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ST. John's house, clerkrnwell, e.g. 


This Catalogue of the Sinhalese Printed Books in the British Museum has been compiled 
by Don Martino de Zilva Wickremasinghe, Librarian and Assistant Keeper of the 
Indian Institute, Oxford, to accompany the Catalogue of Sinhalese MSS. compiled by 
him, and published by order of the Trustees in 1900. The principles on which it has 
been di*awn up are fully explained in the Preface. 


British Museum, Keeper of the Department of 

September, 1901. Oriental Printed Books and MSS. 



The Sinhalese printed books included in the present Catalogue comprise those received by 
the British Museum under the Colonial Copyright Acts, and those acquired in the ordinary 
course either by purchase or by presentation. Among the latter there are several 
works representing the earliest examples of Sinhalese printing, such as Singaleesch 
Gebeede Boekj 1737; Sirigaleesch Belij dents Boeh^ 1738; Bet heijlige Evangelium^ 1739; 
Singaleesch Schoolboeh^ 1742; Singaleesch Formulier Boek^ 1744; Kort Ontwerp van de 
Leere der Waarheid^ 1744; Singaleesch Gezanghoehje^ 1755. 

The compilation of the present Catalogue, which is perhaps the first endeavour to 
register Sinhalese printed books under a uniform system, was begun by Professor Bendall 
on the lines of the other catalogues of oriental books in the British Museum. The reader 
is therefore referred to the prefaces of those catalogues for explanation of details not 
touched upon here. 

The principal entry of a work appears under the name of the author. When this is 
not known, the fanciful title of the book (if any), or the heading of the class to which it 
specially belongs, or the chief word of its title is used as a substitute. Publications of 
societies, however, are entered under the main heading " Academies *' and are arranged 
alphabetically under the names of the several places to which the Societies belong. 
Periodical literature is likewise grouped together geographically under the class-heading 
" Periodical Publications." 

Copious cross-references to the principal headings are made from the names of com- 
mentators, editors, translators, &c. These, with the two indexes of titles, one of which is 
arranged alphabetically and the other according to subject, form a key to the whole 
Catalogue. In the alphabetical arrangement of entries, due regard has been paid to 
chronological order in dealing with the several editions of the same work. 

The names of Sinhalese authors call for some explanation. All designations of 
Buddhist monks are given in their original Pali form, to distinguish them from lay writers 
having similar names, e.g. Dhammaratana, Miripenne^ as distinct from Dharmaratna, Jf., 
the editor of a Sinhalese newspaper. When. an author, be he a Buddhist friar or not, is 
known only by the name of the place of his birth or residence, such name is treated as a sur- 
name, e.g. Vidagama Thera, Vaduresse Lekam ; in other cases it is used as an epithet, 
e.g. Sumangala, Hikkaduve, Punchi Bandara, Veragama, A Sinhalese lay name, 
consisting of a geyi or family designation followed by one or more Christian names and 


patahendi {i,e. title) names, is, as a rule, catalogued under the first patabendi name in the 
group. The geyi name is dealt with as an epithet, and is therefore printed in italics after 
the parentheses enclosing the Christian names. Titles such as Thera^ AdigdVy Mudaliydr^ 
&c., and names of places of residence or birth of authors are omitted unless specially 
needed to distinguish one writer from another. When a surname of European origin, 
such as De Silva, Perera, Dias, comes before one or more patabendi iiB.meSi the whole 
group is treated as a compound, just as if it were composed of only patabendi names, e.g. 
Dias Bandaranayaka (Robert Wilson). An exception is, however, made in the case of an 
author who is better known by his patabendi name, a cross-reference being given from 
this to the European surname, or vice versa. The name Don Karolis de Silva Vijevikrama 
KuraarasiiYiha, for example, appears under De Silva Vijevikrama Kumarasimha {Don 
Karolis), with a cross-reference to it from Vijevikrama* &c., whilst the well-known name 
William Perera Ranesinghe is catalogued under Ranasiiiiha (William Perera), with a cross- 
reference from Perera Ranesinghe (W.). 

Regarding the transcription of headings, it has been found absolutely necessary to 
follow, as far as practicable, one uniform system, in order to avoid endless confusion 
respecting names which occur at one time in Sanskrit garb and at other times in Pali or 
Sinhalese forms. It has therefore been made a rule to use the Pali form in the case of a 
Buddhist monk's name, and the Sanskrit in that of a lay patabendi name. These, as well 
as titles of works, &c., are transcribed phonetically according to the scheme of translitera- 
tion shown in the annexed table. No recognition has been given to such forms of spelling 
as Goonewardene (for Gunavardhana), Tillekeratne (for Tilakaratna), &c.^ however old 
and well established some of them may be, except occasionally by way of cross-reference. 
On the other hand, the different ways of spelling surnames of European origin, such as 
Perera, Pereira, de Soysa, de Zoysa and Soyza, have been carefully preserved. 


Indian Institute, Oxford, 
Fehrnary 2bth, 1901. 

* Strictly speaking this shonld be Vijayavikrama. But as the change of aya to e, so common in Pali, is of 
continual occurrence in the Sanskrit patabendi names of the Sinhalese, I have retained in the majority of instances 
the form Vijevikrama when it is adopted by the author. 








a or flf 




















e e . ai o o au 



€6> tt 

a s d sf ^ 







j^a ^Aa 

lia cAa chha ja jha 









« d 

^ a «) Q £ 








ta tha 


da dha tia pa pha 






c s 

«0 9 cs » 


o 8 


la va 

sa sha sa ha 


?M /t 

The semi-nasal sound anundaika (n) is expressed by the symbol c attached to a consonant, as in 
(S)^ guugoy Q^ linda^ oB pan4i\ except in the cose of ® mba, as in 9® hamba* The same 
sign c is frequently used (though not correctly) to express a full nasal sound, as in @<iD(3 ma/tgala, 
«550©g<5 Jtanc/iipt^ra, f^ti^^ aTijana, o&iS^ pun^ita^ (§<^ Tndra, 6)iS^ vamsa; and also to denote the 
conjunct consonants & ttha, S) ddha, Q dva, and the cerebral (g. la. 

The virdma^ is expressed by the symbols ' and ^ appended to consonants, the latter to letters 
ending in a coronal curve. When, however, these two symbols are attached to vowel-signs, initial 
or non-initial, they denote long vowel-sounds. 

The symbol 23 stands for ya, as in e39;fS)s Sdkya, 

R in conjunct consonants is represented, when initial, by the repha (*') written above the 
consonant, as in c)S dharma ; but when non-initial it takes the form ^, as in €)s5) chakra. 

Other conjunct consonants which need be noticed here, owing to their abridged foniis, are : 
2S) kva^ t^ ksliQy ^ gdha^ oq //la, ^ tthay 6d tva, -«£) ntha^ ^ nda^ <£i ndha^ ^ iiva. 

* S) often stands also for mba, with a fall nasal sonnd, as ^3) lamha. 

t Galled in Sinhalese Al- (or HaU) kirimi lakuna, or simply AU (or Hal-) lakuna, " the consonant-sign." Hal 
is a mnemonic term in Panini's Sanskrit Grammar for all the consonants divested of their inherent vowel. In Hindi 
and other North Indian dialects consonants are often called hcU, probably after Panini. 




A., D. J. c98©^<S C^^ ^^ »fi®CD<^©>e 
[Giridevi-upata salia Salumangalle. A modern 
poem^ in 200 stanzas^ founded on the story of a 
princess Giri-devi.] pp. 24. ®tS^^Q6 [Kandy,^ 
1893. 8^ 14166. f. SS.QS.) 

A., J. CpcQO^toitSi S)96Gd [Ayasoka-malaya. A 
modem erotic poem.] pp. 14. o^tSiOQSi [Co- 
lombo,] 1893. 8^ 14166. i. 16.(29.) 


Abhatabatka Yiekamasihha (D. H.). 

ABE8IMHA (Jamjcs Dias). See Dias Abesi^iha (J.). 

sskhaba) . See Yi&asekhaba Abhatagukavabdhama 
[Don J.). 

ABHATAHATABJL (Jamis). e^6)i&) e^sses^o^cd 
[Bauddha-stotraya] • • . Bouddha Stottraya. 
[Nineteen prayers addressed to the Baddha] by 
J. Abayanayaka. pp. 10. oo(^©<f [Oalle, 1886.] 
8^ 14166. b. 13.(4.) 

' ^a©9 ^jfi-^^QO . . . Drashti [i.e. Drishti-] 

darpanaya. A brief comparison of the liyes^ 
doctrines, etc., of Gkintama Baddha and Jesus 
-Christ, pp. vii. 60. Buddhist Frees ; Colombo^ 
1885. 12^ 14165. a. 7.(20 

' [Second edition.] pp. ii. 64. Oalle, 

1890. 16^ 14165. a. 12.(6.) 

ABHATAKAJA, Thera, of Valgampdya, (The 
Raja Ratnacari [m'c].) See Upuam (E.). The 
Mahdvansi, etc. Yol. ii., pp. 1-140. 1833. 8*'. 

14166. e. 24. 

ABHATABATHA {Don H. Stephen) . See Arabian 
NiOBTs. Badoura [translated] by [Don H.] S. 
Abayaratna. 1896. 8^ 14166. f. 39. 

©i©^So©d) «35c5oS [Bedovra-kathava, 

being a drama in three acts composed by Don 
H. S. Abhayaratna, and founded on the story of 
the prince Cameralzaman and the princess Ba- 
doura in E. W. Lane's English version of the 
Arabian Nights.] pp. 32. [Colombo,] 1896. 8^ 

14165. g. 9.(17.) 


<5cD€Je323@csQ S zSiG^d®j4ScQ [Rahasyaushadha- 
chintamani. A short treatise on venereal diseases 
and on the properties of some drugs and foods.] 
pp. 15. Oalle, 1886. 8^ 14166. c 6.(2.) 

ABHATASEEHABA (D. M.). See Arabian Nights. 
The Arabian Nights' Entertainments. <]^d@ 
003®^ S(33CSQ0 [Translated by D. M. Abhaya- 
sekhara.] 1891. 8^ 14165. f. 26. 

ABHATASEEHABA (J. H.). A sermon [on Rev. 
ziv. 13] preached in the Amblamgoda Wesleyan 
CThapel on the 11th of November^ 1888, on the 
occasion of the death of the Rev. G. E. Goone- 
wardene. .^.e^di^tS Cfi^SO gq^^S^^O 




©iC^QoOirf ®»4)85 ©v^Sca6a«©^d^ ts^d^fiQC^ 
©N^csa^aSesJoO pp.12. Colombo,1889. Q"". 

14166. a. 29.(3.) 

The life of Saint Paul. . . . QSg6)§ oo^id 

• . . e^cd c?S^ 2S)d33 «^c. [^uddhavu Pavulge 
jivita kathava. A SiDhalese poem in 328 
Btanzas.] pp. 31, Galle, 1886. 8^. 

14166. aa. 1.(1.) 

^gy235<5c}« ©©kOSjcoSoeoO. Tillekeratne 

Wiyogamalaya, or the death of Dionysius Abra- 
ham Tillekeratne [in 46 stanzas^ followed by two 
Christian hymns], pp. 11. Galle, 1893. 16*'. 

14166. e. SI. 

<i^e^a'ie^2Si^® eits^ qrSXsdS^cj&cd [Dafa- 
porondama. An astrological work on marriages. 
Followed by Aaga-yinischaya^ a treatise on the 
delineation of the character of women and on tell- 
ing their fortunes by their bodily marks.] pp. 19. 
^ided [OaHe,] 1891. 8^ 14165. d. S&.(2.) 

©vdo^^Sa [sic] 8»®O3O«»cS«Q0 ©kQ55©aJ 

tsy^tsizsi tffi® [Jyotisha-kathopakathana or 
Handahan*kima. A catechism on astronomy and 
astrology.] Pt. 1-8, 5. &xie<i [GaUe,] 1891, 
etc. 8"". 14165. d. 8.(2.) 

Waniing Pt, 4. Pi, 1-3 are of the eeeend edition, 

ABEATAYABDHAVA (U. D.). See Susbuta. 
Nidanasthana . . . translated and edited by H. D. 
Abhayawardhane Appuhamy. 1891. 8^. 

14043. 6. 25. 

<^(3fi)BS)9dGd [Abhisambodhi-alankara. A Pali 
poem, in 103 stanzas, on Gotama Buddha, accom- 
panied by a Sinhalese interverbal interpretation, 
both traditionally ascribed to Yeliyita Saranan- 
kara.] pp. 103. [Colombo,'] 1897. 8^. 

14098. ccc. 2. 

ABBAHAM. History of Selestina. ^tQ^^tStSSiS^ 
2S>doS [Selestina-kathava. A story, seemingly 
European, derived from Tamil sources, in 455 
stanzas. Third edition.] pp. 23. Colombo, 1887. 
8^ 14165. f. 30.(1). 

[Fourth edition.] pp. 35. Colombo, 1896. 

141«6. £ 29.(21.) 

ABBEW (Chables). 8{S)3®S)e3&Q0 [Sitambra- 
pataya. A comic tale about an imaginary silk 
garment, in 111 verses.] pp. 19. [Colombo,] 
1866. 12^ 14165. f. 6.(1.) 

€SStS)ssSe^O0QQ [TirihanpoUa. A comic 

poem in 102 stanzas.] pp. 17. [Colomiof] 1867. 
12^". 14165. h. 2.(4.) 



Yidyodaya Parivena. 

See Pebiodical Publications. — Colombo. Si^ 
<^S4^C3d Widyadarpana. [The monthly magazine 
of the " Vidyodaya Parivena.''] 1893. 8**. 

14165. n. 4. 


Oriental Translation Fund. 

See Yakun Na^anava. Yakkun Nattannawa, a 
Cingalese poem, etc. [published by the Oriental 
Translation Fund]. 1829. 8^ 14165. i. 8. 


i Text Sooiety. 

The Yogavacara's manual of Indian mysticism, as 
practised by Buddhists. [Sinhalese prose inter- 
spersed with Pali quotations.] Edited by T. W. 
Bhys Davids (and printed in European characters), 
pp. xxxi. 105. London, 1896. 8^ U098. b. 

ADABASOKAMALATA. CpCi6e^tQiz5i®oQ(A . . . 
€300 dfflS^sSd^oS) [Adarasokamalaya and 
Batavati-kathava. Two erotic poems in 292 and 
16 stanzas respectively.] pp.45. ^zsxiQS^, ^411 
[Colombo, 1868.] 12^ 14165. h. 8.(4.) 

ABBIAV-AFFUEAXI, H. L. gcjfie ®4^oO 

[Dussila-mardanaya. On the Buddhist contro- 
versy, called Dussila-dana-vadaya, regarding the 
giving of alms to the unorthodox.] pp. 58. 
e^383>36S) [Colombo,] 1895^ 8"". 14165. a. 58.(20.) 

APBICA. — Church Missionary Society for Africa 
amd the East. C.M.8. [Series of religious 
tracts.] No. 1-4, 6-17. Church Mission Press ; 
Cotta, 1832-38. 12^ 14165. a. 35.(6.) 

The Uract No. I3j follomng 17 in the volume, seems to be an 
error in numbering for No. 12, which m missing. 

Important Truths of Christianity ... to be 

. • . learnt by the children in the schools belong- 
ing to the Church Missionary Society, etc. pp. 19. 
Church Mission Press ; Cotta, 1837. 12^ 

14166. a. 85.(4.) 




[Eusaraja-mangallaya. A poem in 111 atanzas 
founded on the Kusa- Jataka.] pp. 10. [Colombo,'] 
1894. 8^ 14168. i. 16.01.) 

AOOAYAKSACHASIYA, Agga-paniita, of Arimad- 
danapura {Burmah). See Nandarama-Ti88A^ 
Togiydne. Sandhidtpant. Compiled [from the 
grammatical Suttas of Aggayamsachariya's Sad- 
daniti^ with a Sinhalese interpretation, eteJ] bj 
Nandar&mfttissa, efe. 1886. 8^ 14098. d. 28.(2.) 

A^A 6A8AH called AMAHAT. Persian Paly 
[sie] entitled Indresabha. ^ssHc^S tQ^o [Indra- 
fiabha. A Drama in 4 acts, founded on the 
Hindustani Play of Amanat.] pp. 16. 6^eS)36S) 
[Colombo,] 1893. 8^ 14166. g. 9.08.) 

AJTTSA-HinTA. ^^<i ^^C5 [Ajuda-nitiya, 
or the Laws of Ajuda. A game with 48 cards 
for six players, introduced by the Portuguese.] 
pp. 14. ev^a^S) [Colombo,] 1889. S"". 

14165. m. 11. 

AKHTATA-YAKAVEOILLA. <f^g)a>G) Q6^i(3(^ 
[called also] (<f)®a)^«a C3<J ®3ea) [Akhyatika- 
pada-mala, or the conjugation of Pali yerbsi 
followed by H. Sumangala's commentary entitled 
Akhyatavyakhya.] See Pali-nama-varansgilla. 
C3a© «o® Sd^DicSde eU. pp. 41-80. 1873. 


14098. d. 24.(2.) 

ALAOirAYAVVA mTKAYETI. Dussilawata £ d 
fi@§)ra [A poem in 105 stanzas, attributed 
to Alagiyavanna^ ezposiug certain irreligious 
actions, especially those of the Buddhist monks.] 
pp. 13. 6^23)3 (^S) [Colomlto,] 1887. 12*". 

14165. h. 9.(5.) 

' ' Eosejateke, by Alagiewanna Mukewette . . . 

t$C3C590cS3Q9 [Eusa-jatakaya. A poem in 687 
stanzas, founded on the Eusajataka. Accom- 
panied by an interverbal interpretation by 
^inavamsa Pannasara of Eosgoda. Edited by 
Don Andris Tudave. Second edition.] , pp. 128. 
Oolamboi 2411 [1868.] 8^ 14165. I 2. 

Composed im ?aka 1632 (1610 A.D.). 

' s$e3C530)2aGd eie. Eusajatake, by Ala- 

giyawanne Mukawety ... [With the verbal para- 
phrase of Jinayamsa Pannasara. Edited by 
Pon Andris Tudave. Third edition.] pp. 131. 
0^«3)3£yS) iColombo,] 1876. 8\ 14165. f. 4. 

ALAOnrAYAHVA MVEAYETI (continued), c^ca 
c53fflsa) 2S>3C}23Q0 [Eusajataka-kavya. With a 
verbal paraphrase probably founded on that of 
Jinavamsa Pannasara.] See Jatakas. — Kusa* 
jataka. Eusa J&takaya, etc. Pt. 2. 1883. 8^ 

14098. a. 29. 

Eusajataka Eavya. s$e3c53»<S) ©GS^anaSncd 

[Another edition of the poem, without the para- 
phrase.] pp. 50. 6^^3^S [Coloniho,] 1891. 8^ 

14165. I 23.(1.) 

An Eastern Love-story. Eusa Jatakaya 

. • • rendered • • • into English verse from the 
Sinhalese poem of Alagiyavanna Mohottala by 
T. Steele [with notes and minor translations 
appended], pp. x. 260. London, 1871. 8®. 

14165. f. 35. 

@-€^ eC-©5 »(5cD S)3<3Q0 [Mupi-guna- 

taranga-malaya. A poem on the Buddha in 95 
stanzas, ascribed to the poet Alagiyavanna.] 
pp. 14. ®CO^Sd [Kandy,] 1893. 12^ 

14165. a. 58.(13.) 

The tianzas are arranged eateekeiieaUy in pain. 

C?i§^0©v^^oe [Sevulsandefaya. ''Cock's 

Mef^sage," a poem in 203 stanzas addressed to 
the tutelary deva of Adam's Peak in honour of 
king Rajasimha. Edited with an original verbal 
commentary by J. Samaradivakara.] pp. 3, 98. 
[Kfilafiiya,] 1889. 12^ 14165. h. 10.(3.) 

Subhasita, by Alagiewanna Mukawette, 

Paraphrased by R. W. Dias. (cstrf?^ tQt^^ 
gcdoSOQO) Third edition, pp. 42. Colombo, 
1869. 12^ 14165. h. 3.(5.) 

ALAHAKOH (D. J.). €078^8 e^tzi^Q 1&8® 
[Sebeva-sodisikirima. "Truth-seeking," a Bud- 
dhistic criticism on the Bible and on Christianity.] 
pp. 45. [Kdaniya,] 1889. 12^ 

14166. a. 36.(1.) 

ALAY-KATHAYA. q^c^gsafaS) [An anonymous 
poem in 375 stanzas founded on the Alavaka- 
Butta, the story of the conversion of the demon 
Alavaka by the Buddha.] pp. 66. [Colombo 7] 
1866. 12^ 14165. f, 7.(1.) 

ALAY-8EHELLA. ^624f^ <pe® ^i^idQ OQO 
e^36^^(2S> fi^S). [Purana Alav-sehella. A 
poem in 80 tetrastichs founded on the above* 





named Buddhist story of the demon Alavaka. 
FoHowed by the Yedeha-sinduva^ a song founded 
on the Ummagga-jataka.] pp. 17. e^es^o^S) 
[Colombo,'] 1895, 12^ 14166. h. 10.(16.) 

ALWI8. [For authors prefixing " de '' to this 
name, see De Alwis.] 

ALWI8 (Abbahah). See MedhakkabAj of Vijaya- 
hdhu' parivena. Sakyasinha Wastuwa ... [A 
translation by A. Alwis of stanzas 68 — 456 of 
the Jinacharita.] 1891. 8^. 14166. b. 18.(1.) 

ALWIS (CoBNiLis). See yiALLVRJJTXJVf Minisanhas. 
Namawalia • . . with a • . • rendering into English 
. . . notes . . . and indices by C. Alwis. 1858. 
8^ 14166. 1. 9. 

History of the island of Lan^a . . . Chapter I. 

Visits of Buddhas . . . extracted from Puj&valiya 
and Sarvajnagun&lank&raya, with a literal trans- 
lation into English. {Qozs^ozS)(5ofSi^cQ [Lanka- 
kathantraya].) Colombo, 1876. 8^. 14166. e. 3. 

— The Sinhalese Handbook in Boman Cha- 
racters. Second edition^ with • . • additions, 
pp. xxiii. 240. Colombo, 1880. 8**. 

14166. k. 9. 

Swabh&shd Katnad&maya. A reading- 

book . . . intended as an introduction to . . . classi* 
cal Sinhalese literature ... caScoacsa (5to2S^c,®qo. 
Third edition, pp. 75. PMic Instruction Depart- 
ment ; Colombo, 1885. 8^ 14166. L 6. 

' Fourth edition, pp. 75. Public Instruc- 
tion Department ; Colombo, 1887. 8®. 

14165. 1. 16. 

■ Fifth edition. See Ceylon. — Department 

of PvMic Instruction. First ( — Eighth) Standard 
Reader. Pt. 6. 1890. 8^ 14166. 1. 20. 

— — Sixth edition. Bevised by S. de Silva. 
See Ceylon. — Department of Public Instruction. 
First (—Eighth) Standard Reader. Pt. 6. 
1891, 8^ 14165. k. 26. 

Seventh edition. 1893. 8^ 

14166. k. 27. 

ALWIS (D. P. D.). See Ptlippu Sinno, O. ^hale- 
pola comedy, etc. [Edited by D. P. D. Alwis.] 
1870. 8^ 14166. g. 1. 

AIWI8 (Jambs de). See De Alwis (J.). 

AIWI8 (N. A. W. H. de), Doctor at Katudampe. 
See De Alwis {Don H.), Ndndyakkdravasam 
Alikshandra Viddneldge. 

AMAVAT. See Aqha Hasan. 

AMAKAM OLI, TaJdhene. See Vimukti-sangraha. 

C3C»?S^3^^e^Gd ... 0553 ^QCfc5QS)D^ .., ©«53CD03 

«(g!^S> ... Sg25Sa CSfi)^C5>03 [Edited by T. 
Amaramoli.] 1889, 8^ 14166. aa. 18. 

AMABASEEHABA (A.). g.^s SocSgO [Panya- 
margaya. A sermon^ on 1 Tim. iy. 8, on the 
way to live happily.] pp. 8. Colombo, 1 890. 16**. 

14166. a. 25.(5.) 

AMASA8IHA, Ban4aramulle. See Dhahharaja* 
OUBU, Thera, csaS^jS^^Q [Edited by B. Amara- 
siha.] 1888. 8^ 14098. c. 40.(2.) 

' S^^ Maha-Yasa, Thera, of Burmah. jsjOOd 
cQ:^ CdodGO [Kachchayana-sara. Accompanied 
by a Sinhalese interyerbal interpretation^ etc. 
Edited by Amarasiha.] [1892.] 12^ 

14098. b. 18.(3.> 

AMAEASIMHA. ^dSgcDO^csaaes^GO [Nama- 
linganasasana^ called also Amarakosha. Edited 
with an introduction and a commentary in Sinha- 
lese by Don A. de S. Devarakkhita Batuvanta* 
dave.] pp. 203. Sansk. and Sink* [Colombo,'\ 
1880. a\ 14093. b. 1. 

Tke SinhaU*e annotation are said to he founded on an 
old commentary, 

AMASASIMHA (Cornelis Pereba). See Slavic 
DBiKA. C33g§2£3 csocsc^GO [Edited and published 
by C. P. Amarasimha.] 1868. 12^. 

14053. b. 20.(1.) 

— — See Veligala. ©§© CD© -€^03 [Vaduga- 
hatanaya. Edited by C. P. Amarasimha.] 1890. 
8^ 14165. i. 22.(1.) 

AMASASIMHA (J. P.). See Yedeha Thera. 
Paraphrase ... on the two last chapters of the 
Sidatsangara . • • written by J. P. Amarsinha. 
1892. 8^ 14165. 1. 11.(2.) 

AttBAOOLLE THERA. @^S)3S|G) ^Qozs^odcQ 
esCS) (£)®o(3 @C3Q>(5qS [Bomeda-alamkaraya saha 
Himala-vistaraya,* A Buddhistic poem^ in 170 




stanzas, on the sacred Bo tree and the Himalaya 
fexrest.] pp. 20. ia>CD^©<5 [Kancly,] 1887. 8». 

14166. b. 19.(2.) 

AMKOTAHATANA. Ankotahatane, or A tale of 
the short-horned buffalo, shewing the cause for 
the Sollean invasion of [Ceylon,] 104 B.C. 
tfoG^zS)^Q)CS^Q^cQ. [A poem of about the 17th 
century in 83 tetrastichs.] pp. 12. [Colomho,'] 
1893. 8^, 14165. e. 18.(3.) 

AVAITDA, of Abhayagiri, called JCavichakrayast!. 
C3 Q)®^is)®3 oo OS ^ G0 [Saddhammopayana. A Pali 
poem on the Buddhist doctrine, with a Sinhalese 
interverbal interpretation by a second Ananda. 
Edited by Don A. de S. Devarakkhita Bafu- 
vantudave.] . • . (The Saddhammopaynaya [aic], 
etc.) pp. 127. ^dstrddhdra Press ; [Colombo,] 
1874. 8^ 14098. b. 6. 

AVANDA, Commentator. See Ananda, of Abhaya* 
giri. t3S)@^§)®3aiQ0^G0 [With a Sinhalese 
interverbal interpretation by a second Ananda.] 
1874. 8^ 14098. b. 6. 

ANATASATVA (M. A.). The story of Joseph 
[the Patriarch] dramatized, in Sinhalese verse 
[set to Indian tunes] • e^coJode^cd 2S)do^$^0(5oo 
tTo^apge kathantaraya.] pp. 35. [Colombo,"] 
1896. 12^ 14166. g. 6.(4.) 

A9DASE. The Biography of Andra. CfS^e^^e^ 
figo^ C3CD 63^ 2S)S33 [Andarege sivupada 
saha jivita-kathava. Stanzas supposed to have 
been composed by Andare, a jester at the Court 
of one of the Kandyan kings, together with 
an account of his life. Pt. 1-3, compiled by 
J. D. David ; pt. 4 by S. Palangapati, and edited 
by M. H. Arnolis Appu.] Colombo, 1891-96. 
] 2^ 14165. e. 22. 

AHDIMALE. <{t)S®9G^(3 [Andimale. A poem in 
108 stanzas against devil-worship.] pp. 14. 
Colombo, 1870. 8^ 14165. i. 16.(1.) 

ASQTJTTABA'VIKkY A.— Danuppatti'sutta. tQ^SX^ 

CSfS^G^ C^^OQ^sySi g^QO [Danuppatti-sutraya. 
Extracted from Ang. YIII. 35, and edited, 
with a Sinhalese interverbal interpretatiou, 
by Udugampola Suvan^ajotyasabha.] pp. 7, i. 
e^«a3<e)S) [Colombo,] 1892. 8^ 

14098. c. 63.(4.) 

AFOTTTTAEA • EIKATA (continued) . — Dhamma- 
ehakkappavattanorsutta. cScscfoxQe^S S?)^^ 
[Damsakpevatum-sutraya. The usual Pali text, 
preceded by a pada-etiuma, or re-arranged and 
re-punctuated form of the text, and followed by 
an old interverbal interpretation in Sinhalese.] 
pp. 2, 5, 16. [Colombo,] 1887. 8*^. 

14098. c. 24.(1.) 

Kdlakdrdma-sutta. CQ^sf^ C3(PTO 3353(3 

3SS)3<53® g)S)Q8 [Kalakarama-sntraya. The Pali 
text of Ang. IV. 24. Followed by an extensive 
commentary in Sinhalese prose.] pp. 1, 54. 
Colombo, 1889. 8^. 41098. c. 53.(2.) 

Kdldma-sutta. tQ^^ CS(So e553(3i® 

g^QQ [Kalama-sutraya. The Pali text of Ang. 
III., 65, called here Kesaputtiya- or Kdlama- 
sutraya. Followed by a lengthy interverbal 
interpretation in Sinhalese.] pp. 29. ®QS>^Q<5 
[Kandy,] 1893. 8^. 14098. c. 68.(6.) 

Kamma-niddna-sutta. ss)®® ^Sc^^z^ S9^ 

[Karma-nidana-sutraya. The Pali text of Ang. 
III. 33. Followed by Buddhaghosa's commen- 
tary on it, extracted from the Manorathapurani, 
and an interverbal interpretation in Sinhalese.] 
pp. 20. Colombo, 1897. 8^. 14098. c. 78.(6.) 

MalUkavada-sutta, ®(3g®^ss)3C)3^ S^QO 

[Mallikovada-sutraya. The Pali text, preceded by 

(a) several Pali verses used in Buddhist worship, 

(b) the Namaskara-gatha, also in Pali in adoration 
of the Buddha, and (e) two old introductions (san^ 
graha) to the Sinhalese interpretation {sannaya) 
of the stUta ; and followed by the sannaya itself, 
the Maitreya-varnanava, a Sinhalese discourse 
on the future Buddha, and an old introduction 
to the Dhamma-cakkappavattana-sutta, entitled 
Damsakpevatun - siitra - sangrahaya.] pp. 40. 
[CoUmho,] 1894. 8^ 14098. d. 46.(1.) 

IneampleUy wanting pp. 9 — 16, and all after p. 40. 

Methuna'Samyoga-sutta. The Maithuna- 

sanyoga Sutraya . • . [The Pali text of Ang. 

VII. 47.] With [a Sinhalese] paraphrase by 
Rev. T. Nanawimala Tissa \ • . ^®®^^t&o®<Q^fS^ 
gG)oe, etc. pp. 16. e^«»0(5® [Colombo], 2440 
[A.D, 1896]. 8^ 14098. c. 72;(4.) 





AHGirTTASA-H IKATA (co?if tnti^) . — Pattahamma' 
sutta, Praptakarma Sutra . • . 90CS)2S)S® 09^ 
[The Pali text of Ang. IV. 6K Followed by 
Buddhaghosa's commentary thereon and a lengthy 
interpretation in Sinhalese^ interspersed with 
Pali stanzas. Edited by Madagalle Siddhattha.] 
pp. ii. 46. [Colombo,] 1893. 8*^. 

14098. 0. 68.(6.) 

Sappurisorddna-sutta. e^cgScs C^^ S)9<30 

[Sappurisa-dana-sutraya. The Pali text of 
Ang. V. 148, treating on ddna. Followed by a 
Sinhalese interverbal interpretation of the text, a 
translation, Baddhaghosa's Pali commentary on 
the 8uUa, and the Sinhalese interpretation of this 
commentary, together with other notes on the 
merit of alms-giving.] pp. 20. 6^2S>3^S) [Oo- 
lombo,1 1897, 8\ 14098. c. 78.(8.) 

Sarabha-sutta. ts6^ 53^?)^ [Sarabha- 

Butraya. The Pali text of Ang. III. 64. Fol- 
lowed by Baddhaghosa's commentary on it, 
extracted from the Manorathapiirani, with a 
Sinhalese interverbal interpretation and a trans- 
lation of the same.] pp. 21. Gves))^S) [Colombo,'] 
1897. 8*. 14098. o. 78,(7.) 

— Saitdriyadhana'Sutta* esoG>3Q8Sc)^ Qg 
e3£5Lf^Q8 [Saptaryadhana- sutra- sannaya. The 
Pali text of Ang. VII. 6, followed by an 
anonymous interverbal interpretation in Sinha- 
lese.] pp. 24. ©vgssDg^® [Colombo, ] 1896* 8®. 

14098. ccc. 4.(2.) 

The pa^nation is erroneous. It runs 1 — 8, 17—24, 
although nothing in the text is missing. 

■ Sattasuriyuggamana-auita, C^oc^g©^o36^ 

CGD®^ S39^ [Saptasuryodgamana-sutraya. The 
Pali textof the Sattasuriynggamana-sutta, followed 
by its Sinhalese interverbal interpretation and the 
Loka-vinasaya, etc, a discourse on the end of the 
present and the beginning of next world. Second 
edition.] pp. 56. o^gcse^oad) [Peliyago^a, 
Colombo,] 1898. 8^ 14098. ccc. 4.(4.) 

Uposatha-sutta, IJposathasuttraya. (^@vo3 

csd S^^oo [The Pali text of Ang. III. 70, 
called here IJposatha-sutta or Visakh'uposatha- 
Butta, with an old interverbal interpretation in 
Sinhalese.] pp. 39. 6\2S)3g^&) [Colombo,] 1891. 
8^ 14098. 0. 61.(2.) 

AHGTTTTAEA- VIKATA {eaniinued) .—Veldma-suita. 
®<Qqo® S^QS [Velama-siitraya. The Pali text 
of Ang. IX. 20, followed by a Sinhalese inter* 
verbal interpretation.] pp. 16. Colombo, 1892. 
8^". 14098. ceo. 4(1.) 

ANIMAL SACRIFICES. Animal Sacrifices. Prize 
Tract. C330 9^45SqO [Papa-pratinidhiya], etc, 
pp. 16. Ceylon Religioue Tract Society; Colombo, 
1887. 16^ 14166. a. 11.(8.) 

ANVAMBHATTA The Tarka Sangraha or a 
system of Indian logic [in Sanskrit]. Edited 
with a Sinhalese translation, notes, and an 
introduction by W, P. Ranesinghe • . • o A 
esa^SXSj etc. pp. iv. 21^ 42. 6^^0(g.S) 
[CoUmbo,] 1880. 8''. 14048. dd. 28 

AHTEOVISZ (C. D.) . fifed Muzzabelli (A.). SSqo 
&CS>2d'6^c^0^cd S)3e3Q8 (Sinhalese translation of 
Father Mazzarelli's [sic] Month of Mary) [mad^ 
by C. D. Anthonisz]. 1890. 16^ 14166. a. 6, 

See Segub (L. G. A. db) csoJgcoo^ ©SDxrf 

e^ti (3©xs>i4J? ® 8(ga^ <f ^;5a3cs«3©(^ [(Counsels 
for Holy Communion, translated by G. D. Antho- 
nisz.] 1894. 16^ 14165. a. 60. 

AVTOHT, of Padua, Saint [Febnando Bulhon]. 
See MsNDis Ssnanataka (A.). The life of St. 
Antony of Padua, etc. 1 886. 8^ 

14165. aa. 1.(2.) 

AHUBITDDEA. q^tS£)l>S)oS egX^CS) [Abhidhar* 
marthasangraha. A Pali work on Buddhist 
metaphysics, with the extensive Sinhalese inter- 
pretation of Sariputta.] See Pebiodical Publi- 
cations. — Colombo, S^^fi-^^GO . Widyadarpana. 
1893. 8^ 14165. n. 4. 

In progress, 

■ Abhidharmarthasangraha Sanna [being 

another edition of the Sinhalese interverbal in- 
terpretation of the Abhidhammattba-sangaha]. 
Compiled by Sri Sariputra Sanagharaja [sic] . . . 
Edited by ... T. Pannamoli Tissa, with the help 
of ... M. Dhammaratana Tissa. (<^c9a)§)3^ 
t3€)(3C53 C^^^QS) PP' Y* 204. Pfliyago4a, 
Colombo, 1897. 8"". 14098. ccc. 6. 

■ Abhidharmartha Sangraha . . . with a 

paraphrase [in Sinhalese, mainly in catechetical 
form] by Nandaramatissa Thera of Yogiyane* 





Revised [with a Sinhalese preface] by M. Dharma- 
ratne. <|^t&&)SS)3dD tQ€>(g^cQ, ete. pp. zii. 135. 
[Colatnbo,] S).S. 2434 [1891.] 8^ 14098. c. 47. 

See Dhabharatna, M. (f tt^lSdaS 

toofgcsy (SgScO [Abhidliarinartha-sangraha* 
fuddhiya. A criticism on H. Devamitta's 
edition of the Abhidhammattha-sangaha.] 
1893. 8^ 14166. b. 21.(4.) 

— — (p-gc^xS) omeaoo csco csjri'^oo [Anu- 

ruddha-fataka. An ancient Sanskrit poem in 

101 stanzas^ in praise of the Buddha, with an 

anonymous interverbal translation into Sinhalese. 

Edited by Don A. De Silva Devarakkhita Batu- 

vantudave.] pp. ii, 41, CoUmio, 1866, 8*". 

14083. b. 22.a) 
For a mittiike in the numbering of the etanzas^ see nos. 73-75. 

' [Third edition.] pp. 39. e^zs^o^S^ 

[Colombo,] 1879. 8^ 14088. bb. 17.(1.) 

[Fourth edition.] pp. 39. Colombo, 

1888. 8^ 14088. bb. 41. 

ARABIAV HI0ET8. The Arabian Nights Enter- 
tainments. r^do'Q ^e^(5a3Q63C3G0 [Arabi-ni$ol- 
lasa. Translated (pt. 1-3) by T. Karunaratna 
and (pt. 8-12) by Albert de Siiva, from the 
Euglish edition revised by J. Mason. Pt. 1-3, 
8-12. [Colombo,] 1891, etc. 4^. 14166. fit 8. 

In progreee, Pt. 4-7 and 11 are wanting. The illuetra- 
tione are borrowed from CMsell 4* Co.** edition of 1874 

— The Arabian Nights' Entertainments. 
€f6® G03®td S(39CSQ9 [Arabi-yamini-yilasaya. 
Translated from an English version founded on 
A. Oalland's translation, by D. M. Abhayase- 
khara.] g^«S)3<9S) [Colombo,] 1891. 8% 

14166, t 26. 

In progress. Imperfect, toanting pp. 161-192. 

' 6)i©i3J($3«5®a8«S)iS©Gd » do ^SVo (5 q9 

[Bedorakumarikavage kathantaraya.] The Loves 
of Camaralzaman and Badoura, selected from 
"Arabian Nights' Entertainments" [translated 
into Sinhalese verse]. Pt. 1. pp. 80. [Colomboi] 
1876. 8^. 14166. t 8. 

■ Badoura (ai®^e)o©<5a ffldo©), [translated] 

by (Don H.) Stephen Abayaratna [from the 
English version of E. W. Lane]. pp. 88. 
niustrated. [Colombo,] 1896. S"". 14166. I 89. 

ARABTATT HIGHTS {continued). 

— - See Abhataratka {Don H. 
Stephen). &ie^S)^Qdo zS^^Q [A drama 
founded on the story of Cameralzaman and 
Badoura in Lane's version of the Arabian 
Nights.] 1896. 8^ 14168. g. 9.(17.) 

ABISHTA-SATAKA. tf8^ tQ[»ic]zS!iZ5XQ e^tSiStsi 
0^6o^&A{si€>CQ. Arishta Satakaya, or A [San- 
skrit] treatise on the knowledge of Disease [in 
108 stanzas, with an interverbal translation into 
Sinhalese]. Third edition, pp. iv. 51. CoUmbo, 
1866. 12^ 14048. b. 4, 

[Fourth edition.] pp. 48. 6v2S)3(g&) [Colombo,] 
1874. 12^ 14048. a. 8.(2.) 

— See loiRisi^HA (A. P.), of Mdtara. 
Arishtadavaleya. q^8QsSCr,&@Q& e^^Qs^ 
CfS&Q tQ[8ic]zS)z5) 2S)3ehsQ8 [A poetical 
treatise on pathology founded on the 
Arishta-sataka.] 1892. 8^. 14166. o. 20.(7.) 

ABISTOTLB. [Problemaia.] Aristotle's Problems* 
r^iSd&QiQd o@^®3G^c25 gcs^^^3ts5{a<5 gsad 

4^ GO [Eristofal - pandii tumage Pra?nottara - pra- 
karanaya. A translation of some of the problems 
from the English, by N. de Soysa.] pp. 17. 
®CS5^S<5 [Kandy,] 1892. 8**. 14166. d. 17. 

ABITHMETIC. Arithmetic. CD^S (S^cx^cQ 
[Ganita - 9astraya]. Pt. 2. Third edition, 
pp. 70. Chrietian Vernacular Education Society ; 
Colombo, 1891. 8^. 14166. k. 16.(6.) 

ABMOUB (A.). See Biblb. The Holy Bible 
translated [by A. Armour and other mission- 
aries], etc. 1819, etc. 4% 466. o. 12-16, 

[Revised edition.] 1830, 1827. 8^ 

8068. eee. 2, 

See Lahbbick (S.). A letter . . . request- 
ing a new translation of the Scriptures ... A 
letter in defence of the existing Singhalese ver- 
sion ... by the Board of translators [A. Armour 
and others]. 1823. 8^. 8068. d. 4. 

See ToBNOUB (G.). An epitome of the 

history of Ceylon . . . (Appendix to the epitome :— 
Translations of inscriptions) [by A. Armour]. 
1836. 8"". 14098. o. 1. 




ABV0LI8, M. H. See Andars. The Biography 
of Andare, ete. [Pt. 4, compiled by S. Palanga- 
pati, and edited by M. H. Arnolis.] 1896. 8"*. 

14166. e. 22. 

[Buduguna-viriduva or Bodhisatva-charitaya. A 
catechetical poem on the Buddha in 113 stanzas.] 
pp. U. [Colombo,] 1895. 8^ 14165. b. 27.(4.) 

ABJTOLIS, P. Don. '<£|&S)^ g^nffiOs'' Sa^ 
'^e^Qi^Sf^y^cQ [A Buddhist controversial tract 
in reply to the tract '^ Buddhabana-pratyaksha " 
of the Roman Catholics.] Pt. 1. [Colombo,'] 
1896. 8''. 14165. a. 65. 

ASABHA-TI88A, Mtgamuve, See Dhahmakitti. 
Dathavanso . • . with its Sinhalese paraphrase • • • 
Edited by Asabha-Tissa, etc. 1883. 8°. 

14098. c. 18. 

ASE^TAPA&IKSHA. c^ttQoS £3^3 8 [ Ashta- 
pariksha. A Sanskrit treatise in 86 stanzas on 
the diagnosis of diseases in the eight principal 
members of the human body. Accompanied by 
a Sinhalese translation.] pp. 20. G^sS)3@S) 
[Colombo], 1867. 8^- 14048. c. 12.(2.) 

ASIA. The Geography of Asia for Schools. 
CpSoOO 8c3S5c5c» [Asiya-vistaraya.] pp. 36. 
Christian Vernacular Education Society ; Colombo, 
1891. 8^ 14165. k. 16.(6.) 

ASITBA- BANDHA VA YA. <p g (5 S rirtO ?f3 oo 

©©oocs^ C°^ ^® ®(36^g» 003§^« [Asura- 
bandhanaya, Malayak - upata and Malapreta- 
yadinna. Songs and incantations used in *' devil- 
dancing '' ceremonies.] pp. 16. Colombo, 1897. 
8'. 14165. d. 29. 

ATAPIRIKABA-DAHA qQ&8zs)6c,!>^oStQoe^(Q 
[A^apirikaradananisamsaya. On the merit of 
giving to Buddhist priests their ''eight requisites.'^ 
Sinhalese prose interspersed with Pali stanzas.] 
pp. 24. [Colombo,] 1890. 8^. 14165. a. 58.(7.) 


ATTHADASSI, Mddampe. [Life.] See Jatabatka 
(S. D. S.). zs^Bf&dj^ [A eulogistic poem on the 
life and death of M. Atthadassi.] 14165. i. 15.(27.) 

ATTTLA. The history of king Atula. ?f «5©<53C5 
Z5)<5o?) [Atularaja-kathava. A poem in 308 
stanzas founded on a Tamil story^ and recited in 

ceremonies of planet- worship. Edited by Don 
D. Gunatilaka Senaviratna.] pp. 37. e^zs)y^S) 
[Colombo,] 1876, 8^ 14165. f. 8.(4.) 

ATATADA-VISTAKAYA <^c)&j^ &a»dco C3(f^^S3 
C3S€)£)t3goo3^ es^^GO [Ayavada-vistaraya. 
A work on the Buddhist doctrine and cosmo- 
logy. Followed by the Pali text of the Pati- 
chchasamuppada (Yinaya-pitaka, I. i. 1)^ with a 
Sinhalese interverbal translation. Both edited 
by Bentara Saddhatissa.] pp. 26. @N«S)3<gS) 
[Colombo,] 1893. 8^ 14165. b. 18.(9.) 

BALAVGOpA-OVBTT. ts®^(3 StJ^(5oo [Sama- 
nala-vistaraya. A modern poem in 110 stanzas on 
Adam's Peak^ more or less founded on Yedeha's 
Pali poem Samantakiita-vaniiana.] pp. 16. 
©v5s>3g^S) [Colombo,] 1897^ 8^. 14165. i. 17.(8.) 

BALAPATABETOI (C. A.). ccSciS® C3®5)?re) 
«S)@t9tJ®G0 [Sthiravima - sambandha - kathikis* 
maya.] A supplementary Catechism to that of 
Church of England intended for the use of 
Candidates for confirmation, pp. 16. Colombo, 
1889. 16^ 14165. a. 56.(4.) 

BALATATABA. See Dhammajoti^ Sitindmaluve. 
Balawatara Sangraha [founded on the Balaya- 
tara]. Composed by Reyd. S. Dhammajoti^ etc. 
1889. 8^ 14098. d. 31, 

SDeoQoac^ gg 4©©^^OQQc<c. [Bala- 

yatara-sutra-nirdde^aya. Elucidations^ chiefly in 
Sinhalese, of portions of the Balayatara, with 
selections from the text. To which are appended : 

(1) Eachchayana's section on the Kdrakas, and 

(2) a treatise on Upa^argas in Pali, both with 
commentaries in Sinhalese. Compiled and edited 
by Don A. de Silya Deyarakkhita Batuyantudaye.] 
pp. iy. 103. [Mdligdkanda ; Colombo], 1885. 8^. 

14098. a. 8. 

Okondapola Sannaya, or A Paraphrase of 

Balawatara. 8)6^3353^6^03© CSirf^oo ©NQoQiSJ 
S3eo©CT3c5 @G05^ CQfSS^O^ etc [Balayatara- 
liyana-sannaya. Edited by Don A. de Silya 
Deyarakkhita Batuyantudaye.] pp. 2, 141, 2. 
[Colombo,] 1888. 8^ 14165. 1. 1.(8.) 

Baptist Missionary Society, 





BASAHA-OAVITATA. s^Q&zs^o^S^i esG^^i^csaGO 
[Nilakobo-sande^aya. '^ The bronze-winged dove's 
message/' a poem in 148 stanzas attributed to 
Barana-ganitaya^ and addressed to the patron- 
god of the temple E^taragam-devalaya^ praying 
for the care of the anther's illness. Edited with 
annotations by Albert de Silva.] pp. y. 24. 
[Colombo,'] 1896. ff». 14165. i. 17.(4.) 

The poem vsae composed at (ibowt ike close of the 18th 

BAEFABAS (W. D.). ©.©,, S. ®^6. S. zsiiGiQ 
... ©co^®kc5©i« ©kG:>o<5^<5i csco .... ffidg 

«35<5-€^(3^ CSQj^og Notes on the Revd. Fr. 
D. J. B. Callet, Miss. Apost., compiled by W. D. 
Barnabas, pp. 63. OoUmlo, 1889. 12**. 

14165. a. 29.(9.) 

BASTE (Chbistian Oottlob) . A brief history of 
the Church of Christ. J^dt^d dcs^^e^de^cd 
cocDaScDi^ ©3<5^0(3^ ^SS 8»do9dc0©es!o3. 
[Translated from the English version of the 
original German work.] pp. 325. Kandy, 1861. 
12''. 14165. a. 83. 

BASTIAH, 0. Bon. See Kamba Nattarvar. 
Adventures of B&ma ; or^ Destruction of R&vana. 
Revised [and edited] by C. Don Bastian^ etc. 

1886. 8^ 14165. i. 12. 


Aksara Sikfhdwa, and Grammar for be- 
ginners. [In Sinhalese, with English headings 
to each section.] {(ftSid cScs^oQ cseo ©o© 
<S®»oO^Q Qa)«»(5-€^.) pp. x. 48. Colombo, 

1887. 12^ 14165. k. 10. 

i The Life of King Siri Sanghabodhi and 

Kattahari Jatakaya. ^COj® Q8 C3C5©aJ ©SmoO 
C3CS) eaOcbCSoaS cSozs^zs^qq [Dehemi-siri-sangabo- 
charitaya and Katthahari-jatakaya.] 2 pt. 6^ gao 
@S) [Colombo,] 1887. 12^ 14166. f. 13.(2.) 

Kawmini Barana. A poem [in 138 

stanzas] on a pinkama [Buddhist festival] at 
Dangedara, Galle. Z5)Q®4S S>64fi pp. iv. 19. 
®^8a3©a [Colombo,] 1891. 8*. 14165. b. 19.(16.) 

Owa Muthara. ffiQo gcJod ["A GJarland 

of Pearls of Advice.'' An address presented to 
the author^s niece Dona Emgaltina Hevavitarana, 
on the occasion of her marriage.] pp. 8. e^ajo 
^S) [Colombo,] 1889. 16°. 14166. h. 13.(2.) ' 

BA8TIAH, C. Don {continued). The Indian play 
entitled Bomlin . . . &^6^®Qssi etc. [Adapted in 
two acts by C. Don Bastian. Second edition.] 
pp. 14. ei«s)3<e)&) [Colombo,] 1886. 8''. 

14166. g. 7. 

The Ariyan Legend Sinhaba and the 

landing of Prince Wijeyo in Lanka^ dramatised 
[in two acts]. fioCS)5)3 :es)doeS^Q>(5G0 [Simhaba- 
kathantarayaj etc. pp. 14. Colombo, 1888. 8°. 

14166. g. 8.(2.) 

The Indian play [in three acts] entitled 

Sud&sa and S&lini • . . @C,es C3C5> ca3@^ [Su- 
dasa saha ^alini], etc. pp. 15. Colombo, 1888. 
8^ 14165. g. 8.(4.) 

^9S<J C3(5«8oB [Tiyupuda-sarasaviya.] 

• . . Teupuda Sarasaviya^ or the address presented 
to Edwin B. Tillekaratne of Matara. pp. 7. 
[Colombo,] 1892. 8^ 14166. i. 21.(2.) 

and PEBERA (H. P.). Kalana mitu ru- 

wana. zs^^4fi ®C@ (5i&^ [A Eulogy on Mi- 
gamugurunnanselage Don Hendrik.] pp. 9. 6\ 23)3 
(gS) [Colombo,] 1889. 8^ 14165. i. 16.(6.) 

BATUTANTUDATE {Don A. db S. D.) . See Deva- 
RAKKHiTA {Don A. Di S.), Batuvantu4dve. 



@4!3c£&00 Bonddha Labdhi Yinischaya, or an 
investigation of Buddhism. Permissu superiorum. 
2 pt. @k2S)0(3S) [Roman CaOioUe Press; Colombo,] 
1888-94. 16^ 14166. a. 87.a.) 

Pt 2 is a rejoinder to Dhammajoti^e reply to Pt, 1, 
called Kristiydni'labdhUviniechaya, 

Second edition. Pt. 1. ©^2S5i<e)® [Co- 

lombo,] 1888. 16^ 14166. a. 12.(2.) 

' Third edition. Pt. 1. ©k«s)a(3® [Colombo,] 

1895. 16^ 14166. a. 63. 

BEBADTT-HATAVATA e^§)S)g CS)S^cO [Bebadu- 
hafanaya. 'The Drunken Brawl/ a poem in 95 
stanzas on the consequences of drunkenness.] 
pp. 12. ©^8353©® [Cohmhoi] 1888. 8^ 

14165. i. 23.(2.) 





ev(S3Q523X^2S) e^OOS [Behetguli salia Behetkalka 
pota. Two works on medicine in Sinhalese 
verse, edited by B. S. Perera.] pp. viii. 66. 
e^«S33e® [Oolombo,] 1870. 8^ 14165. c. 9.(2.) 

BEHETKALKA-POTA. e^&^&yt^zsidzsie^aozs!^. 
See Behetquli-fota. GkS)GkC0ts5cQ@ etc. pp. 
44-56. 1870. 8^ 14165. c. 9.(2.) 

BESUVALA OVBinnrAVSE. See De Silya (S.), 
Beruvala Ch/runndnse, 

BHADSA, Terunndnae. Elacliandasa. A treatise 
for the promotion of Singhalese poetic composi- 
tion, by the poet Badra Theroonansa, with para- 
phrase and explanatory notes. (ddc^^CSOO.) 
pp. 42. [Oolomlo,] 1874. 8^ 14165. d. 1. 

BHABTRIHABI, the poet. Niti Sataka, or the 
Oriental moral maxims by King Bharttri Hari. 
Translated and edited by the Ber. M. Nanissara, 
etc. {^SStSi {£^ZS^z5)C0 etc) pp. ii. 38. SansJc^kiid 
Sinhalese. Colombo, 1889. 8"". 14072. cc. 37.(2.) 

BIBUE, 0. W. See Bibile Bandasa, BtbUe 
Vijelcdn Herat-mudiyanaeldge. 

BIBILE BAHDASA, Bibile Vijehon Herat- Mudiy an- 
seldge. See YiRASiyHA (A. J.)^ Mdrambe Ban^dra. 
An English translation of ''The Yeddha Lan- 
guage" . . . with the co-operation of G. W. Bibile. 
1896. 8^ 14165. 1. 14.(2.) 

— Cpg©&<J CSS^COQO [Ayurveda-sangraha. 
A sale list of native medicines for various 
diseases.] pp. 27. Gsssj^S) iColombo,'] 1895. 
8^ 14165. c. 20.(16.) 

©v2353(3(53Q ©kC^QcJ tQo®Qo^6i<sy csjrfcgcooo 

[Eolarava or Samala-roga-sangraha. A treatise 
on Cholera, compiled from materials derived 
from the Tamil work " Jivarakshamritam '' of 
Snbrahmanya Pa^ditar, and other works.] pp. 1 8. 
®C55^(5 [Kandy,] 1889. 8^ 14165. c. 20.(3.) 

®^Q8©>oo». cS-^^eesge^ooJ® ©3(33© 

[Vedipota or Gtinikeliyogamalava. A collection 
of receipts for making various kinds of fireworks.] 
pp. 6. ®es)^S<5 [Kwndy,] 1889. 8^ 

14165. d. 19.(1.) 

Practical fire-work making. A translation 

of a Singhalese pamphlet on fire-works. By 
G. W. Bibile. pp. 6. [Colomho,'] 1897. 8^ 

14165. d. 19.(2.) 

BIBLE. The Holy Bible, translated into Singha- 
lese [begun by W. Tolfrey and continued by 
B. Glough, J. Chater, A. Armour, W. B. Fox, 
and other Wesleyan and Baptist Missionaries]^ 
and printed nnder the direction of the Colombo 
Auxiliary Bible Society. gS)§ Sk&S^cQ. 4 vol. 
Wesleyan Mission Press; Colombo, 1819, 1817-20. 
4^ 466. 0. 12-15. 

The Ptalms and Proverbs bear the date 1820, and iks 
New Testament 1817. 

[Beyised edition in smaller type.] pp. 898, 

314. Colombo, 1830, 1827. 8^ 3068. eee. 2. 

The New Testament bears the date 1827. 

[Another copy of pp. 1 — 24 only.] 

T. 2124. (6.) 

■ The Holy Bible translated into Singhalese 
by [S. Lambrick, J. Selkirk, and others,] 
missionaries from the Church Missionary Society. 

sag asaeoos, etc. pp. 540, 72, 308, 190, 

112. Church Mission Press; Cotta, Ceylon, 1834, 
1832. S". 1108. e. 21. 

This translation is known as the Ootta version. The Hew 
Testament^ which bears the date 1832, professes to have been 
translated "from the original Qreek/* 

[Another edition.] pp. 884, 331. Church 

Mission Press; Cotta, Ceylon, 1846. 8^. 

3068. d. 13. 

— [Another copy of the New Testament 
only.] 3068. d. 8. 

This New Testament has a special title-page in English 
and Sinhalese, in which it is called the second edition of the 
Cotta version. 

The Holy Bible translated into Singhalese 

and printed under the direction of the Colom'^ 
Auxiliary Bible Society. Q©§ SiSaeoo, etc. 
[A revised edition of the version of 1827-30.] 
pp. 862, 300. Wesleyan Mission Press; Colombo, 
1860. 8^ 3068. eee. 14. 

The Holy Bible translated into Sinhalese 

and printed under the direction of the Colombo 
Auxiliary to the British and Foreign Bible 
Society. GEgSg ©SQeoO, etc. [A revised 
edition of the version of I860.] pp. 907, 319. 
Wesleyan Mission Press ; Colombo, 1885. 8**. 

3068. g. 4. 





BIBLE {continued), [A revised edition of the 
version of 1885.] pp- 887, 313. Wesleyan Mission 
Press ; Colombo, 1890. 4^ 3068. h. 10. 

' [A reprint of the foregoing 4** edition, in 

smaller type.] pp. 873, 310. Wesley an Mission 
Press ; Colombo, 1890. 8^ 8070. dd. 8. 

[Another edition,] pp. 887, 313. British 

and Foreign Bible Society ; London, 1894. 8**. 

3068. aaa. 72. 

See Clabke (Adam). Clavis Biblica. . . . 

Translated into Cingalese. 1825. 12°. 

T. 2070.tt2.) 

See Di SiLVA (0. W.) . Pamons Children, 

. . . or Stories of Bible Children, etc. 1892. 12^ 

14166. a. 29.(17.) 

"■ See Haedy (R. S.). The Mirror of the 

Scriptures, etc. 1847. 8"". » 14166. aa. 7. 

^— Third edition. Pt. 1. 1887. 8^ 

14166. aa. 8. 

— — ' See Lambbick (S.). A letter addressed to 
the Committee of the Colombo Auxiliary Bible 
Society requesting a new translation of the 
Scriptures, etc. 1823. 8^ 3068. d. 4. 

See Mendis (F.). First steps to the know- 

ledge of Bible History. og^gooSg «a<Socs»><5c» 

1886. 16^ 

14165. a. 25.(2.) 

" See Selkirk (J.), Missionary, A short 
defence of the Cotta version of the Scriptures 
into Singhalese, etc. 1835. 8"". 3129. ee. 13.(3.) 

S)S©<3 8C50©09 [Bayibala-vibhagaya.] 

The Bible Examined. [An anti-christian criti- 
cism.] pp. zvii. 38. €)es>^8(5 [Kandy,] 1892. 
8"". 14166. aa. 9.a3.) 


■ See CoLOHBO. — Christian Literature Society. 

Series for Aged Christians. ®es)(g fS^csiSS coo& 
zSiodQ^Q [Tracts containing selections from 
the Bible.] 1892. 12^ 14166. a. 26.(3.) 

69c3CJ«S)<5©cJ Q©5$5flQ(^G0 [Selections from 
the Bible on the subject of idolatry. Second 

edition.] pp. 24. Church Mission Press ; Cotta, 
1831. 12^ 14165. a. 85.(6.) 

C30a)®ke38» gasjacsaoo [Satyaloka-praka- 

?aya. Selections from the Bible, arranged so as 
to elucidate the Christian doctrine.] pp. 22. 
Colombo, 1889. 8°. 14165. aa. 9.(6.) 

The teleetions are neither from, ike Cotta version of 1834, 
nor from the Sinhalese Bible of the Wesley ans. They seem 
to be independent translations from the English revised 


Scripture extracts, z^cj^ooo^ <pC5)®9 

Cj^genc^g <§QS^i^Q® etc. [Kristiyani agamafa 
aduttuvii igenvim.] pp. 38. Colombo, 1825. 
12^ T. 2070.(11.) 

No, 67 of a series of{Wesleyan Mission) tracts, 

Spiritual Food. <p05S«a e^cood^ [At- 

mika-bhojana. Extracts from the Bible for the 
instruction of Christian converts.] Second 
edition, pp. 8. Colombo, 1892. 16°. 

14165. a. 64.(8.) 

Old Testahent. 
Genesis. ©^©D^csciSSsrf ©cfl^e^ 

e^csoe^^e^esd ^®g gdS^oaesss sacs [Trans- 
lated by W. Tolfrey, B. Clough and ' others.] 
pp. 157. ^Colombo Avxilia^ Bible Society^ 
Colombo, 1821 f] 4^ 8068. e. 5. 

Apparently reprinted from the edition of the Bible of 

— EoBodus. Het tweede boek Moses genaamt 
Exodas, in de Singaleesche tale overgeset en met 
de Grond-Text wel overeengebragt, mitsgaders 
met goedkeuringe van de hoogeoverheid deses 
Eylands. In 't ligt gegeven door Henricus 
Philipsz. S. 54 ? Colombo, 1786. 4**. 

14166. bb. 6. 

Psalms. Singaleesche Psalmen en Lof- 

zangen (oC3(^@S(^ eacs) ^coQ^^cS^ss^o), op 
de gewoone Zangmaate onzer Kerke overgezet 
en bereimd [by Anthony Perera and Louis de 
Saram] ... op nieuw in 't ligt gegeeven onder 
opzigt van S. A. Bronsveld [with the addition 
of Psalms i., ii., vi., xxiv., xxv., li., Ixxxvi., 
ciii. and cxvi., translated by Henricus Philipsz]. 
pp. 96. Colombo, 1768. 8*. 14165. a. 31. 

With music ; no pagination. 

— Danid. The book of the Prophet Daniel 

c 2 





Translated ... by B. NewBtead. pp. 143. Eng, 
and ainh. Odombo, 1823. 12^ T. 2070/3. 

■ Jonah. Begin. Jonah: Chap. i. e^^^^o 
©flsrf ©9 0^030503. Eng. and Sink, [Trans- 
lated by R. Newstead?] [Colombo, 1823?] 12^ 

T. 2070/4. 

' Appendiw, Histories from the Old Testa- 

ment. C3<54^ e^G^t^zs^e^^^^e® z5i6o^^6)^<:Q 
[Parana-testamentuve kathantraralya.] pp. 58. 
Fourth edition. Christian Vernacular Education 
Society; Colombo, 1889. 12^ 14166. a. 29.(8.) 

New Testament. 

Het heylige Evangelium onses Heeren en 

Zaligmakers Jesu Christie na de beschryvinge 
van . . • MatthenSj Marcus^ Lucas en Joannes^ 
uyt het oirspronkelyke Grieks in de Singaleesche 
Tale, overgebragt [by Willem Konyn] en be- 
hoorlyk gerevideert [by J. P. Wetzel]. (De 
Handelingen der Apostelen beschreyen door den 
Evangelist Lucas wel eer in de Singaleesche Tale 
oyergezet door twee Singaleesche taalkundige 
Tolken . . . gerevideert, gecorrigeert en in het 
ligt gegeven door ... J. J. Fybrands en H. 
Philipsz). [Followed by the Epistles and 
Bevelation, translated by H. Philipsz.] 6 pt. 
Colombo, 1739-76. 4^ 3068. d. 16. 

[Another copy of pt. 1.] 

0. 12086. 

[Another copy of pt. 1.] 14166. bb. 6. 

— [Another edition of pt. 1, revised and 
corrected by J. J. Fybrands and H. Philipsz.] 
Colombo, 1780. 4^ 3068. e. 31. 

The Singhalese translation of the New 

Testament ... <ftB^©c98si®03 [Abhinava- 
givisumaya. A revised edition, in smaller type, 
of the version in the Bible of 1817—20.] 
pp. 670. Colombo Auxiliary Bible Society; 
Colombo, 1820. 8^ 842. f. 6. 

The New Testament 

translated and 

printed under the direction of the Colombo 
Auxiliary Bible Society. (q^dcJ c9Sb®oo) [Alut- 
givisnmaya. A revised edition of the version in 

the Bible of 1827—30.] 2 pt. Wesley an Mission 
Press ; Colombo, 1840. 12''. 8068. b. 82. 

[Pocket edition of the New Testament, 

taken from the Bible published in 1885.] 2 pt. 
Auxiliary to the British and Foreign Bible Society; 
Colombo, 1885, etc. 32^. 3068. a. 41. 

OtUv the Oospel aeeording to St, John, and the Acts of the 

[Another edition.] 4 pt. Auxilia/ry to 

the British and Foreign Bible Society; Colombo, 
1892. 32''. 3068. a. 66-69. 

The four Ooepele only. 

[Another edition.] 4 pt. AumUiary to 

the British and Foreign Bible Society; Colombo, 

1892. 16*^. 3068. a. 41, 71, 72, 76. 

The four OospeU only. 

©^cJqc5 2§C3C5 cdBoSsrf Qcs^ssfo^tS&csS 

(ig^§ ^gcJ cSSg® [Alut-givisuma. The New 
Testament, translated from the Latin of the 
Vulgate by G. Chounavel, Miss. Apost. 0. M. I.] 
pp. iii. 610,4. e^»3®SD [Colombo,'] 1897. 8^ 

14166. aa. 14. 

Containing only the four OoepeU. 

Matthew. The Gospel according to S. 

Mathew in familiar Singhalese. &25C)QD3(5 
©©«S@2rf eSocJ 8»(5©©^ooS5»)9 B©5) 
®©km©©Si3Cf gSQog QBOOCJ cpd^SQdcQ. 
[Translated by the Be v. S. Lambrick.] pp. 3, 
3, 2, 85. Church Mission Press; CoUa, 1826. 8^ 

3068. aaa. 63. 

Corinthians. [Polyglot.] ®^^SQ€) oodb 

®3 (33 3 [ Devadharma - pafhamalava. Versions 
of 1 Cor. xiii. (1) in Sinhalese verse, (2) in 
Pali prose by B. C. Childers, (3) the autho- 
rized English version transliterated in Sinhalese 
characters. Followed by versions of the Lord's 
Prayer in English, etc., and ttie Sinhalese prose 
version of 1 Cor. xiii. See PiSRis (B. S.). ^S^Q 
aS)®oe etc. pp. 10-17. 1890. 12^ 

14166. a. 29.(10.) 

' Appendix. An abridgment of the history 

of the New Testament... qpdcJcSS^Gv® tS)<^o€)cQ 
[Alutgivisume kathavaya.] pp.21. Church Mission 
Press ; Cotta, 1837. 12''. 14166. a. 36.(L) 

Histories from the New Testament. <^gcJ 

QiC^tSG^^®^^^® <S)d9^^e)(^Gd [Alat- 





testamentave kathantara.] Third edition, pp. 60. 
Ohristicm Vernacular Education Society ; Colombo^ 
1886. 12^ 14166. a. 22.(2.) 

— — Fifth edition, pp. 60. Ohrietian Liter a- 
ture Society; Colombo, 1892. 12"". 

14165. a. 29.(16.) 

BLAIB (William), Inspector of Schools. A School 
Arithmetic. (qd-^^S) oaca^GO) [Ganita-i^astrayaJ 
3 pt. Colombo, 1888-89. 12^ 14166. k. 29. 

Pt. S is a translation of his EngUih Vfork hsaring the 
same title, 

Second edition. Pt. 1. Colombo, 1888. 

]2^ 14166. k. 31. 

' [Another edition of pt. 1 and 2.] pp. 163. 

Colombo, 1888. 12''. 14166. k. 80. 

BLOK (John). See Muyadby-dI-yata. g<53^S 
C)a>S)a)^ to&zs^ g3e^<;Sc,3{a [Edited by 
J. Blok.] 1895. &". 14166. i. 21.(3.) 

BOVJEAV (Chbistophib Ebnist), successively JR. 
C, Bishop of Jaffna and Archbishop of Colombo. 
iSeePiiBis (P. A.). ^S^diGtsyd^iSsa^ca [A letter 
addressed to Archbishop Bonjean.] 1891. 12^. 

14166. a. 29.(14.) 

Life. See Psbeba (V. C). fgc5®^05cfc3^ 

6dJ«ic5Q ©^aoirfdiscf . . . ©kcri b©5«o3 [A 
poem on] the- life of • . . the Archbishop of Co- 
lombo. 14166. a. 29.(20.) 

tf©v2S53S)S8 e^^^G^^^^d . • . <fg<a3C3«3 

OQQOS [Jakobayit Vedabhedaye ... Anu^asana- 
patrayayi. A pastoral letter of the Archbishop 
of Colombo, condemning the Jacobite Schism.] 
pp. 29. [Oolomho,'] 1889. 8^. 14166. aa. 9.(4.) 

BSADLATTGE (Chablbs). ^oogd 8cs)^e^cj zs)g^ 
[Yesns-yahanse-kavuda. " Who was Jesus Christ ? ^' 
A tract compile#from Bradlaugh's works. Second 
edition.] pp.4. [Buddhist Theosophical Society; 
Colombo, 1890.] 12^ 14166. a. 13.(3.) 

BEGHSYSID (Siqisbibtus Abbahamsz). See Biblb. 
— Old Testament. — Psalms. Singaleesche Psalmen 
en Lofzangen, op de gewoone Zangmaate onzer 
Kerke overgezet en bereimd [by A. Perera and 
L. de Saram] ... op nieuw in 't ligt gegeeven 
onder opzigt van S. A. Bronsveld. 1768. 8**. 

14165. a. 81. 

BUDDHA. Buddha's birth-day. ^Qid C^ssi 
^9c3 [Budun-upan-davasa.] See Colombo.— 
Christian Literature Society, [Another series of 
Christian tracts.] No. 23. 1892. IQ"". 

14166. a. 67.(4.) 

Buddha's four noble truths. 6\CS3«)^S)S 

§S2rf©<55 ScpdoGOft C3»ao3 [Chatur - arya - 
satya.] See Colombo. — Christian Literature 
Society. [Another series of Christian tracts.] 
No. 24. 1892. 16^ 14166. a. 67.(4.) 

Who is Gautama Buddha f e^ffl«jffl® 

§g^ 2S)g<^ [Gautama-budun-kavuda.] SeeCo^ 

LOHBO. '--' Ndndloka Tract Society. [A series of 
Boman Catholic tracts against the Buddha and 
Buddhism.] Vol. i., no. 1. [Colombo,] 1889. 8?. 

14166. aa. 9.(7.) 

— [Life.] See Medhamkaba, of Vijayaidhu' 
parivejia. tQ^sS^ C3cS^» (S^©8fflQ0 [Jina- 
charita. A Pali poem on the life of the Buddha^ 
with a Sinhalese interpretation.] 1886. 8°. 

14098. e. 21.(2.) 

■ Buddha and his religion. An apcount of 

his Life and the Three Pitakas^ with an exami- 
nation of his Doctrines . . • g^qd-iS® @S^ 
t3C0 ^^3QdS [Gautama Budun saha Buddha- 
gama]^ etc. pp. 95. Christian Vernacular Edu- 
caiion Society; Colombo, 1890. 12^. 

14166. a. 16.(4.) 

®da)€)o^ ©-€^6)^00 [Mithya-vada- 

khandana. A tract attacking Jesus Christ, 
in reply to the Roman Catholic tract '' Who is 
Gautama Buddha f 'Mn a series published by the 
Nanaloka Tract Society of Colombo.] Nos. 1, 2. 
[Colomho,] 1889. 8^ 14166. aa. 9.(3.) 

The continuation of the controversy may be found in the 

same series. 

BTTDDHAOADTA. ^g)(5>dc5G0 [Buddhagajja. A 
Eulogy on the Buddha, in 40 corrupt San- 
skrit stanzas of about the 18th century.] See 

YADAMKAyi-POTA. & ^ £5^* IKS) @ 6^ C33 ^S) C3C0 gS)CO 

cj:5go. pp. 15-21. 6^«S30<g>&) [Cohwho^ 1868. 12^ 

14028. b. 68. 

g^Qo^aoo C30 C38ad2»So3 [Buddha- 

gadya. Another edition^ followed by the 





Sakaskadaya. pp.14. e^ss^a^gS) [Colombo J 1869. 
16^ 14028. b. 

ga^ddoB C3QD C3«S)C5235©03 [Buddha- 

gajja and Sakaskadaya. Another edition.] pp. 8. 
[Colombo,] 1893. 8^ 14166. b. 19.(22.) 

BUSDHAGHOSA. See Akouttaba-nikIta. — Kamma- 

niddna-sutta. asjS® 4©Cj^ SS^ ^'^^^ ^^^^ 
text of Ang. III. 83, followed by Buddhaghosa's 
commentary extracted from the Manoratha- 
purani.] 1897. 8^ 14098. c. 78.(6.) 

— See Akg uttaea NixiT a.— Pa^to&amma-«i<<a. 
Praptakarma Sutra. 93ca)2S)3)® S9<30 [The 
Pali text of Ang. IV. 61, followed by Buddha- 
ghosa's commentary, etc.] 1893. 8^. 

14098. 0. 68.(6.) 

— iSee Akouttaba-nikaya. — Sappuriaa'ddna- 
sutta, csogSco c^sS^ S^oe [The Pali text of 
Ang. V. 148, followed by Bnddhaghosa's com- 
mentary.] 1897. 8^ 14098. o. 78.(8.) 

See Anguttaea - nikIta. — Sarabha-sutta. 

esdcD S^^oo [The Pali text of Ang. III. 64, 
followed by Buddhaghosa's commentary.] 1897. 
8^ 14098. 0. 78.(7.) 

See Dhahhasena. csSf)® <5c«^3Sgo3 etc. 

[A Sinhalese work in the form of an amplified 
version of Bnddhaghosa's Dhammapadafthakatha.] 
1887, etc. 8^ 14166. b. L 

See Majjhima-nikata. — AchchhariyabbhutO' 

sutta. (fQ68cQSlCQZ5^ S9^ [^'^^^ P^^^ ^^^^ 
of Majjh. III. iii. 3, followed by Baddhaghosa's 
commentary.] 1897. S"". 14098. ccc. 4.(3.) 

See Majjhima-nikaya. — ChetoJehila-sutta. 

Chetokhila Sutraya, etc. [The Pali text of Majjh. 
I. ii. 6, followed by Buddhaghosa's commentary.] 
1897. 8^ 14098. c. 73.(1.) 

■ See SAimrTTA-NiKAYA. — Pabbatupama'sutta. 

oSB^O® SSQQ t^he Pali text of Sam. III. 
iii. 5, followed by Buddhaghosa's commentary.] 
1897. 8^ 14098. c. 73.(6.) 

Yisuddhimarga . . . with [the interverbal] 

commentary [in Sinhalese] of K. K. S. S. Pandita 
Parakramabahu, and a new explanation [i.e. an 
interpretation in Sinhalese by the editor, without 
the Pali text] . . . @;£g@@3&5)G0 etc. [Edited, 

with a Sinhalese preface, by M. Dharmaratna.] 
e^2S)3(SS) [Colombo,] 1888, e^c. 8''. 14098. dd. 3. 

In progress. 

See Haedy (B. S.) . A Manual of 

Budhism . . . translated from Singhalese 
MSS. (Wisudhi-m&rgga-sann^, etc.) 1853. 
8*. 4606. e. 

BXTDDHAPPITA. See Difankaea, called Bitddhap- 


BUSDEASAKKHITA See Si^haba, KeselUna. 
Janawanse, etc. [A poem on ethnology, founded 
on a supposed Pali original by a Buddharakkhita 
Thera.] 1864. 12^ 14166. h. 8.(2.) 

BUSDHA-SAKKHITA, Dediyavala. See Fonsxka 
{Don CoENKLis de), v. M. 82rftaSG0Sm [A 
poem on D. Buddharakkhita.] 1891. 8^ 

14166. e. 23.(2.) 

BTTDDEA-SIBI-TISSA, of Ambagahapiftye vihdra. 
C|^S®3e3 e^tD^GO [Adhimasa-bhedaya. An astro* 
logical treatise on the adhika-mdeae, or inter- 
calated months in the* Hindu Calendar, especially 
in connection with the computation of time for 
performing certain Buddhist rites.] pp. 30. 
e^sao^S) [Colombo], 1895. 8"". 14166. d. 26.(6.) 

BUDDHISM. No Salvation by Buddhism. §^>3 
G3@v§)cS cs>i@@® ^^ [Buddhagamehi gelavima* 
neta.] See Oolohbo. — Christian Literature Society. 
[Another series of Christian tracts.] No. 25. 
1892. 16^ 14166. a. 67.(4.) 

Plain Reasons why I should give up 

Budhism and become a Christian ... gcQooS) 
CjfG5c£)x(5 f@C3d?GOa^«S3a(5©ooes! S®Q ^©^©^ . . . 
2S)oc54^ [Buddhagama athera Kristiyanikarayek 
vimata tibena . . . karana. A Christian tract 
against Buddhism.] pp. 16. OaUe, 1892. 16"*, 

14166. a. 66.(3.> 

Buddhist Tract Society. 

BUDTJMTOA-irPATA §£§© C^^® C3Q0 StSaB-^JS 
isaa^ri^^ca ©^coQcJ ®c5<©4^ coiQOiC^e [Budu- 
mula-upata, called also Buduguna-^antiya or 
Marangana-sehella. A poem on the Buddha 
in 171 stanzas.] pp. 21. [Colombo,] 1893. 8*^. 

14166. b. 19.(24.) 





BULATGAMA THERA. See Dhahhalakkasa Su- 
HANATissA^ Bulotgama. 

BTJHTAV(John). le^ddkoo^ e)2dr<;:!^32S)9<5Gd36vc55 

(5) ® ^ [Kristiyani - vandanakarayage gamana.] 
Bnnyan's Pilgrim's Progress. Pt. 2. ChrUticm 
Vemacula/r Education Society; Colombo^ 1886. 
12^ 14165. a. 23. 

Imperfect f wanting pt, 1. 

BTJESES (George). See Ladt. Sermons . • . 
designed for Children. ... To which is added 
a Sermon by the Bey. George Bnrder. Trans- 
lated into Singhalese, etc. 1820. 12^ ' 

4456. b. 

BITBOHEBS (Michael). See Sinhalese. The 
alphabet of the Singhali, etc. [Three copper 
prints engpraved-by M. Burghers.] 760. 1 2. 

BTTCT, afterwards 8HEEW00D (Mabt Mabtha). 
The Ayah and the Lady, an Indian story 
illustratiye of the Ten Commandments, by 
Mrs. Sherwood. ®v^3^3 C3S3 CpGOO [Nona saha 
Aya. Translated from the English.] pp. 68. 
Ohristia/n Vernacular Ed/ucation Society ; Colovnho, 
1889. 12''. 14165. a. 16.(3.) 

CABSAL (Pedro) L. zs^Q ®€S C^^ [Eav-mini- 
dama. A modem poem in 103 stanzas on the life of 
St. Francis Xavier.] pp.17. e^^s^a^gS) [Colombo] , 
1892. 12^ 14165. a. 29.a9.) 

phrases rendered into Cingalese* 
Colombo, 1821. 12^ 

pp. 68, 12. 
622. f. 6.(1.) 

— — Karolukatawa. £g<5xQ2S)^3C) [A modem 
poem on birds and flies.] pp. 7, Colombo, 1893. 
12^ 14165. h. 10.(14.) 

CALLAWAY (John) . See Yakuh Na^anava. Yak- 
kun nattanawa, a Cingalese poem descriptive of 
• • . demonology ; to which is appended, the 
practices of a Capna or devil-priest . . . and 
Eolan Nattannawa • . . descriptive of the cha- 
racters assumed in a masquerade. Translated 
by J. Callaway. Illustrated • . • from Cingalese 
designs. 1829. 8^ 14165. i. 8. 

T. 1288.(10.) 

[Another copy.] 

-^— A Cingalese spelling-book, with the words 
explained in English, pp. 59. Colombo, 1825. 
8^ 12907. a. 

A philological Miscellany: consisting of 

[English and Sinhalese] words etymologized ; 
allowable synonymies associated, and apparent 
ones distinguished ; with an appendix containing 
pronunciation directed, European words current 
in Cingalese, and Cingalese words resembling 
words of other languages, pp. xii. 96. Colombo^ 
1823. 12^ T. 2070.(8.) 

— Hints on the Cingalese & English lan- 
guages, with a selection of Latin and French 

Seven Sermons in Cingalese . . . ev^es^oScf 

C5>mes!o3 pp. 12, 8, 15, 12, 10, 12, 12. Wee- 
ley cm Mission Frees ; Colombo , 1825. 12**. 

T. 2070.(11*.) 

CALLET (D. J. B.) . [Li/o.] See Baenabas (W. D.) . 
©^©1. 8. e^rf. S. 2S5i(Si© ... ©co2rf©kC^®x?s^ 
®^«3(5Q(5i escs) . . . tas^&K^^ Notes on the 
Revd. Fr. D. J. B. Callet. 1889. 12^ 

14166. a. 29.(9.) 

CATECHISM. The first Catechism. aQ^&^& 
eS) ^ tS ej ® 00 [Palamuveni katikismaya.] Seventh 
edition, pp. 24. Chnstia/n Vernacular Education 
Society; Colombo, 1886. 12^ 14165. a. 29.(5.) 

CATHOLIC SCHOOLS. First book of lessons for 
Catholic Schools, pp. 21. Eng., Sink., and Tarn. 
Colombo, 1876. 8^ 14165. 1. 4. 

CETLOV. Ceylon Oovernment Railways. (3&63)34^ 
&Q g®8oO S)j(fi [Lankanduve dumriya-marga. 
The Rules and Regulations of the Ceylon Govern- 
ment Railways, in force since January 1st, 1892. 
Translated from the English by Joseph Fonseka.] 
pp. 92. Colombo, 1892. 12"^. 14166. m. 4. 

' Devil Ceremonies in Ceylon. (36)0)36^© 

OOS3S8 6(g@k&^ [Lanka ve yaksha-pili vet.] pp. 12. 
See CoLOHBO. — Christian Literature Society. [A 
series of tracts.] No. 26. 1892. 16\ 

14165. a. 67.(4.) 

Glossary of Native and Foreign Words 

occurring in Official Correspondence and other 
documents. First published by the Ceylon 
Government on June 23, 1869. Revised and 
enlarged by B. Gunas^kara, Mudaliyar. pp. 33. 
Cdomho, 1893. Fol. 12910. L 7. 





CBTIOH (coTiiiniwd). The Geography of Ceylon 
for Schools. (3613)3 8 caS5 dee [Lankariataraya.] 
Ninth edition. pp. 45. Christian Vemaadar 
Hducation Society ; Colombo, 1889. 12°. 

1416S. k. 1«.<8.) 

Tenth edition. Colombo, 1891. 12'. 

14165. k. 16.<T.) 

[Reprint of] Tenth edition. Christian 

Litn-atwre Society ; Colombo, 1892. 12°. 

14166. k. 16.(6.) 

The History of Ceylon, compiled from 

Knighton, Pridham, Tumour, Tenuent, Fergu- 
son'a Handbook, etc. fioK)(3 (5otj3©@o3 ©cnSaJ 
(3fi]ol3S3)6o8 [Simhala-Bajavaliya or Lahha- 
kathava] etc. (Fifth edition.) pp. iv. 120. 
Christicm Vemamlar Edveation Society ; Oolomito, 
1889. 12°. 14166. a. 16. 

