 

Grad. Coll. of the Bible, Ky. U.,'89. Chris. 
Min., Burgin, Ky. 

Class of 1S90. 

Benjamin Marshall Davis, B.S. ^ ifX 

Prin. Schs., Irvington, Ind., '90-1. Asst. 

Prof. Chem.. Butler, '90-2. North Salem, 

GeoR(;e Burgess Davis. vT 

Miller, North Salem, Ind. 

Otis Weuster Green, B.S. ^jfg rT 

With Indianapolis Drug Co., Indianapolis. 
Plainfield, Ind. 

Laz Noble, A.B. ^ n* 

At Shattuck Mil. Acad., '87-8. Irvington, 

Class of 1891. 

Charles LeCour( v de Haas, A.B. jjf 
Hillsl^orough, Ohio. 

Otto Parvin Dillon. 

M. D., Med. Coll. of Ohio, '90. Physician, 
Rushville, Ind. 




Indiana Gamma, 


1882. C. S. Cosper, Prize Cont. Decl., Ma- 
thesian, '79. 

1883. C. L. Goodwin, (Ind. Alpha, '83), 

Prize Essay, '81. M. A. Morrison, Rep. 

Butler, Ind. St. Orat. Cont., '82. 

1884. L. C. Hreeden, Rep. Butler, Ind St. 

Orat Cont., '84. S. T. Burgess, V. Pres. 

Ind. St. Orat. Assn., '83-4. L. D. Guffin, 

Pres. Butler, Orat. Assn., '83-4. O. P. M. 

Hubbard, Orator, Pythonian Ex., '82. J. 

B. Kuhns, Ed. HutUr Annual, '82; Orator CI. 

Day, '84. R. Sellers, Del. Ind. St. Orat. 

Assn., '84; Essayist, Pythonian Ex., '84. 

1885. J. A. kautz, Anni., Pythonian, '84; 
ist Prize, Primary Orat. Cont, '85; Rep. But- 
ler, Ind. St. Orat. Cont., '85. O. M. Pruitt, 

Del. to Inter-St. Orat. Assn., 85. 

1886. E. M. Todd, Pres. Butler Orat. Assn., 
'S3-4; Orator, Pythonian Ex., '85; Del. Ind. St. 
Orat. Assn., '85. 

1887. F. R. Kautz, Anni., Pythonian, '85. 

1888. W. W. Buchanan, Orator, Pythonian 

Ex., '86. O. M. Eliason, Orator, Pythonian 

Ex., '84. J. D. Fall, Orator, Philokahan Ex., 

'85. E. A. Gongwer, V. Pres. Ind. St. Orat. 

Assn., '8r>-7; Orator, Pythonian Ex., '87; Ed. 

Collegian, 'S7-8. J. F. Kerlin. Essayist, 

Pythonian Ex., '84. H. T. Miller, Anni., 

Pythoxiian, '86; ist Orator, Soph. Ex., '86; 
1st Prize, Jr. Orat. Cont., '87; Essayist, Pytho- 
nian Ex., '88; 1st Prize, Butler Orat. Cont., '88; 
Del. Ind. St. Orat. Assn., '86 and '87; Rep. 
Butler, Ind. St. Orat. Cont., "88; Ed. Colle- 

gtan, '86, and Bus. Mang., '86-8. J. C. 

Morrison, 2d Prize, Butler Orat. Cont., '86; 
Orator, Pythonian Ex., '87 and '88; Anni., 
Pythonian, '87; Del. Ind. St. Orat. Assn., '85, 
'86, and '87. 

1889. \V. H. Graffis, 2d Prize Soj^h. Essay, 
•87; Pres. Butler Orat. Assn., '88-<;; Ed. Colle- 
gian, '88-9. 

1890. B. M. Davis, V. Pres. Ind. St. Orat. 

Assn., '89-90. O. W. Green, ist Prize Soph. 

Essay, '88; ist Prize Jr. Essay, '89. L. No- 
ble, Orator, Pythonian Ex., '87; Ed.-in-Ch., 
Collegian, '89-90. 

1891. C. L. DeHaas, Orator, Pythonian 

Ex., '89; Del. Ind. St. Orat. Assn., '89. E. 

W. Matthews, Anni., Pythonian, '88; Ed. Col- 
legian, '90-1; Ed. Drift, '91. W. G. McCol- 

ley, Cf. Ind. Delta Coll. Notes. L. E. Sellers, 

Del. Ind. St. Orat. Assn., '91; Ind. Del. Inter- 
St. Orat. Assn., '91. 

1892. B. C. Bowell, 2d Prize Soph. Essay, 

'90. R. Carr, ist Prize Soph. Essay, '90; ist 

Prize, Butler Orat. Cont., '91; Rep. Butler, Ind. 
St. Orat. Cont., '91; Del., do., '91; Ed.-in-Ch., 
Collegian, '00-1 ; ist Prize Jr. E.ssay, '91 ; Bus. 
Mang., Collegian, '91-2. R. F. Davidson, 

Sec. Ind. St. Orat. Assn., 'qo-i; Ed.-in-Ch., 

Collegian, '91-2; Ed. Drift, '91. A. A. 

Williams, Ed. Drift, '91. 

Fratkrnity Notes. 

i860. W. A. Dixon, Char. Mem. D. S. 

R. Kern, Char. Mem. 

1862. W. H. Brevoort, Char. Mem. A. C. 

Harris, Cf. Ind. Beta Al. 

1863. H. C. Guffin, Del. (or Vis.) Nat. Conv., 
Indianapolis, '68, and Orator, do. ; Orator Nat. 
Conv., Oxford, Ohio. '70; Mem. Ex. Com., 

1864. D. M. Hillis, Del. (or Vis.) Nat Conv., 
Bloomington, Ind., '64; Cf. 111. Alpha Al. 

1865. E. L. Brevoort, Del. (or Vis.) Nat. 

Conv., Indianapolis, '68. W. J. Button, Cf. 

III. Alpha Al. W. J. Elstun, (Mich. Alpha, 

'65) Del. (or Vis.) Nat. Conv., Bloomington, 
Ind., '64. 

1867. M. W. Wiley, Del. (or Vis.) Nat 
Conv., Bloomington, Ind., '64. 

1868. A. C. Ayres, Del. (or Vis.) Nat. Conv., 

IndianapoHs, '68. L. W. Florea, Del. (or 

V^is.) Nat. Conv., Indianapolis, '68, and V.- 
Pres. , do. 

1870. A. G. Alcott, Del. (or Vis.) Nat. Conv., 

Oxford, O., "70. S. T. Quick, (Ind. Alpha, 

'70), Del. (or Vis.) Nat. Conv., Indianapolis, 

'68. D. B. WiUiams, Del. (or Vis.) Nat 

Conv., Indianapolis, '68; ist V.-Pres. Nat 
Conv., Oxford, O., '70. 

1872. G. H. Gifford, Intd. Ind. Alpha. 

J. C. Norris, Pub. Scroll, '75-6; Del. Nat. 
Conv., Philadelphia, '76; Sec. Ex. Com., '76- 

80. W. P. Stanley (Ind. Alpha, '72), Del. 

(or Vis.) Nat. Conv., Indianapolis, '68. 

1873. A. B. Thrasher, Ed. Alumni Dept 

Scroll, '75-6. W. S. Tingley, Del. Nat. 

Conv., Danville, Ky., '72. 

1875. G. M. Royce, Del. Nat Conv., Ox- 
ford, O., '70; Mem. Ex. Com., '70-1. W^. T. 

Sellers, Intd. Ind. Delta. S. J. Tomlinsoj;^, 

Del. Nat Conv., Danville, Ky., '72; Ed. Lit. 
Dept Scroll, '75-6. 

1876. R. S. Blount, Del. Nat Conv., Athens, 

O., '73. A. M. Lyster, Del. Nat. Conv.. 

Danville, Ky., '75. 

1877. W. T. Mason, Del. Nat Conv., Craw- 
fordsville, Ind., '74. 

1880. H. U. Brown, Del. Nat. Conv., Woos- 
ter, O., '78; V.-Pres. Ind. St. Assn., '79-80; 
Pres. G. C.,'82-6; Orator, Nat. Conv., Atlanta, 
Ga., '91 ; Cf. Ind. Beta Al. Notes. 

1 88 1. I. W. Christian, Warden, Ind. St 
Assn. ,' 79-80 ; Del. (Mich. Alpha) Nat Conv., 
Indianapolis, '80. W. M. Hoyd, Intd. Ind, 


Indiana Gamma, 


Alpha; Marshal Nat. Conv., Indianapolis, 'So; 
Sec. Ind. St. Assn., '80-1. 

1883. C. L. Goodwin (Ind. Alpha, '83), Del. 

Nat. Conv., Indianapolis, '80. T. M. Iden, 

Del. Nat. Conv., Ricnmond, Va., '82. 

1884. J. B. Kuhns, Pres. Ind. St. Assn., 

1SS5. J. A. Kautz, Del. Nat. Conv., Nash- 
ville, Tenn., '84. C. B. Vawter, Warden 

Ind. St. Assn., '82-3. 

18S7. F. R. Kautz, Del. Nat. Conv., New 
York, N. Y.. '86. 

1888. H. T. Miller, Poet Epsilon Prov. 
Conv., '87; Sec. G. C, '89-91. ^J. C. Morri- 
son, Warden Epsilon Prov. Conv., 87. 

1890. O. W. (ireen. Chaplain Epsilon Prov. 
Conv., '89-90. 

1S91. J. W. Fulwider, Intd. Ind. Delta. 

W. G. McCoUey, Intd. Ind. Delta. L. E. 

Sellers, Intd. Ind. Delta. 




Charter ^rantecl (under name of Ohio Delta), Mareh lo, iSU), to Andrew Perry CoUins, '(k); David 
Humphreys, '(k), and Charles Harrison (iray, '62 ; suspended, early in iSOi; reorganized. 
May ^, 1S71; suspended, December i, 1S77; reorganized, ()ctol)er 8, 1879; name changed 
to Ohio Beta bv National C(mvention of iSSo. 

Cl As^ Ol" lh(M). 


AnDRKW PKkKY Coi.I.lNS, A.H. ft 

A.M., Ohio Wesleyan, '63. U. S. A., ist 
Lieut., 1 2th Mich. InL, '(>2-3; StalT (ien. C. C. 
Andrews as Act. Asst. Ord. Off. ; Staff (len. 
Shaler, 2d Div., 7th Corps, '63-5. Supt. Pub. 
Sch., Saline Co., Kan., '68-72. Mem. Kan. 
House of Rep., inm^ vSaline Co., since 'so. 
Since '88, Pres. Bd. Trustees. Kansas Wes- 
leyan U., Salina, Kan. Farmer, Solomon 
City, Kan. 

D.wii) HrMi'HRKYs, A.B. ft >^il 

A.M., Ohio Weslevan, '63. U. S. A., ij. 

M., SsthOhioInf., '62;' Lieut.. 125th Ohio Inf.. 

•62-3. U. S. Rev. Agt., '65. Atty.-at-law, 

Broadway. N. Y. 

Joseph Gii.ukkt Schnkhi.y, A.B. ril 

A.M., Ohio Weslevan, '63; M.D., Iowa 
State U., '63. Prof. Nat. Sci., Kan. St. Agl. 
Coll., '62-6. Mem. Kan. House of Rep., from 
Douglas Co., *So-4. Prof. Chem., Kansas 
Med. Coll., '91. Phy.sician and surgetin. 
Baldwin City, Kan. 

Class ok 1S62. 

*Ch.\ri.ks Harrison Gray, ft (X-'.^ 

U. S. A., Corp., Co. C, 4lh Reg.. Ohio Vol. 
Inf. Died, near Falmouth, Va., Nov. 23, '02. 
Lena, Ohio. 

Wii.i.iAM Harrison Martin, A.B. #x 

A.M., Ohio Wesleyan, •65: M.D., Med. Coll. 
of Ohio, '65. Physician, Warrent<m, C)hio. 

Ci.Ass or i8f>3. 

Jasun Bi.A( KiORD. r*!' 

Kstablished />t' Witt Rci^ister, Clinton. 111., 

and Ed., do., '()8-7i. S<mietime Dy. U. S. 

Rev. Assr. Chairman, Cong. Conv., 5th 

Dist., Mo., '74. Atty.-at-law, Findlay, Ohio. 

Sami Kl. IlAMii/ro.N DrsTiN. i-A> 

U.vS.A., Priv., Co. F, 36th Ohio Vol. Inf.. 
'61-4. Asst. Mang. and in charge of finances 
and accts., American B(x>k Co. (late Van 
Antwerp, Bragg & Co.), Cincinnati. East 
Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

*JonN Harvia Ei)(;iN(n()N. r«t» 

U. S. A., enlisted Priv., Co. A, 12th Iowa 
Inf. ; Commissary Sergt., do., staff Col. I. J. 
Woods. '61-2: captured at Shiloh, April 0, 
*()2: exchanged, Oct., and discharged mr dis- 
ability contracted in prison. Died, Eldora. 
March 30, '63. Eldora, Iowa. 

Ci,As.s OF 1873. 

J«)ii.\ Fi.ktchkr Brant, A.B. 
A.M., Ohio Wesleyan, '73; 

B.D., Boston 
C, '75. Meth. Epis. Min., West Medford, 
Mass., '75; Greenwich, Ohio, '76; Orville. 


Ohio Beta. 


Ohio, '77; Oberlin, Ohio, '78-Si ; Cleveland, 
Ohio, "Si; Mount Gilead, Ohio, '82-3; Crest- 
line. Ohio, '84-5; Sandusky, Ohio, '8f)-<>o; 
since '91, Welling^ton, Ohio. 

Gkoroe Edkn Camphell, A.B. f» wX 

Teacher High Sch., Portsmouth, Ohio,*73-4: 
Supt. Sch., Hanging Rock, Ohio, '74-9; do., 
Waverly, Ohio, 'S0-4; do.. Wichita, Kan., 
'84-6. City Atty., Ironton, Ohio, '80. Since 
'S7, Loans. Insurance and Real Estate, 
Wichita. Kan. 

Ci.aj>s ok 1874. 

John Marshall Barkkr, A. H. cPC 

A.M., Ohio Wesleyan, '77: S.T.B., Boston 
U., '77. Miss, to Pachuca, State of Hidalgo, 
Mexico. '78-84. Meth. Epis. Min.,Cambriuge- 
port, Mass., '77-S; Ellington, N. Y., '84-9. 
Since '89, Finan. Agt., Ohio Wesleyan. Dela- 
ware, Ohio. 

Chari.ks Oc.den Culkman, A.B. i-^' 

LL.B., U. of Mich., '75. County Judge, 
Florence Co., Wis., '%(y-{yy. Atty.-at-law. 
Florence, Wis. 

Bedford Lewis Duckwall, A.B. ft rX 

S.T.B., Boston Theo. Sem., '78. Meth. 
Epis. Min., Wood's Holl, Mass., '78; North 
Stoughton, Mass., '79; Johnsonsburg, N.Y., 
'So: Wj'oming, '80-1; Warren's Corners, '81- 
'\\ Buffalo, '83-^, and since '90; Avon, N. Y.. 
''8f>-7; East Aurora, N. Y., '88-9. 266 Bab- 
cock St. , Buffalo, N. Y. 

Gkorc.e Cleveland Florea. ftf' cT-^A" 

At N. W. Christian (now Butler), 't>9-7o. 
Atty.-at-law, Connersville, Ind. 

♦Wesley Rector. cX 

Died, antd '83. Fremont, Ohio. • 


Class of 1875. 

Thomas Weslon Alhery. ft 05:-f<l> 

M.D., Starling Med. Coll., Columbus, '77. 
At Wabash, *6<;-72. Physician, Columbus, 

Nelson Armstrong. //T 

County Clk., Hocking Co., '76. Farmer, 
Logan, Ohio. 

* Henry Mason Campbell. «p rT 

Supt. Schs., Hanging Rock, Ohio, '78-(j; 
' East Ironton, Ohio, '79-81. Died, Waverly. 
'84. Waverly, Ohio. 

Class of 1876. 
Geor(;e Stan Hammond, ft 



Meth. Epis. Min. Denver, Col. 


Book-seller and stationer, 86 Woodward 
Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

*James Jefferson Henry. qX 

Meth. Epis. Min., Ohve Green, Ohio, '72-4; 

Cardington, Ohio, '74-7; Bucyrus, '77-8. 

Died, Bucyrus, Mar. 16, '78. Bucyrus, Ohio. 

Adelhert Dee Newell, A.B. f;T 

A.M., Ohio Wesleyan, '79. U. S. A., Pri- 
vate, Co. F, 14th Ohio Inf., '64. Meth. Epis. 
Min., Ottokee, Ohio, '76-7; Antwerp, Ohio, 
'78-9; Waterville, Ohio, '79-81. Supt. Sch., 
Archbold, '81-8. Since '88. Probate Judge, 
Fulton Co., Ohio. Archbold, Ohio. 

*Moses Cook Per( ival, A.B. f* 

Meth. Epis. Min., Iberia, "76-8. Died, 
Iberia, July 19, '78. Iberia, Ohio. 

Otho Jackson Richards, A.B. wS 

Prin. Sch., Ripley, '78-9; do.. High Sch., 
Marysville, Ohio, '79-80; do., Great Bend, 
'81-4. Teller, Barton County Bank, '84-5; 
Asst. Cashier, Farmers' and Merchants' 
Bank, '85-9; Cashier, do., since '89. Great 
Bend, Kan. 

Class of 1877. 

Edwin Lawton Fosdick. ft 

M.D., U. of Mich., '79. Druggist, Butler, 

(Jeor(;e Washin(;ton, A.B. ft jT 

A.M., Ohio Wesleyan. '82. Supt. Pub. 
Sch., Hcbbardsville, Ohio, '79-80; do., Al- 
bany, Ohio, '80-2; do., Columbus, Kan., 
'82-5. Atty.-at-law, Hutchinson, Kan. 

Class of 1878. 

James Summerfield Bitler, A.B. Sf V'^ 

Meth. Epis. Min., Carthage, Ohio, '78-9; 
Harri.son, Ohio, '79-80; West Wood, Ohio, 
'8f:)-3; Chamberlain, S. Dak., '83-4. Since 
'84, Evangelist at Columbus, Ohio; Kansas 
City, Mo. ; C)maha and Lincoln, Neb. ; Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn. ; Minneapolis, and St. Paul, 
Minn. ; Milwaukee, Wis. Harrison, Ohio. 

John Henry Cook, A.B. fX 

A. M. , Ohio Wesleyan, '81. Teacher, Chick- 
ering Inst, '79-81. Student of Art, New 
York, '84-5. Artist, Glenn Building, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

Darius Franklin Gard. wY 

Export timber merchant, Henning, Tenn. 
Itinerant, Tremont City, Ohio. 


Ohio Beta, 


Cyrus Humng, A.B. ft aT 

Prin. High Sch., Marysville, Ohio, '77-9. 
Pros. Atty., Franklin Co., Ohio, '85-92. 
Atty.-at-law, Board of Trade Bldg.. Colum- 
bus, Ohio. 

CUKRO MlI.ToN IdLKM.VN. ^ {"* 

Prin. Sch., Prospect, Ohio, '79-So. Direc- 
tor, Portland Chamber of Commerce. Atty.- 
at-law, 241 Sixth St., Portland, Ore. 

Class of 1879. 

£i)(;ar Saint John. f* 

Hardware merchant, Sycamore, Ohio. 

Class ok 1880. 

JosKi'ic Horace Higky. >4» 

Farmer, Higby, Ohio. 

Class of iSSi. 


A.M., Ohio Wesleyan, '87. At Princeton 
Theo. Sem., '84-7. At Hopedale Coll.,'7f>-7; 
Princeton Theo. Sem., '84-7. Editor Thom- 
ville News, '83-4. Supt. Sch., Thornville, 
Ohio, '81-4. Presb. Min., Huntingdon Val- 
ley, Pa., '87-91; since '91, Ninth Pres, Ch., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Thomas Henry McConica, A.B. Ijg rX 

LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., '83. Atty.- 
at-law, Findlay, Ohio. 

Arthir Hall Smith. % rX 

Traveling Salesman, '81-7, and since '91. 
Real Estate, •87-<;r. The Chatfield and 
Wood Co., Cincinnati. Neil House, Colum- 
bus, Ohio. 

Lee Wellinc. S<,)iTiER, A.B. % rX 

Trustee Anglo-Japanese Coll., Tokio, '84- 
7. U. S. Consular Agt., Hakodate, Japan, 
'82-4. Del. Gen. Conf. Missions, Osaka, 
Japan, '83; Epworth League Conv., Colum- 
bu.s, '90. Pres. Eld., Hakodate Dist., Japan. 
Conf., '82-5. Pub. Agt, Japan Meth. Pub. 
Ho., '85-7. Treas. Japan Mission, '85-7. 
Japan Corr. Cleveland Leader and Cincin- 
nati CiWitnercial Gazette, '82-4. Translated 
into Japanese, Dr. Warren's "Quest for a 
Universal Religion," and other books pub- 
lished in Japan. McUl Epis. Min., Iberia, 
Ohio, '80-1; Hakodate and Yokohama, Ja- 
pan, 'S1-7; Hudson, Ohio, '88-<;o. Since '90, 
Brown's Valley, Minn. Delaware, Ohio. 

David DeMoit Woodmansee, B.S. % rX 

LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., '85. Supt. 

Sch., Sunbury. Ohio, 'M-4. Del. C)hio Rep. 

State Conv., '89, '91. Atty.-at-law, 67 John- 

ston Bldg. , Cincinnati. Avondale, Cincinnati,^ 

Class of 1882. 

S(OTT Boniiam, A.B. Ijf ft T* 

LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., '85. At Co- 
lumbia Law Sch., '83. Prin. Schs., West 
Unity, Ohio, '82-3. Atty.-at-law, 227 Main 
St., Cincinnati, Ohio. Sedaha, Ohio. 

Frank Lloyd Davies. 9* 

Accountant, C, C, C. & L R. R., Indian- 
apolis. Ind., *Si-6. Sect, to Genl. Supt. 
Motive Power, Wabash Western R. R. Co., 
'86-90. Since '90, Accountant, Supt's 
Office, Wabash R. R., Peru, Ind. 

Fred Leslie RosEMOND. jjTg t* 

Asso. Ed. Daily News ixw^ Weekly Tele- 
i^raph, Hamilton, Ohio, '80-3. Del., Conf. 
Charities and Correction, Saint Paul, '86. 
Local Atty., B. & O. R. R. Co., '85-90. 
Sc»c., Eastern Ohio R. R. Co., '91. Atty.- 
at-law, Cambridge, Ohio. 

Thomas Simpson Vaighn, A.B. //T 

Dy. Co. Auditor. Jackson Co., Ohio, 'S3-7. 
Insurance, Jackson, Ohio. 

Class of 1883. 

Rush OBic.LEY, A.B. * W» 

"O" letter only. Merchant, De Graff, 

RoLLiN Bert Carter. J x^ 

M.D., Cleveland Homeop. Med. Coll., '84. 
Attended Western Reserve (now Adelbcrt). 
Physician and Surgeon, Akron, Ohio. 

John Mil ton Gi y, A.B. % /?X 

A.M., Ohio Wesleyan, '86; M.D.. Rush 

Med. Coll., Chicago, *86. Commis. of Health 

and County Physician, Danville. Physician, 

434 Fnanklin St., Danville, 111. 

Georc.e Washin(;ton OziAs, A.B. jf //X 

At Cincinnati Law Sch., '85-6. Mgr. U 
S. Law Assn., Cincinnati, 'S3-6. Since '86 
Mang. Bradstreet Mercantile Agency, Day- 
ton, Ohio. 

John Randall, A.B. %^ ^T 

At Ohio State, '83-4. Asst. in Physics, 
Ohio State. '84-6. Mem. Amer. Soc. Elec. 
Eng. Author, "The Incandescent Lamp." 
Since '86, Electrician, Tlumiscm-Houston 
Electric Co., Lynn. 325 Boston St, Lynn, 

Class of 1S84. 

John Edwin Brown, B.S. flr^ rT 

M.D., Med. Coll. of Ohio, '87. At U. of 

Mich., Med. Dept., '84-6; New York Post 

Grad. Med. Sch., '88. Resident Physician, 


Ohio Beta, 


National Soldiers' Home, Dayton, '87-8: 
Lecturer on Obstetrics, Columbus Med. Coll., 
since '89. Assoc. Ed. Colitmbus Medhal 
Journal^ since '89. Physician and oculist, 
235 E. Town St, Columbus, Ohio. 

RoBKRT Henry Callahan, A.B. ^'f /.X 

A.M., Ohio Weslcyan, '87. Supt. Sch., 
Pcrr>^ton, Ohio, '85-7. Since '88, Mcth. 
Epis. Min., Zaleski, Ohio. 

Oeor(;k Alkert Dunham. ^X 

At I', of Mo., '78-82. Bank Cashier, '85-9. 
Since '89, Ed. and Prop., The Index, Seat- 
tle, Wash. 

Levi Sekikl Liiton, A.B. ,V* 

M. D. , Columbus Med. Coll. , '87. Physician, 
Delaware, Ohio. 

Victor Emmam el Rhodes, B.S. i^ v"^' 

B. S., Ohio Wesleyan, '84; LL.B., Cincin- 
nati Law Sch., '86. Atty.-at-law, 442 Sheid- 
ley Bldg., Kansas City, Slo. 

James Felton Steele, A.B. jT 

A.M., Ohio Wesleyan, '87. Meth. Epis. 

Min., Zaleski, '84-7; Albany, '87-8; Belpre, 

'88-90: since '90, Newark. 275^^2 E- Main 

St., New^ark, Ohio. 

Class of 1885. 

CTarl Herbert Beckham. r* 

Atty.-at-law, Room i, Law Bldg. 1726 
Adams St. , Toledo, Ohio. 

Joseph Wethello Benschoter, A.B. rr* 

Real Estate, Bowling Green, Ohio. 

Arthur Bradley Muri'Hy, B.S. ^ if^ 

LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., '87. At Otter- 
bein U., '79. Atty.-at-law, Bowling Green, 

*Frank Richard Williams. jiT 

Died, Columbus, June 12, '80. Columbus, 

Class of 1886. 

Elmer Ellsworth Adel. x^ 

At Ohio State, '80-2. Groveport, Ohio. 

Edward Simpson Barkdull, A.B. ]jf //<!» 

At Boston U., '8(>-7 ; Harvard, 'U)--]. Tutor 
Mil. Tactics, Ohio Wesleyan, '85. Sec. Tri- 
State Fair Assn., Toledo, '85-9. City Editor 
Toledo Blade, '88-9; Assoc. Editor' Canton 
Daily News-Democrat, '90 ; since '90, Edito- 
rial Staff, Toledo Daily Commercial. 903 
Huron St., Toledo, Ohio. 

Francis W'esley Millington, A.B. ^X 

Real Estate, 55 King Blk., Denver, Col. 

Robert Lee Seeds, A.M. aX 

(irain, Hay and Feed; Mem. firm. Harper 
& Seeds, Fourth and Naghten Sts., Colum- 
bus, Ohio. 

(Jeor(;e Henry Harold Van Fleet. vt 

lA^gal reporter, '75-S2. Atty.-at-law, 
Marion, Ohio. 

Class ok 1887. 

♦William Henry Banscher. W» 

Died, Reynoldsville, Feb. 25, '89. Rey- 
noldsville, ()hio. 

Frank Leslie Beardsley. h^ 

LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., '88. Atty.- 
at-law, (iallipolis, Ohio. 

Charles Allen Brown. nX 

Capt.,Co. K. 14th Regt., Ohio N. G.,'82-5; 
Major, do., '85-7. Minmg Eng,, Columbus 
and Hocking Coal and Iron Co., '85-6; Resi- 
dent Eng., K. C, M. & B. R. R. Co., •8()-7. 
County Surv., Jefferson Co., Ala., since '9<). 
Eng. I). B. Coal and Iron Co., Fountain 
Heights, Birmingham, Ala. 

*JoE Clark, Jr. <t* 

Wholesale grocer, (Pearson and Clark). 
Died, Lexington, Sept. 26, '90. Lexington, 

WiLLLAM Frederick Dacjcjett, Jr. fHT 

At Ohio State, '82-3. Travelling sales- 
man, 321 W. Eighth St., Hutchinson, Kan. 

Frank Harrison Hulk:k. J rT-^T 

At Hanover, "83. ChL Clk. to Freight 
Agt., C, P. and V. Rv. Co., Portsmouth, 

Walter Ellsworth Miller, A.B. y kX 

Supt. High Sch., Waterville, Ohio, '83-5; 

do., Worthington, Ohio, '87-8; do., Dixon, 

Kv., '88-90. Pres., McAdom Sem., Waverly. 


William Eaton O'Kane. ft rT 

M;inager, Book Dept., Pettis Dry Goods 

Co., Indianapolis, Ind.,'91. Delaware, Ohio. 

RoBKKi Lee Thomas. a^* 

Supply Agt., Fitzgerald and Mallory Con- 
struction Co., Chivington, Col. Lenoxburg, 

Class of 18SS. 

CiUY PnllEK BeNToN. v* 

Editor Neivs Gazette, Belle Centre, Ohio, 
'86. Prin. Sch., Hiattville, Kan., '87-8; do., 
Wilson St. Sch., Fort Scott, '88-9; do.. 
High Sch., Fort Scott, '89-90; Supt. City 
Schs., do., since '90. Tower Hill, Fort Scott, 
Kan. 1230 S. Crawford St., Fort Scott, Kan. 


Ohio Beta, 


Alpheus Reid Cecil. fX 

Prin., Pearl St. Sch., Springfield, Ohio. 

McKendrke Whitfield Coultrap. *'!^ ^N-rX 
At Ohio U., '7S-9. Prin. Sch., Aliddleport, 
Ohio, '90. Shawnee, Ohio. 

Byron Willis Dawlky. ,lX 

Supt. Sch., Dixie, Ky., '89. Mexico, N. Y. 

Elmer Ellsworth McCammon, A.B. % t■<^ 
At Boston Theo. Sch., '90-1. Granville, 

Robert Thompson Miller McCready. ft tT-^tT 
A.B., Coll. of N. J., '90. Sewicklcy, Pa. 

Idlebert Benton Miller, ft ctI'-o^ 

At Butler, '81-4. Teacher, Williamsburg. 
Ohio, '87-90. Since V^, Student, Sch. for 
Christian Workers, Springfield, Mass, 

Harry Lestkr Row.nd. kX 

Franklin Rubl>er Co., Columbus, Ohio. 

Henry Virgil Stevens, A.B. Jjfft ^''* 

At National Normal U., Lebanon, Ohio, 
'80-1. Mem. Hist. Soc., New Mex., since 
'88. Postmaster, Stratford, since '90. Mer- 
chant, Stratford, Ohio. 

John Tunison Williams. <iT 

Richfield Centre, Ohio. 

Class ok 1S89. 

Frank Laramer Brjjwn. <^ /^T 

With Brown-Manly Plow Co., 235 E. Town 
St., Columbus, Ohio. 

Aubrey Irwin Gkdde^. //T 

Mansfield, Ohio. 

Charles Silver Hoskinson, A.B. p" 

Asst. Prin., High Sch., Zanesville, Ohio. 

Walter Findlay Mair. //T 

Meth. Epis. Min., Burlington, Iowa. 

John Andrew Thompson, A.B. %fi o,^ 

At Hiram Coll., '81 ; Cincinnati Law Sch., 
•89. Prin. High Sch., Middlefield, Ohio, 
'85. Atty.-at-law, Blackstone Bldg., Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

Albert Clark Turrell. -qM 

Grad., Drew Theo. Sem.,'9i. Longmont, 

Will Lincoln Van Sickle, A.B. ^ <^<l' 

At Cincinnati Law Sch., '89-90. Atty.-at- 
law, 100 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio. 

Harlan Colfax Wikokk, B.S. 
Forest, Ohio. 


Class or 1890. 

John Pritchard Ashley, A.B. jf ^ 

At Boston U., '91. Meth. Epi.s. Min., 

Fredericktown, Ohio, '88; since '88, Dela- 
ware, Ohio. 

*Orin GoiLi) Callahan, A.B. % //Y 

Minister. Died, Miamisburg, Ohio, Sept. 
6, '90. Bourncville, Ohio. 

David Ramsey Gray. J f4> 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Albert Vktor Evans, A.B. jj^ /.T 

Staff, Ohio State Journai, Columbus, 

Charles Edward S<:hknk, A.B. jjf jj //<|> 

At Drew Theo. Sem., '91. Meth. Epis. 

Min.. Bergen Point, Bayonne, N. J. Mad- 
ison, N. J. 

William Henry Slevin, A.B. >.T 

At Northwestern Ohio Med Coll., '91 
Toledo, Ohio. 

Pail Morris Tho.mpson, A.B. J /T 

Thirkicld Dry GckkIs Co., Delaware, Ohio. 

Walier Ulysses Votnc;, B.S. g\ 

Prin. High Sch.. Blooniingburg, Ohio, '90. 
Since '9:, Prin. High Sch., West Carrollton, 

Class of 1891. 

Washin(;ton Irvin«; Hadlev. ^J /2-/T 

At Hillsdale, 'S5-7. Pioneer, Ohio. 

Eddy Lec^c.eii Kkin. ^ i;* 

Walnut Hills, Cincinnati. Ohio. 

Olivkr Mii.iAki) PiKKCK. 62-<rf 

At New England Conservatory of Music, 
Boston. Hillsdale. Mich. 

Harry Charlks Robinson. % <-* 

Brooklyn Village, Ohio. 

' Frank Bernard Ritlkdcje. vT 

I Traveling Salesman for W. C. Townsend 

Marble Co., Zanesville, Ohio. 

Charles Edmund Toisley. gX 

Journalist, Brooklyn, Ohio. 

Daniel Wilson Wri(;ht. t-T 

Teacher, Worth ington, Ohio. 

Class of 1892. 

Wilson Andkis Car IKR. J^ ^'Y-<tX 

At Buchtel, 'SS-90. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. 

Ralph Harrold. ^y 

76 W. Winter St., Delaware, Ohio. 

1892-4. NOTES. 

Ohio Beta, 


H.ARoi.i) Heath. ;X 

Tutor Anal. Chcm., Ohio Weslevan, *<;o. 
163 \V. Central Ave., Delaware, Ohio. 


130 N. Franklin St., Delaware, Ohio. 

IvDWARi) David Jo.ves. % nX 

At Lawrence U., 'Sy-g. Antigo, Wis. 


Rushville, Ohio. 

I^KKT La Forrest Mill. /* 

B.S., National Normal U., '87. Teacher, 
Lebanon, Ohio. 

Class of 1893. 

-Alheri Byron Baldwin. ;/<I> 

Weston, Ohio. 

Herhert Clarenc e Evans, f' a«t» 

Camba, Ohio. 

Ciu\ Emanuel Manning, g (ttT-o'V 

414 W. First St., Dayton, Ohio. 

Harry Willis Pond. a«l' 

33 Hawthorne Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Class of 1894. 

l^OY Cjllen Gas.ser. vX 

Paulding, Ohio. 

Chariks Hendrk'kson Lewis. /«!» 

Upper Sandusky, Ohio. 

Ddward Thompson Miller. fi* 

Delaware, Ohio. 

Tellis Trimim e Shaw. /»!' 

West Rushville, Ohio. 

-Aqiilla Wehh. /«^ 

Zaleski, Ohio. 

Elmer Laverne Whitney. /<!> 

Delaware, Ohio. 

Colle(;e Notes. 

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Mem. at reorg., '79. F. L. Rosemond, Char. 

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1 891. W. I. Hadley, Intd. Mich. Gamma. 

1892. W. A. Carter, Intd. Ohio Epsilon. 

1893. G. E. Manning, Intd. Va, Zeta. 


Indiana Delta. 


Prof. Nat. Sci., do., '70-72; Prcs., do., since 
•72. Pres. Ind. Bap. Pub. Co., '90-1. Frank- 
lin, Ind. 

Class of 1862. 

Lorenzo Wellington Billingsley, A.B. /X 
A.M., Franklin, '64; LL.B., U. of Iowa, 
'69. U. S. A., Private, 7th Ind. Inf., '61; 
Serg., 4th Ind. Cav. ; Lieut, 14th U. S. Col. 
Inf., '63; Capt., 44th U. S. Col. Inf., '64 5. 
Dy. Court Clk.. Indianola, Iowa, '67-9. U. 
S. Com mis.. Neb. Dist, '72. Pres. City 
Coun., Lincoln, Neb., '75-6, and '88. Pres. 
Bd. Educa., '75-6. Pros. Atty., Lancaster 
Co., Neb. Atty.-at-law, Lincoln, Neb. 

Class of 1863. 

Joseph Leman Harris. fX 

Apiarist, Wheeler, Ind., '7S-82. Since "82, 
commission merchant, 545 Warren Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1864. 

George Nelson Hawlev. f* 

A.B., Franklin, '69. U. S. A., Private, 
and Serg., Co. F, 76th 111. Inf., '62-5; Lieut, 
do., '65. Prin. Sch., Monmouth, 111., '71. 
Music and instrument dealer, Monmouth, 

Joseph Kerr Howard, A.B. «* 

A.M., Franklin, '70. At R(x:hester U.,'64. 
U. S. A., Private, Co. H, 7th Ind. Inf., '01. 
Asst. Prin. Sem., Mitchell, Ind., '64-&. Bap. 
Min., Livonia, Ind.. '75-9; Orleans, Ind., 
'79-80, '88-9; Paoli, Ind., '79-S7; Mt Pleas- 
ant, Ind., '76-7, '84-7; Claysville, Ind., '88- 
Qi ; Campbellsburgh, Ind., '89-91. Livonia. 

♦Charles Henry Johnson. r^ 

A.B., U. of Rochester, '64. At Rochester 
Theo. Sem., '64-6. Bap. Min., Centreville, 
Mich., '66-7; Linesville, Pa., '68- 70; Hills- 
ville. Pa., '70-2; New Brighton, Pa., '72-5: 
Colebrook, Ohio, '75-81; Garrettsville, '81-4. 
Died, Garrettsville, April 13, '84. Garretts- 
ville, Ohio. 

Class of 1872. 

John Milton Daniel, A.B. 3jf r4> 

A.M., Franklin, '75; A.B., U. of Chicago, 
'72; A.M., do., '75. Supt. Sch., Trov, Ind., 
'72-9; Jasper, lud., '80-3. Prof. Bethel Fe- 
male Coll., llopkinsville, Ky., '84-5. Supt. 
Pub. Schs. , Las Animas, Col., '86-90; since 
'91, do., La Junta, Col. 

Columbus Hor.\tio Hall. 5 //* 

A.B., U. of Chicago, '72; A.M., do., '75; 
A.M., Franklin, '75; B.D., Chicago Theo. 
Sem., 75. Prof. Nat Sci., Franklin Coll., 
'75-6; Prof. Latin, '76-9; since '79, Prof. 
Greek; since '84, V.-Pres. Franklin, Ind. 

Genio Madison Lambertson, A.B. flf* //* 
A.B., U. of Chicago, '72; A.M., do., '75; 
A.M., Franklin, '83. U. S. Dist Atty. for 
Neb., '78-87. City Atty., Lincoln, '8S-9 
Prof. Crim. Jurisp., U. of Neb. Atty.-at- 
law, Lincoln, Neb. 

♦Frederick Benoit O'Neal. ^ 

M.D., U. of City N. Y.. '74. At Hillsdale, 
'69-71; Indianapolis Med. Coll., '72-3. Phy- 
sician. Died, Nov. 27, '80. Vevay, Ind. 

David Edward Stoner. cX 

Tutor Greek, Franklin, '71. Prin. Sch,, 

Paxton, '73-7. Police Magistrate, '79-83. 

Atty.-at-law, Sixth and Wyandotte Sts., 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Class of 1873. 

Homer John Hall. ^% f)G 

B.E.D., Pa. State Norm. Coll., '73; M.D.. 
U. of Loui.sville, '77. At U. of Mich., '74-5; 
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., '79-80. Prin. 
Sch., Centreville, Pa., '71-2; Riceville, Pa., 
'73-4; Spartansburg, Pa., '75-^). Phys. and 
Surg., Franklin, Ind. 

John Wildman Moncrirf. ft a* 

A.B., Dcnison U., '73; A.M., Franklin. 
'76. At U. of Leipsic. Ger., '7C>-7. Tutor, 
Franklin, '73-5; Prof. Greek, do., '76-9. Prin. 
Prep. Dept. Denison, '79-81. Since '81, Prof. 
Hist, Franklin, Franklin, Ind. 

Samuel Richards, y ^2 

At Royal Acad, of Fine Arts, Munich, 
'80-5. Artist, Royal Acad, of Fine Arts, 
Munich, Bavaria, Ger. 

Class of 1874. 

Gilbert Ellis Bailey. 06 

M.E., U. of Mich., '73; B.S., U. of Chi- 
cago, '74; A.M., do., '75; Ph.D., Franklin, '81. 
At Rochester Theo. Sem.. '79-80. Instr. 
Median. Drawing. U. of Chicago, '74. Prof. 
Chem., U. of Neb., '74-8. Prof. Chem. and 
(leol., Franklin, '78-9. Prof. Geol., Cook 
Acad., Havana, N. Y., '80-1. Director Neb. 
St. Weather Service, '75-8. Ter. Geol., Chey- 
enne, Wyo. Ter., 'S1-4. Supt Harney Peak 
Tin xMin. Co., Black Hills, Dak. Ter., '84-7. 
Since '88, Min. Eng. to Lookout Gold Min. 
Co., Rapid City, S. Dak. 


Indiana Delta. 


Jesse Conner Comstock. y C* 

Supt. Schs., Martinsville, 111., '72-8: Rus- 

siaville, Ind., '80-4; Michigantown, Ind., 

•S4-8. Supt High Sch., LaC^ro, Ind., '88- 

90. Since '90, Supt. Schs., Andrews, Ind. 

Henry Eitel. /y* 

Supt. Ind. Dcpt. Bradstrect's Com. 
Agency, Cor. Washington and Meridian Sts., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Francis Marion Griffith. ^ f* ^ 

Dy. Treas., Switzerlancf Co., Ind., '71-2; 
Supt. Schs., do., '73-5; Treas., do., '75-7. 
Del. Dem. Nat. Con v., Cincinnati, 'So. Mem. 
City Coun., Vevay, '80. Mem. Ind. Sen., 
'8(>^8, and '90-2. Atty.-at-la\v, Vevay, Ind. 

William Rokert Wycoff. wT 

U. S. A., Private, Co. G, 21st Ind. Inf., 

and ist Heavy Art, '62-5. Sch. Trustee, 

Marion Co., Ind., 4 yrs. Farmer, Southport, 

Ind. ' 

Class of 1875 

*GAr>Dis Hermann ELt;iN, A. B. IjfjSf' ^ 

B.D., Rochester Theo. Sem., '79; A.M., 
Franklin, '87; D.D., do., '88. Rap. Min., 
Columbus, Ind., '73-<'»; Buffalo, N. Y.,'76-9; 
Indianapolis, Ind.. '7()-82. Ed. Indiana 
Baptist, '81-90. Died, Southport, May 5, 
'90. Southport, Ind. 

Levi Butler Hill. fY 

M.D., Med. Coll. of Ohio, '79. Physician, 
Sardinia, '79-S6. Book-^kecper, Sardinia, 

Samuel Livingston Overstreet. J k-^ 

City Atty., Franklin, Ind., "So. Atty.-at- 
law, Medicine Lodge, Kan. 

Class of 1876. 

Hubert Hartley Birdsall. % rY 

At Earlham, '72-4. Agt Farmers' Friend 
Mfg. Co., 219 N. Bn)ad St., Philadelphia, 

Theopuilus Crosby Donnell. %^ fY 

M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg., Ind., '77. 
Phys. and Surg., Franklin, Ind. 

Charles Curtis Edwards. vY 

Meth. Epi.s. Min., Delaware, Ind., '76-7; 
Dillsboro, Ind., '77-9; Madison, Ind., '7(^81; 
Lawrenceburgh Cir. , '81-2; Greensburg, Ind., 
'82-5; Liberty, Ind., '85-9; since '89, 327 E. 
South St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Class of 1877. 

William Vestal Coffin, f" $ rX 

A.B., Earlham, '77; M.D., Miami Med. 

Coll., '80. Physician to Upper Nez Perces 
Indians of Northern Idaho, '83. Supt and 
Phys., Govt Training Sch., Forest Grove, 
Ore., '84. Since '91, Physician, Whittier, 

John Riley Edwards, A.B. yft'»^ cX 

A.M., Franklin, '80; B.D., U. of Chicago, 
'80. Bap. Min., Anthony, Kan. 

Clement Hall, A.B. ^ r* 

A.M., Franklin, '80; B.D., Bap. Union 

Thco. Sem., '80. Bap. Min., Dan vers. 111., 

'80-2; Monroeville, Ohio, '82-9; since '89, 

Youngstown, Ohio. 

Mahlon Carlton Haworth. 5? If <^X 

M.D., Ind. Med. Coll., '77. At Earlham, 
73-5- Coroner, Hamilton Co., Ind., '76-8. 
Phys. and Surg., Noblesville, Ind. 

Arthur Curtis Rogers. '^% t^ 

B.S., Earlham, '77. At Med. Dept, U. 
of Iowa, '82-3. Instr. Nat. Sci., Earlham, 
'75-7. Prin. Sch., Fairmount, Kan., '77-8. 
Clk. Iowa Inst, for Feeble-minded, '79-83; 
Asst. Physician, do., '83-4. Clk. and Phys., 
Govt. Indian Training Sch., Chemawa, Ore., 
'84-5. Since '85, Supt Minn. Sch. for Feeble- 
minded, Faribault, Minn. 

Wilson Houbs Towell. $ >i' 

Attended Earlham. Farmer, Sylvania, 

Class of 1878. 

♦Joseph Edcjar AprLE(;ATp:. ^ fX 

Attended Earlham; Teacher. Died, '80. 
Mount Carmel, Ind. 

John Jones Ballard. c* 

Farmer, Worthington, Ind. 

David Strowd Burson. % fX 

Attended Earlham. Oil manufacturer, 
Richmond, Ind. 

Geor(;e Linas Cates. % r* 

At Earlham, '74-6. Asst Cash., Union 
Nat. Bank, Richmond, Ind. 

Luther L^rhane Downey, g f* 

Book dealer, Franklin, Ind., '76-80. Sec. 
Franklin Gas Co., '78-83. Atty.-at-law% 
Gosport, Ind. 

Charlie Thomas Holt. $ y^ 

At Davidson Coll., '77. Pres. Granite Mfg. 
Co., Haw River, N. C. 

John Clarence Kelly. jt* 

M.D., Baltimore Coll. Phys. and Surg., 
'82. Physician, Mitchell, Ind. 



Indiana Delta, 

iS 78-80 

*L AW RENTE McNuTT. $ fi' 

Attended Earlhani ; do., Rush Med. Coll. 
Physician. Died, Jefferson, March 28, 'S4. 
Jefferson, Ind. 

William Hoixison Nelson. % 0X 

D.P.S., Chicago Coll. Phar., '78. Attended 

Earlham. Dy. Aud., Parke Co., Ind., '81-5. 

Ins. Agt.. '85-0. Since '89, Postmaster, 

Arkansas City, Kan. 

David Allen Owen, A.B. % i-T 

A.M., Franklin, '81. Asst. Prin. High 
Sch., Salem, Ind., '78-9. Supt. Schs., John- 
son Co., Ind., '80-2. Tutor, Frankhn, '79- 
82; Prof. Nat. Sci., do., '82-6; Prof. Geol. 
and Bot, do., '86-9; since '89, Prof. Biol., 
do., Franklin, Ind. 

Byram Caldwell RoKBiNS. %% r* 

At Earlham, '75-7; Antioch Coll., '77-9. 
Prin. High Sch., Economy, Ind., '79-80. St. 
Agt. Proctor & Gamble Co., Cincinnati, 
Ohio. Pres. Anderson Mfg. Co., 62 Miami 
Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Thomas Edgar Taylor, jj vX 

Prin. High Sch., Morganfield. Ky., '78-86. 
Since '86, Clk. Cir. Ct.,Xlaster Commis. and 
Trustee of Jury Fund, Union Co., Ky. Mor- 
ganfield, Ky. 

Wili-'am Jenkins Thompson, f* $ CX 

At Earlham, '74-6. Farmer, Jamaica, 

♦James Lydall Williams, ^f -y-^ 

A.B., Davidson, '78. At Columbia Theo. 

Sem., '78-81. Pres. Min., Bethlehem, N. C, 

'81. Evangelist, '81-4. Died, Lucia, March 

5, '85. Lucia, N. C. 

Oliver Russell Wood. %% ^X 

LL.B., U. of Mich., '80. At Lafayette, 
*75; Earlham, "76-8. Mem. City Coun., 
Martins Ferrv, Ohio, '8f)-8. Dir. and Sec. 
S. Pa. & Ohio Ry., '88-9. Sec. Wheeling 
and Harrisburg Ry., '89. Asst. Sec. Cleve- 
land and Wheeling Ry., '89. W. & L. E. 
Ry. Service, Marlins Ferry, Ohio. 

Class of 1879. 

Martin Brack all Bailey. % f4> 

LL.B., Columbian U., '85: LL.M., do., 
'86. At Earlham, "75-6. Since '89, Chief 
Law Div., U. S. Pension Bureau, 935 K St., 
Washington, D. C. Atty.-at-law, 10 East 
Main St., Danville, 111. 

MlGNON BOAZ. f* r-4» 

Prin. High Sch., Utica, 111., '85-6. Far- 
mer, Nortonsburg, Ind. 

Orion Fremont Lambertson. afftf* fT 

D.D.S., Ohio Coll. Dental Surg., '84. Den- 
tist, 1203 O St., Lincoln, Neb. 

James Larrence Mati hews, A.B. yj y^ 

A.M., Franklin, '82; B.D., Bap. Union 

Theo. Sem., '82. Bap. Min.. Tonica, 111., 

'82-4; Bradford, 111., '84-7; Yorkville, 111.. 

'87-9; since '89, Momence, 111. 

Calvin McCormick, A.B. % CX 

A.M., Franklin, '82. At Sheffield Sci. Sch., 
Yale, '80-1. Ed. Daily Herald, FrankHn, 
Ind., *8o. Teacher Science, Dallas High 
Sch., '86-8. City Chem., Dallas, '88-9. Since 
'89, Mineral, and Geol., Dallas, Tex. 

John Franklin McCray. • r2 

At Valparaiso Norm. Coll., '75-6; Deni- 
son, '76-8. Prin. High Sch., Pittsboro, Ind., 
'78-9. Prof. Med. Jurisprudence, Beach 
Med. Coll., '85. Co. Atty. for Poor, Marion 
Co.. Ind., '85; Dy. Pros., do., '86. Atty.-at- 
law, 169 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Charles F MoFKirr. ]jf tf f X 

" F" letter only. B.S., Earlham, '79. Book- 
keeper, Noblesville, Ind. 

*Edwin Shelby Palmer. «+ 

LL.B., U. of Mich., '79. Atty.-at-law. 
Died, Boulder, Aug., '81. Boulder j Col. 

♦Joseph Collins Smith, jj cT 

Cashier, Nat. Bank. Franklin. Died, Colo- 
rado Springs, Col., Oct. 22, '88. Franklin, 

Class ok 1880. 

Charles Boaz, A.B. f* /T 

A.M., Franklin, '83; M.D., Chicago Homeop. 
Coll., '91. At Bap. Union Theo. Sem., 
Chicago, '82-4. Physician, Mattoon, 111. 

Evan Allen Bonham. if fT 

At Earlham, '74-6. Prin. Schs.. Lyons, 
Ind., '77. Sheriff, Greene Co., Ind., '82-4. 
Spec. Agt. N. Y. Life Ins. Co., '91. Gen. 
Mang. for Ind., Mutual Ace. Assn., N. Y. 
15 & 16 Hartford Block, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Morris Exi'M Cox. ]^ $ r* 

B.S., Earlham, '80. Cashier, Bank of 
Westfield, Westfield, Ind. 

Herschel Isaac Fisher. !|^ c* 

M.D., Miami Med. Coll., '86. At Earlham, 
'75-6. City Ed. Daily Independent , Rich- 
mond, '7S-9. Phvs. and Surg., Richmond, 

John William Fonner. fT 

Farmer, Poe, Ind. 

I 880-84 

Indiana Delta, 


iuMNER Watson Haynes. ^ at 

LL.B.. U. of Mich., 'So. At Earlham, '76- 
8. Atty.-at-law, Portland, Ind. 

LoBERT Nelson Holt. c* 

City Clk., Huntington, Ind., '77-8. Trav- 
elling salesman, Phoenix Mfg. Co., Hunting- 
ton, Ind. 

J AMES William Johnson, if >4' 

At Davidson Coll., '76-7. Mayor, Marion, 

'84-5. Trustee Schs., Marion, since '86. 

Director Marion Cotton Mills. Atty.-at-law, 

Clarion. S. C. 

J o HN Albert Thompson. ]? ft f* J ^ X 

B.S., Earlham, '80; M.L)., Miami Med. 
Coll., '84. Clinical Lecturer Laryng. , Miami 
Aled. Coll., since '84. Physician, 32S N. Sev- 
enth St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

J AAiES Walter Wallace. fT 

Prin. Sch., Jonesville, Ind., '76-7; Wailes- 
borough, Ind., '78-9; 4th Ward Sch., Co- 
lumbus, Ind., '81-6. Dem. Cand. Probate 
Judge, Finney Co., Kans., '88. Mayor, Gar- 
den City, Kan., '89-90. Teacher, Joplin, Mo. 

Class of 1881. 

James Milton Brown. cY 

At N. W. Christian (now Butler). '68-71. 
TJ. S. A., Private, Co. D, 70th Ind. Inf., 
'62-5. Rep. Cand. Senator, Ind., '76. Supt. 
Schs., Brazil, Ind., '84-5. Chris. Min., Sugar 
Creek, Ind., '73-7; Kansas, Ind., '77; Bar- 
^ersville, Ind., '78; Brazil, Ind., '83-6; Man- 
liattan, Ind., '86; Lena, Ind., '87; Putnam- 
A'ille, Ind., '88. Greencastle, Ind. 

J A.MES William Daugherty. ;ill 

Farmer, Azalia, Ind. 

"W'lLLiA.M Guy Day. f* v\ 

Agt. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., 71^ N. 
Illinois St, India'iapolis, Ind. 

Jc>HN Simeon Mugg, A.B. trl 

A.M., Franklin, '84. Prin. Sch., Norcatur, 

'88-90. Teacher and farmer, Norcatur, Kan. 

""""John Thomas Parr. crT 

Died, Franklin, Oct. 26, '79. Franklin, 

John Miller Roseberry. vX 

At Ind. Norm. Sch., '76-8. Prin. Sch., 

Trafalgar, Ind., '79-80. Cash. Citizens Bank, 

Defiance, '83-7; Bank of Manilla, Manilla, 

Iowa, '87-9. Defiance, Iowa. 

Hdwari) Luther Stevenson, A.B. 3^ft"^ CX 

Ph.D., U. of Heidelberg, Ger., 'qo. At 

Tohns Hopkins, '87-8. Prin. High Sch., 

Franklin, Ind., '81-2. Prin. High Sch., Rising 

Sun, Ind., '82-4. Supt. Schs., Gilman, 111., 
'84-7. Prof. Hist, Rutgers, Brunswick, N. J. 

Class ok 18S2. 

John Eliiiu Coffin. '^ $ fX 

B.S., Haverford Coll., '82. Asst. Prof. 
Astron., Haverford, '82-3. Prin. Vermillion 
Acad., Vermillion, 111., '83-4. Sec. Real 
Est, Mort, Loan & Trust Co., Lawrence, 
Kan., '84-6. Since '88, Dy. City Treas., Los 
Angeles. Calif. 

James Buchanan THO.MAS, A.B. ftf' (1 

A.M., Franklin, '85. At Rocnester Theo. 
Sem., '82-3; Southern Bap. Theo. Sem., 
'S3-4. Bap. Min., Mishawaka, Ind., '84-6; 
Richmond, Ind., '86-7; Covington, Ind., '87- 
91 ; since '91, Greensburgh, Ind. 

*Hakry Ellis Wi shard. f2 

U. S. A., Private, Troop C, 8th U. S. Cav. 
Killed, Little Dry Creek, N. Mex., Dec. 19, 
'85. Evanston, Wyo. 

Class of 1883. 

Frank Ben Day, A.B. Jf ^ 

M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., '85. Phys. and 
Surg., W infield, Kan. 

Eugene Hall, f* rT 

At Bap. Union Theo. Sem., '80-3. Oil 
portrait painter, Noblesville, Ind. 

Alfred Moore Jelleff. vT 

Grocer, Franklin, Ind. 

Eldon Frank Jonks. ^T 

Druggist, Fowler, Ind. 

PALMER Ellsworth Stevenson, A.B. yjjf* V^ 
A.M., Franklin, '86. Prin. High Sch., 
Franklin, Ind., '83-5. Since '85, Supt. City 
Schs., Rising Sun, Ind. 

Enoch Hants Sweet. 3jf r5* 

A.B., Acadia Coll., Wolfville, N. S.. '84. 

At Wabash, '78-9; Newton Theo. Inst, 

'85-6. Bap. Min., 50 Clarence St., Brockton, 


Richard Maize Thomas, fi^ v2 

M.D., Med. Coll. of Ohio, '83. Physician, 
Greensburg, Ind. 

Class of 1884. 

Robert Alien Brown, A.B. ^^flf* x^ 

A.M.. Franklin, '88. Asst Prin. High 
Sch., Franklin, Ind., '85. Ed. Republican^ 
Franklin, '86-7; Daily Tribune, Logansport, 
Ind., '88. Since '89, Ed. and Prop. Repub- 
lican, Franklin, Ind. 



Indiana Delta, 


Charles Jtlian Crane. ^ y^ 

Ticket Receiver. Pa. R. R. Co., 56 High- 
land Place, Sheppard Ave., Indianapolis, 

William Mitchell Kemp. rS 

Stationer, Pierre, S. Dak. 

Sanford Perry Smith, A.B. /?X 

At Wabash, '77-9; Southern Bap. Theo. 
Sem., '82-3. Bap. Min., Herrington, Kan. 

William Wallace Smith. ^^ 

Bap. Min., Scipio, Ind., '8t>-5; since 'S5, 
Hope, Ind. 

Samuel Hill Tho.mi'son, A.B. CT 

A.M., Franklin, '87. At Nat. Norm. Coll., 

'76-7. Prof. Thomasville Sem., '81-3. Bap. 

Min.. High Point. X. C, "81-8; Raleigh, N. 

C, '88; since '88, South Boston, Va. 

Class of 1885. 

Edward Jackson Beardsley. x^ 

M.D., Chicago Homoeop. Coll., '86. At 
Pulte Med. Coll., '83-4. Physician, Areola, 



Wesley Elgin. ^ 

Farmer, Claysville, Ind. 

ViR(;iL Homer Hari'er. 

Merchant, Ironton, Ohio. 

Lemuel Jefferson Hawkins. v* 

B.D., Theo. Sch. Cumberland U., '86. At 
Lincoln U., '79. Cumb. Presb. Min., Frank- 
lin, Tenn., '86-7; Cumberland, Ohio, '87-9; 
since '89. Greene ville, Tenn. 

Elmer Ellsworth Israel. ^ j/T 

At Ohio Coll. of Dental Surg., '88-90. 
Dentist, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Edward Forest White. vT 

Atty.-at-law, Franklin, Ind. 

Class of 1886. 


Joseph Birdsall Banker. 

B.D.. Bap. Union Theo. Sem., '84. Bap. 
Min., Benton Harbor, Mich., '84-7; Santa 
Ana, Cahf., '87-9; since '89, Valparaiso, Ind. 

Henry Newton Gant. B.S. J aX-a^ 

At Ind. U., '83. Farmer, Columbus. Ind. 

Clarence Irvin Hutchison. ;^T 

Mang. Rogue River Valley Ry. Co., Med- 
ford, Ore. 

John Purviance Kenower. i^ 

Prop, of lumber mill, Huntington, Ind. 

Class of 1887. 

Cassius Morton Carter, A.B. St ft vS 

A.M.. Franklin, '90. At Union Theo. 
Sem., '87-8; Southern Bap. Theo. Sem., 
'8S-9. Bap. Min., Mitchell, Ind., '88-91. 
Since '91, Ed. Indiana Baptist, Indianapolis, 

Will Featheringill. rY 

Asst. Supt. Schs. , Franklin, Ind. 

William Alvarado Halteman. ^ 

Real Est. Agt., Port Townsend, Wash. 

Grafton Johnson, B.S. IJ'ft V'P 

Capitalist, Greenwood, liid. 

Morton Comhs Long. tY 

At Theo. Sch. Cumberland U., '85-6. 

Cumb. Presb. Min., New Winchester, Ind., 

'84; Maywood, Kan., '8f)-7; since '87, Fre- 

donia, Kan. 

Ulysses S Martin. rY 

"S" letter only. Soap Manf., 24 E. Morris 
St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Charles Spencer McCoy, A.B. %f^ y\yX 

Asso. Prin. Bethel Inst., Bethel, Ky., 
'87-8. Supt. Schs.. Oilman, 111., '88-90. 
Accountant, Naval Observatorv, Washing- 
ton, 1). C. 

James Thomas Cotton Xoe, A.B. Jf ft aX 

A.M., Franklin, '91. Supt. Schs., SDring- 
field, Kv. 

William Grant Olwin. % /* 

Pres. Empire Laundry Co., Peoria, 111. 

William Thomas Van Cleave, A.B. ^ 

A.M.. Franklin, '90. At Bap. Union Theo. 
Sem., '87-8. Bap. Min., Delphi, Ind. 

Class of 1S8S. 

Charles Elmer Goedell, A.B. Jjf y-X 

A.M., Franklin, '88. Teacher. Ithaca, 
N. Y. 

Chesley Hol.mes, A.B. )T 

A.M., Franklin, '§4. At Rochester Theo. 
Sem., '88-91. Letts Corner, Ind. 

Jamks Lincoln McCormick. 
Farmer, Freelandville, Ind. 

Grant Rp:ginali) Norman. 

Atty.-at-law, Martinsville, Ind. 


Lewis Orlando Stiening, A.B. ^ x^ 

Supt. Schs.. Morgantown, Ind., '88-9. 

At Southern Bap. Theol. Sem., '90; Bap. 

Union Theo. Sem., '91-2. Letts Comer, Ind. 


Ttidiaiia Delta. 

Class OF iSBg. 

Ira Elmer Vamuver. 


Elmos McLkan Fisher, A.B. Sf 'T 

Franklin. Ind. 

A.M., Franlilin, Vjr Urmeyvillc. Ind. 


is. f 


W,..M■RWlSl.■HI,l<^L,, A.B. ■f }T 

Ed. Diiiiy Democr 

It, Anderson, Ind. 

Prin. High Sch., Tyndall. S. Dak. 


F 1892. 

•ChiAHi.Es Spurueon Keitii. 1"- 
Real Esi. Agl. I'Il-.I. Wichita. Kan., Aug. 

Elka Llovij Brasigin. 
Franklin, Ind. 


10. '87. FreelanUviHe. nd. 

•EnwARR Smith Brow 

■ f 


ROKEHT Wll.l.lAM Wll-SON. "1" 

Ins. AgL. Franklin. Ind. 

Died. Hopewell, J 

an, ig, '88. Hopewell. 

Class OK 1890. 

William Provincf. Garshwiler. 


Artiuk Allen Alexani.kk. B.S. J t* 

Pranklin Ind. 

Franklin, Ind. 

FxANCis Grant How-^RU. 


Harrv Montkoro Bell. A.B. lY 

farmer Advance, '""'' 


At South. Ban. The-l. Sem.. '1,0--. Bap. 
Min.. Dana, Ind. 

Tiir.Mv, 1 n '.]■: Leach. 


.MorJiant, Huron, 


J.\MKsViRGiL Deer. A.B. %^ o'f 



Providence, Ind. 

Fr:inkhii li..i. 

HE1.ER LrMUEL Menal-gh, B,S. ¥ r* 

Alva Otis Neal. 



Dv. Clk. Cir. Ct., \Va.shington Co., Ind. 

Franklin. Ind. 

Salem, Ind. 

Jay CcRTis Smith. % 


Oscar Voorelees Nav, A.B. % <1T 

Wolcottville, Ind. 

Franklin, Ind. 

Robert Daniel Trick. 


.Albert Achilles O.ilk. 0* 

Youngstown, Ohio 

366 N. Alabama St., Indianapolis. Ind. 


At Knox Coll., '87-9: Rochester Thcol. 

Uasiel Grant DuNKiN 


Sem.. since '90, Pimento, Ind. 

Carroll, Ind. 

Elik) Lewis Henricks. 



Class of 1891. 

Kosf.viile, Ind. 

-Allen Walter Clark. % V'1" 

RoscoF. W Pavnf.. 


Ed. lUily CkronkU-Rtcor.1. Chico, Calif. , 

"W" letter only. 

Franklin, Ind. 

■87-8; Mang. Ed. Arkansas liapthl. '88-90. 
Scc. and Trcas. Arkansas Democrat Co.. 
j.uo Main SL, Little Rock, Ark. 

tlied, Banta, Si^pt. 

2o, '91. Banta, Ind 


-AiRA TiiroiiOliH Covert. 
Franklin, nd. 


Ed. and Prop. Deinoc 

', Franklin, Ind. 


V Cam 

a Dut 

i-r ; 

Prin. Sch., Letts Corner, Ind., '89-90. 
Harper, Ind. 
Clarence Provlmk. r* 

Providence, Ind. 
Charles Di'ulev Ransdell. «1' 

Muncie, Ind, 
Elmer Ellsworth Tvner. vT 

Prin, Sch., Risk, 111,. '84-6, '88-9; White- 
land, Ind., '89-90. LaGro, Ind. 

V.\ Ta¥L< 

Banta, od, 

LilkkT BlFl-l! \'aN VLEET. 

Franklin, Ind, 

Class of it 

Olney, 111, 


Franklin, Ind. 


Indiana Delta. 


College Notes. 

1861. T. J. Morgan (Delivd. Alumni Add., 
Rochester Theo. Sem., '78). 

1872. J. M. Daniel, Valedictorian, '70. 

1873. H. J. Hall (Valedictorian, Pa. St. Nor- 
mal Coll., '73). S. Richards (received bronze 

medals, Acad. Fine Arts, Munich, Ger., '84, 
and '85). 

1874. J. C. Comstock, Ed. Standard, '71-2. 

1875. G. H. Elgin, Rep. Franklin, Ind. St. 
Orat. Cont, '75. 

1876. T. C. Donnell (Valedictorian, Coll. 
Phys. and Surg., '77). 

1877. J. R. Edwards, Rep. Franklin, Ind. 
St. Orat. Cont, '76; Rep. Ind., Inter-St. Orat. 

Cont, '76. M. C. Haworth (Local Ed. Earl- 

hami'te, '75; Valedictorian, Ind. Med. Coll., 

'77). A. C. Rogers (l^ocal Ed. and Mang. 

Earlhamite, '76). 

1878. D. A. Owen, Rep. Franklin, Ind. St. 

Orat. Cont, '78. B. C. Robbins (Ed. Earl- 

hami'te, '75-6). O. R. Wood (Local Ed. 

Earlhamite, '76-7). 

1879. O. F. Lambertson (Valedictorian, 
Ohio Coll. Dental Surg., '84). J. L. Mat- 
thews, Del. Ind. St. Orat. Assn., '79. C. 

McCormick, Del. Ind. St Orat. Assn., '79. 

C. F Moffitt (Local Ed. Earlhamite, '78-9). 

1880. M. E. Cox (Ed. -in-Chief, Earlhamite, 

* 79-80). J. A. Thompson (Mang. and Asso. 

Ed. Earlhamitt\ '78-So). 

188 1. E. L. Stevenson, Rep. Franklin, Ind. 
St Orat. Cont.. '81. 

1883. E. E. Stevenson, Rep. Franklin, Ind. 

St. Orat. Cont, '83. E. H. Sweet, ist Prize 

Orator, '80; (ist Prize Essay and ist Prize 
Decl., Wabash, '79; Salutatorian, Acadia, '84). 

1884. R. A. Brown, Del. Ind. St. Orat. 
Assn., '82, and '83; Cor. Sec. do., '83-4: Ed. 

Collei^iate, '82-4. C. J. Crane, Local Ed. 

Collegiate, '80-1. 

1887. C. M. Carter, Ed. and Bus. Mang. 

Collegiate, '85. G. Johnson, Del. Ind. St. 

Orat. Assn., '86; Pres., do., '87; Local Ed. 
Collegiate, '86-7. C. S. McCoy, Ed. Colle- 
giate, '8 5-7; 2d Prize, Jr. Orat Cont. '86; 

Del. Ind. St Orat Assn., '87. J. T. C. 

Noe, ist Prize, Jr. Orat. Cont., '86; Rep. 

Franklin, Ind. St Orat Cont, '87. W. G. 

01 win, Ed. Collegiate, '85-6. 

1888. C. E. Goedell, Ed. -in-Chief, Colle- 

i^iale, '8f>-7. E. J. Stalker (Ind. Alpha. '8S), 

'Ed. Collegiate, '85-6; Del. Ind. St Orat. 

Assn., '86. L. O. Stiening, Local Ed. and 

Ed, -in-Chief, ColUi^iate, •S()-8. 

1889. E. M. Fisher, Medal in Botany, '83; 
Rec. Sec. Ind. St Orat. Assn., '88-9. 

1890. A. A. Alexander, Treas. Ind. St. Orat. 
Assn., '89-90. C. C. Collins (Mo. Gamma, 

•92), Ed. Collegiate, '88-9. J. V. Deer, Bus. 

Mang. Collegiate, '87; Ed., do., '88; Del. Ind. 

St Orat. Assn., '88. W. G. McCoUey (Ind. 

Gamma, '91), Del. Ind. St Orat Assn.. '88. 

H. L. D. Menaugh, Bus. Mang. Collegiate, 

'88. O. V. Nay, Bus, Mang. Collegiate, 

'88-9; Del. Ind. St. Orat, '89, and '90. 

1 891. A. W. Clark, Bus. Mang. Collegiate^ 
'89-90. H. C. Dixon. Ed. Collegiate, 87-8. 

1892. J. C. Smith, Ed. Collegiate, '90. 

1893. E. L. Henricks, Ed. Lollegiate, '89- 

Fraternity Notes. 

1S55. D. D. Banta (Ind. Alpha, '55), Orator 
Chap. Anni., '77. 

i8bo. C. By field, Char. Mem. ; Cf. Ind. Beta 

1861. G. W. Grubbs. Char. Mem. T. J. 

Morgan. Char. Mem. ; Orator Nat Conv., Dan- ' 

ville, Ky., '72; Cf. 111. Alpha Al. W. T. 

Stott, Char. Mem. 

1872. C. H. Hall, Cf. Ind. Alpha Al. G. M. 

Lambertson. Del. Nat. Conv.,Athens, Ohio, '73. 

1873. J. W. Moncrief, Cf. Ind. Alpha Al. 

1874. F. M. Griffith, Del. Nat Conv., Dan- 
ville, Ky., '72. 

1875. G. H. Elgin, Del. Nat. Conv., Craw- 

fordsville, Ind,, '74. S. L. Overstreet, Cf. 

Ind. Alpha Al. 

1876. T. C. Donnell, Cf. Ind. Alpha Al. 

1877. 1. R. Edwards, (Orator Chap. Anni., '80. 

1878. L. U. Downey, Cf. Ind. Alpha Al. 
-T. E. Tavlor. Del. Nat Conv., Danville, 

Ky., '75- 

1879. O. F. Lambertson, Cf. Ind. Alpha Al. 

J. L. Matthews. Del. Nat. Conv. , Wooster, 

Ohio. '78. J. C. Smith, Cf. Ind. Alpha Al. 

iSSo. J. A. Thompson, Cf. Ohio Alpha Al. 

1 88 1. E. L. Stevenson, Treas. Ind. St. 
Assn., '80-1. 

18S2. J. B. Thomas, Chap. Ind. St. Assn., 

1883.' F. B. Day, V.-Pres. Ind. St Assn.. 

'82-3. E. E. Stevenson, Del. Nat. Conv., 

Richmond, Va., '82. R. M. Thomas, Cf. 

Ohio Alpha Al. 

1 884. R. A. Brown, Del. Nat Conv., Indian- 
apolis, '80. 

1886. H. N. Gant, Intd. Ind. Alpha. 

1887. C. M. Carter, Del. Nat Conv., Nash- 
ville, Tenn.. '84. G. Johnson, Del. Nat. 

Conv., New York, N. Y., "^86. C. S. McCov, 

Sec. Epsilon Prov. Conv., '86-7. J. T. 6. 

Noe, Poet Epsilon Prov. Conv., '87. 

1S90. J. V. Deer, Del. Epsilon Prov. Conv., 
"89; Del. Nat. Conv., Bloomington, 111., '89. 

1S92. A. O. Neal, Del. Nat. Conv., Atlanta, 
Ga., '91. 




^^^^^r j^anted, i860 or 1861 ; soon suspended, leavinj^ no record of charter members; revived, 
December 1*4, 1868, by Sylvester Scovcl Borgcn, "70; William Tell Evans, '72; James 
Livingston Fletcher, '72. and William Franklin Yocum, '72. 

Class of 1870. 

•^'icsTKR ScovF.L Bergen, A.B. ^ft »X 

-A..M., Hanover, '78. Attended Danville 

» ^^1 Union Theo. Scms. Mission, in Tex., 

"J^— 5. Presb. Min., Somerset, Pa.. '7(>-S ; ( )li- 

■^/^unt Pa., '7S-82; Laurel Hill, Pa..'S2-S; 

^^nce '88. Belleville, Pa. 

Class of 1871. 


*^OMAs Jefferson Cummings. (X 

Atty.-at-law, Cor. Easton and Grand Aves. , 

^aint Louis, Mo. 

Class of 1872. 


Teller, 2d 'Nat. Bank, New Albany, Ind., 
'75-9. Since '79. Asst. Chief Dip. and Con. 
Div., 5th Aud. Office, U. S. Treas. Dopt., 
236 N. Capitol St., Washington, D. C. 

^^^ILLIAM Tell Evans, ft VT 

Meth. Epis. Evangelist, Decatur, 111. 

J AMES Livingston Fletcher, A.B. ft vX 

Pork packer, 810 N. Meridian St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 


City Ed. Courier, Madison, '71-3. Asst. 
Official Reporter, U. S. Sen., '73-6. Reporter, 
Af^iu Vork Herald/ -jc^-ii. Since '76, OlVicial 
Stenographer, Superior Ct, Marion Co., Ind. 
784 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Daniel Wkilster Herriott. ^4> 

At Franklin Coll., '67-8. Clk. U. S. Treas. 
Dept., Mount Pleasant, Washington, D. C. 

Xobi.e Butler Parvin McKee, A.B. ft ;* 
LL.B., V. of Va., '76. Since '78. Instr.. 
Ind. Deaf and Dumb Inst., 33 S. Arsenal 
Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

J AMKs Prksslev White. /.u 

Farmer, Dean, Ohio. 

Wii I lAM Franklin Yocum. ]jt'ft r* 

Cotton planter, 705 W. Woodard St., Den- 
ison, Tex. 

Class of 1S73. 

*Gkorge Harlan. -^''T 

Died, Feb. 24, '75. Sedalia, Mo. 

Edwin Walker. ^ fi^ 

M.D., Med. Coll. of Evansville, '74; M.D., 
U. of City of N. Y.,'79; Ph.D., Hanover, '88. 
Prof. Anat., Med. Coll. of Evansville, 
'74-80; Prof. Nerv. Diseases, do., '80-5. 
Phys. and Surg., Evansville, Ind. 

Class of 1S74. 

Daniel Brewer Banta, A.B. ijf Oy 

A.M., Hanover, '83. Grad. Princeton Theo. 
ScnL,'77. Commis. Presb. Gen. Assem., '87. 
Prcsb. Min., Lebanon and Hopewell, Ind., 
'S0-7; since 'SS, Hopewell and Elizaville, Ind. 
Lebanon, Ind. 


Indiana Epsilon, 


William Andrew Caldwell, A. B. jfft r* 
A.M., Hanover, '78. Instr., Ind. Deaf and 
Dumb Inst., Indianapolis, Ind., '77-9, and 
'82-6; do., Calif. Inst, for Deaf and Blind, 
'79-82; do.. Pa. Inst, for Deaf, '86-90, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Since '90, Prin. Fla. Inst, for 
Deaf and Blind, Saint Augustine, Fla. 

Nathaniel Louis Rice Johnston. 

339 W. Fifth St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Robert Shannon Moore, f' /)X 

City Ed. Daily Republican, Seymour, '81. 
Music teacher, Sevmour, '82. Asst. Supt. 
Schs., Oakland City, Ind., '88-9. Travellinj^ 
salesman. Democrat Printing Co., Seymour, 

Thomas Chalmers Potter, A. B. yftf" f>T 

A.M., Hanover, '80; A.M., Princeton Theo. 

Sem.,'8o. Commis. Presb. Gen. Assem.,'8i. 

Presb. Min., Denison, Iowa, '80-8; since '88, 

Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

Class of 1875. 

William Butler Barr. ?* 

Asst. Gen. Mang., Street's Stable Car Line, 
215 N. Fourth St., Saint Louis, Mo. 

David Serril McCaslin, A.B. ^ />* 

A.M., Hanover, '85. Grad. Union Theo. 

Sem., '78. Presb. Min., Pullman, 111., '81-7; 

Huron, S. Dak., '87-9; since '89, Minneapolis, 


Georcje Ale.xander McCaslin. rX 

Farmer, Franklin, Ind. 

Class of 1876. 

JoTHAM Potter. % ^ a'l 

A. B., Princeton, '77; A.M., do., '80. Mem. 
Princeton Scientific Expedition, '77. Tutor, 
Lawrenceville Sch., Lawrenccville, N. J.,'77- 
8. Treas. and Director, Brush Electric Light 
Co., Dorchester Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

James Black Swin<;, A.B. % pT 

A.M., Hanover, '82. Ed. Clermont Cour- 
ier,'']']. Judge Probate Ct., Clermont Co., 
Ohio, '82-8. Del. Rep. Nat. Conv., Chicago, 
111., '88. Atty.-at-law, S. E. Cor. Fifth and 
Walnut Sts., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Elias Fenelon Taylor. V'*-}'^' 

A.B.. Bethany. '76. At N. W. Christian 
(now Butler), '73-4. Prin. Acad., Anderson- 
villc, Tenn., '76-9; Clinton, Tenn., '80-2. 
Co. Supt., Anderson Co., Tenn., '79-So. 
Since '87, Prin. Acad., Cherryvale, Kan. 

Class of 1877. 

James Edgar Blvthe, A.B. iff' jyX 

A.M., Hanover, '88. Mem. Iowa St. Leg., 
'88-9. Atty.-at-law, Mason City, Iowa. 

James Franklin Cubbins. rT 

Book-keeper, N. Second St., Chelsea, Mem- 
phis, Tenn. 

William Hall Link. ^ c^ 

M.D., Med. Coll. of Ohio, '84; A.M., Han- 
over, '91. Grad. Evansville Com. Coll., '75. 
At Med. Dept, U. of Pa., '82-3. Supt. 
Schs.. Petersburgh, Ind., '80-2. Physician, 
Otwell, Ind. 

Albert S.mith Story, A.B. 5f ^ /X 

A.M., Hanover, '86. Atty.-at-law, Pawnee 
City, Neb. 

Harry Leonard Woodbirn. tT 

Manufacturer farm f^nce, 1802 Franklin 
Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Class of 1878. 

Thomas Moore Blythe. "f aX 

M.D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., '80. At 
Rush Med. Coll., '78-9. Physician, Ocean- 
side, Calif. 

Frederick Laflin Brooks. 5ffl[ ^;T 

At Union Coll. Law, Chicago, '80. Atty.- 
at-law, 703 O wings Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

David Gibson Fenton, A.B. o* 

A.M., Hanover, '84. Prin. Schs., New 
Haven, Mo., '82-3. Prin. High Sch., Hope- 
well, Ind., '83-5; Columbia, Ky., '85-8. Prin. 
Schs., Vernon, Ind., '8S-91. Prof. Latin, 
Blackburn U., Carlin villa. 111. 

Thomas William Green. jjf <tT 

Book-keeper, 2512 W. Jefferson St., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

Oliver Perry Griffith. <tT 

Pros. Atty., Clermont Co., Ohio, '91-4. 
Atty.-at-law, Batavia, Ohio. 

John Edwin Hays, A.B. ]jf ft i^* 

M.D., Hosp. Coll. Med., Louisville, '80; 
A.M., Hanover, '81. Prof. Anat. and Clin. 
Lect. Gyniccology, Hosp. Coll. Med., since 
'87. Physician, 429 E. Chestnut St., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

Walter Carson Jeffery. ctT 

D.D.S., Ohio Coll. Dent. Surg., '81. Den- 
tist, Passaic, N. J. 

Coleman Roc.ers. kX 

LL.B., Central Law Sch., '82. Banker, 
Wichita, Kan., '8O-90. Hardwood exporter, 
Hagersto\vn, Md. 


Indiana Epsilon. 



Charlton Armstrong SwoPE, B.S. y^ pT 
Sec. Gen. Freight Agt. L. & N. R. R. 
Co., Second and Main Sts., Louisville, Ky. 

Frank Dugan Swope, A.B. ^fi"^ pY 

A.M., Hanover, '89; LL.B., Harvard, '89; 
A.M., do., '89. Atty. -at-law, 209 Fifth St., 
Louisville, Ky. 

Class ok 1886. 

William Moncrikf Amsdkn, B.S. ^ aX 

Dy. Assessor, Jefferson Co., 'Tnd., '81-5. 

Clk.. 55th Gen. Assem., Ind., '87. Since '87, 

Supt. Pub. Schs., Jefferson Co., Volga, Ind. 

John Michael Creamer. 

Farmer, Oklahoma, Oklahoma Ter. 




John Ale.xandkr Crowe. 

Clk., 1632 Prospect Ave., Kansas City, Mo 

John Henry Dellinoer. 

Farmer, Jeffersonville, Ind. 

William Daviess Hennessy, B.S. ^ aT 

Orange grower, Hernando, Fla. Madison, 

Jasper Wesley La Grange, A.B. y 
Farmer, Franklin, Ind. 


JoHN Van Nhys La Grange, A.B. ^ 
At Cincinnati Coll. of Phar.,'91-2. 
lin, Ind. 

Charles Harvey M<:Caslin, A.B. jf fl aT 
Grad. McCormick Theo. Sem., '90. Gen. 
Sec. Y. M. C. A., Lincoln, 111., '87. Ed. 
Detroit Presbyter, since '90. Presb. Min., 
Ch. of the Covenant, 485 Beaubien St., De- 
troit, Mich. 

Walter Neil Millican. % CI 

Prin. Schs., Turner's Station, *86-8. Mer- 
chant, Turner's Station, Ky. 

William Taylor Morrison, A.B. ^ x^ 

A.M., Princeton, '88. Clk. War Dept, 
Washington, D. C, '88-9. At Yale Div. 
Sch., since '90. Fern Creek. Ky. 

Class of 1887. 

Turner Go Brashear, A.B. %f^ c* 

Grad. McCormick Theo. Sem., '90. Mis- 
sionarv, Tabriz, Persia, Asia. Petersburgh, 
Ind. ' 

Harry Wilhtr Byers. t* 

With S. W. Publishing House, Nashville, 


Thomas Edgar Shaw. ^ 

M.D., Rush Med. Coll., '91. Monmouth, 111. 

Charles Oscar Shirey, A.B. jjff' />T 

Grad. Lane Theo. Sem., \yo. Presb. Min.. 
Pilgrim Chapel Ch., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Thomas Orkney Tate. a- 

Cor. Broadway and Third Sts., Cincinnati, 

William Thomas Willl\mson. 
M.D., U. of Louisville, '86. 
Carlinville, III. 


Class ok 1888. 

Daniel Edwin Monroe. % 
Farmer, Saluda, Ind. 

Emmet Collins Reel. % <tT 

A.B., National Norm. U., Lebanon, Ohio, 
'90. At Wabash, '85. Vincennes, Ind. 

Oliver Morton Runyan. t4» 

Mang., H. G. Gwynn & Co., Ogden, Utah. 

Class of 1889. 

Lionel Franklin Hennessy, B.S. y^ AT 
Prin. High Sch., CarroUton, Ky., '90-1. 
Prin. Acad., South Salem, Ohio, since '91. 
Madison, Ind. 

Henry Charles Johnson, A.B. Iff' rxT 

City Ed. Democrat, Seymour, '8^. Clk., 
Freight Office, P., C, C. & St. L. R' R. Co., 
Sevmour, Ind. 

James B McCormick, A.B. jjf \Y 

' ♦ B " letter only. LL.B., U. of Louisville, 
'91. Atty. -at-law, 419 W. Chestnut St., 
Louisville, Ky- 

Harry Vance Swope. "f <tT 

Art Stu., Cincinnati, '88-9; Nat. Acad, of 

Design, New York, N. Y., '89-90; since '90, 

Acad. Julian, Paris, France. Madison, Ind. 

Class of 1890. 

Charles Emerson Huffer, A.B. % rX 

Theo. Stu., Muncie, Ind. 

Robert KoEHLER HuTCHiNGS. yf* ?,Y 

M. D., Med. Coll. of Ohio, '91. Physician, 
Madison, Ind. 


William Howkll Davis. 

414 Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 


GEORr.E Whitney Jackson. 
A.B., Monmouth Ooll., 

William Edc;ar McMillin. 
Druggist, Areola, 111. 

Hugh Lowry Moore, A.B. 
At Lane Sem., since '90. 





anover, Ind. 



1890-95- NOTES. 

Indiana Epsilon, 


Herman Reynolds. tT 

At Georgetown Coll., '87-8. Merchant, 
Stamping Ground, Ky. 

Class of 1891. 

William Edwin Brown McKee, B.S. Jffl AT 
Swanville. Ind. 

Class of 1892. 

Herman Woollen Hutchings. ^ /T 

Orange grower, Hernando, Fla. Madison, 

Harry Aaron Marks. <t* 

Madison, Ind. 

Robert Tindle McElrov. yfl ff* 

Madison, Ind. 

John Walter Moore. (tY 

Terrace Park, Ohio. 

Fred Wilmot Willman. y lY 

Hartford City. Ind. 

Class of 1893. 

Earl Franklin Karmire. 
Shelbyville. Ind. 

Donald Kennedy. 
Shelbyville, Ind. 

William Bertram Shirey. f* 
Hanover, Ind. 

William Wolf Smith. g\ 

247 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Class of 1894. 

David Henson Combs. 
Charlesto^^^l. Ind. 

John Day De Prez. jj 
Shelbvville, Ind. 

George Ernest Mayhew. 
Red Blufif, Calif. 

Brainari) Platt. % 
Madison, Ind. 

William Barney Snyder. 
Milton, Ky. 

Class of 1895. 

Charles William Clotwortiiy 
Hillman, Ga. 

Harry Weist De Prez. 
Shelbyville, Ind. 

Staiar Montgomery. 
Georgetown, Ky. 












Lkandkr Marion Robinson. tY 

Madison, Ind. 

College Notes. 

1870. S. S. Bergen, Salutatorian. Philal. 
Spring Ex., '69. 

1572. W. F. Yocum, Orator, Philal. Spring 
Ex., '69. 

1573. E. Walker (Hammond Prize, U. of 
City of N. Y., '74). 

1874. D. B. Banta, Orator, Jr. Ex., '72; 
Valedictorian, Philal. Spring Ex., '74; Saluta- 
torian, '74. W. A. Caldwell, Poet, CI. Dav, 

'74. T. C. Potter, Valedictorian, Philal. 

Spring Ex., '74. 

1S75. D. S. McCaslin, Salutatorian, Philal. 
Spring Ex., '75; Valedictorian, '75. 

1876. J. Potter (Dickinson Prize. Princeton, 
'76: Prize Orator, do., '76; Prize Essav, do., 

'77). J. B. Swing, Orator, U. L. Fall Ex.. 

'72; U. L. Spring Ex., '74; Valedictorian, U. 
L. Spring Ex., '75; Ed. Gu/on, '75-6; Rep. 
Hanover, Ind. St. Orat. Cont., '75; Salutato- 
rian, '76; Delivd. diplomas to U. L. Soc. 
(Jrads., '83. 

1S77. J. E. Blythe, Orator, U. L. Spring 

Ex., '76; Valedictorian, do., '77. W. H. 

Link, Orator. U. L. Spring Ex., '77. A. S. 

Story, Orator, U. L. Spring Ex., '77. 

1 878. F. L. Brooks, Salutatorian, U. L. Fall 

Ex. ,'74. T. W. Cireen, Salut., Feb. 22, '76; 

Spkr. Soph. Ex., '75; Orator, Jr. Ex., '76. 

J. E. Hays. Ed. Hanover Monthly, '77-8; 
Classical Orator, '78; (Medal for best examina- 
tion, IIosp. Coll. of Med., Louisville, Ky., *8o). 

1879. J. E. Taggart, Orator, U. L. Spring 
Ex., '78. 

1880. S. E. M. Coulter, Valedictorian, '80. 

II. C. Montgomerv, Orator, U. L. Spring 

Ex., '78; Philal. Spring Ex., '80. R. W. 

Storv, Orator, U. L. Spring Ex.. '78, and '79. 

1853. J. C. Garritt, Orator, Jr. Ex., '81; 
Philal. Spring Ex., '82; Del. Ind. St. Orat. 
Assn., '82; VA. II(inovt'r/afi/%2-'i\ Salutato- 
rian, '83. 

1854. C. M. Blythe, Salutatorian. Soph. Ex., 

— D. B. Fitz- 


Valedictorian, Feb. 22, '82. 

gerald (Pa. Gamma, '80, Spkr., Soph. Ex.' 81; 

Orator. Feb. 22, '82. T. E. Montgomery, 

Spkr., Soph., Ex., '81 ; Orator, Philal. Spring 
Ex., '82; Salutatorian, Jr. Ex., '82; Ind. Del. 
Inter-St. Orat. Assn., 'S3. 

1885. W. C. Covert, Spkr., Soph. Ex., '82: 
Ed. />W/r ;;//>? //," 8 2-3 ; Orator, Philal. Fall Ex., "82 ; 

Feb. 22. '83; Philal. Spring Ex., '85. L. V. 

Cravens, Valedictorian, Feb. 22, '83; Orator, 
U. L. Spring Ex., '84; Salutatorian, do., '8«i. 
H.W. Gilchrist, Orator, Philal. Spring Ex'., 


Michigan Alpha, 

I S69-89 

Perry Co., 111., '73-4. Mem. 111. Leg., '77-8. 
Del. Rep. Nat. Con v., Chicago, 111., '84. 
Atty.-at-lavv, Du Quoin, 111. 

Class of 1870. 

James Lyman Brown, jf g fT-ri' 

U. S. A., Private. Co. A, 60th Ohio Inf., 
•61-2; Co. K, 86th Ohio Inf., '63-4; Co. A, 
167th Ohio Inf., '64. Prin. High Sch., Kan- 
sas City, Mo., '71-2. Ed. Iowa South West, 
Bedford, Iowa. '74-6. Del. Rep. Nat. Conv., 
Chicago, 111., '80. Judge Dist. Ct, Iowa. 
'80-8. Compiler Oklahoma Stats, and Crim. 
Code. Pres. Oklahoma Sen. . Oklahoma Ter. 
Atty.-at-law, Oklahoma, Oklahoma Ter. 

John Loveland Culley, C.E. r* 

Civ. Eng. and Arch., 29 Blackstone Bldg.. 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Ervy L. Goodrich. f* 

Physician, Minneapolis, Minn. 

*JoHN William Johnson. f* 

Died, Jan. 8, '70. Delavan, Wi.s. 

Darius CoMSTocK Pennington, B.S. fi^ /* 
U. S. A., Corj)., Co. D, nth Mich. Inf., 
'64-5. Supt. Schs., Lenawee Co., Mich., 
'76-8. Nurseryman, Bakersfield, Calif. 

Palmer Worth Smith, LL.B. ]jf jj fT-r+ 

A.B., Miami, '64; A.M., do., "67. U. S. A., 
Private. 167th Ohio Inf. Atty.-at-law, Ox- 
ford, Ohio. 

Jonas Stewart. j5 rX-^T 

M.D., Long Island Coll. Hosp.,*7o. AtN. 

W. Christian (now Butler). '65-6. U. S. A., 

Corp. , 44th Ohio Inf. , and 8th Ohio Cav. ,'62-5. 

Physician, Anderson. Ind. 

Leonard Emiah Stocking, Ph.B. ^ c* 

M.D., St. Louis Med. Coll., '76. Supt. 
Sch.. Potosi, Mo., '71-3. Prin. Irondale 
Acad., Potosi, '73-4. Resident Physician, 
South 111. Hosp. for Insane, Anna, lii.. '78-90. 
Supt. Oneonta Sanitarium, San Diego, Calif. 

Charles Malona Taylor. a* 

U. S. A., Private, Co. D, Ssth Ind. Inf., 
'62-5. Prin. Western Union Sem., Clinton, 
Ind., '68-72. Supt. Pub. Schs., '72-9. Prin. 
Collegiate Inst., Paxton, 111., '79-86. Since 
'87, Presb. Min., Princeville, 111. 

Class of 1871. 

Charles Alonzo Cook, A.B. ^ rX 

Prin. Sch., Quincy, Mich., '70-1; Leslie, 

Mich.,'7i-(); Dexter, Mich., '79-83; since '83. 

Jefferson Township (now Jefferson Iligh Sch. , 

Chicago). Irving Park, 111. 

I Pembrook Reeves Flitcraft, A.B. rT 

A.M.. U. of Mich., '74. Supt. Sch., Char- 
lotte, Mich., '71-2. Atty.-at-law, 204 N. Third 
St, Saint Louis, Mo. 


Baron Hu.mbolt Pennington, C.E. f* 
Farmer, Macon, Mich. 


Class of 1872. 

Richard Augustus Moses. t/** 

Prin. Sch., Mantorville, Minn., '76-82. Co. 
Supt. Schs., Dodge Co., Minn., '79-80; Co. 
Atty., do., '83-4. Co. Supt. Schs., Sanborn 
Co., Dak., "87-8. Atty.-at-law, Woonsocket, 
S. Dak. 

Class of 1876. 

John Martin Schaeherle, C.E. * 712 

Asst. in Observatory, U. of Mich., '78-85 ; 
Asst. Prof. Astron., do.. '85-S. Astronomer, 
Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton, Calif. 

Class of 1881. 

Clarence Gkorge Taylor. /8 

B. S., Worcester Inst. Tech., '8r. Supt. 

Shops, Miller Norm. Labor Sch., Qrozet, Va., 

'81-3. Since '83, Supt. Engineering Lab., 

U. of Mich., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Class of 1886. 

Erwin F Smith, B.S. ei 

••F" letter only. vSc.D., U. of Mich., '8q: 

Asst. in Botany, do., '88. Mycologist, U. S. 

Department of Agriculture, Washington, 

D. C. 

• Class of 1SS8. 

John Barton Mecham. LF^. B. § V'^-^* 

Atty.-at-law, Joliet. 111. 

Frank Irwin Muir, A.B. f^ xjiir 

Prin. High Sch., Battle Creek, Mich. 

Henry Fish Shier, Ph.B. g y-t 

Prin. Schs.. Carrollton, Mich., '88; Masonic 

Acad., Clifton, Tenn., 'S8-9: Henry Acad., 

Henry,Tenn.. 'S9-90. Meth. Epis. Min., Farm- 

ington. Mich., '90-1 ; since '91, Salem, Mich. 

Class of 1889. 

Allen Lysander Colton, Ph.B. f[ \i4> 

A. B., U. of Mich., '90. Prof. Chem. and 
Phys., High Sch., Saint Paul, Minn., '90-1. 
Sec. to Chief of Weather Bureau, Washing- 
ton, I). C. 

Willis Moore, f^f- ^v.^..^/.^ 

At Knox, '83; Hillsdale, '84-5; Chicago 
Med. Coll., '86. Physician, 390 Ft)rtieth St., 
Chicago, 111. 


Michigan Alpha. 


College Noies. 

1868. R. C. Story (Valedictorian, Indianapo- 
lis. Law Sch., '69). 

1870. J. L. Brown (Orator, U. L. Soc, 

Miami;67). P.\y. Smith.Cf.CoU. Notes, Ohio 

Alpha. L. E. StcKking (Valedictorian, Be- 

loit. '65). 

1871. C. A. Cook, A.B. conferred, '84, as 
of '71. 

1889. P. G. vSjoblom, Ed. Argonaut, '86-7; 
Asst. Bus. Mang., do., '87-8. 

1 891. O. R. Hardy, Ed. Argonaut, '89. 

1892. F. H. Dixon, Ed. Argonaut, '89. 

1893. B. F. Hall, Jr., Ed. Argonaut, '90-1. 

P^raternity Notes. 

1866. W. J Elstun, Intd. Ind. Gamma; Cf. 
Prat Notes, do. ; Char. Mem. ; Del. (or Vis.) 
Nat Conv., Indianapolis, Ind., '68, and Sec, do. 

G. C. Harris, Intd. Ind. Gamma; Char. 


1867. W. S. Harbert, Intd. Ind. Beta; Cf. 
111. Alpha Al. 

1868. J. C. Magill, V.-Prcs. Nat. Conv., Indi- 

anapolis, Ind., '68. R. C. Story, Intd. Ind. 

Gamma; Char. Mem. ; Del. (or Vis.) Nat. Conv., 
Indianapolis. Ind., '68, and V.-Pres., do. 

1870. J. L. Brown, Intd. Ohio Alpha. D. 

C. Pennington, Mem. Ex. Com., '68-9. P. 

W. Smith, Intd. Ohio Alpha. J. Stewart. 

Intd. Ind. Gamma. 

1876. J. M. Schacberle, Char. Mem., '87. 

1888. J. B. Mecham, Intd. 111. Epsilon; 
i Char. Mem., '87. W. Moore, Intd. 111. Delta; 

Affd. with Mich. Gamma; Char. Mem., '87. 

F. I. Muir, Char. Mem., '87. H. F. Shier, 

Char. Mem., '87. 

1889. A. L. Colton, Char. Mem., '87. P. 

G. Sjoblom, Char. Mem., '87. 

1890. E. S. Antisdale, Intd. Mich. Beta; Cf. 

Frat. Notes, do. G. F. Keiper. Intd. Ind. 

Zeta;Char. Mem., '87. W. H. Stillhamer, 

Intd. 111. Epsilon. 

1891. \V. L. Honnold, Intd. 111. Delta; Char. 
Mem., '87. 

1892. G. H. Chilcote, Del. Ep.silon Prov. 

Conv., '90. F. H. Dixon, Char. Mem., '87. 

A. Frantzen, Del. Nat. Conv., Atlanta, 

Ga., '91. 

1893. B. F. Hall, Jr., Intd. Mich. Beta. 




Charter granted, October 14, 1S65, to Charles Pelton Jacobs, '57; William Henry Fitch, Jr., '65: 
Charles Morley Hull, '66; Frederick Augustus Smith, '66; Reuel Williams Bridge, '67; 
Christian Cecil Kohlsaat, '67; Edward Archibald Slack, '67; William Thomson, '67: 
Robert Abraham Davis Wilbanks, '67, and Sanford Kingsbury Austin, *68; suspended. 

Class of 1857. 

Charles Pelton Jacobs, g J f9 

A.B., Kalamazoo, '57; A.M., do., '63. At 
Albany Law Sch., '59-60. Pros. Atty., 17th 
Jud. 6ist., Ind., '61-3. Aid-de-Camp and 
Friv. Sec. to Gov. Morton, '65-6. Prof. Law, 
N. W. Christian (now Butler), '70-5; Central 
Law Sch., Ind., '75-8. Atty.-at-law, (toi N. 
Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Class of 1865. 

William Henry Fitch, Jr., B.L. * rii 

U. S. A., Private, Ind. Militia, 61-3. Ed. 
Spaulding's B. B. League Book, '79. Book- 
keeper, Madison, Wis. 

Class or 1866. 

William Oliver Hammers, A.B. -r^ 

U. S. A., ist Lieut, Co. F, 77th 111. Inf.. 
one year. Since '88, Trustee, Judson U., 
Wichita, Kan. Farmer, Anthony, Kan. 

♦Charles Morley Hull, A.B. ^J'Jt ^'^ 

At Union Coll. of Law, '66. Died, Chicago, 
Oct. 12, '66. Chicago, 111. 

Howard Wallace Hunter. i'^ 

Hardware Merchant, '62-75. Since '75. 
Ins. Agt, Trust Co. Bldg., Louisville, Ky. 

Fredkrick Augustus Smith, A.B. l^g rt 
LL.B., U. of Chicago, '67; A.M., do., 69. 

At Union Coll. of Law, '67-8. U. S. A., Pri- 
vate, 134th 111. Inf., '63. Atty.-at-law, 2205 
Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1867. 
Rkukl Williams Briixje. g 


U. S. A., 2d 

At Albany Law Sch., '62-3. 
1 85 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

He.nrv Clay Casski.l. g f* 

LL.B., U. of Chicago, '68. 
Lieut, Co. I, 72d Ind. Inf., '61-3. Evangel- 
ist, Boswell, Ind. 

GwYNN Garnkit, LL.B. ^ ^^ 

Judge Superior Ct., Cook Co., 111., '85-90. 
Pres. Title Guarantee and Trust Co., Chi- 
cago, since '90. 96 Washington St. . Chicago, 


Christian Cecil Kohlsaat. * -X 

Dv. Clk. Cook Co., 111., ^5-7. Enr. and 
Engr. Clk., 111. House of Rep., '71-2. West 
Park Commis., Chicago, '83-90. Appointed 
Probate Judge, '90. Atty.-at-law, 61 81 Na- 
tir)nal Bank Bldg. , Chicago, 111. 

Edward Arciiiiiald Slack, -g vX 

At Fulton Coll., '66-7. IL S. A., Private, 
'61-4. Ed. Daily Sun, Laramie, Wvo., 
'71-6; since '76, do., Cheyenne, Wyo. 

William Thomson, A.B. f^ r+-rX 

A.M., U. of Chicago, '70. U. S. A.. Pri- 


Illinois Beta, 


vate, Co. D, 134th 111. Inf., '64. Prin. Sch., 
Toulon, 111., "67-8; Astoria, 111., '6S-9. Judge 
Probate Ct., Osage Co., Kan., '70-1; Co. 
Atty., do., '72-4. Del. Rep. Nat. Conv., 
Chicago, 111., '80. Since "89, Judge Dist. Ct., 
35th Jud. Dist, Kan. Atty.-at-la\v, Burlin- 
game, Kan. 

Robert Abraiia.m Davis Wilbanks. f{ rY-«* 
At McKendree, '62; Ind. U., '63-5. U. S. 
A., Private, iioth 111. Reg., '62-3. Clk. 111. 
Supreme Ct., '67-79; ^o» Appel. Ct, '83-4; 
do., 111. House of Rep., '85-6. Mem. 111. Leg., 
'81-2. Supt. U. S. Mails, Chicago, '86-9. 
Atty.-at-law, Room 720 Pullman Bldg., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Class of 1868. 

*Sanford Kingsbury Austin, g a* 

Freight Agt. St J. & C. B. R. R., 'iy^-ii. 
Died, St. Joseph. Nov. 8, '71. Saint Joseph, 

LoREN T Bush, A.B. ci' 

••T" letter only. A.M., U. of Chicago, 
'71; B.D., Bap. Theo. Sem. (now Morgan 
Park Bap. Theo. Sem.), '71. U. S. A.. Pri- 
vate, ist Iowa Inf., '61 ; Co. C, ist Iowa Cav., 
'64-5. Prof. Lang., Cedar Valley Sem., 
Osage, Iowa, '76-7. Bap. Min., Chicago, 
III, '71-6; Cedar Falls, Iowa, '77-9; Wauke- 
gan. 111., '79-91: since "91, 57 Hooker St., 
Portland, Ore. 

W. P. HiGGINSON. fii 

Present address unknown. Merchant, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Henry Clay Mabik, A.B. ^ 

A. M., U. of Chicago, '71 ; D. D., do., '82. 
At Chicago Bap. Theo. Sem., '73-5. Bap. 
Min., Oak Park, 111., '73-5; Brookline,, 
'75-9; Indianapolis, Ind., '79-84; Belvidere, 
111., '84-5; St. Paul, Minn., '85-8; Minneapo- 
lis, '88-90. Since '90, Sec. Baj). Missionary 
Union, 1302 Fourth Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

James Springer, ft f' ii2 

LL.B., Union Law Sch., '6S. U. S. A.. 
Private, Co. K, 20th 111. Inf., '62-5. Del. 
Greenback Nat Con v., '76, and '80. Atty.-at- 
law, 6809 Perry Ave., Chicago. 111. 

Class of 1S69. 

*James McKemy Culbertsun. fX 

Ed. Journal y Springfield, 111. ,'69-70. Died, 
Chicago, May 6, '76. Chicago, 111. 

Alonzo Delos Foster, A.B. ^ 

Manufacturer, 172 East Madison Street, 
Chicago. 111. 


eacher, Na- 

Charles Arthur Stear.ns,A.B. 
A.M., U. of Chicago, '72. 
tional City, Calif. 

Edward Francis Stearns, A.B. ifjf' C* 

A.M., U. of Chicago, '72. Prin. Wavland 
Acad., Beaver Dam, Wis., '70-2. Pro^., U. 
of Chicago, '72-5. ist Asst. South Div. High 
Sch., 3508 Ellis St., Chicago, 111. 

George Bell Swift. V*^ 

Alderman nth Ward. Chicago, '79-Si. 
Mem. Rep. St Cen. Com. Manfr. Oils, 79 
Dearborn St, Chicago, 111. 

John Bromley Taylor. x^ 

U. S. A., Private, '62-5. Editor and News- 
paper Writer. 469 Prospect St.. Cleveland. 

Class of 1870. 

Cyrus Ai.kertus Barker, A.B. ]jr f* 

Coal Merchant, 23S S. Water St.. Chicago, 


♦Charles Wii.lia.m Bodeman. rX 

Druggist Died, Burlington, Dec. 10, '76. 
Burlington, Iowa. 

John Bradford Camp. f<J> 

Horticulturist, Pomona, Cahf. 

♦Robert Wilson Moore. LL.B. fX 

Died, Chicago, Dec. 25, '72. Chicago. 111. 

Richard Mentor Springer. ^ f* 

U. S. A., Private, Co. K, 20th 111. Inf., 
'61-5 ; received medal of honor at Vicksburg 
for gallantry. Established and Ed. Weekly 
News, Yorkville, 111., '72-8; Pre.s. Bd. Alder- 
men, do., '75. Ed. Sentinel, Chicago, 111.. 
'78. Scrg.-at-arms, 111. Sen., '77-8. Del. 
Nat Greenback Conv., '78, and '80. Ed. 
Daily News, Portland, Me., "81. Supt. Pub. 
Schs., Falls Co., Dak., '83-4; Clk. Dist Ct. 
do., '84-5. Since '85, R. R. Construction, 
Forest City, S. Dak. 

Class of 1S71. 

*Charles Edwin Brink. ^t 

Tel. Open, '70-5. Farmer, '75-9. Died. 
San Bernardino, Aug. i, '79. San Bernar- 
dino, Calif. 

Class or 1872. 

Orrin Benner Clark, A.B. 3jf 0I 

A.M., U. of Chicago, '75; A.M., Harvard, 
'86. At Chicago Med. Coll., '73-4. Prin. 
Winnetka Inst, "72-3; do., Prep. Dept, V . 
of Chicago, '74-5. Prof. English, Antioch 
Coll., '76-8; since '78, Prof. English. Ind. U., 
Bloorrtington, Ind 


Illinois Beta, 


Frank Leander Rockwell. fT 

Artist, 186 Thirty-Second St., Chicago, 111. 
Bristol, Conn. 

College Notes. 

1866. C. M. Hull, gives his name to a Pro- 
fessorship in University of Chicago, as a 
memorial. F. A. Smith, Fresh. Prize, '6> 

i86q. C. a. Stearns, 2d Fresh. Prize Decl.. 

'65. E. F. Steams, Ed. Judex Universi- 

tatis, '69. 

1870. C. A. Barker, Class Orator, '70. 

1872. O. B. Clark, Ed. VoliUiit\'i\-i\ 2d 
Prize Orator. '71. 

Fraternity Notks. 

1857. C. P. Jacobs, Read poem at inaugura- 
tion of Chapter; Char. Mem. ; Poet Nat. Con v., 
Indianapolis, Ind., '68; Del. Nat. Conv., Ox- 
ford, Ohio, '70; Pres. and Poet, do. ; Poet Nat. 

Conv., Crawfordsville, Ind., '74: Mem. Ex. 
Com., '70-1. 

1862. J. C. Black (Ind. Beta, '62), Delivd. 
address at inauguration of Chapter. 

1865. W. H. Fitch, Jr., Cf. 111. Alpha Al. ; 
Char. Mem. 

i8f)6. C. M. Hull, Char. Mem. F. A. 

Smith, Char. Mem. ; Del. (or Vis.) NafConv., 
Indianapolis, Ind., '68; V. Pres., do.; Mem. 
Ex. Com., '68-9; Cf. 111. Alpha Al. 

1867. R.W. Bridge, Char. Mem. ; Pres. Nat. 

Conv., Chicago, 111., '71; Cf. 111. Alpha Al. 

Il.C.Cas.scll, Intd. Ind. Gamma. G. Garnett, 

Cf. 111. Alpha Al. C. C. Kohlsaat, Char. 

Mem. ; Cf. 111. Alpha Al. E. A. Slack, Char. 

Mem. R. A. D. Wilbanks, Char. Mem. ; Intd. 

Ind. Alpha; Cf. Frat. Notes, do.; originated 
design of Coat-of-arms; Mem. Ex. Com., '68-9. 
W. Thomson. Char. Mem. 

1868. S. K.Austin, Char. Mem. J. Spring- 
er. Cf. 111. Alpha Al. 

1869. E. F. Stearns, Del. (or Vis.) Nat. 
Conv., Indianapolis, Ind., '68; V Pres., do. 




Charter grante<l February 25, 186S, to John Robert Miller, '65; Charles Oliver Perry, '69, and 
David Bittle Floyd (Virginia Alpha. '72); suspended, Fall of 1872; revived, early in 1875; 
suspended, 1878; revived. iSSo. 

Class ok 1855. 

James Wilson Greene. ri3 

D.D., De Pauw, '87. U. vS. A. Agt., San. 
Com. Hosp., Army Potomac, 'ds- Visitor. 
Ind. Asburv (now De Pauw), from N. W. 
Ind. Conf., 77. Del. Cen. Conf. Meth. Epis. 
Ch., Cincinnati, Ohio. 'So. Meth. Epis. Mm.. 
Dormin, '56; Michigan City, Ind., '57; Crown 
Point, Ind., '58-9; Stockwcll, Ind., '60-1; 
Delphi, Ind., '62-3 ; Indianapolis, '64-6 ; 
Greencastle, '68; Terre Haute, '70-2; Pres. 
Elder, Terre Haute Dist., '73-6: Crawfords- 
ville, Ind., '77-9; Terre Haute. Ind., '79-82; 
since '82, Crawfordsville Dist., Crawfords- 
ville, Ind. Trustee De Pauw U., .since '85; 
Finan. Agt., do., Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Class of 1858. 

Granville Craduock Moore. 1^ ^22 

A.M., Ind. Asbury (now De Pauw), '79. 
Prof. Law, De Pauw U., '81-2. Atty.-at-law, 
Greencastle, Ind. 

Class of 1868. 

John Robert Miller, B.S. 5^5 tMl 

U. S. A., Corporal, Co. F, 123d Ind. Inf., 

'63-5. Mayor, Greencastle. '80-4. Atty.-at- 
law. Greencastle, Ind. 

Class of 1S69. 

Tolbert Bartl, A.B. fi2 

A.M., Ind. Asbury (now De Pauw). '72. 

Supt. and Prin. Schs., Washington, lud., 

'6(;-72. Teacher and Pension Atty., Alford- 
ville, Ind. 

Charles Oliver Perry, A. B. J f* 

A.M., Ind. Asbury (now De Pauw), '72. 
Gen. Mang. Calif. Guarantee Investment 
Co., 319 Pine St., San Francisco, Calif. 

Class of 1S70. 

Mhhael David Emu;, B.S. ft 

M.S., Ind. Asbury (now De Pauw), '73. Co. 
Atty., Bartholomew Co., Ind., '89-91. Atty.- 
at-law, Columbus, Ind. 

EniRAiM Marsh, B.S. >t 

M.S., Ind. Asburv (now De Pauw), '73. 
Clk. Cir. Ct., Hancock Co., Ind., '74-82. 
Atty.-at-law, Greenfield, Ind. 

Class of 1871. 

Thomas Hartley, ft uX 

Traveling salesman, Coatesville, Ind. 

Class of 1872. 

JosEi'ii Taylor Albin, A.B. y^ 

A.M.. Ind. Asbury (now De Pauw), '75. 
Supt. Schs.. Danville. Ind., '77-80; Browns- 
burg, Ind., '80-T ; Butler, 111., '83-4. Teacher. 
Hlndicott, Neb. 

James Knox Polk Hurst, A. B. OX 

A.M., Ind. Asbury (now De Pauw), '75. 
Farmer, Belle Union, Ind. 

Clark Wesley Johnson, A.B. ci' 

A.M.. Ind. Asbury (now De Pauw), '75. 
Atty.-at-law, Graham, Tex. 

I 872-82 

Indiana Zeta. 


Edward Francis Moore. c* 

Grad. Ind. St. Norm. Sch., '68. Died, 

Danville, 111., April 23, '86. Terre Haute, 

Class of 1873. 

RANCis Marion Anderson. f* 

Capitalist, Eldorado, Kan. 

AscHAL Saunders Buchanon. V^ 

Music dealer, 233 Eighth St, Cairo, 111. 

AMES Wesley Cook, A. B. ^ at 

A.M., Ind. Asbury (now De Pauw), '76. 

Pros. Atty., '84-8. Atty.-at-law, Warsaw, Ind. 

■"Henry Clay Faucett. fT 

Druggist. Died, Paoli, Nov. 24, '72. Paoli, 

Class of 1874. 

Tho-mas Mason, A.B. j* 

A.M., Ind. Asbury (now De Pauw), '77. At 
Valparaiso Coll., '67-70. Meth. Epis. Min., 
Burnettsville, Ind., '74-6; La Fayette, Ind., 
'76-9; West Lebanon, '79; Monticello, '80. 
Since '81, Pres. Philander Smith Coll., Cor. 
Eleventh and Chester St?*., Little Rock, Ark. 

John Davy Wright. 

Merchant, Hollandsburg, Ind. 


Class of 1875. 

*Marion Whitlock. fT 

Farmer. Died, Sullivan, Jan. 9, '77. Sulli- 
van, Ind. 

Class of 1876. 

James Gray Boston, A.B. y1 

M.D., U. of Louisville, '79. Physician, 
Pendleton, Ind. 

Thomas Taylor Moore. ^ i\ 

City Atty., Greencastle. Atty.-at-law, 
Greencastle, Ind. 

James Scott Sims. A.B. * aX 

A.M., De Pauw, '86. Meth. Epis. Min., 

Vanceburg, Ky., '76-8; Stanford, Ky., '78-82; 

Flemingburg, Ky., '82-6; Shelbyville, Ky., 

'86-9 ; since '89, Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Class of 1877. 

Mahlon Leonidas Pearson. 1/'^ 

M.D., U. of City of N. Y., '79. At Rush 
Med. Coll., '76-7. Phys. and Surg., Aber- 
deen, Wash. 

William Fleming Stillwell, B.S. cX 

Asst. Gen. Solicitor, L., N. A. &C. Ry. Co., 
'81-5. Pres. Henry Taylor Lumber Co., La 
Fayette. Atty.-at-law, La Fayette, Ind. 

Class of 1878. 

William Henry Cohee. v^ 

Merchant, Frankfort, Ind. 

Setii Abraham Cook. a* 

Since '88, City Clk., Frankfort, Ind. 

*James Bruner Dell. f* 

Supt. Wm. Dell & Sons' Coal Yard, In- 
dianapolis. Died, Indianapolis, July 13, '80. 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Lewis May Pence. 7* 

U. S. A., Private, 37th Ind. Inf., '64-5. 
Prin. Schs., Carthage, Ind., '79-81 ; Williams- 
burg, Ind.. '81-2; Montpelier, Ind., '83-5. 
Since '86, dealer in shells and curios, Santa 
Monica, Calif. 

Class of 1880. 

Lewis Tilghman Rightsell, A.B. 5f J /Q 
Teacher, Chetopa, Kan. 

Class of 1881. 

Samuel Brenton Grimes, A.B. 5f ft ck 

A.M., De Pauw, '84. At Garrett Biblical 
Inst, '81; Drew Sem., '83-4. Meth. Epis. 
Min., South Bend Cir., Ind., '85; Laporte 
Cir., Ind., '86; Westville Cir., Ind., '87; Rens- 
selaer. Ind.. '88; Milwaukee, Wis., '88; since 
'89, Colfax, Ind. 

Nathan Allen Whitaker, Ph. B. % 1* 

At Law Dept., Ind. U., '82. Dy. Pros., 
Morgan Co., Ind. Atty.-at-law, Martinsville, 

Joseph Sigel White, A.B. f* ck 

A.M., De Pauw, '84. Prin. High Sch.. 
Noblesville, Ind., '85-7. Meth. Epis. Min., 
Terre Haute, Ind., '79-81; Perrysville, Ind., 
'81-3; Ladoga, Ind., '83-4; Bringhurst, Ind., 
'84-5; since '87, Argos, Ind. 

Class of 1882. 

Albert Brinkerhoff, A.B. cfl 

Grad. Ind. St. Norm., '85. Teacher Sch., 

Bainbridge, Ind., '82-3; Limedale, Ind., '84. 

Since '85, Reporter Lake City Pub. Co., 87 

W. Monroe St., Chicago, 111. Peakville, Mo. 

Albert Pkrley Burnside, A.B. 5f /X 

A.M., De Pauw, '85. Prin. Sch., Newtown, 
Ind., '82-3. Farmer, Snoddy's Mill, Ind. 

Joseph Eugene Crews, A.B. % iX 

A.M., De Pauw, '85. Route Agt, Wells, 
Fargo & Co.'s Express, '89-90; Correspond- 
ent, do., 154-156 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

Samuel Harrison Elrod, A.B. % tX 

A. M., De Pauw, '85. Mem. Const. Conv., 


Indiana Zcta. 


Dak. Ter., "83. Probate Judge, Clark Co., 
S. Dak., '86-9. Atty.-at-law, Clark, S. Dak. 

Alfred Eucene Hart, A.B. 3f fP 

A.M., De Pauw, '90. Supt. Pub. Schs., 

Appleton City, Mo., '82-4. Since '90, Prof. 

Greek and Lat., Chillicothe Norm. Sch., 

Chillicothe, Mo. 

Andrew Stephenson, A.B 5f /X 

A.M., De Pauw, '85. At Johns Hopkins 

U.,'88-9. Prill- Pub. Schs., Sparland, 111., 

'82-3. Prof. Latin, Upper Iowa U., '84-8. 

Prof. Wesleyan Coll., Middle town. Conn. 

Justin Afer Wilson, A.B. 5f /X 

Teacher, Mission Ch., Calcutta, India. '82. 

Meth. Epis. Min., Newtown, Ind., '82-3. 

Since '83, Architect and Contractor, Shawnee 

Mound, Ind. 

Class of 1883. 

Taylor Coleman Basye. /* 

Druggist, Rockport, Ind. 

Charles Sumner Bridges, Ph.B. 3jf ft <* 

Township Trust., '84-6. Director and 
Asst. Cash. , Central Nat. Bank, Greencastle, 

Class of 1884. 

Howard S Cook. ^ iX 

"S" letter only. Contractor and Carpen- 
ter, Chicago Lawn, 111. 

John Bernard Curtis, A.B. kX 

Prin. Schs., Ladd, 111., '88-91; since '91, 
do., Troy Grove, 111. 

EwiNG McLean, A.B. kT 

Farmer, Greencastle, Ind. 

Millard Sylvester Miller. /Y 

City Treas., Oklahoma, '89-90. Traveling 
salesman, Oklahoma, Oklahoma Ter. 

James Lafayette Ran del. "f kX 

Dy. Treas., Putnam Co., Ind., '81-2, and 
'84-7; Dy. Auditor, do., '83; Auditor, do., 
since '87. Greencastle, Ind. 

Class of 1885. 

Henry Walter Bever, A.B. rT 

Merchant, Pawnee City, Neb. 

Jesse Blake Bridges, Ph.B. rT 

Atty.-at-law, 242 E. Vermont St., Indian- 
apK)lis, Ind. 

George Washington Christie, Ph.B. rT 

U. S. Ry. Mail Service, Hadley, Ind. 

Thomas Albert Clifton. rT 

Prin. High Sch., Williamsport, Ind., 'S3-5. 

Supt. Philander Smith Inst., '85-6. Prof. 

Boys High Sch. and Naini Tab Coll., Naini 
Tab, India. '86-8. Meth. Epis. Min., Wil- 
liamsport, Ind. 

George Vaknum Deal. 4 X^-^"^ 

At Hillsdale Coll., '81-4. Gen. Mang., car- 
riage factory, Jonesville, Mich. 

Albert Winder Funkhouser. ^ x^ 

Prin. Sch., New Middletown, Ind., '84-5. 
Atty.-at-law, Leavenworth, Ind. 

John M Goodwin, Ph.B. fkf rX-r*-(yX 

"M" letter only. At Butler U., '79-81; 
Ind. U., '82-3. Evangelist, Bowling Green, 

Lucius T Gould. JJ w*-/* 

"T" letter only. A. B., Albion Coll., *88. 

At Hillsdale Coll., '82-4; Boston U. Sch. of 

Theo., '88-9. Prin. Gram. Sch., Putnam, 

Conn., '90-1. Belvidcre, 111. 

John Emory Jenkins. pX 

M.D., Chicago Med. Coll., '85. Physician, 
324 N. Sixteenth St., Omaha, Neb. 

William Henry Jordan, A.B. icT 

Atty.-at-law, 26 and 27 Vance Block, In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Charles Henry McAnney, A.B. 5f y* 

A.M., De Pauw. '88. Chaplain, N. J, 

St. Senate, *86. Meth. Epis. Min., Princeton, 

N. J., '85-8; since '88, Atlantic Ave., Long 

Branch, N. J. 

Ralph Metcalf. pX 

Banker, Greenfield, 111. 

William Edwin Mitchell, A.B. 5f yQ 

A.M., De Pauw, '88; LL.B., do., '88. 
Supt. Pub. Schs., Fremont Co., Iowa, '86-8. 
Atly.-at-law, Sidney, Iowa. 

Samuel Matthews Pipek. a* 

With J. A. Holmes & Co., 2827 Washing- 
ton Ave. , St. Louis, Mo. 

William Monroe Randel. <^ 7T 

Farmer, Fillmore, Ind. 

Charles Orestes Thomas, B.S. 3J ;fT 

Prin. Sch., Oswego, Ind., '87-8. Farmer 
and teacher, Leesburg, Ind. 

Class of 1S86. 

James Uttridge Brown. ici 

A.B., Mt. Allison Coll., New Brunswick. '79. 

LL.B., De Pauw, '86. Clk. Greeley Co., 

Kan., since '88. Atty.-at-law, Tribune, Kan. 

James Denny Wilson. J f- fT-(* 

At Wabash, '81-2. Clk., 247 N. Tennessee 
St., Indianapolis, Ind. 


Indiana Zeta, 


Renos Harland Richards. o1 

Prin. High Sch., Spencer, Ind. 

Ernest Grant Rognon, Ph. B. % ffT 

Reporter, Evening Post, Louisville, Ky., 

•84-5. Real Est. Agt., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Charles Washington Treat, Ph.B. o* 

Prof. Napa Coll., Napa. Calif. 

Class of 1891. 

W11.LITS Adelbert Bastian, A.B. %fi «* 

Lagrange, Ind. 

Edward Horace Culbertson. (tT 

Hardware merchant. Knights town, Ind. 

Orville Frank DwYER, A.B. |f* y/*-<rfr 

LL.B.. De Pauw, '91. At Ohio U., '86-8. 
Atty.-at-law, Leesburg, Ohio. 

*Edward Frazier Dyar. *<> 

Died, Greencastle, Ind., Feb. 4, '89. Mount 
Carmel, 111. 

Evett Knight D Hester. iT 

**D" letter only. Prin. Schs., Lyndan, 
111.. '87-8. Meth. Epis. Min., Malta, 111.. 
'88-9; since '89, Plato Centre, 111. 

Elmer Ellsworth Jackson. tTT 

Kokomo, Ind. 

Eliot Harroun Jenne. gf* )T-r4> 

At Wabash, ^^87-8. Brazil, Ind. 

Jesse Martin. 

Newtown, Ind. 


Clay Worl Metsker. ^* 

Photographer, Monticello, Ind. 

Isaac Elijah Neff, A. B.. LL.B. '^ a'l 

La Fontaine, Ind. 

Joseph Edgar Neff, A.B. , LL.B. f' ffT 

La Fontaine, Ind. 

Charles Berry man Peterson'. ffi) 

Potato Creek, Ind. 

Artie Ragan Priest, A.B. % g1 

Prin. High Sch., Scale, Ala., since '91. 
Greencastle, Ind. 

Joseph Yeijiro Takasugi, Ph.B. % g1 

Hirosaki, Aomari Ken, Japan. 

Lewis Taylor, f* aX 

At Ind. St. Normal Sch., '85-8. Farmer, 
Yankeetown, Ind. 

Ernest Sisson Moore, Ph.B. at 

Mattoon, 111. 

Edgar Guy Osborne, Ph.B. /3* 

Valparaiso, Ind. 

Class of 1893. 

William G Alexander. ^ 

*'G" letter only. Greencastle, Ind. 

John Adams Chaffee. aT 

Greencastle, Ind. 

William Dow Fulkerson. AT 

At Mo. Med. Coll., '90-1. Trenton, Mo. 

Homer Hall. (tT 

Trenton, Mo. 

Hiram Bernard Patten. AT 

Prin. Sch., Morristown, '91-2. Morristown, 

Frank Andrew Preston. 

Everett Morton Turner. 
Brownsburg, Ind. 

Class of 1892. 

Edwin Joseph Wesley Dietz. 
Greencastle, Ind. 



Lagrange, Ind. 

Charles Henry Smith. 
Gings, Ind. 

Chesteen Worthy Smith. 
Greenfield, Ind. 

IsHAM Taylor. ^ 
Yankeetown, Ind. 

Ward Williams. 
Danville, Ind. 

Class of 1894. 

Layton Coburn Bentley. 
Murdock, 111. 

Jesse Franklin Brumbach. 
Greencastle, Ind. 

i Charles Bishop Campbell. 
! Manteno, 111. 

Frank Wilbur Foxworthv. 
Pana. 111. 

' Abraham Lincoln Gary. 
Henderson, Ind. 

Will Lincoln Harris. 
Greencastle, Ind. 

Smith Corbin Matson. 
Greencastle, Ind. 

Charles Allen Prosser. 
New Albany, Ind. 

William Maurice Sparks. 
Carthage, Ind. 

Class of 1895. 

Lewellyn Alanson Beard. 
Peotone, 111. 






Indiana Zeta, 


Charles Augustus Dresser. 
Valparaiso, Ind. 

George Horace Jordan. 
Greencastle, Ind. 

Terrel Eugene Morse, 
Wabash, Ind. 

Walter Scott Pulse. 
Dodsonville, Ohio. 

Robert Luther Tompkins. 
Rushville. Ind. 






College Notes. 

1868. J. R. Miller, Cont. Debr., '67; Cent. 
Orator. '68. 

1872. S. D. Puett(Ind. Alpha, '72), Valedic- 
torian, Plato Soc., '70. 

1880. L. T. Rightsell, Special Latin Honor, 
'80; Contrib. Asbury Song Book. '81. 

i88r. S. B. Grimes, Spec. Oration, Com- 
mencement, '81. N. A. Whitaker, 2d Math. 

Honor, '81. 

1882. A. P. Burnside, Spkr.,Jr. Ex., '80. 

J. E. Crews. Spkr., Jr. Ex., '80; Bus. Mang. 

Asbury Monthly, '81-2. S. H. Elrod, Spkr., 

Jr. Ex., '80; Bus. Mang. Asbury Monthlw 

80-1. A. E. Hart, Spkr., Jr. Ex., '80.—^ 

A. Stephenson, 2d German Honor, '81 ; 1st 

Honor, do., '82. J. A. Wilson, Spkr., Jr. 

Ex., '80. 

18S3. C. S. Bridges, Pres. Ind. St. Orat. 
Assn., '81-2. 

1885. C. H. McAnney, Master's Oration, 

'85. W. E. Mitchell, Prize Debr.. '85. C. 

O. Thomas, Del. and Corr. Sec. Ind. St. Orat. 
Assn., '85. 

1887. J. A. R. Gahring, Orator, Commence- 
ment, '87. T. C. Hopkins, 2d Math. Honor, 

'86; ist Honor, do., '87. 