Baptist Missionary Society, Ceylon Branch. 

See LoNDOH. — Baptist Missionary Society. 

Central Irrigation Board. Memorandum on 

the Dntiea of Guardians and OTereeers in charge 
of Irrigation Works. ©caaSffliZifBgQ Qt^6 
oatsSssii €>i§ (^§^ (p^oB eD3e>fi flS^n . . . qca^cri 

©(^03 pp.7. Colombo, [UU.] 8°. 14166. n. 10. 

■ Department of PuUie Instruction. Extracta 

from the Code for Aided Schools, 1892. . . . 
€)ae)sa5i e>ao&«oarf (^gEJjcnsLfeOae^ »S®c6Jffl 
[Yyavastha-poten uputagannilada Niyoga.] pp. 
20. Colombo, 1892. 8°. 14166. 1. 22. 

' [Another edition.] pp. i 

Ooiomfto, 1893. 
14165. 1. 23. 

First (—Eighth) Standard Beader. o,g 

ge-©^ ( — CfSe©^) gSJo-sftosQ «9o3©sn©oooJ 
(First, Third— Fifth, Seventh, Eighth Standard 
Readers by 8. de Silva; Second Reading Book 
for Vernacular Schools by A. Van Ciiylenburg ; 
Sixth Standard Reader, Swabb&sh& Ratnad&maya 
by C. Alwis.) 8 pt. Colombo, 1886-90. 12°. 
14165. L 17. 

Imptiftei; wanting pt. 2, 6. 

Second edition. 

Wanting pt. 6. 

Cdombo, 1887-91. 12°. 
14166. 1. 18. 

CETIOV. DepartmerU of Pu&Zie IftttroBtion iam- 

tinued). [Standard Readers.] Third edition. 

Colombo, 1889-91. 12°. 14166. 1. 18. 

Wanting pt. 6, 

' Fourth edition. 

ColovOio, 1890-92. 12». 
14166. k. 25. 


WtaUing pt. 1. 3, 6. 

Fifth edition. 8 pt. Colombo, 1890-93. 

14166. 1. 80. 

Sixth edition. (Sixth Standard Reader 

by C. de Alwia, revised by S. de Silva.) Colombo, 
1891-92. 12°. 14166. k. 26. 

Pt. 2, 3 and 6 onlj/i tganling oti«r part*. 

Seventh edition. Pt. 1-6. Colombo, 1891- 

1893. 12°. 14166. k. 27. 

Colombo, 1893. 12^ 

14165. k. 28. 

Eighth edition, 

Pt. 1 and 6 on/jt. 

Ninth edition. Colombo, 1892. 12°. 

_ ^ , 14166. k. 2a 

Pt. 2 only. 

s>7Sa^8e)d.«fiice [Getapada- 

vivaranaya. A Gloasary to Fourth — Eighth 
Standard Readers.] pp. 16. [Lanhdbhinava 
Printing Press} «.iai^S) IGolombo,] 1893. 
6'. 14165. L 13.(2.) 

[Other publicationa of this Department 

will be found under the following headings :] 

Golea (S.). 

De Siln (Simon). 


J at ok BH . — (Jmrnajgof dtofai. 



BobertaoB (W. B.). 

CHAEBAPAHtDATTA. Chakradatta. &^ ensrsit 
[A work on Therapentica, with a verbal intei'- 
pretation in Sinhalese by Talavatugoda Jina- 
ratana.] Pt. 1. Sansk. and Sink. Colmnbo, 1893. 

8°. 14048. d. 47. 


CEALLOnEB (Richard), Bishop of Debra. Think 
well on it, or reflections on the great truths of 
the Christian Religion for every day in the 
month. qbsa§> e>c»c5«£)cs [Atma-bhojanaya. A 
Sinhalese translation. Second edition.] pp. xiii. 
287. {Colombo,'] 1889. 16°. iue5. a. 66.(5.) 

(!HANAETA. Ch&nakya Sataka, or the Oriental 
moral maxims [in 110 Sanakrit stanzaa] by the 





Chanakya Pandit. Translated [into Sinhalese, 
word by word] and edited by the Bevd. D. Jina- 
ratane, etc. (Qo^sss (SSitsxC)) pp. 21. Sansh. 
and SirA. Colombo, 1890. 8°. 14076. e. 

CHAVDRABEAKAJTA. Candra-bharana, a treatise 
on astrology [in 356 Sanskrit stanzas] ^ para- 
phrased by J. S. Rajasnndara Arachchi. Bevised 
by the Rt. Revd. H. Sumangala, etc. (Q^o 
CDd-^QO) pp. 2, 64. Sansh, and Sink, [Go- 
Umbo,'] 1889. 8^ 14063. cc. 62.(3.) 

CHATEB (Jakes). See Bible. The Holy Bible 
translated [by J. Chater, and other missionaries]^ 
etc. 1819, etc. 4"". 466. c. 12-15. 

■ [Bevised edition.] 1827-30. 8^ 

3068. eee. 2. 

See Lahbrick (S.). A letter . , . requesting 

a new translation of the Scriptures ... A letter 
in defence of the existing Singhalese version . . . 
by the Board of Translators [J. Chater, efc.]. 
1823. 8^ 3068. d. 4. 

CHETITA - TTTPATTITA. ®\©^oo C^cootSgo 
[Chetiya-utpattiya. A modem poem on the 
Buddha, his relics, and the Dagabas in Ceylon.] 
pp. 16. Colombo, 1892. 8^. 14165. b. 19.(19.) 

CHILD-BIBTH. Child-birth. How to have safe 
delivery and strong, healthy children. ©oe^^J 
»oesySc© [Balotpattiya.] pp. 35. Ohriatian 


Vernacular Education Society; Colombo, 1889. 12®. 

14165. c. 17.(1.) 

CHUDEBS (Robert Ciesab). See Bible. — New 
Testament.— (7ann^Atan«. [Polyglot.] ®^^ ©Q S) 
C3adb§)363© [Devadharmapathamalava. 1 Cor. 
xiii. in the Pali translation by R. C. Childers.] 
1890. 12^ 14166. a. 29.a0.) 

jDHOUHAVEL (0.) 0. M.L, Misa. Apost. /Sec Bible,— 
New Testament^ ©^rfgd t^cseg cdBoQjrf Sootrf 
e»d<»cd d^Q^g CfQSS(Q(^^^ [Alutgivisuma. The 
New Testament translated by C. Chounavel.] 
1897. 8^ 14166. aa. 14. 

the Virgin Mary, translated by C. Chounavel, 
Roman Catholic Vicar-General.] 1888. 16^ 

14166. a. 54.(2.) 

A grammar of the Sinhalese language. 

For the use of European students. Qots^Q Qxo 
233 (5 -C^ CO [Simhala-vyakarana.] pp. xvi., 232. 
Colombo,, 1886. 8''. 12906. d£ 24. 

©i©S®k® <pc5di©a(5S) [Gelavime atti- 

varama.] The Foundation of Salvation, pp. iv., 
99. Catholic Orphan Press ; Colombo, 1886. 16®. 

14166. a. 1. 

■ See Mary, the Blessed Virgin. Cfd(£g^ 

[The Litany of the Rosary and other prayers to 

aB<;S§ gflooo g^Qs^Se^cd d©«2»d3 

^sys^dcQ [Life of St. Lucy in Sinhalese prose.] 
pp. 82. Colombo, 1887. 16^ 14165. a. 2.(2.) 

CERISTIAV BAPTISM. Plain instructions to the 
Singhalese People on Christian Baptism, s^d^ 
093^ S)©ro[«ic]d®cO [Kristiyani Bavtismaya] 
etc. pp. 8. Church Mission Press ; Cotta, 1 838. 
12^ 14165. a. 36.(8.) 

CHRISTIAinTY. Milk for Babes, or A Catechism 
of the Elements of Christianity in verse, f^d^ 

[Kristiyani agame mul-karanagena kavi katikis- 
maya.] Sixth edition, pp. 16. Christian Ver- 
nacular Education Society; Colombo, 1886. 16®. 

14166. a. 66.a.) 

Seventh Edition, pp. 16. Colombo, 1889. 

16®. 14165. a. 56.(3.) 

CHRISTIAN BEUGIGH. The Great Truths of 
the Christian Religion. t^csdSooo^ £)€)j^^(3 
®es)25 CQ^SsxiCQiSicQ [Kristiyani -dharmanukula- 
mahat-satyayanya. Translated by J. F. de Mel 
from an anonymous English work of the same 
name.] Pt. 1. Colombo, 1892. 8®. 

14165. a. 28. 

CHVLA-BGDHIVAMSA. g(30^S)JS©o@vcs [Chula- 
bodhivaipsa. An account of the sacred Bodhi-tree 
and its offshoots in Ceylon.] pp. 25. e^«S)3(gS) 
[Colombo'], 1871. 12®. 14165. a. 42.(1.) 

CLARKE (Adam). Clavis Biblica; or, a com- 
pendium of scriptural knowledge, containing a 
general view of the contents of the Old and New 
Testaments, the principles of Christianity derived 






from them, and tlie reasons on which they are 
founded ; with directions how to read most profit- 
ably the Holy Bible. Originally drawn up for 
the instruction of two teerunanxes, or high priests 
of Budhoo, from the Island of Ceylon, by A. Clarke. 
Translated into Cingalese. pp. 112. Colombo, 
1825. 12^ T. 2070.(12.) 

CLOTrGH (Benjamin) . See Biblb. The Holy Bible 
translated [by B. Clough and other missionaries], 
etc. 1817-20. 4^ 466. c. 12-16. 

[Revised edition.] 1827-30. 8^ 

8068. eee. 2. 

' See Bible. — New Testament. — The Sin- 

ghalese translation of the New Testament. 
<^cB^9cBSg® [A revised edition of the ver- 
sion in the Bible of 1817-20.] 1820. 8^ 

842. f. 6. 

■ ' The New Testament . . . translated 

and printed undel* the direction of the Colombo 
Auxiliary Bible Society. (qfdcJcSSgSoo) [A 
revised edition of the version in the Bible of 
1827-30.] 1840. 12^ 3068. b. 22. 

— See Ladt. Sermons principally designed 
for Children, By a Lady. To which is added 
a Sermon by . . . Burder. Translated into Sin- 
ghalese by the Rev. Benjamin Clough, etc. 1820. 
12^ 4455. b. 

— See Liturgies. — England. — Church of. 
Prayers selected from the Liturgy of the Church 
of England, and translated into Singhalese. . . . 
By Benjamin Clough. 1819. 8^ 8406. cc. 27. 

A dictionary of the English and Sin- 
ghalese, and Singhalese and English languages. 
2 vols. Colombo, 1821-30. 8^ 622. f. 6, 7. 

• A Sinhalese-English Dictionary. . . . New 

and enlarged edition [of vol. ii. Edited by J. 
Scott and revised by B. Gunasekhara], pp. iv. 
824. Colombo, 1892*. 8^ 12906. dd. 44. 

Another copy in the Beferenee Library of the Department 
of Oriental Books and MaS, 

COLES (Stephen), Nice Children. «S5§® Q®Q. 
[Kadima-lamayi. A story book for the in- 
struction of children in Christian virtue.] pp. 77. 
Church Missionary Society i [Colombo, 1888.] 16**. 

14165. a. 56.(2.) 

COLES (Stephen) {continued). Those Boys I 
(^6Q^z5)odQssi G^ssi QDi© [Ara-kollanne heti. A 
Christian story.] pp. 26. Church Missionary 
Society ; Colombo, 1886. 12^ 14166. a. 29.(6.) 

Sinhalese Grammar [in Sinhalese]. fioQDQ 

Qmzsid^ficQ [Simhala - vyakarana.] pp. 79, 
Public Instruction Department; Colombo, 1881. 8^. 

14165. 1. 6. 

COLOMBO, the City of. e^ss^o^S) &Q) Sco^ddc) 
06^ GD®^ .... S)o(6 C30 2S525Q [sic] [Marga- 
sankhya. A poem in 80 stanzas descriptive 
of the road from Colombo to Kandy.] Second 
edition, pp. 12. Kandy, 1887. 12^ 

14166. h. 7.(1.) 

■ Buddhist Theosophical Society, See Lead* 
BEATER (C. W.) 6^S)-)S)(S 0^6^0)3 a) G9 [Bauddha- 
^i^ubodhaya.] 1886, etc. 16°, 

•— ^®©^03ffl etc. [Nampota. A list of 
names of Sinhalese Buddhists, male and female, 
issued by the Buddhist Theosophical Society.] 
[Colombo,] §. ©. 2432 [1888]. 8^ 

14165. a. 43. 

— — Report of the Buddhist Theosophical 
Society, Colombo. ©^?353(9® CJc5® ©ce^^o^ 
©^Si© C3®3CD©^® QoS^dQ . . . 1880-89. pp. iv. 
71, 12. e^sj»3©a [Colombo,] 1890. 8^ 

14165. b. 11. 

[A series of tracts on topics connected 

with Buddhism.] Published by the Col. Buddhist 
Theo. Socy. [Parama-vijnanartha-samagama, viz. :] 

No. 9. q^de)3<^ esCDc^QS^e) [Avavada-sangraha. 
By Jinadasa Premachandra Yira^ekhara.] 

No. 10. ®^Q 2S)3(£aac3 €)8sgo [Maha-ka?- 

No. 11. £)®§)C33@ tSoG^zsiCQ [Dhammapala- 

No. 12. ®^oo^oO [Madyapana, on drunken- 
ness.] [Colombo,] 1888. 16^. 

14165. a. 14.(1-4.) 

In progrsie* 

[Second edition of tracts Nos. 9 and 12.] 

Colombo, 1888, etc. lO^". 14165. a. 14.(5 & 6.) 

[Third edition of No. 9. only.] [Colombo^ 

§. S. 2434 [1890]. 16^ 14165. a. 14.(7*> 





COLOMBO. Buddhist Tract Society. [A series of 
tracts^ chiefly by Mohottivatte Gunananda Sthavira, 
and published by the Buddhist Tract Society in 
answer to certain similar and specified Christian 
publications.] Nos. 1-5, 6, 7 [in English], 8-10. 
lOolombo,'] 1887, etc. 16^. 14166. a. 13.(1-2.) 

In progre»$. 

[Second edition of Nos. 1 and 2.] Colombo, 

1888, etc. 8^ 1416S. a. 13.(2.) 

In progress, 

' Ceylon Religious Tract Society, See infra ; 

Christian Literature Society, 

' Children'^ Scripture Union, ©ogoeesj'e^cd 

(Sg^Q 35^^ C3®a®e^® e^oaoa [Balayange Suddha- 
grantha-samagame pota. An illustrated publica- 
tion containing religious anecdotes and short 
articles for children.] Nos. 1-8, 17-32. Colombo, 
[1886, etc.'] 4°. 14166. aa. 11. 

'" ■ Christian Literature Society. [A series of 
Christian tracts :] No. 1, " The Mango Story 
<f®2»i)3a'' etc. Nos. 1, 5-7, 9, 12, 13, 15-17, 
19, 21, 23, 28, 30-34. Colombo, 1887-91. 32^ 

141Q6. a. 63.(2.) 

' [Another series of Christian tracts.] 
Nos. 6, 7, 12, 14, 17, 20-27. Colombo, 1887-92. 
16^ 14166. a. 87.(4.) 

' [A series of Christian tracts for free 

distribution.] Nos. 1, 3, 4,6, 9, 10, 13-20. Colombo, 
1887, etc. 16^ 14166. a. 67.(2.) 

— — [Another edition of Nos. 1, 3, and 10-13.] 
Colombo, 1890, etc. 16^ 14188. a. 67.(8.) 

[Another series of Christian tracts for 

free distribution.] Nos. 17, 18. Colombo, 1890. 
16^ 14168. a. 87.(6.) 

■ [Another series of Christian tracts for 
free distribution.] Nos. 1-7, 9-16, 18-27, 29, 30, 
82, 35-43. Colombo, 1888, etc. 12^ 

14165. a. 26.(2.) 

[Another edition.] Nos. 1, 3, 4, 7, 13, 

88, 46. Colombo, 1892, etc. 12°. 

14165. a. 26.(4.) 

— - [A series of leaflets containing Christian 
anecdotes, selections from the Bible, etc., for free 
distribution.] Nos. 2, 4, 6. Colombo, 1886. 12°. 

14165. a. 26.(1.) 1 

OOLOMfiO. Christian Literature Society (continued). 
[A series of tracts for children, containing 
Christian stories, chiefly Biblical, with coloured 
illustrations.] 6 pt. [Colombo,'] 1886, etc. le*". 

14165. a. 57.(1.) 

— ^— [Eight tracts containing illustrated Bible 

stories by C. W. de Silva.] Colombo, 1892. 16*^. 

14166. a. 57.(7.) 

Series for Aged Christians. ®QDg 2§C3^ 

QQoA zaodS^rfQ [Mahalu-kristiyani-karayinta. 
Tracts containing selections from the Bible.] 
Nos. 1, 2. Colombo, 1892. 12°. 

14165. a. 26.(3.) 

^ Story of the Little Lamb. ©i9d C3iQ 

c£3<^cd ss^cdad [Betalu-pe^iyage kathaya. A 
Christian story. Second edition.] pp. 18. Co- 
lombo, 1892. 16°. 14166. a. 26.(13,) 

[Other publications of this Society will 

be found under the foUowipg headings :] 


Pe Pinto (I.). 
De Silva (C. W.). 
De Silva ^H.). 
De Silva (laaao) L. 
De Silva (J. S.)* 

Jesus Christ. 

Periodical Publications. -* 


Sabbath School Hymn Book, 
Smith (H.). 
Temperance Beciter, 
Todd (J.). 

■ Christian Vernacular Education Society. 
[Publications of this Society will be found under 
the following headings :] 





Bunyan (J.). 

Butt, afterwurdg Sherwoo4 

(M. M.). 



Gogerly (D. J.). 


Modder (E). 

Periodical PublicationB, -» 

Sinhalese Beader. 
Sinhalese Table-book. 
Victoria. — Queen of Grtat 

Britain and Ireland. 

' Church Missionary Society. [For publica- 
tions of this Society^ see the following headings :] 

Coles (S.). 

Liturgies.' — England, Chur^ of. 

Colombo Idiiseum. Catalogue of Pali, Sin- 
halese, and Sanskrit Manuscripts, in the Ceylon 
Government Oriental Library. [Compiled by L. 
de Zoysa.] pp. 26. Colombo, 1876. 8*. 

14088. d. 13. 

[Another copy.] 

1180S. k. 81.(8.) 
D 2 





COLOMBO. Colombo Museum (continued). Cata- 
logue of the Colombo Mnsenm Library. Pt. I. 
P41i, Sinhalese and Sanscrit Mannscripts. pp. 18. 
Eng. Colombo, 1892. 8"". 011901. ee. 

' Catalogue of the Colombo Museum Library, 

List of P&li, Si]}halese and Sanscrit Mannscripts. 
6^2333<sS) Gk2S)iCQ3es)iQS93(5 • . . gcsa^ss^aQG^QO^f^ 
€i&S>7^ . . . Bci©»»3© ®^o3qJS© eiScoogSS. 

(Compiled by S. F. Goonawardana.) pp. 5. Co- 
lombo, 1894. 8"". 14096. o. 13. 

' Ndnaloka Tract Society, [A series of Roman 

Catholic tracts against the Buddha and Buddhism.] 
Vol. i., noB. 1-4; ii. 1, 2. [CoUmbo,] 1889-90. 
8^'. 1416S. aa. 9.(7, 8.) 

- Svdharmopahdri 8am>dgama, [A series 
of Christian tracts.] Nos. 8, 4. Colombo, 1886. 
12^ 14166. a. 29.(2.) 

COPLESTOH (Reginald Stsphxn)^ Bishop of Co- 
lombo, ;5^iScSqO 8. d&. ^. GvC33@C3 ®0S)«9 

C3S)S)2^ . . . e^efcsafflo©^© eooSoo [A funeral 
sermon on the late C. H. de Soysa.] pp. 12. 
[Colombo,] 1890. 16^. 14166. a. 28.(8.) 

COREA (John Feedbick). Surasondasandesaya, or 
an Epistle per a Drunkard. gdaGvCddCL) CSG^^fl^OQO 
[Surasonda-sande^aya. A poem^ in 170 stanzas^ 
against drunkenness; edited^ with the addition 
of 19 new stanzas, by A. de Silya.] pp. x. 24. 
Colombo, 1893. 16^ 14166. h. 16.(7.) 

CRUDEH (Albxandib). A brief account of the 
history and excellency of the Scriptures. (qS)^ 
gooSe^Od ffl»3«ri'^doo^ SS^isa®^ . . . 

G\^(5i®^®tsJGd) Translated into Singhalese by 
R. Newstead. pp. 32. Eng. and Sink. Colombo, 
1822. 8^. T. 2070.(8.) 

CthTLEVfiirRO (Abthue H. W. tan). Second 
Reading Book for Vernacular Schools by A. Van 
Cuylenburg. e^QGkd^ 03Q)®G^03a. See 
CxTLON. — Department of Public Instruction, First 
(—Eighth) Standard Reader. Pt. 2. 1887. 12^. 

14165. I. 18. 

Third edition. 1889, 12^. 14166. 1. 19. 

Fourth edition. 1890. 12^ 14166. k. 25. 

Fifth edition. 1891. 12**. 14165. 1. 20. 

Sixth edition. 1891. 12^. 14166. k. 26. 

Serenth edition. 1891. 12^ 14168. k. 27. 

Ninth edition. 1892. 12^ 14166. k. 28. 

hamgetamalava. A oryptogrammatic poem of the 
15th century on the Buddhist doctrine^ in 81 
stanzas.] See Dahaxgitata. QCS)®a>i@oO [Da- 
hamgetaya. Followed by the Dahamgetamalava.] 

Pt. 2. 1865. 12^ 

14166. b. 6.a.) 

[Another edition^ accompanied by an in- 
terpretation in modern Sinhalese prose.] pp. 23. 
Colombo, 1893. 8''. 14166. b. 19.(27.) 

DAHAMOBTATA. QQS>®®i&)Gd etc. [Dabam- 
getaya. An ancient Buddhist didactic poem^ in 
59 stanzasj with an interverbal paraphrase by 
Dhammasena Thera. Edited, with a padayojana^ 
or glossary, by Don A. de Silva Devarakkhita 
Batuvantudave Pandit, and followed by a similar 
poem, in 81 stanzas, called Dahamgetamalava.] 
2 pt. ^<S)0£yS) [Colombo,] 1865. 12"". 

14166. b. 6.(1.) 
The verses have usuaUy two iiUerpretaHonSt (1) humoroue, 
and (2) religious, 

C3£Sf« ofi» ^CD®©i®i© [Another 

edition of the Dahamgetaya. With Dhamma- 
sena's paraphrase.] pp. 18. [Colombo,] 1887. 12^. 

14166. b. 14.(2.) 

DAHAM-BATHA-KALATA. ^qd® 6zs5^ ®0QqQ 
[A poem in praise of the Buddha's discourses, in 
139 tetrastichs.] pp. 20. [Colombo,] g. &. 2438 
[1895.] 8^ 14166. a. 68.(19.) 

DAHAVATAKA (D. L.). (decide [G^ihella. A 
modem Buddhist poem on the Byils resulting 
from eating meat, and on other similar subjects.] 

pp. 9. ®3d®d iOcill^,'] 1893. 8^ 

14166. b. 23. 


[Daivajnamukhamandana or Nakshatra-nighantu. 
A vocabulary of astrological names of lihe 
different divisions of time, of planets, etc, 
in 162 Sanskrit stanzas with their Sinhalese 
equivalents, followed by the Kendraliyana - 
kramaya, on casting horoscopes.] pp. 43. [C7o- 
lombo,] 1882. 8^ 14063. oe. S7.(2.) 

— — [Another edition.] pp. 37. [Colomho,^ 
1895. 8^ 14063. ceo. 8. 





DALA. ^(3fl?®<5i caOD (9S©sef8 C^» [Dala* 
kumara saha Giridevi-upata. The love story of 
a prince named Dala and his younger sister Gin, 
in 68 stanzas. Second edition.] pp.10. e^ss^o^gS) 
iOolombo,'] 1893. 12^ 14166. f. 12. (4.) 

' [Another edition.] pp. 10. o^goo^^oDoS 

[Piliyago4a, Colombo,] 1897. 12^ 14166. 1 18.(8.) 

SALADA-MALIOATA. The Dalada Maligawa. 
^&^ ®3@<5>oS) [A Christian tract on the Buddha's 
" tooth- relic '' at Ejindy, directed against its 
worship.] Third edition, pp. 12. Ceylon Religions 
Tract SodeU/; Colombo, 1892. 12^. 

14166. a. 36.(2.) 

DALASAPVJATAUTA Daladfipuj&waliya. ^@c^ 
S3C53S)@QO [An account of the Buddha's tooth- 
reliCj with an introductory sketch of his life and 
of the legend of Vijayo, in prose with extracts 
from the Pali Dathavamsa.] pp. 88. Vidydsdgara 
Press ; [Colombo,] 1898. 8^. 14166. b. 18.(7.) 

This work was written during the reign qf King 8ri 
Pardkramabdhu of Hastigiripura (Kurunsgala) A.D. 1295. 

^cb [Dalhi-karma-hatana. A poem, in 158 
stanzas, against the Buddhist monks of the 
Ambagahapitiya fraternity, disputing the validity 
of their ordination and ' confirmation ' or re- 
ordination.] pp. 28. &iQe^G^oQ lWeUto(a,] 
@. Q. 2486 [1893]. 12<'. 14166. a. 68.(16.) 

vibhayaniya. A Buddhist treatise on alms- 
giving.] pp. 19. «5»3© iKataiuwa,] 1893. 8"*. 

14165. b. 18.(6.) 

Lakara . . . [founded on Dandin's Kavyadar^a], 
etc. 1892. y. 14166. 1. U.(l.) 

See Vemha Thiba. fi^cj ocDdb®^© 

gdD®^ €3^0^00 [Sidatsangarave puratana- 
sannaya. Edited with appended illustrations 
from Dai^din's Eavyadar^a.] 187?. 12®. 

14165. k. 2. 

DARAMITIPOLA THESA. See Digha-nieata.— 
Mahdsaiipa(thdna'sutta, tQfsi^ C3(@S SonoGS^ 
oSldbo^ g^oo [With the Sinhalese verbal inter- 
pretation traditionally ascribed to Daramifipola 
Thera.] 1888. 8^ 14098. c. 20,(2.) 

O© jsxSdS . . . [Vandapav-kathava, followed by 
Darunelavilla, a lullaby.] 1869. 16^ 

14165. f. 7.(3.) 

DATTABAMA CEAUBE, Son of Krishnaldla, The 
Nadiprakashaya (^S»S9sS39(saQ8)- [A Sanskrit 
treatise on the pulse.] By the Dattarama Pandit. 
Translated [word by word, into Sinhalese,] and 
edited by N. A. W. [Don] Harmanis [de] Alwis, 
etc. pp. 18. Dodanduwa, 1890. 8°. 14043. o. 36.(2.) 

DAVn) (J. D.). See Andabe. The Biography 
of Andra, etc. [Pt. 1-3. Compiled by J. D. 
David.] 1891, etc. 12^ 14166. e. 22. 

— ^ tSQg^xJ cSdOCa^QO etc [Kibusun-sastraya. 
A tract on the omens derivable from sneezing 
on the several days and hours of the week. 
Translated from a Malay alam original by J. D. 
David.] pp. a ICoUmbo,] 1886. 12*. 

14166. a. 17.(2.) 

©ci oS 65§o^ [Vas-kavi-sivupada. A 

compilation of stanzas from various old authors, 
for use as imprecations.] pp. 14. Colombo, 1892. 
12^ 14166. h. 10.(10.) 

DAVIDS (Thomas William Bhts). See Acadbmies. 
— London. — Pali Text Society. The Yogavacara's 
manual of Indian mysticism, etc. Edited by 
T. W. Rhys Davids. 1896. 8^. 14098. b. 


(Hendbik). Wassantara Comedy . . . GsSesQ^di 
evades® etc. [Vesaturu-nadagama. Founded 
on the Yessantara-jataka, by H. de A. B. Vaidya- 
natha.] Colombo, 1873. 8''. 14166. g. 3. 

Son of Pabbeka. ca^rf^ C3(S® ©aSWioeStoa 
dDS)a)QO etc. [With a verbal interpretation in 
Sinhalese. Edited by A. de Abrew Vijayasimha.] 
[1889.] 8^. 14063. oc. 46.(2.) 

See Pathta-vakta. Pathya-v&kya or Niti- 

l§&stra, etc. Published by A. D. A. Wijayasinha. 
1881. 12^ 14086. b. 24.(2.) 

DE ABBEW VIJAYASIMHA (Manuil) . § zsy^ ssya 
Cjp^dbtfnoO • . • The British Empire and Her 
Majesty's Jubilee, pp. 21. Colombo, 1887. 16^ 

14166. e. 10X8^.) 





DE ALWIS {Don Habhakis)^ Ndndyakkdravaaam 
AUkshandra Viddneldge. See Dattabama Chaube. 
The Nadiprakashaja (^oSQss^ocsaQQ) • Translated 
and edited by N. A. W. [Don] H. [de] Alwis, 
etc. 1890. 8^ 14043. o. 35.(2.) 

DE ALWIS (D. P.). See Alwis (D. P. D.). 

VA^SA. The . . . Attanagaluvansa • . . with notes 
by J. Alwis. 1878. 8\ 14098. c. 14. 

Second edition. 1887. 8**. 

14098. 0. 66. 

See Vedeha Theba. The Sidath Sanga- 

rawa, a grammar of the Singhalese language, [and 
the Vibat-maldamaJ translated into English, with 
introduction, notes, appendices, by J. De Alwis. 
1852. 8^ 14166. I. 24. 

[Another copy.] 

12907. 0. 18. 

■ qfCsS)ae^(5jQS5-^Qe [Asvarohana. A poetical 

description of the crowd at the Colombo horse- 
races of September 1853 and 1854.] Oolomho, 
1869. 12^ 14168. h. 3.(7.) 

A descriptive catalogue of Sanskrit, Pali 

& Sinhalese literary works of Ceylon [with 
extracts from texts]. Vol. i. pp. xxx. 243. 
Colombo, 1870. 8^ 14098. o. 6. 

• The Imperfect State of a Buddha, proved 

from the life and doctrines of Prince^Siddhartha/' 
§g©(5e^oe8?®^cd ^coeg^cioSoo [Buduvaraye- 
kuge asampiirnatavaya] etc, pp. 30. [Colombo,'] 

1888. 16% 14166. a. 12.(1,) 

DE ALWIS (Karlin). ®^t^S)2siQe^B . .. Bssizs)® 
QiS^^o^ [Dodanduve . . . Pinkam-varnanava, 
A poem, in 48 stanzas, descriptive of a festival 
held in 1889 at *' Kumara-maharvihara,'' Buddhist 
temple in Dodanduwa.] pp^ 7. e^z^o^Si [Colombo,'] 

1889. 8% 14168. U 16.(3.) 

DE ALWIS (Sadiris), Ueperuma-Achchipe. See 

Dh AMMAKKHAND A, raZ--4raiH66. (^JSCf^jD-Q^ d'aG52S5Q9 

[Edited by I. S. de Alwis.] 1866r 8°. 

14165. f. S.(l.) 

• SoC5(ga?(9 a©^ . . . The Sinhalakula 

Puwata, etc. [A work in verse on the origin 
of the Sinhalese race.] ©\«53J(g® [Colombo,] 
1886, 12^, 14166. h. 4.(4.) 

DE ALWIS (William), Vafutantirlge. See Sa&aka- 
PALA, Mdtara. ©^CD©^© (fSCf,c^©G5 [Heladiv- 
abidanavfkta. Edited by V. W. de Alwis.] 1892. 
8^ 14166. I. 7.(3.) 

DE ALWIS (W. B.) See Yagbhata. Ashtanga 
Hridaya. Translated into Sinhalese by W. B, 
de Alwis, etc. 1893. 8''. 14043. d. 46. 

DE ALWIS OUVATILAEA {Don Adibian) @\S)iS) 
wSosa^ ^O^Soe [Bauddha-pratipatti-dipani. 
A manual for Buddhist worship, consisting of 
Pali texts with Sinhalese comments and instruc- 
tions regarding their use.] pp. 34. [Colombo,] 
1889 . 12^ 14098. a. 18.(2.) 

[An enlarged edition, containing the 

complete text of the Mahasatipatthana-sutta.] 
pp.76. [Colombo,] 1890. 12^ 14166. a. 88.(6.) 

[Another edition of the foregoing,] pp. 80, 

[Colombo,] 1895. 12°. 14098, a. 29.(2.) 

— — [Another edition, in larger type.] pp. 122, 
iv. [Colombo,] 1897. 12^ 14098. a. 29.(3.) 

DE FOHSEKA. {Don Gobkelis), Vidagama Mora- 
wahkordlldge. See Fonseka {Don C. de), V. M. 

DE JAirSS (I. C). Arabian Play e^titled ''Three 
Sisters.'' ©o© C3C55j^5 e^^e^d (9 e^^oQ oo zs^q 

ete, [Founded on the story of the " Three 
Sisters '' iu the Arabian Nights. In two acts,] 
pp. 30. Colombo, 1890. 8°. 14166. g. 8.(6.) 

DE LEVEBA (F.). See Selkjbk (J.), Missiofiary, 
A short defence of the Cotta version of the 
Scriptures • . , in answer to a pamphlet entitled 
" Remarks on the Cotta version ... by F. de 
Levera,'' etc. 1835. 8^. 3129. ee. 13.(3.) 

DE MEL (James F.). See Chbistian Religion, 
The Great Truths of the Christian Religion. 
[Translated by J. F. de Mel.] 1892. 12^ 

14166. a. 28. 

DE PIVTO (Is^Ac) . Female character. C3^, CQ 4fli 
QSt5)o6cQ [Strigunalankara. A Christian poem 
in 66 stanzas, founded on materials derived 
from the Bible.] pp. 16. Ceylon Religious Tract 
Society ; Colombo, 1888. W. 14166. a. 67.(8.) 

■ ^ Second edition. See Colombo.— OAmftaii 
Literature Society. [A series of tracts.] No. 20. 
1890. 16^ 14166. a. 67.(4.) 





DE SABAH (David), ©es^d zs)^^ dozs^2S)CQ 
[A poem in 109 stanzas^ founded on the Maha- 
kanha-jataka (Fans. 469).] pp. 16. ^zs^o^Si 
iColombo'], 1870. 8^. 14168. f, 8.(4.) 

DE SAKAM (Hendbick) . q^®3€)^@\£ g&^3edesQ0(3 
cg^rSoiJ 8© (54^00. [A modem Sinhalese 
glossary to the first part of Gurulugomin^s Ama- 
vatura.] pp. 13. iGolombo,] 1887. 8"*. 

14165. i. 6.(2.) 

DE SARAH (Louis). See Biblb. — Old Testament. 
'-^Psalms. Singaleesche Psalm en en Lofzangen 
op de gewoone Zangmaate onzer Kerke overgezet 
en bereimd [by A. Perera and L. de Saram]^ etc. 
1768, 12^ 14165. a. 31. 

See PsBERA (A.) and Db Sabam (L.) 

Singaleesch-Gezangboekje . . . door A. Perera en 
L. de Saram op de Digt-en-Zangmaat Petri 
Datheni gestelt, ete. 1755. 12''. 14165. a. 30. 

DE SABAM (Sakuel). See Febguson (A. M.). 
''Mehe varen'^ • . . being a Sinhalese translation 
[by S. de Saram] of . . . Ferguson's Inge Va. 
1897. 12^ 14165. k. 37. 

DE SILTA (Albebt). See Ababian Nights. The 
Arabian Nights Entertainments. (^d)@ ^e^oi 
OQoeSQO [Translated by T. Earunaratna and 
A. de Silva, from the English edition revised by 
J. Mason.] 1891, ete. 4^ 14165. ff. 2. 

' See Babana Ganitaya. tQee^«S3)e^SJ 

€3G^^(5aGd [Nilakobo - sande^a. Edited with 
annotations by A. de Silva.] 1896. 8^. 

14165. i. 17.(4.) 

— ^— See CoBEA (J. F.), Sorasondasandesaya, 
or an epistle per a drunkard. gdD@^C83c) 
€96^0^000 [A poem against drunkenness, edited 
with new stanzas by A. de Silva.] 1893. 12''. 

14165. h. 16.(7.) 

■ See Db Silta (H. E.) and (A.). Glossary 

, . . by H. E. De Silva and A. De Silva, etc. 1888. 
16^ 14165. k. 15. 

' . ' See KiBiifBTiYAVB Metindu. Mahahatana. 
®03CS)Q« [Edited by A. de Silva.] 1896. 12^ 

14165. h. 10.(17.) 

■ See NiMiTiOALA Gakitata. Mahasohon 

Bamayama • . . . [Edited by A. de Silva.] 1892. 
B\ 14165. d. 26.(6.) 

DE SUVA (Albebt) (continued). See Sabe-vidanb, 
Sescf^gcJcg 2S)cdo3 [Sinnamuttu-kathava. A 
Tamil tale edited by A. de Silva.] 1892. 8°. 

14165. f. 28.(13.) 

— — Albert's Novels. [A series of short tales 
in prose and poetry.] Colombo , 1892, etc. 16°. 

14165. f. 27. (1.) 

No. 1. Viznala. 

No. 2. Adara-haffuna. 

No. 3. Siribari. 

In progress. 

— ^— A poem on the Volunteer Camp at Ura- 
gasmanhandiya (e^SaQirfSood? 2S)^§<5) [Volun- 
tiyar Kandavura.] pp. 14. Dodanduwa, 1890. 
12^' 14165. h. 10.(6.) 

Bhematirtalankara, or The Beauty of Ben- 

tota. ((3®^S3 (3&B3)3dQ0 6^CS)e):Q5 @^3£d'@^^39 

QzSi6) [Bhimatirthalankara or Bentotalakara. 
A poem in 112 stanzas, on the fishing village 
Bentota.] pp. 16. Dodanduwa, 1890. 12°. 

14165. h. 10.(5.) 

Kawminikalamba (ea©®-€^235©®). A 

poem on Matara and Matara Gymkmana [i.e, 
Gymkhana] Meet, 1890 [in 103 stanzas], pp. 21. 
Dodanduwa, 1890. 12°, 14165. h. 10.(7.) 

Ojrfge^zagGO [Pandukeliya. A poem in 

20 stanzas on the game called " Pandu-keliya.'^] 
pp. 4. Colombo, 1888. 12°. 14165. h. 10,(1.) 

Wesakkawmaldama. A walk on Wesak- 

night. e\Sc3eJ253©®(^<5® [A poem in 87 
stanzas, descriptive of the Buddha's birthday 
festival in 1893, as celebrated in Colombo.] 
pp. 12. Colombo, 1893. 8°. 14165. b, 19.(25.) 

DE SILTA (Allis), Babangumnndnse, e9es{e)(3 
@CJ^(5g8 etc. [Sakvala-vistaraya. A collection of 
126 viridu songs on the system of the universe, 
etc,'] pp.13. ©3d©s(^ . [(?a«fl,] 1885. 8°. 

14165. i. 11.(2.) 

The last two portions of this toork, tohieh have a continuous 
verse-numbering y are entitled respectively Dolosrasiya and 
Yiridu-alankaraya, the former treating of the 12 signs of the 
xodiae, the latter containing some comie songs. 

DE BXLVA (Abnolis), Manamdlage, g^S2S>3(3tfi@c9 

[Miishikalarkavisha-ohikitsa or Mi-viyaru-balu* 
visa-vedakama. A treatise on the bitea of rats 
and mad dogs^ mostly consisting of Muehikakalpa 





and other extracts from the Su^ruta^ accom- 
panied by a Sinhalese translation.] pp. 30. 
Sanskrit and 8inh. iColombo,'] 1891. ff*. 

14166. 0. 11.(3.) 

DE SUVA (Bastian) T. <f ©c^ifi ®3(3go [Avrudn- 
malaya. A modem poem in 81 stanzas on 
the Sinhalese New Year.] pp. 11. Oalie, 1891. 
12<>. 14168. h. 10.(8.) 

Wiridumalaya. 8Sfi ©3© GO [Viridu- 

malaya. A collection of songs sung extempore 
to the accompaniment of a tambourine.] pp. 11. 
<»oded [GaK^J 1891. ST. 14168. i. 18.a6.) 

DE SUVA (Chables Henbt). Timber Measure. 
^g®5©G5GO [Dafiduminitaya.] pp. 25. [Colomboyi 
1886. 12^ 14168. d. 88. 

DE SUVA (Chables William). See Colombo.— 
Christian Literature Society, [Eight tracts con- 
taining illustrated Bible stories by C W. de 
Silva.] 1892. 16^ 14168. a. 67.(7.) 

" ■ See EsTHEB. The story of Queen Esther. 
[Translated by C. W. de Silva.] 1892. 4**. 

14168. bb. 1.(8.) 

' See Hopkins {Miss J. E,). Man and 

Woman, or the Christian Ideal, gdiaooo cseo 
cs^ ©^qdQgJ fgcaeSooaiS C3<5®3dBoo [Trans- 
lated by 0. W. de Silva.] 1889, 16^ 

14166. a. 86.(4.) 

— '- — See Jesus Chbist. The life of our Lord 
Jesus Christ. («.. G^dgej sgcoQ^d Scs^sd'G^cJGiQJ 
c?8m«ad3S) [Translated by C. W. de Silva.] 
1892. 4^ 14168. bb. 1.(3.) 

See MoDDEB (E.). Nursing the Sick. 

^C%)^® ^0^^®iZ5i8® [Ledunta sattu- 
kerima. Translated by C. W. de Silva,] 1891. 
12^ 14168. 0. 17.(8.) 

' See BuTH. The story of Ruth. (diCj 

©^crf 0560$) [Translated by C. W. de Silva,] 
1892. 4% 14166. bb. l.Q.) 

The History of Ruth, di^i z5)6oQ 

[Rut-kathava, A poem in 1J8 stanzas.] 
Second edition, pp. 24. See CojiOMBO. — 
Christian Literature Society. [A series of 
tracts.] No. 12. 1892, 16*. 

14160. a. 57,(4.) 

D£ SUVA (Chables William) (continue^. Famous 
Children of long agOj or Stories of Bible 
Children. gdb-^S i&iS6i®xd <3®S [Purana- 
kirtimat-lamayi. Compiled by C. W. de Silva.] 
pp. 79. Christian Literature Society; Colombo, 
1892. 12^ 14166. a. 29.a7.) 

The Liar. [A Christian tract.] ekSb(5i 

03c5q83 [Borukaraya.] pp. 28. Ceylon ReUgicui 
Tract Society; Colombo, 1891. 12**. 

14165. a. 15.(6.) 

Life at home. og©k(J (JS^oa [Pamle 

jiyitaya. A Christian treatise on family life.] 
pp. 62. Wesleyan Mission Frees; Colombo, 
1885. 12^ 14166. a. 21. 

[Second edition.] pp.110. Ceylon Belt* 

gious Tract Society; Colombo, 1888. 12^. 

1416S. a. 29.(7.) 

— — The Slanderer. [A Christian tract.] <^£sf 
(23® f&OQ2SisS^o [Kelam - kiyanna.] pp, 26. 
Ceylon Reli'gious Tract Society; Colombo,1891. 12**. 

14166. a. 16.(7.) 

Soka Wiwaranaya in remembrance of Marie 

Lovise [sic'] • . . Wife of C. W. D'Silva. i^csaoss) 
Sdd^J^QO [Soka-yivarana. A poem in 80 
stanzas.] pp. 16. Colombo, 1891. 16®. 

14166. h. 13.(1.) 

Surasonda sandesa. ^dbG^CSdc) CSG^^ogo 

[A poem against drunkenness^ in 200 stanzas.] 
pp. 32. Christian Literature Society; Colombo, 
1892. 8^ 14166. h. 16.(4.) 

DE 8ILTA (D. S.). English- Sinhalese pro- 
nouncing Dictionary^ including a very copious 
selection of scientific and other terms for general 
use. Compiled and edited by D. S. de Silva. 
(§o(^&'&o^Q (5aSX; <fiss^6o^QQ, etc. [Ingrisi- 
Siiphala $abda*akaradiya.] Pt. 1. e^zs^o^S^ 

[Colombo], 1885. 8^ 12906. d£ 21. 


■■ Is there a moral Creator of the Universe? 

pp. 10. ©k«»3©® [Colombo,] 1886. 8*. 

14166. b. lO.a.) 

DE SaVA (D. W.) and V&USIMHA (A. J.), 
Mdrambe Bai(t4dra, A practical synopsis of 
Ceylon History compiled by D. W. De Silva and 





A. J. W. Marambe . . . Qoxs^yzs)&o ggg«S5<5-€^0B 
[Lankakatha-suluprakarana.] pp. 39. ed3(^G^(^ 
[GaUe], 1895. 8^ 14166. e. 18.(4.) 

DE SUVA (David). See Nicholson (J.)* A 
pocket dictionary of the English- Sinhalese lan- 
guages. • . . Revised and enlarged by . . . David 
de Silva. 1886. 12^ 12806. aa. 39. 

DE SUVA {Don Dines), of Barnbarenda. Gk&^cs) 
Qq^^ [Vedahatane. A satirical poem, in 104 
stanzas, on Native Physicians.] Second edition, 
pp. 15. 0vS33(9® [Colombo,'] 1891. 8®. 

14165. i. 15.(14.) 

2%d poem ends at p, 14. Ptige 15 treats of the 
31 unlucky days of each year, tohich are stated to he 
recorded tn a Latin inscription discovered in 1667 on 
a waU of the Church called **Alsifnan** in Denmark, 
This seems hardly to have any connection with the main 

Fifth edition, pp. 15. Colombo, 1891. 

8^ 14165. i. 15.(15.) 

DE SILTA {Don Philip), Epd Appuhdmi. See 
Ephekebides. (§' gg) 3& . . . 2420 (2429, etc.) 
. . . 1799 (1808, etc.) Ephemeris, etc. [Com- 
piled by Don P. de Silva.] 1877, eU. 8^ 

14165. n. La-2), n. 2. 

See RlHULA, Totagamuve. C3i(5«?®S)3 SS» 

Perakumbasirita. [Edited by Epa Appuhami 
and others.] 1866. 8°. 14165. i. 5.(1.) 

See Sali-blb Sami. go^s^ooeft csaoxsoe 

etc. [Edited by Don P. de Silva.] 1864, 12^. 

14165. h. S.a) 

— — flfe« 9bi-Chandba. C33(5c3o®kas3SOG0 [Edited, 
with an interverbal interpretation in Sinhalese, by 
Don P. de Silva and others.] 1865, etc. 8''. 

14043. d. 23. 

■ qf(fi^© c5om«a dcJ^GO [Abhinava- 
jataka«ratna. An astrological work in prose 
and verse. Published with notes by G. Don 
Pelis Appuhami.] pp. 94. ^gao^® [Colombo,] 
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— — — [Second edition. Published by the author.] 
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14165. d. 4. 

[Third edition.] pp. 100. Colombo, 

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DE SILTA {Don Philip), Epd Appuhdmi {con- 


tinued). §)^Aa5 ®2Sit5>0®4S [Muhurtachinta- 
mani. An illustrated astrological treatise, mostly 
in verse, dealing with auspicious times, especially 
for the commencement of various operations con- 
nected with agriculture, etc.] pp. 53. 6v2S)3(gS) 
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stanzas, on the life of Yalane Siddhattha Thera.] 
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14165. i. 5.(5.) 

DE SUVA (F. W.). See Rajadhibajasivha. 
Bajadhirajasinha's Poem. The Asadrisa jatakaya. 
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and (Albert). Glossary of the Seventh 

Standard Header by H. E. De Silva and 

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DE SILTA (H. T.) . Turo and Sillia. Translated 
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Sinhalese for the stage] according to Hindustan 
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dren. S)o(3S«ri'S GOCaoaJ egdiza® [Balayinta 
Tahapat Gurukam.] pp. 38. Christian Liierar- 
ture Society ; Colombo, 1892. 16**. 

14165. a. 25.(16.) 

DE SILTA (Isaac). ^Qoe^t^oe^z^^ zsa^^ 
S«rf9 S63<5^C33©kdDC}CpS [Balaporottu-kadavu- 
vanta Balaporottuva. ''Hope for the hopeless,'* 
being a list of patent specifics for venereal diseases, 
sold by Isaac de Silva.] pp. 9. Colombo, 1889. 
8^ 14165. e. 20.(4.) 

DE SILTA (Isaac), L. The Happy and Miserable 
Families. SoC3«$>385S»> C3QD fi53<33ja?S5:S og<^ 
[Vasanavanta aaha kalakanni pavul. A Christian 





tale in a conversational form.] pp. 232. Ceylon 
Beligiaui Tract Society ; Colombo, 1888. 12°, 

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■ Second edition, pp. 232. Colombo, 1893. 

12^ 14165. a. 60. 

DE SUVA (Jandobis). See Muneotuyk Bala. 
C3CS)c^c5&^ [Sangarajavata. Bdited by J. de 

Silva.] 1867. 8^ 

1416S. i. 5.(3.) 

DE SILVA (John) . Nala Bdja Charita. [A play 
in 5 acts.] Composed by J. de Silva for the 
Ceylon Oriental Dramatic Company, Limited. 
eSX2 <^^ ©8c5Q0 etc, Colombo, 1886. 8**. 

14165. g. 7.(2.) 

Sita Harana or "Ginigath Ramayana.^' 

[A play in 5 acta.] . . . fiojo ^64^ ©vQS^Ssf 
"sS^corf'* dD®DG04^, etc. pp. 20. [Colombo,] 
1886. 8^ 14165. g. 7.(8.) 

The Tragedy [in five acts] of Daskon 

Adigar . . . ^cie^saDescf ^oSgaGO pp. 11. ev«s53 
e® [Colombo,] 1888. 8^ 14166. g. 8.(8.) 

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Second edition, pp. iii., ii., 151, vi. 

Ceylon Beligioua Tract Society; Colombo, 1892. 
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6i®^o [A drama in 3 acts.] pp. 20. Colombo, 
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also S.). (5o®3 6^sy^ c^®cQ Upama Ratna- 
damaya, etc. 1888. 12^. 14165. h. 9.(7.) 

See Mbndis (T. A.). ©^©gGOS g'^soJ 

^ fi(^©o . . . Notes on Chevalier J. de Silva 
. . . by T. A. Mendis. 1888. 12^. 

14165. e. 12. 

DE SUVA (Jusey) B. See Vijayasekhara (M.) 
L. D., and Db Silva (J.) B, Ganitawarnan&wa 
®<^^Sltf^«3© 1893. 16^ 14165. k. 6.(6.) 

DE SUVA (S. S.). See Hobabharana. e^es^oci 
©<5-€^ [An astrological work in 98 Sinhalese 
stanzas, edited by S. S. de Silva.] 1892. 8^ 

14165. d. 24.(4.) 

DE SUVA (Samuel). gsS)iS) gzaocsacso (®o(S>asl) 
[Banddha-prakasa (^marga), Buddhist tracts 
in catechetical form.] 2 pt. ©ige^oaoO, S). ©• 
2438 [Welitota, 1890]. 16^ 14166. a. 12.(8.) 

DE SUVA (SiDOBis). See Susbuta. @@z^S33 
©aSzsd'SQxrf C3o®acS» . . . csaa SdcocSo ^® [The 
Sarirasthana of Susruta's Ayurveda, ^th an 
interverbal interpretation in Sinhalese bj S. 
de Silva.] 1882. 8^ 14043. e. 18. 

DE SUVA (Simon), Mudaliyar. SeeKiLEhT ( ). 
Lessons on Domestic Economy^ adapted . . . from 
Keely's ''Domestic Economy'' by S. Do Silva, 
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Second edition. 1893. 8**. 

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See RoBBBTSON (W. B.). A Primer of 

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First, (Third— Fifth, Seventh, Eighth) 

Standard Reader, by S. De Silva. C3<gf)©v€)^ 
(^^rf©^©^ — C3Ci®kQ^ ocSev©;© ^Oe^Q:©) 
9®3 4^e^aJo3d)® ©^03». Sea Ceylon. Depart- 
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— Second edition. 1887, etc. 12^. 14165. 1. 18. 

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Fifth edition. 1891, etc. 12^ 14165. 1. 20. 

Sixth Edition. (Sixth Standard Reader 

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Seventh edition. 1892, etc. 12°. 

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Eighth edition. 1893, etc. 12^ 

14165. k. 28. 





DE SUVA (Simon), MudaUyar {continued). 
Knmarodaya Wamanawa, with its Englisli trans- 
lation. A poem on the • • . hononrs paid to . . . 
the Prinoe of Wales on the occasion of his yisit 
to Ceylon [in December 1875]. (c^Soe^do^GO 
©4^%^«oQ etc.) pp. 24, 18. Colombo, 1876. 
8^ 14165. e. 4. 

A poem on the late [i.e. Sept. 1872] 

inundation [of the Kelani river], by S. D'Silva. 
edo3c^(5 etc, [Gamratura.] pp. 8. G^2S39<gS) 
[Colornho^l 1872. 8^ 14165,1.4. 

Sinhalese First Book. C3©Sl©^S^ oocD® 

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- Sukhopad^saya^ a sanitary Primer. Adapted 
. . . from ''The Way to Health '' . . . by Mudaliydr 
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Third edition. Colombo, 1886. 8®. 

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Fifth edition. Colombo, 1890. 8®. 

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•^ Seyenth edition. Colombo, 1893. 8®. 

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DsiKA. es9ge«S}9 (53303^08 ctc. [Edited and pub- 
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14053. 00. 

DE SILTA (SiEiDiYAs), Beruvala Gurunndnee. See 
Rahula, Tofagamnive. O(5Sc3©>^csg0 [Paravi- 
sande^a. Edited^ with a commentary^ by S. de 
Silva.] 1878.' 8®. 14165. L 5.(7.) 

DE SUVA (W. A.). See Vinayapitaka.— Maha- 
vagga. — Bodhikathd. C5S€)©C3§OCJ3<jQB [Patich- 
chasamuppada, with commentaries^ etc. Edited 
by W. A. de Silva.] 1895. 12®. 

14098. b. 21.(2.) 

DE SILTA (W. Abthub). Coco-nut cultivation 
in Sinhalese ... ®kC33(^S28® [Polvevima.] 
pp. iv. 23. [Colombo,] 1888. 12®. 

14165. d. 6.(3.) 

Cotton Cultivation in Sinhalese ... 23^ g 

Qi©® [Kapu-vevima.] pp. ii. 19. Colombo, 
1889. 12®. 14165. d. 6.(4.) 

Treatment of Cattle in Sinhalese . . . 

®Qis)c9© C33(3^G0 [Gavamahisha - palana.] 
pp. 24. Colombo, 1890. 12®. 14165. d. 6.(5.) 

vantu^dve Pandit. See Devabakkhita {Don A. 
DE S.), Batuvantu4dve. 

DE SILTA OUEAEATir A (Adbian) . See Gunabatna 

(A. DE S.) 


(Chables Daniel) and GABRIEL (K. D.). The 
Geography of Ceylon . . . (SCteaS'SjSc^oS 
[Lanka varnana.] pp. 88, viii. Colombo^ 1887. 
8®. 14165. 1. 15.(1.) 


(Chables Daniel). Lanka warnanawa, a Geo* 
graphy of Ceylon . . . eStoaS'&o^ae) Second 
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viBATNA (Simon db Silva). 

mita. See Vetala Bhatta. tS^g^ooe [With 
a preface, an interverbal interpretation, etc., in 
Sinhalese, by U. M. M. de Silva Vaidyaratna.] 
1890. 8®. 14072. cc. 45.(2.) 

E 2 




Kabolis). See MahIkstba-pbasada-mula Theba^ 
Viddgama. Loveda Sangara^ etc, [Accompanied 
by an interrerbal interpretation by Don K. de S. 
V. Kumarasimha.] 1885. 8^ 14166. i. 11.(4.) 

Dravja-namawali-akaradija. eSa ^)®o 

QQ, Cj^^sadb^QO [A Tocabulary of names of drugs: 
Sanskrit- Sinhalese^ with an appendix of further 
names in Elu, Pali^ Sanskrit^ and Tamils arranged 
in one alphabetical series and explained in Sin- 
halese.] pp. 209. Kataluwa, 1893. 8*. 

14166. c. 20.(8.) 
DE SOTSA (N.). See Abistotlb [Prohlemata]. 
Aristotle's Problems. CfxS5i©^QJQ(^ o©^®ae^cd 
9(S^@^^3G}^d 9ss3c5^Q9 [A translation of 
some of the problems from an English version, 
by N. de Soysa.] 1892. 8^ 14166. d. 17, 

DE SOTSA DISAHATAKA (Chablis Hbnby) . See 
Coplbston (R. S.), Bishop of CoUmbo, ^^QcSgo 

tDadco [A funeral sermon on the late C. H. 
de goysa.] 1890. 16^ 14166. a. 88.(8.) 

See KuBS (W. V. D.), Mututantripatab^di- 

ndndyakJcdra, A poetical work in memory of 
the late Mr. C. H. de Soysa. roSS-C^Cogd. 
1890. 8^ 14166. i. 22.(2.) 

e^cd«5(5xgC3©^^i^GBG0 [Gekurulu-sande?a. 

The ' Sparrow-message/ a poetical eulogy in 
138 stanzas, addressed to C. H. de Soysa 
from the village Eahandamodara.] pp. 24. 
[Colombo,'] 1891. 8^ 14168. i. 18.(17.) 

fl©(^ «S5cSdS [Gaja-sival-kathava. "The story of 
the elephant and the jackal/' in 67 stanzas.] See 
De Sotsa Disanayaka (M. F. M.) g© 2S5©9 
fiScJ 255cSoQ [Followed by Gajasival-kathava, a 
similar poem by J. M. C. de Soysa.] pp. 12-20. 
1889. 8^ 14166. f. 89.(5.) 

See Dk Soysa Disanayaka (M. 

F. M.). §© «a©g 8Qd «ado© cs® 

®tf e©d 253*3^ e^gSiCj . . . gcsao 

cooSjrf etc. 1890. 8^ 14166. i. 21.(1.) 


©^og&Gd [A criticism on the Muva-kavdn- 
sival-kathava and the Gaja-sival-kathava.] 
1889. 8^ 14166. i. 16.(4.) 


§© 03©g fi©<^ «»d3© [Muva-kavdu-fiival- 
kathava. A poem^ in 86 stanzas^ founded 
on the story of '' the deer^ the jackal^ and the 
crow/' the third one in the Hitopadef a. Followed 
by Gaja-sival-kathava, a similar poem by Jane 
M. C. de Soysa.] pp. 20. e^zSiO^Si [Colombo,] 
1889. 8^ 14166. f. 29.(6.) 


©^3ga)Q9 [A criticism on the Mnva-kavdn- 
sival-kathava and the Gaja-sival-kathava.] 
1889. 8^ 14166. i. 16.(4.) 

§© 2S)©g 6©d «»d3e) cscD 

GDC5 fi©ef «»doS ... 6(ga<j ... 9c5ao 
€33©^ q^c)o(iQg . . . Gi03S [A collection 
of eulogistic letters and stanzas addressed 
to the Misses de Soysa on their two 
poems^ the Muvakavdusivalkathava^ by 
M. F. M. de Soysa, and the Gajasival- 
kathava^ by J. M. G. de Soysa ; edited 
by Bomanis Pieris Varnakula-suriya Gnna- 
vardhana.] pp. 112,iv. [Colombo,] 1890. 8^ 

14166. i. 21.a.) 

Sahabasekhara (W. H. dx Soysa). 

DfiTADVTfi. e^Q^&Gi [Devadute. A re- 
ligious poem on the kinds of punishment that 
result from sinful acts.] pp. 8. ^2S)3(gS) 
[CoUmbo,] 1870. 8^. 14168. h. 3.(8.) 

DEVAJQTTAy S.eyiyantu4uve. See Dhahmapada. 
The Dhammapada . . . With a Sinhalese trans- 
lation revised by Bevd. H. Devamitta^ etc. 1879. 
y. 14098. c. 17. 

[Second edition.] 1889. 8**. 

14088. d. 32. 

See Dhabmaratna^ M. <ftSSS)oS csocgsj 

QSg@G8 [ Abhidharmartha - sangraha - suddhi. A 
criticism on H. Devamitta's edition of the Abhi- 
dhammattha-sangaha.] 1893. 8**. 

14168. b. 2U4.) 

See Dhabmavibhagasaitkshbpa. a3®©c33 

cs C3oGkesS80Gd [Edited by H. Devamitta.] 1888. 
12^ 14166. a. 42.(3.) 

See DiPANEABA called Buddhawita. caerfo 

C3(9» oq^Sg© . . . The Pajja Madhu . . . Wifli 





the Sinhalese translation of the author. Edited 
by ... H. Deyamitta, etc. 1887. 8°. 

14098. 0. 

— — See ViMUKTisAwaBAHA. Vimuktisang^ha 
• . . With explanatory notes, edited by H. Deva- 
mitta. [1891.] 12^ 14098. a. 21. 

DEVAHAHDA, HoJcandara. See Suttanifata. — 
Mahdmangala-sutta. ®C550®€)©(3 S^cO [Maha- 
mangala-siitra. The Pali text, followed by an 
extensive commentary in Sinhalese. Edited by 
H. Devananda.] 1894. 8^ 14098. d. 42.(3.) 

DE7ABAKKHITA {Don Andbis db Silya) Bafu- 
v(mtu4dve. See Amabasivha. ^oS^cSDa^ 
(5d3C9^GS [Edited with an introdnction, and a 
commentary by Don A. de S. Devarakkhita 
Batnvantudave.] 1880. 8°. 14098. b. 1. 

' See AvASDAf of Abhayagiri. C3S)6k§)s)o 

ooc&^cd [Saddhammopayana. Edited by 

Don A. de S. Devarakkhita Batuvantudave.] 
1874. 8^ 14098. b, 6. 

See Anubuddha. qf^(5i© c5a»O5c0 cscs^ 

estSfeQcD [Anuruddha-sataka, with an inter- 
yerbal Sinhalese translation. Edited by Don 
A. de S. Devarakkhita Batnvantndave.] 1866. 
8^ 14033. b. 22.a.) 

[Third edition.] 1879. 8^. 

14033. bb. 17.(1.) 

[Ponrth edition.] 1888. 8^. 

14033. bb. 41. 

—— See BIlavataba. QoQoQ^^d gg ^©s^^ 
C9C0 etc. [Elucidations, chiefly in Sinhalese, of 
portions of the Balavatara, with selections from 
the text, etc. Compiled and edited by Don A. 
de S. Devarakkhita Batuvantudave.] 1885. 8°. 

14098. a. 8. 

■ See Balavataba. Okondapola Sannaya. 

[Edited by Don A. de S. Devarakkhita Batu- 
vantudave.] 1888. 8^ 14185.1.1.(2.) 

— SeeDAHAMOBTATA. ^C!D®©x©cO efc. [Edited 
with a glossary by Don A. de S. Devarakkhita 
Batuvantudave.] 1865. 12''. 1416S. b. 6.a.) 

— ^— See Dhammajoti, Sitindmaiuve. Balawa- 
tara Sangraha • • • Edited by ... D. Jinaratana 

. . . Finally revised by D. A. De Silva Batu- 
wantudava, e^e. 1889. 8"". 14098. d. 31. 

See Dhammabajaoubu, Thera. Sabda 

Binduwa. With a paraphrase . . . Revised by 
Batuwantudave Pandit. 1888. 12*". 

14098. a. 7.(2.) 

— — - See Dioha-nixata. — MahdeaiipattKdna- 
eutta. ®C5)3C9^o&o^ S@^ [Edited with a 
Sinhalese preface by Don A. de S. Devarak- 
khita Batuvantudave.] 1874. 12"". 

14098. b. 

SeeJlTAEAS. — Ummagga-jataka. TheXTm- 

magga J&taka. Edited by the Pandit Batu- 
wantud&wa, etc. 1866. 8"". 14165. f. 3.(1.) 

Third edition. 1892. 8^. 

14165. I 21. 

■ See Madhava, Son of Indukara. A 
treatise on diseases. With a Singhalese transla- 
tion by the Pandit D. A. de Silva Batuvantu- 
dave .. • ©^dDGoS^ficsaScs. 1875,1867. 8^ 

14043. d. 32. 

See Madhava, Son of Indukara, Madhava- 

nidana . . . Translated out of the Sanskrit by the 
late Pandit Batuvantudave, e^e. 1893. 8°. 

14043. d. 46. 

See Mahanama. The Mahfiwansa . . . 


Translated and edited . . by H. Sumangala . . 
and Don A. De S. Batuwantudawa. 1883, 
1877. 8^ 14098. d. 18. 

; See MaYUEA. CSJSCfe^ C3(9m gcS* C5aG5«53CO 

[Surya-sataka. Edited with a Sinhalese preface 
by Don A. de S. Devarakkhita Batuvantudave.] 
1888. 8^ 14072. cc. 16. 

' See Pabakbama Bahu VI., King of Ceylon. 

Buvanmala . . Edited with footnotes by Pandit 
Batuvantudave. 1892, etc. 8^ 14166. I. 12. 

See Bahttla, Tota^amuve. Kavyasekhara 

. . . Edited by the Pandit Batuwantudave and . . . 
Sumangala. (1887.) 8^ 14165. i. 14. 

See Baxachandba BniBATi . . • e^esxS 

c9G)2S3gS etc. [Bhakti-sataka. A Sanskrit poem 
with an interverbal translation into Sinhalese 





by Sumangala. Edited by Don A. de S* 
Deyarakkhita Batavantudave.] 1868. 8°. 

14033. b. 22.(2.) 

[Third edition.] 1885. 8^ 

14033. bb. 17.(2.) 

' See Eamachandea BhabatL S80XS>®3(33 

«s>®fi)Q [Edited by Don A. de S. Devarakkhita 
Batuvantudave.] 1867. 8**. 14076. c. 39. 

[Another edition.] 1890. 8^. 

14076. b. 26. 

See Ranasgalle Theba. Lok5pakaraya 

©^(3J®>«S5Jo:aa3(5c3 [With a commentary by M. 
Gunaratana. Revised by Don A. de S. Devarak- 
khita Batuvantudave.] 1872. 8''. 14166. b. 2.(2.) 

r See Silavavsa. Kachchayana Dhatuman- 

jusa. 2S)€)©3CDeD £)3^®^C33 [Edited, with a 
translation into Sinhalese and into English, by 
Don A. de S. Devarakkhita Batnvantndave.] 
1872. 8^ 14098. c. 8. 

See SusBUTA. ^^^^Sio€):i8^QQ2Si C3o®a 

cS^ . . , (a35(5exSj^® [Sarirasthana. Edited 
by Don A. de S. Devarakkhita Bafuvantadave.] 
1882. 8^. 14043. e. 18. 

See Vbdeha Theba. fit^cJ C3©c53ev© 

g<53Si^^ C32^^c3 [Sidat-sangarave para tana 
sannaya. An old interverbal interpretation of 
the Sidatsangara. Edited by Don A. de S. Deva- 
rakkhita Batuvantudave.] 1877. 12°. 14168. k. 2. 

See VfTTEVE Mahatheba. gqgJ^q sasSKco 

[Guttila-kavya. Edited with a preface and 
commentary by Don A. de S. Devarakkhita 
Batnvantndave.] 1870. 12°. 14166. h. 1. 

Second edition. 1886. 8**. 

14165. i. 13. 

See VOPADEVA. €3^556^(29(3^25500 . . . Satas- 

slokeya. [Edited, with an interverbal translation 
into Sinhalese, by Don A. de S. D. Batnvantn- 
dave.] 1862. 8°. 14043. c. 12.(7.) 

See Vtasakaba. e)2)C32333(5cS etc. [Edited 

by Batnvantndave Pandit. Second edition.] 1866. 
12^ 14076. b. 20.(1.) 

■ ' ' [Another edition, with somewhat 

extended selections from the Hitopade^a.] 1890. 
8^ 14072. CO. 48.(3.) 

DE7ABAKEHITA {Don Andbis de Silva), Baiu-' 
vanhufdve {continiied). See Yogasataka. etcsJcD 
€3S2S)Cu . • • [With a Sinhalese interverbal inter- 
pretation by Don A. de S. Devarakkhita Batuvan^ 
tndave.] 1877. 8^ " 14048. a. 8.(1.) 

GiCS3(20 ca02S)cC . . . Edited . • , 

and arranged with notes by the Pandit Batn- 
vantndave, etc, 1886. 8"^. 14043. c. 85. a.) 


EiTTi, Ga4(ilddeniye, 

DEVASAITDBS A. @v^ Q « ^ ®^^ » cs ©^QO S «J 
®(^cSQS5^ ?Ss) [Deva-sandesa or Malyahan- 
kima. Stanzas on Vishnn and other gods, re- 
cited in invocatory ceremonies.] pp. 9. [K<mdy,^ 
1893. 8^. 14165. b. 19.(29.) 

BETATATIBASA e^^d^a ^S)» [Devatatibasa. 
A modern ethical poem, in 126 stanzas.] pp. 13. 
IColombo,] 1894. 8^ 14165. i. 23,(6.) 

See ViKBAMA8i]|[HA {Don M. de Zilva), N. 

DE ZOTSA (Gbbooby). See Gbeene (T.), succes- 
sively Bishop of Norwich cmd of Ely. The Prin- 
ciples of Religion, etc, [Translated into SinhaleBG 
by G. de Zoysa.] 1818. 8^ 14165. aa. .6. 

DE ZOTSA (Louis) . See Colombo. — Colombo 
Museum. Catalogne of Pali, Sinhalese, & San- 
skrit Manuscripts in the Ceylon Government 
Oriental Library. [Compiled by L. de Zoysa.] 
1876. 8^ 11905. k. 21.(5.) 

A Catalogue of Pali, Sinhalese, and 

Sanskrit Manuscripts in the temple libraries of 
Ceylon, pp. iv. 31. Colombo, 1885. Fol. 

14096. £ 7. 

Beports on the inspection of Temple 

Libraries [of Sanskrit, Pali, and Sinhalese MSS.] 
2 pt. Colombo, 1875, 1879. Pol. 14098. £ 6.(8.) 

DEAMMADHARA, Madampe. Abhidharmamat- 
truka and Patthana Mattruka with commentary. 

[A list of contents, iu Pali, of the Abhidhamma^ 
pitaka; followed by a Sinhalese commentary 
thereon.] pp. iv. 86. Cofcmio, 1889. 12^ 

14165. a. 58.(8.) 




THA. See SiDDHATTHA^ PupU of Buddhappiya. 
e^S>^®6^SXS^0ZSi<Sc^ [SaddHarmaratnakara. An 
amplified Sinhalese version^ by Dh. Vimalakitti^ 
of Siddbattha's Sarasangaha.] 1891. &". 

14165. c. 13. 

■ ■ See Hakdt (R. S.) A manual of 

Buddhism . . . translated from Singhalese MSS. 
(• . • Saddharmaratn&kar^^ etc) 1853. 8^. 

4600. e. 

DHAHHAJOTI^ Si(indmaluve. Balawatara San- 
graba [a work on Pali grammar founded on the 
Balavatara] composed [about A.D. 1750] by 
the Revd. S . . . Dhammajoti . . . Edited by the 
Revd. D. Jinaratana . . . Finally revised by 
D. A. De Silva Batuwantudava^ etc. (S3(33SC53(5 
C36)(gC55cs). pp. iv. 126. Pali and Sinhalese. 
Colombo, 1889. 8^ 14088. d. 31. 

DEAMMAJOTI, Veligama. See Saxabasekhaba 
DiSANAYAKA (T5mis)^ Muhandiram, Ganga- 
rohanaya, [edited] with a gloss by Weligama 
Dhammajjoti Unnanse, ete. 1876. 8°. - 

14165. i. 2. 

' See SuMiTTA Dhammakkhandha, M. g^Scg 

-€^(3853(5 <5\QS5Sc5 g^eQ4^(3o2S3(5ca [Muni- 
gunalakara or Munigunalankara. Edited by 
V. Dhammajoti.] 1889. 12°. 14185. a. 58.(4.) 

DH AMM ATTTTI, Polonnaruve. Dathayanso^ or the 
History of the Tooth Relic [in 415 Pali stanzas], 
with its Sinhalese paraphrase by Acariya Dharma- 
kirti Maha Terunnanse of Pulastinagara A.B. 1762 
[A.D. 1219-20]. Edited by Asabha Tissa, etc, 
C32332S5 C3c9mCid&3©oC3c5) pp. 6, 111. Kelaniya, 
1883. 8^ 14098. c. 18. 

DHAMMAKTTTI, Ga4alddeniye. [For editions of 
the Balavatara, traditionally ascribed to Gadala- 
deniye Dhammakitti, see Balavatara.] 

Nikdya Sangrahawa or S&san&watAraya, a 

History of Buddhism in India and Ceylon by 
Dewarakshita Dharmakirti Mah&thera [called also 
Jayabahu Mahathera], who lived . . . 1378-97 a.d. 
Edited by N. Don M. De Zilva Wickremasinghe 
. .• With an Appendix (oScSeQ coaXgB^©) 
by Weliwitiye Dhammaratana Sdmi. (^255303 

C3g)G5C558 ©vCoSq} c93e^3e)c:>3(5co) pp. viii. 48. 

Oovernment Printer; Colombo, 1890. 8®. 

14165. e. 13. 

C3©S)®3 (3€)8550(5cO [Saddharmalankara. 

A compilation of Buddhist stories in Sinhalese, 
mostly from Vedeha Thera^s Pali work Rasa- 
vahini. Pt. 1 edited by Mahagoda ^anissara, 
Pt. 2, etc., by Kalutara Sarananda.] 3 pt. 
6^z»3@S) 2433, etc. [Colombo, 1889, etc.] 8^. 

14165. b. 13. 

In process. The work teas compiled in the 14th century. 

qp«3®G5 ©oC3 ©\<5ca^3e) [Anagata- 

vamsa-desana. A discourse on the future age 
and the advent of Maitreya Buddha, extracted 
from Dhammakitti^s Saddharmalankara, xxiv. 5.] 
pp. 50. ©2S53©® [Colombo,] 1883. 12^. 

14165. a. 42.(2.) 

— — [Another edition.] pp. 32. Colombo, 
1890. 8^ 14165. i. 18.(4.) 

S)®\S)^c33 ©TO ©^coQcJ Ci^(^4^ ^fid 

O-^^cd [Buddheniya-vata called also here Dana- 
guna-darpaiia. An edition of the tale in 
Dhammakitti's Saddharmalankara xi. 4. JB^ol- 
lowed by a poem founded on it, and composed, 
in 113 tetrastichs, by Kottagoda Suguna- tissa.] 
pp. 24. ®C553;e9^ [Matara,] 1895. 12^ 

14165. f. 38.(1.) 

^'^cS©^©©^ 2»c53©ccep9 [Nandiya- 

velanda-kathavastuva. The story of the mer- 
chant Nandi and his faithful wife, extracted 
from Dhammakitti^s Saddharmalankara, xxii. 1.] 
pp. 14. [Colombo,] 1897. 12^ 14165. f. 38.(2.) 

The story of Queen Patmavati. 0^*2)3 

Q&[sic] 2S5d3©dC5© [Padmavati Kathavastuva. 
A tale extracted from Dhammakitti's Saddhar- 
malankara V. 5, and edited by Kataluve Su- 
mangala.] pp. 16. C50(^©<J [GaUe,] 1887. 8\ 

14165. e. 11.(2.) 

C3gJ®3©«9 ©sefSxrfevcd . . . «a<53C) etc. 

[Padmavati-devinge kathava. Another edition 
of the foregoing tale, with a different introduc- 
tion.] pp. 16. [Colombo,] 1892. 8^ 

14165. f. 37. 

See Padmavati. acj®3©^ «S5^S53© 

[Padmavati-kathava^ A poem founded on the 





foregoing tale of Qaeen Padmayati^ in Dhamma- 
kitti's Saddharmalankara.] 1869. 8^. 

14165. f. S.(2.) 

csS-ltf^e^aa QcacjS [Svaraatilaka-vas- 

tuTa. An edition of the tale in Saddharma- 
lankara^ xi. 3.] pp. 15. ei2S)3(g)S) l^ColombOj^ 
1888. 16^ 14165. I 28.a.) 

See Hardy (R. S.) A manual of Budhism 

. . . translated from Singhalese MS8. (. . . Sadhar- 
m&lank&r^, etc.) 1853. 8"^. 4505. e. 

The Story of Three Friends, cpjrf cSC55d 

xacboQ [Tun-yahalu-kathava. A poem, in 104 
stanzas, founded on the tale Tunjahalu-vastuva 
in Dhammakitti^s Saddharmalankara, viii. 1, or 
in the Basavahini, i. 3.] pp. 14. C53)(^G^(^ 
[Galle,'] 1886. 12^ 14165. f. 12.(1.) 

See ViJAYASiVHA, Viravanni Mudiydnsddge, 

CpjrfcSQDg S©^ [A poem founded on the Tun- 
yahalu-vastuva, and preceded by an abstract of 
the story in prose.] [1894.] 8*. 

14165. f. 20.(10.) 

DHAMHAKITTI, U4ugampola Suvannajotydaabha 

Siripavara. f^QQ^ ^osScO C32S5 Cpft [sic] fioB5(g 
^3®(3l£ej^3 [Euladharma-dipani. An 
ethical work condemning the imitation of foreign 
manners and customs. It is interspersed with 
quotations from Pali and Sanskrit works, and is 
followed by a list of native names for selection 
when giving names to children.] pp. 26. G^2S)3(gS) 
[Colombo,] 1897. 8^. 14166. f. 42. 

Dhatuwansaya . . . [Edited by G. Dhammak- 
khanda.] [1890.] 8^ 14165. e. 14. 

See Saiikaba Achabya. ^®(53®9255ca etc. 

[Edited with an interverbal interpretation and 
commentary by 6. Dhammakkhanda.] 1890. 
8^ 14072. CO. 46. (1.) 

SHAMHAEKHAHDA, TaUArarhbe. q^^t;^^ 
c53^2Scd [Andabiita-jatakaya. A poem founded 
on the Andhabhutajataka, an episode in the 
Kunalajataka. Edited by S. de Alwis.] pp. i. 18. 
Colombo, 1866. 8^, 14165. f. 8.(1.) 

The poem was composed in or about AJ), 1865, 

DHAMlffALAiyKAEA, called SuoatasasakadhajA: 

YiNAYACHABIYA. €9 S) ®S) do 3 2S) ^SS^JG^CSCS . . • 

. . . 255(9 a®®<C3^a©S [A Buddhist sermon, 
delivered at Galle.] pp. 10. ®3^®<^ [Oalle,'] 
1888. 8^ 14165. b. 10.(3.) 

The Baddegama Controversy [between the Bud- 
dhists headed by Dhammalankara Sumanatissa 
and the Christians by G. Parsons and others. 
Edited by Dhammalankara Sumanatissa.] q)^@v^ 
®S ©o^ca [Baddegama-vadaya] etc. pp. 70. 
Galle, 1865. 12^ 14166. b. 7.(1.) 

DHAMHALOKA, Ratmaldne. See Gubulugohi. 
Dharmapradipik& . . . Edited by . . . Dharm&loka 
of Ratmal&na, etc. 1886. S". 14088. o. 28. 

The Sanskrit babdamala or declensions of 

Sanskrit nouns ... by the Pandit Bevd. Batma- 
lane Dharmaloka Terunnanse . . . and his pupil 
Bevd. K. Dharmarama IJnnanse of Batmalana, 
etc. (c3oCaBS5aQ:> c5aS)^®3©3© [Samskrita-sabda- 
mala], etc.) pp. iii. 53. Sansh. and Sinhalese. 
Colombo, 1876. 8^ 14165, I. 10. 

[Another copy.] 

14093. b. 7. 

DHAMMAHAHDA, Kiramba. Yibatti Maldama. 
©aaJ ®(^t5® ("a garland of cases'')- See Vbdeha 
Thera. The Sidath Sangarawa . . . [and the 
Yibat-maldama by K. Dhammananda], translated 
into English with . . . appendices [containing the 
Sinhalese originals], etc. pp. 91-106, 128-132. 
1852. 8^ 14166. 1. 24, 

[Another copy.] 

18907. 0. 18. 

BHAMHAHAHDAy Valdne. See Mjedhankaba. 
^ssi^ C3(S® S^©5Q5ca [Jinacharita, with 
a Sinhalese interverbal interpretation. Edited 
by V. Dhammananda.] 1886. 8°. 

14098. 0. 21.(2.) 

■ See Vjddiha Thira. Samanta KAta War-* 
nani . . . Translated . . . and edited by the Bev. 
W. Dhamm&nanda, etc. 1890. S"". 

14098. e. 45. 





SHAMMAPADA. The Dhammapada or Principles 
of morality. With a Sinhalese translation^ 
revised by Revd. H. Devamitta^ etc. (£)®s)a^cd 
C3QS) » 25rf :iS^ c:^) pp. xi. 140, Colombo, 1879. 8°. 

14098. e. 17. 

[Second edition.] pp. iv. 137. Colombo, 

1889. 8^ 14098. 4. 32. 

DHAMKAEAJAOTTEV, Thera. csSV; 3^3 [Sabda- 
bindu. A grammatical work (in 21 Pali stanzas) 
of the school of Kachchayana^ with a Sinhalese 
verbal interpretation by fi^anatilaka Tissa. Edited 
by BandaramuUe Amarasiha.] pp. 12. G^ss^o^gS) 
[Colombo,] 1888. 8^ 14098. c. 40.(2.) 

According to the Sdscmavatnsa, the author of this work vas 
King Ky<iekchd^ who reigned at Arimaddanapura, Burmah, 
1482 4.O. 

Sabda Binduwa. With a paraphrase [in 

Sinhalese^ compiled and] edited by the Revd. 
M. Vipulasara . . . Revised by Batuwantudawe 
Pandit (ca25d^^ csSim c5aS)q S'^S). pp. ii. 88. 
Colombo, 1888. 12^. 14098. a. 7.(8.) 

BEAHKABAKKHITA, Lenadora. See Majihixa- 
xiKATA. — Chullavedalla - sutta. g QQ ©^ © ^ QQ 
S^Gd [Chullavedalla - sutra. The Pali tezt^ 
edited with a Sinhalese interverbal interpretation 
and translation by Dhammarakkhita.] [1897.] 8**. 

14098. c. 73.(2.) 

DHAXMABAKAy K., Pupil of Dhammdloka, See 
Dhahxaloka^ Ratmaldne. The Sanskrit Sabda- 
mala . . . by . . . Dharmaloka • • . and his pupil 
Revd. E. Dharmarama TJnnanse of Ratmalana^ 
eU. 1876. 8<'. 1416S. 1. 10. 

See GuRULUOOMi. Dharmapradipiki . . . 

Edited by . , . Dharm416ka and E. Dharm&r&ma, 
etc. 1886. 8^ 14098. c. 23. 

See Jatakas. The 550 Births of Lord 

Buddha . . . [An edition^ revised by E. Dham* 
marama.] 1893, etc. 4''. 14166. ff. 1. 

- — — See EuMABADASA. J&nakiharana . . . 
restored into metre . . . and edited with the 
revised " Sanna/' by E, Dharm&r&ma. 1891. 
8^ 14072. ee. 47. 

DHAKKABAMAy K., Pupil of Dhammdloka (con^ 
tinued). /See Pau-naka-varanegilla. o3^) ^o® 

©dcOi<S(^e ®^ Cpaaa® Qd^^i&ciQ (Edited 
with notes and an explanatory translation by . . . 
Dharmarama, etc.) 1895. 8'. 14098. o. 42. 

See Rahula, Tofagamuve. Moggallfina 

Panchik& Pradipa . . . Revised and edited by 
Sri Dharm&r&ma, etc. 1896. .8^ 14166. I. 27. 

■ Siksha Sangraha or First book of 

Sanskrit ... cSssssa CqS)^(S^% pp.60. [Colombo], 
1896. 12^ ^ 14166. k. 36. 

DHAMMAEATAHA, Baddegama, See Dipankara 
called BuDDHAPPiTA. ©K^ad^ofiS csjrf^GO 
[Edited, with annotations by M. Sumangala and 
B. Dhammaratana.] 1891. 8^ 14098. d. 39. 

DHAMMAEATAHA, Mtrip^nne. See Samara- 
SEEHARA DiSANATAEA (J.) Sausaddam Wadaya, 
or a discussion about the mete [sic^ of . . . Sau- 
saddam [by M. Dhammaratana and others]. 1873. 
8^ 14166. I. 2.(1.) 


©fl^ tad^gft©^ gSxXi^d) [The works of Mihiri^ 
penne Dhammaratana, preceded by a short 
biography. Edited by William Perera Rana* 
simha.] pp. viii. 80. &zS)^^S^ [Colombo,] 
1867. 8^ 14166. i. 6.(2.) 

Life of Dhammaratana of Miripenna with 

[English] translations of a few of his poems, 
pp. 14. Galle, 1868. 8^ 10606. bb. 2. 

DHAMKAEATAITA, Velimtiye. See Dhamhaeitti, 
Qa4olddeniye. Nik&yasangrahawa . . . With an 
appendix (oS(Sg99 CsSXgS)©) by Weliwitiye 
Dhammaratana S&mi. 1890. 8^ 14166. e. 13. 

See Ealidasa. (§ <S)3@^(9 ... SSecf 

2S3(54^6Q @l^S)6vS)3tDQ0 [^rutabodha, followed 
by a section of Kedara's Ynttaratnakara. Both 
edited, with a preface, an interverbal interpreta- 
tion, etc., in Sinhalese, by V, Dhammaratana.] 
1887. 8''. 14063. oo. 46.(1.) 

See Pabaeraxa Pandita. Thdpavansaya 

. . . edited by W. Dhammaratana, etc. 1889. 8''. 

14166. e,:13» 






DHA¥lf ATIATAJA, Velivitiye {continued), (ftsssd 
S&^ 9d§)QD3CS)09 Akahara Sikslii. [A first 
reader for yemacalar schools.] pp. 32. Colombo, 
1893. 12^ 14165. k. 18. 

SHAMMASATAVA TI88A, Mtgamuve. See Anu- 
BUDDHA. Abhidharmarthasangraha Sanna . . . 
Edited . . • with the help of M. Dhammaratana 
Tissa. 1897. .8^ 14098. ooo. 6. 

DHAMMA8EHA. See Dahaxg^tata. QS)®C5)iS)q8 
etc. [With a commentary by Dhammasena.] 
1865. 12^ 14165. b. 5.(1.) 

[Another edition.] 1887. 12^. 

14165. b. 14.(2.) 

QQ,qq [Saddharmaratnayali, also called Ratana- 
yaliya. A Sinhalese work in the form of an 
amplified version of Buddhaghosa's Dhamma- 
pada-atthakatha^ itself a Pali commentary on 
the Dhammapada. Edited, with occasional brief 
notes, by Yeragama Panchi-Baiidara.] [Colombo,^ 
1887, etc. 8^ 14166. b. L 

In progress. 

^S)^& ZS)&^S>CS^ [Dambadiva-katha- 

yastn. Indian tales'' being an extract from 
Dhammasena's Saddfaarmaratnayali, containing 
the five tales Udeni-vaetuva, Ghoehaka'sitdnange 
utpatti-kathdva, Sdmdvatingehathdvaj Visuladattd^ 
vange Jcathdva, and Mdgandi^vastuva (nos. 16-20) . 
Edited by K. L. Perera.] pp. 56. (^2S))<e^3) 
[Colombo], 1887. 8^ 14166. t 16. 

DHAMHA8IBI. Endasika [i.e. Khadda-sikkha] 
by the Ven. Dharmasiri . . . with [an interyerbal 
Sinhalese] paraphrase by the Yen. Dimbul&gala 
Medhankara. Revised by the Rey. B. Same- 
dhankara ... s^gSss) etc, pp. iy. 172. Pali 
and Sink. Colombo, 1894. 8"". 14098. d. 43. 

The preface states that the Sinhalese interpretation was 
made *' about 589 years ago." 

SHAIDCATILAKA, Abbot of Siriva44kandrdma. 
See Jaoaba, Thera, (3€)«a3CS3C3« 8g^«S5c5a© 
[Translated into Sinhalese by Dhammatilaka.] 
[1889.] 8^ 14166. b. 16. 

■ • 

» k • 

*-. * • • 

■ • * • 

[Another edition.] [1892.] 8^ 

14166. b. 16. 

DHAMMATILAKA, Koggala. See Saxabasskhasa 
DiSANATAKA (T.). Sansaddam Wadaya or a dis- 
cussion about the mete [«ie] of . . . Sausaddam 
[by E. Dhammatilaka and others]. 1873. 8''. 

14166. 1. 2.a.) 

DHAMMATILAKA, Mddampe. zs^Bqzs^ [Kay- 
lakara. A panegyrical poem, in 124 stanzas, 
on Lankagoda Sirisaddhammayam^pala Dhira- 
nanda.] pp. 16. ©^2»3(9® [Colombo,'] 1890. 8*. 

14166. L 15.(8.) 

DHASMAPALA, Bevdvitdrai^a. ^£^e} c5gO®CS>3 
e^S)38 ... t3)d3 Q&4Q}^q8 [Dambadiva Jaya- 
mahabodhi . . • katha-prayritti. A Buddhist 
account of the sacred Bodhi tree at Baddhagaya 
in India.] pp. 34. e^«S)3@S) . . . &)€D£A 2438 
[Colombo, 1894.] 12**. 14165. a. 68.(17.) 

[Third edition.] pp. 21. eveS53<s® . . . 

§SSft 2438 [Colombo, 1894.] 12^ 

14165. a. 68(18.) 

DHABMABATVA, M. See Anubuddha. Abhi- 
dharmartha Sangraha . . . with a paraphrase [in 
Sinhale9e] • • . Reyised by M. Dharmaratna. 
CfcSai®ocB csScgcocjo [1891.] 8^ 

14098. c. 47. 

qr^aSaS C3oc5)co csgSoo [Abhi- 

dharmar tha - samgraha - fuddhi. A criti- 
cism on Heyiyantuduye Deyamitta's edition 
of Anuruddha's Abhidhammattha-sangaha, 
giying yariants of the text.] pp. 18. 
©^«»0(3a) [Colombo,] 1893. 8''. 

14166. b. 21.(4.) 

See BuDDHAOHOSA. Visuddhimarga . . , 

with commentary, etc. [Edited by M. Dharma- 
ratna.] 1888, etc. 8*^. 14098. dd. 8. 

See Pasmula-Mahasami. Bhesajja Man- 

jusa . . . [Edited by M. Dharmaratna and others.] 
[1889,] etc. 8^ • 14098. b. 17. 

See Bahula, To{agamuve. ©«5(5a2iHC3ajia 

2S53S230S [Chaturaryasatya-kayya, accompanied by 
M. Dharmaratna's paraphrase.] 1897. 12**. 

14166. a. 66.(4.) 

See SuKBA. Sukranetisaraya [sic] , 

with a paraphrase in Sinhalese by M. Dharma* 
ratne... (Sg^sQ^oodcO efc. 1886. 8«. 

14088. 0. 85. 

• • 

* . 





SHAEKASATVA, Jf. {continued). See Yinata- 
FiTAKA. — Mahayagga* — Bodhikathd. oScS) C9 
^COa^Qd [An illustrated edition by M. Dharma- 
ratna.] [1896.] 8^ 14098. d. 46.(4.) 

— — GahapatiwibHaga and Magadhibhaaliawa. 
©enodi 8ts33a>Q0 C3(S) ®3®S O3©o© [A treatise 
on caste^ written as a reply to W. P. Rana- 
simha^s article regarding the origin of tlie*'Govi" 
caate.] pp. 20. ©^«S)3eS) [Oolomboi] 1896. 4*^. 

14165. CO. 2. 

Madyawibh&gaya (®^ 8«33CS50S). [A 

treatise on the evil of drinking and smoking.] 
pp. viii. 64. Colombo, 1893. 8^ 14165. d. 28. 

§e«»®«63«co e^coSaJ . . . StSQm 

[Mulakarmasthana, called also Gihivata. A 
treatise on KammaUhdna meditation^ for the 
guidance of Buddhist lay-devotees, translated 
from the Burmese by M. Dfaarmaratna.] pp. 18. 
[Oolombo,'] 1893. 8^ 14165. a. 58.(14.) 

^&3-€^ ©^©©CO [Nirvana- vinifchaya. A 

discourse on the Buddhist Nirvana.] See Rahula, 
Tofagamuve. ©QpdoosScsffia 2»3©aoS [Chatnr- 
aryasatya-kavya, etc.'] pp. 20-55. 1 897. 12®. 

14165. a. 66.(4.) 

SHASHASEHA, K. P. W. See YettevS Maha- 
THEBA. Guttila Jataka , . . edited by K. P. W. 
Dharmasena. 1891. 12''. 14165. f. 18.(4.) 

SHABMASIBI (P. L.) . The Colombo Horse Races, 
1891. ^«S)3(gS ^^^ QfS^f*® [Eolamba Asun- 
vihidima. A poem in 24 tetrastichs.] pp. 4. 
[Colombo,] 1891. 8^ 14165. h. 11.(3.) 

&o@^esS30Q8 [Dharmavibhaga-sankshepa. A trea- 
tise on the five skandhas, or '' elements of being/' 
according to Buddhism, interspersed with Pali 
quotations from the Canon ; supposed to have been 
written by a chief monk of the monastery Lanka- 
senevirat-pirivena. Edited by H. Devamitta.] 
pp. 57. [Colombo,] 1888. 12^ 14165. a. 42.(8.) 


lVAVDA, Laiilcago4ck Siriaaddhammavamsa' 
pdla. See Dhaxmatilaka, M. zs)BQz5i6 [Kav- 
lakara. A panegyrical poem on L. S. Dhira- 
nanda.] 1890. 8''. 14165. i. 15.(8.) 

DIA8 (Hsnbt). Our Buddhist Schools, tfe^d 
@^5)")S) 03db(5d3Q3 [An appeal for contributions 
towards the maintenance of Buddhist schools.] 
pp. 7. [Colombo, 1896.] 8^ 14165. k. 86. 

SIAB (Jaxes). 03^g^^ ^©^©csddS) ©CSDC3S 
©^^3© Q^^Qtsi ^©escsl e^a^^d @da<5GS 

[Panadure Yai^akha-mangalya-varnana or Vesak- 
pelahara-vistaraya. A eulogy, in 68 stanzas^ on 
the festivals held at Panadura on the Buddha's 
birth-day.] pp. 8, i. Cdomho, 1889. 8**. 

14165. b. 19.(9.) 

DIAS (S. W.). See Sbnanayaka (C). The Sig- 
halese Hymnal .... to which are appended a 
few hymns by • . . S. W. Dias, etc. 1888. 8^ 

14165. a. 19. 


Fourth edition ... Enlarged. 1889. 

14165. a. 20. 

DIAS ABfiBIMHA (Jaxes). zs^^®®<Q6q e^^^Qc^-a 
tdo 9 GS) GS [Kamachchheda- vaidyasangraha.] A 
medical tracts [in Sinhalese prose] on the 
restraint of sensuality, pp. 24. Colombo, 1 863. 
12^ 14165. 0. 7.(1.) 

Alagitavanna Mueavs^i. Subhasita . . . para- 
phrased by R. W. Dias. 1869. 12^. 

14165. h. 8.(5.) 

DICTIOVABIBS. a Vocabulary and Help to 
Conversation in the English and Sinhalese 
languages. ^(^S esCS) &o^Q 23:)d3^2S)5®© 
CO«)5<^S • • • ©©^ ©^03TO pp. 32. Chris- 
tian Vernacular Education Society ; Colombo, 1889. 
16^ 14165. k. 34.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 82. Christian 

Literature Society ; Colombo, 1896. 16^. 

14165. k. 34.(2.) 

A vocabulary of the English, Sinhalese 

and Tamil languages. fioCS)@ Cj^fl^^dssf t33e^g 

^(gfi fioC^Q e»^®@ . .. ©©{$^03^09 p)>. 

64. Christian Vemacuiar Education Society; 
Colombo, 1891. 16^ 14165. k. 6.(3.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 64. Christian 

Literature Society; Colombo, 1895. le"". 

14165. k. 6.(7.) 
F 2 





DIOHA-VIKATA. — Chakkavatti'Sihandda'iuUa. 
Chakkawatti 8ihanada Satta [Digha. III. 3j 
with a Singhalese [interyerbal] prapliase [sic] . . • 

[Chakrayartti-simliaDada-Batra.] pp. xy. 61. 
Pali and 8inh. Colombo, 1895. 8**. 

14098. 0. 69.(8.) 

Mahdparinibbdna'8utta. Mah&parinirw&na 

Sutraya [Digha.II. 3]^ with a Sinhalese transla- 
tion [by Akade Vipassi, and] revised by Rev. 
Pann&nanda of Indnruwa ... eztsi^ ts&ts^ 
^cs>3oS:ft&a-©S g^co pp. vi. 249. Pali and 
Sink. [Colombo,] 1887. 8"". 14098. c. 84.CI.) 

- — — Mahdsamaya-autta. gd&'S^ Ojrf^ ©^C5 
©CS^ocsSgS Q^Qd [Mahas^maya-sntta (Digha. 
II. 7) > with the Sinhalese introduction called 
'' Nidana-kathava/^ and an interverbal inter- 
pretation ; followed by a story in exaltation of 
the sutta.] pp. iv. 29. PaZt and Sink. [Colombo,] 
1891. 8^ 14098. e. 68.(2.) 

I%iB is one of the Suttat included in the Paritta. 

®C553C3®QO aa)03 Cp§ gq)Q55W [Another 

edition of the Mahasamaya-sntta (Digha. II. 7), 
followed by six suttas from the Sutta-nipata^ 
all accooapanied by interverbal interpretations 
{padagata sanna), the firdt sutta alone being 
preceded by its Sinhalese introduction (Niddna- 
katJid).] pp. 68. e^2S)0<e)S) [Colombo,] 1895. 
8^ 14098. d. 46.(2.) 

■ Mahasatipafthdna-sutta, 2)B>3C3^ofi)3?S5 

gQ)QO [Mahasatipatthana-sutta (Digha. 11. 9), 
edited, with a Sinhalese preface, by Dun A. de 
Silva Devarakkhita Batuvantudave. Followed 
by a Pali- Sinhalese vocabulary, compiled by 
Louis-Arachchi of Kolonnava.] pp. iv. '55. 
[Colombo,] 1874. 12^ 14098. b. 

C323Cf^ cocPto ®QS53CS^oSJba?S^ H^oo 

XAnother edition of the Mahasatipatthana-sutta, 
with the Sinhalese interverbal interpretation tra- 
ditionally ascribed to Daramifipola Maha-Nayaka 
Thera. Edited with a preface in Sinhalese.] 
pp. ii. 128. e^2aa(gS [Colombo,] 1883. 8**. 

14098. 0. 20.(2.) 

The chief eider Daramifipola lived in the re*gn of King 
Xtrti l^% Rtifasimha (1747—80). 

®Q03CwSoc)db3eO 55 Q) caxri'.^QO [Another 

edition, with the same Sinhalese interpretation. 

Revised, with a preface in Sinhalese^ by H. 
Jayatilaka.] pp. 131. Colombo, 1888. 8^. 

14098. e. 41.(2.) 

®QoaC3^o£db3« S^GO [The Pali text 

of the Mahasatipatthana-sutta.] See Dm Alwis 
GUNATILAKA (PoH A.) e^S)-iS) 9^o<QvS ^otSo 
[Bauddha - pratipatti - dipani, etc. Enlarged 

edition.] pp. 23-59. 1890. 12<'. 14165. a. 68.(5.) 

[Another edition.} pp. 23-59. 1895. 12°. 

14098. a. S9.(2.) 

[Another edition in larger type.] pp. 

22-108. 1897. 12''. 14098. a. S9.(S.) 

Sigdlovdda-sutta. cS(£)@^oO 9^®Q,xsS .., 

S©o©<33©3^ a?)QO [Sigalovada- (or Sigalaka-) 
sutta, called also Gihivinaya, being the Slat suita 
(i.e. III. 8) of the Digha-nikaya, with an intro* 
duction and an interpretation in Sinhalese. 
Edited, with notes, by Tangalle Jinaratana, so 
as to be useful for the instruction of laymen.] 
pp. 2, 62. Colombo, 1882. 8^ 14098. e. 20.(1.) 

See Janananda, MohottivcUti. gS) 

^l^^d^d • • • ^«£^©^0S C3€)^Q5500 [Gihi- 
vinaya-sangraha, or the second part of the 
Buddha-edahilla. A catechism founded on 
the Sigalovada- sutta.] 1894. 16"". 

14165. a. 62. 

SXHATABA-KATHAVA ^^^(5 tS)^^Q [Dina- 
tara-kathava. A tale in verse founded on one 
of the Singhasan battisi, edited by M. P. P.] 
pp. 30. Colombo, 1870. 12^ 14166. t 6.(7.) 

DIPAVKABA, called Buddhappita. ®S)3 d^odS 
CSs5Lf^Q8 [Maha-rupasiddhi or Kupasiddhi. A 
work on Pali grammar, with an extensive inter- 
pretation, or sanna, in Sinhalese. Edited, with 
annotations, by M. Sumangala and B. Dhamma- 
ratana.] 2 pt. e^«3)3(SS) [Colombo,] 1891-97. 

8^ 14098. d. 39. 

In progreee, 

cszrf^f) cs^f^TO 0^®9€) ... The Pajja 

Madhu Pali Poetry [104 stanasas in praise of 
the Buddha and Buddhism], by the Venerable 
Buddhapriya. With the Sinhalese translation 
of the author. Edited by the Bevd. H. Deya** 
mitta, etc. pp. iv. 46. Colombo, 1887. 8**. 

14098. e. 





DI8AVATAKA {Don Coenklis). zSi(^Q®oQa^ 
[Kallamalaja. A comic poem on women, in 114 
stanzas. Third edition.] pp. 13. (5)3^6^^ 
[Oalle,] 1884. 8^. 14165. L 11.(1.) 

' Prattyataranga malaya. 9^h^(5<5) ®3C5os 

[Pratya - taranga - malay a. A poem containing 
riddles and their solutions, in 103 twin stanzas.] 
pp. 26. Matara, 1891. 8^ 14166. f. 20. 

— (5^S(^(3oe)3<5® [TJnchillavarama] . "Swing- 
ing songs.'' pp. 6. ©0(^®i(^ lOalle,'] 1885. 8**. 

14166. h. ll.a.) 

DI8AVATAKA {Don Lavaeenti). fiSoo<:j ^®^ 
&c6^Si(ScQ [Siripada-gaman-yistaraja. A poem, 
in 98 stanzas, descriptive of the pilgrim's way 
to Adam's Peak.] pp. 14. ei2S>3(gS) [Colombo,] 
1891. 12^ 14165. e. 19.a.) 

DOir BASTIAH (C.) . See Bastian, C. Don. 

SOV JOHH or JITAV. See John, Don, of Talduva. 

DTTIBSHA (DuitusD). See DutssMA (Maetin). 
Kort ontwerp van de Leere de Waarheid . . . [by 
M. Dairsma, H. Mentes, and D. Duirsma, etc'] 
1744. 8^ 14166. a. 27. 

DmiiSMA (Maetin). Kort ontwerp van de Leere 
der Waarheid [by Martin Duirsma, Hillebrand 
Mentes, and Dairard Dairsma] . . . Overgeset in 
de SiDgaleese Tale . . . door Johannes Philippus 
Wetzelius, cfc. pp. 12, 243. Colombo, 17 U. 8^ 

14165. a. 27. 

' [Second edition.] pp. 14, 202. Colombo, 

1790. 8^ 14166. aa. 4. 

SUBBILA-KATUSA. fidfi© «»«p(5 [Dussila- 
katnra. " The scissors of the impious,'' a Bud- 
dhist tract directed against Buddhist monks 
who lead an irreligious life.] Pt. 1. 6^^3(6)21 
iCohmbo,] 1897. 12^ 14166. a. 66.(2.) 

EMOALTDTA-KUKASITA, pseud. z5):iQ7i ddagSc: 
[Eavya-vajrayudha. A criticism, in 70 stanzas, 
on the two poems " Muva-kavdu^sival-kathava'' 
and '*Gajasival-kathava," by Misses M. P. M. 
and J. M. C. de Soysa Disanayaka.] Pt. 1. 
pp. 6. [Colombo,] 1889. 8^ 14166. L 16.(4.) 

EHOLAHD» Church of. See Balapatabendi (C. A.) 
esSd&S) e9SS):$:Q zSi87&cS®cQ A supplementary 

Catechism to that of the Church of England, in- 
tended for the use of Candidates for confirma- 
tion. 1889. 16^ 14166. a. 66.(4.) 

EHOLAND, Church of — Catechism. ss^ScJScd 
etc. [Catechism.] pp.12. Church Mission Press ; 
Cotta, 1829. 12^ 14166. a. 35.(2.) 

and Sinhalese First Book. ((^oc§S edcs^ 3o(SH3 
0(3^6^3 23 6^03S [Imgrisi saha Simhala pala- 
muyeni pota.]) pp. 72. Christian Vernacular 
Education Society ; Colombo, 1885. 12°. 

14166. k. 6.(1.) 

Tenth edition, pp. 72. Colombo, 1891. 

12^ 14166. k. 6.(4.) 

EPA-APPTJHAMI. See Ds Silya {Don P.), Epa- 

EPHEMEBIDES. <§ S)S)e>ft . . . 2420 (2429, 2430, 

2431, 2435, 2436, 2438, 2441), (S^zs^QA 1799 

(1808, e^c.) Ephemeris. C3/9S3^3CSDGS tQCsy (9C5^€)3 

dcQ^ etc. [Almanacks for A.B. 2420, or §aka 

1799 (A.D. 1877), etc., with tables of eclipses, 

auspicious times, etc., the first four compiled by 

Don P. de Silya Epa Appuhami, the rest by Don 

D. de Silya Epa Appuhami and A. A. Frederick 

Perera.] ©^^ao©® [Colombo,] 1877, 1886, etc. 

8\ 14165. n. 1.(1-2.) ft 2. 

In protest. 

& §SSft 2440-41 (2441-42, etc.) Ephe- 
meris ©jsTq* 1819 (1820, cte.) [AD. 1897, efc.,] 
o«3^©3©®GO C3Q0 (QtS^QodoQzsS etc. [Compiled by 
Cornelia Gunayardhana.] Colombo, 1897, etc. 
S"". 14165. n. 6. 

In progress, 

C3o2»Q &®o€)^QQ [Sankata- 

mochana. A criticism on the Panchanga, 
or ephemeris for $aka 1819 (A.D. 1897-98), 
compiled by Cornelia Gunayardhana.] pp. 
13. Colombo, 1897. 8^ 14166. m. 18. 

(g §S©ft 2429 . . . ;5a«S5Sft 1808 (^© 

0«s;€)3€)^ g« [Almanack for A.B. 2429^ ex- 
pired, being §aka 1808, or A.D. 1886.] pp'. 38. 
^2S)}<?)S) [/. M. Vikramasimha ; Colombo,] 1886. 
8^ 14166. n, L(8.) 

GS«S)©ft 1810 (—15, 1817, 1819) cD4Sq©3 

eXo gro [Almanacks for §aka 1810 (A.D. 1888), 





etc. Compiled by Tambi-appa Garaonanse.] 
es^)g»S) [Colombo,'] 1888, etc. 8''. 14165. n. S. 

In progress. 

1814 ( — lb, etc.) ^esCgajaca go [Sheet 

almanack issued by the Grantbapraka^a Press, 
Colombo, for l^aka years 1814, A.B. 2436, A.D. 
1892, etc.] iColombo,] 1892, etc. s.8h. 25" x 20". 

1400S. e. S.a2.) 

In proffrest. 

S^ ©©^ i6Cr,?^QS [Subba-muburttha- 

nidana. An astrological calendar for the year 
ended April 11, 1894, by B. Yikramanayaka.] 
pp. 16. iCohmbo,'] 1893. 12**. 14165. m. 1. 

CsdaS^ gTO [Sarasvati-lita.] 1896. 

Saraswati Almanack. Colombo, [1895.] «. «&. 
25" X 20". 14008. e. 2.(19.) 


ESTHER. [Life!] The story of Queen Esther 
[^i^zs^iS ©C3©©k(55 CJcSo©) [Bsther-bisavage 
kathava. With coloured illustrations, translated 
from the English, by C. W. de Silva.] pp. 4. 
[Ghriaiian Literature Society ;] Colombo, 1 892. 
4^ 14165. bb. 1.(2.) 

The series is entitled " New Series of Bible Picture Books." 

FEBGTTBOV (Alastaib Mackenzie). '' Mebe Ya- 
ren,'' or the Sinna Durai's Pocket Sinhalese 
Guide, being a Sinhalese translation of Mr. A. M. 
Ferguson's " Inge va ! " [translated by S. de 
Saram]. pp. ii. 44. Colombo, 1897. 12*^. 

14165. k. 87. 

FEEVAHSO (Abbahax), 8. See Susbuta. Su- 
sruta Sutra-sthana. 1st part translated [verbally 
into Sinhalese] ... by S. A. Fernando. 1896. 8®. 

1404S. e. 82. 

FEEHAHDO {Don Avduib) ,Oo4apifiye. The Atone- 
ment. oS ^e«0 gc53C) [Par-nasana-piijaya. 
A prize essay on the subject of Christ's death 
as the only means to the salvation of sinners.] 
Third edition, pp. 28. Ceylon Religious Tract 
Society ; Colombo, 1890. 12^ 14165. a. 29. Ql.) 

purport, compiled from older works^ with an 
interverbal interpretation in Sinhaleae.] pp. 24. 
[Colombo,] 1889. 8^. 14098. o. 

[Navagraha-^anti and Navagraha-piija. A com- 
pilation containing incantations and instractions 
as regards the oblations to be made for the 
purpose of propitiating the nine planetary gods.] 
pp. 17. e^GSD^® [Colombo,] 1893. 8^. 

14165. d. 25.(4.) 

FBBJIAHDO (Elitas), Attandyakage. @dai 
^S[sic]a& ©i«35cr©S)«J [Mithya-drishti-kolamak, 
An anti-Christian letter addressed to the Bud- 
dhists.] pp. 6. e^ss^o^S) [Colombo,] 1890. 8"". 

14166. aa. 8.(8.) 

®(5n ga®9 8^C{J©oO[nc] [Mithya-drishti- 

vinischaya. A Buddhist tract against Chris- 
tianity.] 3 pt. e^cjoQ® [Colombo,] 1890, 8**, 

14165. aa. 9.(9.) 

FEBVAHDO (6.). See Pebiss (P.) and Feb- 
NANDO (G.). Engine [stc], e/e. [A dramatic 
piece.] 1890. 8^ 14165- g. 8.(8.) 

See Shakspebs (W.) . Proteus and Valen- 

7EEVAVD0 (D. S.). ®^QaidS)zsi gssd^^os 
e^tsy^fsS ... qrcsS^ 6^03-a) [Mangalyashtaka- 
prakara^a, also called Ashtakapota. A coUec- 

tine ... [A drama] composed by P. Peries and 
6. Fernando, etc. 1890. 8^ 14165. g. 8.(9.) 

FEEVAVSO (6. Louis), and KABTIES (Jakes). 
6g(S>tSJf <fQozSi^6c& [Siduhat-alankara. " A 
eulogy on Siddhartha,'' being songs in '' Hindu- 
stani metre '' sung on a birthday festival of the 
Buddha.] pp. 8. [Colombo,] 1892. 8^ 

14165. b. 19.(21.) 

FEBJIAITDO ( Daniel), H., called also Tambi-affu 
GuBUNNANSB. See Ephexxbides. Q«S)dft 1810 (-15, 
1817, 1819) t3^tsfi>:i&csi Qzs^ [Almanacks for 
1810, etc., compiled by Tambi-appu Gurunnanse.] 
1888, etc. 8"". 14165. n. 8. 

See Ganesa, son of Oopdla. K5oZ5^zSi9 

QSta^^doQ [With a Sinhalese interverbal inter- 
pretation by H. D. Fernando.] 1882. 8*^. 

1405S. d. S7. 

See NlBATANA Bhatta, the Astrologer. 

t)§)C9«3)3(5 @^$>S>3®'€^ [An astrological work 

with a Sinhalese interverbal translation by H. D. 

tion of Sanskrit and Pali stanzas of auspicious ' Fernando.] 1891. 8^. 1405S. co. 6S.(L) 





FEBHAVDO (Daniel), E., called also Taxbi-afpu 
GubunnInsb icontinvsd). See UpuDlTAPBADipA. 
CQc^oO 9^000 . . . [Ududayapradipa. With a 
literal translation by H. D. Fernando.] 1888. 
8^ 14058. CO. 6S.(8.) 

S)0(3(9eS3 c9323Cf^GS [Balagrahasanti. A 

collection of songs to be recited at certain cere- 
monies for the protectipn of children from evil 
influences.] pp. 28. Colombo, 1867. 8*=^. 

1416S. i. 5.(4.) 

• • • _ 

CD3©de qeaxSafl [Bhavaphala-praka^ini. 

An astrological work in Sinhalese prose.] Pt. 1. 
G^«S)3€^S) [CoUyinbo,] 1891. 8^. 14166. d. IS.a.) 

In progreMt. 

FE&lTAlfDO (H. W.). The Revival Songster 

(3^23)0 C36);9QDQ9 [Gitika-sangraha. A collec- 
tion of hymns.] Vol. i. Colombo, 1890. le*". 

14165. a. 25.(6.) 

FEEVAVDO (Hbkbt). . Sinhalese Diary 
T. W. Groonewardene and H. Fernando. 8oC53Q 
^«®k03TO See GuNAVABDHANA (T. W.) and 
Fernando (H.) . Sinhalese Diary. 1889^ efe. 12''. 

14165. m. 2. 

FEBHAVDO (John), N. Germen [etc] Play 
entitled Waldin and Targina. eHe)3(^8s£f C8CS) 
&^c?^9 [Yoldin saha J&i'g^iiA* A drama in two 
acts.] . pp. 21. ev«s)3®S) \,CoUmbo,'\ 1892. 8**. 

14166. g. 9.(5.) 

FEEVAlfDO (Joseph Andrew) , HetHydkandage. 
English Paly [eiej entitled Eugene and Milan. 
^gStrf csQO ®iQzsi «aQ>» tsxSo^SM)© [lynjin 
saha Milan nritya-kathantraya.] pp. 30. e^raa^gS) 
iColombo,] 1893. 8^ 14165. g. 9.(9.) 

. English Play entitled Nhanasannderi. 

4BSE^20Ca§^l^5 ^TVaOTa «»cS3?S>3)Q0 [ffanasavundari 
nritya-kathantaraya. A drama in 5 acts.] 
pp. 23. ©kss>3©® [Colombo,'] 1893. 8**. 

14165. g. 9.(8.) 

Kalidas Charita. «»3gc^cs! ©3oto3 etc. 

[A poem, in 255 stanzas, on the legend of Kali- 
dasa the poet, and Enmaradasa, king of Ceylon 
A.D. 515—524.] pp. 17. Colombo, 1887. ff*. 

14165. e. U.a.) 

e^tfg csB)S ^diQjrfe^cd grfQDcJ^oo 

C3®a2^© . «^c5o. Cfi. g. Sa^SiJ «a<5-«^©^ 

(j^tf^^e) O^^dJ^ G>C3{S). [Latoni-pota. A book 
of original metrical litanies for the use of Roman 
Catholics during Passion-week.] pp. 16. e^«S33(gS) 
iCoUmbo,] 1887. 8^ 14165. i. 7.(2.) 

CXCS^Ad-lOS) C33^n&6^8^ C53fiSg qSoSI 

_ Qcscp© 

St. Lucia [a poem in 167 stanzas], etc, pp. 13. 

e^as)3©a [Colombo,] 1887. 8^ 14165. i. 7.(3.) 

Mangallyawatha, or the description of the 

marriage feast of Muttu Kumai*a Swamy with 
Kamini Bamanathan. ®o(S3(3» Qzs) Q^CSyQtsi • . . 
8©C55 S)oCS5(3H QS4fi^'iQ [Mangalya - vata or 
Yivaha-mangalya-var^ana, in 67 stanzas.] pp. 8; 
[Colombo,] 1893. 8^ 14165. i. 15.(32.) 


FEBlfAiroO (Manuel), Maggonagurunndnseluge. 
QtsHzs^® C)4^^33 [Pinkam-varnana. A metrical 
description of the Buddhist festival held in June 
1880 at the temple 8elbimbu-vehera in Dodan- 
duwa.] pp. 13. 0iC^€)^QQ [Dodanduwa,] 
@, Q. 2433 [1889], 8^ 14165. b. 19.(8.) 

FBSVAHDO (M. S.). Nawakabodhiwandanawa 
composed by M. S. Fernando. ^3^ G^Q)dS 
Sedi^^oS [A poem, in 193 tetrastichs, on a pil- 
grimage to the sacred Bodhi tree at Anuradha- 
pura.] pp. 21. ©^2553(g® [Colombo^] 1895. 8**. 

14165. b. 27.(5.) 

FEEVAVDO (Mabiano), Liniyakum^rage. e^d) 

g^3 «$®382S)3d6^cd eSOD ^liSe^tQ^iS C$®3(5q036'C5) 

2S>d3€) {Rolina kumarikavage saha Hersor kuma- 
rayage kathava. " The story of princess Rolina 
and Prince Hersor,'' a poem, in 345 stanzas, 
founded on a European story.] pp. 2L e^ss)3@S^ 
[Colombo,] 1892. 8^ 14165. f. 80.(8.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 21. ev2S53(g® 

[Colombo,] 1896. 8^ 14165. f. 80.(6.) 

I ! • 

FEEVAVDO (Pauus). See S. E. ®6t^zs^Q 
(S)Qg^9S^ [Marakkala-hatana. Published by P. 
Fernando.] 189L 8^ 14165. i. 15.(U.) 

FEEVAVDO (Pavulu) . See Ganesa, son of Oopdla. 
c53^«3)3@&)s2S>3(5op [With a Sinhalese inter- 
verbal interpretation made by H. D. Fernando, 
Tambi-appu Gurunnansej with the assistance of 
P. Fernando.] 1882. 8^ 14058. d. 87. 





FEBVAVBO (S. M.) and Co. e^dksacsd g^OGO 
[Bogasara-pradipa. A trade catalogue of medi- 
cines, with testimonials.] pp. iii. 34, 14. Colombo, 
1893. 8''. 14166. c. SO.QO.) 

70 VSBKA (Abraham). 5^a Pxbsra ( J.) . ^e^tDGSC^TS 
^d^^Gp. Bhisbajja-darpanaya ... [A glossary 
of names of medical plants, etc, ; edited by 
A. Fonseka.] 1873. 8^ 1404S. o. 12.(4.) 

FOVBEKA {Don Cornelis ds), Vtddgama Mora- 
vakkardUdge, See Sankisamayama. ^cs) <]^06^o@ 
O3@09 etc, [148 stanzas interspersed with charms 
recited at devil-dancing ceremonies ; edited by 
V. M. Don C. de Fonseka.] 1892. 8**. 

14165. d. 26.(7). 

' S>ii»a) S)«5XS3oC03cio3 [Aushadhamukta- 

hara. A medical work in 293 stanzas.] pp. 33. 
Colombo, 1893. S"". 14165. o. 20.(12.) 

Kowul-Medi Targaya or A controversy 

[between a frog and an Indian cuckoo] on the 
respective Merits of Christianity and Buddhism 
. . . e^«s>3|^ ®iS G^&(Q,etc, [in Sinhalese poetry, 
with a commentary.] pp. 37. 6^2S)3<e)S) [Cohmho,'] 
1894. 12^ 14165. a. 61.a.) 

©QoSe cf©SQrf©vtsJ 823cfa)® ©ST^a© 

[Mahavila Avarivatte pinkam-varnana. A eulogy, 
in 74 staneas, on the festival of the Buddhist 
temple at Avarivatta in the village Mahavila.] 
pp. 9. Colombo, 1893. 8^ 14165. b. 19.(30.) 

&ssif&8cQ S® [Pinkiriya-vata. A eu- 
logistic poem, in 59 stanzas, on the meritorious 
acts performed by Dediyavala Buddharakkhita.] 
pp. 8,ii. [Cohmbo,] §. ©. 2434 [1891]. 8^ 

14165. e. 23.(2.) 

" ■■ (5©®^® daJ^O ®0(3fl0 [Upadefaratna- 
malaya. A poem, in 75 stanzas, accompanied by a 
paraphrase, and containing a collection of moral 
maxims with illustrative examples.] pp. 17. 
5)dx©Q03©o}©^GJ [BTen4iyavatta, Colombo'], 1896. 
8^ 14165. i, 16.(16.) 

F0V8BKA (Joseph) . See Cetloit. Ceylon Govern- 
ment Railways . • . The rules and regulations . . • 
Translated by J. Fonseka. 1892. 8"". 

14165. m. 4. 

FOVSEKA (Joseph) {contintiei) . Sinhalese Copy 
Book. fioQSHS C0(5i <f«?(5i ©^ea» [Simhala-g^ru- 
akurupota.] No. 1. pp. 12. Colombo, 1892. 4"*. 

14166. 1. 81.a.) 

FOX (WiLUAX Bucklst). See Bibub. The Holy 
Bible translated into Singhalese [be|?an by 
W. Tolfrey and continued by W. B. Fox, and 
others.] 1819, etc. 4^ 466. e. 12-15. 

[Revised edition.] 1830. 1827. y. 

3068. eee. 2. 

See Laxbbick (S.) . A letter . • . request- 
ing a new translation of the Scriptares « , • A 
letter in defence of the existing Singhalese 
version ... by the Board of translators [ W, B, 
Fox and others.] 1823. 8^ 3068. d. 4. 

See Upham (E.). The Mah&vansi . . . 

Sacred and Historical books of Ceylon • . . trans* 
lated from the Sinhalese. [Revised by W. B. 
Fox], etc. 1838. 8^ 14165. e. 24. 

FSAHCIS [Xavisb]^ Saint. [UfeJ] See Cabbal 
(P.) L. sssSS-C^^® [A poem, in 103 stanzas, 
on the life of St. Francis Xavier.] 

14166. a. 29.(19.) 

FTBRAHDB (Johan Joachix). See Biblx. — New 
Testament. . Het heylige Evangelium . . . Jesn 
Christi • . . (De Handelingen der Apostelen . . . 
in de Singaleesche Tale overgezet door twee 
Singaleesche taal kundige Tolken . • • gerevideert 
. . • door J. J. Fy brands en H. Philipsz), etc. 
1739, etc. 4^ * S068. d. 16. 

[Another edition of part 1, revised 

and edited by J. J. Fybrands and H. Philipsz.} 
1780. 4^ 8068. e. 81. 

OABBIEL (K. D.). See De Silva Saxabasivha 
SiBiVABDHANA (C. D.) and Gabboel (E. D.). The 
Geography of Ceylon, etc. 1887. 8**. 

14165. 1. IS.a.) 

C®oC4 ©i©0<J ©Sd-^oo [Umamda-ge^. 

pada-vivarana. An alphabetical glossary of 
difficult words and phrases occurring in the 
Sinhalese version of the Ummagga-jataka (Fans. 
546).] pp. 60. [Colombo,] 1897. 12**. 

14166. t 22.(4.) 





OAJABA - HATAVA. CfoQ^zs^oQ G^O^cs [The 
Gajaba-hatanaj erroneously called on the title- 
page Amkota-hatanaya^ being a poem^ in 49 
stanzas^ founded on the legend of kiug Gaja- 
bahu^s invasion of the Choi a country. South 
India.] pp. 6. ev2»3(g® [Colombo,] 1897. 12°. 

14165. i. 17.(7.) 

GAJABIITNA - ALANKABA. Gajabinna Alanka- 
raya, or The Beauty of so-called lies. csjcJSeri*^ 
C^(3o2S)J(5gO. [a comic poem, in 67 stanzas^ in the 
form of a narrative of the doings of two imagi- 
nary persons.] pp. 9. Galle, 1886. 12°. 

14165. f. 12.(2.) 

GALAKgPPU- 8EHELLA. ©©^siidg ©i^ide 
COS) ^S§-€rf© C]f©^3(5o& [Galakeppu-sehella 
and Dedimunda - avatara. Songs on Devata- 
bandara, the predominant god of the temple at 
Alutnuwara^ and on a local deity named Dedi- 
munda.] pp. 10. Colombo, 1891. 8°. 

14165. b. 22.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 9. [Colombo,] 

1897. 8^ 14165. b. 22.(7.) 

OALLAND (Antoine). See Arabian Nights. 
The Arabian Nights' Entertainments. ^(5S cQH^tSS 
8<33C3CS [Translated from an English version 
founded on A. Galland's translation.] 1891. 8°. 

14165. f. 26. 

OALLE. ^odQ &Q ©N2S)3(3®S cQ^ ®o(S Sc5 
G^dcQ [Galla sita kolambata yana marga-vista- 
raya. A poem, in 96 stanzas, descriptive of a 
journey from Galle to Colombo.] pp. 12. Oalle, 
1892. 12^ 14165. e. 19.(2.) 

OANADETI-SEHELLA. (S)4^ 6v^@ ^i^idG 
[Ganadevi-sehella. A poem, in 49 stana^as, in 
adoration of the Hindu god Ganesa.] See Nam- 
POTA. ^® ©^03^ [Nam-pota, followed by the 
Ganadevi-sehella.] pp. 5-8. 1869. 8°.. 

14165. k. 3.(2.) 

[Another edition of the Ganadevi-sehella. Fol- 
lowed by the Vadankavipota.] pp. 19. ©sgao^g® 
[Colombo,] 1869. 12^ 14166. k. 3.(1.) 

Tkese works form coruecutive parts cf the regular educa- 
tional course in Ceylon. 

©^oa05 [Gapadevi-hella and Vadankj^vipota. 

Another edition.] pp. 13. ©\2550<g® [Colombo,] 
1893. 8^ 14165. b. 22.(4.) 

OAVESA, son of Oopdla, c53S52S>3(3eto3(5o3 
[Jatakalankara. An astrological work in San- 
skrit verse, with a Sinhalese interverbal inter- 
pretation made by H. D. Fernando, Tambi-appu- 
gurannanse of Galkissa with the assistance of 
P. Fernando.] pp. ii. 64. [Colombo ?], 1882. 
8^ 14053. d. 37. 

The work is said to have been founded on the Suka-jdtaka, 
and wa>s composed in a.d. 1614. 

OAEBHASANTIYA. (S^(!J^csD2rf^c30 ... [A com- 
pilation of charms, medical prescriptions and the 
like for obstetric use.] pp. 17. Colombo, 1895. 
8^ 14165. c. 17.(3.) 

OEOOBAPHT. Geography. Part II. Definitions 
and Outlines of the World for Standard V. 
... oaSS csajtaiigcs [Prithivi-sastra.] Second 
edition, pp. 36. Christian Vernacular Educa' 
tion Society ; Colombo, 1890. 12**. 

14165. k. 16.(3.) 

GIFFABD (Habdinqe). A dialogue between a 
Mohandiram and his friend through the favour 
of H. Giffard. ( SlCS^-sS^ (5 iSJ" Q^'^^^zi C3eo 

q^cS^O>(Ss> zs^64^Q^C^(^<:Q) See Greene .(T.), 
successively Bishop of Norwich and of Ely. The 
Principles of Beligion, e^c. pp. 1-59. 1818. 8°. 

14165. aa. 6. 

OINIHATANA. Gini hatana or Hanuma in the 
Floral Hall, a Farcical Comedy in three acts. 
&Si ^S^ [" The Fire-panic ''], etc. pp. iii. 12. 
[Colombo,] 1886. 12°. 14165. g. 6.(2.) 

[Another edition.] pp. iii. 13. [Colombo,] 

1893. 12^ 14165. g. 6.(3.) 

OrBASANDESA. Girasandesa with a paraphrase 
by H. Jayetilake . . . cSdaeo^^cscS ["The Parrot's 
Message," a poem, in 237 stanzas, written about 
the 15th century by a pandit of Jayavardhana- 
pura, now called Ootta.] pp. viii. 94. Colombo, 
1883. 12^ 14165. h, 6.(1.) 

OmiDEVi. c95©^<© 23>£jS [Giridevi-kathava. 
The story of Giridevi, a comic poem iu 120 
stanzas.] pp. 18. ®^zS)^^Si [Colombo,] 1891. 
8^ 14165. f. 32. 






GOGEELY (Daniel John). The Kristijdni Pra- 
jnapti^ or the evidences and doctrines of the 
Christian religion. In three parts. . . . Part I. 
On Buddhism [being the author's own English 
version of the work written by him in Sinhalese, 
with extracts from Pali authorities in Roman 
and Sinhalese characters.] Second edition, pp. ii. 
105. Christian Vernacular Education Society; 
Colombo^ 1885. 8^. 769. b. 2. 

The first edition was published in 1862. 

GONSALVES (Jakome). ^ss^ti^zsfSicQ [Dinabhak- 
tiya. *' Daily-devotion " for the use of Roman 
Catholics.] pp. iii. 345. ©^ 2S53 9 ©^ csJ ©^ erf 
[Kotahena, Colombo], 1888. 16^ 14166. a. 4. 

[Fourth edition.] pp. vi. 385. ©^eaiC^G^cd^f) 

[Kotahena, Colombo,] 1893. 16^. 14168. a. 48. 


Sermons on the Passion of our Lord 


gts^aoo^ aC3«Doe [Dukprapti-prasanga.] pp. 92. 
[Colombo,] 1891. 12^ 14166. a. 61. 

GOONAWABDANA. See Gunavaedhana, 

GOTAMA, Vanavdsi. See Sanghaeakkhita. The 
Sambandha-cinta . . , with its Sinhalese para- 
phrase by . . . Gotama Maha Sami. 1891. 8°. 

14098. c. 67. 
GOVABDHANA ACHABYA. cj© do^sS^oQ (cs© 
6^S^'S^) [Panca-ratna and Shadratna. Two ethical 
poems, in 5 and 6 Sanskrit stanzas respectively, 
each with a verbal interpretation in Sinhalese.] 
See Peeiodical Publication. — Colombo, S^ 
<j6-^QS Widya-darpana. No. 1, pp. 9-12, and 
No. 3, pp. 39-43. 1893. 8^ 14166. n. 4. 

GBANTHASABA. Granthasdra or . . . Sinhalese 


Classical "Reader. (g^S^caadoQ. Third edition, 
pp. ii., 107. Christian Vernacular Education 
Society ; Colombo, 1887. 8**. 14166. 1. 8. 

GBEEN (Henby Watkins). See Robebtson (W, R.). 
A Primer of Agriculture . . . by H. W. Green, 
an adaptation of the Agricultural Class-book by 
W. R. Robertson. Third edition. 1886. 12*^. 

14166. d. 11. 
Fourth edition. 1891. 12^ 14163. d. 16. 

Fifth edition. 1893. 12^ 14166. d. 16. 
Sixth edition. 1896. 12°. 14166. d. 27. 

GBEEITE (Thomas), successively Bishop of Norwich 
and of Ely. The principles of religion explained 
and proved from the Scriptures [translated into 
Sinhalese by G. de Zoysa] . To which is prefixed 
a dialogue between a Mohandiram and his friend 
through the favour of Hardinge Giflfard. (cfa© 
©\S)cS ^Qts^^d^d) [Agamehi mulakarana.] 
pp. 59, 407. Colombo, 1818. 8°. 14166. aa. 6, 

GULLIVEB (Lemuel). See Swift (J.), Dean of 
St. Patrick's. Gulliver's Travels . . . translated 
... by A. J. W. Marambe, etc. 1888. 8^. 

14166. f. 29.(2.) 

GTINADOS-SANGBAHA. C3^S^zS5 cscP^o ec€6D©vc,d 
CSocges^E) [Gunados-sangraha. An astrological 
work, in 296 Sanskrit stanzas, on the auspicious* 
ness or otherwise of various times, with an 
interverbal commentary in Sinhalese.] pp. 67. 
©^3S50(ga [Colombo,] 1880. 8\ 14166. b. 13.(1.) 

GUHANANDA, Mohofti-vatte. See Colombo.— 
Buddhist Tract Society. [A series of tracts^ 
chiefly by M. Gunananda Thera, in answer to 
certain Christian publications.] 1887, etc. 16"^. 

14166. a. 13, 

See MlLINDAPANHA. ®@^ 9 (532^ GO . . . 

(Milindapprashnaya ...) [Edited by M. Gunananda 
and others.] 1878. 8*^. 14166. b. 3. 

See Navapatala-sahoraha. ^ScjQ© 

CSocgooS [Edited by M. Gunananda.] 1879. 8**. 

14063. CO. 38.(1.) 

[Death.] See Pebeea (J.), S. QoQ^i^Qzs^ 

©^csd235 ®3(33Q [An elegy on the death of M. 
Gunananda.] 14166. b. 19.(10.) 

See Rahula, Toiagamuve. Kavyasekhara 

. . . edited by M. Gunananda. 1872. 8**. 

14166. i. 3. 

Bauddha Prasna, or The work embodying 

the important principles respecting the Triple 
Gem ... In the form of questions and answers. 
(©^q)<^® 9c5S2^c30) Pt. i. pp. 6; 96. Colombo, 
1887. 16^ 14166. a. 10, 

gcaSe Cj^ ©«53C5?C30 [ Dussila - dana' 

vibhaga. A discussion on the granting of alms 
to " criminous clerks '^ in Buddhist holy orders.] 
pp. 16. 6^2»D<g® [Colombo,] 1887. 16**. 

14165. a. 41.(2.) 





OUHANAVDAy Moho(ti-vatte (continued). Q&Sq 
c^^ 8^c5aQcO, etc. [Dus^iladana-yini^clia. An 
anonymous reply to the pamphlet by Gnnananda 
entitled Dussiladana-yibhaga.] pp. 56^ 4. [Co- 
lambo,] 1887. 12^ 14165. a. 42.(2.) 

CS)®0(3 ©3^00 [Gampala-vadaya, A 

religious debate held at Gampola between M. 
Gunananda, Buddhist Sthavira and others on 
one side^ and C. P. Kanasimha^ Baptist minister^ 
Sirimanna^ Gatechist, and others on the other 
side.] pp. 66. Colombo, 1871. 12*^, 

14165. b. 6.(4.) 

«C5(i©v2aJ(5©(^ (5^£rf©© ©0<5KS5i3© 

CDi^QS [Satarakorale Udanvita yadakathava 
genaya. On the religious controversy held at 
Udanvita in the Four Korles.] . . . Answer to 
a pamphlat [sic] published by J. E. Hunupole. 
pp. n, Colombo, 1866. 8^ 14166. b. 7.(2.) 

GTJNAEATANA ? coc9£d« ca©cgC5cs 

[Upasthana-sangraha. A Buddhistic treatise 
on children's duties to their parents.] pp. 29. 
iKofte,] 1888. 12^ 14165. a. 40. 

OTJNABATANA, Mvlleriydve. See Jatakas. — 
Ummaggajdtaka. The TJmmaggajdtakaya . . . 
edited by W. P. Banesinghe and Revd. M. 
Goonaratana of Gotatuwa^ etc. 1875. 8°. 

14166. f. 1. 

See Pali-nama-vakankoilla. oog 2^3® 

©d^xcS(^(3 C3CO . . . cp)S)}S)« Q^^i^C^^, etc. 
(With Akhyata Vyakhya, etc. Edited by M. 
Gunaratana.) 1873. 8^ 14098. d. 24.(2.) 

See Banasoalle Thbba. Lokppakaraya. 

<^(2:J®^25>Jo2S)3(icO [With a commentary by 11 . 
Gunaratana,] 1872. 8^ 14168. b. 2.(2.) 

{f^64^ (S(3 C36)g>crc39. [Sarana-9na-san- 

graha. An outline of Buddhism^ for children.] 
pp. 44. Colombo, 1891. 12°. 14165. a. 48. 

OUHABATANA, Ndoiunne. Qzs£)4^ S«53©cego 
[Lakkhana-vibhavaniya. On the auspicious marks 
of the Buddha.] pp. 22. [Colombo,] 1890. 16°. 

14166. a. 37.(3.) 

GirarAEATANA. Tangalle. See JlTkKAB,—Kiisa- 
jdtaka. Kusa J&takaya. e^cs c53^ss 8c)d^ce, 

etc, [The Pali text with a Sinhalese commentary 
by T. Gunaratana.] 1885. 8''. 14098. d. 29. 

OTJNASATNA (Adbian de Silva). B&japakse 
charitaya. A short sketch of the life of S. d'A. 

Wijeyegooneratne Bajapakse also stanzas 

. . . editorial notices . . . compiled from various 
sources, dicjocsss ©3^03 pp. viii. 111. Colombo, 
1892. 4^ 14165. ee. 1. 

OUBTAEATNA (B.). Niwi Jatake. A birth of 
Bodisath in Sinhalese Bhyme [104 stanzas]. 

(A® d^ZTSG) ©^Q5^©C5) :ftS dozs^zs) zs^y^r^QQ' 

[Nivi - jataka-kavya, founded on the Nimi- 

jataka (Fans. 541).] pp. 13. FonseTca and Sons ; 

[Colombo,] 1887. 8°. . 14165. f. 14.(2.) 

OUHABATNA {Don Hendbik). See Mahatota 
Thera. ©\25>J(30SqS. [Edited by H. Gunaratna.] 
1876. 12^ 14166. c. 7. 

GTJNAEATNA (Thamis), M. D. Bhamini Charita 
Darpanaya or Mirror that reflects the Conduct 
of Women, composed [in prose and verse] 
in connexion with the controversy on the 
Chastity of Women. o^c^C53 €)o^Q^(q^qq 

C3®5)2ri'a) €53®^ ©SC5 ^&4^ca pp. 31. 

[Colombo,] 1887. 12^. 14166. h. 9.(6.) 

GTJHAEATNA(T.Pebera). q^cP^Q doG>-4S^o'idZSKQ 
©<QS5Sc5 7^6)0:3 IS) ©^cS3C5 oSccS [Abhinava- 
jatakamrita or Navagraha-yoga- patala. An 
astrological treatise compiled from materials 
derived from Tamil works.] pp. 12. ^5553(3® 

[Colombo,] 1892. 8^ 14166. d. 26.(3.) 

CSag^Oe^^Q C5a3C3C)C30 ©nQ55©:5J :^®sS«> 

[Sakhadeva-sastra (or -nimitta). A treatise on 
predicting fortune with the aid of a table, 
ascribed to a sage named ^akhadeva, and trans- 
lated from Tamil by T. P. Gunaratna.] pp. 4. 
Colombo, 1893. 8*^. 14166. d. 26.(8.) 

OTJNARATNATAKA (D. P.). The Venomous 
Girl. Sc3§) •Qi5<$i4J? etc. [Visama-taruni. A 
tale in verse.] pp. 17. ©^gaoQ® [Colombo,] 
1867. 8^ 14166. h. 4. 

OTJNASEKHAEA (A. W.) of Mdtara. Kawmini- 
dapana or a poetical description [in 150 stanzas] 
of Dondra Perahera. sS5© ®^ ^o-«l6 pp. 18. 
Matara, 1894. 8^ 14166. i. 16.(9.) 

G 2 





OUNASEKHABA (Andrew) ^ of Rdgama. Kaw mini 
mewla, ... 255© ®^ ®^®S© E-A. love-poem 
in 90 tetrastichs.] pp. 10. Colomboj 1890. 8°. 

14166. i. 15.(1) 

OUNASEEHABA (Babtholoxews). See Matuba- 
PADA. A contribution to the history of Ceylon. 
Translated from *^ Pujavaliya/' by B. Gunasekara. 
1895. 8°. 14165. e. SS4. 

See BoME^ Church of, ^— Pius IX., Pope. 

Translation [by B. Gunasekhara] of a treaty, etc, 
1885. 8^ 14166. aa. 9. 

OTTVASEKHABA (John Ghables Piebis). 



OTJNATILAKA {Don A. de A.). See De Alwis 


Atula. The history of king Atiila . . . [Edited 
by D. D. G. Senaviratna.] 1876. 8^. 

14165. f. 3.(4.) 

OUNAVABDHAHA (Cobnelia). See Ephemebides. 
(g '(gS)S& .... 2440-41 . . ^2S56& 1819 o^^x.e)3«Dcs 
C3Q55 cgcs^03(5css!rf etc, [Compiled by C. Guna- 
vardhana.] 1897, etc, 8^. 14166. n. 6. 

See Ephemebides. csogsjS ©^®o 

€)^CQ [Sahkata-mochana. A criticism on 
the Panchahga for Saka 1819, compiled 
by C. Gunavardhana.] 1897. 8^ 

14165. m. 13. 

GTJBTAVABDHANA'CGeobge Edwabd). See Abhaya- 
SEKHABA (J. H.). A sermon preached in the 
Amblamgoda Wesleyan Chapel ... on ... the 
death of the Rev. G. E. Goonewardene, etc, 
1889. 12^ 14166. a. 29.(3.) 

6TJNA7ABDHANA (Hendbick Abayasibi-). See 
Abhayasibi-Gunavabdhana (H.) . 

GTrNAVABDHABA(M.C.). ©nS-iS) q6i ^iQ^^Q 
[Bauddha-daru-nelavilla. "A buddhist lullaby.'^] 
pp. 11. iGolomho'], 1891. 16°. 14166. h. 12. 

GUNAVABDHANA (Pabilis), Seneviratna Quna- 
tilaka Mudiyanseldge. ©>®3£52ac^5S!5QQ 6^QS5©QJ' 
iSSsrfcs^csooSO'^® [Mokshadanaya or Nivan- 

soyadima. A versified precept for the attain- 
ment of Nirvana,] pp. 8. Colombo^ 1893. 8®. 

14165. b. 19.(31.) 

GUBTAVABDHAUA (R. P. V.). See Piebis Vab- 


GTTNAVABDHANA (Simon F.). See Colombo. — 
Colombo Museum, Catalogue of the Colombo 
Museum Library. List of P&li, Sinhalese, and 
Sanscrit Manuscripts . . . (Compiled by S. F. 
Goonawardana.) 1894. 8''. 14096. c. 18. 

(Henby). Sinhalese Diary, compiled and pub- 
lished by T. W. Goonewardene and H. Fernando. 
QoC55(3 §?5^ e^03G5 [Simhala Dina-pota] 1890, 
etc. Colombo, 1889, etc. S"*. 14166. m. 2. 

In progrest. 

0TJVA7ABDHAHA (William F.). (^o®3eS8»3(io9 
Upamdlankdraya, or The feline recluse ... a 
Sinhalese fable in verse, pp. viii. 23. [^Oolombo,'] 
1890. 8^ 14166. f. 29.(7.) 

GTJBULUGOMI. Amawatura. [A work on the life 
and career of the Buddha] . . . with a glossary. 
Revised and edited by H. Jaya tilaka . . . qf®3Scg<5 
etc. 3 pt. Colombo, 1887, 1885-86. 8°. 

14166. i. 10. 

Pt, 1, second edition. 

See De Sabam (H.). c^®3©^<§\dJ 

gStoscOG^oecfl cg^nSoilJ ©S(5-€^CS [A glos- 
sary to the first part of Gurulugomin^s 
Amavatura.] 1887. 8^ 14166. i. 6.(2.) 

See Haedy (R. S.) . A manual of Buddhism 

. , . translated from Sinhalese MSS. (. . . Am6wa- 
tura, etc.) 1853. 8°. 4606. e. 

Dharmapradipikd (St®9^62»3S): a 

commentary on the Mahdbodhiwansa [a Pali 
work on the Sacred Bodhi-tree by Upatissa]. 
Edited by Chief Priest Dharmdloka of Ratmal&na 
. . . and K. Dharmdrdma, etc. pp. xxiii. 326. 
Public Instruction Department ; Colombo, 1886. 
8''. 14098. c. 23. 

HALL (Chbistopheb Newman). Come to Jesus ! 
©^dgd ©S325d*6^sS ©v©c5c) 8©\(525df [Yesus- 
vahanse vetata varen. Translated from the 





English.] pp. 79. Religious Tfact Society; 
Colombo, 1889. 12^. 14166. a. 16.(2.) 

HAirDI*VEDA-POTA. cs5£rf^ ©^S<; ©^oam [Handi- 
veda-pota. A collection of prescriptions for 
surgical use.] pp. 28. e^ssa©® [Golombo,] 
1893. 8**. 14166. c. 20.(8.) 

■' CD2rf§ ©^d^ ©N030 [On the treatment of 

bodily injuries.] See Pilika-prakabana. 6(g«»3 
gzS)64fi(Jb etc. pp. 37-81. Colombo, 1895. 12°. 

14166. 0. 17.(4.) 

TAw differs fram the preceding work, 

EASTTIKAf pseud, [i.e. G. D. Pelis ?] ®3oC383<:j 
43(5-^gS [Mamsavada-tlranaya. "The last of 
thd meat-controversy/' a poem^ in 73 stanzas, 
against eating meat.] pp. 6. [Colombo,^ 1893. 
8^ 14166. i. 16.(7.) 

HABDY (RoBEBT Spence). A Manual of Budhism, 
in its modern development ; translated from Sin- 
ghalese MSS. (1. Pansiya-panas-jdtaka-pota. 
2. Wisudhi-m&rgga-sann^. 3. Milinda Prasnd. 
4. Pdj&waliya. 5. Sadharm&lankdr^. 6. Sa- 
dharmma-ratnak&r^. 7. Am&watura. 8. Thiipd- 
wans^. 9. Rdjawaliya. 10. Kayawirati-g6td- 
sann^. 11. Kammaw&chan. 12. The Sann^s of 
various Sutras.) pp. xvi. 533. London, 1853. 
8'', 4506. e. 

— — Second Edition [with a complete index 

compiled by 0. Frankfurter], pp. xii. 566, 
London, 1880. 8^ 2212. d. 

The Mirror of the Scriptures. ®^^S Q® 

^6^ ^® e^O3C5Cj0 [Devadharma-darpana. With 
a glossary of Scriptural names and terms.] 2 pt. 
Colombo, 1847. 8^ 14168. aa. 7. 

Third edition, pt. 1. Ceylon Religious 

Tract Society; Colombo, 1887. 8^. 14168. aa. 8. 

6dzSi cqQcjO etc. [Varala-vartikava or Jiraka- 
guliya. A metrical treatise on certain medical 
pills.] pp. 6. Galle, 1888. 8^ 14168. o. 6.(3.) 


Kafugo^a. zS)6i^o [sicl (sq6i aQ(ii^ «»© q):S^ 
e^oo ® [Karuna-gnru-pavaruva-kavi- bana-po ta. 

An ethical poem, in 48 stanzas^ written in very 
unintelligible and ungrammatical Sinhalese.] 
pp. 8. Oalle, 1893. 8^ 14168. h. 16. 

HASmsr-KAV-MALAVA. coQ^rf zs)B ®oQo6) 
[Hasun-kav-malava# A poem, dated January 
20th, 1867, on the love-letters of a betrothed 
couple.] pp. 41. 12^ 14168. h. 2.(8.) 

No place or date of publication is given, 

[Second edition.] pp. 39. [Colombo, 1893.] 

12^ 14166. h. 10.(18.) 


Pali text of the Attanagaluvansa ; and its ancient 
translation into Sinhalese; [edited] with notes . . . 

byJ. Alwis. ((fax»2^®g Soe^t^ e^^Qisi S)aS 

6)sSySiQQ SS30(5 ©oC3 etc.) pp. xi. 114. Colombo, 
1878. 8^ 14098. c. 14. 

Second edition, pp. vii. 114. Colombo, 

1887. 8^. 14098. c. 66. 

HAVEKGAL (Frances Ridley) . My King. ®3®vc5i 
dd^diG^SJ [Mage Rajjuruvo. Translated from 
the English.] pp. 120. Ceylon Religious Tract 
Society; Colombo, 1887. 12^. 14168. a. 18.(1.) 

HEABT BOOK. The Mirror of the Heart com- 
monly called The Heart Book. Q5^a<^QQ ^S-^^gO 
etc. [Hridaya-darpana. Translated from the 
English.] Second edition. pp. 76. Ceylon 
Religious Tract Society; Colombo, 1886. 12°. 

14168. a. 11.(1.) 

HEVAPOTA. ©NQo^ne^ooTO ®v5^3©yC5>3^ e^^^ 

©n03^C3 [Henapota or Hena-poUa. A Buddhist 
treatise against Christianity.] pp. 24. [Colombo,'] 
1895. 8^. 14168. aa. 9.(17.) 

HENDBICK, Migamwgurunndnseldge Don. See 
Bastian^ C. Don and Pebeba (H. P.). Kalana 
mitu ruwana^ etc. [A eulogy on M. Don Hen- 
drick.] 1889. 8^ 14168. i. 18.(6.) 

HEBANA-SIEA. ^^64fi &ZS) CSCS) e$g &zs>, etc. 
[Two ancient works, namely, the Herana-sika, 
instructions to Buddhist novices, and the first 
five chapters of the Mulusika (called here Kudu- 
sika), being a translation of the Pali work 
Mula-sikkha, ** the fundamental precepts '^ of the 
Buddhist order. Edited, with additional matter^ 





such as the Dina-chariya^ daily observance/' etc. 
by H. Jayatilaka.] pp. 17. Colombo, 1886. 12°. 

14166. a. 41. 

©\C55(5-g^ S235 C3C55 §« ©5063© [Another 

edition of the Herana-sika; followed by the Dina- 
chariya in Sinhalese and Pali.] pp. 12. ©v2S)0(g(5) 
[Colombo,'] 1897. 12^ 14098. a. 30. 

©sQ55<54^ &Z5^ [Another edition of . the 

Herana-sika^ the Dinachariya, etc.'] See Sataba- 


S:ftcaSc30. pp. 15-19. 1897. 8^ 

14098. eco. 3. 

HEVA VITABANA {Dona EvgaltIna) . See Bastian, 
C Don, Owa Muthara. [An address presented 
to Dona B. Hevavitarana.] 1889. 16^ 

14165. h. 13.(2.) 

HISVELLE PANDIT. (Sd©zd©^d o©S5 . . . 

25)§g c5a3C3!3), etc, [Svapnamalaya and Gauli- 
kavudu-sastra. Works on the interpretation of 
dreams, the clicking of lizards, etc, in verse.] 
pp. 32. [Colombo], 1865. 8^ 14166. d. 2.(1.) 

[Another editiou.] pp. 31. Colombo, 

1889. 8°. 14166. d, 26.(1.) 

HITOPADESA. (£^©^053d®^<jc53®^cS(S Cf«53®o 
a^Q^^^cQ [A portion of the first chapter of 
the Hitopadesa, with a Sinhalese interyerbal 
interpretation.] See Vtasakaba. 8fi)C2 2S>3<5G0, 
etc, pp. 31-48. 1866, 12^ 14076. b. 20.(1.) 

cS©\TO3o©\^(5a®^d 0(g|)®v©^ oS®^Sd<j 

©^03^ ®^2553Scsed [A portion of the first chapter 
of the Hitopade^a, with a Sinhalese translation.] 
See Vyasakaea. Vyasakara, etc, pp. 20-24. 
1887. 8^ 14072. cc. 37.(1.) 

[Second edition. Edited by Don A. de 

Silva Batuvantudave.] pp. 25-29. 1890. 8°. 

14072, cc. 45.(3.) 

HOpiTA. CfC5©(5 ©c:53GS3 «cPto ©^OodBoe [Hodiya, 
Alphabet, with syllabary, for school-use.] pp. 6. 
[Colombo,] 1886. 8^ 14166. 1. 4.(2.) 

[Another edition.] 6\2S53(3® [Colombo,] 

1892. 8°, 14168.1,13.(1,) 

HOPEHf 8 (Jakx Elltce), Miaa. Man and Woman 

or the Christian Ideal. g(5i®c03 C3Q55 C3^ 
6^QS5SsJ 2§csd^c3035S od®3^09 [Purushaya saha 
stri or Ejristiyani-paramarttha. Translated by 
C. W. de Silva.] [Colombo,] 1889. 16°. 

14166. a. 26.(4.) 

Forms part of the ** White Gross Series " of tracts, 

HOBABHARAB'A. e^cs^ddsSD^-^^cS [Horabharana. 
An astrological work^ said to be not modem, 
in 98 stanzas, edited by S. S. de Silva.] pp, 17. 
Colombo, 1892. 8^ 14166. d. 24.(4.) 

HTINTJPOLA (John Edwabd). See Gunananda, 

Mohottivatte, cs^S5<5 ©>ss35J(5®<^ (^i:j2rf©Q So^ 
sado© ® 1 55^(30 . . • Answer to a pamphlat (sie) 
published by J. B. Hunupola. 1866. 8°. 

14166. b, 7.(2.) 

HYDE (Thomas). See Sinhalese. The Alphabet 
of the Singhali, etc, [Three copper prints ex- 
tracted from Hyde's '^ Syntagma Dissertationum," 
vol. ii.] 1767. 4^ 760. f. 2. 

HYMNS. A Collection of Hymns for pse in 
Public, Social, and Private Worship. c?§ ©<3(S 

S-C^cs c8^2353. pp. xii. 369. Ceylon Religious 
Tract Society; Colombo, 1887. 12*^. 14166, a. 3. 

IDIKISIHHA (A. P.) of Mafara. Arishtadava- 

leya [sic] . c]f ScsQCjQgoQ e^coe)^} C]f SGJ©C3[«ic]TO2a 

2S53$»o& [Arishtad^valiya or Arishtasataka- 
kavya. A metrical treatise on pathology, in 
212 ^tan^as, founded on the Sanskrit work 
" Arishta-§ataka."] Pt. 1. Colombo, 1892. 8^ 

14166. e. 20.(7.) 

Bhaisejarthemanjusa, ©^©\tr^c5ac53^®/K3^C23 

q^3ja3(i3§ [A vocabulary of names of drugs. 
Pt. 1, Sanskrit- Simhalese ; Pt. 2, Pali-Simha- 
lese and Tamil- Simhalese.] 2 pt. Colomho, 
1891-92. 8^ 14165,0.20.(6.) 

Rabat charitaye. 6^^ €)S^C30 [A poem, 

in 185 stanzas, on the Buddhist worthies Sari- 
putta, Moggallana and others.] pp. ii. 18, ii. 
Colombo, 1892. 8°. 14166. i. 16.(6.) 

INDASOMA, Mohottivatte. See Periodical Publi- 
cations. — Colombo. C3CSJ<^® C,^e)o> [Satdam- 
danavata. Edited by M. Ipdasoma.] [1896.] 8**. 

14166. b. 26. 





ISVABA-DEHEHA. 5'c3©(5 ^QS^i^fkQ csQD S'dQd 
«3536)fi) ©ogaadoo [I§vara-deheiia. A poem on 
Isvara or §iva. Edited by K, B. Perera, 
Second edition.] pp. 8. Colombo, 1893. 8°. 

14165. b. 22.(5.) 

JAOABA, Thera. ofitoocsacs?^ ©g<^ zaCoQ 
[Lankasasana-visuddlii-katha. A Pali discourse 
on the history and the purification of the Buddhist 
religion in Ceylon, by Siri Saddhamma-Vamsa- 
pala Jagara Thera. Translated into Sinhalese 
by Dhammatilaka Thera, and edited by Ukkattha- 
mahatissa Ariyavamsa-dhaja Nanatilaka Thera.] 
pp. 143. QigescaoQ 2433 [Wditota, 1889]. 8^ 

14165. b. 15. 


[Another edition.] pp.136. 2436 [1892]. 

14165. b. 16. 

JAMES (John Anqell). Jameses Anxious Inquirer. 

[Translated into Sinhalese.] pp. 179. Kandy, 
1853. 12^ 14166. a. 39. 

JANANANDA, Mohoftivatte. gS) Cfiq&(^&^ 

[Buddha-edahilla, Pt. 2, called also Gihivinaya- 
sangraha. A catechism for the Buddhist laity, 
founded on the Sigalovada Sutta.] pp. 31. 
[Colombo,] 1894. 16^. 14165. a. 62.(1.) 

JAHSZ (I. C. de). See Db Jansz (I. C). 

JATAKAS. The Jataka pota or the 550 births of 
Buddha, translated from the . . . Pdli into Sin- 


halese, [according to the editor] by the minister 
Wirasinha Prati-raja, at the request of the supreme 
minister Par&kkrama. With a new introductory 
life of Buddha (cjrfScS o4^ci dots^zs) ©»03^S5) 
[Pansiya-panas-jataka-pota.] Colombo, 1881. 8**. 

14165. f. 9. 

Ft 1, 3, <md 6 only. In progress, 

The 550 Births of Lord Buddha: with 

illustrations . . . oxsj'fico o^ci dozs^zs) ©\03cJ 
SQS5£rf©^C3 [Another edition, revised by K. Dham- 
marama.] [Colombo,'] 1893, etc. 4^ 14165. ff. 1. 

In progress. 

— See Haedt (B. S.). A manual of Budhism 
. , . translated from Singhalese MSS. (1. Pansiya- 
panas-jAtaka-pota, etc.). 1853. 8**. 4505. e. 

jATAKAS {continued), Alambusd-jataka. ^(3@C33 
tfs^iSJGO [The Sinhalese prose version of the 
Alambusa-jataka (Fans. 523) ; followed by an 
anonymous metrical version of the same in 100 
quatrains.] pp. 16. ®^2353(g® [Colombo,] 1896. 
8^ 14165. f. 40.(2.) 

Asadisa-jatdka, See Rajadhirajasi^ha, 

King of Ceylon, Rajadhirajasinha^s poem, the 
Asadrisajatakaya. Edited with . . . notes [and 
the text of the Pali and of the Sinhalese Asadisa- 
jataka prefixed], etc. 1889. 8°, 14166. i. 18. 

Bhuridatta- jataka, 5\8^J2izs^ c53Q5z3503 

[Buridatta-jataka. A poem, in 486 stanzas, 
founded on the Bhuridatta-jataka.] pp. 36. 
®C55^©<5 [Kandy,] 1893. 8^ 14165. f. 23.(4.) 

Chandakinnara-jataJea, See Sandakikdueu- 

JATAEA. Sandakinduru Jatakaya. t3^ ^£^1 
553^23500 [A modern poem, in 57 stanzas, 
founded on the Ghandakinnara- jataka.] 1885. 
12^ 14165. f. 10.(2.) 

See ViLGAMVALA Maha Thera. c3^ ^^<^i 

t5^ZTizSiCQ [A poem, in 425 stanzas, founded 
on the Chandakinnara-jataka.] 1866. 12^. 

14165. f. 7.(2.) 

Chhaddanta-jataJca, See Satdanta-hella. 

C3cJ^£SLfo:> ^idQ [A tale in verse, founded on 
the Chhaddanta-jataka.] 1869. 12^ 

14165. f. 6.(5.) 

— Chullapaduma'jdtaka. See Perera (G.), 

Jayasuriya-drachchige. §(36Cg® c53^2S5 2353 
&23Q8 . . . (ChuUapaduma Jataka kavyaya, etc) 
[A poem in 140 stanzas.] 1893. 8^ 

14165. f. 22.(3.) 

Dhammapdla-jdtaka, Q®2)oo(3 c53C5255g3 

[Dhammapala -jataka (Fans. 447), apparently 
translated directly from the Pali Jatakatthavan- 
nana, and containing the gdthds of the original 
text.] pp. 12. See Colombo. — Buddhist Theo- 
sophical Society. [A serieB of tracts.] No. 11. 
1888. 16^ 14165. a. 14.(3.) 

Outtila-jataka. See Vettevb Mahathera. 

c2^GJt3c5 «S53©25Qa [Guttila-kavya. A poem in 
511 quatrains.] 1870, 12^ 14165. h. 1. 

Second edition. 1886. 8^. 

14165. i. 13. 





JATAIIAS. — ChUtiUi'jdtaha {eontinued). Onttila 
Jatake, etc. [Another edition J 1891. 12^ 

14166. 1 18.(4.) 

Kdlingabodhi'jataha. See Pebeba (K. R.). 

CpvS^-^SS^ ©\S)oS c53^2S)oe [Anandabodhi-jataka. A 
poem in 144 quatrains.] 1889. 8*^. 

14165. f. 14.(4.) 

Kaffhahdri-jdtaha. ^sQtSODoS tSo^zS)CQ 

[A Sinhalese prose version of the Katthahari 
Jataka (Fans. 7)^ independent of' that in the 
Jataka-pota.] pp, 8. See Bastian^ C. Don, The 
life of . . . Sanghabodhi, etc. R. 2. 1887. 12*^. 

14165. I 13.(2J 

Kumbha-jdtaka. e^Sr) c53Q>2S)Ge [Kumbha- 

jataka (Fans. 512)^ the Sinhalese prose version 
extracted from the Pansiya-panas-jataka-pota.] 
pp. 10. [Vidydprakdsa'Samdgama ; Dodanduwa,^ 
1889. 12^ 14165. f, 13,(5.) 

The original Pali af some of the concluding veree-portions 
is given. 

Kummasapinda-jataika. See Kavisekhaba- 

NAKDANA, of Devinuvava. 85®®oca6© dozs^iS^ 
2553 ©73 (30 [A poem in 178 stanzas.] 1895. 8^ 

14165. f, 23.(5.) 

Kundla-jataha^ See Dhamhakkhanda^ Tal- 

arambe. Cf2SiCi^ZS> dozs^zS)CQ [Andabiita-jataka. 
A poem founded on an episode of the Kunala- 
jataka,] 1866. 8^ 14166. f, 5.(1.) 

Kurudhamma-jataka. e^dxQ^ do^zsiCQ 

[Kurudharma-jataka. The Sinhalese prose ver^ 
sion of the Kurudhamma-jataka (Fans. 276), ex^ 
tracted from the Pansiya-panas-jataka-pota.] 
pp. 13. ©^c^j^^S [Dodanduwaj] 1889. 12''. 

14166. f. 18.(3,) 

[Another edition.] pp. 14. Brandiyawatta 

[in Colomho'], 1896. 8^ 14165. f. 23.(7.) 

— Kuaa-jdtaka, Kusa J&takaya. ^^ d^0S5?S3 

©S<5-^C0 C3CPS5 CS^ri*^ C3'2)® 8^C2 C5oe53sJ55 

25530^(30 [Knsa-jataka-vivarana, or Kusa-jataka 
(Fans. 531) in Sinhalese prose, accompanied by 
its Pali gdthds and their Sinhalese interpretation 
by Tangalle Gunaratana Thera ; followed by the 
Knsajataka-kavya of Alagiyavanna Mujtaveti, 
TN'ith a verbal paraphrase founded on that of Jina? 
vamsa Pannasara of Kosgoda, Second edition.] 
2 pt. Colombo, 1885, 8^ 14098. d, 29, 

JATAKAS. — Kusa-jdtaka (contiriMecO . See Aoala- 
VATTB NBK^TTA. «5«d)C5 ®^S^GcO [Kusaraja^ 
mangalya. A poem in 111 stanzas.] 1894. 8°. 

14165. i. 16.(11.) 

— — &e Alagiyavanna, ifwfcave^i. Kose jateke 
. . . 85C3 dozs^zs^cQ [A poem in 687 stanzas. Second 
edition.] [1868.] 8°, 14166. 1 2. 

[Third edition,] 1876, 8^. 

14166. f. 4. 

[Another edition,] 1891. 8**. 

14165. f. 23.(1.) 

See Ai^AGiYAVANNA, Mukavefi^ An Eastern 

love-story. Kusa Jatakaya . • . rendered into 
English verse, eU. 1871, 8^ 14165. f. 85. 

See Pebera (K. R.) . (f tfi^S a^cs cSozsyzs^ 

SS53 ©a [Abhinava-Kusa-jataka-kavya. A new 
poem in 359 stanzas.] 1886. 8^. 

14166, 1 10.(3.) 

[A reprint] 1890. 8^. 

14165. f. 14.(5.) 

[Another edition.] 1892. 8**. 

14165. f. 14.(7.) 

— •^— Mahdkanha-jdtaka, See De Sabajc (D.). 
®S)3«a2rfC55 c53C5Z53Ge [A poem, in 109 stanzas, 
founded on the Mahakanha-jataka.] 1870. 8^ 

14165. f. 6.(4.) 

Mahdsilava-jdtaka. See Pebeba (K. R.). 

®Q5538©Q dozs^xs^QQ [A Sinhalese metrical version 
of the Mahasilava^jataka.] 1891, 8^. 

14165. f. 14.(11.) 

" ' Mahds^qnna- jataka. See Solos-svapnata. 
©^C33©^(33gS eSd^^cS [A poem founded on the 
introductory tale of the Mah^supina-jataka.] 
1887. 8^ 14165. e. 11.(6.) 

^ Makhadeva-jataka, See Muvadev-da-vata. 

g(534^$Ss)aa)25^ cs(Ss5 g©e^<;© c^ ©05. 1895. 
8^. 14165. i. 21.(8.) 

Mdtanga-jdtaka. See Karunabatna (Don A.). 

®3C523lCc5 c53O52»0S [A poem in 155 stanzas.] 
1894. 8^ 14165. f. 36. 

Mora-jdtaka. See Pebeba (K. R.) . g€)^-€6 

®g(5 tSoZS^zS)QQ [Suvarna-mayiirarjataka. A poem 
founded op thp Mora-jataka.] 1892. 8°. 

J4165. f. 14. ao.) 





JATAXABieontinued). Mugapahhha^jdtaka. ^tsiScQ 
dyzs^zSiCQ [Temiya-jataka. The Sinhalese version 
of the Mugapakkha-jataka (Fans. 538).] pp. 26. 
[Colombo,'] 1896. 8^ 14165. 1 40.(1.) 


doOG^zS) &8g<^03ro [Temiya-jatake viridnpota. 
A catechetical poem.] 1886. 8^. 

14165. f. 14.(1.) 

— ^— Nalinikd-jdtaha, See Uekubakda, Vtra- 
simha-Mudalige. ^gsft tff)»a3 rooSaoS [A 
poem founded on the Nalinika-jataka.] 1898. 
8^ 14165. i. 24. 

■ Nigrodhamiga-jdtaha. See Muya-jataka. 

@S) tfd^^GO [A poem founded on the Nigrodha- 
miga-jataka.] 1892. 8^. 14165. 1 14.(8.) 

— • Nimi'jdiaka. See Gunaratna (B.) . Niwi 
Jatake. A birth of Bodisath in Sinhalese rhyme. 
1887. 8^ 14165. f. 14.(8.) 

— Padahusalamdnava ' jdtaka. See Pada- 

KANAyAEA-JATAEA. O^^O^dtS) C53^S:)«3)Q9 [A pOOm 

founded on the Padakusalamanava-jataka.] 1869. 
12^. 14165. f. 6.(8.) 

— Panchdvudha-jdtaha, See Sukitta, of 
Taikandor-vihara. Kawminirandama . . . ss>€)®'C^ 
6zsiq® [A poem in 395 stanzas.] 1892. 12''. 

14165. f. 82.(2.) 

— Sdma-jdiaka. csoS da^X^sss^QS [An abstract 
of the Sama-jataka (Fans. 540)^ without the 
introductory tale, in Sinhalese prose with original 
Pali verse-passages.] pp. 14. [Colombo,] 1892. 
8\ 14165. I 14.(9.) 

See JATAviERAMA(DonA.). C33® tfowesje^os 

SSgG^ 030) [Sama-jatakaye Yiridupota. A cate- 
chetical poem.] 1885. 8^ 14165. i. 11.(8.) 

See Pebkra (K. R.). cfl3® doZTszSiCQ [A 

poem founded on the Sama-jataka.] 1893. 8^. 

14165. f. 88.(8.) 

SaUubhattar-jdtaka. See Pibris Samara- 

8I1IHA ^RiTARDHANA (J. L.). The well-kuown 
play entitled '' Sandawati/' etc, 1892. 8''. 

14165. g. 9.(2.) 

JATAKAS. Saitubhatta-jdtaka (eontinited) . See 
Rahula, TotagavMive. Kavyasekhara, etc. [A 
standard poem founded on the Sattubhatta- 
jataka.] 1872. 8^ 14165. i 8. 

Second edition (1887). 8*. 