1888. H. E. Dubois, 2d Philos. Honor, '87. 

1889. J. H. Wilkerson, 2d Math. Honor, '87; 
Cloud Pnze Decl, '87; ist Math. Honor, '88; 
Ed. Thg Mtra^e/?i%\ Beveredge Medal, Ora- 
tory, '89; Rep. De Pauw, Ind. St. Orat. Cont., 
'8g, and ist Prize, do.; Rep. Ind., Inter-St. 
Orat. Cont., '89, and 2d Prize, do. 

1890. E. G. Rognon, Bus. Mang. Adz, '88 

1891. W. A. Bastian, Prize Essay, '88; Sec 
Ind. St. Orat. Assn., '88; 2d Latin Honor, '89 
ist Honor, do., '90; Del. Inter-St. Orat. Assn. 
'90; Rep. De Pauw, Ind. St. Orat. Cont., '91 
and 2d Prize, do. ; Pres. Inter-St. Orat. Assn. 

'91. O. F. Dwyer, 2d Eng. Honor, '90. 

A. R. Priest, 2d Greek Honor, '90. J. Y. 

Takasugi, 2d Philos. Honor, '90. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1868. J. R. Miller, Char. Mem. 

1869. CO. Perry, Char. Mem.; Del. (or 
Vis.) Nat. Conv., Indianapolis, Ind., *68, and 

! Asst. Sec, do.; Del. Nat. Conv., Oxford, Ohio, 
'70; Hist. Nat. Conv.. Athens, c3hio, '73; Pres. 
Executive Com., '72-4; Grand Banker, do., 
'73-5: Cf. 111. Alpha Al. and Notes, do. 

1 871. T. Hartley, Del. Nat. Conv., Athens, 
Ohio, '73. 

1872. F. C. Danalds(m (Ind. Alpha, '72); 
Del. Nat. Conv., Oxford, Ohio, '70. and Mar- 
shal, do. D. B. Floyd (Va. Alpha, '72), 

Char. Mem. 

1876. J. S. Sims, Del. Nat. Conv., Danville, 

I^y-. *75- 

1880. L. T. Rightsell, Contrib. 2d Ed. Song 


1 88 1. S. B. Grimes, Del. Nat. Conv., In- 
dianapolis, Ind., '80. 

1S83. C. S. Bridges, Del. Nat. Conv., Rich- 
mond, Va., '82. 

1885. G. V. Deal, Intd. Mich. Gamma. 

J. M. Goodwin, Intd. Ind. Alpha; Del. Nat. 

Conv., Nashville, Tenn., '84. L. T. Gould, 

i Intd. Mich. Gamma; Cf. College Notes, do. 
I 1886. J. D. Wilson, Intd. Ind. Beta. 

1887. C. Locke, Intd. Ohio Beta. W.J. 

Snyder, Del. Nat. Conv., New York, N. Y., 

1888. II. E. Dubois, Del. and Hist. Epsilon 
Prov. Conv., '87. 

1891. W. A. Bastian, Del. Nat. Conv., 

Bloomington, 111., '89. O. F. Dwyer, Intd. 

Ohio Gamma. E. H. Jenne, Intd. Ind. 





Charter granted March 28, 1868, to Thomas Lloyd Hughes, '69; Edson Burton Olds Miesse, '69, 

and Joseph Woodrow Shinn, '69. 

Class of 1869. 

Thomas Lloyd Hughes, A.B. Jf ft C* 

A.B., Princeton, *7 1 ; D.D., Hanover, '87. 
At Lane Theo. Sem., '76-7. Attended Cin- 
cinnati Law Sch., '73-4. Sch. Exam., Tack- 
son Co., Ohio, '73-4. City Solicitor, Jackson, 
Ohio, '74-5. Atty.-at law, '74-6. Commis. 
Presb. Gen. Assem., '85. Presb. Min., Eck- 
mansville, Ohio, '77-9; Pomeroy, Ohio, '79- 
83; since '83, Shelbyville, Ind. 

Edson Burton Olds Miesse, A.B. ft 
Bookseller, Chillicothe, Ohio. 


* Joseph Woodrow Shinn. ft C* 

Clerk of Adams County Court, 'f)9-75 ; Au- 
ditor, do., '81-7. Mem. Ohio House of Rep., 
'88-90. Del., Dem. Nat. Conv., Cincinnati, 
'76. Died, West Union, June 13, '91. West 
Union. Ohio. 

Class of 1870. 

William Bazaliel Carpenter, A.B. ft ai' 
M.D., Louisville Med. Coll. Physician, 
Mart, Tex. 

*WiLLiAM Henry Hall, A.B. /3i' 

At U. of Mich., Law Dept. , about '76; 

Med. Dept, '78-80. Atty.-at-law and 

teacher. Died, Ann Arbor, Mich.. Mar. 16, 

'80. Decatur, III. 

Charles Edward Montgomery Jennings. -ylr 
Editor, Athens Messenger, Athens, Ohio. 

Class of 1871. 

Ira Culbertson Adams. >^X 

Civ. Eng. McConnellsville, Ohio. 

Henry Wilson Coultraf, A.B. Spft^ "X 
At Ohio Wesleyan U., '69-70. Atty.-at- 
law, McArthur, Ohio. 

William Edwin Williams. a\ 

M.D., Med. Coll. of Ohio, '73. Physician. 
Jackson, Ohio. 

Class of 1872. 

Lucien Jerome Fenix>n. <cX 

U.S.A., Private, 91st Ohio Inf., 02-5. 

Sch. Exam., Adams Co., Ohio, '79-82. 

Since '75, Prin. Pub. Sch., Manchester, Ohio. 

♦Philii' Swing Goodwin, B.S. ft a* 

LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., '74. Atty.- 
at-law. Died, Rochester, N. Y.. June 2, '85. 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

William Samuel Lewis. 

M.D., Physician, Marietta, Ohio. 

Sidney Thomas McKim. 

Meth. Epis. Min., Dubuque, Iowa. 



Vernon Culver Stiers, B.S. ^ 

Atty.-at-law. Gen. Agt., Union Central 
Life Ins. Co. of Cincinnati, 7 Monumental 
Bldg., Zanesville, Ohio. 


Ohio Gamma. 

*Sanford Ewing Kendall. ffT 

Teacher. Died, Nov. i6, '74. Scott, Ohio. 

Marshall Fleming Parrisii, A. B. y^ 0T 
A.M., Ohio U., '70; LL.B., Cincinnati Law 
Sch., '82. Prin. Atwood Inst, Lee, Ohio, '73- 
80. Assoc. Ed. Cincinnati Critic. '83. Ed- 
itor and author, 15S Mound St., Cincinnati, 

Peter D Rath bone. <tT 

** D" letter only. Produce merchant (Sny- 
der & Rathbone), 217 S. Water St. 597 W. 
Harrison St.. Chicago. 111. 

Homer Wilson Stiers. ^ vY 

Farmer and stock raiser, Havdenville, 

Class of 1S77. 

Edward Ha.mi'ton Baker, A.B. >4» 

LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., '79. Atty.-at- 
law, 45 Johnston Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Hiram Edgar Dickason, A.B. dT 

Sec. and book-keeper, Athens Coal Co., 
Athens, Ohio. 

Samuel Michael Siievkri), A.B. yyT 

M.D., Med. Coll. of Ohio, '83. Physician, 
Nelsonville. Ohio. 

James Madison Tkirr, A.B. % /Y 

A. M., Ohio U., 'So. Judge Com. Pleas 
Ct, Jackson Co., '7.^-83. Atty.-at law, Jack- 
son, Ohio. 

Burnett C V(jriiees. kX 

"C" letter only. M.D., Med. Coll. of 
Ohio, '81. At Marietta, '75-7. Physician, 
Lee, Ohio. 

Class of 1S78. 

Virgil Costello Lowry, A.B. Jfj^ /T 

Prin. High Sch., Logan, '78-81. Pros. 
Atty., Hocking Co., Ohio, '85-9. State Sen- 
ator, 9th Dist.. Ohio, "go-i. Atty.-at-law, 
Logan, Ohio. 

Samuel Bright RiCKET IS, A.B. '^ (n^ 

A.M., Ohio, 81. Meth. Kpis. Min.. Harri- 
son, Ohio. 

Stephen S Stiers. «^ /T 

*• S " letter only. Farmer and str>ck dealer, 
Nortonville, Kan. 

Charles Henry Welch, B.S. JJf' h.\ 

Pres. and Mg^., Athens Gas and Elec. Lt. 
Co., Athens, Ohio. 

Class of 1879. 

Philander I AcoBS, B.S. ^ 

M.D., Columbus, Med. Coll., '83. Sect. 
Bd. U. S. Examining Surgeons for Pensions. 
Physician, Jackson, Ohio. 

WiLLiA.M Fletcher Lewis. rfZ 

Sec. and Treas. Mt. Jones Lumber Co., 
since '83. Lumber Merchant, Waxahachie, 

Class of 1880. 

William Lee Armstrong, s^ rk 

Dy. Clk., Co. Ct., Jack.sonlCo., W. Va., 
since '80. Jackson C. H., W. Va. 

Thomas Mintum Ricketts. ^ //t 

Meth. Epis. Min., Lee, Onio. 

Sa.mi EL EwiNi; Waylani). fX 

Sec. Bd. of Trade, Chillicothe, '91. Dry 
goods merchant, Chillicothe, Ohio. 

Charles Adams Wright. x^ 

Grad. Zanesville Bus. Coll., '81. Book- 
keeper, R. R. Yard Off., Toledo, Ohio. 

Class of 1881. 

Jerry Mairk i: Hyde. t'k 

M.l>.. Bcllevue Hosp. Med. Coll., '83. 
Physician, Chauncey, Ohio. 

Thomas Alfred Jo.nks, A B. ]J <y* 

At Cincinnati Law Sch., '82. Mayor, Jack- 
son, 'S5-S. Atty. at-law, Jackson, Ohio. 

John Fi:r{;us()N Laird, B.S. rt^ 

Prin. High vSch., South Point, Ohio, '81-2, 
Jefferson Sch., Parkersburg, '83-7. City 
Atty., Parkersburg. '88-90. Mem. W. Va-. 
Leg., '91-3. Atty.-at-law, Parkersburg. W. 

F^RANK James Sternuek(;er, B.S. % ^ 

At Med. Coll. of Ohio, '82-3. Jackson, 

Class of 1882. 

J \.MES Li\tnc;st<)N Barton. aX 

Xcw Lexington, Ohio. 

Class ok 1SS3. 

(Jeorci Wiii.iAM Clavion Poor. r*) 

At Rio Grande Coll., •77. Clerk, Jackson 

I John Johnson '^ 

\ Book-keeper, ist Nat. Bk., Athens, Ohio 


Ohio Gamma. 


Class of 1884. 

Samuel pREssLY Armstrong, Ph. B. yg r* 
LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., '87. Atty.- 
at-law. 46 W. Second South St., Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

George Ema.nuel DE Stei(;uer, A. B. ]jc^ o* 

A.M., Ohio, '87; LL.B.. Cincinnati Law 

Sch., '86. At Johns Hopkins, '84-5. Mem. 

House of Rep., Wash., '91-2. Atty.-at-law. 

Seattle, Wash. 

George Lawrence Pake. B.S. y -T 

Since '84, Agt. B. & O. S. W. R. R.. 
Marshfield, Ohio. 

Class ok 18S5. 

Thomas Milroy Pilcher. frT 

Athens, Ohio. 

Carr VAn el VanAnim. tT 

Telegraph Ed. Ci eve I and Her aid, '83-5: 
do., Cleveland Plain Dealer, '85 ; Night 
Ed. Baltimore Sun, '86-8; since '8S Assoc. 
Ed. New York Sun. 39 W. Twelfth St., 
New York, N. Y. 

Class ok 1886. 

William Edgar Bundy, A.B. ]^^ a'l 

A.M., Ohio, '89; LL.B., Cmcmnati Law 
Sch., '89. Del. Rep. St. Convs., Ohio. '87. 
'88, '90, '91; do., Nat. Rep. League Convs., 
'90, '91; do., Nat. Encampment, Sons of 
Veterans, U. S. A., '87, '88, '89, '90. '91. 
Coll., Ohio Div., Sons of Veterans, '89-90. 
Sec. and Mgr., Argus Printing Co., '86-9. 
Sec. Bd. of Elections, Hamilton Co., Ohio. 
'89-90. City Solicitor, Norwood, Ohio, '91. 
Atty. at-law, 227 Main St., Cincinnati. Ivan- 
hoe, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Charles Bower Grikkith. i/Y 

Harrisburg, Ohio. 

Class ok 1887. 

Louis RODOLPH DE SlElGUER. f* p* 

Grad., U. S. Naval Acad., '89; Final 
Grad., do., after two years' cruise, '91. U. 
S. N., Ensign, Navy Dept, Wa.«?hington, 
D. C. 

Thomas Wilson Dick, A.B. >Y 

Somerset, Ohio. 

John McClintock Higgins. ^kI> 

Athens, Ohio. 

Class ok 1888. 

Elmer Addison Dent, Ph. B. a^ft pT 

Grad. Yale Divinity Sch., 91. Tutor, 
Ohio U., '87. Prin. Summer Normals, Ohio 
U., '86, '87. Teacher, Hebbardsville, Ohio. 

Emery Cenoweth Hall. ?.T 

Lilley Chapel, Ohio. 

Albert Leonakd. A.B. % /P 

Tutor, Latin, Ohio U.. '81-2, •8f>-8. Man- 
ager and Assoc. Ed. Journal of Pedagogy 
since 87. Prin. Hign Sch., New Hoffand, 
Ohio, 'S3-:;; do., Dunkirk since '89. Dun- 
kirk, N. W 

William Hknky MuK(;an. 
I ronton, Ohio. 


Aaron Elsworth Price, A.B. % pT 

Tutor, Prep. Dept.. Ohio U., '87-8. Prin. 
Sell., (Georgetown, Ohio, '88-<;i. Life Insur- 
ance, Logan, Ohio. 

Class ui- 1889. 

Harry Grant Crosskn. 
Hebbardsville, Ohio. 

Wallace Webster Mar 1 in. 
C(»lumbus, Ohio. 

\ViLi.iAM Wallace Martin. 
Columbus Ohio. 

John Webster Poffenbarg. 
Brighton, W. Va. 

John Cross Thomas. 

Asst. in Phys. Dept., Ohio U., '87-8. 
Supt. Electric Light Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Class oe 1890. 

Elber I Brutus Gore. rX 

Atty.-at-law, Georgetown, Ohio. 

Sidney Huntin(;ton Johnson, Pii.B. nX 

}*rin. Sch.. Jack.sonville, Ohio, '84. Trim- 
ble, Ohio. 

Clifford Lincoln Jonas. 

Atty.-at-law, Mc Arthur, Ohio. 

George Hanover Welch. ^ 
Athens, Ohio. 

Class of 1891. 

Albert Algernon Atkinson, Pii.B. 
Nelsonville, Ohio. 

Charles French Blake, Ph.B. ^ 
Lee, Ohio. 

Orville Franklin Dwyer. 
Leesburg, Ohio. 



Edward Holt Eves. ^f( 

At Ohio Wesleyan, '82-3. Supt. Sch., 
Junction City, Ohio, '8S-9; do., Greenup, 
Kv., '89-91. Local Ed. Athens, (Ohio), 
jJerald, '8(^8; Ed. Piketon, (Ohio), Ple- 
beian, '90. Greenup, Ky. 


Ohio Gamma. 


♦Sanford Ewing Kendall. ffT 

Teacher. Died, Nov. 16, "74. Scott, Ohio. 

Marshall Fleming Parrisii, A. B. JTjJ ^T 
A.M., OhioU.. '7(); LL.B., Cincinnati Law 
Sch., '82. Prin. Atwood Inst, Lee, Ohio, '7S- 
80. Assoc. Ed. Cincinnati Critic, '83. Ed- 
itor and author, isj? Mound St., Cincinnati, 

Peter D Rath bone. <tT 

•* D" letter only. Produce merchant (Sny- 
der & Rathbone), 217 S. Water St. 597 W. 
Harrison St., Chicago, 111. 

Homer Wil.son Siiers. ^ v"^ 

Farmer and stock raiser, Ilavdcnville, 

Class of 1877. 

Edward Hamiion Baker, A.B. }<» 

LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., '79. Atty.-at- 
law, 45 Johnston Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Hiram Edgar Uukason, A.B. 9T 

Sec. and book-keeper, Athens Coal Co., 
Athens, Ohio. 

Samuel Michael Shei'kkd, A.B. y/T 

M.D., Med. Coll. of Ohio, '83. Physician, 
Nelson ville. Ohio. 

James Madison Triit, A.B. Jf /T 

A.M., Ohio U., 'So. Judge Com. Pleas 
Ct, Jack.son Co.. '78-S3. Atty.-at law, Jack- 
son, Ohio. 


•'C" letter only. M.D.. Med. Coll. of 
Ohio, '81. At Marietta, '75-7. Physician, 
Lee, Ohio. 

Class of 1S78. 

Virgil Costello Lowry, A.B. Jfj^ >T 

Prin. High Sch., Logan, '78-81. Pros. 
Atty., Hocking Co., Ohio, '85-9. State Sen- 
ator, 9th Dist., Ohio, '90-1. Atty.-at-law, 
Logan, Ohio. 

Samuel Bright RiCKET is, A.B. ^ rrl» 

A.M., Ohio, 81. Meth. Epis. Min.. Harri- 
son, Ohio. 

Stephen S Siiers. f* /T 

•* S " letter only. Farmer and stock dealer, 
Nortonville, Kan. 

Charles Henry Welch, B.S. ftf* hX 

Pres. and Mg^.. Athens Gas and Elcc. Lt. 
Co., Athens, Ohio. 

Class of 1879. 

Philander Jacobs. B.S. /M' 

M.D., Columbus. Med. Coll., '83. Sect. 
Bd. U. S. Examining Surgeons for Pensions. 
Physician, Jackson, Ohio. 

William Fletcher Lewis. ^2 

Sec. and Trea.s. Mt. Jones Lumber Co., 
since '8'^. Lumber Merchant, Waxahachie, 

Class of 1880. 

William Lee Armstrong. ^ rk 

Dy. Clk., Co. Ct, Jackson :Co., W. Va., 
since '80. Jackson C. H., W. Va. 

Thomas Mintum Ricketts. ^ /.'t 

Meth. Epis. Min., Lee, Onio. 

Samiel Ewinc; Wayi.and. fX 

Sec. Bd. of Trade, Chillicothe, '91. Dry 
gofxls merchant, Chillicothe, Ohio. 

Charles Adams Wright. x"^ 

Grad. Zanesville Bus. Coll., '81. Book- 
keeper. R. R. Yard Off., Toledo, Ohio. 

Class of 1881. 

Jkkry Mai'rk k Hvdk. t\ 

M.I).. Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., '83. 
Physician, Chauncey, Ohio. 

Thomas Alfred Jones, A B. ]J ct* 

At Cincinnati Law Sch., '82. Mayor, Jack- 
son, 'S5-S. Atty. at-law, Jackson, Ohio. 

John Fer(;uson Laikd. B.S. mh 

Prin. High Sch., South Point, Ohio, '81-2, 
Jefferson Sch., Parkersburg, 'S3-7. City 
Atty.. Parkersburg, '88-90. Mem. W. Va.. 
Leg., '91-3. Attv. -at-law, Parkersburg, W. 

Frank James Sternher(;er, B.S. % ^ 

At Med. Coll. of Ohio, '82-3. Jackson, 

Class of 1882. 

Ja.mes Livingston Barton. nX 

New Lexington, Ohio. 

Class of 1SS3. 

George William Clayton Poor. rT 

At Rio Grande Coll., "77. Clerk, Jackson, 

John Johnson Wfi.( ii. -^ rT 

Book-keeper, ist Xat. l^k., Athens, Ohio. 


Ohio Gamma, 


John Lucius Norton Henry. 
Berlin Cross Roads, Ohio. 




James Clayton McMastkr, Ph.B. y 
Middleport. Ohio. 

Samuel Cheney Price, A.B. 
Mutual, Ohio. 

Marion Warrin<;ton Van Scio v^ 

Quaker City, Ohio. 

Edward Guild Welch, jfs^ rl 

At Peekskill. N. Y., Mil. Acad., '91. Ath- 
ens, Ohio. 

Carlos Anderson Woodworth, Ph.B. JJf ^T 
Prin. Mt. CoUierv Schs., Buchtel. Ohio. 
'88. Millfield, Ohio.' 

Class ok 1S92. 

Dudley Woodbrid(;e Welch, 'f' rZ 

Athens, Ohio. 

Class of 1893. 

Clyde Ferdinand Beery. it* 

North Berne, Ohio. 

Morgan Rudolph Lash. nQ. 

At Rose Poly. Inst., Terre Haute, '91. 

John Calhoun Pickett. V'X 

Glen Ebon, Ohio. 

Elisha Austin Tinker. v'X 

Austin, Ohio. 

Class of 1894. 

Walter James Both well. rY 

McArthur, Ohio. 

Charles Wellington Cla\vson. ^T 

Rich Hill, Ohio. 

George Richard Craven. cii 

Alliance, Ohio. 

George De Camp. ffT 

Downington, Ohio. 

Israel Moore Foster. rrT 

Athens, Ohio. 

Charles Carroll Hulkert. 

Stud. Pharm., '91. Athens, Ohio. 

Class of 1895. 

Walter James Both well. /T 

McArthur, Ohio. 

Geor(je Craven. >T 

Alliance, Ohio. 

Herman Orlkvv DriTKK. VT 

Freedom, Ohio. 

Ulysses McCaughey. 
Triadelphia, Ohio. 

I Frank McVay. 

Marshfield, Ohio. 

Frank Henry Super. 
Athens, Ohio. 

Ralph Clewd Super. 
Athens, Ohio. 







College Notes. 
T. L. Hughes. Ora.. Athenian Soc. , 

H. W. Coultrap, Ora., Athenian Soc.. 

H. C. Jones (Prize, Ohio Med. Coll.. 

C. A. Atkinson, Master's Ora., '73. 
J. H. Davidson, Gold Medal and ist Parch- 
ment Prize, '74. E. Tompkins. Lit. Soc. 

Ora., Commencement, '72, '73 and '74. 

1875. C. S. Welch, Cont. Deb., '73^ and '74. 

1876. M. F. Parrish, Cont. Essay,'74; Cont. 

Deb., '75; Pres. Ohio St. Orat. Assn., '75; Del. 
Inter-St. Orat. Assn., '76; Ed. College Mir- 
ror^ '76. 

1877. J. M. Tripp. Rep. Ohio U., St. Orat. 
Cont, '77: Master's Ora., '80. 

1878. V. C. Lowry, Fresh. Scholarship. '74; 
Rep. Ohio U.. Ohio St. Orat. Cont, '78. 

1 88 1. T. A. Jones, Rep. Ohio U., Ohio St 
Orat Cont., '79; Cont Ora., Athenian. '79. 

F. Sternberger, Treas. Ohio U. Lecture 

Course, '81. 

1884. S. P. Armstrong, Cont. Essayist, 

Philomathean, '83. G. E. de Steiguer, Cont. 

Deb., Athenian, 'S3. G. L. Pake, Leader 

Col Choir. 

1886. W. E. Bandy, Ora., Athenian Soc., 
'90; Deb., Cin. Law Sch., Blackstone Club, '89. 

1888. E. A. Dent, Deb., Athenian Soc., '85! 
Commencement Ora., '87; Bus. Mgr., Current, 

'S7-8. A. Leonard, Essayist, Athenian Soc. , 

82; Ed. Current, '8(>-7. A. E. Price, Deb.. 

Athenian Soc., '86-7. 

1 891. C. F. Blake, Bus. Mgr. Current, '89; 

Pres. Coll. Senate, 'S9. E. H. Eves, Spkr , 

Feb. 22, '88. J. C. McMaster, Ed. Current, 

'91. K. (t. Welch, Ora., Philomathean Soc, 

'89. C. A. Woodworth. Es.«iavist, Athenian 

Soc, '88, '89. 


Ohio Gamma, 


Fraternity Notes. 

i86g. T. L. Hughes, Char. Mem. E. B. 

0. Miesse, Char. Mem. J. W. Shinn. Char. 


1870. W. B. Carpenter, Del. Nat. Conv., 
Oxford, Ohio. '70, and 2dV. Pres., do. 

1871. H. W. Coultrap, Del. Nat. Conv., 
Indianapolis, '71. 

1872. P. S. Goodwin, Del. Nat. Conv., Dan- 
ville, Ky., '72, and Asst. Sect, do. 

1873. M. J. Morgan, Del. Nat. Conv., Ath- 
ens, Ohio, '73. and Marshal, do. 

1874. C. A. Atkinson, Del. Nat. Conv., 

Crawfordsville, Ind., '74. E. Tompkins, 

Ora., Nat. Conv., Wooster, Ohio, '78; do., 
Bloomington, 111., '89; Del. Nat. Conv., 
Indianapolis, *8o; Proph. Nat. Conv., Rich- 
mond, Va., '82; Asso. Ed. Scroll, '83. 

1876. M. F. Parrish, Del. Nat. Conv., Dan- 
ville, Kv., '75; do., Philadelphia, '76; Ed. 
Scroll, 78-80; one of orig. incorp. of Frat 
under St. laws of Ohio, and Mem. Bd. Direct- 
ors thereunder. 

1878. V. C. Lowry, Del. Beta Prov. Conv., 

Cincinnati, '82. C. H. Welch, Del. Nat. 

Conv., Wooster, Ohio, '78. 

1884. S. P. Armstrong, Del. Nat. Conv., 
Richmond, Va., '82. 

1886. W. E. Bundy, Del. Delta Prov. Conv., 
'83, '85, '88; Del. Nat. Conv., Nashville, '84 ; 
do.. New York, '86; Pres. Delta Prov., '90. 

1888. E. A. Dent, Del. Delta Prov. Conv., 
'86; Hist. Delta Prov., '86-8. 

1 891. E. H. Eves, Del. Delta Prov. Conv., 
'88; Del. Nat. Conv., Bloomington, '89. 




Charter granted, March 31, 1869, to Wilbur Fiske Dyer, '71; Oscar Decatur Miller, '71; David 

Bittle Floyd, '72, and Frank Heath Terrill, (Virginia Beta, '74). 

Class of 1871 
Wilbur Fiske Dyer, fl 


Mem. W. Va. St. Leg., '85. Del. Rep. 
Nat. Conv., Cincinnati, Ohio, *8o; do., Chi- 
cago, 111., * 88. Special Judge, '90. Atty.-at- 
law, Petersburgh, W. va. 

Oscar Decatur Miller. J gX 

C.S.A., Co. F, Mosby's Command, '65. 
Farmer, Slate Mills, Va. 

Class of 1872. 


David Bittle Floyd, A.B. 5f ft 

A.M., Roanoke, '76; B.D., Theo. Sem. of 
the Evan. Luth. Ch., '76. At Med. Dept. 
U. of Mich., *66-7; Ind. Asbury (now be 
Pauw), '67-8; Belle vue Hosp. Med. Coll., 
'72-3. U. S. A., Serg., 75th Ind. Inf., '62-5. 
Luth. Min., Brandonville, W. Va., '75: 
Uniontown, Md., '76-82; Boonsboro, Md., 
'82-5; since '85, Newville, Pa. 

William Haywood Rex. 

Police Officer, 2216 Venable St. 
mond, Va. 


JoHN Henry Van Devanter. 
Farmer, Roxton, Va. 


Class of 1873. 

Robert Braden. fX 

Traveling salesman, Petersburgh, 111. 

Samuel Lee Crockett, A.B. gX 

Asst. Prin. High Sch., Petersburgh, 111., 

•75. Book-keeper, '76-84. Since '85, furni- 

ture dealer, 376 Scribner St., Grand Rapids, 

Isaac McCarty Long. fX 

Decorator, F St., N. W., Washington, 
D. C. 

Achilles Douglas Tyree. t4> 

Teacher, Pub. Schs., '75-9. Since '80, 
Act. Agt. R. & D. R. R. Co., and merchant. 
Cool Well, Va. 

Class of 1874. 

John Henry Bear. 3f f* 

Co. Surv., Rockingham Co., Va., '78-S2. 

Farmer and lumber dealer, Montevideo, Va. 

William Michael Graybill. yX 

A. M., Roanoke, 'qi. Prin. Schs., Salem, 
Va., '80-6; Supt. Schs., Roanoke Co., Va., 
'86-8; Prin. Schs., Roanoke City, Va., '86-q. 
Since '90, Pres. Synodical Coll., Rogersville, 

Edwin Franklin Hill. 

Grazier and banker, Alderson, W. Va. 


Class of 1875. 

George Lee Atkins, A.B. o* 

A.M., Roanoke, '78. Pres. Cottage Home 

Coll., '79-82. Since '82, traveling salesman, 

312 E. One Hundred and Twenty-fifth St., 

New York, N. Y. 

Joseph Duncan. 

Farmer, Maquon, 111. 



Virginia Alpha, 


William Duncan. r* 

Merchant, Denver, Col. 

John Gilbert Heilk;. k'^ 

Real Est. Agt, Salisbury, N. C. 

Luther Frederic Redner, A.B. Ijf cX , 

A.M., Roanoke, '78. Prin. High Sch., I 
Ladonia. since '87. Ladonia, Tex. 

Edward Henry Whitehurst. f* ! 

Commis. merchant, 11 Market Square, | 
Norfolk, Va. 

Class of 1876. 

Samuel Richard Crewdson, A.B. 5f x^ 

A.M., Roanoke, '81. Prof. Anc. Lang.. 1 
High Sch., Auburn, Ky., '76-8. Co. Atty.. 
Logan Co., Ky., since '86. Atty.-at-law, 
Russell ville, Ky. 

John Spencer Crump. C«^ 

Hotel Propr., Morristown. Tenn. 

George Samuel Lightner, A.B. i<» 

A.M., Roanoke, '85. Atty.-at-law, Staun- 
ton, Va. 

William Worth Logan. <rr 

Prin. Graded Sch., Woodstock, '73-5: I 
Edinburgh Graded Sch. and Shenandoah 
Norm. Sch., W^oodstock, '76-81; Supt. Pub. I 
Schs., Rockingham Co., Va., '81-2. Atty.- 
at-law, Woodstock, Va. , 

Joseph Johnston Shanks, A.B. p* 

A.M., Roanoke, '80; M.D., U. of City ol 
N. Y.,'82. Supt. Insane Asylum, Kings Co.. 
N. Y.,'86-9. Physician, Salem, Va. | 

James Marcus Thrasher. ,1*1 

Lumberman, Lithia, Va. 

Robert Hutchings Woodrum, A.B. J k^ 
A.M.. Roanoke, '86. City Atty., Roanoke, 
'83-8. Atty.-at-law, Roanoke, Va. 

Class of 1877. 

John George Graichen. ft 

At R.-indolph-Macon, '72-3. Grad. Evang. 

Luth. Sem., Gettysburg, Pa., '84. Luth. 

Min., Iowa City, Iowa, '83-6; Hays City, 

Kan., '87. BooK-keeper, Lexington, S. C. 

*Laban Franklin Smith, A.B. 5f ft 
A.M., Roanoke, *8o. Atty.-at-law, At- 
lanta, Ga. Died, Bristol, July 30, '87. 
Bristol, Tenn. 

Class of 1878. 

Walter Philip Beauchamp. 

Druggist, Bowling Green, Ky. 


Joseph Addison Brown, A.B. Sf ft I'X 

A.M., Roanoke, '80. Attended Coll. Phys. 
and Surg., Keokuk, Iowa, '82-4. Prin. Sci. 
and Agl. Sch., McMinn ville, Tenn., '79-80 ; 
Blountsville Acad, and Female Inst., '87. 
Physician, Blountsville, Tenn. 

George Jacob Eppright, A.B. Sf fY 

Farmer and stock raiser, Manor, Tex. 

Andrew Barnes Lago. V^T 

Farmer, Mount Crawford, Va. 

Shelby Malone. t4 

At Ogden Coll., '78-9: Bethel Coll., '80-1. 
Farmer and Fire Ins. Agt., Alexandria, 

Hassan Allen Rogers. fY 

M.D., U. of City of N. Y., '78. At East 
Tenn. Wesleyan (now U. S. Grant U.), '72-3. 
Phys. and Surg., Athens, Tenn. 

James Harrison Spencer. fY 

V. Pres. Roanoke & Southern R.R., since 
'89. Manufacturer, Martin.sville, Va. 

Class of 1879. 

Jacob Lewis Argabrite. k* 

Merchant, San Buenaventura, Calif. Ven- 
tura, Calif. 

Frank Edward Frantz. y pV 

Enrol, and Engros. Clk., 111. Sen., '76-7. 
Cash. Nat. Bank, W^ellington, Kan., '82-5; 
do., Argonia St. Bank., 'S5-7. City Treas., 
Wellington, '86. Cash, and book-keejjer, 
100 N. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

John Milton Ketchersid. vT 

Merchant, Hope, Kan. 

John Edgar Wildbahn, A.B. Jjc' />* 

Real estate dealer, Manor, Tex. 

John Henry Zisch. fX 

Assayer, 1736 Lawrence St., Denver, Col. 

Class of 1880. 

Robert (iKRARD Munday, A.B. v^ 

Teacher, Adairville, Ky., 'S1-4. Stock- 
farm, Dixie, Ky. 

James Giddings Parks. t^ 

B.S., E. Tenn. Wesleyan (now Grant 

Memorial U.), 'So. At Med. Dept U. of 

City N. v., '80-1. Mem. Tenn. Gen. Assem., 

'88-90. Atty.-at-law, Ducktown, Tenn. 

* Eugene Bowcock Way land. fS' 

Attended Hampden-Sidney. Died. Swoope, 
June 2* '80. Swoope, Va. 


Virginia Alpha, 

1 88 1-7 

Class of i88i. 

Thomas Sitlington Armentrout. cT 

At Hampden-Sidney, '81-3; Washington 
and Lee, '83-4; Union Theo. Sem., Hamp- 
den-Sidney, '84-7. Presb. Min., Berlin, Md., 
•87-8; since '88, Felton. Del. 

William Penn Bowling. ^X 

Farmer, Poca, W. Va. 

Columbus Lafayette Thurmond, Jr. a* 

Dy. Shff. Victoria Co., Tex., '79-80, and 
'86-9. Clk. St. Comptroller's Office, Austin, 
Tex., '81-2. Dy. Clk., Victoria Co., Tex., 
•82-4; Co. Clk., do., '84-6. Real Est. Agt.. 
Victoria. Tex. 

Class of 1882. 

Charles Jackson Groseclose, A. B. 5ffl fi2 

At Columbian U. Law Sch., '85-6, and 

'88-9. Prin. High Sch., Tyro, N. C, '82-3. 

Since '87, U. S. Civ. Serv., 935 H St., N. W., 

Washington, D. C. 

Gustav Howard Schleicher. t2 

Co. Surv., De Witt Co., Tex., since '89. 
City Eng., Cuero, Tex. 

Class of 1883. 

William Lee Brand. x^ 

Asst. Treas., Roanoke, '83-8. Del. Rep. 

Nat. Con v., Chicago, 111., *88. Postmaster 
and Real Est. Agt., Salem, Va. 

James Smith Persinger. rY 

At Bingham Coll., N. C, *8o-2. Druggist, 
Salem, Va. 

Adolph Heller Snyder, A. B. 5f x^ 

A.M., Roanoke, *88. Ed. Virginian and 
News, Woodstock, Va. 

Class of 1884. 

Luther Stuart Hampton Koiner. fX 

At U. of Va., '83-8. Farmer, Fisherville, 

Benjamin Franklin Shuey. (W» 

Farmer, Middlebrook, Va. 

Thomas Benjamin Stultz. d\ 

Tobacco Manfr., Stockton, Va. 

Sanders Lovic Swygert. fX 

M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., '85. At Med. 
Coll. of S. C, '83. Phys. and Surg., Green- 
wood, S. C. 

Charles Alfred Newton Yonce, A.B. ^^f fX 

A.M., Roanoke, '89. Prin. Acad., Pantego, 

N. C, '84-5; Rural Sem., Rural Retreat, 

Va.,'85-6; Prest. Beth Eden Coll. Inst., 

Webster, Miss.. '86-8; since '88, Prin. Acad., 
Moss Point, Miss. 

Class of 1885. 

Frank Lynn Baker, A.B. *•♦ 

M.D., Coll. of Phys. and Surg., Baltimore, 

Md., '89. Physician, Hartmansville, W. Va. 

Edward Lawrence Dreher. 
Clerk, Columbia, S. C. 

James Longstreet Forsyth. 
Front Royal, Va. 

Frederick Hampton Hendrix, A.B. Jf v* 
Merchant, Leesville, S. C. 

William Henry Wilson. f* 

Farmer, Rural Retreat, Va. 

Henry Frederick Wyse. f" o* 

Foreman, Wheehng Electric Light Co., 
Wheeling, W. Va, 

John Hope Wyse, B.S. f; aX 

Grad. Evang. Luth. Theo. Sem., Philadel- 

Shia, Pa., *88. Luth. Min., Mount Pleasant, 
r. C. 

Class of 1886. 

Robert Burnette Brand, B.S. JT f* 

At U. of Va., '86-7. Atty.-at-law, Salem, 

Joseph Rush Hancher. ^ V^ 

At Kings Coll., '81-2. Farmer, Mill Point. 

Luther Samuel Henkel, B.S. 5f rX 

At Philadelphia Coll. of Phar.. '88-9. 
Druggist, 803 Market St., Wilmington, Del. 

FuRMiN Toab Smith, B.S. 5f /3* 

A. M., Roanoke, '91. Prin. High Sch., 

Salem, Va., '86-S. Since '88, Prin. Prep. 

Dept. and Instr. French and German, Rollins 

Coll.. Winter Park, Fla. 

John Jefferson Wolford. ^ 

Prin. Holston Inst., Lawson, Tenn. 

Class of 1887. 

William Leiser Fink. t* 

Reporter Dispatch, Pittsburgh, Pa. Johns- 
town, Pa. 

Jacob Isaiah, A.B. 5f rf 

At New^ berry Coll., '83-5. Prin. Linwood 
Acad., '88-9. Gen. Sec, Y. M. C. A., Roan- 
oke, Va. 

Harry Lek Keen, B.S. y >* 

A. M., Roanoke, '92. Prin. High Sch., Water- 
ford, Va., '87-8; Rural Retreat, Va,, '88-9; 


Virginia Alpha, 

1893-5. NOTES. 

Class ok 1893. 

Robert Martin Calfek. 
Pulaski City. Va. 

William Frank Ferguson. 
Salem, Va. 

Hermann Christ Flaspoller. f- AP 

Wholesale grocer, Cor. Marenjifo and Pry- 
tania Sts., New Orleans, La. 



Claude Neff Hoover, ft 
New Market, Va. 

Melvin Jacob Killian. 
Salem, Va. 

Jerry Clarence Stone. 
Pulaski City, Va. 

Class of 1894. 

James (ikorce Lf.avell. ^ 
Meridian, Miss. 

Harvey Edgar Lucas. 
High Rock, Va. 

Class ok 1895. 

Edwin Milton Berry. 
Edom, Va. 







College Notes. 

1872. D. B. Floyd, Ed. Aficroiosm, '70-2; 
Anni. Deb., Demosthenian Soc., '7i;Anni. 
Orator, '72; 2d Honor and Greek Salutatory, 

'72; Orator Student's Reunion, '77. M. M. 

Hargrove, (Va. Beta, '75), Math. Medalist, '71; 
Metaphysics, do., '72; 1st Honor, Commence- 
ment, '72. 

1874. J. H. Bear, Orator. Feby. 22, '73. 

W. M. Murrell, (Va. Beta, '76), 3d Honor, Com- 
mencement, '74. 

1875. L. F. Redner, Math. Medalist, '73; 
Greek, do.. '75; Metaphysics, do., '75; ist 
Honor, Commencement, '75. 

1876. J. W. G. Blackstone. (Va. Beta, '81^ 

Math. Medalist, '81. S. R. Crewdson, Greek 

Medalist, '75; 2d Honor and Greek Salutatory, 
Commencement, '76. 

1877. L. F. Smith, Orat. Medalist. 

1878. J. A. Brown, Anni. Orator, '78. 

G. J. Eppright, Math. Medalist, '77. W. D. 

Frantz, (111. Epsilon, '85), Decl. Medalist, '76. 

1879. F. E. Frantz, Cont. Orator, '74. 

J. E. Wildbahn, ist Honor and Valedictory, 
Commencement, '79. 

1881. T. J. Shipman, (Va. Delta, '83), Final 
Orator, Ciceronian Soc., '79; Anni., do., Feby. 
22, "81. 

1882. C. J.Groseclose, Asso. Ed. Collegian, 

1883. A. H. Snyder, Valedictorian Lit. Soc., 

1884. C. A. N. Yonce, Greek Medalist, '83; 
2d Honor, Greek Salutatory, Commencement, 


1885. F. H. Hendrix, Orat. Medalist, '84; 

Ed. Collegian^ '84-5. 

1886. K. B. Brand, Orator Anni. Celebration, 

'86. L. S. Henkel, Prize Scholarship, '85. 

F. J. Smith, Philos. Oration, Commence- 
ment, '86. 

1887. J. I. Gooilman, (Greek Medalist. New- 
berry Coll., '84); Ed. Collegian, '86-7. 

H. L. Keen, Math. Medalist, 'rs; 3d Honor, 
Commencement. '87. P. Sieg, Greek Medal- 
ist, '86; 2d Honor, Commencement, '87. 

i888. E. Bowers, (^reek Medalist, '87; ist 

Honor. Commencement, *88. T. A. Frey, 

Ed. Collegian, '8^-8. R. L. Leatherman, 

Orator PubHc Deb., '87. 

1889. C. E. Anderson, Math. Medalist, *88; 

Ed. Collegian, "88-9. H. B. Edmondson, 

Orator, Feby. 22, '89. C. F. Kuder, Prize 

Scholarship, '88; 3d Honor, Commencement, 

'89. G. W. McClanahan, Orator Public Deb.. 


1890. J. O. Glenn, Ed. Collegian, '89-90. 
R. M. Pence, Math. Medalist, ^89. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1871. W. F. Dyer, Char. Mem. O. D. 

Miller, Char. Mem. 

1872. D. B. Floyd, Intd. Ind. Zeta; Cf. 
Frat. Notes, do. ; Char. Mem. ; Del. Nat. Conv.. 
Athens, Ohio, '73. 

1874. W. M. Murrell. (Va. Alpha. '76). Med- 
alist, Inter-Frat. Orat. Cont, '74. F. H. 

Terrill, (Va. Beta, '74). Char. Mem. 

1876. R. H. Woodrum, Del. Nat Conv., 
Danville, Ky., '75. 

1878. J. A. Brown, Chapter's Rep., Inter- 
Frat. Orat. Cont, '78. 

1882. C. J. Groseclose. Del. Nat Conv., 
Richmond, Va., '82. 

1887. D. B. Mvers,(Va. Beta.'87), Del. Nat. 
Conv., New York, N, V.. '86. 

1891. J. W. Sieg, Del. Nat Conv.,Bloom- 
ington. 111., *8o. 

1893. C. N. Hoover, Del. Nat. Conv., At- 
i lanta, Ga., '91. 




Charter granted, November 21, 1870, to Clark Craycroft, '71 ; James Wallace Horner, '72; Clinton 
Thomas Alloway, '73; James Henderson Dryden, '73, and Randall Dryden, '73. 

Class of 1871. 

Clark Craycroft, Ph. B.,BS. 5?ft^ x^ 

Atty.-at-law, Joplin, Mo. 

♦John Ervinr Johnston, A.B. 5f ft 

M.S., Mo. U., '75. Atty.-at-law, Holden, 
Mo. Died, Kingsville, March i, '91. Kings- 
ville. Mo. 

Class of 1872. 

George O' Bryant De Bar, B.S. jj ft-r* 

Name formerly "George Franklin Barr." 
M.D., Mo. Med. Coll., '74; M.D.,Universadad 
De Caracas, Venezuela, S. A., '82. At Knox 
Coll., '70-1. Received Fifth Class Medal 
from Congress of Venezuela, S. A. , for scien- 
tific work, '85. Physician, Jacksonville, Ore. 

Eugene Field, ^ft i*-r* 

A.M., Middleburv Coll., '87. Poet Mo. 
Press Assn. , 3 y rs. ; do. , Colorado Press Assn. , 
'82. Author "A Little Book of Western 
Verse," and "A Little Book of Profitable 
Tales." Local Ed. St. Louis /ourna/, '73-5. 
Asst. Ed. St. Joseph Gazette, '75-6. Staff 
St. Louis Times Journal, '79-So; do., Kan- 
sas City Times, '80-1. Mang. Ed. Tribune, 
Denver, Col., •81-2. Chief Ed. Herald, 
Cleveland, Ohio, '82. Since '83, Staff News, 
Chicago, 111. 

James Wallace Horner, A.B. 5fjJ ^X 

M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., 77, Prin. 

High Sch., Rocheport, Mo., '73-4; do.. Pub. 

Sch., Columbia, Mo., '74-5. Physician, 

Alma, Mo. 

James Richard Huffaker. fi^ 

Pe. P., Mo. U., '71. M. D., Homeop. Med. 
Coll., Mo., '78. At Cleveland Homeop. Med. 
Coll., '72-3. Prin. High Sch., St. Catherine, 
Mo., *72. Director Bank of Brookfield, since 
'80; Pres., do., since '84. Physician, Brook- 
field, Mo. 

Cicero Alexander Milliken. V^ 

U. S. A., Private, 15th Mo. Cav., '63-5. 

Pros. Atty., Polk Co., Mo., '73-4 R y. 

Contractor, '76-82. Since '82, Farmer. Saint 

Charles, 111. 

Class of 1873. 

♦Clinton Thomas Alloway. jJ x^ 

Physician. Died, New Hope, Oct. 23, '73. 
New Hope, Mo. 

Ben Craycroi-t. ^ fi' 

Gen. Agt. McCormick Harvesting Mche. 
Co., Chillicothe, Mo., '73-S9. Since '89, 
Lumber dealer, Oklahoma, Oklahoma Ter. 

James Henderson Dryden, A.B., D.B. afft'^ 

A.M.. Mo. U., '76. Reporter St. Louis 
Globe, '74-5. Ed. Keokuk Constitution, '81. 
Lecturer on Commer. Law, Miller's Mercan- 
tile Coll., Keokuk, Iowa, '76-80. City Atty., 
Keokuk, '82-3. Pros. Atty., Jasper Co., Mo. 
Atty.-at-law, Carthage, ^lo. 

Randall Dryden, A.B. ft^ x^ 

A.M., Mo. U., '77. City Atty., Pittsburg, 
Kan., '85-6. Atty.-at-law, Carthage, Mo. 


Missouri Alpha, 


Simpson Cash Dyer, LL.B. fX 

Abstractor of titles, Hillsboro, Tex. 

John Lock hart Fetzer. fX 

U. S. A., Private, Co. I, and Co. H, 49th 
Mo. Inf., '64-5. Co. Supt. Pub. Schs., Ara- 
pahoe Co., Col., '81-7. Weigh. Clk., U. S. 
Mint, 24:3 Lincoln Ave., Denver, Col. 

*SiMON Giles Forrester, B.S. rX 

M.D., Mo. Med. Coll., '75. Prin. Acad., 

Elk Creek, Mo., '73-4. Co. Supt. Schs., '78- 

80. Physician. Died, San Diego, May 15, 

'86. San Diego, Calif. 

♦William Francis Forsha, Ag.B. 5f fX 

Farmer. Died, Glen wood, June 16, '76. 
Glenwood, Mo. 

Andrew Turner Harrison, Pe. B. 3^ c^ 

At Andrew Coll., Jackson, Tenn., '60; 
Randolph-Macon, *6i-2. C. S. A., Private and 
Serg., Parker's Battery, '62-5. Prof. Math., 
Franklin Coll., Clarksville, Ark., '73-4. 
Merchant, Socorro, N. Mex. 

Edward Preston Horner, B.S. rX 

Sec. and Treas. Allen West Commission 
Co., 4328 W. Belle Place, St. Louis, Mo. 

William Lockhart Houston, Ph.B. r^ 

Farmer, Hallsville, Mo. 

Kossuth Morton Lear, Ag. B. 7* 

Farmer, Hannibal, Mo. 

•Jerome Moore, B.S. 5f fX 

Atty.-at-law. Died, Fort Scott, Sept. 4, 
'75. Fort Scott, Kan. 

Stephen Ca WOOD Rogers, Ag. B. ,B.S. ]jf fX 
M.S., Mo. U., '76; Asst. Prof. Agr., do., 
'73. Sch. Commis., Caldwell Co., Mo., '79- 
83. Prin. Graded Sch., Kingston, Mo., 
'74-83. Pros. Atty., Caldwell Co.. Mo., '84- 
6. Mayor, Kingston, 2 terms. Atty.-at- 
law, Kingston, Mo. 

Lorin Andrew Staley, B.S. 5jf fX 

City Atty., Grand Junction, '79-80, and 
'84-9. Atty.-at-law, Grand Junction, Col. 

Berry Green Thurman, LL.B. <,^ 

Pros. Atty., Dade Co., Mo., '74-6, and 
'78-80. Mem. Mo. Sen., '88-90. Del. Dem. 
Nat. Conv., St. Louis, Mo., '88. Mem. St. 
Revision Commis. which revised the laws of 
Mo., '8g. Atty.-at-law, Lamar, Mo. 

Class of 1874. 

James Alva Clark. fX 

Cash. Perry Bank, Perry, Mo. 

David Benton Seibert. 5f fX 

Collector, Cape Girardeau Co., Jackson, Mo. 

Robert Munson Wilson. fX 

Collector, Perry Co., Mo., '80-4. Banker, 
'85-9. Since '90, Gen. Commis. Merchant, 
119 N. Main St., Saint Louis, Mo. 

Class of 1875. 


Albert Oscar Bettes. 

Merchant, Holden, Mo. 

FiATT Lewis Coles. cX 

Civ. Eng., Springfield, Neb. Trenton, Mo. 

William Peyton Connaway. ;tT 

Sec. Willamette Falls Canal and Lock Co., 
'76-7. Cash. Independence Nat. Bank, In- 
dependence, Ore. 

James Worrell Daniel. f* 

Atty.-at-law, Mexico, Mo. 

Thomas Franklin Dimmitt. c^ 

At Central Coll., '70-2, and '73-4. Meth. 
Min., Mason, Tex. 

Thomas Crede Early, A. B. 3^ ft fX 

M. S., Mo. U., '78. Prin. High Sch., Ver- 
sailles, Mo., '75-6; do., Pub. Schs., Sedalia, 
Mo., '7^)-7. Ed. Sedalia Daily Democrat, 
'78. Clk. Mo. Sen., '79. Atty.-at-law, Room 
30, Symes Block, Denver. Col. 

Isaac Milton Porter. f* 

Bank, Conway, Mo. 

*Edward Livingston Wklborn, B. S. ^ 

Druggist. Died, AuUville. July 30, '88. 
Aullville, Mo. 

Class of 1876. 

John Daniel Andrae, A. B. f* 

Farmer, Castle, Mont. 

Victor Bee Bell. gt 

At Harvard Law Sch., '77-8. Pres. Long 
and Bell Lumber Co., Kansas City, Mo. 

Lawson Festus Berry. f4» 

Druggist, Hughesville, Mo. 

Thomas Aaron Canady. f* 

Teacher, Trenton, Mo. 

Erasmus Calvin Hall. fT 

Dv. Co. Collector, '76-80. City Atty., 
Plattsburg. 'S4-S. Pros. Atty., Clinton Co., 
Mo., 'S5-7. Atty.-at-law, Plattsburg, Mo. 

Nathaniel Wickliffe Halstead, B. S. fX 

Co. Atty., Nelson Co., Ky., since '85. 
Atty.-at-law, Bardstown, Ky. 

Walter Thomas Lemon, M. D. &^ 

M. D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., N. Y., 
'80. Physician, Aux Vasse, Mo. 


Missouri Alpha, 


Robert Jamison Orr, B. S. 5f c^ 

Prof. Marionville Collegiate Inst., '74-5. 
Prin. Schs., Pierce City, *77~S. Atty.-at-la\v. 
Durango, Col. 

William Alexander Ranney. 5f O" 

Farmer, Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

Charles Gustave George Rathmann. oT 

Asst. Prin. Educational Inst., St. Louis. 

Mo., '79-89. Since '89, Prin. Educational 

Inst., 1109 E. Sixteenth St., Kansas Citv, 


Clinton Banks Sebastian, LL. B. f^ fi' 

Pros. Atty., Boone Co.. Mo., since '82. 
Atty.-at-law, Columbia, Mo. 

William Eli Sherwood. LL. B. ]y cY 

At Christian Brothers Coll., St. Louis, 
'71-2. City Atty., St. Joseph, '84-5. Pros. 
Atty. Buchanan Co., Mo., since '89. Atty.- 
at-law, Saint Joseph, Mo. 

William Thompson. c4> 

Atty.-at-law, Carthage, Mo. 

William Reuhen Tipton. M. D. s^ rt 

M. D., Jefferson Med. Coll., '77. At San 

Miguel Coll., Santa Fe, '65-7. Phys. and 
Surg., Las Vegas, N. Mex. 

Charles Thomas Varnon, M. D. rt 

Phys. and Surg.. Thompson, Mo. 



Class ok 1877. 

John William Beatty, A. B. 

Pe. B., Mo. U., '78; T. E.. do.. '79. 
Eng., Mexico, Mo. 

George Isaac Cason. M.I). ^ 
Phys. and Surg., Colusa, Calif. 

Earnest Davis. ^ rT 

LL. B., Washington U., '77. Del. Dem. 
Nat. Con v., St. Louis, Mo., '88. Banker. 
Belleville, Kan. 

*Jaquelin Lanck Feac.ans. fT 

Cattle dealer. Died, Valley View, Mav 4, 
•78. Valley View. Tex. 

John Hardin Field, B. S. )^ g-^ 

M. S., Mo. U., '83; Asst. Civ. Eng., U. S. River Commis., '81-3, and '88-c;o. 
Since '91. Asst. Eng., Great Northern Ry.. 
Demersville, Mont. 3035 Magazine St., Saint 
Louis, Mo. 

Ralph Tolcky Gravks. 

Merchant, Tillamook, Ore. 

William Daniel Johnston, B. vS. 
Merchant, Payson, 111. 



*John Turner Filmore Kelly. c* 

Teacher. Died, Mount Calm, Feb. 4, '85. 
Mount Calm, Tex. 

Arthur Clay McChesney, L. B. ^ cX 

LL. B., Mo. U., '78. Co. Atty., Las Ani- 
mas Co., Col., *8i-2. Atty.-at-law, Trinidad, 

Daniel Dorse y Moss. rT 

Farmer, Columbia, Mo. 

Fayette Brown Roberts. f* 

M. D., Mo. U., '8 1. Physician, Laddonia, 



William Robert Smith, M. D. 
Physician, Ashland, Mo. 

William Fointain Taylor. cX 

M. D., Mo. Med. Coll., '77. Physician, 
Martinsburgh. Mo. 

Class of 187S. 

Elhanon H Chinn. ^ 

"H" letter only. M. D., St. Louis Med. 
Coll., '80. Physician, Rocheport, Mo. 

Jonathan Houston Davis, B. S., C. E. y 5I' 
M. S., Mo. U., '8[. Prin. Natchez Female 
Coll.. '83-8. Since '86, Ed. Natchez Banner, 
Natchez, Miss. 

James Anderson Elder. rSi 

M. D., St. Louis Med. Coll., '79. Physician, 
Paso Robles, Calif. 

John James Hawkins. fX 

At \Vm. Jewell Coll., '74-5. Judge of Pro- 
bate Court, and Co. Supt. Schs., Yavapai 
Co., Ariz., '85-6. Territorial Auditor, Ariz. 
Territory, '86-9. Atty.-at-law, Prescott, Ariz. 

Chilion Riley, LL. B. f<^ 

Clk. 2d Dist. Ct, N. Mex., '88-9. Atty.-at- 
law, 600 Third St., Seattle, Wash. 

Thomas Henry Stratton. rt 

Wholesale merchant, Florissant, Col. 

John Quincy White, LL. B. ^ ril 

A. B., Christian Coll.. Santa Rosa. Calif.. 
'76. Dist. Attv., Mendocino Co., Calif., since 
•89. Atty.-at-law, Ukiah, Calif. 

Class of 1879. 

*Fkanklin Wakren Tate. r^ 

Cattle dealer. Died, Las Vegas, May, '81. 
Las Vegas, N. Mex. 

Class of 1880. 

Frkdkrick Hamilton Austin, LL. B. g rX 

At Law Dept. U. of Mich., '78-9. Official 

reporter, Mo. Sen., '84-5. Since '85, Spec. Ex. 


Missouri Alpha, 


U. S. Pension Bureau. Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Maysville, Mo. 

David Byron Kei.lf.y. f* t^ 

Dy. Cir. Ct. Clk., Andrew Co., Mo., '77. 
Enrol. Clk., Mo. Sen., '79. Postmaster, Sa- 
vannah, Mo., '83-6. Atty.-at-law, Saint 
Joseph, Mo. 

Class of 1881. 

Adolphus Spence Johnson. ^I» 

Traveling salesman, Cameron, Mo. 

Samuel Harlan Kellev. "s^ a\ 

LL.B., Columbian LawSch., '84. Ed. and 
Propr. Scott Co. News, Scott City, Kan., *8b- 
7. Dy. Cir. Ct. Clk., Andrew Co., Mo., '80. 
U. S. Mail service, *8i. Adjudr. Claims, U. 
S. Treas. Dept., Washington, D. C, '82-5. 
Chief Clk. U. S. Land Office, Wakeeney, 
Kan., '85-6. Atty.-at-law, Saint Joseph. 

*VVesley Houston Rozzelle. fX 

M.D.. Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., N. Y., 

•S3. At William Jewell Coll., '76. Died, 

Drummond, Mont., Dec. 25, '91. Physician, 

Room 47, Railroad Bldg., Denver, Col. 

John Rice Watkins. {^ 

B.S., Richmond Coll., '82. Book-keeper, 
Hardin Bank, Hardin, Mo. 

Class of 1882. 

Charles Lane Buis. aX 

Farmer, Savannah, Mo. 

George Roy all Henderson, Pe.B. 3^ rX 

At St. Louis Law Sch., '84-5. Atty. at- 
law. Saint Louis, Mo. Bridgeton, Mo. 

Edgar Russel. 5f y\ 

Grad. U. S. Mil. Acad., '87. Dy. Co. Clk., 
Caldwell Co., Mo., "81-3. U. S. A., 2d Lieut , 
3d Regt. Art., Washington Barracks, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Charles Daniel Zook. 9* 

Banker, Oregon, Mo. 

Class of 1883. 

William Harrison Brown, A.B. ^ r4> 

A.M., Mo. U., *88. Atty.-at-law, 424 Main 
St., Kansas City, Mo. 

♦John Joseph Campbell, LL.B. y »X 

City Atty., Kansas City., '84-5. Atty.-at- 
law. Died, Kansas City, Aug. 27, '86. Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

Overton Gentry Ellis, L.B. ijf c* 

At U. of Va., '84-5. Agt. Lombard Ins. 
Co., Tacoma, Wash. 

Stephen Arnold Mitchell, C.E.,B.S. Sf c* 
Civ. Eng., Hartford and Mitchell Hall 
Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Enos Campbell Pollard, C.E.,B.S. x^ 

Civ. Eng. in the West. Sweet Springs, Mo. 

*George Samufl Ratiihun, Jr. fT 

Atty.-at-law. Died, Springfield, Oct. 30, 
•88. Springfield, Mo. 

Robert Tarlton Sloan, A.B. 5f fX 

M.D., Kansas City Med. Coll., '84; M. D., 

Med. Dept. U. of City of N. Y., '85. Phys. 

and Surg., 1233 Grand Ave., Kansas City, 


James Samuel Snoddy, Pe.B., L.B. c^ 

Prin. Educational Inst., St. Louis, Mo., 

'83; Rea Inst., Odessa, Mo., '84. Asst. 

Librarian, Mo. U., '85-7. Since '88, Supt. 

Pub. Schs., Westport, Mo. 

Class of 18 84. 

Gkorge Williamson Coffman, L.B. 5f ^i' 

M.D., Chicago Homeop. Coll., '87. Prin. 
High Sch., Carrollton, Mo., '84-5. Physi- 
cian, 404;^ Santa Fe Ave., Pueblo, Col. 

Albert Mortimer Ei.ston, B.S. J^ x^ 

At Hesperian Coll., Woodland, Calif., '76- 
9. Mang. Point Hudson Artificial Ice Co., 
Port Town.send, Wash. 

Lanius Diane Evans. ]^ «* 

Local Ed. Herald, Columbia, '79-81. Life 
Ins. Agt., Columbia, Mo. 

Barber Webster Frye. 7.^ 

Grad. St. Louis Coll. of Phar., '85. Drug- 
gist. Louisiana, Mo. 

Tyrk Clifton Hughes, C. E. x^ 

At William Jewell Coll., '79-81. Asst. 

Eng., U. S. A. Corps, Mo. River Commis., 

'85-6. Elec. Ry. Kng., 121 W. Fourth St., 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Charles Ferdinand Krone. ^-^ 

Atty.-at-law, 1S22 S. Seventh St., Saint 
Louis, Mo. 

William Oldham McLean. fX 

At U. of Mich., *So-4; St. Louis Law Sch., 
'84-6. Hook-keeper, 3414 Washington Ave., 
Saint Louis, Mo. 

*James Ruby Pharr. ^ 

Died. Ellis, Aug. 4, '83. Ellis, Kan. 

THOM.AS Smart Ridge. 5 ^ 

Pres. Central Bank, '89-90. Insurance, 1006 
Holmes St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Joseph Welling Williams, A.B., Pe.B. ^ k4> 
Merchant, Jackson, Mo. 


Missouri Alpha, 


Class of 1885. 

Alonzo Acuff. 

At South West Bap. Coll., '77-80. Travel- 
ing salesman, Bolivar, Mo. 

Joseph Monroe Clary, LL.B. vt 

Prin. Pub. Schs., Eldorado, 111.. '86-8. 
Prof. Chaddock Bus. Coll., Quincy, III. 

Robin Marshall Johnson, B.S. <t* 

Cash. Bank of Newport, Newport, Ark. 

William Warren Mitchell. a^ 

Dy. Co. Clk., Shelby Co., Mo.. '85-7. 
Since '87, Dy. Sheriff, and Collector, Shelby- 
ville, Mo. 

William Porter Roberts. 6* 

Merchant, Joplin, Mo. 

Ernest Ellsworth Smith, B.S., Pe.B. x^ 

C. E., Mo. U., '84. Mang. and Propr. 
Midland 'Mercantile Agency, Room 8, Times 
Bldg., Kansas City. Mo. 

James William Tincher, LL.B. g f^-c* 

At Westminster Coll., '82-3. Pros. Atty., 

Calloway Co., Mo., since * 86. Atty.-at-law, 
Fulton, Mo. 

Class of 1886. 

William Wallace Clendenin, B.S. jf x^ 
M.S., Mo. U., '89. Prof. Math.. Christian 
U., Canton. Mo., '86-7. Since '87, Asst. Prof., 
Mo. U., Columbia, Mo. 

John Adam Jaegkr. B.S., C.E. ^X 

Civ. Eng., Pueblo, Col. 

Willis Percival King, Jr. 1^ '♦ 

Atty.-at-law, Nevada, Mo. 

Frederick William Phipps. v^ 

Merchant, Sedalia, Mo. 

William Jasper Spillman, B.S. 5f x^ 

M.S., Mo. U.. 'go. Asst. Nat. Sci., Mo. St. 
Norm., Cape Girardeau. '87-9. Since '89, 
Prin. Vincennes U., Vincennes. Ind. 

Firmin Bradley Wright, B.S., L.B., Pe.B. 

At Woodland Coll. ,' 79-80 ; U. of Va., '81-2. 
Loan broker, Room 8, Times Bldg., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Class of 1887. 

Henry Whitley Clark, L.B. ]jf ]J k^ 

Merchant, Lebanon, Mo. 

Francis Henry De.\ter. LL.B. 5f tri 

C. E., Notre Dame, '85. Asst. Pros. Atty., 
Jackson Co., Mo., since 'Sg. Atty.-at-law, 
214 W. Tenth St., Kansas City, Mo. 

♦Richard Maurice Dooley. <tX 

At St. Louis Law Sch.. '86-7. Atty.-at- 
law, Maryville. Died, Benkleman, Neb.. 
Sept. 10, '90. Maryville, Mo. 

Thomas Miles Jeffords. ^X 

Prin. High Sch. , Vermont, 111. 

John Oscar Lewright. Sf ^ fX 

M.D., Mo. Med. Coll., '87. Physician, Aus- 
tin, Tex. 

William Foster Means, LL.B. ^ r/* 

L. B. , Mo. U. , '85. Pros. Atty. , Brown Co. , 
Kan. Atty.-at-law, Hiawatha, Kan. 

Fredus Nelson Peters, A.B., Pe.B. y ^ 
B. S., ShelbinaCoU. Inst., '83; A. M., Mo. 
U., '90. Prin. High Sch., Mexico, Mo.,*88- 
90 ; since '90, Nevada, Mo. 

Charles Alvin Snodgrass. t* 

Teacher, Blue Springs, Mo. 

James Frank Weed. v^ 

State Surveyor, Houston, Tex. Ochiltree, 

Elgin Underwood Western, LL.B. jj rY-pi' 
B. S., U. of South, '84. Atty.-at-law. Long's 
Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Harrison Ralph Williams. 5? ft ^ fT 

LL.B., St. Louis Law Sch., %%. Atty.-at- 
law, Wolf Creek, Mont. 

Merritt West Yeater. <tT 

Attended Mo. Sch. of Mines. City Eng., 
Sedalia, Mo. 

Class of 1888. 

Montague Fink, f* 6* 

M.D.. Mo. Med. Coll., '87. Phys. and 
Surg., Helena, Ark. 

John William Froley. S.B., Pe.B. y v* 

Prin. High Sch.. Shelby ville. Mo. 

Lynn Coghill Hopkins. ^ ri 

A.B., Blackburn U., '83. Atty.-at-law, 
CarroUton, 111. 

William Frederick Knox. at 

At Mo. St. Norm., '80-3. Law Stu., Smith- 
ton, Mo. 

Benjamin Franklin Wilkerson. x^ 

Travelling salesman, Smithville, Mo. 

Class of 1889. 

Robert Pieronnet Barse. )^I» 

Live stock commission merchant, 1430 
Baltimore Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 


Missouri Alpha, 

1893-5 NOTES. 

James William Drum. 5jf 
Marble Hill. Mo. 

Charles Gregg Haines. <^ 

514 E. gth St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Harry Rouse. 
La Belle, Mo. 

Harry Bruce Walker. ^ 
Skidmore, Mo. 

Class of 1S94. 

Mark McCausland Anderson, y 
Columbia, Mo. 

James William Cooper. 
Columbia, Mo. 

Elmer Riley Hamacher. 
Miller, Richmond, Mo. 

Edward Reade Johnson. 

14 N. Compton St., Saint Louis, Mo. 

James Agnew Slaughter. 
Druggist, Edina, Mo. 

Clifford Tracky Switzler. 
Columbia, Mo. 

Class ok 1895. 

Gail Darwin Allee. 
Olean, Mo. 

Samuel James Pierce Anderson. ^ 
Columbia, Mo. 

William Thompson Con ley. f* 
Columbia, Mo. 

Robert Watson McCluer. 
O'Fallon, Mo. 

Pascal Parker. 

2736 Forest Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

James Kinyan Rohbins. 
New^ Madrid, Mo. 

George Joseph Stampllk. 
Jefferson City, Mo. 

Guy Atwood Thompson. 
Columbia, Mo. 

Bernard Zick. 

Pleasant Hill, Mo. 






College Notes. 

1871. C. Craycroft, Jr. Prize Orator, '70; 
Prize Essay on steam-engine, '70; Phil. Honor, 

*7i. J. E. Johnston, Valedictorian, '71 ; 

Stephens' Medal, '71; Law Prize. 

1872. E. Field, 2d Prize Decl., '71. J. 

W. Horner, 2d Greek Prize. 

1873. J. H. Dryden, Valedictorian. '73; 
Founder of University Missourian ; Delivd. 

Master's Oration, '76. W. F. Forsha, Prize 

in History, '73. A. T. Harrison, Founder 

University Missourian. J. Moore, R. M. 

Field Prize, '73. S. C. Rogers, Prize Essay, 

'72. L. A. Staley, ist Prize Soc. Decl., '72; 

3d Prize Decl., '72. 

1874. D. B. Seibert, 3d Prize Decl., '73. 

1875. T. C. Early, Prize Essay on steam en- 
gine, '74; Prize Essay, '75; Valedictorian, '75. 

1876. R. J. Orr, Orator, Feb. 22, '76. 

W. A. Ranney, Prize Decl., '72. W. E. 

Sherwood, Prize Decl., '73. 

1877. G. L Cason, Valedictorian, Medical 

CI., '77. J. H. Field. Prize Decl., '73; 2d 

Prize, Mo. St. Orat. Contest, '76; Prize Orator, 
Inter-Soc. Contest, '77. 

1878. J. H. Davis, Valedictorian, '78. J. 

Q. White (Valedictorian, Christian Coll., Santa 
Rosa, Calif., '76). 

1882. G. R. Henderson, 2d Prize Decl., '79; 

ist Prize Essay, '80. E. Russel, Prize Essay 

on steam-engine. '80. 

1883. W. H. Brown, Latin and Greek Prizes, 

'82. J. J. Campbell, Commencement Thesis, 

'83. O. G. Ellis, Valedictorian, '83. S. A. 

Mitchell, 1st Prize Decl., '81. R. T. Sloan. 

Latin and Greek Prizes, '82; (Faculty Prize for 
best examination, Kansas City Med. Coll., '84). 

1884. G. W. Coffman, McAnally Medal, 84; 

Valedictorian, Medicaid., '87. A. M. Elston 

(Prize Decl., Hesperian Coll., '79); Prize Decl.. 

'82; Stephens* Medal, '84. L. D. Evans, 

Latin Prize, '82. 

1886. W. W. Clendenin, Prize Decl., '83. 

W. P. King, 3d Prize Decl., '84; Fisher Latin 
Prize, '85. W. J. Spillman, Valedictorian, 

86. F. B. Wright, Latin Prize, '85; Mc- 
Anally Medal, '86; Daschell Medal, '86; Fisher 
Medal, '86. 

1887. H. W. Clark, Essay Medal, '87; Vale- 
dictorian, '87. F. H. Dexter, Prize Decl., 

'S7. J. O. Lewright, Chemistry Prize, '86. 

W. F. Means. Latin Prize, '83. F. N. 

Peters, Valedictorian Normal CI., '85 H. R. 

Williams, Junior Medal, *86. 

1888. J. W. Froley, A.stron. Medal. '88. 

L. C. Hopkins, Palmer Orat. Prize, '83. 

1889. B. B. Beery, Valedictorian, '89. R. 

T. Haines, Prize Decl., '87; Prize Decl., Inter- 
Soc. Contest, '88; ist Prize Decl., '89. T. J. 

J. See, Junior Orat. Medal, '88; Astron. Medal, 

89; Valedictorian, '89. 

1890. E. M. Watson, Ed.-in-Ch., Pan-Hel- 
lenic, '90. C. P. Williams, Rollins' Scholar- 
ship, '89; Astron. Medal, '90. 

1891. F. P. Divelbiss, Prize Decl., '89; Jun- 
ior Orat. Medal, '90; Rollins' Scholarship, '90; 




Charter gp*an ted, January, 1871, to Henry Johnson Bigger, '72, and Alexis Phelps Hutchinson, 

'72: suspended, March, 1884. 

Class of 1871. 

Thomas Hays Campbell. gQ 

Care of Treat Campbell, 215 First Nat. 
Bank Bldg., Chicago. 111. 

•Robert Bryson Nesbit, A.B. fii 

A.M., Monmouth, '74. Attended Theo. 

Sem., Xenia, Ohio. U. Presb. Min., Low 

Point, 111., and Cedarville. Died, Cedarville, 

Oct. 14, '81. Cedarville, Ohio. 

Class of 1872. 

Henry Johnson Bigger, A.B. jj /?X-;ii' 

A.M., Monmouth, '75. At Westminster 
Coll., Pa., '68-9; Hanover, '69-71. Atty.-at- 
law, 125 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Alexis Phelps Hutchinson, A.B. fl /i* 

A.M., Monmouth, '75. City Atty., Mon- 
mouth, '79-80, and '88-9. Atty.-at-law, 
Monmouth, 111. 

Joseph Kyle, A.B. f ft 

A.M., Monmouth, '75. Attended Theo. 
Sem., Xenia, Ohio. U. Presb. Min., Spring- 
field, Ohio. 

Samuel John Kyle, A.B. ^ /9Q 

A.M., Monmouth, "75. At Westminster 

Coll., Pa., '68-9; Theo. Sem., Xenia, Ohio, 

'72-6. U. Presb. Min., North Buffalo, Pa., 

'77-87; since '87, Cambridge, N. Y. 

Samuel Henry McKee, A.B. c^ 

A.M., Monmouth, '75. At Westminster, 

'67-8. Propr. Allegheny Co. Abstract of 

Title Co., since '74, no Diamond St, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. Wilkinsburgh. Pa. 

Class of 1874. 

Allen Bracken Anderson. fX 

Physician, Pawnee City, Neb. 

Thomas Maskell Findley, A.B. 5f ^ f* 

A.M., Monmouth, '77. At Princeton Theo. 
Sem., '76-9. Prin. High Sch., Morning Sun, 
Iowa, '74-6. Pres. Pierre U., S. Dak., '83-5. 
Presb. Min., Indianola, Iowa, '80-3; St. Paul, 
Minn., *8«5-7; since '87, 1505 W. Superior St., 
Duluth, Minn. 

Albert Collins French. fX 

Farmer, Peotone, 111. 

Hugh Milton McDill, B.S. fl fT-cX 

At Miami, '69-73. Mining and fish culture, 
1225 Sixteenth St., Denver, Col. 

John Alexander Mitchell, B.S. jj AX 

M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., '77. At Rush 
Med. Coll., '82. Physician, Arkansas City, 

Class of 1875. 

♦Samuel Alexander Buck, A.B. cT-fX 

A.M., Monmouth, '78. At Miami, '71-3; 

Theo. Sem., Xenia, Ohio, '75-8. U. Presb. 

Min., Twenty Mile Stand. Died, Aug. 14, 

•84. Twenty Mile Stand, Ohio. 

James Clinton Burns, A.B. y ifir 

A.M., Monmouth, '78. Pres. Acad., Coul- 

tersville, 111., '75-6; Prin. High Sch., Sparta, 


Illinois Gamma, 


IlL, '76-81 ; do., Acad., Washington, Iowa, 
'81-3; do.. Pub. Schs., Greenville, 111., '83-8; 
since *88, Supt Pub. Schs., Monmouth, 111. 

James Ross Hanna, A.B. fT 

LL.B., Harvard, '77; A.M., Monmouth, 

'78. Dem. Cand. 111. Sen., '82. Sec. and 

Treas., Weir Plow Co., since *8i. Atty.-at- 

law, Monmouth, IlL 

John Gulian Lansing. * j| cT 

A.M., Union Coll., 75; A.B., do., '78; 
B.D., do., '85. Prof. Theo. Sem., Reformed 
Dutch Ch., New Brunswick, N. J. 

James McCarl Lansing. qX 

M.D., Albany Med. Coll., '75. Physician, 
Cairo, Egypt Lisha's Kill, N. Y. 

John Henry Mason. ]jr ^ 

A.B., Union Coll., '75. City Clk., Morrison, 
lU., '78-80. Co. Treas., McPherson Co., S. 
Dak., since '85. Leola, S. Dak. 

William Oliver Miller. fT 

Trustee and Treas., Tarkio Coll. Mang. 
Sec., Phoenix Loan Assn., 1647 Curtis St., 
Denver, CoL 

David Brownlee Patterson. fT 

Farmer, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Seth Frankun Pratt, A.B. fX 

A.M., Monmouth, '78. Cash. Nat. Bank, 
Roseville, 111. 

William Dowrick Pratt. 5f ^ 

Mem. Kan. Leg., '84-6. Ed. PlaindeaUr^ 

Fort Madison, Iowa ; do< , Reveille, Jetmore, 

Kan. ; Cowlitz Bulletin, Kalama. Real 

Est dealer, Kalama, Wash. 

Class op 1876. 

C^warles Mason Brownlee. ^ 7X 

Parmer and stock raiser, Woodhull, 111. 

Jf^HNC Lewis. % fC 

••C" letter only. LL.B.. 111. Indus. U., 
•78. Graduated Nat Sch. of Elocu., Phila- 
delphia, '77. Prof. Elocu., St U.. '77-8; do., 
High Sch., Denver, '78-80. Farmer, Rose- 
ville, 111. 

J^MES Heron McCulloch, B.S. 5jf /?T 

Prin. Schs., Monmouth, 111., '78-80. Judge, 
Douglass Co. Ct. Neb., '84-8. Atty.-at-law, 
Omaha, Neb. 

orbury Willet Thornton, A. B. f* 

A.M., Monmouth, '79. Graduated Prince- 
ton Theo. Sem.. '79. Presb. Min., West 
Liberty, Iowa, ' 79-84. Since ' 84, Prin. Acad. , 
Geneseo, 111. 

James Lo(;an Warden. fT 

At Med. Dept. U. of Louisville, '74-6. 
Phys. and Surg., Pleasant Hill, Mo. 

Class of 1877. 

John McDonald Love, A.B. if n^ 

A.M., Monmouth, '80. Mayor, Audubon, 
Iowa, '83-5. Atty.-at-law, Arkansas City, 

Harry Monroe McClanahan. ^ fT 

M.D., Jefferson Med. Co^., '78; A.M., 
Monmoutn, '83. Physician, 1212 N. Lowe 
Ave., Omaha, Neb. 

Junius Augustus Monteith, A.B. c* 

i A.M., Monmouth, '80. Graduated Theo. 

I Sem., Xenia, Ohio, '79. Presb. Min., Han- 
over, 111., '79-85; since '86, Cedar Rapids, 

John Wallace, A.B. rT 

A.M., Monmouth. '80. Prin. High Sch., 
Chatsworth, 111., '78-9. Atty.-at-law. 420 
Fourth St, Sioux City, Iowa. 

Class of 1878. 

John Hemphill Moffett. 
Atty.-at-law, Paxton, 111. 

Class of i38i. 


Edward Everett Clippinger, A.B. ^T 

A.M., Monmouth. '84. Atty.-at-law, 605 
N. Eighteenth St., Omaha, Neb. 

William Gilbert Pardoe, A.B. rX 

A.M., Monmouth, '83. At Westminster 
Coll., '76-8. Atty.-at-law, Crawford, Neb. 

David Miller Stuart, A.B. V^^ 

A.M., Monmouth, '84. Atty.-at-law, 181 1 
Farnam St., Omaha, Neb. 

Class of 1882. 

Ralph Paine Brownlee. ^ XX 

Graduated, Eastman Bus. Coll., '80. Far- 
mer and stock-raiser, Little York, III. 

Joseph Reynolds Crawford, B.S. r* 

At Muskingum Coll., '76-7. Ed. Enter- 
prise, New Concord, Ohio, '77-8. Sec. Falls 
City Furniture Co., 228 W. Market St. 
Louisville, Ky. 

Oliver He.vrv Irvine. afk 

Atty.-at-law, Albany, Ore. 

Archie Allen Mt Ci.anahan. f' oT 

LL.B., Bloom ington Law Sch., 111., '85. At 
Union Coll. of 'Law. 'S2-3. Atty.-at-law, 
Room 49, Barker Block, Omaha, Neb. 




Charter gp*an ted, January, 1871, to Henry Johnson Bigger, '72, and Alexis Phelps Hutchinson, 

'72; suspended, March, 1884. 

Class of 1871. 

Thomas Hays Campbell. gii 

Care of Treat Campbell, 215 First Nat. 
Bank Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

•Robert Bryson Nesbit, A.B. ffi 

A.M., Monmouth, '74. Attended Theo. 

Sem., Xenia, Ohio. U. Presb. Min., Low 

Point, 111., and Cedarville. Died, Cedarville, 

Oct. 14. '81. Cedarville, Ohio. 

Class of 1872. 

Henry Johnson Bigger, A.B. ft /SX-Z^t 

A.M., Monmouth, '75. At Westminster 
Coll., Pa., '68-9; Hanover, '69-71. Atty.-at- 
law, 125 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Alexis Phelps Hutchinson, A.B. fl /^* 

A.M., Monmouth, '75. City Atty., Mon- 
mouth, '79-80, and '88-9. Atty.-at-law, 
Monmouth, 111. 

Joseph Kyle, A.B. f' ft 

A.M., Monmouth, '75. Attended Theo. 
Sem., Xenia, Ohio. U. Presb. Min., Spring- 
field, Ohio. 

Samuel John Kyle, A.B. f /3I2 

A.M., Monmouth, '75. At Westminster 

Coll., Pa., '68-9; Theo. Sem., Xenia, Ohio, 

•72-6. U. Presb. Min., North Buffalo, Pa., 

•77-87; since '87, Cambridge, N. Y. 

Samuel Henry McKee, A.B. c^ 

A.M., Monmouth, '75. At Westminster, 

'67-8. Propr. Allegheny Co. Abstract of 

Title Co., since '74, no Diamond St, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. Wilkinsburgh, Pa. 

Class of 1874. 

Allen Bracken Anderson. i'X 

Physician, Pawnee City, Neb. 

Thomas Maskell Findley, A.B. 5f ^ f* 

A.M.. Monmouth, '77. At Princeton Theo. 
Sem., '76-9. Prin. High Sch., Morning Sun, 
Iowa, '74-6. Pres. Pierre U., S. Dak., '83-5. 
Presb. Min., Indianola, Iowa, '80-3; St. Paul, 
Minn., '8S-7; since '87, 1505 W. Superior St., 
Duluth, Minn. 

Albert Collins French. fX 

Farmer, Peotone, 111. 

Hugh Milton McDill, B.S. fi fT-fX 

At Miami, '69-73. Mining and fish culture, 
1225 Sixteenth St., Denver, Col. 

John Alexander Mitchell, B.S. j| ^ 

M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., '77. At Rush 
Med. Coll., '82. Physician, Arkansas City, 

Class of 1875. 

*Samuel Alexander Buck, A.B. fT-fX 

A.M., Monmouth, '78. At Miami, '71-3; 

Theo. Sem., Xenia, Ohio, '75-8. U. Presb. 

Min., Twenty Mile Stand. Died, Aug. 14, 

'84. Twenty Mile Stand, Ohio. 

James Clinton Burns, A.B. Sf ifir 

A.M., Monmouth, '78. Pres. Acad., Coul- 

tersville, III, '75-6; Prin. High Sch. , Sparta, 


Illinois Gamma. 


IlL, •76-81; da, Acad., Washington. Iowa, 
'81-3; da. Pub. Schs., Greenville, 111.. '83-8; 
since *88, Supt Pub. Schs., Monmouth, 111. 

James Ross Hanna. A.B. qt 

LL.B., Harvard, '77; A.M., Monmouth, 

'78. Dem. Cand. 111. Sen., '82. Sec. and 

Treas., Weir Plow Co., since '81. Atty.-at- 

law. Monmouth, IlL 

John Gulian Lansing. ST j| cT 

A. M. , ITnion Coll. , 75 ; A. B. . do. , '78 ; 
B.D.. do., '85. Prof. Theo. Sem., Reformed 
Dutch Ch., New Brunswick, N. J. 

James McCarl Lansing. qX 

M.D.. Albany Med. Coll., '75. Physician, 
Cairo, Egypt Lisha's KiU, N. Y. 

John Henry Mason. ]jr c4* 

A.B., Union Coll., '75. City Clk., Morrison, 
m, '78-80. Co. Treas.. McPherson Co., S. 
Dak., since '85. Leola, S. Dak. 

William Oliver Miller. qt 

Trustee and Treas., Tarkio Coll. Mang. 
Sec., Phoenix Loan Assn., 1647 Curtis St., 
Denver, CoL 

David Brownlee Patterson. cT 

Parmer, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Sbth Frankun Pratt, A.B. fX 

A.M., Monmouth, '78. Cash. Nat. Bank, 
RoseviUe, 111. 

^'iluam Do wrick Pratt, y f* 

Mem. Kan. Leg., '84-6. Ed. PlaindeaUr, 

Fort Madison, Iowa; do<, Reveille ^ Jetmore. 

Kan. ; Cowlitz Bulletin, Kalama. Real 

Est dealer, Kalama, Wash. 

Class op 1876. 

iiARLES Mason Brownlee. f» 7X 

Farmer and stock raiser. Woodhull, 111. 

J CDHN C Lewis. % fT 

••C" letter only. LL.B.. 111. Indus. U., 
•78. Graduated Nat Sch. of Elocu., Phila- 
delphia, '77. Prof. Elocu., St U., '77-8 ; do., 
High Sch., Denver, '78-80. Farmer, Rose- 
vilfe. 111. 

J^^MES Heron McCuLLocH, B.S. % /?T 

Prin. Schs. , Monmouth. 111. . '78-80. Judge, 
Douglass Co. Ct, Neb., '84-8. Atty.-at-law, 
Omtma, Neb. 


A.M., Monmouth. '79. Graduated Prince- 
ton Theo. Sem., '79. Presb. Min., West 
Liberty, Iowa, ' 79-84. Since * 84, Prin. Acad. , 
Geneseo, 111. 

James Lo(;an Warden. fT 

At Med. Dept. U. of Louisville, '74-6. 
Phys. and Surg., Pleasant Hill, Mo. 

Class of 1877. 

John McDonald Love, A.B. 5f ^ 

A.M., Monmouth, '80. Mayor, Audubon, 
Iowa, '83-5. Atty.-at-law, Arkansas City, 

Harry Monroe McClanahan. ^ fT 

M.D., Iefferr>on Med. Co^., '78; A.M., 
Monmouth, '83. Physician, 1212 N. Lowe 
Ave., Omaha, Neb. 

Junius Augustus Monteith, A.B. c* 

A.M., Monmouth, '80. Graduated Theo. 
Sem., Xenia, Ohio, '79. Presb. Min., Han- 
over, 111., '79-85; since '86, Cedar Rapids, 

John Wallace, A.B. rT 

A.M., Monmouth. '80. Prin. High Sch., 
Chatsworth, III, '78-9. Atty.-at-law. 420 
Fourth St, Sioux City, Iowa. 

Class of 1878. 

John Hemphill Moffett. yX 

Atty.-at-law, Paxton, 111. 

Class of 1S81. 

Edward Everett Clu'I'INger, A.B. ^T 

A.M., Monmouth, '84. Atty.-at-law, 605 
N. Eighteenth St., Omaha, Neb. 

William Gilhert Pardoe, A.B. rX 

A.M., Monmouth, '83. At Westminster 
Coll., '76-8. Atty.-at-law, Crawford, Neb. 

David Miller Stuart, A.B. t/'^^ 

A.M., Monmouth, '84. Atty.-at-law, 181 1 
Farnam St., Omaha, Neb. 

Cl.\ss ok 1882. 

Ralph Paine Brow.nlee. ^ /.X 

Graduated, Eastman Bus. Coll.. '80. Far- 
mer and stock-raiser. Little York, III. 

Joseph Reynolds Crawford, B.S. r* 

At Muskingum Coll.. '76-7. Ed. Enter- 
prise, New Concord, Ohio, '77-8. Sec. Falls 
Citv Furniture Co., 228 W. Market St 
Louisville, Ky. 

Oliver Henry Irvine. ai' 

Atty.-at-law, Albany, Ore. 

Archie Allen McCi.anahan. "^ aT 

LL.B., Bloomington Law Sch., 111., '85. At 
Union Coll. of I^aw. 'S2-3. Atty.-at-law, 
Room 49, Barker Block, Omaha, Neb. 


Illinois Gamma, 

1882-7. NOTES. 

Reporter, 77/^ 

•Thomas Beveridge Patten. fX 

Book-keeper. Died, Chicago, Oct., '83. 
Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1883. 

Oras Everett Fitzgerald. 
Farmer, Andrew, Iowa. 

John Mac Gaw Glenn, A.B. 

A.M., Monmouth, *86. 

Inter Ocean, Chicago, 111. 

William Roy Pollard. 

At Iowa St. U., '76. Prin. Sch., Rosetta, 
111., '80-1. Grain-dealer, Monmouth, 111. 

Earl Regnier, A.B. Jf po. 

A.M., Monmouth, '86. At Carthage Coll., 
•77-82. Atty.-at-law. 429 W. Sixth St., Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

Class of 1884. 

William Marshal Butler, A.B. cT 

A.M., Monmouth, '90. At United Presb. 

Theo. Sem., '86-9. Prin. High Sch.. Tipton. 

Ind., '85-6. United Presb. Min., Martin, 


Samuel Horace Edwards. ^'\ 

Loan-broker, Wellington, Kan. 

•James McKee Gillespie. aX 

M.D., Rush Med. Coll.. '85. At Med. 
Dept., U. of Mich., '83-4. Physician. Died, 
Monmouth, March 3, '8(). Welda, Kan. 




Robert Claud Hanna. 

Grain-dealer, Fort Scott, Kan. 

•Arthur Chalmers Kirkpatrick. 

Died, Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 2, '82. 
mouth. 111. 

John Maurice Paink. 

Farmer. Westcliffe. Col. 

Class of 1S85. 

BoLiNG Arthur Johnson. a1 

Since '89, with The Lumber Trade four- 
nal. Cor. Washington and La Salle Sts.. 
Chicago, 111. 

William Mark McKinney. 5f V* 

LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, '86. Ed. 

"American and English Railroad Cases," 

since '87. Atty.-at-law, Northport. Long 

Island, N. Y. 

Benjamin Franklin Thomas, Jr. / X 

Graduated Ep worth Sem., '83. Prin. High 
Sch., Andrew, Iowa. '84-5. Atty.-at-law, 
Room 14, Barker Block, Omaha, Neb. 

William James Thompson. v* 

At Burlington Bus. Coll., Burlington, Iowa, 
'82-3. Aurora, 111. 

Class of 1886. 

Frederick Kirkpatrick Babcock. 17X 

Omaha, Neb. 

Lake Bridenthal. ^X 

Director and Cash. First Nat. Bank, Wy- 
mote, Neb. 

Clem Dennin McCoy, A.B. ^ /3* 

A.M.. Monmouth, '89; M. D.» Rush Med. 
Coll., '90. Physician, Kenton, Ohio. 

Charles Henry Rodgers. aI 

Farmer, Tribune. Kan. 

Class of 1887. 

John Clayton Robertson Brown. vT 

At Miami, '80-1. Farmer. Morning Sun, 

Colle(;k Notk-s. 

1874. T. M. Findley, Valedictorian, '74. 

1875. J. C. Burns, Ed. College Courier^ 
•74-5; Delvd. Diplomas, Ecritean Soc., '83. 

J. G. Lansing. (Clark and Ingham Prize 

Essay, '75 ; Blatchford Orat. Prize, Union CoU.. 

'75.) J. H. Mason, (Ed. Magazine^ Union 

Coll., '74-5). W. D. Pratt, Ed. College Cour. 

ier, '74-5. 

1876. J. C Lewis, ist Prize, Inter-Coll. 
Orat Contest. '75; 3d Prize, Inter-St. Orat- 

Contest, "76. J. H. McCuUoch, Orator, CI. 

Day. '76. 

1877. J. M. Love, ist Honor, Eng. Lit.. 


1883. E. Regnier. Orator CI. Day, '83. 

1884. C. S. McKelvey, (111. Delta, '84). Ed. 
College Courier y '82-3; Rep. Momnouth, 111. 
St. Orat. Contest, '83; Ed.-in-Ch.. College 

Courier/^3-4. J. C. Mitchell, (111. Delta. 

'84), Ed. College Courier, '83. 

1885. W. AL McKinney, ist Orator, Inter- 
Soc. Contest, '82. 

1886. C. D. McCoy, Prize Essay, '84-5; Ed. 
College Courier y '83-4; Bus. Mang., do., '84- 
5; Ed.-in-Ch.. do., '85-6. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1872. H. J. Bigger, Intd. Ind. Ep>silon; 
Char. Mem. A. P. Hutchinson, Char. Mem. 

1874. H. M. McDill, Intd. Ohio Alpha.- 

J. A. Mitchell, Del. Nat. Conv. Crawfordsville, 
Ind., *74; do., Philadelphia, Pa., '76. 

1875. J. G. Lansing, Del. Nat Conv., Athens, 
Ohio, '73; 2d Asst. Sec., do. 


Illinois Delta. 


James McClellan Hamilton, g ^ vT-c* 

LL.B., Iowa Citv Law Sch., '74. At Cen- 
ter Coll., '71-2; L''. of Mich., '72. Atty.-at- 
law, 55 W. Second St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

*Henry Sei.dkn Hit( hcock. ]S CT 

Died, Chicago, Sept. g, '87. Chicago, 111. 

♦Charles Villk Lawrence, jj CTf 

Died, Galesbiirg, July 14, '71. Galesburg, 

Edward Porter Little, A.B. ^ fT 

A.M.. Knox, '78; S. T. B.. Gen. Theo. 

Sem., N. Y., '80. Epis. Min., Pittsfield, 111., 

'79-80; Lancaster, N. H., '80-6; since '87, 

Nantucket, Mass. 

Albert Dwight Metcalf, A.B. rf 

Hardware merchant, Oneida, 111. 

Eugene W. RisLKY. fT 

Atty.-at-law, Temple Bar Bldg., Fresno, 

Nathaniel Clinton Sears. ^ fT 

A. B., Amherst. *75; A.M., do., '78. At 
Berlin and Heidleberg U., '75-6. Prin. 
Acad., Elgin, 111., "78. Atty.-at-law, 99 Wash- 
ington St., Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1876. 

William Scott Hamilton. '^ fT 

At Amherst, '72-6. Prin High Sch., Fort 
Madison, Iowa, '77-8. Atty. at-law. Rooms 
12-14, Montgomery Block, Lincoln, Neb. 

Richard Washington Johnson, Jr. fT 

M. I).. Columbia Med. Coll., '78. Physi- 
cian, U. S. A., San Carlos, Ariz. 

Class of 1877. 

Walter M Jay. B.S. rAf 

"M" letter only. Prin. Schs., Avon, 111., 
'H0-3; Supt. City Schs., Wellington, Kan., 
'H3-7; since '»H, do., Beloit, Kan. 

Arthur Wii hk Little, A.B. % "f f* 

A. M., Knox. '81. At Scabury Div. Sch., 

•77 9; (ien. Theo. Sem.. '79-80; Berkeley 

Div. Sch., 'Ho- 1. Epi.s. Min.. Portland, Me., 

•Hi H; since '88, Kvanston, 111. 

Class of 1878. 

KonKRT Jamls Ai)('o<:k, A.B. fT 

A. M., Knox.'Hs. Atty.-at-law, Cor. Tem- 
phi and New High St., I-os Angeles, Calif. 

Kki'.ukkh K Kkiiikn Jelliff, A.B. ^ ^ fT 
TeiulHT, High Sch., (lalesburg, '79-S2. 
Local ICd. Rt'publhum Rtiitster, Galesburg, 

Thomas E Martin. fT 

*• E " letter only. Clerk, Elgin, 111. 

James William McMurtry. fT 

U. S. Inter. Rev. Service, 111., '86-9. 
Stockraiser, Mobeetie, Tex. 

George Washington Prince, A.B. fT 

City Atty., Galesburg, '81-3. Mem. 111. 
House of Rep., '88-90. Atty.-at-law, Gales- 
burg, 111. 

Edward W. Wood. cT 

New York, N. Y. 

Class of 1881. 

John Yorstoun Ewart, A.B. Sf ^ 

A. M., Knox, '84. Graduated at Union 
Theo. Sem., '84. Presb. Min., Woonsocket, 
S. Dak. 

JosiAH Benson Parkinson, B.S. -^ 

Graduated at Rock River Sem., '78. Ed. 
limes. Savanna, 111. 

George Frkdekick Pierson, A.B. V* 

Ed. Citiy County Chieftain, Henrietta, 

Merritt Willis Pinckney, B.S. ST J| V^ 

LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, Chicago, '83. 

Atty.-at-law, 4047 Prairie Ave., Chicago, III. 

Ephraim Albert Ray, B.S. j| V^ 

Prin. High Sch., Dixon, 111., '81-2; do.. 
Lake Geneva, Wis., '83-4. Atty.-at-law, 
Oregon, 111. 

Albert Gallatin Sheahan, A.B. V^* 

A.M., Knox, '84. Ed. California Prohi- 
bitionist, 863 Market St., San Francisco, 

Thomas Taylor, Jr., B.S. Y'* 

LL.B., Harvard, '85. Atty.-at-law, 26 
Ashland Block, Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1882. 

Nels Frederick Anderson, A.B. % 
Galva, 111. 



Edwin Stutely Carr. A.B. * 

A.M., Knox, '85; B.D., Yale. '85. At 
Chicago Theo. Sem., '82-3; Humboldt, Iowa, 
'85-6. Cong. Min., Lyons, Iowa, '88-90; 
since '90, Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

William Henry Chambers, A. B. * ^X 

Mortgage loans, 426 New York Cife Bldg., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

J(»HN Sanburn Phillits, a. B. if ^ 

A.B., Harvard, '85 ; A.M., Knox, '85. 

At U. of Leipsic, '85-6. Lit. Ed. The Wheel- 


Illinois Delta, 


man^ *82-3. Since *86, Mang. Ed. Associated 
LiUrary Press^ 97 Tribune Bldg., New 
York. J^ Y. 

Class op 1883. 

James Mark Mason. ^ 

704 Rialto Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1884. 


John Lydell Baker. If c4> 

LL.B., U. of Calif., 85. Asst. Pros. Atty., 
City and County of San Francisco, Calif., 
'85-7. Atty.-at-law, Abington Bldg., Port- 
land, Ore. 

Edward Clay Knotts, B.S. kQ 

At Blackburn U.. '80-3. Ed. Standard, 
Galva, 111., '84-6. Prin. HighSch., Shipman, 
111., '86-9. Atty.-at-law, Girard, 111. 

Charles Sumner McKelvey, A.B. 5ffl W>-ei2 

A.M., Knox, '87; LL.B., Washington U., 

'87. At Monmouth, '81-3. Asst Prof. 

Mech., Monmouth, '83. Atty.-at-law, Santa 

Ana, Calif. 

I>aniel Milton Mickey, B.S. j| P^-kQ 

LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, '87. At Mon- 
mouth, '82-3. Ed. iVeekly Review, Green- 
field, Iowa. '85. Atty.-at-law, Northport, 
Long Island, N. Y. 

J -<vmes Calvin Mitchell, B.S. ijfj A*-Ki2 

At Monmouth, '79-83. Ed. and Propr. 
Tifnes, Keithsburg, 111. 

^bert Calpe Morse, A. B. '^ /3* 

B.D., Yale, '87. Cong. Min., Westmore- 
land, Kan.. '87-9; Fairfield, Neb., '89-90; 
Unit Min., Iowa City, '90-1. Since '91, at 
Law Dept, State U. of Iowa, Iowa City, 

■iBD Chauncey Perkins, A.B. y .3* 

A.M., Knox, '87. Prin. High Sch., Con- 
cordia, Kan., '86-7; do., Beloit, Kan., '87-8; 
since '88, do., Pub. Schs., Cowker City, Kan. 

R Stauffer Rohrer. 
Hastings, Neb. 



A.M., Knox, '87; B. D.,Bapt Union Theo. 
Sem., '89; Ph. D., Knox, '90. Prin. High 
Sch., Manhattan, Kan., '84-6; Prof. Chicago 
Female Coll., '86-90; since '88, Instr., Bapt 
Union Theo. Sem., Morgan Park, 111. 

&EDERICK William Sisson, B.S. ]^ /4> 

Treas. and Auditor, Central Ariz. Ry. Co., 
Flagstaff, Ariz. 

William Henry Whitney, A.B. Jf (* 

A.M., Knox, '87. Founder and Ed. Times, 
Keithsburg, 111., '84-6; since '88. Pub. and 
Ed., Daily News, Trinidad, Col. 

Class of 1885. 

Thomas Alhert Broadbent, B.S. fX 

D.D.S., Chicago Coll. Dental Surg., '87; 
M.S., Knox, '88. Demonstrator of Anat, 
Chicago Coll. Dental Surg., '87-9; do., Oper- 
ative Surg., since '89. Dentist, 96 State St., 
Chicago, 111. 

Frederick Benja.mine Brown, B.S. Sf ^ 
Co. Supt. Pub. Instruction, Grant Co., 
Kan., since '83. Ulysses, Kan. 

Charles Carlton George, B.S. ^ y* 

M.S.. Knox, '83. Treas. and Mang., Pot- 
ter & George Co., 1601 Farnam St., Omaha, 

Charles Chase McClaughry, A.B. * 

At Lake Forest Acad., '78-9; fll. Indus. 
U., '79-80; Monmouth, '80-3. Machinist, 
Joliet, 111. 

John Miller, B.S. qX 

Farmer, Galva, 111. 

Grant Newell. fT 

Fullerton and Clyburn Sts., Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1886. 

Louis Becker. AX 

M.D., Chicago Med. ColL, '88. At U. of 
Mich., '85-6. Physician, Knoxville, lU. 

John Burroughs Brown, A.B. ]yg 5X 

A.M., Knox, '89. At Columbia Law Sch., 

'88-9. Prin. HighSch.. Stonington, Conn., 

'86-8. Atty.-at-law, 803 Wright Block, Min- 

neapolis, Minn. 

William Joseph Byrnes, A.B. y jyt 

Since '83, Society Ed. Omaha Bee^ 633 S, 
Seventeenth Ave., Omaha, Neb. 

William R Houston, y icX 

"R" letter only. Atty.-at-law, Salina, 

Charles Wellington Martin. *♦ 

Insurance, Room i. Barker Block, Omaha, 

John Robert Porter, B.S. AX 

744 India St., San Diego, Calif. 

Class ok 1887. 

Frank Benjamin Bressler. ^ 

M.D., Rush Med. Coll., '89. Physician, 
1306 Twenty-second St., Chicago, 111. 



Illinois Delta. 


♦Walter Pease Hinckley. ^X 

Asst. Auditor, C. P. & S. W. R. R. Died. 
Texarkana, Jan. 4, '88. Texarkana, Tex. 

Jacob H Hopkins, B.S. y* «♦ 

•* H " letter only. At Union Coll. of Law, 
*8q. Atty.-at-law, 94 Washington St, 
Chicago, 111. 

Lincoln Henry Jelliff, A. B. ^ fP 

Cash, of the Covenant Mutual Benefit 
Assn., Galesburg, 111. 

Corliss Wilkes Lay. /32; 

Missionary, Ahmednagar, Western India. 
Kewanee, 111. 

Frank Asbury Bell Moore, B.S. ^ ^X 

Druggist, Argyle Park, 111. 

John Newton Stromberg. f* 

Clk., North Western Nat. Bank, 1465 W. 
Fulton St.. Chicago, 111. 

George Perry Wiley. V»X 

Banker, Castana, Iowa. 

Class of 1888. 

•Frank Lester Andrews, B.S. kX 

Died, Palmer Lake, Col., Aug. 19, 'gi. 
Galesburg, 111. 

William Cuyler Avery. ^X 

Graduated Eastman's Nat. Bus. Coll., '87. 
Dy. Cir. Clk. and Recorder, Daviess Co., 
111., '82-8. Since '89, Real estate, 181 Yam- 
hill St., Portland, Ore. 

Frank Everett Blane, B.S. x^ 

M.S., Knox, '91. City Atty., Petersburg, 
since \)\.. Atty.-at-law, Petersburg, 111. 

William Richardson Colburn. //♦ 

With American Straw Board Co., 506 
Pullman Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

William Henry Crocker, B.S. v* 

Civ. Eug., Sheridan and Stanton Aves., 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

George PoMEROY Cushing, B.S. ^ 

With Cushing Process Co., 825 Broadway, 
New York, N. Y. 

Charles Robert Murdock. ^ ^ 

Galesburg, 111. 

William Joshua Phelps, A. B. y cX 

A.M., Knox, '91. Traveling salesman, 
Elmwood, 111. 

William Nehemiah Wyckoff, A.B. fY 

Clk., 902 Washington St., Oakland, Calif. 

Class of 1889. 

Lysandfr Cassidy, A.B. 5jf ^T 

A.M., Knox, '92. Vermont, 111. 

David Frisbie Green, A.B. j|^ CX-^X 

At North Western U., '85-7. Wholesale 
Grocer, Union Mercantile Co., Des Moines, 

John Eddy Luckey, B.S. ^ 

A.M., Knox, '92. At Quincy Med. ColL, 

'84-5; N. W. Norm., '85-6: Augustana,* 87-8. 

Prin, Sch., Hamlet, 111., '85-6. Galesburg, 


Class op 1890. 

Harry Lovejoy Coleman. rT 

Med. Stu.. Chicago. 111., '88-9. Farragut, 

George Alfred Crandall. /cO 

With Earl Fruit Co., Riverside, Calif. 

Alvah Sherman Green, B.S. ^ ar^ 

Wholesale Grocer, Union Mercantile Co. , 
Des Moines, Iowa. 

Charles Warner Lacey. /j* 

Law Stu. , Havana, 111. 

James Alexander Murdock. ^ riU 

Graduated Eastman's Nat Bus. Coll., '88. 
Merchant, Galesburg, 111. 

Henry Edward Parry, B.S. ;tT 

Galesburg, 111. 

Ben X Smith, A.B. Jf <♦ 

••X" letter only. Galesburg, 111. 

Fred George Tryon. oT 

Stock-raiser, Galesburg, 111. 

Guy Payson Williams, A.B. kX 

Galesburg, 111. 

Class of 1891. 

Albert Eric Berglared, B.S. o* 

Galva, 111. 

George Lawrence Alfred Dale, B.S. y tT 
lola, Wis. 

Samuel Michael Hughes. C^ 

Fall Creek, 111. 

Abraham Lincoln Johnson. rT 

At Rush Med. Coll., '88-9. Toulon, 111. 

LoREN Butler Seymour. rX 

Stock-raiser, Payson, 111. 

Charles Elmer Sturtz, B.S. «♦ 

At Law Dept, U. of Mich., '91-2. Ster- 
ling, lU. 

Class of 1892. 

John Edward George. ^ X* 

Real estate, 1601 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb. 


„u-^ "■'"■ 

_--- — "^ -2 

' prill' =*"■■ 


■* ..TTmi»;_.^„«.* 

i^ ft m"^~ r»Tfi ^ 

tit" y^.' leiLci 


Illinois Delta, 


1884. C. S. McKelvey, Intd. 111. Gamma. 

D. M. Mickey, Intd. 111. Gamma. J. C. Mit- 
chell, Intd. III. Gamma. 

1885. C. C. McClaughrv, Intd. 111. Gamma. 

1886. J. B. Brown, Del. Nat. Conv., Nash- 
ville, Tenn., '84. 

1887. J. H. Hopkins, Del Nat. Conv., New 
York, N. y.,'87. 

1889. D. F. Green, Intd. 111. Alpha. 

1893. G. C. Gale, Del. Nat. Conv.. Atlanta. 
Ga., '91. 

154 Georgia Alpha Prime. NOTES. 

College Notes. 
1872. B. P. Gailliard. 2d Hon., '72. C. R. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1872. B. P. Gailliard. Char. Mem. C. B. 

Gaskill. ••Pioneer Phi in Ga. ;" Char. Mem.; 

Gaskill (Soph. Commencement Spkr., Emory. ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ Danville. Ky!. '72; Pres. Ex." 

7^^* ; Com., '77-8; Sec. Epsilon Province, '81-3. 

1873- W. T. Moyers, Latin. Greek and Belles c. R. Gaskill, Char. Mem. 

Lettres, Med.. '71; Orat. Prize, '72. W. H. ,873. W. W. Killough. Char. Mem. W. 

Venable, Soph. Decl. Medalist. '71. , x. Moyers, Char. Mem.; Cf. Frat Notes, Ga. 

1875. R- P- Hill. Jr., Cf. Coll. Notes Ga., Al- Beta. W. H. Venable. Char. Mem. 

pha. '76. 1874. A. H. Graham. Char. Mem. 


Georgia Alpha. 

1 873-7 

Charles Thomas Mims, C.E. vX 

Teacher and farmer, Climas, Ga. 

William Martin Slaton, A.B. jjf ft irTL-yi 
Attended Emory. Prin. Pub. Sch., Atlanta, 

Edward Inolis Smith, B. S. jjr /X 

Teller Nat. Bank, Athens, Ga. 

Class of 1874. 

Montague Lafayette Bovd. pX 

M. D., U. of (ia., '75. Physician, Areola. 

Edward Loomis Cater. 5 /)X-,'?t 

Attended Emory. Physician, Perry, Ga. 

Cornelius Henry Cohen, y ^^ 

City Solicitor, Augusta, 1891. Atty,-at- 
law, Augusta, Ga. 

Wyatt Heklin Daniell, A.B. ft 

Prin. Franklin Inst., '73. Mem. Ga. House 
of Rep., '78-9, and '88-9: do.. State Senate, 
'80-1. Atty.-at-law, Franklin, Ga. 

Walter Mitchell Jackson, B.L. 4 f*-<TX 
A.B., Mercer, '73. Atty.-at-law, Water 
Valley, Miss. 

James David Laing. ^Q 

Treas. Terrell Co., Ga., '77-80. Merchant, 
Dawson, Ga. 

Asblrv Turner Moreland, B.S. "k^ 

Farmer, '75-8. Teacher, '79. Since '80, 
stock-raising, Fairfield, Tex. 

Benjamin Robert Padgett. /X 

Architect, Cartersville, Ga. 

James GuYTON Parkes, LL.B. ^jj /?Q 

LL.B., U. of Ga., '74. Sometime Prof. S. 
Ga. Male Inst, Dawson, Ga., and Pres. Bd. 
of Trust, do. Trustee S. W. Ga. Agl. Coll., 
since '80. Ed. Dawson yit?i/r«rt/, '81. State 
Senator, nth Sen. Dist., Ga., '80-3. Mem. 
Bd. Vis., U. of Ga., '85. Local Counsel, 
Terrell Co., Central R. R. and Banking Co. of 
Ga., '88-90. Atty.-at-law, Daw.son, Ga. 

Robert Lee PRorinrT. c5i2 

Atty.-at-law, Water Valley, Miss. 

Thomas Boyd Wilcoxon. a^ 

Atty.-at-law, Newnan, Ga. 

*JoHN Cyrus Williams. ^X 

Atty.-at-law. Died, Cartersville, March 
30, '76. Cartersville, Ga. 

Class of 1875. 

♦Samuel Winsted Cozart, C.E. ^X 

Shot and killed at Saville, about '84, by R. 
A. Highsmith, who was acquitted on acct. of 
self-defence. Civ. Eng., Seville, Fla. 





Alfrkd Hudson George. 

Farmer, CarroUton, Miss. 

Nicholas Mason Godfrey, 
Merchant, Madison, Ga. 

Dermot Henderson Hardy, A.B. ^ 
Atty.-at-law, 411^ Franklin St., Waco, 

RuFus Hardy, B.L. 2f vX 

At Gathright Coll., Summerville, Miss., 
'72-3. Co. Atty.. Navarro Co., Tex., '80-4; 
Dist Atty.. 13th Jud. Dist, '84-8; Dist 
Judge, do., since '88. Atty.-at-law. 615 Jef- 
ferson St., Corsicana, Tex. 

James Hendley Hoskinson, A.B., B.L. y wX 
Atty.-at-law, Rome, Ga. 

Stephen Elliott Moore. ot 

Civ. Eng., Vicksburg, Miss. 

*JonN Tompkins Pou. vX 

Died. Madison, July 15, 1885. Atty.-at- 
law, Madison, Ga. 

George Henry Tanner, A.B. C* 

Local Ed. Atlanta Herald, '76. Not Pub. 
and ex officio J. P.. '78-89. Since '89, Clerk, 
Superior Ct, Fulton Co. ; do., City Ct, At- 
lanta. Atty.-at-law, 182 Peaichtree St, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

William Charles Worrill, A.B. 4 i8*-cX 
At Emory, '72-3. Atty.-at-law, Cuthbert, 

Class of 1876. 

William Lowndes Calhoun. CX 

Attended U. of the South and U. of Nash- 
ville. Atty.-at-law, Palatka, Fla. 

Robert Sherod Howard, ^ rX 

Ed. and Pub. Forest News, '78-83; do., 
JsLckson //era/ii, '83-5. Atty.-at-law, Athens, 

George McDonald. /X 

Sect. Ga. Wine Co., Cuthbert, Ga. 

Joseph Carl Tabor. rX 

Teacher, Fort Lamar, Ga. 

John Lewis Tye, A.B. fX 

LL.B., Columbian U., '79. Atty.-at-law, 
McDonough, Ga. 

Class of 1877. 

♦William Wirt Black, A.B. Sf t* 

Atty.-at-law. Deceased. Atlanta, Ga, 

Edward Hill Dorsey, B.E. r4> 

Merchant, Athens, Ga. 

Wallace Wynne Fraser, B.L. ^ir 

Atty.-at-law, Savannah, Ga. 


Illinois Delta, 


James McClellan Hamilton, jj 1^ vT-f* 

LL.B., Iowa Citv Law Sch., '74. At Cen- 
ter Coll., '71-2; U". of Mich., '72. Attv.-at- 
law, 55 W. Second St., Salt Lake City, f tab. 

♦Henry Selden Hitchcock. J| '•^ 

Died, Chicago, Sept. 9, '87. Chicago, 111. 

•Charles Ville Lawrence. fl[ ^"X 

Died, Galesburg, July 14, '71. Galesburg, 

Edward Porter Little, A.B. "f fY 

A. M., Knox, '78; S. T. B., Gen. Theo. 

Bern., N. Y., '80. Epis. Min.. Pittsfield, 111., 

'79-80; Lancaster, N. H., '80-6; since '87, 


Albert Dwight Metcalf, A.B. ft 

Hardware merchant, Oneida, 111. 

Eugene W. -Risley. j-Y 

Atty.-at-law, Temple Bar Bldg., Fresno, 

Nathaniel Clinton Sears, y fY 

A. B., Amherst, '75; A. M., do,, '78. At 
Berlin and Heidleberg U., '75-6. Prin. 
Acad., Elgin, 111., '78. Atty.-at-law, 99 Wash- 
ington St., Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1876. 

William Scott Hamilton. ^ fY 

At Amherst, '72-6. Prin High Sch., Fort 
Madison, Iowa, '77-8. Atty. at-law. Rooms 
12-14, Montgomery Block, Lincoln, Neb. 

Richard Washington Johnson. Jr. fY 

M. D., Columbia Med. Coll., '78. Physi- 
cian, U. S. A., San Carlos, Ariz. 

Class of 1877. 

Walter M Jay, B.S. r<i> 

"M" letter only. Prin. Schs., Avon. 111., 
'80-3; Supt. City Schs., Wellington, Kan., 
'83-7; since '88, do., Beloit, Kan. 

Arthur Wilde Little, A.B. y ^ r* 

A. M., Knox. '81. At Seabury Div. Sch., 

'77-9; Gen. Theo. Sem., '79-80; Berkeley 

Div. Sch., '80-1. Epis. Min., Portland, Me., 

'81-8; since '88, Evauston, 111. 

Class of 1878. 

Robert James Adcock, A.B. fY 

A. M., Knox, '85. Atty.-at-law, Cor. Tem- 
ple and New High St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Frederick Rei HEN Jelliff, A.B. % "^ fT 
Teacher, High Sch., Galesburg, '79-S2. 
Local Ed. Republican Register^ Galesburg, 

Thomas E Martin. fY 

*• E " letter only. Clerk, Elgin, 111. 

James William McMurtry. cY 

U. S. Inter. Rev. Service, 111., '86-9. 
Stockraiser, Mobeetie, Tex. 

George Washington Prince, A.B. fY 

I City Atty., Galesburg, '81-3. Mem. 111. 

i House of Rep., '88-90. Atty.-at-law, Gales- 
burg, 111. 

Edward W. Wood. fY 

New York, N. Y. 

Class of 1881. 

John Yorstoun EwART, A.B. % if^ 

A. M., Knf>x, '84. Graduated at Union 
I Theo. Sem.. '84. Presb. Min., Woonsocket, 
S. Dak. 

Josiah Benson Parkinson. B.S. V^ 

Graduated at Rock River Sem., '78. Ed. 
7 trues. Savanna, 111. 

Geor(;e Frederick Pikrson, A.B. V** 

Ed. C/iiy Couttty Chieftain, Henrietta, 

Merritt Willis Pinckney, B.S. ^ % V''* 

LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, Chicago. '83. 

Atty.-at-law, 4047 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Ephraim Albert Ray, B.S. 4 V* 

Prin. High Sch., Dixon, 111., '81-2; do.. 
Lake Geneva, Wis., '83-4. Atty.-at-law, 
Oregon, 111. 

Alhert Gallatin Sheahan, A.B. y^ 

A.M., Knox, '84. Ed. California ProMi- 
bitionist, 863 Market St., San Francisco, 

Thomas Taylor, Jr., B.S. 1^ 

LL.B., Harvard, '85. Atty.-at-law, 26 
Ashland Block, Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1882. 

Nels Frederick Anderson, A.B. % ijfX 

Galva, 111. 

Edwin Stutely Carr. A.B. * tf>X 

A.M., Knox, '85; B.D., Yale, '85. At 

Chicago Theo. Sem., '82-3; Humboldt. Iowa, 

'85-6. Cong. Min., Lyons, Iowa, '88-90; 

since '90, Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

William Henry Chambers, A. B. * V^ 

Mortgage loans, 426 New York Life Bldg., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

John Sanburn Phillii's. A. B. y /H' 

A.B., Harvard, '85 ; A.M., Knox, '85. 

At U. of Leipsic, '85-6. Lit. Ed. TAe Wheel- 


Illinois Delta, 


•Walter Peask Hinckley. ^X 

Asst. Auditor, C, P. & S. W. R. R. Died. 
Texarkana. Jan. 4, '88. Texarkana, Tex. 

Jacob H Hopkins, B.S. Sp* «♦ 

*• H " letter only. At Union Coll. of Law, 
*8p. Atty.-at-law, 94 Washington St, 
Chicago, 111. 

Lincoln Henry Jelliff, A.B. ^ fP 

Cash, of the Covenant Mutual Benefit 
Assn., Galesburg, 111. 

Corliss Wilkes Lay. /32 

Missionary, Ahmednagar, Western India. 
Kewanee, 111. 

Frank Asbury Bell Moore, B.S. ^ 6X 

Druggist, Arg^'le Park, 111. 

John Newton Stromberg. f* 

Clk., North Western Nat. Bank, 1465 W. 
Fulton St., Chicago, 111. 

George Perry Wiley. VX 

Banker, Castana, Iowa. 

Class of 1888. 

*Frank Lester Andrews, B.S. kX 

Died, Palmer Lake, Col., Aug. 19, '91. 
Galesburg, 111. 

William Cuyler Avery. ^X 

Graduated Eastman's Nat. Bus. Coll., '87. 
Dy. Cir. Clk. and Recorder, Daviess Co., 
111., '82-S. Since '89, Real estate, 181 Yam- 
hill St., Portland. Ore. 

Frank Everett Blane, B.S. x^ 

M.S., Knox, '91. City Atty., Petersburg, 
since '91. Atty.-at-law, Petersburg, 111. 

William Richardson Colburn. /t/* 

With American Straw Board Co., 506 
Pullman Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

William He.nry Crocker, B.S. i4> 

Civ. Eng., Sheridan and Stanton Aves., 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

George Pomeroy Cusiiing, B.S. ^ 

With Cushing Process Co., 825 Broadway, 
New York, N. Y. 

Charles Robert Murdock. ^ ^ 

Galesburg, 111. 

William Joshua Phelps, A.B. y cX 

A.M., Knox, '91. Traveling salesman, 
Elmwood, 111. 

W1LLIA.M Nehkmiah Wyckoff, A.B. g'X 

Clk., 902 Washington St., Oakland, Calif. 

Class of 1889. 

LvsANDER Cassidy, A.B. 5f ^T 

A.M., Knox, '92. Vermont, 111. 

David Frisbie Green, A. B. 4^ CX-pX 

At North Western U., *85-7. Wholesale 
Grocer, Union Mercantile Co., Des Moines, 

John Eddy Luckey, B.S. rf* 

A.M., Knox, "92. At Quincy Med. ColL. 

•84-5; N. W. Norm.. '85-6; Augustana/87-8. 

Prin, Sch., Hamlet, 111., '85-6. Galesburg. 


Class of 1890. 

Harry Lovejoy Coleman. rT 

Med. Stu., Chicago, 111., '88-9. Farragut, 

George Alfred Crandall. kQ 

With Earl Fruit Co., Riverside, Calif. 

Alvah Sherman Green, B.S. ^ 0+ 

Wholesale Grocer, Union Mercantile Co. . 
Des Moines, Iowa. 

Charles Warner Lacey. f^ 

Law Stu., Havana, 111. 

James Alexander Murixock. ^ «U 

Graduated Eastman's Nat Bus. Coll.. *88. 
Merchant, Galesburg, 111. v 

Henry Edward Parry, B.S. x^ 

Galesburg, 111. 

Ben X Smith, A.B. 5jf <♦ 

••X" letter only. Galesburg. 111. 

Fred George Tryon. wT 

Stock-raiser. Galesburg, 111. 

Guy Payson Williams, A.B. kT 

Galesburg, 111. 

Class of 1891. 

Albert Eric Berglared, B.S. a* 

Galva, 111. 

George Lawrence Alfred Dale, B.S. y rT 
lola, Wis. 

Samuel Michael Hughes. C^ 

Fall Creek, 111. 

Abraham Lincoln Johnson. rT 

At Rush Med. Coll., '88-9. Toulon, 111. 

LoREN Butler Seymour. rX 

Stock-raiser, Payson, 111. 

Charles Elmer Sturtz, B.S. #c* 

At Law Dept, U. of Mich., '91-2. Ster- 
ling. 111. 

Class of 1892. 

John Edward George. ^ X^ 

Real estate, 1601 Famam St., Omaha, Neb. 

1893-6. NOTES. 

Illinois Delta, 


Class ok 1893. 

RiCHA&D Harding Davis. >'T 

Traveling Freight A^t.. A., T. & S. F. R. 
R. Co., 392 Broadway, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Frank Osborne Finley. fT 

At Chicago Dental Coll.. Chicago, 111., 
'90-1. Grand Ridge, 111. 

George Candee Gale. £ ^^ 

Galesburg, 111. 

Wilfred Kennedy Keith. Xt 

At U. of Mich., since '91. Creston, Iowa. 

Clas^ of 1894. 

Lewis Cleaveland. A* 

Rock Island, 111. 

Herbert George Copp. /cT 

Rock Island, 111. 

Ralph Peyton Dexter. at 

Galva, 111. 

Hubert Wells Humphreys. ^ 

West Rutland, Vt. 

Walter Kimball Marsh. at 

Lacon, 111. 

Fred Randolf Sanderson. kX 

Galesburg, 111. 

John Lincoln Smetters. ?.♦ 

Waverly, 111. 

Class of 1895. 

Frederic Hall Fuller. It 

Galesburg, 111. 

George Frederic Gebhardt. rjf^ 

Salt Lake City, Utah Ter. 

Frederic William Miner. ri^ 

Kewanee, 111. 

Oscar Allen Roher. aY 

Waverly, 111. 

Class of 1896. 

Robert West Fleming. x^ 

Cambridge, 111. 

George Duffield Tunnicliffe. kY 

Galesburg,- III. 

Ralph Joseph Williams. «Y 

Galesburg, 111. 

College Notes. 

1874. W. J. Porter, Ed. Pantheon; Prize 
Orator, '73, and '74. 

1875. N. C. Sears, (Hutchins' Greek Prize, 
Amherst, '77; Commencement Orator, do., 

1877. A. W. Little, ist Prize, Eng. Comp., 
'73, and *74; ist Prize Decl., '73; Prize Essay, 
Knox and Lombard Inter-CoU. Cont, '74; ist 
Prize Orator, '75; Latin Salutatory, '76; 2d 
Prize, 111, St. Orat. Cont, '76. 

1878. F. R. Jelliff, Valedictorian, '78. 

1 881. J. Y. Kwart, ist Prize, Eng. Comp., 
•79; Ed. Student, '78-9; ist Prize Orator, '80; 

Valedictorian, '81. M. W. Pinckney, 2d 

Prize Orator, '80; Del. 111. St. Orat. Assn., '81. 

1882. N. F. Anderson, ist Prize Decl., '79, 
and '80: ist Prize Orator, '81 ; 2d Prize, 111. St 

Orat Cont, '81. J. S. Phillips, (Honors in 

Eng., Harvard, '85; Ed. Advocate^ Lampoon^ 
and MonthtVy do., '83-5). 

1883. J M. Mason, Colton Cup Prize Deb., 

1884. J. L. Baker, Prize Decl., '81. C. S. 

McKelvey, Cf. III. Gamma Coll. Notes. 

. C. Mitchell, C£. 111. Gamma Coll. Notes. 


. C. Morse, Ed. Coup dEtat, '82-3. F. C. 

Perkins, 2d Prize Orator, '83. W. E. Schlie- 

mann, ist Prize, Eng. Comp., '81, and '82. 

F. W. Sisson, Bus. Mang. Coup d'Etat, '83-4. 

W. H. Whitney, Bus. Mang. Coupd'Etat, 

'82-3; do.. Student y '83-4. 

1885. F. B. Brown, Colton Cup Prize Deb., 

1886. J. B. Brown, Colton Cup Prize Deb., 
'83; ist Prize Decl., '84; Del. 111. St Orat 
Assn., '84; 2d Prize do., "85; Del. Inter-St 

Orat Assn., '85. W. J. Byrnes, ist Prize, 

Eng. Comp., '83; Colton Cup Prize Deb., '84. 
W. R. Houston, Colton Cup Prize Deb., '8 5. 

18S7. J. H. Hopkins, ist Prize Orator, '87. 

1888. W. J. Phelps, Ed. Gale, '88. 

1889. L. Cassidy, ist Prize, Orat. Cont., 
'88; Del. Inter-Coll. Orat Assn., '87; Ed.-in- 
Ch. Gale, '88. 

1890. B. X Smith, ist Prize Decl., '87; Ed. 
Gale, '89. 

1891. G. L. A. Dale, Mills Medalist, '88. 

Fraternity Note.s. 

1872. G. OB. De Bar, (Mo. Alpha, '72), 

Char. Mem. E. Field, (Mo. Alpha, '72), Char. 

Mem. -J. W. Gilbert Char. Mem. 

1873. J. D M. Hamilton, Del. Nat Conv., 
Danville, Ky., '72. 

1874. W. Scripps, Char. Mem. 

1875. J. M. Hamilton, Intd. Ky. Alpha. 

H. S. Hitchcock, Char. Mem. C. V. Law- 
rence, Char. Mem. 

1881. M. W. Pinckney, Del. 111. St Conv., 

Galesburg, '81, and Asst Sec, do. E. A. 

Rav. Del. 111. St Conv., Galesburg. '81. 

1882. E. S. Carr, Del. 111. St Conv., Gales- 
burg, '81, and Asst Mar., do. W. H. Cham- 
bers, Sec. 111. St Assn., '81-3. 


Illinois Delta, 


1884. C. S. McKelvey, Intd. 111. Gamma. 

D. M. Mickey, Intd. 111. Gamma. J. C. Mit- 
chell, Intd. III. Gamma. 

1885. C. C. McClaughrv, Intd. 111. Gamma. 

1886. J. B. Brown, Del. Nat. Con v., 
ville, Teun., '84. 

1887. J. H. Hopkins, Del Nat Conv., New 
York N V. '87. 

1889. D. *F. Green, Intd. III. Alpha. 

1893. G. C. Gale, Del. Nat. Conv., Atlanta. 
Ga., '91. 




Charter granted April 4, 1871, to Benjamin Palmer Gailliard, '72; Charles Battle Gaskill, '72; 
Clinton Rabun Gaskill, '72; Walter Wellington Killough, '73; William Taylor Moyers, 
'73; William Hoyt Venable, '73; and Alexander Hamilton Graham, '74. Suspended, 
Spring of 1873. 

Class of i86[. 

John Anderson Richardson, A. B. xl>io 

At Emory, '59. C. S. A., Co. C, 19th Ga. 
Inf. ; enlisted 2d Lt., '61 ; mustered out Capt., 
'65. Mem. Gen. Council, Atlanta, Ga., '74-6. 
Prin. HighSch., Palmetto, Ga., '66; do. Boys 
High Sch., Atlanta, '67-70; do. Oglethorpe 
High Sch., 'jf. Prof. Nat. Phil., Oglethorpe 
U., Atlanta, '71; Prof. Math, and Astron., 
do., '71-2. Prin. Select Sch. for boys. At- 
lanta, '73-S. Declined Pres. Bowden Coll., 
Ga. Prin. Lake Maitland Acad., Lake Mait- 
land, Fla. 

Class of 1872. 

Benjamin Palmer Gailliard, A. B. SjcJI v^ 
A.M., U. of Ga., '76. Prin. Mount Tabor 
Acad., Marion Co., Ga., 73. Prof. Lat. and 
Anct Hist., N. Ga. Agl. Coll., Dahlonega, 
'73-90; Pres. pro tern. ^ do., '86; Prof. Nat. 
Sci., do., since '90. Dahlonega, Ga. 