14165. i. 14. 

— — Takkor-jdiaka. See Pcrkra (K. R.) zs^tsi 
tSozSizSi 2353d2)Gd [Tarka-jataka-kavya^ in 83 
stanzas.] 1886. 8^ 14165. t 10.(4.) 

— Ummagga-jdtaka. The ITmmagga J&taka 
((^§)®CSX5) dozs^xs^) [extracted from the Sinhalese 
Jatakapota]. Edited by the Pandit Batuvantu- 
dfiwa^ and published by Government^ etc, pp.175. 
Colombo, 1866. 8^ 14165. 1 8.(1) 

Third edition, pp. 214. Colombo, 1892. 

8"". 14165. £ 81. 

(5S)S)C5C5 C53^<33Q9 Ummagga J&taka. 

. . . Third edition. [Issued by the] Public In- 
struction Department, pp. 215. Colombo, 1886. 
8^ 14165. f. 11. 

See Gabriel^ K. D. (5®oCj ©iQo^ 

f^64fkQ [TTmamda-getapada-vivarana. An 
alphabetical glossary of di£Bicult words and 
phrases in the foregoing Sinhalese version 
of the Ummagga-jataka.] 1897. 12''. 

14165. f. 88.(4.) 

The Ummagga j&takaya. Popular edition^ 

corrected and edited by W. P. Ranesinghe . . . 
and Rev. M. Goonaratana of Gotatuwa. Revised 
by Rev. H. Sumangala^ High Priest^ eto. (^®®csx5> 
d34S>2S)Q9i etc.) pp. viii. 151. Colombo, 1875. 8®. 

14165. f. 1. 

Tku f> different fl'cm, and probably earlier than, the pre- 
ceding version of the eame Ummagga-jataka, 

Ummagga Jataka (the story of the Tunnel). 

Translated [into English] from the Sinhalese by 
T. B. Tatawara. pp. viii,| 242. London, 1898. 
ff', 14165. f. 41. 

See PsRSRA {K. B.) Ummagga jataka 

Eavya, etc. 1889. 8^. 14165. 1 84.(1.) 

[Second edition.] 1894. 8^ 

14165. t H(8.) 


• « 





JATAZAS ieaiUinued). Ve$$anta/ra-jdiaka. Ves- 
santarftjataka. mQasy^:KS^6 doaraoo [The Sin- 
halese prose Yersion of the Vessantara-jataka 
(Faas. 547)^ extracted from the Pansiya-pa^as- 
jataka-pota.] pp. 87. Dodanduwa, 1890. 8^. 

14165. t 14.(8.) 
2%ii version agreu with that qfM8. Or. 2661. 

The Life of King Wessantara, with illus- 
trations. ... m®caa^£a6 c53tom «s)d3 Qex^Q 
[Vessantara-jataka-kaiha Yastava. A prose ab- 
stract of the Vessantara-jataka, supposed to be 
older than the yersion in the Jataka-potaJ 
pp. iii. 20. e^«s>3(g)S) [OoUmboj] 1891. 8^. 

14165. 1 14.(6.) 

— — See PvBSBA {K. B.). ©»©cM«3Cfw<5 85fi© 
etc. [A poem, in 87 stanzas, founded on the story 
of the Vessantara-jataka.] 1892. S"". 

14165. t 88.(8.) 

■ VidhuTOrjaiaka. fifed Vidhusa-jItaka. 8g(5 

c53tS)mQ0 [A poem in 467 quatrains.] 1866. 8^ 

14165. t 8.(8.) 

See ViDHUSA-JlTAKA. Vedura Jathaka 8g(5 

d^o^s^xssco [Another poem in 135 stanzas.] 1887. 
12^ 14165. t 18.(L) 

[Another edition.] 1891. 12''. 

14165. £ 88.(1.) 

8cD3CS3 ts&tgCoS) [''An examination into the 
misery of existence/' an illustrated Buddhist 
tract dealing with the life of the peasantry.] 
pp. 25. evaS59®S iOol(mho,'\ 1896. 8"". 

14165. b. 18.(U.) 

JATABAHir, Mahdihera. See Dhakkakitti^ 

JATADBVA. 6&®^d8 tD3©C3£rf«05 [Rati- 
manjari-bhavasannaya. The Batimanjari^ a Jcdma' 
sdsira or erotic poem in 60 Sanskrit stanzas^ with 
a Sinhalese interpretation.] pp. ii. 15. [Oolomho,'] 
1887. 8^ 14076. b. 88.(8.) 

JATASATVA (S. D. S.), ofAhirala. ss© f&6i^ 
[Kay-kirula. A eulogistic poem on the life and 
death of Madampe Atthadassi^ in 105 stanzas.] 
pp. 12. ©igeiC33Q iWelUofa,'] g.S. 2436 [1892]. 

14165. i. 15.(27.) 

JATASEKHASA (0. Alxxahdcb Abatakok). See 
Vabaha Mibisa. q^ d'iG^zsxQ . • • Laghiqataka 
. . . Translated by 0. A. A. Jayasekere, eU. 
1886. 8^ 14063. oo. 47.(L) 

t?:! : 

The Sinhalese Jury, by 0. A. A. Jayasekere. 

fioCO© ^5oaQ qfSSo^ [Simhala-jiiriyata ava- 
vada. A tract for the instruction of Sinhalese 
juries, compiled chiefly from English aonrces.] 
pp. ii. 10. GcUle, 1886. 12^ 14166. h. 9.(8.) 

Swabhaya-Dharma-sangpraha C3E)CD3€) £>dS) 

esS>^CS>GO [A collection of maxims of Qreek and 
Roman philosophers, such as Aristotle, Demo- 
kritos, Cicero, 6/c.,tran8latedfrom English sources.] 
pp. 18. Colombo, 1891. 12^ 14166. h. 16.(8.) 

JATA8IXHA (John Silva). Oy& Geeta M&laye, 
or Garland of Advices in rhymes, edited [or 
rather composed] by J. S. Jayesinghe. £lcb 
(00 §)d@QO [Ovagita-malaya.] pp. 16. Colombo^ 
1889. 8''. 14166. L 16.(6.) 

JATA8VBITA (D. M.). cs>ze@® «S)3<^ %i^>^syiss5zss 
®GOJG^^ l^dogd &CDi£fG^d§)QO [Gelaymnkara- 
mahottamayano Ejristusvahansemaya. '* Christ 
alone is the Saviour.^' A Roman Catholic reply 
to a Buddhist attack upon Jesus Christ and the 
Virgin Mary.] pp. 7. [Oohmbo,'] 1888. 8^ 

14166. aa. 9.(8.) 

" &6iZSXS^6 gcsazO " «a-®5S«G0 [Niruttara- 

pra$na-kandana. A reply to P. A. Peiris' letter 
entitled '' Niruttara-pra^naya,'' addressed to C. E. 
Bonjean, Roman Catholic Bishop of Colombo, re- 
futing theBiblical theory of Creation.] pp. viii. 27. 
iOolomho,'\ 1892. 16^ 14166. a. 66.(8.) 

JATATHAXA (D. B.). S^a MahInstba-pbasada- 
KULA Thsba, Viddgama. StgcQ^C^ ^Qoz5Xi(5ai 
[Edited, with an appendix containing a gloss on 
each verse, by D. B. Jayatilaka.] 1894. 8^. 

14165. b. 19.(33.) 

JATATHAXA {Don Hsndrick), of U4tigampola. 
WaraToga Situmina Q6 e^coi(Si 6^©^^ [A 
medical treatise, in 502 Sinhalese quatrains, mostly 
founded on earlier works.] pp. ii. 75. e^ss^i^S) 
[Colombo], 1896. 8^ 14186. c. 27.(L) 

JATATILAXA (Hendbick). See Digha-nikata. — 
Mahdsatipa((hana'SuUa. ®(S3}C3^ oSdba^^ ^^ 
e^tsi^cQ [Revised, with a Preface in Sinhalese, 
by n. Jayatilaka.] 1888. 8''. 14098. e. 41.(8.) 





JATATILAKA (Hkndrick) (continued). See GiBl- 
8ANDSSA. Girasandesa. With a paraphrase by 
H. JayetUake, eie. 1883. 12^. 14165. h. 6.(L) 

GuBULUGOKi. Am&watura . . . Edited by 

H. Jayatilaka, etc. 1885, etc. 8^ 14165. i. 10. 
— See HsRANAsiKA. ^^64fi Sea C3QS5 e^g 

&zsi etc. [Two ancient works, namely the Herana- 
sika, instructions to Buddhist novices, and the 
first five chapters of the Mnlusika. Edited by 
H. Jayatilaka.] 1886. 12^ 14165. a. 41. 

— See Matubapada Thsra. Puj&waliya . . . 
Edited by H. Jayatilaka, etc. 1887. 8^. 

14165. b. 9. 

' See Nallusutun, Minisanhae. 5iX^g(5i 

cpe^XM . . . SfiejJ . . . «a(5'€^n(3<j . . . ^s^oSaQgos 
[Edited by H. Jayatilaka.] 1888. 8^ 

14165. I 7.(1.) 

" See Rahxtla, Totagamuve. C3i<ggcS<:^ 
Cse^OQO [Selalihi^i-sandefa. Edited* by H. 
Jayatilaka.] 1892. 8^ 14165. L 19. 

' ■ See ^iLAKBaHAVARNA Sbka, King of Ceylon. 
Siyabas Lakara . . . revised by H. Jayatilaka, etc. 
1892. 8^ 14165. 1. 11.(1.) 

dd <f«s)3d»§cs e^ooQaJ eg© &ots)Q <f«s3 

(53^09 [Ela-akaradiya. A glossary of Elu words 
explained in modern Sinhalese.] pp. 48. [(7o- 
lomho,'\ 1893. 8^ 14165. 1. 7.(8.) 

A glossary of Sinhalese classical words . . . 

(£g& 8oCS>(3 ^F^a^i^GO [§uddha-simhala-akar- 
adiya.] pp. 76. Colombo, 1895. 8**. 

14165. L 85. 

JATATILAKA (J. P.), NaHve doctor. See Raohd- 
NATHA-PBASADA SoKALA. Nadijnana Tarangini. 
Translated [into Sinhalese] by J. P. Jayatilaka. 
1892. 8^ 14048. o. 48.(1.) 

JATATVVGA (D. J. Rubebu). See Madhava, 
Son of Indukara. Sri Kuta Mudgara. Trans- 
lated and edited by D. J. R. Jayatunga. (;§ 4^50) 
^<i3:)dos) 1889. 12^. 14048. b. 

JATA7ABDHAVA (Abthcjb). The Ancient His- 
tory of Totagamu Vihare written by A. Jayawar- 
dana . . . with the assistance of . . . Hikkaduwe 
Sumangala . . . and of his pupil Makalanduwe 
Medankara, a resident priest of the Totagamu 

Vihare. (evoaScs^g Scd9<5qo 6SS><; g<534S^ 

saddd) pp. viii. 46. ^Colombo,] 1889. 12''. 

14165. e. 17. 

Life of Mahinda Stavira [«tc] ... by A. 

Jayawardana. {®fSizsi^ Qe^Q.) [Mahinda- 
vastuva.] pp. vi. 56. GaUe, 1886. 12''. 

14165. b. 5.(8.) 

JATATIESAKA {Don Abnolis) . ed3 ® c^a ^ ^5^ai 
i^Sg 6^030 [Samajatakaye Yiridupota. A cate- 
chetical poem founded on the Samajataka (Faus. 
540), and composed in metres adapted for singing 
purposes.] pp. 17. OaUe, 1885. 8"^. 

14165. 1. 11.(8.) 

JATAYI&A (JosKPH Louis, and also Suvabis). 
(^o®3 6zsysSyCi®cQ. Upama Ratnadamaya, etc. 
[A poem, in 88 stanzas, in praise of the Chevalier 
Jusey de Silva.] pp. 17. e^zSioQe^tsi^ [Kota- 
hena, Colomlo,] 1888. 12''. 14165. h. 9.(7.) 

JEE07AH. e^de^^Q^ ®&^ tQt^qQe^d ss^ 
iS®^ [Yehovah-visin satdavase ka}a-ki-de. 
''What Jehovah has said and done in seven 
days,'' an attack on the Biblical account of 
Creation.] pp. 16. {^Sarasavisandarfsa Buddhiet 
Press;] G^isS}(SS) . . . §S)6& 2438 [Colombo, 1894.] 
12^ 14165. a. 61.(2.) 

JESVS CHBI8T. e^dgd i^d^s^ci cnSg (S^iQ 
QSiSMde^oBcsJ ©^©3© ^oerfS© e^ojrfS® etc. 
[A Buddhist tract denying the existence of Jesus 
Christ, in answer to one by the Christians deny- 
ing the existence of the Buddha.] pp. 4. [Co- 
lombo, 1896.] 8^ 14165. b. 88. 

cdBsS^diQerfe^ gd(S)3S^3 Qe'^s^i6S 

ei®S^2SSQ QCQ2SS @^03ro [Svamidaruvange duk- 
gavina latoni sambandha pasan-pota. Lamenta- 
tions on the passion of Jesus Christ.] pp. 4i 
6^23)3(3 S) [Colomho,] 1893. 8''. 14165. aa. 9.(14.) 

The Devotion to the Precious Blood of 

Jesus Christ, e^dg 2^cd^ ^S^e^cd <f®Q'^^ 
(§ 6^ GtstSoO [Jesu Kristu-tumange amilavu 
§ri-le-bhaktiya. Translated by J. L. Ratnayaka. 
Second edition.] pp. viii. 75. [Colombo,] 1892. 
16^ 14166. a. 86.(12.) 

[Life.] The life of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

[Yesus Kristus-vahansege jivita-kathava. Trans- 

H 2 





lated from the Englisli by C. W. De Silva; witli 

coloured illustrations.] pp. 4. ChrisHan Litera" 

ture Society; Ophmbo, 1892. 4^ 14165. bb. 1.(8.) 

One of a'* New Series of Bible Picture Booke.'* 

JB8XT8 CHBIST. — Arch- confraternity of ths Sacred 
Heart of Jesus, 6^C$@ c£3® q6iQzsie^(si ^8n 

C3 ®d cs> S [Jesus vamidaruyauge divyahpdayata 
gauravacliara pii^isa murakirime ^reshtagra sama- 
gama. Rules of this Roman Catholic Society, 
followed by a number of prayers.] pp. 64. 
G'^j&evcsj^ [Kotahena, Oolombp,] 1893. 16**. 

14165. a. 85.(18.) 


<(S)&3^ coSi:g(Si6) [Ayavada-sang^ha. Advice 
to Buddhists.] pp.13. SeeCououhO. — Buddhist 
Theosophical Society. [A series of tracts, etcJ] 
No. 9. 1888. 16^ 14166. a. 14.(1.) 


Second edition. 

Third edition. 

[1890]. 16°. 

pp. 18. [Colombo,'] 1888. 
14165. a. 14.(6.) 

[Colombo,'] @. Q. 2434 
14165. a. 14.(7.) 

[Jinadharmavikafini. A treatise on Buddhism, 
with short extracts from Pali authorities.] pp. 102. 
Colombo, 1876. 8''. 14165. b. 8.(3.) 

JTH ASJlTAS A, Devundara. SeeCuLsAKYA. Ch&- 
nakya Sataka. Translated and edited by the 
Reyd. D. Jinaratane, etc. 1890. 8^. 

14076. 0. 

— See Dhakmajoti, Sifindmaluve. Balawa- 
tara Sangraha . . . Edited by the Reyd. D. Jina- 
ratana, etc. 1889. 8^ 14098. d. 31. 

JIVABATAVA, Hingulvala. Dhatwattha Dipani, 
compiled by H. . . . Jinaratana. Qo^^ ^osd 
[A metrical collection of radicals of the Pali 
language, with their significations explained in 
Pali. Followed by an alphabetical yocabulary 
of the same, giying their meanings both in 
Sinhalese and in English.] pp. iii., iii., 173, xiii. 
Colombo, 1895. 8''. 14098. b. 18. 

JXHASATANA, Tala/uatugo4a. See Chaesapani- 
DATTA. Chakradatta . . . [With a yerbal inter- 
pretation in Sinhalese by T. Jinaratana.] 1893. 
8^ 14043. d. 47. 

JnrA£ATAVA, TangaUe. See Dioha-nikIta.— 
Sigdlovdda-sutta. cS(@@^q8, etc. [Sigaloyada- 
sutta, with an introduction and a paraphrase 
in Sinhalese. Edited by T. Jinaratana.] 1882. 
8^ 14098. e. SO.(L) 

JnrAYAMSA PAtVASAKA, Abbot of GanegoddU 
Vihara at Kosgoda. See ALAGiTAyANNA^ Mukavefi. 
Kosejateke, etc. [With an interyerbal interpreta- 
tion by J. Pannasara.] [1868.] 8**. 

14166. t 2. 

[Third edition.] 1876. 8^ 14165.14. 

See AhAQiYkYAV'SA, Mukavefi. a^cacJo-oazo 

zs^BjiCQ [The Eusajataka-kayya, witb a para- 
phrase founded on that of J. Pannasara.] 
1885. 8^. 14098. d. 

Sec Khuddaka-nikata. — PetavcUthu. ®vo^s>- 

Sgsc^ gzS)64^KQ [The Pali text of the Petavatthu, 
with an extensiye commentary in Sinhalese by 
J. Pannasara.] 1893, etc. 8^ 14098. o. 

JITAVATHA, son of ^c^mbhundtha. ^ c?e>^S>?d 

[Bhayakutuhala. . A compendium of Hindn astro- 
nomy and astrology, edited with a Sinhalese 
interyerbal interpretation and translation by 
B. L. Samelis.] Pt. 1. [Colombo,] 1897. 8^ 

14063. eec 4. 

In progress. 

JITAVA-inPAT-TinrA. c?©^ c^^^ ^-^ 

[Jiyana-ulpat-tuna. '' The three fountains of 
life.'' A Roman Catholic Prayer-book. Second 
edition.] pp. 84. G^2£93@^cs5^ [.KotaJ^ena, 
Colombo,] 1893. 16^ 14166. a. 26.a7.) 

J^VANALOKA. cE^^ae^Qozssos [A reply from 
the Roman Catholic side to P. A. Peiris' Niruttara- 
pragma, discussing the Biblical statement aboat 
the Creation and the first parents of mankind.] 
pp. 62. [Colombo,] 1891. 16^ 14165. a. 66.(1 J 

JOHAVNES {Don Eustakius). Physical Geo- 
graphy... csSo«;:d©2S5 tsjeNGoJ© caocacgoo [Sya- 
bhayika-bhugola-fastra.] pp. xi. 218, iy. PubUe 
Instruction Department s Colombo, 1887. 8**. 

14165. d. 10. 

A Sinhalese grammar for the nse of 

beginners . . . Second edition (reyised), with an 





appendix. 3oCS3(3 Qxaz5s64fi [Simhala vya- 
karai^a.] pp. zi. 147. Colombo, 1897. 12^. 

14165. k. 18.(8.) 

and OTHERS. Geography. Outlines of 

the World. tsje^csvJ© csajcagoe. C5o©^ss3do®voS25d^ 
e^QizSiCQ [Bhugola-^aatra : samkshepayen lokaya.] 
Second edition, pp. 119. Colombo, 1890. 8^. 

14166. 1. 16.(2.) 

JOEH, Don, of TaUuva. See Psrera (M. I.). 
<fie^6^&^®vc33ro [Esvedapota. A treatise on 
eye-diseases. Edited by Bon John.] 1893. S"". 

14166. 0. 20.(11.) 

• «5SC3C5a [«c] ^ZS^^ ©^C330:^ [Bhaishajya- 

tel-pota. A work^ in 231 stanzas^ containing pre- 
scriptions of medicinal oils for varioas diseases.] 
pp. 32. lCohmbo,'\ 1897. 8^ 14166. c. 27.(8.) 

[Udarata-behetgeyi Atvedapota. A hand-book of 
medical prescriptions nsed in the Kandyan 
Provinces. Edited by Don John.] pp. 20. 
iColomho,'] 1898. 8^ 14166. o. 80.(18.) 

Yogadarana. ©NOSj®C,d'€ficO ©^(5)SeJ 

G5C3B5«oe^<5«i©£) ©gkgcs^os [Yogadarana or Hasta- 
saraushadha-sangraha. A metrical collection 
of medical prescriptions for various diseases. 
Edited by Sembutantirige Svetan Perera.] 
pp. 58. Colombo, 1890. 8^ 14166. o. 11.(1.) 

[Third edition, in 445 stanzas, with 

'' Yaidy a - ka vya - san graha ** as second title.] 
pp. 58. Colombo, 1890. 8''. 14166. o. 80.(6.) 

JXTDSON (Adonirah). The Golden Balance, by A. 
Judson [translated into Sinhalese] . Christianity 
and Buddhism compared. 6^ ts>6^fy& [Ran- 
taradiya.] pp. 16. Ceylon Religious Tract 
Society; Colombo, 1887. 16^. 14166. a. 11.(2.) 

JVSEAPPXT. [Life.] See Yimala-dassa-piya. g®^c^ 
<pdg . . . e^cd ©S^s^os [The life of Juse Appu.] 

KABALS-PATinf A. z5)S)Q^ o£|-'^ • • • ^jscfSad 
©^So^a . . . «aS . . 6^cD9e osz^^e^cd «s>S . . . 
toS^ @^9C3 G9s3)36^C!rt ^3 etc. [Stanzas addressed 
to the demigods Suniyam and Ganbara, and to 
the demons Gevala-yaka and Preta-yaka.] pp. 13. 
Colombo, 1895. 8^ 14166. d. 26.(9.) 

TABARAL (P.) L. See Cabral (P.) L. 

XACHCHATAVA. See Balavataka. g)3(3o8^3<5 
^Q) {3@v^(SQ9 e^e. [Balavatara^'sutra'-nirde^a, 
to which are appended (1) Kachchayana^s section 
on the Kdrakas, and (2) a treatise on Upcuargas 
in Pali, both with commentaries in Sinhalese.] 
1885. 8^ 14098. a. 8. 

See Nandarama-TiSsa, Yogiydne. Sandhi- 

dipani, compiled [from the grammatical euttoB 
of Kachchayana and others, with a Sinhalese 
interpretation, etc] by Nandar&m&tissa [eic] Ter- 
unnanse, etc. 1886. 8''. 14098. d« 28.(2.) 

See Si LAV Ay 8 A. Kaccayana Dhatnmanjusa. 

2aSe)ooB^ a3«B®^03 etc. 1872. 8''. 

14098. e. 8. 

aa30:^3swe?^ ^T^y^ycQ [Katyayana-sannaya. 

An anonymous commentary in Sinhalese on the 
Sutras of Kachchayana's Pali Grammar. Edited 
by Khemananda Thera of Paragoda Yihara.] 

[Kolonnawa, Colombo i\ 1891. 8**. 14098. b. 

In progreM, The original sutrat are often given merely 
in aJbbf^emaiedfoTmt or not expressed eeparaiely at all. 

KAEVSAKDHA. Dhatuwansaya. Oj^SoOGQ [A 
history of the relics of the Buddha. Edited by 
GHntota Dhammakkhanda.] pp. ii. 48. Dodan^ 
duwa, 2438 (1890). 8^ 14166. e. 14. 

KALAOEDIMALATA. ss)(36^C5)S®36^e l^^^^' 
gedimalaya. A poem, in 68 quatrains, intended 
to be sung in a certain dance with pots in hand ; 
followed by a modern poem, in 40 stanzas, for 
the same purpose.] pp. 16. e^issa^S^ [Colombo,] 
1870. 12^ 14165. h. 8.(9.) 

— — «a(5©^GD8®3(3oa [Another edition.] pp.21. 
Colombo, 1887. 12^ 14166. h. 9.(3.) 

EALIDASA. . ^ a»3gc,c5a , . . SSxrf .od^^e^ 
C9i^6^S)3c)Qd [^rutabodha. A Sanskrit work 
on prosody, in 44 stanzas ; followed by the section 
on the six pratyaya of Kedara's Yrittaratnakara. 
Both edited, with a preface, an interverbal 
interpretation and annotations in Sinhalese, by 
Yelivitiye Dhammaratana.] pp.ii. 37. [Colombo,] 
1887. 8^ 14068. cc. 46.(1.) 

KAinrGA [pseud]. e^&4^;s @tD3@43Q9 [Cha- 
turvarnya-vibhavini. A controversial work, in 
verse, against the Karave and ^Durave castes.] 
pp. 14. [Colombo,] 1885. 8^. 14165. o. 4.(8.) 

A colophon in Sanskrit describes the poem as the first 
sarga o/* a mahakavya. 





XAUTVOASAHTITA. Ealiyaga Santiya. t3)@S® 
tSMSS^a [An ethical and hnmorons poem, in 
78 stanzas.] pp. 13. e^cSM^giS) {^Colombo,'] 1876. 
8°. 14165. h. 4.(8.) 

XALTAHASATVA (C). An Indian Play entitled 
Malini & Chitra . . . ®3@sd €36) So) [Milini saha 
Chitra. A drama in two acts.] pp.11. VSM^&^, 
iGaUe,] 1895. 8^. 14165. g. 9.06.) 

ZAKBA-HATTASYAB. Adventures- of R&ma ; 
or Destruction of Bfivana [being a Sinhalese 
prose translation of Kamba's abridged Tamil 
Fersion of the story of Valmiki's Ramayana^ by 
Don Joronimufi Yirasekhara Abhayaganayar- 
dhana]. Revised [and edited] by C. Don 

Bastian . . . <5)S3G94^ e^C5)dQ5 <5oS'403 esos^adoo 

[Ramayana or Ravana-samhara.] pp. xyi.^ 300. 
^3ss)3(S^S) [Colombo,] 1886. 8^ 14166. i. 18. 

XAVDT. See Colohbo^ the City of. ^«s>3^S) tPQ 

®(»^©d9a320 ®3<fi csoasaS [sic] [A poem 

descriptive of the road from Colombo to Eandy.] 
1887. 12^ 14186. h. 7.(1.) 

XAVirr BSUeiOVS tract SOCIETT. Kandy 
Religious Tract Society [Publications] No. 1 — 57. 
Baptist Mission Press ; [ZandyJ 1846-52. 12^ 

14166. a. 84. 

Most of the tratU of the above eer'es ars headed ^ Sift" 
ghaleee Tract Society,'* 

KAVEANAK, of Dikcella. Welle sandesaya. 
©iCf^^ C3 22Cf6^^e3Q9 [A poem^ in 83 stanzas^ 
descriptive of a journey by an imaginary damsel 
from Galle to Eataragama, for the purpose of 
attending a sacred festival of the Hindu temple 
at the latter town. Second edition.] pp. 14. 
Galk, 1888. 12^ 14166. h. 6.(2.) 

KAHVAVGASA (A. S.). qf^doQgd CfGozssidc^ 

CSog)a)3 [Anuradhapura-alaukara. A metrical 
descriptioD, in 143 stanzas, of Anuradhapura and 
of the road thither from Elandy.] pp. 20. 
^^zqB6 iKandy,] 1887. 12*>. 14166. h. 7.(2.) 

KAHNAHOABA (J. D.). See Rajadhirajasi^ha, 
King of Ceylon. Rajadhirajasiuha's poem. The 
Asadrisajatakaya. Edited ... by F. W. De Silva 
and J. D. Kannangera. 1889. 8**. 

14166. i. 18. 

KAPiLAVASTir. «©8e©cacp rfQozsyndco [Kapila- 
vastn-alankara. A poem, in 134 atanasas, de- 
scriptive of the town of Kapila vastn, the birth 
place of Ootama Buddha.] pp. 20. O7@C306^®3e> 
[Peliyagotfa, Colombo,] 1897. 12**. 

14165. h. 7.(8.) 

KAPIBI-EATHA7A cs>368 ti^^oda^^csS c»^8 
[Kaptri-kumarayage kathava. A poem, in about 
169 stanzas, founded on the story of a prince in 
tbe disguise of a negro.] pp. 28. »zss^qS^ 
[Colombo,] 1870. 8^ 14166. £ 3.(8.) 

[Another edition, appended to which is 

an astrological notice regarding unlnckj days; 
the first portion of it is stated to have been 
derived from an English translation of a Latin 
inscription discovered in 1667 on a wall of 
the Church " Elsiman ** in Denmark.] pp. 20. 
[Colombo,] 1888. 8^ 14166. £ 29.(3.) 

The appendim has no ronneetion whatever with the poem. 
For another edition of the appendix, eee Db Silva {Don 
Dines), of BaMarenda, 

[Earapalal-bettaya. "The low*necked bodice/' 
a poem, in 60 quatrains, in the form of a 
dialogue between two women on their dress.] 
pp. 9. [Colombo,] 1897. 12^ 14166. h. 17. 

KABXASAVGRAHA Earmasangrahawa. 2S3S.S 
esocgS^d [A Buddhist poem, in 162 stanzas, on 
the evil consequences of sin.] pp. 21. ®(sy^Qd 
[Kandy,] 1890. 8°. 14166. b. 19.(12.) 

KARMA-YIBHAOA zsi^ @e?dcS)G9 [Earma- 
vibhaga. A short explanation of technical terms 
connected with the Buddhist doctrine of Karma.] 
See Mahanetba-pbasadamula Thcba, Viddgama, 
2aS) StC3®Qe etc. pp. 1-3. 1866. 12^. 

14166. h. 3.(3.) 

KABOUS APPXT, Matara-Vevagoia. See Mart, 
The Blessed Virgin. (^ifSS^vflc^^QSj ... tScsa 
Q^^gg(330 ^6^0>):ft [The lamentations of the 
Virgin Mary on the passion and death of Christ, 
compiled by V. Karolis.] 1893. ff*. 

14166. aa. 9.(16.) 

6>a305 [Gayanalamkara or Raga-sindu-pota. A 
collection of love-songs in the " Hindustani " 




and other mnsical systems.] pp. 12. lOolombo,^ 
1892. 8^ 14165. i. 16.(83.) 

^— - Second edition. pp. 12. [Golombo,'] 
1892. 8^ 14166. 1. 16.(84.) 

■^"^ f^SofloQD tsS'daS [Kudasimha-kathava. 
An ethical story of a jackal aping a lion^ in 110 
stanzas.] pp. 12. [Colombo,'] 1892. 8"". 

14166. I 89.(11.) 

[Kapadi-hatanaya and Stri-yalippaTa. A satirical 
poem, in 78 stanzas, directed against vagabonds 
and women of loose character.] pp. 8. [Colomho,] 
1892. 8". 14166. L 16.(88.) 

[Second edition.] pp. 8. Colombo, 1893. 

8^ 14166. L 16.(88.) 

g?^® S(33O0S [Sunaka-vilapaya. ''Dogs' 

lamentation/' a Buddhistic poem expressive of 
sympathy with the street dogs doomed to be 
killed.] pp. 8. Colombo, 1893. 8^. 

14166. b. 19.(88.) 

KABVHASATVA {Don Abraham). ®dZS>fSi(Si 
tiozs>zS)cb [Matanga-jatakaya. A poem, in 165 
stanzas, founded on the Matanga-jataka (Fans. 
497.)] pp. 10. ©^tt>D©® [Colombo,] 1894. 8^ 

14166. f. 86. 

KABVHASATKA (Frank W. M.). Two kinds of 
wives and the way to be a good wife. ^S^osyG^^^ 
O 6^^0909 [Anganopade^a.] (Usefal sayings re- 
garding . . . wives by . . . English authors, trans- 
lated into Sinhalese verse [and prose] by F.W. M. 
Karunaratna.) pp. 26. Eng. and 8inh. Colombo, 
1891. 8^ 14166. L 83.(3.) 

KABVHABATITA (T.). See Arabian Nights. 
The 'Arabian Nights' Entertainments. C^6o® 
#©^c5ao©g3C50B [Translated by T. Karunaratna and 
A. de Silva from the English edition revised by 
J. Mason.] 1891, etc. 4"". 14166. ff. 8. 

<jeS3c5S?^a)C20S [Akshara-vinyasa.] . . . 

Orthography by T. Karunaratne. pp. ii. 80. 
Colombo, 1889. 12^ 14166. k. 7.(2.) 

Nampota . . . .^®©\C3305 [A vocabulary 

of Sinhalese geographical and historical names, 
most of them arranged in order of their final 
syllables for the use of schools.] pp. 14. Colombo, 
1886. 12^ 14166. k, 7.a.) 

KAKVHASATVA (T.) {continued). The Sishala- 
sabdawali or declensions of Sinhalese* novns. 


3oCS)(3(5a SiC^S)@Q8 etc. pp. 51. Cohmb&, 1883. 

l2^ uaast i 8.(2.) 

The Tribhashadarpana or MirTcnr of San- 
scrit, Pali and Sinhalese, [being m voeabnkiry 
compiled, with a Sinhalese preface,] by T. Karuna- 
ratna. i§ c^o ®o ^ d 4^ 09 pp. iii . 60. Semeh., Pali 
and Sifih. [Colombo,] 1882. 16^ 14090. m, 11. 

EASTAPA. [Life.] ®cs)3 ssivdso QSzs^O^ [Maha* 
ka^yapa-charita. A tract on the Iffe of Kasyapa, 
disciple of the Buddha.] See CmiOBBO. — Buddhist 
Theosophical Society. [A series of tracts] no. 10. 
1888. 16^ 14166. a. Hj(8.> 

sangraha. AcoUection of cbams is Sanskrit verse, 
compiled from various Pnranas; followed by others, 
in a form of Tamil, with instructions regarding 
tbeir use, in Sinhalese.] pp. 14^ ®X^®^ [OaUe^ 
1885. 8^ 14028. a. 68. 

XAYAVAGH ( ). ®^&2SiG<s5 0c536^O3^s> 

[Balayinge pujapota. A Roman Catholic prayer- 
book for children, translated from the Engiisk 
of Lady Kavanagb by J. C. P. Gunasekara.} 
&^oQe\isie^$sS [Colombo, Kofahena^ 187&. 1&^. 

14186. m. 1ft. 

XA7IRAJA8IHEA,. Mahdkavi ?ri. [P»euil.J oEge^ 
^4^08 <^&^CQ [^udranir^aya-darpana. A 
reply to the pamphlet called " Kara-(}oi contest,^' 
directed against the Govi-gama caste, in Sinha- 
lese prose interspersed with Sanskrit,. PlE^li and 
Sinhalese stanzas.] pp. 6&. [Cohmb^,] 1895. 8^. 

14186. e. 86. 

Samabasi^iba Kavibatna {Don H.). 

KATI8EEHABA MALA7AKA, of Devi- nuvara. 

<5<^q)(^ ^t£^ [Rabel-asna. A eulogistic poem 
on Kabe), a man of the Goldsmith caste, and his 
familyj Pt. 1. ®(»a^^ [Maiarai] 1895. 8^. 

14166. i 16.(18.) 

The poem is eaid $o kawe been composed in the Vlih eentwry 
(before a.d. 1661). 

XATISEEHAKA-KAHDAHAr of Devi-nuvara. s$® 
©oca 6© doG^zS) taiQjsGO [Kummasapinda-jataka- 
kavya. A poem, in 178 stanzas, founded on 





the Kammasapinda-jataka (Fans. 416).] pp. 19. 
^tS)otSzS) [Matara,] 1895. 8^ 14166. I 88.(6.) 

The author \$ tuppoaed io he the eon of Kavieekkara 

KA7TA8AV0SAHA. Kavyasangrha [ne] or Eaw- 
sangarawa. «a3 3aC3o^CS>C) ©vCoQsJ 2S5©0®<53Q 
[A collection of hitherto UQpablished stanzas 
from various authors.] Pt. 1-3. Gv)S33(g^S) 
[Colomho,'] 1890, etc. 8^ 14166. i. 80. 


8^3«5QS '©v ^3 ©V 0553 aJ 2S53Qe©(5^ 03(53 [Jati- 

dukkha-yibhaga, popularly called Kayayirati- 
gatha. ' A Pali poem, in 272 stanzas, on the 
subject of " Existence,'* accompanied by a Sin- 
halese interyerbal interpretation.] pp. ii., 72. 
[Colombo,'] a. ©. 2425 [1881.] 8^ 

14098. 0. 81.(1.) 

See Habdt (R. S.) . A manual of Budhism 

.... translated from Singhalese M SS. (. . . • 
Kayawiratig&t&sann^, etc.). 1853. 8^. 

4606. e. 

KEpASA, Son of Pabheka. 9CSS)3d3^ ®39S:>SQ9 
[The section on the six pratyayas of Kedara's 
Vrittaratnakara. Edited, with a yerbal inter- 
pretation and annotations in Sinhalese, by 
Veliyitiye Dhammaratana.] See Kalidasa. <g 
ssiogc^o . . . SSxrf «»d4^^ ®iQ5©^5)3ac», etc. 
pp. 31-37. [Colombo,] 1887. 8^ 

14068. 00. 46.a) 

csjrf^ ocP^5> ©ao«>3e€)a)3(53aa)os 

[(a(S)e)ts)] ... 233SsS)'4&0dbO3C9Q9 [Vrittalankar- 
adhyaya, also called Kayikanthapa^a. A work, in 
70 Sanskrit stanzas, on prosody, purporting to 
be an appendix to Kedara^s Vrittaratnakara, 
accompanied by an interyerbal interpretation in 
Sinhalese. Edited, with six additional stanzas on 
metre and their Sinhalese commentary, by A. de 
Abrew Vijayasimha.] pp. ii. 22. Colombo, S). S. 
24:33 [1889]. 8°. 14068. 00. 46.(8.) 

KEELT ( ) Lessons on Domestic Economy, 

adapted from Keely^s '' Domestic Economy*' 

by Mudaliy&r Simon De Silya. gDaOS5 CSoSQjsdoS 
[Griha-samyidhana], etc. pp. 58. Public In- 
struction Department; Colombo, 1891. 12®. 

14166. d. 80. 

KELAHI-ESLLA. ts^iQ,4S G^^C^e [Kelani-hella. 
A poem, in 56 stanzas, in adoration of the Bud- 
dhist temple at Kelaniya.] pp. 9. G^23)3^S) 
[Colombo,] 1870. 12^ 14166. f. 7.(4.) 

2»I(3^ ^7 do C2C55 ©erf^ 2^35553(53 

Second Edition. Colombo, 1893. 12^. 

14166. d. 8L 

<^03ro [Another edition of the Eela^ihella. FoU 
lowed by the Yandanagatha-pota, containing a 
number of stanzas recited at Buddhist worship.] 
pp. 10. 6v«»3©S) [Colombo,] 1885. 8**. 

14165. b. 81.(1.) 

KBLIKAVKALDAMA. Kelikawmaldama. ^ca^, 
SS)S)®^^S [A modem poem, in 40 stanzas, con- 
taining moral maxims, with a prose paraphrase.] 
pp. 12. Colombo, 1890. 12^ 14165. h, 16.(L) 

Q<3)o9 [A treatise on casting horoscopes, inter- 
spersed with Sanskrit stanzas.] See DAiyAJNA^ 

MUEHAlCANpANA. G^G^^dc^ ^'q) S-^S^C) ^S^G8« etc, 

pp. 25-43. [Colombo,] 1882. 8*. 

14053. eo. 87.(8.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 21-37. iColavnbo,] 

1895. 8^ 14063. eec. 8. 

SEPXnfSIRASA*PADATA. zs^iQ^ ^[Wcjdes 
CDi^oe C3(S^ @i2fi^do3(3 CMjjJ^Sqd [Kepun-sirasa- 
padaya and Menikpala-santiya. Songs and Charms 
used in the Deyil ceremony called " Hiiniyam- 
kepima."] 2 pt. [Colombo,] 1 890*91 . 8*. 

14166. d. 86.(3.) 

[Another edition of Part 1.] pp. 22. 

[Colombo,] 1892. 8^ 14166. d. 86.(4.) 

fAVDA, of Parago4a Vihdra, See Kach- 
CHATANA. 2a)C5a)CC5r) CD^S^zOco [Katyiyana-san- 
naya. Edited by Ehemananda Thera.] 1891. 
8^ 14098. b. 

KHTrDDAXA-HIKATA. — Khuddaha-pdtha. Tiro- 
kudda Suttraya and Nidhikanda Suttraya [Suttas 
yii., yiii. of Khuddaka-pa^ha] with the Singhalese 
translation [preceded by the Nidana-pa^ha in 
Pali] . . . S>t>,^ 0)db CQ&ZSi ^©^d3«5c)e) Qjg 

€3?rf?5^QS €3CS> ^SkS34^ QO) tSxrf^^OO. pp. 12. 

Colombo, 1889. 8^. 14098. 0. 18.(8.) 

Peta-vatthu, 6^9^ S^^) 0235(5 46 CO 

[Preta-yastu-prakarana. The Pali text of the 
Peta-yatthu, with an extensiye commentary in 
Sinhalese by Jinayamsa Pannasara, abbot of 

113 • 




Ganegodelle Vihara at Kosgoda. Edited by Sad- 
dhananda of KosgodaHiddaraveYibara.] @^^S)^(e^S> 
[Colombo,} 1893, etc. 8^. 14098. c. 

In progress. 

' - ■ Vimdna-vatthu. 8^3?0 ©fiSBJ 9asj<54^c0 

[Yimana-yastu-prakarana. The Pali text of the 
Yimana-yatthu, with an extensive commentary 
in Sinhalese prose, by Gammulle Batanapala. 
Edited by Tel vatteSilananda.] Pt.1-3. [Colovibo,] 
1890. 8^ 14098. o. 63. 

In progress. The commentary was itritten in a.d. 1770. 
[For other works, often included in this 

Nikaya or section of the Buddhist canon, see 
under the following headings] :-^ 




EIRAitBA THEBA. See Dhamhananda, Kirarfiba. 

KIEAJtBA (B. T.). Adara Binna Malaya. c^<^6 
®2S!l^ ®0(2cD [" The garland of severed love/* 
metrical love-letters, followed by stanzas on the 
ars amoris,} pp. 23. Colombo, 1890. 8^ 

14165. i. 16.(9.) 

EnUMEnTAYE METIHDV. Mahahatana. ®tSio 
tS)QiS^ [*' The great war,'' being a metrical 
account of the war between king Baja Simha II. 
and the Portuguese in the 17th century a.d. 
Edited by A. de Silva.] pp. 22. [Colombo^] 
1896. 12^ 14186. h. 10,(17.) 

® 0553 00(5 CD C530 235C3 [Mahapataranga- 

jataka. A story in Siijhalese verse, founded 
upon a Tamil version of the Mahabharata.] 
pp. 132. [Colombo,] 1893. 8^ 14166. t 30.(4.) 

The poem was composed, at the request of Kohhelcaduve, 
Buddhist monk, in Saka 1614 (a.d. 1692-3), and takes the 
form of a Buddhist Jdtaka, 

KOLAV NATAHAYA. Eolan Nattannawa, a Cin- 
galese poem descriptive of the characters assumed 
by natives of Ceylon in a masquerade. Translated 
by J. Callaway. See Yakun Natanava. Yakkun 
Nattannawa, etc. pp. 37-64. 1829. 8''. 

14166. i. 8. 

XONTH (Willem). See Bible. — New Testament. 
Het Heylige Evangelium . . . in de Singaleesche 
Tale overgebragt [by W. Konyn], etc. 1739-76. 
4^ 3068. d. 16. 

K0TALA7ALA (John) . See Ppbera (K. R.). gjg 

[A eulogy on J. Kotalavala, Inspector of Police.] 

14165. i. 15.(33.) 

KOVmSAEA. ©^2S53gdc3sS3 ©^QS58c* ^zs^ot&q 

O^goS [Kovulsaka or Kokilachakra. An erotic 
poem, in 82 stanzas.] pp. 16. i§^zs)2^S) [Colombo,] 
1866. 12^ 14165. h. 2.(1.) 

KVMASADA8A, King of Ceylon, c53 :!^'3 ^64^s^ 
[Janakiharana. A Sanskrit poem, founded on 
the episode of Bama and Sita in'Valmiki's 
Bamayana : sargas I.-II., restored into metre by 
H. Sumangala and J. S. Bajasundara^ from a 
Sinhalese sanne or interverbal interpretation, and 
published by the latter together with the sanne,] 
pp. iv. 43. [Colombo,] 1890. 8°. 14072. cc. 39. 

■ J&nakiharana. An epic poem in Sanskrit, 
. • . restored into metre [in 15 sargas] from a 
Sinhalese literal paraphrase, and edited with the 
revised " Sanna,'* by K. DharmArama Sthavira, 

etc. (c53 5^^5^*055 (5-^ ®QS>3 2S53S2:iC£) pp. XV. XX. 

309. PeUyagoda, [ColomhoU 1891. 8^ 

14072. ec. 47. 

KUMASASIMHA (D. S.) and FEBERA (W. Abnolis). 

Oi55^cC, etc. [Lokadhatuvistara or Lokotpatti. 
A tract on cosmogony according to the Buddhist 
system.] pp. 11. ©N2a3(gS) [Colombo^ 1888. 12°. 

14165. a. 12.(3.) 

EVMASAVSHADHA-MALA. e$®3@^do)(3£) ^3(^3 8 

©nGSdSsJ ©Oiri'^® ©^©^ ©^030> Kumarausalhi 
Malawa [or Mandam-veJa-pota. A medical work 
on the disease called ** Marasmus,'* i.e. Tubercle 
of Lymph Glands.] pp. 40. reliyagoda, [Colombo,] 
1889. 8^. 14165. c. 19. 

KUBB (N. D. D.). (g (3aa>Dgc5aca?5^cX5 [SriLanka- 
pra^asti. An account of the supposed visits of 
Buddhas to Ceylon, compiled from Buddhistic 
works.] pp. 24. [Colombo,] 1893. 8^. 

14166. a. 66.(1.) 

EITBE (William Valentyn Des), Miduiantripata- 
bendi-ndndyakkdra* A poetical work in memory 
of the late Mr. C. H. De Soysa. ZS)^®^ ^S^ 
[Eavmini-^sayura, in 175 tetrastichs.] pp. 20. 
[Colombo,] 1890. 8^ 14166. i. 22.(2.) 






ZTJEUKULA (T. T.). ®©3 6q5®4^ [Ova-situ- 
mina. A collection of ethical proverbs and 
maxims, compiled from various sources by T. T. 
Kurukula.] Pt. 1. ©v2553^S) [Colombo,] 1897. 
12°. 14185. f. 17.(2.) 

EITRXTEULASATNA (Don Andbis). Ambalangoda- 
liyanage, ^C^Sn©^^^ 9(53C3255Q5c5 6vQS5©qJ 
€3<539cJ ©S3©\C55 [Adaniyel-pralapakatura or 
Sangabat-vibage. A poem, in 169 stanzas, on a 
controversy regarding donations to the Buddhist 
Church.] pp. 20. Matara, 1895. 8°. 

14165. b. 27.(3.) 

LADY. Sermons principally designed for Chil- 
dren. By a Lady. To which is added a Sermon 
by the Rev. George Burder. Translated into 
Singhalese by the Rev. Benjamin Clough, Wes- 
leyan Missionary. Also suitable prayers to be 
read before and after sermon. [With a preface 
in English by the translator.] pp. iv. 172, 19. 
Wesleyan Mission Press; Colombo, 1820. 12°. 

4466. b. 

LAETJNXTSABA. (^s^^^^csd [Lakunusara. A 
work, in 58 Sinhalese distichs, on the ars poetica, 
with an interverbal interpretation.] pp. 15. 
Colombo, 1883. 12^ 14165. 1. 3.(3.) 

LAMBEICK (Samubl). See Bible. The Holy Bible 
translated into Singhalese by [S. Lambrick and 
others] missionaries, etc. 1834, etc. 8°. 

1108. e. 21. 

■ See Bible. — New Testament. — Matthew. 

The Gospel according to S. Matthew in familiar 
Singhalese, etc. [Translated by the Rev. S. 
Lambrick.] 1826. 8^ 3068. aaa. 63. 

— — A letter addressed to the Committee of 
the Colombo Auxiliary Bible Society requesting 
a new translation of the Scriptures ... by . . . 
S. Lambrick. A letter in defence of the ex- 
isting Singhalese version; also an examination 
of the first six chapters of the Gospel of St. 
Matthew, presented by the Rev. Mr. Lambrick as 
a specimen of the style of Singhalese recom- 
mended for adoption ... by the Board of Trans- 
lators [A. Armour, J. Chater, W. B. Fox], pp. 50. 
Colombo, 1823. 8^ 3068. d. 4. 

LAMBSICE (Samuel) (eontinued). Sermons in 
Singhalese preached to' village congregations in 
Ceylon, (fio 055(3 6^^ca.?S^3e)(^) [Simhala-desa- 
naval.] pp. 140. Ootta, 1838. 8^ 14166. aa. 5. 

LANE (Edward William). See Abhayaratna {Don 
H. Stephen). ©le^SaSdi 235c5oQ [A drama 
founded on the story of Camera! zaman and Ba- 
doura in Lane's version of the Arabian Nights.] 
1896. 8^ 14165. g. 9.(17.) 

See Arabian Nights. Badoura [translated 

from the English version of E. W. Lane]. 1896. 
8^ 14166. f. 89. 

LAYABEHTI, D. D. See Dibanataka {Don L.) . 

LEASBEATEB (Charles Webster) . @^Q)ig) (S(% 
©^SoQcO [Bauddha-si§ubodha. A Buddhist Cate- 
chism for Children.] 2 pt. Buddhist Theosophical 
Society; Colombo, 1886-89. 16°. 14166. a. 6. tt.) 

Third edition. 6^25^d@® [Colombo,] 2437 

[a.d. 1893.] 14165. a. 37.(7.) 

Pt 2 only. 

LEE (Lionel Frederick). ©cQcaSa cscjCS)© 
[Vyavastha-sangraha. A legal compendium for 
the use of police-oflScers, compiled by L. F. Lee.] 
pp. 96. Colombo, 1874. 8^. 14166. c. 8. 

LE MESTJBIEB (Cecil John Reginald) . See Niti- 
NiOHANDDVA. Niti-nighanduva . . . Translated by 
C. J. R. Le Mesurier, etc. 1880. 8^ 

14166. 0. 1. 

LEVEBA (F. de) . See Db Levera (F.) . 

LIT-HOpiTA. gcJ ©nCS^JScS [Lit-hodiya. A 
collection of elementary tables referring to astro- 
nomy and astrology.] pp. 4. Oalle, 1887. 8**. 

14165. d. 14.(2.) 

LITTJB0IE8. See Mendis (F.). The Sinhalese 
Manual of Devotion. ^zsfSi g-a)64^cQ. 1887. 
16"". 14165. a. 46. 

England. — Church of. Prayers selected 

from the Liturgy of the Church of England, and 
translated into Singhalese, for the use of the 
Wesleyan Mission Native Free Schools in Ceylon. 
By Benjamin Clough . . . Second edition, pp. 27, 8. 
English and Sinhalese. Colombo, 1819. 8"*. 

3406. CO. 27. 





LITTTBOIES {continued). Common Prayer. The 
book of Common Prayer . , . C33S)o5S^Ȥ cCacSj 
©6\®(9 ©N030CS [Yachnavimehi pota], etc. 
pp. 278, 137, 228. Wesleyan Mission Press; 
Colombo, 1820. 4°. 8407. f. 10. 

— The Book of Common Prayer, etc. 

{to^Q^zss catDoe^© flSaJd oQ^^s^ Q'45553<5go3 
C30®3^B§ GQDtke,©©, etc^ pp. xviii. 410. 
Church Missionary Society ; Colombo, 1889. 8°. 

3406. de. 19. 

' England, Church of. — Colombo, Diocese 

of. — Particular Services. c33 Qcs^ zs^^^Q^ 
07©iCJ8e^® §^Q 4^0® C»3©^ ©Sc3 
[Yachna - kannalay - pevetvime dinata niyama 
yachna-vidhiya. Church prayers for "Inter- 
cession^' day.] pp. 19. Colombo, 1891. 8*^. 

14165. aa. 9.(11.) 

' Netherlands, Reformed Church of the. 

[For Catechisms, and works of private devotion, 
see Netherlands, Reformed Church of the."] 

' Rome, Church of. — Litanies. (f^csg^S) 

c5o®o(3 ©^cjQ ®^:Scs«rf SoDirfe^de^crl 93^^36 
[Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, followed by 
prayers.] pp. 16. Colombo, 1887. 16®. 

14165. a. 2.(3.) 

LOZAPUJITE. e^eJ^^a^©^^ [Lokapujite. A 
poem, in 276 stanzas, containing four moral 
stories.] pp. 25. Colombo, 1894. 8°. 

14165. i. 23.(7.) 

LGKAVIlflSCHAYA. ©^eJ^s^S^dSoS [Loka- 
vinischaya. A work on Buddhist cosmology.] 
pp. 24. Colombo, 1887. 8^ 14165. b. 10.(2.) 

LGITDOir. — Baptist Missionary Society. See 
Periodical Publications. — Colombo. Q^dScdQ 
C3C5?di€). The Sinhalese Baptist Magazine. 
1887, etc. 8°. 14165. aa. 10.(2.) 

S)idSdS ®Se^QS3^3SGS ©®3®® . . . 

e€toD©^© C33a3Q . . . ©S 1893 G^^ e3^5>3SQ3 

[The Report of the Ceylon Branch of the Baptist 
Missionary Society for 1893.] pp. 29. [Co- 
lomho,] 1894. 8^ 14165. aa. 12. 

LORFS PRAYEB. c£3®£rf Scs^xsd'G^de^cri g33© 
^© [Svamin-vahansege yachnava. The Lord's 
Prayer in (1) English, (2) Portuguese, (3) Tamil, 

(4) Pali, and (5) Simhalese, all printed in Sim- 
halese characters.] See Pieris (B. S.). ^i 

S£®Q9 C3Q55 Q^C^QQi) O3db®3eo©. pp. 14-15. 

Colombo, 1890. 8°. 14165. a. 29.(10.^ 

L01JI8-ARACHCHI. of Kolonndva. See D!gha- 
NIKATA. — Mahasatipatthdnaw- sutta. ®Q553C3^ 
ofi)3^ S^cfl. [Followed by a Pali- Sinhalese 
vocabulary, compiled by Louis-Arachchi.] 1874. 


14098. b. 

LUCY, Saint, Virgin and Martyr, [Life.'] See 
Chounavel (C). (2B^a§ gSoao gsScsaSSe^cd 
efS» J855c3o5r>53<5a3. [Life of Saint Lucy.] 

14165. a. 2.(2.) 

[Life.'] See Fernando (J. A.) H. «53C5575 

S:5»5 . . . §6033 §2Sc5aS5©^c25 q€)So5 sjsxSoQco??© 
The Life of St. Lucia, etc. 14165. i. 7.(3.) 

M., C. P. ^08 cSfiS33Q [Nari-§iksha. Moral 
advice to women.] pp. 28. ©^2S3)(g® [Colombo,] 
1892. 8<'. 14165. i. 23.(4.) 

HACREADT (William Charles). See Rahula, 
Tofagamuve. Sela-lihini Sandese . . . edited and 
translated by W. C. Macready. 1865. 8**. 

14165. i. 1. 

HADAHALAKEARA. @c^9S^0Qozs)26qq G^tsyBtsi 

[Madanalankara, or Kama-sastra. A treatise on 
sexual intercourse, with an appendix on con- 
ception and childbirth.] pp. 16. Galle, 1885. 8°. 

14166. d. 5. 

MADHAYA, Son of Indukara. Madhavanidana 
. . . Translated out of the Sanskrit by the late 
Pandit Batuvantudave. Third edition, etc. Sansk. 
and Sinh. Robert Batuvantudave ; Colombo, 1893. 
8^ 14043. d. 46. 

In progress, 

Sri Kuta Mudgara. [A medical treatise, 

in 20 Sanskrit stanzas.] Translated [into Sin- 
halese] and edited by D. J. R. Jayatunga. 
Revised by the Revd. M. Nanissara. (<g s^Q 
fiC^dcS.) pp. 17, Sansk. and Sinh. Colombo, 
1889. 12^. 14048. b. 

A treatise on diseases [in Sanskrit]. 

With a Singhalese translation [and an intro- 
duction] by the Pandit D.^^ A. de Silva Batu- 
vantudave. ®3a)©3 ©oSv^^l'SQsrf co£)cgQ55 tS)^ 

./ I 2 





©^(5o<35 ©^csaQcS, e^c. [Roga-vinischaya. Second 
edition.] Pc. 1, pp. x. 1-84 ; Pt. 2, pp. i. 84-179. 
©^5S55(e,a [«m;] Colombo, 1875, 1867. 8°. 

14043. d. 32. 

The two parts bring the text dotcn to chapter xxxi. v. 11. 
The secmul half of sheet L (jpp. 85-88) is put at the end to 
indicate that It should h$ rancelled, as it overlaps the text of 
Pt, 2, which apparently belongs to the first edition, 

MAOUL-LAEtTNA. c2)eQ(^ e«?46 [MaguHaknna. 
A school book containing a list of the names of 
the 216 auspicious marks supposed to have been 
found on the foot of the Buddha.] S^^^e Nampota. 

^®©N03S3 C?G5^ ®(£^(^ e8?4^. pp. 7-8. <^2553(g® 

[Golomho,'] 1897. 8^ 14165. 1. 13.(4.) 

MAHABHARATA. See Eirimetitave Metindu. 

■ ■ ■ 

®G553 C3^55d<o (53C5255C3. A story founded upon 
a Tamil version of the Mahabharata.] 1893. 8®. 

14165. f. 30.(4.) 

MAHABINIKMANA. ©(S^o^^esi®^ Sag 6^03^53 
[Mahabhinikman-viridu-pota. A poem, com- 
posed for singing purposen, in 88 stanzas, on the 
Mahdbhinishkramana, or ^ Great Renunciation ' of 
the Buddha.] pp.9. ®3de^d [6?a//e,] 1885. 8^ 

14165. b. 13.(2.) 

MAHADENAMXTTTA. ®e5^<^« @aJs^3©^(s5 zacSoS 
[Mahadenamuttage kathava. '' The story of the 
great adviser,'^ a comic tale in prose.] pp. 17. 
c^©03®^C553C) [Peliyagoda, Colombo,^ 1897. 12*^. 

14165. f. 38.(3.) 

MAHANAMA. The Mahdwansa. Translated [into 
Sinhalese] and edited [with a Sinhalese-English 
glossary] ... by H. Sumangala . . . and Don A. 
de Silva Batuwantudawa. 2 pt. Colombo, 1883, 
1877. 8^ 14098. d. 18. 

[Another copy of Pt. 2.] 1877. 8^. 

14165. e. 9. 

See Rajasi^ha II., King of Ceylon* c§ 

5^3®CO . . . CaCS5 ©^^©^©^ d3C5fioQ55 . . . rfSo 

jS^cSoS [Srinamaya. Followed by a reprint of 
the 95th and 96th chapters of the Sinhalese 
translation of the Mahavamsa.] 1895. 8°. 

14165. e. 18.(6.) 

— - (Mahawanse.) See Upham (E.). The 
Mahdvansi, etc. Vol. i. 1833. 8^ 14165. o. 24. 

ggcg-^ qf(3o«55D(5o3 [Buduguna-alamkaraya. A 

standard poem, in 611 stanzas, on the Buddha 
and Buddhism. Edited, with an appendix con- 
taining a gloss on each verse, by D. B. Jaya- 
tilaka.] pp. viii. 42, 12. ®QD^Q(5 [Kandy,'] 
1894. 8°. 14165. b. 19.(33.) 

Composed in a.b. 2015 (a.d. 1472). 


• • • 

qriCjdS ©v(3ife)ie) 

tQo(QZSicQ [L5yeda-^ngraha, or -sangara. A 
Buddhist ethical poem of the 15th century, by 
VidagamaThera,here called Visidagama; followed 
by two short extracts, one from a Sinhalese com- 
mentary and the other from the Majjhima-nikaya, 
entitled respectively Karma vibhaga and Vimukti- 
sutra.] pp. 25, 7. ®v2s>3(gS) [Colombo,'] 1866. 
12^ 14165. h. 3.(3.) 

Loveda Sangara ... ©N (3 JS^S e2>(Si6oQ, etc. 

[A second edition of the poem, containing 135 
quatrains, with an interverbal interpretation by 
Don Karolis de Silva Yijevikrama Kumarasimha. 
Revised by Hikkaduve Sri Sumangala.] pp. iii., 
39. Galle, 1885. 8^ 14165. i. 11.(4.) 

©^G^&zS tQ(S)6oQ [Loveda-sangara. An^ 

other edition, containing 140 stanzas.] Edited, 
with notes, by P. Ramachandra. pp. 22, ix. 
Colombo, 1891. 12^ 14165. h. 16.(3.) 

MAHATOTA THEEA. ©sgaJe^SoQ [Kolavidhiya. 
A medical work in verse, edited by Don Hendrik 
Gunaratna.] pp. 54. Colombo, 1866. 12®, 

14165. c. 7.(2.) 

HAHA-TA8A, Thera of Burmah. 253€)©3cS50 
€23 (5 CD [Kachchayana-sara. A work on Pali 
grammar, composed, in 71 Pali stanzas, by Maha- 
yasa Thera of Burmah. Accompanied by a 
Sinhalese interverbal interpretation by Nana- 
tilaka Tissa. Edited by B. Amarasiha.] pp. 47* 
aig©^»3Q IWelitota,'] 2436 [1892.] 12^ 

14098. b. 18.(3.) 

The author states that the toork was written on the model 
of a work called *' Janghaddsaka, " probably a Sanskrit 
grammatical treatise by Vahgaddsa, 

MAHEKDEAFADA. The Hordbharanaya [an as- 
trological work in Sanskrit verse], with a Sing- 
halese [interverbal] translation. Revised and 
edited by H. E. De Silva ... cassJ^ C3(6ct 
©\QD3dij€5d'^JGQ, e^c. Pt. I. [OoZomto,] 1888. 8^ 

14053. 0. 

In progress. 





MAHnfDA. Life. See Jayavardhana (A.)- Life 
of Mahinda Stavira^ etc, 14165. b. 5.(3.) 

MAITM-BHAVANA. ^C3(5-^ a^Q&ifS) Qq 
CQ&ZSi ca®gl^ ©^©^®(§ tDDS^r^oQ [Maitri- 
bhavana. 42 stanzas in Pali on mettdhhdvand 
or benevolence, preceded by a short tract, chiefly 
in Sinhalese, on the tisarana and the aUhdngasilai] 
pp. 16. ®3(^©v(^ iGalle, 1883.] 32^ 

14165. a. 9. 

MAJJHIHA*iriKATA. — AchchhariyabblnUa - sutta, 
CfOdScsS^Q^ 53^3)03 [Achchhariyabbhuta-sutra. 
The Pali text of Majjh. III. iii. 3, followed by 
Buddhaghosa's Pali commentary on it, and an 
interverbal interpretation in Sinhalese.] pp. 43. 
6^5353©® [Colombo,] 1897. 8°. 

14098. ccc. 4.(3.) 

Arigulimdla-sutta, Angulimala Suttraya. 

<¥®^©®3e S^QS ^^^ ^^^^ *^^* ^^ Majjh. II. 
iv. 6, with a Sinhalese interverbal interpretation. 
Followed by the Angulimala . . . utpatti-katha, 
or Story of Ariguli-mala Thera, in Sinhalese 
prose. Edited by Giridara Ratanajoti.] pp. 28, 7. 
[Colombo,'] 1891. 8^. 14098. c. 53.(3.) 

Bdlapandlta- sutta, gdi-^ fQTSi^ CS(f^^S3 

S)o© 0-^^05 5^53)03 [Balapandita-siitra. The 
Pali text of Majjh. III. iii. 9, with an interverbal 
interpretation in Sinhalese.] pp. 48. [Colombo^ 
1893. 8^ 14098. c. 53.(7.) 

BrdhmdyU'Sutta. Qcs>S)3g 55*5)03 [Brahmayu- 

satra. The Pali text of Majjh. II. v. 1, accom- 
panied by an interverbal interpretation in Sin- 
halese.] pp. 73. [CoJomhoi] 1896. 8\ 

14098. c. 72. (1.) 

' ChetoTchila- sutta, Chetokhila S a tray a. 

qrQ©3 — tQ^^ C3(f^« 6s©e^S53c3(3 Q^cs [The 

Pali text of Majjh. I. ii. 6, followed by a Sinhalese 
interverbal interpretation and by Buddhaghosa^s 
commentary extracted from the Papancasiidani.] 
pp. 25. 6v2S5J(S® [Colombo,] 1897. 8°. 

14098. c. 73.(1.) 

ChhachhakJca-'Sutta, Chachakka sattaraya 

[sk] . . . dd 25X55 S3a)cs [The Pali text of 
Majjh. III. V. 6, and its Pali commentary, fol- 
lowed by a Sinhalese interverbal interpretation.] 
pp. 34. ©dl©cS3C)o;jTO [Brentfiydvatta, Colombo,] 
1896. 8^ 14098. c. 72.(3.) 

MAJJHIMA - VIKATA {continued) , — Chulakamma" 
vibhanga-sutta, c^zsiaS^ C3(?C5 §0255 2® ©CS^Sgo 
S3a)cD ©^GDe)(rf g^ 53?)^ [ChQlakamma-vibhanga- 
siitra, here called Subha-siitra. The Pali text of 
Majjh. III. iv. 5, with an introduction and an 
interverbal interpretation in Sinhalese.] pp. iii. 28. 
[Colombo,] 1890. 8°. . 14098. d. 

^^ S?)QS ©^G^SsJ §62551/® ©tD©33 

55q)Q3 [Another edition of the Chulakamma- 
vibha^ga-sutta, or Subha-sutta, with a preface and 
the introductory story called Niddna-kathd in 
Sinhalese. Followed by a Sinhalese interverbal 
interpretation and a prose version of the Sutta. 
Edited by Giridara Ratanajoti.] pp. 3, 6, 28, 4. 
[Colombo,] 1890. 8^. 14098. c. 54.(1.) 

Chulapunnamd' sutta. gd&to^ C3i5J'«^a© 

0550 cjfgSoS caf^S3 5^3g-€^€^®a gg)G& [Chula- 

punnama-sutra. The Pali text of Majjh. III. i. 
10, with its Pali commentary. Followed by an 
interverbal interpretation in Sinhalese.] pp. 15. 
©s255oea) [Colombo,] 1893. 8°. 14098. c. 53.(8.) 

ChullavedaJla-sutta. %\'QQ^Q^QQ 550)CS 

[Chullavedalla-siitra. The Pali text of Majjh. 
I. V. 4. Edited, with an interverbal interpre- 
tation and a translation into Sinhalese, by Lena- 
dora Dhammarakkhita.] pp. 32. ©'55553(g® [Co^ 
lombo,] §. Q. 2440 [A.D. 1897]. 8°. 

14098. 0. 73.(2.) 

Dakhhind-vihlianga-sutta. c^sSi^ S^®35 

g5Q)oa . . . gdi^ tQzsi 'S>^(£2Si g«5XS>S [Dakshina- 
vibhanga-siitra. The Pali text of Majjh. Ill.iv. 12. 
Followed by an interverbal interpretation in 
Sinhalese.] pp. 23. Colombo, 1889. 8*^. 

14098. 0. 13.(3.) 

Devaduta* sutta. cssSl)*^ tQ&zs^ ®Q55a 

e^<:j©£OT S3S^ (e^^^SfjOT gjo) co^^^z^oo) [The 

Pali text of the Devaduta-sutta (Majjh. III. iii. 10), 
called here Mahadevaduta-sutra. Followed by an 
interverbal interpretation and commentary in 
Sinhalese.] pp. 37. ©^^55^(g® [Colombo,] 1891. 
8°. 14098. c. 64.(3.) 

Ohatikdra-sutta. tsSs5S5od $30)00 [Ghati- 

kara-sutra. The Pali text of Majjh. II. iv. 1. 
Followed by an interverbal interpretation in 
Sinhalese.] pp. 28. [Colombo,] 1897. 8^ 

14098. 0. 73.(3.) 





lKAJJ'BJXA''SlKAYA{eontinued). — Sankhdruppatii- 
eutta, Sankharuppatti sutraya, &€^3<5iCC3^sy3 
QQ)00 [The Pali text of Majjh. III. ii. 10, followed 
by its Pali commentary and by an anonymous 
interverbal interpretation in Sinhalese.] pp. 29. 
Colombo, 1896. 8^ 14098. c. 72.(2.) 

Sela-autta, Saelasuttra Sannaya. ©^€3(3 

^fS) C3 2SJ'5i^G0 [The Pali text of the Sela-sutta 
{Majjh. II. V. 2), preceded by a Sinhalese version 
of the text, and followed by an interverbal inter- 
pretation in Sinhalese. Edited by Kollupitiye 
Punnananda.] pp. 36. [Colombo,] Sl©©S' 2439 
[1896]. 8°. 14098. d. 46.(8.) 

Vammika-sutta, coxd'^ C3(Sq5 ©S)@«s 

53^ OS [Vftnimika-siitra. The Pali text of Majjh. 
I. iii. 3, followed by an interverbal interpretation 
in Sinhalese.] pp. 16. [Colombo,] 1893. 8®. 

14098. 0. 69.(4.) 

Veranjaka-sutta, "Weranjasutraya. cojrf^ 

Veranja(-ka)-Butta (Majjh. I. v. 2), followed by 
an interverbal interpretation in Sinhalese. Edited 
by Magammana Medhananda.] pp. 28. Bran- 
diyaivatta [m Colombo], 1893. 8^. 

14098. 0. 69.(3.) 

MAEHABEVA-JATAEA. ®c)3©^<© (ias^ssaco [A 
metrical version of the story of the early life of 
the Bodhisat king Makhadeva.] pp. 25. ©^2553^,® 
[Colombo,] 1870. 12°. 14166. f. 6.(8.) 

For a description of the same tale in prose, see the Cata- 
logue of Sinhalese MSS., pp. 125-126, no. 122 (Sloane 1399). 

MALYAHAH-KAVI. ®(^c0CS>2rf ^aS C2(S^ zs^isi 
sS^qO [Malyahan-kavi saha kannalav. A col- 
lection of invocations to gods such as Vishnu and 
Karttikey a, recited in certain religious ceremonies.] 
pp. 12. Colombo, 1893. 8^ 14166. b. 22.(3.) 

[Second edition.] pp. 12. [Peliyagoda, 

Colombo,] 1897. 8^ 14166. b. 22.(6.) 

MAEAMBE (A. J. W.) See Vieasi^ha (A. J.), 
Mdrambe Bandar a, 

MAEAEANTTSMEITI. ®(5^?r3C;J®a^cr) [Maran- 
anusmnti. " Meditation on death,^' a tract for 
the use of Buddhists in meditation {bhdvaiia), by 
a priest of the Amarapura sect.] pp. 24. Colombo, 
1887. 12°. 14166. b. 14.(3.) 

MAEATUSDHATA. SodgcDos COG) eooCSddQs^cs 
[Marayuddhaya. A prose account of Mara's war 
with Gotama Buddha. Followed by the Samsara- 
chakraya.] pp. 36. e»iS)3(5.S) 2411 [Colomho, 
1868.] 12^ 14165. b. 6.(1.) 

MAETIE8 (James). See Fernando {Or. L.) and 
Maeties (J.), figootd Cf©ora3c5c30 [A eulogy 
on Siddhartha, in '' Hindustani metre. ^^] pp. 8. 

1892. 8^ 14165. b. 19.(21.) 

MAET, the Blessed Virgin. <f^(£g^Q c5o®3e 

®^<;^ ®^^0B2SlJ' e)cs^23c)'©^d6^Gd <93^^a6 

[Atisuddha - japamala-deva-meniyan - vahansege 
prartthanava. The Litany of the Rosarj^ and 
other prayers to the Virgin Mary. Translated 
by C. Chounavel, Roman Catholic Vicar-general.] 
pp. 16. Colombo, 1888. 16°. 14166. a. 54.(2.) 

©^^© ®j^©^csJ . . . tSooo <afiQ 8©3a 

©©^^3^ [Deva-meniyo . . . kiya enda vilapa- 
latoni. The lamentations of the Virgin Mary 
on the passion of Jesus Christ, compiled by 
V. Karolis. Fourth edition.] pp. 8. [ColinnlfO,] 

1893. 8^ 14165. aa. 9.(15.) 

Confraternity of our Blessed Lady of Mount 

Carmel, ®C356^CS53^ ©^6) ®^^6^zd 8(*r^9 

©^©CJ ©^SD^rf^^^-s^ C3®aC5® [Maggona . . . 
Karmel-bentinna-samagama. Rules of a branch 
of this Roman Catholic confraternity, established 
at Maggona. Followed by a number of prayers 
to the Virgin Mary and Christ.] pp. 29. [Colombo,] 
1891. 16^ 14165. a. 

®S&£3?c?g©Nd 6^<Q ®22d'^<5©vcave 6cfr^ 

Q^^Q^ ... «S5oS©^®c^ Q^Sissi&jss^^ Ca®3GOS) 
[Mattakkuliye . . . Karmel-bentinna-samagama. 
Rules of a branch of the confraternity at Mattak- 
kuliya in Colombo. Followed by similar prayers.] 
pp. 29. [Colombo,] 1890. 16°. 14165. a. 25.(9.) 

. . . ^5>^<!JG^®d <^S>2Si&/G^''i2^ co®3®® [Vadduve 
. . . Karmel-bentinna-samagama. Similar rules 
of a branch at Wadduwa.] pp. 29. [Golo7nho,] 
1891. 16^ 14186. a. 25.(10.) 

MART HAODALEH, Saint. ($g)g ®Scq ®q 
©^(^^3 . . . 6^cd giiJL^sQ [Mariya-madalenage 
prartthanava. The Litany of Mary Magdalen, 





translated by J. L. Ratnayaka.] pp. 10. [Co- 
lombo,] 1892. 12^ 14166. a. 29.(18.) 

MASOV (James), author of " Conrad and Golum- 
hineJ' See Arabian Nights. The Arabian Nights' 
Entertainments. adiS ^©^(saoQgocsoe [Trans- 
lated by T. Karunaratna and A. de Silva from 
the English edition revised by J. Mason.] 1891, 
etc, 4^ 14186. ff. 2. 

MATHE8, Ndgallege Don. See Sarpavtsha-chikitsa. 
tcS 8© ©taGJcooS [Edited by N. Don Mathes.] 
1894. 12^ 14166. o. 24. 

MAYER (Joan Maria Louis) . eseves^ogzs) cdcsS^gs 
[Katolika-bhaktiya^ " Roman Catholic devotion/* 
a manaal of devotion.] pp. 148. C5^2553(3® 
[Colombo,] 1890. 16^ 14186. a. 11.(6.) 

MATIMATATA. ®S®o>qo [Mayimataya. An 
astrological treatise on building houses, in 283 
stanzas, founded on materials derived from Sans- 
krit works.] pp. 36. [Colombo,] 1892. 8"". 

14186. d. 24.(3.) 
Composed a.d. 1837. 

MATVRA. tQiSi^ ca(Po5 S5oe& ^^DzstoQ [Siirya- 
sataka. A century of verses in Sanskrit in 
adoration of the sun; accompanied by a Sinhalese 
interverbal interpretation by Yilgammiila Maha- 
Thera. Edited, with a Sinhalese preface, by 
Don A. de Silva Devarakkhita Batuvantudave.] 
pp. ii. 54. ®v2S)3(g® [Colombo,] 1883. 8®. 

14072. 00. 16. 

MATUBAFADA TEERA. Puj^waliya . . . with a 
glossary. Revised and edited by H. Jayatilaka 
. . . gcJjQgoS eU. Pt. 1. Colombo, 1887. S**. 

14186. b. 9. 

In progress. Mayurapdda Thera was probably called also 
Budahaputta Thera. See the Catalogue of Sinhalese M8S.» 
p. SI, column 2. 

QQ7^ ©vo3GJC30><5 [Four treatises, called (1) 
Buddhavamsa-de^ana, an account of the Buddhas, 
including Gautama ; (2) Nirvana-pura-vaniana, 
on the Buddhist Nirvana ; (3) Maitri-varnana, on 
the future Buddha ; and (4) Paramjasa-dipaniya, 
on the Buddhist doctrine. The 1st from p. 20 
and the 3rd are extracts from chapter xv. of 
Mayiirapada's Pujavaliya; the 2nd and the 4th 

wereivritten by Tuduvevatte PanSasiha.] pp. 63. 
©^2S53©a [Colombo^] 1895. 8°. 14185. b. 18.(10.) 

For extracts from the Pujavaliya, see Or. 2661, folL 
1046— 116ff. 

Devorohana Poojava. ©^6\©3e^d)S5'€6 

gcfo© [A prose abridgment of the episode in 
Mayurapada's Pujavaliya, relating the Buddhq^'s 
mission to Tavatimsa heaven, and his descent 
therefrom.] pp. 13. ©Ng^Dgi® [Colombo,] 1890. 
8^ 14165. a. 58.(8.) 

Yasodharawata. c306^C3j£)d)€)C5 [The story 

of Yasodhara, the wife of the Buddha, extracted 
from Mayurapada's Pujavaliya.] pp. 37. ®GS5 
^©d [Eandy,] 1891. 8°. 14165. f. 29.(8.) 

See Ranasimha (D. S.). C30e^C3:f^dj©435 

[Yasodaravata. A poem founded on the fore- 
going episode in Mayiirapada^s Piijavaliya.] 1887. 
8^ 14185. b. 19.(3.) 

Second edition. 1888. 8^ 

14185. b. 19.(4.) 

[Another edition.] 1891. 8°. 

14165. f. 29.(9.) 

See Alwis (G.). History of . . . Lanka 

. . . Chapter I. Visits of Buddhas . . . extracted 
from Pujavaliya [of Mayiirapada] . . . with a 
literal translation into English. 1876. 8°. 

14165. e. 3. 

A contribution to the history of Ceylon. 

Translated from " Pujavaliya '* (composed by the 
Principal of the Mayurapdda Pirivena [usually 
known as Mayurapada Thera]) by B. Gunas^kara. 
pp. 58. Colombo, 1895. 8^. 14165. e. 24. 

See Hardy (R. S.). A manual of Bud- 

dhism . . . translated from Singhalese MSS. (. . . 
PujAwaliya, etc.). 1853. 8^ 4506. e. 

MEDHANAHDA, Mdgammana. See Majjhiha- 
NiKAYA. — Veranjaha - sutta. Weranjasutraya. 
COirf^ C3cPg> ©s©(5«Sf5 Qq)c2 [Edited by M. 
Medhananda.] 1893. 8^ 14098. c. 69.(3.) 

MEDHANKASA, Dimbuldgala. See Dhakmasibi. 
Kudusika . . . with [an interverbal Sinhalese] 
paraphrase by the Ven. D. Medhankara, etc. 1894. 
8^ 14098. d. 43. 





MEDHANKABA, Makalcinduve. See Jatavardhana 
(A.). The Ancient History of Totagamu Vihare 
... by A. Jayawardana with tho assistance of . . . 
Makalanduwe Medankara resident priest, etc, 
1889. 12°. 14166. e. 17. 

MEDHANKARA, of Vijayabcihu-jyarivena, tS)^:S^ 
C3C?OT S^^QS^oS [Jinacharita. A Pali poem, 
in 471 stanzas, on the life of the Buddha, with a 
Sinhalese interverbal interpretation. Edited, with 
a preface in Sinhalese, by Valane Dhammananda.] 
pp. ii. 102. iColombo,] 1886. 8^ 

14098. c. 21.(2.) 

■ Sakyasinha Wastuwa ; or a short memoir 

of Gantama Buddha ... by A. Alwis. c^a 25>2S S o 055 
ScsQJ© [A translation of stanzas 68-456 of the 
Jinacharita, a Pali poem by Medhankara.] Colombo, 
1891. 8°. 14166. b. 18.(1.) 

MEDHANKAB AS ABHA, Ilukvatte. 9 (g ssj e) ^ @^:d> 
©^®SS«55d)C3C5 c£)o®^©eE)2ri'©\c:5©^c55 dSo^ 

255 wOC) [An autobiography of the Buddhist monk 
Ilukvatte Medhankara. Edited by Udugampala 
Suvannajotyasabha.] pp. 31. <^2550©® {^Colomho^ 
1889. 8°. 14166. e. 23.(1.) 

MENDIS (Francis). First steps to the knowledge 
of Bible History . . . c^<:;agooS@ asS5<535SXS>dcS . . . 
[Suddhaliyavili-kathantaraya.] Pt. 1. pp. 43. 
Colombo, 1886. 16^. 14165. a. 25.(2) 

The Sinhalese Manual of Devotion teoeS 

a 255 (5 ^ co) [Bhakti - prakarana], containing 
prayers for various occasions and instructions on 
the duties of Cbristian life. pp. 217. [Colombo^ 
1887. 16°. 14166. a. 46. 

MENDIS (Nicholas) . See Pratyaya-Sataka. Trans- 
lation [into English from the Sinhalese para- 
phrase] of Pratya[ya]sataka by N. Mendis. 1886. 


14076. c. 67. 

A number of Sinhalese and European 

Proverbs and Sinhalese Stories translated into 
English and [into] Sinhalese [respectively] . . . 
^o(@8 C3QS) 8oQ55(3 (5o®3 235^0 [Ingrisi saha 
simhala upama-katha]^ etc, pp. 74. Colombo^ 
1890. 8^ 14166. f. 34. 

MENDIS (Thomas Ambrose) . ©iSgooiJ ffe^ci cj 
6C^S) . . . Notes on [i.e. notices in English 

and in Sinhalese on the investiture of] Chevalier 
J. De Silva. Compiled by T. A. Mendis. pp. 
xvi. 158. Colombo, 1888. 12°. 14165. c. 12. 

. . . 255c53 5i')Q><5G& [Lankave katholika-sabhava 
sambandha . . . kathantaraya] ... A short history 
of the Catholic Church in Ceylon, etc. pp. iii. 47. 
Colombo, 1886. 12°. 14166. a. 22.(3.) 

MENDIS OITNASEKABA (Abraham). A compre- 
hensive Grammar of the Sinhalese Language, etc. 
pp. XV. 516. Colombo, 1891. 8°. 

12907. cc. 29. 

MENDIS SENANAYAKA. (Alexander). Athetfaa 
wakya deepaniya or a collection of Sinhalese pro- 
verbs . . . compiled and translated into English 
by A. Mendis Senanayaka Aratchy. (f ^05 ©OC525 
^O^cS [Atita-vakya-dipaniya], etc, pp. ii. 2, 84, 
Sink, and Engl, Colombo, [1880 ?] 16°. 

14166. f. 19. 

r- c?C)s$^ goes [JTvana-pupaya. A Roman 

Catholic book of prayers for the laity, translated 
from the English.] pp. viii. 284. C5n2S5D Q ©^cd ^ 
iKofahena, Colombo,] 1889, 16^ 14166. a. 49. 

The life of St. Antony of Padua. C3ogQ3©^©cS 

. . . C5e6)§ q^<s^G>i£S . . . al)©ao>(» [Padu- 
vavehi Suddhavu Antoni dharmacharitaya. Com- 
piled from English sources and translated by 
A. Mendis Senanayaka.] pp. 126. Colombo, 1886. 
8^ 14166. aa. 1.(2.) 

MENIKPALA-SANTIYA. ©^^©rfoDe tsa^t^oa 
[Menikpala-santiya.] See Kepun-sirasa-padaya. 
2552 gxsd'^ [ffic] dC3 O)«^Q0 etc, Pt. 1. pp. 17-22. 
1890. 8°. 14166. d. 26.(3.). 

[Another edition.] pp. 17-22. 1892. 8°. 

14165. d. 26.(4.) 

MENTES (Hillebrand) . See Duirsma (Martin). 
Kort Ontwerp van de Leere der Waarheid, etc, [by 
H. Mentes and others]. 1744. 8^. 14166. a. 27. 

[Second edition.] 1790. 8^ 14166. aa. 4. 

MESSIA (Alphonsa). The Three hours Agony. 

©^g ®6^ ©^©<:j^3Q os^i^ ©a^S^csoS [Trans- 
lated from a European original. Second edition.] 
pp. XX. 189. 6^2353©® [Colombo,'] 1889. 32^ 

14165. a. 47. 





HE8USIEB (Cecil J. B. Le). See Lb Mssubikb 
(0. J. R.). 

MEVITMEABA-DEVI. cse^snogo) SigSeaad 
(»^@ 6t^®v-05esl sSii& S)3 [Sadakalika-mevum- 
kara-devi-kenek neti bava. "On the non- 
existence, of an eternal Creator,'' a Buddhist 
tract in answer to ^'Buddhagam karaying^ 
prarthana/' a Wesleyan Methodist's attack on 
Buddhism.] pp. 7. 6v2»3(g® [ColomboJi 1892. 
8^ 14166. a. 68.(10.) 

cs^5>B)CSod ^cQi^ coocgoSD© . . . Yoge Malava 
or Toge Sangrahva. [A poem, in 23! tetrastichs, 
founded on the Sanskrit medical poem ''Toga- 
sataka," and consisting of prescriptions for various 
diseases with directions as to their application. 
Edited by SaradiyelAppuhami.] pp.18. 6\igS30<gS) 
[Colombo,] 1892. 8^ 14166. c. 11.(8.) 

Composed in March, 1817. 



DfiAMMAKATANA Mtvipenne. 

MUINDA. See Perera (K. B.). ^^^^^:S^ 

«S3®2x:f . . . ©>c5i cso ®gs dtf . . ©VC55S5 cJSot 

S3)£3C) [A legendary account of the Buddhist 
sage Nagasena and king Milinda, in 216 stanzas.] 
1890. 8^ 14166. t 29.(6.) 

HmnBAPAVHA. @ g^ 9 (59s^G9 [Milindaprasna] 
. . . [called also] esSf^aCtCScD [Saddharmadasa] 
(Milindapprashnaya ; . . . translated from [the] 
Pali [of the Milindapanha] into Sinhalese ... by 
Sumangala of Hinafikumbura . . . with explanatory 
notes and glossaries.) [Edited by Mohottivatte 
Gunananda and others.] pp. 628, 12, iiii. Kota- 
hena, [Colombo,] 1878. 8^ 14166. b. 8. 

See Haedt (R. S.) . A Manual of Buddhism 

. . . translated from Singhalese MSS. ( . . . 
Milinda Prasna, e^c.) . 1853. 8^ 4606.6. 

X5p AMALE. e^®j ^ S) ) &Ci [Modamale, '' (Garland 
of folly," a poem in 69 stanzas, each ending in a 
witty saying.] pp. 12. Colombo, 1867. 8®. 

14166. h. 2.(3.) 

MODDEB (E.). Nursing the Sick. Qvef^^^ 
es3d5Q2 6^83)5® [Ledunta sattukerima. Trans- 

lated from the English manuscript of E. Modder 
by the Rev. C. W. de Silva.] pp. 24. Christian 
Vernacular Education Society; Colombo, 1891. 
8^. 14166. c. 17.(2.) 

MOOOALLAVA. Abhidhanappadipika {cfi&Q'i^ 
VO^QzSio); or Dictionary of the Pali Language. 
By Moggallana There. With English and Sing- 
halese interpretations, notes, and appendixes. By 
Waskaduwe Subhuti. pp. xv. 204, xi. Colombo, 
1865. 8^ 14098. d. 6. 

Second edition, pp. xv. 340, xx. Colombo, 

1883. 8"". 14098. o. 16. 

^CS'€^ €3£5[t^cO [Abhidhanapradipika-sannaya 
or Palinighandn-sannaya.] ([An old] Sinhalese 
[interverbal] translation of Abhidhanapradipika 
or Pali vocabulary, edited by Totagamuve Panna- 
molitissa.) pp. ii. 161, iii. [C olomho,] 189&. 8°. 

14098. 000. i. 

A complete index to the Abhi- 
dhanappadipika [of Mogallana] with ex- 
planatory and grammatical notes [in Pali, 
prefaces in English and in Pali, and a list 
of meanings in English. Followed by a 
vocabulary of words in the Abhidhanappa- 
dipika and its commentaries with their 
meanings in Sinhalese.] By W. Subhuti 
. . . Buddhist Priest (qpt8c53?nao^6iS553 

53© ^<2Q3 ... 03@ Cf2»3db§ GP©^2»53). 

pp. xxxiv. 520, viii. Colombo, 1893. 8^ 

14098. c. 62. 

Ak&r&dikosha. A Pali Dictionary. Cfz 

c)3^Q^8«a3 <|f«S33d)§ ©^2a3©CS ®^CO©:sf 03g 

(f «S53 di § GS [Abhidhanapradipika - akaradi - kosha 
or Pali-akaradiya. A vocabulary of the Pali 
words in Moggallana's Abhidhanappadipika, with 
their Sinhalese meanings. Compiled and edited 
by Pantiye Silavamsa and Bellana Saranankara.] 
pp. 2, 75. 0|g(»6v©3^ [Peliyagoda, Colombo,] 
1891. 8^ 14098. dd. 7. 

See Nandabama-Tissa, Togiydne. Sandhi- 

dtpant. Compiled [from the grammatical sntfas 
of Moggallana and others ; with a Sinhaloso 
interpretation, etc] by Nand&rftmatissa, tic. 
1886. 8^ 14098. d. 28.(2.) 





MOOOALLAHA (continued). See Bahula, Totaga- 
muve. Moggall&na PaDchik& Pradipa ... by San- 
ghardja Sri Bdhula Mah&sthavira^ etc. 1896. 8"*. 

14166. 1. 27. 

MOBATUOAlCA-HATABfAYA. [Moratn-gama-hata- 
naya. A satirical poem against the establishment 
of a gamsabhaya 'Village tribunal** at Moratuva.] 
Pt. 2. [Colombo,'] 1886, etc. 8^ 14166. i. 9. 

Imperfectf wanting pt, 1. 

MOEAtuwA. — JDhammika Updaaka Samdgama. 
<^®aOT S&a^) [Amrita-varshava. A Buddhist 
tract issued monthly by the " Dhammika Upasaka 
Society at Moratuwa,] Nos. 1-4. Moratuwa, 
1893. 8°. 14166. b. 18.(6.) 

Holy Emmanuel Church. Report of the 

Sunday Schools in connection with the Holy 
Emmanuel Church, Moratuwa, for 1891. ©\®0(5 

(gSc, (gc^e^sssJe©© 1891 cfBdi^o^^ de^aiS 
TOcsS pp. 18. ©\sss50(5® [Colombo,] 1892. 8°. 

14166. aa. 9.(12.) 

MVELLEB (Eduabd) of Basle. Ancient Inscrip- 
tions in Ceylon. Collected and published for the 
Government by Edward Miiller. [In two volumes, 
Text and Plates.] pp. 219. London, 1883. 8^ 
and obi. 8^ 14166. c. 1-2. 

MTTHUETA-DIPIKA. gCQ^OT ^82533© [Muhurta- 
dipika. An astrological treatise in Sanskrit 
verse, edited with a preface, a verbal interpreta- 
tion, notes and tables in Sinhalese, by J. S. 
Rajasundara.] pp. ii. 25, 15. 6\2S33(e^S) . . . £)6)8S 
2430 [Colombo, 1887.] 8^. 14068. cc? 47.(2.) 

MVLASIKEHA. ggfiss) [Mulasikkha. An ancient 
Pali work on the discipline of Buddhist monks. 
Edited with a preface and a verbal interpreta- 
tion in Sinhalese by Matara Saddhammachariya 
Nanindasabha.] pp. iv. 37. Galle, 1887. 8**. 

14098. c. 26. 

Tke authorship of the work is attributed to a " Mdhdsdmi 
Thera " of Ceylon (vide Cat. of Fali, Sinh, and Sansk. MSS, 
by De Zotfsa). 

c55gS«S3 [The first five chapters of the 

Mulusika (called here Kudusika), being a trans- 
lation of the Pali work Mula-sikkha, "the funda- 
mental precepts " of the Buddhist order.] See 

Heranasiea. ®^fS)6^Qzs^ e^cs) s$gS2S)> ^tc. 
[Two ancient works, etc^ pp. 9-17. 1886. 12^. 

14166. a. 41. 

inni AYiKA-EAHEAHAH {Don Lewis) . ©vts5 S as 
c53ro 6^3a©Sg©^03» [Temiya-jatake viridupota. 
A catechetical poem founded on the Miigapakkha- 
jataka (Fans. 538) and composed in 67 quatrains 
adapted for singing purposes, by Don Lewis 
Munavira-kankanan.] pp. 9. Galle, 1886. 8®. 

14166. f. 14.(1.) 

MmrKOTUVE BALA. C3®d)C5©^53 [Sangaraja- 
vata. An Elu poem on the life of Velivita 
Saranankara, Sangharaja. Edited by J. de Silva.] 
pp. 29. ©^i:35^(g® [Colombo,] 1867. 8^ 

14166. i. 6.(8.) 

MUVADEV-DA-VATA. €3 2^?^ C3(f^« §©©^^8 
C, 6)^S) [Sanna sahita Muvadev-da-vata. An 
ancient standard poem, in 164 stanzas, founded on 
the Makhadeva-jataka (Fans. 9), accompanied by 
an old interverbal interpretation. Both edited 
by Veragama Punchi-bandara.] pp. ii. 32. 
[Colombo], 1880. 8°. 14166. i. 6.(8.) 

Composed h^ore the thirteenth century a.d. 

Sd)4^S©a)S)a)^ C3(Sro §©©^<;;© c, Q|ct 

[Another edition. Preceded by the Sinhalese 
version of the Makhadeva-jataka extracted from 
the Pansiyapanas-jataka-pota, and followed by an 
explanatory re-arrangement of the text, the old 
interverbal interpretation and a translation into 
modern Sinhalese, the last by the editor J. Blok.] 
pp. iii. 92. ©NSSJig,® [Colomhoi] 1895. 8**. 

14166. i. 21.(3.) 

MUVA-JATAKA. §© djc^saoo [Muva-jatakaya. 
A poem, in 110 quatrains, founded on theNigrodha- 
miga-jataka (Fans. 12).] pp. 13. ©^zs^'^qS^ 
[Colombo,] 1892. 8^ 14166. f. 14.(8.) 

inrZZABELLI (Alfonso). ®SQ8©cs3^@\d@^cs5 
®3C30S [Mariyavahansege masaya.] (Sinhalese 
translation of Father Mazzarelli^s [sic] Month of 
Mary) [by C. D. Anthonisz. Edited with addi- 
tional matter by Rev. Father A. Piccinelli.J pp. 
ix. 262. [Beruwala?] 1890. 16^ 14166. a. 6. 

HAOASEHA. See Pebeba (K. B.) ^jqs)6\cj^ 

^3®2rf...©^C55 C3C» ®g£ (5c5...©NCDlSJ tS^zss 

255 c3d© [a legendary account of the Buddhist 
sage Nagasena and the king Milinda, in 216 
stanzas.] 1890. 8^ 14166. f. 29.(6.) 






HAGASIMHA(D.B.) qfxS&o^ saoSsoo [Asirvada- 
kavya. A poem^ in 40 stanzas^ compiled on the 
occasion of a prize distribution at Yidyabhyasa 
school ^t Nupe in Matara, and containing bene- 
dictions on the Rt. Rev. R. S. Copleston^ Bishop 
of Colombo, and the Rev. P. D. Edirisimha.] 
pp. 7. ®3(^©Nd [Oalle,] 1897. 8^ 

14166. i. 17.(6.) 

VALLA PEBVKAV [pseud.], gaggcocs ^® 
92S)(54g^G8 [Ealiyaga nam prakaranaya. A poem 
in 124 stanzas, on the moral and social state in 
the Kaliyuga, of prophetic character, composed 
in §aka 1780 (1858-59).] pp. 16. [Colomho,'] 
1887. 8°. 14166. i. 17.(1.) 

VALLUEUTUH, Minisanhas. Namawalia or a 
poetical vocabulary of Singhalese synonyms . . . 
With a . . . rendering into English . . . notes 
. . . and indices by C. Alwis. (^D®3S@oo) 
pp. 2, 123. Colombo, 1858. 8^ 14166. 1. 9. 

xs^64^QC^ gdD4^ ^J®o©g(» [Namavaliya. 
Edited by H. Jayatilaka.] pp. 56. Cohnibo, 

1888. 8^ 

14166. 1. 7.(1.) 

VAMASHTASATAEA. ^j®3ccc) ca^ss^os escs) 
^&(5g}^g8 [Namashta-^ataka. A Sanskrit 
poem, in 18 stanzas, in praise of Gautama Buddha 
under 108 forms of his name. Followed by the 
Navaratna, a didactic poem in 9 Sanskrit verses. 
Both accompanied by a literal Sinhalese transla- 
tion.] pp. 13. Colombo, 1866. 8°. 14033. b. 23. 

The Navaratna u the same as the one printed in Haeherlin*e 

HAM-POTA. ^®©N03CT C3C5 G04^ ©^^©cs^ 
e55x(^6. [The Nam-pota, called also Vihara- 
asna, being a list of names of ancient Buddhist 
temples ; followed by the Gana - devi - sehella.] 
pp. 8. ®»2S53(S® [Colombo,] 1869. 8^ 

14166. k. 3.(2.) 

^®©v03^X> C3GS5 ®vJQ(^(2}85)'€^ [Another 

edition of the Nam-pota. Followed by the Magul- 
lakuna, a list of the 216 auspicious marks supposed 
to have been found on the foot of the Buddha.] 
pp. 8. ©N^s)}©® [Colombo,] 1897. 8**. 

14166. 1. 13.(4.) 

[Other editions of this work are to be found 

as appendices to the Paritta.] 

[Bauddhapratipatti-sangraha. A collection of 
extracts from Pali and from some Sinhalese texts 
for devotional use, compiled with a preface and 
explanatory notes, etc,, in Sinhalese by D. 
S^anamoli.] pp. 49. ©\«S5D@S) [Cohmho,] 1889. 


14098. a. 20.(1.) 

VANABATAHA, Abbot of Attanagalle Vihdra. 
(f GJS^®g (Sc?ad) ©ocaoo. [Atvanagalu-vihara- 
vamsaya. A poem of the 18th century, giving 
an account of the Buddhist Temple at Attana- 
galla. Edited by Don W. Vaniganetti.] pp. 48. 
©v2550(g® [Colombo,] 1897. 8°. 14166. i. 26. 

VAHATILAEA TISSA. See Dhammabajaouru, 
Titer a. csaS^S'^S [With a Sinhalese verbal 
interpretation by S". Tissa.] 1888, 8**. 

14098. c. 40.(2.) 

See Jagaba, Tliera. (3?to3 coaca:^ Sg<^3 

zSi&i€> [Translated into Sinhalese by Dhamma- 
tilaka Thera, and edited by fS^anatilaka Tissa.] 
[1889.] 8°. 14166. b. 16. 

[Another edition.] [1892.] 8^. 

14166. b. 16. 

SeeMknl-Y A8A, Thera of Burmah. 235©£)0Qe.'5^ 

&3(5g8 [Kachchayana-sara, accompanied by a Sin- 
halese interverbal interpretation by ll^^anatilaka 
Tissa.] [1892.] 12^ 14098. b. 18.(3.) 

VAVAVIMALA-TISSA, Tangalle. See Anquttaba- 
NiKATA. — Methuna-samyoga'sutta. The Maithuna 
sanyoga Sutraya with [a Sinhalese] paraphrase 
by T. Nanawimala Tissa, etc. 1896. 8°. 

14098. 0. 72.(4.) 

HABTDAMALAYA. ^>s^®3eo0 [The Nanda- 
malaya, a poem of moral advice.] pp. 20. 
6^^S5^<g® [Colombo,] 1867. 8*. 14165. h. 6. 

HABfDARAMA- TISSA, Ydgiydne. See Anubuddha. 
Abhidharmartha Sangraha . . . with a paraphrase 
[in Sinhalese] by Nandaramatissa Thera of Yogi- 
yane, etc. q^c3a)|i§>3^ C9g)(S)(S)o0 etc. [1891.] 
8^ 14098. c. 47. 

- Sandhidipani. (c3?r6^02S) [A treatise 
on Sandhi, euphonic combinations in Pali.] Com- 
piled [from the grammatical «u/fa« of Kachchayana^ 
of Moggallana and of Aggavamsachariya^s Sadda- 

K 2 





Biti; with a Sinlialese verbal interpretation and 
commentary and with an English preface and a 
translation of the Sinhalese introduction^ by 
Nandar&mAtissa [sic] Terannanse^ etc. pp. 3, 2, 4^ 
85. [Colombo,'] 1886. 8^ 14098. d. 28.(2.) 

[Life.] See Sibisumedha-tissa, MtJcaJan" 

gamuve. ^c^6® e^^S^6^^s^ etc. 14166. i. 22.(8.) 

VANnTBASABHAi Mdtara Saddhammdchariya. 
<Se6 MuLAsiKKHA. g^S^ [Edited with a preface 
and a verbal interpretation in Qii^halese by 
M. S. :5^anindasabha.] 1887. 8''. 14098. e. 26. 

BfAVISSAEAy Mahago4a. See BflABTBiHABi^ the 
poet. ^ Niti Sataka . . . Translated and edited 
by the Rev. M. Nanissara, etc. 1889. 8^. 

14072. 00. 87.(2.) 

See DuAuuAXiTTi, 0a4alddeniye. C3®S/(2)3 

(5©0>3(5o3 [Pt. 1 edited by S^anissara.] [1889, 
etc,] 8^ 14166. b. 12. 

See Madhaya, son of Induhara. Sri Eata 

Madgara • . • Revised by ... M. Nanissara, etc, 
(# es^Q g<:^dcs.) 1889. 12^ 14043. b. 

See Padmapbabhu Subi. cq©^^ 025506 

etc. [Edited, with a preface and a verbal inter- 
pretation in Sinhalese made with the assistance of 
M. liJaiiissara, by D. D. N. Silva.] 1888. 8^ 

14063. 00. 62.(1.) 

See Sanohananda, Kamburugamuvi. o^S^ 

C553db^C3oC3cS etc. [Edited by M. fl^anissara.] 
[1894.] 12^ 14098. a. 29.a.) 

See SusBUTA. Snsruta sutra-sthana. 1st 

part translated nnder the instruction of ... M. 
Nanissara, eU. 1896. 8''. 14048. e. 32. 

See Yagbhata. Ashtanga Hridaya . . . 

Revised by M. Nanissara. ((f^sQoSiS) CS>a^QS 
tco&zsaoQ) 1893. 8^. 14043. d. 46. 

iSee Vedeha Theba. SamantaKutaWarnand 

. . . Translated . . . and edited by the Rev. W. 
Dhamm&nanda . . . and the Rev. M. N&nissara, 
etc. 1890. 8^ 14098. 0. 46. 

HAHOPADESA. fi£^Q^4^^^^{S^cQ [Nanopade^a. 
A series of prayers followed by a catechism, the 
whole being a book of instructions authorized for 
use in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Colombo.] 
pp. 150, ii. 6siS>3(3a [Colombo,] 1891. 16°. 

14166. a. 11.(4.) 

HAFOLBOH I., Emperor of the French. Bouna- 
parte's [sic] Fate Book. [Translated into Sin- 
halese.] (eNS)3 2DcDaiJDdc5evcd ASrfcj) [Bona- 
part-rajage nivitta.] Colombo, 1865. 8°. 

14166. d. 2.(2.) 

■ Bounapartes [sic] Fate Book. 6vS)32r>03&S) 

6de<si ^©^^ [BonaparJ-rajage nivitta.] Second 
edition, pp. 26. 6\^3(3S) [Colombo,] 1890. 8". 

14166. d. 26.(2.) 

VAEATAJTA BHATTA, the Astrologer. €)®^sxs>3(5 
Q:Sys>o®'^ [Chamatkara-chintamani. An astro- 
logical work in Sanskrit verse for interpreting 
horoscopes, with a Sinhalese verbal translation 
by H. D. Fernando Tarabi-Appu-Gurunnanse of 
Galkissa.] pp. 43. [Colombo,] 1891. 8*. 

14063. oe. 63.a.) 

HATTAL PERAUTA Nathal Paraliya, a Farcial 
[sic] play in Five Acts. «S5aJo^ 6vo<5@ca 
[Nattal Peraliya, ''Christmas brawls," in ''Hindu- 
stani" metre.] pp. 24. o^zs^^^Si [Colombo,] 1888. 
8^ 14166. g. 8.(60 


Cfd^o^ S|S%^ @^3C5^Q9 [A treatise on the 
nine epithets of the Buddha.] See Yimukti- 

SAKQBAHA. ^SS^ ^$^3 f^ ^ e<si S^OQSdCO etc. pp. 

45-88. 1889. 8^ 14166. aa. 13. 

VAYAORAHAYASTEA. e^ssi^ €sc£^« ^Scgep 
a 6) d da 6) tQtSi @(^C06vQ93(5> [Navagraha- 
avastha and Dvigrahayoga. Astrological treatises 
for interpreting horoscopes, in 44 Sanskrit couplets, 
with a preface and a verbal interpretation in Sin- 
halese.] pp. 10. Galle, 1887. 8^. 

14063. eo. 38.(3.) 

The prffaee state* that this contains two treatises z (1) 
Orahdvasthd, bjf Vishvugupta^ being a treatise fomnded am 
an ancient work called Sdrdvali, and (2) Dvigrahayoga, by 
one Yavandchdrya [see also stanza 13], hni the verse^ 
numbering of the two works is continuous, 

[An astrological treatise on auspicious times for 
various purposes, in Sanskrit verse, with a Sin- 
halese interpretation. Followed by astrological 
tables in Sinhalese. Edited by Mohottivatte 
Gunananda.] pp. 37. Kotahena, 1879. 8**. 

14063. eo. 38.(L) 

HAYABATHA. sS^Qdz^^O^ [A didactic poem 
in 9 Sanskrit verses, accompanied by a literal 





Sinhalese translation.] 8ee NamIshtasataka^ 
pp. 6-13. Colombo, 1866. 8^ 14083. b. 28. 

Tliis M the same a» the one 'printed in Haeherlin^a Kdvya- 

VEFF (FsLix). Conversations on Sin and Salva- 
tion. C3O0& C3CS3 ®i(38®®l4^ «55C33©(^QB 

[Papaya saha gelavimagena kathavalya.] pp. 91. 
Colomho, 1891. 8^ 14166. a. 15.(6.) 

ScSg^co @5g©^C33OT [A catechetical poem on the 
27 Nakshatras or asterisme^ composed in 54 stanzas 
adapted for singing.] pp. 6. CS)3^©^(^ [Galle,^ 
1885. 8^ 14166. d. 14.(1.) 

HETHEBLAITDS, Reformed Church of the. Singa- 
leesch Beljdenis Book. (Singaleesch Gebeede- 
Boek.) 2 pt. Sinhalese. [Colombo,'] 1737-38. 
8"". 14165. aa. 2. 

Singaleesch Formulier Boek : behelsende 

vier Formulieren, Namentlyk : van de Kinderen, 
Bejaarden^ 't Honwelyk ende het H : Avondmaal ; 
item der Sieken-troost, mitsgaders eenige 6e- 
beeden . . . Naar Kerken-Ordre behoorlyk gere- 
videert pp. 140. Colombo, 1744. 8**. 

14165. a. 32. 

HEWSTEAD (Robebt). See Bible. — Daniel. The 
book of Daniel. Translated ... by B. Newstead. 
1823. 12^ T. 2070.(8.) 

See Crudbn (A.). A brief account . . . 

of the Scriptures . . • translated by B. Newstead. 
1822. 8^ T. 2070.(2.) 

A discourse on the nativity of . . . Jesus 

Christ. By R. Newstead. . . . ©NcxJgci jgricpei 
Sk) ^Qide^(si 50^® GDi^n ©^cfc32S»S [Yesus 
Kristus - vahansege Ipadima - gena desanava.] 
pp. 17. Colombo, 1823. 12^ T. 2070.(5.) 

The Story of the Cross, or the History of 

Jesus . . . t^diQcb^i^ )S)d)dGS e^s^oo^^otsi 
. . . e^dgd Scocdfe^de^cd zado^gcs [Euru- 

siyagena kathava or . . . Yesus-vahansege 
kathantraya.] Eng. and SirJi. pp. 71. Colombo, 
1824. 12°. T. 2070.(6.) 

VICHOLSOn (James). A pocket dictionary of 
the English and Sinhalese languages. By the 
Rev. James Nicholson, Wesleyan Missionary. 
Revised and enlarged by the Rev. David de 
Silva. Third edition, pp. vii. 310. Colombo, 
1886. 12^ 12906. aa. 39. 

HDHTIOALA OABflTAYA. Mahasohon Sama- 
yama ... ©(S^e^caaeNOoerf C3®qb® [A poem, in 
187 tetrastichs, on the demon *' Mahasohon '^ in 
the " Devil-dancing " ceremonies of Ceylon. 
Edited by A. de Silva.] pp. 24. ©Njg35i(g® 
Colombo, 1892. 8°. 14166. d. 26.(6.) 

HIMITI-SASTRA. £b®^ c5a35;Jv3)Q0 [A book of 
fate, with a diagram and verses in explanation 
of it.] pp. 11. ©^s353(g® [Colombo,'] 1895. 8\ 

14165. d. 24.(5.) 

irntYAVA-MABOA. :3 &3 ^ ®3 d^cQ [Nirvana- 
marga, ^'the way to Nirvana,'^ a Buddhist religious 
tract.] pp. 6. Oalle, 1885. 8^. 14166. b. 5.(2.) 

HITI-HIGHAHDUVA. Niti-Nighanduva -, or The 
Vocabulary of [Sinhalese] Law . . . Translated by 
C. J. R. Le Mesurier . . . and T. B. P&nabokke. 
pp. xxxix. 120. Colombo, 1880. 8**. 14166. c. 1. 

See W., W. A review of Niti- 

Niganduwa, etc. 1885. 8''. 14165. 0. 2. 

OBEYASEKARA (D. C. F.). See UbatasEkara 
{Don C. F.). 

OLCOTT (Hknbt Steel). efQQo^ dzs^ss^ t^SicgtsyQ 
[Avavada-ratna-sang^aha. The ''Golden Rules 
of Buddhism,*' compiled by H. S. Olcott from 
versions of Buddhist scriptures. Translated and 
published with the original Pali stanzas by D. J. 
Subasimha. pp. 26. Pali and Sinh. [Colombo,] 
1891. 8^ 14098. a. 

©vQi® 8336^(530 2»c5^cD [Bauddha- 

kathopakathana]. A Buddhist Catechism, etc. 
[the Sinhalese version.] pp. iv. 36. Colombo, 
1881. 16^. 14166. a. 7.(1.) 

[Another edition, enlarged.] (Twenty- 

seventh thousand.) pp. iv. 53. Colombo, 1885. 16°. 

14166. a. 6.(2.) 

A Buddhist Catechism . • . [being the 

English text of the Bauddha-kathopakathana.] 
Fourteenth thousand, pp. ix. 57. Colombo, London, 
1882. 16^ 14166. a. 8. 

•^— Col. Olcott's Buddhist Catechism 
reviewed. . . . G^6) 2S3G^d3CD es)d^ cS 
tSd ^ GS [Bauddha - kathopakathana - pari - 
kshana.] pp. vi. 46. [Colombo,] 1897. 
16^ 14166. a. 62.(2.) 





P., M. P. See Dinataba-Katava. Sj^zs^d 2S5^3© 
[Edited by M. P. P.] 1870. 12^ 

14165. f. 6.(7.) 

P ADA - MAVAYAEA - J ATAKATA. o <^ So ^ 6) )S) 
ddZ5^zS)cQ [Padamanavaka-jatakaya. A poem, in 
217 quatrains, founded on the Padakusalamanaya- 
jataka (Fans. 432).] pp.25. Colombo, 18&9. 12^ 

14166. f. 6.(8.) 

PADMAPKABHXJ SURI. e^Q^^^oeaoo ©vs^Qrf 
(^CS^C^ae) 9J2S)3csa etc. [Bhuvanadipaka or Gralia- 
bhava-prakasa. An astrological work, in 170 
Sanskrit stanzas. Edited, with a preface and a 
verbal interpretation in Sinhalese made with the 
assistance of Mahagoda fS^anissara, by D. D. N. 
SilvaJ pp. 2, 43. [Colombo,'] 1888. 8°. 

14068. 00. 62.(1.) 

In this edition, the author's name appears as Padtnaprahha; 
other variants of it are also to be found. 

PADMAVATI. See Dhammaeitti, Oadalddeniye, 
The story of Queen Patmavati, etc. [extracted 
from the Saddharmalankara v. 5]. 1887. 8®. 

14165. 6. 11.(2.) 

See Dhammakitti, Oadalddeniye, ccJ®3©t9 

©^Serfe^cd . . . zs^c^oQ etc. [Padmavati-devinge 
kathava. Another edition.] 1892. 8°. 

14165. f. 87. 

o:3j®De)^ sS)»3© [sic'] [Padmavati- 

kathava. A poem, in 316 quatrains, founded on 
the tale of Queen Padmayati in Dhammakitti^s 
Saddharmalankara v. 5.] pp. 37. Colombo, 1869. 
8°. 14166. f. 6.(2.) 

Composed about the year 1693 a.d. 

PALAVGAPATI (Saviykl). See Andabe. The 
biography of Andare, etc. [Pt. 4 compiled by 
S. Palangapati.] 1896. 8^ 14165. e. 22. 

^iSS(^Q C3Q55 ... CpQiaCT Q6^iSScJQ etc. 
(Declension [with Sinhalese interpretation] and 
conjugation of Pali words; with Akhyata Vyakhya 
... [a Sinhalese commentary on the latter work] 
by H. Sumangala. Edited by M. Gunaratana, etc.) 
pp. 80. [Colombo;] 1873. 8^ 14098. d. 24.(2.) 

[Another copy.] 14165. 1. 1.(1.) 

03© ^3® 6<5^zS(^e C3Q55 CfjSS)^ 

^6^l&dQ . . . (Kaccayana Namika Rupamala 

and Akhyata Rupamala. Treatises on Pali de- 
clensions and conjugations. Edited with notes 
and an explanatory translation [in Sinhalese] by 
• . . Dharmarama, etc.) pp. 62. Kelani, 1895. 8°. 

14098. 0. 42. 

Another edition of the foregoing toork. 

See SuBHUTi, VasJcaduve. N&ma- 

mklk . . . [founded mainly on Pali-nama- 
varanegilla], etc. 1876. 8''. 14098. o. 12. 

PAU-YACHAlTA-SAirOKAHA. 03^, 3€)eD esoc^c^S 
[PaU-vachana-sangraha. A Pali primer, with 
Sinhalese equiralents.] . . . Second edition, etc, 
pp. 24. ®3de [Ga^^eJ 1885. 12^. 

14098. a. 7.(1.) 

PABfABOKO, Tikiri'Bandd. fifaeNiTi-NiGHANDUTA. 
Niti-Nighanduya . . . Translated by C. J. R. Le 
Mesurier and T. B. Panabokke. 1880. 8^ 

. 14166. 0. 1. 

PABfCHA-KABMA-TIBHAOA. c€) «S)I) @tn3cs)G8 
[Pancha-karma-yibhaga. An examination of the 
two fiye-fold groups of actions : Pt. 1, Sins and 
the hells ; Pt. 2, Merits and the heayens.] 2 pt. 
©Nsas©® [Colombo,] 1891, 95. 12% 8^ 

14166. b. 25. 

PAVCHA - PAKSHA. o^^s^ osx^gS [Pancha- 
paksha. A treatise on augury.] pp.9. [Colombo,] 
1886. 8^. 14166. d. 24.(L) 

The first part of the work consists of twelve Sanskrit verses 
with commentary. These may form part of the Sanskrit 
manual called Panchapakshi. 



PABfDITA-TILAKA {Don Johannes), of Eoggala. 
See VisiDAQAMA Theba. C32ri©(3 Sca^[«ic]ca 
C3 . . . C3rfC3^cS [The Sakyala-yistara, etc., 
followed by the Satsatiya, etc., composed by Don 
J. Panditatilaka.] 1867. 8°. 14166. h. 2.(2.) 

PAVHAOQA. SugataYidatthiyidhana. A descrip- 
tion of the size of Lord Buddha's body, [begging- 
bowl, robes, bed, residence, etc.,] by the Venerable 
Prawaraiswaryalankarna [sic, also known as Pafi- 
nagga] . . . of . . . Bangkok . . . With a [Sinhalese] 
paraphrase [and an English and a Sinhalese pre- 
face] by C. A. Seelakkhandha, etc. (goOTO S^^^^S 
©fe)3 55^Q&) pp. ii. 51. Ambalangoda, 1894. 8®. 

14098. 0. 68.(2.) 





PAHVAMOLI-TISSAi Totagamuve. See Anubuddha. 
Abhidharmarthasangraha Sansa . . . Edited by 
T. Pannamoli Tissa. 1897. 8°. 14098. ccc. 6. 

Sco MOGGALLANA. qftBcDo?^ 9^62353 C3£5[J 

^GS . • . (Sinhalese [interrerbal] translation of 

, Abhidhanapradipika . . . edited by T. Pannamoli- 

tissa.) 1895. 8^ 14098. oco. 1. 

PAHVAHABfDA^ Induruve. See DIgha-nikaya. — 
Mahdparinihhdna'Sutta, Mah&parinirwdna Sutraya 
with a Sinhalese translation^ revised by Rev. 
Panndnanda of Indurnwa^ etc. 1887. 8^. 

14098. c. 24.(2.) 

PAHlf AHABfDA, of Panadura, See Sutta-nipata. 
Sutranipataya with [an old Sinhalese] paraphrase. 
[Edited by Pannananda.] [1890.] 8°. 14098. c. 48. 

PAHHASABA, Ahhoi of OanegodelU Vihdra at 
Kosgoda. See Jinaya^sa Pannasaba. 

PAHJASBXH AR A , Ambalangoda. Jinavandana 
GathUstakaya by A. H. Pannasekhara ... d^ 
6)^^ GSDodo^zsSQS [Eight original stanzas in 
Pali in adoration of the Buddha^ followed by two 
distichs and one tetrastich^ also in Pali^ forming 
a colophon ; and three original verses of four 
lines each in Sanskrit in adoration of the ''Bud- 
dhist Trinity." All accompanied by a verbal Sm- 
halese interpretation and commentary.] pp. 11. 
Ambalangoda, 1889. 12^ 14098. a. 20.(2.) 

PAHVASEKHABA, Kodagoda. §© oSocJ^^O 
^QS 6NCS)e)^ &)6) 6v®@nC^gS Buddha Patipatti- 
dipaniya or Buddhist service. [Buddhameheya. 
Short Pali texts, compiled by K. Pannasekhara, 
with instructions for ritual and general use in 
Simhalese.] pp. 24. (S>^^®^ 2431 iGalle, 1888.] 
12^ 14098. a. 19.(1.) 

Second edition, pp. 43. [Oalle], 1893. 

le"". 14098. a. 26. 

PAHVASIHA, Tnduvevatte. C(5oc5c3^c^oO «C5 
^8)3^ £(5©&^30[wc] [Paranjasadipani. A 
Buddhist religious work in prose. Followed by 
the Nirvanapuravarnana, a description of the 
Nirvana of the Buddhists. Both written by T. 
Pannasiha.] pp. 40. 6^2553©® [Colombo,^ 1868. 
12^ 14166. b. 6.(2.) 

<^&32n gdSl^^sS^ ... odotfcs^o 

sAc^q etc. [Another edition of the Nirvana- 

puravarnana and the Paranjasadipani.] See 
Mayubapada Thbba. S)S)3oC3 ©s<5c£a^3© etc. 
pp. 24-34, 44-62. 1895^ 8°. 14166, b. 18.(10.) 

PABAKRAMA-BAHXT n.. King of Ceylon, called 
Kalikala-sahitya-sabvajna Pandita. See Buddha- 
GHOSA. Visuddhimarga . . . with commentary of 
K. K. S. S. Pandita Parakramabahu, etc. 1888, 
etc. 8^ • 14098. dd. 8. 

PABAEBAMA BAHTJ VI., King of Ceylon. The 
Ruvanmala by King Parakrama Bahu Sirisangha- 
bodhi and Piyummala, by an unknown author 
[ancient Sinhalese vocabularies]. Edited [with 
a Sinhalese paraphrase and] with footnotes [in 
English, and explanations in Sinhalese] by Pan- 
dit Batuvantudave. {6iQssi®Q C3Q0 8jj;®®g) 
Colombo, 1892. 8^ 14166. 1. 12. 

In progress ? 

PABAEBAMA PAHDITA. Thupavansaya, a His- 
tory of Dagebas in Ceylon . . . Edited [with a 
preface in English and Sinhalese] by Weliwitiye 
Dhammaratana TJnn&nse . . . fioQS5(3 AoSoCScO 
etc. Pt 1. {Gdombo^ 1889. 8°. 14166. e. 16. 

In progress, 

See Hardy (R. S.). A manual of Buddhism 

. . . translated from Singhalese MSS. ( . . . Thup&- 
wans^, etc). 1853. 8". 4606. e. 

PABICHCHHESAYA. Cf©So^ oSg^Sc^^^oS [Pan 
chchhedaya. An ancient religious work in three 
chapters, on Avavada, exhortation; Dana, alms- 
giving; and Sila, piety.] Edited by Giridara 
Ratanajoti of Kelani-vihara.] pp. 64. €NSS)3(gS) 
[Colombo,'] 1892. 8^ 14166. b. 24. 

In progress, 

PABITTA. [For editions of the Paritta or Pirit- 
pot containing liturgical additions in Sinhalese, 
such as <|^^^3C3^3 (Anusasana), 6vc,(5raa) Cfd^ 
(Dorakada-asna), ©Q03(5 Cf c5^ (Vihara-asna), etc., 
see Catalogue of Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit Books. 
Pabitta [Sinhalese edition].] 

14098. 0. 41 & 68. 

PABSOHS (Geobge). See Dhammalankaba Sumana- 
TissA, Bulatgama. The Baddegama Controversy 
[between the Buddhists headed by Dharmalankara 
and the Christians by O. Parsons]. 1865. 12". 

14166. b. 7.(1.) 





PASMTTLA - KAHA8AMI. Bhesajja Manjasa [a 
medical work in Pali verse] by Pasmula Maha- 
sami with commentary [word by word, in Sin- 
halese by Velivita Pindapata Saranankara. Edited 
pt. 1 by Valane Siddhattha and M. Dharmaratna : 
2, etc,, by M. Dharmaratna and others.] ©Ntocodb 
®. 435^533 etc. 2 pt. [Colombo, 1889, etc.] 8°. 

14098. b. 17. 


In progress. The author, who was also known as Pafwha^ 
parivenct-sdmi or Pa»-piriven'himi, was a eoniemforary of 
Pardhrama-Bahu 11. (1236-1271 A.D.). Sarananlcara 
wrote the interpretation in the latter part of the reign of 
lira Parakrawa Narendra Simha (1701-1734). See Muhd- 
vamsa, chap, xcrii. 59-62. 

PAS-PIBIVEK-HIHI. See Pasmula-mahasami. 

PATHTA-VAKTA. Pathya-vAkya or Niti-^stra. 
(odn ©3«S5aoo ©^cs5Qrf «fldi eaacKgos) Moral 
maxims from Oriental [i.e. Hindu] philosophers . . . 
Paraphrased [word by word, in Sinhalese] and 
translated into English. Published [with prefaces 
in Sinhalese and in English] by A. D. A. Wijaya- 
sinha. pp.viii.49. San8k.,8inh.a,ndEngl. Colombo, 
1881. 12°. 14086. b. 24.(2.) 

PATMAPEEITMA (D. A). S)®e^oja ts^iSnos 
[Brampot-kavya. A poem, in 697 stanzas, 

founded upon the story of " the comedy of king 
Brumford '* by W. C. Perera.] pp. 56. ©s^ajgiS) 
[Colombo,] 1891. 8^ 14166. f. 29.a0.) 

Sc5oO 855^3(5 ©OT [Vijaya-kumara-vata. 

The story of Vijaya and Kuveiii, in 170 stanzas.] 
pp. 16. ®v3S53(g.S) [Colombo,] 1892. 8*. 

14166. f. 29.(12.) 

PATMAVATI. See Padmavati. 

PATTINI-HKLLA. ogJ^:^ (S^zC^e [Pattini-hella. 
A semi-religious poem, in 147 stanzas, on the 
goddess Pattini.] pp. 22. ©^255)<g,® [Colombo,] 
1869. 12°. * 14165. h. 3.(6.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 21. 6^^55^(g® 

[Colombo,] 1891. 8^ 14166. a. 69. 

PAUL, Saint and Apostle. See Abhayasekhaba 
(J. H.) . The life of Saint Paul .... i^S)^ C5a^(^ 
. . . 6^c5 rfS^ 255^3© etc. 1886. 8^ 

14166. aa. 1.(1.) 

PEDKO, G. Don. The story of the speaking ghost 
of Vennavatta . . . cSta-C^ qSto etc. pp. 14. 
[Colombo,] 1897. 8°. 14166. f. 26. 

PEIBIS (M. S.) . Bhaishajyacintamani. A treatise 
[in 164 stanzas] on Medicine . . • 6vG^^s>c5n 
S:«S>3®<^0& etc. pp. 23. [Colombo,] 1888. 8**. 

14166. 0. 6.(6.) 

Monstrous Cholera Check. t5QtQ7Sy& 

Q5)c53S)8$e3G3 [Jalasanni - gajankusa. The 

Elephant-hook for Cholera,^' a medical treatise 
in 74 stanzas.] pp. 10. ev^sss^gS) [Colombo,] 
1888. 8^. 14166. c. 6.(4.) 

PETRTS (P. A.). :ft(5iC!«5d 9C55?^Q0 [Niruttara- 
pra^na. A letter addressed to C. E. Bonjean, 
Roman Catholic Bishop of Colombo, refuting the 
Biblical theory of the creation of man. pp« 18. 
6^2550 <§© [Colombo,] 1891. 12^ 

14166. a. 29.(14.) 

See Jata8URIYa(D. M.) ":5i(5iCXS><5 

O^SpS^" «554^^oO [a reply to p. a. Peiris' 
letter to C. E. Bonjean refuting the Biblical 
theory of creation.] 1892. 16*. 

14166. a. 66.(2.) 

See Jnanaloka. €aj^3©^(33«33Q0 

[A reply to Peiris' Niruttara-prasna.] 1 89 1 . 
16°. 14166. a. 66.(1.) 

PEISI8 (R. Charles).- See ^abngadhara. Son of 
Ddmodara. (Q^eSsiQd tQo&ZS>o etc. [With a 
verbal interpretation in Sinhalese by R. C. Peiris.] 
1891. 8^ 14048. d. 44. 

PSLIS Appuhdmi, Gurunndnseldge Don. See Ds 
SiLVA {Don P.) Epd Appuhdmi. Cf <S5^Q c53CS2a 
dcJ^oS [Published, with notes, by G. Don Pelis 
Appuhami.] 1868. 8\ 14166. d. 9. 

PEEAEADdBITHATABfA. e^adz5)e^^i6i a^Oe^e^ 
[Perakadoru-hatane. " The struggle with the 
proctors,^' a tale in verse, showing the injustice 
practised by lawyers.] ©v^s^DgjS) [Colombo,] 
1869. 12^ 14166, t 6.(4.) 

The poem is dated 16 March 1838. 

PEBEIBA (C. A.). Awawada Ratnaya, a Collec- 
tion of . . . fables ... in Elu verse (extracted from 
different authors) byC. A. Pereira. Cf ©©3^ dc5^co 
[Avavada-ratna], etc. pp. 18. ®^2S3(gS) [Co- 
lombo,] 1888. 12^ 14166. I 17. 

PEEEIEA (John). See Yedeha Thkra. Sidath 
Sangara . . . Revised . . . with tables ... by 
John Pereira. 1865. 12°. 14165. k. 1. 





PEBEIBA (Johk) (eontinued). The History of 
Ceylon from the earliest period to the present 
time. (©sQD@§© c5c5^(») [Heladiv-rajaniya.] 
pp. X. 331. Colombo, 1853. 12^ 14165. e. 6. 

Helle Deu Raja Neya. The History of 

Ceylon . • . Part First, Ancient History. (Part 
Second. Modem History.) Second Edition, re- 
vised. (®kCS5(g§© ddS^QQ etc.) pp. xii. 343. 
Colombo, 1868. 12°. 14166. e. 7. 

The Oriental Moralist. ©sfi^oOa^caocs?® 

[Aindriyann^asaka.] A selection of 160 Moral 
Precepts . . . from Oriental [i.e. Sanskrit and 
Sinhalese] Authors, and translated into English, 
pp. 52. Sansh., Sink, and Engl, Colombo, 1876. 
12^ 14085. b. 24.(1.) 

PESEISA (P. John). ag®3Q^ a?®^5©^cd ©S^gs 
[Padnmavati-kumarige charitaya. Aplay founded 
on the story of the princess Padumayati as given 
in the Sinhalese version, called Yetalan-kathava, 
of the Vetalapanchavimiati.] pp. 22. i^zs^Q^ 
iColombo;\ 1885. 12^ - 14166. g. 6.a.) 

PEEEEA (A. B.). The History of Esther. ^itizs^S 
Sc3C)@^cd 2S)d3& [Estar^bisavage kathava. A 
poem, in 206 stanzas, founded on the story of 
Esther in the Old Testament.] pp. 17. Colombo, 
1889. 4^ 14166. aa. 9.(6.) 

PEREEA (A. W. Charles). See Yedeha Thera. 
Sinhalese Ishta Nishta ((geQa^GJ©) . • • Com- 
mentary ... by A. W. C. Perera. 1891. 8*^. 

14166. 1. 2.(2.) 

PEEEBA (Alphsus), P. (S3€^ro oocs^oo [Ganita- 
^astra.] Arithmetic. 3 pt. Colombo, 1883^ 78^ 87. 
8^ 14165. k. 82. 

PEBEBA (Anthony) . fifee Bible. — OldTestaipent. — 
Psalms. Singaleesche Psalmen en Lofzangen op 
de gewoone Zangmaate onzer Kerke overgezet en 
bereimd [by A. Perera and L. de Saram], etc. 
1768. 8''. 14165. a. 81. 

and DE SAEAK (Louis). Singaleesch- 

GezangboekjOj behelsende het Oebed des Heeren. 
De Tien Oeboden. Psalm drie en-twintig. Psalm 
een en-yyftig het eerste en tweede vers. Mits- 
gaders den lofzang Simeons. In den Jaare 1723 
door de Moodliars A. Perera en L. de Saram op 
de Digt-en-Zangmaat Teiri Datheni gestelt en 

. . . yoor 't Eerstemaal . . . gedrukt : en van . . • 
SchryflTonten . . . gezuivert door M. Wermels- 
kircher. (6^5(3 ®)C33eN©25Lf (9^2353 ©^ooCT 
[Sihala-basayen Oitika-pota] .) Colombo, 1755. 


14166. a. 80. 

PEEEEA (C). eaQoSoe 055© «oo [Katugam- 
pala-hatana. A poem^ in 74 stanzas, descrip- 
tive of a riot on Feb. 21, 1892, at Eatagampola, 
a subnrb of Colombo.] pp. 10. Colombo, 1892. 
8''. 14165. i. 15X19.) 

PEEEEA (D. C). Jati wada mardana wamanawa. 
do& So^ ®JS^^ e)iJ^2f)3© [A controversial 
tract, in verse, on caste, composed and published 
by D. C. Perera.] pp. 10. Colombo, 1885. 12°. 

14166. h. 9.(1.) 

PEEEEA (D. D. Johannes) « See Yijeviebama 
MuHANDiRAM. History of Lichchavi . . . revised 
by H. E. Silva and D. D. J. Perera, etc. 1889. 
8^ 14165. e. 18. 

PEEEEA (Frederick) Abhayasimha Araehchige. 
See Ephemerides. (§ S|S)&ft ... 2420 (2429, 
2430, 2431, 2435, 2436, 2438, 2441,) casa©® 
1799 (1808, etc.) [Almanacks for a.b. 2420, etc., 
the first four compiled by Don P. de Silva Epa 
Appubami, the rest by Don D. de Silva Epa 
Appuhami, and A. A. Frederick Perera.] 1877, 
1886, etc. S"". 14165. n. 2. 

PEEEEA (Fredrick John). Siddharta Kumaro* 
daya Warnana. 86)3^ e$d)G^d)^Q8 B^4^9S^oQ 
[ Songs in " Hindustani " metre on Gautama Buddha, 
his birth and his attainment of Buddhahood.] 
pp. 8. Colombo, 1888. 8^ 14165. b. 19.(5.) 

PEEEEA (George) Jayasuriya'drachchige. Qo© 

(Chullapaduma Jataka kavyaya or Sulu-piyumda 
kava.) [A modem poem, in 140 stanzas, founded 
on the ChuUapadumajataka.] pp. 31. Colombo, 
1893. 8^. 14165. f. 22.(2.) 

PEEEEA (Greqort) M. e^SioQe^es^otsx^zssiS 
®©aD(3 «53c5dQ [Bodhisatvotpatti - mangala - 
katha. An account of the Buddha in his former 
birth as Sumedha and in his last birth as Sid- 
dhartha.] pp. 15. [Colombo,] §.©. 2439 [1895.] 
16^ " 14165. I 28.(2.) 







PEBEBA (H. P.) See Bastian, 0. Bon and Perkba 
(H. P.) Kalana Mitu ruwana, etc. 1889. 8^. 

14165. i. 16.(6.) 

PEBEBA (Habhanis). 2S)§«3^^ @>03^ [Ka- 
prinna-pota. A coUectiou of Sinhalese songs in 
certain metres popular among the Portuguese 
descendants in Ceylon ; edited and compiled by 
H. Perera.] pp. 10. ©d(^©^(^ iGalleil 1885. 8^ 

14165. h. 6 (3.) 

PEBEBA (J.). eN®^^0c5tt ^34^03 Bhishajya 
Darpanaya or the Mirror of Medicine. [A 
glossary of names of medical plants and drugs 
in Sanskrit, Pali^ Elu and Tamils with their 
equivalents in modern Sinhalese ; edited by A. 
Fonseka.] fif. 2. pp. 92. [Colombo,'] 1873. 8°. 

14043. 0. 12.(4.) 

PEBEBA ( Jdsb) ^ri-mdnna'draehchige, (3 g03 srf © TO 
©^C3i«53 ®36oQ [Layanvita-soka-malava. An 
elegy on the death of the Buddhist monk 
Mohottivatte Gunananda.] pp. 6. 6^^0(2*)® 
[Golotnbo,] 1890. 8\ 14165. b. 19.(10.) 

Qo^Q ©^©idiS ®CD<3»C30 [Simhala- 

aurudu-mangalya. A Buddhistic moral poem^ 
in 24 stanzas^ on the right manner of observing 
the Sinhalese New Year according to the §aka 
era.] pp. 3. e^tao©® iColombo,'] 1892. 8°. 

14165. h. 16.(5.) 

PEBEBA (E. A. D.). ®ooo«ri' ©^odgoo [Mayan- 
peraliya. A love-poem in 32 stanzas, followed 
by some love-songs in various metres.] pp. 8. 
[Colombo,'] 1893. 8°. 14165. i. 15.(31.) 

PEBEBA (K. A. D. P.). cposo zs)&5^^^ G^CS5©Q5 
ZS^diz^ dLSS(^(3 [Aya-kapirinna or Taruna- 
revatilla. A poem ridiculing the behaviour of 
servants.] pp. 8. 6^25)3(5® [Colombo,] 1893. 
8^ 14165. i. 15.(30.) 

PEBEBA (K. C.) Hamiw J. ^(5i ^iqQqq [Daru- 
nelavilla. A Buddhistic poem in 65 " lullaby " 
songs.] pp. 10. [Colombo,] 1892. 8°. 

14165. h. 10.(13.) 

PEBEBA (K. L.). See Dhammasena. «JJ®§Q 
2S5 c5o © caeg [Dambadiva - kathavastu, " Indian 
tales.'' Edited by K. L. Perera.] 1887. 8^ 

14165. f. 16. 

PEBEBA (K. E.), See Isvaba-Dehena. ISr^Qd 

• • • • 

^(S>i^cQ etc. [Edited by K. R. Perera.] 1893. 
8^ 14165. b. 22.(5.) 

qfcPsS^S a?C3 d^zrszs) «swe)H [Abhinava 

Kusa-jataka-kavya. A new poem founded on 
the story of the Kusajataka^ in 359 stanzas^ by 
K. R. Perera.] pp. 32. [Colombo,] 1886. 8**. 

14165. f. 10.(3.) 

[A reprint?] [Colombo,'] 1890. 8^ 

14165. f. 14.(5.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 32. [Colombo,"] 

1892. 8^ 14165. f. 14.(7.) 

qfC5© 3555 ioS [Alav-kathava. A poem, in 

180 stanzas^ founded on the Sinhalese version of 
the Alavaka-sutra of the Sutta-pitaka.] pp. 18. 
[Colombo,] 1888. 8^ 14165. t 29.(4.) 

Second edition, pp. 18. [Colombo,] 1893. 

14165. f. 29.(17.) 


Cp^C^G^QcTS C53»2350S [Anandabodhi- 

jatakaya. A poem, in 144 quatrains, founded on 
the Kalingabodhi-jataka (Fans. 479).] pp. 12. 
©^2553(2)® [Colombo,] 1889. 8^. 14165. f. 14.(4.) 

QjXi'^cS^oS [Attanagalu-upata or Attanagalu- 
vandanava. A poem in 88 stanzas, in adoration of 
the Buddhist temple at Attanagalla and founded 
on the story in the Attanagalu-varasa.] pp. 14. 
[Colombo,] 1897. 8^ 14165. a. 66.(3.) 

Cfdxd"255<9^Q Q^oBo^ ^C3(3 Ss§^ 

'^d-^'J^QS^i'^ £©03^^ xacSod [A poem, in 82 
stanzas, on the murder of a woman by her lover.] 
pp. 10. [Colombo,] 1895. 8^. 14165. i. 16.(12.) 

©gL'v}-^ C3CD<i© ©vcS5Sc5 g©vG5a5S^asw><5 

6s>s!lC^® Buduguna sangarava or prasnothara 
randama. [A catechetical poem, in 137 stanzas, 
on the 25 Buddhas, the Bodhi-trees sacred to 
them, and their doctrine.] pp. 16. [Colombo,] 
1894. 8^ 14165. b. 27.(1.) 

^©^j ©C^^^oo [Dalada-vistaraya. An 

account of the " tooth-relic '^ of the Buddha, in 
177 stanzas.] pp. 16. [Colombo,] 1892. 8^ 

14165. b. 19.(18.) 





PESESA (K. R.) icontiniLed). ©^^Qf,es5Q3 [Deva- 
dutaya. A Buddhistic poem^ in 60 tetrastichs^ 
on heaven and hell.] pp. 8. [Colomboy^ 1889. 
8^ 14165. b. 19.(6.) 

£)ff®3©^CsJ2S3 6)^ [Dharmasoka-vata. 

A poem on the Indian Buddhist king Dharmasoka^ 
in 252 stanzas.] pp. 20. Q^zs^o^® [Colofnbo,^ 
1893. 8\ 14165. i. 15.(34.) 

SS^zi)-^ ©® [Dutugemunu-vata. A 

poem, in 853 stanzas, on the war between 
Dutugemunu and Elala, ancient kings of Ceylon.] 
pp. 28. iColombo,'] §.©. 2434 [1891]. 8°. 

14165. i. 15.(12.) 

[Another edition.] 1894. 8^. 

14165. i. 16.(8.) 

■ e5-€ft:?^^5S^ ©® [Gunanadana-vata. A 

poem on the Buddhist monk Mohottivatte Guna- 
nauda, his life, death, and the cremation ceremony, 
in 51 stanzas.] pp. 6. Colombo, 1890. 8°. 

14165. b. 19.(11.) 

«»d©^oocJoc5^ ©oeoo, etc. [Kalpot- 

patti-malaya. 'A poem on the world and the 
planets, in 96 stanzas, founded on the Satta- 
suriyuggamana-sutta of the Anguttara-nikaya.] 
pp. 12. ®\«»3(g® [Colombo,'] 1889. 8^ 

14165. i. 15.(3.) 

' ®CS5oS(3© c53^«S5QO [A Sinhalese metrical 
version of the Mahasilava-jataka (Fans. 51), in 99 
stanzas, by K. R. Perera.] pp. 10. [Colombo,] 
1891. 8^ 14165. f. 14.(11.) 

■ ■ ®3(5 g®0Q [Mara-yuddhaya. A poem on 
the Buddha and his war with Mara, in 144 
tetrastichs.] pp.12. [Colombo,] 1890. 8°. 

14165. b. 19.(13.) 

@o& 8rfOT<5c3e [Marga-vistaraya. A poem 

in the form of a dialogue, in 114 stanzas, de- 
scribing the way from Colombo to Ratnapura.] 
G<Z5^^S> [Colombo,] 1891. 8"". 14165. e. 20.(3.) 

^oQDG^d^ C2©3@£df . . , ®cd caesD ©@e 

6<i ^®0Q^^^ dS<CS> zS)^oQ [Nagasena-svaminge 
saha Milindu-raja-tumaget Jivita-kathava. A 
legendary account of the Buddhist sage Naga- 
sena and king Milinda, in 216 stanzas.] pp. 14. 
^asSK)®S) [Colombo,] 1890. 8^ 14165. £ 29.(6.) 

PEREEA(K.R.) {continued). ^^QQS)i6 CfQozsi^dcQ 
[Pelahera-alamkaraya. A description of a Bud- 
dhist procession to Sudharmarama-Yihara at 
Welikada, in 25 stanzas.] pp. 3. ©vg^o^® 
[Colombo,] 1892. 8°. 14165. b. 19.(16.) 

d>©:j^3 g®a5 [Ravana-yuddhaya. ''Havana's 

war,'' a poem in 330 stanzas, founded on Havana* 
kathava, a Sinhalese version of the episode in 
the Ramayana about Rama's invasion of Ceylon.] 
pp. 28. ©^2553©® [Colombo,] 1893. 8^ 

14165. f. 29.(16.) 

diQ^QiQ 8eJ»(5oQ [Ruvanveli-vistaraya. 

A modern poem, in 279 stanzas, on Ruvanveli 
dagaba at Anuradhapura.] pp. 25. [Colombo,] 
1892. 8°. 14165. i. 15.(18.) 

' [Second edition.] pp. 24. [Colombo,] 

1897. 8°. 14165. i. 17,(5.) 


fi?®3(5 €)5^C30 [Sakya-munindra-mangalya 
or Siddharttha-kumara-charita. A eulogistic 
poem on the life of the Buddha, in 50 stanzas.] 
pp. 6. [Colombo,] 1892. 8^ 14165. b. 19.(17.) 

C33® C53TO2S50Q [A pocm founded on the 

Sama-jataka, in 104 stanzas.] pp. 11. @^^S)3(g;S)^ 
[Colombo,] 1893. 8^ 14165. f. 23.(3.) 

[Samanala-gamana. A modernpoem, in63 stanzas, 
descriptive of the road to Adam's Peak ; followed 
by Sripada-vandanava, in 31 stanzas, in adora- 
tion of the Buddha's foot-print supposed to be 
there.] pp. 12. ®^2S)3©® [Colombo,] 1890. 8°. 

14165. 6. 20.(2.) 

— 8o2S5(gd)C5®3(33S [Sirahala-raja-malava. 

A modern account of Simhalese kings, in 328 
stanzas,] pp. 34. [Colombo,] 1888. 8^ 

14165. 6. 18.(1.) 

S^^sSesJ [Siidu-hatana. A eulogy on J. 
Kotalavala, Inspector of Police in Colombo, for 
suppressing gambling and other crimes.] pp. 8. 
[Colombo,] 1893. 8^ 14165. i. 15.(33.) 

t^QS4^ ®a<5 C53C5«»C3 [Suvarija-mayiira- 

jataka. A poem, in 84 stanzas, founded on the 
Mora-jataka (Fans. 159).] pp. 8. [Colombo,] 
1892. 8^ 14165. f. 14.(10.) 






PEBEEA (K. R.) (continued). zs^SxS) cforora 
«S53Smco etc, [Tarka-jataka-kavya. A poem, in 
83 stanzas, founded on the Takka-jataka (Fans. 
63).] pp. 12. [Oolombo,'] 1886. 8^. 

14165. f. 10.(4.) 

^2Si6iQssi Q^^s^oQ [Tunravan-vanda- 

nava. A poem, in 83 stanzas, on the Buddhist 
Triad," to be recited at worship.] pp. 12. 
®^«S53©® [Colombo,'] 1890. 12^. 14166. a. 68.(6.) 

Ummaggajataka Eayya. (5®®gsx53 do ^255 

2553 ©a 03 [A modern metrical version of the Um- 
magga-jataka.] pp. 45. [Colomboj] 1889. 8°. 

14165. f. 24.(1.) 

— — [Second edition,] pp.45. [Gohnibo,] 1894. 
8^ 14166. f. 24.(2.) 

c53es>2S5 aaioS [Vessantara-viriduvaorVessantara- 
ja taka-kathaya. A catechetical poem, in 87 stanzas, 
founded on the story of the Yessantara-jataka.] 
pp. 10. [Colombo,] 1892. 8^ 14165. f. 23.(2.) 

oQ©^C3jqd) ©N^Ssrf e)QO£rfe^d©^cd xacSo© 

[Yasodara-devin-vahansege kathava. A modern 
poem, in 182, viii., tetrastichs, on Yasodhara, 
the wife of the Buddha,] pp. 16. Colombo, 1889. 
8^ 14166. b. 19.(7.) 

PEEEEA (M. 6.). Ragasindu Maldama. d)QS)3e§ 
® (^^® [" Garland of modes and songs.*'] pp. 1 5. 
Colombo, 1887. 8°. 14165. i. 16. 

PEBERA (M. G.) ^(ScognSoS ®e)GS3C5 zs)&oQ 
[Abhisambodhi-mangala-kathava. A brief ac- 
count, in pure Sinhalese, of Gotama Buddha, 
from his birth to his attainment of Buddhabood.] 
pp. 32. [Colombo,] §aSS 2440 [1896]. 16°. 

14166. a. 37.(9.) 

PEREBA (M. H. A.). ©n^s^s^S) ©ctzs3<5aj 
[Kolamba-vistaraya. A metrical description of 
Colombo.] pp. 12. [Colombo,] 1896. 8^ 

14165. e. 20.(4.) 

PERERA (M. I.), CfideSc^ ©vc33es5 [Esveda-pota. 
A medical treatise on eye-diseases, edited by Don 
John.] pp. 24. [Colombo,] 1893. 8^. 


PERERA (M. P.) See Yooa-sataka. e^coi^ 
tozs^zSiCQ ... Yogasatakaya • . • Published by 
M. P. Perera [with a prefatory note by. him], etc. 
Fourth edition. 1877. 8^ 14043. a. 8.(1.) 

PERERA (M. S.). ©ood Si ©6 C3<od)S {Pol- 
vevili-sangarava. A compilation on the subject 
of cocoa-nut planting.] pp. 29. Colombo, 1886. 
12^ 14166. d. 6.(1.) 

PERERA (Marthelis), Navagamuvege. @<5cd3 
(33 o OS [Virahavilapaya. " Lament at separation,*' 
a modern erotic poem.] Pt. 1. [Colombo^ 1886. 
8^ 14166. h. 9.(4.) 

PERERA (Martin) Fo(fimarakkala' Viddneldge. 
Jubilee Vistaraya andWaduhatanaya. [A poem, in' 
137 stanzas, about the Jubilee festival of 1887, 
and showing up certain immoral characters.] ^®Q. 
©C;J»(5oS C3Q0 ©gG39?$^09. pp. 14. [Colomho,] 
1887. 8\ 14166. e. 10.(1.) 

PERERA (S. L.). (53®«d^ ©3^ tDSX5>oe [Ra- 
manna-vada-bhangaya. An attack upon the Ra- 
manna Buddhist fraternity, in verse.] pp. 11. 
Brendiatvatta, [Colombo,] 1893. 8®. 

14165. b. 19.(28.) 

Second edition, pp. 11. Matara, 1895. 

14166. b. «7.(2.) 


PERERA (Salamon), Budgamuvage. See Behet- 
GULi-poTA. 6sq)6^QS5Q}c^@ etc. [The Behetguli-pota 
and the Behetkalka-pota, edited by B. S. Perera.] 
1870. 8°. 14165. c. 9.(2.) 

Gawaratnaya. ®©(5ssS^00 <5nCS3€)c5 C53© 

©^©^©^ csQcgcs^© [Gavaratna or Gavavaidya- 
sangraha. A treatise on veterinary science.] 
pp. X. 104. ©.2S53©S) [Colombo,] 1889. 8\ 

14165. 0. 18. 

PERERA (Svetan) Sembutantirige. See John, 
Bon, of Talduva, Yogadarana. ©cS(f®C,c5-€^o9 etc. 
[Edited by S. S. Perera.] 1890. 8^ 

14165. c. 11.(1.) 

PERERA (V. Christian) . «§ d ©vq^J o<5 t^S^itSQ' 
©Q)3 25d'c52d^ . . . ©d S5©5«5<30 [Kristopar Ernest 
Bonjange sucharitaya. A poem, in 251 stanzas^ 
on] the life of ... the [Roman Catholic] Arch- 
bishop of Colombo [C. E. Bonjean]. pp. 36- 
©2553©® [Colombo,] 1892. -8°. 14165. a. 29.(20-.) 




PESEBA (W. Abkolis). See Kumabasi^ha (D. SJ 
and Pebeba (W. A.) esoaissaQoog ©deS3(5os ete., etc. 
1888. 12^ 14165. a. 12.(3.) 

PEEEEA (W. C). See Pilippu Sinno. csaosritS 
^3a)cS5® ©^ooro [Sthakki-nadagama] . . . Stakki 
comedy [edited by W. C. Perera]. 1881. 8^ 

14165. g. 2.(2.) 

Scottish Play [in 4 acts] entitled Brum- 

ford. §®©sc3:f^© etc, [Versified from European 
sources for the Sinhalese stage.] pp. 22. 0\2S)3(3S) 
lCohmho,'\ 1887. 8^ 14165. g. 7.(4.) 

-' [Another edition.] pp. 22. [Colombo^ 

1891. 8^ 14165. g. 8.(10.) 

[Another edition.] pp.22. ev«S53(5® [Co- 

lomho,'] 1893. 8°. 14165. g. 9.(7.) 

' ^®®^Cjf5© :?^3e)(2D® Onoso:^ [Brampord- 
nadagam-pota.] The Comedy of King Bmmford. 
pp. 88. Colombo, 1892. 8*^. 14166. g. 9.(6.) 

Chinese Play entitled Chucin & Champo. 

flfijrf C3Q5> ©iSg^ocT [A play founded on a 
Chinese tale, in several scenes, '^ Hindustani '' 
metre.] pp. 24. <5s25)3©® iColowbo,'] 1892. 8''. 

14165. g. 9.(2.) 

English Play entitled Orison [sic'] and 

Valentine. ®S®\C332rf C3S5 cse^rfe^^^rf ©vOs^QcJ 
©x(3C3£rfTO [Orison saha Palanten heyat Bela- 
santa.] 2 pt. ©sgSM©® [CoZomioJ 1888 (-89). 
8°. 14165. g. S.a.) 

A drama founded on the popular tale Valentine and 

— Second edition. Pt. 1. ©Nzao©® [Co- 
lombo,'] 1893. 8^ 14165. g. 9.(U.) 

PE£EBA (W. John). Merchants' Sinhalese Direc- 
tory and compendium of useful information. 1892. 
SoeO(3Q-€§eri«a ©^®3 o 6^<:j ca go [Simhala- vanik- 
karmopade^a.] pp. 146, 26. e^gsjo©® [Colombo,] 
1892. 8^ 14165. m. 6. 

Perera's English Sinhalese & Tamil Diary 

and Merchant's Sinhalese Directory, compiled and 
edited by W. John Perera. 1894. ^ae^dd)^(si 

(Qo(§& fioQ55(3 C3G3 ©^^®©§^ ©v03» etc. 

©^8»3©® [Cohmbo,] 1893. 8^ 14165. m. 12. 

PEREEA (W. John) (continued). The charming 
opera [in two Acts] entitled Princess Suwarnasilee 
... t£)4S^^QQ [Svarnasili.] pp.16. Colombo, 
1890. 8^ 14165. g. 8.(7.) 

PEEESA AHABASIHHA (Cobnelis) . See Amaba- 
siJjiHA (C. p.). 

PEEEBA OITHABATHA (T.). See Gunabatna 
(T. Pebeba). 

(William Pebeba). 

PEEEEA YIEAS£EA£A (J. N.) . See Yibasekhaba 
(J. N. P.). 

PEEIES (Pedbo) and FEENAHDO (G.). See Shak- 
SPEBB (W.). Proteus and Valentine ... com- 
posed by P. Peries and G. Fernando, etc, 1890. 
8^ 14166. g. 8.(9.) 

Eugine [sic], a Selection by the New 

Theatrical Company, Negombo. ^giJxri' e5®a 
Soee^cd ss)d3^!$3Q3(5GS [lyujin-kumariyage ka- 
thantaraya. A dramatic piece in four tableaux.] 
pp. 18. ev«S53(g® [Colombo,] 1890. 8°. 

14165. g. 8.(8.) 



The Buddhist Home. @\£<siS) 6^CD^(5 [Bauddha- 
gedara. A monthly magazine for Buddhists.] 
Nos. 2and3. CfO(rfc55® [Alutgama,] 1892. 8''. 

14166. b. 18.(4.) 


©irfScdS cscodsS [Beptist-Saugarava.] The 
Sinhalese Baptist Magazine. Nos. 1-10. Co- 
lombo, 1887. 8"". 14165. aa. 10.(2.) 

The Children's Lamp. 'S>OQ g^ooo ©sS5©cJ 
Q®Q2S!!Q ^ts^4fi [Bala-pradipaya or Lama- 
yinta paha^a. A monthly Christian tract.] 
Vol. xxii.-xxx. No. 261, etc. Christian Ver- 
nacular Education Society ; Colombo, 1885'9Q. 16°. 

14165. a. 52. 

gSaOSdi [Dinapata-pravritti.] The Daily News. 
The only unsectarian Newspaper published daily 



in Siohalese. Royal Diamond Jubilee Number. 
[Vol. iii. No. 84 June 21, 1897.] pp. 8. [Co- 
lombo,'] 1897. Fol. 14003. e. 4.(20.) 

[Another copy, printed in blue ink.] 

14008. e. 4.(21.) 

Full Salvation. C3®gl^4^ cs^igS® [Sam- 
purna-gelavima. A monthly publication devoted 
to Christian subjects.] Vol. i. Nos. 1-4. Colombo, 
1893. 8^ 14165. aa. 9.(16.) 

Cc^cs^oSzs^© C3(S3<53Q [Govikam-sangarava. A 
monthly magazine of the School of Agriculture.] 
Vol. i. Nos. 6-8. [Colombo,'] 1889-90. 8^ 

14165. m. 6. 

The Lanka Nidhana. Qo gao ^Q) ?$^C30 [A Chris- 
tian monthly magazine.] Fourth series. Vol. ii. 
No. 1 2. Dec. 1 86 1 . Chrutian Vernacular Education 
Society; Colombo, 1861. 8°, 14166. a. 29.(1.) 

0^6^(^ ®a)G03 [Pavule mitraya.] Sinhalese 
Family Friend. [A Christian monthly magazine.] 
Vols, i., ii., Nos. 1-77, July 1886.Nov. 1892, 
and N.S., vol. i., Nos. 4-12 & 15, April-Dec. 
1893, & March 1894. [Christian Literature 
Society; Colombo,] 1886-94. 8°. 

14165. aa. 10.(1.) 

10 Nos, of the old and 5 of the new series are wanting, 

CO® 00 C3®a)CS5© Samayasangraha. [A monthly 
literary magazine^ Edited by P. H. Perera.] 
Vol. iii. No. 1. Colombo, 1890. 8^ 

14165. n. 5. 

cac5<^© CjCS^ ©^ [Satdam-dana-vata. A monthly 
periodical devoted to Buddhist subjects and to 
the publication of Buddhist texts in Pali or Sin- 
halese. Edited by Mohottivatte Indasoma.] Vol. i. 
No. 1. [Colombo,] Si.Q. 2438. [1896.] 4^ 

14166. b. 26. 

C3 Ofi) ©vgo €55 C3 Satydlokaya. ( A Sinhalese 
monthly Christian periodical.) Vol. i. Nos. 
1-11 and ii. 3. Wesley an Methodist Mission Tress, 
Kollupitiya [in Colombo,] 1893-4. 4°. 

14165. bb. 4. 

New Series. Vol. i. Nos. 4, etc, 1896- . 

14165. bb. 4. 


3(5^(3 tQfSidoQ [Sihala-sangarava. A monthly 
magazine, devoted to subjects of general and 
literary interest.] ©^«S5t^® [Colombo,] 1896. 
4"". 14165. 1. 28. 

In progress. 

The True Friend. zS)QVi4^ ®G)OQd [Kalyana- 
mitraya. A Buddhist monthly magazine pub- 
lished by the Buddhist Aid Association.] Vol. i., 
Nos. 1-6, 8, and vol. ii., Nos. 1-3. Colombo, 
1887-90. 8^ 14165. a. 88. 

Satyalankaraya or The Beauty of Truth. C3G5ai 
(3€to3(5oS etc. [A weekly Christian journal in 
Sinhalese.] ©v^aog^S) [Colombo,] 1873-88. Fol. 

PP. 9970. b. 

Imperferf, wanting Nos, 18, 137, 138, 183, 251, 263, 271, 
346, 352, 431, 437, 467, 483. 

©^©^©^«)a3(5 coSXgcs^d [Vaidyadhara-sangraha.] 
The Sinhalese [monthly] medical magazine, the 
organ of the Vaidyadhara Society. G^ss)3^S) 
[Colombo,] 1896, eU. 4^. 14165. oc. 1. 

In pi*ogress, 

S»^^S4^oe Widyadarpana. [A monthly maga- 
zine of the " Vidyodaya Parivena " Pali College 
at Maligakanda, devoted to literature and Bud- 
dhist Religion.] Vol. i. Nos. 1-4. April- July 
1893. ©^35353©® [Colombo,] 1893. S*". 

14165. n. 4. 

The longer texts published in this magazine are separately 
catalogued under the following headings :— > 

Govardhana Aoharya. 


2§C3?SoW5Si ©0)083 [Kristiyani-mitraya.] The 
Christian Friend. [A monthly Christian perio- 
dical.] Vol. i., Nos. 1-3, 5, 9, 11, and ii., 13, 
15, 17, 19, 21 and 23. [Katunayaka,] 1889, etc. 
4\ 14165. bb. 2. 


6iS)2SS ®(^^® [Ruvan-maldama.] The Golden 
Garland, [A monthly Christian publication.] 
Fifth Series. Nos. 1-3 and 6-7. Panadure, 1889. 
40. 14165. bb. 8. 





PHUIPSZ (Hbnbicus). See Bible. — Old Testa- 
ment. — Exodus. Het tweede boek Moses genaamt 
Exodas^ in de Singaleeische tale overgeset. . . . 
In*t ligt gegeven door Eenricus Philipsz. 1786. 
4^ 14166. bb. 6. 

See Bible.— ^Id Testament. — Psalms. Sin- 

galeesche Psalmen en Lofzangen. . . . [With the 
addition of Psalm i., ii., vi., xxiv., xxv., li., 
Ixxxvi., ciii. and cxvi., translated by H. Philipsz.] 
1768. 8^ 14166. a. 31. 

' See Bible.— JTeu? Testament. Het heylige 

Eyangelium. . . . (De Handeb'ngen der Apostelen 
... in de Singaleesche Tale overgezet door twee 
Singaleesche taalknndige Tolken . . . gerevideert 
. . . door ... J. J. Fybrands en H. Philipsz.) 
[Followed by the Epistles to the Bomans^ etc, 
translated by H. Philipsz.] 1739, etc. 4°. 

3068. d. 16. 

[Another edition of part 1, revised and 

corrected by J. J. Fybrands and H. Philipsz.] 
1780. 4^ 3068. e. 31. 

PICCIHEIiLI (Alotsius). See Muzzabelli (A.). 
§)8o8C)G^2^0^cd®^e;5 ©otscs (Sinhalese translation 
of Father Mazzarelli's [sic] Month of May) [by 
C. D. Anthonisz. Edited by Rev. Father A. 
Piccinelli]. 1890. 16^ 14166. a. 8. 

piEBis (b. s.). 9^q al)®os C3C5 <^<a al) 

03db ®36a© [Nava-dharmmaya and Deva- 
dharma-patha-malava. 83 stanzas on the Crea- 
tion and Christian doctrine, together with 
Simhalese and other versions of 1 Cor. xiii. (called 
" Devadharma-patha malava '*), and of the Lord's 
Prayer, compiled by B. S. Pieris.] pp. 1 8 . ©\2S53(g® 
[Colombo,] 1890. 8^ 14168. a. 29.(10.) 

©\Q}<ix® C3(f?» tSoB'Sjri^ [XJpamartha-prakarana. 
A collection of riddles, proverbs, similitudes, and 
the like, with their explanations.] pp. 16. Co- 
lomho, 1 888. 8^ 14166. f. 18. 

Third edition, pp. 16. Colombo, 1891. 

8^ 14168. f. 18.(2.) 

MEMS (P. A.). 8^G3 q^oSSd^nen tno© 
©^csaBoS [Vinaya- apatichchhanna-bhava- vinis- 
chaya. On the question of the orthodoxy of 

preaching the Vinaya'' doctrine of Buddhism 
to the laity.] pp.24. ©^«S53(g® [Oolomho,] 1892. 
8^ 14168. b. 18.(3.) 

PIEEIS GinrASEEEABA (John Charles). See 
Kavanaqh ( ). SoeSjsd'e^cd ^doe^ooCT 
[Balayinge piijapota,^ translated from the English 
of Lady Kavanagh by J. 0. P. Gunasekhara.] 
1876. . 16^ 14168. a. 16. 

Louis). 8£S^6o 255 do S [Jinivura-kathava.] 
. . . The [European] story of Giniwara converted 
into verse by J. L. Pieris Samarasinha Sriwar- 
dhana, etc. pp. 19. Colombo, 1887. 8°. 

14168. e. ll.(3J 

The well-known play entitled Sanda- 

wati.'' C3<J©^ c^® TOdi-^^ Q)i®2fl [Sanda- 
vati-nam-taruna-bemini.] pp. 15. 6\2S53(3® 
[Colombo,] 1892. 8°. 14168. g. 9.(2.) 

A drama in two a^ts, coihposed in " Hindustani " metre, 
and founded on the " Sattu-hhatttt-jataka " (Fans. 402) a» 
versified in the poem " Kdvt/asvkhara " of Totagamuve 


(RoMANis) . See De Sotsa Disanayaka (M. P. M.) 

6(^;©CJ . , . acsaoCsaSgrf etc, [Muvakavdusival- 
kathava saha gajasival-kathava . . . pilibanda . . . 
prasamsavan, etc.] 1890. 8°. 14168. i. 21.(1.) 

PILIKA-PEAKABAXTA. 6(^.^J 9ss)(54^oo e^cs) 
C55£d'§©^©^ ©^03OT [Pilikaprakarana and Handi- 
veda-pota. A medical handbook for skin diseases 
and for the treatment of bodily injuries.] pp. 81. 
Colombo, 1895. 12^ 14168. c. 17.(4.) 

PILIPPU SINNO Ghirunndnse. -/Ehalepola Comedy. 
^i^iC^G ^oc)(Si® etc. [Bhelapala-nadagama. 
Edited with a preface and 4 illustrations by 
D. P. D. Alwis.] pp. 76. ©vidS^D©® [Colovibo,] 
1870. 8^. 14166. g. 1. 

®30(325d* ^3£qd® [Matalan-nadagama] . . 

Matalan Comedy or history of Prince Wirasena. 
pp. 100. [Colombo?], 1875. 8^ 14166. g. 4. 

oiscsJtS ^3S)a:>® ©V03S5 [Sthakki-nada- 

gama] . . . Stakki Comedy [based on a story in 
Tamil ; composed by Pilippu Sifino, and edited by 
W. C. Perera.] [Colombo,] 1881. 8^ 

14165. g. 2.(2.) 





PILIFPTJ SIHVO Ghirunnanse {continued). Sulamba- 
wati Comedy. qqSoQ^ ^dcDcd® [Sulambavati- 
nadagamaj pp. 56. [Colomhoy] 1874. 8°. 

14165. g. 2.(1.) 

PIMHAMI, U.H. e©at;»(5<o®3eca [Sivpada- 
taranga-malaya. A poem in 61 stanzas.] pp. 9. 
O^gcDe^QDOS) lPeliyago4a, Colombo,'] 1898. 12°. 

14165. h. 11.(4.) 

PINEAM-LAKABA. Punya Karma Lankara or 
Pinkam Lakara (g^^a 255(5 ®3 Q^Z5)^6qQ ©^Q5>©qJ 
QssSzst® Qzs^d) by a poet of the southern pro- 
vince on the religious festival held at Pawara- 
kumara Mahavihara Dodanduwa in . . . 1889. [A 
poem in 106 stanzas.] pp. 11. Dodanduwa, 1890. 
8'. 14165. b. 19.(14.) 

[Pirinivan-jatakaya. A poem, in 234 stanzas, on 
the death of (Jotama Buddha.] pp. 22. (S^^cJQ^ 
[Galle,] 1885. 8^ 14166. f. 10.(1.) 

PITTTMP A. — Atmdra ksh ita-samaga ma, 6 Q ® 6^d 
S®3 t^&ZSS Cf)CJ®3dsS» cc®3CS)® [Pitu.mpe 
Simasahita-atmarakshita-samagama. The rules 
of a society at Pitumpa for mutual aid and im- 
provement.] pp. 8. ®»i553@S) [Colombo^ 1891. 
8°. 14165. m. 8. 

PIYARATANA TISS A, of Dodanduva. e^'ZS, oos) &d 
^OjzS [Neyyarthadipani. A collection of Buddhist 
legends and discourses compiled by Piyaratana 
Tissa.] pp. 136. ©N2S53(gi® [Colombo,] 1870. 12°. 

14165. b. 8. 

Second edition, pp. 114. ©*2553(e,S) [Co- 

lombo,] 1881. 8°. 14165. b. 4. 

PIYATTJEU- AL AHKAR AYA. 60^^61 c^Qozs)d 6 a^ 
[Piyayuru-alamkaraya. An erotic poem in 73 
stanzas.] pp. 10. [Colombo,] 1892. 12°. 

14165. h. 10.(12.) 

PIYUMMALA. 6g©®(3 (Piyumraala [a vocabu- 
lary] by an unknown author.) See Paeakeama 
Bahu VI., King of Ceylon. The Ruvanmala, etc. 
p. 4. 1892, etc. 8°. 14165. 1. 12. 

POH If AMPEEUMA(C.D. S.). Warayogasangrahaya. 
©(5®^caicS3 eS^S^oS [A collection of medical 
prescriptions for various diseases, extracted from 
medical works in Tamil, Hindi, Arabic, etc.] 
Part 1. ©Ni5S30(g® [Colombo,] 1889. 8°. 

14165. c. 20.(1.) 

POETTTGAL.— Pbtee v.. King. See Rome, Church 
of. — Pius IX., Pope. Translation of a Treaty . . . 
between . . . Pius IX. . . . and . . . the King of 
Portugal. 1885. 8^ 14166. aa. 9.(1.) 

PBAXTAGHATAYA. 93-^^3^00 [Pranaghataya. 
A tract on the destruction of life. Reprinted 
from the '' Sarasavisandaresa,'' a Buddhist daily 
paper.] pp.6. ©^^»^<9® jBuddhist Theosophical 
Society; Colombo,] 1887. 12^ 14165. a. 41.(3.) 

PEAITAITDTJ. See Feenando. 

®e!<5® ©nQS5©sJ ©^c5JQ Qgo^ .®^03» [Pras^a- 
{sic) -uttara-maldama or Jodu-sivupadapota. A 
collection of popular songs and riddles.] pp. 12. 
©sgaocS® [Colombo,] 1888. 8^ 14165. i. 15.(2.) 

PRATIPATTI - DIPAKIYA. 9«orf^?o ^ca 
Pratipatti-dipaniya. A manual of Buddhist 
worship, with quotations from the Pali canon.] 
pp. 31. ©^2553©® 2411 [Colombo, 1868]. 12°. 

14165. h. 6.(3.) 