Charles Battle Gaskill, A. B. Jj"^ rf\ 

Atty.-at-law, 138 S. Forsyth St., Atlanta, 

Clinton Rabun Gaskill, A.B. ?f ft f' ^ 

At Emory, '70-1. With ist Nat. Bank, 
Chattanooga, '73-7. Atty.-at-law, '77-81. 
Asst. Cashier. 3d Nat. Bank, Chattanooga, 
'81-0; since '89 Cashier, 4th Nat. Bank, 427 
E. Fifth St., Chattanooga. Tenn. 

Robert Neal Smith. A.B. j(^ 

Presb. Min., in West. Last address known, 
Columbia, S. C. 


Class of 1873. 

Walter Wellington Killough, A.B. J rX 
A.M.. Arkansas, Coll., '80. At Princeton 
Theo. Sem., '76. Prin. Ark. Conf. Sem., '78- 
80; do., Harrison Acap., '80-4. Commis., 
Prest., Gen. Assem., Asheville, '90. Prest.. 
Min., Columbia, S. C, '73-4; New Bruns- 
wick, N. J., '74-6; Harrison, Ark., '76-84; 
Lando, Tex., '84-90; since '90, Brazeau, Mo. 

William Taylor Movers, A.B. ]^ft jyX 

Atty.-at-law, 48 S. Pryor St., Atlanta, Ga. 

William Hoyt Venable. jjffl jyX 

Contractor, 13 Forest Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Class of 1874. 

Alexander Hamilton Graham, fl X* 

Atty.-at-law, Austin, Tex. 

Harry Maurrelle Reid. /3X 

Atty.-at-law, Carrollton, Ga. 

Class of 1875. 

Chalmers Frazer. ^3* 

Attended Davidson Coll. Asst. U. S. Eng., 
on Ocmulgee River, Ga., '77-9. Atty.-at- 
law, Atlanta, Ga. 

♦Robert Pike Hill. A.B. y r* 

Atty.-at-law. Died. Atlanta, Nov. 26, '86. 
Atlanta, Ga. 

*Bartee Wiley Jones, A.B. rT 

Died, Lake Maitland, Fla., Oct. 3, '78. At- 
lanta, Ga. 


Georgia Alpha Prime, 


College Notes. 

1872. B. P. Gailliard. 2d Hon., '72. C. R. 

Gaskill (Soph. Commencement Spkr., Emory, 

1873. W. T. Moyers, Latin, Greek and Belles 

Lettres, Med., '71; Orat Prize, *72. W. H. 

Venable, Soph. Decl. Medalist, '71. 

1875. R- P- Hill, Jr., Cf. Coll. Notes Ga., Al- 
pha, '76. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1872. B. P. Gailliard, Char. Mem. C. B. 

Gaskill, •• Pioneer Phi in Ga. ;" Char. Mem.; 
Del. Nat. Conv., Danville, Ky., '72; Pres. Ex. 

Com., '77-8; Sec. Epsilon Province, '81-3. 

C. R. Gaskill, Char. Mem. 

1873. W. W. Killough, Char. Mem. W. 

T. Moyers, Char. Mem. ; Cf. Frat Notes, Ga. 
Beta. W. H. Venable, Char. Mem. 

1874. A. H. Graham, Char. Mem. 




^«arter granted, June 5, 1871, to Edward King Lumpkin, '71; James Miles Mason, '72; Jesse 
Cicero Speights, '72; Berryman Thomas Thompson, '72; Charles Minnigerode 
Beckwith, '73; Clifford William Clayton, '73, and Edward Inglis Smith, '73. 

Class of 1843. 

^^iLLiAM Montague Brown. ^ ^ 736 

A. B., Dublin U., Ireland, '43; A. M.. do., 
'46; A. M., U. of Ga., '66. Asst. Sect, of St., 
and Sect of St., of Confederate States, '61-2. 
Col. and Aid-de-camp to Pres. Jefferson 
Davis, '62-4. C. S. A., Brig. Gen., 64; Har- 
dee's Corps, '64-5. Prof. Hist, and Pol. Sci. , 
U. of Ga., '74-83. Del. Dem. Nat Con v., 
Lrooisville, '67. Died, Athens. Apr. 28, '83. 
Athens, Ga. 

Class of 1871. 

Ebwa&d King Lumpkin, A. B. 4 XQ 

Co. Surv., Clark Co., '73-88. 2nd Asst. 
Enfi^. , A. and H. R. R., '71-3. Atty.-at-law 
and farmer, gii Prince Ave., Athens, Ga. 

Class of 1872. 

•Robert Edwin Bruce, C.E. vt 

Died, Lowndesville, Sept. 2, '72. Lowndes- 
ville, S. C, 

Edward Freeman Dupree, A.B. vt 

Atty.-at-law, Griffin, Ga. 

John Francis Jackson, A.B. x/^ 

Merchant, Athens, Ga. 

James Miles Mason, A.B. 3p 5 X* 

C. S. A., Priv., 27th, Ga, Inf., '61-5. Prin. 

High Sch., Dallas, Ga., '74-5; do., Hamilton, 

Ga., '81. Atty.-at-law, '76-80. Farmer, 

Campbell Co., Tell, Ga. 

Douglas Clayton Peabody. fiir 

Prot Epis. Min.. Now located in 111. 

Abnkr Thomas Smith, B.L. rt 

Atty.-at-law, Birmingham, Ala. 

Jesse Cicero Speights, C.E. J A* 

Civ. Eng., Flovilla, Ga. 

Berryman Thomas Thompson, A.B. jf * Xir 

Prof. Park High Sch.. Tuskegee, Ala,. 

'72-3. Solicitor, County Court, Coweta Co., 

'86-90. Since '90, La Grange Female Coll., 

Ga. Atty.-at-law, Newnan, Ga. 

Class of 1873. 

James Gordon Beasley, C.E. t¥ 

C. S. A., Joined Waddell's Artil. a few days 
before Lee's surrender. Lumber bus. and 
farmer, Auburn, Ala. 

Charles Minnigerode Beckwith, A.B Jf J 

Connected with U. of the South, 6 yrs; first 
as Tutor, then Asst Prof. Math., and later 
Master Gram. Sch. Attended Berkeley Di- 
vinity Sch. Prot Epis. Min., 56 Houston St, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

•Clifford William Clayton, A.B. jj AX 

Cotton broker. Died, Augusta, Jtdy 26, 
'88. Augusta. Ga. 

George Wakkkn Gk.nilliat, C.E. aX 

At U. of Va , '70-1. Merchant, Seneca, 
S. C. 

George Johnson Martin, A.B. yj| XX-yf 
At Emory, '70-1. Mem. Ga. Sen., '82-4. 
Farmer, Greenville, Ga. 


Georgia Alpha. 


Charles Thomas Mims, C.E. vX 

Teacher and farmer, Climas, Ga. 

William Martin Slaton, A.B. jjf 5 n-X-yi' 
Attended Emory. Prin. Pub. Sch.. Atlanta, 

Edward In(;lis Smith, B. S. # 

I. Ga. 


Teller Nat. Bank, Athens, 

Class of 1874. 

Montague Lafayette Boyd. pX 

M. D., U. of Ga., '75. Physician, Areola. 

Edward Loomis Cater. 4 /)X-/3t 

Attended Emory. Physician, Perr}% Ga. 

Cornelius Henry Cohen, y <yX 

City Solicitor, Augusta, 1891. Atty,-at- 
law, Augusta, Ga. 

Wyatt Heklin D.\niell, A.B. '"t 

Prin. Franklin '73. Mem. Ga. House 
of Rep., '78-9, and '88-9: do.. State Senate, 
•80-1. Atty.-at-law, Franklin, Ga. 

Walter Mitchell Jackson, B.L. 4 f*-<TX 
A.B., Mercer, '73. Atty.-at-law, Water 
Valley, Miss. 

James David Laing. ^Q 

Treas. Terrell Co., Ga., '77-80. Merchant, 
Dawson, Ga. 

Asbury Turner Moreland, B.S. ?+ 

Farmer, '75-8. Teacher, '79. Since *8o, 
stock-raising, Fairfield, Tex. 

Benjamin Robert PADGF/rr. /X 

Architect, Cartersville, Ga. 

James Guyton Parkes, LL.B. jjfjj /3Q 

LL.B., U. of Ga., '74. Sometime Prof. S. 
Ga. Male Inst. , Dawson, Ga. , and Pres. Bd. 
of Trust, do. Trustee S. W. Ga. Agl. Coll., 
since '80. Ed. Dawson y<c?wr«rt/, '81. State 
Senator, nth Sen. Dist, Ga., '80-3. Mem. 
Bd. Vis., U. of Ga., '85. Local Counsel, 
Terrell Co., Central R. R. and Banking Co. of 
Ga., '88-90. Atty.-at-law, Dawson, Ga. 

Robert Lee Prophitt. rJQ 

Atty.-at-law, Water Valley, Miss. 

Thomas Boyd Wilcoxon. <t* 

Atty.-at-law, Newnan, Ga. 

*John Cyrus Williams. fX 

Atty.-at-law. Died, Cartersville, March 
30, '76. Cartersville, Ga. 

Class of 1875. 

♦Samuel WiNSTKD Cozart, C.E. ^X 

Shot and killed at Saville, about '84, by R. 
A. Highsmith, who was acquitted on acct. of 
self-defence. Civ. Eng., Seville, Fla. 

Alfred Hudson George. vX 

Farmer, CarroUton, Miss. 

Nicholas Mason Godfrey, ^X 

Merchant, Madison, Ga. 

Dermot Henderson Hardy, A.B. Sf x^ 

Atty.-at-law, 41 1^ Franklin St., Waco, Tex. 

RuFus Hardy, B.L. ST vX 

At Gathright Coll., Summerville, Miss., 
'72-3. Co. Atty., Navarro Co., Tex., '80-4; 
Dist. Atty., 13th Jud. Dist, '84-8; Dist. 
Judge, do., since '88. Atty.-at-law. 615 Jef- 
ferson St., Corsicana, Tex. 

James Hendley Hoskinson, A.B.. B.L. % wX 
Atty.-at-law, Rome, Ga. 

Stephen Elliott Moore. aT 

Civ. Eng., Vicksburg, Miss. 

♦John Tompkins Pou. vX 

Died. Madison, July 15. 1885. Atty.-at- 
law, Madison, Ga. 

George Henry Tanner, A.B. C* 

Local Ed, Atlanta Herald, '76. Not. Pub. 
and ex officio J. P., '78-89. Since '89, Clerk, 
Superior Ct, Fulton Co. ; do., City Ct, At- 
lanta. Atty.-at-law, 182 Peachtree St, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

William Charles Worrill, A.B. fl )S*-cX 
At Emory, '72-3. Atty.-at-law, Cuthbert, 

Class of 1876. 

William Lowndes Calhoun. CX 

Attended U. of the South and U. of Nash- 
ville., Palatka, Fla, 

Robert Sherod Howard, ^ rX 

Ed. and Pub. Forest J\ews, '78-83; do.. 
Jsickson //era/d, '83-5. Atty.-at-law, Athens, 

George McDonald. AX 

Sect. Ga. Wine Co., Cuthbert, Ga. 

Joseph Carl Tabor. rX 

Teacher, Fort Lamar, Ga. 

John Lewis Tye, A.B. fX 

LL.B., Columbian U., '79. Atty.-at-law, 
McDonough, Ga. 

Class of 1877. 

♦William Wirt Black, A.B. Sf t* 

Atty.-at-law. Deceased, Atlanta, Ga. 

Edward Hill Dorsey, B.E. t* 

Merchant, Athens, Ga. 

Wallace Wynne Fraser, B.L. fir 

Atty.-at-law, Savannah, Ga. 


Georgia Alpha. 


Class of 1S82. 

Tracy LuciEN AcosTA, A.B. r* 

Commercial Traveller, Hlaclcshear, Ga. 

Lucius CoATKS Adamson, A.B. ^ rX 

M.D., N. Y. U.. '85; A. M., U. of Ga., 91; 
Pres. Bowclon Coll., Bowdon, Ga., '82-3. 
Since 'c/^, Asst. Med. Supt, X. Y. City In- 
sane Asylum, Ward's Island, New York, 
N. Y. 

Marcus William Bkck. % * r*-aT 

Atty.-at-law, Carrollton, Ga. 

'80-3. Pres. and originator Standard Scale 
Co. of Rome. Atty.-at-law, 220^ Broad St, 
Rome, Ga. 

Noah Mahlon Collins, A.B. tX 

Atty.-at-law, Griflfin, Ga. 

Frederick Robinson Cooper. /?♦ 

Physician, 239 S. Pryor St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Oliver Clyde Fuller. % ^X 

Wholesale Grocer, '82-5; Bond and Stock 
Broker, '87-8; Pres. Atlanta Automatic Re- 
fri^rating Co., '88-9. Owner Florida Steam- 
ship Co. Capitalist, 118 Grand Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

On an Melvin Housjer. % iX 

Farmer, Fort Valley, (la. 

Luther Love Hu.nnicuit, A.B. y V'X 

Merchant. Sec. and Treas., Hunnicuttand j 
Bellingrath Co., Atlanta, Ga. | 

James Nathan Repess. y o-^ '■■ 

Farmer, EUaville, Ga. | 

Class of 1881. 

♦Walter Wesley Hardy, A.B. %fi rX 

Teacher, '80-1. Atty.-at-law. Mayor, Se- 

noia, '88. Assoc. Ed. Senoia Herald, till 

'88. Died, Senoia, Ga., March 31, '88. 

Newnan, Ga. 

Clement Jefferson Hood, Ph. B. y fX 

At V. of Va., '78-9. Merchant, Harmony 
Grove, Ga. 

Robert Maxey Hull. V* 

Bookkeeper, '79-87; Fire Ins. Agt., since 
'87. 167 Barnard St., Savannah, Ga. 

George Stovall Johnson, y f* 

Atty.-at-law, Cartersville, Ga. 

Arthur Middleton Sperr, A.B. y r* 

At Emory, '77-8. Atty.-at-law, Griffin, Ga. 

George Buchanan Tye, A.B. r* 

Atty.-at-law, McDonough, Ga. 

William Gordon Brantley, Ph.B. y x^ 

Rep., Price Co., Ga. Le^., '84-5; Senator, 
3d Sen. Dist, '86-7; Sohdtor-Gen. Bruns- 
wick Circ, 'S8-92, Atty.-at-law, Brunswick, 

♦Phillip Henry Burrus, B.E, % «♦ 

Cotton bus. Died, Columbus, '87. Colum- 
bus, Ga. 

ArminiusHevward Frazer, A.6., B.E. ^jfj v* 
Real ost. agt. and Civ. Eng. With Ga. 
M. & G. R. R., Columbus, Ga. 

John Edward Gross, A.B. * rT 

Late Prin. Jacksonville High Sch., Thom- 
son. Atty.-at-law, Warrenton, Ga. 

Charles Harper Hamilton, A. B, *f' fW»-fX 
At Law Dept, Columbian U., ^3. Atty.- 
at-law, Rome, Ga, 

Fun Thomas Lamkin, B,L. lyt 

Atty.-at-law, Augusta, Ga. 

Thomas Blake Perry, B.C.S. % vX 

At Sch. of Phar., Philadelphia. Milledge- 
ville, Ga. 

William George Woodfin, Jr., A.B. % rO 
With Central R.R., Athens, Ga. 

Class of 1883. 

Ja.mes Addis Coo ley. ft 

Antioch, Ga. 

Alexander McDonald. V^* 

Mech. Eng., Rome, Ga. 

EiGKNE Lafayette Pead. vX 

With Croton Flour Mills, Savannah, Ga. 

Russell Robert Reneau, B.E. aSk 

Between '83 and '91, Asst City Eng., At- 
lanta, Civil Eng., C. andM.R.R. ; Resident 
Eng., A. and F.R.R. ; Eng.. W. and A.R.R. 
Commission; Resident En^., Southern Div.. 
(}a. S. and F.R.R. ; Eng. m charge of con- 
struction, M. and B.R.R. Civil Engineer, 
94 Nelson St., Atlanta, Ga. 

John Peterson Ross. STft^ f^-rt 

LL.B., U. of Ga., ^83; A.B., Mercer. '82: 
A.M.. do., '85. Clk., Comm. on Post Offices 
and Post Roads, 49th Congress. 2d session. 
Judge, City Ct. of Macon, '91 (term expires 
94). Atty.-at-law, Macon, Ga. 

Class of 1884. 

Arthur Clay Blain, B.C.S. % oX 

M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg., New York, 
'88. Physician and Surgeon, 320 Union St., 
Brunswick, Ga. 


Georgia Alpha, 


William Barclay Powers, Ph.B. ^T 

Palatka, Fla. 

Albert James Ti:(;gle. J T*-rX 

La Grange, Ga. 

William Thomas Williams. rT 

With C. R. R. of Ga., Columbus, Ga. 

George Henry Winston. c^* 

West Point, Ga, 

Hezekiah Edwards Wynne. % rt 

With C. R. R. Cotton Congress, Colum- 
bus, Ga. 

Class ok 1888. 

Edward Benjamin Cohen. 
Athens, Ga. 

Oscar Swift Davis. 3f f' 
Greensboro, Ga. 

John Ellison Fay. 
Egypt, Ga. 

Thomas Richard Hardwick. If 
Atlanta, Ga. 

James Augustus Hixon, LL.B. 
Americus, Ga. 

Joseph Gilman Jarrell. y 
La Grange, Ga. 

Fanning Potts. 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Class ok 1889. 

Harry Andrews, LL.B. 

Lamar Cob 

Donald Harper, jjfj 

Atty.-at-law. Rome, Ga. 

Edward Wood Lane, ^'f 
Valdosta, (Ja. 

Eugene James McWilliams. 
La Grange, Ga. 

Thomas Waltkk Reed, jjf 
Attv.-at-law, Athens, Ga. 


r* ; 

far I 



r4» i 

B, Jr. 
i, Ga. 





Frank Minott Ward. LL.B. f (pir 

Editor Pasadena, Calif., Chrom'clc, '83; 

Pres. San Gabriel Valley Bank, '84. Real 

Estate, 123 N. Spring St., Los Angeles. 


Walter Ross Hn(.lisii Ward, LL.B. ^ 9T 
Director San Gabriel Valley Bank, 123 N. 
Spring St. , Los Angeles, Calif. 

Class of 1890. 

Thomas Edgar Atkins, fl 
Maysville, Ga. 

Horace Baber Atkison. 
Point Peter. Ga. 

Cickro Guy Chandler. 
Athens, Ga, 


Atlanta, Ga. 

Fkazer Donald. LL.B. 
Decatur, Ga. 

TiioNfAS Coi.c^riT Hardman, A.B. 
Harmony Grove, Ga. 

Wii 1 1 AM Barton Smith. 
(irantville, Ga. 

Class of 1891. 

James Wellborn Comak. 
Athens. Ga. 

Robert Lig-\n Johnson. J| 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Walker King. % 
Cave Spring, Ga. 

Samuel Judd Tribble. jJ 
Carnesville, Ga. 

Anton Pope Wright. 
Thomasville, Ga. 

Class of 1892. 

Samcel Jones C.vssells, Jr. J| 
Thomasville, Ga. 

Daniel Franklin Crosland. 
Macon, Ga. 

Roy Dallas. 

La Grange, Ga. 

Joseph Stafkord Harsley. 
West Point, Ga. 

Walter Gordon Park. 
La Grange, Ga. 

Class of 1893. 

Elbridge Gerry Cabiness, Jr. 
Savannah, Ga. 

Frederick Gregory Go van. 
Rome, Ga. 

Thomas William Hardwick. 4 
Tennille, Ga. 

William IIii es. ft 
Athcus. (ia. 









1 62 

Georgia Alpha, 


1887. H. E. Wynne, Spring Deb., Demos- 
thenean Soc., '85. 

1888. O. S. Davis, Bus. Mgr Univ. Re- 
porter, '88. T. R. Hardwick. Ed. Univ. Re- 
porter, '88. J. G. Jarrell, Jr. Spkr., '87. 

W. A. Speer, Soph. Spkr., Commencement, '85; 
Assoc. Ed. Univ. Reporter, '85-6; do., ist ed. 
Pandora, *86. 

1889. D. Harper, Champ. Deb., Phi Kappa, 

•89. E. W. Lane, Ed. Univ. Reporter, '89. 

T. W. Reed. Jr. Spkr., '87; Ed. Univ. Re- 
porter, '88; Champ. Deb., '88; Sr. Prophet, '88. 

1 89 1. W. King. Prize Med., Demosthenean 

Soc., '91; Champ. Deb., do., '91. W. W. 

Sheppard, Ed. Univ. Reporter, "90. S. J. 

Tribble, Soph. Med. Declaimer, '89; Champ. 
Deb., Demosthenean Soc., '91. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1 871. E. K. Lumpkin, Char. Mem. 

1872. J. M. Mason, Char. Mem. J. C. 

Speights, Char. Mem. B. T. Thompson, 

Char. Mem. 

1873. C. M. Beckwith, Char. Mem.; Del. 
Nat. Conv., Athens, O., '73; and ist Asst. Sect, 
do.; ist V. Pres. Nat. Conv., Crawfordsville, , 
Ind., '74; Pres. and Necrologist, Nat. Conv. 
Danville, Ky., '75; Ora. Epsilon Prov. Conv., 
Atlanta, Ga., '80; ist V. Pres. Epsilon Prov., 
'81-3; Hist. Nat. Conv., Richmond, Va., '82; 

Pres. Gamma Prov., '82-3. C. W. Clayton, 

Char. Mem. G. J. Martin, Intd. Ga. Beta; 

Cf. Frat. Notes do. W. M. Slaton, Intd. Ga. 

Beta. E. 1. Smith, Char. Mem. 

1874. E. L. Cater, Intd. Ga. Beta. W. M. 

Jackson, Intd. Ga. Gamma., Cf. Frat. Notes 
do. J. G. Parks, Del. Nat Conv., Crawfords- 
ville, Ind., '74. 

1875. W. C. Worrill, Intd. Ga. Beta. 
1878. P. W. Davis, Intd. Ga. Gamma. 

1880. W. T. Cheney, Intd. Ga. Gamma. 

1881. W. W. Hardy, Hist. Epsilon Prov.. 

1882. M. W. Beck, Intd. Miss. Alpha. 

A. H. Frazer, Sect, and Treas. Ga. St. Assn.. 
'S1-3; Del. Nat Conv., Richmond, Va.. '82. 

J. E. Gross, V. Pres. Ga. St. Conv., '81. 

C. H. Hamilton, Intd. Ga. Gamma. 

1883. J. P. Ross, Intd. Ga. Gamma. 

1885. E. F. Hinton, Intd., Ga. Gamma. 

S. T. Neil. Intd. Ga. Gamma. P. D. Pol- 
lock. Intd. Ga. Gamma: Del. Nat. Conv., 

Nashville, Tonn., "84. W. K. Stausell, Intd.. 

Ga. Beta. 

1886. J. J. Gilbert, Del. Nat Conv. New 
York. N. Y..'S6. 

1887. J. D. Munnerlyn, Intd. Ga, Beta. 

A. J. Tuggle, Intd. Ga. Beta. 

1889. D. Harper, Intd. Ga. Gamma. 

1890. T. E. Atkins, Intd. Ga. Gamma. 

T. C. Hardman, Intd. Ga. Gamma. 

1 89 1. R. L. Johnson, Intd. Ga. Beta. 

1892. S. J. Cassells, Del. Nat Conv.. At- 
lanta, Ga., '91. 

1893. T. VV. Hardwick, Intd., Ga. Gamma. 

W. Hiles. Intd., Ga. Beta. C. D. Kline, 

Intd., Ala. Beta. 

1895. F. Rounsaville, Intd., Ga. Gamma. 

1 62 

Georgia Alpha. 


1887. H. E. Wynne, Spring Deb., Demos- 
thenean Soc., '85. 

1888. O. S. Davis, Bus. Mgr Univ. Re- 
porter, '88. T. R. Hardwick. Ed. Univ. Re- 
porter, '88. J. G. Jarrell, Jr. Spkr.. '87. 

W. A. Speer, Soph. Spkr., Commencement, '85 ; 
Assoc. Ed. Univ. Reporter, '85-6; do., ist ed. 
Pandora, '86. 

1889. D. Harper, Champ. Deb., Phi Kappa, 

'89. E. W. Lane, Ed. Univ. Reporter, '89. 

T. W. Reed, Jr. Spkr.. '87; Ed. Univ. Re- 
porter, '88; Champ. Deb., '88; Sr. Prophet, '88. 

1891. W. King. Prize Med., Demosthencan 

Soc., '91; Champ. Deb., do., '91. W. W. 

Sheppard, Ed. Univ. Reporter, '90. S. J. 

Tribble, Soph. Med. Declaimcr, '89; Champ. 
Deb., Demosthenean Soc, '91. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1871. E. K. Lumpkin, Char. Mem. 

1872. J. M. Mason, Char. Mem. J. C. 

Speights, Char. Mem. B. T. Thompson, 

Char. Mem. 

1873. C. M. Beckwith, Char. Mem.; Del. 
Nat. Con v., Athens, O., '73; and ist Asst. Sect. 
do.; ist V. Pres. Nat. Con v., Crawf ordsville, , 
Ind., '74; Pres. and Necrologist, Nat. Con v. 
Danville, Ky., '75; Ora. Epsilon Prov. Conv., 
Atlanta, Ga., '80; ist V. Pres. Epsilon Prov., 
'81-3; Hist. Nat. Conv., Richmond, Va., '82; 

Pres. Gamma Prov., '82-3. C. W. Clayton, 

Char. Mem. G. J. Martin, Intd. Ga. Beta; 

Cf. Frat. Notes do. W. M. Slaton, Intd. Ga. 

Beta, E. 1. Smith, Char. Mem. 

1874. E. L. Cater, Intd. Ga. Beta. W. M. 

Jackson, Intd. Ga. Gamma., Cf. Frat. Notes 
do. J. G. Parks, Del. Nat Conv., Crawf ords- 
ville, Ind., '74. 

1875. W. C. Worrill, Intd. Ga. Beta. 
1878. P. W. Davis, Intd. Ga. Gamma. 

1880. W. T. Cheney, Intd. Ga. Gamma. 

1881. W. W. Hardy, Hist. Epsilon Prov., 

1882. M. W. Beck, Intd. Miss. Alpha. 

A. H. Frazer, Sect, and Treas. Ga. St. Assn., 
'81-3; Del. Nat. Conv., Richmond, Va., '82. 

J. E. Gross, V. Pres. Ga. St. Conv., 'Si. 

C. H. Hamilton, Intd. Ga. Gamma. 

1883. J. P. Ross, Intd. Ga. Gamma. 

1885. E. F. Hinton, Intd., Ga. Gamma. 

S. T. Neil, Intd. Ga. Gamma. P. D. Pol- 
lock, Intd. Ga. Gamma: Del. Nat. Conv., 

Nashville. Tonn., '84, W. K. Stausell, Intd.. 

Ga. Beta. 

1886. J. J. Gilbert, Del. Nat. Conv. New 
York, N. Y.. '86. 

1887. J. D. Munnerlyn, Intd. Ga. Beta. 

A. J. Tuggle, Intd. Ga. Beta. 

1889. D. Harper, Intd. Ga. Gamma. 

1890. T. E. Atkins. Intd. Ga. Gamma. 

T. C. Ilardman, Intd. Ga. Gamma. 

1891. R. L. Johnson, Intd. Ga. Beta. 

1892. S. J. Cassells, Del. Nat. Conv., At- 
lanta, Ga., '91. 

1893. T. W. Hardwick, Intd., Ga. Gamma. 

W. Hiles. Intd., Ga. Beta. C. D. Kline, 

Intd., Ala. Beta. 

1895. F. Rounsaville, Intd., Ga. Gamma. 


Georgia Beta, 


Class of 1855. 

RiGDON McCoy McIntosh. 2f % V^S 

At Jackson Coll., Columbia, Tenn.,'52-4. 
Adj, Prof. Eng. and Math., Triana, (Ala.) 
High Sch., '54-5. Prof. Voc. Mus. and Mus. 
Comp. Vanderbilt, '75; do. Emory, since '77. 
C. S. A., Lt., iSth Va. Inf., '61-2; do., 25th 
Va. Inf., '63-4; Capt., '04-5. Author follow- 
ing S. S. song-books: "Glad Tidings" (T. 
N. Kurts, '67, pp. 160; ''Amaranth" (Nash- 
ville, S. M. P. House, '71, pp. 160): "Emer- 
ald" (Nashville, S. M. P. House, '72, pp. itx)): 
"Gem" (Nashville, S. M. P. House, '73. pp. 
160); "Good News" (Boston, O. Ditscm & 
Co., '76, pp. I rx)); "New Life" (Nashville, 
S. M. P. House, '79, pp. iM; "Light and 
Life" (Boston, (). Ditson & Co., 'Si, pp. iCk)). 
Author following Ch. hvmn and tune books: 
"Tabor" (N. V., F. J.' Huntington & Co., 
'66, pp. 296); "Hermon" (N. Y., F. J. Hun- 
tingdon & Co.. '73, pp. 320; "A Collec. of 
Hymns and Tunes for Pub., Social and I )om. 
Worship" (Nashville, S. M. P. House, '74, 
pp. 499); " The New Hymn and Tune Book" 
(Nashville, S. M. P. House, 'So, pp. 192); 
" Prayer and Praise" (Macon, J. W. Burke 
& Co., 'S3, pp. 320). Lay Del. (jen. Conf. 
M. E. Co., S., Nashville, '82. O.xford, Ga. 

Class of 1871. 

Clayton Pierce Miller, A. B. Sjf ^U 

Furniture merchant, '71-89. Pres., Bur- 
glar Alarm and Dist. Tel. Co., '84; Franklin 
Savings and Security Co., '89. Since '89. 
Real Estate, Stocks and Bonds, Savannah, 

Class of 1872. 

Barton Emory Anderson, A. B. jf jj /i' 

M. I)., U. of Md.. '76. Del.. North Ga. 

Conf., Rome. '80. Phvsician and Surgeon, 

ten miles north of Madison, Ga. Apalachee, 


Green Barlow Battle, A.B. g /t 

M. D., U. of Ga., '74. Physician, Lump- 
kin, Ga. 

John Wade Marshall, A. B. 5f /"f 

Merchant, Haynesville, (via Perry) Ga., 
'72-S5. Since '85, Travelling Salesman, Way- 
cross, Ga. 

Thompson JEsculapius Means, A.B. ft ?.^ 
A. M., Emory, 75. Prof. Greek and Lat. 
High Sch., Gainesville, Ga., '74. Asso. Prin. 
Gordon Inst., '75-8. Prin. High School, At- 
lanta, Ga., '78-89. Since '89, retired, Elke, 

Class of 1873. 

William Robert Foote, Jr., A. B. ft^ rX 
Min. M. E. Ch., S., Resacca circuit. '74: 
Senoia, Ga., '75; Baldwin circuit, 76-7; 
Jone's Chapel, Augusta, Ga.. '78 ; Dahlonega, 
(ra., '79-80; Lexington, Ga., *8i ; Hcgans- 
ville, G&., '82; during '83, Thomaston, Ga. 

♦John Blakely Hollinshead, A. B. if pX 
Merchandising, Atlanta, '73-80. Min. M.E. 
Ch., S., W^hitesburg circuit, '80-1. Died. 
Kirkwood, near Atlanta, Nov. 25, '81. At- 
lanta, Ga. 

John Lovejoy. jf rX 

Prin. Masonic High Sch., Graysville, Ga., 

'72-3. Of law firm, Lovejoy S: Sampson. 

cor. 22d and Mechanic Sts., Galveston, Tex. 

Henry Asbury Mathews, A. B. 5f ^ /X 

Prin. High Sch., Fort Valley. '73-6. Mem. 
Ga. Leg.. '86-90. Atty.-at-law, Fort Valley. 

Class of 1874. 

Addison Fort Barnett, A. B. 5f 4 /♦ 

Accountant, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

William Albert Keener, A.B. Sp ft /♦ 

Name formerly Wm. E. Keener. A.M.. 
Emory. '77; LL.'B.. Harvard, '77. Atty.-at- 
law, New York, N. Y., '78-83, Author, 
" Keener's Cases on Quasi Contracts." Story 
Prof., Law, Harvard U., '83-91. Since '91. 
Prof. Law, Columbia Coll . New York, N. Y. 

♦William Jerome Ray. 5f /.♦ 

Atty -at-law. Died, Monroe, Sept. 13, 
1887. Monroe, (xa. 

Lloyd Carlton Smith, A.B. ^ oX 

Planter, Thomson, Ga. 

Class of 1875. 

Claude Carr Cody, A.B. if J| r4> 

A.M., Emory, '7S; Ph.D., do., '84. Author. 
" Life of Dr. Mood." Ed. A/ar/to ant/ San 
Jacinto Monthly, '82-5, chairman, Faculty, 
"Chautauqua Summer Normal Inst., George- 
town, since '89. Since '79, Prof, Math., 
Southwestern U.. Georgetown, Tex. 

; Alveron Sanford Hough, A. B. 5f ft /?t 

A.M., Emory, '78. Atty.-at-law, '77-81. 

Prof. Book-keei)ing, Emory, '81-6. Since '87, 

)^6..,En^uirer-Sun. 927Fourth Ave., Colum- 

i bus, Ga. 

I (Jeokge William Mathews, A.B. Sf ^ /.X 
Prin. Craw'tish Springs (Ga.) Acad., '76-8. 
Min. M. E. Ch., S., Gordon circuit, '79; 
Bethel circuit, '80-1 ; during '82-3, New 
Houston St. Ch., Savannah, Ga. 


Georgia Beta. 


Joseph Langston. ^T 

Min., M. E. Ch., S., Thomson, Ga. 

Joseph Saybrook Norman. ^T 

Merchant. Hartwell, Ga. 

Mark Welch Munroe, A.B. Sjf ^ p* 

Merchant, Quincy, Fla. 

William Wirt Seals, A.B. 5f ft /?X 

A. M., Emory, '82. Prof. Middle Ga. Agl. 
Col. Cuthbert, Ga. 

Ulysses Harris Smith, A.B. % >* 

Mayor, Brownsville. ' 8g. Druggist, Browns- 
ville, Ala. 

Preston Brooks Walker, A.B. 2f {^ 

A. M., Emory, '82. Treas. andCommissr., 

Warrenton, '82; Treas. and Councilman, do., 

'89. Druggist. Merchant and Ins. Broker, 

Warrenton, Ga. 

Class of 1880. 

♦Ralph Banks Fulwood, A.B. % at 

At Coll. of Phys. and Surg., Baltimore. 

'So-i. M. D., fios/ obit, Memphis Hosp. Med. 

Coll., '82. Died, Memphis, Tenn., Mar. 18, 

'82, of meningitis. Tallahassee, Fla. 

John Franklin Hatcher. vT 

Lumber business, Harlem, Ga. 

Isaac William Hill. A.B. % aY 

Teacher, White vi He, Ga. 

*Henry Durant Howrkn. A.B. ^ f.T 

Prin. High Sch., Waukeenah, Fla., '77. 
Mem. Fla. House of Rep., '80-2. Author, 
••Georgia" (Atlanta, '80, 14 pp.) Ed. News 
and Signal, Blackshear, Ga., '82; Ed Staff 
News, Savannah, Ga.,*82; Times, Savannah, 
'83; Ne7vs and Courier, Charleston, S. C, 
84-5. Ed.-in-chf.. Despatch, Charleston, 
*86; Ed. Staff, Enguirer-Sun, Columbus, 
'87; Observer, Charlotte, N. C. '88; Sun, 
Charleston, S. C, '89. Evangelist and Min., 
M. E. Church, S., '89-90. Died, Charleston, 
Oct. 7, '90. Charleston, S. C. 

James Gordon Lee, A.B. if rX 

Merchant, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Edgar Means North, A.B. 5p jj ici 

Prin. High Sch., Haralson, Ga., '81-2. 
Atty.-at-law, New^nan, Ga. 

Walter Auburnus Pitts, A.B. Sf v^ 

Prof. Math., Soule Coll., Chapel Hill, Tex., 
'82-4: since '87, Prin. Oakland Acad., Oak- 
land, Tex. 

Jefferson Robert Smith, A.B. Sf rX 

Teacher, High Sch. , Valdosta, Ga. 


William Franklin S.mith, A.B. 
Clerk, Columbus, Ga. 

William Jones Thomas, if ft $ ** 

At Randolph-Macon, '73-6; Johns Hop- 
kins, '76-So. Prin. Brooke ville (Md.) Acad., 
'80-1; do. Fernandina (Fla.) Acad., '81-2. 
10 S. Calhoun St., Baltimore, Md. 

Class of 1881. 

Mor(;an Callaway, Jr.. A.B. If ft^ ^X 

Adj. Prof. Eng., Emory, '81-4; since '84, 
Prof. S. W. Univ., Georgetown, Tex. 

George Wilson Jonks. yt 

Atty.-at-law, Burke Co., Ga. 

' Chari ks Leake King. SJT tT 

I M.D., U. of Louisville, '83. Physician. 

' Saundcrsville, Ga. 

I OziAS George Mingledorff, A.B. y tX 

Min., M. E. Ch., S. Since '82, Missionary, 
Shanghai, China. 

Class of 1882. 

Henry Clifford Carney. A.B. ^ ft rT 

Tutor and Librarian, Emory, since '82. 
Oxford, Ga. 

Isaac Adkins Gibson, A.M. Sf ^ 9* 

M. D., Atlanta Med. Coll., '85, At Louis- 
ville Med. Coll., '83-4. Prin. High Sch., 
Briar Creek, '83-8: Geo. F Pierce Inst, 
Thomson, '89-90. Teacher, Thomson, Ga. 

William Welcome Griffin, Jr., A.B. jJT rX 
Teacher, Carrollton, Ga. 

(jE()R«;e Thomas Eui;ene Hardeman, A.B. if 

Teacher, Brunswick, Ga. 

♦Richard Sterling Harwell. rY 

Min., M. E. Ch., S. Died, Oxford, July 9, 
*6o. Oxford, Ga. 

William Sanford McLarin, A.B. Sf ft ^T 
Merchant, Fairburn, Ga. 

William Jasper Trammell, A.B. ^ 
311 Cherry St., Seattle, Wash. 

Class of 1883. 

! William Henry Ferguson, A.B. y 
Merchant, Senoia, Ga. 




♦Thomas Blakkly Harwell. Sf 

Died, Jonesboro, Aug. 21, *88. Jonesboro. 

LoviCK Pierce Herrington. tT 

M.D., Augusta, Ga., Med. Coll. Physician, 
Munnerlyn, Ga. 

1 68 

Georgia Beta, 


William Pendleton Thomas, A. B. % ^X 

Attended Pacific Methodist Coll.. Calif., 

'83. Under Sheriff, Mendocino Co. , Calif. , 
•85-9. Atty.-at-law, Ukiah. Calif. 

Robert Wilbur Trimble, A.B. Sjf t4» 

Merchant, Hogansville, Ga. 

Class of 1887. 

Henry Thomas Etheridge, A.B. 
Pearson, Ga. 

Robert Paine Fain. 
Cleburne, Tex. 



Herbert L>:e Gray, A.B. % T<p 

Prof. Young Harris Inst., Towns Co.. (ia., 

'88-9. Since 'Sg, Missionary to China; since 

'go. Prof. A-glo-Chinese Coll., Shanghai. 

Shanghai, China. 

Thomas E.NocH Hollingsworth, A.B. ^ rT 
Prin., Oglethorpe High Sch., '87-8. 
Teacher, Oglethorpe, Ga. 

Clay Johnson. 

Dawsonville, Ga. 

Francis Augustus Johnson. }g 
Merchant, Rome, Ga. 

Julian McCanny, A. B. 5f 
Dalton, Ga. 

William Holcomb Thomas, A.B. ^ 
Real Estate, La Fayette, Ala. 

Warren Byers Watkins, A.B. ^ 
Merchant, Opelika, Ala. 

Class of 1888. 

Julius Harris Ardis, A.B. 

Attv.-at-law, Sheffield, Ala. 

Claude Nathaniel Bennett, A.B. 3f 
Journalist, Atlanta, (Ja. 

Joseph Lekih Hollingsworth. }g f> 
Farmer, Lakeland, Fla. 

Edward Stamps Kellev, A.B. ^ 
25 W. Mitchell St., Atlanta, (rii. 

James Erskine McRee, A.B. ^ 
Teacher, Stephens, CJa. 

Arthur Holmes Merry, A.B. f 
Merchant, Berzelia, (ia. 

Cl.ASS ok 1^9^'). 

Robert Frank Kakfs. A.B. ^' 

Mill., M. K. Church. .S.. .V' Oa. 
since *()o, \Valcs«;a. (ia. 

* Jason Edward Lke. "t 









') : 


James Price McRke, A.B. 
Teacher, Oxford, Ga. 

Charles Thurston Roan. 
Fairbum, Ga. 

Wright Bell Smith. 
Downey City, Calif. 

John Newton Snow. 
Monroe, Ga. 

Samuel Yuler Way. 
Orlando, Fla. 

Class of i8qo. 

William Lowren Abboit. 
Teacher, Irwinton, Ga. 

Henry Stiles Bradley, Jr., A.B Jf ft 

Adj. Prof. Science, Emory. Oxford, Ga 

James Frederick Burns, M.M. Jf ^ 
Grant and Glenn Sts., Atlanta, Ga. 

Joel Thomas Daves, Jr., A.B. Jf ^ rT 

Min.. M. E. Church, S., Lake Charles, La.. 
•90. Since '90, Prof. Boys High Sch., At- 
lanta, Ga. 




James William Duncan. A.B. 
Vinita, Indian Territory. 

William Franklin Dykes, A.B. f 
Teacher. Tennille, Ga. 

ToMLiNsoN Fort, A.B. 

Prof., Marvin Coll., Clinton. Ky. 

John Wesley Gillespie. 
Jewelville, Ga. 

Pierce Rome McCrary. 

94 Luckie St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Charles Dalton Moore. 
Buena Vista, Ga. 


Died, Lwcsburg, Jan. i-, !--6. 


,LiAM Henry Morehouse, f 
Engineering Corps. C. R. R. 
botton, Ga. 

Class op 1891. 

Lke Whiting Branch, A.B. 
Dixie, Ga. 

Wii Li.\M Perry Fle.vhng, A.B. 
Goggansville, Ga. 


("Oxford. Gil. 

Wii i.i.\.\f Ci Mim.K ( Griffin, A.B. 
^>xf<)rd. (ra. 

J ,i;\ S^:AT<'..^.^^'l Jenkins, A.B, 

of Ga., Tal- 


Georgia Beta. 

1896. NOTES. 

CoL],kc;k Notks. 
1855. R. M. Mcintosh. {Snph. Spkr., '53; Lit. 
Soc. Ora.. "^ij. Tacksim Col.) 

1871. C. P. Miller. Jr..Ci)mmetic;enient Spr., 
'70; Sr. do., '71 ; Vulcdictorian, Few Soc., '71 . 

1872. B. E. Anderson. Salutat., Few Soc.. 

'72. J. W. Marshall. Jr, Commencement 

Spkr., '71; Sr. do.. 72. 

187,1. J- B, H.illinRshead. Valedictorian, Phi 
Gamma Soc.. '73. J. Lovejoy, Jr. Com- 
mencement Spr.., '73. II. A. iliithews. 

Soph. Commencement Spkr,. '71; Jr. do., '72; 

Sr. do., '73. R. S. Saulsbury. (Va. Beta. "74), 

Soph. Commencement Spkr, "71. W. M. Sla- 

ton (Ga. Alpha, '73). Soph. Commencement 
Spkr., -71; Jr. do.. '72. 

1874. A. F. Barnett, Sophr, Commence meat 

Spkr. '72: Sr. di).. '74; Champ. Deb., '74. 

W. A. Keener. Jr. Commencement Spkr., '73; 
Sr. do., '74; Salutatorian of Champ. Deb., '74. 

W. J. Ray, Soph. Commencement Spkr., 

■7s; Jr. do., ■73. 

1875. C. C. Cody, Soph, Commencement 
Spkr.. '73: Jr. do,, '74: Sr. do,, and 4th Hon., 

'75. Salutatorian < if Champ. Deb,, '75. A. 

S. HouRh. jr. Commencement Spkr., '74; Sr. 
do., and 3d Hon.. '75 : Anni., Few, '74; Champ. 
Deb., '75. G. VV. Mathews. Jr. Commence- 
ment Spkr.. '74; Sr. do,, '75; Champ. Deb., '75. 

1876. T. N. Barker. Soph. Commencement 
Spkr., '74; Jr. do.. '7;: Sr. do., and 4th Hon., 

'76. C. A. Saunders. Soph. Commencement 

Spkr.. '74; Jr. do,, "75; Sr. do., and ' " 
■76: Anni., Phi Gamma. '7; " " 

Soph. Commencement Spkr 
Timmons, Soph. Com men' 

E. W. Woodbcry. Jr. 

Spkr., '*>; Sr. do., and 3d H> 
Few. '76: 

1877. W. B, Palmer (Ten 
Commencement Spkr. , '76; Sr. do.. '77; Vale- 
dictorian. Few, '77. 

1878. J, H. Calloway, Valedict., Few Soc., 

'78. S. M. Mathews (Valedictorian, Hosp, 

Col, of Med., '63). R. I. Monroe, Soph. 

Commencement Spkr.. '76; Jr. do., '77; Sr. do., 

■78; Champ. Deb., '78. -J. F. Rogers, Jr. 

Commencement Spkr., '77;, '78; Champ. 

Deb,. '78, D. A. Walker. Jr, Feb. Ora.. Phi 

Gamma, '7S; Champ. Deb.. '78. 

1879. J- B- Greene, Jr. CommencemenI 

Spkr., "78; Sr. do., and 4th Hon.. '71). W. 

R. Hoyt, Jr. Commencement Spkr.. '7S;Sr. 

P. L. Stanton, 
I. — B, K. L. 
Sjtr., ■74. 

: Feb, Ora., 

. Alpha. 'So), Jr. 

do,, and ad Hon., '79; Feb, Ora,, Few, '79; 
Champ. Deb., '79. -M, W. Monroe, Jr. Com- 
mencement Spkr,, '78; Sr, do,, '79; Champ. 
Deb,. '79 W. W, Seals, Soph, Commence- 
ment Spkr., '77; Jrdo,, '78: '79; Anni., 

Phi Gamma, '79, U. H, Smith, Sr. Com. 

mencement Spkr,, '79, P, B, Walker, Feb, 

Ora,, Phi Gamma, '^t^. 

1S80. R. B. FuIwchkI. Soph. Commencement 

Spkr., 78. 1. W. Hill, Sr. Commeocement 

Spkr., 'So. H. D. Howren, Anni.. Few, '79: 

Ed. Emory Mirror, '79-80; Champ. Deb., 

"So. 1. G. Lee. Champ, Deb., '80. E. M. 

North. Jr. Commencement Spkr, '79: Sr, do., 

".So, ^\V. H. Park (Tcon. Alpha, -Si): Jr. 

Commencement Spkr., "70; Sr. do., 'So. 

W. A. Pitts, Jr. Commencement Spkr,. '79; 
Sr, do,, '80, J. R. Smith. Soph, Commence- 
ment Spkr,, '73;;Ed. Emory Alirrvr, '79-Bo; 

Champ. Deb., 'So. W. J. Thomas (Won 

Scholarship, Johns Hopkins. '76). 

iSSr. M, Callaway, Jr. Soph. Commence- 

] nientSpkr, "79; Jr. do., 'So; Sr. do., and ad 
Hon., 'Si; Ed. Emory Mirror, 'So-i; Feb. 

Ora., Few, '8 1 ; Champ. Deb., '81. C. L. 

King. Soph, Commencement Spkr.. '79. O. 

G. Minxlcdorft, Soph, Commencement Spkr., 
'71): Jr. do.. '80; Sr. do., '81; Christmas Ora., 
'80; Anni.. Phi Gamma. 'St; Ed. Emory Mir- 

I ror, '80-1 ; Allen Essay -Medalist, '9i ; Champ. 

j Deb., '81. J. B. Wight (Tenn. Alpha, '83). 

Bigham Soph. Essay Medalist, '79: Jr. Com- 
mencement Spkr.. '80: Sr. do., 'Bi ; Champ. 

I Deb. '81. 

1882. H. C. Carney, Bigham Fresh. Essay 
I Medalist. '71); Soph, Commencement Spkr., 

and ist Stewart Dec!. Medalist. '80; Anni., 
Few, '81; Jr. Commencement Spkr, 'Bi ; Sr, 
do,. '82; Ed. Emory Mirror, "Si-s; Champ, 
Deb., '82.^—1, A. Gibson, Jr. Commencement 
Spkr., 'Si; Sr, do., and 4th Hon.. 'Sa. W. 

J W. (iriffin, Jr.. Jr. Commencement Spkr., '81; 
Sr. do., '82; Champ. Deb., '62; Boynton Essav 
Medalist. '82, G, T. E, Hardeman, Soph'. 

, Commencement Spkr.. '80; Jr. do., '81; Sr, do., 

'82. W. S. McLarin. Jr. Commencement 

Spkr.. '81 ; Sr. do., "82; 1st Hon. and Valedic- 
torian, '83; Anni., Phi Gamma, '82; Champ. 
Deb., '82. 

1883. W. H, Ferguson, Sr. Commencement 
Spkr., '83. T. B. Harwell, Jr. Commence- 
ment Spkr.. '82; Sr. do., and 4th Hon., '83; 
Deb, Mercer and Emory Inter.-col. Deb., '8a; 
Ed. Emury Mirror, '81-3 ; Anni.. Phi Gamma 
■83; Champ. Deb., '83. E. C. Merry, Big- 
ham Fresh. Essay Medalist, "80; Jr. Com- 
mencement Spkr., '82; Sr. do., and 3d Hon., 
'83; Ed. Emory Mirror, '82-3; Anni., Few, 
'83; Champ. Deb., 'S3. B. S. Willingham, 




Charter granted, September 27, 1871, to Francis Marion Miller. '71 ; William Home Hopkirk. '72: 
John Thomas McFarland, '72; Samuel Wesley Siberts, '72; Edward Ashley 
Gibbs. '73; Charles Francis Knowlton, '73; John Walter Lauder, '73; William Mat- 
thias McFarland, '73, and Frank Edgar KaufFman, '75. 

Class of i8^m). 

William Allen Lynch, A. B. Oil 

A.M., Iowa Weslevan, '73; LL. B., St. U. 

of Iowa, '71. U.S.A., Private, 45th Iowa 

Inf., '64. Prof. Math., Simpson Centenary 

Coll., '70. Atty.-at-law, Huron, S. Dak. 

Class ok 1871. 

Francis Marion MiLLKR, A. B. if g <^il 

A.M., Iowa Wesleyan, '74. U.S.A., Pri- 
vate, Co. G, 3d Iowa Cav. , '62-5. Co. Supt. 
Schs., Van Buren Co., Iowa, '72-4. Pnn. 
Schs., Lebanon, Ore, since '88. City Re- 
corder, Lebanon, Ore., since '84. Ins. Agt. 
and Atty.-at-law, Lebanon, Ore. 

William Hknrv Si*i rgin, B.S. Ml 

M.S., Iowa Wesleyan,' 70. U.S.A., Corp., 
Co. H, 1st Iowa Cav., '61-4. I)y. Co. Supt., 
'73-7- ^^^y- Co. Treas., '75-7 and '82. Prin. 
Graded Schs., Panora, Iowa, '78-9. Farmer, 
Panora, Iowa. 

Class ok 1872. 

Edward McMillan Ci nmngha.m, A.B. ^ Kif 
A.M., Iowa Wesleyan, '74. Prin. Holston 
Sem., New Market, Tenn., '72-3: do.. Pub. 
Schs., Sutton, Neb., '78. Citv Clk., Kearney, 
Neb., '79-81. Co. Atty., Buffalo Co., Neb., 
'84-5. Ed. Kearney Daily and Weekly 
Times, '73-7. Since *88, Mang. l^d.,Jourtial, 
Kearney, Neb. 

Smith Dunbar Fry. fl' 

A.B., Simpson Centenary, '72; LL.B., 

National U., '83. At Yale Theo. Sem., '74-6. 


Newspaper correspondent, since '82. Asso. 
Ed. National Republican^ 1309 F St.. W^ash- 
ington, D. C. 

William Horne Hopkirk, A.B. J% r+ 

A.M., Iowa Wesleyan, '74. U. S. A., Pri- 
vate, Co. M, 4th Iowa Cav.. '64-5. Teacher 
Nat. Sci., High Sch., Burlington, Iowa, '74- 
84. Prin. Pub. Schs., Agency, Iowa. 

Lacrkn Ozias HorsEL, A.B. jf r'f 

A.M., Iowa Wesleyan, '75. Prin. Sch.. 
Trenton, Iowa, '72-3' Meth. Epis. Min., 
Lone Tree, Iowa, '73-6; (rranville and Pe- 
oria. Iowa, '76-8; Montezuma, Iowa. '78-80; 
Fort Madison, Iowa, '80-2; Mediapolis, Iowa. 
'82-4; Kirkville, Iowa, '84-6; Sigourney. 
Iowa, *S6-7; Norton, Kan., '87-9; since '89, 
Russell, Kan. 

Thomas Kali-h Jackson. c^ 

B.S., Baldwin U., Berea, Ohio, '70. Far- 
mer, Rem son's Corners, Ohio. 

♦Hkrman Jay Lauder. Sf ^ fi' 

A. B., Simpson Centenary Coll., '72; A.M., 
do., '75: LL.B., St. U. of Iowa, '73. City 
Atty., Muscatine, '87-90. Attv.-at-law. 
Died, Muscatine, April 12, '91. Aluscatine, 

John Thomas McFarland. g ^ ^ 

A.B., Simpson Centenary, 72; A.M., do., 
•75; B.D., Bo.ston U., '78; D.D., U. of Paci- 
fic, '85. V.-Pres. and Prof. Belles Lettres 
and Hist., Iowa Wesleyan, '82-4; Pres. and 
Prof. Mental and Moral Sci., do., '84-91. 


Iowa Alpha. 


Alexander Thomas Jeffrey, A.B. o^ 

A.M., Iowa Wesleyan, '80; B.D., Boston 
U.. '78; D.D., do., '91. Pres. Enelish Coll., 
Concepcion, Chili, S.A., '80-2. Meth. Epis. 
Min., Concepcion and Coquinbo, Chili, S.A., 
'80-82; Villisca, Iowa, '84-5; Nevada. Iowa, 
*86-8' Leon, Iowa, '89-80; since '91, Harlan, 

Allen Chesley Jennis, A.B. rX 

A.M., Iowa Wesleyan, '79; M.D., St. U. of 
Iowa, '79. At Coraell, '84-5. Ed. Repub- 
lican, Marengo, Iowa, '76-7. Prin. High 
Sch., Marengo, Iowa,' 76-7; do., Centerville, 
Iowa. '86-7. Druggist, Pittsburg, Kan. 

David Fannin King. fX 

At Blackburn U.. Carlinville, 111., '70-2. 

Supt Schs., Greene Co., 111., '78-80; State's 

Atty., do., since '80. Atty.-at-law, RcxkI- 

house. 111. 

John West Palm, A.B. ^ 

LL.B., Iowa Wesleyan, '74; A.M., do., '7g. 
Supt. Schs., Henry Co.. Iowa, '77-9. Ed. 
Journal, Mt. Pleasant. '79-88. Co. Treas . 
Henry Co., Iowa, since 'S7. Mount Pleas- 
ant, Iowa. 

Frederkk William Win 1 1.K, A.B. % '^ ^ 
A.M., Iowa Wesleyan, '79; A.M., German 
Coll., Iowa, *8o; M.I).. Ilomcop. Med. Dept., 
St. U. of Iowa, '80. Tutor, (Jer. Coll.. Iowa 
Wesleyan, '74-6. Prin. Pub. Schs.. Garner, 
Iowa, 76-8. Physician, Wyniore. Xeb. 

Class of 1S77. 

Elmore Pierce Campbell, B.S. 3? rX 

LL.B., St. U. of Iowa. '79; M.S., Iowa 

Wesleyan, '80. Mayor, Kddyville, Iowa, 

80-1. City Atty., Broken Bow, since '89. 

Atty.-at-law, Broken Bow, Xeb. 

John Sylvester Kline. Jf fl (t* 

M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg., Mo.. '82; 
M.D., U. of Tenn.. •8(). At Coll. Phys. and 
Surg., Keokuk, Iowa, '71. Postmaster, 
Climax, Mo., '83-5; Mayor, do., '64. Mem. 
City Council, Leon, '87. Physician, Leon, 

Alexander McFarkn Linn, B.S. ^ rX 

M.S., Iowa Wesleyan, '80; M.T)., Hahne- 
mann Mel. Coll., '83. Supt. Schs., Henry 
Co., Iowa, '79-81. Phys. and Surg., (kj^ 
Walnut St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Homer Charles Pershing. fX 

At Simpson Centenary Coll., '76-7. With 
U. S. Survey, in East Ore., '79-So. Teacher, 
Hubbell, Neb. 

Adolph Edward Wiktbr. ^ r* 

Merchant, Wymore, Neb. 

Class of 1878. 

George Adolph Fiegenbaum, A.B. rT 

A. M., Iowa Weslevfui, 'So; M. D., St. 

Joseph Hosp. Med. Coll., *8a Prof. Chem., 

St. Joseph Hosp. Med. ColL, 'Sa Phys. and 

Surg., 702 N. Sixteenth St, Omaha, Neb. 

William Ellwood Rhodes. % 6t 

At St. U. of Iowa, *74-5. Prin. Grad. Sch., 
Brighton, Iowa, '76-7; do.. Sweet Water 
Inst., '78-80. Co. Surveyor, Marengo Co., 
Ala , since '80. Civ. Eng. and Surv., Sweet 
Water, Ala. 

Edwin Walter Runyan. f* 

Merchant, Sidney, Iowa. 

Erasmus TuLLv Coiner Wells. c* 

Agt. C, M. & St P. Ry.. Strawberry Point, 

Albert Whitlock. c* 

M. D.. Pulte Med. Coll., Cincinnati, 'yS. 
At N. Y. Med. Coll., '7(>-8o. Physician, 
Wichita, Kan. 

PniLirrus Ernst Winter, A.B. ^ r* 

A. M., Iowa Wesleyan, '81; LL.B., Union 

Coll. of Law, Chicago, '83. City Atty., 

Wymore, '85-8. Atty.-at-law, Wymore.Neb. 

Class of 1879. 

La Monte CowLEs. A.B. ^ ^ 

A. M., Iowa Wesleyan, '82. AtPennCoU., 
Oskaloosa, Iowa, *78. Atty.-at-law, 711 
Summer St , Burlington, Iowa. 

John Reide Foulks, A.B. ft j^ 

A. M., Iowa Wesleyan, '82. Prin. Schs., 
Bloom field. Iowa, '80; do., Villisca, Iowa, 
'81-2. Merchant, Malvern, Iowa. 

Louis Henry Winter, "f fT 

Prin. High Sch., Pekm, Ill.,*78-9. Dentist 
Curtis, Neb. 

Class of 1880. 

CiiFroN Earl Holland, B.S. % aX 

M.S., Iowa Wesleyan, •84; LL.B., Yale, 
'85. Prin. Schs., Waterville, Kan., 'So-i. 
Supt. Schs., Greenfield, Iowa, '81-4. Mang. 
for Neb. of N. H. Trust Co. Judge County 
Ct, Seward Co., Neb., since 87. Atty.-at- 
law, Seward, Neb. 

Edwin Nkff Kauffman, A.B. Jf '^ fT 

A.M., Iowa Wesleyan, '83. Asst Prof. 

Belles Lettres and Hist, Iowa Wesleyan, 

'81-2. City Atty., Wymore. Atty.-at-law, 

Wymore, Neb. 


Iowa Alpha. 


Edward Harlan Scott, B.S. ft <5T 

M.S., Iowa Wesleyan, '92. At Boston U. 
Sch. of Law, '89-91. Attv.-at-law, 13 Walker 
Block. Salt Lake City, Li'tah Ter. 

William Henry Si'rR(;K<)N, A.B. Sf <tY 

A.M., Iowa Wesleyan, '92. Atty.-at-law, 
Amethyst, Col. 

Class of 1890. 

Clinton Graham ConniNtrroN, A.B. Jf ft 
Mount Pleasant, Iowa. 



William Rilky Jkkkrkv, Jr.. B.S. 

Asst. Prof. Chem., Iowa Wesleyan. *9(>-i. 
Washington, Iowa. 

JuLirs John Laisy, A.B. *P 

Prin. Schs., Franklin. la., '86-S. Atty.-at- 
law Room 10, Wick Bl(K'k, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Harlan Clairk S.Miin. ^T 

Ed. Enterprise, Winston, Mo.. '85-7: since 
'87, do.. Daily ami Weekly Journal, Fair- 
field, Iowa. 

JosKi'H Perry Stamm.ey. 

M.l)., Ky. Sch. of .Medicine, '89. 
and Surg., Plattevillc, Iowa. 

Class 01 i .S91. 


Horace IIkron Carikk. B.S. 
Lockridge, Iowa. 

Charles Si mner Ko<;kks, B.S. 
Maynard, Mass. 

Pearl Hawley Smmh. 

Mount Pleasant, Iowa. 




Edward Francis Weiiki.i:. ft 

At St. U. of Iowa, '9C3-1. Rome, Iowa 

Charles F Weir. B. S. $ ft y 

*' F" letter only. Mount Pleasant, Iowa. 

Wii.MOT Charles WiiM i<, A.B. <^ iT 

Mount Pleasant, Iowa. 

Clas>. 01 1S92. 

Charles Joseph Beers, A.B. % 
Mount Pleasant, Iowa. 

Walter Lincoln BkE\noiV>, B.S. 
Mount Pleasant, Iowa. 

Jksse Wilhcr Clark, B.S. 
Red Oak. Iowa. 

William Andrew Lon(;ni,< ki k, B.S. 
Kinderhook, 111. 

CtEOR<;e Edward Moore, A.B. ^ 
Washington, Iowa. 






I Frank Smith Payne. B.S. ^ 
Swedesburg, Iowa. 

Harmon Howard Rice. * 

Traveling salesman, Keota, Iowa. 

Elbert Ellis Smith. 

Mount Pleasant, Iowa. 

Charles Frederick Snider. 
Mount Plea.sant, Iowa. 

Class of 1893. 

William Harry Fre.nch. 
Red Oak, Iowa. 

Edward Morrison Myers. 

1414 Pine St., Burlington, Iowa. 

Edward Lee Richmond. 

Dy. Registrar, Benson Co., N. Dak., '87; 
Dy. Clk. Dist. Ct, do., '88-9. Real estate. 
Minnewaukan, N. Dak. 

Victor Hi'<;o Shields. ^ rP 

Prin. Pub. Sch., Rolfe, Iowa, '89-90. New 
London, Iowa. 

Edward John S.MiTH. ^i' 

San Jose. 111. 

Charles (Jrant Watkins. 9* 

At Parson's Coll., Fairfield, Iowa, '88-90. 
Liberty ville. Iowa. 

Adam Weir, 'f aX 

Mount Pleasant, Iowa. 

Class of 1894. 

(icY Mal<-o.mhe Byrkit. <rf 

Red Oak, Iowa. 

Wn.LLAM Frederick Gilmore. a* 

Kirkville. Iowa. 

Edward Warren Hearn. ' a* 

Keosauqua, Iowa, 


223 Park Ave.. Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

Clyde W^ Payne. ^ ^<l> 

Mount Pleasant, Iowa. 

WiiiiAM Henry Perdevy. o^ 

719 Morgan St., Keokuk. Iowa. 

CiiY Shields, f* a^ 

New London, Iowa. 

Arihir Edwln Thornley. yX 

Mount Pleasant, Iowa. 

Fred Blccher Ticker. o^ 

Ottumwa, Iowa. 




Charter granted January 2d, 1S72, to Enoch Callaway, '73; Walter Mitchell Jackson, '73 (Ga. 
Alpha, '74); Alexis Abraham Marshall, '74; and Oscar Marshall Wilbuni, '74. 


Class ok 1873. 

Enoch Callaway, A. B. ft V'^ 

M. D. Lecturer on Physiol, S. Fern. Coll., 
La Grange. Physician and Druggist, La 
Grange, Ga. 

♦Albert Jackson Harvey, A.B. j^ }'^-('^ 
Minister. Deceased. Buena V ista, Ga. 

Lewis Joshua Renukr. 0I' 

Farmer, Greenville, Ga. 

Class of 1874. 

James Camillus Hinton, A.B. 5f "f fX 

A. M., U. of Ga., '77. Prof. Lang., Midd. 
Ga., Mil. Coll., Milledgeville'8o-9. At Johns 
Hopkins U., '89-90. Since '90 Prof. Math. 
and Astron., Weslevan Female Coll., Macon, 

Alexis Abraham Marshall, A.B. }^ft V'* 
A. M., Mercer, '77. Principal Arnuichce 
High School, '74-80; Pastor Baptist Church, 
Gainsville, and Professor Georgia Female 
Seminary, and Trustee Mercer University, 
'8c-8; since '88 Pastor Baptist Church, 
Ander.son, S. C, and Professor in Patrick 
Military Institute. Crystal Springs, Ga. 

Oscar Marshall Wilburn. ft t/-* 

Farmer. Dallas, Tex. 

Class of 1S75. 

Joel Wilso.n Buits. r<t> 

Pastor of Churches in Morgan, Newton, 

Greene and Walton Counties, '75-83; Or- 

lando and Sanford, Fla., '83-84; Derby and 
Udall, Kan., '87-88; since 1889 Pastor 
in Morgan and Walton Counties, Georgia. 
Madison, Ga. 

Ja.mes Byron Cheves. vX 

Formerly Ed. Baptist Reflector, Minister, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

John Bascom Dykes, A.B. ^ vX 

Warehouse and Comm. Merchant, '85-8; 
since '88 Cotton buyer. Farmer, Montezuma. 


I, Ga.,'80-2; 

Amaziah Samuel Jones, A. B. ^ 
Pres. College Temple, Newnan 
Newnan Male Acad., '85. Since '90 Gen. 
Agt, Columbian Cyclopoedia Pub. Co., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Elijah Alexander Keese, A. B. y ^X 

Teacher, '75-8; Pastor, Lumpkin, Ga., 
'88-91; since '91, Toccoa and Hartwell 
Churches, Toccoa, Ga. 

i, Gi 

Seaborn Ralph Stevens. 
Atty.-at-law, Americus, 

Charles Ransom Woolsev. 
Farmer, Locust Grove, Ga. 



Class of 1876. 

George Marcus Faust. v* 

Recorder and Memb. City Council, Lex- 
ington, Ga., '83-4. Teacher and farmer. 
Anon, Ga. 


Georgia Gamma, 

Class of i88i. 


Geosgk Foster Banks. 
Forsyth, Ga, 

Emory Winship Cai.i.away. tX 

With Winship & Callaway, Macon, Ga. 

George Johnston Ford. 3? t4» 

D.D.S., Baltimore Coll., of Dent. Surg.,*83. 
Dentist, Macon, Ga. 

Donald Bruce Jones, Jr. "§> rT 

Clerk, Macon, Ga. 

Julius Peek Jones. r* 

Minister and farmer, Taylorsville, Ga. 

William TosiAH Nunn ALLY. A. B. lifft^ t* 
Teacher, Social Circle Acad., '81-4; City 
Atty., Rome, '89; since '90 Solicitor Genl. 
Rome Circt. Atty.-at-law, Rome, Ga. 

Edward Jones WiLLiNc.HAM. «^ rT 

Furniture bus. Macon, G a. 

Clarence Julian Wood. ^ rX 

Cedartown, Ga. 

Class of 1882. 

David Winn Hill, A. B. 5f «X 

Merchant, Macon, Ga. 

James Thweat Ross, A. B. jjfft^ x^ 

M. D., Jefferson Med. CollT, Philadelphia, 
'85. Physician, Macon, Ga. 

Jedd Daniel Walker, rJi' 

A. M. ; M. D. ; Physician, Granville, Ga. 


Clerk, Macon, Ga. 

Class of 1S.S3. 

John T Davis, Jr. ]^ «X 

" T " letter only. Columbia, Ala. 

Benjamin Gause (iKKCG, A.B. jjfg t/-* 

Ph. G., S. C. Exam. Bd. Phar. since '89, 
Treas., Union Trust Co. of Florence. Phar- 
macist (Covington ik (ireji^g), Florence. S. C. 

Edgar Young Mali.akv. "^ ml' 

Machinery, 27 Progress St.. Macon, Ga. 

Thomas Hknrv Northen, A.B. ^ 
Real Estate, Thomasville, (ra. 

Sim Ale.xander Smuh, A.B. ^ 
M. D., Atlanta Med. Coll., '90. 
Thomasville, Ga. 

Jackson Lee Watson. 

Cotton buyer, Macon, Ga. 




Class of 1884. 

Elisha Gordon Bassett, Jr. % r* 

Farmer, Fort Valley, Ga. 

Thomas Edgar Fletcher. 5f'^ »* 

Farmer and Warehouseman, 426 Railroad 
Ave., Forsyth, Ga. 

George McCallum Niles. <tX 

Marshallville, Ga. 

William Lowndes Yancey Pickard. y r* 
At So. Bapt. Theo. Sem„ '84-7; Pastor, 
Eastman and Thomaston, Ga., Normandy 
and Fisherville, Ky., '84-7; do., Eufaula, 
'87-9; since '89, do., ist Bapt. Ch., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Redden Smith. 

Atty.-at-law, Thomasville, Ga. 

Julian Berner Williamson. Sf 

Asst. Paymaster, E. T.. V. & G. R. 
•85-8. Atty.-at-law, Forsyth, Ga. 




Class of 1885. 

John Robert Hodges, A.B. "SJk r^-rir' 

Memb. Ga., Legis. from Biob Co., *92-4- 
Atty.-at-law, 616 Walnut St., Macon, Ga. 

Frank Arthur Hooper, A.B. jf 

Solicitor, Sumpter Co., Ct, '92. Atty. -at 
law, Americus, Ga. 

Charles Linton Jones. 

Int. Rev. Collector, '83, Macon, Ga. 

Class of 1886. 

Sanders Walker Durham, A.B. « 

Clerk, Sherman, Texas. 

William Benjamin Hardman, A.B. ^ a 

M. D., Coll. Phys. and Surg., New Yor 
'89. Physician and Surgeon, Harmo 
Grove, Ga. 

Severn Parker Notiingham, Jr. 
Eastville, Ga. 

Bartow Davis Ragsdale, A.B. If 

At So. Bap. Theo. Sem., Louisville, '86- 
Bap. Min., Albany, Ga., '89; Quitman, G- 
'90-1; since '91, Decatur, Ga. 

Class of 1887. 

Archibald John Battle, Jr., A.B. 

Book keeper, Exchange Bank, Macon, 

Joseph Emerson Brown, Jr., A.B. 
Merchant, Atlanta, Ga. 

Edgar Allen Callaway. ^ 
Farmer, Washington, Ga. 



— 9. 



1 82 

Georgia Gamma. 

1893-6. NOTES. 

Charles Groover Denmark. 
Quitman, Ga. 

Charles Campbell Harper. 
Rome, Ga. 

Prentice Huff. 
Macon, Ga. 

John William Lkster. 
Thomasville, Ga. 

George Stewart Muri'hy. 
Sherman, Tex. 

Robert Love Sparks. 
Macon, Ga. 

John Pate Stetson. 
Macon, Ga. 

Benjamin Brooks Willingham. 
Macon, Ga. 

John Joseph Willis. 
Walton, Ga. 

Class ok 1894. 

CusTUS N0TTINGHA.VI Anderson. 
Macon, Ga. 

Charles Powers Bannon. 
Macon, Ga. 

Harrison Ralph Berry. 
Rome, Ga. 

Anderson Clark. ^ 
Oxford. Ga. 

Howard Elliott Coates. 
Macon, Ga. 

Arthur Reese Forsyth. 
Rome, Ga. 

William Hazlehurst. 
Macon, Ga. 

Martin Bowe McWilliams. 
Rome, Ga. 

Oscar Howe McWilliams. 
Rome, Ga. 

Preston Benoni Pearson. 
Stewart, Ga. 

Henry Smith. 
Rome, Ga. 

William Bowe Tinslkv. 
Macon, Ga. 

Class of 1895. 

James Morris Madden. 
Brunswick, Ga. 




Claudius Hill Patrick. 
Montezuma, Ga. 

Marshall Felton Thatcher. 
Macon, Ga. 

Class of 1896. 


Tennille, Ga. 

Lester Clay ion Culver. 
Culberton. Ga. 

Edison Fitzgerald Huff. 
Macon, Ga. 

William Shelton Keese. 
Benevolence, Ga. 

Edward Reid Osborn. 
Woodville, Ga. 

Jordan Howell San ford. 
Woodville, Ga. 

William Jefferson Wynne. 
Eatonton, Ga. 






College Notes. 

1874. J. C. Hinton, Jr. Commencement 

Spkr., '73; Sr. do., and 1st Hon., '74. A. A. 

\larshall, Jr. Commencement Spkr., '73; Sr. 
do., and 2d Hon., '74; Anni., Ciceronean Soc., 


1875. A. S. Jones, CI. Ora., '75. E. A. 

Keese, Soph. Decl. Medalist, '73; ist Hon. and 
Valedictory, '75. 

1876. C. L. Moses, Soph. Commencement 
Spkr., and ist Prize, '74; Jr. Commencement 
Spkr., '75; Sr. do., and 2d Hon., '76; Anni., 

Phi Delta Soc, '76. S. P. Wise, Anni., 

Ciceronean, '76. 

1877. V. A. Ham, Anni., Phi Delta, '77. 

M. Seals, Soph. Commencement Spkr., and 1st 
Prize, '75. 

1878. H. M. Willett, Jr. Commencement 
Spkr., '77; Sr. do., and ist Hon., '78; Anni., 

Phi Delta, '78. B. L. Willingham, Soph. 

Commencement Spkr., and ist Prize, '76; 
Champ. Deb., '77. 

1879. L. C. Goneke, Anni, Phi Delta, '78. 

1880. C. A. Carson, Jr. Commencement Spkr., 

'79; Sr. do., and ist Hon., '80. F. W. 

Cheney, Jr. Commencement Spkr., '79; Sr. do., 

and 2d Hon., '80. W. T. Cheney (Ga, Alpha, 

'80), Comp., Medalist, '79. 

1 88 1. G. J. Ford (ist Hon., Baltimore Coll. of 
Dent. Surg.); Soph. Commencement Spkr., '79; 

Jr. do., '80; Sr. do., '81. W. J. NunnaUy, 

Soph. Commencement Spkr. and 3d Prize, '79; 
Jr. do., '80; Sr. do., '81; Anni., Phi Delta *8i. 
C. J. Wood, Jr. Commencement Spkr., *8o. 


Georgia Gamma, 


1882. D. W. Hill, Jr. Commencement Spkr., 
'81; Sr. do., '82. J. T. Ross, Jr. Com- 
mencement Spkr., *8i; Sr. do., '82. J. P. 

Ross (Ga. Alpha, '83), Soph. Commencement 
Spkr., and ist Prize, '80; Jr. Commencement 
Spkr., '81; Sr. do. '82; Champ. Deb., '82; Inter- 
Col. Deb., U. of Ga. vs. Mercer, '80. 

1883. T. T Davis, Soph. Spkr., '81. B G. 

Gregg. Soph. Commencement Spkr., '81; Jr. 
do. '82; Sr. do., '83; Proph. CI. Day, '83; Ed. 
ii/^rrirr/<i//,'82-3— E. F. Hinton(Ga. Alpha.'Ss), 
Soph. Commencement Spkr., '81; Jr. do.. '82; 
Asst. Ed. University Stylus, '81-2; Stephens 

Essay Medalist, '82; Ed. Merceriatiy '82-3. 

E. Y. Mallary, Soph. Commencement Spkr., 
and 2d Prize, *8i. T. H. Northen, Soph. Com- 
mencement Spkr., 'Si; Jr. do.. '82; Ed. Mer- 
cerian^ '82-3. S. A. Smith, Ed. Mercerian. 

1884. E. G. Bassett, Jr., Soph. Commence- 
ment Spkr., '82; Ed. Mercerian, '82-3 T. E. 

Fletcher, Soph. Commencement Spkr., '82. 

W. L. Y. Pickard, Soph. Commencement Spkr., 

'82; Ed. Mercerian^ 'S2-3. J. B. Williamson, 

Soph. Commencement Spkr.. and 2d Prize, '82. 

1885. J. R. Hodges, Class Poet, '85; Anni- 
versarian, '85. F. A. Hooper, Soph. Com- 
mencement Spkr., '83. S. T. Neil (Ga. 

Alpha, '85), Fresh. Commencement Spkr., '82; 
Soph. do. , 83. 

1886. B. D. Ra^sdale, Soph. Spkr., '84: Jr. 
do. '85; Champ. Deb., '85; Velcdict., '%i^\ Eng. 
Med., '86. 

1888. J. W. Ovcrstreet, Champ. Deb., '87; 
Anniv., '88. 

1889. J. R. Long, Jr. Spkr., '88; Sr. do., '89. 
i8(/j. B. \V. Collier, Ed. Mercerian, '89-90. 

B. E. Willingham, Anniv., Phi Delta, '90. 

Fraternity Notks. 

1873. E. Callaway, Char. Mem. A. J. 

Harvey, Intd. Ga. Alpha. W. M. Jackson, 

Char. Slem. 

1874. A. A. Marshall, Char. Mem. ; Del. Nat. 

Con v., Crawfordsville, Ind., '74. O. M. Wil- 

burn, Char. Mem. 

1875. A. S. Jones, Del. Nat. Con v., Danville, 
J^y-. 75- S. R. Steven.s, Intd. Ga. Beta. 

iS3i. W. J. Nunnally, Pres. Ga. St. Conv., 
Athens, '81. 

1882. J. T. Ross, V. Pres. Ga. St Conv., 
Athens, "81. 

1883. B. G. Gregg, Del. Nat Conv., Rich- 
mond, Va. , '82. 

1885. J. R Hodges, Intd. Ga. Beta. 

1S92. H. Chambers, Intd. Ga. Beta. E. S. 

Rogers, Intd. Ga. Beta. 




^^Tiarter jjrantel February- 24. 1272, to Perr\-Siearns Allen, '74: Robert Hamilton McClelland, ' 
FMgar M Wilson, '74: and Albert Zachariah McGogney, '75; Disbanded, October, iS 
Revived. May, 1^31, by Robert Cathrone Walker, 'fs. 

Class of 1373. 

•AiMM Hales McCl'llol'gh, A.B. \^ 

A.M.. Wooster, '76. M.D., Jefferson Med. 
0>1I., '76. Physician. Died, '60. Mansfield. 

William McKiraiian. x-t 

At U. P. Theo. Sem.. Allegheny, Pa., '75, 
United Prcsb. Min., Northw<x>d, Ohio. 

•Alfhkl's Jamks Mon"i«;omkry, A.B. \-f 

A.M. Wo'jster, '76. At Western Theo. 

Sem. ,'73-6. Presb. Min., West Salem, Ohio, 

'7S-9. Died, Centreto>*'n, Pa., Dec. 9, '79. 

West Salem, Ohio. 

♦Jamrs Marraka Sth r, A.B. x^ 

A.M.W<K>ster, '76. At Western Theo. 
Sem., '77-So. Prin. Hookstown (Pa.) Acad., 
'75. Presb. Min., Co<jlspring and Fredonia. 
Pa., '80-4. Died, Nashville, Tenn., May 2, 
'84. Fredonia, Pa. 

Class of 1874. 

Pkkry Stkarns Allen. 5 ^^ 

At Western Theo. Sem., '74-7. Presb. 

Min., Edenburg. Pa., '77-8; Sharon, Pa., 

'78-82; Warren, Pa., '82-8: Philadelphia, Pa., 

'88-9; since '89, Saratoga Springs, X. Y. 

James Gilliland Con.nell, A.B. yX 

A.M. Wooster, '77. M. D., Jefferson Med. 
Coll., '77. Physician, Oakland, Pa. 

Robert Melville Davis, A.B- 

A.M., Wooster. 77. At Western Th 
Sem.. 74-7: Wurtemburg U., Ger., ' 
Presb. Min., Harlensburgand Leesburg, I 
'77-81: Leesburg and Rich Hill, 'S1-5; su 
'S5. Neshannock Falls. Pa. 

Rolert Hamilton McClellani>. * p2- 
Atty.-at-lasv, Indianapolis. InaT 

Edgar M Wilson, B.S. ^^ J 

"M" letter only. mTa.. Wooster, * 
A tty.-at-law, Chicago, '76-81; since * 81, 
Sansome St.. San Francisco, Calif. 

Class of 1875. 

George Jack>on. 

Merchant, Bloomingburg. Ohio. 

Charles TiTL's Jamieson, A.B. 5f* cT- 
A.M., Wooster. '78. Supt Treas., i 
Sect., C. & E. Tel. Co., '76. Pay -mas 
andAsst. Treas. C. & E. R. R., '76-9. ] 
and Prop. Citizen and Gazette^ Urba 

Alhert Zachariah McGogney, A.B. 5 
A.M., Wooster, '78. At Western Th 
Sem., '75-S. Prcsb. Min.. Cochranton, I 
•78-81; Irwin, Pa., '81-2; Connellsville, I 
'82-3; since '88, Peoria, 111. 

Ci ASS OF 1S76. 

RouEKi Ballagh, x\.B. yj 

A.M., Wooster, '79. At Union Th 
Sem., '7r>-S; San Francisco Theo, Sem. *7g 
Presb. Min., Vacaville, and Oakdale, Caii 

1 86 

Ohio Delta. 


'82-3; Ashton, Iowa, '83-8; Lyons, Neb., '88; 
since '89, Cloquet, Minn. 

Henry Woodhridge Thayer. 17Q 

M.D., U. of Wooster, '82. Physician, 529 
State Street, Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1880. 

Arthur Browning Clark. ;rT 

Postmaster, Bordeaux, Wyo. 

William Fremont IIarn. Ph.B. jj ^* 

Cor. Pittsburg Daily Dispatch. Ed. 
Herald, Manstield, Ohio. 

Howard Wilson Li-ccocK, A. B. Sjff' <T 

At Cincinnati Law School, '80-1. Atty.- 
at-law, Coshocton, Ohio. 

Class of 1881. 

John Gaunt Evans. vT 

M.U., Med. Coll. of Ohio, '81. Physician, 
Middletown, Ohio. 

Victor Murray Hatfield. tT 

Merchant, Ossian, Ind. 

Curtis Elliot McBride. vT 

Atty.-at-law, Mansfield, Ohio. 

James Sterne McCampbell. tT 

Atty.-at-law, Marysville, Ohio. 

♦Pavii) L. Winter. /?T 

Atty.-at-law. Deceased. Indianap>olis, 

Class of 1882. 

George Haywood Carpenter. ^ ^T 

At Coll. of N. J., '83. Reporter, The Tri- 
bune, New York, N. Y. 

David Francis, A.B. ^ ci 

Paddy's Run, Ohio. 

James Cassius Gaston. /T 

Merchant, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Clement Ross.\iAN Gilmore. f' at 

Civ. Eng., Columbia, Ohio. 

Dallas Kimpton Jones, A.B. i-^ 

M.D., U. of Wooster, '85. Physician, 
Canal Fulton, Ohio. 

John Herman McLain. ^ gT 

At Cincinnati Sch. of Phar., '81-3. Ur- 
bana, Ohio. 

Lewis Henry McLain. f*!? (tT 

Hardware merchant, Urbana, Ohio. 

Hugh Talbot Patrick. /?* 

M.D., Bellevue IIosp. Med. Coll., '83. 
Physician, 307 Division St, Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1883. 

Benjamin Warren Anderson. C^ 

Chicago, IIL 

Albert Milton Crisler. eT 

At Ohio St U.. '78-9. West Manchester, 

Herman Mendenhall McKnight. yft e^^-i 
Supt Pub. Sch., Granville, 111. 

Class of 1884. 

William Judson Boone, A.B. <♦ 

At Western Theo. Sem., Allegheny, Pa., 
'84-7. Presb. Min., Caldwell, Idaho. 

Benjamin McCreight Marlin. 
Banker, Brock way ville. Pa. 

Benjamin Franklin Templeton. 
Swanton, Ohio. 

James Basil Templeton. "f 
Swanton, Ohio. 

Class oe 1885. 

Joseph White Cri swell, ft 
Blairsville, Pa. 



Albert Greer Greenlee, A.B. 5f 4 

Prin., Blooming Valley, Pa., Acad., '78-9; 
do., Utica, Pa., Acad., '78-81. Adj. Prof. 
Math. U. of Wooster,*85-6. Since '86, Atty.- 
at-law, 835 N. 28th St., Lincoln, Neb. 

John M Leonard, A.B. jf icX 

•*M" letter only. A.M., U. of W^ooster, 

'88. At McCormick Theo., Sem., *85-8. 

Since '88, Missionary, Osada, Japan, Findlay, 


♦Elmer Ralph Strain. rX 

At Med. Dept, Boston, U.,*87. Drowned 

near Magnolia, Mass., Aug. 14, '87. Fort 
Wayne, Ind. 

Robert Slater Ten Brook. C*T 

Turbotville, Pa. 

Lee Hamilton Todd. ^ ^* 

Urbana, Ohio. 

Robert Cathrone Walker, ft x'^ 

With Rochester Gaslight Co., Rochester, 

N. Y. 

Class of 1886. 

Thomas Shrimpton Anderson, A.B. i* 

At McCormick Theo. Sem., '86-9. Presb. 
Min., Altoona, Pa. 

Charles Edwin Bradt. x^ 

At Highland U., Kan., '80-1. At McCor- 
mick Theo. Sem., '87. Presb. Min., 1060 N. 
Halstead St. , Chicago, 111. 

1 88 

Ohio Delta. 

NOTES. 1892-7. 

Thomas Walker Kennedy. 
Lowell ville, Ohio. 

Lee Fra.ncis Lybarger. J 
Wooster. Ohio. 

Edward William MATTHF.w^. 
Cambridge, Ohio. 

Robert McCrackin. 
Bourneville, Ohio. 

Walter Chaincey Mellor. 

77 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

George Cassius Thompson. 
East Liverpool, Ohio. 

Fayette Emery Vernon. 
Sharpsville, Ohio. 

Ross Samuel Lee Wallace. 
Wooster, Ohio. 

Class of 1893. 

John Erwin Gensemer. 
Marshallville, Ohio. 

Fred Marfield Lane. 
Bamesvillc, Ohio. 

Aaron Charles Surber. 
Hillsboro, Ohio. 

Ashley George Work. 
Longmont, Col. 

Class of 1894. 

Horatio Jonson Forgv. 
Forgy, Ohio. 

John Small McCling. 
Sharon, Pa. 

Bert Walker. 

Cleveland, Ohio. 

CLAbS OF 1S95. 

Alvin Nelson Crowe. 

New Hagerslown, Ohio. 

W1LLIA.VI Downey, jj 
Wenona, 111. 

Chalmers Da.nk (tray. 
Inverness, Ohio. 

Frank Hanger. 

Bellefontaine, Ohio. 

George Long M.\c Master. 
Voungstown, Ohio. 

George Edward McCillokih. 
Troy, Ohio. 

Walter Gill M«jCl'i. lough. 
Troy, Ohio. 

tk Thomas Sloans Shepherd. 
Wooster, Ohio. 

^¥-^ ; James Green Spangler. 
' Manchester, Ohio. 











Class of 1896. 

Edwin Bertram Baltzly. 
Massillon, Ohio. 

Walter Hayes Coles. 
Troy, Ohio. 

Thomas Pattengill Shepherd. 
Wooster, Ohio. 

Class of 1897. 

John De Witt Dickey. 
Braddock, Pa. 



College Notes. 

1S74. E. M Wilson, Ed. University Re— 
vieu\ '73-4- 

1875. C. T. Tamieson, Ora. Jr. Ex.. '74. 

1S76. R. Ballagh, Ed. University Review, 
*74-5; Poet, CI. Day, '76; Ora., Athenian Soc., 

several times. E. Brown, Jr. Ora., '75; Ora., 

Irving Soc., '76. 

1877. J. B. Pomeroy. Ed. University Re- 
view, '75. 

! 187S. G. N. Luccock, Ora., Irving, Feb. 22, 
*76; Jr. Deb., '77; Ed. University Review, 
•77-8; Farewell Ora., Irving Public. '78; CI. 
Historian, '78. F. M. Senior, Valedictorian. 


18S0. H. W. Luccock, Farewell Ad., Ir\-ing 
Public, '7^-;9; Jr. Cont., '79; Ora., Irving, Feb. 
22, *So; Irving Ora., CI. Day, '80. 

18S2. L. H. McLain, Ed. ** Index," '80: 
Salutatorian, CI. Day, '82. 

1883. H. M. McKnight. Cf. Coll. Notes Ind. 

1SS5. A. G. Greenlee, President's Prize,'83; 
Repres. St. Orat. Cont., '85; do.. Interstate, 

do.. '85; ist Ilon.,'S5. J. M Leonard, Soph. 

2d Prize, "S3; 3d Hon. Grad., '85. 

18S7. J. T. Morrison, Athenean 2d Prize 

Essav, '85; Wooster Collegian, do., '86. 

W. 1. Morrison, Greek Med., '83. S. S. 

Palmer, 3d Hon. Grad., '87. 

1S8S. S. B Groves, Ed. W(K>ster Collegian, 
"SS; CI. Hist.. '88. 

1889. C. K. Carpenter, Ed. Wooster Col- 
legian, *88: do.. Commencement Reporter, 't%\ 
do., Univ. Voice, '88-9. 

1890. W. E. Forgy, Athenean Decl. Prize, 




Charter granted Feb. 29, 1S72, to Nelson Warner Cady, '74; Samuel Warren Carpenter, '75 ; and 
Charles Edward Washburn (Calif. Alpha '76); suspended, Spring of 1876; revived, Feb. 
4, 18S6, by Edward Carlisle Boynton, '87; Charles Albert McAllister, '87; George Wash- 
ington Stevens, '88; Edward Howard Bennett, Jr., '89, and Harry Snyder, '89. 

Class of 1S74. 

Nelson Warner Cady, Pir.B. ft fX 

M.D., Bellevue Hosp. Mod. Coll., '77. Sec. 
Bd. Health, Lugansport, 'S(), '87, '90. Phys., 
Logansport, Ind. 

David Thomas Devin. ft 

Civ. Eng. , Dcs Moines, Iowa. 

Lewls Peter Tier, B.C.E. ^ ft 

Tel. opr. '67-9. ICnginc dispatcher, Toledo 

Div., L. S. cS: M. S. R. R., '74-81. Civ. Eng., 

with N. Y. C. «S: St. R. R., since 'Si. Nor- 

walk, Ohio. 

Class ok 1S75. 

William Oscar Bates, Ph. B. ^jj ;/T-f<l> 

Del. An. Xat. Conv., New Jerusalem 
(Swedcnbnrgian) Ch. in America, N. Y., '79. 
In Europe, 'So. Formerly, Staff of Indian- 
apolis .SfV/ //>/<•/ and Journal : since '83, of 
.\i:cs /our ft a/, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

AlHA FlsKK l^KOWNE. ft 

Attended Western U. of Pa. Civ. Eng., 
Pittsburg, Pa. 

Samuel Warre.n Car tenter, Ph. B. ft f* 
Atty.-at-law, Denver, Col. 

Edmund LeBreton Gardiner, B.M.E. fX 

Instr. Cornell, '75-7; Asst. Prof, do., '79-80. 
Asst. Supt. City Silk Mills, Newark, N. J., 
'77-9. Sect. Dundee Water Power Co., since 
'80. Since 'Si, Agt. Rittonh«»use Manf. Co., 
Passaic, N. J. 1^5 W. sSth St., New York, 
N. Y. 

Almon Clayton Greene, B.C.E. ^g f* 

Ed. Democrat, Ithaca, N. Y.,*76. One of 

Principals Horton & Greene's Prep. Sch., 

Ithaca, '67. Dy. Clk., N. Y. Sen.. '81-2. 

Civ. Eng.. Albany, N. Y. 

Dudley Returned Horton, B.S. y* fir 
M.S., Cornell, '77. Ed. DemocraZ/ithsica, 
N. Y., '76. One of Principals Horton & 
Greene's Prep. Sch., Ithaca, '76. Atty.-at- 
law, T 20 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Class of 1876. 

Samuel Jacou Flickinger. Jf ft 

A.B., Otterbein U., '72; A.M., do., '75. 
Supt. Pub. Schs , Richwood, 0.,'73~4. News 
Ed. Journal, Dayton, O. '76-8. City Ed. 
Ohio State Journal, '78-84; since '84, Editor 
do., Columbus, Ohio. 

Heri'.ert Hackney. ft 

Chief Engineer of Milwaukee (Wis.) Iron 

Co., '76-S; do., N. Chicago (111.) Rolling Mill 

Co., '7S-9. Since * 79, Supt. Brown, Bonnell 

& Co., Youngstown, Ohio. 

William Earnest Leffingwell. ft 

Registrar and Act. Treas.. Brooklyn Coll. 

and Poly tech. Inst., since '73. Pres. Lyndon 

Mining Co., of N. Y., since '78. i44Schermer- 

horn St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Class of 1877. 

Frederick George Andrew. f<f> 

Abstracts, Insurance & Loans, La Porte, 


New York Alpha. 

1 890-3 

Class of 1890. 

Frank Addison Abbott. Jf r?X 

Atty.-at-law, with Jno. R. Hazel, Buffalo. 
N. Y. Abbott's Corners, N. Y. 

Edmini) Martin Adams. i**!* 

Lockp)ort, X. Y. 

Herbert Lutiikr Barkpir, Ph. B. x^ 

At Coll. Phys. and Surg., New York, '92. 
Staatsburg, N. Y. 

George Alanson Blaivelt, B.S. y/X 

Monsey, N. Y. 

Ernest Spkncer Bowen, B.M.E. J ri-f^X 
At Hillstlale Coll., '81-4. Mech. Eng., 144 
Adams St., Chicago, 111. 

James Lincoln Callanan. }* 

Real Estate, Des Moines, la. 

Edward Albert Darling;. ** 

Draughtsman, Campbell Printing Press 
and Mfg. Co. of X. Y. Taunton, Mass. 

Harry Garden Folts. oT 

Atty.-at-law, Herkimer, N. Y. 

William Armine Schmidt. ^T 

With Remington Arms Co., Ilion, N. Y. 

Lewis George Thurlow. f* 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Norman Rutherford Weaver, jj rT-<TT 

At Ala. A. and M. Coll., '88. Telegraph 
operator, Selma, Ala. 

Charles Henry Wklls, LL.B. v^ 

Atty.-at-law, Room 36, Major Block, 
Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1891. 

Irwin Snell Devkndokf. fVr 

Banker, Ft. Plain. N. Y. 

William Lawrence Ester ly. ft V'T-<tX 

At Wooster Univ., '86-91. Columbiana, 

Charles Frenkel, B.Lit. ]jf jj rT-aX 

24th St. and Ave. L, Galveston. Tex. 

Frank Gleason Gardner, LL.B. ft rT 

Atty.-at-law, Chicago. 111. 

Harry Eysamam Golden, C. E. (M> 

Asst. City Eng., Little Falls, N. Y. 

Brad French Hurd, Arch B. % rT 

Architect, Boston, Mass. 

Frank Rlssell Ormsby. ^» 

Real Estate, 246 E. Ohio St., Chicago, 111. 

William Albert Paris, M. E. >.♦ 

At U. of Pa., '86-7. With Schuyler Elec. 
Co., Middletown, Conn. 

Charles Harris Wheeler. i-* 

Branchport, N. Y. 

Charles Miles White. ^ >X 

li^lec. Eng., 141 Mariner St., Buffalo. N. Y. 

Class of 1892. 

Dio Lewis Holbrook. rT 

46 E. 2 1 St St., New York, N. Y. 

Robert Valentine Jones. f* 

Philadelphia. Pa. 

Ji LiAN Francis Meredith. vT 

167 loth St., Buffalo, X. Y. 

Burton Mansfield Sawyer. oX 

Mech. Eng., Washington, D. C. 

Ml RRAY Hilton Smith, C. E. ft C^-g^ 

At Lafayette Coll., '87-9. Alech. Eng., 134 
Sixth Ave.', Brooklyn. N. Y. 

William Sumner Smith, M.E. aX 

Mech. Eng., Hampden, 

Henrv Freeman Whiting. J f* 

Carlisle, Pa. 

Class of 1893. 

Wilbur Cortez Abbott. J fT-^ 

Xoblesville, Ind. 

Henry David Ale.xander, C.E. rT 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Leslie A Fenner. %T 

" A " Letter only. Lake Ridge, N. Y. 

Lewis Castle Freeman. t^ 

New York, N. Y. 

Tho.mas Cooi'ER Fulton. }* 

309 Smithticld St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Wells Smith Gilbert. J uP-tT 

At Hillsdale Coll., '86-8. Duluth, Minn. 

Paul Cherin(;ton Harris. ]Jf ^ 

Galena, 111. 

Fred Joerissen, Jr. 
Ilion, N. Y. 

Denney Warren Roper. 5 

Alton, 111. 

Walter David Rose. 
Hornellsville, N. Y. 

James Thomas Searcy, Jr. 5 
Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Horace Burton Strait, Jr. 
Shakopee, Minn. 



New York Alpha. 


1890. E. S. Bowen, Init Mich. Gamma. 

N. R. Weaver, Init. , Ala. Beta. 

1891. W. L. Esterly. Init Ohio Delta. 

C. Frenkel. Init. Tex. Beta. F. G. Gardner, 

Del. Nat. Conv., Bloomington, 111., '89. 

1892. M. H. Smith, Init. Pa Alpha. H. F. 

Whiting, Init. Pa. Epsilon. 

1893. W. C. Abbott, Init. Ind. Beta. 

W. S. Gilbert, Init. Mich. Gamma; Del. Nat. 

Conv. , Atlanta, Ga., '92. D. W. Roper, IniL 

Mo. Gamma. J. T. Searcy, Jr.. Init. ALa. 


1894. W. M. Putnam, Init. Pa. Eta. E. D. 

Sompayrac, Init, S. C. Beta. 

1S95. T. Lindenberg, Init Ohio Zeta. 

C. D. Westcott, Init., Pa. Eta. 


Pennsylvania Alpha, 


Jackson Perry Keeney, A.B. af ^X 

Prin. Graded Schools, Athens, Pa., '76-8. 
Postmaster, Towanda, '83-5. Attv.-at-law, 
Trinidad, Col. 

Asa Leard, A.B. ]Jf*^ //* 

At Theo. Sem. of N. W. (now McCor- 
mick), '76-<;. Since '79, Presb. Min., Braid- 
wood and Farmingdale, III. and Omaha. 
2022 Emmett St., Omaha, Neb. 

Thomas William Leard, A. B. fl f* //* 

At Union Theo. Sem.. '76-8. Orad. Theo. 
Sem. of N. W. (now McCormick), '79. Presb 
Min., Belleville, Wis. and Schuyler. Neb. 

Clearfield Park, A.B. Jf /^ 

At Union Theo. Sem., '■]i>-9i. (irad. Prince- 
ton Theo. Sem., '79. Presl). Min , Millville, 
N. J. 

John Bascom Taylor. (A* 

CI. '76, but A. B., Lafayette, '77. At 
Union Theo. Sem., '7S-80. Home Mission- 
ary, Mitchell, Dak. Presb. Min., Randolph, 

Class of 1877. 

William John McKee Alexander. ^ />T 
CI. '77, but A.B. , Lafavette, '78; A.M., do., 
'80. Teacher Wilkes Barre (Pa.) Acad., '77. 
Asst. Prin. Glade Run (Pa.) Acad., '78. Prin. 
Saltsburg (Pa.) Acad., '70; do. High Sch., 
Beaver, Pa., '80. Beaver, Pa. 

RuFUs Darr. />* 

Prin. Land Acad., Murrysville, Pa. 
Beaver, Pa. 

Edward Joseph Knox, A.B. k^ 

A. M., Lafayette. At Drew Theo. Sem., 
'74 and '78. Teacher Dayton (Pa.) Acad., '78. 
Meth. Epis. Min., Verona, Pa., Beaver, Pa. 

Francis Hardy Moore. ^ pX 

A.M., Lafayette, '80. Apprentice Baldwin 

Locomo. Works, '67-71. Book-keeper, '72-3. 

Meth. Epis. Min., Philadelphia, Pa., till '89; 

since '89, Middletown, Del. 

Harry Vernon Rice. p* 

CI. '78, but A.B., Lafayette, '78. At Union 

Theo. Sem., '77-S. Grad. Princeton Theo. 

Sem., '79. Chap. Nev. Sen., '81. Presb. 

Min., Carson City, Nev.; Quilcene, Wasli. 

Harry Omar Scott, A.B. "^ fl p\ 

At Union Theo. Sem,, '78-^0. Presb. Min., 
Brownville, Neb., 'S0-3; since '83. Hastincfs. 

*MiNARD Shaw. vT 

With Pittsburg City Survey Dept., '74-6. 
Died, Pittsburg. Aug. 13, '76. Pittsburg, Pa. 

Jacob Peter Uhler, A.B. >* 

A. M., Lafayette, *8o. Teacher, '78. At 
Theo. Sem. of Luth. Ch., Philadelphia, 
•79-81. Vice-Prin, and Prof. Math.. Pa. St. 
Norm. Sch., '82. Vice-pres. Gustavus Adol- 
phus Coll., St. Peter. Since '82. Luth. Min.. 
St. Peter, Minn. 

Class of 1878. 

James Ren wick Hogg, A.B, f* p* 

Jr. partner Jas. Hog^g & Son, carpet bus., 
929 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ja.mes Hunter, A.B. 5? vX 

At Union Theo. Sem., '78-80. Presb. Min., 
Deerfield, N. J., and Norristown, Pa. 

William Newton Mateer, A.B. rX 

Prof. Lat. and Greek, New Windsor (Md.) 
Coll.. •78-<;. Sect., Y. M. C. A., Middle 
Spring, Pa. 

Charles Bement Riggs, A.B. jf vT 

At Lane Theo. Sem., '81-3. Prin. New 
London (Pa.) Acad., '79. Instr. English, 
Lewiston (Pa.) Acad., *8o-i. Cong. Min., 
Campus and Ennington, Ills., '83-5: since'8s. 
Grand View, Tenn. ; Bunker HUl, 111. 

George Washington Sandt, A.B. 5f vX 

A.M., Lafayette, '81. At Theo. Sem. of 
Luth. Ch., Philadelphia, '80-3. Teacher, 
'78-9. Luth. Min., Wilkes Barre, Pa. 

Alexander Ramsey Speel, A.B. 5f kX 

At Columbia Coll. Law Sch., '87. Special 
Agt., U. S. War Dept., '78-86. Atty. -at-law, 
St. Paul, Minn. 

William Broadwell Sulliman, A.B. g /»♦ 
A.M., Lafayette, '81. Atty. -at -law, 435 
W. 2d St., Dayton, Ohio. 

*WiLLiAM Philip Taylor. A.B. aX 

Teacher Princeton Prep. Sch. '79. U. S. 
Store-keeper and ganger, '80-1. Atty. -at- 
law. Killed accidentally. Valley Township, 
Montour Co., Pa., Dec. 11, *8i. Moorsburg, 

John Fremont Williamson, A.B. vT 

At Princeton Theo. Sem., '79; Union Theo. 
Sem.. '80-1. Presb. Min., Glen Cove, N. Y., 
and Kingston, N. Y. 

Georgk Franklin Pierce Young, A.B. at 
Clk., Recorder's off., '71. Atty. -at-law, 

Easton, Pa. 

Class of 1879. 

Martin Luther Deitzler, A.B. V /3* 

Attended Luth. Theo. Sem., Selinserove, 
Pa. Luth. Min., Adamsbarg, Pa, ; Harris- 
burg, Pa. 

m ^ 


Pennsylvania Alpha, 


Daniel Avery Capwell. o* 

At Med. Dept, U. of Mich., '81-3; do., 
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., '83-4. Supt. 
Lackawanna Hosp., Scran ton, Pa. 

Edwin Pierson Ford. tT 

Manfr., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Frank McCoy Harshberger. rX 

Atty.-at-law, Tacoma, Wash. 

Charles Astor Walker, if CX 

At Union Theo. Sem., '83-6. Ed. Lyceum 

Journal (German), '75-6. Del. Intemat 

Y. M. C. A. Conv., Cleveland. O.. *8i. Presb. 

Min. , St. George, Del. ; Berlin, Md. 

Class ok 1884. 

Albert Allen Bird. Jf 17* 

A.M., Lafayette, '87. At Union Theo. 
Sem., '84-7. Presb. Min., Wilcox, Pa. 

William Asiiburnrr Cattell, C.E. vT 

Engineer Maintenance, L. L R. R., Long 
Island City, X. Y. 208 High St., German- 
town, Pa. 

Howard Newton Campbell. J^ y*-aX 

Att. Washington and Jefferson Coll., '82. 
At Western Theo. Sem., '84-7. Presb. Min., 
Martin's Ferry, Ohio. 

Willard Shkrrard Campbell. J^ >4>-aX 

Att. Washington and Jefferson Coll. Third 

Aud. Office, Treas. Dept., Washington. D.C. 

George Newton Chalfant. ^ t* 

Atty.-at-law, 123 Meadow St., Pittsburg, 

George Goodell Earl, C.E. rT 

N. J. Geol. Surv., '83-6; Div. Eng., C. S. 1 
F. & C. R. R., '86-8; Asst. Eng., Montgom- 
ery (Ala.), Sew^age Works, '88-9. Civil Eng., 
1225 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. Earl & 
Neff, Civ. and Min. Eng., Americus, Ga. 

Frank Trevor Ho(;g. ^ cr* \ 

Snowden & Hogg, Miners and Shippers of : 
bit. coal, Brownvillc, Pa. 

John King Horner. 0T i 

II 28 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Class of 1885. ; 

Charles Stevenson Jones, E.M. pT 

3d Asst. Examr., U. S. Patent Office, 
Washington, D. C. 

Jacob Lott Ludlow. <tT 

Civ. and Sanit. Eng., Winston, N. C. 

John Lyman Richardson, Jr. ^ 

Sometime with Manhattan Brass Co., New 1 
York, N. Y.. Danville. Pa. I 

Thomas Seal, C. E. ji* 

Asst. Eng. Const.. P. R.R.. Unionville. Pa. 

John Balcom Shaw, A.B. afft ^T 

At Union Theo. Sem., '85-8. Presb. Min., 
105th St. and 10th Ave., New York, N, Y. 

William Fox Smalley, A.B. t4> 

Atty.-at-law. Wilmington, Del. 

William John Trembath, A.B. A* 

A.M. Lafayette, '88. Atty.-at-law, Wilkes 
Barre, Pa. 

Class of 1886. 

William Herbert Carey, Ph.B. if ft aX 

Atty.-at-law, 76 Montgomery St. Jersey 
City. N. J. 

Lewis Frey. <tT 

M.D., U. of Pa., '89. Physician, cor. 
OHve and Washington Aves., Scranton, Pa, 

John Martin Haunne, B.S. r* 

M.S., Lafayette, '89; M.D., U. of Pa,, '89. 
Physician, York. Pa. 

Henry Charles Reeder, C.E. rX 

Hughesville, Pa. 

Robert Hays Taylor. e* 

At Ohio Wesleyan, '80. B. E., Shippens- 

burg State Norm. Sch., '77; M. E., do.. '79. 

At Union Theo. Sem.. '86-9. Presb. Min., 

West Town, N. Y. 

Harvey Watts. ^T 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Class of 1887. 

Richard Walter Head. ot 

Chemist, Barneston, Pa, 

William Davison Ord, M.E. ic* 

Mining Eng., Landgraff, W. Va. 

Class of 1888. 

Edgar Jadwin. at 

Grad. U. S. Mil. Acad., '90. Honesdale, 

Wallace McCamant, Ph.B. jf ^X 

Tutor Mod. Lang., Lafayette, '88-9. Atty.- 
at-law, 33 Concord Bldg. , Portland, Ore. 

Osiris Daniel McConnell, A.B. X y^ 

Atty.-at-law, 348 Broad St., Pnillipsburg, 
N. J. 

Harry Lytle Moore, A. B. 5f fl j/T 

Atty.-at-law, Erie, Pa. 

Stewart M Neff, C.E. ^ 

"M" letter only. Civil and Sanit. Eng. 
Earl & Neff, Chattanooga, Tenn 


Pennsylvania Alpha. 


Willis Mann Sterreti*. 

Civil Eng., Carbondale, Pa. 

Walter Henry Waygood. 

Presb. Min., Schenectady, N. Y. 



Class of 1889. 

Charles Latta Chalfant, A.B. flf' CX 

At Western Theo. Sem., '89-92. Presb. 
Min., 49 Carey Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

George Lawrence Eilenberg. «X 

Druggist, Phillipsburg, N. J. 

WiujAM Leonard Lenhart. />T 

Insurance and Real Est, Brownsville, Pa. 

Harry Smith Robinson, Ph.B. y /?* 

106 S. Main St., Wilkes Barre, Pa. 

Albert Hunt Welles. /3«I> 

Asst. in Chem., Lafayette Coll. Wilkes 
Barre, Pa. 

Class of 1890. 


Eugene McDowell Colvin. ^ 

Atty.-at-law, Room 408, N. Y. Life Bldg., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Frederick Watts Culbertson. 
Atty.-at-law, Lewistown, Pa. 

Byron Gustav Hahn, B.S. 5 

Atty.-at-law, Wilkes Barre, Pa. 

William Gamble Young. 

At Med. Dept, U. of Pa., '92. 
Easton, Pa. 




Class of 1891. 


Joseph Willis Fox, C.E. 

Civil and Sanit. Engr. '^^ith C. P. Bassett, 
Orange, N. J. 

Gilbert Alexander Harvey. rT 

Electrician, 47 Union St., Wilkes Barre, 

John Caldwell Hinkson, A.B. a* 

Atty.-at-law, 126 E. 4th St., Chester, Pa. 

Frank Scammon Nute. f* V^Y 

Architect, 146 W. 34th St.. New York. 
N. Y. 

Frank Linton Patterson. ^T 

Engineer with C. P. Bassett, Orarvge, N. J. 

William James Rowan. rT 

At Princeton Theo. Sem., '92. 710 W. 3d 
St., Chester, Pa. 

Murray Hilton Smith. 3^ 

134 6th Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Class of 1892. 

Nathan Shaw Aller. J 
At Union Theo. Sem., '93. 
S. Bethlehem, Pa. 

Augustus Orris Bloombergh. 
Chemist, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Samuel Hartzel Seem. 

At Union Theo. Sem., '93. Bangor, Pa. 

23 E. 4th St.. 

Class of 1893. 

Russell Hoke Colvin. ^ 
Schellsburg. Pa. 

John Morton Davis. 

Elect. Eng., Orangeville, Pa. 

Eugene Clifford Foster. 

Chemist, Philadelphia, Pa, 

Charles Jacob See.m. 
Bangor, Pa. 

Class of 1894. 

Lewis Herman Allen. 
Portland. Pa. 

John Hknky Hagf:rty, Jr. 
Phillipsburg. N. J. 

Kingston, N. Y. 

Harry Edgar Lucas. 
Patterson, Va. 







Georck Harden. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 


George Orr Ingleuright. 
Martin's Ferr>', Ohio. 


Fred. Ciiari.ks Kirkendall. 
Wilkes Barre, Pa. 


Ernest Gray Smith. 

Martin's Ferr)% Ohio. 


Class of 1895. 

Edward Chambers Chalfant. ^ 
Pittsburg, Pa. 


John William White Dean. 
Harmony Grove, Md. 


Abijah Hays. 

Pittsburg, Pa. 


William Sulton McFetridge. 
Greenville, Pa. 


Class of 1896. 


George Lockharte Darte. 




Pennsylvania Alpha, 


College Notes. 
1876. A. P. Berlin. Hon. Math. Ora.,'76.- 

H. Emmons, Hist., CI. Day. '76. F. Hulings. 

Ora. from Lafayette, Inter-col. Cont., N. Y., 

*75. J. P. Keeney, Ivy Ora., CI. Day, '76. 

A. Leard, Ora., Jr. Cont., '75; Valedicto- 
rian, CI. Day, '76. C. Park, ist Prize. Jr. 

Orat Cont., '75; Ora. from Lafayette, Inter- 
col. Cont., N. Y., '76. 

1877. W. J. McK. Alexander, Jr. Math. Prize, 

•76; Eariy English Text Soc. Prize, '76. F. 

H. Moore, 2d Douglas Prize, '75; 3d Prize, Jr. 

Orat. Cont., '76 H. O. Scott. Ed. -in-chief 

Lafayette College Journai, 77; Valedicto- 
rian, '77. 

1878. J. Hunter, Ora. Jr. Cont., '77; Mantle 

Ora., CI. Day, '78. C. B. Riggs, 2d Douglas 

Prize, '75. G. W. Sandt, ist Prize, Jr. Orat. 

Cont., '77; Hon. Math. Ora., '78. A. R. 

Speel, Mast of Cer.. CI. Day, '78. 

1879. M. L. Deitzler. Hist, CI. Day, '79; 

Phil. Ora., '79. W. J. Tones, 2d Prize Jr. 

Orat Cont, '70. H. K.*McCauley, Saluta- 

torian, CI. Day, '79 G. W. Plack, Ora., Jr. 

Cont, '78; Ed. Lafayette College fournal, 

•78-9; Proph., CI. Day. H. T. Yegawa, 

Ora., Jr. Cont, '78; Jr. Math. Prize, '78. 

1880. R. W. Beers, 3d Prize, Jr. Orat. Cont., 

'79. J. T. Morrison, Astron. Prize, and Hon. 

Astron. Ora., '80. W. V. Olyphant, Jr. Math. 

Prize, '79: Hon. Math. Ora., '80. 

1881. T. B. Boughton, Ed. Lafayette College 
Journal, '80-1; Hist, CI. Day, 'Si; Coleman 

Bib. Prize, '81; Hon. Classical Ora., '81. 

A. C. McCaulcy, Mast of Cer., CI. Day, '81. 

1882. C. S. Melvin, Proph., CI. Day, '82. 

J. W. Nute, Astron. Prize, and Hon. Astron. 
Orat, '82. 

1883. C. P. Bassett Memo. Ora., CI. Day. '83. 

C. A. Walker, 2d Prize, Jr. Orat. Cont '82 ; 

Ora. CI. Day, 'S3. 

1884. A. A. Bird, Coleman Bib. Prize, '81; 
CI. Monitor for course. 

1885. J. B. Shaw, CI. Monitor for course; ist 
Coleman Bib. Prize, '83. 

1886. W. H. Carey, Coleman Bib. Prize, '83; 
2d Prize, Jr. Ora. Cont, '85. 

1888. W. McCamant, The •"83" prize, '87; 

ist Tr. Ora. Prize. '86. O. D. McConnell, 

3d Jr. Ora. Prize, '87; Eng. Prize, '87; Latin 

Salut, '88. H. L. Moore, Bus. Mgr., Tke 

Lafayette, '84; Valedic, '87. 

1889. H. S. Robinson, Ed. Melange, '89, 

Fraternity Notes. 

1876. C. W. Bixby, Del. Nat Conv., Phila- 
delphia. '76, and ist V. Pres. do; ist V. 

Pres. Nat Con v., Wooster. O., '78. J. C. 

Irwin, Char. Mem. ; Del. Nat. Conv., Craw- 

fordsville. Ind., '74. A. Leard, Char. Mem. 

T. W. Leard, Char. Mem.; Del. Nat. 

Conv., Danville, Ky., '75. 

1877. H. O. Scott, Contrib. ist and 2d eds. 

1878. W. B. Sullivan. Del. Nat Conv., 
Wooster, O., '78. 

1879. G. W. Plack, Mem. Ex. Com. from Nat 
Gr. Chap., '78-9. 

1880. J. T. Morrison, Mem. Ex. Com. from 
Nat. Gr. Chap., '79-80. 

188 1. A. C. McCauley, Del. Nat Conv.. In- 
diana|X)lis, *8o, and ist V. Pres. do. ; Pres. 
Alpha Prov., '80-1. 

1883. C. P. Bassett, Pres. Alpha Prov., '81-4; 
Del. Nat. Conv., Richmond, Va., '82; Sec. 
G. C, '84-6; Pres. G.C., '86-9. 

1884. H. N.Campbell, Intd. Pa. Gamma. 

W. S. Campbell ; Intd. Pa. Gamma. 

1885. J. B. Shaw, Del. Nat Conv., Nash- 
ville, '84. 

1 886. W. H. Carey, Del. Alpha Prov. Conv., 
New York, '85. 

1888. H. L. Moore, Del. Alpha Prov. Conv., 
Easton, Pa., '87; do. Nat. Conv., New York. 

1889. C. L. Chalfant, Intd. Ohio DelU. 

1890. B. G. Hahn, Del. Nat. Conv., Bloom- 
ington, 111., '89. 

1892. N. S. Aller, Del. Nat Conv., Atlanta, 
Ga., '91. 


California Alpha, 


Class of 1875. 

Joseph Gans Brown, A.B. x^ 

Merchant, Tombstone, Ariz. 


M.D.. U. of Calif., '82. Physician, 318 
Durant St., Oakland, Calif. 

La Fayette Hoyt De Friese. % t'X 

Name formerly •• L. H. Smith." A.B., 

Harvard, '76. With Ky. St. Geol. Surv., 

*76-9. Atty.-at-law, 35 Broadway, New 

York, N. Y. 

D wight Brunel Huntley, Ph. B. 3jf mX 

Assayer, '75-83. Mining and milling gold 
and silver ore, 1259 Webster St., Oakland, 

William Carey Jones, A.B. ^ /+ 

A.M., U. ot Calif., '79. Instr., U. of Calif., 
'77-87; since '87, Asst. Prof. U. S. Hist., 
do., Berkeley, Calif. 

Class of 1876. 

Abram Clarke Bradkord. ^ f* 

Ph.B., U. of Calif., '78. Farmer, Nelson, 

William Henry Chamuerlain, Ph.B. %^ /«l» 
Prin. San Leandro Pub. Sch., '78-9. Trav. 
And., So. Pac. Co., '85-6. Asst. Sec. and 
Mang. Pacific Club, 'S7-8. U. S. Bank Ex- 
aminer, since "90. 322 (Jeary St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Frederick Lewis Foster. ^ v^ 

Propr. and Ed. Contra Costa Gazette, 

Martinez, Calif., '82-7. With San Jose Daily 

Herald, '87-90. Since '90, Ed. Mountain 

View Register, Mountain View, Calif. 

Edwin Groome Heaco( k. i-* 

Teller and book-keeper, Santa Cruz Bank 

of Savings and Loan, '73-8. Freij^ht clerk, 

Baker and Hamilton, San Francisco, Calif., 

'80-6. Book-keeper, Alameda, Calif. 

Nathan Albert MoRioRD, Ph.B ^^ j4> 

At Alleghany Coll., '67-8. Prin. Pub. 
Schs., St. Helena, '7(>-82. Ed. St. Helena 
Star, St. Helena, Calif.. '78. Since "82, Ed. 
and Propr., Daily Phoenix Herald, Phoe- 
nix, Ariz. 

Horace Allen Redfiei I), Ph.B. Sf rt 

Prof. Pol. Econ. and Science, Washington 
Coll.. Calif., '7^-7- City Ed. Daily Times, 
Oakland, Calif., '78. Since '88, Musical Ed. 
Oakland Enquirer, Oakland. Music dealer, 
Oakland, Calif. 

*Peter Francisco Charles Sander, Ph.B. 

f ^ 
A.M., U. of Calif.. '79; LL.B., Columbia, 

'79. Atty.-at-law. Died, Santa Barbara, 

Nov. 21, '84. Santa Barbara, Calif. 

Fred Searls, A.B. /X 

Atty.-at-law, Nevada City,' Calif. 

*JoHN EnwiN Taylor, jf J »■♦ 

Died, in Sierras, July 22, '75. Grass Val- 
ley, Calif. 

Ryland Burnett Wallace, A.B. if 6\ 

A.M., U. of Calif., '81; LL.B., Hastings 
Coll. of Law, '81. Atty.-atlaw, 130 San- 
some St , San Francisco, Calif. 

Charles Edward Washburne, Ph.B. J T-aX 
M.D., U. of City of New York, '81. Mem. 
City Staff, New York World, '76-8. Asst 
Phvs., Charity Hosp., Blackwell's Island, 
New York, N. Y., '81-2. Asst Prof., N. Y. 
Post-Grad. Sch. of Med., •82-3. Contrib. 
Amer. Supp. Enc. Britan., '88. Phys. and 
Writer, Cincinnati, Ohio. 165 Devine St, 
San Jose, Calif. 

John N E Wilson, A.B. 5f ft i-* 

••N" and " E" letters only. Pros. Atty., 
•81-3. Dist Atty., '85-7. Mem. Calif. St 
Sen., '87-91. Since '89, Ins. Commis. of 
Calif. Atty.-at-law, 401 California St, San 
Francisco, Calif.' 

John Gallimore Yager, y t* 

A.B., U. of Calif., '78. Prin. several Pub. 
Schs. , Selma. Grape grower, Selma, Calif. 

Class of 1877. 

Walter Stone Alexander. x^ 

Grad. U. S. Mil. Acad., '79. Instr. Math., 
U. S. Mil. Acad., '83-7. U. S. A., ist Lieut, 
4th Rej^. Artil. Permanent address, care 
Adj. -Gen. Army, Washington, D. C. Present 
address. Fort Adams, R. I. 

Edward Boom, Ph.B. if i* 

Instr. Chem., U. of Calif., '77-80. Chem- 
ist and Mineralogist, Calif. St Mining 
Bureau, '80-1. Chemist and Assayer, San 
Francisco, '81-3. Since '83, Ed. San Fran- 
cisco Daily Report, 320 Sansome St, San 
Francisco, Calif. 

George Ellis De Golia, Ph.B. Sf n-X 

Ed. Oakland Daily Transcript, Oakland. 
'78. Dy. Dist Atty., Alameda Co.. Calif., 
•83-8. Del. Nat. Rep. Conv., Chicago, III. 
'88. Atty.-at-law, 957 Broadway. Oakland, 

« "v. 




California Alpha, 

1 891-6. NOTES. 

Frank Mershon Parcells, Ph. B. f* * yT 

Co., 411 Ml 

With Diebold Safe & Lock 
St., San Francisco, Calif. 


William Harrison Waste. % ^T 

Reporter The Examiner, 508 Montgomery 
St., San Francisco, Calif. 

Class of 1892. 


Charles Henry Edwards. 
Santa Ana, Calif. 

EvERBiT Farnum Goodyear. jfT 

Clk. to the Director of Agrl. Experiment 
Stations, Berkeley, 'qo-i. Berkeley, Calif. 

James Huntington Gray. rr 

236 San Jose Ave., San Francisco, Calif. 

♦Charles Henry Spurgeon. 
Died, Port Costa. Calif. 
Santa Ana, Calif. 

Perry Thomas Tompkins, if 
San Bernardino, Calif. 

Clement Calhoun Young. 
Santa Rosa, Calif. 

June 15, '91. 

Class of 1893. 

Nathaniel Barnes Hinckley. 
San Bernardino, Calif. 

Henry Waldgrave Stuart. 

1221 Franklin St., Oakland, Calif. 

Louis Titus. 

Farmer, Acampo, Calif. 

Henry Montague Willis, Jr. 
San Bernardino, Calif. 

Class of 1894. 

Russ Avery. 

913 Broadway, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Frank Shack klfordBoggs. 
Princeton, Calif. 

William Nathaniel Friend. 

Man. California Architect, '89-90. 
land, Calif. 

Claude Reznor Leech. 
Berkeley, Calif. 

Class ok 1895. 









Charles Hitchcock Fowler, Jr. 

Cor. Buchanan and Oak Sts., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Eugene Clarence Holmes. ^ <tT 

610 Shotwell St , San Francisco, Calif. 

Charles Newton Lathrop. 

At Harvard, 92*3. Oakland, Calif. 

Charles Edward Parcklls. "f 
725 Hobart St, Oakland, Calif. 

William Oscar Spencer. 
Oakland. Calif. 

Harry Beal Torrey. 

1055 Grove St., Oakland, Calif. 

Class of 1896. 

John Darwin Gish. 

1800 Flower St., Los Angeles. Calif. 

Thomas Allen Smith. 
Berkeley, Calif. 




College Notes. 

1873. F. Otis, L^niv. Medalist and Saluta- 
tory, '73. 

1874. D. E. Collins, Entrance Prize of 
$1,200; Commis. Capt. Univ. Cadets on Grad. 
W. W. Van Arsdale, Ed. Berkeleyan, 


1875. L. S. Burchard, Commis. ist Lieut. 

Univ. Cadets on Grad. L. H. DeFriese. 

(Detur Prizes, '75, and member Phi Beta 

Kappa.'76, Harvard). D. B. Huntley, Univ. 

Medalist and Valedictorian, '75; Historian, CI. 
L>ay, '75; Commis. Capt Univ. Cadets on 
(jrad. W. C. Jones, Orator, CI. Day, 


1876. A. C. Bradford, Historian, CI. Day. 

'70. W. H. Chamberlain, Commis. Sergt- 

Maj. Univ. Cadets on Grad. F. L. Foster, 

Ed. Herkeleyan^ '75. N. A. Morford, Ed. 

Bcrkeieyan, '74-5; Essayist, Jr. Ex., '75; 

Commis' Capt Univ. Cadets on Grad. H. 

A. Redfield, Commis. ist Lieut Univ. Cadets 

on Grad. J. E. Taylor. Poet, Jr. Ex., '75; 

Jr. Prize Deb., '75. R. B. Wallace, Chief 

Ed. Berkeley an; Pres., CI. Day, '76. J. N 

E Wilson, Orator, CI. Day, '76. J. G. Vager, 

Poet. Jr. Ex., '75: Pres., Chartei' Day, '76. 

1S77. E. Booth, Orator. Charter Day, '77; 

Valedictorian, '77. G. E. De Golia, Ed. 

lUrkt-lcyan, '74-7; Essayist, Charter Day, '77; 
Orator, CI. Tree, '77; Commis. Capt Univ. 
Cadets on Grad. 

187S. J. B. Clow, Bus. Mang. Blue and 
GjIiI, '77: Ed. Berkeleyan, '78; Pres. Class 
Pav, '78; Commis. ist Lieut Univ. Cadets on 

1879. F. Morse, Medalist, '79. 

1887. W. O. Morgan, Bus. Mang., Berkele- 
yan, '85; Ex. Ed., do., '86. 




Charter granted, November 8, 1873, to Thomas Fryer Rogers, '74; Frank Joseph Annis, '75 

Charles William Sheldon, '75, and Grant Marian Morse, '76. 

Class OF 1859. 

William James Be.vl. jjl^ fi9 

A.B., U. of Mich., '59; A.M., do., '62; 
Ph.D., do., '80; B.S., Lawrence Sci. Sch., 
Harvard, '65; M.S., U. of Chicago, '74. 
Prof. Nat vSci., Friend's Acad., Union 
Springs, N. Y., '59-61; do., Howland Sch., 
Union Springs, N. Y., '64-8; Prof. Botany, 
U. of Chicago, '68-71 ; since '70, Prof. Botany 
and Hort., St. Agl. Coll. of Mich. Lansing, 

Class of 1870. 

Charles William Garfield, B.S. //5 

M.S., St. Agl. Coll. of Mich., '73: Prof, 
do., '74-7. Ed. Common School Gazette, 
'6g; do., Agl. Dept., Detroit Free Press, 
'74-9. Ed. "Transactions Mich. Hort. Soc. ," 
5 Vols., '76-80. Mem. Mich. St. Leg., '80-1. 
Farmer, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Class of 1871. 

♦Robert Fairchild Kedzie, B.S. "f f4 

M.S., St Agl. Coll. of Mich., '75. At 
Sheffield Sci. Sch., Yale, '75-6; Bussey Inst, 
Harvard, '76-7. Asst Prof. Chem., St. 
Agl. Coll. of Mich., '72-80. Prof. Chcm. and 
Phys., Miss. Agl. Coll., '80-2. Died. Stark- 
ville, Feb. 13, '82. Starkville, Miss. 

Class of 1874. 

Augustus Samuel Hi^me, B.S. rjil 

Prin. Schs.. Lyons, Mich., Union, Mo., 
and Sullivan, Mo., '74-S4. Since '84, Farmer, 
Lansing, Mich. 

Thomas Fryer Roger.s. J I't 

Supt. Schs., Muskegon Co., Mich.. '76-8. 

Ed. Enterprise, Lakeview, Mich.; do., 

Ravenna Times, since '88. Ravenna, Mich. 

Class of 1875. 

Frank Joseph Annis, B.S. * vX 

M.S., St Agl. Coll. of Mich.. '79; LL.B., 
U. of Mich., '82. Prin. and Supt High Sch., 
Greeley. Col., '75-9. Dy. Supt Schs., Weed 
Co., Col., '76-7. Prof. Chem., St Agl. Coll. 
of Col., '79-80. City Atty., Fort Collins, 
'84-5. Dist Atty., 8th Judicial Dist, Col., 
'87. Atty.-at-law, Fort Collins, Col. 

Albert Allen Crane, B.S. ST C^' 

Prin. High Sch., Otisco, Mich., '77-8. Clk. 
Otsego Co., Mich., '82-6. Atty.-at-law, 
Gaylord, Mich. 

♦Emmett Fuller. ^ ^x 

Teacher. Died, Mason, May 15, '75. 
Mason, Mich. 