PEATYAY A - SATAEA. 9052SQO ca»a)G3 [A 
century of stanzas from Sanskrit moralists, with a 
Sinhalese verbal interpretation. Second edition.] 
pp. 29. 6^^3©C2) [Colomio,] 1867. 8''. 

14076. b. 13.(1.) 

[Sixth edition.] pp. 21. Colombo, 1877. 

8°. 14085. c. 33. 

Translation [into English from the Sin- 

halese paraphrase] of Pratya[ya]sataka by N. 
Mendis [with Sanskrit text in Roman characters.] 
pp. 38. Colombo, 1886. 8°. 14076. c. 57. 


See Pannagga. 

d3C5 f^®o6 Oi©§ C)S3 [Siyam-raja-kumara- 
pevidi-vata. A poem on the- Siamese prince 
Prisdan, composed in honour of the occasion of 
his entering into the Order of Buddhist monks.] 
pp. 6. 6^5S>3(ei® [Colombo,] 1896. 8°. 

14165. i. 22.(5.) 

PEITnuYASAS, son of Vardhamihira. &0t3^^^i 
(Sss>3© [Shatpanchasika. A treatise, in 57 
Sanskrit stanzas, on astrological divination. With 
a Sinhalese interpretation by Veragama Punchi- 
Bandara.] pp. 30. [Colombo,], 1888. 12°. 

14053. b. 20(2.) 





PUJA-POTA. fjt53 ©^03S> [A book of devotions 
for Mass, with hymns, for Roman Catholic 
converts.] pp. 25. ®^2S53©e^CS5©v2rf [Kotahena, 
Colombo,] 1887. 16^ 14166. a. 2.(1.) 

PTJVCHI-BANpABA, Veragaina Pan4ita Mudiydnse- 
Idge. See Dhamvasena. tsS)^ (5^S^oC)(^.GO 
[Edited with brief notes by Veragama Punchi 
Bandara.] 1887, etc. 8^ 14166. b. 1. 

See MUVADEVDAVATA. €325^5^^ CSCf^-Si §)© 

©v<^©C,£)c> [Edited by V. Punchi -Bandara.] 
1880. '8^. 14166. i. 8.(8.) 

See Prithdtasas, son of Vardha-mihira. 

Cs9a'^;€)3cS2S5)© [With a Sinhalese interpreta- 
tion by V. Punchi-Bandara.] 1888. 12°. 

14063. b. 20.(2.) 

See Vaeaha-Mihiba. ©^3 ®tf?d©^ca 

g xStf> ,.,(Q ^Syt c3 [Edited with a verbal interpreta- 
tion and a commentary in Sinhalese by V. Punchi- 
Bandara.] ] 888. 8^. 14053. cc. 52.(2.) 

8S)3 S 6^ (53 CD ^o^cfi . . . Kamaroga Di- 

paniya, etc. [A treatise on the male organs 
of generation, with prescriptions derived from 
English and native medical works.] 2 pt. 
Colombo, 1897. 12^ 14165. c. 28. 

8oS>(3 Qa)2S5c54^ o^dS^ca . . . Pada- 

nitiya or a Sinhalese Grammar by Weragama 
Punchi Bandara of Saparagamnwa. pp. vii. 82. 
Colombo, 1888. 12^ 14165. k. 12. 

— — C5aS)^§)'<:ya;>3 3(§c3 . . Sabdamuktavali or 

a Sinhalese Dictionary. [A glossary of difficult 
words of Sanskrit, Pali, and Elu origin, with 
explanations in modern Sinhalese.] Compiled by 
P. Bandara Weragama. pp. vi. 216. CtJombo, 
1890. 12^ 14165. k. 14. 

— — C3®@S) ©SooO . . . Sambuddha Charita. 
[A modern work on the life of the Buddha, with 
illustrations.] pp. 24, 48. [Colombo,] S).©. 2434 
[1890.] 8^ 14165.*b. 21.(2.) 

Second edition, pp. 65, 34, 14. Colombo, 

1895. 8^ 14165. a. 64. 

PTrVBTAirAirDA, KollupHiye. See Majjhima- 
NiKATA. — Selasutta. Ssslasuttra Sannaya. ^zqq 
55 O) e^fSi^cQ [Edited by K. Punnananda.] 
[1896.] 8^ 14098. d. 45.(3.) 

PTTBANAS. 255©© coocgODcs [Kavacha-sangraha. 
A collection of invocations to the nine planets, 
Ganesa, etc., for protection against all evils, 
in Sanskrit verse, extracted from the Puranas ; 
followed by an Araksha-mantra, a charm in Sin- 
halese prose, also for the same purpose.] pp. 14. 
[Galle,] 1885. 8^ 14028. c. 52. 

PTTVAEMOTE THEEA. Mahasirasa padaya. [A 
Buddhist religious poem, in 46 quatrains, composed 
for the cure of a headache of §ri Vikrama-Raja- 
Simha, king of Ceylon a.d. 1798-1815.] ... ®G5>3 
cSdc3 03<:jG3. pp. 5. Galle, 1885. 8°. 

14166. b. 13.(3.) 

[The Mahasirasa-padaya, followed bySubhamagul- 
^antiya, a similar poem for ceremonial purposes in 
curing diseases : 233 stanzas in all. Edited by 
Albert de Silva.] pp. 26. Colombo, 1894. 8°. 

14165. c. 20.(15.) 

RABAN-PAOA-POTA. 6cd^ aC^ ©^03^» [Raban- 
pada-pota. A collection of verses suggesting and 
representing various chords played on drums and 
tambourines.] pp. 10. ®o^®^(^ [Galle,] 1897. 
16^ 14165. d. 28. 

EAGA-MESIVILLA d3C53 ®?QSe(3 [Raga-mesi- 
villa. An erotic poem in 151 stanzas.] pp. 22. 
[Colombo,] 1889. 12^ 14165. h. 10.(4.) 

SAOA-SIirDTJ-POTA. docD Q«g ©^ooo ®^5^3©N:s53ci 
8dGD &^ ©^030 [Raga-sindu-pota or Viraha- 
sindu-pota. A collection of songs.] Second edition, 
pp. 16. [Colombo,] 1888. 8^ 14165. i. 15.(3.) 

Tarangini. [A Sanskrit work, in 102 stanzas, on 
medical diagnosis through the pulse.] Trans- 
lated [into Sinhalese word by word, with the text 
pari passu] by J. P. Jayatilaka, Native Doctor . . . 
?i^3S5<a/^ CTcifivS-C^OB, etc. pp. 23. Colombo, 
1892. '8^ 14043. c. 43.(1) 

SAHTTLA, Son of the Buddha. 6^^Q SS^®o6 
9©9dc5j [sic] ss£3© [Rahula kumara-pravrajya- 
katha. The story of Rahula^s entering the Order.] 
pp. 17. ©^jjao©® [Colombo,] 1888. 12^ 

14165. a. 58.(2.) 

EAHULA, To(agamuve. €)KS$6oa^i CStr):s £S)3©;£Q 
[Chaturarya-satya-kavya. A poem on the ''Four 
noble truths '' of Buddhism, accompanied by M. 





Dharmaratna's paraphrase, and followed by the 
Nirvana-vinischaya, a discourse on the Buddhist 
Nirvana, by M. Dharmaratna.] pp. 55. ©^2S>3(g.S) 
[Colombo,] 1897. 12^ 14166. a. 88.(4.) 

Kavyasekhara ... [A standard poem, in 

13 aargas, founded on the Sattubbatta-jataka, 
and composed early in the 15th century] by 
Yachissara Rahula Sami of Totagamuva . . . with 
a paraphrase by H. Sumangala . . . edited by 
M. Gunananda. (zaoSzse^csaSdcc) pp. x. 188, 
10, 6, 7. Colombo, 1872. 8^ 14165. i. 3. 

The Kavyasekhara . . paraphrased by the 

Rev. H. Sumangala. Edited by the Pandit 
Batuwantudave and the High Priest Sumangala. 
Second Edition, pp. x. 190. [Colombo,] A.B. 
2431 [1887]. 8^ 14166. L 14. 

2»3S2S©^C335ae^(5cOiQo^C3^S^e5:)03 [Kavya- 

sekhara-ge^apada-sannaya. An anonymous com- 
mentary on the Kavyasekhara of Rahula, followed 
by a commentary on the Guttila of Vetteve.] 
pp. 21. Welikada, Ceylon, 1859. 12*^. 14166. i. 6. 

77ie first commentary was toritten in the reign qf one of 
the kings of Jaifavardhanapura or Kdt(e calted Pardkrama 
Baku ; thus shortly after the composition of the poem, 

odS^Cse^'S^cacfi [Paravi-sandesaya. "Dove's 

Message, ' a poem addressed to Vishnu, invoking 
a blessing on the Sinhalese Royal family. Edited 
with a verbal interpretation by Silva,S<?rwi;a/a- 
guimnndnse, 6^235)©® [Colombo,] 1873. 8**. 

14165. i. 5.(7.) 

Oid«?® 33 fiSo5 Perakum-ba-sirita. [A 

poem in praise of king Parakrama Bahu VI., 
attributed to Rahula Thera, and edited by Epa 
Appuhami and others.] pp. 16. [Colombo,] 
1866. 8^. 14166. i 5.(1.) 

Sela Hhini Sandese. The Sclavs Message 

[a poem in 107 quatrains] by Sri Rahula of 
Totagamua. Text and [interverbal] translation, 
with notes and Glossary . . . edited and trans- 
lated [into English verse] by W. C. Macready. 
pp. 72, xxxix. 101. Colombo, 1865. S"". 

14186. i. 1. 

^l&Q&^ 03©^3q|caGQ [Selalihini- san- 

desaya. Text, with the old Sinhalese interverbal 
interpretation, edited with an original paraphrase 
by H. Jayatilaka.] pp. ii. 63. ©^2S>0(gSD 
[Colovibo,] 1892. 8^ 14165. i. 19. 

BAHTJLA, Totagamuve {continued). ©^^oOcD^ 
^®SJ'S> [Totagamn-nimitta. A method of telling 
fortune by means of cowries, in 54 stanzas at- 
tributed to Totagamuve Rahula.] pp.7. [Colombo^ 
1890. 8'. 14165. d. 24.(2.) 

Moggallana Panchikd [sic] Pradipa. A 

treatise on Moggalldna^s system of Pali grammar. 
By Sa^ghardja Sri Rahula Mahasthavira . . . 
Revised and edited by Sri Dharaidrama Nayaka- 
Sthavira (e^®i«^2Dea)03^ o6sS53 c^cos). 
pp. xxxvii. 180. Colombo, 1896. 8°. 

14165. 1. 27. 

EAIKES (Robert). Robert Raikes and Sunday 
Schools. A Service of Song. ©^do3^0 ©dJss^t;^ 
C3QS5 (§Qt,^ ^^SSsSq [Robert Reks saha Irida skola. 
Anaccount of R. Raikes, interspersed with hymns.] 
pp. 16. Colombo, 1886. 12°. 14165. a. 29.(4.) 

BAJADHIBAJASIMHA, King of Ceylon. Rajadhi- 
rajasinha^s Poem, the Asadrisajatakaya. Edited 
. . . with . . . notes . . . [and the texts of the 
Pali and of the Sinhalese Asadisa-jataka prefixed] 
by F. W. de Silva and J. D. Kannangera . . . 
qfC3§C3 c5)roi35CS pp. xi. ii. 2, 43, vii. Galle, 
1889. 8^ 14165. i. 18. 


[Raja-maha-kelani-utpattiya and Kelani-vihara- 
vandanava. A modern poem, in 128 stanzas, on 
Kelani-vihara, the Buddhist temple at Kelaniya 
near Colombo.] pp. 14. ®^3S53(g:.® [Colombo^ 
1896. 14165. b. 27.(7.) 

EA J AFAKSHA (Charles de Abrew) . ^q^^ (id c53 cS) 
(6^.'5^J®^C553Cdf) ©^S)©'CS5^' ©'^di®. [Bhaishajyartha 
or Behet-teruraa. An alphabetical glossary of 
Sansknt names of drugs, with their Sinhalese 
equivalents in parallel columns.] pp. ii. 51. 
©^jS5J(e,® [Colombo,] 1872. 8^ 14043. a. 4. 

• ©©<^ C^^ [Veda-ure. A poem, in 94 

stanzas, directed against the practices of quacks.] 
[Colombo,] 1867. 16^ 14165. c. 7.(3.) 

EAJAPAKSHA (Sampson d' Abrew Vijataquna- 
batna). See Gdnaratna (A. de S.). R&japakse 
Charitaya. A short sketch of the life of 
S. d'A. W. Rajapaksc. 1892. 4^ 

14165. ee. 1. 




De Abrew Rajafaksha Vaidtanatha (H.). 

EAJASIMHA n., King of Ceylon. (3?S^ ) ® 03 ©vCS5Q^ 

6oQs>(3 255© ^»o(3cs C3es5 e^^G^^£b 6o:5 QoiS) 

... (5 Sot 255^3 e) [Srinamaya or Simhalakavi- 
talaya. 32 songs in praise of Bajasimha 11.^ 
King of Ceylon (1627-79) edited by Don David 
Ranasimha. Followed by a reprint of the 95th 
and 96th chapters of the Sinhalese translation of 
the Mahavamsa^ which gives an account of the 
life and career of Rajasimha II.] pp. 9. [Co- 
lombo,] 1895. 8*^. 14166. e. 18.(6.) 

RAJASTJITDABA (J. S.), Arachchi. Sc^ Chandba- 
BHARANA. Candrabharaiia . . . paraphrased by 
J. S, Rajasundara^ etc. 1889. 8^*. 

14063. CO. 62.(3.) 

SceKuMARADASA. do^S^'^G^d-^oS [Janaki- 

harana. Sargas i., ii. restored into metre by 
H. Sumaogala and J. S. Rajasundara.] 1890. 
8^ 14072. cc. 39. 

See Muhiirta-dipika. g^&O ^BsaoS 

[Edited with a verbal interpretation by J. S. Raja- 
sundara.] [1887.] 8°. 14063. cc. 47.(2.) 

See Satanka. Prayogasamuchchaya . . . 

accepted commonly as a part of [Sayanna's] 
Bhaisajya Kalpa^ with a new Sinhalese paraphrace 
[sic] by J. S. Rajasundara, etc. [1895.] 8**. 

14043. c. 43.(2.) 

RAJA-VApiGA-PATUlTA. (5)tf SB® oQ^ 
[Raja-vadiga-patuna. A work of the 18th cen- 
tury, containing songs and charms used in Devil- 
ceremonies.] Pt. 1. pp. 19. Colombo, 1892. 8**. 

14166. d. 26.(6.) 

EAJAVALITA. See Hardt (R. S.) A manual of 
Budhism . . . translated from Singhnlese MSS. 
(. . . Rdjawaliya, etc.) 1853. 8°. 4606. e. 

(R&javali.) See Upham (E.) . The Mah4- 

vansi, . . . efc. Vol. ii., pp. 141-325. 1833. 8^ 

14166. 6. 24. 

BAMACHAITDSA, P. See Mahanetra-prasada- 
MULA Thera, Vidagama. e^Qj^^ csodac) 
[Loveda-sangara.] Edited with notes by P. Rama- 
Chandra. 1891. 12\ 14166. h. 16.(3.) 

OAMA CHAKBATABt! . €3 23^ (sa » 235 cs G^(S) S cj5 
@\S)<nQ) C59^2S)G8 [Bhakti§atakaorBauddha-sataka. 
A Sanskrit poem, in 107 stanzas, in adoration of 
the Buddha, by R. Bharati, a converted Bengal 
Brahmin ; with a colophon in 5 Sanskrit verses, 
and an interverbal translation into Sinhalese en- 
titled *' Munindra-bhakti-sataka-vyakhyana," by 
Sumangala, a fellow pupil with the author of the 
poem. Edited by Don A. de S. Devarakkhita 
Bafuvantudave.] pp. ii. 42. ©\iS53(3® [Colombo,] 
1868. 8^. 14033. b. 22.(2.) 


- [Third edition.] pp. 2, 43. Colombo^ 1885. 

14033. bb. 17.(2.) 

C)aCXS>®0(33253o)a)© [Vrittamalakhya. A 

eulogy, in 52 Sanskrit stanzas, on the Buddhist 
priest Mahanetra-prasada Thera, chief of Ramya- 
sthalagrama (i.e. Rammumgoda) Yihara, and the 
family to which he belonged. Composed to 
illustrate the principal species of Sanskrit metres, 
and therefore entitled Vrittamala. Accompanied 
by^ an interverbal translation into Sinhalese. 
Edited by Don A. de Silva Devarakkhita 
Bafuvantudave.] pp. ii. 27. ®^vS53(5® [Colombo,] 
1867. 8^ 14076. c. 39. 

[Another edition.] pp. vi. 27. Colombo, 

1890. 8^. 14076. b. 26. 

Descendant of KdtydT/ana, and pupil of Rahvla 
Sthavira. See Ramachandra Bharati, afterwards 
Bauddhagama Chakravarti. 

BANASOALLB THERA, of Tofagamu Vihara. 
Lokopakaraya. e^(5d^ss>JosS3dcO [A Buddhist 
religious poem, with a verbal interpretation by 
MuUeriyave Gunaratana. Revised by Don A. de 
S. Devarakkhita Bat uvantudave.] pp.48. ^^o^S) 
[Colombo,'] 1872. 8°. 14165. b. 2.(2.) 

KAHASIMHA (C. P.). See Gdnananda, Mohoffi- 
vatte. CO ®o (3 ©0^00 [A religious debate between 
Mohottivatte Gunananda and C. P. Ranasimha.] 
1871. 12^ 14166. b. 6.(4.) 

KAHA8IKHA (D. 8.). cQe^e^i q6oQ^s> [Yasodara- 
vata. A modern poem, in 117 stanzas, founded 
on an episode in Mayiirapada^s Pujavaliya, refer- 

M 2 





ring specially to Yasodhara's lamentations over 
theReuunciation of the Buddha.] pp.15. ®(SiiQS6 
[Kandy,} 1887. 8°. 14185. b. 19.(3.) 

Second edition [containing 124 stanzas]. 

pp. 16. @(S)^Sd [Kandy,'] 1888. 8°. 

14165. b. 19.(4.) 

[Another edition, in 134! stanzas.] pp.16. 

Colombo, 1891. 8°. 14165. f. 29.(9.) 

EAXTASIHHA {Don David). See Bajasi]^ha II., 
King of Ceylon, & 5^0 ®qO etc. [Edited by Don 
D. Ranasimha.] IsOo. 8^. 14165. e. 18.(6.) 

EANASIMHA (William Pebera). See Ankam- 
BHATTA. The Tarkasangraha . . . edited with a 
Sinhalese translation ... by W. P. Ranesinghe^eio. 
1880. 8'. 14048. dd. 22. 

See Dhammabatana, Mlripenne. ®(f?5 

9355J*c). [The works of Mihiripenne Dhamma- 
ratana. Edited by W. P. Ranasimha.] 1867. 8^ 

14165. i. 5.(2.) 

See Dhabicabatna, ilf. Gahapatiwibhaga, 

etc, [A reply to W. P. Ranasimha's article 
regarding the origin of the " Govi'^ caste.] 1896. 
4.^ 14165. cc. 2. 

■ SeeJlTAKAS. — Ummagga-jataha. The Um- 

raaggajatakaya . . . corrected and edited by W. P. 
Ranesinghe and Rev. M. Goonaratana^ etc. 1875. 
8°. 14165. f. 1. 

BAITDANE GATHA. dssiq^zS^ ®3cl53 exs) ®^ts) 
G'OS^ [Randane gatha saha Mantra-pota. A 
collection of charms.] pp. 12, i. [Oolc^mbo,] 1893. 
8^ 14165. d. 18. 

EAHDTIinJ-PEALAYA. dxrf g^ odcos [Ran- 
dunu-pralaya. A poem on Vishnu, in lOI stanaas, 
recited in Buddhistic ceremonies.] pp. 11. [Co- 
lombo,] 1892. 8°. 14165. b. 22.(2.) 

BANESINOHE. See Ranasimha. 

BAN-TALITE SIVPAOA. (52ri*®gGvcO fiSo^ 
<§^C55S)2J dcrii »@ ©4^€^© [sic] [Rantaliye siv- 
pada or Ran-tali- varnana va. A poem, in 52 stanzas, 
on the golden bowl of the Buddha, by an author 
described as " an able pandit.*'] pp. 8. ®{»^©(5 
[Kandy,] 1886. 8^ 14165. b. 14.(1.) 

EATAKAJOTI, 0. R. &QB^ g® (5c55® ®0Q^ 
[Shadvarna-buddha-rasmi-mala. A discourse on 
the halo of the Buddha.] pp. 7. [Colombo,] 
1893. 4^. 14166. a. 87.(8.) 

BATAHAJOTI, Giridara. See Majjhima-nikata. — 
AiiguLimdla-stLtta. Angulimala Suttraya. CfSs2p@ 
®D(3 5aa)cS [With a Sinhalese inter verbal inter- 
pretation, etc. Edited by G. Ratanajoti.] 1891. 
8^ 14098. c. 53.(3.) 

See Majjhima-nikaya. — Chulakamma-vi- 

bhavga-sutta, ^fgtr gjcjco ©(S^8c5 §J(525>€® §^6to 
550)03 [With a preface and the niJana-kaflui, 
as well as an interverbal interpretation, etc., in 
Sinhalese. Edited by G. Ratanajoti.] 1890. 8^ 

14098. c. 54.(1.) 

See Pabichchhkdaya. qfQSi*^ oS©^©d^c3 

[Avavada-parichchhedaya. The first of the three 
chapters of an old Buddhistic work entitled 
Parichchhedaya, edited by G. Ratanajoti.] 1892. 
8^ 14165. b. 24. 


dhanapura. Siyamopasampadawata, [Edited by 
G. Ratanajoti.] 1892. 8^ 14165. b. 18.(2.) 

ZS)Q^-^ 8 0551 d ©l^?J53€) [Kalyani- 

vihara-varnana. The history of the Buddhist 
temple at Kelani, near Colombo.] pp. ii. 19. 
[Colombo,] 1890. 12^ 14165. e. 17.(2.) 

EATANAJOTI, Mat ale. 6gC5CJ fiSo ©^QS^QsJ 
fi©3S<5©So5c» [Siduhat - sirita or Siddhartha- 
charita. A eulogistic poem, in 132 stanzas, .on the 
life of Gotama Buddha.] ^ pp. 11. C5J^©<^ 
[Oalle,] 1896. 8^ 14165. b. 27.(6.) 

EATAir A JOTI, Ta lgahago4a. ^S^ © sDo ® © @ 03 
[Navanaraavaliya. A glossary of Sinhalese syno- 
nyms in verse. Second edition.] pp. 39. Colombo, 
1872. 8^. 14165. i. 5.(6.) 

EATAIf APALA, Gammtdle. See Khuddaka-nieata. 
— Vimana-vatthu. 8®3eS0 ©CSC? g«a(54^03 [An 
extensive commentary on the Vimana-vatthu by 
G. Ratanapala.] 1890. 8''. 14098. c. 63. 

EATAITAPALA, of Ka(lupi(imddampe Vihdra, 
©^o3jQD§t5tS>3eS5ado3 etc. [Yogamuktabara. A 
collection of medical prescriptions in verse for 
various diseases.] pp. ii. 106. Colomdo [sic for 
Colombo;\ 1872. 8°. 14165. c. 10. 





BATAVAFALA, of Ka4upi(imadampe Vihdra {eon- 
tinved) . @cQ3C5)@>(ae)dc8 [Toga^ekhara. A medical 
treatise in verse.] pp. 67. Colombo, 1870. 8". 

14165. e. 9.(1.) 

EATAVATi-KATAVA. 6s>QtSi ssjodQ. See 

AdaBASOKAHALATA. q!)^(^6^e3j«S)€)3(5C8 etc. pp. 

43-45. [1868.] 12». 14168. h. 3.(4.) 

BATI-EAV-BAl^OA-HAirSALA. 6& zSi€) d<S3 
®Qq • • • Rati-kava Ranga-mandala. [An erotic 
poem in 50 ''twin'* stanzas.] pp. 17. Colombo, 
1892. 12^. 14166. h. 10.(11.) 

RATIEAGA-MALAVA. d^daco ©oeae) [A 
modern erotic poem in 71 stanzas.] pp. 12. 
Colombo, 1891. 8^ 14166. h. 10.(9.) 

EATNAMADHVACHAETA, Mahd-Thera. See $jla- 
MEGHAVARNA Sena. Sijabas Lakara . . . para- 
phrased by Ratnamadhvacharya^ etc. 1892. 8°. 

14166. 1. 11.(1.) 

EATNATAKA (J. L.). See Jesus Christ. The 
Devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. 

6^dg 2§g5?5> «p®25Li'©^cd qf®(3§ & e^c^.torsfSia^ 
[Translated by J. L. Ratnayaka.] 1892. 16^ 

14166. a. 26.(12.) 

See Mary Magdalen, Saint. (££©Q ®8cs 

®i;©^(^?S^3 . . . ©^cri 93^5S^3e) [The Litany of 
Mary Magdalen, translated by J. L. Ratnayaka.] 
1892. 12^ 14166. a. 29.(18.) 

EOBEETSOlf (W. R.). A Primer of Agriculture 
for use in . . . schools ... by H. W. Green, 
being an adaptation of the Agricultural Class 
Book by W. R. Robertson . . . ©^gs53S2S5©^£®jo 
©^^csaoo [Govikarmopadesa. Translated into 
Sinhalese by S. de Silva,] etc. (Third edition.) 
pp. 118. Colombo, 1886. 12^ 14166. d. ll. 

Fourth edition, pp.118. Colombo, 1891. 

12^ 14166. d. 16. 

Fifth edition, pp. 118. Colombo, 1893. 

12^ 14166. d. 16. 

Sixth edition, pp. 118. Colombo, 1896, 

12^ 14166. d. 27. 

EOGAEISHTA. ®^3C5>')Soc)g8. Rogarishtaya. 
[A treatise on diagnostics in 58 Sanskrit stanzas, 
with a verbal interpretation in Sinhalese.] pp. 16. 
[Epa Appuhdmi saha Samdgama i\ ©^25>3(g® [Co- 
lombo,'\ 1866. 8^ 14043. a. a.) 

EOHE, Church of.—?WB IX., Pope. :5^3©vS):3 
. . . 6g&J^® . . . O0d€)C55:Sd^®»d . . . C3(S5 . . . 
S<!J^(S>3®^(^ c53©^tf3CXJ>®caD?5^2rf C^ZS^(^6 . . . 

jS5dcS52St 5333(3^ c9©a<§N®6S oes>S Translation 
[by B. Gunasekhara] of the Treaty [of Feb. 1857] 
regarding the right of patronage of the Portugese 
Crown over the Churches in the Orient, between 
. . . Piu.s IX. and . . . the King of Portugal, 
pp. 11. 6^2533(5® [Odombo^ 1885. 8^ 

14166. aa. 9. 

EUBEETJ JAYATTOGA (D. J.). See Jayatunga 

(D. J. ROBERU). 

EUTH. See De Silva (C. W.). The History of 
Ruth [a poem in 118 stanzas], etc. 1892. 16^. 

14166. a. 67.(4.) 

[Life,'] The story of Ruth. ((5^05 ©^cd 

235^3 0) [Rutge kathava. Translated from the 
English by C. W. de Silva. With coloured 
illustrations.] pp. 4. Christian Literature Society; 
Colombo, 1892. 4^ . 14166. bb. 1.(1.) 

One of a "New Seriet of Bible Picture Bookg," 

8. (E.) ®(5esJsS3(3 eoQe^ffl [Marakkala-hatane. 
A poem on certain riots with the ' Moors,' i.e. 
foreign Muhammadan traders in Ceylon, composed 
by E. S., and published by P. Fernando.] pp. 12. 
©V2531©® [Colombo,] 1891. 8^ 14168. i. 16,(11.) 

School Hymn Book. csSsi ©>C3EaJ(3 d5^2S>3 
6^03S3 [Sabat-skola-gitika-pota.] Secondedition. 
pp. 90. Ceylon Religio^us Tract Society j Colombo, 
1885. 16°. 14166. a. 26.(1.) 

SABDAMAB'JAEi. Sabdamanjaria or Sinhalese 
First Book . . . is^S^'^izifiScQ etc. pp. 22. Co- 
lombo, 1888. 8^ 14165. 1. 4.(3.) 

SABE-VIDAITE. Qtsi^ glxrf^p zs)£oQ [Sii na- 
muttu-kathava. A versified tale, from Tamil 
sources, in 179 stanzas ; edited by A. de Silva.] 
pp. 22. Colombo, 1892. 8°. 14166. f. 29.(18.) 

Composed early in the nituteentk century, from materiah 
supplied by Ilanyakkon Mudaliyar^ received by him orally 
from the lamiL 

SAODHANANDA of Koagocfa Hiddaruve Vihara. 
See Khuddaka-nikata. — Peta-vatthu. evgoa Scoop 
g«S5(5-€ftca [Edited by Saddhananda.] 1893, 
etc. S"", 14098. c. 





SADDHAITANDA, N. C53® ®dsj©3(53^5S^©cs 
[Kama-mithyacharadinava. A Buddhist treatise 
on the sin of adultery.] a^lWQ®^© [Kataluva,^ 
1889. 16^ 14165. a. 37.(2.) 

SADDHATISSA, Bentara, See Avayada-vistarata. 

[A work on Buddhism, followed by Patichcha- 
samuppada, with a Sinhalese verbal translation. 
Edited by B. Saddhatissa.] 1893. 8^. 

14165. b. 18.(9.) 

SAKA^SEADATA. ^zs)(^zs)^CQ [Sakaskadaya. A 
prose eulogy on the Buddha, inSanskritic Sinhalese 
of about the 18th century, headed by a Sanskrit 
t^tr.nza.] See Buddhagadya. ©c'QoCrcs C::CS5 
t35S55cdj5S>£cS. pp. 9-14. [Colombo,] 1869. 16°. 

14028. b. 

[Another edition.] [Colomho,] 1893. 8°. 

14166. b. 19.(22.) 

SALI-ELE SAMI. a3^CS>3G8& cs^S^^tsyoO Prati- 
harya satakaya. [Attributed to Sali-ele Sami. 
Edited by Don Philip de Silva Epa Appnhami.] 
pp. 64. Colombo, 1864. 12°. ' 14165. h. 

SAILABADIVAKAEA {J.),ofFelahda. fifee Alaqita- 
VANNA JfwA;ai;e/t. ^i^^ ca©^^c5aG3 [Edited with 
an original commentary by J. Samaradivakara.] 
1889. 12°. 14166. h. 10.(8.) 

SAITAEASEKEARA (Jo. Pi. Pe.). (Si^^zsy eot);^ 
(SioQ [Ganita-sangraha.] (Samarasekara's Mis- 
cellaneous Questions on Arithmetic for Standard 
III.-VI.) 4 pt. Colombo, 1890 (-88). 16^ and 
8'. 14166. k. 88. 

Pt. iv. Second edition. pp. 60, iv. 

Colombo, 1892. 16^ 14166. k. 6.(6.) 

A Descriptive Geography of Asia. 8cs55d 

cscf^TO Cf)8cS3©«© t5j©^«5i(3 cs3Ca!55ca [Vistara 
sahita Asiyave bhtigola-?astra.] pp. 117. 
Colombo, 1890. 8°. 14165. 1. 16.(8.) 

Geography of Europe . . . gj^dooco 

coeS):!^ t9®^C553(3 <5^ac35)c3 [Yuropaya sam- 
bandha bhugola-^astra.] pp. 124. Colombo, 
1892. 8^ 14166. 1. 15.(6.) 

SAMABASEEHABA (William H. de Soysa). 
qft4i^^©3da® e)-&c2i53e) etc. [Abhinavarama- 
yarnana. A eulogistic poem, in 119 stanzas, 

on a Buddhist festival held at Abhinavarama 
temple, the residence of Vaskaduve Subhuti.] 
pp. 13. e^ssa3^® [Colombo,] 1894. 8®. 

14165. b. 19.(82.) 

handiram. Gangarohanaya [edited] with a gloss 
by Weligama Dhammajjoti IJnnanse. ^t^"} 
6^(5^55546 Q^:^3© etc. pp. iii. 37. ©*35S>J<g® 
[Colombo,] 1876. 8\ 14165. i. 2 

Sausaddam wadaya, or a discussion about 

the mete [sic] of the word Sausaddam [i.e. sav- 
sat-dam occurring in the Gangarohana of S. Disa- 
nayaka, by M. Dhammaratana, K. Dhammatilaka 
and other disputants.] pp. 127. Colombo, 1873. 
8°. 14166. 1. 2.(1.) 

8AMABASIMHA SAVniATirA {Don Habmanis). 
See Sarasvati-nighantu. C3(5c£©^ :&>&4^[i<ic]S) 
[An old vocabulary of Sanskrit synonyms of 
medical plants and drugs, with their Sinhalese 
equivalents. Edited by Don H. S. Kaviratna.] 
1865. 8^ 14048. c. 12.(8.) 


^©4^© . . • Edited with a [Sinhalese verbal] 
commentary ... by Don H. S. Kaviratna. 1878. 
8^ 14048. e. 17. 

See Sri Chandra. c?3(5c3o®^g3SOGD [Edited 

with a Sinhalese verbal interpretation by Don 
H. S. Kaviratna and others.] 1865, etc. 8°. 

14048. d. 28. 

[Second edition, edited by Don H. S. Kavi- 
ratna.] 1890. 8°. 14048. c. 86. 

See De Silva Samarasi^ha Sirivardhana (C. D.). 

PiERis). See PiERis Saharasi^ha Srivardhana 
(J. L.). 

SAMABATUHaA (D. W. S.). (^Q)<n6)a)£3 c,(53cx^ 
[Bauddha-dharmadasa. A treatise on the 24 
assurances of the Buddha, in the form of a 
catechism, followed by an account of the Buddha 
and of the Creation.] pp. 48. Colombo, 1892. 
8^ 14165. a. 68.(9.) 

SAMAEATUirOA {Don Hendrik), Vlbadde Arachchi. 
®^cS3CDQes^s:>3e)(§c& [Yogamuktavali. A collec- 
tion of prescriptions for various diseases, in 323 





Sanskrit stanzas^ compiled from older works with 
a literal interpretation in Sinhalese^ and fol- 
lowed by a list of medicaments interspersed with 
Sanskrit stanzas.] pp. ii. 63. Colomho, 1865. 
8'. 14043. c. 12.(5.) 

Samaraiuiiga (1781-1859) compiled this work in 1856. 

SAHABATTJNaA BANDUirxr {Don George). See 
YoGARAi'NAKARA. Yogaratnakaraya. (§scS3(35 6zs^^} 
2S5dca [Edited by Don G. S. Randunu.] 1892. 
8^ 14165. c. 15. 

Samaratunge's Rough Diary, with a week 

in a page for the half year ending December 1889 
. . . ^.'5^ 6^03® [Dina-pota]. pp. 48. Colomho, 
1889. 8^. 14165. m. 3. 

SAMSAEA • CHAKBA. eso CQO (5 €) s;: (S [Samsara- 
chakra. "The wheel of continued existence."] 
See Mabayuddhaya. ©adgcDcs eU. pp. 20-36. 
[1868.] 12^ 14165. b. 6.(1.) 

SAMX7DBIKA. ©iS^figaa ©jeoqjc© [Samudrika- 
sastra. On the art of telling fortunes by bodily 
marks and features; in Sanskrit verse with a 
Sinhalese interpretation. Edited and published 
by C. P. Amarasimha.] pp. iv. 24. ^iS))^M 
[Colombo,] 1868. 12°. 14053. b. 20.(1.) 

This recension has only a few verses in common tcilh the 
Indian treatises appearing under this name in the Sansknt 

C332I£jS33 (sa3S3:9cS [Another recension, 

containing 75 verses of the foregoing differently 
arranged, with a Sinhalese interpretation; followed 
by Sinhalese stanzas on palmistry, which are 
numbered consecutively from 76 to 147- Edited 
and published by Palliyeguruge S. de Silva.] 
pp. 19. cEoc^G^e [Gdlle, 1889.] 8°. 14053. cc. 

SAMYTJTTA - NIEAYA. — Alavaka'sutta. tiisSsS^ 


C5(?es> 0^(2, SiSJ f5«5)c» [Alavaka-siitra. The 
Pali text, followed by an interverbal commentary 
in Sinhalese. Second edition.] pp. 60. Pali 8f 
Sink. Colombo, 1897. 8\ 14098. c. 73.(4.) 

Aitluisa-sutta. ^^S&S©^©')0® S»5)C3 

[Asirvishopama-sutra. The Pali text extracted 
from the Asivisavagga in the Sa lay a tana- Sam- 
yutta of the Samyutta-nikaya; with a verbal 
interpretation and an old amplified version in 
Sinhalese.] pp. 33. Colombo, 1891. 8^ 

14098. e. 69.(7.) 

SAMTXTTTA • HIKAYA {continued) . — Gildyanam- 
sutta. £5Sleri^ ?3?)0Q [Vimukti-sutra. The 
Pali text of the Gilayanam-sutta (Sam. LV. vi. 4), 
called here Vimukti-siitra; followed by an abstract 
of it in Sinhalese prose.] See Mahanetba-pbasada- 
MULA Thera, VJddgama, zs)^ StTDOccJ etc. 
pp. 3-7. 1866. 12°. 14165. h. 3.(3.) 

Pabbatupama-sutta. oS^Cjo® S3?)^ 

[Pabbatupama-siitra. The Pali text of Pabbatii- 
pama-sutta (Samyutta, III. iii. 5); followed by 
Buddhaghosa^s commentary on it extracted from 
the Saratthappakasanr,and by an interverbal inter- 
pretation in Sinhalese.] pp. 12. Pali 8f Sink. 
Gv3S5)(gS) [Colombo,] 1897. 8°. 14098. c. 73.(5.) 

SAHDA KlifDUBU JATAKA. Sandakindui-u Jata- 
kaya. ©^tSg^ii do^s>zS)CQ [A modem poem, in 
57 stanzas, founded on the Chanda-kinnara-jataka 
(Pans. 485).] pp. 8. Galle, 1885. 12^ 

14165. f. 10.(2.) 

For the older poem, see Viloamvala. 

8AHGHAB0DHI Dhamma Siri. [Life,] See 
Bastian, C. Don. The life of King Siri Sangha- 
bodhi and Kattahari Jatakaya, etc, 1887. 12°. 

14165. f. 13.(2.) 

SANOHANAlfDA, Kamburugamuve, a^S^C553 
da "ft caoCaoB C3G5 togJ 2533(3 g^o::.,© [Padaviti- 
haranisamsa and Tatkalapratipada. A compila- 
tion of Pali stanzas for Buddhist worship, with 
lengthy explanations and instructions in Sin- 
halese. Edited by Mahagoda JS^anissara.] pp. 48. 
©^25)3©® . . . §e©* 2437 [Colombo, 1894.] 12°. 

14098. a. 29.(1.) 

8ANGHABASKHITA The Sambandha-cinta [a 
work, in prose and verse, on Pali syntax, founded 
on Moggallay ana's Pali grammar] composed by 
. . . Sri Sangha Rakshita, together with its Sin- 
halese paraphrase by . . . Gotama Maha Sami. 
Revised and edited ... by Kalutara S&rdnanda 
Simi, etc. (co^sTQ 8.^r»>jS) pp. iii. 98. 
Colomho, 1891. 8°. 14098. c. 57. 

Vuttodaya [a work on Pali metres in 

Pali verse] with a Sinhalese [verbal] translation. 
Edited by Rev. M. Wimalajoti, etc. (cs^rf^ 
«(Sot ^©^^SXS>3^cD etc,) pp. 29. Colomho, 1888. 
8"^. 14098. c. 42. 





SAJSTKAEA ACHAETA. tt)S(5DS:S2S5ce etc. [Bhra- 
inarasbfaka. An ethical poem^ in eight Sanskrit 
c^tanz'is^ attributed to ^ankara. Edited with a 
verbal interpretation and a commentary in Sin- 
halese by Gintofa Dhammakkhanda.] pp. 8. 
ec^^^C,6) [Do(ianduwa,] 1890. 8^. 

14072. cc. 46.(1.) 

EAHKABA-DVTATA. C3 6tod ^.^S>cS3 [Sankara- 
dutaya. A message addressed to the Buddhists 
on the non- validity of the *'XJpasampada^^ ordina- 
tion of the Ambagahapitiye fraternity.] pp. 6. 
87g©^S33G) [Welitofa] ^.Q. 3[i.e.2]486 [1893]. 
12^ '^ 14165. a. 58.(16.) 

SAirKASA-ETTBULLA. ©eJs^d f^dji(j& [San- 
kara-kurulla. A poem, in 60 stanzas, pointing 
out the heterodoxy of the *' Upasampada '^ ordina- 
tion of the Ambagahapitiye Buddhist sect.] pp. 9. 
©2g<9^30 IWelitofa,'] @.©. 2436 [1893]. 8^ 

14166. a. 68.(11.) 

SAHNISAILATAMA. c^iS) CfQ ^aQ a^QcQ eecs^ 
cajrf^Si CS®GsS [Daha-ata-pela-paliya saha Sanni- 
samayama. 148 stanzas interspersed with charms 
reciled at the " devil-dancing *' ceremony called 
'^ Daha-ata-Sannisamayama.'' Edited by Mora- 
vakkorallage Don Cornelis Fonseka.] pp. 19. 
©2»3©® [Colombo,] 1892. 8^ 14166. d. 26.(7.) 

SANTAHA-DIPIKA. C3;«5^3;!^ ^82»)3 [Santana- 
dipika. An astrological treatise^ in 108 Sanskrit 
stanzas^ for interpreting horoscopes; compiled from 
older works^ with a Sinhalese verbal translation.] 
pp. 36. Kotahena, 1879. 12^. 14063. cc. 37.(1.) 

[Another edition.] pp.37. Colombo, 1889. 

12^ 14063. CO. 63.(2.) 

eoo^CS^d [Saptotpatti-samgraha. A popular 
Buddhist tract.] pp. 18. 6^2333(3® [Colombo,] 
1893. 8^ 14166. b. 21(3.) 

SARAOIYEL Appuhdmi. See Midellava-Korala. 
©GS3QS3 ®3(33© . . . Yogo Malava . . . [Edited 
by Saradiyel Appuhami.] 1892. 8°. 

14166. c. 11.(3.) 

SABAM. [For authors prefixing to this name 
De^ see De Sab am.] 

SA'RkSA'S'DAtKalutara. See Dhammakitti, Gadoid- 
deniye. C3ai®3 ec>Si3<ic3 [Pt. 2, etc., edited 
by Sarananda.] [1889, etc.] 8^ 14166. b. 12. 

See Sangharakkhita. The Sambandha- 

cintd . . . with its Sinhalese paraphrase . . . 
Revised and edited ... by K. Sarananda, etc. 
1891. 8"*. 14098. c. 67. 

See SiDDHATTHA, Pupil of Buddhappiya. 

C3©f) 6z5ysy^zS)Cc& etc. [Edited by Sarananda.] 
1891, etc. 8°. 14166. c. 12. 

See SuTTA-NiPATA. — Pardbhavasutta. 0^3 

06) 55^)03 [Followed byanextensive commentary 
in Sinhalese. Edited by K. Sarananda.] 1891. 
8'. 14098. c. 64.(2.) 

SARAIfAlTDA, Polvatte. See ITpatissa. Maha- 
bodhiwansa . . . with a Sinhalese [verbal] para- 
phrase . . . Revised by P. Sarananda Thero of 
Merissa. 1891. 8^ 14098. d. 34. 

SABANAITKASA, Btllana. See Moggallaka. 
Ak&r&dikosha ... q^tSa)3^ 9^622)3 C(2S)3dij^ 
©^2553 CSG3 etc. [Edited by P. Silavamsa and 
B. Saranankara.] 1891. 8°. 14098. dd. 7. 

SABANANKASA, Bento^a. See Saranankara, 
Vi'lhita Pindapdtika. Sararthasangraha. C33diS 
CS €19255© [Edited by B. Saranankara.] 1890. 
8°. ' 14098. d. 36. 

03(5® ^3 8^3© ^cs [Paramita-vibha- 

viniya. On the ten *' paramitas " of Buddhism.] 
pp. 19. 6^2a3(g5® [Colo7nbo,] 1895. 8°. 

14166. a. 68.(21.) 

SABAXTAHKASA, Vtlivlta Pindapdtika. See 
Abhisambodhi-alankara. q^t3ts@^SQ)}S c^q€^o6cq 
[A Pali poem on Gotama Buddha^ accompanied 
by a Sinhalese interpretation^ both traditionally 
ascribed to V. P. Saranankara.] 1897. 8**. 

14098. coc. 2. 

See Pasmula-Mahasami. Bhesajja Manjusa 

. . . with commentary [word by word, in Sinhalese, 
by V. P. Saranankara] etc. [1889] etc. 8"". 

14098. b. 17. 

See Dpatissa, Mahabodhiwansa . . . with 

a Sinhalese [verbal] paraphrase [called Madhu- 
rartha-praka§ini] (2)QdfjS O^^S&) by . . . 
Saranankara Sangaraja of Weliwita, etc. 1891. 
8'. 14098. d. 34. 




SABAHANKASA, Velivita Pindapdtika {eontinvsd). 
Sararthasangraba. CSDdiS C3S)<5C559 [A work 
on Buddhism^in Sanskritic SinHalese, with copioas 
quotations from Pali works. Edited by Bentota 
Saraiiankara.] Pt. 1. ©\35S)3(g® [Colombo,] 1890. 
8^ 14098. d. 86. 

In progress. The eomposUion of this work, in 11,000 
granthcts, was undertaken at the reqvest of Vira Pardkrama 
Narendra Simha, King of Ceylon (1701-34), and is mentioned 
in Mahdvamsa, xcvii. 58. 

[Li/e.] See MuNKOTUVB Rala. tQ^sadyd 

Q05 [Sangaraja-vata. A poem on the life of 
Velivita Saranankara Sangharaja.] 1867. 8®. 

14165. i. 5.(3.) 

SAKAHAFALA, Matara. 6n(S>(3^@ ^^^vS^Bzs^ 
[Heladiv-abidanavata. A vocabulary of Elu 
synonyms, arranged in 313 tetrastichs, edited 
with an alphabetical index by Vatutantirige 
William de Alwis.] pp. 52. [Colomhoi] 1892. 
8^ 14165. 1. 7.(3.) 

SABAXTATISSA, of Ratmaldna. (^©^OiCSd Sq 
9c53S^G3 [XJpaushatha-§ilavibhavini. A com- 
pilation of Chakka-sutta and other Pali texts on 
Buddhist morality, to be read and observed on 
Uposatha-days by the lay devotees, accompanied 
by an extensive verbal interpretation in Sin- 
halese.] pp. 6, 24. ^. §. 2431 [Colombo, 1888.] 
8^. " 14098. c. 51.a.) 

SAEABTHA-PAB'JARA. csoducS c^^s^dcQ @>0D 
©gJ ©^5)«»S) o«5^c5(5oS [Sarartha-panjara or 
Bauddha-panjara. A collection of Pali verses 
and suttas, accompanied by their Sinhalese inter- 
verbal interpretations, for use in Buddhist worship 
and as charms. Pt. 1. ©^gssD©® [Colombo,] 1896. 
8"". 14165. b. 

SAEASVATI-iriGHAHTTr. CQd^fS ^e^g[*ic]§) 
[Sarasvati-nighantu. An old vocabulary of San- 
skrit synonyms of medical plants and drugs, 
with their Sinhalese equivalents. Edited, with a 
preface and notes in Sinhalese, and an alphabetical 
index, by Don H. Samarasimha Kaviratna.] pp. ii. 
73, ii. Colombo, 1865. 8^ 14048. c. 12.(8.) 

SABIFirTTA. See Anurdddha. Cf^QS)§>'i)o% caetoos^ 
[With the extensive Sinhalese interpretation of 
Sariputta.] 1893. 8^ 14165. n. 4. 

See AKURm)DHA. Abhidharmarthasangraha 

Sanna. Compiled by Sri Sariputra Sanagharaja [sic] , 
etc. 1897. 8^ 14098. ceo. 6. 

SABITELIS, B. L. See Jivanatha, son of Sam- 
bhundtha. (g eJQ^od ®^©^^9cqc»5Sf ©fi^Sif ©(5©» 
C?o© 855CpQO<3oS [The Bhavakuttthala, edited with 
a Sinhalese interverbal interpretation and a trans- 
lation by B. L. Sarnelis.] 1897. 8*^. 

14058. coo. 4. 

SAEHOAOHAKA, son of Ddmodara. c5^3g&3cDd 
C3ocSot3 [Sarngadhara-samhita. A work on 
therapeutics in Sanskrit verse, with a verbal 
interpretation in Sinhalese by R. 0. Peiris.] 
Pt. 1. (I. XL 1-8.) [Colombo,] 1891. 8°. 

14043. d. 44. 

SAEPA-VEDA-iriGHAHTTr. coS eS<^ ^®4^g3 
C3(55 CsS e^©^ ®^033:> [Sarpaveda-nighantu and 
Sarpa-veda-pota. A work in verse on the cure 
of snake-bites.] Pt. 1, 3. [Colombo,] 1893, etc. 
8^ 14166. c. 25. 

[Sarpa-visha-chikitsa. A Sinhalese compilation, 
said to be old, on the cure of snake-bites. Edited 
by N. Don Mathes.] pp.33. ®^sS33(f)® [Colombo,] 
1894. 12^ 14165. c. 24. 

History of . . . Lanka . . . Chapter I., Visits of 
Buddhas . . . extracted from Pujdvaliya and 
Sarvajnagun&lank&raya, with a literal translation 
by C. Alwis. 1876. 8°. 14165. e. 3. 

?^3© [Sarvajna-priti-gayana. 29 songs in 
" Hindustani " metre sung on the 2433rd birth- 
day of the Buddha.] pp. 12. Colombo, 1893. 
8^ 14165. b. 19.(26.) 

S AT AB.A-P ABA JIKA- VnriSCHATA. e^aQt^f&zs^ 
tQ^S>6 CJ3<53S2S53 8^C53©C3 [A Pali compilation 
on the four pdrdjikas, with a Sinhalese adaptation 
of the same, followed by the Heranasika, the 
Dinachariya, etc.] pp. 19, ii. ©\2553(5® [Colombo,] 
1897. 8\ 14098. coo. 3. 

[Vnttamala, i.e. Vuttamala-sandesa-sataka. A 
century of Pali stanzas illustrative of Pali metres, 
with a verbal interpretation in Sinhalese.] pp. 31. 
Colombo, 1871. 8^ 14008. d. 24(1.) 

The numbering of the stanzas of this edition runs to 102. 

[Third edition.] pp.32. Colombo, 1896. 

8^ 14098. b. 20.(2.) 






SATSANTA-HELIA. essfcjed'as cs^icfe [8at- 
danta-hella. A tale in verse, foanded on the 
Chhaddaata-jataka {Fau3. 514).] pp.13. Colombo, 
1869. 12°. 14165. f. 6.(5.) 

8ATANNA. ©cc^seSu sn^cO [Bhaishajya-kalpa. 
A Sanskrit work on medicine, in 450 etanzas, 
followed by four Bimilar and shorter treatises 
called respectively Sarvangadhara-kalpnj Hari- 
takl-varnaDa, Dravyagana-kalpa and Prayoga- 
samuchchaya. Edited with a continuoas verbal 
interpretation and occasional notes in Sinhalese, 
by Ratmalane Sumanatis^a.] pp. xii. 136, 18, 
16. §<p©ft 2428 [Colombo, 1885.] 8'. 

14048. c. 34. 

In progre»». The Draoyaqana-kalpa teemt to Aave been 
founded on tha Qavpdfhddhitdi-a of Vangtueaa'i Chikitid- 

— Prayogasamnchchaya, or a treatise on 

pharmacology accepted commonly as a part of 
[Sayanna's] Bhsisajya Kalpa, with a new [inter- 
verbal] Sinhalese paraphrace [sic] by J. S. Eaja- 
eundara. {o®ai:o eagSOos ©cne)cJ ©©raadn 
an<53©d ©sSoKi anairfScaS) pp. 96. Co- 
lombo, A.B. 2438 [1895]. 8°. 14043. c. 43.(2.) 

BATIHEEIB (D. D.). snQtgcEiatfj taen E)@ 
d^csScSEd' [Navagrahapnja salia bali-niyamayat. 
A treatise containing 38 incantations and instruc- 
tions as to the offerings to be made to the nine 
planetary gods in cases of illness.] pp. 7, 
©jSMgi® [Colombo,'] 1890. 8". 14165. d. 26.(1.) 

BEBASTIAS.Sami. zs^e^ssi&ssi H©S ©aas^Sce^sC 
g^SaSevd jnSzd' sss(5.sS(3.^ 1885 %€i^Qa 
^^■^■S^.Q [Kandanne Sebastian- man galy a var- 
naoa.] St. Sebastian's Festival GtorificatioD, etc. 
[in the Boman Catholic Church at Kandanna, com- 
posed in 176 stanzas.] pp. 17. [Colombo,] 1886. 
8°. 14166. i. 7. 

Sea SiOERA. 

SEOTTB. (Loma (Jaston Adbien de). csisfamze 

[Satprasada-vahan^e labageniiaa pilibafida anu- 
f asanavat. " Counsels for Holy Communion," trans- 
■ lated by C. D. Anthonisz from an Euglisb version 
of Mgr. De Segnr's French work.] pp. 86. [Co- 
lombo,] 1894. 16°. 14165. a. 60. 

SELKIBE (Jakes), Miitsionary, See Btblb. The 
Holy Bible translated into Singhalese by [S, 
Lambrick, J. Selkirk, and others] etc. 1834, etc. 
8°. 1108. e. 21. 

A short defence of the Ootta version of 

the Scriptures into Singhalese : in answer to a 
pamphlet entitled " Bemarks on the Cotta version 
of the Scriptures into the Singhalese language 
by F. de Levera, a Native." pp. 20. Ceylon: 
Cotta Church Misiion Frets, 1835. 8°. 

3129. fle. 13.(S.) 

SEHANATAEA (A. Mendis). See Mekdis Sesa- 


SEHAHAYAKA (Corhblids). The Sighalese 
Hymnal : being chiefly renderings from English 
hymns ... by the Eev. C. Senanayake : to 
which are appended a few hymns ... by 
S. W. Dias. . . . {6o(»e c9«*S)i) [Simhala 
Gitika]. Third edition, enlarged, pp. xii. 153. 
Colombo, 1888. 8°. 14166. a. 19. 

Fourth edition . . . Enlarged. Colombo, 

1889. 8". 14166. a. 20. 

SENBVIEATHA (Don David Gumatilaka) . See 
Gdnatilaka Sknaviratna [Son D.). 

Nakesdra-biwha, King of Ceylon. Narendra Singha 
Sringara Alankaraya. [Edited by P. D. P. 
Senoviratna.] 1896. 8°. 14165. i. 22.(4.) 

SENEVIEATHA (Simon de Silva). The historical 
tragedy [in two acts] entitled Kalidas, by S. de S. 
Seneviratne . . . sBjgc^cS i^tz^a &e3ia> [Kali- 
das-nritya-pota.] pp. 22. Colombo, 1887. 8*. 
14165. ff. 7.(6.) 

SETTIPALA, Tandit. ©tniS^fii^S^os [sic] 
[Mababhinishkramana. A poem, in 853 stanzas, 
on the makdhhinishlcramana or 'renunciation' of 
the Buddha, composed, according to MSS. Or. 2278 
and 4783, by Settipala. Sec Ihe Catalogue of Sinh. 
MSS.] pp. 89. ©BSJ©® [Colombo,] 1889. 8°. 
14165. i. 1T.(2.) 

SHAK8PEIIE(Williah). [Ci/mbeline.] The English 
Play entitled Cymbeline. &$}S)QjsS ;0® «S5aQa 
KDiJfS^jgce [Simbalin-nam-natya-kathantraya. A 
drama in 4 acts, founded on "Cymbeline."] pp. 23. 
©8350(3® [Colombo,] 1893. 8°. 14168. g. 9.(10.) 





8HAS8P£B£ (William) (continued). [Merchant 
of Venice,^ Marchent of Venis or Forciya [sic'] , 

[A drama^ founded on Shakspere's '^ Merchant of 
Venice," and composed in "Hindustani'^ metre.] 
pp. 28. [Colombo,] 1894. 8^ 14166. g. 9.(16.) 

[Another drama founded on the same, and 

composed in verses and songs adapted for a Sin- 
halese Nd4agama.] pp. 76. ©\2S>3(3® [Colombo,] 
1896. 8^ 14168. g. 10. 

[Two Gentlemen of Verona,] Comedy of 

Proteus and Valentine. ^oSSco^ ^iQssiQiQ2SS 
«f)3©(5>® etc. [Protiyas-Velanteyin-nadagama. A 
dramatized version of Shakspere's '^ Two Gentle- 
men of Verona."] pp. 119. Colombo, 1883. 8''. 

14165. g. 5. 

Proteus and Valentine. A Selection from 

. . . Shakspear's [" Two Gentlemen of Verona/'] 
by the New Theatrical Company, Negombo. [A 
drama in five acts.] Composed by P. Peries and 
G. Fernando ... ©^goScseJ QiC^isiQcQ^ es)6o2Si 
»(5g3 pp. 25. Colombo, 1890. 8**. 

14165. g. 8.(9.) 

SHEEWOOD, Mrs. See Butt, afterwards Sher- 
wood (M. M.). 

TTMALAKITTI. See Dhahmadinna Vimalaeitti. 

SIDDHATTHA, Madngalle. See Anouttara Ni- 
eata. — Pattakamma-sutta. Praptakarma Sutra. 
g3CC>«5^€)® gQ)C36 [Edited by M. Siddhattha.] 
1893. 8^ 14098. c. 53.(6.) 

SIDDHATTHA, Pupil of Buddhappiya. caQS^S) 

(5g?203 2S5(5g3 ©^COQCJ^ C03(5C?®G5G55 . . . ©ClS^db^ 

9 3S)3 csd ^3> tro C) to s^l)* ^ od [Saddharmaratnakara. 
An amplified Sinhalese version, by Dhammadinna 
Vimalakitti, of the Pali religious work Sarasan- 
gaha by Siddhattha. Edited by Kalutara Sara- 
nanda.] Gv2S30<£® [Colombo,] 1891. 8°. 

14166. c. 12. 

In progress / 

SIDDHATTHA, VaUne. See Db Silva [Bon P.) 
Epd Appuhdmi. fi^c}©» [Sidatvata. A poem 
on the life of V, Siddhattha Thera.] 1869. 8^ 

14165. i. 5.(5.) 

SIDDHATTHA, Yaldne (continued). See Pas- 

mula-Mahasami. Bhesajja Manjusa • . . [Edited 
by V. Siddhattha and others.] [1889, eic] 8^ 

14098. b. 17. 

pura. Siyamopasampadawata. eoaa 6\®3 C3 o §^ 
C)&^ [An account of the Siamese Buddhist 
sect in Ceylon, edited by Giridara Ratanajoti.] 
pp. 48. (5v25>3(g® [Colombo,] 1892. 8°. 

14165. b. 18.(2.) 

The history is continued to the reign of Hdjddhirdia-Sitnha 
(oh, 1781 A.D.). The statement of the Pali verse-colophon, to 
the effect that the work was composed Ann, JBuddh. 2119 (a.d. 
1576), is therefore difficult to explain, 

eg C3S)6^l.®a©3^ cs6)^C5G3 [Saddhar- 

movada-Sangraha. On the Buddha and Buddhism. 
Edited by Madampe Upasiha.] 6^2S33(gS) [Colombo,] 
1890. 8^ 14165. b. 17. 

In progress. The work was written cU the request of King 
Xirt^ri Bdjasimha of Randy, 1747-80 a.d. 

e94^C) • . . Siddhaushadha Nighantu, [a vo- 
cabulary of Sanskrit synonyms of drugs, accom- 
panied by a statement of the medical properties 
of each drug in Sanskrit,] edited with a [Sinhalese 
verbal] comentary [sic] of his own, by Don H. 
Samarasinha, etc. pp. 74. [Colombo^ 1878. 8°. 

14043. e. 17. 

SIOESA (Barnes). Jataka Cintamani or A 
Treatise on Horoscopy [in 491 stanzas, followed 
by tables] by Barnes Segera. t5^tsszs^ §£5l)'03®'©8' 
etc. pp. 75. Colombo, 1888. 8°. 14165. d. 12. 

SILASEHANDHA, C. A., of Dodanduwa. See 
Pannagoa. Sugata Vidatthividhana . . . With a 
[Sinhalese] paraphrase [and an English and a 
Sinhalese preface] by . . . C. A. Seelakkhandha, 
etc. 1894. . 8^ 14098. c. 68.(2.) 

8ILAHE0HA7ABNA SENA, King of Ceylon. Siyabas 
Lakara or Sinhalese Rhetoric [founded on Dan- 
din^s Kavyadarsa] by King Sil&m^ghavarna, para- 
phrased by Ratnamadhvdch&rya Mah& Th^ra. 
Revised by H. Jayatilaka . . . 8gOq)c:5 Qzs^^etc. 
pp. ii. 91. Colombo, 1892. 8^ 14165. 1. U.a.) 

According to the Mahdvamsa, this king reigned at Polon* 
naruva a.d. 846-66. 

SILAIfAVDA, Aruggoda. 6v@v3c5d3S) gcs)6v^3^ 
OGS&O^ [Vai^akha-Sngatotpatti, on the birth 

N 2 





of the Buddha in the month of Vaifakha^ a tract 
apparently on tbe model of the Christmas litera- 
ture of Europe.] pp. 12, Q. ©. 2433 [Colombo, 
1889]. 12^ "^ 14166. a. 12.(4.) 

SILAVAVDA, Telvatte. See Khuddaka-Nikata. — 
Vimdna-vatthu. @®3^ &CX5$ QZ5)6^C^ [Edited 
by T. Silananda.] 1890. S"". 14098. c. 63. 

SILAYAMBA. Kaccayana Dhatnmanjusa. 2S)€)c)3 
cS^ £)3^®^C30 [A compilation of verbal roots 
in Pali^ explained in Pali and founded on Kach- 
chayana's Pali Grammar. Edited with a transla- 
tion into Sinhalese and into English by Don A. 
de S. DevarakkhitaBatuvantudave;] pp. i. 68, i. 
[Colombo,] 1872. 8^. 14098. c. 8. 

BILAVAMSA, Pdntiye. See Moogallana. Ak6r6di- 

kosha. ...qf^Qo^ 0^6233 qr2S3d[)§©^2S5)CSC3 

etc, [Compiled and edited by P. Silavamsa.] 
1891. 8^ 14098. dd. 7. 

SUVA. [For authors prefixing to this name Ds, 
see De Silva.] 

BILVA (D. D. N.). See Padmaprabhu Subi. 
C2©?5^^02S5cS etc. [Edited, with a preface and a 
verbal interpretation in Sinhalese, by D. D. N. 
Silva.] 1888. 8°. 14053. cc. 62.(1.) 

SILYA(E. D.). Sattiangani Nattyaya. C3CT»oC532fl 
:!^3©23CS [Satyangani natya. An Indian love 
story versified in " Hindustani *' metre for the 
Sinhalese stage.] pp. 5. Oalle, 1886. 8**. 

14165. g. 9.a.) 

SUVA (H. E.). See Vijevikrama Muhandiram. 
History of Lichchavi . . . revised by H. E. Silva. 
and D. D. J. Perera, etc. 1889. 8^. • 

14165. e. 18. 

SILVA (Katharine) N. <fcD5S^eo-^«^o4^ [An- 
ganagunadapana. A poem, in 62 stanzas, on the 
virtues of women, in reply to one called Virati- 
vadaya directed against them.] pp. 10. ©i@©\03© 
[Wclitota,] 1894. 12^ 14165. h. 16.(9.) 

SILVA (Salis) Yon'MeraMa-SimanSevdge, fiS 
C3 d^ tS©D ^35^00 [Sirisaranabhivadanaya. A 
poem, in 112 stanzas, to be recited by pilgrims 
to Adam's peak.] pp, 13. [Colombo^ 1892. 8**. 

14165. i. 16.(5.) 

SILVA (T. Bastiah). Cradle songs. ^6i^syiQ 
3^6 [Daranela- villa. A poem in 78 stanzas.] 
pp. U. ©3dei(i [Galle,] 1889. ff*. 

14165. h. U.(S.) 

BIKHABA, Kesellena, Janawanse. ti^QssitQCQ 
[A poem on ethnology, founded on a supposed 
Pali original by one Buddharakkhita Thera.] 
pp. 55. 6vss3(9S) [CoUmibo,] 1864. 12^. 

14165. h. 3.(2.) 

[Simhavalli-kathava. A poem, in 268 stanzas, 
on the legend of Simhaba Kumara and his sister 
princess Simhavalli.] pp. 45. [Colombo,] 1867. 
12S 14165. t 6.(2.) 

[Another edition, in 266 stanzas.] pp. 28. 

©vga3(3® [Colombo,] 1887. 8^ 14165. e. 11.(4.) 

[Another edition.] pp.28. ^2S)3(3S) [Co- 

Umbo,] 1888. 8^ 14165. f. 29.(1.) 

BIMOir (H. D. Charles), esos) t£)6 escs^doe) 
[Sapta-svara-saijgara. Miscellaneous songs of 
about the 17th century, compiled by H. D. 
Charles Simon.] ©^sS5^©® [Colombo,] 1892. 8®. 

14165. 1. 15.(26.) 

BIMOlf, Oalatarage Don. @^(5d36'SSD^G0 [Soko- 
daya. An elegy on the death of the infant child 
named G. D. Simon.], pp. 3. Colombo, 1892. 8°. 

14165. i. 15.(25.) 

lands, Reformed Church of the. Singaleesch 
Belydenis Boek, etc. 1737-38. 8''. 14165. aa. 2. 

LANDS, Reformed Church of the. Singaleesch 
Formulier Boek, etc. 1744. 8°. 14165. a. 32. 

ligious Tract Society. 

SINHALESE. An address to the Singhalese, par- 
ticularly to such of them as have been baptized, 
on the folly and sin of Devil-worship, etc, pp. 12. 
Cotta Church Mission Press, 1837. 12*'. 

14165. a. 85.(7.) 

The alphabet of the Singhali or people of 

the Island Sel&n comonly called Qeylon in East 
India. . . . [With] some Rules and Examples for 





reading [followed by] the Singala names of the 
months. [Three Copper Prints engraved by 
Michael Burghers. Extracted from a copy of 
'' Syntagma Dissertationum '' by Thomas Hyde, 
Vol. ii. (Oxford 1767. 4^)]. 760. £ 2. 

[Another copy.] 

760. 6. 4. 


A Short Catechism to be learnt by Singhalese 
Children. Second edition, pp. 16. Cotta Church 
Mission Press; Geylon, 1838. 8**. 

14165. a. 35.(3.) 


THASARA. 14165. 1. 8. 

SINHALESE BEADEB. Sinhalese Second (-Fourth) 
Reader. Qots^Q ®^^6^©^ (-C53CT(5®^€)^) odQ® 
©^O305 [Simhala deveni (-hataraveni) padam- 
pota.] Seventh edition, etc. 3 pt. Christian 
Vernacular Education Society ; Colombo, 1886-88. 
12^ 14165. k. 8.(1.) 

Sinhalese Second (-Fifth) Reader . . Eighth 

edition, etc. Pt. 2-5. Christian Vernacular 
Education Society; Colombo, 1887-92. 12*". 

14165. k. 11.(1-4.) 

Siighalese Second Reader. New Series. 

(f(gaJ ©^^©v£);fi C33©® ©^03« [Alut deveni 
padam-pota.] Ninth edition, pp. 68. Christian 
Vernacular Education Society ; Colombo, 1889. 12**. 

14165. k. 16.(1.) 

Tenth edition. Christian Vernacular Educa* 

Hon Society ; Colombo, 1890. 12^. 

14165. k. 16.(4.) 

■ Eleventh edition. Christian Literature 

Society ; Cdomho, 1892. 12^ 14165. k. 16.(9.) 

SINHALESE SCHOOL BOOS. Singaleesch School- 
boek behelsende korte Yragen ende Antwoorden 
nopens . • . de grondbeginselen van de . . . Leere 
der Christelyken religie, bestaande in vyf deelen, 
etc. (SoQS5© 0^@«»«?a)®C)(3 ©^OOTOOO etc. 
[Simhala pallikkndamvala potaya.]) pp. 123. 
In's Oompagnies gewone Bruchery ; Colombo, 1742. 
8^ 14165. aa. 8. 

SINHALESE TABLE BOOS. Sinhalese Table Book. 
So 055© CD-Cfi^ffl ©6 [Simhala -ganita-garbha.] 

Fourth edition, pp. 16. Christian Vernacular 
Education Society ; Colombo, 1886, 16**. 

14165. k. 6.(2.) 


SIFIBIHALATA. 665 ©aQod [Sipiri-malaya. 
A mournful description by a prisoner of his 
prison-life^ in 96 stanzas.] pp. 12. 6N2S)3(g)S) 
{Colombo,} 1888. 8°. 14165. i. 23.(1.) 

fi68®3(3c» ©^qdScJ (f^<52aa(5G03©<55 ©©aocs 

[Sipirimalaya or Hirakarayage Vilapaya. The 
lamentations of a prisoner^ in 93 stanzas.] pp. 12. 
©v2S)3©® {Colombo,] 1888. 8^ 14165. h. 10.(2.) 

SIPPTJ-SVLAKE THEBA fif^a Yanavasa-nighantu. 
©?S5©3C3 j©eS'€^g[«ic]6>. [Vanavasa-nighantu. A 
botanical work^ edited by Sippa-kalame Thera.] 
1897. 8°. 14188. c. 27.(2.) 

OD<^ ScS3(32S Qiss^d^^GO [Buddhistic stanzas for 
exorcising evil spirits and for curing diseases^ 
interspersed with Pali verses.] pp. 14. [Oo- 
lombo,'\ 1889. 8°. 14165. b. 20.(1.) 

SnU SAHGHABODHI, King of Ceylon. See Sanqha- 
BODHij Dhamma Siri» 

SIBISTJMEDHA-TISSA, Mukalangamuve. ^qd® 
®vCT(5 C)ct [Nadaram-tera-vata. A eulogistic 
poem^in 100 tetrastichs^ on the life (a.d. 1833-88) 
and career of Yogiyane Nandarama-tissa.] pp. 8. 
§. ©. 2438 [Colombo, 1896]. 8^ 14165. i. 22.(8.) 

SIBIVABDHAHA (Abraham) . Advice to Children. 
© S S JSd^ & ^ ©03 ^ [Lamayinta A vavada. A poem 
in 17 stanzas.] Oalle, 1887. 32°. 

14165. a. 53.(1.) 

SIBIVABDHAITA (Abraham Solomons). Yoga- 
lankaraya. ©^cjocTcoa©© zs^odcQ [Recipes for work- 
men, compiled from " Workshop Receipts,'^ and 
other English sources^ with headings and other 
occasional explanations in English. Pt. 1, 2.] 
Galle, 1885, etc. 8^ 14165. d. 7. 

In progress. 

SntlTABDHAirA (J. S. F.). Spiritual Songs in 
Sinhalese. <piSi®zS) zs^Q Q^Q ©^OJ^» [Atmika- 
kavi-sindu-pota. A Christian work.] pp. 18. 
Colombo, 1891. 8^ 14165. aa. 9.(10.) 





BmiVAEDHAHA (S. A. Z.). Sinhalese Copy Book. 
. . . QoQD(3 ©VZ5538 ®^03ffl [Simhala-kopi-pota.] 
Pt. 2, 3. ®3d®<^ iGalle,'] 1892. 4^ 

14165. 1. 2L(2.) 

8IB0PADATA. fi@v<53oo^C38 e^^o^vCS)}^ esS£d^ 
©^^© 6)1^4^' ^0© Siropadaya [or Samandev- 
varnnanaya] or an eulogical poem on Saman Dev 
[the god or genius loci of Adam's Peak.] pp. 27. 
Colombo, 1887. 8^ 14165. i. 16.(2.) 

SIVALIEEITA fiSo gSesos C3QD toQsJ csaocorg 
)5g® CS^X^cs^cS [Sivalikhita. An astrological 
treatise in Sanskrit^ with a Simhalese translation 
and with -other notices regarding lucky hours.] 
Third edition, pp. 71.. G^zS)OQS^ [Colomboi] 
1890. 16^ 14053. a. 12. 

TAe preface attributes the Sanskrit text to Sanalkumara, 
and mentions a commentary on it by one Vopadeva. 

BiyirPASA-POTA. ©^c,©<2DS^ ©oevcJ C3C» ^c5 
Ox®^c3ci 6go^ G^CJOffl [Sivupada-pota. An 
erotic poem, in 80 quatrains.] pp. 16. Co- 
lombo, 1870. 10°. 14166. a. 17.(1.) 

StDDOcfl [A treatise on the five skandhas of 
Buddhism.] See Vimukti-sangraha. cwj-S^Qd 
^^©^crf StDo^ffiicX) etc. pp. 1-43. 1889. 8^ 

14165. aa. 13. 

SMITH (Hannah) . Jessica's first prayer, reprinted 
from the " Golden Garland.^' diQzS)'>(^(d C(g§ 
©»S:^ (Zo€)ieS£^& [Jesikage palamuveni yachnava. 
A free translation of Hannah Smith's " Jessica's 
First Prayer."] pp. 32. The Ceylon Religious 
Tract Society ; Colom bo, 1 89 1 . 8° . 

14165. a. 29.a3.) 

80BHITA. <5Q5^dc3H©c5S ®-4S^C03Q [Rahasy- 
aushadha-manjusa. A collection of medical pre- 
scriptions for skin and venereal diseases, piles, 
asthma, etc.] pp. 16. [Colombo,] 1891. 8**. 

14165. c. 13. 

80BHITA, Koratofa. gj© q^i<;i^©v® S5®c3 

[Buddha-edahime-kramaya. On the methods of 
paying adoration to the Buddha.] pp. 16. S).©. 
2432 [Colombo, 1888]. 16^ 14165. a. 1^2.(7.) 

[Third edition.] pp. 24. 6\i:353(3® [Co- 
lombo,] 1891. 16^ 14165. a. 37.(4.) 

SOBHITA, Koratota {continued) . [Another edition.] 
pp. 24. [Colombo,] 1891. 16^ 14165. a. 37.(5.) 

Fifth edition, pp. 24. 6n2S>3(^S) [Co- 
lombo,] 1892. 16^. 14165. a. 37.(6.) 

SOEARI. ^tQozs)3 zsi&oQ e^ts^Q^ c^ditSiQ^a^ 

[Sokari-kathava. " The tale of Sokari," a 
love-story, in 153 stanzas.] pp. 21. Colombo, 
1886. 12^ 14168. h. 6.(5.) 

[Second edition, followed by 16 cradle- 
songs entitled Darunelavilla.] {<i(5i^iQ&Q^Q) 
pp. 23. ©V2SM©® [Colomho,] 1891. 12^ 

14165. f. 12.(3.) 

SOLOS - SVAPJf ATA. ©vC3}©^(33d t£)6^cQ [A 
poem, in 77 stanzas, founded on the introductory 
tale of the Mahasupina-jataka (Fans. 7) regard- 
ing the sixteen dreams of a King of Ko^ala.] 
pp. 8. ©vgai^a [Colomio,] 1887. 8"^. 

14165. e. 11.(5.) 

SOTSA (N. de). See Db Soysa (N.). 

SOTSA DISAVATAKA (G. H. de). See De Soysa 


80TZA (Caeolis), Irattanavalli. ©gj^cs ^6i 
(^oozsstQa^ cacfc^CT tfa^gsjsfe) 8tD3cs3cs [Mavu- 

kusa-daru-uppattiya and Jatidukkha-vibhaga. 
A compilation of short tales and extracts from 
the Pali text, illustrative of the sorrows in 
existence and of the duty of being virtuous.] 
pp. 20. [Colombo,] 1894. 8^ 14165. f. 29.(20.) 

SOTZA (H.). Jatiwada-mardanaya. do^So^ 
©dJQ^cS [A metrical criticism, in 66 stanzas, 
on a printed report on the Caste Controversj*.] 
pp. 13. Colombo, 1885. 8^ 14165. c, 14. 

SPELLIVO BOOK. Singhalese Spelling Book. 

Part 2. fioCS?(3 (gc5:>.i^c5>2«9©^® §(^ ©^oawca 
pp. 84. Colombo, 1840. 12^ 14165. k. 4. 

SPIEGEL (Fbiedbich) . See Westeroaabd (N. L.) . 
Codices Indici Bibliothec88. Regia^ Havniensis 
. . . descripti a N. L. Westergaard [assisted 
by F. Spiegel.] 1846. 4°. 822. k. 23. 

SBI-CHAVDEA. e3)(5e3o@'SSSaocd [Sarasankshepa. 
A medical work in Sanskrit verse. Edited with a 
verbal interpretation in Sinhalese, by Don ?• 







De Silva Epa-Appuhami^ Don H. Samarasimlia 
Kaviratna, and others. (Pt. 3 by Don H. 
Samarasimha).] Pt. 1-3. 6^25)3(g® [Oolombo,] 
1865, etc. 8^ 14043. d. 23. 

Sri' Chandra is mentioned <u the author of thie work in 
the' preface and on the title-page of the second edition of 
part 1. The new interpretation appears to have been founded 
on an older one existing in a vertf incorrect state, 

Sarasankshepa or Medical series. C33<5 

C3o©ve^ocfl [Second edition, edited by Don H. 
Samarasimha Kaviratna.] Pt. 1. Colombo, 1890. 
8**. In progress, 14043. C. 36. 

SBIVABDHAVA (J. L. Pieris Samarasimha). See 
PiERis Samarasimha Srivardhana (J. L.). 

STEELE (Thomas), of the Ceylon Civil Service, 
See Alaoiyavanna Mukaveti. An Eastern Love 
story Kusa Jatakaya . . rendered . . into English 
verse . . by T. Steele. 1871. 8^ 14165. t 35. 

STBIOUKAVAKNAVA. tSi^QQ4f^6) ^4^ [sic] 3 
[Strigunavarnana. A Buddhistic ethical poem 
for women, in 111 stanzas.] pp. 16. Gv^s^a^S) 
[Colombo,] 1893. 12**. 14165. h. 16.(6.) 

[Another copy.] 14166. h. 16.(8.) 

BTTBASIMHA (D. J.) . See Olcott (H. S.) . cp a Sj <J 
(5 Q>2S^ C3 fiXg QD © [ Avavada - ratna - sangraha. 

The " Golden Rules of Buddhism,'^ translated by 
D. J. Subasimha.] 1891. 8^ 14098. a. 

[^ubhamagul-santiya. A poem for ceremonial 
purposes in curing diseases.] See PovAKMOii 
Thera. ®Q55jQ(5c303^cfl etc. pp. 6-26. 

14165. 0. 20.(15.) 

SVBHtn, Vaskaduve. See Moqoallana. Abhi- 
dhanappadipika (Cf ti3S)«ao^62S>)) ; or Dic- 
tionary of the Pali Language. By Moggallana 
There. With English and Singhalese interpreta- 
tions, e<c. ByW.Subhiiti. 1865. 8^ 14098. d. 5. 

Second edition. 1883. 8°. 14098. c. 16. 

See MoooALLANA. A complete index to 

the Abhidhanappadipika, etc, [Followed by a 
vocabulary of words with their meanings in Sin- 
halese.] By W.'Subhuti. 1893. 8°. 14098. c. 62. 

'— N&mam&l&, or a work on P&li grammar 
[in Sinhalese, founded mainly on " Pali-nama- 
varanegilla," with prefaces in English and in 

Sinhalese, the latter descriptive of the existing 
Pali grammars] prepared ... by Waskaduwe 
Subhuti, etc. (?$^d®®3(33 etc.) pp. 24, c. 148, 
70. Colombo, 1876. 8^ 14098. c. 12. 

STTBBAHMAHYA Panditar, See Bibile Bandara 

» • • • • 

B. V. H. ©\35>3©df3C) ©vQoSrf CS3 ® (33 ©^(i J GO 

C3 2ri*^e>o& [A treatise on Cholera. Compiled 
from materials derived from Subrahmanya's Jiva- 
rakshamritam and other works.] 1889. 8**. 

14165. c. 20.(3.) 


STTOUKA-TISSA, Kd({ago^a. Sj6^a:^cS3SCT 

[Buddheniyavata. A poem founded on the tale 
of the same name in the Saddharmalankara, by 
K. Suguna-tissa.] See Dhammakitti, Oadala- 
deniye. S^®vS)i^0S3STO etc. [Buddheniyavata.] 
pp. 9-24.'^ 1895. 8^ 14165. f. 38.(1.) 

STTEBA. Sukranetisaraya [sic], A treatise on 
Jurisprudence ... by Sukrachargya [sic] , With 
a paraphrase in Sinhalese by M. Dharmaratne 
. . . Part 1 . . . Q£g2gsft^C33(5oS etc. Sansk. 8f 
Sink. [Colombo^] 1886. 8*^. 14038. c. 35. 

In progress? This part corresponds to a portion only of 
Adhy. iii. as known in India. 

STTLAltBAVATI. QeSD©^ rois© [Sulambavati- 
kathava. The love-story of the queen of Sulam- 
bavati, in 60 stanzas.] pp. 11. Colombo, 1870. 
12^ 14165. f. 6.(9.) 

[Another edition.] pp.11. Colombo, 1887. 

8^ 14165. f. 31. 

See PiLippu SiNNO. Sulambawati comedy, 

etc. 1874. 8°. 14165. g. 2.(1.) 

SinVFADESATA. ^dioe^^cacs [Suliipadesaya. 
A Roman Catholic Catechism, with a number of 
prayers preceding it. Third edition.] pp. 32. 
[Colombo,] 1892. 16^ 14165. a. 25.(15.) 

8TJMANATISSA, Ratmaldne. See Savanna. 6\@\^ 
C5t523 «55GOOO [Edited, with a verbal interpreta- 
tion and occasional notes in Sinhalese, by It. 
Sumanatissa.] [1885.] 8"". 14043. c. 34. 

SVMAVGALA, of D^digam-veliera, Cf(5com©^^^33 
[Arahatavandanava. A poem in adoration of 
the Buddha.] pp. 40. ©^25>3(3® [Colombo,] 
1893. 8\ 14165. b. 20.(2.) 

The date of composition is given as ^aka 6^^ ^ @ ^3 
C3 S$ ^ q) CSd {denH vtnd sdkuna haga) in verse 615. 





BTntAVOALA, Do4afnpahalay of Oalkanda. See 
Vaoeooda Thbra. Akhy&ta Pada . . . edited by 
D. Sumangala. 1889. 8^ 14166. k. 17.(2.) 

81TMAN6ALA, Hego4a. QbcSo^S^Q^oO e^(Si'6)t^ 
. . . S)3<3t95©NC#,gi^® [Balayuvardhana or 
Balakiridoladima. A tracts chiefly in verse, con- 
taining charms, songs, etc,, recited at certain cere- 
monies connected with the diseases of infants.] 
pp. 17. ®od©<5f [Galle,'] 1885. 8^ 

14165. 0. 6. 

iS® [Joti^akathopakathana or Handahan-kima. 
A catechism on astronomy and astrology.] 4 pt. 
Oalle, 1884, etc. 8^ 14166, d. 8.(1.) 

BTTMANGALA, Hihkaduve ^ri. See Akhyata-vaba- 
N^GiLLA. <p)S)fi)TO Qd^id^dQ followed by 
H. Sumangala's commentary entitled Akhyata- 
ryakhya.] 1873. 8^ 14098. d. 24.(2.) 

See Chandrabhabajta. Oandrabharana . . . 

Revised by ... H. Sumangala, etc. 1889. 8**. 

14063. 00. 62.(3.) 

See Jataeas. — Vmmaggajdiaka, The TJm- 

maggajdtakaya . . . edited by W. P. Ranesinghe 
. . . Revised by Rev. H. Sumangala, High Priest. 
1875. 8^ 14165. t 1. 

See. Jayavabdhana (A.) The Ancient 

History of Totagamu Vihare written by A. Jaya- 
wardana, with the assistance of . . . Hikkadawe 
Sumangala, etc. 1889. 12°. 14166. e. 17. 