Otis Fuller. f'J fQ 

At Fuller Acad., to '73. Co. Supt. Schs.. 
Ingham Co., Mich., '74-7. Ed. Ingham 
County News, '76-80; do., St Johns 
Repuolican, '81-9. U. S. Internal Rev. 
Collector, Saint Johns, Mich. 

Dean Fre.mont Griswold, B.S. ^x 

At Oberlin, '80-1. Farmer, North ville, 


Michigan Beta. 


^ I 


Charles Sumner Hitchcock. 

Traveling salesman, Jackson, Mich. 

Class of 1S81. 

(jarkie John Di.nn. 

Merchant and farmer, Jones, Mich. 

Howard Morrill Holmes, B.S. Jf C* 

Ed. Registcf^ Ann Arbor, Mich., 87-9; 
since '89, do., Times Recorder, Zanesville, 

William Robert Hubbert, B.S. % 9T 

M.D., Detroit Med. Coll., 'S5. Phys. and 
Druggist. Michigan City, N. Dak. 

Alva Sherwood, B.S. 1^ 

Prin. Schs., New Troy, Mich., S3-4; do., 
Three Oaks, Mich., '84-6. Farmer, Three 
Oaks, Mich. 

William Garret SiMONsoN, B.S. jjf^ i^ 

Mayor, Alliance. Atty.-at-law, Alliance, 

Wendell Lee Simpson. W> 

Grad. U. S. Mil. Acad., '84. U. S. A., 2d 

Lieut., 24th Inf., since '84. Since '87, Prof. 

Mil. Sci. and Tactics, St. Agl. Coll. of Mich. 

War Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Class of 1882. 

Liberty Hyde Bailey, B.S. jf fl a1 

M.S., St. Agl. Coll. of Mich., '86. Legis- 
lative Rep., Chicago Inter-Ocean, '80-1. 
Asst. to Asa (jray, Harvard, '82-4. Prof. 
Hort. and Landscape Gardening, St. Agl. 
Coll. of Mich., '85-8. Prof. Horticulture. 
Cornell U., since '88. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Edward William Crafts. ^T 

Farmer, Grass Lake, Mich. 

Warren Henry (ioss, B.S. ^ 

Farmer, Bangor, Mich. 

Will Erwin Hale. B S. aX 

Farmer. Eaton Rapids, Mich. 

Jacob Mark Hollingswortii. B.S. fl /rl> 

Farmer, Ridge Farm, 111. 

Jefferson Henry Irish, B.S. g 17* 

Co. Atty., Becker Co., Minn. ,'85-9. Atty.- 
at-law, Detroit City, Minn. 

Albert Sherman Osborn. '^ C* 

Teacher, Rochester Bus. U., 76 State St., 
Rochester, N. V. 

Willie Burr Osborn. ^ C* 

Book-keeper, Jackson. Mich. 

•Herbert Ira Penoyek. (,'T 

Died, Lansing, April 13, '81. Lansing, 

Class of 1883. 

Oliver Strobridge Bristol. ^ tsX 

Farmer, Almont, Mich. 

William Howard Bristol. ^ aT 

LL.B., U. of Mich., '84. Atty.-at-law and 
planter, Shreveport, La. 

Jesse Eugene Eddy. i'T 

Teacher, Litchfield, Mich. 

KiRNEST Darwin Hutton. % pT 

Clk. Third Nat. Bank, 85 Elizabeth St, 
Detroit, Mich. 

WiLLARD Smith Kedzie, B.S. A 

Farmer, Adrian, Mich. 

William Henry Sheldon. c* 

Farmer, Chmax, Mich. 

Class of 1884. 

Charles Atchinson. B^ 

Loan and Ins. Agt., Alliance, Neb. 

Charles Baker. B.S. W> 

Ph.C, U. of Mich., '87. Druggist, 
Ow^osso, Mich. 

Robert R Briggs. rT 

•• R " letter only. Farmer, Romeo. 

Carl Schurz English. rT 

Farmer, Elmdale, Mich. 

Daniel Jay Gillam. ;*♦ 

Fire Ins. Agt., 108 W. Michigan Ave., 
Lansing, Mich. 

Cornelius Edward Kelly. r* 

Prin. Grad. Sch., Berlin, Mich., '84-^). 
Since '86, Apiarist, Lisbon, Mich. 

Benjamin Church Porter, B.S. vT 

Farmer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Cj akence Eugene Smith, B.S. y rT 

M.S., St. Agl. Coll. of Mich., '89. Prin. 

Morenci High Sch., Morenci. Mich., '84-5. 

Instr. Eng. Mich. St. Norm., '86-7. Since 

'87, Supt. Schs., Schoolcroft, Mich. 

WiLFoRi) CoiTON Stryker, B.S. ^ *4 

At U. of Mich., '80-1. Druggist, Station 
C, Los Angeles, Calif. 

William Thum, Jr. i^* 

Manufacturer, 30 S. Jefferson St., Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

Class of 1885. 

*George Perey Antisdale. ^ ^4> 

At Cornell U., '84. Died. Nottawa, Apnl 
5, '85. Nottawa, Mich. 


Michigan Beta. 



Orlando John Root, B.S. /<^ 

Mason, Mich. Marles Under hill. ^T 

City Clk.. Pent Water, 'Sf)-;. Asst. Post- 
master, Pent Watei^ '85-9. Lumberman and 
Merchant, Pent Water, Mich. 

Class of 1890. 

Horace Kdwakd Bince, Jr., B.S. 5p "^"^ 

Marysville, Mich. 

William Henry Ctlver. tT 

Book-keei>er, Tiffin, Ohio. 

Joseph Harlan Frefman, B.S. if f* 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Harris Forster Hall, B.S. if />♦ 

Meridian, Mich. 

William Reynolds Hawkins. C* 

Stenographer, Paw Paw, Mich. 

Jay Roijkrt McColl, B.S. ^ ff*l» 

Delhi Mills, Mich. 

John Harris Forster Mullett, B.S. ^X 

Meridian, Mich. 

Florts Billings Plimi'Ton. tT 

Teacher, Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Charles Frederick Rit linger, B.S. 

New Carlisle, Ind. SjSf* '"^ 

William Ezra Snyder, r* 

Cabinet maker, Constantine, Mich. 

Fred B Stockwell. 

"B" letter only. Clk., 
Detroit, Mich. 


Eliot St., 

Paul Woodworth, B.S. ^ 
Farmer, Caseville, Mich. 

Class of 1891. 

Charles Fuller Baker, B.S. <^ P.* 

Asst. Prof. Entomol. and Zool., Colorado 
Agrl. Coll., since '91. Saint Croix Falls, 


Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Victor Hunt Lowe, B.S. i4> 

Jackson, Mich. 

Robert Henry Stanley, "f tT 

New Britain, Conn. 

Charles Frederick Weidemann. /»* 

1005 Genesee Ave., East Saginaw, Mich. 

Class of 1892. 

Louis Beach Allison. 5 ^ X 

Saint John, Mich. 

Charles William Deye. 
Allen, Mich. 

Earl Humphrey Mead. 

1021 Ottawa St., W., Lansing, Mich. 

Dean Park. 

Lansing, Mich. 

George Albert Peabody. 
Detroit, Mich. 

Class of 1893. 

Benjamin Franklin Bain. 
Petoskey, Mich. 

Luther Henry Baker. 
Lansing, Mich. 

Percy Arthur Barixjw. ^ 

88 Maybury Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

LeRoy Carleton Bristou ft^ 
Almont, Mich. 

Charles Wesley Leii'Prandt. 
Hayes, Mich. 

Class of 1894. 

Henry Denio Baker. 
Hudson, Wis. 

KIarl B Hughes. 

'• B" letter only. Marshall, Mich. 

Malcolm Forrest Loomis. 

195 Bridge St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

John Cuthbert Patrick. 
Detroit, Mich. 

John W^illiam Rittinger. f' 
Terre Coupee, Ind. 

Class of 1895. 

William Chandler Bagley. 

117 Congress St., E., Detroit, Mich. 

James Henry Kimball. 

72 Sibley St., Detroit, Mich. 

Ralph Giddings Root. 

220 Kishwaukee St, Rockford, 111. 

Class of 1896. 

Walter George Amos. 
Detroit, Mich. 

Nathan Cal Johnson. 
South Bend, Ind. 












Charter granted, November iS, 1873, to Robert Smith Saulsbury, '74; Frank Heath Terrill. '74, 

and Marecllus Montreville Hargrove, '75. 

Cj.Ahs oi" 1873-4. 

Robert Smith Sailshury. jjfjj /*-,it 

A.B., Emory, '73. Mem. Fla. St. Leg., 
sinee '91. Orange grower, Istaehatta, Fla. 

♦Frank Heath Tkrrill. M.D. a f'^-^r^ 

AB., Roanoke, '71; A.M., do., '76. Late 
Surgeon, U. S. Navy. Prof. Therapeutics, 
U. of Cahf., '83-7. Physician. Died, San 
Francisco, Jan. 20, '88. San Francisco, 

Class ok 1S74-5. 

♦Jackson Hawkins Gii MORE. § '^ Tl-rir 

A.B., Miami, '73; LL.B., Cincinnati Law 
Sch., '76. Cor. and Ed. Democrat, Eaton, 
'70-6. Prin. Pub. Schs., Eaton, '73-4. Atty.- 
at-law. Died, Eaton, Ohio, Oct. 25, '80. 
Columbus, Ohio. 

Marcellus Montreville Har<;ro\ k. 

A.B., Roanoke, '72; A.M., do., '75. Tutor, 
Roanoke, '72-3. Prof. Lang., Carolina Mil. 
Inst, Charlotte, N. C, '-^i^^i. Prof. Wilson 
Inst, Wilson, N. C. '81-3. Prin. High 
Sch., Fort Deposit, Ala., '84. Prof. French 
and Math., Oxford Female Sem., '84-f). 
Prin. S. W.Va. Inst, for Young Ladies, '8r>-(j. 
Since '89, Prin. Luray Female Inst., Lurav, 

David Huston PoTTE.\t;ER, LL.B. g 0P-r4> 
A.B., Miami, '73: A.M., do. ,'87. Aity.-at- 
law, United Bank Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

♦Sami'el Hiser Show alter. 

Attended Roanoke. Die3, U. 
April I, '75. Mount Crawford, Va, 


of Va.. 

Class of 1875-6. 

RossER Daniel Bohannan, B. S., C. M. E. wX 
At Cambridge U., Eng.,'80-2; Gottingen 
U.. Ger., '82-3. Instr. Math., Suffolk Coll. 
Inst, '76-7; do., Dabney U. Sch., New York, 
N. Y., '77-8. Prof. Matn., Emory and Henry 
Coll., '78-80. Acting Prof. Math., XI. of 
Va., '83-4; Asst. Math, and Phys., do./84-7. 
Since '87, Prof. Math, and Astron., Ohio St. 
U., loi King Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

Charles Alfred Davis, Jr., A. B. ^ x^ 

Retired merchant, Greensboro, Ga. 

♦Charles Eugene Jordan. x^ 

Died, Cuthbert, '79. Cuthbert, Ga. 

John Alexander McBride. 5 rT-f* 

M.D., U. of La., '78. At Roanoke, '73-4. 
Physician and Druggist, Carrollton, Miss. 

William Miller, ft i^-fi' 

A.B., Roanoke, '73. Asst. Prin. Washing- 
ton Acad., Somerset Co., Mo., '76-8; Prin. 
Mill's Point Inst, Vanzandt Co., Tex., '81-2. 
Since '83, Farmer, Perrowville, Va. 

William McKendree Murrell, yjj r^Z-r^i 
A.B., Roanoke, '74; A.M., do.,*79. Since 
'79, Commonwealth's Atty., Campbell Co., 
Va. Atty.-at-law, Rustburg, Va. 


Virginia Beta, 

1 88 1-4 

Hugh Reid. ft^ Jf^"^ 

A.B., Centre Coll., '79; M. D., Teflterson 
Med. Coll., '82. InHosp.. Philadelpnia Med. 
Coll., '81-3. Physician, Stanford, Ky. 

George Bruce Thomas. j| pS.-ri 

At Centre Coll., '79-80. Staff Maysville 
Sunday Morning Call^ *8i-2. Local Ed. 
New Republican, Maysville, Ky., '82-3; 
Bus. Mang, do., '82-3. Director, Sec. and 
Treas., N. Mobile Land, Improvement and 
Manufacturing Co. Real Est, N. W. cor. 
Royal and St. Francis Sts.. Mobile, Ala. 

Class of 1881-2. 

Henry William Bowers. wX 

M. D., Columbia, '84. Contractor, Port 
Townsend, Wash. Chico, Calif. 

*Henry Winter Davis. * 0X-rX 


Dead. Attended 
Waverly, Mo. 

estminster Coll., 

John Lyle Elliott, LL.B. \^ 

Atty.-at-la\v, Mount Sterling, Ky. 

James Henry Fletcher, Jr., LL.B. f* fT 
Since '86, Commonweath's Atty., Acco- 
mack Co., Va. Atty.-at-law, Accomack 
C. H., Va. 

George Gatkwood Hamilton. ^ t-i' 

Farmer, Covington, Ky. 

Robert White Kno.x, M. D. {t^-rk 

A.B., Centre Coll., 'So; A.M., do., '84. 
Physician, 93 Main St., Houston, Tex. 

*David Lucian Mahry. J \^-rk 

Attv.-at-lavv. Died, Abbeville, May 25, 
'89. Abbeville C. H., S. C. 

George Washington Miles, Jr. ^ rt 

A.B., Emory and Henry Coll., '81; Prof, 
do., since '89. Emery, Va. 

Archihald Williams Patterson, LL.B. Jjf i+ 
A. B., U. of Va.., 'So. Attended Richmond 
Coll. Atty.-at-law, Richmond, Va. 

Gkorge Braxton Taylor, Jr. y ft ;t*-^* 

A. B.. Richmond Coll., '81. Grad. South- 
ern Bap. Theo. Sem.. '86. Bap. Min., Fair- 
mont, Va., '87-8; since '88, ist Bap. Ch., 
Baltimore. 806 N. Carrollton Ave., Balti- 
more, Md. 

Samuel Anderson Walton, jj rT-rX 

Atty.-at-law, Luray, Va. 

John Grubbs Winn, LL.B. f* ci2 

A.B., Eclectic Inst, Frankfort, Ky., '79. 
Cash. Exchange Bank of Ky., Mount Ster- 
ling, since' 88. Atty.-at-law, Mount Sterling, 


Class of 1882-3. 

Henry Clay Gilbert. ST ft cTT-r* 

A.B., St. Norm. ColT, Tenn., '80. Supt 
Pub. Schs., Decatur, Ala. 

Edward Chalmers Huffaker. jf vt 

A.B., Emory and Henry Coll., '80; A.M., 
do., '83; Tutor Math, and Nat Sci., do., 
'79-82. Civ. Eng., Bristol, Tenn. 

Robert Crockett Jackson, LL.B. ^ 

A.B., Emory and Henry Coll., *8i. Inde- 
pendence, Va. 

Julian Way K end rick, ft fS-r* 

Attended Va. Mil. Inst, '80-3. Prof. 
Math, and Nat Sci., Augusta Male Acad., 
Fort Defiance, Va., '79-82. Civ. Eng., Front 
Royal, Va. Since '91. City Eng., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

John Hunter Pendleton, y >^ 

A. M., U. of Va., '81 ; Ph.D., U. of Gottin- 
gen, '86. Prin. Pan tops Acad., Charlottes- 
ville, Va.. '81-2. Asst Chem., Tufts Coll., 
'87-8; Instr., do., '88-9. Since '89, Prof. Nat 
Sci., Bethany Coll., Bethany, W. Va. 
Charlottesville, Va. 

George Sea Shanklin. ft t* 

Atty.-at-law, Northern Bank Bldg., Lex- 
ington, Ky. 

John James Stuart, if ft ^ rX 

A.B., Emory and Henry Coll., '81. Atly.- 
at-law, Abingdon, Va. 

Class of 1883-4. 

♦Luther Ashby Antrim. r^ 

Died, U. of Va., June 22, '84. Richmond, 

Benjamin Franklin Buchanan, LL.B. JJ ^X 
Prin. High Sch., Chatham Hill, Va., 
\So-i. Sec. and Treas., Ky. & Ohio Ry. 
Co., '81-2. Atty.-at-law, Marion, Va. 

* Edwin Vose Sumner Long, B. S. "^ x^ 

Civ. Eng. Died, Birmingham, Ala., March 
12, '88. Charlottesville. Va. 

James Clarke McReynolds, LL.B. 

^ ft f ;iX-ri' 
B.S., Vanderbilt U., '82. Atty.-at-law, 
Cole Bldg., Nashville, Tenn. 

Robert Lee Powers, f* r* 

Wholesale Druggist, 1305 E. Main St., 
Richmond, Va. 

Joseph Christopher Terrell, LL.B. 

yft fj-L-ri 
A.B., Randolph-Macon, '81. Fort Worth, 


Virghiia Beta, 


Class of 1884-5. 

*George Daniel Blakey, B.S., C. E. «T 

Asst. High Sch., Charlottesville, Va., '85-6. 

Asst. City Eng., Roanoke, \'a. Civ. Enj;. 

Died, Ivanhoe Furnace, Va., Dec. 25, '9<j. 

Charlottesville, Va. 

Jacob Flnk. fl ^ f*-^X 

B.L., Mo. U., '83. Prin. Pub. Schs., 
Helena, '83-4. Atty.-at-law, Helena, Ark. 

Bernard Robertson Guest, B. S., C. E. i/X 
Civ. Eng., Lexington, Ky. 

Horace Hardaway, C. M. E. ^ 
Asst. Resident Eng., Tenn. 
Ry.. Chula, Va. 

Malvern Courtney Patterson. 
At Richmond Coll., '78-80. 
broker, Atlanta, Ga." 

Frank Puryear. jj 

A.M.. Richmond Coll., '84. 
Sci., St. Norm. Sch., Mo., '86-8. 
Sch., Cleveland, Va., '88-90. Markham, Va. 

William Bibb Thornhill. ft a4>-f^ 

M.D.. Ho.sp. Coll. of Me(ir, Louisville, Ky., 
'86. At Richmond Coll., '81-2. Polyclinic, 
N. Y., '86-7. Physician, Lynchburg, Va. 

Edward Pleasants Valentine. wT-fX 

Chemist and Min. Eng., P. O. Box, 313 
Richmond, Va. 

Class of 1885-6. 

Carter Helm Jones, ft aV-aQ. 

At Richmond Coll., 79-82; So. Bap. Theo. 
Sem., '82-5. Baptist Min., New Castle, Ky., 
'84-5: since '86, Elizabeth, N. J. 

^KED Thurston Loftin. ft /c<l>-ut 

At De Pauw, '81-4. City Ed. Crescent, 
Frankfort, Ind., '84-5; Ed. and Prop., do., 
'88-9. Private Sec, U. S. Sen. Turpie, 
Washington, D.C., '90-1. Since '91, editorial 
writer, Democrat, Huntington, Ind. 

& Midland 


Prof. Nat. 
Prin. High 

Class of 1886-7. 


A.M., U. of Va., '88; LL.B., do., '91. At 
U. of Berlin, '88-9. Atty.-at-law, Jackson- 
ville, Fla. 

J<DHN Drummond Fletcher. Ph. B. f* /c* 
LL.B., U. of Va., '90. Asst. Prin., Freder- 
icksburg Acad., Fredericksburg, Va., '87-8. 
Atty.-at-law, Jenkin's Bridge, Va. 

^*"B'ielding Peery Miles, jjff' rX 

A.B., Emory and Henry Coll., '80; A.M., 

do., '87. Prin. High Sch., Broad Ford, Va., 

'80-2 Prof. Chem. and Geol., Va. Agrl. and 
Mech. Coll., since '86. Died, Blacksburg, 
Va., May 4, '90. Blacksburg, Va. 

David Breckinridge Myers. 5f ft T4»-rQ 

At Roanoke Coll., '84-6. ^tty.-at-law, 
Hagerstown, Md. 

Geor(;e Petrie, A.M. r* 

Adjunct Prof. Modern Lang, and Hist., 
Ala. St. Agrl. and Mech. Coll., Auburn, 

Frank Vernon Russell, jjfft '/j^-ri 

A.B., Randolph-Macon, '86. At Columbia 
Coll. Law Sch., '87-8. Atty.-at-law, Great 
Bend, Kan. 

♦Reuben Martin Searcy, ftij^ AX 

A.B., U. of Ala., '87. M. D., Georgetown 
U., '92. Instr. Chem., U. of Ala., '87-S. 
Asst. in Chem., U. of Va., '90-2. Died, 
Tuscaloosa, July 16, '92. Physician, Tus- 
caloosa, Ala. 

Henry Louis Smith, Ph. B. Jf r* 

A.B., Davidson Coll., '81; A.M., do., '88. 
Prin. Acad., Selma, N. C, '81-6. Since '87, 
Prof. Xat. Phil., Davidson College, N. C. 

Alexander Brown Stuart. ^ ri' 

Merchant, Elk Garden, Va. 

Barton Haxall Wise. \/^ 

Richmond, Va. 

Class of 1887-8. 
William John Hunter Bohannan, A.B., LL.B. 

At Emory and Henry Coll., '79-80; Rich- 
mond Coll., '81-4. Atty.-at-law, loi King 
Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

*Thomas Alfred Caldwell. LL.B. aU 

At Hampden-Sidney Coll., '80-3. Teacher, 
Edwards, Miss., '86-7. Atty.-at-law. Died, 
Norfolk, Feby. 22, '91. Norfolk, Va. 

John Hamilton Potter Hodgson, M.D. 

ft t'L-tX 
At U. of the South, '82-6. Physician, 
Sewanee, Tenn. 

Lin WOOD Lee Kellam. ft /.*-fX 

At Randolph-Macon Coll., '82-6. Atty.-at- 
law, Norfolk, Va. 

William Henry Lyons, LL.B. ft i-P-rX 

A.B., Richmond Coll., '86. Atty.-at-law, 
Richmond, Va. 

Henry Mansfield, Jr. ft r 

At Va. Mil. Inst., ^82-6. Atty.-at 
Lincoln, Neb. 




Virginia Beta, 

1 88 1-4 

Hugh Reid. ftf 6X-t* 

A.B., Centre Coll., '79; M. D., Jefferson 
Med. Coll. ,'82. In Hosp., Philadelphia Med. 
Coll., '81-3. Physician, Stanford, Ky. 

George Bruce Thomas. j| pX-r* 

At Centre Coll., '79-80. Staff Maysville 
Sunday Morning Caii, '81-2. Local Ed. 
New Republican, Maysville, Ky., '82-3; 
Bus. Mang, do., '82-3. Director/ Sec. and 
Treas., N. Mobile Land, Improvement and 
Manufacturing Co. Real Est., N. W. cor. 
Royal and St Francis Sts., Mobile, Ala. 

Class of 188 1-2. 

Henry William Bowers. uX 

M.D., Columbia, '84. Contractor, Port 
Townsend, Wash. Chico, Calif. 

•Henry Winter Davis. * ^X-rX 

Dead. Attended Westminster Coll., 
Waverly, Mo. 

John Lyle Elliott, LL.B. I't 

Atty -at-law. Mount Sterling, Ky. 

James Henry Fletcher, Jr., LL.B. ^ fT 
Since '86. Commonweath's Atty., Acco- 
mack Co.. Va. Atty. -at-law, Accomack 
C. H., Va. 

George Gatewood Ha.milton. ^ i-t 

Farmer, Covington, Ky. 

Robert White Kno.x, M. D. /xfr-rP 

A.B.. Centre Coll., 'So; A.M., do., '84. 
Physician, 93 Main St., Houston, Tex. 

•David Lucian Mahry. ft v^-ri' 

Atty. -at-law. Died, Abbeville, May 2:;, 
•89. Abbeville C. H., S. C. 

George Washini;ton Miles, Jr. <^ i-t 

A.B., Emory and Henry Coll., '81; Prof, 
do., since 'S9. Emery, Va. 

Archibald Williams Patterson, LL.B. ajf ft 
A. B., U. of Va... 'So. Attended Richmond 
Coll. Atty. -at-law, Richmond, Va. 

Gkorce Braxton Taylor, Jr. ajTJJ A^*-^ 

A. H.. Richmond Coll., '81. Grad. South- 
ern Bap. Theo. Sem., 'S6. Bap. Min., Fair- 
mont, Va., '87-8; since '88, 1st Bap. Ch.. 
Baltimore. 806 N. Carrollton Ave., Balti- 
more, Md. 

Samuel Anderson Walton. 3 rT-rX 

Atty. -at-law, Luray, Va. 

John Grubbs Winn, LL.B. ^ fQ 

A.B., Eclectic Inst., Frankfort, Ky., '79. 
Cash. Exchange Bank of Ky., Mount Ster- 
ling, since*8S. Atty.-at-law, Mount Sterling, 

Class of 1882-3. 

Henry Clay Gilbert. STft <rr-T* 

A-B.. St Norm. CoU., Tenn., '80. Supt 
Pub. Sichs., Decatur, Ala. 

Edward Chalmers Huffaker. % vt 

A.B., Emory and Henry ColL, *8o; A.M., 
do., '83: Tutor Math, and Nat Sci., do., 
'79-82. Civ. Eng., Bristol, Tenn. 

Robert Crockett Jackson, LL.B. ^ 

A.B.. Emory and Henr>' Coll., '81. Inde- 
pendence, Va. 

Julian Way Kendrick. * fS-r* 

Attended Va. Mil. Inst, '80-3. Prof. 
Math, and Nat. Sci., Augusta Male Acad., 
Fort Detiance, Va., '79-82. Civ. Eng., Front 
Royal, Va. Since '91. City Eng., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

John Hunter Pendleton, y >* 

A. M., U. of Va., '81 ; Ph.D., U. of Gottin- 
gen, '86. Prin. Pantops Acad., Charlottes- 
ville, Va., '81-2. Asst Chem., Tufts Coll.. 
•87-S; Instr., do., '88-9. Since '89, Prof. Nat 
Sci., Bethany Coll., Bethany, W. Va. 
Charlottesville, Va. 

George Sea Shanklin. jj i* 

Atty.-at-law, Northern Bank Bldg., Lex- 
ington, Ky. 

John James Stuart. 5? jj ^ '^ 

A. B., Emory and Henry Coll., '81. Atty.- 
at-law, Abingdon, Va. 

Class of 1883-4. 

♦Luther Ashbv Antrim. rk 

Died, r. of Va., June 22, '84. Richmond, 

Benjamin Franklin Bu( hanan, LL.B. y i/'X 
Prin. High Sch., Chatham Hill, Va., 
So-i. Sec. and Treas., Ky. & Ohio Ry. 
Co., '81-2. Atty.-at-law, Marion, Va. 

*Ei)wiN VosE Sumner Long, B. S. ^ x^ 

Civ. Eng. Died, Birmingham, Ala., March 
12, '88. Charlottesville, Va. 

James Clarke McRevnolds, LL.B. 

? ft ^ AX-r* 
B.S., Vanderhilt U.. '82. Atty.-at-law, 
Cole Bldg., Nashville. Tenn. 

Robert Lee Powers. ^ rk 

Wholesale Druggist, 1305 E. Main St., 
Richmond, Va. 

Joseph Christopher Terrell, LL.B. 

A.B., Randolph-Macon, '81. Fort Worth, 


Virginia Beta, 


George William Nott, Jr. ft ^T-t* 

B. L., K. M. I., '86. At V. S. Mil. Acad., 
•87-8. Hardware Merchant, 535 Chartres St., 
New Orleans, La. 

Joseph Bryan Page. rf 

With Omaha & (Irant Smelter, Denver, 

Class ok 1888-9. 

Thomas Jefferson Barham, LL.B. ft vZ-r^ 
A.B., Randolph-Macon Coll., '86. Atty.- 
at-law, Spottsville, Va. 

Randolph Bryan Carmichael. rX 

At Pantops Acad., '84-7; Jefferson Med. 
Coll., '88-9. Fredericksburg, Va. 

William Henry Harris, LL.B. >f ft ifX-r^ 
B.S.. Vanderbilt U., '88. Atty.-at-law, 
Fort Valley, (ia. 

Halsteai) Shipman Hedges, A.B. rX 

Charlottesville, Va. 

Thomas Willi AxM Lee. ft rT-rX 

A.B., Emory, '87. Atty.-at-law, Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn. 

Eugene McLean Long, B.S.. C.E. r^ 

Charlotte.sville, Va. 

Frank PiiiLiis, Jr. ft i,Y-fX-r+ 

At Emory Coll., '85-7;. Ala. A.M.C., '87-8. 
Marianna, Fla. 

FiELDiNc; Lewis Taylor, A.M. "f vX 

M.D., r. of Va., 'yi. Charlottesville, Va. 

Walter Fount Le Roy Taylor, A.B. f* rX 
LL.B., U. of Va.,'91. Charlottesville, Va. 

RuFFiN AsiiE Wri«;iit, M. D. ft /i2-f+ 

A.B., V. of Ala., '85. Physician, Livings- 
ton, Ala. 

Class of 1889-90. 

Hunt Chipley. LL.B. ft aP-r* 

A.B., K. M. I., 'S6. At Cumberland U., 
*S6-7. Atty.-at-law, Pensacola, Fla. 

Ei:(;ene Carson Hay, M.D. ]gft (T4»-fX 

At K. M. L, 'S3-5; Washington, D. C, 
Ilosp. Surg., '90-1. Physician, Hot Springs, 

Hugh William Henry, ft iT-rX 

At Washington and Lee, '85-8. Staunton, 

Clarence Culwell Kidd. ft r«I»-t/'X 

Springtown, Tex. 

Gideon Brown Miller. ^ rT-rQ 

C. E., Va. Mil. Inst.. '86; B.S.. do., '87. 
Asst. Prof. Math., French and Tactics, Va. 
Mil. Inst, 'S^.-S. Sperryville, Va. 

Henry Forrest Quackenbos. rX 

At St. Paul's Sch.. Garden City. L. L. 
•85-6; Pa. Mil. Acad., '86-8. Charlottesville. 

Harry Greenwood Rodman, jf 'P-<;t* 

A.B.. K. M. I., '86. Frankfort, Ky. 

Robert Berry Trabue. tX 

Attended Va. Mil. Inst. Frankfort, Ky. 

Class of 1890-1. 

George Young Banks, ft rft 

Attended St. A. and M. Coll. of Ala, 
Columbus, Miss. 

George Broun, ft ri 

Auburn, Ala. 

John Scott Carter. ri 

Financial Agt, 24 W. Third St., Saint 
Louis, Mo. 

Marion Davis, ft 
Savannah, Ga. 

William Christy Hutchinson. 
Saint Louis, Mo. 

Class of i 891-2. 


Fontaine Broun. 



At Ala. Poly tech. Inst., '88-90. Atty.-at- 
law% Charleston, W. Va. 

Edgar Duncay Burts. ft rt 

Atty.-at-law, Columbus, Ga. 

Frank La Motte Harney. rX 

Saint Louis, Mo. 

LovicK Pierce Miles. Jjf irl' 

Radford, Va. 

Harris Lee Moss. I^ftf* at-^-^ 

Asst. Postmaster, Charlottesville, '85-6. 
Since '^^6, Depot Agt., Charlottesville, Va, 

Allen Gilmer Patton. ^T-ri' 

Atty.-at-law, Union, W. Va. 

Edward Wadsworth Winfield. >f r2-<ri' 

A.B., Vanderbilt, '89. At Bib. Dept., 

Vanderbilt, '89-91. Atty.-at-law, Little 
Rock, Ark. 

Class of 1892-3. 

Greer Baugilman. v* 

12 N. Second St, Richmond, Va. 

Francis Polk Blake, ft pT-r^-d 

AtU. of South, '88-9; Tulane U., '87-8. 
'90-2. 247 Prytania St., New Orleans, La, 

John Pierce Bruns. ^ v* 

147 St. Charles St., New Orleans, La. 


Virginia Beta, 


iS8o. W. S. Bryan, Cf. Md. Alpha Al. J. 

S. Mooring, Intd. U. of Ala. Chap. G. C. 

Powers, Intd. Va. Delta. M. R. Stevenson, 

Intd. Va. Gamma. 

igSi. J. W. G. Blackstone, Intd. Va. Alpha. 

M. Jackson, Intd. Earlham. W. L. 

Lewis, Del. Nat. Conv., Indianapolis, *8o. 

J. B. Poyntz, Intd. Ky. Alpha. H. Reid, 

Intd. Ky. Alpha; Cf. Frat. Notes do. G. B. 

Thomas, Intd. Ky. Alpha; Cf. Frat. Notes do. ; 
Ed. -in-chief Scroll, '82-4; Mang. Frat. Pub. 
House '82-4 ; Mem. Inter-Frat. Meeting, 
Philadelphia. '83, and Sect. do. 

1882. H. W. Davis, Intd. Mo. Beta; Cf. 

Frat. Notes do. D. L. Mabry, Intd. S. C. 

Alpha. G. B. Taylor. Jr., Intd. Va. Delta. 

S. A. Walton, Intd. \ a. Gamma. 

18S3. H. C. Gilbert, Intd. Tenn. Alpha. 

J. \V. Kendrick, Intd. Va. Epsilon. G. 

S. Shanklin, Pres. Beta Prov., '82-4. J. J. 

Stuart, Del., Nat. Conv., Richmond, Va., 82. 

1884. J. C. McReynolds, Intd. Tenn. Alpha; 

Cf. Frat. Notes, do., "82. J. C. Terrell. Intd. 

Va. Gamma. 

1885. J. Fink, Intd. Mo. Alpha. F. Pur- 
year, Intd. Va. Delta. W. B. Thornhill, 

intd. Va. Delta. 

1886. C. H. Jones, Intd. Va. Delta. F. 

T. Loftin, Intd. Ind. Zeta. 

1887. D. B. Myers, Intd. Va. Alpha; Cf. 

Frat Notes, do. F. V. Russell, intd. Va. 

Gamma. R. M. Searcy, Intd. Ala. Alpha, 

1888. J. H. P. Hodgson, Intd. Tenn. Beta. 

L. L. Kellam, Intd. Va. Gamma. W. 

H. Lyons, Intd. Va. Delta, H. Mansfield. 

Jr., Intd. Va. Epsilon. G. W. Nott, Jr.. 

Intd. Ky. Beta. 

i88g. T. J. Barham. Intd. Va. Gamma, 

W. H. Harris, Intd. Tenn. Alpha. T. W. 

Lee, Intd. Ga. Beta. F. Philips, Jr., Intd. 

Ga. Beta. R. A. Wright, Intd. Ala. Alpha. 

' II1890. H. Chipley, Intd. Ky. Beta. E. C. 

Hay. Intd. Ky. Beta. H. W. Henrv, Intd. 

' Va. Zeta. C. C. Kidd, Intd. Tex. Gamma. 

II. G.Rodman, Intd. Ky. Beta. 

1S91. G. Y. Banks, Intd. Ala. Alpha. 

G. Broun, Intd. Ala. Beta. M. Davis, Intd. 

Ga. Alpha. 

i8g2. F. Broun. Intd. Ala. Beta. E. D. 

Burts, Intd. Ala. Beta. 
; 1893. F. P. Blake, Intd. Tenn. Beta; Affd, 
' La. Alpha. II. W. Dent, Intd. Ga. Beta. 

G. H. Dunlap, Intd. Ala. Alpha. R. W. 

Johnston, Intd. Ga. Gamma. H. P. Merritt. 

Intd. Ala. Gamma 
Intd. Tenn. Beta 

-W. F. Starley, Jr.. 


J Irg inia Gamma. 


dale, N. C, '73-9. Atty.-at-law, Rapid Citv, 
S. Dak. 

Class of iv^yG-y. 

Thomas McNider Simpson. 5f CX 

Min. M. E. Ch. S., Berkley, Va., '80-1; 

Ettricks, Va., '81-2; Danville, Va., '82-4: 

Smithfield and Buena Vista, Va., '84-7; 

Lynchburg, Va., 'S7-</:>; since *c>o, Farni- 
ville, Va. 

Class ok 1877-8. 

Joseph L Armstroni;. J^f* ^ 

"L" letter only. At Roanoke Coll., '72-4; 
Johns Hopkins, *8o-i ; Randolph-Macon. 'Sr ; 
IT. of Leipsic, '82-3. Prin. Wake Forest 
Coll., N. C..'S3-4; do.. Martin Coll.. Pulaski, 
Tenn., '84-5. Prof. En>j. and Mod. Lanj^.. 
Central Coll., Mo., '8^-6: since '87, do., 
Trinity Coll., Durham. N. C. 

Uriah Vai (;han. f^«^ 

Sec. and Treas. Murfreesboro R. R. Co., 
since *(;o. Merchant, Murfreesboro, X. C. 

Class of 1878-9. 

William Dicke.nson Bucknkr. >f i** 

Prin. Sylvan Inst., '80-1. Asst. City Eng., 
Los Angeles, 'S6. Civ. Kng., 23 N. Spring 
St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Class or 1S80-1. 

Basil WoRTHiNiiToN Waters, A.M. >f iT 
Min. M. E. Ch. S., Freedom, Md., '81-3; 
Bridgewater, Va., '83-5; Kaston, Md., '85-7; 
since '87, Missionary, 133 Nohoricho, Hiro- 
shima, Japan. 

Class ok 188 1-2. 

♦Frank Carrell Watson. ?4> 

Teacher, Pub. Schs., Accomack Co., Va., 
'80-1. Druggist. Died, Jacksonville, Sept. 
7, '88. Jacksonville. Fla. 

Class ok 1S82-3. 

William Guy Townsend. ^ <.;t 

Ph.G.. Md. Coll. of Pharmacv, '8:; ; M.D., 
U. of Md., '87. Chief of Clinic in Surg., 
Woman's Med. Coll., Baltimore. Md. Phy- 
sician, Cor. Carrollton and Harlem Ave., 
Baltimore, Md. 

Class ok 1883-4. 

Adrian Collins Xadenuoi s< n. Jf ot 

At Lonoak Coll., "77-9. Dv. ShfT.. Berke- 
ley Co.. W. Va., '81-2. Prin. (Irad. Sch., 
Bfusetown, Va., '85-6. Com. in Chancerv, 

since '87; do., of Accounts, since '87. Dy. 
Clk., U. S. Cir. Ct, Martinsburg, since '88; 
do., U. S. Dist. Ct.. since '88. Com. U. S. 
Cir. and Dist. Cts., Martinsburg, since 88. 
Atty.-at-law, Martinsburg, W. \a. 

Class of 1885-6. 

Eugene Exum Thompson, A. B. % Aii 

Tobacconist, Durham, N. C. 

James Edward Woodward. //Q 

Farmer, W^ilson, N. C. 

Class of 1886-7. 

Harry Shriver Dent. rX 

Druggist, Milnes, Va. 

Class of 1887-8. 

Robert Coleman Child. 5f dii 

At William and Mary, '88-90. Ashland, 

♦Archihald Allen Darden. aX 

At Central Coll., '83-5. Died, Suffolk, 
March 22, *88. Suffolk, Va. 

Lucio Ware Hill. ^ c^ 

Merchant, Rapidan Station, Va. el Bean Johnson. i^ 

Law Stu., Franklin, W. Va. 

Andrew S.Mi I H Martin. '^ PX 

Stenographer, R. & D. R. R., 716 N. 
Twenty-fourth St., Richmond, Va. 

Jamks Carson Martin, Jr.. A. M. ST^ /X 
Prin. Grad. Sch., New Market, Va., 'S8-9. 
716 N. Twenty-fourth St., Richmond, Va. 

Daniel Norhorne Norton. . a-^ 

San Bernardino, Calif. 

Class ok i888-<;. 

Andrew Leitlh. y-i- 

Postmaster, Well Water, Va., '85-7. Mount 
Ida. Va. 

Joseph Etiielred Suiter. aii 

At Davis Mil. Sch., '8(>-8. Garysburg, 

William Thompson. '% 
Lynchburg, Va. 

Class ok i889-<|<j. 


Lynchburg, Va. 

Richard Warrkn Peatross. 
Bowling Green, Va. 






Charter granted, Jan. 19, 1S75, to Arthur McCoy Ralston, '77; William David Shipman, '77; and 

Albert Corydon White, '79. 

Class of 1871. 

Wallack Mayo, A.B. 14 

A.M., Tufts, '74. Late Prin. High Sch., 
Barre, Mass. Late Prof. Liberal Inst., 
Clinton. N. Y. Prof. Buchtel Coll., '75. In 
fertilizer bus., 27 Beaver St., New York, 
N. Y. 

Class of 1875. 

Gkorge Alfred McAlpink, B.S. fiQ 

A.^., Allegheny, '76. Atty.-at-la\v, St. 
Ignace, Mich. 

Class of 1876. 

JOSEI'II HiDY, Ph.B. .^t 

LL.B., U. of Mich., '78. ' Alternate, Nat. 
Dem. Con v., '80. Ed. O/i/'o S/tf/e. Rej^/stcr, 
'81-2 and '86-7. Since '84, Trustee, Buchtel. 
Citv Solicitor, Washington, C. II., '90. Atty.- 
at-law, Washington, C. H., Ohio. 

Class of 1877. 

Byron John Bogue, B.S. pX 

Prin., Mishawaka High Sch., '79-82; do.. 
La Grange, Ind., '82-7. Since '87. Supt. 
Sch., Mishawaka, Ind. 

Clarence Cranston, B.S. dQ 

Attended Oberlin. Atty.-at-law, Portland, 
N. Dak. 

Ke.nt Oscanyan Foltz. )9X 

Foreman, Phar. Laboratory, New York, 
N. Y., '81. Physician, Akron, Ohio. 

James LAxMar Newberry. /3X 

At Hillsdale, '72-3; Hiram, '68-9. Prin. 

High Sch. Pine Run, Mich., '76-7; do., El- 

lexville, Mich., '77-8. Atty.-at-law, Petoskey, 


. L. ix. JK.. , SI 



Henry Mason Lee. 

Merchant, Dowagiac, Mich. 



George Singer Pleasants, A.B. ft f' 

Trustee, Vevay Sch., '79-84. Tlemb. Ind. 
Legis., '85-9. Atty.-at-law, Vevay, Ind. 

Thomas Stratton. 


Grad. Canton Theo. Sem., '88. Univ 
Min., Plymouth, N. H. 

Arthur McCoy Ralston, Ph.B. 
Civ. Eng., N. Y., C. & St 
'Si. Lima, Ohio. 

Frank Louis Schumacher. ^ dX 

At Sch. in Europe, '73-4. With F. 
Schumacher Milling Co., Akron, Ohio. 

W'lLLi AM David Ship-man, A.B. 5f* aX 

A.M., Buchtel, '80; Adj. Prof. Anc Lang., 
do., '77-82; Prof. Greek, do., since '82. Ak- 
ron, Ohio. 

Class of 1878. 

Douglas Glessner. /3X 

Assoc. Ed. Findlay, Ohio, Courier, '79-82: 
since '82, Ed. News, Griffin, Ga. 


Ohio Epsilon, 


Class of 1885. 

Frank Sherman Apt. a* 

Shipping Clk., F. Schumacher Milling Co., 
Akron, Ohio. 

Daniel Richard Ckissinger, H.S. ft «* 

Atty.-at-law, Marion, Ohio. 

William John Emery, Ph. B. ^X 

M. D., Med. Dept., Western Reserve U., 
*90. Physician, Akron, Ohio. 

Edward Robert Koemg. }X 

Book-Keeper, 2419 S. 12th St., St. Louis, 


At Urbana U., 'ycj-So. Died, Westville, 
Sept. 3, '83. Westville, Ohio. 

Franz Adolph Schumacher, B.S. f* ^T 

Sect., F. Schumacher Milling Co., 112 
Adolph Ave., Akron, Ohio. 

Charles Christian Wyandt. <tY 

Merchant, Abilene, Kan. 

Class of 1886. 

Benjamin David Berry. 5? P"^ 

Prin., Westville, (O.) Sch.. '79-81, '82-3; 
do., Urbana, Ohio, '83-7; do., Winona, Minn., 
•87-9; since '89, Prin. Fifth Ward Sch., Ra- 
cine, Wis. 

Jacob Hill Cook. 

Lumberman, Cooksburg, Pa. 


Ernest Clifford Page, Ph. B. jjjf ft 
Atty.-at-law, Omaha, Neb. 

James Douglas Pardee, B.S. ft ,tT 

LL.B., Cornell, '89; M. S., Buchtel, '89. 
Atty.-at-law, Salt Lake City, Utah Ter. 

James Kirby Pleasants, Jr., Ph. B. ^ <tT 
Student Music, Berlin, Ger., smce '90. 
Vevay, Ind. 

Samuel Lennon Thompson. A.B. ft iV 

LL.B., '80, U. of Mich. Atty.-at-law, 
Columbus, Ohio. 

Class of 1887. 

Herbert Hack Henry, B.S. 'i^ rrt 

At Cincinnati Law Sch., '89-90. Atty.-at- 
law, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Cary Jones, B.S. ft f* 9T 

LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., '89. Atty.- 
at-law, London, Ohio. 

Albert Andrew, A.B. /T 

M.D., Med. Dept., Western Reserve U., 
'90. Physician, Akron, Ohio. 

♦Winston James McCreary. x^ 

Formerly Mgr., Boston Pottery Co., 12 

Commercial Wharf. Deceased. Boston, Mass. 

James Davis Olin, B.S. a^ 

Insurance, Chicago, 111. 

Frank Small Pixlry, Ph.B. ^ ^X 

At Ohio State U., '81-2. Del. Ohio St. 
Dem. Conv., Toledo, 'S7; do., Dayton, "89. 
Ed. Akron City Times^ '84-8; Mang. Ed. 
Akron Daily Telea^ram^ 'SS-hq; since '89, 
Ed. Chicago Maii, Chicago, 111. 

Oliver Morton Pleasants. ^ <ri 

Merchant, Harriman, Tenn. 

Frank Norman Slade. aZ 

Sect. ,The Techner Electric Mining Machine 
Co., 85 Hamilton Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

Class of 1889. 

Edwin Frank Cone, A.B. if /3T 

B.S., Case Sch. App. Sci., '92; Prof. Chem. 
do., since '92, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Joseph Asa Palmer, B.S. afft V* 

Stenographer, Aultman, Miller & Co., 
Akron, Ohio. 

John Lane Roemer. ^»T 

A.B., W. Va. U., '89. Del. Rep. St Conv.. 
W. Va., '88. Presb. Min., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Class of 1890. 

H albert Dennis Smith, Ph.B. ft y-T 

At Cincinnati Law^ Sch., '91-2. Atty.-at- 
law, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Class of 1891. 

Edwin Leuih Findley, A.B. ft^ ^T 

Since '91, Tutor, Buchtel. 134 S. Maple 
St., Akron, Ohio. 

Carl French Henry, B.S. Xf* C,^ 

B.D., Tufts, '93. Univ. Mm., Cleveland, 

William Woods Howe, A.B. >f iX 

At Case Sch. App. Sci., Cleveland, Ohio, 
'89-90. Teacher, Plainfield, N. J. 

Orla Calmer Pixley, B.S. ^ 
Publisher, Akron, Ohio. 


Robert Tucker, Ph. B. ]Jfft tII 

At Cincinnati Law Sch., '93. Millwood, 

Willard Henry Van Orman, B.S. VT 

Adj. Prof. Math., Buchtel. 115 Adams St., 
Akron, Ohio. 

Class of 1892. 

Wilson Andri s Carier. ^-t 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. 

1892-6. NOTES. 

Ohio Epst/on, 


James Ethan Cole, A.B. y* 
Agent, Buchtei, Akron, (Jhio. 

Class of 1893. 

LeRoy Crockett Eherhard. y 
Akron, Ohio. 

Orrin Grant Holcomb. 

233 Sixth Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Benjamin Freeman Kinoshl ry. 
Defiance, Ohio. 

William Pitt Putnam. 
Rockland, Ohio. 

Class ok 1S94. 

Harry Worthy Clark. 
Chardon, Ohio. 

Origen SroNE Dean. 
Storm Lake, Iowa. 

Samuel E.mekson Findley. ^ 
Akron, Ohio. 

Harland HrRAM Hollenheck. 
Chardon, Ohio. 

Harry Lee Snyder, y 
Peru, Ohio. 

Carlos Green Wehstek. 
Norwalk, Ohio. 

Class ok 1895. 

Walter Benton Coe. 
Omaha, Neb. 

Chambers Howard Underwood. 
Danville, Ohio. 

Class of 1896. 

Leander Randall Canfield. 
Chardon, Ohio. 

Leondas John Underwood. 
Danville, Ohio. 








College Notes. 
1877. W. D. Shipman, Sect. Ohio Orat. 
A&sn , '75-6; Ohio Del. Inter-St. Orat.. Assn., 

1879. W. H. Jones, Jr.. Rep. Buchtei. O. St. 

Orat. Con t.,' 79. H. A. Kelley, 2d Hon., Orat. 

Cont., *7q; Sect. O. St. Orat. Assn., '79-80; 

Ohio Del. Inter-St. Orat. Assn., *8o. A. A. 

Stearns, Del. O. St. Orat. Assn.. '7S; 2d Hon., 

Orat. Cont, '78. D. G. Wilco.x (3d Hon., 

Homeop. Med. Col., '80). 

1880. J. A. Guthrie (Del. Ind.St.Orat. Assn., 

from Purdue, '79). 1. C. Tomlinson, 2d Hon., 

Orat Cont, '80; Bus. Manj:^. and Asst. Ed. 

•• Argo," '80. V. E. Tomlinson. Assist Ed. 

••Argo." '80. A. C. White (Lit Ed. Tuf ton- 
tan, '78-9). g. B. Wright, Ed-in-chief, 

•'Argo," '80. 

1 88 1. L. S. McCollester (Nat Hist. Prize, 
Tufts, '81: Packard Prize, do.. '80). 

1883. G. W. Crofoot (Cornell U. Scholarship 
for Genesee Co.. N. Y., '82). 

1884. F. O. Payne, ist Fresh. Hon.. '81 ; ist 
Prize, Orat. Cont., '81; Asst Ed. Buchtei 

1886. B.D.Berrv.Asst Ed. Buchtei Record, 

•82; Ed. -in chief "Olio," '82 E. C. Page, ist 

Hon., Orat. Cont '86; Memo. Day Ora , Corry, 
Pa., '83. 

1889. E. F. Cone, ist place, Ora. Cont. '88. 
'89; Sen. Law Prize, '89; Ed. Buchtelite,*%(), 
J. A. Palmer, Ed. Buchtelite, '8q. 

1 891. C. F. Henry, 2d Hon., Ash ton Prize, '91 ; 
2dHon. OhioSt Orat Cont, '91.— W.W.Howe, 

Bu.s.Mgr. Buchtflite'^o. R.Tucker, Repres. 

Buchtei at Ohiolntercoll. Orat. Cont, Spring- 
field, and won same, '90; Repres. Ohio at Inter- 
St Orat Cont., I-^incoln, Neb., '90. 

1892. J. E. Cole, istAshton Prize, '91 ; Ed.- 

in-ch. Buchtei it e,'()\-2, L. R. C. Eberhard, 

Ed. -in-chief. 7 he Buchtei, '92. L. F. Ly- 

barger, ist Ashton Prize, '89, '90; 2d Hon. Ohio 
St Orat. Cont., '92. 

1894. H. L. Snyder, Ed. -in-chief, Buch- 

telite, '93. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1876. G. S.Plea.sants, Del. Nat. Conv., Phil- 
adelphia. '76. 

1877. A. M. Ralston, Char. Mem. W. D. 

Shipman. Char. Mem. ; Contrib. 1st and 2d eds. 
Song-book; Del. Nat Conv., Danville, Ky., '75; 
Mem. Bd. Direc. under Art. of Incorp., 81. 

1879. A. A. Steams. Del. Nat. Conv., 
Wooster, O.. '78; Hist G. C.,'82-4. 

1880. I. C. Tomlinson, Cf. 111. Alpha Al. 

V. E. Tomlinson, Cf. 111. Alpha Al. A. C. 

White, Char. Mem. 

1884. F. O. Payne. Del. Beta Prov. Conv., 

Cincinnati, '82; Pres. Delta Prov., '82-4. S. 

L. Thompson. Del. Nat. Conv., Indianapolis, 

1885. D. R. Crissinger, Del. Nat. Conv., 
Richmond, Va., '82. 

18S6. E. C. Page, Del. Nat Conv., Nash- 
ville. Tenn., '84. J. D. Pardee, Del. Delta 

Prov. Conv. Columbus. C)..'84. 

1887. C. Jones, Del. Nat. Conv., New York, 
N. Y.,'86. 

1889. J. A. Palmer, Del. Delta Prov. Conv., 
Wooster, O., '89. 

1890. H. D. Smith, Del. Nat Conv., Bloom- 
ington, 111., '89. 

1 89 1. E. L. Findley, Del. Epsilon Prov. 

Conv., Indianapolis, Ind., '91. R. Tucker, 

Y. Pres., Epsilon Prov., '90. 

1892. J. E. Cole, Del. Nat Conv., Atlanta, 
Ga., '91. 




Charter granted. March i6. 1S75. to Clarence Walter Rhodes. '76; Amos Evans Gantt, '78. and 

Willis Sweet, '79; suspended. 1876: reorganized, December 20, 1883. 

Class of 1S76. 

Clarence Walter Rhodes, A.B. J >♦ 

LL.B., Columbia Coll., '78. Pnnter, Den- 
ver, Col. 

Class of 1S77. 

Francis Marion Lamberton, A.B. CX 

Teacher, '77-So. Atty.-at-la\v, Newport. 

Class of 187S. 

Amos Evans Gantt. J f* 

Local Ed. Xe'l>raska City Daily AVwj, 

•73. Ed. and Pub. West em Sebraskian, 

'76-9. Co. Attv., Richardson Co., Xeb. 

Atty.-atlaw, Falls City. Neb. 

Class of 1879. 

•James Otis Stlkdkv ANT. B.L. O* 

Died, Wahoo, Neb., Nov. 12, '79. Lincoln, 

Wii.Lis Sweet. J CT 

Mem. of U. b. House of Reps. Boise City. 

Cla>s of 1SS4. 

Ellis Oscar Lkwis, B.C.E. ai 

Asst. Sec. Neb. Sen.. 'Sf>-S. Prin. Sch., 

Veidon, Neb.. 'S5-0; do., Rulo, Neb., 'So; 

do., Reserve. Kan., '?7-S. Teacher and 

farmer, Falls City, Neb. 

Class of 18S5. 

Edmund John Chirchill. A B. J yX 

Atty.-at-law. Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Conway MacMillan, A.B. J vX 

A.M., U. ofNeb.. '86. At Johns Hopkins. 
'S6-7; Harvard. 'SS-9. Asst. Geol., U. of 
Neb., '55-'i. Instr. Botany, U. of Minn., 
since 'S7. S03 University Ave., Minneapolis. 

Class of 1S86. 

William Ferris Bkisbff. k\ 

Banker, 'S9-<)o. Chadron, Neb. 

James Robert FokEf. A.B. 4 ^* 

Atty.-at-law. Tekamah, Neb. 

George Bell Frxnkforter, B.S. >f J i4 

A.M.. r. of Neb.. 88. Tutor Chemistry, 
U. of Neb., 'S4-S. Teacher and Chemist, 
P. O. Box III, Lincoln, Neb. 

Class of 1887. 

Henry Elton Flt.mer, B.S. jjf J x"^ 

A.M.. U. of Neb.. 'S9. Asst., Chem. Lab.. 

U. of Neb., SS-9: Instr. Chem., do., '89. 

Teacher, Chemist and Assayer, P. O. Box 

372, Lincoln, Neb. 

Class of i8S3. 

Akini K Evman Anderson, B.L. J (yS-yT 
At Butler. 'S2-3. Cash. Genoa St. Bank, 
Genoa, Neb. 


Nebraska Alpha, 


College Notes. 

1886. G. B. Frankforter, Ed. Hesperian, 
'85-6; Commencement Orator, '86. 

1887. H. E. Fulmer, Ed. Sombrero, '84; 
do., Hesperian, '85. 

J 888. R. G. Codding, Pub. Debr., '88; Ed. 
Hesperian, '87-8. 

1889. G. W. (Jerwig, Ed. Hesperian, '88. 

C. B. Newcomer, Commencement Orator, 

'89. W. L. Stephens, Commencement Ora- 
tor. '89. 

1892. H. J. Edmiston, Highest rank in CI., 
•8^-90; Spkr. Philo. Ex., '89. 

1893. E. C. Hardy. Ed.-in-Ch., Sombrero, 
92. T. E. Wing, Bus. Mang. Sombrero, '92. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1876. C. W. Rhodes, Char. Mem. 

1878. A. E. Gantt, Char. Mem. 

1879. W. Sweet, Char. Mem. 

1885. E. J. Churchill, Char. Mem. Reorg., 
•83. C. MacMillan, Char. Mem. Reorg., '83. 

1886. J. R. Fore6, Char. Mem. Reorg., '83. 

G. B. Frankforter, Char. Mem. Reorg., 

•83; Del. Nat. Conv., Nashville, Tenn., '84. 

1887. H. E. Fulmer, Char. Mem. Reorg., 


1888. A. E. Anderson, Char. Mem. Reorg., 
'83; Intd., Ind. Gamma. C. A. Canaday. 

i Char. Mem. Reorg., '83. R. G. Codding, 

Char. Mem. Reorg., '83. 

1892. H. J. Edmiston, Del. Nat. Conv., 
Bloomington, 111., 89. 

1893. A. E. Guilmette, Del. Nat Conv., 
Atlanta, Ga., '91. 



Virginia Delta, 


William Tarpley Hutchings. y f^ 

LL.B., Yale, '81. Atty.-at-law, Muskogee, 
Ind. Ter. 

Class of 1878-9. 

John Jones Clopton. * t* 

Grad. P. K. Theo. Sem., '82. Prot. Epis. 
Min., Petersburg, Va., '82-4; since '84, ^lan- 
chester, Va. 

jANfEs William Fleet. >f ffX 

At U. of Va. Law Sch., 'So. Atty.-at-law, 
Saint Stephen's Church, Va. 

James Clay Gentry, B.L. tH 

At Neotrophion Acad.. Gordonsville, Ga., 
'66-72, and '75-.^. Teacher, Grad. Sch., 
Gordonsville, '78. Kd. Gazette, Gordons- 
ville, (Ja.. '81-4. Asst. Supt., Ga. Pac. R.R.. 
cor. Twelfth and Sixteenth Sts., S. Side, 
Birmingham, Ala. 

William Salnt Clair (JoRDON. %% '* 

M.D., Med. Coll. of Va.. '79. Teacher in 
Pub. Schs., '80-5. Physician, 416 E. Grace 
St., Richmond, Va. 

•William Reynolds Savage. j% ^ 

Grad. Phar.. Med. Coll. Va.,^79. At Jeffer- 
son Med. Coll., '80-1. Died, Richmond, 
Aug.. 'So. Richmond, Va. 

Class of 1879-80. 

RoLANP Johnston. rX 

Real Est. Agt., and Attv.-at-law, Fort 
Worth, Tex. 

T«)HN Hfnnin<; Xelms, B.L. jf (^ 

At U. of Va. Law Sch., '78. Ed. Smith- 
field News, '80-1. Dv. Co. Trea.s., Isle of 
"Wight Co., Va., 'So. ' Mayor, Smithfield. 
'82-5. Atty.-at-law, 49 E. Short St., Lexing- 
ton. Ky. 

WiLi.iA.\i Alonzo Vaughan. % //+ 

M.l)., Jefferson Med. Coll., '84. Physician, 
Timbcrville, Va. 

Class uf i 880-1. 

(iEoK(;K Bryan, B.L. >f rX 

At Davidson Coll., '75-6. Atty.-at-law, 
Box 135, Richmond, Va. 

John Lee Lawless. V't 

English Grad. S. Bap. Theo. Sem.. '79. 

Bap. Min.. Bowling Green, Va., '81-4. 

Saint Joseph, Mo., '84-91 ; since '91, Marion, 


Preston Wki.i.iord Noi.anp. li' 

Book-keeper, Box 91, Richmond, Va. 

Conway Robinson Sands. J A 

Attv.-at-law, 701 W. Grace St., Richmond, 
Va. ' 

Robert Eden Scott, LL.B. tT 

At Va. Mil. Inst., '74-7; U. of Va. Law 
Sch., '82. Commonwealth's Atty., Roanoke. 
'84. Atty. at- law, Roanoke. Va. 

Class of 188 1-2. 

George CuAPNf AN Abbitt. A.M. jf^ I't 

Grad. S. Bap. Theo. Sem.. 'SC). Teacher, 
Rugby Sch., Louisville. Ky., '84-7. Bap. 
Min., Liberty, Va. 

Arthur Lee Pleasants. i-t 

Clk. R. R., and Ins. office, Richmond, Va. 

Granville i^ray Valentine. ^ ^X 

Manufacturer, 207 W. (JraceSt, Richmond, 

Class of 1882-3. 

John Cirrie, A.M. jf aT 

Merchant, 15 E. (irace St., Richmond, 

Virginil's Lee Fowlkes, A.B. J rA 

Druggist, South Boston, Va. 

Thomas Judson Shipman. igj fP-frf 

A.B.. Roanoke Coll.. '81; A.M., do.. '86. 
Grad. S. Bap. Theo. Sem., '89. Bap. Min., 
Midwav, Kv. 

Class of 1883-4. 

William Henry Parish, Jr. ot 

Manufacturer, Richmond, Va. 

Class of 1884-5. 

*Henry De Boucher Burwell. cX 

M.D., Richmond Med. Coll., '87. At 
Bellevue Hosp.. '89. Physician. Died, New 
York, Dec. 15, '8S. New York. X. Y. 

Samuel Victor Fikrv. fX 

M.I).. U. of Md., '87. Physician, Martins- 
burgh, W. Va. 

William Jackson Morton. u.\ 

Attended Prot. Epis. Theo. Sem. Freder- 
icksburg, Va. 

Class of 1885-6. 

James Si EWAR'i Barney. <r* 

New York, X. V. 

William Carey SiiEri'ARii. t* 

Draughtsman, 13 W. Grace St., Richmond. 

Orrkn Lewis Stearnes, A.M. ajf^ rT 

Supt. Alleghany Inst., Roanoke, Va. 

1886-93. NOTES. 

Virgittia Delia. 


Class of 1886-7. 

William Loyall Gravai t. r^ 

At Va. P. E. Theo. Sem., '79-84. Prot. 
Epis. Mill., Richmond, Va., '84-7; since '87, 
Norfolk, Va. 

William Wallkr Morton, ft fjf^ 

LT, 612 vV. 

Leaf Tobacco dealer, 
Richmond, Va. 

Franklin St., 

Reaump:r CoLEMA.N Stkarnes. A.M. ^^ rY 
Teacher, Alleghany Inst., Roanoke, Va. 

Class of 1887-8. 

William Archer Borum. ly //* 

Since '83, at S. Bap. Theo. Sem. Norfolk, 


Clk. C. & O. R. R., 412 E. Grace St., Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Charles Lewis Daveniort. eil 

Teacher and Farmer, Chaney's, Va. 

Ernest Linwood Fliito. rX 

Clk., Roanoke, Va. 

Class ok i88S-g. 

Julien Hamner Abbitt. ^ r¥ 

At Va Med. Coll., '89-90. Appomattox, 

Albert Boswell Alsop. (jt-^ 

Book-keeper, St. Bank of Va., 816 E. Leigh 
St., Richmond, Va. 

Cecil Hurst Baker, A.B. r* 

Asst. Dy. ShtT., Jefferson Co., W. Va., 
Lee town. W. Va. 

Joseph Luther Brown. e* 

Book-keeper, 14 E. Marshall St., Richmond, 

Iredell Jenkins. ci' 

Richmond, Va. 

Charles Boswell Tippett. g ct* 

At S. Bap. Theo. Sem., '90-2. 2025 Brook 
St., Louisville, Ky. 

Class ok 1889-90. 

Hancock Lee Bragg. 

848 Sixth St., Louisville, Ky. 

Claybrook James, A.B. ^ 

312 E. Grace St., Richmond, Va. 

Clifton Meredith Miller, A.M. 
17 S. Third St., Richmond. Va. 


Class of i 890-1. 

Harry Lee Watson, jf * yT 

A.B., Va. Agl. and Mech. Coll., '84. Sub- 
Prof., do., '83-4. Since '90, Law Stu., 1019 
W. Main St., Richmond, Va. 

Class of 1892-3. 

Adolphus Blair, Jr. 

224 S. Third St., Richmond, Va. 

Percy Stuart Bosher. ^ 
Richmond, Va. 

Robert Semple Bosher, Jr. ^ 
Richmond, Va. 

Paul McRae. 

Farmville, Va. 

Juhn Henry Read, Jr. 
Luray, Va. 

Alexander Hamilton Sands, Jr. 
Richmond, Va. 

William Waller Trice. 
Hopkinsville, Ky. 

Charles Miller Waitk. 
Culpeper, Va. 






College Notes. 

1876. F. A. Lewter, Ed. Monthly Musings^ 

•75. C. M. Shields (Thesis Prize, Med. CoU. 

of Va., '78). W. F. Smith, Reader's Medal, 


1877. H. C. Smith. Essay Medal, '75; Ed. 
Monthly Musim^s^ '76. 

1878. J. W. Boyd, Declr.'s Medal. '76; Final 
Orator, \lu Sigma Rho Soc., '77 ; Debr* s Medal, 

'78. C. H. Chalkley (Valedictorian and 

Thesis Prize, Med. Coll. of Va.. '79). G. W. 

Cone, Reader's Medal, Philol. Soc., '78. W. 

T. Hutchings, Declr.'s Medal, Philol. Soc. 

1879. J- W. Fleet, Declr.'s Medal, '79. 

W. S. C. Gordon (Valedictorian, Med. Coll. of 
Va., '78). 

1880. J. H. Nelms, Final Orator, Mu Sigma 

Rho, '80. W. A. Vaughan (Surg. Prize, 

Jefferson Med. Coll., '84). 

i88r. G. Bryan, Reader's Medal, '81. 

1882. G. C. Abbitt, Improvement Medal, 
Mu Sigma Rho, '78; Final Orator, '81 ; Debr.'s 

Medal, '82. C. H. Jones (Va. Beta, '86) 

Valedictorian, 'Si ; Ed. Richmond College 

Messenger. Ci. B. Taylor, Jr. (Va. Beta, 

'82) Debr.'s Medal, Mu Sigma Rho, '81; Coll. 
Writer's Medal, '81; Ed. Richmond College 


Virginia Delta, 


1883. J. Currie, Frances Gwin Mor. Phil. 

Medal. '83. T. J. Shipman, Cf. Coll. Notes. 

Va. Alpha. 

1886. O. L. Steames. Pres. Final Celebra- 
tion, '83; Ed. College Messenger^ '85-6. 

1887. R. C. Steames. Greek Medal. >4; 
Valedictorian, Mu Sigma Rho, '87 ; Phy. >fedal. 
'37; Essayist, '87; Ed. College Messenger, 


1888. W. A. Borum, Mang. College Mis- 
sen^er, '84-8; Ed., do. 

1890. C. James, Greek Medal, '88-9. 

1891. H. L. Watson, Valedictorian, '83; 
Elocution Medal, '84; Wood's Debr.'s Medal 

Fraternity Notes. 
1876. J. W. Hughes, Char. Mem. 

C. M. 

Shields, Char. Mem.; Inid. Va. Alpha: Cf. 

Va. Alpha Al. W. F. Smith. Char. Mem. ; 

Cf. Md. Alpha Al. J. T. E. Thornhill. Char. 

Mem. ; Cf. Ala. Alpha Al. 

1877. G. O. Roper, Intd. Va. Gamma. 

H.C.Smith, Char. Mem.; Del. Nat Con v.. 

Philadelphia, Pa., '76. and Asst Sec., do. 

C. W. Tanner, Cf. Va. Alpha Al. 

1878. C. H. Chalkley. Cf. Va. Alpha Al. 
■G, W. Cone. Del. Xat. Conv.. Wooster, 

Ohio, '78. and 2d Vice-Prest. . do. ; Contribr. 

2d Ed. Song Book. W. F. Harris. Char. 

Mem. ; Cf. Ky. Alpha Al. 

1879. J- J- Clopton, Cf. Va. Alpha Al. 

W. R. Savage, Cf. Va. Alpha Al. 

i83i. C. R. Sands, Del. Nat. Conv., In- 
dianapolis, Ind.. '80: Delivd. Address of Wel- 
come, Nat. Conv., Richmond, Va., '82; Cf. 
Frat. Notes Va. Alpha Al. 

1 883. V. L. Fowlkes. Del. Nat.. Conv.. 

Richmond, Va., '82. T. J. Shipman, Intd. 

Va. Alpha. 

1887. W. W. Morton, Aflfld. from Kappa 
Sigma Kappa. 

1889. C. B. Tippett. Prest. Beta Province, 

1 89 1. H. L. Wat.son, Del. Nat. Conv., At- 
lanta, Ga., *yi. 




Charter granted, November i, 1875, to James Calvin Jacoby, '76; Oliver Hoffman Melcher, '76; 
Samuel Edward Smith, '76; Clarence Jacob Reddig, '77; Albert Bell, '78, and Haulpin 
Maximus Lentz, '78. 

Class of 1876. 

James Calvin Jacoby, A. B. J /"t 

A.M., Pennsylvania, '79. At Wabash, 4 
yrs., CI. of '76; Gettysburg Theo. Sem., 
'^76-9. Del. Gen. Syn., Ev. Luth. Ch.. '83- 
'89. Sec. Syn. No. Ind., '81-3; do., Neb., 
since '89. Since '87, Chm. Bd. Dir. Wayne 
Acad., Wayne, Neb. Luth. Min., Gettys- 
burg, Pa., '76-9; Zanesville, Ind., '79-83; 
Walton, Ind., '83-6: West Point, Neb., '86-8; 
since '88, 306 S. Ninth St., Nebraska Citv, 

Oliver Hoffman Melcher, A.B. >f J I'f 

A.M., Pennsylvania, '79. At Lafavette. 
'72-5; Gettysburg Theo. Sem., '76-9. Luth. 
Min., Springtown, Pa. 

Samuel Edward Smith, A.B. yj /i' 

A.M., Pennsylvania, '79. At Gettysburg 
Theo. Sem., '76-9. Lulh. Min., Gettysburg, 
Pa., '76-9; Macomb, 111., '80-2; Elvira, Iowa, 
'82-7; Ponca. Neb., '87-S; since '89, New- 
port, Pa. 

Class ok 1877. 

Clarence Jacob Reddig. jj iX 

Grad. Eastman's Nat. Bus. Coll. , '77. Asst. 
P. M., Shippensburg, '76-7. Issued An. 
Min., Cumberland Co. (Pa.) S. S. Conv., '79, 
'80, '81. Dry goods merchant, Shippens- 
burg, Pa. 

Charles Samuel Trump, A.B. * \r¥ 

A.M., Pennsylvania, '80. At Gettysburg 

Theo. Sem., '77-80. Luth. Min., Harper's 

Ferry, W. Va., '79-Si; Stone Church, Pa.. 
'82-6; since '86, Martinsburg, W. Va. 

Class of 187S. 

Albert Bell, A.B. flr /^^ 

A.M., Pennsylvania, 'Si. At Gettysburg 
Tfieo. Sem., '78-81. Luth. Min., Reisters- 
town, Md., 'S1-4; Newton, Iowa, '84-7; 
Williamsport, Pa., '8S-91 ; since '91, Boiling 
Springs, Pa. 

Holmes Dysingf.r. A.B. ]jc'fi ''^ 

A.M., Pennsylvania, '81; D.D., Witten- 
berg, '89. Tutor, Prep. Dept., Wittenberg, 
'78-80. Prof. Lat. and Greek, N. C. Coll., 
Mt. Pleasant, N. C, '81-2. Pres. Carthage 
Coll., Carthage, 111. 

HAULriN Maximus Lentz, A.B. JfJ /♦ 

A.M., Pennsylvania. '81. Luth. Min., 

Mount Morris, 111., '81-4; Eureka, Kan., 

'84-5; Fairfield. Iowa, '85-9; since '90, Flor- 
ence, Kv. 

John Charles Francis Rui'P, A.B. afjj a* 
A.M , Pennsylvania, '81. At Gettysburg 
Theo. Sem., '80-3. Luth. Min., McKeesport, 

Class ok 1879. 

William Kuhns Hill, A.B. Jf }X 

A.M., Pennsylvania, '82. At Gettysburg 

Theo. Sem., '79-83. Since '84, Prof. Nat. 

and Phys. Sci., Carthage Coll. Luth. Min , 

Carthage, 111. 

Isaac Preston Rice. aT 

Clerk. Chicago, 111. 


Pennsylvania Beta, 


Class of 1880. 

Junius Bost Fox. A.B. p^ 

At N. C. Coll.. Mt. Pleasant. N. C. '77-<;. 
Prof. Math.. High Sch., King's Mountain, 
N. C. 'S0-2; Prin. Macon Sch.. Charlotte. 
N. C. *f^2-4; since 'S6. do., Newberrv Coll. 
Luth. Min.. Mt. Holly, X. C. '81-4; 'Caney 
Branch, Tenn.. '^4-6; since '.S6, Xewlwrrv, 
S. C. 

Georce \V.AsniNr,ioN M( Sherry. A.B. .\* 

A.M., Pennsylvania. '83. At Gettysburg 
Theo. Sem., 'S0-3, Luth. Min., Bcndersville, 
Pa., '83-<;; since *•».;. Tancytown. Md. 

William Dosh Earnshaw S<'oit. A.B. a\ 

A.M.. Pennsylvania. 'S3. At (Jcttysburg 
Theo. Sem.. '80-3. Sec. Syn. Cent. Pa., 
'S9-</). Lulh. Min., Loysvillc, Pa. 

Millard Fran« is Tr'>\kll. A.B. Jf g vT 

At Gettvshurg Theo. Sem., 'Si>-2. St. 
Sect.. Md.Y. M. C. A.. '77. Del., Luth. 
Gen. Syn.. '85, '•^(j; do.. Inter-Xat. S. S. 
Conv.. Chicago, '^7. Since '•»>. Gen. Sec 
Luth Bd. Kduca. Luth. Min., Eureka. Kan., 
'82-";; Kansas Citv. Mo.. '84-S. Springfield, 
111. ' 

Cl A>.s 01 lS"^I. 

Charlen Mi< iiAKL Evsn R, A.B. IJJ rT 

A.M., Pennsylvania. '84. At Eastman 

Bus. Coll.. '7f; Gettysburg Theo. Sem., 

'.^1-4. Lulh. Min., Seven Valley. Pa.. '>*-5; 

since *>5. Manchester. Md. 

Harry I ) avis WriiiEu^. A.B. ^ /»<^ 

M.D.. U. of M<1.. '-3. Physician. Pater- 

son. X. [ 

Ci t»r 1SS2. 

RoHKRT Anderson Bfai.i.. /-T 

Cattle bus. in Tex. Merchant. '70-^2. 
Cumberland, Md. 

John Franklin A.B. -T 

A.M.. Pennsylvania. "•^-. CMty Atty. and 
Police Judge, Olathe, 'S7. .\tty.-at-law, 
Olathe, Kan. 

Harry Bi>^hk\ Walilr. rY 

M.D.. JeiTerson Med. Coll., *n.. Physician, 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

Harry Herman Wliier, A.B. ^5 /W> 

A.M.. Pennsylvania. '>5. At Gettysburg 
Theo. Sem.. '^J-?- l>el. Evang. Alii.', "87-9. 
Gen. Sec. Luth. Bd. Ch. Exteii.. '.^9. Luih. 
Min., Baltimore, Md., '^^5-9. 23 South 
George St., York, Pa. 

Class of 1883. 


Cleason Marcus Musselman. 
Chicago, 111. 

John Elmer Musselman, A.B. yt 

A.M., Pennsylvania, '86. Teller, ist Nat. 
Bank, Gettysburg, Pa. 

Milton Chalmers Re.msburg. IfjJ ffT 

La, Wis. 

Harry Lee Varoer. A.B. J a^ 

A.M., Pennsylvania, '86. At Gettysburg 

Theo. Sem., 'S3-6. Luth. Min.. Gettysburg. 

Pa., 'S5-6; Ellsworth, Kan.. '86-9; since '89, 

Lawrence, Kan. 

Class of 1884. 

Frederick Li dwk; Ber<;stresser. A.B. <tX 

A.M., Pennsylvania, '87. At Gettysburg 
Theo. Sem., ''•?4-7. Lulh. Min., Dunc'annon, 
Pa., '87-<;2: since '92. Tyrone, Pa. 

Charles Adrian Bennoch Brut, A.B. 

At Gettysburg Theo. Sem., '>4-7. Prin. 
Knoxville, 111., Acad., '87-9: Pittsburg, Pa., 
'v'^9-91 ; since '91. Frostburg, Md. 

George Alexander McKali.ip Dvess. ft .?X 
Prot. Epis. Min., Pittsburg, Pa. 

George Edward Faher. <rX 

Luth. Min., Pott's Grove. Pa. 

Edward Hii l. B.S. jj j?!' 

M.S.. Pennsylvania, '87. Atty.-at-law. 
Leech burg. Pa. 

Maktin LuriiFR Holloway. /A' 

Att. St. Louis Coll. Phar. l)ruggist. Delta. 

John Xeison Lent/.. /iY 

At Law Dept.. C. of Pa.. '82-1. Glen Rock. 

Oscar Hamim>n Marsh. rX 

FVin. Sch., Oakland, Iowa. 

J(»HN Mathkw Schwalm. fyT 

At Law I>ept.. U. of Pa., '82-3. Leech- 
burg, Pa. 

Class ok 1S85. 

Charles Thomas Aikkns, A.B. J vX 

A.M., Pennsylvania. '88. At Gettysburg 
Then. Sem.. 'r'^-^. Luth. Min., Pine'Grove 
Mills. Pa. 

Edwin Evlki i i HuMuak. A.B. Oy 

A.M.. Pennsylvania, *8S. At Gettysburg 
Theo. Sem., '>:;-^. Luth. Min., Bellefonte 


Pennsylvania Beta. 

1 89 1-6. NOTES. 

Robert Bruce Wolk, A. B. f* rT 

At Gettysburg Theo. Scm., '90-4. Centre 
Hall. Pa. ' 

Class of 1892. 

Walter Scott Brrnholtz. &T 

M. D., U. of Pa., '92. Physician, Colum- 
bia, Pa. 

Elmer Jacoh Cook. A. B. yf* <X 

At Coll. of N. J., '91. Prin. Sch., Bel Air. 

Joseph Edmlnd Enich, A. B. IJ r4» 

At U. of Pa., '91. Mahanoy City, Pa. 

Edward Os<'ar Keen, A. B. SjfjJ nX 

Teacher, Reading, Pa. 

Frank Livin<;ston Laird. ,iT 

Hughesville, Pa. 

David Wirt Shick. '2 

With Carson, Pierie and Co., Chicago, 111. 

Ross Aktie Snyder. r* 

Salesman, Cunil>erland, Md. 

Maynard Fechtu; Vim;lin<;. .1 

Hagerstown. Md. 

Class of iJ^93. 

John Jacob Bkali.ifr. /^ 

Berlin, Pa. 

Henry Samuel Eurhart. /* 

Hanover, Pa. 

Harry Ernshaw CIki iikk. fT 

Littlestown, Pa. 

Charles W Leitzkll. :i2 

'* W " Letter only. Hrookville. Pa. 

Thomas Rebkr Tagcart. ;T 

Hughesville, Pa. 

Class of 1S94. 

Frank Barndt. «i' 

Sumneytown, Pa. 

Jerry Knode Cook. rT 

Hagerstown. Md. 

John Super English. yir 

Harrisburg, Pa. 

Charles Wilfred Kkissinger. rT 

Berlin, Pa. 

Benjamin Reigel La.ntz. ^T 

Hagerstown, Md. 

David William VanCamp. vT 

Plainfield, Pa. 

Class of 1895. 

David Marshall Addison. ^ 

U. S. S. •' Machias." Naw Yard, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

Robert Emmet Beerits. 
Somerset, Pa. 

Albert Samuel Cook. f* 
Greencastle, Pa. 

Henry Hunt Eberhardt. 
Saline, Kan. 

Class of 1896. 

Lloyd Bruce Shaw. 
Moscow, Md. 

Chester Winsor Ziegler. 
Gettysburg, Pa. 


College Notes. 

iSyO. O. H. Melcher (Lat. and Greek Prize, 

Lafayette, '73; do.. '74). S. E. Smith. Spkr., 

Soc. Bien. Ex., '76; 3d Hon., '76. 

1878. H. Dysinger, Spkr., Soc. Bien. Ex.. '78; 
2d Hon., and Valedictorv, '78 H. M. Lentz. 

I Aast. Ed. C<>//e^(^^ AfoN//t/j /•;(>-'; \ 3d Hon., '78: 

! Proctor of Coll. '78-80. J. C. F. Rupp, ist 

Hon.. and Greek Ora., '78. 

1879. W. K. Hill, 1st Hon. and Lat. Prize. '79. 

1880. M. F. Troxell. Asst. Ed. College 
Monthly, '7S-9; Graeff Essay Prize, '80; Proc- 
tor of Coll., '80-2; Spkr., Soc. Bien. Ex., '80. 

18S1. C. M. Eyster, Fresh. Prize, "78; Jr. 
Lat. Prize. '8.>; 3d Hon., and German Ora., '81. 

H. 1). Withers, Bus. Mang. College 

Monthly, '70-So. 

1882. ' H. H. Weber, Shared Fresh. Prize. 
'79; Spkr., Soc. Bien. Ex., '82; 2d Hon., and 
German Ora., '82. 

1883. M. C. Rcmsburg, Spkr., Soc. Bien. 
: K-\., *82. 

1884. C. A. B. Britt, Ora., Philomathean. 
'S4; 4th Hon., '84. 

1886. W. K. Diehl, 3d Hon.. '86. H. H. 

Rouzer, Ed. College Monthly, '86; Bien. Spkr., 
' •>6. 

1888. J. M. Francis, Bus. Mgr. College 

Monthly, 'S'^-G. L. V. E. Goetz.. div. 3d 

Hon., '88. J. J. Hill., div. 3d Hon.. '88. 

F. E. Metzger. div. 3d Hon.. '88. 

1880. J. F. Seibert, Bus. Mgr., College 
Monthly, '88-9. 
I i8qo. L. E. Kepler, Bus. Mgr., College 
. Monthly, '90. 

1892. E. J. Cook. Ed.-in-ch., 7 he Spectrum, 

'91. J. E. Enich, Hon. Men., Fresh. Prize, 

'89. — E. O. Keen. Bus. Mgr.. College Monthly^ 


Pennsylvania Beta. 


Fraternity Notes. 

1876. J. C. Jacoby, Char. Mem. O. H. 

Melcher, Char. Mem. S. E. Smith, Char. 


1877. C. J. Reddig, Char. Mem : Del. Nat. 
Con v., Philadelphia, '76; do., Wooster, 0.,'78: 
Pres. Ex. Com., '78-80; Treas. G. C, '80-2; 
Contrib. I St and 2d eds. Song-book; Cf. Frat. 
Notes Pa. Epsilon. C. S. Trump, Valedic- 
torian, Chap. Anni., *8o. 

1878. A. Bell, Char. Mem. ; Contrib. ist 

ed. Song-book. H. Dysinger, Salutatorian. 

Chap. Anni., '80; Del. Nat. Con v., Indianapo- 
lis, '80. H. M. Lentz, Char. Mem.; Ora., 

Chap. Anni., *8o. J. C. F. Rupp, Poet, Chap. 

Anni., '80; Contrib. ist ed. Song-book. 

1880. M. F. Troxell, Hist, Chap. Anni., '80; 
Bus. Mang. Scroll, '78-80; Ed. do., '80-2; Cf. 
Md. Alpha Al. Notes. 

1881. C. M. Eyster, Proph., Chap. Anni., 

1882. H. H. Weber, Proph,, Chap. Anni., 
'82; Asst. Ed. Scroll, '80-2; Cf. Md. Alpha 

1883. M. C. Remsburg, Del. Nat. Con v.. 

Richmond. Va., '82; Asso. Ed. Scroll, '83. 

J. W. Shadle, Hist., Chap. Anni., '83. H. 

L. Yarger, Poet, Chap. Anni., '83. 

1884. C. A. B. Britt, Poet, Chap. Anni., '82. 
G. A. M. Dyess, Salutatorian, Chap. Anni., 

' '83. E. Hill, Proph., Chap. Anni., '83. 

1885. C. T. Aikens, Alt. Del. Nat Conv., 

— C. Reinewald, Ora., 

New York, N. Y., '86.- 
Chap. Anni., '83. 

1886. W. K. Diehl, Del. Nat Conv., New 
York, N. Y., '86. 

1889. J. F. Seibert, Del. Nat. Conv., Bloom- 
ington. 111., '89. 

1891. J. E. Hoick, Initd. N. Y. Epsilon. 

1892. E. O. Keen, Del. Nat Conv., Atlanta, 
Ga., '91. , 




Charter granted, December 4, 1875, to Ora Heman Anderson, '7b; John Stewart Helm, '77; John 
Carter McClenathan, '78; Frank McCollough, '78; William Henry Seward Thompson, 
'78; Nathaniel Breading Hogg, '79; and Joseph Alonzo Langfitt, '79. 

Class of 1S76. 

Ora Heman Anderson, A.B. * V^ 

A. M., Washington and Jeflferson, '79. 
Farmer, Six Points, Pa. 

Class of 1S77. 

John Stewart Helm, A.B. fl V'^ 

At Western Theo. Som., '7(;-82. Presb. 

Min., Lime Spring, Iowa, '82-3 ; Perry, Worth - 

ville and Mt. Pleasant, Pa., 'S3-7; since 'H8. 

Punxsutawney, Pa. 

James Mason McComb, A.B. if v* 

At Western Theo. Sem., '78-81. Presb. 
Min., Sanborn, Iowa, 'S1-2; since '82, For. 
Miss., Punjaub, Lodiana, India. 

Henry Kuhn Siianor. A.B. Jf C+ 

Grad. Lutheran Theo. Sem., Philadelphia, 

'82. Asso. Ed. Indicator, Philadelphia, '81-2. 

Luth. Min., Freeport, Pa., '82-S; since 'SS, 

Grenville, Pa. 

Class of 1878. 

William Chambers Gault, A.B. % }X 

At Western Theo. Sem., '78-81. Mission- 
ary, Batango, 'Si-6; Bata, '84-7; since '87, 
Gaboon; Presb. Min., Benita, West Africa. 

John Carter McClrn.vthan, A.B. g V** 

M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., '81. At New 
York Post. Grad. Med. Coll., '86-7. Physi- 
cian, Connellsville, Pa. 

Frank McCollough, A.B. * ti**, Frankfort, Pa. 

I William Henry Seward Thomi'son. 5 v^ 
I Surveyor, '7()-8 1. Atty.-at-law. Beaver, Pa. of 1879. 

Addison Stewart Alexander, A.B. a* 

At Jefferson Med. Coll., '74-5; Western 
Theo. Sem., '79-82. Presb. Min., Covode. 
Pa., '83-4; Miller, Dak., '84-6; Poland, Ind., 
'86; Academia, Pa.. '87; since *88, Coon 
Rapids, Iowa. 

' Newton Donaldson, A.B. Jf a;T 

A.M., Washington and Jefferson, '82. At 

Western Theo. Sem., '80-3. Presb. Min., 

Washington, O., '83-7; Bellevue, '87-90; 

since '90, Robella, Pa. 

♦Clarence Milton Fleming. r/^ 

Died, Cor.sica, Oct. 11, '78. Corsica, Pa. 

Adolpiius Clk.mens Good. A.B. x^ 

At Western Theo. Sem., '79-82. Since *82, 
Presb. Miss., Gaboon, West Africa. 

Nathaniel Breading Hogg. ^^ ^i^T 

Attended Lehigh. With Totten & Co.. 
Pittsburg, Pa. 

Joseph Alonzo Langfitt, A.B. fl ^T 

Asst. Ed. Record, Sewickley, Pa., '79-80. 
Atty.-at-law, 145 Fourth Ave., Pittsburcf 


Pennsylvania Gamnui. 


Class of 18R0. 

Alexander Stewart Hunter, A.B. y <tX 
At Western Theo. Seni., '82-5. Prof. 
Math.. Western U. of Pa.. Pittsburg, '81-2. 
Prof. Hanover Coll., '88. Presb. Min.. 
Brownsville, Pa., *86; since '88, Wilkinsburg, 

Aaron Eli Reiber. ' ^Si 

A.B.. Coll. of N. J., '82. Dist Atty., 

Butler Co., '89-90. Atty -at-law, Butler, Pa. 

Class of iSSi. 

Joseph Hughes Barton, A.B. y ^ 

At Western Theo. Sem., '81-4. Since '85, 
Presb. Min., Boise City, Idaho. 

William Joseph McDowell, B.S. ij? ; + 

M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., '84. Med. 
Stud., Leipsic, Ger., '81-2. Physician, Trev- 
orton. Pa. 

Class of 1882. 

James Gallagher Cook, A.B. 9* 

Med. Stud.. '62-5. Physician, New Alex- 
andria, Pa. 

John Roach Crosskr, A.B. jjf rrT 

At Western Theo. Sem., '82-3. Union 

Theo. Sem., *S3-5. Tutor, Washington and 

Jefferson, '81-2. Presb. Min., Portland, Me. 

Mark Austin Denman, A.B. Jfft rT 

At Princeton Theo. Sem., '84. Washing- 
ton, Pa. 

John Leonard Hines, A.B. o* 

M.D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., '80. At 
Wooster, '77-9. Physician, Jewett, Ohio. 

Samuel CuMMiNt;s Loiiaigh, A.B. C* 

Broker, Hari)er City, Kan. 

William Craig McCielland, A.B. ^ ^ 

Tutor, Trinity Hall, Wa.shington, '82-5; 

Adj. Prof. Math. \V. and J. Coll., '84-5; 

since '85, Prof. Eng. Lang, and Litt.. do. 

Washington, Pa. 

James Craig Shields, A.B o* 

Prin. Grcensburg Acad., Greensburg, Pa. 

William Wallace, A.B. '^f c>* 

At Western Theo. Sem. ,'84-5 ; Union Theo. 
Sem., '85-8. Tutor. Trinity Hall, Washing- 
ton, '81-2. Presb. Min., St. Peters, Minn. 

Class of 1883. 

J Philander Anderson, A.B. 5f» f2-^T 

'*J" letter only. At Wooster, ^76-7; West- 
ern Theo. Sem., '83-6. Presb. Min., Cross 
Creek, Pa. 

William Ashbrook, A.B. i* 

Musician, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Robert Alexander Elliott, A.B. <r^ 

At Western Theo. Sem., '83-6. Presb. 
Min., Lisbon Center, N. Y. 

Joseph Reid McQuaide, A.B. Sf p* 

Atty. -at-law, no Diamond St., Pittsburg, 

Frank Scott Morrison. ^t 

D.D.S..U. of Mich. ,'82. Physician, Martin's 
Ferrv, Ohio. 

Jamks Graham Wai. I a<:k. <^ 
Washington, Pa. 


Class of 1S84. 

David Bruce Frrz^iKRALD. Jfg pT-pX 

Hanover, '81-2; Princeton Theo. Sem., 
'S4-7. Presb. Mill., Darlington, Md. 

*Ralston Dewiit Irwin. ]Jf<^ ic* 

At Western U. of Pa., '79-81; McCormick 
Theo. Sem., '84-7. Presb. Mi.s.s., Mex- 
ico, '87-8. Died, Jetmorc, Feb. 9, '88. Jet- 
more, Kan. 

William BiRriKrr Irwin, f' k* 

At Western U. of Pa.. *7(;-8i; McCormick 
Theo. Sem., '85-8. Prof. Trinity Hall, 
Washington, Pa., 'S4-5. Presb. Min., Free- 
port, 111. 

John McClusky McDo.nald. pT 

At Jefferson Med. Coll., '84. Physician, 
Beallsville. Ohio. 

Bernard Si,At;Li-: McKean. oT 

Pres., Guarantee Alliance Life Ins. Co., 
137 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 


Class of 1S85. 

Oliver McClelland Campbell. 
Belleville. Pa. 


James Dinsmore White, B.S. 
Civil Eng., Fargo. Dak. 


Ja.mes De Qi'incev Donehoo, A.B. if «t 

At Western Theo. Sem., '85-6; Kpis. Theo. 
Sem., Philadelphia, '88. Epis. Min., Free- 
port, Pa. 

WiLLiA.M James Frederk^ks. (j* 

Burgettstown, Pa. 

William Henry Harrison McElwaine, A.B. 
Atty. -at-law. Findlay, Ohio. 


Pennsylvania Gamma. 


Thaddeus Clarke Noble, Jr., A.B. y rjO. 
Adj. Prof. Math., W. and J. Coll., '86-8. 
Atty.-at-law, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Richard Brown Scandrett, A.B. jj p4» 

Atty.-at law, 34 Poplar St., Allegheny, Pa. 

Thomas Mellon Strrkler. kX 

Negley Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Class of 18S6. 

James Grant Anderson. pT 

Anderson Hotel, Pittsburg, Pa. 

George Washington Fulton, A.B. Jffi^ <tT 
At Western Theo. SenL.'86-7; McCormick 
Theo. Sem., '87-90. Since '89, For. Miss, to 
Japan. Presb. Min., Dinsmore, Pa. 

Joseph Morrison Irwin, A.B. f' a^ 

At McCormick Theo. Sem., '87-90. Albert 
Lea, Minn. 

William Alexander K inter, A.B. ^ aT 

At Western Theo. Sem., '86-7; Princeton 
Theo. Sem., '87-9. Presb. Min., Allegheny, 

Horatio Hamilton Miller, B.S. at 

Civil Eng. Cashr., ist Nafl Bank, Clays- 
ville. Pa. 

William Thomas Tredway, A.B. 3f'<p ^X 
• Atty.-at-law, 96 Diamond St., Pittsburg, 

Class of 1887. 

James Ross Bell, A.B. y iX 

Atty.-at-law, Pittsburg. Idlewood, Pa. 

Arthur Henry Ewing, A.B. y rX 

At Western Theo. Sem., '87-90. City 

Miss., Pittsburg, '88; Home Miss., Utica, 

Neb., '89. Miss, to Calcutta, India, '93. 

Presb. Min., Allegheny, Pa. 

James Miller Hill, A.B. l\ 

At Johns Hopkins, '88-90. 1128 McCulloh 
St., Baltimore, Md. 

Charles Allen Larimer, A.B. if rT 

At Western Theo. Sem., '87-90. Presb. 
Min., Allegheny, Pa. 

Charles Augustus LirriNcoTT, A.B. y pT 
At Princeton Theo. Sem., '87-8; Union 
Theo. Sem., '88-9; McCormick Theo. Sem., 
'89-90. Chicago, 111. 

Andrew Jackson Montgomery, Jr., A.B. 

)?* /cT 

AtW^estem Theo. Sem., '87-9; Lane Theo. 

Sem., '89-90. Presb. Min., Middlesborough, 

Ky., '90. Since '90, Ed. The Central West, 

414 Bee Building, Omaha, Neb. 

John Jay Srodes. <j* 

At Western Theo. Sem., '87-9. Presb. 
Min., Coraopolis, Pa. 

Harry Trew Stewart, A.B. y «♦ 

Reporter Pittsburg Dispatch, '87 8; since 
'88, do. Washington Journal, Washington, 

Class of 1888. 

Charles Wherry Hays, A.B. 'f eK 

At Lane Theo. Sem., '88. 1222 Central 
St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Grant Ephralm Hess, A.B. f* 

Atty.-at-law, Washington, Pa. 

David Miller Skilling, A.B. 5 kT 

At Western Theo. Sem., '88. Presb. Min., 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

Joshua Robert Wright, A.B. fl /T 

Atty.-at-law, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Class of 1889. 

Samuel Leonard Dille, A.B. f* 

Atty.-at-law, Pittsburg, Pa. 

James Ramsey Donehoo, A.B. f* 

At Western Theo. Sem., '93. Pittsburg, Pa. 

(George Robinson Edmundson, A.B. 
Remington, Pa. 

W^iLLiAM Seward Haymaker, A.B. 
Atty.-at-law, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Arthur Edward Link art, A.B. fl 
Atty.-at-law% Pittsburg, Pa. 

Class of 1890. 




John Biddle Clark, A.B. J 
LL.B., Columbia, '93. 
Washington, Pa. 

Fred Culbertson. 
Lewiston, Pa. 

Atty. -at-law. 

Joseph Lyons Ewing, A.B. f* r* 

At Western Theo. Sem., '93. Saltsburg, Pa. 

Walter Guiteau Hays, A.B. Vf* ^T 

At U. of Denver, '81-5; McCormick Theo. 

Sem. , '93. 1 222 Central St. , Kansas City, Mo. 

Frank Stuart Matthews, B.S. y# rT 

At Coll P. and S., New York, '93. 
Washington, Pa. 

Charles Gas ion Hindman Williams, A.B. ft 
At Western Theo. Sem., '93. Presb. Min., 
Cross Creek Village, Pa. 

Class of 1891. 

Preston Cooke Farrar. <tT 

Allegheny, Pa. 


Pennsylvania Gamma, 


Union Soc., '86; Poet CI. Day, '87; Ora. Com- 
mencement. '87. H. T. Stewart. Ed. IVash- 

ington Jeffersonian, '86-7. 

1890. W. G. Hays, Prize Ora., Frank, and 
Wash., '89; Repres. W. and J. at Inter-Coll. 

Ora. Cont.. '90; ist Hon., '90. F. S. 

Matthews, $100 Phys. and Chom. Prize, '90; ist 
Hon., '90. 

Fratkrity Xutes. 

1876. O. H. Anderson, Char. Mem. ; Del. 
Nat. Conv.. Philadelphia, '76. 

1877. J. S. Helm, Char. Mem. 

1878. J. C. McClenathan, Char. Mem. 

F. McCollough, Char. Mem. W. H. S. 

Thompson, Char. Mem. 

1879. N. B. Hogg, Char. Mem. J. A. 

Langfitt, Char. Mem. ; Cf. Pa. Alpha Alumni. 

1882. M. A. Denman, Del. Nat. Conv., 
Richmond, Va., '82. 

1S83. J. P. Anderson, Intd. Ohio Delta. 

1884. D. B. Fitzgerald, Intd. Ind. Epsilon ; 
Sect. Ind. St. Assn.. '82-3. 

1 886. G. W. Fulton, Cf. Pa. Alpha Alumni. 

1887. A. J. Montgomery, Jr., Cf. Pa. Alpha 
Alumni, Del. Alpha Prov. Conv., New York, 
•86; Sec. Alpha Prov., '86-8; Sec. Pa. St. 
Assn., '86. 

1SS8. D. M. Skilling, Del. Nat. Conv.. New 

York, N. Y., '86. J. R. Wright. Del. Alpha 

Prov. Conv., Easton, Pa,, *88. 

1889. A. E. Linhart, Init. Pa. Beta. 

1890. J. B. Clark, Del. Nat. Conv., Bloom- 
ington. 111., '89. 

1892. S. S. Baker, Del. Nat. Conv., Atlanta, 
Ga., '91. 

1S93. (J. E. Tredway, Init. Ohio Beta. 


Tennessee Alpha, 

I 879-80 

CnARi.Es Sutton IviE, LL.B. 5f rf 

At S. \V. Presb. L'., '74-7. 
Shelbyville, Tenn. 

GROfcriK Child-. JoNRs, M.A. % x^ 

A. B., S. W; Bap. U., '76; grad. Comer's 
Com. Coll., lV>ston.'*i. At Royal U., Berlin, 
Ger., *S2-5. Prof. Sci., Math', and Lang., 
Memphis, Conf, Fern. Inst., Jackson, Tcnn.. 
'S9. Since '«/>, Pres. Arkadelphia Meth. 
Coll., Arkadelphia, Ark. 

Paul JoNK>, LL.B. 5fj| ^* 

At U. of Nashville (now Peabotly), '74-O. 
Rep. Daily American^ Nashville.' Tenn.. 
'75. Sect. Tenn. Bureau of Ag., Stat., Immi. 
and Mines, '7f>-7. Ass't Finan. Clk. U. S. 
Sen., 'Hr>-4. Attv.-at-law, 7 Beekman Street, 
New York, N. Y'. 

Hkrbkrt NoKVKi.i. Lrkcii, LL.B. y m 

Del. Nat. I>em. Conv., Chicago, '02. Atty.- 
at-law, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Arthur Guyon ]J J ui^ 

A.B. and L. I., Peal>ody, '79. Prin. High 
Sch., Clarksville, Tcnn., '79-81. Atty.-at- 
law, Deni.son, Texas. 

John Marshall Smeuks, B. P. u^ 

LL.B., Vanderbilt, '.*^i. At Kenyon, '7 ; 
U. of Va., summer law course, '79; U. of the 
S., course in elocu., 'si ; grad. Louisville 
Com. Coll., '82. Atty.-at-law, 373 W. Fourth 
St., Cincinnati, Ohio'. 


Attended Pca])odv. Decatur, (Ja. Teacher 
High Sch.. Pine HhlfT. Ark. 

Class ok 1880. 

Malcom M< Neil Boddik. i^"^ g^X 

At Kmory and Henry, '73-7. Firm of 

Bodtlic Bros., real est. and loans, 138 Hurt- 
ford bldg. , Chicago, 111. 

IsAA<" Hill Bryan r. M.A. ifftf' />X 

(Jrad. l*\rl. and Asst. in Hist, and Eng., 

Vanderl>iit, 'So-i. Prin. High Sch.. Hot 

Springs. Ark., '81-3; since ''<3, do.. City High 

Sch., Austin. Texas. 

Charles Aiiii sr Burcmard. ^ f: t^ 

A.B. and L.I.. Pcalxxly. 'So. Prin. City 

High Sch.. Austin, Texas.''Si-2. City Atty.', 

(lon/.alcs, 'S7-(). Atty.-at-law, (ronzalcs, 


Lemuel Ri'.sskll Cami'um.l, .M.A. % kM 

A.B., Cunil)crhind, '77; LL.B., Columbia. 
'S3. Grad. I'd. and Assi. in Nat. Hist, and 
Gool.. Vanderbilt, 'So i. Alty.-at-law, Nash- 
ville, Tenn. Rice Dean, yf** 7+ 

L.I.. Peabody, '79: A.B., do., 'So; A.M.. 
do., 'S6. Pres. E. Texas U.. Tyler, '80-1; 
Prof. Nat. Sci., Sam Houston Norm. Coll., 
Huntsville, '81-7. Sine** 'S7, Bap. Min., 
Huntsville, Texas. 

Frank Fe.\rn Ellis. J* >* 

At Peabody, '77-9. Firm of J. W. Bass & 
Co.. whol. agl. impl., Birmingham, Ala. 

Di'NCAN Ufshaw Fletcher. B.S. ifftf' «X 

At Law dept., Vanderbilt, '80-1. Mem. 

Jacksonville City Coun., since '87; Pres. do., 

since 'Sq. Attv. Fla. S'n R. R. and J. T. & 

K. W. R. R. Atty.-at-law, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Willi AJki Henry Griffin. /X 

Merchant and farmer, Oxford, Ala. 

Charles Henry Edwin Hardin, LL.B. 

A.B., Pacific, 76; A.M., do., '77; Lat. 
tutor, do., '77; at U. S. Mil. Acad,, '75; Har- 
vard Law Sch., '78-9. Mem. Nev. Assem. 
from Humboldt Co., '83-5. Atty.-at-law, 22 
Mills Bldg., San Francisco, Calif. 

George Lee Hardwrk, M.A. &k 

Supt. Cleveland Woolen Mills, Cleveland, 

Thomas Neal Jones. ^ 
L.I., Peabody, *8o. 

Atty.-at-law, Tyler. 

Joseph Warner Maddox. $ f+ 

L. I., Peabody, '80. Real est., San Antonio, 

Robert Hardin Marr, Jr., M.A. Sf ctX 

LL.B., U. of La., '82. Judge 4th City Ct., 
New Orleans. 'S8-92. Atty.-at-law, 359 
Cohseum St., New Orleans, La. 

Thomas Sheppard Meek, ^tf ^i2 

L.L, Peabody, '80. At U. of Va., summer 
law course, '80. Prin. Centennial Inst., 

402-406 Race St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Walter Benjamin Palmer, LL.B. 

yftt dT-rX 
A.B., Emorv. '77; A.M., do., '80. At U. of 
Calif., '78. fed. secular dept. Christian 
Aiivocatt\ Nashville. '82-3; do. Southern 
Evangelist, Nashville, '87-8. Rep. Daily 
Herald, Nashville, "S^-go; Mang. ed. do., 
'90-1; City ed. do., '91-2. Field cor. Daily 
Ameriian, Nashville, '92. Since '92, Spec. 
A^t. V. S. Dept. of La])or, Washington, 

I). C. 

Na.shville. Tenn. 


Tennessee Alpha, 


City, '83-5. Atty. Texas Pac. R. R.. sirce 
'84., Colorado City, Texas. 

William Harvie Cowan. M.D. 5pft pT-rX 
Attended Trinity U., Texas, physician, 
Shiloh, Texas. 

Victor Litchfield Ci:nnyn(;ham. C'*' 

Cash'r B. F. Jacobs & Co., 99 Washington 
St., Chicago, 111. 

Walter Elijah Dean, ^"f i '/* 

A.B., Peabody, '82. Prin. High Sch., 
Hopewell, Texas, '87-90. Teacher, Clover 
Bend, Ark. 

Walker Williams Evans. $ //+ 

L. I. . Peabody, '82. Ed. News, St. Georges, 
S. C, '85-6. Prin. St. Georges Inst., '84-6. 
Farmer, Gallavon, S. C. 

Alfred Elliott Howrll. * *^X 

Asst. Supt. Phillips Buttorflf Mfg. Co. 
1711 Hayes St., Nashville, Tenn. 

Mills Brinson Lane, f* wX 

Cash'r Merchants Bank, Valdosta, Ga., 

*89-9i. Since '91, V. Pres. Citizens' Bank, 
Savannah, Ga. 

•Albert Sydney Johnston Magruder. ^ i-* 
At Union Coll. of Law, Chicago, '84-5. 
Atty.-at-la\v. Died, Chicago, Sept. 16, '91. 
Chicago, III. 

William Harding Mayes. i/'X 

Co. Atty., Brown Co.. Texas, '83. Ed. 
Banner, Brownwood. '83-4: do., since '90, 
Bulletin, Brownwood, Texas. 

James Alvah NoYEs, LL.H. jjf wT 

L.I. and A.B., Peabody, '79. Atty.-at-law, 

Cedartown, Ga. 


William Hf.< tor Park. #ft }*-ri' 

A.B., Emory, "So; A.M , do., Si; M.D., 
Bellevue, '83. Missionary ph vs., M. E. Ch., 
S., since 'S2. Surg, in charge Soochow 
Hosp. and Supt. Soochow Hosp. Med. Sch., 
Shanghai, China. 

Malco.m Rice Patterson. Jjf x^ 

Atty.-at-law, 6 Walker St., Memphis, 

John Pinckney Philln's. f u^ 

At Peabody, '79-30. Book-keeper, Birm- 
ingham, Ala. 

Clark Dickson Pickett. 

Cotton factor, Waxahachic, Texas. 


Edwin Armstrong Prick, ^g CC--^*^ 

A.B., Ala. Poly., '60. Alty.-at-kiw, Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 

William Clarke Rawson. ^X 

At Emory, '77-80. Manufacturer, 225 
Rawson St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Thomas Irby Rogers. ]J* z^*-^* 

B.S., Wofford, '80. Ed. Democrat, Marl- 
boro, S. C , '84. Atty-at-law, Bennettsville, 
S. C. 

Charles Miller Thurmond. vX 

Ed. New Era, Ripley, '85. Atty.-at-law, 
Ripley, Miss. 

John Walikr Tomlinson, LL.B. yj ert 

At Emory and Henr>', '78-9; U. of Tenn., 
'79^0. Atty.-at-law, Birmingham, Ala. 

William Ryan Walker, LL.B. * C^-p* 

I At Ala. Poly, '78-9. Asso. ^S! Democrat, 

(Tuntersville, Ala., *S6. Atty.-at-law, Athens, 

; John Lindsay Waikins, M.D. t2 

j Ph.G., Vanderbilt, '85. Asst. Dent, dept., 

Vanderbilt, '82-3: Asst. Instr. Phys. Diag. 

Med. dept., do., '83-6; Lect. do., '86-9; Asst. 

do., since '92. Physician, 109 Vauxhall Place, 

Nashville, Tenn. 

Class of 1883. 

Roijert Edward Arnall. 5f ¥^ ;/X 

A.B. and L.I. Peabody,'^83. Prin. High 
Sch., Centerville, '83-9; do.. High Sch., 
Wartrace, Tenn , '90-2. Merchant, Center- 
ville, Tenn. 

Henry Barnk.r Bai:gh. i4 

A.B., Winchester Normal, Tenn., '79. 

Asso. Prin. Masonic M. and F. Inst., '79-80; 

Prin. do., '80-2. Atty.-at-law, Atlanta, Ga. 

Ira Bowman, Ph. G. fl 7+ 

M.I)., Vanderbilt, '86. Physician, Le- 
compte. La. 

Charlks Thomas Cole, B.S. y ^12 

PY'l. and Asst. in Lat., Vanderbilt, '84-^); 
Post-grad. Pel. and Asst. in Lat. and Hist., 
do., '86-7. Insurance. Nashville, Tenn. 

James Edward Crook, M.D. 5f )y 

A.B.. U. of Ala., "81. At Atlanta Med 
Coll., '81-2. Physician, Alexandria, Ala. 

JiNius Alkkrt Dillard. at 

A.H., U. of Ala., '8 1. Since '91, news ed. 
Daily Advertiser, Montgomery, Ala. 

William Hasselden Eli.erbe. J r*^-fX 

At WofTord, '80-1. Farmer, Marion, S. C. 

Since '<jo, Comp-gen. of S.C, Columbia, S. C. 

Tno.MAs Allis(jn Emhrkn. 

Attv.-at-law, Winchester, Tenn. 



Tennessee Alpha, 


Sterling Price Gilbert. B.S. 5pfl w* 

LL.B., Yale, '85. Memo, ora., Columbus, 
*88. Capt. Columbus Guards, since '87. Mem. 
Ga. Ho. of Rep. from Muscogee Co., '88-92. 
Sol. -gen., Chattahooche jud. cir., Ga., '93-7- 
Atty.-at-law, Columbus, (la. 

George Clapp Greer, B.S. yft kSI 

Grad. Fel. and Asst. in Eng., Vanderbilt, 
•83-4. Prin. HighSch., St. Augustine, '84-9. 
Atty.-at-law, Saint Augustme. Texas. 

John Ellis Harrison, B.A. % kU 

Prin. Inst., Lynchburg, Tenn. '78-9: do. 
High Sch., Verona, Tenn., '79. Asso. Prin. 
Obion Coll., Troy, Tenn., '80-1. Asst. in Eng., 
Vanderbilt,'82-3; Chaplain, do., '84. Prof. Cen- 
tenary, Coll., La., '83-4. Min., M. E. Ch., S., 
South Monroe City. Mo., '83; West End ch., 
Nashville. Tenn., '84; Spring Hill, Tenn., 
•84-5; Franklin, Tenn., '85-9; Clarksville, 
Tenn., *8()-<)o; Murfreesboro, Tenn., '90-1; 
since '91, Pulaski, Tenn. 

William AsHTON Hawkins, LL.B. ^ (r¥ 

Ed Tennessee Republican, Huntington, 
'80-1. City ed. Daily Times, El Paso, 
Texas, '83. Atty.-at-law, Eddy, N. Mex. 

Wallace Hendricks. VX 

LL.B., Cumberiand, '83. Atty.-at-law, 
Fort Worth, Texas. 

Charles King Holi.iuay, Jr. f x^ 

A.B., Washburn, '83: LL.B., Yale, '85. 
Ed. Kansas Democrat, Topeka, Kan. 

Shelby Sherwood Jackson, M.D. ^+ 

At Bethel Coll., Ky., '76-9. Physician, 
Rockport, Ky. 

Thomas Crofford Looney. ^ n 

LL.B., Cumberiand, '83. At Columbian, 
'79-80; U. S. Mil. Acad., '80-2. Mem. Tenn. 
Ho. of Rep. from Shelby Co., '91-2. Atty.- 
at-law, Memphis, Tenn. 

Eugene Robertson Lyons. JT vY 

At Centenary, '77-9. Rep. Daily World, 
Nashville, Tenn., 'S1-2. Atty.-at-law, 67 
Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

Frank Winston McConnell, B.S. y^ /ci/ 

Prin. Male Acad., Gallatin, Tenn., '83-4. 

Pres. Masonic Inst., Clarksville, Tenn., '84-7. 

Clk. ist jud. Dist. Ct. of Mont. Ter., '88-9. 

Real est., loans and insur., Helena, Mont. 

Hunter McCann Meriwether, B.S. 

LL.B.. Vanderbilt, '85; Fel. and Asst. in 
Math., do., 83-4. Pres. Kansas City Subur- 
ban Ry. Co. ; do. Lackawanna Coal and Iron 

Co. ;Sect. Standard Invest Co. Atty.-at-law, 
209 Baird Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Thomas Payne Murrey. ^0 

Prin. Masonic Inst., Hartsville, Tenn., 
'83-4; do. Masonic Inst, Grapevine, Texas. 
'84-5; do. Lewisville Inst, Texas, 85-6. 
Supt. Pub. Sch., Midland, Texas, '86-7. Pres. 
Coll., Springfield, Ark., '87-9; do. Morrilton 
Coll., since 89. Conductor Ark. St Norm. 
Inst, '89-91. Morrilton, Ark. 

Albert Sydney Ragsdale. %% tY 

Attended U. of Tenn. Ed. Chat^ Knox- 

ville, since '92. Insurance, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Frank Lee Snodgrass, LL.B. % ^"^ 

Atty.-at-law, Coleman, Texas. 

Clarence Emory Stewart, y tii' 

At S. W. U., *77-9. Asst Prin. Masonic 
Inst., Grapevine, Texas, '82. Atty.-at-law, 
Dallas, Texas. 


Alexander Farrar Watkins, B.A. yfl wX 
At Centenary, '78-80. Agt Millsaps Coll., 
Jackson/90-2. Min., M. E. Ch.. S., La. Ave. 
ch.. New Orleans, '82; Jackson, '84, and since 
93; Martin, Miss., '85-6; Brookhaven, Miss , 
'87-9. Jackson. Miss. 

*Mokris Cady Wh.lis, Ph. G. y n 

At Eastman's Bus. Coll., '83-4. Real est. 

Died, Waco, July 17, '92. Waco, Texas. 

John Milton Zarecor. M.D. rt 

Physician, Elkton, Ky. 

Class of 1884. 


Glenn Andrews, yftf* 

M.D., U. of Citv of N Y.,'86. At Ala. Poly., 
'76-9. Supt Pub. Sch.. Greenville, Ala., '83-4. 
Physician, Montgomery. Ala. 

George Harrison Armistead. if'^ <tX 

A.B., U. of Miss., '82. Rep. Daily World, 
Nashville, '84; citv ed. do., '85. City ed. 
Daily American, Nashville. '86-8. City ed. 
Daily Herald, Nashville. '89; ed.-in-ch. do., 
'90. Sect Nashville Commercial Club, since 
•91. Nashville, Tenn. 

Louis Bowling, Ph. G. g f* lyS-rt 

At Roanoke, '77-80. Stock raiser, Poca 
W. Va. 

(Christopher) Morris Brandon, ipft ff* 

LL.B., Yale, '84. Ed. Courier, Dover, 
Tenn., '83. Atty.-at-law, Atlanta, Ga. 

John Morgan Brents. V**' 

B.S., (rlasgow Norm. Sch., '80. Commer. 
traveler, Glasgow, Ky. 


Tennessee Alpha. 


Richard Orlanu Burnham. fX 

At Harvard, '83-4. Grad. Eastman's Bus. 
Coll., N. Y., '84. Whol. grain and cotton, 
Waco, Texas. 

John EDERiNGiors Byars. x^ 

LL.B., Cumberland, '84. Atty. Todd Co., 
Ky. ; Treas. do. City Aity., Elkton. Atty.- 
at-law, Elkton, Ky. 

Samuel Lusk Colville, LL.B. jjf jj ft 

A.B., U. ofTenn., '83. Since 'yo, Mang. 
R. G. Dun & Co., Topeka, Kan. 

Henry Drank. 5? ft ^ 

Ed. and prop. A f anon County Ar^us, 
Buena Vista, Ga., '82. Atty. -at -law. Brown- 
wood, Texas. 

William James Hag an. t\ 

M.D., Jetferson Med. Coll., '84. Physician, 
Athens, Ala. 

Walter Alonzo^s. . 1** 

Farmer, Carter's Creek, Tenn. 

Achilles Sears Major. Jje (tX 

A.B., S. W. Presb. U., '80. At U. of Miss., 
'78. Asst. ed. Democrat, Clarksville, '84-7. 
Atty.-at-law, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Andrew Brown Ramsky, M.D. ]J ^t 

Interne City Hosp., Nashville. Tenn., '84-5. 
Lect. Med. dept., Vanderbilt, '8(>-7. Physi- 
cian, McMinnville. Tenn. 

Ira LiTTELL Smith. • ij? ci 

Book-keeper, Planters' Bank, Hopkinsville, 

Frank Anderson Vincent. ]jf ^ rrT 

Attended U. of Tenn. With First Nat. 
Bank, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Lawrence Steele Wakefield. rX 

At Ind. U., '79-80: Central Coll., '80-1; 
Eastman's Bus. Coll., N. Y., '83-4. Banker. 
Savannah, Mo. 

Claude Waller, B.S. 5pft k-^ 

B.E., Vanderbilt, '86; M. S.. do., '88; 
LL. B.,do., '90. Fel. and Asst. in Math. Van- 
derbilt. '>^4-6; Post grad. Fel. and in 
Math, dr)., '8f>-8: Instr. in Math., do., '8S-9. 
Sect, and Treas., Tenn. Bar Assn.. '92-3. 
City Atty., Nashville, since '93. Atty.-at-hiw, 
Nashville. Tenn. 


AtCumbi-'rland. '7:)-So. Book-keeper. Died, 
Aiken. S. C, April 28, '90. Nashville, Tenn. 

John Byron ]^ft fT-/>i' 

A. B., Kmory, '&i. Grad. Eng. Theo. 

course, X'anderbilt, '^4. Min..M.K. Ch., S., 

Trinity cir., Ga., '86; Darien, Ga., '87; Eden 
cir.. Ga., '88; jr. on Pierce cir.. Ga., '90. 
Author "Tobacco: Its Use and Abuse." '89. 
Ed. Southwest Georj^ian^ Cairo, '90. Prin. 
Macon Dist. High Sch.. Ga., '88-9; do., since 
'89, High Sch., Cario, Ga. 

Henry Lucas Williams. wX 

Atty.-at-law, Wetumpka, Ala. 

Class of 1885. 

William Henry Cotton, B.A. y ^X 

Min., M. E. Ch., S., Beaumont, Texas, '80; 

Or&nge, Texas, '81 ; Woodbine (Nashville), 

j Tenn., '85-6; Savannah, Tenn., '86-<); Alex. 

' Green (Nashville), Tenn., '89-90; since '90, 

New Providence, Tenn. 

Sidney Scales Crockett, M.D. f* tX 

At N. Y. Polyclinic, '86. . Interne City 

Hosp., Nashville, '85-6. Dem. of Anat, 

Dent, dept., Vanderbilt, since '88; do. Med. 

dept., since '91. Physician, Nashville, Tenn. 

(Robert) Waller Deering, M.A. y i^t 

Ph. D., Leipsic. Ger.,'89. At Centre/ 79- 80. 
Fel. and Asst. in Ger., Vanderbilt, '85-6; 
Adj. Prof. Teut. Lang, do., '90-2. Prof. 
Germanic Lang, and Lit, W. Reserve U., 
since '92. Author "Anglo-Saxon Poets on 
the Judgment Day", '90. Edited Schiller's 
••Wilhelm Tell," '93. Trans, of Wulker's 
"Grundriss der Angelsachsischen Literatur" 
in MSS. Cleveland, Ohio. 

William Harrison J.vckson. yf* aT 

LL.B., Columbian, '86. At S. W. Bap. U., 
'77-9; Harvard, '83-4. Asst. Sol. C. & O.Ry., 
since '89. Atty.-at-law, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Edward Ernest Kimkrouc.ii. J rX 

Insurance, Gainesville, Ga. 

(tIlmer Meriwether, B.S. f* pX 

Mang. Standard Invest. Co., 210 Baird 
Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

John Evans Walker. x^ 

M.D.. Bellevue, '85. Physician, Columbus, 

Hezkkiaii Winn, y vT 

With Fite, Lyles Davis & Co., Nashville, 

Class of 1886. 

Ja.mes Daniel Clary. Jf x^ 

Instr. Webbs' Sch., Bellbuckle, Tenn., 
'8(>-o. Since '89. Prin. Little Rock Conf. 
Train. Sch., Fordyce, Ark. 


Tennessee Alpha, 


Washington Wafer Nicholson. t* 

Arizona, La. Min.. M.E. Ch.,S., Farmers- 
ville, La., '86; Algiers, La., '88. Abilene, 

Charles Beaumon r Richardson. VT 

With Richardson Bros. & Co., Nashville, 

Walter Stokes. LL.B. y 0* 

Attended Cumberland. Atty. -at-law, Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 



Thomas Lee Thompson, B.A. Jjf ^ 

Prin High Sch., MonticelTo, Ky., '86-^9. 

ISi^.Signai, Monticello, '86-8; do News, 

Lewisburg, 'go-91. Since '89, Asst. Cash'r 

People's Bank, Lewisburg, Tenn. 

Ralph Lincoln Wardin. Ph. G. v\ 

Druggist, Nevada, Mo. 

Class of 1887. 

John Thomas Boddie. ifJlf' piC-pX 

At K.M.L, '82-3. Firm of Boddie Bros., 

real est. and loans, 138 Hartford bldg., 
Chicago, 111. 

Allen RocERS Carter, B.A. 5f ^T 

Mem. Bd. of Trust. Vanderbilt, since 90. 
Partner Len G. Herndon & Co., dried fruit 
exporters, since '90. Director Carter Dry- 
eoods Co., whol., since '92. 1048 Fourth St., 
LfOuisville, Ky. 

Robert Ernest Crockett, B.A. y^ yY 

Prin. High Sch. Union City, Tenn., '87-92; 
since '92, do., Vanderbilt Train. Sch., Elk- 
ton, Ky. 

William Jack. Jr. rt 

Memphis, Tenn. Book-keeper, Fort Worth, 

Chambers Kellar, B.S. y rT 

Fel. and Asst. in Kng., Vanderbilt, '87-8. 
City Atty. , Hot Springs, '90-2. State's Atty. , 
Falls River Co., S. Dak., since' 92. Atty. -at- 
law. Hot Springs, S. Dak. 

♦John Edwin Stovall.' 5p c*i> 

A.B.,S.W. U., '81. Asst. in Eng.. Vander- 
bilt, 85-6. Min., M. E. Ch..S., Huntsville, 
Texas, '86; Austin, Texas, '86-7; Lagrange, 
Texas, 88-<;. Pres. Texas Chautauqua, '88-9. 
Died, Lagrange, June 23, '89. Beaumont, 

George Jeffries Stuhblefield, Jr. /j4> 

WithS. Meth. Pub. Ho. 517 Russell St, 
Nashville, Tenn. 

William Henry Witt, B.A. ]jf i,4> 

M.A., Vanderbilt, '83; Fel. and Ast. in 

Hist, do., '87-8;at Med. dept. do., since '92. 

Asso. prin. McTyeire Inst., McKenzie, Tenn., 
88-91. Lynnville, Tenn. 

Class of 1888. 

Stewart Brooks, B.S. Jfft ^'^ 

LL.B., Vanderbilt, '90. Atty. -at-law. Mo- 
bile, Ala. 

Barbour Dicks Cooper, M.D. g CT-r* 

At U. of the S.. '81-3; N. Y. Polyclinic,'9i. 
Physician, Mansfield, La. 

Edmond Irving Crockett, M.A. 5f t4> 

At Oberiin, '82-5. Grad. Fel. and Asst. in 

Ger., Vanderbilt, '8S-9; Post grad. Fel. and 

Asst in Eng., do., '89-90. Real est, Pueblo, 


John Ellett. tT 

Book-keeper, 543 Shelby St., Memphis, 

Nathan Adams Gibson, B.A. r* 

LL.B., Vanderbilt, '90. Prin. Dist High 
Sch., Brownsville, Tenn., '88-9. Atty. -at- 
law, Memphis, Tenn. 

William Franklin Harris, f* 0Y 

With Harris McWhirter & Co. 220 Watson 
St, Nashville, Tenn. 

Herbert Lee M ANSON, LL.B. yg rl-rf 

Attended Mercer. Insurance, Columbus, 

William Thomas Sanders, B.A. y t4> 

Atty. -at-law, Athens, Ala. 

William Alexander Si'EER. jjg vS-o^-vX 
At Emory, '82-5; U. of Ga., '85-6. With 
John Silvey & Co., Atlanta, Ga. 

Marvin West, B.A. y ^y 

M.A.,Vanderbilt,'89. Prin. Acad., Oulleoka 
Tenn. ,'89-90. Since '90, Prof. Eng., Ky. 
Wes. Coll., Winchester, Ky. 

Charles Humi'hrevs Wyche. Sf )X 

Plain View, N. C. Merchant, Adel, Ga. 

Class of 1889. 

Paul McConnkll Jones, B.S. jfft'^ <j4» 

M.S., Vanderbilt '91 ; D. Sc, do., '92. Grad. 
Fel. and Asst. in Nat Hist, and Geol. do., 
'89-91; Post-grad. Fel. and Asst do., since 
'91. A.sst geologist U. S. Geol. Soc., '90-1. 
Author "Geology of Nashville and Immedi- 
ate Vicinity," '92. Nashville, Tenn. 

Joseph Mark Lf:vE(^UE. oip 

At Boston Sch. of Express.. '88; Dion 
Boucicault's Sch. of Acting, N. Y.,'88. Prof. 
Eng. and Anc. Lang.. Hubbard Coll.. Over- 
ton, Texas, '88-9. Actor, '89-90. Ed. and 


Tennessee Alpha, 


mang. Sharp Shooter, Overton, '88-9. City 
ed. Evening Mail, Fort Worth, Texas, '90; 
do. Day^ Waco, Texas, '91. Rep. Daily 
World, New York, '91 ; do., since '92, Morn- 
ing Advertiser. 314 W. Twenty-seventh 
St.. New York, N. Y. 

James Wyche Manier, Jr. 'f rT 

Firm of Manier & Co., whol. shoes. 315 
N. Vine St., Nashville, Tenn. 

Charles Warren Murray. J oT-t* 

At Mercer, 'S5-6. Life Insur., Fort Valley, 

Pope Taylor. % >* 

Merchant, Nashville, Tenn. 

John Humphreys Watkins, LL.B. y ^ 

Asst. in Ger., Vanderbilt, '86-8. Atty.-at- 
law, Memphis, Tenn. 

Class of 1890. 

Paul Andrews, "f <tT 

With U. S. EnfifineerinR Corps, Lincoln, 

RoHERT Au<;usTUS Armistead. fl f' ;/T-0T 

At U. of the S., '86. Bus. Mang. Issue, 
Nashville, Tenn. 

Wiley Perry Boddie. ?ftf' rn-<TT 

At K.M.L, '82-4. Real est. and loans, Colo- 
rado City, Col. 

♦Robert Allen Carter. % rT 

Died, Louisville, Aug. 5, '87. Louisville, 

Howell Edmund Jackson, Jr. ^ rY 

With Oxmoor Furnace Co., Ox moor, Ala. 

Odell Whitfield McCoNNELL, B. A. ]J^ f<l> 
LL.B., Vanderbilt, '91. Atty.-at-law, 
Helena, Mont. 

James Herbert Moss. ?ftf' 9.\-<Tl*-;t4' 

A.B., Randolph. Macon, '84; M. A.. U. of 
Va., '87. Asst. Prof. Languages, Wm. anl 
Mary, '89-92. Min., M. E. Ch. S., Williams- 
burg, Va., '88-92; since '92, Danville, Va. 

James Witt Sewell. % V- 

Asst. Prin. HighSch., Macon, Miss., '89-91. 
Since '91, Prof. Eng. and Languages, Ky. 
Train. Sch. for Boys, Mount Sterling, Ky. 

EucENE Houghton Vaughn. ^ aT 

With Kirkpatrick & Co., Nashville, Tenn. 

Class ok 1891. 

Fletchkr Sims Brockman, B. A. Jf t/'Tt" 

Prin. City High Sch., Tuscaloosa. -Ahi., 

•S6-7. Coll. Sect. Inter-Nat. Com. of Y. M. 

C. A., since '91. Austell, Ga. 40 E. Twenty- 
third St., New York, N. Y. 

William Elliston Farrell, M.E. yf* ^T 
Min. Eng., Danville, Pa. 

Elliott Hamilton Jones, B. A. y^ rT 

At Law dept, Vanderbilt, *9i-3. Lexing- 
ton, Mo. 

Richard Stillwell Stockton. t* 

At Washburn, '86-8. Kansas City, Mo. 
Stenographer, U. of Ariz., Tucson, Ariz. 

Stephen Dunbar Thatch. M.D. y ot 

Physician, Decherd, Tenn. 

Fennell Parish Turner, B. A. %^ 5T 

At Bib. dept., Vanderbilt, '91-2. Prin. 

Dixon Acad., Shelby ville, Tenn., '88-90. 