See KuMABADASA. do ^'3 e5(54^»cfl 

[Janakiharana. Sargas i.-ii. restored into metre 
by H. Sumangala and J. S. Rajasundara.] 1890. 
8^ 14072. CO. 39. 

See Mahanama. The Mahdwansa . . . 

Translated and edited ... by H. Sumangala, etc. 
1883, 77. 8^ 14098. d. 18. 

See Mahanetba-pbasadamula Theba, Vidd- 

gama. Loveda saugara, etc, [revised by H. Sri 
Sumangala.] 1885. 8^ 14165. i. 11.(4.) 

See Pali-nama-vabanegilla. oog 5^o® 

Q6'^i(Si(iG €3CS5 . . . cp&io^ Sd^i (9(^(3 etc. 

(With Akhyata Vyakhya ... [a Sinhalese com- 
mentary on the latter work] by H. Sumangala.) 
1793. 8^ 14098. d. 24.(2.) 

SXTMAHOALA, B%kka4uve ^ri {continued). See Ra- 
HULA, Totaga/muve. Kavyasekhara ... by ... 
Rahula • . • with a paraphrase by H. Sumangala 
. • . edited by M. Gunananda. 1872. 8^. 

14166. L 3. 

See Rahula. The Kavyasekhara . . • . 

paraphrased by the Rev. H. Sumangala. Edited by 
• • . Batuwantudave and the High Priest Suman- 
gala. [1887.] 8^ 14166. i 14. 

®aca^ ©2330-4^00 [Masartulakshana. A 

treatise on the computation of time, compiled 
from various Tantras and other works on Jyotih- 
^astra, in Sanskrit, with a commentary and notes 
in Sinhalese.] ^pp. 47. ©^jao©® \Colombo^ 1874. 
8^ ' 14063. 00. 18. 

CserfS C) £5^(5 OS [Sandhi-grantha. A 

treatise, in Sinhalese, on Sanskrit sandhi or 
euphonic combinations.] pp. 59. Colombo, 1866. 
8^ 14093. b. 9.a.) 

eses^Ts tQSXQtSio^ 

• • • 

Satya Sangraha or 

an abridgement [by Sumangala] of the Four 
religious truths of Buddha for the instruction of 
Subhacharodaya Society at Kotahena. pp. 31. 
[Colombo,] 1871. 8^ 14166. b. 2.(1.) 

■ The Warnariti [i.e. Varnariti, on San- 

skrit, Pali, and Sinhalese phonetics] and Sinhalese 
Grammar [in Sinhalese, with headings of sections 
in English,] by the Rev. H. Sumangala, chief 
priest of Adam's Peak, etc. ('3oCS5(3 ©aj5a(54^ 
tQ&^S^ Slje^S^oD) [Second edition.] pp.60. 
iColombo,] 1878. 12°. 14093. b. 9.(2.) 

STTMANOALA, Hinatikurhburo. See Milindapanha. 
^@^9^^c^ ^^^' (Milindapprashnaya . . . trans- 
lated ... by Sumangala . . . with notes, etc.) 
1878. 8^ 14166. b. 3. 

SUMAHOALA, Kataluve. See Dhahmakitti, Gdt/ald- 
deniye. The Story of Queen Patmavati, etc. [Edited 
by K. Sumangala.] 1887. 8^ 14166. e. 11.(2.) 

STTMANOALA, Med ogam a. See Dipaneaba called 
BuDDHAPPiYA. ®G5?3 (5|o£S co^scfe^QO [Edited, 
with annotations, by M. Sumangala, etc.] 1891- 
1897. 8^ 14098. d. 39. 

SUMANGALA, Pupil of Rahula Thera. See Rama- 
CHANDBA Bhabati . . . C3«5t3 csaTOasjca ctc. 
[Bhakti-^ataka. A Sanskrit poem in adoration 





of the Buddha, with a colophon in 5 Sanskrit 
verses and a verbal translation into Sinhalese, 
by Somangala, a fellow pupil with the author of 
the poem.] 1868. 8°. 14033. b. 22.(2.) 

[Third edition.] pp. 2, 43. 1885. 8°. 

14033. bb. 17.(2.) 

STTMAHGALA, Veligama. See Sutta-nipata. 
Sutranipataya with [an old Sinhalese] para- 
phrase. [Revised by V. Sumangala.] [1890.] 
8^ 14098. c. 48. 

See Vanigasbkhara [pseud.]. Itibasa- 

mnlochchediniya^ etc. [A reply to the tracts by 
V. Sumangala on caste.] 1885. 8°. 

14166. c. 4.(2.) 

Itihasa, or a collection of useful informa- 

tion respecting the natives of Ceylon as recorded 
in Ancient histories, compiled by Weligama Sri 
Sumangala Terunnanse. (^^CS33C30S) pp. ix. 
112. Colombo, 1876. 8^ 14166. e. 6. 

Ithihasa Warnanawa [an anonymous work 

on caste] refuting the statements of Kewatta 
Vausaya [a work on the history of the Kevatta 
caste] and corroborating the sound arguments of 
[Sumangala's] Ithihasaya. (^^os^oss Q^^^sS^oQ 
[Itihasa-varnana] etc. pp. 64. ©nzs^d^,® [Co- 
lombo,] 1879. 8^. 14166. c. 4.(1.) 

SITMEDHAKKABA, Beruvala. See Dhamhasiri. 
Kudusika [i.e. *Khudda-sikkha] . . . with [an 
interverbal Sinhalese] paraphrase . . . Revised 
by the Rev. B. Sumedhankara, etc. 1894. 8**. 

14098. d. 43. 

SUIDTTA of Talkaiida Vihdra. Kawminirandama 
. . . ssSjQSc^dxsf^® [A poem, in 395 stanzas, 
founded on the Panchavudha-jataka (no. 55).] 
pp. 58. [Colombo,] 1892. 8°. 14166. f. 22.(2.) 

Composed in a.d. 1832. 


C5}-€^855d ©sCS^S^ p^:ftq}i^ (3oj5553CjC£ [Muui- 

gunalakara or Munigunalankara. A eulogy on the 
Buddha, in 237 tetrastichs, edited by Veligama 
Dhammajoti.] pp. 36. [Kataluwa ?] 1889. 8**. 

14166. a. 68.(4.) 

8TJ8KTJTA. |)@2a ssa(^08 [Mushika-kalpa.] See 
De Silva (A.) M. ^&iS)OQ& S® ®«airfc3}Q 
[Mushikalarka-visha-chikitsa] etc. pp. 1-13. 
1891. 8°. 14166. c. 11.(2.) 

SusrutaSutra-sthana. 1st part [of Susrnta's 

medical work] translated [verbally into Sinhalese] 
under the instruction of ... M. Nanissara ... by 
S. A. Fernando. (s5®iO:i gb) ofii^^cs) Pt. 1. 
Colombo, 1896. 8^. 14043. e. 32. 

In progress. 
Nidanasthana of the Susrita [sic] . Trans- 

lated [into Sinhalese in the form of an interverbal 
interpretation] and edited by H. D. Abhayawar- 
dhane Appuharay. (s?9i05 ^Cj^ cxSoiiS^cfl) 
pp. 2, 2, 92. Lankabhinawa Wisrita Press ; Co- 
lombo, 1891. 8^ 14043. e. 26. 

Uniform with a similar edition of the Sdrira-sthdna issued 
from the same press. 

c5aa<5(5cjS3r5^S [The S^rirasthana, chapter iii. of 
Susruta's Sanskrit medical work, with a verbal 
interpretation in Sinhalese by S. de Silva. Edited 
by Don A. de Silva Deyarakkhita Batuvantudave.] 
pp. V. 112. 6n;;5)3@® [Colombo^ 1882. 8**. 

14043. e. 18. 

STJTTA-KIPATA. Sutranipataya with [aQ old 
Sinhalese] paraphrase, gjo) :^c3S5cfl etc. [Edited 
by Pannananda of Panadnra, and revised by Veli- 
gama Sumangala.] Pt. 1. @^2S)3(gS) . . . g6D&S 
2434 [Colombo, 1890.] 8^ 14098. c. 48. 

In progress. 

co®2)3cSQa3tf2eo8 ?3Q)cSe<c. [The Pali 

texts of the Sammaparibbajaniya-sutta and five 
others,* all accompanied by interverbal inter- 
pretations in Sinhalese.] See Dioha-nikaya. 
— Mahasamaya-sutta. ®Q5^3C3®cfl S5'^cS etc. pp. 
28-68. 1895. 8^ 14098. D. 46.(2.) 

* Namely, the Kalahavivdda-sutta, the ChUlabyuha-sutta, 
the Mahabtfuha-sutta, the Tuvataka-sutta, and the Furct- 
bheda-sutta (II. 13 and IV. 11, 12, 13, 14, and 10 respectively). 

Chunda-sntta. g);3^ S?)^ [Chunda- 

siitraya (Sutta-nipata, 1. 5); the Pali text, accom- 
panied by an interverbal interpretation in Sin- 
halese.] pp.6. ©Nj5553(g® [(/oZomto,] 1896. 8"^. 

14098. 0. 72.(6.) 

Dhammika'Sutta. Q©3 t^isi^^ C3(?CJ> 

£)S)@2S3 ©0)03 LThe Dhammika-sutta (Sutta- 






nipata, II. 14)^ followed by (1) Buddhaghosa's 
commentary on it, (2) the Pali text of the Butta, 
with an interverbal interpretation in Sinhalese, 
collectiyely called Dharmika - siitra - sannaya.] 
pp. 26. e^2S>3^S) \_Coloinbo,] 1895. 8**. 

14098. 0. 69.(5.) 

Kasibhdrculvaja-sutta. Z5)S C53(i©}C5 SJ^wS 

[Kaslbharadvaja-sutra (Satta-nipata, I. 4), the 
Pali text, followed by an old interverbal inter- 
pretation and a modern amplified version, both 
in Sinhalese.] pp. 25. g\ss)o^S) \_Colombo,] 1896. 
8^ 14098. c. 72.(6.) 

Mahdmangala-sutta. s)QJ)D®e)^G ?3?)^ 

[Mahamangala-Butra. The Pali text of the 
Mahamangala-sntta, followed by an extensive 
old commentary in Sinhalese^ interspersed with 
Pali quotations. Edited by Hokandara Deva- 
nanda.] pp. iv. 74, iv. [CQlombo,] 1894. 8*. 

14098. d. 42.(3.) 

'—— Pardbhava'Sutta. C3(53€5C) ^0)00 [The 
Parabhava-sutta, i.e. Sutta-nipata, I. 6, followed 
by an extensive commentary in Sinhalese. Edited 
by Kalatara Sarananda.] pp. ii. [Pali text], 
59 [commentary]. Colombo, 1891. 8°. 

14098. c. 54.(2.) 

SVYAnrAJOTTASABHA, Udugampola. See An- 
auTTABA-NiKATA. — Ddnuppatti-sutta. tQzfy!^ C3lSS5 
C^ZQXX>G^ S3Q)C0 [Edited, with a Sinhalese 
verbal interpretation, by U. Suvannajotyasabha.] 
1892. 8^ 14098. c. 63.(4.) 

See Mbdhakkarasabha, I. (gigts^QcjJe^cJ 

©^®S©«S5(53»C5 e£)o®^ ... ©vcrf dSo> zac^sQ 
[Edited by U. Suvannajotyasabha.] 1889. 8°. 

14165. e. 23.(1.) 

tS^g ^©00 [Bhikshu ^ilaya. Discourses 

for the guidance of Buddhist monks; with cita- 
tions from Pali authorities.] pp. viii. 120. 
6NJS53©S) lOolombo,] 1893. 8^ 14165. b. 18.(8.) 


gampola. See Dhammakitti, U. S. S. 

8UVI8I-VIVAEAHATA. gSQ ged^6^cs SSg 
©^03OT [Suvisi-vivaranaye viridu-pota. A poem, 
in 50 stanzas, on the 24 predictions as to the 
attainment of Buddhahood by Gotama.] pp. 6. 
^^de^d iQalle,'] 1885. 8^ 14165. b. 19.(1.) 

SWIFT (Jonathan), Dean of SL Patrick's. Gul- 
liver^s Travels. Voyage to Lilliput, translated 
into Sinhalese by A. J. W. Marambe . . . 

. . . "®@S<5y ^® <fos ^oa «?c)3 ®^ea 

[Galivar nam aya ita kuda manushyayange ratata 
peminime . . . katha pravrittiyayi.] Pt. 1. pp. 31. 
®S>^t)(5 [Kandy,] 1888. 8^ 14165. f. 29.(2.) 

TALASAKBE TATDTDV. Diyasevul sandesaya. 
. . . §00C3i&(^ C32d^©^^'C303 ['' Water-fowl's mes- 
sage.'' A prayer addressed to the patron deity 
of the Kataragama temple, for the cure of the 
author's illness.] pp. 21. Colombo, 1898. 8°. 

14165. i. 22.(6.) 

Fernando (D.) H. 

TELHATAHE. Q^zs^dtS)Qe^^ ©^QS^ScJ ^55^§«5 
(2)(^(3 [Telhatane or Denamutumalla. A comic 
and satiric poem^ in 56 stanzas.] pp. 7. [^Co- 
Jo/nbo,] 1891. 8°. 14165. i. 15.(13.) 

TEMPEEA9CE BECITEB. The Temperance Reciter. 

Cf§)aL03?^ S32S5;.i caexgos^cfl [Amadyapana-vakya- 
sangraha.] Pt. 2. pp. 62. Ceylon Religious Tract 
Society; Colombo, 1891. 8°. 14165. a. 29.(15.) 


Colombo. — Buddhist Theosophical Society, 

TUAKARATVA (Diontsius Abraham). See 

AbHATASEKHARA (J. H.). ^(gSJS)dGJcS^ ©©^33j(S> 

®3(3Q0 Tillekeratne Wiyogamalaya, or the death 
of D. A. Tillekeratne. 1893. 16^ 14165. e. 21. 

TUAKAKATVA (Edwin R.) See Bastian, G. Don. 
^?9S^ C3(5c3Sc3 . . . Teupuda Sarasaviya, or 
the address presented to E. B. Tillekeratne. 1892. 
8^ 14165. i. 21.(2.) 

TULEKEBATKE. See Tilakaratna. 

TODD. (John), D.D., Author of the ''Student's 
Manual/' Lectures to Children familiarly illus- 
trating important matters. S)3©d)S;® cg^i^icS 
[Baladharma-grantha.] pp. 98. Ceylon Religious 
Tract Society; ColombOj 1891. 8^ 

14165. a. 29.(12.) 

The title of the JEnglish original of thit toark runs: 
"Lectures to Children, familiarly illustrating important 
Truths^ (1361. b. 14.) 





TOLFRET (William). See Bible. The Holy 
Bible translated ... [by W. Tolfrey and other 
missionaries]^ etc. 1819^ etc. 4^. 466. c. 12-15. 

[Revised edition.] 1830, 1827. 8°. 

3068. eee. 2. 



^csa €3 5^^03^ (3S5©4^Qe [Trayodasa-sannipata- 
lakshana. Sanskrit stanzas on the diagnosis of 
fever, compiled from older works, with a literal 
interpretation in Sinhalese.] pp. 10. Ct^s^55)(g)S 
[Epa-appahdmi 8f Co. } Colombo,] 1867. 8'. 

14043. 0. 12.(3 ) 

TRITIDHARATVA-KATHA. <§§iD^csJr5^ 235^08 
[Trividharatna-katha. A poem, in 87 stanzas, 
founded on a Buddhist story of a woman escaping 
death by her faith in Buddhism.] pp. 13. ©^ss^d 
(5® [Colombo,] 1869. 12°. 14166. f. 6.(6.) 

[Another edition.] pp. 12. Colombo, 1893. 

8^ 14166. f. 29.(16.) 

TTrpAVE {Don Andris), Pandit. See Alagiyavanna 
Mukaveti. Kosejateke [with an interverbal inter- 
pretation by Jinavamsa Pannasara. Edited by 
Don A. Tudave. Second edition,] etc. [1868.] 8^ 

14166. f. 2. 

See Alagiyavanna Mukaveti, Kusajatake, 

etc. [With the verbal paraphrase of Jinavamsa 
Pannasara, edited by Don A. Tudave. Third 
edition.] 1876. 8^ 14166. f. 4. 

See Vedeha Theba. Sidath Sangara . . . 

with Todawe^s new paraphrase, etc. 1865. 12®. 

14166. k. 1. 

See Vedeha Theba. The new paraphrase 

of Sidath Sangarawa ... by the late Tudawe 
Pandit. 1896. 8®. 14166. 1. 26. 

C525d'C3:5^33>2:i-<S53©no3 [Pransa-nrityakavya. 

A poem on certain dancers from Italy.] 6^2351(3® 
[Colombo,] 1867. 8°. 14166. h. 4.(2.) 

TTJH8ARAHATA. cjxsd'cjd^^jca [Tunsaranaya. 
A treatise in prose on the three " refuges '' of 
Buddhism.] pp. 8. ©v«S53(3® [Colombo^ 1867. 
12^ 14166. a. 44. 

[Fourth edition.] pp. 19. Colombo, 1887. 

12^ 14166. b. 14.(4.) 

TTJRVOVR (George) . An epitome of the history 
of Ceylon, compiled from native annals, and the 
first twenty chapters of the Mahawanso. (Ap- 
pendix to the epitome. Translation of inscrip- 
tions) [by A. Armour of Kandy.] 2 pt. Cotta, 
1836. 8^ 14098. c. 1. 

TTBATASEKARA {Don Constantine Fbrdinandus). 

[Kelikav- sangara va or Kridakavya-sangraha. A 
collection of hitherto unpublished stanzas by 
various authors.] pp. 80. Kataluwa, 1890. 8°. 

14166. i. 16.(10.) 

TTDAHGTr-MARDAHATA. ca)cQ®<5?c) [sic] -^cQ 
©^s5^3®^Q553 0J ©^<5:!ii2S^3©v(35 25)doQ [Udangu- 
mardanaya or Denihinage kathava. A satiric 
poem, in 94 stanzas, on the vanity of a parvenu.] 
pp. 9. (^s553(g)® [Colombo,] 1892. 8°. 

14166. i. 16.(20.) 

TjpUDATA-PRADIPA. C%^j^9^^^ ®n055Sc5 
(3g03(ioca5c2 [Ududayapradipa or Laghu-para- 
sari. "An anonymous treatise on astrology, in 42 
slokas, purporting to be founded on the Parasari 
Hora, a work on Jataka, ascribed to Parasara 
Muni.^' Sanskrit, with a literal translation by 
H. D. Fernando Tambi Appu Gurunnanse of Gal- 
kissa.] pp. 13. [Colombo,] 1888. 8^ 

14063. cc. 63.(3.) 

The work is also called on the title-page ** Laghupdrd^ari,^* 
and its authorship is ascribed to Bhairavadatta [^Siiri\. Both 
these mistakes seem to be due first. to the editor's ignorance 
that Laghupdrdfari is no other than another designation of 
the commentary called Ududdyapradipoddyota by Bhaira^ 
vadatta SUri [nee Bendall's CcUatogue of Sanskrit and Pali 
Books\ and second to the colophon at the end of the book^ which 
runs : — Hi Sri Bhairavaaatta riradte Ududdya-prcuilpd' 
dyote antardafd*dhvdyahf and which should be **t(i orijudu' 
ddj/a-pradipe *ntaraa^d ^dhydyaf^" as in the Devandgari text. 

TJEKUBAHpA, Vtrasimha-MiidaUge. ^gii di^syiss) 
'4S)^Q:^.QQ [Nalini-jataka-kavya. A poem, in 226 
stanzas, founded on the Nalinika- jataka (Fans. 
526).] pp. 19. [Colombo,] 1898. 8'. 

14166. i. 24. 

TJPA-RATVAMALATA. Upa ratna malaya [i.e. 
Upama-ratnamala. An ancient poem, in 60 
stanzas, each ending in a maxim.] (^03 (5^ffl 
®3©cfl Published [and edited] by F. M. Wickre- 
mesinha, etc. pp. 9. C533(^©<^ [Galle,] 1886. 
1 2^ 14166. h. 6.(4.) 






TTPASIHA, Mddampe. See Siddhattha Buddha- 

RAKEHiTA. (g ej6)e»t.e)3©i^ eje\§e5>cc [Sri- 

saddhartnovada-sangraha. Edited by M. Upasiha.] 
1890. 8°. 14166. b. 17. 

XTPA-TAFAS8I, Satardparivena. See Sataba- 

TJPATISSA. Mahabodbiwansa by the venerable 
chief priest Upatisse with a Sinhalese [verbal] 
paraphrase [called Madhurartha-prakasini] (S)g 
daS 9^J<Ss3) by . . . Saranankera Sangar&ja 
of Weliwita, Revised by P. Sarananda Thero 
of Merissa. (@(5506\q)oSSoC3QO) 2 pt. Pali 
and Sink. Colombo, 1891. 8°. 14098. d. 34. 

In progress, 

■ See Gurulugom!. Dharmapradipiki : a 

commentary on the Mah&bodhiwansa^ etc. 1886. 
8'. 14098. c. 23. 

TJPHAM (Edward). The Mah&vansi, the R&j&- 
ratn&cari^ and the Rdjd-vali, forming the Sacred 
and Historical books of Ceylon ; also^ a collection 
of tracts illustrative of the doctrines and literature 
of Buddhism : translated from the Singhalese. 
[Revised by W. B. Fox.] Edited by E. Upham. 
3 vol. London, 1833. 8°. 14166. e. 24. 

VASAHKAVIPOTA. ©^£^2358 ©^c}^^ C3C55 S)© 
C55c5c5c3a [Vadankavipota and Buddhagajjaya. 
The Vadankavi-pota. A poem of about the 18th 
century, in 74 stanzas, partly in adoration of the 
Buddha and the gods,. and partly on orthography ; 
followed by the Buddhagadyaya, a poem in praise 
of the Buddha, in 40 corrupt Sanskrit stanzas ] 
pp. 21. 6N23W(5® iColombo,] 1868. 12°. 

14028. b. 68. 

• — [Another edition of the Vadankavipota.] 

See Gaka-devi-sehella. ^55 4^ G^^^S ^i^i(^Q ^^^' 
pp. 5-19. 1869. 12^ 14166. k. 3.(1.) 

[Another edition, with occasional prose 

paraphrases of verses.] See Ganadevi-sehella. 
G04^@\q© QDi(^(3 etc. pp. 4-13. 6^2S53gi® [Co- 
lomho,'] 1893. 8^ 14166. b. 22.(4.) 

VADTJEESSE LEKAM. Cfz^sicaoG^d ©l^^o &^ 
g© [Etgale varnana-sinduva. A poem on the 
elephant-kraal of February 1st, 1884, at Ebawala- 
pi^iya, by a writer known as Vaduresse Lekam.] 
pp. 6. ®^2S>J(g)® [OoZomto,] 1896. 8°. 

14166. i. 16.(15.) 

VAGBHATA, Son of Simhagupta. Ashtanga 
Hridaya. [A Sanskrit work on the Hindu 
system of medicine.] Translated into Sinhalese 
by W. B. de Alwis . . . Revised by M. Nanissara, 
(qfeSjfiKa Cb^a^cfl csocf^eriaS). Pt. 1, Sansh 
and Sink. Colombo, 1893. 8<>. 14043. d. 46. 

In progress, 

VAOBOOp A - THEEA. Akhyata Pada. (cpg)fi)^ 
O^) [Rules for the conjugation of Pali verbs, 
with explanations both in Pali and in Sinhalese,] 
edited by Dodampahala Sumangala (of Galkanda). 
pp. 55. Colombo, 1889. 12^ 14166. k. 17.(2.) 

Compiled in the zwu'ith century, 

VAIDTALAHKAEA. ©^©.©q^i^gtoac^cs Widdya- 
lankaraya. [A propasdeutic treatise on medicine, 
compiled from Sanskrit works, in 71 stanzas, with 
a literal interpretation in Sinhalese.] pp. 71. 
Sansk. and Sink, [Epa Appuhami ^ Co. ;] 
©^?»)©a [Colombo,'] 1867. 8°. 14043. c. 12.(6.) 

VAIDTAEATKA {M. M. de Silva) TJ. See De Silva 
Vaidyaratna (M. M.) U. 


Bauddha Sangeeta. Composed for the Wesak of 
1893. ©N©^©^'soc) ©5)-) 6) C3o;Ss5gD [Vaisakha- 
bauddha-sangita. Songs in '^ Hindustani '' metre 
to be sung at the festival of the Buddha's birth- 
day.] pp.9. Colovibo, 1893. 8^ 14166. a. 68.(12.) 


®oC5g25 ©^-e^ [sic] © [Vaisakha-mangalya- 
varnana. A poem, in 150 stanzas, descriptive of 
the Buddha^s birth-day festivities in Colombo and 
its suburbs.] pp. 22. [Colombo,] 1888. 12^. 

14166. a. 68.a.) 


CCD4^ [Dighakosala-jataka or Kavminipahana. A 
poem, in 412 tetrastichs, founded on the Kosambi- 
jataka (Fans. 428.)] pp. 37. ®G553^^ [Matara,] 
1895. 8^ 4166. f. 23.(6.) 

VALHIKI. See E^amba-NattabvIb. Adventures 
of Rdma ... [being a translation of Kamba's 
abridged version of Yalmiki^s Ramayana,] etc. 
1886. 8^ 14166. i. 12. 

See Kumabadasa, King of Ceylon. c53 5^^^ 

(S)64^CQ [Janakiharana. A Sanskrit poem founded 





on the episode of Rama and Sita in Yalmiki's 
Ramayaina : sargas i.-ii. restored into metre.] 
1890. 8°. 14072. cc. 39. 

See KnuARADASA, King of Ceylon. Jdnaki- 

barana. An epic poem in Sanskrit . . . restored 
into metre, etc. 1891. 8°. 14072. cc. 47. 

VAHAVASA • HIGHAHTU. Qs«ajC3 jfi)»-€^ 
Q [sic] © [Vanavasa-nighantu. A botanical work, 
in 104 Sinhalese stanzas, giving the varions 
names and short descriptions of medicinal plants, 
for the guidance of native physicians. Edited 
by Sippnkulame Thera. Second edition.] pp. 13. 
iColomho;\ 1897. 8^ 14166. c. 27.(2.) 

VAH CtTTLENBTJEO. See Cuylenburg. 

VANDAHA-OATHA-POTA. Qsrf^^J^S^ocsocSa G^oo^ 
[A number of stanzas recited at Buddhist wor- 
ship] See Kelanihella. ss^i (3 -€^05^7(^(5 COC55 
S^xf^j^a ;553cS3 6^a^« pp. 8-10. 1885. 8"*. 

14165. b. 21.(1.) 

VAHDAPAV - KATHAVA. ©^o© 555£d© C3(S5 
<^6i'S^lQ^(^Q [Vaiidapav - kathava. A tale 
in verse about a barren lady, followed by the 
Darunelavilla ''lullaby.''] pp. 20. Colombo, 1869. 
16^ 14165. f. 7.(3.) 

VAKIOANETTI [Don William) . See Nanaratana, 
-4660/ of Attanagalla Vihdra, qfOJQ^csxg (Sc?>3(i) 
©oocs [Atvanagalu-vihara-vamsa. Edited by 
Don W. Vaniganetti.] 1897. 8^ 14165. i. 25. 

VAKIOASEEHAKA [pseud.]. Itihasamulochchedi- 
niya by Wanigasekara. (§^iSiOto |^<9^(30 6N©d§ 
^QS [A reply, in prose and verse, to the tracts 
by Veligama Sumangala and others on the origin 
of the Karave caste, with extracts from English 
and other authorities.] pp. 46. Colombo, 1885. 
8^ 14166. c. 4.(2.) 

©v^S<jCj} 233^3© [Devidat-katava. A poem on 
the story of Devadatta, in 412 stanzas.] pp. 54. 
©N«3)3e® [Colombo,] 1869. 8^ 14166. I 6.(3.) 

Composed in 1692 a.d. 

[Another edition.] pp. 33. [Colombo,] 

1892. 8^ 14166. f. 30.(2.) 

VASAHA - MIHIBA. Brihatjataka of Yaraha- 
mihira [Brihajjataka. An astrological work in 

Sanskrit ; chapters v., vi. and part of vii., 
edited and verbally] translated into Sinhalese by 
A. J. Wikkraraasinha (©<53Q55 §(fl(5oe) [Varaha- 
mihira.] Pt. 2, pp. 18-92. Colombo, 1896. 8^. 

14053. ceo. 3. 

PL I, pp. 1—17 wanting , 

[Brihajjataka, chapter xiii. (Chandrayogadhyaya), 
and other portions. Edited with a verbal in- 
terpretation and a commentary in Sinhalese by 
Veragama Punchi-Bandara.] pp. 80, ii. Sansk. 
and Sinh. [Colomboi] 1888. 8^. 

14053. cc. 62.(2.) 

(5^c53^23)Q0 ... Laghujataka or the 

complete system of astrology . . . Translated 
[into Sinhalese, in the form of a verbal inter- 
pretation, with the Sanskrit text] by 0. Alex- 
ander A. Jayasekere, etc, pp. iii. 48. Colombo, 
1886. 8°. 14053. cc. 47.(1.)' 

VAS (Anthony), F. A. The Indian Play en- 
titled Selastina and Virdu. <§NC36N(5C3di^3 . . . 
-'2^3^3500 [Selestina-nritya. A drama in two 
acts, founded on a European story.] pp. 20. 
Colombo, 1893. 8^ 14166. g. 9.(12.) 

VEDEHA-SIHDUVA. ®s©©^<C5 fi^© [A song 
founded on the Ummagga-Jataka (W. 538).] 
See Alav-sehella. gds^^ ^G® ^i^idc ^^<^- 
pp. 14-17. 1895. 12^ 14166. h. 10.(16.) 

VEDEHA THEEA. See Dh amhakitti, Oadalddeniye. 
C3S)^®3 (36to3(5cfl [Saddharmalankara. A com- 
pilation of Buddhist stories in Sinhalese, mostly 
from Vedeha Thera^s Rasavahini.] [1889, etc.] 
8^ 14166. b. 12. 

Samanta Kuta Warnand [A Pali poem of 

the 13th century, in 796 stanzas, descriptive of 
Adam^s Peak] . . . Translated into Sinhalese and 
edited by the Rev. W. Dhamm&nanda . . . and 
the Bev. M. ^^dnissara, etc. {t^®iSys> SS^Q ©4^4^ 
^3©) pp. xvi. 231. Pali and Sink. Colombo, ^ 
1890. 8^ 14098. c. 46. 

The Sidath Sangarawa, a Grammar of the 

Singhalese Language [ascribed to Vedeha Thera, 
and theVibat-maldama by KirambaDhammananda 





Thera.] Translated into English with Introdnc- 
tion [containing an essay on the Sinhalese language 
and literature]. Notes and Appendices [con- 
taining the Sinhalese originals] by J. De Alwis. 
pp. cclxxxvi. 247. Colombo, 1852. 8^. 

14165. 1. 24. 

[Another copy.] 12907. c. 18. 

Sidat-Sangara. fi<^s5-C?<5D<:^3 [Text only.] 

Second edition, pp. 27. ©vgsJD^Si [Colombo^] 1877. 
12^ 14166. 1. 3.(1.) 

Fourth edition, pp. 27. [Colombo,] 1887- 

8^ 14166. k. 17.(1.) 

Sidath Sangara . . . with Todawe's new 

paraphrase. Revised . . . and improved, with 
. . . tables of declensions and coDJugatious . . . 
by John Pereira. Second edition. pp. 104. 
Colombo, 1865. 12*^. 14166. k. 1. 

Paraphrase with comments [in Sinhalese] 

on the last Chapter (^C3c)3i*e© CfQt^nd rf3 
tSio6 C)qo) [Ishtanishta alankara adhikara-dvaya] 
of the SidatsaDgara [with the text] . . . written 
by J. P. Amarasinha, etc. pp. viii. 98. Colombo, 
1892. 8^ 14166. 1. 11.(2.) 

The new paraphrase [accompanied by the 

text] of Sidath Sangarawa ... by the late Tudawe 
Pandit . . • Part I. Edition second. . . . fi<^Q5 
OCDda cscd'^co tQ(S) cDjSo^^ Se)(54^QS Co- 
lombo, 1896. 8^. 14165. 1. 26. 

Bc^i^i co<5D(5o©^© gc^DOT^ ca.'5>53cfl 

[Sidat-sangarave purataDa sannaya. An old 
interverbal interpretation of the Sidat-sangara, 
edited by Don Andris de Silva Devarakkhita 
Batuvantudave, with appended illustrations from 
Dandin's Eavyadarsa, and a glossary.] pp. iv. 
ii. 110. ©^-4553©® [Colombo,] 1877. 12^ 

14165. k. 2. 

Sinhalese Ishta nishta (^gjQo jScsQ), or 

good and evil Prosodial feet . . . and Rhetoric or 
a Commentary on the eleventh and twelfth 
Chapters of Sidatsangara [with the text of 
Vedeha] by Mr. A. W. C. Perera, etc. pp. ii. 32. 
Galle, 1891. 8^ 14165. 1. 2.(2.) 

VEDA-VIRIDTJVA. Veda viriduwa. ^6)^ ©Sg© 
[A modern poem, in 127 stanzas, on diet.] pp. 13. 
e^C^C)^QB [Dodanihiva,] 1889. 8^ 

14166. 0. 20.(2.) 

[Yelandarajamangalya. A poem, in 130 stanzas, 
founded on a Buddhist story.] pp. 14. <2)cs^^C)d 
[Kandy,] 1893. 8^ 14165. f. 29.(14.) 

VELIGALA. ©go tS)Q4^QQ [Vaduga - hatana. 
A poem, in 256 stanzas, in praise of Ehelepola 
and other Kandyan chiefs who rose against the 
tyrant §ri Vikrama-raja-simha, 1798-1815 a.d. 
Edited by C. P. Amarasimha.] pp. 28. Colombo, 
1890. 8^ 14166. i. 22.(1.) 

Bandara, Veragama Pandita Mvdlydn$eldge. 

VBSAE-PVJAVA. Wesak Poojawa. ©^Scsrf a:53© 
[A poem, in adoration of the Buddha on his birth- 
day, in 103 stanzas.] pp. 13. C553(^© [Oalle^ 
1892. 8^ 14165. b. 19.(20.) 

VESAMEDIHA. ©^Scea S^Sis) [One of the semi- 
sacred poems on god Palanga and goddess Pattini.] 
pp. 17. Colombo, 1896. 8^ 14166. i. 17.(3.) 

VETALA BHATTA. £S^ Q^focS [Niti-pradipa. 
An ethical poem, in 16 Sanskrit stauzas. With 
a preface, a verbal interpretation, and a com- 
mentary in Sinhalese by U. M . M. de Silva Vaidya- 
ratna.] pp. ii. 11. [Colombo,] 1890. 8^ 

14072. cc. 45.(2.) 

ThU poem forms part of Hueberlins Sanskrit Anthology. 

VBTTEVE MAHATHERA. (^Z25*(3 «»)©2so8 [Gut- 
tila-kavya. A poem, in 511 quatrains, founded 
on the Guttila-jataka (Fans. 243), and ascribed to 
Vetteve Thera; edited, with a preface and com- 
mentary, by Don A. de S. Devarakkhita Batu- 
vantudave.] pp. vii. 178. Colombo, 1870. 12°, 

14165. h. 1. 

The Guttila Kdvya by the celebrated priest 

Wettewe. Paraphrased [in modern Sinhalese] and 
edited by the Pandit Batuvantudave. Second 
edition. . . . i^S3';^(3 255D©»0S etc. pp. ii. 112. 
Colombo, 1886. 8^ 14166. i. 13. 

Guttila Jataka by Wsattaewe . . . Edited 

by ... K. P. W. Dharmasena. [Another edition.] 
pp. ii. 86. 6NC.jC)2ri'gC) [Dodanduwai] 1891. 12**. 

14166. f. 13.(4.) 

eQCJ<f^©^(3 C5^7©o<^ C3J;i^$S^o8 [Commen- 
tary on the Guttila of Vetteve,] See Rahdla, 
Totagamuve. 2553 ©a ©\CS2»6^d C53iSo^C3^5S^c33 
etc. pp. 13-21. 1859. 12^. 14166. i. 6. 





VIA. oo^ ^^G^'^^^QQ [Pada-naraaskara.] Via 
Crucis. [" The Way of the Cross/' a method of 
Roman Catholic prayer on every Friday in Lent. 
Third edition.] pp. 32. [Colombo,] 1889. 16^ 

14i65. a. 25.(3.) 

YICTOBIA, Qy,een of Great Britain and Ireland. 
See Db Abrew Vxjatasivha (M.). S)Q^3:i^zi C^(Q 
docizsoe . . . The British Empire and her Majesty's 
Jubilee. 1887. 16°. 14166. e. 10.(3.) 

See Pebeba (M.) P. Jubilee Vistaraya 

and Waduhatanaya. 1887. 8^ 14166. e. 10.(1.) 

■ Queen Victoria and her family. A Jubilee 

Sketch. gS@S C3®5)2rO QoQ'ec^Q^ Ssri 
G^QiScQo 2) Qo da S jzfl iSJ* gqqs) fiooo^© pp. 27. 
Christian Vernacular Education SociHy ; Colombo, 
1887. 4^ 14166. e. 10.(2.) 

THEBA. See Mahanetba-fbasada-mula Theba^ 

VIDHUEA-JATAKA. Sgd doTOzsicS [A poem, 
in 467 quatrains, founded on the Vidhura-jataka 
(Pans. 645).] pp. 66. Colombo, 1866. 8°. 

14166. f. 3.(2.) 

Vedura Jathaka. ©j^d do^zs>cQ [Another 

poem, in 135 stanzas, founded on the same 
Vidhura-jataka (Pans. 545). Sudarsana Printing 
Press;] Colombo, 1887. 12^ 14166. f. 13.(1.) 

[Another edition of the recension in 135 

stanzas. Imperial Printing Press ;] Colombo, 
1891. 8^ 14168. f. 22.(1.) 

TIJATASEEHAEA (Marcellinus) L.D., and De 
SiLVA (Jusey), B. Ganitawarnanawa. (Si^^s^ 
©-llf'i^ 55^3 [A treatise on Arithmetic] pp. 14. 
Colombo, 1893. 16^ 14168. k. 6.(6.) 

VIJATASIKHA (Aaron de Abbew). See Be Abbew 

VlJAYAflllIHA (A.). 

TIJATASIHHA (Manuel db Abbew). See De 
Abbew Vijayasi^ha (M.) . 

VIJATASIHHA, Vtravanni Mudiydnselage. ^^ 
cfiOOg sa©S5 [Tunyahalu-puvata, "The story of 
the three friends.'* A poem, in 107 stanzas, 
founded on the Tunyahalu-vastuya in Dhamma- 

kitti's Saddharmalankara (chap. viii. 1), and 
preceded by an abstract of the story in prose.] 
pp. 15. [Colombo,] Sj.©. 2437 [1894]. 8^ 

14165. f. 29.(19.) 

VIJESIMHA (W. J.). Pesasumhara. OxC3cg®Qj)d 
[A eulogy on some of the staff of the newspaper 
called " Dinakara-prakasa,'* in 51 stanzas.] pp. 6. 
Colombo, 1892. 8^ 14168. i. 16.(21.) 

See De Silva Vijevikeama Kumabasiiiha {Don K.) . 

VIJEVIEEAMA Muhandiram. History of Lich- 
chavi. [A poem attributed to Vijevikrama.] Com- 
piled and revised by H. E. Silva . . . and D. D. J. 
Perera Appohami . . . @©dS 2S5cS3© [Lich- 
chhavi-kathava,] etc. Colombo, 1889. 8^. 

P In progress. 14166. 6. 18. 

YIJEVIEA (Uberis). gtoaSm <5oJ55^ ®j(3oS) 
[Subhashita-ratna-mala. A modern poem on 
Buddhistic ethics, in 105 tetrastichs, with para- 
phrase.] pp. 31. c>3d©^d [Galle,] 1893. 8^ 

14166. i. 23.(6.) 

VIEEAMAHATAKA (A.). <;^§)i^ g^cs^d 
[Danumeti-mutuhara. An ethical poem for 
women. Second edition.] pp. 32. [Colomboi] 
1893. 16^ 14168. h. 14. 

VIEEAICAKATAKA (Arnolds) . tr o csia Q 255 g <J ? 
[Bharyava Kavuda?] ^^^^^fS OiQi^cigQp 
©^sjae^e©^? Who is Wife and How to behave 
towards her. Compiled by A. Wickramanayaka. 
[An Essay in Sinhalese prose, with quotations 
from Sanskrit writings.] pp. 35. [Colombo^ 

1886. 32^ 14166. h. 8. 

VIEEAMAHATAKA (Bebnabd) . See Efhehebides. 
S5^§®^ ^^^^ tAn astrological calendar for 
the year ended April 11, 1894.] 1893. 12^ 

14166. m. 1. 

(5 a 2)3 cogd [Upama-sayura. A collec- 
tion of Sinhalese proverbs, alphabetically arranged. 
Pt. 1.] pp. 12. 6N<S5i(g® [Colombo,] 1893. 
12^ 14165. f. 33. 

VIKEAMAEATHA (D. J.). .'>^Qv55[C5] S^rf©^cd 

[Navagrahayinge satvisi-samaya. An astrological 
treatise in verse.] pp. 10. ®C55^©(5 [Kandy], 

1887. 8^ 14166. d. 14,(2.) 





VIKRAMAEATHA {Henry db Silva). Story of 
Esther. Cfj^^iS '4S)&oQ [Estar-kathava. A 
poem in 100 stanzas.] pp. 12. See Colombo. — 
Christian Litei'ature Society, [A series of tracts.] 
No. 22. 1893. 16^ 14166. a. 57.(4.) 

VTKEAMASEKHABA ( W. D. S.) . See W., W. A 
few thoughts on '^Ghaturvarnaya" ... by W. W. 
[I.e. W. D. S. Vikramasekhara]. 1886. 8^ 

14165. c. 5. 

See W., W. A review of '' Niti-nigan- 

duwa " ... by W. W. [i.e. W. D. S. Vikrama. 
sekhara], etc, 1885. 8^. 14165. c. 2. 

VIEBAMASIHHA (A. J.). See Yabaha-mihiba. 
Brihatjataka of Varahamihira [Brihajjataka, cli. 
v., vi., and part of vii., edited and] translated 
into Sinhalese by A. J. Wikkramasinha. 1896. 
8^ 14053. ccc. 3. 

VIKBAHASIMHA (D. H. Abkbatna) . Soe Abhata- 


VIEBAMASIHHA {Don Mabtino de Zilva) N. See 
Dhammakitti^ Gadalddeniye. Nik&ya Sangrahawa 
. . . Edited by N. Don M. de Zilva Wickrema- 
siDgho, etc. 1890. 8^. 14165. e. 13. 

See Uparatnamalata. Uparatnamalaya. 

[An ancient poem, in 60 stanzas, each ending in 
a maxim] . . . Published [and edited] by F. M. 
Wickremasinha, e^c. 1886. 12^ 14165. h. 6.(4 ) 

VIKEAMASIHHA (Fbancis Mabtin) . See Yikbama- 
siMHA (Don Mabtino de Zilva). 

VIKRAMA8IMHA(P. E.) ©^(35^«s^S5r5^^^;5^QG^ . . . 
Goghatanadinavaya ["The sin of cow-slaying/^ 
rt tract addressed to Buddhists.] pp. 17. Galle, 
1889. 16^ 14165. a. 12.(6.) 


[Syama- varnanava. An account {traditionally 
ascribed to V. Nilame) of an embassy to Siam des- 
patched by King Kirti Sri Rajasimha (a.d. 1747- 
1780), for the purpose of bringing over Buddhist 
monks to hold the upasampadd ordination.] pp. 3, 
40. [Colombo'], 1897. 8°. 14165. b. 10.(4.) 


Cx^xri'e^ coi^^ ^cQt iia^sjs^cS [Surya-sataka, with 
a Sinhalese interverbal interpretation by Vilgara- 
miila Maha-Thera.] 1883. 8\ 14072. cc. 16. 

yiLGAMVALA KAHA-THESA. eo^tSgdi c5}^^g3 
[Sandakiudnru-jatakaya. A poem, in 425 stanzas, 
founded on theChanda-kinnara-jataka (Fans. 485).] 
pp. 61. ©^^s>^(e,® [Colombo], 1866. 12°. 

14165. f. 7.(2.) 

VIIIALA-DASSA-PITA. ^®^C3 «dg 55^® ®csd 
4555gdi>e©»crf ©3^03 [Jnse Appu nam maiigul- 
kapuralage charitaya, '* The life of Juse Appu, 
the match-maker.'' A comic poem, in 244 stanzas, 
composed in 1895.] pp. 20. ®QS)2Q^5 [Kandy,] 
1896. 8^ 14165. i. 16.(14.) 

VIMALAJOTI, MuUeriyave. See Sakgharakkhita. 
Yuttodaya, with a Sinhalese translation. Edited 
by Rev. M. Wimalajoti, etc. 1888. 8^ 

14098. c. 42. 

An Introduction to Plain and Elegant [Sinhalese] 
Writing. S. 8, engraved. Colombo, [1875?] obi. 

14165. k. 5. 

VIMTJETI-SAirOBAHA. ctxsJnTQo^trfe^cd gtrocs^GS 

CS53 55^Q Cfd05>3§ QgCjQ-^ S^3Q55Cfl C04^^S> . . . 

S§|23X9 Co€?^G?cfl [Three treatises, namely 
(1) Skandhadinge vibhaga, on the five skandhaa 
of Buddhism ; (2) Nava-Arahadi-Buduguna- 
vibhaga, on the nine epithets of the Buddha ; 
and (3) Vimukti-sangraha, containing meditations 
for the attainment of sanctification and Nirvana ; 
all interspersed with copious Pali quotations from 
Buddhist authorities. Edited by Talahene Amara- 
moli.] pp. iii. 2, 160. [Colombo,'] 1889. 8^ 

14165. aa. 13. 

The Vimulcti-sahgraha wan compiled in the \8th year of 
the reign of King Vikranta Bdhu III. of Perddeniya (1369- 
1375 A.D.), by the then Abbot of the Laiikd'Seneoirat-pirivtva. 

Vimuktisangraha (©p25^ caScgOS^S) .... 

With explanatory notes. Edited by H. Devamitta, 
etc. pp. 144. Colombo, A.B. 2434 [1892]. 12^ 

14098. a. 21. 

VIKATA - PITAKA. Mahavaqga. — BodhikatM. 


oSS© Co|5cc3^ tSf^:6^QQ [Patichchasamuppada- 
sannaya. The Pali text of the Bodhikatha (Maha- 
vagga I.), followed by a Sinhalese interverbal 
translation. Edited by B. Saddhatissa.] See 

AVAVADA-VISTARAYA. CfSSo^ ©C^S^^ioS ef<?. pp. 22- 

26. 1893. 8°. 14165. b. 18.(9.) 

cS€)S CO© coo ^00 [Patichchasamuppada. 

Another edition of the Bodhikatha, followed by a 





padagata sannayay or Sinhalese interverbal inter- 
pretation^ commentaries^ and extracts from the 
Yinaja and Abhidhamma Pi^kas on the causes of 
existence ; edited by W. A. de Silva.] pp. 70. 
[Colombo;] 1895. 12^ 14098. b. 21.(2.) 

• Patichcha samnppadaja. [An illustrated 

edition of the same compilation by M. Dharma- 
ratna.] pp. 61. Gv^3(gS) [Colombo,] SjoDdft 
2439 [1896]. 8^ 14098. i. 46.(4.) 

VIFASSI^ Akd4e. See Digha-nikaya. — Mahdpari- 
nibbdita'sutta, Mah&parinirwana Sutraya^ with 
a Sinhalese translation [by A. YipassiJ etc, 

1887. 8^ 14098. c. 24.(2.) 

VIFTJLASABA, MvJleriydve. See Dhammabajaoubu^ 
Thera. Sabda Binduwa. With a paraphrase [com- 
piled and] edited by the Rev. M. Vipulasara^ etc, 

1888. 12^ 14098. a. 7.(2.) 

^mAKKOpi (S.). Paddy Cultivation by S. 
Weerackody. (@@vc^33 za l^®3 cJ^O GO) [Vigovi- 
karmantaya]^. etc, pp. ii. 46. Colombo, 1888. 
12^ 14165. d. 6.(2.) 

VIBAKOV (P. S.). Sinhalese Analysis. floGDC5 
©3233W ^cgcs^cs [Simhala-vakya-vigraha.] pp. 15. 
[Colombo;] 1894. 8^ 14165. 1. 13.(3.) 

Ceylon, Narendra Singha Sringara Alankaraya. 

^e^S^ 8oCs> c§[«ic]^^3(5 Of (3 ©83)3 <5 GS [An 

erotic poem addressed to King Vira-parakratna 
Narendra-simha (a.d. 1701-1734), and said to 
have been sung by dancing girls at his Court. 
Edited by P. D. P. Seneyiratna.] pp. 16. 
e^«S33(g® [Colombo,] 1896. 8^. 14165. i. 22.(4.) 

VIBASEEHABA (Don Simon). B^ ®®q 6^oo« 
[Vana-veda-pota. A medical work on sores and 
other skin diseases, in 192 stanzas.] pp. 24. 
Colombo, 1893. 8^ 14166. c. 20.a4.) 

VIBASEEHABA (John Nathaniel Pereba). Kau- 
mutu-wela, or a description of a railway trip 
from Colombo to Kandy. js)© gsg ©x6 LA 
poem in 201 stanzas, with a literal paraphrase.] 
pp. 70. Colombo, 1887. 8^ 14166. e. 20.(1.) 

VnULSEEHABA (Jikadasa Premachandba). See 
JiNADASA Premachandba Vibasekhara. 

Joronimus) . See Kamba-Nattarvar. Adventures 
of Bama^ etc, [being a Sinhalese translation of 
Kamba's abridged Tamil version, by Don J. V. 
Abhayagunavardhana.] 1886. 8^ 14165. L 12. 

VIBASIMHA (A. J.), Mdrambe Banddra, See 
SwiPT (J.), Dean of St. Patrick^ s, Gulliver's 
Travels . . . translated ... by A. J. W. Marambe, 
etc. 1888. 8^ 14166. £29.(2.) 

A practical synopsis of Ceylon history com- 
piled by D. W. de Silva and A. J. W. Marambe, 
etc. See De Silva (D. W.) and Vibasi^ha (A. J.), 
Mdrambe Ban4dra. 1895. 8''. 14166. e. 18.(4.) 

The Vedda language. ©ifi^o^oQ [Vedi- 

bhashava. A short vocabulary of the Vedda 
language, with an introductory essay on the 
origin and the customs of the Veddas of Ceylon.] 
pp. 28. ®CS>^©(5 [Kandy,] 1893. 8^ 

14166. 1. 14.(1.) 

An English translation of The Veddha 

Language '* by A. J. W. Marambe . . . with the 
. . . co-operation of G. W. Bibile. pp. 32. Co- 
lombo, 1896. 8\ 14165. 1. 14.(2.) 

VIBASIMHA (J. A.). Instructions to Process 
servers and FiscaFs officers. Sc:>aQ S)3(5©^<^^ 

[Sitasi baradena ayavalunta saha piskal mula- 
deninta gurukam.] pp. 10. Colombo, 1893. 
8^ 14165. c. 16. 


Jataka-pota . . . translated [according to the 
editor] . • . by Wirasinha Prati-rdja, etc. 1881. 
8^ ' 14166, f. 9. 

The 550 Births • • . [Another edition.] 

1893, etc. 4^ 14166. ff, 1. 

VntASVBIYA (David), Arachcht, of Dodanduva*, 
Experiences of a convert from Buddhism to 
Christianity. §a}GS3©^®2rf J^ci^oSo^S cpxK)®© 
C5)idi4^g ©^«»©^^8?<S^cd c?8m «acSo©cD [Bud- 
dhagamen Kristiyani-agamata herunavu kenekuge 

jivita kathava. A prize essay.] Colombo, 1876. 
12^ . . 1*1 W. a. 22.(1.) 





YISBSUSARTUS. [For editions of tbe Hito- 
padesa or portions of it, ascribed to this sage, 


THEBA, See Mahanetba-prasadahula Theba, 

TISIDAOAKA THESA. ess! 8 6 @C33) [m'c] oo 

C3Q0 , . . csgJcs^oo [Sakvala-vistara. A poem on 

• • • 

Cosmogony, attributed to Visidagama; followed 
by the Satsati ja, eight stanzas on the " seven 
weeks '' spent in meditation by Gotama Buddha 
immediately after his attainment to Bnddhahood, 
composed by Don J. Pandita-tilaka of Koggala.] 
pp. 8. ©^^3(3® [Colombo,] 1867- 8^ 

14165. h. 2.(2.) 

VOPADEVA. C3^©^®eJ2»C33 [sic] . , . Satas- 
slokeya, or a treatise on the knowledge of medicine 
[in 100 Sanskrit stanzas. Edited, with an inter- 
verbal translation into Sinhalese, by Don A. de 
S. Devarakkhita Batuvantudave.] pp. 51. Weli- 
coda [in Colombo,] 1862. 8^ 14043. c. 12.(7.) 

The Sanskrit tf^xt agreet toUh that oftht Bombay edition 
{Sata^loki) of 1860. 

VTASAEARA. Q:sitQZSio6cQ tQCS) cS^{S>30@^^(5?.G^CSCd 

C|^C^CS3 C3 86^€)c^^Q8 [Vyasakara and Hitopa- 
desayehi abhasha-parichchheda. The Vyasakara, 
a century of stanzas from Sanskrit moralists. 
Followed by the Introductory Chapter (prasta- 
vana) of the Hitopade^a, ascribed to the sage 
Yishnu^arman. Both with a Sinhalese verbal 
interpretation, edited by Ba(nvantudave Pandit. 
Second edition.] pp. 48. Colombo, 1866. IZ*. 

14076. b. 20.(1.) 

The authorship of Vyasakara is attributed to an Indian 
Rishi, Vjfdsa, For particulars, see Cat, qfSinh. MS 8, 

■ Vyasakaraya, etc, [Another edition of 

the Vyasakara only, with the same interpreta- 
tion.] pp. 29. [Colombo,'] 1869. 12^ 

14076. b. 13.(2.) 

■ Vyasakara, etc. [Another edition, with 

somewhat extended selections from the Ilito- 
pade^a and the same interpretation.] pp. 24. 
[Colombo,] 1887. ff». 14072. co. 37.(1.) 

[Second edition of the foregoing. Edited 

by Don A. de Silva Ba(uvantndave.] pp. 29. 
e^2S)J©a [Colombo,] 1890. 8^ 14072. co. 45.(3.) 

W., W. A few thoughts on "Chaturvamaya'* 
or The Four-fold social system of Castes by 
W. W. [i.e. W. D. S. Vikramafekhara]. pp. iv. 
59. Colombo, 1886. 8*^. 14165. c. 5. 

A review of " Niti-niganduwa '' and the 

caste system in Ceylon by W. W. [i.e. W. D. S. 
Vikramafekhara], ete. pp. xix. 88. Colombo, 
1885. 8^ 14165. c, 2. 

WELITOTA, Sueharitodaya - samagama. Qi g 
©^moQ (g Q©8©vCT0<Jc3 cs®oc©® [Velitota §ri 
Sucharitodaya-samagama. The rules of a Society 
at Welitota for the encouragement of general 
morality.] pp. 9. [Colombo,] 1888. 12^ 

14165. m. 7. 

WEBHELSUBCHER (Matthias). iS^^ Pereba (A.) 
and De Sabam (L.). Singaleesch-Gezangboekje . . • 
gezuivert door M. Wermelskircher, ete. 1755. 
12^ 14165. a. 30. 

WESTEBGAABD (Niels Ludvio). Codices Indici 
BibliothecsB Begiao Havniensis . . . enumerati et 

descripti a N. L. Westergaard. (Codices Eluici 

et Singhalenses) . pp. 63-79. HavnioB, 1846. 4^. 

822. k. 23. 

WETZEL (JoHANN Phiup). See Bible. — New 
Testament. Het Heylige Evangelium ... in 
de Singaleesche Tale, overgebragt [by Willem 
Konyn] en . . . gerevideert [by J. P. Wetzel] 
eU. 1739, ete. 4^ 3068. d. 16. 

See DuiRSMA (Martin). Kort Ontwerp 

van de Leere der Waarheid . . • Overgeset in de 
Singaleese Tale . • . door J. P. Wetzelius, ete. 
17 U. 8\ 14165. a. 27. 

[Second edition.] 1790. 8^. 

14165. aa. 4. 
WICKBEMASIHOHE. See Vikrahasi¥Ha. 

WIJATASEKARA (L. D. M.) . See Vijayaseehara 
(M.) L.D. 

WILBEBFOBCE (Albert Basil Orme), Canon. 
What is Schism? SS)S ©vtf3<;cD «0® «5®2ri<;? 
[Dharma-bhedaya-nam kumakda. Translated from 
English.] pp. 22. Colombo, 1886. 24^ 

14165. a. 64.a.) 





WILLIAM, U4avatte Appuhdmilage, Von. e3<§ 

[Strijnanabhila9a or Itiri-nena-abilasa. A 

comic poem, in 153 stanzas.] pp. 13. ®>esyi^S) 
[Colomho,'] 1894. 8°. 14165. L 16.(10.) 

WIBESIHGHA (J. A.) See YiBASiyHA (J. A.). 

TAKUH HATAITAVA. Yakkan Nattannawa^ a 
Cingalese poem^ descriptive ... of Demonology 
to which is [ate] appended the Practices of a Capua 
or Devil Priest as described by a Badhist and 
[the] Kolan Nattanawa^ [the latter] a poem descrip- 
tive of the Characters assamed ... in a Masquerade 
[being preceded by a lithographed specimen of the 
text]. Translated by J. Callaway. Illustrated 
• . . from Cingalese designs, pp. xi. 69. Oriental 
Translation Fund, London, 1829. 8"". [14165. i. 8. 

[Another copy.] 

T. 1288.a0.) 

TAT AW ABA (Tieibi Ban da). See Jatakas. — 
TJmmagga-jdtaha. Ummagga Jataka . • . Trans- 
lated [into English] from the Sinhalese by T. B. 
Yatawara. 1898. 8^. 14166. £ 41. 

TAVAITACHABYA. 8(gQD©vcD30 [Dvigrahayoga, 
by one Yavanacharya.] See Navaobahavastha. 
tQ^^ C3(£?m «©G5QD <f©dc5D©«^c. pp. 3-10. 
1887. 8*". 14053. oo. 38.(3.) 

TOOAKATVAKABA. Yogaratnakaraya. Gvooiosd 
(5^^533^(5(98 [A medical work in Sinhalese verse. 

Edited by Don George Samaratunga Randunu.] 
Pt. 1. Ojgooe^oS) [Ppliyagoda, Colombo,] 1892. 
8**. 14165. c. 15. 

In progress. 

TOOA-SATAKA. ^o^icsi tQG^zs)CQ G^cs^S^J S'ncsc) 
^G^Q0j(5)Q0 Yoga-satakaya or a treatise on the 
application of remedies to diseases [in 101 Sans- 
krit stanzas, with a Sinhalese verbal jnterpreta- 
tion by Don A. de S. Devarakkhita Batuvantudave] . 
Published [from a previous edition] by M. P. 
Perera [with a prefatory note by him]. Fourth 
edition, pp. 52. Colombo, 1877. 8°. 

14043. a. 3.(1.) 

" evQ03Qn (S^Z5^Z5)CQ Yogasatakaya. Edited 
[with his Sinhalese verbal interpretation] corrected 
and arranged with notes [and a preface in Sin- 
halese] by the Pandit Batuvantudave • • • New 
edition, pp. ii. 36. Colombo, 1886. 8**. 

14043. 0. 35.(1.) 

The prefares to both editions state that thix is an old ftork 
founded upon Su^ruta and other Sanskrit authorities. For 
further particulars , see The Catalogue of Sanskrit, Pali, 
and Pnucfit Books, 

XAVIEB (Fbakcis) Saint. See Fbakcis. 

ZZLYA WICKBEHASnrOHB (M. de) . See Y ixbama- 
siyHA {Don M. de Zilva). 14165. e. 13. 

ZOTSA (L. De). See De Zoysa (L.). 

p 2 



[^The references in this Index are to the names of the authors or other headings under which the worTcs 
are catalogued. In the case of anonymous works, which are catalogue under their titles, the phrase 
" in loco " is used in referring to them. Oriental titles only are used in this Index ^ 

Abhidbanappadipika [text and commentaries].' 


Abhidliarraa-matrika saha Patthana-matrika. 

• • • • 

See Dhamhadiiara, If. 

Abhidharmartha-san^raha [and it^sannaydl. 
See Andruddha, 

See Dharmabatna^ JT. 


See Bible. — New Testament^ 



Abhinava-jataka-ratna. _ 

See De Silva {Don P.), iJpd AppuhdmL 


See Samabasekhara (W. H. de Soysa). 

Abhisambodhi-alankara [tn loco^. 

Abhipam bodhi-man gal a-katha. 
See Pebera (M. G.). . 

Achchb ari va bbh uta-sutra. 

See Majjhi^a-nikata. — Achchhariyalbhutti' 




See KiRAMBA (R. T.). 


See De Silva (A.). 

Adarasokamalaja [in loco'}. "^ 


See Buddha-bibi-tissa of Ainlagahapitiyi 

Agamebi miilakarana. 
See Greene (T.). 

See Persira (J.). 

Ajada-nitiya [in loco^. 



See Yagegoda Thbba. 

Akhyata-yaranegilln [or ^rupamala] [in locol. 

See SuiiANQALA^ H, 


See Akhyata-yarakbgilla, 


See Bastian, C. Don. 

See Dhamharatana, Vflivitiye. 


See Karunaratna (T.). 


See Jatakab. — Alambusd-jataha. 


See Sa^yutta-nikaya. — AlavaJea-sutta. 

Alav-kathava [tn loco] • 

See Persra (K. B.). 




Alay-sehella [an loco]. 


See BiBLi. — New TeeiamenL 

Alatgivisame katbava. 

See BiBLK. — New Testament. — Appendix. 

Alat-Testamentave kathautara. 

See Bible. — New Teetament, — Appendix. 

See TxMPSBAKCE Hecitxb. 


See Ax ABASiyHA. 


See GubuluoomL 

Ama^atare granthi-pada-vi^arana. 
See Ds Sabam (H.). 

Amkota-hatana \in loe6\. 

See also Gajaba-hajana. 


See MoBATUWA. — Dhammika Updsaha Samd- 

Anagata-vaipsa-defana [part of the Saddharma- 
lankara] . 
See Dhammakitti, Qa4alddeniye. 

See Pebeba (K. B.). 


See Dhammaexhanda, TaUArambe. 

Andarege Sivnpada saha Jinta-kathava. 
See Andabi. 

Andimale \in loco\. 


See SiLTA (Katherine), N. 


See Kardnabatka (F. W. M.)« 


See A^bhayasibi-Gunayabdhana (H.), 


See Majjhixa-nikata. — Aiigulimdla-sutta. 

Angalimala . .-. utpatti-katha. 

See Majjhiha-nikaya. — Angulimdla-suttiu 


See Kannakqaba (A. S.)* 

Anuruddha-^ataka [and its sannaya\. 
See Anuruddha. 


See Paritta. 


See Arabian Nights.' 

iS^cre Arabian Mights. 


See SuMANOALA^ of JOfidigan-vehera. 

Ara koUanne beti. 
See Colbs (S.). 

Arak sbatnan tra. 

Arishtadavaliya or Arisbta^ataka-kayya. 
See Idibisi^ha (A. P.). 

Arisbta-sataka [in loco'] . 


See Bajadhibajasi^ha. 


See Fernando (D. S.). 


See VlGBBArA. 

Asbtapariksba \in loco]. 

Asirvada-kayya . 

See NiGASiyHA (D. B.). 

Aslrvisbopama- ) .. 
T •- . ^ Vsutra. 

Asivipa- J 

See SAVYaTTA-NiKAYA. — Abimsa-sutta. 

See Asia. 

Asara-bandhanaya [in loco] • 


See De Alwis (James). 

See Atapirieara-dana. 


See Mkndis Sxnanayaxa (A.). 


See Challoneb (R.), Bishop of Debra. 


See Bible. — Selections. 


See Db SiLVA (J. S.). 



Attana^la-npata (or -vandanava). 
See Peubka (K. B.). 

Attanagal a vamsa. 


See Atula. 

AtYanagalu-vibara-yamsaya [a poem]. 

See ^ANARATANA^ Abbot of Attana^alla Vihara, 




At^edapota, Udarata-belietfreji. 
See John, Don\ of Talduva. 


See FoNSKKA (J9on C. de), F. M. 

Aushadha nivoga. 
See Y00A-9ATAEA. 

See Olcott (H. S.). 


See Perbiba (C. A.). 


See J1NADA8A Pbemaohandra Yibasekhaba. 

AyaTada-yistaraya [in loeo^ . 


See De Silva (B.), T. 

Aya-kapirinna or Tarnnft-reyatilla. 
Sec Pebbra (K. A.' D. P.)'. 

See A, J. 


See BiBiLB Bandaba, Bibile Vijehon Herat- 



See Dhammalankaba Suiiakatissa, Bulatgama. 

See Todd (J.). 


See Febnando (D.), JET., called also Tambi-Appn- 


• _ 



See Majjhima-nieata.— Bdlapandita-suUa, 

Balaporottu-kadayuyaDta balaporottaya. 
#9^0 De Silva (Isaac). 


See Pebiodical Publications. — Colombo. 

See Balavataba. 


See Dhammajoti, Sifindmaluve, 

Balayaiara-sutra-nirdesa. . 
See Balavataba. 

Balayangre ^addha-grantha-samagame pota. 

See Colombo. — Children's Scripture Union. 

Balayioge Pujapota, 
See Kavanagh. 

Balayinta Tahapat Oarukam. . 
See De Silva (H.). 

Sukanoala^ S. 


See Sayinebis (D. D.). 


See Childbibth. 




See Samabatunoa (D. W. S.). 


^60 Pebiodical Publications. — Alutgama, 

Band dha-kathopakathana. 
See Olcott (H. S.). 

See Olcott (H. S.)- 

Baaddba-labdhi-vini^chaya [in loco] • 


See Sababtha-'PaSjaba. 

Baaddha ( ""^'j^!'- 

See De Silva'(S.). 


See UuNANAMDA. Mohottiva4ii£. 


See De Alwis Gunatilaka {Don A.)« 

See fi^ANAMOLT, Demafago^a. 

Banddha-sataka [and its sannapa]. 
See Ramachandba Bhabati. 


See Leadbeateb (C. W.). 


See Abhayanataea (J.). 



See Bible. — Appendix, 

Bebadabatanaya [in loco']. 

Bedora-knmarikayage kathantaraya. 

See Ababian N iohts. 

Bedovra-kathava [drama]. 

* See Abhayabatna {JDon H. S.). 

See Ababian Nights. 

Behet-gnli-pota [in loco'] . 

Behet-kalka-pota [in loco], 


See Rajapaksha (C. de A.)» 


See De Silva (A.). 





See PsBioDiCAL Pubucations. — Colombo. 

B^tala-petiyage kathara. 

See Colombo. — Chriitian Literature Society. 


See Bajapaksha (C. dk A.)« 

Bhabh ajartha-mafi jusha-akaradi. 
See iDiBiBiyHA (A. P.). 

See Peibis (M. $.)• 

See Pbreba (J.). 

See Sayanna. 


See John, Don, of Talduva. 

See Hindis (F.). 

Bhakti-sataka [and its eannaya] • 
See Bamachanoba Bhabati. 


See GuNABATNA (Th.), M. B. 

Bbaryava karada. 



See JiVANATHA^ son of §ambhundtha. 


See Febnando (D.), K, called also Tambi- 

Bhesajja-man j usa. 

See Pasmula-Mahasahi. 


See Suyannajottasabha^ U^ugampala. 

See Db Silva (A.) • 


See Saneaba Achabya. 

Bhugola-sastra ; Sankshepayen lokaya. 
See Johannes {Don E.). 


See Padmafbabhu Subi. 


See A&NOLis, M. H. 

See Pebbba (G.), Jf. 



Bonapart-rajage Nivitta. 

See Napoleon I.^ Empewr of the Fr&nch. 


See De Silva (C. W.). 


See Majjhima-nikaya.— SroAmayu-tfuf^a. 

See Pebbba (W. C). 


See Patmapebuha (D. A.)« 


See Yabaha-Mihiba. . 

See Abnous, P. Don. 


See Janananda^ Moho(tivatte. 

Baddha-edahime kramaya. 
See SoBHiTA^ Koratofa, 


Baddhagadya or °gaj ja. 


Baddbagama athera Kristiyani-karayek vimata 
tibena . . . karana. 
See Buddhism. 

Baddhag^mehi gelayima neta. 
See Buddhism. 

Baddbagamen Kristiyani-agamata . . • heranavu 
keoekuge jivita kathava^. 
See VifiASUBiYA (David), Arachchi^ of Dodan- 


See Pannasekhaba, Koddgoia. 


See Pannasekhaba, Koddgo^a. 

See Mayubafada. 


Baddbeniya-vata [part of tbe Saddharmalaiikara]. 
See Dhammacitti, Oadalddeniye. 


See Mahanetba-fbasIdamulaTheba, Viddgoma. 

See Pebbba (K. B.). 


See Budumula-upata. 

See Abnolis^ if. JET. 

Budamula-upata [in loco\ 

Badange cbatur-arya-satya. 
See Buddha. 

See Buddha. 




Badnvarajekuge asampurnatavaya. 
See Db Alwis (J.). 


See Jatakas. — Bhuridatta-jataJca, 


See Chakbapakidatta. 


See DiOHANiKAYA. — ChaJcJcavatti'-sihandda' 


See Naratana Bha^ta, the Astrologer* 

See Chanakya. 

Ghandrabharana [in loco]. 

Chandrayogadhyaya [part of the Brihaj jataka] . 
See Yaraha-Mihiba. 


See Eahula, Tofagamuvi, 

See Buddha. 

See W. W. 

See Kalinoa [pseudJ], 

Chetiya-utpattiya [in loco]. 


See Majjhima-nikaya. — Chetokhila-eutta. 


See MAjJHiiiA-NiEATA. — ChhachhakJca-sutta. 

Cbulabodhiyamsa [in loco]. 


£^6 Majjhima-nikaya. — Chulakamma-vibhanga- 


See Majjhima-nieaya. — ChUlapunnamd'Sutta. 

Chullapad amaja taka-kayya. 
See Pbbkba (G.), J. 


See Majjhima-nikaya. — Chullavedallasutta. 


See SuTTANiPATA. — Ohunda-autta, 

Chusin saha Cbempo. 
See Pkbkba (W. C). 

Daha-ata- pela-paliy a. 
See Sanni-samayama. 

Dabam-geta-malaya [in loco]. 
Dabamgetaya [in loco]. 

Dabam-ratna-malaya [in loco]. 

Daiyajnamakbamandana [in loco] . 


See Majjhima-nieaya. — DakhhifjM'vilhariga- 

Dalada-maligaya [in loco] . 

Dalada-pujayaliya [in loco]. 


See Perbba (K. R.). 

Dalaknmara saba Giridevi-npata. 
See Dala. 

Dalhi-karma-batana [in loco]. 

Dambadiya-Jayamababodbi . . . katba-prayritti. 
See Dhabmapala^ Sevdvitdrana. 

Dambadiya-katbayasta [part of the Saddharma- 
See Dhammasena. 

Damsakpey atum- sutra. 

See Ahguttaba-nikaya. — DhammachakJcap- 
pavaltan a-autta . 

Danaguna-darpana [part of the Saddharmalan- 
See Dhammaeittt, OcufalddeniyS. 

Dana-yibbayaniya [in loco]. 


'See De Silya (0. H.). 




See Angdttaba-nikaya. — Ddnuppatti-eutta. 

Daranela-yilla [in loco], 

See Pbrbra (K. C), Edmine. 

See SiLYA (T. B.). 

See SoEARi. 


See Abhayasiri-Gunayardhana (H.). 



See De Silya (J.). 


• • 

See Dhammaeitti, Polannaruve. 

• • • • 

See Galaebppu-s^hilla. 

See Bastian, C. Don. 

See Tblhajane. 

Denibinage kathaya. 

See Udanqu-mardanaya. 





See Callaway (J.). 

Deyadhanu a-d arpana. 
SeeRARm (R.'S.). 


See Bible. — New Testament. — Corinthians 


See Majj hima-nikaya. — Devaduta-autta, 


See Pebera (K. R.). 

Devadute [in hco], 

Devameniyan-vahansege Prarthanava. 

See Liturgies. — Rome, Church of. — Litanies. 

Deva-meniyanvahaneege Prarthanava. 
See Mary, the Blessed Virgin, 

Deva-meniyo . . . kiya endu vilapa-latoni. 
See Mary, the Blessed Virgin. 

Deva-^andesa [in loco], 
Devatatibasa [in loco'], 

Devidat-kat ava. 

See Vanija - suriya - Mudiyanse, Karagaha- 

Devorohana-puj ava. 

See Mayurapada Theba. 

Dhammapada [and its sannaya] [in loco.] 


See Jatakas. — Dhammapdlajdtaka. 


See SuTTA-NiPATA, — Dhammika'Sutta, 

Dharma-bhedaya-nam knmakda? 
See WiLBERFOBCE (A. B. 0.). 

See GuBULuaoMi. 


See Perera (K. R.). 

Dharmayibhagasankshepa [in loco] . 


See Kakusandha. 


See JiNARATANA, Hiiigulvalo. 


See Vajirananalankara Sri Sumana, F. 


See Gonsalves (J.). 


See Hebana-sika. 


See Periodical Publications. — Colombo, 


See Samaratukqa Randunu {Von G.). 


See Perera (W. J.). 

Dinatara-kathava [in loco], 


See Talarambe Yatindu. 

See Paritta. 


See Sayanna. 


See De Silva Vijevikbama Kuharasihha 
{Don K.). 


See Abhayanayaka (J.), 

Dnkprapti-prasa nga. 
See Gonsalves ^J.). 


See Perera (K. R.). 


See GuNANANDA, Mohoftivatte, 


See GuNANANDA, Mohoftivatte. 

Dassila-katara [in loco], 


See Adrian Appuhami, H. L. 


See Alagiyavanna, MukavetL 

Dntu^emn nu-vata. 

See Perera (K. R.). 


See Yavanachabya. 


See PiLippQ SiNNO, 0, 


See Jayatilaka (H.), 


See Bhadra^ Tenmndnse, 

Eristotalge Prasnottara-prakarana. 
See Aristotle [Prohlemata], 

Estar-bisavage kathava. 

See Esther. 

See Perera (A. B.). 







See Perera (M. L). 

Etgale yarnaDa-sinduva. 
See Yaduressb Leeam. 


See Dhabmaratna^ M. 

Gajaba-hatana [in loco], 

Gajabinna-alankara [in loco], 


See Db Soysa Disanayaka (J. M. C), 

Galakeppn-sehella [in loco], 

Galla-sita Kolambata yana marga-yistara. 
See Galle. 


See Gunananda, Mohofttvatte, 


See Db Silva (Simon), Mvdaliyar, 

Ganadeyisebella [in loco], 

Ganbara-deyata . . . kayi. 
See Kabalb-fatuna. 


See Samarasbkhara Disanayaka (To mis), Mu- 


See Samarasbkhara (Jo. Pi. Pe.), 


See Arithmetic. 

See Blair (W.). 

■ See Pbrera (A.), P. 


See VijAYASBKHARA (M.), i.Z)., and Db Silya 

Garbha-santiya [in loco], 


See Hisybllb Pandit. 

Gautama Budankayuda. 
See Buddha. 

Gaatama Budan saba Buddbagama. 
See Buddha. 


See De Silva (W. Arthur). 


See Perera (Salamon)^ B, 


See Perera (Salamon), B. 


See Karolis Appu, Mdiara-V^vagoia, 


See Db Soysa Disanayaka (0. H.). 

G^layime attivarama. 
See Chounavel (C). 

G^lavamkara-mahottamayano Kristusvahansemaya. 
See Jayasukiya (D. M.). 


See Ceylon, Department of Public Instruction 

Gevala-yakage kavi. 

See Kabalepatuna. 

« ■ 


See Majjhima-nikaya. — Ohatikdra-auita, 


See Dahanayaka (D. L.). 


See Dharmaratna, M. 


See Digha-nikaya. — Sigdlovada-sutta. 


See Janananda, Moho{{ivatte, 

See Db Silya (J.). 

Ginihatana [in loco], 


See BiBiLB Bandar A, B, V, S, 

Girasandesa [in loco\, 

See GiRiDEVi. 

See Dala. 

See A., D. J. 


See Hymns. 


See Perera (A.) and Db Saram (L.) 


See Fernando (H. W.). 

Gogb at an ad i na va. 

See VlKF^AMASI^IHA (P. E.). 

G oyikam-sangaraya. 

See Periodical Publications. — Colombo, 


See Robertson (W. R.). 


See Padmaprabhu Suri. 

See Ephbmbrides. 

Q 2 




Granthasara [in loco]. 


See Keblt ( ). 

Gnnados-sangraha [in loco], 

Gu nanadana-vata. 

See Pereba (K. R.). 


See SoEABi. 

Guttila-kavya [as well as it3 sannat/a and g^fa- 

See YicTTXVs MahItheba. 


See Abhayasibi Gukavabdhana (H.). 

See Sumahqala, Hegofa. 

Handi-veda-pota \in loco]. 

See JoHN^ Don, of Talduva. 

Hasun-kay-malava [in loco]. 

Hattbayanagalla-vihara-vamsa [in loco], 

H eladi v-abidana vata. 


See Sabanapala, Mdtarcu 


See Pebbiba (John). 

Henapolla^ °pota. 
See HenapOta. 

Herana-sika [in loco]. 


See Ambaqolle Theba. 

Hirakarayage Vilapaya. 


Hitopadesa [in loco], 

Hodiya [in loco]. 

Horabharana [in loco]. 

Horabharana [and its sannaya]. 
See Mahendbapada. 

See Heabt Book. 


See Agha Hasan. 

Ingridi saba Simhala Palamuyeni-pota. 

See English and Sinhalese First Book. 

Ingrisi saha Simbala upama katha. 
See Mendis (N.). 

Ingrisi saha Simbala Yachana-pota, 

Ingrisi Simhala Demala . . . yacbana-pota. 


Ingrisi-Simhala $abda-akaradiya. 
See Bit SiLYA (D. S.). 

Isbtanisbta-alankara-adhikara-dyaya [part of Sidat- 
See Ybdeha Theba. 

Isyara-dehena [in loco], 


See Yanioasekhaba [pseud.]. 

Idh asa-yarnana . 

See SuMANGALAy Veligama. 

Itihasa. ' 

See SuMANGALA, Veligama. 

lyajin-kumariyage kathantaraya. 

See Pbbies (P.) and Febnakdo (G.). 

lyujin saha Milan nritya kathantaraya. 
See Febnando (J. A.), H. 

Jakobayi t- vedabhed aye Anasasana-patraya. 

See BoNJEAN (C. E.), snccessiyely jB. C. Bishop 
of Jaffna and Archbishop of Colombo. 

See Peibis (M. S.). 




See Si])fHABA^ Kesellena. 

See SiGEBA (B.). 


See Ganesa, son of Oopdla. 


See Jatakas. 


See De Silya {Don P.), Epd-appuhdmi. 

Jatidukkha-yibhaga-sangraha [in loco], 

Jati-dnkkha-yi bhaga. 

See Kayavibati-gatha. 

See SoYZA (0.), I. 

Ja ti-yada- mar d ana . 
See SoYZA (H.). 

Jati-yada> mar dana-yarnana. 
See Pereba (D. C). 

Jesikage palamuyeni yachnaya. 
See Smith (H.). 

Jesu-Kristu-tamange amilayu sri le bhaktiya. 
See Jesus Chbist. 

Jesusyaminge hridayata gaurayachara pinisa 
mnrakirime samagama. 
fi'ee Jesus Christ, Arch 'Confraternity of the 
Sacred Heart of Jesus^ 




Jesusvaml tanpeyak mulallehi vindapa marana veda- 
nava gena dhyanaya. 
See Messia (A.). 


See Mkdhankara, of Vijayahdhvr-parivena. 

Jinadharmavikasisi [m loco]. 


See Pannasskhara, Ambalangotfa. 

Jinirura kathara. 

See PiEBis Saharash^ha, Srivasdhana (J. L.). 


See Mbndis Senanataea (A.). 

Jivana-ulpat-tuna [in loco], 

JiyaraksLamr i ta. 

See SufiRAHMANYA^ Pan4itaT. 

Jnanaloka \in loco], 


See Prasnottara-maldama. 

Jubilee- viataraya. 

See Pbbera (M.), P, 


See Abhayasiri-Gunavardhana (H.). 

See SuMANGALA, Higoda, 

Kiabale-patuna [in loco]. 

Kachchayana Dbatu-madjusa. 


See Pali^nama-varanegilla. 

Kachchayana- sara. 

See Maha-Yasa, Thera of Burmah. 

See Coles (S.). 

Kalagedimalaya \_in loco]. 


jSee Anguttara-nikaya.— £aZa£arama-5U^^a. 


See Anguttara-Nikaya. — EdldmO'SuUa, 


See Bastian, C, Don, and Perbra (H. P.). 


See Fernando (J. A.), H, 

Kalid as-nritya-pota. 

See Seneyiratna (S. de S.) 

See Perbra (K. R). 

See Nalla-peruman. 

Kaliyngaaantiya [in loco], 


See DiSANAYAKA (Don C). 


See Perera (K R.). 


See Periodical Publications. — Colombo, 


See Batanajoti, Giridara, 

Kamachchbeda-vaidyasan gfraha. 
See DiAS Abesii^ha (J.)- 

See Saddhananda, N, 


See PcNCHi Bandara^ Veragama Pantfitamudi' 


See Madanalaneara. 

Kandanne Sebastian mangalya-rarnnanara. 
See Sebastian, Saint. 


See Malyahan-kavi. 

See Kapilavasto. 

Kapirikamarayage katbava. ' ' 

See Kapiri-eathava. 


See Perera (H.). 


SeeDE SiLVA (W. A.). 

Kara^palal-beftaya [in loco], 


/See Anguttaranieaya. — Kamma-niddna^eutta. 

Karma-sangraba [in loco], 

Karmavibbaga [in loco], 

Karm el-ben tinna-samagama . 

See Mary, the Blessed Virgin. — Confraternity 
of our Blessed Lady of Mount Carmel. 


See Hasan 'Abd al-Kadir Yala Mastan, 


See SuTTANiPATA. — Ka^ibhdradvdjo'Sutta, 


See Catechism. 

See England, Church of. — Catechism. 


See Mayer (J. M. L.). 




Katthab ari-jataka. 

See Jatakas. — Kafthahdri'jdtaka. 

See Perkra (C). 

See Kachchatana. 

Kavacha-sangralia [in loco], 



See Kedara^ son of Pabbeka. 


See Jayaratna (S. D. S.). 


See Dhammatilaka, Mqdampe. 


■ a 

See Bastian, 0. Don, 


See Cabral (P.), L. 


See GuNASEKHARA (A. W.), of Mdtara. 


See Db Silva (A.). 



See GuNASEKHARA (A.), of Edgama. 


See Vajirananalankara Sbi Sumana, V. 



See Sqmitta, of Talkanda Vihdra. 


See KuRE (W. V. Des), if. 


See VlBASEKHARA (J. N. P.). 


See Kayyasanqraha. 

Kavyasangraha [in loco"]. 

Kavyasekhara [with its sannaya and gefapada]. 
See Bahula, Toiagamuve. 



Kayavirati-gatha [in loco]. 

Kelam Kiyanna. 

See De Silva (C. W.). 

Kelanihella [in loco]. 

Kelani- vih are -vandan a va. 

See Rajamaha-kelani-utpattiya. 

Kelikav-maldama [in loco]. 


See Ubayasekara {Don C. F.). 

Kendra-liyana-kramaya [in loco]. 

Kepun-sirasa-padaya [in loco]. 