Since '92, Asst ed. Tennessee Methodist^ 

Nashville, Tenn. 

William Alexander Webb, B.A. y ^T 

Instr. Webb's Sch., Bellbuckle, '85-7, and 
since '92. Asst. in Eng. and Math., Vander- 
bilt, '90-1 ; Grad. Fel. and Asst. in Man. Train, 
do., '91-2. Bellbuckle, Tenn. 

Class of 1892. 

Rk hard Alexander Barr. B.A. ^ rT 

At Med. dept, Vanderbilt, since '92. Gal- 
latin, Tenn. 

Amos Riley Hardin, yf* 9X 

Atty.-at-law, 10 1 Sansome St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

John Richardson Mood, B.D. yj pT-»* 

A.M.. S. W. U., '89. Min.. M. E. Ch., S.. 
Georgetown, Texas. 

Charles Wesley Scarritt, B.A. % x^ 

At Drew Theo. Sem., since '92. Norledge 
Place, Kansas City, Mo. 

Class of 1893. 

Theodore Benjamin Bethea. J \A^t\ 

At Ala. Poly., '90-1. Montgomery, Ala. 

Osgood Francis Cook. Jpjf' ,TT-<r* 

At Emory, '88-90. Pnn. Camden County 
Acad., St. Mary's, Ga., '89. Min., M. E. 
Ch. . S. , Fort Valley. Ga. 

Albert Percy Crockett, %'f tT 

Arrington, Tenn. 

Eugene Bell Crockeit. ^T 

At Mass. Inst, of Tech., since '93. Arring- 
ton, Tenn. 

Eugene Hargrove Hawkins, if* t'L-at 

A.M., Southern, \)o. At Bio. dept, Van- 
derbilt, since '90. Decatur, Ala. 

1893-6. NOTES. 

Tennessee Alpha, 


Horace Norman Hawkins, f* x^ 

Huntingdon, Tenn. 

John Edward Mick LER. Sffl V^-yX 

A.B., Emory, '89. Min., M. E. Ch., S., 
St Mary's, Ga., '90. Wellborn, Fla. 

Collins Waller. vT 

Dy. Clk., Union Co. Ct, Ky., since '90. 
Morganfield, Ky. 

Class of 1894. 

Charles Read Baskervill. n^ 

Stanton Depot, Tenn. 

John HiBKETT DeWitt. 5fH a* 

711 Woodland St, Nashville, Tenn. 

James Park Hanner. f* 'Y 

Franklin, Tenn. 

Louis Clark Renfro. fl ^T 

At Harvard since '92. Maxwell, Calif. 

Harry Scott Vaughn, fl^ 
Nashville, Tenn. 

Robert Angelo Weaver, y 
Memphis, Tenn. 



Class of 1895. 

Harvey Crenshaw Alexander. rY 

Union City, Tenn. 

Benjamin Childers. y rT 

Pulaski, Tenn. 

Hervey Files Crenshaw. iY 

Montgomery, Ala. 

Norman Farrell, Jr. "f tY 

Nashville, Tenn. 

Eugene Owen Harris. ^ rY 

220 Watson St, Nashville, Tenn. 

Henry J Livingston, Jr. rY 

•*J letter only. Brownsville, Tenn. 

Louis Marvin Palmer, f' rT 

Bookkeeper, Nashville, Tenn. 

Richard Turnbull, Jr. rY 

Monticello, Fla. 

Sterling Whitten Tur.nek. f' rY 

Pisgah, Tenn. 

Charles Parker Williams. * fr-t«* 

At Tulane, '89-90. Mansneld, La. 

Class of 1896. 

John Preston Watts Brown. ,|T 

211 N. Spruce St., Nashville, Tenn. 

Joseph Vaulx Crockett. 

222 N. High St, Na.shville, Tenn. 

John Wkslky Hanner. ^ 
Franklin, Tenn. 

William Wilson Hidson. 
Mobile, Ala. 

William Battle M alone. 

Union Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 

Edwin Moorr Rankin. 
Lexington, Mo. 


College Notes. 

1876. L. Taylor, Atty. com. moot ct, '76; 
ist Pres. Al. Ass'n, '79-81. 

1878. P. W. Gardner, Ora. Al. Ass'n, '81. 
J. B. Reed, Cf. Coll. Notes Ky. Alpha. 

1879. J. M. Barrs, Pres. and Bus. Manj^. 
Austral Co., '79; Cont Founder's orat med., 

'79. R. H. Burney (Foltz math, medalist, 

'76: S. J. Adams orat medalist, '77, S. W. 

U.); Atty. com. mootct, '79. J. H. Dortch. 

Cont Young orat med , '78. C. S. Ivie, 

(Rep. Stewart Soc, com., '76, S. W. Presb. U.) 

G. C. Jones (Valedic, '76, S. W. Bap. U.); 

Cont. Founder's orat. med., '78; elec. do., '79, 

but declined; ist Ora. Al. Ass'n, '80. P. 

Jones (Orat. medalist, Erosopian, '76, U. of 
Nashville). H. N. Leech, Founder's medal- 
ist. Law dept., '79. A. G. Moseley (Medal- 
ist and Salu., '79, Peabody). 

1880. M. M. Boddio (Deb. medalist, Her- 
mesian, '77, Emory and Henr\'); Cont. Young 
orat med.. '79. 1. H. Bryant, Scholar- 
ship, '77; Owen medalist, Acad, dept, '80; 
Founder's medalist, Acad, dept, '80; Fac. 
rep., Acad, dept, com.. '80; Grad. Fel., '80-1. 

C. A. Burchard (Com. Spkr., '80, Peabodv\ 

L. R. Campbell, Grad. Fel, '80-1. 1, ft. 

Dean (ist hon. and Lat Salu., '80: Delivd. al. 

ad. to Lit Socs., '86, Peabody). D. U. 

Fletcher, Cont. Young orat med., '78; do. 
Founder's orat med., '79; CI. rep., com., '80; 
Atty. com. moot ct, '81; Ora. Al. Ass'n, '82. 

C. H. E. Hardin (Orat. medalist,' 73 and '74, 

Pacific); Annh, Philosophic, '80; Decl'd, moot 

ct place, '80; Founder's orat. medalist, '80. 

R. H. Marr, Jr. (Valedic. Law dept, U. of La., 
'82); Ora. Al. Ass'n, '91. T. S. Meek (Vale- 
dic, '80, Peabody). W. B. Palmer, Ed. -in- 
ch. Austral^ '79; Anni. Philosophic, '79; Cf. 

Coll. Notes, Ga. Beta. J. R. West, Atty. 

com. moot ct., '80. 

1881. T. T. Cotnam, Jr. (ist com. spkr., '81, 

Peabody). E. T. Fleming, Cont Young orat. 

med., '80. F. A. Glenn (apptd. com. spkr. 

but declined. *8r, Peabody). W. H. Goodpa.s- 

ture, Cont Young orat. med., '79. J. M. 


Tennessee Alpha, 


Griggs (medalist inter-S(K\ cont. '8i spkr., 

'8i, Peabody). R. F. Jackson. Alty. com. 

moot ct., '8i; Pres. Al. Ass'n, '83-4 -V. I). 

Maddin, scholarship, '80: Atty. com. moot ct., 

'82. W. E. Murphey (Ora. Erosophian, Feb. 

22, '91, Peabody). S. E. Rose, declined fel- 
lowship, '81. M. S. Sams, Cont. Young orat 

med.. '79. J. E. Wolfe (ist hon., '81, Pea- 

1882. J. H. Atlee, Impr. medalist, Dialectic 

'82. 1. H. Burney, Atty. com. moot ct., '82- 

W. H. Cowan, Cf. Coll. Notes 'i'exas 

Alpha. W. E. Dean (com. .spkr., '82. I'ea- 

body). J. C. McReynolds (Va. Beta. '84), 

scholarship. 8i; Founder's, Acad, 
dept.. '82; CI. rep., com., '82; Grad. Fel., '82-3; 
Ea.-in-ch. Observer, '83: Pres. Al. Ass'n, 'S5-6; 
Ora. do., '89. J. A. Noyes (Anni. '79, Pea- 
body); Attv. com. moot ct., '82. \V. H. 

Park, Cf. Coll. Notts Ga. Beta. M. R. Pat- 
terson, Young orat. medalist, '80; cont. Foun- 
der's orat. med., '81. E. A. Price, Cf. Coll. 

Olotes Ala. Beta. T. I. Rogers, Cont. Foun- 
der's orat. med., '82: Cf. Coll. Notes S. C. 

Alpha. J. W. Tomlinson(com. spkr., "So, U. 

of Tenn.); Founder's medalist. Law dept., '82; 
cont. Founder's orat. med., '82. 

1883. R. E. Arnall(Com. spkr., '83. Peabody). 
C. T. Cole, scholarship, '81 ; Aso. cd. Obser- 
ver, '82-3; Fel. '84-6; Post Grad. Fel., '86-7. 

J. E. Crook (Lieut. Cadet Corps. '81, U. of 

Ala.); Valedic. Med. CI., '83. S. P. (Jil- 

bert, Asso. ed. Observer, '82; (Pres. Kent 

Club. '84, Yale). G. C. Greer, .scholarship, 

'81; Kd.-in-ch. Observer, '82: Asso. ed. do., 
'84; Founder's medalist, Acad, dept., '83; Grad. 

Fel., '83-4. J. E. Harrison, scholarship, '82; 

Ed.-in-ch. Observer, '82-3; Tutor. '81-2; Asst. 

'S2-3; Ora. Al. Ass'n, '(>o; Pres. do., '92-3 

M. P. LeGrand, Jr. (Ala. Alpha, '84). Cont. 
Young orat. med.. 82; Del. to Conv. that on^. 
Tenn. St. Orat. Ass'n. Chattanooga, '83: Pres. 

do., '83. E. R. Lyons. Anni. Philosophic. 81 ; ed. Observer, vol. i, '81-2; Kd.-in-ch. 

do., '82. F. W. McConnell, scholarship, '80; 

do., '82; Fac. rep., Acad, dept., com. '83. 

H. M. Meriwether, scholarship, 'Si; do, '82; 
Bus. Mang. Observer, '83; CI. rep. com., '83; 
Fel., '83-4; Atty. com. moot ct., '85; Founder's 

medalist, Law dept., '85. A. S. Ragsdale 

(Deb. Philo., '81, U. of Tenn.) F. L Snod- Asso. ed. Obseri'er, '82; Atty. com. 

moot ct., '83. C. E. Stewart (Deb. Alamo, 

'78; com. rep. do.. '78 and '79, S. W. U.); Cont. 

Founder's orat. med., '82. A. F. Watkins 

(Jones orat. medalist, '80, Centenary); Asso. 
ed. Observer, vol. i, '81-2; Cont. Young med., 

'82; scholarship, '82 ; Ora. Al. Ass'n, "88. M. 

C. Willis, Founder's medalist, Pliar. dept. ,'83. 

1884. G. Andrews, Asso. ed. Observer, 

'82-3. G. H. Armistead (Fresh. Spkr., '79; 

Soph, elocu. medalist, '80; ist Jr. Ora., '81; 
ist Sr. Ora., '82; ist hon. Jr. cl., 81; ist hon. 
Sr. cl., '82; Ed. Prociophone, '79-82; Univ. 
prize essayist. '82; Es-ayist Al. Ass'n. '83, U. 

of Miss.); Cont. Founder's Orat. Med., '83. 

C. M. Brandon, Bus. Mang. Observer, vol. i, 
'81-2. S. L. Colville (scholarship, '82; Vale- 
dic, '83, U. of Tenn.); Law Soc. es.*^ay medal- 
ist, '84; Atty. com. moot ct.,'84. H. Drane, 

Asso. ed. Observer, '82. A. S. Major (rep. 

Wa.sington-Irving, '79, S. W. Presb. U.) — — • 
A.B. Ramsey, Founder's medalist. Med. dept., 

'84; Phys. and Hy. prize, '84. L L. Smith, 

scholarship, '82; do, '83; decl. medalist. Dia- 
lectic. '83. F. A. Vincent (rep. U. of Tenn. 

ist Tenn. St. Orat. cont., '83). C. Waller, 

scholarship, '82; do., '83; Fac. rep. com., '84; 
Founder's medalist, Acad, dept., '84; do. Law 
dept., '90; Fel. and Instr., '84-9; Chm. lit. com. 
Comet, '88 ; Ed.-in-ch.//^.y//«'r,vol. i,'88-9; Ora. 
Al. Assn., '92. J. B. Wight, Asso. ed. Ob- 
server, '83-4; Cf. Coll. Note.s, Ga. Beta. 

1885. C. J. Bradshaw (Texas Beta, '85), 
Anni. Dialectic. '83. W. H. Cotton. Foun- 
der's orat. medalist, '84; Ed.-in-ch. Observer, 

'84-5; C(mt. Tenn. St. Orat. Assn.. '85. 

R. W. Deering. scholarship, '83; decl. medalist. 
Dialectic, '84; Founder's medalist, Acad, dept, 
'85; Fac. rep. com., '85; Fel., '85-6; Asso. ed. 

Observer, '85-6; Pres. Al. A.ssn., '91-2. 

W. H. Jackson (decl. medalist, '79, S. W^ Bap. 
U. ; 2d law essay prize, '86, Columbian); Young 
orat. medalist, '82. H. Winn, Anni. Philoso- 
phic, 'S3. 

1886. J. D. Clary, Anni. Dialectic, '85. 

W. Stokes, Asso. ed. Observer, '83-4; do., '85; 
cont. Young orat. med., '84; Founder's orat. 

medalist. '85; Atty. com. moot ct., '86. 

T. L. Thompson, Bus. Mang. Observer, '85. 

18S7. J. T. Boddie, Cf. Coll. Notes Ky. 

Beta. A. R. Carter, Asso. ed. Observer, '85; 

Owen medalist, Acad, dept., '86; char. mem. 
Lawn Tennis A.ssn., '86; mem. B. B. team, 
86-7; founder James G. Carter scholarship, 

'92. R. E. Crockett, Asso. ed. Observer. 

'3:-3; cont. Young orat. med., '86; Asso. ed. 

Comet, v(»l. i, '67; Poet Al. Assn., '91. 

C. Kellar, Founder's medalist, Acad, dept, '87; 
Fac. rep. com., '87; Fel., '87-S; Capt. B. B. 

team, 'S4-8; Chm. pub. com.. Comet, '88. 

J. E. Stovall (Valedic, '81, S. W. U); Asso. 
cd Observer, '84-5; ed.-in-ch., do.. '85-6; 
Asst., 'S-^-O. W. H. Witt, Fel, '87-8. 

S. Brooks, Crawford scholarship, '87; 

I. '88-(^; Bus. Mang. 

Asso. ed. I fustier. 
Observer, '89-90. — 
Founder's orat. med 


-E. L Crockett, Cont. 
'86; Founder's medalist, 


Tennessee Alpha, 


Acad, dept.,'88; CI. rep. com., '88; Bus. mang. 
Hustler^ vol. i, '88-9; Asso. ed. Cornet^ '8g; 

Fel., '88-90; Poet Al. Assn., '90. W. H. 

Harris (Va. Beta, '89), Fac. rep., com., '88; 

declined fellowship, '88. H. L. Manson, 

Atty. com. moot ct. '88. W. T. Sanders, 

Young orat. medalist, '86; cont. Founder's 
orat. med., '87; cont. Tenn. St. Orat Assn., 

'88; Asso. ed. Observer,'%-^^Z. W. A. Speer, 

Cf. Coll. Notes, Ga. Alpha. M. West, Asso. 

ed. Observer, '85; do. Comet, '89. C. H. 

Wyche, A. L. P. Green reading medalist. 


1889. P. M. Jones, Fel. since '89; Chm. Lit. 

com. Comet, '90. P. Taylor, catch. B. B. 

team, '86-9; Capt. do., '88-9; mem. Football 
Team, '86-7; equaled Am. coll. record for 100 
yds. (10 sec), '89; record for 100, 150 and 
220 yds. dashes unbroken at Vanderbilt to '93. 

J. H. Watkins. Founder's orat. medalist, 

'86;, '8t)-3; Asso. ed. Comet, vol. r, '87, 
do. Hustler, vol. i, '88-9; Founder's medalist. 

Law dept., '89. E. W. Winfield (Va. Beta, 

'92), cont. Young orat. med., '87; Asso. ed. 
Observer, '87-8: do. Hustler, vol. i, '88-9; 
do. Cometh '90; Cont. Tenn. St. Orat. Assn., 

1800. W. P. Boddic, Founder Martha Boddie 

scholarship, '91. R. A. Carter, char. mem. 

Lawn Tennis Assn. and mang. do., '86-7; 

mem. Football Team, '86-7. J. C. Lester 

(Mass. Beta, '90), cont. Founder's orat. med., 

'88. O. W. McConnell, Anni., Dialectic, '90; 

Asso. ed. Observer, '89-90. J. H., Cf. 

Coll. Notes, Va. Gamma. J. W. Sewell. 

Owen medalist, Acad, dept., '89. 

1 891. F. S. Brock man. Founder's orat. 

medalist, '91; Pros, ist cl. day, '91. W. E. 

Farrell, char. mem. Lawn Tennis Assn., *86; 

mang. do., '88-9; Capt. Field Sports, '89-90. 

E. }K. Jones, mem. B. B. team, '89-93; Capt. 
do., '89-90 and '91-2; Capt. Football team, 
'90-3 ; Capt. Field Sports, '90-1 ; Asso. ed. 
Hustler, '90-1; ed.-in ch. do., '91-3; Chm. Bd. 

of eds.. Comet, '^i. S. D. Thatch, medalist 

for oper. surg., '91. F. P. Turner, Asso. ed. 

Observer, '90; Bus. mang. do., '91-2; spkr. ist 

cl. day, '91. W. A. Webb, decl. medalist. 

Dialectic, '88; Asst., '90-1; Grad. Fel., '91-2; 
spkr. ist cl. day, '91; Owen, Acad, 
dept, '91; Chm. Lit. com. Comet, '92. 

1892. R. A. Barr, mem. B. B. team, '88-93; 
mang. do., '89-90; Ciipt. <lo., 90-1 ; mem. Foot- 
ball team, '91-3. A. R. Hardin, mem. Glee 

Club, '90-2; cont. Young orat. med., '91. J. 

R. Mood, Young orat. medalist, '90; cont. 
Founder's orat. med., '92; Cf. Coll. Notes, 

Texas Gamma. C. W. Scarritt, Capt. Bicv. 

Club, '89-91. 


1893. O. F. Cook. Asso. ed. Hustler, '91-2; 

Cf. Coll. Notes Ga. Beta. A. P. Crockett, 

Asso. ed. Observer, '91-2. E. H. Hawkins, 

cont. Founder's orat. med., '93; Cf. Coll. Notes 

Ala. Gamma. J. E. Mickler, Cf. Coll. Notes 

Ga. Beta. 

1894. J. H. DeWitt, Asso. ed. Observer, 
'92-3 ; Bus. mang. Comet ^^'^ ; cont Young orat. 

med., '93. R. A. Weaver, Asso. ed. Hustler, 


1895. B. Childers, scholarship, '91. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1876. L. Taylor, Intd. Nat. Con v., Dan- 
ville, Ky., '75; char, mem.; Cf. Tenn. Alpha 

1878. J. B. Reed, Intd. Ky. Alpha. 

1879. J. M. Barrs, Pres. Epsilon Prov., 

'8a-2. J. T. Benson, Cf. Tenn. Alpha, Al. 

P. Tones, Cf. Tenn. Alpha Al., and N. Y. 

Alpha A!. 

1880. J. H. Bryant, V. Pres. Texas St 

Assn., '85-6. F. F. Ellis, Cf. Tenn. Alpha 

Al. D. U. Fletcher, Pres. Fla. St Assn., 

'86-7. W. B. Palmer, Intd. Ga. Beta; Del. 

Nat. Con v., Indianapolis, Ind.,'8o; ist V. Pres. 
Nat. Conv., Richmond. Va., '82; Historian 
General Council, '80-2; Author Const, of Frat. 
adopt, '78, Const and Rit adopt, '80, and 
Const adopt .'86; joint author Rit. adopt, on 
trial, '89, and Rit adopt., '91 ; co-ed. 2ded. Song- 
book, and contrib. do., '82; contrib. 3d ed. do., 
'86; co-ed. 5th ed. Catg., '83; Compiler Tenn. 
Alpha's list in 6th ed. do., '93; contrib. to 
Sc'ro 1 1 since '76; Asso. ed. do., '83; ed.-in-ch. 
do., '83-4; collected "Old Frat Records" pub. 
do., '87-92; Author Hist, and Index ist 10 
vols, do., '86; "Manual of Phi Delta Theta," 
'86; sketches of *A0 m Baird's "American 
College Fraternities," '83 and '90 eds. ; Hist, of 
♦AB in MSS. ; one of founders *A0 cairn. Mam- 
moth Cave, Ky., '87; Chm. chap. -house build, 
com., '92; (me of incorporators of chap.. '92; 
mem. Advisory Council of Cong, of Frats. 
auxil. to World s Fair, Chicago, '93 ; Cf. Tenn. 

Alpha Al. H. B. Philips, Intd. Ga. Beta. 

D. Pruit, Pres. Texas St Assn., '82-5. 

J. R. West, Cf..Tenn. Alpha Al. 

1881. W. H.' Goodpasture, Del. Nat Conv., 

Richmond, Va., '80-2; Cf. Tenn. Alpha Al. 

R. F. Jackson, presented argument for repeal 
of an ti- frat. laws to Bd. of Trust, '83; delivered 
ad. of welcome, Nat Conv., Nashville, '84; 
one of incorporators of chap., '92; Cf. Tenn. 

Alpha Al. P. D. Maddin, Cf. Tenn. Alpha 

Al. W. R. Manier, Bus. mang. Scroll. 

'83-4; mem. chap-house build, com., 92; one of 

incorporators or chap., '92. J. C. Smith, 

Intd. Ala. Alpha. 


Tennessee Alpha, 


1S82. J. C. Boozer, Proph. Ala. St. Conv., 

Montgomery, '82. W. H. Cowan, Intd. 

Texas Alpha. A. E. Howell, one of incor- 
porators of chap., '92. J. C. McReynolds, 

(Va. Beta,* 84), one of incorporators of chap., 

'92. W. H. Park. Intd. Ga. Beta. E. A. 

Price, Intd. Ala. Beta; one of incorporators of 

chap., '92; Cf. Tenn. Alpha Al. T. I. Rogers, 

Intd. S. C. Alpha; cf. Frat. Notes do. ^J.W. 

Tomlinson, Ora. Ala. St. Conv., '84. W. R. 

Walker, Intd. Ala. Beta. 

1883. I. Bowman, Cf. Ga. Alpha Al. W. 

H. Ellerbe, Intd. S C. Alpha. S. P. Gil- 

bert, Sect. Ala. St. Assn., '81-2; Ora. Ala. St. 
Conv., Montgomer>^ '82; Pres. Gamma Prov., 
'83-6; Treas. General Council, 'U>-^\ Cf. Ga. 

Alpha Al. G. C. Greer, Asso. ed. Scroll, 

'83-4. H. M. Meriwether, Asso. ed. Scroll, 

'83-4. A. F. Watkins, First initiate from 

Bib. dept. 

1884. G. Andrews, Sect. Ala. St. Assn., 
'82-5; Pres. Gamma Prov., '86-8; Cf. N. Y. 

Alpha Al. L. Bowling, Intd. Va. Alpha. 

C. M. Brandon, Cf. Ga. Beta Al. S. L. 

Colville, Cf. Mo. Alpha Al. H. Drane, Cf. 

Ga. Alpha Al. C. Waller, Del. Nat. Conv.. 

New York, N. Y.. '86. J. B. Wight, Intd. 

Ga. Beta. 

1885. E. E. Kimbrough, Cf. Ga. Alpha 

1887. J. T. Boddie. Intd. Yiy. Beta; Asst. 
Bus. mang. Scroll, '83-4; provided funds for 
erecting chap. -house, '92. 

1888. S. Brooks, Del. Nat. Conv.. Bloom- 

ington. 111., '89. B. D. Cooper, Intd. Tenn. 

Beta. H. L. Manson, Intd. Ga. Gamma. 

W. A. Speer, Intd. Ga Beta; Affil. from 

Ga. Alpha ; one of founders *A0 cairn. Mam- 
moth Cave, Ky., '87. 

1889. P. M. Jones, Del. Nat Conv., At- 
lanta, Ga., '91 ; Pres. Gamma Prov., since '91. 
C. W. Murray, Intd. Ga. Gamma. 

1890. R. A. Armistead, Intd. Tenn. Beta. 
■W. P. Boddie, Intd. Ky. Beta. ^J. H. 

Moss, Intd. Va. Gamma; Affil. from Va. 

1892. J. R. Mood, Intd. Texas Gamma. 

1893. T. B. Bethea, Intd. Ala. Beta. O. 

F. Cook, Intd. Ga Beta E. H. Hawkins, 

Intd. Ala. Gamma; Cf. Frat. Notes do. J. 

E. Mickler, Intd. Ga Beta 

1894. J. H. DeWitt, mem. chap. -house 

build, com., '92. L. C. Renfro, Ct. Mass. 

Alpha Al. H. S. Vaughn, mem. chap.- 

house build, com., '92. 

I 1S95. C. P. Williams. Intd. La Alpha. 




Charter granted, May 29, 1876, to Charles Pierce Allen, '76; Robert James Coleman, '76; Virgil 
Dillin, '76; Trusten Polk Lee, '76; Charles Thomas Noland, '76; Robert Hatton Hamil- 
ton, '77; John Howard Wills, '77, and Charles Arthur Winston, '77. Suspended, Spring 
of 1873. 

Class of 1876. 

♦Charles Pierce Allen, ft kH 

Atty.-at-law. Died, Windsor. Feb. 22, '82. 
Windsor, Mo. 

Robert James Coleman, A. B. Jf* kQ 

AM., Central Coll., '76. At Law Dept, 
Washington U., '76-7; Post-Grad.. Johns 
Hopkins, '79-80. Adj. Prof. Math., Central 
Coll., '78--9; Prin. Schs., Buena Vista, Coll., 
•84-5. Co. Supt. Pub. Schs., Chaffer Co., 
Col., '85-6. Mayor, Leadville, Col., '89. 
Mang. The Adams Mining Co. , Buena Vista, 

Virgil Dillin. ft kQ 

Druggist, Chulicothe, Mo. 

Trusten Polk Lee, Ph.D. JfTft f*-«Q 

Real Estate, Thirty-first andCottage Grove 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Charles Thomas Noland. if ft kH 

Atty.-at-law, Room 328, Nelson Building, 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Class of 1877. 

Robert Hatton Hamilton. Ph.B. Jffft /c* 
LL.B., Cumberland U., '78. Atty.-at-law, 
301 Keith and Perry Building, Kansas City, 

John Howard Wills, if ft Kir 

Graduated, U. S. Mil. Acad. , '81. U. S. A. , 

2d Lieut., 22d Lt. Inf., Fort Keogh, Mont. 

Care Adj. Gen., U. S. A., Washington, D. C. 

Charles Arthur Winston, ft 

Atty.-at-law, Jefferson City, Mo. 

Class of 1878. 

Carlos Erasmus Betis. ^ 
Druggist, Fayette, Mo. 

Class of 1879. 

Nathan James S wetland. 
Druggist, Chillicothe, Mo. 




College Notes. 

1876. R. J. Coleman, Ed. Collegian^ '73; 

Wm. A. Smith, Orat. Prize, '76. T. P. Lee, 

Ed. Collegian, '76. C. T. Noland, Fayette 

Decl. Prize, '76. 

1877. R. H. Hamilton, Fayette Decl. Prize, 
•77. J- H. Wills, Ed. Collegian, '77. 

1878. C. E. Betts, Ed. Collegian, '76. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1876. C. P. Allen, Char. Mem. R. J. 

Coleman, Char. Mem. ^V. Dillin, Char. 

Mem. T. P. Lee, Intd. Mo. Alpha; Char. 

Mem. C. T. Noland, Char. Mem. 

1877. R. H. Hamilton, Char. Mem. J. H. 

Wills, Char. Mem. C. A. Winston, Char. 





Charter granted, June <;, 1S77, to Enoch Asbury Enochs, '79; William Josiah Smith. '79, and 

Charles Dubs Butler, '82. 

Class of 1844. 

James Zachary Gkx)rge. tf «36 

At Shougalo Acad , Carroll Co., Miss., '44. 
Mexican War, Volunteer in Miss. Rifle Reg., 
under Col. Jeflferson Davis. C. S. A., Capt.. 
20th Miss. Keg.; Brig. -gen St. Troops, and 
Col. 5th Miss. Cav. Compiler, 10 vols. Miss. 
St. Reports and Miss. Digest. Reporter, Miss. 
Supr. Ct., 8 yrs. Justice, 2 yrs., and, although 
youngest in service, elec. Chief-justice by his 
asso., '79. Resigned, '3i, to enter U. S. Sen. 
Term expires '93. Chairman Miss. St. Dem. 
Ex. Com., '75-6. Trustee U. of Miss., i yr. 
Resigned to become Trustee Miss. Agl. and 
Mech. Coll. Atty.-atlaw, Jackson, Miss. 

Class of iS^8. 

Edward Carv Walthall. ;|. 032 

At St. Thomas Hall Sch., Holly Springs. 
Miss., '48. Dist. Atty., loth Jud. Dist., 
Miss., '56-61. Resigned to enter C. S. A. 
Was in the Army of Tenn. from beginning to 
end of war; first as istLt., then Lt. -col., Col., 
Brig.-gen., andMaj.-gen. V. Pres. Dem. Nat. 
Conv., N.Y., '68, and Chairman Miss, dolej^a. 
in Convs. held at Saint Louis, '76, and Cm- 
cinnati, '80. Formerly (jen. Atty., N. O., St. 
L. & C. R. R. Atty.-at-la\v, Grenada. Miss. 

Class ok 1S52. 

Casey YouNr,. -r- 028 

Grad. Marshall Male Inst., Marshall Co., 
Miss., '52. C. S. A., '61-5; served in every 
position from Private to Col. of a Cav. Reg. 
m Chalmers Div. of Forrest's Corps. Dem. 
Nom. U. S. House of Rci)..'72, but declined; 
Mem. do. from 10th Tenn. Cong. Dist., '75- 
Si,*83-5. Atty.-at-Uiw, 254 vSecond St., Slem- 
phis, Tenn. 

Class of 1S78. 

William Andrew Henry. B.L. jfT tri 

Atty.-at-law, Brookhaven, Miss.,'7g. Since 
'80, Ed. Sentinel^ Yazoo City, Miss. 

William Wallace Hill, B.L. f* 

Atty.-at-law, Columbus, Miss. 

Monroe McClurg, B.L. * ^ 

Ed. Vaiden Nucleus, 81. Atty.-at-law, 
Vaiden, Miss. 

Alfred Benjamin Rawlings, B.L. v9r 

Atty.-at-law, Lewis's Store, Va. 

Class ok 1879. 
Enoch Asbury Enochs. J 


Atty.-at-law, Crystal Springs, Miss. 
William Howard Magruder, A.B. jjft^ 

At Randolph-Mac<m Coll., '74-6. Prof. 
Anc. Langs., La. St. U., '82-6; since '86, 
Prof. Lat. and Eng. do., and at La. A. and 
M. Coll., Baton Rouge, La. 

James Hamilton Reagan. aQ 

Atty.-at-law, New Ireland, Miss. 

William Josiah S.mith. g ^x 

M.D., New Orleans Med. Coll., *8o. At 
La Med. Coll., '78-9. Phy.-»ician, Ludlow, 

Class of 1880. 

William Frederick Hamner, B.L. 
Atty.-at-law, Memphis, Tenn. 

William Augustus McDonald, B.L. 
Atty.-at-law, Lamar, Mis.s. 

James Carlos Rich, B.L. ft 
Atty.-at-law, Mobile, Ala. 


Mississippi Alpha, 


John James Stokes, B.L. n\i 

Atty.-at-law, Osyka, Miss. 

Class of 1881. 

William Edward Barker. >♦ 

M.D., Tulane U. of La., '83. Physician, 
Plaquemine, La. 

Joseph Meredith Catching, A.B. % CT 

M.D.. La. Med. Coll., '83. Physician, 
Georgetown, Miss. 

John Alcis Lamkin, B.L. c^i 

Atty.-at-law, Columbia, Miss. 

Minos Ebenezer Miller. tj^ 

Merchant, Deer Park, Ala. 

James Simrall, B.S. % 9+ 

B.L., U. of Miss., *8r. At Centenary 
Coll., '75-8. Atty.-at-law, Wichita. Kan. 

•Cecil Cropper Wailes. I'Y 

Died, Plaquemine, Aug., '78. Plaquemine, 

Class of 1S82. 

Wallace Atkinson. ;/* 

Belton, Tex. 

Charles Dubs Butler, g]^ ;t 

St. Louis, Mo. 

♦William Locke Chew, B.S. /?* 

M.D., Tulane U. of La., '86. Prin. Green- 
wood High Sch., '82-3. Ed. Alabama 
Medical aud Surgical Journal,'^i>-i. Surg. , 
Ala. Gt. So. R. R. Co., '86-9. Physician. 
Died, Birmingham, Dec. 3., '89. Birmingham, 

Duff S Clemens. ^T 

'* S" letter only. Merchant, Lake Charles, 

Albert Tatum Dent. 
Macon, Miss. 

Joel Nelson Dulaney. 

Merchant, Houston, Miss. 


VoLLiE Flowers. 

Merchant, Crystal Springs, Miss. 

Stephen Franklin Hampion, A.B. ^^ f^X 
LL.B., U. of Miss., '84. Atty.-at-law, 
Oxford, '86-8; since '88, Spec. Exam. Pen- 
sions, Ithaca, N. Y. 

John McKay. »T 

Goshen Springs, Miss. 

Robert Clarke Redus. A.B. ^ ?X 

At U. of Va. Law Sch.,*S6. Siipt. Educa., 
Lee Co., Miss., 'S6. Atty.-at-law, Birming- 
ham, Ala. 


Walter Battle Samukll. 
Sherman, Tex. 

Charles Sivker Stewart, Jr., B.S. 5f k^ 
M.D., Tulane U. of La., '84, Physician, 
Amite City, La. 




Class of 1883. 

Jonathan Milton Bell. ^ 
Aniory, Miss. 

William Martin Berry, jjf 
Merchant, Amory, Miss. 

Stonewall Jackson Clark. 
Druggist, Vicksburg, Miss. 

John Lewis Dantzler, B.L. 5^ V'T-^y* 

Ph.B., Vanderbilt, '80. Atty.-at-law, Moss 
Point, Miss. 

John William Hoyle. if .\0f 

Druggist, TujhjIo, Miss. 

Lewis Morgan Southworth. ^^ ^T 

LL.B., U. of Miss., '87. Supt. Pub. Inst.. 
Carrol Co.. '83, '84, '85; Mayor, Carroll ton, 
Miss., '84; Mem. Miss. Legi.s., '85-9; Dem. 
Pres. Elect., '84. Atty.-at-law, Vicksburg, 

♦Alfred Boyd Swavze. ]J ^T 

Died, Natchez, '89. Natchez, Miss. 

Philip Henry Trawick. 6T 

Cry.stal Springs, Miss. 

Class of 1884. 

Arthir Powers Ganong. i"* 

Saint Louis, Mo. 

William Luther Ganong. aT 

Jonestown, Miss. 

Wilson Shed Hill, fl aT 

Atty.-at-law, Winona, Miss. 

William James Mayo. 5f fX 

Indian Bay, Ark. 

Gran Duke Mebane. rT 

Farmer, Colliersville, Tenn. 

William Brent Norman, jf rY 

Hazlehurst, Miss. 

William Marshall Pivikkt. ^-^ 

Druggist, Greenwood, Miss. 

William Edward Stiart. c* 

Lyon, Miss. 

John Thomas Swain. r\ 

Myrtle, Miss. 

William Ernest Swiit. rT 

Merchant, Colliersville, Tenn. 


Mississippi Alpha, 


Leonard Anderson Weissinger. vX 

Winona, Miss. 

Henry Parsons Whitehead. c* 

Glenrose, Tex. 

Alexander Yates, c* 

Atty.-at-law, Utica, Miss. 

Class of 1885. 

Rtjfus Philip Clayton. fX 

Merchant, Heidelburg, Miss. 

James Gilbert Couillard. c* 

Merchant, Natchez, Miss. 

James Robert Dominick. jf AT 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Joseph Augustus Evans. rl 

Houston, Miss. 

Charles Wesley Frazer. f* 

At Vanderbilt U., '86-7. Atty.-at-law, 
Memphis, Tenn. 

Rodolph Hampton. ^ c* 

Teacher, Tocapola, Miss. 

John Charles Higdon. f* 

Hazlehurst, Miss. 

Joseph Hobbs Irby. 
Colliersville, Tenn. 



Class of 1886. 

Lorenzo Nolley Dantzler, Jr. ^ 
Moss Point, Miss. 

Malvern Diminick, B.S. ^ c* 

Prin. Pub. Sch., Whiting, la., '86-7; do., 
Meadville, Mo., '87-8. Since 'S8, Asst. Prin. 
Carthage Bus. Coll., Carthage, Mo. 

James Elton Harrell. 
Colliersville, Tenn. 

John Bell Mosley. 
Jonestown, Miss. 

Lewis Daniel Pepper. 
Lexington, Miss. 





Henry Townes Calhoun. a 2 

Jonestown, Miss. 

♦Berkley Carter. ll 

Died, Fort Smith, '89. Fort Smith, Ark. 

Hiram Cassidy, Jr. vX 

Priv. Sec. to Gov. of Miss., '91. Atty.-at- 
law, Brookhaven, Miss. 

Percy Merriville Doyle. 02 

Kansas City. Mo. 

Edgar Benjamin Holman. tT 

Merchant, Winona, Miss. 

•William Wirt Norman. c* 

Atty.-at-law. Died, Hazlehurst, 'S9. 
Hazlehurst, Miss. 

Charles Firman Smith, A.B. Jf J^ St 

Tutor, Latin, U. of Miss., '86-7. Atty.-at- 
law, Nashville, Tenn. 

Thomas Wallace Yates. ^ 

Oxford, Miss. 

Class of 1888. 

Edgar Poe Avent. al 

Newcomb, Tenn. 

Robert Lee Dilworth. at 

Rienzi, Miss. 

Edwin Thurston Wooldridge. ol 

Amite City, La. 

Class of 1889. 

Edward Jefferies Buck. ^ rX 

Asst. Claim Agt., T. & P. Ry. Co., *84-7. 
Atty.-at-law, Saint Louis, Mo. 

Frank Diminick. ^ t* 

Farmer, Opelousas, La. 

John Lehman. ^ rT 

Atty.-at-law, Memphis, Tenn. 

♦Daniel Denon McRee. fT 

Died, Caseyville, '90. Caseyville, Miss. 

William Minor Mitchell. rX 

At Vanderbilt U., '86-7. Grenada, Miss. 

John Madison Oliver. rt 

Banker, New Orleans, La. 

Lawrence Eugene Thompson. el 

Atty.-at-law, Oxford, Miss. 

Clifford Haddick Trotter. ^ aX 

M.D., Tulane U. of La., '91. Physician, 
Duck Hill, Miss. 

Class of 1890. 

Cade Lee Armstrong. vT 

At S. W. Presb. U., '84-6. Merchant, 
Vaiden, Miss. 

Leon Lewis. c* 

Terry, Mis.s. 

Will Hammond Marshall, B.S. <7*, Memphis, Tenn. 

William James Peirce. fT 

Bookkeeper, Van Buren, Ark. 

Samuel Logan Postell. tT 

Druggist, New Orleans, La. 

1 890-6. NOTES. 

Mississippi Alpha. 


Joseph Harry Venn. Ph.B. oT 

At U. of Pa. Coll. of Phar., '91. Druggist, 
Memphis, Tenn. 

Armand Sannier White. (tT 

Physician, Utica, Miss. 

Class of 1891. 

William Arnot Anderson. 
Huntsville, Ala. 

RuFUS Elbridge Bruce. 
Plaquemine, La. 

Nathaniel Jefferies Buck. 
Port Gibson, Miss. 




Stone Deavons. 

Atty.-at-law, Alto, Miss. 

William Henry Lee. 
Greenville, Miss. 

Edward Lehman. ^ 

At U. of Pa., Coll of Phar., '91. Druggist, 
Memphis, Tenn. 

Edward Henry Nall. jP' a«t> 

At Memphis Med. Coll., 'gi. Memphis, 

Robert Preston Nall. ^ rX 

At Memphis Med. Coll., '91. 62 Exchange 
St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Samuel Neill. (t* 

Carroll ton. Miss. 

Edward Peebles Peacock, B.S. rT 

Bookkeeper, Grenada, Miss. 

Hugh Anthony Reynolds. (,-♦ 

Atty.-at-law, Cameron, Ind. Tor. 

Clarence Tillman Trotter, f* rT 

Duck Hill, Miss. 

Class of 1892. 

William Buford McCorkle. aX 

Fort Smith, Ark. 

Richard Dunckley Sessions. rT 

Physician, Natchez, Miss. 

Class of 1893. 

Clarence Lee Sivley. 
Oakley, Miss. 

Class of 1894. 
Curt Guy. 

Grenada, Miss. 

Percey Ray. 

CarroUton, Miss. 

WiLUAM Barton Rundle. <tT 

Vicksburg, Miss. 



Milling Marion Sattrrfield. ^ 
Edwards, Miss. 

Fisher Morgan Southworth. ^ 
Merchant, Greenwood, Miss. 

Class of 1895. 

Stanley Branch Jones. 
Oxford, Miss. 

Thadeus Constantine Lockard. 
Meridian, Miss. 

Walter Washington Lockard. 
Meridian, Miss. 

Class of 1896. 

Milton McLeod Bardwell. 
Winona, Miss. 

Anthony Daniel Bourdkaux. 
Lauderdale, Miss. 

Richard Harris Bourdeatx. 
Lauderdale, Miss. 

IsoM Pinkney Clayton. 
Heidleburg, Miss. 

Thomas Gaines Fewell. 4 
Meridian, Miss. 

John Davis Hawkins. 
Vaiden, Miss. 

Arthur Ray. 

Carroll ton, Miss. 

Vines John Satter field. 
Edwards, Miss. 

Clarence Dud Sneed. 
Ko.sciusko, Miss. 

Edmund Ball Williams. 
Meridian, Miss. 








College Notes. 

1878. W. A. Henry, 3d Hon.. Law CI., '78. 

1879. W. H. Magruder, 3d Hon., Phil. Ora., 
and New Shakespearean Prize, '79. 

1881. J. M. Catching, Jr. Spkr.,'8o; Sr. do., 

'81. J. P. Petty. 5th Hon., Soph. CI., '79: 

2d Hon., and Jr. Spkr., '80; ist Hon., and Sr. 

do., '81 J. Simrall, (Salutat., Centenary, 


1882. C. D. Butler, Soph. Spkr., '80. 

S. F. Hampton, Salutatorian, Phi Sigma Soc. , 

•80; Anni. Ora., '81; Sr. Spkr., '82. R. C. 

Redus, 5th Hon., Jr. CI., '81 ; Sr. Spkr., '82. 

C. S. Stewart, Jr., Soph. Spkr., '80: Sr. do., '82. 

1883. J. M. Bell, Fresh. Spkr., '80. W. M. 

Berry, Fresh. Spkr., '80. J. W. Hoyle, 

Fresh. Spkr., '80. A. B. Swayze, 3d Hon., 

Fresh. CI., '80; 3th Hon., Soph. CI., '81. 


Mississippi Alpha. 


1884. W. J. Mayo. Soph. Spkr., '82. W. 

B. Norman, Fresh. Spkr., 'Si. L. M. South- 
worth, bresh. Spkr., and ist Med., Hermrcan 
Soc., '81. 

1885. J. R. Dominick, ist Hon., and Fresh. 

Spkr., '82. T. C. Hindman, Fresh. Spkr., 

and 2d Med., Phi Sigma, '82. 

1887. C. F. Smith, Assoc. Ed. University 
Magazine, "87-8; ist Hon., '84. '85. '86, '87: 
Sen. Gold Med. for deb., pres. by Phi Sigma 
Soc. ; Gold Med. Best Art. in University 
Magazine, '86-7; Silver med.. '87, pres. by 
** London Society of Science, Letters and Art, ' 
for scholarship. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1878. M. McClurg, Del. Nat. Conv., Wooster 
O., '78. 

1879. E. A. Enochs, Char. Mem. W. H. 

Magp-uder, Intd. Va. Gamma. W. J. Smith, 

Char. Mem. 

1880. J. C. Rich, Del. Nat. Conv., Indian- 
apolis, '80, and 2d V.-Pres. do. 

1882. C. D. Butler, Char. Mem. 

18S3. J. L. Dantzler, Intd- Tenn. Alpha. 

1884. W. S. Hill, Del. Nat Conv., Rich- 
mond, Va., '82. 

1887. C. F. Smith, Del. Nat. Conv., New 
York, N. Y., '86. 

1896. T. G. Fewell, Intd., Ky. Delta, 


Alabama Alpha, 


Class of i88«;. 


William JosErn Boothe, A.B. 
Montgomery, Ala. 

William Montague Browder, A.B. 
Gallian, Ala. 

Louis Verder Clarke, A.B. 
Atty. -at-law, Mobile, Ala. 

Henry Rhodes Dawson, A.B. 
Farmer, Selma, Ala. 

Aurelius Augustus Evans, A.B. 
Teacher, Clayton, Ala. 

*JoHN Wesley Gilbert, A.B. 

Teacher. Died, Pleasant Ridge, '88. 
Pleasant Ridge, Ala. 

Oscar Lee Gray, A.B. 

Teacher, Mulberry, Ala. 

Charles Poellnitz Gunter, A.B. 
Selma, Ala. 

Percy Walton Jonks, LL.B. 

Atty.-at-la\v, Deniopolis, Ala. 

Archibald Alonzo McLeod, A.B. 
Teacher, Selma, Ala. 

Daniel Pratt, A.B. 
Prattville, Ala. 

Sidney Stuart Pugh, A. B. 
Grove Hill, Ala. 












John Redwood Vidmer, A.B. 

At Miss. A. and M. Coll., '86. 

Richmond pEARbON Wet.mure, LL.B. 
Atty. -at-law, Livingston, Ala. 

Class of i88(). 

*Wili.iam Edward Booker, B. K. 
Deceased. L'n ion town, Ala. 

William Wright Cami-hei l, B.E. 
Tuskegee, Ala. 

Elisha Baldwin CornNc;HAM, A.B. 
Six Mile, Ala. 

George Wadsworth Feagin, B.E. 
Midway, Ala. 

Alexander Mh iiael GARiiER, Jr., A.B. 
Livingston, Ala. 

Thomas Edward Gary, A.B. 
Selma, Ala. 

Fredkrk Powers Gibson, A.H. 
Mobile, Ala. 


Henry Gabriel Hawkins. 
Enterprise, Miss. 

Oliver Arthur Hobdy, A.B. 
Snow Hill, Ala. 

John Lee Horn, B.E. 
Livingston, Ala. 


Camden, Ala. 

Algernon Walker Nelson, A.B. 
Selma, Ala. 

Albert Eugene Pace, A.B. 
Geneva, Ala. 

Edward Lee Pinckard, B.E. 

Civil Eng., Birmingham, Ala. 

Herbert Akmistkad Sayre. 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Julien Lee Smith, B.E. 
Selma, Ala. 

RuFFiN Ashe Wright. A.B. ^ 
Greensboro, Ala. 

Class of 1887. 

Alfred Pelham Agee, LL.B. 
Atty. -at-law, Anniston, Ala. 

Jamks Oliver Banks, Jr., A.B. ^ 
Cotton factor, Columbus, Miss. 





James Ralston Burgett, LL.B 

Atty. -at-law, Montgomery, Ala. 

Matt Otky Burke. A.B. rX 

Att. Mobile Med. Coll. Physician, Hunts- 
ville, Ala. 

Wiii.iam Milion Caruthers. 
Summerfield, Ala. 



Joseph Marcus Dedman, A.B. ^ 
Clerk, Selma, Ala. 

Robert Tait Ermn, LL.B. 
Atty. -at-law. Mobile. Ala. 

Samuel Bernard Harwood, LL.B. 
Atty. -at-law, Gainesville, Ala. 

William Reuben Hatter, A.B. 
Physician, Eutaw, Ala. 

Clarence Leslie Horton, A.B. 
Teacher, Mobile, Ala. 

William Peen Lockard, A.B. 
Tuskegee, Ala. 

Charles Edward McCord. 
l^rattville, Ala. 





Alabama Alpha, 


Mobile, Ala. 
North Port. A!a. 

FkM'KS Li IHKR Mrkkii I. 

Midway. Ala. 


J \Mh- M' RI'HV. 

Eutaw, Ala. 


William Bkm-lly I'aimkk 
Furman. Ala. 

Tm'»m X"- Wai'E P«»kifr. 
Birminj^ham. Ala. 

Jamf.s Thoma> Se\r« v. Jk. 
Tuscaloosa. Ala. 

^ V 

rilLF-s WlILIAM LA\\kFN<.K SmII H. 

Midway, Ala. 

Ravmom» Si«»nk. 
Mobile. Ala. 

COLI Ml:r> Kl «.KNK TlI"M \-. jjf V 

(Jold Hill, Ala. 

Wamkr Willi am Wii i»-. 
Tuscah^jsa, Ala. 

JiLM N Ti iwii.LR Wki'.hi. y-* 
Livingston, Ala. 

Cla^^ ok I^<^2. 

Fran* i^ J<»>Kin Birkl. 
Jack.sonville, Ala. 

JoH.N' Colrilam) Fok\l\. 
Jacksonville, Ala. 

Allx \m»kk Ji lm>. Gii;s<(\. ^ -r- 
Jacksonville, Ala., 

Cii \Ri h> Siillman. 
Tuscaloosa, Ala. 


Carrol ton. Ala. 

Class <»i 1S93. 

Sim I lr >Lv\ s Hall. 
Birmingham. Ala. 

William Brm( kman Bankiilai». 
Fayette C. IL, Ala. 

Kim;ar Mawvlll Harking. 5 
I'avette C. H., Ala. 

IlAkl»LE J«>ii\sro\. 
Birmingham, Ala. 


Birmingham, Ala. 





H« •.H Ml LI E» Kiv;. 
Evergreen. Ala. 

Hr«.ii MoRk'.'W. 

Birminghani. Ala. 

Wil: iam Lf«;ari> Mo-^fi e\. 

Union Springs, Ala- 
Win :am Ri-'HARiwiv RiH.KErr. 

Bim^.ingham. Ala. 

R \v Ph:: II -- Saffoli». J 
Selma. Ala. 

B\TTLK S0R--1FV Sfarcv. y^ 
Tuscal«x)sa. Ala. 

Wii I : \M Ml I'D Wai kfr. 
Birmingham, Ala, 

Ci A>s OF 1S94. 

J«»HN Jl .MI ^ BlRiiETT. 

^fobile. Ala. 

Tn-'M vs Tkavk> Gallion. J| 
I>emnp<»lis. Ala. 

JosEi'H Hr\R^ Lyons. ^ 
Mobile, Ala. 


Pleasant Ridge, Ala. 

Geor<;e Ei»win Stone. 
Mobile, Ala. 

Ci ASS OF 1S95. 

Wiley C<»lkm\n BANk>. ^ 
Columbus. Miss. 

Nathxniki Rives Ciiamijlis. 
Sclma. Ala. 

f^ ' John Taylor Coi hrank. 
Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Edwakp Wai ikr Faith. 
Mobile, Ala. 

r* Willy Croom Hill. 

Montgomery, Ala. 

,i'P Hrc.H Malloky. 
Selma, Ala. 

rT ' Okkn Berry Newman. 
I Tuscal(M)sa, Ala. 

»T ; Miicini I. l\)KiER Walker. 
1 Birmingham, Ala. 

rT PoRTIs (j \1I LARD WkI CH. 

Selma. Ala. 













Charter jfranted, February 9, 1878, to Robert Field Haskins, '78; Thomas Wadlington Keitt. .'78. 

and James Bradshaw Beverley, '79; suspended, 1886. 

Class of 1878. 

Robert Field Haskins. 2f ft >& 

Graduated. Farmer, Scottsburg, Va. 

Thomas Wadlington Keitt. JfTft >Q 

Graduated. Attended Columbia Med. Sch. 

At Wofford Coll.. '72-3. Asst. Prof. French 

and Tactics. Va. Mil. Inst.. '78-9. Farmer. 

Newberry. S. C. 

Class uf 1879. 

Jamf.s Bradshaw Beverlkv. ** yir 

Graduated. Farmer, Therhiins, Va. 

Frank Bi'rns, Jr. ft i*f 

Graduated. Civ. Eng., '79-86. R. R. 

CGntracti>r. 710 Third St., Seattle. Wash. 
827 N. Charles St.. Baltimore. Md. 

John Lovk Gu.i. jf yf 

(vraduated. Asst. Trof. Mineral, and 
Geol, Va. Mil. Inst.. *79-So. Merchant. 
BU'Jomtield. Va. 

Class of iSSi. 

WiLiiAM Akiher Chambers. V* 

Graduated. Tolxicconist. Lynchburg. Va. 

Sidney Johnston Dent. *^ 

Ins.'Aj^t. and Boi^k-keei>er, Brunswick. Ga. 

Class of 1SS2. 


Graduated. Manufacturer. Lumberton. 

I William Henry Lake, ft fT-}T 

' Sheriff, Mohave Co. , Kingman. Ariz. 

I Charles Purnell Smith. oT 

I M.D.. Med. Coll. of Va., '80. Asst Surg., 

Va. Penitentiary. '81-6. Physician, Martins- 
ville, Va. 

Edgar Kosciusko S.moot. rT 

Asst. Citv Eng.. Richmond, Va.. '79-S2. 

City Eng..' Fort Worth, Tex.. '82-6. Civ. 

Eng. and Contractor, 803 Commerce St.. 

Dallas. Tex. 

John Henry Ti'knrr. ^ 'T 

Graduated. Asst. Prof. Math., French 
and Tactics. Va. Mil. Inst, '82-3. Sub- 
Asst. in regular field force. U. S. Coast and 
Geodetic Surv.. San Francisco. Calif. Wood- 
villc, Va. 

Robert William Webb. <tT 

Graduated. Clk.. -^i Xuves Court, Nor- 
fi>lk. Va. 

Class of 1883. 

William James Carlisle. tff 

(iraduated. Supt. Oil Well. Puente. 

William Lewis Moody. Jr. ^ 

Studied languages in Germany, '81-2. 
Cash. Nat. Bank. Galveston, '89; v. Pres., 
do., since So. and of ist Nat. Bank. Fair- 
field, Tex. Member of firm of W. L. Moodv 
& Co.. Galvostoii, Tex., and 33 Wall St.. New 
I York, N. Y. 

1883-9. NOTES. 

Virginia Epsilon. 


Henry Peter Scratchley. Jf ^ vT 

A.B., Griswold Coll., '87; A.M., do., '90. 
At Washington and Lee, '82-3. Instr. Math., 
Kemper Hall, Davenport, Iowa, '87-9; do., 
St. John's Mil. Acad., Delafield, Wis., '89-90. 
Since '90, Prin. St. Albans Sch., Knoxville, 

Class of 1884. 

William Pfeltz Dodson. c* 

Merchant, Atlantic Hotel, Norfolk, Va. 

Lewis McCampbell Gibbs. v4> 

Real Est. Agt., Lexington, Va. 

Edgar Allan Maddox. dX 

Graduated. Prin. W. Tenn. Mil. Acad., 
Somerville, Tenn. 

Bernard Brockenborough Semmes. % r^ 
LL.B.. Washington and Lee, '86. Atty.- 
at-law, Lexington, Va. 

Leonard James Whitehead. % u* 

Farmer, Bay View, Va. 

Class of 1885. 



Robert Arthur Hooe. 
Farmer, Croom, Md. 

Gideon Brown Miller. 
Laurel Mills, Va. 

Harry Shipp Nichols. ;i'T 

Dy. Inspector Internal Rev., Norfolk, '84-6. 
Inspector of Customs, Norfolk, Va. 

Class of 1886. 

James Winston Elliott. r* 

Dy. Clk., Floyd Co. Ct., Va. Floyd Court 
House, Va. 

Class of 1887. 

William Dickinson. <Q 

Graduated. Grad. Eastern Bus. toll., '88. 
Teller, Bank, Maiden, W. Va. 

Richard Tuggle Goodwyn. ^Q 

Graduated. Prin. High Sch. , Middlebrook. 
Va.,'88-9. Prof. Math., Marion Mil. Inst, 
*89-90. Marion, Ala. 

Thomas Perry Greenhow. /?Q 

Graduated. Chemist, Petersburg,' Va. 

Class of 1888. 


Julius Gordon Buford. 
Farmer, Dublin, Va. 

William Burr Cochran, Jr. 

Graduated. Prof. Trinity Hall Epis. Ch. 
Sch., Loitisville, Ky., '90. Bus. Mang., 
Wheeler Opera House, Aspen, Col. 

Charles Moore De Valin. ^ 

Graduated. At Nat Med. Coll., 1308 New 
Hampshire Ave., Washington, D. C. 

Boyd Smith. p^ 

Bookkeeper, Valley Lumber Co., Fresno, 

Samuel Branch Walker, Jr. f^ 

Graduated. Teacher, Walker's Ford, Va. 

Class of 1889. 

Simon Favre. u^ 

With Poitevent & Favre Lumber Co., 
Pearling^on, Miss. 

William James Poitevent. V** 

With Poitevent & Favre Lumber Co., 
Pearlington, Miss. 

College Notes. 
1878. R. F. Haskins, 5th Star at Grad. 

T. W. Keitt, Lieut., Cadet Corps, at Grad.; 
Deb. Medalist, Dialectic Soc. , '78. 

1879. J. B. Beverley. 3d Star at Grad. 

J. L. Gill, Q. M., Cadet Corps, at Grad. 

1882. J. H. Turner, 3d Star, and Lieut, 
Cadet Corps, at Grad. 

1883. H. P. Scratchley (Bus. Mang. Sou/A- 
ern Collegian^ Washington and Lee, '82-3). 

1884. B. B. Semmes,, Final Orator, '82; 
Orators Medal, Dialectic Soc., '83; Debr's 

Medal, '84. L. J. Whitehead, Orator's medal, 


Fraternity Notes. 

1878. R. F. Haskins, Char. Mem. T. W. 

Keitt, Char. Mem. 

1879. J- ^' Beverley, Char. Mem. F. 

Burns, Jr., Cf. Md. Alpha Al. Notes. 

1882. W. H. Lake, Intd. Va. Alpha. 




Charter granted, June 20, 1S78, to William Hubbard Haynic, '7S; Samuel Edwin Kennon, '79; 

and William Jackson Lackey, '79; Suspended, 1S83. 

Class of 187S. 

William Hiiihard Haynik. Sjfft //S2 

M.D., New Orleans Med. Coll, 'Si. At 
U. of Louisville, '79-Sj. Physician, Ander- 
son, Tex. 

James Anthony Storky. ftii 

Merchant, Cotton (Jin, Te.\. 

Class ok 18 79. 

*JoHN Newton Chapman. //+ 

Died, Ovilla, Feb. 6. So. Ovilla, Tex. 

Charlks Wark Danikl. A.B. if /it 

Min., M. E. Ch.. S., Jewett. Te.x., 'So; 
Wortham, Tex., '81 ; during '82-3. Coleman, 

Davu) Graham Hill. ]J fc¥ 

Atty.-at-law. La(irange, Tex. 

William Terry Johnson, B.S. y «t 

Merchant, Corsicana, Tex. 

Samiel Edwin Kennon, A.H. ifft /^t 

Del. Cumb. Presb. (Jen. As.sem., '80. 
Cumb. Presb. Min., during, '82-3, Cleburne, 

William Jackson Lackey, A.B. iSfftf' ff^ 
Prin. High Sch., Rice, Tex., '80-2. Cumb. 
Presb. Min., Rice, '79-82; since '82. Waco, 

John Thomas Walker. 

Farmer, Columbus, Tex. 

Class of 1880. 

I Elisha Floyd Edwards, if rX 

Atty.-at-law, Roan's Prairie, Tex. 

Charlie Howard Minger. y />X 

Farmer and cattle rancher, Tehuacana. 

JosEi'H Bla< K Nicholson. jfT air 

Cumb. Presb. Min. Teacher, High Sch., 
Bon ham, Tex. 

Marccs Milton Vai i;hn, ;iQ 

Cumb. Presb. Min., Greenville, Tex. 

Class of 1881. 

Frank Neal Drane. if ft 
Merchant, Corsicana, Tex. 

Harvey Hill Wrh;ht. 
Merchant, Hubbard 

, Tex. 



Class of 1882. 

' James Henry Gillesiie. if /iY 

i Tutor in charge Commercial Dept., Trinity, 

'79-80. Since '81. Asst. Prin. Bus. Coll.. 
I Waco, Tex. 

! Tho.mas Ja< OB Hefner, if x^ 

Atty.-at-law, Weimar, Tex. 


Class of 1883. 

John Roswkll Bell, y 

Atty.-at-law, Waco, Tex. 


1883-6. NOTES. 

Texas Alpha. 


BiRKETT Edward Bowmer. ';♦ 

Cumb. Presb. Min., Burnett, Tex. 

John Thomas Erwin. ^ j(^ 

Farmer. Tehuacana, Tex. 

Robert Green Hallum. ^ 

Druggist, Brownsville, Tex. 

James Madison McCarty. % ^ 

Cumb. Presb. Min.. Ennis, Tex. 

Warren Albert Patterson. % W> 

Cumb. Presb. Min., Tehuacana, Tex. 

John William Pearson. % I'T 

At Odd Fellows U.. Bryan. Tex., '73. 
Georgetown, Tex. 

Willie Christopher Pennington. V^ 

White Wright, Tex. 

Luther Preston Sears. ^ ^T 

Merchant, Sherman, Tex. 

Class of 1884. 

James Henry Herring. /3* 

Farmer and rancher. Piano, Tex. 

Marion Craig Johnson. Jff 

Cumb. Presb. Min., Marshall, Tex. 

JohnAndrew Lackey, jp 

' ~ " ' " I. , Waco, 



Crumb. Presb. Min. 


Samuel Lewis McFarland. kX 

Prin. Burnett Sch., '74-5. Ed. Burnett 
Bui U tin, '78. Dy. Shff. and Collec, Bur- 
nett Co., '76-7. Cumb. Presb. Min., Burnett. 

Benjamin McCullock Terrell. 5f rF 

Prin, High Sch., Eastland, Tex., '82; since 
'82, do.. High Sch., Forney, Tex. 

Levi Young Turner. k1 

Teacher, Simpsonville, Tex. 

Class of 1885. 

John Douglass Black. aX 

Cumb. Presb. Min., Elmo, Tex. 

Robert Lessonbery Erwin. ^ cy 

Tehuacana, Tex. 

William Vannoy McGee. (jT 

Cumb. Presb. Min., Rice, Tex. 

Edwin Lemuel McWilliams. 5f uT 

Cumb. Presb. Min., Terrell, Tex. 

WiLiAM Holman Morgan. aT 

Tehuacana, Tex. 

Class of i88(). 

James Porter Erwin. ^ y\>t 

Tehuacana, Tex. 

William Alexander Kirkpatrick. i>X 

Cumb. Presb. Min., White Wright, Tex. 

Jonathan James Richards. <5* 

Cumb. Presb. Min.. Dublin, Tex. 

Thomas Henry Sears. ^ 
White Wright, Tex. 


College Notes. 

1878. W. H. Haynie, Ora., Celebrations. 
Ratio Genie Soc. 

1879. C. W. Daniel, Spec. Pres., Interme. 

Cel., Ratio Genie, '79. D. G. Hill, 2d Ora.. 

Final Cel., Philosophronian Soc., '78. W. J. 

Johnson, Spec. Pres., Final Cel.. Ratio Genie, 

'79. S. E. Kennon, ist Ora., 2d Ora., and 

other Hons., Cels., Ratio (ienic. W. J. 

Lackey, ist and 2d Ora., Valedictorian, and 
other Hons., Cels, Ratio Genie. 

1880. E. F. Edwards, Deb., Interme. Cel., 

Philosophronian, '79. C. H. Munger, Reed. 

various Hons., from Ratio Genie. -J. B. 

Nicholson, ist Deb. Interme. Cel.. Ratio Genie. 

1881. F. N. Drane, ist Jackson, Decl. 

Medalist, '80. H. H. Wright, Ora., Interme. 

Cel., Ratio Genie, '78. 

1882. W. H. Cowan, (Tenn. Alpha, '82), 

Ora.. Final Cel., Ratio Genie, '79. J. H. 

Gillespie, Spec. Pres., Interme. Cel., Ratio 

Genie, '80; ist Ora., Final Cel., do.. '80. T. 

J. Hefner, Hon. man, Interme. Cel. Ratio 
Genie, *8o; Valedictorian, Final Cel., do., '80. 

1883. J. R. Bell. 1st Ora., Final Cel., Philo- 
sophronian '78. J. M. McCarty, Deb.. 

Interme. Cel., Ratio Genie, 'Si; Ora., Timo- 
thean Soc. Cel.. '81; Final Pres., Ratio Genie, 

•83 W. A. Patterson, ist Ora., Final Cel.. 

Ratio Genie, '83. J. W. Pearson, ist Deb., 

Interme. Cel., Ratio Genie, '80; Spec. Pres., 
Final Cel., do., '80; Ora., Timothean Cel., 

1884. M. C. Johnson, 2d Ora., Final Cel., 

Ratio Genie, '81 ; Ora, Timothean Cel., '82, 

B. M. Terrell, Deb., Interme. Cel., Ratio CJenic, 
'81; ist Ora., Final Cel., do., '81, 

1885. E. L. McWilliams, Deb. Interme. Cel., 
Philosophronian. *8i. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1878. W. H. Haynie, Char. Mem. 

1879. S. E. Kennon, Char. Mem. W. J. 

Lackey. Char. Mem. 

1 88 1. F. N. Drane, Del. Nat. Con v., Indian- 
apolis, Ind., 'So; Tex. St. Pres., '81. 




Charter granted, June 20, 1878, to James Alexander Wakefield, '78 ; Charles Handford Sherwood. 

'80, and Murrey Levering Johnson, '83. 

Class of 1878. 

David Martin Sill. vH 

Farmer and stock-raiser, Bloomington, 111. 

James Alexander Wakefield, B. S. 

3Srft #-^ 
M. S., 111. Wesleyan, '81. At Lombard U., 
'75-6. Prin. Pub. hchs., Maple ton, Iowa, 
'81-2. Pres. N. W. Bus. Coll., Sioux City. 
Iowa. '85-6. Prin. Commercial Dept, and 
Prof. PoL Econ.. Dak. U., '86-7. Ed. Vai7v 
Republican, Mitchell, S. Dak., '90. Super- 
visor Census, ist. Dist. S. Dak., '90. Since 
'91, Dist Agt. N. Y. Life Ins. Co., Cedar 
Rapids, Iowa. 

Class ok 18 So. 

George William Mueller. 'Hi 

State representative of Armour & Co., 
Butte City. Mont. 

Charles Handford Sher wood, jf* //X 

D.D.S., Pa. Dental Coll.. '81. At North- 
western U., '73-4. Dentist, Wenona, 111. 

Class ok 1S81. 

Nelson Kinvon McCormick, A.B. (/* 

A.M., 111. Weslevan, '84; M.D., Chicago 
Med. Coll., '86. Asst. 111. St. Entomologist, 
'81-3. Physician, Normal, 111. 

Charles Lumsle Smith. cM> 

Hopedale, 111. 

Class of 1S82. 
Cassius Marcus Clay Burns, ft 


City Ed. Daily Register, Fargo. N. Dak.. 
'83. Galesburgh. 111. 

James Sylvesfer Collins. /iT 

M.D., Rush Med. Coll.. 'Sa Physician. 

Chesterfield. 111. 

James Allen Fullinwider, B.S. jITft^ yT 
LL.B., U. of Mich.. '84. At Wabash Coll., 
•76-7. Attv.-at-law, 218 La Salle St, Chica- 
go. 111. 

Samuel Fremont Goodspeed, LL.B. ft c*-** 
Attended Lombard. With Chas. Good- 
speed Bank, Joliet, 111. 

William Anwvl Jones, B.S. ft #X 

Atliedding Coll.. '77-8; Chaddock Coll.. 
• 78-q ; Asst. Ed. Nebraska Methodist, Hast- 
ings, Neb., '88. Ed. Y.M. C. A. Nuggets. 
Gen. Sec. Y. M. C. A., Moline, 111. 

Franklin Frederick Roose. jff n^ 

M.S., McKendree U.. '85; A.M., la, Wes- 
leyan, '86. Prof. Latin. Chaddock Coll., 
'79-80. Prin. Com. Dept., McKendree U., 
'80-2. Teacher, CoUegio Americano. Per- 
nambuco, Brazil, '82. Prin. Com. l)ept.. 
Neb. Wesleyan U. Prest. Lincoln Bus. 
Coll., Lincoln, Neb. 

♦William Spencer Ruby, A.B. 6\ 

Cash. Farmers' Bank, Cerro Gordo, 111. 

Died, Mount Dora, Fla.. Nov. 27. '86. Be- 
ment, 111. 


Illinois Epsilon. 


Samuel Oscar Stoltz. V'X 

AtWestfieldColl.. '77-9. Druggist. Bridge- 
port, 111. 

Class of 1883. 

James Briggs Eaton, 'p a* 

Ins. and Real Est. Agt. Devil's Lake. N. 

John Tincher English, LL.B. ^ ^* 

Grocer, Danville, 111. 

Calvin Wesley Hickman, A.B. 4 AX 

Prin. Schs., Auburn, 111., '83-4; do., Dan- 
ville Sem., *84-6. Asst. Prin. High. Sch., 
Topeka, '90-91. 509 Lincoln St., Topeka, 

William EmmettHigbee, A. B. W> 

Ins. and Real Est. Agt, Devil's Lake, N. 

Murrey Levering Johnson, A. B. * fiT 

M.D., Cooper Med. Coll., '87. Phys. and 
Surg., Oakland, Calif. 

George Chester McFadden. r* 

Grain Merchant, Havana, 111. 

William Fee Muse, A.B. Jff 7* 

A.B., Cornell Coll.. Iowa, '83. Ottumwa, 

Charles Sylvester Parmenter, A. B. yX 

A.M., Ill Wesleyan. '86. At Ottawa U., 
'79-80. Prof. Nat Sci., Baker U., Bald- 
win, Kan. 

*J Walter Ransdell, LL3- V'* 

"J" letter only. Teacher, '76-80. City 
Atty., Havana, '84-6. Died, Havana, Jan. 
5, '86. Atty.-at-law, Havana, 111. 

Charles Independence Roth. vX 

County Judge. Mem. Wash. St. Leg., 
'92-4. Atty.-at-law, Whatcom, Wash. 

Thomas Harvey Simmons, A.B. *4 //T 

A. M., 111. Wesleyan, '86. Atty.-at-law, 
708 Tacoma Bldg. , Chicago, 111. 

Charles Case Tear. aT 

Graduated, U. S. Mil. Acad., "83. U. S. 

A.. 2d Lieut, 25th U. S. Inf., '83-7. Co. 

Atty., Saint Louis Co., Minn., since '90. 

Atty. at-law, Duluth, Minn. 

Class of 1884. 

George Hanson Apperson. rX 

Prin. Gram. Sch., Areola, 111., '81. City 

Ed. Sunday Star, Bloomington, 111., '79; 

do., Daily Mail, Bloomington. '80; Staff, 

Saturday Journal, Tuscola. 111., '82; City 

Ed. Daily Capital, Topeka. Kan., '83-4; 
Sporting Ed. Daily Journal, Kansas City, 
Mo., '85; Asso. Ed. Republican, Omaha, 
Neb., '86. Since '87. Washington Cor. St 
Louis Globe-Democrat, 511 Fourteenth St., 
Washington, D. C. 

Wiluam Montgomery Carr, A.B., B.S. 

A. M.. 111. Wesleyan. '87; B. D., Drew 
Theo. Sem., '88. M. E. Min., Oyster Bay, 
L. I., '86-7; Corona, L. I., '89; since '90, 
Bridge Hampton, L. I. 

George Crawford Elliott. o* 

Grand Crossing, 111. 

Edward C English, B.S. ^ vT 

"C" letter only. Lumber dealer, Yaxoo 
City. Miss. 

Lindley Harrison Hadley. # x^ 

Prin. High Sch., RockvilleTind- , '84; Supt 
Schs., Rockville, 'C4-90. Atty.-at-law, What- 
com. Wash. 

Thomas Kerrick Mull. x^ 

Parmer. Manilla, Ind. 

James Woodward Sheadle. ft x^ 

A. B., Pennsylvania Coll. , '83; A. M.. do., 
'86. Stenographer, 48 Board of Trade Bldg., 
Chicago, lU. 

Frank Scriven Warner. (^ 

A. B., De Pauw, '89. At Carthage ColL, 
HI., '78-80. Atty.-at-law, Room 306, 218 La 
Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1885. 

Andrew Jackson Barr. ^X 

Attended Lincoln U. Atty.-at-law, Bloom- 
ington, 111. 

William Douglass Frantz. jITft^ fH-jyT 

Attended Roanoke. Postmaster, Ocoya, 
111., '80-90. Hardware merchant, Welling- 
ton, Kan. 

John Wesley Gay. 

Book dealer, Mattoon, 111. 


Louis Arthur McDonald, ft ^T 

LL. B., Union Coll. of Law, '85. Atty.-at- 
law, 708 Tacoma Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

John Leroy Yolton. cT 

M.D.. Mo. Med. Coll., '85. Physician, 
Avena, 111. 

Berther Sturgis Yost. 

Book-keeper, Shelbyville, 111. 



Illinois Epsilon. 

1 886-93 

Class ok 1886. 

William Henry Burks. «T 

Asst. Cash. Wellington Nat. Bank. Wel- 
lington, Kan. 

Milton Allen Connard. tT 

Grain Merchant, Elwin, III. 

Henry Edmund Frantz. ifft^ '/T 

Asst. Cash. Wellington 5rat. Bank, '84-9. 
Hardware andlumber merchant, Wellington, 

Allen Birch Martin. vT 

AtU. of Mich., '83-7. Prin. High Sch., 
Bement, 111., '87-<^. Since '90, Supt. Piatt 
Co. Schs., Monticello, 111. 

James Henry Shaw. A.B. y k* 

A.M., 111. Wesleyan, '89; LL.B., do., '91. 
At Chaddock Coll., '82-3. Atty.-at-law, 
Bloomington, 111. 

JosErii Sterling. V'^ 

Atty.-at-law, 210 N. Center St., Blooming- 
ton, 111. 

Thomas Almarine tT 

Grain dealer and farmer. Browning, Mo. 

Albert Walter, B.S. /?T 

M.S., 111. Wesleyan. '89. Prin. High Sch., 

Devil's Lake. X. Dak., '86-7; Asst. Prin. 

High Sch., Bement, 111., '89-90. Farmer, 

Indianola, 111. 

Robert E Williams. Jr.. LL.B. Jff V^T 

"E" letter only. Atty.-at-law. Blooming- 
ton, 111. 

Class of 1S87. 

Herbkrt Euc.kne GRinrrii. cv* 

Asst. in High Sch.. Molino, 111. 

Arthur Dunham Jordan. AT 

Banker, Chenoa, III. 

Thomas Mansfield Kimball. aV 

Normal, 111. 

Edward Manlky, A.B. ail 

At Harvard, '87. Teacher, Normal, 111. 

Leonard Arby, A.B. if 5 (t* 

At Union Coll. of Law, '88-<)o. Atty -at- 
law, 634 Hague Ave., Saint Paul, Minn. 

Class of 1888. 

Robert Albert Eaion. 5f ^ 

Fire Ins., Devil's Lake, N. Dak. 



Frank Trumbill Wilcox, B.S. fM 

M.D., Rush Med. Coll., '90. Physician, 
Minonk, 111. 

Class of 1890. 


Delmar Diane Darrah. '^ 
Bloomington, 111. 

John Herbert Franklin. vT 

At Rush Med. Coll.. since '89. Prin. High 
Sch.. Devil's Lake, N. Dak., '88. Lexing- 
ton, 111. 

William Lyon Wilson. /3T 

Grad. Eastman Nat. Bus. Coll.. '89. 
Bloomington, 111. 

Frederick Cowles Wright. rf 

Engineer, 1 712 Calif omiaSt., Omaha, Neb. 

Class of 1891. 

Charles Allen Burks, B.S. cT 

Asst. Prin. High Sch., Bement, '87-8. 
Since '91, Ed. Register, Bement, 111. 

Lewis Bacon Pkobasco, LL.B. J^^ ori 

Merchant, Bloomington, III. 

John S Schneit, LL.B. /?X 

" S" letter only. At Concordia Coll.. '85-6: 
Central i>Iorm. Coll., '86-7. Atty.-at-law. 
211 S. Fifth St., Springfield, 111. 

John Wiley Suddith, LL.B. tX 

Normal, 111. 

Class of 1892. 

Charles Carroll Davidson. 
Glenarm, 111. 

IbAAC Newman Van Pelt. 

Book-keeper, 82 S. Water St., Chicago, 111 


John Frederick August Deutsch. 

712 N. Morris Ave., Bloomington, 111. 

Deane Fink. 
McLean, 111. 

William Loren/.o Miller. iX 

Chicago, 111. 

George Ends Preble, if x"^ 

Asst. Assayerat U. S. Mint, 129 Commer- 
cial Place, Denver, Col. 

Henry Myron Reesor. y 'A 

Atty.-at-law, Macomb, 111. 

Aug I ST Christian Saiter. k^ 

2o() S. Madison St., Bloomington, 111. 

Class of 1893. 

Nathan Walworth Marsh. 
Bloomington, 111. 


1893-6. NOTES. 

Illinois Epsilon, 


Perry Lewis Noggi.k. 
Farmer, Holden, 111. 

Huston Boys Watt. 
Clerk, Pontiac, 111. 

David Wright. 
Elfingham, 111. 


Class of 1S94. 

John Clearv. 
Odell, 111. 

Jksse Demi am. «;!! 

Com. Trav., 709 N. Evans St., Blooming- 
ton, 111. 

Si'ENCer Enving. ^ 
Bloomington, 111. 

Henry Lloyd Garriso.n. 
Watseka, 111. 

John William Prohasco 
Bloomington, 111. 

Leroy Grove Whitmer. 
Bloomington, 111. 


Class ok 1895. 

Archie Leonard Bowen. 
Bloomington, 111. 

Guy Lester Hunter. "^ 
Buffalo, 111. 

Richard Henry Little. 
Bloomington, 111. 

William Bertram Merrill. 
Lexington, 111. 

Ai'RELius Miller, f* 
Bloomington, 111. 

Wave Miller, f* 
Bloomington, 111. 

Class of iS(/). 

David Jackson Bechtel. 
Teacher, Kewanee, 111. 

Robert Cooper Fullinnvidkk. 
Heyworth, 111. 

Asa Langstaff. 
Lexington, 111. 

William Jay Matthews. 
Buffalo, 111. 











1880. C. H. Sherwood, Ed. T/fe Alumpti, 


1882. J. A. FuUinwider, 2d Prize, Orat. 

Cont., '80. F. F. Roose (Ed. Educator, 

Lincoln U., Neb., '84-9). 

1883. W. F. Muse (Ed. Collegian. Cornell, 

'79; do.. Cornelian, '80). T. H. Simmons, 

2d Prize, Orat. Cont., '82; Ed. Wesleyan Dee, 

1884. W. M. Carr, Ed. Wesleyan Bee, '84. 

1885. W. D. Frantz, Cf. Coll. Notes, Va. 

1 886. H. E. Frantz, 111. St. Del.. Inter-St. 
Orat. Conv., Minneapolis, Minn., '83; Ed. 

Wesleyan Bee, '83. J. H. Shaw (Ed. 

Chadilock College Monthly, '82-3): Ed. Wes- 
leyan Bee, '85-6. R. E. Williams, ist 

Prize, Ex., '86. 

1887. L. A. Straight, Pres. Orat. Assn., 

1888. R. A. Eaton, 2d Prize, Orat. Cont. 
'87; Bus. Mang. and Mang. Ed. Wesleyan 

1890. D. D. Darrah, 2d Prize, Orat. Cont, 

1892. G. E. Preble, Ed. The Athenean, 
'89-90. II. M. Reesor, Ed. Elite Journal, '^^. 

College Noies. 
1878. J. A. Wakefield, Contest Orator, '78. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1878. J. A. Wakefield, Intd. Ind. Beta. ; 
Char. Mem. 

1880. C. H Sherwood, Char. Mem.; Cf. 111. 
Beta Al. 

1 882. C. M. C. Burns, Cf. 111. Beta Al. 

J. A. FuUinwider, Del. Nat. Conv., Indian- 
apolis, Ind., '80; I St V. Pres. 111. St. Assn., 

'81-2; Pres. do., '82-3 S. F. Good.speed, 

Intd. 111. Zeta; Cf. Frat Notes, do. W. A. 

Jones, Poet, Chap. Anni., '82; Del. Nat. Conv., 
Nashville, Tenn., '84; Poet, do. 

1883. C.W. Hickman, Prophet, Chap. Anni., 

'S3. M. L. Johnson, Char. Mem.; Orator, 

Chap. Anni., '83. T. H. Simmons, 2d V. 

Pres. 111. St. Assn., '81; istdo., '82; Pres. do., 

I '83; Orator, Chap. Anni., '82; Del. Nat. Conv., 
Richmond, Va., '82. 

1884. W. M. Carr, Historian Chap. Anni., 

'83. L. H. Hadlev. Del. 111. St Conv., 

Galesburg, 111., '81.— ^J. W. Sheadle, Intd. 
111. Beta. 

1:585. W. D. Frantz, Intd. Va. Alpha. 

L. A. McDonald, Del. 111. St Conv.. Gales- 
burg, 111., '81. 

1SS6. H. E. Frantz, Poet, Chap. Anni., '83. 

1887. L. A. Straight, Cf. Minn. Beta Al. 

1 89 1. L. B. Probasco, Del. Nat. Conv., 
Atlanta, Ga., '91. 




Charter granted, June 20, 1S7S, to George McDuftie Bulla, '79; Philemon Holland, Jr.. 'vSi 
Thomas Logan White, '82, and Willie Herndon Robbins, '83. Suspended, June. 1S79. 

Class of 187S. 

Jessk David BrNDV, A.B. jf >ii 

Prin. High Sch., Bethany, N. C, '80-1. 

Supt, Pub. Instr. Richmond Co., N. C. 

since '84. Ed. Laurinburg Exchange, 

since '83, Laurinburg. N. C. 

Class of 1879. 

Gk.orcjk McDuffik Bulla, A.B. yj C* 

A.M., Trinitv. 'Si. Mem. Gen. Assem. 
N. C, V5. Chief Clk., House of Rep., N. C. 
'87. Atty.-at-la\v, Lexington, N. C. 

Class <»f iSSo. 

James Samuki (J aknek. .^t 

D.D.S.. Philadelphia Dent. Coll., '62. At 

Wofford Coll.. S. C, '76-7. Dentist, Dar- 
lington C. H., S. C. 

Numa Flk'k hkr Reii) Loftln, A.B. /X 

Atty.-at-law, Lexington, N. C. 


M.D.. U. of Md., '83. Teacher, '72-81. 
Physician, Grissom, N. C. 

Class of 18S1. 

Lkomims Tully Blair. ^ 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Brooks Monroe Bodik. A.B. if 
Merchant, Leesville, S. C. 

William Da\ ii» Browne. 
Harpsborough, N. C. 




♦Philemon Holland, Jr., A.B. ajfjj c* 

Atty.-at-law. Died. New Berne, N. C , 
March 2(>, '86. Fayetteville. N. C. 

Samuel Edward Pope. p^ 

Hartville, Mo. 

Xeveston Riffin Rich.vrdson. 5f r/t> 

At Strong's Law Sch., Raleigh, N. C. '70. 
Ed. Clayton Bud, Clayton, N. C, '82-3- 
The Herald, Smithtield. N. C. '84; The 
Sign Hoard, Dunn, N. C, '87. Mayor, 
Clayton. '83. City Atty., Smithlield. '87. 
Meth. Epis. Min., Dobson Ct.,'8S: Stokes 
Ct..'89; Nashyille Ct., '90; Ruffin Ct.. '01 
ReidsYiUe, N. C. of 18S2. 

Caleb Deems Bell, A.B. ^,y 

M.D., U. of Md.. '83. Physician, Gates- 
Yille, S. C. 

JosiAH Lawrence Jenkins. ^ 

Book-keeper, 120 N. Green St., Baltimore 

Thomas Edward May, A.B. ^ 

Lumberton, N. C. 

•Alijert Dunn Pair. j^t 

M.D., Coll. of Phys. and Surg.. Baltimore, 
'81. Physician. Died, Eagle Rock, Tan. 10 
'88. Eagle Rock, X. C. 

William Sherwood Tyson. 
Greenyille, N. C. 


1882-3. NOTES. 

North Carolina Alpha, 


Thomas Loc.AN White, A. B. ]JfJ| a* 

Prin. Hij2fh Sch., Independence, '83-7. Ed. 
Grayson Gazette, Independence, Va. 

Class of 1883. 

EvEEETT Webster Gates. fft 

Book-keeper, Glenbrook, N. C. Thomas- 
ville, N. C. 

Samiel Garland Daniel. cT 

Standard keeper, Halifax Co., N. C, '84-6. 

Law Stu., Greensboro, N. C. Littleton, N.C. 

William Alexander Pierce. \iX 

Book-keef)er and farmer, Weldon, N. C. 

William Henry Redding. iX 

Sawyersville, N. C. 

Willie IIerndon Robbins. ft CT 

Mang. H. H. Reynolds Tobacco Factory, 
Winston, N. C. 

Leonce Vaichan. it 

Book-keeper, Hartsville, S. C. 

William Beaurecjard Welsh. 
Texahavv, N. C. 


College Notes. 

1878. J. D. Bundy, Debr's Medal, Hespe- 
rian Soc., '77. 

1879. ^- ^- Bulla, Chief Marshal, Com- 
mencement, '7g. 

1 88 1. L. T. Blair, Debr's Medal, Hesperian 
Soc., '79. B. M. Bodie, Gold Medal, Hespe- 
rian Soc.-^ — P. Holland, Jr., Wiley Gray Ora- 
tor's Medal, '81. N. R. Richardson, Soph. 

Commencement Spkr., '8r. 

1882. T. L. White, 3d Honors, Commence- 
ment, '82; Ed. College Herald. 



Fraternity Notes. 

G. M. Bulla, Char. Mem. 
P. Holland, Jr., Char. Mem. 
T. L. White, Char. Mem. 
W. H. Robbins, Char. Mem. 




Thai lor >;ianloil. Ni>viMulKr 4, 1S7S. to William McGaan. Jr.. '75; Shirley ClilTord Ransom. '78; 
Frank ICwini^ CMaycomb, '7»); Otto Harvey vS\vij;art, *So; Mil«) Colburn Summers. 'Si; 
Paiiiil S (lin>(ricli, 'S2; Peter Clore Reynolds. '^2, ami Clilhert Mareus de Lafayette 
Swart. '82. 

Class ok 1S5S. 

Anv»\ l.r\|\N I'l \KK. A.U. Ji C2\ 

M.l>.. 1\\ Mod. Inst.. Onicinnati. Ohio, 
'(»! ; A.M.. Lombard l'.. "(u. U. S. A.. 
Asst. Sur^i . U7th 111. Inf., '(o-^. Prin. 
Lake Zmioh Aoail.. 111.. '58. Prest. IWnnett 
Med. I'oU.. C'hioaj^o. HI., since '72. Phys. 
and Surji . !\lv;in. 111. 

l^i \ss v^K 1850. 

I'l «.i N»N Hk \i n VKN Ms lln 1 . U.S. J\ «-- 

M\Uor. Oiiun^xa. lv>\\a. 

Ajmx^n K\t»p»K. AH. f\ .:-" 

.\ M . l.ondMvd. i: v'Uy Ally.. Mon- 

n\»'nth.o; 'x\ and 'S' 8. A;t\ . at-la\v. Moi:- 
nu»uth. Ill 

Cl \ss 0» iSlHV 

loNvuiVN l'*.M \ Hkown. a H. f^ i.:i 

AM. I o!v.'\\5\l. (>; V S. A.. Cam.. 
^Nid, l". Ir; Ka;n*.or. Nowto:^ Kan. 

Wnuwi 1;p\n Kki^^u . A. IV -^ I'Ci 

,\ M . I » •v.^a•.^^ '(>; P:o: Ma:*v. Lom- 
*m;\:. i\ X WcvA \\\ St. So:^ . v.r.vX' '88 

.\\v>K, S;;*M\ Si V UK. US J\ V^ 

MS. l.ivKv.v,. \;, M IV. Lnxa Mc.; 
iW. . \ •* \' S A . l^oN:^ S:o\xaT\*. ar.v: 
\vv; Sv^x - •- V' \ 0; \ V '. \ri . r: 5. 
a;\v; \vn: S;^\i V S Kcc A".:r\. \i • 
M,i\v*:. W ,;',.;»; ,4, sj n I S Pv ■•v-vN-.i K\ . 
\\ ,-i ; ,; V -* V . - vv 8xN \ ^V. \ N* V ; a r . W a ; a c .i - 

Class ok iS(>i. 

KVFKKTT LOKKNTI S C«».N«;KR, A. B. 3^ft^ C20 

U.I).. St. Lawrence U., '63; A.NL. Lom- 
bard. 'i«4. Prof. P.i-^toral Theol., Lombard. 
'81-7; Cicn. Avjt.. do.. •80-7. Univ. Min.. 
Monn>e. Wis.. *(»3-7; Taunton. Mass., '67-72: 
Concord. X. IL. '72-80: Lombard U.. '80-7; 
since '87. Pasadena. Calif. 

Ci \ss OK 1S62. 

KpWIN HlKP CoNi.JK. A.B. J^ c\q 

A.M.. Lombard.. '(>u. At All>anv Law 
Sch., (5-0. I'. S. A.. Pnvaie to Mai.. Co. 
L iv^2d P.l. Irt..'i2--. Co. Treas-. Dallas* 
Co.. Lnva. * — <.v St. Treas, Iowa. '80-4. 
Me:i^ I'- S- House of Rep., '^s-c). C. S. 
Mr.:. i»' B:;v..:*.. sir.ce *v>.v Des Moines, Iowa. 

Cii vk; 1 ^ A: : vn Hoi mk>. A. B. jj ^u) 

AM.. L^-.lwr^:. r^. I*. S. A.. Capt,. Co. 
F. 2.;:h W:<. Ir.f . '^2-5. Prest. Bd. of 
Kej;cr.:> o: l", o: Neb., '71^85. Mem. Neb. 
Icj: . *?-< . c^: S:. Sci.. '82-t>, Banker, 
Tecur^sch, Neb. 

Fkt: vk: k Wakkvx L: . :N»:>r«-N, B.S. jf ♦ fio 

M S . L -.Kirvi. :r - V. S. A., y. M. Gen., 

:4:>. *■* Cav., r2-f. Teacher, San Jacinto. 

T. ^-.N Ck. vfk ^^:vK^^:^. B.S. J rig 

MS. *. . r">v»r.;. '-5 Attended Gonver- 

"i .-.r Wc>*cy.-.7 Scr.. . N. Y. U- S. A., 8t)th 

iV Ir.:' . :2-5. Clk. KaT^e Co.. IlL. 2 terms. 

C::v A::v , ra. LI. Mem. U. S, House 


Illinois Zeta, 


of Rep., 4th 111. Cone. Dist, 79-81. Atty.- 
at-law, Twenty-fourth Ave., Denver, Col. 

Class of 1863. 

WiLMAM Harrison Chadsey. ft ci8 

A.B., Harvard, •64; A.M., do., '67; LL.B., 

Columbian U., '73. Clk. U. S. Treas. Dept., 

Washington, D. C. Atty.-at-law, (iold Hill, 


Charles Knox Ladd. # 

LL.B.. U. of Micti., '66. 
Kewanee, 111. 

Halsey Lee Merriman. 



SEY Lee Merriman. ft fi8 

At Law Dept, U. of Aiich., '64-5. U. S. A., 
g. M. Dept., '62-3. Ed. Weekly Republican, 
Marshalltown, '79-80; do., Daily Tifftes- 
Republican, Marshalltown, Iowa, '80-85. 
Nat. Gov. Director, Union Pac. R. R. Atty.- 
at-law, Stockville, Neb. 

Class ok 1864. 

Elmore Chase, B.S. ft ^17 

A.B., Lombard. '65: A.M., do., '68. Prin. 
Prep. Dept., Lombard, '71-5; Prin. Jefferson 
Liberal Inst., 'tft-'jo, and '75-78 ; do., 
Mitchell Sera., '79-81; Supt. Young Ladies 
Athenaeum, *8i-6; do., 111. Con. of Music, 
'84-5. Trustee of U. of N. Mex., .since *86, 
and Mem. Exec. Com., since '89. Since '86, 
Supt. Ramona Indian Sch., Santa Fe, N. 

Class of 1865. 

Cyrus Arndt Anthony, ftf* fi6 

U. S. A., Private, 51st 111. Inf.. '61; Q. M. 
Sergt, '62; ist Lieut., Co. G, '64; Capt.,Co. 
A, '65. Pros. Atty., Nodaway Co., Mo., 
'75-6. Alderman, Maryville, '79-80. Mem. 
Mo. St. Leg., '81-3; do., '85-7. Judge, 29th 

iud. Cir. Mo., since '87. Atty.-at-law, 
laryville. Mo. 

Arnold Truman Bruner. g'f fi6 

Sheriff, Warren Co., 111., '86-, o. Farmer, 
Gerlaw, 111. 

Class of 1866. 

Elwin Wallace Claycomij, A. B. ftf' r;x5 
A M., Lombard, '69. Farmer, Eureka, 

James BiRNEv Harsh, ftf* {-15 

U. S. A., Private, Co. K. i4Sth 111. Inf , 
'64-5. Prest. Western Bus. Coll., '6f>-8. Ed. 
and Pub. Daily and Weekly Gazette, Cres- 
ton, since '72. Mayor, Creston, '73-5, and 
'Sr-2. Mem. Iowa St. Sen., since '87. Prest. 
Creston Nat. Bank, since '82; do.. Loan and 
Trust Co., since '83. Banker, Creston, Iowa. 

James Smith McConnell, B.S. ^ftf" fi5 

Atty.-at-law, 1002 and T004, Opera House 
Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

George Reynolds Shook, B.S. ft ci5 

U. S. A., Private, 111. Inf. Mem. Neb. of Rep., '68-72; do.. Neb. Sen., '73-4. 
Surveyor and farmer, Goodland, Kan. 

George Washington Wakefield, ftf* ci5 
A. M., Ivorabard, '87. U. S. A., Private, 
Co. F, 41st 111. Inf., '61-4; Sergt, do., '64. 
Auditor, Woodbury Co., Iowa, '70-3. Cir. 
Judge, 2d Cir, Iowa, '85-6; Dist. Judge, 4th 
Jud. Dist. Iowa, since '87. Atty.-at-law, 805 
Ninth St., Sioux City, Iowa. 

Class of 1867. 

William Bryan Carlock, B.S. ft cr4 

LL.B., U. of Mich., '69. Atty.-at-law, 508 
W. Jefferson St., Blooraington, 111. 

George Luther Hannaman. ft ^14 

Ex. Clk. Cir. Ct., Knox Co., 111. Gales- 
burg, 111. 

*WiLLiA.M Conger Lomb\rd. ft fi4 

Coal Merchant. Died, Galesburg, July, '87. 
Galesburg, 111. 

Class of 1868. 

Frank De Lyle Con(;ek. ftf* C13 

Asst. Sec. and Treas., Graham & Morton 
Transportation Co., Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Amos Crum. ft ^13 

A. M.. Lombard, '84. Univ. Min., Hins^ 
dale. 111., '72; Muskegon, Mich., '73; Cor- 
unna, Mich., '74-5; Bay City, Mich., '7f)-82; 
Dubuque, Iowa, '82-8; since '89, Webster 
City, Iowa. 

Class of 1869. 

Seth B Conger, ftf* fi2 

"B" letter only. Lumber and hardware 
merchant, Tina, Mo. 

Rouselden Cooper, B.S. ft 5-12 

St. Atty., Henderson Co., 111., since '86. 
Atty.-at-law, Oquawka, 111. 

Michael Fritchman KNAi'rKsnERGER, B.S. 

ft ri2 

Prin High Sch., Avan, 111., '70-1; do., 

Hiawatha, Kan.. '72. Mem. Kan. House of 

Rep., '79-83. Co. Atty., Jewell Co., Kan. 

Atty.-at-law, Jewell. Kan. 

Howard Knowles, B.S. ft v\2. 

U. S. A., Private. Co. F, 139th III. Inf. 
U. S. Int. Rev. Collector, Peoria, 111., '75-85. 
Capitalist, Galesburg, 111. 


Illinois Zeta. 


Class of 1870. 

Jarkd Perkins Blood, A.B. ft q\\ 

A. M., Lombard, '82. L. S. A., Private, 
Co. I. ist N. H. Heavy Art., '64-5. Atty.- 
at-law, 1099 Jackson St., Sioux City, Iowa. 

Charles Elecius Hasbrook, A.B. if 4 fii 
LL.B., Chicago U., '71; A. M., Lombard, 
'73. U. S. Int Rev. Collector, since '85. 
Prest. Security Ins. Co. Since '74, Sec. and 
Treas. Times Newspaper Co. , 1 742 Jefferson 
St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Otis Tones, B.S. 4 fii 

Name formerly "Truman" Otis Jones. 
Pres. and Treas., Ruttan Mfg. Co., 68 Lake 
St., Chicago, 111. 

Albert Nelson Richardson. j[ ni 

M. D., Rush Med. Coll.. '72. Prin. High 
Sch., Clarion, Ohio, '68-70. Phvsician, Ohio, 

Hknry Homer Ring, ft fix 

Wholesale woodenware merchant, «^5 and 
57 S. Water St.. Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1871. 

Samuel Oscar Bay less, ft fio 

LL.B., U. of Mich., 70. Mayor, Frank- 
fort, '72-8. Atty.-at-law, Frankfort, Ind. 

Peter Frans Brown, ft fio 

V. Pres. Nat. Bank, (xalesburg, '85-9; since 
'89, Pres., do., Galesburg, 111. 

William Otis Clayiomb. ft fio 

Farmer and stock-raiser, Eureka, Kan. 

Charles Curtis Conger, ft f 10 

Planter and stock-raiser, Robinson, Tex. 

♦Willis Hardin Fcson, A.B. ft fio 

A. M., Lombard, '74. U. S. A., Private. 
Co. E, 53d 111. Inf., '61-2. Prin. High Sch., 
Vates City, 111., '71-4. Probate Judge, Trego 
Co., Kan., '79-84. Atty.-at-law. Died, To- 
peka, Kan., Aug., '84. Ellis, Kan. 

Frank Tenney Greenwood, A.B. ft f 10 

Druggist, Seneca, Kan. 

Samuel Parsons McCoNNELL, A.B. S^ft^ fio 
Judge Cir. Ct, Cook Co., 111., since '89. 
Atty.-at-law, 1924 Wellington Ave.. Chicago. 

Christopher Columbus Tyler, ft cio 

Farmer, (iale.sburg. 111. 

Class or 1872. 

Alher'i Elmore Chase, B.S. ft ^9 

Prin. High Sch., Hartford Wis., '71-7; do.. 

Georgetown, '77-80. Mem. City Coun., 

Georgetown, '82-3; Pres. Sch. Bd., do., '80-3, 
and since *8g. Pres. Col. Cen. Min. Co., 
.since '87. Mining Eng., and Dy. U. S. Min. 
Surveyor, Georgetown, Col. 

James Haitin McConnell. ftf* eg 

Merchant. Springfield, 111. 

Class of 1873. 

William Harrison Bruner. ft'^ c8 

Farmer, Gerlaw, III. 

♦James William Darneille. ft f8 

Confectioner and fruit merchant. Died, 
Chicago, 'So or "81. Chicago, 111. 

Ezra Welcome Davis, ft , f8 

Co. Treas., Chatauqua Co., Kan., two 
terms Mang. St. John & Marsh Lumber Co., 
Colorado Springs, Col. 

Georcie Henry Wallace, ft f8 

U. S. A., Private, 177th Ohio Inf. Manf. 
of the Wallace Wind-mills (his patent). Sal- 
ina, Kan. 

Charles Henry Wertman. * c8 

Farmer and stock-raiser, Milford, Neb. 

Class of 1874. 

(jranvillk Franklin Claycomb. ft^ n 

Lumber Merchant, Farrag^t, Iowa. 

W^iLLiAM Edward Day, B.S. ft n 

Teacher, High Sch., Galesburg, 111.. '74-5. 
Police Magistrate, Chicago, '75-6. Clk. Ab- 
stract Dept., Recorder's office. Cook Co., 111. 
235 Thirty-Seventh St., Chicago. 111. 

Edward Junius Edwards, ft ^7 

Grad. Western Bus. Coll., '75. At Cornell, 

'73-4. Director Nicollet Nat. Bank, Minnea- 

)olis. Real estate, 300 Lumber Exchange 

Vlinneapolis. Minn. 

Class of 1875. 


John Charles Fremont Beals. ft f6 

Clk.. C, B. & O. R. R. Off., 3405 Wabash 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Charles Albert Buck, A. L. ft fo 

Farmer, Leroy, 111. 

LuciEN Jerome Dinsmore, B.S. ft f() 

A.M., Lombard, '85. Prin. Sem., Mitchell, 
Iowa, and Asst. Prin. High Sch., De Witt, 
Iowa, '75-6. Univ. Min., Morrison, 111., 
'7(^-7 ; Lapeer, Mich., '77-8; Tecumseh, Mich., 
'78-9; Plainficld, 111., '80-2; Owatonna, 
Minn., 'S3-4; since '84, Columbu.s, Wis. 


Illinois Zeta. 


Charles Ellwood Nash, A.B. 4 f6 

A.M., Lombard, '78; B. D.. Tufts Coll. 
Div. Sch., '78. Trustee, Buchtel Coll., '86-g. 
Univ. Min., Abington, Mass., '7^; Stam- 
ford, Conn., '79-81; Newtonville, Mass., 
'81-4; since '84, Akron, Ohio. 

Byron Pontius, ft fo 

Atty.-at-law, Macomb, 111. 

Class of 1876. 

♦WiLLARD Beach C()N(;er. ftf* f5 

Real Est. Agt. DieoT San Francisco. 
Calif., Feby. 24. '88. Fresno City, Calif. 

J.\Y Lawrence Hastings, B.S. 4 fs 

Atty.-at-law, Galesburg, 111. 

Arthur Dodc.e Warner, ft f5 

City Mang., Union Central Life Ins. Co., 

Chicago, 111., '80-2. St. Agt. for Iowa, 

Equitable Life Assur Soc., '83-4. Metro- 

golitan Mang., N. Y., Equitable Life Assur. 
oc., '85-8; since '89, do., N. Y. Mutual Life 
Ins. Co., 59 Cedar St., New- York. N. Y. 

Frederick Charles Willson. J $-5 

Prin. High Sch., Decatur, 111. 

Class of 1878. 

Horace Leslie Arnold, g; 5-3 

U.S. Supt. Mail Carriers, Galesburg, 111. 

William McGaan, Jr. jj ^i2 

Dy. Shff., Clark Co., S. Dak., '85-7; Dist. 
Atty., do., '87-9; since '89, Dy. Aud., do. 
Atty.-at-law. Clark, S. Dak. 

Shirley Clifford Ransom, B.S. * 0ii 

A.M., Lombard, '92. Prin. High Sch., 
Yates City, '83-8. Since '88, Farmers 
and Mechanics Bank, Yates City, 111. 

Class of 1879. 

Frank Ewinc; Claycomh. jj 
Farmer, Sycamore, 111. 

Class of 18 So. 

Otto Harvey Swi(;art, B.S. J^ 
Farmer, Farmer City, 111. 

Class ok 1881. 



MiLo CoLHURN Summers, B.S. jj 0* 

M.S., Lombard, '84. With Inter-State 

Pub. Co., Chicago. 111., '80-7. Clk., Surg. 

Genl's Office, since '88 1405 New York Ave. , 

N. W., Wa.shington, D. C. 

Class of 1882. 

Daniel S Gingrich. ^T 

••S" letter only. Grad. Bayless Bus. 

Coll.. Keokuk, Iowa, '78. Job printing and 

manufacturing, 40 Fourth Ave., Chicago, 


Harry Everett Parker. P^ 

Merchant, Galesburg, 111. 

Peter Gore Reynolds. * ^T 

Farmer, Galesburg, IlT 

Gilbert Marcus de Lafayette Swart, B. S. 
Farmer, Knoxville, 111. ftf- ^T 

Class op ^883. 

James Austin Babbitt, f* «T 

Farmer, Saint Augustine, 111. 

George White Brainard. 4 n* 

Farmer, Oneida, 111. 

Charles Coello Church. aX 

Farmer, La Fayette, 111. 

John Harry Miles, B. S. f ^T 

Farmer, Garnett, Col. 

John Derskine Swart, f* pT 

Farmer, Fremont, Neb. 

Class of 1884. 

Jay Columbus Edwards, B. S. jj v* 

M. S., Lombard, '87. At Iowa Coll., 

'79-80. Prin. High Sch., Knoxville, '84-5; 

do.. Pub. Schs., Wolsey, S. Dak., '86-7; 

since '87, do., Sublette, 111. Knoxville, Iowa. 

James Massey Gentry. ^2 

Brakeman, Galesburg, 111. 

Cornell Harry Wheeler, ft aX 

Clk., loi Day St., Galesburg, 111. 

Class of 1885. 

♦Eugene Francis Carney, B. S. jf ft a'^ 

City Ed. Galesbunr Plaindeater, '85-7. 
Clk. Sen. Com. Printing. 111. Sen., '87. Died, 
Galesburg, March 14, '87. Galesburg, 111. 

Owen Hurley. tY 

Teacher, Parnell, 111. 

Lyman McCarl, B. S. 5Pft^ XX 

M. S., Lombard, '88. Atty.-at-law, yuincy, 

William Alexander Stone. aT 

Atty.-at-law, Hutchinson. Kan. 

* Uriah McKay Tucker. V** 

Died, Effingham, April 29, '84. Effing- 
ham, 111. 


Illinois Zeta, 


Class of 1886. 

Daniel Fisher Beacom. XT 

Prin. Sch., Good Hope, 111., '85-7; do., 
Smith Center, Kan., '87-8; since '88, do.. 
Downs, Kan. 

Leonard Ward Brigham, B.S. f* 0* 

M.D., Bennett Med. Coll., "88. Physician, 
Lake View, 111. 

James Alonzo Burke. oX 

At Gem City Bus. Coll., '83-4- Book- 
keeper, Pittsfield, 111. 

Lee Fairchild. jj V^T 

Univ. Min., Lewiston, Idaho, '87-8; Cedar 
Falls, Iowa, '89-90. Seattle, Wash. 

Samuel Clark Fletcher. XT 

Farmer, Kirkwood, 111. 

Joseph Ellin^er Karns. /?T 

At Burlington Bus. Coll., '82-3; Valparaiso 
Norm. Sch., '88. Teacher, Greenbush, 111. 

William Clendenin Murdy. ^>* 

Farmer, Moulton, Iowa. 

Thomas Watson Perry. ^T 

Farmer, Barry, 111. 

McGuiRE Snyder. 

Telegraph Operator, La Fayette, 111 

Edwin Stanton SwiGART. J^f* 

Supt. Butter Tub Co., Bluffton, Ind. 

William Augustus White. 

Asst. Postmaster, Barry, since '87. 
chant, Barry, 111. 

Class of 1887. 

David Mklvin Bahbitt. f* 
Druggist, Blakeman, Kan. 

Friend Burt Brace. 

Clk., Saint Anthony Park, Minn. 

Marcus Terry Burnsidk. 
Merchant, Galcsburg, 111. 

John Randoli'H Cari'enter, B.D. ^Jfft a* 
Univ. Min., Dclphos, Kan., '87-S; since 
'89, Oshkosh, Wis. 

Osgood Ghordis Colkgrove, B.D. ^ (W» 

Univ. Min., Decatur, Mich., '87-8; since 
'88, Morrison, 111. 

Jay Winterstein Crane, B.S. ^ 7<1' 

Teacher and Law Stu., Norwalk, Ohio. 

Perry Brette Fuller, B.S. % /.X 

Law Stu., Elgin, 111. 

WiLiJUR HuNiER Lawrence. }T 

Farmer, Prairie Centre, 111. 





Otto Thon. 

Merchant, Ashley, 111. 

Alva Trowbridge Wing, B.S. 
Clk., Winslow, Ariz. 

Class of 1888. 







Allen Waverly Lapham, B.S. 

M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg., Keokuk, 
Iowa, '90. Physician. Truro, 111. 

Sylvester Ratekin. vT 

At Jacksonville Bus. Coll., '82-3. Farmer, 
Swan Creek, 111. 

Charles William Sly. aT 

M.D., Bennett Med. Coll.. '88. Physician, 
Galesburg, 111. 

Herschel Swigart. 

Teacher, Farmer City, 111. 

Horace Greeley Yergin. 

Prin. High Sch., Lewisville, Ind. 

Class of 1889. 

Carl Sherwood Conger. C* 

With Armour & Co., Union Stock Yards, 
Chicago, 111. Morgan Park, 111. 

George EvERELL DuTTON, B.S. ]jc^ rT 

M.S., Lombard, '92. Book-keeper, Nat. 
Bank, Sycamore, 111. 

Noble Murray Eberhart. fS 

B.S., Racine Coll., '88; Ph.D., Chicago, 

'88. AtU. of III, '86; Bennett Med. Coll., 

'88. Ed. Chicagoan, '83-4; do.. Insect 

World, '85-7. Pres. Chicago Coll. of Sci., 

Chicago Lawn, 111. 

William Henry Harrison. rT 

Atty.-at-law, Hutsonville, 111. 

Edward Pike McConnell, B.S. y^ rT 

M.S., Lombard, '92. At Chicago Coll. of 
Law, 4359 Lake Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Frank Junius Mills. a* 

At Knox Coll. , 'S6-7 ; Dixon Norm. Coll. , 
since '90. Dixon, 111, 

Allen Francis Moore, B.S. ^ (X 

Clk., 2734 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Edwin Conger Williams. fT 

Attended Dexter Norm. Coll., and Capital 
City Bus. Coll. Clk. Iowa St. Dairy Com- 
mission, Capitol Bldg., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Class of 1890. 

Daniel Ephriam Allen. 

Mail carrier, Galesburg, III. 



Illinois Zeta, 


Claude N Anderson, B. S. jff' t4> 

•*N" letter only. Teacher, Norm. Sch., 
Abingdon, 111. 

Bret Hugh Brigham, B.S. y'f^ vX 

Law Stu., 803 Perry St., Chicago, 111. 

Fred Farlow, B.S. y^ 

At Chaddock Coll., '86-9. Farmer and 
stock-raiser, Camp Point, 111. 

♦Sam D Harsh, B.S. ^ftf* rT 

*' D" letter only. EaTand Propr. Creston 
Daily and Weekly Gazette, Died, Creston, 
March 3, '93. Creston, Iowa. 

David Alva Jaques. rT 

Farmer, Elmore, 111. 

John Mackev, Jr. /cT 

Farmer, Truro, 111. 

Eddy Halsev Miles. ^ qt 

Bridge contractor, Galesburg, 111. 

Charles John Mortimer. CT 

Mason contractor, Bryan Place, Chicago, 111. 

Richard Lee Slater, B.S. jfip rT 

Wataga, 111. 

LoRi.NG Trott, B.S. jf rT 

Merchant, Junction City, Kan. 

Frank Scott Tuthill. rT 

At Homeop. Med. Coll., Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Liberty, Mich. 


Class of 1891. 

MiLo McClelland Case, B.S. jf 
Oneida, 111. 

Hugh Chamberlain. 
Greenview, 111. 

Samuel Taylor Donoiioe, B.S. g 
Rockport, 111. 

Perry Isham Hale. 

Clk., Stoughton, Wis. 

Vernon Audley Smith. 

Stock-raiser, Osceola Mills. Wis. 

Class of 1892. 

Frank Nathaniel Allen, B.S. 
Camp Point, 111. 

Harry Asher Blount, B.S. g 
Macomb, 111. 

Ben Francis Brady, B.S. y 
Triumph, 111. 

Henry John ?vChi5ohm. 

Book-keeper, S. Seventh St., Keokuk, 






Arthur David Grubb. 

Clk., Great Bend, Kan. 

Joseph Grant McCarl. "f 
Teacher, Barry, 111. 

Erastus Coleman Root. 
Farmer, Sparland, 111. 

Lester Lee Silliman. 

Asst. Cash Bank, Chenoa, 111. 

Grorge Wilbert Skilling, B.D. 
Minneapolis. Minn. 

Benjamin Franklin Suiter. 
Galesburg, 111. 

George Fred Tapper. ^ 

12 Bryan Place, Chicago, 111. 

Daniel Pierce Wild, B.S. jf 
Sycamore, 111. 

Class of 1893. 

Robert Ferguson Anderson, jf 4 
Yates City. 111. 

Arnold Douglass Bruington. 
Galesburg, 111. 

John Newton Conger, Jr. 
Teacher, Oneida, 111. 

Charles Henry Cottrell. jf 
Sycamore, 111. 

Asa Mather Royce. 
Naperville, 111. 

Lynn Barneit Young, f* 
Le Roy, 111. 

Thomas Victor Young. '^ 
Le Roy, 111. 

Class of 1894. 

Guy Henry Bernard. 
Delphos, Kan. 

William Paine Dutton. ^ 
Sycamore, 111. 

William Edson Griswold. 
Columbus, Wis. 

Nathaniel McVee. 
Memphis, Mo. 

Reit Elmer Olmstead. 
Galesburg, 111. 

Albert Prentice Smith. 
Sycamore, 111. 

William Richard Tapper. 





12 Bryan Place, Chicago 

. iTl 



Illinois Zeta, 

1895-6 NOTES. 



Class ok 1895. 


Kirkwood, 111. 

Frank Laurkn Conckr. 'f 
(iftleslmrj^, 111. 

Artihr Livingston Moork. '^• 
d734 Prairie Ave. Chicaj^jo. 11!. 

Amos Camk.ri>n Oimsikd. 
Maquon, 111. 

John Chai'm kv Rai.sion. 
West Mc Henry. 111. 

John RioHARh Stani.k\, 
Stronghurst, 111. 

Charii-s Hfnrv WlSK. 
Sycamore, 111. 

Cl ass ok lv^t)(v 

Mkrmn Wauaik Amkn. 
Maiiuon. III. 

Ci.Ai OK Francis Uamutv^n 
Augusta. Wis. 

Kow VRP l.KKW Shinn. 
ilaleslnir>;. 111. 

CvMikv.K NorKS. 

iSm, K. I.. Conner. Valeilictv^rian. *m. 
iSo.J, F. W. l.ivingstvMi. 1\hM A1. Assn.. (^2. 
i>oo. 1. S. MoOv^nr.ell. Kil. /^Af/».'x 

iS-vv O F UaslMXx^k. V. r:e<- Al. Assn 

i>-i. S F. McOonnci:. CI. Oratv^r. Cv^m- 
meuvXMuent. ':*i. 

iS>Js. F. b. \. a! :u*v. Fvi. . .♦• .••.; a.:/.:.. 
I.. MvOavl. Hiis. Mar.v; /.'-':..•'..• \. : .*.-:. 

iSs<- J K Car '^x I*. tor. Fvl .\'v\.'r.; A\ - 
f.'ii\\*S> 5>. v^ v». Cv '.cc'vve. Kxi. ** ,•'.r.:•..• 
\^ : ;. c« . >;^ " } \V Craro. Fvi /.•..*.•'.; 
.W; , .^ . >> o F. F Fv.'.!er. Fv.s. Mar.<. 
J .'¥i. ',.»•./ v. :.,*at\ >; , Fvl vlv^ . >* - - A. V. 
\Vr."^. Fxl .".••• *.:*.; \, : .. ,\^. ""^ 5 F.ts. 
Mai^^ . c.o. . >o. 

l>S.v v% F. Pu::v^:\ I^s. .\'Af\;».;" V. - 

>> v> F. >* \Uv\*:*"cl!. Kvl .'."a.\:» • 

>.» F>1 . . n 'u* ' \. r , ^^ . >•> v\- R :• 
X> vV .Uv. .' '^ ■,*»•..••:. ;v\ S. 

• -» 

dar{/, '90. L. Trott, Ed. Lombard Rez'tew, 

'87-go: Ed. 7/ie Lombard, '90. 

1 891. M. M. Case, Ed. Lombard Review, 

1892. B. F. Brady, Bus. Mang. Lombard 

/\^7'ifU', '90-1. D. P. Wild, Ed. Lombard 

/\t'v/e7v, 'c)(>-i. 

1S93. R. F. Anderson, ist Prize. Orat. Cont, 
'91. C. H. C«>ttrell, Ed. Lombard Review, 


Fraternity Notes. 

1858. A. L. Clark, Char. Mem. Phi Sig^a 
League; Affil. from do. 

1S59. E. B. Hill. Char. Mem. Phi Sigma 

League; Affil. from do. A. Kidder, Char. 

Mem. Phi Sigma League ; Affil. from do. 

iS6t). J. F. Brown, Affil. from Phi Sigma, 

\V. J. Frisbie, Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

A. S. Slater, Char. Mem. Phi Sigma League; 
Affil. from do. ; Cf. 111. Beta Al. 

iS()i. K. L. Conger, Char. Mem. Phi Sigma; 
Affil. from do. ; Cf. 111. Beta Al. 

1S62. E. H. Conger, Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

C. A. Holmes, Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

F. W. Livingston. Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

J. C. Shervvin. Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

1S03. W. H. Chadsey. Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

C. K. Ladd. Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

H. L. Merriman. Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

i>04. K. Chase. Affil. from Phi Sigma, 

1 505. C. A. Anthony. Affil. from Phi Sigma. 
A. T. Bnmer. Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

I >f <v E. W. Claycv>n:b. Affil. from Phi Sig^a. 

J. B. Harsh. Arf.I. from Phi Sigma. 

J. S." .McCo:.r.eI!. Arhl. from Phi Sigma. 

ii. R. ShvH>k. .\:r.I. iron: Phi Sigma. -^^ — (t. W. 
W.ikor.eld. Arr:' troni Phi Sigma. 

iSv-. W. H. Carlock. Ami. from Phi Sigma. 

G. L. Hanramar.. Ami. from Phi Sigma: 

Cf. i::. Beta a: \V. C. Lombard, Affil. 

frv>m Fh:; Cf. LI. B^ta AL 

:> ^ F- I.\ C.;r.i:er. Ami. from Phi Sig^a. 

i> «: S- B. Cor.^er. Ami. frv^m Phi Sigma. 

K C> t>er. Afrl. fr.^n: Ph: Si^m.a. M. F."lvr^t- .\r-".. fr. m Phi S:i::^T:3- H. 



V. t ::a<?- »- V 

N t^s A N 

^ , , * , 

<^ : . A . a A - 

- « — 

C*. V ."^ 

N ^ . >.a,v 


-^ A 

— 1». 

lii:>-ma: Cf 11^ Alrha Al. 
>w snarls. -. Am_ rr'^'^m. Pb: 
R n.:. Ami. fr m Ph: Sic^.a. 
N :es. 
• .^ \-^" **— — •^***- *^- » — t 

C. C C.C-" ^^^.1. :r» m Ph: 


Illinois Zeta, 


Sigma. W. H. Fusor. Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

F. T. Greenwood, Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

S. P. McConnell, Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

C. C. Tyler, Affil. from Phi Sigma; Cf. III. 

Beta Al. 

1872. A. E. Chase, Affil. from Phi Sigma. 
J. H. McConnell, Aifil. from Phi Sigma. 

1873. W. H. Bruner, Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

j. W. Darneille, Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

E. W. Davis, Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

G. H. Wallace, Affil. from Phi Sigma. C. H. 

Wertman, Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

1874. G. F. Claycomb, Affil. from Phi Sig- 
ma. W. E. Day. Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

E. J. Edwards, Affil. from Phi Sigma; Del. 
111. St. Conv., Galesburg, '81; Cf. 111. Beta Al. 
and Notes do. 

1875. J. C. F. Beals. Affil from Phi Sigma. 

C. A. Buck, Affil. from Phi Sigma. L. 

J. Dinsmore, Affil. from Phi Sigma. C. E. 

Nash, Affil. from Phi Sigma B. Pontius, 

Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

187^. W. B. Conger, Affil. from Phi Sigma. 
-J. L. Hastings, Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

A. D. Warner, Affil. from Phi Sigma. F. C. 

Willson, Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

1877. S. F. Goodspeed, (111. Epsilon, '82), 
Affil. from Phi Sigma. 

1878. H. L. Arnold, Affil. from Phi Sigma; 

Cf. lU. Beta Al. W. McGaan, Jr., Char. 

Mem.; Cf. 111. Beta Al. S. C. Ransom, 

Char. Mem. ; Cf. 111. Beta Al. 

1879. F- E. Claycomb, Char. Mem. ; Cf. 111. 
Beta Al. 

1880. O. H. Swigart, Char. Mem. 

188 1. M. C. Summers, Char. Mem. ; Del. 
Nat. Conv., Indianapolis. '80; Pres. Gamma 
Prov., *8o-2; do., Zeta Prov.. '82-4. 

1882. D. S. Gingiich, Char. Mem. P. G. 

Reynolds, Char. Mem. G. M. Swart, Char. 

Mem.; Del. 111. St. Conv., Galesburg, '81.* 

1883. G. W. Brainard, Cf. 111. Beta Al. 

1884. J. C. Edwards, Del. Nat. Conv., 

Richmond, Va., '82. C. H. Wheeler, Cf. 111. 

Beta Al. 

1885. E. F. Carney, Afhl. from Phi Sigma. 

L. McCarl, Del. Nat. Conv., Nashville, 

Tenn., '84. 

' 1 886. L. Fairchild. Contrib. 3d Fd. Song 

Book, '86. E. S. Swigart, Del. Nat. Conv., 

Richmond, Va., '82. 

1887. T. R. Carpenter, Del. Nat. Conv., 
New York, N. Y., ^86; Contrib. 3d Ed. Song 
Book, '86. 

1890. S. D Harsh, Del. Nat. Conv., Bloom- 
ington, 111., '89; Sec. Beta Prov. Conv., '90. 

1891. S. T. Donohoe, Bus. Mang. Phi Delta 
Theta Lecture Course. 

1892. H. A. Blount, Del. Zeta Prov. Conv., 

1893. R. F. Anderson, Del. Nat. Conv. 
Atlanta, Ga., '91. 





Charter >rrantod, January 30, 1S70, to Isaac Alexander Lanier. '7S; Reuben Loxla Thornton, 
'7S; Alva Fitxpatrick, 'S<i: and Crawford Alexander Lipscomb Saraford, 'So, 

Class of 1S7S. 

♦Isaac AiKXANi>EK Lamkk. B.E. jfj rt 

Decoration I)ay Ora.. Auburn. Ala., '7S. 

Tutor, Rirtons Acad.. Mobile. Ala.. 7S-1). 

l>ied, HuntsYille. Sept. ^, '7^>. Huntsville. 


Rki iiKN Loxi A Thokmon, RE. jJS -t 

LL.B-. U. ot Ala.. Si. Tutor. Rirton's 
Acad., Mobile. Ala.. *:>-9. Ed. .!/*/» t*/; JAz//, 
Tuskevjtv. Ala . '7i)->o. Atty.-al-la\v. Bir- 
mingham. Ala. 

ClASS Ob l57»). 

1 \MKS Alkxanpkk Ckawkokiv 8i ■'* 

Farmer. Rvvkiorvl. Ala, 

CiASS v^K l^xv 

S.vm; Ki Caiiaway. B. E. ^T ft '^^ ^^'^ 

Civ. Eng. :r. Mex;ov\ S.. \V.:h L .inv: N. 

J.>nN CvNTiv. ^ ^ o^ 

Sam:.*! BrN:v>N Canhv. B.E. $ v' 
A::y,-a:-*.a\v. Fv^r: VWr:h, T«.x. 

^T>JHEN All FN El ::50N. 

Ai \ \ F,: . tavk:. k. B K. $ J v^* 
AttY.->»:-lA\v. Moa:g<LUxiery» AIjl 

. Harrison Lakavettk Martin. A.B. JTft A?ii 
DecT>ration Day Ora. . Abbeville. *S2. Atty.- 
j at-law, Ozark. Ala. 

i William JosF.rn Orum. jj^ 3X 

Boi>k-keeper, Montgomery*. Ala. 

Crawford Alexander Lipscomi; S.\mford. 

Declaration Day Ora.. Auburn, Ala.. 'S2. 
Atty. -at-law, Oj^elika, Ala. 

loHN Vivian Smith. /.X 

Min.. M. E. Ch.. S. Teacher, Scale. Ala. 

George Washington Stevens. BE. ^ if 

Merchant, Roanoke. ALl 

Ross EiMOKE Thomas. B.E. ^ i:t 

Merchant iiad>^ien. Ala. 

Thomas Smith Wii.i i.kms. :t 

Farr.:er. S*H:ietv Hi'.-. S. C. 

Cl.kss v^f iS5i. 

K'Sk; h Ca: ; aw \y. A. B. J s^ ^t 

T;::. r. Bar: r. s Aca/... M.oi.e. Ala.. *5i-;. 
Pnr.. H:v:h Sv*::.., AI.l. '52-4. Moni- 
>::or.-.erv. A.^i. 

JoiiN M:::fk l.\N .H.'Ksy, Tk.. B.S.A. ^ iX 
Wiih V S. S-;; .^e-v . I'r.k.ntown. A'.a. 

Th^ M vs 1>\.^ > N M G 
Mv*nij;o:r.erA-. Ala. 



Alabama Beta, 


Clarence Nkwdayc.ate, A. B. 

Since '81, Prof. Nat. Sci., Marvin Coll. 
Galveston, Tex. 

William Henry Simmons. A.B. 0t 

Prin. Hi^rh Sch., Prattville, Ala., '81-3. 
Ozark, Ala. 

Jefferson Davis Trammell, B.K. ^"f ^^ 
Civ. Kng., Mexican Central R. R.. Dalkis, 

Class of 1882. 

John Beverly Christian. )* 

Printer, Camden, Ala. 

James Lawrence Daniels. 

Farmer, Fort Mitchell, Ala. 

Frank JiDSON Dudley. 

Architect, Columbus, Ga. 

Bartow Fherhart, B.S.A. % 
Columbus, Ga. 

♦Benjamin Harrison Fitzi'atrick, B.S.A. 

Farmer. Died, Montgomery, Feb. 23, '88. 
Montgomery, Ala. 

William Henry Jones. B.S. ^ CX 

Birmingham, Ala. 

RoilERT Fl'LWOOD LiGON, Jr., B.E. jf Jt at 

Montgomery, Ala. 

Frederick William McLau.m. CX 

Farmer, Fitzpatrick, Ala. 

GusTAVus Adoli'hls Orum. fi'f ;x 

Merchant, Union Springs. Ala. 

Ji'LiAN Barton Parke. x^ 

Clerk, Selma, Ala. 

John Eicene Strom aX 

Farmer, Mount Hilliard, Ala. 

Class ok 1SS3. 

William Thomas Alexander. ^ C* 

Farmer, (Georgetown, Ga. 

William Franklin Andrews, B.E. aX 

At U. of Ala., '79-83 Min., M. E. Ch., S., 
N. A. Conf. Selma, Ala. 

Washington LaFayette Ellis, Jr., B. E. 

Prattville, Ala. ]Jf rt 

Benjamin Fitzpatrk k Elmore, jj C* 

LL.B., U. of Ala , '82; At Canadian Lit. 
Inst., Woodstock, Ont., '72-3: St. Michael's 
Coll., Toronto, Ont.. '73-4; Gait Coll. Inst, 
Gait, Ont., '74-5. Decoration Day Ora., 
Tuscaloosa, Ala., '82. Atty.-at-Iaw, Demo- 

• polis, Ala. 

Charles Linn Gay, B.E. jf^ aX 

Montgomery, Ala. 

Louis Hankins, x^ 

Civ. Eng., Richmond, Va. 

Benjamin Hurt Hardaway. fX 

B.E., U. of Ala., '83. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Marcellus Lafayette Harp, Jr., B.S.A. J x^ 
Atlanta, Tex. 

Daniel Baker Mangi:m, B.S.A. jf'^ fX 

City of Mexico, Mex. 

Ernest Milton Pace, B.S. jf rk 

Prin. Geneva Acad., '82. Palestine, Tex. 

JosEi'ii Morton Stone. aX 

Clerk, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Class of 1884. 

Benjamin J.vmes Baldwin, Jr. if ^T 

Montgomery, Ala. 

William Edgar Chisholm. jf (y 

Farmer, Montgomery, Ala. 

Edward Wehh Eraser. rX 

Whistler, Ala. 

Zell Gaston. C'*' 

Greenville, Ala. 

John Floyd Gay. ^ rX 

At U. of Ala., '83. Montgomery, Ala. 

William Weightm AN Mangum. 5p^ rX 

Troy, Ala. 

James Henry McCary. vT 

Clerk, Birmingham, Ala. 

Daniel Douglass McLeod, A.B. «t 

Anniston, Ala. 

Geok(;e Boyd Michael. a* 

At U. of Ala., '81-3. Citronelle, Ala. 

♦Marion Woodville Redd. rT 

Died, Columbus, Jan. 8, '83. Columbus, 

*John Beverly Robinson, Jr., B.S. jf * a* 
Died, Memphis, '85. 39 Madison St rMem- 
phis, Tenn. 

Malcolm McNeill Smith. /3x 

At U. of Ala., '82-3. Prattville, Ala. 

William Zachariah Williams. /^x 

Surv , Memphis & Vicksburg R. R., Vicics- 
burg. Miss. 

Class ok 1885. 

♦John Reynolds Barnes. 

Deceased. Opelika, Ala. 



Alabama Beta, 


Robert Early Lek Collier, B.E. 
Opelika, Ala. 

Erastus Stonum McIntyre. 
Jasper, Ala. 

♦Walton Thomas Penn, B.S. 

Died, Cusseta, Sept. 15, '85. 

Thomas Smith. 

BirmiDgham, Ala. 

Robert Henry Thach, Jr., B.E. 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Thomas Trammell. ^ 
Auburn, Ala. 





♦Daniel Ballard Williams. ^ //X 

Physician. Died, Opelika, Sept. 28, '91. 
Opelika, Ala. 

Class of 18S6. 

Clifford Lewis Newman, s^ 
Camden, Ark. 

Sterling Chambers Pitts, B E. 
Charlestown, W. Vo. 

Thomas Lee Scott. 
West Point, Ga. 

Leckinski Ware Si'RATLiNG, A.B. ^ rX 

Surgeon, U. S. Navy. Washington, D. C. 

Dudley Saunders Weaver, B.S. r* 

Druggist, Memphis, Tenn. 

Augustus Fosckn Wim fikld. »•* 

U. S. Sig. Serv., Yuma. Ariz. 

Levi Washington Wilkerson. "^ fX 

Auburn, Ala. 

Class of 1S87. 

Arthur John Alexander, B.S. 
Mobile, Ala. 

Henry Clay Armstronc;, Jr., B.S. ^ 
Auburn, Ala. 

BuRWELL Lee BoYKiN, B.S. ^^ 
Tilden, Ala. 

♦Eu(; Kingsbury Gordon. 
Deceased. Auburn, Ala. 

Edward Trauey Hollingsworth. 
Gadsden, Ala. 

Class of 1888. 

Britain Dixon Armstrong. 
Auburn, Ala. 

Henry Lee Bkown. 

Charlestown, W. Va. 


John Tee Brown. ^T 

Dallas, Texas. 

♦Edward Hunter Cobb. yX 

Died, Auburn, *90. Auburn, Ala. 

John Tho.mas Gregory, jf cX 

Mobile, Ala. 

Jefferson Dunbar Stubbs. rT 

New Orleans, La. 

Class of 1889. 

Andrew Manly Lloyd, B.S. VX 

66 Old Capitol St., Atlanta, (Ja. 

Joseph Hughes Moragne. Sf c* 

Jacksonville, Ala. 

Robertson Ri(;gs. <tT 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Thomas Alexander Ross, B.S. <tX 

Miss., Congo, Africa. 

Edgar Johnson Si'Ratlinc;, B.S. ^ ?♦ 

Opelika, Ala. 

Paul Turner Vaui;han, Jr., B.S. ^ nt 

Selma, Ala. 

Thomas Morgan Watlington, B.S. MfX 

Fort Worth, Texas. 

Class of 1890. 

Douglas Boyd. fT 

Griffin, Ga. 

Wilmer Calloway, B.S. ^ i-^ 

Montgomery, Ala. 

James McCoy Chambers, f* fT 

Sheffield. Ala. 

GEORCiE Clark. f4> 

Snowden, Ala. 

Charles White Davis, Jr. t* 

Marianna, Fla. 

Joseph Emory Drake. cT 

Griffin, Ga. 

Robert Ernest Noble, B.S. fT 

Asst. Chem. Exper. Sta., Raleigh, N. C. 

JosKrii Francis Pollock. fT 

Selma, Ala. 

Dixon Hamilton Tharin. ^ i-* 

Savannah, Ga. 

George Houston Waring, Jr., B.S. <7* 

Atlanta, Ga. 

James Wilkinson. B.S. jj^f' fX 

Asst. State Chem., Atlanta, Ga, 

Alabama Beta. 

Montgomery. Ala. 
TiMMAs Arthur Diti.i.ev. 

Colunibus, Ga. 
CirARi.Es Lane Hark. 

U. iif Mo., C<.lumbia. Mo. 
Amus Wesi ev Jii; 



Huntsville. Ala. 



Tuskegee, Ala. 
Chakles Rhodes. 

Knfaula, Ala. 
Robert Clavtun Smitk. 

Cus.scta, Ala. 
John MuCui.LoiKiic Tjiakc 

'Hfton, Ga. 

Ei.UERT Cathev Avkrvt. 

Shelby Springs. Ala. 
TifOMAS Lv...s^ AvKHIt 

Shelby Springs. Ala. 
LoLns Alexanokr Bue. 

Columbus, Ga. 


It But.len. 
Montgomery Ala. 


K. Sa\\» 

: Cl-AK 

Auburn, Ala. 
Walter Bakjum Clav. 

Montgoim-ry, Ala. 
William Caleli Dean. 

La Fayette. Ala. 
Garrett Maktine De Reamer 

Tampa, Fla. 


Auburn. Ala. 
Ralkicii Williams Greene, f 

At Vanderbilt U.. '93. Nashville, T<?nn. 
Frank Keen, fi 

Montgomery, Ala. 


Francis Pcabouv. J 
Columbus, Ga. 



]oVS Jav Street. 

Alexander City. Ala. 




Atlanta. Ga. 



Allie Walter Williams. 
Columbus. (J a. 



CLA.SS t>y 


TiiEOiWRB Berri Bkthka. 
Montgomery. Ala. 



Opelika, Aia. 



Clifford Fontaine Cton 
Montgomery, Ala. 




West Point, (ia. 



Joseph Anurew Herron. 



TuDMAsLlTClUreLli Kt.W 

Opelika. Ala 

I.V.jR. ? 



NimkodLineskorii Lo^o. 

Hurtsboro, Ala. 
Oscar Kyle Parker. 

Coosata, Ala. 



Walter Merritt Rh^gs. 
Orangeburg, S. C, 




Uarkv HAyiiToN Smith. 
Montgomery, Ala. 



Hoi'ER Colbert Spratlini 
Gold Hill, Ala. 




Class oi' 



RoiiEKT Park Clower. J 
Ojjelika. Ala. 



Huntsville, Ala. 




Jiii.msCoM-RKB Dunham. 
Montgomery. Ala. 



JoilU pAkKK (Ibant.' 

Louisville, Ala. 



Opelika, Ala. 




WiLLUM Marion Hi.^iiT. 
Annislon, Ala. 



jAfoKSAM.^KL Johnson. 



Alabama Beta, 

1894-6 NOTES. 

Henry Charles Jones. 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Robert Younc; Jones. 
Valdosta. Ga. 

Paul Pratt McKeown. % 
Concord, Fla. 

Charles Carter Newman, "f 
Fort Hill. S. C. 

Joseph Franklin Siler. 
Troy, Ala. 

Graham Golson Val'(;han. <i(f 
Sclma, Ala. 

Rinaldo Green Williams. ^ 
Oj^lika, Ala. 

James Albert Wilson. 
Eufaula, Ala. 

Class ok iS(>5. 

Gordon Flew ki.i.en CIIAMHKK^^. y 
Auburn, Ala. 

William Henry Ciiamuers ^ 
Auburn, Ala. 

Henry Hinds Peevey. ^ 
Huntsville, Ala. 

Samuel James Shivers. 
Selma, Ala. 

Percy Hilton Smith. 
Atlanta, (Ja. 

Jamks Ai)(;kr Smytil 
(ircenvillc, S. C. 

Cl.AS^ i»K iS^d. 

Morris Jefikkson Hirjs. y* 
Columbus, (la. 

Thomas Si'yker Cowan. 
Opelika, Ala. 

Clikfon Henry Feaiun. "f 
Clayton, Ala. 


Greenville, S. C. 

Richard Si'arke Jackson. 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Edward Baxter Sloss. 
Birmingham, Ala. 

William Herring Winshit. 
Macon, Ga. 






>^ \ 

CoLLEc.E Notes. 

1878. I. A. Lanier, ist Lt, Cadet Corps. 

'77-8. R. L Thornton, ist Decl. Prize, 3d 

CI., '75; Jr. Capt., Cadet Corps, '77-8. 

1879. J. A. Crawford, Sr. Capt., Cadet 
Corps, '78-9; Capt. Prize, for best drilled Co., 
do., '79. 

1880. S. Callaway, ist Lt., Cadet Corps. 

'79-80. J. Cantey, y. M. Sgt., Cadet Corps. 

•78-9. S. B. Cantey, Often Pub. Deb. Lit. 

Soc. ; Capt., Cadet Corps, '79-80; (Lit. Ora.. 
Marvin Coll., Te.x., '82); Capt. Prize, for best 
drilled Co. (open to Ala.), St. Fair, Montgomery, 

'79. A. Fitzpatrick, ist Decl. Prize, 3d CI.. 

'7S; Sr. Capt., Cadet Corps, '79-So; 'EA. Auburn 
Cadet, '7()-So; Often Pub. Deb., Websterian. 

H. L. Martin, One of Hon. men of CI. 

E. A. Price (Tenn. Alpha, '82), ist Decl. Prize, 
4th CI.. '77; Col. vSgt, and 2d Lt, Cadet Corps, 
'7S-9; Capt., do., '79-80; Ed. Auburn Cadet ^ 

'79-80. G. W. Stevens, ist Lt, Cadet Corj>s, 

'7(;-So; Geol. Essay Medalist, 'So. R. E. 

Thomas. Capt, Cadet Corps, '79-80; Capt. 
Prize, for best drilled Co., '80. 

1 881. J. Callaway, Lt. Adj., Cadet Corps. 

'80-1; Ed. Auburn Cadet, '80-1. J. M. 

Langhorne, Jr., Jr. Capt, Cadet Corps, 80-1 ; 

Capt Prize, for best drilled Co., '81. C. N. 

Ousley, Ed. Auburn Cadet, '80-1. J. 1>. 

Trammell, ist Lt., Cadet Corps. '80-1. 

1882. B. Ebcrhart, Capt. . Cadet Corps, '81-2. 
-B. H. Fitzpatrick, Sr. Capt, Cadet Cor]>s. 


'8*1-2; Capt Prize, for drilled Co., '82. 

W. H. Jones, Capt, Cadet Corps, '81-2; Ed. 

Society Scroll, '3 1-2. R. F. Ligon, Jr.. Lt. 

Adj., Cadet Corps, '81-2; Ed. Society Scro//, 

1883. W. T. Alexander, ist Comp. b<K»k 

Prize. 4th CI., '80. W. L. Ellis, Jr.. Lt. 

Cadet Corps. '8^. C. L. Gay, Ed. Society 

Scroli:>2-2\ Capt, Cadet Corps, '83. M. L. 

Harp, Jr., ist Comp. book Prize, 3d CI.. '81: 

Lt., Cadet Corps, 'S*^. D. B. Mangum, ist 

Decl. Prize, 3d CI., 's'l ; Lt, Cadet Corps. 'S3. 

E. M. Pace, Ed. Society ScrolL'%2-^; Lt", 

Cadet Corps, '83. 

1884. B. J. Baldwin, ist Decl. Prize, 5th CI.. 

'80; do., 4th CI., '81 ; do., 3d CI.. '82. W. W. 

Mangum, 2d Decl. Prize, 3d CI., '82. J. B. 

Robinson, Jr., Medal, for best drilled pnvate 
in Co., '7(;-So; Med. and Plume, for best drilled 
private in Cadet Corps, *8o-i. 

1887. H. C. Armstrong, Medal, best orig. 
essay, '88. B. L. Boykin, Sen. Spkr., '87. 

iSSS. H. L. Bro\\m, Jun. Spkr., '87. J. F. 

Gregory, Jun. Spkr., '87. 

i8:^(). J. H. Morague, Soph. Spkr., '87. 

F. Phillips, Soph. Spkr., '87. 


Alabama Beta, 


1890. J. F. Wilkerson, ist hon. in course, 
90. Commencement Spkr.. '90. 

1 891. L. E. Baker, Spkr. for Commence- 
ment, '90; ist hon. in course, '91 ; best drilled 
man in Co. A. 

1892. F. Peabody, Soph, decl., '90. R. 

Werner, Soph, decl., '90. 

1893. T. L. Kennedy, Jr., ist hon. in course, 
'93. W. M. Riggs, ist. hon. in course, '93. 

1894. R. P. Clower, Class Spkr., '92. 

C. G. Greene, Class Spkr., '92. P. P. 

McKeown, Spkr. for course, '93; Class Spkr., 

1895. H. H. Peevey, medal for decl., '93. 

Fraternity Notes. 

R. L 

1878. I. A. Lanier, Char. Mem.— 
Thornton, Char. Mem. 

1880. S. Callaway, Cf. Ala. Alpha Al. 

A. Fitzpatrick*, Char. Mem. ; Del. Nat. Con v. , 

Indianapolis, '80; Hist., Ala. St. Conv., 
Auburn, '81; Pres. Ala. St. Assn., '81-2; Cf. 

Ala. Alpha Al. H. L. Martin, Ora., Ala. St. 

Conv., Montgomery, '82. W. J. Orum, Cor. 

Sect, Ala. St. Assn., '81-2; Pres. do., '82-3; 

Cf. Ala. Alpha Al. C. A. L. Samford, Char. 

Mem.; Ora., Ala. St. Conv., Auburn, '81. 

1 88 1. C. N. Ousley, Proph., Ala. St. Conv., 
Auburn, '81. 

1882. R. F. Ligon. Jr., V. Pres. Ala. St. 

Conv., '81-2. G. A. Orum, Cf. Ala. Alpha 


1883. B. F. Elmore, Cor. Sect. Ala. St. 
Assn., '82-3. 

1884. W. E. Chisholm. Cf. Ala. Alpha Al. 

J. B. Robinson, Jr., Hist, Ala. St. Conv., 

Montgomery, '82. 

1890. G. H. Waring, Del. Nat Conv., 
Bloomington, 111., '89. 

1891. A. W. Jones. Init, Ala. Gamma. 

1892. W. F. Feagin, Del. Nat Conv., 
Atlanta, Ga., '91. F. Keen, Init, Ga. Beta. 




Charter granted, January 31, 1879, to Thomas Irby Rogers (Tennessee Alpha, '82); Robert 
Comander Rembert, 'S3, and William Dixie Simpson, Jr. (South Carolina Beta, 'Ss). 
Suspended, 1884. 

Class ok 18S2. 

Jefferson DlPr^ Alsbrook. rX 

Prin. New Zion Acad., '81. Judge Probate 

Ct.. Clarendon Co.. S. C, 'S2-6. Ed. Mtir/- 

boro Chro7iicli\ Bennettville, S. C. 'S7-S. 

Atty.-at-law, Manning. S. C. 

WiLLiA.M Artu sns Kirkv. /?X 

M.i).. U. of Md., '86. At S. C. Med. Coll., 
'83-4. Physician. Ridell. S. C. 

♦Frank Samuel Mor/x>N. ** 

Died. Spartanburg C. H., Mai. --^i. '7»> 
Spartanburg C. H., S. C. 

Class ky 1SS3. 

William Albert Parrott. B.S. J^^ /;T-rT 
At Trinity Coll.. '-iy Clk. Common Pleas 
Ct., Darlington Co.. S. C. Dadington C. H., 
S. C. 

Frank Roland Pegl'ES. %^ }T 

Tel. Opr., R. R. Agt. and Express Agt.. 
Society Hill. S. C. 

Robert Comander Rembert. f^ ^Y 

Farmer, Providence, S. C. , 

Class of 1SS4. 

Aaron Cannon. zY 

Del. Farmer's Xat C<aig.. Topeka, Kan.. 
•88. Farmer, Dorroh, S. C. 

Robert Crawford C<.»xe. (4» 

Prin. High Sch., Sycamore. X. C. 'S3-4.. 
Miller and farmer. Red Hill. S. C. 



Samuel Boyce Craton. rfX 

Physician, 410 W. Willow Street, Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

Allen William Edens. i-T 

Greenville, S. C. 

Johnnie Matison Jackson. si' 

Merchant. Campobello, S. C. 


Farmer, Saint George, S. C. 

*Claren« K Arthlk Pe(;i'es. ^ 

Died. Sumter. S. C. Sept. 21, 'So. 
aw, S. C. 

Marlborough Pegues, A. B. 

Cotton business, Cheraw, S. C. 

Joseph Benjamin Allston Pyatt. 
Georgetown, S. C. 

Arthur Gaillard Rembert, A.B. 
A.M.. Wotford Coll.. '84. 
I High Sch., Laurinburg, N. C, '84-5; Prin. 
High Sch. Doth. '85-6. Since '87, Master. 
i Wofford Fitting Sch. , Spartanburg, S. C. 

Ei lie Preston Taylor. oT 

' Planter, Princeton, S. C. 

Class »^>f 18S5. 

Samuel Moses B.vrfield. r* 

Merchant, Manning. S. C. 

C(>LIN DaniEL John. rX 

I Traveling salesman, Bennettsville, S. C. 



1885-6. NOTES. 

South Carolina Alpha, 


John Thomas John, Jr. k* 

Merchant, John Station, N. C. 

PiNKNEY Albert King. cT 

Darlington C. H., S. C. 

John Franklin Miller. vX 

Merchant, Jefferson, S. C. 

Walter Johnson Parrott. ^ tT 

Clerk, Darlington C. H. , S. C. 

James Beauregard Wharton. tX 

Waterloo, S. C. 

Class of 1886. 

♦William Heath Massey, Jr. yt 

Died, Basconville, '85. Basconville, S. C. 

College Notes. 

1880 T. I. Rogers (Tenn. Alpha, '82), Deb. 
Medal, Calhoun Soc, '79; Valedictorian, do., 
•80: Cf. Tenn. Alpha Coll. Notes. 

1883. F. R. Pegues, Deb. Medal, Calhoun 
Soc., '82. 

1884. A. G. Rembert, Annual Debr., Pres- 
ton Soc., '82, '83; Anni., do., '83; Chief Mar- 
shal, '83; Greek and Science Medals, '83. 

Fraternity Notes. 

I 1880. T. I. Rogers (Tenn. Alpha, '82), Char. 

I Mem. 

1 1883. W. A. Parrott, Intd. N. C. Alpha. 

\ R. C. Rembert, Char. Mem. W. D. Simp- 

\ son, Jr. (S. C. Beta, '83), Char. ftem. 

1884. A. G. Rembert, Del. Nat. Conv., 

I Richmond, Va., '82. 




Charter granted, May 8, 1879, to Wellington Bowser, '79; Emery Alden Nelson, '79; Alden 
Dellmont Collins, '80; Clement Wellington Miner, '81 ; Wilbur Gildersleeve Warner,*8i ; 
Herman Carlton Hawkins, '82; Edwin Wolcott Peck, '82; William Freeman Compton. 
'83; John Wesley Kahle, Jr., '83; Andrew Jay Loomis, '83; De Lorme Wilson Robin- 
son, '83; Olcott Root Thomas, '83; Joseph Alexander Vance, '83; Edw^ard Samuel 
Blair, '84, and David Charles O'Connor, '89 (formerly '82). 

Class of 1879. 

Wellington Bowser, A.B. ft kU 

A.M., Allegheny, '82. Meth. Epis. Min. 
Missionary and Prin. Cawnpore Memorial 
Sch., Roorkee, India, '80-3; Kurrachee, In- 
dia, '84-5. Grangeville, Idaho. 

Emery Aldkn Nelson, A.B. ft kU 

At Western Theo. Sem., '79-81; Union 
Theo. Sem., '81-2. Presb. Min., Cochran ton, 
Pa., Alburtis, Pa., Sandy Lake, Pa., Green- 
lawn, N. Y. 207 Broadway, New York, 
N. Y. 

• Class of 1880. 

Alden Dellmont Collins, Ph.B. ft /c* 

A.B., Mt. Union Coll., '80; Ph. M., do., 

'89. Prin. High Sch., Garnett, Kan., '81-2; 

Savannah, Mo., '83-6; Kennedy, Mo., '83-4; 

Williamsville, Mo., '87-8. Villenova. N. V. 

Class of 18S1. 

Cle.ment Wellington Miner, A.B. jj kX 

A. M., Allegheny, '84; Meth. Epis. Min., 

North Warren, l*a., '81-4; Sherman, N. Y., 

'84-7; Cataraugus, N. Y., '87-90. Ellington, 

N. Y. 

Riley Richard Ro^s. jjf aX 

Asst. Mgr., Subs. Dept, Dodd, Mead & 

Co. 80 W. Ninety-first St., New York. N.Y. 

WiLHi R (Jildersleeve Warner, A.B. 

5jrftt kX 
A.M., Allegheny, '84; B. D.. Drew Theo. 
Sem., '84. Meth. Epis. Min., Christie Chapel, 
190 W. Kourth St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Class of 1882. 

*Herman Carlton Hawkins, ft «♦ 

Died, Minneapolis, Minn., March 5, '84. 
Cataraugus, N. Y. 

Elmer Orville Minnigii, A.B. 17Q 

At Law Dept., U. of Mich., '82-3. Atty.- 
at-law, Osceola, Mo. 

Edwin Wolcott Peck, A.B. ft 
Conductor N. Y., P. «Sc O. R? R.. 
pect St. , Meadville, Pa. 

Class of 1883. 

399 Pros- 

WiLLiAM Freeman Compion, A.B. 5jfft kT 

A.M., Alleghany, '89. At W. Va. Coll., i 

yr. ; Drew Theo. Sem., '82-5. Meth. Epis. 

Min., Croton Lake, N. Y. ; Golden Briifce, 

N. Y. ; Chatham, N. Y. 

*Henry Getz. tQ 

Died, Akron. April i, '85. Akron, Ohio. 

Joseph Adwin Guignon, A.B. jjf x^ 

A.M., Allegheny, '86. Atty.-at-law, 400 
Grant St., Pittsburgh. Pa. 


Pennsylvania Delta. 


John Wesley Kahle, Jr. ft 'tTf* 

Oil bus., Oil City, and Marion ville, Pa. 

Andrew Jay Loomis. # kT 

Ed., Daily Headlight, Deming. N. M , 

'85-6; Soutnwest Sentinel, Silver City, N. 

M., '87-8. Real estate and loans. Silver City, 

N. M. 

Edward Herman Pond, A.B. y^ ^T 

A.M., Alleghenv, '86; M. D., U. of Mich., 
'86. Physician, Meadville, Pa. 

De Lorme Wilson Robinson, ft /cT 

M.D., Med. Coll., Louisville, Ky., '82. At 
Med. Coll., Cleveland, O.. '80-1. Physician, 
Pierre, S. Dak. 

Delos Webster Thayer. ^Y 

Publisher, 150 Courtland Ave., Atlanta, 

Olcott Root Thomas, ft /cT 

A.B., U. at Lewisburg (now Bucknell), 

'83; A. M., Allegheny, '86. Bap. Min., 

Townville, Pa., '84-7; Kane, Pa., '88-90; 

since '90, Jamestown, N. Y. 

Joseph Alexander Vance, A.B. Jfft /cT 

A.M., Alleghany, '86. Supt. Sch., E. 
Liverpool, O., '87-8. Atty.-at-law. Prot. 
Epis. Min., Cambridge, Mass. 

Class of 1884. 

Edward Samuel Blair, A.B. Jfft kT 

M.D., U. of Mich., '87. Physician, 1317 
Jones 3t.. Sioux City, Iowa. 

Walter Westwood Case, A.B. y /zT 

Treas., Ponce de Leon Min. Spgs. Co., 
Meadville, Pa. 

Washington Irving Dice. V^Y 

Presb. Min., CarroUton, Md. 

Melvin Lee Schooley. dY 

Free Meth. Min., Forestville, N. Y. New 
Castle, Pa. 

Class of 1885. 

Mark Clute Blystone. % rY 

M.D., Chicago Homeop. Med. Coll.. '87. 
Physician, 80S Pennsylvania Ave., Pittsburgh, 

William Henry Gallup, A.B. ft ^T 

A.M., Allegheny, '88. Teacher, Youngs- 
town, Ohio. 

Harry Mygatt Hyde. //T 

Book-keeper, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Charles Willis Proctor, A.B. 2f wT 

A.M., Allegheny. '88. At Friedrich Wil- 

helm's, U. , Ger. , 89-9a Prof. St Charles 

Coll., '85-6; Pres. Cameron Coll. Inst., '87-9. 
Chestertown, Md. 

James Mark Scoville. x1 

M.D., Western Reserve U., '85. Physician, 
Sharpsville, Pa. 

Frank John Warner. ^ cT 

Postmaster, Chautauqua, N. Y., '8r. Mgr. 
Advtg. Dept., Post^ Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Class of 1886. 

William Richard Graves, A.B. c4> 

A.M., Allegheny, '89. Teacher, Tomp- 
kinsville. Pa. 

Charles Peter Lynch, A.B. * vT 

Since '86, Prin. High Sch., Warren, Ohio. 

William Palmer Murray, A.B. y ft wY 

M. E. Min., Chautauqua, N. Y., '86-7; 
Sugar Grove, Pa., '87-9; Little Valley, N.Y., 
'89-91 ; since '91, Omaha, Neb. 

Frank Leonard Wells, A.B. y tT 

LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., '88. Atty.- 
at-law, Water ville, Ohio. 

Class of 1887. 

William Bignell, A.B. % ^ 

A.M., Allegheny, '90. At Johns Hopkins 
U., '90-1. Randolph, N. Y. 

George Blossom Covell. yJ) 

Forreston, 111. 

Lewis Benton Long. W? 

Brookville, Pa. 

Charles Lindley Smith, A.B. ST /3fi 

A.M., Allegheny, '90. At Western U. of 

Pa., '80-6; do., Western Theo. Sem., '87-8. 

Capt. Johnstown Relief Corps, '89. M. E. 

Min., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Clark Allen Webb. r2 

Book-keeper, Fort Dearborn Nat. Bank, 
187 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1888. 

John William Bell, A.B. ^ r^ 

At McGill U., Montreal, '84-6; do. Med. 
Dept., U. City of New York, '88-90. Physi- 
cian, Meadville, Pa. 

Thomas Charles Blaisdell, A.B. jjfft jY 
A.B., Syracuse, '88. Teacher Math., 
Macon Class. Sch., Charlotte, N. C, '88-9; 
do.. Classics, Alexander Mil. Inst, White 
Plains, N. Y., '89-90; since '90, Prin. Schs., 
Litchfield, Conn. 


Pennsylvania Delta, 


Frank Stephens Christy, A.B. rX 

C.E.. Syracuse U., '88. Civil Eng., 54 
Palo Alto St., Allegheny, Pa. 

Daniel W Howell, A.B. ST "^ 

•♦ W" letter only. At Drew Theo. Sem.. 
•8&-91. M. E. Min., Whitestone, N. Y. 

Frank Melville Kerr, A.B. %^ AT 

At Union Theo. Sem.. '88-90. Adams- 
ville, Pa. 

Orville Johnson Mason. ;tT 

Commissary General's office, Washington, 
D. C. 

Joseph Arnold Parson, A.B. 5f V* 

At Victoria U., Canada, '80-2. M.E. Min., 

Salamanca, N. Y., '83-5; Kane, Pa., '85-7; 

Saegertown, N. Y., '87-9; since '89, Corry, 


Francis Embury Tihbitts. i* 

M.D., Western Reserve U., '88. AtOber- 
lin, '84; do. Ohio Wesleyan, '88. Physician, 
Geneva. Ohio. 

Class of 1889. 


Edwin Philips Couse, A.B. % 
Teacher, Sheakleyville, Pa. 

William Arthur Elliott, A.B. X^ ♦ 

» B.S., Grand River Inst., '84. Tutor Latin 
and Greek, Allegheny Coll. , Meadville, Pa. 

Norman Magill Johnson. vTI 

Druggist, Meadville, Pa. 

Frank Bartlett Miner, A.B. vT 

At U. of Mich., '89-90. Physician, Warren, 

David Charles O'Connor, A.B. ft kO 

Prin. High Sch., West Point, Neb. 

Ralph Ernest Pond. ^ ^ 

M.D., Cleveland Medical Coll., '91. Physi- 
cian, Meadville, Pa. 

Ralph Butler Rietz, A.B. a* 

M.D., Bellevue IIosp. Med. Coll., '92. 
Physician, Stanton, Pa. 

Class of 1890. 

Andrew Grec.g Curtin Brown. rT 

At Waynesburg Coll., '82-5. Pcabody, 

Robert Wallace Elliott, A.B. y^ trX 

Prof. Math., Mo. Wesleyan Coll., Cam- 
eron, Mo. 

Harry Boyd Espy. A.B. rT 

Atty.-at-law, Fredonia, N. Y. 

William Cunningham Fishburn. rT 

Brownsville, Pa. 

♦Harry Roswell Jacksou. c* 

Died, La Junta, May 24, '88. La Junta. 


William Willard Johnson, A.B. 
West Middletown, Pa. 

Charlfs Eakin Newkirk, A.B. c*^ 

West Middlesex, Pa. 

William Barton Premer. >'T 

73 Hancock St., Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

William Henry Stenger, A.B. % ^i' 

Greenville, Pa. 

Francis Gurney Stubbs, A.B. y ft CT 

M.D., Rush Med. Coll., '93. Physician. 
63 East Eighteenth St., Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1891. 

Otis Evkritt Conway. tT 

611 Prendergast Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. 

Howard Ambrose Couse, A.B. 5p *X 

Tidionte, Pa. 

*Frf.d Warren Grundy, A.B. 5? tT 

Died, West Middlesex, Jan. 9, '93. West 
Middlesex, I*a. 

Clarence Frisbee Ross, A.B. y* ^t 

Prof. Greek and German, Mo. Wesleyan 
U., Cameron, Mo. 

Homer David Whitfield, A.B. y /3Y 

Presb. Min., 4783 Cypress Ave., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Class of 1892. 

Frank Willis Black, A.B. ^ft aX 

Bruin, Pa. 

Crawford Alberti Peffer, A. B. 5p X^ 

Covode, Pa. 

Henry Austin Cotton, A.B. txfr 

843 Liberty St., Meadville, Pa. 

Frank Harvey Sisley, A.B. % ^T 

985 South Park Ave., Meadville, Pa. 

Class of 1893. 

James Wai son Campbell. /♦ 

Kane, Pa. 

Ellis Jones Chesbro. <tT 

Sheridan, N. Y. 

Robert Weyand Darragh. aT 

Beaver, Pa. 

Theodore Anthony Doi'THITT. v* 

At Geneva Coll., '85 and '88-90. North 
Sewickly, Pa. 

1893-6. NOTES. 

Pennsylvania Delta, 


John Kennedy Howe. 
Tarentum, Pa. 

Class of 1894. 

Chauncey Frederick Bell, f' 
Meadville, Pa. 

Henry Harrison Cummin(;s, Jr. 

At Oberlin U., 'gi. Tidionte, Pa. 

Edwin Will Jaynes. 
Olympia, Wash. 

William Earl Stilson. 
Sugar Grove, Pa. 

Arthur Staples. 
Kane, Pa. 

Class of 1895. 

Alfred Cookman Elliott. ^ 
Deerfield, Ohio. 

Wilbur Carter Swearer. 
New Kensington, Pa. 

Norris a White. 

••A" letter only. New Caslle, Pa. 

Class of 1896. 

Miner Dunham Crary. 
Sheffield, Pa. 

Clarence B Farrer. 

•• B" letter only. Cattaraugus, N. Y. 

Ernest La Motte Moore. 
Mead\alle, Pa. 

J Merrill Wright. 

•• J " letter only. Apollo, Pa. 





College Notes. 

i88r. R. R. Ross, Bus. Mang. Campus, '80-1. 
-W. G. Warner, Chambers Decl. Prize, 

'78; Ed. Campus, '80-1. 

1883. W. F. Compton. Kalamathean Essay 

Prize, '81. J. A. Guignon, Ora. Inter-Soc. 

Anni.Commencement,'83. E. H. Pond, Bus. 

Mang. Campus, '?>2-2; Capt. Coll. Cadets. '82-3. 

J. A. Vance, Lit. Ed. " Alleghenian," '81; 

Essayist, Inter-Soc. Cont, '82; Lit. Ed. Cam- 
Pus, '$1-2; Ed. -in-chief do., '82-3; Orat. Prize, 
Philo Franklin Soc, '83; Ora., CI. Day, '83. 

1884. E. S. Blair, Fisk Decl. Prize, '81; 
Bus. Mang. " Alleghenian," '81; 2d Lt. Coll. 
Cadets, '82-3; Capt. Co. B., Coll. Cadets,'83-4; 

Valedictorian, '84. W. W. Case, Ed. "Alle- 

^henian," "82; ist Lt. Coll. Cadets, '82-3; Ed.- 
in-chief "AUeghenian," '83. 

1885. M. C. Blystone, Bus. Mang. "AUeg- 
henian," '83. C. W. Proctor, Carroll Orat. 

Prize, Athenian Soc. \Sj; Exch. Ed. Campus, 
'82-3; GarHeld Uiat. Prize, Athenian, '83; Ora.. 
Inter-Soc. Anni., Commencement, '83; Valedic- 
torian, '85. 

1886. C. P. Lynch, Kalamathean Essay 
Prize, '84; Centenary Ora. Prize, '85; Inter- 
Soc. Cont. Prize, '86; Ed. Campus, '85-6. 

W. P. Murray, Decl. and Ora. Prizes, Philo. 
•F. L. Wells, Kalamathean Essay 


Soc., '86.— 

Prize, '83: Valedictorian. Class day, '86. 

1887. W. Bignell, Valedictorian. 87 
L. Smith, Philo. Essayist, '86; Philo. Franklin 
Essayist, '87. 

1888. T. C. Blaisdell, Local Ed. Campus, 

'86^7; Frat. Ed, do., '87-8. D. W Howell, 

Kalamathean Essay Prize, '86; Decl. Cont. 

Prize, '86; Ora., Inter-Soc. Cont., '87. F. M. 

Kerr, Decl. Inter-Soc. Cont., '87; Bus. Mgr. 
Campus, '86-7. J. A. Parson, Deb. Inter- 
Soc. Cont., '88. 

1889. E. P. Couse, Kalamathean Essay 

Prize, '87: Philo. Essajrist, Inter-rSoc., '8ql 

W. A. Elliott, Alumni Essay Prize, rhilo. 
Franklin Soc., '87; Assoc. Ed. Kaldron,'%%', 
Deb. Inter-Soc. Cont., '89; Valedictorian, '89. 

1890. R. W. Elliott, Deb., Philo. Franklin 

Cont., 90; Commencement Spkr., '90. W. 

H. Stenger, Mgr. " People's Lecture Course," 

'88-Q and '89-90; Bus. Mgr. Campus, '%<). 

F. G. Stubbs, Ex. Ed. Campus, '89; Com- 
mencement Spkr., '90 

189T. H. A. Couse, Ed. Kaldron, '90-1; 

Commencement Spkr., '91. F. W. Gundy, 

Loc. Ed. Campus, '90-1. C. F. Ross, Loc. 

Ed. Campus, '89-90; Lit. Ed. Kaldron, '89-90. 
H. D. Whitfield, Ex. Ed. Campus, '90-1 ; Es- 
sayist, Philo. Franklin Soc., '91; Commence- 
ment Spkr., '91. 

1892. F. W. Black, Assoc. Ed. Campus, 

'90-1; C. A. Peffer, Ed. Kaldron, '89. F. 

H. Sisley, Lit. Ed. Campus, *(^-i, 

1893. E. J. Chesbro, Loc. Ed. Campus, 

Fraternity Notes. 

1879. W. Bowser, Char. Mem. E. A. 

Nelson, Char. Mem. 

1880. A. D. Collins, Char. Mem. 

1 88 1. C. W. Miner, Char. Mem.; Del. Nat. 

Conv., Indianapolis, '80. W. G. Warner, 

Char. Mem. 

1882. H. C. Hawkins. Char. Mem. E. W. 

Peck, Char. Mem. 

1883. W. F. Compton, Char. Mem. J. W. 

is. Char. 


Kahle, Jr., Char. Mem. A. J. Loom 

Mem. D. W. Robinson, Char. Mem 

R. Thomas, Char. Mem. J. A. Vance, Char. 

Mem.; Del. Nat. Conv., Richmond, Va., '82. 


Pennsylvania Delta. 


1884. E. S. Blair, Char. Mem. 

1885. W. H. Gallup, Del. Nat Con v., Nash- 
ville, Tenn., '84. 

1886. W. P. Murray, Del. Alpha Prov. 
Con v.. New York, N. Y., "86. 

1888. T. C. Blaisdell, Del. Alpha Prov. 
Conv., Easton, Pa., '88; Sec. Alpha Prov., 

'88-90. F. M. Kerr, Del. Nat. Conv., New 

York, N. Y., '86. 

1889. D. C. O'Connor, Char. Mem. 

1890. F. G. Stubbs, Del. Nat. Conv.. 
Bloomington, 111., '89. 

1891. C. F. Ross, Del. Alpha Prov. Conv., 
Ithaca, N. Y., '90. 

1892. F. W. Black. Del. Nat Conv., At- 
lanta, Ga., '91. 




Charter granted. October 30, 1879, to George Edmund Bertrand, '80; Charles Frederick Beals 
Haskell, '80; Henry Mead Woods, '81; James Watson Dodds, '82; Edward Alexander 
Enright, '82; Edward Cond^ Lane, '82; Frank Oscar Sinclair, '82; Chauncey Hoyt Hay- 
den, '83; George Edward Sawyer, '83; and Alfred H Wheeler, '83. 

Class of 1880. 

George Edmund Bertrand, A.B. J r-t 

U. S. Consul, St. Johns, P. Q., '89. Memb.. 

Neb. Legis., '91. Atty.-at-law, Omaha, 

Charles Frederick Beals Haskell, C.E. 

ft r¥ 
Asst. Divis. Eng., M. C. R. R., 80-1 • 
since '81, Eng. of Const., B., R. & P. R. R.^ 
B., C. R. & N. R. R. ; St. P. & N. P. R. R. ; 
C, B. & N. R. R. ; D., W. & P. R. R., and 
W. & S. W. R. R. 382; Stevens Ave., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Class of 1881. 

Frank Allen Owen. uX 

B.S.. U. of Vt., '84. Chemist, Burling- 
ton Woolen Co., Burlington, Vt. 

Harry Lewis Van Nostrand, Ph.B. yft tX 
Sometime Asst. Mang. and Assayer, Grand 
View Mining and Smelting Co., Rico, Col. 
Miner and Assayer, Trinidad, Col. 

Henry Mead Woods, ft rX 

At Drury Coll., Springfield, '81-2. Pub. 
"Gems for the Fireside," '83. With U. P. 
R. R., Colfax. Wash. 

Class of 1882. 

*James Watson Dodds. ft f* r* 

Died, Burlington, Vt., Apr. 14, '80. North 
Hero. Vt. 

Edward Alexander Enright, A.B. yft* r* 
Atty.-at-law, Kansas City, Kan. 

Edmund CoNDE Lane, A.B. ft t* 

LL.B., Albany Law Sch., 84. Prin. High 
Sch.. Westport, N. Y., '82-3. Atty.-at-law, 
South Omaha, Neb. 

F^ank Oscar Sinclair, C. E. ft r4> 

Asst. Eng., Canada & Atlantic R. R., '82. 
Civil Eng., 124 West Clinch St, KnoxviUe, 

Class or 1883. 

♦Charles Fremont Bailey, A.B. ijfft tY 

Instr., Barre Acad., Barre, Vt.,'83-5. Died 
Syracuse, '91. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Chauncey Hoyt Hayden, A.B. ft rT 

A.M.. U. of Vt., '86. Prin., Underbill 

Acad., '83-4; do., Hinesbury Acad., '84-5; 

do., Essex Graebel Sch., '86-8; Essex Class. 

Inst., '88-90. Teacher, Essex, Vt. 

George Edward Sawyer, A.B. ft rT 

A.M., U. of Vt., '86. Lumber Merchant, 
19 Whitehall St., New York, N. Y. 

Josef CoLVER Turk, C.E. A* 

Asst. Eng. Boston Bridge Works; do., C, 

M. & St. P. Ry. Gen. Agt, Pittsburgh 

Bridge Co., Tribune Bldg., New York. N. Y. 

Alfred H Wheeler, ft f* rT 

• * H" letter only. Grad. Gen. Theo. Sem. , 
New York, '90. Miss, in chg. of Christ Ch., 
Island Pond, Vt 


Vermont Alpha, 


Class of 18S4. 

Ethan Allen Barnes. tT 

M.D., U. of Vt., '85. Physician, Schuy- 
ler Falls, N. Y. 

Clellan Waldo Fisher, if rT 

Architect, Burlington, Vt. 

Herbert Daniel Hoffna(;le, A.B. vt 

Prin. Craftsbury Acad., '84; do., Beeman 
Acad., New Haven, "85-9. Teacher, Eliza- 
bethtown, N. Y. 

William Miller Stiles, Ph.B. y rT 

Chemist, The William Johnson Co., 572 
William St., Montreal, Can. 

Class of 1885. 

Robert Anderson Arms. at 

Machinist, with American Watch Case Co., 
57 Adelaide St, West, Toronto, Can. 

William Elijah Bigwood, C. E. at 

Civil Eng., 55 Moffat Block, Detroit, Mich. 

George Stevens Leavenworth, C.E. rT 

Civ. Eng., B. & M. R. R. R., '86-88. Res. 
Eng., Knoxville extension, M. & N. G. R. R., 
•89. Civil Eng., 124 West Clinch St., Knox- 
ville, Tenn. 

Charles Edward Mvron Morse, C.E. 

Div. Eng., W. & S. W. R. R. CivifEng., 
424 Second Ave. , South, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Frank Smith Paddock. C.E. r* 

Civ. Eng., Williston, Vt., 'H(). Lumber 
Merchant, Marble, N. C. 

Class of 1886. 

Charles Whiting Baker, C.E. f* rY 

Draughtsman, Baldwin Locomotive Works, 
'86. Author "Monopolies and The People," 
'89; Engineering News "Atlas of Rail- 
way Progress," 90. Assoc. Ed., Engineer- 
ing i\e7vSy Tribune Building, New York, 
N. Y. 

MosEs Nelson Baker, Ph.B. y^ rT 

Draughtsman Bridge & Building Dept., 

N. P. Ry., '86-7. Since '87, Assoc. Ed., 

Engineerini^ News, Tribune Bldg., New 

York. N. Y.' 

Samuel Henry Bishop, A.B. rT 

At Union Theo. Sem., '91. Teacher, 35 
East Sixty-second St., New York, N. Y. 

Frank Horace Clapp, A.B. rT 

M.D., U. of Vt., '88. At U. of C. of N. 
Y., '87-8. Physician and Surgeon, Brandon, 
N. Y. 

Marvin Wright Clark, A.B. ajfj at-iH 

Farmer, Williston, Vt. 

Oscar Henry Dodds. ^ rT 

Travelling Salesman, 74 and 76 South 
Market St., Boston, Mass. 

George Raymond Huse. <t* 

Road Eng., N. Y. C. & H. R. R. R., East 
Albany, N. Y. 

Tracy LiLLiE Jeffords, Ph.B. iS[ft ^^ 

LL.B., Columbian U.,'88. Prof. Math.. 
Buchtel Coll. , '86-8. Atty.-at-law, Washing- 
ton, D. C, and Akron, Ohio. 

*Jei) Samuel Lane, C.E. rT 

Lumber, firm Paddock & Lane. Died, 
Murphy, Aug. i, '90, Murphy, N. C. 

*Jei> Scott Merrill. Ph.B. rT 

Died, Loon Lake, Nov. 16, *88. Loon 
Lake, N. Y. 

Fred John Mills. J rT 

With U. S. Coast Survey, '85-6. Asst 
Div. Eng., U. P. R. R., Pocatello, Idaho. 

George Ralph Story. rT 

Druggist, Ludlowville, N. Y. 

Earl Morse Wilbur, A.B. %'f rT 

A.M., and B. D., Harvard U., '90. Unit. 
Min., Portland, Ore. 

Class of 1887. 

AsAHEL Adonijah Brooks. at 

Eng., B. & M. R. R./86-7; Book-keeper, 
do., '88-9. Clerk, Emporia, Kan. 

Oscar Franklin Davis. ^ f^ 

Prin. McCollom Inst., Mt. Vernon, N. H. 

Elbert Charles Morgan, C.E. 5p* o* 

Eng., Pomona Land and Water Co., '87-8; 

do., B. & M. R. R., '87. Eng. San Joaquin 

& Kings River Canal and Irrigation Co., 

Los Bafios, Calif. 

Geor(;e Watson Roberts, Ph.B. y* r4> 

M.D., N. Y. Homeop. Med. Coll.. '89. 
Asst. Surg., Laura Franklin Free Hosp. for 
Children ; Memb. N. Y. St. Homeop. Med. 
Soc. ; do., Amer. Chem. Soc. Res. Surg., 
Homeop. Sanitarium. Physician and Sur- 
geon, 137 West Thirty-fourth St., New York, 
N. Y. 

George Clark Robinson, C.E. y r* 

Civ. Eng., C. & P. R. R., '87-8. Supf 
Works, Vermont Marble Co.. West Rutland, 


Vermont Alpha, 


Class of 1S88. 


afft Tt 

Atty.-at law, 812 Chamber of Commerce 
Bldg.. Chicago, lU. 

Leslie Allen Cooper. rT 

With Amer. Gas Controller and Fixture 
Co., Springfield, Mass. 

*Sanford Lewis Gates, A.B. jjf rT 

Atty.-at-law. Died, Morrisville, Sept. 19, 
'91. Morrisville, Vt. 

George Edwin Hyde, C.E. ]^ ^T 

Topographer, U. S. Geol. Surv. , Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Charles Whiting Safford. aT 

116 West Third St., Davenport, Iowa. 

Edward Drake Williams, Ph. B. rT 

Supt. Fred'k Crane Chem. Wks., Short 
HiUs, N. J. 


Class of 1889. 

William Asahel Beebe, A.B. J 

Prin., People's Acad., Morrisville, Vt. 

Clarence Sumner Brigham, A.B. y^ (tT 
Teacher, Brigham Acad., Bakersfield, Vt. 

Delmer Eugene Croft. (tT 

Cong. Min., New Bedford, Mass. 

Arthur Byron Gilbert, A.B. jjf at 

Prin. Lamville Central Acad., Hyde Park, 
Vt., '90. Insurance. Manchester, N. H. 

Pliny Corbin Huntington. (tT 

Real Estate and Insurance, Poso, (Spottis- 
wood P. O.), Calif. 

Walter Henry Merriam, Ph.B. jjf at 

With Vermont Marble Co., 265 MerwinSt., 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Herbert Francis Quimby, A.B. gT 

At Theol. Dept, Boston U., '80. West 
Unity, N. H. 

Charles Hiram Stevens, C.E. 
Machinist, Winooski, Vt 

Arthur Talmage Stratton. 

Gen. Sec, Y. M. C. A., Dover, N. H. 



Class of 1890. 

Harold Marillo Dean, A.B. y jT 

Insurance, 100 Royal Insurance Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. 

George Isaac Forbes, Ph.B. yj tT 

At U. of Vt. Med. Dept, '91. Physician, 
West Haven, Vt. 

Marshall Avery Howe, Ph.B. aff* /♦ 

Since '91, Instruc, Cryptogamic Botany, 
U. of Calif. Berkeley, Calif. 

Frank Leslie Moore, Ph.B. if ifr 

•, N. iT 


Insurance, Manchester, 

John Clifford Morgan, A.B. 
Morrisville, Vt. 

Walter Demerit Parsons, A.B. y 
Prin. High Sch., Jericho, Vt. 

Charles Brace Sornborgfr. A.B. J r2 

Mil. Instruc, Burlington Mil. Coll., Burling- 
ton, N. J., '88. Prin. High Sch., Goshen, 
Mass., '88-9. Prof, in Otter ville Coll., Otter- 
ville. Mo. 

Cecil McKay Stewart. rT 

Lumber, 127 Main St., Geneva, N. Y., '91. 
Ellensburg, Wash. 

Ralph William Wilbur. ^ ^T 

At Boston U. Law Sch., 91. Atty.-at-law, 
Boston, Mass. 

Class of 1891. 

Edgar Hiram Adams, C.E. r4> 

Burlington, Vt. 

Birney Boardman Bosworth, A.B. 5f ^ 
Book-keeper, Bristol, Vt. 

Thomas Charles Cheney, A.B. 3jf 5 rT 

Morrisville, Vt. 

Fred Sam Grow, A.B. 
Bradford, Vt. 

Don Carlos Hawlev, C.E. y 
Jericho, Vt. 

Charles Henry Hogle, C.E. y 
S wanton, Vt. 

Seymour Lee Lawrence. 
Burlington, Vt. 

Fred Willis Mould, Ph.B. 
KeeseviUe, N. Y. 

Class of 1892. 

Joel Allen, C.E. 
North Hero. Vt. 

George Henry Baker, A.B. ^ 
Chateaugay, N. Y. 

Herman Alline Howe. ^ 
Newfane, Vt 

Frederick Barnby Leach. 
Highgate, Vt 

Albert Ellsworth Lewis, Ph.B. jj 
Berkshire, Vt. 












Vermont Alpha, 

1892-6. NOTES. 

Edward Curtis Mower, A.B. 4 vT 

Morristown, Vt. 

Charles Lelanh Orton, A.B. vT 

Walden. Vt. 

Halbert Lee Waterman. vY 

At U. Med. Coll., New York, *gi. Brattle- 
boro. Vt. 

Class of 1893. 

John Waite Avery. 
Jerseyville, 111. 

Henry Jennings Kiibouhn. 
Burlington, Vt. 

Edmund Curtis Morse. 
Cabot, Vt. 

Nathaniel Miller Prait. f* 
Plainfield, Vt. 

Ernest Henry Root. 
Paso Robles, Calif. 

Ralph Aldace Stewart. 
Burlington, Vt. 

Arthur Henry Willard. 

At Boston U. Law. Sch., •93. 

Leon Keeler Wiswell. 
Hvde Park, Vt 



Grafton. Vt. 

Class of 1894. 


Clark Cleland Briggs. 
Burlington, Vt. 


Charles Bradley Doane. 
Bakersfield, Vt. 


Frank Lee Dunham. 
Worcester, Vt. 


Charles Hernick Mower. 
Burlington, Vt. 

9r . 

William John Pollard. 
Peacham, Vt. 


Edward Gleason Spaulding. 
Burlington, Vt. 

oY ; 

Class of 1895. 


John Perkins Brigham. ^ 
Bakerstield, Vt. 



Gkorgk Hiram Dalrymplk. 
Vergonnes, Vt. 


Karl Risskl Davis. ^ 

xr , 

Carrol Warren Doten. 
Vergennes, Vt. 

Halsey Earle Poronto. 
Rutland, Vt. 

George Clark Pratt, ^ 
Plaintield, Vt. 

Leslie Manchester Saunders. 
Dickinson, N. Y. 

Almon Cassius Wheeler, f* 
South Burlington, Vt. 

Class of 1896. 

Frank Parker Bingham. 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

Alfred Breen Cutter. 
Marlboro, Mass. 

Erwin Maurice Harvey. 
West Topsham, Vt. 

Arthur Otis Home. ^ 
Newfane, Vt 

Maitland Clair Lovell. 
Springfield, Vt. 

George Miller Sahin. 
Malone, N. Y. 

Frederic Bingham Stowe. 
At Columbia Coll., '93. 
N. Y. 






Wails River, Vt. 

College Notes. 

1 88 1. H. L. Van Nostrand, Phi Beta Kappa. 
1S82. E. a. Enright, ist in Cl. ; Phi Beta 

1883. C. F. Bailey, ist in CL ; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Ed. University Cynic, '83. 

1884. C. W. Fisher. Author. 2 of 4 songs 
accepted from U. of Vt., for •• Am. Col. Song- 
book " (Chicago. '82). W. M. Stiles. Ed. 

University Cvnic, '83-4; Phi Beta Kappa. 

1885. C. £. M. Morse, Ed. University 
Cynic, '84-5. 

1886. M. X. Baker. Phi Beta Kappa. 

M. W. Clark, Class Day Ora., '83. T. L. 

Jeffords, Prize Ora., '83. E. M. Wilbur. 3d 

Prize, decl. cont., '83; Faculty prize, $50, '86; 
Soph. Spkr.. '84; Jr. do., '85; Commencement 
Ora.. '86: Phi Beta Kappa. 

1887. E. C. Morgan, Mgr. Coll. Foot Ball 

Team. * 86-7; Ed. University Cynic /^s-b, 

G. W. Roberts, Soph. Spkr.. '85; Jr. Spkr., '86: 
Ed. Cynic, '86; Commencement Spkr.. '87; Phi 

Beta kappa. G. C. Robmson, Soph. Spkr.. 

•85; Jr. Spkr., '86. 


Vermont Alpha, 


1888. H. M. C. Chase, Ed. Cynic, '87-8; 

Assoc. Ed. Ariel, '88. S. L. Gates, Class 

Day Prophet, '85 and '88. G. E. Hyde, 

Soph. Spkr., '86; Jr. Spkr., '87; Faculty Prize 
of $25 for best thesis, *88 ; Phi Beta Kappa; Ed. 
Cyme, '86-8. 

1889. C. S. Brigham. Phi Beta Kappa. 

A. B. Gilbert. Soph. Spkr., '87; Jr. Spkr.. '88. 

W. H. Merriam. Field Day Director, '88; 

Class Day Marshall, '89. 

i8go. H. M. Dean, Soph. Spkr., '87. 

G. I. Forbes, Soph. Spkr., '88. M. A. 

Howe, Latin Prize, $25, '87; Soph. Spkr., '88; 

Spkr., Forest Prize Spkg., '88. F. L. Moore, 

Pres. Vt. Inter-Coll. Base Ball League, '89-90; 

Bus. Mgr. Ariel, '89 ; do. Cynic, '88-90. 

W. D. Parsons, Artist, Artel, '89. C. B. 

Sornborger, Ed. Cynic, '86-7. 

1 891. B. B. Bosworth, Forest Prize Spkr., 

'88; Soph. Spkr., '89. T. C. Cheney, Soph. 

Spkr., '89. D. C. Hawley, Soph. Spkr., '89. 

C. H. Hogle, Soph. Spkr., '89. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1880. G. E. Bertrand, Char. Mem. 

C. F. B. Haskell. Char. Mem. 

1881. H. L. Van Nostrand, Del. Nat.Conv., 

Indiaqapolis, '80; Sect. G. C, '80-2. H. M. 

Woods, Char. Mem. 

1882. J. W^ Dodds, Char. Mem. E. A. 

Enright, Char. Mem. E. C. Lane, Char. 

Mem. F. O. Sinclair, Char. Mem. 

1883. C. F. Bailey, Asso. Ed. Scroll, '83. 
-C. H. Hayden, Char. Mem. G. E. 

Sawyer, Char. Mem.; Del. Nat. Conv., Rich- 
mond, Va., '82, and ist Asst. Sect., do. A. H 

Wheeler, Char. Mem. 

1885. C. E. M. Morse, Cf. Minn. Alpha Al. 

1886. M. W. Clark. Init. Mich. Beta. 

T. L. Jeffords, Del. Alpha Prov. Conv., New 

York, N. Y., '86. F. T. Mills, Del. Nat. 

Conv., Nashville, Tenn., 84. 

1887. E. C. Morgan, Del. Nat Conv., 

New York, N. Y., '86. G. W. Roberts. Pres. 

Alpha Prov., '89-91. 

1888. H. M. C. Chase, Del. Alpha Prov. 
Conv., New York, N. Y., '86. 

1889. W. A. Beebe. Del. Alpha Prov. Conv., 
Easton, Pa., '88. 

1890. G. E. Forbes, Del. Alpha Prov. Conv., 

Easton, Pa., '88. F. L. Moore, Del. Nat. 

Conv., Bloomington, 111., '89. 

1 89 1. T. C. Cheney, Del. Alpha Prov. 
Conv., Ithaca, N. Y., '90. 

1892. A. E. Lewis, Del. Alpha Prov. Conv., 

Ithaca, N. Y., '90. E. C. Mower, Del. Nat. 

Conv., Atlanta, Ga., '9c. 




Charter granted, October 27, 1880, to Francis Asbury Bergstresser, '82; Philip Shaffer Hills, '82; 
George Ernist Kleinhenn, '82; Henry William Spangler, '82; Henry Xehemiah Chees- 
man, '83; and Alphonso Willitts Wever, '83. 

Class ok 1882. 

Francis Asbury Bergstresser, Ph. B. f[ yX 
Sec. Chattani>oga Water and Power Co. 
Real Estate Broker, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

John Marvin Colaw, A.B. Jf vX 

At Roanoke Coll., '78-9; do. U. of Va., 
'83-4. Atty. at-law, Monterey, Va. 

Philip Shaffer Hills, A.B. J yX 

Atty. -at-law, Howard. Kan. 

George Ernist Kleinhenn, A.B. 


A.M., Dickinson, '85. Meth. kpis 
Cressona, '82-5; Lower Merion, '85-7; Good 
Will, '87-90; since '90, Portland, Pa. 

Henry William Spangler, A.B. yj }X 

A.M., Dickinson, '85. Atty. -at-law, 
Denver, Col. 

Class of 1883. 

Henry Nehemiah Cheesman, A.B. * }•♦ 

A.M., Dickinson, '86. M. E. Min., Sea 
Isle City, '83-6; since '86, Camden, N. J. 

*Alphonso Willitts Wever, A.B. J >♦ 

Instr., Pennington Sem., '83-5. M. E. 

Min., Esopus, N. V.. 'S5-8; Napanoch, 

N. Y., '88. Died, Napanoch, Apr. 24, 'SS. 

Naptinoch, N. Y. 

Class of 1S84. 

John Wesley Perkinpine, A.B. 
M. E. Min., Port Carbon, Pa. 

Minor Gibson Porter, Ph.B. f r* 

M.D., U. of Md., '86. Physician, Lona- 
coning, Md. 

Anthony At wood Thompson. at 

Meth. Epis. Min.. Richboro, '83-4; Nes- 
quehoning, '84-5; Mt. Olivet, '86-7; Gilber- 
ton, '88-9; since '89. Cedar ville. Pa. 

Class of 1885. 

George James Burns, A.B. 

M. E. Min., 2338 N. Twenty-ninth 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Selah Jackson Carpenter. 
Aurora, N. Y. 

Edward Holmes Lamar, A.B. 

Atty. -at-law, Martinsburg, W. Va. 



Edwin James Lindsev, A.B. y oT 

M. E. Min., Popular Creek Agency, 

Cl.\ss of 1886. 

Marvin Elijah Cheston. ^ vT 

Merchant, Lock Haven, Pa. 

John Morris Correll, Ph.B. f* 

M. E. Min., Ayr, Neb. 


WiLUAM Turbett Graha^i, Ph.B. ^ 

Physician, State Hosp., Ashland, Pa. 

John Frederick Heisse, A.B. Jf vT 

A.M., Dickinson, '89. M. E. Min.. Mt. 
Hartford, '86-9; since '89, 2012 Saint Paul 
St, Baltimore, Md. 


Pennsylvania Epsilon. 


Thomas Mason Bacon Hicks. i|^jj rT 

Atty.-at-law, Williamsport, Pa. 

Horace Ward McKenzie, A.B. tT 

M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., '89. Physi- 
cian, Duncannon, Pa. 

Stephen Martin Morcjan, A.B. if ^T 

M. E. Min , Hillsboro, Md. 

Vaughan Thomas Rue, Ph.B. 

M. E. Min., Eldel, '86; Shamokin, •87-</j; 
since '90, York, Pa. 

Martin Bates Stephens. pT 

Prin. High Sch., Greensboro, Md., '85-6. 

Supt. Pub. Inst, Caroline Co., Denton, Md. 

Wilbur Morris Stine, Ph.B. r* 

Prof. Phys. and Elec. Eng., Ohio U., 
Athens, Ohio. 

Richard Edward Wilson A.B. 5? rX 

B.D., Drew Theo. Sem., '89. M. E. Min.. 
Claverack, N. Y., '89-qo. 559 Mott Ave., 
New York, N. Y. 

Class of 1887. 

Nelson El Collins Cleaver, A. B. if ^ rT 
B.D., Drew Theo. Sem., \y.. M. E. Min., 
Mercersburg, Pa. 

William Boyd Clendenning. o* 

Merchant, Bunkerhill, W. Va. 

Theodore Mitchell Culver, A.B. vS 

B.D., Drew Theo. Sem., '90. M. E. Min., 
Wickford, R. I., '90. Harveyville, Pa. 

Orlando Graham Heck, A.B. f* 

M. E. Min., Watsontown, Pa. 

Alexander Shaw Porter, A.B. 1^ aH 

M.D., U. of Md., '89. Physician, Lona- 
coning, Md. 

George William Schoepflin. H' 

At Northwestern Coll., '81-2. M. E. Min., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

William McAllister Smith, Ph.B. if a* 

Teacher Latin, West Jersey Acad., Bridge- 
ton, N. J., '87-8. Clerk, War Dept, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Huntingdon, Pa. 

James Bergg Stein, A.B. 5fjJ uT 

M. E. Min., Altoona, '87-90; since '90, 
Bell wood. Pa. 

William Enterline Yeager, A.B. ^ 

B.D., Drew Theo. Sem., '94. M. E. 
Min., Churchtown, Pa. 

Class of 1888. 

Harry Clifford Chestan, Ph.B. ^ aX 

B.S. Dickinson, '86. Asst, Chem. Dept, 

Dickinson, '87-8. Prof. Latin Hist, and Lit, 

Mil. Inst, Bordentown, N. J., '89-90. 
Teacher, Williamsport, Pa. 

Class of 1889. 

George Washington Babcock. c* 

M. E. Min., Lansdale, Pa. 1322 Moore 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

*Englebert Hiles Garrison. c* 

Died, Carlisle, Oct. 23, '86. Elmer, N. J. 

Oliver Mordorf, A.B. if o* 

Supt. Educ. Dept, Penn. Indust Re- 
format., '89-90. Prof. Math., Wesleyan 
Acad., Wilbraham, Mass., '90. Prim., Rugby 
Acad., 660 South Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Charles Wesley Straw, A.B. if /.♦ 

M. E. Min., Berwyn, Pa. 

Class of 1890. 

John Wesley Glover, A.B. rX 

M. E. Min., State College, Pa. 

Lyman Pierson Powell. tY 

A. B., Johns Hopkins U., '90. Atty.-at-law, 
U. of Wis., Madison, Wis. 

Charles Jameson TuRPiN, Ph.B. ^T 

Prof. Brooklyn Prep. Sch., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. Gloucester, N. J. 

Hammond Urner, A.B. if ftf* ^"^ 

Atty.-at-law, Frederick, Md. 

Class of 1891. 

William Weidman Landis, A.B. y\ 

At Johns Hopkins U., '92. Coatesville, Pa. 

Edgar Lee Langley. rT 

Merchant, Millville, N. J. 

Akraham Lincoln Millet, A.B. rT 

.^47 N. Fourth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Frank Moore, A.B. if rT 

M. E. Min., Seaside, (Highland Beach P. 
O.), N. J. Little Silver. N. J. 

Harry Joseph Neal, A.B. if r* 

Teacher, Long Branch, N. J. 

Hubert Elmer Volney Porter. <tT 

M. E. Min., Beltan, Mo. Forest Grove, 

Class of 1892. 

Augustus Sayford Fasick, A.B. if 
M. E. Min., Harrisburg, Pa. 

George Milton Frownfelter, B.S. 
M. E. Min., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Edwin Gardner. '^ 

M. E. Min., Chesapeake, Md. 





Pennsylvania Epsilon, 

1892-6. NOTES. 

Frank Gardner, f* <tT 

Teacher, Chesapeake, Md. 

William Emerson Master. ^T 

Optician, cor. Walnut and Thirteenth Sts., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Van Pierce Northrop, A.B. />X 

M. E. Min., Tull's Corner, Md. 

William Thomas Roberts, A.B. % vT 

M. E. Min., Hummelstown, Pa. 

Harry Matthew Stephens, B.S. if jj rT 
Prof. Phys. and Hygiene, Dickinson Coll., 
Carlisle, Pa. 

Class op 1893. 

Thomas Hart Evans. rY 

Wisconsico, Pa. 

♦James Harry Hughes. rY 

Printer. Died, Washington, Aug. 28, '91. 
Washington, D. C. 

Jacob Banks Kurtz. % 
Thompson town. Pa. 

George Carlo w Yocum. 
Danville, Pa. 

Class of 1894. 

Clarence Grant Cleaver. %^ 
Catawissa, Pa. 

Walter Gelstan McNeil, if 

1323 Argyle Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Milton George Urner, Jr. ^ 
Frederick, Md. 

Class of 1895. 

Edwin Lee Earp. 
Laurel, Md. 

Joseph Frey Gilroy. 
Williamsport, Pa. 

John Max Lantz, Jr. 
Lewistown, Pa. 











Harry F Matter. 

•• F •* letter only. Pottsville, Pa. 

Edgar Ray Stratford. 
Mount Union, Pa. 

Class of 1896. 

Wilbur Fisk Cleaver. ctY 

Bedford, Pa. 

Thomas Washington Davis. aY 

Lykens, Pa. 

Harry Samuel Noon. aT 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lynn Saxton. y^ 

Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Edward Weidenhamer. rY 

Milton, Pa. 

Charles Edward Ziegler. 
Cariisle, Pa. 


College Notes. 

1882. J. M. Colaw, Ed. Dickinsonian^ '81-2. 
— H. W. Spi 

angler, 2d Place Soph. Cont., '80. 

1885. E. J. Lindsey, Valedictorian, '85. 

1886. J. F Heisse, Ora. Med., '85; Spkr. 

Anni., U. P. Soc.. '86; Classical Ora . '86. 

T. M. B. Hicks, Ed. Dickinsonian, '84-6. 

S. M. Morgan. Ed. Dickinsonian^ '85-6. 

R. E. Wilson, Valedictorian, '86. 

1887. N. E. C. Cleaver. Gold Med., Ora., 
'85: ist Med. Field Dav, *86; Commencement 

Ora.. '87: Ed. Dickins'onian, '86-7. W. xM. 

Smith, Scholarship Prize, *86. J. B. Stein, 

Bus. Mgr., D tck ins onian, '%(>-'] ; Phi Beta Kappa. 

1S89. O. Mordorf, Gold Med., Ora., Philoso- 
phical Soc.. '87; Ed. Dickinsonian,'%-^-%\ Bus. 
Mgr. do., '88-9; Pierson Gold Med. for Ora.. 

j '89; Eng. Salutatorian, '89. C. W. Straw, 

■ Ed. Dickinsoniatty '87-9; Fierson Silver Med. 

i for Ora., '88. H. F. Whiting (N. Y. Alpha, 

'92), Patton Prize, '87; Ed. Dickinsoman, 
'87-9; Latin Salutatorian, '89; Phi Beta Kappa. 

1890. H. Urner, McDaniel Prize ($100), '87; 
Patton Prize ($25), '88; Gold Med., Soph. Ora. 
Cont., '88; do., Jr., do., '89; Salutatorian, '90; 
Phi Beta Kappa. 

1891. F. Moore, Prize for Jr. Essay, '90; 

Ed and Bus. Mgr. Dickinsonian, '90-1. H. 

J. Neal, Ed. Dickinsonian, '90; Ed. Microcosm^ 

1802. A. S. Farich, Patton Prize. '91; Ed. 

Dickinsonian, '92. W. T. Roberts, Bus. 

Mgr Dickinsonian, '90-1; Ed. do., '91-2; 
$100 Fresh. Prize for Proficiency, '89; $50 
Soph., do., '90. H. M. Stephens, Mgr. Foot- 
ball Team, '90. 

1893. J. 6. Kurtz, Ed., Dickinsomafty 'g2. 

1894. C. G. Cleaver, Ed. Microcosm^ '93. 

W. G. McNeil, Ed. Dt'cktnsom'an, '92; 

Patton Prize, '92. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1877. C. J. Reddig(Pa Beta, '77), Del Nat. 
Conv., Indianapolis, '80. 

1882. F. A. Bergstresser, Char. Mem. P. 

S. Hills, Char. Mem. G. E. Kleinhenn, 

Char. Mem. H. W. Spangler, Char. Mem. 

1883. H. N. Cheesman, Char. Mem. A. 

W. Wever, Char. Mem.; Del. Nat. Conv., 
Richmond, Va., '82. 

1886. T. M. B. Hicks, Del. Nat. Conv., 
Nashville. Tenn., '84. 

1887. J. B Stein, Del. Alpha Prov. Conv.. 
New York, N. Y.,'S6. 

1889. H. Urner, Del. Nat. Conv., Blooming- 
ton, 111., '89. 

1892. H. M. Stephens, Del. Nat Conv., 
Atlanta, Ga., '91. 




Charter granted, October 27, 1880, to William Bailey Clark Brown, '82; Joseph Addison McCoy, 
'82; Caleb Wallace Chambers, '84; Samuel Dunklin Chaney, '84; Henry Winter Davis 
(Virginia Beta, '82), and S toner Wesley Yantis, '84. 

Class ok 18S2. 

William Bailey Clark Brown. A.B. Jf jj vX 
At Harvard Law Sch., '84-7. Atty.-at- 
law, 102 Baird Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Shadrack Bond Holmes, B.S. ^ /^* 

Stock-raiser, Etna, Ore. 

David Moore McClanahan, B.S. yir 

Since '83, Dy. Cir. Clk., 500 Delaware St., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Joseph Addison McCoy, A.B. jjfjj vX 

Dy. Cir. Clk., Jackson Co., Mo., '82-7. 
Real Est., '87-9. Atty.-at-law, Independ- 
ence, Mo. 

Edwin Alexander Robnett. ST tt 

At Mo. U., '78-g. Clk., Fulton, Mo. 

Class of 1883. 

Zachariah Lillard, B.S. ijf /3X 

At Louisville Med. Coll., '83-4; Ky. Med. 
Coll.. '84; Hahnemann Med. Coll. of Chicago, 
'84-5. Phys. and Surg., Tulia, Tex. 

James Todd Montgomery. aX 

Atty.-at-law, Sedalia, Mo. 

Class of 1884. 

Caleb Wallace Chambers. Jf* /uY 

B.D., S.W. P.U., Clarksville, Tenn., '87. 

At McCormick Theo. Sem., '84-6. Min., Lee's 
Summit, Mo. Lexington, Mo. 

Samuel Dunklin Chaney. J I'T 

Present address unknown. Independence, 

Alfred Newton Gossett. $ vX 

LL.B., Washington U., '83. Atty.-at-law, 
2408 Peery Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Edward Fell Holmes. ^ c* 

Grain speculator, Fulton, Mo. 

James Nicholas Pemberton. c* 

Teacher, Downey, Calif. 

Reuben Travis Scott. ]Jf aX 

M.D.. Ky. Med. Coll., '86. Attended 

Louisville Med. Coll. , '83-4. Post Giad. , New 

York Polyclinic, '88. Phys. and Surg., 

Waverly, Mo. 

Stoner Wesley Yantis, A.B. ^^ iT 

Agt. Chicago Grain Commission Merch- 
ant's, 59 Bd. of Trade Bldg., Buffalo. N. Y. 

Class of 1885. 

Floyd McChesney. Ijf*^ 
Clk., Trinidad, Col. 

Llewellyn Jones Mitchell, A.B. }g 
Teacher, Hatton, Mo. 

Albert Mohr Oit. 

LL.B., U. of Tenn., '87. Since '88, Asst. 
Pros. Atty., Jackson Co., Mo. Atty.-at-law, 
Independence, Mo. 

Lee Wilson Rood, if iX 

Farmer and stock-raiser, Aux Vasse, Mo. 


Missouri Beta. 


William Neil Southern, jj <t* 

Ed. Independence Pro stress Weekly, '84-6; 

do., Daily Sentinel, Independence, Mo., 

'88-9; since '89, do.. Advance, Higginsville, 


Aaron Burr Yantis. jf 
Merchant, Fulton, Mo. 

Class of 1S86. 


Don Pedro Bartley. % pT 

Book-keeper, Calloway Co. Savings Bank, 
Fulton, Mo. 

John Allen Gallaher, A.B. ^ rT 

B.D., McCormick Theo. Sem.,'89. Presb. 
Min., Gainesville, Tex., '89. Druggist, 
Reed St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

♦William Yancey McChesney, B.S. aT 

Teacher. Died, Odessa, March, '87. 
Odessa, Mo. 

Charles Francis Richmond, A.B. Jf ^T 

At McCormick Theo. Sem., '87-8. Teacher, 

Eng. Sch., Westminster, Mo., '87-8. Presb. 

Min., Aux Vasse and Augusta, Mo., since 

'89. ^iux Vasse, Mo. 

Thomas Nesbit Wii.kerson, A.B. ^ti'9' '^'^ 
A.M., Westminster Coll., '89; LL.B., St. 
Louis Law Sch.. *88. Atty.-at-law, Room 16, 
Baker Blk., Springfield, Mo. 

Samuel Edward Young, if aT 

Post Grad.. Princeton Theo. Sem., '86-8; 

Grad. Union Theo. Sem , '89. Attended Coll. 

of Phys. and Surg. Presb. Min., Asbury 

Park, N. J. 

Class of 1887. 

George Frederic Ay res, A.B. ]Jf aT 

A.M., Westminster. '90. Since '88, at 
McCormick Theo. Sem., 1060 N. HalstedSt., 
Chicago, 111. 

George Finley Burton, if fX 

Kirksville, Mo. 

William Marion Duffy, if fT 

Teacher, Freeport, Kan. 

George Walter Gates. ^ /* 

Manufacturer, Rooms 31 and 32 Milwaukee 
Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Matthew Howell Reaser, A.B. if aX 

A.M , Westminster, '90; Ph. D., do., '02. 

At Washington U., '82-4. Prof. Math., 

Carthage Inst., '8S-90. Pres. Needware 

Mining Co., Carthage, Mo. 

Class of 1888. 

John Ernest Crawford, A.B. 5f f' vT 

Sec. and Treas., J. E. Crawford Lumber 
Co., Louisiana, Mo. 

Hamilton McMillan Dalton. vT 

Atty.-at-law, 506 Olive St., Saint Louis, 

Edward Hays Lyle, A.B. if ^T 

A.M., Westminster, '91. At Harvard. '89. 
Prof. Latin, Synodical Female Coll., Fulton. 

L AN DON Owen Rodes, B.S. Xftf* eX 

At U. of Va. Med. Dept., 88-9; since '89, 
Mo. Med. Coll., Fulton, Mo. 

Class of 1889. 

William Hays Ferguson, A.B. if p^ 

At McCormick Theo. Sem., 1060 N. Hoi- 
sted St., Chicago, 111. 

I William Samuel Foreman, A.B. Sf rX 

At McCormick Theo. Sem., 1060 N. Hal- 
sted St. , Chicago, 111. Fulton, Mo. 

Robert Donnell France. ^ aX 

At St. James Mil Sch.. '83-4. Asst Teller, 
St. Nat Bank, Saint Joseph, Mo. 

Walter McAfee Langtry, A.B. if p* 

A.M., Westminster, '92. Theo, Stu., Will- 
iamsburg, Mo. 

Ned Russell Rodes, B.S. ^ oX 

At Mo. Med. Coll., 1623 Washington Ave., 
St. Louis, Mo. Fulton, Mo. 

James Long Sloss. «♦ 

Clk. , 363 1 Lindell Ave. , Saint Louis, Mo. 

Clyde Smith. 

Lumber dealer, Sweet Springs, Mo. 

Class of 1890. 


Frederic William Hinitt, A.B. 5f rT 

At McCormick Theo. Sem. , 1060 N. Hal- 
sted St., Chicago, 111. Fulton, Mo. 

Robert Graham Keller, B.S. «4» 

Pleasant Hill, Mo. 

Colin Allen McPheeters, A.B. 5f oX 

Prof. Presbyterian Coll., Avalon, Mo. 

George Miller, Jr., B.S. if ^ r* 

Tarkio, Mo. 

Class of 1891. 

Arthur Willia.m Bush, B.S. Sf 
Fulton. Mo. 



1 89 1-6. NOTES. 

Missouri Beta, 


John Henry Higree, A.B. 
Winchester, Mo. 

Frazier McKim Sallee, B.S. '^ 
Pomona, Calif. 

Class of 1892. 

Homer Barnett Crawford. ^ 
Lumber dealer, Louisiana, Mo. 

Robert Edgar Porterfield. 
Plattsburg, Mo. 



Class of 1893. 

Harry Farris Baker. 
Fulton, Mo. 


Elmer Charles Henderson. 
Fulton, Mo. 


Charles Roy Macfarlane, A.B. if 
Mexico, Mo. 


James Stuart Morrison, B.S. if 
Jamestown, Mo. 


William George Palmer, B.L. if 
Saint Louis, Mo. 


Edward Curtis Whaley, B.S. J 
Fulton, Mo. 


Class of 1894. 

John Harry Atkinson. ]Jf 
Fulton, Mo. 


Frank Emery Gates. ^ 
Independence, Mo. 


Llewellyn Humphreys, if 
Bellefontaine, Mo. 


Charles Fackler Lamkin. 
Clinton, Mo. 


William Irvine Wilkerson. ^ 
Fulton, Mo. 


Class of 1895. 

William Edward Dicken. 
Fulton, Mo. 


Wylie Hamilton Forsythe. ]Jf 
Fulton, Mo. 


Thomas Gallaher. ^ 
Rensselaer, Mo. 


William Harry Henderson. 
Fulton, Mo. 


Andrew Christy Knox, 
Independence, Mo. 


Sidney Louis McCarty. if 
Monroe City, Mo. 

Robert Shanklin McClintic. if 
Monroe City, Mo. 

Zach J Mitchell, Jr 

*' J " letter only. Kirkwood, Mo. 

William Courtney Moffett. 
Saint Louis, Mo. 

James Robert Noland. 
Independence, Mo. 

Class of 1896. 

Bernard Roy Farrar. 
Saint Louis, Mo. 

Edward Clifford Gordon, Jr. 
Fulton, Mo. 

Harry Herr Smiley, if 
Boonville, Mo. 

Stephen Yerkes Van Meter. 
Richmond, Mo. 




College Notes. 

1882. W. B. C. Brown, Marquess Orat. Prize, 
'80; Tune Ora., '80; Ed. IVesiminsier 

Monthly, '80. J. A. McCoy, Botany Prize, 

'80; Ed. Westminster Monthly, '80; June 
Ora., '81. E. A. Robnett, June Ora., '81. 

1883. Z. Lillard. Math. Prize, *8o; June 

Ora., '81. J. W\ Tincher (Mo. Alpha, '85), 

June Ora., '82. 

1884. C. W. Chambers, Pub. Spkr.. Philol. 

Soc, '83. H. W. Davis (Va. Beta, '82), June 

Ora.. '80. R. T. Scott, June Ora., '83; 

(Walthen Gold Medal, Ky. Med. Coll., '86.) 

S. W. Yantis, June Ora., '81; Botany Prize 
'81; do.. '83; Marquess Orat. Prize, '82. 

1885. F. McChesney, June Ora., '82. L. 

J. Mitchell, Ed. Westminster Monthly, '81; 

June Ora., '81; do., '83; Math. Prize, '82. 

L. W. Rood, June Ora., '83; Philol. Soc. Cont. 
Spkr., '83. A. B. Yantis, June Ora., '83. 

1886. D. P. Bartley, Latin Prize, '81. C. 

F. Richmond, June Ora., '81; Math. Prize, '81. 

T. N. Wilkerson, Harrison Decl. Prize, '85; 

June Ora., '85. S. E. Young, Rep. West- 
minster. St. Orat. Cont., '86; Reading Prize, 

1887. G. F. Ayres, Ed. Westminster Re- 
view, '86-7 G. F. Burton, Foster Math. 

Prize. '84 and '85. W. M. Duffy, Trimble 

Latin Prize, '85. M. H. Reaser, Reading 

Prize, '86; Orat Prize, '86; Decl. Prize, '86; 
ist Prize Westminster and Mo. U. Ora. Cont., 
'86; Ed. Westminster Review, '85. 


Missouri Beta, 


1888. J. E. Crawford, Decl. Cont., '84; 
Orator, '85 ; Bus. Mang. Westminster Review^ 

'87. E. H. Lyle, Math. Prize, '83 and '84. 

L. O. Rodes, tune Ora., '86; Soc. Cont. 

Declr., '86; Ed. Westminster Review, '88. 

1889. W. H. Ferguson, Rep. Westminster, 

St. Orat. Cont, '89. W. S. Foreman, June 

Ora., '88; Ed. Westminster Review, '86-7; 

Bus. Mang., do., '87-8. W. M. Langtry, 

Tune Ora., '87; Ed. Westminster Review, 


1890. F. W. Hinitt, Commencement Spkr., 

•89; Math. Medal, '89. C. A. McPheeters, 

June Ora., '89; Ed. Westminster Review, 

89-90 ; Valedictorian, '90. (x. Miller, Jr., Ed. 

Westminster Review, '89; Del. Mo. St. Orat. 
Assn., '90; I St Prize, Inter Soc. Orat. Cont, 
'90; do., Primary Orat. Cont, '9^); Rep. West- 
minster, St. Orat Cont., *qo. 

1891. A. W. Bush, McCoy Math. Prize, '90; 

Philos. Orator, Commencement, '91. F. M. 

Sallee, Sch. Medal, *88; Commencement Spkr., 
'90; Bus. Mang. Westminster Review, '89-90; 
Salutatorian, '91. 

1893. C. R. Macfarlane, Pol. Econ. Medal, 

'92; Valedictorian, '93. J. S. Morrison, Ed. 

in Ch., Westminster Student, '93. W. G. 

Palmer. Ed. Westminster Student, '92-3. 

E. C. Whaley, ist Prize, Decl. Cont, '92. 

1894. J. H. Atkinson, Sch. Medal, '9a 

L. Humphreys, Ed. Westminster Student, 

1895. W. H. Forsythe, Evans Greek Medal. 
'91; McCoy Math. Medal, '93; Bus. Mang. 

Westminster Student, '93. S. L. McCarty, 

Ed. Westminster Student, '92-3. R. S. 

McClintic, Ed. Westminster Student, '92-3. 

1896. H. H. Smiley. Evans Greek Medal, 
'92; Sch. Medal, '92; Bible Prize, '93; Sch. 
Medal, '93. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1882. W. B. C. Brown. Char. Mem. ; 2d V. 

Prest, Nat'l Con v., Richmond, Va., '82. 

J. A. McCoy, Char. Mem. 

1884. C.W. Chambers. Char. Mem. S. D. 

Chaney, Char. Mem. H, W. Davis (Va. 

Beta, '82), Char. Mem. S. W. Yantis, Char. 

Mem. ; Del. Nat'l. Conv., Richmond. Va., '82. 

1885. W. N. Southern, Del. Nat'l. Conv., 
Nashville, Tenn. . '84. 

1886. T. N. Wilkerson, Del. Nat'l. Conv.. 
Atlanta, Ga,, 'oi. 

• 1888. L. O. Rodes, Del. Nat'l. Conv., 
Bloomington, 111., '89. 





Charter gpranted, October 12, 1881, to James Bennett Gould, '82; Rasselas Hamlin Prosser, '82; 
Samuel Denton Townsend, '84; Zenas Newton Vaughn, '84, and James Charles Elliott 
King, *86. Suspended, 1890. Reorganized, January 8, 1893. 

Class of 1882. 

James Bennett Gould, A.B. fkf 

>11.. '86. 


M.D.. Jefferson Med. CoH." '86. Phys. 
and Surg., 2601 Stevens Ave., Minneapolis, 


Rasselas Hamlin Prosser, B.S. ft oir 

Since '89, Dy. Collector and Inspector, U. 
S. Customs, Hungry Hall, Ontario. 

Class of 1884. 

Charles Henry Bullis. px 

Mang. Helena Steam Power & Lighting 

Co., Helena. Mont. Since '88, Supt. and 

Electrician, Citizens Elec. Light and Power 

Co., Baton Rouge, La. 

George John Lewis. V4> 

Ed. Keystone, Ketchum, '82-6; City Ed. 

Daily Inter- Mountain, Butte City, Mont, 

'86. Asst. Cash., ist Nat. Bank, Ketchum, 

'87-g; since '89, Cash, do., Ketchum, Idaho. 

Samuel Denton Townsend. * a* 

At Union Law Sch., 86-7. Farmer, 
Cavour, S. Dak. 

Zenas Newton Vaughn, ijf jj a* 

Prin. High Sch., Luverna, Minn., '86-8; 
since '88, do.. Red Wing, Minn. 

Class of 1885. 

Charles Oscar Atherton. % /?* 

M. D. , Coll. Phys. and Surg. , Minneapolis, 
'90. Asst. Prin. High Sch., Kasson, Minn., 
'84. Physician, North Yakima, Wash. 

James Gray, B.S. % ffT 

City Ed. Tribune, Minneapolis, '86; Asst. 
City Ed. Globe, St. Paul, Minn., '89; since 
'90, City Ed. Times, 49 S. Fourth St., Mmne 
apolis, Minn. 

Arthur Grant Holt, jjf 7X 

Civ. Eng., 622 Fourteenth Ave., S. E., 
Minneajxjlis, Minn. 

Class of 1886. 

James Charles Elliott King, A.B. if* rT 

M. D., Chicago Med. Coll., '90. AtMinn. 

Hosp. Coll.. '87-8. Prin. High Sch., Elk 

River, Minn., '86-7. Phys. and Surg., Salt 

Lake City, Utah. 

Class of 1887. ^ 

George Edwin Burnell, A.B. ^T 

At Morgan Park Theo. Sem., '87-9. Bap. 
Min., Akron, Ohio. 

Donald Rae Davidson. * Ct 

City Atty., Marshall, \linn., '86-7. Mayor, 
Ashby, Minn., '88-9. Since '89, Cash. Citi- 
zens Bank, Wahpeton, N. Dak. 

Charles Allen Gould, f' ^T 

Clk., Washburn, Minn. 

John D Robinson. aX 

"D" letter only. Farmer, South Troy, 
Minn . 


Minnesota Alpha. 

1888-96. NOTES. 

Class of 1888. 

JotiAii Moore Andrrson. 

MuHic dealer, 220 Second Ave., W., 
Duluth, Minn. 


Lttw Stu., Lake City, Minn. 

HxLMUS Wku.s Thompson, A. B. ijf t>T 

At Harvard Law Sch., '88-90. Saint Paul, 


DrauKhtsman, 400 Ninth St., S. E., Minne- 
apolin, Minn. 

Class of 1889. 

Waltkh Reynolds Brown. 5? ftf* ''T 

LL.B., U. of Minn., '92. Atty.-at-law, 702 

New York Life Building, Minneapolis, Minn. 

William Jamks Donahower. rT 

Attended Cornell U. Atty.-at-law, 210 E. 
Ninth St.. Saint Paul, Minn. 

Charles Ksplin, Jr. kT 

U. S. I^uid office. Seattle, Wash. 

Class of 1890. 

RuiH>Li»H William Sohimmel. 

Insurance Bus., 720-728 Tower Ave., West 
Superior. Wis. 

Ci ASS OF 1892. 

(•EORUE Ward IUkkino.ivn, LL.B. kH 

Towanda. l*enn. 


l.^ke City, Minn. 

RurKRr Caih vio Ukwky. A.B. a\2 

Minnoa|H>lis, Minn. 

Wl m AM Oo.N N KR L E A K \ . A . B. aH 

At Law Pept., I*, ot Minn.. '92-3. Min- 
tifa)H4is. Minn. 

Jamvs Kdward B.S. oii 

At Law IVpl., C, of MuuL. '02- ji. Maple 
l<Ak«». Minn. 


With the Kmnirt* Klovatv^r Cw, 51 Chamber 
\\f ComniervN*. Mu\nt\iivUis» Mmn. 

ClASS v»F iSo^. 

Class of 1894. 

Edgar Charles Bisbee. 
Madelia, Minn. 

Herbert Horatio Crossett. 
Saint Paul, Minn. 


Everhart Percy Harding. 
Waseca, Minn. 

John William Le Crone. 
Faribault, Minn. 

Class of 1895. 

Clarence Zelora Brown. ^ 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

William Henry Condit. 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

William Alexander Godward. 
Evansville, Minn. 

Horace Eusell Peck. 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Class of 1896. 

James Hare Evans. 
Minneapolis, Minn. 



College Notes. 

1884. Z. N. Vaughn, Ed. A rt^/, 82-3. 

1885. C. O. Atherton. Ora., Univ. Cont.. '82; 

Prite Med. Coll., •89 J. Gray, Ora., Univ. 

Cont, "83-4; Ed. Arte/, '83-4; 2d Prirc, St. 

Orat. Cont. '84; Valedictorian, '85, A. G. 

Holt, Ed. AriW, '84-5. 

1SS6, J. C. E. Kinff. Ed. Aru/, '82-3; (2d 
Prize, Chicago Med. Coll., '89; ist Prize, do., 

iSSS. H. W. Thompson, Ed. ^r/</. '86-7; 
Ed. Gopkrr, 'S6-7. 

1S89 W. R. Brown, Secy. St Orat Assn., 
•St>-:: Ed. Arul. ^Sy-S. 

Fraternity Notes. 

R. H. 


iSSi. J. B. Gould, Char. Mem.— 
Prvvsser, Lhar. Mem. 

1554. S. D. Townscnd, Char. Mem. Z. 

N, Vaughn, Char. Mem. 

iSScv. ]. C. E. King. Char. Mem. 

1 55:. t)- K. Da\idson, DeL Nat Conv.. 
Nashvil;e, Teaa.. 'S4. 

i55g, W. R. Brvnvn. Secy. N. W. Ahmmi 
As;sQ.; Dei. Nat Conv.. Atlanta, Ga., V- 




Charter granted, March 27, 1882, to Hugh Addison Cole, '82; Charles Houghton Dayton, '82; 
James Buchanan French, '82; John Lauderdale Kennedy, '82; William Suits Hosford,*83; 
Preston L Sever, '83; William George, '84; Constant Lake Gillis, '84, and William 
Lincoln Park, '85. 

Class of 1882. 

Hugh Addison Cole. * c^-^yH 

LL.B., State U. of Towa, '82. Hardware 
merchant, Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

Charles Houghton. Dayton, B.S. if jj yQ 
Draughtsman, '82-4. Civil Eng., '84-8. 
Since '88, Sec. and Mang. Utah Steam Laun- 
dry Co., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

James Buchanan French, A.B. if jj yQ 

Atty.-at-law, 181 1 N. Eleventh St., West 
Superior, Wis. 

John Lauderdale Kennedy, LL.B. 

Attended Knox Coll. Atty.-at-law, 1322 S. 
Thirty-second Ave., Omaha, Neb. 

Henry Saint Clair Putnam, LL.B. ^^ CQ 
B.S., Rose Polytechnic Inst., '86. Treas. 
Thomson and Houston Carbon Co., Fremont, 

Class of 1883. 

William Suits HosFORD, A.B. ifjj yi 

D.D.S., State U. of Iowa, '92. At Med. 
Dept., State U. of Iowa, '83-4. Merchant, 
131 2 E. Front St., Davenport, Iowa. 

Joseph Erwin McDowell. (ri 

LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, '86. Atty.- 
at-law, 4059 Indiana Ave. , Chicago, 111. 

William Clement Putnam, LL.B. if '^ XQ 

Pres. Oakdale Cemetery Co., since '87. 

Pres. Mutual Plate Glass Ins. Co., since '87. 

Director Davenport Gas Light Co., since '87. 
Atty.-at-law, Davenport, Iowa. 

Preston L Sever, B.S. if ft >* 

" L" letter only. A. mT, St. U. of Iowa, 
'86. Atty.-at law, 5tuart, Iowa. 

Laenas Gifford Weld, B.S. if ^i' 

Prof. High Sch., Burlington, Iowa, '84-(5. 
Asst. Prof. St. U. of Iowa, '87-9; since '89, 
Prof. do. , Iowa City, Iowa. 

Class of 1884. 

Absalom H Gale, C.E. if )3C 
••H" letter only. Prin. High Sch., Ply- 
mouth, Iowa, '86. Since '87, Asst. Post- 
master, Mason City, Iowa. 

William George, ft yX 

LL.B., Union Coll. of 
law, Aurora, 111. 

Law, '85. Atty.-at- 


Constant Lake Gillis, B.S. if ft 
Book-keeper, Des Moines, Iowa. 

George Jacob August Gruber. ^X 

Sec. and Treas., The Webster-Gruber 
Marble Co., Muscatine, Iowa. 

Charles Scott Magowan, C.E. icf 

A.M., St. U. of Iowa, '87. Asst. Prof, of 
Engineering, do., 506 N. Linn St., Iowa 
City, Iowa. 

Orville Dewey Wheeler, Ph.B. Sf tct 

LL.B., St. U. of Iowa. '85. Prin. High 
Sch., Sigourney, Iowa, '84-5. Atty.-at-law, 
415 Broadway, Council Bluffs, Iowa. 


Iowa Beta, 


Class of 1885. 

LowRiE Church Blanding, A. B. JJ; <?♦ 

Cash. Rock Island Plow Co., Rock Island, 

Harold Warren Clark, Ph.B. ^ rW> 

LL.B., St. U. of Iowa, '88. Atty.-at-law, 
Aspen, Col. 

Victor GuRNEE CoE, Ph.B. if ^X 

At Iowa Agl. Coll.. 'So- 1. Real Estate 
Agt., Rock Rapids, Iowa. 

Robert Abial Green, C.E. <?* 

Dy. Co. Clk., Converse Co., Wyo., '86-8; 
Co. Clk., do., '88-(;o. Civ. Eng., Douglas, 

Rbverdy Johnson Miller. % ^ 

LL.B., St U. of Iowa, '84. Prin. Pub. 

Schs., Plymouth, Iowa, '79-81; Rockwell, 

Iowa, '82-5. Ed. Iowa Workman, '85-90; 

The Eye, Missouri Valley, Iowa. 

♦William Lincoln Park. B.S. ?ft )* 

Attended Iowa Agl. Coll. Died, Fort 
Ferguson, Wyo., June 15, '86. Grand Junc- 
tion, Iowa. 

Morris Nelson Richardson. v* 

Publisher, Davenport Democrat, 142 E. 
Front St. , Davenport, Iowa. 

Charles Moore Robertson, B.S. <j4» 

A.M., St. U. of Iowa, '88; M.D., do., '88; 

ist Asst. Physiology, Med. Dept, do., '85-8; 

Clk. of Clinics, do., '87-8. Physician, 

Muscatine, Iowa. 

Chauncey Palmer Smith. /<!> 

Dy. Co. Clk., Witchita Co., Kan., '84-s. 
Grocer, Carroll, Iowa. 

Class of 1886. 

Charles Clapp Clark, LL.B. "^ in 

A.B., St. U. of Iowa, '81; A.M., do., '84. 

Prin. High Sch., Fairfield, Iowa, '81-3. 

Atty.-at-law, 131 7 Division St., Burlington, 


James Hiram Dickey, A.B. 

Gen. Mang. J. P. Dickey & Co. lumber 
yard, Storm Lake, Iowa. 

Verner Royal Lovell, Ph.D. /^t 

Atty.-at-law, Casselton, X. Dak. 

♦Samuel Alijekt M( Cluke. ;/* 

Tutor in Switzerland, '85-8. Died, Knox- 
ville, May 7, 1891. Knoxville, 111. 

Newton Clarence Voinc., A.B. Jf vU 

LL.B., St. U. of Iowa. 'S7. Atty.-at-law, 
Bathgate, N. Dak. 

Oscar Robert Young, C. E. y* 

Civ. Eng., Office U. P. Ry., Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

Class of 1887. 

Benjamin Howard Beecher. x^ 

Since '90, at U. of Mich. Ann Arbor, Midi. 

Lcroy Alceneous Burgett. ^T 

Stock trader. Zulu, Tex. 

Hugh Clemans, LL.B. f' r/f 

Ph.B., Cornell U., '85; Ph. M., do., '88. 
Instr. Commercial Law, Iowa City Bus. Coll., 
'86-7. Atty.-at-law, Manchester, Iowa. 

Bernard Drurv Connelly, A.B. oX 

Atty.-at-law, Sioux City, Iowa. 

Class of 1888. 

Homer Charles Atwell. * aZ-6ir 

At U. of Vt, •82-3; Tabor Coll., Iowa, 
'83-5 ; Law Dept., St U. of Iowa, '87. Atty.- 
at-law, 725 Seventh Ave., Council Bluffs. 

Clarence Baker, if rT 

B.C.E., Iowa Agl. Coll., '88. Bridge Eng., 
Union Depot Hotel, Kansas City, Mo. 

William Owen Clemans, LL.B. 1^ <Tt 

Atty.-at-law, Calder Block, Cedar Rapids. 

Arthur Cohk, B.S. ^X 

At Cornell Coll., Mount Vernon, Iowa, 
'83-4. Book-keeper, ist Nat Bank, Grafton, 
N. Dak. 

Alfred Milton Craven, A.B. 5f f» a* 

At Franklin, '82. Atty.-at-law, Colfax. 

Roger Carey Craven, A.B. Sf ^ a^ 
At Hanover, *8i-2. Reporter Wor id- 
Herald, 406 N. Fourteenth St., Omaha, 

William Henry Dart, Ph.B. 5f 
Clerk, Rock Island. 111. 



Edwin Moore. 

Clerk. Welsh, La. 

Elmer Clay Nichols. Ph.B. ^* 

LL.B., St. U. of Iowa, '90. West Liberty, 

Hkrhkrt Jennings Till. o^ 

Atty.-at-law. 1325 Leavenworth St., 
Omaha, Neb. 

Class of 1889. 

John Edward Bacon, Ph.B. 
Wilton, Iowa. 



Iowa Beta. 


Class of 1890. 

Ernest McLeod Fowler. VT 

Clerk, no Main St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

William Radford Gray, M.D. if ft ;3T-rX 
At Iowa Wesleyan, '85-8. Physician, Le 
Mar, Iowa. 

Richard Gay Beecher Hargrave. tT 

Abstracter, Colfax, Wash. 

Henry Lew Hastings, LL.B. ^'f /Q 

Mayor, Battle Creek, since 91. Atty.-at- 
law. Battle Creek, Iowa. 

Ira Dubois Orton. at 

Princeton, Mo. 

Class of 1891. 

William Hepburn Bremner, C.E. /* 

Marshall town, Iowa. 

Alden Hugh Brown, C.E. if ^ 

Vinton, Iowa, 

Frank Arnold Hastings, C.E. f* a* 

10 10 Iowa Ave., Iowa City, Iowa. 

John Ezra Hawthorne, D.D.S. a'k 

Attended Augustana Coll. Rock Island, 

Charles Edwin Kahlke, B.S. f* 

201 Fourth Ave., Rock Island, 111. 

Arthur George Smith, Ph.D. rfk 

Agency, Iowa. 

Class of 1892. 

Walter Rollin Burnham. "k^ 

Storm Lake, Iowa. 

Edward Louis Kahlke, Eng. B. at 

303 Fourth Ave., Rock Island, 111. 

George Walter Stiles, Ph.D. ijfjj 7X 

Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Philip Hammond Waterman. <tT 

Min. Eng., HUeman, Iowa. 

Class of 1893. 

Asher Ulysses Ely. a^ 

Iowa City, Iowa. 

Benson W Fordyce, D.D.S. x^ 

" W " letter only. At Iowa Wesleyan, '88- 
90. Platteville, Iowa. 

Benjamin Howard Mallory. a* 

Hampton, Iowa. 

Frank Davenport McCaffrey. ^ fX 

At Cornell Coll., Iowa, '87-9. Le Claire, 

Henry Spinsby McCaffrey, f* fX 

At Cornell Coll., Iowa, '87-9. Le Claire, 

John Paul Minchen. vX 

Carroll, Iowa. 

George Albert Robinson. 6* 

Hampton, Iowa. 

William Patrick Slattery. if a* 

A. B. . Carlow Coll. , Ireland, ' 84. Attended 

Dublin U., Ireland. 121 Pearl St., New 
York, N. Y. 

Class of 1894. 

Edward Charles Ayers. jj r2-T* 

At Lombard U., '80-4. Afton, Iowa. 

William Jackson Calvin. ^X 

Iowa City, Iowa. 

Willard Lincoln Converse. ^TL 

Cresco, Iowa. 

David Sturgis Fairchild, Jr. r* 

At Iowa Agrl. Coll., •88-90. Ames, Iowa. 

John McAllaster Haddock. a* 

Bedford, Iowa. 

William Stephen Hamilton. wX 

Wyoming, Iowa. 

Henry Clay Hull. ^X 

Washington, Iowa. 

Willis Alvin Lomas. V'X 

Cresco, Iowa. 

John Murray McCaffrey, f* y* 

At Cornell Coll., Iowa, '89-90. Le Claire, 

Charles William McElderry. 
Afton, Iowa. 

Charles Hibbard Mills. 
Tama, Iowa. 

Charles Dietrich Reimers. 
Rock Island, 111. 

Albert Thompson Rutledge. 
Kirkville, Mo. 

Frank Woolston. 
Denison, Iowa. 

Class of 1895. 

Joseph Holmes Allen. 
Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Graham Woodbridge Lawrence. 
Iowa City, Iowa. 

Burton Francis Peek. 
Oregon, 111. 










Iowa Beta, 

1895-6. NOTES. 

Harry Peck Toogood. 
Manchester, Iowa. 

Park W Tourtellot. 

" W" letter only. Wyoming, Iowa. 

Class of 1896. 

George Milnes Price. 
Iowa City, Iowa. 



College Notes. 

1882. C. H. Dayton, Commencement Spkr. , 
'82; Civ. Eng. Debr., Zetagathian Ex., '82. 

{. B. French, Orator, Zetagathian Ex., '82. 
. L. Kennedy, Commencement Spkr., Law 

CI., '82. H. S. Putnam, Iowa St. Bar Prize, 

'82; Prize Essay, '82; (Valedictorian, Rose 
Polytechnic Inst., '8b; Pres. Alumni Assn., do.. 


1883. W. S. Hosford, 1st Lieut. Univ. Battal. 

W. C. Putnam, Commencement Spkr., 

Law CI.. '83. P. L Sever, Ed. Videite- 

— L. G. Weld, Commencement 

Reporter, '82.— 
Spkr.. '83. 

1884. A. H Gale, Ed. Vidette-Reporter, 

'83-4. C. L. Gillis, ist Declr. Prize; Spkr.. 

Irving Soc. Ex., '83. O. D. Wheeler, Saluta- 

torian, Zetagathian Ex., '84; Orator, Jr. Orat. 
Cont., '84; Grad. with Honors, '84. 

1885. V. G. Coe, Orator, Jr. Orat. Cont, 

'84; Orator, Zetagathian Ex., '85. R. J. 

Miller, Pub. Debr., '84. W. L. Park, Ed. 

Vidette- Reporter, 

1886. N. C. Young, Ed. Vidette-Reportcr, 
'84-6; 2d Prize, Orat. Cont., '86; Commence- 
ment Spkr.. '86. 

1888. C. Baker, Orator, Jr. Ex.. '87; Com- 
mencement Spkr., '88. A. M. Craven, Debr., 

Zetagathian Ex., '87. R. C. Craven. Ed. 

Vidette-Reporter, '86-8; Orator, Zetagathian 
Ex., '87; ist Prize, Orat. Cont, '87; 3d Prize, 
Iowa St Orat Cont. '87; Del. Inter-St Orat 

Assn.. Bloomington. 111., '87. W. H. Dart, 

Ed. Vidette-Reporter, '85-7. 

1890. W. R. Gray, Ed. Iowa Wesley an, 

'87-8; Orator, Iowa St Orat Cont, '88. 

H. L. Hastings, Alumni Address for Class of 

1 891. A. H. Brown, Ed. Transit, 

1892. G. W. Stiles, Ed. Jr. Annual, '91. 

1893. W. P. Slattery, Field Champion, 
Inter-Coll. Field Day, '90. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1882. H. A. Cole, Intd. Iowa Alpha; Char. 

Mem. C. H. Dayton, Char. Mem. ^T. B. 

French, Char. Mem. J. L. Kennedy. Intd. 

111. Delta; Char. Mem.; Cf. 111. Alpha Alumni 
and Notes. 

1883. W. S. Hosford. Char. Mem. P. L 

Sever, Char. Mem.; Del. Nat Conv., Rich- 
mond, Va., '82; Prest Eta Prov., '82-4. 

1884. W. George, Char. Mem. C. L. 

Gillis, Char. Mem. 

1885. L. C. Blanding, Del. Nat Conv.. 

Nashville, Tenn , '84. W. L. Park, Char. 


1888. H. C. Atwell, Intd. Vt Alpha. 
1890. W. R. Gray, Intd. Iowa Alpha. 

1892. G. W. Stiles, Del. Nat. Conv.. At- 
lanta, Ga.. '91. 

1893. E. C. Ayers. Intd. 111. Zeta. 




Charter granted, October 26, 1882, to William Dixie Simpson, Jr., '83; Mason Langston Cope- 
land, '84; Jvdius Townsend Dudley, '85; Cicero Arthur Durham, '85. and James Harri- 
son Rucker, '86. 

Class of 1883. 

William Dixie Simpson, Jr., B.S. 5?* /^T-t* 
Tutor English. South Carolina Coll., '83-5 ; 
Prof. Lang., Adger Coll., '86-7; Pres., do., 
•88. Atty.-at-law, Columbia, S. C. 

Class of 1884. 

Mason Langston CoPELAND, B.S. jj ^X 

LL.B., South Carohna Coll., '87. At 
Erskine Coll. , ' 80-2. Atty . -at-law, Laurens, 
S. C. 

James Madison Kennedy, B.S. if r^Q 

At Krskine Coll., '82. Farmer, Troy, S. C. 

Class of 1885. 

Lawrence Ruffin Brown. vT-fi' 

At U. of S. C, '84; U. of Ga., '86-8. Phy- 
sician, Sharon, Ga. 

Julius Townsend Dudley, jj ^ 

At Carolina Mil. Inst., '82-4. Merchant, 
Bennettsville, S. C. 

Cicero Arthur Durham, jj rT-t* 

At Va. Mil. Inst, '81-2. Traveling sales- 
man, Marion, S. C. 

William Ashby Evans. gX 

Supt. Saw Mill, Naylor, Ga. Yorkville, 
S. C. 

Leonidas Murdock Gasque. rX 

Book-keeper, Marion, S. C. 

Lewie Allen Griffith, jj o^-yX 

M.D., Ky. Sch. Med., '86. At Roanoke, 
'82-3; Cou. Phys. and Surg., Baltimore, 
Md., '84-5. Physician, Chapin, S. C. 

Pressley Frederick Jones. 

Farmer, Toby's Creek, S. C. 


Class of 1886. 

Lawrence Eugene Carrigan. fX 

Farmer, Society Hill, S. C. 

James Edwards Curry. vf 

Pharmacist and Chemist, Gastonia, N. C. 

James Iredell. if»T 

Cashier, Commercial Bank, Columbia, 
S. C. 

James Harrison Rucker. £ 
Farmer, Elberton, Ga. 



Myron Harris Sandifer. 

Pharmacist, Sumter, S. C. 

George Walker. If tfr 

M.D., U. of Md., '88. Physician, York- 
ville, S. C. 

Ingraham Wilson. >4> 

Inventor of the Wilson and Kenneday 
spark arrester and extinguisher, '88. Far- 
mer. Yorkville, S. C. 

William De Kalb Wylie, M.D. ^X 

M.D.. U. of City of N. Y., '88. At Med. 
Dept, U. of Louisville, '86-7. Physician, 
Rossville, S. C. 


South Carolina Beta, 

1887-95. NOTES. 

Class of 1887. 

William Watts Ball, A.B. y* vT 

Asst Prin. Graded Sch., Columbia, S. C, 
*88-^. Ed. Advertiser, Laurens. Atty.- 
at-law, Laurens, S. C. 

David Frank Houston, A.B. jjf 6^ 

Tutor, South Carolina Coll., 'S7-8. Since 
'88, Supt. Schs., Spartanburg, S. C. 

Andrew Charles Moore, A.B. ]gr oT 

Supt. Graded Sch., Spartanburg, S. C., 
•88; since '88, do., Camden, S. C. 

John Bryson Patton. 

Graduated U. S. Naval Acad. , '89. Colum- 
bia, S. C. 

Class of 1888. 

John Robert Co an, A.B. if 
Teacher, Moore, S. C. 


Class of 1889. 

William Thomas Aycock, A.B. if ftf* v* 
Wedgefield, S. C. 

Harry Alexander Brunson, A.B. if x^ 
Florence, S. C. 

♦Albert Rhett Nicholson, Jr. '^ vT 

Merchant. Died, Johnston, S. C, Feb., 
'88. Edgefield, S. C. 

Class of 1890. 

Eugene Edwin Aycock, A.B. f' 
Wedgefield, S. C. 

Laurens Watts Boyd. 

A.B., S. C. Coll., '91. Laurens, S. C. 

Class of 1891. 

Joseph David Rast, A.B., L.L 
Darlington, S. C. 

Class of 1892. 

Allen McIver Coker, B.S. 
Darlington, S. C. 

William Dorroh Ferguson. 
Laurens, S. C. 

William Crenshaw Gist. 
Yorkville, S. C. 

Georoe Augustus Mili.kk. 
Anderson, S. C. 

Joe Barry Sloan, LL.B. ft 
Charleston, S. C. 




Class of 1893. 

Lambert Jones White, A.B. 
Abbeville C. H., S. C. 

Class of 1894. 

William Coulter Cothran. f* 
Abbeville, S. C. 

Andrew Bowie Wardlaw. 
Darlington, S. C. 

Class of 1895. 

Benjamin Edwin Nicholson, f* 
Edgefield, S. C. 




College Notes. 

1883. W. D. Simpson, Jr., Ed. South Caro- 
lina Collegian. 

1884. J. M. Kennedy, 2d Honor, Class '84. 
1886. G. Walker (2d Honor in Class, U. of 

Md., '88.) 
r. W. 


W. Ball, Orator, Jr. Ex.. '86.. 

D. F. Houston, Ed. South Carolina Collegian. 

A. C. Moore, Valedictorian, Clairsophic 

Soc., '87. 

1888. J. R. Coan, Debr. Medal, Clairsophic 
Soc., '86; Valedictorian, do., '88; Ed. South 
Carolina Collegian, '87; Class Honors, *88. 

1889. W. T. Aycock, Valedictorian, Eu- 

phradian Soc., '89. H. A. Brunson, Soph. 

Debr. Medal, '87; Bus. Mang., South Carolina 
Collegian, *88; Jr. Orator. Commencement, 
'88; Ed. University Carolinian, '89. 

1S91. J. D. Rast, Bus. Mang., University 
Carolinian, '89-90. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1883. W. D. Simpson. Jr., Intd. S. C. Alpha; 
Cf. Frat. Notes, do. ; Char. Mem. 

1884. M. L. Copeland, Char. Mem.; Del. 
Nat. Conv., New York, N. Y., '86. 

18S5. J. T. Dudley, Char. Mem. C. A. 

Durham, Intd. Va. Epsilon; Char. Mem. 

L. A. Griffith. Intd. Va. Alpha; Del. Nat. 
Conv.. Nashville. Tenn., '84. 

1886. J. H. Rucker, Char. Mem. 

1887. W. W. Ball, Orator, Pan-hellenic Con- 
ference, '85. 

1889. W. T. Aycock, Del. to Beta Prov. 
Conv., '87. 

1892. J. B. Sloan, Del. Nat. Conv., Atlanta, 
I Ga., '91. 




Charter granted, November, 5, 1882, to Samuel Alfred Detwiler, '84; William Townsend Findley, 
•84; Justin Perkins Jack. '84; Eldie Franklin Caldwell, '85; Burgess Thomas Chace, '85; 
• Josiah Albert Fowler, '86; William Stanley Williams, '87; Bryson Perdy Blair, '88, and 
Thomas Jackson Schall, *88. 

Class of 1884. 

Samuel Alfred Detwiler, C.E. fl ^^X 

Kansas City, Mo. 

William Townsend Findley, A.B. if ft^ ;tX 
At McCormick Theo. Sem., '84-7. Indian 
Missionary, Winnebago, Neb. 

♦Justin Perkins Jack. * x^ 

Asst. Prof. Math., Colorado Mil. Inst 
Died, Oct., '84. Lawrence, Kan. 

Class of 1885. 

Eldie Franklin Caldwell, A.B. yg x^ 

Advertising Agt. Southern Kan. Ky., '85-7. 

Since '89, Asst. Postmaster, Lawrence, Kan. 

Burgess Thomas Chace. if # x^ 

Teacher, 2005 Jefferson St., Kansas City, 

Samuel Marion Cook, A.B. if <tX 

At Iowa Coll., '81-2. Supt. City Schs., 
Solomon, Kan., '85-9. Since '89, Prin. Schs., 
Chapman, Kan. 

Class of 1886. 

Durward Belmont Brady. c* 

Mang. for Hargis and Gilham, Stilwell, 

JosiAH Albert Fowler. ^ ;fY 

Prin. Grammar Sch., Littleton, Kan., '85-7. 
Atty.-at-law, 1417 Lawrence St., Denver, 

Harlin Fullerton Graham, A.B. J <j* 

A M.. U. of Kan., '90. Prin. High Sch.. 
Abilene, Kan., '86-9. Supt. Pub. Schs., 
Horton, Kan. 

William Ciinton Snyder, if ff* 

B.D., Cumberland U., '88. Cumberland 
Presb. Min., Holden, Mo. 

W^iLLis Ellsworth Vincent, fl a:T-<j* 

Attended Iowa Wesleyan. Atty. -at-law, 
Hutchinson, Kan. 

Class of 1887. 

Jeptha Dickey Davis, A.B, if aX 

M.D., Med. Coll. of Ohio, '90. Res. Physi- 
cian, Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, 

Joseph Thomas Dickerson, LL.B. if r¥ 
Atty.-at-law, Marion, Kan. 

William Suddards Frankun, B.S. f* C* 
M.S., U. of Kan., '92. Lawrence, Kan. 
S. W. Junkerstrasse, 4-IV, Berlin, Ger. 

William Stanley Williams, ft ;tT 

Grain merchant, Ottawa, l5in. 

Class of 1888. 

Bryson Perdy Blair, ft x^ 

Mang. Curtis Town & Land Co., Debeque, 
since '88. Atty.-at-law, Debeque, Col. 

Edward Curtis Franklin, B.S. ^ vT 

M.S., U. of Kan., '92. Tutor Chem., U. 
of Kan., '85-7; since '88, Asst. in Chem., do., 
Lawrence, Kan. 


Kansas Alpha, 

1 888-93 

William Edward Higgins, B.S. if pT 

Prin. Locust Schs., Lawrence, Kan., '88-9; 
do., Grant Sch., '89-90. Topeka, Kan. 

Owen Cyrus Le Suer, B.C.E. (tT 

City Fng., Marion, Kan., '89. Since '89, 
Government Contractor, Lawrence, Kan. 

Prank Hart Olney. ^ ri 

Teacher, Spring Hill, Kan. 

Thomas Jackson Schall. ft x^ 

Mang. Ed. Daily Democrat^ Lawrence, 
Kan , '88; since '89, do.. Worlds Hiawatha, 

•Edward Adolf Wheeler, if cX 

City Ed. Daily Herald, Lawrence, Kan. 
Clerk, C. S. F. & C. Ry., '88-9. Mail Agt, 
'89. Contractor with Perry, Hinkle & Co., 
'89. Died, Portland, Dec. 17, '89. Portland, 

Class of 1889. 

Hanford Edson Finney. a^ 

Correspondent Armour Packing Co., 511 
W. Eighteenth St. , Kansas City, Mo. 

Oslin Martin Jackson. ^T 

Clerk, Sedalia, Mo. 

Vernon Lyman Kellogg, B.S. 5?^ tT 

M. S. , U. of Kan. , '92. At Coll. of Emporia, 
'83-4. Mang. Ed. Daily Journal, Lawrence, 

Julius Morres Liepman. ST V'*^ 

Merchant, Fort Scott, Kan. 

John Crogan Manning. ji' 

At Boston Conservatory of Music, since 
'90. Topeka, Kan. 

Elbert Franklin Neal. vT 

Asst. Cash. Bank, Caldwell, Kan. 

James William 0*Bryon. ^ rft 

Merchant, Anderson, Ind. 

Class of 1890. 

Walter Root Armstrong, A. B. J 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Neil Cornell Brooks, A.B. Sf 
915 Olive St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Abraham Lincoln Burney, A.B. 5f ft 
Harrisonville, Mo. 

Edward Lincoln Glasgow. 
Courtland, Kan. 

Leland De Forest Henshaw, B.C.E. 
Co. Surveyor, Marion, Kan. 


George Strong Lewis. y/T 

Asst. Cash. Kansas Nat. Bank, Wichita, 

Charles Stone McFarland, B.C.E. t'T 

Sugar Analyst, Donaldsonville, La. 

Amos Hinsdale Plumb. /iT 

Emporia, Kan. 

William Allen White, if c* 

City Ed. Daily Journal and Daily Trib- 
une, Lawrence, Kan. ; do.. Daily Republi- 
can, El Dorado, since '90; Mang. and Asso. 
Ed., do., El Dorado, Kan. 

Class of 1891. 

Orley Colfax Billings. jtT 

Dy. Register of Deeds, Marion Co., Marion, 

James Frank Craig, A.B. y /♦ 

Vevay, Ind. 

Walter Scott Hayden, Jr., A.B. A* 

At Oberlin Coll., '82-6. Clk. Auditing 
Dept, Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry., 
Topeka, Kan. 

Fred Homer Kellogg, B.S. ^ pT 

Clk. Atty. General's Office, Topeka, Kan. 
'91-2. Atty.-at-law, Chicago, 111. 

Irving Haskell Morse, B.S. ^rT 

Emi)oria, Kan. 

Frank Galen Nichols, B.S. J ar^ 

At Washburn Coll , Topeka, Kan.. '87-8; 
Baker U., Baldwin, Kan., '88-90. Merchant, 
1006 Quincy St. , Topeka, Kan. 

Class of 1892. 

James Edward Dyche. A.B. r* 

At Garfield U., '88-9. Baker. Kan. 

Frederick Funston. if ^ 
Carlyle, Kan. 

James Burton Funston. ^ 
Stock raiser, Carlyle, Kan. 



\ DwiGHT Ellwood Potter, A.B. ^T 

Peabody, Kan. 

Albert Andrew Stover. oT 

Cash Bank, Belleville, Kan. 

Class of 1893. 

Ermine Cowles Case, A.B. vT 

900 W. Thirteenth St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Thornton Cooke, A.B. >♦ 

Herington, Kan. 

Henry Fiegenbaum. A.B. ijX 

Lawrence, Kan. 

1893-6. NOTES. 

Kansas Alpha, 


Otis Halbert Holmes, ft r2 

Ed. Gasette-Democrat, Clay Centre, Neb. 
Del. Dem. Nat. Con v.. Chicago. 111., "83. 
Edgar, Neb. 

John Meyers. ^ 

Holton, Kan. 

John De Mott Miller. W» 

Peabody, Kan. 

Edward Isaac O'Bryon. ^ yX 

Sibley, Kan. 

Paul Wilkinson, y a2 

Seneca. Kan. 

Class of 1894. 

Thomas Hazael Franklin. ^ 
Severance, Kan. 

Oscar Eldridge Learnard. ^ 
Lawrence, Kan. 

Stephen Tracy Learnard. ^ 
Lawrence, Kan. 

George Duffield Lyon. 
Chetopa, Kan. 

George Herbert Playter. 
Pittsburg, Kan. 

Walter Orr Woods. 
Concordia, Kan. 

Class of 1895. 

Samuel Tilden Gillispie. 
Hiawatha, Kan. 

David William James. 
Topeka, Kan. 

Orlin Little McCall. 
Lawrence, Kan. 

Lester Eugene Watson. 
Emporia, Kan. 

Class of 1896. 

Lewis Henry Bradford. 
Topeka, Kan. 

Harry Waldo McLaughlin. 
Arkansas City, Kan. 








1885. E. F. Caldwell, Bus. Mang. Kikabe, 
Cyclone^ Cicalo, and University Review^ 

'82-5; Valedictorian. "85 B. T. Chace, 

Debr., Oread. Soc., '83. S. M. Cook, Ed. 

University Review y '83-4; Ed. -in ch., do., 
'64-5; Commencement Spkr., '85. 

1886. H. F. Graham, Ed. University 
Courier, '84-5 ; Public Debr., '85 ; Junior Orator, 

'85; Commencement Spkr., '86 W. C. 

Snyder, Ed. Lincolnian, '85; Ed. Student, 

1887. J. D. Davis (Gold Medal, Surg. 
Drawing. Med. Coll. of Ohio). J. T. Dicker- 
son, Class Orator, '87. 

1888. W. E. Higgins, Crew Prize Essav, '83 ; 
Field Orat. Prize, "85; V. Pres. Kan. St. 'Orat. 
Assn., '88; Ed. University Review, '87; Com- 
mencement Spkr., '88. F. H. Olney, Public 

Debr., '85; Orator, '87. E. A. Wheeler. Bus. 

Mang. and Ed. University Courier. 

1889. V. L. Kellogg. Ed. University 
Courier; Bus. Mang. University Review; 
Ed.-in-ch., do. J. M. Liepman, Cont. Declr., 


1890. W. R. Armstrong, Ed. University 
Courier, '88; Bus. Mang. University Review, 

'89. N. C. Brooks. Bus. Mang. Review, 

'89-90. A. L. Burney, Ed. Review; Ed. 

Courier. W. A. White, Bus. Mang. Review, 

'87-8; Ed.-in-ch., Annual, '89. 

1891. J. F. Craig, Bus. Mang. Times, *88; 

Ed.-inch., Kansan, '90. F. G. Nichols 

(Founded Beacon, Baker U., '89). 

1892. F. Funston, Ed. Times. 

1893. P. Wilkinson, Ed. Courier, '85; 
Times, '88. 

College Notes. 
1884. W. T. Findley, Staff Cyclone, '83. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1884. S. A. Detwiler. Char. Mem. W. T. 

Findley, Char Mem. J. P. Jack, Char. Mem. 

1885. E. F. Caldwell, Char. Mem. B. T. 

Chace, Char. Mem. 

1886. J. A. Fowler, Char. Mem. W. E. 

Vincent, Intd. Iowa Alpha. 

1887. W. S. Williams, Char. Mem. 

1888. B. P. Blair, Char. Mem. T. J. 

Schall, Char. Mem. ; Del. Nat Conv., New 
York, N. Y., '86. 

1890. A. L. Burney, Del. Nat Conv., Bloom- 
ington. III., '89. 

1893. O. H. Holmes, Del. Na\ Conv., 
Atlanta, Ga., '91. 




Charter granted, December 23, 1882, to Hubbard McKee Hoyt, '83; Frank W Hunter, "83; 
Elmer Woodman Hart, '84; Clement Jacob Olmsted, '84; Charles Nathan Richards, 
'84; William Ezra Allen, '85; Lucius T Gould, '85; Hugh Fred Schunck (Wis. Alpha. 
'85), and Charles Walter Frink, '86. 

Class of 1883. 

Hubbard McKee Hoyt, B.S. ft «fl 

At Oberlin, '79-80; Chicago Homcep. Med. 
Coll., '83-6. Physician, BeTlevue, Ohio. 

Frank W Hunter, ft ail 

**W" letter only. Attended Oberlin. 
Druggist, Miller, S. Dak. 

Class of 1884. 
Elmer Woodman Hart, ft 


LL.B., Columbian U., "88; LL.M., do., 
'8g. Examiner, Law Division, U. S. Pension 
Office, 935 K St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

John Hugh McGill, B.S. 6* 

Atty.-at-law, 34 Houseman Block, Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

Clement Jacob Ouhsted, B.S. ft a* 

At Med. Dept. U. of Mich., '84-6; Long 
Island Coll. Hosp., '87. Phys. and Surg., 
Hudson, Mich. 

Nathan Charles Richards, ft a^ 

Prin. High. Sch., Minden, Neb., '84-5. 
Atty.-at-law, 218 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

Elmer Ellsworih Woodman, B.S. yir 

Prin. High Sch., Irving, '86-7. Stockman, 
Irving, Kan. 

Class of 1885. 

William Ezra Allen, yft aX 

Book Pub., 22 Lafayette Ave., Detroit, 

Clark Lincoln Herron. B. Ph. ft <5X 

Tutor, Hillsdale, '82-5. Since '88, Prof. 
Math., Minneapolis Acad., 131 3 Fourth St., 
S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Charles Hall Perry, if v^ 

At U. of Mich., '85-7 Musical and Dra- 
matic Critic, Chicago Evening Mar/, '87-8. 
Ry. Contractor, 15 Lakeside Bldg., Chicago, 

Robert Elmer Taylor, Ph. B. 
Merchant. Kewanee, 111. 

Class of 1886. 


George Campbell Burgess. a* 

Teacher, '81-3. Township Clk., Bedford, 
Mich.. '82-3. Since '89, Custodian of Wayne 
Co. offices, 281 First St., Detroit, Mich. 

Frank Dennison Crissman. yX 

Attended U. of Mich. Merchant, Alpena, 

Charles Walter Frink. ft a* 

M.D., Rush Med. Coll.,^87. At De Pauw, 
'83-4. Phys. and Surg., 312 N. West St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

♦Thurlow Marion Greenman. *♦ 

Died, Condersport, Aug. 25, '85. Conders- 
port. Pa. 

♦Reuben Halleck Harris. ^X 

Clerk. Died, Hillsdale, Nov. 10. '89. Hills- 
dale, Mich. 


Michigan Gamma 


Alfred Roland Heckman, B.S. f' a* 

Attended Chicago Evening Coll. of Law. 
Real estate dealer, 115 Dearborn St , Chicago, 

WiLLARD Ansel Prince, Ph. B. ^X 

Supt High Sch., Ulysses, Neb., *8Ch.8. 

Director and Atty. Bank of Commerce, 

Grand Island. Atty.-at-law, Grand Island, 


Class of 1887. 

Charles Isaac Barker, B.S. tT 

Prin. High Sch., Allen, Mich., '87-8. Atty.- 
at-law, 152 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

Eugene D Conger. vT 

*'D" letter only. Sec., Treas. and Gen. 
Mang. Telegram Pub. Co., 18 Pearl. St., 
Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Howard Eugene Crum, B.S. vt 

Traveling Salesman, Hillsdale, Mich. 

Herbert Abraham Sanford. ^t 

At Ann Arbor High Sch , '80-1. Atty.-at- 
law, Mount Pleasant, Mich. 

William Hawley Perry Smith, A.B. * aX 
Graduated Princeton Theo. Sem. Presb. 
Min., Stewartstown, Pa. 

Class of 1888. 

Jambs Edward Davidson, A.B. 5 aY 

Ship builder and steamship owner, West 
Bay City, Mich. 

Carlton Durward Garlough, A.B. f* yX 
At Wittenburg Coll., Spingfield, Ohio, 
'81-2. Prin. Depts. of Lang, and Sci., Will- 
iamsburg Inst., Williamsburg, Ky. 

Chauncey Rowe Reynolds, Ph.B. a* 

Traveling Salesman, 417 Walnut St., Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

William Oscar Robinson, A.B. 5f^ <rr 

Teacher, Homer, Mich. 

Oscar Greely Rogers. vT 

At U. of the Pacific, '86-7. Commission 
merchant, 419 California St., San Francisco, 

Class of i88g. 

Clark Gilbert Corey. at 

Book-keeper, Lansing, Iowa. 

John Owen Duguid, A.B. % yi 

Tutor, Hillsdale, '88-9. Kay, Ind. 

•Milan Wright Fisher. aX 

Died, Rome City, Ind., Jan. 3, '90. Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

Alexander Hamilton Hiller, Ph.B. CQ 

Tutor. Hillsdale, '86-9. Prin. High Sch., 
Orland, Ind. Teacher, Hudson, Mich. 

Joseph G McConnell, J"r. kX 

•• G •• letter only. Teacher, Bellona, N. Y. 

Enos Ephraim Palmer. <4> 

B.S., N. W. Norm., Genesee, 111., '85. 
M. D., Chicago Med. Coll., '90. Physician, 
Ottawa, 111. 

Erastus Devillo Palmer, A.B. ])f ;t* 

Prin. Hieh Sch., Harrison, Mich., '83-4. 
Norwich, N. Y. 

Daniel Victor Richardson, Ph.B. at 

Prin. Hi|fh Sch., Fremont, Ind., '87-8. 
Spencer, Wis. 

Class of 1890. 

Edward Henry Barringer. iff 
Hillsdale, Mich. 


John Worth Carnahan. y f' «♦ 

Prin. Sch., Cochran's Mills, '88-9. Coch- 
ran's Mills, Pa. 

Dixon James Churchill, Ph.B. % ^t 

Instr. Vocal Music, Hillsdale, since '87. 
Hillsdale, Mich. 

George Guilford Kenny, Ph.B. 
Hillsdale, Mich. 


Charles Elmore Mark, A.B. 
Hillsdale, Mich. 


Charles Sumner McLouth. if^ 
Ray, Ind. 


Edward Leeson Powers. 
Bronson, Mich. 


Class of 1891. 

Charles Calvin Carnahan. ^ 
Cochran's Mills, Pa. 


Orris Orvil Force. Ph.B. 