See Akgdttara-Nikaya. — Kdldma^sutta. 

Khaddaka-nikaya [in loco], 


/See Khuddaka-nikaya. — Khuddaha-pdtha. 

See David, /. D. 


See KovuL-SAKA. 

Kolamba asun-vihidima. 
See Dharmasiri (P. L.). 


See Pbrbra (M. H. A.). 

Kolan natanava [in loco]. 


See BiBiiJ Bandara, B. V. E. 


See Mahatota Thera. 


See FoNSEKA [Don Cornelis de), M. 

Kovnlsaka [in loco], 


See Ubayasekara (Don C. F.). 

Kristiyani aoramata adattuvu igenvim. 
iSee Bible. — Selections. 

Kristiyani Bavtismaya. 

See Christian Baptism. 

See Christian Religion. 

Kristiyani . . . kavi katikismaya. 
See Christianity. 

— Katunayaka. 


See Periodical Publications. 


See Hopkins (J. E.), Miss. 

Kristiyani-prajnapti . 

See GoGERLY (D. J.). 

Kristiyani-vandanakarayage gamana. 
See BuNYAN (John). 

Kristopar Ernest Bonjange Sacharitaya, 

See Pebera (V. C). 

Kristus-vahansege sabbava gena . . . kathava. 
See Barth (C. G.). 





See Kabolis Appu, M. V. 


See Dhammasibi. 



See Dhammakitti, U4ugampola, 8. 8. 

Kamaraashadba-mala [m loco], 


See Db Silva (Simon), Mudaliyar. 


See SlTkKks. — Kurnhhajataka. 


See K AVIS KKH ABA-NAN DANA, of Devinuvava. 


See Kabolis Appu, M, 


See Jataeas. — Kurudhamma'jdtaka. 


See Cabbal (P.), L. 

Karasiyagena katbava. 
See Newstbad (R.). 


Sec Jatakas. — Kusa-jdiaha, 


See Alagiyavanna Mokaveti. 

Kasa-jataka-kavya, Abhinava. 
See Pebbba (K. R.). 


See Jatakas. — Kusajdtaka. 

Kusaraj a-mangalya. 

See Aqaxavatte Nekbtta. 


See Yabaha-Mihiba. 


See Ududayapbadipa, 

Lakkb ana-v i bb ava niya. 

See GuNABATANA, Ndotunni. 

Lakanasara [m loco"]. 
Lamayinta ayavada. 


Lamay in ta-pabana. 

See Pbbxodical Publications. — Colombo. 

See Alwis (C). 

See Db Silva (D. W.) . 

See Ceylon. 

Lankapdave Damriya-marga. 
See Ceylon. 


See Peeiodical Publications. — Colombo. 

See JiGAEA, Tliera. 


See De Silva Samabasi^ha Sieivabdhana (CD.). 

Lankave katolika sabbava sambandba kathantaraya. 

See Mkndis (T. A.). 

Lankave yakaba-pilivet. 
See Ceylon. 

See Ceylon. 


See Febnando (J. A.), JET. 

See Pebeea (J.), S, 

Ledauta sattukerima. 

• m 

See MoDDEB (E.). 


See ViJEViKEAMA, Muhandiram. 

Lit-bodiya [in locol^ 


See KuMABASiyHA (D. S.) and Pebeea (W. A.). 

Lokapujite [m loco], 


See Anguttaea-Nikaya. — Saitasivriyuggam^inar' 

Lokaviniscbaya [in loeo]. 


See Ranasoalls Theba. 


See KuMAEASivHA (D. S.) and Pebeea (W. A.). 

Loveda-saiigraba (or -sangara). 

See Mauanetba-fbasadauula Thsba^ Viddgama. 

Lubundu . . . Katikismaya. 
See Sinhalese Childbsn. 

Madanalankara [in loco]. 


See Madhava, son of Induhara, 


See Saeanankaea, Vplivifa Pin^apdtika. 


See Colombo. — Buddhist Theosophieal Society. 
[A series of tracts,] No. 12. 


See Dhabmabatna, Jf. 





See Dhabharatna^ M. 

Mage RajjuTuvo. 

See Haviroal (F. R.). 

Magul-lakana [in locol. 

Mahabharata [in loco^. 

See Mahabinikmaka. 


See Settipala, Pandit, 


See Upatibsa. 

Mahadenamattage katbava. 
See Mahadenamutta. 


See Majjhima-kikaya. — Devaduta-autta. 


See KiBiMETiYAVE Mrtindu. 

• • • 


See Ds Sabam (Dayid). 

Mab a-kasyapa-cbarita. 
See Kasyapa. 


See Colombo. — Christian Literature Society. 


See S DTTANiPATA. — Mahdmafigalasutta, 


See DiGHA-MiEAYA. — Mahdparinihbdna'Sutta. 

Mabapatarangaj ataka . 

^ee KiBiMETiYAYE Metimdu. 

Maba^rupasiddbi [witb its 8annayci\. 

See DiPANKABA^ called Buddhappiya. 


See DiQHA-NiEAYA. — MaTidsamaya-sutta, 

Mabasatipattbana-sutra [witb its sannaya]. 

See DiGHA-NiKAYA. — Mahd8atipa(thdna'8utta. 


See Fsbeba ( K. R.). 


See PuvakmotI Thbba. 


See NiMiTiGALA Ganitaya 


See Mahanama. 


See Jayavabdhana (A.). 


See Anquttaba-nikaya. — Methunasamyoga- 

Maitri-bbavana [in hco\. 


See MayubapIda Theba. 

Makhadeva-jataka [poem] [in loco]. 

Makhadeva-jataka [prose]. 

/See Jatakas. — Mahhddeva-jdtaka. 





Malini saba Cbitra. 

See Kalyana&atna (C). 


See Ahg uttaba-Nik aya. — Mallikovada-sutta. 

Malyaban-kari saba kannalav. 
See Malyahan-kavi. 



See Hanuh A. 



Mangul-kaparalage charitaya. 


See Fernando (D. S.). 


See Fbbnando (J. A.), H. 


iSee Bandane Gatha. 

See S. (E.). 

Maranannsmriti [in loco]. 


Maraynddbaya [in loco]. 

See Pereba (K. R.). 

Marcbant of Venis [sie] . 

See Shakspere (W.) [Merchant of Venice]. 


See Colombo, the City of. 

Marga- vi staray a. 

See Pereba (K. R.). 

Mariya-Madalenage prartbanava. 
See Mary Magdalen, Saint. 

Mariya-yabansege masaya. 
See Muzzarelli (A.). 




11 asartnlakshana. 

See SuMANGALAi Hikhaduve. 

M atalan -nadagama. 

See Piuppu SiNNO. 


See Karunaratna (Bon A.). 


Mand gafy ay ana-pa nchika-pi*ad ipa. 
See Rahula, Totagamuve. 

See Sotza (C), J. 


See Peseba (K. A. D.)* 

Mayimataya [in loco'\ . 

Mehe varen. 

See Ferguson (A. M.). 

Menikpala-santiya [in locol. 



See Fernakdo (E.), A. 

See Fernando (E.), -4. 

£e6 Buddha. 

M i-viyaru-bal a-visa-vedakarna. 
See De Silva (A.), if. 

Modamale [iji loco], 

Moggallana-Panchika-pradi pa. 
See Rahula^ Totagamuve. 


See Gunavardhana (P.). 

Morata-gama-hatanaya [in /oco]. 

Moratuve Emmanuvel Devasthanaya satnbandha 
Irida Iskolavala . . . raportaya. 
See MoHATDVA. — Holy Emmanuel Church, 


See Jatakas. — MUgapaJckha-jataka. 

Mahurtachintamani . 

See De Silva {Don P.), Epd Appiihdmi. 

Muhurta-dipika [in loco'} . 


See Dharharatna^ M. 

Mulasikkha [in loco}. 


See Mulasikkha. 


See SuMiTTA Dhammakehandha^ M. 

See Alagitavanna, M, 

See Ramachandra Bharaii. 

See Susruta. 

See De Silva (A.), M. 

Mayadevdavata [in loco}» 

Mava-jataka [in loc^]. 


See De Sot8A Disanayaka (M. F. M.). 


See SiRisuMEDUA-TissAy Mukalangamuve. 


See Raghunatha-prasada Sukala. 


See Dattarama Chaubb. 

Nagasena-svaminge jivita-kathava. 
See Perbra (K. R.). 


See Daivajnamukhamandana. 


See De Silva (J.). 


See Ukkubanda. Vlrasimha Mudnliiie, 

See Aharasii^ha. 


See SuBHUTi, Vaskaduve. 

Namashtasataka [in loco}. 


See Nallurutun, Minisanhaa. 


See Colombo. — Buddhist Theosophical Society. 

See Karunaratna (T.). 

[in loco}. 

See Fernando (J. A ), II. 

Nandamalaya [in loco}. 

Nandiya-yelanda-kathavastava [part of the Saddhar- 
See Dhammakitti^ Oa^alddeniye. 

!5S^anopadesa [in loco}. 


See Vira-parakeaha Narendra-sii^ha, King of 






See M., C. P. 

Nattal-peralija [in loco"] . 

Nava-Arahadi-Budagana-Tlbbaga [in loco]. 


See PiBEis (B. S ). 

Navasfraha-puju Baha Bali-niyamaya. 
See Sayinkbis (D. D.). 


See Fernando (D. S.). 


See Pkunando (D. S.). 

NayagrabavaBtha [in loco']. 

NavB^rabayinge satvisi-samaya. 
See Yikbamabatna (D. J.)- 

See Gunaratna (T. P.). 

Navaka-bodbi-Tandan a va. 
See Fernando (M. S.). 

Nayanam a valiy a. 

See Ratanajoti^ Talgahagoda, 

Narapatala-sangraba [in loco] . 

Nararatna [in loco]. 

Neketsatvisse yiridapota [in loco] . 

Ncsigiya . . . Soyisa-mabata sambandba . . . dt sa- 
naye bbavaya. 
See CoPLESTON (R. S.), Bishop of Colombo. 


See PiYAMATANA TissA, of Dodauduva. 

See SusRUTA. 


See Khuddaka-nikata. — KJniddaka'pdfha. 


See Uhammakitti, Ga4alddeniye. 


See Barana-Ganitaya. 

Nirniti-sastra [in loco]. 

Nil ut tara-prasna. 

See Peibis (P. A.). 

" Nirnttara-prasna "-kandana. 
See Jayasukiya (L). M.). 

Nirvana-marga [in loco], 


See Pannasiha^ Tu^nvtvafle. 


See Dharmaratna^ M, 

Niti-Digbanduva [in loco]. 


See Vetala Ehatta. 


See Pathya-vakya. 


See Bhabtbihabt^ the Poet. 

Ni yan-soy ad ima. 




Nona saba ay a. 

See Butt, afterwards Sherwood (M. M.). 

Okoudapola sannaya. 

Orison saba Palanten bevat Bclasanta. 
See Pebeba (W. C). 


See Jayasi^ba (J. S.). 


See Bastian, C. Don. 


See KuRUKULA (T. T.). 


See Savydtta-nikaya. — PahhatUpama-sutta. 

Pada-manavaka-jatakaya [in locol. 


See Sinhalese Reader. 

See Via. 


See PoScHi Bandaba, Veragama Pan4ita Mudi- 

Padayltibaranisamsa saba Tatkala-pratipada. 
See Sanghananda, Kathbunigamuve. 

Padmavati-devmge katbava. \ 
Pddmavati katbavastuya. j 

See Dhammakitti, Qadalddeniye. 

Padmayati-katbaya [a poem]. 
See Padmavati. 

See Pekeira (P. J.). 

Paduvavebi Antoni dbarmacbaritaya. 
See Mendis Senanayaka (A.). 

Padyamadbu [or] Pajjamadbu. 

See LiPANKARAj called Buddhappiya. 

PaUmuyeni (-atayeni) pranianvyati kiyayana-pot. 
See Ceylon. — Public Instruction Department, 

PHJimuyoni Padampota. 
See De Silya (S.). 

Pali-nama-yaranegilla [in loco]. 

See Mogqallana. 

Pali -vac bana-sangraba [in loco\ 




Pancha-karma-vibhaga [in loco^. 


See Ephimbrjdes. 

Panchangaya saha grahacbarayan. 
See Epuimbrides. 

Panjha-paksha [in loco']. 


See Goya KDH ANA Agharya. 


See Db Sxlva (A.). 

Panj ika-pradipa. 

See Rahula, Tofagamuve. 

Pansiyapa nas-jataka-pota. 
See Jatakas. 


See Animal Sacrificbs. 

Papaya saha gelayimagena katharalya. 
See Nepf (Felix). 


See SuTTA-NiPATA, — Pardbhiva'sutta. 


See Colombo. — Btuldhist Theosophical Society. 


See Saranankaba, Bentota. 

Parana-testamentave kathantaravalya. 

See Biblb. — Old Testament — Appendix. 


See Pannasiha^ Tu4uvevatte. 


See Rahula^ Tofagamuve, 

Parichchhedaya [in loco'], 

Paritta [in loco]. 

Pathyavakya [in hco]. 

Patichchasamappada [and its sannayd]. 

See Vinaya-pitaka : Mahavaqqa. — Bodhikathd. 


• • • 

See Dhammadmara^ Jlf. 

^attini-hella [in loco], 


See Fernando {Don A.), G. 

Pavule jivitaya. 

/SeeDESiLVA (O.W.). 

Pavale mitraya. 

See Periodical Publications. — Colombo. 

See Pbrbra (K. R.). 

Perakadorubatana [in loco]. 



See Rahdla^ Tofagamuve. 


See ViJESiVHA (W. J.). 

Pilik&-prakarana [in loco] • 

Pinkam-lakara [in loco]. 


See Fernando (M.), M. 

Pinkam-varnauava^ Dodanduve. 
SeeDfi Alwis (K.j. 

Pinkam-varnanava^ Mabarila-aTariyatte. 
See FoNSEKA {Don C. de), F. M. 


Bee FoNSBKA {Don C. de), V. M. 

Pirinivan-jaiakaya [in loco]. 


See Paritta. 

Pifampe simasabita-atmaraksbita-samagama. 

Piyayarn-alankaraya [in loco]. 

Piyammala [in loco]. 


See Perera (M. S.). 


See De Silva (W. A.). 

Pranagbataya [in loco], 


See ToDAVB {Don Andris). 

Praptakarm a-sutra. 

See A HOUTTARA-NiKAYA.— Pa^^triam/?ia-«7i<^a. 

PrasQottara-maldaina [in loco]. 

Pra SDOttara-randama . 
See Perera (K. R.). 


See Sali-ele Sami. 

Pratipatti-dlpaniya [in loco]. 

Pratya-taranga-m alaya. 

See DiSANAYAKA {Don C). 

Pratyaya-sataka [in loco]. 

See Sayanna. 

Pretarastu-prakara na. 

See Khuddaka-nieaya. — Peta-vatthu 

Pretayakage kari. 

See Kabale-patuna. 



R 2 





8ee Shakspekk (W.). [Two Oentl&meti of 
Verona S\ 


8ee Shakspbbe (W.). [Two Gentlemen, of 

Puja-pota [in loco\. 


See Matubapada Thbka. 



Pu nya-margaya. 

See Amarabekhara (A.). 

See Db Silva (C. W.). 

I^urushaya saha stri or Kristiyaai-paramartbaya. 
See Hopkins (J. B.), MUs. 

Kaban-pada-pota [in loco\ 


See Katjsbehaba Malayaba. 

Raga-mesi villa [in loco\ 

Ragasind a-maldama. 

See Pbbeba (M. B.). 

Raga-sindu-pota [in locol. 


See Kaeolis Appu, Jf. V. 


See Abhatabatna ViKBAMAsii^iiA (D. H.). 

See SoBHiTA. 


See Idibisi^iha (A. P.), of Mafara. 

See Rah u LA. 

Rajamahakelani-atpattiya [in loco"]. 



Raja-rato akara. 

See Abhaya-raja, Thera of Valgampiya. 

Raja-vadiga-patuna [in loco], 

Rajavaliya [in loco], 

See Pereka (S. L.). 


See Kamba-NattarvIr. 

• ■ 

Randaue gatha [in loco], 
Randunu-pralaya [in local. 


See Rantalitg Sivpada. 

Ran-taliye-sivpada [in loco], 


See Jddson (A.). 


See Dhammaskna. 

Ratavati-katara [in loco], 

Rati-kar-raDga-maudala [in loco^ • 


See Jatadeya. 

Ratiraga-malava [in loco], 


See Kamba-Nattarvab. 


See Pereka (K. R.). 

Robert Reks saha Irida skola. 
See Raiees (R.). 

Rogarisbta [in loco^. 


See Fernando (S. M.) and Co. 


See Arishta-sataka. 

• ■ 

See MadbayA; Son of Indukara, 

Rulina kamarikaYage saha Hersor kumarayage 
See Fernando (M.), L. 


See Bastian^ C, Don, 


See De Silya (J.). 

Bupasiddhi [with its sannaya]. 

See DfPANKARA, called Buddhappita. 

Rutge kathaYa. 
See Ruth. 


SeeD& Silya (C. W.). 


See Parakkama Bahu VI. 


See Periodical Publications. — Panadure, 


See Pereka (K. R). 


See Sabbath JSchool Hymn Book. 



See Dhamma-rajaguru, Thera, 
Sabdntuanjari [i/i loco]. 





See Punchi-BandIra, Veragama Pandita Mudi- 

Sadakalika-mevumkara-devikenek oeti bava. 

* « 

See Mkvumeara-Devi. 


See AaoAYAiifSACHAsiTA, Agga-paniita oj Ari- 
maddanapura {JJurmah). 


See Ananda, of Abhayagiri. 




See Dhammakitti^ Gaialddeniye, 


See Dhammadinna Yimalaeitti. 

See Dhammaskna. 



Sakaskadaya \in loco], 
Sakbad eva-sas tra. 

• • 

See GuNARATNA (T. p.). 

Sak vala vistaray a. 

See De Silva (A.), Itabangarunndnse. 

See VisiDAGAMA Thkra. 

See Perera (K. R.). 

See Medhankaba. 

See A., D. J. 


See Jatakas. — SdmajdUika. 


See Perera (K. R.). 

Samajatakaye Viridupota. 

See Jayavikrama {Don A.). 


See BiBiLE Bandara. B. V. H. 


See Perera (K. R.). 


See Balangoda-guru. 

See Siropadaya. 

Samantakut i-varnana. 
See Vbdeha Thera. 


See Periodical Poblications. — Colombo, 


See Sangbarakkhita. 


See PuNCHi Bandara^ Veragama Pandita Mudi- 




See Periodical Publications. — Colombo. 

Samsaracbakra [in loco^ . 


• • ■ 

See Dhammaloea^ Eatmaldne, 

See Samudriea. 

Sanda-kinduru-jataka [in loco]. 
See ViLGAMVALA, Mahd Thera, 


See Piebis Samarasi]^ba Srivardhana (J. L.), 


See Nandarama-Tissa^ Yogiydne. 


See SuMAMGALA, Hikkaiuve. 

SaS gabat- vibage . 

See Kurueularatna (Don A.), A, 

Sail garaj a- vata. 

See MuNEOTDVE Rala. 

Sankara-dutaya \in loco], 

Sankara-kurulla \in loco], 


See Ephemerides. 


See Majjhima-nieaya. — Sanlchdruppatti-sulta, 

Sannisamayama [m loco], 
Santana-dipika [in loco], 


SeeANGUTTABA-NiEAYA.— Sa/?puri«a-(i^na-/»u^^a. 

Sap tary ad banar su tra. 

fiee Anguttara-nieaya. — Sattdriyadhana'Sutla. 


See Anguitara-nieaya. — Sattasuriyuggamana- 


See SiMON (H. D. C). 

Saptotpatti-sangraba [in loco], 


See ANGUTfARA-NiEAYA. — Sarabhu-suita* 






Sarartha-ponjara [m loco]. 


See Sauaxaneara^ Velivifa Pin4updtika, 


See SiDDHATTHA, pupU of Buddhappiya, 


See ^Ri Chandra. 


See Ephemrrides. 

SarasvatT-uighanta [in loco\ 


See Susruta. 


See Sarnoadhaba^ son of Ddmodara. 

Sarpa-veda-Dighantava (-pota). 


S.-irpa-viaha-chikitsa [in loco], 

Sarvajfiaganalankara [in loco], 

Sarrajna-pnti-gayana [in loco]. 


See Dhammakittt^ Oaclalddenhje. 

Satara-parajika-vinischaya [in loc^t], 

Sntaslokaya [more properly Satasloki], 


See Periodical Publications — Colombo. 

Satdanta-hella [in loco], 

SatprasadayahaDse labagenima pilibanda anusasa- 
See SfeouR (L. G. A. dk), 


See Pandita-tilaka {Don J.), of Koggala. 


See Periodical Publications. — Colombo. 


See Periodical Publications. — Colombo. 


See Bible. — Selections. 

Saty an gan i-c aty a. 

fifecSiLVA'(E. D.). 


See SuMANGALA, Hi1(ka4ute. 


See Samabasekhara Disanataka (Tomis). 


See Alahaeon (D. J.)* 

Sela-Iihi ni-sandesa. 

See Bahula, Tofagamuve. 


See Majjhimanikaya. — Sela-^utta. 

Selest ina-kath a va. 
See Abraham. 



See vis (A.), F. A. 


See Alaq[Yavanna Mukaveti. 



See Batanajoti, O. B. 


See Prithuyasas, son of Vardha-mihira. 

Sidatsaugai a. 

See Vedeha Thbea, 

Sidatsangarave puratana-sanDaya. 
See Vbdkha Thera. 


See Db Silva {Don Philip), llpa Apptihdmi. 


See Batanajoti, Mdtale. 

See Pekera (F. J.). 

Siddhaushadha-nighanta [in loco], 


See Fernando (G. L.) and Marties (J.). 


See Batanajoti, Mdtale. 


See DiGHA-NiK AYA. — Sigdlovada-sutta. 


See Periodical Publications. — Colombo.. 


See Dhammarama, K. 

Simbalin nam natya-katbantaraya. 
See Shakspbrb (W.) [Cymbeline.] 

See Bastian, C. Don. 

See Pkrera (J.), S. 

See Lambrick (S.). 


See Gunavardhana (T. W.) and Fernando (H.). 




Simhala-ga ni ta-garbha. 

See SiNHALEBK Table Book. 


See Sbnanayaka (C). 

See FoNSBKA (J.). 

Simhala igaDagenime Mul-pota. 
See Spelling-book. 

Simhala-juriyata aravada.' 

See Jayaskkhara (0. A. A.). 

Siiphala-kavi-talaya . 

See Rajasivha II., King of Ceylon. 




See Db Alwis (S.), Ileperuma-dchchige. 

Simhala . . . padam pota. 
See Sinhalese Beadek. 

Simhala-pallikudamvala potaya. 
See Sinhalese School Book. 

Simhala-raja-malava . 
See Pereka (K. R.). 

See Ceylon.. 

. Simhala-^abdavali. 

See Karunaratna (T.). 

See ViBAKON (P. S.). 

See Perera (W. J.). 

Simbala -vvakarana. 

See Chounavel (C). 

See Coles (S.). 

See Johannes (Don E.). 

Simhala-vyakarana sahita Varnaridya. 
See SuMANGALA, Hikkaduve, 

Simhavalli-katbava [in loco]. 

See Sabe-vidanE. 

Sipirinialaya [in loco"]. 

Sirasapada-mangalya-prakarana [»h locvj, 


See De Silva (A.). 


See DiSANAYAKA (Don L.). 

iS'ee SiLVA (Salis) Y. 

Siropadaya [in loc^], 


See Db Silva (J.). 

See Abrew (C). 

Sitasi-baradena-ayavalunta saha Piskal-mulade- 
ninta Garukam. 
See ViRASiyaA (J. A.). 

Sivalikbita [in loco], 

See Pi^HAMi, U. H. 

Sivapada-pota [in loco], 


See Silaubqhavarna Sena. 


See Prisdan Choonsai Jinavarava^sa. 

SkandhaJinge vibbagaya [in loco]. 

Sokari-katb ava. 
See SoKARi. 


See Db Silva (C. W.). 


See Simon, O. Don. 

Solos-svapnaya [in loco]. 

S ikutamudgara. 

See Madhava, son of Indulcara. 

Si I Lanka-prasasti. 

See KuRE*(N. D. D.). 


See Rajasi^ha II., King of Ceylon. 


See Pekera (K. R.). 


See Kalidasa. 



See Balapatabrndi (C A.). 


See De Pinto (I.). 

Strigunavarnana [in loco], 


See William, U. Don. 


See Kauolis Appu, M. 

SubhamagulsaQtiya [In loco]. 







See Alaoitavanha MuKAViTr. 

See ViJEViRA (U.). 


See Majjhima-nikava. — Chi- lakammorvihhanga' 

Sudasa saha Sal in I. 

See Bastian, C. Don. 


See Mendis (P.). 

See Ephemerides. 

See Jatat[laka (H.). 

^uddhavQ-liyaville katbantarayada vatinakamada 
. . . lepumdima. 
See Gbddbn (A.). 


Suddhavu Pavul^e jTvita-katbav^a. 
See Abhayaseehara (J. H ). 


See Kavirajasimha, MaMhavi Sri. 


See Perera (K. R.). 

Sugatav id atth i - vidb ana. 
See Pannagoa. 


See De Silva (S), Mudallyar. 


See SuKRA. 

See SulaSbavati. 

S alambav ati-n adagama. 
See Piuppu SifiSo. 

Sulupadesaya \in loco], 

See Perera (G.), J, 


See Karolis Appu, M. F. 

See Corea (J. F.). 

See De Silva (C. W.). 

See Maiura. 


• _ 

See Susruta. 



See Susruta. 

Satta-nipata [in loco], 

See Perera (K. B.). 

Suvisi-vivaranaye viridu-pota. 


See Alwis (C). 

S vabba va -d h ar ma-sa ngraba. 

See Jayasekhara (0. A. A.). 

See Johannes [Bon E.). 

Svamidarriyaiige dukgavina sambandbapasan-pota. 
See Jesus Christ. 

Syaminvabansege Yachnava. 
Set Lord's Prayer. 


See UisvELLE Pandit. 

• • • 


See Perera (W. J.). 

Svaniatilaka-vastuva [part of tbe Saddbarmalan- 
See Dhammakitti, Ga4alddeniye. 






See Perera (K. K.). 


See Annambhatta. 

■ ■ 


See Perera (K. A. D. P.). 

Telbatane [in loco'], 


See Jatakas. — MUgapal Jcha-Jdiaka, 

Temiyajatake yiridu pota. 



See Parakrama Pandita. 


See Abhayaseehara (J. H.). 


See Abrew (C). 


See Khuddaka-nikaya. — Khuddalca'pdfha. 





See Bastian^ C. Don, 

Xiyurd saha Siliya. 

See De Silva (H. T.). 


See Rahula, Totagamuve. 

Totagamu-yibaraya pilibanda puraiia katbava. 
See Jayavabdhana (A.). 

Trayodasa-sannipata-lakshana [in loco] . 


See Karunaratna (T.). 

Trividha-ratna-katha \_in loco]. 

Tun-ru van-van danava. 
See Pekbra (K. R.). 

Tan-saranaya [in loco] . 


See liHAMMAKiTTi, Oadalddenii/P. 


See ViJAYASiMHA, Vlravanni Mudiydnsehhje. 

Udaiiga-mardanaya [in loco], 

UdaD vita-Yadakathava. 

See GuNANANDA, Mohoftivatte. 

TJdadaya-pradipa [in loco], 

See Gabriel (K. D.). 

Um magga-jataka-kavya. 
See Perera (K. R.). 

Ummagga-jatakaya . 

See Jata^s. — Ummagga-jcltaka, 


See DiSANAYAKA {Don C). 

Upadesa-ratna-m alaya. 

See FoNSEKA (^Don C. de) V. M. 




See Jayavira (J. L. and also S.). 

See Pieris (B. S.). 



Upa-ratna-m alaya [in loco]. 



See Saranatissa, of Ratvialdna, 


See Anqdttaka-nikaya. — Uposatha-sxitta, 

Vadankavipota [in loco] . 


See Veligala. 



See Periodical Publications. — Cfdombo, 


See John, Don, of Talduva, 

Vaidyalankara' [in loco] . 
Vaisukba-baaddha-sangita \in loco] , 

Vaisakba-mangalya-varnana [in loco], 


See DiAs (James). 


See SiLANANDA, Aruggoda. 


See Majjrima-nieaya. — VammlJca'Sutta, 

Vanavasa-nighantii [in loco], 


See ViRASEKHARA {DoH Simon). 

Vandana-gatba-pota [in loco], 

Vaudapav-kathava [in loco], 


See Harmanis Appu. 



Varay oga-si turn i na . 

See Jayatilaka {Don H.), of Udugamj)ola, 



iSte SuMANGALA, Hiklcaduve, 

Yasanavanta saba kalakanni paval. 
See De Silva (Isaac), L. 

See David, J. D. 


See De Silva {Don D.), of Baihbarenda, 


See Rajapaksha (C. de A.). 

Veda-viridava [in loco], 

Vedeba-sinduva [in Zoco]. 


See ViRASiyHA (A. J.), M, B, 


See BiBiLE Bandara, B. F, E, 


See Angdttara-nikaya. — Veldma-sutta, 

Velanda-raja-mangalya [in loco]. 




Yelitota -such ari todaya-samagama. 

See Welitota. 

Velle sandcsaya. 

See KaneInaMj of Dihvdla, 


See Majjhima-nikata. — Veranjaka-sutta. 

See Djfi SiLVA (A.). 

Vesak-pelahara-vistaraya, Panadure* 
SeebiAQ (James). 

Vesak-pujava [in locol, 

Vesamedima [in locol. 


See De Abrbw Rajapaksha Vaidyanatha (H.). 


See 3 AT AKA&.^-^Vessantara'j at aka, 

YessaD tara-j ataka-kathavastava. 

See Jatakab. — Vessantara-jdtaka, 

See Perbra (K. R.). 


See Dhammananda^ Kiramba. 

Yidhiira-jataka [in loco], 


See Pkeiodical Pobltcations. — Colombo, 

Yi-govikarman taya. 
See YiRAKKODi (S.). 


See Nam-pota. 


See Patmaperuma (D. A.), 


See Db Silva (A.), 


See Khuddaka-nikaya. — Vimdna-vatthu. 

Yimakti-sangraha [in loco]. 


See Sa^yutta-nikaya. — Gildyanam'Sntta. 

See PiBRis (P. A.). 


See Raqa-sindu-pota. 


See Perera (Mabthblis), N. 


See De Silya (Bastian), T. 


See Anguttara-nikaya.— Uposa^Aa-aw^ia. 



Yistara-sahita Asiyave Bhugolasastra. 
See Samarasekhara (J. P. P.). 



Yoldin saha Targina. 

See Fernando (J.)j N. 

See De Silva (A.). 


See Kedara, son of Pabbeka. 


See Sataraparivena-Upatapassi. 

Yrittamalakhya [with its aannaya] . 
See Ramachandra Bhabati. 

Yrittaratnak ara. 

See KedarAj son of Pabbeka. 


See Sataraparivena-Upatapassi. 

Yuttodaya [with its sannaya]. 
See Sangharaekhita. 

Yyasakara [with its sannaya] \in locol. 

Yy avas th a-sangraha. 

See Lee (L. F.). 

W— . 

[Titles transliterated so as to commence with 
this letter, are to be sought for under V — .]. 


See Liturgies. — England, Church of — Colombo, 
Diocese of — Particular Services, 

Yachfia-vimehi pota. 

See Liturgies. — ^England, Church of — Common 


See Pedro, G. Bon. 

Takun Natanava [in loco\ 

Yasodara-devinvahansege kathava. 
See Perera (K.R.). 


See Mayurapada Thera.- 

See Banasi^ha (D. S.). 

Yehovah visin satdavase kala-ki-de. 
See Jehovah. 

YesoH Kristus-vahanse^e Ipadlmagena desanava. 
See Newstead (R.). 




Yesus Kristas-yahansege jivita-kathava. 
See Jesus Christ. 

Yesas-vahansege kathantaraj'a. 
See Newstbad (R.). 

Yesus-vahanse kavada. 
See Bradlaugh (C). 

Yesas-vahanse vetata varen. 
See Hall (C. N.). 


See John, Don, of Talduva, 


See SiRlVARDHANA (A. S.). 




RatanapalAj of Kadupitimddampe Vihdra, 


See Samabatunoa {Don H.), F. 

Yogaratnakara [m 1000]. 
Yogasangrah a. 


Yoga-sataka [with its sannaya] [in loco^. 


See RatanapIla, of Kadupifividdampe Vihdra, 

Yusapge kathantaraya. 

See Anavaratna (M. A.). 

Yuropaya sambandha bhiigola-sastra. 
See Samarasbehara (J. P. P.). 

s 2 




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{See also DIVINATION, RELIGION.— Planet 

Worship, etc.) 

Abhinava-jatakararita or Navagraha-yoga-patala. 



De Silva {Don P.) Ej)^ Appuhdmi, 


BuDDHA-siRi-TissA of Amhagahapttixje Vihdra. 


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Padmaprabhu Suri. 




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Ghandrabharana [in loco]. 

Chandrayogadhyaya [part of the Brihajjiitaka]. 

Daivajnamukhamandana or Nakshatra-nighantu [in 

Dasaporondama saha Ahgavinischaya. 
Abhayasiri-Gunavardhana (H.). 




Gunados-sangraha [in loco], 

Hordbharana [in loco], 

Horabharana [with its sauna y a], 



SlGERA (B.). 


GanesAj son of Gopdla. 

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Abhayasiri Gunavardhana (H.). 

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Keadra-Iiyana-kramaya [in loco.] 


Varaha Mihira, 

Lit-hodiya [in loco], 


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Mayimataya [in loco], 


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Mahurta-dipika [in loco], 

Navagrabavastha [in loco], 

Navagrahayinge satvisi-samaya. 


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Panchangaya saha Grahacharayan. 


Santana-dipika [in loco], 


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{Sec also POETRY.— Historical and Biographical.) 

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Abhayasekhara (J. H.). 

Yesus Kristus-vahansege ji vita-kathava. 
Jesus Christ. 


An introduction to plain and elegant [Sinhalese] 
writing. Vimalasurendra Jayasi]^ha {Don J.) . 


Simhala Kopi-pota. 



W. W. 

Chaturvarnyavibliavi ni. 
Kaljnga [pseud,], 


Sumangala, Veligama, 

Yaniga^ekhara [|)5ett(?.]. 



Sumakgala, Veligamcu 


Si^HABA, Kesellena, 

SOYZA (H.). 

Pebsra (D. C). 





Db Alwis (S.), Ileperumardehchige. 


Kayibajasivha, Mahdkavi Sri. 


(For Al]£AKAC8, gee nnder the heading ''Ephs- 
MERIDE8 " in the body of the Catalogae.) 


Samabatunga Bakdunu {Don Q.), 

Simhala-dina-pota . 

GcNAVABDHANA (T. W.) and Fernando (H.). 

Himh^la saha Demala Dinapota. 
Pebeha (W. J.j. 

Simhala-vanik -kar m opadesa. 
Pebeba (W. J.). 


Kalpotpatti-m ala ja. 
Pebera (K. R.). 

Lokadhata-vistara or Lokotpatti. 

KuMABASii^HA (D. S.) and Perera (W. A.). 

Lokavinischaya [ia loco}. 


De Silva (A.) Rahangurunndnse. 


Hee B.ELIOI0S. — Planet-worship^ Demonology^ etc. 


{See also A8TR0S0MY and ASTEOLOGY.) 

Bonapart-rajage Nivitta. 

Napoleon I., Emperor of the French. 

David, /. D» 

Nimiti-sastra \in loco"]. 

Pancha-paksha [in loco]. 

Sakhadeva-sastra (or -nimitta). 



Svapnamalaya and Gaulikayadu-sastra. 



Eahula, Tofagamuve. 



Arabian Play entitled " Three Sisters. 
De Jansz (I. C). 


• • 

Abhatabatna (Don H. S.). 

Pebeba (W. C). 

Chasin saha Chempu. 
Pebbba (W. C). 

De Silva (J.). 

E helapala-nadaerama. 


De Silva (J.). 

Gini-hatana [in loco\ 


AoHA Hasan. 

lyugin-kumariyage kathantaraya. 
Pebies (P.) and Fernando (C). 

lynjin saha Milan nritya kathantaraya. 
Febnando (J. A.), E. 


Senkvibatna (S. de S.). 

Malini saha Ghitra. 

Kalyanabatna (C). 

Marchent of Venis [j?Vc]. 

Shakspebe (W.) [Merchant of Venice."] 



Nala-Ra j a- Char i ta. 
De Silva (J.). 

Febnando (J. A.), S. 

Nattal Peraliya [in loco]. 

Orison saha Palanten hevat Belasanta. 
Pebera (W, C). 

Padumavati-kumarige . . charitaya. 
Pekeira (P. J.). 


Shakspebe (W.) [Two Gentlemen of Verona!] 


Sfakspere (W.) [Two Oentlemen of Verona,] 


Bastian, C. Don. 


De Silva (J.). 





PiERis Samabasi^ha Srivardhana (J. L.). 

SatyangaD i-naty a. 
SiLVA (E. b.). 


Va8 (A.), r.A. 

Simballn nam natya-kathantaraya. 
Shakbspbrb (W.) [Gymbeline.] 

Bastian^ C. Do7i. 


Db SrLVA (J.). 



Sadasa salia SalinT. 
Bastian, C. Don. 




Pbrera (W. J.). 

Taro and Sillia. 

De Silva (H. T.). 


Dk Abrbw Rajapaksha Vaidyanatha (H.). 

Voldin saha Targina. 
Fkhnando (J.), N. 

Tosapge kathantaraya. 
Anavaratna (M. a.). 


Lessons on Domestic Economy. 

Kb ELY. 

{See also POETRY.— General.) 

Aind riy anusasaka. 

Pereira (J.). 


Karunaratna (P. W. M.). 


Mbndis Senanayaka (A.). 



Bharyava Kavuda. 

Vikramanayaka (A,), 


Db Silva (C. W.). 


Hitopadesa \in loco\ 

Ingrisi saha Simhala npama-katha. 
Mbndis (N.). 

Kuladhar ma-d ipani. 

DhammaeittIj Udugampola, 8. 8. 


Colombo. — Buddhist Theosophical Society. 
[A series of tracts] No. 12. 


DearmaratnAj M, 

M., C. P. 


Vetala Bhatta. 


Kdrukula (T. T.). 

Pathyavakya, or Niti-sastra, 

S vabbava-dharma* sangraha. 
Jayasekhara (0. A. A.). 



Upamar th a-prakarana. 

PiBRIS (B. S.). * 


Ajuda-nitiya [in loco"] . 


Db Silva (A.). 



Bhugola-sastra : Sankshepayen lokaya. 
Johannes (Don E,)- 


Db Silva Saxarasi]^ha Sirivardhana (C. D.). 



Johannes {Don E.). 

Vistara sahita Asiyave bhugola-sastra. 
Saxaraseehara (Jo. Fi. Pb.). 

Yuropaya sambandha bhugola-sastra. 
Samarasekhara (Jg. Pi. Pb.). 





A comprehensive Grammar of tbe Sinhalese Lan- 
guage. Mendis Gunasekhaba (A.). 


Yaokooda Theba. 

Akhyata-varanegilla [in loco]. 


Sdmangala, HiJckaduve. 


Bastian, C. Don. 

Dhammaratana, Velivifiye. 


Karunaratna (T.) 


Dhamxajoti, Sitindmaluve. 


Hints on the Cingalese and English languages. 
Callaway (J.). 

Hodiyfk [in loeol. 



Maha-Yasa, Thera of Burmah. 



JJiPANKARA, called Buddhappiya, 

Bah u LA, Tofagamuve. 


SuBHUTi, Vaska^uve. 

Okoudapola-sannaya, or Balavatara-liyana-sannaya. 


Pun CHI Bandara, Veragama Pandita Mudi- 

Pali-nama-varancgilla [in loco], 


Dhamha-rajaguru^ Thera. 


Aggavamsacfariya, Agga-pandita of Ariviad- 
danapura (BwmahJ. 



Dhammaloka^ Batmaldne. 


Nandarama-Tissa, Ydgiydne. 

[with] some 


SuMANQALA^ Hilckadiive, 


Vedeha Thera. 


Karonaratna (T.). 


ViRAKuN (P. S.). 

Chounavel (C). 

Coles (S.). 

Johannes {Don E.). 

Simhala-vyakarana sahita Varnaritiya. 
SuMANOALA, Hikka^uve. 

The Alphabet of the Singhali 

rules and examples for reading. 

Viba t-maldama. 

Dhammananda, Kiramha. 

HISTO&Y.— General. 

(See also POETRY. — Historical and Biographical.) 

A contribution to the history of Ceylon. 
Mayurapada Thera. 

An epitome of the history of Ceylon. 
Turnour (G.). 

Pereira (John). 

Alwis (C). 

De Silva (D. W.). 



• • • 


Rajavaliya [in loco]. 

Perera (K. R.). 

Simhala Rajavaliya^ or Laiikakathava. 

The British Empire and Her Majesty's Jubilee. 
De Abrew Vijayasi^ha (M.). 

HISTORY.— Religious. 




S'^anaratana, Abbot of Attanagalle Vilidra, 




Chulabodliivatnsa [t'n loco]. 
Duliidapujavtiliya [in loco], 


Dhammakitti, Polonrf aruvc. 

Bastian, C. Don. 

Lanka sasaoa-visuddbi-katha. 
Jaoaua, Thera. 

Mali abodhi vamsa. 

NikajasRiigraha, or Sasanava'ara. 
DuAMMAKiTii^ Gadalddeniye. 


Abhaya-raja, Thera, of Vahjampdyti, 

Sarvajnigunalaiikara [m loco\. 
Si jamavarnanava . 



Parakrama Pandita. 

The Anrieut History of Totagamu Vihare. 
Jayavardhana (A.). 



De SlLVA (S.). 


Ancient Inscriptions in Ceylon. 
Mueller (E.). 


L'inkanduve dumriya-marga. 


Nitinighaiidava [in loco], 

Simhala-iurivnta uvavada. 
Jayasekhara (0. A. A.). 

Sitasi-baradena-ayavaluDta saha Piskal-inulaileiiint i 

YlRASl]VHA (J. A.). 



Vyavasthapoten uputagannaluda Niyojja. 

Ceylon. — Department of Public Instruction. 

Lee (L. F.). 


Abhidbanappadipika [text and commentaries]. 


A Dictionary of the English and Sinhalese, and 
Sinhalese and English languages. 

Clough (B.). 


Amara-kosba^ called also Namalinganusasana. 

Amavature . . granthi-padavivarana. 
De Saram (H.). 

A pocket dictionary of the English and Sinhalese 

Nicholson (J.). 

A Sinbalese-Engli.^h Dictionary. 
Clough (B.). 

Bliaisbajartba or Behet-teruma. 
Eajapaksha (C. pe a.). 

IniRISlMHA (A. P.). 

Pekera (J.). 


Jinaratana, Hin^u^vala. 



E] u-akaradiya, called also Suddba-simhala-dkaradi. 
Jayatilaka (H.). 


Ceylon. — Department of Puhlic Tnstruvtiun, 

Glossary of Native and Foreign words. 

Glossary of Sinhalese classical words. 
Jayatilaka (H.). 

Glossary of the Seventh Standard Reader. 
Dk Silva (H. E.) and De Silva (A.). 


Saranapala, Mdtara. 

Ingijsi Simhala Demala . . . vacbana-pota. 


Ingiisi S mbala S ibda-akaradiva. 
De Silva (I). S.). 

Ingrisui Simhala vacana-pota. 





Nallurutun, JUnisanhas. 


Eatanajoti, Tahjahagoda, 

Palivachana-sangraha [in loco\ 




Piyummala [in loco'\, 


Parakbama Bahu VI. 



Pdnchi-Bandara, Veragama Pan^Ua Much' y an 

Sarasvati-nighantu [in loco^, 

Siddhaashadha-nighanta [in loco], 


Kakunaeatna (T.). 

Gabkiel (K. D.). 

Vauavasa-nigliantu [in /oco]. 


ViUASJMBA (A. J.), M. B. 

See ASTEOLOGY, RELIGION.— Planet-worship, 

Demonology, etc. 



De SlLVA (0. H.). 


Samabasekhara (Jo. Pi. Pe.). 


Blair (W.). 

Perera (A.), P. 


• • 

Vijayasekhara (M.),Iy. jD. and De Silva(J.), B. 

Simhal a-ganita-garbha. 

Sinhalese Table Book. 



{For medical glossaries, see under LEXICOGEAPHT.) 

Arishtadavaliya or Arishta-saAaka-karja. 
Idirisimha (A. P.). 

Arishta-sataka or Roga-vinisohaya. 


Asbta-parikslia [in loco]. 


FoNSEKA {Don C. be), F. M. 


Bibile Bandara, Bibile Vijehdn Herat-Mndiydn- 

Balaporottu-kadavuvanta balaporottava. 
De Silva (Isaac). 


Bebetguli saha Behetkalk i pota. 

Peiris (M. S.). 



John, Don, of Talduva. 








Perera (M. I.). 

Gavaratna or Gava-vaidya-sangraha. 
Perera (Solomon), B, 

Handi-veda-pota [in loco], 

Peiris (M. S.j. 

DiAs Abesjmba (J.). 


PuNCHi Bandara, Veragama Pandita-muJiydn' 

Kolarava or Sarnala-roga-sangraba. 
Bibile Bandara, B, V, H. 


Mahatota Thera. 

Kumaraushadba-mala or Mandam-veda-pota. 


Ledanta Satfcukerima. 


Madanalankara or Kama-sastra. 


Madhava, son of Indulmra. 






Mushikalarka-visha-chikitsa or Mi-viyaru-balu-visa- 

De SiLVA (A.), M. 


Raqhunatha-prasada Sukala. 


Dattabama Chaube. 



Pilika-prakarana [in loco], 

Pra J oga-sam uchchay a. 


Abhayaratna Vikuamasimha (D. H.). 



Rogarishta [in loco], 


Feknando (S. M.) and Co. 

Eoga- vio 1 schay a. 

Madhava, son of Indukara. 

Sfii Chandra. 




Sarnoadhara^ 80JI of Ddmodara, 

Sarpaveda-nighanta (-pota). 

Sarpavisha-cliikitsa [in loco], 

Sataslokaya [more properly Sataslokl]. 



Madhava, son of Indukara, 



Trayodasa-sannipata-laksbana [in loco], 

Udarata-behetgeyi Atvedapota. 
John, Don, of Talduva, 

Vaidyalankara [in loco]. 
Yanavasa-nighantu [in loco], 


Varala-vartikava or Jiraka-galiya. 
Harmanis Appu. 

Varay oga-sa ngrab a. 

Ponnampekuma (C. D. S.). 

Varay oga-situmina , 

Jayatiijlka (Don H.). 


Rajapaksha (C. db Abrew). 

Yogadarana or Hastasarausbadha-saiigraba. 
John, Don, of Talduva. 



Yoga-mala or Yoga-sang raha. 



Ratanapala, of Eadupitimddampe Vihdra. 

Yogam u k ta va li . 

Samakatunga (Don H.). 

Yogaratnakara [in loco] . 

Yoga-sataka or Ausbadha-niyogaya. 



Ratanapala, of Kadupitimddampe Vihdra 





Gayanalnnkara or Raga-sindu-pota. 
Karolis Appu, Matara-Vevagoda, 


Fernando (H. W.). 

Perera (H.). 

Raban-pada-pota [in loco]. 

Ragasindu-maldaraa . 
Perera (M. B.). 

Raga-sindu-pota or Viraba-sitidu-|)ota. 

Perera (A.). 

Sarvajna-priti-gayana [in loco], 

Perera (F. J.). 


Fernando (G. L.) and Marties (J ). 

Srinamaya or Simhala-kavi-talaya. 
Rajasi^ha ir., King of Ceylon. 

Vaisakha-bauddba-sangita [in loco]. 

Vedehasinduva [in loco]. 

T 2 





[See under the heading PEBIQDICAL PUBLICA- 
TIONS in the body of the Catalogue.] 

(See also OBAHMAB.) 

A philological miscellany. 
Callaway (J.). 

Gabapali-vibhaga and Magadhi-bhaslia. 
Dharmauatna^ M. 


Eriptotilge prasnottara-prakarana. 
Aristotle [ProfcZe///«^/]. 

See BELIGIOH.— Planet-worship, etc, 


POETBT.— General. 

KiRAMBA (B. T.). 

Adarasokamaliya [in loco]. 
Andimale [in loco\ 


SiLVA (Katherine), N. 

Kannanuara (A. S.). 


Nagasii^iia (D. B.). 


De Alwis (James). 


Pereira (C. a.). 


De Silva (B.), T. 

Aya-kapirinna or Taruna-revatilla. 
Perera (K. a. D. p.). 


BebaduhAtanaya [i/i loco\ 

Bhimatirthalankara or Bentota-lakara. 
De Silva (A.). 


San KARA Acharya. 



Darnnelavilla [m loco\ 

Pebeiia (K. C ), Hdmini. 

Silva (r. B.). 


Devatatibasa \in loco\. 


Talabambe Yatindu. 

Perera (K. B.). 


Alagiyavanna, Mukaveti. 

Ktt^ale varnana sinduva. 
Vadurkssk Lekam. 

Gajabiuna-Alaiikara [in loco], 

Galle-flitft Kolaiiiba^a yana marga-vistaraya. 


Dk Silva (Simon), Mndaliyar. 


Samaiiasekhara Disanayaka (Tomis), Muhtn- 


De Soysa Disanayaka (C. H.). 

Giia-sandesa [in loco], 
Hasan- kav-malava [in loco]. 

Jubilee vistaraya saha Vaduhatana. 
Perera {M.), P, 

KHbigedimalaya [in loco], 


Bastian, C. Don, and Pekeua (II. V). 

Kaliyuga nam prakarana. 

Kaliyugasantiya [in loco], 


Disanayaka (C). 

Kara-palal-l ettaya [in loco], 

Hasan 'Abd al-Kadir Vala Mastan. 


Bastian, C. Don, 


Gunasekhara (A. W.), of Mdtata, 

De Silva (A.). 

Kavmini- mevula . 










Kavya-vajray udha . 


Kc]ikav-maldama [in loco]. 

Kelikav-saiigarava or Kridakavya-sangraha. 
Ubayasekara {Don C. P.). 

Eolamba AsuD-viliidima. 
Dharmasiki (P. L.). 


Perera (M. H. a.). 

Kovnlsaka or Kokilachakra. 



Db SiLVA {Simon) ^ Mudaliyar. 

Kupadi-hatanaya hevat Stri-valippuva. 
KABOiiis Apfu, M, 


Cabral (p.), L, 

Lamayinta Avavada. 


Pereha (J.), 8. 

Loveda-sangraba (or-aaiigara). 

Mahanktba-prasadamula Thera, Viddgama. 

Mangalyashtaka-prakarana, also called Ashtaka- 

Fernando (D. S.). 


Fernando (J. A.), H. 

S. (E.). 


Colombo, the Ciiij of. 

Perera (K. R.). 


Perera (K. A. D). 

Mihiripenue Dhammaratana-saminvisia karanalada 

Dhammaratana, Miripenne. 

Modamale [in loco], 

Moratu-gama-liatanaya [in loco]. 

Nandamalaya [in loco]. 




Navaratna [in loco]. 


Barana Ganitaya. 




jAYASqiHA (J. S.). 


Bastian, 0. Don. 





Rahula, Totagamuve, 
Perakadoruhatana [in loco]. 

VlJESl^HA (W. J.). 

Piyaynru-alankaraya [in loco]. 

Pransa-n rity a-kavy a. 

TuDAVE {Don Andbis). 

Pra^nottara-maldama or Jodu-sivupada-pota. 



DiSANAYAKA '{Don C.) . 

Pratyaya-sataka [in loco], 


Kaviseehaba Malayara. 

Baga-mesivilla [in loco]. 

Ratayati-kathava [in loco]. 

Bati-kar-rauga-maudala [in loco]. 


Ratiraga-malava [in loco]. 

Simon (H. D. C). 

Sela-l ihini-sandesa. 
• • • 

Rahula, To(agamuve. 


Alagiyavanna, Mukaveti. 


Govardhana Acharya. 

Simhala-avarud a-mangaly a. 
Perera (J.), S. 

Sivupada-pota [in loco]. 

Pj^hami, U. II. 


Db SiLVA (C. W.). 





Simon, 0. Don. 

De Pinto (I.). 

Stri-guna-varnana [tn loco], 

Strijnanabhilasa or Itiri-rena-abilasa. 
William, U. Bon, 


Alagiyavanna, MukavelL 


Sudu-hatana safaa Kotalavalagena varnaDava. 
Perera (K. R.). 

S unaka- vilapay a. 

Karolis Appu, M, V, 

Corea (J. F.). 

De Silva (C. W.). 


Telbatane or DcDamutumalla. 

Abhayasekhara (J. H.). 

Abrew (C). 

Bastian, C. Don. 

Udangu-mardanaya or Denihinage kathava. 




Fonseka {Don C de). 


Gdnavardhana (W. F.). 

Jayavira (J. L.). 

Uparatnatnalaya [in loco]. 
Vaiidapav-kathava [in loco]. 

Vas-ka vl- si vupada. 
David (J. D.). 

Vedaviriduva [m loco], 

De Silva (A.). 


De Silva {Doji Dines). 

Velle sandesaya. 

Kankanam, of DikvcUa. 

Pbrera (M.). 


De Silva (B.), T. 

De Silva (A.). 

Vyasakara [in local. 


Pedro, 0. Don. 

POETET.— Historical and Biographical. 

A mkota-hataua [in loco'}. 

Perbra (E. B.). 

Perera (K. R.). 

Gajaba-hatana [in loco]. 

G unaDadana- vata. 

Perera (K. R.). 



Fernando (J. A.). 

Ratanajoti, Giridara. 

Perera (C). 


. ^^ 

Jayaratna (S. D. S.). 


Dhammatilaka, Madampe. 

Cabral (P.), L. 

Ka vmi ni-sayura. 

Kure (W. V. Des), M. 

Kristopar Ernest Bonjange Sacharitaya. 
Perera (V. C). 

Maiigul-kapural age-cbaritaya. 


Nad aram- tera- vata. 

Sirisumedha-tissa, Mukalangamuve. 

Nagasena-svaniinge saha Milindu-rajatumaget jivita- 

Perera (K. R.). 



Rah u LA, Totagamnve, 


Sidatvata. _ 

De Silva {Don Philip), l^pd Aj>puhdmi. 

Simhavalli-katbava [in loco]. 





PuiSDAN Choonbai Jinavaravamsa. 


POETKT.— Keligions. 

Abhin avarama- varnana . 

Samarasekhara (W. H. de Soysa). 

Abhisambodhi-alankara [in locci], 

Anuraddha-sataka [with its sannaya], 


Sdmangala, of Dedigam-veheru, 

Attanagala-upata (or - vandanava) . 
Pbrera (K. R.). 


Gunavardhana (M. €.)• 

Bbakti-sataka or Baaddha-sataka [with its sannaya]. 
Bamachandra Bharati. 

Bomeda-alankaraya saha Himala-vistaraya. 
Ambagolle Tuera. 

Buddhagadya or °gajjaya. 

Budupfunalaiikara . 

Mauanetra-prasadamula Thera, Viddgama, 

Budu^una-sangara or Prasnottara-randama. 
Perbra (K. B.). 

Buduguna-viriduva or Bodhisatva-charita. 
Arnolis, M. if. 

Badamula-upata, called aiso Budaguna-santiya or 
M aniiiga na-sehella. 

Rahula, Totagamuve. 

Chetiya-utpattiya [m loco], 

Daham-gcta-malava [in locci], 

DahaiDgetaya [in loco], 

Daham-ratua-malaya \in loco\ 

Pbrera (K. R,). 


Perera (K. R.). 

Devadiite [in 1000]. 

Ganadevi-eefaella [in loco\ 



Dahanayaka (D. L.). 

Isvara-dehenaya [in loco\ 


I Kelanihella [in loco], 


Ranasgalle Thera. 


Settipala, Pandit. 


PovAKMOTE Thera. 



Perera (K. R.). 

Mokshadanaya or Nivan-aoyadima. 




Alaqiyavanna Mukaveti. 

Namashtasataka [in loco], 

Fernando (M. S.). 

Padyamadha or Pajjamadhu. 

DiPANKARA called Buddhappiya. 

Perera (K. R.). 

Pinkam-lakara [in loco]. 

Pinkam-varnanava . 
Fernando (M.), M, 

Pinkam-varnanava, Dodanduve. 
De Alwis (K.). 

Pinkam-varnanava Mahavila-avarivattt*. 
F0N8EKA {Don C. de), V. M. 


F0N8EKA (J)on C. de), F. M, 

Pirinivan-jatakaya [in loco], 

Sali-ele Sami. 


Idirisivha (A. P.), of Matura. 

Rajamaha-kelani-utpattiya [m loco], 

Ran-taliye-sivpada [in loco], 

Perera (K. R.). 

Perera (K. R.). 

Samanak-gamana salia Sripada-vaudanava. 
Perera (K. R.). 







« • 

Vedeha Theua. 

Siduhat-sirita or Siddhartha-charita. 
Ratanajoti, Mdtale, 

DiSANATAK^ {Don L.). 

SiLVA (Salis), Y. 

Siropadaya or Samandev-varnauava. 


Suvisi-vivaranaye viridu-pota. 


Pebera (K. R.). 

Vadankavipota [in loco']. 

DiAS (J.). 

[in loco^. 

Vesak-pujava [in loco]. 

Vesamedima [in loco], 

Yasddara-devin -vahansegc kathava. 
Perera (K. R.). 

POETEY. — Talcs in Verse. 

Alav-kabhava [in loco]. 

Perera (K. R.)- 

Alav-sehella [in loco]. 

Prrera (K. R.). 


Dhammakkhanda, Tal'Araihhe. 





Patmapkruma (D. a.). 


Jatakas. — BhuriilattU'jdfaka. 

Chullapadumajfitaka-kavya or Sulu-piyunula kava. 
Perera (G.), /. 

Dalakuraaru saha giridevi-upafca. 
Dal A. 


VAMJA-ftUBlYA-iiUDlYANSE, Kit raijaliaye dura. 

Dighakosala-jataka or Kavmlnipabana. 
Vajirananalankara Sri Sum ana, F. 

Dinatara-kathava [in loco]. 

Estar-bisavage katbara. 
Perera (A. B.). 

* Estar-kathaya. 


G a ja-si val-katb a va. 

De Soysa D18ANAYAKA (J. M. C). 



Giridevl-upata saha Salamangalle. 
A., D. J. 

Guttila-kavya [with its aannaya and getai»ada\ 
Vbiteve Mahathera. 




PiEuis Samabasi^ha Srtvardhana (J. L.). 

Kapiri-karr^apayage kathava. 


Sdmitta 0/ Tidkaiida Vihdra. 

Kavy?^sekhara [with its sanniiya and tjrtapadii], 
Rahula, To(agamuve. 


Karolis Appu, M. V. 


Kavjskkhara-nandana, of Decinuv'ira. 


Alagiyavanna Mukaveti. 

Kusa-jataka-kavya, Abhiuava. 
Perera (K. R.). 


Agalavatte Nekeita. 


ViJ K VI K RAM A, Mu hand iram, 

Lokapujite [in loco], 

De Saham (David). 



Perera (K. K.). 

Makbadeva-jiitaka [in loco |. 


Kakunakatna (Don A. . 

Muvadevdavata [in loco]. 




Mura-jataka [in loco] . 


Db Soysa Disanayaka (M. P. M.), 


Ukkubanda, Virasimha Mudalige. 

Gunabatna (B.). 

Pada-manavaka-jatakaya [_in loco'\. 


Perbea (K. B.). 

Rolina-kamarikavage saha Hcrsor-kamarayage ka- 
Fernando (M.), L- 


Db Silva (C. W.). 


Perkba (K. R.). 

Samajatakaye Viridapota. 
Jayavikbama {Don A.). 

Sanda-kinduru-jatakaya [in locol. 

Vilgamvala Maha-Thera. 

Satdanta-hella [in loco] . 


Simhavalli-kathava [in loco'], 


Sipirimalaya [in loco], 

Sitambrapatay a. 
Abrbw (C.). 

Sokari-kathava, or Garuhatana. 

Solos-svapnaya [in loco]. 


Pbreba (K. R.). 

Pebbba (K. R.). 

Temiya-jatake viridupota. 

Munavira-Kahkanan {Don L.). 

Trividharatna-katha [in loco], 


Dhamhakitti, Oa4alddeniye. 


VlJAYASiyHA, F. A/. 

Udanga-mardanaya^ or Denihinage kathava. 

Pebeba (K. R). 

Yelaiidarajamangalya [in loco], 

Pebeba (K. R.). 

Vidhura-jataka [in loco], 


Patmapebuma (D. a.). 




Banasi^ha (D. S.). 



Bhadba, Terunndnse. 

Ishtanishta-alaiikara-adhikara-dvaya [Part of Sidat- 

Yedeha Theba. 

Lakunusara [in loco]. 


Samabasekhaba Disanayaka (Tomis^. 

S iyabas-Iakara. 



Yrittalankaradbyaya^ also called Kavikanthapasa. 
Kedaba, son of Pdbbeka. 


Bamachandba BhabatI. 


Kedaba, son of Pabbeka. 


S atabapabivbna- Upatapassi. 





Practical firework making. 
Bibils Bandaba, B. K. H. 

Vedipota or Ginikeli-yoga-malava. 
Bibilb BandabAj B, V. H. 






A Cingalese spelling-book. 
Callaway (J.). 

First book of lessons for Catholic Schools. 
Catholic Schools. 

Granthasara [in loco]. 

Iipgrisi saha Simhala Palamureni-pota. 
English and Si^halesb Fibst Book. 

Mehe yaren. 

Pbequson (A. M.). 

Padam-pota, Dev^eni (-Hataraveni). 
Sinhalese Reader. 

Palamaveni (-Ataveni) Pramanayata kiyavana-pot 
Ceylon. — Department of Public Instruction. 

Palamaveni Padampota. 
Dk Silva (*S.). 

Sabdamanjari [in loco], 


Dhammabama, K. 

Simhala-iganagenime Mul-potaya. 

Simhala-pallikkadamyala potaya. 
Sinhalese School Book. 

Alwis (C). 

The Sinhalese Handbook in Roman characters. 
Alwis (C). 

SEUOIOir.— Buddhist. 

{See aho EISTOBT.— SlBligious. 
FOETB Y.— BeligiOTis. ) 

A manual of Buddhism. 
Hardy (R. S.). 

[A series of Buddhist tracts.] 

Colombo. — Buddhist Tract Society, 

[A series of Roman Catholic tracts against 

Colombo. — NdndloJca Tract Society. 

Abhidharma-matrika and Patthana-matrika. 
Dhammadhara^ if. 

Abhidharmartha-sangraha [and its sannaya]. 

Abhidharmartha-sangraha-fuddhi • 
Dhabmaratna^ M. 

Abhisambod hi-maiigala-katha. 
Pereba (M. G.). 

Achchhariyabbhnta-siit ra. 

Majjhima-nikaya. — Achchhariyahbhuta'Sutta. 

Adaniyel-pralapa-katura or Sangabat-yibage. 



Savyutta-nikaya. — Alavaka-sutta. 





MoRATUWA. — Dhammika Updsaka Samdgama, 

Anguli mala-sutra. 

Majjhima-nikaya. — Aiigulimdla'Sutta, 





Olcott (H. S.). 



Avayada-yistaraya [in loco], 


Dhammalankara Sumanatissa, Bulatgama. 


Majjhima-nikaya. — Bdlapan4ita-sutta, 


Samaratunga (D. W. S.). 


Periodical Publications. — Alutgama. 

Olcott (H. S.). 

Olcott (H. S.). 

Bauddha-labdhi-yini^chaya [in loco], 

Db Silya (S.). 

Bauddha-pras na. 

GuNANANDA^ Mohotfivatte. 

Bau ddha-pratipatti-dipani. 

Db Alwis Gunatilaka (Don A.). 

fi'ANAMOLi; Demafago4a. 


. . _ 

Leadbbater (C. W.). 


Abhayanataka (J.). 





SnvANNAjOTYiSABHA, JI4ugampola. 

Perbra (G.), M. 


Majjhima-nikata. — Brahmdyti^sutta. 

Arnolis, p. Don. 

Baddha-edahilla or Gihivinaya-sangraha. 
Jahananda, Mohot(ivatte. 

Baddha-edahime kramaya. 
SoBHiTA, Karatota, 

Baddbagama atbera Kristiyani-karayek vimata 
tibena karana. 

BaddbagameHi gelavima Beta. 

Buddha-patipatti-dipaniya or Buddbisfc Service 
Pannasekhara, Kdddgo4a. 


Baddbist tracts. 

Colombo. — Buddhist Tract Society. 

Budunge cbatar-arya-satya. 


Budavarayekuge asampurnatavaya. 
De Alwis (J.). 


DiOHANiKATA. — Chakkavatti'Slhatulda-sutta. 


Majjhima-nikaya. — Chetokhila-autta, 


Majjhima-nikata. — Chhachhakka-sutta, 

Cbulakam ma-vibbanga-Butra. 

Majjhima - N1KA7A. — Chulokamma - vibhaf'ga- 


Majjhima-njkata. — Chulapunnamd'8utta, 


Majjhima-nieata. — ChullavedaUa'Sutta. 


SuTTANiPATA. — Chunda-sutta. 


iJAJJfliMA-NiKAYA. — Dakkhind-vibhanga-sutta, 

Dajhi-karma-bataDa \in loco\ 

Dambadlya-Jayamababodbi . . • katba-pravritti. 
Dharmapala^ Hevdvitdrana. 

Damsakpevatum-su tra. 

Anguttara-nikaya, — Dhammachakkup^avatiana^ 

Dana-yibbavaniya \in loco'], 


Akguttara-nikaya. — Ddnuppatti-sutta. 


Majjhima-nikaya. — Devaduta-sutta. 


Mayurapada Thera. 

Dhammalankara . . . saminyabaDse visin . . . kala 

Dbammapada [in loco]. 


SuTTA-NiPATA. — Dhammika-sutta. 



DbarmavibbagaBankBbepa [in loco] . 







Abuayanayaka (J.). 


GuNANANDA^ Moho(livatte. 


GuNANANDA, Moho((ivatte. 

Dussila-katura {in loco]. 


Adrian Appuhami, H. L. 


GuNANANDA, Mohotfivatte. 


Gaatama-Budun aaba Baddhagama. 


Majjhima-nikaya. — Ghatikdra-sutta. 



Herana-sika [in loco], 

SOYZA (C), /. 

Jati-dnkkba-yibbaga or Kayavirati-gatha. 

V 2 




Jatidukkha-yibliaga-sangraha [in loco], 


Medhahkaba, of Vijayabdhu'parivena. 

Jinadharmavikasini [in loco^- 


Fannab£Ehara^ Ambalango4a. 


Akguttasa-kikata. — Kdlakdrdma'Sutta. 


Akquttaea-nikaya. — Kdldma-sutta, 

Saddhananda, N, 


Ahguttaea-nikaya. — Kamma-niddnorsutta, 

Karma-sangraha [in loco]. 

Karma-vibhaga [in loco]* 


SuTTANiPATA. — Kosibhdradvdja-autta, 


Khuddaka-nikaya. — Khuddaka-patha. 




GuNARATANA, Ndofunue. 

Magul-lakana [in loco] . 


Mab amangala-sutra. 

SurrANiPATA. — Makdmarfgala-sutta. 


DiOHA-NiKAYA. — Malulpari7iibbdna-8utta. 


DiQHA-NiEAYA. — Mahdaamaya-axUta. 


DiGHA-NiKAYA. — Makdaatipafthdna-autta. 



Maitri-bbayana [in loco]. 



Ahguttaea-nikaya. — Mallikovdda-antta. 

Marananuamriti [in loco], 

Marayuddbaya [in loco]. 




Fernando (E.)^ A. 


Mdksbadanaya or Niyansoyadima. 


Mula-karmastbanay called also Gibiyata. 
Dhabmabatna, if. 



Nava-Arabadi-Budagana-yibbaga [in loco], 


Fiyaratana Tissa^ of Doia^duva. 

Niryana-marga [in loco]. 


PAfifiASiHA, Tu4uvevatte. 

Dhabmabatna^ M, 


Sa^iyutta-nikaya. — Pabbatupama-autta, 

PadayitiharaniBamBa saba Tatkalapratipada. 
Sanghananda, Kamburugamuve. 

Pancba-karma-yibbaga [in loco]. 


Sutta-nipata. — Pardbhava-autia. 


Sabananeaba, Bentota. 


Pan NASI HA, Tu^uvevatte. 

Paricbcbbedaya [in loco], 
Paritta [in loco], 

Paticbcbasamnppada [and its aaymaya], 

ViNAYA-PiTAKA. — Mabayagga. — Bodhikatha, 

Pranagbataya [in loco]. 

Prap takarm a-sutra. 

Anquttaba-nikaya. — Pattakamma-autta. 

Pratipatti-dipaniya [in loco]. 


Khuddaka-nikaya. — Peta-vatthu, 


Mayubapada Thbba. 


Bamanna-v ada-bbanga. 

Perera (S. L.). 


Ananda, of Abhayagiri. 





Dhammadinna Yimalakitti. 

Saddharmaratnavaliya or Ratanavaliya. 

Saddliarmovada-san graha. 


Sakaskadaya [m loco]. 





PuNCHi Bandara, Veragama Pari4ita Mudi- 

Samsarachakra [in !oco]. 

Sankara-dutaya [in loco]. 

Saiikara-kurulla [in loco], 


Majjhima-nieata. — SaHihdruppatti'Sutta. 


AxQUTTARA-NiKAYA. — Sappurtsa'ddna'Sutta^ 


Akguttaba-nikaya. — Sattdriyadhanarsutta. 


Ahguttaea - NiKATA. — Sattasuriyvggamana" 

Saptotpatti-sangraha [in loco], 


Ahguttara-nikaya. — Sarahha-sutta, 


• • • C9 


Sarartha-panjara or Bauddba-panjara. 


Sabanankara, Velivita Pin4apdtika. 

Sataraparajika-Tinischaya [in loco], 


Periodical Publications. — Colombo. 


SuMAHGALA. — Hikhacluve, 


Majjhima-nikaya. — Sela-suttcL 


• • • 

Ratanajoti, ff* jR. 

Sigalovada-sutra, called also Gibi-vinaya. 
DiGHA-NiKAYA. — Sigdhvdda-sutta. 


SiDDHATTHA. — BuddharaJckhito. 

Skandhadinge vibbagaya [in loco], 

Sri Lanka-prasasti. 
KuRB (N. D. D.). 


Sutta-nipata [in loco]. 

Tbe Yogayacara's manual of Indian mysticism as 
practised by Baddhists. Academies. — • 
London. — Pali Text Society. 

Tansaranaya [in loco]. 

Udan vi ta- vadakathava. 

GuNANANDA, Moliottivalte. 



Upaasbatba- silavibbavini . 

Sabanatissa, of Ratmaldna. 


AAguttaba-nikaya. — Uposatha-sutta. 

SiLANANDA^ Aruggo4a» 


y amm ika-sutra. 

Majjhima-nikaya. — Vammlkorsutla. 

Yandana-gatha-pota [in loco]. 


Ahguttaba-nikaya. — Veldma-^uita. 


Majjhima-nikaya. — Veranjaha-sutta. 


Khuddaka-nikaya. — Vimdna-vatthu. 

Yimukti-sangraha [in loco]. 


Sa]^yutta-nikaya, — Oildyanam-autta. 

PlERIS (P. A.). 



Mayubapada Theba. 

REUOION.— Chriitlan. 


Bible. — New Testament. 

Agamebi mulakarana. 
Gbebne (T.). 


Bible. — New Testament. 

Alutgivisame katbaya. 

Bible. — New Testament. — Appendix. 




Alut Testamentave kathantara. 

Bible. — New Testament. — Appendix, 

Temperance Bbciteb. 

An address ... on the folly and sin of devil- 

A Sermon [on Rev. xiv. 13] preached in the 
Amblamgoda Wesleyan Chapel. 
Abhayasbkhaba (J. H.). 

A short defence of the Cotta version of the 
Scriptures into Singhalese. 
Selkirk (J.). 


Challoneb (R.), Biahop of Debra, 


Bible — Selections, 


De Silva (J. S.). 


Sibivardhana (J. S. F.). 

Todd (J.). 


Periodical Publications.— CoZomto. 

Balayange suddha-grantha-samagame pota. 
Colombo. — Children's Scripture Union. 

Balayinge pujapota. 
Kavanagh (J.?). 

Balavinta yahapat gurukam. 
De* Silva (H.). 

Bible. — Appendix. 


Periodical Publications. — Coiomho. 

Bctalu-petiyage kathava. 

Colombo. — Christian Literature Sodttij. 

Mendis (P.). 

Baddhag^ama athera Kristiyani-karayek vimata 
tibena . . . karana. 

Baddhagamen Kristiyani-agamata hemnavil kene- 
kage kathavaya. 
YiBASUBiYA (David), Arachchi, of BoiandHva. 

Clavis Biblica. 
Clarke (A.). 

C.M.S. [series of religious tracts]. 

Africa. — Church Missionary Society for Africa 
and the East, 

Dalada-maligava [in loc(t\. 

Callaway (J.). 

Hakdy (R. S.).' 


Bible. — New Testament. — Corinthians \Poly- 

Devaroeniyan-vahansege Prarthanava. 

Liturgies. — Rome, Church of. — Litanies. 

Deyameoiyan-vahansege Prarthanava, Ati suddha 
Mary, the Blessed Virgin. 

Deva-meniyo . . . kiya endu vilapa-Iatoni. 
Mary, the Blessed Virgin, 

Dharmabhedaya-nam kumakda? 

WiLBEBFOBCE (A. B. 0.). 



Gonsalves (J.). 

GelavTme attivarama. 
Chounavel (C). 

Gelavumkara-mahottamayaoo Kristusvahansemaya. 
Jayasubiya (D. M.). 

Geneses namvu Prathama-pustakaya. 
Bible. — Old Testament. — Genesis. 




Pebeba (A.) and De Sabam (L.). 

Gi tik a-sangraha. 

Fernando (H. W.). 

Henapolla, °pota. 

Het heylige Evangelium onses Heeren en Zalig- 
makers Jesu Christi. 
Bible. — New Testament. 

Het tweede boek Moses genaamt Exodus. 
Bible. — Old Testament. — Exodus. 

Heabt Book. 

Important Truths of Christianity. 

Afbica. — Church Missionary Society for Africa 
and the East. 

Is there a moral Creator of the Universe f 
De Silva (D. S.). 

Jakobayit-vedabhedaye . . . anusasana-patrayayi. 
BoNJEAN (C. E.), successively R. C. Bishop of 
Jaffna and Archbisliop of Colombo. 




James' A.nxious Inqairer. 
James (J. A.). 

Jesikage palamuveni yachnava. 
Smith (H.). 

Jesa-Krista-tamaDge amilavu srI le bhaktiya. 
Jesus Christ. 

Jesu-svami . . . tnnpeyak . . . viudapu marana- 
vedanava gena dliyana. 
Messia (A.). 


Mendis Senanataka (A.). 

Jivana-nlpat-tana [in loco], 

Jnanalokaya [in loco] . 

Jonavisin Iivu potaya. Bible. — Old Testament. — 

Eandanoe . . . mangalya-varnnanava. 
Sebastian^ Saint. 

Eaudy Religions Tract Society [Pablications]. 
Nos. 1 — 57 [in loco], 



England, Church of, — Catechism, 

Maveb (J. M. L.}. 

Kelam -kiy ann a. 

Db Silva (C- W.). 

Kort Ontwerp van de Leere der Waarheid. 



Eristiyaui agamata adattuvu igenvim. 
Bible. — Selections* 

Kristiyani Bavtismaya. 
Christian Baptism. 

Christian Religion. 

Kristiyani . « . • kavi katikismaya. 


P^biodical PaBLiCATioNS.— iTafttnaya&a. 

Hopkins (J. E.), Miss. 


Kristiyani-vandanakarayage gamana. 
BuNTAN (John). 

Kristus-vahansege sabb&ra gena . • • kathava. 
Barth (C. G,). * 

Kurnsiyagena kathava. 
Newstbad (R.). 


Pebiodical Pubucations. — Colombo. 

Lanka-nidh anaya. 

Pebiodical Pdblications. — Colombo. 

Lankave katolika sabhava sambandba . . kathan- 
Mendis (T. A.). 


Fernando (J. A.). 

Letters addressed to the Committee of the Colombo 
Auxiliary Bible Society [on the translation 
of the Scriptures]. 
Lambbick (S.). 

Luhundu Katikismaya. 
Sinhalese Children. 

Lusiya munTsvarige sucharita katha-vastuva. 
Feenando (J. A.), H. 

Mage RajjuruTo. 

Hayebgal (F. R.). 

Mariya-Madalenage prarthanava. 
Maby Magdalen, Saint, 

Mariysrvahansege masaya. 


Fbbnando (E.), a, 

^anopadesa [in loco^. 



Neslgiya Sovisa- mahata sambandha desanave 
CoPLESTON (R. S.)j Bishop of Colombo. 

Jayasubiya (D. M.). 

Peibis (P. a.)- 

Nona saha aya. 

Butt, afterwards Sherwood (M. M.)- 


Padavavehi Antoni dharmacharitaya. 
Mendis Senanayaka (A.)- 


Animal Sacrifices. 

Papaya saha ^elavimagena kathaval, 
Nepp (Fthix). 

Parana-testamentnre kathantaraval. 

Bible* — Old Testament. — Appendim. 





Fernando {Don A.), G. 

Pavale jivitaya. 

De Silva (C. W.). 

Pavale mitraya. 

Periodical Publications.- 


Prayers selected from the Liturgy of the Charch of 
Liturgies. — England, Church of, 

Psalmuval saha stutigitika. 

Bible. — Old Testament.-^P^aZw*. 

Puja-pota [in loco\ 


Amaraseehara (A.). 

Db Silva (C. W.). 

Purashaya saha stri hevat Kristiyani-paraznarthaya. 
Hopkins (J. E.), Miss. 



Robert Reks saha Irida skola. 
Raiees (R.). 

Rupa cdahimagena Saddha Liyavillen pi^apat- 
karagat vaganti. 
Bible, — Selections. 


Sabbath School Hymn Book. 

Sadakalika-mcvumkara-devikenek neti bava. 



Periodical Publications. — Colombo. 

Satprasad^vahanse labagenima pilibailda aou- 
S^GUR (L. G. A. de). 


Periodical Publications. — Colombo, 

Bible. — Selections, 


Periodical Publications. — Colombo. 

Alahakon (D. J.). 

Series for aged Christians. 

Colombo. — Christian Literature Society. 

[Series of Christian Tracts.] 

Colombo. — Christian Literature Society, 

Colombo. — Sudharmopakdri Samdgama. 

Sermons principally designed for children. 

Simhala-desanaval . 

• • 

Lambbick (S.). 


Senanayaka (C). 

Singaleesch Belydenis Boek. 

Netherlands, Reformed Church of the. 

Singaleesch Formulier Boek. 

Netherlands, Reformed Church of the. 

SthiravTma sambandha kathikismaya. 
Balapatabbndi (C. a.). 

Mendis (F.). 

I^addhavu Baibalaya. 

Saddhavu-liyaville kathantarayada vatinakamada . . . 
Cruden (A.), 

Suddhavu Lusiya-munisvarlge jivita-kathava. 
Chounavel (C). 

Suddhavu Pavulge jTvita-kathava. 
Abhayasekhara (J. H.). 

Sulupade^aya [in loco"] , 

Svamidaruvange dnk . . . sambandha pasan-pota. 
Jesus Christ. 

Svaminvahansege Yachiiava. 
Lord's Prayer. 

The book of the Prophet Daniel. 

BiBXiE. — Old Testament. — Daniel. 

Translation of the Treaty [of Feb. 1857Tregarding 
the right of patronage of the Portuguese 
Crown over the Churches in the Orient, 
between . . . Pius IX. and • . . the King of 
Rome, Church of — Pius IX., Pope, 

Tachna-kannalav-pevetvime dinata niyama yachna- 
LuuRGiES. — England, Church of, 

Yachnavimehi pota. 

Liturgies. — Common Prayer. 

Yehovah-visin satdavase kala-ki-de. 

Yesns Kristus namvu gelavumkarayek lova nupan- 
bava penvima. 
Jesus Christ. 

Yesus Kristus-vahansege Ipadima gena de§anava. 
Newstead (R.). 

Yesus- vahanse kavuda. 
Bradlacgh (C). 

YesuB-vahanse vetata varen. 
Hall (C. N.). * 




EEUOION. — Planet-Worship, Demonologry^ and 

Local Cnlts. 




Asura-bandhanaya [m loco]. 


Fernando (D.), called also Tambi Appu Guedn- 


Balayuvardhana or Balakiridoladima. 
SuKANOALA^ Hego40'. 




• * • 

Galakeppa-seHella \in 1000]. 

Ganbara-devata kayi. 

Garbha-santiya [in loco']. 

Geyala-yakage kavi. 

Kabale-pafana [in loco]. 

Kavacha-sangraHa [in loco]. 


Kepnn-sirasa-padaya [in loco]. 
Kolan natanava [in loco]. 

Lankave yaksba-pilivet. 







Mal-yahan-kavi saha Kannalav. 


MeDikpala-saatiya [in loco]. 

Nayagraha-puja saha Bali-nijamaya. 
Sayinebis (D. D.). 

Nayagraha-santi and Navagraha puja. 
Febnando (D. S.). 

Pattiai-hella [in loco]. 

Preta-yakage kavi. 

Baja-yadiga-patuna [in loco]. 

Randane Gatha saha Mantra-pota. 
Randans Gatha. 

Randanu-pralaya [in loco]. 

Sanni-samayama [in loco]. 
Sirasapada-mahgalya-prakarana [in loco]. 
^abhamagulsantiya [in loco]. 
Yakon natanaya [in loco]. 


TALES. — ^Religions, Historical, and Fictitions. 
[For Tales in yerse, see under Poetby.] 


Db Silva (A.). 


Jatakas. — Alamhusd-jdiaka. 

Anagata-yamsa-desanaya [part of the Saddharma- 
Dhammakitti, Oaialddeniyi* 


Ababian Nights. 

Ababian Nights. 

Ara kollanne heti. 

COLBS (S.). 

Bedora-kumarikavage kathava. 
Ababian Nights. 

Ababian Nights. 

Baddheniya-yata [part of the Saddharmalankara]. 
Dhammakitti, (ja4al(ld€niy€. 

Dambadiva-katbavasta [part of the Saddharma- 


J AT AE a 8. — Vha mm apdla-jdfalca. 

Estar-bisayage kathava. 

Gulliver's Travels. 
Swift (J.). 


Coles (S.). 


Jatakas. — Kattliahdri-jdiaka. 


Jatakas. — Kumhha-Jdtaka. 





J ATAKAS. — Kurudh amma-jdidka, 


Jatakas. — Kibsa-jatdka. 

Mahadenamattage kathava. 


Jatakas. — Makhadeva-jataha, 


J AT AKAB.''-~Mugapaleleha'jdtaka. 

Nandiya-velanda-kathavastava [part of the Saddhar- 
Dhammakitti^ Oadalddeniye. 

Padmavati-devinge kathava. *) 
Padmayati kathSvastuva. ) 
Dhammakitti, 0a4aldden%ye, 

Pansiyapanas-j ataka-pota. 

Bamayana or Ravana-samhara. 


Satge kathava. 


Dhammakitti, Oa4aldde7iiye. 

Saddharmaratnavalij also called Batanavaliya. 


Jatakas. — Sdma-jatdka. 


De Silva (A.). 


DhammakittIj Oadolddeniye, 


Jatakas.— Umma<7$ra-ya^a&a. 

Yasanavanta saha kalakanni pavaL 
De Silva (I.)^ L. 


Jatakas. — Veasaniarorjdtdka. 


De Silva (A.). 


JUN 2 6 1918 


^.-v n *•♦ # 5 

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