Pardeeville, Wis. 

James Nelson Greene. Ph.B. a£ 

Prin. Schs., Bellona, N. Y., '88-9. Vine 
Valley, N. Y. 

James Jean Heckman, Ph. B. y ^ ^T 

At Oberlin, '88-90. Tutor Ancient Hist., 
HUlsdale, '86-7. Kingston, 111. 

John CuRTiN Newcomer, A.B. 6* 

Tutor, Shorthand and Commercial Law, 
Hillsdale, '89-90. Polo. 111. 

Martin Palmer. ff2 

Prin. Sch., Flat Rock, Mich. 


Michigan Gamma, 

1 89 1-6. NOTES. 


Music teacher, Delaware, Ohio. 
Class of 1892. 


Frank Burke Draper. * ^T 

Tutor Latin, Hillsdale, '89-90. Hillsdale, 

John Russell Eastman. 
Republic, Ohio. 

Wilbur Sherman Garlough. ^ 
Pitchin, Ohio. 

Thomas Charles Lawrence, A.B. 
Hillsdale, Mich. 

John Adelbkrt McLouth, Ph.B. ^ 
Ray, Ind. 

Vernon Wick Van Fleet. 
Elkhart, Ind. 

Class of 1893. 

Clark Bishop Chaffee. 

Teacher, Middlesex, N. Y. 

Nathan B Crabtree. 

*'B" letter only. La Rue, Ohio. 

George Wallace Foote. 5? 
Hillsdale, Mich. 

Archer James Gilbert. 
Jonesville, Mich. 

George Knowlton March. * 
Hillsdale. Mich. 

Edgar Crystal Molby. 
Hillsdale, Mich. 

Harry Silas Myers. 
Paw Paw, Mich. 

Norman Bert Sloan. 
Hillsdale, Mich. 

Class of 1894. 

Burt Francis Green. ^ 
Paw Paw, Mich. 

Samuel Eugene Kelley. 
Providence, R. L 

Lebbens Smith Shumakek. 
Deanville, Pa. 

Class of 1895. 

Charles Hurlkert Alvokd. 
Hillsdale, Mich. 




James Irven Bricker. 
Fremont, Ind. 

Fred Bonham Fox. 
Kearney, Neb. 

George Wellington Green. ^ 
Paw Paw, Mich. 

Thomas James Sawyer. 
Grass Lake, Mich. 

Class of 1896. 

Louis Bennett Austin. 
Hillsdale, Mich. 

Laurens Potier Davis. 
Hillsdale, Mich. 

Walter Melville French. 
Hillsdale, Mich. 

Jesse Robinson. ^ 

Chester Cross Roads, N. Y. 

Frank Wells, Jr. 
Buffalo, N. Y. 






College Notes. 

i88«>. W. E. Allen, Jr. Orat. Prize. A.K.P. 
Soc., '83. C. H. Perry, CI. Orator, '87. 

1888. W. O. Robinson, Tr. Orat. Prize, '86; 
Martin Matt. Prize, '88; Valedictorian, '88. 

1889. J. O. Duguid, 2d Honor, Orat. Cont, 

•84 and '85; do., Jr. Orat. Cont, '87. E. D. 

Palmer, Fresh. Orat. Prize, '85; Jr. Orat. 
Prize, '87. 

1890. E. H. Barringer, Fresh. Orat. Prize, 
'86; Jr. Orat. Prize, '87; Ed. Herald. '85-8; 

Pres. Inter-St. Ath. Assn. J. W. Carnahan, 

Honor. Mention, Fresh. Orat. Cont, '87. 

D. J. Churchill, Music Cont Prize, '87. C. 

S. McLouth, Fresh. Orat. Prize, '87. 

1 89 1. J. J. Heckman, Fresh. Orat. Prize, 


1892. F. B. Draper, Fresh. Orat. Prize, '87. 

1893. G. W. Foote, Fresh. Prize, A.K.P. 
Soc., '90. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1883. H. M. Hoyt, Char. Mem. F. W. 

Hunter, Char. Mem. 

1884. E. W. Hart, Char. Mem. C. J. 

Olmsted, Char. Mem. N. C. Richards, Char. 

Mem. H. F. Schunck (Wis. Alpha, '85), 

Char. Mem. ; Del. Epsilon Prov. Con v., Indian- 
apolis, Ind., '83. 


Michigan Gamnta, 


1885. W. E. Allen. Char. Mem. L. T. 

Gould, Char. Mem., Affld. to Ind. Zeta. C. 

H. Perry, Del. NatConv., Nashville, Tenn.,'84. 

1886. C. W. Frink, Char. Mem. 

1887. W. H. P. Smith, Del, Nat Con v.. 
New York. N. Y.. '86. 

1888. J. E. Davidson, Del. Epsilon Prov. 
Conv., Indianapolis, Ind., '85 and '87; Treas. 
Epsilon Prov., '85-6; Orator, do., '86; Pre.s. 
Epsilon Prov., '88. 

1893. G. K. March, Del. Nat Conv., Atlanta, 
Ga., '91. 





Charter granted, March 21, 1883. to William Grover Allen, '82; William George Anderson Ayls- 
worth, '82; James Franklin Bailey, '82; Alfred Lamar Hartridge, '82; John Hamilton 
Potter Hodgson, '82 (Va. Beta, '88); John McHenry Robinson, Jr., *82, and Bridgeford 
Smith, '82. 

Year of 1S82. 

William Grover Allen. J rQ 

With Allen, Glazebrook & Co., 407 West 
Broadway, Louisville, Ky. 

William George Anderson Aylsworth. 

Grahamton, Ky. ft rfl 

James Franklin Bailey. 5? ft rQ 

257 Carroll St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Alfred Lamar Hartridge. ft rQ 

149 Jones St , Savannah, Ga. 

John McHenry Robinson, Jr. ft rH 

With T. M. Robinson & Co., 916 Fourth St., 
Louisville, Ky. 

Bridgeford Smith, ft rQ 

With Bridgeford & Co., 48 Broadway, 
Louisville, Ky. 

Year of 18S3. 

Hugh Cunningham. ^ tQ 

Book-keeper, 319 North High St., Nash- 
ville, Tenn. Chicago, 111. 

Percy Cunningham. ^ tQ 

Merchant, 319 North High St., Nashville, 

Robert Marion DuBose. !i^ ^Q 

At S. C. Mil. Acad., '57-8; Citadel Acad., 

Charleston, S. C, '63. C. S. A., 2d. Lt., ist. 

Regt. Regular Arlil., '61-4 Asst Mast., 
Gram. Sen., U. of the South, '72-5; Sect, to 
V. -Chancellor and Book-keeper, do., since 
'79. Treas., U. of the South, Sewanee. 

Robert Elliott Grubb. 5f jyii 

Prot. fipis. Min., Sewanee, '81-4; Paris, 
Ky., '84; Lexington, Ky., '85. South Jack- 
sonville, Fla. 

Alfred Merritt Hagan. rQ 

Real Estate, 413 Union St., Nashville, 


Lt, U. S. 
323 Adams 

Samuel Goode Jones. 

Grad. U. S. Mil Acad., 90. 
Cav., Fort Bend, Ind. Terr., '93. 
St, Montgomery, Ala. 

Cameron Anderson Marbno. 
Mobile, Ala. 

Thomas McBee. 

Lincolnton. N. C. 

Thomas Ogier Parker. ttQ 

Teacher, 2 Rutledge Ave., Charleston, 
S. C. 

William Allan Richardson, Jr. Jf tfil 

At Washington U., '84-5. Eng. Dept, 
U. P. R. R., '85-:); since '89, Asst Eng., L. 
& N. R. R., Louisville, Ky. 

Dabney Bradfield Smith. jS tQ 

D.D.S., Penn. Coll. of Dent Surg., '88. 
Doctor of Dental Surgery, 66^ Whitehall St, 
Atlanta, Ga. 



Tennessee Beta, 


Larkin Smith. % ArQ 

M.D., U. of Nashville, '88. Demonstrator 

Histology, Pathology and Microscopy at 

Vanderbilt U. Physician, 227 North High 

St., Nashville, Tenn. 

William Thaddeus Young. ttO 

Clnrksville, Tenn. 

Year of 1884. 

Robert Wingenund Dowdy. $ ffl 

Grad. U. S. Mil. Acad., '79. ist Lt., 17 

Reg. Inf., U. S. A. Prof. Mil. Sci., U. of 

the South, '83-6. Office of Adj. Gen., U. S. 

A., Washington, D. C. Memphis, Tenn. 

John Overton Paine. ttQ 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Cyrus Sugg Radford. C^ 

Grad. U. S. Naval Acad., '90. Hopkins- 
ville, Ky. 

Francis Asbury Shoup. % pQ 

D.D. Grad. U. S. Mil. Acad., '55. U. S. 
A., took prominent part in battles around 
Atlanta as Gen. of Artiller5. Author 
'•Elements of Algebra" and ** Mechanism 
and Personality." Prof. Metaph. and Eng., 
U. of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Charles Edward Trevathan. 7O 

Union City, Tenn. 

Elbert Lee Wells, Jr. . ^Q 

Columbus, Ga. 

Year of 1885. 

♦James W. S. Arnold. ^ vQ 

Prof. Chem., U. of the South. Died, 
Sewanee, Oct. 17, '85. Sewanee, Tenn. 

Horatio Robeson Bohn. ft fxQ 

C. E., U. of the South, ^89; Grad., Tulane 
U., '92. New Orleans, La. 

JorfN Potter Cuyler. J7Q 

140 West Monument St., Baltimore, Md. 

Richard Henry Gushee. ^ 

In charge How^ard Sch. Los Angeles, 

Robert Jamison. Xfl 

Merchant, 69 Carondelet St., New Orleans, 

John Read Pearson. ^ oQ 

Orange Park, Fla. 

Vernon Lagrange Terrell, Jr. fQ 

At S. W. Presb. U.. '79-80; V. M. L. '81-3. 

Eng. corps, N. P. R. R. in Mont, and Wash., 

'84-7. Asst. Eng., C. R. R. and Banking Co. 

of Ga. since '89. Crystal Springs, Miss. 

Greenough White. $ fO 

A.M., Harvard. Prof. Eng. Lit, Harvard 
U., '87-93; do.. U. of the South, '86-7 and 
since '93. Sewanee, Tenn. 

Year of 1886. 

Basil Lannkau Gildersleeve. ^ fQ 

A.M., U. of Va.; Ph.D., U. of Heidel- 

burg; D. C. L., U. of the South. Prof. 

Greek, U. of Va. ; do. Johns Hopkins U., 

Baltimore, Md. 

•Charles Sanford Pearson. ^ fQ 

Died, Jacksonville, Fla., Feb. 19, '92. 
Orange Park, Fla. 

Walter John Pollock. a-O 

448 West Ninth St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Devereux Shields. If 6Q 

Planter, 617 Union St., Natchez, Miss. 

*Ei)ward Spencb Wheat. ttQ 

Died, Saint Louis, June, '92. Nashville, 

Year of 1887. 

Randolph Buck, y vQ 

Book-keeper. 431 Cherry St., Vicksburg, 

Sealy Hutchings. oQ 

Galveston, Texas. 

Andrew Bates Watson. * TT-^X-nf 

At. U. of Va.. '82-3; S. C. Coll., '83-4. 
Farmer, Batesburg, S. C. • 

Year of 1888. 

Richard Felix Armstrong. fj[ /3Q-CQ 

At Columbia Coll., '87-8. 61 Church St., 
New York, N. Y. 

Angelo Ames Benton. aQ 

A.B., Trinity Coll., Hartford, Conn., '56; 
A. M., do., '59; S. T. D., do., '88. At Gen- 
eral Theo. Sem., '57-60. Prot. Epis. Min., 
Rockfish, Wilson and Edenton, N. C, '62-83. 
Prof. Math, and Mod. Lang., Delaware Coll., 
Newark, Del, '83-6; Prof. Anc. Lang,, do.. 
'86-8; since '88, Prof. Dogmat. Theol., U. of 
the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

William Samuel Matthew Dark Brook. iri2 
At Tulane U., '87-8. 307 Annunciation 
St., New Orleans, La. 

William Henry Howard, Jr. oQ 

Maiden, Mass. 

Ellwood Wilson, Jr. ^ iQ 

At U. of Pa. Law Sch., '69-70. Del. Pa. 

State Dem. Con v., '82. Protonothary Ct 

Cora. Pis.; Clk. Ct. Quarter Sess., and Clk. 


Tennessee Beta, 

1888-93. NOTES. 

Ct Oyer and Tenn., Delaware Co., Pa., '86. 
Tutor Greek Western Theo. Sem., '87; Prof. 
Comm. Law, U. of South, '88. Attj'.-at-law, 
Sewanee, Tenn. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Year of T889. 


WiLUAM Brownlow Aiken. y 

At East Tenn. U., '86-9. ^ith E. T.. V. 
& G. R. R., 112 Cumberland St., Knoxville, 

AsHBEL Lee Cotten. CQ 

San Antonio, Texas. 

Abner E Green. vQ 

" E '• letter only. At Miss. A. & M. Coll., 
'88-9. Natchez, Miss. 

Jennings Waring Perry. oil 

Stud.-at-law, Charleston, S. C. Summer- 
ville, S. C. 

Frank Micajah Purnell. ft rX-^Q 

Winona, Miss. 

William Samuel Slack. IJT 
A.B., U. of the South, '91. 
the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

David Brandon Stanton, if 

Tutor, U. of 

At JeflFerson Coll. , '86-9. Stud. Elec. Eng. , 
52-54 Lake St , Chicago, 111. 

•James Bennett Wilder, if V^ 

C.E., U. of the South,*93. Died (Drowned, 
Lake Michigan), Sept. i, '93. 1320 Fourth 
Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

Ell WOOD Wilson, 3D. Jft^ sQ 

A.B., U. of the South, 93; B.S., do. '93. 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Francis Vaux Wilson. J ^ V'^ 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Year of i 890. 

Dennis Long Miller. Ai2 

At Coll. of N. J., '93. Louisville, Ky. 

Caleb Britnall Kneavles Weed. ^i2 

170 Washington St., East Orange, N. J. 

Year of 1891. 

William Breithaupt Benjamin. aQ. 

Illawara, La. 

Augustus Boucher, if 

A.M., U. of the South, '91, 
Louis St., New Orleans, La. 

146 Saint 

Daniel Franklin Carter Buntin. 

114 North Spruce St., Nashville, Tenn. 

Edwin Keith Calder. oQ 

311 North Third St., Wilmington, N. C. 

John Carmichael Jenkins. 
Natchez, Miss. 

Stafford Seidell. 

32 Church St., Atlanta, Ga, 

Year of 1892. 

Frederic Gray Hebbard. 
New York, N. Y. 

Byron Hilliard. 

1724 East Broadway, Louisville, Ky. 

Frank Griffiths Hogan. 

171 7 Brook St., Louisville, Ky. 

Donald Robertson Jacob. 

1413 Fourth Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

Henry Turner Soapkr. 
Henderson, Ky. 


Henderson, Ky. 

J Marshall Woolfolk. 

"J" letter only. Lexington, Ky. 

Lloyd Coleman Young. 
San Marcos, Tex. 

Garnet Sebastian Zorn. 

1335 Fourth Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

Year of 1893. 

Oscar Noel Torian. 

1053 Second St., Evansville, Ind. 




College Notes. 

1882. J. F. Bailey, ist Lt., Cadet Corps. 

'82-3; Adj., do., '83; Capt., do., '83. B. D. 

Cooper (Tenn. Alpha, '88), Medal for best 

drilled private, Cadet Corps, '82. ^J. H. 

P. Hodgson (Va. Beta, '88), 2d Lt., Cadet 
Corps, '82-3; ist Lt., do., '83; Capt., do., '86. 

1883. R. E. Grubb, Decl., Sigma Epsilon 
Soc, 'So-' 8 1 ; Ora., do., *82. W. A. Richard- 
son, Jr., 2d Lt, Cadet Corps, '83. D. B. 

Smith, ist Hon., Pa. Coll. Dent. Surg., *88. 

L. Smith, Fac. Medal, Med. Dept, U. of 

Nashville, '88. 

1 886. D. Shields, Bus. Mgr. , Cap and Gown^ 
'86-7; Sr., 1st Lt., Cadet Corps, '87; Capt., 
Sewanee Light Artil., '87. 

1887. R. Buck, Sigma Pi Lit. Soc., Med., 

1889. W. B. Aiken, 3d Serc^., Cadet Corps, 

•89-90. W. S. Slack. La. Medal for Greek. 

'89; Librarian, U. of the South, '89-90; Asst. 

Ed., Siwanee Magazine^ '89-90. D. B. 

Stanton, Serg., Cadet Corps, '90-1. J. B. 

Wilder, 2d Lt, Cadet Corps, '89-90; ist Lt, 


Tennessee Beta, 


do., '90-1 ; Serg. Sewanee Rifles, '90-1 ; Sect., 

Southern Inter-Coll. Ath. Assn., '93. E. 

Wilson, 3d La. Medal for Greek., '89; do., '90; 

Bus. Mgr. of all student publications, '91-2. 

F. V. Wilson, Ex. Ed., Sewanee Times, '93; 
Sp. Artist, U. of the South Magazine, '93. 
1 89 1. A. Boucher, Lyman Aledal, decl., '91. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1882. W. G. Allen, Char. Mem. W. G. 

A. Ayls worth, Char. Mem. J. F. Bailey, 

Char. Mem. A. L. Hartridge, Char. Mem. 

J. H. P. Hodgson (Va. Beta, '83), Char. 

Mem. y McH. Robinson, Jr., Char. Mem. 

B. Smith, Char. Mem. 

1883. S. G. Jones, Del. Nat. Conv., Nash- 
ville, Tenn., '84. 

1885. H. R. Bohn, Del. Nat. Conv., New 
York, N. Y.. '86. 

1887. A. B. Watson, Intd., Va. Alpha; 
Affil. to S. C. Beta. 

1888. R. F. Armstrong, Intd., N. Y. Delta; 
Del. Nat. Conv., Bloomington, 111., '89. 

1889. F. M. Purnell, Intd., Miss. Alpha. 

E. Wilson, 3d, Del. Nat. Conv. , Atlanta, Ga., 




Charter granted, October 6, 1883, to John Edgar Randall (Ohio Beta, '83), '84; Clarence Pelham 
Bonner (Ohio Beta, '85), '85 ; Harry Adams Kahler, '87; John Charles Miinger, '87; 
Charles D Erastus Thomas, '87, and Charles Albert Winter, '87. 

Class of 1885. 

Clarence Pelham Bonner, ft ^♦-rX 

Asst. Eng., Xenia. Ohio,^5-S. Since '88, 
Civ. Eng. N. & W. R. R., 826 Lovetts Ave., 
Norfolk. Va. 

Class of 1887. 

Robert Eckhardt. qT 

Musician, Denver, Col. Columbus, Ohio. 

Vernon Judson Emery. A.B. if eX 

A.M., U. of Neb., '90. Tutor, Latin, U. 

of Neb., '90-2. Asst. Prof. Latin, Ohio St. 

U., '92-3. Since '93 Instructor Latin, U. of 

Chicago. Chicago, 111. 

Mark Francis, D.V.M. ^ ic¥ 

At Amer. Vet. Coll., New York, "87-3. 
Prof. Vet. Sci., A. & M. Coll. , College Station, 

William Franklin Hunt, M.E. jf 

Since '87, Instr., Math., Nat. Sci. and 
Man. Train., Barnard Sch., Saint Paul. 
Atty.-at-law, Saint Paul, Minn. 

Harry Adams Kahler, C.E. if ft rT 

Manager for Texas, Middlesex Banking 

Co., '88-93. V.-Pres. and Gen. Mgr., Security 

Mortgage Loan and Trust Co., Dallas. Texas. 

William McPherson, B.S. 5f ;fT 

Instr., Sci.. High Sch., Toledo. Ohio. 

John Charles Munger. ft t^r^ 

Lumber Merchant, Buchanan, W. Va, 
Xenia, Ohio. 

Archibald Crawford Reeves, C.E. J x* 
Draughtsman, N. & W. R. R., Ceredo. 
W. Va. Asst City Eng., 337 West Fourth 
St., Dayton, Ohio. 

William Neff Scarff. pT 

Nurseryman, New Carlisle. Ohio. 

Edwin Grant Stone. rT 

Mgr. Steel Plate Mill, cor. Walter and 
Clima.x Sts. , South Side, Pittsburg, Pa, 

Charles D Erastus Thomas, ft rT 

•*D" letter only. At Buchtel Coll.. '83. 
M. D., Rush Med. Coll., '88. Physician and 
Surgeon. Lacon, 111. 

Charles Albert Winter, ft //T-rT 

A.B., Macalester Coll., Saint Paul, Minn., 
'89. At Harvard Law Sch., '89-90. Instruc. 
Mod. Lang., Macalester Coll., '88-9; since 
'89. do., Westminster Sch., Dobbs Ferry, 
N. Y. 

Class of 1888. 

Fred Samuel Ball, Ph.B. Sfft <♦ 

City staff, OAw State Journal, '88. Atty. - 
at-law, 16 Court Sq., Montgomery, Ala. 

Frederick Winder Brown, M.E. ^ c* 

At Earlham Coll., '81-4: do.,0. W. U.. '84. 
Eng. and Surv., Zanesfield, Ohio. 

Lawrence Houghton Brundage. aX 

M.D., Med. Coll. of Ohio, '90. Physician 
and Surgeon, Xenia, Ohio. 


Ohio Zeta, 


Eduard Thomas McConnell, C.E. tT 

Asst. Eng., P.. C. & St. L. Ry., '86-91 ; 

since '91 , Eng. Maintenance of Way, Peoria 

Div., C.. C, C. and St L. Ry. 105 Jefferson 

Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

William Oliver Scheibell, M.E. IJT «* 

Civ. and Mine. Eng., Montclair, N. J. 

Class of 1889. 

John George Bloom, C.E. ^ rX 

Civ. Eng., Xenia, Ohio. 


Harry Donally Cretcher. rT 

Merchant, De Graff, Ohio. 

Charles Hatfield. iT 

Salesman, care C. Henkel & Co., Pueblo, 

James Whitney Pe.n field. \ti 

Druggist, Spokane Falls, Wash. 

Class of 1890. 

Samuel Ellsworth Bennett, M.V.D. Sf «X 
East Liverpool. Ohio. Prof. Vet. Surg., 
Ky. State Coll., Lexington, Ky. 

Harry Proctor Coe. ^T 

Painesville, Ohio. 

Homer Clifton Johnson. tX 

Marion, Ohio. 

George Blair Nye. f* 

Dy. Co. Treas., Meigs Co., '89-90. Book- 
keeper, Pomeroy, Ohio. 

Hubert Hbrrick Ward. icT 

With Nat. Life Ins. Co. of Vt., Sargeant 
Blk., Pearl St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Class of 1891. 

Albert Charles Buss. 9X 

Teacher. Ed. New Bremen Sun, New 
Bremen, Ohio. 

Frank Charles High. wT 

Book-keeper, Bucyrus, Ohio. 

Aaron Westley Henry Jones, B.S. t* 

Accountant, N. &W^. R. R. Co., Columbus, 

Samuel Morrison, ft fT-c^-tf/f 

At DePauw, U., '91. Columbus, Ohio. 

James Leonard Mounts, Jr. XT 

M.D., Med Coll. of Ohio, '91. Physician 
and Surgeon, Morrow, Ohio. 

Frank William Rane, Ag. B. 3f ft r* 

At Cornell U., '01-2. Since '92, Entomolo- 
gist, Exp. Sta., U. of W. Va., Morgan town, 
W. Va. Whitmore Lake, Mich. 

James Elmer Thompson, B.S. ^T 

New Carlisle, Ohio. 

Class of 1892. 

St. Clair Alexander, E.E. kT 

Bridgeport, Ohio. 

William Henderson Bonner, ft i*-7r* 

At Miami U., '88; do., O. S. U., '88-9. 
Merchant. Eaton, Ohio. 

George William Chessell, Jr. f/T 

Martin's Ferry, Ohio. 

George Francis Fish. Jr. vT 

619 Walbridge Ave., Toledo, Ohio. 

Edward Talmadge Sanderson. tT 

Logan, Ohio. 

LuRAY Steward. cJX 

Architect, Broad and High Sts., Colum- 
bus, Ohio. 

Class of 1893. 

Frank David Askew. J a* 

619 West Tenth St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Edward Martin Bloom, M.E. ifftjP' ^'^ 

M.I>., Med. Coll. of Ohio, '93. Physician, 
Xenia, Ohio. 

William Chambers Kendall, ft 6T-^ 

Xenia, Ohio. 

John Ball Kuhn. ic* 

Bridgeport, Ohio. 

Fred William Mathias, A.B. v* 

1409 Huron St., Toledo, Ohio. 

Class of 1894. 

John Dudley Dunham. )3* 

At U. of Mich., '92-3. Columbus, Ohio. 

Charles Harker Farber. <T 

1333 Dennison Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

Harry Ryder Fowler. V* 

Toledo, Ohio. 

Edward Francis. ^ 7* 

Paddy's Run, Ohio. 

Ai.viN Leroy Sedgwick. /cT 

Blaine, Ohio. 

Edwin Robbins Thomas. rT 

2208 CoUingwood Ave. , Toledo, Ohio. 

Class of 1895. 

Fred Isaac Askew. j/T 

At U. of Kan., '93. 1102 Brooklyn Ave., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Austin Guy Baldwin. rX 

Att. Mich. St. Coll., '92-3. Columbus, Ohio. 


Ohio Zeta. 

1895-6. NOTES. 

LowRY Francis Sater. 

Att. Marietta Coll. Sater, Ohio. 

Howard Marcus Strong. 
Wheeling. W. Va. 

Class or 1896. 

Carl Chase Howard. 
Wellsville, Ohio. 

Harry Edward Ungemach. 
Zanesville, Ohio. 


College Notes. 

1887. V. J. Emery, Fresh. Ora., '84; Soph, 
do., '84; Soph, do., *85; Ed. Lantern, '84-6; 
Class Day Ora., '87; Commencement do., '87. 

W. F. Hunt, Ed. Critic, '86. H. A. 

Kahler, Ed. Makio, '84. W. McPherson, 

Bus. Mgr. Lantern, '86-7; do., Makio, '87. 

A. C. Reeves, Pres. Ath. Asso., '84-5. 

1888. F. S. Ball, Sr. Ora., Univ. Day, '88. 
-F. W. Brown, Ed. Lantern, 87 ; do., 

Engineer and Critic, '88. W. O. Scheibell. 

Ed. Makio and Engineer and Critic, *88. 

i8qo. S. E. Bennett, Commencement Ora.. '90. 

1891. F. W. Rane, Arbor Day Ora., '90. 

1893. F. D. Askew, Ed. Makio, '90-1. 

E. M. Bloom, Ed. and Bus. Mgr. Lantern, 
'91-2; Ed. Makio, '92. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1884. J. E. Randall (Ohio Beta, '83). Char. 

1885. C. P. Bonner, Char. Mem.; Intd., 
Ohio Beta. 

1887. H. A. Kahler, Char. Mem. ; Intd., Ohio 
Beta; Del. Nat. Conv., Nashville, Tenn., '84. 

J. C. Munger, Char. Mem.; Intd., Ohio 

Beta. C E. D Thomas. Char. Mem. ; Intd., 

Ohio Ejpsilon. C. A. Winter, Char. Mem. ; 

Intd., Ohio Beta; Del. Nat. Conv., New York. 
N. Y., '86. 

1888. F. S. Ball. Del. Delta Prov. Conv., 
Delaware, Ohio, '86; Del. Conv. Ala. St Assn.. 
Birmingham, Ala., '89; Sec. Delta Prov., '86-9; 
Pres. Gamma Prov., '89-91; do.. Beta Prov., 


189T. S. Morrison, Intd., Ohio Zeta; affil. 

tolnd. Zeta; affil. back to Ohio Zeta. F. W. 

Rane. Del. Nat. Conv., Bloomington, 111., '89. 

1892. W. H. Bonner, Intd., Ohio Alpha. 

1893. E. M. Bloom, Del. Nat. Conv., Atlanta, 
Ga., '91. — ^W. C. Kendall, Intd., Ohio Delta. 




Charter granted, October 8, 1883, to Owens Pickett Hale/Ss; John Isaac Hedrick, '85; Constanoe 
Pessels, '86; Quitman Finlay, '87; Dewitt Habsein Hotchkiss, '87; Robert Waverly 
Smith, '87; Hugh Swain, '87, and Franklin Huff Raymond, '89. 

Class of 1872. 

John Robert Sitlington Sterrett. 

5$ ^15-016 
Ph. D., U. of Munich (Ger.), '80. At U. 
of Va., '68-72; U. of Leipzic (Ger.), '72-3; 
Polytechnic of Aachen (Ger.), '73-5; U. of 
Berlin, '75; U. of Athens (Greece), '75-7. 
Mem. Amer. Exped. for excav. Assos in the 
Troad, '83; do., Brit. Exped. to Asia Minor, 
'83. Asst. Dir., Amer. Sch. at Athens, '83-4. 
Leader Exped. to Asia Minor, '84. Sec. 
Amer. Sch. at Athens, '84-5. Mem. Exped. 
to Assyria and Babylonia, '84-5. Leader 
Wolf Exped. to Asia Minor, '85. Has written 
voluminously on the subject of Archaeologi- 
cal investigations. Prof. Greek, Miami U., 
'85-8; do., U. of Texas, '88-92; since '92, do., 
Amherst Coll. , Amherst, Mass. 

Class of 1884. 

Gilbert Bee Willett, LL.B. 
Atty.-at-law, Uvalde, Texas. 

Class of 1885. 

Isaac Hill Bryant. 
Austin, Texas. 

Owens Pickett Hale, LL.B. J 
Paris, Texas. 

John Isaac Hedrick. J 
Sherman, Texas. 

MoRAN Scott, LL.B. J 

Atty.-at-law, Gainesville, Texas. 


Class of 1886. 


Thaddeus Culver Bell. 
Austin, Texas. 


•Charles Tones Bradshaw, LL.B. 5jf * a^-oX 
Died, La Grange, June 1 6, ' 88. La Urrange, 

Franz Fizet, LL.B. «t 

Atty.-at-law, Austin, Texas. 

William Franklin Goodrich, LL. B, V^ 

Atty.-at-law, Milan, Texas. 

John Milton Green, LL. B. C* 

Atty.-at-law, Halletsville, Texas. 

Robert Hall, LL.B. fir 

Atty.-at-law, Vernon, Texas. 

OsBouRNE Kennedy, LL. B. trf 

Atty.-at-law, Mexia, Texas. 

James Bruce Lewright, A.B. ijfftf' C*-i^ 
LL.B., U. of Texas, '98. Atty.-at-law, 
Fort Worth, Texas. 

Constance Pessels, A.M. J t* 

At Johns Hopkins U., '92-3. Austin, 

Cavour Storts, LL.B. 

Atty.-at-law, Kyle, Texas. 

Jackson Willett, LL.B. 

Merchant, Austin, Texas. 




Texas Beta, 


Class of 1887. 

Theodore Andrews, LL.B. y* 

Mc Kinney, Texas. 

Joseph Field Browning. fX 

Calvert, Texas. 

Label Alva Carlton. B. Lit. 5? ^ 

Atty.-at law, Hillsboro, Texas. 

John Robert Carpenter. fX 

Austin, Texas. 

Quitman Finlay. ft tT 

Galveston, Texas. 

Fred Hiram Hall. f* 

Rancho, Texas. 

Dewitt Habsein Hotchkiss. ft rT 

Real Estate, Austin, Texas. 

Robert Waverly Smith, A. B. ifft rT 

Atty.-at-law, Galveston, Texas. 

Hugh Swain, ft tY 

At U. S. Mil. Acad., '86. Austin, Texas. 

Charles Vannoy Templeton, B.Lit. V^ 

Physician, Gough, Texas. 

Frank Edwin Wilcox, LL.B. «* 

McKinney, Texas. 

Class of 1888. 

Henry Wilson Gilson, B. Lit. '^ V* 

Director, First Nat'l Bank, Calvert, Texas. 

John Henry Herndon, B.Lit. ^ f* 

Banker, Tyler, Texas. 

William Claiborne Jones. a/* 

Farmer, Bostrop, Texas. 

LoNiDAs Lane. *T 

San Antonio, Texas. 

Charles Kleber Lee. ^ V* 

Asst. Atty., G., C. & S. F. R. R. Atty.-at- 
law, Galveston, Texas. 

Henry Harrison Lennox. V^ 

Atty.-at-law, Clarksville, Texas. 

Robert Djncan Lightfoot, LL.B. x^ 

Atty.-at-law, Paris, Texas. 

Class of 1889. 

Samuel Thompson Camp. <tT 

Atty.-at-law, Fort Worth. Texas. 

James McKellar Herndon. ^ <9T 

Atty.-at-law, Tyler, Texas. 

Francis Lafayette Ingraham, LL.B. ^ ;fX 
Atly.-at-law, Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Franklin Huff Raymond, ft *2 

Druggist, Austin, Texas. 

Class of 1890. 

Robert Bruce Halley, B.S. VT 

Prof. Physics and Chem. Sam Houston 
Normal Sch., Huntsville, Texas. 


James Van Wagener Holmes, A.B. 
Bonham, Texas. 

Charles Fortson Maxwell. 
Bel ton, Texas. 

Marvin McKenzie McLean, ft 
Atty.-at-law, Pecos, Texas. 

Class of 1891. 

William David Bates, LL.B. 
Corsicana, Texas. 

John Henry Caldwell. 
Austin, Texas. 

Lancing Burrows Fontaine, A.B. 
Book-keeper, Austin, Texas. 

William Thomas Henry, B.Lit. 
Atty.-at-law, Dallas. Texas. 

Samuel Bell Maxey Long, A.B. 
Atty.-at-law, Paris, Texas. 

Cullen Fleming Thomas. LL.B. 
Atty.-at-law, Waco, Texas. 

Alfred Yarborough, LL.B. ft 
Moody, Texas. 

Class of 1892. 

Robin Joachim Eckhardt. ft 
Taylor, Texas. 

John Lane Henry, Jr., B.Lit. 
Atty.-at-law, Dallas, Texas. 

Class of 1893. 

William Boyce. 5f ft 
Georgetown, Texas. 

Emmett Ambrose Ellis. 
Austin, Texas. 

Joe Fenet Etter. if 
Sherman, Texas. 

George Perry Rains. 
Marshall, Texas. 

Class of 1894. 

Samuel Whittington Dunnam. 
Corsicana, Texas. 

Henry Galbraith. 
Terrel, Texas. 




ft fT-vT 






w2— rX 



1 894-6. NOTES. 

Texas Beta, 


George Whitfield Hamlett, Jr. 
Italy, Texas. 

Percy Alexander Hawthorne. 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Tom Tones Lee. B.S. f* 
Galveston, Texas. 

Frank Lillard Montgomery. 
Sherman, Texas. 

John Archer Read. 
Corsicana, Texas. 

John Charles Robertson. 
Dallas, Texas. 

Class of 1896. 

James Howard Ardrey. 
Dallas, Texas. 

Louis Thomas Batto. 
Dallas, Texas. 


College Notes. 

1886. C. J. Bradshaw. Cf. Coll. Notes* 

Tenn. Alpha, '85. J. B. Lewright, Assoc* 

Ed., 1 exas University^ '87-8; Ed.-in-ch., do.' 
*88-q; Commencement Ora., Law, '8g; Cf. Coll- 
Notes, Mo. Alpha. 

1887. L. A. Carlton, Valedictorian, '87. 

R. W. Smith, Ed.-in-ch., Texas University^ 

1888. H. W. Gilson, Asst. Ed., Texas Uni- 
versity, '87-8. 

1889. C. Frenkel (N. Y. Alpha, '91), Deb. 
Med., Athenian Soc., '88; Ed.-in-ch.. Texas 

University, '87-8; Valedictorian, '89. F. 

L. Ingraham, Asst. Ed. Texas University, 

1 891. C. F. Thomas, Medal, Athenian Soc. 
Deb., '89; Ed.-in-ch., Texas University, '90-1; 
I St. Hon., Law, '91. 

1892. J. L. Henry, Jr., Assoc. Ed., Texas 
University, '88-9; Ed.-in-ch., do., '89-90. 

1893. W. Boyce, istHon.. Law, '93. J. F. 

Etter, Assoc. Ed., Texas University, '91-2. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1872. J. R. S. Sterrett, Intd., Ohio Alpha. 

1885. O. P. Hale, Char. Mem. J. L Hed- 

rick. Char. Mem. M. Scott, Del. Nat. Conv., 

Nashville, Tenn., '84. 

1886. C. J. Bradshaw, Intd., Tenn. Alpha. 

J. B. Lewright, Intd., Mo. Alpha. ^C. 

Pessels, Char. Mem. 

1887. Q. Finlay, Char. Mem. D. H. 

Hotchkiss, Char. Mem. R. W. Smith, Char. 

Mem. H. Swain, Char. Mem. 

1889. F. H. Raymond. Char. Mem. 

1S90. M. M. McLean, Intd., Tex. Gamma. 

1 89 1. L. B. Fontaine. Intd., Va. Delta. 

A. Yarborough, Intd., Tex. Gamma. 

1892. C. J. Eckhardt, Intd., Tex. Gamma. 

1893. W. Boyce, Intd., Tex. Gamma. 




Charter granted, November 22, 1883, to William Martin Barr,'84; Frank Fithian (Ky. Alpha,*8o), 
'84 ; Francis Harvey Day, '85 ; Henry Clay Deaver,*85 ; Albert Edward Geissel.'Ss ; Gregorio 
Maria Guiteras, '85; William Parsons Orr, Jr., '85; Charles Sower Potts, '85; Frederick 
Martin Strouse, '85, and Montrose Graham Tull (Pa. Alpha, 'So), '85. 

Class of 1876. 

Charles Augustus Oliver, M.D. ^12 

Physician, 1507 Locust St., Philadelphia, 

Class of 1882. 

Harry Birkinbine McFadden, D.D.S. j;io 

Dentist, 3505 Hamilton St., Philadelphia, 

McCluney Radcliffe, M.D. * //T-iT 

A.B., Lafayette, '77; A7M., do., '80. 
Physician, 711 North Sixteenth St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Peter Nathaniel Klinger Schwenk, M.D. 

ft V»T 
B.S., U. of Lewisburg (now Bucknell), '76. 
Physician, 827 North Seventh St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Class of 1883. 

James Mitchell, M.D. ^2 

A.B., U. of Pa., '80. Physician, 711 North 
Seventeenth St., Philadelphia, Pa, 

Class of 1884. 

William Martin Barr, M.D. ft w* 

Physician, Middletown, Del. 

Class of 1885. 

Francis Harvey Day, M.D. ft 
Phvsician, Tallvville, Del. 


Henry Clay Deaver, M.D. ft 

Physician, 1629 Oxford bt., Philadelphia, 

Albert Edward Geissel, M.D. ft wX 

At Harvard, *8o-2. Physician, 719 South 
Fifth St. , Philadelphia, Pa. 

Gregorio Maria Guiteras, M.D. ft oX 

Physician. U. S. Marine Hosp., Barge 
office. New York, N. Y. 

Horace Edward Merkel, M.D. f* 

Physician, 814 Front St., Seattle, Wash. 

William Parsons Orr, Jr. ft cj* 

Physician, Lewes, Del. 

Andrew Jackson Plummer, M.D. ci 

Physician, Hyannis, Neb. 

Charles Sower Potts, M.D. 5jft wX 

Physician, 1712 Wallace St., Philadelphia. 

Gassaw AY Oram Ring, M.D. 5jft /SX 

Physician, 1710 North Thirteenth St. 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ferdinand Edward Riva, M.D. 
Physician, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Harvey Shoemaker, M.D. fX 

Physician, 109 South Twentieth St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Edward Henry Small, M.D. 

Physician, Allegheny City, Pa. 


Frederick Martin Strouse, M.D. ft uX 

Physician, 2602 North Twelfth St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 


Pennsylvania Zeta, 


Montrose Graham Tull, M.D. * all-uX 

A.B., Lafayette, '80; A.^fT. do., '83. 
Physician, 4807 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia, 

Class of 1886. 

John Louis Hoffman, M.D. kQ 

Physician, Ashland, Pa. 

Damaso Laine, M.D. ^ 

Physician, Media, Pa. 

Thomas George Lee, M.D. fQ 

B.S., U. of Pa., '86. Lecturer on Histol- 
ogy, Embryology and Bacteriology, Yale 
IL, New Haven, Conn., '86-92. Prof. Histol- 
ogy and Embryology, U. of Minn., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Sherman Grant Tucker Mover, M.D. jj kQ 
Physician, Pottsville, Pa. 

♦Joseph Otto, Jr. ;tX 

Physician. Died, Oracle, Ariz., '92. Wil- 
mington, Del. 

Class of 1887. 

♦William Augustus Atlee, Jr., M.D. cX 

Physician. Died, Washington, Dec. 5, 
'89. Washington, D. C. 

LuciEN Lawrence Mial, M.D. fX 

Physician, New Jersey Insane Hosp., 
Morris Plains, N. J. 

Leonard Morton Prince. 5f J[ i^mtX 

At U. S. Mil. Acad., '88-90. Bloomington, 

Fouchee Warren Samuel, M.D. cX 

Physician, 728 Fourth Ave. , Louisville, Ky. 

Charles Edward Stout, M.D. fX 

Physician, Bethlehem, Pa. 

Class of 1888. 

Charles McKenzie Hay. M.D. eX 

Physician, 1102 North Fortieth St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa, 

Lester Edgar Schoch, M.D. J[ pX-vf 

Physician, Shamokin, Pa. 

Class of 1889. 

Arthur Horton Cleveland, M.D. J l^l^vX 
B.S., Lafayette, '86. Physician, 1804 
Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

. Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

Daniel Bussier Shumway, B.S. e2 

At Gottingen U., Ger., '93. 1640 Green 
St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

Benton Harris Whaley, M.D. jj 
Physician, Whaleyville, Md. 

Class of 1890. 


Joseph Reynolds McCance. A.B. * 
Atty.-at-law, Penn and Dallas Sts., 

William Spencer Carter, M.D. fX 

Physician, 807 North Forty-first St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

John George Ki.emm, Jr. yX 

3934 Chestnut St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Benjamin Brentnall Lathbi ry, B.S. y* A* 
C.E., U. of Pa., '90. Eng. Corps, PT R. 
R., 211 2 Uber St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Harrison Wainright Latta, B.S. r* 

C.E., U. of Pa.,'^o. 1525 Mt. Vernon St., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Oscar Menton Richards, M.D. 4 vT-v* 

B.S., Lafayette, '87. Physician, 520 North 
Fortieth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

John Watson Shaw, Jr., M.D. yX 

Physician, Washington, D. C. 

Class of 1891. 

David Guy Anderson, C.E. vX 

B.S., U. of Pa., '91. Eng. Corps, P. R. R., 
Tyrone, Pa. 

James Lord Bernard, M.E. V^ 

With Pencoyd Iron Co., 117 Green Lane, 
Manayunk, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Herbert Butler Clearwater. ^ i^-r\ 

At Cornell, '88-9. Dentist, Scran ton, Pa. 

Henry Delaplaine, C.E., B.S. jj ^X 

City Inspect, of Highways. 205 South 
Forty-second St. , Philadelphia, Pa. 

John Brennan Haden, M.D. j| «*-rX 

Physician, Galveston, Tex. 

♦Herbert Rutherford Hogg, A.B. ^ (W» 

Died, Philadelphia, July 28, '93. 929 North 
Broad St., Philadelphia, Fa. 

Philip Eugene Howard, A.B. jy >* 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Chester Hughes Kirk, B.S. y fO 

Architect, 910 Drexel Bldg., Philadelphia, 

George Francis Lev an, A.B. pX 

733 North Forty-first St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Charles Joseph McFadden, M.D. rT 

Physician, 13 North Main St., Pittston, Pa. 

Lewis Summerl Somers. M.D. vX 

Physician, 3554 North Broad St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 


Pennsylvania Zeta, 


James Mortimer West, Jr. ft <X 

With Internat. Nav. Co. (Amer. Line), 
1524 Swain St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

George Post Wheeler, ft /Q 

At Coll. of N. J., '91-2. Phoenixville, Pa. 

James Charles Ziegler, C.E. /<X 

Fourth Dist. City Surveyor's Off., Clifton 
Heights, Pa. 

Class of 1892. 

Alonzo Church, ft 

At Coll. of NT J., '91-2. 
D. C. 


Edwin Stauffer Gault. % 

4202 Aspen St, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Class of 1893. 

John Edward Breen. 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 




Henry Cartwright Burr. 

326 South Twenty-fourth St., Philadelphia, 

Henry Paul Busch. cX 

1006 Spruce St. , Philadelphia, Pa. 

Walter Isaac Cooper. Sf jyX 

1819 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Frank Penrose Crokt. aX 

Croft & Allen, Thirty-third and Market 
Sts., Philadelphia. Merion, Pa. 

Parke Hill Davis, ft rX 

At Coll. of N. J., 91-2. Jamestown, N. Y. 

Philip Fitzpatrick Heraty. Sf rX 

E. J. Heraty & Co., N. W. Cor. Seventh 
and Spruce Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

James Clark Moore, Jr., B.S. ft5j tJ* 

4201 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Walter Roberts, M.D. rX 

Morristown, N. J. 

George Emmett Hughes Stuart, Vet.D. .ak 
Holmesburg, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Seyichiro Terashima. Sf rf^ 

Tokyo, Japan. 

Edward Burke Wilford, B.S. X ^ 

1520 North Eighteenth St., Philadelphia, 

Erskine Wright, A. B. % vX 

1926 Wallace St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Class of 1894. 

Charles Austin Eager Codman, D.D.S. \A 
3733 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

George Douglas Codman. % 

3733 Spruce St, Philadelphia, Pa, 

Joseph Edmund Enich. 
Mahonoy City, Pa, 

George James Fox. 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Irving Woodward Hollingshead. 
Pemberton, N. J. 

James Charles Murtagh. 
West Chester, Pa. 

John Romaine Ricker, D.D.S. 
Galveston, Texas. 

OswiN Weinberger Shelley. 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Edward Adams Shumway. % 

1740 Green St, Philadelphia, Pa. 

William Sowers Wray. 

German town, Philadelphia, Pa. 








Class of 1895. 

Craig Atmore. ^ 

1641 North Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

George Phillips Chase, ft V''*"-fX 

810 Eleventh St., Nortnwest^ Washington, 
D. C. 

Henry Conrad Fritz. >♦ 

Wilmington, Del. 

Christopher Albert Gray. /♦ 

At Coll. of N. J., '92-3. Princeton, N. J. 

Howell Ross Hanson. ^T 

3604 Baring St, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Clifton Maloney. vY 

625 North Fifteenth St. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Kenjiro Matsumoto. x^ 

Tokyo, Japan. 

Robert Philip McReynolds. ft f* ^P-^X 

B.S. Vanderbilt, '92. Elkton, Ky. 

William Hartshorn Miller. n^ 

1X2 North Nineteenth St., Philadelphia, 

Class of 1896. 

Henry Norton June. % 
Towanda, Pa. 

Edward Morwitz West. Jf 

1524 Swain St, Philadelphia, Pa. 

James Henderson Young. 
Philadelphia, Pa. 



Pennsylvania Zeta. 


College Notes. 

1885. C. S. Potts, Stroke, Class crew. '83, 
•84, 85; Memb., U. Crew, '84-5; Capt. Coll. 
Boat Club, '88-9. G. O. Ring, Commence- 
ment Ora., '85. 

18S7. L. M. Prince, Assoc. Ed., The Penn- 
syivanian, *86. 

1890. B. B. Lathbury, 3d Hon., '90. 

1891. P. E. Howard, Assoc. Ed., The Penn- 
syhafuan, '89-90; Ed., do., '90-1; Ed., Col- 
lege /Record, '91 ; Poet Class Day, '91 ; 

Bachelor's Ora., Commencement, '91. C. 

H. Kirk. Ed., College Record, '91; Ed. and 
Bus. Mgr.. College Man, '90-1. 

.892. E. S. Gault, Assoc. Ed., The Penn- 
sylvanian, '89-90; Ed., do., '90-1; 3d Hon., 
Jun., '91. 

1893. W. I. Cooper, Ed. College Record, 

'93. P. F, Heraty, 3d Hon. Fresh., '90. 

J. C. Moore, Jr.. 3d Hon. Fresh., '90; Ed. 

and Bus. Mgr., College Record, '93. 

S. Terashima. Soph. Decl. Prize, '91. E. 

B. Wilford, Ed., College Record, '93. E. 

Wright, Phi Beta Kappa. 

189^. G. D. Codman, 2d Prize Philoma- 

thean Soc. Debate, '92. E. A. Shumway 

(formerly '91). 2d Hon., Jr., '90; Ed. and Bus. 
Mgr.^ College Record, '91 ; Prophet, Class 
Day, '91. 

1896. H. N. June, ¥A., Pennsylvaman,*()2. 
E, M. West, Ed., Pennsylvanian, '92. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1882. McC. Radcliffe, Intd., Pa. Alpha. 
P. N. K. Schwenk, Cf., Pa. Beta Al. 

1884. W. M. Barr, Char. Mem. F. Fith- 

ian (Ky. Alpha, *8o), Char. Mem. 

1885. F. H. Day, Char. Mem. H. C. 

Deaver, Char. Mem. ; Cf. Pa. Beta Al. A. 

E. Geissel, Char. Mem. G. M. Guiteras, 

Char. Mem. W. P. Orr, Jr., Char. Mem. 

C. S. Potts, Char. Mem.; Cf. Pa. Beta 

Al. G. O. Ring, Cf. Pa. Beta Al. F. M. 

Strouse, Char. Mem. M. G. Tull, Char. 

Mem. ; Intd., Pa. Alpha. 

1886. S. G. T. Mayer, Cf. Pa. Beta Al. 

1887. L. M. Prince, Intd., 111. Eps. ; Del. 
Nat. Conv., New York. N. Y., '86. 

1888. L. E. Schoch, Intd., Va. Alpha. 

1889. A. H. Cleveland. Intd., Pa. Alpha. 

J. R. McCance, Intd., Neb. Alpha. B. 

H. Whaley, Intd., Pa. Alpha. 

1890. B. B. Lathbury, Del. Nat. Conv., 

Bloomington, 111., '89. O. M. Richards, 

Intd., Pa. Alpha. 

1891. H. B. Clearwater, Intd., N. Y. Alpha. 

H. Delaplaine, Del. Nat. Conv., Atlanta, 

Ga., '91. J. B. Haden, Intd., Tenn. Beta. 

P. E. Howard, Del. Alpha Prov. Conv., 

Ithaca, N. Y., '90. J. M. West. Jr., Del. 

Alpha Prov. Conv., Ithaca, N. Y.,'90. G. P. 

Wneeler, Intd., by spec. auth. of Conv. of '91. 

1892. A. Church, Intd., by spec, auth, of 
Conv. of '91. 

1893. P. H. Davis, Intd., by spec. auth. of 

Conv. of '91. J. C. Moore, tr., Del. Alpha 

Prov. Conv., Burlington, Vt., 92. 

1895. G. P. Chase, Intd., Vt. Alpha. R. 

P. McReynolds, Intd., Tenn. Alpha. 




Charter granted, November 27, 1883, to Dwight Levi Parsons, '84; Harvey De Witt Griswold, 
'85; William Henry Vaughn, '85; Thomas Warren Allen, '86; Levi Case Felthousen, '86; 
Edwin Schuyler Colfax Harris, '86; William Thurston Brown. '87; Charles Arthur 
Marvin, '87; John Edwin Swanker, '87; Vernon Everest Weston, '87; and Frank Fenton 
Blessing, '89 (formerly '86.) 

Class of 1884. 

DwiGHT Levi Parsons, A. B. Sfj| V^ 

At Gottingen, Ger., '85; McCormick Theo. 
Sem., '91. M. E. Min., Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1885. 


Harvey DeWitt Griswold, A.B. Sf * 

At Union Theo. Sem., '86-8. Miss, to 
Jhusi, N. W. P., India. M. E. Minn., 
Dr>^den, N. Y. 

William Henry Vaughn. A.B. 
M. E. Minn., Prattsville 

B. * 

, N. Y. 


Class of 1886. 

Thomas Warren Allen, C. E . jj V* 

Civ. Eng.. Red River Surv., '86-7; N. Y. 
Harbor, '87-8. Civ. Eng., East Hounsfield, 
N. Y. 

Levi Case Felthousen, A.B. y ft V* 

At U. of Leipzic, Ger., '86-7; ao.. Coll. de 

France, Paris, '87-S. Teacher, Ogontz, Pa. 

Edwin Schuyler Colfax Harris, A.B. 5f ft V^ 
Teacher, CatskiU, N. Y. 

Frederick William Skinner, A.B., C.E. 
Civ. Eng., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Class of 1887. 
William Thurston Brown, ft 


M. E. Mm., New Haven, Conn. 

lrles Arthur Marvin, A.B. Jf 
Atty.-at-law, Elizabeth town, N. 


Harlow McMillan, A.B. 5J 
Milnor, N. Dak. 



Alfred Edward Phillips. A.B., C.E. 
Prof., Perdue U., Lafayette, Ind. 

Edward Tallmadge Root. o* 

At Yale U., '85-7. M. E. Minn.. Balti- 
more, Md. 

John Edward Swanker. Sf ft ij/T 

With Rochester Bridge and Iron Works. 
Rochester, N. Y. 

Vernon Everest Weston, ft yf'X 

Merchant, Wilmington, N. Y. 

Class of 1888. 

Charles WiNNE Blessing, A.B. Sf^ rX 

Boston Sch. of Tech., Boston, Mass. 

James Monroe DeLong, A B., C.E. ft /5* 
Teacher, Jolon, Calif. 

James Edgar Winne, A.B. X rT 

M. E. Minn., Kingston, N. Y. 

Class of 1889. 

Frank Fenton Blessing. Sf ft f' V'2 

M. E. Min., Scarborough, N. Y. 

Archibald Randall Conover. Jf «T 

Atty.-at-law, Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Michael Nolan, Jr. y vT 

Atty.-at-law, Troy, N. Y. 

1890-6. NOTES. 

New York Beta. 


Class of 1890. 

Fred Ward Brown, C.E. at 

Civ. Eng., Gloversville, N. Y. 

Harry Glen Dean, A. B. 

M. E. Min., Schenectady, N. Y. 

John Calvin Knox, A.B. rY 

M. E. Min., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Edward Ferguson PrcKFORD, A.B. yf* rT 
At Albany Med. Coll., '93. Albany, N. Y. 

George Carmichael Stewart, A.B. 5JJ[ rT 
Atty. -at-law, Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Class of 1891. 

Henry Ward Briggs, A.B. 5J rT 

At Albany Med. Coll.. '93. Albany, N. Y. 

James Henry Drury. vT 

Atty. -at-law, Gloversville, N. Y. 

John Smily, Tr. vT 

Actor, Albany, N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Class of 1892. 

Arthur Dougall, A.B. y rT 

At Princeton Theo. Sem., '93. Princeton, 
N. J. 

Burton Fisher. rT 

With D. & H. R. R. Co., Albany. N. Y. 

Clarence STewART Hart. tT 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Arthur Chambers Pickford. f* rT 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Thomas Henry Reddish, C.E. 5f J[ v* 

With Oswego Bridge Co., Oswego, N. Y. 

Class of 1893. 

Edward Gillespie. % vT 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Jesse B Spruill. vT 

*• B" letter only. Columbia, N. C. 

Class of 1894. 

Edwin Lee Auchampaugh. 0* 

Delanson, N. Y. 

Elwood Grant Blessing, f* rT 

Slingerlands, N. Y. 

Raymond Augustus Lansing. 
Lisha's Kill, N. Y. 

Walter Luman Law ton. % rT 

Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Leonard H McClintock. vT 

*• H" letter only. South Worchester, N. Y. 


Smith Lewis Multer. 
Charlotteville, N. Y. 

Benjamin Jones Wightman. 
Cayuga, N. Y. 


Class of 1895. 

Bryan O Burgin, v* 

•• O" letter only. Walton, N. Y. 

John Arvine Clark, Jr. vT 

Sidney, N. Y. 

Clarence H Greene. vT 

*' H" letter only. Lake George, N. Y. 

Robert Hall Purple. ^T 

Woodstock, Vt. 

Beecher Van Dusen. v* 

Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Fred J Wagner. yT 

*• J" letter only. Georgetown Sta,, N. Y. 

Class of 1896. 

Walter Lancelot Terry. 
Walton, N. Y. 

Howard Miller West. 
Glens Falls, N. Y. 


College Notes. 

1884. D. L. Parsons, Joint Deb., Adelphic- 
Philomathean Cont., '84. 

1885. H. D. Griswold, Warner Prize ($50 
cup), '85; Valedictorian, '85; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Hebrew Fellowship (highest hon.) Union Tneo. 
Sein. , '88. 

1886. L. C. Felthousen, Ivy Ora., Com- 
mencement, '86. E. S. C. Harris, Ed. Con- 

cordiensis, '85-6; Valedictorian, '86. 

1887. C. A. Marvin, Phi Beta Kappa. 

H. McMillan, Gen. Man. and Pub. Concordien- 

sts, '86-7. -J. E. Swanker, Ed. Garnet, '86; 

Capt. Cadet (Jorps, '86. 

1888. C. W. Blessing. Lit. Ed. Concordien- 

sts, '87; 2d Blatchford Ora. Prize '88. J. E. 

Winne, 2d. Jun. Ora. Prize, '87. 

1889. F. F. Blessing, ist Prize, Jun. Ora,, 

'85. A. R. Conover, 2d. Clark Essay Prize, 

'88; Ivy Ora.. Sen. CI., '89; Sigma Xi Key. 

M. Nolan, Jr., ist. Soph. Ora. Prize, '87; Ed. 
Garnet y '87. 

1890. E. F. Pickford, Asst. Bus. Mgr. Gar- 
net, '89; Sigma Xi Key; Commencement Ora., 

•90. G. C. Stewart, Allen Essay Prize, '89; 

Sigma Xi Key. 

1891. H. W. Briges, ist. Jun. Essay, '90; 2d. 
Jun. Ora. Prize, '90 ; Veeder Extemp. rri«e, '90; 


New York Beta, 


Class Prophet, '91 ; Bus. Mgr. Garnet, '91 ; 
Sigma Xi Key. 

1892. A. Dougall, 2d Soph. Ora. Prize, '90; 
Latin, Gk., and Hist. Prizes, '92; ist Blatchford 

Ora., Med. '92; Phi Beta Kappa. T. H. 

Reddish, 2d Jun. Ora. Prize, '91; Sigma Xi 

1893. E. Gillespie, Ed. Garnet, '91. 

1894. W. L. Lawton, 2d. Soph. Ora. Prize, 
'92; Ed. Garnet y '92. 

Fraternity Notks. 

1884. D. L. Parsons, Char. Mem. 
J885. H. D. (iriswold. Char. Mem. 
H. Vaughn, Char. Mem. 


1886. T. W. Allen, Char. Mem.; Del. Nat. 

Conv., Nashville, Tenn., "84. L. C. Felt- 

housen. Char. Mem.; Del. Alpha Prov. Conv., 
New York, N. Y., '86. E. S. C. Harris. 

! Char. Mem.; Del. Alpha Prov. Conv., New 
York, N. v., '86. 

1887. W. T. Brown. Char Mem. C. A. 

Marvin, Char. Mem. J. E. Swanker, Char. 

Mem. V. E. Weston, Char. Mem. 

J 888. J. M. DeLong, Del. Alpha Prov. 
Conv., Easton, Pa., '88. 

1889. F. F. Blessing, Char. Mem. 

1890. G. C. Stewart, Del. Nat. Conv., 
Bloomington, 111., '89. 

1892. T. H. Reddish, Del. Nat. Conv., At- 
I lanta, Ga., '91. 




Charter granted, February 19, 1884, to Charles Edward Herring, '83; James Edward Holmes, 
'84: Frank Gillette Mason, '84; Julius Marshall Mayer, '84 (New York Delta, '86); John 
Simpson Penman, '84; Franklin Minturn Devoe, Jr., '85; Louis Hicks, '85; Eugene 
Henry Lewis Randolph, '85; Denis John Wallace, '85; Albert Shields, '86; Richard 
Vought Schoonmaker, '87, and Francis Asbury Winslow, '87: suspended, 1891. 

Class of 1883. 

Charles Edward Herring, A.B. jj <5i 

Grad. Union Theo. Sem.. '86. Att. U. of 

Oxford, Eng. Presb. Min., Plainfield, N. J. 

Class of 18S4. 

James Edward Holmes. A.B. Sf J 6Q 

Grad. L^nion Theo. Sem., '87. Presb. Min., 
Hartford, Conn. 

Frank Gillette Mason, A.B. jj fiQ 

Clerk in U. S. Custom House, New York, 
N. Y. 

John Simpson Penman, A.B. yjj cJi2 

Grad. Union Theo. Sem., '87. Presb. Min., 
Irvington, N. Y. 

Class of 1885. 

Franklin Minturn Devoe, Jr- STft '^'^ 

At Saint Lawrence U., *S8-<;. Merchant, 
119 Kent Ave., Brooklyn. E. D., N. Y. 

Loi'is Hicks, A.B. 5f jj ft 

A.B., Harvard U., '87; LL.B., do., '89. 

Atty.-at-law, 150 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Frank Coddington Moore. eri 

At Harvard U., '84-5. New York, N. Y. 

Eugene Henry Lewis Randoiph, A.B. 

Sfft d* 
At Columbia Law Sch., '85-6. V.^res. 
Randolph Mfg. Co., '85-8; Supt. Randolph 
Shafting Trust, '88-90. Since '90. Account- 
ant, C. R. R. Co. of N. J.. 143 Liberty St., 

New York, N. Y. Editor TAe CoUe^e 
Fraternity, '92-3. Since '93, Assoc. Ed., 
The University Review. Plainfield, N. J. 

EMS John Wallace. Sf* rJ* 

Prof. Math., Vineland Coll., Vineland, 

N. J. 

Class of 1886. 

Charles Alfred "Downer, A.B. Sf# ^X 

Teacher. 222 West Twenty-fourth St., New 
York, N. Y. 

Albert Shiels, A.B. 5J* c5X 

At N. Y. Coll. Phar..^86-7. Asst. Cashr., 
Panama R. R., Aspinwall. U. S. C, '87-8. 
British Proconsul, Aspinwall. '87-8; Mexi- 
can Vice-Consul Panama and Aspinwall, '8 7-8. 
Since '88, Teacher, New York, N. Y. Mount 
Vernon, N. Y. 

Class of 1887. 

Frederick Joy Greene. ^ rX 

Mech. Eng., 586 East One Hundred and 
Thirty-fifth St., New York, N. Y. 

George William Hubbell, A.B. ^ 

Asst. Actuary, United States Life Ins. Co., 
2027 Fifth Ave., New York. N. Y. 


Theodore Edward Lyon, Jr., B.S. 5? C* 

Teacher, 142 West One Hundred and 
Twenty-second St. , New York, N. Y. 

Richard Vought Schoonmaker. jjTjJ (W* 

Actor, Elizabeth, N. J. 


New York Gamma, 


William Dame Utley. ^ 

Attv.-at-law, 318 West Eighteenth St., 
New York, N. Y. 

Francis AsBURY WiNSLow, B.S. ** e* 

Atty.-at-law, 80 Broadway, New York, 
N. Y. Montclair, N. J. 

Class of 1888. 

John Campbell. CX 

Atty.-at-law, 52 William St, New York, 
N. Y. 

Mason Carnes, A.B. * t* 

The Player's Club. New York, N. Y. 
4 Rue Peccmi, Paris, France. 

Lewis Evans Aloysius Drummond, A.B. tSL 
At Columbia Law Sch., '88-90. Atty.-at- 
law, 280 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Samuel Whitney Dunscomb, Jr., A.B. Sf ^ 
Atty.-at-law, 28 West One hundred and 
Twenty-eighth St, New York, N. Y. 

Frank Loomis Eckerson, A.B. rfii 

Atty.-at-law, Bennett Bldg., Nassau St., 
New York. N. Y. 

Thomas Harry Knox, B.S. af t* 

Teacher,2i 5 West One hundred and Twenty- 
third St, New York, N. Y. 

Jerome O'Connell, B.S. AO 

Teacher, 159 East One hundred and twenty- 
third St, New York, N. Y. 

Benjamin Sinclair Orcutt. * V**" 

Reporter, The New York Tribune^ '91 . 

Asst Night Ed., do., since '92. Since '93, Ed. 

and Prop. The Daily Railway Times, 48 

Broad St, New York, N. Y. 

Earle Fenton Palmer, B S. 5J r* 

Grad., Bap. Theo. Sem., Chester, Pa. 
Bap. Min., Chester, Pa. 

George Sabine Potter, Jr., A.B. ^ X^ 

At Harvard U., '88-90. At Harvard Med. 
Sch., since '91. 16 Prescott St., Cambridge, 

Nathaniel BowDiTCH Potter. 5J<^ ;i'X 

At Harvard U. , ' 88-90. Teacher, Chicago, 

Class of 1889. 

Franklin Irving Brown. )3* 

III East Seventy-third St, New York, 
N. Y. 

Stephen Tallmadge Carter, A.B. kX 

Phvsician, 222 West Twenty-third St, 
New York. N. Y. 

Winthrop Earle. yX 

Artist, One hundred and Fifty-second St, 
near Saint Nicholas Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Walter Storm. iCL 

Old Point Comfort. Va. 

William Howard Treat. x^ 

At Wesleyan U., '86-7. 942 Saint Nich- 
olas Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Class of 1890. 

Frank Stanleigh Angell. »* 

LL.B., Columbia, '92. Atty.-at-law, 186 
Remsen St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Albert Garritt, B.S. e* 

166 West One hundred and Twenty-eighth 
St, New York, N. Y. 

William Rainey. Sf «♦ 

428 West Fifty-seventh St, New York, 
N. Y. 

John Edward Rceser, B.S. ^ tX 

240 West One hundred and Thirtieth St. 
New York, N. Y. 

Jeremiah Thomas Simonson. i^ 

Physician, 61 East Eighty-third St, New 
York, N. Y. 

David Clark Taylor, A.B. ic* 

One hundred and Fifth St and Riverside 
Drive, New York. N. Y. 

George Lounsbury Walker, B.S. v* 

At Mass. Inst. Tect., '91-2. 890 Grand 
Boulevard, New York, N. Y. 

Class of 1891. 


Phillip Harry Stern. Sf J[ 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Louis Van Norman. >X 

With The Voice. 1324 Franklin Ave., New 
York, N. Y. 

Class of 1892. 

Edward Joseph McDonald, A.B. ;^T 

120 West One hundredth St , New York, 

N. Y. 

James Miller. fA 

296 Henry St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Frank Adams Reed. t^ 

225 West One hundred and Twenty-third 
St, New York, N. Y. 

Edward Nicholas Ra':sER. ^ ^ 

240 West One hundred and Thirtieth St, 
New York, N. Y. 

1 893-4. NOTES. 

New York Gamma, 


Class of 1893. 

John Peter Binzen. CX 

301 East One hundred and Twenty-first St, 
New York. N. Y. 

William Augustus Boyd. Jr. ^ 

107 East One hundred and First St., New 
York, N. Y. 

David Joy Greene, f* ^ 

611 East One hundred and Thirty-fifth St., 
New York, N. Y. 

William Stevens Thyng. C* 

1428 Amsterdam Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Walter Timme. vT 

2 River View Terrace, New York, N. Y. 

Ernest Volgenan. ^ 

1688 Park Ave,. New York, N. Y. 

Franklin Backus Ware. x*^ 

1 1 28 Madison Ave., New York. N. Y. 

Class of 1S94. 

Edward William Libaire. CT 

150 West Forty-ninth St.. New York. N. Y. 

College Notes. 

1884. J. E. Holmes. Winner Prize Spkg., 

'84; Winner Prize Deb., '84. ^J. M. Mayer 

(N. Y. Delta, '86), Ed. College Mercury, '83-4; 

Class Day Prophet, '84. J. S. Penman, 

Joint Deb., '84; Class Day Hist., "84. 

1885. F. M. Devoe, Jr.. Silver Med., Math., 

•84. L. Hicks. Hist Med., '84; Two Greek 

Meds.. '85. E. H. L. Randolph, Prize Spkr., 

•84; Winner Prize Spkg., '85. D. J. Wallace, 

Ed. College Mercury, '83-5; Prize Spkr., '84. 

1886. C. A. Downer, Claflin Latin and 
Gk. Meds., '84; Prize Spkr., "84; do., '85; Ora., 
Philos., Psychol., and Latin Meds., '86; 6th 

Hon. Man, '86. A. Shiels, Winner Joint 

Deb.. '85; Winner Prize do., '86; Class Day 
Prophet, '86. 

1887. T. K. Lyon, 4 Meds. for Genl. Excell., 
'84; Descrip. Geom. Med., '84; Hist. Med., '85; 

Math, and Belles Lettres Meds., '86. R. V. 

Schoonmaker, Prize Spkr., '85. F. A. Wins- 
low, Ed. College Mercury, '84-7. 

1888. M. Carnes. Ed. College Mercury, 

'86-8: Winner, Kelley Critique, '88. S. W. 

Dunscomb, Jr., Meds.. Scholarship, Algeb., 
Geom. and Hygiene. '84 ; do., Latin and Greek, 
'85; do.. Math., Hist., and Belles Lettres, '86; 
do.. Lat, Polit. Sci. and Eng., '87; do.. 
Scholarship, Chem., Nat. Hist., Greek, Latin 

and Philos.. '88; Valedictorian, '88. T. H. 

Knox. Prize for Metal Work. '86. E. 

F. Palmer, Ed. College Mercury, '86-8; Prize 

Spkr.. "88; Joint Deb., '88. N. B. Potter, Ed. 

College Mercury, '86-8. 

1890. W. Ramey, Ed. College Mercury, 

1 891. P. H. Stem, Ed. College Mercury, 

Fraternity Notes. 

1883. C. E. Herring, Char. Mem. 

1884. J. E. Holmes, Char. Mem. 

F. G. 

Mason. Char. Mem. J. M. Mayer (N. Y. 

Delta. '86), Char. Mem. ; Ed. 5^r^//. '84-6 ; Cf. 
N. Y. Alpha. Al. ; Cf. Frat. Notes, N. Y. 
Delta. J. S. Penman. Char. Mem. 

1885. F. M. Devoe, Jr., Char. Mem. L. 

Hicks. Char. Mem. E. H. L. Randolph. 

Char. Mem.; Del. Nat. Con v., Nashville, 
Tenn.. '84; Asst. and Actg. Sec, do. ; Bus. 
Mgr. Scroll, '84-6; Memb. Bd. Pub., do., '86-9; 
Editor, do., '87-9; Editor and Contrib. 3d Edi- 
tion ** Son^s of Phi Delta Theta," '86; Hist. G. 
C, '86-9; Pres. G. C. '89-91; Editor 6th Edi- 
tion '• Catalogue of Phi Delta Theta," '93; Cf. 
N. Y. Alpha Al. D. J. Wallace. Char. Mem. 

1886. C. A. Downer, Cf. N. Y. Alpha Al. 
-A. Shiels, Char. Mem. ; Asst. Bus. Mgr. 

Scroll, '84-6; Editor, do., '86-7; Del. Alpha 
Prov. Conv., New York, N. Y., '86; Del. Nat. 
Conv.. New York, N. Y., '86; Cf. N. Y. 
Alpha Al. 

1887. R. V. Schoonmaker, Char. Mem. 

F. A. Winslow, Char. Mem. ; Del. Alpha Prov. 
Conv.. New York, N. Y., '86. 

1888. B. S. Orcutt, Bus. Mgr. Scroll, '86-9: 
Pres. Alpha Prov., '89-91 ; Cf. N. Y. Alpha Al. 

1 891. P. H. Stern. Del. Nat. Conv., Bloom- 
ington. III., '91. 




Charter granted, March 22, 1884, to Benjamin Franklin Wright, '83; Elwood Earle Dudley. '84 
Rufus Moulton, '84; Frederic Edgar Barton, '85; Charles Carroll, '85; Edward Fuller. '85 
Wallace Erwin Bruce, *86; Edward Williston Frentz, '86; George Edgar Googins. *86 
Richard Alston Metcalf, '86; Harry Atherton Smith, '86; Woodman Bradbury, '87 
Preston Newell Burleigh, '87; Walter Bates Farr, '87, and William Franklin Watson. '87 

Class ok 1883. 

Horace Earle Cates, A.B. /i2 

M.D., Mineapolis Hosp. Coll., '87; A. B. 
Colby, '89. At Haverford Coll., '81. Physi- 
cian, Santa Monica, Calif. 

Benjamin Jason Hinds. fi 

Machias, Me. 

Charles Edward TiLTON, A.B. Sf ri 

A.M.. Colby, '88. Prin. Gram. Schs., 
Bangor, Me. 

Benjamin Franklin Wright. A.B. jj vi 

Atty.-at-law, Saint Cloud, Minn. 

Class of 1884. 
Elwood Earle Dudley, A.B. fl 


Judge. Atty.-at-law, Carson City, Nev. 

*RuFus Moulton, A.B. 5 7O 

A.M., Colby, '8S; M. D.. Harvard Med. 

Sch.. '88. At Bowdoin Med. Sch , '84-5. 

Phy.sician. Died, Worcester, Mass., Aug., 

'89. Springvale, Me. 

Class of 1885. 

Frederic Edgar Barton, jj 
19 Eaton St., Boston, Mass. 

Charles Carroll, A.B. JTft 
Atty.-at-law, Houlton, Me. 

Edward Fuller, A.B. J i/f 

A.M., Colby, '88. At Harvard Law Sch., 
'36-3. Atty.-at-law, Duluth, Minn. 

Class of 1886. 

Wallace Erwin Bruce. A.B. * jyX 

Postmaster and Merchant. South Norridge- 
wock. Me., '87-g. Merchant, Boston, Mass. 

Edward Williston Frentz. * 17X 

Journalist Providence Journal^ Provi 
dence, R. I. 

George Edgar Googins, A.B. j| 17X 

Atty.-at-law, Portland, Me. 

Richard Alston Metcalf, A.B. SjjJ J7X 

A.M., Colby, '89. Prin. High Sch., Ottum- 
wa, Iowa. 

Harry Atherton Smith, A.B. J ^^ 

Physician, Livermore, Me. 

Irving Lee Forest Townsend, A.B. Sf fl rfiX 
Prin. Normal Sch., Stockton, Calif. 

Class of 1887. 

Orris Lyford Beverage, A.B. j;X 

Colby. '90. Teacher, Attleboro. 



Fred Raymond Bowman, A.B. 
Physician, Braintree, Mass. 


Woodman Bradbury, A.B. jfjj rj^ 

Grad. Theo. Sem., Newton Centre. Mass.. 
'91. Bap. Min., Laconia. N. H. 

EvERErr Edwin Burleigh, A.B. j^ rX 

Merchant. Iron River. Wis. Houlton. Me. 

Preston Newell Burleigh. A.B. Sfftf' jt* 
Merchant, Iron River, Wis. Houlton, Me. 


Maine Alpha. 


Walter Bates Farr. A.B. Jffl^ ij^ 

A.M., Colby, '90 At Harvard Law Sch , 
'93. North Berwick, Me. 

RoscoE William Harvey, A. B. rX 

Merchant, Readfield, Me. 

William Franklin Watson, A.B. jj n^ 

A.M., Colby, '90. Author, •* Children of 
the Sun" (Poems), Lect., Chem. and Phys . 
Greenville Female Coll., S. C, '87-8: Prof. 
Chem., Furman U., '87-go. Univ. Exten. 
Lect, U. of Pa., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Class of 188S. 

Albion Hale Brainerd, A.B. 5? rT 

Prin. High Sch., Hallowell, Me. 

Solomon Gallert, A.B. 5J rT 

With Golden Valley Mining Co., Golden 
Valley, N. C. 

Charles Fechem Goodale. rT 

Merchant, Red Bluffs, Calif. 

Henry Charles Prince. tT 

Firm of Prince and Wyman, Props. Water- 
vilU Mali, Waterville, Me. 

Class ok 1889. 

Nelson Sinclair Blrbank, A.B. Sf tT 

Bap. Min., Revere, Mass. 

Parker Prescott Burleigh. A.B. jf^ rT 
Atty.-at-law, Houlton, Me. 

Hiram Everett Farnham, A.B. y rT 

At Yale Divinity Sch., '89-03 Belgrade, 

John Lyman Pepper, A.B. ' rT 

At Med. Dept., Bowdoin Coll., '93. Bruns- 
wick, Me. 

David Francis Smith. % v* 

At Boston Law Sch., '93. Houlton, Me. 

Class of 1890. 

Charles Wilson Averrll, A.B. ^ vT 

Prin. High Sch., Waldoboro, Me. 

Walter Cary, A.B. 5J]5 vT 

Atty.-at-law, Houlton, Me. 

Harlan Page Knight. vT 

Teacher, Maiden, Mass. 

Arthur Jeremiah Roberts, A.B. vT 

Asst. Prof. Rhetoric. Colbv U., Waterville, 

Class of 1891. 

Homer Anderson Berry. rT 

Merchant, Portland, Me. 

George Russell Campbell, A.B. v«t» 

At Med. Dept, U. of Pa , '93. Waterville. 

Alfred Bradbury Cottle, A.B. af rT 

Atty.-at-law, Houlton, Me. 

George Albert Gorham, Jr., A.B. rT 

Houlton, Me. 

Herbert Lee Forest Morse, A.B. rT 

Prof. Nat. Sci., Colby Acad., New London. 
N. H. 

Edwin Conrad Teogue, A.B. rT 

Prin., Thompson's Island Farm House, 
Boston, Mass. 

Class of 1892. 

Herman Edgar Brady. rT 

Endfield, Me. 

Otho Willard Burnham Farr. ^ rT 

Grad. U. S. Mil. Acad., '93. Oakland, Me, 

Albert Gordon Huro, A.B. rT 

At Med. Dept, U. of Pa., '93. Westmin- 
ster, Mass. 

Fred Tristram JoHN'iox. A.B. vl 

Teacher, Lisbon Falls, Me 

Harry Lincoln Pierce. A.B. rT 

V.-Pres., Lake Charles Coll., Lake Charles, 

George William Singer, A.B. 0X 

Teacher. Waterville High Sch., Waterville, 

♦Albert Charles Watson. vT 

Died, Morovia, Calif., Feb., 24, '93. Unity, 

Class of 1893. 

Charles Hovey Dodge. rT 

Merchant, Waterville, Me. 

David Jacque Gallert. ft rT 

At Harvard U., '93. Waterville, Me. 

Leon Otis Glover. 
Canton, Me. 

I Ivan Cecil High. 
Harmony, Me. 

William Eames Lombard. 
Turner, Me. 

Robert Noyes Millett. 
Norway, Me. 

George Crosby Sheldon. 
Waldo, Me. 

Joseph Fred Shepherd. 
Merchant, Camden, Me. 



Maine Alpha. 

1 893-6. NOTES. 

Eugene Lincoln Torrey. 
Dixfield, Me. 


Class of 1894. 

Edwin Charles Clark. 
Waterboro, Me. 


William Elithan Green. 

At Wayland U., '93. Linnens, Me. 


Frederick Humbert Hodge. 

At Boston U., '93. Melrose, Mass 


Theodore Harding Kinney. 
Houlton, Me. 


Moses Brown Leavitt. 

At Eastman Bus. Coll.. '93. Norridgt 


John Sarsfield Lynch. 
West Boylston, Mass. 


Thomas Adriance Pollard. 
Georgetown, Col. 


Herbert Leonard Whitman. 
South Paris, Me. 



Class of 1895. 

Henry Winter Jackson. 
West Boylston, Mass. 


Albert Turner Lane. 
Damariscotta, Me. 


Austin White Snare. 
Hampden, Me. 


Class of i 896. 

Eugene Lindsey Hall. 
Waterville, Me. 


Carlton Everett Huichinson. 
Skowhegan, Me. 


Benjamin Donald Metcalf. 
Damariscotta, Me. 


Fred William Peakes. 
Rosliudale, Mass. 


Herbert Noah Pratt. 
Skowhegan, Me. 


Frank Lindley Purinton. 
Limington, Me. 


Levi Parker Wyman. 
Skowhegan, Me. 


College Notes. 

1883. C. E. Tilton, Ed. Oracle, '83. 

1885. C.Carroll Jr. Spkr., '84: Ivy Ora,, 
'84; Commencement Spkr., '85; Class Proph., 
'85: Bus. Mgr., Oracle, '85. 

1886. R. A. Metcalf, Sr. Spkr., '86. L L. 

F. Townsend. Ed. Oracle. '86. 

1887. W. Bradbury, Merrill Prime ($182 per 

yr.), '84-5; Ed. Oracle, '86-7. P. N. Bnr- 

leigh, Mang. Ed., Oracle, '87. W. B. Farr. 

2d. Prize, Soph. Spkg., '85; Ed. Echo, '85-7. 

1888. A. H. Brainerd, Soph. Spkr., '86; Ed. 
Echo, '86-8. S. Gallant, Ed. Oracle, '88. 

1889. N. S. Burbank, Soph. Spkr., '87; Jan. 
do., '88; Commencemant Ora., '89; Ed. Oracle, 

'89. P. P. Burleigh, 2 appts., Jun. Ex., '88; 

Ed. Echo, '89. H. E. Farnham, Ed. Echo, 

'88-9; Commencement Ora., '89. D. S. 

Smith, Ed. Oracle, '89. 

1890. C. W. Averell, Ed. Echo, '90. W. 

Cary, Jun. Spkr., '87; Ed. Oracle, '89-90. 

1 89 1. A. B. Cottle, Soph. Decl., '89; Jnn. 
Deb., '90. 


Fraternity Notes. 

1883. B. F. Wright, Char. Mem. 

1884. E. E. Dudley, Char. Mem.— 
Moulton. Char. Mem. 

1885. F. E. Barton, Char. Mem. C. Car- 
roll, Char. Mem. E. Fuller, Char. Mem.; 

Del. Nat. Gonv., Nashville, Tenn.. '84. 

1886. W. E. Bruce, Char. Mem. E. W. 

Frentz, Char. Mem. G. E. Googins, Char. 

Mem. R. A. Metcalf, Char. Mem. ; Del. 

Alpha Prov. Con v., New York. N. Y., '86. 

H. A. Smith, Char. Mem. \. L. F. Towns- 
end. Del. Alpha Prov. Con v., New York, 
N. Y., '89. 

1S87. W. Bradbury, Char. Mem.; Del. Nat. 
Conv., New York, N. Y., '86; Contrib. 3d. 

Edition "Songs of Phi Delta Theta." P. N. 

Burleigh, Char. Mem. W. B. Farr, Char. 

Mem. W. F. Watson. Char. Mem. 

1890. W. Cary, Del. Nat. Conv., Blooming- 
ton, 111., '8q. 

1893. D. J. Gallert. Del. Nat. Conv., At- 
lanta, Ga., '91. 




Charter granted, May 12, 1884, to Henry Leonard Hollis, '85; John Pollock Petty (Miss. Alpha. 
'81), '85; John Dougherty Berry, '86; William Radford Wharton, '86, and John Barrett 
Kerfoot, '86: Suspended, 1890. 

Class of 1885. 

Henry Leonard Hollis, M.E. ft <* 

Metallurgist, Chicago Rolling Mills, South 
Chicago, 111. 

John Pollock Petty, ft /,P-r!' 

A.B., U. of Miss., '81. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

George Dundas Scriba, A.B., A.M. ^ 

LL. B. , Columbia Law Sch. , '89. Atty -at- 
law, Montrose, N. Y. 

♦Robert Henry Stodder. M.E. ^X 

Assayer. Died, El Paso, Tex., June, '87. 
Chicago, 111. 

William Radford Wharto.v. # iX 

Class of 1886. 

Irving Roger Bacon. 
New York, N. Y. 

Thomas Henry Baskerville, LL.B. 
Atty.-at-law, William and Pine Sts 
York, N. Y. 

John Dougherty Berry, M.E. ft 
Banker, Newnan, Ga. 

Alexander Laist. 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

William Donald Mahaney. 
Sing Sing, N. Y. 

Julius Marshall Mayer, LL.B. Sf ft 
A.B.. C. C. N. Y, '84. Atty.-at- 
Wall St., New York, N. Y. 

Edward Francis McCaskie, LL.B. 
Atty.-at-law, Sing Sing, N. Y. 

Brinton Hamdon Miner, LL.B. 

Atty.-at-law, 24 Park Place, New 
N. Y. 

Harry Newton Rose. 
Morrisburg, Can. 


/* I 

., New 


law, 9 




Assayer. French Gulf, CaliT New River 
Depot, Va. 

Class of 1887. 

John Barrett Kerfoot, A.B. Sf ft <♦ 

Clerk, First Natl. Bank, 298 Superior St., 
Chicago, 111. 

John Adger Mullally. 
Charleston, S. C. 


Class of 1888. 

George Louis Baker, Ph.B. 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Charles Alfred Bechstein, Ph.B. 
New York, N. Y. 

Elbert Perce Callender. 




With American Gas Light Journal, 42 
Pine St., New York. N. Y. 

Graham French Putnam, A.B. Jf 
Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Charles Henry Wadelton, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 




Neiv York Delta, 

1888-91. NOTES. 

Leo Wampold, Ph.B. Jf jj vY 

Merchant, 3229 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 

Class ok 1889. 

Francis Dixon Cleveland. V* 

Jersey City, N. J. 

William Henry Erb. ^ 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Fritz Augustus Heinze, M. E. fX 

Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Alfred Kerby Prince. ;t* 

Elizabeth, N. J. 

Frf.derick George Zinsser. iT 

New York. N. Y. 

Class ok 1890. 

Sidney Cahn. vT 

Merchant, 204 Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 

Charles Harris Hayes. 
Madison, N. J. 


Class of 1891. 

Carl Henry Schultz, Jr. 

At Stevens Inst, of Tech.. '88-<;. 
York, N. Y. 


College Notes. 

1886. J. M. Mayer, Cf. Coll. Notes. N. Y. 

1887. J. B. Kerfoot, Ed. Acta Columbiana ^ 
•85-7; Prophet. Class Day. '87. L. Wam- 
pold, Ed. Spectator, '87: Ed. Miner, '87. 

1 888. G. F. Putnam, Phi Beta Kappa. 


Fraternity Notes. 
H. L. HoUis, Char. Mem. 

-J. p. 

Petty, Char. Mem. ; Intd., Miss. Alpha. 

1886. J. D. Berry, Char. Mem.; J. M. 
Mayer. Intd., N. Y. Gamma; Ed. 6Vr<?//. '84-6; 

Pres. Alpha Prov., '91-3. W. R. Wharton, 

Char. Mem. 

1887. J. B. Kerfoot, Char. Mem. L. 

Wampold, Asst. Ed. Scroti, '84-6; Bus. Mgr. . 
do., '86-7. 




Charter gp-anted, October 31, 1884, to Edwin Parker Pitman, '86; George Edward Whitehill, '86; 
Edward Everett Chalmers, '87; Charles Alexander Eastman, '87; Ansel Edward Pen- 
dleton, '87; Emerson Rice, '87; George Wright Shaw, '87; Harry Wirt Courtland 
Shelton, '87, and Aziah Chandler Willey, '87. 

Class of 1886. 

Edwin Parker Pitman, A.B. J 
Physician, Concord, N. H. 

Allen Pierce Richmond, Jr., B.L. 
Physician, Dover, N. H. 

George Edward Whitehill, B.L. 
Physician, Peacham, Vt. 

Class of 1887. 






Edward Everett Chalmers, A.B. Jf 5 
Atty.-at-law, Montpelier, Iowa. 

Henry Eugene Chamberlain, B.L. 
Stock-raiser. Lakeside, Neb. 

Charles Alexander Eastman, B.L. jj i* 
Attended Knox Coll. M.D., Boston U. 
Sch. of Med. Physician. Gov't Phys., Pine 
Ridge Agency, S. Dak. 

*Ansel Edward Pendleton. * v* 

Died, Lawrence, Oct. 9, 86. Lawrence, 

Emerson Rice, A.B. 5f ft v* 

Sub. -Master, High Sen., Hyde Park, Mass. 

Daniel Stoianoff Ruevskv, B.L. x^ 

At Robert Coll., Constantinople, Turkey, 

'65. Honolulu, Sandwich Islands. Sistova, 

George Wright Shaw, A.B. 5? ft v* 

Prof, of Chem., Corvallis, Ore. 

Henry Wirt Courtland Shelton. ft v* 

Ed., Telephone, Talequah, '89. Teacher, 
Cherokee Nat. Male Sem., Talequah, L T. 

Aziah Chandler Willey, A.B. ft v* 

Abstract of Titles, West Medtord, Mass. 

Class of 1888. 

♦Frank Forest Badger. j{t 

Died, Hanover, N. H., April 2, '85. Ma- 
lone, N. Y. 

Richard Skinner Ely, A.B. vT 

Physician, Brownsville, Vt. 

Louis Henry Weymouth French, A.B. y jCt 
Wobum, Mass. 

Sam Boody Nelson, A.B. 
Barton, Vt. 

Benjamin Stevens Simonds, Jr., A.B. 
Mclndoes Falls, Vt. 

Frederick Austin Whittemore, A.B. 
Bristol, N. H. 

Class of 1S89. 

Charles Sumner Currier. ^ 
Civ. Eng., Barre, Vt. 

Frank Johnson Hazen, B.L. 

Real Estate, West Newton, Mass. 

Herman Hobbs. 
Pelham. N. H. 




New Hampshire Alpha. 


George Ephraim Miner. B.L. % vX 

Atty.-at-law, 38 Park Row, New York, 

N. Y. 

Joseph Morgan. A.B. % vT 

Teacher, Dallas, Texas. 

Nelson Edwin Baker Morrill, A.B. % vT 
Rochester Loan and Banking Assn., Roch- 
ester, N. H. 

Alexander P Nelson. vT 

••P" letter only. Woodsville, N. H. 

Walter Franklin Robie, A.B. vT 

Physician, Bradford, Vt. 

George Francis Sparhawk, B. L. ^ vT 

Draughtsman, 49 Delaware PL, Chicago, 


Class of 1890. 

Alvin Henry Bacon, A.B. 

Atty.-at-law. Sebago Lake, Me. 

Amander Edward Beebe, B.L. % 
Merchant, Macmillan, Wis. 

George Winburn Earle, B.L. f^ 
Kent's Hill, Me. 

William Phineas Earle. B.L. 
Atty.-at-law, Malone, N. Y. 

George Albert French, B.L. 
Plainville, Conn. 

Frederick Orville Grover, A.B. 5f^ ^T 
Teacher, Western Mil. Acad., Upper Alton, 

Ira Frazier Libbey. ^T 

Merchant, 90 Temple PI., Boston, Mass. 

Walter Warren RowE, A.B. f r* 

Merchant, Boston, Mass. 

George Boardman Stayers. fT 

Portsmouth, N. H. 

Class of 1891. 

George Philip Bryant. 

Bank Clerk, New York, N. Y. 

James Martin Curran. 
Manchester, N. H. 

George Albion Dickson. 

Ryegate (Mclndoe's Falls P. O.), Vt. 

Herman Howard Kibby, A.B. 5f 

Teacher, Highland Mil. Acad., Worcester, 

Alexander Anderson McKenzie. ^ 
San Juan del Norte, Nicaragua. 


William Norton. 

At Yale U., '93. Waukegan. 111. 

Frank Eleazer Rowe, B.L. ])f ^ 
Teacher, Winchester, Mass. 

Class of 1892. 


Frank Blodgett Flanders. 
Teacher, Epping. N. H. 

Charles Hall Gould, A.B. yjj vT-^T 

At U. of Min., "87-8. Tutor. Latin. Dart- 
mouth Coll., '92-3. Since '93 at Harvard 
Law Sch., Cambridge. Mass. 

James Hinds. fT 

Merchant, 119 Summer St. Boston. Mass. 

Phil Sheridan Ide. 

Saint Johnsbur}-, Vt. 

Herbert Franz Jean Norton, A.B. 
Atty.-at-law, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Loren Edward Pattridge. A.B. 5f 
Prin. Sch., Hinesburgh, Vt 

James Belknap Sar(;£.nt, A.B. 


Prof. Math., Pritchett Inst, Glasgow, Mo, 

Class of 1893. 

Almorin Orton Caswell. 
Orange, Mass. 

Charles Benjamin Gordon. 
Lakewood, N. J. 

George Edmund Greeley. 
Marlborough, Mass. 

Edward Griffith, y 
East Dorset, Vt. 

Byron Freets Gustin. 
Groton, Mass. 

Harry De Forrest Hilliard. 
Lancaster. N. H. 

John Gilbert Kellar. ^ 
Peoria. 111. 

Charles Richard McKenzie. j^^ 
Burke, N. Y. 

Frederick Alvin Morrill. ])f 
Amesbury, Mass. 

William Alfred Redenbaugh. 
Peoria, 111. 

Albert Childs Salls. jf 
Burke, N. Y. 

Ernest Augustus Schimmler. 
Hannover, Germany. 


1893-6. NOTES. 

New Hampshire Alpha, 


Walter Wyman Smith. 
Lower Cabot, Vt. 

Willis Tucker Sparhawk. ^ 
West Randolph, Vt. 

Frsd Peaslee Tuxbury. 
Amesbury, Mass. 

Class of 1894. 

Harry Burton Amey. 
Lancaster, N. H. 

Alfred Bartlett. % 
EUot, Me. 

Fred Porter Claggett. 
Newport, N. H. 

William Gibbon. 
Vicksburg. Miss. 

Edwin Osgood Grover. % ^ 
Ossipee, N. H. 

Kent Knowlton. 
Greensboro, Vt. 

Albert Mark Lyon. 
Peru, Vt. 

Archibald Joseph Matthews. 
Hannawa Falls, N. Y. 

Robert Ralston Penniman. 
Meriden, N. H. 

Julius Irving Read. 
Omaha, Neb. 



Class of 1895. 

Robert Coburn Bacon. 
Springfield, Vt. 


Charles Fred CleaveLand. 
Lancaster, N. H. 


Thomas Henry Hack. 
Orwell, Vt. 


Francis Eugene Mason. 
Hinsdale, N. H. 


Howard Carl Rumery. 
Ossipee, N. H. 


Henry Coburn Sanborn. 
Reading, Mass. 


Austin Dudley West. 
Newport, Vt. 


Class of 1896. 

Isaac Joslyn Cox. 
Tuckerton, N. J. 


Herbert Jackson Hapgood. 
Boston, Mass. 


William Andrew Mesbrvb. 
Newburg, Vt 


Arthur Bertram Moulton. 
Limington, Me. 


Myron Austin Phelps. 
Irasburgh, Vt. 


Edmund Frederick Riesz. 
Peoria, 111. 


Henry Sturtevant Richardson. 
Cornish. N. H. 


William Francis Whitcomb. 
Claremont. N. H. 


College Notes. 

1886. G. E. Whitehill, Ed., Dartmouth, 

1887. E. E. Chalmers, Mang. Ed., Dart- 
mouth, '87; Mead. Pol. Econ. Prize, '87. E. 

Rice, Noyes Pol. Econ. Prize, '87; Phi Beta 
Kappa. G. W. Shaw. Class Day Ora., '87. 

1888. L. H. W. French, Ed., Dartmouth, 
'87-8. B. S. Simonds, Jr., Ed., .^/>, '87. 

1889. C. S. Currier, ist and 2d prize, Spkg., 

'86; Ed., Dartmouth, '88. G. E. Miner, 

Class Day Ora., '89. J. Morgan, Thayer 

Math. Prize, '88; "Ea, Dartmouth, '%%\ Math. 
Prize, '89; Commencement Spkr., '89; Phi Beta 

Kappa. N. E. B. Morrill, Class Day Ora., 


1890. A. E. Beebe, Ed., Dartmouth, '89. 
F. O. Grower, Ed., y4.>/J, '88. 

1891. H. H. Kibbey, Ed., ^gts, '89; Class 

Ora., '91. F. E. Rowe, Ed., Dartmouth, '90; 

Campus Ora., '91. 

1892. C. H. Gould. Lect. Assn. Direc, '91-2; 
Assoc. Ed., Dartmouth, '91-2: Commencement 

Spkr., '92. L. E. Patlridge, Ed., ^gt's, 


1893. E. Griffith, Ed., j£gis, '90; do., '93. 

J. G. Kellar, 2d Thayer Math. Prize, '91. 

F. A. Morrill, ist Atherton Greek Prize, 

'92. A. C. Sails, Ed., Dartmouth, 


1894. A. Bartlett, "E^., Dartmouth, '90-1; 

Dartmouth Ed., The Coltege Man, '90-1. 

E. O. Grover, Assoc. Ed., Dartmouth Literary 
Monthly, '92-3. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1886. E. P. Pitman, Char. Mem. G. E. 

Whitehill, Char. Mem. 

1887. E. E. Chalmers. Char. Mem. C. 

A. Eastman, Char. Mem. A. E. Pendleton, 


New Hampshire Alpha. 


Char. Mem. E. Rice, Char. Mem. G. W. 

Shaw, Char. Mem.; Del. Alpha Prov. Conv., 

New York. N. Y., '86. H. W. C. Shelton, 

Char. Mem.; Del. Nat. Ccnv., Nashville. 

Tenn., '84. A. C. Willey. Char. Mem.; 

Del. Nat. Conv., New York. N. Y., '86. 

1890. G. W. Earle, Del. Nat. Conv.. 
Bloomington, 111., '89. 

1892. C. H. Gould, Intd., Minn. Alpha. 

1893. C. R. McKenzie, Del. Nat. Conv. 
Atlanta. Ga., '91. 




Charter granted, March 28, 1885, to Richard Smith Neal, '85; William Houston Carroll, '86; 
William Henry McDonald, '87; Albert Marchant Simmons, '87; Richard Street White, 
'87; Oliver Douglas Batchelor, '88; Thomas Ashe Marshall, '88; Graham McKinnon, '88, 
and Alexander Clifton Shaw, *88. 

Class of 1885. 

Richard Smith Nkal, A.B. 5f * Of 

Asst. Eng., Atlantic Coast Line, since '87. 
Civ. Eng.. ScoUand Neck, N. C. 

Class of 1886. 

William Houston Carroll, A.B. * C* 

LL.B.. U. of N. C, '89. Prin. High Sch.. 
Fairfield, N. C. '86-8. Atty.-at-law, Bur- 
lington, N. C. 

Class of 1887. 

Joel Hines. ^X 

At Law Dept, U. of N. C, '84-5. Atty.- 
at-law, Whiteville, N. C. 

William Henry McDonald, A.B. j| CX 

Clerk, Kershaw, S. C. 

Albert Marchant Simmons, A.B. j| CX 

At Law Dept., U. of N. C, '88-9. Prin. 
High Sch., Hertford, N. C, '87-8. Atty.-at- 
law, Elizabeth City, N. C. 

Richard Street White. * CX 

Ed. Bladen Beacon^ Bladenborough, N.C., 
'88. Atty.-at-law, Elizabethtown, N. C. 

Class of 1888. 

Oliver Douglas Batchelor, A.B. ?ft^ C* 
At Rutherford Coll., '81-3; Law Dept.. U. 
of N. C, '89-90. Atty.-at-law. Buena Vista, 

William Edwards Headen, A.B, C^ 

At U. of Md., '89-91. Physician, Pitts- 
boro, N. C. 

►, N. 

Thomas Ashe Marshall. 

Druggist, Wadesboro, N. C. 

Graham McKinnon. j( 

Farmer, Plainview, N. C. 

Alexander Clifton Shaw. j| ^ C* 

At Law Sch., Greensboro, N. C, '88-9. 
Atty.-at-law, Rockingham, N. C. 

Class of 1889. 

George Washington Bethell. «T 

Banker, Danville, Va. 

Alexander Stronach, Ph.B. ^ rT 

At Law Dept, U. of N. C, '90-1. Teacher 
Pub. Schs., Raleigh, '89-90. Atty.-at-law, 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Class of 1890. 

Walter Hanrahan Grimes. pT 

Railroad Clerk, Raleigh, N. C. 

Angus Barry Shaw. ^ pT 

Merchant, John's Station, N. C. 

Paul Lee Woodard, B.S. ^ 

Black Creek, N. C. 

Class of 1891. 

William Watkins Davies, Jr., Ph.B. % at 
Drapersville, Va. 


North Carolina Beta, 

1892-6. NOTES. 

VanWyck Hoke, f* 

RaUroad Clerk, Raleigh, N. C. 


Class of 1893. 

Michael Hoke, Ph.B. ^ 
Raleigh, N. C. 


George Harris Howell. 
Wilmington, N. C. 


Addison Goodloe Mangum. 
Flat River, N. C. 


Edgar Reid Russell. 
Rockingham, N. C. 


John Barton Stronach. ^ 
Raleigh, N. C. 


Class of 1894. 

♦William Preston Bynum. pT 

Died, Lincolnton, Aug. i, '91. Lincoln ton, 
N. C. 

Class of 1896. 

James William Cobb. 
Raleigh, N. C. 


Eugene Grissom Denson. 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Andrew Symme. Jr. 
Raleigh. N. C. 



College Notes. 

1885. R. S. Neal. Ed. University Maga- 
zine^ '83-4. 

1888. O. D. Batchelor, Mangum Medal, *88. 

1 89 J. W. W. Davies, Jr., Ed. University 
Magazine, '90-1 ; Hetienian, '90 ; Orator, 
Wash. Birthday, '91. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1885. R. S. Neal, Char. Mem. 

1886. W. H. Carroll, Char. Mem. 

1887. W. H. McDonald, Char. Mem. 


M. Simmons, Char. Mem. R. S. White, 

Char. Mem. 

1888. O. D. Batchelor, Char. Mem. T, 

A. Marshall, Char. Mem. G. McKinnon 

Char. Mem. A. C. Shaw, Char. Mem. 


Kentucky Delta, 

1 890-6. NOTES. 

Joseph William Eloi Joffrian. 5?j| rT 

Marksville, La. 

♦George Washington Kildow. % ^T 

Presb. Min. Died, Atlanta, Jan. 12, '92. 
Atlanta, Ga. 

David Clay Lilly. % 

Presb. Min., Hampden-Sidney, 
Irvine, Ky. 

James Robert Sanders. % 

Teacher, Bowling Green, Ky. 

Class of 1891. 

John Jeremiah Jacob, y 
Westport, Ky. 

Daniel Edward Myers. 

Farmer, Silver Creek, Ky. 

Jesse Calhoun Woodward. 

At Johns Hopkins U., '90-3. 






Class of 1892. 



William Crow, Jr.. A.B. ^ 
Teacher, Somerset, Ky. 

Marshall Henry Guerrant, B.S. 
Attended Ky. A. & M. Coll. 
Richmond, Ky. 

William Abram Jones. 
New Castle, Ky. 

Joseph McDowell Matthews. 

Covington, Ky. New Castle, Ky. 

Absolom Russell Mitchell. % 
Atty.-at-law, Lake Charles, La. 

Class of 1893. 

Napoleon Stephens Bayless. (A 

130 East Second St., Covington, Ky. Fifth 
and Elm Sts., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Class of 1894. 

Samuel Hamilton Carothers. wT 

Bards town, Ky. 

Cleveland Corwin Collins. pT 

Ludlow, Ky. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Theophilus Davis. vT 

Attended Georgetown Coll. Georgetown, 

Andrew Dunbar Forsyth. ^ <tX 

Harrodsburg, Ky. 

Alexander Lawes George. ^Y 

Meridian, Miss. 

Frank Pullen Kenney. % 
Paris, Ky. 


William Walter Kenney. 
Paris, Ky. 


Andrew Jackson O wings. 
Mount Sterling. Ky. 


Randolph Woodson Railey. 

Denver, Col. Versailles, Ky. 


John Brown Russell. 
Hopkinsville, Ky. 


Class of 1895. 

Samuel Green Biggs. 
Huntington, W. Va. 


Paul Bullock. 

Shelbyville, Ky. 


Hugh Kerr Gilmour. 
Owensboro, Ky. 


Ralph Howard. 

Lake Charles, La. 


Jack Meaux Pearson. 
Harrodsburg, Ky. 


Charles Trueheart Taylor. 
Huntington, W. Va. 


Robert Stuart Taylor. 
Richmond, Ky. 


Leonard Hodges Willis, Jr. 
Nicholasville, Ky. 


William Turner Wilmore. 
Harrodsburg, Ky. 


Class of 1896. 

David Yulee Beckham. 
Bardstown, Ky. 


Mosheim Tabler, Jr. 
Harrodsburg, Ky. 


College Notes. 

1886. M. F. Duncan, Ora., Feb. 22, '85; 
Coll. Librarian, '83-4. 

1887. A. Knobel, Ora.. Feb. 22, *86; Asst 

Ed. Atlantis, '86-7. ^J. T. Wade, Ora., 

June, '86; do.. Feb. 22, '87; do.. Commence- 
ment, '87; Poet Class Day, '87; Ed. Atlantis, 


1888. L. Clay, Geol. Med., *88. A. B. 

Cook, Grad. "Magna cum laude." W. B. 

Harrison, Commencement Ora., *88; Ed. 

Atlantis, '87-8. H. P. Rhodes, Medals in 

Physiol. and^Psychol. , '87. 


Kentucky Delta, 


1889. W. O. Shewmaker, Gold Med. inGk., 
•8q. E. C. Sine, Ora.. Feb. 22, '86. 

1890. J. W. E. Joffrian, Gold Med., Ora., 

Feb. 22, '90; Asst. Ed.. Atlantis^ '89--90. 

G. W. Kildow, Asst. Ed. Atlantis, '89-90. 

D. C. Lilly, Soc. Decl., '88; Ora. Med., "89. 
Repres. Cent. U., Inter-Coll., Ora. Cont, '89; 

Physics Med., '89; ^6.. Atlantis, '89-90. J. 

R. Sanders, Soc. Ora., '89. 

1 891. J. J. Jacobs, Jr., Ora., '90; Essay 
Med., '90. 

T892. M. H. Guerrant, Bus. M^., Atlantis^ 

'91 ; Jr. Spkr., '91. A. R. Mitchell, Decl. 

Med., '89; Ora., Feb. 22, '90. 

1894. F. P. Kenney, Latin and Calculus 
Meds., '92. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1886. H. C. Bedinger, Char. Mem. M.F. 

Duncan, Char. Mem. 

1887. A. Knobel, Char. Mem. J. T. 

Wade, Char. Mem.; Del. Nat. Conv., New 
York, N. Y., *86. 

1888. J. J. C. Bock, Char. Mem. W. B. 

Harrjson, Char. Mem. 

1889. C. W. Bell, Char. Mem. A. M. 

January, Char. Mem. E. M. Jones, Char. 

Mem. J. E. Park, Char. Mem. E. C. 

Sine, Char. Mem. 

1890. J. W. E. Joffrian, Del. Nat. Conv.. 
Bloomington, 111., '89. 

1892. M. H. Guerrant, Del. Nat. Conv., 
Atlanta, Ga., '91. 


Kentucky Delta. 

1 890-6. NOTES. 

Joseph William Eloi JoFFRi AN. 5fft i"*^ 

Marksville, La. 

♦George Washington Kildow. % ^T 

Presb. Min. Died, Atlanta, Jan. 12, '92. 
Atlanta, Ga. 

David Clay Lilly, jf 

Presb. Min. , Hampden-Sidney, 
Irvine, Ky. 

James Robert Sanders. % 

Teacher, Bowling Green, Ky. 

Class of 1891. 

John Jeremiah Jacob. % 
Westport, Ky. 

Daniel Edward Myers. 

Farmer, Silver Creek, Ky. 

Jesse Calhoun Woodward. 

At Johns Hopkins U., '90-3. 

Class of 1892. 

William Crow, Jr., A.B. ^ 
Teacher, Somerset, Ky. 

Marshall Henry Guerrant, B.S. 
Attended Ky. A. & M. Coll. 
Richmond, Ky. 

William Abram Tones. 
New Castle, Ky. 

Joseph McDowell Matthews. 

Covington, Ky. New Castle, Ky. 

Absolom Russell Mitchell. Jf 
Atty.-at-law, Lake Charles, La. 

Class of 1893. 









Napoleon Stephens Bayless. 

130 East Second St., Covington, Ky. Fifth 
and Elm Sts., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Class of 1894. 

Samuel Hamilton Carothers. wT 

BardstowTi, Ky. 

Cleveland Corwin Collins. pX 

Ludlow, Ky. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Theophilus Davis. vT 

Attended Georgetown Coll. Georgetown, 

Andrew Dunbar Forsyth. ^ aX 

Harrodsburg, Ky. 

Alexander Lawes George. ^Y 

Meridian, Miss. 

Frank Pullen Kenney. % 
Paris, Ky. 


William Walter Kenney. 
Paris, Ky. 


Andrew Jackson Owings. 
Mount Sterling, Ky. 


Randolph Woodson Railey. 

Denver, Col. Versailles, Ky. 


John Brown Russell. 
Hopkinsville, Ky. 


Class of 1895. 

Samuel Green Biggs. 
Huntington, W. Va. 


Paul Bullock. 

Shelbyville, Ky. 


Hugh Kerr Gilmour. 
Owensboro, Ky. 


Ralph Howard. 

Lake Charles, La. 


Jack Meaux Pearson. 
Harrodsburg, Ky. 


Charles Trueheart Taylor. 
Huntington, W. Va. 


Robert Stuart Taylor. 
Richmond, Ky. 


Leonard Hodges Willis, Jr. 
Nicholas ville, Ky. 


William Turner Wilmore. 
Harrodsburg, Ky. 


Class of 1896. 

David Yulee Beckham. 
Bards town, Ky. 


Mosheim Tabler, Jr. 
Harrodsburg, Ky. 


College Notes. 

1886. M. F. Duncan, Ora., Feb. 22, '85; 
Coll. Librarian, '83-4. 

1887. A. Knobel, Ora., Feb. 22, '86; Asst 

Ed. Atlantis, '86-7. J. T. Wade, Ora., 

June, '86; do., Feb. 22, '87; do.. Commence- 
ment, '87; Poet Class Day. '87; Ed. Atlantis, 


1888. L. Clay, Geol. Med., '88. A. B. 

Cook, Grad. "Magna cum laude." W. B. 

Harrison, Commencement Ora., *88; Ed. 

Atlantis, '87-8. H. P. Rhodes, Medals in 

Physiol. and^Psychol., '87. 


Kentucky Delta. 


1889. W. O. Shewmaker, Gold Med. in Gk., 
•8q. E. C. Sine, Ora.. Feb. 22. '86. 

1890. J. W. E. Joffrian, Gold Med., Ora., 

Feb. 22, '90; Asst Ed., Atlantis, '89--90. 

G. W. Kildow, Asst. Ed. Atlantis, '89-90. 

D. C. Lilly. Soc. Decl., '88; Ora. Med., '89. 
Repres. Cent. U., Inter-Coll., Ora. Cont, '89; 

Physics Med., '89; lS,d. Atlantis, '89-90. J. 

R. Sanders, Soc. Ora., '89. 

1891. J. J. Jacobs, Jr., Ora., '90; Essay 
Med., '90. 

T892. M. H. Guerrant, Bu.s. M^., Atlantis, 

'91 ; Jr. Spkr., '91. A. R. Mitchell, Decl. 

Med., '89; Ora., Feb. 22, '90. 

1894. F. P. Kenney, Latin and Calculus 
Meds., '92. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1886. H. C. Bedinger, Char. Mem. M.F. 

Duncan, Char. Mem. 

1887. A. Knobel, Char. Mem. J. T. 

Wade, Char. Mem.; Del. Nat Con v., New 
York. N. Y., '86. 

1888. J. J. C. Bock, Char. Mem. W. B. 

Harrison, Char. Mem. 

1889. C. W. Bell, Char. Mem. A. M. 

January, Char. Mem. E. M. Jones, Char. 

Mem. J. E. Park, Char. Mem. E. C. 

Sine, Char. Mem. 

1890. J. W. E. Joffrian, Del. Nat. Con v., 
Bloomington, 111., '89. 

1892. M. H. Guerrant, Del. Nat. Conv., 
Atlanta, Ga., '91. 




Charter granted, February i, 1886, to Willard Stuart Ferris, '85; Walter Decker Mapes. '86; 
Samuel Abbott, '87; Charles Henry Clarke, '87; Thomas Eastman Haven, '87; Henry 
Russell Piatt, '87; Herman Jay Wells, '87; George Lynde Richardson, '88 ; Storrs Henry 
Seeley. '88; Herbert Preston Woodward, '88; James Addison Young, '88; Robert Mar- 
shall Blackburn, '89; George Richard Herrick, '89; Charles Thaddeus Terry. '89, and 
Charles Howard Travell, '89. 

Class of 1885. 

Willard Stuart Ferris, A.B. j| yi 

Book-keeper and Cashier (P. O. Box 484), 
Salt Lake City. Utah. 

Class of 1886. 

Walter Decker Mapes, A.B. 5fj|^ yO 

At Columbia Law Sch., *88. Instructor, 
Math., Kenyon Mil. Acad., '86-7; do., Elocut. 
and Math.. Williams Coll., '87-8. Teacher, 
University Sch., i Edgewood PL, Cleveland, 

Class of 1887. 

Samuel Abbott, A.B. 5fft >^ 

At Harvard, '83-4. Teacher, Mil. Sch., 
Washington, Pa. 

Charles Henry Clarke. A.B. Jjf jj Ct 

Merchandise Broker (P O. Box 141), 
Seattle, Wash. 

Thomas Eastman Haven, A.B. 5f j| )t 

LL.B., Hastings Coll, of Law, San Fran- 
cisco, '90. Atty.-at-law, 530 California St., 
San Francisco, talif. 

Henry Russell Plait. A.B. jj 
Atty.-at-law. Rutland, Vt. 

Herman Jay Wells. A.B. ft 
Min., Union, Me, 


Class of 1888. 

Charles Ovid Eames, A.B. y 

Ed., Becket Evening Star, '83-4. 
Union Theo. Sem., '93. Becket, Mass. 

George Lynde Richardson, A.B. y * 
Min., 81 Lancaster St, Albany, NTY. 


Storrs Henry Seeley, A.B. 5f ft 

Supt, Refrigerator Co., foot East One 
hundred and thirty-eighth St 199 Alexander 
Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Herbert Preston Woodward, A.B. 5fft yX 
Atty.-at-law, Batavia, N. Y. 

James Addison Young, A.B. Sfft yX 

LL.B., Columbia Law Sch., '90. Atty.- 
at-law, New Rochelle. N. Y. 

Class of 1889. 

Robert Marshall Blackburn, A.B. Sfft }-♦ 
At Princeton Theo. Sem., '93. 33 Ontario 
St., Albany, N. Y. 

♦George Richard Herrick. ft >-♦ 

Died, Williamstown, March 26, *86. Mar- 
so van, Turkev. 

Charles Thaddeus Terry, A.B. 5? ft }*♦ 

At Columbia Law Sch., '93. 620 Lexing- 
ton Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Charles Howard Travell, A.B. ft^ 7X 

At Albany Med. Coll., '93. 202 Hamilton 
St., Albany, N. Y. 

I 890-6 

Massachusetts Alpha. 


Class of 1890. 

Everett Dearborn Chadwick, A. B. % a* 
Clerk. Patent Office. Washington, D. C. 
Bradford, Mass. 

Henry Field Ellinwood, A.B. >* 

Prin. Acad., New Haven, Vt. 

Charles Freeman Fitts. t* 

At Mass. Inst. Tech., '86-7. Clerk. Patent 

Office, Washington, D. C. Haverhill, Mass. 

Marshall Spring Hagar, A.B. % aX 

Teacher, University Sch., 107 Spangler 
Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Alfred Marshall Hitchcock, A.B. y n* 
Teacher. University Sch., Cor. Cedar and 
Kennard Sts., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Ira Winthrop Travell, A.B. Jff' pT 

At Cornell U., '93. Cor. Twelfth and 
Jacob Sts., Troy. N. Y. 

Class of 1891. 

Jacob Alfred Bohrer. A.B. y* rT 

Teacher, State Normal Sch., Bloomington, 

Charles Adelbert Edgerton, A.B. ^ oX 
Stud.-at-law, 811-817 Wilder Bldg., Roch- 
ester, N. Y. 

John Hill, A.B. jf 

Dean's Corners, N. Y. 


William Berkeley Hotchkiss, A.B. ^ 

78 South St., New York. N. Y. 

SiLVANus Blanch ard Newton, A.B. jf wT 
At Med. Dept, U. of Pa., '93. Yarmouth, 

Edward Niles, A,B. d* 

At Union Theo. Sem.,'93. 201 East Market 
St., York, Pa. 

John Willard Travell, A B. Jf f* vT 

Teacher, Ogontz, Pa. 

Class of 1892. 

William Frank Edgerton, A.B. ^ aX 

Batavia, N. Y. 

Herbert Leslie Mapes, A.B. Jjf^ aX 

At Law Dept., Western Reserve U., '93. 
93 Fifth Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Woodbury Treat Morris, A.B. v* 

Merchant, 3418 Lucas Ave., Saint Louis, 

Russell Lord Tarbox, A.B. 5f a* 

At Columbia Law Sch., '93. Batavia, 
N. Y. 

William Robert Anthony Wilson, A.B. 

»ft aX 

At Coll. Phys. and Surg., New York, '93. 
Peoria, IlL 

Henry Vinton Woodward. aX 

Dy. Clk., Monroe Co. 367 West Ave., 
Rochester, N. Y. 

Class of 1893. 

Edward James Collier, A.B. tT 

Kinderhook, N. Y. 

Nathan Russell Harrington, A.B. tT 

Cleveland, Ohio. 

Arthur Oliver, A.B. 5f tT 

Reporter, Newark Daily Advertiser^ 
New^ark, N. J. 

Frank Eugene Parks. A.B. x^ 

Warren, Ohio. 

Frank Edwards Searle, A.B. rT 

Westfield, Mass. 

Class of 1894. 

Frederick William Carey. CX 

City Ed., Norwich Morning Bulletin^ 
Norwich, Conn. 

Edwin Carlton Gilleti e. v* 

Hartford, Conn. 

Robert Joseph Gulliver. 
Norwich, Conn. 



Harry Osgood Spalding. 
Boston. Mass. 

Class of 1895. 

William Doherty. x^ 

At Leland Stanford. Jr., U., '93. Paterson, 

William Seward Elder. /3* 

Auburn, N. Y. 

Allen Marsh. ;fT 

Omaha, Neb. 

Clarence Messer Merriam. x^ 

Topeka, Kan. 

Class of 1896. 

Charles Edward Buell. rT 

Litchfield, Conn. 

Charles Francis Canedy. tT 

Shelbume Falls, Mass. 

Charles Avery Hickey. a* 

Auburn, N. Y. 

James Herbert Irish. cT 

Skaneateles, N. Y. 


Massachusetts Alpha, 

1896. NOTES. 

Charles Francis Lyon. 
Auburn, N. Y. 

Karl Ephraim Weston. 
Winchendon, Mass. 

Henry Brainard White. 
Marcellus, N. Y. 


College Notes. 

1886. W. D. Mapes. 2d Math. Prize, '84; 
Rice Prize, Latin and Greek, '86; Phi Beta 

1887. S. Abbott, Ed., Williams Fortnight, 
*86-7; Assoc. Ed.. *• Williams Verses, "'87; V.- 
Pres., New Eng. Inter Coll. Ath. Assoc., '87; 
Pres. New Eng. Inter-Coll. Press A.ssn., '87. 

C. H. Clarke, Ed.. Williams Fortnight, 

•86-7. T. E. Haven, Ed., Williams Fort- 

night, '86-7. 

1888. C. O. Eames, Graves Essay Prize, '88; 

Phi Beta Kappa. G. L. Richardson, Latin 

Prize, '86; Eloc do., '86; Hist, and Pol. Econ. 
Prize, '87; Class Day Ora., '88; Graves Essay 
Prize. '88; Ed., Williams Ar go, Williams 
Fortnight, and Williams Literary Monthly, 
•87-8; Assoc. Ed., "Williams Verses," '87; 
Phi Beta Kappa. — --S. H. Seeley, Commence- 
ment Appt, '88. H. P. Woodward, Phi 

Beta Kappa; Commencement Appt., '88. 

J. A. Young, Commencement Appt., '88. 

1889. R. M. Blackburn, Class Day Ora., 

•89. C. T. Terry, Latin, Greek, Math., Hist. 

and Ora. Prizes, '87; German, Pol. Econ. and 
Essay Prizes, '88; Valedictorian, '89. 

1890. E. D. Chad wick. Rice Classics Prize, 
'88; Gilson Honor Scholarship, '88-9; Math. 
Prize, '89 ; Phi Beta Kappa. M. S. Hagar, 

Rice Classics Prize, * 88; Graves Essay Prize, 

•90; Commencement Appt., '90. A. M. 

Hitchcock, Ed , Williams Literary Monthly^ 
'89-90; Commencement Appt, '90. — I. W. 
Travell, Biol. Prize, '89; Salutatorian. '90; 
Phi Beta Kappa. 

1891. J. A. Bohrer, Latin and Greek Prizes, 

'89; Phi Beta Kappa. J. Hill, Latin and 

Greek Prizes, '89. S. B. Newton, Ed., Will- 
iams Literary Monthly, '90-1. J. W. Tra- 
vell, Math. Prize, '90. 

1892. H. L. Mapes, Commencement Appt, 

'92 ; 2d Rice Latin Prize, '92. R. L. Tarbox, 

Commencement Appt, '92; Phi Beta Kappa. 

W. R. A. Wilson, Ed., Williams Weekly, 


1893. A. Oliver, Ed. Williams Literary 
Monthly, '91-3. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1885. W. S. Ferris, Char. Mem. 

1886. W. D. Mapes, Char. Mem. 

1887. S. Abbott, Char. Mem. C. H. 

Clarke, Char. Mepi; Del. Nat Con v.. New 

York, N. Y.. '86. T. E. Haven, Char. Mem. 

H. R. Piatt. Char. Mem. H. J. Wells, 

Char. Mem. 

1888. G. L. Richardson, Char. Mem. 

S. H. Seeley, Char. Mem. H. P. Woodward, 

Char. Mem. J. A. Young, Char. Mem. 

1889. R. M. Bhickburn, Char. Mem. G. 

R. Herrick, Char. Mem. C. T. Terry. Char. 

Mem. C. H. Travell, Char. Mem. 

1891. J. A. Bohrer, Del. Nat. Conv., Bloom- 
ington. 111., '89. 

1892. W. R. A. Wilson, Del. Nat. Conv., 
Atlanta, Ga., '91. 




Charter granted, March i, 1886, to Robert Alexander John, '84; Robert Lee Penn, '84; William 
Henry Anderson, '86; Samuel Burke Hawkins, '86; Allen Jefferson Perkins, Jr., '86; 
John Esten Quarles, '86; Marvin King Bateman, '87; Robert Seneca Carter, '87, and 
Abdon Holt, '87. 

Class of 1884. 

Robert Alexander John, jj 

Atty.-at-law, Georgetown, Texas. 

Robert Lee Penn. * 

Atty.-at-law, Taylor. Texas. 

Class of 1886. 




William Henry Anderson. j| 

Atty.-at-law, Bry son-Bone brake Blk., Los 
Angles, Calif. 

Samuel Burke Hawkins, ijf ft 

Atty.-at-law, Gatesville, Texas. 

Allen Jefferson Perkins, Jr. 5f ft^ 
Physician, Lake Charles, La. 

John Esten Quarles. jj 
Marshall, Texas. 




Class of 1887. 

Marvin King Bateman. ft e* 

At U. of Texas, '84; do.. V. M. L, '85. 
Merchant, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Robert Seneca Carter, ft ti 

Merchant, Marlin, Texas. 

John Wesley Davidson. C^ 

Teacher, Edom, Texas. 

Abdon Holt. Jjfft f* 

Atty.-at-law, Abilene, Texas. 

DosiTE Samuel Perkins. 5f^ vf 

Physician, Sulphur City, La. 

John Henry William Williams. tf 

Prof., Deaf Mute Asylum, Austin, Texas. 

James Madison Willock. 
Merchant, Celina, Texas. 

Class of 1888. 



Albert Lee Camp, y 

Atty.-at-law, Vernon, Texas. 

Davis Evans Decker, B.S. 5? 
Atty.-at-law, Quanah, Texas. 

Charles Marvin Fain. JjT^ 

Merchant, Georgetown, Texas. 

Smith Estell Ragsdale. 
Ins. Agt., Dallas, Texas. 

Isaac Poitevent Sessions, y 

At Coll. Phys. and Surg., New York, '91. 
Physician, Santa Anna, Texas. 

Albert Sidney Johns roN Thomas. Iff c* 

Atty.-at-law, Commanche, Texas. 


Class of 1889. 

Henry Bass. 

Pharmacist, Abilene, Texas. 

Frank Marrs. lf[ 

Book-keeper, Beeville, Texas. 

Class of 1890. 

Starling Washington Dean. 5f^, CentreviUe, Texas. 




Texas Gamma. 

1890-5. NOTES. 

William Luther Dean, y^ 

Atty.-at-law, Madisonville, Texas. 

James Kilgore. ST 



Prof. Math., Centenary Coll., Lampasas, 
Texas, to '93. M. E. Min., Columbus, Texas. 

John Manson Mathls. y 

Atty.-at-law, Wichita Falls, Texas. 


Matthew Dorrell Sanson, y 

Atty.-at-law, Georgetown, Texas. 

Class of 1891. 

John Ayers Caton. <tX 

At Eastman Bus. Coll., '91. Bank Cashr., 
Detroit, Texas. 

William Kinc; Clement. JT r* 

Teacher, Rockdale, Texas. 

William Durr Gordon, y o* 

Atty.-at-law. Brown wood, Texas. 

Class of 1892. 

John Asbury Fain, Jr. Sfj^ at 

Atty.-at-law, Vernon, Texas. 

Class of 1893. 

George Pierce Brown. * f* 

Teacher, Brookstan, Texas. 

Samuel Jefferson Drake. 

M. E. Min., Beernett, Texas. 

George Washington Graves, Jr. y 
Georgetown, Texas. 

William Franklin Phillips Oatman. y x^ 
Llano, Texas. 

LuciEN Landon Thomas. 

Teacher, Comanch. Texas. 

Class of 1894. 

Otho Bowman Staples, y 
Downsville, La. 

William Kemp Strother. y 
Garland, Texa.s. 

Charles Allen Wilcox, y 
Circleville, Texas. 

Class of 1895. 

Osceola Anderson. 
Heame, Texas. 

Jackson Berry Cox. y 
Georgetown, Texas. 

William Scotia Fleming, y 
Tacoma, Wash. 

Samuel Grikr Little. 
Milano, Texas. 



Walter Evans Weaver. 
Georgetown, Texas. 


College Notes. 

1886. S. B. Hawkins, Monthly Essay Med. 
-S. J. Perkins, Sen. Ora. Med., '86; Eng. 

Essay Med., '86. 

1887. A. Holt, Ora. Med.. '87. 

1888. A. L. Camp., Pub. Deb., '87 ; Gen. 

Mgr.. Monthly, '87-8. D. E. Decker. Fresh. 

Prize Essay, '84; Pub. Deb., '87; Ed. Monthly. 

'86-7. C. M. Fain, Ed. Monthly. '87-8. 

D. S. Perkins, Sci. Med., '87. L P. Sessions, 

Bus. Mgr., Monthly, '87-8. A. S. J. Thomas, 

Ed. Monthly. '87-8; Salutatorian. '88. 

1889. F. Marrs, Essay Med., '89; Decl. Med.. 
'89. J. R. Mood rTenn. Alpha, '92). Mag- 
azine Med., '87; Ed. Monthly, '87-8; Decl. 
Medal, '87; Ora. Intermed. Deb., '88. 

1890. S. W. Dean, Leader, Anni. Deb., '89; 

Bus. Mgr., Monthly, '89-90. W. L. Dean, 

Ora., Commencement, '8q; Ed., Monthly, 

'89-90. T. Kilgore, Latin Med., '89; Monthly 

Essay Mea., '90; Fac. Med., '90; Ed.-in-Ch. 

Monthly, '90. J. M. Mathis, Pub. Deb., '89; 

Ora., Commencement, '89; Ed. Monthly, 

'89-90. M. D. Sansom, Decl. Medal and 

Scholarship, '87; Eng. Med., '88; Champ. Deb., 

18 yi. W. Boyce (Texas B, '93), Fac. Med., 

'91. W. K. Clement, Anni. Deb., '89; Eng. 

Essay Med., '91; Sen. Monthly Essay Med., 

•91. W. D. Gordon, Ed. Monthly, '90-1; 

Sen. Ora. Med., '91; MonthlyY,s^say Med., '91. 

1892. T. A. Fain, Jr., Ed. Monthly. '92 ; Sen. 
Ora. Med., '92. 

1893. G. P. Brown, Bus. Mgr., Monthly, 

'92-3; Jr. Eng. Essay Med., '92. G. W. 

Graves, Jr., Champ. Deb., '91; Jr. Ora. Med., 

'92; Fac. Med., '93. W. F. P. Oatman, 

Champ. Deb., '91. 

1894. C). B. Staples, Intermed. Deb., '91. 

W. K. Strother, Intermed. Deb., '91. C. 

A. Wilcox, Champ. Deb., '92; Intermed. Deb.. 

1895. J. B. Cox, Champ. Deb., '92; Soph. 
Essay Med., 'g3; Ed.-in-Ch. Monthly. '93-4. 
W. S. Fleming, Bus. Mgr., Monthly," (^2-y 

R. L. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1884. R. A. John, Char. Mem.— 
Penn, Char. Mem. 

1886. W. H. Anderson, Char. Mem. S. 

B. Hawkins, Char. Mem. A. T. Perkins. Jr., 

Char. Mem. -J. E. Quarles, Char. Mem. 

18S7. M. K. Bateman, Char. Mem. R. S. 

Carter, Char. Mem. A. Holt, Char. Mem. 




Charter granted, February 7, 1887. to Samuel Edward Sprole, '82: James Devine, '83; Everard 
Allen Hill, '83; Frank Augustus Welch, '85; Ambrose Charles Driscoll, '87; William 
Augustus Mehan, '87; George Irving Abbott, '88; Newell Eugene Hulburt, '88; John 
Herman Murray, '88; William Smith Murray, '88; Morgan Rich Sanford, *88; Edwin 
Merritt Sanford, '89; Henry Orrin Sibley, '89; Frank Lincoln Boothby, '90; Theophilus 
Devitt, '90, and Edwin Marble Hasbrouck, '90. 

Class of 1882. 

Samuel Edward Sprole, A.B. J ys 

Architect, 706 Court St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Class of 1883. 

James Devine, A.B. jj^ 74 

A.M., Syracuse U., '86. Atty.-at-law, 222 
East Onondaga St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Everard Allen Hill, Ph.B. jJ]J 74 

Atty.-at-law, 1825 East Genesee St., Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

Glen Kassimer Shurtleff. 75 

Sec. Y. M. C. A., Denver, Col. 

Class of 1884. 

Silas Gildersleeve Comfort, A.B., B.C.E. ^5 
A.M.. Syracuse U., '87; C.E.. Pa. Mil. 
Acad., '89. Author, "Elements of Ortho- 
graphic Projection." Instr., Math, and 
Drawing, Pa. Mil. Acad., '84-5; Adj. Prof., 
do., '85-7; Prof. Arch, and Graphics, do., 
'87-9; Prof, do., and Bridge Const., do., 
since '90. Chester, Pa. 

Class of 1885. 

Bennett Day Brown. 1C3 

M. E. Min., Hannibal, N. Y. 

W Newton Holmes, A.B. //2 

" W" letter only. A. M., Syracuse U., '88. 
Prof. Chem., Staunton, Va. 


E. Min., 

U., Syracuse, 

Albert Harrington Meads, A.B. /la 

LL. B., Cincinnati Law Sch., '87. Atty.- 
at-law, 164 Oak wood Boulevard, Chicago, 111. 

Frank Augustus Welch, A.B. * 72 

At Med. Dept., Syracuse U., ^8-90. Phy- 
sician and Surgeon, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Class of 1886. 

George Washington May, A.B. 
B.D., Drew Theo. Sem., '89. 
Greenfield Centre, N. Y. 

Elmer Joseph Read, Ph.B. 
Prof. Painting, Syracuse 
N. Y. 

Hiram Ralph Shoemaker, A.B. 
A.M., Syracuse U., '90. 
Skaneateles Falls, N. Y. 

Class of 1887. 

Ambrose Charles Driscoll, Ph.B., B.C.E. 

Civ. Eng. on N. Y. State Canal Eng. 
Corps, since '87. Fulton, N. Y. 

William Augustus Mehan, A.B. # yQ 

Atty.-at-law, Ballston Spa, N. Y. 

Class of 1888. 

George Irving Abbott, A.B. f| yir 

At Wesleyan U., '84-5. Clerk, Auditor's 
Office, R. W. & O. R. R., Oswego, N. Y. 

M. E. 




New York Epsilon, 


Nbwkll Eugene Hulburt, A.B. *_ 
M. E. Min., Bissells, Ohio. T 


John Herman Murray, B.S. ftf' 

Teacher, Smith ville Flatts, N. Y. Hastings, 
N. Y. 

William Smith Murray, B.S. JTftf' Y^ 

Prin. Pub. Sch., Liverpool, N. Y. 

Morgan Rich Sanford, B.S. Jft^ y* 

M.S., U., '90. Prof. Nat. Sci., 
Hedding Coll., Abington, 111:, '88-9; Prof. 
Math. , Genesee Wesleyati Sem., '89-90; Prof. 
Sci., Kan. Wesley an U., Salina, Kan., '90-3. 
Since '93, Prof. Sciences, Wilbraham, Mass. 

Class of 1889. 

Edwin Merritt Sanford, Ph. B. Jftf' yX 
Teacher, Fortress Monroe, Va, '90-1. In- 
struc. Latin and Eng., Cayuga Lake Mil. 
Acad., Aurora, N. Y. 

Henry Orrin Sibley, A.B. JT* yX 

A.M., Syracuse U., '91; Ph.D., do., '^3. 
Prin. Sch., Akron, N. Y., '77-8; do., Mid- 
dlesex, N. Y., '79-83. Since '89, Librarian 
and Instructor Library Economies, Syracuse 
U.. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Class of 1890. 

Frank Lincoln Boothby. JJ >♦ 

At Oberlin Coll.. '87-8. Volney St., 
Phoenix, N. Y. Chicago, 111. 

Orator Fuller Cook, Jr., Ph.B J y* 

Prof. Botany, Syracuse U., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Samuel BoyceCraton, M.D. U f<I>-rX 

Physician, St John's Hospital, Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

Theophilus Devitt. 5 y* 

M. E. Min., Butte City, Mont. 

Edwin Marble Hasbrouck. jj y* 

U. S. Geol. Surv., Washington, D. C. 

George Thomas Lewis. aX 

Buffalo, N. Y. 

Albert Gregory Vredenburg, B.Ms, y <i4» 
Prof., Violin, Grand Prairie Acad. , Onarga, 

Class of 1891. 

Edward Devine, B.S. ^ r* 

Atty.-at-law, South Onondaga, N. Y. 

Frank Fellows Gray. rT 

M. E. Min. Teacher, West Beach, L. I. 

Benjamin Franklin Ha.mmond. f* rT 

A.B., Princeton, '91. At Auburn Theo. 
Sem., '91. 507 Croton St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Van Evrie Kilpatrick, * tT 

Teacher, Mil. Acad., Woodbridge, N. J. 

Joseph Reynolds. a* 

Watertown, N. Y. 

Edward Cosgrove Ryan. rT 

Teacher, Redwood, N. Y. 

Clarence Champion Tucker. ^T 

M. E. Min., Elmira. N. Y. 

Class of 1892. 

William Henry Adams. 
Teacher, Andes, N. Y. 

Thomas Stone Bell, A. B. * 

Teacher, Salamanca, N. Y., '93. 


N. Y. 

93. Jordan, 

Jacob Hagan Carfrey, Ph.B. rT 

At Yale U., '89. Supt. Pub. Schs.. Sala- 
manca, N. Y. 

William Morrison Fanton, A.B. rT 

Teacher Math., Genesee Wes, Sem., Lima, 
N. Y. 

Ernest Frederick Herman, A.B. rT 

Fairville, N. Y. 

Raymond Wright Lowry, A.B. rT 

At Drew. Theo. Sem., since '92. M. E. 
Min., Apalachin, N. Y. 

Edward Dunbar Rich. ;t* 

Civ. Eng., 355 Delaware St., S5rracuse, N.Y. 

James Brownlee Sanford. ^ 

M. E. Min., Penn Yan, N. Y. 

John Richard Stevens. rT 

104 Marshall St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Everett Prentiss Turner, A.B. H /T-o* 

Atty.-at-law, Oxford, N. Y. 

Charles Frederick Wiley, Ph.B. Sf t* 

At Syracuse Med. Coll., '93-4. 706 Harrison 
St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Olin W W^ood, Ph B. y rt 

" W" letteronly. Prin. Pub. Sch., Groton, 

N. Y. 

Class of 1893. 

Herbert Lincoln Ellsworth. B^ 

At Drew Theo. Sem. , '88-9. Le Raysville. 

Gp:orge Daniel Hammond. ^ rT 

A.B., Harvard, '93. 507 Croton St., 
Syracuse, N. Y. 

Harry Otto Harbach. rX 

Springboro, Ohio. 

1893-6. NOTES. 

New York Epsilon, 


Frederick Richard Hodge. ^ a^ 

Teacher, Antwerp, N. Y. 

William F Hodge, f* a* 

»*F" letter only. Antwerp, N. Y. 

Herbert Ray Jaquay. at 

Chaumont, N. Y. 

George Kingsbury. rT 

Deposit, N. Y. 

John Walrath Plant. rX 

Syracuse, N. Y. 

Theodore Wells Taylor. at 

Muncy Valley, Pa. 

Nathaniel Bennett White. ^* 

Sec, Y. M. C. A., Whitehall, N. Y. 

Mertan Lee Willis. rT 

At U. of Mich., '91. Bath, N. Y. 

Class of 1894. 

Charles Webster Beadel. ^ ^ 

Syracuse, N. Y. 

Edward William Beadel. ^ rT 

At Cornell U.. '89-90. Chemist, 1814 West 
Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

George Hopkins Bond. rT 

Syracuse, N. Y. 

George Draper Coons. 7X 

Penn Yan, N. Y. 

Julius Franklin EvERErr. r4> 

Poynett, Wis. 

Albert Edwin Larkin. rT 

Camillus, N. Y. 

William Wilson Nichols. % rT 

738 Harrison St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Arthur Jerome Smith. rT 

Antwerp, N. Y. 

Allen Dorm an Steele. vT 

352 West Clinton St., Elraira, N. Y. 

George Frederick Whitfield. rT 

Algona, Iowa. 

Class of 1895. 
Louis Allen. rT 

Laurens, N. Y. 

Guy Halsry Baskerville. rT 

Deposit, N. Y. 

William George Morell. rT 

Trenton, N. J. 

Fred Parmenter Schenck. r* 

East Orange, N. J. 

Harry Byron Tillbury.- cX 

Owego, N. Y. 

Charles Elmer Wetton. 
Elizabeth. N. J. 


Class of 1896. 

Caleb Candee Brown. 
Syracuse, N. Y. 


William Clarke Gavhte. 
Springville, Pa. 


Harvey Milton Hubbard. 
Stamford, N. Y. 


George Elmer O'Bryon. 
Elmira, N. Y. 


Ulysses Grant Warren. 
Harrington, Del. 


College Notes. 

1883. E. A. Hill, Commencement Spkr., '83. 

1886. G. W. May, Ed. Onondagan, '85; Ed. 
Herald, '86. 

1887. A. C. DriscoU, Farewell Ora., '87. 

1888. W.S.Murray, Farewell Ora. , '88. 

M. R. Sanford, Ed. Syracusan, '87-8; Pipe 
Ora., '88; Commencement Spkr., '88. 

1889. E. M. Sanford, Ed. Onondagan, '88. 

H. O. Sibley, Ed. Syracusan, 88 ; Poet 

Class Day, '89; Commencement Spkr., '89. 

1890. A. G. Vredenburg, Ed. Onondagan, 

1892. C. F. Wiley, Calculus Poet, '90. 

O. W Wood, Ed.-in-ch., Onondagan, '91-2. 

1894. W. W. Nichols, Ed.-in-ch., Ononda- 
gan, '92-3. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1882. S. E. Sprole, Char. Mem. 

1883. J. Devine, Char. Mem. E. A. Hill, 

Char. Mem. 

1885. F. A. Welch, Char. Mem. 

1887. A. C. DriscoU, Char. Mem. W. A. 

Mehan. Char. Mem. 

1888. G. L Abbott. Char. Mem. N. E. 

Hulburt, Char. Mem. -T. H. Murray, Char. 

Mem. W. S. Murray, (Jhar. Mem. M. R. 

Sanford, Char. Mem. 

1889. E. M. Sanford, Char. Mem. H. O. 

Sibley, Char. Mem.; Poet, Nat. Conv. , Atlanta, 
Ga., '91. 

1890. F. L. Boothby, Char. Mem. O. F. 

Cook, Jr., Char. Mem. ^S. B. Craton, Intd., 

S. C. Beta. T. Devitt. Char. Mem. 

E. M. Hasbrouck, Char. Mem. 

1891. V. E. Kirkpatrick, Del. Nat. Conv., 
Bloomington, 111., '89. 

1892. T. S. Bell, Del. Nat Conv,, Atlanta, 
Ga., '91. E. P. Turner, Intd., Mass. Beta. 




Charter granted, February 21, 1887, to Frank Howard Campbell, *86; Edward Louis Darst, *86; 

Robert Emmett Rodes Nelson, '89, and William Luther Pierce, '90. 

Class of 1885-6. 

Frank Howard Campbell, ft 

Postmaster, Alum Springy, Va. 



Edward Louis Darst. * 

C. E., V. M. L, '87; B. S., do., '88. Asst. 
Prof., V. M. L. '86-8. Commandant of 
Cadets, Wentworth Male Acad., Lexington, 
Mo., '88-9. Engineer, Dublin, Va. 

Robert Lee Hunter. /ii 

At Westminster Coll., '81-3. Surveyor, 
New Madrid, Mo. 

Class of 1886-7. 

Walter Morgan Pierce. ^ ^i' 

AtVa. Agl. and Mech. Coll., Blacksburgh, 
Va., '82-5. Atty.-at-law, Christiansburg, 

Class of 1888-g. 

Lyman Chalkley, LL.B. ft ^M-rT-aX 

At Richmond Coll. , '77-9; U. of Va., '84-5. 
Attended Columbian Law Sch., N. Y., and U. 
of Bonne, Germany. Atty.-at-law, Lexing- 
ton, Va. 

Robert Emmett Rodes Nelson. J^ft d* 

At U. of Va., '89-90. Asst. Prin. High 
Sch., Seven Islands, Va., '88-9. Atty.-at- 
law, Staimton, Va. 

Class of 1889-90. 

John Wesley Avery, LL.B. y ;r* 

At Columbian U., Washington, D. C, '83- 
6; Richmond Coll., '86. Atty.-at-law, Alex- 
andria, Va, 

Isaac Winship Cabaniss. ft rT-^HK 

At Mercer U.. '86-9. Macon, Ga. 

Harry Lee Norwood. rQ 

At Hendricks Coll., Ark., '87-8; Ark. In- 
dustrial U., '88-9. Lockesburgh, Ark. 

William Luther Pierce, ft^ 9T 

At Va. Agl. Coll., Blacksburgh, Va.,'82-4. 
Prof. Math., Mil. Acad., Alexandria, Va., 
'84-5. Real estate, Christiansburg, Va. 

John William Sullivan. ^X 

Ph.B., West Ky. Coll.. '86. Instr., West 
Ky. Coll., '86-9. South CarroUton, Ky. 

Class of i 890-1. 

William Andrew Guy Bratton. ft vT 

Real estate, Basic City, Va, 

William Green. c* 

San Marcos, Tex. 

Dailey'Fielder Hardy. fT 

San Marcos, Tex. 

Class of i 891-2. 

Duncan Lawrence Groner. y a* 

At Fishburne Mil. Inst., '87-8; Hanover, 
Va., '88-9. Norfolk, Va. 

1892-3. NOTES. 

Virginia Zeia. 


Edward Grandison Smith. ST 
Clarksburgh. W. Va. 


Class of 1892-3. 

Herbert Ferrell Fitzpatrick, LL. B. <r\ 

A.B., Wash, and Lee, *92. Winona, Miss. 

Robert James McBryde, Jr. &k 

Lexington, Va. 

John Palmer Walker, "f a^ 

Walker's Ford, Va. 

College Notes. 

1889. R. E. R. Nelson, Scholarship Mod. 
Langs., '87. 

1890. J. W. Avery, Declr. Medal, Final Cel., 
Wash. Lit Soc. ; (Ed. Spectator, Columbian 

1892. D. L. Groner, Prest. Final Ball, '92. 

E. G. Smith, Final Orator, Law CI., '92; 

Orator's Medal, South. Inter-Coll. Orat. Cont, 

Fraternity Notes. 

1886. F. H. Campbell, Char. Mem. E. 

L. Darst, Char. Mem. 

1889. L. Chalkley. Intd. Va. Delta; Affld. 
Va. Beta. R. E. R. Nelson, Char. Mem. 

1890. L W. Cabaniss, Intd. Ga. Gamma. 
W. L. Pierce, Char. Mem. 

1 891. W. A. G. Bratton, Prest. Beta Prov., 




Charter granted, March 12, 1887, to William Mangum, '87 (Ala. Beta); William Otis, '87; 
Solomon Roberts, '87; William Franklin Andrews (Ala. Beta, '83); Edward Cobb, '88 
(Ala. Beta); Holcombe Motley, '89; Eugene Hargrove Hawkins, '90 (Tenn. Alpha, '93); 
Albert Sidney Johnson Haygood, '90; Leigh Andrews. '92, and Lewis Vaughn Massey, '94. 

Class of 1887. 

William Mangum, B.S. yjj f4>-fQ 

Dunham, Ala. 

♦William Otis, Ph. B. JJ eQ 

Deceased. Greensboro, Ala. 

Solomon Roberts, A.B. JjJ eQ 

Min., Abbeville, Ala. 

Class of 1888. 

♦Edward Cobb. JTjJ rf 

Died, Greensboro, Aug. 5, '87. Greens- 
boro, Ala. 

Thaddeus Alexander Felton, Ph.B. ^ 
Leighton, Ala. 

Andrew Jenkins Scott, Ph.B. ajf 
Rome, Ga. 

Class of 1889. 

James, Ph.B. 
Baltimore, Md. 

Allious Hosmer. 
Talladega, Ala. 

Joseph Mims. 
Areola, Miss. 

Holcombe Motley. 
Tuskegee, Ala. 

George Pierce. ^ 
Columbus, Ga. 


Thomas Pierce, f' 
Wildwood. Fla. 

Edward Wescott, Ph.B. 
Mount Sterling, Ala. 

Class of 1890. 

James Luther Bynum, Ph.B. 
Bynum, Ala. 

Albert Sidney Johnson Haygood. Sf jj 
Min., Greensboro, Ala. 

Walcome Langston Hayoood, Ph.B. 
Montgomery, Ala. 

John Tate Hufstutler, Ph.B. JT 
Little Warrior, Ala. 

William McReynolds. 
Millport, Ala. 

♦Thomas Wesley Phares. 

Deceased. Greensboro, Ala. 

Charles Forest Striplin, Ph.B. 
Alexander, Ala. 

Robert Emmett Thomason, Ph.B. 
Wedowee, Ala. 


Class of 1891. 

Hubert Marion Ansley, A.M. 
Vicksburg, Miss. 

James Martin Chambers, jj 
Montgomery, Ala. 



1 89 1-5 

Alabama Gamma. 


Thbodors Copbland. y 
Min., Decatur, Ala. 


Prank McGhee de Graffenreid, A.M. 
Greensboro, Ala. 

% ^T 

Albert Lbe Guy. 
Leighton, Ala. 


Thomas Waits Dende. 
Petrey, Ala. 


Robert John Harris. Jff 
Rosser, Ala. 


Aubrey Oliver Harwell, y f* 
Birmingham, Ala. 


Charles Leslie Herring. 
Madison, Ala. 


Watson Kerr Harwell, f* 
Montgomery, Ala. 


Virgil Noblin. 
Edward.s, Miss. 


Joseph Lee Holloway. JT 
Geneva, Ala. 


Joseph Neely Powers. Jf 
Curl's Station, Ala, 


John Levi Jones. 
Patsburg, Ala. 


John Milton Scott. 
Bell's Landing, Ala. 


Robert Oscar Meek, A.M. % 
Ozark, Ala. 


John Thomas Sheppard. 
Union town, Ala. 


Marvin Patillo. y 
Hartsell, Ala. 


Robert Strickland, A.B. 
Birmingham, Ala. 


Robert Simms Pierce, Ph.B. Sjff' 
Columbus, Ga. 


" Class of 1892. 

Leigh Andrews, A.B. JfHf' 
Orrville, Ala. 

WiLUAM Robinson Chatfield. Sf 
La Fayette, Ala. 

Harwell Woodroe Co ale, B.S. y 
Gasport, La. 

James Lorenzo Cousins. JT 
Loachapoka, Ala. 

William Thomas Ellisor. 
Headland, Ala. 

Claud Kendrick. 
Luverne, Ala. 

Wesley Soloman McLeod, A.B. Sf 
Ozark, Ala. 

Riley Augustus Moody, Ph.B. Sjf 
Patsburg, Ala. 

John Edward Zinnamon Riley, B.S. 
Midland City, Ala. 

George Stowers, A.M. jf 
Reynolds, Ala. 

Arthur Wright. Jf 
Midway. Ala. 

Class of 1893. 

Hugh Anderson. 

Montgomery, Ala. 

Albert Crossland Bowen, A.M. y 
Attended Ala. Pol. Inst M. 
Ozark, Ala. 






E. Min., 

Robert Enoch Tyler, Ph.B. 3jf r¥ 

M. E. Min., Bessemer, Ala. 

Class of 1894. 

James August Baxley. y aX 

Dotham, Ala. 

Elbert Thise Breland. vT 

Mobile, Ala. 

James Henry Davis. a* 

Abbeville, Ala. 

Thomas Lickey Feltoi*. f* rT 

Leighton, Ala. 

Hubert DeLancy Knickerbocker. Jf r* 
New Orleans, La. 

Lewis Vaughn Massey, A.B. yjj cP 

Tuskegee, Ala. 

Olin Berry Newman. 
Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Thomas Franklin Sessions. jj[ e^ 

M. E. Min., Montevallo, Ala. 

Charles Edward Shuptrine. t* 

Selma, Ala. 

Charles Soule Tally. 0T 

Selma, Ala. 

Henry Alba Taylor. vT 

Aquilla, Ala. 

Class of 1895. 

William Ripley Bicker staff. ,yX 

Union Springs, Ala. 


Alabama Gamma. 

1895-6. NOTES, 


Brookside, Ala. 

Edgar Eugene Howell. 
Union town, Ala. 

Edward Summers Lewis. ^ 
M. E. Min., Congress, Miss. 

William Nathan Nunn. 
Loachapoka, Ala. 

Floyd Fountain Whittle. 
Scooba, Miss. 

Class of 1896. 

James Valentine Brown. 
Pratt Mines, Ala. 

Edwin Jonathan Chestnut. 
Centre, Ala. 

William Edward Chisholm. 
Tuscumbia, Ala. 

Ernest Clay Jones. 
Maplesville, Ala. 

Robert Lee Lacey. 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Alonzo Cicero Smith. 
Alexis, Ala. 

Benjamin Baird Wittich. 
Pensacola, Fla. 








College Notes. 

1887. W. Mangum, Sen. Ora., '87; Com- 
mencement Spkr., '87. S. Roberts, Belles 

Lettres Anni., '86; Ed. Monthly, '87. 

1888. W. F. Andrews (Ala. Beta, '83). Sr. 
Spkr., '88; Challenge Deb.. '87; do., '88; Ed. 

Monthly, '88. E. Cobb, Soph. Spkr., '87. 

A. J. Scott, Belles Lettres Anni., 87; Com- 
mencement Deb., '88. 

1889. H. Motley, Soph. Spkr., '87. 

18^. E. H. Hawkins (Tenn. Alpha, '93), 
Anniversarian, '88; Commencement Spkr., '88; 
Ora Med.. '89; Challenge Deb., '90; Ed. 

Monthly, '90. A. S. J. Haygood, Soph. 

Spkr.. '88; Anniversarian, '90. W. L. Hay- 

food. Soph, Med., '88. J. T. Hufstutler, 
oph. Spkr., '88. 

1891. H. M. Ansley, Sen. Ora., 'ox. 

T. Copeland, Soph. Spkr.. '88. R. J. Harris. 

Soph. Spkr., '88; Anniversarian, '88. J. N. 

Powers, Soph. Spkr., '88. 

1892. L. Andrews, Deb.. '89; do.. '91; Jr. 
Ora., '91; Ed. Monthly, '91-2. W. R. Chat- 
field, Soph. Spkr., '90. H. W. Coale, Com- 
mencement Deb.. '92. J. L. Cousins, Soph. 

Spkr., '90; Ora. Med., '92. W. S. McLeod, 

Ed. Monthly, '92. R. A. Moody, Belles 

Lettres Anni., '90; Ed. Monthly *c\o. J. E. Z. 

Riley, Soph. Spkr., '91; Belles Lettres Anni.. 

•92. G. Stowers, Anniversarian, '90; Deb., 

'92; Ora., '92. A. Wright, Soph. Spkr., '91; 

Deb., '92. 

1893. A. C. Bowen, Deb., '92; Ed. Monthly, 
'93. F. M. de Graffenreid, Soph. Spkr., '90; 

Anniversarian, '92; Deb., '92; Ora., '93.- 

A. O. Harwell, Soph. Spkr., '90. J. L. 

Holloway, Soph. Spkr., '90. R. O. Sleek, 

Deb., '91, '92, '93; Spkr., '92, '93. M. Patillo. 

Soph. Spkr., '90; Belles Lettres Anni.. '92. 

R. S. Pierce, Deb., '90. R. E. Tyler, Soph. 

Spkr., '92; Deb., '93. 

1894. J. A. Baxley, Anniversarian, '93; 

Spkr., '93. H. D. Knickerbocker, Ora. Med., 

'92 L. V. Massey, Ed. Monthly, '93. 

T. F. Sessions, Spkr., 92. 

1895. E. S. Lewis, Deb., '90; Belles Lettres 
Anni., '93. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1887. W. Mangum, Intd., Ala. Beta; Char. 

Mem. W. Otis, Char. Mem. S. Roberts, 

Char. Mem. 

1888. W. F. Andrews (Ala. Beta, '83). Char. 

Mem. E. Cobb, Intd., Ala. Beta; Char. 


1889. H. Motley, Char. Mem. 

1890. E. H. Hawkins (Tenn. Alpha, '93), 
Char. Mem.; Del. Nat. Conv.. Blooming^on, 
III., '89. A. S. J. Haygood, Char. Mem. 

1 891. J. M. Chambers, Intd., Ala. Beta. 

1892. L. Andrews, Char. Mem.; Del. Nat, 
Conv., Atlanta, Ga.,'91. 

1894. L. V. Massey, Char. Mem. 




Charter granted, April 15, 1887, to Milton Henry Fehnel, '87; Otto Cornelius Burkhart, '88; 
Charles Henry Miller, '88; Ralph Putnam Barnard, '89; John Joseph Lincoln, '89; 
Thomas Franklin Newby, '89; Augustus Thompson Throop, '89; Edwin Herbert Beazell, 
'90; Frank Raymond Coates, '90, and Theodore Alfred Straub, '90. 

Class of 1887. 

Milton Henry Fehnel, B.S. JJJ jyQ 

A.C., Lehigh U., '89. Chem. for E. C. 
Knight's Sugar Ref., 410 Spruce St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Class of 1888. 

Otto Cornelius Burkhart, B.S., C.E. ]jf * t¥ 
M.E., Lehigh U., '89. Instruc. Colliery 
Engineering Sch. of Mines, Coal Exchange, 
Scranton, Pa. 

William Fairchild Dean, y eir-oir 

Manager, Thompson- Houston Elec. Co., 
115 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Charles Henry Miller, C.E. jj 17* 

On Mississippi River Improvt., *90-i. Civ. 
Eng., 3d Dist U. S. Engineer's office, Green- 
ville, Miss. 

Class of 1889. 

Ralph Putnam Barnard, C.E. jj ^X 

Equitable Bldg. Assn., 907 R St., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

John Joseph Lincoln, C.E. * J7X 

Mining and Civ. Eng., Elkhorn, W. Va. 

Thomas Franklin Newby. jj jyX 

Civ. Eng., Pastoret Blk., Duluth, Minn. 
609 West Front St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Augustus Thompson Throop, C.E. ]JjJ 37X 
Civ. Eng., 298 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Port Gibson, N. Y. 

Class of 1890. 

Edwin Herbert Beazell, C.E. 
Civ. Eng., Keystone Bridge 



Frank Raymond Coates. B.S., M.E. JTJJ ^ 
Eng., B. & O. R. R. Co., Pittsburg, Pa. 
4354 Paul St., Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Theodore Alfred Straub, C.E. jj ^ 

Inspector of steel for C. G. Ferris & Co., 
45 North Canal St., Allegheny, Pa. 

Charles Cookman Tompkinson, C.E., M.E. i/t 
With Penna. Steel Co., Sparrow's Point 
(Baltimore), Md. 

Class of 1891. 

♦Walter Frederick Burden. <5* 

Died, Washington, Jan. 23, '89. Washing- 
ton, D.C. 

Alban Eavenson, A.C. r* 

Chem., P. & R. R. R., Reading, Pa. 

Fitz-Daniel Ermentrout. rT 

LL.B., Yale Law Sch., '91. Atty.-at-law, 
Reading, Pa. 

John Zollinger Miller, E.E. Sjf fT 

Electrician, Penna. Indust. Reformat, 
Huntington, Pa. 

William Taylor Patterson. ^T 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 

Pennsjrhania Eta. 

1892-^. NOTES. 

Herman Renner Buckle. 

44 Beech St., Alleghen; 
GiDRGE Milton Ccrti^, Jr. 

:h '- 

John Joy Edsos, Ik. 

1324 Siiteentb St., Washingtnr 

ROBKKT F'.-l = * GaDD, ■^ 

Sudlcr,: ;::'.■, Md. 

ScBL-YLzK I'.Ri -1; Knox. ^ 
Car.lia^;-. Landing, N. Y. 

Frxoeuki: Cii isiii Lfc Mattiieu-s()n 
PorairL"., Ciiiju. 

WisncLD Lemuel Warner. 

At Stevens Inst. Tech.. 'ai. 
Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Class of 1894. 

William M.\cLav Bard. 
Washington, D. C. 





Walter luLts Doiclas. 

Washington. D. C. 
LcTHiB Lay Gadii- -^ 

Sudlersville, Md. 


Plaiafield, K. J. 
Edward Kent Leecm. 

U S. Mint. Phitadelphia, Pa. 


Washington D. C. 
Cboror Bkjnkgreioff Va.v Riper. 
Rutherford, N. J. 

Bbxkmah DuBaxky, Jr. 

WasliJngtoa. D C. 
AuGL-iTR Leopold Saittman. 
Plainfield, N J- 


Willimanlic, Cooc. 

Class of 1S96 
Daniel Wiluaii Yost Bueh. 


PUinfield, N. J. 
Chakles 1'arksk Wauoneh. 
Pb<enixville, Pa. 

College Notes. 
1887. M. H. Pehnel, Valedictorian, "87; Phi 
Beta Kappa. 
1338. O. C. Burkhart, Char. Mem. W. 

P. Dean, laid., N", V. Alpha. 

A. T. Thror,p. Ed. Epitome. ■87-8; 
■r, ■-•-,,; Ojramencement Spkr., '89. 
F. R Ojaies, Coramencemeot Ora., 
w; V.-Pres., In:>..r-0(.ll. Ath- Assn. 

1B91. J. Z. Miller Freehand Drawing Med.. 
Sg; Ed. /Iurr.-S<r<)0. 

is^i- ~ ■ ■ 


Ed. Bui 

Fratersitv N'otbs. 
1SS7. M. H. Fehnel, Char. Mem. 

18SS. O. C. Burkhart. Char. Mem. C. 

H. MUler, Char. Mem. 

R. P. Barnard, Char. Mem. J. J. 

. Chai 

rd. Char. Mem. J. 

T. F. Xewby, CI 

Throop, Char. Mem. 


Alpha Prov-. ■ 

1890, E. ii. 1;^,^=;,. Cu»r Mem.: Del. Nat 

Conv.. ?.;o.jraiiigtoQ, 111., 'iq. F. R. C.:oates, 

Char. Mem. — -F. A. Straub. Char. Mem. 

iSgj. J. Z. MiUer. Del- Alpha Prov. Conv.. 
Ithaca. ^^. Y.. V- 

1893. H. R. Bhckle, Del. Nat Conv,, 
Atlanta, Ga., '91. 




Charter granted, April 23, 1888, to George Hiram Corey, '88; James Romeyn Danforih, Jr., '83; 
Albert Henry Jackson, '88; David Lyman Kebbe, '88; Charles Sullivan, *88; Harrison 
Hitchcock Brown, '89; Alpheus Sherwin Cody, '89; John M Eastman, '89; Edgar 
Henry Parkman, '89; Yew Sawayama, '89; Ernest Emmons Smith, '89; Frank Butler 
Doane, '90; Cyrus Albert Durgin, '90; William Henry Smith. '90; Rufus Mather 
Bagg, Jr., '91; Sidney Robert Fleet, '91; Harry Foster Jones, '91 ; Stephen Brown 
Knowlton, '91 ; Herbert Lewis, '91 ; Charles George Noyes, '91 ; Frank Monroe Tiffany, 
'91; Everett Prentis Turner (New York Epsilon, '91), '91, and Waterman Lester 
Williams, '91. 


Class of i888. 

Gborge Hiram Corey, A.B. # 
9 Cliff St, New York. N. Y. 

James Romeyn Danforth, Jr., A.B. * iQ 
A.M., Amherst Coll., '91; D. D., Yale U., 
'91. Min., Mystic, Conn. 

Albert Henry Jackson, A.B. y* iQ 

Atty.-at-law, 24 West Seneca St., Buffalo, 
• N. Y. 

David Lyman Kebbe, A.B. jj iQ 

A.M., Amherst Coll., '91. Min., South- 
wick, Mass. 

Charles Sullivan, A.B. Sf jj iQ 

255 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

Class of 1889. 

Harrison Hitchcock Brown, A.B. y* d 

Prof. Elocution, Poughkeepsie Mil. Inst, 

'90. Riverview Acad!, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Alpheus Sherwin Cody, A.B. JTjJ «* 

Ed. Riverside Monthly, Concord, N. H., 
'90. 21 Irving PI., New York, N. Y. 

John M Eastman, A.B. jj[ c^ 

*• M " letter only. Woodville. N. Y. 

William August George. A.B. r* 

Presb. Min., 967 Madison Ave., Paterson, 
N. J. 

Arthur Frost Newell, A.B %fi a^-rir 

At U. of Vt., '85-8. Brockton, Mass. 81 
Ashland Boulevard, Chicago, 111. 

Edgar Henry Parkman, A.B. yj| 

Teacher, 30 Prospect St., Thompson ville. 

*Yew Sawayama, B.S. jj i"^ 

Grad. Doshisha Coll., Kyoto, Japan, '85. 
Attended U. of Colorado. Instructor Noble's 
Coll., Tokyo, '90. •* Examiner of the Educa- 
tional System in the Imperial Household 
Department," Japan. '90. Died, Tokyo, 
Japan, Sept. 10. '90. Kyoto, Japan. 

Ernest Emmons Smith, A.B JfJ; ti' 

Instructor Latin and Greek, Franklin 
Acad,, Franklin, N. Y., 90. Union, N. Y. 

Class of 1890. 

Frank Butler Doane, A.B. JjJ iX 

At Yale Divinity Sch., '93. Hawley 
(Charlemont P. O.), Mass. 

Cyrus Albert Durgin, A.B. Jf* iX 

Master Bartlett Sch., 70 Bartlett St., 
Lowell, Mass. 

James Crawford Lkster, A.B. y* v^tX 
At Vanderbilt U., '87-8; attended Yale U. 
Albuquerque, N. M. 


Massachusetts Beta. 


William Henry Smith, A.B. Jf jj iX 

Lahainahma, Maui, Hawaiian Islands. 
South Deerfield, Mass. 

Class of 1891. 

RuFUS Mather Bagg, Jr.. A.B. * j^ 

At Johns Hopkins U., '93. (P. O. Box 113), 
West Springfield, Mass. 

Sidney Robert Fleet, A.B. yjj r* 

Attended Trinity Coll.. London, Kng. 
Staff Lowell Citizen^ Lowell, Mass. 

Harry Foster Tones, A.B. jj A 

Prof. Eng. Lit, U. of Kansas. Lawrence, 
Kan. Vocaville, Calif. 

Stephen Brown Knowlton, A.B. yjj «♦ 

Haverford Coll. Gram. Sch., Haverford, 

Herbert Lewis, A.B. y * «♦ 

At Mass. Inst. Tech. , 93. 9 Carieton PI. , 
Haverhill, Mass. 

Charles George Noyes. # k4 

Lumber Merchant, LitUe Rock, Ark. 

Fred Hamilton Tarr, A.B. Sf r* 

Teacher High Sch., Newburyport, Mass. 
Rockport, Mass. 

Frank Monroe Tiffany, A.B. JjJ /♦ 

Selwyn Hall, Reading, Pa. South Hadley, 

Waterman Lester Williams, A.B. Sjf* «♦ 
At Harvard Law Sch., '93. West Spring- 
field, Mass. 

Class of 1892. 

James Baikd. rT 

no Florida Ave., Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Edward Nelson Billings, A.B. vT 

At Hartford Theo. Sem., since '92. Woon- 
socket, R. I. 

William Charles Hodder, A.B. % rT 

Staff Lowell Citizen, Lowell, Mass. 

Frank Adrian Leach, A.B. 5 vT 

Prof. Biology, Williston Sem., Easthamp- 
ton, Mass. 

Howard Abbott Lincoln, A.B. y* rT-r* 
At Colby U., '88-9. Deering (Woodfords 
P. O.), Me. 

Frederick Clifton Staples, A.B. t.T 

Teacher Taft's Sch., Pelham Manor, N. Y. 
Stoughton, Mass. 

Charles Eduard Tilley, A.B. % 
Norfolk, Conn. 


Class of 1893. 

*Harry Gilman Carter. 

Deceased. North Wobum, Mass. 

Frank Poole Johnson. 
Wobum, Mass. 

Christopher Howe Rogers. jj[ 
Methuen, Mass. 

Herbert Austin Russell, J 
Shelbum Falls, Mass. 

Robert Porter Saint John. % 
Prattsburgh, N. Y. 

Frank Herbert Smith. 
North Hadley, Mass. 

Harry Preble Sweet. % 
Gloucester, Mass. 

Robert Irving Walker. 

II 16 Fourth St., Sioux City, Iowa. 

Herbert Carroll Wood. JT f* 
Haverhill, Mass. 

Class of 1894. 

Albert Sherburne Baker. 
Amherst, Mass. 

Ernest Merrill Bartlett. % 
Newport, N. H. 

George Arthur Goodell. 
Windham, Vt. 

Harwood Bigelow Smith. % 
Rockland, Mass. 

Arthur Winslow Stone. 

Corinne, Me. Lowell, Mass. 

Nathan Henry Weeks. 
Dedham, Mass. 

Class of 1895. 

Charles Amos Andrews. % 
Waltham, Mass. 

Reuben Wesley Burnham. 
Gloucester, Mass. 

George Walter Fiske. 
HoUiston, Mass. 

Tracy Beadle Griswold. 
Elmira, N. Y. 

James Stuart Lawson. 
Brooklyn, N. Y 

Albert Lewis Schuyler. 
Waterbury, Conn. 

Herbert Lakin Warren. 
Holden, Mass. 













Charter granted January i8, 1889, to William Henry Barnard, '^9; Arthur Ellis Barrows, '89; 
Frederic Everett Carpenter, '89; Arthur Cushing, '89; Horace Lincoln Day, '89; Sylvanus 
Everett Frohock, '89; Reginald Spinks Fyfe, '89; William Howatt Gardner, '89; Charles 
Grant Hartsock (Indiana Delta, '87), '89; Frank Austin Smith, '89; Augustus Taber 
Swift, '89; Nathan Manchester Wright, '89; Walter Harris Young, '90; Frederic Albert 
Greene, '91 ; William Henry Hopkins, 2d. '91, and Albert Leslie Barbour, '92. 

Class of 1889. 

William Henry Barnard, A.B. yjj t^Q 

Overseer Indian Sch. , Albuquerque, N. M., 
'89-90. With Providence S. & G. Pipe Co., 
Providence, R. I. 

♦Arthur Ellis Barrows, A.B. yjj[ dQ 

Prin. Barstow High Sch., '90-1. Died, 
Mattapoisett, Aug. 4, '91. Mattapoisett, 

Frederic Everett Carpenter, A. B. J^jJ JQ 
Atty. -at-law, Providence, R. I. 

Arthur Cushing, A.B. # dQ 

At Harvard Law Sen?, '89-90. Atty. -at- 
law, Providence, R. I. 

Horace Lincoln Day, A.B. 
Grad. Acadia Coll., '88. 
Post Grad. Med. Coll., '93. Yarmouth, Nova 

ft (JQ 

M.D., New York 


em., '92. 

Sylvanus Everett Frohock, A.B. 
Grad., Newton Centre Theo 
Bap. Min., Springfield, Mass. 

Reginald Spinks Fyfe, A.B. yj rfQ 

At U. of Chicago, '85-6. 125 Thirty- 
fifth St., Chicago. 111. 

William Howatt Gardner, A.B. ^f( 6Q 
At Newton Centre Theo. Sem., '90. At 
Waezland Sem., W^ashington, D C. Bap. 
Min., Newton Centre, Mass. 

Charles Grant Hartsock, A.B. H f*-dQ 
At Franklin Coll., '86-7. Bap. Min. Miss., 
Congo, W. Africa. Lawrence, Ind. 

Frank Austin Smith, A.B. jj eQ 

At Crozer Theo. Sem., '89-90. Bap. Min., 
Somerville, N. J. 

Augustus Taber Swift, A.B. Jft^ <50 

Teacher, Hotchkiss Prep. Sen. 369 Pur- 
chase St., New Bedford, Mass. 

Nathan Manchester \V right, A.B. SjfJ 6Q 
^Xj!i& Providence Journal. 54 Horton St, 
Johnson (Olneyville P. O.), R. I. 

Class of 1890. 

Hamilton Edgar Chapman. 

Grad. Newton Centre Theo. Sem., 
Bap. Min., Pendleton Hill, Conn. 

William Thomas Greene, ^f 

Grad. Newton Centre Theo. Sem., 
Bap. Min., Fall River, Mass. 



William Green Jones. 

At Wake Forest Coll., N. C, '86-8. Grad. 
Newton Centre Theo. Sem., '93 Bap. Min., 
Zionville, N. C. 

Albert Eugene Kingsley. Jf d* 

Grad. Newton Centre Theo. Sem., '93. 
Bap. Min., Poquonoc Bridge, Conn. 

1890-6. NOTE^. 

Rhode Island Alpha. 


Walter Harris Young. JTft <JQ 

At U. of Chicago, '86-7. Teacher, Suf- 
fieldLit. Inst, '93. SufiReld, Conn. 

Class of 1891. 

Walter Evans Andrews, A.B. <JX 

Teacher, High Sch., Worcester, N. H. 

Frederic Albert Greene, A.B. jj <5X 

Atty.-at-law, Providence, R. I. 

William Henry Hopkins, 2d, A.B. U <5X 

At Harvard Law Sch., '93. 188 Green- 
wich St., Providence, R. I. 

John Derward Miner, A.B. 

Merchant, East Greenwich, R. I. 

Class of 1892. 

Albert Leslie Barbour. ]jf j| 
Prin. Schs., Ashton. R. L 






Frederick Alvin Durham. 

Staff, Daily News, Des Moines. Iowa. 

Charles Frederic Harper. 

Druggist, Woonsockett, R. I. 

Augustus Phineas Reccord. % 
At Harvard Divinity Sch. , '93. 

Class of 1893. 

Herbert Gould Bkede. 
Central Falls, R. L 

Robert Marshall Brown. 
Northbridge, Mass. 

Sbth Howard Chace. 
East Freetown, Mass. 

Herbert Ernest Day. 
Danielsonville, Conn. 

Edwin Bailey Dolan. 
Bolton, Mass. 

Harry Saint John Filmer. 
Webster, Mass. 









Irving Lysander Foster. 
East Kingsley, Conn. 


George Gordon Hunter. ]Jf a* 

Teacher, Cornell Coll., Mount Vernon, 

Class of 1894. 

Henry Milton Barry. Sf r* 

Saxton's River, Vt. 

Theodore Barton Bay II es. Jf r* 

New Bedford, Mass. 

Henry Jewett Hall. 

Prin. High Sch., Antrim, N. H. 

Charles Spurgeon Nightingale. JT 
Louisville, Ky. 

William Boyce Northup. 
Prin. Sch., Bristol, Conn. 

Louis Alexander Roux. If 
Saxton's River, Vt, 

Class of 1895. 

Frederick David Aldrich. Jf 
Webster, Mass. 

William Henry Atwood. % 
New Bedford, Mass. 

Wayland Lewis Beers. 
Washington, N. J. 

Fred Bement. 

Suffield, Conn. 

Arthur Llewellyn End. 
Charlotte, Vt. 

Fred Ellis Horton. % 
Providence, R. I. 

Frederick Six)cum. % 
New Bedford, Mass. 

Jesse Fowler Smith. 
East Hartford, Conn. 

John Campbell Swift, f' 
New Bedford, Mass. 

Class of 1896. 

Edward Everett Bucklin. 
Providence, R. I. 

Clarence Macon Gallup. 
Norwich, Conn. 

George Francis Greene, f* 
Fall River, Mass. 

William Herbert Kenerson. 
Providence, R. I. 

Harry Edwin Lewis. 
Providence, R. I. 

Albert Swift Morse. 
Fairhaven, Mass. 

William Webster Rugo. 
Perkinsville, Vt. 

Adolph Conrad Ely. 
Plantsville, Conn. 













College Notes. 

1389. W. H. Barnard, Class tree Spkr., '8g. 
—A. E. Barrows, Commencement Spkr., '8(;. 
F. E. Carpenter, tree Spkr., '89; 

Commencement Spkr.. '89; Phi Beta Kappa. 
R. S. Fyfe, Prophet, Class Day, '89. 


Rhode Island Alpha. 


W. H. Gardner, Commencement Spkr, '89. 

A. T. Swift, Commencement Spkr., '89. 

N. M. Wrght, Commencement Spkr., '89. 

1890. A. E. Kingsley, Ed. Liher^ '89-90; 
Commencement Spkr., '90; Phi Beta Kappa. 

W. H. Young, Prizes in Literature and 

Philos., '90; Commencement Spkr., '90. 

1892. A. L. Barbour, Phi Beta Kappa. 

A. P. Reccord, Soph. Spkr., '90; Ed. Liber, 
'91-2; Phi Beta Kappa. 

1893. R. M. Brown, Ed. Liber, '91-3. 

G. G. Hunter, Ed.-in-ch., Brown Daily 
Herald^ '91-2. 

1894. H. M. Barry, ist Serg., Brown U. 

Batt., '93. T. B. Baylies, Bus. Mgr. Brown 

Daily Herald, '91-2; Ed.-in-ch., do., '92-3. 

C. S. NightingflJe Assoc. Ed. Brown Daily 

Herald, '92-3. L. A. Roux, ist Serg. Brown 

U. Batt, 93. 

1895. F. D. Aldrich, Greek Prize, '91. 

W. H. Atwood, French Prize, '91. F. E. 

Horton, Capt. Class Squad, Prize Drill, '93. 
F. Slocum, ist Serg., Brown U. Batt., '93. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1889. W. H. Barnard, Char. Mem. A. E. 

Barrows, Char. Mem. F. E. Carpenter, Char. 

: Mem. A. Gushing, Char. Mem. H. L. 

Day, Char. Mem. W. H. Gardner, Char. 

Mem. S. E. Frohock, Char. Mem. R. S. 

Fyfe, Char. Mem. C. G. Hartsock, Intd., 

Ind. Delta: Char. Mem. F. A. Smith. Char. 

Mem. A. T. Swift, Char. Mem. N. M. 

Wright, Char. Mem. 

1890. W. H. Youn^, Char. Mem. ; Del. Nat. 
Conv., Bloomington, 111., '89. 

1 891. F. A. Greene, Char. Mem. W. H. 

Hopkins, 2d, Char. Mem. 

1892. A. L. Barbour, Char. Mem. F. A. 

Durham, Del. Nat. Conv., Atlanta, Ga., '91. 


Louisiana Alpha, 

1895-6. NOTES. 

Class of 189s. 

Joseph Raphael Bowling. rT 

751 Saint Charles Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Wat Tyler Cluverius, Jr. wT 

At U. S. Naval Acad. , '93. 40 Polymnia 
St., New Orleans, La. 

Louis Albert Morphy. AT 

524 Baronne St., New Orleans, La. 

John James Potts. ;t* 

Monroe, La. 

Seargent Smith Prentiss, Jr. Sjf ^Y 

33 Polymnia St., New Orleans, La. 

Edwin Cooper Renaud. rT 

552 Saint Charles Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Andrew Alfred Woods, Jr. rT 

418 Prytania St., New Orleans. La. 

Class of 1896. 

Frank McNairy Gordon. rT 

173 Washington St., New Orleans, La. 

James Birney Guthrie. rT 

420 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, La. 

College Notes. 

1889. C. M. Brady, Resident Scholarship, 

Charity Hosp.,'89. H. B. Gessner, Greek 

Medal, '89; Commencement Spkr., '89. 

1890. C. H. Tebault, Jr., Commencement 
Spkr., '90. 

1893. R. T. Hardie, Assoc. Ed. Tuiane 
Collegian^ 'qi-2. 

1894. T. R. Conniff, Decl. Medal, '90; Gold 
Medal, Elocution, '91. 

1895. S. S. Prentiss, Jr., Assoc. Ed. Tuiane 
Collegian, '91-3. 

H. B. 

Fraternity Notes. 

1889. C. M. Brady, Char. Mem.— 
Gessner, Char. Mem. 

1890. C. H. Tebault, Jr.. Char. Mem. 

189T. H. T. Cottam, Jr., Intd. Tenn. Beta. ; 

Del. Nat. Conv., Bloommgton, 111., '89. M. 

Souchon. Char. Mem. 

1892. W. F. Hardie. Char. Mem. J. W. 

Joffrian, Intd. Ky. Delta. 

1893. C. V. Cosby, Char. Mem. ; Del, Nat. 

Conv., Atlanta, Ga.. '91. J. F. Dupuy, Jr., 

Char. Mem. H. P. Jones, Char. Mem. G. 

L. Tebault, Char. Mem. 

1894. H. M. Ansley, Intd. Alj^Kramma. 




Charter granted, March 28, 1891, to Richard Shackleford McCalloch, '91; Charles Cummings 
Collins, '92 ; William Henry Danforth, '92 ; Harry Robson Hall, '92 ; Thomas George 
Rutledge, '92 ; Charles Ahiman Bohn, '93 ; William Nicholson Cummings, '93 ; William 
Dunham Hudson, '93 ; Arno Eamst Huning, '93, and Denney Warren Roper, (N. Y. 
Alpha. '93). 

% Class of 1891, 

John Benton Leggat. 
Butte, Mont. 


Richard Shackleford McCulloch. Sjf ft 
1 52 1 E. Grand Ave., Saint Louis, Mo. 

Lorenzo Bailey Vella. CO 

With City Bridge Dept, Saint Louis, Mo. 

Class of 1892. 

Charles Cummings Collins, if ft dT-^-f 

At Franklin, '87-8. Atty.-at-law, 2100 
Main St. , Little Rock, Ark. 



William Henry Danforth, M.E. ijfft 
Charleston, Mo. 

John Rison Fordyce, M.E. jjf 

3634 Washington Ave. , Samt Louis, Mo. 

Harry Robson Hall, A.B. Sjfft 

1 148 Leonard Ave., Saint Louis, Mo. 

Thomas George Rutledge. ajTft 

3021 Washington Ave., Saint Louis, Mo. 

Class of 1893. 

Charles Ahiman Bohn. ft 

3538 Page Ave., Saint Louis, Mo. 

William Nicholson Cummings. iSTftf' 

3514 Olive St., Saint Louis 

s. Jf J 

is. Mo. 

Nathaniel Henry Emmons, y 

3015 Washington Ave., Saint Louis, Mo. 



William Dunham Hudson, ft ^K 

4465 Pine St., Saint Louis, Mo. 

Arno Earnst Huning. ft CX 

3938 Washington Ave.. Sainl Louis, Mo. 

Class of 1894. 

Ralph Gully Cole. pi 

4023 Westminster Place, Saint Louis, Mo. 

John Campbell Cummings, Jr. f* <tX 

3514 Olive St., Saint Louis, Mo. 

Frederick William Lemp. ^ir 

3522 S. Thirteenth St., Saint Louis, Mo. 

Frederick William Scullin. u^ 

5218 S. Broadway, Saint Louis, Mo. 

Philo Speer Stevenson. Sjf ^ 

3127 Sheridan Ave., Saint Louis, Mo. 

Class of 1895. 

Warren Lewis Clark. tX 

3551 Pine St., Saint Louis, Mo. 

James Harrison. y^ 

3747 Westminster PI., Saint Louis, Mo. 

Charles Alexander Madill. vT 

2821 Chestnut St., Saint Louis, Mo. 

Walter McKittrick. vT 

2913 Locust St., Saint Louis, Mo. 

Edwin Harrison Steedman. vT 

2803 Pine St., Saint Louis, Mo. 


Missouri Gamma. 

1 895-6. NOTES. 

Aluuc Pendletos Whittemoie. »♦ 

1000 X- Grand Ave. Saist Loiiis. Mo. 

Cla5% of iv/j- 

David Hull HoLUfb. ^ 

310% EasVm Ave., Saint Louis. Mo, 

Ralph M'.CAkTv. ;jT 

2931 St. Vincent Ave.. Saint Louis, Mo. 

RoBEKT Charles Miller. x^ 

1751 Misviuri Ave., Saint Louis, Mo. 

H. R- Hall. Bus. Mar 5.. Student Life, 

•S^y-70: Ed-, do.. *^. T. G. Rut:edge, Chan- 
cellor's Piize I>eclr.. '-^i Ed. Student Life, 
'rjo; 2d Prize. Oral. Cort-. 91: Prize Orator. 
Post-Dispatch Oral. Cent-. "51; Comriience- 
n:eat Spirr., 'gi. 

I §93. W. N. Cumn::-^. B-.i5u Mang^ , Stu- 
dent Life. "y>-i. X. H. Emmons. Ed- Stu- 
dent Life, 'r^j. 

1S74. P. S. Stevenson. Ed. Student Life, '92. 


1891. R. S- McCulUK;h, Chancellor's Prize 
Declr., '^S; Ed. Student Life, '89-90; First 
Prize for Ixrst article, do.. '*9-9o; First Prize. 
OraL Cont.. '*fi; 2d Prize Post-Dispatch Orat. 
ConL, '91 : Commencement Orator, '91. 

irkp. C. C. Collins, Cf. Coll. Xotes, Ind. 
Delta; Bus. Man^. Student Life,* %k)\ Ed., do.. 

'qo_2. W. H- Danforth, Ed. Student Life, 

'91. J. R. Fordyce, Ed. Student Life, 'S9-90. 

1591. R. 

1*92. C 
Ind. Delta: 

\V. H. 

Hal], Char. 
•93;. Char. 

1S93. C. 
. Cumming^, 
• Char. Mem 

Frateexity Xotes. 

S. McCulloch. Char. Mem. 
C. Col'.ins. Char. Mem. : IntcL 
Del. Xat. Conv.. Atlanta, Ga.. '91. 

Danforth. Char. Mem. H. R. 

Mem. D.W. Roper. (N. Y. Alpha, 

Mem. T. G. Rutledge. Char. 

A. Bohn, Char. Mem. W. N. 

Char. Mem. W. D. Hudson, 

A. E. Huning, Char. Mem. 



Franklin, Ind. 

Founded, Nov. 9, 1876, by D. D. Banta, Ind. Alpha, '55: C. H. Hall, Ind. Delta. '72; J. W. 
Moncrief, Ind. Delta, '73: S. L. Overstreet, Ind. Delta, '75; G. Banta, Ind. Alpha, '76; T. C. 
Donnell, Ind. Delta, '76; L. U. Downey, Ind. Delta, '78; O. F. Lambertson, Ind. Delta, '79; 
and J. C. Smith, Ind. Delta. '79. 

Fraternity Notes. 

G. Banta, Ind. Alpha, '76, Del. Nat. Conv., Wooster, O., '78; do., Indianapolis, Ind., '80; do., Richmond, Va. 
'8a; do., Nashville, Tenn., '84. 


Richmond, Va. 

Charter granted, May 18, 1878, to C. M. Shields, Va. Delta, '76; W. A. Carrington, Va. Beta, 
'77; C. W. Tanner, Va. Delta, '77; C. H. Chalkley, Va. Delta, '78; J. J. Clopton, Va. Delta. '79. 
and W. R. Savage, Va. Delta, '79. 

Fraternity Nutes. 

C. R. Sands, Va. Delta, '81, Del. Nat. Conv., Richmond, Va., '82. George Bryan, Va. Delta, '8t, Del. Nat. 

Conv., Nashville, Tenn., '84. R. L. Powers, Va. Beta, '8^, Del. Nat. Conv., New York, N. Y., '86. 


iNniANAPOLis, Ind. 

Charter granted, Sept. 17, 1879, to B. Harrison, Ohio Alpha, '52; B. K. Elliott, Ohio Alpha, 
'55; C. Byfield, Ind. Delta, '60: A. C. Harris, Ind. Gamma, '62; J. B. Elam, Ohio Alpha, '70; 
W. H. Ripley, Ind. Beta, '73. and C. D. Whitehead, Ind. Beta, '73. 

Fraternity Notes. 

A. G. Foster, Ind. Alpha, '78, Del. N'at. Conv., Indianapolis, Ind., '80. H. U. Brown, hid. Gamma, *8cs Del. 

Beta Prov. Conv.. Cincinnati, Ohio, '82; Del. Nat. Conv., Richmond, Va., '82; do., New York, N. Y., *86; do., 

Bloomington, I1I.,'8q. C. L. Goodwin, Ind. Alpha,'83, Del. Nat. Conv., Nashville, Tenn., '84. ^J. S. Jenckes, 

Ind. Alpha, '56, Del. Nat. Conv., Atlanta, Ga., '91. 


Louisville, Ky. 

Charter granted, Oct. 27, 1880, to J. J. Cooke, Ky. Alpha, '56; J. G. Simrall, Ky. Alpha, '57; 
T. W. Bullitt, Ky. Alpha. '58; E. O. Guerrant, Ky. Alpha, '60; W. B. Fleming. Ky. Alpha, '641 
J. St J. Boyle, Ky. Alpha, '66; G. H. Mourning, Ky. Alpha, '66; B. J. Baldwin, Va. Gainina,*74; 
J. Cochran, Ky. Alpha, '78; W. F. Harris. Va. Delta, '78, and J. E. Hays, Ind. Epsilon, '78. 

Fraternity Notes. 

J. T. Morrison, Ohio Delta, '87, Del. Nat. Conv., New York, N. Y., '86. D N. Marble, Ky. Alpha, 'Sa, Del. 

Nat. Conv., Atlanta, Ga., '91. 

386 Alumni Chapters, 



Galesburg, III. 

Charter granted, Oct 12, 18S1, to A. S. Slater, 111. Zeta, *6o; E. L. Conger, 111. Zeta, '61; 
G. L. Hannaman. 111. Zeta, "67; W. C. Lombard, 111. Zeta, '67; P. F. Brown, III. Zeta, '71; 
C. C. Tyler, III. Zeta, '71; E. J. Edwards, 111. Zeta, '74; R. J. Adcock, III. Delta. '78; H. L. 
Arnold, 111. Zeta.'yS; F. R. Jelliff, III. Delta,'78; G. W. Prince, 111. Delta,'78; W. McGaan, Jr., 
111. Zeta, '78; S. C. Ransom, 111. Zeta, "78; F. E. Claycomb, III. Zeta. '79; C. H. Sherwood. 111. 
Epsilon, '80; C. M. C. Burns, 111. Epsilon, '82; J. L. Kennedy, Iowa Beta. '82; G. W. Brainard, 
111. Zeta, '83, and C. H. Wheeler, 111. Zeta. '84. 

Fraternity Notes. 

E. J. Edwards. 111. Zeta, '74. Del. 111. SL Conv.. Galesburg. 111., '81. G. W. Prince, 111. Delta, '78, Del. IlL 

St. Conv., Galesburg, 111. '81. J. L. Kennedy, Iowa Beta, *8a, DeL 111. St. Conv., Galesburg, IlL, "81. H. E. 

Parker, IlL Zeta, '82. Del. Zeta Prov. Conv., Galesburg. 111., 'ga D. E. Allen, IlL Zeta, '90, DeL Zeta Prov. 

Conv., Galesburg, IlL, 'go. E. H. Miles. 111. Zeta. '90, Del. Zeta Prov. Conv., Galesburg, 111., '90. 


Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Charter granted, December 17, 1881, to C. F. Andress, Ohio Alpha, '71; C. F. Knowlton, 
Iowa Alpha, '73; W. H. Hawley, Ind. Alpha, '80; J. A. Thompson, Ind. Delta, '80; R. M. 
Thomas, Ind. Delta, '83: L. B. White. Ind. Alpha, '83, and J. G. Smalley, Ind. Alpha. '84. 

Fraternity Notes. 

T. H. McConica, Ohio Beta, '81, Del. Beta Prov. Conv., Cincinnati, Ohio, '8^. W. H. Hawley, Ind. Alpha, 

•80, DeL Nat. Conv., Nashville. Tenn., *84. S. Bonham. Ohio Beta, '82, Del. Nat. Conv.. New York, N. Y., *86; 

do., Atlanta, Ga.. '91; ^^^- Delta Prov. Conv.. Oxford, Ohio, '88. W. E. Bundy, Ohio Gamma, *86. DeL Delta 

Prov. Conv., Oxford, Ohio, '88. H. Weidner, Ohio Alpha, '88, Del. Nat. Conv., Bloomington, IlL, *8<>. 


Washington, D. C. 

Charter granted, April 4, 1884, to C. H. Butler, Ind. Epsilon, '72; D. W. Herriott, Ind. 
Epsilon, '72; W. S. Yeates, Va. Gamma, '75; M. B. Bailey, Ind. Delta, '79; G. L. Spencer, Ind. 
Beta, '79; S. H. Kelley, Mo. Alpha. '81 ; J. D. Dunwiddie. Wis. Alpha, "84, and R. A. Hooe, Va. 
Epsilon, '85. 


Columbus, Ga. 

Charter granted. June 9, 1884, to U. H. Smith, Ga. Beta, '79; W. F. Smith, Ga. Beta, 'So; 
P. H. Bumis, Ga. Alpha, '82; F. J. Dudley, Ala. Beta, '82; B. Eberhart, Ala. Beta, '82; A. H. 
Frazer, Ga. Alpha, '82; I. Bowman, Tenn. Alpha, '83; S. P. Gilbert. Tenn. Alpha, '83; 
H. Drane, Tenn. Alpha, '84. and E. E. Kimbrough, Tenn. Alpha, '85. 

Fraternity Notes. 

S. P. Gilbert, Tenn. Alpha, '83, Del. Nat Conv., Nashville, Tenn., '84', do., Atlanta, Ga., 'qx. 


Akron, Ohio. 

Charter granted, July 4, 1884, to C. E. Nash, III. Zeta. '75; F. L. Schumacher, Ohio Epsilon, 
•77; W. D. Shipman, Ohio Epsilon. '77; D. G. Wilcox, Ohio Epsilon, '79; I. C. Tomlinson, Ohio 



Alumni Chapters, 387 

Epsilon/80; V. E. Tomlinson, Ohio Epsilon, '80; W. I. Dice, Pa. Delta, '84; F. O. Payne, Ohio 

Epsilon, '84; F. S. Apt, Ohio Epsilon, '85: W. J. McCreary. Ohio Epsilon, '87, and I. M. Taylor, 

Ohio Delta, '87. 

Fraternity Notes. 

F. A. Schumacher, Ohio Epsilon, '85, Del. Nat Conv., Nashville, Tenn., '84. ^—W. J. McCreary, Ohio 

Kpsilon, '87, Del. Delta Prov. Conv., Delaware. Ohio, '86. A. A. Stearns, Ohio Epsilon, '79, Del. Nat. Conv. 

New York, N. Y., *86. — E. F. Cone, Ohio Epsilon, »89, Del. Nat Conv., Bloomington, 111., '89. 


New York, N. Y. 

Charter granted, Nov. 15, 1884, to J. M. Worrall, Ohio Alpha, '49 ; D. R. Horton, N. Y. 
Alpha, '75; P. Jones, Tenn. Alpha, '79; W. R. Worrall, Ky. Alpha, '79; L. C. Adamson, Ga. 
Alpha, '82; J. W. Nute, Pa. Alpha, '82; C. P. Bassett, Pa. Alpha, '83; G. Andrews, Tenn. 
Alpha, "84; A. A. Bird, Pa. Alpha, '84, and J. M. Mayer, N. Y. Gamma, '84. 

Fraternity Notes. 

P. Jones, Tenn. Alpha, '79* Del. Nat. Conv., New York, N. Y., '86. D. R. Horton, N. Y. Alpha, *7S» Del. 

Alpha Prov. Conv., New York, N. Y., '88. ^J. B. Shaw, Pa. Alpha, '85, Del. Alpha Prov. Conv., New York, 

N. Y., '88. S. W. Dunscomb, Jr., N. Y. Gamma, »88, Del. Nat. Conv., Bloomington, 111., '89. ^J. M. Mayer, 

N. Y. Gamma, '84, Del. Nat. Conv., AtlanU, Ga., '91. 


Kansas City, Mo. 

Charter granted, June 29, 1885, to J. F. Philips, Ky. Alpha, '55; R. Griffin, Ind. Gamma, 
'60; L. Railsback, Ind. Beta, '62; C. A. Ritter, Ind. Alpha, '76; E. E. Philips, Ky. Alpha, '77; 
M. F. Troxell, Pa. Beta, '80; W. H. Rozzelle, Mo. Alpha, '81; D. M. McClanahan, Mo. Beta, '82; 
J. A. McCoy, Mo. Beta, '82; R. F. Alderson, Ky. Alpha, '83; W. H. Brown, Mo. Alpha, '83; 
J. J. Campbell, Mo. Alpha, •83; S. A. Mitchell, Mo. Alpha, '83; S. L. Colville, Tenn. Alpha, '84; 
R. T. Sloan, Mo. Alpha, '83; A. N. Gossett, Mo. Beta, '84; T. S. Ridge, Mo. Alpha, '84; B. T. 
Chace, Kan. Alpha, '85; A. M. Ott, Mo. Beta, '85; W. N. Southern, Mo. Beta. '85, and G. W. 
Gates, Jr., Mo. Beta, '87. 


Minneapolis, Minn. 

Charter granted, Nov. 5, 1885, to A. M. Shuey, Ohio Alpha, '66; E. J. Edwards, 111. Zeta, '74; 
F. C. Harvey, Ohio Alpha, '76; H. L. Moore, Ohio Alpha, '77; H. L. Woodbum, Ind. Epsilon, 
'77; T. B. Greenlee, Ohio Delta, '79; C. Bamford, Wis. Alpha, '82; R. H. Prosser, Minn. Alpha, 
'82; D. F. Simpson, Wis. Alpha, '82; J. G. Wallace, Pa. Gammfi, '83; C. O. Atherton, Minn. 
Alpha, '85; J. Gray, Minn. Alpha, '85; C. E. M. Morse, Vt. Alpha, '85, and C. A. Gould, N. H. 

Alpha, '92. 

Fraternity Notes. 

W. R. Brown, Minn. Alpha, '89, Del. Nat. Conv., Atlanta, Ga., '91. 


San Francisco, Calif. 

Charter granted, about May 10, 1886, to J. B. Reinstein, Calif. Alpha, '73; E. M. Wilson, Ohio 
Delta, '74; R. B. WaUace, CaHf. Alpha, '76; J. N. E. WUson, Calif. Alpha, '76; A. A. Dewing, 
Pa. Alpha, 'So. and C. S. Melvin, Pa. Alpha, '82. 

388 Alumni Chapters. 


Atlanta, Ga. 

Charter granted, Dec. 7, 1886, to J. L. Tye, Ga. Alpha, '76; B. L. Willingham. Jr., Ga. 
Gamma, '78; W. S. Elkin, Ky. Alpha, '79; W. T. Spaulding, Ga. Gamma, '79; G. T. E. 
Hardeman, Ga. Beta, '82; C. M. Brandon, Tenn. Alpha, '84; J. O. Paine, Tenn. Beta, '84; 
E. P. Burns, Ga. Beta, '85, and J. W. Cox, Ga. Alpha, '86. 

Fraternity Notes. 
W. S. Elkin, Ky. Alpha, '79, Del. Kat. Conv., Atlanta, Ga., >9x. 


Pittsburg, Pa. 

Charter granted, Jan. 17, 1887, to J. A. Langfitt, Pa. Gamma, '79; W. J. Boone, Ohio Delta, 
'84; H. N. Campbell, Pa. Alpha, '84; J. W. Criswell, Ohio Delta. '85; E. J. Lindsey, Pa. Epsilon, 
•85; R. B. Scandrett, Pa. Gamma, '85; G. W. Fulton, Pa. Gamma, '86; W. A. Kinter, Pa. 
Gamma, '86, and W. T. Tredway, Pa. Gamma, '86. 


Saint Louis, Mo. 

Charter granted, April 11, 1887, to J. W. Slaughter, Wis. Alpha, '58; J. D. Tredway, Wis. 
Alpha, '63; P. R. Flitcraft, Mich. Alpha, '71; E. P. Homer, Mo. Alpha, '73; C. G. G, Rathmann, 
Mo. Alpha, '76; L. Perr>', N. Y. Alpha, '77; C. H. Schureman, N. Y. Alpha, '77; C. F. Krone, 
Mo. Alpha, '84: T. H. Kauffman, Iowa Alpha, '85; E. R. Koenig, Ohio Epsilon, '85; T. N. 
Wilkerson. Mo. Beta, '86; M. L. Kauffman, Iowa Alpha, '87, and H. R. Williams, Mo. Alpha, 


Selma, Ala. 

Charter granted, Nov. 21, 1887, to J. B. Parke, Ala. Beta, '82; D. B. Mangum, Ala. Beta, '83; 
W. W. Mangum, Ala. Beta, '84; H. R. Dawson, Ala. Alpha, '85; E. B. Cottingham, Ala, 
Alpha, '86; T. E. Gary, Ala. Alpha. '86; O. A. Hobdy, Ala. Alpha, '86; V. W. Jones, Ala, 
Alpha. '86; A. W. Nelson, Ala. Alpha, '86; L. W. Spratling. Ala. Beta, '86; J. L. Smith, Ala. 
Alpha, '86; B. L. Boykin, Ala. Beta, '87; W. M. Caruthers, Ala. Alpha, '87; J. M. Dedman 
Ala. Alpha, '87; W. W. Quarles, Ala. Alpha, "87, and N. G. Weaver. 

Fraternity Notes. 

W. W. Quarles, Ala. Alpha, '87, Del. Nat. Conv., Bloomington, 111., '89; do., Atlanta, (ia., '01. 


Saint Paul, Minn. 

Charter granted, March 26, 1888, to A. Ramsey, Pa. Alpha, '38; L. M. Vilas, Wis. Alpha, '63; 
E. S. Gorman, Ind. Alpha, '65; H. C. Mabie, 111. Beta, '68; A. R. Speel, Pa. Alpha, '78; G. R.* 
Henderson, Mo. Alpha, '82; A. G. Briggs, Wis. Alpha, '85; F. B. Brace, 111. Zeta, '87; W. F. 
Hunt, Ohio Zeta, '87; H. A. Kahler. Ohio Zeta, '87; L. A. Straight, 111. Epsilon, '87; Chas. A. 

Alumni Chapters, 389 

Winter, Ohio Zeta, '87; W. H. Morgan, Ohio Gamma, '88; H. W. Thompson, Minn. Alpha, '88; 
W. J. Donahower, Minn. Alpha, '89. and W. B. Irvin, Ohio Delta, '89. Consolidated with 
Minnesota Alpha Alumni by act of the National Convention, October 23, 1891. 


Philadelphia, Pa. 

Charter granted, March 26, 1888, to C. A. Oliver, Pa. Zeta, '76; J. R. Hogg, Pa. Alpha, '78; 
Mc C. Radcliffe. Pa. Zeta, '82; P. N. K. Schwenk, Pa. Zeta, '82; J. Mitchell, Pa. Zeta, '83; J. K. 
Homer, Pa. Alpha, '84; C. S. Potts. Pa. Zeta, '85; G. O. Ring, Pa. Zeta, '85, and M. G. Tull, 
Va. Zeta, '8«^. 


Los Angeles, Calif. 

Charter granted, June 12, 1888, to S. B. Hunt, Ind. Beta, '78; W. D. Buckner, Va. Gamma. 
,79; F. E. Frantz, Va. Alpha, '79; H. V. Leek, Calif. Alpha, '80; W. D. Campbell, Ind. Gamma, 
•81; W. J. Carlisle, Va. Epsilon. '83; S. A. W. Carver, Iowa Alpha. '83; W. L. Ellis, Jr.. Ala. 
Beta, '83; D. J. Stryker, Mich. Beta, '85; W. D. Watkins, Mich, Beta, '85, and W. H. Andrews, 
Tex. Gamma, '86. 


Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Charter granted, Feb. 2, 1891, to S. P. Armstrong, Ohio Gamma, '84; W. S. Ferris, Mass. 
Alpha, '85; J. C. E. King, Minn. Alpha, '86; W. H. Erb, N. Y. Delta. '89; E. O. Gates, Neb. 
Alpha, '89; E. M. Fowler, Iowa Beta, '90, and D. R. Gray, Ohio Beta, '90. 


Cleveland, Ohio. 

Charter granted, December 20, 1892, to A. A. Stearns, Ohio Epsilon, '79; T. C. Martin, Ky. 
Alpha, '84; E. S. Barkdull, Ohio Beta, '86; C. P. Lynch, Pa. Delta, '86; H. H. Henry, Ohio 
Epsilon, '87; W. M. H. Merriam, Vt. Alpha, '89; J. A. Thompson, Ohio Epsilon, '89; J. L. 
Laisy, Iowa Alpha, '90; H. D. Smith, Ohio Epsilon, '90; H. C. Robinson. Ohio Beta, '91, and 
C. E. Tousley, Ohio Beta, '91. 


Boston, Mass. 

Charter granted, Feb. 22. 1893, to I. C. Tomlinson, Ohio Epsilon, '80; D. N. Marble, Ky. 
Alpha, '82; R. C. Morse, 111. Delta, '84; W. B. Fair, Me. Alpha, '87; D. F. Houston, S. C. 
Beta, "87; C. W. Blessing, N. Y. Beta, '88; E. B. Greene, 111. Alpha, '89; J. P. Ashley, Ohio 
Beta, '90; C. F. Henry, Ohio Epsilon, '91; W. H. Hopkins, R. I. Alpha. '91; D. R. Hollington, 
Ohio Beta, '92; D. J. Gallert, Me. Alpha, "93; G. D. Hammond, N. Y. Epsilon, '93; F. R. 
Hodge, N. Y. Epsilon, '93; W. F. Hodge, N. Y. Epsilon, '93; W. P. Dutton, 111. Zeta, '94; L. C. 
Renfro, Tenn. Alpha, '94; C. N. Lathrop, Calif. Alpha, '95, and B. F. Peck, Iowa Beta, '95. 

390 Alumni Chapters, 


Denver, Col. 

Charter granted, April 26, 1893, to H. W. Spangler, Pa. Epsilon, *82; G. K. Shurtleff, N. Y. 
Epsilon, '83; J. F. Tourtellotte. Wis. Alpha, '83; C. J. Blakeney, Iowa Alpha, '87; J. A. Fowler, 
Kan. Alpha, '87; C. L. Hoover, Wis. Alpha, '87; L. Trott, 111. Zeta, '90. and G. E. Preble. 111. 
Epsilon, '92. 


Spokane, Wash. 

Charter granted, Sept. 2, 1893, to J. Z. Moore, Ohio Alpha, '67; J. W. Fieghan, Ohio Alpha, 
•70; W. C. Siv>'er, Ind. Beta, '83; E. P. Callender, N. Y. Delta. '86: L. Fairchild, 111. Zeta, '86; 
J. W. Penfield, Ohio Gamma, '88; W. E. Willis, Ind. Beta. '89, and L. G. Nash, Wis. Alpha. '90. 



Table of Consanguinity. 


Conger, E. L. 
Conger, E. H. 
Conger, F. D. 
Conger, W. B. 

Francis, D. 
Francis, T. 
Francis, M. 
Francis, E. 

Greene, J. B. 
Greene, D. A. 
Greene, R. W. 
Greene, C. G. 





Z, '6i 
Z, '62 
Z, '68 
Z, '76 

A, '52 
A, '86 
Z, '87 
Z, '94 

B. '84 
B. '92 

B, '94 

Murphy, S. D. 
Murphy, S.S. 
Murphy, J. 
Murphy, C. M. 

Pleasants, G. S. 
Pleasants, W. H. 
Pleasants, C. 
Pleasants, J. K., Jr. 

Searcy, R. M. 
Searcy, W. R. 
Searcy, B. S. 
Searcy, J. T., Jr. 

Ala. A, '90 
Ala. A, '90 
Ala. A, '91 
Ala. A, '94 

Ohio E, '76 
OhioE, '79 
Ohio E, '82 
OhioE. "86 

Va. B, '87 

Ala. A, '89 

Ala. A, '93 

N. Y. A, '93 

Winter, F. W. 
Winter, A. E. 
Winter, P. E. 
Winter, L. H. 

Wiseman, W. W. 
Wiseman, G. E. 
Wiseman, H. W. 
Wiseman, J. E. 

Iowa A, '76 
Iowa A, '77 
Iowa A, '78 
Iowa A, '79 

Ky. A, '82 
Ky. A, '8$ 
Ky. A, '88 
Ky. A, '92 


Baker, C. W. Vt A, '86 

Baker. M. N. Vt. A, '86 

Baker, G. H. Vt. A, '92 

Banks, J. O., Jr. Ala. A, '87 

Banks, G. Y. Ala. A, '90 

Banks, W. C. Ala. A, '95 

Blessing, C. W. N. Y. B, '88 

Blessing. F. F. N. Y. B, '89 

Blessing, E. G. N. Y. B, '94 

Blythe, J. E. Ind. E, '77 

Blythe, T. M. Ind. E, '78 

Blythe, C. M. Ind. E, '84 

Boddie, M. M. Tenn. A, '80 

Boddie. J. T. Tenn. A, '87 

Boddie, W. P. Tenn. A, '90 

Bristol, O. S. Mich. B, '83 1 

Bristol, W. H. Mich. B. '83 

Bristol, L. C. Mich. B, '93 

Burleigh, E. E. Me. A, '87 

Burleigh, P. U. Me. A. '87 

Burleigh, P. P. Me. A, '89 

Callaway, S. Ala. B, '80 

Callaway, J. Ala. B, '81 

Callaway, W. Ala. B, '90 

Chambers, J. M. Ala. B, '90 

Chambers, G. F. Ala. B, '95 

Chambers. W. H. Ala. B, '95 

Cheney, F. W. Ga. r, '80 

Cheney, W. T. Ga. A, '80 

Cheney, G. C. Ga. A, '85 

Claycomb, E. W. 111. Z, '66 

Claycomb, W. O. 111. Z, '71 

Claycomb, G. F. 111. Z, '74 

Conley, S. F. Mo. A, '90 

Conley, M. R. Mo. A, '92 

Conley. W. T. Mo. A, '95 

\ J. T. 
■» J* H. 
•. W. H. 


Coultrap, H. W. 
Coultrap, F. S. 
Coultrap, M. W. 

Crockett, S. S. 
Crockett, R. E. 
Crockett, A. P. 

Curry, E. R. 
Curry, J. R. 
Curry, F. D. 

Dykes, J. B. 
Dykes, W. F. 
Dykes, J. R. 

Elliott, W. A. 
Elliott, R. W. 
Elliott, A. C. 

Erwin, J. T. 
Erwin, R. L. 
Erwin, J. P. 

Fletcher, D. U. 
Fletcher, T. E. 
Fletcher, J. M. 

Franklin, W. S. 
Franklin, E. C. 
Franklin, T. H. 

Fullenwider. H. 
Fullenwider, J. 
Fullenwider, R, 

Griffith, F. M. 
Griffith, E. E. 
Griffith, U. J. 

Hallam, J. 
Hallam. W. H. 
Hallam, O. 

Ind, B 
Ind. B 
Ind. B 

Ohio r 


Ohio A 

Tenn. A 
Tenn. A 
Tenn. A 

Ky. A 
Ky. A 
Ky. A 

Ga. r 
Ga. B 
Ga. B 

Pa. A 
Pa. A 
Pa. A 

Tex. A 
Tex. A 
Tex. A 

Tenn. A 
Ga. r 
Ga. A 

Kan. A 
Kan. A 
Kan. A 

P. Ind. B 

A. III. E 

C. 111. E 

Ind. A 
Ind. A 
Ind. A 

Wis. A 
Wis. A 
Wis. A 












Hamilton, J. D. M. 
Hamilton, J. M. 
Hamilton, W. S. 

Havighorst, C. R. 
Havighorst, E. S. 
Havighorst, F. A. 

Hilbert, A. J. 
Hilbert, R. E. 
Hilbert, C. E. 

Howe, M. A. 
Howe, H.A. 
Howe, A. O. 

Irwin, R. D. 
Irwin, W. B. 
Irwin, J. M. 

ones, D. B., Jr. 
ones, A. 
ones, G. S. 

Kirkendall, E. E. 

•85 Kirkendall, S. E. 
'86 Kirkendall, J. 

'So Lane. M. B. 
'84 I Lane, A. H., Jr. 
•86 Lane, E. W. 

•87 ' Mathews, H. A. 
•88 ' Mathews, G. W. 
'94 Mathews, S. M. 

•78 McCaffrey, F. D. 
•82 ■ McCaffrey, H. S. 
'96 I McCaffrey, J. M. 

'74 j Pierce, G. 
'85 Pierce, T. 
'91 Pierce, R. S. 

•82 Quillian, F. A. 

86 Quillian, J. A. 

•87 Quillian, D. D. 

III. A. 


III. A, 


111. A. 


Iowa A, 


Iowa A, 


Iowa A, 


Wis. A, 


Wis. A, 


Wis. A, 


Vt, A. 


Vt. A. 


Vt. A, 


Pa. r. 


Pa. r. 


Pa. r. 


Ga. r. 


Ga. r. 


Ga. r. 


Iowa A, 


Iowa A, 


Iowa A, 


Tenn. A, 


Ga. A, 


Ga. A, 


Ga. B, 


Ga. B. 


Ga. B, 


Iowa B, 


Iowa B, 


Iowa B, 


Ala. r. 


Ala. r. 


Ala. r. 


Ga. B. 


Ga. B, 


Ga. B, 


Table of Consanguinity, 


Ristine, H. G. 
Ristine, T. H. 
Ristine. W. H. 

Rogers, F. C. 
Rogers, J. H. 
Rogers, E. H. 


Rouzer, H. H. 
Rouzer, M. L. 
Rouzer, H. C. 

Sellers, W. T. 
Sellers, R. 
Sellers, L. E. 

5, J. P. 
^ J. T. 
►, W. M. 

Ind. B. 


Shirk, J. C. 
Shirk, J. A. 


Ind. B, 



Ind. B, 


Shirk, G. M. 


Wis. A, 


Spivey, A. V. 


Wis. A, 


Spivey, M. V. 


Wis. A, 


Spivey. J. R. 


Ga. A, 


Spratling, L. W. 


Ga. r. 


Spratling. E. J . 


Ga. r. 


Spratling, R. C. 


Pa. B, 


Stiers. V. C. 


Pa. B, 


Stiers, H. W. 


Pa. B. 


Stiers. S. S. 


Ind. r. 


Swope, C. A. 


Ind, r. 


Swope, F. D. 


Ind. A, 


Swope, H. V. 


A, '81 
A, '84 
A, '86 

Travell, C. H. Mass. A, 
Travell. I. W. Mass. A, 
Travell. J. W. Mass. A, 



A, '85 
A, '86 
A. '91 

Vilas, W. F. Wis. A, 
Vilas. H. Wis. A, 
Vilas, L. M. Wis. A, 


B, '86 

B. '93 

Whitehead. W. C. Ind. B. 
Whitehead, C. D. Ind. B, 
Whitehead, J. M. Ind. B, 



r. '72 
r, '76 

r, '78 

E, '85 
E, '85 
E. '89 


Abbitt. G. C. Va. A 

Abbitt, J. H. Va. A 

Alderson, S. B. Ky. A 

Alderson, R. F. Ky. A 

AUardt. C. F. Calif. A 

Allardt, F. C. Calif. A 

Allen, C. L. Wis. A 

Allen. W. A. Wis. A 

Anderson, C. N, III. Z 

Anderson. R. F. 111. 7^ 

Anderson, M. M. Mo. A 
Anderson, S. J. P. Mo. A 

Anderson, W. G. Ky. A 

Anderson, E. J. Ky. A 

Andrews, G. Tenn. A 

Andrews, P. Tenn. A 

Andrews, W.F. Ala. T 

Andrews, L. Ala. Y 

Antisdale, G. P. Mich. B 

Antisdale, E. S. i^lich. A 

Armistead, G. H. Tenp. A 

Armistead, R. A. Tenn. A 

Armstrong, H. G. Ohio Y 
Armstrong, W. L. Ohio Y 

Armstrong, J. L. Va. Y 

Armstrong, E. C. Va. Y 

Aycock, W. T. S. C. B 

Aycock, E. E. S. C. B 

Babbitt, J. A. 111. Z 

Babbitt, D. M. III. Z 

Baker, E. C. Ind. A 

Baker, W. H. Ind. A 

Baker, R. S. Mich. B 

Baker. C. F. Mich. B 




















Banta, G. 
Banta. C. 

Cf. Father and 

Beadel, C. W. 
Beadel. E. W. 

Bell, J. W. 
Bell, C. F. 

Black, J. C. 
Black, W. P. 

Bloom, J. G. 
Bloom. E. M. 

Blount, C. N. 
Blount, J. B. 

Boaz, M. 
Boaz, C. 

Bohannon, R. D. 
Bohannon, W. J. 

Bosher, P. S. 
Bosher, R. S., Jr. 

Boudinot, H. H. 
Boudinot, E. E. 

Bowling. W. P. 
Bowling, L. 

Boyle. E. R. 
Boyle, W. V. 

Brady, C. M. 
Brady. E. P. 

Brevoort, W. H. 
Brevodrt, E. L. 

Brigham, C. 
Brigham, J. R. 

Brigham, L. W. 
Brigham, B. H. 

Ind. A 
Ind. A 
Two Sons 

N.Y. E 
N. Y. E 

Pa. A 
Pa. A 

Ind. B 
Ind. B 

Ohio Z 
Ohio Z 

Ind. r 
Ind. r 

Ind. A 
Ind. A 

Va. B 
H. Va. B 

Va. A 
Va. A 

Ind. B 
Ind. B 

Va. A 
Tenn. A 

Va. r 
Va. r 

La. A 
La. A 

Ind. r 
Ind. r 

Vt. A 
Vt A 

111. Z 















Brown, D. C. 
Brown, H. U. 

Brown, R. A. 
Brown. E. S. 

Brown, W. A. 
Brown. J. E. 

Brown, W. R. 
Brown, C. Z. 

Brownlee, C. M. 
Brownlee. R. P. 

Bruner, A. T. 
Bruner. W. H. 

Bruns, J. P. 
Bruns, K. M. 

Bryant, I. H. 
Brj^ant, J. F. 

Buck, E. J. 
Buck, N. J. 

Ind. r, 
Ind. r, 

Ind. A, 
Ind. A. 

Ohio r. 
Ohio B. 

Minn. A, 
Mftin. A, 

111. r, 
111. r, 

111. Z, 
111. Z, 

Va. B, 
Va. B. 

Tenn. A, 
Tenn. A, 

Miss. A, 
Miss. A, 

Buckingham, A. D. Ohio A, 
Buckingham, H. R. Ohio A, 

Bullitt, T. W. 
Bullitt, J. B. 

Burney, R. H 
Burney, I. H. 

Burton, H. E. 
Burton, W. E. 

Burts, E. D. 
Burts, M. J. 

Callahan, R. H. 
Callahan. O. G. 

Callaway. T. H. 
Callaway, M., Jr. 

Calloway, E. A. 
Calloway. W. R. 

Ky. A, 
Ky. A. 

Tenn. A, 
Tenn. A. 

Wis. A, 

Wis. A, 

Va. B. 
Ala. B, 

Ohio B, 
Ohio B, 

Ga. B. 
Ga. B, 

Ga. r, 
Ga. r. 





















Table of Consanguinity. 

Campbell, G. E. 

Ohio B, 


Co\le, J. 

Campbell, H. M. 

Ohio B, 



Cmle. C. 

Campr^ll. H. X- 

Pa. A, 


Craig. T. J. 
Craig, \V. G. 

Campbeil, W. S. 

Pa. A, 


Caotey. J. 

Ala- B 


Craven, A. M. 

Cantev. S. B. 

Ala. B, 


Cra%-en. R. C. 

Cantrell. R. J. 

Ind. A, 


Crawford. J. E. 
Crawford, H. B. 

Cantreil. W. S. 

Ind. A. 


Camahan, J. W. 

Mich r. 


CraycTott, C. 

Camaban, C. C. 

Mich, r. 


Craycroft, B. 

Carpcmtcr. G. \\. 

Ohio A. 


Crebs. B. S. 

Carpenter. C. K. 

Ohio X 


Crebs, J. M. 

Carsfm, N. B. 

Ga. r. 


Cummings. W. N. 

Carson. C. S. 

Ga. r, 


Cummings, J. G. 

Carver, .S. A. W. 

Iowa A, 


' Cunningham, H. 

Carver. T. N. 

Iowa A, 


. Cunningham, P. 

Cassel. F. C. 

Ind. r, 


' Curtis. W. A. 

Cassel. H. C. 

111. B 


Curtis, L. A. 

Chalfant, G. N. 

Pa. A, 


Dantzler. J. L. 
Dantzler, L. X., Jr 

Chalfant. C. I.. 

Pa. A. 


Chalkley, C. H. 

Va. A, 


Davis, C. A., Jr. 

Chalkley. L. 

Va. Z 

, 'gg 1 Davis, O. S. 

Chcnoweth, J. A. 

Ind. A, 


Davis, 0. F. 

Chenoweth, I). A. 

Ind. A, 


Davis. E. R- 

Cherton. M. E. 

Pa. E. 


Day, W. G. 

Chcrton, H. C. 

Pa. E. 


Day, F. B. 

Clark. H. W. 

Iowa B, 


Dean. I. R. 

Clark, C. C. 

Iowa B, 


Dean. W. E. 

Clark, O. 

Ga. r. 


Dean, S. \V. 

Clark, A. 

Ga. r. 


Dean. W. L. 

Cleaver. N. E. 

Pa. E, 


Dedman, J. M. 
Dedman, j. E. 

Cleaver. C. G. 

Pa. E, 


Clcmans. H. 

Iowa B, 


Defrees, J. M. 
Defrees, K. 

Clemans, W. O. 

Iowa B, 


Cobb. J. H. L. 
Cobb, I... Jr. 

Ga. A, 


de Steiger, E. C. 

Ga. A, 


de Steiguer, G. E. 

CrK:krell. R. S. 

Va. B, 


Devine, J. 
Devine, E. 

Cockrcll. P. \). 

Va. B, 


Coffin. W. V. 

Ind. A, 

Diminick, M. 

Coffin. J. E. 

Ind. A, 


Diminick. F. 

Colvin. E. M. 

Pa. A. 


Dodds, J. W. 

Colvin. R. U. 

Pa. A. 


Dmlds. 0. H. 

C<Kik, C. E. 

Ga. r. 


Dodds. S. C. 

Cook. C). F. 

Tenn. A. 


Dodds, W. J. 

Cook. E. J. 
Cook, A. S. 

Pa B, 


Dryden, J. H. 
Dryden, R. 

Pa. B, 


Cook, J. \V. 
Cook, H. S. 

Ind. Z, 


Dunn, S. H. 

Ind. Z, 


Dunn, C. C. 

Cothran, T. P. 

Va. B, 


Dutton. G. E. 

Cothran. W. C. 

S. C. B, 


Dutton, W. P. 

Cowles, L. 

Iowa A, 


Eaton, J. B. 
Eaton, R. A. 

Cowles, G. 

Iowa A, 


Ind, B 
Ind. B 

Kv. A 
Kv. A 

Iowa B 
Iowa B 

Mo. B 
Mo. B 

Ma A 
Mo. A 

Ind. B 
Ind. B 

Mo. r 
Mo. r 

Tenn. B 
Tenn. B 

Wis. A 
Wis. A 

Miss. A 
. Miss. A 

Va. B 
Ga. A 

Vt A 
Vt, A 

Ind. A 
Ind. A 

Tenn. A 
Tenn. A 

Tex. r 
Tex. r 

Ala. A 
Ala. A 

Ind. B 

Ohio r 

N. Y. E 
N. Y. E 

Miss. A 
Miss. A 

Vt A 
Vt. A 

Ind. A 
.Ind. A 

Mo. A 
Mo. A 

Ind. A 
Ind.. A 

111. Z 
111. Z 

111. E 
111. E 

I Edgerton. C. A. 

?6 Edgerton, W. F. 

51 Edwards, E. M. 

51 Edwards. J. R. 

S? Elgin. G. H. 

55 Elgin, W. 

%% EDiott. R. G. 

92 Elliott, S. S. 

71 English. J. T. 

73 Engli>h. E. C. 

53 Evans, M. G. 

90 Evans. W. M. 

93 Ewing, A- H. 

94 Ewing. J. L. 

53 Fain, C. M. 

S3 Fain. J. A. 

S9 Fall, J. D. 

94 Fall. C. D. 

53 Fair. W. B. 

56 Fair. O. W. B. 

76 Fairell, W. E. 

S5 Farrell. X. 

57 Feagin. W. F. 

95 j Feagin. C. H. 

3 1 \ Felton, T. A. 

83 Felton, T. L. 

80 Fesler, J. W. 

82 Fesler. B. 

90 Fife, C. A. 
90 ; Fife. J. P. 

37 ■ Findley. E. L. 

8S Findley. S. E. 

55 Findley. T. M. 

70 Findlev. W. T. 





Fink, J. 
ink, M. 


Fitzpatrick, A. 
Fitzpatrick, B. H. 

Flaspoller, H. H. 
Flaspoller, H. C. 

Fletcher, J. H., Jr 
Fletcher, J. D. 

Florea, L. W. 
Florea, G. C. 

Floyd, W. M. 
73 Floyd, G. G. 

70 Foote, W. R., 
73 I Foote. J. G. 

89 Foster. A. G. 
94 I Foster, S. 

83 Foster, F. B. 
88 Foster, W. H. 


Mass. A, '91 
Mass. A. '92 

Ind. A, '73 
Ind. A, *77 

Ind- A. •75 
Ind. A. 'hi 

Ind. A, '50 
Ind. A, '50 

III. E, -83 
111. E. '84 

Ohio A, '77 
Ohio A, '79 

Pa. r, -87 
Pa. r, '90 

Tex, r, '38 
Tex. r. '92 

Ind. r. '85 
Ind. r. '94 

Me. A, '87 
Me. A, '92 

Tenn. A, '91 
Tenn. A, '95 

Ala. B. '92 
Ala. B, '96 

Ala. r. '88 
Ala. r. -94 

Ind. A, '87 
Ind. A, '89 

Calif. B. *94 
Calif. B. -96 

Ohio E, '91 
Ohio E. '94 

III. r, 73 
Kan. A. '84 

Va. B, 8:; 
Mo. A. '88 

Ala. B. 'So 
Ala. B, '82 

Va. A, '90 
Va. A, '93 

Va. B, '82 
Va. B, '87 

Ind. r. '68 
Ohio B, '74 

Ind. r, '81 
Ind. A, '87 

Ga. B. '71 
Ga. B, 76 

Ind. A, '78 
Ind. A, '88 

Ind. A, '88 
Ind. A, '88 

Table of Consangtiinity. 


r, T. T. 
•, D. B. 


Foster, O. C. 
Foster, A. D. 

France, R. D. 
France, C. B. 

Frantz, O. M. 
Frantz, J. L. 

Frantz, W. D 
Frantz, H. E. 

French, J. W. 
French, W. W. 

Fuller, E. 
Fuller, O. 

Fulton, W. P. 
Fulton, G. W. 

Funkhouser, A. W. 
Funkhouser, A. F. 

Funston. F. 
Funston, J. B. 

Gadd, R. F. 
Gadd, L. L. 

Gallaher, J. A. 
Gallaher, T. F. 

Gardner, E 
Gardner, F. 

Garlough, C. D. 
Garlough. W. S. 

Gaskill, C. B. 
Gaskill, C. R. 

Gates, G. W. 
Gates. F. E. 

Gav. C. L. 
Gay. J. F. 

George, C. C. 
George, J. E. 

Gibson, C. B. 
Gibson, A. J. 

Gibson, I. A. 
Gibson, S. 

Gilbert. J. J. 
Gilbert, T., Jr. 

Gilmore, J. H. 
Gilmore, C. R. 

Goode, E. C. 
Goode, H. M. 

Goodwin, C. L. 
Goodwin, J. M. 

Gordon, J. L. 
Gordon, C. H. A. 

Gorman, J. W. 
Gorman, E. S. 

Ind. A 
Ind. A 

111. A 
111. B 

Mo. B 
Mo. A 

Va. A 
Va. A 

111. E 
111. E 

Ind. A 
Ind. A 

Mich. B 
Mich. B 

Pa. r 

Ind. Z 
Ind. Z 

Kan. A 
Kan. A 

Pa. H 
Pa. H 

Mo. B 
Mo. B 

Pa. E 
Pa. E 

Mich, r 
Mich, r 

Ga. A' 

Ga. A' 

Mo. B 
Mo. B 

Ala. B 
Ala. B 

111. A 
111. A 

Ala. A 
Ala. A 

Ga. B 

Ga. B 

(ia. A 
Ga. A 

Va. B 
Ohio A 

Ind. E 
Ind. E 

Ind. A 
Ind. Z 

Ind. H 
Ind. H 

Ind. A 
Ind. A 
























Gould, J. B. 
Gould, C. A. 

Graham, H. W. 
Graham, M. M. 

Green, B. F. 
Green, G. W. 

Green, D. F. 
Green, A. S. 

Green, W. T. 
Green. G. F. 

Greene, F. J. 
Greene, D. J. 

Gross, B. M. 
Gross, J. E. 

Grover, F. O. 
G rover, E. O. 

Grubbs, C. D. 
Grubbs, J. E. 

Guffin, R. 
Guffin, H. C. 

GuUey, R. H. 
Gulley. O. P. 

Haines, R. T. 
Haines, C. G. 

Hall. C. 
Hall, E. 

Hall, H. F. 
Hall, R. F. 

Hamilton, C. H. 
Hamilton, J. J. 

Hamilton, G. G. 
Hamilton, J. C. 

Hammond, B. F. 
Hammond, G. D. 

Hampton, S. F. 
Hampton, R. 

Hancher, J. R. 
Hancher, A. D. R, 


.J. P. 
,J. W. 

Hardaway, W. O. 
Hardaway, H. 

Hardie, W. F. 
Hardie, R. T. 

Hardin. C. H. E. 
Hardin, A. R. 

Hardman. W. B. 
Hardman, T. C. 

Harris, W. F. 
Harris, E. O. 

Harwell, A. O. 
'65 Harwell, W. K. 

Minn. A 


Minn. A 


Ohio A. 


Ohio A, 


Mich, r, 


Mich, r 


111. A 


III. A, 


R. I. A, 


R. I. A. 


N. Y. r, 


N. Y. r, 


Ga. A, 


Ga. A, 


^. H. A, 


N. H. A, 


Ky. A, 


Ky. A, 


Ind. r, 


Ind. r 


Mich. B, 


Mich. B, 


Mo. A, 


Mo. A, 


Ind. A, 


Ind. A, 


Mich. B, 


Mich. A. 


Ga. A. 


Ga. r, 


Va. B, 


Ky. A, 


N. Y. E, 


N. Y. E, 


Miss. A, 


Miss. A, 


Va. A, 


Va. A, 


Tenn. A 


Tenn. A, 


Va. A, 


Va. B, 


La. A, 


La. A, 


Tenn. A, 


Tenn. A, 


Ga. r. 


Ga. A, 


Tenn. A, 


Tenn. A, 


Ala. r, 


Ala. r. 


Hastings, H. L. 
Hastings, F. A. 

Hatfield, E. R. 
Hatfield, S. B. 

Hawkins, W. A. 
Hawkins, H. N. 

Hays, C. W. 
Hays, W. G. 

Heckman, A. R. 
Heckman, J. J. 

Hennessy, W. D. 
Hennessy, L. L. 

Henry, H. H. 
Henry, C. F. 

Henry, J. L. 
Henry, W T. 

Hemdon, J. H. 
Herndon, J. M. 

Hill, C. T. 
Hill, W. T. 

Hill. W. W. 
Hill. D. F. 

Himebaugh, A. C. 
Himebaugh, C. L. 

Hindman, B. 
Hindman, T. C. 

H in ton, J. C. 
Hinton, E. F. 

Hitt, A. B. 
Hitt, I. R., Jr. 

Hodge, F. R. 
Hodge, W. F. 

Hogg, N. B. 
Hogg, F. T. 

HoUings worth, J. 
Hollingsworth, T. 

Holmes, C. E. 
Holmes, E. C. 

Holmes, S. B. 
Holmes, E. F. 

Howard, R. S. 
Howard, W. M. 

Hughes, B. G. 
Hughes, H. B. 

Hunter, F. E. 
Hunter, G. D. 

Hutchings, R. K. 
Hutchings, H. W. 

Israel. E. E. 
Israel, W. W. 

Jackson. R. A. 
ackson, M. 

Iowa B 


Iowa B, 


Ind. A, 


Ind. A, 


Tenn. A, 


Tenn. A, 


Pa. r, 


Pa. r, 


Mich. r. 


Mich, r, 


Ind. E, 


Ind. E, 


Ohio E. 


Ohio E, 


Tex. B, 


Tex. B 


Tex. B, 


Tex. B, 


Tex. A', 


Tex. A', 


Ind. B, 


Ind, B, 


Mich. B, 


Mich. B, 


Ky. B, 


Ky. B. 


Ga. r, 


Ga. A, 


111. A, 


111. A, 


N. Y. E, 


N. Y. E, 


Pa. r, 


Pa, A. 


Ga. B, 


E. Ga. B, 


Calif. A, 


Calif. A, 


Mo. B, 


Mo. B, 


Ga. A. 


Ga. A. 


Pa. r, 


Pa. r. 


Ind. A, 


Ind. A, 


Ind. E, 


Ind. E, 


Ind. A, 


Ind. A, 


Va. B. 


Va. B, 



Table of Consanguinity, 

Jackson, W. H. Tenn. A 
acksoD. H. E.Jr. Tenn. A 

Telliff, F. R. 111. A 

JeUiff, L. H. 111. A 

Jenckes, J. S. Ind. A 
enckes, w. G. Wis. A 

Jenne, C. F. Ind. Z 

enne, E. H. Ind. Z 

Cf. Father and Two Sons 

Johnson, A. B. 111. A 

ohnson.R. W.,Jr. 111. A 

Johnson, E. V. D. Ind. E 
Johnson, H. C. Ind. E 

{ones, P. M. Tenn. A 
ones, E. H. 

Jones, W. H., Jr. 
ones, C. 

Keatts, H. 
Keatts, J . 

Kedzie, R. F. 
Kedzie. F. S. 

Kelley, D. B. 
Kelley, S. H. 

Kellogg, V. L. 
Kellogg, F. H. 

Kern, J. R. 
Kern, O. J. 

Ketcham, W. A. 
Ketcham, J. L. 

King, R. 
King. R. E. L. 

Kyle. J. 
Kyle, S. J. 

Lackey, W. J. 
Lackey, J. A. 

Lambertson, G. M, 
Lambertson, O. F. 

Lambeth, G. H. 
Lambeth, S. S. 

Lansing. J. G. 
Lansing, J. M. 

Lauder, H. J. 
Lauder, J. W. 

Leard, A. 
Leard, T. W. 

Learnard, O. E. 
Leamard, S. T. 

Lee. C. K. 
Lee, T. J. 

Lee. F. M. 
Lee, R. J. 

Lee, J. G. 
Lee, T. W. 

Tenn. A 


Ky. B 
Ky. B 

Mich. B 
Mich. B 

Mo. A 
Mo. A 

Kan. A 
Kan. A, 

Ind. Z 
Ind. Z 

Ind. B 
Ind. B 

Ky. A 
Ky. A 

111. r 
111. r 

Tex. A 
Tex. A 

Ind. A 
Ind. A 

Va. r 
Va. r 

111. r 
111. r 

Iowa A 
Iowa A 

Pa. A 
Pa. A 

Kan. A 
Kan. A 

Tex. B 
Tex. B 

Ind. E 
Ind. E 

Ga. B 
Va. B 



























Lehman, J. 
Lehman, E. 

Lewright. J. B. 
Lewright, J. O. 

Lindlev, J. 

'^ J- 

Miss. A 
Miss. A 

Tex. B 
Mo. A 

Ohio A 
Ohio A 

111. A 
111. A 

Va. B 
Va. B 

Ohio A 
Ohio A 

Ala. B 
Ala. A 

Ky. A 
Ohio A 

Miss. A 

Lindley, J. W. 

Little, E. P. 
Little, A. W. 

Long, E. V. S. 
Long, E. M. 

Luccock, G. N. 
Luccock. H. W. 

Lyons, L. B. 
Lyons, J. H. 

MacHatton, H. 
MacHatton, J. 

Magruder, W. H. 
Magruder.A. S. J. Tenn. A 

Mangum, D. B. Ala. A 

Man gum, W. W. Ala. A 

Manier, W. R. Tenn. A 
Manier, J. W., Jr. Tenn. A 

Mapes, W. D. Mass. A 

Mapes, H. L. Mass. A 

Martin, A. S. Va. T 

Martin, J. C, Jr. Va. r 

Martin, G. W. 
Martin, A. T. 

McCarl, L. 
McCarl, J. G. 

McCauley, H. K. 
McCauley, A. C. 

McChesney, A. C 
McChesney, F. 

McClanahan, G. W. Va. A 
McClanahan, J. Va. A 

McClanahan, H. M. 111. r 
McClanahan, A. A. 111. r 

McClelland, S. I. Ohio A 
McClelland, T. J. 

McColley, W. G. 
McColley, E. D. 

McConnell, F. W. Ttnn. A 
McConnell, O. W. Tenn. A 

McConnell, S. P. 111. Z 

McConnell. J. H. 111. Z 

McFarland, I. T. Iowa A 
McFarland, W. M. Iowa A 

McKee, A. Ky. A 

McKee, L. Ky. A 

McKenzie. A. A. N. H. A 
McKenzie, C. R. N. H. A 

Ind. B 
Ind. B 

111. Z 
111. Z 

Pa. A 
Pa. A 

Mo. A 
Mo. B 

Ohio A 

Ind. r 
Ind. A 





























McLain, T, H. Ohio A 

McLain, L. H. Ohio A 

McLouth, C. S. Mich. P 
McLouth. J. A. Mich. F 

McMillan, J. P. Ky. A 

McMillan, G. W. Ky. A 

McReynolds. J. C. Va. B 
McReynolds, R. P. Pa. Z 

McRoberts, G. A. Ky. A 
McRoberts, J. R. Ky. A 

Mellette. J. T. Ind. A 

Mellette, A. C. Ind. A 

Melvin, C. S. Pa. A 

Melvin, H. A. Calif. A 

Meriwether, H. M. Tenn. A 
Meriwether, G. Tenn. A 

Miles, G. W., Jr. 
Miles, F. P. 

Miles, J. H. 
Miles, E. H. 

Miller, A. 
Miller, W. 

Miller, J. 
Miller. G. 

Mitchell, J. 
. W. 

Va. B 
Va. B 

111. Z 
111. Z 

111. E 
111. E 

Ind. A 
Ky. A 

Pa. Z 
Wis. A 

Ind. B 
Ind. B 


Mitchell, R. C. 
Mitchell. J. R. 

Montgomery, H. C. Ind. E 

Montgomery, T. E. Ind. E 

Moore, A. F. 111. Z 

Moore. A. L. 111. Z 

Moore. F. A. B. 111. A 

Moore. W. L. Mich. A 

Moore, G. C. 
Moore. T. T. 

Moore, J. Z. 
Moore. C. M. 

Moore. R. S. 
Moore, H. L. 

Morford. N. A. 
Morford. R. D. 

Morrison, J. T. 
Morrison, \V. Z. 

Morrison. M. A. 
Morrison, J. C. 

Moss. J. H. 
Moss. H. L. 

Mulliken, G. F. 
Mulliken, H. B. 

Munroe, R. I. 
Munroe. M. W. 

Ind. Z 
Ind. Z 

Ohio A 
Ohio A 

Ind. E 
Ind. E 

Calif. A 

Ohio A 
Ohio A 

Ind. r 
Ind. r 

Tenn. A 
Va. B 

Mich. A 
Mich. A 

Ga. B 
Ga. B 

































Table of Consanguinity. 


Murdock, C. R. 
Murdock, J. A. 

Murray, J. H. 
Murray, W. S. 

Nail, E. H. 
Nail. R. P. 

Neff, I. E. 
Neff, J. E. 

Newman, C. L. 
Newman, C. C. 

Newman, J. M. 
Newman, G. H. 

Nicholson, A. R. 
Nicholson, B. E. 

Nunnally, A. H. 
Nunnally, W. J . 

Nutt, J. S. 
Nutt, C. N. 

O'Bryon, J. W. 
O'Bryon. J. E. 

O'Neill, J. W. 
ONeill. W. R. 

Orum, W. J. 
Orum, G. A. 

Osborne, A. S. 
Osborne, W. B. 

Palmer, W. B. 
Palmer, L. M. 

Parrott, W. A. 
Parrott, W. J. 

Patterson, A. W. 
Patterson, M. C. 

Payne, F. S. 
Payne, C. W. 

Pearson, J. R. 
Pearson, C. S. 

Peck, G. B. 
Peck, E. T. 

Pegues, F. R. 
Pegues, C. A. 

Pennington, D.C 
Pennington, B.H 

Perkins, A. J., Jr 
Perkins, D. S. 

Pickford, E. F. 
Pickford, A. C. 

Pierce, W. M. 
Pierce, W. L. 

Pixley, F. S. 
Pixley, O. C. 

Pond, E. H. 
Pond, R. E. 


N. Y. 
N. Y. 






S. C. 
S. C. 








S. C. 
S. C. 





S. C. 
S. C. 

, Mich. 
. Mich. 

, Tex. 

N. Y. 
N. Y. 




























A, '89 


























Porter, M. G. 
Porter, A. S. 

Potter, G. S.. Jr. 
Potter, N. B. 

Potter, T. C. 
Potter, J. 

Pratt, V. M. 
Pratt, G. C. 

Probasco, L. B. 
Probasco, J. W. 

Putnam, H. S. C. 
Putnam, W. C. 

Randel, J. L. 
Randel, W. M. 

Reid, H. 
Reid, J. C. 

Rice, J. E. 
Rice, C. W. 

Ricketts, S. B. 
Ricketts, T. M. 

Rittinger, C. F. 
Rittinger. J. W. 

Robinson, W. O. 
Robinson, J. 

Rodes, L. O. 
Rodes, N. R. 


Rogers, A. 
Rogers, J. 

Rowe, W. W. 
Rowe, T. E. 

Safford, W. B. 
Safford, R. P. 

Sander, P. F. C. 
Sander, H. W. 

Sanford, M. R. 
Sanford, E. M. 

SatterfieM, M. M. 
Satterfield, V. J. 

Schumacher, F. L. 
Schumacher, F. A. 

Sears, L. P. 
Sears, T. H. 

Sharpe, W. F. 
Sharpe, F. G. 

Shelton, M. C. 
Shelton, J. D. 

Sherman, F. P. G. 
Sherman, C. K. 

Shields. M. M. 
Shields. F. B. 

•, J. E. 

•. E. N. 

Pa. E, '84 
Pa. E, '87 

N. Y. r. '88 
N. Y. r, '88 

Ind. E, '74 
Ind. E, '76 

Vt. A, '93 
Vt. A, '95 

111. E, '91 
111. E, '94 

Iowa B, '82 
Iowa B, '83 

Ind. Z, '84 
Ind. Z, '85 

Va. B, '81 
Ky. A, '87 

Ind. B, '67 
Ind. B, '69 

Ohio r, '78 
Ohio r, '80 

Mich. B, '90 
Mich. B, '94 

Mich, r, '88 
Mich, r, '96 

Mo. B. '88 
Mo. B, '89 

N. Y. r, '90 
N. Y. r, '92 

Ky. r, '77 

Ky. r. '78 

N. H. A, '90 
N. H. A. '91 

Ala. A, '87 
Ala. A, '93 

Cal. A, '76 
Cal. A, '79 

N. Y. E, '88 
N. Y. E, '89 

Miss. A, '94 
Miss. A, '96 

Ohio E, '77 
Ohio E, '85 

Tex. A, '83 
Tex. A, '86 

Ind. B, '84 
Ind. B, '86 

Mo. A. '89 
Mo. A, '91 

111. A, '90 
111. A. '92 

Ind. A. '88 
Ind. A, '90 

Shields. V. H. 
Shields, G. 

Shirey, C. O. 
Shirey. W. B. 

Sieg, P. 
Sieg. J. W. 

Simonson, A. B. 
Simonson, W. G. 

Simpson, G. T. 
Simpson, J. K. 

Slaughter. J. W. 
Slaughter, P. C. 

Smith, L. C. 
Smith, A. W. 

Smith, O. C. 
Smith, D. W. P. 

Smith, S. A. 
Smith, R. 

Southworth, L . M . 
Southworth, F.M. 

Sparhawk, G. F. 
Sparhawk, W.T. 

Spelman, L. P. 
Spelman, J. A. 

Spence, J. Q. 
Spence, W . L . 

Spilman, W. E. 
Spilman, R. B. 

Springer, J . 
Springer, R . M . 

Stanley, T. A. 
Stanley, R. H. 

Steames, O. L. 
Steames. R. C. 

Steams, C. A. 
Stearns, E. F. 

Stevenson, E. L. 
Stevenson, E. E. 

Stimson, R. B. 
Stimson, S. C. 

Stoddard, H. 
Stoddard, J. W. 

Storey, A . S . 
Storey. R . W . 

Stout, A. 
Stout, G. B. 

Stryker, W . C . 
Stryker, D. J. 

Stuart, J.J. 
Stuart. A. B. 

Super, F . H . 
Super, R. C. 

Iowa A, 
Iowa A, 

Ind. E, 
Ind. E, 

Va. A, 
Va. A, 

Mich. B, 
Mich. B, 

Wis. A, 
Wis. A. 

Wis. A. 
Wis. A, 

Ga. B, 
Ga. B, 

Ohio A, 
Ohio A, 

Ga. r. 
Ga. r. 

Miss. A, 
Miss. A, 

N. H. A. 
N. H. A, 

Ind. B, 
Ind. B, 

Ohio A. 
Ohio A, 

Ind. B, 
Ind. B, 

111. B, 
111. B, 

Mich. B, 
Mich. B, 

Va, A, 
Va. A, 

111. B. 
111. B, 

Ind. A, 
Ind. A, 

Ind. B, 
Ind. B, 

Ohio A, 
Ohio A, 

Ind. E, 
Ind. E, 

Ky. r, 
Ky. r, 

Mich. B, 
Mich. B, 

Va. B, 
Va. B, 

Ohio r, 
Ohio r, 































Table of Consanguinity. 

Swart, G.M. L. 111. Z. '82 

Swart, J. D. 111. Z. '83 

Swift, A. T. R. I. A, '89 

Swift, J. C. R. I. A, '95 

Swigart. O. H. 111. Z, '80 

Swigart. E. S. 111. Z. '86 

Tapper. G. F. 111. Z, '92 

Tapper. W. R. 111. Z. '94 

Taylor, F. L. Va. B, '89 

Taylor, W. F. Va. B. '89 

Taylor, H. W. Ind. A, '93 

Taylor, W. H. Ind. A, '93 

Taylor. L. Ind. Z, '91 

Taylor, I. Ind. Z, '93 

Tebault, C. H. La. A, '90 

Tebault, G. L. La. A. '93 

Templeton, B. F. Ohio A, '84 

Templeton, J. B. Ohio A, '84 

Tharin, D. H. Ala. B, '90 

Tharin, J. M. Ala B, '91 

Thomas, J. B. Ind. A, '82 

Thomas, R. M. Ind. A, '83 

Thomas, W. H. Ala. A, '89 

Thomas, C. E. Ala. A, '91 

Thompson, W. J. Ind. A, '78 

Thompson, J. A. Ind A, '80 

Thomson, E. B. Ind. B, '64 

Thomson. H. R. Ind. B, '68 

Tipton, W. R. Mo. A, '76 

Tipton, J. C. Mo. A, '90 

Todd, L. H. Ohio A. '85 

Todd, R. M. Ohio A, '87 

Tomlinson, I. C. Ohio E, '80 

Tomlinson, V. E. Ohio E. '80 

Tomlinson, J. R. Ind. r, '74 

Tomlinson, S.J. Ind. r, '75 

Trammell, J. D. Ala. B, '81 

Trammell, T. Ala. B, '85 

Trammell, P. B. Ga. A, '78 

Trammell, W.J. Ga. H, '82 

Tredway, W. T. Pa. r, '86 

Tredway, G. E. Pa. r, '93 

Trotter, C. H. Miss. A. '89 

Trotter, C. T. Miss. A. '91 

Tunstall, A. M. 
Tunstall, W. C. 

Turner, F. P. 
Turner, S. W. 

Upp, J. W. 
Upp, E. L. 

Umer, H. 
Umer, M. J., Jr. 

Valentine, G. G. 
Valentine, E. P. 

Vaughan, P. T. 
Vaughan, G. G. 

Vaughn, E. H. 
Vaughn, H. S. 

Ala. A 
Ala. A 

Tenn. A 
Tenn. A 

N. Y.A 
N. Y. A 

Pa. E 
Pa. E 

Va. A 
Va. B 

Ala. B 
Ala. B 

Tenn. A 
Tenn. A 

Walker, D. A., Jr. Ga. B 


Walker, S. M 

Walker, L. F 
Walker, I.N. 

Walker, S. B. 
Walker, J. P. 

Wallace, W. 
Wallace. J . G . 

Ward, F. M. 
Ward, W. R. E. 

Warner, W. G. 
Warner, F. J. 

Wasweyler, W. H. Wis. A 
Wasweyler, C. S. Wis A 

Weir, C. F. 
Weir, A. 

Ga. B 

Ohio A 
Ohio A 

Va. E 
Va. Z 

Pa. r 
Pa. r 

Ga. A 
Ga. A 

Pa. A 
Pa. A 

Welsh, J. B. 
W. L 

Iowa A 
Iowa A 

Ky. A 
Ky. A 

Welsh, W. L. 

Westermann.W.L. Neb. A 
Westermann, J. T. Neb. A 

Wheeler, A . H . Vt . A 

Wheeler, A. C. Vt. A 

White, C. M. N. Y. A 

White, H. G. N. Y. A 

White, J. S. Ind. Z 

White. F. M. Ind. Z 

Wilbur, E. M. Vt. A 

Wilbur, R. W. Vt. A 

Wilkerson. L. W. Ala. B 
Wilkerson, J. F. Ala. B 










Wilkerson, T. N. 
WUkerson, W. I. 

Williams, D. B. 
Williams, R. G. 

Williams, E. P. 
Williams, W. M. 

Williams, J. R. 
Williams, J. C. 

Williams, J. W. 
Williams, H . R . 

Wilhams, T. 
Williams, A. R. 

WiUingham, B. L. 
Willingham, W. B 

WiUingham, E. J. 
Willingham, B. E. 

Willitts, J. C. 
Willitts, W.C. 

Wilson, E., 3d. 
Wilson, F. V. 

Wilson. J. D. 
Wilson, W. W. 

Winn, J . G . 
. R. H. 


Wolf, E. J. 
Wolf, R. B. 

Wood, H. C. 
Wood, F. E. 

Woodburn, T. 
Woodburn, M. W, 

Wood worth, P. B. 
Wood worth, P. 

94 Wright, A. A. 
•96 Wright, J.J. 

•83 Wright, R. A. 

95 Wright. J. T. 

91 Wyse, H. F. 
'93 I Wyse, J . H . 

•81 I Young, L. B. 
'871 Young, T. V. 

•90 1 


Mo. B. '86 
Mo. B, '94 

Ala. B, '85 
Ala. B. '94 

Ohio A, '58 
Ohio A. '58 

Ind. A. '82 
Ind. A, '91 

Mo. A. '84 
Mo. A. '87 

Ohio A, '54 
Ohio A, '57 

Ga. r, ^78 
Ga. r, '78 

Ga. r. ^81 
Ga. r, '82 

Iowa A. '87 
Iowa A, '91 

Tenn. B, ^89 
Tenn. B, '89 

Ind. Z, ^86 
Ind. B, '93 

Va. B. '82 
Ky. A, '90 

Pa. B, '91 
Pa. B, '91 

Mass. B, '93 
Mass. B, '96 

Ind. A, '42 
Ind. A, '52 

Mich. B, '86 
Mich. B, ^90 

Wis. A. '91 
Wis. A, '94 

Ala. A, '86 
Ala. A, '91 

Va. A, '85 
Va. A, '85 

111. Z. '93 
111. Z, '93 

Number of Groups: Grandfather and Grandson, i ; Father and Two Sons, 3; Father and Son, 
27; Five Brothers, 3; Four Brothers, 8 ; Three Brothers, 49; Two Brothers, 426; Number of 
Related Members, 1,107. 


G. C. Va. A, '8a 

I. H. Va. A, '89 

P. A. N. Y. A, '90 
G. I. N. Y. E, '88 

S. Mass. A, *87 

W. C. N. Y. A, 'gi 
W. L. Ga. B, '90 

T. L. Ga. A, '82 

A. Mo. A, »85 

E. H. Vt. A, »yi 

E. M. N. Y. A, »oo 
P. H Calif. A, »8o 
K. W. Iowa A, '75 
I.e. Ohior. »7i 

W. H. N. Y. E, »9a 


L. C. Ga. A, ♦8a 

R. ;. 111. A, »78 


D. M. Pa. B, »95 

E. E. Ohio B, '86 

A. P. Ala. A, »87 


W. B. Tenn. B, '89 

C. T. Pa. B, »85 


C. C. 111. A, '89 


T. VV. Ohio B, '75 

T. T. Ind. Z, »72 


A.G. Ind. r, '70 


C. A. Wis. A, '87 

R. F. Ky. A, '83 

S. B. Ky. A, '76 


D. A. R. I. A, '95 

A. A. Ind. A, *9o 

A. J. Ala. B, '87 

A. S. Pa. H, »79 

H. C. Tenn. A, '95 
H. D. N. Y. A,»yj 
St. C. Ohio Z, V 

W. G. Ind. 
W.J. McK. Pa. 





































A, '88 

Mo. A, *95 

N. Y. 
N. Y. 

L. H. 
M. W. 

P. S. 

T. W. 

W. A. 

W. A. 

W. E. 

W. G. 

N. S. 

J. A. 

L. B. 

C. T. ' 

T. DuP. 

A. B. 

C. H. 

H. b. 


W. G. 

W. M. 

A. B. III. 

A. E. Neb. 

B'. '76 



Z, *92 


B, '86 
A, '74 
A, '85 
Z, '89 


A, 04 
A, '74 

B, '86 
A, '87 

Pa. A, '92 



S. C. 



N. H. 



B, 92 





















A. R. 

B. E. 

C. E. 
C. G. 

C. R. 

D. G. 

D. L. 

E. J. 
P. M. 

M. McC. 
N. F. 

O. H. 
R. F. 
R. L. 
S. J. P. 
T. S. 
W. A. 
W. C. 
W. G. 
W. H. 

J. D. 

C. F. 

F. G. 

C. A. 
F. L. 

H. H. 

T. B. 
W. E. 
W. P. 

F. S. 

G. A. 
Ann is. 

H. M. 






















A, '8, 
A, '89 

B. '79 
Z, 'go 

r, 94 
A, '75 
Z, '9. 

A, '60 

r, '93 
A, |53 
r, '86 
A, '88 

r, '8^ 

A, '86 

A, '82 
1\ '95 
Z, '93 


A, '95 
A, '86 

A, 24 

A, '59 
r, '86 

Mo. A, '76 

Ohio A, '71 

N. Y. A, '77 

Mass B, '95 

111. A, '88 

Tenn. A, '84 

Ga. A, '89 

Ala. r, '92 

Tenn. A, '90 

Tex. B, '87 

Ky. A, '79 

R. I. A, 91 

Ala. B, '83 

N. Y. r, '90 
Pa. A, '76 

Mich. B, '75 
La. A, '94 

C. A. 111. Z, '65 

F. R. Mo. A, '93 

E. S. Mich. A, '90 

G. P. Mich. B. '85 

L. A. Va. B, '84 


G. H. 111. E, '84 


C. C. Ind. B, '79 

J. E. Ind. A, '78 


F. S. Ohio E, '85 

J. H. Ga. B, '88 


J. H. Tex. B, '96 

J. L. Va. A, '79 


T. S. Va.A,'8i 


G. H. Tenn. A, '84 
R. A. Tenn. A, '90 


R. A. Vt. A, '85 


A. F. Ind. r, '79 

B. D. Ala. B, '88 

C. D. Ky. r, '57 
C. L. Miss. A, 'oo 
E. C. Va. r, '91 
H. C. Ala. B, '87 
H. G. Ohio r, '74 
J. L Va. r, '78 
N. Ohio B, '75 
R. F. Tenn. B, '88 
S. P. Ohio r, '84 
W. L. Ohio r, '80 
W. R. Kan. A, '90 


R. E. Tenn. A, '83 

H. L. 111. Z, '78 

J. W. S. Tenn. B, '85 

R. R. Ga. A, '87 


P. G. Ind. A. '85 


W\ Pa. r, '83 


E. C. Ind. B, '90 


J. P. Ohio B, '90 


J. D., Jr. Ga. A, '87 

F. D. Ohio Z, '93 

F. I. Ohio Z, '95 

C. Mich. B, '84 


C. O. Minn. A, '85 

G. L. Va. A, '75 
T. E. Ga. A. '90 

A. A. Ohio r, '91 
C. A. Ohio r, '74 
E. K. Mo. A, '90 

. B. Ind. A, '58 

. H. Mo. B, '04 

Miss. A, '82 

H. B. Ga, A, '90 

J. H. Tenn. A, '83 
W. A., Jr. Pa. Z, '87 

C. Pa. Z, '95 

H. C. Iowa B, '88 

W. H. R. I. A, '95 


E. L. N. Y. B, '94 

F. H. Mo. A, '80 
L. B. Mich, r, '96 
S. K. 111. B, '68 


F. E. Ind. B, '87 

A vent. 

E. P. Miss. A, '88 

C. W. Me. A, '90 


. W. Va. Z, '90 

. W\ Vt. A, '93 

Calif. A, '94 
W. C. 111. A, '88 

E. C. Ala. B, '92 

T. L. Ala. B, '92 

E. E. S. C. B. '90 

W. T. S. C. B, '89 

J. H. Ohio B, '80 



A Iphabetical A rrangement. 

A vera. 

B. C. Iowa 

W. G. A. Tcnn. 
Ay res. 







G. F. 

D. M. 

J. A. 

C. J. 


G. W. 



I. R. 

J. E. 



S. A. 

F. F. 

R. M., Jr. Mass 
H. C. Ga. 

W. C. Mich. 




B, '82 

I\ '68 

Z, '87 i 

Z, '83 


r. '86 

E, '89 1 

Bald rid 8:e. 

Ky. A, '60 

N. Y. 


N. H. 


A, '90 
A, '86 

A, '95 

N. H. A, '88 


• B, '91 

r, '78 


A. '83 

B, '82 
B, '8a 
A. '79 


A, '70 

Mass. B, '92 















N. Y. 














B, '06 

B, '94 

B, '88 

B, '84 
A, '60 

r. '94 


A, '80 
A, '86 
A, '77 

r, '77 

A, '85 
A, '86 
A, '92 

A, '88 
\\ '94 

B, '93 
A. '71 
A, '84 

A, '82 
B, '9. 

B, '93 

A, '86 

B, '83 
A, '62 

B, '89 

r, '92 

A, '78 


Ohio A, 


W. H. 

Ind. r, 



A. B. 

Ohio B, 


A. D. 

Ohio A, 


A. G. 

Ohio Z, 


B. .. 

Va. r, 


B. , ., Jr. 

Ala. B, 


C. F. 

Ohio A, 



J. w. 

Ga. B, 



F. S. 

Ohio Z, 


S. M. 

x\.*ci» i»| 


T. Z. 

Ind. B, 


W. C. 

Ind. A, 


W. W. 

S. C. B, 




Ohio A, 




W. G. 

Ind. B, 




Ind. A, 


Calif. B, 



E. B. Ohio A, '96 

R. Ind. Ky '91 

Bam ford. 

A. J. 


F. E. 

J. B. 
Bank head. 

W. B. 

G. F. 
G. Y. 

Wis. A, '82 
Wis. A, '87 

Ind. A, '86 

Ala. A, '93 

Ga, r, '81 

Va. B, '91 

. O^ Jr. Ala. A, '87 

Ala. A, *95 

N. Y. A, '77 


C. P. 

W. H. 

D. B. 
D. D. 


J. H. 

A. L. 

(i. H. 

L. L. 

M. \V. 

W. MacL. Pa. H, '94 

Miss. A, '96 

Ga. r, '94 

Ohio B, '87 

Ind. A, '81 
Ind. fcJ, '74 
Ind. A, '55 
Ind. A, '76 

Tex. A, '54 

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Barr is. 

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A. D. Mi